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File: 1494936181010.jpg (188.12 KB, 1200x1200, jvloggers.jpg)

No. 313974

Last thread hit limit >>240048

>Sharla is the Queen Bitch and has been ballooning in weight, 80% of which is in her face, but food is MMMMMMMMMM SOOOOOO GOOOOOODDDDDDD YOU GUYYYYYSSSSS

>Taylor vlogs about nothing and runs the Taytay Hotel in which she showers her friends with gifts because she doesn't know how to uphold a relationship otherwise
>Mimei has been cut off from the rest of them and talked about bullying and toxic relationships after spending a few months throwing enough shade to block the sun
>Bii is losing people's interest since she's not in Japan anymore, and claims she has been ~slandered~
>Who is Kim Dao again?

No. 313975

File: 1494936404402.png (1.29 MB, 701x1500, 2017-05-16_07-07-50.png)

Interestingly, they all still follow each other on twitter. Except Bii, since she has Mimei blocked.

No. 313990

Marzia is following Taylor? Color me impressed.

No. 314010

Please excuse me while I blog with relevant info, but I do have some personal experience with The Crew as I've been following them for years! Maybe this can help ppl get a better feel for them. This post is long, I'm sorrry. :(

I have personally talked with Mimei on a number of occasions, both in DMs and tumblr instant messages, and though she's incredibly awkward and reserved she is sweet and friendly. She was very receptive and honestly seemed like an easy friend to make. She definitely struggles hardcore with depression and anxiety though, and has terrible self-esteem. That probably doesn't make her the greatest friend in the world unless you are very understanding/patient about it.

I've tried engaging Sharla, but she's not all that prone to responding. I think she talked to me once, and it wasn't that personal of a conversation. She was polite, though I did get the feeling that she feels obligated to respond to people when she does. She's definitely the type of person who completely changes her opinion of something/someone based on one tiny thing. I do feel like she's nice overall but LIVES to gossip, even about her friends. tbh she's kind of hard to read.

Taylor is quite friendly and open to communication, I've found. Not much to say about her, just that she's pleasant to talk to! She tries pretty hard to be positive and it's refreshing.

Admittedly I have not tried to talk to Bii because she intimidates me a little lol. I haven't seen her respond to people much. She kind of comes off as the type of person who thinks she's a celebrity who has no time for the normies. I still kind of like her though, like maybe if you can get past that Holier Than Thou barrier she's probably a decent friend.

I really want someone to just come out and say what happened. I'm getting the feeling that no one in particular is at fault, they just all had some massive miscommunication/misunderstanding and did not handle it maturely at all.

saged for blog/essay/no1curr

No. 314020

So someone posted about this sperg https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/3734-this-little-fake-vegan-is-pissing-me-off/ in the previous thread.
It seems they've been sperging through the night. As far as I can tell they keep contradicting themselves and when called on it. They've changed their story and tone a couple of times already. Not sure what to make of it, but it seems shady af.

No. 314023

At first I was hoping it was Keeks but the posts are too well thought out for it to be her. Honestly just sounds like a bitter vendettachan trying to create milk when it's not there/already been discussed.

No. 314033

Could this be a message to Mimei?
Of course I mean the few minutes where she talks about anxiety and being reclusive. STarts at 2.35

(Jesus, why do this people choose a topic for a video, talk about it for like 10% of it and then show completely unrelated things??)

No. 314058

It could be. If it is then she shoud just tell her though, especially after complaining that you should say things to people's face.

Her advice is useless though, it's basically "just get over it".

No. 314063

Mira pls go

No. 314064

I didn't think of it as genuine advice, but as a way to send a message on the line of "it's because you're whiney ass that doesn't want to live the house that things happened".
To be honest she loses tracks of what she says and isn't very precise, so it's hard to follow her. But that struck me as the underling topic.

No. 314066

the writing is not nearly retarded enough to be Miranda

No. 314067

File: 1494949330911.jpg (104.29 KB, 572x480, Untitled-1.thumb.jpg.548b7880e…)

Sage for OT.

As seen in the Miranda thread. She didn't get her citizenship (Surprising no one).

Her whole "job drama" was most likely created by Mira as a cover for her rejection.

Just sayin'

No. 314069


Why they're so mad about Taylor being "fake vegan" when she never has claimed to be a vegan… Just saying "I ate at vegan restaurant" isn't the same as saying "I'm vegan". She's said multiple times that she's not. Why people (or vegans..) don't get this?
Such vendetta

No. 314075

I guess you haven't watched her for long then. Before she admitted she's plant-based she'd claimed to be 100% vegan.
>claims she's vegan
>people call her out, she says it's all because of modelling because they give her food and she can't refuse
>quits modelling, no more work excuse, so now claims she's "plant-based".
Pretty much.

No. 314076

I think it's because she uses "Vegan" now "Plant-Based" as her image when her lifestyle doesn't.

But before she said she's not and only tries to eat vegan, gluten free- She really tries to drive the point she was actually vegan(I guess) until people pointed out she buys non-vegan things w.e.

No. 314077

I mean
>doesn't fit.

No. 314102

but seriously.
without any receipts that is some kind of bullshit anyone can pull out of their ass.

No. 314133


Despite it sounds like an angry vendetta-chan a lot of what they claim wouldn't surprise me if true. Though, it just sounds like they lurked PULL and are uttering the same shit PULL has been for the longest time…


>Controlling over what gets posted online
>Doesn't like her face
>Depends on Boyfriends money
>Not from a rich family
>socially retarded
>forced her way into a trend
>Vegan trend hopper

Truly nothing new..

No. 314151

Holy shit the tea is too good. She looked so pretty before, what in the ever loving hell Taylor.

No. 314156


Just catching up on this thread and all the drama. Honestly, I fucking hate mimei and have ever since I started clocking onto all of her sly, passive aggressive digs. Mimei and Duncan are both insufferable cunts and I'm not surprised that Sharla etc. couldn't be bothered with them anymore.

FYI I don't even like Sharla. I just particularly hate Mimei because she's so fake about it aaargh

No. 314161

File: 1494960911916.png (187.22 KB, 281x500, IMG_1165.thumb.PNG.b29cae4ffad…)

She looks like her sister A LOT in this picture.

No. 314163


She looks cute. I think Taylor was really naturally good looking… Hope she chills on the fillers.

No. 314166

Yeah, she was cute as hell. I've seen the other pics and wow, she also reminds me of her brother, who I find good looking too.
What a pity she ruined her face because ~kawaii dolly Kota clone~

No. 314169

Yeah, it's cool if I'm not all that credible. I totally understand! The only screenshot I have is from one time about a year ago Mimei and I talked, because she recommended a book and I took note of it. I didn't really make any "receipts" because these were just mundane personal conversations stemming from my interest in them as people.

No. 314195

File: 1494964430910.jpg (237.61 KB, 800x500, bii.jpg)

Bii reminds me of Angelababy before plastic surgery with this huge mouth and unbalanced facial features

No. 314197

File: 1494964636262.jpg (517.07 KB, 680x1043, FULL1.jpg)

What is going on with Angelababy's lips? I was going to post this in the last thread when we were talking about Bii before surgery. I think she should have stopped at the boob job.

No. 314202

She probably made it because of the drama, but I remember she made a video similar to this before. She discussed how she would get sad from time to time and how to overcome it.

No. 314207

I doubt she's ever had more than mild mental health problems if generic motivational advice is enough to cure her. But to her credit, she clearly said she doesn't think she has depression.

No. 314231

Because of all her bad surgery, I'm inclined to think she has some bad body image problems though.

Before going to Korea I remember she wanted to be a model for the Japanese magazine Nuts. And she had the body and looks for it too. She also used to do a bunch of Japanese model make-up looks. I just think somehow her perception of herself got warped.

No. 314252


Why does she look like a black man who has transitioned but has white skin?

No. 314286

lmfao, she blamed the internet for something she'd get rejected anyway for. She acts like she's entitled and meet the requirements to everything Japan has to offer. She'd never get citizenship.

No. 314305

The issue with Bii that most can't put their finger on is the space between her nose and mouth. She should've gotten a lip lift instead of fillers. She would look a lot more normal.

No. 314306


She's Metis - Canadian aboriginal, so not her fault. The fugly lips are her 100% her fault though

No. 314310

So I read through the ~shocking tea~ on Taylor's PULL thread…honestly, that was so lame.

People are talking about how the wealth is really her bfs…yes, okay, but how can you say her parents aren't wealthy? You've seen their home and their posts. Wtf. The amount of reaching and forced ~oh this tea is so delicious!~ reactions are so melodramatic. Like get a hobby.

No. 314319

where can i find pics of her parents home though?

No. 314331

In videos.

No. 314335

Segway: Kim Dao is a serial cheater isn't she? I ask because: 1) She is still in fucking Japan, how long has she been saying that she's moving back to Australia.
2) In her recent videos, she talks about doing things using "us" and "we", but never films said person she's with. But when other female friends come in she'll film with them. 3) In one of her videos before she headed to Denmark/was moving apartments she mentioned going shopping with a friend. In a restaurant we caught a glimpse of a dudebro that looked just like the one she met randomly through a Pokemon Go meetup. Just thought it was weird considering the hangout was specifically for her to go to clothing stores and try clothes on.

Anyway, just some food for thought. If I find the video I'll put it on here.

No. 314338

pulltards will piss themselves over everything, like it's annoying. As well as the censoring and deleting posts. Like just leave them there.
There were posted so much stuff and all of it got deleted. Like no.

No. 314340

Who the fuck is Kim Dao again kek

No. 314353

That "informant" writes like a fucking autistic man. No way is that a woman. They are insufferably smug while providing absolutely no new information. It's hilarious that he also claims he was CYBER BULLIED in her YouTube comments section. My bet is that he was rejected by Taylor in the past or he longed for her or her lifestyle. If he really knows her family, I hope she is reading that thread and exposes him. That mother fucker set up that thread like he had a bombshell but only gave us powdered tea.

No. 314360


Lol that'd be even better tea then what he/she dropped if they were actually a rejected asshole. Too bad Taylor will never doxx them or acknowledge pull/lolcow.

Taylor's biggest crime is basically being boring nobody wannabe.

No. 314366

>>314353 Jealous ex classmate mayhaps?

No. 314386

You're right. This person seems like more of a potential cow than Taylor could ever hope to be. I wish I knew which Taylor videos they commented on. It's nice to see some PULL users are now calling them out for being disappointing ass with a vendetta.

They said they are two years younger and went to school with her, so I think so. They haven't provided a single personal event that shows she is such a bad person or did something to them directly. Like, she's a materialistic, low self-esteem ex-fat girl with image issues, bad fillers and a rich boyfriend taking care of her easy lifestyle. We all know this. And what else? She failed at being vegan? There's nothing scandalous there.

No. 314388

I stopped watching Kim's vlogs because even Bii is more interesting than her. I wouldn't be surprised by this though, because she did admit to cheating (before her current bf), and it almost seems like she takes him for granted. Didn't he buy a house for them in Australia, or something? I don't really remember.

No. 314392

The posts are pure autism. I wonder if it's Kiki trying to hide her tracks by trying something new.

Pretending to be French and ESL as an excuse for writing like a retard when nothing a native French speaker seems kinda like Kaka's style. The same opinions as Kaka's are there but the writing style is gibberish.

No. 314396

It's not Kookoo, whoever it is posted actual proof that they know Taylor, Kooters wouldn't have access to what was posted unless she's on that level of creepy.

No. 314404


Maybe it's Kooters and Kaka teaming up? Kooters did go so far as to buy clothes some guy wore in pics to pretend they're dating.

No. 314410


That'd be a whole new level of fucking creepy … No one here or Pull could find her HS year book photo. Like its fucking weird reading their post .. " I'm in the area, I'm going to stop by her old school and take picture of her yr book photo/graduation picture … "

How the fuck does Taylor always attract the crazies .. ?

No. 314414

She's nice and pretty. She is someone who will give people an inch, they'll take a god damn mile, and then they get angry when she rejects them.

No. 314434

>Nice, pretty, wealthy, and semi successful
I'm pretty indifferent to Taylor myself, but I can see why she attracts hate.

No. 314435

> Although I think this will save her more grief than just continuing to hide her lifestyle from everyone.

From the pull topic. Now that I'm thinking about it, this person legitimately sounds deranged. They tried to play off the entire expose as doing it for Taylor's own good. It's either a salty jealous ex classmate or some guy that never got enough attention from her. Someone warn Taylor and her family before this person skins everyone.

No. 314436

from PULL
>she never said she was from grimsby as I've watched all of her videos and everything documented says Toronto
sounds more like an obsessed stalker that she luckily was able to leave in canada

No. 314437

>Someone warn Taylor and her family before this person skins everyone.
as funny as this sounds thats exactly the vibes im getting from him.
and keep in mind her sister is marrying soon.

No. 314438

Well whoever this is has Taylor's family friended on Facebook. They bragged that they would accept anyone.

No. 314439

File: 1494991705686.gif (1.99 MB, 450x335, Run TayTay.gif)

That's the part that caught me off guard, she's boring as hell. Who has time for that crap? Again, this person is seriously d e r a n g e d.


If they really did go as far as going back to her old school for the year book pic, that's just some creepy shit..

No. 314442


They almost sound like the perfect mate for Kaka, I wonder if he's asian.

>Taylor obsessed

>Stalking Taylor's every move
>claiming they are just exposing her

Dear god… I hope they aren't actually close to the family and are attending the wedding… Just go and sit across the room and stare profusely at Taylor.

( I love how every time Lolcow starts to become mildly salty towards Taylor a wild sperg appears and reminds us she's just a harmless bimbo. There efforts to incriminate her do the very opposite. kek )

No. 314447

File: 1494993044395.png (194.84 KB, 239x500, Screen_Shot_2017-05-16_at_1.16…)

Exactly my thoughts, I guess Kookoo can finally experience true love. They can sperg about Taylor together in a dark room.

>There efforts to incriminate her do the very opposite.

LOL this, at least we got some cute old school pictures of her, she seriously looked nice before she turned into a deer caught in headlights. Easily prettier than most of these jvlogger chicks. Inb4 accused of being a Taylor stan

No. 314449


Bii was good looking here, she looks unique, the only thing to change a little are the eyebrows. Both Bii and Taylor went backwards with their surgeries, fillers or whatever Taylor did to her face.

No. 314451


Are you the same anon who was trying to make "Kooter fuzz" a thing?

No. 314452

No, I am not.

No. 314454

she looks like a completely different person

No. 314457

File: 1494994786273.jpg (89.07 KB, 1116x273, sperg 2.JPG)

I low-key love how infamous that anon has become.
This sperg seems really off. I checked the Pullchat and it turns out that they were also spilling their powdered tea there except that it was different from what they posted in the thread proper.
Here's a sample of the more obvious lies that contradict what they say in the thread they made.

No. 314465

Whoever is an admin in that chat should look up the ip of the sperg and double check the location.

>When did trying to help someone better themselves turn into me being an ass

This is exactly what narcissistic psychos say.

No. 314469

That is literally what most of the PULL posters in the Taylor and Sharla threads think.

No. 314472

The typing style isn't Kaka but the personality sure is.

No. 314492

pulltards are just a bunch of autists parroting random phrases from ru pauls drag race applying them to situations that don't even work

No. 314505

File: 1495002796924.png (33.41 KB, 737x161, IMG_6943.PNG)

She is from Grimsby though. In case that stalker is here as well.

No. 314511

>more obvious lies that contradict what they say in the thread they made.
call me retarded, but can you summarize the lies and contradictions? I only skimmed through the thread but somehow it seems… okayish?

No. 314514

I never would have thought that at first due to their verbosity and straightforwardness(in the stalker way), but their contempt Taylor, arrogance, OP about veganism and increasingly disjointed replies reminded me of her. Whoever it is, I hope Taylor was contacted about this since the persons says they know her whole family.

No. 314515

>In chat claimed Taylor wanted a career >in Asia and planned to get fillers and >injections from beginning. Also that >she wanted to get a jaw reduction in >high school (I doubt she had even heard >of jaw reductions then).

In the thread, claimed that she was happy with her face until she started modeling and that she wanted to be a high fashion/Victoria's secret model.

>Claimed that Taylor bullied her about >her bike or something in chat.

Said that they were 2 years apart and she didn't know her that well in thread.

And basically they kept going through and editing their posts when they made mistakes. For example they claimed that Taylor worked in Tokyo and then changed it to HK.
It felt like they were just reading along to the general information thread and altering their own posts to match that.
It also seemed like they weren't aware that Taylor modeled for like 5-6 years before moving to Tokyo in 2014 because they kept posting pictures from 2012 as pre-modeling pictures.

From the start the poster seemed really rancid and creepy but your mileage may vary.

No. 314532

This creep claims he went to the same ELEMENTARY school as Taylor, yet pulls the "i dont speak english good" card. How does one attend an English speaking school for their entire life but not learn to speak English fluently?

That and twenty other contradictions.

No. 314541

I just saw that! Now they're saying they knew her since elementary school and they, who must have been less than 12-13 years old, say they never witnessed her being bullied(and therefore, Taylor is a liar). So they have been watching her from the shadows since they were little and they have a flawless documentation of everything Taylor experienced? Yeah, sure.

No. 314553


Taylor's house is pretty average for a suburban middle class family from the Greater Toronto Area.

No. 314557

Right? Especially in Grimsby. My 24 year old friend could afford her own house in an area close by. And it's common to have multiple cars as a family if you live outside of the city. I still don't get why they're considered rich, they're middle class Canadians.

So it's not Kiki, she would never get details like that wrong, kek. She is way too obsessed with Taylor.

Also, it's enough to just put the ">" in front of the sentence once, not for every line if it is not broken up.

No. 314567

This whole thing bothers me so much. They're talking about a Taylor they new in high school and below. Taylor is 28 years old, so this was about 10 years ago at least.

A lot can change in a decade. Especially when someone is maturing from a child/teenager to an adult. So, what is this person's point exactly?

No. 314572

Grimsby is more Niagara Falls, it's not even GTA unless ppl think all of southern Ontario somehow is.

No. 314578

My bad, my bad.

Taylor's house is pretty average for a suburban middle class family from Ontario.

Fixed it for ya.

No. 314579

I've never seen pics of their house but most assume Taylor's family is rich because they funded her modelling career and expensive lifestyle is Asia. I don't know if that would be considered affordable to most middle class families.

Also, if we're talking real estate in the GTA, isn't that the hottest market in the entire country (except maybe vancouver)? So while the house itself could look modest, they could easily own much bigger/luxurious property elsewhere in the country, if they wanted to.

No. 314580

imo a lot of the people saying 'omg taylors family is so rich!!' are not from north america, most of the world doesnt have the mcmansions that parts of canada and the US do

No. 314581

>isn't that the hottest market
Toronto is. Closer towards Niagara is where people who can't afford GTA go.


No. 314597

I have relatives out in Utah and Arizona who are middle-class but have truly massive homes since it is so cheap to live out there compared to where I'm from. I imagine it's the same situation in Taylor's nowhere hometown. Those homes must be typical of that particular area and do not indicate that her family is super wealthy.

I'm really interested to see if that vendetta poster has any examples of Taylor actually flaunting her wealth instead than just enjoying luxury purchases and gifts from family.

No. 314598

im not from the US but what always stroke me as taylor being rich is that she is every freaking time driving in a taxi. She's living in an expensive city. If I would drive as often as her in a taxi, it would easily cost me like 1-2k €. Who has that much money? And iirc she is doing this for years. Like.. would her boyfriend just hand her his credit card and be okay with that? It's just mind boggling for me to even do that. And that she doesnt even think twice about driving everywhere with a taxi tells me she doesnt care about money and never had to. For me that is what being rich is.

also this.
When were already talking about it, what would such a McMansion cost in an area thats far off like Grimsby? Like approximately?
Because I think middle class in the US is still earning a lot more than middle class elsewhere.

No. 314599

>it would easily cost me like 1-2k €
*per month

No. 314608

I don't think it can really be disputed. Taylor is definitely rich at this point in her life. She claims it's from "savings" and that her parents cut her off years ago.

But who paid for her to move out to Asia, launch her career and cushion her savings account to begin with?

Her family clearly have money to burn.

No. 314609

They could be as rich as people assume and just choose to live in a middle class house to save money. I know quite a few people who do that so they have more money to fund their hobbies and materialism.

No. 314615


Pretty much. Basically people who have never been to the sorts of places she is from assume it's amazing…

It's actually really normal and average for the part of the world she lives in.

She has a rich bf now and she doesn't seem like a shitty person, so go Tay I guess.

No. 314622

But they didn't fund her career beyond maybe test shoots in the beginning. Like most girls, when her agency sent her over, she was stuck in shitty model apartments crammed full of girls. She likely didn't have to pay for that but had it taken from her earnings. Then when she settled in HK, after having already worked 2 years in the Asian market, she lived in a pretty unimpressive apartment and lived a pretty modest lifestyle until she got with her bf and moved to Tokyo.

