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File: 1501021145464.png (247.43 KB, 396x401, 1501011757699.png)

No. 360315

Last thread: >>340026

Anisa only thread this time, guys. Non-pear related youtuber discussion goes elsewhere.

>Anisa scrambles to put together a new identity when her edgy yt commentator personality falls apart
>has over 9000 mental illnesses clinically diagnosed by a school counselor, no wait a psychologist, no wait a uni hospital psychiatrist…? yeah that's the one
>expressing fear that Ian will dump her soon
>planning? a trip to UK
>also planning a trip to LA to see her fucktoy instead of seeing her boyfriend
>commentator turned entertainer turned beauty guru turned diy turned


No. 360321

File: 1501021238399.png (496.33 KB, 1111x863, Untitled.png)

Anisa's current patreon making them mad $$$, don't spend those $3 all in one place now

No. 360328

How can she afford traveling with only 3 dollars?

No. 360334

don't forget about the mad bucks she's getting from titty streaming ;) bc she's so so pooooooor and helpless and needs moneeeee but would never use ians money D:

No. 360345

This is obviously old since its for Raihnbowkidz, but she didn't shut it down so is she still doing a "Patreon live chat" with her round of applause one patron or has someone been subconsciously paying her three dollars every month without remembering?

No. 360347

That $3 is probs Maureen tbh

No. 360363

Holy fuck this almost made me cry.
How much is her monthly income anyways? That always puzzled me.

No. 360366

This girl only wants to make easy money, hence the adjusting to family friendly material.

It'd be a bummer if someone dared content cop her and show all her dirty past contrasting this new "good girl Anisa".

No. 360372


pretty much 3 dlls and keeps losing followers after that BDD video, look at that brow tutorial day -42 …

No. 360373

It's hilariously patehtic how she's been going from different themed videos in an attempt to see what gets more views. Because there is nothing paticular that she's actually good at and soon she'll realize it doesn't matter what her videos are about, none of them will get more than 20k(and im beimg generous pear).

Now she's going to try DIY and for someone as bland and uncreative as her, they're going to be awful and probably worst than her makeup tutorials some how.

No. 360374

File: 1501024137230.png (770.07 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5583.PNG)

Second picture that comes up when you search her name. Obvious sucking in/contorting
Oh god! No! This BDD was killing her!

No. 360378

Love that she still brings her tits out on streams, despite implying she was above that and that it was just a "social experiment". this girl is a clown

No. 360379

The only social experiment was her parents creating her, SIIIIIKE.
Biggest fails of the century.

No. 360380

The funny thing is if she was honest with herself in her video she would have said "I would suck in my stomach to make myself look skinny because I had shitty self worth and confidence" The fact that she feels the need to do that in a photo is an actual problem but she is so not self aware and fake she rather make up stories. I would feel bad if she wasn't an obvious manipulative money hungry whore.

No. 360383

File: 1501024627739.png (439.61 KB, 619x707, Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 4.16…)


I feel bad for Ethan and Hila having to put up with this and pretend to like her.

No. 360385

How does she keep gaining foliowers and subscribers but get less and less likes and views in her twitter and youtube?
Is she buying likes and views??

No. 360390

Absolutely not. If she had such a problem, it wouldn't have reached the internet.

No. 360391

How can she afford traveling? She can't.

Chris paid for her recent trip to NYC

No. 360395

File: 1501025604882.png (496.15 KB, 1258x666, ohno.png)

most of her videos are being denied demonetization so she's making like $26/month on youtube kek

No. 360416

File: 1501026867846.jpg (934.46 KB, 1344x840, Anisa Jomha USED TO do titty s…)

She lasted a good 4 months without popping her tits out, Rest in Pieces

No. 360451

she doesn't even know what dichotomy is.

No. 360452

Us (or people like us) tbh. She's so amazingly unaware of how obvious her lying is that you just can't help but rubberneck

No. 360463

Yeah but how is her subscriber co but going up but her views stay the same.
Is she buying bots

No. 360467

I doubt it, she has no money, maybe she's asking for favors maybe she has a sugar daddy? Probably why the tits are out again.

No. 360482

I think it's most likely just Ian's supporters subscribing to her because they love him, but they can't be bothered to watch any of her boring ass videos.

No. 360536

Girl you're a terrible titty streamer ~ironically~ or not.

No. 360539

I can't believe she deleted the comments criticizing her… way to seem guilty.

I was actually going to commend her on leaving those comments up because most cows just delete any sign of dissent immediately.

No. 360547

File: 1501038393533.png (54.08 KB, 637x262, Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 8.05…)

She forgot to delete this one.

No. 360549

Lol @ the triggered reply. She didn't delete it because she's got these minions fighting for her.

No. 360554

File: 1501039392682.png (136.75 KB, 659x501, hypocrite.png)

I think what is sadder is that she left around half of her commenters feeling lonely as fuck wondering where to get help, how to deal with OCD or any of her self-diagnosed illnesses.

You can see in her description she didn't even bother to put up some links to hotlines or websites… when her video is about talking to others and asking for help.

This girl doesn't care if her fans actually suffer or kill themselves, she just wanted to sit on your table for a bit because she thinks your problems are just themes/content = money.

If there's anyone in here going through some deep mental crisis you know you can always reach out to close people (not youtubers) and there's always websites where you can speak anonymously to professionals. And ignore Anisa, there's always shitty people like her exploiting your issues, I'm 100% sorry you had to experience this but there's real people who care and want to help. Also, it's okay to use medication if you need it, fuck what this ignorant bitch said about them changing your personality… I mean look at her, she's not even taking drugs and she changes her "personality" every single day.

Be smart, be safe.

Some links here and you can google for local ones too:



No. 360557

Hey did Anisa delete her scarce video parodying Zoie Burgher? The one where she put whipped cream on Scarce and fucked up her room?

No. 360562

yeah, she's probably scared zoie's and scarce's fan will come after her AGAIN.

But there's this video where Anisa gets shitted on for making fun of a bigger youtuber/streamer (also someone she begged to be part of her all female team)


LOL at anisa making fun of zoie for owning just one bra when she uses the same dirty padded bra on every stream/video.

No. 360564

why does that description sound like a 6th grade persuasive essay

No. 360567

lol @ ihopppz telling anisa not to hang out with zoie because it wasn't a good idea for anisa to associate with her.

because associating yourself with and DATING the fucking pear is such a good idea, ian. they're both cunts.

No. 360569

File: 1501040566842.png (20.78 KB, 497x343, Untitled.png)

update: found her old facebook post and she did privatize it

What a fucking coward lol

No. 360600

Begging for likes and shares, didn't the cancer crew and h3h3 make fun of people like this?

No. 360605

yep. mocked the shit out of them. ian was one of the people who did it most often, hilariously enough. he still does. anisa's literally the embodiment of everything they all made fun of - an unintelligent, uneducated, hypocritical, lying girl on the internet who panders to nerdy men and constantly plays the victim - that it's so surreal she ended up with ian at all. i sometimes wonder if it's some weird social experiment on ian's end, but then i remember she took his virginity and her weird hold on him makes sense.

No. 360681

File: 1501054022352.jpg (149.7 KB, 640x640, IMG_5589.JPG)

Here's the deets on her hot topic pins and patches jacket (which is brand new, with tags). Where's she getting the money for new jackets and U.K. trips??

No. 360688

File: 1501054657118.jpg (834.62 KB, 750x1092, IMG_6038.JPG)

The Kylie wax figure looks like a prettier Anisa and it's kind of messing with me wtf.

No. 360725

Okay, maybe a gift from her parents bc they noticed their autistic daughter is walking around with the dirtiest tiniest overused clothes ever?

But more importantly, the fact that she pretends to like these bands which she has never listened to, clearly? Like sure, Anisa, you thought RATM and The Doors would get you internet points except you have no Jim Morrison there and that RATM one is soooo low quality, so like where did you buy these shitty fake pins? You wouldn't be supporting and promoting piracy now would you?

No. 360727

Mmm it's probably the lifeless eyes, penis haircut and the makeup saturated face.

No. 360734

File: 1501062001829.png (132.65 KB, 750x1152, IMG_2682.PNG)

Another reason for Anisa to be hating on K4iley (Pear couldn't like or share any of the successes kailey has had these past days bc she's super jelly obvs) and now kailey is super buddy buddy with Chris. Makes sense tho, Chris and her have much more in common than Anisa and him.

It seems like the only reason Anisa and Chris are friends is bc 1) she annoys the life out of him so he has no other choice but to respond and play along 2) he puts up with it bc he wants that idubbbz close

No. 360736

She said in a stream that when Ian came to visit her, they went thrifting and bought the buttons and patches together (he ~insisted~ on paying lol) with the intent of making something out of it as a momento. It would be a sweet gesture if Anisa weren't a whore who does these things with every bf she has, and if she actually cared about it for the sake of sentimentality and not just as another way to remind everyone that Ian, THE YOUTUBE FAMOUS IDUBBBZTV, is her bf. Going to cringe when the entire video is literally her just saying Ian every five seconds as she describes every pin lest we forget Ian is her bf.

No. 360765


I can't stand his voice. He tries way too hard to sound like Billie Joe from Green Day.

Sage for ot

No. 360766

This is old. This is Anisa on February on Bunty's podcast, not letting bunty or his guests speak and contradicting 100% everything she is right now.

-boasts about being a female commentator (she isn't one)
-overexaggerates her hockey and lacrosse stories, saying she was bullied for being a woman (but there were other girls on the team)
-makes fun of a guy on her lacrosse team that "went to an ivy league university but came back and didn't have a good major"
-says her stream was about being "an unlikable person" from the beginning
-says she hates playing the victim card bc female creators do that like Tana or the mandela effect girls on her video bc 'they're idiots'
-talks shit about grossgore
-says ian and her talked things from the beginning to not hide their relationship but that they agreed on not having a business partnership (ian keeps her a big secret and she's still leeching off his name and friends, so they both lied if they did talk about it)
-said that tana didn't recognize ian when they met her and she was like "she didn't recognize me either" (why would tana recognize you, anisa? pls)
-said no one should expose someone if you have skeletons in your closet…
-etc. etc.


No. 360776

she got 200$ from someone on stream and said she was SO happy because she had a video idea planned all the money would go to funding it

$200 worth of shitty hot topic shit

No. 360778

wasn't that person drunk, too? super shitty to take money from a drunk person. even freaking joy sparkles/katy/whatever the fuck her name is had better morals and tried to give the money back when she was in the same situation.

No. 360836

This is literally like those memes where you step into a Forever 21, find something you like and then realize it says something stupid on the back/has a bunch of dumb patches on the ass. Who likes this? Patches and pins on a denim jacket are cute if its just a few. I can't even imagine her walking around like that, it probably all makes noises like jingling while she walks.

No. 360853

File: 1501078599258.jpg (66.79 KB, 757x355, Untitled - Edited.jpg)

walmart version vs versace

No. 360923

Someone should gather all these receipts and tip Drama Alert. Could be a story considering it's Ian's boo.

No. 360947

Will do.

No. 360984

Sounds nice I suppose but I know Keem wouldn't expose Anisa unless something REALLY big happened. He wouldn't mess with the guy who changed everybody's opinions on him in the first place.

No. 360993

It might be a smaller story about the med situation on a slower news day maybe when all the Jake Paul shit starts to die down. Nothing is sacred to Keem. Ian won't say or do shit knowing Anisa lied. He doesn't defend lies and retardation even if is from his girl.

No. 360999


Ya I don't see it happening unless Sky's video drops.

Also, although keem seemed to have really disliked her at the beginning, it looks like his opinion has changed a bit and was acting quite cordial with her in some recent tweets.

No. 361030

So, Anisa is still convinced that her YouTube career, which in her words, her content is "documenting her interests and sharing it with the world<3", is going to be successful? Why doesn't she just get a diary? How does she expect to make a living off of this? My parents would smack me silly if I were in her shoes. You can make the argument that she's an adult and can make her own choices, but with her personality and maturity that matches that of a 13 year old girl, she needs someone to put her in her place. Sad that her family enables her.

No. 361046

To be sucessfull on youtube you need to have personality. Most people don't actually care about the content, they care about the persona. Like… let's think for a second on all the sucessful female youtubers… Tana's content is shit but her audience actually enjoys her being a mess, embracing being a hoe, watching her blogs with her friends and giving a fuck, ohm Liza has a cheesy sense of humor that most people enjoy has a cute relationship, interesting friends or Nikkietutorials, she reviews the same shit that everyone reviews but people wacth her because they like her!. She hasnt found her self yet, she just adopts personalities, doesn't have any friends to call her on her bullshit, her content is all over the place, she's clearly lying about everything, she doesnt work hard enough and well, gave up on her decission of not being a titty streamer, that shows lack of character… She really needs to do something else. I actually feel kinda bad for her.

No. 361074

teenagers like this. my niece is all over this sort of stuff right now. but, well, we all already knew that anisa's fashion sense was like that of a 15 year old's…

No. 361079

And didn't Ian tweet about those cringy Forever 21 t-shirts? I could actually see Anisa wearing them.

No. 361101

I thought pear and k4iley were besties though. Did I miss something?

No. 361113

Yeah where is all this "Pear is jealous of k4iley" drama coming from?

No. 361121

Because kailey has been nominated for beauty streamer on twitch for her makeup skills (also bc she's cuter than pear), she's been nominated to co-host more streams with bigger streamers and bc pear introduced kailey and chris and since then they've been befriending each other on twitter liking and sharing each other's stuff while pear can't even be noticed by them so she's social media distancing herself from them.

No. 361141

Is there evidence of actual drama though? Like did one of the two subtweet the other? Or say something on stream?

No. 361147

Doesn't seem like it; the most you could claim is that Anisa is being passive aggressive…

No. 361157

Agreed. She's not showing support. It says a lot. I'm sure something salty will happen in the future, though

No. 361329

I'm sure they genuinely like her especially Ethan since he's as much of a retard as the entire FF crew and friends are. He looks like pamperchu here with that kiddie colour palette.

No. 361331

I agree. This looks like utter shit and patches are NOT cheap, especially not this many. It's too fucking much going on. Spread out 4 color coded (like black and white) patches maximum on your jacket and let it be. It's not supposed to be crazy like this except for metal battle jackets which is something else entirely.

>penis haircut

No. 361438

So on today's stream there was a bunch of chilean and portuguese people telling her she's a "fattie" ugly whore, that she's the dumbest bitch on twitch, that she takes all dicks all the time, they were comparing her to a russian stream whore? (who knows who that is?), asking her to show her tits, asking her to suck their dicks, telling her she was shit and that she danced like a stiff bitch. She was laughing the whole time though and making slightly racist jokes.

BASICALLY called her a dick-thirsty whore the whole time and made fun of how dumb she is. They were making fun of how quick she was to try to look good with them and they said they were going to ban her channel somehow.

Even in Chile and Portugal she's a joke.

(I speak spanish and a bit of portuguese)

No. 361460

>Even in Chile and Portugal she's a joke.
damn, you know you've reached rock-bottom when you can say that.

No. 361604

She's apparently going to San Diego next week to "see" Ian. Doesn't seem for long

No. 361615

you legit can't believe anything she says though, considering she was traveling to the UK for no reason five minutes ago, and then she was going to go to LA to collab with Chris? she's a liar. not to mention she can't just keep coming in and out of the US like this unless the bitch wants to ruin her chances at getting a visa. how fucking stupid is she?

No. 361623

True. Totally fine if she keeps screwing with her Visa. I live in Southern California and would prefer her not be in my vicinity lmao

No. 361661

Where is the patches vid or the lacrosse all men team vid, Anisa? Are you waiting on us to give you more ideas?

No. 361779

File: 1501189669339.png (1.02 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6103.PNG)

Dying at her old insta pics and tags. She was so anorexic her goal was to be a fitness model. At the time, she was fucking a bunch of LAX players so this explains why this was her personality at the time lmao. Glad to see she used to own up to being a camwhore tho.

No. 361789

She used to have a waist.

I think she's lying about Ian liking short hair. His longtime crush Superwoman has really long hair.

No. 361799

So is Anisa still convinced she had BDD at this time while typing out those tags? If anything it shows she's extremely into herself, where are those abs exactly? I'm not saying her body looks bad here but, fitness model level? That's too funny.

No. 361848


I can totally picture her online dating sites stating that "she's an arab girl that is just one of the boys" thinking that's somehow her personality and that guys will be turned on by it. She thinks her ethnicity is just something you should use to sound interesting to men.

Probably why she's so jealous of supawoman, a canadian girl that is actually known for her ethnicity and very proud of it, actually cares about her roots and her family traditions… and Ian liked her.

Girl, you have no personality and you are far from proud of your ethnicity, no need to brag about that with "the bois".

She's probably going to make a video about it soon "proud arab muslim girl".

No. 361854

I personally don't think she'd be so dumb to make a video about her hockey or lacrosse "all men" teams because she'd also have to admit that she wasn't that good and it was all thanks to her father making arrangements for her to enter the teams since he was basically involved in all these organizations.

No. 361924

File: 1501204104217.png (17.75 KB, 581x129, Screenshot 2017-07-27 at 9.07.…)

She tweets like a 12 year old girl.

No. 361925

>feel sorry for me even though its my own fault my content is shit woe is me

No. 361936

Her followers are starting to get real tired of her daily fake apologies and daily "i feel so ugly today, like this tweet to help me, i'm also poor gimme money". Do stuff or don't but nobody gives a fuck about mediocre apologies and everyday problems that everyone has.

No. 361964

I swear she tweets this exact thing at least once every 1-2 weeks.

No. 361965

Where tho?
Everytime I look at her twitter her retarded ass fans are praising her for literally nothing.

No. 361971

Yeah, but look how the number of replys/likes start to drop, also read the tweets she doesn't reply to, they're all like "yeah, it's okay, nobody cares if you're ugly/look fat/have no ass/sweat a lot" when a few weeks ago were like "you're the best/you're beautiful/great work", they're all slowly losing hope…. and the rest of the "fans" are like jojian fan pages soooo… at the end of the day she's just talking to herself.

No. 361975

File: 1501210270285.png (135.57 KB, 750x877, IMG_2792.PNG)

Even she knows it and does nothing to improve, just tweets and cries about it. She'll have to "wait for the creativity" and by that we know vlog/share every single thing related to Ian (if she does go visit him) to make her channel at least relevant.

Speaking of Ian, she didn't even congratulate him on his bday, she can tweet h3h3 but not her own boyfriend? Maybe she did say happy bday to him personally but I mean, she's constantly talking about him and using him for views but she can't even do one nice thing for him like a small tweet? He went to Canada for her and what did she do? Oh yeah, plan a trip to visit chris ray gun or to the uk.

Well done Pear.

No. 361980

>Speaking of Ian, she didn't even congratulate him on his bday
It was Ian's birthday? Goddamn, never would have known. She didn't acknowledge him at all, just went on babbling about herself like usual. She's honestly been acting like a single girl since she left San Diego. She -talks- about Ian all the time, sure, but in a way to remind us that she has a famous boyfriend, nothing that indicates she actually cares about him. And then on-stream once, she was like, "This is probably going to sound bad, but I think the distance actually works for us." Why, pear? Because you get all the benefits and don't have to show any sort of affection? I'm sure, if confronted about her nothing even saying happy birthday ffs, she'd say something about Ian not wanting her to do anything publicly and that they had a nice skype date or something, but I'd call bullshit on that. She's just a lazy piece of shit who cares only about herself.

No. 361982

lmao you're losing subs because you only got them when people were interested in ian. you had an opportunity to hook them on your own merits by being interesting, but you didn't. now interest in ian is dropping, you're boring af, have nothing special to offer any subs, ian's not going to pop up on your channel which is why 50% of the people subbed in the first place… gee, wonder why you're losing subs lmao.

No. 361998

People are still interested in Ian. I unsubbed a while ago and was surprised to find that all of his recent videos are still raking in millions of views. I'm not really sure why, honestly but people definitely are still interested in Ian.

No. 362005

Perhaps because idubbbz fans are also hoping to see filthy frank or h3h3 in his videos. Idubbbz is way more famous than Anisa but they both leech off other youtubers.

And maybe Anisa didn't wish him a happy birthday because they broke up, i mean, if it was my boyfriend's birthday i'd still be happy even if long distance instead of being all crappy and making the "frustrating tweet all about me". Maybe her improv trip to san diego is to win him back not to actually visit him.

No. 362012

File: 1501214894881.jpg (1.26 MB, 1414x2197, Screenshot_20170728-000202.jpg)

Okay but anisa is likeing tweets that say it's her best work but it says mora in the corner.
So she's stealing art now?

No. 362018


Next video: "My experience with Kleptomania and mythomania"

No. 362032

>Maybe her improv trip to san diego is to win him back not to actually visit him.
I honestly get the feeling the trip might be a final "let's see if we can save this" kind of thing. Like, maybe they haven't broken up yet, but that's just because they're waiting to do it in person. That's the sort of feeling I get. Like, this trip is either going to be what saves them or breaks them up for good.

No. 362033

kek, dead

No. 362037

knowing anisa she probably drew ian a shitty painting of them together

No. 362038

y'all are fucking retarded

No. 362041

File: 1501217903481.png (1.52 MB, 1015x1038, lol.png)

considering anisa's history of recreating things she did for past bfs with her current bfs, wouldn't doubt it lmao. wonder if ian got a rainbow cake, too!

No. 362045

Good one Pailey– you sure showed us!

No. 362047

And by Pailey I mean garbage pail-ey

No. 362049

Well I guess we were right about kailey visiting this page way more often than not. And now she's saying Anisa is her favorite person, guilty much?

No. 362053

was linked to 4chan using my pics, not lolcow. didnt even know this site existed until i was linked to your retarded conspiracy theories saying "anisa and i hated each other" and that "anisa was jealous of me". unfortunate misinformation. have fun tho! these are entertaining to read.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 362054

Agreed. I mean, if you were going to go ahead and "infiltrate", might as well be smart about it.

No. 362056

Stop it kailey, you're triggering our misinformed OCD & BDD!

No. 362060

If Kailey just found out about lolcow that means she doesn't watch Anisa's videos and streams at all… and suddenly she cares about defending her. Interesting.

No. 362061

only because it affects her. like attracts like, both these girls are self-centered attention whores of the highest order. at least kailey has the excuse of being young though. anisa's older and should be better than this by now.

No. 362062

literally shaking. anyone have any meds from their school therapist they can give me?

No. 362063

Kailey. We have lies on top of lies.


Care to comment?

No. 362064

Lmfao anon, I can't ;)

No. 362069

Kailey non-stop tweeting about lolcow. I'm cringing. Does she really think this is a good idea? All she's going is potentially giving this thread more traffic. All it's going to do is expose more people to Anisa's bullshit and lies. Unless that's exactly what Kailey wants…? Yikes.

No. 362070

Totally what she wants, the twitch competition is starting.

To be fair though, I think Kailey will win, it takes balls to publicly defend someone as shitty as Anisa. I think we can all agree she's brave unlike "I-never-apologize-because-you-misunderstood-Pear".

No. 362071

File: 1501220463235.png (141.44 KB, 650x437, dumb.png)

I think Kailey and Anisa tried to blame who they think is the creator of the threads…in the last thread.

Like nah, girls, but thanks for letting us know how much you hate kaceytron and brittany venti.

No. 362075

Anisa wouldn't need to worry about lolcow if she didn't have so many lies and contradictions out there floating around.

No. 362076

damn, pear STILL has it out for brittany?

No. 362077

Hey Kailey, where'd ya go? Does this mean you do not care to comment?

No. 362082


you guys don't actually think that she's posting right? like she'd have to be a complete fucking retard to post here

No. 362084

File: 1501222063720.png (353.36 KB, 584x636, Untitled.png)

Oh nevermind she really is this fucking retarded

carry on

No. 362087

she's either retarded or wants people to see this thread. i think it's the latter tbh. this is her lowkey exposing anisa lmao.

No. 362088

File: 1501222323829.png (85.88 KB, 792x421, fff.png)

idk you're giving her too much credit, what kind of idiot actually fills out the email field.

kind of ot but lol no wonder she's friends with anisa, she must be making like what, $6? Two girls that have so many fans not willing to pay for their shit content, they're two pears in a pod

No. 362090

How does she not realize how fucking embarrassing it is to publicly sperg out about a website with an anonymous userbase? You can't "call out" anonymous people lmao. She just looks bitter.

