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File: 1477968439406.png (236.61 KB, 299x491, Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 11_3…)

No. 191196

Why hasn't anyone posted about Leda Muir yet? She's a youtuber and last year she deleted all her sites because she had a breakdown cause someone was talking shit about her.She dyes her hair every 5 weeks,she used to be a scene kid:LedaMonsterBunny.She changes her personality and the way she looks depending on who she hangs out with and who she's dating.People found her old yahoo answer page that she made when she was 13,she starved herself to get skinny,she got pregnant at 13.She's 21 and when she's not living with her boyfriend she lives with her parents.All she's done in life is make Youtube videos and take selfies and gets attention for it.She edits pics of her face so much even though fans have posted pics of her unedited face.I used to be a fan of hers but now the only good thing I can say about her is that she's absolutely gorgeous.What do you guys think?

No. 191197

Why would people come here to self post is what I think.

No. 191198

twitter: twitter.com/ledacmuir
youtube: youtube.com/user/ledamuir
backup videos: youtube.com/user/macygoesrawr
tumblr: sceraline.tumblr.com
instagram: instagram.com/theledabunny

No. 191200

She sounds boring and run of the mill as fuck. Not even potential cow material.

No. 191203

not op but girl is really annoying, she used to pop up on my intagram explore feed and I lurked her for awhile picking up on the snowflake tendencies. Along with changing her whole look every 5 seconds and making her whole life about said look she covers herself in shitty tattoos to match. I'm pretty sure she ended up getting a few removed, most are awful gaudy and gaming related. I'm just surprised she stayed gone after he break down and I had no idea about the whole teen pregnancy lmao

No. 191208


"She's absolutely gorgeous" … Seriously? She's not gorgeous. remove the hair dye, fake lenses and all her makeup and you're gonna see an average looking girl. "pretty" at best. Plus she's just a special snowflake who got pregnant at a young age. Doesn't seem that interesting to be a cow.

No. 191217

Fyi, she left because she found ger old lolcow thread and freaked out. So she has been posted, but the milk is too dry, and the girl is too boring.

No. 191221

links pls?

No. 191224

I'm not sure how to do internal links, so here:

These are both from after her internet suicide, because I couldn't find her first thread.

No. 191225

What's wrong with the skin on her chest? Looks gross.

No. 191228

File: 1477971463039.jpeg (531.97 KB, 1932x1932, image.jpeg)

Her current hair condition made me gag a little. Why would she post this photo? Why doesn't she just shave her hair off and start over? Jesus fuck.

No. 191239

>that skin


No. 191243

>Why hasn't anyone posted about Leda Muir yet?
They have. How about checking the fucking catalog. You're a year late.

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