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File: 1693009614111.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1253x1174, IMG_0960.jpeg)

No. 1888410

Jenelle Evans is a former star of MTV’s 16 and Pregnant and later on starred in the spinoff Teen Mom 2. Currently, she is known for being an abusive mother, encouraging her husband to abuse her children, and venturing into Onlyfans, updates of which she refers to as “spicy dumps”. Her current personality is a racist munchie who dabbles in Qanon and Shein hauls when she’s not doctor shopping or abusing her kids.

Please remember that Jenelle is not a victim. She abuses her children and chooses to be with another person who abuses them. She is not worth your pity, only the kids she neglects and screams at are.

She was “fired” (in quotes because MTV never fired her, they simply said they were not filming with her at that point) in 2019, while her Sasquatch of a husband was fired in 2018 after a series of homophobic tweets. He is a known far right extremist and abuser, who has been barred from his son’s life due to hitting and abandoning his pregnant girlfriend, whom Jenelle posted revenge porn of. David has also been visited by the secret service due to his insane amount of firearms, bullets, poison darts, and wide variety of totally normal weapons to have when you’re a white man in North Carolina where you have four children living with you.
Notably, her “firing” was after her husband David beat and shot her dog Nugget to death in front of her children. Jenelle announced the small dog’s death on Instagram but refused to press charges against her greasy husband and went on a press tour explaining how it was actually totally a misunderstanding, dude. Jenelle is complicit in the abuse of her children and allows her husband to do so as long as she can hang out in her She Shed and film TikToks where she acts smug and reviews various food items, such as literal school cafeteria food she orders online

Jenelle and David reside on a swamp in a manufactured home that they insist is NOT sinking despite the pair downright stating it. Their days consist of smoking weed, popping pills, telling each other how much they hate them, and completely ignoring their children.

They have several children they neglect — David’s eldest daughter Maryssa (who may not live with them currently as they swore they cut her out of their lives when she testified against them in a court case involving CPS), Jenelle’s son Kaiser (who she cited as being terrified of David in the restraining order she has against David then later said that her lawyer was “#MeToo” and made it up), Ensley (the only biologically shared daughter between the two, who David lovingly told he would “punch in the mouth” after she asked him to please not kill the baby chickens he was showing off in an IG live), and the newest addition, Jenelle’s 14yo son Jace (the reason she was on 16&P but mere weeks ago got custody of)! David has an additional child with another woman who is legally banned from seeing due to the extent of his abuse, but cries about FaThEr’S rIgHtS and laughs while his wife shows the world nude pictures of the mother of his child.

While the hillbilly lovers have quite a few fascinating attributes, I will just add in my favorite moments to prove what garbage Jenelle is as a human being and mother:
>Pulled a gun on a man during road rage incident with her son Jace in the car, when Jace told her mother Barbara about the gun, Jenelle gaslit him and said there was no gun involved, he was just confused
>Had children removed via CPS after Nuggetgate, was told by judge she could have them returned if David was out of the home. She refused and went on vacation to Washington DC, where the pair rode around on scooters
>Left David and flew to Tennessee to fuck a man named Herb, in the restraining order she filed against David she listed off several times he abused her children. Quickly and quietly returned to her husband after telling her children that they were safe from him.
>Dedicated munchie whose symptoms are, “Tiredness, Eye soreness: Jenelle says she feels like she has spidey-senses. She looks around the bar, “I can see molecules.”, Hot flashes, Insomnia, Numb Fingers, Shakiness (including “head feels like it’s non-stop shaking”), Anxiety, Depression, Restless Leg Syndrome, “Feel huge”, Joints click while sitting, Back pain, Numb tongue, Loss of appetite, Loss of balance, Dizziness, Extreme weakness, Loss of coordination, “Feel like being in a fog”, Can’t spell, hard to put sentences together, Hard to read, Uncontrollable body jerks at times, Pins and needles in hands and feet, Itchy legs, Migraine headache” just to name a few. She also claims to have tumors in her spine that will kill her, but throws her ass around on TikTok “until I can’t dance no more”
>Says she wishes she had ALS and cancer
>Told her son Kaiser to stop complaining about being in pain, later found out he had a severe abscess that required emergency treatment due to the amount of sheer medical neglect
>Films youtube series showing her process leaving David as an attempt to get MTV to bring her back to Teen Mom 2, misses editing out a part of the video where she screams at her daughter for entering the room as she is filming
>Has extensive list of pets that have gone missing or died, including a pet goat that her husband broadcasted the corpse of and fed to her children with her full knowledge
>Routinely fights with her husband on Facebook
>Promotes her Onlyfans immediately after posting extremely filtered photos of her young daughter
>Banned from Airbnb after filming porn in a location, breaking their rules, and spent days calling them out and asking her followers to send their own complaints to her new email: JenelleELegal@gmail.com

Fresh milk:
>14yo son is reported missing, Jenelle puts out a statement to TMZ for payment, son is found safe. Less than 48 hours after her son ran away, Jenelle and David take a vacation in California, leaving Jace in charge of the other children despite his running away so recently
>Spends a full two days publicly arguing with her husband on social media
>Spends all of her well earned money on various toys like ATVs, motorcycles, and most recently a boat in which she didn’t even bother changing the sheets. This is notable because her son Kaiser doesn’t have a school uniform that fits him anymore or his own lunchbox due to Jenelle’s lack of interest in using her OF money on her children
>Uses her days as an unemployed woman seething about the fact that her former Teen Mom 2 costars have lives! Complains about Chelsea getting an HGTV show, criticizes Leah about taking her daughters to pride. But she’s super over the show and far better off, she proclaims as she hits the bong
>Buys ill fitting outfits and swimwear from Shein, wears things backwards but argues with her HATERS that it’s correct to have your vulva hanging out of a bikini bottom
>Since gaining custody of Jace after her elderly mother couldn’t handle his behavioral issues, stopped giving him his medication so she and her Swamp Monster could reap the benefits of staying up until 5am fighting
>Newest best friend is Zoe Laverne, whose name you might remember because she’s known for grooming a child and “catching feelings” for a boy Jace’s age

