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File: 1645470021819.png (2.3 MB, 1858x1821, 1645379467088.png)

No. 1448714

Empathchan/seppukugirl/ neko (misunderstood)is a self-proclaimed pedophile terminally online onlyfans """model""" that shills herself on imageboards and twitter by acting edgy and cruel to everyone
>treats her orbitors like dogs and makes them post pictures of her on r9k with captions such as "i want to rape empie"
>got exposed on twitter for being a pedophile on discord
>doxed her own adress on the server hoping she would become the new bianca devins
>photoshops all of her pictures to look like a 90's anime girl and denies anyone pointing out the truth
>shills herself on imageboards constantly
>le edgy dark pick-me that always talks about how she hates everyone and wants to be raped
>got called out for using contacts and immediately posted a story on instagram proving her eyes were real and big
>her retarded orbitors are trying to kill her and treat her like shit and she enjoys it
>obsessed with gore and bdsm hentai
>posted nudes of herself on 4chan when she was underage
>racist white supremacist even though she is jewish

social media:

No. 1448719

File: 1645470434810.png (991.46 KB, 1288x1881, my eyes are real frfr.png)

her defense on the contact lens thing on agatha2

No. 1448724

File: 1645470647536.jpeg (28.82 KB, 626x542, E6s0mxRWYAE57V7.jpeg)

No. 1448726

File: 1645470669328.jpeg (18.93 KB, 1317x386, E7VoH6zXIAAOvfS.jpeg)

No. 1448731

File: 1645470911379.jpeg (7.75 KB, 516x118, FAuTl_RVkAIrq3j.jpeg)

No. 1448733

File: 1645470934760.png (62.08 KB, 713x386, empath chan prints recent.png)

No. 1448735

File: 1645470979484.jpeg (70.74 KB, 946x2048, FLHzBAiXEAA92_x.jpeg)


No. 1448739

File: 1645471126224.jpeg (27.26 KB, 339x680, FLg1wu1VcAEn_G5.jpeg)

No. 1448741

File: 1645471177977.jpg (157.62 KB, 1125x368, b0bb34a5e73465948cf2d48d8be953…)

No. 1448745

File: 1645471413081.jpeg (21.29 KB, 305x418, E7GVfRPXEAAs65z.jpeg)

sending shit to 15yos

No. 1448747

File: 1645471456338.jpg (80.96 KB, 750x222, FA95BmNVkAYtmBO.jpg)

No. 1448751

File: 1645471520817.png (414.94 KB, 742x780, but you look like a jew.png)

No. 1448754

literally who

No. 1448762

File: 1645471802637.png (291.82 KB, 599x600, find my niggas.png)

No. 1448765

File: 1645471965223.jpg (244.32 KB, 1242x1760, FAzzFhJWEAI_kpQ.jpg)

No. 1448767

File: 1645472051871.jpg (150.19 KB, 1080x1723, E9Bui_zVIAElqYK.jpg)

No. 1448771

File: 1645472419342.webm (1.14 MB, 640x360, empath chan expose.webm)

twitter infamous e-celeb

No. 1448783

File: 1645472981124.webm (223.97 KB, 640x360, im the victim.webm)

empathchan has got a victim complex

No. 1448785

she has less than 1k follows. who the fuck cares

No. 1448789

File: 1645473351919.jpg (29.15 KB, 439x624, b97465e3200d1473bfebde3822610f…)

idc who this bitch is but she should have went for the medieval princess instead of the pick me route, how sad is this she might actually have had the potential

No. 1448815

OP is Empathchan making her own thread.

No. 1448836

This girl lives for attention and baiting people, I knew she'd unironically love this thread being made lmao.

No. 1448859

Lmao I can’t wait for the reckoning of this one 3 years from now. I remember when I thought I was invincible… online. But that was 15 years ago. You just can’t get away with this shit now. Reality checks gonna hit hard.

No. 1448864

I just don’t understand why you would want to be the next Isabelle Janke at all. Some people are their own worst enemy.

No. 1448996

Some people become murderers for attention. It's just a last ditch for useless, unskilled, untalented nobodies going nowhere. The only way they can receive recognition is to act out. It's really pathetic and pitiable. At the end of the day, they earn nothing

No. 1449158

That's any egirl with many orbiters, they earn nothing but the male attention they recieve for being female makes them think they're all that.

No. 1449211

File: 1645515160169.jpeg (35.84 KB, 750x317, 8928E595-93C8-4436-9147-4BCDD3…)

Hi, Madi here. I do want to say that empathchan is histrionic. I went into her server and joked around a bit and got close to her and was collecting dms from her in case she was an actual pedophile. She’s not. She literally just has an attention disorder. Im assuming she even made this thread. https://imgur.com/a/rvRlJoj Here’s an album of a few collected dms I have with her. Someone already went to her house (they even posted it on twitter), so if anything, this thread would just supply her npd.

I found her annoying and ignored her a lot, and told her to stop altering herself and to quit pandering to moids, and to get a job. However, she didn’t want to. Tbqh, I normally like blackmailing pedophiles, and even had recordings of blackmailing them, and thought Empath could’ve been one, but as I talked to her more, I realized she just wanted attention. She even told me bad attention was still attention to her. If anything, you are just shilling her. I dont believe she is one, I just dont think she has any actual ideals or virtues and wants to look like a “based” e girl. Of course, I still think she’s a shitty person, but I think all handmaidens are.

