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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

File: 1487134290761.png (462.58 KB, 447x715, DR.png)

No. 251831

Daphne Rimmel

>Insane nurse that believes in every conspiracy theory around the world.

>Harassed a doctor for days on IG trying to prove HIV is a hoax.
>Believes the earth is flat and satellites don't exist
>Science books with artistic representantions of planets and the universe are BS according to this galactic nurse.
>Deletes comments with evidence and scientific explanations of round Earth.
>Sleeps with an eye open and makes her IG account private at night.
>Obsessed with Venus Angelic, claims to have the same history with her narc mom.
>NASA and Margo are her worst enemies
>Claims to have gained 20 pounds with a Freelee's diet.
>Wears a corset 24/7. Still fat.
>Self posted her YT channel in PULL
>Caught sockpuppeting and using different names

Join Daphne on her galactic mission to destroy NASA and narc moms from the surface of this plane earth!

No. 251835

Currently obsessed with Vexxed because she believes OP is Vexxy himself. Believe me, there's more people that know about your shitty past.

No. 251875

File: 1487143056499.png (194.9 KB, 720x1124, DR1.png)

No. 251876

File: 1487143086329.png (171.93 KB, 720x934, SP.png)

Self Projecting much?

No. 251886

File: 1487144518390.png (48.21 KB, 720x512, N.png)

Emma Wright (her sockpuppet) always defending "Daphne".

No. 251890

File: 1487144933589.png (670.89 KB, 720x1027, D-1.png)

"Daphne" or "Addie"?

No. 251921

>wears a corset 24/7

Wait, what the fuck? How does that even work?

Also, let me guess, is she also an anti-vaxxer?

No. 251926

Yeah she's anti-vaxxer too. She believes every single conspiracy theory on the internet. She believes Phoebe from FRIENDS was brilliant because she believed in all that shit too. LOL

About the corset, idk anon she believes too many things… corsets are bad for your health but she probably believes that's a lie too.

No. 251931

According to her logic, everything you have seen on TV and learned from a public school teacher is ALL lies, fuck Galileo Galilei, History books, Science books, NASA, Medicine, you name it. She says that the truth is outside (outside = YT and flat earth blogs) and if you want to prove her wrong you need to make a video, otherwise you are a lazy narc. I love how everyone but her is a narc.

No. 251938

Imagine that a nurse refuses to give you a medicine because she believes it doesn't work and gives you a tic tac instead or who knows what.

No. 251952

I'm pretty sure people who sleep in their corsets are batshit or have BDD or something. It's dangerous, uncomfortable, and completely unnecessary. Just more evidence that she's got mashed potatoes for brains.

This is the reason why I'm paranoid of nurses. Does she go telling people not to vaccinate their kids and shit? That would be a horror story.

She's just another person that rejects reality (aka science) because she's too stupid to understand it. She doesn't even try. I'm not opposed to rounding up people like that and dropping them in the ocean. We should at least sterilize everyone that believes in FEMA camps and flat earth.

Maybe she's schizophrenic or something and induced delusions from smoking so much weed. Disclaimer: I'm about as much of a medical professional as this crazy bitch.

No. 251953

Samefag but I'm really hoping she's a troll. Leaning towards yes, but there are really people this dumb in the world…

No. 252058

Sadly, she's being serious.

>This is the reason why I'm paranoid of nurses.

Loons like this woman working at hospitals or schools should be immediately reported and examinated.

Maybe that's why she uses different names.

No. 252064

Woah she has hate for literally everything … now apparently tiny houses are brain washing us too.

No. 252115

Hubble photos of the earth are HD oil paintings. Lol. I've spent years on the Icke forums and I'm open minded enough to think, well maybe there's something in suchatheory but flat earthers are the creates batshits I've ever encountered. They get so aggressive about it.

Thanks OP for introducing me to this cow. I'll be immersing myself in her delusional musings when I get home tonight.

Flat earth. Lol.

No. 252116

Greatest* not creates

No. 252128

File: 1487184134636.gif (934.79 KB, 500x200, Leo.gif)

I decided it was time to share this galactic milk.

No. 252202

File: 1487191076280.png (796.86 KB, 720x1143, Screenshot_2017-02-15-14-36-07…)

Hahaha thanks insane bitch for my daily keks. Those hashtags tho!

