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File: 1503038971678.png (23.92 KB, 439x355, pearies-and-cream.png)

No. 374615

Last thread: >>360315

Anisa-only thread, please. Non-pear related Youtuber discussion can go in the following threads:
Youtubers General Thread: >>260800

Recent developments:
>Anisa continues to abuse the American immigration system to get around the fact that she's not eligible for a visa
>has BDD despite feeling free to refer to other women as "whales"
>confirmed that she has had elevator sex
>sperged about feeling irrelevant when her bf's fans aren't interested in her, despite wanting to be popular for her own brand/content
>commissioned art for her shitty t-shirts despite being "an artist" herself
>livestreamed possibly her worst haircut yet while sperging about such things as urine and dog weiners with the stylist
>k4iley and Momma Johma confirmed for visiting the threads
>still hasn't chosen an identity to stick with


No. 374619

File: 1503041231887.jpg (28.61 KB, 400x470, IMG_5698.JPG)

Her "fans" said she looks like Howie from Benchwarmers kek
She's really getting mixed reviews on her Instagram. Oddly, a large handful are telling her she looks Asian/like an anime character. They HAVE to be trolling.

No. 374644

I'm really inspired by how she self-cured her BDD/OCD/Anxiety/Depression/Suicidal thoughts/Toxic relationship by just making one video for each problem, tweeting about those for a week and then spending her parents/boyfriend's money on crap. Truly inspirational. Great role model.

No. 374656

So apparently Ian is going to London next week, without her, because she's busy with "projects"

No. 374660

>Oddly, a large handful are telling her she looks Asian/like an anime character. They HAVE to be trolling.

This was literally her goal. She must be relishing in those comments.

The ENTIRE time she was getting her hair done, when she wasn't memeing and talking about gross shit like "Blitz's weiner", she was talking about all these different "cute asian girls" she'd seen recently and how they had the ~cutest hair~. It was mind-boggling when she kept emphasizing on their race.

Like, she was talking about how she feels uncomfortable surrounded by beautiful girls, and last time she was at the salon, she saw this ~azn goddess~ and she had the prettiest hair under a 'typical New York hat' (whatever the fuck that means) and she felt so intimidated. Then she talked about a group of asian girls she saw who were "the cutest things" and all had "the two buns on their heads" and how she wants to try that style. Then she sperged out about seeing other "asian foreigners" with really pretty hair and actually slipped in 'oriental' a few times. It was truly wtf to witness.

But we all know her ultimate goal is getting Joji's dick. This honestly SCREAMS of her trying to be ~*kawaii*~ and get his attention. Major secondhand embarrassment.

No. 374665

>>confirmed that she has had elevator sex
I think my favorite part of this is that we got to see how rapidly she can do her personality swap. She literally went from wholesome, Marzia-wannabe housewife with her DIY vids and acting all innocent and shy about sexual things on stream because that's how she wants to project herself to potential Ian fans, to, when she was with Chris, being SEXUALLY LIBERATED AND INFORMED like Laci and outright telling all her hoe stories like she was an entirely different person. It's just hilarious that she'd slut-shamed SO many other girls and then used her own sluttiness to try to flirt with Chris and be sexy.

Let's also not forget how she told Chris and the internet she fingered one of her ex's asshole and fucked him with a dildo before she'd do anal. So glad some anon uploaded all of that to Youtube. :^)

No. 374694

lmao. nah anisa, we all know you used that "london trip" as an excuse to not buy that return ticket to Canada and stay longer than you were supposed to.

i know she says she's going back on Monday, even though that's well over the two weeks she was allowed to be in the US, and which is going to give her another strike when she's literally already flagged in the system as being a risk. girl's dumb af. does anyone know, has she said anything about what she's going to do once she gets back to Canada? she herself said she was told she wasn't allowed entry back into the US unless she had a visa. does she realize how well and truly fucked she is?

No. 374715

Lmao she hyped the London trip up so much. She said, "if everything goes to plan, we'll be going to London." She obviously meant if she could convince Ian to pay for her half. Bitch he said no. Also your projects are like 2 storytime videos and another vlog. London would have been a good vlog. Shit because you made it tho.

No. 374780

She's so fucking loose and sloppy and the fact that it's the hideous Pear talking about all this just adds the ew factor. I wonder what her father must think, must be painful to realize you've raised such a slut. I'm amazed this donkey gets any at all.

No. 374811

I get so much secondhand embarrassment from everything she says and does. Just pick one personality and stick with it, Anisa.

No. 374839

but Joji has made fun of her in various occasions without actually mentioning her. also she is a loser and Joji usually goes for the "boss girl" or the "model" successful girls. most of the ladies he has been related too are usually pretty ASIAN MODELS or IMPRESSIVE ARTIST (ex. Lala she is a model and an artist). tbh Joji will never date an ugly pear/coconut head shaped bukake filled crater vagina lady. So lets say he does get involved with someone believe me it's not going to be pear we can all 100% guarantee that.

No. 374850

Plus while Joji isn't insanely good looking (at least in my opinion) he is still way out of pear's league in looks.

Hell, I think Ian's autistic looking ass can do way better just appearances alone. Anisa looks like she should be the gf of some old pedo based on how she acts and her gold digger ways.

No. 374867

File: 1503078590647.jpg (17.59 KB, 236x243, 7293006dde29d22875cfa297c8f070…)

I think the only way Anisa can save this haircut is if she curls it, bangs included. Kinda like pic related, but it would be shorter. Please, put some volume in your hair, Anisa. It will flatter your face more.

No. 375006


is that freja beha <3

No. 375010

File: 1503101241368.jpg (26.77 KB, 620x349, IMG_5702.JPG)

I think you're wrong. Even with a stylish and big haircut, where her hair ends still emphasizes her odd shaped head. I think you need to have a small face and long neck to pull it off. She needs to pull those bangs to the side and slap in some extensions. If she has to keep the bangs, then tease the sides of her head so she doesn't have the accentuated pear like dip.

No. 375024

File: 1503103237130.jpg (261.18 KB, 750x753, pears.jpg)

I made this with this a similar hair, excuse my poor shoop skillz boyz

No. 375029

Holy fuck her neck is thick

No. 375031

tf she's got a neck as thick as danzig's

No. 375032

File: 1503105032950.jpg (216.29 KB, 750x753, ghostpear.jpg)

I did another one with the ghost hair, just added a bit more volume since her hair is a bit similar, she should have listened to her mom and dyed it black. it suits her better.

No. 375034

Long straight hair suits her best. Like in her Raihnbowkidz prime.

No. 375035

File: 1503105257175.jpg (26.93 KB, 220x217, IMG_8269.JPG)

>when u google that person and realize they're Anisa's doppelganger

No. 375036

Heh, they both look cave man-ish. Anisa is high test.

No. 375037

psh she wishes she was this hot!

No. 375038

you think any of that matters to Pear? lol. she's delusional. her main target has been joji since before she even met ian, and she's narcissistic enough to believe she could snag him.

No. 375041

>she's narcissistic enough to believe she could snag him.

true dat fam! Anisa is beyond pathetic yes I do agree she is quite delusional. She only snagged Ian because he was lonely virgin boy who was desperate for some china, if Ian wasn't such a loser back then he would have probably upped his standards a bit more, but also he is a piece of shit who really has poor to none social skills and probably doesn't even know how to approach a girl, I guess that was anisa's golden ticket to some idubbbz dick.

No. 375047

Omfg, I'm dead

No. 375055

Yup. Like a classic liar/cheater, Anisa has never backtracked about saying she wants Joji to "penetrate her", but every single time somebody brings that up on lolcow she either gets all chatty on stream about how Ian is super sweet to her or she's the sweet one "making food for my man", buying coffee for Ian, me n Ian plan on moving to NY, etc etc.

Cheaters always try to make it up to their partners but never apologize because she doesn's feel bad about saying/thinking it, she only feels bad that Ian and the whole world found out.

It wouldn't surprise me if she actually tried to hop on Max's dick too.

No. 375061

well obviously it was with the help of her anxiety dog. Without him she'd be a wreck. Oh wait

No. 375084

File: 1503109620550.png (336.81 KB, 783x560, top.png)

Ok, this is fan service!!

No. 375088

Lmao. Since all her neckbeard fans were mad at her and making fun of her hair last stream, it's time for her to be all self-deprecating to appease them.

No. 375089

File: 1503109843767.png (516.19 KB, 714x406, top.png)


No. 375097

"I am not a titty streamer guys"
"its a social experiment guyz"
"I am one of the boyz"

No. 375098

I actually think she looks okay when she wears a flattering top like this. (Compared to her ill fitting toddler tees)

No. 375100

Yeah agreed. she has broad-ish shoulders and when she wears t-shirts it makes her look even boxier than she already is. Feminine tops help give her shape.

No. 375105

Like a mom's 'that just ended feeding her baby' body. That's what this blouse? says to me, I'm ready to just take my tit out and feed more babies with these saggy old fellas here. Pregnancy clothes.

Maybe she beat us to it and got pregnant to win her citizenship.

No. 375106

Gotta do something to keep those male viewers after fucking up majorly. The whiteface is getting out of hand tho. Omg.

No. 375108

The makeup is terrible and the self-tanner on her hand is just creeping me out but I am really happy that the old Anisa is back on stream, Ian is a great boyfriend for letting her sell her body under "their" roof.

No. 375112

If you zoom into her face and don't see her boobs she goes from a 4 to a solid 2. Her face is quite unfortunate.

No. 375113

She's not a titty streamer guys! You're just being mean sexist trolls don't you know? Because shes wearing something that shows off her chest doesn't make her an attention whore. She's just expressing herself on her stream, duh!

But you know Anisa is the only exception, other girls who do it are obvious sluts because they aren't one of the guys like her.

Plus its just part of her 'interesting dichotomy'. She has tons of female fans who can totally relate to her. But she can't relate to them because shes too special and unique compared to the average girl.

No. 375126

How can anyone watch her, she's so fucking boring.

No. 375127

It's watching her watch those stupid shameful videos you watch at 3 am when you have nothing better to do. She has no personality or looks to make up for all her shit tier content.

No. 375128


People with a bit of a brain know something's off in that relationship and that girl.

No. 375132

It looks way better than the toddler t-shirts but it does look like a mom top. It's weird, she goes from dressing like a 14 year old to dressing like a 40 year old. Since her appearance is essentially her brand, she really needs to put more effort into her presentation.

Anisa, you lurk here so here's a tip. Follow more girls your age on social media and pay attention to what they're wearing.

No. 375133

I've seen comments like that on his videos too, lots of his fans were surprised when he started dating her since she's exactly the type of girl he's made fun of before.

No. 375134

Her hair actually doesn't look that bad. I like the curls.

No. 375135

File: 1503113175095.png (486.75 KB, 674x388, anus.png)


lmao this is a bit too 80s, I didn't mean thiiiis curly, but A for effort, anon (and it made me laugh so 'sall good)

She did put a bit of volume/curls on her hair for this stream though, so I do think it's already waaay better than what it was straight out of the hair salon.

No. 375138

The funniest part was witnessing Chris's second hand embarrassment and nervous judging you laugh after she said those things. This bitch has no self awareness. None at all. It doesn't make you look cool or interesting, Pear. It makes you look like a cumbucket.

No. 375143

LOL she love to call out people who change opinions based on one video but is the exact same

No. 375147

Wait , when did she say she wanted Joni to penetrate her? I thought she said that about Ian.

No. 375150

File: 1503116112354.png (67.5 KB, 1008x343, lol.png)

this thread is from like half a year ago, but some of the reaching lol.

No. 375152

She said it about both of them. It was joji first when she was talking in a stream about him being her favorite youtuber, then in a later stream it was when she said she'd have a one night stand with idubbbz.

No. 375154

Probably Anisa commenting on the thread with different user names to defend herself.

No. 375159

File: 1503117214758.png (111.36 KB, 750x931, IMG_3382.PNG)

I've been noticing a lot of people here defending Ian but don't forget Ian called Anisa's parents home ~ghetto~, called Anisa's mom a bitch and he also slapped the pear.

They're both disgusting people who deserve each other.

No. 375161

Not surprised. Trash ends up with other trash.

No. 375165

File: 1503117685178.jpeg (59.37 KB, 750x382, 1503117396170.jpeg)

Why even announce your nudes are somewhere out there? She's so desperate for the attention she has to self-promote her nudes to then cry about it.

No. 375166

But, like imagine being spoken to the way Anisa's Mom speaks to her. I imagine she attempted her same cruel humor to Ian an he wasn't into it.
I'm not trying to defend Ian, I just think Maureen is a bitch. Idk how that info was released though?

No. 375168

The only reason she didn't publicly say that she wanted Max to penetrate her is because she had been stalking the cancer crew for ages, she acts now like she didn't know the cancer crew until like last year (a bit before dating Ian), but she had been stalking them for so long she knew that Max wasn't single and she assumed Joji and Ian would be single.

So hey, I guess stalking people does make dreams come true.

Anisa should be careful though, bragging about Ian's cuck manners and his HUGE money will only attract more gold-diggers like herself, and maybe smarter better looking gold-diggers. She has shown us so much about what Ian likes and how Ian lives that any hungry broad that sees her stream/social media could steal her man from her. Wearing a padded bra is the first step.

No. 375172

Well no doubt Maureen has severe mental issues (not OCD or any of those illnesses Dr. Anisa diagnosed) and she takes it out on her problematic mental daughter but Ian was in Maureen's house, he should have been a bit more respectful.

But hey, if Anisa allows that kind of disrespect to her family and to herself just to have a ~famous boyfriend~ she can brag about on social media to get more likes then I guess it's all good.

No. 375183

So her and Ian are planning to get a dog together? "We went to see dogs yesterday", "WE want a brother for blitz", we we we.

How can they get a dog together when she won't even be allowed back in the country once she leaves????

No. 375184

Doesn't Ian already have a dog? Or was that his parents'/family dog?

No. 375185

Jesus, she's about to abandon another dog with a boyfriend? Dumb people shouldn't procreate and they shouldn't be allowed to adopt pets when they have a history of abandoning them.

No. 375188

It's like having a baby. Maybe she thinks getting a dog together will make him want to stay.
Didn't she say he "acts" like he hates blitz? I doubt he'd keep the dog if they broke up.

No. 375191

omg. this girl is insane. every time she gets in a serious relationship, she gets a new dog and then it disappears when the relationship ends. there was that pit bull puppy she got with that jeff guy, the pro LAX player. she barely had it for a few months before things ended and not a word of the guy or the dog was heard again. then she got the boxer puppy with akkadian, or right around that time, and it too mysteriously vanished along with him. wtf does she do with these dogs? i wouldn't be surprised if she puts them down or something to be spiteful when things end. those poor dogs.

No. 375194

I'd say Anisa can't be stupid enough to stay in the country illegally when she has an audience watching, but we all know she's not very bright. What if she's not planning on going back to Canada? This is legit the last time she's allowed in the US unless she gets a visa.

No. 375198

On her stream today she said she's going back to Canada on Monday and then coming back to the US in a month. They're not going to let her back in lol.

No. 375211

Goddamn, she's so stupid. She literally said it herself that when she was detained by TSA for all those hours last time, they told her she couldn't come back without a visa. Is she just dumb or completely delusional?

No. 375218

Either she's lying or there's a surprise wedding coming soon.

No. 375219

File: 1503126570542.png (48.28 KB, 750x470, IMG_3388.PNG)

Flirting with the ex, again Anisa?

No. 375226

File: 1503127285352.png (387.56 KB, 319x615, akaadian.png)

SO THAT'S WHY ANISA'S BEEN SO DOWN LATELY. Akaadian upgraded and he's sailing yachts and stuff.

Look at that body language. Look at the life she could've had if she hadn't cheated with Idubbbz.

Poor Pear, that's why she's been pushing Ian to spend even more on her and that's why she wanted to go blonde.

No. 375228

He's one of her exes???

No. 375232

File: 1503127879016.png (93.95 KB, 640x632, IMG_5706.PNG)

Holy upgrade! She's a cutie!
Sucks to suck Anusa! Maybe try not being a cheating asshole?

No. 375243

No, but a really close friend of Akaadian.
Maybe not flirting with him but trying to start drama with him/them.

Pear must be craving that Alissa Violet + Jake Paul kind of drama.

No. 375244

Ew, did she seriously date him too? He's one of Akaadian's best friends, right? That's just nasty if she's that girl who hops from one guy to his friend. I guess we shouldn't be too surprised though given how badly she wants to fuck George.

No. 375245

lmao, Anisa must be seething. I always got the impression when she was with Akaadian that she thought she was too good for him, probably because he seems like one of those genuinely good guys and Anisa seemed bored with that. and now he's upgraded tenfold and that's when people realize what they let go of. love it.

No. 375246

I'm so here for that deportation drama. Why doesn't Ian ever visit her though?

No. 375252


No. 375253

File: 1503129760804.png (518.75 KB, 532x632, Raihnbowcheats.png)

LOL at how she dressed to impress "Ian ehr, I mean Idubbbz" on their first dates while still dating Akaadian AND traveling with him (surely he paid for everything except the plane ticket she "accidentally" booked a day later).

Because he thinks it's ghetto, he doesn't like her parents and he's too good and busy for that.

But really, I think it has to do with the fact that he only cares about having sex with her, he despises being around her family and her when she's not naked. He's that kind of boyfriend that doesn't work on the other details, he only goes for what he wants. Ian wants the sex, Anisa wants the fame.

No. 375257

File: 1503130109514.png (531.21 KB, 630x703, screenshot.png)

They actually travelled together to TwitchCon but Pear had her own agenda for when she was left alone.

ANDDD KARMA, it must really hurt Anisa to see him happy living a good life with such a beautiful girl.

No. 375258

her hair looks SO much better this color and length

No. 375259

That's nasty af. I knew she'd cheated on Akaadian when she got with Ian, but I didn't realize she'd taken the trip where she met and fucked Ian for the first time on Akaadian's dime. She spun that story about being alone in her hotel room, "remembering" Ian lived in the area, and DMing him on Twitter which was when they met up and went out to eat. The nasty hoe was with her boyfriend, she wasn't alone. The fuck?

No. 375261

anisa was even chunkier than she is now, goddamn.

No. 375262

Yeah, how did she know he lived around the area? Some fans of Idubbbz don't even know that hahaha has Anisa always been the cancer crew's biggest slut ehr uh stan… and akaadian's, and gross gore's, and every single hockey player she met.

No. 375277


She looks like Lord Farquaad

No. 375319

Yes, she needs to keep volume in the top half of her head. Since she's pear headed, the forehead area is considerably smaller than the bottom half of her face, so by keeping the illusion of a bigger top half it looks almost like she has a normal face.

No. 375338

kinda blows my mind how much her/a haircut can change how your nose looks

No. 375511

File: 1503178196318.png (61.2 KB, 582x261, victimblaming.png)

The girl who made a monetized video and begged for money on several streams because of her alleged 'abusive ex-boyfriend' and when telling the story she name-dropped everyone who didn't 'support her' except the abusive ex-boyfriend…

Jesus, Anisa just gets a whole other spot in the hypocrite attention-seeking hell.

No. 375517

If you google image search 'anisa instagram' the image results are a bunch of super cute asian women who can actually pull off straight bangs. I wonder if that explains anything. :^)

No. 375521

You mean that cute Asian girl is NOT Anisa Jomha???

No. 375534


Like anyone was even looking.

No. 375556

File: 1503183922464.png (87.57 KB, 717x469, anisa jomha twitch.png)

Her twitch followers hate her now so how can she say that she makes more money off of twitch?

Also, I love that Zoieburgher put her in her place with numbers since Anisa cares so much about "numbers".

No. 375663

Tinfoiling/probably reaching, but around the time Anisa originally returned to Canada I remember noticing Ian was liking things posted by a girl he follows who coincidentally has almost the exact same hair style Anisa just got, much better makeup skills and, IMO, is cuter than Anisa in general. So with Anisa becoming so much more interested in makeup somewhat recently and now this haircut, I can't help but wonder if she didn't also notice him liking the girl's posts and felt threatened and is now trying to copy her ~aesthetic~.

No. 375666

Let's hope someone knows this mystery girl. But if that's the case, it's obviously Anisa stalked her.

Remember that "Superwoman sucks" meltdown on her stream? And that was all because Idubbbz once said he liked her, imagine what Pear would do if she actually saw interaction between mystery girl and Ian.

No. 375667

psh imagine if Ian met superwoman, now that will get pears jimmies rustled. do you guys think ian would ever go to a superwoman meetup?

No. 375672

Pear would never let Ian go to that event. But if he did go, or if Anisa suspected something, evidence says she will take it out on Chris, lol. Be it through sex/flirting with him or misdirected intense anger.

No. 375674

she wont be able to stop it because the ugly bitch will be in canada, anyways he is going to london without her man I kinda hope he meets a cutie and cheats on anisa, karma bitch! tbh I am super glad Akaadian is doing much better without her she must feel like shit and thinking "I could have been in that yacht" but nope instead you're a broke ass bitch with a midly autistic asshole for a boyfriend, stay mad pear.

No. 375675

File: 1503200263202.jpg (106.52 KB, 1056x453, Screenshot_20170819-233351.jpg)

If y'all are going to try to troll anisa, can you atleast try harder?
She cheated on akaadian, she doesnt give a fuck about him.

On an unrelated note, im not trying to be mean but anisa looks like she has this weird smell to her. Just polish up a lil, girl, damn.

No. 375677

she is prob raging but of course she wont show it the fact she replied to a "nobody's" comment she could have ignored it but the fact that she had to reply to it makes you wonder

No. 375682

Was going to post a pic of her but thought it'd be weird considering she isn't "internet famous" and only has like a few hundred followers. Pretty sure she lives in California tho so there's one more thing for Anisa to worry about kek.

No. 375684

Wouldn't surprise me if she created that account herself to "clarify" this. Bad grammar and using the same emojis. Smells like rotten pear.

Akaadian's relationship has been going on for a bit now, and coincidentally someone asked her about it TODAY? I'm not buying it.

No. 375686

Yeah, actually don't do it, mystery girl should stay safe. Anisa is going to hunt this girl and either pretend to be friends with her and love her or she's going to stalk her and copy her from head to toe.

No. 375687

Also, time stamp is totally the hour in which Akaadian's cute couple pics were posted here. If it were one of her fans, they wouldn't have to create a fake account to communicate with her, clearly they have no problem letting her know how much they love her ugly ass brows and hair and everything, why go all incognito to ask her about Akaadian. And why would someone post that on a pic that wasn't recent? NICE TRY, ANISA.

But then again, she messed up by admitting to be stalking Akaadian and checking up on his account when she doesn't follow him or his gf. AND admitting to check up on lolcow so frequently she has to do this.

No. 375803

She looks cute here. What a difference flattering hair makes. And it's not even like her hair was at its absolute best… You can see the ends look a bit awkward, probably from being straightened. I get this too, it's just a result of really thick hair not being layered enough.

No. 375973

I have to disagree. She's wearing those shorts! (They have to have some kind of odor to them) Her outfit is definitely something she'd wear now and her body is just as gross.

No. 375988

File: 1503259882351.jpg (529.91 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-20-16-04-43…)

Anisa just posted a vid on snap where she's shaking one of those chicken noise makers and Ian is screaming at her to knock it off. Idk why she thought it was cute to post that it's kinda sad.

No. 375990

Was about to say something about this, he seemed genuinely angry lol

No. 376001

File: 1503262508732.png (27.34 KB, 208x253, suicide.png)

Wow, showing the entire world that your boyfriend prefers being alone browsing shit on his computers than spending quality time with his gf on the last day they'll be able to spend together before she goes back to Canada for god knows how long.
She could've been with a much hotter buff dude in a yacht but here she is, in crack den looking house with her greasy autistic bf yelling at her from another room while jerking off to Joji pics.

No. 376004

That fucking laugh at the end omg. So obnoxious.

No. 376008

Pear needs to learn that when you get an atrocious hair cut, you DONT act obnoxious because you can't get away with being "cute". No wonder he wants to stare at the computer…

No. 376013

HAHAHA. Anisa's going to make her insta her official platform for passive-aggressively addressing everything she sees here. this is beautiful.

No. 376017

His place looks so unclean. Anisa, I thought you were trying to be a good housewife?

No. 376019

yeah, ian seems completely disinterested in her at this point, and anisa's being a cunt and showing the whole world. she knows ian doesn't want her. seriously wouldn't be surprised if they didn't bang once that whole time tbh.

when anisa was streaming that one time with her tits hanging out in that sheer romper monstrosity, talking with men about her bras and shit and drinking beer after beer, she reminded me of some sad middle-aged lady who wanted to feel desirable again lmao.

No. 376024

Oh, I thought she NEVER drank alcohol. I guess that's another lie to the Anisa book of lies.