I hope it's the latter lmao.

No. 362091

File: 1501223024615.jpg (34.12 KB, 584x388, f32.jpg)

how many buzzwords can she think of and gush through her fingers onto twitter before her brain explodes?

>posts about how much shes laughing to hide the butthurt
>forum website
gurl… embarrassing.

No. 362093

Who still says "cancerous", though? That's pretty reddit circa 2008 of her despite bitching about reddit being retarded. Why did she diss herself

No. 362094

Since kailey is bringing attention from her tiny twitter following and they potentially might check out the thread

Hey guys, look at his video of a strong independent Anisa using a beta male to fight with Gross Gore

No. 362095

well anisa's definitely going to know about it now. cant wait for her two followers to come whiteknight her and get banned.

No. 362096

Yeah all those 11 followers that liked that tweet. And again where is idubbbz to defend her?

No. 362100


crying bc someone mentioned her cleavage

Wasn't it a social experiment? are the selfies also social experiments too?

No. 362105

"I won't do this without platypus" = "I can't defend myself even though I was the one who was there."

No. 362111

the last thing anisa wants is for idubbbz to come face to face with the reality of her being a genuinely shitty person with the past of an actual cumdumpster. i'm sure she's tried her damnedest to keep this from him.

No. 362112

Yesss, she already started deleting many clips of her twitch fails off youtube, she is the poster child of twitch fails and is trying to erase that. There are still some of her asking for dick, getting undressed for subs, etc.

No. 362113

yes, the insta tags #arabgirl #hot #skinny #camwhore #whore #slut #l4l #model were all variables in her experiment.

No. 362115

yeah, it's pretty sad. i have no issues with hoes who own up to being hoes. like girl, more power to you, get that money and own it. but anisa's the worst, trying to hide her past whoring, and talking down girls like celestia and zoie (who legit only ever tried to help her) and pretending she's better than them when she was one of the worst twitch whores there was. lol that she still couldn't delete that clip of her saying she'd have a one night stand with idubbbz and fangirling over him just before she met him tho (while she was still in a relationship), or the other one of her saying filthy frank was her favorite youtuber and how badly she wanted him to penetrate her. i wonder if ian knows anything (beyond saying girls like celestia were a bad influence) or if he's blissfully unaware he's dating an actual lying whore pretending to be a nun or some shit. even if anisa regrets her past, going about it as she does, secretly deleting incriminating things and STILL talking down other camgirls like she was never one of them is beyond scummy.

No. 362126

Wow, this is so sad who does this? where is her self-awareness? How can she so openly admit to this?So sad.

No. 362141

File: 1501233016803.png (632.95 KB, 930x596, socialexperiment.png)

Obviously anon, can't you tell? These photos were strategically planned to create an ~interesting dichotomy between herself and her viewers~

No. 362149

Didn't Venti make a vid about her a long time ago two?

No. 362153



No. 362199

It's so sad, Brittany is what Anisa strives to be.

Brittany genuinely is trolling and playing a character in her boob streams, anisa is just a dumb slut lol

No. 362208

Found this gem of a video.

Before they'd started dating, Ian actually cared and watched her stream. :^) 4:05 she skype calls Ian and he tells a story about sticking his dick in a glass of milk after spilling hot sauce on it. That experience prepared him for two things: 1. the burning STDs Anisa would give him, 2. the sensation of fucking a glass of liquid, what he feels every time he has to dick Anisa's gaping vag.

No. 362212

Also noteworthy, she seems to treat every guy she wants to fuck the exact same, the "omg I hate you stop talking to me lol but also pls pay attention to me :)" hard to get act. How she treated Ian here is exactly EXACTLY how she treats Chris now. Pretty fucking hilarious.

No. 362231

Yeah, i started to resent Anisa when she was mean with Zoey, Celestia and other boobie streamers. Acting like she was better than them. She's the classic "im on of the boiz" kind of girl that trash other girls because she's jelous and insecure. That's why she doesnt have any friends.

No. 362250

She's so flipfloppy about her opinion on her content. One day she'll proudly say "my videos are like a portfolio of all my abilities guys including talking and fake crying" and then the next day she'll say "I'm SO confused about youtube guise it's like I make a completely different video from the last everytime isn't that so dumb"It's like she doesn't know which one will gather her more sympathy

No. 362340


No. 362345

File: 1501264925969.jpg (298.49 KB, 1434x1075, Screenshot_20170728-140101.jpg)

Lmaon shes trying too hard and anisas dumb ass believes it

No. 362348

Lmao okay
Sge legit just made a shittier version of those animals with ptsd about the war memes. All sge does is rip off memes. Shes trash.
Side note her hair looks nice, but shes tucking in that ragedy ass metallic shirt into her shorts. She never fucking wore it until people said she was so metal lmaooooo thus video is shit.

No. 362350

legit just thrashier Tana.

No. 362353

nice metallica shirt, pear.

she reminds me of one of those edgy middle schoolers: "eughghhh i loAVEEE metAL and ROck anD RoOLLLLL plz give me attanetion or i'll slIT my WrIsTs hahHA" or "HEhHAH iM so cccRRAAAZZZYYY and quirkYYYY!!"

i feel like her instagram bio as a teen would be "im a psychopath but i can't help it uwu~"

No. 362362

My favorite is how Anisa acted all surprised at this tweet

No. 362363

At this point I don't even know if I could believe the story. Considering all the comments are "OMG this guy is such an asshole, I'm so sorry sweetie you deserved better I'm so glad you found Ian!!!!" seems like she just wanted more people to suck up to her tbh.

No. 362375

Chick should just get off the internet. It’s super obvious that she still doesn’t like herself and isn’t comfortable with who she is, and likely doesn’t even know who she is yet, considering all the personality changes and content changes. Bitch get a real job, focus on your dying relationship, and figure yourself out in a way that doesn’t involve getting your ass licked by teenage strangers online. You’re a fucking wreck and it’s pathetic to watch.

I believe it. She’s total trash so I’m not surprised she associates with and dates garbage people and has fake trash friends.

No. 362378

Another "please pit me );" vid. Pear wants all of her very few fans to feel sorry for her because she needs views for when Ian dumps her and all of them will shed tears for her fake ass.

No. 362380

Why is she doing storytime videos now?!?!
Didn't she say story time is lazy and cheap?

No. 362391

First that is not what a manipulative abusive relationship is like. Really , Anisa tries too hard to find reasons to why she's such a horrible person and they're always external reasons, there's always someone that forces her to go to strip clubs and forcing her to throw stuff at strippers, there's always someone coincidentially calling her names but "nobody knew because I kept it a secret (until i decided to talk shit about these people on stream/videos so someone would find them and hurt them for me bc im a good person)"…

She tries too hard to be the victim here as if Anita had been the devil that stole his beauitful cute ass boi. Nah, tell the story about how you flirted with your friends' guys too, tell that story where you tried to ruin these people's life, you didn't just "walk away" or tell that story where you threatened to end your life just because your evil plan failed…

What a joke.

No. 362394

I like how she goes from "I had barely any friends" to "I had to lose ALL of my close friends!"

No. 362399

I wonder if her med use helped her through this abuuuuusive relaaaaationship.

No. 362401

>She tries too hard to be the victim here as if Anita had been the devil that stole his beauitful cute ass boi. Nah, tell the story about how you flirted with your friends' guys too, tell that story where you tried to ruin these people's life, you didn't just "walk away" or tell that story where you threatened to end your life just because your evil plan failed…

When did all this happen exactly? Also I can barely understand what that first sentence means.

No. 362402

She wasn't in meds bc he didn't let her go to school :'( she still couldn't go to the counselor just like Ian doesn't let her go to school or work. Send help!

No. 362403

Can you imagine the video she'll drop when her and Ian are kaput?

No. 362404

She's talked about this situation before and she's constantly blaming Anita H. in many streams before this vid.

She's always saying she had/has no friends, but she knows what she did to deserve that, it wasn't like she decided to stop being friends, she was crazy, she even admitted to her rage in plenty of her streams.

Look, everyone in Edmonton must know this old story. She involved their parents too. Don't believe this video.

No. 362405

I find it hard to believe she sat in a car in below freezing weather at night while her bf was inside the strip club. And yet, you want us to take your content seriously Pear? With a bs story like that? And if that really happened, you're really a self-loathing moron.

No. 362407

File: 1501270015857.png (57.13 KB, 640x555, IMG_5612.PNG)

Tell her what you think, guys. She wants to hear, guys. She totally WONT delete your comments, guys, cause she wants to hear what you think.

No. 362408

Ian totally kicked her out of the country when she was at the lowest point of her "career".

"My experience with manipulative antifem boyfriends"

No. 362409

She'll throw in lolcow info…
"He liiiiked other whores ig piiiiiiiiiics while we were togetherrrrrrr"

No. 362410

>Look, everyone in Edmonton must know this old story. She involved their parents too. Don't believe this video.

I don't live in Edmonton so I don't know this story. Will someone please spill the tea or post a stream where she talks about it?

No. 362415

This girl is using her internet platform and persona for all the wrong reasons. She's very manipulative. How can someone put up with this?

No. 362416

That shade she throws at Anisa in the beginning of the video, hahaha.

No. 362434

She got subs because last year was huge for her. The grossgore drama, then she stop being an boobie streamer (such a feminist hero) theen idubbbz, peoople gave her a chance and she blew it with awful content. That's it, Anisa.

No. 362443

File: 1501272981425.png (1.08 MB, 927x1147, loltraces.png)

Putting a signature on artwork you traced.

No. 362444

lol, i love the comment "you and ian" when she was clearly with akaadIAN, the guy she cheated on with Ian.

No. 362445

That's fucking hilarious

No. 362448

Just like how she stole that drawing for dolan duck.
Who made the one she traced?

No. 362452

hahahahahaha omg she cant even trace. look a those lines! and the signature? for gods sake!

No. 362457

God how are people even thinking she made this. It even looks like it's been traced.

No. 362458

she could not have asked for a better chance than dating ian… and she managed to blow it lmao

to be fair the anime art it was traced from has some really shit proportions. doesn't excuse the god awful tracing though, looks like a child did it.

No. 362461

File: 1501274660042.png (96.12 KB, 750x722, IMG_2804.PNG)

Old buy remember to always be yourself or a mermaid, guys.

No. 362463

The sad part, it's official art from an anime called Bleach that was released in a CD/DVD set. She didn't even bother to be discreet about it.

No. 362465


>He would do things like convince me to go to strip clubs with him which I was uncomfortable with because MUH BDD :'( and he said if I didn't then I wouldn't be one of the guize and people will think I'm weird and stop giving me attention so I went but when I got there I HAD A PANIC ATTACK YOU GUIZE! I WAS SO MENTALLY ILL AND EMOTIONALLY FRAGILE THAT I COULDN'T TAKE IT! So I waited in the car and when he came back he told me I would never look as hot as those strippers because that's something people just bring up and it really hurt me because I have BDD :(

What a crock of shit. I fucking hate Anisa so much.

No. 362474

I still can't believe people are falling for her shit. That entire story should be proof enough that everything she says isn't true. People REALLY need to stop looking through rose-colored glasses and see the obvious truth in front of them.

No. 362477

How did she think this was a flattering angle? It looks like her nose is trying to escape from her face. Also - it can't be repeated enough that she has the fashion sense of a teenager.

No. 362488


I don't understand how Anisa can constantly complain about her channel having no direction when she never bothered to attach a concept to her videos. She needs to realise that the reason she can't find success as a Youtuber is because she has no niche. Look at her peers:

>Joji has 'Filthy Frank'

>Ian makes fun of people/stuff on the internet and opens boxes
>Max used to do prank calls, then made sketches, also has a gaming channel and a pokemon channel

Vloggers vlog, beauty channels do makeup, etc. But Anisa doesn't have a "thing", she just does random ass videos that have no flow. She'll never be happy if she can't figure out how to define what her purpose on youtube is.

No. 362506

Seriously?! Everything about this girl is a damn lie

No. 362510

I was gonna say this drawing isn't bad for her, but it's not even hers

No. 362527


What an idiot.

No. 362540

File: 1501285487116.jpg (874.82 KB, 1280x1024, surething.jpg)

Her latest tweet + the evidence

No. 362557

>you look like rock lee in the thumbnail

No. 362559

File: 1501287091364.jpg (1.21 MB, 1920x1920, Hmm.jpg)


No. 362561

No. 362563

Didn't Anisa say she was going to make a video on Chester Bennington? (Glad she didn't, btw. That would have been a disaster)

No. 362565

Her new video should be about crafty? Not about boyfriend (?)

No. 362578


She didn't mention him explicitly (because she read past threads here shitting on her for using someone's suicide to generate money; she did make a rant about not being ad-friendly so, we were right about her intentions) but it's the video on "it's okay to ask for help" where she talks about her personal suicide ideas and self-diagnosed illnesses she never asked help for and isn't offering help for.

No. 362579

Ah, I see. You guys are real troopers for watching her videos fully. I can't listen to her voice for that long.

No. 362582


she stated she couldn't film it… but really she just didn't because it was shit and everyone made fun of her here.

she also said she was going to record something about her lacrosse experience but didn't post it because it was boring and she was sweating a lot lol.

No. 362588

She has actually brought up that specific story before like a year ago which makes me think it actually happened. It doesn't sound like she was afraid of him or was being forced, she literally just sat in the cold when she could've walked away or called someone to pick her up.

No. 362607

the crafty part is the story she made up

No. 362611

File: 1501292320596.jpg (23.81 KB, 500x383, kgf21.jpg)

nice one anon, lmfao

No. 362615

Honestly it sounds more like she wanted to be there out of pure fear of being left alone… as in, she chose to stay in the car creeping on the guy, to know what he's doing, who he's with. After all the guy went to a strip club, she was probably jealous… (that is if this story is true and she actually stayed in the car)

Then there's the second theory that she used to go to these strip clubs with him until she got in trouble for throwing stuff at the strippers so she got kicked out and had to stay in the car (she has bragged in her streams and videos that she had been kicked out strip clubs).

Thinking like Anisa, why would he want to see other boobs IF I ALWAYS HAVE MY TITS OUT 4 FREE?

So Anisa was the stalking psychotic gf, big deal, don't blame the guy, don't blame the friends… not even her parents must believe this bs story.

No. 362633

Someone please save this video before she privatizes it

No. 362640

No. 362660

wow she actually looks halfway decent in this photo. idk why she insists on going shorter and shorter with each haircut when she clearly looks better with longer hair.

No. 362688

I can't believe Anisas channel has turned into a "story time" channel. Especially after she assisted Ian with the Tana Content Cop. Even when Ian and Anisa pulled their Tana stunt Tana didn't summon internet white knights to fight her battle for her like Anisa did during the Gross Gore drama.

No. 362690

it's because her hair is thinning and she's desperately trying to hide it. shorter hair hides bald spots by giving the illusion of being thicker on the ends. she's literally balding, just look at her scalp in recent photos. girlfriend should just get a wig or something.

No. 362692

The Grossgore drama was so cringe. Her crying, that platypus guy. The whole mess. Her history of dick-climbing to the top has gotten her nowhere

No. 362694

When does she start crying? I watched like 10 mins and she was mostly silent.

No. 362699

25 minutes(ish) in

No. 362737

File: 1501302621889.png (104.93 KB, 640x853, IMG_5617.PNG)

When will she realize her videos and opinions don't matter?

No. 362745

Much as it sucks to admit, yeah. That's why she's doing it. I have the same flat hair/weird head shape that she does. But hey, at least I'm not as pathetic as she is. lol

No. 362749

Who is she threatening to make a video on? I'm sure everyone fears the slimy Pear.

No. 362763

Phant0mlord? Whoever that is

No. 362765

It's so weird to me how much of a double standard she has for herself. She will make fun of beauty gurus but then make a video on makeup. Make fun of storytime people then make tons of storytime vids. It's like she thinks she has something to offer that hasn't been seen before, but she really doesn't.

No. 362810

Wait, so she's admitting that she has borderline? Lmao, that one I'm actually buying.

No. 362860

googled it, he was one of the people who scammed little kids with counter strike gambling

No. 362863

File: 1501328784557.png (146.85 KB, 491x208, so oregano.png)

no wonder pears youtube channel is doing so well with all of her oRiGiNal ideas

No. 362883

I wonder how many times and how much peanut butter she had to put on her face for her dog to lick her and for her to pick one of those millions of selfies for a shitty ass thumbnail.

No. 362893



No. 363030

>when you're balding, gaining weight, have no chin, and are rapidly and poorly aging
damn. I almost feel bad for Anisa.

No. 363033

almost feel bad.

if you're reading this, pear, the keyword was "almost." nobody actually feels bad for you lmfao

No. 363036


Of course she's reading this. She's just THAT pathetic.

No. 363038

i already feel bad for blitz, anon. living in squalor like he does with an owner who uses him like a ~therapy dog~. i didn't need the imagery of what anisa might make him do with peanut butter, goddamn. god knows anisa's disease-ridden. what might that poor doggo have contracted? :(

No. 363054

Did anyone else notice that on Anisa's Instagram she changed her bio to say "Idubbbbz is a cuddly koala" but his still says "Anisa Jomha is one spicy enchilada".

No. 363056

This is so FUCKJNG cringe. Literally I haven't seen people out shit like that in their bio since JUNIOR HIGH. They're so fucking immature. They remind me of 7th graders who play Pokémon at lunch and wear fedoras.

No. 363077

Ew dude that's a little much.

No. 363078

She's seriously one of those "sorry, I'm random xD" kinda hoes

No. 363081

>No emotion
>Too much detail

Yeah this is all bullshit. At last she is sitting there and talking and not bending over the entire time with her tits out.

No. 363220

File: 1501378190211.png (80.76 KB, 990x559, Untitled.png)

No. 363223

Get a job, Anisa.

No. 363231


Why would he work as an electrician if he's got a degree in business administration?

No. 363232

On an old Kickstarter Crap he memed that he was an electrician's apprentice. People thought he was serious

No. 363243


A little much? When talking shit about Anisa? Nah. Never.

No. 363266

when he filmed that drunken video with joji, max, and chad though, i remember them seriously mentioning ian being an apprentice to an electrician. i think joji was the only one who didn't say anything, but max and chad both made fun of him for it. chad was clearly fucking blasted, so you'd think, if it were just a joke, he'd let -that- slip or not mention it at all.

No. 363291

Obviously this story is BS. Why would your receipt or whatever show Ian's last name? Unless you sneak a pic, it's not believable.

As for Ian's story, idk. Didn't Anisa say he sleeps until 4pm? Unless she's ONLY referring to his days off… idk I think the dumbass would let the cat out of the bag. I can't trust that she keeps anything private.

No. 363389

File: 1501409824062.png (447.4 KB, 933x598, IMG_6743.png)

The jacket looks awful. Why would she make a DIY video on this? Why can't she pick one theme to focus on for her youtube channel?

No. 363394

The jacket is just plain sad coming from an adult but it's sadder that she made Idubbbz, ehr, Ian like this post to get more likes and so that people stop mentioning how Ian keeps her a secret.

Very sad that she's working so hard on looking like this "i'm happy and i love life" person when just a couple of days ago she was totally "imma kill myself, im so lost" videos and tweets. And the one pathetic thing that made her "be happy" was k4iley white-knighting her. This girl is just a never-ending sad cycle.

No. 363395

her makeup looks so bad!

i know she's trying but she's still not doing herself any favors. those brows are still so bad- she needs to go to like a real brow bar, not just a sales associate at sephora or ulta, those girls aren't always fully trained.

and her falsies look dumb with the rest of that makeup and yeah it's just not good

her hair looks like a helmet
and i wont get started on the jacket

No. 363396

Also, wtf with the wannabe tana mongeau makeup and hair?!

No. 363402

lmao, next thing you know, to cover her balding head, she's going to get tape extensions and leave the tracks visible and her final Tana form will be complete.

No. 363407

File: 1501413393781.png (3.69 MB, 2000x1000, twins.png)

homegirl is straight up jacking tana's style. her looks, her storytimes.

why is she doing this?

No. 363409

This better be her last attempt at diy, I can put up with her thinking she's good at make up, video editing, etc but, I can't handle her thinking she's creative or domestic enough to do diy on her shitty channel. Her art is bad enough, all she would being doing is stealing and coping ideas from pinterest that every decent woman has already done but her stupid male 'fans' (ian's fanboys) will think she's super talented and eccentric! Ugh please no.

No. 363419

She was saying in her stream the other day she thought Tana was really, really pretty lol.
Anisa if you're going to copy someones look, at least pick someone who is good at makeup.

No. 363455

More than that, pick a girl you haven't mocked, made fun up, put down, and had an active role in attempting to bring down her career. What a fucking cunt.

No. 363462


Isn't anyone gonna say something about her facial expression here? She looks retarded. And her teeth, like, really freak me out.

No. 363466

Why the fuck is one side of her hair curled but the other's straight?

No. 363472

It's triggering me how nobody mentioned her gorilla pose yet.

No. 363474

that's her thigh gap pose, anon. it's her signature. in literally every picture, even 'candid' photos, she does that pose. i actually think she may have trained herself to walk that way lmao.

No. 363478

I never thought I'd miss the day of her sperm eyebrows, but goddamn, those brows are literal thick-point sharpie. How can someone actually get WORSE with practice???

No. 363499

Anyone know what happened to the boxer she bought that she called Vi? She posted about it and just stopped. Was around May last year.

No. 363502

File: 1501430596136.jpg (321.87 KB, 1079x1508, Screenshot_20170730-115713.jpg)

Chris is just ignoring the fuck out of her. He even posted something 2 hours ago and still doesnt give a fuck about anisa.
I would get tired of someone too if all they did was lie and try to fuck me.

No. 363526

File: 1501433398795.png (594.63 KB, 975x530, doggo.png)

Nope. She got that one almost immediately after getting a pitbull puppy called Mahka which also mysteriously disappeared. It looks like she got the pitbull with her ex bf, broke up with him at which point the pitbull vanished, then got the boxer. I'm actually a little worried for these dogs if she just keeps getting them in new relationships and then disposing of them. What is she doing with the dogs?

No. 363529

While her and Akaadian were dating, some other guy started popping up on her Instagram. Him and Vi both disappeared at the same time. I think she just hands off the unwanted dogs to other people she's fucking

No. 363559

Chris Ray Gun has been ignoring her "podcast" for 2 months now? Like what makes her think suddenly he cares, it's clear he only feels sorry for her and is solely interested in her when she's just literally sucking his childsize d.

No. 363562

Yeah, like she only cares about people thinking she loves her pets for social media points. Like those past cats she loved, the parrots, dogs that disappeared, etc.

If she's planning on having kids liiiike maybe first don't treat pets as if they were literal stuff?

No. 363570

File: 1501440016126.png (93.81 KB, 750x1041, IMG_2825.PNG)

Better she copies Tana Mongeau than her bragging off about this no makeup, no filter look. We can totally see yesterday's makeup on, dirty slimeball.

And if that isn't the unsexiest forehead and pose… oh wait, but she was a model, she knows what she's doing.

No. 363575

Betting that she'll saddle her dog on Ian when they break up. Wonder what dog she'll get next…

No. 363581

depends on the bf's race, i think. i like how when she's dating black guys, she goes full-racist stereotypes and gets pitbulls and boxers lmao, and when she was dating a white hipster, she loved cats. bet she'll date a hispanic next and get a chihuahua and pretend she's the new jenna marbles. watch out, CRG.

No. 363582

Ew, I always knew she was the type of lazy, gross girl to not even wash her makeup off. That's disgusting. No basic hygiene at all. Why would she post this?

No. 363584


HAHAHA FUCK, so true.

She'll also stop buying hot topic stuff and start dressing "bad and boujee".

No. 363585

Someone save this receipt, pls.

Guess who doesn't give a fuck about her dog and mails Blitz to herself through strangers.


No. 363587

File: 1501442836637.png (126.58 KB, 581x632, nicetry.png)

How is she going to get to those numbers if she forgot to @Idubbbz??!??!!!?!?

No. 363591

By showing off her tits.

No. 363600

haha, silly anon, she would nEVER do that. she only did that during her streaming days to "troll bait and create an intERESTING dichotomy between viewer and streamer" !!

besides, why would she even bother? "the shock value is no longer there"

No. 363617

Shes gonna buy them.