No. 252204

File: 1487191208636.png (618.91 KB, 720x993, Screenshot_2017-02-15-14-35-35…)

#tranny #fakepregnancybitch LOL

No. 252214

File: 1487191817316.jpg (843.2 KB, 1200x944, 20170215_144757.jpg)

Leave Beyonce alone! cries hysterically

No. 252297

>NASA and Margo are her worst enemies

Also, she doesn't even know how to properly wear a corset

No. 252298

She's ranting in Margo's thread kek

No. 252318

File: 1487201611149.png (715.41 KB, 720x939, 20170215_170721.png)

What she did to her friend is even worse. She looks like she can't breathe.

Why does she wear that sweater in all her videos??

No. 252319

File: 1487201981125.gif (229.31 KB, 500x382, xI8SF2X.gif)

Holy shit I didn't notice the laces before now

She disgusts me

No. 252369

She's demented.

Meanwhile in Margo's thread she's making more conspiracy theories about an old woman she harassed once on IG, months ago. (She used a sockpuppet then posted everything in PULL). Imagine how many people this woman has harassed before using her sockpuppets?

Doctors, Scientists, Freelee (kek), IG users, Beyonce and her unborn child, Satanists, Round Earthers, narc moms… she has hate for everyone.

No. 252384


I wouldn't say she is straight up demented, she is way too active for it.
She behaves like mentally ill person, and there are mentall illneses which you can mistake with regular dementia.

No. 252398

I think that anon was saying demented about the corset laces (sorry if I'm wrong).

You're not supposed to tie your laces around the waist, unless you want to look tacky, lazy, and damage your corsets - and corsets are damn expensive. My eye is still twitching.

She sure doesn't know how to wear corsets for someone that's constantly wearing corsets. Shows her incompetence.

No. 252403

I don't know what it is, but she's very aggressive.

No. 252426

It's like I said in >>252115

Flat earthers are uber agressive for some reason. Recently a radio show host I listened to wanted to speak to some of the Flat Earth people and he was swamped on twitter with bile and abuse.

She seems like ANY belief she holds, she can't deal with being challenged because she KNOWS she's right and everyone else is a fuckwit. You can't even debate with her, because SHE'S RIGHT. Never known anyone hop onto so many things and be this way. I can't even think of a mental illness it could be. She's batshit in a Asha kind of way (but without the vagoo pics and ingrown hairy breasts).

No. 252445

Yeah that's the word: tacky.

I couldn't describe her better.
She says that you need to make a video to prove her wrong, according to her logic, experts and people in the comments are lazy and uneducated because they never make video responses.

No. 252831


No. 253205

How easy is to debunk Flat Earth but how difficult is for them to accept it.

>>252426, check this out:

Behavior Flat-Earthers psychological study:
- Borderline personality disorder
- Narcissism
- Reality anxiety

All her rants about narcs are pure self projecting.

No. 253207

There's a link to a video of the study results in the description box of this video.

No. 255223

File: 1487652713496.jpg (208.67 KB, 1443x1076, daphne.jpg)


"How hospitable is a place that is trying to kill you and SEND YOU the bill for it?"

That is the description of her new video. I can't believe this girl used to be a nurse. I think clearly she has some mental issues.

Thinking a hospital is trying to kill you so they make more money!? Just sad to be honest.

No. 255252

What a horrible person, maybe she got fired, that's why she's a "Full Time Youtuber" now.

She's moving to Iceland, I just hope she never works as a nurse ever again. People like that shouldn't work in the health sector. It's dangerous.

No. 255548

Hospitals "EXPOSED"

LOL rolls eyes

No. 255696

Well the title says "Confessions of an Ex-nurse" so maybe she's not one anymore? At least I hope not. Hospitals gotta be a lot safer without her around.

No. 255779

Why are you guys freaking out about her wearing a corset "24/7"? She clearly has no idea how to lace a corset or even choose a corset that is the correct length for her torso. Her corsets are not tight and are not "hugging" her body, plus they are all probably warped as fuck because she doesn't wear them correctly. She looks like a child playing dress-up.

No. 256042

We all agree on that. Hopefully no one will hire her in the future.
Her rants and opinions about Hospitals, Aids and Cancer donation can be considered as insensitive and slanderous statements. I doubt someone wants a nurse like that in a Hospital.

She's a Corset Queen kek >>251890
She thinks she looks fabulous that's why it's funny.

Notice they call her "Addie" there..
Isn't her name "Daphne"?