No. 314662

Does it really cost that much to move to Asia and model? I imagine her agency helped with those costs by paying the bare minimum. I mean we see people moving to Asia to teach English on pretty much nothing. And she's been modeling for awhile now, and has a rich boyfriend, so she could do a lot without her family.

I'm not saying her family didn't help her, but don't most families help their children if they can? I don't see why it matters so much when it comes to Taylor.

No. 314667

God, she used to be gorgeous. Drop the kawaii look Tay, just go back at how you looked in HK. It was so much better

No. 314719

I'm just now watching the video where Taylor watches her old kawaii videos with her boyfriend and it's so dumb. It seems really unnecessary to point out that everything was "fake" or "cringey." Everyone has phases and grows up, there's nothing for her to be ashamed about. Drawing attention to it in that way makes it seem like anyone who's interested in cute things to j-fashion is immature. This video is really self-deprecating and it's depressing af.

It was interesting to see her speak a lot of Japanese, though.

No. 314724

I don't know about moving to asia specifically for modeling, I only moved to go to school but for going for teaching the government or whatever school system is covering a lot of your expenses, so you can go on "nothing" (definitely still not NOTHING though… I believe they recommend you go with a certain amount of money to cover yourself but they usually cover housing and I think one plane ticket?)

No. 314729

It's not about the clothes imo, and more about the extreme lengths she went to to look ~kawaii~ (hiring a dance teacher, having someone tell her what to say in the room tour when she had no idea what it meant etc). She clearly didn't seem to like cute things very much in the first place.

No. 314751

those contacts she wears now do her no favors. She looks so much better without them

No. 314779

File: 1495048595410.jpeg (139.14 KB, 701x702, taylor r.jpeg)

found this picture with taylor's view on her "kawaii fashion taste" in an article online:

No. 314785

I liked how she said that the language was the biggest barrier to success in Japan vs. Hong Kong. If Taylor had Dakota's level of Japanese, she would have went far.

No. 314802

why doesn't she continue learning Japanese. she literally has all the time in the world, especially with the jvlogging group moving out of tokyo or the country

No. 314834

because she isnt serious about it or thinks she is special enough to get fame and glory half-assing it.

but seriously, if she really wouldve wanted to be successful she couldve focussed on the language years ago. she didnt.

No. 314837

> until she got with her bf and moved to Tokyo.
It's possible her boyfriend comes from a legit rich family. Or he has some finance market job, they usually pay extraordinary good wherever you go.

No. 314838

Yeah I don't think she wants to put the work in. She just seems happy to fly back to Hong Kong for jobs, which is fine if that's what she wants.

No. 314881

i'm just dying to know who Elbow-San is

No. 314883

What do you mean? He's no one? We've all seen his face already, what more do you want?

No. 314884

honestly just interested in what his job actually is

No. 314897

File: 1495056273289.png (1.26 MB, 1334x750, IMG_6946.PNG)

He's a rich Chinese in Tokyo, so probably finance.

Anyone noticed he bought a sportscar? I know they sometimes rent a normal car, but it appears he has gotten his own. It has those sportscar seats and you can see it in at least two of her vlogs. She probably hasn't bragged about it because it might be recognizable if we know what it looks like.

No. 314899

she does seem to be getting better (based on what we see in her videos) but still only ordering a coffee level

No. 314902

wasnt he korean?

would be funny if elbow-san had a finance-fetish.

No. 314905

He's from hong kong thats where they met

No. 314908

Taylor sperg in pull is a jealous ex classmate confirmed, where's my trophy?

No. 314912

can you at least be assed to post caps
jesus christ.

No. 314924

Actually no, there's too much to read lol. Go to the pull topic https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/3734-this-little-fake-vegan-is-pissing-me-off/?page=6

Dumb ass gave themselves away

No. 314926

>wasnt he korean?

no lol he's from hong kong IIRC

No. 314929

I don't know how someone can just write paragraphs of bullshit on Taylor. Scary stuff. At least we got some nice pictures out of it.

No. 314939

stay at PULL pulltard. now gtfo

No. 314940

File: 1495059136861.png (114.87 KB, 1044x736, 1.png)

ive skimmed the juiciest parts out of there. the rest is just sperging.

No. 314942

File: 1495059164121.png (75.63 KB, 1046x658, 2.png)

No. 314943

What procedures did she get done to totally change her face shape like that? Asking for a friend

No. 314944

File: 1495059212390.png (66.73 KB, 1062x460, 3.png)


that person definitely needs some more mental help. the amount of text alone she flooded PULL with is… alarming

No. 314963

File: 1495061192931.gif (1.01 MB, 480x270, f3c.gif)

okay after reading that thread it gave me cancer. that unhinged individual needs to learn when to stop, last time i saw someone dig themselves that deep was when keeks outted herself

No. 314964

where the fuck is this person i going? i thought at first it was interesting and Taylor's graduation photo was pretty but now the op is going into her rape story and the tragedies of their own life?…. what?

No. 314966

dude wait till you get to page 7
> "what I did is not what rapists do btw, rapists rape people and blame it on clothes, when they should be blaming it on their minds because if you rape someone and don't feel remorse that mental illness, not their humanity being faulty. They go to jail, serve their punishment, all whlie being psychoanalyzed I'm sure even rapists don't deserve to be dehumanized and unvalidated."

>btw i would like to apologize i know this isn't a pull thread but its nice seeing some sort of milk, even if its deranged taylor anti

No. 314975

>Just be thankful you have no identity on this site
>I hope you don't open that mouth of yours to the wrong person

what is she.. threatening them with? you talk to the wrong person and get raped? later she says "you'll get slapped" or sth but earlier she talked about being raped by someone who had "more issues" (which in itself is a fucked up way of thinking, rape is rape and it doesn't have an excuse) but what even is this?

jesus i'd be really creeped out if i was taylor. kiki, this, actually the whole PULL creeps… she's not even directly harming anyone, just living her life, having her cheeks filled, gets around in expensive cars… she attracts so many weird people it's awful.

No. 314976

Cheek fillers seem to be the biggest culprit.

No. 314978

look into her style of makeup. the way she does her lips, eyes and eyebrows change everything. and yeah, cheek fillers.

No. 315036

File: 1495069347825.png (78.42 KB, 781x750, IMG_6948.PNG)

Kim, gurl, your eyebrows are a mess.

It's okay to pluck from above. Pluck those corners on top, and they will instantly look better.

No. 315041

they look like scalene triangles

No. 315050

Her makeup in general is always off. But I do think her new hair color looks good on her and makes her face stand out.

No. 315057

It always makes me cringe when she does makeup videos bc she's so clearly bad at her own fucking makeup lmao. considering she's surrounded by people who seem capable of doing their own makeup reasonably ok, you think someone would help her…

No. 315061

Get a grip and take the sand out of your ass retard.

I seriously think someone should warn Taylor before this person legitimately skins her family alive lmao

No. 315082

Holy fuck, they are really scaring me! What is the best way to contact Taylor? This is so beyond gossip. They are intensely projecting all their insecurities and past trauma on to Taylor because her life turned out so easy in comparison.

No. 315091

File: 1495073980724.jpg (151.8 KB, 1232x1654, MuFXtvw.jpg)

And here we go.

Do you guys believe it's a troll or they are desperately trying to cover their ass now? They seemed way to emotional and detailed about their own life to be a simple troll.

No. 315096


Troll. Like Sperg-chan. An emotionally invested troll is still a troll

No. 315098

They're trying to cover their ass because they expected pulltards to grab their pitchforks and go after Taylor, kek.

No. 315099

Probably on Twitter, or Youtube. But I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't already know.

This. Still scary if that person is able to get close to her family somehow though.

No. 315103

I tried but she has messages disabled. Here's to hoping she lurks on pull. The person actually went as far as going back to her old school just for yearbook pics, yikes.

No. 315104



Why does it bother you guys so much that I liked calling Dakota Kooter fuzz ( cunt hair ) ?


I'm telling you ! We found Kaka's mate and we should kill it with fire before it lays eggs.


But instead the Pulltards seem to be complimenting Taylor and being nice from what I see in video thread ( albeit I only read the last 2 pages … )

No. 315113

>But instead the Pulltards seem to be complimenting Taylor and being nice from what I see in video thread ( albeit I only read the last 2 pages … )

I was actually going to comment on this too. This whole situation has had the opposite affect on PULL members because it shows that Taylor isn't that drama worthy.

No. 315146

PULL says he's the CEO of a blogging/talent agency Taylor has worked with

No. 315153

It's been said in the PULL thread that it's obvious who he is (as the CEO of the blogging company) but I can't find a single thing and am wondering if I just got trolled hahaha

No. 315160

Plot twist.

Taylor's the troll and want to show how petty shit was getting.


Wait .. The troll/sperg said this or they some how found out ? Wasn't there also a screen shot of a guy on set with her that had fuzzy hair … I'ma try an find the picture.

No. 315161

I wouldn't be surprised. It's a completely different thread from the Hometown Anon but it popped up around the same time.

No. 315172


I just went thru the thread.
Apparently a ceo to her old Chinese talent agency and liked all his pictures on fb.

Does anyone know this agency or have links ?

No. 315181

The person has to be trolling because there's literally no info that directs to that

No. 315190

I figured out who that person was talking about but they look nothing like Elbow-san.

No. 315200

deets pl0x

No. 315204

Their talking about the owner and ceo of Taylor's HK agency Starzpeople.
This guy
The first guy in the blue. Maybe I'm crazy but I don't see it.

No. 315205

meant to embed

No. 315206

Reading the thread and apparently OP says Elbow-san is 13 years older than Taylor but if you google the guy that owns her old talent agency, he's well into his 50s so I think there's two different stories in that thread

No. 315208

Plus they look nothing alike. Original OP with the 13 years apart info did say that he was still a CEO of a blogging platform. I feel like Elbow-san is 41 so ~I want to believe~ but who knows at this point

No. 315209

Christ, I saw that guy on google and automatically crossed him out.

No. 315284

File: 1495088489883.jpg (48.96 KB, 480x480, IMG_3243.JPG)

No. 315285

File: 1495088507933.jpeg (52.5 KB, 640x480, 5F3EC07E-EE34-4DBD-8C21-D67EB0…)

No. 315289

File: 1495088540628.png (384.3 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3253.PNG)

No. 315292

Same glasses, same height, same facial features. The only thing really different is that he got a perm, imo.

No. 315319

File: 1495089824332.jpg (56.2 KB, 410x441, El.jpg)

He looks much older than her bf

No. 315326

You're blind anon.

No. 315330

Christ, taylor really has a gift for attracting creepy idiots.

No. 315332

Can we not go down a PULL like creepy stalk out Taylor's boyfriend thread guys? He's chosen not to have his image on her social media. Lets respect that and go back to the Cows

No. 315335

God dammit it's not him, calm your shit.

No. 315336

I know. I was referring to the anon who posted them.

No. 315339

There are two pictures of him on her social media, so that's technically incorrect.

No. 315340

Can someone summarize what's going on (without theories) and explain why these random HK guys are being posted?

No. 315341

The OP of the PULL thread said they didn't find him on social media though. They found him through interviews he did with journalists and there were photos with those articles online. I think articles are fair game.

No. 315349

Pulltard is sperging that they discovered Taylor's bf's identity. Anons disagree. Someone shows up here with same argument. Posts picture to prove point. Anons still disagree. Some think it's creepy.

No. 315353

There is more evidence to consider, but I think it would be wrong to share it since it came from a private page and not a public one or news article, so I'll just let you cry about it and/or disagree. Also yes he looks old in some photos, but in the first photo that is somewhat blurred he looks quite young, which is something Taylor does to her photos anyway.

No. 315361

Let's have stalker-chan believe it's him, so elbow's true identity can remain private.

No. 315362

File: 1495092230888.jpeg (30.18 KB, 328x316, eybrows.jpeg)

wtf is going on with Bii's eyebrows? They look like they're ready to fly off her face.

No. 315363

File: 1495092258921.jpg (27.28 KB, 350x184, Am I blind.jpg)

was gonna post this and call you blind but holy shit wtf the glasses and THE NOSE, FUCK

No. 315364

Agreed. Hopefully the stalker anons can chill.

No. 315366

It did come from a news article though according to PULL. PULL OP quite clearly said they were found on the public sphere and not private social media.

No. 315371

You are blind. It is not the same guy.

Want me to point everything out to you?
- Smile wrinkles on different spots
- Elbowsan has a way rounder jaw, and rounder face
- Different hair
- Different size of mouth
- Different teeth
- Different smile
- Different nose (elbow's more upturned)
- Different eyebrows

No. 315374

Look for "StephenChou" tag on instagram, def not elbow-san.

No. 315377


No. 315381

His mouth/teeth/smile is definitely the same. His nose looks more upturned to you perhaps because his head is slightly tilted back in that photo. There's no photos of him since winter on social media, so it's possible he could have gained some weight and gotten a perm.

I think it's him. I wouldn't bet my kidneys on it, though :p just speculation based on photos, relationship timeline and other factors I can't discuss.

No. 315382

yes, you are blind

also slightly racist

No. 315384

This, sorry

There's is a photo of him from two months ago on ig, it's not him

No. 315385

File: 1495093495796.png (2.15 MB, 1520x1256, Screenshot 2017-05-17 21.43.03…)

doesn't include photo, doesn't include link ffs

Chau is not elbowsan. This photo was taken 10 weeks ago

No. 315389


Okay thanks, I thought I was losing my shit.

>also slightly racist
Saying someone has similar facial features and glasses doesn't = racist. Learn the meaning of "racist" before pulling it out your ass ya tumblrina

No. 315390

Thanks anon. You beat me to this. Obviously not Elbowsan. Also this speech seems to have the same MO as the last. This whole "I know some juicy information based on some private page but I'm not gonna share because of reasons" is exactly what hometown speech tried to pull. It's getting old.

No. 315391

File: 1495093850372.jpg (7.1 KB, 207x300, jackie_chan05.jpg)

no guys, I found the real elbow-san

No. 315393

Sperg not speech. Fu autocorrect.

No. 315394

File: 1495093970364.jpg (57.78 KB, 540x360, 4b4.jpg)

No. 315395

Totally. I want to make a database of Taylor's "bf"s. We can also include that famous HK singer/actor one anon was convinced she was dating.

No. 315397

File: 1495095114674.jpg (28.57 KB, 350x184, 1495092258921.jpg)

completely different person anon. not all asian rook arike u know.

No. 315399

Jesus fuck anon, I said they have the same glasses and nose. The smile looked a bit similar as well but I couldn't tell because the pic quality is shite.

No. 315400

It's not really that juicy, just more information to consider. Each bit doesn't seem like much on its own but together they appear to be less of a coincidence.

If that's his most recent photo, then I'm back to leaning towards being doubtful it is him.

Still, I find the first photo uncanny. It's strange how someone can look so different across photographs. We only have two photos of elbowsan from Tay, who is known for photoshop, so I think the speculation was fair to stretch. Plus with the heresay of being a multi-company CEO, an older man would have made the most sense, especially one she has known since HK.

Back to wondering. I'll be back if I find anything of note, but I think that's unlikely. :) Have fun with the bitter circle jerk!

No. 315403

Are you having a seizure mate?

No. 315406


No, just technical issues.
Thanks for the chuckle though.

No. 315422

Lol. These two look nothing alike! Even the eyelid shape alone is completely different.

Let's just leave Elbow-san alone.

No, girl. This is low-key racist and embarrassing. Bye.

No. 315427

lets not you moral cow

No. 315428

Does anyone else find Elbow-san somewhat cute? Can't pinpoint it but he looks like a homely type. I think the curly hair might help.

No. 315434

Where'd you find the pic on the right?

No. 315451

"Let's not" what, powdered milk fairy? Multiple people already said these men do not look the same. Protests of "But the nose and glasses!" is fucking lame

No. 315483

Stfu and go back to tumblr, dumb ass. Comparing similar facial features doesn't = racism. Again, I was just saying that I thought they were the same people because the nose and glasses were the first thing I noticed, stop projecting your own internalized racism onto me.


>doesn't know the meaning of racism
>is wasting their time on lolcow talking about randos on youtube

Btw >>315400 isn't me, so I'm not the only who noticed the similarities.

>Protests of "but the nose and glasses!"

There was literally only two comments, the initial one pointing out the similarities and another responding to the "not all asian rook arike u now" remark.

Kind of, he looks like a lovable goofball, I don't know what it is. Like that one quiet nerd in a class.

No. 315484


I think he's fucking gross looking, but to each there own.


Who is the second dude ?

No. 315486

do you think elbow gets a perm now and then??? he has naturally curly hair. dont be a retard

No. 315489

If you're talking about the guy on the right it's elbow

Are you fucking daft? Learn how to read.
>I THOUGHT *Keyword* they were the same people because the nose and glasses were the first thing I noticed
>because the nose and glasses were the first thing I noticed
>first thing I noticed

No. 315495

lol it got mad

No. 315497

No, just breaking down a simple statement that should've been quite easy to comprehend.

No. 315504

All the Taylor stuff goes here and not in her thread anymore?.

No. 315505

Dunno, I didn't want to necro it.

No. 315529

When is Sharla just gonna move back to Canada already and Taylor can live in Hong Kong and end this era.

No. 315535

She doesn't really deeerve her own thread imo, it was keeks mostly pushing for it. Once she was outed as spergchan the thread kind of died anyways. She's always belonged in the jvlogger general.

No. 315554


So they did find out who he was ?? Because I've never seen that image before and he's even uglier looking … He sorta looks haggard.

No. 315568

Topic got locked by a mod. Honestly it's not worth the effort, he's just as boring as her.

No. 315586

Oh god, I just cringed so much reading some of the last comments on here and that PULL thread. We all talk shit about Taylor all the time without any guilt or regrets but OH MY GOD LET ELBOWSAN ALONE. Do you realize you're white knighting a guy you'll never meet just because you kinda like the idea of him ("cute" bag of money who could pay for everything you want, whenever you want it)?

You are even accusing someone of racism for comparing noses, lmao. Go back to tumblr or to the postal office to send bagofmoneysan a fan letter.

No. 315589

Yeah Anon just posted a real picture of him and all the fucking idiots on here keep freaking out about him being the guy on the left.

No. 315590


Someone spill the beans already then !

Did she go the Kota method and also fuck her manager ???

Or is he just some plain Jane rich uggo she found…

No. 315591

No Elbow-san is not her manager.

No. 315593

Where did you get pic on the right? That's definitely him. Post source tbh.

No. 315594

How does she still get fashion gigs? They're all in HK and I don't get why an agency should choose a model that has to fly from Japan for a job. Some anon can explain?
Unless of course she goes to HK just to exit and re-enter Japan because she holds a tourist visa, and the fashion gigs aren't real.
Does anyone know what kind of visa she claims to have?

No. 315595

She says she have a work visa through her agency in Japan, but she doesn't get jobs as a model anymore so I'm not sure. Those events she attended to in HK recently are most likely stuff she got invited through Elbow-San or some friend there, I don't think she gets money, it looks like some mediocre brands just wanted some vlogger to show up as guests.

No. 315596

not that anon but the right pic is from her insta

No. 315597

Can you link it? I've never seen that image before. I'm not being lazy but I can't find I think anywhere.

No. 315598

She has an entertainment visa. They aren't usually long term and have to be renewed often. She's signed with two agencies concurrently.
Her management is HK is in charge of her appearances there. She's doing spokesmodel work. It probably pays pretty decently.

No. 315600

You sound like an exceptional individual. Speaking for myself, I don't mind shit talking. Call Elbowsan ugly and perverted as much as you like. I draw the line at doxxing and shit that potentially could interfere with their real lives.

No. 315602

Less infighting, and don't come in here to bait with information you don't want to disclose.

No. 315603

It's not currently on her insta???

No. 315604

>shit that potentially could interfere with their real lives.
the gossip on this board/PULL is already impacting their lives. all you have to do is google taylor r and 500+ pages of gossip comes up about her.

No. 315605

How the fuck do you dox someone who's already in the media? Him nit showing husband face on videos is just some strategy to keep a shitty "mistery" and give her views (and potentially make a big deal when she actually reveals who he is). I'm not gonna stalk him to find out who he is but I don't give a shit if someone posts his name. Take your moral superiority to tumblr.

No. 315606


Confirmed blind anon, Same Glasses? look again >>315397

The dude on the lefts glasses are larger and have rounded lenses. On the right are smaller and rectangular.

If you can't spot those obvious differences in the glasses, no wonder you can't see the rest.

No. 315607

I doubt it's for mystery, but for the sake of his job.

No. 315609

Obviously the guy on the right is him, so I'd rather discuss that than say why the other guy isn't him

No. 315611

Sorry for all the typos, agh. But yeah, "him not showing his face" etc.

This. Her life is YouTube, everything in their daily lives is impacted by what people say about them, including elbowsan. She lurks lolcow and PULL, he knows about all the stuff people say about Taylor (she talked about it in some video) etc, if he really didn't want to be part of any of this we wouldn't hear his voice every day or know that he helps Taylor with everything. As far as I know he could be the one who came up without the idea of keeping him as a mistery to gain sympathy and views.

