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No. 1854100

This thread concerns creators, artists, voice actors and others who work or are connected to the modern Western American animation and comics industry, filled with cows, hacks, groomers, woketards and self inserters who all know each other and/or have dated.

previous thread: >>1810463

Previous thread highlights:
>Christian Potenza(VA for Chris McLean) fired from Total Drama for sexually abusing his VAing students >>1811391
>Jhonen Vasquez insulted an autistic furry fan who proceeded to vent about it on all social media platforms >>1811473, >>1811750, >>1811777
>Marie Lum finds excuse to not make her pilot >>1813547
>A Furry with DID currently works for Nickelodeon >>1812098, >>1813856
>Totally Spies reboot will be airing on Cartoon Network by next year >>1815786
>Nonna discuss the shows fetish content >>1816099
>Animal uncanny valley >>1816946, >>1817062
>New Disney pilot by people who worked on Phineas and Ferb >>1817622
>New Clone fails to live up to expectations >>1823209, >>1823542, >>1845317, >>1845833
>Elemental bombs >>1831009, >>1831296, >>1837477
>Pan Pizza's pilot and comic lack substance >>1839508, >>1840357
>Pan's failed pitch to Genndy Tartakovsky >>1840980
>Two Pixar producers fired due to box-office failure of the lightyear movie >>1842010
>Lord Bung trooned out and deleted his channel >>1842812
>The partially finished episode is borderline softcore porn >>1842915, >>1843061
>Noelle featured in Elliot page's trans documentary >>1843429, >>1843452
>New Pixar film >>1846852
>Full trailer for Noelle's film Nimona and discussions around its trans message >>1847156, >>1851863
>Oye Primos drama or Hispanic Americans don't realize their grinos as well >>1848021, >>1848230, >>1848406, >>1849265
>Loclization and porpogand discussion >>1849954

>Misc Helluva Boss/Vivziepop drama and discussion :>>1831033, >>1831111, >>1832590, >>1833326, >>1835159, >>1835550, >>1836201, >>1839709, >>1840841, >>1841172, >>1844198, >>1850175, >>1852374, >>1852489, >>1853112

Since this is the most active thread on the site for animated content, casual non-milk discussions about comics and other animated topics are also permitted

No. 1854158

I'm glad more people are realizing how different S2 Loona is to S1. I'm pretty sure it's because of the new writer, Adam West, who's one of Brandon's followers or something.

It's our fault for expecting consistency here.

She was always like that, she was always more focused on her male characters than female. One of her gay characters, Addison, she drew fucking snakes twice. Weird when you consider his mother is a snake.

No. 1854283

File: 1687884543313.png (228.86 KB, 650x519, CAPTURE.png)

>‘Among Us’ Animated Series in the Works at CBS Studios From ‘Infinity Train’ Creator Owen Dennis
But why though


No. 1854291

Is this the new trend? Video game movies/series

No. 1854300

It's practically a law at this point.
If an IP makes enough money then they have to make a show or movie with it.
Maybe pushes from shareholders because its probably a sure bet to turn a profit.

No. 1854325

The Mario movie made over a billon dollars, they just announced a Legend of Zelda film, we are going to be getting video game adaptions till the end of this decade and maybe even beyond.

No. 1854332

discussing the new Helluva boss episode that dropped…
I'm not the best writer in the world, but people totally forgot wtf was happening and was only focusing on Kesha or Blitzo.

Even I'm not braindead enough to know that the best way to have started the ep was to show Loona still at the apartment writing that note to her dad, having Vortex pick her up and REMIND her that it's his girlfriends party. Then end the episode with her coming home seeing Blitzo crying on the sofa and comforting him.
There was Zero need to have him in that episode, and time wise, doesn't make sense.
Too much was happening to just Blitzo in a span of just presumably a couple hours. All the characters stories are wrapped around Blitzo. I'm so disappointed that a Loona centered episode didn't go deeper as to why she was such a bitch at parties. No lets focus on the Brandon Rodgers self insert crying about how he'll die alone even though he just wants to fuck and have no relationship.

No. 1854359

I get what your saying, I know Blitzo is the main character but the story basically bends towards Blitzo and Stolas and takes its self way to seriously with both of them, I'm not a rabid anti-fujo but this is literal fanfiction tier shit.

No. 1854400

It's more frusterating if you remember that the Lust episode was the M&M's anniversary and could have dove deeper into their relationship. Could have introduced Fizz just fine. But oh no, he's also Blitzo's ex boyfriend and now those two are side characters to focus on Blitzo being an asshole to Stolas (I don't even know why people ship these two so hard)
Then he invades a Loona episode the same night

Honestly people online where shitting on Vortex, the hound that invited Loona. They were complaining he led her on. But the writers forgot to remind the audience that he told her he had a girlfriend in season one.

Ideally the episode could have been Vortex being Loona's first friend, asking why she's freaking out. Calm her down and tell her "Hey we can't date. But I invited you for a reason. You're cool girl. We'll hang more." Loona learns how to comfort someone else because of Vortex, and when she sees her dad crying on the sofa comfort her dad for the first time in her life.

BOOM! Instant character development for three characters right now. JFC I hate the writers in this show

No. 1854406

also adding that doing the writing like this will finally give a friend only platonic relationship. Everyone wants to fuck each other in this show and it's so tiring. I barely count the father daughter relationship because it doesn't work. It just centers around Blitzo being gay at the end of the day.
I even hate how the show is hinting that Loona and Octavia will be a gay couple instead of friends. You can just be friends with someone, not everything has to be a god damn ship

No. 1854465

File: 1687898439564.png (11.17 KB, 595x333, 1687731818884.png)

This is such a shit take from Viv because there are species of flies that pretend to look like bees to steal honey. It actually keeps the perfect theme of gluttoney
She only made her a sparkle dog because she wanted "Die young" 2.0. She needs to take an L and just admitted it was a poorly designed character and ego trip she got Kesha to do a song

No. 1854488

I've seen a lot of defenses along the lines of, "she can't be fat!!1! She has to be sexy to tempt people into committing her sin!" But like. You can make her fat and sexy? Like that's a thing you can do. It really seems to me like Viv can't draw fat women and Kesha wouldn't have voiced at fat character. But in that case, pick a fucking sin other than Gluttony! Wouldn't it have made more sense for wolf guy's girlfriend to be the queen of Envy, since the whole point is that Loona is envious of her? I'm not a HAES retard, by the way. I just think that if a character represents gluttony, they shouldn't be thin. It's common sense. The laziness is so transparent, Viv just recolored and slightly modified the design of one her many other sparkledog characters.

No. 1854498

If Viv wanted to do her BS she coulda made Bee a femboy or trans. Because her defense of "if you want to be accurate he's suppose to be a guy" bullshit. There are just ways to keep this character on brand while meeting her bronie stickers.
I don't know why she's pressed people are calling her out on just wanting to rebrand her old Die young animation. Even then people are right, she could have kept the furry character, just don't make her Beelzebub. Or fuck here's something? Do a separate fucking music video? She made that bad luck jack video. She's fucking up her own show and makes me worried that Hazbin hotel is going to be hot garbage or cancelled after the first season for fujo BS

No. 1854513

Can I just say I'm furious that the ending song for this dog shit episode is talking about a queen bee singing to her hounds of war and honey and it was literally the perfect song to introduce Beelzebub but instead we got a song about fucking cotton candy. She even says "Beelzebub" in it damn it. The song is called monster ball

No. 1854545

>this is the only comment I'll really make on redesigning Bee
But this isn't the only comment? She's been in replies defending herself.

No. 1854555

Like I said, setting the episode in Envy City instead of Gluttony city would've solved all of these problems, and Bee could just be a hellhound instead of mixing in all the bee imagery, which was clearly included in a flaccid attempt to make her more evocative of the concept of Gluttony. If the idea is that the "leaders" of each sin encourage people to commit their sin, then you could have Bee doing things to make people like Loona envious on purpose. Like maybe would hypnotize popular/attractive people into dating her or being her friend as a way of making everyone else envious. She could just do double-duty as a "pack leader" of the hellhounds and the head of Envy City. Then you could have the resolution to the episode be something about how being thankful for what you have makes you less envious. Like idk Loona returns home and Blitz does his usual shtick of complimenting her, and it makes her forget about how insecure she felt at the party. Idk I'm just spitballing here. There are a million ways these ideas could have been executed better.

No. 1854636

I've slowly grown to resent this youtuber, Viv could shart herself and he'd have a video up about it in 30 seconds. I can't see him as anything more than a massive dick-rider at this point.

No. 1854660

It's just a 6 minute youtube video covering all her excessive replying. Relax.
If she doesn't want people like this making videos of her, she shouldn't even be replying to people who are just saying on Twitter they openly hate her designs.

No. 1854697

The video itself isn't what I was talking about, also didn't post in defense of Viv so I don't understand why you're making that point either.

What I was talking about is the way that Viv sniffs on twitter and 3 different people make like 15 min videos talking about it for no reason. Her fandom is brainrot.

No. 1854721

File: 1687935763050.jpeg (185.96 KB, 1170x1586, IMG_0899.jpeg)

No. 1854728

File: 1687937720286.jpg (140.63 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

He looks like a pedophile.

No. 1854731

This cannot be real kek

No. 1854843

Pixar advertising tried force a "Morbin tine" like meme with a minor character from Elemental

>Elemental isn’t making the best kind of records for Pixar anyways. In the first week, the movie opened with the worst box office opening for any Pixar movie, making around $30 million. Now, families who have gone to see the movie, love it and claim it to be one of the best Pixar movies in a long while. So what’s the problem? Marketing.

>Pixar may have thought they were being cool and doing something fun when creating this video, but Elemental turns one kid, Clod, into a “rizz god,” as some would say. Well, what’s rizz, and what does that have to do with anything? Rizz is slang for sweet-talking someone, and Clod is a kid trying to win over the main character, Ember with his charm. That might seem simple, but Pixar glorifies this by making a video that takes all of the scenes with Clod using his “rizz” to get Ember or someone else:

Vidrel is an actual published (by Disney/Pixar on twitter) ad. It was deleted after people poked fun at them.

No. 1854874

Migendering his own tranny character kek.
I think I vaguely remember this guy. Didn't he make some really pretentiously written defenses of the thundercats reboot some years back? I don't remember very well, I just remember finding him obnoxious for some reason.

No. 1854875

File: 1687965972694.jpeg (49.73 KB, 1000x525, 7d28d2a50373da256d7fee1775430b…)

This movie was way more retarded than I anticipated. I was laughing but not at the jokes the film made, it was the interracial relationship allegory. Ember (the fire woman) could've prevented half the conflict that happened in the movie if she just vaporized the water man. Even in the movie, she acknowledges that accidentally vaporizing him or him extinguishing her flame is a reason why they cannot BE together. There is also this REALLY retarded part. The mother performs love readings and discovers that the two characters might be dating. She then invites her daughter and wade into a room where she conducts her readings. She tries to use this as evidence of why they can't be together, because it is typically done by two fire people igniting the candles. Wade then says, "well ackshually" stands in front of Wade, puts more mass on the top of his body, and uses that to light the other candle. I don't know why since this is probably the least stupid thing in the flim but it had me actually say "come the fuck on" out loud. The only other part of the movie that made me do that was the "crying game" part.

There is also a Tif in the movie who is a lesbian but she only shows up for a couple of seconds. And you wouldn't even know if this character was a tif because wade says "this is lake and lake's girlfriend". And I just interpreted that to mean this was just a lesbian and not a gender special. Picrel is what the character and her voice actress look like. Disney really is scraping the bottom of the barrel these days kek.

No. 1854887

>The only other part of the movie that made me do that was the "crying game" part.
I'm sorry what?

No. 1854895

I also want to know wtf that means nona

No. 1854898

That passive aggressive "have fun" lmao. Has the exact same energy as the bloody Tomie meme.

No. 1854931

there’s a part in the movie where Wade and his family play a game where the objective is to not cry. so they say shit that should make you cry. Ember tears up after Wade does this whole speech about how much he loves her.

No. 1854935

This makes me feel legitimately ill, thanks lmao

No. 1854953

oh that's tame, I thought there would be reference to the crying game or some shit.

No. 1854973

I love the simpsons, grew up watching it every evening with my family. But now I often think about Matt Groening being friends with Jeff Epstein and that girl giving him a nasty foot massage. He’s one of the few actual celebrities verified to interact with at least one underage trafficking victim, probably more. Maybe because he didn’t have sex her we assume he didn’t with others that were offered to him? it’s weird that people seem to assume anyone who got on that plane was a pedophile… except him? Just an innocent adult man who was totally unaware of his surroundings. I’m curious if anyone else thinks about this or if it’s still heresy to even mention(learn to sage)

No. 1855002

>fire woman is called ember
>water woman is called lake
I know it's a movie for babies but I hate dumb theme naming like this, it's lazy.

No. 1855004

That's why no one went to see this movie and clowned on the film when it released trailers (like that guy who made a fake Pixar short) – it's a dumb dumb movie for babies and the general public doesn't want to see it. "B-but it's an immigrant story based on my real family history" - stfu no one cares about fire/water 'elements' falling in love with no villain.(learn to sage)

No. 1855011

>The Crying Game
Lmao, Ember reveals that she has a penis and Wade starts throwing up everywhere.

No. 1855021

honestly can't decide if I hate the blatant sexist boomer men or the overly performative "feminist ally" men in animation more. Honestly two sides of the same coin

No. 1855032

There's literally a link.

No. 1855041

>Even in the movie, she acknowledges that accidentally vaporizing him or him extinguishing her flame is a reason why they cannot BE together.
How are you going to say that and not mention that at the end of the movie, they can touch each other because they love each other just that much. That's right, love is all you need to keep fire from vaporizing water and keep water from putting out fire.

No. 1855044

(note that I haven't watched the movie so I could be talking straight outta my ass)
Them touching each other despite previously being stated they would basically destroy each other feels it's not so much of a "love finds a way" or whatever positive message it wants to convey. It feels more like the message ends up being "even if you both are toxic for each other, you should give it a shot anyway", really sets the ground for healthy relationships huh

No. 1855062

I haven't seen the movie either only read the wikipedia summary, but I don't think the two main characters are toxic for each other? Based on the plot, it seems more like other characters/element racism are keeping them apart. The "everyone else wants us apart but we love each other so much" trope isn't exactly uncommon. That aside the movie feels like Soul, where it can't decide if it's supposed to be for little kids or adults and it's overall ugly.

He's the only character I really have a problem with, why the fuck did they make him like this? Someone in the writer room has a complex for sure.

No. 1855066

Normalizing male perversion. Funny how there's never been a story, cartoon or otherwise, celebrating a lesbian creeping on girls to discover her identity. Creepy behavior is creepy behavior moid.

No. 1855112


I still feel like the Epstein stuff is just too big for people to cope with. I've seen the excuses people make for Groening like anyone is going to board the lolita express and get footrubs from a child on accident. It's just insane and stupid for anyone to think that was the only thing he did. It's the type of thing where if any of these were are standalone case there would be no doubt he's a pedo.

No. 1855136

spoiler, in case anyone actually cares, but she infact does end up vaporizing him at the end of the movie but then brings him back by making him cry lmao

also i guess they didn't know for sure if touching each other lead to other destroying the another, they just assumed and the water smothering the fire or the fire vaporizing the water could be understood how their personal differences could end up overpowering the another like the fiery (kek) temperament of the dire girl could be too much for the sensitive water dude or the water guy's sensitivity could be too smothering for the more spicy fire girl.

No. 1855172

Yes, same guy

No. 1855240

The one with the fake audience cheering for his appearance is my personal favorite.

No. 1855318

I feel this movie would work if it was just a short without any dialogue like vidrel.

No. 1855371

everybody makes excuses for Epstein associations for their faves, whether it’s Trump or Clinton or Alan Dershowitz or whoever
Matt Groening has nothing to do with The Simpsons anymore except collect profits, so how is he even relevant

No. 1855390

File: 1688051521484.png (285.46 KB, 656x460, 01V.png)

>Elizabeth Bank's plans a 'Flintstones' Sequel titled 'Bedrock'

>Fox has announced Elizabeth Banks' 'Bedrock' is in the works, a sequel of the iconic animation 'The Flintstones.'

>Bedrock follows the Flintstones during the transition to the Bronze Age. Elizabeth Banks is set to star in and executive produce the series.
>Announced two years ago, Bedrock is set to star Elizabeth Banks who will also executive produce the series. Banks' production company Brownstone will be working in collaboration with both Warner Bros. Animation and Fox,
>Set 20 Years After OG Series, Much like The CW's interpretation of the Powerpuff Girls, Bedrock will focus on Pebbles Flintstone 20 years after the end of the series during the transition from Stone to Bronze Age.
>Writer on DC Super Hero Girls (2019-) and Cleopatra in Space (2019-) Lindsay Kerns will be writing the series pilot script.
>Fox Entertainment President Michael Thorn spoke of the new series, as well as Kerns and Banks' involvement stating,
>"[The Flintstones] imprint on the animation universe is undeniable and the idea of adapting it for today's audience is a challenge we here at Fox are very much looking forward to taking on with Warner Bros., Elizabeth and Lindsay. No pressure whatsoever, really."
>Known for her direction of Charlie's Angels (2019) and Pitch Perfect 2 (2015), as well as her acting chops in The Hunger Games films (2012-2015) and Love & Mercy (2014), there's no doubt that Elizabeth Banks is a force to be reckoned with and we can't wait to see what she does with this sequel.

Who asked for this and why Elizabeth Banks of all people? she's produced 3 mediocre films and everything else has been crap. Not to mention she's a baby trafficker.

No. 1855393

NTA but are you really asking how Matt Groening is relevant in the western animation industry cows thread? He’s still a producer for the Simpsons and currently is creator and developer of Disenchantment and Futurama.

No. 1855399

I think nona is trying to say that people shouldn't excuse Groening under the assumption they do so because he created The Simpsons.

No. 1855436

But wouldn't going into the Bronze Age mean the dinosaurs have to die? Are we going to have dinosaurs build the pyramids now?

No. 1855447

Also, the Bronze Age (which most considerer beginning in the region of Middle East) marked the onset of patriarchy, slavery, aristocracy, and inbred god-kings it can only be considered "progressive" in the sense that it represented a move forward in time.

No. 1855463

File: 1688060068465.jpeg (449.27 KB, 2048x2048, A0A92264-F414-4A29-B7F3-8E5290…)

Hated that show the first time around, who the hell is this for?

No. 1855473

I saw a comment on twitter that theorized that WB is basically throwing shit to the wall to try to make their properties relevant again, hoping something sticks which is how we got Velma and how we'll be getting "bedrock" which will be negatively reviewed for one inglorious season and then be forgotten about.

No. 1855496

exactly, there aren’t a bunch of Matt Groening stans even though people love his creations

No. 1855505

Im tired of reboots too but this is a little autistic kek

No. 1855506

Great. Even more 'reboots'. The sad thing is, there is an audience for that. Prepare for every property you liked as a child to be milked dry.

No. 1855509

Is there really that much of an audience for the Flintstones? Velma at least made sense because Scoobiedoo does have a fanbase, but I don't think I've seen many people care about the Flintstones at all other than in an "oh yeah, this show was historically important I guess".

No. 1855541

that and isn't the flinstones kinda old? it did okay back at the time but there is no way to re do the flintstones to be a popular IP. I know some 70's and 80's stuff can be redone. A lot of fantasy stuff can be redone because that's timeless. But the flintstones?

Now excuse me as I dream of a Last unicorn remake

No. 1855545

why are they green

No. 1855552

craig mccracken(creator of the Powerpuff Girls and Wander Over Yonder) talked about how in this era, studios basically don't approve animated content that isn't a recognizable IP anymore(even for seasoned showrunners), I'm assuming Elizabeth Banks had no desire to make a Flintstones sequel but probably could never pitch whatever series she actually wanted and had to use Flintstones as a medium for her original show.

No. 1855556

I hold a degree in Graphic Design and associates in Fine Arts despite being Kisame. The suits want college educated liberal women to write their shoes. They want animation to go back to theater after Hanna Barbera ruined cartoons with their cheap writing. It costs 66k per episode to make Tom and Jerry.

No. 1855558

Yeah. It airs on MeTV on Sunday Morning with the Jetsons.

No. 1855561

>despite being Kisame
excuse me what

No. 1855563

are you high or did you have some kind of seizure while typing this? Each word makes sense but each sentence makes no sense.

No. 1855570

I am from the same area as Milton Knight. I am trying to say that animation is made for writers. Women don't like cartoons cause it's dumb. People like Milton Knight and Scott Adams are seen as autistic for their nonconformity

No. 1855604

Big weird generalization, women don't want cartoons because "they are dumb"? And who made them dumb? Maybe women don't want ugly booby bouncing fetish-laden porny fart jokes with no plot and are also WOMEN and not little girls so probably don't watch little kids shows like degenerates who obsess over ponies. Women don't numb their brains with the animated equivalent of predigested baby food and someone think that's a bad thing?

Believe me I don't want animated theater either, where characters just stand around a talk talk talk– wait isn't that just Family Guy and South Park?

No. 1855610

That's what college women want. Family Guy. It's low effort and low budget. I don't watch anything on adult swim.

No. 1855612

plenty of women like cartoons what are you talking about lol?

No. 1855613

That's what college women want. Family Guy. It's low effort and low budget. I don't watch anything on adult swim.

No. 1855618

Women don't like cartoons. They watch True Crime(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1855620

that's why there's an entire discussion about it on a woman's website
obvious man is obvious

No. 1855634

NTA but does this not elucidate anything they said for anyone else. Maybe I'm dumb but what are they trying to say.

No. 1855637

No. 1855638

I dunno. This seems bitchy and gay like the Tories(learn to sage bro)

No. 1855643

Just ignore them lol they're not saying much of anything

No. 1855652

File: 1688082366284.jpg (168.02 KB, 1024x683, SBX20230626-Pride-Photo-Essay-…)

I dunno. We're converting you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1855653

File: 1688082559506.jpg (12.53 KB, 370x176, EgyY8-XX0AIvlGJ.jpg)

No. 1855656

>>1855390 suprised they're not making it into some riverdale / euphoria shit. pebbles design looks like she would fit right in. also why the fuck are they green?

No. 1855693

File: 1688088116375.png (65.64 KB, 840x673, IMG_1549.png)

Well the earliest known ancestor of humans lived >5 million years ago (by the Miocene epoch), well after the non-avian dinosaurs had gone extinct (K-Pg, ~66 mya). Realistically, there would not be any non-avian dinosaurs co-extant with humans or related groups.
Also, terms like "stone age" and "bronze age" do not refer to a specific time period in Earth's history, like if you were to use the geologic timescale in picrel. Those terms are used in archaeology to delineate roughly the timeframes during which a community of humans had learned to create and use such materials—different civilizations have different start and end dates for bronze ages, iron ages, and the like, so again, it's not exact.

Apologies for the extreme autism but earth science is my expertise

No. 1855697

Kek. And there's no cars!

I thought this was obvious to everyone that dinosaurs and humans didn't coexist in the ame timeline.

No. 1855701

Those posts were just so painfully incorrect that it was hard to ignore. Sometimes I forget just how dumb the average anon is kek no offense to the nonnies

I might be a bit more forgiving of
>the Bronze Age started in the Middle East
but to say that (non-avian) dinos and humans lived together? Well there aren't any talking sponges or sea stars in the ocean, either!

No. 1855709

How? The writers are on strike. They're replacing creators with robots cause they're tired of Moviebob(sage your shit)

No. 1855712

Wasn’t there supposed to be a Flintstones reboot with an all black cast? Are they still doing that or is this the replacement?

No. 1855722

For anyone wondering, Kisame is a total skitz who had his thread fucking autosaged because he never stopped posting to it. He fucking hit the reply limit on it a few days ago, so it's entirely possible that he's just posting elsewhere on the site now.(sage your autism)

No. 1855732

I dunno. I think you're off topic and ruining the decorum. You just hit the wall and are old.

No. 1855733

The only black cartoonist I know is Milton Knight. All he does is whine about Republicans and the industry.

No. 1855734

Thank God the court strikes down affirmative action today. I hope they strike down debt relief and force art majors to pay off their debt with 28.7 interest

No. 1855738

Like most Republicans, I am not giving up my Glock and right to own a pickup for rainbow haired freaks.

No. 1855744


Case in point.

Honestly, might not be the worst idea to set up another autosaged thread for the fucker. Seems to keep him somewhat contained.

No. 1855750

Don't bother. You're just old and impotent with your computers. Autistics like me are just not interested in going to showbiz(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1855767

I guess it wouldn't be the animation cows thread without at least one schizo derailment. Happened last thread too with that furry girl who thirsted for Jhonen Vasquez.

No. 1855769

>Spergout on the basis that the creators of the Flintstones genuinely believed that dinosaurs and humans coexisted
You might legitimately be the most autistic person on this website. There weren't drive-in movie theaters or record players in the Stone Age, either, and I'm pretty sure the guys at Hannah-Barbara knew that.

No. 1855788

Thanks, I was so confused by all of this spergery. At least the autistic Invader Zim furry in last thread was entertaining.

No. 1855833

You have dementia old man?(Sage goes in the email field )

No. 1855837

I dunno. Cartoons aren't exciting for me. I feel like people who make it now take themselves too seriously.(Sage goes in the email field )

No. 1855838

If you'd bothered to read the posts which l'd quoted, you'd come to realize that I was obviously not talking about the inaccuracies of the Flintstones itself but correcting deeply uninformed assumptions about ancient humans made by anons who were criticizing the reboot, and I indirectly inferred that it would not matter if dinosaurs go extinct by the series' Bronze Age because non-avian dinosaurs and humans never coexisted in the first place.

But you didn't, of course. Reading, using context clues, and creating an informed assumption requires too much brain energy.

No. 1855839

That the problem. Nobody cares about the reboots, remakes, or the Flintstones. You're just autistic(autism)

No. 1855845

File: 1688120208759.jpeg (92.64 KB, 648x1000, IMG_1550.jpeg)

Then why was the conversation about the reboot being had in the first place? Kek
There's no need to double down. Just admit that you were retarded and thought that dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time. Hopefully you come away from this thread knowing that that's not the case. And always remember to sage non-milk. Cheers.

