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File: 1470674983383.jpg (32.1 KB, 500x386, 229805892.jpg)

No. 164094

No. 164096

>1:55 doctor tells her to put down the fork
>doctor as fellow anon shitlord confirmed

No. 164103

>getting fat
>doctor tells her to eat less
>she describes it as "one of the rudest things I've ever seen"

"Doctor, I cough a lot and run out of breath easily!"
"Have you tried cutting down on the number of cigarettes you smoke?"

No. 164106

File: 1470676341663.jpg (55.46 KB, 500x322, 1438882327300.jpg)


"put down the fork"

well he's not wrong. Also how is she managing to say gross shit about bleeding into cysts and sound so high pitched and chipper? shivers

Real talk though, are doctors really that bad in America? Not that they are much better here, everyone has anecdotes about awful doctors, but it sounds like such a waste of her time.

No. 164110


As someone currently dieting & trying to lose a shit ton of weight, my doctor flat out told me everything that's causing it, what could happen in the future and I accepted the truth after years of putting it off. It's not the fucking hard. It's a wake up call. Unless this bitch wants to end up 6ft under within the next year & let her husband be a widower then she can happily continue living her unhealthy lifestyle of eating processed shit and being a lazy cunt.

No. 164113

This video bothers me so much. She's putting out some false info, and I don't think she's really researched the medication much because of what she said about how to take it and why you have to take it that way. I hope the pills help her, but with such a common problem, she shouldn't be putting info out there she's not 100% sure about. Sorry, just had to have a bitch rant about that since it hits so close to home for me.

No. 164114

I get that it can be hard to get the right diagnosis and all…but really, Suzy's shit just doesn't add up: she went from 'I can't afford my medication' to 'finally the doctors are giving me the right one', from 'I haven't seen a doctor in a year' to 'I totally been seeing like dozens of doctors all the time', from 'I've actually been losing weight' to 'yeah, my weight gain is down to muh thyroid'

No. 164120

>joke among friends
What friends???
Your husband's coworkers=/=friend

Doctors usually go for the worst case scenario so for example
You have a random bump -> must be cancer

No. 164128

This is what has me scratching my head. Her story changes every time she does one of these updates, I don't even know what to believe anymore with her.

No. 164134

Believe that she's fat, and she's using every excuse in the book to explain her weight gain away like a fat person typically does.

No. 164135

so unrelated to suzy but related to dan, does anyone else think he's seeing someone a bit more seriously? the introduction of his personal instagram, his comment on the newer firered videos like "whoah back then I was seeing someone else" etc.

sageing but I will forever be nosy on dan, nobody else on the gg is worth being nosy about imo

No. 164140

I hope he is finally seeing someone that will keep on making him happy ,honestly.
Would rather seem him in a happy relationship than in jail for statutory rape kek

No. 164142


seeing as he cut his hair and he's looking cleaner, probably lmao

idk he's probably got tons of females thrown at him due to gg and he strikes me as a casual and chill guy, like not intense and weird, so the teen banging stuff sounds almost comical because why have teens when you could have adult women?

No. 164146


>gotten the size of a golfball

Hun, i think we would have noticed a golf ball sized thyroid tumor. At least i didn't see that

No. 164148

No. 164150

I call bullshit on this.
How can she go from "I can't afford this $600 medication" to "omg you guys I got the medication I wanted"

I also really doubt this would have gone on for so long if she was seeing as many different doctors as she claims.

I think she put this problem on the back burner and said whatever as she ballooned in weight and then blames the doctors for her weight gain and their unwillingness to help her even though they probably did what they were supposed to do.

No. 164153


yeah I wondered that too, like that's really damn big, her throat would be sticking out like popeye's adams apple.

So like, deep talk, I'm sure there's youtubers who used to be on these type of gossip sites (toxic tears on pull for instance) and who used to fling shit at famous youtubers and are now on the same level or followed by them or whatever. If you guys were gaming or beauty youtubers and you gained enough of a following that you got the GG's and Suzy's attention and you even hung out with them, but you knew you also used to frequent these sites, how would you behave? What if she was nice to you?

I'm not asking for myself it's just something I think about sometimes. Like these people who were unreachable gossip sources and you never thought you'd ever encounter suddenly are within your reach and actually listen to you and not just think you're a rando on the internet. I guess most people end up like kissing ass and pretending they never said a mean word about them but heck, wouldn't that be exhausting? I dunno, I just spend a lot of my time contemplating shit, especially with Suzy. She seems like the type who would be friendlier in person and who would give you a totally different idea of who she is if you met her irl than what we see from our perspective, and I don't mean that she's misunderstood, because she does very cringeworthy things and lies, and if you heard that about her after meeting her you'd be like "no way!"

am I making sense?

No. 164155


Oh Snoozers, you and your hair drama.

People write about how her hair style looks unattractive on her, even in an old thread some discussed how bangs would suit her better.

Suzy gets bangs.

People notice how laughable bangs look on her.

She starts hiding them under wigs and now, in her most recent video wears them in this crazy ass side parting situation.

And we're back to discussing how shitty her hair looks.

Girl, stop the goffic shit, wear your natural hair color. Get a modern but simple shoulder length cut with a slightly shorter front so it frames your hippo muh thyroid face and see how you can actually make something out of yourself.

Jesus fuck the lack of taste in this woman can make me rage for hours.

No. 164159

>why have teens when you could have adult women?
Teenagers are easily impressed, easy to manipulate and easy to abuse.
Not saying that he strikes me as the kind of dude who would do stuff like that (He seems rather nice and big hearted to me) but who knows?
He could be a giant jerk in real life for all we know

No. 164161


I don't think Suzy is necessarily rude. I am pretty sure she can be actually quite nice. Her character would just be unbearable for me but thats my personal issue.

I just can't believe how stupid and naive she is. It is making my head explode i s2g.
She is making so many stupid decisions, is -at least in my eyes- super dishonest with herself and the rest of the world, and on top of it all is totally dependent on this grease wiener Arin.

No. 164180


idk she strikes me as those whiny annoying types that are either really friendly with you if they have something to gain or really bitchy and mean if you looked sideways at them. maybe that just me tho~

She is very stupid. Like not mentally slow she just doesn't use common sense, she doesn't think.

also >>164159

I had answered this and my internet decided to crash, thanks net. Dan striked me as those "older women have confidence and experience" types, although I'm sure there's tons of teens willing to throw themselves at him, even if legal laws are kind of muddy between states.

No. 164182

I feel you anon, I totally think about this kind of thing, not just with Suzy but with other youtubers as well. I think I'd be nice enough to Suzy but I can't imagine being close friends with her, I'd feel so fake.

No. 164184

What is this in reference to, did he joke about wanting an underage gf, or has he had one?

No. 164186


he can often make kind of iffy comments about women in videogames being hot and then he'll find out they are actually young/underage/teenagers, etc.

I believe some people on tumblr have claimed he's slept with teenagers but… tumblr.

No. 164188

Because he (and everyone else on the internet) made jokes about banging underaged characters people jumped on this idea that he wants an underaged GF
Even though he's mentioned 3 times that he likes girls between 26-his age

No. 164189

smh tumblr is absolutely insane about this stuff. teenagers look exactly like adults in most cases, the difference is they're not mature enough to consent. he knows that, so it's not an issue

No. 164191


considering his music taste I can imagine the only teenager who would be compatible are the "ohmigod i was listening to this [incredibly famous classic rock song] sicne i was 11 this is music not justin bieber crap" types of teenagers that make me want to cry in a corner

No. 164195

I don't?? understand why she keeps saying it's been four years, when it hasn't even been two years since her first initial video about her "cancer scare." Suzy is really reaching for sympathy at this point jfc

No. 164196


yeah, exactly! like I'd feel that I would burst or something if I had to pretend. On the other hand I doubt anybody ever would just open their mouth and let their 100% honest opinion out.

No. 164197


I wonder what this looks like from her doctors point of view:

>"So I had this whale of a patient come into my office, she's munching on a massive chocolate bar and asks me why I think she's having trouble losing weight. I told her and she left my office on the rudest way possible - I dunno, that patient is like a joke between me and my collegues.

No. 164199

You can see the lump very obviously on her neck, idk about it being golf ball size but its pretty large enough to notice.

No. 164200

I would probably be polite, but stay away tbh. I would also be very open and honest about going to these types of sites. They're entertaining as fuck, no shame.

No. 164203


Yeah but like, not just that you visited for the gossip, but that theoretically you may have also contributed to the insults. Calling her fat, dumb, liar, fas, etc etc. You don't often get into a situation where you talked total shit about someone you haven't met yet, so it's not something you deal with a lot.

No. 164205

I'd probably play dumb, like "Oh I just go on lolcow for /g/!!"

No. 164207


Idk man to me this just looks like normal neck fat. But hell i am no doctor what do i know. Its not golf ball sized though.

No. 164237

I would probably leave the fact I've insulted the cows out to that degree, but say something how I enjoyed the speculation even if I knew it was 100% bogus. Same reason people go on celeb gossip sites.

Like, whatever, I talked shit about you. Get over it. You're probably totally fine IRL but on the internet you're insufferable, what a shocker.

No. 164246


That's the great thing about being 'rude'.
Sure Suzy, you were offended by something the doctor said - but just because it was rude or mean, doesn't make it a false statement.
Would his claim have any more or less weight (heh) if he had told you that your cottage cheese thighs were only slightly repulsive or that you only needed to lose a teensey weensey bit of weight?
Face it - you're an overweight hog and being told that by a doctor shatters the illusion you've desperately tried to forge over in your ignorance.
How rude, sure.
But how true it was.
He's right and you're fat, stop whining and fucking do something about it that isn't glazed in sugar.

No. 164247


The problem is that Suzy is used to having everything sugarcoated, especially her meals.

No. 164251

File: 1470701813095.jpg (31.91 KB, 550x370, rekkt.jpg)

this is a good post.

No. 164252

File: 1470702596154.jpg (79.56 KB, 640x640, tewwible.jpg)

When the doctor tells you that you need to lose weight…

No. 164270

File: 1470709613273.png (430.05 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (708).png)

we got two big boys here

No. 164271

Oh shit.

No. 164315

I swear everytime I see a picture of her and Arin they're always wearing those same clothes lmao. It doesn't even make sense for Suzy since she owns so many clothes.

No. 164321


I find Arin cute. How can he stand her?

No. 164335

Does her husband getting as fat as her is also because of her thyroid? Couples that get fat together is not unheard of, so I doubt all the weight gain is only due those thyroid problems she has.

No. 164357

Considering how huge her goiter has gotten and how out of control her weight gain is I'm inclined to believe she hasn't been seeing the dr (and obviously hasn't lost weight). The "meds r too expensive!!!" shit was just an excuse to make people think she was going to the dr, I think. In reality, I think she let this shit go for over a year, now it's gotten really bad and she's boohooing because she didn't take care of herself.

No. 164363

I dunno anon, he's really annoying in his own right. Constantly yelling about how video games are too hard when he didn't read the instructions and complaining about his mud butt is pretty unattractive. I'd say they deserve each other.

No. 164365

Everytime he burps in the videos i cringe and then agree that Snoozy and Arin are made for eadhother

No. 164446

No. 164453

dang suzy, you're so boring you even have to unbox stuff in video games


No. 164553

i fucking hate that intro so much

No. 164594

>dat filter on her so you can't tell how shit the cosplay is

No. 164603

File: 1470846305100.png (843.35 KB, 851x478, 3rdch.png)

Suzy has a new Loot Crate video - there are three big items in this one; one for every chin!


No. 164604



Go to 1:24, where Suzy tries to hold up the poster, she leans back to get it all in frame and you can see that her weight pushes the chair back! There's a look of panic on her face when there's suddenly a jump cut and Suzy tries to play it off like nothing happened.
Except that the chair is in a different position and she's being a lot more careful holding it up.
Oh man, I wish Kevin would have left that outtake in like he has the ASMR videos; I'll bet Suzy made a crater when she landed on the ground.

No. 164617

Im not a fan of how Suzy has been dealing with her weight either but holy fucking shit your so shallow. HAHA OMG SHE ALMOST FELL HAHA OH WOW! OMG!!

sorry but how youve commented sounds so smug holy shit dude.

No. 164618


Get out of here Arin.

No. 164632



Possibility through a rando's word we're supposed to take that Kevin is gone and someone else is editing

(crosses fingers that's true because if it is fuck yeah it's been a long overdue from the day he gave that skype interview)

No. 164698

maybe they'll go back to snappy and funny editing a la barry from jontronera

No. 164701

holy shit thank god. That guy fucked up so much and I stopped watching a while back. Dead Rising's editing is infamous for being shite and his fuck ups were happening every episode with that. He honestly seemed bored with it.

Most fangirls dont care because "omg hes sooo cute!!!" and honestly..e-e;;(e-e;;)

No. 164747

>"Are you tired of getting nerf'd? Ready to Git Gud?"
What the fuck does that even mean, Suzy? As a certified gaymur gurl who plays more games than our boyfriends I'd expect you to understand the term nerf'd.

No. 164754

Turns out the Game Grumps were on a recent episode of Red vs Blue. Spoilers: Suzy still can't voice act for shit.

(I don't think RT has uploaded it to YT yet, but here's the site link: http://roosterteeth.com/episode/red-vs-blue-season-14-episode-14-grey-vs-gray)

No. 164813

Huh I just noticed Kevin hasn't been in group pics in a while. I don't think he went to the art thing either?

No. 164829

Glad to see I'm not missing out on anything, I only really watch Funhaus now.

Although speaking of FH, Adam's wearing Suzy's D.Va ripoff shirt design in the newest podcast.

Kinda wish people I actually liked would stop associating with the Grumps.

No. 164834

Something tells me Full Screen will do whatever it can to probably try and get the Game Grumps under their name as well since they just signed The Creatures.

It's easier to sign up and introduce new content and people if you show or pretend you're bffs with all the youtubers in that circle.

No. 164837

Dan didn't went to the art thingy too.
He still has "Baby Grump" in his Twitter description and retweets stuff from Ross, I don't think he got fired

No. 164839

I wonder how Arin would take that. He'd probably want GG to get more 'fans' and 'recognition' so they can make $$$ but at the same time I'm not sure how he'd feel after finding out he wouldn't be able to hire his talentless friends into positions that never existed.

No. 164844

Could be them trying to avoid another Jon situation though by phasing him out rather than going "yeah, he's gone". So he might stick around for a bit online, maybe show up in an episode here or there etc. to not cause too much drama.

No. 164887

That makes sense but truth be told, I can't see Arin firing Kevin. He hasn't been doing his job for a long ass time and people took notice early on, so why now?

No. 164893

That's true. He has pretty much sucked from the beginning. puts on tinfoil hat maybe it's because of the recent fuck ups on Suzy's channel? The ASMR video that had her annoyed whining halfway through and the video falsely uploaded/not having cut out scene of her just sorta staring or whatever it was. I know Kevin edits KKG, not sure about her Mortem3r channel.

I can see Arin and Dan (and even the other guys) not really caring all that much. But Suzy does not like it if someone makes her look bad. tinfoil hat off

No. 164896

Today's first video was taken down after half hour because of audio problems…I guess either Kevin didn't do his job again or the new editor fucked up

No. 164913

Holy shit this is cringe-worthy.

They both got really really salty about an Indiana Jones question because they entered "Crystal Skull" instead of "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" and got it wrong.

No. 164921

i like how markiplier's face is instantly recognisable on the title plate and suzy's isn't

No. 165010

Apparently Kevin's just on vacation and maybe Barry is taking over editing until he gets back but who knows. GG really needs new editors. Like what do Jack and Vernon even do?

No. 165011


That gundam bit was cringe…I know it's been pointed out that she's an obvious poser clinging to her husbands group and trying to act like she's into this stuff but, come on Suzy, just stick to normy tier Pokemon and Sailor Moon stuff, those are a lot easier to pretend with.

No. 165059

I really wish Suzy would try and do more videos by herself instead of using pretty much anyone who'll put up with her as a "guest" for her boring gaming videos.

Does she even do anything outside of hanging out with Gamegrumps? You'd think with all the money and time she has she'd actually get into a hobby she's genuinely interested in. All the gaming, makeup, and fashion videos are just so half assed.

Would be cool if she even showed her process for her overpriced taxidermy.

No. 165083

File: 1471008402450.jpeg (100.5 KB, 1224x442, image.jpeg)

Suzy's losing brain cells at an alarming rate and vernon knows it

No. 165257

File: 1471055501280.jpeg (59.79 KB, 640x414, image.jpeg)

I don't get how this is supposed to be savage? I guess this is savage to basic white girls like Suzy

No. 165258

Damn Suzy is so simple minded

No. 165283


Why on earth is this girl even famous? What does she have going for her? She is really stupid… and very unattractive too. Not to mention very boring and her personality is grating and abrasive.

No. 165302

i guess this is what happens when you're a bored housewife with a modicum amount of notoriety but no drive to discover what you might actually be capable of.

No. 165305

>"I always tell Arin he should cosplay as Hanzo because they have the same body-type"

No. 165307

>not Roadhog

shiggy my niggy.

No. 165309

File: 1471077686358.jpg (415.11 KB, 2000x2000, kkmo.jpg)

No. 165310

Snoozi lives in this fantasy dreamland where she and Arin aren't fat apparently. It's like she has reversed body dysmorphia.

No. 165312

They're pratically twins.

No. 165336

You know, I thought this was a joke post… but no. She really did buy these and post a picture of them on her ig.

No. 165343

File: 1471096982053.jpg (109.87 KB, 929x588, suzber.JPG)

I thought you were kidding until I looked myself

No. 165344

File: 1471097045772.jpg (121.29 KB, 925x593, dellat2.JPG)

No. 165352

>This looks like regret and diarrhea

No. 165353

I've had the Doritos things (bf bought them on a whim when 7-11 had them.) they're disgusting. super salty, kind of tastes like you ate a bunch of Doritos and then puked. Not very crunchy off the rollers there so I'm assuming that in the microwave…yuck.

Oreo churros probably seem like something you could eat one or two of before you got sick of how sweet they probably are.

No. 165354

>It's muh thyroid, guise!

No. 165360

File: 1471103404057.png (32.8 KB, 917x189, cc.png)

oh look! we can bid on clothes and shoes Snooze never wears out once again!

No. 165375

Suzy getting offended by fucking body lotion is probably a new low, even for her

No. 165377

Starts at 3:11

No. 165379

This bitch just wants to be overmedicated and not try practical solutions. I don't even feel bad for her at this point. She deserves it. What a pathetic person. The advice on the lotion was pretty good. I fucking hate Suzy.

No. 165380

File: 1471110335450.jpg (395.31 KB, 667x1000, tumblr_mz5i08WQlz1rp4sdgo1_128…)

This is just….pathetic. Getting this "offended" by random marketing shit on a lotion? And you can tell that she's faking it. It's like she skimmed through a 'how to be sarcastic' wikihow and figured that's what she's gonna do for her next video.

pic 2:12

No. 165383

She was actually pretty back then! I really hope she loses weight, but I somewhat doubt it.

No. 165384

She was such a cute pixie. Now she's a slob ew.

No. 165391

is there some weird perspective/squashing happening in this pic? her foot looks like a boat its so massive and long.

No. 165409

Nah she was always a flabby frump. But at least she wasn't a hambeast.

No. 165410

I think she was just skinny fat.

No. 165411

>is given helpful advice that might be beneficial
>"m-muh mental problems"
it's so clear she herself has never dealt with mental problems if she says that in such a fake sarcastic way. does anyone remember that depression video she put up a few years ago? where she just literally read off the wikipedia article for it to "spread awareness" or some bs?

No. 165414

She picks the stupidest things to get mad at because thats all she can comprehend. She has never had to critically think about anything.

Reminds me how in another unboxing video (surprise) she got mad that an eyeshadow sample had sexy men on the front and she thought it was dehumanizing and over sexualising men, completely oblivious to the tongue in cheek meaning behind it.

No. 165415

Even (especially) with depression or other "mental problems", remaining positive and forcing yourself to think of what you're grateful for is extremely helpful.
Part of the therapy for depression, depending on your therapist, is making positive thinking a habit, taking stock of what you're grateful for, etc
And yes, self care when you're feeling down/apathetic/etc especially when you DON'T feel like you have the energy for it is suggested as well!
If it's a spa day, getting out of bed, making a nice dinner, going to see a movie out of the house, whatever pushing your boundaries and forcing yourself to do something when you don't want to is absolutely what you WANT to do.

Having depression doesn't mean you can just give up because it's easier, snoozy. It is hard work to try and get better and improve yourself.

No. 165423

File: 1471129088296.jpeg (81.82 KB, 640x480, image.jpeg)

>7 fav youtubers
>lists nine people

Suzy also apparently can't count or read

No. 165425

She's gone full retard/tumblrina. That sounded like just some sweet random tidbit, I suffer from actual depression and it made me smile. If someone actually gets offended by that they need to get off the internet and, like that packaging said funnily enough, stop feeling sorry for themselves.

No. 165427

>all let's players

No. 165464


Her closet clean-out is now available and surprise-surprise, a lot of it looks like it's from her ootd videos.

No. 165467

She doesn't even like good lpers or old SA goons.

No. 165470

She probably gets these clothes for free from sponsors and now she's gonna let her dumbass fans fight over them and let it get sold for probably 10x the price it actually is. Just like how she overprices her shitty jewelry and taxidermy.

I hate this greedy hoe.

No. 165490

notice how all the clothes for sale is small and medium
guess she's accepted that the stuffed sausage look wasnt for her

No. 165491

As someone who has that cupcake bag for under $10, people are getting ripped off. I guess owning something that was close to GG is worth throwing money away.

I'd be concerned over the smell (due to her sweat/BO, and pets).

No. 165495


This is the start of a vicious cycle…

>Suzy sells shit that doesn't fit her on eBay

>Suzy takes the proceeds and spends it on deep fried chocolate and larger clothes

rinse, lather, repeat.

In a year we'll probably see her trying to pawn off 3XL shirts.

No. 165570

I don't think D.I.A would sponsor her, seeing as how that's a Japanese brand that you can't directly buy outside of there. That's one she buys to "show off" to her weeby fans.

…but if it doesn't go too high, I might bid on that blue/black D.I.A top. I like it in a weird way… that, and I don't think Suzy's ever worn it so I don't believe I would have to worry about what >>165491 mentioned.

No. 165572

I hope you buy it, it would be devious to think that a farmer is paying into fattening up the pig for our amusement with the side of a free top

No. 165575

If it doesn't go above $20 towards the end of the last day, I'll bid. Any higher and I don't think it'll be worth it.
Unlike Suzy, however, I know I fit into a small from D.I.A.. I had wondered if this was in the lucky bag unboxing she did, but I skimmed the vid and don't think I saw it. You could tell that she's put on weight since January, though…

No. 165582

>all those ill fitting black milk body con dresses being sold

But seriously, do her fans ever stop and go "huh she only wore that one time on an ootd like 2 weeks ago what gives" or are the so desperate to have suzys sweaty skin against theirs that they just dgaf

No. 165601

arent those all her friends anyway

No. 165629


If I was buying one of Suzy's dresses, my main concern would be that the fabric lost all elasticity when she stretched the shit out of it, and it would never return to its previous shape.