No. 315613

This. Obviously.

No. 315614

File: 1495126343611.jpg (513.04 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpg)


No it's not anon.
Right one appears to be from some press event shit, while the left is from Christmas.

Maybe they keep him out of videos because he looks significantly older then Taylor. She does like to look like a teeny bopper with her cheap fillers.

No. 315615

His family and coworkers know Taylor, they have seen her with a camera (remember that video with elbowsan coworker's son?), everyone in his life already know Taylor makes videos for YouTube and she has even recorded them, it's not about his job, obviously.

No. 315616

He looks late 30's to me. I don't consider that a big age difference.

No. 315617

Yeah he's ugly but he doesn't look too old.

No. 315625

post the link to the image or gtfo

No. 315635

oh my mistake the way it was linked on here i thought they were meant the xmas pic

No. 315680

I think this is more about random strangers stalking him out and exposing his real name/identity/place of work like some anons and PULLtards are trying to do.

No. 315725

I think it's kinda pathetic to stalk someone that much but I wouldn't mind at all to see this information posted and I don't think it's as bad as other people believe. the only reason I hope no one finds his real info is that I think that would make Taylor feel sooooo important and make a drama about it on her videos to get even more views.

No. 315735

Nah I could see it having real life implications for him if it took off. Asia is all about image, if googling his name led to gossip sites/vendettachans would contact his job he could probably get fired, even when he didn't do anything.

No. 315743

I don't think so, he's way too loaded to imagine him getting fired because his name appears in some chan in English. But anyway, it seems like no one really had his info so whatever.

I wonder if Taylor ever finished to read GirlBoss though? Lmao every time I see her bookshelves empty I feel so jealous, I need some and I don't have money!

No. 315744


Like anons did to Kaka's ex fling ? Taco ? And tried to figure out who Sharts bf is, and don't forget the stalking of Dakotas manager Hiroshi ?

Pulltards and farmers are like piranhas that once they catch the scent of blood they'll pick it down to the bone.

Personally I'm just curious as to who he is as Taylor infuses him in everything now. She already revealed where he's from and bits and pieces of who he is as well as what he looks like.

No. 315748

Can someone explain me why some anons are mad at that OP ?

No. 315799


Because they're fans of Taylor and would never be this protective if it was any other flake.

No. 315817

idk I think it's pretty normal/standard to NOT want to put yourself and your life out there on the internet especially on a platform as brutal at youtube. He's been there since the beginning(?) of her youtube career as we found out through that video she recently did "exposing" herself. He knows theres sites like this and worse out there. Even if it wouldn't damage his career, I think just as normal person you wouldnt want to put yourself in that line of fire ?
plus he's obviously got enough money to not be interested in fame, unlike taylor.

No. 315834

Did you see today's video? He's already vlogging, I think it's more than okay to post who he is if someone really knows.


No. 315852

I don't care where he works, I just want to know what he does.

It also would be nice to actually see him in vlogs, but I understand if he doesn't want to be seen. There are already crazies on PULL attacking Taylor, imagine what they could do to ruin her boyfriend's career if they had all his info.

People in the Taylor's video thread on PULL were already speculating that he got together with Taylor because of her early doll concept. Things like that can be taken and misconstrued real fast.

No. 315874

>crazies on PULL attacking Taylor

I think you're in the wrong place, Taylor fan, leave your comments here: https://m.youtube.com/user/TaylorR1488

No. 315877

And this isn't PULL. We don't need crazies on here thinking Taylor is a major cow somehow when all she is is a basic white girl who does cringey shit.

No. 315881

>if you don't like her then you're a crazy who hates her


No. 315885

There's not liking her and there's obsessively commenting on her. You can't deny PULL has a weird thing with Taylor, she has (arguably) some of the least milk of the jvloggers and yet people can't stop talking about her.

Sharla is much more interesting on the milk side and Mimei was actively giving milk earlier this week, yet somehow Taylor is the main focus again for virtually nothing. I'm not a fan of hers, I just don't get the obsession. I find the other jvloggers much more interesting to talk about.

No. 315887

Well, you do have a point. I'm more interested in Sharks but I think that even if we don't care much about Taylor we all end up comminting about her. It actually makes me mad.

No. 315889


No. 315916


bitch you dumb and stupid kys

No. 315927

>Because they're fans of Taylor and would never be this protective if it was any other flake.

You should see Venus' thread.

No. 315934


I literally broke down my statement multiple times for the other anons, who apparently don't know how to read. Get the fuck over it already and stop bringing up the same stupid shit, Jesus fucking christ.
>bitch you dumb and stupid
>you dumb

You sure showed me retard.
Sage for shit post, sorry farmhands but God damn.

No. 315936

He's a CEO of a pretty large beauty website/network (from what I can tell) based in Hong Kong with branches in Tokyo. It's easy as fuck to figure out which one since all her most recent work is through that company.

No. 315939

links or gtfo

No. 315943

Jesus fuck do people got a major edging fetish about Taylor or what. What's the point of your comment if you're not going to go all the way?

No. 315945

>There's not liking her and there's obsessively commenting on her. You can't deny PULL has a weird thing with Taylor,

>she has (arguably) some of the least milk of the jvloggers

I like Tay but tbh I think that she's just being careful.. she's kinda obsessed with fame and her internet persona, just like Sharla..

>and yet people can't stop talking about her.

That's impossibru for some, but I think that if I can talk about other flakes other anons like, then I can't complain about people talking about her.

Actually I completely ignore her thread, if something relevant happens, anons comment about it in this thread too kek.

No. 315949


Your stupidity is beyond help..

No. 315956

>imagine what they could do to ruin her boyfriend's career if they had all his info.

You sound like Bii right now, anons in a gossip site can't ruin her career only bc they know what her bf does for a living wtf, it's not like anons found he's an international drug known as "El elbow san" hiding from the Interpol.

No. 315957

File: 1495155492994.jpg (36.63 KB, 485x363, What are you smoking dumb ass.…)

I think the pulltards ran here after the topic got shut down, they did the same shit

No. 315965


Clearly something was found .. And the anon that knows it is just playing it off like its a well known fact.

I can't find jack shit which is now making me more curious to who fuck that anon is to have easily found it. With the speculations of Mimei not getting along with Tay and being a ott vague fag … I wonder if this is her trying to be spiteful hoping we'll find it for ourselves so Pull/Lolcow are to take the blame once news reaches Tay.

Nobody prior to that random Pulltard was even giving a general fuck about the guy, and they are a new user….

No. 315969

>el elbow san


No. 315981

In b4 Taylor has given everyone different job titles for elbowsan in order to discover the leak lol

No. 315982

I haven't seen one of her videos in a while but her cheeks are mahoosive now.

No. 315983

Too late.

>El elbow san also known as El Austin: International drug lord and Taytay's pimp.

Now everybody knows.

No. 315992

Hi kuku

No. 315993

Well mimei is petty and sour as fuck but i don't think she would go that far. Right?

No. 315994

File: 1495160039790.png (90.31 KB, 164x253, Capture6.PNG)

Elbow-san was cute back in the day.

(Not giving out names because it's not my place to, but thought it wouldn't hurt to share a pic… this thread has been dry. Also I can 100% guarantee this is him on his surprisingly public Facebook)

No. 315999

Where is that anon in the chat contradicting herself?

Oh.. Taylor losing her shit in



No. 316000

Wait a sec…

didn't Taylor say that Elbow san was no one from the industry?

No. 316003


Pretty much, she said he didn't work in entertainment. Which I guess if this vague info is correct thats true and not true. He works in entertainment but the business end ?


Fuck off already.

You lurk thru this dudes business and FB page and try and play it off like your being morally superior. Either post the deets or fuck off.

Only side comment I can make about his younger years is he use to have a neck.

No. 316007

Taylor could have been GASP lying! I'm not that anon, but from what I've gathered she lies and hides things a lot. Plus in her exposed video she also mentions that they were friends first. I have no doubt they met in connection with her modeling gigs, I mean she made it sound like he was staff.

No. 316010

I'm not being morally superior.. I just don't hate Taylor enough to do that. I shared something but there's no fucking way I'm gonna be the one posting the name. Find it yourself.

No. 316016

you either post it all or nothing. dont be a dick.

No. 316017

Are u Kiki or Mimei?

No. 316021

go away

No. 316022

you dont hate taylor enough to expose all the info but you still throw bait into a pond of hungry fish. might as well just drop it all in at this point

No. 316023


And now we're all creepy little PULLtards.

No. 316029


Lol, they don't hate her, but they're more then happy to stalk her boyfriend and throw nothing but his images into a judgemental crowd.

If all we have is his image, then all we have are his looks to discuss.


The vagueness makes me think Memei, Kiki has no restraint and is far to spergy. If its Mimei then she wants Lolcow to take the fall and blame if anything does go sour or Taylor flips. ( while still getting the satisfaction of being a shady twat )

No. 316061

Elbow San is hot lol

No. 316070

ok I thought everyone was trolling but he's actually quite easy to find. No wonder he travels back and forth between japan and hongkong! his company has one foot in each country.

No. 316071

I believe it.
Pretty sure she's been self posting in this thread.

No. 316073

Pull tard-tier joke

No. 316074

Hahaha I truly wish it would've been Mimei or Keeks posting it because that would've been good for the milk, but I'm neither of them. Mods can check my IP address, I'm just a loser up in Canada. Saged for useless info

No. 316080

There were some suspiciously pro-Mimei posts in this thread the other day that reeked of thinly-veiled self post. Talking about her mental state and how sweet she was with some humble psychoanalysis that was just…too…calculated. The whole thing screamed "feel sorry for me".

No. 316081

if he was that "easy" to find, wouldnt you think we all would have figured it out now? anons need to stop dropping hints and pics and just let it all out already.>>316070

No. 316083

Can you post the name of the company?

No. 316085

honestly all you need to do is put a little thought into it. I was approaching it from the wrong angle for a while but once I googled it a certain way I got all the info everyone else has.

all I can say is, knowing who he is, there's no way his company doesn't know who taylor is and his involvement with her. I don't think he'd lose anything being involved in her videos….

No. 316087

Just post the name. Stop baiting.

No. 316088

stop baiting and gtfo
no one cares

No. 316090

"all i can say is.." no you can just straight out say it here. this isnt pull ffs. as everyone above me said, stop baiting and gtfo if you are just going to be vague for attention

No. 316091

the hint posted on PULL is that it's a company she works with in HK, the one that promotes her and gives her jobs. We've figured out it's not her agency since that guy is obviously not elbow-san

who is the other company she works with?
it's not that hard to figure out.
I'm not trying to bait anyone, but I think blatantly posting his personal info won't do anyone favours.

No. 316092

Farmhand said above, stop baiting. Either post the deets or gtfo.

No. 316093

Yet you're putting out hints that'll lead to his personal info being revealed. Go back to pull.

No. 316094

you just fucking posted his pics from his facebook. dont give us that bs.

No. 316097

yo I'm not the same anon as before, I didn't post any pics

clearly my hints aren't leading you guys anywhere since you can't figure this out still

No. 316098

no shit. why even bother with hints? gtfo or drop all the details

No. 316099

stop replying to her and she'll go away

No. 316100

Get the fuck out, where's farmhand? Someone summon them pls, the pulltard is strong in here

No. 316102


No. 316103

Pulltard is having an autistic spasm someone call an ambulance, kek

No. 316104

I think you guys would really suck at being detectives :c where's the fun in this???

No. 316107

no one cares about doxxing taylors homely ass boyfriend and none of us are going to go out of our way to play a childrens game of guess who with you to figure out who he is
fuck off with this bullshit

No. 316109

but you seem pretty mad that people aren't spilling the deets anyway

No. 316110

Post her goddamn boyfriend Memei.

No. 316111

Are you not getting enough attention from your parents?

No. 316113

can a farmhand come and get rid of this troll? the choice is either give the information or stop baiting and leave. you arent helping and this is not a game.

No. 316116

Post it already and let's wait for Taylor to freak out tomorrow or gtfo already

No. 316117

I tried to help just by giving you guys some more hints. the reason I'm not posting his name or a direct connection is so that google can't drag his personal information back here and I'd hope y'all would have the common courtesy to do the same.

it's seriously not that hard to figure out. You've been given plenty of info. You all lurked the PULL thread too I bet. If you care, take five minutes and you'll know it too.

No. 316118

if you are just here to get a reaction out of people, you will get an even more entertaining one if you post the deets. baiting wont do shit.

No. 316119

No. 316120

write the company name but change the first letters different. thatd be a better hint.

No. 316122

I'm going to bed anyway. You won't need me to post any deets if you just take what you know and use google. It's not my fault you can't seem to gather one brain up between you all.

No. 316123

shes worked with two companies in hong kong and we've established that it's not her agency.

literally thats ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW.

google is your friend

No. 316124

Stay in pull and never come back

No. 316125

lmao bye

No. 316126

anyone willing to take one for the team and figure it out?

No. 316128

He's not that important, it's not worth the effort lol

No. 316131

i can't investigate further cause i'm at work, but my guess is they're saying he has something to do with beauty exchange hk?

No. 316133


you're right. Found him.

No. 316135

I literally google everything under the sun with that company and got nothing, wtf kind of search engine are you people using?

No. 316141

No. 316142

Found him as well (I was bored). It was easy, no wonder he has money, but he's not interesting to talk about, just like Taylor

No. 316144

You're right, I found his social security # and birth certificate too

No. 316145

For gods sake, give a clue more. I don't even watch Taylor's videos and I've been looking for an hour.

No. 316146

ur getting troll'd m8

No. 316147

it's all the same anon, they're fucking with you

No. 316148

Driving me crazy, tbh. Anyway I'll try to sleep and forget about this bitch, I just wanted to talk about mimei ???

No. 316149

Jesus stop being so fucking paranoid and tap the name of the bloody company + staff on Google images and that's it. It won't affect anyone, it's public, and in the end no one cares.

No. 316152

We're too dumb for that shit just post the god damn link already

No. 316153

No. 316155

Well that was…anticlimactic….

No. 316156

Bless you anon, now we can all go to sleep.

No. 316158

You're welcome
I actually find it kinda interesting that he is the founder, thats a pretty big catch taylor kudos

No. 316159

Kek. I can go to sleep now, I don't know what I was expecting.

No. 316160

Yep. She's fucking her boss.

No. 316162

So it's HK's version of buzzfeed, interesting

Technically no she's not, she's fucking her way through connections

No. 316163

Yeah. I know. Get it girl.
Not exactly. It's more like he's fucking his client. They didn't get together until she'd already been working with BE for a while.

No. 316164

This honestly answers a lot of our questions, specifically the whole Taylor money situation.

No. 316165

No. 316167

her desperate need to stay young, hip, and relevant with the fashion videos and fillers all makes sense now. she'd be boring to him otherwise.
my only question now is- if his company is in hongkong why do they live in tokyo?

No. 316168

Damn everything makes sense now holy shit what a revelation

>>316167 They have ties to Tokyo

No. 316169

looks like we've been outted to PULL
here comes a shit storm i don't want to be around for

No. 316171

File: 1495172121725.jpg (23.36 KB, 400x452, Go the fuck back.jpg)


No. 316172


No. 316175

who's the retard that couldn't keep their trap shut? Rev up for more conspiracy theories from pull about elbow desu

No. 316176


one of them did it ffs

No. 316177

The start to all of this was a thread in PULL and now I'm curious who that was. I got all my info to find him from that one thread. But also he's friends with Taylor's family on their public Facebook's so it could've been found from that.

No. 316178


>>316159 is me >>316171 is also me >>316175 is also me

God dammit big mouth ass anon, you couldn't let us have one huh?

No. 316179

Im so excited. The internet is such an amazing tool and nothing beats anons working together.

No. 316180

File: 1495172572503.jpg (41.92 KB, 450x300, 1.jpg)

>she said he didn't work in entertainment
>He works in entertainment but the business end ?
yes she lied
he is literlly the only reason she gets modelling gigs these days. no other company wants to touch her botched face

He owns a number of companies though. He even stated in an interview that she was the inspiration for a clothing company he owns.

No. 316182

c r i n g e

No. 316183

i feel like this is the beginning and end of a new era. everything makes sense now. hes no longer a secret anymore and now we know where the money and her recent modelling work comes from. he wasnt trying to keep private for himself, it was to keep private for her own sake lmao

No. 316186

She's still getting stuff through her HK agency as well Satoru. Her HK manager was literally in her last video riding around with her all day. No doubt BE sponsored the meetups she did, but the actual jobs still go through her agencies.

No. 316188

We all know who started the PULL thread about elbow san. The timing!!!

No. 316189

File: 1495172975563.jpeg (50.48 KB, 800x600, ACC30FE8-6F74-43B1-9878-21060E…)

I'm so happy, is this normal? Does it mean I need a life? Lmao. Do you think she already noticed? Also, did you already had her real fb account? https://www.facebook.com/wq14113395

No. 316190

i think half chinese and half white. he looks mixed, and explains his name and why he has family in france

No. 316191

File: 1495173081875.png (212.01 KB, 1221x753, xxx.png)

yeah i dont think he cares. if you google his chinese name you can find his whole life story out in the open. it is just to protect her reputation.

she "thanked" beautyexchange in that video though, she only does that when they contribute something to the video so i think they influenced her being hired. i guess i could be wrong.

No. 316192

If you creeped as hard as I did, you'll figure out that his sister is married to a French man actually…

No. 316193

I just found that the agency she worked with in HK some days ago also belongs to Elbow (google it or check his Facebook). He gives her some little jobs to keep her busy, how cute.

No. 316194

I feel you. Im excited too. Its like reading spoilers (i enjoy reading spoiler) They all look at this kind of pages. If not her maybe sharla will tell her.

No. 316195

guys we dont need to post personal fb accounts here. only public information.

No. 316196

Starzpeople doesn't belong to Elbowsan

No. 316197

It's hers, I thought that was okay but any mod it's free to delete. I haven't posted his or his family's ?

No. 316198

I googled the username to see if I could connect it to Mimei or anyone else and one thing that comes up is a huge blog on the Ostrengas

No. 316199

She didn't work with starz people this time, PULLtard, she worked with studio54 hk and it belongs to Elbow.

No. 316200

How'd you find his chinese name? Can't seem to find it

No. 316201


Theres just a couple of accounts on PULL that smells like "gloomy introvert" mimei. hahahaha what a bitch spilling the tea.

No. 316205

Not a pulltard. I figured it was starzpeople because she literally said she that her manager was the same one that she had before in HK. No need to get so aggressive. Christ.
I've sort of lowkey speculated that this might be Kooter's vengeance working with Kiki. Now that she's been dropped by her agency, maybe she wants to go scorched earth on her competition.
Or it might be someone who used to be obsessed with exposing Kooter and then switched their venom to Taylor once Koots stopped updating.

No. 316206

File: 1495173897416.png (403.46 KB, 720x406, FungWa1.png)

Elbow-san actually reminds me of Fung Wah from "American Dad". (Episode where a Chinese billionaire buys the show)

Sage because this has no real point apart from my own amusment.

No. 316207

im not posting the name on a public space but if you look hard enough you can find it

No. 316208

Vengeance? In what way is us knowing who he is going to effect Taylor at all? It's not. No one cares except the PULLtards, it's really not that interesting.

No. 316209

bless you

No. 316211

In what way? In everyway. Now people is going to assume the worst because we know he has money. Imagine the hate…

No. 316214

Well if you go by some anons theories that the reveal makes her look worse than him (arguably true), it might go a ways to trashing her image and reputation.

No. 316215

We already knew that, we just wanted to know what he did to have all that money.

No. 316218

Yeah it's gonna trash the "hard work" reputation

No. 316219

Or I shouldn't say reputation.. maybe the image she's trying to put out there?

No. 316221

Completely especially given that we know that his company is actively promoting her. I mean it may be a two way street in that Taylor does have considerable popularity in HK (the only place tbh)and so she is promoting BE to all of her followers, but regardless the optics are pretty terrible.

No. 316222

No. 316225

Go Elbowsan.

No. 316226

god al the anons saying
>boott I dun wun his name poosted un a public spaaaaaace
fuck off and post links and name already or go back to PULL
why does everyone need to spend 5 to 10 minutes searching when all you could do was post all the info already ffs

No. 316227

his real name is "Tom Lip" ?
what kind of name is that?

No. 316229

Post the Chinese name

No. 316231

he seems like a nice guy but
>hard work
yeah kek
hard work my ass. she is just fucking someone that's giving her jobs.
of course she will now be just all like "boohoo , people wont believe me anymore when I say this"
this also means she is now nearly down on one level with koots, only that she isnt fat and that hideous and the dick koots sucks isnt confirmed yet.

No. 316232

Taylor promotes the image that she was self made, never carried by anyone and works hard to pay for everything, so this isn't good for the fairytale girl boss brand.

Whoever uncovered it must have had major vendetta and my money is still on Koots/Kaka tag teaming.