Jenelle’s twitter: https://x.com/pbandjenelley_1
Jenelle’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/j_evans1219
Teen Mom subreddit (filter by Jenelle, comment at own risk of middle aged women projecting): https://www.reddit.com/r/TeenMomOGandTeenMom2/
Jenelle’s Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/jenellelevans
David’s twitter: BANNED
David’s Instagram: https://instagram.com/easondavid88
David’s Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/easondavid


No. 1888413

sorry if this is bad or i did something wrong! i’ve never made a thread before so i would love feedback if you think there is an issue lol

No. 1888627

You did really well imo for a first time thread maker! This is insane, I remember watching her on Teen Mom and thinking what a mess she was, this is so fucking sad. Most of those girls were BPD/NPD nightmares.
>Son named Kaiser
Fucking yeesh

No. 1888781

>David has also been visited by the secret service due to his insane amount of firearms, bullets, poison darts, and wide variety of totally normal weapons to have when you’re a white man in North Carolina
>North Carolina
Yeah that makes sense. Both of them seem like a nightmare, interesting thread so far.

No. 1888783

Its the Dont Tread on Me White Trash lifestyle, and it is so common in families like that. Its so sad.
I feel so bad for those kids.

No. 1888793

Don’t Thread on Me

No. 1889227

File: 1693163452967.png (1.45 MB, 828x1792, IMG_8005.png)

business venture #3749573 is sure to be a success

No. 1889473

Can't wait for it to go the same way as her brow kit.
Just gotta let the nonnies on reddit do their work of mass reporting anything she tries(sage your shit)

No. 1889478

that’s the stubbiest body i’ve ever seen. and she makes porn of it???

No. 1889530

The thread was a good read, thanks to whoever made it! I've never heard of her because I don't watch Teen Mom, but I love white trash drama. Bonus points for to insane doomsday husband. I predict that the 14 year old son is going to murder someone before he turns 18.

No. 1889566

it’s only a matter of time before the owners realize who they’re working with but it’s BIZARRE to me that it’s a black owned business considering how publicly racist her and david are. she did the brow kits, the podcast, the workout wear, etc etc etc and they’ve all failed before/immediately after they started.
also dying laughing that they went to california and just smoked weed in their hotel room and took videos OF the beach. her weird mini vlogs are so pathetic to watch

No. 1889612

Nitpicky but the actual reason she was fired was for showing support for Kyle Rittenhouse

No. 1889664

Jenelle was fired in 2019, that took place in 2020

No. 1889669

no, it was because she straight up refused to film without david being there and the crew felt unsafe around him. the last season she was on they had to really scrape together any footage they could get because she would demand they let david film so when the nugget stuff came out they just cut their losses.

No. 1889696

File: 1693247778628.jpg (Spoiler Image,85.78 KB, 768x1024, IMG_8027.JPG)

every time a picture from her OF leaks i want to die. the slippers are… something.

No. 1889811

Dayum girl what dat child abuser ass do(sage your shit)

No. 1889841

File: 1693263829249.jpg (Spoiler Image,4.75 MB, 828x32143, IMG_8074.JPG)

uploading more of her disgusting pics for archival purposes including that awful Borat-esque one and a few that make her look like Luna Slater's brunette twin

No. 1889842

nonny i love you and i hate you for putting those in my eyes. i’ve actually never seen her OF pics but it’s EMBARRASSING seeing her trying to be sexy. she’s so pudgy and that picture of her blowjob david is going to give me such intense trauma considering how small his dick is

No. 1889845

any scrote giving her money deserves it. she’s gained so much weight through her biscuits and gravy lifestyle and just sitting around drinking beer.

No. 1889866

Just curious, how many of you were/are on the subreddit (the rill one)? I deleted my Reddit account for good a while ago and I miss that community the most, so I was stoked to see this thread and the Farrah one

No. 1890107

i’m on it but don’t bother posting anywhere. especially the past few days where everyone is gushing about ryan and how he’s on a redemption arc and totally getting better.
i do like that one person on there that does the dramatic youtube write ups, and the one that makes the edits of the videos.

No. 1890132

File: 1693323570396.jpeg (1.36 MB, 828x1786, IMG_BEB81B876D37-1.jpeg)

here's a collage of Jenelle's dead/missing pets, unfortunately not up to date and the second picture is only dogs, does not include all the other animals on the land that did not make it.

i used to post on r/teenmom, never was too active on longname, now i just follow kittyjakers on IG for all her Jenelle gossip.

No. 1890180

wow this is the most horrible thing ive read today. my heart seriously aches for these children. this is very horrifying.

No. 1890191

File: 1693329803234.png (84.99 KB, 977x394, IMG_8097.PNG)

if Jenelle has a million hatters, then i am one of them. if she has ten hatters, then i am one of them. if she has only one hatter then that is me. if Jenelle has no hatters, then that means i am no longer on earth. if the world loves Jenelle, then i am against the world.

No. 1890232

File: 1693332680717.jpeg (910.46 KB, 1284x1391, IMG_1105.jpeg)

she says as if she didn’t just ditch her kids for yet another vacation.
also, last year her and david publicly blasted and harassed an ELEVEN year old girl who jace goes to school with to the point of the girl talking about wanting to kill herself. kids are buck wild!

No. 1890318

Holy shit, some of those things are new to me, especially the part about her neglecting K with his abcess and cyberbullying an 11 year old girl to the point of wanting to kill herself. I remember watching the news about her going to court against the CPS and it BAFFLES me that those two were able to play dirty and get the kids back despite a sheer amount of evidence against them as well as her kids testifying against her and UBT. I swear something BAD is about to happen now that Jace is a teenager and this bitch manage to get custody of him after 14 years.