No. 1449379

File: 1645541908905.png (20.39 KB, 734x157, empath chan wishes.png)

she should be carefull for what she wishes for

No. 1449491

This feels very self-post.

No. 1449549

If you call yourself a self proclaimed pedophile, you’re a pedophile. Does she have a real name if she’s doxxed herself? I don’t think pedos deserve anonymity.

No. 1449560

adding this one to my blocklist thanks for the retard alert OP. She's a total nobody with not even 1k followers but i rather not see her face ever again, even shoop can't save this one

No. 1449625

i guarantee it is. she spams herself on various image boards every single day and tries baiting people into making threats towards her, but starts arguing with anyone who accuses her of editing her pics.
>rape me and murder me uwu insult me
>"your pics are edited and youre ugly."
>NOOOOOOOOO not like thattttttttttttt

No. 1449649

File: 1645568312027.jpeg (290.73 KB, 828x1339, 05637D5C-ED69-498D-B478-6A0AC2…)

should have included her begging a 15 year old boy on twitter to shill her onlyfans and nudes of her

No. 1449675

File: 1645569906764.png (309.6 KB, 750x1334, 5E94136D-6602-48CD-B991-F081D7…)

Well off of everything I’ve collected, saw, etc. her address was posted. She sent me the twitter account that posted it. She’s in Britain, and her name is Taylor. The account is already taken down. 1/2

No. 1449678

File: 1645569953579.png (365.72 KB, 750x1334, 707BD137-93D0-4B39-9FDD-28686A…)

No. 1449930

File: 1645589589249.jpg (22.06 KB, 682x515, 17e.jpg)

Her unshopped face looks like the kind of person that would have been killed by the Nazis during WW2(bait)

No. 1449932

Also the fact that she has a Twitch cracks me up because you just know she's never going to use it with a web cam, because it would expose how mediocre she actually looks compared to her insanely photoshopped selfies. And obviously when I checked to see, she only has clips up where she streams with no cam. Big shock to everyone involved.

No. 1450747

The thread picture has a screenshot (bottom blue hair picture) from her stream the one and only time she did.

No. 1450902

In that blue hair pic She has that very unfortunate bri’ish look to her. Mento illness luv

No. 1451391

File: 1645746338904.gif (1.54 MB, 498x361, 1230943A-5069-4E53-B5DA-DA7607…)

No. 1470746

Nah, she looks fat and has badly aging skin. That's burger as they come

No. 1473660

File: 1647662361906.png (Spoiler Image, 778.15 KB, 553x743, ca7d6d292490397d81afea56596eae…)

she doesn't even look fat. she's a shopper and an attention seeking whore sure. but you're wrong either way, if she were overweight we'd still be able to tell shop and all, her stomach isn't that of a fattie's. she has really perky tits too if we're being honest which fat people's tits don't look like that. is burger supposed to be an insult meaning american? she's Irish, and looks it too.

No. 1474026

Self post af

No. 1474139

haha youre just calling her fat with nothing to show for it. she photoshops to uncanny levels could have mid body naturally but she's not fat if youve seen fat peoples shops and tits you can tell thats not how theyre built the shops always look different, hers all look the same her collarbones are visible, no fat person has those boobs, this is just adding insult to injury. me and a couple people looked into pedo allegations too found nothing but attention seeking and someone said the main person who spread that she's a fat pedo is another ewhore that posted child porn with saggy tits, empathchan and her were sharing each others ewhoring nudes so empathchan called the police to her house and theres a recording of it. anon calling her fat here could be that ewhore forgot the username i looked up the post with her information in server logs but it was deleted, ill ask around for it. or youre some proana nonnie that cant tell whats factually fat and whats ur own ED talking

No. 1474573

what're her new socials? she deactivated everything(spoonfeeding)

No. 1474583

samefag but empathchan come back i want to study you unironically

No. 1474702

fat burger big mad

No. 1474711

File: 1647748704455.jpg (Spoiler Image, 276.14 KB, 553x743, yep.jpg)

youre obviously self-posting, but you should have at least picked a picture you photoshopped less. I went ahead and circled all the jagged pixels/bent lines/halo effects for your dumbass
Also big lols at your bpd ass trying to turn this around on anons but using nonnie incorrectly. You don't go here. Disgusting fat pedos always DARVOing

No. 1475668

very obvious self post or a scrote. seek help either way.

No. 1476390

selfposting kek ask her if she admits to photoshopping then she wont. if it was me why would i say that, she wont even admit thats her in the old selfies that arent shopped retard, your nutrient deficiency is really starting to show. your circles dont show shes fat i know she photoshops or i wouldnt have said it. wasnt used as a term of endearment go throw up your lunch or whatever you gotta do to feel better about the fact that real fat people dont have any visible bones or perky boobs like that

No. 1477486

File: 1647981819763.png (323.51 KB, 303x446, ol.png)

Okay, fatty-chan, calm down. You don't have to be anorexic to make fun of a shoop addict for shooping herself to be skinnier.
>perky boobs
>visible bones
Well, now I know you're her. She has neither. She admits to photoshopping in private, too, and when she defends herself online.

Anyway, here is more proof she's a shoop addict and lying about her age. She graduated school in 2017, and this is a pic of her when she was younger which looks exactly like the pics she spazzes over and claims are shooped >>1448751

No. 1477501

If I was this busted from birth I think I'd be a raging lunatic entirely dependent on male validation too. Or I'd just kill myself. She's one of the worst shoop offenders I've seen on here in a minute, thanks anons.