And yeah, that video is her way of showing off to other men "how mean my abusive boyfriend is, he doesn't even look at me on our last day".

No. 376030

Here's the vid boyz!

No. 376031

>le trolly

Thanks for the vids, I guess.

No. 376034

yeah I know the name is retarded, any sugestions to change it to since you seem to be an expert of user names

No. 376041

I feel embarrassed for Ian. This video makes him look like such an autistic manchild.

I mean he is but still.

No. 376042

it's all good anon, just ignore them some anons like to be nitpicky about petty shit such as a username, pay no mind to them, thanks for actually taking time uploading these milk worthy vids. Keep up the good work!

anyways back to topic, I wonder how long till they break up? tbh I give them 2 more months at best.

No. 376048

thanks! I was thinking of uploading the latest stream (bits and pieces) I haven't seen it. is it milk worthy or nah?

No. 376059

shit, he was legit pissed. this is hilarious.

No. 376063

he's such a baby screaming like that. i get that it's frustrating, but geez. she's stupid to continue shaking it.

what a healthy couple.

No. 376068

tbh it really isn't that milk worthy, usually the ones where chris is involved have the most milk. you should watch nonetheless and see for yourself.

its clear he is really triggered by her, I mean who spends their time in a computer knowing that your significant other is leaving the next day. I mean shouldn't they be together but then again Ian is a dumb little autistic manlet. then again anisa choose to go to ny with chris before meeting Ian again. this girl is a true slut and she is so bad at hiding it.

No. 376073

>Ian is a dumb little autistic manlet

He is autistic but he is over 6'. Chris is the manlet, he's like 5' 4".

No. 376128

>knock it off knock it OFF STOP
Knowing Anisa she probably continued to do this annoying shit for another hour.

No. 376160

I imagine, after the camera turned off, she laughed and said she recorded it and was putting it on twitter and he was probably like "ok but shut the fuck up"

No. 376162

She was drinking in the last stream (is that the one you're talking about?) people were making fun of her for getting tipsy over 1 beer

No. 376192

This is shit my kid brother does to me when he wants to get on my nerves. Why is she so childish? Why are they both so childish??

No. 376201

There's proof allllll over Anisa's social media that every time she's been in a relationship or fucking someone, she's adopted that person's behavior. Ian was an annoying edgelord sperg when they met, so she became one too. It must be insufferable living with her though, with her probably trying to live day-to-day life like it's an old cancer crew vid. Cringey af.

No. 376224

It looks like he's trying to edit?
So basically, Anisa Honey, he's trying to work so he can make money so he can support you because you're annoying, uneducated, and the only thing you're good at is trying to be other people.
Let him work.

No. 376235

That's probably why he started furiously screaming. He has to hear the sound of the video and if he was just browsing twitter or whatever, I don't think he would be so pissed to yell like that. If he really is just browsing the internet though, that is super childish of him and his temper is scary.

No. 376258

once ian breaks up with her she will definitely use this as an example of how "idubbbz was so verbally abusive when i was just trying to be a cute and funny girlfriend" for sure

No. 376262

oh yeah she will def try to milk it for sure! she will portray herself as the sweet innocent girl who got badly abused by her ex boyfriend. she will seek comfort in another guy by telling them how horrible their last relationship was. the cycle never ends.

No. 376264

sooo i've been following her the past few threads but am fairly new to her compared to yall. how is her last name pronounced? joe-ma? jah-ma? or something else?

No. 376275

I've been pronouncing it "joe-mah" but I think it's actually "jaw-mah". I remember her saying pronouncing it that way in a stream.

No. 376339

Honestly, I feel like she posted this without getting Ian's permission which is kind of fucked. Some people have short tempers, but Ian full on screaming is just embarrassing and makes him seem like a dick even with her UwU cutesy caption. I'd be pissed if I was him, I wouldn't want a video of me being annoyed on the internet.

No. 376351

It's funny how she posted the video on twitter and her 'fans' are commenting stuff like "you guys are so cute!!!" and "true love" when this encounter is just awkward and embarrassing.

No. 376352

I agree, and some part of me thinks it was intentional. Like she wanted to paint Ian in a bad light. Combine that with her talking about abusive relationships and rape so much lately, the fact that she's not allowed back into the US once she leaves and their relationship is likely to suffer as a result, and it looks like Anisa might be setting herself up to play the victim soon.

No. 376359

I think you guys are reading too much into it lol. It looks like something I would do to my brother just to get a good laugh. I know he sure as hell would never let me post a video of him sperging like that though. Yikes!

No. 376361

I don't think his screaming was that bad. If he was screaming "shut the fuck up" I'd think "woah". Tbh I expected him to be an angrier person.

No. 376367


Nobody cares about your relationship with your brother and nobody cares if you expected Ian to be an angrier person?

Sorry for being mean but sometimes it's better to not write stuff if you aren't adding anything to the thread.

No. 376373

Oh definitely, also AGAIN she's showing every single aspect of 'their' house, she's basically asking stalkers to do their job on Ian's house. The hairdresser too, she showed the name and everyone can google that up, logic says it's probably near Ian's house, so all those crazy stans are way closer than they think thanks to Anisa. While Ian wants to hide from the public, Anisa is attracting them to their house just because she wants to be 'in the picture'.

She's probably already writing her next video "How my famous abusive boyfriend manipulated me, ignored me AND KICKED ME OUT OF THE COUNTRY"

No. 376379

I already expected one of you anal ass bitches to respond with something like this. It was my passive aggressive way of saying some of you over analyze shit way too much to the point where you look crazy. Like damn, she can't just post a funny video? No of course not, Anissa is clearly a manipulative mastermind who's plotting to destroy Ian's career by turning him out to be some abusive autistic nerd . Suck a dick.(Chill)

No. 376382

exactly, it's something you'd do to your brother, not your boyfriend..

No. 376388

It's okay if you think Anisa is honest and funny but what does that have to do with your brother? And why did you feel the need to share that? It certainly didn't add anything to the thread.

I don't think anyone here thinks 'everything' she does is manipulative, imagine saying that she cut her hair or that she sells shirts to destroy Ian (which is what you're suggesting) by making him look 'autistic'. THAT would be crazy. But I think most of the people here actually post what is very explicitly a lie coming from Anisa, so maybe you're misreading these threads? There is evidence of her being manipulative, using boyfriends, being fame and money hungry, painting herself as the victim, and other things, so it is safe to assume she will do it again and to none other than one of the 'biggest youtubers' who is also her boyfriend. I don't understand why you have to get so triggered about it.

ps: If you like Anisa and you hate us "anal ass bitches" maybe this isn't a place for you.
ps2: If you already expected a response like that why did you post it anyways?

No. 376416

File: 1503303370449.gif (756.23 KB, 500x280, TIjIe2v.gif)

I agree with what >>376388 said, after all this is a thread about Anisa and it has been proven she is prone to lie, cheat and make everything about her. Comments like yours are one of the reasons we got autosaged by the mods in the first place.

No. 376423

I've seen Anisa state that she doesn't drink alcohol at all either. Reckon she lies about this because shoeonhead doesn't drink?

No. 376484

a relationship between brother and sister is much more different than a nonplatonic relationship between two people from different lives learning about each other and spending their moments together trying to create a strong bond and work through problems, when they arise.

his screaming is flat out aggressive and embarrassing and she's making the situation worse by shaking the chicken around when he told her to stop. nothing was over analyzed, the situation was flat out unhealthy.

No. 376531

Even if the video with the chicken noise maker thing was meant to be "funny", I really hate her sense of humor. She shittalks Sarah Silverman and other female comedians and she comes up with this shit.

No. 376554

that's the thing that annoys me most about it, it's just not fuckin funny lmao. She's always egging on Chris and apparently does the same thing to Ian, I'm starting to think she just thinks being a cunt/yelling is the height of comedy?

No. 376556

she's worse than amy schumer and she has the audacity to talk shit about amy. anisa isn't exactly funny or witty. nothing she's ever said could make anyone on the internet laugh

No. 376575

I think the brother comment was stupid and unnecessary. but I don't think the other one was so bad? like yeah it would be nice if every comment on here was milk but we discuss things too. is it the juiciest comment ever? no, but she's just offering her opinion on the situation. she saged it and everything.

No. 376590

>she saged it and everything
as if that matters because the thread is on autosage anyway.

No. 376604

she was being a bitch and called us "crazy anal bitches" check the whole thing while defending on anisa she even proceeded to call the video "funny" its clear she is an Anisa stan

No. 376696

File: 1503345534614.png (245.35 KB, 1040x564, Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 12.5…)


No. 376699

Is that really a shadow of his dick? Or did he pull that off google images.

No. 376709

Chad's chode is sad.

No. 376711

well it's the thought that counts

No. 376714

Anisa has the most infuriating laugh. I honestly don't known how Ian can stand her unless she's a super freak in bed because there's literally nothing else redeeming about her personality. She's not intelligent, uneducated, has 0 direction in life and isn't funny at all. And it doesn't seem like she's particularly good to him either.

I'm in the minority here but I don't think she's ugly tbh. She's perfectly average and in terms of looks I think she's about on par with Ian. Being sexually attracted to her is the only reason I can think they stay together but she's off to Canada indefinitely, so…

lmao is this really Chad's dick? I can believe it from that apparent fupa.

No. 376717

nope, pretty sure it's Ians dick. Chad has a literal chode that was posted on the last thread.

No. 376718

File: 1503347713239.jpg (Spoiler Image, 698.2 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_0601.JPG)

No. 376729

Ahahahah massive upgrade! From what I've seen he really deserves it.

No. 376741

Her next stream is gonna be filled with "is that really Ian's dick??" And she's gonna get all pissy like the plumber thing.

No. 376745

>guise omg it's just a joke that's NOT his dick ;) everything he says is a joke I have no idea where you guys got this from
cut to Ian in his next video making a ten minute speech about how it was not his penis

No. 376761

lmao this. now he's going to have a monologue apologizing for every joke he's ever made and setting the record straight every video. jokes make anisa sad. :(

No. 376766

Isn't she going back to Canada today? There's no whiny tweets or steam??? This is very out of character

No. 376782

wow… absolute cringe. is he 12

No. 376800

>"hahaha ian's dick isn't that small you guys. and i know it doesn't look like that when it casts a shadow. i know. i've seen it a lot."

No. 376922

TBH with the abundance of dildos he's received, it could be fake.

No. 376937

File: 1503374940801.png (255.88 KB, 397x390, anisa jomha.png)

Good stream

No. 376938

watch anisa say this on her stream
"its not his dick guys, its a dildo he got from his fans"

No. 376945

File: 1503375808825.png (61.47 KB, 640x500, IMG_5712.PNG)

By "mix of both" she's saying it's both professional and personal. Engagement perhaps?

No. 376948

No way Ian's going to tie himself to that. He's with it to hit it and that's all.

If I had to guess, I'd say it's her announcing she's going back to school. She's been talking about it lately, how she wants to finish her degree and how she's otherwise directionless because Youtube and twitch are both failed endeavors at this point. That she could potentially get a student visa, which is what she needs to enter the US again, is juuust a ~coincidence~. :^)

No. 376950

File: 1503376399825.gif (1.43 MB, 480x264, RVQzTz7.gif)

engaged to ian?? hahaha wow now this I gotta see thiss! guess the grease fam will have new competition. haha oh man this is gonna be good!

No. 376954

Totally agree with this, she isn't growing on her youtube/twitch channel. She needs a way to get into the US. No way Ian will commit so she has to look for the student visa. But the question now is how she'll afford school? OH WAIT, her parents and Ian, right right.

No. 376957

So desperate to become a meme she has to copy h3h3's facial expressions, the cancer crew "attitude" and edgelord catchphrases.

No. 376961

Maybe she got her visa?

No. 376965

Has Ian always had 0 pics of her on instagram?

No. 376968

Not that quickly, she didn't. A month ago she was asking random people on twitter -how- to get a visa. It's a process, and she admitted a few weeks ago during her airport stream that she had no clue how to 'figure things out' and get a visa.

No. 376982

Lol maybe it's to announce her new dog channel. She said she was going to make one after her and Ian adopted a dog/ "a brother for blitz"

No. 376987

the vetting process for visas is so strict because of trump, it's very unlikely she has a visa unless she got a student one.

No. 377010

Yeah lol, He's never posted a photo of them together on any of his social media platforms.

No. 377019

not to make this political like the last thread, but since you already did… this has very little to do with changes trump has made. the process of getting a visa has always been lengthy and difficult. legal immigration has never been easy and has always required a lot of money and time.

No. 377107

on the contrary anon, they now ask for even more things, a friend of mine has two siblings that applied for one and they both had the same things, one already got his but the other one hasnt. they now require more things. perhaps he didn't completely influence it but because of his presidency immigration has become more strict, it was also part of his promises as president to "get out all the crooks". anyways I dont think its a visa its probably something else the only way she can get a visa is if she becomes a student but yes thats gonna take a while. and like everything she tries to do its probably going to fail her, since anisa is the the queen of failures.

No. 377121

File: 1503414164180.png (33.13 KB, 500x329, us entertainment visas.png)

lol which entertainment visa do you guys think she wanted to file under

No. 377129

def no.2 but the bitch is such a loser that she cant even get a verified on twitter (which now a days anyone remotely "famous" and their dog can get it) even the nugget guy got one all because he asked for everyone to retweet his tweet about asking for nuggets. Anisa thinks too high of herself, if she was a bit more humble and didn't lie so much she wouldn't be such a pieve of shit of a person. its okay to be a whore and all nobody cares but at least own up to it be honest with yourself and everyone else pear. lol she should become a porn star maybe then she will get the visa.

No. 377211

how is she so stupid? does she not know how to use google? when i applied for an overseas visa i just looked up any questions i had. no wonder she's treating her US visits so whimsically, she has no idea how fucked she really is.

how strict is US border control for canadian immigrants?

No. 377238

I'm not saying it was ever an easy process. I'm saying it's becoming MORE difficult. Even skilled workers like programmers, doctors, and scientists can't get a temporary work visa because they're reluctant with the "america first" policy.

If a scientist can't get a visa why the fuck would they give anisa one

No. 377277

I won't be surprised if her big announcement is really nothing. You know, just like she was going to London and moving to NYC? Oh, and how Ian was moving to Canada for 4 months.

No. 377308

Pretty fucking strict. I live near the Ontario border in NY and they don't mess around. Aside from the agents, there are infrared cameras, drones everywhere, fucking ground sensors, and what might as well be a wall considering the workers themselves are very very diligent. Not that I imagine Anisa would have the will to border-hop tho. She's just stupid. She said customs kept her detained at the airport for three hours last time she came to the US, interrogated her, told her she was flagged in the system and wouldn't be allowed back into the US without a visa, but she just shrugged it off, said it 'wasn't good' and she'd have to 'fix it' but had no solutions how. She thinks things will magically work themselves out without any effort on her part. She's a fucking idiot.

No. 377441

File: 1503443170558.png (13.94 KB, 607x153, explain.png)

No. 377443

This is an Anisa only thread, not Joji.

No. 377444

it gets kinda boring with only Anisa. Let's spice it up

No. 377447

"Anisa-only thread, please. Non-pear related Youtuber discussion can go in the following threads:
Youtubers General Thread: >>260800"

No. 377470


1. Joji is not on the same level of fame as Pewdiepie, Markiplier, et cetera, so this is probably not relevant there

2. Chad's dick had a place here, why not this?

3. Why do some anons take lolcow so seriously? Chill the fuck down, it's just a funny thread for entertainment. When there's no Anisa milk, we should be able to sparsely mention other milky stuff about the former crew members

No. 377488

I agree with this, this use to be a cool thread but some shits had to ruin it and now its anisa only and we are autosaged. honestly, if it worked before why changed it. anisa doesnt produce enough milk to be on her own, we should have included ex cancer crew members well joji is related to anisa since she wants pretty much to fuck him, so i bet she probably stalks him 24/7 and she always tries to talk about him whenever she gets the change.

No. 377521


Ugh no then it'll all be joji stans

No. 377528

it's been autosaged before anisa only, what the point you were trying to make?

No. 377532

just a thread before the anisa only. look im not here to fight, I am just trying to find a middle ground here and yeah people shouldn't get too uptight about the "its an anisa only thread reee" we are all here to have fun aren't we ladies? no need to fight eachother. can we just mention others but so lightly without sounding like complete x member stans.

No. 377536

I agree.

No. 377540

Joji isn't even milky so why do y'all wanna post his shit on /snow/? Go to his /ot/ thread or sth

No. 377543


This. Bring the Joji stanning to the YOUTUBERS GENERAL thread. Damn thing doesn't say anything about level of "fame" involved. They talk about all sorts of random YouTubers big and small. This thread is not for Joji, especially when he isn't doing anything milk worthy and in no way is the post related to Anisa. Will anons stop crying about it already? It's not like you can't talk about him other places ffs.

No. 377566

You don't have to read the thread if nothing's happening anon…

No. 377573

Sooooo, did she not see Chris at all on probably what is her last trip for a loooooong time? Did I miss it?

No. 377585

File: 1503453598613.png (57.21 KB, 614x583, anisa jomha reeeeing in the bg…)

I think Chris went up to Ian's place to hang out with Anisa or something, could be wrong. Anisa talked a lot about wishing Chris would come and see her.

On the subject of Chris, I think Laci moved down to SoCal to be near him and he seems like a good boyfriend.

No. 377614

File: 1503456168980.png (549.68 KB, 930x598, IMG_6785.png)

No. 377646

I see. I think if they did see each other, that would've been all over her social media. Wonder if Laci put her foot down about that hoe

No. 377649

She's streaming rn

No. 377653


No. 377656

lmao, she's literally talked about ian for the last 15 minutes straight. she actually had to say, "WE'RE DATING" at least 5 times and won't stop talking about how "~we'll never have each other namedrop each other~" and "I WANT MY OWN FAME REEE". lmaooo, and now:

>"I love when I see lists on twitter of favorite youtubers and I'm on it and Ian's not. That means they're -my- fan."

she's such an evil bitch, for real tho.

No. 377658

>we came up with the Tana idea together, it was like a baby of ours, it was my video too

No. 377660

I bet her "fans" consist of ugly fat neckbeards. since most of the teeny boper girls are usually ian stans.

No. 377664

anisa's basically ian's really shitty PR person at this point.

No. 377665

>hopefully this last time was the last goodbye while we're dating
this bitch is delusional

No. 377666

lol maybe she made ian propose guyz

No. 377670

Shit that actually makes sense, with her 'announcement' video and all.
Gotta get that visa and financial support.
I wonder if she'd stay after her papers are done, she'd have alimony so i'm guessing she'd be able to do whatever.
She'd probably freak if Ian makes her sign a prenup.
If Ian indeed propose he's probably the saddest, most depressed guy ever, i almost feel bad for him.

No. 377672

She's STILL whining about Ian being stopped for photos at Disneyland and not her. Why can't she just be happy for him?

No. 377682

she just said he doesn't want to help her so they can protect their relationshit??????????????

No. 377685

They both feel like she doesn't deserve a collab or a shout out because she's not working hard enough.

No. 377688

ladiess this is far to good to be left I am so recording this and uploading it on youtube, pear is a piece of shit for not being happy for her boyfriend/possible future husband? this goes to show how evil and selfish she actually is. She is just doing all this for her own selfish gains. I hope Laci does tell Chris to get away from pearquad.

No. 377695

Has anyone addressed the Ian dick? What a way to completely piss her off.

No. 377697

Soo, what I'm understanding is: you and your boyfriend think that you don't work hard enough but you also think you deserve recognition?? You've done nothing for his or your channel. Stupid pear…

No. 377700

she actually had the nerve to say that ian gets a lot of his ideas from her, even if he doesn't announce it. he said that the tana content cop was their joint video (just because he allowed you to record him doesn't make you a joint collaborator, anisa lmao) and there were other videos he'd made where the idea was hers. she's fucking nuts.

No. 377701

she said*

No. 377706

I bet she washed ians brain by saying "I made you in to what you are all your ideas are mine, without me you wouldnt be famous, you should be thankful for me" I bet Ian is fucking dumb enough to actually believe her bullshit. Man pear is going full onion now.

No. 377709

Basic pear was jealous of Tana because Tana is pretty and successful so she used Ian to attack her.

No. 377723

god speed and thank you

No. 377766

This thread is for Anisa, people like Joji and Chad should be discussed in the youtubers thread.

No. 377782

The sad thing is I guess it's very possible for Ian to do this…..

No. 377784

Yeah, the same people she would call "disgusting whales" but oh well, if her fans are dumb to not see their 'youtube idol' is constantly making fun of them… says a lot about her and her audience

No. 377786

tbh I really don't buy this "having my own audience" she was a nobody and she is still is a nobody. if she actually cared about herself and her career she would actually try and put more attention to her videos. But instead she just copies everyone, first she tried being a "fitness blogger" then she tried to be an "edgelord commentator" then she tried the "diy/beauty guru" but nothing seems to work for miss pear here, if only she was a bit original and instead of commissioning artists she should have at least made an attempt to try to make her own merch art but she couldn't even do that and a few streams ago you could see that unfinished hideous "demon" dog painting somewhere in the floor of Ians house, pretty much reflects her lifestyle. unfinished, unprofessional, self entitled to whatever Ian owns just because she is dating him. with that being said I still want to see where this train wreck leads to tbh, its bound to bring us some delicious milk in the future.

No. 377788

She's so jealous of every female who's on youtube/twitch/TV and are doing way better than she is. Laci Green, Superwoman, Tana Mongeau, Zoie Burgher, Brittany Venti, Kacey Tron, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, ETC. That list goes on and on, she has talked shit about all of these people while playing the "Trust me I know what I'm talking about" card when she clearly has no idea what she's talking about 100% of the time. And then she brags about bullying and trying to ruin their careers.

AND on the list of people she thought of using for whatever reason and failed so she started publicly shading on are Keemstar, Leafy, k4iley, Kat&Max, all the edgelord community, Zoie Burgher, etc.

It's clear Anisa is a toxic and highly immoral person when she does all this publicly, the evidence is there on video and then she has the nerve to play victim. People who don't see how hateful and malign she is are most likely Idubbbz fans that will accept anything Idubbbz says he likes. Anisa is so deranged to think she has fans when clearly it's just Idubbbz fans trying to meet him the easiest way possible, through the attention whore girlfriend he has.

No. 377793

I think that's what she wants people to think, that they're getting married or some shit like that.

In a way, I hope they do get married, Anisa would be the nastiest deceitful bride (she wouldn't be able to wear white for obvious reasons(because she's done everything in every single hole in her body and… bc white makes her look so much wider and manlier)) and Ian would be the most autistic, unhappiest groom.

Can't wait for the wedding stream and snaps.

But most likely she'll announce some dumb shit that she overhyped because she has had a whatever life that even adopting a dog is a big announcement (also because they gave her so much shit for buying from breeders remember? so now she's going to adopt because 'i'm anise and i do everything everyone tells me to do to get more likes').

No. 377797

Why does she keep posting selfies with last week's makeup and the greasiest hair ever? Also those greasy ass fingers, great way to go extra nasty.

Does she think Ian or Chris will be like "Yes, send more of these Crisco selfies, please".

So much money spent on makeup and it's just embarrassing to watch but I guess you can't make a silk purse out of a sow.

No. 377811

my favourite part is
>sorry flying =/= showering ;*
uh can you imagine publicly announcing you don't clean yourself? I can't

No. 377819

It doesn't take a full day to get from California to Canada. Wake up twenty minutes early and wash your hair. Jesus Christ. I feel sorrow for the person sitting next to her.

No. 377833

seriously, wtf. it's like a half a day trip, including going to the airport and stuff, she's just fucking lazy and gross.

No. 377846

i couldn't even imagine flying while not having showered. i'd be incredibly embarrassed and self conscious the entire time. not to mention that it's a shitty thing to do to anyone who'll be near you.

No. 377857

File: 1503488681950.png (89.45 KB, 640x644, IMG_5714.PNG)

I'm surprised no one posted this yet…

No. 377861

From pear to potato in one easy step.

No. 377893

>crisco selfies
u absolute beast lmfao

seriously why do her fingers look like they're straight dunked in water? wash your hands at the airport restrooms maybe?

No. 377897

Shhhhhhh, anon. She reads this site

No. 377919

When attempting something new, you would think a person would have the mental capacity to know if they are doing good or not. But not Anusa. This bitch thinks everything she makes is a masterpiece and that all problems will just solve themselves.
I have never seen someone so clueless about life. The worst thing is she doesn't even bother to learn the things she doesn't know. She didn't even look up what it takes to get a visa. Instead she asked her twitter followers. This woman is a joke.
She reminds me of those stereotypical teenagers in movies who don't give a shit about anything except themselves and their phone. She truly is a 16 year old basic bitch.