No. 363664

File: 1501452739654.png (216.72 KB, 883x1337, Untitled.png)

The cheapest for her most beloved doggo Blitz

No. 363668

UShip is pretty good to people's pets from what I've heard though, they walk them and stay in motels and send you check-in pics. Does she not have a car of her own?? I wonder if she can even drive, no wonder Ian never let her use the jeep lol.

No. 363785

It's been a couple weeks since Ian's pity-liked any of her tweets. It may be nothing, it may be something. Let's see if she'll be in California this week like she claimed last week on stream.

No. 363788

Yeah, but would you ship your beloved super anxious dog alone with a stranger? This girl is just cheap lies.

No. 363812

File: 1501470988050.png (49.4 KB, 640x391, IMG_5625.PNG)

She should be in San Diego in 2 days

No. 363859

Help me hut 50,000 subscribers so now my videos get 10,000 views instead of 6,000.
Shes so stupid.
They only care about ian or your tits or they're bots, dumbass.

No. 363898

does this bitch not realize she can't keep coming into the US like this? she's never ever going to get a visa.

No. 363944

Nope. I don't think she has a grasp on reality in general. I'm just going to sit back and enjoy the shit show ;)

No. 363994

It's sad watching her struggle with her YouTube and it would be much smarter if she just let Ian help her out lmao, Ian piggy backed off of maxmoefoe and filthy frank. so why don't they make cringe Collab vids together. It's okay to get exposure from Chrisraygun but not Ian? ? come on anisa, you're not going to make it any other way.

No. 364006

uhhh, anisa would jump at the opportunity to collab with ian, anon. that you believe otherwise makes me think you're some kind of crazy anisa-stan (if those even exist lmao).

it's ian who wants no association with her. whether because he's embarrassed of her or because she's just his fucktoy or for some other reason, who knows, but he wants very little public association with her. the one time he made an appearance on anisa's stream, he said something like, "just because i'm here, i don't want you guys to give her money."

he doesn't want her leeching off his fame any more than she already does. ian would never agree to collab with her.

No. 364029


I think it's a bit of both.

While Ian personally may not mind going out with a titty streamer, he knows he would lose cred with his "boiz" if he let her leech of his fame.

Anisa is a prideful idiot. Part of her "one of the boiz" act is pretending to be independent. She probably repeated told Ian that she doesn't want any help and will make it on her own. Also, she desperately wants respect and to fit in with her fellow commentary ytubers, and they would never respect her if she namedropped him every video.

No. 364043

i don't like anisa whatsoever, and i've been very vocal on these forums about it, but saying this isn't really fair.

you know we'd make fun of her for making a collab with Ian, we'd call her a "leechy bitch who's just using her boyfriend's fame."

but then on the other hand, if she doesn't collab with Ian we say she's "stupid and not taking advantage of her resources."

i understand bashing her on her obvious cases of retardation (like the damn dog, wth, pear?), but we can't keep going back on forth on our beliefs.

No. 364060

not an anisa stan, she's mentioned multiple times she wants to make it on her own without ians help. (im sure Ians doesn't want her leeching as well) I just think she should get some better exposure while she can before they break up.
you got a point there, she just can't win, so why not do what benefits her the most haha

No. 364077

No. 364081

I cringed so fucking hard. The jacket did not look good at all with the patches on and she mixed:

- Sailor Moon
- Pokemon
- nya cat
- unicorns
- an emoji patch

All in one fucking place

Try harder Anisa would you

No. 364083

Gawd, she says she has a goal of reaching 50k subs in the next few weeks? With shit like this, she better buy some subs. This was the most boring, useless shit I've ever sat through.

No. 364085

There is literally not one good thing I can say about this video.
She has to stand with her legs spread pretty far apart to get a thigh gap, so I don't understand how she has a thigh gap in the thumbnail where it looks like her feet are together. Did she Photoshop a thigh gap?
The beginning was WAY too fucking close to her face, the most unflattering angle possible. And the ending was all kinds of embarrassing.

No. 364087

transcript of anisa looking dumb and embarrassing in this video

instant sharpie eyebrows popping @ ya

pear: "hi so today, we're going to be copying what everyone else has already done. and ruining a perfectly good jacket in the process. by the way, a cheap jacket, cuz i'm poor so pls tip me on my streams pllslsss"

insert some copyright footage and unoriginal 'artsy' vlog

mom: "bitch what the actual fuck"
pear: "stuttering mess, as per usual"

pear: "we foUND A pErfEctly fine jacKEt to fuCK UP"

fireworks.gif and cheering.mp3

pear: "sO these are my patches. completely unoriginal and tumblr. i honestly have no clue what any of them mean, but im gonna act like i do, blah, blah, blah"

pear five seconds earlier: "i have no clue how to do this ahaha so ig we'll figure out together"
pear now: "dont forget to map out ur paTCHES !!"

insert anime music over her fucking up

pear: makes common mistake "ahah im such a clutz uwu~ my bad, everyone notice how bad i am at this plsss ~~~"

continue weeaboo music

a bunch of extra shit i dont care about

her trying to act cute and artsy with craAAAAzy editing skills

No. 364088

It was an awful video. She doesnt put any effort!!! she does barely the minimum all the time. Like, try to make better shots, better lighting, smart comments or at least good jokes, something aesthetically pleasing…

No. 364089

tfw yumi king has better artistic direction than pear

No. 364091

why are people lying to her? The twitter stans "you're getting soooooooo much betterrrrrrrrrrrr"

I have secondhand embarrassment for her at the moment.

No. 364094

I dont hate this video, but it's just not very good.
She looks nice and I liked the shopping part with her mom until she edited those dumbass fireworks in.
This is a normal health and beauty vlogger type video, it's just not that good. That jacket was cute before she cluttered it with patches.

No. 364095

Samefag but I feel like anisa puts in minimal effort but subconsciously thinks shes doing her best because her "fans" dont expect much out of her.
That's why she cant grow as a fucking channel, The fans she has kiss her ass and her content but no one outside of her circle likes it they only want ian or better videos. Her fans seem loving and suoportive but they give no constructive criticism. Those people are toxic.

No. 364105

Wtf were those glamor shots. She looked fucking ridiculous.

No. 364110

didnt she say she got the patches, buttons and jacket with Ian as some kind of lame romantic thing in stream awhile back?

No. 364120

Dear fucking god. I gave Anisa too much credit before watching this garbage. She just irons a bunch of "look at me im totally a geeky girl :3" badges.

I actually thought she was going to sew them you know, like you fucking suppose to do. She actually complains that ironing badges took "longer than expected!" Has she ever done an actual project of any kind? No seriously, she thinks 60 seconds of iron per badge is "a long time" and she went to fucking art school?

All those badges look like they're going to fall off next time that jacket gets washed but we all know she'll never actually touch that thing again because she just soulessly trying to find anyway to get more views.

I also doubt that jacket was 'cheap' and that she actually went to any flea market because that would be to practical for her. She just wants to present the image yet again that she's "low on cash" but in reality she has Ian and her parents paying for everything she needs.

No. 364125

File: 1501530937531.png (111.26 KB, 640x829, IMG_5626.PNG)

What does "a break from the usual" mean?? What's her usual???

No. 364129


Her face looks all pinched up and gross during the intro.

No. 364131

You can see that shes leaning forward to achieve the fake thigh gap

No. 364137

Oh my goodness…. I have no words. This is so freaking lazy and uninspired. Does she seriously want to make a "career" out of Youtube? An elementary kid could think up this exact "DiY" up and it would actually be appropriate. This took the minimal amount of effort to make. Both for the actual jacket and the video as a whole. Also "Pokemon balls and unicorn patches cause I'm quirky~" You know she is never even going to wear this thing in public. Next she'll make a video of how to customize her purse by showing us that she puts different key chains on the zipper pull.

No. 364147

Sage goes in the email field, babe

No. 364148

4K subs in the next few weeks, y'all…oh. Ummmm. Wait…

No. 364151

LOL the montage at the end with the basic bitch ass posing and music. Yeah, but when Tana does it…

No. 364185

>names video denim jacket patching tutorial despite how much of a bad job she did considering all the patches were about to fall off

No. 364187

I like how she actively ignoring comments that point out you're suppose to sew patches if you want them to last. Probably cause anisa has never picked up a needle in her entire life and yet she thinks she can do diy videos.

No. 364188

File: 1501538256124.png (23.94 KB, 747x159, sure ya do.png)


No. 364189

Ooo boi

They did. She even zoomed in on a patch that was about to fall off in the end of the video

No. 364190

Almost all the comments are about her appearance, nothing about the video because her only fans are neck beards who are idubbz fanboys and are thristy for 5 who thinks shes Instagram model pretty.

No. 364196

Do we have to bring up the Poot reference again or nah.

No. 364243

File: 1501545087672.jpg (80.76 KB, 640x640, IMG_5632.JPG)

Just in case

No. 364248

File: 1501545648523.png (203.85 KB, 540x306, Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 5.00…)

her makeup is terrible she looks like shrek's wife like gurl… those eyebrows have too much tint on them, dem lips girl she looks like she got a botched lip job or something. She is def poot.

No. 364251

She has terrible soccer mom makeup to go with her haircut. Jesus christ those lips.

No. 364283

you didn't even get the worst of it all which was her teeth… shudders

No. 364286

Her body looked nice in this video, even if her hair/makeup needs work.

No. 364288

File: 1501551533404.png (37.8 KB, 640x349, IMG_5633.PNG)

Let's get some Qs rolling

No. 364295

You'd think after straight up going to a Benefit's brow bar and straught up saying shes 'getting bullied online' she'd get the eyebrows right

No. 364346

File: 1501559692578.png (62.18 KB, 1168x266, Screen Shot 2017-07-31 at 8.52…)

b-b-bbbut pear chan didn't you say you were "one of the boyz"??

No. 364349

File: 1501559905628.jpg (263.79 KB, 1300x957, 755.jpg)

>calling pins buttons
of course she did.

surprised she didnt call the patches "badges"

No. 364350

>Probably cause anisa has never picked up a needle in her entire life

No. 364355

Leafy is more feminine than her what is she saying… unless she means she is unfunny and only appeals to 12 year olds then yeah, you're like leafy anisa

No. 364365

Lmao she'sstreaming right now and talking about politics.
Shes not giving any spefic answer shes just throwing out buzz words and calling people shitty

No. 364370

Maybe she's visiting Ian because he wants to break up with her?

1)short visit
2)he probably paid for it, since she's not whining about being poor

No. 364371

What happened to her not titty-streaming anymore? She's trying to be all ~covered-up~ but she clearly has her push-up bras back on, and her top down as low as it can go….

No. 364376

Nah she still gets the girls out all the time. She knows why people like her.

No. 364382


Hopefully. I'm desperate for milk.

No. 364389


I feel bad for Ian, even if I'm not a fan, we know she forced him to buy her these tickets "because she has been so stressed out she needed a mental vacation with my boi" but really she just wants to vacation here and brag about it in social media and slowly work her way to marry him to live in America and live the California dream. Very transparent interests and probably why Ian is so private about this.

Imagine being Ian listening 24/7 to this dumb potato talk about her "creative video ideas", re-telling all of her other boyfriend Chris Ray Gun jokes, appropriating shitty internet memes, imitating everything Ian does, forcing Ian to buy her these shitty clothes and then complaining non-stop about her insecurities.

I wouldn't be surprised thought if Idubbbz was too afraid to break up with her, she does seem like the psychotic gf that would stalk him and threaten him to death or send him dead rats… Or heck, she has already suggested the suicide option in all of these last videos.


No. 364400

Idubbbz was at her stream today, poor guy. Ever since her online meltdown last week she has been forcing Ian to be nice to her online, liking her instagram pics, liking her videos, appearing on her stream, and telling her how he likes HER CLOTHES. Hahahaha like what? He can't tell her she's pretty or that he loves her, he says "I like your shirt/I like your hair".

And as soon as Idubbbz left the stream, she's straight to calling Chris non-stop, saying "he's probably fucking Laci" and saying that Chris should change his content because he's pidgin-holed himself and she knows what she's talking about because she stopped being a titty streamer (LOL, when did it stop?)… Some things never change. Anisa is still taking all that LA dick as fast as she can, still hiding the fact she begs for money when showing her boobs in front of a camera.

No. 364402

He said he liked her clothes in the stream? How the hell did that even come up kek

No. 364429

"I'm trying to make [Ian] move to NYC"

WHAT. Ya'll been dating for like 6 month where the fuck does she think she can uproot a californian for life to move to the east coast just cus there's "more to do" there? Anisa is fucking retarded god damn. Ian please dump this cum dumpster she's getting too many ideas.

No. 364430


Time stamp of how she's planning to convince Ian to move to NYC and then immediately spergs about Chris right after.

No. 364436

Not only is she TRYING, she legit said, "I know I could convince him" all smugly. This fucking cunt.

No. 364439

A few streams back she was like, "I know George, er uh, Joji is in New York right now" like she has a single clue what the fuck George is up to lmao. And someone asked her if her and Ian would move to NY and be near George or something, which is when she made that comment about George being like a wandering stray cat? but said she'd love to live near George.

Yeaaah, I'm sure she would considering it's his dick she's been after all this time lmao.

No. 364446

Didnt she make him buy a house so she could move in after dating for like 3 months?
Now its been like 9 months (most likely longer because you know they were fucking around behins Akaadians back) and shes going to force him to pay gor everything just so she can live in new york?
What a selfish pig lmaoooo.
All this girl does is lie, cry about chris, and make ian sat nice things to her on stream to make people believehe actually cares about her.
Bet it wont happen though, she talked all that shit about how much ian cares about her and hows hes going to move to canada until she can move back to the states. Surprise, that shit never happened. Lmaooooo

No. 364455

i honestly feel bad for ian. anisa's using him hardcore. he was a virgin when they met, had no clue how relationships work. and he's a bit of a legit autist, not to mention. he probably thinks this is normal, being used and made to do these things for her. how could anisa not feel like shit about herself?

No. 364458

File: 1501570689881.jpg (74.94 KB, 640x640, IMG_5636.JPG)

She looks like the product if Suzy (Game Grumps) and Poot had bred

No. 364480

she types/talks like snoozy with her shitty spelling and mislabeling of simple things. theyre probably the two dumbest broads ive ever seen.

No. 364503

And they both fucked their way into more subscribers.

No. 364597

I don't know why, but the fact that she keeps playing this whole "Ian and George" card really pisses me off. Anyone with fucking eyes sees how the "Crew" has all drifted apart. I think Ian has a part of it too. He's probably told her about how they've all grown apart, but tells her to convince the audience that they're all best friends. One day I'm just gonna straight up spam her on stream, break all the fans little hearts. But at least it'll stop her lying.

No. 364616

You really shouldn't touch the garbage; it'll all come to light once Ian breaks up with her, anyway.

No. 364623

I doubt he tells her to say anything. Shes just retarded and feels like she deserves tk be part of the crew. She literally knows nothing other than she knows what to say to keep some people There.

No. 364639

File: 1501603849984.png (79.6 KB, 640x764, IMG_5637.PNG)

Ewwww wtf

No. 364646

shes trying wayyy too hard to do "Instagram eyebrows"

No. 364680

Her eyes are just straight up terrifying. Not cute or inviting… just scary…

No. 364695

those false lashes look cheap as fuck she must have got them at Dollar Tree.

No. 364698

File: 1501609702211.png (131.33 KB, 792x255, 28YfaUI0Qwy8sYxmXeaBFw.png)

can't catch a break.

No. 364707

hahaha oh! i found this (https://twitter.com/nisserr) google is amazing.

No. 364716

dem brows look so chalky. she really fails at contouring. neck dont match the face. why do her lips look like she had herpes? Man I am no fan of edups but he can do so much better than this bukake pear

No. 364720

File: 1501611869890.jpg (87.11 KB, 450x600, groucho_marx_by_zetcom.jpg)

oh god, those block brows. k4iley, since you lurk here now, tell your friend to lightly go over her inner corners if at all. this shit looks like sharpie and it doesnt help that theyre massive. she needs to trim them because right now, she's looking like groucho marx.

No. 364724

i lol'd because these are so fucking true. must suck to not even have cute eyes p(ear)ed with ugly, manly features. her eyes always look like they're bulging out of her head as if they have crazy written all over them. she needs to relax or something. it's really easy to do sultry eyes but i guess she's too stupid to put any sexy expression on her face because she's been relying on her tits and just sitting there doing nothing the entire time. wouldn't be surprised if she starfishes in bed.

No. 364725

shit she totally is kek

No. 364735

You know what they say, the eyes are the windows to the soul

No. 364753

File: 1501616423728.png (76.6 KB, 640x635, IMG_5638.PNG)

Why does she write "new video in my bio" in her bio? Some lazy shit.

No. 364800


She always looks like a rodent in her selfies.

No. 364829

god, youre right. it's her weird rat nose, lifeless bug eyes, and that weird mouth expression where it just shows her front teeth like rodents do when they just gnaw on shit. she really isn't cute at all

No. 364843

File: 1501627536774.png (91.53 KB, 750x625, IMG_2852.PNG)

What an idiot. Maybe because CCR is 60/70s music?

Self-diagnosed poser.

No. 364848

File: 1501628171860.png (26.04 KB, 616x220, surejan.PNG)

Um, right, Anisa, CCR's songs were featured in movies and shows like Forrest Gump, My Girl, and The Wonder Years… things set in the sixties and seventies.
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, she's a retard.

No. 364854


oh my god…she really tried to come be all "haha look how cultured i am about music" but ended up making an ass of herself

CCR was literally active from 1967 to 1972 why the hell would they be considered 80s music, she's so goddamn STUPID i lose brain cells every time she speaks

No. 364859

Yeah, whenever she posts something I just end up wishing I was blind and deaf.

She was making fun of that imaginary girl/boy conversation "to win all boys hearts hehe" and she's now that same girl she was making fun of.

And again instead of accepting she was wrong, she keeps lying. American wars? Haha bitch what? Did you mean the civil war? She doesn't even know what the vietnam war is or where it took place or what? Jesus, Anisa's sister please send your sister back to elementary school.

The things she does to get dick always come back to fuck her in the ass, like quite literally now.

No. 364865

She can't even research something before trying to be fake.

No. 364869

>80s culture
Ah yes, The Vietnam War, my favorite ~80s culture~

No. 364870

LOL you can't make that shit up

It's like the fake gamer girl stereotype with extra steps

No. 364871

File: 1501631194363.png (27.1 KB, 578x73, sad.png)

"…that's so sad i don't even know what to say"

maybe you shouldn't say shit, Anisa

No. 364872

File: 1501631463715.png (17.18 KB, 221x110, i love art.png)

The girl loves her art, okay? CCR IS 80s ART AND "AMERICAN WARS" ARE CULTURE.

Also, has anyone noticed how she uses the nisserr username since 2011 (still her snapchat username), who wants to bet she thinks it's a funny quirky way of not saying the n word?

No. 364877

I think it's supposed to be like a cutesy nickname derived from Anisa. Pronounce it like knee-sir and you'll get it.

No. 364878

LMFAO wow how embarrassing! She doesn't know shit about music… but we already knew that. Imagine having to act stuck up about 50 year old music. Literally no one even fucking cares.

No. 364879

Looking at her old twitter accounts, she sure did love to work out a lot. Doesn't seem like she was ~awfully suffering from anorexia~ as she says she did. Also, she was pretty cute. How did she turn into some gross Shrek looking broad

No. 364881

>How did she turn into some gross Shrek looking broad
thats what sitting around all day contemplating what to bitch about next on twitter will do to you. trying to pretend being something youre not must be pretty tiring and i imagine it begins to show physically.

No. 364886

Knee-sir with a hard r doesn't sound cute at all.

No. 364891

I doubt it's meant to be edgy, I'd guess it's how one of her siblings pronounced her name before they could say it properly, that seems to be how a lot of dumb nicknames come about. I know someone nicknamed "Gackie" because her little brother couldn't pronounce "Jackie" until he was like 4.

No. 364949

She said that Ian doesn't work as a plumber or electrician

No. 364966

Nah, back then she wasn't trying to pander to edgelords. She wasn't ~*Raihnbowkidz*~ yet. That was when she was going through her pro sports player groupie/barwhore phase. She dated a bunch of black guys during that time, so I don't think she would have gone around making 'nigger' jokes because that wasn't her audience yet.

No. 364986

File: 1501647085470.png (1.89 MB, 1793x911, Untitled.png)

streams with gross orange shit on her face, beautiful

No. 364987

File: 1501647195034.png (700.94 KB, 721x724, Untitled.png)

holy shit this stream is just b a d

No. 364988

i actually feel queasy. who doesn't realize they've got food smeared all over their face?


No. 364989

more like s a d holy shit

No. 364990

those brows dont even look like sisters they look like distant cusins that probably dont know eachother. damn thats just bad, is she doing this on purpose??

No. 364993

speaking of snooz, i'm surprised anisa doesn't go down the girrrrl gamer route. that's like fast track to views.

No. 364996

lmao, on the stream, she said customs basically interrogated her because they were worried she was going to dip in the US and never come back to canada because of how long she stayed last time. she got pulled into a back room and they asked her questions for hours. WE TOLD YOU, HOMEGIRL.

No. 364999

Stream highlights:

+Customs detained her for 3 hours because she didn't buy a return flight and she got away with it because she shook a lot and cried that she "wanted to see her boyfriend". She gave them all her info on Ian to pass.

They haven't booked their Europe/London tickets yet either. Their vacation is "up in the air"

+Threw half of her chicken sandwich away after being caught with gross shit on her face

+Ian DOESNT live with his parents <- she made heavy emphasis on this

+Ian went to school for BUSINESS, HES NOT A PLUMBER OR ELECTRICIAN!!! (she rants for 5 mins about this)

No. 365003

Lol @ the electrician rant. What, is she ashamed at the thought of dating an electrician or something? Being an electrician is more respectable and probably more fruitful than having a business degree you never use lol.

No. 365009

That electrician rant went on for well over five minutes lmao. But good breakdown. She was so offended that people thought Ian "did a trade" it was insane.

Someone also asked if she met Joji, and she said no, she's never met him. And that totally contradicted her lie in that one stream where she talked about meeting him once….

No. 365010

I can't watch the video right now, was she actually offended? Anisa being classist would really sweeten this milk.

No. 365015

She was playing it off with her fake laugh where she sounds like she's going to cry, but she was definitely offended. Ranted for about ten minutes just saying, "Ian was never an electrician or a plumber, I don't know where you guys are getting this stuff from lol. He was never a -tradesman-, he went to school for -business-. I KNOW HIS EDUCATION HISTORY." Just repeating it over and over again so everyone knew her bf NEVER WORKED IN A TRADE EW. It was pathetic.

I wouldn't doubt if she is classist. Both her parents are lawyers, her dad is the head of some sports organization in Canada, and we've all seen she's generally a golddigging whore. Just when you thought Anisa couldn't be a shittier person kek.

No. 365017

Anisa describes her and Ian's first date:

- During twitchcon
- she's shy and doesn't do physical things on the first date
- Ian is dense and doesn't know signals unless girls are super touchy
- she isn't Ian's first(?, gf, sex, isn't described)

Ian's real birthday is in October, turning 27 this year

No. 365018

She's ranting about it because she wants people to know he's more educated than her and makes more money… which is dumb considering she's always bragging about being the one with money…

Also, it's impossible she spent 3 hours in customs… she would've lost her flight. She did probably cry her way out of the big lie about staying for 2 weeks tops. Like we all know she's going to spend more time in the US and London probably isn't going to happen (traveling to London is just an excuse to pack a bunch of shit to stay longer in the US without having to admit to staying for a longer time)but if they did take her to the backroom she's probably being marked down in the system as a suspicious "tourist" after all their relationship is way too new to be taken seriously, they know she's trying to get the american citizsenship.

All lies with this moustached food-on-her-chin garbage person.

PS: did anyone catch that disgusting smile when someone said her relationship was better than Max/Kat's. She totally believes that… so sad, she wants her relationship to be validated so bad that she'd compare "me n ian" to "friends' relationships".

No. 365019

there was also the part where she said there's a red flag on her for entry to the US, which she says she "has to get fixed" because "it's bad". bitch gonna be put on a do not fly list. she then said TSA told her next time she tries to comes in the US, she needs extensive proof that she'll be returning to canada, or else she can only come back when she has a visa kek. she's basically banned from the US after this trip.

god bless america.