No. 256053

File: 1487792105578.png (368.97 KB, 500x777, SureJan.png)

There are more Space agencies around the planet that aren't NASA…. omg flat earthers live in a fantasy world and they will refuse to listen because they don't want their illusions destroyed.


No. 257061

What did I just…
That made absolutely no sense.
Tv =/= "round earthers"
Yt =/= flat earthers

How old is this loon again?

No. 260538

File: 1488312101919.png (618.27 KB, 720x783, 20170228_121456.png)

The obsession is real..

No. 262417

File: 1488508819980.png (519.82 KB, 719x1138, EC.png)


First Beyonce, now Eugenia Cooney is a Satanist too and "the reason why your freedom of speech will be revoked by 2020"

Now Daphne is liking Onision's videos lol

The list of the things she hates is insanely long

No. 262739

Eugenia Cooney Exposed… "Satanic Witch"

…she's about to cry?

Daphne, Eugenia is not an illuminati, she is not a witch, she's not a human sacrifice and she won't take away your freedom of speech. She's just a very, very sick girl, and like most anorexics, she denies it, that's part of her illness.

I think you are the one who is being brainwashed by all the pseudo science articles and conspiracy theories you read, and the crazy cyber friends you have.

No. 262767

In all fairness to Eugenia, she could have anorexia but not anorexia Nervosa

No. 263027

I don't know anon but I'm pretty sure that she's not a Satanic witch lol

No. 268190

Can anyone list all the known puppet accounts? or tell where they are listed?

No. 268252

She has been deleting comments and accounts and changing some usernames but these are some of the suspected accounts:

Twitter: Emma Wright @emmss999
(it was @snich1954)

fb: susan.nicholson.756

Yt: Emma W now Emma J
don't worry be happy
Mr. Salty

IG: suzii_qt, jonimulroney, therealmarge.p (exposed account recently deleted) , massagememargo, koka

Pull: Andromeda Galaxy, So Pink
Someone mentioned that "Ren" has a very similar post history too.

KF: Um…

No. 268299

Sometimes she talks to her own sockpuppets or says some things to make them look less obvious but they all behave like a horde.

No. 268455


Thank you for this information. A few of us on Pull where talking about Andromeda Galaxy being SoPink but also kept getting other info like she is really Daphne Rimmel and then it was really Emma Wright. There is speculation that she is doing vote manipulation.

No. 268492

No need to be paranoid of nurses anon - if she worked for any legit facility she would be investigated right away for her bat shit insane behaviour. Nursing is a very regulated proffession with a board and laws in place for public saftey

No. 268552

>IG: jonimulroney
Ha, funny to know that's her and she was busy stirring the pot through the Marge saga. But I guess that's a big obsession of hers.

>KF: Um…

Well, there you go. I had thought Um might be multiverse (name changed from Everything Is Chemicals) talking to herself. They sure are on the same page… not a claim to fame I would enjoy.

No. 268590

>I had thought Um might be multiverse (name changed from Everything Is Chemicals)
oh kek thanks anon.
No, that's a different person.

No. 268596

Hahaha When was the last time So Pink posted? She has been very quiet lately…

>There is speculation that she is doing vote manipulation.

Yeah… sockpuppets are useful in many ways, this is why I said those accounts behave like a horde.

No. 268601

It's just when Um turned up she was maybe… expected? Someone at KF already knew her, or it looked like that from the outside. She seemed expected, maybe. So I thought it was an account reboot attempt. I rarely visit so I didn't delve further.

The problem with following Margo is one ends up in conversation with people like Daphne (facepalm at how many conversations I must have had with her). Saged for wandering ot.

No. 268616


It was Andromeda Galaxy(posting and votes) and Ren(votes) in the Venus general thread. White-knighting and making drama.

No. 268628

Um.. joined after Vexxed's thread was created, she thanked OP for the thread. One of the characteristics all of these accounts have in common is that they only comment in VA threads.

>The problem with following Margo is one ends up in conversation with people like Daphne


>(facepalm at how many conversations I must have had with her).

Kek she's very dedicated.

No. 268632

>Someone at KF already knew her, or it looked like that from the outside.
Oh, who?

No. 269319

Lol Eugenia's face!
Hahah I can't believe she's obsessed with Eugenia this is hilarious.