No. 1477773

unheemable jawbone right there brah

No. 1477862

File: 1647996575725.jpeg (99.37 KB, 852x962, wtf.jpeg)

She's one of the worst shoopers I've seen in recent memory who still denies it.

No. 1477894

my bmi isnt even close to 25 or over kek again accusing people of being her when she doesnt even admit to shopping herself cause i said her collarbone is visible and her boobs are perky, it's like you bitches are incapable of considering facts as opposed to opinions and if someone says a single thing you perceive as good about her suddenly thats her could not possibly be that its factual. she shops herself to have a smaller waist like most females on instagram, its nothing new. sorry your tits sag or something so that makes u mad saggy-chan

No. 1477897

Stop derailing the thread with your autistic spergouts.

No. 1477913

File: 1647999107629.jpg (Spoiler Image, 868.44 KB, 1206x1587, IMG_7477.jpg)

https://files.catbox.moe/trt9md.mp3 found the recording that was being shared in a discord server empathchan was in when i looked into pedo allegations it's her swatting another ewhore for leaking empathchan's onlyfans content and empathchan was having her orbiters leak the ewhore's onlyfans content back, i attached one of the images shared. trying to find the post on the ewhore where it said she was arrested for domestic violence and was sending around someone elses child porn, empathchan and her are both milky and apparently hate each other

No. 1477936

She shops from head to toe not just the waist anon with that said i dont think this is her everytime she gets confronted with her older pictures about editing she says its another girl and will die on that hill although it's obviously her

No. 1477967

Oh wow weird to see someone you used to be friends with years ago through tumblr on here, genuinely hope you get better soon “C” sad to see you’re still doing so bad. If she didn’t post this herself I’m sure she’ll enjoy the attention browsing here daily so for her it’s a win either way really

No. 1477984

File: 1648002652809.jpg (149.15 KB, 720x1280, f1.jpg)

Someone shared a big folder of all her old tumblr content recently but it got DMCA'd within an hour.

No. 1477987

File: 1648002763547.png (1.01 MB, 971x472, 'art'.png)

There was also this "art" by her left) that was really just a traced pic by this artist (right)

No. 1478002

File: 1648003409262.webm (161.1 KB, 510x436, IMG_89362.webm)

She claims all screenshots from this stream she did are edited to make her look ugly, kek. That's just your face, Empath. There are screenshots from it that got upscaled into higher quality in Remilia since the vid quality is so shit but she claims they were shooped to make her look uggo and that she totally looks like her shooped selfies irl.

No. 1478053

this isnt milk. dont wanna get a hi cow ban rn but…

No. 1478067

the face has me loling. It's so blurry it looks like a 20-year-old japanese rpg game render. It's so obviously shooped it's offensive kek. This bitch needs mental help
ugly e-whores are a dime a dozen and this isn't the thread for this one. Take it to the photoshoppers thread.

No. 1478069

stop reposting this you fucking retard. no one cares

No. 1478098

whoof, what happened this time? more self-posting? OF promotion?

No. 1478216

posting another whores porn

No. 1478292

Why can't people get her OF banned? Between all her accounts on every platform talking about being a pedo, how does she still even have the ability to have an internet presence?

No. 1478343

because she isn’t a pedo, retard she made jokes about it for attention.

No. 1478392

Empy-chan please take the knot and not a dogs.

No. 1478661

Saging for stating the obvious, but most people ITT are probably men from a de facto stalking board on endchan. They stalk all sorts of women who want nothing to do with them, but some of the women they post about (like Empath, Ciara Horan, etc.) post(ed) themselves on 4chan plenty. There are and will probably continue to be an excess of scrotes in this thread, but maybe not considering that a single quick glance at her thread on endchan makes it very obvious half of it is her talking about herself.

I fucking hate /r9k/ stalkers but the one good thing to come out of it is that some of the worst pickmes imaginable will pander to these men knowing just how bad they are, and of course without failure it blows up in their face every single time. They end up with all their dirty laundry being aired out, all the men they got positive attention from suddenly turning on them, tons of threats, and constant harassment. All for a crumb of attention from the worst men on earth. A cautionary tale about the dangers of being a pickme. Trust no scrote, because even if you're not a pickme they'll take any opportunity they can to do the same shit to you.

No. 1478817

File: 1648057154471.jpg (139.99 KB, 750x750, tumblr_op0iudBnFL1v5gei4o1_128…)


No. 1478819

The funniest part is that even this pic is shooped.

No. 1478853

Lol tubby girl

No. 1478989

>me on the scale at the hospital hoping sucking it in will somehow make me weigh less

No. 1479006

she's so obviously fat idk how anyone could think otherwise, you can see it in her face

No. 1479021

Wait…what???! I remember this chick holy shit NO WAY????

No. 1479167

File: 1648072042355.png (2.46 MB, 1624x1260, 1dd62fc88b6bfc1c9412696a0cad63…)

Yea she was hanging around the Marky orbiting servers back in 2016/2017 and she attention posted a few times on /r9k/

No. 1479448

File: 1648085951932.webm (13.51 MB, 592x1280, mjskj8.webm)

That was probably Empathchan posting e-whore Silene's porn because she hates her, but rest assured the real milk belongs here and not in the photoshopping thread because that's apparently her arch nemesis and they're both lolcows for a sundry of reasons not just catfishing. Empath swatted her twice, here's the second recording with audio and a snippet of the so called iconic feud between the two attention starved e-whores.