No. 365020

She is classist, remember how many times she has irrelevantly mentioned her dad being a lawyer and how she's always had money and been in a "good place".

No. 365023

Just realized Anisa's constantly scratching her nose and her pupils are tiny even when she's in a dark area.

Is she on opiates? Serious question.

No. 365034

When will this girl realize that close up shots are not flattering on her! Fucking hell she looks like she's 40 this up close, and that "let me speak to your manager" haircut does her no favours either

No. 365038

I'm glad she streamed outside of her shitty room, but seriously she is super cross-eyed, she has a fucking dark stache and has the biggest wrinkles I've seen in a 24 year old.

I'm starting to think she smells like shit too.

Today's stream was just very enlightening on who she really is physically… but she's still with the verbal lies.

I think a few months ago she said on stream that Ian's birthday was on July so she was expecting to pass his birthday in Canada with her? Someone remember this?

No. 365039

File: 1501652296155.png (Spoiler Image, 1.74 MB, 1334x750, IMG_2860.PNG)

I think the hand touching the nose/face is just her trying to cover her mouth herpes.

No. 365042

File: 1501652428737.png (525.32 KB, 1222x772, screen.png)

It's pretty shitty looking but I think it's relevant

No. 365044

>I think a few months ago she said on stream that Ian's birthday was on July so she was expecting to pass his birthday in Canada with her? Someone remember this?
Yep. There's proof of it in one of her old streams. She lies about so much, and then leaves receipts of those lies and it's just like wtf is she doing. Her other lies in this stream alone were her saying she wasn't Ian's first, despite bragging about that in the past. Then she said she's never met Joji even though she talked about meeting him once before in an old stream… ? I get that it's hard to keep track of what you say when you lie so much, but goddamn.

No. 365046

lmao. what the hell did the girl do to herself? is left just heavily photoshopped or what? she looks like two different people. also, left is a super good example of her looking better with thinner, natural brows. the thick brows just make her look like shrek.

No. 365049

File: 1501652978657.png (1.4 MB, 1334x750, ew.png)



At least she could put on more makeup to hide that STD.

No. 365064

File: 1501657388100.jpg (157.91 KB, 508x366, anisa jomha leafy.jpg)

Yo what if idups is fucking anisa because she's literally female leafy

No. 365067

Very likely, she's also starting to accept the maxmoefoe resemblance comments and she has been hinting that Idubbbz likes (in a sexual way) Leafy and Max so that is why he likes her. Imagine your girlfriend saying to the world that you're gay so that's why he likes you as a "manly" woman.

All this time we thought Idubbbz was destroying people with shitty content… but no, he's being passive aggressive towards them: Leafy, Tana, Keem. He secretly loves them all and so Anisa wants to be all of them.

No. 365089

I think it's interesting that she still thinks it's HILARIOUS when someone in chat says "who's Ian" or "you're dating Ian?"

No. 365100

im laughing so hard

wipe ur face with a napkin when ur done eating BEFORE you stream your face, anisa.

>she said no
yikes. does she have multiple personality disorder or something? girl's just straight up bad at lying.

she has dark brown eyes how can u see her pupils on the camera? ive used hard opiates many times and they dont make you scratch your body let alone just the nose. thats quite a stretch, friend.

No. 365111

File: 1501671603177.png (1.29 MB, 1366x768, anisa.png)

I don't want to make this a competition of who's done the most drugs lmao, but it's a known side effect that opiates cause a signature "itch". For a lot of people - me included - it manifests in the face, especially the nose (imo snorting has something to do with that particularly). But it can happen all over your body. This is easily found on google, my friend:
Just a few examples.
Anisa was just concentrating on her nose, and combined with her pupil contraction, it made it look sketchy af.

Her eyes aren't dark brown, either. Maybe you're watching on a shitty device idk, but they're a sort of hazel color. Very easy to see her pupils. Pic related. I'd get a pic of her in darker lighting where the tiny pupils are still visible but I don't have the patience to sit through her entire stream lmao.

No. 365115

Looks like she's right in front of a bright light to me - I think you're reaching.

No. 365121

Her skin is light brown, her foundation is white and at least 3 shades too light for her skintone, that's why is looks so ashy and patchy.

Stop trying to be white, Anisa.

No. 365122

I wonder if she's screeching about 80s music recently all because Chris went to that TFF/Hall and Oates gig a little while ago lol. I wouldn't put anything past Pear. She's so desperate to prove how much she and Chris have in common.

No. 365137

File: 1501678028957.png (31.54 KB, 750x182, IMG_4016.PNG)

tfw your most popular video is you showing off your body for views because ~~body dysmorphia~~

No. 365153

why didn't she buy a return ticket??? anisa, tf

No. 365168

She used the money to buy amazing patches and relevant quirky/cool girl t-shirts.

No. 365182

She still acts like she's 15 and doesn't have to care, living from moment to moment.

No. 365220

File: 1501688572383.jpg (27.6 KB, 590x331, IMG_7009.JPG)

No. 365224

No. 365235

They probably get all the attention from Ian that she wishes she got so she probably thinks that being/acting like them will get Ian to notice her more

No. 365239

you know if she wasn't such a hypocrite i'd have no problem with this, but she is.

No. 365242

>anisa has hazel eyes
Damn anon, get your eyes checked. And no one cares if you get an itch when you're using opiates lmao. She's not on drugs.

No. 365324

the disappointment is real in this one.

No. 365327

i wonder if this is secretly anisa trying to spread rumors about herself using drugs because that's what ~j o j i~ does. she said something in the stream about joji smelling like cigs/weed. the anisa has hazel eyes thing also sounds way too flattering kek.

is anisa's next personality going to be a bad bitch drug-user?

No. 365343

Wow she's actually been subtly outing him as gay/attracted to men? That's hilarious, I highly doubt he gave her the okay to do that.

No. 365346

File: 1501699594256.png (1.33 MB, 1366x768, dafuck.png)

people actually donated this much money to her back at the height of her tittystreaming days? who does that?

No. 365347

if it makes you feel better that list is the same in the present, she doesn't get as big donations anymore.

She also said on stream she makes less than $40 on YouTube

No. 365348

Yep. She said a bunch of times on her airport stream that she's accepting the Leafy/maxmoefoe resemblance, and in 100% seriousness said - multiple times - she wonders if that's what attracted Ian. She even said she met Ian right after his Leafy video was released, and that how much she looked like Leafy - implying the video was about him being obsessed with Leafy, and he had the dude on his mind when he met Anisa - might have explained his interest in her? She sounded so cold and bitchy about it, too. It was pretty funny.

No. 365352

the fake laugh is real, jesus christ
leafy: titties

No. 365386

she looks better with bangs. Maybe because she could hide her brows. Also, such a sad video.

No. 365397

Ironic how she likes Leafy. Not surprised this dumb biddie likes him, but ironic.
Didn't she say that Leafy "knew" she was a "troll"?
Aka he knew she wanted the attention.

No. 365402

w0w the dichotomy is TANGIBLE here

seriously, why can't she just own the titty streamer thing? every titty streamer does it for $$$, no exceptions, it's nothing to be ashamed of unless you have daddy issues.

No. 365418

it probably is anisa lmao. either that or anon is just really retarded.

No. 365503

File: 1501716271717.jpg (814.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-02-19-19-20…)

No. 365506


No. 365524

File: 1501717144975.jpg (66.76 KB, 640x640, IMG_5646.JPG)

No. 365525


I feel bad everytime I see a picture that Anisa took of Ian. It's like I'm looking at an abused puppy.

No. 365530

Remember when she said that Ian only smiles when he's uncomfortable or nervous?? Yeah forget that! Now she can force him to smile in pictures so now it doesn't mean he's uncomfortable it means he's happy! Because Anisa can't keep her story straight!

No. 365541

Ian genuinely looks like a 12 year old boy in this. World's ugliest couple award goes to…

No. 365583

Casually keeping the herpes lip out of the picture, in a few days it'll move to Ian's face.

No. 365586


Ian is famous enough to have some cute girl without a sketchy ass past and yet he chooses this thing?! she's not only ugly but has an ugly personality as well.

maybe she does mad kinky shit for him? i dunno man.

for the record i don't even like ian so i'm not saying this out of jealousy i just literally cannot comprehend it

No. 365587

That balding forehead must be huge if it looks this big from this low angle.

The cheeks were already big but deff looks like an avocado now.

It's wonderful to think she has modified her webcam to look different on stream, also putting on a higher place to get the full saggy cleavage and the lights, goddamn. Disgusting.

No. 365591

I think he's way too blind to notice how a manipulative relationship works, if his money starts quickly disappearing, when she starts showing how much she wants to hang out with his "famous" friends (for her fame hungry interests) and his family and friends become "all toxic people he can't hang out with" he'll probably wake up.

And it's a big if.

No. 365635

his fake smile makes me so uncomfortable

No. 365654

Yeah, this used to really confuse me too but ultimately what it boils down to is that Ian is just a socially inept autistic douchebag that seriously lacks experience with girls and not actually the untouchable yt god he wants you to think he is.

No. 365657

Lmaooo I thought the same thing when I saw the picture. Jeeeeez she looks awful!

No. 365714

File: 1501734305725.png (107.37 KB, 640x869, IMG_5649.PNG)

How do you say "we finally bought"? You didn't buy shit.

No. 365726

"Me n Ian @The Best Buy"

No. 365727

I dont care that they're dating, it's a miracle any of us find anyone that can put up with our shit. My issue is how she uses him and then plays the victim. Im sure she loves him, but only because he's useful ya know? Remember when Ian went to canada for canada day and she said she didnt post anything because they had been a part for so she wanted it to just be special? Why isnt it special now? Probably because she has to post this picture to show off what he does for her while making it seem like she helps. Dude she was begging for money on stream saying how broke she was so you know she didnt pay for the plane ticket(plus an extra one because her dumb ass booked two) and now a switch? Like all she does is name drop him for attention and obsess over chris because she's lonely.
I legitimatley dont think she realizes what she's doing.

No. 365728

She gets so much adoration from people who dont care that her content isnt progressing and she just makes shit up. Non of her stories line up. It's like the pretty girl in school who has a shitty personality and thinks she's wonderful because people tell her she is only because they want to fuck her.
Reality is going to fuck her up.

No. 365735

How did she go from a seemingly normal, tomboyish Canadian girl who liked hockey, to a full-fledged internet whore? What happened along the way to turn her into that? I'm genuinely asking.

No. 365777

She clearly has been a whore for quite a while, even before titty streaming. You can see those pics of her "previous lives" on her social media from before.

Why does she try so hard to be seen as the tomboy only and not the whore? Because she's done horrible things being the latter so she's trying to hide that, hiding her true self behind "serious" relationships with "important" men, be it through literal relationships with them or only engaging with male "friends".

She said on her last stream she wants to win more female viewers that's why she has been doing the makeup/diy/mental health videos… you see, to Anisa "girls" are only superficial and dramatic, "dudes" on the other hand are into sports, "cool music", videogames and sex. So now she wants "female" money too, don't be fooled, Anisa only cares about that and having a "boi" who will "protect her" from her own sins.

No. 365784

Extreme insecurity will do that to a person.
She's not trying to become a better person which is why I dont feel sorry for her.
people on here say some really mean shit about her. People call her fat and ugly and just constantly mock her apperance. I get the insecurites make it hard to read that shit, but that's all she focuses on, not the people who are wondering why the fuck she acts this way. Better brows wont make people like you, anisa, people who only focused on how ugly they think you are are just going to find something else they dont find attractive about you. Fix how you fucking act and people will like you more.

Stop just throwing shit content out there because the 20 people who are actively up your ass on twitter like it regardless. Stop saying shit impulsively like youve admitted to doing multiple times. Stop lying. If you really love Ian you wouldnt use him the way you do.
Better yourself holy fuck.

No. 365792

I think even if she tried being a better person she would only do it for the views. And with Ian, I think she'd never admit to using him and therefore she'd never have to do it right.

No. 365800

>She clearly has been a whore for quite a while, even before titty streaming. You can see those pics of her "previous lives" on her social media from before.
100% this. When she was the "seemingly normal, tomboyish Canadian girl who liked hockey," she was only that way because it was what the famous men around her were like. Anisa has a very clear pattern of changing her personality to replicate that of the famous or rich (this part's important) guy she's with at the time. And Anisa's been with lots of guys.

When she was the normal girl who was into sports, she was actually just dating pro sports players and going to their LAX and hockey games and posting obsessive shit about them all over social media like a groupie so everyone could see she had a ~famous bf~. She hasn't even bothered to delete any of it from her insta/fb/her old persona's twitter, anything.

She also did this 'moving for a guy' thing once before, and dropped out of school and left everything behind to be with this guy (who she, just like with Ian, met while seemingly in another relationship). That ended horribly, but it was fine because she had her titty-streaming fans to boost her ego and feed her new personality. At which point she started visibly whoring herself, but the person she was never really changed. We could just see it more clearly now.

Then she started dating guys like Akkadian in the League/e-sports scene who could get her further recognition, before she cheated on him with Ian because Ian had more fame and could get her on the Youtube scene (even though it didn't really work out how she'd hoped, Ian's still giving her money and buying her expensive things and that's enough for now). She's always been a famehungry, golddigging whore and always will be. Better question is why she's -always- been like this.

No. 365805

She's crazy and believes that what Ian owns/buys/etc. is also hers. His house is ~their house~, anon. That's probably the best example. She so forcefully pushed herself into his life and latched on like a parasite so early in the relationship, that she actually probably believes that they can behave like they're married or some shit.

No. 365814

Yeah, Ian should sign a prenup… or he could do the same to her and when they break up he can claim stuff that wasn't his like Blitz or her computer since everything is shared.

Has anyone noticed how she brags a lot about Ian and his friends but can't actually introduce him to her female friends? She projects this huge fear of them ratting her out on her whorish ways.

No. 365817

I don't think they try to meet each others friends. She met rayj (or whatever his name is) when she was filming for Ian and met Max when her and Kay became buddy buddy. I think she meets Ian friends when she forces her way in or when he needs her.

No. 365818

Oh, definitely. She's horrified of him finding out what she's done, and it shows in how she dropped literally every female in her life once Ian came into the picture. Like, I don't think her dropping Zoie and Celestia was just because "Ian thought they were a bad influence," that sounded like an excuse to me and like she needed someone to blame because Anisa can never do anything wrong. It's more like she didn't want Ian to know the person she really was behind the scenes of her titty-streams, which they knew because they'd all done the same shit.

And she tried sooo, so hard to be this ~virtuous~ person once she got together with Ian, completely rebranding herself and only making "wholesome" videos (until it stopped getting her money, lmao).

That being said, Ian also avoids introducing her to his friends. But I don't think it's because of the same reasons. More like he's embarrassed of her imo.

No. 365826

Right, she's always playing dumb "zoie and celestia forced me to be like this, my audience forced me to be this way, society forced me, my illnesses made me do things i regret, help me Ian".

And to the Ian friends thing (or maybe not his friends but his circle), she didn't waste any time on trying to meet h3h3, max, jontron, keemstar, she has hinted at wanting to be friends with Marzia (maybe why they want to go to the UK to "destress and meet up with super close friends pewdiepie and marzia") and now she wants to meet joji but we all know joji and ian are not so close anymore sooo…

No. 366066

File: 1501783575477.png (94.12 KB, 640x666, IMG_5650.PNG)

This is mean. Stop getting her hopes up.

No. 366070

Hahahahaha look at that natural model.

No. 366072

File: 1501784346087.png (147.43 KB, 750x1038, IMG_2885.PNG)

Old but remember how fast she responded when accused of cheating? I wonder when and who will admit to the cheating first.

No. 366076

Samefag but it's pretty suspicious how she still wanted (begged) to work with keem. Trying to befriend the youtubers news outlet to control the news and gossip, she's definitely hiding something.

No. 366124

'who'? 'first'? i'd be surprised if ian was cheating at all, given how legitimately autistic he seems to be

No. 366152

it'd be amazing if someone could make a banner out of that montage near the end

No. 366180

No. 366184

love how she has to use ian's mic and constantly find any excuse to bring him up.

No. 366188

lmao, ian gave her the storage room as "her room"

No. 366192

File: 1501795558563.png (4.04 MB, 2090x1612, Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 5.22…)

is she wearing this pokemon hat to be ~ironic~ or does she actually think it's cute?

No. 366193

she's wearing it because she pillaged through ian's stuff, found it, and wore it to remind everyone IAN IS HER BF AND SHE'S AT ~THEIR~ HOUSE.

No. 366197

Don't you love visiting your boyfriend for the first time in a while just to stream for a while as an excuse to not be around him?

No. 366203

File: 1501796220187.png (577.22 KB, 748x433, super srs streamer.png)

>leaves a clip of her dancing with her shirt open and tits out as one of the "reward videos" for people who donate money to her

No. 366204

With Chris in the chat.

No. 366207

>"I've gotten sooo much better at makeup over the last few months"
>makes fun of girl's eyeliner like a catty little bitch

No. 366208

Oh god, now he's skype-calling her lmao.

No. 366212

File: 1501796805335.gif (857.75 KB, 498x278, hMAiuvR.gif)

while her fucking foundation looks like a luchador mask hahahah really Anisa is one dumb pear. Instead of making fun others she should check her shit first. what a bitch for reals. Now she is skype calling chris while she is with Ian I mean one would imagine that after months of not seeing your boyfriend you would cut ties with everything to catch up on lost time, man anisa really makes dumb choices

No. 366215

Unwillingness to be around Ian continued; ask Chris to go to Warped Tour with her because she has two tickets, meaning only they would be going together fuck Ian

No. 366218


Funny how suddenly Chris is chatty again now that Ian is accessible.

No. 366220

File: 1501797101653.png (636.61 KB, 719x407, Untitled.png)

Not a titty streamer, no no.

No. 366222

reaching a little, anon

No. 366228

different anon, but she's found about 90 billion different reasons to stand up or bend over since the stream began. bitch knows what she's doing.

No. 366238

I think >>366072 is talking about Anisa & Chris cheating

No. 366260

She thinks she's super cool acting all "I'm not cheating, we're just BFFs and concert buddies" (funny that she's going to warped tour when 'OMG, I'M AN 80S CULTURE FAN') but maybe Ian has another date or better people to hang out with and needs that alone time, maybe Ian bought the tickets for her to leave him the fuck alone.

No. 366267

Anisa can't titty stream because she forgot to pack her one and only padded bra so she'll have to show the sucked in belly and the dirtiest shorts she has… might as well stream naked, look at those toddler size clothes.

But let us all prepare for the please-validate-me-BDD bikini selfies in Ian's, er uh, me-n-Ian house, she said she was excited to go to the beach.

No. 366286

>Oh god, now he's skype-calling her lmao
>makes fun of girl's eyeliner like a catty little bitch

Time stamps pls. I can't sit through the entire thing.

No. 366293

She probably didn't pack her padded bra because she wants Ian to take her seriously.

No. 366307

Does anyone know if she was friends with Chris before she started dating Ian? It kinda seems like Chris only puts up with her to get close to Ian

No. 366314

I definitely think he only started following her as soon as everyone found out that she was Ian's girlfriend. But if you asked Anisa she'd probably say he was a huge fan just like Ian lmao

No. 366332

It's very likely he is doing it because of Ian but also because now Anisa's just a couple of hours away from him and it must terrify him to think she might suddenly appear outside of his house, at the middle of the night, threatening to harm him or herself bc he didn't answer the skype call. When long distance calling he can play it off by saying he was busy.

Better keep this girl happy or ELSE.

No. 366333

File: 1501817590266.jpg (117.86 KB, 750x910, IMG_2888.JPG)

This bitch hasn't uploaded in a while and it's all shitty content but she's gaining subs?
Hahaha nice try Anisa, asking Ian to buy you subs?

No. 366336

File: 1501817963153.jpg (137.62 KB, 750x1040, anisa?.jpg)

Meanwhile these two Anisa "viewers" are still being shady right after Anisa published all those cutesy couple pics and talked non-stop about being in SD with her boi idubbbz.

No. 366372

File: 1501826975523.png (40.63 KB, 750x259, IMG_6764.PNG)

Joji's talking to you pear

No. 366373

Oops that was max but same shit

No. 366374

I live in the same city as her and I'm so ashamed.

No. 366444

File: 1501847135409.jpg (284.56 KB, 978x869, Screenshot_20170804-074445.jpg)

That gross 12 year old is attacking her instagram again

No. 366456

File: 1501849416863.jpg (177.05 KB, 1071x1037, Screenshot_20170804-082210.jpg)

This was on a video that had literally not nothing to do with him
I hate his retarded ass fans

No. 366476

she mentioned Vi in her most recent stream, saying she ~had to give her up~ but didn't say why

No. 366493

Since Ian does this too apparently 10 bucks will say that he'll stop as soon as he sees Max's rt and will call Anisa cringy next time she says anything like that.

No. 366495

>gross 12 year old
I actually find their shit hillarious sure they are hella retarded but its funny I bet it triggers the ugly avocado bukake pear

btw friend this post has nothing relevant so sage your shit m8

No. 366498

So it was you

No. 366501

not at all, but I am not gonna go further and derail this thread this is why we always get autosaged because of shit like this

No. 366511

It was definitely >>366495 who wrote that. Kek.

No. 366525

Nice Sonic profile pic dude.

No. 366558

yooo anisa spotted, GO SPEND TIME WITH UR MAN GURL

No. 366562

File: 1501868689191.jpg (443.14 KB, 1200x1200, roastedpearnisa.jpg)

yeah it def sounds like her, specially the "dude" thing. She came here to burn some random retard and she got burned instead, here's your roasted pear miss

No. 366564

I'm not Pear, but I think that edgy sonic youtuber sounded 12 and retarded.

No. 366566

did she mention Vi out of nowhere on stream or someone ask? if not way to make it obvious you keep up with this Anisa. Also just a bit of advice get your dates in order. Saying on stream you've known Ian for a year now but girl it's shady as fuck when you were dating Akaadian this time last year.

No. 366602


"I'm not pear." *says 'retarded' unironically

Sure sure.

No. 366605

No. 366608

This is definitely aimed at Anisa since she's using it like 24/7.

Now that he's sort of "attacked" Anisa, Anisa will tell Max to be nice to her bc "some bullies on lolcow are making fun of me", just like she forced Chris Ray Gun and K4iley.

No. 366613

No. 366616

This isn't a Joji thread.

No. 366687

I know im late to the party but "pokemon balls"? Really? I thought she was a fan of pokemon? Its pokeballs lmao

No. 366709

She obviously isn't a Pokemon fan, on stream she couldn't even name all the eevee-lutions in her shirt so she made a joke pretending to change their names.

She just wants the "geeky girl from hot topic" look to gain subs. She changes "personalities" depending on, what she thinks, her audience's interest is. You can totally see this from all her apologetic tweets and the constantly asking her followers for advice and ideas for content.

No. 366736

What's so wrong about that? I'm ignorant and curious.

No. 366772

File: 1501892873394.jpg (64.34 KB, 640x640, IMG_5657.JPG)

Left (to me) is a pin. Right is a button.
Idk what's it "supposed to be".

No. 366803

What >>366772 said but she was calling all the pins buttons because she's a retard. Even the pins on the right aren't referred to as buttons anymore in any shop.

No. 366804

What the fuck is this? All his shit sounds the same.

This isnt a k4iley, ian, chris, or max thread either anymore but here we are.

No. 366808

I liked Joji's music back when he was doing it as a hobby in college but now that he has more time and resources and his music STILL sounds the same as it did years ago it just sounds stagnant and uninspired.

No. 366827

Okay, so is everyone going to ignore the fact that this is an Anisa exclusive thread and like on past threads, the thread somehow got derailed into joji, max, pins and buttons?

Pretty sure Anisa is in here trying to derail to save her ass. AGAIN.

No. 366838

the threads have never been "anisa exclusive". at least sage you shit.

No. 366839

Look at the title of the thread retard

If you want to discuss the cancer crew you can make a new thread

No. 366844

She has twitch emotes of Vi and someone asked what they were. Why does she keep the emotes when she only had the puppy for a minute?

But she definitely keeps up with the thread. Whenever something is mentioned here, she subtly addresses it while streaming.

No. 366845

>>like on past threads

none of the past threads have been anisa exclusive retard. the cancer crew and alt youtubers have always been ok to discuss.