No. 269327

>and Tranny friend
samefagging but I want to see the original video and I can't find it.. they aren't just talking about flat earth like the title says (I see what you did there Daphne), they are talking about a specific youtuber.

No. 269329

File: 1489480605202.png (103.83 KB, 720x605, TheEarthISRound.png)

Yeah it was about her and her stupid video about Eugenia…

No. 269341

kek at that image title

No. 269343

When I look at the date, I see the person didn't greet her the day she showed up but a few weeks after. So I realise now they may have just got to know each other. That person was pretty friendly while I was still active there.

No. 273832

I think she has more than the two accounts on pull. Is anyone investigating her more? JellybeanButtons seems like one of hers.

No. 276326

Thanks! Report it. I'm following her case and yeah I was checking that account too… it's a bit fishy.

No. 276329

I found more surprises. Daphne girl is not alone~

No. 276370

I did message Nyx mentioning evidence we found and have been ignored for days now…not even a "we know" or "I don't care"

Are you talking about the other white knights or something else?

No. 276445

I think it just takes some time! But.. well, it's pretty obvious that fat cows like Daphne and Jamie are sperging in these threads.

In fact, Um and Emma Wright have been liking Jamie's tweets and posts on KF…

>Are you talking about the other white knights or something else?

About a different spergelic, yes. She was mentioned earlier itt.

No. 276478

They have read it twice now, It shows when they last read.And no collected evidence was given yet, just asking if they have looked into it and that others have been talking about it in secret and that we have some evidence.

I can understand why someone would be delusional and see things in black and white.(I don't agree but I can get it) I will NEVER understand ignoring facts and saying clear bull crap to hold onto a delusion, and making so many fake accounts to fervently do this. Like what is so fucked up about you that you cant accept anything that contradicts your fantasies.Case in point Daphne "my parents are both lazy and narcissistic and narcissists target me" and then "I know the truth and the whole world is about what I believe is true" ……..I mean she sounds more like Margo every time she talks lol

No. 277561

She crayyy
I'm jealous of her boobies though.

No. 279970

Tbh I think she's worse…

No. 280055

Omg imagine a crazy contest between the two of them.

No. 280298

>we have some evidence.
So…where is this evidence?

No. 280334


It is being compiled in private. But if you want to do your own research. Read all of her posts on all of the suspected accounts. They use the Exact same wording as well as some are almost the complete same, down to the personal screen shot used with the same meta data.

No. 280415

File: 1490846733360.gif (1.35 MB, 350x197, 350x197px-LL-181dfe2b_oprah_wo…)

ooohhhh, meta data?
Sounds like you got a real bombshell, anon!

No. 280417

File: 1490846792144.gif (2.28 MB, 275x154, 1466388069943.gif)

No. 280418

just telling you the info you can get on your own.

No. 280420

File: 1490847187792.jpg (454.06 KB, 1726x1513, IMG_3038.JPG)

You need to get the authorities involved immediately. This is WAY too big for amateurs.

No. 280432

>crime group

gets me every time lol

No. 280444


This is no laughing matter, anon. It needs to be investigated NOW.
Daphne is worse than margo, just ask >>279970

No. 280494

File: 1490852657145.jpg (37.91 KB, 401x470, IMG_3046.JPG)

This calls for some top flight investigative journalism. Someone call vexxed!

No. 280496

File: 1490852787276.jpg (128.55 KB, 1185x784, IMG_3045.JPG)

Oh wait…you already did.
And notified Mira too.
Guess y'all are SERIOUS about this.

No. 280498

Who ever did this, they did it on their own.

No. 280502

Sure. Just one person "on their own" at the exact same time you retards were sperging about 'DAPHNE!" all over Venus's thread.

No. 280505

Not saying they did read it on here. But they are not involved. Make all the assumptions you want.

No. 280506

Vexxed + Mira + lolcow sperg-chans
Onward to take down DAPHNE!

No. 280507

It's the autist A Team

No. 280509

Mira has recently been on Pull where someone mentioned the Venus stuff, It is probably just her looking for attention.

No. 280528

So what other A-list youtubers besides vexxfag and Mira did you losers try to recruit to join your retarded 'EXPOSE DAPHNE' crusade? This is gold..

No. 280543

No one gives a shit about exposing her. Just tracking how crazy she is.

No. 280589

Oh, right. That's why you're compiling EVIDENCE (lol) and emailing the admin of PULL and Mira and who knows who else, you're just "tracking."

Love it.