No. 1479493

Not really milky. And her nose is normal. Ironic to make fun of her "jew nose" while also complaining that she's a nazi. Very hard to resist the urge to hi cow rn. This is an Empath thread, not "post onlyfans vid montages of literallywhos with unmilky screencaps" thread.

No. 1479526

File: 1648091881350.png (16.1 KB, 341x75, k.png)

How am I defending either of them? This is an Empath thread and I recognize your typing style from earlier and from that Endchan shithole. You are all insane crackpots. There's nothing "iconic" about two retards arguing online acting better than the other, don't fool yourself.

No. 1479527


it's not written anywhere that she's a nazi are you retarded she called herself antisemitic. the thread is on empath and this is her enemy ewhore she swatted. that's just your opinion, this was shared with other users who thought its plenty milky and that nose is ugly, but your defense of an ewhore who distributed child porn is suspicious to say the least since that ewhore monitors this and other threads on empath. she does say racist slurs for attention, that doesnt mean she is a nazi. the two retarded ewhores can fight, and a poster doesnt need to be one of them to laugh at both.

No. 1479542

Clear sarcasm mocking the tweet saying their feud's iconic, but sure that's definitely the cow saying she's similar to someone else because of her jewish nose, that they both look extremely ugly on cam, and admitting that she advertised porn to minors too, kek. Yeah that makes sense anon.

No. 1479548

No. 1479576

File: 1648097676468.png (28.47 KB, 865x356, snowrules.png)

Google the headline the article doesn't exist it didn't happen. She made it up to get onlyfans subscribers. Was included because it followed rules to a T:
>Invented that she beat grandma for OF subs, tweets slurs for attention ✓
>Responds to criticism by calling others freaks, swatting and doxing ✓
>Deludedly thinks she's iconic, made t shirts with her mugshot from being arrested for domestic abuse against her elderly dad, wants to be an "impregnated tradwife" but is an ewhore ✓
>Still tweets slurs for attention, refuses to accept criticism = no willingness to improve ✓
>History of bizarre behavior, has a public social media presence, relevant to drama surrounding the cow and posts her own dox ✓

No. 1479644


still derailing vendetta chan?

No. 1479682

File: 1648114525702.png (191.83 KB, 890x431, empycatfish.png)

the funniest part is her shops don't even look like each other let alone her real face theres ethots using catfish filters then theres ethots that turn into a new person everytime they post a selfie accept yourself or learn to photoshop

No. 1479693

Hows it derailing talking about a humorous recording of the cow calling the police to a milky ewhores house thats right on topic unless youre here to defend her…. you are privy to the fact that you can make fun of 2 ewhores that advertise porn to kids at the same time and not supporting 1 of them rightt?

No. 1479822

instead of posting about it to feed whore egos fund their meet to fight to the death in a wrestling match naked and afraid
my bets are on neko she seems more feral. winner gets to eat the loser alive and isnt allowed to leave the ring until loser is fully consumed by the winner.
they are to become one this is ultimate beef settler

No. 1479856

File: 1648135566533.jpeg (268.68 KB, 810x429, FBAE54E1-9C14-4D3E-933E-5C9341…)


well first of all half of the things you’re saying are complete lies unless you have proof of porn being sent to minors directly and secondly you have a very obvious vendetta you’re desperate to shill on here considering the fact that you’ve been spamming your autistic sperg outs repeatedly after being told to shut the fuck up multiple times. maybe you should read the rules

No. 1479913

and yet you can't sage.

No. 1480755

theres some proof believe what you will and take it for face value for the contribution its empathchan swatting her enemy thats her drama. doesnt make sense for you to say stfu unless your personal feelings are invested, it still adds to the thread a lulzy recording of her stuttering lots. having a problem with a cow doesnt forbid you from posting or render it a vendetta if its still drama related to the topic of thread. but other anon was right, ewhores are a dime a dozen and this is just some literalwho. not that milky because i think empath is not on twitter anymore.
>>1448789 i think she shhould embrace the natural mona lisa-esque look too anon if i were her i would try to grow into it but i think shes too mentally ill for that kind of self acceptance at this time

No. 1480768

File: 1648197974242.jpeg (910.62 KB, 1242x1123, E2EC9F9E-1A04-400E-A25C-709760…)

Shes saying shes Ukrainian now, is this some kind of trend with onlyfans girls now because of the news and flag colors on the logo or something or just another case of Slavaboo

No. 1480838


people were complaining about “ukrainian girl” being looked up on porn websites so it’s probably some fetishistic thing for money.

No. 1481013

It's a cash grab. Tons of coomers are talking about only watching Ukrainian camgirls now. Sickening.

No. 1481277

There is screenshots of her sending a known pedophile photos of a minor’s asshole so yeah id say there is proof

No. 1481300

is that her sucking dick? Empathchan i mean

No. 1481361

no read it, different onlyfans "model" empathchan called cops to their house she doesnt have that tattoo and tells people she is a virgin so i believe she doesnt post herself sucking dick or performing any sexual acts with guys

No. 1481458

how would you know it's a lie unless you were there for it? looks like plenty. nobody told the video poster to shut the fuck up, they told the person who posted the other ewhores porn without context as to how she's involved in empathchan drama that it didnt belong here and it was deleted while the video provides context so it wasn't. how much of a newfag are you to this board that not only do you not sage but you also believe replies above a post are addressing it? the only one who complained about the video was probably you. and speaking of proof is it because what you complained about is personal to you that you arent you asking >>1448714 for proof that empathchan is jewish a white supremacist and posted her underage nudes on 4chan?