No. 366847

I think you're reading that wrong. Two separate ideas:

1)this is an anisa only thread
2) and like on past threads (even if it wasn't exclusively anisa) when Anisa got a lot of shit for being dumb, someone always derailed the topic to joji, max, etc…

Red herring derailing.

And if you READ the description of this thread it does say:

"Anisa only thread this time, guys. Non-pear related youtuber discussion goes elsewhere"

The fact that you're getting very triggered at this and calling everyone a retard for not wanting to engage on your own topics makes me think you're an Anisa stan or something. Chill the fuck down.

No. 366853

i'm not triggered, you are. you're jumping down everyone's throat for mentioning joji when in past threads it's been perfectly fine.

>>when Anisa got a lot of shit for being dumb, someone always derailed the topic to joji, max, etc…

>>makes me think you're an Anisa stan or something
>>Pretty sure Anisa is in here trying to derail to save her ass. AGAIN.

i never noticed this on past threads. you're being paranoid with these anisa conspiracies lmao. chill the fuck down.

No. 366854

the past threads have nothing to do with this thread retard. Can you read? The subject doesnt mention joji or anyone else. Fuck off.

No. 366858

You truly need to get that anger management checked. You've been talking to different people this whole time.

And you also need to learn how to read.

Now if you have nothing to share to the ANISA THREAD and just want to get triggered calling people retards… maybe go comment on joji and max youtube's videos, I'm sure they'd love it and you'd feel more comfortable there.

No. 366874

Everyone calling each other retard for derailing makes me question he maturities that flies out the windows for you farmers.

sage for no contribution and humour

No. 366875

Yup. Where is the like button?

No. 366879

I agree with this 100% fighting each other wont fix shit, the thread was going so well and then this we need to focus on one main thing and that main thing is getting Anisa milk, if joji and etc get discussed just let it slide and not make a huge fit about it. But if we keep doing shit like this, they will be like "ahh yes they are pretty much destroying eachother" pls this has to stop bois

sage for ranting

No. 366880

Got it. Report the trolls and move on.

No. 366889

File: 1501915400595.png (30.65 KB, 640x288, IMG_5658.PNG)

Her views are increasing but subscribers are decreasing?

No. 366891


Filthy frank thread,anon

No. 366892

She's only received 157 subscribers since she posted the pic of her amount of subscribers at the time.
I'm guessing (not serious) she bought 150 with the $6 she makes a month and 7 were from K4iley's "shout out." Does anyone know the actual rate per subscriber? Based on what I've seen from edups, he'd prob make fun of her BAD if he knew she paid for subscribers.

No. 367020

way late, but

22:00 is her talking about how she's a ~makeup goddess~ now, but isn't a beauty guru, heavily implies that that's only because other beauty gurus are shitty people and throws a ridiculous amount of shade at them.

40:29 is her pausing the music video she's watching to be a cunt for no reason and make fun of the rapper's eyeliner. BECUZ ANISA'S AN EXPERT NOW GUISE.

chris skype-calling her happens a bit after that. idk exact timestamp because twitch won't load past 41:00 for me (can streamers just cut off a recorded stream at a certain point? lmao) but i remember it was only a few minutes later.

No. 367219

This thread was made exclusively for Anisa. Please talk about the cancer crew and joji in the youtuber general thread;


No. 367249

File: 1501973765524.png (77.23 KB, 637x773, IMG_5662.PNG)

This is seriously scary. Don't hurt children like that. Don't don't don't.

No. 367253


They can use it as example of what's NOT an eating disorder.

"Kids, going on a crazy diet and exercising because you're insecure about yourself is not the same as anorexia. Learn the difference or you'll end up looking dumb like this bitch."

No. 367424

Is anybody watching her stream

No. 367430

Nah, whenever she's with Chris Ray Gun, she's just flirting with him and staring at herself on the monitor. And Chris is being as loud as humanly possible as if Ian were to overhear their conversation and come in and congratulate him or something.

Nothing new.

But if someone got some milk from that stream today, please share.

No. 367433

File: 1502001135274.png (651.13 KB, 856x848, Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 11.2…)

she criticizes others for their makeup and she has some messy make up going on right now, I am not nitpicking but yeah she talks about makeup as if she was an expert now and shits on beauty gurus, I think all the bullshit praise "fans" give her got to her head and she actually believes she is good at it. what a mess

No. 367440

why does she always look like she hasn't showered in a month?

No. 367442

I didn't give a shit about her bad makeup (I mean, I wondered why she wouldn't try and improve when part of her job was to be on camera but ultimately I didn't think it mattered much since a lot of her audience is/was male), but criticizing other peoples' makeup when she had to be taught the absolute basics just a couple weeks ago shows how arrogant she is and how easily she lets both praise and criticism get to her.

No. 367449

screenrecorded this not sure if its milky enough but I found it funny how she called amy schumer a whale while she in her videos talks about her body body issues, she spits so much shit out of her mouth even the toilet is jealous.

No. 367452

She calls Amy Schumer a "leather wearing whale" = she's cured of BDD and she thinks she's a comedian now.

Seriously what is wrong with this girl?

No. 367454

File: 1502008146842.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.31 KB, 599x804, BXstGpSCAAAnwjx.jpg)

oh that's not all this girl also talked about fucking in an elevator with a guy and chris called her an exhibitionist and she said that it was fun. She goes and calls other girls sluts while she has done a lot of things herself. I also found this candid picture on her old twitter account. its funny how she changes her style as she changes her boyfriends.


No. 367457

>oh that's not all this girl also talked about fucking in an elevator with a guy and chris called her an exhibitionist and she said that it was fun.

what? omg. gonna need a timestamp on that, friend. holy shit how is ian - any guy, for that matter - ok with dating someone who publicly tells hoe stories? the fuck. ian's fanbase would probably call him a cuck and shit if they knew lmao.

No. 367459

yeah I screen recorded it as soon as it uploads ill put it here

No. 367461

doing god's work, anon

No. 367465

File: 1502008739983.png (139.83 KB, 372x600, thefuck.png)

on that twitter, i found this.

i get that it's supposed to be 'lol, autocorrect', but… i'm like 90% sure that's a text from a guy telling her he was going to cum (shoot) on her face later? that was her bf at the time. why would she post that even if it was an 'lol autocorrect' moment???

No. 367469

Considering she casually didn't save this person with a real name (Big bubble? wtf?), maybe it wasn't her boyfriend? Is there evidence this is her boyfriend? This could be just a nickname for a guy she fucked or a client (if he's actually telling her what he wants to do at night, could be a client).

Either way, she's clearly bragging about having someone wanting to cum/shit on her face. Very sad.

No. 367471

now it's safe to assume that Ian is dating a slut who tries to play herself as a saint, it's okay to be a hoe and all but it's not okay to be a hoe and judge other hoes for being hoes. she is dumb enough to leave all this hanging for the world to see, I wonder when is Ian gonna realize his gf is a trashy slut who might be cheaitng on him with his clone.

No. 367472

File: 1502010194490.png (570.1 KB, 602x612, hoenisa.png)

i think it's this guy, who's a pro LAX player and whose nickname is 'bubba'.


he's all over her twitter when she was in her "i'm going to be an LAXer's/hockey player's wife :)" phase. pic related isn't evidence that he was her bf, exactly, but he bought her a ring for valentine's day? doesn't count out him being a client or fuckbuddy tho.

No. 367474

Lmao and she always makes sure to say how she had to always oay for everything with all of her exs because they didnt have money
Also how she was sad all the time with them.

No. 367475

>it's okay to be a hoe and all but it's not okay to be a hoe and judge other hoes for being hoes.
EXACTLY THIS. this is what anisa does wrong with literally EVERYTHING.

when she """stopped""" tittystreaming, she was so judgemental and mean toward other tittystreamers, like she was better than them.

a recent example is now she thinks she's a beauty guru and constantly makes fun of other girls' makeup in really mean and catty ways, despite struggling with makeup herself.

there's startling evidence anisa's always been an actual hoe since she was in her teens, but she actually has the nerve to make fun of girls like laci green or even her """ old friends""" like zoie and call them sluts and whores when her own past is shaaady af.

goddamn, she's such an evil bitch. all she does is drag other girls down for doing what she does, herself.

No. 367477

>Either way, she's clearly bragging about having someone wanting to cum/shit on her face. Very sad.
Idk why this made me laugh so hard. Fuck.

No. 367481

Quick question: Anisa's always talking about how she's been friends with Chris for years and years. One time, she said it was something like 4 years. Her old twitter you linked goes back to at least 2013 and Chris isn't on there anywhere. She hadn't even started streaming or Youtube yet. So how did she actually meet Chris? It seems like he just popped up out of nowhere and she just said they'd been friends for years, which is a common excuse for people trying to cover up something like cheating.

No. 367483

File: 1502011607087.png (56.47 KB, 640x454, IMG_5666.PNG)

Looks like you should take your own advice, Anisa.

No. 367489

lol in Pearnisa world "years" probably means months remember how she said she was gonna live in canada with ian and how they were gonna go to nyc to meet joji and do a collab together

No. 367491

File: 1502012702157.png (11.21 KB, 665x126, anorexia.png)

god, these tweets are hard to read.

No. 367494

Drinking game:
Go through her old twitter and take a shot anytime she mentions that she's full, ate too much, or has a food baby.

No. 367498

File: 1502013272447.png (67.65 KB, 640x689, kek.png)

I knew something seemed familiar about the first tweet….

Laci better watch her back. September's coming up. Anisa bout to show up at Chris' house with a big pot of sancocho and crawl into his bed.

No. 367504

>Laci better watch her back. September's coming up. Anisa bout to show up at Chris' house with a big pot of sancocho and crawl into his bed.

kek made me laugh so hard!
more like she is gonna sancocho him instead hahahah damn Anisa is bad, have you guys seen her facebook its filled with many good milk.

here's the link

No. 367553

I'm just gonna leave this here.

No. 367554

File: 1502022087508.png (68.07 KB, 742x863, IMG_0772.PNG)

God damnit dropped pic, my bad.

No. 367555

i may be wrong, but i think they were talking about hockey or lacrosse and he was helping her practice being a ~goalie~. so by "shooting" and "ripping some at her face," he meant the pucks/balls. it could very easily be interpreted as something sexual though, so she's still fucking gross for screenshotting and posting it.

No. 367567

your explanation actually makes a lot of sense. a bizarre thing to share still, it wasn't even funny.

No. 367582

She said on her stream the other day she has been talking to Chris for two years but she only met him in person after she started dating Ian. Ian went with her when she met him as well lol

No. 367584

lmao. makes you wonder if ian's an actual cuck.

No. 367588

This is actually super pathetic and speaks volumes about who Ian actually is. His fans think he's some strong, untouchable god with all these great ideas and morals, but he's really that sad, wimpy autistic kid who lets his whore girlfriend use him and walk all over him and escorts her to her meetings with male "friends". Even better is that one of those friends is Chris, who's literally an Ian clone and his behavior borders on Single White Male territory. Goddamn, no wonder Ian seems so depressed. He's living the life of a 50 year-old married man with an trophy wife who cheats on him with other men and takes all his money. Except those men who marry trophy wives actually get a hot wife out of the deal. Ian got Anisa.

No. 367589

>>367588 Meant for >>367582.

No. 367590

i doubt it, just autistic as fuck

yeah, seriously. since anisa is allegedly his first real girlfriend, it makes me wonder if he just doesn't know what a healthy relationship looks like. dude needs to wake up and see that he's being used because he appears to have no spine when it comes to her.

No. 367756

File: 1502040843189.png (31.75 KB, 509x348, screenshot-www.facebook.com-20…)

Is this Anisa's OC?

No. 367773

No. 367782

Yeah, definitely using the hockey lingo but it's the "tonight" part that really tells you what they were going to do.

Makes you wonder what kind of lingo she uses with Ian and Chris like "yeah, burp on my face, you retard, vomit your free speech on me, yeah boiiii"

No. 367785

dying @ this

No. 367791

Anyone else hear the 'fucked a guy in an elevator' story from her last stream? Haven't seen any video, and don't feel like watching the stream to find it myself, but if she seriously did that, at this point she's just as bad for Ian's reputation as he supposedly said Zoie and Celestia were for hers. No guy wants to parade a slag as their gf. Imagine if someone like Marzia or even Katt did that? You can't even imagine it because they're so much better than that. That's just nasty, Anisa.

No. 367793

I'll try to find the timestamp, hold tight, anon.

No. 367794

HAHAHA FUCK. She told that story in her stream? With her mom as a mod? Does Ian know this? Imagine Ian's family listening to this, lol.

With which abusive hockey/lacrosse/gamer/youtuber boyfriend did she do this?

No. 367813

…She really fucking admitted this? It wasn't a joke right?

No. 367814


Found it: 01:25:51

Bonus kek: 00:52:32 Maureen's gold digging ways
01:04:45 Anisa asking Chris if he wears his glasses during sex

No. 367821

I love you anon.

Goddamn, that's just… Fucking why, Anisa? And then,

>"I shoved a dildo in my ex-boyfriend's ass once. The guy wanted to… do stuff, and I said the only way that would happen is if I got to do it to him, and he said fine. So I did, and I thought it was funny."


No. 367822

Oh shit, she's also admitting to anal sex after using a dildo on her ex… didn't she say she would never do anal? Jesus Christ, why is she always lying and then trying to look edgy?

No. 367824

>when anisa's going off the rails and spilling all the milk herself and it's not fun anymore, just gross

someone make it stop

No. 367826

Well if Maureen is like that, what would you expect from Anisa? It's a Jomha household lesson.

She says it like it's a universal normal thing that everybody does or even talks about "marrying up is an accomplishment" HAHAHA no wonder she is so desperate to marry ANY californian/american guy she meets, so she can get at least one "accomplishment" in life.

Well now I feel really bad about Anisa's dad, like knowing his whole marriage was a scam and then he has to father this stupid girl.

No. 367831

which ex do we think it is? anisa has had so many at this point, can we even begin to guess?

i think my favorite part of this though is that she's only ~sexually open~ with chris because that's laci's schtick and anisa so desperately wants chris to be attracted to her kek.

No. 367832

This knowledge makes me pity Ian so badly too, and I've never cared about that greasy fuck. Imagine being Ian, having a hoe girlfriend who only cares about your money and fame because her mom taught her to "marry up", and you're an autistic virgin who doesn't know any better, so you think it's normal to be saddled down to a mean girl with nothing to offer but a used-up vag AND ass, and a busted face and refrigerator body? Ian got nothing out of this deal. He looks like a hostage in every selfie they take. I actually feel bad for the guy. Mr. Jomha is his future. He needs to get out ASAP.

No. 367834

I thought about that too. She's trying to look like she knows a lot about sex and that she can be kinky and sex creative.

But again, Laci is at least educational about it and focuses on informing both sexes, Anisa is straight up disgusting and even more so with her bragging about sexy stuff to just blue ball men like Chris and her twitch audience… and then she's dragging others down when they're sexier than her. This girl is seriously messed up, her idea of what is sexy and when she's supposed to be sexy is just scary.

If they're going to Warped Tour today that would mean yesterday's stream was the foreplay and today there will be definitely fucking.

No. 367835

No wonder Anisa hates herself so much. She blurts out this embarrassing stuff to try and sound cool and then sometime later the realization of how retarded she is must sink in and she gets depressed all over again. Shoving a dildo up your mans ass is something you should take to the grave, no one needs to know that you idiot. She hates herself and her content so much and yet keeps doing the same stuff over and over.

Also, how can anyone watch this, all they do is fucking argue. Anisa says something stupid, Chris shrieks 'Whaaat? What are you talking about, what does that meeeaaannn?!' and she pretends to laugh and says 'Listen, listen, listen' and then rants about some rant of killing him and trying to be funny while he stutters all over the face. It's horrible. I feel bad for her sometimes because she obviously hates herself and has no idea what to do with herself until I actually watch her and remember how obnoxious she is.

No. 367838

I don't think Ian is that dumb but maybe he's dating her because he thinks he's being a good person by tolerating and helping the needy? You know, like he feels better about himself being around sad and pathetic Anisa who has zero accomplishments and is just straight up embarrassing?

Maybe we've been misreading Ian's stance, he doesn't actually care about any of her life because the little that he does know is already enough for him to feel like he's doing great at life.

No. 367847

>If they're going to Warped Tour today that would mean yesterday's stream was the foreplay and today there will be definitely fucking.
oh, definitely. you could visibly see how flustered Chris was getting when she was talking about all of her exploits, and she was relishing in it. it was absolute foreplay.

how fucking nasty does a girl have to be to talk in very graphic detail about their sexual history with a male "friend" in her boyfriend's house while he's probably off in the living room playing video games alone or something? especially when said boyfriend is long-distance and you only going to get to see him for a week or two before you leave the US for good (Anisa's not allowed back in the US after this and she knows it), but you choose to spend that time trying to be sexy for another guy and blast your sexual history all over the internet in the process, and literally leave your bf to spend an entire day with this dude at a festival where you'll no doubt be drinking and doing questionable things?

i knew Anisa was scummy, but not THIS scummy.

No. 367867

sorry guys my internet is crap ive been uploading it since yesterday it includes the dildo thing to the fucking in the elevator story, those two are def fucking even sky willams said it

No. 367871

We can all agree hes never really been around girls or had a girlfriend. I think hes got an opportunity and is rolling with it. He probably doesnt even like her hes just too autistic to break it off, i've seen the likes of him before.
I mean its not like it requires much effort on his part, he doesnt even have to look at her very often since its long distance.

No. 367876

yeah I agree with this I knew a guy in high school who looked (skinny with glasses and grease face) and acted just like Ian and he had this girlfriend who we all knew she was a total slut, he wouldn't say nothing. Then she would go hit him and hurt him (yes physically as well) it took him 4 years to finally realize this shit was not working he left her, she kept telling him if he left she was gonna kill herself. I think Ian is following this same pattern, sadly. I mean anisa is even trying to make Ian to move to new york.

No. 367880

File: 1502054455225.png (12.83 KB, 322x37, stan.png)

Right when Anisa talked about how she wants Ian to keep his glasses and not get lasik and asked if Chris fucks with glasses, guess which little sneaky mod said something. Please tell us why this would be soooo interesting for lolcow.

I just get this weird vibe that K4iley is here all the time and she's the one giving us the Anisa milk.

No. 367883

If she is his first, which if any anon has a source thatproves this please repost becaise idk when this rumor started, I feel sorry for him despite his shitty taste. There is a stigma on guys his age not having a gf so I kinda understand why he's putting up with her. It's still bs.

No. 367887

same. her reaction - just spamming "WHAAAAT" - when anisa started telling the elevator sex/dildo stories cemented that she's definitely here and giving us info. it just seemed like a very farmer-y response. not to mention she's ALWAYS publicly mentioning lolcow (in a "negative" way) in regards to anisa, and all that does is bring more traffic to these threads. she's being sneaky about exposing her "friend". and i still remember that kailey got her the makeup palettes (which she's now used to become ~better than a beauty guru~), and that was around the time we were all critiquing her makeup especially harshly and saying what she could improve. it always felt like a dog-whistle of sorts.

No. 367890

i don't have the screenshot, but ian had an ask.fm that he used to use to answer serious questions. before he started dating anisa, someone asked if he was still a virgin, and he answered yes. i'm sure some anon has the proof somewhere. anisa used to also subtly brag about being ian's first, although she's now equally vaguely backtracked.

No. 367893

>01:04:45 Anisa asking Chris if he wears his glasses during sex
Is she implying that Ian's glasses fly off when they fuck? kek

No. 367896

Different anon, but here is the ask.fm archive with the virgin question

No. 367906

No. 367911

i think you guys are giving her too much credit when she literally called this place a forum like every other dumbass whos new here calls this place. i doubt that she pretended to be that retarded on purpose. shes not that smart if she keeps mentioning this place. if she was truly sneaky, she wouldve kept her mouth shut.

No. 367913

Why would you ever tell people about something like that, let alone stream it on the internet

No. 367918

not to mention, she's:

1. in her boyfriend's house, where he's nowhere to be seen
2. she only has like, a week left with her bf before she has to leave him to go back to another country for an indefinite period of time, but chooses to tell a guy she knows and all of the internet some of her sex stories instead of being with him
3. clearly flirting with said guy as -always-

i like how chad came into the stream while all this was happening. maybe someone will tell ian what a colossal mistake he's making by being with hoenisa.

No. 367922

I couldn't watch all of this because she's too annoying, but I like how she asked Chris "Didn't you have sex in a dressing room?" and after he said something about being caught in a car she said "Oh yeah that's right" meaning they had already previously discussed their "weird" sex stories at some point because you know, that's a totally normal subject to talk to your guy pal about, especially when you have a boyfriend.

No. 367924

I don't believe the dildo story. It just sounds like her trying to sound edgy again. The fact she thinks that and having sex in an elevator is something cool and to show off about just shows how much of an empty hole she is.

I'm sure she's making her parents proud.

No. 367927

File: 1502061274174.png (11.08 KB, 720x244, howcome.png)

asked Chris why he doesn't defend his gf from anisas constant jealousy fueled rants about her

No. 367931

bit or no, I'd be annoyed if my boyfriend's idea of "a bit" was literally just his female friends trashing me non-stop.

No. 367934


She reminded me of those Storytime youtubers who tell their hoe/sex stories for views. All she would need was a super click-baity title. Kek, not a lot of dignity there, pearnisa

No. 367955


Samefag, but I'm getting sick of Anisa hypocrisy. How can someone who "suffers from BDD and anorexia" be totally okay with calling someone else a whale? Or the fact that she talks about how she's trying to get better at makeup, yet constantly talks shit about beauty gurus and makes fun of other girls makeup? And I'm sure if any other girl had talked about similar sexual experiences, Pear would have no problem calling her a slut. She's such a shitty person

No. 367956

Anisa really loves to bash the US and yet wants to be here desperately. Same probably goes for Laci and Tana. She secretly wants to be them.

No. 367961

oh yeah she once in one of her streams she either wants to live in L.A. or NY. Also the fact she keeps bugging Ian to move to NY like wtf. You know guys I just connected the dots here, she only visited Ian to go to the warped tour with Chris and using "visiting her boyfriend" as an excuse. Man Anisa is a piece of shit.

No. 367969

Even better– she probably thinks she's as pretty as Tana and as smart as Laci kek delusion at its finest

No. 367971

She's streaming again. Things not going well at home, Nisser?

No. 367981

she says "listen" waaay too much. she is talking about cooking and asked Ian how he would rate her as a cook. and he said an 8 and she said she gives herself a 9. she says she hasnt been cooking for a while and then she says she has been cooking since jr high. make up your mind girl! I bet she criticizes people for their cooking just like she does for everything else.

No. 367987

Fuck I didn't even think of the Warped Tour thing. That's so fucking scummy lmao, she's using Ian so hard.

No. 367990

Love it, good job anon. Can you put Anisa Jomha/raihnbowkidz/idubbbz girlfriend in the title and tags? it'd give the video more traction

No. 367992

I love how she's going to cook on stream but lift the camera over her head to show off her padded bra as well.

*notice how she is casually cooking for her man right after the cutesy couple diy cooking tutorials by marzia

No. 367998

done and done I will be uploading the part where she talks about her mom being a gold digger as well

No. 368000

That outfit does absolutely nothing for her.

No. 368001

OMG, just tuned in, could her bra be anymore padded? It's like she's wearing a god damn mini life vest. It looks so stupid.

No. 368004

somebody should send her videos to willam so he can make fun of her on willam's beatdown

No. 368006

lmao @ Anisa thinking she's anywhere NEAR Marzia's league. you're right, and she totally does, though. she thinks she's part of the ~youtuber's wive's club~ imo. Anisa's never going to be a Marzia or a Hila, though. I don't think Marzia literally whored herself, and, you know, I can't imagine Marzia making a video talking about that time she casually fucked a dude who wasn't her bf in an elevator at 4 AM, or shoved a dildo up her ex's ass before she let him buttfuck her… just a hunch, but I thiiink Marzia has more class than that.

No. 368010

He wasnt her boyfriend?
Remember on stream a couple of months ago where she said shes never been with someone she wasnf dating? Lmao lying whore

No. 368011

They mean current bf

No. 368012

the way she made it sound was that it was a casual hookup at 4 AM. she very clearly specified that she did the anal stuff with her ex-boyfriend multiple times, but just kept saying "I had sex on an elevator" never saying with who, and the way she described it was just really nasty. I was totally under the impression it was some rando.