No. 280674

On pull she is breaking the rules. No one has contacted mira or vex. Who sounds like the conspiracy theorist now.

No. 280707

the earth is round bb. ROUND.

No. 280764

Oh I see cow Daphne was here…

No. 280765

File: 1490890124940.png (420.53 KB, 720x864, Oops.png)


No. 280771

Oh my Daphne girl…

Evidence? Bitch you are a flat earther, you will never accept a shit even if it's crystal clear to everyone.

No. 280793

You have been doing some shit and you didn't think that someone would notice it…

I see someone has been contacting people… Did that Mira thing triggered you? Taste some of your own medicine..

No. 280814

Hahaha oh you mad? Why would you care about that? Ah yeah, because…

You are Daphne.

>It is being compiled in private.
Just like NASA, we hide the truth from Daphne.

>Vexxed + Mira + lolcow sperg-chans
>#autisticarmy #theearthisROUND
And Eugenia, she knows you too now, and remember that she's an evil satanic witch, be careful! maybe she can tell Beyonce in the next illuminati meeting ~~~

No. 280931


Not "mad" and not Daphne! the object of your autistic obsession. Just an amused and entertained anon, enjoying the show.
Sperg on!

No. 280940

So either this poster is Daphne or somehow retarded enough to type exactly like her

No. 281044

File: 1490911514281.jpg (91.32 KB, 955x537, IMG_3129.JPG)

>I see someone has been contacting people…
wait, who's been "contacting people" and which "people?" Only contacting I see is you spergs tipping off your boy vexxed the Intrepid Journalist and emailing Mira to get her onboard your DAPHNE conspiracy train.
which is the best shit ever, btw…the dynamic duo of vexxed + Mira, heading up this army of autists.

Oh, and messaging PULL with "Muh EVIDENCE! REEEEEE!!!1!1!!!"

No. 281310


Aw don't cry, at least you have Jamie, and Melissa.

No. 281337

>wait, who's been "contacting people" and which "people?"
I bet Beyonce was informed too.

>On pull she is breaking the rules.
Yes, very fishy activity.

>No one has contacted mira or vex.

Even if that's true.. it's like anon said, they did it on their own.

>Who sounds like the conspiracy theorist now.

She's the expert. Her youtube channel is 100% conspiracy theories.

No. 281385

I've been wondering when something about this person would be posted here. So tell us why you posted it. Vendetta? Reason?

No. 281388

There's something in the story I missed. There's a few references to Jamie here but I'm not personally involved in this drama so I don't quite know who everyone is. Can someone fill in this Jamie part of the story to me?

No. 281417

File: 1490937496228.gif (78.92 KB, 200x200, IMG_3157.GIF)

wait, is this …. DAPHNE??!?

No. 281455

No, it's not Daphne.

This is EverythingIsChemicals

Jamie is a youtuber who recently created an account in PULL (now banned) and kiwifarms using he real name.

She followed some fishy accounts on PULL that are believed to be Daphne's and apparently she's into VA drama. Some of the accounts previously discussed in this thread have been liking Jamie's posts and tweets.

No. 281468

Some days ago a list of suspected sockpuppets was posted, including an account in KF, then one anon said the following:
>I had thought Um.. might be multiverse (name changed from Everything Is Chemicals) talking to herself.

I understand why anon thought that.. they are rabid, very dedicated, so it's just in order to avoid confusion.

No. 281558

Oh I get which Jaimie, that dumbass youtuber. I had thought you were talking about a guy for some reason and I've been scratching my head about who. I haven't paid enough attention to the Daphne story/drama.

One day I would like to know why everything is chemicals / multiverse has a compulsion for doxxing herself.

No. 283763

File: 1491274972922.gif (1.12 MB, 200x102, IMG_3186.GIF)

>EVIDENCE you guise
>omg, does vexxed know?
>Quick, someone email mira!

No. 283851

File: 1491281624398.png (720.19 KB, 720x760, Screenshot_2017-04-03-15-43-09…)

94 videos.. $$62$$

Wow. I'm so proud.
love it

What did you do with all that money?

Beyonce albums?
An annual subscription to NASA/National Geographic?
a VA official t-shirt?
A box of liquid chlorophyll?

No. 283864

I see how much that triggered you.