No. 1482501


Also idgi, if I shooped myself that much and looked like that unfiltered I would simply not stream myself. This reminds me of custardloaf, who was similarly dumb

No. 1485313

File: 1648508480387.jpg (Spoiler Image, 573.22 KB, 1836x2448, fungus.jpg)

She has hygiene on par with Isabella Loretta Janke. Pic related: showing off her jock itch fungal infection on OnlyFans. She deleted all open leg pics after it was pointed out.

No. 1485350

where is the fungal infection?

No. 1485367

File: 1648511101740.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.68 KB, 737x758, screen.JPG)

It's dark and on both sides, not a shadow either. Tbh jock itch isn't super bad, but it's a mark of bad hygiene. It happens if you don't change your underwear often, don't shower enough, or if you sit in something wet or use dirty towels. It only goes away with medicine otherwise it spreads. I'm just confused why she'd post this in the first place. It's not normal discoloration or darkened skin that's on most people, it reaches far into her thigh and buttcheek and is way darker than the outer labia.

No. 1485371

imagine the smell(sage your shit)

No. 1485445

retard still not saging. the absolute state of degenerate ewhores, one has fungal infection, the one she swatted has herpes and her entire genital area looks darker than her skin, cant imagine having such awful genetics that skipping a shower one too many times causes that issue for some bitches.

No. 1485469

Do you have any other pictures of her and infections that look like that because it could still be a shadow what you circled is only one side and the other isnt very visible, but I've never had a jock itch so I don't know what thats supposed to look like and a google search doesnt show anything looking like that for a fungal infection.

I also don't know what you mean by normal darkened skin on females that usually comes with age, it is not normal to have darkened vaginas. If your vagina is darker than your skin you probably have pcos or some other problem, the excess androgen is known to cause it. Normal vaginas arent darker than your skin.

No. 1485485

lmao darkened skin around the vagina is perfectly normal. it takes one search to figure that out and it's retarded u didn't know that in the first place, it makes u look like a scrote. let's not make women feel bad about their bodies, there's plenty of actual gross shit about empathot to sperg about

No. 1485487

Plenty of women's outer labia are darker in color without PCOS. Not super dark, but darker than the skin on their thighs. Completely normal. Plenty of pics of jock itch on Google look like the pic ITT.

No. 1485508

a quick google search shows that there are problems that can cause discoloration there and it usually happens when women get older so its very common in older women.if your vagina is visibly darkening in your 20s then yikes, its also very possible for it to be PCOS, a hormonal imbalance, a fungal infection or another problem causing it.

>>1485487 learn to sage and add another picture, i searched fungal infection and it looks really red and crusty compared to what looks like it could be a shadow.

No. 1485522

If you have that problem you could really benefit from probiotics, they help maintain a healthy ph balance and prevent discoloration. In her case it might be too late and she could need some antifungal medication.

No. 1485592

File: 1648525206488.png (Spoiler Image, 357.17 KB, 441x342, 2.png)

The darkened outer labia and the fungal issue are entirely different things. Darker outer labia is normal and not necessarily cause for concern unless you weren't born that way. I don't mean super dark, just slightly more pink/purple/orange than most of your skin. It's something women are born with.
Like most google results for medical conditions, the image results will usually be the most severe. I don't know if it's jock itch, but it's definitely a milder fungal infection. Pic related, a woman with jock itch in the same spot as Empath. It can be lighter, darker, or more red and dry too.

The discoloration for Empathchan is a skin infection that has nothing to do with pH. Probiotics would affect neither.

No. 1485637

>>1485592 You're flat out wrong. "Studies have shown that when taken, probiotics will improve symptoms for those who already have a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. Probiotics are also able to prevent a potential infection. These bacteria work to balance out the pH level of the vagina, which makes for a healthy and hospitable environment" https://awog.org/posts/gynecology/how-probiotics-can-help-bacterial-vaginosis-and-a-yeast-infection/

empathot could have that, but taking probiotics actually would help her, and you too, if you have discoloration. i've never had a yeast infection and my privates aren't darker than my skin, and google searches tell me that is most common later in life: " In Your 30's…
Dark Shadows- The hormone shifts that come with pregnancy or aging can cause your labia minora, the "inner" lips that encircle the clitoris and vaginal opening, to darken in color. So you can relax if, on your next self-check, it's like 50 shades of (mauve-ish) gray down there"

No. 1485646

nona are you retarded by chance? or a scrote?

No. 1485655

did you read or are you just seething about having a dark vagina kek anon and empychan just take your probiotics

No. 1485657

Yeast infections, BV, menopause, probiotics, pH, and the vaginal canal have nothing to do with the very slightly darker outer labia people are literally born with, dictated by genetics. People are literally born this way. Labia minora, which what you posted about, are not the outer lips. You are talking about completely different phenomena.
No more pls.