No. 316233

>chinese name
i dont have it, im busy skimming through his facebook page and through taylor's family members facebook pages that are all connected to him


No. 316234


No. 316237

the "i was raped at 5" stalker on PULL was lying out of her ass too.
all they delivered were pictures from the facebook pages that are publicly available


10 $ on that was kaka or koots too.

No. 316238

It also becomes more obvious that there are more handlers beyond language or dance teachers. Plus more paid outreach than anyone ever expected to quickly push her brand channels online.

This guy is someone who's extremely well connected and has whole companies in the online growth hacking space for her niche. Wouldn't be surprised if employees are sourcing relevant content for her to vlog, editing her videos and posting them for her in the end.

Win win situation for both of them, but in the end having things leaked will somewhat ruin trust for her brand.

No. 316241

File: 1495175691426.png (126.48 KB, 640x545, Untitled.png)

They actually live a bit far from the main city of Tokyo. Why does Sharla leech off Taylor again?

No. 316242

Uh, that's in Tokyo..

No. 316243

PULLtards are so mad.

No. 316244

well you wouldnt want to have bad breath with someone that is the little sex doll of someone who is in the entertaining business. would you?

maybe sharla also already got a little share of the cake through taylor's connections.

No. 316245


No. 316246

I meant the main hub, it's still a 15-30 minute train ride in the hot spots

No. 316247

That's too much.
It's obvious that she does her own editing and posting. But the rest of it, probably. The problem is BE aggressively pushes and supports all of their influencers, so it's hard to know what's specific to her and what they do for their clients. I think it's safe to say though that she gets a lot of help.

No. 316248

nobody wants to touch Sharla, not even her fiance

No. 316249

>15-30 minute train ride
you mean a 40 minutes taxi ride

No. 316250

What "main hub?" And Tokyo is big, 15 minutes is nothing.

No. 316251

No. 316252

I'm not sure if you're trolling me or being nitpicky. The main hubs are Shibuya and Shinjuku. From what everyone has been speculating.
She lies right outside of minato ku which means she probably lives in ebisu which is not part of the busier city.

No. 316253

that's super central, like right between ebisu and odaiba, and not far from shibuya.

No. 316254

samefag sorry meant to quote this one idk

No. 316255

because they are little teenagers who dont understand how the world works.
the guy is the CEO of a big company, owns many more companies, works in the entertainment industry but GASP now people know his name and that he is GAAASP elbow-san

rolls eyes

personally i just found it funny to have him revealed now because taylor wanted to keep his name and face private so bad.

No. 316256


No. 316257

>not part of the busier city
i dont have specifics about tokyo but usually places that are right outside of the busy inner city but are still close by are the most expensive ones.
people want to have a calm place but still be close enough to not travel hours until youre in the city, so those areas are highly demanded and the most expensive.

No. 316258

Not that anon but nobody here ever talked about where she lives or cared. Go back to PULL.

No. 316259

jfc calm your little teenager titties and go back to pull

No. 316260

t h i s

No. 316261

Yeah fuck I stopped feeling bad about it when I found out he was a well-known public figure. PULLtards are acting like he's someone who has never had his face online.

Sage for useless info

No. 316263

sigh on PULL they seem to be not allowed to talk about anything around elbow-san getting "doxxed". therefore this thread will be cancerous and infested from pulltards for the next few days.

No. 316266

Maybe when an admin comes on the new IPs can be checked for possible Kaka.

Now that I read >>316237 I got to thinking that Kaka made all those crazy bait posts here and on PULL. They sound the same. The weird approach with topics (like rape) also sounds like something she'd stupidly do.

No. 316267

File: 1495176890138.jpeg (96.59 KB, 960x960, 01CD52A4-1009-463A-894F-DC008F…)

Christmas feels. Didn't they go to this place some months ago? Does Elbow-San takes all his gfs to the same restaurants?

No. 316268

I've been sort of leaning in that direction for a while but Kaka's usually more disjointed so I think Koots might be in on it too. And having been in the industry, she might have been aware of Taylor's connection to BE and Elbowsan. I mean this all went down directly after Taylor posted that video making fun of her old image.

No. 316269

>>316227 I was gonna say something but didn't want to sound like an asshole, who names their kid Tom Lip? That's just embarrassing

No. 316270

I feel like even though this was kinda right under our noses, it would require an insider to know. Reminds me a looot about the kirleios incident. Hm hm.

No. 316271

Could be his sister. The one married to the French guy.

No. 316272

Isn't that Jiro? You need to wait a century on reservation just to eat there

No. 316273

it's the americanized version of his Chinese name, grow an education.

No. 316275

Oh, that's true. Tbh he seems like a good guy, he stayed with her during her Dakota face and he's kind I guess. I don't feel bad for lolcow doxxing him because he's a freakin' CEO, but it doesn't seem to be nothing wrong with him.

No. 316280

It's possible to book any time via specific concierge or credit card concierge especially if you are a known executive. There are slots kept open for VIP or business use.

No. 316281

jfc just post his chinese name then.
not everyone can language.

No. 316282

File: 1495177873595.jpg (106.84 KB, 1220x633, 2.jpg)

No. 316283

File: 1495177903791.jpg (97.98 KB, 1081x549, 1.jpg)

No. 316284

This whole thing is hilarious.

Once a flake, always a flake.

No. 316286

File: 1495178135705.jpeg (78.36 KB, 538x720, 1F782B39-E8AB-4CEE-A45B-6AADD5…)

Baby elbowsan

No. 316288

I still find it predatory that he dated one of the many young and highly ambitious beauty vloggers on his roster. They seek admiration and fortune, and he can provide it.

No. 316289

top kek
taylor is a nearly 30 year old trophy "waifu".

sorry your teenage persona idol is destroyed.

No. 316290

I feel like maybe Taylor was the one who tried to catch him, sounds like something Tay would do. He doesn't have photos with models or has tons of girls on his facebook liste of friends.

No. 316291

Also this, she's older than most of us.

No. 316292

>than most of us
pulltard. leave.

No. 316293

Are you fucking kidding me, we had a whole debate on this in the first 3 jvlogger threads about her apartment. You fucks are the PULLtards

No. 316294

her sisters wedding is coming up. we will see how serious the relationship is by then. if she goes there alone, it's seriously a "i fuck for money and fame" story.

No. 316295

No I see what you mean. I'm kind of feeling a bit of a Svengali vibe from him. His relentless positivity reminds of Taylor. Plus it occurred to me that maybe he really likes her fillers because they aren't helping her career and she doesn't even seem to like them. It makes you wonder.
>sounds like something Tay would do
only if you assume the worst about her character.

No. 316297

Well he went home with her to the last wedding she was at so…

No. 316298

>trying to prove her point with
>but we wrote about it before
>implying pulltards didnt infest the jvlogger thread before

No. 316299

You're embarrassing yourself. Also your posts show that you haven't been to Tokyo.

No. 316300

They have pretty clearly been together for a long time. They clearly care a lot for one another and whatever the situation they're making it work.

No. 316301

Tokyo assburgers leave

No. 316302

Tom Lip is also the founder of Menclub HK: https://www.facebook.com/menclub.hk

No. 316303

I wonder how it is to fuck a millionaire

No. 316304

Me too.

Would you fuck elbowsan?

No. 316305

Nothing special tbh

No. 316307

He seems like a genuinely nice, down to earth person. Bit of a goofball. Not that attractive to me but for the sake of just trying it.. hell yea.

No. 316309

This might sound weird but I can't imagine Tay and Elbowsan having sex. Not that I'm trying too hard though ?

No. 316311

File: 1495180940254.png (695.25 KB, 1007x1038, lol.png)

another company of his, studio 54, likes to throw her a media bone every now and again so she can still call herself a "model"

No. 316312

It's probably pretty vanilla, nothing too kinky. His wealth fills in for any missed o's. Unless his niceness obliges him to always get his missus off.

No. 316313

Already mentioned, read the fuggin thread.

No. 316314

I think we get it

No. 316315

I'm waiting for someone to comment on her Instagram or videos doxxing Elbow. I'm too lazy to do it myself…

No. 316316

>He even stated in an interview that she was the inspiration for a clothing company he owns.
That's kind of adorable tbh.

No. 316318

Anyone found his age yet?

I don't mind Taylor but I'm kinda disappointed. I liked imagining her with some businessman who works in trading, not… Whatever this is. And that PowerPoint…

Also I knew she was a lying hypocrite but
>claims to owe her success to hard work
>literally fucking her boss


No. 316319

not her boss

No. 316320

Ok Taylor.

He may not be her boss exactly but he was not only a work associate, but someone who directly connects her with work and opportunities.

It's still fucking your way to the top

No. 316322

>It's still fucking your way to the top
how mad do you think taylor is right now?

i kind of feel like sharla doxxed him just to have the discussion go away from how ugly and hideous her sister is.

No. 316323

File: 1495182073779.png (157.73 KB, 1497x593, skndfskjbdsk.png)

this article was written in 2010 says he was 33 back then


No. 316324

As if she should pass on the opportunity to be with a guy who is not only very kind to her, very wealthy, and can help further her career? Seriously, the only thing this guy is lacking is good looks, but he's not even all that bad looking. He sounds like a keeper to me, who cares if they work together. A lot of people in the entertainment world date people they work with.

No. 316325

>not her boss
he literally owns/founded every single company that is currently pushing her.
he was probably the one that was responsible for making her famous tbqh, he was with her when she made her first viral youtube videos.

No. 316326

Ladies, her parents can't keep funding her leecherous ways, she needs a new leech. That's how life works.

No. 316327

ewww that would mean he is 40 this year

No. 316328

Ebisu is a busy area. It's ONE stop from Shibuya. Minato-ku is a very expensive and desirable area. Setagaya-ku is also a desirable area to live.

No. 316329

yeah he seems really cute and caring. Idk. Id fuck him too if I was taylor.

No. 316330

40 ain't even that old. How old even are you weebs? My parents have a 10 year age difference, it's not really a big deal? It's not like he's old enough to be her dad or something.

No. 316331

Are you forgetting how old Tay is?

No. 316332

Yeah we're not saying (many) bad things about him, but she's still fucking her boss. Literally the "job" she got in HK days ago was through an agency he owns. He tries to keep her busy and give her events to attend for her vlogs.

She's is fucking her boss, she's so smart that she's not only fucking him but lives with him. He's definitely a keeper, and I'm sure she loves him, but she's still the guy who owns the agencies that keep her busy just to have something to record an de pretend she has a real job.

No. 316333

god this is hilarious

she is so full of shit

No. 316334

hahah called it

i remember anons going 'omg no u retard theyre clearly the same age'

No. 316335

God the typos, I need to sleep but I'm also waiting for her reaction.

I bet she's gonna cry on camera.

No. 316337

Nah, I'll completely agree with all of that. I just don't get why anons are making it out to be horrible really. Like, damn, good for her? I'm not a stan, but I really don't get the malicious hate aimed towards Taylor. She's kind of got a great thing going for her if anything.

No. 316338

File: 1495182711281.png (102.03 KB, 2516x247, wut.png)

>pull is against leaking information about private people
can we get a consensus here guys? is he a private person or not?

if you google his name he has already revealed his life to journalists and had professional photos of himself taken for news articles

how does this make him a private person?

No. 316339

I agree. One of the biggest hits she would have to take is wether her industry no longer takes her seriously bc shes dating someone so high up, but they've been dating for a while so I guess it doesn't matter any more? If the influencer industry abroad is anything like how it is in LA, theres a lot worse you can do than be a in 5(+?) year relationship with someone who is furthering your career lol
now she only has the "fans" to face with this truth.

No. 316340

>I bet she's gonna cry on camera.
I hope she's gonna cry on camera.

No. 316341

PULL is retarded, thatswhy. now take your discussion back to pull idiot.

No. 316343

no one cares what PULL thinks, bye

No. 316344


Obviously not private, PULLtards are dumb and they adore Taylor.

No. 316345

i mean i'd probably do the same thing tbh

it's just that she constantly preaches about the wonders of hard work and what not and meanwhile.. this is what's going on the background

she's just so fake. its hilarious

No. 316346

So you think sucking cock for a job is great and not hiring on merit?

No. 316347

>she's just so fake. its hilarious
ikr? this is so beautiful

No. 316348

I agree. And I kind of think we are being inundated by uncensored Pulltards right now.

No. 316349

now it makes sense why he was doing things like getting up at 5 to film her and googling where to buy dolly furniture

she's got no shame. id be too embarrassed to date my "boss". nobody would take you seriously. how humiliating it would be to show up to events and literally everyone there knows the reason you're there is because your BF

also, am i alone in thinking she should be way more popular than she is, considering?

No. 316350

Pulltards hate Taylor. They are more vicious with her than with Mira.

No. 316352

ty based mimei

No. 316353

It's a different situation than just helping out a spouse on their career.

This is almost an Ivanka Trump thing. A lot of his money was needed to fabricate the illusion that she is a self made success story.

No. 316354

Also there are one or two samefags here right now. Can tell by the tone and posting style.

No. 316355

She really is working hard though. Can't believe people are having a go at her. Having to lick her boss' pebble is pretty hard work.

No. 316356

In her vids saltay has been like.."we met through work :) " like it's no biggie.. No biggie, just her boss, that's all..

No. 316358

He's not her boss. She is his client. There is a difference in power dynamic.

No. 316359

>im not a stan
>malicious hate
jfc stop embarrassing yourself. no one hates taylor out of a fashion and has her pictures plastered on their walls just to fanatically shit on them. It's just funny because it destroys everything she has ever pretended to be. if you dont think this is hilarious youre downright retarded. or boring. or both.

No. 316360

>She is his client.


No. 316362

i mean i've posted like 5 times but i'm not pretending to be different people i just keep having new thoughts lol

No. 316363

But she's his client to get work and a visa. And there are plenty of pretty, blonde girls that could be in her place. There might be a difference in terms, but not really in power dynamics, no.

No. 316364

File: 1495183432967.gif (416.63 KB, 267x199, 54b1748c9ccea4534572afc82381f5…)

>Having to lick her boss' pebble is pretty hard work.

this is too good.

No. 316365

it's like how a youtuber has an agency, and has a manager, the manager has a boss, the boss has a boss, and then there's the guy who started the company. That's elbowsan i mean… tom…

No. 316366

File: 1495183465220.png (376.42 KB, 1663x303, Screen Shot.png)

really puts another perspective into what she preaches on her youtube channel
>work hard
>dream big
blah blah blah

No. 316367

Work hard at sucking dick desu yo! Dream of bigger dicks desu yo!

No. 316368

That dog makes me sad. It was so clearly bought as an accessory.

No. 316369

this was supposed to be a reply to >>316360

and also lets start a thing where we call him elbowtom instead and see if she notices lol

No. 316370

File: 1495183596367.jpg (85.55 KB, 350x350, HD09_7094.jpg)

PULL has definitely invaded this thread.

No. 316372

honestly that is the biggest criticism i have of taylor
knowing who her bf is I bet you he pushed her and made her viral from beautyexchange when she uploaded those very first videos to youtube. yeah you worked so hard girl! /s

No. 316373

Totally not the same thing.

No. 316375


She is not his client. He's the guy who gives her some "jobs" so she won't feel bad about not getting anything real anymore on her own. The equivalent of giving your wife some shitty imaginary postition in your company to make her believe she's useful.

No. 316377

No. 316378

File: 1495183896965.jpg (48.01 KB, 461x403, 9713041d9a8ecb42e2b109fa306ad3…)

Dark Spirit PULL has invaded

No. 316382

So can we have a Tay Tay thread now Admin-Sama?

No. 316383

seriously continously just sperging about how pull has invaded/infested this threads makes you look as retarded as the pull posters themselves. you just keep derailing the thread with unnecessary pictures.
slow clap

No. 316384

dear god almighty
i cant
i just cant



No. 316386

Thanks, I haven't been here in ages and last I remembered people would get banned if they posted her outside of jvlogs.

No. 316387

Is Mimei active on twitter right now? I wonder which of the j-crew is going to be the first to check this thread

No. 316388

File: 1495185063835.png (225.78 KB, 1184x1059, IMG_4752.PNG)

Some PULLtard on twitter:

No. 316390

how is it "leaked" if the information is public and has been on the internet for a few years

No. 316391

>acting like an angel when she browses the shithole for gossip and drama too

Just like her idol, fake as hell~

No. 316392

well that answers my question lol jesus fuck, she looks like she's 10 years old and thinks taylors face changed naturally

No. 316393

I don't know why is such a big deal to share his info, is all public. I can see why Taylor don't want people to know but I bet he doesn't care, her facebook page is not private or anything.

I don't see any problem with her dating her "boss" or him giving her jobs unless she is dating him for money/jobs and not for love.

No. 316394

She just looks like a bucket of ham.

No. 316397

hm.. she sits at PULL Taylor's trend all the time and now licking her ass on twitter. Such an honest person.

No. 316403

It's not so much about leaking as it is respecting peoples wishes to remain out of the spotlight.

I can see now why elbow-san didn't want to be on camera or be shown at first.
Too bad taylor forgot to edit him out.
If I was him and I had a bunch of people on the internet google me and discuss and dissect my life, my name/family and my pictures/facebook, I'd be extremely creeped out.

No. 316405

they fact you post on a gossip board that dissects peoples life makes you a creep then

No. 316406

Oh come on, he's used to being googled. he's a public figure ffs.

and are we even sure it was him who didn't want to be on camera? imo it's more likely that taylor was the one who didnt want him shown.

No. 316407

So link to where he says himself he doesn't like this.

No. 316408

>implying most of us are over 30
I mean, I know we're not teenagers but I don't think your average farmer is over 30.

No. 316409

Theres a difference between wanting to see people ruin themselves/cause drama/spill their own tea and someone who hasn't done anything milk worthy or scummy.

He hasn't said it himself. Taylor has on the other hand in one of her older vlogs that he wishes to be anonymous.
Things happen, now hes more involved and people are now trying to dig up everything they can on him and assume things.
I guess I can't expect any less from this website. I enjoy the other content though

No. 316410

File: 1495188446463.png (635.17 KB, 640x1136, IMG_2539.PNG)

I find it kinda odd that Studio54 posted Taylor's BFF video on their FB page

No. 316412

Yes, because taylor's always truthful and we should always believe what she says 100%

Are you stupid anon?

No. 316413

I only remember her saying he doesn't want his face to be on the vlogs. He hasn't been "anonymous" since she posted his mug on instagram a while back. And he is a PUBLIC FIGURE, at least in Hong Kong and probably in Japan as well. He's a very successful business man who has dozens of interviews out and photos taken in public spaces and events posted online

No. 316414

And I'm telling you your mum told me that you're a retarded both. See how that works?

No. 316415

I couldn't care less about taylor, but the fact that hes only recently(past months/year) started becoming active in her vlogs seems to line up with it. If he didn't care, would he not have been in her vlogs from the start?

Name calling reallly enhances your argument by the way. You really showed me there

No. 316416

A retarded both? Are you 12?
Dear lord. I'm out of here.

No. 316417

let's put this to FUCKING REST.
it starts at 2:15
she says he doesn't want to be on the vlogs because he's CAMERA SHY. That's it. Stop white knighting for Tom whatever I already forgot his last name because its so irrelevant. Build a bridge and scurry on back to PULL

No. 316418

Awww so sorry you got offended at my auto correct and can't use context to determine what I was typing! Sucks being retarded!

No. 316419

The reason he wasn't in her vlogs before is because she was trying to be a kawaii dolly idoru and they arent allowed to have boyfriends.

When she realized that dream was never going to happen, she slowly stopped the dolly shit and admitted to having a BF and he has slowly appeared since.

No. 316420

That's totally why he does interviews and works in a higher part of the business where he has to go out and rep the company, yep. So shy.

No. 316421

>camera shy
>builds a company out of the entertainment industry
>does numerous interviews and attends events where he is photographed

yeah i dont think so.

No. 316422

>camera shy
he did a tv interview in 2010 im pretty sure I saw on his FB page

No. 316423

you're missing the point guys, I'm trying to prove that he's not avoiding being on the vlogs on anonymity but for vanity's sake or whatever. aka couldn't give a fuck if he's "doxxed"

No. 316426

i still think you're giving taylor too much credit by believing anything she says.

No. 316429

lmao Bii got even more lip fillers girl why

No. 316430

i'm watching that vlog now :/

why does she insist on looking as ridiculous as possible? huge eyebrows, huge nose, huge lips– she looks like a caricature and it's so unbalanced. and why are people telling her she looks good?! what does her fucking boyfriend think

girl has some major self esteem issues.

for someone who likes to complain about being poor she sure spends thousands and thousands on plastic surgery and the like

No. 316433


She fixed up the symmetry at least :/ but cool it with the rest Bii. Anymore more mLs and your lips will look like Donald Trumps eyelids.

No. 316434

LOL, I liked how at the end she was like "educate yourself, don't judge my choices" and than showed that she was eating gluten free pasta because she read it could reduce inflamation "so I don't know, I might just try, right?". Nope, educate yourself!

