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File: 1421622068946.jpg (32.72 KB, 478x256, 2015-01-18-23-45-29-1.jpg)

No. 41167

Weenus thread.
She is in Japan and got a nihonese boyfriendo and is milking it what a pathetic bitch lmao.
Also what is she doing now anyway?
Trying to be a kawaii living doll again?

No. 41168

Christ I don't like Venus much but that opening post was just bile holy shit calm down OP.

No. 41169

OP made me laugh, but I agree that it's a bit much.

Still though…"Penus pathetic" is pretty hilarious.

No. 41172


OP, please…

No. 41175

File: 1421624829309.jpg (42.36 KB, 405x720, jpnboyfriend.jpg)

Jumping on the "I got a Japanese (!!!) bf <33"-bandwagon, I see.

He's already 23 and it's apparently their first relationship.

No. 41176

Not to sound cynical or anything, but if Penus and her mother wanted to live permanently in Japan, would she need to marry to stay there?

Anyone who thinks this "relationship" is real is nuts.

No. 41178

I think he's really cute but I thought he was her age (17/18 or whatever) not 23. He looks really young. Or she shooped her bf.

No. 41179

Yes, she would have to marry but for that she would also have to go to her home country and make an announcement for marriage there in order to show that it isn't only a fake marriage for visa and because she isn't 20 yet, her mother would have to stay with her and that would mean he basicly marries both (lol).

No. 41180


This is really sweet, and honestly I don't know why anybody would be mad at Venus when everybody knows it's her mother that's the whackjob.

Really it's just like Dakota and Cathy all over again.

No. 41181

Holy shit he looks 12.

No. 41182

would margret be kicked out of japan the second she turns 20? i really hope that's the case, margret wouldn't really be able to control her anymore if she's not around.

No. 41185

She probably finds herself a husband too before that, too many old japanese dudes with white fever so it won't be that hard.

No. 41192

You think her mom just came out the womb like that? I'm sure grandma is batshit, too. We honestly have no idea what Venus is like. I see no reason to assume she's not awful.

No. 41194

According to Margo, her parents were very strict christians so it obviously isn't their fault that their daughter got preggers unmarried with 20? while being at some uni in Switzerland.

No. 41195

And turned into a weeb because of some japanese professor there.

No. 41200


In my country we operate on the premise of innocent until proven guilty, Miss Murrica'.

No. 41201

I wouldn't put shooping Mr.bf here, past her tbh. She'll be just be on the same train as Wylona. Portraying all of her friends as ~Kawaii desuuu~

Or maybe since he's japanese he's automatically kawaii.

No. 41226

Wow his face is damn HUGE
just compare his mouth to hers

No. 41254

not gonna lie, i think they look really cute together. They both look so sweet. If they ever had kids though god damn it would have no lips

No. 41257

I love how nobody is criticizing the levels of weeb this shit is

No. 41259


A girl just having a Japanese boyfriend doesn't constitute being a week boo.

No. 41260


Weeaboo* muh autocorrect

No. 41261

Venus is a weeb though, so no offense to other girls that have Japanese boyfriends. Just Venus in this case.

No. 41266

ngl: I actually like her current look. it's cute. and good on her for getting a bf.

No. 41277

Why is nobody pointing out the bad photoshop on BOTH their faces? that's why his mouthis all fucked up.

No. 41279

We weren't saying every single girl. Venus is a weeb and trying to deny that is some major fucking shit. This is some ugly bitch with premature wrinkles, a voice like Down syndrome, who makes videos about Japanese candy as if she's ~*cultured*~. Lol yeah no. Venus has always been a loser and she always will be. I have no pity for a dumbass puppet who should've killed herself long ago.

No. 41291

that photoshop
seriously i doubt they have flawless smooth skin (not saying its impossible but venus has a very limited knowledge and fail at putting makeup and taking care of her skin)
and as the guy, i wonder if he knows shes venusangelic
he probs dont give a shit

No. 41295

Or maybe he's her biggest fan and that's the only reason he puts up with her

No. 41318

Not gonna lie they are pretty cute together. Just wondering though is Peenus still enlisted in Dutch school? I thought it was so good for her to go to an actual school and have a chance to make friends, but now she seems to be travelling a lot again.

No. 41321

File: 1421663081138.png (2.64 MB, 2048x1360, New canvas.png)

No. 41325

dude . . .
thats pretty harsh

No. 41332

That was my first thought too. Himezawa also has a male Japanese fan hanging out with her. Wouldn't surprise me if it was the same with Venus except that they're together.

No. 41337

Didn't Mr. Yan want to sue them for slander if they ever come back to Japan? I just wait for glorious drama to happen.

No. 41344

It's obvious it's shopped anon. Even if it wasn't shopped she probably has some Japanese filter that automatically changes their faces like purikura.

No. 41358

Suprise suprise, he got a YT and only features Venus and Margo.

No. 41361

Loool, would he? I mean, does he care? I really want to see what would happen if he does, maybe they'll move somewhere else. But she's been in Japan for like a month or 2 now, so he would've done it already.

No. 41366

You seem to forget that he basicly wrote a whole book about the drama on the BL homepage.

They only said they are there for holydays and you can't sue somebody if they are there for an unknown time.

No. 41369

File: 1421688737844.png (824.2 KB, 609x612, face_of_crazy.png)


had to laugh as well about the penus pathetic, because it just is kind of over the top.
i actually like her. her mom on the other hand is weird af.

No. 41373


Maybe they convinced him to make one. Win win if he gets 15 minutes of fame, from bouncing off of Venus's back, and then finding his own niche.

No. 41374

Looking at the YouTube, Margo is the one who made it for him so it is obvious he is only a tool for them, lol.

No. 41381

Looks like future Venus

No. 41386

Agreed… I hate Venus' guts but don't wish death upon her. She is pretty stupid though.

No. 41396

File: 1421701247851.jpg (68.04 KB, 927x510, venusinspace.jpg)

Venus isn't stupid, Anon! She's going to be an astronaut!

No. 41397

There are plenty of people who have had abusive/psychotic parents or guardians and many far worse off than Venus.

Honestly, when people on here and /cgl/ act as if she's stricken with some horrible plight it makes me wonder how naive they are. This kid has it pretty good compared to many others and she'll either wise up eventually or just be a tool of her ma's for life.


Nah, she lives a pretty cushy life as a glorified accessory to a nuts old hag. She's not getting beaten or starved or molested like some kids. Sorry bro, no sympathy here.

No. 41405

Yeah and also because every form of abuse has to be the same right? It's like saying "LEL but teh starving children in africa!!!"

Look at Venus. She doesn't have a real education. She doesn't have any friends, never had one for years. She has a boyfriend which her mother uses now as another tool (doubt he will last that long). She has almost no other social contacts than her mom who has isolated her pretty well. Her mom spoiled her for years, kept pushing her into that youtube shit and showed her around as some "Living Doll" and convinced her doing youtube videos 24/7 is the greatest idea ever. And there's so much more.

Thanks to her mom she's a dumb spoiled child with no person to trust and depend on but her crazy mother. To me, this whole situation sounds pretty horrible. Sure she might not get beaten or anything but that doesn't mean her life is great - and I don't see much hope for the future.

No. 41409

She was in Ireland 2 months ago and specifically said she didn't ever want a bf/she didn't have time for boys at a talk she held

So this comes as a bit of a surprise

No. 41410

Why the hell is anyone who disagrees with a person either Tumblr or 3edgy5me nowadays? Learn how to accept the fact that people have different opinions on shit without deflecting the argument by acting in an absolute, manchild.

She's dating a Japanese guy. It really shouldn't be all that surprising to anyone why she has a boyfriend now.

Fat faced, Eurasian babies when?

No. 41412

…..you may as well have said edgelord
its like screaming a string of obscenities then expecting people to take you seriously lol
are you from PULL?

No. 41419


Her mother controls her entire life.

It was her mother that pushed her in this living doll bullshit, her mother decides what friends she has, won't even let anybody egt close to her, runs her social networking accounts and destroyed any attempt at a possible education in her youth.

That anon might think her life is cushy because she owns a few trinkets, but I would rather take my chances on the streets then live a life like this.

No. 41435

She's really not much of a lolcow to me. Like, yeah, she's a weeb, but for most of her life online she's been way young…she hasn't really done anything ridiculous (in my opinion) since her living doll days. Her mom is the real lolcow.

No. 41443

Yeah I agree with this. I mean what's she done in the last few years? She's becoming normalfag now and doesn't do the annoying voice thing anymore. Venus has never been juicy like PT or Kiki to me.

It's really margy that's the lolcow in all of this imho.

My hopes is that she elopes with this Japanese bf and cuts contact with her mother. Only good scenario.
I don't think Margaret would know how to function without Venus.

No. 41444

If she is staying in Japan, she can't cut the contact with her mother until she is 20, you can't even marry until 20 without your parent's permission in Japan.

No. 41532

File: 1421723164581.jpg (63.43 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nigfq5pSe41qlkpdmo1_128…)

Her head and right leg look really fucking weird in this picture.

No. 41536

from living doll to real doll

No. 41554

The background of her big Japan haul is horrible.

No. 41564

That photo was made at https://www.youtube.com/yt/space/tokyo.html and considering that they offer all their services to YouTube partners for free, I think we know now where she makes her videos in the future.

No. 41579

I both agree and disagree. Yeah, there are a lot of things messed up with Venus' life, but I think its too far to say that her life is horrible and abusive. I feel like such a bold statement undermines the type of abuse that scars people for life. Venus' future is going to be fucked up, but its not like she can't reverse the effects of Margaret like actual abuse victims can't

No. 41582

That poor guy, he's nothing but an accessory to them. Then again, he's probably just milking them for second hand fame so maybe my sympathy is misplaced.

No. 41591

her mouth is abnormally small and weird tho…..his looks normal.

No. 41595

He probably doesn't know what he got himself into. Margo made some video about traveling to Japan for cheap with using a host family, I think the video got deleted already, he probably is the child of one of those and that's how they met.

No. 41650

File: 1421766280971.jpg (35.71 KB, 328x442, blogger-image-1197408400.jpg)

She's going to be a kawaii living astronaut and kawaiify space while putting glitters on her eyelids like in the godawful unicorn tutorial she made.

Uh oh looks like she's trying to be a kawaii living doll again? She became so boring,less and less weeb,and normalfag since the end of 2012.
Remember the drama with SassyNpunk where she stole from them? Or the time she stole an interview? Or mocking heavier girls? That was a terrible bitch move of her so It make me think that Maggro isn't the only one that's bad there.

I am so surprised she got a bf she was talking about how she never wanted to and now "lol got a japaroo boyfriend"???

Also anyone missing old Venus? Circa 2011-2012? Like when she and Kota went viral?

No. 41652

I think you're giving him too little credit.

Venus posted his Twitter account (manana_91). If you go through his tweets, you will see that he's been a big fan of her since 2014 at least. So… good for him that he managed to get his ~kawaii gaijin dream girl~ or something?


No. 41653

Check out her boyfriend's twitter, dude was a fan since 2012 and constantly retweeted her.

No. 41654

File: 1421767749230.jpg (66.53 KB, 720x1280, QpZGic1.jpg)

With Michelle Phan.

No. 41655

Yet she never wrote a single reply to him.

No. 41656

File: 1421768175239.jpg (67.63 KB, 640x640, 926225_640127056114175_1624357…)

Her face looks worse than Phan's surgery because of all that shoop.

No. 41659

Why didn't they marry her off earlier then? 16?

No. 41660

Probably because she didn't found out until recently that this dude got rich parents apparently.

No. 41665

Plus Margo got high standards when it comes to basicly selling her only source of income, there sure aren't many japanese dudes that look young but have much money and aren't taken.

No. 41666

OMG how can she be getting WORSE at shooping?

No. 41670

File: 1421772099570.jpg (245.52 KB, 1280x1160, recent.jpg)

Maybe she thinks it is "only" a smal edit and that she actually looks like this? People become very delusional after shooping for so many years.

No. 41681

It's funny because she photoshops alot and is like 'yeah I look like this now #puberty'
And then there's me, who becomes a paranoid when uploading a selfie to Instagram with the nose retouched because it got broken when I was 7 and I can't have a septoplasty until 19. hahaha

No. 41682

File: 1421774386269.png (96.88 KB, 266x265, Screenshot_2015-01-20-09-17-50…)

She looks like Akira

No. 41683

Dear god, she looks like a giant compared to Phan.

My thoughts exactly. It sort of seems to like she's been trying to shoop her face longer and more heart-shaped lately… Maybe she's grown tired of her round dolly face and/or she realizes the won't be able to pull off the ~naturally like a doll~ gimmick forever.

No. 41694

That photo lmao so unflattering for Phan

No. 41698

File: 1421776713276.jpg (101.05 KB, 640x640, 924159_894037410660165_1157758…)

For somebody "in love" she sure looks unconfortable in every photo with him.

No. 41703

he's in love cuz he's her fan and adores her but she only finds him cute, I don't think she's in love. He may be some rich kid or at least with a nice social status. Margo found him nice to her daughter and let Venus date him, so she can be with a nice, cute and rich or 'with money' guy and if it works; a visa. That's all. She can fall in love with him, they're starting now, nobody knows. I wish her happiness and that she will fall in love with him.

No. 41716

File: 1421778861929.jpg (117.15 KB, 578x371, legit.jpg)

No. 41720

dude looks really happy
I bet he has no idea what he is getting himself into lol.

No. 41721

poor fanboy

No. 41729

I'd chalk it up a bit to she's not really that into him, but also it's probably weird to be around someone who is acting genuinely affectionate instead of "I love you because I want you to love me so I can get stuff" like her mom pulls.

My best friend was severely emotionally abused by her mother and it took her years to be fully comfortable around her now-husband. She always looked a little disjointed in pictures or even when they were cuddling.

No. 41731

Not to mention that she never had contact with males besides the 1-2 years where she was in public spain when they still were living in Spain, before and after that she was always schooled with her mom and she hated all her boyfriends.

No. 41732

*in public school

No. 41740

I can believe this since was in that exact situation years ago. I think Venus isn't really into him and Marge just sees him as an accessory to gaining a spousal visa but little does that old hag know that even if Venus and this guy do get married, it doesn't mean that she gets to stay in Japan with her money train. She'll have to find some super desperate old Japanese man with white fever to stay.

No. 41741

I can't wait for that Q&A video.

I wonder if Margo will join them

No. 41821

I'm not sure what to think about Venus finally dating.
I want to say she is actually into him, being that this is her first relationship? Makes it seem…genuine? Perhaps. But you never know, lol.

No. 41882


You are so bitter, I feel like you're projecting.

And man OP, that 1st post? It's cringy as fuck.

No. 41916

People aren't projecting when they're being honest about the situation.
If you don't think penus-chan is a weeb
with an autistic voice you are in some
serious denial.

Stay mad.

No. 41958

Penus-san why is your head so big?

No. 42080

File: 1421855318351.jpg (49.17 KB, 540x960, 10928992_808346832534102_58087…)

Totally natural dolly with no shoop, guys.

And is it just me or do all the photos with her bf look like if they were all made the same day? She wears the same sweater in all.

No. 42084

File: 1421855683706.png (1.06 MB, 1029x923, fn1421843460.png)

Her olg pedo guy fans, wich make up like 80% of all her, are already becoming haters because he stole their pure waifu.

No. 42085

*of all her viewers

No. 42091

Got to say this. Her face is fucking stupid. How long's she going to be doing this? She's going to be like Baby Jane Hudson when she's older, doing her wide eyed, lipless dorky face wearing dolly dresses and still talking like a fucking mong. Get a job.

No. 42092

oh muhammad, i bet she wouls love to burqa it up for you

No. 42094

As if he looks any better. What trash.

No. 42097

This guy is a fucking freak, he used to stalk me on Twitter.

No. 42111

Jesus, why is people this angry about something that doesn't affect them in their own lives?

No. 42116

Do you know what site you are on?

No. 42133

File: 1421874658340.jpg (9.02 KB, 249x244, 1418607168372.jpg)

No. 42136

I feel like I can't blame venus for being a weeb?
Venus seems very ignorant and she doesn't seem to have much knowledge. Her mother was a weeaboo so i can't help but feel bad for venus.
If she would have a normal mom, maybe she would still have a weeb phase but it wouldnt be this fucking bad.
Fuck parents that completely mess up their child

No. 42141


lol stay mad nigger, some of us are smart enough to understand that the real lolcow is her mom, she's just a kid that got stuck with a batshit parent.

inb4 <<waahh wahhh she should just kill herself and she's a weeb and wah wahhh I WANT TO GO TO JAPAN WHY CAN'T I BE A WAIFU???

No. 42152

why do people get so pissed off over weebs? sure they're annoying, but who truly gives a shit? i'm 100% positive every single person who complains about weebs are weebs themselves and are just annoyed bc they care about japan the right way. in the japanese language thread people were getting so offended about others learning japanese, but if someone decides to learn any other language, it's fine. my mom studies french on her own time, she doesn't plan on going any time soon and she doesn't talk to any french people to my knowledge. but if she tells people she's learning french, everyone thinks it's cool, even if she has no intention of going ever. but the second someone shows an interest in japan, even if it is just the pop culture, all hell breaks loose. i get if the person is like himezawa or dakota's sister and doesn't genuinely have any interest in japan other than attention. but why get upset over a weeb being a weeb? at least they genuinely like something from the country.
sorry i just had to rant.

No. 42153

So we should blame no single lolcow here for what they do because according to you it is obviously the fault of their parent, right.

No. 42154

You mean like how she cared about Japan in her Pray For Japan which was only about herself? Or how she made "kawaii" photos of a car accident?

No. 42155

Or when she called Touhou an anime.

No. 42156

i didn't know about any of that? i don't really follow venus that much tbh, i was just annoyed about people getting so hostile over people being weebs tbh.

No. 42159


Stop samefagging and put it all in one post you sandy cunt.

No. 42172

File: 1421880823271.jpg (61.6 KB, 640x640, 10919257_1579563545622882_7002…)

It isn't even her final form.

No. 42189

theres levels to this shit man

being a weeb who bastardizes the language because they're into anime and think it's cute as opposed to wanting to learn it is pretty normal now, so most people aren't bothered by it

but there are weebs who go so fucking far with their obsession with Japan that it's disgusting, involving actual Japanese people

for ex. glorifying the shit out of japan/japanese people without having ever been there and only finding out any info from unreliable sources. That type of behavior is fucked up because it implies that Japanese people face no problems (or many at all) and that they're all the same, hence "I love Japan and Japanese people!!!!!"

Then if they do actually go to Japan they treat the people as fucking props by taking 456789 pics with them to show to their other weeb friends

No. 42197

File: 1421884342605.jpg (32.3 KB, 600x600, B7zNApPCUAEuJSk.jpg)

No, stahp please, you're not 20
Stop trying to be like your daughter

No. 42199

i get that, that's more on the himezawa/dakota's sister side. i've also heard horror stories about weebs in japan, but it's just annoying how people assume every single person into japan/learning japanese is one of those weebs. i get that there are a lot more weebs than genuinely interested people, but weebs aren't going to be putting in the time and effort into learning the language and their dreams will be crushed when they go there/learn about japan from actual japanese people.

omfg, i'm cringing so hard. but at least it's not as bad as her wearing venus's bodyline stuff. is she trying to be a kawaii aidoru too? lmao

No. 42200

truly pathetic.

No. 42203

It seems like Venus's bf pays for everything because I remember that Margo complaining about not being abel to buy food because of being so poor from all that moving after the drama with their house boat.

No. 42231

Because they've made the extra effort of being annoying and making sure to be autistic enough for people to hate them.

I don't mean to sound tumblr but bear with me on this. A lot of people who are interested in Japan and its culture are just interested because animu and mango. Hell I was a fucking weeb when I was in high school, with dreams of becoming a mangaka desu, and being so famous and kawaii, and I know I was fucking obnoxious because I was too ignorant and thought Japan was what my chinese cartoons showed me. Weebs are interested in Japan's pop culture and think grorious nippon is going to accept them with arms wide open while they proudly shout "I'm an Otaku XD".

People are prone to hate or get annoyed by a group that bastardizes a culture to fit into their own ignorant ideas and assumptions of it.

Venus is a weeb because of her mom's influence and because she honestly doesn't have anything going on besides that. Since the beginning, both her and Margo were hellbent on Venus becoming an aidoru to the point where Venus is isolated from people her age. They thought the Bodyline contest was going to be their big chance and when they found out it was far from it they decided to throw massive shade at Mr. Yan.

Besides look at her bf. I mean ffs her first relationship is with a 23yo dude. How fucking convenient is it? The dude is legally an adult and thus he can get married to Peenus without his parents' consent. The poor bastard is a tool to them and well, top kek tbh.

No. 42247

Lel half Japanese here, you don't sound Tumblr. These people were fucking irritating in high school and I'm pretty sure they're the new Tumblrites of today, because even back then they were a bunch of white kids prone to saying shit to myself and Asian Americans (as in second and third gens who didn't know any language besides English BECAUSE THEY WERE FUCKING BORN HERE AND HAD NO USE FOR IT) about how we weren't "azn enuff" because we didn't write fucking kanji and bring instant ramen to school like their precious animu characters. Embarrassing as fuck when some hambeast white girl walked into history while wearing cat ears and tried to speak pockytalk to our VIETNAMESE fucking teacher. I don't even care that they like Japanese food, music, idoru, anime, or whatever. It's about how you go about enjoying your interests which pisses everyone else off. Also, Venus' "lellele how 2 look half azn" makeup tutorial was ignorant as shit and not even on a Tumblr level. People don't get that full Asians can be racist as fuck against half or quarter Asians, even to the point of denying them employment and bullying them in school. But, yeah, I obviously don't know what I'm talking about because it's perfectly fine for little miss wasabi kit kat bar to do this because teehee so kawaii. ^_^

Venus isn't interested in anything besides ordering friggin' candy and pop culture. She knows fuck all about the history of the place she's obsessed with and is completely vapid.

No. 42305


I'm studying Japanese at university and when I enrolled I did expect there to be a high volume of weebs, however I was surprised to discover that the bulk were actually serious about learning the language.

There is this one guy on the course though who I'm positive is autistic and openly admits that he's only here because he wants to be able to understand anime when he watches it.

It's a 4 year course with a year of transfer.

He's paying £36,000 and wasting 4 years of his life so he can watch Chinese cartoons without subtitles.

No. 42308


Please share stories of weeb attempting to interact with you if you have any.

No. 42315

Bet they're using him. Margaret wouldn't give two shits if the guy wasn't Japanese nor a fan, oh no her daughter couldn't possibly never date a guy say…from the Netherlands. They have to be from the Land of Kawaii Desu, someone who can potentially give them more access to the country so she can live up the living doll idol dream and that's exactly what happened.

Manaki is a desperate fan who probably is actually head over heels in love with Venus (he literally bagged his idol crush) after several years and doesn't know what he's got himself into. Venus time and time again said she's too young to date plus she's never had experience in relationships. The opportunity rose to get herself back into Japan, what better way then through a fanboy who worships the ground she walks on? This ship will sink in no time.

No. 42329

Of course they're using him. Look at how happy he looks compared to how awkward and uncomfortable Venus looks, that's not genuine affection (though he also looks awkward at times too). You can see it a mile away

No. 42334


Too blinded by love to see the truth. I really feel sorry for him, makes sense why they've been out in Japan for so long now, practically living out there for free no doubt thanks to him. Can't wait for that Q&A video just to see how fake it all is.

No. 42336


Holy shit that's so sad. You have a good point but I really hope that's not the case. Poor dude.

No. 42345

I don't know if I feel sorry for him. We haven't really seen his side of this, he could full well be using her for his 15 seconds of fame just as much as they're using him. He seems to know how famous she is, its quite possible

No. 42347


Good point made there. Playing them at their own game would make this all pretty interesting.

No. 42371

When did Venus add a wishlist and Paypal donation link to her YouTube channel info?