No. 165671

or, if that top does go too high, I'll do the killstar skull shirt. idk. Suzy's the only thread on here I still post in (aside from some on /g or /b)–all others I just lurk. I think it's because my friends are into GG so I at least maintain some knowledge of their happenings on a regular basis… therefore I feel like I should casually feed the fire. If I do win something, I'll let you guys know when I receive it.

No. 165672

bleh. I meant iron fist. whatever. still some 3edgy5me brand.

No. 165791

File: 1471249061325.png (651.22 KB, 933x599, 369c384711ae508c962dad447c8c83…)

Suzy looks a bit unrecognizable in this recent photo. Other than being heavily edited her makeup is different too.

No. 165796

All these clothes are medium or large. Some of the dresses are actually really cute. Dammit Suzy.

No. 165798

how tf does she have a top lip here

No. 165799

Very Kylie Jenner-ish

No. 165800

what the shit is that contouring

No. 165801

Is she trying to look like a drag queen?

No. 165802

lol shes trying to look like those insta baddies

someone please give her makeup lessons smh

No. 165803

I just don't understand what's the point shooping your jawline when the rest of your Instagram is total triple chin potato face.

That aside, despite her failed efforts it's good to see her trying more things when it comes to makeup. I hope those fucking inner corner eyeliner goes away soon.

No. 165805

Is she trying to look like a drag queen?
I bet she applied that contour with her finger.

No. 165816

>that horrible attempt at instathot makeup
>the fact that it must've looked so bad irl that she took this pic in the dark
>the contouring on the bridge of the nose????
>doing the same on Cupid's bow
>unblended fingerpaint contour in cheekbone
>is that…is that a cut crease
>somehow fucked up her signature eyeliner ofc

Take a pic in the light sooz

No. 165821

It looks like she smeared dirt on her face with her fingers and has a creepy little mustache.

No. 165822

I hope this was just an attempt at drag queen makeup because this shit looks awful. She took the pic in dark lighting and you can still tell it looks awful

No. 165826

File: 1471262048534.jpeg (329.96 KB, 1920x2221, image.jpeg)

The comments are fucking hilarious
Stop lying to her like that lmao

No. 165835

File: 1471266514605.jpg (47.52 KB, 496x640, 1451859943059.jpg)

Why does she always look so greasy in her videos now?
Like whatever honestly that she doesn't want to put any effort into her videos but at least do yourself up a bit first.
That mixed with the crap outfit and hair: it's a clusterfuck.
The triggering of the lotion was the cherry on top though. It sincerely just wrapped up the package of what a mess she is.
I can't wait for her to go full Tumblrina.

No. 165840

File: 1471267290900.jpeg (33.14 KB, 640x480, 1468455382372.jpeg)

I hope Suzy ignores the doctor's warranted advice, keeps eating junk and gets even worse health issues. This shit is fun.

No. 165842

>One for every chin


No. 165847

I guess I'll skip lunch today…

No. 165848

This bitch eats teen-tier junk food. Look forward to her getting fatter. None of this is appealing.

No. 165849

>gotta make room for fall stuff!

$100 she got too fat for her last clothing haul.

No. 165851

She looks like a chola.

No. 165865

She looks like an ugly porn star who's 50

No. 165979

File: 1471298137225.png (432.54 KB, 589x588, RIPinpieceMJ.png)

I thought the first one was bad…

No. 165983

lmao I wonder if Suzy knows about this

No. 165989

I didn't think her eyeliner could look any worse.

No. 165990

This is the saddest attempt I've seen of someone pretending to be offended. Suzy, why do you want to fake being a Tumblrina? That's the last thing anyone'd want to be. Lol

No. 165999

Like, I know the photo is dark… but you can see her highlight clear as day because she can't blend for shit. not to mention the "cut crease" looks like a second pair of eyebrows.

No. 166013

File: 1471305974189.jpg (30.95 KB, 480x480, tumblr_obz6rmhN6R1qils0po1_500…)

No. 166014

Oh god, that nose contour is awful.

No. 166018

That eyeshadow looks like she smeared grey shit all over her face. Why did she think this was good enough to post?

No. 166026

It looks like she attempted to cover her brows and draw new ones like drag queens do but she didn't do a good job

No. 166027

>lip contour


No. 166034

I don't understand her nose contour at all.

No. 166035

No. 166036

This cannot possibly be serious. It looks like she did her eye makeup with crayons and sharpies.

No. 166043

This is awful. Why in the world would she contour her already too small nose so harshly? She obviously doesn't understand even the basics of makeup application.

No. 166060

Someone get Rob Zombie's Dragula video and tell him he needs to swap vehicles for a second to re-record

No. 166064

The way she overlined her top lip is so weird. It looks like a tiny mustache or like she's been drinking chocolate milk.

No. 166065

A mustache would help close that obnoxiously large space in between her top lip and her michael jackson nose. Maybe it would actually be an improvement.

No. 166078

It's sad. There really is not much she can do to fix that.

No. 166080

Honestly, it wouldn't be that bad if she styled herself better and got her weight back under control. She has tiny eyes, tiny nose, tiny lips, the weight gain made her features shrink while the rest of her face grew. The shit makeup doesn't help either. Suzi COULD be cute, but her outside matches the insides rn.

No. 166081

yep. "first time in dragz" tier.

No. 166090

Michael Jackson lives!

No. 166093


>one brow skinnier than the other

>eyeshadow applied like fingerpaint apparently since her sausage fingers can't hold brushes anymore I guess?

jfc what a trainwreck

No. 166110

I think she was trying to make her lips look .. pouty? maybe? I got nothing else.

No. 166135

File: 1471345323433.jpg (41.88 KB, 500x735, 63a4513a02e6ebb38caf014e62ce81…)

Is she trying to attempt drag? Wtf is this?

No. 166151

Yes, >>166013 just didn't put in the caption she wrote. I think it was something like, still trying to learn how to do drag but it's so much fun, or something like that but a little more obnoxious

No. 166152

>mortemer: Who is she? Playing with makeup again ?. Someday I'll get #dragmakeup right. Wig by @lush_wigs

No. 166153

She looks like an awful cross between the Valeria 'Living Barbie' chick and baby's first drag show.

No. 166170

Bitch is almost 30 years old and has been wearing makeup since high school. There is no excuse for this mess.

No. 166199

I think shes joking about that make up. She's fat, not blind (maybe??)

No. 166216

So done with her shit

No. 166227

I can't even watch the video. Her super overlined lips are distracting. Also did she get foundation on her hairline or is it just grey? It looks very weird to me

No. 166228

File: 1471369031668.jpeg (50.59 KB, 622x501, image.jpeg)

Her lips lmao. I hope she doesn't think this is a good look because you can see where her real lips are underneath the lipstick.

No. 166233

Giving some real Magnolia Crawford realness here

No. 166234

Why is there always so much space in the frame above her head and she's also always so zoomed out. Whenever she shows a swatch on her hand or product packaging you can't even see it.

No. 166236

She should just bite the bullet and get fillers. They won't give her cancer like she said in one video.

No. 166242


These colors don't match her skin tone, it looks really off.

No. 166258

im not sure why her brushing her hair before using the brush that straightens her hair is annoying me.

No. 166292

She's gaining so much weight that her cheek fat is starting to droop, giving her face that "fat girl" shape. Even if she won't lose weight she should at least try contouring her jaw line.

No. 166293

Exactly the shades don't really suit her skin. But at least she's not wearing her shitty eyeliner.

No. 166301

her voice fucking kills me

No. 166310

Arin's chemistry with Chris is 100x better than with Dan

This is watchable. Game Grumps is not.

No. 166339

This look like someone pasted a porn star's face onto Suzy's fat face is she for real with those lips

No. 166340

she looks like she's having trouble breathing or something

No. 166344

I have a hair straightening brush myself… it's one that looks a bit more like a comb and it works pretty well. It definitely helps me get the back of my head a lot better than a typical straightener (my hair is only, like, to the top of my shoulder blades and has some grown out layers. it's also naturally wavy, a bit more so than Suzy's, I would say). It does, however, make my hair kind of frizzy towards the ends in comparison… but that's easily fixed with a pass of a regular straightener.

Therefore, I wouldn't completely discount a straightening brush because Suzy didn't like it. It doesn't straighten perfectly, but it does save me time overall because I can get the bulk of my hair done with the brush and just fix a couple problem areas with my normal straightener.

I think if she divided her hair up more, did less thick sections, and took a little more time it would've worked out better for her? It looked pretty straight to me so I'm not sure what her deal was? Other than it not getting her roots?

No. 166353

File: 1471404854555.png (689.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-16-23-32-25…)

Oh she'll be able to fit in snoozy's clothes soon enough

No. 166355

Oh silly anon didn't you know snooze can't waste too much precious time on hair products when she could be shoveling donuts down her throat because thyroid

No. 166358

I was curious about how something like this would work on actually non-straight hair (tbh I don't see a difference in suzy's hair) looked up some videos, and it seems like her technique is just shit. her passes are too quick and there's not enough contact between her hair and the device.

I also wonder if her hair is too thin for something like that? like the bristles are set apart too widely for it to be fully effective. or maybe the one she bought is just cheap shit, idk.

also, is her hair really considered 'loose wavy'? like it's not pin-straight but I never thought her hair wasn't straight.

No. 166365

File: 1471408597142.png (38.14 KB, 605x251, lazy bitch.PNG)

This lazy bitch makes 6+ figures with her husband in one of the easiest fucking jobs in the world that millions would die for, and she still whines to the Internet? The literal definition of an attention whore.

No. 166404

File: 1471428319843.png (72.35 KB, 624x512, Untitled.png)


Didn't she say she applied but wasn't picked? It was in one of her old deviantart journal entries.

No. 166409

Invited to be on America's next top model… yeah okay Suzi.

No. 166414

File: 1471431996814.png (56.65 KB, 630x483, top.png)

It's all in this thread

No. 166435

What not to wear is a television show where they take people who have little to no style or really bad, tacky style, give them makeovers and show them how to dress for their body type. She's not referring to Americas next top model here.

No. 166438

belive in me who belives in you

No. 166449

I don't think they "invited" people for ANTM…Also pretty sure you have to be a certain weight/height ratio to get even considered in the first place.
Look at that pic again

No. 166454

Oh my gosh, I would have loved to see Snoozy's fatass on what not to wear!

No. 166458

So, Matt Watson (ex-editor for Markiplier) is a new editor for GG now? OT but it seems weird that someone would edit for a big YTer, quit, then start editing for a lower tier YouTube show. More scheduling freedom, maybe?

No. 166471

Anyone notice how bad Suzy's breathing is now?

No. 166529

unfortunately, any items I wanted from Suzy's closet clear-out have surpassed what I'm willing to pay for them. I shall not be funding her shit-food habits.
Maybe next time, farmers… that is, if she's willing to give up more of her small clothing items that she'll never fit into again.

No. 166537

File: 1471486928383.png (789.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-17-22-17-48…)

No. 166538

File: 1471487030464.jpg (63.14 KB, 318x477, IMG_20160817_221759.jpg)

Lol it looks like she put one greasy fat thigh in the right leg (right on the pic left when wearing) and stretched it out soon realizing it didn't fit and didn't bother with pulling on the rest

No. 166549

No. 166551

So I always end up coming here for a ramble(if I dared open my mouth on tumblr if have fangirling taling me) but wow. Arin can't not be a stuck up ass hole about "game design" for 5 seconds nowadays. I took a break from grumps, got into the hidden block group(made me realise how un-genuine Arin and Suzy are these days tbh) and settled watching them for a few months. I came back after hearing good things about Dark Souls, Danny actually playing a game for once and Dead Rising. Was pumped and took a gander and 9/10 it's Arin shitting on the game/other games for not being like this game or constantly bringing up how the game looks/moves. We get it Arin, you've seen how games are made now, read some books, even made some sprites but God man, give it a rest. Even Danny has grown sick of it, hearing him say oh well a few times.

Rayman today was another example of him trying to show off to Dan with 2d/Snes is best!! Haha notice me when I talk about games!!! These retro like games are the best!! Nes/Snes for life!! Arin is constantly trying to score points with the cool kids when he doesn't need too. Arin always seemed to like Mega Man, the more wierd games and original games for gamecube/playstation 2. I really liked that about him and it reflected in his animations/art(rip the wasted potential of that). Nowadays though he's just a poser, if he's trying to improve his image that's great but honestly man, people are getting fed up with this cocky, smug persona you have. Go back to being the chill guy you were once and not constantly trying to score points.

(Ramble over)

No. 166568

File: 1471499926690.jpg (178.63 KB, 960x1280, smile.jpg)

Thank you for this, i found this place like 2 months ago and you just sent me down a thread rabbit hole.

Does anyone have the threads when the Suzy Etsy scam happened? I'd love to read through that one.

No. 166573

The first Suzy thread was made after that happened.

No. 166670

No. 166683


Okay, so this came out. I, unfortunately, listened to the whole thing and really it just reaffirmed my question that I've had for a really, really long time. who the fuck was Ginger and why did Suzy initially say she was her sister in her Draw My Life video, only for like. None of the Berhow family to ever acknowledge her ever? Because there are several instances in this "interview" where she mentions her "brothers" and "sister." It's a stupid thing to get caught up over but I am confused and curious and want to know.

No. 166686

Isn't Markipliers ex called Ginger?

No. 166757

File: 1471572819824.png (849.36 KB, 934x587, Suzwg.png)

Comparison from the newest episode of Table Flip to one taken from the middle of the series.
But trust Suzy guys, she says she's been losing weight right?

No. 166760

She still has fat girl arms in the beginning.

No. 166761

No. 166770

No. Also can we stop bringing up Markiplier every other week? Like he's not a grump. You guys should start a thread if you're so into prying into his life he tries to be secretive about.

No. 166774

Calm down someone was just asking since it was partly related and I think a lot of people bring him up a lot for the same reason Holly is allowed to be brought up. They're heavily associated

Sorry if that comes across as rude have some good tumblr accounts to make up for it


super old but fun to read for game grump fan cringe

No. 166795

File: 1471587009956.gif (2.78 MB, 720x404, uM1FbAN.gif)

She even moves her body like a fat-ass

No. 166812

She kept on tilting far back in her chair as her stomach rose up from beneath the table this episode - I was half expecting her to unbutton her pants and let out a sigh of relief.

That's a figure made possible by deep fried sugar coated garbage from Disneyland; if she keeps this up she'll be modeling XXL clothes, waddling as she tries to show them off.

No. 166815

File: 1471595446116.png (1.4 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2016-08-19-04-28-42…)

On my phone but I took a screen shot of her new IG post. All I got to say is the new Snapchat filters go hard

No. 166834

in a huffy kind of way

No. 166835

so is her 'thing' now taking selfies in a dark room with snapchat filters to hide most of her flaws?

No. 166837

I love how even with the filter, you can still see how garbage her makeup is. The way she overlines her top lip is goddamn vile.

No. 166877

File: 1471626477651.jpeg (95.2 KB, 879x771, image.jpeg)

hoo boy

No. 166892

File: 1471630514642.jpg (24.42 KB, 480x360, pig make up.jpg)

No. 166902

File: 1471632364164.jpg (12.91 KB, 236x285, f5d290bf511361fb423d64a03ab947…)

No. 166914

File: 1471636777605.png (790.72 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2016-08-18-21h40m10s13…)

Nice wings.

No. 166927

she genuinely reminds me of mama june from honey boo boo here.

No. 166953

File: 1471652174480.png (552.69 KB, 933x585, Whorewards.png)

Suzy decided to be shameless and brag over her instagram about YouTube plauques

>"2 of those plaques are mine"

It's true - in very tiny font, the one on the right says, "Fattest whore to leech off of her husbands success" and the one on the left says, "Biggest thyroid ever recorded".

No. 166968

Wow so I laughed through these threads with slight regret so far but this post just confirmed to me just how shit of a person Suzy is.

She can't even own up to blatantly lying to very young fans and ripping them off. She only "apologised" after she was caught and then continued pulling the same shit. Not crediting artists or websites is absolutely disgusting imo. And she's still pulling the same shit today with no shame.

So keep posting pictures of her multiple chins, anons! I feel absolutely no regret laughing at this absolute cow now!

No. 167003

File: 1471666445559.png (974.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-20-00-12-46…)


No. 167005

Why do the ugliest people (both inside and out) seem to have the most ego?

No. 167006

At least the beard covers the gap tho

No. 167024

has she always jerked herself off this hard? or is she doing it to cover up her growing self hatred because of how big she's getting?

No. 167033

We convinced her to get bangs. Can we convince her to grow a mustache?

No. 167034

yeah i think she's just really insecure

No. 167048

File: 1471679677189.gif (1.61 MB, 336x167, 1449302047168.gif)

No. 167074

File: 1471691669943.gif (471.17 KB, 215x211, dis-gunna-be-good.gif)

This is such a glorious trainwreck.

No. 167094

File: 1471697598602.png (750.93 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-20-08-43-01…)

Thanks for your AH-MAZE-ing review snooze! I never knew that a murder case book would be drawn out and boring, it's almost like their trying to document what happened rather than try make it super intense like they do in the movies. I know it's just a little thing but it bugs me so much that her explanation to not reading the last book is that it's long and boring rather than an actual explanation as to not reading it. "Ugh this book is so boring and has too many big words that I don't understand and all it is about is a crime force trying to find enough evidence that can lead them to a killer and alot of clever cases can take years to figure or track down. Ugh instead of pointing out any of the books highlights or point out its flaws going to say it was long and boring because I'm too lazy to actually write a review or actually do a review on them." Also I thought she read her books at 2× speed, how could it be boring and drawn out since everything would go by faster and not be as drawn out?

No. 167095

Sorry for the rant, major book nerd here and it just rustled my jimmies

No. 167105

I somehow feel like she maybe sat through the movie of In Cold Blood and got mad the book didn't have the exact same pacing.

No. 167110

>read by scott brick

lol more audio books

No. 167118

Someone should send her a link to this http://www.rinkworks.com/bookaminute/classics.shtml so she doesn't have to listen to someone else reading all these boooooring books.

I bet this one http://www.rinkworks.com/bookaminute/b/kafka.metamorphosis.shtml is her favorite #spookybugs #notlikeothergirls

No. 167365

File: 1471790288273.jpeg (68.96 KB, 640x577, image.jpeg)

Suzy literally thinks everything is bad for your body and that everything gives you cancer. Maybe she should take her own advice and stop shoving soda and donuts down her throat

No. 167369

>there's a reason they have to advertise
Coke also advertises, yet you still double fist sodas at the speed of light. I'm surprised you haven't choked on your goiter yet.

It's hilarious she tries to be so uppity about heath and eating when she's got an inner tube poking out of her neck from neglecting her glandular problem for over a year, refusing to take medication, all the while gorging herself on donuts and Oreo churros.

No. 167370

Maybe she should quit googling Suzy berhow milk so the term milk wouldn't come up in suggested ads. Hi Sooz!

No. 167372

is this bitch for real?

No. 167377


and yet she eats cheese, cream, chocolate…what the fuck is the point of posting this?

No. 167391

this isn't even true. i could understand if she was saying not to drink milk for ethical reasons (mistreatment of female cows, male sons/brothers slaughtered), but it's not less healthy than anything else with the same calorie amount.

No. 167394

File: 1471797451647.png (652.36 KB, 586x629, sohealthyomg.PNG)

This was her direct previous tweet. Stay a hypocritical fatass, Suzy.

No. 167398

Everybody knows you have to turn milk into cream-filled chocolate before it's healthy, anon, duh.

No. 167407

I legitimately wouldn't be surprised if she actually believed this tbh.

No. 167408

>my life is out of control because i'm eating doritos
Whoa! Wacky hijinks!

No. 167446

It pains me that the Doritos are Japanese.

No. 167449

Snoozy probably got it in one of those Japanse Kawaii Snack sub-boxes.

She tried to do an unboxing video for it, but she found herself stuffing her face throughout the video, so there was nothing left to unbox.

No. 167450

Let's take advice from bullfrog tumor-neck - she knows what's healthy.

No. 167452


I've never seen a cow speak out against milk before.

No. 167471

Milk is bad for you because fellow cows like herself are tortured, fondled daily to sell, suzy is a cow activist because she is a cow aswell

No. 167477

File: 1471823243168.jpeg (486.37 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

I was looking for her "soda causes cancer" tweets and found these two. Thought it was hilarious lmao it's like her Zelda tweet all over again. The tweets are barely 2 months apart btw

No. 167478

File: 1471823424250.jpeg (58.6 KB, 640x435, image.jpeg)

Here it is. Also note that the tweet about her missing Pepsi and her saying her mom said that her bone cancer was caused by drinking Pepsi are from the same day lmao

No. 167482


Salsa/salad flavour? kek. Those are lightly salted flavour with no other flavouring.

Even if they were salad flavour, they are still gonna make her fat, even if it's named after a healthy food.

No. 167507

She probably cut out soda but still eats donuts and other empty calorie/sugar filled garbage. I hate this bitch.

No. 167510

I fucking love how hypocritical she is… "Milk is bad for you, pop is awful for you!" continues to eat weirdass dorito and oreo fatty junk food

Also she says she cut out pop but I still see her drinking it in pictures? Was it just a temporary thing then?

No. 167519

How did this fat beast open the bag like that?? She opened it like a bloody animal. I'm shocked she took the time to open it and not just engulf it bag and all.

No. 167757

File: 1471919259673.png (955.55 KB, 1366x667, when ya neck says small but ya…)

the photoshopping looks terrible on this. Even the shirt is more fucked up

No. 167762

she fixed her neck but she still look like an inflatable toy with no wrists and shit kek

No. 167767

At least she credited the artist even if I dislike Starexorcist who does everything she can to be popular with the gamer youtubers like GG ANDRooster Teeth.

No. 167776

Check out the Emily Hu/AVNP thread if you wanna see Star in there shitting it up.

Sage for off-topic.

No. 167783

Her arms are HUGE. Holyshit

No. 167790

File: 1471928897741.jpg (353.46 KB, 1366x667, IMG_20160823_010455.jpg)

Why is the line of the books wavy where her arm is?

No. 167791

Damn nice catch. Haha man. I wonder if she will take it down. Does she ever take down her ps fails?

No. 167793

Check out the blurriness around her neck as well - if you take your hand and cover her face, Suzy is left with a neck that would snap under the weight of her double chin alone.
I would love to see the original photo just to see the comparison between the two; I'll bet Snoozy photoshopped about 60 pounds off her frame. Poorly as well.

No. 167798

there's also some distortion right below that, as well as in the cases each side of her head

No. 167802

No amount of shooping can erase the two lumps of lard she calls hands

No. 167803

File: 1471936991006.jpg (19.51 KB, 212x217, datwaist.JPG)

She also screwed up editing herself a waist on the opposite side.
How long until she deletes?

