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File: 1477967537837.jpg (15.43 KB, 199x300, thRWLWEFLM@.jpg)

No. 191655

Why hasn't anyone posted about Leda Muir yet? She's a youtuber and last year she deleted all her sites because she had a breakdown cause someone was talking shit about her.She dyes her hair every 5 weeks,she used to be a scene kid:LedaMonsterBunny.She changes her personality and the way she looks depending on who she hangs out with and who she's dating.People found her old yahoo answer page that she made when she was 13,she starved herself to get skinny,she got pregnant at 13.She's 21 and when she's not living with her boyfriend she lives with her parents.All she's done in life is make Youtube videos and take selfies and gets attention for it.She edits pics of her face so much even though fans have posted pics of her unedited face.I used to be a fan of hers but now the only good thing I can say about her is that she's absolutely gorgeous.What do you guys think?
twitter: twitter.com/ledacmuir
youtube: youtube.com/user/ledamuir
backup videos: youtube.com/user/macygoesrawr
tumblr: sceraline.tumblr.com
instagram: instagram.com/theledabunny

No. 191656

>I used to be a fan of hers but now the only good thing I can say about her is that she's absolutely gorgeous.

go away. The shitty self-post is real.

No. 191657

Leda's been around for years I highly doubt she'd self post on lolcow. She basically got famous through dating all the famous emo kids back in the day and obsessively changing her style and persona to match them. She had a pretty big internet presence for a 'scene queen' but she never grew out of it and later had a mental breakdown and deleted everything only to come back to the internet much later. She''s just like any other lolcow who photoshops themselves to death, there were threads about her on GG a while back and she actually looks awful. Not that special but for a while she was a massive weeb, got cringey tattoos only to later get them removed, and she more recently went though a kitten/ageplay phase. The rest is history.

No. 191658

No. 191659

File: 1478012382214.jpg (87.48 KB, 750x937, 14704934_546169258909097_13825…)

>absolutely gorgeous
She looks completely average without extensive makeup, circle lenses, false lashes, gimmicky outfits, excessive editing and filter usage. Pretty much just like Anzujaamu who also looks like a toad without huge lenses and lashes completely changing the look of her actual face.

No. 191660

I wouldn't say gorgeous but probably just above average, I used to idealise her in my unplesent emo kid days and honestly she's not super interesting from what I've seen, she's a trend hopper but nothing above the level of the average everygrow scene kid.

No. 191661

Overgrown* Sorry

No. 191662

There was a thread about her, but there was no milk and honestly no one cared

No. 191729

She's 22, not 21.
Her getting pregnant at 13 is pure speculation, I really think it's a stretch to say that.
She has also stopped with editing her pics so much, and there have been threads about her before.

No. 192846

File: 1478144443810.jpg (80.28 KB, 640x640, 2984b654b8c05bd443b212ccf1d2f8…)

I always found it funny that she made this at one of her lowest weights

No. 192859

>why hasn't anyone posted about

Kill yourself op

But before you do take an English class to learn how to make a proper introduction you inbred fuck

No. 192863

Where do you live that that's what an average girl looks like?

No. 192864

This post was so cringey. She was most likely starving herself when she made it. It seemed so fake.

No. 192872

>completely average
maybe if you're surrounded by supermodels 24/7. otherwise no, she's above average, though she might have photoshopped it. who knows.

I don't get salty bitches who attack a person's appearance and call them ugly when most of the time they look okay. happens in the sheena thread too.
>inb4 she's a shit person so she looks ugly TO ME!
get a pair of glasses. as much as I can't stand angelina jolie I'd never claim she's unattractive.

At least put in some effort and call it what it is.
>former emo/scene/^w^NURDY!gurl
>played WoW and pandered to neckbeards on youtube
>attention whore

honestly OP/Leda shouldve posted this in the scene cows thread

No. 192875

I live in LA so that seems to be average here, and I would agree with you except anon only stated that she looks average, not ugly like you are implying.

No. 192890

Haha where'd my post go? Did it cause a stir?

No. 192977

…? You probably posted in the other duplicate thread before it was locked.
Posts/threads don't get deleted by mods here; only moved or locked. They'd only be deleted by the person who created the post.

No. 193062

can you please link me to the other Leda threads?

No. 193080

Check the catalog.

No. 193321

No. 281042

She vanishes off the internet constantly and i think she broke up with braden barrie

No. 281098

Why do you think they broke up?

No. 281133

they've not seen eachother in months, or even mentioned eachother, and she seems to have again vanished off the face of the earth

No. 282554

>Just filmed a serious video! Gonna have it up soon
>proceeds to disappear for 1 month+ without saying a word

No. 289693

File: 1491974119894.jpg (188.35 KB, 799x1200, IMG_5953.JPG)

She's back again, apparently she's finished her fantasy novel. And you're right, no sign of Braden..