No. 42393

Shooping aside, she looks so weird in this outfit. She really doesn't suit a classier, more mature style, she just doesn't have the face for it.

No. 42401

Where in the world does she get money for, well, anything? Maybe her boyfriend paid for her Japan haul, but she didn't start dating him until after she got to Japan (or maybe she did and I missed something?) so the flights and initial accommodation must have come from somewhere?

No. 42409

I kinda like it tbh, especially with her hair so curly/wavy. But then I have to remember this is shoop Venus.

I want to believe that they wanted to go to Japan. After snubbing this man for so long, they were like, 'fuck it', went to Japan with the help of him, and developed a relationship. While possibly living in his house.

Or she's getting money from fans or something, went to Japan, and the guy went to the area she is in to meet with her.

No. 42411

I'm unconvinced he'd buy her and Margaret tickets to Japan. I mean, it's Venus he's obsessed with, not her mother. Yeah, Venus/Margaret might have said that they'll only go to Japan if he pays for both of them, but I think most guys would be all 'fuck it' at that condition. He wouldn't be able to bone her if her mother is constantly hovering around them (come to think of it, does anyone think they've had sex? There's a morbidly curious part of me that wants to know)

He might have bought her clothes and shit from her haul since lots of guys buy their girlfriends things (though the amount of stuff she got is too much to receive and accept as a gift IMO), but I don't think he paid for their tickets.

No. 42417

Wait a minute why is there no mphan thread?

No. 42424

Feel free to make one, but I don't think there's much to say about her. It'd be the same stuff over and over again about her plastic surgery, faking being a gamer gurl and her videos/makeup inabilities. There isn't much new stuff she puts out that's really worth discussing imo, her videos are all equally mediocre.

No. 42509

File: 1421939377816.jpg (40.68 KB, 628x406, 00d02.jpg)

Margo has been in contact with him for a while already.

No. 42510

File: 1421939534885.jpg (85.1 KB, 720x960, 10940484_808868989148553_63925…)

How can she post pics like this besides shooped ones and still claim she is all natural? Whatever, she posted a screenshot of her next video and she is basicly sitting in brand clothes alone in a traditional-looking room of a japanese house.

No. 42511

File: 1421939665340.png (517.65 KB, 843x475, click.png)

She already got all her plushies into there so it is obvious they moved.

No. 42680

she looks cute and Ilike her outfit. She looks better than in these alien pics

No. 42681

Living with the dude? Because Margo have no money and Venus don't earn lots of money. Also her mother isn't working in Japan since she doesn't speak Japanese. The only one that speaks Japanese is Venus and I doubt she's working, maybe she gets a work to have a visa but idk

No. 42697

No, they don't live with him, judging by Margo's IG they are living in a old tiny japanese house, the one that is also infront of her last Japan Haul video.

No. 42705

File: 1421958058727.jpg (80.79 KB, 1024x572, image.jpg)

No. 42707

File: 1421958175589.jpg (172.11 KB, 720x864, image.jpg)

No. 42708

File: 1421958253868.jpg (134.59 KB, 720x864, image.jpg)

No. 42711

File: 1421958529188.jpg (144.9 KB, 720x864, image.jpg)

No. 42712

File: 1421958614322.jpg (246.63 KB, 720x1200, image.jpg)

No. 42734

Jesus Christ, how terrifying. Purikura machines are a creation of the devil.

No. 42736

File: 1421963260531.jpg (14.08 KB, 180x163, dur.JPG)

Yeah I was just about to comment that.
Who the fuck thinks this doesn't look retarded?

No. 42737

File: 1421963316590.jpg (15.44 KB, 204x271, dd.JPG)


No. 42746

Eh, compared to Phan, I think RinRin looked pretty tame. >>42737 That fucking face horrifies me.

No. 42747

File: 1421964989963.jpg (325.34 KB, 684x684, RinRin-013.jpg)

Tbh I think RinRin always looks stupid when she's opening her eyes wide and trying to be ~kawaii~ since her face actually looks relatively mature. I don't really understand what AP sees in her. Is it the tiny mouth? Because if so, Venus might actually stand a chance in glorious Nippon.

No. 42753

did she forget to pack her top lip? damn.

No. 42759

Just as retarded as the japanese websites that look like if they were made in the 90s, they just have bad taste.

No. 42761

Venus did model for BTSSB already.

No. 42775

she looks like a giant compared to that lady, damn. how tallis Venus?

No. 42776

Maybe these shitty Purikura machines are actually supposed to creep people out and make them laugh or something. I can't imagine anyone thinking that looks good.

No. 42800

Eugh Michelle looks worse than usual thanks to the magic of Purikura.

No. 42880

Her hair looks so thin and frazzled…

It took me a minute to work out which was Venus because they all look the fucking same, and even then I only recognised her by the earrings

No. 42902

Is it just the lighting, or is her foundation too light for her? Her whole face is a different colour from her ears and her neck. She also looks hella flat because she doesn't contour and she hasn't put on blush (I wonder if it's because she's realised she's shit at applying it?)

No. 42927

she's like 5'5 or 5'6, that lady's probably just short

No. 42928

ugh, this is the worst purikura machine ever. I have never seen it this extreme

No. 42964

Can you get a visa if you work for youtube making X videos peer week in the building of youtube? (TAlking about e-celebs like Venus, Michelle, Kota…)

No. 42991

… no because earning money with YouTube is no employment with a company, you earn money from the shown ads. Those YouTube Space things are basicly only a lounge that you can access for free as YouTube partner but you still have to pay everything yourself.

No. 42993

They're probably on tourist visas, not work visas.

No. 42996

I think they're on tourist visas like that one girl who's in black diamond. (i didn't follow her thread too much. doesn't she just come frequently on tourist visas but tries to get men on craigslist or something to marry her? margret definitely wants venus to marry her bf and i'm sure she's looking for someone to marry too)

No. 43001

But tourist visas are only for 3 months and she brought her stuff with her

No. 43022

It doesn't take long to get another tourist visa, they would only have to go to some other country for few weeks and stay with a host family which means the costs are pretty much 0.

No. 43041

As someone who is nearly abusing this system…

You're allowed a maximum of 180 days a year by tourist visa. For me, that means dicking around in each country for 3 months alternating.

I've heard stories of people taking a day trip to Korea and hopping back on a plane the same day to renew their visa to get back to back 90 day visas. It's doable, but not many times or they'll get on your case about it. There will definitely be issues if you're doing it to stay in Japan for longer than 180 days in a year though.

No. 43057

They don't care about any laws anyways.

They basicly stole from a company, moved a couple of times to not get sued for evading taxes on their YouTube income, got in debt for ruining a houseboat not long ago (which they sure didn't pay too before leaving the country), etc.

No. 43256

No, just no.

No. 43258

Forgot to mention that every thing she is using is that expensive as fuck crappy Channel makeup and she cakes it on as if it was the cheapest stuff ever.

No. 43259

her foundation is so dark tf
did she even try at all

No. 43270

she promised q&a with her bf
where is the q&a video penus

No. 43271

Everything about this video is painful from the extreme weeaboo-ism, poor application of makeup (you don't need to cake on Chanel makeup like that FFS), the awful music, the… Everything. Oh god, it was cringe-worthy.

No. 43273

The only positive thing is that she didn't speak.

No. 43278


Extreme crazy eyes going on in that preview

No. 43279

oh my fucking god this is just horrible. She's like 'hey look i'm using Chanel but I don't fucking know how to use the shadows'. The any cushion by Etude House is too dark and she applied it so bad. She's pale so she should use the green one which enlightens your face and covers redness. I'm almost as pale as Venus and Etude's shades are too dark for me, I have to mix the bb cream with the cc cream and then apply with a beauty blender. The best for her (our) skin tone is the bb cream by Skin79 that has green package.
And lol @ the eye makeup.

No. 43300

Chanel is not expensive. She's using it wrong, though.

No. 43312

skin79 orange is pretty decent if you're pale with yellow tones

No. 43315

Depends on your definition of expensive. I hate spending a lot on make-up, so i would define Chanel as expensive. Agreed with the shitty appliance though. I only use make-up on occasion and even i know how to use eyeshadows :/

No. 43341

Was scrolling through /pt/ and this popped up- I thought it was fucking Margo doing ~ultra kawaii~ makeup because of those crazy eyes.

No. 43355

With a purchase the Skin79 staff gave me a few freebies and the orange looks horrible on me, mine is green. Venus's skin and mine are different but we both are pales, maybe hers is the orange one. She should expend her money better… the saleswoman doesn't say anything to her? If she bought it online she's not aware of her tone? And if she bought it in Japan (because Etude has a store there, and you can get Chanel stuff there) the saleswoman knows 0 about makeup… Idk what is worse haha

No. 43395

I don't understand that eyeshadow application. "Take this colour and apply it all over the lid, then take this slightly darker colour and also apply it over the lid, then repeat with a darker shade and a shade darker than that"

Also her application of the lip tint is really weird, she just smothers her lips with the product like it's lip gloss and even smooshes her lips together, even though she would need to be a lot more precise with the application for such a bold shade.

Venus knows less about makeup than the average girl her age, despite her mother buying her everything she could ever want.

I'd consider it expensive, and I think for
the majority of people who aren't into makeup hardcore, it would be too much to spend on a single product.

No. 43410

Some of Chanel's products are on par with some middle end brands [or they just happen to be a little more expensive] in terms of price, but this also depends on the country. A lot of people get the impression it's expensive because it's a designer brand, but in fact it isn't. Some brands like Armani or Tom Ford do happen to be more expensive, though. Plus, Chanel is not bad at all. I'm yet to try the shadows but stuff like their lipsticks and foundations are worth the price. Then again, I invest a lot into makeup.

But back to Venus.

She doesn't know how to use an eyeshadow palette nor does she know how to apply concealer. It doesn't make sense for her to apply a shadow on her entire lid and then another shadow on the entire lid again. She applied the four eyeshadows one on top of another and this ended up making her eyes look like one solid color. She didn't give depth to her eyes at all.

She hasn't really learned how to use makeup; she's just switched to high end brands in hopes of making it look less shitty but if you don't know how to apply it properly then you'll most likely end up with the same result.

No. 43421

You'd think her makeup skills would have improved, since she's been doing tutorials for literally years, but she actually seems to have gotten worse.

Actually, I think I've put my finger on why Venus is so fucking weird. She's both trying to act older and act younger at the same time. Her claim to fame is her living doll persona which she can't keep up as she ages, so her cutesy antics with her alpaca plushies (idk and idc what they're actually called), for example, look so weird in a video where she's also doing a full face of makeup using 'mature'/'adult' products to do a first date makeup tutorial. She's getting older and therefore is forced to be more mature as she approaches her late teens and 20s, but she's not letting go of her younger self, making for one fucking weird person.

No. 43423

MAC is hella expensive where I live (somewhere around $35-40 for a single lipstick, and I think a foundation can be $70 and up), so Chanel is in a price range I'm not even going to consider when it comes to buying makeup.

And about Venus, I think her using high end products just highlights how bad her skills are more than anything. She's using decent products from reputable brands, she can't blame how bad her skills are on bad products. I don't think she even does any research on makeup, she just assumes she knows what she's doing (hence why she packed on four colours of shadow on top of each other using just a flat shader brush) because even a 5 second google search will tell you the most basic stuff you need to know

No. 43430

Are you an Aussie? I remember someone saying it was super expensive down there and it was surprising, because MAC is only middle end up here and treated as high end by ghetto bitches.

No. 43432

Kiwi, and makeup is ridiculously expensive here. Drugstore products start at about $15 (I think I paid $12 for one of the Maybelline Color Tattoos once, and that was with a discount), average price for drugstore is somewhere between $25-30. Totally not in proportion to the exchange rate at all.

No. 43458

Yeah I got that vibe from her last video. Like she's trying to show she's upgraded but her skills are still the same. She doesn't really know what's she's doing and soon enough the hype will be over.

I'm still waiting for that goddamned Q&A video she promised though.

No. 43467

If you read through the comments, people are beginning to see through her facade more and more. Her popularity seems to be waning a little and people seem to like her less and less. The top comments aren't all "oh, you're so cute!" anymore, and one person even said she looks like a turtle which made me giggle.

No. 43469

i don't think venus truly cares for makeup, her technique would've definitely improved if that were the case. i'm like the same age as venus, i don't wear makeup too often and i started wearing it later than venus has, and my technique has vastly improved. she apparently wears it daily, correct me if i'm wrong but i remember her saying that she does, and there's no sort of improvement, she's like foreverkailyn in that aspect.

maybe living in japan will help her in that aspect since looking at >>41670 she has a similar eye shape to mine and i find asian makeup techniques work better on me than the average western makeup techniques. also, am i the only one surprised she hasn't tried out eyelid tape? she would greatly benefit from wearing it, especially if she's trying to be a doll. it really makes a huge difference in your eyes when you wear it and i don't think i've ever seen dolls with hooded/tapered eyelids.

No. 43472

I think the only real reason she does these makeup videos is because it's well, expected of her. She's all about being this living doll and using makeup to achieve that look (photoshop too, but I don't think she'd admit to that), and over time people have requested she does makeup tutorials, and so she's obliging. Her look is probably 75% photoshop but people think it's 100% makeup, so when she does tutorials and doesn't have photoshop to hide behind and fix her mistakes, it becomes obvious just how bad she is. If she was genuinely into makeup, she'd be watching videos, researching and practicing, and it's obvious she doesn't. It's not really like she doesn't have the time to do so, she doesn't attend school IIRC and has the time to go to Japan on holiday so she can't be too busy to work on her makeup skills. It's even worse when she starts using more expensive products incorrectly or badly, because it's obvious she's only using the name to help her credibility.

No. 43473

Also the one about whether a dick would fit in her mouth

No. 43475

i 100% agree. i also think being a beauty guru on youtube has become a thing most girls use to get attention. majority of the beauty&fashion gurus i've seen are shit at makeup (or can only do one look or can only make their face/features look good.) and have no fashion sense. i'm not even shitting on people into different looks than i am into, i mean they suck at coordinating outfits/colors and pick things that don't flatter them.

No. 43481

>i also think being a beauty guru on youtube has become a thing most girls use to get attention.
Oh, most definitely, it seems like every second girl on youtube runs a fashion/makeup channel and is begging for subscribers in the comments of more popular beauty gurus. The ones that seem to have made it are those that started off years ago and kept at it, while the newer ones seem to want instant popularity and don't keep at it, since they're in it for all the wrong reasons. The good ones keep doing it because they want to improve and you can tell which ones they are.

No. 43482

living in japan may or may not, but people are used to shopped asians online or subculture shit. the average asian woman actually spends more money per year on skin care products, while the average western woman spends more on makeup per year. sure, they wear makeup, but the culture of china, south korea, and japan are more about skin care than globbing makeup on. its about slowing down aging and reducing the amount of collagen loss you have as you age, as well as staying out of the sun and having a diet rich in fish, vegetables, and fruit. some even go as far as to avoid chocolate and black tea. venus has this granny thing going on with her face at such a young age already and no amount of hime cut or black hair coloring will make her asian.

No. 43492

I had to go back to the video to read the comments, but I see it. People are calling her out on the foundation being mismatched.

I think that it's also expected of her because she's been doing crappy makeup tutorials since forever, but now she seems to want to look more sophisticated which is kinda laughable. At her age I wasn't that well versed in makeup as I am now, but I didn't have these many mistakes in my routine. It's a really, really stupid thing to buy high end makeup if you still don't know what you're doing. That's when it becomes a waste of money.

No. 43496

>but now she seems to want to look more sophisticated which is kinda laughable
Again, that comes back to her getting older and being less able to pull off the living doll thing. Her facial features have changed as she's grown and they don't lend well to her persona, and the living doll trend isn't popular anymore, which is basically all she has going for her, both online and IRL. Her face is really weird and at the age she is now, it's too young looking for any mature or sophisticated look while still having grown out of being suitable for her living doll persona.

No. 43520

Mac is medium over here in the Netherlands. Only the palettes are crazy expensive. But i just buy Catrice anyways. Its not as good as more expensive brand, but with some practice you can make it work and have some cute colors for cheap.

No. 43566

File: 1422201500593.png (392.86 KB, 475x554, 4354.png)

No. 43568

i.e. "ask us things that we'll ignore in favour of our own questions that we've written to make ourselves look as good as possible"

God, I really couldn't stand having Venus' life. She has no friends except her mother who is constantly around her, and her 'boyfriend' who just happened to have appeared out of nowhere one day after her ignoring her for years on twitter. It must be awful having such a boring, unfulfilling life. I wonder what she (and Margaret) is going to do in 5-10 years when she's irrelevant. She's already losing her relevancy, and she was at the height of her popularity only a few years back. She doesn't have much time left.

No. 43569

>her ignoring her
>her ignoring *HIM

No. 43571

>this stupid fucking dramatic trying to look how asians pose shit

No. 43623

lol it's because it appears as though she has no top lip, which also adds to why she looks so much older

No. 43637

I wonder if you shout up one of Margo's nostrils, if would it echo…

No. 43661

She tryna be gyaru now?

No. 43672

Maybe onee gyaru if anything.
That's the closest to what her current style is looking like.

No. 43674

It was Margo's mistake in thinking it was a good idea to publicly have it known that her daughter is dating someone (And quite obvious Margo pushed Venus to date the man so he can take care of them while they are in Japan)

Venus was on idol rules. Since a lot of her fans were male, it was best to keep up this innocent virgin facade. Now more and more guys care less about her and some of her more crazy fans actually hate her now.

I just think Margo is scum of the earth. She can't do anything unless she is leeching off of Venus or selling her out. The sooner Venus realizes she is better without her parasitic mother the better she will bloom as a person. Ditch the hag Venus!

No. 43685

Nah but "somebody" bought her gyaru brand luckypacks and she is always wearing their contents ever since that.

No. 43686

Their relationship reminds me of the stockholm syndome, just with the difference that Venus was born by her abuser.

No. 43689

But who knows… it could be the new gimmick she's trying to latch on to as she ages… and she does have easy access to brand items since she's in Japan atm.

No. 43694


Lots of her male fans were pissed when finding out she's seeing someone. Of course this guy had to be Japanese, someone needed to provide them with the funds to continue their vacation there after all. Venus has been this 'idol' like person for ages, Margo definitely had something to do with it. No friends, but close to her mother and suddenly has a boyfriend-but still no friends? Not even a slight hint or photo of them. Not buying it.

No. 43702

Luckypacks explains why shit doesn't match.

No. 43710

Lol I love how that q&a video with her boyfriend got ignored and she jumped straight to >>43566

I'm just following her page to see how this shit ends.

No. 43778


Apparently her boyfriend got a cold over the weekend, so no Q&A video till later this week according to her Twitter just now.

No. 44791

File: 1422632421560.jpg (47.89 KB, 540x960, 10339720_812798292088956_60649…)

Seems like she loves Meitu a bit too much.

No. 44802

I think its mostly because as she gets older it becomes more and more apparent that she looks nothing like her shooped photos so she has to resort to more and more extreme shooping. That, and she's a total weeb

No. 44906

Holy fuck, she has no lips at all, omg. I'm like really scared.

Even when watching that date video, it was scary

No. 44922

I got problems, because I find this pretty cute.

No. 44928

This is cute. Too bad her face is a huge blur. I'm sure she looked fine before the shoop.

No. 44998

Looks like she wants to look japanese or chinese lol

No. 45004

Anon that's literally what she's been trying to do since forever.

No. 45011


Same here anon. Honestly, I find a lot of girls that get posted on this board pretty adorable, and come here more so I can enjoy them than anything else.

No. 45025

Its cute, but it doesn't look like her. Its not Venus, and that's the main problem I have with shooping in general. Shoop all you want, as long as its a fair representation of what you look like IRL.

No. 45162

no one was saying it wasn't cute, just the fact that her nose doesnt freakin exist
and where the hell has her mouth evaporated to

No. 45164

not 44928 sorry bb
meant >>44922

No. 45187

File: 1422722014421.gif (182.41 KB, 250x188, 1418813284652.gif)

Lol silly anon.

She had no mouth to begin with!

No. 45201

She tries so hard to look asian and be a living doll again with her cutesy clothes.
>"Penus Pathetic"
>my sides

No. 45207

Her boyfriend looks like Onision

No. 45363

File: 1422758466556.jpg (63.18 KB, 540x960, 1517416_813387788696673_115130…)

Does he wear eyeliner or is it just me?

No. 45365

File: 1422758561986.jpg (70.25 KB, 720x720, 10968489_813553175346801_21400…)

This dress makes her look like pregnant.

No. 45369

Aww he's cute

No. 45401

he is super cute!

No. 45413

I don't see how he's cute, I really don't find him very attractive. He's not ugly, but he's not especially attractive either imo, just another average guy. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

No. 45414

It's probably just good old yellow fever.

No. 45415

Probably. I'm not surprised, given the sort of people that frequent this place, but I've never been into Asians

No. 45416

not who you're responding to, but i can see how he's cute in like, a goofy little kid way. he's not cute in an attractive way, though. if that makes sense.

No. 45418

I get the distinction you're making, but I still don't really see him that way, probably because of his age. He's the sort of guy I'd be friends with, but never be into in any other way than platonically.

No. 45419

That looks nothing like her.

No. 45421

Not yellow fever, I am just into guys who look like goofy little kids I guess

No. 45466

Well it's purikura

No. 45472


Part of me wants Penus to get married to this guy, get a visa, and then leave Margaret hanging to dry back in Europe.

No. 45474

Has Japan loosened their immigration laws to allow her to just move there like that though? And what in the world would she do there anyway, she has no real marketable skills to benefit her in the long run, I highly doubt she knows anything about cooking and cleaning and running a household, and his family won't support them forever, regardless of how rich they are.

No. 45507

Don't forget that in Japan the wife gets the access all over the husband's income.

No. 45515

I don't know much about the guy, DOES he have an income?

No. 45520

Do you really think that Margo would let her daughter date somebody without one?

No. 45534


He most likely does, or just comes from a well off family. Who else would be able to financially support Marg's and Venus's weeb dreams in Kawaiiland?

No. 45556

I can't wait for a super qt girl to replace Venus

No. 45611

File: 1422830929620.jpg (499.69 KB, 1200x1678, 066.jpg)

someone like Nicole Fujita

No. 45615

Like Kota. Leave that shitty family and live her life hah they should get married there and forget about their parents. Venus' mother is toxic, like Kota's mother and sister.
I'm not fan of them but hell if I were them I'd leave everything and I'd change my surname
'Hey sweetie there's the money'
'But sweetie is for…'
Like that.

No. 45719

Touche. I think someone mentioned he's from a rich family and I figured that and being Japanese is good enough for Margaret. If he does have an income, I doubt its very high considering he's only 23. Like I said, his family is likely not going to want to support them forever.

No. 45996

File: 1422938013563.png (19.25 KB, 100x100, photo.jpg.png)

What the actual fuck is going on with her new Youtube icon?

No. 46003

That is not a good look. Wow.

No. 46007

Very few of her looks are good looks, anon.

No. 46012

Jesus christ she looks just like her mother

No. 46015

Oh my GOD THEY HAVE THE SAME NOSE. I NEVER NOTICED. Thanks to all her bright ass lightning!

No. 46020

Late to the party but did anyone notice how weirdly bent the umbrella is?

No. 46034

Venus definitely takes after Margaret, which may be why Margaret is so much of a pageant mother. Poor Venus is not going to age well, I'd say she has a few years left before it all goes downhill for her, especially if she keeps slathering on makeup like she does.

No. 46049

File: 1422973045688.jpg (45.23 KB, 540x960, 10968574_814584311910354_18190…)

Seems like she is going for that stupid blowfish face now.

No. 46054

Does anyone else seem to think Venus has lost her relevance? She gets a lot more concrit and even negative comments on her videos now, and she seems to be jumping onto more popular bandwagons in a desperate attempt to get back to what she used to be.