No. 167806

File: 1471939626814.jpg (590.31 KB, 1080x1080, Untitled-1.jpg)

the fuck is going on her with other arm?

No. 167810


I can't stand Suzy as much as the next guy but… I don't see anyung wrong with the picture? At least the games/cases in the background don't show any signs of a shoop. I might just be a blind ass person but idk man the clues don't really get me here. The waves could just be from the sleevemjust like on the other arm.

Her face however looks absolutely slimmer than irl.

No. 167813

It's so weird how disproportionate her arms are compared to her body. Like her wrists are just as fat as the rest her arm.

No. 167837

P sure that's just her love handle and there's nothing wrong with her arm, the games are just laying on an angle.
But the other arm you can see the bookshelf curving up a bit.

No. 167841

She shooped flab on left arm, but didn't touch right one.

No. 167854


Got it now!! Was focusing on the red circle where i literally see nothing shooped. But you are right, you can see a curve on the other one

No. 167929

No. 167936

This video was basically "Why I'm a huge cards and it's not my fault". Like fucking really, the trained professional Doctor literally told you to "Put the fork down"? Like, get the fuck out of here with that shit. I'm pretty damn sure he told you that your weight gain wasn't because of your "thyroid" and there were other possible reasons, one of the more common ones being a poor diet. We see the kind of shit you stuff into your fat maw Suzy, so there is no sense in lying about it. The chips, the fried Oreos, the doughnuts. All of it. I will bet she only said that to gain sympathy because she still thinks the reason she is fat is never her fault. Instead of taking responsibility, she is looking everywhere to place blame except herself. So yes Duzy, put down the damn fork and exercise, then maybe you wouldn't balloon into such a bloated cow.

And fuck the retards in the comments defending this shit acting like every time a doctor didn't give them a quick fix pill, it means that they are incompetent jackasses who just want to rip people off. Maybe the problem isn't as bad as you think it is and reading the Wikipedia article doesn't count as a diagnosis.

Seriously, fuck this fat whale and her stupid fans.

No. 168001

I hope her stomach ruptures.

No. 168051

What i sometimes ponder is…

One day Snooze may be fit and cute again and her thyroid problem will be miraculously cured and she'll have a wonderful body and look actually kinda cute…

… But her make up still will suck and her sense in fashion will still be catastrophical and her character will even get worse because she would get even more arrogant and maybe even bash on fatties as if she never had problems herself and it would be such a waaaassstteee…

No. 168068


Hats how she's always been. "It's only okay if I do it" is her way of life. Only she can sell rip offs of existing IPs (Her stupid DVa "parody" shirt), only she can scam people by lying about where she gets her materials from) and only she can get fat and simply blame it on her "thyroid". If it were anyone else, she wouldn't be sympathetic at all and tell them to stop complaining. She'd be the one telling them to "put down the fork" or campaigning to get someone fired or blacklisted for overcharging for jewelry and she's sic her fans on them for good measure too.

No. 168085



>"The first thing to fall out is a perfume sample! You guys know how much I love me some perfume samples… uhh… in that, I mean I don't, haha!"

Suzy has all the comedic timing of an abortion.

No. 168094


Yeah. She's about as funny as a lynching. Yet Arin swears up and down the street that she is so goddamn funny.

No. 168131

File: 1472068857582.jpg (92 KB, 750x750, c989610d-60c3-4fc7-8ea5-54c4e8…)

She could have at least done Arin the favor of face tuning his face as well. He looks like garbage. I'm sure without the blur she'd look just as bad as him.

No. 168135


Without makeup, she looks downright horrifying. Her skin looks awful when it's not caked in layers of it.

No. 168143

That is the face of a man who has truly given up on life.

No. 168150

I know it's the FAS but she looks like she has a really bad nose job. She has such an unfortunate face rip

No. 168152


Well it's either that or a dumb joke that only he finds funny where he looks like that whenever he is filming with her.

No. 168157


He did the same thing in a Polaris collaboration video where he just stood in the back and pouted like he was having a bad time.

No. 168234

Arin looks like the Bill Clinton of YouTube with those eyes

No. 168251

File: 1472093015477.jpeg (600.59 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

She's always only airbrushing her face and whitening only her teeth. It makes it look even more obvious. I seriously hope she doesn't think she can fool anybody.

No. 168386

Holy Moses, he looks like he hasn't slept in a year. The contrast between her filtered face and his makes him looks even worse. It's so obvious it's almost offensive.

No. 168421

File: 1472160638619.jpg (130.11 KB, 800x794, winter_fashion_by_rosalindharr…)

throwback rip

No. 168423


Seriously, what the fuck is going on with her face?

No. 168428

File: 1472162832432.jpg (139.2 KB, 496x705, tumblr_n7ssrfLX7y1tfvzavo1_500…)

it's just a chinky scandinavian face

No. 168429

She is actually hot there, 90's hot. Like she couldve been a part of the cast for the tv show popular

No. 168430

File: 1472163110412.jpeg (143.88 KB, 1080x1080, image.jpeg)

Guys, don't you understand? She just HAD to try out this Canadian candy. She just HAD to.

No. 168446

The phosphorus in soda absolutely does draw calcium out of your bones, but that causes low bone density (osteoporosis) and has nothing to do with bone cancer.
The effect is especially pronounced if you're female, drank soda throughout childhood (when you're supposed to be building bones) and have low calcium to begin with.

No. 168454


And yet according to her, her doctor was so rude to tell her to "put down the fork"

It's not your "thyroid" Suzy. It's you stuffing your fat face with shit like this.

No. 168476

>>salad flavoured

You're doing it wrong, fatty.

No. 168521

Can someone Woll Smoth this pic

No. 168546

Arin gets uglier by the day. He looks tired of living.

No. 168558

Looks like someone already did.

No. 168571

HA. Ruthless.

No. 168581

I don't know what it is about suzy's friend, but i want to marry her.

No. 168638

Well, if you're a female you may have chance

No. 168648

File: 1472221919600.jpeg (121.26 KB, 1080x1080, image.jpeg)

This bitch doesn't know when to quit, does she?

No. 168650


But apparently it's her "thyroid's" fault that she is becoming a bloated cow and her doctor was so rude to tell her to "put the fork down"

Maybe you shouldn't Instagram all the disgusting shit you shovel into your fat face Suzy

No. 168681

Holy shit Suzy, slow down. Does she think now that she's on medication she can just inhale all the junk food she sees? She's going to become huge… more huge.

No. 168685

None of that even looks good. Girl literally eats garbage and wonders why she's so fat? Sheesh.

No. 168703

All Dressed chips are the best and Coffee crisp is great too. The rest is nothing special imo.

Suzy just makes me laugh now. "Put down the fork" and "I'm actually losing weight" but then she posts TONS of junk food constantly. Like, I don't think you're fooling anyone, not even yourself girl.

No. 168709

Goddammit, Suzy, you're making it impossible to root for you. She's probably the kind of person who thinks that because they could eat whatever they wanted at 16 they still should be able to do the same thing in their mid/late 20s. Stop it, you're not growing anymore, the only growing you'll do is getting wider. And of course her thyroid shit is a convenient excuse.

No. 168712


No. 168715


And of course, not so much as a peep from her fans about any of it. They are practically telling her to stuff her fat face more.

No. 168718


And then she'll come back with some horseshit about how she "is happy with her curves and loves being "thicc" then complain about how she feels miserable about not being able to eat like she used to. Then she "loses" (aka, she photoshops an Instagram picture) the slightest bit of weight and then brags about how she is just shedding pounds.

So yeah, she can go fuck herself

No. 168727

All Dressed should come to the states and not just as a limited edition thing.
I think she might do the thing that Arin does which is "diet" (mostly bullshit I'm sure) and then travel and binge eat a bunch of junk. It's really unhealthy for people their age.

No. 168734


I'll bet she devoured all of that shit in one greedy wolfing session too. This is only the stuff she's showing us as well, I'll bet if we saw everything she was stuffing into her fat maw every day, you could fill a garbage bag with it. What a pig.

No. 168735

What is even wrong with her thyroid is it underactive, overactive? (I admit i havent watched any of her videos concerning this cause i cant stand fatlogic and fatscuses)

No. 168745

File: 1472250905146.png (725.84 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2016-08-26-18h29m48s72…)

Here's a still taken from the Grump Out Pokemon GO video:

No. 168757

File: 1472253345412.png (512.14 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2016-08-26-18h30m52s70…)

And another.

No. 168760


Lol. Her face looks so fucking doughy

No. 168764


Apparently, she has polyps on her thyroid that could potentially be cancerous and would have to be removed and according to her, makes her suffer from hyperthyroidism

Which, shocker of all shocks, doesn't affect weight gain. Her weight gain is mostly because of a shitty diet that includes tons of fried and processed foods and very little to no exercise. So her doctor's "put the fork down" comment wasn't too far off. She's just upset that someone (A completely unbiased party mind you. This wasn't just the internet being mean again, it was a licensed professional) finally sat her down and told her the truth instead of trying not to hurt her feelings to she can't keep blaming her thyroid for her ballooning into a bloated pig.

No. 168770

Was this thread always about Suzy's weight. Who cares.

No. 168774

If you don't like it post some good gossip. Be the change you want to see

No. 168779


Her weight meshes with how shit of a person she is
Tweet 1
~Oh i'm so fat, wish I could be thin~
Tweet 2
~Hey guys it's fatemer here's a
Japanese/mexican/canadain/british junk food haul! :33333333~

No. 168781

in her new health update video she said the specialist she saw said the polyps were just cysts and aren't cancerous. they just fluctuate in size from time to time. so they just shrink or grow.

No. 168783


I guess it's been a while since I last gave a crap to watch one of those because evrytime she talked about it before, she kept going on about how they could potentially be cancerous. Although she is the type to fake cancer scares to get sympathy points

No. 168785

She doesn't actually look quite as bad as I was expecting. I think she's just one of those unfortunate people that carries a lot of fat in their face/neck.

No. 168790

File: 1472259428636.jpg (114.3 KB, 956x956, CqvK6gBVMAAfkX5.jpg)

Her face does not even look real in this.

No. 168792


So obvious she edits her pictures its not even funny. About as fake as they come

No. 168805

Can someone like, copy her face, scale it down a bit and put it on her forehead? Or something to that effect? I'd do it but I'm away from my computer.

No. 168808

File: 1472263808491.jpg (49.16 KB, 900x537, o-100-LAYERS-OF-FOUNDATION-900…)

Reminds me of that 100 layers of foundation makeup.

No. 168810

I love how the absurd amount of blur has made what little lips she had to begin with just vanish almost completely. She looks like an extra from How The Grinch Stole Christmas.

No. 168822

File: 1472269529270.jpg (40.64 KB, 600x400, Kinda_shoppped.jpg)

No. 168833

Sage for off topic, but does anyone know what app smoozy is using for these frames and shit?
I've wanted a cute new pic decorating app as mine lacks in the decorating department.

And now, back to your regularly schedule programing.
To kind of stay on topic here though, about the photo where she edited herself but not hubby,
maybe she wanted it to seem like she's so beautiful and he is so below her that he really scored by getting her to be with him and not the other way around.

No. 168836

Are you new or something? People have always been talking about her weight gain and bad eating habits since the very first thread

No. 168838

It might be line camera. I use it too and I've noticed her using some stickers and frames from that app

No. 168839

But hyper usually makes you lose weight. Hyper is the overactive one that can give you high blood pressure, make it hard to sleep i know a few like that and without their medication they are constantly running around and cant properly chill, hard for them to eat too so they lose a lot of weight.

No. 168842

Someone else is def editing rn. Kevin exclusively added shit in when someone asked him to, now who ever is editing is jut throwing in random little sound clips and pictures here and there un-prompted. also whenever they're 'speaking' to the editor they're not mentioning them by name. IDK if it's a temp fill in or what tho

No. 168871


I was under the impression that she was hypothyroid, but I went back and watched this video from 2014 and she doesn't actually say that. She said at that point that her blood tests showed the thyroid was working fine, but the polyps must be making it "act weird" because she's been gaining weight. Then in her recent video at the beginning of this month she said that because her thyroid levels have always been OK in her blood tests, doctors wouldn't give her medication, but she saw a new specialist who said that the lumps were cysts, not polyps, and he decided to give her Synthroid to shrink the cysts, but she doesn't actually mention being diagnosed with either hypo- or hyperthyroidism.

No. 168888

So she probably isnt ill at all just fat and is using a serious illness as an excuse.

No. 168890


I mean she definitely has cysts on her thyroid, which can't be pleasant, she's had to have ultrasounds and biopsies on them, and it's bad enough that they've given her medication to try and get rid of them and she'll still need regular checks on her thyroid throughout her life. So I think it's unfair to say she "isn't ill at all". But it definitely appears she's not been helping herself so far with all the junk food and sugary drinks she consumes, and she seems to be expecting this medication to sort out her weight and everything else without her having to make any changes (she actually calls it a "magic pill that'll fix all my problems" in her recent video, although she's probably being a little tongue-in-cheek).

No. 168904

>Comparing Suzy to goddess Björk

No. 168909

…huh. Interesting. As far as I know, having goiter/nodules on the thyroid without presenting some kind of deficiency would be pretty uncommon. I have Hashimoto's so I have a small goiter and hypothyroidism so I can sperg a little about this topic I guess. Goiters usually form as a result of either an iodine deficiency, which is really uncommon in the US because of all the iodized salt, or hyperthyroidism. Thyroid nodules can cause symptoms of hyper-, if they grow large enough to produce hormone, or hypo-, if they're associated with Hashimoto's.

I'm not a doctor, and I could see them giving Suzy synthroid for the cysts, but to have NOTHING show up in her blood work is very weird imo. And if she's not having abnormal blood work as she claims, then she really can't blame her weight gain on her thyroid. If it's functioning properly other than the goiter, then you're just fat, Suzy.

It's entirely possible that she misunderstood her doctors, though.

No. 168911


I thought the same thing about her blood work being "normal" honestly, especially if the cysts are as large as she says. It also seems a little ridiculous that she's so uppity about her doctors not giving her medication when she asked for it if her blood tests really have been fully normal - because what would they be medicating her for if her thyroid was functioning without problems?!
However when watching the videos I get the impression that she doesn't really fully understand her condition or what the doctors have told her (she wasn't even really able to correctly explain what an endocrinologist is/does). It doesn't sound like she's really asked many questions, done much reading or tried to educate herself that much about her medical condition and I get the impression that she thinks taking medication is a magical cure-all that's going to fix everything within a few weeks and that the doctors were just in some way being unfair by refusing to give it to her before now.

No. 168912


Wouldn't surprise me if she did. She claims that her doctor essentially told her to "put the fork down" in regards to her weight gain.

More than likely he told her that blaming her weight gain of her "thyroid" was bullshit and there are probably other more common factors that caused her to gain weight such as a shit diet that consists of fried foods and sugary drinks.

No. 168913

Bjork is so fucking ugly, even suzy is cuter

No. 168922

Well, in all likelihood, the synthroid is not going to help her lose weight then. For someone who is hypo-, synthroid helps rebalance your hormones and will kickstart your metabolism so you can lose the weight you might've gained (which is usually mostly water weight). For Suzy, if her thyroid function is normal, then synthroid just tells her pituitary gland to stop making the hormone that triggers thyroid growth, thus shrinking the cysts over time.

Ok, so, piecing this together - her thyroid function is completely fine, her cysts are benign and not cancerous at this point, and she is fat because she eats like shit. Her weight problems have nothing to do with her thyroid. It's 100% her.

No. 168923


Her fans certainly don't see it that way. To them it's the big, bad doctors fault for not giving her magic pills that cure everything and that she isn't fat at all and people are just being sexist haters.

No. 168929

File: 1472318138975.jpg (296.94 KB, 1440x1920, sds.jpg)

I used to feel bad for her because thyroid problems suck, but the more I read here the more I'm convinced it's really not as bad as she is making it out to be.
>The doctor won't help me until I get cancer!!1!

No. 168932


I feels like she is just using it for sympathy points. Which is funny because she she accused another internet personality for doing the same and she shut her mouth and back tracked like hell after she got called out on it.

No. 168933

Wait who?

No. 168935


A internet personality named Marina Joyce, who at the time, was apparently suffering from physical abuse. Suzy then accused her of faking her injuries and not stopping a support hashtag because she wanted the attention.

No. 168943

The blood tests for Hashimoto's and for hypo/hyperthryoidism are different. The test for Hashimoto's looks for the antibodies that attack the thyroid, not the levels of T4.

No. 168958

At least Björk has actual talent. She also seems to have enough willpower to not eat shit food.

No. 168963

…I dunno what your point is, but if Suzy's blood work wasn't presenting with abnormal hormone levels then they probably wouldn't go ahead and test her for Hashimoto's, since Hashimoto's is like the leading cause of hypothyroidism.

No. 168966

There are plenty of reasons they might not have checked her blood work properly. Incorrect codes, insurance issues, human error, etc. It happens more often then you would think.

No. 168970

Oh sure, I've had it happen myself. But she's been to the doctor multiple times for this issue, and had blood work done on her thyroid several times over the course of a couple years. If she secretly has hypothyroidism and they haven't caught it, then whatever lab is handling her testing is really, really incompetent.

As far as we know, Suzy does not have hypothyroidism, by her own admittance, according to several normal blood tests. She has benign growths that are being treated with Synthroid and that's it.

No. 168977

I thought suzy was just saying she went to the doctors alot because in the one video she said she hadn't seen one in about 6months to a year?

No. 168979

Well, it can be an "individual deficiency" - when you thyroid produces less than enough T4 for your body, but the level itself stays in the "normal zone". I had something like that - weird nodules on my thyroid and 10kg weight gain, yet completely normal bloodwork. (I had cancer, though, so maybe it is different? And I lost the 10kg gain after surgery without major diet changes, so I think it was hormonal after all.)
No sources on this except for my doctor, sorry.

Actually, it is kinda weird she's got sythroid for a cyst. My boyfriend had a golf ball sized cyst when he was a kid and he was given surgery for it - they only removed the cyst itself and it hasn't bothered him ever since. The surgery was pretty quick and non-invasive, too. So idk why the sythroid, really, if you can just get rid of the cyst forever?

No. 168985

Sorry to hear about your cancer anon, I hope you're doing better. I have no idea about how cancer would affect things; I'm just going on personal experience with Hashimoto's, my endo, and research I've done.

Maybe because she has multiple cysts they'd rather just give her medication to shrink them instead of do surgery instead, but I'm not really sure. It's hard to say because Suzy exaggerates/lies, and doesn't really know what she's talking about. She's been dealing with this problem for at least 2 years as seen in this video >>168871, but like >>168977 said, she's changed her story a couple times - either in a video or on twitter she said she'd been going to the doctor very frequently, but in one of her health update videos, she said she hadn't gone in a year.

There may be more going on that she's not mentioning because she doesn't understand it or ignored it or something. Her having a normal thyroid and taking Synthroid only for cysts is just what can be taken from what she says in her videos.

No. 168991


Yeah. It really sounds like she doesn't have a complete grasp of what's going on and she is clearly the type of person who only hears what she wants to hear and just listens for buzzwords.

Like she went in believing she had hypothyroidism because of the polyps and the fact that she had been gaining weight (because in her head hypothyroidism = weight gain) and was told they were simply cysts and they weren't cancerous. But because she heard cancer it means she could take that to the bank and fish for sympathy from her fans and haters with the excuse that she could potentially have cancer.And when her doctor told her that her weight gain may not be caused by her thyroid but, instead something else like a poor diet that maybe consists of too many fried foods and sugary drinks so she took it as "Well, obviously you need to put the fork down fatty" instead.

I have no doubt she has been lying about her doctor visits. Sometimes it "I haven't gone in a year" sometimes its "I have been going every couple of months to get it checked on". It's probably more like she got her initial diagnosis, decided it wasn't a big deal and used the excuse of the medicine was way too expensive, the pigged out on junk food and got bigger and decided she hated the way she looked, then went back in asking for the medicine expecting that it will somehow magically make her lose weight.

No. 169004

File: 1472348968982.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-27-21-47-24…)

Why am I so fat :<

No. 169006


Yeah. It's just fun to watch her balloon at this point. Just wait a few months and soon she'll be crying about how she hasn't lost any weight and the pills aren't working.

No. 169007

Hers is twice as big, it's the thyroid how dare Dr tell me to put down the fork I'm healthy I don't drink pop or milk since it's bad for you

No. 169009

The top part looks so gross. This just reminds me of her vlog where she was trying a bell pepper for the first time because apparently vegetables aren't part of her diet. But this is. Ugh.

No. 169010

I went to my doctor and explained ive had severe sleep issues since i was a kid and they first tested me for hypothyroidism and hyper but when they came out clear they tested me for hashimotos (and other shit aswell) without any problems. But i'm swedish so there might be different in america? Idk(blogging / self post)

No. 169011

Are you serious she hasnt eaten bellpeppers before and made a video about it. What kind of white trash is she and do you remember what video anon? I need to watch it and laugh

No. 169013


Here you go. Because apparently this was worth making a video about

No. 169020

Holy shit Suzy is actually trying the products on her hand instead of just naming them out of the box

No. 169021

>"I don't drink milk, it's bad for you!!!!"
>eats an ice cream cone that's easily 800 calories alone

Sometimes I wanna believe she's like a super elaborate troll but no, she's really that dumb.

No. 169022


I think it's a combination of stupidity and being a huge hypocrite

No. 169023

The thing is, it's not even like a once in awhile treat for her, or cheat day, or something. She eats like this on a regular basis. She is always eating boxes of donuts, ice cream, junk food, etc. It's unreal that she thinks she can blame this solely on a health condition.

No. 169025


And she's stupid enough to constantly post pictures of it online for everyone to see. Yet everyone is believing her horseshit "thyroid" excuse

No. 169031

File: 1472354205429.jpg (67.16 KB, 500x500, tumblr_oclibrmIqT1qils0po1_500…)

Don't forget the sushi burrito she had after it.

No. 169033

Hers being twice the size of Arin's is making me laugh. Arin actually looks like he's lost a little bit of weight. He used to be the bigger one and now she's catching up to him

No. 169034

Her ice cream is twice as big and with all that shit looks well over 1,200 calories… No wonder she's such a fat cow.

No. 169035

I want a user to save all her food photos in case she ever deletes them. She really eats like shit every single day.

No. 169036


I'm sure her excuse will be that "she was on "vacation", so it okay"

Her and Arin seem to have this retarded idea that they can jump on a fad diet, go on "vacation" and eat like shit and think they'll be just fine after.

No. 169042

LMAO no chill whatsoever i love it

No. 169043


She's so desperate to feel important that he brags about the smallest, insignificant things like it suddenly makes her important.

Seriously, anyone could get 100,000 if their significant other was one of the more notable people on the internet, yet she tries to pass it off as if she did it all on her own and Arin has zero to do with her "success". You know, besides putting her on Game Grumps and allowing her to advertise her shit merchandise on the channel.

