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File: 1692205858088.jpeg (926.24 KB, 3201x1800, 1BE90017-EB4A-468D-9B06-56A575…)

No. 1882751

Farrah Abraham is a botched, washed up 32 year old ex-reality tv star, author, porn star, fame-hungry narcissist mother who lives vicariously through her 14 year old daughter that she markets on Instagram as an influencer. She’s also a Xanax addict who claims to be “one year in recovery” even though she does constant lives and responds to people while clearly barred out.

Not going to post pictures of Sophia , Farrah’s daughter or even link her accounts because she’s under 16 and being exploited. Unfortunately, Farrah constantly posts Sophia on her page but let’s keep Sophia’s face off of here and respect the fact that she’s a minor

old career and milk:
>Farrah was cast in 16 and Pregnant in 2009 featuring the turbulent relationship with her narcissistic chain-smoking mother. There’s footage on the show of Farrah’s mother calling her a whore, and even preventing her from getting an abortion. Unfortunately during the filming of the show, the father of Farrah’s child was tragically killed in a car accident.
>She was cast on teen mom in 2012 and tried to get therapy during the show specifically because of the verbal, emotional, and physical abuse she endured.
>She decided to launch a few shitty pasta sauce lines with her whole brand being a young mother. She also released some poorly-received music that was only ever played to make fun of Farrah.
>Farrah finally felt independence and earned a stable income, which made her able to live away from her mother. This is when Farah really starts to begin her obsession with fame. She gets a few cosmetic procedures at this time due to the money she earned from the show.
>Her time at Teen Mom ended eventually and as a last hope she decided to hire a fake boyfriend in order to appear on another reality tv show called Couples Therapy. This did not work out as he left in the middle of the show and Farrah became the only cast member in Couples Therapy history to continue therapy alone. Anything for screen time ig??
>Once that dried up, she decided to release a sex tape that she made 1 million dollars from. Eventually, she got her own teen mom spin off special episode along with the other women who appeared on Teen Mom. The success of these episodes made MTV consider continuing the series just without Farrah due to the concern of the other cast members complaining that she was an “inappropriate influence on [their] children.”
>A year later, Farrah booked an appearance on UK celebrity big brother. She was a horrible and nasty player who started arguments with everyone. She would argue so much and never get tired. She also made fun of another house guest for being gay and kept claiming she was a “good Christian woman.” Clips can be found on YouTube if interested.
>Farrah starts posting “self love” and “healing from trauma” content while talking about how “awful the haterz are”
>writes multiple books that are complete word salad and make no sense. Tons of run on sentences and random words she doesn’t know the meaning of. Mixes up your and you’re constantly.
>Posts on her OF a lot. Gross fetish content because Farrah thinks she’s hot and looks younger than she is. There are a bunch of people in her comments saying she posted a picture of Sophia on her OF as well. She also does a lot of the typical sex worker bullshit like “send me a message” and the Amazon storefront stuff. Just desperate cash grabs.