No. 1855866

The animation style and quality actually isn't bad. Seems like a less detailed version of Arcane's animation.

No. 1855884

This scene's a little sloppy, but overall pretty cute ngl

No. 1855909

File: 1688138714061.jpeg (114.02 KB, 750x608, IMG_3904.jpeg)

There actually was a Black spinoff in development that never got picked up, but that happened back in the 70s. A couple years ago Seth McFarlane was supposed to reboot the Flintstones, but that fell apart too. Third time’s the charm?

No. 1855941

How come were are living in the quarternary instead of an -ene or an -ic or an -ean or -ous. What happened to the naming scheme? Quartenary is boring af. Not even half as the rest of the names.

No. 1855958

Not to worry, nonna, the -enes and -ics are still around. We live in the Holocene epoch, of the Quaternary period, of the Cenozoic era, in the Phanerozoic eon! The Paleogene and Neogene are sometimes collectively referred to as the Tertiary period (hence why we live in the Quaternary).
The last non-avian dinosaurs lived in the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era. Dinosaurs also lived during the Phanerozoic. Geologists are currently talking about implementing a new age in geologic history called the Anthropocene.

soz I’ll quit sperging about geoscience now (unless somebody else has a question kek)

No. 1855960

To be fair, there is a serious ongoing debate as to whether human activity has fucked with the planet thoroughly enough to justify classifying it as a new geological era. If we end up deciding it has, the most common name suggested for it is the Anthropocene.

No. 1855964

Apologies for immediate samefagging, but hard kek at the fact that two geology/earth science nerds just happened to be in the thread at the same time

No. 1855972

We are a small yet powerful group.

No. 1855990

i'm watching it right now and honestly, so far it's been enjoyable movie. they fixed lot of stuff from the comic, some stuff might be a little out dated but it is lot better than what i expected. i've even laughed out loud couple of times.

No. 1855994

Haven't watched the movie but this is miles better then the comic, it seems like the directors made it actually fun instead of the whole "tragic outcasts" theme that the comic was obesseded with.

No. 1856001

File: 1688146581225.png (139.14 KB, 1703x1242, groomer.png)

He looks like a groomer.

No. 1856033

>We live in the Holocene epoch, of the Quaternary period, of the Cenozoic era, in the Phanerozoic eon!
Sweet! Thanks anon.
And thanks other anon. Anthropocene is dope. Hope we haven't messed up the planet that much, though.

No. 1856108

Honestly, the main arguments in favor of it are that we've done enough in such a short time frame, such as nuclear testing and wipespread burning of fossil fuels/use of plastics, that it would likely be detectable by future scientists.

As far as I'm aware, there is overall a fair bit of agreement that we have in fact done enough to reach that point; the debate is moreso about exactly when it would have started. Arguments span anywhere from placing it at the dawn of agriculture, all the way to the first nuclear tests and the isotopes they left behind.

Hell, if memory serves, there was a new mineral classified a few years back that arguably only exists as a result of human mining activity, and another that was discovered back in 1950 growing in a museum storage cabinet, and was the result of certain minerals being stored in oak drawers reacting with acetic acid in the wood.

I'm literally typing this from the mineral/fossil shop I work at, so apologies for the additional geology sperging lmao(derailing)

No. 1856192

lmao so the loud house knock off Lincoln discovers he's a girl because he actually likes wearing the girl diaguse? very progressive, so stunning and brave indeed

No. 1856253

Ugh I watched some of this once and I don’t remember anything but it being obnoxious and having a fugly art style and characters. Speaking of web cartoons, anyone remember Camp Camp? I just found out it had a season this year and I guess it’s the last one. I almost forgot about the show but I remember it being pretty okay and being like your basic South Parkish show with kids saying bad things. But it also had a fandom full of TIFs and people husbandoing the annoying counselor character kek.

No. 1856266

didn't they get in trouble for knocking off katie rice's work or am I misremembering?

No. 1856310

Was this the same dude that started some twitter argument and answered every other artist that replied to him? I don't remember what it was about. But the puppet and the other cartoon in his banner seem familiar to me(sage your shit)

No. 1856331

Ngl it looks good, I just personally dislike Noelle so I'm averse to it and I think other anons will keep trying to justify not liking it because they also hate her. I think this animation style is way cuter and more charismatic than the comic's outdated wannabe Adventure Time style.

No. 1856367

We had assumed this was going to be faithful to the comic but its direction is seems to be almost opposite, so yeah I'm pleasantly surprised.

No. 1856549

File: 1688226222821.png (386.99 KB, 852x1153, CAPTURE.png)

Props to the screenwriters and directors for turning a wannabe deep tumblr comic into(from what I've read from reviews) a fun and energetic film (this was not the case for the original comic).

No. 1856553

Am I… OLD? No but legitimately, this pacing feels faster than movies I watched as a kid. Everything seems sped up, like the pacing in youtube videos for kids. It feels jarring to absorb so much information in a short time. Is this normal for animation now?

No. 1856574

For an animated kid’s movie a little over 90 minutes this is pretty normal pacing. If you rewatch some older animated movies from your childhood you’ll probably notice the pacing feels faster too. That’s something I at least notice when I rewatch some things from my childhood after decades of not watching it.

No. 1856616

File: 1688235035490.jpeg (462.74 KB, 1170x2165, IMG_0755.jpeg)

Kek reminds me of that weirdo that created the ducktales reboot. What is it about animation that all of the men are like this?

No. 1856628

I just read the plot for the movie and that is miles above the plot for the comic. Good job team.

No. 1856637

File: 1688237298325.jpg (141.59 KB, 591x944, roman.jpg)

Alastor's new VA

No. 1856750

I'm honestly glad with this change. His original VA was the creep that groomed Sweetybelle's 13-year-old voice actress and eventually married her. Don't know why there isn't more discussion about it online.

No. 1856753

>Just admit that you were retarded and thought that dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time.
No one over than religious fundamentalists thinks this, you gigantic sped. You're arguing about this with the wrong people. NTA btw.(derailing)

No. 1856764

It's an industry of spoiled manchildren where jobs are acquired based on connections, not talent. Of course it's going to be filled with Reddit scrotes and Tumblr NLOGs.

No. 1856766

He’s got a ton of people protecting him and covering for him. The way multiple mlp cast and crew jumped in to defend his character when other fans started talking helped him a lot.

No. 1856781


why do all these stupid characters look gay, like seriously, wtf??(sage your shit)

No. 1856896

Conversation ended over a day ago. Time to get over it, autist.

No. 1856963

it's kate beaton's style noelle is copying and made an entire career out of it

No. 1857005

File: 1688305490279.jpg (354.71 KB, 1000x562, VOnmu1c.jpg)

So, I watched Nimona with my bf(who had never read the original comic) and we both ended up enjoying it, and I won't spoil anything, but a lot of things from the original comic have been changed, including character motivations, backstory, tone, world-building, relationships, etc. The only things that remain the same are a few memorable scenes and the core basis of the characters. The world in the movie is much more realized and techno-feudal, rather than the wannabe adventure time vibe of the comic. Riz Ahmed and Chloë Grace Moretz both gave surprisingly good performances (especially Riz), but Try Guys Eugene didn't quite hit the mark. Overall, I gotta give praise to the directors and screenwriters for making this an enjoyable film.

No. 1857053

So I have a question that I'd like to ask. Does art style matter to you when it comes to shows and play a part in whether you want to watch said cartoon or not? I recently got in an argument with my sister who was saying that I should watch Fish Hooks because it's funny. I replied saying that I just wasn't interested because I found the art style unappealing which we then got into a discussion about modern day western cartoos and I explained that I simply just don't find a lot of them appealing to look at.Keep in mind, I was talking mostly about the mainstream big 3 networks consisting of Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, and Disney Channel. To give age context, I'm in my very late 20s.

Anyway to me I just don't much care for how overly simplified a lot of cartoons on these networks have been looking. I'm not the most tech savvy in explaining it but what I mean is that so many of them hav the same old overly simplistic character design with bland generic looking backgrounds and just the way the coloring look. And it's just to a point where when I see this style, I'm just not interested in watching the show. I don't "hate" the style or anything but I'm just disinterested in it. Amazing World of Gumball, Steve Universe, We Bare Bears, Summer Camp Island, Big city Greens, etc. The art styles just don't appeal to me.

Anyway my sister ended up calling me a "negative hater" because of this and it just got me wondering if I'm the only one who feels apathetic to the modern day western cartoon style?

I think my biggest problem with a lot of these shows is just how "samey" they feel. I come from a background of growing up with the usual millennial cartoons like Dexter's Lab, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Animaniacs, Tiny Toon Adventures, Spongebob, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Invader Zim, etc. And the thing is that a lot of these shows had pretty simplistic character design as well but I think that along with that, each show had a vastly different look to them (for the most part) even done to the coloring of the shows and I feel like that is something missing with a lot modern cartoons (excluding things you see on Netflix where there is a lot of varying art styles)

Anyway I'm curious what others think on this topic.

No. 1857061

A cool art style might get me to check out a show or movie i otherwise wouldn’t, but an unappealing style isn’t a dealbreaker for me if it’s otherwise interesting or well written

No. 1857094

AYRT that's fair. Tbf, I remember being put off by the art styles of Code Lyoko because of the character's freakishly large heads in comparison to their bodies but when I actually sat and watched it, I was totally enthralled with the story. It wasn't perfect but far more engaging than I was expecting. But even then, the art style still looked like nothing else I had seen before and unlike a lot of the shows today, it didn't have that "bland" feeling I get whe I look at a lot of these modern cartoons.

No. 1857155

YES. From looking at different shows, mediums like video games- it’s more apparent now than it was a decade ago but people expect SOMETHING from an artstyle. It’s an art form and it helps convey what the medium is producing or helps subvert expectations.
You can see this with the mass produced Rick and morty style, gravity falls, anime, ect.
I mean, how often have you tried to get into the show because the artstyle was somewhat decent or appealing?

A little off topic but I think that’s why shows like Steven Universe and Hasbin Hotel stood out, it wasn’t really the writing, when you look at the trailers the artstyle stands out, and both at the time looked unique in their own right

No. 1857159

AYRT. Yeah like I don't mind if an art style is simplistic but I like when said simplicity comes with something unique that makes it different from the other. Invader Zim was simplistic but the characters hard starch angular bodies with bold line, almost comic-like and of course the atmosphere of the show was darker. Then you compare that to a show like Xiaolin Showdown that was also simplistic but had this very oriental look to it.

Many of these new cartoons just looks so samey that they could co-exist within each other.

>Steven Universe & Hazbin Hotel

I'll admit that I didn't really enjoy Steven Universe but I will agree that it definitely had an art style that made it stand out even though it too was pretty simplistic in style. But yeah Hazbin Hotel and even Helluva boss for all the ragging it can get, at least you can say for better or worse, it does stand out among the other modern cartoons you see on the big networks.

No. 1857167

I absolutely loathed Bojack Horseman’s animation style and it took me a while to get used to it but I loved the story so much that I stuck around.

No. 1857192

I've heard that Bojack Horseman is very good but the art style is so offputting which is what stopped me from wanting to watch it but I think I'll make an exception for it lol.

No. 1857307

It takes a little bit and the animation is very stiff but the story alone makes up for it.

No. 1857313

you are right, why make animation if you are going to go for a generic or even repelling artstyle, unlike live action with animation the biggest selling point is the artstyle. I am not talking about beavis and butthead, but rather stuff like craig of the creek, the problem solvers or breadwinners which are just repulsive to look at. That's why i dont understand why indie projects more often than not choose the ugliest artstyles.

No. 1857737

I just finished watching Nimona on Netflix. It's good, much better than I expected. The animation and the setting were like Arcane but lighter. I didn't notice any troon "messages", only LGBT-related thing was a gay couple.

No. 1857762

I can tell you so many people want to do different styles but a lot of these execs see something selling and just want to copy it endlessly… it's frustrating.

No. 1857881

western adult animation doesnt have the right to look so ugly when Venture bros exists. It's sad that it's the only adult tv animated show that seems to be made by artists, and not some comedian hacks using animation only to do gross out/gore gags or beause its cheaper than live action.

No. 1857894

I was once told that part of the reason the animation needs to be cheap and easy for “adult” animation is because so much of the humor is based on current events and they need to churn it out fast, but I don’t know how accurate that is. I guess it could explain why something less dependent on current pop culture like Venture Bros looks so different from something like Family Guy.

No. 1857901

File: 1688449140867.png (2.82 MB, 2538x1196, comparison.png)

i am not talking about animation, but the core designs. The first season of Venture bros had very limited animation, it was pretty much a low budget anime where only the mouths moved, but the character designs salvaged it and it's why the newer seasons could improve upon the animation and char designs. I honestly dont understand why something as ugly as bob burgers exists, even the movie, with top dollar animation, looked like absolute horse shit. There is no salvaging such hideous char designs and artstyle. I also cant believe the fox/disney executives made MORE of these abominations, there are like 3 other bob burger ripoffs with the same hideous artstyle. Even simpsons ripoffs in the 90s and early 00s had very diverse artstyles(mission hill, duckman, oblongs) , so i dont understand why it got so bad now.

No. 1857911

Well the core designs are designed that way to be faster and easier to animate. VB designs are more specific and require more “special poses” (usually done by character design) where BB is a lot of symbols, less action intensive, easier to keep on model. I guess there’s also appeal in making them crude and childlike to be “subversive” rather than immediately adult LOOKING like something out of a graphic novel
>Even simpsons ripoffs in the 90s and early 00s had very diverse artstyles(mission hill, duckman, oblongs) , so i dont understand why it got so bad now.
Advances in technology. That’s it. They’ve found new ways to cut corners so they’re using them. Note that there are SO many more “adult” animated series now than there were then…it’s because it is so much easier and cheaper to slap together a show now than it was then.

No. 1857918

the state of western animation is so sad, no wonder anime shit is mogging them

No. 1857935

File: 1688456676521.png (1.36 MB, 1324x843, teeth.png)

With all the press about Nimona I just spotted that ND has definitely had lip filler to reduce their gummy smile.(sage goes in the email field)

No. 1857940

maybe its just the effects of Testosterone.

No. 1857941

No. 1857942

Botox to the upper lip is a fairly standard procedure to reduce gum visibility, I don't know how T could cause lip swelling.

No. 1857976

lol at you calling her a they. go back and/or sage next time

No. 1858023

The real test for this is forcing someone to watch Angela Anaconda, As Told by Ginger or a 90s/2000’s computer animated show. Jimmy Neutron and Reboot look really BAD but yet they were a couple of my favourites as a kid.

No. 1858115

the idea that you expect anons to carefully tiptoe and say "she" instead of "they", JUST to appease other anon's gender crit politics on a casual gossip site is so insane to me. who actually cares. "they" is a useful catch-all pronoun and not even necessarily a gender political thing it's just a default term that is easy to fall back on when discussing various animators of both sexes on this thread without remembering who is who. when most go by sexless alias anyway and most of us don't know their individual sex's and faces and wouldn't recognize them in a crowd, we just know their art & cartoons

No. 1858125

Thank you anon and all the others who responded, it's nice to know I'm not alone in these thoughts. My sister's commen really did put me into thought on whether I truly am just being a "hater" on modern animation which I know isn't true because I actually do like some modern shows's art styles like Aggretsuko, Castlevania, and Kipo and the Age of Wonderbe. Heck I even ike Helluva boss's art style ignoring some of the dumb character design choices like with Beelzebub, at least it stands out and looks different than what we're seeing with the stuff like you metioned (Craig of the Creek, Breadwinners, etc).

I think it's because networks want people to have these boring and soulless styles because they don't cost much to animate which may save them money but end up farting out bland, unappealing shows.

No. 1858129

While what you said is most likely true what with studios finding ways to cut corners and skimp out on art styes making them look as low-budget as they can, you've gotta admit that adult animated shows back then were a lot more interesting to look at no? lol Mission Hill, DownTown, Harvey Birdman, Futurama, Oblongs, The PJs (even if it was ugly as sin lol), Drawn Together, etc. So many different and unique looking art styles compared to now where it seems like the only styles you see are either Bob's Burgers ripoffs or Rick & Morty ripoffs.

No. 1858130

Nta, if you're aware the person you're talking about it's a woman refer to her as such, retard. Go back

No. 1858131

Oh there's no doubt that late 90s, early 2000s CGI animated shows were/are rough to look at though in all honesty, I didn't think jimmy Neutron looked that bad but I'm probably bias because I really liked that show growing up and I still enjoy going back to it today kek.

No. 1858154

>gender crit politics
It's called not being mentally ill. Ffs you newfags should fucking stay off this site.

No. 1858288

File: 1688510301010.jpg (48.63 KB, 686x483, lol.JPG)

To no one's surprise, that Ruby gillman shit didn't do well in theaters. It did worse than Spiderman this weekend and that movie's been in theaters for weeks.

No. 1858295

I forgot this even existed, but I have seen that pretty much every Animated film is not performing well(with the exception of the Mario Bros movie).

No. 1858297

Spiderverse did pretty well from what I saw. I also completely forgot about Ruby gillman besides when I saw the previews for when I saw spiderverse. It seems a lot of these original concepts are doing badly, which sucks because I really am tired of all the sequel crap but they're just gonna make more of that now.

No. 1858321

They're all ugly as fuck, that's why they're flopping. They need to give up the shitty, uninspired stylization and make something visually appealing instead. I can't handle seeing one more character with bean mouth, rounded teeth or eyes so close they almost touch

No. 1858402

Seeing ads for that movie, it just looked like a 3D version of the corporate artstyle with the nonhuman skin colors and the bendy macaroni limbs. They should have at least tried to make the movie look pretty.

No. 1858422

it made me laugh that people did a shit ton of shipping art of ruby/the mermaid because it was the only appealing thing about the movie, just to find out after watching the movie that the mermaid was an adult and they drew proship art without knowing, fucking hilarious.

No. 1858480

exactly, the noodle corporate 3D art style is deeply ugly and more importantly done to death. its audience fatigue same as marvel/superhero fatigue. people enjoy a bit of ugly IF it's new unusual and original. but run for the hills if it's ugly AND beyond overdone.

also lo and behold "incredibly beloved character Ariel is evil now and you dumb stupid sheeple sucked for ever liking her in the first place" as your only hook and gimmick actually alienates audiences rather than drawing them in. i'm not particularly attached to ariel myself but goddamn. at least shrek was smart enough to lampoon the vintage disney princesses, even genuine fans can admit snow white can come off a little strange today. that doesn't translate at all to "lol u know how we all hate cringe ariel!" like no, the people really don't. now they just don't like you ruby grubhub looking ass

No. 1858487

Just wanted to comment the same, it looks like some corporate art and made me feel kind of a disgust to even see trailers play for it in cinemas. Uncanny in some way.

No. 1858493

File: 1688544588180.jpg (71.48 KB, 302x404, ruby-social-4-1.jpg)

A lot of the movie just looks ugly and I say that as someone who really liked the stylization in turning red.
Some of the designs are ok, i like Rubys human form, but a lot of them are either bland or just ew like pic rel.

No. 1858498

Did not help that the trailer basically revealed everything except the she's actually an adult twist which yknow, kinda ruined a lot of the teen bonding friendship moments between Ruby and Chelsea people enjoyed from the trailers. Like all the comments were about how they were excited for their friendship.
The comparison to Ariel thing also only lasted like 1 trailer, not worth it.

No. 1858504

That looks visibly unpleasant to look at.

No. 1858526

File: 1688550734853.jpeg (27.27 KB, 513x350, D2870476-B44D-440D-8AAD-269744…)

It’s actually so tragic, because they could’ve done so much more with this movie. Like, the fucking “Romeo and Juliet” plot was basically served on a silver platter, but ofc they don’t have the balls to have an openly lesbian relationship in their shitty cartoon. The amount of “mermaids are actually evil” in their promo made me think they will do a propaganda commentary, and the toxic grandma (who literally drove away her only daughter and grandchildren because of the hatred towards a DIFFERENT RACE, basically also capture a bit of the shitshow that Hailey’s casting caused for the Little Mermaid) would be the villain. They could’ve done “Chelsea might be cool in human world, but she doesn’t fit in the ocean world all that well” to do the relatable moment and bond her and Ruby together. They could still keep the betrayal, but justify her trying to destroy human world with the pollution/exploitation of the ocean/parental expectations and then deescalate it with a good ol’ fight. Instead they decided to fully ride the “generational trauma” train just like all the other “popular” movies. Like, it was fun once/twice/thrice, but now LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE ONE of Disney movies is a generational trauma one, I am so done

No. 1858532

reminds me of cloudy with a chance of meatballs

No. 1858540

Do you have any examples, this sounds hilarious
style aside the advertising for this was terrible, they didn’t have an appealing angle to market it all. Every ad I saw was a one note joke about the subversion of the mermaid trope which isn’t enough to sell a movie on. I was sure it had to be based on a book or something that had a thin plot and didn’t translate to film well but it’s apparently an original story.

No. 1858546

I don't even remember the Marketing If there was any, I just saw the trailed a few months back and literally never saw anything related to it ever again.

No. 1858567

I'm curious about the original version of this movie "Meet the Gillmans". The change from Ruby knowing to not knowing is huge and I'd love to page through that script to see how the original story played out.

"The plot for Meet the Gillmans is the story of a typical teenage girl, Ruby. Growing up in a seaside town in Florida. Like all teenagers, she’s embarrassed by her family. Only in this case, Ruby has extra reason to be embarrassed; because she’s from a family of …sea monsters. No one in town knows this (the Gillmans are “different” but the locals chalk it up to them being from Canada), but poor Ruby is scared to death that someday the truth will come out. If this happened, what would become of her social life? It would be calamitous. Naturally, the truth comes out, and disaster ensues."


No. 1858589

File: 1688563824371.jpeg (237.03 KB, 1284x963, 2D7138E3-B7BD-426C-AEBC-2ED3A5…)

When is there going to exist any movies that aren’t about generational trauma? I get three or even four movies about it, but the whole
>your family/traditions was the real villain all along
Is getting obnoxious. I just don’t give a tiny single little fuck about these people that have to carry the burden of this oh so terrible trauma of living in a nice place and having the chance to start again and get along with new people. I know it’s more than that but it always seems weird to me how most of the times it’s the maternal figure (grandma/mom/aunts) who is the bad guy, I know that lame ass buzz lightyear movie and elemental have the dad as the bad guy, but it still leaves me with a sour taste when the mom is the evil mastermind behind the child’s misery.

No. 1858598

The "evil stepmother" trope has been around for a long time. This is why I love Moana, there were no real bad guys. Would love more kids movies without a villain and the conflict comes from the characters dealing with internal struggles.

No. 1858610

That's literally most movies now about the generational trauma. Conflict comes from misunderstanding or within and no one is really the villain. Moana's dad was the 'generational trauma' not-really-villain, it's the exact same thing as other movies with this theme imo.
Sry if you were being sarcastic.

No. 1858617

It’s intentional and part of the agenda to drive a wedge between children and families and make it easier to recruit into the Pride cult.
inb4 ‘muh conserva-chan!!!1!’ no I just have eyes and the autism to notice patterns

No. 1858641

your right and should say it.

No. 1858670

I didn’t want to say that directly because it comes as tinfoily.
But yeah, I know some parents suck ass and some families are dysfunctional and makes the lives of everyone else quite miserable.
But haven’t you noticed how most of the times they’re families that are somewhat okay? Maybe it’s some “oh you can’t see the deep conflict inside a seemingly perfect/decent family” kind of thing and I’m not noticing that because in the end they’re not really selling a perfect family, just average families.
I would understand generational trauma as something like say, pick the kraken movie and make it that the girl has divorced parents and her mom’s side has krakens, so she has to know who is her mom and maybe try to get along with her even though she got divorced, so after lots of awkward moments, she notices how her mom is actually a huge bitch, fights her and understands that just because she’s genetically related to her mom, doesn’t mean she has to be like her, and her dad had his very understandable reasons to divorce her mom.
I feel like that’s relatable enough considering how divorces are so common.
But the families in these movies are just tense at best, they’re not really complete dysfunctional disasters that makes the generational trauma that terrible or even relatable.
In the end, I don’t even understand the need to do those types of stories so many times, Rapunzel has that, Snow White too, Cinderella as well, those are the stories with generational trauma that are more than enough, other than that it’s just overkill. Plus, they’re just telling the kids to solve the issue themselves, not telling the parents “hey you suck ass get your shit together”.
I think there are other big issues to tackle in the real world that can be reflected in media, like herd mentality, or how you don’t need to constantly see things in black and white because there’s more to live than joining meaningless battles.
Come on, nonnie, you know damn well that no big studios will ever do a Romeo and Juliet romance or any sort of romantic plot with lesbians, don’t you know that women expressing love to other women is a fetish for men and it’s dirty to see two women holding hands? You definitely can’t show that to the kids, it will turn the frogs lesbians.

No. 1858671

I have to agree with you on this. This place is TERF central and that's fine but unless it's relevant, anons who comment only to criticize someone for using the wrong pronouns or name are just going off-topic. It makes talking about people on threads outside the MtF, FtM, and other trans lolcows annoying.

That said, you should also just ignore it and move on.

The advertising campaign for this movie was terrible from the start, and knowing the twist and actual story for this movie was also a major disappointment. If Dreamworks wanted to one-up Disney, they really should have gone for the Romeo and Juliet plot like you said, and have Chelsea actually be the daughter of the evil mermaid.

Even without romance, the idea of a friendship between girls from warring families would have made this movie more interesting than it actually wound up being.

No. 1858697

>Moana's dad was the 'generational trauma' not-really-villain

I don't agree. Moana's dad became fearful of the sea because he lost his friend, not because of cultural family tradition. Conflict doesn't automatically make him a villain. Their cultural tradition was voyaging, and Moana brought that tradition back to her family. But the movie was about Moana finding her purpose, she wasn't traumatized by her family like the characters in Encanto.

No. 1858705

Take off the tinhat nona, no one has chopped their tits off because they watched Tangled 10 years ago.

No. 1858760

Generational trauma can be applied to so much, especially if there isn't a main villain that a character fights. Like Darth Vader is the big bad villain in Star Wars and the generational trauma but it works because Luke has to fight him physically and not talk it out in a Steven Universe or Encanto butterfly-bath huggy way. Same with Mother Gothel. They are both violent, not 'redeemable'- oh and they are also physical people (not a dumbass bridge like in Frozen 2).