No. 169044

well… think about it; it'd be weird and rude as fuck to edit a fan's face in a photo they took w/ you lmao. like "hey you're ugly so I tuned up your face a bit!". nah it's just best to leave it as is

No. 169045

ugh.. no

No. 169049


That icecream alone comprises the daily limit of what she SHOULD be eating (1200-1400 calories) to lose weight at a constant pace.

I don't mind Suzy eating shit junk food if she ate them in moderation.

The problem with her is that she has no restraint when it comes to portion sizes. She'll eat a gigantic burrito or an extra-large ice-cream cone meant for a heavyset landwhale like it's a snack.

Skinny, healthy girls eat junk food as well. But they eat really small portions of junk food. They actually—GASP!—save food for tomorrow!

If Suzy would stop being such a fatass and respect her body for a few seconds the pounds would just fall off.

No. 169050


But then she won't have an excuse anymore. So long as she keeps blaming her "thyriod", she thinks she conveniently has an excuse as to why she isn't losing any weight and her fans will feel bad for her when in truth she is just a fatass who keeps eating shitty food and doesn't want to put in the work to maintain a healthy body.

No. 169056

They're not fans though. They're her close friends lmao

No. 169062


Why else would they lie to her about her weight? They clearly deluded themselves into thinking that if they kiss her ass and say nothing but nice things it will make them friends with her

No. 169067

She's just schizo and her fans caused the uproar. While you're here, do yourself a favor and read up on other cows

No. 169081

I've noticed a lot of skinny people when they're younger eating like shit, and thinking they're special for eating junk food all the time and not gaining weight.
Then going into adulthood continuing to eat like shit and wonder why they're gaining weight so fast.
I'm laughing so hard, she is putting Arin to shame with that. It's like twice the size of his plus the oreo chunks on the cone. I actually thought it was his until I saw the nail polish. And she wonders why she's ballooning up?

No. 169141

Thyroid problems are one thing, but acting like your diet couldn't possibly have an impact on your weight is just stupid if not arrogant. We all know how much crap Suzy stuffs into her pie-hole.

She doesn't seem to complain much about any other typical symptoms of hypothyroidism, does she?

Eh, I've been diagnosed with hashimoto a few years back yet my blood work still comes back within "healthy" brackets so I can believe it could've been missed in her case.

No. 169169

File: 1472400892905.jpg (45.32 KB, 540x405, 1470610420282.jpg)

>trying a bell pepper for the first time apparently
>fucking takes a huge chomp of one raw

No. 169181

Please watch, I laughed.

It is so fitting.

edit: doesn't work with timestamp, so here you go:


No. 169182

best quote: "the time for this (make up) is college".

No. 169187


Lol. Yep. That's her alright. Shit winged eyeliner and the delusion that it makes her so fucking unique and different and all.

No. 169205

Suzy Bullfrog has a new Loot Crate video with Arin. Everytime I watch one of these it reminds me of this unboxing spoof:


No. 169257

File: 1472412389995.jpeg (60.93 KB, 640x481, image.jpeg)

Remember when she said she would quit doing unboxings? Two months have passed and she's still doing them

No. 169259


Other than sitting on her fat ass playing video games, it's the easiest way for her to make money without having to put in any effort. I'm not surprised that she hasn't stopped doing them.

No. 169267

I like this lootcrate mockery.

She's never going to stop, is she?

No. 169272


Aside from leeching off her husband, it's the only way she can make money. So she won't be stopping unless her gaming channel completely takes off

No. 169395

She's gay?


No. 169426

File: 1472446590543.jpg (405.44 KB, 764x780, image.jpg)

crazy what 4 years can do to you

No. 169430

She looks like a 35 year old mother of twins.

No. 169437

File: 1472450203698.jpg (39.23 KB, 272x309, 1444173920734.jpg)

No. 169442

File: 1472452658237.png (1017.49 KB, 848x900, i married a whale.png)


Hahaha oh god, that current picture of Arin.

>pic related

No. 169454


Of course Arin is tired of watching Suzy do these type of videos - we only see what she's recorded herself unboxing, but every day she's opening boxes of chocolate, boxes of doughnuts and boxes of pizza.

No. 169464

This isn't a self post this is someone trying to add into a relevant topic ghat was being discussed earlier as there was a slight debate between two posters and anon was just trying to give some more information

No. 169468

On the top she looks like a girl going into her emo teen stage maybe 14-15…the bottom looks like shes easily pushing 40, getting tryhard milf vibes

No. 169515

It honestly looks like Suzy has a layer of cream cheese underneath her skin.

No. 169521

The weight gain really aged her.

No. 169522

what does suzy's taint smell like?

No. 169525

It's too much personal info and she didn't relate it back to suzy. The mods did the right thing.

No. 169532

Anyone know what's going on with Ninja Sex Party? Apparently they've recently started deleting/setting some of their older videos to private (skits? old gigs, perhaps some of their music videos) (link to a playlist that had all of their stuff https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjs_5YbjuvVeHqD58pXE1cQ2BeErjPrp0)

idk, maybe Suzy just ate them….

They've also asked people not to upload videos of an "intimate" (??) version of dinosaur laser fight from their recent live show.

No. 169535

Maybe it's that Brent guy doing it or telling them to do it? Isn't he like NSP and Game Grumps manager? I'm not sure how long he's been a manager but I feel like they've all gotten shittier since he's been around. Not to mention fans also hate him because he's creepy and rude

No. 169541


Dan Era Game Grumps has always had this idea of "If you weren't there to see it live, then it sucks to be you." It's the reason they didn't want to archive their streams and why they don't want people recording footage of their live events. Some horseshit about it being special for those who actually paid money to show up.

Which, is like fuck them. These fuckers think they are Marvel/DC at Hall H at Comic-Con or some shit. Apparently they think that they are so fucking important that if you didn't pay money to see them, then you don't deserve to see it. And even those companies know to realize that shit online later because they know more fans will see it that way. It's just another sign of how sleazy and gross Game Grumps has become and how Jon was right to leave when he did.

Then again, you'd have to be a special type of stupid to pay nearly $100 to see something you can watch on the internet for free.

No. 169556

File: 1472496021221.png (213.84 KB, 444x449, 1457997163200.png)

You're the best, anon

No. 169559

File: 1472496502665.jpg (47.98 KB, 384x617, jijill.JPG)

No. 169563

I think they're trying to be more "professional" (kek) hence Dan's private Insta. I think that's also the reason why they keep shitting out the cover albums

No. 169570

I seriously hate that kind of mentality. It doesn't affect someone's personal experience if someone else records a little live footage. It's basically like giving the middle finger to those in other countries/states and those who have jobs with all kinds of hours. Fuck, Danny. He isn't even that talented.

No. 169581

Dan seems like a great guy on the show but when it comes to music he's so fucking pretentious. He's not even that great of a singer or performer

No. 169584


Yeah. I caught on to that shit when they first started streaming. When people asked if they would be archived, Arin and Dan kept coming up with every excuse under the sun as to why they weren't until Arin flat out said "Well this is only for people who showed up for it. Nuts to you if you couldn't be there", completely disregarding people in different countries who could watch and those who couldn't watch it live due to work. It soon followed suit for their charity streams and live shows, and they even started going after people who posted their convention panels.

That was one of the many moments where I went "Fuck this guy"

No. 169587

They're just copying popular artists and bands who tell people to put their phones down during shows nowadays (Adele, Slipknot). The sad thing about that is Ninja Cringe Party needs the exposure if they ever want fans that aren't GG retards.

No. 169591


He seems to disregard anything that isn't Rush or 80s music and he keeps writing the same one note songs about dicks, girls the stupid type of random bullshit the Internet is known for. I laugh when people fellate Starbomb, because it's funny that people think that shit actually passes for rap music.

No. 169592


Much like Suzy, NSP would have completely tanked if they didn't have Game Vrumps fans eating everything they shit out regardless of quality

No. 169596

This is pretty true, I remember on an episode of GG a while back (2014ish?) he started ranting all about music like "hurrrrrr pop music all sux lol the 80s were better!" Not saying that every piece of pop music is great, but being almost 40 wiith that mentality is retarded.

No. 169613

I remember listening to some Starbomb because a friend of mine said "Arin's such a good rapper!!!" and I had to politely nod while trying to keep from throwing up in my mouth a little bit.

No. 169626

I listened to it and it's literally 12yr old boys the musical.

No. 169628


I remember Dan talking about one of their studio sessions and how Arin went in super hard on a verse and that he thought Arin had legit "flow".

A couple of years later and I'm still waiting to hear that verse. Seriously, Arin's "rapping" is shit-tier.

No. 169806

Arin sounds decent in the chorus of hero of rhyme - dan may have been talking about that

No. 169846

So much this.

I work retail and my hours can vary from 10-3pm or even 4-10pm, so fuck NSP and GG for not wanting to archive. People have lives outside the internet.

No. 169897

File: 1472584594935.png (296.54 KB, 700x792, gone.png)

No. 169904

File: 1472586200447.jpg (20.51 KB, 640x559, 1469735488733.jpg)

No. 169916

File: 1472589459597.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-30-16-35-21…)

That waist tho, where is it? It's starting to merge with her love handles

No. 169918


She's losing any sort of definition that she once had. She slowly transforming into just a giant thumb

No. 169919

ewww the angle makes it look like a giant yaoi arm

No. 169921

Wait he has a song called Hero of Rhyme? Is that not a rip-off of Team Teamwork and the Ocarina of Rhyme mashups?

No. 169931

She's getting more done to her sleeve? That tattoo is already busy as shit, she does not need to add anymore to it.

No. 169933


So true. The whole thing is so god damn busy that you can't even tell what is what at this point. And she so far up her own ass about because she thinks it makes her so "unique" and "dark"

No. 169952

File: 1472599841409.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-08-30-19-24-35…)

We'll now everyone will know how unique and dark she is now. It's a tat of a taxidermy bee and human skull mashup

No. 169955


Lol. How old does she think she is? 14? (Although considering her current health/weight, I'm sure she wishes she was)

She's so tryhard edgelord that it's not even funny

No. 169974

File: 1472604953290.png (265.38 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-08-30-20-50-30…)

No. 169982

>>trying to wink but has tiny eyes so just looks like her eyes are closed
>>dat dakota-level chin hiding

No. 169997

I honestly just thought she was wincing, but lmao if she was trying to kawaii wink

No. 170000

If only she had as much lip as she does teeth.

No. 170001

File: 1472612019405.jpeg (92 KB, 1080x1080, image.jpeg)

Nice muffin top, Snooze

No. 170025

What a mess. The individual parts are cool but as a composition there's just too much going on. It's just not a coherent piece. Less is more, Suzy.

No. 170030

its like a pinterest board of tattoo ideas. awful

No. 170036

She's what I refer to as a one-sleeve wanker. Gets a single full sleeve to consider themselves heavily tattooed (p.s. you're not) and appear edgy, in hopes it makes them somehow look more attractive than your regular person. All while not stretching over into actually heavily tattooed/freakish territory. Her arm is like a mixed cheese board of images; while it's of a similar ilk, it's not quite the same and there's no flow or cohesion.

No. 170064

I wonder if the artist was thinking "Damn she got a lot bigger since I last saw her.."

No. 170297

I hate that messy tattoo. The guy does good work, but there's no point in having art on your body if you won't bother to keep your body in shape. Suzy is getting fatter.

No. 170298

Flabby armed cow. Suzy will keep expanding. Poor guy. My dad's an artist and hates working on fat people.

No. 170355

I wonder if Snooz will hop on the How I Did My Makeup in High School bandwagon. It'd be pretty funny for us, because it's basically the same

it's really weird. I personally don't mind busy tattoos (old school stuff, when it was sailors and bikers and whatnot who'd get random shit on their arm over the years) but hers' tries to be one coherent artwork but it's just a mess of dots and circles and butterflies.

No. 170357


Pretentious as shit lol

I don't mind her tattoo that much, to be honest, I think it's kinda cool to have a lot to look at, however, I find it kinda weird that like half of her arm is covered up with patterns rather than real drawings, i dunno how to explain it. Like if she wanted most of her arm to be filler, idk. But I don't find it particularly ugly.

No. 170360


It's not so much a question of if, but when. She hops on any bandwagon any time she can

No. 170381

The way some parts of her tattoo overlap reminds me of Little Lotte. Not nearly as awful ofc but still.

No. 170423

Has she ever talked about if the tat has any significance to her or meaning? It's a pretty edgy move if it doesn't.
None of it is coherent and it's a mesh that ends straight, I think a pattern down the hand would bring it together.

No. 170431


Betting money that she only picked them out because she thought they would make her look "edgy" and "dark" and that they have no meaning. I'm sure when people ask about them she makes up some horseshit story to make herself sound more interesting and deep than she really is

No. 170436

exactly. her tattoos are the same as all those goth clothes she buys and never wears out.

No. 170444

File: 1472702728725.png (701.54 KB, 1090x1086, Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 12.0…)

Her shooped torso compared to her arm kek

No. 170454


Yeah. You're not fooling anyone Suzy

No. 170456

File: 1472707866052.jpeg (72.46 KB, 640x640, image.jpeg)

What is going on right there? Is that supposed to be her other arm?

No. 170528

It's definitely odd how it juts out in the middle where her hair is… she probs doesn't know how to shoop around hair or is just too lazy to

No. 170536

File: 1472742216600.png (1.22 MB, 1440x2198, 20160901_110144.png)

Why does she think this counts as reading? Personally I haven't tried audio books but how much can you really absorb from listening to them at twice the speed? Suzy is such a vapid person…

No. 170537

she didn't even get the name of the second book right kek

No. 170545


Something like reading takes far too long for someone as lazy as Suzy. It's no surprise that she thinks audiobooks count as reading.

No. 170552

Well considering the books she "read" I wouldn't worry too much, they're all shit. Actually reading them would be no better than listening at 2x speed.

No. 170555


Audiobooks are fine, especially if it's read by someone with a great voice and/or reading abilities that really grabs your attention. It's great when you're doing something else like crafts or drawing, for example. However, I am skeptic about the 2x speed thing. I bet they would just sound like chipmunks and the words would be too smashed agains each other? I don't know.
Also, it doesn't count as "reading", I don't know why the fuck she keeps saying that? Why doesn't she say "the books i've listened to"?? It's so stupid, makes her sound dumb as shit.

No. 170558

Seriously snoozy? Beyond the Dark Veil is a compilation of post mortem photography. That isn't reading. There are maybe 1000 words in that book total. Which gets me thinking from the other books in this picture she's going to try the mortician route to become more "gothy" and "edgy". Being called a weirdo from a young age for wanting to work in the death industry and seeing her lean towards it for edgelord points and being praised makes my blood boil.

No. 170565


It's cringey as shit. She's like a 14 year old tryhard edgelord who thinks being into that kind of stuff makes them "dark" and "unique" and "deep". It's completely obvious that she has no personality of her own so she flaunts that gothic shit to make it look like she is more interesting than she actually is.

She is about as basic and boring as they come and she is scared to death of that. That she is not the center of attention and and more unique than everyone else. She wants to be the special snowflake that stands out from everyone else, but she is no different than any of them and she doesn't care what lie she has to make up to keep convincing herself.

One day it's the "Gamer gurl who plays more video games than your boyfriend", next it's the "creepy goth girl who is totally into death and skulls and stuff, maybe it's the "makeup/fashion guru who has no style of her own and just copies what other people do" or how about the "girl who thinks she is just like one of guys and can't be friends with girls because hey cause too much drama". Point is, she'll say or do anything that will make her look more popular so much that at the end of the day, she has no personality that is just her.

And it's so fucking pathetic to see.

No. 170571

File: 1472751147533.gif (144.48 KB, 340x340, 1472562545618.gif)

I feel like she just googled "murder books nonfiction" and picked the edgiest looking/sounding ones. We get is, Swoozy, you're so deep and ~dark~ with your "interest" in true crime and death.

No. 170587

What a mess. Her and her tattoo artist didn't even try to work out a way to really integrate new artwork into her existing sleeve. The bee-skull is just smashed on there.

No. 170605

Yeah I mean I like audiobooks myself but it's literally not reading, the act of reading does not take place. She sounds like an idiot.

And as for the speed, if she's using a built-in setting in whatever player she uses, it would probably just speed the voices up, not change the actual pitch. Out of curiosity I listened to a few minutes of the first full audiobook on youtube I could find, and then listened to a few more minutes on double speed, and it was definitely difficult to process information. She's "reading" all these books and not actually absorbing anything kek.

No. 170608

Yeah, ever since she first talked about the "reading" them at double speed many here suspected that she's just doing it so she can claim to have read a large number of books. She doesn't really care about the story or what she could learn from it. She just wants to look smart and well-read. Something she clearly isn't given how abysmal her vocabulary is. I can think of 3 instances at the top of my head where she didn't know words or was unable to pronounce/read them.

No. 170615

Lord, being such a tryhard sounds like tough work.

No. 170627


Which is why it's way easier to just admit when you don't know something. Admit that you aren't nearly as much of a gamer as you pretend you are. Admit that your makeup is great. Admit that you don't really have a sense of fashion and are just copying people who do.

If Suzy just showed the slightest bit of humility, I might actually like her and support her. But she is so damn concerned with everyone liking her and not appearing to know everything that everything about her is so fake because it's just a manufactured image she puts out there so everyone will like her and buy her stuff. There is no bandwagon she won't jump on if it makes her more popular and she'll say anything as long as it wins her points with whatever crowd she is trying to get in good with to use to further her internet fame.

No. 170628

Right? You constantly have to have to keep up the appearance you're as cool as you want everyone to think. Sounds fucking exhausting and I'd be over it the first day.

No. 170664

File: 1472773729302.jpg (73.94 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ocumc7CUyn1qils0po1_500…)

>I can think of 3 instances at the top of my head where she didn't know words or was unable to pronounce/read them.

same here. She's becoming self-aware, maybe? like, she may be beginning to learn she might be an absolute moron, but she isn't willing to put in actual effort to correct it.

In other news, I'm hoping she went on a Starbucks run for everyone and that these aren't all for her… but you can never be sure with her.

No. 170671

She talked about it in one of her "all about my tattoo" or "tattoo q&a" videos, yeah. I don't feel like digging for it but iirc it was basically that she loves bugs and they're important to her family, she likes life and death motifs, and the triangular pattern is supposedly a take on asanoha (which she claims represents paths you take in life but as far as I know asanoha is hemp leaf which protects against evil in folklore).

No. 170679

File: 1472777641607.png (4.38 MB, 1826x1815, the diet of suzy bercow.png)

Here are all of the edibles Suzy has posted to Instagram in the past month. A good indication of her overall diet, which we all know is, of course, utter shit.

She never used to post this much food in the past. It practically quadrupled.

No. 170680

Bless you for this compilation.

No. 170684

Christ, it's no wonder Bullfrog Neck is getting fat like a house.

No. 170685

It's sad that half of this is just from her trip to Canada last week

No. 170690


Of course her excuse will be that "she only eats like that on vacation" and that she is "totally still losing weight"

No. 170693

all those gum and mints, can she just not exist without something in her mouth?

No. 170700

She should probably get more gum and mints, honestly. I knew someone who was overweight because she ALWAYS needed to be chewing on something, so if Suzy's the same way she should chew as much gum as possible.

No. 170701


Unfortunately, if you insinuate that she is anything other than a super model or make any comment on her weight, your just a sexist hater who hates women on the Internet

No. 170770

File: 1472825047932.jpg (39.59 KB, 600x610, 50shadesofkek.jpg)

You can hear a deep fryer in the background

No. 170774

His insta went private? Didn't know that.
It doesn't help that Dan likes Neutral Milk Hotel which is well known for no pictures and video at shows. Like the lead singer will flip his shit about it and stop

No. 170828


If I ever become someone e-famous and my opinion actually matters on their viewpoint about streaming/shows being recorded, lemme say something:

clears throat and approaches microphone

"Hey, Game Grumps! Have you ever watched a movie that you didn't see when it was released in theaters? Did you ever say to yourself 'wow, I now get a chance to enjoy this piece of media that I couldn't before! Isn't technology great?' Did you ever go on Youtube and watch snippets of amazing concerts of bands you love? Did you buy the recorded stage shows so that you could appreciate the original cast of a performance?

What, is that a yes?

Why, it's because fucking dvd's exist! It's almost like, wait for it… circumstances exist! Did you miss the hype for the Titanic movie because you were too busy being a douchebag? Too bad! Only theater watchers got to see it, you snooze you lose. Did you become sick or were unable to see your favourite band? Too bad! No tour dvds for you! You didn't buy the ticket so no rights for your enjoyment.

Now now, before you hurl Suzy's food at me and heckle me, check this out: There are, actually, people in DIFFERENT time zones. Amazing, isn't it? People live in the future! Whoah! Did you know that for lots of these people who watch your videos, who support you financially and as entertainers, they can't watch some of your content because we literally have lives to attend to and can't shit all over our jobs and sleep to watch your shitty live stream?!!?!?!?!?!?!111?!!?

Look, I know you're pissed. You have your reasons, right? WRONG! You have literally no excuse to go against archiving of your content when you literally watch your archived tv shows on Netflix. You literally have archived movies in dvds and blurays. You have archived live show cds and dvds. Everything you own and love is archived because you want to watch it again. You want to watch it when you can. You want to cherish it years on from now and look back on it.

Ah, but who am I to judge, right? I'm just the person that could potentially be a more profitable resource for you but you deny me that because you're fucking idiots who think you're edgelords for opposing archiving of content. Well cheerio you motherfuckers, good luck losing out on that sweet, sweet Eastern half of the globe, you troglodytes!"

walks out covered in Suzy's donut glaze and coca cola

No. 170831

Very well said!

I really don't get their attitude. I could potentially understand it if they were, lets say, folk musicians who've been around since the 70s and don't get why ppl are standing around with their phones these days. But they are INTERNET celebs, and internet celebs only. Whatever fame they have comes from the internet. And a large section of the internet (the section they're a part of) has been about sharing shit. Who the fuck would know what Ninja Sex Party was if they didn't have their videos readily available?

I guess they just know that their streams are usually a bit shit, at least the ones I've seen, so they figured it's best to not have them around after the fact?

No. 170885

>Seriously, Arin's "rapping" is shit-tier.

It really doesn't help that he raps over NSP's synth rock instead of beats. The reason he didn't sound like complete garbage on "FAT REFUND" was because the instrumental track was made by an actual rap producer.

No. 171008

File: 1472923292851.png (504.24 KB, 511x628, filter.png)

No. 171045

File: 1472936009076.jpg (69.48 KB, 597x748, fivehead.jpg)


and now without the filter

No. 171055


Yikes. You could land a plane on that forehead

No. 171088

File: 1472950760828.png (506.54 KB, 665x518, Screenshot (726).png)

No. 171095


That is clearly the face of a man who totally not okay with taking that photo, but she did it anyways because "fuck everyone that isn't me"

No. 171099

>tattoo artist
>face tattoo
>punchable douchebag face
>thinking he's better than the clientele bc he can trace a printed doodle
That's an unintentionally hilarious cap anon, but his ilk needs people like Snooze to survive since they bring absolutely nothing else to the table besides fast food work.