No. 283874

Clearly it did, they keep posting the same crap. kek

No. 283885

File: 1491283231004.png (315.27 KB, 720x671, SATANismylordandsavior.png)

Maybe the fact that all her efforts aren't aknowledged/ thanked by her queen is causing her a meltdown.

No. 283888

How funny would it be if Venus denounced her. I would love to see that breakdown! XD

No. 283911

Lol maybe that's her biggest fear. After Mira tweeted that she had a breakdown here, maybe she's worried about what others youtubers know. love it

She's spending all that time in someone that doesn't even aknowledge her.. isn't that sad? Venus clearly enjoys to be an edgelord now while this cow still believes she's an innocent little princess who still needs to be saved from… her own stupidity?

No. 283926

I think she views her as an idealize virginal goddess version of herself. Like if Venus came out with a round earth video, omg the massive blow up :3

No. 283929

She already freaked and made rapid fire flat earth videos after someone made the comment on pull about flat earth being ridiculous. Good watch if you need to pee laughing.

No. 283930

Also after her interview with the Nazi chick she went on a comment deleting spree about people saying she was Jewish or had a Jewish name or something.

No. 284046

Hahha really?? Can you post the video?

She deletes comments and blocks people all the time because she can't be challengend.

No. 284051


thats the first in the spam of them in one day lmao

No. 284097

File: 1491300686011.png (Spoiler Image, 128.99 KB, 325x290, RealEarthhasCurves.png)

Daphne look! NASA finally revealed the true shape of the earth and the moon.

No. 297997


Many of the troll accounts I've seen follow/recommend Ashley Isaacs's accounts…

No. 298002

are you replying to something specific, or care to explain?

No. 298003

File: 1493032921805.jpg (24.7 KB, 880x420, bONEEYb.jpg)

as in, I'm interested to hear what you mean but I'm not far enough down the rabbit hole to know what you're referring to.

No. 298029

nayrt but Ashley Isaacs is another cow

No. 298072

I know who Ash is, I'm wondering where / what the troll accounts being referred to are? And are they all Daphne or other people?

No. 298161

>I'm wondering where / what the troll accounts being referred to are?
In this case, Instagram.

>And are they all Daphne or other people?

The accounts listed itt are most likely Daphne's.

About the troll accounts that have a connection to Ashley Isaacs..
Two examples..
Jonimulroney suggested for months Ashley's account and other cows.

Kyrillus is supposed to be a guy but randomly follows Venus' aunt and Ashley too (This account has a long story..)

And well, basically Daphne is really into lolcows and tends to talk a lot about "narc moms", I wouldn't be surprised if she's into Ashley's drama too.

Anyway, a girl with many sockpuppet accounts is not a crazy idea imo.. there are crazier theories, anon. Such as.. Eugenia Cooney is an illuminati, OP is Vexxed, aids is a hoax or.. the flat earth theory.

No. 298162


No. 319076

Shes nuts

No. 319091

Ashley is pretty e-famous. A lot of people follow both her and Mary, especially if they've lurked Lolcow. It's not really proof of anything.

No. 319092

*Margo, fucking autokek.

No. 319403

My girl's channel is gone…

No. 319428

File: 1495504618104.jpg (30.04 KB, 700x323, Art_MyAss.jpg)

100+ videos about Flat Earth and conspiracy bs GONE.

Humanity 1

Daphne 0

…Like literally 0 views, 0 $$, 0 channel, and the world won't stop turning girl.


No. 319455



This fucking Nazi bitch.. damn.

No. 319497

She is using a different channel that she made in 2013. It has the same content. Guess all of those sock accounts come in handy when the shit hits the fan.

No. 319500

File: 1495509206655.png (524.68 KB, 1280x720, ClassyNazi.png)


>Yt won't pay me 12.50 dollars per week


>YT deleted my channel bc my name "Daphne Rimmel" doesn't match my birth certificate.

>I tolerate ads on my precious videos

>If you can't pay me 12.50 dollars for full-time labor you really are Jews.

>I'm free to work because I have values that come from my lineage and my values include being able to work hard every day.

>I don't need 12.50 dollars a week from you but it is the principle.

>If you put 1 more ad I WILL SUE YOU YOUTUBE.

>Let me tell you a short story yt: My parents sued my abusive teacher.

(She also has claimed that her parents abused her. see >>251876 )

>it's worse than a fraud!!1


>Fuck you!!1 (In German)

No. 319506

Reporting that shit.