No. 316436

It's obv that he wasn't avoiding being in the vlogs. I mean hell, he was recording and promoting her for ages.

It was Taylor hiding the nature of who he is the whole time. Only she had something to lose.

No. 316439

Well that pretty much explains why she can stay in Japan with a model agency sponsoring her… despite that she rarely models lawl

jeez i used to give her the benefit of the doubt all the time too; hope she stops with the whole 'work hard for what you have' motto

we can basically categorize it into two things: pure luck with a guy she genuinely loves, or they just have a relationship based on benefits and advantages

No. 316445

i can imagine him being in love with taylor and not just financially supporting her, he seems like kinda nice guy enough…but like, what a coincidence she'd just happen to fall in love with this boring plain looking older dude who just happens to be richest guy around with the most connections related to her "work"?

No. 316457

File: 1495199369812.jpg (71.02 KB, 791x150, DETz6Jd.jpg)


What a weird way to justify it. Good for her anyway, if that's what makes her happy.

No. 316458


Well I guess that answers the question of " is Sharla getting exposure/perks". To some degree yes, when she shows up on Taylor's shared social media post on his company it gives her exposure too.

No wonder she kisses Taylor's ass and pretends to enjoy her company despite looking so bored and annoyed all the time in Taylor's videos.

I guess this also answers why Taylor dropped out of school ( nutrition studies ). Why further your education or work on getting a career if your Boyfriend can support you and throw you a bone when no one else will.

No. 316461

Tbh I think this is what Taylor wanted, this whole mystery bullshit about her boyfriend was going to come out sooner or later. She probably knew about all the curious people in these threads and the kind of attention this situation would get, if she didn't make a big deal about all of this it wouldn't even matter. People are going to forget about this soon.

No. 316463

Ok, now who's sharla boyfriend again?

No. 316464


Eh, people would still be saying the same things. That she fucked to get where she is and is fake, and the younger viewers who find out he's 40 and dunno that Taylor is almost 30 would probably refer to him as a pedo. She has an obsession with concealing her age and never mentioning to further the illusion that she's younger then she is.

No. 316465

Sharla's husband, not a boyfriend.

No. 316467

wut wut

No. 316468

fiance i think, they're not married yet

No. 316469


Lets hope Mimei will drop that vague bomb too.

No. 316470

Well i heard her saying in her vlog "husband"

No. 316471

i wish someone would come in here and drop more truth bombs about the jvlogging crew

they all have mud on their hands as far as im concerned

No. 316473

Thats true… But imo its all her fault. If she was more transparent about her age and posted pictures like her and Tom attending events like a normal couple and that sort of stuff, it would all seem normal, now it just looks like she had something to hide, but to me personally it's not even a big deal who her boyfriend is.

No. 316474

Yeah exactly. Hiding him makes it seem like there's something fishy.

No. 316475


Her lying and hiding it shows nothing but shame, and if there is shame it makes you really start to wonder why ? Why be ashamed of your relationship unless there was something shady about it.

I'm sure she cares for him, but I bet in the beginning all she saw were dollar bills.

How sad everything big in her life was basically his doing, right down to her most popular viral videos on Youtube.

No. 316478



But also in one of her recent videos she talked about how modelling was super easy and fun, now we know why it was so easy for her.

Lazy hooch.

No. 316479

File: 1495201406170.jpg (308.74 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_1422.JPG)

He's supposedly the guy in the blue jacket

No. 316481


He's staring right at the camera and looks so fucking pissed.

Btw, do any of these vloggers date attractive men ? Or do all of them have an ugly fetish. ( though I guess non of them are really lookers themselves so..

No. 316482

If Kaka wasn't behind this, just imagine her reaction when she sees it.

No. 316487

did a creep take this photo? god damn hahaha

No. 316490

Which vlog was this taken from?

Ps. Who the hell is Kaka? I'm sorry, I'm new to the gossiping and in my brain there's only a hot soccer player with that name!

No. 316491

is not like sharla is such a beauty. She has this annoyed/boring face D: at least taylor tries haha

No. 316492

It was taken this video. Kaka is code name for kiki kannibal, dakota's older sisterShe has a hard ass hate boner for Taylor for some reason

No. 316495

Isn't her boyfriend korean? This dude looks pretty japanese

No. 316499

Seriously? He looks Korean to me.

No. 316500


He is Korean, she made a video about it. The tattoos, the hair and the golden accessories… 99% sure that is her fiance or husband, I think someone said they are married in court and waiting for the classic wedding when they go to live to Canada.

No. 316501

(Same anon) Thank you, kind one!
He got some camera time there… could just stop being shy about it, already.

No. 316505

They got engaged about a year ago? They might've had a legal ceremony in Japan already but I think Sharla wants to have the actual wedding in Canada.

I've always wondered what her bf did actually. He's in the entertainment industry as well right? But as a Korean in Japan, I'm genuinely confused as to what he does to keep him there, unless he actually lives in Korea and they do an LDR on the down-low or something.

No. 316511

No. 316516

cant believe this entire thread turned into elbow san shit

tbh sharla's fiancee or whatever is more attractive than her, and he stuck with her through her ballooning up, bc she doesn't nearly look that fat in that linked vlog

No. 316517

Do you guys think she's getting fat? I feel like she has a normal weight its just that all of her friends are sooo skinny it makes her look bigger.

No. 316519


She clearly has more weight than she should be for her stature (ass, face, thighs…) in my opinion of course, but I don't think she is fat, just chubby.

She is fine but she needs to take care of herself, that double chin is going to be problematic when she gets older.

No. 316520


Taylor is really the only kind of 'skinny' friend she has. Micaela has gained weight, and the rest are regular healthy sizes.

Sharla isn't exactly a ham and she's always had a large-ish and rounded face, but she has definitely gained a decent amount of weight.

I remember being surprised in some of her older videos about how thin she was in the waist compared to her chubby looking face, but now her stomach and face seem to match, and she just looks tubbier than she used to/than what she should be.

No. 316528

she said he wasn't in the public eye,but it could be a situation like Taylor's boyfriend where he isn't in the public eye but he might be a manager or something.

No. 316529

>i can imagine him being in love with taylor and not just financially supporting her, he seems like kinda nice guy enough…but like, what a coincidence she'd just happen to fall in love with this boring plain looking older dude who just happens to be richest guy around with the most connections related to her "work"?
you hit the nail on the hit.
poor tom.

No. 316530

Yeah, Sharla just loves food and doesn't exercise. I think she has a high fat/ low muscle percentage. She's still in the healthy range but looks somewhat chubby.

When did she say they're moving back to Canada? I'm surprised she wants to go back, I thought she's lived in Japan for 10+ years and her fiance doesn't speak English. She said they could only communicate in Japanese. Why would he want to move there if he can't get a job/ communicate?

No. 316532

When she did that video with micaela, she said she wanted to move back to Canada,because in Japan her kids would be treated differently since neither her or her fiancé are Japanese.

No. 316538

please, someone make a gif out of shaylor how they dive into the boxes full of orbeez……

No. 316544

She's also boring as shit though. They're the epitome of a normie couple, the bored housewife who just runs around doing pet projects (aka vlogging) and the business boyfriend who basically just sits on the couch watching tv and playing vidya when he isn't at work unless his gf pushes him to go out somewhere on the weekend. It isn't a bad thing, just boring as shit. I genuinely don't get why people are obsessed with it.

No. 316554

Up until now the Taylor discussion has been about her dolly phase and how she fucked herself up for doing that and how she had an awesome career before it and how her career flopped after she went all kota clone. Now it's all about how she got successful by fucking her boss boyfriend (who got interested in her in her dolly phase) and how she only had jobs because her boyfriend gave her those opportunities. I know we ate petty bitches, but this is just dumb as fuck. You guys think he was a stalker who gave her all her jobs before they even met? Or she has just now reached the top of her career? Ffs

No. 316556

she was a nobody online until he promoted her through his business ventures online. he is a growth hacking expert so he knows how the internet works. now she is an "internet personality" not just a catalog model anymore.

No. 316558

Because Taylor is living in Japan in a fancy apartment, generally doesn't have to work outside of the occasional modeling gig and vlogging, she's thin and attractive, has money, etc.

I think it's pretty obvious why some anons are out for her blood regardless of what is actually going on. Her situation isn't really all that uncommon in the entertainment world.

No. 316559

damn wish I was a growth hacking expert

No. 316563

Anon literally no one knows his 'business ventures'.

She got famous for pandering to weebs on youtube. He isn't some aidoru mastermind, he's just a regular businessman.

No. 316564

i noticed there are a lot of personalities online that have backgrounds in internet marketing. like adventurous kate for example - her blog is shit but she worked in that industry for 10 years before she became in internet personality.

No. 316567

She's still quite a nobody. Amazing how she suddenly turned into a internet celebrity wonder woman, after being a plain jane nobody in her previous threads, kek

No. 316568

You gotta love conspiracyfags. First she only got famous for being a kotaclone, now it's HER SEKRIT ENTERTAINMENT MOGUL BF!!!!

No. 316572


Daaang Mimei the snaaake!

No. 316573

Don't, there's no need to "expose" anything.

I don't know why some people in this thread are losing their shit but he seems nice enough, and it doesn't mean she does zero work of her own. No need to be bitter.

No. 316575

Honestly, why does everyone here think it was Mimei? I rlly think she has better things to do than expose Taylor's BF

No. 316576

Yeah, it's kind of crazy how out for blood some anons are. Did I miss something huge and horrible Taylor did or something? Why are they so desperate to attack, dox, and destroy her?

No. 316578

Yes, Mimei. You are right, you have better things to do.

No. 316579

the timing is very suspicious

No. 316580

and we all knew she was jealous of taylors wealth

No. 316581

Because pretty much all of the j-vloggers are bitches. Considering that they have some petty drama going on, it wouldn't be too big of a reach to think it was her. She also probably knows who he is - what would be the odds that some random PULLfag just happened to find out?

No. 316582

File: 1495213479429.png (40.91 KB, 719x481, who could it be.png)


All that account does is defend Mimei and drag Taylor lmao

No. 316584

yes!!! i put that account before. Its Mimei, its too suspicious.

No. 316586


Has the IP been checked??

No. 316587

>Do you guys think she's getting fat?
it was already etablished that she definitely gained weight over the course of the last 2 years. personally im just waiting for the pregnancy announcement.

No. 316588

Yes, it's getting annoying. I also think that her fight would be with Sharla and not Taylor. She's throwing some shade, but what good would it do for her to expose her boyfriend? Like, cool, we all knew he was a rich businessman before, there's nothing new about that. Good for Taylor.

Honestly, Mimei is just depressed and lonely and I can sympathize with her. Hate her if you want, but there's zero proof it's her.

No. 316590

Mimei has alway throw shade at taylor!!!

No. 316592


Mimei is the worst out of everyone. Constantly makes sly digs at everyone. People just feel empathy for her because she's ugly and therefore relatable.

No. 316595

Could be Duncan instead. Especially since he was threatening everyone.

No. 316597

File: 1495213899567.png (282.02 KB, 548x357, Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 1.07…)


No, they're saying that the only reason she STILL is getting any work is because of him. I don't really see any mentions of her past work prior to meeting him being because of him. She botched her face and now can only get work thru her BFs companies and connections. People are just lolling at how she preaches about how hard working she is when everything she does and has lately is a bloody hand out.

May I ask why Taylor is the only person that is allowed to be excused for lying ? As far as I can see, most flakes on her aren't physically or emotionally harming anyone but are still discussed… But Taylor is too "precious" ? "too kind" "too pretty" to be laughed at and judged when she lies ?

>lied about fillers

>lied about shooping
>lied about her money
>fucked her way to where she's at
>cringey af
>was a known copycat
>Did try after effects ( and failed )

Besides not being a racist cunt or completely ugly she really isn't that far off from Koots.

No. 316598

calm down, bii

No. 316599

Go back to PULL. People under 18 are not allowed to post here.

That's called humour. She's done that when she was still friends with them, too. I find it funny, but if you think that makes her so bad, your choice. So ugly people are relatable because most people are ugly…? I don't get your logic.

It just seems that someone her is a die-hard Sharla/ Taylor fan or just hates Mimei.

Yeah, I would rather believe that than it being Mimei. Duncan seems very protective of her.

No. 316601

Mimei has this booo hoo poor me attitude that we all know its sketchy and finally we are seing her true colors. She's jelous and it actually shows in all of the videos they did together.

No. 316602

>It just seems that someone her is a die-hard Sharla/ Taylor fan or just hates Mimei.
10 bucks it's someone from the jvlogging community trying to make mimei look bad. they successfully did this with miranda.

No. 316603

No, its about the timing. We've talk shit about all of them.

No. 316604

god your right. it could be sharla. trying to get closer to taylor.

No. 316605

>finally we are seing her true colors

we discussed how fat sharla was and boom mimei drama. elbow-san got revealed and now boom someone tries to make mimei the topic again.

i think mimei looks like a hagard meth addicted 40-something but someone on here is trying too damn hard.

No. 316607

>more attractive
>gloomy introvert
>easy target for teh boooolies

holy shit mimei grow the fuck up

No. 316608


When did she deny any of those things?


Why do you have such a boner for Mimei? She's always been obnoxious and bearing in mind how her and Taylor fell out, it's clear those digs were not just "humour." lol. People find her easier to like because she's ugly and depressed whereas Taylor is OK looking and happy.

No. 316610

Unless Taylor makes a video about it, that information won't spread far outside of lolcow or PULL anyway. I think some people are just out for blood.

No. 316611

Don't mind me just sitting here laughing at all the jvlogger bitches in this thread right now doing major damage control….two in particular

No. 316612

File: 1495214496769.png (40.46 KB, 1046x349, who could it be.png)


lol this account….

No. 316615

lol who even gives a fuck about mimei? boring vlogs, and she's nasty? lol

No. 316617


Same tbh. I still don't know what to think about her. Either she's really the victim she claims to be or she's an evil bitch. There's no in between imo lmao

No. 316619

Taylor Internet celebrity?, please, how many people watch her videos on average?, 80k?. Don't get me wrong she is not a nobody but she is no celebrity.

No. 316621


I think she's just a pathetic narcissist who manipulates things to appear like a saint.

No. 316622

point them out, so i can laugh about you when you point at one of my posts.

No. 316625

File: 1495215023204.jpeg (17.53 KB, 225x225, image.jpeg)

>objectively more attractive

I'm crying

No. 316629


yeah! I don't like the vibe I get from her tbh? Her videos aren't really that interesting either.

No. 316630

Now I'm dying for an IP check holy shit

No. 316631

Ok faggot

No. 316633


regardless if you agree or not that mimei is the victim or the bully, to say she is objectively more attractive is hilarious, this has to be mimei

No. 316635

lol even though I'm not a massive fan of Taylor, it's clear she's the most attractive in the JVlogger set

No. 316636

File: 1495215576497.jpg (37.46 KB, 412x402, 46.jpg)

yeah, she looks like she has microenzephaly

No. 316641


She has a slim face. Her head is normal sized imo. Also Duncan's face is closer to the camera in this picture

No. 316642

"honeycaeks added a post in a topic lovelymilky"

No. 316644

Shit okay that makes sense. Emily/lovelymilky IS damn attractive.

No. 316647

yeah emily is even far more attractive than taylor. of course shaylor dont want her with them.

No. 316648

File: 1495216422183.jpeg (64.93 KB, 597x344, image.jpeg)

No. 316649


She's still pretty af in this picture, jelly anon

No. 316652

Wow, the amount of pullfags that have ruined this thread in less than 14 hours. Thanks.

Also, thanks Mimei. It's good to know you're so upset about your greasy bangs and horse face that you'll self post here for sympathy and validation because you're jealous of Taylor.

No. 316653


Um ok? All I'm saying is she's not omg OBJECTIVELY PRETTIEST DESU

No. 316654

Honestly that's a pretty meh picture of her but she's a solid 9 in her vlogs

No. 316655

lmao you're full of shit. Lolcow rips apart girls more attractive than this on a daily basis. If she was a cow you'd be pointing out her masculine facial features right now.

No. 316656

File: 1495216795790.jpg (54.44 KB, 906x431, 324.jpg)

more attractive than chubby sharla or botchered taylor.

i think she is gorgeous and her boyfriend also is cute.

No. 316657

Emily is very pretty and she seems nice.. i feel bad for her getting sucked into the jvloggers crap:/
Mimei looks like a man to be honest but she had pretty eyes.

No. 316659

>boyfriend is cute

confirmed blind. yikes.

No. 316660

attractive. good joke. long time a go maybe

No. 316661


I don't think her husband is cute or handsome at all tbh

No. 316663

Her boyfriend is very good looking compared to mr.tom and duncan lol

No. 316667

But is he a millionaire tho?

No. 316668


Wtf trasha is in tokyo now???

No. 316670

File: 1495217784177.png (179.6 KB, 1045x912, IMG_20170519_201515.png)


Oh!!! Come on!

No. 316676

youre all fags because pull=lolcow. both are shitty gossip sites. denial at its finest

No. 316678


& it's not like everyone on lolcow has a pullacc anyway lmao

No. 316679

pullfags are sanctimonious moralfags tho

No. 316682

Trasha as in dasha? As in putin? In that case, no?

No. 316683

>you all are faggots
Welcome to the fagparade then.

No. 316692

No. 316696

okay koots we get it, you were popular once, fucking leave

No. 316721

>that is the little sex doll of someone who is in the entertaining business.

Wow you sound like an absolute bitter hag


I too am wondering why everyone is assuming the worst, since it sounds like they are pretty serious.
And from what i know this isn't uncommon at all. In Taiwan i know at least 4 company CEO's who end up dating and marrying girls who work for them.

Most of the time when it is a Trophy wife situation they aren't so open about it.
and by that i mean open towards other people in the business.
Sure Taylor might have tried to keep it hidden from us but didn't the guy take her to quite a few company dinners and meetings already? To me it sounds like they are actually quite a serious couple and this milk is boring

No. 316722

Pull is not lolcow. Pull is a namefagging hugbox where they try to one up each other with shitty jokes and constant RPDR references that aren't even funny. I wasn't aware of lolcow when I was around PULL's first inception years ago. I was constantly attacked for being "too mean" and everyone was extremely sensitive, it was unreal. I have now faithfully used lolcow for years and I can tell the difference, easily.

No. 316728

differences or not they're still both shitty gossip websites with the same fucking people

No. 316729

you forgot to mention that most PULL users are actually jealous and buttmad, they're obsessed with the person, not the drama. they're just waiting for them to reveal their secrets and slip so they can have a chance.

No. 316730

I don't use PULL but you have to be delusional to think that lolcow is more than just a shitty gossip site. The main difference is that everyone is fat and ugly here regardless of what they actually look like.

No. 316731

elbow san is quite hot and has a good job, taylor met him through work and tbh? good for her lol. she's not the first person to date someone higher up in their industry

No. 316733

File: 1495223699463.gif (989.83 KB, 450x254, 1RuaI5I.gif)

>>elbow san is quite hot

No. 316734

LOL he's just my type

No. 316736


Looks like a pooter face tbh. Watched her vlogs, she definitely strikes me as someone with low intelligence.

No. 316737

he's hot if you look at his money and nothing else. I mean at least he's not 60 with sagging balls he's rather tolerable
maybe I'm just shameless and getting to that age where I want an easy life like tay :(

No. 316739

He's ugly cute
8/10 would bang for the money and expensive things, I feel you anon.

No. 316740


yeah!! like he's cute but he probably shouldn't be? good for taylor imho

No. 316743

I just find it weird that he let's her use him…If I were him, Taylor's "work hard!" attitude would annoy the heck out of me. HE worked hard for all HIS money, he got her all her jobs and yet she's just pretending she accomplished everything by herself…tbh, elbow san is too good for her

No. 316744

just once pls I'll take the purse and be out of his life for good :( I'll even dress up like a doll :(

No. 316746

Christ almighty go back to pull with your tinfoil hat, they're two adults in a consensual relationship.

No. 316753


Nice try Miranda.

No. 316754


Sharla's boyfriend is better looking the MooMoo's

No. 316755

Bii has the hottest bf imo

No. 316757

it feels like all of the crew is sperging here, hori shitto
let's just wait it out, dear farmers

No. 316758

Tbqf what's different is the behavior of the members. As someone who's been on both, I can say that on Pull they are more prone to be moralfags, almost Tumblrina tier, and are also hypocrites because they pretend they don't like the drama, that they're gossiping but hey "it's for the snowflake's sake, to make them understand what's wrong". At least on lolcow people are honest. We like the drama, period. We don't pretend it's for a good purpose.

No. 316760

someone in They Hated My Fashion video commented who elbow san was

No. 316767

>actually writing "anonymous" in the name field


No. 316770

>this much sperg
I'm going to wait over there for a bit until the whiny pullfags go back to their hugbox

No. 316771


Cute. But Taylor already know, since someone tweeted her

No. 316773

is "go back to pull" the only thing this thread is going to become now lmfao

No. 316774

>Wow you sound like an absolute bitter hag
sure, taylor

No. 316775

knew that this was coming, sharla.
not miranda tho. but kiss my ass anyway.