No. 46058

Yep, she is irrelevant. She hardly updates social media apart from food pics or the odd selfie. Her YouTube is pretty much dead, she's gotten really boring.

No. 46060

Is the tag still on her shirt??

No. 46065

No. 46241

Oh my god Venus, get your life together.

No. 46249

File: 1423048901961.jpg (105.37 KB, 768x960, 10321100_816095218425930_35110…)

"Hopefully it will snow soon in Tokyo so I can build cute snow sculptures, take tons of pictures with which I will molest your timeline.
So, what are your hopes and plans for this month? ♥"
>molest your timeline
Not so innocent now, eh Venus?

No. 46250

File: 1423048976004.jpg (75.58 KB, 960x960, 10377547_815767421792043_46666…)

She looks so much like a sex doll the way she shoops her skin completely smooth but leaves texture to her hair and the rest of the picture. That blush also looks shooped on.

No. 46257


It's not shoop brah' it's a camera application that targets and smooths the skin.
I have the same one built into my phone and it looks exactly like this.

No. 46266

Are you sure? She's been on a meitu kick recently. Either way, it looks like shit.

No. 46281

Not that anonm but pretty sure. I had a friend with a camera like that. And all pictures she took of me looked badly shooped

No. 46283

I think it looks cute…. def not like shit.

No. 46431

I don't see what's so cute about looking like you're made of plastic, but different strokes for different folks, I guess.

No. 46445

The amount of uneven editing on her nose, are people blind?

No. 46477

I just can't believe Margaret's and Venus' inability to think long term
>markets Venus as a young, innocent living doll from her early teens despite the fact that its a given her appearance is going to change as she gets older and develops
>pulls Venus out of school for a career on YouTube despite how short of a career its going to be
>moves all over the world, so she really doesn't have a foundation or place to call her home>nor does she have at friends
>starts dating some guy several years older than her simply because he's Japanese and possibly rich, and publicises it all over the internet during early days despite the fact that chances are that it might not even last
>moves to Japan(?) because they have no hope in wherever the fuck they were before, despite the fact that they have nothing to do there and no source of income

No. 46488

ummm, i meant cute as in adorable….i don't know why you're so mad and confused about that……

No. 46491

They said he was cute. Not a smokin hot model. I don't think they were thinking of it in a sexual way like you are ya fuckin creeper.

No. 46498

I actually like this picture…she looks like an android. :D

No. 46506

File: 1423108698545.jpg (90.37 KB, 432x576, 01_001.jpg)

oh man, this is hella off-topic but i thought it was a little interesting.
so, i was on ailand's website looking at clothes when i stumbled upon this. my first thought was "man, this kid looks a hell of a lot like shooped venus."

No. 46513

That kid is cute as fuck. Sorry for OT

No. 46521

uhhh this looks like venus without shoop actually.

she usually shoops her face thinner even though it's fat. which is cute to me. she could still look like this if she wanted to.
just stop shooping skin dead paper white and that brown hair colour would look good on her, and dark eyes too.

she actually looks just like her it's a little scary tbh. she doesn't have a little kids body anymore though…….

No. 46523

That's exactly what I was thinking. It looks like Venus without shoop and makeup if she was a little tired maybe. Its eerie.

No. 46535

Besides that her nose is developing a split nosetip like her mom's.

No. 46576

It has been 6 days since she claimed to start editing the FAQ, I think it will never get done

No. 46618

Q&A is out.
I'm not mobile, or else I'd link it.

No. 46620

I come to deliver

Couldn't finish it because I kinda cringed.

No. 46625

At around 4 minutes
the guy says that "venus on youtube is cheerful and bright"

but the word he used was 「派手」(gaudy) and not 「元気」(cheerful) lmfao

No. 46633

DID ANYONE NOTICE HE SAID HE THOUGHT SHE WAS PRETTY IN 2011? How old was Venus back then, 13-14?! And he would been near 20!

No. 46634

File: 1423135519994.png (830.52 KB, 1053x739, Skärmavbild 2015-02-05 kl. 11…)

I have never seen such an awkward couple. Also a 22 year old guy stalking a 16 year old girl is not creepy at all.

No. 46635

Nobody even noticed he was basically a pedo lol, he looks like he's 12

No. 46636

Venus looks really haggard in this video, she really needs to quit tugging at her skin and wearing so much makeup.

They both look so uncomfortable with each other imo. I get Venus acting like that because she's never had a social life, let alone a boyfriend. You'd think with him being older with more experience, he'd attempt to make her feel more comfortable. They're both acting like kids with crushes on each other. I'm not sure if it's a kawaii act or they're really just that awkward.

No. 46638


So she's dating her pedo stalker?

No. 46641

is six years really that huge of an age gap? Serious question

No. 46642


In Western countries yes. It's not a big age gap if the couple is older, eg, 42 and 48, but the younger they are the weirder it is because one person will be fare more immature and underdeveloped

No. 46643

Not when you're both adults, but I think when one is in their mid teens and the other is in their early 20s its significant. Most people mature A LOT between those ages, so when Venus is his age she may be a completely different person to how she is now which can impact the relationship heaps.

No. 46644

Havent watched it yet, but they don't look coupley at all in that screenshot. I thought they were supposed to be all ~in love~?

No. 46646

Wait… They're wearing the same clothes as in >>45365, meaning it was probably filmed the same day as the took the photo. Wasn't he supposed to have 'gotten sick' since then, hence why the FAQ was late?

No. 46647

I think it depends. One of my good friends was about 17/18 when she started dating a guy she met in her college course who was 27. When she told me I thought that was really weird since it was a huge age gap but when I met him he looked and spoke like he was our age, you would never guess he was 27, he fit right in with me and my peers. I felt alright with the gap after meeting him since it felt no different than having someone our age dating my friend.
I guess I'm getting the same vibe from Venus' bf because I'm 22 myself and he doesn't feel like he's my age at all, I would have said 18 at the absolute maximum. So in my opinion I don't think in this particular scenario it's that weird, but that's just my opinion. It depends on the people involved.

No. 46648

Spitting image of her mother here.

No. 46649

There's also the fact that he has been following her channel which is targetted at tween/teenage girls, and also the fact that he literally stalked her to meet her. He's more than a tad creepy.

No. 46650

When it came to questions like 'what do you like about each other?' and other more meaningful questions they were so…formal and just plain awkward. They sat a fair distance apart from each other the whole time too and it all just seems so fake and staged. All i got from that was that he likes how pretty she is and she likes that his eyes are like cats' eyes and thats hes cool? I'm glad people seem to be picking up on how weird this is, reading through the comments.

No. 46652

My partner and I are in a similar situation with a 7 year age gap (though 3 years after). I was kind of "star struck" in a sense that someone so cool liked me. I wouldn't just pass it off as being shallow.

There was a girl who was a serial crush-haver. She had a crush on my partner and when I asked her a similar question she gave me a meaningless wordy answer.

Physical attraction is pretty fundamental. Who knows, they might get bored of each other. They seem pretty compatible.

No. 46653

He needs to brush his teeth.
Apart from that, they seem awkward and in that sense, compatible.

But also nonetheless quite shallow and the story is super creepy. It also feels like Venus likes the feeling of having someone have feeling for her and flatter her with compliments more than anything else.

No. 46654

I didn't mean that they were shallow or that physical attraction isn't important, its just that it seemed like physical attraction is all they like about each other. Even when it came to what they have in common, it was things like "we both like cats", which seems like a cop out answer.

No. 46657

I don't think it's that surprising that he has poor social skills too, he strikes me as the kind of guy who just sat on the computer and tweeted at girls occasionally. I kinda doubt he has a ton of friends either.

No. 46658

My relationship is quite similiar with hers.
When I first met my boyfruend I was 13, he was around 21. We only knew each other from seeing but never talked or anything and didn't know his age.
When I was 17 we both started the same education and also started dating, he was 25 then. He also doesn't look like his age, now he is 28 and sometimes people think he is still 18. He has a babyface, always happy, still a bit immature and childish.

When he asked me for the first time what I liked about him I said "…well you're cute and you're nice to me" because is was shy, nervous, crushing hard and didn't know what else to say.
They just started their first relationship, they are both still shy and not comfortable yet with each other and everything is awkward and plus its on camera. Give them some time. Not everyone is loud and open and starts making out on the first date.

No. 46701

isn't venus 17, turning 18 this year

No. 46704

Yes but he said in the video that he went to disney land just to see her in 2013, so Venus had just turned 16 at the time.

No. 46708

So basically you are dating a guy who likes little girls and somehow looked like a little boy at the time? Thats some crazy pedo shit there.

No. 46711

I think it's cute how she always pets his hair like he's a little animal lmao.

But their age gap is kind of creepy since he started being interested in her when she was a very young teenager? And the fact that he stalked her to Disneyland. Well, if Venus likes it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 46715

Did he stalk her to disneyland? Or did she have a meetup?

No. 46716

File: 1423155948513.jpg (35.98 KB, 568x332, rt.JPG)

she looks very old

No. 46717

they said they haven't even kissed yet. i guess since it's their first for both of them, it's like watching awkward 13 year olds lol

No. 46726

She looks like her mom but with a round face.

No. 46728

Am I the only one that thought they were cute?

I mean yeah the age gap is big now, but when she's a bit older 6 years is nothing, it's not like he's an old man or anything.

No. 46731

I thought it was cute. Although they hugged kinda awkward, they seemed to have fun. They play fighted a bit and laughed. Didnt seem fake to me or anything. Just a bit awkward as they are both each others first BF/GF and don't really know how to behave.

No. 46732

don't worry, i thought they were cute too! might be because i'm also socially awkward like venus, so their relationship looked very normal to me in the video.

No. 46734

I am >>46731 and i agree. I am also an introvert and a bit awkward. I have had some relationships now so i am less awkward (still a bit) but in my first two i acted just like that. Not sure when appropriate to touch. Kinda giggly. Ect

No. 46742

Since when is a 17 year old still a little girl?

No. 46747

The guy said that he's liked Venus since she was 13-14

No. 46750

17 is really young anon. Are you barely legal?

No. 46763

File: 1423163180743.jpg (289.8 KB, 1125x1630, image.jpg)

I was looking at her bf's Twitter and found this post… it's from March but I find it creepy that he posts pictures of dolls. And always joke about him being her "stalker". This looks just like his princess Venus!

No. 46771

File: 1423164782927.gif (Spoiler Image, 277.95 KB, 250x188, tumblr_me7yprvs1p1rnroq3o1_250…)

I wonder if hes a bjd fucker.

No. 46774


No. 46775

Well hina matsuri is about dolls.

No. 46781

>>46747 >>46750
I was talking about >>46708
My bf is obviously a pedo because he was 25 and I was 17 when we started dating.
Nearly 4 years later and we are still together. Yup obviously some crazy pedo shit.

No. 46782

I just watched the BF Q&A and it seemed pretty cute tbh. I'm not really a fan of Venus (seldom ever watch her vids and find her "on" persona annoying) but their relationship doesn't really seem that weird to me. Yeah, he's 6 years older, but that doesn't really matter depending on their maturity levels and what not. I'm actually pretty happy for her, they seem cute together. Probably helps it's both their first relationship, so they're both learning this together on equal footing.

No. 46784

That's a creepy big age gap if my 17 year old daughter dated a 25 year old man I would have a serious conversation with her.

No. 46786

I know, and I don't think that the anon ment he was a pedo just because he's 23 and she's 17. I think they were more focusing on the fact that the guy found a 13-14 year old girl attractive when he was 19-20 which should raise some serious red flags.

No. 46788

well, there goes my lunch. That's a whole new level of objectifying women. Wow.

No. 46789

A 25 year old man hitting on and dating a 17 year old girl is disgusting. No way around it. There's something wrong with him.

No. 46793

Am I the only one who doesn't see the issue here? It's nbd really. At least he's not 30 wtf

No. 46794

No offense but you're probably young yourself so you don't get it but when you hit 20+ you really begin to see and understand the mental differences between teens and people above 20. I used to think things like that weren't gross too until I mentally matured more.

No. 46796

isnt hinamatsuri a doll festival though?

No. 46797

Yeah, I'm 22 right now and I can't possibly imagine dating a teenager BUT I think there are circumstances where its plausible. Personally for me it just seems weird because I'm going to college, getting more interested in long-term relationships (aka eventually leading to marriage, whereas teenagers still have a lot more time before that's going to be acceptable) so where we are in life would just be way off. But maybe if the older one is kind of behind socially, like a neet or something, and the younger one is more independent, already getting places I could see it happening. Like maybe Venus and her bf aren't really that far off in stages of their lives.

No. 46815

Oh god why didn't read first?

No. 46817

Kind of, it's the girl's festival where they celebrate for them becoming good housewives.

No. 46833

>Clicks video
>Hajima whatever chocolate
>laughs so hard I drop tablet.

No. 46834

File: 1423181049273.jpg (50.08 KB, 316x676, ss (2015-02-05 at 07.01.57).jp…)

Sorry for double post, but her side profile is fuckin weird

No. 46841

People with chubby cheeks/round faces ten to look this way from the side >.< we know it too, its awful. If I was posting on the internet where everyone can see I'd avoid this angle at all cost.

No. 46851

>.< stop that shit

No. 46855

Exactly. I'm almost 23 and every one of my peers has matured dramatically between the end of high school and now and I guarantee Venus will change in the next 4-5 years too. My parents have a 6 year age gap (and some of their friends have more) so the age gap by itself isn't weird IMO, its the age gap combined with how old they are. Like someone mentioned above, no one would bat an eye if they were 42 and 48, its the fact that they have such a big age gap relative to their ages that makes it odd in this case.

No. 46857

She wouldn't look so bad if she hadn't tucked her hair behind her ears

No. 46858

she looks like a mother in her 40s

honestly, he looks creepy too, not just because he's attracted to children, but because he has a weird looking face in general

No. 46859

This looks likes its from an infomercial where the hosts secretly hate each others guts

No. 46860

Thanks for letting us know that you have a fat face.

No. 46861

I can't help but think BJD stands for Blow Job Doll whenever I read it and this isn't helping.

No. 46863

No way, her face is going in a downward slope. That has nothing to do with her face being chubby/round and more to do with the fact that it looks like she constantly has something in her mouth.

No. 46869

LOL I'm Asian and have a round face and my face does not look like that retarded thing from the side

No. 46871

Good for you, but no one cares.

No. 46873

Hey, newfag? The post was relevant since this fuckin weeb sluts herself around with meitu and shit trying to look Aznn amgs kawaii.

No. 46874


No. 46876

… why did you call them a newfag of all things?

No. 46880




does anybody elese think venus would look better a little more tan? why does she look like she is covered in thick suncreen or some shit. also she needs a better haircut or something…..

No. 46881

File: 1423196450694.jpg (133.32 KB, 756x564, 1281368364156-s756x564-96415.j…)

No. 46882

what does you being asian have to do with anything? the fuck….

No. 46883

she looks washed out as fuck.

No. 46884

Asians have flat faces and pushed in monkey noses.

No. 46887

How many times will she spam this video on her FB? It is getting annoying.

No. 46892

>why does she look like she is covered in thick suncreen or some shit
Because she wears foundation that's way too light for her, and she cakes it on. The OP is a clear example.

I don't think her haircut is too bad, it's just a bit bland when she wears it the same way all the time. It's miles better than her unicorn hair though.

I didn't realise she posted it three times in 14 hours, JFC.

Also does anyone think its a bit conceited that she runs the Facebook page for her own 'fanclub'?

No. 46899

17 is almost an adult and it's NOT in any way a little girl.

No. 46900

this applies to most of the cases however there are some teens that are 15-17 and they're mentally 20 and extremely smart and too mature for their age so
i know it's not venus's case, but not all teens are like that

No. 46902

That is something that children say. Adults know that being 'almost' an adult is far different from being one. It may be a year but the difference in what you do and what is expected of you is pretty drastic.

No there isnt. I know many girls who dated older and it always ended up with them being taken advantage of because they though they were so ~mature~ for their age. In reality their 20+ year old boyfriend was preying on teenagers for an easy fuck. Girls do mature faster than guys but not to the extent that they are actually mentally an adult. They just may look the part.

No. 46906

Legally speaking yes, however this depends on the country.
Emotionally speaking there IS a difference between a 17yo and a 23yo.

Some people could argue that men mature later than women, or that in Japan age gaps don't seem to be a big deal, but the dude is in his early 20s while she's starting to leave her teens. Even if both are socially awkward there's -still- some sort of difference between them in an emotional sense. Both of them seem to be on the same page regarding relationships because they're each other's first, but if Margo lets go of Venus' leash, it's most likely this girl will dump this dude as soon as she gets her visa.

No. 46907

The anon you replied to here, and I'm 23. I understand that, but once she hits 18 it's not weird anymore to most people so I don't see too well why there's a huge issue with it. Some people would date someone younger, some won't. And 17 isn't that young. When I was 17 I was dating a 23 year old and I married him at 19. So it's not strange to me I guess.

No. 46908

A lot of youtubers run their own fb fan pages, so it's not that conceited.

No. 46909

But they usually don't name it "XYZ Fanpage" rather than only their name.

No. 46918

I'm 22, haven't lived a life anywhere near as sheltered as Venus and I barely feel like an adult. Given the life she's lived, I highly doubt she's mature enough at 17 to be dating someone 6 years older than her.

No. 46919

>married at 19
That explains a lot.

No. 46920

It is IMO. It's basically saying "hey, look at me, I'm important enough to have a fanpage".

No. 46931

You do realise that Youtubers and the like do have fans, right? So it makes sense to have a place for those fans to keep updated, connected and involved in their community. Fanpages are a great place for that, without having to add or involve the fans in personal social platforms or personal life.

Well at least that's my take on it and reasons for my own fanpage.

No. 46935

>>46909 has it right thought. Other Youtubers/internet personalities just have a page under their name which they use for that purpose, they don't call it "<Name> Fanpage". In the case where there is already a page under their name, they usually call it "<Name> Official" or something. It's tacking on 'Fanpage' that makes it sound conceited

No. 46936

There is no…chemistry. From the answers to the questions to the distance they sit apart, it's all just weird. She's allegedly known him for months (years?), but I don't see much intimacy, romantic or platonic. They just seem like friends, not a couple.

No. 46939

I count 5 times on twitter too. She's such an attention whore.

No. 46940

isn't that what the youtube channel is for?

>Well at least that's my take on it and reasons for my own fanpage.

lol, of course.

No. 46941

I dated my ex when I was 17 and he was 22. Granted usually men are a little bit late in terms of maturity compared to girls and I always liked older men, but now that I'm nearly 23, I can't possibly imagine dating someone who hasn't even finished highschool and never worked in their life.

I wasn't as dumb as other teens but I definitely had no responsibility, never worked and lived alone etc.
Age difference definitely matter less when you get older and start to experience the same things. A 7 years difference is nothing when you're 25 and your partner 32 but a 17yo shouldn't date a 10yo for example.

No. 46945

Lol, not for streamers. And from what I can tell Youtube isn't exactly a great place to actually communicate with people. The comment section is a toilet so you don't really get much from there. I'm sorry, should have said 'fanpage', because as I said their not 'fans'. But I don't know why it's so hard to believe that someone has an internet following when people like Quirky do. Though it could be because we are on here and most people assume you're lying.

I completely agree with that. I don't see why you'd need fanpage in the name. I'm sorry, I should have read >>46909 before I replied.

No. 46950

>But I don't know why it's so hard to believe that someone has an internet following when people like Quirky do. Though it could be because we are on here and most people assume you're lying.
They didn't disbelieve you, they thought you were biased because of your own situation.

No. 46951

The fact he got his own youtube channel made me think he's not just a walking wallet who offers the chance to live in Kawaii Land forever but also an accessory for getting even more subscriptions. Young girls with an obsession for Japan are always looking for videos with mixed couples for useful tips on getting a jp boyfriend…

No. 46953

Thanks everyone for shitting up this thread with your pointless relationship stories, lel. No1curr.

It's not like you could compare Venus to a normal 17 year-old anyways. She has moved across COUNTRIES 3 times during the last 7 years, has no education whatsoever, no steady relationships with anyone besides her mother, no offline-friends, never had a job, has no responsibilities, no social skills and no clue what to do with her life (she's MAYBE going to be an astronaut, u guise).
Also, the age gap matters because they're still so young. Age 18 - 23 is when normal kids start getting a place of their own and figuring out where you're even headed in life. Being super smart and mature doesn't necessarily mean you know shit about any of that, because these are the things you learn by experience.

Oh well, it's not like they have any obligations to stay together 5eva. This is babby's first relationship for both of them, so realistically speaking they're eventually going to break up anyways. As long as they don't manage to fuck up each other's lives completely, let them take advantage of each other.
Venus gets a kawaii desu japaroo boyfriend/accessory she can parade around in her videos, as well as a free ticket to Japan if she wants to do Kanadajin3 proud and marry for visa, and her japanese plaything gets the privilege to date his stalking victim.

No. 46955

Well but look at the guy, he is 6 years older but does he behave or look like an adult?
That guys twitter is cuter and more childish than Venus lol.
They both are like young teenagers and have a similar behaviour. I wouldn't think "wtf why is she dating this old dude", because there really is no dramatic or visible age gap between them.

No. 46956

So is that guy working or still in Uni? What's his major?

No. 46976

OMG it's Little Eadie all over again.

Margs and Wenus are going to end up in a derelict house eating boiled corn and feeding feral raccoons, I know it.

No. 46981

File: 1423241569763.gif (1.3 MB, 363x266, tumblr_n6944qpyv91rqfofyo1_400…)

OMG yes, but without the cats.

No. 46982

Well that's rude

No. 46984

They most likely will considering that none of them ever plan ahead or think about the future. If Marg and Wenus think it would be kinda cool to live in London, they just fucking grab everything and 2 months later they're like oops, now we can't afford school anymore.
It's going to be interesting to see for how much longer they'll be able to keep up that lifestyle before it bites them in the ass.

No. 47000

If they think at all because it doesn't seem like it, otherwise they wouldn't make all the same stupid mistakes over and over again.

No. 47022

Thanks for letting us know that you have sand and salt in your V zone

No. 47025

Shit he's cute

No. 47056

is that why white people want to look like them?

No. 47061

They only want to look like their shooped animu versions.

No. 47068


P. Sure it's the other way around.

Asians have a major hard-on for the more pronounced white aesthetic.
I have a Korean roommate and two Chinese roommates and they are always telling me shit like this, like when I joked about having a huge white person nose and my Sunjin told me that alot of women in S. Korea are getting shit injected into their noses to look more Western. Apparently they call it the "Eiffel Tower Nose".

No. 47081

Among East Asian countries, it'd be safe to say that South Koreans are more notorious for seeking out western features, like a more pronounced nose and double eyelids.

Though idk why people automatically assume they want to look white for wanting these features because they are predominantly present across every race than within East Asian people.

Dying hair different colors or wearing contacts shouldn't solely be attributed to white people either. Mainly because not only are these features found in other races too, though not as prevalent, but because after dying their hair or wearing contacts, they don't look remotely white. South Koreans have their own style of wearing make up that highlights their unique features (though I know they are not present in all Koreans), as well as fashion, hair styles, etc.

Anyway, I have noticed that white people more than any other group seek out "East Asian features" like the thigh gap, little body hair, dainty figure, etc.

Weeaboos and Koreaboos make it worse though by trying to apply make up that looks like shit on their "western" eyes and wearing styles that look awful on their massive bodies.

No. 47087


Sorry but thats bullshit. Just Iike "white" features are available in all other races, so are Asian features available in white races. I have almond shaped eyes, my tall friend has a thigh gap, and I know many tiny white girls whereas in Korea I saw many tall bigger boned girls. Those aren't exclusively Asian features either.

And what, Asians never wanna look white but whites can wanna look Asian? Wtf. When I lived in South Korea I was accosted with white fever. I've had Filipinos want to date me just because I'm white. I've had south korean men say they want a white baby. I saw south korean girls who wanted to look black and did everything they could to dress like them, even tanning as dark as possible.
Lol this board is filled with Asian worshippers wtf. Asians can do no wrong but whites CLEARLY want to be them.
INB4: wahhh don't take words I didn't say but clearly implied.