No. 171108

Whyyy doesn't she get bangs? Why?! She spends enough time staring at herself through pictures, videos, and photoshopping her pics and YouTube thumbnails, she has to see how ridiculously huge her forehead looks. Unless she figures it would make her face look chunkier since she carries so much weight on her cheeks and chin.

No. 171109

She got bangs and they looked like shit so she brushes them to the side now

No. 171110

I've seen older pictures of her (I'm not sure exactly how old and how many pounds ago) with bangs and they weren't great but I thought they fit her look much better than what she has going on now.

No. 171112

I belive she got them just within the last couple months

No. 171141

File: 1472966449830.jpeg (604.47 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

She got them and fucked them up / couldn't take care of them and then wore wigs for a while until they grew out

No. 171149

Jesus mods, this was totally relevant. Sometimes, personal experience gives credence to one's claims

No. 171166

This fat cunt needs some kybella

No. 171223

found a video of that supersecretamazing dinosaur laser fight thing.

starts at about 23:10

No. 171240

All the hype for this, what the hell

No. 171276

Who does he think he is? It's shittier than I imagined and that's saying something.
Danny has a real ego problem. How do you sing a song that is over two year old, and wear the same outfit you have your whole music career, and think it's the best shit ever?

No. 171284

this song reminds me of the 2004 "lol so randum" trend.

Also wtf even is NSP? Is it just supposed to be joke songs or something?

No. 171421

They are a "Comedy Rock Band" like Steel Panther or similar I guess

No. 171430

They're a jokes band for tweens

No. 171446

I'm not going to lie both NB and Daniel have talent. They do, but seeing that talent being used like this is well…sad. Dan's voice is meant for folk like tunes and soft rock. It's like being a model but your only gig is being the Met's Baseball mascot.

No. 171450

Personally I dislike his voice but I agree it's really not made for stadium rock. His cover of Everybody Wants to Rule the World sounds kinda nice, imo, and I'd like to hear him do something folksy/singer-songwriter rather than all layered and electronically-backed. I think it would suit him better.

No. 171452

File: 1473103221277.jpeg (149.72 KB, 750x750, image.jpeg)

Arin and Suzy are streaming right now if anyone wants to check it out

No. 171454

She a big bitch
link for anyone who wants to see this let down to one of the greatest artist of the later 20th century 70th birthday

No. 171468


Watched a part of it, she couldn't even remember what year Freddie got diagnosed or even died. She had laugh it off when realising she fucked up until a few of the others playing Overwatch with her as well as the people in the chat corrected her.

What a fucking wreck.

No. 171470


Yep. That sounds exactly like her. Always claiming to be a fan of something yet when pressed for actual questions she shows that she knows jack shit

No. 171471


As petty as it sounds, but when you're representing a charity that supports a serious cause, and happens to be in memory of a music icon with huge fans of Queen watching the stream, you need to know your shit. She knows fuck all and it was incredibly embarrassing.

No. 171474

File: 1473108410267.png (75.81 KB, 205x157, Arinhenry8.png)


Arin's King Henry the Eighth impression is spot on!

No. 171475

He looks kinda Hitler-ish

No. 171477

If Hitler decided to eat the Jews maybe.

No. 171478

File: 1473108881908.jpg (64.47 KB, 263x319, fat_hitler_by_sodium_benzoate.…)

I hope Barry and Dan are in separate rooms, don't want them to be eaten by fat hitler

No. 171479

>shamelessly votes for herself as MVP at the end of the match


No. 171492


Is that really a shock to anyone?

No. 171493

File: 1473110528839.png (66.27 KB, 432x300, vlcsnap-2016-09-05-17h21m21s93…)


Suzy just tried to sneak off camera to raid the fridge - you can see how round her middle is in this screengrab.

No. 171495

File: 1473110607980.png (75.51 KB, 432x300, vlcsnap-2016-09-05-17h20m32s14…)


And she returns glugging down some sugary crap - streaming is exhausting work after all…

No. 171496

File: 1473110771115.png (357.68 KB, 680x403, kek.png)

That Mama June realness

No. 171497

File: 1473110892858.png (310.33 KB, 603x383, kek2.png)

No. 171499

File: 1473111073141.jpeg (22.14 KB, 534x432, image.jpeg)

oh god, the cringe
surely she must realise how big she's gotten…
what dress size do y'all think she's at?

No. 171502


Yeah. All that "losing weight" talk was complete horseshit. She has to have noticed how huge she is getting

No. 171504

Arin sounds so unenthusiastic about this stream. The lack of care in his voice just puts a drainage on it.

No. 171506

RIP Suzy's jaw

No. 171508


Seems like that's pretty normal for him as far as streams go. He always looks like he doesn't want to be there like he has something better to do.

No. 171513

File: 1473112641755.png (536.81 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2016-09-05-17h57m17s81…)

It got a proper burial and everything.

No. 171516

File: 1473113022565.gif (27.19 KB, 350x198, 246.gif)

does suzy know this thread exists?

I can't stand the idea of a fatty finding an entire thread of people calling them a fatty

No. 171518

i would an hero if it was me tbh

No. 171522

Of course she doesn't know about this. She shuts down any conversation about her looks unless it about how "hot" she looks. She'll have pictures like the ones above, yet tell you "I'm actually losing weight. So you're wrong" when there is empirical evidence that she shoves her fat face with all kinds of fried foods and sugary drinks.

No. 171528


It's almost like she absorbed all of Arin's chins.

No. 171529

File: 1473115208904.png (89.78 KB, 418x319, vlcsnap-2016-09-05-18h37m12s50…)

No. 171530


Yeah. That's some serious middle-aged mom body she has right there

No. 171531

I've never really watched Game Grump's streams before until this one currently happening and I can't help but notice how Suzy likes to butt in every opportunity she gets. It's like "Hey guys? Hey yeah anyway…" or "Yeah yeah okay so…" which leads on to talking about herself or wanting to be in the spotlight of the show when the group start discussing things without her or take little notice of what she's doing. She sounds so frustrated and about to lose her cool.

No. 171532


Because she hates not being the center of attention. Even during that Valentine's Day episode a couple of years ago she and Atin did with Ross and Holly, she couldn't help but butt in and talk about herself when Holly and Ross got super personal about their childhood and how they were bullied. Which is even funnier considering before that, she kept talking about how all the boys wanted her when she was younger and how she was popular.

Apparently, everyone has to listen to every stupid thing that comes out of her mouth and she gets upset when no one is paying attention to her.

No. 171535

File: 1473116454711.png (78.56 KB, 250x250, 1469821269530.png)

can confirm

No. 171537

god, she seriously sucks at overwatch. at least when she was playing as symettra, christ.

No. 171540


She sucks at the game in general, regardless of what character she plays. She charges into enemy fire with no semblance of a plan, dies and then does it all over again, then gets mad when she loses without realizing her shitty play may have contributed to the loss.

She also uses her ultimate sat the worst possible time, with the wort lay example being Mercy, where she will mash the ult even though none of her team is dead. She gets mad at the team when she loses and never wants to accept blame, yet more often than not she is the one being carried. And making her more insufferable is that when she gets a ton of eliminations or medals, she thinks that equates to "Well I obviously did all the work, so it's your fault we lost" when that couldn't be further from the truth. She is just like every idiot who thinks Overeatch = Call of Duty.

Yet everyone fellates her and tells her how great she is at the game

No. 171572

I mean I kind of suck at Overwatch as well and I definitely die a lot due to my half-assed plans but when you play like that and then get angry and refuse to take the blame for your own shitty playing, it just makes you look like a salty idiot in addition to a bad player.

>mashes the ult as Mercy even though no one's dead
This made me actually laugh out loud, holy shit. She wants to be a gamer girl so bad but she can't get even the simplest things right.

No. 171596


Yeah. It's pretty obvious that she gets carried through matches and expects everyone else to do the hard work while she does whatever the hell she wants regardless of what the team needs. She constantly bitches at people for not wanting to switch characters yet she is guilty of the same. She has zero spatial awareness and almost all of her deaths are her just standing in one spot because "talking and shooting at the same is too hard for her".

She is definition of "The girl who tries to play video games with her boyfriend and is just awful at it".

No. 171599

Well suzy kind of sucks at all games so i'm not exactly surprised by this.

No. 171611


Sure as hell doesn't stop her from bragging about her "skills". I'm sure everyone would be great at Lion King if they used the invincibility code. And surely being average at puzzle games pretty much makes you the ultimate gamer.

No. 171651

she did that in her monster hunter plays too. I watched basically all of them recently (MH4) and everyone in the comments constantly gets on her for only spamming X,X attacks on her weapon and never ever trying to do the right combos.
She would basically run around like a headless chicken while everyone else in the group actually killed the monster.

No. 171660


I play Long Sword in Monster Hunter and yes, it hurts to watch her play. She just lets everyone carry her and do the hard work while she does the same X + X combo.

No. 171673

I was checking up on Hot Pepper Gaming and it looks like they shut off the comments for Suzy's video.

I guess the comment section got brutal as fuck

No. 171679


Really? I just checked and it looks like it's in tact. Just a bunch of shit about how they love what she is wearing and how they feel bad for her after eating the pepper.

Although it's nice to see people calling her out for how terrible she is at the game. Unfortunately, the typical Game Grumps crowd seems to be in full effect with the "If you want to see a pro play the game, go watch someone else" horseshit that tends come up when the Grumps suck at games.

No. 171798

No. 171813

>suzy's wedding ring choking the life out of her finger in the thumbnail

I'm actually a little concerned

No. 171815

i think at this point they'd have to cut the thing off cuz it ain't coming off on it's own

No. 171818


I'd say she would have to use butter to get it off, but she'd probably deep fry it and eat first.

No. 171821

Fucking christ I didn't even notice until it was pointed out. I let out an audible gasp, like seriously what the fuck snoozy? Doesn't that hurt? I'm posting that picture on my fridge to keep me from porking out when I'm bored

No. 171825

Has this been brought up yet?

Danny sings the theme song for this new CN show. I can't even understand what he's saying, his voice is so soft. This whole opening just sounds like a trainwreck imo.

No. 171828

She's such an awful twat tho, if she was just a normal nice girl who happened to be fat I would feel bad but……

No. 171833


Apparently Arin does voice work for the show as well, which doesn't surprise me that he would work on a shit show like it

No. 171834


Agreed. If she wasn't such an insufferable, hypocritical bitch, I would actually feel bad for her and root for her to get better

No. 171849

This show is a trainwreck
It looks like baby's first toon boom cartoon, unfunny and Grey DeLisle's voice is terribly forced.

No. 171856


She's easily one of my favorite voice actresses and it sucks to see that she is a part of this.

No. 171868

Ew wtf? The speed is too fast that I can't even comprehend what's going on and the art looks too anime inspired mixed with cartoon that it's just a hot mess as well as the animation is terrible, I hate how industries are rather choosing to pump out as many episodes as fast as they can rather than spend quality time on making the animation fluent and crisp

No. 171920

The show's pacing is like that, too. It's really ugly and terrible and I give it one season. Maybe two.

No. 171933

Idk if it's 'so random' enough and given the right time slot it might do like teen titans go for a while, I just know it's going to be an eyesore

No. 171955

What do you mean by move like a fat person does? I'm not very observant.

No. 171960

I feel like they mean her movements look sloppy but really just having that much excess fat on your body causes the appearance of sloppy movement from the extra bulk and jiggling

No. 171993

File: 1473271827456.png (113.64 KB, 500x293, damnitfeelsgoodtobeagangsta.pn…)

>those captions

No. 171995

God, danny's voice is so mediocre. Like, he isn't a terrible singer, but his voice is so overwhelmed by the audience. We also know NSP wouldn't be anywhere without GG's influence. The videos for NSP were fun, I'll admit, but seeing the live performances of the songs are….boring and lackluster.

No. 171996

Yeah, Danny's ego is just too much. He really thinks too highly of his musical 'talent.'

No. 172012

File: 1473278861994.png (443.38 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2016-09-07-16h06m47s16…)

The snooze has a new video, and this should have been the thumbnail.

No. 172013

File: 1473278914951.png (440.65 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2016-09-07-16h06m26s53…)


Unboxing_Bot.EXE has crashed.

No. 172029

I admit that playing over watch is hard at first since you're not used to the game play and need to test each player's ability to find out which best suit you as well as your team…but damn if suzy is playing as much as she claims she does then she shouldn't be running around in circles like a beheaded chicken

No. 172033

I like Dan in general, he seems like a nice due. But I have to agree with this. All his complaining about modern pop-music like his generic lol-we-said-penis shit is any more creative, elaborate or worthwhile.

No. 172037


She plays a lot, but it is very obvious that she is constantly carried by her team. Why should she take the time to learn the characters and the maps when her team will just do the hard work anyways? She'll just run around and get killed, then do it again, then nice when she loses because she thinks having a high elimination count and high damage means that she clearly did the most work and it's everyone else's fault that she lost.

It's not Call of Duty. It doesn't matter how many kills you got, if you aren't helping your team with the objective, then of course you are going to lose.

No. 172133

Jesuuuus, all that weight she carries on her face and neck, poor thing.

I'm not perfect, I carry extra weight but I'm not in front of a camera all the time and constantly taking selfies. I think people can be a little harsh about her weight but I guess if she's constantly shoving herself in front of a camera for attention it's fair game. If I was plastering my face all over the Internet I would bust my ass to shed the weight that would lead to such unflattering shots as those. I don't know how she can be okay looking at herself that big and then uploading it, as much as her fans kiss her ass she has to know that people are going to look at her and be appalled by those chins. And why does she always look shiny now?

No. 172140


What's funny is that even though she shoves her fat face into the camera for attention and selfies, she'll come right back at you and say "It's none of your business if I gained weight!".

Like, what kind of horseshit is that?

No. 172152

Magiswords isn't new, it was a mini show on the cartoon network app for a while that got a spot on the network.

No. 172153

So basically he's like a lulsorandum high school kid in a totally awesomesauce garage band who's finally able to live out some of that concert fantasy he's always wanted despite being in the body of a 37-year-old man with a fandom that only got to know him through GG and StarBomb.

Damn, that's sad.

No. 172166

What a bullfrog pig. She's 'loosing weight'? is she? Maybe she's shooting all of the video from the waist up because she's removed her legs - thats the only way she can possibly be lighter than she was before she had three chins.

No. 172400

File: 1473383407978.jpeg (108.38 KB, 640x730, image.jpeg)


No. 172402

File: 1473383507367.jpeg (42.76 KB, 640x539, image.jpeg)

Also I just noticed how fat her wrists are. They're almost non-existent

No. 172405

ngl, i dig that shirt. sage for ot, but anyone know the brand?

No. 172412

Looks like a shirt from killstar.
Also that wrist to arm size is really terrible.

No. 172414

File: 1473385952833.png (85.52 KB, 277x266, 1459207985989.png)

Just noticed the shopping on her chin there, so jagged.

No. 172421


Yikes. Where does the hand stop and arm start? You could pretty much say the same for the rest of her at this point. No definition, just a series of rolls stacked onto each other

No. 172435

File: 1473388881732.jpg (109.01 KB, 834x845, ss (2016-09-08 at 07.40.45).jp…)

suzy is off her thyroid meds

No. 172438


I honestly don't give a shit at this point. It will just be another long line of excuses where she simply refuses to admit it's her own fatass fault and her diet that's causing her weight gain and not her "thyroid"

No. 172453

No. 172462

thank you!! also lol that it's a men's shirt, wonder if women's are a little too snug for her anymore

No. 172470

Are there people that geniuely like the music NSP/Starbomb release? Besides the 15 yr old girls that wanna fuck Danny?

I tuned out about 2 minutes in. It also took them a year and a half to release this music video.

No. 172474

i watched the whole thing. It has zero sense of any sort of plot for there to be any actual comedy about and you can hardly hear Danny in it at all so I spent most of the video wondering what the fuck was going on.

By the end of it I realised it's really supposed to be like an Tenacious D 'Tribute' style video? I can't believe this nonsense took them two fucking years to make

No. 172484

Actual nurse here; when you take a medicine like that you have to get blood tested and your weight checked all the time. Chances are:
A)it was the wrong dose and her hormones are more fucked up than before
B)she kept gaining weight and her hormone gland in her throat became normal size again which means the synthroid was working and her diet needs changed (I see a lot of people lie about diets when they do this.)
She will most likely lose her thyroid in the future and then the real shit show will happen.
Sage for not really adding I guess.

No. 172485

>dr took me off synthroid
Cuz ya don't have hypothyroidism Snoozy, you're just fat lmao

No. 172486

It's probably the latter. Though, from her videos we managed to figure out she never had a thyroid deficiency so she's probably not in danger of her thyroid being removed.

Hard to say because she clearly doesn't pay attention to the doctor visits. Can't wait to see what bullshit she fabricates for her next health update video.

No. 172490

She doesn't even have a thyroid deficiency? I bet the doctor put her on the meds to try out to shut her fat ass up already.

No. 172496

This is giving me flashbacks to The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Seriously though, how did this take over a year to make? With today's technology I feel a bunch of high schoolers getting together over the summer could probably do a similar job.

No. 172537


"You lied about your diet so I lied about your medication; I've been giving you Flintstone Vitamins for the past six months."

No. 172549

I enjoyed the song back when the album was released (mainly because I like Danny's voice, not because of the questionable subject matter), but the video was such a let down.

They couldn't get Steel Panther in to play the Dick Elders in the video. So what do they do? Cast all of the male Game Grumps cast. So fucking lazy.

No. 172561

Snooze just posted this video of her tattoo sleeve getting finished, by which I mean she littered her arm up with so much needless iconography that there isn't any space to put anything else.
No filters or forced lighting/angles on this video either, so we get an uncensored look at Suzy's fat gut that pools into her lap - she looks like she swam through one of those poolside doughnuts and then just put a shirt on overtop when it got stuck around her middle.

No. 172565

The guy does good work, and her tattoos don't look like shit, its just there is no cohesion with the pieces and it just looks like she found things that would make her look edgy as possible.

No. 172569


Of course all the comments are all about how "pretty" she looks and how great her tattoo is. The thing just looks like a complete mess and made of stuff she thought would make her look as edgelord as possible. Not a single comment about how fat she is getting and how it's her own damn fault. Just constant fellating about how "unique", "dark" and "brave" she is and she is their "queen".

Fucking hell man.

No. 172570

>tfw her arm got so fat that the previous tattoo stretched and lost its pigmentation
Jesus fuck Suzy get it together

No. 172571

her sleeve is such a mess of shapes and vague edgy shit….it's like one of those Magic Eye pictures: I think if we stare at it for long enough we'll see a 3D mangled taxidermy bug with a $100 price tag or something.

No. 172572

I'm sure she has a filter set up to keep everything "positive"

No. 172573


Yeah. It's called being a scared, thin-skinned coward who blocks anyone who says something "negative" towards her. And then she does off and brags about it

No. 172575

From my perspective, not as many as Dan would like. NSP has been up on YT for a long time and they are still sitting at 800k subscribers. I can see that a lot of their videos got a couple million views, but it seems like most people decided not to stay after checking out their other songs. Once you have heard one of them you have basically heard all of them.

No. 172582


Yeah. They've been doing it for this long and all they make are the same Jewish/dick/lol random jokes. It no wonder the only fans and Game Grumps fans and creeps who constantly go on about how they want to bang Danny.

You know what, it makes perfect sense that he is on Game Grumps now

No. 172588

File: 1473446671525.jpg (60.11 KB, 650x471, tat.jpg)


She looks like she wants to eat the tattoo artist

No. 172590

File: 1473446854317.jpg (63.33 KB, 650x487, tat2.jpg)

…bonus pic…

No. 172591

how does she breathe with that neck holy shit

No. 172592

Why would you ever upload this. Like yeah its for her tattoo but damn. Does she not think she's as fat as she is or…

No. 172594


She knows that she gained weight, but apparently it's no ones business even though she posts pictures and videos of her everywhere. And as usual, she lies to everyone by saying "I'm actually losing weight, so fuck off" when see evidence that it isn't true no matter how much she edits her pictures.

No. 172596


Lol. Her chin is non existent at this point.

No. 172609

Going back and watching her very first tattoo video is a huge difference. Her arms are thinner and less meaty. The design for the first part of the tattoo is honestly where she should have stopped it because now it's got way too many things happening.

No. 172610

"I belive I'm a model."

No. 172617

She's much thinner in her older video. It's insane.

No. 172621


Well. Her shit diet finally caught up with her. She was dumb enough to think that eating all that fries food and drinking those sugary drinks wouldn't add up and thought she could keep blaming her "thyroid"

No. 172627

If she sticks out her tongue one more time I'm gonna scream jfc.

No. 172633

The quality of the camera work is vastly different from the first tattoo video. I also notice how the cameraman is consciously trying to keep the frame from the bust and above for suzy

No. 172634


It's about as dumb as the wink she does that looks like someone came in her eye

No. 172635

File: 1473455146431.jpg (452.49 KB, 618x776, image.jpg)

I don't think this is funny anymore, just depressing

just 2 years apart

No. 172636


Lol. Holy shit. Did she eat Jean at some point during those 2 years?

No. 172637

Jeez i've heard of finding your adult body but she found it, set it on fire and filled it with lard.

No. 172639

File: 1473455657406.gif (160.19 KB, 275x207, 1439610956209.gif)

fuuuuuck…im with you, that's intense…

No. 172643


It has been a long time since uploaded a new OOT video.
Now I know why.

No. 172649

I remember when she first got this tattoo, and I was still mostly a fan of her, I thought it was quite beautiful. Looking at it now though, she has too much "filler" and not enough pieces. The circle dots are neat, but they're like the same size as the skull, she should have put another thing there in the middle and then used the circles to fill the space behind

No. 172652


Same here. I was a fan of hers at first, thought the tattoo was pretty cool, even thought she was kinda cute.

And then she just kept doing more and more shit that I couldn't defend anymore and I just gave up on her. I felt like I was in an asylum where I was the only one who saw what she was doing and everyone else was pretending like it never happened.

No. 172653

I really wonder how much of the tattoo design she insisted on being there. I feel like she was a huge control freak about it and that's why it turned out so bad.

Whenever I get tattoos I basically give the artist a simple idea and let them run with it, they know what looks best, that's their job. But her sleeve is such a clusterfuck of dumbass patterns and no real content.