No. 368015


This is actually a really good idea. Somebody please do this.

No. 368018

the diy jacket video will be perfect for this! specially at the end how one of the patched fell out.

No. 368021

Watching her cook is so sad to see. Work on your skills before trying to stream/hold a camera/talk to viewers at the same time. Also she looks greasy as fuck

No. 368030

LOL "Anisa edgysex Jomha" but also "Anisa the puritan housewife", poor girl. She'll never be accepted in the youtuber's wife club, she's super trashy, everything she does/says just makes everyone want to throw up but she hasn't noticed that's a bad thing because she's into guys pooping on her face.

Anisa is going to be 30 soon and this shit show she does will follow her forever. At this point looking for a job or going back to school must be a dead dream, I mean, who would hire someone who looks, talks and does such things like her AND brags about it like accomplishments?

Stay sexy, stay classy Anisa.

No. 368033

Did anyone notice she grabbed her flat butt a whole lot and never washed the vegetables or even her hands? Jeeeeesus, i thought she was disgusting but this is a whole other level of nasty, thank god she's not a food server anymore.

No. 368035

Ian is on stream and he looks like he couldn't give less of a shit about Anisa's shitty food.

No. 368042

I agree she's trashy but shes not almost 30. She's only 24.

No. 368045

lol she got butthurt when people in chat called her out for fucking up the steak a bit

also fucking hell she puts in so much butter and salt on everything.

No. 368049

>because she's into guys pooping on her face.
killing me, anon

No. 368055

could not agree with you more.

the fact that she considers herself a 9/10 cook is hilarious. she did so many things wrong it was painful to watch.

No. 368058

she probably also considers herself a 9/10 in looks, when we all know she's a 5 in looks, and a 5 in… cooks.

No. 368059

Her standard being Ian said she was an 8/10….after she tells everyone he only eats garbage food like Taco Bell. With a diet like that he probably thinks Olive Garden is great food kek

No. 368060

5???? That's generous of you anon.

No. 368061

File: 1502073628935.png (98.12 KB, 640x899, IMG_5668.PNG)

That caption…

No. 368062

>that horribly textured skin
>those wrinkles that no "24 year old" should have
>the gaping fish mouth pose
>posting a picture saying she's ~innocent~ after telling her entire stream she got fucked in an elevator once, and another time fucked her ex in the butt with a dildo so she would do anal with him
this thread grows more and more painful to be a part of as time goes on. i suffer just looking at anisa's life… how does she live it?

No. 368063

She's always trying to make herself seem so ~desirable~ as though all men want to fuck her. Even in her shitty cooking stream today she said the 'meat guy' was trying to pick her up when she went to buy the steak with Ian.

No. 368065

yeah, innocent old lady maybe…

No. 368066

anyone else getting strong pt vibes???

No. 368067

File: 1502074162670.png (414.26 KB, 639x357, anisajomha.png)

WHY IS SHE COUNTING OUT LOUD LIKE A LITTLE KID? That was 100% cringe worthy material.

Also, the way she handled that salad was nasty and that steak looks really badly seasoned and cooked.

This is the perfect evidence to point out that she's actually stupid and has a huge ego. This is offensive to all chefs and cooks out there

No. 368068

That dad bod though…

No. 368069

That dad face though…

No. 368070

Lmao she looks greasy as hell. Kinda reminds me of that idubbbz skit where he poured a bottle of grease on his head to look like leafy. The hypocrisy is real.

No. 368075

File: 1502075157208.png (1.48 MB, 1271x715, anisa jomha the not titty stre…)

Anita Jomha quit titty streaming she said

someone should save that stream, she'll delete anything with ian in it

at 0:8:10 she calls ian over because she couldn't find something. He finds it immediately, she apologizes, and you can hear them kiss of camera. She obviously pretended not to find it to bring Ian on the stream because Ian=More Views.

No. 368076

File: 1502075259621.png (1 MB, 1606x704, Untitled.png)

"I just don't know where to put you guys!" angles it at her tits

No. 368078

File: 1502075394605.png (1.23 MB, 1189x684, Untitled.png)

Amy Schumer is a whale she said

So is Anisa a red whale?

No. 368084

what is up with that skin texture?

No. 368089

Anisa and Amy are very similar and not just on the body (although Amy has a butt).

It's funny how she hates Amy for having all that she dreams about though haha fame, money, and a hot boyfriend (because "she married up and my mom said you should always marry up"). If we were doubtful about her aspirations in life, there you have it, she pretty much lets us know every single stream what her only dream is.

Also, Anisa making jokes about a bad "whale leather wearing" female comedian is just the saddest projection ever, like she's complaining about the same thing she's trying to do: the shitty comedy, the wide masculine face and body + catty attitude, the I'm not like other girls, the way over public sexual life and the never fitting clothes.

She's just so slow and ugly on the inside to realize it that it's just sad.

No. 368093

now thats a very unfortunate face look at dem pores gurl. looks like she had a small allergic reaction to something. innocent" right after talking about having sex in an elevator and claiming being with a ton of guys

No. 368094

Innocent my @ss, besides being a whore and denying it "bc whores are shit", she's also an aggressive bitch that used to beat people and choke them just for staring at her or bc she was jealous, there's a stream about this

This girl is fucking nuts

No. 368095

I bet she threatens Ian with killing herself if he breaks up with her, she seems to be that kind of bitch who threatens boyfriends not to leave her or she will do something drastic

No. 368101

until the guy reaches the point where they're like, "THEN FUCKING DO IT, PLEASE PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY". i hope ian reaches that point soon, but he's such a sad little autist that i think it'll take much, much longer.

he was so sad on the stream today. he just seemed like a normal dude, but he kept thanking anisa for making him food over and over again and it was… really sad. appreciation is sweet but dude was reaching a whole new level. he reminds me of one of those divorced 40 year old dads who lose everything in the divorce including their dignity, except he's the BEFORE picture of the divorce.


No. 368102

In her "ask me stuff" stream on July 26, she said she's never fingered a dude's ass before (11:14). But wouldn't she have to finger a guy before putting a dildo in his ass?

No. 368103

that's a question no one wants to know the answer to, anon.

hoe's a liar, we got that already.

pls no nightmares tonite.

No. 368107

yeah I noticed that too maybe he is afraid of being lonely? so he settles for this ratty piece of trash. I am no Ian fan, but I think he can do better, the guy is a big shot youtuber, I think he could have a chance with a beauty guru or those "girl gamers". Yeah he kept saying thank you was a bit unsettling for me too as if she was obligating him to do shit. He should gtfo and find someone else who isnt a cheating goldigging hoe.

No. 368109

Maybe not finger but definitely lube that up and dilate the anus.

She had said she has never done anal and yesterday she admitted to it.

No. 368111

slightly different topic but has anyone else noticed how she and kat used to be all up each others' asses on social media? constantly tweeting each other, reposting "fan art" of them together (cringe), and fav'ing tweets about them being "friendship goals" etc. I haven't seen any of that in ages and i think it's bc when they actually met each other in hawaii they realized they weren't compatible friends. makes sense bc kat seems like a much better person than pearnisa

No. 368113

I have noticed that, yeah. And Anisa did that unabashed evil cackle of joy when someone in her twitch chat said 'her n ian's' relationship was better than Max & Katt's in her airport stream. While Katt has her own share of shady deeds (being the 'other woman' at the end of Max's relationship with his previous long-term gf, for one), she seems like one of those sweet, nice girls who don't actually mesh well with overbearing, brash personalities, which might sound weird considering who she's dating, but that's just the vibe I get. And if Anisa is anything, it's overbearing and brash.

No. 368114

Yeah, obviously that's why and the fact that Kat has a real job and real friends/relationships so she's too busy to even notice Anisa. Also it must've been pretty annoying for Kat to listen to Anisa say stuff like "I don't do girl stuff hehe", "I don't know how to be friends with females", "I'm new to girly stuff like makeup" 24/7 on a fucking island. Kat was trying to be a good gf and welcome her into the group, what did pear do?

Apparently Kat wanted to do cute stuff like oatmeal masks and Anisa was "so freaked out" about it bc she has never done stuff like that.

TLDR: Kat was trying to be friendly and Anisa was too busy trying to 1) appeal to the edgy side of youtube and 2) instead get fanart of ~me and ian~ that she totally blew Kat off.

No. 368132

No. 368133

File: 1502085155687.jpg (1.87 MB, 1920x1920, Pearhoe.jpg)

Anisa's stream.
>peeled herself (1:12:09)
>someone in chat said "stop trying to be funny/you are not funny" anisa replied "that's hurt my feeling"

No. 368135

it's like she can't stream herself gaming with her "boobs" out so she does whatever isn't as disrespectful towards ian. If only she owned up to her shittiness and didn't act so holier than thou and edgy instead she's a tacky idiot

No. 368137

"I hate hypocrites" lol the irony. Everything she says is hypocritical.

No. 368140

Without realizing, anisa already expose idubbbz's house one by one. Now kitchen.. maybe tomorrow is livingroom

No. 368147

And a 10 in cocks!

No. 368254

File: 1502115596773.jpg (343.54 KB, 720x1231, IMG_20170807_161733.jpg)

Ffs kailey

No. 368311

tbh >>366372 applies to when it's done on friend's photos, etc too

No. 368315

I think k4ley is one of those fake friends that say shit "oh you look so sexy on this outfit" but in reality you look like fucking canned bread in it. she is those friends that tries to sabotage you but without you realizing it.

No. 368346

what does kailey want? i know she's another nobody streamer, but i didn't know until someone posted her makeup video here. until that was posted, i legit thought she was just an anisa fangirl (as if those exist lmao), sending her makeup palettes and shit and constantly following her everywhere, whether to mod her stream or to comment on her shit. now that i know she's a streamer, i wonder what she wants from anisa. no one acts like kailey unless they have an agenda. does she want some youtuber dick or something?

No. 368376

She wants Anisa's manchild audience… Probably using Anisa's followers to create an interesting dichotomy between Anisa's nasty image and her more polished extra virgin look. Lol. Simple as that.

I thought she was her fan/friend too but that constant sabotaging her makes me doubt it, so that, and she is always begging for free stuff and for sugar daddies on twitter.

They understand each other but secretly hate each other.

No. 368556


Oh my god. She looks JUST like Pixy Teri but less fat.

No. 368565

File: 1502146121781.png (802.87 KB, 790x555, anisapt.png)

Cannot be unseen. If Anisa actually had a chin, she'd literally be PT.

No. 368568

File: 1502146348865.png (1.14 MB, 1285x511, pixynisa.png)

>when you look at these >>368067 >>368076 >>368133 pics and realize pic related could actually be candids of Anisa

No. 368609

Ayo I just saw this im wheezing bahahahahaha

No. 368642


Sage goes in the email field, newfag.

No. 368643

That's a reach.

No. 368645

Idubbz is just happy that she's having sex with him. She probably has a lot of practice, so she might be good at it.

No. 368646


Man, Anisa's so ugly that she makes Pixy look somewhat pretty in comparison.

No. 368648

She'd look better of she lost weight in her face and stopped filling in her eyebrows. She looks better with her eyebrows unfilled in. and maybe if she lost weight in her face, her "nasolabial folds would'nt be so prominant. Perhaps invest in botox, anisa? Or something, eat right, her only talent is her looks, you'd think she's try better to prolong them.

No. 368666

File: 1502159019373.png (927.28 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5669.PNG)

That nose texture…

No. 368672

meh tbh thats a shitty reason to stay with someone, if thats the case I guess they do deserve each other since they both are using each other, he uses her for sex and he uses him for fame and a place to stay when she comes to the states to do her hoeing with chris.

No. 368703

My bad lol.

Anisa is honestly not THAT ugly stop reaching.

No. 368712

Look at how flat she is in that pic. Who does she think she's fooling when she goes on stream like this >>368133 ? How does IAN feel about it?

No. 368722

I have that shirt and it's $7.50 from the male section at Walmart. I thought Anisa would buy better shit I guess.

No. 368724

Forget about Ian, how does she sleep at night knowing her whole life is a lie?

No. 368738


PT's skin looks better than Anisa's. Wow.

No. 368755

wow how dare you call our queen ugly gtfo, Anisa wishes she was as magestic and beautyful as PT, you really must be new here…

No. 368889

Oh god… look at the left side of her smile. Girl's definitely developing some deep set wrinkles.

No. 368952

our queen looks like a literal angel next to anisa. damn… all hail pt the qt

No. 368957

I still can't get over her nose. But she is a beauty guru guyz she knows what she is doing, all the others are haterz. Oh Pear before talking shit about others she should take a good look at herself and see her god awful makeup skills.

No. 368984

Nope I've lurked all seven threads. Not trying to start an argument but I thought this was a board to freely express our opinions? I am a rational person, and while I do think her personality is shit, she most definitely is not ugly. Unfortunate looking at some angles, yes. But it's no wonder Ian pays no mind to all the people criticizing her, some of you just come across as insanely jealous fangirls.

No. 368986

Shit, forgot to sage. I'll get the hang of it soon unless mods decide to ban me for having a difference of opinion.

No. 368991

I agree.

No. 368992

Maybe Ian finds her stupidity endearing, a lot of guys like a dumber woman to make themselves feel better. No doubt she does a lot of kinky shit to keep him around too. Her mess of a life probably masculates him as well. Any decent woman with her shit togethet would make him look like a neckbeard manchild in comparison.

No. 369001

While I think your opinion is fair, she's just not everyone's cup of tea. She definitely used to look more attractive at the peak of her titty streaming days. There's, also, obvious signs of aging in her face which shouldn't be so defined at her young age. Not to mention, an ugly personality makes even the prettiest people look ugly. And since she wants to critique others looks, I think it's fair game. My point being: she may not be ugly to you, but to me, she looks like she just crawled out from under a bridge.

No. 369006

i agree, but i don't even think she used to look better tbh, mostly lighting/cam quality (it wasn't always as good/big)

why no sage

No. 369008

I could see this. Though I may be swayed just because of how funny he thought it was when she said she was "retarded" bc he found the thing she was looking for for minutes in seconds.

No. 369009

When I watched that, it seemed to me he realized she was trying to get him on camera. He was sort of like "yeah okay, sure you didn't see it" but laughed it off

No. 369047


Anisa is meh looking with a seriously boxy figure her padded bras does NOT make look better. She's a log. Actually, would love it if someone photoshopped her on that old Ren and Stimpy "IT'S LOG" skit or whatever. Anyway, people go overboard, to me, degrading her looks. It's understandable because she's always trying to make herself out to be a 9 when she's a 6. I'd say so her delusion causes a lot of push back. But seriously, she's not fucking hideous…on the outside.

No. 369052


I think you're on to something anon. Ian, as we know, ain't shit and is masquerading as some god when he's a fucking loser. A woman who is actually hot and actually well off and knowledgeable would probably intimidate a loser like him. Seriously, I think you solved the riddle so many people debate here for why he's dumpster diving with Anisa when with his e-fame he could 100% do better. With Anisa, he's still the superior one in the relationship all around–looks, fame, wealth, intellect. He's got her beat even if only by a margin. Ian definitely crosses me as THAT type of insecure loser who couldn't take being with a woman who could correct his grammar or knowledge or something or pay for their meal without feeling like shit.

No. 369155

File: 1502251791663.png (496.45 KB, 720x405, Untitled.png)

Don't miss the stream! Should be called thinning locks and bald patches.

No. 369157

File: 1502252466677.png (334.53 KB, 721x401, Untitled.png)

No. 369160


No. 369162


Everytime I see her ass I feel so embarrassed. Does she think that her ass actually looks good? I swear to god her legs just go all the way up.

No. 369167

damn, gurl seriously needs to invest in a wig. pretty soon she's going to look like melisandre without her necklace.

No. 369186

What the fuck is the context here?

No. 369190

Some people in chat had a question about the microphone Ian uses, so she got up to ask him about it. She knows why people watch her.

No. 369231

She, also, said she hasn't read lolcow in "months." She said she first read it when she started dating Ian.

No. 369233

Looks like she forgot her bra? Yikes. Why would you openly display that sagging?

No. 369285

File: 1502279475127.png (103.39 KB, 750x698, IMG_4054.PNG)

cough cough

No. 369365


Well shit.

No. 369420

Holy shit. Even if this isn't Katt directly talking about Anisa she'd be dumb as fuck not to realize that her "friend" does the same thing.

No. 369433


This confirms my feeling that after their meet up in Hawaii, Max and Kat realized what a shit-ass attention whore Anisa is, but they couldn't be straight with Ian so are acting civil, yet passively-aggressively leaving hints of their disapproval.

No. 369446

File: 1502300833188.png (66.31 KB, 640x610, IMG_5672.PNG)

Why did she ask??? All of her streams are of her just talking to the camera

No. 369449

To get validation, like that's everything she does.

No. 369452

Hahaha she's not wearing a bra so people here stop saying she only wears padded bras. "THEY ARE REAL BOOBS, GUYS". Always trying to please, this little special and unique camwhore.

(Also maybe bc she was washing that one padded bra she wears 24/7/366)

No. 369457

Pretty sure Max, Katt and now Kimmi saw through Anisa's bullshit and changed their minds quickly after initially liking her.

Kudos for them, nobody needs toxic people like Anisa.

No. 369626

Okay why did I not see him thanking her for the food? Did I miss that? I only saw him go get the cutting board lol

No. 369715

Anisa's cooking and streaming again. Oh god, here we go.

No. 369716

>"If I'm cooking, Ian is working."

Anisa's such a ~pure housewife~ guys.

No. 369718


Someone asked if by Ian's work, she meant Youtube, and she said, "Yeah, that ~is~ his work. And he's not a plumber."

She's still so bitter about that lmao.

No. 369719

Whining about not making any money streaming anymore. Said Ian's job is more lucrative, she's barely making anything right now, and definitely not enough to live on. Says she wants to move to Youtube because it's better financially, but she still wants to interact with her fans, which is why she keeps streaming….

No. 369721

Youtube is better financially??? ANISA GET A REAL JOB

No. 369722

>"I want to get into acting. And trying to act more. When I was in high school, I did improv." - Anisa, 2017


No. 369725

wtf is with maureen calling her a bitch and ugly and shit in the stream chat???

No. 369728

wtf is wrong with her mother? Is she a psycho? Explains a lot.

No. 369732

She actually keeps joking about Anisa dying from food poisoning and asking how she should prepare her funeral…. Maureen is fucked in the head.

No. 369739

I like how Maureen disappeared after we started talking about her kek. Now Kailey's in the chat. Wonder if Maureen sent her.

No. 369759

wow, ian actually cares about her. she says 'ow' and he comes running like the whipped little autist he is.

No. 369773

Wow, wtf. Her mom is a psycho bitch. I kinda feel bad for her now.

No. 369777

oh god, maureen is back. time to witness some more verbal and emotional abuse lmao.

No. 369784

She keeps scrunching her forehead to hide how big it is

No. 369785

Like, girl I got a big forehead too but I don't wear hairstyles to emphasize it. Just put your hair down…

No. 369786

File: 1502334226803.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6795.PNG)

She just mentioned that the leafy content cop was her least favorite. Geeee I wonder why?

No. 369788


Holy shit. No wonder Anisa is a crazy attwhore always looking for validation with that kind of upbringing. What the fuck is wrong with her mother.

No. 369791

How the fuck did she cut herself with that dull ass knife???

No. 369792

The worst part was Anisa seemed 100% used to it. It seriously is understandable why Anisa is so messed-up and in constant need of validation and why she turned to promiscuity, thinking guys could fill the void in her life. Her mom seems actually psychotic. Like, she was legit bullying her, joking about her dying, saying she was ugly, a bitch, had no brain, calling her a bunch of names and spamming insults in her chat while egging everyone else on to do it, too. And Anisa just laughed like it was totally normal, completely unaffected. That's not normal behavior, the fuck?

No. 369804


ngl, I am feeling legit bad for Anisa right now. Of course, it doesn't excuse her shitty behavior, but damn.

No. 369808



No. 369832

it could be all just an act remember she is the queen of "I am the good one everyone else hates me, I am the victim here" knowing how she has done so in the past maybe this is all an act formulated by her and her mother. you know the same lady that was harassing laci and chris.

No. 369833

Nah she probably cried to him about not caring enough.she did say they fight a lot on stream when she was in canada.its like how she keeps posting pics of them together on snapchat. She obviously yelled at him about. Shes training him.

No. 369835

Okay, but what the fuck is that thing? There is no way you can convince me this bitch is hot in bed. I wouldn't dare be near that not even if she was kinky in bed.

Look at those crazy googly eyes. Those pieces of gum on her mouth. And add that voice. NAH BITCH.


No. 369837

File: 1502343425400.png (22.94 KB, 589x62, retardedanisajomha.png)

The tweet was written by a severely uneducated person, we know grammar isn't her forte. But even a baby knows that it's shepherd's pie.

No. 369838

File: 1502343680014.png (64.27 KB, 640x588, IMG_5674.PNG)


No. 369840

The only reason Anisa is cooking on stream again is because 1) she doesn't want to be near Ian and 2) JOJI MADE ANOTHER COOKING VIDEO, THIS WILL GET ME CLOSER TO MY REAL 'MARRYING UP' BOY

No. 369841

Kek i know right imagine looking down and seeing that thing. Her head really does look like a pear/jellybean Jesus Christ

No. 369847

When will she back to canada ?

No. 369848

File: 1502344883702.png (696.46 KB, 942x653, anisajomha.png)

Picking her nose while cooking. Classy!

No. 369850


This is one of the best photos I've ever seen of her for illustrating how bizarre the shape of her head is. I almost feel dizzy when I zoom in on it because her face is uneven. Side note, underneath the hair, her head looks quite small to me. Maybe that's why she's so dumb? How big could her brain possibly be?

No. 369852

she look so sweaty and greasy her makeup looks as if it was running out. lol but das probably the new "beauty guru look guyz" since she is now above them so she knows the latest trends.

No. 369854

She said one week yesterday

No. 369855

One eyebrow is from the brow bar and the other is classic Anisa kek

No. 369857

Do you have the video/clip of her saying they fight a lot? Why tf would she tell people that?? That's super personal??? Leave it to pear I guess…

No. 369868

I dont have the clip but people were asking her about long distance relationships and she said it's hard and there is insecurity and you fight a lot.

No. 369869

as a fellow severely-asymmetrical-face-having woman, one of the first things I realized about my weird skull is that I can't put my hair half-up and I can't pull off bold brows because they highlight how "off" the planes of my face are. Hopefully Anisa figures out the same things because these pics of her are reminding me of my awkward middle school days lmao

No. 369870

File: 1502347648878.png (28.24 KB, 749x156, IMG_6767.PNG)

Max, Kat and now her fave joji.

She must be dying inside.

No. 369872

ASKFJSLKDJF LOL even if this isn't about her she'd probably still take it personally.

No. 369873


This HAS to be about her.

No. 369874

>>369808 around 33.50

No. 369876

stay mad pear! there goes her chances on getting that joji d.

No. 369885

File: 1502351080758.png (145.88 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20170810-104106.png)

haha shoes on there and anisa isn't. Guess they arent as close as she'd have you believe..

No. 369889

samefag, maybe its because shes classified as more of a streamer? or maybe she doesnt fulfill the mutual respect part?

No. 369900

Right after, she runs to go look at chat

No. 369983

Might help if we know whose page this is.

No. 370029

chris ray gun sorry

No. 370034

File: 1502378401940.png (626.79 KB, 752x426, golum.png)

She is actually legit balding, holy shit.

No. 370037

File: 1502378921439.jpg (959.53 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-09-22-50-23…)


No. 370038

File: 1502378985046.jpg (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-09-22-50-35…)

No. 370040

Ian looks actually mentally disabled here. Like, that kid who hugged themselves during class and rocked back and forth while screaming at their helper and disrupting your attempts to learn fucking division.

No. 370043

These two pictures were so obviously forced. I'd imagine for the first one she had her snapchat camera ready…she'd swoop in from behind Ian, already smiling asking for a picture! As soon as Ian as in frame and before he can properly look nice she takes the picture. It doesn't matter if it looks nice, all that matters is that Ian is in the picture. As for the second one it is just a candid pic. Creepy, but I guess it doesn't matter since they're dating. However, you see Ian's got his phone on him, can't dare to talk to/look at Anisa for a whole meal undistracted.