No. 378146

For someone that cares so much about using makeup and showing body, she is pretty disgusting. But then again her hygiene habits reflect what a vain person she is, and her "i love learning, i love education" façade is reflected in her ignorant decisions and her twitter searches. All this time she has been wanting to get close to Joji by looking "asian" and "hot", but she's only getting close to the filthy frank character. And she took that "filthy" way too literal.

No. 378177

Calling it now all her selfies are going to be her doing angle shots and filters that make her nose look smaller because shes going through this "i want to look like a cute Asian girl" phase and will wear more "xD anime!!" T-shirts.

Even with her ugly merch, she's trying for that aesthetic now when her personality and appearance does not fit it at all.

No. 378378

Why is nobody talking about how she was a dumbass and let her dog get hit by a cyclist while off leash?

No. 378387

Link. Is there a clip about that?

No. 378389

File: 1503549555348.png (167.54 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3932.PNG)

No. 378391

File: 1503549593525.png (136.89 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3933.PNG)

No. 378393

dew claws should be removed when dogs are puppies wtf.

No. 378409

plenty of people choose not to get their dogs dew claws removed. don't derail this into another petty animal abuse argument.

No. 378410

But Anisa should be ashamed of wanting to adopt more dogs when she clearly can't take care of them.

No. 378412

File: 1503554736395.png (64.52 KB, 750x437, IMG_3804.PNG)

"My dog could be dying but since this is all about me, let me tweet how the cyclist was rude and how scared I am before actually helping my dog, maybe this will get me more likes"

No. 378416

having a dog myself, i understand that accidents can happen, however there's no reason her dog should have been off leash and/or far enough away from her in whatever setting she was in where this was even fucking possible. she's so irresponsible.

No. 378419

Yeah, even if it's an off-leash area she should've been watching her dog especially if that dog was on a bike path. If this were a baby, she would be in jail for neglecting her child. Not to mention all those other dogs she abandoned as if they were trash.

She probably cried her way out of this as well but seriously the more Anisa shares a bit of her life it gets worse every fucking time. She's nowhere close to being a role model or even a good person, she's straight up a nightmare.

No. 378442

I'm not taking up for pear but the whole "she wouldn't be able to wear white" thing is sooo cringy of you. you do know most brides who wear white aren't ~virginal and pure~ right?

No. 378453

Ok, but I think that person was deff being sarcastic, it's ~cringy~ that you felt the need to 'teach' that to people on lolcow out of all places.

No. 378466


No. 378482

this is incredibly autistic

No. 378523

File: 1503575176769.jpg (528.62 KB, 1059x1556, Screenshot_20170824-074345.jpg)

Im happy blitz is okay, but im just not a fan of how she used this as an opportunity to gain sympathy.

Also is she trying to get bark box to sponsor her on youtube?

No. 378546

he's so CUTE

I agree though, it'd be one thing if she told the story after she knew Blitz was okay but I think it says a lot about her that she immediately thinks to tweet about emergencies that come up in her life.

No. 378612

Yeah, I thought that was stupid too, anon.

No. 378662

How long do you think this will last?

No. 378667

No. 378668

Also, look how at 4:57 Ian perfurated Anisa's painting

My biggest LMAOOOOOOO ever

No. 378670

Its a print. The actual painting is huge.

No. 378671

yeah, noticed that just now that he raised the cage

No. 378677


"hey guys, coconut head here."

She's not even hiding that she lurks here full time.

No. 378679

>"I'm going on vegan diet for "knowledge"

She just wants to look less like shit.

No. 378686

Can't be bothered to watch this, what this her big life changing announcement?

No. 378687

This bitch is going to have a soy/veggie burger based diet and bitch that she gained weight. Smh.

No. 378690

She's announced she's going vegan for a year as an "experiment " so she can say that being vegan isn't healthy as opposed to saying she got fat and is trying to lose weight. She said she'll be doing weekly updates and shit.

No. 378694

This video is boring as hell. I do like how he put Anisa's painting up with some equally shitty ones though.

No. 378695

her face is so white compared to the rest of her skin she needs to find foundation that matches the rest of her skin. I bet she is not gonna last long in this "vegan lifestyle"

No. 378697

We don't even have to watch this video to know this is her new way of starving herself "because I'm so fat".

She won't follow through though, remember her Insanity videos? Remember her fitness chronicles? Remember her fucking channel that just can't pick on one topic?

My guess is she just wants to be seen as a vegan to gain vegan followers (and again, to starve herself and not look so mentally ill while doing it) like she did with the "mental health videos", "the fitness videos", AND ANY OTHER NICHE VIDEOS.

No. 378701

being vegan does not make skinny theres a lot of vegan shit that has many calories and is very fatty. I've seen many fat people that are vegan. because they eat a lot of shit that is oily and has too much carbs even if its vegan if you don't know how to follow a proper diet chances are you're gonna be fat. Anus head here is just doing it for the atention lol I bet she saw joji eating a carrot and was like "I am going vegan guyz" notice how in the right corner of her video she included filthy frank in the purple wig (3:12)

No. 378704

Her constantly looking to the left makes it so obvious that she is reading directly off a script, but she still adds fake stutters to her sentences to sound more like Ian/like she's not obviously reading right into a script jesus christ Anisa look into the camera

No. 378711


oh my god anisa get help

three years ago i went vegan. i told everyone that it was because i wanted to criticize the lifestyle and because i wanted to say i've been vegan.

it was just a front for my anorexia and i lost 15 kg when i was already underweight. she's obviously just doing this cause she wants to ~relapse~

veganism is incredibly overhyped. a well balanced omnivorous diet is just as good. i guess the best part of being vegan is you poop more since you're consuming so much fiber

i can't believe ian's dating her. FF made a vegan video, what are you doing anisa…

No. 378714


this actually makes me so sad for. she doesn't need to lose any weight, she's perfectly fine the way she is.

No. 378718

I think she's doing it only for the views. Having a niche and something to make videos about regularly is easier than coming up with a new shitty idea every week. But hey, she's doing it for herself and obviously not for attention.

No. 378731

There are plenty of vegan people who don't suffer from eating disorders. In fact, I know plenty of people who went plant based and it really helped their disorder coupled with therapy.

You sound like Anisa, spewing anti-vegan rhetoric to be edgy and so against the lifestyle lol.

No. 378734

It's been already determined and set that she crash dieted. This is just her grabbing for attention per usual. No "poor anisa". Cut that shit out.

No. 378736

The worst part about her going vegan in order to just talk shit about how much she hated it, is that because she's already going into this with a negative though process.. I'm sure her experience will indeed be negative as well. She's fucking dumb. If she doesn't WANT to go vegan, she shouldn't go vegan, it's really that simple??? And I hate that she's acting like if she doesn't feel better on a vegan diet, her experiment will negate any and all medical research that states vegan diets are healthy and suitable for all life stages.

No. 378741

Ffs this bitch thinks she's going to collect enough data on her little crash diet to take down a plethora of medical research lol.
Her neck beards are really eating this shit up too! So cringe.

I guess I just don't understand why everyone says vegans are the problem, always pushing their views on people. When it's generally the opposite? I'm not vegan but I've met plenty of vegans who seriously live and let live. I'm not going to try to convince vegans to not be vegan bc how does that effect me? She must be REALLY thirsty for views.

No. 378742

Jesus Christ, she has Ian's mannerisms copied down to a fucking tee. It's just downright creepy. From the stuttering, to the lip licking, to the sarcastic laughs, not to mention how she starts off the video: "Hey guys it's [insert self deprecating line] here!" . She's like the dollar tree version of Ian, except unintelligent and unentertaining. I get so much second hand embarrassment from watching her bc she tries so hard to be like him. Get a grip!

No. 378748

This vegan diet is going to last as long as her insanity phase. I'm giving it two videos and a decrease in viewership. She really picks the most boring shit to talk about. Do some research, compile the evidence, make an argument then put it on YouTube. A yearlong diet change which we can't monitor is bs. She thinks she makes good and interesting content because 8-12 year old are complementing her. She's a failing 24 year old ex titty streamer, with a bf that's almost 27. Get your shit together pear and act your age.

No. 378755

I see Anisa is still trying to get on that Laci Green educational style. I love how she hates her and wants to be her, shows how much she wants to 1) be Chris' edgy girl, 2) be the only #arabgirl on the internet.

No. 378768

>I guess I just don't understand why everyone says vegans are the problem, always pushing their views on people
the ones who don't obviously just go unnoticed. so when people actually notice a vegan it's 99% of the time one of those crazy vegans.

No. 378770

who cares? stop posting ian videos unless they involve anisa in some way (eg the embarrassing spiel at the start of his last vid)

No. 378830

agreed. I don't think she's using veganism as a cover for disordered eating or anything like that. I actually think if she were anorexic, she'd exaggerate it, play it up and use it for attention. all the people who are saying she's doing this to "cover up" an eating disorder - have you all seen her body dysmorphia/depression/Chester Bennington video? if she really had a mental disorder (besides her usual narcissism) she'd be flaunting it left and right!

No. 378832

Ian used her shitty dog painting to decorate the squirrel trap (along with a Hitler painting and his own shitty one from an unboxing), so it did involve Anisa.

I don't think she's necessarily anorexic - but it wouldn't surprise me if she was doing it, at least partially, to see if she could lose weight. She's obviously very insecure, and she reads here where people call her fat/boxy/etc. She's so desperate for validation, even from people who won't like her no matter what she does.

No. 378842


someone's a little triggered. the fact of the matter is that a lot of people recovering from EDs use(d) veganism as a disguise for their illness. elle tayla, brianna jackfruitson, unnatural vegan, izzy the fruitbat, freelee. the list goes on. i said my comment with the context of anisa having a past of disordered eating. if it were anyone else, i wouldn't think much of it honestly.


if she really feels like she has to restrict herself to a vegan diet to lose weight, then i pity her. she did insanity, she quit. she's done normal dieting and she's at a healthy weight but she still wants to go vegan. maybe it's not as obvious to other people, but this is a massive red flag. i'm pretty sure she's still unhappy with her body and probably binges.

No. 378844

Since you read this pear: try making the videos interesting with new recipes and vegan foods and restaurants you like. Kind of vlog style. Compile your week into one video showing the highs and lows and chart your moods and energy levels. Also, don't be a dumbass and only eat salad then bitch and moan about being hungry and tired. I think it would be cool (if you actually stick to it) to show your growth and gained knowledge from week to week. Also, don't try to be funny? It's already been determined that you are not, so cut the monotone bull shit and speak like you're not fucking dead inside. There CAN be porential for these videos but pear, just as she always does, will probably fail miserably.

No. 378852

it's creepy and annoying. Is this what guys like? Stuttering and acting like a retarded edgy teenage boy is attractive now? I've been doing it all wrong.

No. 378856

I agree 100%, the fact that she's obsessed with being desirable to men makes her want to lose weight all the time, she has always disguised it with "I care about nutrition and fitness and it was my minor in college so I know". But if she did care about this we would've seen it in her fitness videos (gym, insanity, etc) or her cooking videos (cinnabon rolls, shepherd's pie, burritos, etc… she never cooks "healthy" or even "nutritious"). I agree this is a red flag, she's going to be vegan to just go "socially acceptable anorexic" and then get more likes about her body/looks.

Yeah, the fact that she's publishing it on youtube and instagram is for the likes and views (as many of you have stated here). But that is the biggest red flag of it all, we know how insecure and superficial she is, she doesn't care about her health, she only cares about "being pretty" and getting likes for that.

Pear will start losing weight and complain about it in social media to get sympathy while at the same time showing full body shots in the mirror, "i've lost so much weight but my boobs stay the same, boohoo" (she'll definitely forget about her BDD).

But common sense is this time she'll get saggy, lose even more hair, have even shittier skin, and her teeth/bones will get brittle.

No. 378861

I think it's sweet of you that you're trying to help Anisa not be the biggest fail ever. But this is the 8th thread on her and the only "advices" she follows from lolcow are those about her appearance. She doesn't care about her content or even being a better person.

If she doesn't listen to her parents, her succesful friends or even her succesful boyfriend, it's not a case of "rookie trying to figure her way out on the internet" it's more of an "i think i am better than the rest and i don't need your help" problem (proof 1:when chris told her to stop caring about gossip, content that is irrelevant to her channel and 'the numbers'… Anisa went full on spoiled brat because "she was right and chris wasn't". Proof 2: whenever she mentions lolcow she's just mad because they call her fat or ugly… because that's the only thing she reads here that she cares about). She's far from improving because of that huge toxic ego she has.

No. 378864


>Pear will start losing weight and complain about it in social media to get sympathy while at the same time showing full body shots in the mirror, "i've lost so much weight but my boobs stay the same, boohoo" (she'll definitely forget about her BDD).

i can see this happening…

i'm kind of projecting because i've known 2 people who are remarkably similar to anisa. one guy was a former PT who was very buff in his peak, but now he's obese. he's ranted a lot to me about his diet, and he says he consumes 1000 calories when he's dieting because he "goes hard" then he binges on pancakes or whatever is on offer on campus, and then he considers going vegetarian thinking it'll solve his binging problems.

i feel like a decent amount of people here don't know much about the difference between disordered eating and a full blown eating disorder. one is remarkably worse than the other, but disordered eating is still horrible. armchair psychologist: i'm pretty sure anisa has been struggling with her eating for several years now. she dieted in her teens, and she's still doing it now. that's possibly 10 years following crash diets. i think she's far too into it to cure it with veganism unless she works to fix her relationship with food.

No. 378875

No. 378881

File: 1503608144281.jpeg (208.34 KB, 1434x1080, 1503607989099.jpeg)

And Anisa only calls out lolcow when apparently she gets hate from every website.

No. 378893

She is trying so hard to look like a cute Asian girl ,she has even started wearing more nude/pastel/flowery outfits, compared to what she used to wear. Is this really all for that joji D?

No. 378896

she changes personas like clothes. wouldn't be surprised if she's trying to hook herself a safety net since her and ian don't seem to be working out, but she's aiming WAY too high if she's going for joji. also, joji is a fuccboi so it's not like they could ever have a lasting relationship, let alone a one night stand.

No. 378898

Agreed. She's constantly saying how she rarely eats/only eats once a day on her stream, it's really obvious she has disordered eating and it's centered around weight loss. Going vegan isn't going to fix her weight. She just needs to come up with a better meal plan and exercise regularly.

No. 378908

Ok well it's possible she could come up with a healthy and balanced VEGAN meal plan and yet still lose weight. She definitely DOES need to lose at least 5 pounds in fat or alternatively gain some weight in muscle.
Food is very important in that equation.

No. 378922


yeah, it's possible. but i think people like her should talk to a therapist to work out this issues because it's all in her head. i'm sure we're familiar with boogie2988, fat dude who just got a chunk of his stomach(?) removed to help him lose weight because he's morbidly obese. a lot of people have told him to go vegan/keto/paleo/low calorie/liquid/other fad diet and it hasn't worked because his eating disorder is all in his head. obviously pear is waaaaaay better off than he is, but she needs to sort out her psychological issues before they plague her for the rest of her life.

and i don't think she needs to lose 5 pounds in fat or anything. she looks like she's in the middle of the healthy BMI range. but she is an apple body type so her waist to height ratio is pretty important. although she looks healthy, and is relatively tall so i doubt its an issue. it's just something that apple shaped people have to worry about in the future.


No. 378951

lmaooo. she's literally becoming kalel at this rate. with all her personality changes, using men, faking mental illnesses, having no direction in life except for being in relationships and whining, being a (hypocritical) hoe, and now gOinGg vEgAn gUiiiZee!, those two could be bffs.

No. 378961

File: 1503614863351.jpg (41.14 KB, 478x599, 0aca76981e3f3e7e5552314176e929…)

If she REALLY thinks she can get Joji, she's delusional. This was the last girl he was linked with.

No. 378967

Wait, how is this even known? Genuinely curious. Joji's love/sex life is pretty much 100% hidden for all I know.

No. 378985

No. 378994

File: 1503616475098.png (501.76 KB, 913x554, laurenjoji.png)

Just in case she deletes it.

No. 379013

Not a kalel stan, and while I agree with the personality disorder issues, kalel is an ethical vegan and has been for over five years… pretty sure she's not just doing it for male attention. Lol

No. 379025

never said it was for male attention. i said she uses men, and that's not even debatable.

kalel is hardly an ethical vegan. that's what she presents, but she just jumped on the bandwagon when it suited her. i actually used to be a fan of hers in like 2009, when she was just becoming Kalel Cullen. i very clearly remember her old videos (like christmas hauls where she got leather bags/fur boots) where she talked about fur being okay and how she liked leather (mocking animal activists) and, when she tried her hand at being a hardcore beauty guru, used animal-tested brands because "it didn't matter" and she liked the makeup. hell, i think one of the examples is still out there. she did a shower routine video, and talked about herbal essences, and how she didn't give a fuck about them testing on animals because their stuff smelled good.

she got tons of flak for not acknowledging she was using products from companies that tested on animals (because this was when being cruelty-free really hit people and people went all-out with their pitchforks), so she made it a thing to point it out in every video where she could get ~hate~ that she didn't care. then she realized, "fuck, i'm way too late on this bandwagon," got kabuki and became a ~cruelty-free, ethical vegan goddess~. point is, she changes skins as easily as anisa. is she more dedicated to wearing hers? maybe. but it doesn't change that they're very similar.

No. 379029

File: 1503619269851.png (121.61 KB, 750x901, IMG_3819.PNG)

Gotta love how she has to talk about "her boyfriend" every five seconds, and gotta aboslutely love when shoe0nhead ignores her.

No. 379031

Ohhh, so that's the girl on the rooftop photo in his Insta LMAO

Well, what can I say… she is beautiful as fuck and draws really well. Unlike Anisa.

No. 379033

Ian had that haircut before and (like all of Anisa's haircuts) emphasized his big head/forehead. Kek why are they picking hairstyles for one another??

No. 379035

she is really pretty and talented, definitely george's equal. only creepy thing is she's like 18/19. not sure if she was maybe even 17 in the joji pictures. he's way too old and too much of a fuckboy to be with girls that young, no matter how attractive and ~charming~ he is. it's just nasty imo.

No. 379039

Exactly, I kinda hate that haircut already (plus: it's been super common for the last few years, it's literally nothing special, why are they so in love with it?), but on Ian it looks especially bad, WTF?

No. 379042

because it's edgy nazi hair omg

never mind that it -has- been the standard male haircut for like, at least three years now. so annoying.

No. 379044

Referring to cancer crew at vidcon era

No. 379050

If it's true, Ian's going to look like an upside down pear, and anisa accentuated her pear face with her hair cut. Are they deliberately trying to look like shit?

No. 379053

That means he's probably around 5 years older than her. It's not that creepy, in my opinion; there's much worse. And I don't think he can be considered a creepy or disgusting guy tbh. But yeah, if she was 17, there was probably still some naivety from her part.

No. 379055

>because it's edgy nazi hair omg
LMAO for real. We already know Shoe is especially in love with that kinda stuff.

No. 379058

he was born in '92. i think she was born in '99? that's a 7 year difference. very creepy considering he seems very predatory for lack of a better word, and she really does seem pretty naive. she was in that japanese house show and it showed how childish she really was. if they met last year, she was 17. age differences once you hit 19/20 aren't a big deal, but when you've got a 17 year old girl and a 24/25 year old guy who proudly uses women, it's creepy.

No. 379059

Yeah and I bet she ate animal products before she was vegan TOO. Go figure?!
Don't be a moron. She is very much so an ethical vegan NOW… a materialistic, homie hopping, attention whore yes, but also an ethical vegan who does NOT buy leather products or even use non-vegan makeup lol. Do some research before you make an idiotic comparison.

No. 379068

I don't want to suck Joji's dick, but c'mon. "he seems very predatory"? "a 24/25 year old guy who proudly uses women"? That's just speculation and doesn't even seem to be the case. The most "predatory" we've seen about him was him casually talking to a girl on a maxmoefoetwo Vidcon vlog.

No. 379072

File: 1503621843770.jpeg (244.35 KB, 1242x1028, 1503621723438.jpeg)

Yes! Shaved sides, Anisa, you made him do it! It was so scary for him too I bet, he's never done it before and it's not at all the most basic male haircut available!

No. 379079

>Ohhh, so that's the girl on the rooftop photo in his Insta LMAO

Link pls?

No. 379082

I feel bad for the poor mod on her subreddit. Hes trying. He must be one of the sad/lonely twitch guys that used to watch her boobiestream and fell in love.

Which one of you farmers is u/42069mynamejeff ? They've made half the posts on that subreddit and they're all insulting anisa lmao

No. 379083

Calling them out kek I'm dead

No. 379086


Everyone knows the rule is half your age plus 7 years.

No. 379097

This is stupid tbh, but ayy, Joji broke the rule dating a 17 year old then.

No. 379121

File: 1503625479914.png (108.89 KB, 750x695, IMG_3829.PNG)

Still with the modelling story, smh. Also, again she was lurking here so she decided she was in "a strict diet" not crash dieting. The girl asked her if it was a good way of losing weight, and of course Pear didn't reply, it'd be too obvious to admit that she's trying to go "cool anorexic".

No. 379125


Actually, maybe YOU should. The obsessed hate-watchers on GG pointed out how several times this year even she has used products that aren't vegan. Most of the time she deletes comments pertaining to it and the video disappears, as per her usual.

No. 379127

i agree. it was inappropriate for him to be dating her or having a fling. they are way out of each others age ranges especially during such young ages where teens are naive and people in their 20s have a little bit more knowledge. he's gross for that.

No. 379128

Is there any proof that he even had any sort of relationship with her besides friendship tho?

No. 379130

not really. we're all just kind of speculating.

No. 379138

>during my fitness modeling days
She is literally delusional if she believed she was 'fitness model' level back then. The same person who claims to have had BDD has a huge enough to believe that. Amazing.

No. 379142

huge enough ego*

No. 379146

Where are these famous modeling pictures? Never seen any proof

No. 379152

File: 1503628075649.png (55.94 KB, 640x629, IMG_5725.PNG)

Does this count?? Lolololol

No. 379160

this, plus another pic she posted a little while ago on her twitter, are the only "proof" we have of a modeling career. The pic she posted was a headshot too so idk about any "fitness modeling".

No. 379171

omg, why would she push only one boob? it looks so weird to only have one boob.

long hair did make her face look better tho

No. 379173

she also looks better with those brows.

No. 379176

someone should put a pear over her face.

No. 379192

Btw, yes this pic was just as blurry on her Instagram

No. 379198

File: 1503632386713.jpg (442.45 KB, 750x1124, IMG_6138.JPG)

No. 379202

is it really insulting? seems like idubbbz fanboy humor

No. 379207

anisa has a tattoo? of course it's some basic bitch bird on a branch shit.

No. 379211

It was mentioned in a previous thread but she said it was to symbolize 2 relatives that died or some shit. I wouldn't put it past her to just regret the tattoo so she made up some story to justify its fuckery. Bet you you can ask her next month and she'll say something like "it symbolizes strength cause I have an eating disorder"

No. 379215

the placement of the tattoo seems so awkward. like she didn't want it to be a tramp stamp so she moved it over a couple inches.

also her boobs in >>379152 kill me every time

No. 379217

Or "omg guys this is so hard for me to talk about, it was a reward to myself when I reached my goal weight :((("

No. 379235

this also he use to be with lauren (aka lala) she is a very decent girl, she is a model, an artist and a very down to earth chick (theres not much information and the information that was probably available is probably now deleted). I dont think they are dating anymore tho mostly because of their schedules and also because lets be real joji is a big fuccboi and lauren seems to be career driven herself. remember how he got at the boiler room super waisted. Anisa is quite delusional if she thinks Joji will ever give her the light of day, he has made fun of her multiple times in tweets. you know "she so nice by pink guy" reminds me of anisa (she wishes that song would have been about her). but yeah ladies lets see what anisa does next to get to joji's golden D. she already fucked up her eyebrows and hair. I bet she is just going vegan to look like a skinny asian girl.

No. 379284

File: 1503640922920.png (185.42 KB, 585x598, IMG_6983.png)

Commenting on others being unoriginal. Ok Anisa.

No. 379287

It bothers me a lot that she pretends to be "poiltically informed because my dad is a lawyer" (that's like saying you know about creating content because Ian is a youtuber) and always having to say that she's "leaning to the left" when she's not even American (canadian left and american left are not the same, idiot), and because she clearly loves Trump.