ON TOPIC: I thought Venus and her bf were super cute. I was surprised. I'm really happy for them. The age difference concerns me a little, but I hope this makes Venus happier. I really hope they get dates without Margaret following them around though. From what I've seen on social media, it seems she follows them on their dates quite a bit. Girl is almost 18, she needs time away from mom jeez.

No. 47088

File: 1423273546115.jpg (664.31 KB, 1524x1052, lee-da-hae-charm-soju-photosho…)

Asians usually don't have a thigh gap, though. Their hips are too narrow, even when they're thin. They achieve it through a massive amount of photoshop. They also have very short legs, their whole bodies are very stubby and dwarfish. White people usually have longer, more slender bodies.
Aside from that, I also think it's dumb to say that asians who get double eyelid surgery are trying to look white. Every race has unflattering features, and some asian just have those epicanthic folds that consume the entire eye. Just like how some white people have a big ass kike nose. Some features just aren't attractive, wanting them changed doesn't mean you want to look like another race. No one ever accuses white girls who tan or dye their hair dark of hating their race.

No. 47090


Ehhhh I've seen a ton of dainty thin white/hispanic/black girls. Being petite isn't something exclusive to asian women, just like it's not true that all asian men have baby dicks.

I don't understand weebs that think that all asian women have tiny body frames, hourglass figures, and don't age.

I like in SF, I've seen alllll types of Asians from thin, fat, tall, short, ugly, pretty (rare), average, old, young, blah blah blah.

One thing I have noticed though is that these petite asian girls have boxy bodies, without the long hair, they look like teen boys. No visible waist. The fat asian women I've seen have apple shaped bodies. It's all good when they're thin, but once they start to get fat these women tend to be top heavy. I don't think I've seen an asian woman with a true hourglass figure.

No. 47091

File: 1423274851137.png (999.05 KB, 955x535, 2zje0du.png)

No. 47094

There's some model for Popteen who has the ideal hourglass figure, but she's the only Asian girl I've seen with a figure like that.

But to get back on topic: I don't think girls emulating ulzzang or even "kawaii" makeup/fashion is remotely weird but when Venus does it, it does weird me out. Simply because her whole shtick is "how to look hafu" "how to look like a Korean girl" which is just…weird and creepy to me. A girl can be cute and emphasize her dolly features without deliberately trying to look like she's Asian, but Venus openly admits that she's trying to look Asian in these vids. She even shoops herself to look like shooped Asian girls.

No. 47098

I agree with that, it's disturbing in general when someone actually tries to be another race. I get liking/wanting some facial features of that are commonly seen in a certain race, but it's weird when you're trying to look the spitting image of your idea of people that race.

I will say with western girls emulating Asian makeup styles, will look weird at times because they think everything that works on typical Asian features will work on them. This is especially the case with gaijin gyaru, I'll see a lot of girls contouring their already sharp nose and making their already harsh features look harsher. A lot of them tend to look more like drag queens.

No. 47099

Among East Asian countries, it'd be safe to say that South Koreans are more notorious for seeking out western features, like a more pronounced nose and double eyelids.

I also said that the certain traits that are attributed to white people, like eyes with double eyelids, etc shouldn't be because they are a predominant feature in most races except for east asians because there monolids are more prevalent. If getting rid of their monolids all of a sudden makes people think they're trying to like white, it's ridiculous.

Regarding white people, I haven't come across a single weeaboo or koreaboo that did not at one point want to look Japanese or Korean specifically because of their interest in these countries' ethnic groups or style. Mainly because the styles doesn't suit them since they're not Korean or Japanese.

Yeah, photoshop is definitely used. Though I know I shouldn't compare them to my friends, the vast majority of whom all have thigh gaps, and they're not even super skinny. Though the chubby ones definitely do not have one.

You're definitely right, sorry I should have clarified my comment. I was speaking in terms of stereotypes associated with either race/ethnic group. I.e. white people: large noses, huge eyes, east asians: thin, small, monolids

but yeah to go back to being on topic, thats what always disturbed me about venus, that the styles she tries to emulate do not suit her face at all

No. 47107

yep it's pretty much dumb to assume that E.Asians want to look white by having plastic surgery. I mean surely they have lots of white famous figures they look up to but it you pay attention the most famous female westerners in Korea (Kaya Scodelario, Miranda Kerr, Olivia Hussey for example) kinda fit the Korean standards (cute, big eyes, small face).

No. 47113

>dates an older man at 17
>married at 19
You're a catch.

No. 47114

Wow, her body is just so shapeless.

No. 47122



No. 47123

dat derpy faced geisha painting. Good work margo.
Also lol at the framed photo of herself.

No. 47127

yeah, kind of sick of hearing about this shit too. "Omg, you dyed your hair blonde because you wanna be white"

Okay, let's just end this discussion and move back onto Venus and Margo.

No. 47131

wait lol because it's margo or because shes a person who keeps a framed picture of themselves around?

No. 47158

No. 47159

Also, inb4
>Wahhhh I have a photo of myself it's totally common!!! ))));

I really don't care what any of you do. I'm here to laugh at margo and sometimes Venus.

No. 47162

File: 1423316379205.jpg (63.26 KB, 859x518, 2d0xn38.jpg)

It looks like a photo of Venus when she was younger. The general silhouette looks like someone who's 10-13 ish. The quality of the picture (hue and contrast) and the background (brighter gradient) is more modern.

If it were a picture of Margaret, it would have been a photo from the 80's, so it would probably be a lot duller.

No. 47167

Yeah, it's a pic of Venus from a Thai beauty pageant. I had the picture itself saved on my old hard drive.

No. 47183

I've been trying to tell everyone for years that she's at least 20- and thats why she's not at school.
Seems all her fans, supporters and even some haters are retarded as fuck tho

No. 47186

You are retarded for thinking Venus is at least 20 because she WAS always in school besides when they were in England.

No. 47188

File: 1423330192911.jpg (57.81 KB, 588x492, Venus Schakelklas.jpg)

Hervgrades from when she was for school in the Netherlands last year.

No. 47189

*was in school

No. 47195

You can go back for your secondary education at any time in your life, tardling

No. 47196

No, not in Europe and not in public schools.

No. 47197

You can't visit Schakelklas in Holland when you aren't under 18 anymore which is where >>47188 is from.

No. 47198

When she did her Q&A at Eirtakon someone asked her how old she was and she actually started counting in her head for a few seconds, took her a bit to answer. It was really weird, even my friend (who didn't even really know who venus was) mentioned it to me when we left. I've had my suspicions since then that she's older than she claims.
Again, only suspicions, I don't really have solid proof. I don't think it was nerves or anything because she was doing just fine until that point.

No. 47201

Well looking at her now I could think she's 20 but looking at her first videos she does look 13.

No. 47283

Unless it's just been their birthday, most people don't need to think about how old they are, so it is really weird. I wouldn't be surprised if she was older than she claims, even if it was by a year or two, since her whole appeal (I guess that's what it is) is looking young and basically being pedobait.

No. 47297

I think Venus is the age she says she is. The only reason she looks older is the lips and she doesn't take the best care of her skin. She cakes on makeup daily and tugs on her skin. And I've seen girls with similar faces to Venus's but with fuller lips and they look younger than her. Small mouths with thin lips are considered more elderly looking.

With having to think about her age, I think that's normal. Like this anon >>47283 said, people don't need to think about how old they are. It's not a really common question to ask someone, commonly as you get older birthdays aren't a big deal anymore, and time flies by really fast so it's easy to forget just how old you are. I can't tell you how many times I'll accidentally tell someone that I'm a year or even two younger than I actually am. Plus, English isn't her first language so she probably has to think about what she says before she says it.

No. 47300

17? nah. 19? believable.

No. 47311

There isn't much of a difference apparence wise in your late 20 and if Venus was over 19 for a long time already, Margo would have married her off to some jap dude earlier.

No. 47312

She's been using English for years and when you learn a language numbers are one of the first things you learn. I don't think 'English isn't her first language' holds up as much of an excuse for Venus.

No. 47344

Though I'm not particularly good at guessing specific ages, I have a good sense of whether people are younger/older than me. Venus is certainly younger than me. Looking at her photo, I see her being 1-2 years younger than me. 17-18ish.

I think she looks older because genetically she's White. White people generally look older, her lips are thin and she has a more Western body shape (bigger bust and being tall).

No. 47345

I don't think her race has much to do with how old she looks tbh. Most white girls in their late teens look older than her (at least in my experience). My boyfriend's sister is 19, looks about her age and she looks maybe 3-4 years older than Venus, for example.

No. 47361

Why are people even debating this?
Webcams were a thing when Venus was 3-ish. In 2003 she was an extra in a swiss film called Ready, Steady, Charlie! and she does not look any older than 5. In the Netherlands, she briefly attended a type of school she could not have gone to if she was any older than 18. Venus really is as old as she says.
People need to understand that aging is not the same process for everybody. Yes, age is a factor, but so is your diet, your environment, how much sleep you get, the amount of stress you're exposed to, your genes, how well you take care of your skin… Pretty sure the latter explains a lot about Venus' premature aging.

No. 47371

Actually, I think shitty genes is the reason Venus is aging prematurely. She takes after Margo, and Margo isn't exactly ageing well.

No. 47416

I am surprised that she didn't post anything since her FAQ video considering it is her birthday today and she usually posts where to send her presents.

No. 47426


I know fuck all about Venus, but doesn't she absolutely cake her face in foundation in her makeup tutorials? I'm sure in a video she also claimed to get something ridiculous like 3 hours of sleep a night because she spends the rest of her time studying, which is very likely a pile of bullshit (also what would be the point if you're too tired to learn anything) but if she gets no sleep that's not helping. I think she used to often tweet about feeling guilty for constantly stuffing her face with sweets, too, so along with Margaret's genes, it's not much of a surprise her face will be pretty fucked if nothing changes. She's basically done everything possible to mess up her skin.

No. 47430

File: 1423415847442.jpg (37.38 KB, 580x324, My.Strange.Addiction.S05.Speci…)

Yeah, in some of her tutorials she literally covers her entire face in concealer. She always looks super greasy in her documentaries and interviews because she has like 5 layers of crap on her face at any given moment.
I don't know all that much about Wenus' lifestyle so I don't know if Nature just happened to screw her over of if her premature aging is mostly her own fault, but damn.

No. 47432

Don't forget her skincare tutorials, like the ones where she uses raw lemon juice all over her face.

No. 47433

I love how when I brought up her premature aging in the last thread everyone jumped on my ass and said I was jealous. Now look at these bitches.

No. 47441

That's because different anons have different opinions, she isn't premature aging tho but her skin and genetics are both shit but she doesn't have deep wrinkles all over her face like JNig.

No. 47443


I'm sorry that happened to you, but it's not exactly like we're all the same bitches.

No. 47444

You don't need deep wrinkles to be premature aging. Signs of premature aging are things that are not typical to be happening at your age, such as fine lines and loss of collagen. We begin aging at 25, but there are ways you can fuck that up and start earlier by having shitty habits.

No. 47446

But she has neither of that. What makes her look like older is her tiny lips, dimples, thick drawn eyebrows and developing Margo's split nosetip.

No. 47447

Oh, we have HD photos of her without makeup?

No. 47449

File: 1423418459669.jpg (78.93 KB, 634x859, article-2223209-15AEA75F000005…)

You see wrinkles even with makeup on and there are many HD photos and videos from all her interviews.

No. 47451

Lol then why are some acting like she hasn't prematurely aged?

No. 47452

Your post doesn't make any sense because the one you reply to is about her not having any wrinkles that aren't natural.

No. 47460

File: 1423419776170.jpg (833.02 KB, 1280x858, tumblr_mw5r1t1RLl1r76gowo1_128…)

Just as reference how she looked as little girl, her face didn't look too different from now.

No. 47461

File: 1423419838636.jpg (57.03 KB, 498x720, im2Tb5e.jpg)

No. 47462


What a stunning, angelic little girl she was.

No. 47463

Why are lolcows such ugly children? She and Quirky, yeesh..

No. 47464

File: 1423419975885.jpg (45.69 KB, 498x720, dRqONYY.jpg)

I still wonder what her father looks like because she looks mainly like a clone of her mom but with a round face.

No. 47469

Seriously? She's not an ugly kid at all. I noticed her head looks more squarish as a child though, weird.

No. 47472

Could be the haircut that makes the difference face shape wise.

No. 47486

Are you kidding? Venus was an absolute beautiful child.

No. 47499

If you consider that an ugly kid, anon, you must literally have been a Jon-Benet Ramsey clone (or surrounded by them) when you were little.

No. 47548

I was a raped/murder child pageant contestant?

No. 47550

The guy on the right looks like a weird version of Jack Black.

No. 47554

ffs no, anon meant that you must have been a beautiful child like Jon-Benet to be able to judge young Venus as ugly. It was humorous, but you obviously didn't grasp that.

No. 47556

He totally does.

No. 47558

Nah, man. I've been having an off day. Period is making me really dizzy and shit.

No. 47588

File: 1423433792297.jpg (42.04 KB, 640x640, 10896899_715015001947197_53082…)

Bday photo.

No. 47589

god fucking damnit margo

No. 47592


No. 47595

Looks like a stupid fuck as always.

No. 47601

It's like Venus now with herself in 15 years.

No. 47603

They look nice here, no hint of psychosis in it at all

No. 47653

File: 1423442432450.jpg (82.03 KB, 500x666, Venus.jpg)

No. 47658

Fuck, I love coconut ice

No. 47671

everything's awful in this pic

No. 47672


No. 47675

This pic is old as fuck tho, from when she was modeling for Bodyline, no clue why Anon posted it.

No. 47676

LOL I thought her and the thread underneath (joe deer whatever) was the same person

No. 47730

Yiiiiiikes, that hair! And what's going on with her two-tone eyebrows?

No. 47738

It looks like she bleached them and the dark regrowth is starting to come back through, looks fucking horrible. And that hair is so bad and poofy I thought it was a nylon wig…but under closer inspection it looks like her own?…God help you, Venus.

No. 47750

lol you can tell how much she shoops her nose by just comparing it with the pic above.

No. 47761

Since she dyed it back to her own hair color again, I hope she never dyes it again and just lets it grow..

No. 47765

File: 1423493494598.jpg (38.87 KB, 526x526, 10393765_703822726399758_52275…)

Her mom actually dyed black over her brown dyed her at the 16th jannuary which is why she looks even older now in her FAQ video, dark colors don't work for her too.

No. 47767

File: 1423497523666.jpg (65.84 KB, 699x467, Lysa.jpg)


Holy shit I'm sorry, when I see that pic all I can think of is how much she looks like Lysa Arryn

No. 47779

File: 1423500114273.png (1.61 MB, 1366x768, Untitled.png2.png)

I think she looks like Sia in this clip on one of her music videos.

No. 47830

Marge has a fatter face then Lisa Arryn tho, but yeah i can totally see what you mean.

No. 47836

File: 1423514198245.jpg (54.67 KB, 720x720, 10361026_715210145261016_89097…)

"In Europe Venus Angelic Fanclub can have a drink now but not in Japan 😇🎂
#japan #Tokyo #venuspalermo"

No. 47837

I believe that Marge is similar to Lysa Arryn because their personalities match, if I was Venus's boyfriend I'd be quite scared, she must be watching over Venus like that ghost lady from that horror movie Mama

No. 47841

>>In Europe Venus Angelic Fanclub can have a drink now but not in Japan


No. 47845

By Venus Angelic Fanclub, she is tagging Venus' fb page. Therefore it just means Venus.

No. 47846


like if she were like a kpop or jpop star with a huge fanbase and official members that runs a fanclub in which they make parties and events about her

No. 47849

The pic above is a combination of the way her lip is pulled down and filter/contrast. Go make that face in a mirror your nose will lose it's mass too.

Not that her others aren't shopped to shit >>42080 >>43566 >>46250

No. 47860

venus looks better with black hair

No. 47870

Only with shoop.

No. 47896

Yes there is, some 15 years old girls are as mature as some 20+ women.
it exists, anon.

No. 47898

I find her body perfect.
small boobs and small butts ftw

No. 47905

Her skin and hair is so shitty, why is she still relevent nowadays?
shes not a kawaii desu living doll
shes an old hag

No. 47913

Very few teens are like that, and considering how sheltered of a life Venus has led, I highly doubt she's one of them.

No. 47938


Every time someone makes a post like that, I always presume they're 15 or so themselves.

Everyone does stupid things as a kid. A lot of teenagers don't realise that they're still not completely mature.

Sure, you're probably not as dumb at 16 or so as you are at 13, but you're still growing and you're not really an adult yet.

Maybe there ARE some 15 year olds that are as mature as adults, but 99% of 15 year olds that think they're adults aren't actually as mature as they think they are. Also some 20+ year old women are pretty childish too. Immaturity =/= stupidity

No. 47947


Exactly. Trust me >>47896, when you’re older you’ll look back on yourself and be ashamed at all the dumbass things you did and believed.

No. 47959

Must be fucking sad to have your mom as your only friend. I feel bad for Venus.

No. 47961

Why can't they just go to a fucking Salon??

No. 47970

I feel bad for Venus for so many reasons.

Because they don't have enough money to go to a decent one? Either that, or they think it's a straight dye job so they can do it themselves.

No. 48068

New Video: Boyfriend Does my Makeup

I think it's cute and funny

No. 48070

File: 1423559918176.jpg (36.64 KB, 600x283, jk.JPG)

No. 48071

File: 1423560117964.jpg (13.74 KB, 599x92, klj4.JPG)

neckbeards getting mad

No. 48075

The large age difference between them really shows in this.

No. 48082

I like him, he is funny. He has better YouTube skills than Venus ngl.

No. 48086


No. 48088

ergh, how annoying that she had to ask if he likes her and if she looks cute like a hundred times in the video! she must be really insecure. the boy is super cute tho, and him writing her name on her forehead was pretty funny

No. 48096

File: 1423575066541.jpg (33.02 KB, 550x411, sia.jpg)


Sia is actually quite pretty though.

Margo is just… I don't know, she looks weird. Bloated.

No. 48097

[Fedora intensifies]

No. 48098


Hmmm cut her some slack, she's still young and isn't this her first boyfriend? Of course she's going to be insecure at such an age when she has like 20 people in this thread alone telling her she looks like a hag.

No. 48107

I agree with you.

No. 48120

People do that because she always got like the biggest ego on earth in all her videos and tv/magazine interviews, like if the world revolves around her so I doubt she is insecure.

No. 48186

I actually find this surprisingly cute/funny.
It seems like they actually enjoy each others company, which could be good for Venus. I hope this ends well.

No. 48203


I don't think Venus has a big ego at all though, I think that's just Margo filling her head with shite.

Show me any evidence of her having a big ego. I don't think I've ever actually seen her obnoxiously brag about anything, she's just a bit of a weirdo is all.

No. 48213

Wasn't there a really long vid she accidentally uploaded of her admiring herself lol

No. 48219

Yeah, the almost one hour long which she made for a 2? minute "dolly lips" tutorial while splattering her period everywhere.

No. 48225

No. 48231

She has fucking lime crime lipstick.
go figure.

No. 48237

Her hair is greasy as fuuuccckk

No. 48239

lol I never heard of that video before, I always wondered what she did with her free time

No. 48243

Lol at her not liking the taste of the baking soda lip scrub she made and having to rinse her mouth out in the bathroom. Yet she still went ahead to make a video for people to follow what she's doing even though it tastes vile.
look how she makes out that it's fine haha.

No. 48270

omfg, I thought you was referring to the lipstain looking like period. Not her actually flashing blood stained pants to the camera, absolutely minging.

No. 48271

File: 1423597355946.png (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 945x643, plzno.png)

No. 48272


I remember this video. I felt really bad for her tbh. I wouldn't necessarily say that she's doing that because she has a big ego/is super vain. I think it was just a lazy way of making a video. Shoot as much as you can, and then choose the best clips.

No. 48274


Uhhhhh to be honest guys that's not really her admiring herself.

I have my Youtube channel which isn't hugely popular but still has a couple of thousand subscribers. I don't make beauty videos or anything like that, my channel is an education language series (no not Japanese), and I can literally end up with GB's worth of footage for a 500MB video because it's all about getting the right angles, the right lighting, the right sync and honestly it's so fucking exhausting and stressful as fuck.

Like what Venus is doing in that vid I must have done over a thousand times now

That's not really ego, that's insecurity.
These days I'm a lot more relaxed and won't spend hours trying to get the perfect shoot.

I would of imagined that any body that made videos would know this though?

No. 48275


Yh pretty much this too ^

Shoot as much as I can and then choose the best shots.

No. 48322

Of course she supports that scam artist. Always classy, Venus.

No. 48323

That's so embarrassing. How do you not check to see if your panties are stained before filming? And her socks. ugh. I feel like showering just from looking at this photo.

No. 48324

I don't think there's any real solid evidence of her having a big ego, and I don't think >>48068 and >>48088 proves that she does, but there is the fact that her Facebook page is called Venus Angelic Fanclub (which, as discussed above, sounds incredibly conceited), and like you said, Margo has filled her head with shit. I think there was another thread where we were discussing how Venus would never take a retail or burger flipping job even if she had to because Margo has brought her up to believe that she's special and above ordinary people. I really wouldn't be surprised if she did have a huge ego.

No. 48325

I don't know anyone that spends over 70min for a 2min tutorial, special with making "kawaii" weeb poses the whole time while staring at themself.

No. 48327

I'm very sure that it was accidentally uploaded. I've heard from a lot of Youtubers, that they only dress themselves from the waist up. i.e. Bubzbeauty and What the Buck (in like 2007). No body filming themselves from the waist up intend on showing people their socks.

She's a kid and makes mistakes. I know I'm like defending her hard core, but a 14 year old with a mild grasp of the English language calls her page "Venus Angelic Fanclub" - especially around that time, FB wasn't as prevalent/standard that people would just write their username. I put it down to immaturity, not ego centric.

The only real ego centric thing she did was at that convention where she hogged the mic to do her whale noises.

No. 48328

>mild grasp of the English language
I think she's been working in English for far too long to say she has a 'mild grasp'.

No. 48330

I think she called her page a fanclub because that's what people in Japan often do. Usually idols or idol groups will have an 'official fanclub'. Just google search AKB48 fanclub. You have to sign up and pay to be a member too. In Japan, acknowledging yours fans as fans instead of viewers or some other word is not a bad thing.

No. 48333

She made the page around 2010, I'm guessing. Which would make her 12-13ish?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fnA5Qq7U2I (2011)

It really wasn't that great.

No. 48334

She's not Japanese though, and despite being a complete weeb, she was not brought up under Japanese culture. Not only that, but her Facebook page is just a Facebook page. People here are familiar with the idea of a fanclub, her Facebook page is not a fanclub. It's just a Facebook page and there's no reason to refer to it as a fanclub.

No. 48336

Actually her mom made that page for her just like all her other accounts, that is why she got access for all in the first place.

No. 48393

I think the boyfriend does my makeup video was pretty cute, for a *maybe fake relationship. I found it really funny. That guys is cute too, but it's creepy he stalked her.

No. 48402

That video. I don't even speak Japanese, but you KNOW her voice would be just as annoying speaking Japanese as it is when she's speaking English.

No. 48410

It really would be annoying.

No. 48437

He looks so much older than her in that video. He definitely looks mid 20s, while she looks mid teens. The age gap, combined with the stalking, makes for one creepy guy.

No. 48512

am I the only one who doesn't think he's cute? his face looks so weird to me

No. 48517

I think it is because of his very prominent cheekbones.

No. 48520

He has these moments where I think he is cute than a second later he looks goofy ( not in a endearing way). I don't know, it's strange…

No. 48522

Nope, I've mentioned I don't think he's cute at all before too. His behaviour can be pretty spaghetti at times which sometimes find cute, but I really don't see what everyone sees in him personally.