No. 1890369

File: 1693349550650.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1284x1697, IMG_1108.jpeg)

holy mother of neglect lol
>14yo son runs away on the 15th
>take husband and leave for trip to CA
>14yo is left alone to care for siblings
>return from trip
>14yo runs away again

No. 1890403

I forget but why doesn't his dad have custody of him, or is he an even bigger pos?

No. 1890487

Jace's sperm donor is a cokehead former "model" who has never held a job/been in his life in any capacity

No. 1890531

I’m so worried for Jace. I could see David getting physical as both the catalyst and punishment for his running, and both David and Jenelle blaming him for bad publicity and losing potential business opportunities even though they’re the problem.

No. 1890588

agreed. especially now that the novelty of him being “home” has worn off and it isn’t just him having a fun weekend with his aunt.

No. 1890829

So he ran away home twice for the past 2 weeks even though she had custody of him about 6 months ago… yeah great start there. I'm praying to god that cops are taking notes since I do believe that if you have enough reports of this person being a runaway then chances are that CPS will step in and take the kid away.

This Trailer trash of a "Mom" deserves all the hate that she gets. There's no redeeming quality with her and she just enjoys the attention no matter how negative it is. I honestly don't know if anyone is worse than David. He's like a sociopath who most likely hurt someone if he they stand in his way and she just wraps her arms around him because no sane guy would want to her. Even her exes are nothing compared to him when it comes to being an awful human being. She got what she deserves though and nobody will feel sorry for her once the relationship finally ends (which less likely gonna happen).

No. 1890847

File: 1693419398038.png (4.42 MB, 828x1792, IMG_8123.PNG)

what an enticing photo for your coomers.

No. 1890869

just as shayna smells like pork sweats, i feel like jenelle smells like a mix of weed and southern gravy that’s been left in the sun for too long.
also beautiful post in between “TMZ help my son went missing but he’s totally fine” and “DUDE everyone needs to LEAVE US ALONE”

No. 1890900

File: 1693426369409.jpg (393.73 KB, 828x766, IMG_8127.jpg)


No. 1890904

“WAHHHH! My son is missing, pity me!”
“Dude leave me ALOOONE! It’s JUST RUMORS!”

I can’t with her. Play stupid games and win stupid prizes you dumbass.

No. 1890906

File: 1693428075447.webm (13.78 MB, 576x1024, v12044gd0000cjnq06jc77uc8a27u5…)

"a lot of my son's actions is being pinned against me"
"there was a big reason behind why i got him back"
she also mentioned Snapchat being a bad app for kids… so were the rumors about what he was asking for on Snapchat true?

No. 1890911

Yeah, but who’s the mother here? Who was the one where he gets his behavior from? Him by himself?

I think she wants to get rid of Snapchat because he will most likely expose her and people will catch on.

No. 1890912

love that she posted this in her she shed where she’s sitting filming tiktok’s and arguing with people on the internet instead of idk. hanging out with her kids

No. 1891155

Wasn't it also being said that, since she still hasn't got Jace's room fixed, he had to share a room/bed with David's 14 year old daughter Maryssa?(sage)

No. 1891214

No, he shares a room with Kaiser

No. 1891227

File: 1693489311681.jpeg (1.24 MB, 828x10365, IMG_8155.jpeg)

The comments on this post are all about Jace and his Snapchat activities, yikes.

No. 1891242

jesus christ her fans are fucking insane. they ALWAYS have an answer to justify her actions because they’re the same breed of white trash neglect as her and don’t want to acknowledge it. i didn’t know that about his snapchat background but that’s so gross and you KNOW she pulled him out of therapy too. they ran off to cali instead of taking away his phone when he’s sending and begging for nudes

No. 1891243

They need to get the authorities on it rather than blasting it on social media. This is the type of shit that gets you on the sex offenders list.

No. 1891415

david is such a piece of shit excuse of a father. when he shot nugget he claimed he did it to protect his kid because the 8lb dog nipped at her face. he posted a video of his kid sticking her face in the dogs face while the dog pulls away, clearly not wanting her to do that and she continues to do it. he watches her as she keep going, the dog eventually nips at her and he immediately ends the video with him getting out of his seat before he takes it out back and shoots it.
hes genuinely a bad person and i hope something awful happens to him idc if its alogging. all of his kids would be better off without him

No. 1891454

>not the heckin pupperino
Grow up.(infighting)

No. 1891474

And then Kaiser told his teachers at the school and they successfully notified CPS and took the kids before the dumbass trio found a way to get the kids back by getting the judge that had dealt with her cases before and allowed her to get away with shit. This first judge before her had called out on her bullshit and refused to give the kids back. She knows how to play the justice system.

No. 1891536

What the fuck. What kind of psycho reacts like that. Or just sits there waiting for it to happen in the first place.

No. 1891539

File: 1693532354465.jpeg (423.29 KB, 828x761, IMG_8166.jpeg)

woe is her.

No. 1891541

if you're lost, the doghate thread is in /ot/. it's totally normal to think its unhinged to shoot a dog because you can't be a parent and teach your kid to not get in its face.

No. 1891579

nta but kys scrote

No. 1891587

Seriously, I'm not on team dog just bite the shit out of toddlers, but you're retarded and prone to violent outbursts if you think SHOOTING the dog is the answer. I'd remove the dog from the situation, tell my toddler that it's dangerous, and probably just get rid of the dog/rehome it or whatever. Shooting a dog is an insane thing to do unless it's actively a threat to your family, like a pitbull gnawing on a kid.

No. 1891594

Tbh this caveman she choose makes keeeeifaaaaah and all his drugs look like a saint in comparison

No. 1891732

I am so happy we have this thread!! I’ve been following her BS for YEARS and had no outlet to rant. She’s a fucking cunt. Jenelle about to have a taste of her own medicine having to look after Jace now.