No. 1858782

also like there haven’t been works of literature about a young person breaking out of the confines of their family or culture since the Renaissance

No. 1858793

I feel like Tangled doesn't really fit this theme because mother Gothel was a pretty clear villain and not someone who was redeemed at the end or anything. That and the whole kidnapping a baby for purely selfish reasons bit made it clear that it's not the same as the others on the list.

No. 1858804

ayrt and Tangled doesn’t count because Mother Gothel is meant to represent narcissistic abuse, and that’s a whole different animal. I’m talking about the slow chipping away of the trust and relationship between parent and child to the point of encouraging oppositional defiance. And I will wear my tinfoil hat with pride

No. 1858808

File: 1688587218360.jpg (236.09 KB, 1024x1830, rHxG8sRU2UC.jpg)

>Another Toxic Lesbian Romance
What is wrong with her? Like, seriously, she always does this with her lesbian ships. For some reason, they are all toxic and unhealthy but framed as beautiful and complex. What's even weirder is that she seems to be able to write good gay and even straight relationships, so it's clearly not a lack of ability.

No. 1858817

Not sure if I agree, but I'll say that it is kinda interesting to see how many of the recent stories are so similar. Another theory I heard is that because of a lot US animation schools are basically filled with 2nd and 3rd generation Asian-Americans, is why we see these stories come up a lot more. Again, just one thing I've seen mentioned, I don't even know the breakdown of students for something like SCAD.

No. 1858843

She's a self-hating lesbian. It's pretty simple.

No. 1858900

>the slow chipping away of the trust and relationship between parent and child to the point of encouraging oppositional defiance
If your kid starts opposing you because of cartoons you probably failed at parenting somewhere and/or the kid is retarded.

No. 1858908

Have you the read the comic Noelle did about how Molly wife got together. If Noelle had a shred of self respect, she would left months before the day she spent the night on a couch while Molly fucked Molly's bf in the next room. Noelle has to glamorize toxic relationships because she can't face the hot mess in a dumpster fire that is her current relationship

But did Noelle do the relationship in the movie? I thought that wasn't in the comics and was created by the creators of the movie.

No. 1858929

>The way multiple mlp cast and crew jumped in to defend his character when other fans started talking helped him a lot.
I'm not one of the anons who tinfoils about muh pedowood, but situations like this lend credence to the idea that "normal" people in Hollywood are weirdly eager to defend children being treated inappropriately. Depressing the way the whole (predominately female) team of that show tripped over themselves to pander to their 4chan-horsefucker-neckbeard fans.

No. 1858954

I don’t really see your tinfoil nonnie, Disney would know that parents notice that their kids are being influenced by these movies in a negative way, and stop letting the kids watch. Disney does everything for money, some people also think that they do things like putting gay relationships or minorities in movie so they can farm outrage that gets them free advertising for their movies but I don’t really see that either. Generational trauma being in everything is likely just a trend right now because so many of the younger people creating stories right now blame any problems on it.

No. 1858995

>lesbian ship
i didn't read it this way at all, and i don't think it would really add anything if you did. sometimes female friendships are just like that. which isn't to say their relationship was complex or compelling, just that there's nothing wrong with attempting to explore toxic dynamics between women. shit happens. maybe it could have been good if someone else were writing it kek

No. 1859033

I actually liked FiM when it first started, I thought it was a cute fun show that I would have been obsessed with as a little girl but the amount of brony fanservice that started as early as it did into the shows run still amazes me. I dropped it the instant they gave the wall eyed horse it’s own scene (although the discourse that followed that was entertaining as hell)

No. 1859037

You sound goofy it's an incredibly common theme in media

No. 1859172

From what I looked up, the actual reason that VA's and showrunners were protecting bronies was simply money. Bronies were buying more MLP merch than anyone, personally organizing conventions, and buying autographs from the VA's. I remember one commenting that she made more money signing stuff BronyCon than her entire career. It's messed up, but I get it.

No. 1859173

>Even simpsons ripoffs in the 90s and early 00s had very diverse artstyles(mission hill, duckman, oblongs) , so i dont understand why it got so bad now.
Lots was annoying about that angry Gen X stoner living in a society stuff, but god I miss it so much. At least people were allowed to express cynicism and be sincere at the same time. We're in a nightmare reverse paeadigm now where everything is ironic but you're not allowed to be cynical or mean.

No. 1859175

How is everyone else seeing green kek they look more greyish to me unless I put the night light filter on

No. 1859219

Pedophiles literally using cartoons to groom our kids. When can we take to the streets with pitchforks and flamethrowers? What are we even supposed to do at this point, become practically Amish to protect them from the world!?
>>1858617 We are basically there already, every rainbow-haired munchie freak on TikTok moans about how they have so much "abuse" and "trauma" from their evil parents while literally living rent-free in their parent's homes. Divide and conquer but in the stupidest way possible.

No. 1859288

>people were allowed to express cynicism and be sincere at the same time.
So freaking true. Cartoons like The Critic, Daria, and Mission Hill did that and it was just so cathartic. I'd take this any day over the irony and/or meta humor we have now.

No. 1859556

Just got done watching, there were definitely tranny messages in the movie if you squint and can pick up on their dog whistles. The most blatant being when Nimona was going through her PTSD flashback and a voice whispers "Why can't you just be a girl?" The rest is easy to miss but thats how they get your kids…! But to be fair I am fine with this movie because its subtle enough to be seen a gender nonconforming allegory or 'being different' in general rather than the tranny shit. It was cute overall 6/10.

No. 1859579

File: 1688706432095.png (905.75 KB, 651x1131, Screenshot (2).png)

God now this is petty.(and this is coming from some one who dislikes the US)

No. 1859588

She’s fucking insufferable and ran her show so poorly that I wouldn’t be shocked if she’s blacklisted. Maybe she and her ex can form their own studio.

No. 1859600

Good grief, it's an American cartoon, there's nothing wrong with Disney putting it in their post about an American holiday. Many countries (especially in the Americas) celebrate their independence, it's not that deep.

They deserve it, but it's not like it's hard. Seems like anyone who doesn't jerk off all the right people gets "blacklisted." I can't really think of any other career path where that happens. Western animation is uniquely incestuous and cliquey to the point where it can brand people with scarlet letters and deny them work for it. Like, of you're a shitty cook, you're not "blacklisted" from working at a restaurant. Doctors can lose their licences and Lawyers can be disbarred, but it's possible to reverse those things. What recourse does someone have if they get blacklisted for, se, revealing that they've been sexually assaulted by a guy with a lot of industry clout? They're fucked, because "blacklisting" is entirely informal.

No. 1859604

Reassuring to know that even women who specialize in making media for children are perfectly content to put actual children in danger when enough money and social pressure is involved.

No. 1859606

Oblongs was honestly a clever little satire about economic class. I don't think the concept had a ton of longevity, because there are only so many aspects of income inequality you can satirize, but its short run definitely holds up. It's the sort of thing that could never be made today because it focuses on one sociopolitical issue instead of being ridiculously intersectional and trying to tackle everything at once.

No. 1859614

It’s because the industry is so small. Makes networking easy but actually forming relationships extremely hard. It doesn’t feel good to constantly watch what you say around the autistic nerds that could eventually become your employers

No. 1859632

>It's the sort of thing that could never be made today because it focuses on one sociopolitical issue instead of being ridiculously intersectional and trying to tackle everything at once.
I feel like that's kinda what helped the show be so charming. They weren't trying to make the show super deep, just something fairly light-hearted while still having some fairly clever and fun writing without it being overly preachy.

No. 1859639

I mean most VA's(even the talented one's) are just failed actors whose career never took off.

No. 1859646

Child abuse in the US is at an all-time low. The modern world is the most anti child abuse time there has ever been. You're right to be afraid because men have always been very interested in raping and killing girls BUT things are so much better than they've ever been before. Don't let the media turn you into a coward.

No. 1859700

You’re mistaken anon; the grooming thing is real and intentional. Child abuse has skyrocketed but since it’s been given the label of “gender affirming care” and “teaching children that other groups exist” most people don’t look deeper into it or take the media at face value (as you have clearly done).

No. 1859701

Yes; lower screen time as much as possible and when they do watch TV or movies, carefully vet every single piece of media beforehand. Older calming cartoons like Little Bear and Franklin are the best!

No. 1859716

they look like they got jaundice imo

No. 1859726

File: 1688739842390.jpg (217.79 KB, 1401x706, F5lDv-EXIAVLAfs.jpg)

Do you genuinely believe there isn't mass-grooming being promoted?

No. 1859728

File: 1688739879221.jpg (65.01 KB, 634x500, IMG_057.jpg)

No. 1859757

Is it just me or is it weird for a white woman to use a brown character as proxy for political messaging. Like you are still white Dana and it's weird as fuck to use a brown child as your mouthpiece for whatever opinions you have

No. 1859761

It's not just you, all of these entitled lily white retards hide behind minorities for money or politics, ficitonal or otherwise. Remember when the creators of Encanto basically admitted they made a movie based off of their vacation to Colombia?

No. 1859791

>Remember when the creators of Encanto basically admitted they made a movie based off of their vacation to Colombia?
WTF, is this real?

No. 1859801


>Remember when the creators of Encanto basically admitted they made a movie based off of their vacation to Colombia?

That's a bit misleading. It's called a research trip and almost every studio with the budget to do so does these when working on a new project. Game Freak does one with every new Pokemon region. Creative directors at Sucker Punch made two trips when making Ghost of Tsushima.

No. 1859825

File: 1688756571107.png (1.3 MB, 1420x800, Screen Shot 2023-07-07 at 12.0…)

What the hell is this from?

Side note when my internet was out I watched primetime tv for the first time in ages, I caught that show The Great North and holy fuck it's boring. It's just a ripoff of Bob's Burgers but without any of the heart, mildly entertaining plots or jokes. Why are shows so fucking boring these days?

No. 1859941

You’re going to have a lot to talk about if that leaked Tiny Toons reboot pilot with the drag subplot gets official release.

No. 1859966

I haven't watched the show but it looks like Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur
Shame, it seemed like a cute show for kids

No. 1860043

File: 1688787528106.png (729.81 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot 2023-07-07 11.33.23…)

so i just finished watching nimona. it was alright, better than i expected. nimona (the character) was a lot too much of the "star butterfly" over-excited female co-lead. what i'm mainly annoyed about is the message that you can't call yourself a girl while also being multifacetd.

No. 1860044

I don't think having a singular reference to drag is grooming it's just the current cringe trend, it will end eventually

No. 1860120

That pic looks so fucking ugly, why the fuck do they draw the eyes like that?

It absolutely is. There's no reason for kids to be exposed to adult sexual practices and performances. And it's not just a singular reference, they've been pushing drag queens (pedophiles) onto kids for a while now.

No. 1860346

New Helluva boss episode on youtube.

No. 1860353

They all follow the same formula.

No. 1860356

>Moxxie crossdressing
Oh jeez.

No. 1860363

how the fuck does this shit get 500k views in 30 minutes?

i hope the asteroid comes and wipes out this earth asap.(Integrate, Reddit spacing. Don't put a line break between sentences.)

No. 1860375

Did that one Hotdiggedydemon weirdo have anything to do with this? I checked out this shit and the art style resemblance is uncanny(sage non-milk posts)

No. 1860385

Samefagging as the anon who posted the link to the video. I highly doubt it was the intention of Viv to basically shit on male crossdressers, but I genuinely fucking loved crossdressing Moxxie. It was the most transphobic shit ever and this is now my favorite episode. Moxxie acts hyperfeminine and sexualized and rants about having his period to the girls and they recoil in disgust and call him a freak. Then Moxxie gets angry and pities himself for it. This is A-fucking-plus content right here. I didn't think Viv would have the balls. Moxxie acts just like a real male crossdresser while Millie adopts the identity of a boy and just acts normal and is accepted, but also her last name of her fake identity is 'realboy' kek. Art imitates life.

No. 1860405

what she said? "Fuck off troll? Fuck off Troon?

No. 1860430

She said "fuck off, troll."

No. 1860438

Hes not listed in the credits but funny enough vivzie is for character design. Watching that episode it seemed like they “borrowed” elements from several animation youtubers(Sage goes in the email field )

No. 1860452

Somehow the most boring episode yet. What >>1860385 is true though. They had a scene where Moxxie and Millie had an arguement and resolved it in like 2 minutes. Millie expresses some need to be seen and admired but that is pretty much the only development you get of her. Blitzo and his sister are in this episode as a B plot. It's nice to see them doing the whole job thing again I guess.

No. 1860475

They have to dress Millie as a boy tò give her some screen time kek. Still better that nothing I guess, but the argument was way too superficial. Barbie looks like an interesting character but her appearance was underwhelming because it kept going back and forward from Moxxie/Millie to her and Blitzo. Love the accidental terfyness.

No. 1860482

I thought the episode was "meh" but not in a bad way. I agree that it was nice to see them doing a job again for once and for the music segments, it was nice to actually see a rock(ish) type song to change up the usual pop music that this show has had.

Crossdressing Moxxie was endearing I will admit and I love the unintentional terfy vibes. Moxxie acted like a stereotypical troon man and received the response that I'm sure many women have with IRL troons even if they may not feel confident admitting it. Love to see it.

It was also nice to see Millie in a situation where she wasn't a badass killer and got to unwind. It's a shame that she had to pretend to be a boy to do it but eh, I'll take what I can get kek.

The b-plot with Blitzo and his sister was interesting and I was just glad that his plot didn't overtake the main plot.

No. 1860567

>Drag queens(pedophiles)
Lmfao relax I think drag is cringe but this is over the top

No. 1860634

NTA but some of them are on the sex offenders registry for molesting children.

No. 1860648

drag is cringe but calling it grooming is as retarded as what right wingers say about it. its over the top and sexualized, not to mention borderline mockery of femininity and women. if they just want to show boys being and dressing girly is fine to kids they can do that without the drag queen shit. I don't see drag kings for anytime tomboys are brought up. I don't think you know what the word grooming means if this is what you think of when you hear the word

No. 1860681

Yeah but that isn't unique to drag queens anon

No. 1860696

File: 1688867850785.png (147.59 KB, 558x208, goodenough.png)


I am once again asking for Viv to get a proofreader

No. 1860748

The new helluva boss episode was useless. The sister is a bitch with no context. Another poorly written female character.

But my gripe is how weird the episode is about his sister grooming a kid. And Millie and Moxxie fuckin in front of teens. Like what even was this?
And brain dead fans are defending this shit "they're in hell so this whole series is fine. It's not weird"

No. 1860768


No. 1860788

The discourse that comes out of this will be interesting. I can’t wait!

No. 1860841

Men always tend to pedophiles, and it's a lot worse if they're gay (hypersexual) and into some sick crossdressing fetish where they use silicone tits and vaginas to mock women. And yes, exposing children to a sexual performance, which is what drag inherently is, is pedophilic.

If it's pushed onto children it's grooming. I don't care about what right wingers say but drag was born as a sexual performance and still is a sexual performance, so pushing that on kids is grooming. Take off your faghag glasses. Just look at how many drag queens are okay with children doing suggestive drag (like Desmond) and are okay with defending sex offenders working with children.

No. 1860913

Late but fuck off back to Twitter tranny the women in this website are fed up with your entitled asses.

>MuH tERf CeNtRaL

This is called being normal you faggot loser. This is what most people think of your pronouns when they can speak their minds out. You have a serious disconnect from reality if you think normies are respecting your pronouns in their head outside of your hugbox but I'm probably talking to an industry cow probably so what to expect

No. 1860916

I laugh a lot at Noelle's current hijinks but I 100% agree with you. Maybe if another woman had written this it would have been praised as exploring toxic dynamics between women and female relationships but with Noelle's name on it you can't help to draw conclusions and people just won't see it under a good light anymore.

No. 1860927

File: 1688916550782.png (1.35 MB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_2023-07-09-17-23-41…)

I cringed so much at the poor attempt of giving Millie character depth. The fight with moxie felt so over dramatic also, fucking in front of an audience??? Weren't they the wholesome couple type? Feels a bit like a fanfic tbh

Out of curiosity but do you guys think this new Adam Neylan writer this anon >>1854158 mentioned may have something to do with the quality decline from S1 to S2?? I've checked and his name starts showing up in the credits right in the very first S2 episode right where the smoll gay bean bullshit starts. He doesn't seem to be mentioned in any other of the credits of S1 up until then, he just pops up from nowhere in season 2 and since then all episodes have been such crap.

Does anyone have any milk on him?

No. 1860978

>it's a lot worse if they're gay (hypersexual)

so the cocksuckers truly believe het men are somehow less perverted or sexual than the fags and the only reason hets aren't acting like gays because they keep up some sort of charade for women

No. 1861108

You sound like the cocksucker since you insist drag shoved in kids' faces is not grooming. And yes, it's known by literally anyone who's not a retarded twitterfag that faggots are way more hypersexual and openly degenerate than "het" men. I'm not saying het men are good of course, you cock-sucking faghag seem to put words into other people's mouths, much like you put faggot cock into yours.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1861120

>you insist drag shoved in kids' faces is not grooming.
never insisted that you retard, there is more anons here than the faghags that live in your head rent tree. cockhopper. go update your tradblog about it breeder.(infighting)

No. 1861146

bobs burgers is already boring i cannot imagine the snooze fests the rip offs are

No. 1861162

File: 1688939299315.gif (2.26 MB, 480x270, 1688919711894.gif)

No. 1861170

wait how do you know its her? milkscum seems way less skilled

No. 1861173

I really regret clicking that pixiv link, jfc

No. 1861181

File: 1688941182219.jpg (274.96 KB, 1200x732, 83483670_p0_master1200.jpg)

Nta but this is from her Pixiv. Same art style, both do storyboards. You do the math
I do admit that her anime art is really low quality compared to the stuff in her portfolio. Maybe she's just really bad at anime art (suddenly her anatomy goes to shit when drawing it) but it's definitely the same person. You can also tell by both artists' obsession with child-old man relationships, which is obvious as fuck in her portfolio site (the gif is from there)

No. 1861183

NTA, but I have some knowledge of this chick via several personal lolcows who are near to her. She has a lolixteacher OC which is featured directly on her site, the seventh image. If you search for "milkscum teacher" you can see her NSFW lolicon art of these same characters.
How was this discovered? Her art as "milkscum" and "celese" is sometimes unrefined but there were still parts of it that said to me she was probably a professional who was taught to work in the industry. To think she works at pixar, I never could've imagined. She draws this stuff of kids movies too, she should be fired.

No. 1861187

no wonder western animation is so bad when they hire people that cant even do generic moeshit anime right, her anatomy is attrocious. At least japanese lolicons are talented.

No. 1861190

Samefag, just in case you needed more proof: Celesse, her Vtuber persona, speaks French. On her site it says she's Canadian and is a Sheridan alumni (in Ontario). So this is undoubtedly the same person. Also side note but her Vtuber design and the way she draws herself with those huge round glasses is so similar.
I find it sickening that someone can display their pedo degeneracy so openly on their professional website and in animations and illustrations that are meant for children. You can find the same themes she uses in her porn in her professional work and portfolio. This is far from the only case however.

No. 1861191

Okay admittedly it's degenerate and gross, but how exactly is this cow behavior?

No. 1861207

The bar just keeps getting lower and lower. The whole crossdressing thing, although terfy as other nonas have said, got old really fast and the tension between Moxxie and Millie feels extremely contrived. The attempts at making Millie actually interesting fall flat and of course it has to come back to tragic uwu shit with blitzo and his sister hating him at the end. At least they didn't even mention Stolas lol. Also hate how there's seemingly no consequences to fucking shit up in the human world/the demons being out of disguise/spotted by humans. just makes the whole episode feel insignificant and there's really not enough focus on the job - i think a detective episode would have been really fun but i dont think the writers are smart enough to pull something like that off

No. 1861219

File: 1688946117030.jpeg (540.51 KB, 1170x2015, IMG_1003.jpeg)

She’s worked on a bunch of films with kid characters and has drawn cp of Disney’s Rapunzel. I have no idea how she’s getting away with it when others are fired for way less. I know Handsomehugs was fucking crazy aside from her cp but how is she blacklisted while Koko isn’t?

No. 1861226

I'm guessing either nepotism or she just has a good work ethic that allows her to keep her job despite her semi-open degeneracy. Afaik Handsomehugs had none of those.

No. 1861232

>cp of Disney's rapunzel

yeah OK you lost me there. I don't care how degen it is, I don't take anyone who calls porn of non existent children/teens "cp" seriously. the term shouldn't be watered down and have cartoons and anime on the same level.

it's just degen rule34, as if most people in the animation industry haven't drawn porn of under 18 characters. ESPECIALLY with Disney of all things. unless there's milk with proof she's been a creep to minors irl, I couldn't care less what she does with the cartoons.

No. 1861235


Not surprising in the least

No. 1861242

She drew her as a kindergarten age kid. I don’t usually moralfag over this shit but deliberately aging a cartoon teenager from the studio you work for DOWN to draw graphic incest porn of them is a red fucking flag.

No. 1861246

agreed that retarded disney porn isn't comparable to something like cp at all
>unless there's milk with proof she's been a creep to minors irl, I couldn't care less what she does with the cartoons.
but seriously? having openly degen people like this working in the children's animation industry is exactly how we end up with kink and fetish scenes in cartoons that CHILDREN watch.. just look at what happened with "totally spies"

No. 1861251

>having openly degen people like this working in the children's animation industry is exactly how we end up with kink and fetish scenes in cartoons that CHILDREN watch.. just look at what happened with "totally spies"
I’m concerned about them having access to actual kids. There is a rampant grooming problem in this industry and because it’s so small and networking is so integral people don’t speak up and things get normalized. It becomes cyclical.

No. 1861257

I made the horrible mistake of clicking on the Baraag link. Most of it is pornographic drawings of little girls (many from different Disney IPs) that look like they're 4 years old, or kindergarten age as you said. That shit right there is as close to real CP as drawings can get.

No. 1861267

she's obviously a self-inserter, like pretty much all women into lolicon. not different from ddlg shitters.

No. 1861424

Who told you that, faggot cocksucker? Are the tradthots here in the room with us right now? You sure sound salty at women not bending over backwards for your precious faggots, you faghag. Me being against drag and faggots MUST mean I'm a dirty breeder, right? Cause every good woman would suck the cocks of pedophilic faggots like you do. God I hate faghags.(infighting)

No. 1861436

File: 1688982672897.png (385.78 KB, 931x516, kokowingheichou.png)

>all french are pedos
That pisses me off as a French person, lol. She's not French though, she's just yet another Canadian-Chinese import trying to hijack the Quebec French identity. I have no idea why, but she is not the first Chinese English speaking vtuber that's just completely mentally ill like this. Not sure what it is about Canadian Chinese anime lovers/artists, but some of the girls are just completely degenerate to the point where it's scary. How do you get so openly into old man x little girl lolicon like that?
Also, I've seen this vtuber before. She's part of the small Western lolicon vtuber gang on Twitch (yes, that is apparently a thing). I thought she was a male who's changed her voice, because there is a frog "loli" male vtuber she hangs out with and they're just openly into it. She's on the inside of that very specific vtuber clique.
What does it matter if you personally don't define it as "CP"? Disney has strict rules against drawing this kind of art if you officially work with them. She could easily get canned if people connect everything. Also, why do you want this freak drawing cartoons for kids?

No. 1861440

You're either a troon or some gay male who's wandered into this thread. There's been an awfully lot of defense of stupid fucking pedophiles in this thread and I think it's pretty obvious it's probably you. I just refuse to believe a woman would call another woman a "breeder" or "cockhopper" (incel language) and would go to bat for degenerate drag groomers who mock the female form. It's not language lesbians use either, so you're just some scrote.(don’t respond to scrotes)

No. 1861482

She is drawing prechool age toddlercon. Its not just regular r34 of a character that could easily look adult.

No. 1861527

She said she was Vietnamese elsewhere, weird. Also, sorry anon but the French are known for this.
Insanely high number of "great" thinkers who were unabashedly pro-pedophilia. Deranged. Also, pretty much all Disney/animation staff in general are degenerates. They don't put it out to the public at mass, but it's common knowledge they draw that kind of shit of the characters. Tbh it doesn't seem like she actually did anything that "wrong", besides drawing that sort of thing on her own time. She's not even a writer or showrunner, just one of many storyboard artists.

No. 1861540

Yeah, nothing about her seems milky enough to warrant being posted about. She doesn't seem like a cow either

No. 1861555

There are Vietnamese people out there with Chinese ancestry so that might explain it. Also, the kind of art she is doing is on another level of degeneracy. It just looks way too pedophilic and less stylized compared to something like Rebecca Sugar's Ed, Edd, n Eddy porn drawings. Plus, it really fetishizes men being with little girls. Maybe it's not "cowish" but it's a bit disturbing someone like this is so open about it and works on media aimed towards children.

No. 1861597

Koko is not Vietnamese, that's Julia/Hulia/snout. They both speak French and are part of that >>1861436 vtuber clique, but Julia doesn't stream. Rangyi is another Asian in that loli clique.

No. 1861623


How can anyone look at this page and not call her a pedophile, this is straight up CP. She's a very skilled artist who knows how to draw different ages, these girls have the bodies of 5 year olds. She should be banned from drawing children for animation. The fact that she was a story artist on Luca makes me feel sick. Also disgusted at how many sick fucks are commissioning this kind of porn, should all be put in jail.

No. 1861730

>Disney has strict rules against drawing this kind of art if you officially work with them.
Kek, who said that? I bet that a majority of Disney workers are, most of the people who are even in the animation industry are only there because of nepotism(literally almost everyone of them either know each other or have heard of them), you only get removed when you “don’t fit in” or “cross the line” with a few ppl in the group , agenda, or when a ‘new’ person points out a red flag

Absolutely Sickening. The person probably hasn’t been called out completely because the style change- so it’s not “work related”

No. 1861815

holy fuck this is hardcore ageplay shit, the constant dick innuendos, the baby voice, the literal dildo+pomf refs…this person is sick

i'm usually in the camp of draw w.e you want its fiction but their fetishes are clearly leaking out to irl, JAIL NOW

No. 1861830

What is pomf I'm too scared to google

No. 1861843


Old meme that came from a Japanese hentai. It was the sound effect the mangaka used when drawing a loli landing on bed. Nyanners used it as the bases for a song that went viral a couple of years ago. Don't know if anons want me to link that song here.