>Sophia is Farrah’s daughter that she gave birth to as a a teenager. She has a social media presence that her mother controls entirely
>Starts making Sophia model in photo shoots with her at a very early age, ever since she was born
>Starts vlogging on an account run by Farrah about her being a mom. It’s mostly just Farrah talking about herself and the views are lacking at most. She only shows Sophia when it’s convenient and makes her look like a good mother.
>Sophia’s channel is also run and edited by Farrah with a lot of makeup tutorials from when Sophia was a very young child. Most of it is innocent and just has a lot of examples of Farrah being a narcissist and inserting herself in every video.
>Recently, she uploaded a video about how she “scanned her brain” and went to this celebrity therapist who looks at brain activity and related it to mental illnesses. Sophia complained a lot about anxiety and depression that Farrah clearly caused. The feeling between them is really tense and the way Farrah looks at her while Sophia looks back seems that it’s a scripted interaction or Sophia is looking for some kind of cue from Farrah. Farrah starts leading a lot of the conversation and tries to guide her to say certain things throughout the video. Sophia explains Farrah says she has ADHD and ADD from “reading books.” It’s clear she was never professionally diagnosed and even says she feels that she has “ADD more than ADHD.”
>Sophia’s Instagram is concerning to say the least. Every video is recorded and edited by her mother again. Farrah doesn’t even try to hide it, it literally says “account run by Farrah” in the bio. The weird thing is that she pretends to be Sophia and comments on her own posts saying “I love you mom” and “happy birthday” and writing her own captions pretending to be a teenager. All the captions are clearly written by an out of touch millenial but everyone believes it’s Sophia despite any of that.
>Shows pictures of Sophia wearing skimpy crop tops and outfits from a young age, takes her to photo shoots and hair salons and posts it on Instagram. The thread pic is Sophia but I had to blur out her outfit and face to protect her identity. She was wearing a bathing suit top, similar to one that Farrah was also wearing in a separate picture on Farrah’s page with the same Barbie background.
>Takes Sophia to the red light district in Amsterdam to educate her on “trans streets” and “black female streets.” A lot of people on Instagram get mad at Farrah in the comments and accuse her of grooming Sophia since that’s not an appropriate place to take a child.
>Sophia is completely homeschooled, posts multiple photos and captions about Sophia doing only online schooling.
>Let’s Sophia get 6 piercings at once when she turns 14, (snake bites, septum, multiple ear piercings), she receives harsh criticism for this along with the unnecessary photo shoots where Sophia looks uncomfortable and stiff.
>Also bought her a mommy-daughter trip to Tokyo for her birthday, another photo shoot, and gets her a “sugar free cake” (yikes). Decided not to link the post since it’s on ”Sophia’s” Instagram.
>Still tries to make Sophia model but she has dyed hair and piercings which is the exact opposite of what the traditional agencies Farrah was after even look for, completely delusional and starts paying for Sophia’s photoshoots despite her clearly not wanting to be a model and desiring to be a normal teenager
>Every birthday post of Sophia’s is with only her mom, she has no friends. Sophia has her own phone so it’s likely she has a secret/private Instagram but every account that is supposedly Sophia is really her mom.
>Starts doing livestreams on tiktok for gifts, Sophia looks bored and uncomfortable in all of them.
>Recent photo shoot where Farrah edits her videos like it’s a literal fan edit, typing and posting as if it were Sophia editing it.

Farrah’s social media:

>Specific Farrah schizo posts:

Farrah taking a fuck ton of supplements for no reason:
>Farrah doing a photo shoot of Sophia and her boyfriend at Sophia’s father’s grave:
>Farrah angrily responding to a video made about her on YouTube reels:
>Pouring a bottled latte into a pumpkin on live:
>Talks about the other cast members on Teen Mom joining only fans and how much they’re copying her:

No. 1882754

File: 1692206130708.jpeg (422.05 KB, 1170x1827, 53D0D213-9C1B-40B3-998E-295F9F…)

I’m sorry but this is so weird to me. Farrah uploaded like three different videos of them taking pictures at S’s father’s grave. It just leaves such a bad taste in my mouth especially knowing the lengths Farrah will go to for attention and sympathy.

No. 1882906

holy shit i nearly forgot about her, cant believe how busted she looks now from all the plastic surgery. She mustve really hated herself because she looks like a completely different person, but i guess thats not enough since shes trying to live through her daughter and doesn't give a shit shes exposing her to predators and denying her autotomy. Sad situation all around. shes extremely arrogant and self-entitled and will die a very unhappy person. I sincerely hope Sophia can get away from her.

No. 1882988

You have no idea how happy I am that this thread had been made. Many people from the TM Reddit page were extremely concerned that Farrah is grooming Sophia to be a sex worker since she posts photos of her on her OF page while she was wearing too revealing for her age. Unfortunately we cannot talk about our concerns anymore otherwise we get banned since we don’t know if she’s being trafficked or not. Also thank you for not posting pics of Sophia since she is a victim in this situation.

Now I’ve read a blind item that her daughter was kicked out of summer camp due to being on drugs. It’s most likely untrue because you know how celebrity blind items are, BUT if it were true then sadly it’s not a surprise since Sophia is isolated by her friends and family so she can be mommy’s little puppet.

Also you forgot to mention that she does scat videos and make OF with fat old men. Plus she’s in court for alleged assault with and security guard which is why she went to “mental health retreat” aka Rehab.