No. 370046

That's kind of reaching. I've seen quite a lot of people sit like that before who aren't mentally disabled. He definitely doesn't actually look happy though.

No. 370050

That's what I was thinking since he looks like she just picked up her phone and was like 'Smile Ian' without warning.

No. 370080

She's wearing the same outfit/hair as last night??? it didn't look good last night, why would it today?

No. 370081

Looks like he didn't eat quite a bit of that meal. I wonder how tasty it really was.

No. 370083

I saw those it felt super forced. Likr she had nothing interesting to post so she just sellsout Ian for attention.

No. 370104

How does a 24-year-old have this many wrinkles…

No. 370108

shitty care of herself and bad genes. we've seen she doesn't take care of her skin, sleeps in her caked-on makeup, wears said makeup for god knows how many days, used to party and drink a lot, admitted herself she has a shit diet, etc.

and combine that with just naturally bad genes (look at the fact that she's balding at 24, that's not normal), and you've got anisa.

No. 370109

it could be the tastiest food but if someone has depression, people tend to eat less. it's clear he is not happy. idk maybe he is probably considering suicide at some point

No. 370110

these are from yesterday. just posted late.

No. 370111

dude, his "smile"… look at his lower lip, it looks like he was talking. it's all blurred.

anisa legit just got up from their table, snuck behind his chair, and took a picture. lmaoooo.

No. 370113

he genuinely looks miserable. anisa's draining the life out of him. add to that that he clearly doesn't know where to take his channel or what to do with his fame/future, and you've got an extremely depressed guy. poor ian tbh.

No. 370114

True true. If I saw her on the street I'd guess she was in her late 30s.

No. 370123

I thought you guys were exaggerating about her balding before, but yikes. That's sad.

No. 370132

no offense but in general, can we stop with the lowkey ian sympathizing? yes, I too feel pity for anyone who has to be in Anisa's presence, but we've established ian is an asshole. I don't think he's as bad as Anisa, but posts that go like "aw he looks depressed, poor guy" etc come off as softcore stanning or that you haven't quite moved on from ex-stanning him. and a few posts sympathizing him while ripping through his girlfriend looks bad on us- just saying.

No. 370134

I feel like that hairstyle may have been a failed way to hide the balding. She seems to be losing a lot a hair really fast. It's fun to shit on a shitty person and everything, but maybe Anisa should see a doctor…

No. 370136

girl she should see a doctor. a therapist, a stylist, an actual make up guru. she is broken as fuck but in her lil head she thinks she is flawless

No. 370140

I don't hate Ian but I don't love him either. I thought he was alright for a second from his videos but seeing his choice of mate makes me question him.

No. 370170


God damn it Anisa, leave the poor guy alone.

No. 370172

If you're gonna come on here and Stan Ian, at least sage your shit. Cmon.

No. 370185

I'm not Anisa, you dummy. I just think he's qt but he might be a fool if he's dating fucking Anisa of all people.

I do what I want, bossy anon.

No. 370186

'Anisa only thread this time, guys.'

shouldn't really matter

No. 370196

Go to PULL if you're gonna gush over Ian.

No. 370204

yeah, what's going on here? balding at such a young age is definitely indicative of something hormonal, like thyroid disease or pcos. tbh you'd think her bpd ass would be all over a diagnosis to flaunt and cry over for attention.

No. 370205

Sometimes some of y'all are more insufferable than the cows.

No. 370208

that's not a ~pretty~ disease though. mental illnesses and eating disorders are 'attractive'. something like pcos definitely is not.

No. 370242


I wasn't stanning Ian. I just feel bad for him. And I meant to sage, sorry.

No. 370306

File: 1502411967588.jpg (610.51 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170810_202548.jpg)

I think she may be straightening her hair on a daily basis. Tugging and burning your hair that much for so long tends to lead to hair loss. Found these old pics of what looks like her naturally wavy/curly hair.

No. 370320

uh, we talk about ian because he's anisa's bf and she treats him like shit. if he were just some random guy, we'd still express pity if he showed all the signs of depression that ian does. any guy that anisa uses deserves some kind of sympathy, anon. we also all felt bad for akkadian when anisa cheated on him with ian, but was anyone crying 'omg, YOU'RE AN AKKADIAN-STAN' then??? nah, my friend. it's not because he's ~idubbbz~ that we feel bad for him, it's because he's a depressed dude anisa's taking advantage of. seems to be her M.O. with the guys she dates tbh.

No. 370322

I think she looks nice with wavy hair, too, so it's unfortunate she's losing hair for a style that doesn't even suit her.

No. 370363

File: 1502420566359.png (87.59 KB, 640x724, IMG_5667.PNG)

Who is this girl? Anisa seemed obsessed with her for a minute.

No. 370420

Oh she's so pretty here. Girl, what happened?

No. 370422

that's Taryn I think? I believe she's Anisa's closest non-internet friend. I think she met her at her waitressing job while she was still at school.

No. 370428

I'm honestly leaning more on the side of feeling sorry for her now that I know what a psycho bitch her mom is.

No. 370464

THIS. I've been wanting to post something similar, thank you, based rational anon. I feel like every time a pic of them is posted, ex-stans go "oh no, our poor Ian! So unhappy! So forced! (He would be happier with me uwu)" I'm always getting secondhand embarrassment reading those posts. He's awkward as hell so he will always look autistic in pictures.
Move on with your little crush, damn. Glad this thread is autosaged.

No. 370514

same. her parents being emotionally abusive explains pretty much 100% of her behavior - the sluttiness, the desperate need for validation, the lack of identity. that shit is probably why she developed bpd in the first place - classic case, really.

doesn't excuse her shitty actions, but she would benefit from some intensive therapy. since she claims to have all these disorders why isn't she seeing a therapist?

No. 370533

Her father seems completely normal.

You guys are being way too sympathetic towards her.

No. 370557

Her mom only started doing this type of stuff after Anisa started egging her on. Anisa is entirely to blame for her mom's behavior in the chat. There's no need to try and chalk Anisa's behavior down to her parents.

I agree.

No. 370586


Her mother is responsible for her own behaviour. She's like a middle aged woman trying to be an edgy internet troll. It's embarassing. I don't doubt she taught Anisa her gold digging ways, she said on a stream that her mother told her that she used to hang out at university libraries looking for lawyers or a doctors to notice her.

No. 370632

She'd actually have to have BPD for that

No. 370657

Does Anisa actually like Ian? Its established that she wants that e-fame and its blatantly obvious she's thirsty for Chris's dick.. so where does that leave Ian? I don't know what Ian sees in Anisa but he can't be so clueless to the fact that Anisa is into some other dude. Regardless of how into your partner you actually are or not that's gotta hurt. Both Anisa and Ian are assholes but they at least deserve to be with people who actually like them for their company. Not just because they want something out of the other person.

No. 370680

Ian brings up the electrician thing again out of no where in his new unboxing.

He and anisa totally don't lurk these threads for validation or anything. Nope.

No. 370706

LMAO. Oh my god. How self-unaware are Ian and Anisa? Shit.

>"I've seen a rumor floating around. A rumor that I kind of unintentionally started, and I just wanted to squash it. I am not, and have never been, an electrician's apprentice."

Are you fucking serious, my man? It was an ongoing joke for-fucking-ever on his channel. The only place it was ever seriously discussed was on Anisa's ONE airport stream where someone asked her if Ian was an electrician and she sperged the fuck out about it, and in these threads. They absolutely lurk here, or, at least, Anisa does.

She was -actually- offended enough by the idea of her ~bf~ being a "tradesman ew", she obviously asked Ian to address it in his next video. Wow. That's just fucking pathetic, even more pathetic that he did it. It was so scripted and just… weird.

Blink three times if you need help, Ian.

No. 370717

Ew, he really went too far explaining it and it's clear Anisa made him. Why would he have ever brought it up otherwise? What other jokes/rumors has Ian ever corrected?

No. 370721

Seriously, it's super cringey. If I had any respect left for Ian after he started dating Anisa, it's completely gone now. That was one of the saddest things I've ever seen.

No. 370744

He's not clarifying it just because Anisa told him. I think he's also clarifying that because he thinks he sounds super cool trying to make electricians look dumb "bc they are jokes, look at me giggle at my friend's career path", and also because he's been probably lying in his videos too and he's trying to hide that by clarifying the only thing he can be "honest" about.

Why is he or Anisa never clarifying that Joji isn't their friend anymore? That has been mentioned here and her stream far more many times than the electrician joke. Their silence speaks way more.


To all of you who were doubtful if Idubbbz would fuck his channel because of Anisa related decisions, here's the perfect example of how to kill your channel. It wasn't enough for Anisa to have Ian appear in her streams and tell her that he loves her, she forced him to adjust his content to be a second part of her stream… wow, yeah, I buy it, happiest youtube couple of the year.

(Is there a cancer crew thread without Anisa in it?)

No. 370752

This is incredibly out of character for him to bring up. The whole electricians apprientance joke was made by him to throw people off so they'd know less about him. But suddenly it no longer appeals to him bc poor Anisa finds it embarrassing? Next thing we know he'll clear up the fact that his birthday isn't actually in July, then maybe reveal his whole idenitity while he's at it.

No. 370756

And his address, and the amount of money he's making, the side of the bed he sleeps in.

This isn't Anisa milk exactly but it is happening because of Anisa.

No. 370757

why was the cancer crew excluded out of this thread is there a reason for it? it use to be an anisa and cancer crew thread which worked tbh

No. 370758

Because the "cancer crew" don't really exist as a group anymore, since George has virtually abandoned FilthyFrank and is just doing music, Max just does Pokemon videos and nobody cares about Chad. The only ones with milk are Anisa, and Ian by extension since he's her boyfriend.

No. 370765

We might have to end up adding Ian's name in thread titles if he continues being this obvious.

No. 370766

He did it for Anisa. It's obvious for me. It's out of character for him to explain a joke or even care about what people think of him. He has never apologized for anything he has done or said. Why now?

No. 370791

exactly. that joke has been around for at least a year. along with other jokes about him having a daughter and stuff to mess with people and keep them from learning anything real about him. now, a week after anisa gets butthurt after learning of the joke and thinking people think her ~rich n famuz youtuber bf~ is some kind of person who actually works for a living, ian addresses "rumors"? there weren't even any rumors, for one, just anisa being upset about something she didn't know about before. but even if there were, when did idubbbz begin addressing rumors and backtracking on his jokes? goddamn, what a pussy. anisa's going to take total control over his channel soon enough.

No. 370878


WTF are you anons talking about. This bitch in no way shape or form has BPD. And you don't develop it because you have shitty parents, again, wtf???

No. 370892

The sudden Anisa sympathy, Maureen hatred, and anons complaining about 'Ian-stanning' because people call out Anisa on her abusive shit is really suspect tbh.

No. 371006

sage but,for the record, I'm the one who made the post noting the lowkey ian stanning, and I can confirm I am not anisa, and further than that, have been here for so many threads and have made many posts bashing anisa.
call her our on her "abusive shit", of course, just annoyed at seeing "poor ian :(" attached to the end of it.
not anisa, i just really hate ian.

No. 371061

sooo is sky ever going to drop his coveted anisa video or what. smh I was rooting for him

No. 371096

anisa's basically made the video for him at this point kek. but idk, i feel like he doesn't actually have anything maybe or is just too lazy to put the work into a video even though he said it was done. i'm disappointed in him tbh.

No. 371173

I think he implied there's no point

No. 371181

He knows it'll just give Anisa more attention which is what she craves. There is no point in it.

No. 371372

Yes. Can we just not talk about Ian at all unless it's absolutely relevant? Most of the chat that involves him just isn't. We also don't really need his videos posted here.

No. 371386

FUCKKKKKK. i hate Anisa. She's spewing some far right bullshit about how we shouldn't expect people to speak out against nazis.

If you're NOT nazi, why should you have any problem publicly speaking out against nazis??????????? SHES SO FUCKING DUMB.

No. 371389

She's trying to appeal to her Alt Right spic crush, Chris.

Here's one of his tryhard unfunny songs basically saying something similar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AhGYo9TExU

No. 371390

TBH I didn't actually hate her as much until today. Seeing her pander to the alt-right so blatantly is so fucking cringe. Not to mention, she constantly uses her "im a Muslim girl" card to try to validate her arguements.
"See guys, the alt-right isn't so bad, they even let ME a Muslim GIRL be part of their little club!!! :))"

I fucking hate her and want her off the Internet and back in Canada.

No. 371393

Silly sperg anon, don't you know that the best way to get ugly neck beards to like you is to align with their edgy politics. Duh.

What's more cringey is how late in the game she is on this. Anisa you could at least tried this like a year ago. Then you might've actually gotten somehwat popular to an even bigger list of delusion morons.

No. 371400

LMAO did you guys see now she's wants to sell merch

Merch to who?! I'm dying.

No. 371402

Who would buy one of her shirts with Microsoft Paint level art on it? That owl cat figure? Or "salad bois "? 13 year olds can't afford shipping to please your desperate ass, sorry Anisa.

No. 371403

She's fucking moronic and delusional if she actually thinks she has any real fans. People just follow her to get info on her boyfriend?

No. 371414

Is there a market for graphic tshirts of traced Bleach art?

No. 371466

Asking for help so she can get an actual artist to do it for free. What a bitch.

No. 371472

LMAOOO one-drop rule, Anisa! She'll never be white to them. She's pathetic.

No. 371552

Is the one-drop rule what it sounds like it is? One drop of none white blood? Jesus christ, she has to be kidding, siding with people who literally hate her. She should use some of her boyfriends money for therapy in stead of "investing" in patches and ugly jackets.

No. 371555

File: 1502587683375.png (149.89 KB, 539x567, Pear.png)

No. 371556

she's not wrong tbh, but coming from her, it's just insincere because you know the kind of person she is - an uneducated, uninformed, parroting attention-whore.

No. 371558

I agree. That stament on any other group, specially a minority would be suicidal. But again, she's all over the place, left when it's convenient because she's a victim, you guys… and right when it suits her -im gonna be an amazing wife, Ian/chriss- agenda.

No. 371577

File: 1502591489193.png (223.42 KB, 584x600, k.png)


No. 371584

Fucking hilarious that she feels confident telling anyone to "grow up" like she did in another tweet. I agree with her sentiment that not all white people should be treated as accountable but I didn't even read the tweet she was replying to in that way, if anything it's acknowledging that not all white people are accountable for stuff like Charlottesville and asking people that don't agree with it to speak up.


No. 371585

EWWWWWWWWWWWW what the fuck is she trying to make it look "haha its so derpy xD".

I hate how she wants to do merch after Hila from h3h3 started her own. Pear thinks shes on the same level as her or something.

No. 371596

File: 1502592697921.png (47.55 KB, 653x507, PsMr76l.png)


um whats the problem

some (no-name) sjw was telling white people (not everyone just white people) that specifically tehy should speak out against what happen. it's not appealing to the alt-right she actually has a point. the neo-nazis from charlottesville don't represent the billions of white people in the world. saying that they have the responsibility to apologize solely for the skin color makes you no better than the far right shit heads who go after muslims after an extremist does something

seriously its common sense. anisa's just jumping onto the bandwagon but i can't believe you guys are going after her on this… you could've at least pointed out that the tweet comes from a nobody and anisa was going for low hanging fruit. come on guys

No. 371603

File: 1502593034574.jpg (581.59 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-08-12-22-52-17…)

Unpopular opinion but I kinda dig it? It's actually stylistic, which makes me think she traced or copied it from somewhere. Note difference of style from this pic and even her more recent artwork.

No. 371605

Are you blind? Look a those lines and the background is a random photo she blurred.

No. 371612

I was talking about the style in the older pic I posted versus the style she is using for her merch? I don't see how the background she used in her older art is relevant?

No. 371620

It's pretty laughable that she's claiming to be a muslim person to justify her reasoning mostly because she's stated that she has not been practicing that religion since like forever, but now she is all this "I know everything about being a muslim and I know everything about terrorism so trust me I am right". That's basically like saying "I have black friends, trust me, I'm not racist".

She's still a hypocrite and a horrible person for calling out people and trying to school them on a harmless act. Here she is again, the bully/victim Anisa Jomha we all know, "fuck you minorities for feeling in danger around white people" "oh, but i'm a muslim girl, don't you dare attack me, i was just giving my super informed opinion".

Also, what a perfect opportunity to make everything about herself even more by selling shit merch?

No. 371624

Anisa is just repeating everything she heard from Chris and Ian, her opinion is completely based off whatever she heard them rant about and she's now trying to sound all intellectual while clearly talking about something she doesn't know about. Shut the fuck up, Anisa.

If she actually cared about this or politics in general we would've seen her care more about her country's problems too, but since Chris and Ian don't talk about that, she's just trying to impress them and their audience with misinformed and irrelevant opinions about a country and a culture that is not hers.

Make up your mind, are you a white canadian person or are you an arab muslim person or it depends when it's convenient?

No. 371625

Her most recent art proves that this can't be her original piece. Maybe she's showing someone else's sketch? Just compare it to the shit she made for Ian in his Tana video. No way she made this.
Side note– whoever did, it looks pretty cool actually and I could see it on a shirt.

No. 371634

File: 1502597436246.jpeg (292.68 KB, 1920x1080, 1502597310531.jpeg)

Seriously? Why does she keep posting this Bella Thorne style selfies, it's just sad and uncomfortable to watch.

No. 371638

ech ew why does she always do the tongue thing…it's not cute.

No. 371642

Her thigh gap pose always gets to me. You are fucking 24 pear, accept that your thighs touch and that you have no ass, quit trying to look like you're a 100lb teenager jesus christ only cute and innocent looking women can pull that off and you are neither.

No. 371644

Guys, look! I have a neck!

No. 371648

File: 1502598792959.png (59.27 KB, 750x1056, IMG_3244.PNG)

Instagram vs. reality

No. 371654

It's very subtle but, to me, she looks like she's gained a pound or two. Maybe it's cause she has to order in when her cooking sucks.

No. 371660

lmao does ian make her sleep on the floor?

No. 371668

she's living in her 2008 myspace pose and angle era reminiscing on her hockey boyfriends and trying not to think of the shitty online charade her life has become with ian's twig ass

No. 371669

It's funny because she mentioned in all her recent streams how she's ~not eating~ and has ~lost weight~

No. 371672

TWO pictures and she couldn't fix the damn pockets????
Sorry for nitpick

No. 371678

I wonder if the tumblerina fans are aware that her precious anisa is siding up with the alt right. they are always protecting her and saying how "she is valuable and precious, must be protected" if only they knew that this ratty bitch talks shit about them and says the "alt right isn't so bad guyz"

No. 371681

And why would they care? Any "fan" of hers is just a fan of edgy alt king Idubbbz!! They're edgy "tumblrinas", and new breed.

No. 371683

some of them are very "protect trans kids" and all this sjw kind of scene thats why I was wondering, since most of them identify as "plant kin space king" or "they/them pronounds frank kin"

No. 371765

Wow, I just noticed the bed. why doesn't she just sleep with Ian in his bed?

No. 371839

I think that IS his bed. Anisa's is the one next to the chalk wall. I believe she has a bed frame

No. 371842

You know, it's funny because Lebanese people are of arguably Phoenician genetic heritage, not Arabic. Regardless, besides some rednecks most people would consider middle eastern people to be white. I mean, considering she's a slightly tan white girl raised in Canada who is in no way a practicing muslim, I'd say she has no right whatsoever to try to play the race/religion/minority card. It really just makes her look pathetic and is incredibly insensitive to attempt to represent people who you have practically no connection to

No. 371860

yeah, ian sleeps on a single mattress on the floor; it was shown in one of his other videos. i just don't fucking get why. surely he has enough money for a box spring and a cheapo walmart frame at least.

No. 371888

I think it's a combination of her natural colour coming through, which is medium brown. She probably dyes it so dark so she appears to look more Arab lol

No. 371894

File: 1502647601976.png (543.36 KB, 575x580, Untitled.png)

No. 371926

Omg! He took her pics and didn't get her angles! The world of Instagram is no longer deceived! Take it down!!

No. 372009


thats actually a really cute fish

No. 372084

this person is not asking white people to apologize for what happened at charlottesville. they're just saying that white people should speak up and not stay neutral on the situation just because the perpetrators are white.
I get anisa not having reading comprehension skills but come on guys.

No. 372099

Exactly. But she's gone silent again, she only wanted to create an "interesting dichotomy amongst her audience" and use that attention to show her kindergarden merch doodles.

No. 372130

File: 1502685351452.jpeg (94.8 KB, 640x854, image.jpeg)


No. 372154

If that's the case, then Anisa's point still stands tbh. People don't ask for muslims to 'speak up' when there's a terrorist attack done by ISIS. Instead, non-muslims give them #NotAllMuslims hashtags and defend them because they're not stupid enough to expect an entire group of people who are related by some arbitrary thing - race, religion, whatever - to make apologies or condemn the actions of someone whose only connection to them is said arbitrary thing. To expect otherwise is to paint every single person that falls under whatever 'group' they're in under the same brush, and that's ignorant af.

No. 372156

actual serial killer face

No. 372167

They do, or they used to. Those kinds of hashtags started cause people kept trying to start shit with not ISIS affiliated muslims (and hindus, and sikhs, and other random brown people) every time some terrorist attack happened. Not that your general point is wrong, but when a bomb goes off on the other side of the planet, Americans ask(ed) muslims in Wisconsin to explain themselves.

No. 372169

#NotAllMuslims is different, that hashtag exists because media and politics always portray being muslim as a synonym to islamic terrorism. So muslims all around the world are using that hashtag to say that they're not terrorists.

#NotAllWhitePeople is ignorant if you ask me, because no one said it's all white people's fault , therefore they should all apologize… all the people directing their tweets to white people, if anything they are saying that being a nazi is obviously related to being white, so white people should also put a little effort in not being neutral or staying quiet? Example: Muslims saying they're not sympathizing and they condemn terrorism EVEN WHEN said terrorists are using their religion as the reason for their actions.

I haven't seen anyone telling #allwhitepeople 'should' apologize for what happened, if anything those tweets are saying that white people shouldn't stay quiet because that would be like giving nazis the benefit of the doubt on their actions (which, like islamic terrorists, they justify their actions through a 'greater good' be it because they think their religion is the one and only or because they think their race/skin color is the one and only).

The only apology I have seen is the one tweeted by Lorde, which was unnecessary I think but then again is the fact that she decided to share that with her audience that big of a deal?

I think the 'edgy' people on twitter/youtube are close to achieving something and they believe they're doing something 'good' but in the meanwhile they're just confusing their audience (most of their audience are actually radical conservatives)… Instead of calling out people for actually trying to do something positive about their country or whatever, they could be using their platforms to inform and to show how much they actually care about their country's politics. I have never seen these edgelords supporting a real cause or guiding their audience to get informed by reading books or assisting certain events or whatever, it seems to me they just like to call people dumb/retarded/gay/etc. and never give out explanations as long as they're behind a screen.

But hey, those are my two cents.

No. 372170

Actually, no it's not the same thing. The point is that white people have an inherent form of privilege other POC do not have, and more often than not - racists need to be condemned from those that share the same skin color as them (white) in order for it to make an impact. White people should hold their family, friends, teachers, etc accountable. They have the opportunity to have their voices heard easier than POC and THAT is the point people are trying to make my expecting non-nazis to speak out against nazis. Sort of like drowning out the hate, if you will.

No. 372177

File: 1502695184622.png (175.88 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3862.PNG)

Just trying to be as literal and transparent as possible with you, anon.

Anyway, Anisa is reading here and getting worked up about us discussing her political statements.

No. 372180

Holy fuck, typical Anisa… literally nobody here said she supports neonazis so either she's hearing those rumors from other places OR she can't read and desperately wants to be the victim of these "horrible rumors" LIKE ALWAYS.

But then again, she is copying word by word all of the edge lords tweets when they say they "lean left so stop calling me ALT RIGHT".

It isn't as fun to protect with your life your freedom of speech when that speech isn't going your way, right Anisa?

No. 372183

File: 1502696724584.png (50.55 KB, 623x321, AnisaJomhaLiar.png)

Yeah, Anisa, show us those rumors. Or could you be modifying the story to fit your victim narrative? Your new edgy friends wouldn't like that or would they?

No. 372213

Hasn't Anisa stayed in the US for more than 2 weeks now? It would be terrible if she couldn't come into the country again for overstaying and being "a nazi"…

No. 372215

She literally already admitted that customs told her she wouldn't be allowed back into the US next time without a visa. This is her final US trip and she knows it. I wouldn't be surprised if she stays illegally tbh tho.