No. 48542

Not to sound like I'm fetishizing east asian guys but I find the guys who try to act less cute or adorable looking incredibly more attractive.

(Had to point out the asian thing because in general, I'm not attracted to "manly" guys. Although, according to my social psychology professor, women are more attracted to manly men when they're ovulating, otherwise we supposedly like less extreme features.)

No. 48571

Exactly, hell, Shane Dawson showed the reflection of his dick in a challenge video a while ago cause he goes commando in 90% of his videos.
It's not like she's a crazy earthmother free bleeder either, I can't understand how people were calling her gross for having an accident. But I guess I can understand because it was mostly PULL and /cgl/, and they're all so perfect they don't even get periods.

No. 48576

Nobody called her gross but that video stayed online fore almost over a day. She said she uploaded it on purpose for editing but forgot to turn it private, no clue what she meant with editing tho because there isn't much YouTube can do that her software can't.

No. 48580

Seeing someone's genitals or underwear is one thing, seeing their period blood stains is another. Even if she didn't realise her period had started during the video, surely she would have thought "hey, maybe you can see this in the video" and checked to see if it was there before uploading. I know when I start mine and there's a possibility someone noticed I get embarrassed as hell.

No. 48582

And considering how dark the period blood stain looks, it probably was there for hours already.

No. 48589


I find Asian men attractive, but he doesn't do it for me (even though I do love the cheekbones). He looks a bit too girly for my tastes and, yeah, geeky. He looks like he might be fun for half an hour, but he'd get on my nerves. She can have him.

No. 48592

Anon, do you not notice when your underwear is soaked and warm? My period comes in the middle of the night and has since I was 14 and that shit wakes me up and sends me straight to the bathroom as soon as it comes.

No. 48602

In her defense, I can't feel when my period comes. I get period cramps for a few days leading up to it, and if it comes late, I have to wear pads for about 3-4 days until it actually arrives because of how similar the period and pre period feelings are. I wouldn't be able to tell if I got my period or not until I went to check.

If its the same for her, I can believe she did not notice.

No. 48605

Not to derail the thread, but no mine is very predictable and mild. It only last 3-4 days and I always have this unconscious feeling the day before. I always already have a pad on when it starts and almost never have an accident.

What I was saying though, is how bad /cgl/ bashed her when the video leaked. They called her disgusting and unhygienic, like it never ever has happened to them.

No. 48607

I can see where you're coming from, but in the video [min 73 if anyone's interested] she clearly notices her panties are stained and she even makes an embarrassed face.

I know it's a raw video but she should've just gotten up and fix the issue. I'm not even trying to look for shit to bash her, in fact I'm pretty indifferent toward her, but if she noticed she should've just gotten up and fix the mess before continuing with the video.

And check the chair to see if it's stained or not.

No. 48612

Venus' innocent persona is clearly an act and when her boyfriend says she's pure irl, it's a load of bullshit.

No. 48613



you guys should really get a period calculator/predictor thing. No trying to be a dick but for the 2nd anon you can really spare yourself some time from wearing pads. It's not 100% accurate but at most you'll only have to wear a pad a day before.

No. 48614


I do realize you said if it comes late my bad. But certain apps also send an alert for that too!

No. 48615

There are even several phone apps for that.

But let's go ahead and put a cap on the period talk ITT before every female on this board decides to share the deails of their menses and it derails the thread..

Please and thank you.

No. 48616

Fuck's sake. Get off your high horse.
I swear, sometimes people on these threads make me want to vomit.

No. 48617

Has it not crossed anybody's mind in this thread that these are just period panties?
You know, panties that you've already stained before, that have already been washed but remain red. You keep them around for your next periods so you don't end up staining a new pair if it happens again. It's not a big deal.

No. 48618

Stains usually fade, and if they had faded, you wouldn't be able to see it so well at that low quality.

No. 48619

His mannerisms and how he treats Venus is cute.

No. 48620

No, there really aren't. That's just wishful child thinking. The brain just isn't developed that way. Brains really don't finish development until about twenty-five.
The age debate in this thread fucking retarded. Venus is a kid, 17 is still a kid.

No. 48627

Sorry but I don't do that shit because there's no way around it it's gross as fuck.
And the blood looks fresh too.

No. 48636

lmao bitches here jelly as fuck. i call the guy cute and 20 bitches come out of the woodwork to downtalk the dude. damn.

also the ones acting horrified over the period crap like they never had an accident like that in their lives. bitch please!

No. 48638

Nah, sometimes they don't. Sorry, it's tmi all this period shit but I have a couple of pairs that are permanently stained and like >>48617 said, I use them during my periods so as to not ruin my good pairs.

No. 48641

Yup same here. I am a very heavy bleeder and most of the time i am on time, but sometimes it happens too early and in a few minutes my panties can be completely stained. So i just keep old pairs that i can bleach to hell and back as period panties.

No. 48650

File: 1423648888990.jpg (118.39 KB, 897x540, youku.jpg)

Sorry guys, super OT but does anyone know what the fuck this means/says and how to fix it? 7 times out of 10 when I try to load a video on youku it will show this screen and the timer will count down to zero then go back to 29 and just stop trying. I can't seem to get this video of Venus in particular to work.

No. 48653

Just wait for the timer to run out. I think it's a connectivity issue. I got the same thing, but it worked the first time.

6 year age gap is not that much. I draw the line at "he could have been my dad", that's just too weird for me. The only question that should be asked in a relationship is whether they're happy. If it works out, it works out. IF it doesn't work out, it doesn't.

No. 48654

What's there to be jealous of? Sorry for not having yellow fever.

No. 48668

I think a super light or super dark color doesn't suit her she needs to go back to strawberry blonde or chestnut brown, that would suit her really nicely.
But first Venus needs to let her hair breathe and take some good care of it.

No. 48669

The blonde looked bad on her it just looked really bland. Her hair actually isn't that dark only in edited pictures. I think the brown suits her.

No. 48670

Aw he's so sweet I really want to be his friend he seems like such a sweet person and he's fun to watch.
And his face is cute too i just wanna boop his nose sorry if that sounds creepy

No. 48673

Because your objective opinion is gospel, right?

No. 48674

She has black hair right now, not brown, it only looks brown at some photos because of the high brightness.

No. 48679

File: 1423665988141.jpg (45.44 KB, 540x960, 10991197_819413111427474_41607…)

"Recording a makeup tutorial No makeup in my face yet lol"

I wonder what this one will be about and yeah, totally no makeup, the eyeliner must have used itself on her face.

No. 48680

She looks super azn here.

No. 48681

the intention.

No. 48689

I saw this from the homepage of lolcow and thought it was some random japanese gal. LOL at the editing in this one

No. 48690

It's just stained underwear, shit happens. Are you like 12? Using underwear that already has a permanent stain, saves you from ruining more underwear if you're period decides to come early or some other mishap happens.

No. 48751

>sorry if that sounds creepy

don't worry, you two would get along juuuuuust fine

No. 48764

Didn't she wear that outfit in another selfie a few days ago, or is my memory just fucked up?

No. 48768

Not her, but I've never stained my underwear permanently because I change them as soon as I realise my period has started and I wash them properly.

No. 48775

File: 1423689879583.jpg (87.12 KB, 960x960, 10990834_819528674749251_86730…)

"Thank you @lindseystirling for your inspiring words It was great meeting you today! 🎻"

This looks like if it was made with a potato.

No. 48777

Lindsey looks like she belongs in Whoville. She likes using a lot of lighting so her face looks 'flawless' but it just makes her look like she has floating features in a sea of white.

No. 48782

File: 1423692503388.jpg (139.97 KB, 1024x768, Venusangelic.jpg)

No. 48784

Not wking but she doesn't look like she's wearing eyeliner at all here. She's edited her skin though, of course.

No. 48790

I think its about the fact she uploaded a video on YT with stained underwear. No one here is arguing hasn't happened to them before.

No. 48793

Whoa, she looks old here.

No. 48813

Why do you feel so special for being one of the ~only ones~ to find him cute, it's like you want people to argue with you. You shared your opinion and others shared theirs. Some of those anons were probably surprised at your reaction because of how unattractive they found him.

No. 48814

Yo, this was only in 2012 yet she looks so different.

No. 48815

She looks much, much older than 17 here, about 10 yrs older at least and with a child.

No. 48817

File: 1423695546856.png (722.82 KB, 764x836, Untitled-1.png)

Yeah, I'll bet you do, sir. I'll bet you do.

No. 48818

You can really see her bum nose in this one.

No. 48820

I thought the first video with her bf was mostly awkward, but not unexpected for a first relationship with a girl like Wenus. The second video I thought was a lot cuter! I think her bf is not that attractive, tbh, but it seems like weeaboos end up dating unattractive japanese dudes just cuz they're japanese and into them…

No. 48835

If that's what she looked like three years ago, I'd hate to see what she looks like in candid photos without makeup and photoshop today.

No. 48841

The part in this docu where she's in a shopping mall with a queue of half a dozen fat teens wanting to meet her is one of the most tragic things I've ever seen.

No. 48842

Why are they holding cushions over their crotches?

No. 48843

She always looked like that minus the nose.

No. 48857

I meant more her skin. It just looks so… drab and unhealthy. It's got to be so much worse now since she cakes on the makeup and has Margo's genes. Also her eyebrows are fucking hideous.

No. 48866

I read it that way too and laughed. I'm sure he would love to upload it on redtube later on when she's 18.

No. 48869

She is 18

No. 48870

Tbh, if she were to hold a meetup in my area, I'd go along just out of curiosity. Loling at how she calls herself Wenus though.

>>48869 is right. She turned 18 a few days ago if Google is right and her birthday is 8 February.

No. 48960

go back to pull faggots.

No. 48961

they chillin

No. 48977

>people who don't find him cute
>they must be pull fags!!

Most PULL users have yellow fever so that makes no fucking sense at all lol

No. 48984

Nevermind the age gap, if this guy is in his 20's already and Venus is only his first GF, I think that should be a pretty clear indication that there might be somthing wrong with him other than his face and the possible boner hiding pillow.

No. 48995

File: 1423745435566.jpg (237.14 KB, 1366x768, Venus.jpg)

http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNTM1ODgwMzgw.html This website is so slow, can someone upload this file for me? (Mega, mediafire… Please.)

No. 49001

File: 1423747507191.jpg (72.79 KB, 600x824, venusangelic.jpg)

Deleted videos -

【ビナス】 VLOG 怖いホリデイ でも 楽しい
【ビナス】 VLOG #2 メリークリスマス
【ビナス】 VLOG 5# Seiyuu
Tsunami in Japan TT TT 津波と地震・・・ PRAY for JAPAN
˙•٠•●♥ I eat candy ♥●•٠•˙
Ustream Live Broadcast with Rumi, Palillos Redondos and Venusangelic
【ビナス】 にゃんにゃん! コスプレ
Sleepy Bunny

Japanese Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

ニコ生 突然着替え始めるビナス
F O E IOSYS VenusAngelic
Gwiyomi 귀요미송 VenusAngelic
Venus fall in dream

No. 49008

Judging by his Twitter he is an otaku.

No. 49011

Hahaha the omnomnomnom one is fucking hilarious. I don't know why she deleted the Gwiyomi one, that was kinda cute (awful outfit though).

No. 49012

Dude wtf. Blood dries, that stain looks recent.

No. 49013

Yeah the giyomi one is adorable in a dorky way

No. 49028

I don't care about what people say about Venus's character.
To be able to speak so many languages even if it is just to a varying degree shows that she is a bright girl.

No. 49029

Venus Palermo is an intelligent girl, her persona Venus Angelic however makes people think otherwise. Shame.

No. 49033

tbh i've never thought that she was stupid. i thought she may be easily influenced - which is understandable when your income depends on the Internet and your mother wants you to keep pretending that your Venus Angelic persona is the real you, not to mention she's not only young atm, but has been going at this for years. personally i think she's a very nice girl that's been groomed into this weird lifestyle. i'm glad she's found a boyfriend that genuinely likes her and i hope they help each other get past their issues - i assume he has loads of his own, considering he's mildly attractive (don't have yellow fever) & quite nice to be around. i think they might help each other out alot.

No. 49034

she'd be a nice hard worker in some company wherever she wants, but her mother fucked up everything.

No. 49036

Being abel to speak 3 languages is nothing unusual in Europe and her spanish was basicly Google Translate, the school she was at in Holland was an immigration class that everyone has to take before being abel to visit the normal school, there you don't need more than english.

No. 49037

She was a lot cuter in her older videos. The minimal makeup and hair color really suited her. She also wasn't wearing foundation that is visibly too white for her skin.

No. 49062

Yup I just cant hate Venus. She is a puppet to her mom and doesnt know any better about how that is not normal.

No. 49080

In the My Strange Addiction Margaret says Venus' 'career' doesn't pay the bills

No. 49113

Only to avoid getting charged for tax evasion again, she said the opposite other interviews and at the Bodyline one.

No. 49148

Of course shit happens, retard. No one is arguing that. What everyone is arguing is that she might as well have gotten up and changed her underwear because it's clear she noticed the stain, and it wasn't a pair of *~period panties~*. The blood was fresh and judging by the color it seemed the stain had been there for a while.

No. 49215

Oh, I did do dumb things only when I was 12.
nah anon im just a fucked up 15 years old that happens to be part of the 1%
It sucks though
Whatever, sorry for sounding snow-flakey
When will venus realize shes better without her mother?

No. 49220

>nah anon im just a fucked up 15 years old that happens to be part of the 1%
lmao you think that now.

No. 49230

Ah, I thought so too. I did the cringiest shit and thought it wasn't cringy at all. At the time it was cool.

Oh yep, and it will continue for your whole life. You'll be cringing about your 40s in your 50s and about your 50s in your 60s. You'll be cringing all the way to your grave.

No. 49232

>When will venus realize shes better without her mother?

If it hasn't happened by now…

I doubt she could cope with being without mummy. I don't think she has the social/life skills to do without her.

No. 49246

I think venus is going to be a frequent poster in /r/ (le reddit army) raisebynarcissists subreddit

No. 49256

Lol, I really am, anon. but you dont need to trust me. Ive thought of that since im young, I know I am :)

No. 49269

I don't either. Margaret and everyone on the internet has drilled it into her head that she's this fragile living doll, she wouldn't even flip burgers or bag groceries if it came to it. She's also been isolated from other, normal people her age all through her formative teens aside from meetups where, again, she's been treated like an A-list celebrity. Her crucial years for forming social skills and where everyone needs time to find themselves have been fucked up. It's kind of like how so many child stars have breakdowns.

No. 49319

Not to mention that she's dating one of her little fans now. He's most likely yet another person kissing her ass 24/7. Dude fell in "love" with her fake ass persona, not Venus Palermo.

No. 49320

Exactly. She's grown up basically being treated like a princess and being told how beautiful and pretty she is, yet she really doesn't have anything to offer other than her looks. Sure, she can speak a few languages, but languages alone aren't going to get her far in life. She needs some sort of formal education, something that has probably been half-assed by Margaret when she homeschooled Venus.

I really would love to see where she ends up in 10 years.

No. 49327


Gonna be brutally honest here and I'm gonna get a negative reaction for it but I don't see why she should have to "flip burgers" or "bag groceries".

For a long time I personally was adrift in life with absolutely zero motivation and no direction, but even so I refused to bag groceries or flip burgers.

Did I think it was beneath me? Hell fuck yes it was fucking beneath me.

People like to talk about this kind of work and tell you lies like "oh but it's good honest work", "a job is a job!" or "gawd don't be so egotistical, you're not above that" when you totally are. All of you are totally are.

It's like, okay, if you want the pocket change in exchange for standing around turning meat for a soul numbing amount of hours, cool for you, you must have a high tolerance to wasting your life. I can't do that and I refuse to ever lower myself to that point.

Nobody HAS to learn to flip burgers or bag groceries.

Luckily for me I'm stubborn and have persisted and am now in a REALLLLLY good position in life, all without bagging one food item or flipping one burger because I'm worth a lot more than that and I know it. I know that I can get through life without having to do any of that shit.

If Venus wants to flap around in Japan being a kawaii, fragile come to real leeving dull fucking let her. Rag on her all you want because it is dumb as fuck, but don't act like she's some moron for not wanting to degrade her being by engaging such menial work.
At the end of the day at least she's doing what she want and how many of you can really claim the same.

No. 49332

She doesn't HAVE to do anything, of course not. No one's saying that she does. But at the end of the day, she doesn't have many marketable skills that are going to help her outside of show business. Margaret especially seems to think that she can go on making youtube videos forever but she can't. When it comes to that, what is she going to do?

No. 49333

It's not a problem when you have a family ok with your lazy ass and handing you the money.

These jobs are annoying and not well paid BECAUSE lazy ass who were unlucky (say disability idk) or made the wrong decisions, like Venus did can't get a decent job.

At the end of the day, depending on where you live, you have to get the money flowing from somewhere. Live in a ghetto trash flat with a meager unemployement pay or in your family mansion, who cares.

We're simply talking about Venus' situation, her mom has a hard time finding job too and being a youtube star is not even a guaranteed future for the most famous vloggers. If she were a tiny bit rationnal she'd realise she has to gain some skills while she still can that would make her functionnal on her own.

No. 49335


Gonna be brutally honest here and say you sound like a spoiled fucking cunt. Did your parents pay for you to live the entire time you were "building up to something better" or whatever? Did you ever have to live out on your own with no support and take any job you could, even day labor, just to survive?
I'm going to say no. You sound like a child who leeched off other people in order to get ahead in life. If you think you're above those shitty jobs, then I don't believe you've ever felt true desperation nor poverty. If you need the money to survive, there is no job that is beneath you. Sorry not sorry, you spoiled fuck.

No. 49338

If you are in a position where you have no source of income and you're desperate for a job, it would be stupid as fuck to turn down a job simply because you think it's beneath you. You almost definitely had someone to support you while you were a NEET, Venus and Margaret are not going to have that luxury. Your situation really is not comparable to theirs.

No. 49341

File: 1423826052070.jpg (40.56 KB, 562x437, ohwow.jpg)

This shit never gets old.

No. 49344

Yup, this. That anon is either very young, very spoiled, or both. Most people don’t have the luxury of sitting around waiting for a great job to come along, it’s either work at a shitty job or not eat. It’s not about doing it for “pocket money” and most people don’t get those kinds of jobs just to kill time, they do it because they have to.

No. 49346

The sleepy bunny one always made me feel uncomfortable, especially since she admitted at the time her mother filmed it.

No. 49347

i feel like it's an intro to some weird porn tbh

No. 49348


>gonna be brutally honest here and say you sound like a spoiled fucking cunt



>did your parents pay for you to live the entire time you were "building up to something better"

My father abandoned my mother, I and my 4 sisters when I was 2 years old.
My mother had to turn to escorting in order to keep a roof over out heads.
I've lived in poverty my entire life.

>did you ever have to live out on your own with no support

Yeah I left home when I was 15 due to a volatile home relationship and lived in 3 different hostels over a period of 4 years and was eating out of food banks at one point. After that I was homeless for a while.

>then I don't believe you've ever felt true desperation nor poverty

For a long time I was having to make decisions between stuff like being able to afford food for the next three days, electricity or replacing my shoes which had holes in and let water in every time it rained and I had to go out because the snow over Winter had rotted them.
My bathroom unfortunately ran on gas, so even if I paid the electricity there was never enough for the luxury of hot showers.
To contend with this I would do vigorous exercise every morning so that the icy showers wouldn't hurt my scalp as much. Kept me thin kek.

You learn to adapt though, start doing stuff like withholding items to the side when you're at the self service checkout at a store, or not fully scanning all of the fruit so you get two extra bananas. You learn how to make the most out of a can of curry and some spaghetti or a bag of rice, or if you're near a McDonalds going in and finding an abandoned meal. I remember one particularly bad night the hunger was the maddening I actually tried to eat some of my toothpaste and was subsequently sick.

But still, I did it. I'm still here, happier than ever and in an amazing position.
Still never flipped a burger in my life.

So u no, princess, don't try to act like you're the only one that's ever had it rough. You're really not that special :^)

No. 49350

Bitches, stop fucking projecting. This is a thread about Wenus.

Speaking of which, it's not like our kawaii little princess would be able to do much else if she were to ditch her crazy ass mawm.
So until the age of 11, she used to live in Switzerland. Then she moved to Tenerife where she supposedly attended the shittiest school ever. At least she used to rant about it on her blog.

>The language which I am writing in now is >called english. WOW! Surprisingly, I >learned this language in school.

>Why surprisningly?!
>Because my english is better than my >english teachers english.


>- Now, who knows some verbs that ends in >the consonant "t"?

>Overweight-heavy-metal-listening-kid: Oh, >i know one!! "play"
>- No, this does'nt ends in "t", darling…
>- Anybody..?
>Me: Plait" ends in "t"
>- What did you say?
>- Plait!
>- he…?
>- How do you spell that…?
>- P-L-A-I-T
>- Diccionario, donde esta mi >diccionario…ah, aqui!!
>- Oh, but doesn't this means braid??
>- Hm, you know what, this might be not so >good…
>- Me like, WTF, O_O???
>- Sorry I can't understand what you mean. >Let`s skip this!
>- …

>"To plait" is a verb.

>I like to plait my hair, you know. Mum >was plaiting my hair this morning. Every >morning, mum plaits my hair.


>Yes, Greenwhich. Not Greenwich. It`s >Greenwhich, said my teacher. I hope this >was educational.

>But, even if it's wrong, WHO CARES?!
>The kids in my school don't study. So even >if the teacher makes a mistake, nobody >will suffer from it because they don't pay >any atention.

So then she moved to London at age 15 and was homeschooled by her mother who does not have a background in education and hasn't been to a school herself in like 20 years. And in the Netherlands she went to some school for foreigners for like half a year. That's it.

She hasn't had a consistent education in 8 fucking years.

Half-assedly knowing a bunch of random foreign languages is not going to help her all that much, either. Yes it's a huge plus, but even if you want to work as a translator/interpreter you need some training and have to acquire additional skills.

She's not displaying any talent on her Youtube channel either. All she ever does is eat candy, heavy-handedly smear shit all over her face and act like a weaboo preteen.

She's never going to be an independent adult unless she does something about her situation right fucking now.

No. 49354

Just be quiet, little girl. We don't want to hear your life story. No one cares what you've been through.

No. 49355

so… you're a thief. case closed lol nothing to brag about

holy shit. when you lay it out like that, i feel quite bad for the girl. maybe her boyfriendo will swoop her away and she'll get a chance to interact with someone other than her psychotic mother

No. 49360

>mother had to turn to escorting in order to keep a roof over out heads
>lived in poverty my entire life
>was homeless for a while

Then you really are a fucking dumb cunt for not pursuing an easily attainable job just because you thought it was 'beneath you'. The fact that you'd rather be homeless, scrounging around for half-eaten meals in McDonald's than be behind the counter getting paid enough money to actually eat sufficiently and pay rent shows how much of a stupid brat you are. Hahah you're fucking ridiculous.

No. 49361

>maybe her boyfriendo will swoop her away and she'll get a chance to interact with someone other than her psychotic mother

I kinda doubt it tbh. Her boyfriend is just another fanboy of hers, lel. Don't know if he'd have the balls to tell her that her life is pretty fucked up if you look at it objectively.

No. 49369

File: 1423833318224.jpg (1.07 KB, 100x100, lowquality.jpg)

No. 49370

The toothpaste must have rotten her brain. She must be glad to be in the percentage of poor/homeless people everybody hate.
>Poor me I'm so poor I can't afford food
>Me flipping a burger ?? Hell nay gimme a real job or money but I don't plan on having an honest job I dislike.

But anon, she plans on being an astronaut ! Surely, being able to speak one of the easiest language to learn will help her achieve her dream !

In Europe people rarely even hire fresh out of school students with no experience and second, let's say she's a translator, depending on the field they'll ask for a proper degree and not an easy one to get. If you want to translate books you'd better have an english degree or if you want to be a guide in touristic places, an art history degree is appreciated.