No. 289906

how does one not grow up from their scene phase? isn't she in her mid twenties now lmfao

No. 291865

She turns 23 in July I believe

No. 318660

File: 1495432423834.png (91.15 KB, 750x484, IMG_6521.PNG)

Her new phase is astrology witch/ dark elf/ anime makeup. Sorry to bump the thread with no milk but she's been pretty active again recently. As someone who knows a lot about astrology the only thing that bothers me about her is that she's a Leo who is crazy obsessed with the moon which rules the sign Cancer. Her dominant planet would be the sun which represents the opposite of the moon so I just find it ironic. Doesn't matter anyway she can be a moon child if she wants. Also she seems to be looking a lot prettier recently I'm not sure if it's weight loss or just makeup and filters.

No. 318681

Saw her a few times in the tags.
Might be just me but she doesn't seem to post anything interesting, only selfies. I wonder if she regrets leaving social media since she's lost all of her popularity. I don't think pretty selfies will be enough to get that efame back, considering trends have changed and there are now more pretty girls on social media than ever.

No. 318724


newfag here but what does the autistic banner on your post mean? i've seen other ones like the mystery one but i dont really understand your one.

No. 318732

It was an April Fool's joke, all posts on that date had ridiculous banners like that, most of them can't be seen now

No. 318733

Imo she still has tons of followers. On IG she has 580k and on YouTube 150k. I was expecting her to loose a lot more because she's so damn flakey. Her fans will probably buy her novel and I'm assuming it's the only reason she's active.

No. 319257

>I'm not sure if it's weight loss or just makeup and filters
I'd go with makeup and filters, she doesn't seem to have lost much weight to me.
It seems like she and Braden may have broken up so she probably has been putting more effort into her appearance and photos now

No. 319291

despite her being a cringey try hard with aesthetics she looks fine to me, her videos, specifically her older ones were somewhat entertaining

I personally don't think she has milk, besides being pregnant at 13 and having anorexia in the past, but she's over it now and no one's past is perfect and she never hurt anyone besides herself

No. 319421

>besides being pregnant at 13
that isn't even true lmao

No. 319475

that one wasn't part of the april fool's joke, someone got called out for self posting, i think in relation to the joy thread? idr the details bc i dont follow that thread. her name was robin, maybe? all of the remaining banners are for people who got caught self-posting, like mystery, kiki, vicky shingles, etc

still, newfag - if you're not going to contribute to the discussion and reply to old-ass posts, sage by putting sage in the email field

No. 319915

How do you know it's not true? There were a lot of rumors about Leda when she was younger that seemed fake but they were never disproven. Another one was that she was heavily into drugs and another was that she was emotionally abused and manipulated by her ex Cameron who forced her to be anorexic.

No. 320015

Ah yes, Leda. I was a fan of hers back when she was a big deal on myspace. Why make a thread on her now tho? She doesn't even have the relevancy she used to.

No. 320158

Leda herself has confirmed the stuff about Cameron though and the drugs.
The pregnant at 13 stuff was a real stretch to begin with, it was just based off of a fucking yahoo answers question

No. 320245

she's been into elven and anime shit for a while. she used to be really big into WoW but the witch thing is new and sudden.

her looking "pretty" and gaining any type of following is the incredibly heavy makeup, use of filters, and angles like she's always been pulling. even in the image you posted, you can see her acne struggling to breathe and about to burst like a volcano.

No. 320275


Not to 'stan' Leda but she's always been into witchy things. She's just dry at this point I don't see why people even like her

No. 320288

oh was she? my bad. i used to watch a lot of her videos back in 2012 and i guess i never noticed the witch stuff. i agree, theres no milk. she just has weird mental breakdowns periodically and is still in her scene phase but thats all thats lulzy about her

No. 320338

The banner isn't from the April Fools joke. It's tagging the posts to identify they are coming from a specific person, in this case, some cow named Angel from the JoySparkleBS thread. There was one when Kiki was caught being spergchan all over lolcow too.

No. 322026

File: 1495792945950.jpg (185.66 KB, 900x1200, IMG_1398.JPG)

This reeks of photoshop/heavy filtering

Sage for nothing legitimately relevant

No. 562880

File: 1524448667497.png (593.21 KB, 599x406, ledabunny.png)

she has her own book out and the fat girl angle down. she's gained a lot of weight

No. 564151

Didn't she delete all her shit back in 2015? Says this post is a year old but that would still be at least 2 years since she deleted.

No. 564382

The book doesn't looke that well made. Props to her for writing a book though, I always have liked Leda even if she's a bit of a mess.

And just noticed, does it say Book 1 on the side? I would actually find it so adorable if she got a series picked up somehow someway. She always seemed super creative, I thought it was cute how her and Nate would paint together.

Isn't it odd that her Dad is like a psychologist or something and she's not that stable? Although when you're a teen you find a lecture from a parent enduring enough, imagine a professional level one. I'd rebel too. Idk.