No. 172822

File: 1473521520449.png (290.46 KB, 500x429, tatart.png)


>'Jesus Christ I still can't believe I'm filling this arm up with all of this edgelord goth-alt Hot Topic bullshit… Still the money is- ugh, her arm feels like a sausage casing filled with sourdough, the needle is almost sinking in. Look at this tweeny shit; skulls, insect wings, illuminati all-seeing eye… sigh the money man, focus on the money…

Still, I wish I had known that she wanted to be this extensive with her sleeve; I could have planned in advance, made it all cohesive, really tie it all together. Instead I feel like I'm building a house on shaky foundation, adding floors onto a roof that ended three storeys ago.
Ugh whatever, I'll just finish up with this and then… Jesus. Her stomach just let out the deepest growl I think I've ever heard. I can't believe how much weight she's piled on in the last few months, its turned the tattoo into a fattoo - its all stretched and…
Holy shit, her stomach is still sounding off like an underwater woodchipper -oh, her camera man is bringing her another one of those overpriced frappedrain-O's topped with whipped cream.
Augh! She just lurched forward to grab it and nearly ruined the tattoo. Moron.
Maybe if I take my break in the next ten minutes I can still - eugh, she's slurping it back like a burst dam, and her double chin is bobbing with every swallow, this is revolting.
Holy shit, she just moved again and almost smudged it all.
Oh, I see - unbuttoning her pants was really that important - why don't we just nudge my shoulder next time?
Another? She's asking for another!?
This is insane.
Eugh, and a burp to finish it off - what happened to the woman three revisions ago that sat in this chair? She's been replaced with this overfed, self-indulgent blob.
I don't get paid enough for this shit.'

No. 172949

File: 1473556990014.gif (765.77 KB, 244x180, 1465727987638.gif)

I love you, anon.

No. 172952

Lord have mercy, she really is transforming into a bullfrog.

No. 172956


No. 173242

According to the latest Katamari video from Game Grumps Kevin has left apparently.

No. 173247

Hallelujah. Fingers crossed this is the beginning of quality improvement on Grumps. I miss looking forward to their videos.
Plus, Matt and Ryan have already proved themselves to be infinitely better than Kevin in their editing, especially with the audio problems they had with Deadly Premonition.

No. 173248


I find that doubtful. It sounds more like Kevin left of his own accord, not that he was fired. If Arin had any interest in quality control, he would have kicked Suzy, Vernon and Brian off Game Grumps a while ago.

No. 173250

I watched GG for a while until Suzy started making more and more appearances. I get it she's Arin's wife and wants to get involved, but the constant self advertising and obviously trying to take over most of GG has made it turn to shit.

No. 173259

I agree with you. I'm sure Kevin got tired of seeing all the negativity about how bad/lazy of an editor he is and decided to quit finally. Arin has no backbone, probably tried to convince Kevin to stay on "fuck the comments dude, don't read them, you're great" etc…

No. 173290

Arin said in the episode that Kevin wanted to do more trailer stuff and thats why he left, but it also was phrased like he is unemployed so he is looking for work, not that he found some he liked better than transitioned.

No. 173337

What does Vernon and Brian even do? I know Brian shows up in the second timeslot every now and again, but I ignore them since I find him unfunny.
>Look guys, I said "who's your daddy again to Ross"
Does he do something else for the Grumps?

No. 173338

I think he runs the twitter now but I could be wrong

No. 173340

The only useful stuff I think Vernon does is organize and set up charity streams? I think he's also the one who decided archive their streams for people who couldn't watch. Which is good because I think it was either Danny or Arin that said if you miss a stream or can't watch the whole stream then "too bad".

No. 173377


As far I can tell, Brian's job seems to just be to shitpost on the Game Grumps Twitter all day. And Vernon seems to have been brought on as an "idea guy" and he seems to be in charge of setting up/archiving the streams.

No. 173403

File: 1473703505771.png (532.84 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2016-09-12-13h52m48s53…)


Here's one from Suzy's latest video - those aren't Violin hips - those are hips akin to a Cello. A Cello stuffed with Jello.

No. 173404

File: 1473703556003.png (588.35 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2016-09-12-13h52m55s11…)


That poor fucking corset…

No. 173411

File: 1473706187556.png (479.24 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2016-09-12-14h48m09s24…)

I can't believe how round her stomach is.

No. 173412

This might be the worst outfit she's ever worn. Usually if I saw her out on the streets wearing one of her hideous OOTDs I'd think: "Oh, here's a person trying to be unique and edgy." With this one I'd think: "Did this poor chick just lose a bet and some asshole made he wear this…thing?"

2:29 "and I already have kinda big arms" kek. Well, at least she still has some self-awareness

No. 173413

The wigs are easily the worst thing about this video

No. 173414

That red and black dress it pretty cute. It looks pretty good on her too considering it's nice and flowy/loose.

That paint splatter dress though. The look is too tight for her.

No. 173415


It's truly astonishing the lack of style she has. It's so obvious that she bites what other people are wearing and then runs off and tells herself how "unique" and "edgy" she is.

Although I'm truly surprised that she found the time and effort to stuff her fat ass in another ugly dress and prance around like a moron. Although anything that cuts into her shoveling fried foods and sugary drinks into her fat face he to be a plus, right? Or does she have a trough sitting right off camera she can go to after changing from one ugly dress to another?

No. 173418

Why shoop the thumbnail when people are going to see what you actually look like in like 5 seconds?

No. 173419


So people don't see how gross looking she is before opening the video. If they saw what was coming, they wouldn't bother

No. 173425

I actually thought the red and black outfit was the worst one out of the three. The wig on that outfit looks ridiculous, like she bought a used party city wig.

I think the paint splatter dress could of worked if she wore not such a cheap corset and the dress wasnt too small for her. The way she styled her hair is also a million times better then those fucking wigs

No. 173427

File: 1473711298057.png (609.95 KB, 473x951, 744509ae78d2006ff577838ad8e3a3…)

how is it possible to decline so fast lol

No. 173429


Laziness is probably the easiest answer. She is a textbook example of "simply not giving a shit anymore". She got Arin and his money, so why bother trying anymore?

No. 173430


Also i remember back then she had this "theme" with being 90s grunge and now she just does whatever tumblr fad is going around

No. 173431

The thing is, she's clearly gaining more weight. Its not like she just gained 15-20lbs and plateau'd. But she just thinks it her silly thyroid, and it doesn't have anything to do with all the shit she eats and drinks.

No. 173434

That wig is definitely terrible, agreed on that part.

No. 173438

I miss this Suzy,she had her shit together

No. 173450

File: 1473720477922.png (721.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-09-12-18-45-44…)

What are you talking about dearest anon she clearly lost weight just like a fellow fan pointed out

No. 173453

Fuck this is so sad, I find this so suzy so tolerable and passionate with what she's talking about compared to today, her makeup isn't too intense and fuckyshe is dressed nice and cute and though has a bit of a double chin just seems so much happier and full of personality taht you don't even judge her for it
Its so weird taht I hate suzy so much but after seeing her old video just actually like her and that makes me sad because she instead like that now

No. 173473


It really infuriates me when retards say stuff like that. You know damn well she is gaining weight, not losing any.

You're not helping her by lying to her. She's not going to suddenly want to be your friend just because you say nice things to her. All you're doing is inflating her ego and making her even more of an insufferable bitch

No. 173480

This is the first time I've actually bothered looking at anything NSP and I mean… I actually kind of enjoyed the tune and all? I'm into 80s style shit. It's just the lyrics and stuff… god it's so embarrassingly juvenile.

Also Dan kind of grosses me out. He's like a greasy daddy long legs. Especially with that low cut body suit. Just eugh…

No. 173498

What I liked so much about Suzy in the beginning was that she enjoyed doing her own thing, and it showed. She enjoyed her makeup, fashion, she had a sense of style, was cute, all of these things that I thought was great. But now shes such a try hard, fake, gotta be included in EVERYTHING the guys are doing it's like she's not even the same person.

No. 173501


Completely agree. She's like a totally different person now. She tries so hard to be the center of attention and does and says anything that will make her more popular, all while she deludes herself into thinking she is more "deep", "edgy" and "unique" than she actually is. Making it more funny that she has removed any sense of personality or individuality that she had and what has taken its place is simply whatever is most popular online now.

No. 173509

Back when Jon was around, she said that she would never be on Game Grumps because she knows she's not a comedian (around 6:10). Her ego has inflated even more than her body.

No. 173510

Yup, I feel that too. For awhile I was more her dan than GG. She knew what she liked, she didn't seem as try hard, and she did her own thing.

Now she's obnoxious trying to get all the attention and seem like someone she's not. A hilarious, edgy, hot (in her mind), gamer girl.

Part of me wonders if she was always this way, and she was just better at hiding it/less exposed, or maybe being in the spotlight so long really did warp her.

No. 173512

in all the looks she's wearing a wig. i dont understand why she keeps hiding her real hair?

No. 173515


That's what happens when you surround yourself with ass kissers who only tell you how "funny", "deep", "unique", pretty" and "talented" you are and block anyone who says any different. She's always been such a huge hypocrite that it doesn't surprise me in the slightest that she would say that then do it anyways.

No. 173517


Because she got bangs, hated them so now she is hiding them with the wigs

No. 173519

god if you actually watch the whole video you can see she's was still a massive cunt back then too. oh my god arin doesnt buy me stuff i buy it with my own money cause i dont drink or go clubbing or do drugs!!11
kek she used to go to gym on a regular basis

No. 173520


Danny's voice is just so…boring

No. 173524

For real, his voice lacks the charisma and strength for that kind of music.

No. 173588

It's not bad at all, just has no personality or inflection. Technically good, but it all sounds the same.

No. 173601

>I'm never going to be a person that wears jeans and a shirt from target

No. 173605

So how much weight do you guys think she has put on? Like 30 pounds or so or more?

No. 173614

Kevin uploaded a video explaining why he left GG He's an 'assistant editor' for a movie trailer company now

No. 173630


Holy shit. She's become the exact person she said she wouldn't become. She said she would never be on Game Grumps because she thought she wouldn't be that funny, yet she then shoves her way in to Game Grumps then starts her own shitty lets play channel. She says she wouldn't be the type to wear just a t-shirt and jeans, yet that's all she is ever seen wearing in public because the dresses she wears are too small for her and are inches away from showin her gross flabby ass. And to top it all off, she's become this bloated cow who shoves gross, unhealthy food into her fat face then cries about how it's her "thyroid" that's causing it.

And it's honestly, aside from hopping on the lets play train because it's the most popular thing now, it's the fans to blame. They are the ones who encourage her bullshit. They are the ones who tell her she is funny when she isn't. Who tell her that she has lost weight when she hasn't. Who tell her she is "unique" and "deep" and "dark" when she obviously isn't. All in this deluded creepy obsession with being her friend and thinking that if they say nothing but nice things she'll want to be their friend and invite them to be on Game Grumps and be friends with them. So they keep encouraging her bullshit in hopes of her turning it into something for them.

No. 173631

While the fans definitely contributed to Suzy's current state, I think Arin is the most responsible. He's the ultimate enabler.

No. 173642

Can't wait till he gets fired for not adding the correct audio kek

No. 173643

I'm more grossed out by the fact she doesn't have wrists anymore! They've morphed into her arm fat. She really is getting bigger.

No. 173644

She actually looked really pretty on her Wedding. This was what– 3-4 years ago? Damn.

No. 173645

File: 1473777643557.jpg (11.71 KB, 245x188, pucklaugh.jpg)

>greasy daddy long legs

This is the perfect description of Danny. And I hate his weird body suits that show off his chest hair.

No. 173649


They got married around the time Dan was brought on, so yeah about 3 years. She didn't look half bad back then. She has completely let herself go since then

No. 173650

This is like slightly above average karaoke. He really isn't anything special.

No. 173651


Like Suzy, The majority of their fans are only there because of Game Grumps. NSP was floundering and going nowhere before Dan joined Game Grumps. Had Arin not picked him up, it would have just been another bump in the road band that Dan would eventually leave.

No. 173656

Can't really blame either of them for riding on the GG coattails (gotta make hay while the sun shines) but I think the problem with both Suzy and Dan is that they seem to think they're producing top quality stuff. Dan seems like a genuinely nice guy but when it comes to music (in general and his own) you'd think he's this awesome professional, multi-instrumentalist, deep songwriter, fantastic performer by the way he talks about it. No, Dan: NSP isn't going to go down in history as one of the greats.

No. 173662


That's why annoys me most about her. She honestly thinks that at 250k, she is this big name on YouTube and thinks she is doing stuff that no other girl has done before, yet she isn't even within spitting distance of some of the bigger names. She isn't setting trends like she has deluded herself into thinking she has that others are following, she is chasing them in a desperate attempt to remain relavent because all anyone will ever know her as is "Egoraptor's wife".

No. 173681

Kevin has a noticeable belly now, is this the game grump influence?

No. 173732

He drinks a lot. It's probably a beer belly

No. 173750

isn't he also like 22? what 22 year old doesn't have a beer gut of some kind

No. 173751

Not all 22's are slobs y'know.

No. 173757

First time I saw her was in that Hot Pepper Gaming review and thought "wow, it's no wonder she use to be a model, she's really pretty" and now I'm just in shock at how she let herself go.
She certainly lives up to that "after a person gets married, they get fatter" belief.
I feel sorry for Arin because she's dragging him down with her.

No. 173766

Arin's always had weight problems and even before he got married he was skinnyfat, so I'm pretty sure they just enable each other.

No. 173816

File: 1473839285210.png (30.1 KB, 686x519, Untitled.png)

oh god, suzy

No. 173817

File: 1473839530012.jpg (80.3 KB, 540x370, tumblr_o2ex16harW1qenaf3o1_540…)


No. 173822

Uuugh I know the word "cringe" gets thrown around a lot these days but I physically winced at how embarrassing these are.

No. 173832

File: 1473848934403.jpg (24.8 KB, 400x386, 1457776086911.jpg)


No. 173849


Wow. That is just sad

No. 173865

…A lot.

No. 173866

Why do people always blame Suzy for Arin's weight gain? He's ALWAYS been chubby. I think only his super young teen pics he was kind of thin, but no, Arin has shit eating habits, which have gotten progressively worse since Game Grumps. Suzy is fat now, but it isn't her fault Arin is as well.

No. 173868

Suzy no

No. 173873

I think it's because he was at least at a normal, acceptable size for a guy, albeit without any muscle mass whatsoever. But just like with Suzy, those habits may be okay as a growing teenager, but they catch up to you as an adult. IMO they enable each other because they both love being huge self-indulgent children

No. 173942

>how to
Why does she think all her vids need to be a how to. Like she called the first couple Overwatch vids "how to's" and she wasn't even playing and Arin admitted to being bad

No. 173980


Because she practically eats, breathes and shits clickbait as much as she does doughnuts.

No. 173984

File: 1473888921750.png (300.11 KB, 400x719, thyroid.png)

Oh god why

No. 173993

So, is she gonna tell us why the doctor took her off her thyroid meds or what?
I just wanna hear her try to make up more stupid excuses for this one. That, or just flat out admit that she's fat because of her shit diet.

No. 173994


Holy shit. It's not even funny at this point

No. 174010

suzy makes me feel so good about myself

No. 174016


If there is at least any bright side, she serves as a cautionary tale. This is what happens when you combine a shit diet with complete denial of your body image and a dash of narcissism.

No. 174040

i don't know if it would even be that bad if she just dressed for her fucking body. she keeps buying clothes and making OOTDs that mirror how she dressed and looked 3 or 4 years ago, when she was ~25+ pounds lighter. she keeps clinging to her former self and she needs to let go of that. until she looses weight (if she even wants to, and if she doesn't, that's fine, whatever) she needs to at least adapt and understand that these outfits make her look like shit. if she learned how to dress and got rid of those disgusting costume wigs, i'm sure she'd look heaps better.

No. 174055

This so much. She needs to stop wearing form fitting clothing, and especially no bodycon. When she wears fit and flare dresses she doesn't look too terrible since they hide some of her lumps. But she's terrible at coordinating outfits so it doesn't help that much either.

No. 174078


At least the 'how to' meta tag can be used if you follow it with 'blame rapid weight gain on a thyroid'

No. 174290

File: 1473983029631.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

I didn't realize having 60+ in stock was "almost gone"

No. 174291


Gotta create the illusion that they are hard to get because they are so "popular". Sounds like she ordered more than she thought she would sell and are now just dumping them off.

No. 174294

Great choice of font there, AtortemeR.

No. 174295

pointing at the star like dont forget how edgy i ammm!!

No. 174298


Everything about her "style" screams "Is this what the edgy goth girls are now wearing? Can I be part of the club now?" She looks like such a fake tryhard whenever she stuffs her fat ass into one of those ugly outfits and prances around like an idiot on camera.

No. 174303

I don't even watch Game Grumps/Suzy. I watched a few episodes with JonTron and now exclusively just watch his stuff… but this thread has been a huge motivator. I've been doing cardio two hours a day (one at night and one when I wake up).

Suzy's spiral is kinda insane, and I certainly don't see it getting better. Makes it easy for someone to go, fuck, I need to change so I won't be like that.

No. 174304

But in all fairness, all goths look like tryhards.

No. 174306


Same here. As soon as I saw how big she had gotten, I immediately went "Shit. I don't want to look like her when I get that age" and just started working out since then.

No. 174323

It's even more sad when you remember she's only 27. The weight gain + her terrible skin ages her 10 years

No. 174335


She's only 27 and looks like a mom who is about to hit 40 already. Holy shit

No. 174458

File: 1474053195675.png (507.91 KB, 800x600, Thumbnail.png)

Suzy has the most misleading thumbnails on YouTube - and that is saying something.

No. 174460

looks like someone sat on her ass lol

No. 174461

she should talk to onion about fixing her lighting/makeup skills

No. 174464

I wonder what the other Grump members think about her weight gain

No. 174466

>"Holy shit Suzy is really getting fat - I shouldn't say or do anything though or I might lose my job."

No. 174480


I saw that face and almost shit myself. That shit is horrific.


Yeah. No one is saying anything to her unless they want her to go to Arin to get them off the channel. Not only that, but other than Ross, most of them are a bunch of pussies who always walk on egg shells around her so they don't hurt her feelings.

No. 174505

I wonder if there's a way for her to inject her neck fat into her lips.

No. 174519

god I hate her eyebrows

No. 174536

I'm kinda starting to feel bad for her. She looks like a fat kid. Idk but really fat people just depress me

No. 174537

File: 1474069970132.png (621.11 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2016-09-16-19h35m29s81…)

>That triple chinned face when you'll never have that Night Elves' body ever again.

No. 174538


I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't such an insufferable, hypocritical lying bitch. But since she insists that nothing is ever her fault and lays blame on everyone else, I say she deserves whatever is coming to her, including becoming a fat cow.

No. 174547

Same here! I've been meaning to get in shape for aaaaages now but seeing people trash Suzy in this thread when my body really isn't that far off from hers has inspired me to start using the gym at my uni. This week I did 3 days of cardio, and I'm gonna try and do 4 days per week from now on. Sorry for blogposting :/

No. 174549

Nice! You could pretend Suzy is losing weight along with you by playing all of her videos in reverse.

No. 174556

You can do it anon. Don't be a Suzy

No. 174577

Holy shit I haven't checked in for a while, and Suzy has gotten HUGE. I'll bet she wheezes when she goes up a flight of stairs.

No. 174607

Suzy's disgusting weight gain has also led me to stick to a strict 1,600 calorie diet every day with no cheat days (I'm a guy). If there's one positive thing about Suzy in 2016 it's that her decline is a real motivator.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 174618

File: 1474096735576.jpg (99.64 KB, 1062x644, ss (2016-09-17 at 12.17.51).jp…)

Couldn't even get her eyeliner to be symmetrical, Suzy what the fuck

No. 174620

File: 1474097019778.gif (2.03 MB, 720x404, neck fat.gif)

Her chin is getting swallowed by neck fat

No. 174621

Her hair looks really half-assed in styling too. She's getting so lazy she can't even fix herself up right for her own videos. She really is losing touch.

No. 174622

Isn't this one of her ugly wigs from her last ootd?
Can't even be bothered with her real hair these days

No. 174628

Ah, my mistake then.

No. 174629

Right now she's at a point where she just looks terryfieing

No. 174633

File: 1474100216202.jpg (8.72 KB, 236x230, 1472004834943.jpg)

No. 174643

are there recent videos or photos of her sister? I just want to see the difference between them now compared to before.

No. 174652

File: 1474108974679.jpeg (74.2 KB, 640x727, image.jpeg)


Here's her Instagram. She's basically what Suzy could have been if she didn't put on that weight and wasn't an edgy try-hard.

No. 174660

File: 1474110097385.jpg (60.66 KB, 597x596, suzyberhow.JPG)

This was taken a week ago

No. 174662

File: 1474110258234.jpg (75.28 KB, 593x598, jeanberhow.JPG)

And here's a wonky full body pic, just for comparison

No. 174663

File: 1474110608707.jpg (101.6 KB, 680x680, keks into another realm of bei…)

Holy christ, Anon. You really want in on her with that.
(Not that I'm complaining)
Thanks for the vocal laughter.

No. 174666

Has anyone noticed how Suzy starts just about every video now with her head tilted down a bit to look slimmer, then she just goes back to normal and we can see that treble wub wub chin of hers

No. 174667

File: 1474111314177.jpg (136.34 KB, 672x802, Capture.JPG)

she knows just how bad she's gotten

No. 174669

Lmao her bangs. Aren't they grown out enough for her to get them fixed at this point instead of shoving them off to the side? They look horrible.

Jean is so cute. Even though they have the same fassy face, Jean just looks so much more normal than Suzy. Everything Suzy does just emphasizes how weird her features are.

No. 174671

File: 1474112055658.jpg (111.68 KB, 1052x668, IWearAMedium.JPG)

Suzy "I wear a size medium" Berhow.

No. 174678

Hm? Did Ross say something to her which rendered him "not a pussy"? Or is this just a general statement?
(asking for real, no sarcasm/etc)

No. 174689

Ross can sometimes get away with talking back to Suzy because she acts bitchy towards him for no reason. He's still nicer to her than he is to the guys.

The Push Me Pull You episode with Brian is the only video where anyone has really trash talked her, and Barry was desperately trying to stop him the whole time.

No. 174691

I remember one time where Suzy, Arin, Ross and Holly were playing a game and talking about high school and Suzy first went on about how she was really popular with the guys and they all wanted to date her, then Holly talked about how kids used make fun of her and she generally had a shit time in school and then Suzy was all 'oh yeah, I was bullied too!'. So Ross called her out on it and basically went 'ok, which one is it? Were you really popular or terribly bullied?'

No. 174694

No. 174699

Shit like this is why despite the glaring flaws of most of the other people on GG, everyone actually likes Ross

As far as I know he also hasn't given up on his own creative work which is a plus

No. 174700

I don't know how this is even a cautionary tale. It's common fucking sense. Don't eat more than what you're burning off. She ate fried food, sugary drinks and junk all day, EVERY DAY, and then didn't work it off. She's just your typical lazy fat fuck and because she has a nasty personality to boot, she deserves the body to match.

No. 174702

She's getting fatter and her hair is a greasy mess. Is that blue in her hair? She's pretty much 90% into her tumblrina transformation.

No. 174703

Yeah, Ross and Holly are the same people I like on GG. Ross genuinely doesn't give a shit about calling people out.