Also, it's dumb that she's making fun of these anti-trump people when she herself repeats that same "message" every single time "the left and the right are the same thing and they're both evil" but then she's all on ChrisRayGun's Twitter Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V "IM LEANING TO THE LEFT" "ITS DUMB TO CALL ME A NAZI" "IM ACTUALLY ETHNIC NOT WHITE"…

Stop trying to join the edgelord scene, Anisa, stay on your strict diet videos. Remember what your viewers always say: Nobody's watching because they care about your opinion, they're here for you to show your bra.

No. 379290

Does anybody here know if it's true Anisa was a lesbian when she was younger?

No. 379292

No. 379295

Also, funny how she's defending Trump when she herself is in trouble for immigration issues. How in denial can someone be?

No. 379300

If it's keeping people like Anisa out, good. :^)

No. 379352

>im a somewhat thin white girl, that makes me a fitness model

Again, the fact that she has the audacity to call herself one, if any of you have seen real fitness you know what I am talking about. Your arms, butt, mid section has to be completely toned. Its not about looking skinny or attractive(even though most certainly are, unlike Anisa), then they would just be regular models.

I think the reason why this pisses me off is she thinks she knows how hard being a fitness model is for food (which she call dieting ugh) and workout routines when she has no idea.

No. 379358

Dod anyone else notice how she said how she took a nutriton course. She said she didnt know everything but she has a good start.
Okay, but in her workout videos she claims to be some nutrional goddess.
Make up your mind, you inclusive cunt.
One day they're all going to realize shes lying trash and they will turn against her.

No. 379370

The only reason, aside from wanting milk, that anyone follows her boring shit is because the fall under one of two categories: 1. sad, lonely neckbeards waiting for the old """sexy""" camwhore Anisa to reappear, or 2. ten year old Ian-stans who only care about her because she's dating Ian. The neckbeards will tire of her eventually, especially as time goes on and she gets uglier and uglier, and the Ian-stans will stop giving a fuck about her once her n Ian break up. In the meantime, anyone who falls under those two categories have trained themselves to not notice her bullshitting habitually, hilariously.

No. 379461

>>379198 What the fuck she actually used the hashtag camerawhore? Truly pathetic. And she can totally call herself a fitness model because she posted pics with #fitness on insta!

No. 379479

stay classy anisa

No. 379481

>"hey guys many have asked why i dont drink"
but she drank a couple of beers when she was on stream??? haha is she really that retarded?

No. 379484

hey let me tell the whole world about when I got drunk and my friend shit all over me

why the FUCK would you tell that story to the internet??? bitch has gone full tana!

No. 379516


i hate her editing style so goddamn much. the sound effects and random pictures bouncing across the video aren't going to fool people into thinking you make quality content, anisa

No. 379538

nice try, but she's not white. do you want to take a breather or…

No. 379551

Why is she blaming the alcohol when this is just a case of her and her friends being retarded.

No. 379591

She's trying so hard to hide her past by "talking about it" but again here she is picking some "controversial story" playing victim, blaming alcohol, blaming her friends, etc.

Anisa, dear, it's not the "wild side" that people don't like, it's the horrible person you are that nobody likes and then you go and make this a public story which just paints you in a more repulsive way. Go get mental help, bitch, stop telling these shameful things to your 10 year old viewers.

PS: confirmed bi slut in video, explains why she talked shit about bisexuals before.

No. 379609

please. she's only half Arab and ahe's clearly white passing.

No. 379611

i dont understand this. she has said in past streams she hates trump and his presidency is stressful for her but now shes defending him?
she doing that meme that chris and his "rational" yt-er posse do where theyre constantly defending alt right fags and neo nazis cause free speech (because both groups vehemently hate sjws) even though the "rational" fags are left leaning.
shes basically trying to appeal more to chris with "i'm so rational and open minded" shit

No. 379657

File: 1503698541459.png (69.22 KB, 1043x283, Screenshot 2017-01-29 23.07.09…)

Whether or not she's white passing is debatable but it doesn't help that she obfuscates it herself when she posts shit like pic related one minute and then straight up says "I'm white" other times.

No. 379665

what a dumb bitch. her mom is as white as a person can be. and i'm like 99% certain she's talked about celebrating christmas in past streams? why does she have to lie so much?

lmao, i wonder… this was a few months into her dating ian… ian was obsessed with superwoman - who's super proud of her heritage and culture - when she met him. anisa's shown that superwoman's still a store spot for her by sperging out about her at the mere mention of the girl. i wouldn't be surprised if anisa being all 'PROUD MUSLIM' had been her trying to imitate superwoman's pride and appeal to ian's brown chick fetish.

No. 379672

she's hit a new low. I guess she decided she was a storytime channel.

It sounds to me like she's throwing that katie girl under the bus. I wonder if "katie the crazy cat lady" knows about this video?

No. 379693

Yes, exactly this. Also she has compared herself to spanish/italian girls, even saying she is proud of that because Marzia is italian and she's super hot.

Be proud of being white passing but don't play the ethnic/religion card just to get sympathy/excuse yourself for racist remarks.

Obviously "katie" doesn't know bc it's either a fake story or she thinks Katie wouldn't find her youtube channel (she's doing the jake paul "victim of bullying/peer pressure" act before Katie/Anita/Zoie/Sky/all these people she has called out respond to her outing her as being the bully/lesbian/biphobic/shit person she is). I hope these people respond to her, I can't wait for her to get called out on her lies, she feels so safe behind her camera persona.

No. 379699

Don't care too much about this. Many half white people switch between playing the minority card and embracing their white passing. Most people are less obvious but still. This is not a thing that only Anisa does. Many half white people engage in this behavior.

No. 379736

Just because there's a lot of people who do it doesn't mean it's okay. Anisa does it a lot when it's convenient for engaging with her audience. She wants the "white edgy views" but some other times she only wants the "minority views". The fact that she chooses when to be white/conservative/bully and when to be arab/muslim/victim just shows what a hypocrite she is, and as many sjws have already pointed out: dumb privileged white girl.

Also it's pretty lame of her to dare say she's a proud arab/muslim when she has stated she was always ashamed of being arab and that she left her religion years ago. So again, that she now uses it for views or to just temporarily join these ethnic/religious groups to justify her hate tweets is quite pathetic and disgusting.

No. 379740

File: 1503705344430.png (101.63 KB, 750x788, IMG_3858.PNG)

Let's talk about her awful photoshop skills to make her hair look "better" and skinny out her huge manly shoulders + arms.

If you were going to photoshop yourself why even leave that dirty face like that?

No. 379753

File: 1503706115667.png (66.68 KB, 750x416, IMG_3859.PNG)

Aw, our cow couple made it into the gif banner.

No. 379755

File: 1503706240222.png (975.57 KB, 1440x1080, 8M0psDt.png)

kek!! omg the edges hahahaha it looks like a magazine cutout holy shit!!! wtfff omg the browws girl the brows I guess anisa is back to block brows maybe anisa is rock lee lost sister hahah block pearlee gosh she is beyond help at this point, ladies we are reaching the point of no return here

No. 379773

she's finally famous :')

No. 379799

Don't compare Rock Lee to pear. He's way cuter than her.

No. 379807

I can't screenshot right now but that ugly dog painting Anisa made appears in Ian's new video at 5:46, he puts in one of the squirrel traps as a joke. I think this was made back when she first went back to Canada? kek, didn't she make the painting for him as a gift? guess he knew it was trash

No. 379853

File: 1503714618572.png (70 KB, 719x706, IMG_0635.PNG)

It's funny how the oh so judgemental Idubbbz stans make fun of the dog painting without even knowing that Anisa is behind it. Proves that she is bad at art even to a blind eye.

No. 379855

lmaooo, dead.
>some furry dog cancer

No. 379894

Yall i really doubt shes supporting Trump now. Shes just trying to make it seem like no one but her dumbass has creativity. Stop reaching fpr shit that isnt there. She has so much more shit about her thats garbage, like, everything else.

No. 379922

No one said she "supported" him that would make no sense since she's canadian, instead it was that she publicly loved/defended him; doing that makes her a garbage person since we know she only does it to fit in bc as someone stated before she has complained of how "scary" the situation is with Trump right now (immigration, tension between political parties, racism, islamophobia, etc.) and because we know she only tweets stuff like this for Chris' dick. I get what you mean on the reaching thing but it's just one of the many hypocrite things she says on twitter and talks very differently about on stream. It is weird that she complains about being affected by Trump vs. "stop making jokes about Trump - Trump is 100% freedom of speech, Trump isn't responsible for the racist issues - Trump hates muslims"

No. 379941

She's on stream at the moment. Even her views on twitch have dropped a lot.

No. 379943

File: 1503722268749.png (336.88 KB, 906x520, IMG_7532.png)

No. 379954

is this supposed to be jake paul? is she jumping on that bandwagon (very late) too?

No. 379966

I doubt it even has anything to do with trump. Just the lavk of originality in the hashtag shit people post. The only issue really is how shes a hypocrite. You cant say there is a lack of originality when everything she does is just a rip off of people shes mocked.

No. 379967

Lmao she looks like the ugliest trap.

No. 379968

OMG. WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED TO HER FACE??? she looks super bloated and puffy, like a whole different person. is she legit pregnant or some shit or did she just eat a lot of sodium shit food?

No. 379971

I genuinely think she looks kinda cute in this stream, without the tons of poorly-applied makeup.

she usually wears heavy and poorly placed contour/blush and it makes her whole face look really different. I'm pretty sure she's not bloated or anything she just has a round face naturally.

No. 379984

File: 1503727844776.png (156.13 KB, 279x251, wtf.png)

did she just give up

No. 379994

Wow, how to fuck up your stream's follower count in one easy step

No. 379995

She's talking to Chris about how he can't get his passport sorted, and he won't "get into it right now." He's totally trying to make a shitty excuse to not come see her. Don't blame him.

No. 379997

I bet laci told him to stay away from anusa here. also can't blame him he seems to be in a happy relationship with someone who had different views than him and decided to see more in him than his shitty edgelord self. she also wasn't being edgy to appeal to him, she was being genuine unlike bukake pear here. she looks like she is crying haha I wonder why? probably all her failed attempts to get joji are finally getting to her

No. 379999

holy shit. is this rock-bottom?

No. 380007

She's one of those people who don't realise that wearing heavy make-up on a daily basis means that, on the day that you for some reason decide to not wear make-up, you look comparatively super ugly to the people who got used to seeing your face painted all of the time.

No. 380019

File: 1503734316503.png (361.61 KB, 1236x663, idiot anisa.png)

Stupid bitch got owned by her own follower. Bet she quickly googled everything that was referenced to not look like an idiot but it was too late.

No. 380020

She's probably taking a whole bunch of birth control pills and eating a bunch of shit because she's vegan that's why she looks so bloated. But not to worry she's a professional on these topics, she'll just get on a "strict diet for fitness models".

No. 380027

File: 1503737590465.png (143.55 KB, 750x1083, IMG_3900.PNG)

Laci and Chris rave about avocados and guacamoles → Anisa brags about eating "quac"

No. 380032

ok what the fuck was that follower on about though, who gives a fuck what his picture represents. figures Anisa's fanbase would be full of people like this.

No. 380033

that just looks like smashed avo, not guacamole

comments on her new video are good. lots of comments on her shit haicut, another saying it's become a basic bitch channel rofl.

that haircut is honest to god horrendous and i love it.

No. 380048

yeah too bad she got herself into his trap, don't want to sound too triggered but it's so typical… He probably asks girls who wear band T-shirt to name the fourth song on the 3rd album, too

No. 380049

That sad face emoji. She makes it seem like she's being forced to be vegan or something. ~Poor me guys, I'm eating vegan food, feel bad for me~

No. 380071

this. i personally love that her fanbase is full of nasty little spergs who highkey hate her because she's a girl but still want to see her tits and put her in ~pigtails~ lmao. dudes like that are so fucking creepy.

what was the guy even trying to say? he's also a batman actor? he's a kindred spirit with dead people? why even entertain people like that anisa.

that sounds like a fucking evil dinosaur in a children's show. why

No. 380073

that looks like shit. she just mashed up some avocado with a fork. maybe she added some lime juice or something but that's deffo not guac.

No. 380082

tbh she has really nice natural brows… she doesn't even need to fill them in…

No. 380119

Exactly!!! Also, she needs to stop wearing such heavy make up. It Makes her look older and sweaty. I think she looks better with out so much shit.

No. 380131

"Doing art" that triggers me. Why can't she say "drawing", "doodling"… TRACING!

No. 380153

Oh my god. This stream!!! She said she's always on relationships because she doesnt like to be alone! Also, Ian asked to be his girlfriend before they even kiss (That's so pure) Now i feel kinda bad for him :(

No. 380156

imagine being a virginal sperg and having all your firsts wasted on a sloppy hoe. i feel bad for the dude too.

No. 380161

heres a vid of the stream, where she talks about how horrible it is to be vegan and how she is all starving herself.

No. 380163

>is vegan for one hour and 10 minutes

No. 380167

lmao @ her opening the stream by whining about being so poor she can't afford to eat and has to starve herself and hasn't had food in 4 days. what a coincidence that it was her most lucrative stream in a long time. by my count, she made at least $150-$175 last night in donations (i think her top donor was $75? and there were other people tossing $15-$20 at her randomly). considering she's making $0 from youtube, and on previous streams, she was lucky to get a few $5 donations, that's an accomplishment for her.

i'd say she knows what she's doing, but all she's doing is whining and getting the sympathy of sad little neckbeards.

No. 380177

Kinda getting Yumi King vibes from this pic

No. 380180

>when I have anxiety I sit in the shower
Does she literally sit there?? We see greasenisa too often for that to be true

No. 380182

Holy shit she is so dumb. She's too poor to buy rice, beans, pasta etc. but got tofurky? It's not that hard to be on a vegan diet but of course she'll just eat avocados for every meal and whine about how shitty she feels while she starves herself.

No. 380185

well, her goal WAS to look asian, so mission accomplished?

although she wanted to attract joji by doing it, not wrinkly old white men like yumi's fiance/husband/daddy/whatever.

No. 380186

to be fair, she only said she sat there. she never said water was involved.

No. 380189

How did you blow through all those groceries in 4 days?? Also, pro tip: buy veggies not stupid fake meats. What a fucking dumbass.

No. 380190

she must be avoiding carbs too and without proteins like beans, of course she must feel hungry! Dumbass!

No. 380193

she was a fitness model and a nutrition/biology/physical therapy/childhood psych/gym/dance/biomechanics minor, guys. she knows what she's doing.

No. 380196

>she says eating a cold tofu wiener is gross
bitch have you ever eaten a cold real wiener, that shits gross two!

No. 380207

omg you don't work just go to store buy vegetables and make a stew you got the time, and buying lettuce, corn, potatoes, and beans is cheaper then avocados. I also hate how she is in this echo chamber of idiots that don't give her advice and just complement her.

No. 380299

File: 1503774006266.png (87.23 KB, 748x726, IMG_3903.PNG)

Jesus, first she's all "quac" and then she's making fun of "millennials". She really is that dumb.

No. 380307

File: 1503774326348.png (838.06 KB, 940x600, sasa.png)

I thought she liked it?

No. 380316

lol. she's such a fucking hypocrite. her brain must be tired working on overtime with all the changing of opinions it has to deal with daily

No. 380318

File: 1503774606461.png (54.01 KB, 750x422, IMG_3904.PNG)

Didn't she say she would never use racial slurs even if she doesn't think they're offensive bc context is key? But I guess it's okay in a "fUnnY anIsa JoKe :^)" context?

No. 380339

>the nibba meme
Is she a 15 year old boy? Because that would explain so much.

No. 380359

its probably dat vegan diet that is getting to her brain, her body isn't getting the enough nutrients for her squirrel brain to function properly.

No. 380376

she's currently describing being roofied and kidnapped by these two arab guys who apparently knew her family and one of them wanted to marry her. She also described the attempted rape of her friend which was apparently stopped by the girl having her period and how her cousins have human trafficking connections.

No. 380382

File: 1503780238326.png (95.76 KB, 750x802, IMG_3926.PNG)

Why would she even share that? Also, what's up with the 100% victim lies AGAIN? Anisa struggles so hard to make her life "interesting" but she sucks at it, she only likes to make up this big horrible stories to have an excuse to wallow and beg for money. She needs to be in a mental hospital, for real.

PS: saggy nasty lying ho

No. 380384

WHY is her neck so thicc? omg. it looks like someone shooped a man's neck and face onto a girl's body. is there something congenitally wrong with her?

No. 380385

pls cap it anon we need all those receipts

No. 380386

From all the work it takes to balance that huge pear head since day 1

No. 380391

>"My mom is very critical, and she likes the bangs"

She's wrong.

No. 380417

Obviously not that critical if she likes the bangs, clothes, or boyfriend.

No. 380429

It was established that her mom is her biggest hater, so her liking it means nothing.
Maureen is fucked in the head, maybe she was the one who started Anisa threads in the first place.

No. 380430

Yesterday in the stream she said that she used to hang out with this dude and he took her someplace with his friends and that bad shit that she didn't want to talk about happened, she was heavily implying she was raped. Idk if some kind anon saved it

No. 380440

She has struggle with anything you can imagine! Someday she's going to say that she has skin picking, breast cancer, has suffer racism, human trafficking, she's missing a lung because she had to sell it cause they were oh so poor when she was growing up!
Chill, Anisa. Be glad with what you have, you don't need to create these lies to look like you are interesting. If you want people to believe that put some effort on your work! on your own life!

No. 380442

File: 1503787859173.png (160.7 KB, 750x1105, IMG_3949.PNG)

Hahaha predictable Pear, using excuses to take naked mirror selfies. What a pathetic closet slut.

No. 380446

>i'm not bloated anymore guys, but i'm """worried""" about my weight :(((
>is clearly sucking in stomach as much as she can

No. 380449

>I'm concerned about me weight );

This is so typical. I swear every cow goes through this stage.

No. 380454

First of all she is sucking her fat, second of all she can't even write, and lastly why is she always trying to look like a victim? She was the one who decided to start the diet, no one forced her? Bitch is fucked up.

No. 380458


You can suck in your fat as much as you want but we can still see that fat neck.

No. 380465

you can actually see the deepened neck fat fold she caused by her pushing her head back so far to project her chest and suck in her stomach fat lmao

No. 380469

here you go ladies! sorry for the shitty audio my computer was being shitty last night when this thing was being uploaded on youtube.

No. 380477

Around 7:10, Anisa says that Maureen tried to set Anisa up with Chris Ray Gunn. I knew it, the way Maureen acts with him on twitter is telling.

No. 380489

ian is so much more innocent than her. at the end there, her and chris basically mocked ian for formally asking anisa to be his gf and doing it before they'd even kissed. it's sad.

No. 380508

Oh god look at her Instagram.

No. 380511

File: 1503798583357.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8444.PNG)

lmaooo. I'm fucking dead. Anisa's so k a w a i i, guys. :)))

No. 380512

Oh my god girl what are you doing to yourself

No. 380514


No. 380515

S U G O I ! ! !

She look so totally natural here! Is she half japanese!?

No. 380516

this bitch has a new personality every day. seek therapy hun

No. 380517

circle lenses or part of the filter? kek because we all saw what her new persona would be as soon as she got that goddamn haircut. this is going to be one milky ride, ladies.

No. 380518

It's quite ridiculous to use that many filters and then fool your viewers with that horrible real face on stream.

No. 380520

Funny how a beautifying filter couldn't fix her skin. Usually it's the first thing that improves with a filter. Nasty skin.

No. 380521

she doesn't wash her face or remove her makeup. gurl's got layers and layers of dead skin sitting on top of everything. i bet if she exfoliated even once, her skin would pill up like in those horrendous youtube videos.

No. 380523

I actually think if she smoothed out the top of her hair and threw on a little bit of makeup she would look decent. her haircut is horrendous down, but I kinda like how it looks up

No. 380536

girl you're built like a linebacker, you'll never be a cute asian girl. pls get help

No. 380537

it's horrible that she always makes fun with Chris about Ian for being a "virgin" and being "pure". That and the constant talking shit or wanting to know shit about Laci through Chris says a lot about what kind of girlfriend Anisa is.

No. 380544

IMO it's weird to reveal stuff like that about your boyfriend to your male friends/audience but she didn't really mock him tbh, she said she thought it was sweet. I could tell Chris thought it was lame though, especially when he said he'd only said that kind of thing to a girl when he was in high school.

No. 380545

She shouldn't have said that about him. I find it adorable but it's something too personal.

No. 380548

Not that anon, but she -said- it was sweet. In a way a person says puppies are cute or babies are precious. When Chris was saying shit about it being highschool, you could see Anisa wavering on what she'd said about Ian, and then not even bothering to defend her him. Idk what kind of friendship Anisa and Chris have if they both poke fun at each others' S/Os without even getting a little upset about it. Anisa sidetracked the whole thing into telling her hoe stories about "letting" guys do what they want when they misunderstood their friendship, but as soon as Chris said it was highschool, Anisa turned the 'Ian switch' off imo.

No. 380555

Yeah, she didn't mock him but she first said it was sweet and then started to laugh about it with Chris (because everything Chris says is suddenly her same opinion). Still, she shouldn't have mentioned that because now all Ian's stans will start talking to him to see if they start dating after only three weeks of talking.

No. 380561

File: 1503802124738.png (101.21 KB, 642x540, sketch-1503802077428.png)

That can't even be considered "confronting" for fuck's sake. Extra kek, look at the angry comments on that tweet.

Anisa really is trying to jump on that edgy alt-right bandwagon with Chris

No. 380564

Yeah, that shit she keeps retweeting and talking about on stream is not going to look good if she's trying to get that visa.

It's even dumber because all her social media accounts has her real name now (should've stayed with raihnbowtitz, dummy), so it's really easy for the US immigration to find her dumb and radical opinions everywhere.

No. 380594

File: 1503806141338.png (64.94 KB, 640x610, IMG_5733.PNG)

She's got the Asian fever. What a fucking joke.

No. 380596

it's more-so the joji fever. she's been obsessed with him for a very very long time.

No. 380688


what is even the source for this? it gets mentioned all the time but she cant want his dick any more than some of the thirsty girls who keep bringing him up here

No. 380695

check the last threads, there was a stream (back when she was rainbowshit) she said she wanted to have a one night stand with joji. She always mentions him whenever she gets the chance. here it was said that joji liked asian girls and anisa right away tried to look like kawaii asian girl to impress joji. she use to say that she was gonna meet him because Ian was gonna collab with him but that shit never happened.

No. 380709

File: 1503827246529.png (249.72 KB, 1242x1707, 1478531159871.png)

Just clarifying that yeah she created an account to ask herself the Akaadian gf thing on her IG since he clearly hates her since she started cheating on him with Idubbbz.

Crazy bitch.

No. 380718

>cheated on him with an autistic virgin because he was pulling more fame and money
>being a fame hungry slut
>wishes him well after all that shit happened
She basically expected a pat in the back after she basically shits on him and is surprised why he is acting this way towards her, pear really lacks common sense and empathy. what an evil bitch.

No. 380863

File: 1503851393183.png (326.47 KB, 850x400, vegananisa.png)

No. 380864

Apparently Ian's going on the h3 podast again in a month. Good because Anisa is officially not gonna be there

No. 380866


are you guys out of the loop? she's just making fun of the australian millionaire who said that millenials wouldn't struggle with buying houses if they didn't spend their money on avocado toast

No. 380872

she is giving some venus angelic vibes here

No. 380878

Where is she saying that?

No. 380883

She clearly changed her style from lazy psychotic gf to "kawaii" to look less crazy and slutty. But she's still psychotic and slutty, also, no matter how many "pure" filters and photoshop lame skills, she stills has a lazy eye and disgusting skin.

No. 380891


Ew, I never thought Anisa was a looker but wtf happened

No. 380918


it's all over the internet. you're stupid if you think that she's not referencing what is already an overused meme at this point.

No. 380922

LOL, this bitch trying to lose weight everywhere except her tits. Gurl, you white, stop padding that shit, it makes you look retarded.

No. 380927

I think it's really stupid for you to come in here, Anisa.

No. 381019

does it matter? it wasn't funny.

No. 381022

File: 1503863349976.jpg (663.46 KB, 1068x1355, Screenshot_20170827-154655.jpg)

No. 381023

HOLY FUCK that balding

No. 381025

File: 1503863636705.jpg (812.15 KB, 1040x1560, Screenshot_20170827-154714.jpg)

Lmao at how much stress she's putting on her foot to make it look like she has an ass and toned legs.
Lmao at her chunky arms.
Lmao at her "being healthy" when she always says she doesnt eat barely at all. Shes such trash.
I'm really starting to believe her fans are either retarded or live in denial about her because they want Ian.
Shes going to end up in the hospital and start posting sympathy selfies.

No. 381040

lol, "no makeup because it's the gym" but she only takes full mirror selfies at the gym, not even working out, she mustn't have full body mirrors at her "ghetto house".