No. 49373

File: 1423835644937.jpg (23.79 KB, 257x253, 1374048140226.jpg)

>I refuse to ever lower myself to that point.
are you for real? you ate people's discarded food, literal garbage, because you're above working. thanks for the laugh~
>Luckily for me I'm stubborn
you're lazy.
>and am now in a REALLLLLY good position in life
cam/sex industry?

No. 49376

it's fucking snowing ITT

No. 49382

I worked part time at a fast food chain because I had nothing else to do. It wasn't so bad. At least working there I got free meals (yum Chipotle!) so I didn't have to worry about eating toothpaste. lmao

No. 49383

You getting by involved stealing rather than trying to get an actual job. Do you not see how pathetic it is?

No. 49391


Yep, I thieved from massive chain stores that pay their employers a pittance whilst massively inflating prices in order to pay for their CEO's weekly holiday and new Porsche.

If you think that's in any way immoral you're pretty dumb tbh.

I stopped caring about that kind of shit when the hard reality of the world literally smacked me in the face. I feel bad for you if you care more about some greedy corporation's bottom line.


lol no, my job is within the business/educational sector and allows me to travel. It's fantastic and really I want to say I'm very lucky but really I worked my butt off to get here so it was all my own doing.

No. 49392

The Tenerife scenario is BULLSHIT. I know I studied in one of the bests schools there but I do know people from public schools and is the same shit in both schools: great teachers with lazy students. Both schools had the same "style" of student: the one that is a pro, the lazy and the one that studies it only because wants to graduate but has 0 interest. OT but I moved to Madrid and went to a public art school and I have to say that I had the best teacher I ever had. So it's not like Venus is a fucking pro because she's not as good in English as the teachers I had in high school. I highly doubt she was ~fluent~ in English when she was in Tenerife, in some if her videos you have to make a huge effort to understand the shit she is saying. What a pity I didn't meet her when we were in Tenerife, I would have more drama to tell :(

No. 49393


When I was chowing down on toothpaste I wasn't actually in a position to secure employment. That was during my period when I was couch surfing at random parties and on the street.

No. 49394

Sorry for the typos I'm sleepy as fuck

No. 49398

File: 1423842695088.gif (1.18 MB, 320x180, franku.gif)


Do you honestly not realise that by posting a huge story about your life on a chan, let alone in a thread dedicated to discussing someone else, people are going to tell you you're a cunt regardless of whether or not they agree with your point?

No. 49400

why r u telling us this

your story is sad, but so is everyone elses, if you want sympathy you can start a thread about your life on /b/

No. 49402


Some cranky dwarf tried to tell me I was spoiled and had never experienced difficulty in my life and I refuted her.

My story isn't that bad though.
It's bad in comparison, but like, I'm alive so I'm grateful.


>people are going to tell you you're a cunt

Yh but the hate is like my lifeblood tbh.
Fire away.

No. 49407

Thanks for sharing, anon! You may not have any Wenus drama to share, but your post is interesting nontheless.
It's pretty obvious that Wenus is talking out of her ass in that blog post. She's literally making mistakes left and right as she is making fun of other people's english skills, kek.
>No, this does'nt ends in "t", darling…
Hypocrisy at its finest.

If you ever want to read something lulzy, I highly recommend you to check out her old blog posts. She was like 14 when she wrote most of that stuff, but it's hilarious just how arrogant she really is/was.

No. 49410

it's not sad, it's so mary sueish that its hilarious and cringy

No. 49416

File: 1423844272097.gif (1.72 MB, 245x170, gimlihue.gif)

number one best insult 10/10

No. 49421

yeah, gimli is a cunt, he's always starting shit with people

No. 49423

Hahaha wow. I can't believe this post lmao, you can tell exactly what kind of family you grew up in. Probably acting rich and too good for everything but poor in reality, right?
There is nothing wrong with flipping burgers. Yes people should be more ambitious, everyone should strive to become whatever they want. But having to flip a few burgers along the way to do that is not beneath anybody, I don't care who you are. That REEKS of narcissism.
I know I certainly have a lot more respect for someone who goes to a 9-5 and earns their keep doing anything rather than sitting at home all day because "flipping burgers are beneath them". Bitch please. Maybe you don't realize this but saying things like you'd rather be unemployed than working a job ~because you're too good for it~ makes you look way less socially adjusted than the people who fill the job positions you feel you are oh so too good for to the rest of society. Js.

Ahahahaha and yes this post confirms it!!!

My dad did the same shit to my mother and you know what we didn't do? We didn't sit around and say "well, we can't POSSIBLY be seen flipping burgers, we're way too good for that. Now shut up and eat your toothpaste that your sister stole because we don't have any money for food". (Because you know, that's WAY less embarrassing than working in a minimum wage job!!)
You are spoiled. Your attitude is spoiled rotten. Your mom is probably a prideful person and that's why she became a whore instead of flipping burgers. I'm assuming this attitude has passed on to you. Congrats.

No. 49424

Please go look for attention elsewhere

No. 49429


Um no, my mother began escorting because there's no fucking way in hell she would have ever been able to make anywhere near enough money flipping meat.

And cool, shaming a woman who sacrificed herself to provide for her children instead of the man that walked out on his wife and 5 children.

Sorry your own mother is a dumbass who can't into math. I guess you must have gotten a lot of free burgers tho right.

No. 49431

You fucking realize that the workers have to account for stolen products right. When you steal you fuck up their paychecks and THEY get in trouble for losing goods.
Holy fuck you're a pretentious dick bag.
You rather steal and eat garbage than work a minimum wage job jesus fuck. You are the worst kind of person.
Please get your delusional ass out of this thread and can we please get back to Wenus.

No. 49432


>you fucking realize that the workers have to account for stolen products right. When you steal you fuck up their paychecks and THEY get in trouble for losing goods

idk what kind of backwards ass country you live in (probably Murrica' kek) but that doesn't happen here.

No. 49433

File: 1423847506651.jpg (86.86 KB, 356x436, anon pls leave.jpg)

>sorry for OT thing
>but this anon
>holy hell

No. 49434


lol I love this.

I don't think I'm better than anybody that does that kind of job though.

No. 49462

I don't agree. I'm from Spain and her spanish is quite good. Google Translate doesn't work that well yet.

No. 49467

Im still not convinced her boyfriend is nothing but an accessory to her. Idc if "that's just how they behave in Japanese culture!", they do not act like a couple at all, especially Venus towards him. They've supposedly known each other for a few months at least, but when asked what they like about each other,they say the most superficial and generic shit. Idk what its going to take to convince me, but I know I think this is all fake right now.

No. 49468

top colg

No. 49469

Don't forget her post about helloween, how she doesn't celebrate it because everyone wants to kidnap her.

No. 49470


Lol, my mom is a doctor and my dad works for the government. My mom was originally a social worker and went to school while working full time and caring for her children in order to get the job she really wanted. But I still had to work shitty jobs in my life to afford rent and food. And oh yeah, I'm going to college with the financial aid my current job gives me, a job I wouldn't be able to get if I didn't have any experience working.

So yeah bruh, you're a lazy idiot for couch surfing parties and eating toothpaste instead of getting a job that was "beneath you." You sound like my roommates. They would rather someone else take care of them than flip burgers or sell cigarettes at a gas station.

You have successfully proven yourself to be a piece of shit. That's nice that you got a nice job after doing nothing your whole life, but I really hope you won't be teaching your kids that bagging groceries is beneath them and they should starve instead of getting a minimum wage job.

Sorry for OT but my jimmies are sufficiently rustled

No. 49473

File: 1423861693499.jpg (91.9 KB, 400x300, 1343855104366.jpg)

Thats always the last resort.
Boohoo your mom was too lazy to work hard.

Its far easier for someone to open their legs then put effort into a job.

I beat you have the same shitty mentalite that your mother has about doing real work.

In before waaaaaaaah my asshole dad left her with 5 kids. My nana had 5 kids and worked three jobs to support her kids. and it taught all her children to work hard for what you want in life. Not to be a scum bag.

People like you are the worst.

No. 49474

I think Venus will be ok in life. she speaks 3 languages so her mom must be doing something right.

I went to public school in Detroit and tbh i probably would be smarter if i was home schooled my Venuses mom lol

No. 49475

No. 49480

I'm spanish and yeah her spanish is quite good

No. 49489

Intelligence doesn't really mean much in the real world when you're dealing with basic life stuff.

One of my lecturers at college had a doctorate, but I was with her on a study visit to a theatre and she didn't even know how to use the parking ticket meter. In most respects she really couldn't deal with everyday life skills.

Getting away from her mother really would be the best thing for her. She's obviously bright and at this stage in her life it'd be a good idea to concentrate on a career other than an ageing youtube star.

No. 49497

Like you realize the employees get paid even less thanks to some edgelord kids stealing shit and reducing their income, right?
A handful of thieves doesn't even put a dent in the richfag CEO's pockets, it just makes the poor even poorer.
Just think about it. Maybe, MAYBE one CEO will have to sacrifice one of his seven yachts because shoplifting rates have gone dramatically high in the year. What, then, do you think that does for the people who are already living on minimum wage?
Congratulations, you are part of the problem, you smug, idiotic cunt.

No. 49499

I don't know how her mother is raising her but from what I see she has the education part down.

I don't think she is some uneducated idiot whose mother doesn't teach her anything.
based off what I seen she is probably better off than someone who goes to public school.

Idk how it is in other countries but sure we have french and Spanish classes but how many people who took those classes can have a basic conversation in french or Spanish?

No. 49502

But her mom teached her since a young age that she is so famous that she will get kidnapped if her mom isn't with her…

No. 49508

idk venuses life but it seems like people over exaggerate how bad she has it.
I mean there are kids in this world who get raped by their own parents..
there are kids whose parents dont feed them let alone by them fancy clothes and makeup.
venus just seems sheltered and spoiled. shes only 18 she will be fine.

No. 49509

File: 1423868454175.gif (982.65 KB, 500x364, 1403856383022.gif)


>but my jimmies are sufficiently rustled


No. 49511


You talk as if escorting isn't a real job.

Maybe your nana had three jobs because she was too hideous/obese and her pussy was too loose in order to be able to work as an escort :^)

No. 49512

You do realise there is more than one way to fuck up your child? And that just because someone's life is worse it doesn't make your own life better? This is as stupid as the "But muh starving children in Africa!!!1" argument.

Sure children are brought up under way worse conditions than Venus but still, her life isn't that awesome. Not to mention her future. I don't know where you live but having absolutley no legitimate education, not finished school, no degree and no working experience despite embarrassing yt-videos won't get you a great job where I live. People with degrees are struggling. And speaking three languages means shit if you don't have any legit proof that you speak a language at a certain level.
And having lived your live as the spoiled princess that only ever interacted with her own mother and was brought up to believe she is a super special snowflake that soley exists to fulfill a weeaboo fantasy won't help her get the right attitude for any kind of work field as well.

No. 49515

Muh nigger it was the 60's. Its not cool being a whore.

Go cry more that daddy left your nasty ass. qq

No. 49522

it wasn't bait but alright anon
also, what the fuck happened to this thread?

No. 49525

i feel like if someone as dumb kanadajin can make a career and live comfortably in japan Venus angelic can too.
if there is a will there is a way.

No. 49526

Toothpaste-chan ruined it with her pathetic life story

No. 49535

Lol you fucking idiot
>I will not degrade myself and get a job flipping burgers!
>But I will eat toothpaste and surf couch at parties basically being a leech because flipping burgers is beneath me but eating trash isn't.

Get the fuck out of here with your piece of shit sob story.

Oh and also? Most people who work in that kind of places do it out of necessity. It isn't degrading to do that shit, so fuck off.

No. 49537

The tears in this thread are delicious.
You guys are too easily riled.

No. 49562

File: 1423880041272.gif (387.55 KB, 500x382, NZ60vPL.gif)

That's what I've been thinking this whole time. No way Toothpaste-chan is real, and if she is, then it's probably some exaggerating attention whore from PULL.
Bye, bitch. Thanks for successfully derailing the thread.

No. 49571

Could be real, and I'm basing this strictly off of the stupid worthless pieces of shit I've had the displeasure of running into throughout my life.

I've met people who are in such terrible circumstances, that in order to feel better about themselves, they need to put another group down. This is a common quality most humans share, which you can read about here if any of you are interested: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-big-questions/201306/why-are-people-mean-part-1.

Anyway, a lot of the fucks I cam across went overboard though because they were under the impression that as long as they didn't stoop that low, that things weren't really that bad, despite them living under conditions that were likely worse. Ex:
>"So what if I'll die young just because I'm anorexic, at least I won't die a fat bitch."
>"I know it's an abusive relationship, but at least I'm not single, you know?"

With >>49327 it was:
>Yeah, I know, I know. I'm homeless, eating trash and toothpaste, but at least I'm not flipping burgers amirite?

No. 49576

So if she made so much more money than a burger flipper, why the fuck were you eating toothpaste and wearing shitty shoes? That doesn't sound like providing for children.

No. 49579

wow I don't know if you're trying to troll or what, but you are the definition of shit human being.

No. 49584

File: 1423883197770.gif (2.06 MB, 480x270, 1422460332477.gif)


>mfw I am toothpaste-chan



Er yeah, that was when I was like between the ages of 2-4.
That later independent poverty shit was after I left home.

No. 49595

You are my favorite anon.

No. 49599

Way to extreme, anon. Venus' mom has fucked her up mentally. During that interview (I forgot which con- Anime North?) you could see Venus attempting to speak and answer questions and her mom would cut her off so rudely. It's like she doesn't want Venus to think and stay this simple minded child like Lenny from Of Mice and Men.

Venus herself seems like a smart girl, however she has no social skills and is always with her mom 24/7. She needs to go to college and seriously get FRIENDS. She needs to be able to take public transit or learn to drive a car and do every day things. Her mom is abusing her by holding her back and making Venus fully dependent on her. It's quite sad and is definitely child abuse imo.

No. 49680

lmao you're coming off a lot more mad and defensive than the rest of us, we're all just laughing at how pathetic you are. thx 4 the keks bae, it's been gr8 xxx

No. 49690

>hard reality of the world literally smacked me in the face
what a joke. expected from a toothpaste muncher.
>I worked my butt off to get here
doing what? you sound full of shit. either put yourself all out there or shut up.

No. 49693

suuure your mom let you starve even though she quite literally sold her dignity for the sake of her children haha.

i feel a similar way, it's like we witnessed a baby lolcow and all went 'aww honey. no.'

forreal tho. i was a similar way due to depression and sort of missed out on school, friends and developing socially. it took me a while to adjust to adult life. i think venus could do that as long as she decides to move out - which she technically could, considering she is a bright young girl and has an independent income of her own from youtube videos. i think after a while of spending time away from Margo something will definitely click inside her. i give it 2 years tops until she gets the fuck away from her mother

No. 49732

File: 1423936568224.gif (9.64 MB, 661x373, xvdcv.gif)


Keep crying, it only makes my dick harder and derails this thread further :3c

No. 49737

File: 1423937500228.gif (189.38 KB, 500x380, 1421974362440.gif)

who's crying? you're a laugh riot, sis. a real lolcow in the making had you the balls to expose yourself, but as expected you're full of shit.

No. 49761

Toothpaste-chan is my new favourite lolcow<3

No. 49764

Wow you have single handedly out-viled anyone on this board.

And, honey, you aren't even above the scum on the bottom of my shoe. Just because you never had to work a hard shitty job to make ends meet doesn't mean you're bus better than anyone else.

Ugh I bet you're the kind of person who bitches and holds up a line for 30 minutes just because they forgot to take the pickles off your burger.

No. 49767

Someone dox toothpaste-chan so we can make a thread about her.

No. 49769


No. 49770

Her address:

cardboard box
under the bridge

No. 49771

no, she's in a really good place right now, remember? She works as a toothpaste tester for colgate

No. 49774

She gets free toothpaste like fast food employees get free burgers. Score!

No. 49777

Ah sorry that's her previous address

No. 49784

File: 1423945347620.gif (2.6 MB, 459x459, 1421791910973.gif)


My name is Jennifer Dennings and I'm from Australia, but I'm out of the country right now :>

No. 49792

Why are you stupid

No. 49869

File: 1423965500133.png (640.69 KB, 1440x900, aaaa.png)

No. 49871

Face like a donut

No. 49876

Are these an actual thing? Like you can actually buy a bjd to fuck?

No. 49885

>>49784 So what's your new job that is so much better than your situation before?

No. 49887

It's called like "oona hole"

No. 49888

It's Japan. So yes.

No. 49890

I know nothing, but I imagine you have to buy or custom make bodies like this for dolls.

No. 49891

Her nose is nowhere near as small as she edits it out to be. She should just save up for a nose job so she doesn't end up with the bulb nose that Margo has.

No. 50084

File: 1424021622269.png (430.12 KB, 648x404, Untitled.png)

No. 50088

Do people here think every person with a big nose should get nose job or something

No. 50090

Most really should.

No. 50091

>Margo's orange ass.
Bitch needs to tone.

No. 50092

Lmao sure

No. 50097

If they're trying to make a career out of the looks then yes, obviously.

No. 50102

File: 1424022894384.jpg (81.44 KB, 600x800, 10845658_821284874573631_36138…)

"Sooo…who gave handmade chocolate to someone special this year? "

No. 50103

I think penis has much better genetic than margo. Her father must have been pretty good looking. Margo didn't even look good as a kid.
She should just stop tanning in general. Anyone over thirty who tans looks like a leathery old hag.

No. 50151

This is probably the only photo I've seen where she looks like a normal teenager…

No. 50158

i like that picture, she looks cute

No. 50450

File: 1424105276073.jpg (107.81 KB, 960x960, 10984276_821945971174188_78586…)

Yesterday the almost non-shoop pic, today she suddenly goes for the chinese triangle head shoop.

No. 50461

Aw, I really like that picture. She looks so normal and cute. She can irritate the heck out of me, but I really do want her to move on and lead a normal life. She's gotta get away from that weird ass mother of hers.

No. 50493

But anon she looks ~*naturally*~ like a doll uguu

No. 50504

She looks like a crow

No. 50507

Wait, is she wearing that shirt backwards?

I meant, her hair looks orange, but yeah- she also needs to stop tanning her skin.

No. 50508

File: 1424118231907.png (375.16 KB, 687x530, 65565.png)

"Living Doll"

No. 50520

I don't think she's wearing it backwards - I've seen a few shirts/dresses with that king of collar before. (They were pretty old-fashioned though.)

No. 50522

Wow, that nose.

Ah, alright. It just looked really odd to me for the square to be in the front.

No. 50531

While I really think that her living doll thing is bullshit, I don't think you can take an unflattering screencap from a video and point to that as 'evidence'

No. 50537

File: 1424121079455.png (194.72 KB, 279x271, ew.png)

why does she keep petting her boyfriend and ruffling his hair

No. 50540

Because he's probably one of those gross grown ass Japanese men who want women to step on his face and treat him like a dog in private or something.

No. 50541

"Please punish me, Mistress Venus."

No. 50543

Cos he's a beta shit

No. 50544

Her side profile reminds me of Daniel Radcliffe vaguely.

No. 50545

Wow. I can see it too.

No. 50552

I see it too, it looks like Daniel Radcliffe in drag.

My boyfriend loves it when I play with his hair, I don't think this is that unusual. I do find it weird that they supposedly haven't kissed yet and they do this sort of thing so much though.

No. 50553

I think it's because she has no idea what to do or how to touch him. Like Venus, I was sheltered my entire life, and she's acting the same as I did. She's probably just really nervous since it's her first time interacting with a guy, let alone anyone other than Margaret. She'll get better as time goes on, unless Margaret won't allow her to get comfortable with him.

Also the petting thing is something you see in animes, but it's usually a guy petting the girl's hair.

No. 50566

What's up with her eyebrows!?

No. 50570

She's always had stupid eyebrows.

No. 50576

Her boyfriend did them.

No. 50661

IDK but I didn't find that all too weird, then again I idly massage my boyfriend's head and play with his hair when it gets too long.
It's cute, they're cute together.

No. 50672

honestly you all sound kinda jealous of her

No. 50673

The only thing I'm jealous of is how much more well-travelled she is than me.

No. 50733

Oh look, here's that retarded argument again.

No. 50734


Calling me retarded without even giving a counterargument. Did I hit a nerve?

No. 50735

did you hit every possible ledge you could when your parents dropped you as an infant?

No. 50736


Maybe the reason you are so angry is because deep down you know Im right. You have to put others down to feel better about yourself.

No. 50737

Is this Toothpaste-chan?

No. 50738

Nope. I just don't see why you have to be so mean to other people. A lot of posts are jsut insulting her looks and calling her names. People who make others feel bad usually do so because they are insecure.


Link related.

No. 50741

I'm sorry, do you know where you are? This is a board specifically designed to bitch about people.

No. 50742


Yes and I want to help you all overcome your hate, so you can lead happier lives, instead of coming here to drown yourselves in all your bile, hate and sorrow.

No. 50743

Er, I think it's you that's mad, anon.

Look, that argument gets posted in every thread and it's barely ever true. I follow Venus because I find her crazy mother amusing, not because I'm jealous. I'm certainly not jealous of her boyfriend, if that's what you're suggesting.

But, of course, the counter-argument to 'I'm not jealous' is always 'yeah you catty bitches are otherwise why waste your lives on someone you don't know!!'.

No. 50744

You're not going to convince anyone, just go.

No. 50745

File: 1424162684143.gif (497.79 KB, 400x210, ewwshit.gif)

please leave, we don't like your kind here

No. 50749


"Your kind" So now everyone who isn't hateful is some kind of alien being? I won't give up on you, there's good inside every person. Have you ever considered all you need to stop being so sorrowful is some friendship and understanding? I want to be your friend anon.

No. 50750

then please remove yourself from the board & we will continue being happy.

No. 50751


"She is in Japan and got a nihonese boyfriendo and is milking it what a pathetic bitch lmao.
Also what is she doing now anyway?
Trying to be a kawaii living doll again?"

Doesn't sound like something a happy, non-hateful, friendly person would say.

No. 50752

No. 50755


sigh Clearly there's lot of work to do but it's getting late. I will drop later this week so we can all talk about your problems.


Pic not originally meant for you but still related, I really want to help you, I do. Know that you will always have a friend in me and even if I don't know you, I love you as my fellow humans beings, otherwise I wouldn't be trying to help.

Goodnight to you all.

No. 50756

File: 1424165282942.gif (863.58 KB, 242x200, 19i8atw.gif)

No. 50759

Just leave us your Christian Youth magazines and go away, we're busy right now.

No. 50773

File: 1424168405205.gif (107.78 KB, 500x450, trolldetectard.gif)

No. 50781

File: 1424170903065.jpg (413.34 KB, 1000x1250, 1368888362361.jpg)

Bitch look around you. This is a site specifically designed to gossip and bitch about others. This is no different than the people who gossip in the bathroom or in fb chat or what have you. Do you seriously think people spend their entire day here religiously searching for shit to bitch about? A lot of us don't even come here often. I've been so fucking busy with college I don't have time for this kinda shit, yet when I do I come here to laugh and relax. It doesn't mean I hate myself; I'm just looking for outlets to relax and have fun. At the expense of others? Yeah lol yolo what're you gonna do about it.

If there is one thing I do hate is people like you trying to act like martyrs or saviors when you're not. I don't give a fuck if you reply to me. I'll probably be gone again so let's be clear on something: No one here needs your help, and no one here spends their entire day browsing this board and posting shit because they're so full of hate uwu

>gr8 b8 m8

No. 50783

ew no ty

No. 50802

File: 1424180927064.jpg (19.95 KB, 252x256, 1401670497273.jpg)

No. 50831

tbh they sound like margaret lmao

No. 50848

Wouldn't be too surprised if it was her.

No. 51149

File: 1424291787685.gif (989.51 KB, 500x335, 5a0b97b0-8b29-0131-6009-42722f…)

All I can smell is Colgate.