No. 1862020

>their fetishes are clearly leaking out to irl,
Anon, it's a vtuber persona. I agree it's gross, but cmon

No. 1862025

Dude she’s handling dildos with a handcam while calling her chat big brother, that’s degen af

No. 1862030

I didn't watch it but yeah, all vtubers are degenerate freaks pandering to their coomer audience for money/attention. Doesn't sound that special.

No. 1862050

Vtuber persona aside, she's straight up drawing CP so.

No. 1862064

Is there some kind of lolishota/degenerate vtuber thread? I have some milk on the loli/degenerate vtuber clique I can contribute and these people definitely need their own thread. These aren't like Hololive girls or your standard cooperate vtubers. This specific clique are more like insane camgirls and MAPs with anime avatars.
I know there's been specific threads about people like Ironmouse and vtubers in general, but these people are on a different level. There's a girl who's stapled her vagina shut for attention and men were egging it on. They've gone completely unchecked because moids are protecting them and I feel like lolcow might be the only place to even bring it up.

No. 1862071

There's a vtuber thread in /m/ and they do talk about drama to some degree but it might be worth making an entirely different thread for that kind of specific content.

No. 1862097

Please make a thread if you're able to. This sounds like an utterly terrible train wreck I want to read more about.

No. 1862142

Wtf this is actual porn with children… she even has a naked design for the vtuber persona and streams while the character is sitting while having only panties on. This bitch is sick, I'm surprised no one is blasting her ass

No. 1862225

I second. Please let's expose these creeps

No. 1862291

File: 1689096493262.jpg (55.59 KB, 680x657, 20220615_181132.jpg)

>opens link

Anyone who likes this shit or draws it should be hanged, drawn and quatered. What the actual fuck they look 5

No. 1862293

Sage for double post but this shit is genuinely horrifying.

No. 1862324

Jesus christ they must hire any schmuck off the street who can pick up a pencil and make something halfway decent. I'm the last person to moralfag about what other people draw, but this >>1862293 is a grown ass woman acting out CP and there is no defense for it.

No. 1862371

Yeah. Maybe that is technically not illegal or “real” cp but it’s so disturbingly graphic you KNOW she would be into the real thing (and that’s assuming she doesn’t already have a hard drive that needs to be raided by the FBI). If I knew someone like her IRL I wouldn’t let them anywhere near a kid.

No. 1862408

i want to laugh at them, not alog

No. 1862514

These kinds justify loli by saying it helps pedophiles have an outlet so they don't commit real crimes. Sounds like bullshit

No. 1862616

We have more porn in the world than ever before, depicting every fucked up fetish under the sun, and yet somehow men are still rapists and predators. Porn is not a substitute for actual sex, AND with prolonged use it conditions you to become a brain damaged degenerate who needs more extreme content to get off.

If you think a pedophile would not prey on a real child when given the perfect opportunity to do so because their collection of loli anime cp is big enough, you are a complete fucking retard.

No. 1862914

Since the new helluva boss episode dropped more people are realizing the show is shit and that's somehow satisfying

No. 1862973

It's like bad fanfiction, it was charming at first but it's gotten way to tiresome.

No. 1863328

Nona if you make the thread can you post it here?

No. 1863565

File: 1689230532492.png (1.5 MB, 1492x1331, rbygill.png)

The entire Ruby Gillman movie's been up on Twitter for days and Dreamworks has done nothing to take it down despite being tagged on it. They've really washed their hands of it completely.


No. 1863567

File: 1689231447551.jpg (26.14 KB, 529x580, kill.jpg)

I wanna alog so bad….this is disgusting

No. 1863571

Also this youtube TOS. Report this pedos account.(do not cowtip)

No. 1863574

on these days is when I wish lolcow was my personal army…

No. 1863590

Sage and don't cowtip, retard.

No. 1863598

I mean it's not like it can lose anymore money.

No. 1863601

inb4 ban for >infighting and >a-logging but shut the fuck up, this isn't fucking 'cowtipping' when this dumb pedopandering whore isn't even a cow. she likely knows nothing of this website and in no way knows that a couple of spergs have put two and two together and realized who she is. if you see blatant drawn cp/graphic porn on youtube you should report it anyway, same as if you saw animal abuse or some equally vile shit, regardless of MUH COWTIP

No. 1863659

Some anons are so retarded about muh cowtipping holy shit. This is loli garbage and you should report pedo content regardless. Would you also like the cp spergs on here to keep going without reporting so you can laugh at a "cow"? Vile shit has to be reported period.

No. 1863661

Jonah Hill?

No. 1863714

Holy shit, this is real. The whole damn movie just sitting there right on Twitter.

No. 1863718

I agree it's disgusting, but getting it taken down means getting rid of evidence. It's also not the same as CP because no actual child is present or harmed, it's just some dd/lg freak.

No. 1863732

Okay, then someone can archive it before reporting it I guess? It's going to get taken down eventually anyway. However, downplaying simulated CP isn't it. It encourages pedos to indulge in their depravity through a "safe" medium and normalizes it, and they're likely to go on to grooming or hurting actual children or at the very least enabling others to do so because they see nothing wrong with it since coom is justice, apparently.

No. 1863733

Then we should archive the channel and collect caps and archives of these streams, if you’re worried about losing evidence. This shouldn’t be on youtube, period.
>It's also not the same as CP because no actual child is present or harmed
Yeah, I know how anons feel about this topic because nobody can ever not bring up how they feel about shit like toddlercon not being “real cp”. I meant for Christ sake nonnie, I wrote DRAWN cp for a reason, because that’s what it is and what it’s trying to convey—sexualized drawings of children—and you still have to add onto it saying it’s not actual cp. There’s a reason why “art” like this is illegal in many countries because it’s falls under the category of heinous sexual illustrations of children.

No. 1863737

It's definitely not normal to the general population though (and I doubt it ever will be), and those types would still be encouraging others to do harm and/or committing it themselves because they're low empathy predators. I don't think a single predator is ever like "Oh no, no loli, guess I'll have to change my ways". They always just start self-victiimizing and using it as "proof" they're entitled to be creeps and/or commit actual abuse.

No. 1863790

File: 1689276689492.jpeg (891.59 KB, 1620x907, B42E4920-8672-44D7-97EF-72F257…)

My Adventures with Superman came out on adult swim a week ago. Superman gets a sailor moon transformation sequence kek. They try so hard to make Superman’s fight scenes look like anime fight scenes and Lois looks like the main character of the owl house.

No. 1863796

>Superman gets a sailor moon transformation sequence
tbh I'm getting kinda tired of sailor moon transformation parodies im western animation. The first couple of times I saw it it was funny but it's getting a bit overused now

No. 1863797

Wait WTF that character holding onto him is Lois Lane? I haven't watched the show yet but damn, what did they do to her? LOL I mean fine, maybe I'm too used to seeing Lois Lane designed in a feminine way and this might take awhile to get used to but you're right, she totally looks like a Owl House character

No. 1863811

Dont mind the idea of her with shorter hair I just wish she looked her age

No. 1863824

File: 1689279663934.jpeg (52.44 KB, 750x433, 91DBA141-31FB-4432-9267-5650E5…)

I thought she was a young boy at first, nowhere near an early 20 something.

No. 1863828

AYRT, yeah I can get behind her with a pixie cut, I feel like she would sport something like that even though I'll forever have her Superman TAS hair burned in my head forever kek.

But like >>1863824 said, I too thought that was a young boy at first as well.

No. 1863835

Anime Superman is finally real, it's only a matter of time before they get Batman.

No. 1863837

She looks like that dude from Voltron lol

No. 1863850

File: 1689282230875.jpeg (545.54 KB, 1188x1337, 5930BC65-BE23-4C77-90CC-7C12AF…)

Makes sense, the studio that produced Voltron produced this show too

No. 1863852

The movie is so boring, but maybe it’s because I’m not the target audience, idk, it was very, very slow, I had to skip through it, I don’t know if I would’ve handled watching it at the cinema, I’m sure I would’ve either got out of there or I would’ve unironically taken out my phone to do anything else.
It’s one of those movies that could’ve been a direct to tv release or something like that. It could’ve been cool, but it wasn’t.

No. 1863917

this show's western imitation of anime bothers me so much. it looks so bland. i'm not an anime fan and there are many generic moeshit shows too but when you compare this show to the most popular shonens, it looks so boring. the basic character designs don't help it.

also why is this for adult swim and not regular cartoon network?

No. 1863922

Because they've learned from their other shows that the actual audience isn't children, but the terminally online adults with the emotional maturity of pre-teens.

Considering the production has fucks from NuVoltron and NuShe-Ra in it, that is the audience this thing is pandering to.

No. 1863941

No. 1863994

That was so… unnecessary. The whole idea of this dude is that he takes off his glasses, takes off his clothes and his cape is just there.

No. 1864074

The biggest problem with western animation trying to imitate anime is that a lot of them don't understand the appeal. They often lack in good animation, interesting character design and expressive settings. Just parodying it with a transformation sequence is a far cry from what actually causes anime to have any appeal. No one is expecting western animators to make Violet Evergarden or anything but Voltron/SheRa are just disappointing. They try a bit too hard to be something they aren't.

I think avatar the last airbender is the best result you could get. It blends the styles and ideas of western animation and anime without feeling like a parody of either. The animation is there, the character design is distinct and the settings are interesting. Not saying that this criteria matches all anime (I've watched a lot, it doesn't) but for the ones that these series often try to act like, it does. It's obvious that a lot of the western animators watch anime and want to incorperate it into their works. I just feel as though they misunderstand why some things work and others don't.

No. 1864090

Superman kinda looks like how a TIF would draw a "transmasc" version of him, really not fond of his design.

No. 1864098

avatar the last airbender works because it has solid writing, can't say the same about shera and voltron(Sage goes in the email field)

No. 1864169

They've already done an actual anime Batman. In 2018, WB hired a Japanese team to make an anime, Batman Ninja. In it, due to time travel shenanigans, everyone in Arkham Asylum and in Bat clan (except Batgirl for some reason) goes back to feudal Japan and Batman has to defeat his villains and take them back to the future all without messing up Japan's past. In order to defeat all he villains, Batman and co have to learn 'the way of the ninja'. And there are giant robots. True to form, the English dub differs from the Japanese version. The plot is the same but a lot of the dialogue differs.

And there is the half anime from 2008, the Batman: Gotham Knight anthology, where the animation was done by Japanese studios, but the writing and voice acting was done by Americans.

No. 1864198

this thread is starting to feel real kiwifarmsy in the bad way. is it down again

No. 1864206

>They often lack in good animation, interesting character design and expressive settings.
Not defending either because I don't watch nor give a fuck about either cartoons or anime (which is just Asian/Japanese cartoons) but good animation is the only claim you can extend to anime.

Generic sameface is not good character design nor is generic samey settings of aggrandized schools and a hyperfixation on youth and pedofilia because of widespread societal paranoia of an overwhelmingly aging and aged population.

No. 1864237

>because I don't watch nor give a fuck about either cartoons or anime

Then why are you posting in the animation thread? Your opinion that all anime is sameface pedobait makes sense as someone who doesn't watch anime.

No. 1864296

it's a bit of a hack cashgrab but sokka and then lance have both been so wildly popular with fans it makes sense the studio would attempt sokka 3: girl version. at this point like whatever lmaoo at least teen girls are having their fun with more pretty shippable anime characters meant to appeal to them. the world needs more girl fanservice and less male fanservice for once. i don't wanna hear any complaints from males lol. higher quality anime and tv thats aimed at girls and not fanservice shipping stuff is important too, i'm not saying women don't care about quality. only that we are allowed to have even a minimal amount of drivel. and this still has more merit and charm than the endless haram loli male fanservice shit that completely dwarfs this chick directed fanservice in numbers and scale. the fact that they're repurposing dc comics stuff for low-ish quality mostly female fan service oriented tv is actually amazing. nothing is sacred and men made it this way. women are just having their comfy fan service for once too. we can and will go elsewhere for quality. this is only a win

No. 1864332

and sf but i'm not for a second saying women don't watch all the actually well made and interesting cartoons and anime and DC stuff not explicitly aimed at women for fanservice. we do, all of the biggest batman the animated series fans i know are women who think it's fantastically made and written and badass.
what i'm saying is, exactly like men, we like to have our jackoff material too. and it doesn't need to be groundbreaking stuff. when something is shallow fangirl bait or shipping bait that means it's purely or primarily been made as jackoff material, which has always existed, just for women's libido rather than for mens tastes. there is a lot of money to be made in womens libido, studios will continue to cater some of their projects to it, while others will cater their projects more towards our intellects and craving for artist merit and good storytelling, as women tend to demand both. that's the way media has always worked. men should be grateful women are so passionate about animation that we are still demanding and watching quality art that even men can appreciate. our fangirl horny series will exist on the side for women to enjoy when the mood strikes, without interrupting womens consumption and creation of high quality animation and storytelling. and you all sound so fucking stupid to complain about fangirl shit with its meager presence in the industry and minimal but natural presence in our lives as pure sex release . like do get a grip

No. 1864350

this is the only criticism of the show so far that holds up on this thread. clearly this show is meant to be comedic and pandering because every single demographic large enough to be pandered to gets their easy cash grab guilty pleasure shit. 9/10 it's men being pandered to and moids will write video essays about how well made their bikini magical girl drivel is. at least women are self aware of how derivative and low brow this hot boy mush is they pander to us. men think their pandering is high art and would never accept such a scornful word as being pandered to

but yea the magical girl transformation gag fails at being funny or charming because it's so overdone at this point. i'm glad they have a female self insert owl house / lance looking chick banging a bara hentai protagonist in a stupid little show and i hope hormonal young women have fun drawing porn of it

No. 1864481

As good as it looks, I'm boycotting watching it because the person who made the homestuck hugging-a-motherfucker meme worked on it

No. 1864636

No. 1864653

I'm getting tired of every single showrunner being a weeb nowadays
I wish somebody would take inspiration from 1960's bulgarian newspaper comics or some shit for once.

No. 1864909

Literally what the fuck are you saying? Jfc I just want a thread on these psychos I swear to God some of you anons are weird as hell

No. 1865020

Emily Hu kek

No. 1865180

tbh I actually like this animation studio, hopefully the writing isn't ass

No. 1865189

She looks exactly like those Reddit cooker tomboy memes

No. 1865235

>studio that made Voltron
It's probably gonna have shit tier writing

No. 1865377

File: 1689489030584.png (128.59 KB, 943x1063, CAPTURE.png)

>She looks exactly like those Reddit cooker tomboy memes
seems like it.

No. 1865405

File: 1689491399389.jpeg (62.7 KB, 450x383, BF711DDA-7816-48B7-BDBB-D21AE5…)

wtf i know this was a random example but you’re right. i would be very interested in a show that had an interesting style like this, every big western animated show looks so bland nowadays. sage i’m drunk

No. 1865472

youtube comment sections make me believe in the dead internet theory more and more jfc.

No. 1865501

I agree that this would look great however the amount of detail makes this sort of thing really expensive to do. Not that it's impossible but you would need to pitch it to the right people

No. 1865546

The only reason why we don’t see detailed 2D animation is because the industry consists of nepotism, laziness and an unwillingness to actually pay people for their work.
There are More people now than ever who want to get into the industry/art and animation in general, but corporates don’t see it as a “mature” genre and wonder why the American audience is more interested in manga and anime- they’re literally shooting themselves in the foot

No. 1865626

they really worded this in a way that makes it seem like this movie is extremely successful now despite the fact that encanto never made much money originally either.

No. 1865629

File: 1689520791176.jpeg (833.57 KB, 828x1148, EA91A99E-5CBE-4BDC-8F70-2EC216…)

oops forgot pic, sorry

No. 1865635

Its weird how opinion of the movie seemed to change after the director revealed a sob-story about how it was apparently based on his parents and later it became popular in korea, so koreaboo's started watching this film.

No. 1865737

I guess they’re surprised because they didn’t think a shit movie would do better than another shitty movie.

No. 1865928

It's also legit expensive to produce anon if we're talking about traditional 2d

No. 1866398

File: 1689575421677.jpg (169.21 KB, 1024x732, F0eLULBaYAATvU7.jpg)

It's precure, to be exact.

No. 1866572

File: 1689600952942.jpg (1.59 MB, 3186x6136, A1.jpg)

You made a shitty Adventure Time knock-off (like one-third of all Tumblr webcomics at that time) and then out of nowhere, you decided to make it edgy in the last third, which just made it confusing. Like, don't get me wrong, it's fine, but its deep or anything, Noelle.

No. 1866573

File: 1689601011114.jpg (1.18 MB, 2990x4866, A2.jpg)

No. 1866594

File: 1689602796933.png (97.25 KB, 366x333, animu prognathism.png)

So far, it's only happened when he first encounters the guy I'm pretty sure is Jor-El. After that, his costume just sort of appears. That scene was pretty embarrassing, though. lmao I just hate fauxanime, it's so distracting.
Frankly, I'm more annoyed probably-Jor-El is a hot pirate looking guy and Livewire isn't impish and mean spirited. She's a badass paramilitary type for some reason?
Overall, I'm happy Superman is getting a show and they're not trying to make him "gritty." I was a bit disappointed they aged everyone down, but they're pulling it off for the most part and are obviously trying to appeal to tweens and teens.
The main trio has a good starting dynamic. I just hope they cool it with Lois' crush on Clark, it seems a bit out of character and fucks up the pacing. And I hope the precocious newspaper kid gang doesn't return, too… I almost shut the show off for good after that scene.
Hopefully the writing improves after they've established everything.

She looks better with the jacket off. I love the tomboyish design, it suits a young Lois!
That said, her side profile is ATROCIOUS. picrel

No. 1866650

When I see art like this it baffles me that animation studios hire such mediocre employees, but at the same time considering how much they screech on Twitter about not getting paid enough it kind of checks out…?

No. 1866671

Its to get those freaky “moonie” tards talking about it. Free publicity .

No. 1866687

File: 1689609404122.jpg (838.07 KB, 2132x1600, Nimona.jpg)

Mind you this is how Nimona began, a dumb "LOL RANDOM" adventure time knock-off that had massive tonal inconstancy.

No. 1866697

Whats funny is how they barely even animate in house anymore, literally all they do is draw shitty storyboards and outsource it out to actually talented studios overseas most of the time. Long gone are the days when you actually needed skill to actually animate shit.

No. 1866729

i think this kind of modern sporty look suits her character, she is supposed to be this reporter always chasing for the latest scoop so her wearing these type of clothes make sense i think. the older outfits are outdated, reporters aren't really those businessy looking people anymore, i think this design represents how news reporting has changed in general towards more fast phased kind of thing because of the internet. it's a good modern take on a journalist character.

No. 1866730

Love how Noelle is taking all the credit when the movie shares barely anything with the comic and all the characters and conflict needed to be rewritten and overhauled to be likable. Just like how season 3 of She-Ra brought in a bunch of new writers and suddenly had a massive bump up in quality.

No. 1866762

She’s not taking all the credit though, I think it’s a bit weird to be bitter about this, anyone would be emotional if the first(?) comic that they published online became a movie

No. 1866863

She's literally just a regular woman with short hair. None of these comments would have happened had she been drawn with literally any other haircut. Is it really all it takes to be a "tomboy" ? Moids are so retarded

No. 1866873

csem needs an actual victim for it to be declared illegal or arrestable. unless she like lives in a country that has that type of art illegal, authorities aren't gonna do anything about it. worst is she could be arrested based on obscenity laws.

people say it's stimulated csem but the only actual time "drawn cp" is legally considered as such is if it's like an obvious trace of an irl child, heavily based on an existing child (shadman for ex), or Ai/deepfakes. I am well aware pedos do use lolisho porn as an outlet but I'm skeptical it's what causes someone to be that way in the first place if they weren't initally.

there's hardly little to no solid proof of that happening when usually its the other way around. someone already having pedophilic thoughts getting into it can make them likely to offend if it's not keeping them at bay since they're aware they arent actual children, just cartoons that vaguely look the part.

however, I can't blame other nonnas for being concerned with someone drawing this type of content working in children's media.

for record this isn't me defending pedos but rather explaining why lolisho porn legally isn't classified as csem in most countries and that there isn't enough researched evidence to imply there's a connection to it in those who develop a pedophilic disorder.

No. 1866935

>literal fanfiction tier
I honestly thought that was the point of the show. Like, it's all over the fucking place with what it wants to be, so I figured it was the director's pet project catering to fujos.
The music and singing aren't awful per se, but they are amateur tier and the show insists on having a song each episode. It's like it wants to be Disney level show tunes, but the artists involved don't have the lyrical or compositional talent so you're just waiting for this forgettable song to be over.
The episode's pacing is just broken. New characters are introduced every episode but then the show spends so much time on them that we don't spend any time on the main characters or understand their motivations behind their reactions.
The characters themselves are fun and I want to know more about them, but every episode I just really get the feeling that's never going to happen because the director wants to instead use them as her Barbie dolls to act out whatever fan fiction she's got on her mind at the moment.
Character design is amazing and it stays very true to its style, the animation and choreography is well thought out, so I wish the show was overall better because I think they could really get a huge following if they stopped giving in to their whims and started treating it like a professional job.

No. 1866937

>so I figured it was the director's pet project catering to f
is it though, blitzo and stolas relationship is just mediocre, its not interesting or captivating way and its played way too long.

No. 1867009

>Character design is amazing
Let’s not get crazy, nonna…

No. 1867059

Maybe not amazing, but it's more pleasing compared to other western shows on the market. People buy the merch for a reason

No. 1867060

The skill is there, just not in house kek

No. 1867285

I was a little girl while FiM was airing and I was obsessed with it, but I chose to stop watching it and put an end to being so into it myself because I didn't like old men making porn of it. I gave up on it around early season 4 as it was airing

No. 1867330

Honestly my biggest issue with the Adventures with Superman is the QUALITY. It feels like they really squeezed with the budget. Sad to watch especially since the character designs for Clark and Lois are really cute.
>Sailormoon transformation sequence
None of this looks like a parody, it looks like it's played straight? And neither Sailormoon nor magical girls are the only shows to use transformation scenes, there's shit like sentai/tokusatsu too.

No. 1867386

File: 1689692891671.gif (9.21 MB, 540x432, tumblr_97fdafa7a7dbc3c1131be96…)

Honestly if Nimona's art style looked like this: >>1866687 I'd be more likely to watch it instead of whatever ugly crap this is

No. 1867408

She's got disney face with arcane shading

No. 1867409

File: 1689695281549.jpg (471.61 KB, 2048x1366, 1303175.jpg)

It's just my opinion, I don't have any formal training in animation or character design but it's off the beaten track for what I'm seeing in other cartoons. It's much more of a throw back to 2000's. Maybe I've just gotten tired of seeing the exact same animation across the board with stuff like Bob's Burgers or Rick and Morty, so it makes anything different look exciting by comparison.

No. 1867421

it's invader zim plus furry style.

No. 1867438

Of course. They even got the Zim voice actor to voice the one imp.

No. 1867452

why though? Its just a knock-off adventure time style, literally everyone was doing it back then.

No. 1867546

I really can't get over how fucking ugly Nimona's style looks. It's like the perfect awful mix of tumblr-tier design/characters/humor, twitterfag messages/undertones and uninspired disney knockoff visuals.

No. 1867715

This one clip is putting me off. I’ve heard good things but I don’t know if I can get past how fucking ugly and obnoxious looking all of this characters “meme-able” expressions are.

No. 1867754

As much as I Noelle, the art style worked really well for the film. It was fast and fluid, and the 'stretchiness' of Nimona is fine as she's a shapeshifter, the other characters were far more plain looking compared to her.

No. 1867892

As hilarious as that sounds do you have more examples? I can’t wrap my head around studios not hiring animators. Maybe they outsource the in between but the key frames have to be made in house
I love how Jimmy’s design is so bland and uninteresting it only comes up in defence of the race swap.
Honestly I don’t hate it I just wish it wasn’t accompanied with massive coomer energy.
I know that comic book adaptations don’t give 2 shits about actually being adaptations. Usually with animation there’s less of an excuse to deviate and if you complain you’ll just look insane.
At least anime fans give a shit.

No. 1868088

almost all animation in America is outsourced to places like canada/korea/japan. With the exception being that most of the 3d feature animation is done in house although they also outsource to places in Vancouver or other studios. That's why when you see the end of animation movie credits there will be multiple studios listed. Sorry if I over explained.

In house they usually do the storyboards and then ship them off to an animation studio to do the animation.

No. 1868187

Late, but the reason anime never looks so bland like western animation these days is because anime has a very established pipeline (most of the time). You either have animes made off of mangakas who only get popular based on their style and writing, or you have studios that have their own style entirely when they make in-house series.
We don't have anything like that in the west. We have people that put themselves into debt to get art degree connections and then try to make it in an industry that hates taking risks and very rarely gives women a chance, unless they get into some weird moid drama that vaults them into an opportunity. Most people who have style and good ideas are gatekept and only end up doing indie stuff, because that's all that's available to them.

No. 1868231

Wow you gyns really have a huge Japan boner.

No. 1868348

File: 1689865796770.png (446.02 KB, 650x949, CAPTURE.png)


No. 1868360

>I know that comic book adaptations don’t give 2 shits about actually being adaptations. Usually with animation there’s less of an excuse to deviate and if you complain you’ll just look insane.
At least anime fans give a shit.
Harley Quinn was a major risk the 90s DC animation team took and it paid off handsomely. Livewire is another cartoon adaptation creation beloved by comics fans. I'm glad capeshit isn't treated like some sacred cow by animation teams, even if I disagree with their direction.

>Honestly I don’t hate it I just wish it wasn’t accompanied with massive coomer energy.

Please elaborate because what the fuck are you talking about

That's just online culture at large in the 2020s. I hate it.

No. 1868438

Maybe if Western cartoons stopped being degen i would stop caring. The 1000 year old loli trope is fine, trannoids are not(Bait)

No. 1868440

That's actually a bit of a bummer. There are a couple generations worth of cartoons that came out of that studio and now corpohomo has to kill it. I hope all the employees like working on whatever direct to streaming garbage theyre going to be forced to make.