Also, stop it with the ridiculous hairstyles that make her head look 100% deformed.

No. 381042

Why does she go to the gym without socks? Unhygienic even if she wasn't working out.

No. 381043

Her thighs, arms and full face say it all.

She looks like a typical white girl who has an average bmi and lives a stress free life. One would think you'd be happy with yourself but, nope Anisa needs all that fake pity attention because at the age of 24 a hard day is "driving her parents to the airport in the morning" and gasp eating vegan. So hard. Poor baby );

Also she needs to show off that shes in the gym for one day proves her lack of real activity.

>inb4 anons triggered for calling her white kek

No. 381046

wow it's like she has a neverending back.

No. 381050

File: 1503866306613.png (51.2 KB, 750x455, IMG_3981.PNG)

Says the girl who only dates "successful" and somewhat famous guys. She's trying so hard to brainwash her followers, I don't know if they notice the irony of her tweeting stuff like this without having anything to call her own and non-stop letting the world know "i'm idubbbz gf".

No. 381056

What happened to her ribs and hips pointing out because she's "lactose intolerant" and "vegan"??? She's got quite a belly there.

No. 381058

She's got that Suzy double chin

No. 381066

Considerin het neck fat roll, it's a triple chin.

No. 381080

I like how in the second photo she moves further away from the mirror so she looks slightly skinnier and she added weights to make it look like shes lifting when all she probably did there was 10 minutes of cardio.

No. 381085

>being remembered for her own success

What success? A titty streamer?

No. 381087

dont forget the diys, the fitness chronicles, her tana esque story times, and her vegan journey. she is also not like other gurlz guyz she is one of the boyz. lol Anisa, yes she will be remenbered… as a joke that is.

No. 381111

The vegan journey is the laziest idea she has come up with, she's just using the vegan tag to get into an "unexplored" and very prolific niche. Behind the videos, I'm sure she'll be piggying out and starving herself, going back and forth like this whole two years BUT on video she'll lie about how she feels better bc she's lactose intolerant, gluten sensitive, etc etc.

Just like today's gym selfies, veganism is just an image she's creating but the evidence points to using avocados/weights/female friends/mental health as props.

No. 381114

File: 1503871935339.png (83.22 KB, 640x588, IMG_5739.PNG)

No. 381117

so her ~biggest fear in life~ is being remembered online as idubbbzs girlfriend lol ok

No. 381119

> on twitter: I'm feeling really healthy!
> on instagram the day before: I'm barely eating and i'm concerned about my weight, I need more "meatier" things u guise!!

No. 381132

Anybody have a time stamp of Anisa saying Ian was going to be on the h3 podcast.

No. 381184

I don't think Anisa will ever really be happy with herself. Happiness is more than skin deep, and she of all people should know that because she's constantly trying to reinvent herself into becoming someone she likes/feels comfortable being. Getting a new hairstyle, going on a new diet, working out to change your body, yeah all of these can make you feel good but if you don't like yourself it's just going to be another thing eventually.

She seriously needs to cut the temporary stuff to feel good and truly accomplish something to actually improve her life and for once feel good about herself. She is so shallow and immature and it shows with these emotional band-aids she slaps on, hoping eventually one will work.

sage for armchair psychology, maybe it's all bullshit but these are the vibes she gives me

No. 381282

File: 1503890593010.png (462.69 KB, 1243x573, anisa fights.png)

She'll never be happy because she doesn't want to be happy, she only wants fame and money. Also, she judges herself a lot because that is how much she judges other people but she's terrified of the feedback which will lead to bad "reputation" which makes no sense because it seems like everything she publicizes herself makes her look pretty bad.

Remember how much she gave shit to these girls and many other ones too; criticized their bodies and their lifestyles and then when she got called out she played victim? But now, it's okay for her to be a slut, to show how to be anorexic, to 'change' her style, use people, and the list goes on and on. All of her younger fans should be careful listening to this evil hag using the feminism card when it's convenient for her nasty antics.

No. 381285

File: 1503890889157.png (219.12 KB, 685x354, 1479083048386.png)

Anisa, the I would never use my boyfriend's success for my own.
Anisa, the I'm not a slut unless it's a person who I can financially leech off.
Anisa, the I have such a long history of success by stealing and cheating boyfriends.

Also notice how Ian is saved as IDUBBBZ on her phone. Most sane people would never date a girl like this but I guess that's Ian's problem.

No. 381286

that's snapchat, "idubbbz" is his snapchat handle. If she saved his name in her contacts as "idubbbz" THAT would be weird lol.

No. 381291

wouldn't surprise me if she did though, she called Akaadian, Akaadian, soooo… I do think she always wants people to know "I'm dating this insert internet username, he is famous"

No. 381292

Pear is streaming again, supposedly editing, is anyone watching?

No. 381303

File: 1503892242914.png (308.53 KB, 730x433, jmjmj.png)

In what state of mind would you show people a video where you look like a downright tranny

No. 381304

>guise look i have SEX with IDUBBBZ, the famous youtuber, who does content cops,

No. 381305

File: 1503892603563.png (6.05 KB, 320x69, c.png)

Is that Maureen?

No. 381309

To the people that were wondering if she was kinky or good in bed for Ian to like her, apparently Ian only likes girls that kiss his ass and dress up as cops.

If Anisa-stan could do it, so can you!

No. 381328

I think she meant he would be dressed up as a cop, not her, while she blew him. What a gross mental image.

No. 381331

Pretty soon she's going to ask Ian if she can blow him while he's filming his bad unboxings.

No. 381332

>Ian burps to cover the slurps

No. 381378

if he connected his number to his snap, then his snap name would be whatever she set his contact name to

but if he didn't, why didn't she change it herself to his real name?

No. 381384

Anisa probably would say some shit like, "i just never got around to changing it."
Even though she made him change his instagram bio, how he responds to his old jokes to make her feel better, how "he never liked to spend money" and all of a sudden is spending lavish amounts on her because she cant get her shit together and admit her goal of becoming a big youtuber is just a pipe dream and all shes doing is draining the life and money out of everyone just to make a few "fans" haooy so they'll tell her she's a kawaii, skinny princess.

No. 381397

I dunno I never change anyone's name in my snapchat because it's not worth the time. The number thing is a good point though, I wouldn't be surprised if his name in her contact list is "idubbbz" lol.

I distinctly remember him saying, I think in his old ask.fm, that he likes to save money and thinks everyone else should, too. His soul must be destroyed realizing he fucked up and asked a money-sink to be his gf.

No. 381406

Well to be fair she looks like an alley hooker tranny ALL THE TIME (no offense to trannies out there) so there's really nothing new to that. What really bothers me is how stupid she is to think she can 1) edit while talking/trying to show off 2) to the only people that would be her possible views BUT now that they've seen the video before it being finished they will probably not even click on her sad tweet "Im not so proud of this video but i put my whole heart on it PLEASE LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE AND TELL ME IM PRETTY".

What a fucking dumb cunt.

No. 381708

Her new video wouldn't have been so horrible (considering she didn't even edit it and it's just another lazy content storytime) if she hadn't been lying at the end, you can totally see her body language showing where the story and her message is not her own. The eyes, the having to read what she's supposed to know by heart, the shaking and the super stiff upper body and hand gestures. Why she doesn't have better takes? Lazy 100%.

Also, I'm getting real tired of her self-diagnoses and her excuses to act like a child. "This one time I got uncomfortable in an uncomfortable situation so I have social anxiety". Anisa, seriously stop. You said it yourself, you're an adult.

No. 381713

She can fuck right off with this video. This bullshit angers me so much. "If you place yourself in a bunch of uncomfortable situations as a teen, your social anxiety will totally be all better! For example, when I was in Hawaii with my bf idubbbz and maxmoefoe…" Pear, please fuck off! That's not how REAL anxiety works! Pear, you've been to clubs, bars, and have a reputation of whoring around. And you want us to buy this shit your spewing in this video? Bitch, please.

No. 381721

Being a bit shy isn't the same as social anxiety Anisa fuck off. People with social anxiety don't typically do stuff like livestream their haircuts while chatting up the stylist about dog weiners (or livestream in public in general). Also I thought people were just being petty when they said her neck is huge but her traps are massive wtf.

I doubt she'd lie about a story that Max and Katt were directly involved in but I can imagine how fed up they'd be if she did lie lol.

No. 381728

Not to mention, the narrative in this video contradicts the previous one. She wanted so badly to go to drunken parties with a bunch of strangers, however, "I had social anxiety really bad in high school, guyssssss"

Keep those hypocrisies a-comin', Pear!

No. 381734

I don't think she'd dare lie about the whole story (including Max and Kat in the story makes it more realistic) but she definitely exaggerated many details like she always does.

What really bothers me is how this whole video is an excuse for herself, as in, "i don't need therapy, i just socialize and i'm okay!" And it's also an excuse to again bring up idubbbz but now she's calling him "my boyfriend". If she did have social anxiety she wouldn't have gone to this tour with a bunch of people, she wouldn't have gone to twitchcon or any other big social event. But again, Anisa thinks it's okay to talk about mental illnesses as if they were cool accesories to make money off of it on youtube.

She fucks up every single time.

No. 381745

File: 1503942964349.png (12.73 KB, 293x199, ig.png)

The neckbeards are leaving

No. 381751

They warned her, she didn't listen and she's still in denial with her excuses "Ian likes short hair", "my mom is very critical and she likes it", etc.

For someone that has to ask her followers and friends to make a decision, she messed up big time by not listening to them this particular time.

No. 381755

I wonder if that's the reason Kat's been adamant on showing that she's on her side. She feels pity for the anusa. And I seriously wonder how someone like her can handle doing live streams, being on display for hundreds, but can't muster out a few short words to a bus of 10 people.

No. 381759

What's up with the dumb fucking naruto hand signal. This bitch is trying so hard to be trendy and relevant. And the video is soooooo boring! Anus needs to cut the monotone bullshit. If you're not excited to make the video, no one is excited to watch. And maybe from sounding more bubbly and less like a man, people will stop criticizing her for acting like idubbbz.

No. 381782

I honestly am one of those people that can watch story times. Even the most ordinary sit down ones that have NOTHING to do with topics that would regularly interest me, I.e "Natural birth: my experience" or "My waterskiing accident" BUT I CANT FUCKING WATCH ANISA. SHE'S SO DAMN MILITANT AND MONOTONE. HOW IS IT THAT PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THEIR PRISON STORY OR THEIR MENTAL HOSPITAL EXPERIENCE CAN BE MORE ENTERTAINING THAN SHE CAN. IS HER VIDEO NOT INTENDED TO BE ENTERTAINING?
Sorry for blog post/sperg. These are serious questions people, is she trying to be funny? At all? Is this her best shot at being a story timer?

No. 381792

WTF did she ever show his response to these messages she sent? SHes so fucking dumb and cringe, how can he not see that?

No. 381796

I agree with this message, she should go back to what she is good at which is tit streaming. she shouldn't have shun out zoie and other tity ladies, they even gave her a chance to be a part of their crew and this bitch thought she was too good for that but yeah its all she is good for showing her pad tits even her mom called her out on the padded bra. Anisa should have stuck to what she was good for, which is showing her tits in camera.

Anisa I know you read this place heres a piece of advice for you,boo. go back to being a tit streamer its all youre good for. You DON'T have talent, charisma nor uniqueness. all your good for is to show those tits of yours. nobody cares about your opinions, Ian is only with you because you get his dick wet and because he is autistic piece of shit that doesnt know any better. Also try not to judge others for the SHIT THAT YOU DO AS WELL. if you're gonna be a slut by all means be a slut but dont call other girls out for it. you're not funny nor charming this is why chris decided to go for laci instead of leaving everything for you and if superwoman ever gave Ian a chance trust me honey he would drop your ass in a second.

No. 381799

It's because she has absolutely zero charisma, it doesn't matter if her story is incredibly interesting, it all boils down to how you tell it. And also because she tries so hard to be funny by shoving in random pics and cringy memes.

No. 381802

100% agree with this.
Also can we talk about how Ian and Anisa were so fucking critical of Tana Mongeau for being a storytime youtuber?!
And now Anisa is trying so hard to garner a similar platform.
Fuck say what you want about Tana, but at least she's GOOD at her job and has mastered the storytime genre.
Pear just doesn't measure up to what people are looking for when they come to a storytime video.

No. 381804

true, now that you mentioned superwoman, I saw a video of hers and she has such a cool personality, you can see why she has many subscribes also she is pretty humble about things. Anisa could learn a thing or two about her. if you notice she doesnt have a million AMAS like miss pear here, lol pear has a lot of AMA and she doesnt even have 100k subs remember how maxmofoe was making fun about it once. Anisa is a living joke even to her "friends" I bet hila and ethan only talk to anisa because of ian and because they feel bad for her.

No. 381806

The funniest part about her trying to hard to do story time is how terrible she was to Tana about it and claiming the video was her idea and helped Ian alot with it.
Also i dont hate in storytime youtubers, it's an easier niche to go for but you still have to have talking skills.
Legit the only thing anisa has is mentioning who her boyfriend it.

No. 381824

File: 1503951761517.png (689.11 KB, 581x602, Untitled.png)

So pure!

No. 381828

DID I MENTION THAT I DATE IDUBBBZ YET????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

No. 381830

File: 1503952067486.png (113.36 KB, 388x489, 3.png)

All of Anisa's life aspirations in a few sentences. Truly pathetic. And yet she failed at most of these things. Except being shat on. Lol

No. 381832

lol this really sounds like something anisa would say, where is this from. this is some next level cringe

No. 381836

some random post i came across on tumblr. It reminded me of pear. Only she would be proud of being this kind of girl.

No. 381839

I believe it's from Gone Girl.

No. 381846

Anisa is not self aware enough to ever say this.

No. 381848

she has said similar things like
"I am not like other girls"
"I am really just one of the boys"
"I dont have many female friends I mostly get along with boys because girls are so catty and evil"

No. 381849

she would never say it like that but she definitely brags about it, her whole instagram is about this, her twitter account is all about this and every single stream is about this, that is where she shows her true colors, meanwhile on youtube she lies and pretends to be this sweet 'i care about you' persona.

No. 381877

File: 1503955639002.png (215.35 KB, 624x265, 1503954526702.png)

That photoshop gets worse everyday. Hair cropping, cropping shoulders and arms AGAIN.

And then the eyes and the green edges, why the fuck? were you hiding your lazy eye and pyscho look? and also trying to hide the fact that you cropped your fat?

No. 381881

God. Imagine this banal succubus being your very first, long term girlfriend. Must be a truly scarring experience.

No. 381964

my first lt boyfriend was as manipulative and full of lies as anisa is. it was not fun

No. 382030

That sounds horrible, I'm sorry you had to go through that.

It's interesting to see Anisa complain about abusive, manipulative, aggressive, toxic and racist ex boyfriends when she is exactly that.

No. 382043

I can almost guarantee it's her projecting her own behavior onto them. Knew a dude who complained constantly about girls hurting them and from the stories he told I felt bad, but then it turned out HE was the toxic, manipulative creep with every girl he ever interacted with.

No. 382066

It is indeed from Gone Girl and the character who says it is a fucking psycho so take from that what you will lol (although for the record this character is admitting she is fake as hell, something Anuisance would never do).

No. 382096

Hahaha Anisa would say she was creating an interesting dichotomy with her fake personality.

No. 382124

File: 1503972987600.png (50.08 KB, 640x400, IMG_5753.PNG)

That is your job you dumb shit. You appease to the audience.

No. 382127

File: 1503973057252.png (49.63 KB, 640x508, IMG_5754.PNG)

Her "more my age" shirt. She looks fugly in this pic.

No. 382133

Just grow your hair out, Anisa.

No. 382141

Her face could quickly pass her as a man if she wanted to. Dayum

No. 382150

She looks like a fat girl trying to hide her weight.

No. 382152

File: 1503976547967.jpg (647.33 KB, 978x1233, Screenshot_20170828-231235.jpg)

Someone mentioned how she was putting stress on her leg to make it look like she has an ass so she took photos from the thigh up.
Are you trying to pretend to be thick?

No. 382153

File: 1503976680503.jpg (741.51 KB, 1072x1266, Screenshot_20170828-231256.jpg)

Or are you pretending to be skinny by popping your hips back and squeezing your thighs together to make it look like you have a thigh gap.
Your arms are still fat here, babe.

Lmao she hates herself more than we do.

No. 382154

File: 1503976770934.jpg (129.72 KB, 900x1200, DIW5qZkXoAERmPS.jpg)

again with the denim shorts

No. 382156

She's pulling her shorts so hard to create a thigh gap lmao

No. 382160

Its kind of weird she put on her stinky ass short shorts and went in her parents bedroom to take hoe selfies.
Lmao is she 14?

ALSO i think it's super funny that the only recent picture Ian has liked on her instagram is a picture of blitz. Hes tires of her hoe asa trying to loom fuckable to 13 year olds too.

No. 382161

Whose room is she in? The fuck lmao. Wouldn't be surprised if she were dumb enough to hook up with a guy who she cheated with and take selfies in his bedroom.

No. 382162

lmao @ her fangirl ass leaving the idubbbz sticker on her phone after she made a huge deal about how she ~wasn't supposed to have it and IDUBBBZ WOULD BE SO MAD~

No. 382164

LMAO this girl checks lolcow everyday, since it was mentioned here that "she doesn't have a full body mirror in her ghetto house". SHE'S BRAGGING ABOUT HAVING A MIRROR, OMG, KYS.

So much effort in showing off a mirror and a clean room but she can't change her uniform or her nasty personality. Priorities, people, fucking priorities.

No. 382166

her arms look fine, is this what people consider fat arms nowadays?

No. 382167

I bet she will make him like all her recent selfies now.

No. 382168

Why is she always trying to win us over? Just give up, Anisa. We think you are an ugly human being, be proud of that or get the fuck out.

No. 382170

Not fat as in obese, it's just the fact that she's squeezing them against her body to make herself look smaller and to make her boobs look bigger.

She also photoshops her body a lot so the main complaint isn't that she's obese, it's the fake body positivity she portrays in social media when really she hates her body and judges other chubby girls for looking like "whales".

No. 382177

Has anyone noticed she has been erasing videos both off her youtube and twitch? What is she hiding now?

No. 382185

i've noticed this too. a few of them are the ones where she outright says 'ian' instead of 'my boyfriend' like she does in her latest videos. might just be coincidence since she can't do anything without mentioning her famuz bf tho.

No. 382207

File: 1503982866622.jpg (47.7 KB, 800x602, 6687685.jpg)

What the fuck is this pose? Looks like she has to piss really bad.

I honestly have never felt this embarrassed for a cow before, but her bullshit is just too much.

No. 382210

Yeah, she's quite embarrassing, it's been like a year where she has been public because of her relationship and every single thing she has tried to do is just mistake after mistake. The fact that she's not a nice person, lies a lot and she has no charm only makes it worse.

No. 382248

I realize it's not obese, but there are so many things to judge her body over instead of just calling her normal sized arms fat, I just think people should hate on cows for what's actually there and not make up things about their body to hate

ex - she has wide shoulders and a weird neck/head ratio, so use that instead of calling her arms fat when they just look like normal arms

No. 382249

She's drawing on twitch at the moment. Anyone watching?

No. 382258

File: 1503988174390.png (1.53 MB, 1920x1080, greasy.png)

shes just being greasy and quiet

No. 382261

Oh wow, she truly is an artist.

There they are! those crazy psychotic eyes.

No. 382270

"it looks bad because i majored in traditional art!"

all these excuses mm boi

No. 382275

her streams are so boring and only 60 viewers is pretty telling. She gave up a somewhat successful streaming career for this? averaging 7k views on her youtube videos and 60-70 viewers on her live stream

No. 382283

She didn't major because she didn't even finish it, I wish she could just assume her college dropout lifestyle instead of just trying to seem "smart".

No. 382308

She's clearly classist based on how pissed she got when people """accused""" her of dating an electrician, probably why she's never actually referred to herself as a dropout or said that she dropped out of college, just that she went. Her parents and boyfriend are college educated and she's too insecure to admit that she wasn't up for it.

No. 382404

In proportion to her body, her arms are huge. We've seen her take pics from the side with her arm out and they were still fat. They're almost the size of her waist.

No. 382407

Around 52:30 she showed pics of the guy from her "bad boyfriend" story kek

No. 382414

Just watched, and wow, just when I thought Anisa couldn't be even shittier. She's just like, "hahaha, that's Darren, THE BAD BOYFRIEND"… Meanwhile, that guy she's showing is a pro sports player with a career and reputation of his own.

https://twitter.com/BBourret6 is his twitter.

I mean, we all know she's evil, but to post an ~exposing~ video about someone who has to worry about their own image, then show his pictures on her stream, and to do all of that in such a passive-aggressive and shady way is especially low. The dude was basically slandered by Anisa. If she were a bigger channel with more fans, her fans would go after that guy.

Anisa is basically an unironic brunette Trish Paytas at this point lmao.

No. 382416

Not to mention about a minute later, when asked what happened to her bird, she fabricated this story of how she had the bird for "15 years" and she "donated" it to a girl "recovering from cancer" so she could learn to "resocialize"

No. 382417

So who's gonna tell him?

No. 382441

psh she wishes she was as successful as trisha paytas you see the difference here is that trish is actually charming and charismatic (even tho she is a crazy unstable mess) but people actually like trish, shane absolutely adores her. Anisa has a monotone voice, pretty much shits on everyone, has no charisma nor personality, her makeup/clothing is shit, no class whatsover and she doesn't own up to the shit she does at least trish admits she is an unstable slut that loves drama. Anisa wishes she had the massive following trisha paytas has. she was on big brother recently and everyone is talking about while nobody even knows who anisa is they all just point to her as "idubbbz girlfriend" while trish is always the famous one with fuccboi tier boyfriends.

No. 382445

If you are good with traditional, digital painting is just another tool. Its pretty obvious that she doesnt know how to draw or paint. Always making excuses…

No. 382447

ikr!!! even leafy talked about trisha, I mention this because Anisa always fantasized about leafy talking about her, she was so sad in one of her streams where she watched a video he did about twitch girls but never even once mentioned anisa at all, goes to show how irrelevant she actually really is. tbh this might sound a bit like tinfoiling but I bet you guys that maybe at some point anisa wanted to fuck leafy.

No. 382456

>I bet you guys that maybe at some point anisa wanted to fuck leafy.
it's so funny that she mocked the shit out of him after she got with ian, because you're right. i don't think you're tinfoiling. she said something in one of her much older streams about how he was so hilarious and she loved his sense of humor and she thought he was sooo cute. this was even before her 'i wanna fuck the filthy crew' streams. fuck, if someone could find that video on youtube somewhere, that would be gold. i know she was watching a leafy vid during the stream, it was when leafy -and- anisa were both at their prime, definitely before ian's CC. she'd been looking for an 'in' with youtube famous guys for a while, i think.

No. 382467

now that you guys mentioned it I was snooping on her many AMAS and she was practically making fun of keemstar saying "lets get riiiiight in to the neeewws" while putting a hang rope as she said it. isn't it ironic that this is the SAME GIRL that asked keemstar for a fucking job (aka a chance to be part of the baited podcast) which he replied with "LOL" as in no thats never gonna happen slut. pear is so dumb.

here's the vid the keem thing happens in 1:16

No. 382601

The face she makes always looks like she's bored and in a rush to finish the video so she can be somewhere. You ain't got nowhere to go ho.

No. 382619

Nowhere to go but down**

No. 382629

Apparently that's supposed to be Kat.

No. 382632

Kat the eye

No. 382639

It bothers me that she's been using Kat this week to show that she "has female friends" when she completely ignored her these past 7 months?

It's funny she's always doing stuff like "see, Kat and I are friends, you are wrong" but it's even funnier how all her content is to please us or show us "lolcowards".

No. 382645

File: 1504029548556.png (57.34 KB, 750x465, IMG_4246.PNG)


Anisa still reading lolcow everyday.

"They said Kat and Kimmi were shading me bc I have no girl friends so I will force Kat and Kimmi to act like they like me".

Pathetic Pear. Very predictable that she only cares about the gossip and her looks, meanwhile her personality is still shit.

Who wants to bet her approach to Kat and Kimmi is mostly because of Joji?

No. 382647

God, she could be a little less transparent.

I almost feel creeped out posting here now, knowing Pear reads our every last word like a desperate stalker.

No. 382648

So much for freedom of speech, right Anisa? Manipulating information and deleting evidence to hide your true nasty self?

No. 382653

I know, it's scary to think Anisa is a crazy stalker but that's how she met Ian so she thinks she's doing stuff the right way.

Trust her, she majored in stalking and pleasing 101.