No. 316776

I actually think Jun is the hottest. Initially he seemed average, but then when he started putting out all those cooking videos and cat videos, his attractiveness just shot up.

No screenshot?

This thread has gone to shit.

No. 316778

File: 1495228081866.png (1.6 MB, 1259x1187, IMG_0764.PNG)

They can always say it's love it's a few second word a few seconds on the camera each day, people won't admit it's the money. If he was poor then made it big okay, but I doubt that is the case here.

No. 316780

Soo much this. What a perfect time with Kim leaving, just blame it on her.

No. 316783

holy shit her fiance is hot. He looks like he stepped right out of a fashion magazine.

No. 316784

The best thing she can do is to not reply to this at all, and honestly just ignore it. But we all know her and that's not gonna happen.

She'll either make a super dramatic video where she talks about how wrong it is to disrespect someone's privacy etc, or she'll make a "satire" video with a title like…. "ELBOW-SAN EXPOSED" where she pretends it doesn't bother her/them while "laughing" it off.

No. 316789

calm down your yellow fever gurl.

No. 316790

I think Sharlas fiancé looks like a twink

No. 316792

If an average looking guy has money, can provide for me, and treats me well, then I would stay with him too lol.

No. 316793

yeah he's ugly

No. 316794

Who is she??

No. 316796

tinfoil time but what if one of these jwitches leaked Elbow-san to detract from the Mimei drama? The timing is fishy

No. 316797

Idc, hats off to them for making Taylor interesting.

No. 316799

I mean, does anyone REALLY care that much about elbow-san's identity? I'm shocked it's even getting the attention it is above^. idgaf at all.

No. 316800

tbh if anything this exposing is only making taylor's life more interesting, something she should thank whoever did it for

No. 316801

I was just curious but he's really not that big of a deal. I'm getting a feeling this is all a distraction kek

No. 316808

Some of ya'lls taste has me a bit concerned.

No. 316810

File: 1495231287482.png (78.63 KB, 744x571, IMG_0800.PNG)

Pretty much this. But hey at least she gets a secure lifestyle

No. 316817

Audrey Hayashi

No. 316820


>he let's her use him

Welcome to the real world. He's not being abused by her. Couples use one another. It's not always a bad thing.

No. 316830

File: 1495232518066.jpg (132.94 KB, 1006x797, tomaccount.jpg)

>modelling super easy and fun

This explains why she has so few friends. They get far more work and are always scraping by, but she pretends to be one of them.

He has been promoting her with his businesses ever since she started her youtube channel, this screen is from 2012.

They even had a video where they deconstructed why her most popular video is still the dolly and dance garbage. It was a bunch of stuff that her boyfriend knew would go "viral" with the right outreach.

No. 316833


Audrey aka DenshaHime

She did modeling in Japan, married a Japanese guy, did some modeling in HK, moved to Japan. She got popular on tumblr/ig for the gyaru shit. She got married and quit social media… over a year ago? No one knows how she's doing bc she doesn't have any up to date social media.. feels like she went missing lol

No. 316834


Wtf. Hope she's doing well

No. 316839

oh and forget to add, she got pregnant lol

she quit right after found out she quit pregnant. I think she said she was gonna take a break but just never returned back to her IG account

No. 316840

she quit right after she found out she got pregnant **

No. 316859

I don't think so. She didn't make a video about the Mimei stuff. I'm not sure why she would make a video about this.

No. 316862

File: 1495234546703.jpg (95.76 KB, 1206x582, bhbjhjjbh.JPG)

Nice that you cut off the whole image. He was promoting a bunch of those girls. They were using the BE blogging platform and he was promoting them.

No. 316864


Ok Rodi

No. 316881

So, Elbow san is basically the master mind behind "Taylor R" ?

No. 316886


is it just me or this thread is full of vendettas?

No. 316889

it's not just you. this thread has gone to shit in the past day or two. instead of talking about cows people are arguing over each other. so much sperg. no saging anywhere. hoping for a farmhand or admin-sama to clean this up.
what made me laugh the most is how suddenly mimei is responsible for all of this. i know she doesn't wash her hair very much, but damn, that's quite a reach right there.

No. 316894


tbf, this is her boyfriend's name and occupation being revealed which is bigger than some mimei drama

No. 316899

>it's not just you. this thread has gone to shit in the past day or two. instead of talking about cows people are arguing over each other.

It looks that some anons are taking it very personal.. especially those defending Taylor (I like her but this is getting ridiculous) and attacking others. They need to calm down.

>hoping for a farmhand or admin-sama to clean this up.

I'd like to know if they already found something interesting..

>what made me laugh the most is how suddenly mimei is responsible for all of this.

First some anons tried to blame the Ostrengas kek

Seriously wtf.. why are those anons so salty??

No. 316904

>tbf, this is her boyfriend's name and occupation being revealed which is bigger than some mimei drama

Elbow san's pictures from newspapers and events aren't exactly "private" stuff.

I'm not defending the person who revealed his fb profile, but the newspapers and pictures from events available for the general public are totally fair game.

No. 316906

hi mimei, no you are ugly sorry

No. 316908


making a video to respond to jvlogger drama would have been pointless, but this is a bit of a breach of privacy when she's said he doesn't want to be revealed etc

No. 316911

yes until you fags leave it will, stop shitting up the thread

No. 316913

haha, how the fuck did you even get to that conclusion?
Reaching at its finest

No. 316914

>Hi Mimei
>Hi Mira
>Hi Keeks
>Hi Dakota
>Hi Sharla

These paranoid bitches need to stop.

No. 316919

File: 1495239826273.png (915.7 KB, 692x684, 3.png)

Rewatching Mimei's old vids and noticed the possible shade at Taylor? lol

No. 316921

>haha, how the fuck did you even get to that conclusion? Reaching at its finest!!1
Taylor herself explained that he was behind the cameras all the time and and he works in the industry, she got many jobs thanks to Elbow san..

try harder.

No. 316923

>I'd like to know if they already found something interesting..
i really just want a warning about the sperging. maybe some ip checks about the alleged mimei posts. if she's here, let's give a warm welcome to her; if she's not, it'll make all this name-calling stop.

this is not being paranoid, this is being really desperate. like, yeah pulltard, you just called out mira/sharla/taylor/mimei/dakota, good for you!

i literally watched this today and thought almost the same thing. but i thought it could have been towards bii, since she set her twitter on fire after mimei's video. mimei was talking about the comments she herself gets, too, in this video. so we might be reaching, but probably not.

No. 316924

>but this is a bit of a breach of privacy when she's said he doesn't want to be revealed etc.

Still fair game.

Don't get me wrong, I like them, but anons posting pictures from PUBLIC profiles and newspapers isn't a big deal imo, the information is there for everyone to see, it was never a secret, anons just didn't see it until now.

No. 316930

She got pregnant and had a baby May last year

No. 316932


I know the admins have Kaka's and Mira's IP, but how do they even know if its a Jvlogger posting here ? Do they have Sharla,Mimei,Taylor and Bii's IPs ?


This could be about Bii or Taylor…
What gets me is the " face shape" comment.. Has Bii ever cared about the shape of her face/jaw ? I know Taylor is hella insecure about her facial shape thus always concealing it.

No. 316937

Which was around the time she got posted here and went on a delete sperg spree

No. 316938

If you are going to lose your shit for someone's privacy here I invite you to think about the rest of the lolcows and if you always react like that in other threads.

Don't be a double standard bitch.

No. 316952

You can look up IPs and get the location…

No. 316954


So they know where they live ?

No. 316956

Nah she's in hiding because she got caught out and wanted to avoid "drama". She thinks she's getting stalked and harassed for her own public things(she bawleted everything, even stuff people told her to delete in her thread on lolcow). Pretends to be a strong feminist but runs with her tail between her legs when things go south. At least Taylor isn't being a little bitch like her.

No. 316972


….as in mooriah? Momokun? wut

No. 317006

Being her cameraman is not being behind her successs lmao

No. 317008


As in Memei.

No. 317009

Nah, she mentions face shapes specifically because people constantly point out her house face.

This is also why I think she self posts, who in their right mind would refer to her as "objectively the most attractive j vlogger" just because she hasn't gotten surgery.

No. 317010

Nobody calls her moo moo wtf is wrong with you

No. 317014

They were actually talking about the famewhore weeb "lovely milky" who was so desperate to move to Japan and be a moderu she dumped her long term boyfriend for some random older Japanese guy she met in a bar for the spouse visa lmao

No. 317015

as we all already figured out, she got her breasts done but she also got her nose redone! And of course, it was sponsored. lol.

No. 317016

I've been looking but I can't find anything, does anyone know mimeis real name?

No. 317017

well her nose does look better than what she had so … good for her

No. 317030

so lmao?? her ex bf is nobody and this girl is actually doing something with her life instead of mooching off her parents back at home

No. 317063

Damn where'd you find this milk? This is interesting

No. 317066


I did.. It was pretty easy.

No. 317119

what are you talking about? where does she show the after result?

No. 317149

Honestly, I'm really fucking jealous of her getting free boobs.

No. 317152

idk, she looks pretty to me, but mature-pretty and not kawaii-pretty which happens to be popular among weebs and in Japan.
Objectively most attractive, eh not really.

No. 317156

She is the prettiest to me as well. I just can't stand her lack of hygiene.

No. 317162

Lack of hygiene?

No. 317165

I bet anon is talking about her mad greasy hair, that she legit could have fixed with a wash and some dry shampoo while it's still clean.

No. 317193

greasy hair=/=lack of hygiene

No. 317198

you can look mature without looking like carrie bradshaw lmao

No. 317255


wash your fucking hair anon. there are ways to get around having greasy hair but mimei is too gross to do them.

No. 317293

Yeah after seeing the absolute shithole of an apartment she used to live in I don't doubt that's she has hygiene issues along with a hording problem.

Her and her husband look so grimey.

No. 317297

how do you know about this??
I don't follow lovelymilky around on her social media much about she doesn't seem to talk deeply about her personal life

No. 317300

She's mooching off the random Japanese old man she met lol

It was all on her blog before she pulled the classic delete-fucking-everything, and now plays the "I don't need to talk about my personal life that's PRIVATE" whenever anyone asks. Obviously because she's hiding it.

No. 317301

File: 1495296269752.png (59.73 KB, 307x340, HotelTayTay.png)

someone on PULL found images of taylors old apartment "randomly".

i did a reverse image search and came up with this:

The apartments are in the $2500-$3500/month range (holy fuck!!)

Is this another drop from Mimei's alt account to tarnish Taytay? How the hell could a random PULL user find where she lived in a city of 20 million people.

No. 317302

Plot twist: it was Emily all along because she never got into the jvlogger group, even when she tried to insert herself into the mimei/bii fight.

Perfect timing.

No. 317303

File: 1495296662897.png (101.45 KB, 605x516, image.png)

No. 317304

File: 1495296686732.png (106.29 KB, 610x549, image.png)

No. 317305

File: 1495296711894.png (1.2 MB, 771x951, image.png)

No. 317307

They didn't live in Shinjuku though. They lived in Minato-ku. Actually the exact location was posted here ages ago.

No. 317308

File: 1495296930903.jpeg (79.24 KB, 498x86, image.jpeg)

No. 317309

Holy fuck, the passive aggressiveness is strong. What beef does Emily even have with Mimei? They barely interacted. Both her and Bii are salty bitches.

No. 317313

but look at the pictures of the apartments in this shinjuku apartment place, they look identical to Taylor's place. Even the apartment layout is identical from what we've seen (the living room, her fake bedroom including those three closets, and especially the kitchen)

it seems more likely they're in shinjuku…..

No. 317315

File: 1495297661656.png (409.26 KB, 632x476, hmmm.png)

its exactly the same apartment though. what are the odds? if the exact location was posted here ages ago then that apartment could have been found easily.

i think someone on the inside is making these leaks. its just all too coincidental

No. 317316

thought she lived in roppongi

No. 317317

It wouldn't make sense given the view from their window.

No. 317318

File: 1495298110261.png (209.8 KB, 2081x707, Screen Shot.png)

the leaker of her potential old apartment location let slip in one of their past comments that they are from New Zealand/UK.

hmmm who is from NZ/UK that hates the jvlog crew??

No. 317319

She did.

No. 317339

wtf.. I'm from the UK and I have literally never heard someone pronounce khaki as "Kar-key"

No. 317345

You can act like its paranoia but I genuinely have a hunch that it's Mimei. I'm not even the type of anon to say "Hi ___." And no, not someone trying to make Mimei look bad. This all happens around the time we get these very suspicious, subtle posts about how they feel sorry for Mimei, and how she's misunderstood and "gloomy." This is also happening at PULL. These posts are way too subtle to be someone trying to make her look bad, but for seasoned farmers that have been around for many a tactical self post, we can sniff it out.

In the last thread, there were autistic levels of complaints about Taylor trying to buy people with gifts. They were super whiny and pointless. Especially considering that in Japanese culture, bringing gifts to your host is standard. It's pretty obvious Taylor just wants to be accepted and have friends, and who would really view it as some sort of insidious plot besides some jealous shut in? Who has made passive aggressive jabs at gift giving? Mimei.

On top of that, who in the fuck would refer to Mimei as more attractive?

Mimei or Duncan. Dude.

No. 317348

Can't they do a fucking IP check already god damn

No. 317352


yes please, the possible milk that Mimei is shit talking on PULL and here would be too good.

I just want to see this whole jvlog group falling apart and show what kind of people they really are and how everybody is hating on everybody else.

No. 317358

File: 1495301055356.png (312 KB, 633x470, hoteltaytay.png)

i was looking through a few of her old videos.

its definitely the same apartment that the PULL user posted.

I used to live in Tokyo. There are hundreds of thousands of apartments in that city. One doesnt just "randomly" run across an apartment that someone lived in a city of 20 million.

Definitely an inside leak.

No. 317362


Wasn't this posted here when Taylor moved our last fall? Some anon posted it here and it was confirmed that it was her apartment? I can't remember if it was in the Taylor or Jvlogger thread.

I really loved this apartment tho, so nice and cozy.

No. 317403

So did I anon. Tokyo Tower was right outside her window. You're not gonna get that view in Shinjuku. Also the rent was even higher if I recall because fucking Roppongi.
It's more likely that one building company worked on a number of luxury apartment buildings in the city. And being that Minato-ku and Shinjuku-ku have the highest proportion of expats working and living, it stands to reason that two buildings with pretty much identical layouts could exist in those places.
If I have time I'll try to dig up the old posts or maybe some other kind anon who remembers will be willing to do it.

No. 317417

Well I suppose it could be the same company (Comforia?) just different location to what the google reverse image says.

No. 317424

there's a comforia in azabu east which seems to be quite close to tokyo tower? That could be the one. No pics of the layout on the tokyo apartments site tho

No. 317425

also that could explain why she was allllways at the overpriced grocery store she used to vlog all the time

No. 317426

Sounds about right.
Yeah National Azabu costs a few yen

No. 317428

looks like pull got dos'd?

No. 317429


think so lol

No. 317430

maybe someone fucked the service provider for revenge kek

No. 317432

also i bet the leak is mimei? she absolutely seems the bitter type lol

No. 317433

Why do you think that?

No. 317435

whoever posted her location has to be on the inside.
i just cannot accept the fact that a random would "run across" where she used to live in a city as big as Tokyo (even if it was posted in the past like someone above said).

No. 317437

site up and down, seems to be down now

No. 317438

Maybe. It's up for me just slow af.

No. 317440


I live in London and have never 'randomly come across' my friend's flats or even a flat I think I recognise. I can imagine it's the same in Tokyo.

No. 317441

She doesn't though…?
I think she's just lazy. Doesn't she also go out in her bathroom/house slippers, or am I thinking about someone else?

No. 317448

Yeah cause her face has no hope lmao fucking ugly bitch

No. 317460

You guys are fucking retarded we discusssed this but the address was removed because admin said it was too much

No. 317482

More Shartla tea please

No. 317498


Honestly, she's petty and throw rather tame shade at people, but I just don't get the "malicious" vibe from her. Her boyfriend on the other hand is more out spoken and hostile when it comes to talking shit.

Though what if its neither or them ? Mimei has only been around Taylor what appears to be a few times … Would she even remember where Taylor lives for like the one-two time visits ? I almost feel like the leak is someone closer to Taylor that would remember her address and deets on her BF.

No. 317505

Mimei is a depressed shut in who is too anxious to integrate herself into groups. She constantly makes passive aggressive comments about others but then acts overly-bubbly and sickly sweet on purpose. This is exactly the sort of thing someone who is mentally ill does.

No. 317528

Not everyone with a mental illness is malicious, especially not when they're depressed. Honestly, can we stop with that Mimei speculations until we have an IP address or at least some kind of proof? It could be anyone close to Taylor. A depressed person just doesn't seem to spend so much time and energy on stuff like that. If anything, I think it could be Duncan or someone that wants to stir up drama/ cover something up.

No. 317532


Like greedy Sharla who probably just got bored. I wouldn't put it past her to be lowkey salty about Taylor's fortune too. Sharla was number one till Tay appeared, and it wouldn't be the first time she shit talked behind peoples back. ( She also had a PULL account )

No. 317534


Speaking of salty.

No. 317556

there's a taylor's sex life sperg on pull and i'm p sure they here too

No. 317559


jesus fuck, i'm kind of jealous how these vloggers get so much free shit

No. 317570

I think there's only really a person or two who keeps yelling it out to make it look like we all think that way.

No. 317573

Your samefagging shows too well in your posting style.

Several of us found her old apartment through her Pokemon Go video. There was water marked on the map, so all we did was look on Google Maps for the same water shape, and check the interior of the buildings around it.

Sage for 3 posts in a row.

No. 317614


>A depressed person just doesn't seem to spend so much time and energy on stuff like that.

Tell me more generalizations about depressed people, anon.

No. 317616

Kim Dao's going around Europe soon, I think? I know she's gonna be in England in June and she's going to the Harry Potter studios/filmset/whatever

No. 317620

Already posted dude

No. 317659

Mimei repeatedly stated how depression is for her, how is that a generalization? I'm just talking about her. Also, you attack me but not >This is exactly the sort of thing someone who is mentally ill does.

That's actually a clever way to find it.

No. 317681

I don't think it is Mimei. Going by the past drama I think it is probably Sharla, if it actually is anyone in the crew. But Sharla already has experience doing this type of bull crap.

No. 317701


I briefly thought it could be Mimei too, but she doesn't seem like she knows Taylor that well, and there are no indications that she even has beef with Taylor. Mild to very tame shade she thru when they were friends doesn't really count. I also think Mimei is too much of a coward to do the dirty work.

Sharla is the only one Taylor has over often enough, while the others Taylor maybe hangs out with 1-2 times a year. Sharla is the only one with history of being twofaced ( that I'm aware of ) and how she spoke with Mira, egging her on to spew more like the mystery anon was doing here " heres a hint, come on find it,its soooo easy, just do it ".

No. 317709

"Here's a hint, come on find it" holy shit when you put it that way it sounds like Sharla 100%

I'm a bit of a Taylor stan. Taytay watch your back girl

No. 317752

Anyone else not give a shit who's leaking?

Give us more tbh.

No. 317755

I don't really give a shit either tbh. Let them keep leaking all they got and then wonder who it is.

No. 317763

I'd rather PULL let people talk about the leaks so that all these "stans" can go back.

He's more than just her cameraman if you're paying attention.

No. 317773


I don't care who it is either, but just like Taylor's Bfs identity its a interesting little tidbit. I'd still like more intel about the Jvloggers dirty laundry though.

No. 317780

jfc can you just make caps and post them. it sucks to need to go to PULL and skim through every taylor thread to find what was hinted at on here?

sex life sperg?
what? where?
just make a screenshot and post it if you want to show us something ffs

No. 317783

so there's no really new video on her channel for nearly 3 days besides the rehashed orbeez video that was most likely filmed 3 weeks ago when sharla was over.
has taylor finally a mental break down? are her and moneybag-san trying to figure out how to deal with the situation and keep up with her hard working persona?

i am actually curious.

mimei here and there, i dont think she really has much info to spill.
it doesnt really matter anyway if it was mimei, sharla, bii or some random anon. I guess taylor would know anyhow which of her "friends" has what amount of info. I dont really care who spills info on here. please keep the milk flowing.

No. 317788

kek, what milk?

No. 317811

What would she even have a break down about lol. The elbow info wasn't even interesting.

No. 317812


>"Here's a hint, come on find it" holy shit when you put it that way it sounds like Sharla 100%

It really sounds like Sharla.

I don't think Taylor has any real friends in Japan. Well, maybe that girl Alexa, the polish model, she seems okay.

No. 317815

I'm sure it is a big deal for her, she's probably afraid that her subscribers might find about it since a lot of them actually believe all her work hard follow your dreams bullshit.