No. 174704


Yeah. She is about to go full Tumblr now

No. 174711

She looks p cute here, it's normal to have a bit of skin under your chin. Her hair suits her a lot more too.

No. 174712

Its a wig. Suzy doesnt show her hair anymore shes too embarassed by her shitty bangs

No. 174713

Honey that's not a little, thats an entirely other chin. Last time I checked the only reason someone of healthy weight would have a second chin is if their jaw bone is pushed in like fucking leafy is here

No. 174714


Lol. You're joking right? That's not just a "little bit of fat", that's a whole second chin she is sporting and is working on a third.

No. 174745

File: 1474135500234.png (211.24 KB, 376x382, Screen shot 2016-09-17 at 2.12…)

No it isn't. Some people just have that flab naturally in fact I'm sure most people do. My god this website is insane with its beauty standards

No. 174751

k but listen, right. What Suzy has is not a natural flap this is straight up a second chin

No. 174752

See >>172590.
That's not how "just skin" behaves. There's something giving it volume. Spoiler: it's fat.

No. 174754

Suzy is that you?

No. 174759

You're not wrong really, but when talking about Suzy, you are. Suzy has a legit double chin, that's it.

No. 174773

Dang Jean is cute. Still weird looking, IMO, but she at least knows what works for her.

This would legitimately hurt me if I was Suzy. Jean's body is so much nicer.

No. 174781

Damn, being the ugly out of a pair of identical twins must suck. They're like living before and after pictures.

No. 174798


On this picture you can see a tiny double chin, but unlike Suzy you can also see an adams apple and most of the neck. That's the difference.

No. 174812

Snoozy's fans are such a hugbox - she could be 600 pounds and bedridden, and they would still say "You've lost weight", and "You look so beautiful"

No. 174815


I wouldn't even call them fans. They are leeches who think that being nice to her and always kissing her ass will make her want to be friends with her and by extension, the rest of the Grumps as well.

If they gave any shit about her well being, they would have stopped lying to her a long time ago.

No. 174816


Correct. It's one thing to have a weak chin / jawline, and it's another to have those qualities AND be obese.

No. 174818

You'd also get to watch the quality of her videos increase as she loses weight.

No. 174893

Killstar size XL -XXL

No. 174894

File: 1474208431679.jpg (27.04 KB, 400x600, annasofia.jpg)

Thankfully not all Finnish women look like Mongolian FAS sufferers

No. 174895

Keep telling yourself that, Jukka-Pekka

No. 174898

Not Finnish personally, I just posted a Finnish woman for comparison.
But I did look that Jukka up online.
Thanks for the new info, Anon.

No. 174982

File: 1474239686948.jpg (80.65 KB, 540x540, tumblr_odpyt1m4dl1qils0po1_540…)

Suzy posted a throwback pic.
She probably wishes she could fit into any of this again.

No. 174993


Aside from all the belts, the outfit doesn't look half bad. I bet she wishes she looked half as good as this now.

No. 174994

maybe im just a super catty bitch but she still looks bigger here compared to older photos. those boots are really the only reason there is some sort of ankle on her silhouette.

No. 174995


I would say that she looks somewhere between "thick" and "fat" at this point. Not as big as she is now but not as thin as she used to be.

No. 175001

She's definitely not skinny here, but compared to how she looks now she looks tiny…

I probably would have slightly judged this back then, but now I think it looks kind of good just because she looks so much worse now. Suzy's weight has really spiraled out of control.

No. 175073

why does that skirt looks so weird, like it's been shooped on?

No. 175077

Wow, she has a chin here.
This is one heck of a throwback honestly

No. 175145

3:38 Of course fucking Suzy has a 'chocolate cyst', I'll bet all of her plasma has been converted to caramel syprup and rainbow sprinkles by now.

No. 175150

I only listened to like 2 minutes cuz I'm at work but this seriously sounds like so much bullshit to me as a person with hypothyroidism. If you have hypothyroidism your dr will put you on synthroid p much right away, you don't have to ~Doctor shop~ for 4 years.

No. 175154

9:18 for weight "talk"

No. 175158


Exactly as stated, any doctor will take a blood test and from thereon distinguish fact from fiction.
Whichever doctor she saw just gave into a screaming baby at the time I'd say.

No. 175166

She's working 'so hard on dieting and working out'?
"Today I decided to have 3 slices of ice cream cake and pizza rather than 5"

No. 175170


Just not going to bother with her bullshit. I'm sure this is just another addition to the long line of horeshit excuses of how her shit diet and lazy attitude isn't the reason she is fat and how it's not her fault.

No. 175176

If her neck cyst truly made it hard to swallow how did she get obese? Did the food just teleport itself into her stomach? Or by "chocolate cyst" did she just mean she had chocolate constantly stuck in her neck? Questions questions.

No. 175177

I like the spooky lighting she has in this, too bad its ruined with Suzy in the video.

No. 175181

Obviously poor Snooze needs a pump to shove all those Doritos and Hershey's down.
I'll start the Kickstarter project to help Suzy fund a new neck and some liposuction.

No. 175183


I figured she would have given up and gone the lipo route by now, but I guess if she did that she wouldn't be able to push that bullshit "body positivity" and "happy with her curves" message that she lies to everyone with.

No. 175192

>can't take meds because she might go bald

Snoozy why do you even care you pretty much only wear shitty wigs these days anyway.

Also those stupid star freckles or whatever are so fucking ugly and distracting. I couldnt stop staring at them…

No. 175198


Even without the wigs, she ends up getting it cut in some retarded way that she winds up hating anyways

No. 175204

A chocolate cyst is just a cyst filled with old blood, non cancerous.

"Omg the cyst juice looked just like Coca Cola" yeah… cause old blood is brown Suzy.

No. 175207

Arin talks about how Suzy actually asked him to post about her more, he didn't want to out of fear of her getting harassed.

No. 175208


I mean. It's not stretch for her to think I was filled with chocolate. She's always been incredibly vapid

No. 175214

She mentions in this video that she's had cysts often in her arms and other body parts. Wouldn't that send up red flags that something isn't right if you get multiple cysts around your body?
Also isn't that something that should be brought up with a doctor to maybe make the connection that she doesn't have a thyroid problem and it's just another cyst???

No. 175224


After hearing what Dan was describing, it's more like Suzy simply wanted attention rather than wanting to protect her relationship with Arin. It wasn't enough for her to simply be dating him, she had to let everyone know as well. Such is the common attitude of a leech: Let everyone know he is off limits so that they don't coming looking for what she got.

No. 175259

Do you think Jean gets "Much prettier than your sister." comments? I'd like to think there was a dark secret in her, that she secretly enjoys them but doesn't ever say/do anything about it.

No. 175264


I have to imagine that as her sister, she wouldn't publicly be too jazzed about it. To her, it may simply sound like mean comments made about her sister. But deep down I'm sure she appreciates that attention. Also, I don't think she is nearly up her own ass about her looks as Suzy is and isn't one to brag about them.

I'm sure if she were forced to make a comment, she'd say something along the lines of "I appreciate the compliments, but please don't talk about my sister that way".

No. 175273

File: 1474339666659.png (694.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-09-19-22-36-38…)


No. 175274

throwback to 2013…I remember watching this a long time ago and every comment was about how Jean looked so annoyed by Snooze and like she didn't want to be there, and now there isn't any negative comments on it…so that's weird, either I didn't scroll enough or the negative ones got deleted

either way, yeah, Jean is awesome, like her just sitting there chill as hell while Suzy does her stupid hand motions and shit…

also lol at 5:41

No. 175277

File: 1474340034242.jpg (131.59 KB, 469x348, 1450062404704.jpg)

colin_h you saucy wench!

No. 175278


Lol damn

Of course I expect to see it be deleted by tomorrow. She'll have none of that. Everyone needs to know how hard her "job" is and how her life is so much more difficult than everyone else.

Which makes sense considering she is married to a retard who thinks that he has it harder than Olympic athletes.

No. 175294

This is such a pointless video? Like if it was cancer or whatever you'd think "ok she's spreading awareness" but she's just pointed out she's a fat lump who produces disgusting cysts because she's naturally gross. It's just gross, why would you publicise something like that?

No. 175295

Punching that chocolate cyst back into her neck for good measure.

No. 175310


Because her """"fans""""" will show her affection, anon.

No. 175319

I just checked and that comments already gone lmfao!! She probably blocked him. There's only positive comments on that pic now.

Also why the fuck does she complain about Mondays and is always like "can't wait for the weekend!!"? I guess she wants to seem relatable but like surely nobody believes she works all week or works for long hours at a time? Maybe her stupid fans that are still in high school?

No. 175347

Imagine waking up to this as your wife

No. 175349


It's because she is fishing for sympathy from her fans. She tells them all these things and then they feel bad for and shower her with compliments and praise to make her feel better about herself.

No. 175354

She's basically just lying about having hypothyroidism at this point? She has nasty cysts that have nothing to do with her thyroid, she CLAIMS she's been trying to get on Synthroid for four years but I think it's a recent think because she desperately wants to lose weight (Synthroid in a healthy person would induce hyperthyroidism and therefore weight loss). She finally found some hack doc to write her a script and now she's boohooing because she can't take it anymore and still lying and making her viewers think they're going to have to take her thyroid out when there's NOTHING wrong with it. Once a lying piece of shit scammer always a lying piece of shit scammer, I guess. And whatever happened to that one medication she claimed she couldn't afford to take?

No. 175356


It's that kind of shit right there that makes me actively root against her. Instead of simply accepting that she gained weight because of her shit diet and lazy attitude, she has to always come up with some bullshit excuse about how it's not her fault and she constantly looks elsewhere to put out the blame on instead of herself.

And then she still has the nerve to lie to everyone about her "thyroid" to make it seem like she is still in any kind of danger like she has cancer or something so that people will still feel bad for her so she can't kill sympathy out of her. Even though there is nothing wrong with it, she will still tell everyone that that there is so they will shower her with compliments and tell her how "brave" she is.

She is just as ugly on the inside as she is on the outside now

No. 175360


Wonder what story she'll fabricate when she gets diabetes.

No. 175362


Probably something like: "It's not my fault, I couldn't afford the super expensive don't get diabetes medicine."

No. 175376

Ugh Snooze, if you want to be relatable stop trying to act like you work a difficult 9-5 job Monday-Friday and maybe, oh I don't know, admit you're not perfect and you let yourself get fat, and let your viewers know you're taking the steps to lose weight.

NOTHING IS EVER HER FAULT AND HER LIFE IS SOOOOO HARD, you guys. God I fucking hate her. I hate her voice as well, she's so patronising. She doesn't have any real friends, you can just tell.

No. 175382


100 percent agree with all of that. She goes around pretending like she is so perfect and everything bad that happens couldn't possibly be her fault. She pretends her life is so god damn hard when all she does is sit on her fat ass and open boxes or play video games and then goes to stuff her fat face with junk food. But don't tell her that, braise it's clearly her "thyroid's" fault and no one else's, and if you say that hen your just a sexist hater of women on the Internet.

From eyeball to asshole, everything about her is so fake. Yet she thinks she is so relatable to everyone else. She obviously has no friends outside of the YouTube community, because no one in their right mind would put up with her shit unless it meant gaining more noteriety and all she ever talks about is what famous person she is a fan of or is a fan of her husband.

Every time she opens her stupid fat mouth to say something, I just want someone to tell her to shut the fuck up, because more than half the time she thinks she is saying something more deep or important than it actually is and just wants the attention to focus back on her. And when it's not that, she is regurgitating some tired meme in an attempt to be funny because she has zero personality of her own, has no identity other than what's popular on YouTube at the time (other than being simply known as the girl Egoraptor's married) and the comedic humor that is the equivalent to a lynching in the south.

Everything about her makes her just this insufferable bitch that you can't help but hate.

No. 175393


Even though she's been talking about "her thyroid" for years, pretty sure she never had hypothyroidism as she said herself previously that her thyroid blood tests have always come back completely normal, which is why they never put her on medication (even though she kept insisting she "needed it").

No. 175410

ugh it's so interesting how despite the fact that they haven't found anything wrong with her actual thyroid and it's just that she's a bag of cysts, she still would claim she has hypothyroidism because that's the "otherwise unexplained weight gain" one, even though she's just as likely to have hyperthyroidism (0% chance) or no thyroidism at all. (100% chance) like it just shows right there that she probably started to gain a little weight and a lump in her throat, found out hypothyroidism could cause that, and decided that's what it was and that was her ultimate ticket to whining and getting fat, even after doctors have clearly told her that wasn't it

sfalkjdsflas I'm mad

No. 175416

6:30ish Arin outs her diet secret, Starbucks Frappuccino's

No. 175421


Bey she is going to wish Atin didn't say that. This isn't a random person on the Internet who said it that she can delete, it was her husband. And what he said just slowly chipped away at her "Trying to lose weight" lie. If she was serious about losing weight, she wouldn't be guzzling down what essentially amounts to a big cup of sugar.

No. 175430

no kidding. i agree with anon above. the diabetus is going to attack her and it will be no fault of her own. because i'm so sure she leads an active life to make up for the giant icecream cones or sugar milk coffee. it's really horrible with people use you as the reason that they are starting to improve their health.

No. 175431


Danny: "You don't even like mocha frappuccino where it's like 3 drops of coffee in like a fuckin' gallon of sugar milk?"

Arin: "No, not at all. Suzy gets those and then she's like 'Try this! You can't even taste the coffee!' And I'm like 'All right…' and I try it and I'm just like 'UGH GROSS.' It's so fucking potent to me."

The way Arin insults Suzy with such a deadpan delivery is absolutely hilarious.

No. 175432


When Snooz started posting shit like "Waaahhh wahh I read thyroid removal stories online and they're so SCAAARRRYYY I'm crying :((((((" on twitter, something just broke in me. I don't normally hate celebs/e-celebs, but this was just… disgusting. And of course she got herself a nice bunch of people licking her ass in her mentions. Gross.

And yeah, that medication? What medication even is there for thyroid disorders, except Sythroid, T3, and the ones that kill the thyroid in case of extreme hyperthyroidism? Sythroid isn't 600 bucks per months.

No. 175437


It's because it was so obvious what she was doing. She was looking for sympathy because surgery is a concept people always will be sympathetic towards, so that people would kiss her ass and tell her how awesome and "brave" she is.

And that's how she's always been. Every now and then she will vaguely mention her medical problems and leave out important information so people will feel bad for her and heap praise on her so she can feel better about herself.

No. 175440


Of all the pictures that she posts online, almost none of them feature her in the gym l. They are all either pictures of whatever disgusting food that she is about to shovel into her fat face, pictures of her looking dumb staring into the camera with all kinds of stupid edits and filters to hide the fact that she is a bloated cow, or 50 posts about whatever dumb shit she is selling on Etsy. At no point does it look like she is making an attempt to get healthy, just bragging about whatever shit food she is about to eat or expensive clothes that she will only wear once after prancing around like a moron on camera.

No. 175460

I, in general, have NO IDEA where she's getting four years from. Her initial "cancer scare" and weight gain from her thyroid stuff didn't even start until around August-September of 2014. Girl is exaggerating like HELL.

No. 175479

Wait so Suzy has been saying she has hypothyroid problems, when her blood work is normal? So is she only self diagnosing because she's tired all the time?

No. 175483

File: 1474413665540.jpg (103.91 KB, 960x960, PPP.jpg)

No. 175484

Yep, all the proof is in one of her past health update videos. It's linked in this thread i think.

Lel, too bad it doesn't matter how much you "exercise," or eat well otherwise, if you're consuming 60 gram sugar drinks every day multiple times a day the beetus will come for you. And we know snoozy doesn't just drink pure sugar, she eats donuts and junk food on the daily too. Women are only supposed to have 25 g of sugar a day max…that's prob only a quarter of what she has daily

No. 175485

Suzy's getting cucked!?

No. 175487


She keeps saying hyperthyroidism because she thinks it is the easiest excuse for her getting fat

No. 175491

Is this recent? I might just be remembering wrong but I think Arin's getting a little fitter.

No. 175494

That's fucking retarded. My boss had her thyroid removed completely and it's a fucking bitch. She has extreme hair loss because of the high dosage just like Suzy mentioned in the video. My boss has tons of problems because she had her thyroid removed, but she's pretty freaking skinny so weight gain IS NOT one of them. Suzy you moron.

No. 175495

It is.
suddenly suzy is the fat one, kek

No. 175496

face like a thumb

No. 175497


This is legit the first time in a long while that I've seen a pic of Arin actually looking happy. He usually looks drained and devoid of life, especially in pictures and videos with suzy.

No. 175501


He's honestly a trooper for having put up with her for so long. I would have dumped her ass years ago.

No. 175503

Arin has been saying he has been dieting on the show recently and now we are finally are seeing results.
I guess Suzy doesn't like the no sugar and once a month cheat day to join him.

No. 175506


Why should she when she can keep blaming her "hyperthyroidism" and all of her retard fans will believe her. Losing weight and keeping it off requires effort, something Suzy doesn't do.

No. 175510

File: 1474417520071.png (28.26 KB, 582x208, well.png)


No. 175514


That's called lying to yourself, you dumb fuckwit. Your brain is literally telling you that you are getting fat and need to put down the fork, and your response is "Nah"?

You deserve every pound of fat you've gained Suzy and then some.

No. 175516

Probably in denial. Did she say this after this >>175483 was posted?

No. 175517

Maybe she's finally regretting all of those hideous tattoos.

No. 175518

After looking at their instagram, yes. The picture was post 4 hours ago and her tweet was posted 3 hours ago.

No. 175519


The photo was posted 5 hours ago and her tweet was 3 hours ago, so yeah, I'm guess seeing a hot girl in shape has her looking at her fat rolls and thinking she is getting big. But then she does mental gymnastics to lie to herself and tell her she is "comfortable in her own skin" and "proud of her curves", which we all know is a load of shit.

No. 175527

das jus society brainwashin u

No. 175530

How sad.. how much shit do you think she's giving Arin right now haha

No. 175532


She's probably being a passive aggressive bitch about it and pretending like she is fine with it or awkwardly trying to act like "one of the guys" by talking about how hot she is and how she would want to bang her too and it just comes off as gross.

When deep down, she is actually fuming with jealousy that there is not only another girl that is prettier than her, but is also getting more attention than her and she can't stand it.

No. 175535

maybe you aren't comfortable in your own skin because it's constantly expanding

No. 175538

Not point out Chris chans artwork necklace thing.

No. 175553

that fucking sonichu medallion

No. 175563

it's really sad actually. i imagine at some point they're going to argue about Arin getting kudos at cleaning himself up while she on the other hand desires that, but refuses to cut out most of the junk food and sugar drinks. Like chick, you fucked up and hate yourself for it, just fix it.

No. 175566


She always wants to be the center of attention, so I'm sure you're totally right

No. 175637

Is… Is she standing on the couch and still not as tall as Arin who isn't even tall to begin with? What… What the fuck. How short is that woman.

No. 175641

It makes me so mad that Suzy can definitely get back into shape and be healthy, but she just won't. She can definitely afford to see a nutritionist or sign up for some blue apron type of thing for weight loss but she doesn't. Being such a lazy slob so early in her life is pathetic.

No. 175650


It's interesting that you feel that way because there is some semblance of interest in her well being and health. You know she can lose the weight or hire a dietician, but she refuses and calls people who tell her that sexist haters who are just jealous of her. Yet her so so called "fans" would lie to her face and watch her develop into a bloated cow and still tell her she is pretty because they don't want to hurt her feelings and want to desperately be her friend.

No. 175652


She'd never see a dietician or a personal trainer IMO - or if she did, she'd stop going after a couple of appointments - because they wouldn't enable her and let her get away with the "yeah I'm totally trying really hard with my diet and exercise!" lies and she knows it. Just look at how incredibly offended she got when a doctor told her that she needs to eat less if she wants to lose weight. She'd literally rather take a thyroid medication that she doesn't even need to try and "cheat" losing weight than actually put the effort in to work out, have some willpower and cut out the junk/sugary crap, and limit her portion sizes.

No. 175658


She'd probably give up after a month because she got mad that she didn't instantly lose 15 lbs and would try to claim to her fans that her trainer was being sexist so that she can still play the victim like it wasn't her fault.

Which is funny, because I think I seem to remember a while back Arin claiming to have a personal trainer that both he and Suzy had, but I'd course Suzy stopped right around the time she tied to scare everyone into thinking she might have cancer and how her "thyroid" was acting up.

No. 175660

She honestly hasn't even gained that much wait. Maybe 20-30lbs that she can easily lose if she just buckles down. But she would rather wish for a miracle drug to do the work for her.

No. 175681

Yeah Suzy, I fucking bet that you don't like being compared to your prettier, skinnier sister.

I haven't watched many videos with Suzy, but next to Jean she's waaaay more irritating than I previously thought, flapping and throwing her hands around, her screechy, obnoxious high pitched voice, constantly fake laughing and moving around. Jean sits calmly, talks normally, and I love her she rolls her eyes at Suzy like twice.

No. 175796

File: 1474499509368.jpeg (142.45 KB, 640x827, image.jpeg)

Am I the only that finds it weird that every time she goes to Japan she goes to get dressed up like that? Like not in a sjw "appropriation!!" way just like…she's a fucking weeaboo.

Like I get doing it once for novelty but after the third or forth time? We get it, you're a weeb and you want people to think you look Asian.

And she's probably gonna do it again next month when she's there.

No. 175797

I like how she went with the prostitute costume instead of a geisha costume.

No. 175800

Do you have to look like a droopy eyed pig to be a weeaboo these days?
This pic is like looking at Mira.

No. 175802

Last time somebody called her out on "appropriation" she got her poor wittle feelings hurt and cried about it. This isn't appropriation since they offer this to tourists so nobody is gonna call her out even though she's done it like 4 times and it's past the point of being a "fun novelty thing" and it screams "I wish I was Japanese"

No. 175804

Honestly, I think it's kind of a cute little thing to do as a tourist, I see the appeal for a fun little photo op while on vacation. Kind of like the "wild west" photos they do in the states.

Going four times though? For real? That is really weird. I guess this goes back to her desire to be exotic and Asian though. Like when she had her DNA test and was excited over the what, 3% or something? Suzy please, you're just a wonky looking white girl.

No. 175811

I feel like if any of us took one of those ancestry/DNA tests, we could call ourselves exotic white bread like Snooze does. She has/had a Miitomo, right? I wonder if she used the autoface making thing and got all excited when it made her character look "Asian". I only think this because it kept giving my basic white ass slanted eyes with every damn angle.

No. 175832


This is way past "a fun thing to do as a tourist". This is straight up "I wish that I was Japanese so badly" tryhard shit. She is such a pathetic fucking weeb.

No. 175833


This is way past "a fun thing to do as a tourist". This is straight up "I wish that I was Japanese so badly" tryhard shit. She is such a pathetic fucking weeb.

No. 175838

File: 1474506304826.png (784.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-09-21-21-02-54…)

ends sarcasm

No. 175842

lol she just busted in on oney and spazkid's stream saying something about her shirts.