No. 1882989

File: 1692230114760.jpeg (844.91 KB, 1170x1863, A6BE0BA6-9BE9-4C69-BFA3-B1922A…)

Link to tt: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZT8NsHgUD/
Farrah also does “meet and greets” on her OF and it’s literally just her prostituting herself. She invites strangers into her home to fuck while her daughter is there…. It’s rubbing off on her too. So sad

No. 1882990

Yup she makes very degenerate porn and anyone can see it for super cheap. Not to mention her daughter is influenced by it

No. 1882993

I forgot to mention that there is a video where she claims that Sophia wants to sell feet photos at the age of 13 and something about being too uncomfortable to talking about her vagina even this kid is still underage. And then there’s a video where she was doing unboxing sex toys in the car while she accidentally hit Sophia with a vibrator.

I could go on since this is too tragic and nobody is helping Sophia out.

No. 1883013

I also love that she claims to be a big celebrity but has the time to make an angry response video to a video about her history and demise.

Stay Mad Farrah!

No. 1883109

Didn't she sell little vials of her poop?

No. 1883203

Yep. Even though she claims for it to be a joke.(learn to sage: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1883211

File: 1692285477391.jpg (44.71 KB, 479x336, adgdfg.jpg)

you forgot to mention her mom, rapper debz og!

No. 1883217

File: 1692286054529.jpg (90.22 KB, 916x394, Screenshot 2023-08-17 082454.j…)

No. 1883267

Great thread OP. I used to follow Farrah but since Sophia's gotten older it's hard to watch, she's clearly being groomed and it's sickening.

this clip is so telling, Sophia is very familiar with the world of sex work and fetish modeling, and Farrah rewards her with attention for suggesting she take part.
Sophia keeps shooting the camera these mischievous smiles - is she embarrassed Farrah is vlogging this? Or happy because she successfully got attention or a rise out of Farrah? She does this sarcastic squint-nod at her mom's babbling that's actually really funny and tells me she enjoys trolling Farrah. Gives me hope she knows how fucked up this all is.

I thought from Farrah's first 16&Pregnant episode that there was sexual abuse in her household. her highly unstable personality, frequent outbursts, extreme anger towards her parents - seems typical of girls who experienced repeated CSA.

i remember a scene where Farrah and her sister were fighting - they both had these HUGE wide open eyes and scary fake smiles plastered on their faces while yelling cruel things at each other. like they had to pretend to be a happy family even as they tore each other to shreds. it was bizarre and made me think their household runs on repression and secrets. Deb and Michael definitely belong in the all time shitty parent hall of fame

No. 1883317

Shes a lolcow herself that I'm surprised nobody here was ripping her to shreads as well. However Farrah cut ties with her few years back when Deb was seeing Farrah making OF movies on a Yacht.

No. 1883428

File: 1692305910973.jpeg (602.71 KB, 667x1108, 89DEAD95-D3EB-40B0-A5EA-B994EA…)

I know I linked this in the thread but I think this sped up video of Farrah taking like 50 supplements for “allergy protocol” is so funny

No. 1883524

It might be her popping pills in disguise of supplements.

A year or two ago she said that was going to Trauma Therapy after being traumatized of being cuffed on the ground but the place she went to was a detox center. There are pics of her crossing out the words "12 steps" on her book and videos claiming that she's not an alcoholic. The funny thing about the situation is that she forces her family to take the 12 steps as if THEY were the one who needs to take inventory and she's suddenly an expert after one month. She's pretty much Barbie as she claims to be a Comedian, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Boxer, and so forth.

No. 1884068

File: 1692399802058.jpg (200.56 KB, 1080x2144, jbdaqn0jjrib1.jpg)

Why would anyone want to sit on a toilet like that? It confirms that she's a Dubai port-a-potty as well. No doubt in my mind that she's bringing S to her trips as well just like Amsterdam.