No. 1868441

>The 1000 year old loli trope is fine, trannoids are not
Neither are normal the fuck are you on?

No. 1868553

File: 1689905774117.jpg (54.89 KB, 735x729, 1683400481526.jpeg.jpg)

It's probably bait nonnie ignore and report

No. 1868591

why does everyone always think I'm trolling…

No. 1868831

I joke that Viv made season two of Helluva boss suck so more people will watch Hazbin. But now I'm worried Hazbin will suck too and just devolve into gay baby doujin

No. 1868890

Fionna & Cake trailer, honestly seems actually kinda interesting

No. 1868906

Lol agreed anon when people say how anime is so much better and it's all that mid tier isekai trash with the same fucking boring ass style

No. 1868926

I think it looks great! It seems like they're doing something different with the characters and expanding the whole multiverse thing instead of just continuing the "hurr hurr what if finn and jake but GIRLS" gag and I love it

No. 1868927

I really, really miss Cartoon Network from the 2000s. It's going to be nothing but shit from now on, isn't it

No. 1868932

rather have brain damage than like western cartoons with their retarded idpol shit kek

No. 1869047

Is Hazbin even coming out at this point? No updates at all. Im starting to wonder if the all of the current streaming service drama has put its release in limbo.

No. 1869123

No. 1869178

File: 1690000243420.jpg (120.09 KB, 1920x1080, F1i1rETakAA-q0Q.jpg)

Oh my god, they make Lex Luthor an ikemen

No. 1869183

Oh wow, this looks really clever, actually. I'm looking forward to this ngl

No. 1869186

Stop being retarded, then.

No. 1869189

Hate the art style. Hard pass.

No. 1869190

File: 1690002371962.jpg (10.95 KB, 500x282, let luthor.jpg)

Lex luthor peaked in this and never again also he's hotter than the new one

No. 1869194

Lacryboy looking mf.

Man I hated Fiona’s design back in the day.

No. 1869199

He looks like the twink from that gay robot Ameri-anime

No. 1869209

Boo hoo, the girl character wears a skort when the boy wore shorts. Weird how people can suspend their disbelief for a talking, shape-shifting dog, but not when a character's design is impractical.

No. 1869218

File: 1690004677572.jpg (793.05 KB, 1222x1447, 8bVpL6pR07N.jpg)

Lex Luthor is canonically a ginger though.

No. 1869227

cute af i will now watch your show, bald men hate

No. 1869229

No wonder hes soulless

No. 1869230

?? Nonnie..we didnt make the show? ..take your meds. Besides why do i think this is targeted to danofags? I actually like his design but i hate the artstyle with a passion

No. 1869232

Nta but dano doesn't even have a chin like these characters kek

No. 1869234

Seto Kaiba is looking rough

No. 1869247

retarded post. honestly there's gotta be a male in this thread right now there's been so many absolutely cumbrained takes here lately.

also fionna's hair sticking out of the hat looks fucking stupid.

No. 1869250

istg I thought this Luthor was supposed to be black when I was a kid. You're right about him being the hottest though, best voice too.

No. 1869270

>istg I thought this Luthor was supposed to be black when I was a kid.
His appearance and even way he spoke was based on Greek American actor Telly Savalas role in a James Bond film.

No. 1869283

File: 1690024545262.jpeg (48.4 KB, 500x598, IMG_0830.jpeg)

I can understand why. Natasha had to make the design cute and appealing and I don’t think that would have been easy.

No. 1869309

> ?? Nonnie..we didnt make the show? ..take your meds.
NTA, but ‘I will now x your y’ is a popular joke phrase on chan boards. Lurk more.

No. 1869311

There's gonna be a Rick and Morty Anime Adaptation

No. 1869316

Wow, looks neat (save for the part with all the humans and what not)
Adventure Time was my favorite cartoon when I was a kid so I think I'll actually try watching this

No. 1869336

Fionna and Cake was honestly the only reason why I wanted to watch adventure time, the other drama and chapters were kinda fun, but Fiona and Cake are more my style.
I guess I don’t mind her living in a regular world and then visiting a magical world, we don’t need the same drama that Finn had with his roots and that got kind of boring after a while.

No. 1869338

I can’t fucking wait. When is it supposed to come out?

No. 1869454

Something tells me he's gonna be gender somehow… Being a ginger and wearing a pink shirt these days is the kind of cliche that gendies love.

No. 1869507

Is this show like Smallville as an anime or something?

No. 1869759

Tbh when he’s younger Alex has ginger hair

No. 1869761

File: 1690133122372.jpeg (35.17 KB, 460x460, IMG_1365.jpeg)

I have no idea how to explain it but for the past few years “short haired, brown, tomboy, anime girl” attracts very comer and degen men. It’s practically a hentai category now

No. 1869816

File: 1690140631187.jpg (16.32 KB, 495x365, p4qoo2lvmbn51.jpg)

NTA but as awful as that is, men are going to get off to anything they hyperfixate on, and they'll have hentai categories for every little thing. Though I have to say, I don't know if it's just me, but I don't mind them liking black/brown tomboys compared to all the other more deranged things they tend to gravitate to. As a brown lesbian myself who also likes other brown masc-leaning girls, this feels really minor to me?
Not a racebait, but I unfortunately can't say the same for girls with their husbandos almost always being essentially pale/white tumblr sexymen. Just browse through husbando threads here and you'll see women preferring pale/white males. I hardly ever see these girls fawning over specifically brown–not just tanned–boys. If anything, brown boys are often infantilized in fandom spaces, but never lusted over. Though, I'm wondering if it's an OSA woman issue, since I know lesbians fawn over black/brown women characters more in comparison, like Korra (picrel) and the like.
Just my two cents.

No. 1869819

She's super cute, but I do agree she would definitely be better as an OC. Unfortunately, I remember hearing, I think, Genndy Tartakovsky mention that the animation studios have a tendency to turn down pitches for original cartoons these days and prefer reboots. This is probably the only way these animators can cope about getting "OCs" out there, by just making them alternate versions of preexisting characters.

No. 1869821

File: 1690140921725.png (231.93 KB, 652x810, capture.png)

>Of course they had to make her Asian for the weeb fetishizing moids
At this point why not just make an OC

No. 1869841

>then becomes bald
Damn I'd be evil too if that were me.

No. 1869852

She should've stayed a white woman, damn. At least the Owl House actually introduced a Latina character instead of racebending an existing IP, nevermind white woman Dana Terrace using her as some sort of hybrid mouthpiece self insert being kinda weird

No. 1869880

File: 1690150981659.jpeg (208.08 KB, 680x614, SuperboyMakesLexBald.jpeg)

>Damn I'd be evil too if that were me.
lol. In Luthor's original villain origin, Superboy accidentally made him go bald, which is part of the reason he went evil.

No. 1869883

are you seriously saying that asian character exist purely for coom

No. 1869888

Most realistic moid reaction

No. 1869904

I honestly don't have an issue with this I just wish she looked like more of an adult. Something about her just reads as too juvenile for me and it feels out of character.

No. 1869974

Nta but it's more than her wearing a skirt. I was so weirded out by Fiona. At this point in the show, Finn gets to be a little boy with one-sided crushes on adults who treat him like a kid, but those same adults as genderswapped men are fighting over who gets to be with Fiona. It's not just that it's in-universe fanfiction, the show itself was sexualizing Fiona

No. 1869995

Nta, while I see where you’re coming from I think context kind of matters here. When Fionna was introduced she was from a fanfic Ice King wrote which at least I interpreted as a parody of how amateur fanfics usually look like; poorly written fantasy where everyone fawn over the self-insert even if it doesn’t make sense. I don’t think they were supposed to be anything more but a one-off joke but when they brought the genderbent universe back due to their popularity they were more in character.

No. 1870094

NTA I honestly don't see her as a tomboy let alone coomery kek.

No. 1870114

Its more that many men with this fetish also tend to overalp with men who fetishize asian women.

No. 1870402

You haven't checked out the tag on twitter have you. They're fucking sexualizing her almost immediately. I personally feel creeped out by the dark skin tomboy trope since I resemble it

No. 1870416

That's every female cartoon character. She'd be getting tons of porn whether she was white and traditionally girly or short haired with a tan.(sage your shit)

No. 1870455

This, thinking coomtards have limits is just being ignorant at this point. If its popular and has anything female, it will be sexualized 9/10, it literally just comes with the territory of being popular sadly.

No. 1870508

File: 1690263402594.jpg (282.96 KB, 1027x1200, F1ASG2facAAUxAq.jpg)

Kek they're (women) are sexualizing clark now more than other iterations of super man. Nona I get your kneejerk reaction but coomers will always categorize women and girls through porn tags. My adventures with super man is so obviously targetting female audience, Lois looks plain and self insertable character while Clark is the himbo nerd object.

No. 1870529

I personally feel everyone on the writing staff is a coomer of some degree.

No. 1870577

File: 1690284743239.png (241.86 KB, 680x393, 11.png)

I don't know, this just doesn't scream tomboy hentai coomery to me. Since a coomery design to me is Miss Heed from Villanous. (Mostly because of how much her design is a poor understanding of a magical girl and is a scrote pandering streamer somehow.) Though I concede to the nona saying she looks young but as someone from a brown country I've met tons of working women who look like this.

No. 1870613

Can people please fucking explain what they mean when they say shit like this? All you people have said is "cartoon girls with dark skin and short hair are fetish bait" even though there's no evidence to back that up in this instance. Fucking log off if you're actually going to let some crusty twitter perverts' behavior color your view of someone else's work. She's not fetishized in the show, her design isn't sexy, she doesn't have a male-fantasy personality.
If you don't like the show or the character, just say that. It's fine, so far it's an okay tween show so you won't get much pushback. But she's not coombait by virtue of her race or haircut.

No. 1870614

File: 1690293151919.png (460.48 KB, 644x974, Screenshot.png)

Hollywood really is dying now.

No. 1870634

File: 1690297882272.gif (608.97 KB, 400x219, IMG_2150.gif)

No. 1870638

As a straight woman, you're so right about brown males being hideous. They just never do it for me, something about them is absolute repulsive and it's not racism because I'm brown myself. I can't even coom when one of the characters (male) have darker skin, I have to go out of my way and fix them in Photoshop lol. I'm not embarrassed of my legitimate preference and I'll tell people about it irl if they ask.Brown men also tend to be extremely hairy with big noses which is totally gross lol!!(racebaiting)

No. 1870689

File: 1690308749268.jpg (852.85 KB, 3144x883, lrrr403eDJOu.jpg)

The Patrick Star Show(SpongeBob spin-off) turned Bubble Bass into a anime catgirl-loving ween and fucking Nostalgia Critic reference.

No. 1870719

I hate this timeline.

No. 1870720

It's actually uncanny how much she looks like Luz. Luiz Lane.

No. 1870730

Honestly, i'd be here for this if there is a plot line about how he takes some steroids from an alien planet that make him lose his hair because that would probably be a very Lex Luthor thing to do.

No. 1870732

How old are the characters supposed to be anyway? The show is described as a coming-of-age story, so I assumed Lois and Clark are supposed to be in their early 20s. As far as her design goes I don't see what's wrong with it.

No. 1870749

underrated hilarious comment. i’ve been laughing at this for 5 minutes

No. 1870766

Wtf doesn't Death Note already have multiple live action adaptations? what's with companies constantly trying to milk this series in particular?

No. 1870830

it being known as "beginner" anime makes it more popular among people who are new to anime and ofc companies are gonna want to try and make those people watch their adaption as a alternative instead of the original most likely. Which is funny because none of the adaptions are any better than the original.

No. 1870864

Why did they give him a fucking happy trail

No. 1870891

File: 1690345212141.jpeg (61.56 KB, 500x500, 326C2961-786B-4010-A798-552F27…)

Cause hairy fat nerds transcend decades

No. 1870893

File: 1690345525834.jpeg (124.96 KB, 1024x890, 981E2FC9-EC0A-47A4-8A9B-B6119D…)

In a vacuum they’re perfectly fine but she heavily resembles terminally online tomboy archetypes that coomers lose their shit over. If you don’t know about the meme you wouldn’t notice.

No. 1870894

Bubble bass has been the neckbeard character for ages this isn't surprising

No. 1870896

He was a pretentious food critic type, not a nerdy neckbeard.

No. 1870930

I'm a terminally online recovering hentai addict. Lois still doesn't look coomery to me.

No. 1870936

File: 1690354526050.jpg (Spoiler Image,255.43 KB, 1200x1637, don-t-toy-with-me-miss-nagator…)

Your picrel resembles nothing like her except for short hair and tanned skin, and that's not the only quality of her and your picrel's character design.

No. 1871045

Stop desperately projecting your porn/screen addiction onto other people and take the L. You're on a board rife with women who can detect coomer bullshit from a mile away and none of us agree with you. >>1870936 is right, Lois' character design does not resemble the pic you posted, and her personality certainly doesn't align with what's outlined in that rancid fucking meme. How about you post something that actually proves your point? Maybe something from the show or by one of the writers?

But Nostalgia Critic isn't a weird catgirl loving guy? He's cringe and his humor is basically screeching about muh plot holes, but he seems normie enough. Also handles hates pretty well.
Is it just the costume the Bass wears?
They should have spoofed Mr Enter lmao

No. 1871132

can we take a second to address that pic
Why does it paint the picture that the tomboy in question is not an adult.

No. 1871182

Reddit spacing.

No. 1871436

Its the very fact that they made NC reference in 2023, the last time he was relevant was in 2017.

No. 1871494

Why must the ruin manga properties too? They should be restricted to ruining their own stuff!

No. 1871537

Email spacing, actually. Most people don't like staring at a clump of text, especially when it isn't all related.
You could address what I actually said instead of clapping back with a retarded one liner you copied off other users.

No. 1871560

It's no longer fun arguing with her. I'm gonna jut assume she's baiting and move on with my day. Nona if you're here, unitonically touch grass more, maybe detox from anime coomer/communities.

No. 1871660

File: 1690485502309.jpg (26.42 KB, 259x383, Cinderella_2015_official_poste…)

To think, all this started cause of one fairly low budget (by Disney standards, less than 100 million dollars) reimagining of Cinderella (which itself was tapping off the success of "dark" fairy tale films that were somewhat popular at that time) that turned out to be massively financially successful and praised by critics for changing up the story, and a later Maleficent film that was also massively successful. producers thought they had a guaranteed money-makers and have been making these live-action remakes to the point that people got sick of them. Now they've run into the same problem they had with animated films. they're far too expensive and time-consuming to make and two or more flops mean massive failures and layoffs.

No. 1871691

>Live-Action Moana Announcement
It hasn't even been a full decade yet.

No. 1871695

shame they didnt cast a white actress(racebaiting)

No. 1871741

Wasn't this basically what happens with that awful Velma show? Like it was pitched as something else but was later retrofitted to be Scooby Doo so it would be greenlit?

No. 1871796

Dwayne Johnson pushed disney to make a remake ASAP so he also could play live-action-Maui before he is too old. The fact that the announcement is just him talking proves that this is an ego project for himis it me or his he standing in front of a greenscreen?

No. 1871799

>your name
But the main thing about the movie is the gorgeous animation
Surprised that violet evergarden isn’t on the lisy

No. 1871848

this is so tryhard, nc isnt popular anymore

No. 1871917

Making fun of him isn't even popular anymore, either. He's beyond irrelevant.

No. 1871979

File: 1690526249948.jpg (Spoiler Image,212.49 KB, 1080x740, Screenshot_2023-07-28-01-34-26…)

Spoilered due to phone screenshots, but I'm not surprised that this episode was boarded by someone who still thinks about "moons haunted"

No. 1871981

File: 1690526292345.jpg (Spoiler Image,541.24 KB, 1080x1677, Screenshot_2023-07-28-01-33-18…)

Also, lmfao

No. 1872112

dougs response to this was hilarious. im not a fan of him but i do respect how unbothered he is. I dont even think that spongebob was poking fun of NC tbh. its a internet critics in general parody. they just dressed him up as NC because he is the most recognizable. His behavior is more similar to old mr enter videos

No. 1872461

Lois jumped off a building to prove that Clark was Superman. What a great message to send to impressionable fans kek.

No. 1872471

Doesn't Lois does that in every show? I remember it being a joke

No. 1872476

This reference was for the 90s millennials introducing their kids to Spongebob. If you recognized this as an nc reference, and not just as a general commentary-tuber one, you’re officially “jokes for the parents” age.

No. 1872480

Tayrt Lol nonnie I'm a zoomer and I still got it kek I'm just a nerd not old.

No. 1872486

>show aimed for tweens
>Young and impressionable fans
>Superman has always had death defying stunts even on general audience showing.
You're right this is saying reporters should sacrifice their lives to save others. Maybe discover if they have alien powers. What a toxic message. Anon I don't even love superman, I just think you're genuinely retarded!!! Are you just bored you can't shit on helluva or whatever anymore?

No. 1872492

File: 1690610992064.jpeg (273.99 KB, 972x877, F2K0rGQWUAArX1M.jpeg)

Yes she does. She has done stuff like this in the older comics. I remember people defending this on twitter showing a panel where she jumped off a cliff so superman would save her and she would get to work on time lmao. She's just a mad lass.

No. 1872506

File: 1690612978921.jpeg (165.8 KB, 1400x700, Lndfgnb31.jpeg)

I remember a Tumblr thread of panels of early superman comics of Lois doing absolutely wild shit, like turning herself black to know the plight black people face and test to see if superman is bigoted, going to aztec going to ruins to find a device to hypnotize superman into to loving her and go to the future to show superman one of their descendants as proof that they had to get married.

No. 1872593

I had to look up this meme because I had never heard of it until seeing this.

No. 1872614

I thought they were casting someone else as Maui and just giving him a producer credit?

No. 1872618

I don't see that happening, he's a massive attention whore who feels he has to be main star in every movie he's in.

No. 1872667

Turns out he is doing both. He was the voice actor for the original animated movie and now he will be the live action actor for Maui as well as a producer for the movie.

No. 1872686

I can’t with the voice acting, I’m sorry but it feels like watching Para Para the movie.

No. 1872712

It's really the main thing that made it that popular too (that and the soundtrack) because the plot holes were so bad I actually got mad lol. But I cannot imagine they'll be able to change the amazing animation into something that works irl.

No. 1872737

>What a great message to send to impressionable fans kek.
RIP to the zillions of womans throughout history who were impressioned by lois lane to jump off things

No. 1872764

File: 1690659086790.png (331.63 KB, 1395x647, capture.png)

most of the cast(barring chris parnell and jeannie tirado) have no experience in voice-acting and this is their first job.

No. 1872773

kek what the hell, I've never seen these before and I love it

No. 1872790

Are they nepotism hires?

No. 1872997

File: 1690689306733.png (315.92 KB, 747x904, imdb.png)

Except for Alice and Ishmal, the rest of the cast listed on the imdb for this show has voice acted before.

No. 1873015

don't you know, female characters are supposed to be perfect role models or else silly women with their silly little brains will think suicide is ok and murder and burning your boyfriend in a bearsuit is totally fine and girlbossy!! women can't separate fiction from reality and if a woman likes unhinged female characters that means she thinks all of her actions are good and moral.

No. 1873201

the color palette is so gross and muddy looking. I can't tell which parts belong to which characters here it's fucking confusing.

No. 1873213

File: 1690738125288.jpg (99.04 KB, 473x600, F12ydvRagAACVA.jpg)

>A character can be a murdering ganglord, but god-forbid he turns ever harms a troon.

No. 1873225

Black Mask should have killed the tranny

No. 1873240

It's so in your face that i thought this was a fan's edit. So unnatural and autistic sounding…

No. 1873256


The comic book industry is dead because it churns this crap. A fanfic on tumblr would have better writing.

No. 1873265

Sounds like the pearl clutcher who's been posting in this thread for a while, my mom was like this too, anytime kid characters in cartoons did something vaguely outlandish she would complain about it how it would influence real children.

No. 1873271

I'm genuinely wondering why though? Black Mask is a more 'edgy' villain, as his whole persona revolves around being a crime boss who is also a sexual sadist and enjoys torturing people. Why would anyone wanna make him as an LGBT ally

No. 1873280

Because there is a part of the lgbtqbbq that is just that. There are normal lgb but these aren't them.

No. 1873297

Are you a Facebook mom?

No. 1873356

I think him being an "ally" would include murder-raping a tranny like he would a woman instead of treating them different kek
Also why would black mask care extra if they were black? I'm pretty sure I've seen women of all colours being brutalised in comics, if the tranny were a real woman in Gotham I'd be surprised if they hadn't experienced violence

No. 1873399

Because it's a fanfic trope. The villain who doesn't discriminate against troons or even will, say, kill puppies, but will fight for troon 'rights'. The people who grew up writing and reading shitty fanfic are now old enough to get jobs writing comics and have done so.

No. 1873406

Yeah, but it's not like the Joker whose so over the top you can't take him seriously, Black Mask has always been a sadistic murdering rapist.

No. 1873548

Yeah, no. You clearly don't understand that some writes don't write stories about canon characters because they like the characters. What they like is using the characters for whatever tropes they like that they can mash them into. I've seen fic where Obi Wan, Captain America, fucking One Direction were serial killers. Plus, Black Mask was portrayed by Ewen McGregor and as gay. There is no way he hasn't been ton of dumbass angirls writing…oh yeas, there have been: Summary: Hi, can you make a Roman Sionis imagine where the reader is in the final battle scene and Roman sees this as the perfect opportunity to just scoop her up? and this Victor sometimes still gets unsure if Roman truly finds him desirable, despite his lack of a penis, so Roman makes it his mission to assure Zsasz just how much he doesn't care (anymore). And there is the tv show chucky where the serial killer has a non-binary child and is totally accepting.

No. 1873615

File: 1690799096102.jpg (623.72 KB, 2048x1136, IMG_91.jpg)

>It's so in your face that i thought this was a fan's edit. So unnatural and autistic sounding…
That's the majority of western comics these days.

No. 1873631

Jack Quaid definitely is

No. 1873632

kek I haven't seen this so didn't know EM was Black Mask. did Mary Elizabeth Winstead get him hired or what? they're such a weird couple. sorry for ot

No. 1873643

Both of these characters would not be polite to trannies if they weren't being written by new hires. Ivy's pheromones would still work on the tranny and Black Mask would be disgusted by them. It comes off as unnatural. They don't even have the guts to play the villain as straight evil (in their eyes).

No. 1873645

I remember that. Douriffags truly took an L that day.

No. 1873652

I’m amazed at how bad comic book writing can get. You think it hits rock bottom but it gets worse

No. 1873676

Comic book writing has always been all over the place, post-gamer gate bad comics took on this specific type of preachy. Before that, I had to stop reading a ton of comics because they read like they were written by stunted gen x men whose only personality trait was cynicism. They made Batman cry all the damn time, too.
Gotta say, though, these are especially fucking bad. Makes me thankful that the mediocre writing for the cartoons didn't go this direction.

No. 1873768

its so funny I've never seen a villain who kidnaps, tortures and kills women be asked, "what's your problem with women?". what a stupid thing to have unironically in a comic.

No. 1873774

File: 1690822568514.png (Spoiler Image,1.83 MB, 1012x1066, cursed.png)

Reminds me more of Jim Sterling than Nostalgia Critic. Spoilered because Sterling is a fucking disgusting troon.

No. 1873823

I think your hate is clouding your mind, the only similarity is the red tie. The design is a carbon copy of the nostalgia critic.

No. 1873840

The hat is from the Critic, but the hoard of toys and garbage and the obesity evokes Sterling to me rather than the Critic.

No. 1873844

File: 1690830711817.jpg (548.63 KB, 1041x1600, black_mask origin.jpg)

The funny thing is, There was a scene in the comics where a guy asks Black Mask why he likes torturing teenagers so much, and he said something along the lines of "my parents didn't love me as much as they loved my siblings, and I didn't get the chance to kill them, so I compensate"

No. 1873856

File: 1690833000246.jpg (375.96 KB, 593x2347, So5dIaSrrxg.jpg)

Vivziepop addresses season 2's decline in quality. i.e "if you have a problem with the writing your a homophobe, don't like don't read"

No. 1873887

File: 1690837661151.jpeg (2 MB, 1987x3056, IMG_1376.jpeg)

Writers became very spiteful and enjoyed getting a rise out of fans. I’m not going to defend comic book fanboys but at some point things like picrel was just asking for backlash.
It didn’t help that media basically congratulated writers for basically pissing off their fans.

No. 1873889

>the coolest stories I’d ever read were fanfics about shows I loved
That’s not really helping her case.
What makes her show come off as a massive badly written fanfic is basically the same as why lore Olympus sucks, has nothing to do with bl or yaoi gay babies even if that trope is more common on yao/bl fanfics

No. 1873900

The character design is ok and the characterization is ok (just exaggerated) but the the animation, pacing, and writing is fucking awful. It’s written like a kids show but they added a literal anime fan service scene and I doubt that’ll be the only one. I’m pretty sure this would’ve been on Cartoon Network if not for that

She’s like if Lois was more spunky than sassy. I think the way everyone acts is ok but it’s like they hit literally everybody in the show with an airheadification beam.

No. 1873912

File: 1690840092869.png (296.6 KB, 818x832, FBE6wZPq_400x400.png)

The show literally began with them having sex, no one has an issue with them being Gay, just that it feels like fan-fiction down the female character being reduced to a parody of herself just for the sake of the pwcious gay male ship.

No. 1873926

Fucking kek. I honestly thought there was no way that's real but sure enough.
It also reminds me of people sperging out about The Owl House and She-Ra reboot and "eVeN vilLaIns rEsPeCt pRoNoUnS, THATS how evil terfs are!!!"
Because apparently 'misgendering' a character is literally worse than torturing and murdering people for fun

No. 1874006

Why are these panels drawn to look deliberately like they're sort of deep fried? What a dumb style.

No. 1874045

to be fair, the people they were pissing off sent death threats over this shit. And I don't care about comicfans who treat female characters like wank material getting pissy at the word feminist.