No. 382665

JESSICA NIGRI follows anisa now

Anisa still hasn't followed back BUT Ian and Max follow Jessica

No. 382666

this may sound a bit sadistic but I love that she reads this thread because she is reading all the insults and probably even hating herself more. hopefully someday she finally owns up to her shit but for the time being lets enjoy the shitshow ladies

No. 382668

>this may sound a bit sadistic
this killed me

No. 382698

I remember a tweet of hers actually after the Leafy content cop where she said that she has a "soft spot" for leafy ew. She was even sucking his dick after her boyfriend killed him.

No. 382709


>Ian and Max follow Jessica


>following Jessica

I wonder how she feels about that. Probably does wonders for her BDD.

No. 382746

She'll read this, follow jessica and pretend to be friends/huge fan but then slut shame her and talk shit about her saying "she shows more skin than I do".

Predictable Psycho Pear.

No. 382820


No to mention, Trisha fucking hustles and makes something of all (or at least most) of her projects. I'm not a fan, but you have to respect that she works hard. Anisa is a fucking do nothing loser.

No. 382979

JW but in her vegan vid, didn't she say something about the bread not being vegan? Did she get cheese bread or something? Italian bread is vegan…

No. 382981

shithead vegan here, bread can have milk or eggs put in it, though that's usually some french/swedish shit, or they'll brush it on top to make it look pretty and shiny.

No. 383068

Also vegan, but that's what I thought. I didn't think their bread (besides the cheese and the herb ones) wasn't vegan. So that's weird that she was upset about the bread and "didn't want to be like regular vegans and say they can't eat it"

No. 383086

this dumb bitch probably thinks dough has milk and eggs in it. i've met sooo many ~informed~ people who think this. basically, anisa's fucking retarded and, surprise surprise, didn't do her research before she said dumb shit.

No. 383214

File: 1504111705935.png (143.15 KB, 749x1020, IMG_4280.PNG)

Rude Anisa once again grabbing any opportunity to mention Idubbbz is her boyfriend and act like this happens all the time. Way to go, keep making fun of your followers.

No. 383217

Man, what a bitch.

Ian's a cuck.

No. 383231

It's so funny to me how she claims that she doesn't want Ian's fans and that she wants people to follow her for her own content when she CONSTANTLY talks about Ian (usually namedropping him as Idubbbz) on Twitter and Instagram all the time. Does she believe that people aren't influenced by how much she talks about him? Her not making a collab video with him is a genuinely credible action if she didn't feel the need to mention him on all of her other social media platforms anyway, which will lead people to her channel anyway.

No. 383257

Maybe the person who sent that to her has social anxiety and was just trying to be nice. Seems like someone who is has social anxiety, BDD and OCD would be more understanding

No. 383258

File: 1504117561714.png (70.2 KB, 640x544, IMG_5759.PNG)

Yuck I hate the smell of hypocrisy

No. 383259

>send old acquaintance one (1) meme image
>get publicly lambasted by same acquaintance
>doesn't even bother to black out your profile pic

I feel bad for that girl. Imagine being so full of yourself that you think certain people don't "deserve" to contact you anymore.

No. 383275

i suspect the person thought 'i remember anisa, i wonder how she's doing' and thought that the best icebreaker was a meme (as many people do now). i doubt it was malicious or had any other ulterior motive, but that doesn't work for anisa - she has to be as big a bitch as possible at every waking moment lest we forget what an awful person she is. don't shame people for trying to talk to you. especially if it's just a harmless meme ffs

No. 383295

Shes never said mates before either?
Get off of max's dick.

No. 383301

To be honest it's super sad that as soon as she got that message she knew had to take screenshot so she could post it to make fun of him with her fans. Anisa, you imitate Ian to get closer other youtubers. You use his name to get views. You're just an insecure, mean girl with no morals. You're fucking disgusting.

No. 383307

once again anisa is showing her true coiors by being a mean spirited bitch. seriously anisa its just a fucking meme its not like she said "omg anisa can you please hook me up I want to meet idubbbz" she just thought it was a funny meme, if you didn't like it you should have just ignored it no need to make such a big ass fuss about it. the fans being mindless zombies they will praise and follow everything she does just to get a glimpse of that idubbbz dick. her fans do the same shit as this person did and she doesnt even care.

No. 383338

File: 1504125028322.png (36.3 KB, 697x583, phN0WA0.png)

it's funny because this exact thing happened to Anisa's ~~youtube husbando~~ joji (someone on the subreddit who knew him sent him the Filthy Frank Anime opening on Facebook) and joji didn't publicly humiliate them. It's amusing that she wants his attention so badly despite being so completely unlike him.

No. 383352

File: 1504126928969.png (536.01 KB, 898x598, IMG_7897.png)

No. 383354

File: 1504127057151.png (579.4 KB, 863x594, IMG_7898.png)

Girl fix the mustache

No. 383363

I was looking at some older Rainbowkids streams and she used to look kinda pretty. Like wtf happened from one year ago to now that she looks so unattractive now?

Like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ld53bnRm4IM, she's kinda pretty here. I honestly want to know wth happened.

Is it just the WALL?

No. 383367

More flattering hair, plus it looks like she has gained weight since then. And although her brows are very bad here, they're thinner which IMO is more flattering to her face.

No. 383371


I hate when she takes pictures making this face. She's always so sweaty and looks like she's scared and on drugs.

No. 383402

Padding done wrong, you'd think she'd be an expert by now but I mean, look at her makeup "skills".

No. 383419

Is she finally wearing jeans instead of those yeast infested shorts? Glad she's giving her pussy a break.

No. 383429

i hope her classmate sees this and finds her lolcow thread and spill some milk on high school pear

No. 383442

How do we know this is real?

No. 383454

the reddit user who posted it designed the old-school Filthy Frank merch (he has an earlier post with a link to his instagram account with the designs).

No. 383459

File: 1504136413237.jpg (149.7 KB, 640x640, 1501054022352.jpg)

It's 'holding up' because you had to reiron everything like a retard because you don't know how to sew despite trying to be a housewife for your autistic boyfriend.

She couldn't even bother to try and make it seem like the patches are still in the same spots as her video. She's so fucking stupid.

No. 383488

File: 1504139488039.png (153.45 KB, 908x514, s.png)

Damn anisa is such a bitch, after he fans on twitch made fun of her drawing of Katt on stream, Katt went ahead and drew Anisa for her as thanks but bitch can't even retweet it

Imagine being THIS insecure that you don't want to give other girls attention

No. 383491

lmao @ that being shady af tho

anisa did a shit job, so katt made her a stick figure


No. 383506

The widest head, shitty haircut and a plain shapeless body. I think it's pretty skilled for Kat to be able to throw shade in such a "friendly" way

No. 383518

Also, that one psycho bulge eye.

No. 383520

sry for sperging but the fact that this bitch keeps insisting more and more that she won't be in a video with ian because she "wants her own fans" or however she tries to spin it, yet continues to fucking name drop him multiple times a day/makes him like her shitty insta pics/keeps his @ in her bio and vice versa is starting to get so pathetic. it scares me that there are people who can't see past all of her obvious bullshit.

No. 383521

Not just all of that, but the fact that she rages when Ian's fans only ask for pictures with him when they're out together and says it's mean and his fans do it on purpose. Then she says how she gets so happy when people are her "fans" and not Ian's. She's so jealous of Ian's fame, but also wants it, and that's disgusting. She's never happy for him, wants to use him, but also wants people to pretend that she /hasn't/ used Ian and it's insane.

No. 383529

This bitch acts like her being on Youtube makes her an untouchable, super famous being. It's a social media platform, one that she's not even popular on. lol, sure people are trying to befriend her, I'm sure they were absolutely charmed with Pear's mediocre videos that showcased her ever-changing, ~not like other girls~ personality.

No. 383552

File: 1504152140603.png (121.04 KB, 737x983, IMG_4355.PNG)


It's really sad when she now struggles to find how to mention Ian without saying Idubbbz. Like this guy cares about Ian's gifts? that wasn't the question, dumb Anisa.

No. 383556

lmao that is sad af. gotta slip in ANY mention of ian when it's not even relevant to the subject at hand. how is she not embarrassed of herself?

No. 383562

So, many people here have said Anisa cut her hair because of Lauren Tsai but Anisa has also been stalking a girl on twitter called lil beantay, she has more of that look Anisa was going for (until she read all the kawaii comments and decided to play along with the kawaii trend).

Also this girl and Ian seem to get along just fine.

No. 383571

hahaha holy shit, thank you, i'm so glad someone else finally noticed and posted that poor girl's username because i didn't want to

No. 383574

File: 1504158122451.jpg (299.56 KB, 750x1038, IMG_8911.JPG)

Anisa has a reason to be worried lol. Ian likes her tweets more often than his own gf's.

No. 383583

Yeah, and this girl follows both Idubbbz and Anisa, even though she is clearly close friends with Idubbbz only.

And guess what? Again, salty Anisa can't follow back. She can say all she wants about "being friendlier to females" and "i'm not a jealous person" but as always, her actions speak way louder by copying this cute girl's style and then justifying her actions with "Ian likes short hair" LMFAO.

No. 383588

looking at her tweets, she's actually legitimately funny, too. has her own sense of humor and style, seems like one of those laid-back, chill types. if i were as shitty and ill-matched to my bf as anisa is, i'd be threatened by her too tbh. i can't blame anisa for being salty over a cute and uniquely funny girl getting her bf's attention.

but her being weird and going ~single white female~ over this chick and wearing her style like a new skin is creepy. it's one thing to feel threatened by a girl and insecure in your relationship - that's proof your relationship's no good. it's a WHOOOLE other thing to take the feeling of insecurity and go crazy and emulate the girl who's making you insecure instead of leaving/fixing the situation that's making you insecure.

anisa's solution to everything is to fix her looks. i wonder if she ever realizes that it's her personality that needs fixing. it's probably this girl's personality and genuine humor that would draw ian in, if anything. sad.

No. 383590

lol is this why she started saying things like ~lil bean~ ~smol bean~ and ~pure~ ? She swears and says 'suck my nuts' every two seconds on stream, si her 'i'm a smol bean' shit on social media always seemed uncharacteristic of her.

No. 383593

Probably her new "age adequate clothing style" will be straight up a copy of this chick (as long as she can afford it lol).

I think being close to Anisa would be scary as fuck, like it got me thinking that maybe she always says she 'got away' from all these toxic people (exbfs, friends, etc.) from her past but now it all points out that she was the toxic one that everyone else broke free from. She probably copied everything everyone else said/did, was extremely jealous and violently aggressive, a psycho stalker, the constantly talking about her insecurities, the feeling of being so unique and untouchable and the endless lying, it all sounds a lot for a friend or even a boyfriend to put up with.

But since Anisa is a compulsive liar, she likes telling this "I was the victim but now I'm doing great" story.

No. 383597

spot on. anisa is actually legitimately scary tbh. i would never want someone psycho like her in my life.

No. 383609

The funniest part about this for me is that those two girls who replied are part of the Anisa fandom.
Every stream and video they're there watching and anisa even mentions them by name.

No. 383611

holy shit, how did i not notice this kek. her """friends""" are literally laughing at her bf interacting with another girl. anisa's life is one tragic shitshow.

No. 383618

File: 1504165495525.jpeg (212.99 KB, 1920x1080, 1504165297341.jpeg)

im laughing so hard at her reddit page, it's all about making fun of her.

PS: u guys, she's having another AMA, excited for another excuse for lazy content + a bunch of lies about her "interesting life"

No. 383620

lmao, her five neckbeard fans are so desperate to believe raihnbowtitz is coming back that they're actually making conspiracy theories about why anisa would get uglier, fatter, and more foul with her personality. this is hilarious.

No. 383692

How is she a SJW feminist?

No. 383699

You know how guys like her fans thing. The slightest indication that a girl doesn't hate other women as much as they do, and she's automatically an evil feminist whore. She hasn't done anything to indicate ANY feminist/SJW beliefs and seems to be as much of a female misogynist as she's always been, but she keeps saying things on her stream about 'leaning to the left' and combine that with her telling hoe stories all the time now, and she's no longer their pure waifu who only gets her tits out for them, but the slutty feminist enemy. It really shows how loyal Anisa's fans are kek.

No. 383700

guys like her fans think*

No. 383706

File: 1504187393248.jpg (217.13 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170831_094313.jpg)

Ian's been liking her tweets since 2015. Why couldn't he just get with her instead? Maybe afraid he'd scare a good one away with his virginity?

No. 383711

I think it's partly due to her style. The short hair, especially now with the bangs makes her look very tumblr feminist/sjw-esque, which is funny because she hates those people.

No. 383717

daaamn, and that was before ian was really big. no wonder anisa's trying to become this girl.

No. 383749

File: 1504192927552.png (104.72 KB, 740x851, IMG_0717.PNG)

Luckily for this girl she is petite and cute enough to actually pull off the dumb henlo smol bean thing! The fact that she liked Ian back when he really looked like an autist virgin is amazing too, it means she probably liked him because of his personality! Take notes, Anisa!

No. 383771

File: 1504196309958.jpg (158.25 KB, 900x1200, DDsIlYCUMAA7own.jpg)

yeah wow no wonder anisa is so bitter this girl is cute

No. 383774

Taking bets on how long it'll be before Anisa makes(or at least tries to) Ian unfollow or block her once she sees this and all of the other comments. And as mentioned previously, pretty sure beantay lives in California and that alone probably drives Anisa crazy.

No. 383779

File: 1504196988422.jpg (165.55 KB, 480x428, anisa jomha hot new memes .jpg)

it looks like bean lives in norcal while ian in socal

knowing anisa though she looks down on her cus she works at starbux

No. 383785

Ian is literally retarded for not going for her. Like…what the fuck man?

No. 383796

Given how petty she is though and the fact she's stuck in a different country, I'd imagine it still bothers her.
And maybe that's why she got so ~annoyed~ when a barista spelled her name wrong at Starbucks the other week kek.

No. 383800

At this point I really hope he does somehow run into her. He's just an autist virgin, but it'd be hilarious to see him fall for the real deal when Anisa has been trying so hard to look like this for a long time.

No. 383802

File: 1504198182792.png (45.17 KB, 740x403, IMG_4365.PNG)

Someone couldn't sleep last night, I wonder why. So tired of her constantly begging for a pity party on twitter.

No. 383803

god damn! she is soo cute wtf Ian you done goofed! honestly this girl seems like 1000000 times better than Anusa. The fact that she was actually in to him before he even became famous that tells you she likes him for his autistic self not his money unlike rainbowshitz over here. This beantay chick seems like the real deal, Ian should dump Pear Anus and date this cutie instead.

No. 383807

File: 1504198695813.png (99 KB, 750x907, IMG_0718.PNG)

She plays nice with Anisa whenever she @s her but she can see through her shit just like most people can. I'm suddenly in love with her.

No. 383822

It just dawned on me this bean person is also at least half Japanese? Is this why Anisa was going on and on about how cute Asian people are during her haircut?

No. 383841

Oh my god i love her already! ahahaha

No. 383843

That other girl is actually funny (she should have her len channel) but once Anisa starts trying to be funny and starts pushing the same questions/jokes over and over again, the video becomes super cringey I couldn't finish the video. How sad is it that this is Anisa's channel and she can't even record herself?

Also, it's ridiculous that she literally stole everything from Idubbbz and Max vlogs style.

No. 383847

>announcing on public internet that your relatives are involved in criminal activity
>this is after announcing that you're red flagged by US customs & immigration
Sorry, late, but bruh if she isn't straight deported the next time she tries to visit Ian…

No. 383849

This is her only nice video. I wonder why…
>she's not in it.

No. 383870

Maybe that's why Anisa was so obsessed with Starbucks whilst in Cali? Going on each shop until she was able to find this girl and kill her?

No. 383883

I made a temp thread on the temp site since this site is gonna be down for maintence for a few days here's the link (hope I am doing this right if not I am sorry I really tried)


No. 383884

This is absolutely her best video and it's because she's not in it at all.

No. 383888

File: 1504207493779.png (65.95 KB, 522x315, IMG_0730.PNG)

It's so funny finding this Taylor girl's account now and realizing how much Anisa has been a copycat of her the whole time.

No. 383889


God, that picture of her is so gross.

No. 383894

Just realized Ian made those idubbbz Starbucks stickers Anisa sperged out about having on her phone. Why was she actually freaking out lmao.

No. 383974

anisa you fucking skinwalker. holy shit, she's so transparent and predictable…you guys called it. i'm not surprised, just disappointed.

No. 383984

File: 1504216943633.png (846.57 KB, 1644x1226, uglypear.png)

here you go

No. 383985

barely even 2k views. yikes. youtube revenue going to drop to $8.25 this month. anisa needs to get a real job asap.

No. 383989

And a real life in general.

No. 383990

File: 1504217690188.jpg (340.69 KB, 1080x1496, Screenshot_20170831-180914.jpg)

Lmao that girl is fake af too

No. 383992

starting to think she posts here lmao. she's shading the fuck out of anisa.

No. 383993

Is she fucking with Anisa rn

No. 383994

Shade all day! She pointed out that she copied her hair cut. I'm dying.

No. 383995

lol I am in love with this chick, maybe she is a secret troll I bet you're right, maybe she is a farmer herself.

No. 383997

Young elf, if you're here and you're reading this, keep doing the work of the almighty.

No. 384004

File: 1504218528495.png (303.47 KB, 586x605, anisa.png)

No. 384005

get the fuck over yourself, anisa. you lurk here enough to know we make better memes about you than that, goddamn.

No. 384006

lol this made me laugh a lot that spilled my drink, god damn it anisa you owe me a lemonde. I bet she is gonna stream about this or call chris to complain about it

No. 384007

Everybody has haters and you are hateable. You are a liar, a manipulator with no personality, talent or will to change… Get over yourself.
Aaaand… I really don't think the reddit audience comes from lolcow. So it's not our new home but it's hilarious.

No. 384009

wtf does she expect? YOU'RE TRYING TO BE A PUBLIC FIGURE, ANISA. of course there are going to be people who hate and talk shit about you on the internet, especially because you're so insufferable and make it easy to do. if you can't handle it and are going to constantly whine to your followers, you should seriously reconsider you're "career" choice.

No. 384011


Makes me think the only reason Anisa is with him is because she pushed the relationship. Ian's too much of an autistic dumbass to catch those softball, fuck plushie toy, level hints being lobbed at him. This chick should just ask him to break up with Anisa for her. He probably would.

No. 384012

this! yes anisa if you dont like the negative atention you should just go back to getting a real job, you have a weak number of subs despite being "idubbbz girlfriend" and your views are also piss poor. You are pretty much trying to copy, max, h3h3 and ian style. you're so transparent about your mean spirited intentions, you should stop trying. you didn't even finished college the only good thing that could have got you out of the hell hole you put yourself in to.

No. 384017

Also, she's super mean to everyone, specially other girls. And she acts likes she's the only that deserves respect… what are you doing to earn it?

No. 384019


No. 384021

"People are on to my bullshit, feeeeel sorrry for me guysssssssssssssss"
You got a subreddit. You were happy it was started. Now you're bitching. Everyone's subreddit is shitposts. And you WANT to be in the public eye?

No. 384022

she's so obsessed with us. it's super weird. you're creepy, anisa.

No. 384025

I think she's begging for peeps to white knight. Why else would she keep pity posting?

No. 384026

Posting this brings more of her followers here, so I don't understand why would she do this? And her 'fans' in her streams make the same jokes so how is this any different? She has said mentioned the leafy and lord farquad thing herself too

No. 384027

Thank god lolcow is going down for a couple of days… Imagine al the white knights!!!

No. 384028

neckbeards are going to search and search for lolcow and find nothing and wonder if anisa's crazy lol

No. 384029

File: 1504221725933.png (483.3 KB, 2464x570, Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 4.21…)


No. 384030

Why is she so triggered today? Could it be because of the existence of Yung Elf has surfaced? Coincidence?

No. 384031


anisa's insulting her own fans. not one of those people on her subreddit is from lolcow lmao.

No. 384032

>stale memes
half of them being memes of her looking like Leafy or Lord Farquaad, which she subjected herself to. Idk which one of you cows is on there, but keep going.

No. 384033

File: 1504221874276.png (24.42 KB, 613x222, metallica shirt.png)

No. 384034

woah, you're all more miserable than she can possibly be.

No. 384035

you might be onto something, actually. she's going all in with her lolcow hatred and it's out of -nowhere-.

No. 384036

^^they're here

No. 384037

It's ok, Anisa's knight. We all are.

No. 384038

>Anisa's knight
two words that invoke the utmost pity. poor guy.

No. 384039

Brilliant! It's time to save Princess Anisa from her tower now, run off before she gets more online hate from the career that she chose!

No. 384041

Do yourself a favour and read these threads since the very first one.

Your knowledge about Anisa's past/current behaviour patterns will grow and you'll finally understand the reasons behind the existence of a lolcow thread dedicated to her.

No. 384042

File: 1504222394668.png (1.15 MB, 1816x1632, Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 4.23…)

oh Anisa always seeking comfort in the neckbeards and the edups fan girls

No. 384043

File: 1504222466024.png (74.03 KB, 750x637, IMG_0747.PNG)

Even Anisa's fans are able to see the humor in some of the reddit posts. It's her own fault for believing that she has a big enough fanbase to have a subreddit. There's probably only two cows on there and the only reason that it's flooded with that dumb meme content is because theres no other fans putting up any other sort of content. Just get your neckbeard to take it down, Anusa. Maybe when you get over 2000 views regularly you can leave it up again.

No. 384044

How does an autistic sperglord like Ian even put up with her whiny bullshit?
oh yeah lol

No. 384045

lol, della. that shady friend who laughed at anisa/sided with bean here >>383574

No. 384047

she sounds like a pouting toddler that doesn't understand what a joke is. goddamn this is hilarious.

No. 384048

File: 1504222717930.png (280.26 KB, 2262x382, Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 4.36…)

>back to lolcow
>they actually think we post shit on that shitty redit page of hers
and the milk just keeps on coming ladies

No. 384049

These idiots don't realize none of those reddit posters are from lolcow, and every time they mention lolcow, all that does is direct people who would never otherwise know about Anisa's shittiness right to us. Smart move, guys.

No. 384050

The subreddits dedicated to channels like h3h3, Filthy Frank, iDubbbz, even Pewdiepie, are filled with love, fun, praise, plus the occasional constructive criticism.

Anisa's subreddit is filled with posts mocking her, with the only positive posts being about how her and Ian "are so cute together" (ew).

Now Anisa & Anisa's fans, ask yourselves why this must be? What's the pattern? There are reasons for this phenomenon, you just need to think and search a lil bit.

No. 384051

Hello to all of Anisa's fans here to defend her! Here's a good thread to start reading >>219802 and you can go up from there! Enjoy!

No. 384054

ohh gurl we about to content cop this bitch to all her "fans" buckle up ladies it's gonna be a bumpy milk filled ride

No. 384059

Ladiess we are back! here's a short summary of what happened if I missed anything please feel free to contribute as well thank you

recent developments
>went back in canada and is going vegan for a year
>Anisa has a new friend named Cecily and she has been making a few streams with her, her friend Cecily has taken a like to us and lurks the thread with frequency.
>starts to cry about how us “lolcowards” took over her reddit and started posting “mean memes” and made her reddit “a second lawlcow home” which is all a lie
>People are starting fan accounts and hate accounts on instagram but it seems like the same person running both accounts.
>chris and her haven’t done any streams together recently
>still jealous of Laci but denies it, fans are dumb enough to believe her.
>the thread was visited by a few of her whiteknights. one “fan” was banned from her reddit due to them posting “mean memes” and comments. also the said “fan” was accused of doing clip captures of her streams. according to their moderator they weren’t worthy enough to be an anisa fan.
>both the whiteknight mod and the banned “fan” start to fight in the thread
>anisa got super drunk while trying to teach her friend celery how to use twitch. was pretty much spreading herself all over the place and kept saying how drunk she was
>keeps taking pictures in her parents room
>trying to look like an asian girl.
>did a video about peeing herself
>did another video about the mistakes she has made (she talked about how she sent nudes to some dude in high school)

No. 384093

So did the "big announcement" video ever come out?

No. 384094

not yet, her most recent video is her talking about mistakes she did in the past

here's a pastebin of the recent videos, also the link to the thread in the temp site in case anyone wants to take a peek and a video compilation where she basically talks trash about everyone

No. 384129

many thanks for the recap! appreciate ya

No. 384218

File: 1505003916685.png (325.57 KB, 717x399, uuano.png)

This needs to be here.