No. 317825

I don't think her average sub would care about that.

Even Taylor's scandals are boring.

No. 317831


I don't think he gives a flying fuck if his name is out there. He already announced to the media that she was the inspiration for his ugly clothing line, his company already knows who she is, his and her family already knows and their friends already know. She's the only one that didn't want it out there because it does come off to some as " oh you fuck your boss" or they become even more hostile to the fact she/he has shit tons of money ( Jealousy ).

People get mad malicious when they think you got money. Albeit they already knew she's doing good, but not this good, and not with any actual work as its his money not hers.


Alexa and her go back, so yes she is a true friend. The others are just social networking buddies that all mooch off of one another.

Honestly I would be surprised if they all lowkey hate Taylor, just because she's living the dream life they thought they'd have when moving to Japan. Mimei's salty comments show nothing but jealousy towards Taylor's carefree lifestyle. Probably stings to watch someone move into your niche/circle and in less time get more attention and success then you and live so lavishly, meanwhile you live in a cluttered mess just scrapping by for the past few years.

No. 317833

I agree I really don't think she cares.

No. 317839

File: 1495336892102.jpg (40.52 KB, 600x579, comfyyoba.jpg)

tbh I'd be jealous of her too, I don't think I'd like to have a rich friend (or a friend with a rich bf) having everything I want and can't have even if I work hard for it. It sounds bad but yeah, I think is normal to be jealous.

What is very shitty is that people like Sharla pretend to be her friend just to leech her and even try to "hurt" her (I'm sure someone close to her revealed who Tom-san is).

While I find all those things very wrong, I'm gonna watch it and enjoy it 'til the end.

No. 317842

I really do think there's someone on this thread who has a vendetta agaisnt Mimei. I mean sure, she could have posted this, but what makes you think that? All the posts that blame Mimei are fairly childish, and I really don't think it's her. Maybe Duncan but not her. God I wish PULLtards would go back to their place.

No. 317846

Has anyone posted about this on her videos? Wouldn't be surprised if it gets deleted so she can save face.

Considering how her bf looks and how much older he is, she theoretically works for what she has tbh. Meanwhile he has to work hard for a good while yet to keep up this lifestyle. People would be more jealous if he was young and attractive, with inheritance to boot.

No. 317853


tk me it's more then just her having more then them, it's getting further then them in shorter amount of time. Look at it this way : It's like when you work in a office and your boss just hired his son to be the manager without any experience. All the staff resent the son for getting it easier then them and paid more. Taylor is the son and the others are the staff. She grew a following on Ig and YouTube faster then them, gets deals thru her bf and gets to live carefree and do bare minimal work.

No. 317854

I don't think anyone has posted anything on her social media except some PULLtard on twitter who warned her about this thread (Taylor didn't reply). I thought of saying something on her ig account but too lazy to make a fake account, I'm waiting for someone else to do it (maybe Sharla ?).

And yeah, it'd be more jealousy-worthy if he was more attractive, but I think a lot of her subscribers and even friends are into Asian guys, and he's not even that old (don't forget she's almost 30).

No. 317876

I can definitely tell why Taylor and Laura never hang out, she probably can't stand Taylor lol and Laura is actually a very successful model and probably thinks Taylor makes a mockery of the title, which she does

No. 317897

"Here's a hint, come on find it"

What is this, I think I missed something.

No. 317907

i spammed a few comments on her last youtube video in hopes one of the taylor stans catches it, but it was deleted not an hour later.

what are you even referring to. learn to quote.

No. 317913

his chinese name is Nie Ziming or however you would write that out.


No. 317916

who the hell is Laura

No. 317932

I don't know if Joey ever friended Bii on IG, but I noticed he still had Mimei as a friend but not Bii. Yet Bii is still continuing to like his IG posts. Weird af.

No. 317934

The girl taking the thread cover photo

No. 317936

Why would you do that? Just leave it here.

No. 317946

no cow tipping you ass

oh lol, don't mean to shit on her but I've never heard of her

No. 317959

Nah she's like a real talk model who did like a handful of videos a year ago. She got in with the jvolggers bc of them but she's not really known in yt land.

No. 317982

>boohoo, it's not angel horseface it must be Duncan

They work together as a team, she is not his helpless victim she is the same as him.
It was already shared by Bii that they are threatening the girls with information that could affect their careers, Taylor now got outed after months of being harrassed by Mimei and Duncan together, coincidence?

No. 317986

I think Taylor is a great person and mimei is pretty

No. 318002

File: 1495363382264.png (771.11 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-05-21-12-37-19…)

The comment that said elbow-san was her boss got deleted..

No. 318003

confirmation that this is a secret she was trying to hide to protect her online reputation

this is why the leaker must be inside the jvlog crew. someone close to her is trying to destroy her reputation for some reason

No. 318006

No. 318007

Looks like Bii wasn't full of shit then.

No. 318010


>Mimei repeatedly stated how depression is for her.

Mimei has shown she is not to be trusted.

No. 318011

I doubt this will have that much effect in Taylor's career, people will keep watching her videos, only a few will stop watching because "boss=boyfriend" and "your hard worker tags are BS".

If this is Mimei or Duncan leaking Elbow-san info… why?. What has Taylor done to Mimei to deserve this?, they are not that close to begin with. I thought the problem was Sharla but maybe they are attacking Taylor because she is the weak member of the clique?.

No. 318015

if it is mimei (or her ratty ass husband) I'm sure she felt super victimized by all of taylors gifts and offerings

I don't dislike mimei but I wouldnt be SURPRISED if this was her? she seems the type to take everything personally. I bet rather than just being grateful for taylors gifts she took it personally and assumed tay was flaunting her money

it was just so random and sudden all these leaks about taylor's information and thats why I'm sure it was an inside job.

No. 318016

Now Shartla should leak Mimei's real name as a revenge

No. 318022

The more you try to hide it, the more apparent it becomes. It's actually smart Tay Tay, you have steady money and jobs from your boss. Some instawhores go to Saudi Arabia and do revolting things for a lot of money, you're a few steps above them!

No. 318041

>What has Taylor done to Mimei to deserve this?

Salty-chan needs no provocation to be salty about Taylor.

+ it would take balls to go after Sharla so that's not an option.

No. 318043

new video

No. 318056

josie green

No. 318060


lmfao tranny probably hoping to get views by liking Joey's stuff and getting her name out there that way

No. 318062


Nobody fucking cares, just leave it on PULL or post it on the PULL thread.

No. 318071

Sighs. Why does Sharla keep wearing the same shirt with this same hairstyle. It also looks like she tries to be down with the teens so hard it's a bit sad.

No. 318078

To clear the apartment thing up, I was the anon who posted the possible apartment after she moved. I'm familiar with Tokyo and just used that photo taken from the window to locate the apartment. Checked largest roads leading to Tokyo Tower via google maps and then used street view to check distance between the window and a DHC sign visible in the image. It was the only apartment building that could have that view from that angle. I posted from California at that time. Not jvlogger/no internet presence. Sage for not actually important.

>inb4 my ip shows me Japan right now

No. 318080


Hoodies in winter/spring, overalls in summer.

No. 318082

File: 1495380995052.png (44.62 KB, 1080x205, IMG_20170521_103509.png)

kekd tbh

No. 318083


mimei;s real name?

No. 318088

what is this suppossed to be?

No. 318090

No. 318093

File: 1495382177305.png (61.87 KB, 1058x247, IMG_20170521_105407.png)


It's a comment on her Instagram, the profile picture is the same Elbowsan has on fb. Also this is on her new video rn.

No. 318094


Which city/town is mimei from? The only Josie Green linked to New Zealand I can find is a character from a book.
Also, show proof.

No. 318096


Not the same anon as the ones you're quoting, but its possible just like Taylor she doesn't have private accounts/social medias under her real name. Although Taylor's reach name is already out there, but when you don't want to be found you tend to go under alias names for everything. She may even just have it set to Josie G.

Or has it set like mine where its set on FB with first name and middle name an no last name.

No. 318097


(Same anon, thank you for your reply). You're right, but I thought if they dropped the name like that, it meant that I could find something. Like, I don't know, something school related.

No. 318098

you can also have it so you dont show up on fb searches so if that is her name, she still might not appear

No. 318103

at the end of the day, taylor's not the first person to fuck her boss. at my workplace we have 4 bosses and a lot of people i work with have slept with them. nice one taylor imo

No. 318109

Do they have a youtube channel?

No. 318112

File: 1495385446217.jpg (90.27 KB, 750x645, sdkjnsjkdfnskjg.jpg)

i looked through her following list on twitter and instagram for clues. looks like she follows a guy called "Olly Green" from New Zealand. They could be related? brother?

No. 318114

and its a mutual follow i just noticed. seems quite a bit coincidental.

No. 318115

No. 318116

So how did people find her name? Also, are you Masha? If so, you're also the person that found elbow sans Facebook. Do you know any of them?

Sage because I'm confused by all these leaks

No. 318118

no I'm just a random from Canada but

I searched Olly Green on Facebook, his FL isn't public, so I noticed someone with the same surname had liked one of his posts, so I clicked that, she had a public friends list with like 33 friends. It was easy to find Mimei since someone had mentioned here her name is Josie.

No. 318121

That's hard to believe. I think you people are taking this doxxing way too far. Wait to confirm she's the leaker before you try to ruin her life too

No. 318123

I dont think its really ruining her life, she hasn't got anything public on fb at all except her profile pic she posted in 2014, and also duncan is her friend and has a really public profile with photos and likes not made private so people could have just easily found her link through his account.

had it been super private and scandalous I wouldnt have linked it, but she didn't go through great measures to hide it so… yeah.

No. 318124

Agree. I don't think this leaker is Mimei. She has a passive personality, she'd be too scared. Also her target would probably be either Sharla or Bii if she were to do this. Found Phil's (Lester) private Facebook among her friends though, kek.

No. 318127

ok so who made this leak then? im so confused

Duncan isnt passive. And dont let introverted people decieve you they just dont verbalise whats in their heads but can still be shitty people

No. 318129

Well, this Olly Green that kind looks like Mimei commented on a photo of Jono Green calling him dad. And this Jono Green definately looks like Mimei.

No. 318131

Yeah, it could be Duncan. I know introverted ppl can be shitty, it's just my opinion that if Mimei were to read even a little bit of this thread she'd break down crying and have a panic attack, not take up arms and leak info. She would go to Duncan though, and Duncan is perfectly capable of stirring shit like this. Mimei's Facebook is kinda interesting but all that Taylor talk was super annoying and boring, I'm just waiting for it to pass.

No. 318138

You guys have the answer to anything.

No. 318139


A more normal hairstyle suits her way better than this whole Ombré kind of thing imo.

No. 318142

get the hell out, moralfag. take it to pull and stay there.

and whoever put the image of josie green without ombre in there, dont be a douche and just delete it, ffs. at least stay honest to what you do, enough people saw it already.

No. 318143

if I hate one thing more than moralfags, it is those who post something and then delete it right after.

No. 318145

She isn't the leaker. The farmer who leaked the address/info readily passed around the info as to how they found the address and it really was straightforward.

There's a weird need to doxx fucking everyone in the jvlogger group right now even when there's little to no milk. All we're doing is giving more fodder for Mimei to feel like a victim plus Taylor to be even more vague than she was before.

No. 318151

i think it was a revenge leak from Taylor. Wasnt Mimei sensitive about her real name being revealed because she didnt like it?
Damn. The claws are OUT.

No. 318152

It wasn't. Half of this shit is searchable with some basic google knowledge and a lot of time on your hands.

No. 318153

why do I feel this is neither mimei nor taylor but someone who wants them to claw each others eyes out?

No. 318154

yeah but you don't just stumble onto this information.
everyone has information about themselves on google/facebook - but you have to know how to find it in the first place.

Sharla? A set up of 2 fake leaks? I wouldnt put it past her?

No. 318157

weirdly enough I instantly thought of sharla, too. She did the same thing with rachel and mira. Is she now repeating it with taylor and mimei?

No. 318160

I don't think any of the links are inside info tbh

No. 318161

Bhahaha oh no taylor what did you do? XD who cares about mimeis stupid privat fb page. Shes boring as fuck.

No. 318162

but its information that these individuals were sensitive about.

No. 318166

Its stupid easy to find the photo you dumb twats

No. 318167

then post it again hoe

No. 318168

File: 1495389618067.gif (754.72 KB, 420x314, tenor.gif)

No. 318170

the picture is her relatives fuckin profile pic LMAO

No. 318171

File: 1495389751591.png (174.44 KB, 467x416, IMG_20170521_200206.png)

Now it can stay

No. 318173

File: 1495389772416.jpg (22.64 KB, 433x383, 231.jpg)

jfc. just post it or GTFO then.

No. 318174

Nuhu its to entertaining x)

No. 318175

her hair always looked like a rats nest, ombre or not.

No. 318176

her hair looked less greasy in the pic at least

No. 318179

it's beyond me that people dont know that nowadays you can easily hide your friends list.

No. 318184

Even her name is a sad mop name.

No. 318185

Right? Lol
I just feel bad for her family. Mimei is a cry baby and duncan is just a big retard.

No. 318186

you know, jvloggers have come here, when people dont know how to quote.

No. 318187

Don't be stupid, I don't even care about Mimei, made like three clicks after someone posted the link to her fb and found that photo. It's literally that easy.

No. 318188

The only interesting part of that video was the Switch

No. 318189

idk at least she is not sucking a small chinese rice farmer dick for jobs.

No. 318190

Oh hi Mimei

No. 318193

for money*, she doesn't even work for real.

No. 318194

that's so funny

No. 318195

>hi mimei
>hi taylor
>hi sharla
>hi bii
>hi duncan
>hi whoever

can we now leave that out of this thread with all the "Hi X"? it cant be proven or unproven and it's just derailing.

No. 318196

I honestly sobbed at the sad mop comment and I can't even appreciate it properly because I don't know how to reply to specific people

No. 318198

No. 318199

I'm not going anywhere, my apologies for being new around here ;)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 318200

Who posted mimei's name with no explanation of how they found it? Smells like the work of the fatty sharla

No. 318202

It annoys me that you don't know how to answer or quote, just click on the number of whatever post you want to reply for god's sake.

No. 318203


oh my god that was easier than I thought it would be
thanks stranger

No. 318204

They did explain it

No. 318205

dont call sharla fat boi, she's not even fat

No. 318206

Yeah tbh I think Sharla is the one behind these leaks. I hope Taylor realizes and asks her back that cdg shirt she's always wearing ?, it makes Sharla looks partícularly fat anyway.

No. 318207

she's stupid, but not fat

No. 318208

no they didnt

No. 318209

Not fat but chubby as fuck :D

No. 318210

I think theres no reason for us to talk about her body and making her sensitive about that when shes not even fat

No. 318211

I searched Olly Green on Facebook, his FL isn't public, so I noticed someone with the same surname had liked one of his posts, so I clicked that, she had a public friends list with like 33 friends. It was easy to find Mimei since someone had mentioned here her name is Josie.

No. 318212

yes i looked through mimeis instagram list for hints after someone dropped the name "josie green" and found "olly green"

but who originally posted these two posts before I did that??:

No. 318213

File: 1495391661384.jpg (116.5 KB, 823x1028, IMG_4766.JPG)

No. 318214

File: 1495391833654.png (104.38 KB, 1034x424, IMG_20170521_203601.png)

Like this.

No. 318215

Jvlogger doxx hunt would make a good thriller movie. One by one, information gets leaked, until only a small group is left undoxxed… Who is the one behind the leaks?

No. 318216

absolutely not fat kek
she looks like she is 10 pounds away from being obese.

thanks though fatty for leaking

No. 318217

Sharla might make a "token" leak of herself next for a good plot twist.

No. 318218

whats there to know about sharla? we already seen her fiances face

No. 318219

Cunter games

No. 318220

I want to know if Saltay has a pink or a brown asshole, can anyone leak that?

No. 318223

yeah, well try again. it's a huge stretch from going to this to her real name and facebook page. and all that after it was revealed that taytay rides moneybag/boss-san's dick into the sunset?
(聶子明 Niezi Ming)

what an atrocious coincidence!

No. 318224

Taylors boyfriend is inside leak for sure but mimeis fb isnt that hard to find out. She even has duncan in her friends list.

No. 318226

yes it is hard.
because noone knew her real name.
she kept it secret on purpose.
if it was so easy to find then why this timing? it should have been found ages ago???

No. 318231

you are right about the timing. How fun :)

No. 318232

can you gtfo with your double posts?

No. 318233

It has to be sharla or taylor. Im betting on taylor because shes mad that everyone knows she sucks old dick

No. 318236

she dont suck old dick, she's in her 30s dumb ass

No. 318238

I cant imagine them having sex

No. 318239

someone else coming in here and dropping just enough hints to confirm her real name on facebook. stinks of sharlas handiwork.

No. 318240

pls everyone will suck old genitalia at some point. No one will stay young forever.

No. 318241

Shes 28. Same as me and i think 40 is old… js

No. 318242

Tay is 27-28.
Why? Dicku goes into the cave. Simple as that.

No. 318244

i feel bad for moneybag-san. he seems genuine.
i dont think she is genuinely with him though.

No. 318245


Why are you all taking Bii at her word? "Threaten their careers" could have been Bii being dramatic and it was all hearsay. Have you read her recent blog posts? She's not very bright and convinced everyone is out to get her. She even thinks you all ruined her career in Japan. Duncan has no self control and doesn't sneak around and just leave little crumbs. If he was going to blast Taylor he would have done it publicly in a video like he's done to other youtubers. Why would he leak info on Taylor but leave Sharla alone?

I think you're all being played by Toph or one of the lesser jvloggers. Not someone out for revenge but someone who lives for drama. Maybe someone who benefits from bringing down the main jvloggers like Taylor and Mimei and Duncan.

No. 318246

>Why would he leak info on Taylor but leave Sharla alone?
this is a point. right now it's only taylor and mimei getting doxxed. there is nothing about sharla. this means it's someone who has beef with both of them but not sharla.

so either it's sharla herself or one of her puppets.

No. 318250

Then you're blind, because regardless of how they got together, she genuinely seems crazy about him and she's not that good of an actress to fake it.

No. 318258

This was my thinking as well. Part of Duncan's obnoxious personality is a lack of subtleness when it comes to callouts. I feel like he would try to publicly humiliate Taylor if he thought he had something damaging enough, not dropping hints over something that isn't even that big of a deal. I also feel like he would try to get at Sharla over Taylor anyway.
Honestly, this thread has become such a mess of speculation that I wish the person doing the doxxing would just be revealed. I don't feel like Mimei or Taylor would benefit from any of the leaked info, so I'm pretty sure it's a third party.

No. 318259

I don't think Toph or Bii lives for drama, otherwise don't you think they would have been involved before. I really don't see the desperation of some anons to make sure that Mimei et al are the ones in the right. "Introverted" people can be just as shitty as anyone else.
That being said, I really don't think this is Mimei/Duncan or anyone else in the inner circle. I think it was a PULLtard obsessively searching until they hit money. Not sure what it is about her, but Taylor has attracted more devoted vitriolic detractors then just about anyone on PULL (including Miranda). I'm sure that one of them just managed to the google the right combination.

No. 318264

your right. but i think the timing is important to think about. this info has always existed and "could" have been discovered. but coming to light at this timing is suspicious.

No. 318266

i kind of feel like all of this started with the weird stalker-type person on PULL talking about how they are from grimsby. people suddenly knew how exactly the town is called she is from. After that it wasnt hard anymore to find her families facebook pages. and "tom lip" is friends with blake e.g.
so if someone with too much time on their hands just went trough every fucking facebook page that is linked to them, it mustve been easy to make out the account since "tom" posted news articles with his face on his public facebook wall.

No. 318269


but everybody already knew she was from grimsby because she said it in an interview from HK times, and everyone already knew her siblings/family facebook accounts - ever since she said her siblings names on facebook

I personally found tom when they started posting hints on PULL, but it took me an entire day to manage to google the right combination of words even after knowing which company he was behind. I kept googling beautyexchange CEO or company employees but all I needed to do was switch CEO to founder and all the info was right there.

the timing is suspicious sure but I think it's all chalked down to a coincidence. The person on PULL who found him first could possibly be someone suspicious but other than that… nah.

No. 318270

people were already aware of her families facebook pages though, her fathers car dealership was even tracked down on linkedin ages ago. i duno, i suppose it could go both ways……

No. 318276

I did consider timing, but this doesn't seem like Mimei/Duncan's style to me. Duncan seems to be pretty direct. Like I could see him doing a drive by and dumping this info on one of Taylor's twitter posts. But this cat and mouse guessing game smacks of someone who wants attention and is salty af. If you think about it, holding this info over everyone else seemed like a way to be "in" on the gossip. The same is true with "Grimsby" poster. Both desperately wanted validation for spilling their "tea".

No. 318278

Bloated queen Shartla herself kek

No. 318279

Damn accidentally hit reply to soon. But I agree with all of this.