No. 1485665

File: 1648531537220.png (Spoiler Image, 832.66 KB, 619x623, 1.png)

Literally almost every single pic in this collage from Wikipedia shows darkened outer labia.
(Sorry for repost, am drunk and keep forgetting to spoiler or attach img)

No. 1485669

you said probiotics have no effect and cant help infections and you were wrong, you also said that discoloration overall is normal but discoloration implies a process meaning that you weren't born that way and it is more common in your 30s. funny to think you call posters scrotes who know more about your own anatomy than you so take your probiotics, it can't hurt you or empathot

No. 1485694

yeah you're definitely just a troll/scrote/or retarded

No. 1485702

>you said probiotics have no effect and cant help infections
Fungal infections. You know, the topic of discussion, the very thing Empath has.
>you also said that discoloration overall is normal but discoloration implies a process
Semantics autism.

No. 1485707

File: 1648535023176.jpeg (167.57 KB, 1000x1000, B7EA57FF-3CF8-40E5-A155-6C457E…)

>>1485694 >>1485702
Dark cunted anon did you get so drunk you forgot what you said? >>1485367 "It's not normal discoloration or darkened skin that's on most people" >>1485592 "The discoloration for Empathchan is a skin infection that has nothing to do with pH. Probiotics would affect neither."

Wrong. "So why does vaginal pH matter? An acidic vaginal environment is protective. It creates a barrier that prevents unhealthy bacteria and yeast from multiplying too quickly and causing infection. A high vaginal pH level —above 4.5—provides the perfect environment for unhealthy bacteria to grow" pH has everything to do with it.

discoloration: the process of becoming discolored. you're talking about something that happens over time, what women are born with doesnt matter, that has nothing to do with semantics. take your probiotics, retard.

No. 1485716

a yeast infection, which you are saying she has and which probiotics are proven to help with, is fungal in nature, since you know, yeast is literally a type of fungi. BV as the name implies is a bacterial infection and it helps with that too. you are as retarded as a scrote when it comes to basic knowledge about vaginal health, very sad!

No. 1485717

i'm not the drunk anon, it's just that more than one person thinks you're either a scrote or retarded. why are you trying to lecture a board full of women about their own anatomy, u think we don't know probiotics are good? you totally derailed the conversation to sperg about "dark cunts" nobody is going to take you seriously. and no, discoloration does not always imply a process, you're just copying the first words of the definition from google. if you're actually a woman you should be ashamed of this scrotelike behavior

No. 1485718

women who know that probiotics help with infections don't claim that they don't and they don't say that pH has nothing to do with infections, so if you're not that anon you're just retarded for taking offense at that.

No. 1485745

File: 1648539551033.webm (498.95 KB, 886x944, empathchanshoopedvideo.webm)

Enough about all of your dark and light, infected and uninfected pussies, can we talk about what is going on with this video? Is it just me or did she shoop her jaw and the left side of it is glitching out when she blows out smoke?

No. 1485761

File: 1648544140880.jpg (689.06 KB, 1242x1448, 666.jpg)

How do thots who photoshop that much even decide to take pictures with people they meet irl and post them next to all their photoshopped ones? Especially if they're actually fat according to posters itt. Either it's not that bad and she looks very recognizable, or she's delusional and thinks the girl in these pictures doesn't look at her social media and think that looks extremely different from the person I just met up with. Unless she actually talks about the fact she's photoshopping, it's bizarre one way or another if an amount of editing capable of turning an objectively fat person skinny is actually going on and all of that isn't just a monumental reach. If someone I met up with did that and I saw them post a picture they took of us where they look almost unrecognizable I'd be instantly freaked out and probably not hang out with them again.

No. 1486052

It's very heavily filtered. Effina-tier.

No. 1487766

you people really need to stop feeding her need for attention disorder

No. 1488028

Could be said of every single person posted on this site. And yet you only care about Empath under the guise of concern. Curious.

No. 1491533

i dont think it was said out of concern i think they mean she literally likes being a cow and reading about herself because she loves attention of any kind

No. 1491959

so does every other cow here. most cows post in their own threads. if they hated it they’d stop being cows but inevitably they wind up posting here with us and continuing to embarrass themselves

No. 1493712

you’re clearly missing the other person’s point. Other cows post on here because they are upset theyre posted here, Empath posts on here because she wants the attention. Its not the same as other cows because most of them dont want to be on here where as she does.

No. 1495395

Do you think she's happy? I feel like she's a very miserable person deep down>>1493712

No. 1495485

Why would you filter yourself to still be ugly?

No. 1496036

theres no way her orbiters fall for this shit right?

No. 1496646

>>1495395 imagine being so fucking retarded and ignorant that not only you can't sage but you're incapable of understanding that histrionic people exist, you realize she can enjoy attention of any kind since that's what her disorder calls for while not being a happy person, right? are you that dumb to think being desperate for and enjoying attention of any kind means you're happy? just because she gets a kick out of reading about herself doesn't mean she's an accomplished individual with goals and a fulfilling life. no shit a girl who deliberately calls herself a pedophile for attention is aware that people are going to talk about it, that's literally her goal, and you're feeding her by thinking talking shit does anything, if you want to deflate a histrionic person's ego ignore them otherwise you're giving them exactly what they want.

No. 1496968

Its rather obvious, Empath, when you post BTW. I dont know if you're self aware enough to realize how vain and narcissistic you come across. Its fine for now when you have the average sex appeal but when you get old you're gonna have a really bad time. You might have to resort to fucking dogs or shouting NIGGER in public for the same kind of attention.