No. 1884105

File: 1692405040850.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1170x1780, 7C5C2615-2859-4E50-9A5B-3EEDC4…)

When Farrah donates money all of Instagram has to know what a kind person she is. She implies she’s helping more than Biden even though there’s $700 going to each household. Is that enough? Definitely not but why is Farrah acting like $1000 is a generous donation when it’s a drop in the water to the problem and Farrah claims to be super rich…

No. 1884170

It’s all for clout. She’s only donating to one family compared to Biden. She’s getting money from OF and sugar daddies. She’s not really rich. She’s one of them people who fakes to be rich by buying LV and Guccis and show it off. Real rich people don’t give a shit about the products and don’t really spend every moment telling people how rich they are.

No. 1884171


No. 1884181

Good god why does her face look like she’s wearing a purge mask. I couldn’t imagine wanting to look like that let alone post it over and over and over again. Honestly sad her daughter is falling into the same trap a lot of girls do by following what the cunts on TikTok say. It’s disgusting that so many women promote online prostitution

No. 1884188

This testimony means nothing tbh. I hate when people try to defend the reputations of accused sexual predators as if they’re supposed to go around being obvious about their predation, which doesn’t happen in reality. Another trick of predators is to go after victims they suspect are less likely to be believed. Sure Farrah might come from a “privileged” background but her emotional outbursts and crazy family antics would make a lot of people say she’s just mentally ill and looking for attention.

No. 1884211

Exactly, there’s no doubt in my mind something had happened to her growing and it sucks that Deb is denying everything. I honestly hate people who use the excuse of being rich to shut down a persons trauma.

But we can all agree on the fact that this woman has zero empathy for other people and will use them to get what she wants including her daughter. Victims can end up being perpetrators.

It’s more concerning for her own mother to promote her daughter like a prostitute rather than randos online. Im shocked that this isn’t been talked about since this child is 14 years old and has her photos is on her moms OF. Farrah’s Tiktok is verified and even if you report suspicious actions, nobody’s gonna do anything. This really piss me off since that kid could be in danger, especially when’s she’s traveling to Dubai for her moms escort trip; where she advertise the family experience.

No. 1885747

Doesn't this whole thing reminds you of Courtney Love and her daughger? Courtney had a child with Kurt Cobain but he diead when the daughter was very young. Courtney then partied throughout her daughter's childhood and had been erratic in the public eye. It got so bad that the daughter had to emancipate herself when she was 17.

I'm wondering if S will do the same since Farrah is getting worse each year to the point of drinking and doing drugs.

No. 1886108

Farrah is a great mother to Sophia. Does talking bad about her make you guys feel better about yourselves? You’re all making assumptions on things you don’t even know. This is defamation and illegal, Farrah literally passed the bar and does law on the side. Not only is she a smart woman and millionaire, but she could sue your asses!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1886113

If by passed the bar you mean assaulted security outside of a bar

No. 1886136

She has another thread too >>49300

No. 1886176

File: 1692686247579.jpeg (141.07 KB, 640x546, IMG_7487.jpeg)

remember when she “took a break” from S when she was 4 years old?

No. 1886236

I don’t think this is actual bait since if it’s really her then she would post about this thread on her Instagram or Tiktok. If a rando would talk about her then she would grab a screenshot of the video and make a vid calling that person out. Just you wait she’s gonna do it to this thread as soon as possible since she’s a washed up celebrity with no life.

No. 1886271

Kek I guess this is her third thread >>>/snow/390118

No. 1886334

But it hasn’t been use for about 5 years.

No. 1886337

I feel like it’s different threads though because it’s different milk. No point in reviving old threads when you can summarize milk in a new one. She has gotten worse over time, it needs to be talked about

No. 1886338

File: 1692716854548.png (354.07 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9699.png)

If you guys are in a mood for some word salad then feel free to read her yelp reviews. And yes that is her actual account. A successful millionaire wouldn’t have the time to post this lengthy review so who is the person fooling?

No. 1886339

File: 1692716917120.png (447.71 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9700.png)

No. 1886351

No. 1886481

File: 1692738298003.png (1.5 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0954.png)

Oh she’s like actually retarded. Sage for old milk but oh my god.

No. 1886491

>on the sentence level
Ouch kek. Truth though.

No. 1886492

File: 1692739585572.jpeg (238.43 KB, 1164x2388, IMG_9701.jpeg)

This broad wants to be a lawyer just like her idol Kim K. Correct me if I’m wrong but if you’ve been convicted of a crime does that mean you can’t be a lawyer?