No. 384232

>>384059 Bitch also said she was sexually assaulted

No. 384267

> got super drunk after making a video talking about how she never drinks

No. 384268

File: 1505012839004.jpg (496 KB, 1936x1936, ed58fa12422b3a84437d05f737a811…)

Her bitching about Laci's photo being too sexy should probably be here too

No. 384270

Taken from temp lolcow

>Anisa sperging out about the picture Laci posted, asking if 'they fuckin', he hangs up on her and she looks like she's going to cry. Pity the clip ends there because if anyone else remembers, she ranted and raved about it and how much she didn't trust Laci for the rest of the stream:


>Anisa again sperging out about the picture Laci posted of Chris "in his environment", says she's ~alarmed~:


>Pear freaking out about Chris having a picture of Laci as his background:


>Part of one of her many spergouts where she talks about Chris/Laci making her feel uncomfortable:


>Anisa wearing "Laci glasses" and making fun of her to Chris (he hung up on her) anyone remember this?:


>Again making fun of Laci to Chris:


No. 384273

File: 1505014004607.png (2.7 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170909-222214.png)

No. 384274

File: 1505014033966.png (638.09 KB, 713x800, Screenshot_20170909-222214~2.p…)


No. 384283

I missed that part. What exactly did she say?

No. 384312

"I have body dysmorphia :("
*spreads legs on camera

No. 384313

>once in a while sexy pic that's tbqh more cute than sexy because of midget sized limbs
is somehow TOO sexy for
>full frontal bikini
>selfies in actual underwear (the one on her IG with the canadian leaf panties)
>titty streaming
>selfie #64646546 in lowcut/tank top and them shorts
>crop tops at every possible moment
>whatever >>384218 is

No. 384321

File: 1505022872692.png (370.04 KB, 717x404, 1347c96ca1a6cff31ea7756675097d…)

It's just a social experiment remember guys, she's just trying to create that interesting dichotomy between her and her viewers

No. 384352

File: 1505034464514.png (466.69 KB, 718x402, 94e07ca61e7361571f0923f86a917d…)

hahaha, this was one of the best moments of the temp thread. that fucking stream. the only thing better was the anisa fanboys fighting each other over who was the REAL ANISA FAN.

she literally just spread her legs or found a reason to look like she was ready to fuck the entire stream.

No. 384354

File: 1505034598160.png (350.81 KB, 721x399, a2987ffa1dd2e20aab05ff83e7146e…)

>"it's just drunken exercise guise!!!111 i'm soooooo drunk lol ;)))"

No. 384358

File: 1505036627304.png (134.19 KB, 432x456, 1505034598160.png)

I'm usually annoyed by people nitpicking her appearance on here but holy shit her profile is so weird. anisa…sis…pls don't get this haircut ever again.

No. 384374

File: 1505040963236.jpg (260.99 KB, 1080x1920, 31f8c9288155df20491f42c8c91477…)

We also can't forget Anisa posting this horribly shooped picture (look at her stomach, and the crease in her arm), which the sports player ex (Bubba/Darren) who "bad boyfriend" storytime video was about, commented on. She deleted his comment lmao.

No. 384391

Looking at this makes me so uncomfortable. It's physically painful.

No. 384397

Got that big ass protruding jaw

No. 384434

Her pearhead case is so bad you can still see it despite the bangs.
That picture is overall bad, why did she post it

No. 384440

to show her jutting out her collarbones and looking ~sooo thin~ (lol) i'm guessing

No. 384480

what gets me is that anisa's twitter pic was (still is?) an old picture of her with no pants on coyly pulling her shirt down over her crotch so it looks like she's wearing nothing at all. laci's pic isn't even that coy or sexy.

No. 384500

>>384283 something about how the reason she had bpd is due to being sexually assaulted. That's legit all she said so we should take it with a grain of salt.

No. 384502

Let's not forget her (possible) """""""sexy"""""" audio from the /soc/ thread

No. 384525

looks like she's found another pair of jeans that she can wear every day. Just like the shorts, these pants are low rise and she yanks them up her crotch so they appear mid rise at best.

No. 384526

she probably does that to hide her stomach pudge tbh. when she was flopping around half-naked in that trainwreck of a stream, you could see her loose skin jiggling on her thighs and stomach. she used to be really really fat and she never did the right kind of exercises for her skin to bounce back. she's flabby and she needs to hike everything up to cover her stomach flab.

No. 384528

bpd as in borderline personality disorder? or bdd body dysphoric disorder?
man if this bitch has any personality it's hpd. she hits all the symptoms left and right.
i noticed a lot of the cows here are basically textbook hpd cases. but the borderline meme is the one everybody seems to hop on for whatever reason.

No. 384533

Her new video is out. It's way too long and boring for me to watch it all but, all I can say Pear has manly shoulders and looks almost naked in her shit outfit that she complained about a "creepy guy" staring at her. Pear, he probably was staring because it looks like you're barely wearing anything and that choker looks like shit on your huge neck next to your man shoulders.

Good luck to you other anons watching it. I literally can't last that long listening to 2 boring hens act self aware.

No. 384536

from what you're saying, it just sounds like a bog standard storytime vid. is this what she's doing now? becoming a storytime youtuber? kind of pathetic

No. 384538

Just looking at the thumbnail, I don't have the patience for that shit. I'm relying on fellow farmers for the milk here.

No. 384539

File: 1505072126790.jpg (231.96 KB, 1280x720, dat neck.jpg)

No. 384540

Holy fuck she looks like so big and manly compared to Cecily, who's actually petite and cute. I find it weird that she didn't stop hanging out with her since she's not the 'hot' one of the duo.

No. 384541


No. 384542

Look who invested in new bras…
I'm taking credit. Staph infection awareness.

No. 384543

File: 1505072501874.jpg (8.41 KB, 109x146, spcl.jpg)



No. 384544

i can see some symptoms of bpd. the cheating and relationship hopping, lack of identity, the lying, the EXTREME insecurity, self-victimization and attention seeking are all hallmarks of bpd.

that said i honestly don't think she has anything wrong with her, really. the self-esteem and body issues probably came from her upbringing. her mom is incredibly overbearing and critical of her. also borderline people tend to be reckless/self-harm/have suicidal thoughts and since she's such an attention whore we know she'd be up on twitter boohooing about cat scratching herself.

No. 384545

I get how booty shoots go up your thighs when you sit but jesus christ she might as well be walking in her underwear. Plus the slutty looking choker combined with her giant shoulders, she looks so trashy and gross.

No. 384546


No. 384547

Ah yes, the one where she talks about schmearing her shit all over her mothers tub. I've never been great with faces, but I've always been spot on with voices. It's her.

No. 384548

god, i can't handle the self-deprecation jokes. it's clearly coming from a place of low self-esteem. and i hate how she's basically repeating the shit people roast her for and acting like she's in on it.

No. 384549

File: 1505072776605.png (262.91 KB, 1142x613, she doesn't lurk here guyz.png)

>anisa "i don't lurk lolcow bcuz negativity & haters are below me" jomha using one of our "mean memes :(((" in one of her vids
classic anisa

No. 384551

lmao, it definitely is her, i agree. i hope someone saved that vocaroo because, given how much she stalks these threads, she might have seen we'd caught it and realized how much she fucked up and deleted it.

what a coincidence that her "bad bed" story involved shit and a very similar scenario.

No. 384552

She wishes she looked as hot as Laci when she sits down. Look at that monster body, shit face person. Ew.

No. 384555

The Ian-type editing becomes more evident after each video.It's so pathetic, also for how long Cecily and her have been friends for? She suddenly appeared and they're best friends now

No. 384556

No anon dont you see she's just extremely self aware and humble about herself. Because modest people love talking and joking about how they look 24/7! Especially ones like Pear who totally have bdd!

No. 384557

why is ian still with her dear lord shes went downhill

No. 384559

She actually literally looks like Shrek. Like no joke. She's so unfortunate looking.

Usually I don't shit on her looks because her personality's bad enough that picking at her appearance seems dumb because there's already so much milk with the shitty things she does, but fuck, she's really really ugly. Was she ever pretty? What happened?

No. 384560

What really got to me was the moaning lmao, how fucking disgusting. I really wonder what Ian thinks about this. What if he's into it, and that's why he's with her haha. Scat fetish idups ready to take on hurricane pearnisa, because who knows when he'll find another 20-something willing to play with her own excrement.

No. 384561

sad that she didn't print out an sort of IrOnIC and ttly ORIGINAL meme pic for cecily. i personally think she resembles dent may. and i think it's suiting since she seems like a hipster.

No. 384562

She took a huge dump on her fans on reddit because they were all making mean memes but here she is appropiating those same memes and making it "funny". Seems to me she was only mad because those memes weren't her idea, you can't hate those memes and then use them to get validation.

Stop confusing your followers, this is why they make those "mean memes", also because you look like crap all the time.

No. 384563

No. 384564

ur a goddess bb <3

No. 384565

Also, it might be just me but, anyone else notice her face has been looking kinda swollen lately? Like shes been drinking.

No. 384566

Remember to sage!

No. 384572

Definitely not just you. I noticed a while back. I thought maybe she was actually pregnant or something and had finally trapped Ian and secured a visa for herself, or that her diet was bad and she was just eating a lot of salty foods, but I think you might be onto something with the drinking. Her face is sooo puffy. She's been a sloppy drunken mess in two streams now, and she constantly looks messy in all of her pictures and she's been slacking with her photoshop kek. I really wonder if she does have a drinking problem. It would explain a lot.

No. 384573

>She took a huge dump
anisa loves to take huge dumps

No. 384574

Did we get taken off auto sage?

No. 384575

I was wondering that too. It seems like they've only known eachother for a month but here they are acting like bff's who know eachother soo welll. I'll laugh if they only last another two months and then burn out.

No. 384576

Worst fake moans of all time. Really unsexy. Its her with that weird, shitty nerdy accent she has. Unfortunate voice and basement dweller accent to go with such an ugly face. Sad.

No. 384578

Explains why her traps are so big.

No. 384584

File: 1505074351904.png (103.18 KB, 750x890, IMG_4762.PNG)

So once again Pearnisa stole from her own followers. Can't even credit them and she's wondering why nobody likes her.

No. 384586

OT, but I really wish Anisa would dress more appropriately for her body type. The skimpy shorts and tank tops do her no favors and it's depressing me that she hasn't done anything to change it.

No. 384587

no, but people actively saging if they have nothing important to say will stop other thread peeps from getting mad at us at the very least

No. 384591


She only did this because Ian and Max both got fan edits and they used it as their profile pictures too. Again, trying to spin the one-of-the-boys narrative.

No. 384592

File: 1505074696474.jpeg (235.58 KB, 1080x1920, 1505074587210.jpeg)

Anisa made an account to shit on her own followers, omg. That's what celery and Anisa have been doing these past week to "focus on the positive". Check out the comments on her latest insta post.

No. 384594

What about this? Fits her horseteeth

No. 384596


No. 384597

What a rude cunt. You'd think she'd be nice to her very few fans who bother to make related shit to her.

She names drops us more then her own fans. I'd almost say she likes us more then them at this point lol.

No. 384599

File: 1505074966228.jpg (46.36 KB, 550x445, horseteeth.jpg)

No. 384601

Yeah she clearly wants us to like her more than her own followers

No. 384602

shiiit anon, i could've lived without seeing this pic. honestly disturbed.

No. 384606

which is never going to happen tbh. Anisa has dug herself deep in this trainwreck hole of hers. she has travel far and down this tunel of self destruction. All could have been avoided if she would have just ignored us, I guess she never heard of the old saying "do not feed the trolls" h3h3 gets shit on a lot for their looks and made fun of and they arent crying like babies like miss pear here.

No. 384613

It's weird, if they only know each other for such short period of time celery appearing in every video is sorta strange. Like they seem to record a vid every time they hang out, i don't think anyone would hang around pear if all she ever did was insisting on making videos, why would anyone hang around pear in the first place, it makes me think this chick is up to something. In that vid she made a joke about fucking Ian and pear got low-key triggered. It'd be so funny if this girl is actually bi and only hangs around Anisa for edups cock.

No. 384651

Is she claiming she's gay?

No. 384652

Yeah, she's supposedly a lesbo.

No. 384664

now she's defending pewdiepie spewing the n-word on stream lmao

No. 384665

I just got on her streams it says she is offline?

No. 384667

Sorry, poor choice of wording. I meant, she's on twitter defending Pewds saying the n-word on his stream this morning

No. 384668

oh okay ah man well she should steer clear from that, she knows how much shit pewdiepie has been going through these last months, by saying that he is practically asking for it. But anisa being the dumb pear she is, always has to say her opinion even if it isn't required she should just shup up and go back to showing her ass and pretending she is "sooo drunk guyzzzz look at my ass"

No. 384671

she's only doing it so she can once again name drop that she is dating idubbbz creator of content cop and rule maker of racial slurs

No. 384675

The thing is, by her own fucking boyfriend's logic, people should be able to critique the use of the n-word / especially when it's derogatory. She's so fucking dumb.

No. 384680

How did they know it was olivia?
Im so confused

No. 384686

Don't quote me on this but I believe she had her personal twitter attached to her Instagram bio or something

No. 384693

Celery is using Anusa because Ian's gf. She doesn't realize no one really gives a shit about Pear. Celery is the new Kailey. Pear is toting her around only because of lolcow. Seeeee guyyyyssss, I have a female besssstieeeeeee

No. 384730

Idk I def get lesbian vibes and maybe a crush from celery's end. Lots of lesbians will flirt and make jokes about fucking men so I'm not taking her comment seriously. I think she's into anisa with her awkward lanky self and whatever the fuck anisa is. Anisa needs a female friend to show to the lolcowards (the extra attention and flirting helps) and celery wants ta bang the ex titty streamer.

No. 384733

i honestly get the feeling anisa wants to bang her too. she was flirting hardcore with celery during her drunken stream, and all of those spread leg poses were done right in front of celery (hell, the girl was holding the camera). it was awkward to watch, i thought they were going to start making out and fucking on stream any minute.

No. 384736

Nah I don't get any sense that anisa is bi or gay. I think she just likes the attention. Maybe Cecily will be her rebound kek

No. 384737

Nah lol she was probably just flirting with her because guys get off on that and she needs all those neckbeards jerking off to her. It's like her fix, hence her /soc/ventures

No. 384738

Didn't she hint at being bi at some point?

No. 384739

I only recall her shitting on bi people.

No. 384755

File: 1505096988979.png (143.31 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5815.PNG)

No. 384758

Is it a dumb fucking trip she's hyping? I don't think it's a proposal, Ian can't be that dumb.

No. 384759

I think it might be their trip to Australia?

and once again, ian ian ian iann. Her biggest fear in life is being remembered as someones girlfriend~ but all she does is remind people she is dating Idubbbz

No. 384761

Why would anyone give a shit she's going to another country.
Unless she was a big deal and she has planned to do meetups

No. 384770

Maybe she'll force him to make an appearance in a video?

No. 384776

she will blog her entire trip and that is going to be her excuse to have max and ian on her videos. She will finally have the collab she always wanted and still get 3k views.

No. 384779

HER NECK OMG. How is her neck so fucking ripped??? I showed this to my friend who lifts and he's unironically envious of her traps.

No. 384780

Would anybody be interested in taking the Onion thread approach and uploading Anisa's vids on vidme? I never watch her videos cause I don't want to give her any more views from her fans but I don't want to miss any milk.

No. 384783

oh shit dude I love john carpenter's The Thing

No. 384785

lol maybe she should be more concerned about the people that she publicly labels as abusers. fucking idiot.

No. 384786

I think she said she wouldn't be against fucking a girl but she's not attracted to them the way she's attracted to men.

No. 384790

You could always use an ad blocker?

She liked a comment saying "it's okay to be a little gay" on her video with Cecily.

No. 384804

…is she seriously banking on Ian proposing to her on their one year anniversary? Omg. Anisa. Keep fucking dreaming.

No. 384806

I hope the pear really does go back to California with Ian soon. Martin Shkreli is currently on livestream talking about collabing with Idubbbz and FilthyFrank soon and I'll bet it'd turn into a milkfest if she was present.

No. 384812

Ooooooh, how up Joji- er, George's ass she would be

No. 384820

She just likes the attention

No. 384824

>my little beans
why did this make me laugh so hard

bitch think she got enough viewers to start giving them names? she gets like, 5k views per vid if she's lucky hahaha. and she's starting to use ~smol bean~ like she fucking coined the whole meme. also, we can't forget that this perfectly lines up with her trying to wear lilBEANtay's skin because she's threatened by the girl since ian likes her.

No. 384826

thats gonna be some gold shit there we will hit the milk jackpot.

So there's two possible milk worthy well 3 milk worthy situations, 1 the trip to australia (from what we have gathered max does not like her). 2 Ian being dumb enough to propose to her now that is gonna be gold lol that wedding is going to be a milk fest. 3 that "possible colab" this girl will step on everyone including her autistic boyfriend to hop on that joji dick only to be stopped by joji himself, I bet he is gonna act like a total dick to her or ignore her all the time he is there. So there is much promise of good milk in the future for us ladies.

No. 384831

martin shkreli the big pharma asshole who almost went to prison for shady business crap?
what the the hell
whats this dumb fuck doing with youtube losers?

No. 384834

that's the one. that guy is very entertaining tbh since he's an honest to god sociopath, but he's been pandering to the alt-right and edgy community for a good year and a half now. i remember when hillary collapsed during the campaign, he periscoped him going outside of chelsea clinton's apartment, waiting for her to come out, and posted his own shit on /pol/. it makes sense for him to collab with edgy youtubers. he's that chaotic sort of 'i don't give a fuck' person, so anything goes with him. i doubt we'll see george doing any more collabs with anyone who's not a musician, though. shrekli probably wants it (and they do both live in NY), but he's not going to get it.

No. 384836

doubt george would even give him the light of day, does he really think joji is alt-right, he was just doing a character. the actual joji doesnt get involved in politics, if he is smart enough he is gonna steer clear from this mess, I feel like he is more central left if anything, Ian may be an autist but he is smart enough to not pay atention to idiots like that, he is aware of edgelord youtubers being underfire for their bullshit hence him doing the squirell vids and the unboxing ones. I guess Anisas hopes and dreams of getting that joji dick will never bare fruit.

No. 384838

just realized in her latest vid with celery, not only does anisa use the mean :( coconut head meme someone made here for herself, she also talks about her hairdresser stream and says it was cringe and focuses only on her talking about the dog weiners, which we all pointed out and is in the goddamn OP summary of this thread. make it a little less obvious you lurk here, anisa. you look desperate.

No. 384839

I would pay money to see Joji and Anisa in the same room. Shit would be hilarious. Anisa's been dating Ian for almost a year now and he's not once even acknowledged her. At this point I think we can confirm he agrees that she ain't shit!

No. 384841

guys even if this thread is auto-saged we need to sage still. so the new admin can see we can behave and sage our posts properly, it was one of the reasons our thread got auto-saged due to the constant bumping when there was no new info. pls and thank you

anyways yes it would be fun to see Anisa and Joji in the same room only for Joji to roast her and pretty much show how uncomfortable he is around her. milk worthy moment indeed!

No. 384844

look at this little hall monitor

there was nothing wrong with not saging either of those posts, don't sperg out about dumb shit.

unlike this, which is sageworthy

No. 384850

saging is only for nitpicking and OT shit. you don't have to sage every single comment on the thread unless it's milk. we're allowed to discuss her unsaged as long as it's not "anisa is fat!!! i bet she has bpd here's why"

No. 384851

Kek it's cool anon I will admit I fucked up by forgetting to sage cause I accidentally refreshed . Mods are on their period lately. Sorry about that!

No. 384854

>look at this little hall monitor
that wasn't the intention but okay… Also I wasn't "sperging" I just want to get off auto-sage tbh and this thread has been doing so good lately. We even did an awesome job in the temp thread, we had a bunch of milk, it was nice to see us united, there was no infighting (aside from that anon from reddit and the mod) but between us farmers there was none.

sage for OT and retarded blabber

No. 384999

She changed her twitter pic after someone on gere called her out for using that old skanky one.

No. 385000

She's so fake.

No. 385001

Pretending to be le quirky by using that ugly twitter icon when really she's trying to appease us.

No. 385038

she should focus on working on her personality instead and her awful looks, she could be a decent person but nope she chooses to be ratchet and messy.

No. 385105

File: 1505165442569.png (239.56 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5802.PNG)

Lmao anisa trying so hard to wedge herself with other cows and being ignored

No. 385117

Anisa has literally had everything imaginable "happen" to her. She was "sexually assaulted," bullied, called the n word. The list goes on. She def made that up just to say that she doesn't think the n word is a big deal.

No. 385120

im pretty sure like 85% of what she says is a lie. she contradicts herself so frequently i wouldn't be surprised if she made up everything that was bad in her past for attention

No. 385121

I'm telling you, her life is too much like a bad Lifetime movie for all of it to be true. She's gotta find a way to be "interesting" somehow.

No. 385124

I hope this is not too Ian based but– Ian doesn't seem like the type that could or wants to deal with the "extra baggage" kinda girl. Plus he stays away from her social media so he isn't really exposed to it. I'm sure she tells Ian different stories.

No. 385141

I think we can all agree she manipulates her boyfriend with all these "sad past stories" lies and her "cool girl" performance. She acts like it's normal to behave like that and that she's always been like this, the victim, but it all points to the other direction. It wouldn't surprise me that she found out about her lolcow thread while lurking in some other thread about a girl she hates (almost all the girls she has bashed on stream/youtube have a thread here) and stumbled upon her own thread, hence why she's so salty about it "she's not like these other girls".

No. 385156

"words don't hurt me so they won't hurt anyone else!" can you shut up anisa and stop interjecting your unwanted bullshit oh my god.
Also why are cows suddenly flocking to momokun?
>also onision

No. 385158

Why should anyone even care if someone called her the n name? She's just "muslim" (haha) and has like a little ethnicity blood from her parents. She shouldn't feel offended because it isn't an insult that even applies to her.

Plus, just like other anon said she's probably lying. You can't tell me looking at her you wouldn't assume she's just white. Even pics of her when she was a teenager, no one would call her that insult without her first saying she's something because her looks alone, she just looks like a white girl.

No. 385163

exactly this. it's super annoying. anisa is very white-passing and even her lebanese dad looks white. she also said she totally rejected islam, so… i very much doubt anyone said anything to her about her looks or her rejected religion, especially in canada of all places, which is incredibly diverse. i'm so sick of anisa playing the victim when she has no right to. she's made fun of girls in the past who """fake""" sexual assault claims because ~girl who cried wolf~ when she does exactly that with all her false victimization. and cum guzzling camel slut? really? that's stupidly specific for an insult. almost like it's something someone made up themselves… hm…

No. 385164

I highly doubt she's ever faced any kind of discrimnation. Besides her last name, Anisa seems like the typical cookie-cutter basic white girl. I'm sure she fits right in with the white folk. She just uses her minority card when it's convenient for her .

No. 385182

"sand nigger" does apply to her because she's arab, plus "Jomha" is a pretty clearly Arab name and Anisa said that when she was a kid her family was super Muslim so I don't doubt at all that kids called her a sand nigger (and towelhead, terrorist, etc). That's one of the few things she says that I actually believe lol. But she clings to it bc IMO she probably hasn't faced much significant discrimination as an adult and wants a victim card to play.

No. 385189

File: 1505175430213.jpg (190.62 KB, 1055x978, Screenshot_20170911-201246.jpg)

Calling it now, Anisa is going to put off finding a job for as long as she can by saying,"I have a strong following! I might not make money now but I put in a lot of effort to make my 10's of fans happy" and then get pregnant by Ian so she can use it as an excuse to continue to not have to work.

No. 385190

When I first came across her, my first thought was white bread even after trying to read her last name. With basic knowledge of Muslim culture and names (as most non muslims do) I just thought it was a different last name. Maybe some specific heritage somewhere back there but nothing that wouldve affected her. Plus if you read her name jome ha, it's still passable.
She acts and looks white.

No. 385192

This. And grew up white. Think about the video when she talked going drinking at 15. Yes, she said her mom was strict and probably was in her opinion but, under a muslim household not only would literally all her privileges be taken away but, she'd never even attempt something like that at 15 based on what they are taught.

Also, I'm not shitting on modern muslim families, I am just saying they are much more strict then your average Canadian/American families and based on Anisa's retarded stoytime videos, her parents definitely weren't super religious because she's done some nasty shit.

No. 385193

same. i honestly thought her last name was eastern european or something. she looks kind of serbian or bulgarian imo, so it made sense to me. i had no idea she was anything but a basic white girl until i saw one of her billion q&a vids where she talked about being half arab. she uses being a ~minority~ as an accessory, like she does her fake mental illnesses and eating disorders. it's messed up.