No. 1891766

File: 1693573904139.jpeg (950.7 KB, 1284x1342, IMG_1266.jpeg)

picrel is the dog you’re cool with being murdered.
“After Nugget nipped at 2-year-old Ensley, Eason sprung up, grabbed the dog by the throat and slammed it on the ground.

We’re told Eason then began beating the dog inside the house, allegedly hitting it in the throat and throwing the french bulldog into a kitchen table.

Our source says the dog was wailing while Eason rained punches down on the animal’s head, and everyone in the house was too terrified to stop him during the attack.

Eason then picked up the lifeless dog and threw it out the front door, before walking inside the house and grabbing a pistol and shotgun, and then returning outside.“
he beat a dog near death in front of children, the oldest being 11, and then shot it, was covered in blood when he came back inside, and TEXTED jenelle “don’t come out here, your dog is dead.”
she told the cops it never happened. told the entire world he did it, but when the cops came to investigate when it was called in by her son’s dad who was concerned what his son saw, she told them her dog was fine and because they didn’t find the body they didn’t pursue it. she CHOSE to let david do it

No. 1891933

This moment at the reunion goes to show what kind of shit person she is and always had to start drama if her mother dares hug anyone else but her.

No. 1892195

There is going to be a gruesome murder in this family. I can just picture Jenelle’s mugshot. The dog thing is disgusting and so sad.

No. 1892199

I'm legit worried david is going to kill someone. its only a question if it will be family, or a stranger who looked at him the wrong way.
what issues did jace have when he was with his grandma? did he outbursts, and almost burn the house down? I'm wondering if it stems from david, jenelle, or all 3?

No. 1892340

File: 1693665915931.jpeg (622.84 KB, 1063x1146, IMG_1304.jpeg)

david and jace were at the courthouse today. likely just related to him running away as a formality like meeting with a probation officer or something but i genuinely thought the picture of david was posted as a joke. he literally is bigfoot

No. 1892346

It’s most likely all 3 of them. Barb is in her 70s and she couldn’t handle Jace anymore so she had no had choice but to give him to Jenelle. Which sucks because Jenelle is the cause of all this boys trauma by being absent most of his life, having cameras all over him with no sense of privacy whatsoever, and having a husband who abuse the shit of him every time he comes over. Now he’s living under their roof it’s all hell for him since he’s off his meds and they got rid of his therapist that he had been seeing for years.

No. 1892397

It-s so sad how jace turned out

No. 1892402

There’s no way they’re going to control Jace. It’s going to end badly no matter what, it’s just a matter of time.

Only thing is that Jenelle is going to have a taste of her own medicine with having an unruly child who isn’t afraid

No. 1892445

File: 1693680199411.jpg (706.23 KB, 1440x2960, ilzfrd06i6g41.jpg)

op didn't mention this but kaiser's father (abusive scumbag nathan) is a white supremacist, hence his name kaiser

and david himself is too

No. 1892508

File: 1693684493826.jpeg (612.92 KB, 712x1534, 35A5EB1B-977F-4552-BAF7-BD2C4A…)

Narcissism and psychopathy is amazing to me. You genuinely have such a big ego and love yourself so much that you think you’re attractive despite looking like this? You can tell she was feeling herself even though she literally looks mentally disabled here

No. 1892512

She’s so disgusting and fat. Literally could be shaynas cousin. They should collab

No. 1892534

FUCKING KEK. Yeah if Shayna really wanted to say fuck it and lean into the Nazi allegations c’mon universe make it happen

No. 1892661

That lady should be wary of her daughter sending nudes but Jace is 14, she made it sound like he was a grown ass man asking for it. It’s gross but cmon lady

No. 1892664

Niece* samefag and I think asking for nudes is gross

No. 1892711

I’m sorry but
>can’t spell
>hard to read
As medical symptoms took me out

No. 1893666

File: 1693948777408.jpeg (236.47 KB, 488x822, IMG_8224.jpeg)

Well Jenelle

No. 1893667

File: 1693949169057.jpeg (752.69 KB, 828x5838, IMG_8231.jpeg)

No. 1893670

File: 1693950399440.jpeg (44.3 KB, 400x400, IMG_0776.jpeg)

No. 1893679

im sure that will work out. it isn’t like you took one out on your ballsack smelling husband and then pretended it never happened. the only upside here is that any judge would just laugh at her.
is it mean of me that i’m chuckling to myself thinking about these neanderthals putting together the legal paperwork?

No. 1893680

I know basically nothing about this cow outside of what the OP says, but if Jace was raised by Barbara and was forcibly removed from her custody, is it possible that he's "running away" to her, or at least trying to? If so, that would provide an incentive for Jenelle to file a restraining order against her mom; she can leverage that to keep Barbara from having Jace again. Just speculating, though, I don't know what Jace's attitude is towards his grandmother.

No. 1893896

What a joke. No wonder she filed a restraining order on her. She was getting more concerned about Jace so she did everything in her power to do something about it but the swamp queen is in rage and will do everything to stop it.

No. 1893986

File: 1694025936613.gif (19.61 MB, 378x671, IMB_SAWxWO.gif)

she has to be so high to post shit like this. am i looking too much into the white residue on her counter, considering she’s refusing to give jace his ADHD meds…?
gif is sped up for file size but jesus christ. she’s eye fucking herself too hard to be sober.

No. 1894004

File: 1694026963519.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1284x2187, IMG_1556.jpeg)

for a fun throwback! here’s the time jenelle ordered guinther’s (which is literally the school food wholesale website where you get shitty american school lunches sent to your school, or your swamp!) and was so pleasured by the Max Cheese Sticks that she rolled her eyes back.

No. 1894008

File: 1694027180954.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1238x2514, IMG_1558.jpeg)

picrel is the food i’m taking about, fellow burgers will understand. the company is banking on the “omg nostalgia” factor for sales. but our health queen ordered them for actual meals for her family

No. 1894191

File: 1694051267474.png (606.09 KB, 757x947, Capture.PNG)

Of course Jenelle, your 70 year old mother is a danger to society. At least she didn't kill her dogs, harassing 11 year olds online, and neglecting her children. You do you boo!