No. 51184

lol there is evidence that putting others down elevates people's moods

doesn't mean I'm bashing you, because I come here for the same reason as you

No. 51477

What is going on with this video? YouTube always tells me it can't play in safe mode.

No. 51480

Apparently it is because of the tags but I can't find anything NSFW:
"venus palermo,doll,tutorial,music videos,japanese,how to,makeup,Cat (Animal),Hairstyle (Film Job),Do It Yourself (Hobby),Cosmetics (Quotation Subject),Beauty,kawaii,venusangelic,venus angelic,living doll,nekomimi,cosplay,convention,anime,manga,costume,kitty,hello,japan,adorable,hairstyle,simple,easy,quick,cheap,do it yourself,diy,cat ear headband,cat ears,washi tape,sanrio,tape,paper,decorative tape,handmade"

No. 51509

File: 1424364936402.jpg (38.22 KB, 526x526, 10996384_823086224393496_44727…)

No. 51530

I swear to god, this is fucking wannablaze. Everything toothpaste-chan said felt like lies.

No. 51554


His face is so fucking weird.

No. 51559

File: 1424374102520.png (284.45 KB, 600x375, cassandra.png)

It looks stretched out.

No. 51573

Both of these look like they've been taken with a webcam from 2005, especially the video. There's no excuse to have such shitty quality these days, she must be desperate to hide her imperfections.

No. 51750

is she wearing the same clothes from the other photos/vids of them together?

No. 51751

it looks like hes wearing a mask

No. 51755

Totes jealous of her beta stalker boyfriend and over obsessive mother. Yup, that's us.

No. 51756

His face is so weird. Is it because his lips are so thin? He has no top lip.

No. 51758


I think it's more than the missing upper lip. His whole face is odd and it looks like he's wearing a wig.

No. 51766

Wannablaze hates Venus, though. She made an IG video making fun of her last year and then deleted it when people called her out.

No. 51952

I think she took a lot of photos that one day and is posting them sporadically. They're also the same outfits they're wearing in both videos featuring him so far, so those were filmed the same day the photos were taken.

No. 51967


get back on ur meds

No. 52109

imo the hairdo was pretty nice, but the cat ear things she made ruined it ?
looks weird to me

No. 52117

It actually is supposed to be a cat ear hairstyle tutorial, not a bun one which she did once before anyways.

No. 52118

File: 1424460600037.jpg (44.78 KB, 540x960, 10991307_823635277671924_38552…)

"With @CaraDelevingne in ‪#‎Shibuya109‬ ‪#‎Tokyo‬ ‪#‎Japan‬"

Her blurring the shit out of faces gets worse each day.

No. 52121

Venus must be really tall!

No. 52122

Venus isn't short, but then again Cara isn't very tall herself (~5'6"-5'7"). It's actually a wonder how she manages to book runway jobs.

No. 52123

She's probably wearing heels.

No. 52129

that's interesting because i just googled her height and it states she's 176.5cm (5' 9.5")…

No. 52132

File: 1424465007216.jpg (64.81 KB, 404x594, Cara Delevingne Issa London Ba…)


Cara is 5'9" and Venus is 5'5".

I guess Venus is wearing heels in that photo, but the thing is, anybody familiar with the fashion industry will be more than aware that it's been claimed that Cara lies about her real height, which is supposedly 5'7".

Not that I begrudge her for it though, the world of fashion is cutthroat and with a face like hers it'd be dumb for her not to have her piece of the cake on account of her height.

Picture related.

No. 52139

pretty OT but cara's godfather and godfather are the president of Conde Nast international along with an old famous actress/author and her dad owns/has developed a fuckton of property in London and her grandparents are high up magazine executives, so you can probably do the math

No. 52141

File: 1424466571611.jpg (93.08 KB, 635x953, article-victoria-1106.jpg)


Yeah I know all that, but even without all nepotism there is no denying that she has a stunning and unique face that is ideal for the world of fashion.

I think even if she didn't have all the high up connections she would still be in the modelling business, she would get snapped up by a scout in seconds.

No. 52153

I do think she is very attractive, just not in very many photos. I don't know if her making funny faces in about 95% of her pics is her trying to mask the fact that most don't come out well, but it's irritating. Her normal face, like in the pic you posted is best. Her overly pouty pics are horrible, like in >>52132

No. 52172

File: 1424472642196.jpg (52.78 KB, 450x259, wenn_cara_delevigne_simpsons2.…)

can't unsee

No. 52262

Wow, that shirt is obnoxious. It's something tumblrinas would wear. sorry for OT.

No. 52531


This reminded me so much of Venus, including that small part at the end that sounded like 'FOREVER'

Hey, at least she sounds like a doll…. Right?

No. 52546

File: 1424545798378.jpg (27.56 KB, 640x640, 10985521_824186720950113_45782…)

…and the blurr increased again.

No. 52547

At the rate it's increasing, two more photos and it could be anyone in those photos. They'll be unrecognizable.

No. 53211

File: 1424648449407.jpg (59.58 KB, 960x960, 10987639_824613957574056_23349…)

Finally some photo that doesn't look like if it was made with a potato but still no sign of her promised new makeup tutorial. Whereever she is at this photo, it seems to get renovated.

No. 53215

they must be fuckin now.

No. 53222

He is still living with his parents and Venus is sharing her room with her mom which doesn't leave her side at all.

No. 53223

File: 1424650053376.jpg (162.91 KB, 962x615, 1411139706356_wps_28_Mandatory…)

in japan they have love hotels.

No. 53224

Only for adults aka 20+ and she can't even go outside without her mom.

No. 53225

Besides that the photo is from their new truth or dare video.

No. 53226

i believe they are kissing at least now.
in that older videos they didnt appear to even touch each other much but now shes taking selfies on his lap.

venus has lost her aidoru kawaii virgin hymen.

No. 53227

No. 53230

i wonder what theyre like when they have sex. i bet she does those kawaii moans like in japanese av.

No. 53235

I doubt they exactly check the IDs of everyone who checks in though, given the secrecy often involved. There are plenty where you don't even have to see the receptionist face-to-face.

No. 53236

File: 1424650677222.jpg (69.01 KB, 576x1024, B-dTNQSCAAANo4j.jpg large.jpg)

…please don't tell me they are running around like this in public because it obviously doesn't look like their home.

No. 53238

They do at foreigners.

No. 53250

Most have frosted/opaque glass in reception, there are also plenty where you don't even see anyone, you just use a touchscreen to select a room.

They really do not check the IDs of every single foreigner, trust me.

>why do I even care

No. 53251

Don't most people in Japan who wear kigus outside go to meets up or whatever? either way, wearing these outside of home or at nightly con events looks odd.

No. 53262

No, they don't.

No. 53859

File: 1424734597603.png (39.22 KB, 572x348, 5235.png)

Totally not a creepy answer.

No. 53868


Can we please not talk about a teenagers hymen kthnx.

No. 53871

why are you guys so against believing venus has sex with her bf?she is 17, most girls lose it at around 14-16.

No. 53873


I'm not against it at all, I just don't want to think about teen vajayjay because I'm not a paedophile.

No. 53876

what is the difference between a 17 year old and an 18 year old?do you even know what a pedophile is? im sometimes surprised by how stupid the people on this site are.

No. 53878

Because it is unlikely considering they sleep in the same room again since they live in Japan.

No. 53879

And with they I mean her and Margo.

No. 53880

pedo detected

No. 53881

I have to remember that most of the people on here are young girls which means most of you are dumb

No. 53882

File: 1424737390718.jpg (97.92 KB, 640x640, tumblr_nk8a6qTLYD1qlkpdmo1_128…)

"What you see here is a shoujo manga"


No. 53883

>implying she's getting any

You all are acting like both of them have had experience with relationships before. They're not going to move at such fast pace and them kissing doesn't mean they're fucking. I don't doubt they'll get there at some point but just because they're more comfortable with each other's personal space doesn't mean they'll jump to bed right after it.

No. 53887

Venus is not Japanese so she's not bound by how slow Japanese relationships go and she is nowhere near as innocent as she usually pretends to be (have you seen her hot chocolate on a stick video?) and her boyfriend is 23. I don't think it's that inconceivable that they're having sex at all.

No. 53900

ew why do her nails start so far up her thumb?

No. 53902

idk man, when I was a freshman in hs, a lot of girls were experimenting with what would become their eventual bf's

there were a few that waited until they were dating, and would start messing around with each other around the 6-9 month mark

No. 53906

Margo is strict against sex and sex before marriage due to how she was raised by her strict christian parents, according to interviews she would never allow Venus to have some sexual activity at all because it makes you a slut.

No. 53907

Her nails look fine to me, apart from that hideous (chipping?) nailpolish.

No. 53908

Margo says many things, doesn't mean she follows through on them. Especially since she can see how much they can milk Venus having a Japanese boyfriend.

No. 53910

File: 1424739446037.jpg (200.11 KB, 500x457, venus-statistics.jpg)

That's not how it works because the second most of her fans are old japanese grandpas that want to see some pure virgin they can fap to.

No. 53912

I thought it was Arabic men? Or was that Kota?

Anyway, I doubt Venus and Margo are aware of who's watching their videos, otherwise she probably would have been doing porn the minute she turned 18.

No. 53914

That was Dakota and yes, they do, don't forget that most of her early sexual videos were recorded by her mom because she knows that it is popular with japanese men.

No. 53915

Being a socially awkward NEET is not exclusive to the Japanese.
I used to suck on popsicles pretending they were dicks when I was 12 and I didn't have my first boyfriend until I was 15.

Yeah but we're talking about Venus here. Bitch has no friends, her mom's glued to her all the time. 5 minutes alone are most likely precious for them.

No. 53923

I'm not convinced she's not having sex. It's possible she isn't, but it's just as possible that she is. Just because she's socially awkward and he's the perfect Japanese gentleman doesn't mean that they're not. The circumstances might mean that they're more likely even, he's 23 and in his first relationship so he's possibly sexually frustrated, and she might be rebelling against her mother's control over her.

No. 53925

>she might be rebelling against her mother's control over her
Best joke ever, Margo is the one that decided him as her bf in the first place because of $$$.

No. 53929

Then Margo is even more likely to be a bit more lax regarding >>53906 because keeping Manaki happy gets them the $$$

No. 53932

No because if Venus every gets married or pregnant she could just ditch her mom. As long as they still get all the money from japanese pedos and Margo being the one with the access over her accounts she sure won't allow Venus to do anything that ruins their main source of income.

No. 53933

She strikes me as asexual tbh

No. 53958

Man you guys are funny, lol. There's only two possibilities, either she is or she isn't (actually, some people consider shit like oral or even hand jobs to be sex, I don't, so I'm going with full on sex here). If she is it could be because she feels ready or pressured to. If she hasn't it's because she's not ready or is waiting to.

People keep mentioning she's 17 but not seeming to take the time to think about what that means. She's a 17 yr old teenager sating a 23 yr old man, whether or not its their first relationship, they're both human and bound to a whole slew of reasoning behind fucking or not. We likely won't ever know, unless she gets pregnant.

Either way because this is cow, I'll go with saying they haven't yet. Their relationship gives off the it's been a year but we're still acting like it's only been the first week vibe.

No. 53961

She's 18, actually. Turned 18 earlier this month.

No. 53984

Weeb detected.

No. 53987

How the fuck do you NOT consider oral sex to be sex? It's fucking sex, you idiot.

No. 53991

File: 1424752356450.png (432.91 KB, 500x360, tumblr_lpb1zcOqOZ1qzdc8io1_500…)


they give no fucks. it used to be popular with those kigurumin gyaru or whatever the fuck and decora but it's actually no different than going out with your pajamas on.

i wear mine to the store at night sometimes because i don't feel like changing. idgaf. i hope i make it to people of walmart.

No. 53993

this is cute. i want those pajamas.

No. 53995

this looks like it was taken with an old ass nokia cameraphone

No. 53997

>why do I even care

ur in highschool fucking a japanese businessman probably.

No. 54001

Her mouth isn't big enough to give head anyway.

No. 54062

I wonder when Venus and Margo will leave Japan. They can't have moved there permanently, Japan's pretty strict about this stuff, right?

No. 54067

you're forgetting he's asian.
(I'm sorry I had to.)

No. 54074

That's okay, I was going to make the joke myself but I thought it was too easy.

No. 54077

The best Vee can do is join some kind of education, but that's a longshot, right? Next step.

Venus gets a tourist visa (which I am guessing they have atm). She then runs out on time, goes to S.Korea or something for like a week, come right back. But that can get them into huuuge trouble–Deportation I guess. Like any other place that isn't easy going with visas.

Marriage visa is a longshot, but it still may be possible.

Idk if Venus could get a working visa (she keeps frequenting that Youtube Tokyo Space place right?), but what skills does she have?

Not really answering you question, but I tried to give you a bit of speculation. We're not with them so we can only wait and see.

No. 54078

I assumed they're on tourist visas too, they're not doing anything in Japan along the lines of work or even entertainment. Tourist visas are usually issued for 6 months max, aren't they? Which means they'll have to go back soon.

I doubt Venus will get married, and even then, Margo would have to go back.

And like you said, Venus isn't working there, nor is she really entertaining so she can't get a working or entertainment visa.

Gosh, her life is so directionless.

No. 54082

No, tourists visas to Japan are 90 days max. Cannot be renewed without leaving the country.

No. 54083

Even if she gets married, her mother won't be able to get a visa through her daughter (in any circumstance), unless she gets married too.. which would be too goddamn obvious at the immigration office. lol

No. 54086


kk pedo, go talk about a teenagers vagina somewhere else.

No. 54087


>male confirmed

>male wanting discuss underaged hymen confirmed
>paedo confirmed

No. 54089

lol wat

No. 54092

Yep, basically I see no hope for the both of them. Maybe just for Venus….

They could try America?

No. 54093

No thanks. They can stay their asses out of North America.

No. 54097

I see where you're coming from, but I don't think anyone knows Venus well enough. I think it's from being uguu~~ kawaii, and under the thumb of your parent who is living vicariously through you.

Some people don't consider lesbian sex real sex, and people define losing virginity with penal->vaginal penetration. They might see it as a sexual act instead of sex-sex.

There's a distinction between paedophile and ephebophilia (attracted to 15-19). In most countries people are able to consent.

In my opinion, it'd be so fucking rad if they have done the do. There's no point trying to speculate anything, because what she does with another human being with consent is really none of our business unless she tells us about it.

No. 54105

lesbian here. Fuck those people. Sex between two people is sex; Penis doesn't have to be involved. Seriously, that shit pisses me off.

No. 54110


>there's a distinction between paedophile and ephebophilia

No shit, but paedophile is the go to word for anybody that is attracted to adolescents.

You know what I mean so don't be pedantic.

No. 54112

It's not intercourse, so I don't consider it sex. If someone blows a guy or goes down on a girl before they ever fuck, I don't consider it them losing their virginity.

No. 54113

C'mon, you're both bigger than that

No. 54117

does change the fact that in a lot of places in the world, you can fuck a 17 year old. Yet talking about a 17 year old's vajay makes you a pedo?

No. 54121

I've met some people who consider hand jobs to be sex for some reason

No. 54135

Still underage and creepy. Thanks.

No. 54136

I don't want to talk about any teenager's genitals. That shit aint cool.

No. 54146

16 is the age of consent here, so I don't think of someone fucking a 17 year old as a paedo.

Yeah, not sex but a "sexual act".

I find the idea of Weenus making the beast with two backs distasteful because she behaves like a child.

Obviously if this is a real relationship they're probably fucking by now if they can get away from her mother for 10 minutes.

No. 54148

Since when are relationships about fucking from day one? They just started dating not long ago.

No. 54149

I didn't say from day one. "Not long ago" is what? A few weeks? Who the hell waits that long unless there's a purity ring or damnation breathing down your neck. It's natural you want sex when a relationship's progressing, unless you want to imagine her chaste all her life face up to the fact she has raging hormones too.

No. 54154

File: 1424797952984.png (11.62 KB, 665x197, 3432.png)

She only got the relationship for the sake of having a kawaii japanese bf, not because she is into having one.

Pic releated.

No. 54159

I disagree, even at eighteen I don't feel like I am fully an adult yet or look like one.

No. 54163

uhhhhh i think 17 is a pretty alright age to start having sex… but i don't exactly think they're fucking whenever they get 10 minutes alone, what the fuck is wrong with you girls? it took me 6 months from when we actually started living together to have sex with my boyfriend and there was no pressure whatsoever.
i feel like this thread is turning into a projectionfest

No. 54165

When I was at school there were girls in long term relationships at 14 who were on the Pill. I wasn't even interested in going out with boys at that age. My "awakening" kicked in when I left school at 16, although I didn't choose to have sex until I was 18.

Eek, I lost my virginity to someone the second time I met up with him.

Different strokes and all that, I suppose.

No. 54168

No one gives a shit when you started having sex. This is a thread about Venus the Penus, not you. If you're interesting in teenagers having sex, watch Teen Mom.

I hope she and Monkey or whatever, aren't having sex cause she has the mentality of a six year old.

No. 54169


Damn English.

No. 54171


No. 54173

>watch Teen Mom.

As if. Who gives a shit about this fucking retard anyway.

No. 54174

Talk about the monkey, amen-ing the organ grinder. Great contribution.

No. 54470

File: 1424833252940.jpg (97.12 KB, 640x640, 11007836_637706783041932_14982…)

Newest photo, she seems a lot into anti-aging products lately. She probably doesn't know that using products for woman 40+ can harm young skin more than they help.

No. 54480

A facial mask doesn't necessarily mean she's using an anti aging one. It might just be moisturizing or brightening.
Also, anti aging items aren't any worse for a young woman's skin than they are for a 40 year old's.

No. 54484

But she promotes anti-wrinkle products a lot lately and using products for old woman IS harmful to young skin.

No. 54485

>this basic bitch trying to get into my beauty diary masks now

Venus, it isn't going to fix your granny jowls.

No. 54520

how do you not get that?

No. 54535

Lets be honest though, none of them work anyway! Lol

No. 54536

no one care about you bitch! stfu.

No. 54546

No one cares, fuck off.

No. 54551

Calm your tits, holy shit.

No. 54556

stop talking about your pathetic life, holy shit.

No. 54569

Just don't bother replying. I shouldn't have said anything anyways.

I wonder if we have anyone on here that lives in Japan, does Venus still do meet-up?

No. 54571

I'm not even the OP, calm it down.
What are you, 16?

No. 54573

GOD stfu dumbass.

she hasn't done a meetup in forever. does she have japanese fans anyway?

No. 54574

I'm the OP, just let it go. I made a mistake, they will just argue it to death. I don't want it to ruin the thread.

I'm sure she has a few, considering her bf was one. Though, maybe getting the bf might have made them hate her.

No. 54584

>getting the bf might have made them hate her
Yeah, pretty much. The peak of her popularity is over, I wonder what her/Margaret's current plan for fame is?

Unless it's a reference from something I'm missing, it doesn't really make sense but OK.

No. 54619

She never made that many meet-ups in the first place besides when it was for some tv interview to show how ~famous~ she is.

No. 54620

Considering the recent posts they want to milk "How to get a japanese boyfriend" and "How to have a operfect shoujo manga romance".

No. 54625

She probably does, but not as much as she used to. Last time she did Niconama was in like 2013

No. 54689

From what we've seen about them, their relationship is hella boring.

No. 54701

Her fans are eating this "relationship" up like shrimp fried rice everytime a selfie of them two together appears or a video. Either she's using him to gain popularity because he's Japanese and living it out in the holy land of anime or he's using her because he's an obsessed awkward & desperate fanboy who probably wants to look awesome by being with her.

Or they're both doing the same shit.

I don't believe for a second their relationship is genuine pure young love. They even have a ship name FFS. Venaki? Really? It all smells of bullshit.

No. 54703

Yeah on a scale of 1 to 10

No. 54705

Even if it's all total bullshit, I think it'll do Venus a lot of good. I think it will help her mature a lot, and over all it'll be a good learning experience.

No. 54724

>It all smells of bullshit.

He's just a prop for her videos. Must be running out of ideas for new ones where she isn't just being boring again. Now we get her being boring and him being a dick.

No. 54859

The only fans this 'relationship' appeals to are her target audience, tween/teenage weebs. What I don't think she and Margo realise is that her actual main audience is middle aged Japanese men (>>53910), who this actually infuriates.

>They even have a ship name FFS. Venaki?

My boyfriend and I have something like this, but it's an inside joke between us and we don't seriously refer to ourselves with that name. And it's so fucking obnoxious that she (or Margo) came up with the name herself, I really don't believe for a second that she's as humble as she pretends to be.

I don't know whether to feel bad for him for being an accessory or to laugh because he's dumb enough to fall for something so obvious.

No. 54874

File: 1424923520599.jpg (145.58 KB, 640x640, 11023206_1403685603276102_6876…)

All Venus posts on her IG is fanart of their ship.

No. 54875

File: 1424923567283.jpg (218.8 KB, 640x640, 11008190_790647427684171_58094…)

No. 54876

for some reason fanart of real life couples creeps me out a little

No. 54886

Creeps me out too. Like, why are these people who don't even know them so invested in their relationship?

No. 54887

Same. It happens a lot with Egoraptor and Mortermer from Gamegrumps. People even cosplay as couples. I really..REALLY.. Don't get that.

No. 54913

It creeps me out too. I think it's because they're young, naive teens who think these relationships are perfect and really want one like that. Especially with couples on yt since all they'll ever see is the good parts of their relationship. One guy I watch on yt and his ex-gf are still getting harassed by fans about how their relationship was so perfect after like 2-3 years of being broken up.

No. 54923

I always see people commenting on 'couples' videos of popular YouTubers shit like "Oh, I want a relationship like yours!" "You and X are literally perfect together!" and "You're the cutest couple ever!" and I can't help but gag. I wonder if those people have been in a relationship of their own, because anyone who has knows that a relationship is not as easy as the movies and social media make it look

No. 54932

Probably not or they just think these people on youtube have it all figured out and everyone else just sucks. No normal person wants to show arguments with their s.o. or any other issues they're having publicly. These people are probably the same people who think reality tv is all real.

The internet is basically reality tv in general, no one posts the true story, they post the perfect one. If you look at Venus before she got with her bf, she was acting like a pure, innocent doll who has no interest in boys/sex. But when her tumblr likes were public, there were a bunch of sexual loli pictures in there.

No. 54937

When were her tumblr likes leaked?

No. 54944

Some time in 2012 or 2013, there was a thread and screencaps of it on pull but I can't find it.

No. 54945

Ah right, I wasn't really following Venus back then. I'm not surprised the sort of shit she has liked on Tumblr, though wouldn't the artists who originally posted it have the ability to out her as not innocent, since they'd get notifications that she's liked their posts?

No. 54955

Yeah, they would. But I'm assuming the artists are older than her and don't want to be accused of bullying a "little girl," don't want to start drama in general, or just don't know/care about Venus. I'm sure the ones who she mutually follows do side eye her when she likes sexual stuff though. It's a lot like how we'll point out and discuss lies/inconsistencies with what these lolcows/snowflakes are doing, but normally don't call them on social media.

No. 54959

Huh, there was nothing related to lolicon at all unless you count fully dressed Touhou characters as such, most of her likes were thinspo and you still can see them in wayback machine.

No. 54960

It's not her tumblr posts themselves, it's her likes which the public can't see (I don't think)

No. 54962

File: 1424947478960.jpg (Spoiler Image, 183.08 KB, 500x353, tumblr_mamghnCunE1rfuw4uo1_500…)

Did you even read the posts or? Likes are public unless you turn them off and her likes were thinspo, posts about how people hate being fat, cute food and Touhou art.

The only ever skimpy art she ever liked was this one and that was from a kawaii food blog.