No. 319512

I actually see her point but this bitch is fucking NUTS lmao. and how many times is she going to say "that's right!" after a sentence

No. 319520

She is nutty as a fruitcake and a neo nazi/white supremacist type too. I tuned her out after a video or instagram post (I forget which) where she talked about wanting to live in Iceland because hashtag #nojews. And now that reference to "my LINEAGE?"

No. 319521

samefag– I don't think she has a zillion sockpuppet accounts all over PULL, Youtube, Instagram etc. though. That's just some margo-level paranoid delusional shit on the part of a few obsessed anons, including their fearless leader #vexxfag ("my girl Daphne" lol)

No. 319526

She's fucking insane. She's all the things that are fucking wrong with this world

White supremacist
Male supremacist
Flat earther
Paranoid and Slanderous

Just to name a few..

No. 319536

The sockpuppets are just a small amount of the pile of shit you've done, my girl.


No. 320306

>I don't think she has a zillion sockpuppet accounts all over PULL, Youtube, Instagram etc. though.

Sockpuppets are the last point in the list. I just take note of fishy activity and share some of it with other anons, but it is a fact that she's obsessed with Venus and that many sockpuppets have conveniently defended Daphne on Youtube.

Everything is Chemicals (Melissa Feuer >>280765 instagram: misfeuer ) has claimed that she has sockpuppets too.

No. 320413

File: 1495604292217.jpg (132.05 KB, 1149x763, IMG_5071.JPG)

You and the vexxfag are convinced DAPHNE is that girl who was mean to him on Twitter too, right? As well as anyone who doesn't hate WEENOOS here, on kf, IG, PULL and Youtube, they're all DAPHNE too!
You're as cracked as margo and every bit as delusional and obsessed. Entertaining as fuck though, I'll give you that.

Watch out, Daphne…vexxed and his followers are ON TO YOU, girl. Oh and Mira's in on dis too!

No. 320419

Maybe stop posting the same posts..btw there are more than 1 anons that hate Daphne.

No. 321037

This is why I call her my girl, I know how much it triggers people.

No. 321051

File: 1495672888614.png (236.64 KB, 720x1280, emw.png)

Emma Wright and other sockpuppets always to the rescue…

No. 321053

File: 1495673628229.png (154.63 KB, 720x1280, k.png)

Then So Pink went to pull with Daphne's sob story…

No. 321082

You said the same shit here:


And why are you so triggered by this thread? Why you sure those accounts aren't hers? is it one of them yours?

please, tell us.

No. 321895

Prob the samefag who keeps going onto the venus thread and saying how everyone is reaching.

No. 323095

Thanks for pointing that out anon. I actually know where the samefag saves many of those pictures. There's an instagram account full of dates and description of events that looks like the diary of a fucking creep.

No. 323102

Do share..

No. 323104

File: 1495922749991.png (606.96 KB, 720x1132, Staymad.png)

Here we go…

This one.

No. 323106

File: 1495922892755.png (430.54 KB, 720x1131, Samefag.png)


Samefag used this same picture here >>280420

Notice the writing style and what she's saying…

No. 323107

File: 1495922996193.png (887.84 KB, 720x1130, Samefag-1.png)

Most of them screenshots from lolcow threads.

No. 323114

The oldest posts of that acc are liked by Daphne and she was her first follower..

When this thread was created she unfollowed the account and deleted many comments.

No. 323115

Hmm also all of the exact same images SoPink uses….

No. 323117

An anon here and some sockpuppets have said exactly the same shit in the description box of those posts using the same writing style, sometimes it's copy-paste.

No. 323119

And Andromeda Galaxy.

No. 323122

It's not the first time it happens something similar.

That case with the doctor was also like that. Daphne spamming his account with hate and delusion, followed by sockpuppets defending her shit after she blocked him.

No. 323124

I am not surprised that there is a spike in activity ,because of her YouTube getting shut down and all.

No. 323235

Man, this thread was a wild fuckin ride

No. 323239

So Pink, Andromeda Galaxy, Um.. , Emma Wright, Joni, Youtube sockpuppets…

All of them are the same person. All of the posts made by those accounts are gathered in the account: TheRealMargo.p

No. 323243

Just a sec pls…

No. 323282

learn to reply, or learn to make your point clear

learn to sage

learn not to spam

I'm pretty interested to know more about Daphne but frankly, some of you are coming off as being as mentally disorganised as our thread subject. It makes it hard to learn anything at all.