No. 1894691

File: 1694128037124.jpeg (967.81 KB, 828x7168, IMG_8260.jpeg)

Jenelle made some legal threats today along with denying her son has a Snapchat account at all

No. 1894986

File: 1694180133062.jpeg (283.42 KB, 1164x2388, IMG_9779.jpeg)

Oh we thought that the police is lying about the reports of him being found on Snapchat. Also didn’t you just get rid of his therapist?

Anywho, it seems that her sister spilled the tea on what’s going on and Jenelle of course found out about it since she obviously she doesn’t have a life or a job.

No. 1894989

File: 1694180277899.png (2.18 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9780.png)

No. 1895327

I mean fuck anyone with a quart of a braincell can tell Jenelle is a pos, by just what she post for the world to see.

No. 1896660

File: 1694463243709.jpeg (230.95 KB, 828x664, IMG_8322.jpeg)

David posted this, wonder what his “album” is going to be titled

No. 1897181

she tells everyone to believe her after we all saw her lying ass on tv for years. we literally saw her call her kid a liar for telling his grandma the truth about jenelle pulling a gun out during a road rage incident even though her car was fully rigged with cameras filming the entire thing. she's so painfully retarded and so is anyone who believes a word she says

No. 1897189

File: 1694557427418.jpeg (772.56 KB, 828x5678, IMG_8355.jpeg)

Jenelle spends yet another day blaming other people for the way her children are instead of looking in the mirror

No. 1897611

>I'm filing a restraining order because mommy said mean (aka truthful) things to tmz angryface!!!
>I'm filing a copy write strike because a youtuber said mean (aka truthful) things about me angryface!!

No. 1897873

tomorrow is her court date with Babs, hope she breaks out her more classier court heels for the occasion

No. 1898671

File: 1694786769523.png (2.96 MB, 828x1792, IMG_8452.png)

Jenelle’s husband finally “gets a job” and it’s the most hilarious one he could choose

No. 1902324

Jenelle's husband is a rapper now.

No. 1902339

I understand what it's supposed to be, but it still looks he's tied to the hood of the truck for a gangbang

No. 1902575

I am embarrassed for all the people who enabled this. From the producer to the backwoods studio involved in recording this mayo ass attempt.

No. 1902972

File: 1695491514824.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 828x6495, IMG_8557.jpeg)

new OF leaks, click at your own risk.

No. 1903343

Lovin the trashy skull/butterfly tramp stamp

No. 1903785

her hairline has gotten so crazy. Straight out of bone tomahawk

No. 1904148

File: 1695666220092.jpg (117.53 KB, 828x1489, IMG_8591.JPG)

No. 1906730

Jace is missing again for the third time, this time he’s been gone for 24 hours- he left his phone, went through a window, and is now in a missing persons database. I have a really bad feeling about this- https://www.theashleysrealityroundup.com/2023/09/29/jenelle-evans-son-jace-reported-as-missing-person-again-after-running-away-from-north-carolina-home-for-third-time/

No. 1906741

This is so damn sad. What the fuck are you supposed to do when you live with such psychopaths and are under 18 so you can’t escape. I really hope he’s okay and safe wherever he is.

No. 1906893

File: 1696082127142.png (3.77 MB, 828x1792, IMG_8652.PNG)

he's still missing and the closest Jenelle has come to acknowledging it was her saying she is "#stressyanddepressy" yesterday.

No. 1907054

File: 1696106059689.jpeg (293.44 KB, 828x1054, IMG_8657.jpeg)

Jenelle made an announcement (not wearing her wedding ring) stating Jace has been found. this was also posted

No. 1907342

File: 1696174757013.jpeg (242.95 KB, 828x1319, IMG_8671.jpeg)

The Ashley has confirmed Jace is in the hospital and not home with Jenelle

No. 1907680

This poor kid. His living situation is hell on earth.

No. 1907834

File: 1696270919881.png (1.32 MB, 1524x1428, Screenshot 2023-10-02 at 2.21.…)

Now we found out that Jace reported to Barb that David assaulted him and is trying to hide from him. Lucky for him he was taken to the hospital and now CPS is finally on their asses.

No. 1908141

allegedly there was ring footage and other witnesses when david assaulted jace, he has marks on his neck and arms. jenelle is going INSANE trying to argue that it’s all some weird smear campaign against her and swampdick. how do we think she’s going to try and spin it once the police report comes out with full details and/or david gets harrested?
i’m guessing she’ll defend him until a better option comes along. then she’ll try rebranding as a victim being held hostage and pretend she was being forced into supporting him

No. 1908453

File: 1696375486625.webm (14.47 MB, 828x1792, Untitled.webm)

Jenelle addresses her detractors, says they never "seize" to surprise her

No. 1908510

Poor kid. Hope David dies tbh.

No. 1908534

File: 1696387285989.jpeg (1.8 MB, 828x16506, IMG_8730.jpeg)

Jenelle is currently having a meltdown in her TikTok comments

No. 1908635

The swampsquach sounds like a future family annihilator, hope CPS removes all the kids before that happens.

No. 1909003

File: 1696461714968.jpg (350.56 KB, 828x2315, IMG_8747.JPG)

The Sun is reporting Jace has told mandated reporters that he'll run away again if he is forced to go back to The land

No. 1909021

File: 1696465486600.jpeg (367 KB, 828x525, IMG_8748.jpeg)

Jenelle blames her mom for everything in her latest IG post caption

No. 1909029

File: 1696466625413.webm (8.18 MB, 1280x720, Untitled2.webm)

this is the dramatic crying video that accompanied this ridiculous caption

No. 1910127

File: 1696642185412.jpeg (213.42 KB, 828x799, IMG_8781.jpeg)

she’s literally losing her mind

No. 1912213

File: 1697069173541.jpeg (448.36 KB, 828x3139, IMG_8847.jpeg)

it’s official: Jenelle cannot see or speak to Jace

No. 1912217

That child will be such a fucked up man when he grows up.