No. 318280

why did no one find out until now, then?

No. 318282

yes, the info was there, but only with the stalker-person on PULL people started being hooked.

plot twist: taylor did it herself to be able to post a weird drama video about how stalkers are threatening her lmao

No. 318286

Cause people assumed he was in finance. And nobody cared really about who Taylor worked with. If anyone had given a shit about her actual stuff (instead of making up weird fanfiction about her life)this could have been discovered months ago after her HK meetup.
Nah. She's not Mira.

No. 318287


probably just coincidence?
people keep saying tom is her boss but beautyexchange just promotes her and books her as a model.
tom is probably just asking his reps to book her at any given opportunity when they're in HK

No. 318289

Exactly. People keep saying she's too "passive" to do it but I disagree. Someone who is passive is more likely to do it behind anonymity than someone who isn't passive. Especially considering how much she holds in.

No. 318293

Because "fucking her boss" sounds worse than "fucking her promoter/marketer".
I feel like if Mimei did it she wouldn't be so playful and she would manage to compliment herself in the process.

No. 318298


people keep forgetting that with depression oftentimes comes intrusive thoughts

that little voice in the back of your head that tells you all your friends are against you and every little action is attack on you

if it gets bad enough you're really gonna wanna do something about it, passive or not.

No. 318299

It's nobody with a Mimei vendetta, it's multiple anons with a very strong hunch. It seems to be an overwhelming opinion that this is an inside job and as >>317982 said.

But anon, have you not read the last two threads? The subtle Mimei complimenting has been in effect here and on pull.

No. 318304

I think it's best for Taylor to pursue friendships with more down to earth people that aren't prone to jealousy, or people of similar status. Clearly, befriending j bloggers has done her little good. Tbh I'm surprised she's never done anything with Rachel when Rachel seems like the least likely to be jealous and spiteful. (Unless someone has evidence to refute this?)

The j vloggers aren't attractive and don't have the assets or talents to procure wealth. They're also hardly stable people, so it's no wonder they are prone to bitterness and jealousy.

No. 318305

>Mimei complimenting
which already started with the whole drama train going off on twitter.
"oh poor mimei"

No. 318306

Mhm. This is why so many of us are looking at Mimei and Duncan. The amount of "poor Mimei, the misunderstood gloomy introvert who is objectively the most attractive because she's had no surgery" just reeks.

No. 318308

plot twist: rachel and jun are trying to break the jvloggers up and whisk taytay away for a share of her goodies.

No. 318309

I have anon and agree that there has been some Mimei complimenting in past threads. But feel like the reveal of Elbowsan didn't seem like her style. But hey I could be wrong.

No. 318310

not trying to white knight, but wasnt that just this one person on pull?
I didnt even knew mimei before the twitter backlash between duncan, bii and toph but it feels unjust to only put this on mimei bcauser of this.
the fingerpointing at mimei seems rather suspicious actually. so it feels it might have just been someone who wanted it to look like it was a revenge attack by petty mimei

No. 318312

File: 1495396830823.jpg (18.7 KB, 480x360, pepesilvia.jpg)

holy fuck this thread.

No. 318313


I guess you haven't read Toph or Bii's twitter and blog posts. Both of them needlessly inserted themselves into the drama and Toph even made an entire video about it. He's only met Mimei a couple of times, briefly. I think Bii is just paranoid because she first assumed Mimei's video was about her and then tried to back track. But Toph kept dragging it out and he clearly enjoys all of the gossip.

You say people are protecting Mimei but I find the comments constantly trying to return the discussion to her, even the positive ones about her looks, suspicious. As though someone is trying very hard to make it look like she's on here but doing a poor job. Do you really think she would post again and again at random times about how beautiful she is and more attractive than the rest of the crew? I doubt she would, even if she believed it. I don't think any of the jvloggers would be that stupid.

No. 318314

so true

im voting for this to become the new thread image in a few days..

No. 318316


honestly all i've seen about mimei is just people pitying her except for a few weirdos who complimented her on her "natural looks" out of nowhere. people (me included) felt bad for mimei bc of what bii did on twitter, she went on a huge fucking rant and started replying to nobodies who agreed in the process (literally who the fuck is toph). if it was only mimei's video about toxic relationships i wouldn't care and actually be annoyed at her pity partying once again, but after what bii did mimei seems okay in comparison.

from what i've seen, after taylor stuff started happening a lot of spergs came here from pull, you can tell by non-saged and irrelevant posts, and most of the posts blaming mimei were amongst them at the beginning. then a weird consensus was formed about mimei actually doing this.

imo this is not mimei at all, duncan maaaybe but even that's reaching pretty hard.

No. 318323

So, I noticed that you can see the profile picture of the person posting facebook links when you view the archieved version (which I usually do because I'm never logged in).

All the FB links in this thread were posted by the same person as far as I can tell and I went to their profile and they're not friends with any of the jvlog crew and the profile seems fake, but active. The /only/ link that might be there would be Mira because she wanted to convert to Islam iirc and the profile seems to have a lot of Muslim friends (didn't look very look because it felt very creepy). So I don't think that it's any jvlogger because the profile is from 2015.

I can delete this post but I'm not outing anyone because anyone could click on it and it's not a real profile as far as I can tell.

No. 318329


okay but I'm the one who posted the link to mimei's facebook and I clicked the archived copy that you referred to and my name??? isn't masha??? that definitely is NOT my facebook account.

but I definitely posted it. So… I don't know how that happened.

No. 318330

can you elaborate what youre talking about?

No. 318332

you're right but >>318329
also when i click on the user's name on archived link it says that user is not available. how did you find the profile?
maybe the archiving system uses a fake profile when showing the archived page?

No. 318334


Alright, than that's just weird, because it's a real facebook account and I don't know why it would show up otherwise? Sorry for my tinfoil hat in that case.

If you hover over a link, another link that says [Archieved Copy] appears afterwards.

No. 318335

omg anon you gave me nearly a heart attack right now. i posted the facebook link from tom lip and blake above so i was scared people can view my private account.

it seems though that "masha" is the account facebook links are archived through. it's not the anon that posted them.
Since my facebook links are also archived through masha.

No. 318338

I reverse image searched the profile picture and got to the existing profile.

Sorry for the scare! I tried googling that name together with the archieve site before but nothing came up, so I figured it must have been a real person that posted these.

No. 318340

no i get that, i'm just asking how did you go to the profile "masha"; when i try to click it it says the user is not found or something.

No. 318342


LITERALLY ME TOO THOUGH I WAS LIKE FUCKING SHIT FUCK I'VE EXPOSED MYSELF I was shaking while I checked the archived version of the facebook link even though I KNEW it was the only one I posted(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 318344

sorry for my post >>318340 didnt see this answer.

No. 318346

hard snorting
top kek me too! and when i always thought i was so careful since i dont want to end up as a cow on here lmao(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 318347

No, sorry, I meant to answer >>318331.

Ah I feel bad now because I gave you guys a scare. I'm still confused about the profile, but we can go back to arguing about who leaked the info then, kek.

Sorry, last post about this, didn't want to derail.

No. 318348

File: 1495398628752.jpg (57.99 KB, 659x434, jvlog.jpg)

No. 318353

jeez anon, let me applaud your cyberstalking expertise.
it's probably a fake facebook profile from admin-sama

No. 318354


No. 318358


No. 318367


kekd so hard

No. 318385

im a simple girl. i see jclogger drama, im amused. kek

No. 318386


I posted this comment as a joke and somebody actually answered.

I really hope it's Shartla.

No. 318415

This thread is not a chatroom, stop the constant spamming and off-topic commentary.

No. 318416

Yeah but do they screech at people telling them to work hard when all they do is spread their legs?

No. 318417

>How the hell could a random PULL user find where she lived in a city of 20 million people.

Actually Taylor posted pictures of the view from her bedroom, it was very easy to find her building…
Also when she was playing pokemon go she accidentaly revealed her location. Then someone came here and tried to make everyone believe that was a different place kek

No. 318422

Is the leaker still here. Post Sharla's info next.

No. 318423

Everyone and their mom knows sharts full name.

No. 318425

whats sharla last name?

No. 318429

I think it's Hinskens?

No. 318452

It's Piggy. As in Ms. Piggy LOL

No. 318469

Here is my thought about the Taylor/Elbow-san relationship.

Does anyone remember her surprise birthday party vlog? She kept mentioning that she thought he was sneaking around cheating on her. That she stalked his fb/instagram to see if he was contacting other females. I know Taylor is an insecure girl. But she has to know in the relationship she is the weak link. Do I think Taylor is in love with elbow-san, probably not. She is just looking for a dad figure to support her "life style". If what that girl from her hometown said is true, then this would make sense. She's 28 and elbow-san is in his early 40s. I wonder if elbow-san was using her "doll look" to try and break into the Japanese industry. But obviously it failed.

No. 318472

When I think of Taylor, all I remember is how she tried to have her dog go on a diet like her and took Rosie's food and water away at night, which resulted in Rosie almost dying from Taylor's retardation

No. 318474

thanks not what happened idiot, she tought she shouldnt eat so much beacause she's a small dog, it wasnt diet, she was just stupid and didnt research

No. 318475


if she was really bothered she probably wouldn't mention it on a vlog? she was probably joking lol

No. 318476

File: 1495410383165.png (49.81 KB, 566x169, tom.png)

Someone posted his Instagram earlier but I found this account

No. 318478

She was being dramatic for the sake of the video. It was stupid like most things she does. But honestly I see no reason to doubt their relationship. It seems like pretty mutual affection. I wouldn't trust anything that "Grimsby" said because they contradicted themselves constantly.

No. 318479

"thinking she shouldn't eat so much" and "dieting" are the same thing, stop stanning.

No. 318483

Not that anon but not really. And Rosie really shouldn't be eating that much because of how tiny she is. But I agree her water shouldn't have been taken away.

No. 318517

She probably bleached it per €¥bow-$an's money.

No. 318518


But uses his razor to shave her crotch hair ?

No. 318531

Breeder told Taylor to give Rosie access to food and water always. Taylor's mom told her something like dogs should be disciplined and Rosie shouldn't be so spoiled to have food always. Taylor listened to her mom and had to take Rosie to the vet in the morning.

No. 318542


I think we all can agree that Taylor is retarded.

Who knows, maybe she didn't drop out of school but instead failed.

No. 318546

File: 1495416712777.jpg (151.54 KB, 1024x736, IMG_5004.JPG)

>Taylor has attracted more devoted vitriolic detractors then just about anyone on PULL (including Miranda)
Yeah, starting with kiki/sperg-chan. What is it about this bland, boring girl that triggers people to this extent? I don't get it.

bte, her YT views have skyrocketed since Fri. when all this broke open, so – unintended consequences?

No. 318553


She went from like 200-700 followers per day to 8k…

How does this many people find someone so bland entertaining ?

No. 318573

File: 1495419176710.png (79.66 KB, 625x404, ty.png)

She hasn't deleted this comment on her last video so I'm expecting a video about Tom-san tomorrow. I hope she cries. cringe intensifies

No. 318581


Because it doesn't say his name anywhere or his work. Why would she delete something that doesn't dox her bf ?

No. 318585

It's actually more likely from her Kendall Jenner boots video which went a bit viral, it has almost a million views already

No. 318589

her kendall jenner boots video is viral now, yeah, so all the influx of followers coming in came from that video.
they might leave once they realize how boring she really is lmao

No. 318595

Looked at his followers and I see Tay's mom or one of her sisters. Then also Taylor's personal IG account, Tays_diary14. Both followed and following this IG account. At least she actually follows people on her private account.

No. 318617

it's funny she has that photo as her icon, that's one of my favorite photos of her to date. but i'm pretty sure its really old.

No. 318619

I've just notice that taylor's videos get less than 100k views ;&

No. 318625

Hahaha >>318348 I love you anon.

>Why would she delete something that doesn't dox her bf ?

Because that person is obviously trolling her. Kek

No. 318648


Some of them get over 100k, the boots video is almost 900k, you need to get a closer look.

No. 318652

This situation is like a reverse yumi king or something.

No. 318687

>more likely from her Kendall Jenner boots video which went a bit viral,
Don't think so…the big spike in views and subs was on Friday 5/19, the same day elbow-san was doxed here (Fri. am, 1am to be exact.) The Kendall Jenner boots video was 2 days earlier, Wed. 5/17.

No. 318690

Wouldn't be suprised if Elbow goes for a younger waifu when Tay's age starts to show. She should get herself hitched and knocked up asap to secure her future.

No. 318692

yeah but it's gotten the majority of its views in the past 24-48 hrs

No. 318693

Oh i'm sure she already knows that lol, why do you think she keeps fucking up her face

No. 318695

Anon please, Taylor would underfeed the baby because her mom thinks it's eating too much

No. 318696

lol omg

No. 318707

Videos don't usually go viral as soon as they've been uploaded. I wouldn't be surprised if her video was circling Facebook

No. 318713

File: 1495438386416.jpg (89.12 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

did Josie Green delete her fb account?
I think that would confirm that jvloggers are regular browsers of this forum - its gone less than 24 hours later.

No. 318715

OMG. Nice job Mimei.. That was the exact opposite of covering her tracks.

No. 318740

I told her.(cowtipping)

No. 318742

sure mimei, you don't lurk here, someone told you. right

No. 318745

I found out where some dude I met online libed cause he kept posting screenshots of a neighborhood I knew and pictures from his window. Some people need to realise it isn't always autism or insiders that can only know.

Japan's a small place, Taylor's popular, shit was bound to happen.

No. 318746

Maybe it was through Instagram as well? I think it's super funny that the comments section for the video is now filled with Rhianna stans getting pissed because she wore those orange monstrosities before Kendall.

No. 318748

ffs why would you do that?
no cow tipping you ass

No. 318749

>I want to know if Saltay has a pink or a brown asshole, can anyone leak that?
lmao, didnt even read that the first time around. probably bleached pink.

No. 318753

File: 1495445475915.png (668.97 KB, 1255x381, Untitled.png)

sorry to destroy your little hateboner but with that stupid video she actually has done somethin right. she wasnt only able to put kendall jenners name in her video title but also got people hooked because of those stupid shoes.
tbh i think the video is embarrassing but it did give her views.

No. 318756

its actually a decent video (surprisingly)
if she made good content like that she would be getting more 1000000+ videos more often but alas we all know she will go back to making lame vlog videos about going to the mall and sipping starbucks.

No. 318775

Did anyone save video where Mimei made fun of the doujinshi?

No. 318803

from what we know know about her boyfriends involvement in her career from the leak and her own exposing video
I would bet it was actually elbowsans idea ?

No. 318804

File: 1495458609735.png (86.02 KB, 531x404, Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 9.08…)


How one can have almost 500k subs and can barely manage getting 1/4th the amount of views 80% of the time. She was probably hoping the elephant poop coffee would go viral but instead it didn't even make it out of the 50k view range.

Here are the tags for the video too.

No. 318810


You never know with youtube to be honest, sometimes is hard to understand why videos get low views or high views. There is a lot of people that subscribe and never watch a thing beyond the first video.

No. 318815

i'm one of those people lol.

No. 318831

File: 1495461618810.jpg (409.59 KB, 965x686, taygly.jpg)

taylor R ugliest outfits #1
whats ur fav

No. 318834

2nd is my fave. it looks like she's wearing a pink and white sack 4th one is close but i feel like i've been numbed by all the 'first lolita outfit thrifted items only' outfits i've seen over the years. my favorite part of all 4 are the fact that some pieces in her outfit aren't bad, but together it's a hot mess.

1st one looks the least terrible, but that's because it's like generic korean tomboy style.

No. 318841


Most if not all her popular videos have shock value, fashion or bf related content.

>living doll themed

>look books
>house tour in JAPAN


Her fashion has gone to shit, or maybe was always shit. I wonder if Tom also picked her clothing for her at one point too.. despite 4 is the worse, I'm going with man shoulders #1.

No. 318843

She needs to stop being so obsessed with fast fashion/staying on trend while also keeping conservative like a 50 year old mom.

She has the weirdest rules like never showing her chest/cleavage but then wears peasant tops all the way tightened up or does the mormon thing of wearing shirts over tank tops and it looks so fucking awkward. She's a woman in the fashion industry, she shouldn't be dressing like a 12 year old that wants to dress like the models in her moms Vogue but her mom tells her to stay "appropriate"

No. 318845

>just realized 2nd outfit is just a giant men's button up and a cheap pink cardigan being stretched by the sleeves

i spat coffee.

No. 318854

4th outfit is seriously so fucking ugly with that brown padded top. It needs to BURN

No. 318855

You forgot total clickbait like anything with "wedding" in it, "saying goodbye" etc.

No. 318865

come to think of it, i don't think i've ever seen her wear any kind of low neckline… even looking at her ig; everything is up to her neck lol has she ever said in a video that she has some sort of modest rule for herself or something?

No. 318868

File: 1495463817729.jpg (70.62 KB, 596x596, taytaty.JPG)


she wore this kind of dress during the wedding of her father.

I have a special hateboner for this fur hat tbh.

No. 318870

>>318868 I meant to reply here >>318865


No. 318871

why does she look like she's been kidnapped?

No. 318873


who is chubby? taylor?

No. 318875

File: 1495464743473.png (185.27 KB, 321x592, Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 10.5…)


And this is this years wedding dress she's wearing to her sister's wedding.

I like this one better as the one she wore to her father's wedding looks more like a tacky prom dress.

No. 318876

I actually really like this dress.

No. 318877

I mean she's probably a bridesmaid in this one so it's not like she could have picked her own dress to wear.

But ye, this one is nice and suits her skintone.

No. 318880

She did pick it herself. She just had to stick to a color scheme and have a long hem but other than that she could choose any dress.

No. 318887

Love this dress so much. Wish I looked as good in nude/pink colors as she does.

No. 318888

File: 1495465597438.gif (380.34 KB, 200x200, ac1gif-c200.gif)

can someone explain to me why people keep clogging up the jvlogger thread when she has a thread on her own?

No. 318892

File: 1495465837286.png (344.18 KB, 564x393, Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 11.0…)


Actually she said her sister is allowing people to pick there own dresses, they only have to stick within the colour spectrum (pink/orangey pinks )


I think people are only just realizing now that she likes dressing modestly because of her current fashion being so fucking ugly and baggy. I don't know if its just because she's fairly reserved person or if its just insecurities as she's always complaining about non existent problems. ( Untoned/flabby legs, stretch marks, flat chest, red chest, meaty jaw ).

Maybe she still has a warped perception of how she wants to be, and lowkey hates how she looks.. ?


Because she's a Jvlogger and really doesn't deserve her own thread. Every other Jvlogger has more milk then her and doesn't have their own, so why does a bland bimbo deserve one ?

No. 318893

She's a jvlogger and doesn't deserve her own thread imo. There's not enough milk to warrant it. It was kiki sperging that forced the split in the first place.

From what I've seen her and the other jvloggers have basically taken that whole "Japanese are just more modest uwu" thing to heart and never wear low cut tops. Sharla commented a lot on it as well when she did her brief foray into fashion videos.

No. 318895

Isn't that like a thing in Japan, that showing bust/chest is kinda inappropriate, but you can show all the leg you want.

No. 318902

>the mormon thing of wearing shirts over tank tops
this is in style right now though, anon

No. 318904


I was going to comment the same. I think this applies in Korea too.

No. 318932

nah, she has. She used to shop in cleavage like Kota too when that was ~trendy~. I'm traveling so can't post proof, but I'll dig it up.

She is desperate to be relevant.

No. 318936

No. 318946

File: 1495470465279.jpg (23.07 KB, 300x400, 0217-00282-049v1.jpg.6d5f3c645…)

This is the only pic I've seen of her showing off her body.

No. 318950


No. 318957

She looks like a totally different person here

No. 318960

i cannot believe this is taylor. that face!

No. 318966

File: 1495472162826.jpg (33.57 KB, 706x500, 1429191683175.thumb.jpg.4ba52d…)

er, is this really her? this looks like her in the face more.

No. 318970

File: 1495472423479.jpg (78.79 KB, 570x656, uY5OpG1.jpg)

here's another, you can easily find these.

No. 318972

It is her.

No. 318973

did they shoop her to be super skinny? none of the other photos of her look that thin.

No. 318974


Lol, and she tried saying that she gained weight since her HK days.

No. 319016

File: 1495475645505.jpeg (1.08 MB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)

She posted this on her snapchat around April and you can see how small she is.

No. 319035

The video was meant to be embarrassing, anon. Didn't catch on

No. 319037

She could have just gained some muscle and therefore weight but not gotten any larger. In Asia they tend to like models to be small but softer and less toned than in the West so maybe she was flabby but thin before and is now more fit/trim but weighs more.

No. 319057

I don't like her body in this pic, she looks like a skinny man or maybe boy.I guess many skinny girls has this problem - no hips left, so the waist looks even with the hips and it looks like a man.

No. 319084

The constant Taylor discussion is getting annoying, she has her own thread please move more indepth conversations there