No. 323292

How is it hard to learn any of the information here? It is a straight line with posts that are not very long…..for clarifications, maybe ask?or use google…

No. 323308

Oh please grow up. You have no idea.

I'm an ex-Margo thread anon and have been trying to follow what's going on because obviously that was her haunting ground, but vague posts like >>323243 are ridiculous. Same with 'google', come the fuck on anon. Get it together, because frankly I'd be happy to sperg about Daphne if I can follow…

No. 323309

>Oh you just wait…

If you have stuff, come on and post it? Or even part of it. Isn't that the point?

No. 323314

This is OT and ridiculous. There is nothing to hard to follow here. You refused to answer and the google was not a one off post but a possible answer for you. Yes that anon >>323243 posted something short vague and unneeded but this thread is not full of those and your continued complaining is not needed. If you need information ask, if you have something relevant to say then please do, but If all you want to do is complain about anons then please go somewhere else.

No. 323389

File: 1495958648920.png (1.57 MB, 3748x2148, samefag.png)


These are the sockpuppets from twitter, instagram and youtube.

Notice the writing style, claims and insults.

No. 323393

File: 1495960793543.png (2.08 MB, 2960x2090, smf2.png)

Here you can see some of her comments and likes and her interaction with many fake accounts.

No. 323400

File: 1495964429877.png (1020.28 KB, 2980x1528, sopemjv.png)

TherealMargo.p, So Pink shared the same screenshots and wrote the same.

As you can see, Emma is the person who liked all of those tweets and it's clear that those are her own screenshots since only she can see the read hearts.

No. 323593

**red hearts

No. 333738

I was just watching a video from her second channel and her voice is so annoying and scratchy. Also, I can't stand how she capitalized some letters in most of her sentences.

No. 333860

File: 1497201261071.png (412.91 KB, 1269x1700, 1497194939100.png)

Reposting this here because it's relevant.

Thanks to the anon who made this one.

Original post:

No. 333861

>I can't stand how she capitalized some letters in most of her sentences.
It's like she's screaming when she writes.

No. 333953

File: 1497210698975.png (209.72 KB, 719x1228, TheEarthisROUNDlikeyourdogsSto…)


I doubt it, but whatever helps you sleep at night.

Btw I just watched your video and damn stop overfeeding your doggies Wtf

1 pound more and all your thesaurus and weed pots will start orbiting around them

No. 923964

Does anyone have any milk on her reviews for her products on etsy or even bought from her before and had a bad experience with her? She's really unprofessional and fucks up her orders. I think she moderates her reviews and deletes any negative ones if that's possible on etsy. She definitely has some element of control with that i'd say.

No. 923972

I ordered a couple of items through her just once. They arrived a little under a week and were packaged nicely along with a cute note. Products were decent but nothing I couldn't live without.

No. 923979

What did you get? I have a few times and have found her product formula is inconsistent each time. I ordered the same couple of fucking products and the consistency and smell was different each time. I think she bulked her product with the cheapest ingredient and reduced the percentage of the more expensive quality ingredients, hence the change in texture and smell each time. And her beeswax isn't even genuine. She gets it from Amazon and a few people have reviewed this particular brand as "not real beeswax, synthetic, fake." I know this because she posted a video showing how she makes one of her sleeping face masks and I searched up the beeswax pellets she uses. Fucking Amazon, and possibly fake.
Would explain why some of her products make me break out with terrible acne. It must be this low quality beeswax. She also uses cocoa butter for a lot of her face creams and balms which is a big no-no. It's highly comedogenic. The dumb fat bitch.

No. 923992

From what I remember it was her fat balm (it came in chapstick tube packaging) and the queen's sleeping mask. I ordered both unscented so I didn't notice much of a smell besides the sleeping mask which had a faint coconut smell. Eventually I did have to use the sleeping mask as a hand treatment because it was causing congestion on my face. It was most likely due to the coconut oil but idk if she is using a fractionated coconut oil or the kind used for cooking.

No. 924339

Anyone know where she gets the recipes from for her skincare products? I think her stuff is overpriced and overvalued. She uses a lot of cheap ingredients but her prices are extortionate for the amount you get. It would be cheaper making it myself, don't know where she gets these recipes or information from though. Any ideas?

No. 938953

She stole her recipes from Mommypotamus who has the recipes on her site for free.

No. 938995

Margo corona saga when?

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