No. 1912353

Ok so did she give a medical ailment or anything to back up her munchhausen accusations of Barbara? Sounds completely irrelevant even if it was true.

No. 1912690

File: 1697147652955.jpeg (388.76 KB, 828x2069, IMG_8869.jpeg)

apparently Jace hasn’t been to school in months

No. 1912982

>I grew up on social media
We know. Thats why you're in this situation choosing likes from randos, talking about haters like youre 14, and married an ogre over taking care of your kids. She can blame Barb all she wants, if her mom was dead the kids would be in an even worse situation.

No. 1913068

So basically >>1894691 was just a straight up lie and the only people involved in anything were the police considering atp he hadn't seen his teachers in about 3 months. Not surprising, neither of them give a single fuck about those kids. They admitted they didn't know where he was to the court for 3 days but they were online saying he was located and safe. I'm reading that Jace is "thrilled" to start school again. If that's the case, the abuse must have been pretty bad for them to be forcing him to stay home all day.
Hopefully the other 2 get taken away when they interview them. I hope those kids are truthful to the police. They're pathetic excuse for "parents" and the whole situation is so fucking sad but I guess as least Jace is safe now.

No. 1914508

This has a music video now, Jenelle is a video vixen

No. 1915663

File: 1697662009081.png (4.42 MB, 1792x828, IMG_6066.png)

Did anyone see JAHNELLes butt shot in the video? The comments on YT are cracking me up. Its insane they would rather make “music videos” while fighting for custody.

No. 1917449

my expectations were already low for this, but it manages to still surprise me how theyre both complete and utter white trash

No. 1918822

File: 1698181583166.jpeg (663.87 KB, 1290x1291, IMG_2244.jpeg)

David is being charged with child abuse

No. 1918823

File: 1698181613112.jpeg (318.65 KB, 1290x1267, IMG_2245.jpeg)

No. 1918834

File: 1698183571483.png (1.29 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9042.png)

seems like the CPS investigation isn’t going the way Jenelle wants

No. 1918856

Fucking finally

No. 1918878

I can’t believe child abuse is a misdemeanor in NC.

No. 1918879

What does she mean by "one sided"?! Does she expect the police to ask David if Jace deserved it? They have that shit on video, they don't need anything from you.

No. 1918944


I'm not defending the fact that he carried out a prolonged attack on the dog in front of his kids, this guy has anger issues. However if a dog or a cat for that matter bit/scratched my baby in the face it would be flying out of the door on my foot and would not be allowed back into my home.

No. 1918961

Nta, thats the rational reaction we'd all have, classic macho male that he took it to retard levels and expected praise

No. 1919143

The difference is, i'm sure you're a responsible adult and would teach your child to respect your animals. He was encouraging his child to be all up in that dogs face when it was clearly getting annoyed. I'm not saying an animal biting a child is okay, but it wasn't unprovoked and from the pictures it really didn't even look like the baby was bit.

No. 1919300

File: 1698270032719.jpeg (387.84 KB, 828x2594, IMG_9061.jpeg)

stay classy, Juhnelle

No. 1919372

File: 1698281944147.webm (13.84 MB, 71b1a045-3ed7-48e6-addc-acebd9…)

Jenelle lashes out about today's court appearance in a deleted TikTok video (Judge ruled Jace will remain in the care of Babs for the time being)

No. 1919376

Well no shit, how is that relevant to a tiny dog getting savagely and unnecessarily killed?

No. 1919384

A child cannot ‘provoke’ an animal into biting it you unhinged psychopath.

No. 1919400

You sound unhinged.(derailing)

No. 1919414

Don't leave your crotch goblin unsupervised with pets where it could hurt them and cause the pet to defend itself. That's common sense.(infighting)

No. 1919443

Making it way too obvious that you are a redditor who posts on r/childfree who has zero actual clue about children.(derailing)

No. 1919452

Saying a child deserves to be bitten by an animal for provoking them because the animal can’t help it is like saying a child deserves to be molested by a predator for provoking them because he can’t help it.(derailing)

No. 1919478

Normal dogs don't bite family members. Dogs that bite family members should be put down. Ofc Retard here bludgeoning the dog to death what I assume is in front of the kids is terrible, and that is not how you humanely euthanize a dog.(derailing)

No. 1919633

I know kids who have gotten bitten after shoving needles into dogs(derailing)

No. 1919681

File: 1698335185780.png (490.94 KB, 1080x2300, Screenshot_20231026-114528.png)

This is completely wrong, provocation is pretty much the only universal defense to dog bite claims, and it absolutely can include children.(derailing)

No. 1919682

No one said a child deserves to be bitten by an animal. We're saying it's common sense to teach your kids not to be fucking with them. Do you slap people around and act like the victim when they hit you back?(derailing)

No. 1919690

I seriously can't stand Jenelle. It's always everyone elses fault, everyone is lying, everyone is harassing her, everyone is against her, her and her husband are perfect, no one will listen to her. She's always the victim.
I especially love that 1st it was over a phone because of school trouble when he wasn't even at school for 5 months. Then it was her mom is lying, now it's her sons mental health.
The mental health that was made 1000x worse because she ignored it, housed him with an abusive pos, took him out of therapy, and made him stop taking his medicine. I hope they get all 3 of those kids taken away and have to pay insane amounts of child support for all of them.

No. 1919706

It's the only defense when you wanna victim blame in any situation(derailing)

No. 1920399

quit fucking sperging about animals biting kids. these trailer trash retards are never sober and Bigfoot is already abusive to begin with. The puppy and the kid didn't do anything wrong, it resulted from negligence. I'm just spitballing here, but I don't think the kid who was bit wanted the dog brutally beaten and killed and to see blood either.