No. 1874051

Viv is actually so dumb for this. So many of us read lesbian/gay stories all the time that have great writing and interesting characters on top of an interesting setting (if fantasy/scifi). People describe her story as being fanfiction like because it has many fanfiction tropes such as flanderising characters previously shown to be flawed but likeable to being a sad abused gayboi who needs to be saved by his love interest. Stolas used to be the lewd guy who actually really cared for his daughter despite causing her harm. She meant so much to him that he tries to change to become a better dad. But now when he's basically at death's door he thinks about the guy he fucks who doesn't even express affection for him. He thinks about his contract fuckbuddy over his daughter. What a fucking joke.
It's so frustrating seeing homophobia being thrown around as a defence because most people who get this criticism haven't dealt with a second of it their entire lives. Most people criticising this show's decline aren't homophobic. They're calling out poor writing and characterisation changes that people expect to see in fanfiction.

honestly I wish all moronic showrunners like viv would take a writing class or just give up their IPs to a better writer.

No. 1874061

I think the artist is hastily digitally cleaning up the sketch, instead of starting an inking layer over the sketch. It's one way to save time when drawing comics but it also cuts down on quality (stray pixels and missed pieces everywhere) and also probably part of the reason the anatomy and perspective looks so fucked in that example. Fine for an amateur webcomic but on a syndicated comic… ew.

No. 1874114

this comic decided to retcon mockingbird being raped and killing her rapist (revenge stories were such a common trope in the 70s) and making it about her cheating instead. It sucks that rape is a common drama trope on female characters but if you wanted to rewrite her origin story you could have gone a more dignified way…cheating isn't feminist
Mainstream comics have been trying for a while to look "indie" to appeal to the female market more. Girls still prefer manga though

No. 1874266

>Writers became very spiteful and enjoyed getting a rise out of fans.
For real. They spent like a decade plus playing into their fanboys' gross/super violent/gritty fantasies then said "nevermind, you guys sucked for ever liking this!" and started getting meta and self-flagellating. They take any backlash from their longtime audience as evidence they're morally just, rather than lacking in artistic and business acumen. Kind of like Disney's live action lineup.
What's weirder is they've been making fun of their neckbeardy superfans for along time with characters like Deadpool and Lobo- they're both widely liked and fun for more normie fans.
It's just so tedious. I didn't like the emo machismo bullshit from the 90s to the 00s and I don't like the current insulting attempts to court female readers. Thankfully there's always some good stuff in between.

No. 1874271

>emo machismo bullshit
I don't read comics, but I'm genuinely curious what that is?

No. 1874278

For a long time, every bad comic writer wanted to be Frank Miller.
Male heroes would monologue like Dark'ness Dementia Raven for entire issues about how evil the world was and how jaded they were; they would be extremely violent (even if it was very out of character); every woman character was an annoying old bag, a prostitute, or dead girlfriend.

No. 1874351

Ah, thanks for the explanation, I guess you meant to write gritty.

No. 1874857

File: 1690987605534.png (538.91 KB, 873x714, capture.png)

If I needed another reason not to watch this crap.

No. 1875009

does it say if he's going to be a turtle or just like a regular human

No. 1875077

She desperately needs to shut the hell up and stop engaging with her detractors. These limp attempts at clapbacks only serve to make her look oversensitive and petty.

No. 1875081

File: 1691011416201.gif (502.66 KB, 500x384, 9a10703fc3b3bddb3830aa25362ce6…)

Ivy would totally be a TERF imo. I'm not super up on the comics, but in BTAS, she was a straight-up man-hater (based.)

No. 1875101

File: 1691013446615.png (511.77 KB, 828x1211, rannels.png)

Update on this. Apparently Neil Patrick Harris won't be becoming back for the show, so they had to recast the Prince. His new VA is Andrew Rannells, best known in animation for playing the token gay guy on Big Mouth. Did the casting director seriously go, "Welp, we can't get NPH. I'll just call up the first gay guy I can think of."

We'll just have to wait and see what kind of on-screen chemistry he has with the other VAs (including Donald Glover, who is thankfully back). He won some Tonys for playing the lead in the Book of Mormon, so he shares Neil's Broadway and comedy background.

No. 1875110

File: 1691014683693.jpg (11.16 KB, 600x600, rubbermaid-commercial-products…)

>discussing this with a furry "voice actor"
Into the trash where it belongs…

No. 1875146

Sorry for ot but thank you for posting this, idk how I’ve never seen it but it’s a fucking masterpiece

No. 1875334

File: 1691043854223.jpg (537 KB, 989x1518, RCO004.jpg)

Being paired with Harley has really fucked up Ivy's character long-term, she was an avatar of primordial nature its self and now she's just Harley's girlfriend, who can't ever outshine Harley in her comics so she got nerfed even further, It also sucks that Ivy rarely comes across as truly misanthropic/misandrist anymore, Harley Quinn turned into her a jaded snarky millennial.

No. 1875368

Funnily enough it was the animated series that revitalized ivy and changed her character to some degree. If ivy isn't mean she isn't ivy to me

No. 1875404

File: 1691063600544.jpg (72.04 KB, 525x654, ConfusedJew.jpg)

I can practically smell the repulsive fatass who typed this.

No. 1875408

There were moments between Harley and Ivy’s friendship where Ivy was legitimately abusive and used Harley for her own selfish gains, just like the joker did
But now she’s just “uwu sapphic wlw lesbian gfs!!!! Men suck!”
Harley’s character changed when some injustice panels went viral, her character became too nice.

And people cheered on.

No. 1875413

File: 1691064621343.jpeg (73.39 KB, 258x390, 6CD7E326-E895-478F-98A9-94ECF8…)

I’m not super up to date with Carol but was surprised how morally complex/grey character she was before Marvel decided the most progressive thing was to give Carol amnesia and turn her into a generic #girlboss

No. 1875414

Isn’t he super rich? Why is he taking VA work he’s not even an actor

No. 1875444

God thanks for reminding me now I’m sad. She was always my favorite Marvel gal, not least of all because she’s canon 6’0 tall. At least they haven’t tried to say she’s trans (yet) sadface

No. 1875586

when you 're rich you can do people's jobs as hobbies because you can afford to quit when it actually starts feeling like a job.

No. 1875975

File: 1691153095276.png (306.24 KB, 586x597, capture.png)

Translation: half this decade is gonna filled with every recognizable IP being made into a film, of which most will end up breaking even or bombing.

No. 1875978

I get that animation is expensive but the budgets on some of these action and superhero flicks is ridiculous?? Why single out animation. Sad

No. 1875982

File: 1691154374061.jpg (182.39 KB, 750x751, IMG_0114.jpg)

mutual disconnect between the producers, writers, directors, and general audiences.

No. 1875988

But… original ideas are how ips are made… So they're just admitting that they'll run out of shit to remake/reboot and have to rely on others to make original content. Seems like it'd be more expensive in the long run with licensing fees and shared profits

No. 1876005

Talentless hacks. You don't want to spend millions for an original idea? Then DON'T. Movies befane more and more and more espansive while their quality remained the same. And some fresh graduate movie short project on YouTube has often better cgi and direction than a blockbuster. So, just come up with a new idea without having to use millions for it.

No. 1876006

Sorry for the typos above, darn autocorrect.(read lolcow.farm/info )

No. 1876096

File: 1691167502672.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1669x1138, EFC898D8-449B-47EE-B5EF-AA8B75…)

Did you guys see the article about how horrible it was to work on across the spiderverse? I can’t imagine having to fully animate and finish scenes just so an insane producer goes and does revisions over and over again. Apparently the announced the sequel would be out in 9 months with work barely being started on it too. It’s so insane, we all thought it was almost done but they were just redoing the same scenes over and over again and waiting for months…


No. 1876100

its really sad being a zoomie we got the worst decade of movies/animation/music. The 2010 and 2020s are going to be white noise in the memory of people. What a boring and soulless timeline.

No. 1876105

Wasn't that a complaint even in the beginning? that it was too over-styled sometimes.

No. 1876111

File: 1691168898012.png (1.22 MB, 1316x2428, Screenshot.png)

Don't be a crazy, everyone wants to see the magic 8 ball film or the barney movie.

No. 1876137

From a soulless money making perspective I can somewhat understand their logic, the Mario movie made over a billion dollars and Barbie just made a billion dollars, so in their old lizard man brain they would conclude "more famous IP=more money"

No. 1876403

This barbie movie was a real miracle, they should very humbly study what went right instead of marching on like an elephant into a china store. They'll probably burn as much as they made with barbie kek best case scenario this stuff flops without active backlash

No. 1876510

i am glad my favourite old as sin nostalgic property is too outdated to get rebooted

No. 1876779

File: 1691272351769.png (134.27 KB, 306x325, Brainmallah.png)

My Adventures With Superman actually adapted the Intelligent Ape and Brain in a jar gay romance story.

No. 1876786

What is it nona? Golliwogs?

No. 1876877

File: 1691283709890.jpg (180.43 KB, 1024x768, 16618836447152KCBMIQN5N5JASB1Z…)

>Polly Pocket but no Mighty Max
>American Girl Movie
I remember the Samantha, Felicity, Molly and Kit movies. They better mean they are making a Josfina,Addy, Kirsten, Kaya, Caroline, Nanna, Rebecca, or Cecile/Marie movies and none of the 1950s onwards ones.

No. 1876878

I loved American Girl. Also OG Polly pocket was amazing.(sage your shit)

No. 1878096

Worthikids released something a few months ago that is more creative and better animated than Viv's career.

No. 1878644


American Girls actually had really good stories but I don't know how you're going to make a movie without picking and choosing the girls. They should do a streaming show for them.

No. 1879067

Time travel film where they all team up to save the universe?

No. 1879266

File: 1691689406259.png (155.11 KB, 811x720, CAPTURE.png)

>'King Of The Hill' Dale Voice Actor Johnny Hardwick Dead

No. 1879273

This was posted 6 days ago, did they release it somewhere else ("months ago")?

No. 1879296

I am legitimately heartbroken over this. King of the Hill has been such a comfort, Dale such a favorite…

May he sling all the pocket sand in the afterlife.

No. 1879315

F(sage your shit)

No. 1879327

this legit ruined my day.. KOTH is my favorite show and Dale one of my top fave characters. i dressed up as him for Halloween once! he was a real voice talent and will be missed.

No. 1879348

I blame Marvel and the Avengers capeshit. Everything went to shit sometime around 2012

No. 1879351

Also this is such a fucking cop out, the big advantage with animation is that you can take risks for a fraction of the cost and tell stories that are physically impossible with live action, without the usage of expensive VFX. Not every animated film needs to be the Spider-Verse with a bloated $90 million dollar budget, for fuck's sake.

No. 1879360

This is so sad. KOTH is one of my all-time faves as well and Dale was one of the best characters, his voice actor was awesome as him. He's really gonna be missed.

No. 1879361

+1 on the terf thing. Poison Ivy only used men to further her goals and didn't really think much of them because she felt they were a threat to the environment. And from what I learned of her from a comic breakdown, she was mistreated by some men as well.

Poison Ivy should've totally been a manhater, that would've made for a great full-on villain. I agree that Harley really fucked her up kek and I personally hate how Ivy is portrayed in the Harley-Quinn show. My friends eat it up because "lesbian goals" but I'm just annoyed because she's not a badass anymore. Acting like an aloof annoyed snarker is not the same thing.

Man seeing this gif though makes me miss old school Ivy, she rocked.

No. 1879378

Don't forgot the expensive cast of blockbuster actors.

No. 1879382

Can't wait for the extremely cursed Furby movie they'll inevitably shart out.

No. 1879549

She's literally so ooc in that show, I can't forgive them for the kiteman bullshit

No. 1879805

File: 1691776597158.jpeg (92.75 KB, 842x689, IMG_9636.jpeg)

So apparently this was posted on Reddit and tumble. No wonder we didn’t even get a trailer this summer since the show was supposed to be released right about now. Just when you think things couldn’t get worse but here you go.

No. 1879807

File: 1691776623371.jpeg (204.08 KB, 1284x885, IMG_9637.jpeg)

No. 1879810

File: 1691776981801.jpeg (226.27 KB, 1181x2048, IMG_9638.jpeg)

No. 1879863

File: 1691784671119.jpg (22.96 KB, 359x305, 909.jpg)

Some guy on reddit saying just trust me bro just isn't a viable source imo
However I sort of hope this is true because it's funny as hell and I feel like the writing would be better without Viv's input

No. 1879910

great move from A24 if true. i actively like HB when it came out because the concept made actual sense (unlike HH which was clearly a very roughly written pilot), but i completely stopped watching as soon as the Lust episode came out. that was the first episode of the way the show is now, with everything changed and completely different/retconned/written at the last minute. i enjoyed that little cartoon at first and felt that the odd cringe moments would be ironed out when season 2 came out. but i was done with anything viv made once i got 5 minutes into the Lust episode.

No. 1879995

This rumor has been going around since last year. I was skeptical at first but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was true. I thought it was strange that they had the wrap party exclusively with the princess bento crew and nothing with A24.

No. 1880007

In the beginning I can see how all of this is unbelievable since it’s only a few who said it and anyone who drags on about shot themselves in the foot (the animator Erin Frost for example) but now that more stories are coming out, the way Viv reacts nowadays on Twitter, and how there’s no update whether HH is coming this summer or not it goes to show that something is up and it’s not good.

I remember seeing twitter posts about job opening every few months and it makes me wonder if staff is being treated horribly to the point where turnovers are happening. I get it’s a freelance contract job but with them finding people often under a short amount of time it really makes you wonder what the fuck is going on at Spindlehorse.

I used to be a die hard fan since the beginning of the HH pilot episode and the first season of HB, but now I’m just starting to lose interest since Season 2 is falling flat and drama seems to happen on Twitter everytime someone dares to bring up the obvious since those hardcore fans would harass them off the internet if they hurt their precious leader vivzie. Rather than flaming out the fire by calling out the people who does shit like this, Vivzie puts gasoline in it by being dramatic about it. That’s not way of making your fan base nor your image look good. It’s no wonder the rumor of A24 giving her the pink slip sounds believable since her behavior is setting an example of what bad professional reputation looks like.

No. 1880052

File: 1691805438439.jpeg (145.99 KB, 750x611, IMG_9641.jpeg)

This shit what I’m talking about. Regardless if the rumor is true or not she had to act like this. If she wants to work with more professionals in the future then she’s blowing it BIG time. This type of shit annoys the fuck out of me. If HH ends up getting axed then this would be the reason why.

No. 1880055

There’s a google doc going around (if anyone knows what I’m talking about and has the link, please post?) that is a spreadsheet of different industry studios and their salary studio culture etc that had a ton of negative reviews for Spindlehorse. I don’t know if the doc is open and anyone can add to it, maybe some of Viv’s “haters” edited it full of bullshit to make her look bad, but there’s something definitely going on. I have defended her before because as you said a lot of the people calling her out are unhinged morons and it always seemed like jealousy and sour grapes but the situation with HH is giving red flags and the way she seems to be burning through money and lashing out publicly while hinting about what a “hard year” it’s been suggests that there is a lot going on behind the scenes. The fallout from the Kesha episode couldn’t have helped.

No. 1880062

File: 1691807460904.jpg (27.15 KB, 524x329, timmy.jpg)

same kek

No. 1880072

File: 1691808080785.png (5.58 KB, 547x116, unfathomably based.png)

I got you:
archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20230715164303/https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aJHCQSA2dFdu4Fy__T3yDyiNqO0jMUBcku0EjKX3SZI/htmlview
I've been sitting on this for a while waiting for someone else to post this. There are a couple name drops besides Viv and her studio. One of my favorite entries is picrel.

No. 1880104

Holy shit. This is why people should not be going to animation schools. As for the Spindlehorse reviews, I wonder what people will say about this now. You cannot deny that some sneaky shit is going on in that company. Let's see what the fans think about this now.

No. 1880164

The fact that A24, a studio known for giving directors creative liberties with their works, was this hesitant with HH really says something about its potential quality.

No. 1880182

Thanks nonna! Was that a review for Skydance? “Pixar retirement home” sounds accurate
I kind of agree, it sucks to lose your passion project but she voluntarily entered a contractual agreement, nothing was stolen from her…and if the rumors of her treating her crew like garbage are true, there are much bigger problems here than her being “annoying” and I can’t say I feel too bad for her in her million dollar house with her thousands of dollars of expensive bird taxidermy.

No. 1880185

Thanks nonna! Was that a review for Skydance? “Pixar retirement home” sounds accurate
I kind of agree, it sucks to lose your passion project but she voluntarily entered a contractual agreement, nothing was stolen from her…and if the rumors of her treating her crew like garbage are true, there are much bigger problems here than her being “annoying” and I can’t say I feel too bad for her in her million dollar house with her thousands of dollars of expensive bird taxidermy.

No. 1880231

Lol chaifootsteps is proof that plenty of vivzies antis are just as retarded as her fans. she’s a TIF who is obsessed with namedropping KF because she thinks posting there makes her cool and she’s big mad that none of the supposed discord screenshots she posted of viv being “transphobic” against fakebois didn’t effectively cancel her lmfao.

No. 1880434

File: 1691877323174.png (4.37 KB, 362x49, insanity.PNG)

>Was that a review for Skydance
Kek yes it was

A lot of these studio reviews aren't surprising but as I'm only left to wonder why these people haven't been advocating for themselves to receive better pay? Or being paid on time ffs, picrel. Especially when a lot those complaints are in conjunction with complaints about being overworked. I'm not in the animation industry per se but how do they let these studios get away with it?

No. 1880527

If it's not a union studio it's harder to argue. Idk how they were getting away with this though tbh. Maybe threats of getting fired? But that seems pretty unlawful… This is when a public call out is actually useful.

No. 1880668

File: 1691903569453.jpg (76.05 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1691774693193.jpg)

No. 1880696

Most of SH’s employees probably think Viv has more industry clout than she does and can have them blacklisted so they’re afraid to speak up. She has a lot of connections but idk how much power she actually has.

No. 1880702

Caught me off guard at how upset I was over this. KOTH is my all time favorite show and I loved Dale so much. They found him during a wellness check too, it’s really sad.

No. 1880731

Apparently he hadn’t finished recording for the current season, so they’ll need to write him out now. Sad to lose both Dale and Luanne.

No. 1880938

That and that she has lawyers for parents and has already sent lawyers after one ex-employee who dared to speak out (Erin Frost).

No. 1881030

I'm way late to the party here, but this whole episode and the Cotton Candy song was…a choice.
Also it bugs me how she says "codden candy"

No. 1881033

they could tell she'd tank anything she did with fujocoom

No. 1881064

The voice actress tried really hard to imitate Kesha and she kept using this exaggerated accent

No. 1881073

I knew this seemed familiar, people were pointing this out a while back too >>1608825 >>1608895 and from a 4chan poster that claimed to be in the industry and basically said the same thing about her being bitched out and booted. I'm not too sure how the dispute between Vivziepop and A24 could lead to her losing the rights though, studios usually settle that with contracts before working together, no? Perhaps this may be about her being booted from the showrunner position which led her to lose any kind of control she got from A24. I'll keep an eye on the situation while remaining skeptical but to think this could be real is fucking hilarious. I've known about Vivziepop since that weird adoptable drama and when she sperged about Zootopia because of her comic Zoophobia so I'm not surprised in the slightest if this is true.

No. 1881137

Can’t get over the irony of her FINALLY hiring Kesha, in a full circle moment for her career and then getting caught up in legal red tape and being forbidden from mentioning her in any promo and having to recast her singing voice. That’s got to sting (the singer that they did cast did a pretty good job tho)
>Perhaps this may be about her being booted from the showrunner position which led her to lose any kind of control she got from A24.
I think this is likely what happened if anything and the people claiming she “lost the rights” are just misunderstanding what a showrunner position entails. I also think they may be struggling to find a way to release it or find a streamer that’ll take it.

No. 1881190

Can i just say how fucking underwwhelming that kesha episode was? Like i was expecting beelzebub to be some real bad unrepentant bitch but i guess we gotta make kesha look good so she's just basic party girl #5. I mean the whole episode is like 15 minutes lol.(sage your shit)

No. 1881204

“Maybe if I make Kesha a really cool looking fursona and give her an extended musical sequence she’ll become my best friend!!”

No. 1881276

File: 1691997521765.png (93 KB, 360x203, F3SlBKWWEAASGRE.png)


I work in the animation industry outside the US and have also heard these rumours, so can back this up.

Hazbin finished back at the start of the year. They've been sitting on it all year. I've heard similar reasons as this posts lists as to why.

Can also confirm production for HH was a mess. Super unprofessional. One example is they picked outsource animation studios with no TV experience because they 'liked their style' and fucked over a lot of people trying to coordinate the production.

Everyone working in and around it were pretty appalled with how childish and immature they were to deal with.

No. 1881291

Why the hell would it still be in limbo even though it’s been done for half a year now? Why can’t they give us an update on when it’s exactly gonna be released? Next month will be the beginning of fall and they say that the show is gonna be released by now. Why is nobody questioning it? I get it’s all NDA stuff but somebody needs to give them an explanation for the delay.

No. 1881324

lmfao at your picrel wish it was chilli saying it to bandit tho #feminism

No. 1881326

That whole Princess Bento wrap party in Australia was very weird. No representation from anyone at a24. It seemed like it was possibly funded out of Vivs own pocket. And there was nothing for the stateside crew? Very odd…

No. 1881328

NTAYRT but it IS probably an NDA issue. It’s delayed for whatever reason and A24 doesn’t want to bother with promo during the strike so it’s a perfect storm of bad timing. Could it be that theyre planning to go the WB route of quietly canning it for a tax write off or some shit?

No. 1881366

Wait a minute, the sad little wrap party for hazbin was in australia of all places? I def thought that was in the US

No. 1881548

>Andrew Rannells
Remember when he was on 4Kids? He’s come along way at least.

No. 1881811

File: 1692066626774.png (10.65 MB, 5000x6997, SpindlehorseToons_Reviews.png)

Compilation of all the Spindlehorse Toons reviews from the Animation Studio Reviews spreadsheet that's been going around. They have the most reviews out of any studio and they ain't good lol

The spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aJHCQSA2dFdu4Fy__T3yDyiNqO0jMUBcku0EjKX3SZI/htmlview#

No. 1881863

Yeah it was at Princess Bento, Bento Box’s overseas unit. I don’t think any of the US crew was there aside from Viv’s close cohorts that she flew out with her. No cast or anyone from A24 afaik, I guess they’re waiting for official release to have a US wrap party but they may be waiting a while from the sound of it.

No. 1881874

Love the one whos like "my biggest issue is staff drawing nsfw" like all your coworkers are being abused dawg

No. 1881876

Apparently anyone can add to the doc so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these are bitter tumblr teenagers with a vendetta.

No. 1881878

A lot of these come across as incredibly fake now that I have the time to read. Taking anything that mentions “misgendering” with a grain of salt. Also the story from a “storyboard artist” claiming that her mental health suffered from speaking out against a coworkers self insert making an appearance/an SA plot line is a load of shit. It’s a script based show, lol. There are some valid concerns here but many of these are obviously BS and obviously written by terminally online children posing as industry professionals.

No. 1881884

I want to know who all these secret gender critical people are. I can't really forgive Vivzie for making that stupid fucking "sister" of Millie's a tranny and stealing attention from one of the only female characters episodes, though. I would say it's based if she's secretly a TERF, but Vivzie just sounds like a fucking child to work for and she's not openly GC.

No. 1881891

File: 1692088434847.png (1.04 MB, 887x1920, IMG_1292.png)

There were “leaked” discord screencaps of her making fun of TIFs going around a while ago. Also picrel lol

No. 1881963

>they wanted to put offensive jokes and I didn't wanna work on offensive material
petty and unprofessional. A lot of this sounds like BS. I feel for those who are underpaid though

No. 1882232

Noooo bandit would never do this to chilli delete thsi right now reeeeeee(sage your shit)

No. 1882735

Nah, she’s actually been accused of being a terf by gendie retards who criticize HB for being ‘problematic’ and she insisted she fucking hates terfs. Do a search on her twitter.

She’s too much of a fag hag theater kid. She fetishizes gays and troons, but fakebois and enby autists aren’t cool to her and she’s a female misogynist so… this checks out.

No. 1882741

They probably just wanted Sally to be the only troon so he could be sooper speshul. I wouldn't be surprised if they voice actor specifically asked for that to be the case.

No. 1882744

File: 1692205116215.jpg (287.99 KB, 1170x1576, 39504672813810_n.jpg)

sage for non-milk, but I organically agree wit this

No. 1882919

based. The most sloppy example I can think of off the top of my head is the owl house and it never got any better at pacing itself.

No. 1882948

Wannabe faghag. Her only gay “friends” are on her payroll kek

No. 1882994

I'm babysitting my nephew so I been watching a lot of cartoons this last few days and is just me or modern cartoons are overstimulating as fuck now? You barely can understand what is happening on the screen, it always so loud and annoying. I legit don't understand how there are grow ass adult who are fan of shit like The Loud House or Total Drama Island. Bluey is frigging awesome trough.

No. 1883004

tbh this is just a case of showrunners letting it go to their heads

So many cartoonists seem very unhappy that they have to write children's shows and try to make it "deep" for adult audiences and to show they can write big boy plots too.

No. 1883012

Bluey is great but I agree with everything else. My kid isn’t in the age range for things like Loud House (thank god) but the “preschool” selection is total shit on most streaming services. I’m thankful he’s cool with watching older cartoons.

Side note: the parents in Rugrats were actually neglectful and horrible and it is a miracle none of those kids died.

No. 1883024

File: 1692234716684.jpg (1.05 MB, 1600x1200, MV5BNmFjZmNjMGItOTU5YS00YjUxLW…)

There are amazing kids tv shows that are on Amazon such as Pete the Cat and Tumbleleaf (stop motion kids show) that don't have lore, pacing issues, or a overstimulation/random twitter humor. They are just pure kids shows for little kids to enjoy and learn about different concepts and ideas while characters sing, laugh, and go on adventures. Kids shows targeting kids 4-6 years old.

Unfortunately they have no clout because of this and no one talks about Pete the Cat or Tumbleleaf. My theory is that Bluey is a breakthrough hit because the parent characters are targeting the parents in the audience. Of course the animation, stories, music, and characters are great but also 'oh em gee it's not just a show for little kids! There's an episode about XYZ which is sooo deep!" Twitter/social media clout.