No. 55048

When PULL found her likes they were like "guro! nudity!! loli!!" or something but in the end this was the only post even near to those and it's still just a cute pic…

No. 55052

Everytime people follow a Youtuber who has a boyfriend/girlfriend and they're like "omg relationship goals"
All I can think of are these stupid bitches are under 17. I hate when people glamourize a relationship they know nothing about. Everyone has their troubles.

No. 55066


Apparently Venus likes the taste of all the shit ones.
I'm finally swayed. Everything in this is so forced. It's not even endearing any more.

No. 55070

Yep so forced, irritating as hell. What's the point of Manaki being in it, I can't even see his fucking face.

No. 55075

i think it's kinda cool how she's not all like EWWWWW but kinda goes with it and is kinda like 'yeah. i got puke. but it's sweet puke. sound m8'

No. 55080

Why is he so pink…?

No. 55081

She's just that swag.

No. 55094

I am pretty sure he isn't used to making this embarrassing videos so his face is a bit red and the rest is the result of her usual video filter.

No. 55095

I honestly would not be surprised if they put blush on him to make him seem more bashful and kawaii, though it's probably the reflection of the red lining of his kigu.

He doesn't even look that enthusiastic about this, and his body language gives me the impression that he's an adult humouring a kid and playing along with their antics.

I don't know why in the world they chose the camera angle they did, all it did was make me want to give Manaki a haircut because his hair was in his eyes the whole fucking time.

No. 55104


Why is her face so damn WHITE. Fucking hell, she looks like a mime.

No. 55105

Caked on foundation that's far too light for her. I don't think she's wearing any other makeup either.

No. 55107

Pretty much, it is the most noticable when she has her hand next to her face.

No. 55108

File: 1424984966047.png (82.54 KB, 163x254, 46346.png)

Pic related, almost looks like shironuri makeup.

No. 55111

That is not a cute angle for her nose.

No. 55114

File: 1424986490655.jpg (87.46 KB, 700x454, ss (2015-02-26 at 04.32.01).jp…)

Even her followers are noticing how awkward and how much of a try-hard Venus is when it comes to being cute.

She seems so uncomfortable when he tries to hug her just by the way she pulls back.

No. 55117

Just looks like a normal nose to me.

No. 55119

I am so done with people on this site constantly talking about noses lol

No. 55120

IMO it's because a nose is literally the one thing on your face no one can actually say is "nice" or "pretty".
The only time someone's nose is worth commenting on is if it's very pronounced. It's an extra low blow to talk shit about peoples' noses tbh, raises insecurity and paranoia

No. 55121

Same it's fucking annoying. Every comment when someone posts a picture of any girl "omfg potato nose" "ew she has a massive konk" "look at that snozz"

No. 55122

Maybe they think people are suppose to be noseless or have nearly non existent noses like anime characters

No. 55123

and then comes the hypocrisy where people are like "omg why do they blur the shit out of their noses" cause they're already insecure and we're assholes added on top of that

No. 55125

Guys, we're getting off topic here.

No. 55127

that happens in Criminal Minds LOL

No. 55158

also when she opens her mouth and her teeth look really yellow compared to her skin

No. 55159

I noticed that too, but her teeth are rather off colour anyway.

No. 55161

Her latest video was pretty cute. But the very veeeeery awkward cute. It's like watching her old videos all over again. The cringey kawaii giggling and pale make-up have made a comeback. Manaki doesn't really say much. At least her Japanese is pretty decent and fluid.

No. 55166

I thought she was funny tbh, super awkward when she did the aegyo thing but otherwise it would have pretty much been the youtube standard if they were louder

No. 55243

that face foundation is fucking three times lighter than her actual skin tone. Is this bitch serious?

No. 55245

Most people's teeth are off yellow, but it just looks more prominent with her horrendous super white powder foundation.

No. 55318

lol @ Venus posting screenshots to her IG of people that compain about her #venaki and #venusangelicsboyfriend tags (which they do because she makes it sound like if he was a toy that she owns) so her fans can attack them.

No. 55342


He is a toy that she owns. So she's pulling a Quirky?

No. 55356


I find it funny that her fans honestly believe she's this 'pure & innocent' living doll who's never mean to anyone. Oh please…her past antics say it all. She's a self absorbed weeb bitch with yellow fever. Posting the names of those on IG who question the tags is just her true self shining through again.

No. 55374

I guess its a lot like those people who blindly defend Lime Crime, though the evidence isn't as clear cut in this. If you wanted to, it's easy to convince yourself that what Venus does is just because she's naive and doesn't know any better.

No. 55413

I literally hate Margaret. She is so unbearable. Of course you did Margo, of course you got called a fucking living doll, but couldn't live your god damn life because you were born in the wrong generation. I cry for you.

No. 55436

To be fair, some people in these threads have done the same thing and it is just as aggravating considering this is supposed to be a shittalking chan. It reeks of those moralist anons who would barge into bad cosplay threads back on /cgl/ and try to justify why it wasn't shitty enough to have been posted.

Venus is far from an innocent victim and it would be nice if people dropped that shit and stopped trying to excuse her actions. She is just as responsible for her actions as any other person is.

>inb4 b-but her mum

No. 55530

I hate it when people blame Margo for everything. Sure, she has a lot to do with how Venus turned out, but Venus isn't stupid and she is not a puppet. Not only has Venus been in charge of her own social media activity for years, but Venus is an adult now, she can be held responsible for her own actions. I think Margo has stepped down in terms of dictating what videos Venus makes too. I think blaming Margo is partly why people keep thinking that Venus is blameless, there's a perfectly convenient scapegoat for the things Venus does.

No. 55533


That shit got annoying fast on PULL. "But her mom controls h–" eat a dick, you can't blame Margo for every dumb thing her daughter does.

So few people actually see that Venus isn't blameless.

No. 55537

Oh, is that where that shit came from when we first had Venus threads on here? Even in the beginnings of this thread there were anons jumping to her rescue and claiming that Venus is an innocent victim enduring child abuse. I feel like those same anons are the ones who get defensive whenever people point out how bad Venus looks without shopping herself to death. I don't know if its because they're fans or secretly pissed off that maybe they share the same shitty features with Venus and feel like any snipe at her is also a snipe at them.

No. 55542

I think people blindly defend her because she has always had this innocent persona and that's almost exclusively what we've seen, so OF COURSE she couldn't be a bad or ugly person. People look away because it doesn't fit in with how they picture her in their heads so it must be the 'jealous h8rs' who are the bad guys. I gotta say, she's racked up quite a personal army.

No. 55552

I think its because with Venus it is more ambigious if she is innocent or not. Girls like Xenia were adults when they became lolcows while Peenus was like 15? at the time. It also doesnt help that Margo is such an obvious helicopter mom. The i even pity her sometimes. I know not everything is to blame on Margo, but i do believe she has had a part in how Venus acts now.

No. 55563


Not one person said she didn't have a part to play. We said it's annoying as fuck to pretend like Penus has no blame in it. The girl doesn't need any more excuses made for her.

No. 55574

This, she's an adult and there really isn't going to be anymore room for that kind of bullshit. The rest of the world isn't going to give a fuck what mommy did and her failed idoru dreams. Especially if she meets those worse off than she ever was. They're going to tell her that life sucks, you don't get what you want, grow the fuck up and deal with it.

Her fans really need to do the same.

No. 55586

People blame everything on Margaret because they're too dumb to figure out that ditzy, childish Venus Angelic is just a persona.
They assume she has the intellect of a 5 year-old and conclude she's simply too dumb and innocent desu to make her own decisions.
Imo people who coddle Wenus 24/7 and never blame her for anything are worse than the ones calling her out because they encourage her to remain an immature bitch forever dependent on mommy instead of actually growing up.

No. 55591

Why would she want to grow up and change anyway?
She would have to leave her mom and probably stop seeing/even contacting her for a long time (I don't think Margot would approve of an independet Venus dropping that ~kawaii living doll youtuber~ shit). Then she'd have to think of what to really do with her life, and face that she has no degree, no education, hasn't even finished school properly, no job experience, never worked or even had an internship, probably doesn't have much money and would have to adapt to a completly new lifestyle that isn't social media and acting kawaii on yt and the internet 24/7.

It's way more easy to live with mommy, kawaii japanese bf and not having to do anything in your live other than posting an occasional yt video and some selfies.

No. 55592

yes Venus is an adult, but she was brought up and heavily monitored by Margo, and has learn how to be a human only through her mothers eyes.
The both of them are lost causes.

No. 55612

You act like if she didn't grew up using the internet and Margo doesn't control it at all, otherwise she would never allowed her to follow thinspo, pro-ana and "I hate myself and want to die" blogs.

No. 55621

Lol she edited the Instagram photo that she called out one of the user's opinions for all to see after people mentioned it was uncalled for and can lead to harassment. Fuck she's childish and needs a slap around the face.

No. 55643

I saw that too. I can't wait for the day she REALLY fucks up and deleting all evidence isn't enough to fix it.

I wonder if Venus even knows how to apologize for anything.

No. 55654

I get the feeling that when Venus grows up, she will become just like her mom. Get prego and raise the baby to be the next "Venus".

No. 55655

Assuming the baby looks like her and not her baby daddy. Margo got lucky in that Venus looks exactly like her and not her father (does anyone know anything about him anyway?).

Venus doesn't have that long with her whole living doll thing anyway. She seems to realise that, her videos are a lot less living doll themed and she knows she doesn't look anything like her shooped living doll photos so she blurs the shit out of her recent ones.

No. 55657

Her father is the reason why she and her mom are named Palermo, his father (Venus's gradfather) is italian and his mother (Venus's grandmother) austrian but they both were living in Switzerland. Margo once said he looked like Robin Williams.

No. 55663

Imagine how different Venus' life would have been if she were uglier.

No. 55671

She never mentioned Italian in the ethnicity answers. Always says "Swiss, Austrian & Hungarian"

No. 55682

Margo fucked venus up so its more her fault

No. 55683

She answered that her father is got italian and austrian parents tho.

No. 55711

what site did you use to get these stats? looks legit.

No. 55728

Those are her YouTube stats, she posts them herself once a while.

No. 55769

Damn, I was hoping there was something like this for Twitter.

No. 56307

From what I've known Venus has been overprotected all her life. She doesn't know anything about the outside world, she never went out of her comfort zone, never explored and to top it off she only socializes with her mother, that encourages her to stay like this. She needs to get out and do things or she will remain the same forever. Of course she's an adult now, but she has the life experience of a 11 year old. I don't care about what Marggo's fault is or isn't, I say she needs to get the fuck away from people that allow her to be dumb like this.

No. 56313


There's this little thing called the "internet". It brings together people from all over the world to speak together. Hard to believe, I know.

Know what that means? Bitch knows something about the outside world.

No. 56314

Shouldn't their visa expire this month?

No. 56318

Everyone agrees that she needs to get away from Margo, we were just saying that Margo and her sheltered life is no excuse for the bitchiness that sometimes peeks through her fake persona.

And like >>56313 said, she's been interacting with people all over the world through the internet for years, she has SOME idea of what's out there. She's not THAT sheltered, she's just sheltered in that she has no life experience or social life outside the internet and her mother and her 'boyfriend'. She knows what's going on in the world, she just can't cook, clean etc. and that's not all that rare for someone who just turned 18.

No. 56320

Yes because people on Tumblr, twitter and instagram who kiss each others ass are perfect to learn from. You need real friends, school, ect to develop. Internet is part of RL but only covers a small part of social interaction.

No. 56322

How long are they issued for? 90 days, right? They've been there since late November/early December going by her instagram, they should be be going home soon if they don't want to overstay their visa

No. 56333

Yes, unless they have some working visa and I highly doubt that.

No. 56343

I highly doubt that too, I don't even know if Margo has ever had a job and what Venus does would be more suited to an entertainment visa if anything (though it would be hard to say she's actually entertaining in Japan), and that still means Margo is on a tourist visa.

Awwwww, poor Venus is going to have to leave the ~*love of her life, Manaki*~ behind

No. 56348


and she dealt with creepy mr. yan pretty well… remember when he/his minions kept asking what is her type of guy? she looked pretty disturbed but handled it pretty well.

No. 56379

She only knows her perception of it. She lacks life experience. I think she's just socially retarded and can't keep a believable act. She needs to form a real personality. Like some anons said knowing many idioms won't help with her attitude.

No. 56405

lmao. Oh no. What will he do with Venus gone? He'll surely have to marry her.

No. 56417

Doesn't work without the permission of both her mother AND father until she is 20.

No. 56425

I thought her father died?

No. 56431

Is her father even in her life?

No. 56433

No, he did run away when he found out crazy Margo got pregnant. She did talk about it in some german interview.

No. 56434

Her mom never got disvorced from him, hence the name Palermo.

No. 56445

How the fuck do you stay married to someone you haven't been with in over a decade? Crazy ass Margo

No. 56449


Then she'll get to experience a long distance relationship. See how long it lasts then, especially if she can't travel back to Japan instantly afterwards. LDRs are a true test of commitment.

As for her mother never wanting to leave her in a country on her own as someone mentioned a while back, she went completely on her own for the Bodyline photo shoot mini vacation (any other country that isn't kawaii land I'm pretty sure Margaret would have had a fit). I'd say that's a pretty bold move for someone who's only interaction is her fans on the Internet, her mother and now her boyfriend.

No. 56450


I'd love to see a background check on her, Venus's mother seems shady as hell in more ways than one. Like she is a living breathing Mother Gothel.

No. 56472

Just wanted to let you guys know that Venus's episode of My Strange Addiction is schedules to come on right now…7pm eastern time.

No. 56478

Yeah, under normal circumstances. I don't think "Venaki" count as a normal relationship.

No. 56481

Some oldschool Venus desu.

No. 56502


All I'm getting is a "look at my kawaii Japanese boyfriend" vibe from every video Manaki is featured in, their actual connection is practically non existent and awkward judging by Venus's body language. I see no "love", just fake anime couple-like impressions. He's creepy regardless, stalking her Twitter for more than two years isn't normal at all. Hooking up with an obsessive fanboy is bad news.

No. 56521

Lmao this is what berry whishes she'd look like

No. 56525

using goole translate doesnt make someone smart

No. 56554

I know exactly what you mean. He's just an accessory, another prop for her videos. There's no chemistry between them and if I didn't know how superficial he is to her, I'd be wondering what in the world they see in each other. People are all "oh, that's just how Japanese relationships are!", but Venus isn't Japanese so she has her own expectations and views on relationships to bring to the table, not to mention they first met in person in 2013 IIRC (and he stalked her for a yearish prior) and yet they barely seem to know each other. Even in the Q&A when asked what they like about each other they gave generic and superficial answers. Usually in videos where a couple collaborate, both of them play an equal role and, what I feel is most absent from Venus' videos, the guy has a personality. All I get from Manaki is the archetypal shojo boyfriend.

No. 56555

File: 1425357598244.png (1.13 MB, 949x947, B_AN8nsW8AAF1ep.png large.png)

She is already getting more "ship" fanart in a short time than she got in all these years of herself. Weebs eat this shit like if it was fresh bread.

No. 56564

Um….Why is everyone so pissed about her bf? Lmao. I'm more pissed she wont keep the jet black hair and blue circle lens look. Hope she goes back to it cuz I think it looked better than the wierdish dark brown it faded to.

No. 56575

Because he's got something to do with Venus and we bitch about anything and everything here?

No. 56600


Because he's a creepy fanboy who will stop at nothing to have Venus in his life for as long as it takes. Don't fuck with "idol" fanboys, he comes across as like the ones AKB48 have. Manaki is about as fake as Venus so at least they have that in common. She'll probably keep that look because it makes her look more Japaneeeeese lol.

No. 56609

>fully discussed in the posts

No. 56654

Truly, these fans have no real lives of their own.

No. 56656

Why isn't Venus able to apply make up properly?

No. 56666

Maybe because she has no woman in her life besides her mom that could teach her about makeup?

No. 56670

nigga, there's fuckin' youtube, which is pretty much her life. jfc she herself does (shitty) make-up tutorials. I'm sure she's seen many in her life.

No. 56672

Just looking at videos doesn't make somebody good at makeup irl otherwise we wouldn't have any bad looking people anymore.

No. 56679

If you're as narcissistic as Venus, improving any of your skills can be quite hard because if you feel you're already perfect, you don't have much of an impetus to put time and effort into getting better at anything.

No. 56697

Maybe she isn't artistic. She might be smart with languages, but if your art skills aren't too hot, there's no way you're going to be able to get some of the looks people do tutorials for on youtube.

…and everyone would have their own YT channel (even though nobody would need them).

I love how people think expensive make up's going to make them look good when really they still look shit because they can't apply them very well. Personal experience: watched 1000s of make up tutorials and NEVER get to look as well as the "experts".

No. 56698

>get to look as well as the "experts"
that was me…should be get it to look as well done as the experts.
Adding: whether I use cheap, mid range, expensive make up (so stick to cheap)

No. 56735

The excuses people keep making for Venus and her shitty ass makeup is hilarious. This girl has more excuses made for her than a toddler.

No. 56736

Why excuses? They say how it is and there are lots people way older than her that do their makeup in a equal bad way, certain YouTube "makeup gurus" included.

No. 56741

Why would someone need another women to teach them? You make no sense. I taught myself through online tutorials and before that, magazines. Most people do this.

No. 56743

Your makeup probably looks like shit, kek.

No. 56759

I don't understand why you think people need another woman to teach them make up when you can teach yourself? You're a fucking idiot.

No. 56766

Professional makeup artists don't have to learn their job for years for no reason.

No. 56780

You can practice for years and get better though. Books exist with techniques. Even if you aren't going to school because maybe you arent into beauty as a career, you can still learn to do well in make up. Most girls start off with make up around 15/16 and then some practice and move on to high end brands with better quality.

I dont know. Not everyone is into make up or cares to do it well. Most people do basic foundation, blush or counter and mascara/eyeliner combo.

Venus has been doing make up for years and still sucks at it. She can't even find foundation that suits her skin tone.

No. 56783

She seems to buy makeup online only so of course she will never find a foundation that fits unless she gets her ass out of her home and visits some actual store.

No. 56786

You think she'd invest in some tester pots instead of a full bottle that doesn't match her skin if she doesn't go out.

No. 56790

This. Most online shops even offer tester size samples for foundation.

No. 56796

She probably thinks she is the lightest shade possible because of how brainwashed she got by her mom and fans.

No. 56797

She looks pretty similar to my tone. I'm a light olive or natural beige color in most foundations. You can't really become paler unless you avoid the sun like a disease for a year or so. Even that won't be so drastic depending on your genes.

No. 56801

……okayyyyy lol.
well have fun then i guess.

you can exfoliate regularly, wear sunscreen, use natural skin lighteners etc. my skin became lighter after doing these things for like a month. not that hard.

No. 56802

the way they treated that one girl in the episode made me so mad. her family was fucking stupid.

No. 56803

lmao, apparently you know everything since you keep shitting up the thread.

No. 56805

what are you talking about. why are you mad. i just responded to the post. just like you just responded to that one.

No. 56931

Because you're shitting up the thread with irrelevant crap, you type a thirteen year old, and you're yet another one of those morons we keep getting who goes AMG BUT WAI U GAIZ TALKIN BOU DIS!?!?!!?

Because it is fucking lolcow, a website for bitching about stupid bitches. I seriously don't fucking know where you people waltz in from.

No. 56934

Probably from PULL.
Anyway, back to Wenus. So basically her visa is expiring before the end of March?

No. 56942

It should unless but knowing how Margo /loves/ to do illegal things, let's wait and see what will happen.

No. 56952

Sorry to sound like a newfag but what are the details (if there are any) about Margo doing illegal shit? I hear it mentioned here and there, but I haven't really been following Venus until recently because she just wasn't that interesting to me.

No. 56954

Tax evasion on Venus's YouTube/Homepage Ads/etc income is the reason why they move all the time.

No. 56985

I wonder what Japan's tax laws are? Especially for foreigners.

No. 57028

those idol fanboys fucking scare me
but the seiyuu fanboys are really worst
jfc both have meetings where you can shake the hands of your idol/seiyuu and the otaku (mostly male) jack off leaving sperm onto their hands and then shake their hands
they dont even wash their hands
it's so fucking gross
and they fucking break CDs if they learn you've take a purikura with a guy
sorry for being OT it's just disgusting

No. 57034

I understand your anger, anon. The Japanese culture is seriously disgusting with the idol stuff. They treat them like literal objects and they must remain 'pure!' they even have a xmas event to make sure their favorite idols dont go out with men on xmas and ruin their 'pureness'

I fucking dislike that aspect of Japan so much and will never in a million years understand why someone would willingly be an idol. I feel bad for female voice actors (like you said before.) just lots of stalking and lots and lots of male self entitlement there.

No. 57044

You guys just reminded me of Perfect Blue, finally watched it recently. Some scary shit man.

God, now all I can think is Manaki being like the dude in the movie and it creeps me out.

No. 57049

I agree
fuck, i want to be a seiyuu because i like voice acting and it's fun but why would the seiyuu's personal life even matters?
those otaku think if the seiyuu has a bf, she's impure so she ruins the "purity" of the 2d character she voices
seriously, what the fuck
i wish seiyuus wouldnt have to deal with those creepers, they dont deserve that
they're real women with real feelings
it really angers me

No. 57056

>getting mad at someone for shitting up thread while also shitting up thread

gr8 job

No. 57059

i wondered why girls want to be idols too. it seems really hard/ fucked up.

there's this thing with the really not well known idol groups where they get paid by how many token thingies the fans put into their specific boxes at a show. so i guess if you're not cute enough you don't get paid sometimes? lol

No. 57128

I guess young girls who want to become famous celebrities but have no talent decide to try idol career.
Maybe they just aren't aware what are they getting themselves into

No. 57234

They absolutely have no idea what they're getting into. Because until I started lurking here, I had no idea what being an aidoru actually entailed. They probably think it's just singing and dancing and adoring fans + a chance at game in glorious Nippon. The poor dears need a reality check, but I wouldn't want them to have to go through all that shit in Japan to get it.

Sorry for OT. Back to Wenus. Her boyfriend creeps me tf out and I agree that their relationship doesn't look remotely genuine on cam. The first vid I could forgive cause they both seem kinda shy and awkward, but the subsequent videos? Nah. Idk if Venus thinks this is her only shot at staying in Japan and that's why she puts up with it or what… But girl should go back and finish school, lay off the Internet persona, and come back in a few years when nobody remembers her.

No. 57237

File: 1425494554375.png (231.6 KB, 526x294, 11034241_828940430474742_59558…)

"A slice of the video I'm currently editing"

Looks like it was made the same day as her last one judging by her makeup.

No. 57248

I don't think even lying low for a few years is going to do much. What's on the internet is pretty much there forever and people WILL find her old stuff and bring up her past videos etc. if she makes a comeback, even if it's under another name.

She needs to get off the internet, period. She should do it soon before she makes herself look like a huge cunt and no one ever forgives her for that. People will hold it against her forever if she seriously fucks up.

No. 57269


If she "ever" turns her life around and focuses on a less Internet based career to want in the near future, everything she's ever done will just magically remain online for all to see. She'll need a real job eventually and her online persona with a history of drama won't help.

No. 57273

There's really no internet based career that's viable for her. She's shit at makeup, and her thing is the living doll thing which isn't in fashion anymore, not to mention she's getting older and its harder and harder to pull it off. But she and Margo seem to be in denial and I think they're going to be milking this shit until she's at least in her 20s, meaning if she ever does finish school and get a proper job offline, she'll be far behind everyone else her age.

No. 57276

She could learn web design or something, considering how many shitty websites are out there you don't need much skill anyways.

No. 57280

Slightly random suggestion… I doubt she'd be much good since she doesn't seem to have any eye for aesthetics. At all.

No. 57282

All she knows is ~kawaii~, I don't know how many people would want to a cutesy website to the point where they hire someone to make it for them. She'd need to learn how to make a website, and need a portfolio, connections etc. to start up a career in it, and possibly even a qualification in it. I mean, why would someone hire someone who has no qualification in web design over someone who does?