No. 175843


Are you fucking for real? Holy shit she is so damn desperate. Take the hint, no one wants your shit shirts Suzy.

No. 175845


No. 175867

why would anyone even buy these? What are you advertising being a fan of? What does she even do? I can't even begin to understand why someone would want this

No. 175869

How much do you wanna bet she tries to speak to Arin sexily in broken japanese
"Ara Ara, Arin-kun~ does anata think I'm sekushii desuuuu~~~?"

No. 175870

This looks like something an edgy try-too-hard goth would doodle in math class in high school.

No. 175874


If anything, it perfectly encapsulates exactly the type of person Suzy is. A tryhard edgelord who thinks she is more deeper, unique and interesting than she actually is.

The shirt advertises nothing other than its a "dark"design that will make you look like you are so damn edgy and cool regardless if you actually are. And that's the kind of fake bullshit Suzy is made of.

No. 175881

Doesn't Arin already speak broken Japanese like that on the show? I really wouldn't be surprised if Suzy did it too

No. 175883


Every time she says "supaishi" it just makes me want to hit something. It's not funny or cute. It's just annoying.

No. 175910

This makes me wonder how Suzy's etsy shop is actually doing with her overpriced shit that probably gets a sale once every blue moon

No. 175952


I'd have to say, not nearly as she thinks it does. Considering her prices, coupled in with the shot to her reputation with the scandal she had a few years ago, I'd say that unless her stuff goes on sale, no one is buying it.

But I'm sure if you asked her, she'd say that she sells so much stuff that it'd make your head explode and how everyone wants to wear her shit jewelry.

No. 175955

I've seen a few people wear her jewelry. There's this one girl who tags Suzy in all of her pictures on Instagram just because she's wearing her necklace. She's even like a fatter, knockoff version of Snooze. Blonde streak with the same shitty makeup and "goffic fashun"

No. 176022

File: 1474571002499.png (54.82 KB, 1011x346, lol.png)

According to your image, 24 hours ago Snoozy had 6 Male XL shirts available.

I'm still able to buy the maximum amount of Male XL shirts available (she limits you to 5 shirts). That tells us Suzy didn't sell a single male shirt in a 24 hour period.

Wouldn't surprise me if Suzy took some of them off the market herself to give the appearance of "demand" when in reality nobody gives a shit about her egotistical, overpriced trash.

No. 176031


She certainly has the means to do so and I wouldn't put that past her. Anything to give her the illusion that people actually like her shit style and overpriced garbage.

No. 176057

File: 1474577393261.jpg (93.24 KB, 700x440, coke.jpg)

Recent Instagram post

No. 176072

man, she really loves to milk this.

No. 176076


Yep, the retards will still just eat up her "thyroid" excuse. Just keep guzzling down those sodas Suzy. You've certainly earned whatever happens after.

No. 176087

California is currently going through a drought and what does suzy do?
She fills the bathtub to the fucking brim, Suzy what the fuck?


No. 176092

No. 176110

Kek they hid snoozys many chins on that YouTube thumbnail

No. 176114

File: 1474583952171.png (679.87 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2016-09-22-18h34m52s92…)

It's funny how Arin had to put on an act to appear more shallow, whereas Suzy hardly had to modify anything at all.
Also, the entire gallery showing could have been just canvases smeared with Arin and Suzy's shit and they would still have their fans flocking in droves; they might even give it a lick to prove how their worthiness. Fucking celebrity worship, it's almost as much of a cancer as Suzy's bullfrog tumor.

No. 176119

File: 1474585456582.jpeg (24.08 KB, 550x293, a30cc152_killer-shrimp-beetlej…)

Jesus Christ that hand

No. 176122


Agreed. Everyone thinks it's an act, when in fact she really is a pompous bitch who is so far up her fat ass about how awesome she is and everyone else can go fuck themselves. This is a nightmare come true: Suzy publicly being a conceited, pompous bitch in public and everyone being okay with it. It's about as scary as that gross bullfrog chin she is sporting.

No. 176135

…could you not take a screenshot of it? She's deleted it.

No. 176138

File: 1474589060829.png (468.65 KB, 667x423, lmaowhy.png)

Can we talk about how red her chest is compared to the foundation she's wearing.

No. 176142


Omg you guy are dumb

No. 176144


She's got that "Bethesda woman" look where the face and neck are completely different colors.

No. 176146


Okay. That's peculiar. What incentive would she have to delete it?

No. 176148

File: 1474590664292.png (51.01 KB, 384x305, 1371548976888.png)

Not sure if you're joking.

Holy crap I know she paints it on but her face is like yellow.

No. 176166

omfg anon pls

No. 176176

Click on the archived copy

No. 176180

Not sure what you mean by them being dumb, they're saying that she's milking the sympathy of her "thyroid" all the while drinking unhealthy shit compared to all the healthier alternatives she could be drinking

No. 176181

What the fuck? Why would she delete it? It was up for more than 19 hours at the time. This is really weird.

No. 176182


>California is currently going through a drought and what does suzy do?

>She fills the bathtub to the fucking brim, Suzy what the fuck?

I'm suprised she didn't just fill it with Coca-Cola and then started drinking.

No. 176187

Nice to see her going out and enjoying herself. I'm sure she is relieved that what she thought was an enlarged thyroid was just the emergence of her fourth chin.

No. 176199

Wasn't she creeped out about how her cyst had old blood in it that looked like soda to her? Idk, I'd feel a little sick looking at a bottle of soda after an experience like that. She totally bought it for the old-timey-spoopy typography I'm sure…

No. 176213


Not likely. She thinks being into creepy stuff makes her "edgy".

No. 176215


More importantly, she thinks it makes her compelling.
Suzy thinks that if someone sat her down and asked, 'tell me a little bit about yourself', she could answer confidently that she's a unique snowflake that likes goffic things that other people think are dark and brooding, but she's a multi-faceted and interesting gamergurl that refuses to be pigeon-holed by your institutionalized thinking, maaaan.

In reality Suzy is easily pigeon-holed into the 'suburban borefest trying much too hard to seem captivating with her outside-the-box interests'.
If you strip away all of her rebellious punk-chic-goffic you're still left with a fucking snoozer that uses entirely too much makeup to compensate for what she doesn't have.

No. 176217

off topic as fuck, but does anyone know of nail polish like what she's wearing? it's gorgeous.

No. 176220


From now on, whenever someone asks why I don't like Suzy, I'm using this answer. Nailed it on the head with this

No. 176355

her teeth are so scary

No. 176359


I feel like that's not stated enough. Her teeth are seriously fucked. Among a litany of others things, she seriously needs some dental work done.

No. 176363

this is so funny to me. its like she's parodying herself

No. 176383

"I love you! And your money!"

No. 176386

Like, I know she was jokingly saying that to go along with their personas for the night… but it's all just too real.

No. 176388


It honestly doesn't feel like an act. She really is that far up her own ass

No. 176403

Kek. I like to think you're the one witty anon in this thread who always makes me laugh out loud - did you also recommend a dieting anon to watch all of suzy's videos in reverse order so that she's slimming down too? Funniest anons in suzy's thread. Sage for boring observation

No. 176406

There must be at least two of us; I was the poster behind the reverse playlist but not the other post you've quoted. Thanks for the compliment!

No. 176413

File: 1474678835623.jpg (197.76 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

10/10 anon!

In other news, here's her latest instagram picture. I wonder how long it took for her to crane her neck at such an angle that the quadrachin was fully hidden. I haven't seen her jawline in at least a year, so it's nice to see her mould one out of fat on her beauty app.

No. 176418

File: 1474680376413.jpg (711.63 KB, 1436x1698, Screenshot_20160923-212306.jpg)

How can Suzy tout herself as a ~HUGE~ mgs fan if she doesn't know the difference between Big Boss and Venom Snake? Fuck her. And fuck her for enjoying mgsv, that game was a garbage fire (minus the gameplay).

No. 176434


You really have to ask? Of course a fake gamer girl not know an important detail of a game series.

No. 176453


Sage for OT
I don't know exactly what she's wearing but you could probably find something similar here http://www.livelovepolish.com/collections/all/multichrome#ltrnbnyq5m

I've been drooling over some of those polishes for a while and man they're just fucking wasted on snoozy. Buy me nail polish pls suz

No. 176466

You know, you would think she would know because Arin kept bragging about beating the game so many times at home during some of the TPP episodes on GG and I recall her saying she watched him, but I could be wrong.
Or maybe she doesn't want to spoil it for her fans who have totally played games from the MG series /s

No. 176482

File: 1474696764750.png (676.78 KB, 817x611, 1474696367076screensave.png)

Apparently her and hubby went to Club 33, a 35,000 dollar to start, 10,000 dollar a year club at Disney. This is what she picks to wear.

No. 176491


>35,000 dollar to start

>10,000 dollar a year

It's a good thing we sorted out that whole starving people thing or else this would be a ludicrously gross waste of resourses.
Oh shit.
Enjoy your $45,000 VIP Mickey Mouse treatment you spoiled, perpetual children.

No. 176494


And yet she claims her life is so god damn hard. She can go fuck herself.

No. 176516

Damn really? They seriously have that kind of cash for something like that?
Is it mostly from Arin's YT-bucks? Although I assume she also makes a little (or a whole lot) from her overpriced shit and her own YT-account.

No. 176517

She looks thin here? Good job I guess suz

No. 176529

>Can't afford muh thyroid medicine… :(

No. 176531

Good thing we established there's no thyroid problem for her to need that imaginary medication for. Snooz the eternal liar.

And with money like that you'd think she could go to a good stylist and get her shit ass bangs sorted out. They look so fucking bad. I know she's growing them out but they need to be blended back into her hair.

No. 176544

I don't know about you guys, but to me it doesn't look worth it for that huge price.

No. 176549

File: 1474721595065.jpeg (138.94 KB, 424x470, image.jpeg)

Honestly I don't think they actually have a membership here. The wait list is years long and obviously that price tag. But what you can do is extend your membership to friends for a day/night/whatever and put them on the list. Most of the people who have real memberships are executives and the like, so I'm thinking someone they've worked with probably let them in for a bit.
>ngl as a Disney nerd I'm waaaaaaay salty

No. 176556

>Drop $45k on a private club to get away from the proles
>Shit ass buffet food
>No silverware laid out
>Tablecloths have ridiculous crease lines in them
>Arin and Suzy walk in

Fuck me I would reeeeeeeee out so badly

No. 176590

I think its pretty obvious that they arent actually in the club, but god this post makes me rage so hard.

like you can tell she just wants people to think they make enough money as real celebrities to get there.
The other thing that bothers me is why the fuck would anyone want to go there?
it looks like such shit and a total waste of money

No. 176594

You can still see the bulge anyway which is unfortunate for her anyway

No. 176597

Looks like a case of not being able to find her proper shade/too lazy to find it
Heck, she should even be able to afford Illamasqua's white foundation to mix in or something with whatever else she uses

No. 176606


That's all she ever posts to the public. It's all about how awesome her life is and whatever expensive garbage she can afford because of Arin. Yet not one photo of her getting her fat, bloated ass to the gym to at least make it look like she is trying to lose weight. But she sure as hell post whatever fried greasy shit she is about to shovel into her mouth or whatever sugary drink she is about to guzzle down.

No. 176610

File: 1474735271155.png (909.96 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-09-24-12-30-57…)

Jesus christening
She ate this all in a night, I know they look small but when you add them all up that's more than a normal sized meal filled with tons of excess calories and she didn't even upload the dessert
Fuck she probably ate food when she got home as well

No. 176612

Scratch that it's definitely a bit more than 2 meals for someone her height and what her weight should be

No. 176621

former cast member at Disneyland here, yeah people get in all the time on friends' memberships, the meal itself only costs ~$110. it's not that big of a deal, I almost got in myself but the friend's dad couldn't make it to Anaheim to get us in that weekend. to me, it's worth $100 to say I did it…also I'm pretty sure there's a dress code, which is the only reason these slobs didn't wear straightup pajama pants.

No. 176623

Didn't Suzy and Arin work at Disneyland too? That's interesting though thanks for the insight

No. 176625

Honestly just one of those plates is close to a whole meal

No. 176628

>>"now I can never eat again"

she types for her caption as she attaches her feeding funnel to her mouth and commands Arin to pour in her daily gallon of slurry

No. 176631

Damn, I knew Disney was an evil greed machine but I didn't know it was this extreme. They live in LA for fuck's sake, I'm sure there's nicer places to go eat than this overpriced dump. Dweebs.

No. 176635

She missed taking a pic of the desert cus she was still so hungry she gobbled it up within seconds? Hmm.

But honestly, eating like that once in a while is ok, but we all know that's not really the case with Suzy.

No. 176736

Ugh, what a shameless sellout whore.
No Arin, Wendy's is not going to sponsor your poopyassdicks commentary on video games; they've let you down gently in the past, and now they've sent you what ammounts to a cease and desist - just walk away.
It doesn't matter that you flew down to their HQ, it doesn't matter that you rallied up your minions to flood a Wendy's - the company wants nothing to do with you; just because you're both synonymous with grease doesn't mean you're meant for a partnership.
Just because you want even more money for sitting on your ass, and Suzy wants more burgers to blame her thyroid on doesn't count for jack shit.
Try to find a sponsorship that has something to do with you - like steel reinforced chairs or ritalin medication.

No. 176764

Why do they want a sponsorship from Wendy's specifically? I doubt they want their brand associated with GG.

No. 176829

Just look at their quadruple chins and ask yourself again and you'll see why.

I'll bet they have Wendy's for dinner 5+ times a week, they both strike me as lazy greedy children who never learned to cook.

No. 176836

Didn't she just watch Arin play MGSV for a couple hours and then act obsessed? Based on the videos on KKG she really doesn't have any more in-depth experiences with decent games, so for her, skimming the surface of one acclaimed series via her husband probably feels like a lot. No wonder she just googled "Big Boss" and pasted together the results without knowing they're two different people.

No. 176868

this looks so mediocre for that price too, it's not fine dining just because some thought was put into the plating. compare this budget catering gourmet spread to the likes of thomas keller or masaharu morimoto or graham elliot… but for someone who lives on trash like she does, i don't think she cares whats put in front of her

No. 176870

File: 1474827969653.jpg (78.92 KB, 550x407, Primary_Food_and_Drink_Greenwi…)

dropped pic

No. 176893

File: 1474836510480.png (495.43 KB, 1080x1497, Screenshot_2016-09-25-21-45-39…)

And it still looks terrible

No. 176898

There's cosplay pics of them both when they were in their teens from an earlier MGS game. Arin has always loved MGS so I'm assuming that Suzy has enjoyed it because he does. I can't see her actually playing the games, but I imagine she just say with Arin while he's played them through the years.

No. 176899

That eyeliner is so thick it grosses me out a bit.

No. 176900


She looks like a prostitute.

No. 176904

All she did was add an extra wing and some huge falsies. Try harder Snooz. When your "makeup turned up to 11" is barely distinguishable from the makeup you've worn every day of your life since high school you know you're boring.

No. 176908

Not to mention super sloppy as well.

No. 177073

File: 1474879153711.jpg (52.1 KB, 500x380, poundland.jpg)

Ugh, I have to hand it to Suzy for putting pounds of eyeliner ontop of pounds of foundation caked on to the pounds of her big fat bloated face. Way to raise the bar kiddo.

No. 177077

If it's so good then why did she have to make it black and white kek

No. 177080

File: 1474881093492.jpeg (125.43 KB, 640x632, image.jpeg)


No. 177084

Holy fucking michael jackson…

No. 177095

It looked better with her eyes closed

No. 177100

um wtf

No. 177108

Holy shit, that nose contour.
How is this "turning your makeup to 11" if she's not wearing any lip color? Does she ever take a picture with her mouth closed? No one wants to see those fugly gerbil teeth. ?

No. 177110

She's put so much make up on she looks like a drag queen. Less is more you tacky bitch, right. I just want to wet wipe here eyes and eyebrows and do it myself.

No. 177112

On a YouTube video she made where she did her every day make up, she was contouring the end of her nose and saying it was to make her nose shorter. I thought this was a mistake but she said it twice. Can she not see the mile long stretch of skin between her nose and her mouth?! Nose needs to be like 4cm longer ffs

No. 177117

Jean is so chill and normal compared to Snoozy. I can't believe this video is only 3 years old and now Suzy has ballooned up to the size of two Jeans.

No. 177120

Aside from maybe the food selection, everything looked so cramped and subpar. You're basically paying for the name brand of Disney.

No. 177121

Arin always looks so fucking greasy and shiny like he'd smell really bad in close spaces. Also, he thinks he's so funny, but no wonder their fanbase is mainly people under 18.

No. 177137

Yeah, I recall that. I think she shouldn't contour her nose at all, the bridge is already thin. She's just making her nostrils look disproportionately big.

No. 177158

No. 177159

No wigs and that weird gross eyeliner…

No. 177160

Even ignoring the eye makeup, that muddy contour makes me want to puke.

No. 177161

Ew. That make-up is too much

No. 177200

That fucking block wing and this wonky eyeliner under her eyes.
Did she have a seizure while making these lines?

No. 177204

Notice how the videos are being more and more up on a higher angle

No. 177229

that last outfit shocked me tbh, did not expect her to show so much

No. 177234

So is she mentioning the sizes now to prove the haterz wrong or has she always done that?

No. 177235

File: 1474928531826.png (777.35 KB, 1100x600, Poorbutton.png)


Oh man, that poor button is one bite away from leaving the stratosphere.

No. 177236

hahahaha makeup on fleek!! yaaaaasss bitch slay!! laugh w/ tears emoji

No. 177237

what ever the fuck that make up is aside, I didn't hate these outfits? Ditch the dumb bandana on the shoe and maybe a slightly nicer cap and the first outfit is nice and casual, and actually suits her size wise. The cardigan on the second outfit obviously needs to be bigger, and maybe more delicate shoes, but still not the worst thing I've seen, and the last one is fine, just mayyyyyybe not on her?

No. 177240

File: 1474929048769.png (397.33 KB, 634x311, Buttonman2.png)


With great blubber, comes great elasticity.

No. 177245


She's never made mention of her sizes before, so yeah, I'm sure it's so she can keep lying about losing weight. Except you know, the fact that she can't help but post online whatever greasy gross food she is about to shovel in her fat face. Or that none of her photos show her actually going to the gym and working out.

No. 177251

File: 1474931235636.png (835.16 KB, 649x822, 2f6465712e100d3e45e4e27cb07f7a…)

When you abuse the eye enlarge tool

No. 177260

File: 1474932124713.jpg (25.43 KB, 322x479, 52152209-b845-4c69-a066-ec8927…)

According to her, the third dress is "super flattering" on her figure. Yeah okay Suzy.

No. 177266

>suze got so fat she has tits now
well i'll be

No. 177267

File: 1474934257262.png (1.2 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-09-26-19-55-12…)

Taylor knows what's up

No. 177269

why does she never accessorize? she literally does not know how to dress herself, but anyone with half a brain would know something as simple as tights or jewelry would put an outfit together. she always puts the least possible effort into everything she does and she expects to make a career out of her piggish FAS looks

No. 177274


Because surprise, she is completely unoriginal and she has no sense of fashion and just wears whatever everyone else is with no regards to how fat she has gotten.

No. 177276

It honestly wouldn't be AS BAD if she didn't do the weird underline/ corner thing with the white waterline. Makes it sooo much worse

No. 177286

She used to… god she used to

No. 177315

All the angles in the world can't hide how her arms are the size of her thighs in this pic

No. 177325

File: 1474952046042.png (1.01 MB, 613x927, thyroid.png)

Suzy showing off that beer belly

No. 177333

Why not at least take the outfit pics in a nicer location than your grubby backyard?
Is it a deliberate tumblr-y 'ahaha I look like trash in a trashy looking place what irony' thing?

No. 177334

Her backyard doesn't look that bad anon. It's a bit spider-webby but it's not particularly trashy. They live in a nice house.

No. 177354

I actually really like the first outfit, she should wear that now that she's a tubber

No. 177369

It's literally a concrete square with some scrubby looking, half-dead pot plants and dead leaves.

At least find a nicely lit spot if she can't be fucked finding somewhere decent to shoot.

No. 177379

Fucking lol.

The cardigan is a medium you guys! She gets it for comfort!

>>implying that medium is too big for her and she is actually a small

No. 177380

Her face is getting so fat it looks like a bag of marshmallows

No. 177432

I know it's bad when i know that sometimes i absolutely love white trash, and this photo does something for me.

It's very strange.

No. 177433

She looks like an old woman that threw on a wig and some drag makeup

No. 177434

You are amazing, anon.

No. 177436

Is she trying to make her eyes bigger so her fat arms look smaller in comparison?

No. 177437


I think it stems more from her retarded obsession with anime and wanting to be Japanese so badly.

No. 177446


She is pretty much a poster child for Florida girl white trash. Yet she goes around acting like she is this high profile YouTube celebrity and everyone is just jealous of her so called perfect life.

No. 177535

File: 1475027269401.jpg (124.46 KB, 720x910, IMG_20160927_214244.jpg)

Way to make a poor dog uncomfortable so you can hide your triple chin, Suzy. If you look at all the recent pictures on the GG Instagram you can see her desperately trying to hide her chins in every picture.

No. 177537

Hahaha yeah "Florida white trash" is the best way to describe her. The only difference is that she has money

No. 177545

no Suzy that is NOT food

No. 177548


Holy shit. You're right. Every picture has her holding her sausage fingers in front of her chin to hide it.

No. 177558


I'd imagine her darting around at Cons and Grump Meet-ups trying to find anything to hide her chins behind like Austin Power's cock in Spy Who Shagged Me:


No. 177597

File: 1475043988921.png (51.94 KB, 346x360, 1453751578656.png)

Are we watching the same video?

No. 177647

I get triggered every time I see how thick and rectangular all her limbs are

No. 177659

I just noticed she's not wearing her wedding ring here. Does she have it on in her OOTD video? Those sausages keep getting plumper and plumper, no ring is going to fit that.

No. 177662


I think she mentioned somewhere that she doesn't always wear it and she doesn't like people questioning why. Although it's very obvious that it's because her fingers are too fat for it now and needs to get it re-sized. Either that or she is being her usual shallow self and wants strangers to think she is available to boost her self-esteem.

No. 177698

Oh my god, that poor dog looks very uncomfortable.

No. 177701


That's clearly a dog that isn't comfortable with being around her. I imagine it was trying to get away from her while that picture was being taken and if it got any more agitated it would have bit her

No. 177722

File: 1475090543059.jpg (131.72 KB, 720x946, IMG_20160928_152027.jpg)


Hell, just compare it to this pic that Dan took. The dog looks much happier and relaxed.

No. 177724

This pic makes Suzy looks like a little kid who doesn't yet understand that animals have feelings and treats them like stuffed toys instead. She wants to take a cute picture with the doggie so the doggie needs to sit still, damnit!

No. 177728


I'm sure it's also how she treats her cats as well. They aren't pets to her, just toys she wants to play with for her amusement and treats them as such.