No. 1886510

HER FACE GESÙ CHRISTI. Even current day Cher looks better!!! I know this is not like a contribution comment but I am genuinely shocked this is what she’s done to herself this woman is deeply unwell and I’m so sad she has custody of her daughter. This is one of the worst kinds of people to raise and nurture a young girl.

No. 1886524

File: 1692742076499.jpeg (129.02 KB, 1200x675, IMG_9702.jpeg)

I’m just wondering how she can do so much procedures at a time. At one point her lips were extremely botched. It’s only a matter of time when her body can’t handle all those modifications and she could die under the knife just like Kanye Wests mom.

No. 1886658

File: 1692757137101.png (82.15 KB, 884x355, quizzesandvideos.png)

>Online paralegal program
>On to more law work
Kek paralegal isn't anything close to an attorney or law school. It's hilarious how she took pictures outside of the law school for her online course. She probably can't even get inside the building. The professor in >>1886481 was right but she's too much of a narcissist to take any feedback.

No. 1886722

its a real mind fuck trying to ascertain why she chose to do this to her face when she already fitted well within today's beauty standards. she was attractive before, at least on the outside. now shes like a baba yaga who casted a de-aging spell on herself or something.
it just pisses me off that on some level, shes aware of this and i think a reason fueling her living through her daughter.

No. 1886767

If that’s what she looks like at the age of 32 then image what she’ll look like at her Middle Ages. It’s gonna be a huge wreck.

When S will turn 18 then that’s where the feuds begins since she’ll be competing with her daughter even though S is not the type of person who wants cameras all over her 24/7 as she’s young and men will be more attracted to her. Just like her mama Deb, she will go through her mid-life crisis and will make an ass out of herself.

No. 1886770

File: 1692778003069.png (859.93 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9705.png)

It’s most likely her dumbass not doing research but being a paralegal will make her $50,000 which will not make her afford anything in the todays world, especially her materialistic things. Plus she’ll have to not rely on her OF since she’ll be busy with a 9-5 job. If she actually goes for the lawyer career, she’ll never pass the bar and will cry and walk out of the room as per usual and will write a yelp review about how discriminating they are towards her because she’s a WOMAN.

Somebody please take away her pills before she makes more stupid decisions.

No. 1887480

File: 1692885583345.jpeg (1.36 MB, 3465x3465, 8A0262AD-BB8A-4DCF-AADD-403A79…)

Farrah posting on her Instagram story rating bikini pictures of her as a desperate cry for attention. A new video on S’s Tik tok shows a recorded love video of Farrah and S, Farrah keeps arguing with all of the comments and calling them crazy, manipulative, the usual Deb word vomit. S sits there super docile and just says “thank you for the roses, thank you for the likes” and chuckles awkwardly while ignoring her mother insanely arguing with the commenters. They go live for money and they get a decent amount of money per love because of the gifts. I will say it’s obvious Farrah actually cares for Sophia and let’s her express herself, she’s just so obviously traumatized from her own mother and can’t take accountability for her learned behavior. It’s so sad

No. 1887486

As a narc however Farrah’s love for S is conditional just like Debs. It’s only a matter of time where S will be her own person and wouldn’t want to record herself as much as her mom wants her to. And there are possibilities of her spilling the tea and Farrah would take it to the internet and call her own daughter a liar. At one time where S didn’t want to peruse to be an actress at a younger age Farrah would take it to the internet and would rant about how difficult she is and hopes that she has a nice life as if she was planning to abandoned her.

It’s gonna be like the current Kate Gosselin situation where one of her kids spoke out about the abuse and in no time she took it to instagram to gaslight him and making him the bad guy while having her golden child to back her up. And of course it’ll be the same as Deb and her suppose childhood friend when they made a YouTube video about her.

She may let S where whatever she wants but there is a purpose to that such as not being too much of a competition for her and use it as a leverage when S finally breaks down and use her alt fashion as a scapegoat for the reason why her daughter is acting out.