No. 1883036

Targeting the parents is the best you can do if you want to add deeper themes in your kid show. Much better than targeting manchildren with pity party characters like Steven Universe and Infinite Train.

No. 1883064

Forgive me for only having animation/cartoon autism and being a dumbass, but It literally took me until today to find out that the character was literally designed for Beyoncé, and not the demon that it represents.
That Beyoncé’s fans refer to themselves as the ‘bey hive’, pronounced as beehive; that’s why Viz chose Beelzebub as the demon Beyoncé was supposed to voice- it’s because she wanted to have the bug or bee aesthetic.

No. 1883078

If he's a preschooler or about there, look up Little Bear. Its slow pacing and gentle music sucks kids in, and it's a sweet show to watch with them without going insane

https://youtu.be/zUfmwmu08sY(learn to embed)

No. 1883094

???What are you talking about? There’s no fucking way Viv would have ever been able to afford her lmfao

No. 1883095

I was going to make a joke about how this all sounds like the aspirations for a made-up show as written by a 13-year-old in 2012, but then I realized Viv was 20 in 2012, and this whole thing became even funnier to me. She's so mentally stunted.

No. 1883112

Anon, Beyoncé and Kesha aren’t the same person…

No. 1883219

>New Scott pilgrim animated adaption

No. 1883242

It looks alright, but I kind of never want it to release. The original popularity of the comics and the movie helped foster a really annoying social climate that we still see the consequences of to this very day. I don't really want to live through the Omicron variant of its cultural impact.

No. 1883282

same, I genuinely liked the comic but its been trained for me cause of how associated it is with coomers.

No. 1883394

File: 1692303213750.png (185.07 KB, 694x901, springtrapped.PNG)

(1/3) Indie animator Eagan Tilghman got called out by industry vets for using AI to voice 4 of the characters in his video. Grey DeLisle (Original voice of Daphne) even threatened to blacklist him over it.

No. 1883397

File: 1692303343759.png (31.67 KB, 546x334, springtrapped2.PNG)

More comments from DeLisle

No. 1883398

(3/3) >>1883397
In case anyone is interested in watching the animation in question.

No. 1883418

I got recommended on YouTube when it was first released oddly enough. Read the description, saw the stuff about the AI voice acting and immediately closed it. What a way to shoot yourself in the foot

No. 1883448

Why is this supposed to be a big deal? It's not like he is using AI for the entirety of his work. He is still showcasing his talents.

No. 1883457

>i spent $10 on this project, and that was to pay a tiktokker with a good shaggy impression to read all of his lines.
Are you serious? Im sure Grey is expensive af. Why should he get to use her voice for free. He was just lazy. He could have got cheapo imitation voice actors for all of the roles.

Besides, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are people right now in actual animation companies planning how to use AI cloned voices to cheap out on paying voice actors. The VAs see that coming and are trying to cut it off now.

No. 1883460

Don’t get all the sperging tbh is it really that different to use A.I. and not an impersonator? Either way the original voices don’t see any money from it so why cry about being replaced by something that can’t voice act correctly and is clearly used as a place holder for a small project someone did for themselves

No. 1883470

Oh, you just want to be obstinate. Never mind, then.

No. 1883472

Grey went on live on Instagram to explain her case and she brought up a valid point about just doing the easiest thing and ask people around for help. With such a neat concept, this animator could have gotten a lot of eyes on people wanting to take a step in for voice acting. It's not hard to find someone who will do things for the exposure.(sage your shit)

No. 1883481

So the internet is getting really wild and divided over this, personally I think if the technology can be used to make development easier then I'm all for it but tech0bros need to get off their high horse and realise they need artists and writers and twitter artists who have never worked in the industry need to stop whining.

No. 1883520

This looks even more obnoxious than the comic.

No. 1883541

It makes me sad to think about how most people seem to remember the worst part of its social impact being that young women "wanted to be Ramona," essentially meaning they cut their hair short and dyed it, dressed a little alt, and that's it. No one ever seems bothered by the masses of men who believed themselves to already be Scott, and thought that that was a good thing, instead of a really, really bad thing.
They don't care that most of the supposed "Ramona-wannabes" were otherwise normal, or that the Ramona Flowers look is still based upon male fantasy. They just want an excuse to hate women.

No. 1883599

Looks like shit

No. 1883649

Nor it’s don’t even know about Lobo, a caricature that only made sense in the 90s

No. 1883651

If they had taken the this will make animation production more easier to do than the OMG GUYIZ WE HAVE MADE SOMETHING NEW11!! it would be less obnoxious. I actually like that they used their own models in this but for something that's been in production for 4 months they couldn't redraw those creepy ass mouths? I actually think this is just a new way to rotoscope lol although I'm excited to see the future results as long as they use their own model and not steal (which they did those crowds were clearly stolen)

No. 1883653

You can totally tell these are AI voices, no inflection at all lol

No. 1883659

can you explain what you mean by this? i tried reading the comic but dropped it past the first volume because it was so, so boring. I cannot imagine something so boring leaving any cultural impact at al

No. 1883661

this is well animated and i like the sound design(not the voices) but jesus christ i am so tired of talented artists wasting their talent catching clout
>teehee what if two popular things, TOGETHER?!
so fucking boring. I couldnt bear to watch it till the end even tough it's well done because its such a snore fest

No. 1883663

I think if anything this should give animation folks reassurance that they'll be keeping their jobs for now. These guys have professional level equipment and experience and can still only make something with AI that looks… Kind of okay, but quite rough. Professional animators are hopefully recognising this as a possible tool for speeding up their workflow, as it certainly isn't at a level where it can completely replace animators yet.

No. 1883665

File: 1692339911342.jpg (60.36 KB, 1024x573, my_life_me_01-1024x573.jpg)

this is the motherfucking ugliest most soulless garbage i have ever seen, it's like those cringe wannabe anime cartoons from the 00s that tried really, really hard to be hip with the kids who liked their amine without understand WHY kids at the time were switching over anime. I hate people saying it will be used as a tool and wont replace animators, yeah sure, just how 3D totally didnt kill 2D animation and gave birth to the motherfucking ugliest most homogeneous era of animated movies that took 20 years to kill and set back the notion animation is for kids 10 years back.

No. 1883667

I don’t mind crossovers but FNAF fan content is always cringe so I can’t finish it either. It’s very well done though. I can’t believe it’s all Blender.

No. 1883671

so many cool things being done in blender lately, i really wanna pick it up
also, sorry for samefagging but i watched a few seconds of it and it's WORSE than the one done like a year ago. How? It annoys me that they got honest lukewarm critique from pros from the industry and they took none of it. At least hire someone to fix the hands jesus christ what a bunch of lazy bastards. Imagine putting all that effort to shit out something that would be considered too cheap and low quality even for video brinquedo.

No. 1883674

This is so cool, it looks so good! I like the rotoscopedness.

No. 1883730

Maybe to non-artists this is cool, but any artist can see at least 20 mistakes on a single frame. Nonsensical lighting, bad line art, extra limbs, overlapping clothing folds, hair growing out of skin, usually two different eye colors, and the list goes on and on. It's really cheaper to just hire an artist to animate rather than get an artist to have to edit these sloppy thieved art frames.

No. 1883833

This is so shit what the fuck

No. 1883879

Is the hand so close to the camera in that thumbnail to prove that "akshully AI can draw hands!!1!" kek I hate techbros and the male artists who encourage the degradation of art just for profit

No. 1883968

It's less about the story, itself, and more about the tone and style. Things like obsession with pop culture references (particularly to video games and anime), juvenile humor, navel-gazing, faux self-awareness, overdramaticized interpretation of the mundane, and a seeming desire to be "subversive" or "progressive," while not actually standing for much at all. It's all very self-indulgent.
Unrelated, but looking at when the movie was released is making me tinfoil about its impact on comics and cartoons as a whole, too, kek.

No. 1883995

kek Nona, Viv has always loved Ke$ha and she always wanted her in the episode. It was a nod to her old fan animated music video she did of Ke$shas "Die Young" song that she stated was her favorite song at the time

No. 1884004

It was so dumb too, the entirety of the troons appearance was the parents saying something like "[something something] your sister-"
and it cuts to the troon dragging a dead person and saying in a gay man voice "Not if you know where to hide the bodies!" and that was what everyone was pissing and shitting and clapping in excitement for

No. 1884013

I don’t care what they make, the channel is just a bunch of annoying fanboy scrotes (and one actual woman kek). They are more of a popcorn entertainment channel for normies, not one for actual love of VFX or animation. Plus they had a tranny working there once.

No. 1884238

and it still made an extra finger kek. I fucking hate AI art

No. 1885603

They should be complaining about the higher ups, but a ton of people are just mad that can't police the behavior of others on their same level.

No. 1885779

"How dare you use a little robot to do an impression of me instead of getting an aspiring voice actor to do unpaid labor"

No. 1885806

People make fan films for free all the damn time. Plus he paid the guy who did Shaggy 10 bucks. He could have rustled up 40 bucks to pay other voice actors.

No. 1886005

He could have just done all the voices himself for free, and without needing to fool with an AI. Just pitch a little higher for Daphne and Velma.

No. 1886151

File: 1692680360496.jpg (24.95 KB, 574x427, 1686865813416.jpg)

Holy uncanny valley, Batman

No. 1886647

File: 1692756108419.png (461.65 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9704.png)

So apparently this happened. I’m not sure what exactly happened 100% but people are losing support for lackadaisy and far fetched due to them defending a suppose TERF

No. 1886754

From what I understand,
Vivziepop made a large donation to the Lackadaisy kickstarter on behalf of her studio (possibly to get a producer credit) and a member of the Lackadaisy crew called her out in a tweet for being performative and announcing it publicly without linking to the actual kickstarter. Viv’s fans threw a fit and went looking for dirt on the crew member, found that she’d liked a few tweets that were critical of trans inclusion in women’s sports, and started calling her transphobic. A few people on the Lackadaisy crew have come out in support of her.

No. 1886830

I always hope that things like this implode, and the TQA+ crowd tears each other apart. It rarely ever happens in any meaningful way, though. They mostly just scream and cry for a week, without actually accomplishing anything, and then they go right back to being the same complacent consumers they were before the drama. It makes sense, considering the fact that they basically have no real convictions, but I really wish they would just self-destruct hard enough that all of them either lose all their authority, move on to having less lazy and selfish sociopolitical views, or drop the vacuous socjus act and just make the self-indulgent shit that they actually want to make in the first place.

No. 1886841

Thanks for info!

I find this ironic since Viv used to draw a fanart of Blaire White but somehow the fandom would rather pick on the other side for doing something similar. Talk about double standards. I feel bad for the LD group for having to deal with this kind of bullshit.

No. 1886942

File: 1692812058956.gif (3.18 MB, 540x304, gif.gif)

WTF is supposed to be happening here.

No. 1886962

It still baffles me that this was supposed to represent gluttony. Granted, I never really see depictions of gluttony, or any associated demons, that feel accurate to the concept, but this one is particularly bad. Viv really is terrible at conveying anything with her character designs. Typical furry L.

No. 1886989

This whole concept was such a stretch. I mean, I get the cotton candy aspect, “I’m what you want, not what you need”, and cotton candy is just pure sugar and it’ll never fill you up. I had expected some predictable but cohesive story where she like, has an ulterior motive and enchants everyone with her song, and they all eat her cursed cotton candy and can’t stop and it somehow benefits her, idk.
But what was her whole deal, anyway? She encourages her partygoers to drink and eat but she’s just…a good party host who makes sure everyone is doing okay? What? None of it really makes sense.

No. 1887001

Everything Viv makes has to be about parties, glamor, excess, "queerness," and gossip-rag tier drama. I'm sure someone could accurately assess why she's like this, but I personally have no interest in psychoanalyzing her since I find her to be very boring.

No. 1887087

Oh my god, this just unlocked a core memory from my theaterfag days, you just KNOW she probably loved the Party Monster movie

No. 1887130

It seems that she was around 11 years old in 2003, so it's not impossible.

No. 1887158

So like a little girl playing with her barbies. The storylines I played with my friends and sister was like that kek. It’s like a creator of something like Littlest Pet Shop “Popular” grew up and made the same exact thing just in animation and with fags thrown in.

No. 1887268

As profoundly sad as the idea of a 30-year-old woman being creatively stagnated at the level of a small child trying to recreate the feelings from stories she's seen on TV is, it would explain a lot about Viv and her work.

No. 1887410

This is probably untrue but I feel like her obsession with parties (seriously, she uses parties as subjects, locations and plot points A LOT) may stem from her being kind of a cringy loser who can't really enjoy parties, as theater kids tend to be.

No. 1887428

AYRT. I can't say you're wrong, since I was thinking the same thing. The way she writes on parties and interpersonal drama feels very lonely and disconnected to me. It gives the impression that she somehow substituted consuming media in place of having any meaningful experiences or social connections while she was growing up.

No. 1887552

File: 1692893187849.jpg (639.6 KB, 1170x2136, a4c047bbdac417.jpg)

What is going on with western comics these days.

No. 1887558

This is somehow still cringy, even if I imagine it to be satirical. I think we need to stop making mass-produced media for awhile. It would be like giving the art and entertainment industries chemo for the cancer they clearly have.

No. 1887592

If it is satirical, the cringe is probably part of the fun

No. 1887603

so cringe, why cant westerners write anything not related to social media bullshit

No. 1887642

File: 1692902514001.png (481.46 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9707.png)

And of course she had to put her two cents on this whole ideal. Dude just stfu and ignore them. Act like a professional and grow a thicker skin!

No. 1887644

File: 1692902599259.png (246 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9708.png)

No. 1887665

File: 1692905408601.png (114 KB, 1080x514, IMG_9710.png)

So apparently there’s suppose to be a document of all the horrible shit Viv and her crew had done but Erin Frost once again fucked it up and post the link to the document without the creators consent.

No. 1887667

File: 1692905519238.jpeg (95.1 KB, 593x778, IMG_9711.jpeg)

One of the examples. Found this on the 4chan site but I don’t have the link

No. 1887668

File: 1692905690729.png (61.61 KB, 663x606, IMG_9712.png)

No. 1887703

The accusations make whoever it is sound based. Call TIMs fetishists and draw one as an ogre next.

No. 1887769

based if true!

No. 1887859

Really want the link to this, I can’t access her Twitter for some reason
Lol No one from this studio comes across as professional, all of these discord caps are like watching jr high kids argue over a group project.
I love watching these retards turn on each other

No. 1887886

She deleted the account due to the backfire

No. 1887900

File: 1692930814146.jpg (503.36 KB, 1440x2273, Screenshot_20230824_192737_Gal…)

I pulled this from 4chan looking for what someone already posted and found this

No. 1887939

does anyone remember this sperg? whatever happened to him? i am kinda surprised he didn't get sued. What an obnoxious faggot.

No. 1887957

Viv can't draw fat characters and Kesha would never agree to play one. That's literally it. She twisted herself in knots trying to find a way to represent Gluttony with a skinny character, so now she has some kind of weird lava stomach and instead of a fly, she's a bee.

A retarded TiF tried to argue to me a while back that Gluttony has to be skinny because she temps people into her sin, and no one would be tempted by her if she were fat. As if "thicc" isn't a gigantic trend, and as if there aren't fat characters that are also sexy out there. Inb4 someone accuses me of being some kind of HAES retard: I'm against making characters fat for no reason (i.e., all the hideous fat Usagi redraws) but sometimes it's necessary, and a character based on Gluttony is a fantastic example.

No. 1887960

>implying that nasty teenage houseparties are "meaningful experiences."
Viv is definitely a shut in, but let's not go too far in the opposite direction. It's a good thing that teenagers/college kids are gradually becoming less interested in DURRHURR PAWRTEES.

No. 1887961

And this point, Viv and Viv-related drama almost warrants having its own thread.

No. 1887983

not really, viv drama usually starts for a week days and quickly dies down, she's find here.

No. 1887986

File: 1692943627433.png (1.15 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9719.png)

Imagine being a leader of a toxic fandom to the Point where people don’t even want your money. This is what happens if you don’t control your people. Now the team are gonna lose money for their project for not only for not calling out on Ze for their actions but also because of how they upset their queen.

No. 1887987

File: 1692943700114.png (307.73 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9720.png)

No. 1887988

Yeah the TIFs on tumblr have been passing these around for months as “proof” that Viv is transphobic

No. 1887989

Holy shit lol. It was like 5k wasn’t it

No. 1887990

Yep. Like don’t get me wrong the LD team handled this horribly but it’s also been done by the fandom who couldn’t stand it when people calls out on Viv.

No. 1888000

Who is the artist she's talking about on the bottom.

No. 1888004

No clue, those caps were originally posted without context.

No. 1888006

>but like, like, seeing like, it's just like, yknow like, yeahhh like, no but like, like… like??
Also kek at her dunking on white girls hating women as if she isn't white as fuck herself (but muh latino relatives) and doesn't include at least one misogynistic "joke" in everything she makes.

I don't think that's what anon implied. She probably meant that Viv was a shut in and ended up glamorizing and obsessing over how the typical teenager fun and drama are depicted in older cartoon and tv shows (dancing, drinking, being lol rawr so random, corny love drama, ships), she probably thinks that's what they were like too (unaware that shit like that isn't really all that fun). Because she lacks meaningful experiences (which aren't necessarily about getting wasted at some boring party) she obsesses over what media told her were fun meaningful experiences.

No. 1888092

The problem with Bee is that Viv didn't actually design a character based on gluttony. What she did, instead, was import her weird fixation with representing Kesha as a sparkledog with an hourglass figure (as seen >>1883995 here) into her show, and flimsily attached design elements relating to gluttony (Beelzebub = bee = honey) to an unrelated character concept. It's like when property merchandisers release theme sets for already-established characters— She wasn't conceptualized to be gluttony, let alone Beelzebub, but she was put in a costume to fit this month's themed set.

No. 1888110

I'm >>1887428 and you're right. The meaningful experiences I was actually thinking of were mostly things related to having irl friends and going outside. Idealizing parties where everyone gets wasted and fucks each other shows a lack of meaningful real life experiences, because people with that sort of experience generally think that those sorts of parties are boring, pathetic, and nasty.

No. 1888120

Zoophobia was so obviously her trying to invent her ideal high school experience. A ritzy arts school with filmmaking classes. Everybody is le quirky drama club except for the one homophobic jock who is obviously secretly gay because of course he is. Every single 2000s teen drama cliche straight out of the WB.

No. 1888203

File: 1692986278222.png (1.37 MB, 1400x700, FwAHiBJaMAAfi17.png)

sage for OT, but I don't get why studios just don't stop giving MCU shows these gargantuan budgets instead? These TV shows don't need to have fucking Blockbuster budgets per goddamn episode. People will absolutely be fine with a character-driven Hank Pym prequel series with very modest sets, some simple looking shrinking effects, and only the occasional fight scene that can be done cheaper if it's done PRACTICALLY and not with a thousand things happening all at once.

No. 1888366

File: 1693004678206.jpg (337.95 KB, 1920x1080, tales-of-crestoria-review.jpg)

Lmao this is just a ripoff of Tales of Crestoria, which was already ripping off a bunch of other concepts.

No. 1888422

This guy is such a Vivziepop ball gargler.

No. 1888471

All of her characters feel like they were drawn first, then they find a place to put them later. Also she cant draw characters that arent sparklewolves or androgenous blobs.

No. 1888521

Anyone find the doc yet? People on tumblr are saying it’s proof that Viv is “pure evil” but it’s tumblr lmao so I’m sure it’s just more screenshots of her shit talking the owl house or something

No. 1888527

i downloaded it before it got taken down. it's a zip file with folders in it, not really a document. there are several statements by people who worked with her before

No. 1888542

Anything worth reposting here?

No. 1888661


Erin Frost is as much as a disaster IRL as she is online. She's a 30+ year old woman who still has the mentality of a high schooler. Ruins friendships and even relationships with her own indecisiveness and attitude. Glad to see the bitch get some backlash for once.

No. 1888684

>Reading those comments
Imagine being so entitled that you think someone has to accept a donation from your precious savior Viv and is in the wrong for trying to distance themselves from a drama whore fandom. I'll bet you these losers would also be the type to hold the 5k donation over Lackadaisy creators/fans if they got into drama later in the future too as if the donation was the reason why they succeeded.

No. 1888756

Thankfully it got funded just fine without her. They made $2 Million when their goal was only $125K.

No. 1888764

Good for her and her team.

No. 1888888

Couldn’t you make a google drive so people can see it?

No. 1889017

File: 1693108054320.png (128.52 KB, 822x646, Screen Shot 2023-08-26 at 11.4…)

maybe. there are several legal documents in there including cease and desists + uncensored private information like addresses and phone numbers that REALLY should not have been shared publically. Also including the fact that this was not ready to be released by whoever coordinated it, I'll just give a summary for now.

- lots of discord screenshots, many which have been shared already
- erin's legal documents, proof of employment
- attorney letters from viv's lawyer
- a powerpoint slide indicating some sort of coordination
- meeting notes with a legal member of TAG
- testimony from KenDraw, which is already public and floating around on the internet
- screenshots of recasting emails
- more employee testimonies
- summary of events and drama about the Instagram character account

No. 1889051

What exactly in there is considered “pure evil”? Or are people blowing shit out of proportion again?

No. 1889059

>why do you strive to be what you hate LOLOL
I think the same thing when I see gay men and troons trying to emulate women's mannerisms

No. 1889069

Kinda based actually.

No. 1889167

And yet she loves when men who hate women put on womenface. It's clear that this is motivated by a general disdain for other women, rather than any actual regard for them.

No. 1889359

I'm surprised Viv didn't troon out yet. But honestly she's just the world's biggest fag hag/fujo. Though her hating women (including ftm trans) checks out.

No. 1889384

nothing "pure evil" but just… more damning evidence of emotional immaturity

No. 1889403

man i feel bad for creators like vivzie, imagine selling your dear characters to a big company just for your show to be 2 seasons AT BEST, and then never be able to use them again(sage your shit)

No. 1889417

Kek I don't feel bad for her at all. She's an overdramatic narc who expected the studio that picked up her trashy deviantArt OC show concept to treat her like a god.

No. 1889438

I honestly don’t even believe this happened. The shows done, I just think it’s in distribution limbo which is unsurprising given the current state of the animation industry (especially the streaming aspect), the strike, and the fact that it’s a very niche show to begin with. I would bet that it all ends up just getting dropped on YouTube eventually.

No. 1889443

File: 1693199253628.png (194.02 KB, 512x562, IMG_1363.png)

Tracy Butler’s statement on the donation drama.

No. 1889456

Why did they want to decline the donation to begin with? I don't get what the initial problem even was

No. 1889458

this is what I want to know. It seems like there was already bad blood between the crews (and some of the hh voice talent viv fired who are now working on lackadaisy) and lackadaisy is known as the more “respectable” of the two indie animation projects and just didn’t want the association with vivzie or her studio. kinda petty but idk, offering an executive producer credit as an incentive in the first place seems questionable to me.

No. 1889462

Catching up on this thread and this is one of the funniest things I have ever read on this site. Severe mental illness isn't only a conservative thing, anon.
The amount of 'go back' over just about anything here these days and then qanon shit like this gets a bunch of omg so true. Sad.(infighting over a 1-month old post)

No. 1889467

File: 1693207153577.jpeg (149.18 KB, 750x1337, IMG_1364.jpeg)

No. 1889468

File: 1693207193942.jpeg (127.25 KB, 750x1237, IMG_1365.jpeg)

No. 1889479

The tone here is so obviously passive aggressive, she’s a complete open book.

No. 1889482

Viv is definitely a helicopter boss

No. 1889484

>They didn't need it to be fully funded
It was already fully funded and didn't even have too much trouble getting funded in the first place. Unlike her shows that seem to be stuck in development hell a little too often.

If she thought she could get a company to animate her deviantart tier ocs and lukewarm vague story without changing anything at all she's to blame for being naive and narcissistic. If she wants to make her own self-indulgent gay boy story she can do it herself, but companies need to make money and need a product people other than her will enjoy watching, and animators need designs that are actually fit for animation. Something always needs to be adjusted and changed, that's how it is, it's already a miracle that someone decided to pick up and actually complete a show with that trainwreck of a plot. Even she didn't know where to take the story beyond the pilot and her comics about Angel Dust being a sad sad gay boy, how could she expect a company to work with that and do exactly as she says (aka just show my darling character being sad idk)?

No. 1889485

I'm still mad we lost that milk because erin is stupid. Would have been fun to read

No. 1889564

bees are literally holy animals too…
damn, tracy's response to that very immature public blasting was very professional. shes always seemed cool to me.

No. 1889577

Lackadaisy has been around for a while, hasn’t she? I remember her from the sparklewoof era of DeviantArt with vanillakitsune and SROA - where all of them that were consistently in some drama, which seems to be the culture that Viv is steeped in. But LD never got into any of that drama as far as I know despite being in the same artistic family with anthro cats. She was also a decade older than them so that probably had something to do with it, but she would’ve been younger then than Viv is now where Viv is acting like a child.

No. 1889676

I'm sure there are many reasons for HH to be in distribution hell. I heard professional writers had to fix Vivs story so it wasn't just gay boys. HH actually was a good concept. I can actually see Viv going against the professional script ignoring people screaming at her and now the final product is just ass, just like season two of Helluva boss.
There is a clear drop in views in comparison to season one. From 50 million views to 10. Still a lot but the hype for her shows are dying and she's losing fans. Her shit fujo writing, poor character concepts and childish attitude is costing her. I love to see it though.

No. 1889700

based reply

No. 1889704

Oh how I wish I could re-upload it here.

But given that the contents weren't ready to be released (I'm pretty sure it would land people in lawsuits), I'd rather not jeopardize the efforts of whoever organized these files.

Erin goofed up big time by putting this on Twitter.(reddit spacing and baiting)

No. 1889775

This is so embarassing kek
also someone needs to tell Viv that chokers don't look good on her (or anyone)

No. 1889789

What era of comedy is he living in? Even during its heyday, this obnoxious type of screaming humour would have rest periods within a sketch to build up to the insanity(vidrel as an example). But Brandon's always loud and obnoxious, which diminishes the impact. I strongly suspect many of the writing issues with regards to comedy of HB stem from him.