No. 1496999

>>1496968 calling anyone who disagrees with you empath even though they're saying she's a histrionic who isn't obviously happy while still not saging just shows what a literal retard you are but sure keep giving her attention kek retards like you are the very reason she was able to get any notoriety out of saying shit like nigger and other boring and unoriginal attempts at attention seeking

No. 1497022

Nah you're overthinking it. I go about my day except for these 20 seconds where I pitifully stare at the weird little creature on my screen. Otherwise, life goes on.

No. 1497028

TF does probiotic and yeast infections have to do with having darker skin around genitals which most adults have? How does a probiotic you shove in your vag change the colour of your bikini line?

Dunning-kruger ass bitch

No. 1498894

>>1497022 the creature herself isnt even on your screen anymore her social media isn't active atm and you're still going out of your way to come here bump her thread and feed her histrionic disorder lol sage your shit retard

No. 1498936

probiotics are good for overall vaginal health, and you don't need to insert anything into your vag, you can take them orally. whether yours is dark or light, probiotics would help prevent yeast infections, which can cause discoloration among other things. nobody claimed that probiotics will change the color of your bikini like, strawman ass bitch. now just because yours is darker than your skintone doesn't mean that applies to most adults, even though believing that makes you feel better about it you should speak for yourself and your dark cunt anon.

No. 1498962

File: 1649712218473.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 777.89 KB, 1242x1223, BD78B3D1-A158-4907-942B-77422E…)

>>1497028 from the example used earlier, bottom are darker or discolored, top are much closer to their skintone, you look down and see your darker or discolored vag daily so you assume this goes for most and its the norm. what they share in common is all of these women could benefit from taking probiotics

No. 1501870

File: 1649985587195.webm (111.23 KB, 480x320, e.webm)

outer labia are not your vagina. probiotics solely affect the vaginal flora, not skin. please leave.

now, look at this funny video of la creatura in her natural glory

No. 1501875

holy fuck you are the weirdest sperg I have ever seen. how many days have you been in here professing your hatred for "dark cunts" and probiotic retardation? like that's not what this thread is about

No. 1502072

Please go back to all your edited porn and perfect light angles, scrote. Just shut the fuck up already

No. 1502824


Are you retarded, or a c00m sick moid? The entire population has a variety of coloring that has literally nothing to do with your gut bacteria, you goddamn dumbass.

No. 1510223

>>1501870 fully aware of that, point still stands that the majority of women could benefit from taking them including those with dark cunts like yourself and >>1502072 who believe light angles are the only way for the skin on your vagina to look like that on the rest of your body kek like sorry yours looks like the bottom half of those pictures but that doesn't make it the majority.

No. 1510246

>>1502824 I find all coomers and the porn they consume disgusting but it's funny that while sex work used to be an industry dominated by the likes of porn stars who fit a certain aesthetic standard, plenty of unattractive women nowadays have turned to posting homemade porn with vaginas that look so bad and unclean just from how discolored and darkened they are. we live in an era where whores online will just pull down their pants and take the lowest effort pictures and videos of their dark cunts and sell it as porn. i'd much prefer to live in a world where sex work is still considered rare but sadly we live in a society filled with such retarded and demoralised women that this is now a common occurrence, which explains the extreme abundance of amateur sex workers on the internet and therefore the seemingly infinite amount of poor quality pornographic content. there are reasons people will bleach their discolored parts even armpits and one of those is because it looks dirty, swarthy and gross. cry about it if you're a whore and especially one with a darker vagina, but if you're a modest woman you can be respected for that regardless of what your privates look like since you've kept them private. at the end of the day empathchan and her kind are nothing but fragile and impressionable victims corrupted at a young age so their situation is more piteous than anything, but if i were zogged to that extent i'd do everyone a favour and rope before further corrupting future generations.

No. 1510339

File: 1650816084409.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 854.83 KB, 1242x1568, AF19D925-12B5-44F7-B0EA-D1AAEE…)

>>1510246 Empath doesn't have a darker or discolored pussy. Anon >>1485367 was nitpicking to say she has a fungal infection because this picture I found on endchan doesn't have that shadow on both sides the lighting is the same and it was taken at around the same time.

No. 1510344


I partially agree with you in that they need to do better with their low quality nudes but calm down you fuckin scrote. You're not blending in well, just go back to 4chan and exchange their nudes while you talk shit and jerk it to pedo shit

No. 1510407

>>1510344 if you think my point was that whores should make better quality content and not that they'd ideally either off themselves or stop doing porn because the fact so many exist is a symptom of a larger societal disease that will continue to infect predominantly retarded and disadvantaged girls who are easily influenced then you are functionally illiterate. my only reason for mentioning the content quality is that there is so much of it now and it's so common that lots of girls start doing porn just by taking their clothes off and selling nudes while most look like shit, while this market used to be lead by bimbo porn stars who took time into their appearance and it was at least rare back then for anyone to get into this line of "work". it's concerning that you think someone who finds this disgusting is a scrote who jerks to pedo shit and only shows what you think about. >>1510339 i never said you did, person who is more likely than not empath, but consider the advice above.