No. 733647

All said about her a such big lies i know Leda for maybe 18 years and pregnant holy shit what a lie Leda was 14 almost 15 when she said oh shit shit we what she i'm pregnant i don't have my periods i was false alarm she was just overtime and she live with her mom in Portland and say one more time she edit her face and i would i could edit yours she is into make up but no editing and the time she looked so bad was Camerons fault we never forgave it him but i never let Leda down she is my best friend and after the drug use Cameron forced her into we helped her and Leda became a nice woman loving to write books and please accept that she is sick of the ones looking down on her she did bad and the reason she deleted her profiles is because of the losers spreading lies about her like the one she is pregnant was a lil slut and a problem child she became a problem because everyone lied so bad about her she couldn't handle it anymore and she is gorgeous ok but also she can write nice and one thing she is a secret WoW Legend her charcter is Luxie a Nightelf Demon Hunter she love WoW and Magic The Gathering she stopped dying her hair don't like to leave her house gained more then 40 lbs and know catfishes always be so leda started at 14 14 not 13 so that is probably a big fake because Leda was just unknown at 13 only her friends know her from that period and before and the pregnant at 13 story is a huge fake so stop lying it isn't nice if you a fan why you try to let her look bad that are trolls and fucking catfishes not fans(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 733648

File: 1542451848354.jpg (166.26 KB, 1000x750, _1542450571_0FtOjfV7z.jpg)

this is how we look on the day of today so stop making her look bad Leda is now a happy young woman who has a huge passion to entertain with her books and the ones who don't love that fuck off go and be a lil crybaby by your mommy and leave Leda and all she adore alone

No. 733654

No one was even talking about her anymore. The last post before yours was 6 months ago girl.

No. 733665

Stop namefagging and learn to use punctuation, your posts are extremely painful to read. Also, there was no need to whiteknight here, the thread was effectively dead.

No. 733717

Hi new girl Leda is leeching off of! Nice to know she stayed in touch with you long enough to profit off of your family. Your husband did the art of her book cover I see.

Come back when she ditches you like she has done to all her friends once they bore her.

No. 733731

It's so strange to see someone who used to live in your area be posted on lolcow. Sage for no milk.

No. 733738

Is this really Tilly? Shouldn't you guys have something better to do? Idk.. Maybe updating that patreon that is scamming people? Just a humble thought.

No. 733800

File: 1542487604803.png (49.03 KB, 656x132, urbad.PNG)

No one cares but the only DH called Luxie is a Blood Elf, not a Night Elf, and she's bad. 640 achievement score is bad. I doubt this is her main, but weird flex anyway.

No. 734006

Secret WoW legend lmao. She's level 120 with an ILVL of 336, she has no fuckin clue what she's doing.

No. 734114

Its weird seeing farmers talk about wow lol I’d wanna play w you bitches

No. 734372

File: 1542577330708.jpeg (165.89 KB, 610x221, 106F6596-FB32-4BC8-A1B0-58EA80…)

There is a night elf DH named Luxie and it’s worse actually

No. 734391

Why's Leda still rocking the scene look well into her 20s in almost 2019? She really is mentally stuck.

No. 734402

The book cover looks horrible

No. 752122

Leda looks amazing, her book covers are nice why you guys say it looks bad

No. 752127

Chrissy Constanza, this thread has been untouched and hidden for over a month, all you've done is bring it back to attention

No. 752129

I'm not Chrissy Costanza that is a friend but i can't have they talk bad about Leda. Leda is one of my first youth friends so I know her, Leda isn't bad at all like they say(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 752138

Right yeah, you're friends with a pop singer so that's why you used her name as your email address. Normal friend stuff.
Do guy have anything more concrete to say than "she's my friend be nice to her"?

No. 752240

The people that actually believe that's Leda's friend posting here and not one of her dumb fans using her friends name talking like an 8 year old. Tilly hasn't even known Leda for 18 years? They have only been friends for 2 years. Cristy and Leda haven't talked to each other in 5+ years. Why do people even try?
Her WoW character is Luxea, like the character from her book. Not "Luxie".
Yea I don't think there's milk on Leda, people only want to continue bringing her up on these boards bc they want to find any way they can to talk about her. Go back to your leda opinion blogs.

No. 752284

your use of an email, even if it is fake, betrays you

No. 866081

File: 1567966977074.png (3.66 MB, 750x1334, D792077F-1D1F-4D01-A231-76CF8A…)

i’m scrolling thru snapchat daily mail story - it’s a guilty pleasure ok - and this bitch pops up. literally the last place i ever expected to see her face especially since she’s so irrelevant now

No. 866083

File: 1567967000471.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, C182F17E-8729-4B71-A7FB-D63DE4…)

so she’s a fantasy writer now? lol

No. 866171

Have you been living under a rock? She published a couple of shitty books already, talked about them for years. You didn’t even use the right thread…

No. 971977

Her books aren't that bad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 972001

sage, dumbass.

No. 1119517

"As someone who knows a lot about astrology"
So, you know it's BS right?(necro)

No. 1119525


sage, dumbass.

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