No. 1922323

File: 1698794012407.webm (10.61 MB, 886x1920, c4e528d7-1d21-4b0c-82e2-c86040…)

Jenelle is Barbie this Halloween

No. 1923783

File: 1699075088038.jpeg (583.2 KB, 1290x1546, IMG_2407.jpeg)

After David’s ex posted screenshots of Davids texts to her saying he missed her, wished to be with her, etc.. Jenelle and David wrote an article on her website spilling details of why David’s ex lost custody of their daughter. love how they tried to pass it off as written by “JE staff” kek ok wonder who that could be

No. 1923784

Jenelle also doesn’t believe the texts are real and she and david scream at them over the phone

No. 1925115

Crazy these two are in their 30s. This is something a 13 year old would do considering that woman has literally nothing to do with whats happening. I guess it's them coping but I mean, damn, it says alot about you as a parent when you have to compare yourself to someone that's literally going through a drug addiction to make yourself feel better about being such a terrible fucking person to your kids.

No. 1929746

File: 1700180993029.jpg (166.92 KB, 800x450, 98765432136789.jpg)

It was saddening to watch her neglect Jace on Teen Mom and now she's now in charge of more kids? She has had so much time to get her shit together and take care of her babies in the ways she felt she deserved growing up…. and still hasn't. Jenelle's narcissism is what keeps her family with an abusive man, and that's really all she's done for her family, over and over

No. 1931043

File: 1700442115151.jpeg (1.15 MB, 828x7655, IMG_9426.jpeg)

Jace ran away again and Jenelle is gloating about it

No. 1931081

Can we now say that she’s a horrorcow? Like who gloats about their child’s demise? Not only that but she weaponize her sons mental health so he stays in bad shape by refusing to give him meds and threatening his therapists to not treat him. He’s only troubled because of his egg donor who only is there to cause trouble. He literally feels abandoned and she’s taunting him online to the point where he felt worthless. I’m afraid that it’ll lead him into taking his own life because everyone failed him and it’s not gonna get any better for him unless his egg donor and the psycho hillbilly of a husband is out of his life for good. I pray to god that it will not be the case and the court will still allow him to stay with his grandma as long as Jenelle and David never contacts him and Barb every again or even talk about them online. On the other hand if he does go into foster care at least he doesn’t have to deal with those two ever again and they won’t know where he’s at so they can’t torment him even more. But what sucks is that he won’t see his grandmother for a while.

God this is turning so dark by the minute and we just got over her recent Tiktok comment where she said that her children doesn’t need school anymore.

No. 1931082

File: 1700448987687.jpeg (338.69 KB, 1076x1138, IMG_0165.jpeg)

Here’s David’s harassment towards J’s therapist 3 weeks ago

No. 1931083

File: 1700449180865.jpeg (73.74 KB, 750x329, IMG_0166.jpeg)

The tiktok comment

No. 1931187

“It’s barbs fault I tell you guys! She’s the one releasing medical info not me!”

No. 1931201

File: 1700490748194.jpeg (662.11 KB, 828x2828, IMG_9441.jpeg)

Jenelle woke up early today to make a bunch of FB posts about her mom

No. 1931212

she is fucking evil. she doesn't care that her son very possibly might end up in foster care, as long as barbara doesn't get custody she is happy. she doesn't give 1 single fuck about jace or his wellbeing, it's all about proving herself right and her mom wrong.

No. 1931358

File: 1700527180383.jpeg (142.26 KB, 1084x901, IMG_0169.jpeg)

“But guys what about me? I’m the broken child here!”

Oh yeah cunt? What about your broken son? The one who you fucked over for a small penis!

No. 1931462

File: 1700550793083.png (2.86 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0178.png)

This has got to be for the fact that her son is getting online pity and she’s not.

No. 1931529

File: 1700567802614.png (993.76 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0180.png)

Now TMZ is giving info that J will be placed in foster care after he ran away for his phone being taking away after caught vaping in school. Although it’s most likely that he’s hurt from all the shit his egg donor is saying about him online and for her to withhold his mental health care out of spite.


No. 1931544

i know she had a dysfunctional upbringing but there comes a point where that excuse doesn't work anymore. if she wanted to wallow in self pity well into her thirties then she shouldn't have continued to have children. she fucked up her life long before she ever met that crazy redneck moid she's married to but he will truly be the end of her. i wouldn't be the least bit surprised if he murders her one day when whatever money they have left runs out

No. 1931659

File: 1700593681685.jpeg (837.79 KB, 828x5842, IMG_9474.jpeg)

Jenelle is going to be drug tested, you love to see it

No. 1932238

Well unlucky for her the drugs would be in her system thanks to her hair follicles Even if she skips a few days without drugs. As for the therapy thing she’s not gonna go unless her husband supervise her so it all had to be done virtually. She’s the type of person who will leave as soon as someone calls out on her shitty behavior (we’ve seen this on TM reunions) so what’s gonna do good for her? She’s a lost cause who needs to be locked away from society before she murders someone.

No. 1933878

File: 1701005300809.jpeg (532.22 KB, 828x5376, IMG_9519.jpeg)

Jenelle will sue TikTok if the users do not stop being mean to her

No. 1934382

LMAO this broad is delusional, why is she acting like anyone watches her for "content". Ppl visit her profile to talk shit and watch the train wreck. There's maybe 150 ppl that watch for the enjoyment of watching. TikTok doesn't care about you Jenelle.

No. 1934880

File: 1701196687693.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.19 MB, 828x12312, IMG_9555.jpeg)

more gross OF leaks, click at your own risk.

No. 1938963

File: 1701883593433.png (1.21 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9737.png)

Jenelle thinks this is a good picture

No. 1945246

File: 1703028101303.mp4 (10.8 MB, 828x1792, 599b822f-0d1e-475c-badc-9f16b1…)

it's Jenelle's birthday, she needs attention.