No. 1889800

File: 1693260294047.jpg (869.81 KB, 1440x3088, Queer.jpg)

Does anyone know if vivziepop had a gf before or even acted like she was interested in woman?

No. 1889904

I remember watching an interview in which the interviewer mentioned that she had come out as bisexual, and she confirmed it in a way that made me really awkward as that seemed too performative for my taste, but that may be a bias from my side because I think she's too obsessed with drag, m/m ships, and gay males in general for me to take her seriously as a woman who actually likes women (not to mention how she seems to despise women in general). So who knows, I guess it's not impossible that she's actually bi (?) I (unfortunately) dated a bi woman who had a very unhealthy addiction to yaoi that destroyed our relationship, however, she was genuinely interested in women sexually/romantically and still only dates women - but she enjoys role-playing as gay men… sigh. (sorry for blogposting nonas kek)

No. 1889935

File: 1693282790164.jpg (37.88 KB, 550x543, flat,800x800,075,f.u3.jpg)

>unhealthy addiction to yaoi that destroyed our relationship

No. 1889941

I had briefly forgotten why I hated theater kids. This helped refresh my memory, perhaps saving me from making the mistake of giving them any second chances. Thank you, nona.

No. 1889950

Autistic ass nitpick but I hate when puppets are shoved into something to try and make it funny. It never is because the puppeteering is always really lame and personalityless or the whole joke is puppets are for kids lolsorandom let’s make it say something bad! The humor in this is very front page of Youtube in 2012.

No. 1889960

Idk about Viv but a lot of terminally online fujos claim to be lesbians, bisexual or “gay men” to deflect accusations of fetishizing gay relationships.

No. 1889970

I think this is exactly the case with Viv.

No. 1890316

File: 1693343346601.png (3.07 MB, 2048x2048, 1693343348988.png)

Another day, another terminally online dweeb with no self awareness living up to the phrase "we are laughing AT YOU, not with you."
Hope this fed her ego for 8 hours, and at least we got the milk of chubby Viv with a bucket on her head

No. 1890467

File: 1693357097463.jpg (23.39 KB, 562x280, 1693273029295005.jpg)

Oh my I thought people where joking about her being chunky, girl needs to stay off Twitter and get out side

It's hilarious I'm sure vivziepop thinks of her as angledust but really she is more like Niffty
With her Obsession with men

No. 1890630

The dinosaur tote, the ill fitting puffy sweater, the cheap $1 temu choker disappearing into her double chin. Why does she dress like an autistic middle schooler? kek

No. 1890633

File: 1693375979231.jpg (25.14 KB, 250x376, PU1Snsx.jpg)

No wonder she hates owl house dana is like a more functional version of her

No. 1890634

File: 1693376443791.jpg (408.42 KB, 1080x610, 6iwo4hp.jpg)

In other fujo animator news, an ex animator for gravity falls and owl house is basically making a BL jekyll & Hyde comic made a statement about how profound it is kek
Every animator is either scrote coomer, a self inserter or a fujo coomer. The natural consequences of animators growing up on deviantart and live journal

No. 1890636

File: 1693376620116.jpg (548.06 KB, 1080x1049, y9MwWZi.jpg)

Of course dana hypes it up

No. 1890650

tbf the owl house was shit
sabrina is so annoying but I kind of feel bad for her, she keeps getting development deals but she’s yet another person that thinks “representation” is more important than telling a good story so it’s not surprising.

No. 1890653

Samefag, accidentally deleted part of my comment. I meant to say she keeps getting development deals but they keep getting cancelled, kek

No. 1890655

What is it with spicy straight women and wildly misinterpreting classic horror stories? They did this shit with Frankenstein and Re-Animator, too. Trying to frame Henry Jekyll, Victor Frankenstein, and Herbert West as misunderstood gay scientists who "just wanted to find their true selves" is blatantly retarded. Ironically, by sympathizing with the villains of these stories they're acknowledging that they're morally bankrupt, self-indulgent degenerates with a general hate for themselves and others (Jekyll), and that they're arrogant transhumanists with no regard for the safety or well-being of anything or anyone, including themselves, when their egos are on the line (Frankenstein, West).

No. 1890656

File: 1693382409480.jpg (26.95 KB, 640x480, blueycapsuleslookinass.jpg)

He's got that Jervis Tetch phenotype. It reminds me of poorly drawn renditions of APH England from 2013 tumblr ask blogs.

No. 1890679

File: 1693390944817.png (53.96 KB, 532x454, fce0a249-2c38-5574-9e9c-d9466d…)

I hate that shit Frankenstein specifically, the whole thing is about men shouldn't defy nature and the sanctity of life.

No. 1890720

wasn't jekyll and hyde written as a critique of victorian society and how it was on one hand obsessed with image and being proper, while on the other hand still having an extremely seedy underbelly that people just pretended didn't exist? how is that at all about being trapped between two worlds?

No. 1890746

when you get all your (history and literature) education from tumblr and radikewl queer listicles, the seedy underbelly is obviously The Place Of The Righteous and what deserves criticism is how it wasn't the overculture. alternatively: "the crimes the British Empire committed against humanity were, like, bad and stuff, but [the straight fujoshi brainrot has these women convinced that] the worst of all was making gay sex illegal!"

No. 1890831

Libfems and queer theorists wrongfully assume that the seediest parts of society are the most righteous ones simply because marginalized people happened to be involved in those parts of society, completely forgetting that marginalized people didn't have anywhere else to turn to by nature of their oppression. This is similar to how they shout "sex work is work," conveniently leaving out the fact that most "sex workers" are impoverished or trafficked women who have no other choice but to sell their bodies to survive. They believe that symptoms of oppression are actually good by nature of their relation to the oppressed, assuming that these symptoms were the result of freely made choices and a healthy subversive "culture" rather than the result of horrific persecution.
The primary mistake being made is that they look at gay history and see hookup culture, public sex, prostitution, and kink, and they assume this was all the result of marginalized people with nothing left to lose "living authentically," rather than living restrictively and self-destructing out of anguish in response to overwhelming persecution and stigma. As a result, they believe that the degeneracy and hedonism erroneously associated with gay people are also wrongfully condemned inborn and harmless traits, just like homosexuality is, despite the fact that that's blatantly untrue. Degeneracy and hedonism are choices people make that are inherently harmful to either themselves, others, or both, whereas homosexuality isn't a choice and harms no one (when removed from the context of the persecution of SSA people).

No. 1890918

File: 1693430172112.jpg (948.12 KB, 1080x2592, 2flGQtj.jpg)

No. 1890931

This is very normal for development deals, many top animation directors working since the 90s have huge lists of cancelled development projects and they still continue pitching shows and make animatics and comics to grow new ideas.
It's so unprofessional to post about how many of your deals are cancelled because it hurts your future optics (it also makes you look ungrateful since so many artists never get into the position of even having an exec to foster their projects). Studios are starting to get wise to these types of creators, twitter/Tumblr people who leave a trail of destruction in their path due to no experience and bad optics from vent posting every thought and closed door info directly to their following. And these creators are also 1 oopsie-like or picture away from being cancelled and becoming a liability.

No. 1890943

These aren’t even all of them, she left the owl house to develop a show about a lesbian knight at Disney lol

No. 1890945

File: 1693434164852.jpg (90.7 KB, 455x768, say-the-line-sabrina.jpg)

With our powers combined, we can manifest this attempt's cancelation as well.

No. 1891002

honestly? could be way worse all things considered. I was expecting old bald scrotes with beards and glasses, at least they are somewhat cutesy and dont look 50yo. With normal noses they would be cute.

No. 1891010

Why were you expecting that? The quote in >>1890634 made it pretty clear that this was a tumblr fujo's rendition of the material. The way this was stylized is super predictable.

No. 1891239

Well it looks like Aug 31st is today and we still have no update or info of when Hazbin Hotel is coming out. Now people on Twitter are starting to ask questions. How can you leave your fans hanging? A24 is promoting other shows as well despite of the strike so why not letting others know what’s going on until the last minute?

No. 1891253

Eh, as much I dislike Viv its likely she can't for legal reason she can't say.

No. 1891407

File: 1693515577656.webm (3.56 MB, 1280x720, Fionna And Cake Full Intro.WEB…)

Fionna and Cake full intro released. Made into a webm because can't get my posts to actual post with embedding the youtube videos

No. 1891455

This is cute, I love how adventure time acknowledges that it's original fans have grown up. It reminds me of bee and puppycat, I wonder if natasha allegri is working on this

No. 1891525

Did they raceswap Marshall Lee? It's not a big deal, it just surprised me.

No. 1891543

gonna be a little autistic here but hasn't it always been headcanon'd (it might actually be canon i can't remember) that marceline's mom was black? if this is non-vampire marshall, makes sense

No. 1891549

Why would being undead turn him white? It would make sense if he were a little ashier and more pale when undead, but Marshall was full-on white, right down to having a completely different hair texture.

No. 1891555

Marceline and Marshal Lee never looked like normal humans let alone white ones the way finn did. They were just carbon copies of their dad. We thought finn was the only human until ice King and marceline's origin got revealed
It is canon

No. 1891597

File: 1693540478952.jpg (268 KB, 2048x1536, 1693538603526510.jpg)

vivzie looking fine these days

No. 1891605

This actually looks real cute, I'm gonna watch it.

No. 1891618

File: 1693543698927.png (437.58 KB, 707x395, Screenshot.png)

I watched the first episode, and I really liked it. It's more 'mature' in the sense that people use swear words in a normal way, not in an edgy tryhard way like most adult cartoons where cartoon swearing is the joke. I like the characters; they definitely felt like their own instead of just reverse gendered versions of the original.

No. 1891633

File: 1693547036119.png (3.61 MB, 1440x1440, IMG_1399.png)

nonna you didn’t post the best one

No. 1891640

File: 1693548359513.jpg (103.62 KB, 1000x563, ATFC_001_PRStill_AnimationMaga…)

They drew Hunter Wizard super hot and then had a fucking frog-voiced TiF voice him. Casting directors are literally just butchering their own projects for the sake of TRA brownie points at this point. Fuck it, just have Danny DeVito voice Fionna, since apparently the way the final product sounds doesn't matter anymore.

No. 1891641

No? He's just human now. Marcy's human mom was ambiguously brown, so it stands to reason that she'd be nonwhite if she were human.

Hunson Abadeer is a blue demon, therefore his daughter was born blueish grey. Make him human, and Marceline/Marshall Lee could theoretically be half any race. Stop race-baiting.

No. 1891642

Why did someone edit in one of the guys from Twisted Sister kek

No. 1891644

what in the rocky horror shadow cast bullshit is this

No. 1891647

File: 1693551734839.png (476.16 KB, 1526x816, tumblr_623660bbe3.png)

Basically, it was about a lesbian knight who saves a princess from an arrogant prince. It was pitched as a "butch queer re-imagining of fairy take chivalry." The issue lies in the fact that these people never create or are inspired by anything. Instead, they appropriate ideas from established authors, add in queer and "POC" representation, and believe they deserve more fame than the original works simply because there works are more diverse and inclusive. However, they fundamentally lack understanding of what made the original properties successful in the first place. For example, Dana Terrace attempted this with Owl House, which ended up taking elements from Harry Potter and whatever anime she watched, but she never grasped the essence of what made those things truly great and ended up creating a show with no audience, ultimately leading to an unceremonious ending.

No. 1891664

POV: you are Five Guys employee being passive aggressively reprimanded for taking too much time to prepare the largest order you have ever recieved.

No. 1891680

Imagine being so bad at character design you have to write the character's apparent only personality trait on her body three times to get it across.

No. 1891713

Whats wrong with this? This is how all lesbians dress, how else would we identify each other public?

No. 1891728

Unironically would love if Danny did a voice.

No. 1891734

>Almost all of them are overweight
>Viv's silly choker in a vain attempt to hide her chubby neck/double chin
>Wannabe bad girl poses despite them being shut-ins and cringy theater kids
This is so funny

No. 1891738

The way these women depict gay men feels deeply homophobic.

No. 1891742

File: 1693571488647.png (1.12 MB, 1433x713, Screenshot.png)

"I just watched the second episode. It wasn't as good as the first one, but it was still nice to see Simon again. I noticed that a lot of people had mixed opinions about Finn's characterisation, but I personally liked how he grew up. Overall, these two episodes convinced me to watch the rest of the series.

No. 1891758

She looks like Baylee Jae

No. 1891776

i wasn't a fan. fionna was just kind of irritating without much of a hook that made it feel worth it to follow her story (i just felt bad for cake), i expected better. might watch the rest of it, but i'm not too excited.

No. 1891788

tbf Fiona is clearly shown to be immature and ungrateful. She'll likely have a character arc where she learns to value her friends and community.

No. 1891814

that's what i mean. i see what they're trying to do, i just don't feel much pull to care about her journey so far. nothing about that episode really made me think "i want to watch this character grow and devlop". it almost felt like it was skating by on nostalgia from the original fionna and cake episode(s) and expecting viewers to be super invested, but that's a tall order if you're not very into the fandom side.

No. 1891819

samefag, i do get the sense that the show is "for" big fans who wrote fanfic and things like that (especially with the coffee shop AU aspect), so maybe it's just that.

No. 1891882

The TQA+ is very good at making depictions of lesbians that are completely unrelatable and unappealing to lesbians.

No. 1891894

I'm sorry is this girly girl in a pixie cut sticking her ass out for the boys supposed to be the butch? Or is the princess gonna be the butch? I get that this is for Disney but Tinkerbell already exists with short hair and this feels like Tink in armour kek

No. 1891896

the same character, just different designs

No. 1891957

>For example, Dana Terrace attempted this with Owl House, which ended up taking elements from Harry Potter and whatever anime she watched, but she never grasped the essence of what made those things truly great and ended up creating a show with no audience, ultimately leading to an unceremonious ending.
The Owl House had an audience, it got shut down because Dana was hard to work with or something. They wouldn't even have bothered giving her the specials for S3 if it didn't have an audience. They were even gonna get some light novel shit until they cancelled it because of financial disputes. The show itself was never the problem, it was a dumb witch show with free brownie points for Disney, something else had to have been the reason why they wanted out.

No. 1891970

Love when a character has no personality outside of being a stereotypical gay person.

No. 1891973

Refreshing to see an adult cartoon use some restraint when it comes to swearing instead of having everybody say "fuck" twenty times per minute. Swearing loses its comedic impact when characters do it constantly. It legitimately threw me when I heard someone say "Jesus" in Adventure Time, and that's not even a swear word lmao.

No. 1891991

It had an audience but not of children, which is what they wanted, a badly drawn show about a farmer and his family in the city had a better performance.

No. 1892012

>It was pitched as a "butch queer re-imagining of fairy take chivalry." The issue lies in the fact that these people never create or are inspired by anything
>add in queer and "POC" representation, and believe they deserve more fame than the original works simply because there works are more diverse and inclusive.
I don't know if it's millennial writing, tumblr writing or whatever but this type of "look at me i'm gay! uwu" character is already stale and ran down as fuck. Do tumblr graduates have no other character design capabilities than that?
It's not interesting or entertaining but I guess you can call anyone who finds it boring a heckin' homophobe for not being interested in a "qweer reimagining" of something. It's not a good series because of any good writing capabilities and theming but it's QWEER so it's automatically good. We can't ever have a good series that's well written with good gay characters apparently, 90% of the time it's some tard's cringe tumblr reimagining. I'm so tired. Same as >>1890636

No. 1892105

TOH was too “mature” for children but not i enough to gain an actual adult audience. The only people actually tuning in were tumblr teenagers which is a smaller audience than one might think.

No. 1892136

It doens't look like she is. It seems like she's kind of backed away career-wise, IDK why.

No. 1892210

File: 1693634703815.jpg (676.99 KB, 1600x2089, ElfQuest-Original-01-1600x2089…)

The only series that I think successfully did "queer" and POC" representation in a classic setting, which was actually well-received and well-written, was Elfquest. In that world, it felt normal, and the gay characters were portrayed as characters first. The gay and lesbian characters were not fetishized or branded solely for their sexuality. Additionally, the main relationship that would define the series was an interracial one. However, it was unfortunate that the last arc of the series was made by a pedophile, forever tarnishing the series.

No. 1892217

They always act like they're so revolutionary while they just take the exact plot of shit they grew up with in the 90s and remake it without the subtlety. Revolutionary Girl Utena already did "gay pink-haired knight tries to save the princess from the evil prince"

No. 1892224

I'm happy I'm not the only one that liked how adult Finn was characterized! He was never shown to be all that much of an introspective character and was several times shown to deal with most of his problems by throwing himself headfirst into danger to avoid thinking about them or find other means of escapism, so it makes sense that he would continue to be just as dense and believe adventure would solve Simon's problems.
On the topic of Simon, I really enjoyed getting a whole episode of how much he feels like a misfit in this new world. I was really wondering with how he would cope living in the whimsy world of Ooo.
I honestly quite liked both episode 1 and 2, but I don't know if it's because I'm just happy to see more AT or if it's because I in general enjoy different takes and angles of franchises I like.

No. 1892230

File: 1693640331808.png (863.71 KB, 1903x794, IMG_1411.png)

Copyright registrations for episode titles of the first season of Hazbin:
8 episodes, Spindlehorse is absent from all the copyright reg info. Those rumors about a shortened season and SH losing rights to the IP might be true after all.

No. 1892286

That badly drawn show about his farmer and his family is absolutely delightful and I won’t stand for hate on it. The brother who created it are apparently great to work with and it’s 100% a passion project (that they continued creating in their own homes during lockdown so their animators and artists wouldn’t suddenly be unemployed)

No. 1892336

The show and art style aren't my cup of tea, but I can definitely see why it's popular with kids and families. It's nice, fun, episodic, non-controversial, and will probably last a few years with decent ratings

No. 1892375

Holy shit Brandon got hit with twink death so hard. I know he was never the most attractive dude to start with, but now he looks like a 50 year old gay crack addict they pulled off the streets of San Francisco.

No. 1892441

I love that show. It’s genuinely really funny, reminds me a lot of Gravity Falls humor.

No. 1893150

File: 1693797595490.png (612.91 KB, 720x1500, ruh roh.png)

Looks like someone fucked up. F to the talent agent about to be fired over this kek

No. 1893160

what badly drawn farmer show is this?

No. 1893164

Late to the party but i'm tired of anons here treating loli and shota like it's nothing.
>b-but it's not real cp
Sure, it's bad to compare victims of cp to drawings, but you do realize degens who draw this shit are just ticking timebombs waiting for a chance to touch real kids right?

>puppeteering is never funny
Except in the new DHMIS show

No. 1893173

Oh viv self inserting/skin walking her own main character Charlie? I would have never guessed

No. 1893198

She privated her portfolio and deleted/hid that particular board on her pixiv.

No. 1893230

File: 1693825896954.jpg (Spoiler Image,313.84 KB, 1274x1080, 1_0478c5f1cb92d30a6017ad626a92…)

>it was unfortunate that the last arc of the series was made by a pedophile, forever tarnishing the series.
I feel I should explain this, sage for technically not being OT but super old-milk, So Elfquest was created by Wendy and Richard Pini,(with Wendy being the primary creative influence). The comics gained immense popularity in the 70s and 80s. There were even discussions about adapting the series into an animated format, but those plans fell through due to Wendy's insistence on including sex scenes, which she felt were crucial to the story, she also wanted the male characters to remain "pretty." For a considerable period, the series enjoyed success but eventually started to decline, with its peak followed by a slight dip in popularity. To continue the storyline, an indie comic artist and publisher named Barry Blair was put in charge of a sequel series. However, this sequel storyline was not well-received, mainly due to the art style and the story itself.
Now In Elfquest, the male characters were always depicted as attractive, which helped attract a large female audience. However, Barry Blair took this to an extreme by drawing overly youthful and adolescent-looking boys for even the adult male characters. Moreover, the female characters suffered from "same-face/same-body syndrome," where they all looked similar intentionally. The male characters also exhibited unusual passivity in this particular storyline and were wearing bizarre outfits that had never been seen in the series(stuff like picrel)
Turns out Barry Blair had a history of drawing porn involving young boys being tortured or sexually abused by creepy older men or dominatrix-esque women. I want to give Richard and Wendy the benefit of the doubt and assume that they were unaware of Barry's actual pedophilic tendencies. But further details regarding Barry Blair's actions and his attraction with young boys can be would come to the general public with comic artist Dave Cooper's work, "Dan & Larry In Don't Do That." It was also revealed that Barry had employed several teenage boys, and his actions were apparently an open secret, he died in 2010 of a a brain aneurysm.

This article goes into his history and controversies

No. 1893275

Probably Big City Greens.

No. 1893383

holy shit this is gross. It was creepy enough before noticing the detailed outline of the penis under the panties. Thanks for the info nonna

No. 1893389

Oh man, as soon as I saw the word “pedophile”, I knew it was about Barry Blair. I first saw his work when I was a kid. I picked up a copy of his Elflord comic, thinking it was somehow related to Elf Quest. How wrong I was. Even as a kid reading that shit, I knew there was something seriously wrong with him. It’s so bizarre seeing his name brought up in this day and age. Rest in piss Barry.

No. 1893417

Thank you nonnie, I was actually really hoping someone would explain lol
Lmao filename made me kek. This is such a big fuck up to be dropped publicly like this

No. 1893428

File: 1693887696960.jpg (181.17 KB, 1025x674, 15e76c5e9774364f718923135564.j…)


No. 1893430

File: 1693888059109.jpg (346.28 KB, 1180x600, 22.jpg)

Has anyone seen this cartoon, is it good?

No. 1893434

Watched it a few days ago when it was on tv it's ok, not as charming as phineas and ferb and some of the side characters are a bit annoying but not awful.

No. 1893439

Man Viv's outfit wouldn't be so bad if she took off that stupid collar, the dress and the heels go nice together I think lol

No. 1893441

File: 1693893481073.png (2.22 MB, 1440x1499, IMG_1232.png)

No. 1893454


No. 1893456

That guy in the article is way to much focused on the hOmOpHoBiA that the poor poor Barry Blair got.
Sorry I saw his work, that guy was creepy and a pedo, everyone can see it if you take a small look on his work.

No. 1893458

He also actually molested children, which is far worse then people being mean to him.

No. 1893467

Apparently Episode 5 of Hazbin Hotel has been leaked, does any have links

No. 1893471

File: 1693907117114.png (Spoiler Image,575.53 KB, 961x523, Screenshot.png)


I watched it, not as bad as the mafia episode, but this one was just confusing.
>there were too many dildo and cock jokes and gags
>the romance was just badly depicted and cliche, like fan-fiction of a gay male relationship
>Ozzy giving a lecture about how lust should never be enforced is just utterly dumb.
>weird radical politics she was implying with the imps and blue blood demons

No. 1893487

It's been a topic for a long time that a lot of lgbt people hate how every gay adult cartoon boils down to dildos and dicks. Funny how she's all for rep but has no idea how to write a gay character. This goes for lesbian and trans relationships. I hope people don't look at this shows writing and think "Wow, this is great rep"
I prefer Rebecca Sugar's writing at this point.

No. 1893497

File: 1693918362908.jpg (Spoiler Image,213.39 KB, 700x506, 876976.jpg)

there's an entire bacha bazi scene in that comic, picture is for ants because no one needs see the details

No. 1893500

Jesus fuck, this is so unsurprising that he was a paedophile

No. 1893501

>trans relationships
Go back, especially if >>1893441 is you. Rebecca Sugar is a woman.

No. 1893503

>she also wanted the male characters to remain "pretty."
based ngl

No. 1893604

I really liked this episode. I always liked Simon so I'm really happy he's one of the main characters aside from Fionna.

No. 1893664

File: 1693948239750.jpg (396.66 KB, 1080x1387, Elflul.jpg)

He wasn't even gay, he was bisexual at best considering half his work is fetish porn of sphere-boobs women and the other half is fetish porn of little boys with bimbo faces.
Male sexuality is predictable meme.

It is funny to see that he probably liked adult men too at some point, but repressed it to not seem too gay (picrel, wtf is this 70s american yaoi?).

No. 1893665

The vibe I got from his female characters was just as they existed not for himself but just existing to not seem too gay, but they were all identical in personality and appearance.

No. 1893672

KEK why she talk like those anime weeb cringe parodies by that qweefcafe tif

No. 1893691

>He also actually molested children
Wait, what the fuck? When?

No. 1893717

Please pardon my autism nonas (I know it's a bit OT as well) but how did they manage to leak episodes? Did Viv get hacked or was someone from her team? I'm just really curious because she should have a way to prevent stuff like that from happening as I presume that's bad for her YT views

No. 1893769

Could be someone from the team or someone who knows to get into whatever server the crew uses to send work back and forth. Shit is always leaking from Spindlehorse

No. 1893844

Its hilarious, someone contacted one of the the storyboard artists claiming to be working for some big name studio and wanted some proof of concepts of HB's marketability and so the storyboard artist just gave away an entire unreleased episode.

No. 1893887

File: 1694007794423.png (304.41 KB, 1052x1234, Screenshot_20230906-084321-152…)

It's cute he did it because of, or was inspired by his wife's interest I guess.

No. 1895583

New Helluva Boss episode just released.

No. 1895595

Here it comes…

No. 1895600

see my post >>1893471

No. 1895606

I hate all of Viv's character designs, but this rat jester in the thumbnail has to be my least favorite character design by far. The head-tubes are gross, and the face looks like a retarded child drew it. Every time I see this character, I wish Viv never had access to the internet a little more.

No. 1895635

Watched it. Way too much soppy romance bullshit, but what's new. It could have had a decent plot but it just fell flat. At least there were a couple of decent scenes and a line from Striker which I actually loved:
"Why is it always a weird sex thing?"
Fucking kek

No. 1895640

I’ve watched like. Four minutes so far but holy shit why does every episode feel like a wattpad fanfiction of an actual adult swim show like where is spindlehorse hiding the real thing it must be in the basement kek

No. 1895644

Right. I’m now eight minutes in and this is the most fujo brained thing I’ve ever seen. Trust me, it takes one to know one and I know when someone’s stuffing all their favourite male characters into one episode so they can fawn all over them(sage your shit)

No. 1895648

File: 1694289079228.jpeg (820.16 KB, 2052x1114, IMG_1319.jpeg)

Picrel can this women just make the mass orgy episode she so clearly wants to get out of her system so that this show can finally get back