No. 372321

Anyone know if she brought Blitz on this trip? If not, how has she survived this long without her oh-so-important-anxiety-relieving-therapy-dog?

No. 372389

Nope, she said in a previous stream Blitz is in Canada. Wonder how that'll work out if she plans on wayyy overstaying her welcome in the US.

No. 372390

She didn't, Blitz' appearing is only important when she desperately needs views. Almost like Ian.

No. 372406

File: 1502732761614.jpg (153.96 KB, 1072x653, Screenshot_20170814-134527.jpg)

Im so excited

No. 372409

File: 1502733038124.jpg (426.77 KB, 1049x1843, Screenshot_20170814-134626.jpg)

Also she always likes basically every reply she gets on twitter except but the ones that arent completely kissing her ass. Sorry youve made yourself out to be an art goddess yet a fan made youre shit better and youre insecure about it.

Legit bet she steals some of that girls ideas and gives her no credit.

No. 372410

she probably will. ~aesthetic~ is how to get that joji d.

No. 372425

File: 1502734806888.png (29.81 KB, 620x120, lol.png)


I bet her ranty video will be about "whites were slaves too, so stop being dumb, grow up!" because "a lot of people were asking for a video" (literally one person and it seems sarcastic tbh).

But she's so desperate for the edgelord approval, she'll try emulating shoe0nhead, she even commented on her archenemy Laci Green's twitter.

Also, I'll call it out right now, she's definitely going to use some of the arguments we have posted here. Because this ignorant bitch doesn't care about the real problem except her being the victim, so she'll try to justify her 'two tweets that made EVERYONE think she's a NAZI'.

No. 372447

lmao @ anisa whining about """rumors"""

imo this just confirms she made ian go on that huge rant in his latest video about the electrician """rumors""" (the fucking joke he himself had started and was fine with) so she'd stop feeling bad about people joking about her rich bf being an icky 'tradesman'. i bet she gave him a fucking script to read off.

No. 372458

Anisa can't see that she doesn't have what it takes to be a political commentator. She once said she rather see that dumbass youtuber Sargon of Akkad debate than Ben Shapiro. At least Shapiro is skilled and more intelligent than that fat fuck Sargon. She can't see outside the youtube circle she wants to be apart of.

Watch her change her opinion of Ben Shapiro to match Chris's around 46:47 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/164798838?t=46m47s.

No. 372469

Honestly, Anisa doesn't have what it takes to be anything. She has tried almost every platform and almost every kind of content. She's boring, she's dumb, she's immature, she's lazy, she's troublesome with her language and her actions, she can't commit to anything in her life not even people, she complains 24/7, she asks way too much for her followers' advice, she babbles about stuff she doesn't know about, she isn't even an above average looking person for people to mindlessly watch her (except for maybe her boobs when on a padded bra, they have their own fans but not her).

She has had many opportunities to prove she's worthy of a following but no, she only wants Ian's fan audience (while saying and pretending that she doesn't want that but it's 24/7 "me n Ian this and that"; the same with her boobie streaming, she has her boobs out all the time and if not she stands in front of the camera, 360 showing the rest of her body) and to be considered part of the edgelord/political scene.

She only wants the attention, and wanting attention would be okay if she was 15 AND she had something to show off about. But nope, showing off your boobs and "marrying up" are not accomplishments, Anisa, that's only what mama Jomha taught you.

No. 372477

File: 1502739444777.jpg (206.65 KB, 470x560, 560.jpg)

No. 372478

File: 1502739485651.png (285.04 KB, 475x577, ew.png)

Sorry for the artist, but +20 bucks for this? Fuck no.

Also, what's up with the chinese? Joji won't be able to read that, Anisa!

No. 372485

There's literally no cohesion to this design. This is sad af.

No. 372495

Sailor Moon and and ugly drawing of sushi, she's such a NERD xD.

I think she watches naruto just to appeal to neckbeards. I don't think this hockey bar slut is an anime fan at all.

No. 372519

I watched that for 2 mins and saw her calling some comedian a whale.

her BDD must have not been bothering her too bad that day i guess

No. 372534

You could find this in the children's section of a thrift store. For fucks sake Anisa, you're not a child.

No. 372542

File: 1502744243793.png (30.95 KB, 581x101, predictableanisajomha.png)

LOL, she must've started the video and then read the "lolcowards" comments and decided she was not going to do it. Can she be working making videos when she's here illegally?

Why ask a white guy to make some google translate chinese phrase on your shirt? Does she think chinese and japanese are the same thing? because the references are way out of their cultural stand. Did she think making it look eastern asian would make her look weab, cute and cool? I definitely think this girl has no respect for any culture not even her own.

And again, she shouldn't be selling stuff in America if she's here illegally.

No. 372556

File: 1502745245818.jpg (171.86 KB, 1049x730, Screenshot_20170814-171243.jpg)

Shes so retarded

No. 372557

I like how she bragged about art school and does streams where she draws but she has no talent and had to have someone else design them for her. You're garbage, Anisa

No. 372561

She couldnt even find a better artist? The t-shirt is really ugly. I bet she asked him to do it for free.

No. 372562

Bet you $10 she's going to have Ian "make an appearance" in her shirt…

No. 372563

And drink a shot for every forced youtuber friend she forces to wear her merch.

No. 372568

Chris? her only "friend"? or his boyfriend, as a joke!

No. 372570

The artist used their tips kek

No. 372571

Yep, totally stole that person's tips, but it's okay, I'm sure Anisa is going to repay them with a mention on her tweets LOL.

No. 372573

Chris: I'm not gonna wear that, it's r e t a r d e d
Anus-a: it's not retarded! Listen! Listen! Listen! Support me dammit.
Chris: no that's gay. I don't have to buy your shit to support someone
-10 minute argument-

No. 372580

she should have made it transparent so it fits with the background of the shirt or made the borders dinamic so it didnt look so blocky. its fucking ugly, I feel bad for the artist that made it. Anisa the only human that can make somethiing okay looking in to complete trash

No. 372589

Yeah, I agree. Just lolcat with a heart and the text if she HAS to have it. Cut the background.

No. 372593

File: 1502749380969.png (115.64 KB, 640x860, IMG_5680.PNG)

Awaiting her modeling pics

No. 372598

correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the point of merch to represent the youtuber in a recognizable way?? for example, if i saw a shirt that said "hey that's pretty good" i'd know it's an idubbbz shirt. how is someone suppose to look at this >>372478 and know it's an 'anisa' shirt? it looks like some clusterfuck you'd fine at any store, nothing about it says "i am a fan of anisa". unless i'm just not getting the joke/concept. either way it's ugly

No. 372601

File: 1502749772011.png (1.03 MB, 1220x1188, Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 3.24…)

okay I saw this on the artist twitter is it me or he tried to make the designs similar to this? I bet anusa said "I want it to look like that"

No. 372617

No. 372627

she's reacting to that vid max made a while back in "her room" and she's mad at him for "defiling it" lol. also she's really mad that people think she and max look alike.

No. 372628

Look at her burned shoulders, she's the type of dumbass to not believe in sunblock. If she is gonna smother her face in makeup, why doesn't care about basic skincare?

No. 372635

why would anyone spend so much time making this?

No. 372636

"My political upbringing" How many times is she gonna bring up her smart lawyer dad giving her her "critical thinking" skills.

No. 372640

She looks like a pale kourtney kardashian in the pic

No. 372642

As many as it takes for people to stop seeing her as a sack of potatoes that's always naked and begging for money. She's smart too because her father is a lawyer.

Sad logic, sad girl. But her actions speak louder than her words.

No. 372647

Do twitch streamers get paid for views? Or only money given to them personally by viewers?

No. 372660

File: 1502816135989.png (39.87 KB, 750x369, IMG_0569.PNG)

huh? part 2

No. 372668

File: 1502816468194.png (80.81 KB, 650x867, IMG_2837.PNG)

she should be flattered. max is hotter than she is.

No. 372727

They have the same fucked up teeth and hairstyle! But Max has a beautiful nose.

No. 372849

You guys they're in Disneyland lol

No. 372850


No. 372862

File: 1502832649538.png (1.02 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5682.PNG)

No. 372890

Good for them.
He gets beat up pussy and she gets someone who will pay for everything while she pretends to have talent.

No. 373003

I thought Ian ~never smiled~ and only did when he was feeling super awkward

No. 373026

WHY does she make the same face and peace sign in every photo? Every single photo of hers is cropped the same, from the same angle, wearing one of three outfits. I know you are the human embodiment of a gnat, Anisa, but please at least copy someone interesting and stop spamming the internet with your endless duplicates.

No. 373033

File: 1502848277485.png (121.09 KB, 640x651, IMG_5686.PNG)

Holy forehead wrinkles and mustache…

No. 373036

Also, ew @ian and his disgusting nail biting.

No. 373039

File: 1502848490389.png (152.76 KB, 640x677, IMG_5687.PNG)

They really deserve each other. YUCK.

No. 373042

Those fake smiles and the dad hold on her shoulder. Body language says so much about their unhappy relationship.

I wonder what geeky super expensive Disneyland thing she made him buy her.

No. 373043

Besides the basic bitch Minnie headband that probably cost at least $25?

No. 373046

I wonder if they get into Disneyland for free since he's claimed by maker studios? Which is owned by Disney. Read on another forum about other content creators who get access to Disney for free bc of it ??

No. 373048

probably some white trailer trash thing she'll brag about for ages but never use since she only owns one dirty padded bra, one pair of cheap shorts and three shitty shirts.

"i like that Ian doesn't spend on things that we don't need."

No. 373057

Her eyebrows look better. Still the wrong shape for her face, but better. The texture of her skin is gross tho.

No. 373063

I got the exact same headband at Disney World kek

No. 373073

Their body language does say a lot. Their heads pulling away from each other. Ian is so disgusted with her body that he can't even hold her waist or her back. His smile is saying he's tired of this shit. The stiff arm, stiff legs pointing away from her. Basically his pose totally says "let's get this over with".

It's a bit sad that her pose is the complete opposite of his (even if her smile is fake AF as well). But only a bit sad, since we know Anisa's interest is on his money, his internet influence and the American citizenship so… they kinda deserve each other.

No. 373075

Whaaat? Anisa isn't doing normal bend and spread leg pose and from the looks of it she doesn't have thigh gap. Who would have thooouuught!

No. 373083

File: 1502851407530.png (440.32 KB, 625x703, anisajomha.png)

I love how she's quick to point out and act ashamed of Ian's clothing style but the dirty ass clothes she repeatedly wears every fucking day aren't a reason to be ashamed.

Embarrassed by your one and only, Anisa? I'm sure he's way more embarrassed of you but doesn't tweet about it.

No. 373087

It's a problem! said the 24-Year-Old who dresses like a toddler.

No. 373114

She looks so boxy omg and her boobs look extra padded.
Tbh she has pretty nice legs, she should accentuate the one good thing about her by dressing up properly

No. 373115

That's very true. It looks like a pic with a fan.

No. 373120

Chloe Moretz looking body

No. 373131

Ian could literally not be more stiff if he tried.

No. 373142

You know she read shit on here and cried about him not wanting to take pics with her. So now she can post it everywhere. She was super upset on twitter about her sub and views going down. A sudden trip to LA to show off her youtube boyfriend should remind people of the only reason they care about her.

No. 373144

Lmao you can tell she has the flattest ass that's why she pulls her shorts all the way up her ass to create an illusion. Why the fuck are you built like a plank of wood.

No. 373147

Sage for tinfoil but maybe she knows the relationship is going south and milking out the last bits she can? Ian doesn't seem like the long distance type so I doubt they'll last long. She probably knows too and is gonna get every penny she can.

No. 373150

Idk maybe. she does force him to skype call for 8 hours every night while shes in canada.

No. 373158


I think she looks miles better here. The eyebrow is better and a lighter hair color actually softens her face, alonsige with the curls.

Hey Anisa, I know you lurk, so keep this look up. Also, more natural make up suits you better.

You're welcome.

No. 373164

File: 1502865340224.png (517.5 KB, 1212x667, 5D2D4FE7-48C8-4BEC-A7B0-599F65…)

Anisa should've just stayed a booby streamer, clearly her content is shit and she's just known now as idubbbz's girlfriend and that's how it'll be unless they break up and then she'll fade into obscurity

No. 373205

File: 1502875061461.png (488.42 KB, 638x734, IMG_5243.png)

One of idubbbz's 10 year old fans let Anisa be in the photo with them

No. 373206

Lmao that this is an accomplishment for her. She's such a tragic little human.

No. 373213

this is actually sad, the fact that it "means a lot to her" that she was included in a fucking fan picture with her bf is ridiculous. does she have hobbies? anything to live for besides internet validation?

No. 373260

File: 1502887135216.jpg (348.81 KB, 897x1461, Screenshot_20170816-013121.jpg)

No. 373329

This is probably one of the first times Anisa has ever been let into a photo with Ian lmao. Reminds me of the meet up she had with Chris where they were all there to just "meet up" with Chris.

No. 373381

tbh it just looks like her foundation is melting off from the heat/sweating. though her skin texture is pretty rough, probably because she tans.

No. 373397

Nah. I know exactly what her skin type is because I've seen it on hundreds of nasty clients who think poor skincare habits can be covered up by makeup. She doesn't wash her face enough, certainly doesn't care for it, and as a result, she's basically got a film of dead skin over her healthy skin, making it look super textured. She needs to exfoliate, legit maybe get a series of chemical peels. I don't even want to imagine all the closed comedomes and blackheads the girl has got hiding under her texture and makeup. It's seriously gross. She also looks like she has dehydrated skin, which isn't a surprise at all. She really needs something of a skin care routine. You'd think that considering she wants to make her face her moneymaker, she'd take more care of it.

No. 373418

That peace sign makes her head shape look even bigger and the fake smile makes her look fatter. Feel sorry for the idubbbz fan that got pushed by Anisa wanting to be in the middle.

No. 373425

File: 1502907696287.png (93.74 KB, 750x701, IMG_3267.PNG)

She's trying so hard to sound friendly and polite to her followers on twitter, it just makes me think she's the biggest hypocrite ever.

Also, why does she promise she'll post all of her hot ideas if she hasn't posted anything in a month? Like wouldn't it be better to stay silent and post when the video is up?

Why does she like to pretend she's doing stuff while fooling everyone and herself? A good housewife wouldn't do that.

It just shows what kind of a person she is.

No. 373428

File: 1502907936320.png (55.95 KB, 628x438, IMG_5672.png)

Someone wants to make her a subreddit ……

No. 373429

File: 1502908198584.jpg (344.61 KB, 1058x1154, Screenshot_20170816-142907.jpg)

She already has one and has commented in it before. Lmao she's trying to pretend like it doesnt exist.

No. 373430

File: 1502908225681.jpg (388.92 KB, 1079x1664, Screenshot_20170816-142853.jpg)

No. 373436

~ The Owlcats ~

No. 373443

She's getting ANOTHER haircut???? This bitch is legit stupid.

No. 373447

She's being recommended a side shave. Smh her followers are mean.

No. 373459

she really is. She looked so much better with longer hair

No. 373584

You guys need to keep in mind she's legit balding. She's going to keep going shorter and shorter to hide it. She should just shave it all and get a wig tbh.

No. 373587

File: 1502924242454.png (456 KB, 582x658, lurkeranisajomha.png)

Confirmation of Anisa and her followers still lurking here:
1) changes hand sign
2) doesn't smile with her horse teeth
3) someone "compliments" the size of her hands

No. 373589

Ian is really starting to look like a pudgy lesbian. Not a good look.

No. 373590

Who is this butch lesbian

No. 373592

Why does she feel the need to pad? She would look much better and less like a brick if she'd just lay off it.

No. 373594

Probably to make up for her lack of an ass and shape, but ironically all it does is accentuate those things.

No. 373595

Im half asleep I put it in the wrong box my bad

No. 373622

She's streaming herself getting her hair cut

No. 373634

File: 1502928278901.png (975.92 KB, 1188x658, Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 8.04…)

No. 373640

File: 1502928492314.jpg (303.72 KB, 1212x667, pearbish.jpg)

fixed it!

No. 373641

she had an idubbbz sticker on her phone and took it off as soon as people saw it because she would get in trouble with him for repping it????

No. 373654

this fucking stream:
>anisa freaking the fuck out when people realized she had an idubbbz sticker on her phone and acted like ian would beat her or some shit if he found out
>anisa's mom saying the people teling her to get a side shave were "lolcow trolls" and then telling anisa she has a flat ass lmao HI MAUREEN
>pear calling ian's PO box "theirs" and saying it was "their" decision to close "their" PO box because "we" were getting too much stuff in the mail
>announcing she's going to start an unboxing series with barkbox & blitz
>saying she wants to do more "story… uh… story videos" and stopped herself before staying storytime lmao
>"~*i barely eat once a day*~"

No. 373659

She looks dirty and crusty. Wash your fucking face.

No. 373660

she says it's really shitty to just stand there awkwardly while fans of ian's ask him for photos and not her because she's trying to be an entertainer too. that she feels irrelevant.

and lol ian has told her she's ridiculous for thinking it.

No. 373662

>whining about feeling shitty and worthless when ian's fans don't ask her to be in the photo too when she's "TRYING TO BUILD HER OWN FAME AND ENTERTAIN"
lmfao holy shit, this fucking entitled cunt. they're not your fans, anisa. why would they ask you for a picture? they're not purposely focusing on ian to be spiteful or some shit, THEY'RE -HIS- FANS. they don't even know who you are, why would they want you in their picture? and even if you are working on your own career, it doesn't mean his fans would be yours. even normal celebrity couples, where both people are actually famous, don't have overlapping fans and one person will find themselves in this exact situation despite being infinitely more famous than anisa could ever be.

grow the fuck up, anisa.

No. 373665

>Anisa talking about being an artist even though she just had to commission her merch art….


No. 373666

man she sounds so salty with that comment I mean shouldn't you be happy that your boyfriend is doing good and his fans love him, isnt that what being a girlfriend is about supporting your spouse instead she is being a jealous cunt about it

No. 373674

Pear's opening her own P.O. box? What does she expect literally anyone to send her? What a sad, dusty box that'll be.

No. 373679

thought she was just getting babylights or something, but she's going straight-up blonde? cringe.

No. 373680

….genuinely not a good idea. There's probably loads of idubbbz fans who had packages ready for him just as he closed the p.o. box. So what will they do? Oh yes, let's send stuff to his gf with a crude letter asking her to "please give it to Ian!!!!" Enjoy your dogshit in a box, Anisa.

No. 373686

Seriously wtf that's such a weird way to think. Even if you're trying to be an entertainer it's so bizarre to expect your bf's fans to be a fan of you, too, ESPECIALLY considering she keeps trying to assert that she wants to be famous on her own merit. She refuses to accept that she only has fans because of Ian but then gets upset when Ian's fans don't give a shit about her? She's an idiot.

No. 373690

kek at her pointing out that she has a moustache

No. 373699

Talking shit about Keemstar on stream, again… when she talked how great Keem was, BEGGED to work with him and then DOXXED HIM. Keem rejected her and she's so hurt. No one wants to work with her and the only guy that actually gave her an opportunity, she talks shit about.

Her followers say the meanest things to her 'as a joke' but she blames lolcow for telling her 'ugly things'. Maybe we should just say the same things her followers say to her so she stops thinking this 'forum' is about hate against her.

Also, she's constantly talking shit about Idubbbz' fans saying that we (here on lolcow) are Ian's fans and her followers are 100% Ian's fans… but then she's complaining about Idubbbz fans not wanting to take pics with her…. LIKE, stupid cow, make up your mind, do you like them or hate them? and even if you like them, they kinda hate you soooo?

No. 373711

She's hosting k4iley on her twitch channel rn and she is such a horrible singer oh god

No. 373712

File: 1502933940281.png (92.16 KB, 640x619, IMG_5688.PNG)

She needs to:
A) change her shirt
B) stop with the gross faces
C) get a manicure her hands are gross

No. 373714

I'm glad you think so too. I feel like people don't say that enough.

No. 373719

Blonde is a terrible idea for her….its very high maintenance and expensive. You have to tone it every 4-6 weeks and that's usually $50-60 each time. Not to mention you have to do routine hair painting and low lighting to keep up with the roots. If she doesn't have much income how does she expect to keep up with it?

No. 373720

She does that shit that so many singers do now where she clearly has no idea how to sing on a technical level so she just sounds nasally and blocked. Like Halsey.

No. 373725

What the fuck first the story times and now blonde hair? She's LITERALLY trying to be tana mongoose wtf

No. 373738

not to mention she will go bald

No. 373739

dude, she's already bald. at least with lighter hair, it's easier to hide bald spots on your scalp. probably why she's doing it tbh.

No. 373740

File: 1502935372263.png (457.43 KB, 738x659, anisa reddit.png)


Great comments. She can't complain about lolcow when she literally gets hate from every website there is. Give up, Anisa.

No. 373741

I wonder if she even chose the right shade of blonde for her skin. She's gonna go full Lauren Southern

No. 373742

except lauren's a ~white aryan goddess~, anisa's just the token brown chick

No. 373753

i've never actually watched one of her streams, but holy shit i am cringing at her jacked teeth and basic tumblr bitch music taste. no wonder her and anisa "get along".

No. 373764

Anisa: Did you hear about the Charlottesville thing?
Hairdresser: Yeah.. I mean I've been busy so.. I haven't like read anything.
Anisa: That's good. I think it's best to ignore it.

lol fucking what?

No. 373768

>"i like that Ian doesn't spend on things that we don't need."

like a bed

No. 373771

What can we expect from ignorant and on a high horse, Anisa.

She thinks nazis and people against nazis are the same. I hope she does go to college so a fucking classroom actually shits on her and she learns something for once. She keeps brushing off the comments of others when she says something stupid or hurtful and it's about time she actually shuts the fuck up and listens.

No. 373774

"Do you think i could get it to a pastel colour? Like a unicorn."
Lmao shes such basic trash

No. 373776

Watching Anisa try to maintin conversation is making me so uncomfortable. You can see it in her eyes that she knows shes failing.

No. 373777

I know, omg. Is she good at ANYTHING? It's probably the easiest thing ever to keep a fucking hairdresser talking. And it just seems like she has zero social skills, like… who says "I DON'T HAVE THE BALLS FOR THAT" in a memey voice to a virtual stranger? So cringey.

No. 373780

Oh god the whole stream was so cringey. I would never stream in public when in the company of somebody I could be talking to. Has she never gotten her hair done professionally? Part of the etiquette and experience is making conversation with the women at the salon lol esp ur stylist.

No. 373782

SHE GOT BANGS! hahahaha

No. 373787

File: 1502937659794.png (716.52 KB, 714x691, balding.png)

>says stylist says she has a lot of hair

No. 373788

At least she's going to be able to hide her hideous brows.

No. 373789

>tells stylist how someone commented "if i was gay i'd be turned on right now"

does she have social skills

No. 373792

Especially if she's making $40 a month on YouTube..

No. 373794

She's talking about how much anxiety it causes her to look at herself in the mirror but she constantly takes mirror selfies? uhmm

No. 373795

god she's so fucking awkward. I get not being comfortable making small talk, I don't ever make small talk at the salon because I'm awkward and being polite but quiet is way better than just fucking sperging nonstop and weirding everyone out. Anisa pls. The secondhand embarrassment is real.

No. 373800

I feel so bad for her stylist, it's so awkward. Anisa is currently talking about her dog pissing. Just why.

No. 373805

Stylist also said she had an oval shaped head…. sooo…

No. 373806

>"I tried putting a sock around my dog's wiener because people online said it would make him stop peeing, but he was like 'I DON'T WANT THIS SOCK ON MY WEINER' hahahaha"
>awkward stylist laugh
oh my god make it stop

No. 373808

oh my god. this awful red color combined with the 2008 inverted bob and the blunt bangs… was it possible for anisa too look more like a 40 year old soccer mom? WHAT ARE YOU DOING GURL

No. 373809

File: 1502938429901.png (63.6 KB, 750x380, IMG_3890.PNG)

I really hope she grows her hair back out at least to bra length. This lord farquaad haircut is not doing her any favors.

No. 373817

File: 1502939032103.png (2.62 MB, 1920x1080, soccermom.png)

No. 373819