No. 1954690

File: 1705166990263.png (1.44 MB, 1540x1302, Screenshot 2024-01-13 at 12.30…)

from the article "It appears that as the investigation continued, officials determined a separate strangulation charge was warranted – which just ups the ante on the case. Of course, we'd been told there was a possibility Jenelle herself might possibly be charged in connection to this too … but that apparently hasn't happened yet."

No. 1955749

i'm sure this useless moid will once again escape consequences for his abhorrent behavior but i hope i'm wrong

No. 1956161

File: 1705506477386.jpeg (1.44 MB, 828x3584, IMG_82F1DABC42C2-1.jpeg)

Jenelle is just like Gypsy Rose, or so she says.

No. 1956181

File: 1705509210069.jpeg (558.25 KB, 828x1249, IMG_1029.jpeg)

she’s looking for all kinds of drama today i guess, she’s still so obsessed with Chelsea, it’s pathetic

No. 1956488

funny considering jenelle herself is a huge munchie

No. 1964639

holy shit i was wondering if there was a thread on this bitch. i cannot believe her man strangled her son and the rest of the kids are allowed to live at the house. i hope david goes to jail for a LONG ass time, and i hope jenellle does too but she never gets jail time FFS

No. 1965521

File: 1707827826771.jpeg (530.04 KB, 828x3584, JPEG image-4140-80B7-9D-0.jpeg)

she posted these two cryptic messages in the last 24 hours, i hope it's because something bad is about to happen to her/David.

No. 1966352

File: 1708018306568.jpeg (1.94 MB, 828x5630, IMG_B2128F4B7A42-1.jpeg)

the bad news: CPS dropped charges against Jenelle and David
the good news: David is still facing a felony charge for strangulation

No. 1966443

How can she retain custody if he’s going to get charged for strangling her son? This makes no sense.

I hope she has to leave that genetic defect

No. 1966677

she would rather lose custody of every single one of her children than part ways with her precious sasquatch moid

No. 1966700

Fortunately for Jace since the other charges were dropped, I strongly believe his mom is going to abandon him. David has a no contact order for Jace currently and so as long as Jace is believed, David is probably going to wind up with some form of restraining order against him. If that happens I just do not see Janelle ending the relationship with David , let alone move out so in that case Jace has to go. If David gets jailtime I feel like Janelle will keep Jace's during that time and make his life a living hell for "getting him locked up" until David's out when she'll drop Jace if they can't be in the same house. Or amp up the abuse with David if the courts unfortunately believe time done = crime erased and let him back in the house.
Depressingly Janelle abandoning Jace is probably his best hope in life, otherwise I do worry the next step is him actually being strangled or beaten to death as a lot of parental abuse this bad tends to escalate to, especially when the law comes in since they see the kid as the reason they're in trouble.

No. 1969135

File: 1708690232917.jpeg (1.31 MB, 828x3053, JPEG image-4C3D-9937-DE-0.jpeg)

it's probably too good to be true but: Jace has been at Jenelle's house recently and word on the street is that she's going to file for divorce.

No. 1969142

File: 1708692109339.jpeg (321.01 KB, 828x813, IMG_3030.jpeg)

David has also updated his FB relationship status but again take everything with a grain of salt when it comes to these two.

No. 1969172

white trash couples love to play the back and forth separation/divorce game. it means nothing to them because they completely lack any emotional depth beyond a desire to fuck each other over when they are upset. i hope i'm wrong but i believe this is just two dysfunctional drama addicts having another public spat and they'll be back together before long

No. 1969420

agreed, this is temporary due to an argument or they're trying to look good for the courts. I could see them divorcing only to start living together again once this blows over. I'd like to believe Janelle is pissed at him for almost obliterating her custody rights to her son, but the cynical side of me can only imagine that scenario with her being pissed about getting in trouble as opposed to caring for Jace. Something she has yet to do

No. 1969990

File: 1708906344157.png (1.71 MB, 828x1792, IMG_3159.png)

any guesses as to what the scariest thing in Jenelle’s life could be? catch a glimpse of her forehead in a mirror at night?

No. 1972472

File: 1709596255010.png (1.75 MB, 1570x1436, Screenshot 2024-03-04 at 6.51.…)

she really did it and is spilling the tea:

"The court filing, as reported by The Sun, makes several allegation against David in terms of reasoning for wanting to split – including reported claims of erratic behavior, substance abuse and refusal to work … among other problems Jenelle cites, including other disturbing things.

The Sun notes Jenelle points out DE taking out their pet dog in 2019 … and more recently, she says he's currently facing criminal charges for allegedly abusing her teenage son, Jace.

The complaint also targeted David's alleged refusal to work, his excessive spending of Jenelle's money, and his text exchange with his ex-wife, which she called 'criminal conversations.'"

No. 1972562

I feel like it's safest to refrain from believing in her "turnaround" until after she's kept this up after it no longer serves her to stay away. I wouldn't put it past her to be like mama June who took back a pedophile after he'd served his jailtime.
Plus, I feel like this:
>his excessive spending of Jenelle's money, and his text exchange with his ex-wife, which she called 'criminal conversations.'
is the real reason she's mad and turning on him

No. 1972730

She writes these ‘articles’ herself right? It’s not like there’s anyone just waiting and watching to post her sensational stories of her life.

No. 1972802

File: 1709673283642.png (490.56 KB, 828x1792, IMG_3326.PNG)

picking fights with former cast members for the millionth time

No. 1973061

kail's a pretty awful person herself. she jumps from moid to moid (and beats some of them) and has their babies without giving any thought as to how the constant changes and revolving door of men will impact the children she already has. she has a superiority complex and views herself as better than other people without realizing that the only thing that makes her any different from the stereotypical trashy single mother living in a trailer park with several kids is she had the good fortune of striking it rich on mtv.

No. 1973682

Wonder what prize dick she has waiting in the wings during this, you know she can't stand to be without a man for even a microsecond.

No. 1974038

I have also heard rumours on how she’s been treating Lincoln like a mini father between the moids

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