No. 385194

Good lord, Anisa if your reading this: Either shoop yourself terribly with a not fucked neck or just fucking do a photo of your potato face, you look like a badly passing tranny in that photo

No. 385196

yeah, she bitched and whined about her "evil strict hyper-religious muslim dad :(((" who made her give up titty-streaming and controlled her life, but just watch her video with her dad and you can see he's just a normal guy who had a really out-of-control daughter when she was a teenager, and, if anything, it seems like he was wayyy too lenient with anisa. i think he even says he always just kind of let her do her thing, and even mentions not having a problem with her drinking even though he and her brothers don't. she had a typical western upbringing

No. 385201

File: 1505178199374.png (1.04 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5819.PNG)


No. 385203

tbh I think it's better than her previous color, but did she leave blonde streaks on the front? It's hard to tell.

No. 385204

I swear she could be young Demi Lovato's twin. And no, that's not a compliment.

No. 385205

File: 1505178913429.png (148.79 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2940.PNG)

She's so fucking dumb and transparent. Fuck off Anisa

No. 385206

I actually think she looks decent here. Pear since you love reading these threads, you look better with long hair and ponytail. The highlight is meh but, I guess helps those bland ass bangs.

Also, she actually dressed normal for a change.

No. 385211

>I will give a man whose a literal god/expert at playing guitar respect only because I ANISA couldn't play(because i totally play guitar guyz! Because thats what cool girls do right!?) a song he plays!

I fucking can't.

No. 385217

Didn't you know she's a musical savant and you're only supposed to respect people whose music you can't play? Wow leave the house sometimes.

No. 385260

It's not even about a guy in a coma it's about a soldier suffering during war and he's lost his arms, legs, and senses a simple google search could've worked

No. 385284

This thread will stay autosaged until there is more drama than speculation. Please keep discussion in this thread. Thanks.

No. 385288

File: 1505184905396.png (36.12 KB, 580x360, ok.png)

No. 385308

took a "quirky and random xD" tweet too seriously and had to mention her boyfriend once again lmao

No. 385360


jesus it must be exhausting for her to try to be so ~not like other girls~ all the time. the "girls don't want boys, girls want (insert quirky thing here)" is a common joke, no one is suppose to actually take it as a serious comment on feminism

anisa if you take half the energy you put into hating women and put that towards bettering your personality then maybe people would respect you more

No. 385364

she took a fucking joke and turned into an opportunity to complain about feminism. amazing. how is she this dense? I see variants of the same joke all the time with the genders switched, I doubt she considers those sexist.

No. 385383

She's finally getting fed up of her cringey edgemaster alt-right neck beard fanbase. We all know she just puts on that persona to appease them. she still put quotation marks around "feminism" though , because she's just soooo above it.

No. 385407

meanwhile, she's the biggest fucking hypocrite there is because she was that exact same girl .2 seconds ago.

i think anisa's going to undergo another personality shift soon. she's been reading everything we've said about her pandering to alt-right edgelords and that being one of her faults (as if she doesn't have thousands of others pls), and god knows she wants to please us. also, celery seems very very hipster and tumblr and anisa will start to mimic her like she's done with all her past friends/bfs. hence her trying to be the ~perfect, moderate, female-loving logician WHO'S ALSO FEMALE GUISE~

No. 385413

She's changing to appeal to her ~~smol beans~~ aka the group of 13 year old idubbbz fangirls that follow her

No. 385417

all five of them, lmao. the rest of the "TRUE ANISA FANS" are neckbeards who are all going to complain about anisa turning into a tumblrina feminist just like they did when she got her hair cut. it's like this girl wants to lose her entire fanbase. and it's not like she'll ever have any fans to replace the neckbeards with since she's utterly unremarkable.

alternatively, she's changing to be lilbeantay in personality too, not just looks. except beantay can take a fucking joke.

No. 385422

it's funny how she tries so hard to prove us wrong and impress us yet she never takes our advise.

No. 385423

File: 1505207033482.png (144.08 KB, 750x936, IMG_4816.PNG)

Kat telling Anisa the hypocrite to shut up in the most educated way possible.

PS: the past? Pear defines herself as idubbbz gf every five minutes and she loves it.

No. 385425

oh dear, this girl has 0 self-awareness

No. 385429

katt legitimately dislikes her. it's not even speculation at this point. she very clearly does not like anisa. does anisa not realize it or is she being passive-aggressive like she was when max made his dislike of anisa known?

No. 385437

what a fucking tryhard. i swear this girl has never had an original thought in her life.

No. 385456

File: 1505221113411.png (102.97 KB, 639x805, IMG_2560.PNG)


No. 385476

right around the time of this post Anisa made a post on twitter about how Demi Lovato's (alleged) gf "must be a 10/10 if she bagged demi". jfc Anisa lurk less…

When did she tear the muscle? There are old-ish pics of her where her neck looks fine.

No. 385482

lol, anisa doesn't even realize she's poot

No. 385486

as a chick with naturally big traps: girl stop lying.

No. 385508

File: 1505231439450.png (88.04 KB, 639x684, IMG_5820.PNG)

Anything she writes or says, I always find myself thinking "shut the fuck up, anisa…"

No. 385515

File: 1505234903346.jpg (696.85 KB, 1080x1551, Screenshot_20170912-124611.jpg)

Is she trying to do that bon appetit meme? Because she's always trying to force jokes and she sounds retarded.
Lmao try hard

No. 385517


No. 385518

Everything she cooks looks like she got it out of a can and it's been sitting out for a while

No. 385520

>verity as I can so bone atrophy
what in the actual fuck is she trying to say???

No. 385530

I think "verity" is supposed to be "variety". "Bone atrophy" refers to a meme where people intentionally misspell "bon appetit" (bone apple tea, bone ape the teeth, etc) she just used it retardedly. Your post made me lol though because if you aren't familiar with the meme it straight-up sounds like she's stroking out lmao.

No. 385574

that looks like garbage, and she sounds like she had a stroke halfway through (even with being aware of the meme).

No. 385595

She actually mentioned her traps… Anisa, you don't need to comment on every flaw we point out on here.

No. 385596

Adding on, it just makes you sound more insecure and makes it all the more obvious you lurk. Although, I do wonder if people have been pointing that out in her youtube comments and streams also.

No. 385629

Holy shit. Can't wait to see how even more awkward their next trip will be.

No. 385634

The only reasons Anisa lurks here are to make us like her by correcting everything she considers flaws. And bc she knows we'd be the first ones to find out who idubbbz cheated with, she cheated before so she's expecting us to have more evidence on her or idubbbz.


No. 385635

No. 385639

'I don't have time to cook lunch so i just skip it'
Bitch what are you busy with? You're a total NEET

No. 385640

Why does she sound so out of breath in this video? Or am I just nitpicking

No. 385641

Okay she's lactose intolerant now as well. Is there anything negative that hasn't happened to her? Did she already claimed to have been murdered?

No. 385646

File: 1505250542468.png (138.74 KB, 644x609, Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 5.07…)

Lmao omg dat desperate need for validation… im throwing up in my mouth

No. 385656

She wants to be a youtuber and not piggyback off her boyfriend's fame, but her videos are still so shitty. Just small things like fixing the lighting (get a softbox or something) and making sure she doesn't have dirt/makeup/whatever on her top would make her videos seem more professional. Ian was right when he said her house was 'ghetto'. Everything, including her, seem so dirty?

No. 385659

hahaha her neckbeards are so salty

No. 385660

Exactly what I was going to post. Why would she need to 'prep' lunches when she doesn't have a job. Try working an 8-9 hour job pear you lazy piece of shit. Good luck being a house wife Ian when you can't even make lunches on time.

No. 385662

File: 1505251739032.png (34.69 KB, 627x441, justcollabwithedupz.png)

lol @ her pinning this comment. it's just her validating herself as her views dwindle down to 1k lmao. and
>just collab with idubbbz!!!11
literally proof that the only reason people still watch her videos is for the hope that ian's going to show up lmaooo.

No. 385663

so does she purposely pick incredibly unflattering thumbnails? or does she actually think this is cute?

No. 385669

I think she doesn't know her body type/facial shape so she thinks by wearing what other girls wear/makeup on ig will make her automatically pretty. But on her it looks like shit, i mean look at that cap not even fitting her deformed head. The hair, the makeup, the shitty clothing style, the dirty skin and the never fitting right clothes. She claimed she changed all of these but i see no difference except that she actually believes those compliments from the cancer crew trolls.

No. 385682

Her make up looks extra gross in this video. Ew.

No. 385700

how the fuck is she gaining weight eating vegan? she must just be doing the junk food vegan thing. just eat more fruit and vegetables, idiot.

also, lol at 'vegan bread'. i know some breads have hidden egg milk whatever in it but most actually don't.

No. 385706

also, chokers are the worst thing she could wear for that big ass neck and traps. that, and short hair. she needs to cover those things.

is she actually blind? she is legitimately making herself look as ugly as possible. just a couple of years ago when she had long hair she was actually kinda cute.

No. 385708

In this new nonsense, what she calls content, her tits are SUPER low to the ground. Bitch, you is 24. WTF.

And might I add, when all you do is eat vegan cake and half-ass it at the gym of course you're going to gain weight. Logic is not her strength.

No. 385721

Yup my thoughts exactly. On her last video where she had the vegan cake she claimed she was having a "cheat day". She must be having "cheat days" every other day because a couple days prior she had just been eating those brownies on stream too.

No. 385730

And did this bitch really just say it's hard to eat healthy on vegan diet?? it's not at all if you're feeding your body the proper nutrients.

No. 385747

Yeah, it's Anisa, queen of the lies and excuses

No. 385756

File: 1505259559480.png (13.43 KB, 666x178, sooorefined.png)

but anon, she's trying to look more ~refined~. probably not AT ALL because we compared her style to a toddler's.

lol @ this comment she tho, she was wearing literally a basic brown t-shirt in this latest vid. i'm almost positive that person was trolling her and anisa thought it was a compliment.

No. 385770

Yes pear, tops where we can see through them to see your gross push up bra is "refined".

Not that we ever have to worry about pear ever getting a job but, she totally the type who'd think a top like that would be suitable for an office job. She's so trashy.

No. 385774

>"vegan bread"
>picture of gluten free bread
like I know she's slow but…

No. 385783


I liked the top on her. The colour suits her although her push up bra was distracting. If she just wore a normal bra, they wouldn't poke through the shirt.

I thought the video was alright except for a few things:

WTF is vegan bread? Most sliced bread you get from the shops is vegan… unless it's some Canadian thing where they butter everything? It looks like she's getting gluten free bread? Why? I understand if she's checking if she's gluten intolerant, but say gluten free, not vegan… I believe GF bread is higher in calories because they substitute the gluten with fat… so ordinary vegan bread should be lower in calories, right?

How does she not have time to cook but can leave lentil soup to simmer for two hours? Lentil soup is one of the easiest things you can make.. 20 minutes prep max just throwing whatever left over rotting veg you have. It's not like she has a job, either.

Pro tip: instead of lurking here, make lentil soup. That way you're saving money, excessive sodium and using up veg.

I liked how she said how she felt bad about getting vegan stuff because of the social stigma. I think a lot of people need to hear that to end the stupid "im vegan" circle jerk. Also, more importantly how it's kind of hard to follow that lifestyle when others have to go out of their way to accompany you.

It being economically is such a joke. Who knows, it might be different in Canada but beans and tofu is so much cheaper than the equivalent calories in chicken breast.

I think her not finding a vegan diet satiating to the point that she's overeating is a sign that she isn't meeting her macros. But I think that it supports my belief that she has an issue with binge eating and just can't be satiated eating a regular 2000 or whatever calories her TDEE is.

Good on her for finding out she's lactose intolerant.

And I agree that meat substitutes aren't as satisfying as normal meat. But I'm not vegan so I haven't done much researching…

No. 385787

Why does she have Ariana grande at the end title? The song is called "focus on me" which kinda defines most of Anisa's thoughts.

No. 385797

>the vegan bread is making me fat :(
>i eat that shit with avocado, jellies, i also live off of hummus and pita bread (why tf won't she just eat the pita bread for breakfast then)
>vegan food is expensive
>I also go out to fancy vegan restaurants so that helps a lot

but go back to her cooking steak stream and you'd see why she's having such a hard time being happy on a plant based diet. those fucking butter/cream cheese/cheese potatoes were horrendous.

No. 385799

hahaha, those fucking potatoes though. she was just like, "should i add this cheese? yeah, why not. what about this cheese? YEAH. and then this cheese too…? is it too much cheese? NAH, FUCK ME UP WITH THAT CHEESE, FAM." but she's sooo lactose-intolerant omg.

No. 385801

It was still just a plain t-shirt and she made it sound like it was a high-quality blouse, the fuck.

No. 385819

her dumb ass probably doesn't think things are vegan if they aren't also gluten free

No. 385821

File: 1505269232306.jpg (537.29 KB, 1069x1531, Screenshot_20170912-221827.jpg)

Ethan and Hila both liked this tweet.
Bet if they do they'll have a good outcome and Anisa will change her views to fit theirs. shes a lazy piece of shit that cant take responsibility for shit that happens to her.

No. 385832

Wow all the vegans came out for her videos and dragged her to fucking hell lmao.

Even NON-vegans were fact checking her on how most of the shit she was spewing was wrong.

How fucking sad that she can't even make genuine content regarding her OWN OPINIONS. like how does one manage to lie about that?!

No. 385842

lol they didn't even mention her traps. her insecurity is so sad.

No. 385847

File: 1505275224894.png (175.91 KB, 750x1112, IMG_4828.PNG)

People were talking shit about her hair and brows so she asks for their opinion/validation AGAIN. It's a never ending seeking-for-validation cycle.

Give up, Anisa, they only want to see your boyfriend not your ugly face or shitty content.

No. 385850

Dear god look at that desperate smile… I can see the pain in her eyes.. this is so cringey

No. 385858


Did she… did she shop her shoulders? Her hand looks really small.

No. 385870

File: 1505279930738.png (36.72 KB, 847x250, IMG_7892.png)

No. 385875

That's a lot of "likes" vs loves/looks great. She's also admitting she got it cut for his tastes. Have a backbone and be you in a relationship. Probably why Katt said about people defining he selves by their relationships >>385423

No. 385876

File: 1505281082440.png (548.45 KB, 614x555, Screenshot_7.png)

Why does she always buy tops that are too small for her? The shoulder seam of the shirt doesn't match up with her actual shoulders. They make her look even bigger then she already is. Refined my ass, since when are crop tops "refined"?

No. 385877

She thinks she's smaller than she actually is.
I know plenty of girls with her body type or similar, they dress for their size and look fantastic.
You dont have to be a smol kawaii bean to look good. She just needs to love the body she's in.

No. 385878


The thing is, she's not fat. But she's definitely not petite and if she dressed according to her body size, she'd look fine.

No. 385881

ANISA. If you're reading this, not trying to be mean. Side bangs look better on you than blunt bangs. And grow your hair back out. Curls look cute on your bob for now. And buy some V-necks! In. Your. Size.

No. 385894

Holy fuck hahaha who responds like that? "IDUBBBZ LIKE ME HAIR SO YOU'RE WRONG". Anisa is just a cringy idubbbz stan with a long list of terrible decisions and a nasty personality.

No. 385914

that actually does look better, but now it's messy on her right hand side. imo she needs to let it grow back out and get it competently cut.

No. 385916

she also needs to let her hair longer and dye it black, darker colors do fit her better. longer hair makes her face look smaller.

No. 385936

>ians a fan of the bangs
on lilbeantay probably. Weird how Ian apparently gives his stamp of approval on every hair decision Anisa does. Just because he doesn't break up with you immediately after you get your haircut doesn't mean he loves it, Anusa.

No. 385947

File: 1505305566824.png (98.12 KB, 743x744, IMG_7091.PNG)

Can we please make this a filthy crew thread again? This bitch is fucking boring, no wonder we're still autosaged. I know there's not much milk on joji or the others but still like. And Anisa I know you lurk here so ..yeah he would never associate with you , heaux.

No. 385949

if she's boring go to a different thread or do something with your life

No. 385950

LMAO be mad pear! hahaha yess! oh shit when she sees this she is gonna either make a vague tweet about it or stream about it or something lol shieet

No. 385962

please no. make a separate thread or take it to the general youtubers thread. they're only tangentially related, and it brings out the stans otherwise.

No. 386012

it's been repeatedly stated by farmhands in the last few threads and here >>377766
that anisa gets her own thread, and filthy crew go in youtubers.

how many illiterate newfags are going to ask this?

No. 386027

Shut up edgy cunt

No. 386039

File: 1505318807397.jpg (126.24 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1601.JPG)

>that denial

She's retarded. That hairstyle looks bad on her and her denial is just making me feel less sorry for her. Also, Ian is probably just being nice by not telling your hair style looks like shit.

Lauren Tsai knows what style works for her. Maybe that's why she got that joji dick before you did.

No. 386044

Ohhh they are dating now ?

No. 386046

No. 386048

Relax, Hall monitor. It is related to anisa since she namedropped "George" so much and openly admitted she wanted to fuck him.

Also it's funny comparing her to other prettier girls.

No. 386057

apparently they have been dating since january, but kept it low key check earlier threads. oh man Anisa haha now that these pictures have arised lol once she comes visit us she will baw and cry about it. Yes Anisa joji is dating someone who is prettier and is actually asian unlike your ugly pear self. man I think this is good since she actually checks the thread she is gonna freak once she sees these photographs, you know how much she wanted that joji d and to see him some other girl who is an actual artist and who is very pretty. this is delicious!

No. 386066

wtf, since January? That's like 8 months, i'm amazed, i thought Joji was a complete fuckboi.
But then again,he might have 9 sidehoes

No. 386074

File: 1505323408130.png (144.72 KB, 749x1022, IMG_4839.PNG)

Anisa is seriously a retarded lurker, the only thing she decided to comment on was to this girl bc she mentioned veganism AND since lolcow mentioned the bread she was desperate to bring it up "don't know if it's a canadian thing". Bitch, why don't you look it up? Ask professionals? Oh yeah, you're Anisa and you think you can do better than everyone else.

Honestly she's getting to that point where I don't even feel shame or pity for her, she's one of the dumbest and nastiest people I've seen on the internet and she seems proud to be like that.

No. 386122

Yo she's been at that point for me for a long time. She chooses to trial and error everything instead of looking it up then talks shit about it. Shes the worst.
It's a constant pull between who she pretends to be and who she actually is.

No. 386125

Does she do any research?

No. 386126

I think they might have a sort of relationship where they're together when they're physically together - i.e. when George isn't recording or doing shows or traveling, and Lauren's not modeling or going to events or showing her art - but when they're not together, they see other people. Like a lot of celebrity relationships tbh since they have so many people who want to fuck them around them and can't maintain the long distance thing.

Lauren also tries to present herself as one of those cold, ~cool~ girls, and probably wouldn't care if George didn't want something exclusive because she's too focused on her career to really care all that much, but she does want to be with him to some extent. Just the vibe I get.

But I think it's why they would work together as a couple right now since George doesn't seem the type to want to settle down to one chick yet, and someone like Anisa would never be okay with that. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, in Anisa's defense (even though she's hardly the paragon of monogamy given her history of cheating), but she and George would want different things from a relationship. Not to mention he goes for models and Anisa is… well, Anisa.

No. 386154

File: 1505334208892.jpg (59.11 KB, 640x672, IMG_0882.JPG)

No. 386157

??? aren't the kids back in school
even if joji wanted to stop being a fuckboy long enough to give someone like anisa a pity dicking, she has literally nothing to offer him (or anyone). no job, no higher education, and certainly no intellect, wit, or a personality. she only got ian by virtue of him being an awkward autistic virgin. she should chill out and be happy about that.

No. 386202

Thank you. You're the most reasonable anon on this board. I figured it was related anyway. Just looking at that picture is going to make her seethe.


You're the hall monitor so wouldn't you know? I bet you're the same little dweeb who called me out for not saging. I know your life is dedicated to this Anisa thread, but It's not that serious. And as you heard we're not coming off autosage anytime soon so you I'm sorry to ruin your little wet dream but it's not gonna happen so might as well post Joji hanging with other chicks.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 386215

File: 1505341284318.png (521.51 KB, 813x586, IMG_8323.png)

and another story time video coming soon

No. 386217

she looks cute here imo, forced but she looks nice.

No. 386218

these comments are fake, right? Like, all of them are fake accounts run by Anisa? lol

No. 386221

Most of them are white people…

No. 386222

New video: "Why I left Islam"

No. 386227

When you cry on the internet all the time about people who are mean to you people will go out of their way to be super extra to try and make you feel nice.
You legit only see comments like this on pictures of girls who demand attention and really insecure. She had to make people feel bad to get reactions like that.

No. 386231

There's no need to be so vitriolic towards them, even if they were kinda being lame. But why do you care about Joji so much? Please stop stanning for him, it's super embarrassing.

Oh, lord, I was expecting this video eventually.

No. 386237

Hey guys, in your opinion what's the cringey thing Anus has ever done?
For me it's when she just started dating Ian and and made a bunch of AmAs because she thought people actually cared about her now and then began listing all of his friends that shes talked to in hopes that it would make people think she's cool.

No. 386239

No. 386252

Bad things can happen, and often do but they only take up a few pages of your story… unless you're Anisa. In that case, every single horrible thing you can imagine has happended and is going to happen.

No. 386257

Maybe some of that post pertains to you which is why you're offended and threw in that butthurt Joji comment. I actually don't stan Joji, since when does posting about someone = stanning? I'm just sick of this anon always acting like an uppity little neckbeard.

No. 386263

And apparently most of them think having boobs = beauty. You can't even see her hair or her eyebrows so why are they commenting on that? oH YEAH, they want Idubbbz to approve of them… Might as well comment and say "OMG love your shoes, beautiful, Ian is so lucky" I'm sure Anisa doesn't mind the fake compliments, that's all she gets all the time.

No. 386269

and stuff happens to her so frequently that surely she can't think that people believe it

you sure are getting awfully mad over people telling you to stop stanning/talking about joji ?

No. 386270

Why make a video about this? she could've just posted ONE tweet about it.

"I'm not a muslim bc I want to wear tiny clothes and beg for money dicks on the internet"
"Also, I think I'm super rational and eloquent and above any ideology"

Not even teen girls behave like this, this girl really needs attention but like psychiatric attention.

No. 386272

she looks the most like that beantay girl here than at any other time.

No. 386275

People? I'm pretty sure you're the only one that brought it up. Your arms must hurt from all that reaching.

No. 386278

File: 1505347651007.jpg (31.47 KB, 600x300, c115d02200c3cf4464ec1135447d1e…)

That hairstyle squares out her head and that and the color makes her look like a low budget Paget Brewster

No. 386288

i think she's legit facetuning her pictures to make her features look more like beantay. not even joking. look at that picture compared to the video where she's wearing the same shirt, and there's definitely some editing going on in the picture. if i were that girl, i'd legit be scared. she's about half a step away from going single white(passing) female on that chick.

No. 386290


well she

1) insults & strongly dislikes people who she doesn't agree with/ has never meet/ women in general.
e.g laci green, tana mongeau, again women in general ~catTy & bItchHy~

2) thinks very highly of herself, thinks she's articulate and artistic
e.g always mentions she went to university and how her father is a lawyer, believes to be fit for keemstar's podcast (podcast is bad enough), her tweets, can't draw + has traced (im using you guys' opinion i dont know shit about art tbh)

3) likes to rides people with large followings' dicks (figuratively and possibly literally)
e.g was seen almost crying and made a scene on stream when chris & laci began dating (hmmm), suspected to have cheated on ex akaadian with idubbbz, despite her efforts she can't get her favorite youtuber FF to notice her, ETC ETC ETC (???)

4) has no originality, no creativity, no voice, no spark
e.g keeps losing subs, has no opinions of her own, videos are all over the place (not to mention boring), awkward & stiff, not funny at all (humor is subjective but she just wasn't born with that knack)

5) lies
e.g lies about her BDD and how insecure she is (shows tits on stream and was literally spreading her legs in her last stream omg), said she was diagnosed by a university psychiatrist but lied again when ppl commented that that they aren't legit (correct me on this)

plus she sort of looks and sounds like sarah huckabee haha im sure im not the only one that thinks so

No. 386296

I agree with everything here.

No. 386299

>said she was diagnosed by a university psychiatrist but lied again when ppl commented that that they aren't legit (correct me on this)
Yep, this is pretty much what happened. At first, she said she knew she had those disorders because of a "family history" and when people called her out on not having a diagnosis, she said she saw a school counselor in uni once and the counselor diagnosed her but she didn't want meds, etc. so she never went back to the counselor. When people told her a counselor couldn't diagnose her with those disorders or give her meds, she said the counselor referred her to a therapist. Then when people said a therapist couldn't have given a professional diagnosis either, she said she was referred to a psychologist. It was just a hilarious shitshow of her tacking on new lies and altering her story as people called her out on it.