No. 1887593

You mean golden siblings? More than one now have come out calling the story bullshit

No. 1887609

THANK YOU for this thread OP! i’m on the subreddit for teen mom stuff and get such a kick out of reading her bizarre reviews.
curious — why has jenelle evans never had a thread? she’s a munchie and abuses her children alongside her loser racist husband that looks like cat puke. recently her son jace (who she JUST got custody of) ran away and then within 48 hours of him being found she took her grimy sasquatch husband on vacation across the country. she really deserves her own thread but her lore goes too deep for me to be able to type out myself lol

No. 1887610

i don’t think sophia is in a bad position, but farrah is the result of a person who wasted their young life because of a mistake, and is going to eventually live that life/regress through her daughter. that’s why kris jenner is who she is.

No. 1887616

Except Kris Jenner didn't use social media to exploit her daughters and she isn't an escort who took them on her "business" trip. Now that the internet is on S ever since she was born there's no way she'll be okay once she hits her adult years since her childhood was robbed and was exploited by her psycho mother who was never called out for the horrible shit she's done.

No. 1887619

Its gonna take someone who has all that time and skills to write down Jenelle in a nutshell for her own thread. But yeah, its rather unfortunate for her son having custody with that monster who allows her neanderthal husband to abuse her kids and kill her dogs.

No. 1887623


So this happened of course. Once again she got away with hitting a security guard. How is this bitch getting away with murder and abusing her child?

No. 1887631

same anon, i might be willing to do it if i thought other people would want in? she’s already constantly freaking out over people on reddit talking about her so i know a thread here would drive her insane so it might be worth it lol

No. 1887632

I'd say go for it anon. She's already freaking out on Tiktok if somebody stitches her with things that she doesn't like to hear.

No. 1887633

kek i was hoping for a jenelle thread after seeing this one! or maybe just a teen mom thread in general, there's been so many cows on that show

No. 1887679

i’ll get started on it after work! she’s such a piece of shit and the subreddit is so weirdly moderated that i’d love to have some of the nonny energy. it’ll be my first thread so please be gentle!

No. 1887691

For real, you can’t even talk about your concerns about S without being threatened with a ban or having the thread closed down. I understand we shouldn’t cow-tip but there are things that are quite concerning that should be brought attention to.

No. 1888146

No. 1888172

Wow no wonder Farrah has been trying larping as a legal solicitor. She totally bullshitted that the charges were dropped and everyone just believed her kek(sage your shit)

No. 1888417

i made the JE thread! i feel like i didn’t do it correctly, but it’s up in snow if anyone wanted to check it out. sorry it’s bad!

No. 1888690

I don’t see it for some reason

No. 1888912

I'd be down for a Teen Mom thread. There are so many cows to choose from. I wonder what Amber is up to, she was my favorite Teen Mom cow. And Tyler.

No. 1889135


same i think its worth making a teen mom general and collecting juhnel and farrahs milk there too

No. 1889816

Does anyone have leaks of her OF?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1889848

it’s here >>>/snow/1888410
i would definitely love a general TM thread, they’re all losers who built their fortune on exploiting their kids. cate and tyler have spent the last week posting cringe poetry and saying he didn’t shame her for being fat when there’s video proof of it. maci’s ex also went ballistic and completely destroyed his wife’s home, like smashing furniture and spray painting WHORE on the walls, as well as shitting on the floor and leaving a gun on the counter to tell her he’s going to kill her. none of these people are well adjusted adults lol

No. 1890534

File: 1693363107375.jpg (569.4 KB, 828x1163, IMG_8110.jpg)


No. 1891550

File: 1693533354494.gif (2.17 MB, 400x225, 101DFB98-7EFF-45C1-B2E4-8C6199…)

No. 1904949

File: 1695784440917.jpeg (360.36 KB, 574x790, IMG_8607.jpeg)

wonder what this could be

No. 1904964

The first thing I thought was that she’s dragging some of the other Teen Moms into >>1890534, like a depraved MLM.

No. 1917135

File: 1697911597396.png (1.2 MB, 1542x1526, Screenshot 2023-10-21 at 2.05.…)

Farrah was sentenced to 18 months probation for assaulting a security guard and then said this in response to that information being published

No. 1917227

the fuck did chickpeas do to her?

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