No. 1510452

god that looks like it smells fucking nasty(learn2sage)

No. 1510454

you are a symptom of a societal disease

No. 1510503

I don’t support sex work either but you sound completely insane nonny

No. 1510764

>>1510503 idc if you support sw or not you lack any semblance of reading comprehension kek you may as well game over alongside the retarded zogged bitches who sell their cunts online for that alone

No. 1511019

The fucked up scrote in this thread has been going on about discoloured vaginas and referring to them as "cunts" for literally 31 days straight, brother you are literally fucking insane. Nobody in the thread is even agreeing with you. I am honestly at a loss, are you have a psychotic episode or something?

No. 1511024

Nah just the y chromosome

No. 1511025

So true

No. 1511034

stop shitting up the thread. you’re more concerned with “dark cunts” than the actual owners of darker coloured vaginas are, no1curr

No. 1511037

this is probably the cow herself posting, it fits her schizoid typing style. my tinfoil is that she made this thread and it just needs to be nuked immediately. no one else cares about her this much, she is not interesting, there is no milk that isnt goofy discord drama. a sage as old as time

No. 1512043

She's been doxxed time and time, rightfully bullied online, exposed for trying to get minors to sub to her onlyfans, and is still lurking on the corners of the Web. She must have a humiliation kink.

No. 1512229

does anyone know her government name?

No. 1513441

The discolored vaginas thing is a rant that clearly the women here are salty about but the larger point at hand still stands true. Women are selling their bodies for an average of $180 a month, it's shameful and sad. They will brag when they hit their peak on onlyfans and then never show their earnings again because after that lose their subscribers and relevance and make less than food delivery drivers, this is a problem brought to you by third wave feminism and desperate histrionic women who are delusional enough to believe it will bring them life changing money. Most cant even become cam girls because they look so busted on cam. Spoiler alert, you end up as nothing but a cheap whore.

No. 1513443

the only people who would actually care to have this thread deleted are the whores herein exposed for advertising porn to minors and anyone who supports them. yeah empathchan totally made a thread exposing herself for that including pictures she denies are even her and you don't have a personal reason to want it down. way to go outing yourself

No. 1513476


I've spoken to women who've been browsing and posting on this board for years the vast majority of whom are not pro sex work –the main point being made if you're able to get past whatever is bothering you, if that's not your stance and you believe you're among likeminded people then you are very lost.

>>1512229 I heard the name Taylor Power
, but also Chloe Power, or Powers, cannot verify any of them. >>1512043 There was also a rumor that the house that was allegedly hers when she was sharing her dox was a home for troubled girls and not her parent's, also cannot verify the validity of those claims, just from what I remember hearing.

No. 1513598

where did you get these names from?

No. 1513644

>>1513598 Sage,not adding new info.

Taylor–saw several ppl call her that in a server and she responded. Chloe Power or Powers showed up in a DMCA takedown notice. Empath was posting pics of another whore sucking dick and the whore posted Empath's nudes on twitter. Likely unaware twitter would notify her, Empath reported her page for copyright infringement; the whore then shared a screenshot of the notice, which showed that name as the person filing the complaint, with someone who posted it in a server for ppl to laugh at the whores having a mid off by posting each other's porn, since Empath used to be in that server too, but I didn't save it and am not positive that's her real government name.

No. 1533874

damn she fell off(necro)

No. 1545280

no one cares.

No. 1558529

clearly scam to get coomers donate for ukraine. shameless as fuck

No. 1558922

shameless as fuck bump, obligatory hi cow!

No. 1589434

Why would we join? This seems like a ploy for attention from her because she clearly can’t get anyone to care about her without the filters and catering to idiots like children and people who take bait.

No. 1599106


No. 1599136

why do we care about fatty photoshop chan and who she beats up? she probably sat on them and suffocated them to death

No. 1601289

Her name is Chloe Power and she's from Dublin. She has been doing embarrassing shit on the internet for a long time. She made this thread herself and the majority of replies were posted by her. She used to browse this website, back when she had fried hair and was in and out of hospital for suicide attempts and eating disorders, attention whoring to a lesser extent. It's unfortunate that she has only descended further into mental illness and is degrading herself like this. I guess it's what happens when you marinate in your bedroom for 10 years. Chloe, you are an awful person and create misery everywhere you go. You are mentally and emotionally stunted. Everyone has moved forward in life and you're stuck in an eternal loop of online attention whoring.

No. 1602764

the post is deleted now, what was it?

No. 1613381


No. 1625588

Any new links where she's lurking im curious(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1625889

i hope she comes back just to restart her feuds with other oogly ewhores again that shit was top tier comedy

No. 1641748

why has this dead thread been bumped?

No. 1655730

does anyone have the tumblr archive link?(necro)

No. 1655752

not saging bumping old irrelevant thread, good for her if she quit being a whore and stopped acting like a cow, leave her alone and go bother other whore cows

No. 1656257

Fuck off moid

No. 1656743

File: 1664058158118.png (303.53 KB, 535x426, femcelrapist.png)

Speak of the devil

No. 1656753

Her header pic is a picture of Bianca and the guy who murdered her, so fucking try hard lol

No. 1656805

That’s actually disgusting. Bianca’s death was brutal and horrifying, it’s truly disgusting and messed up to glamorize it.

No. 1656808

I don’t know who this girl is, just came across her but I wouldn’t be surprised if she killed someone in the future.

No. 1656810

If only she stopped advertising her porn to underage boys this time and focused instead on swatting every single other whore on the website one by one at least the cancer would self-eradicate

No. 1656908

spoke too soon, of course she didn't quit
she's too bad at it

No. 1657024

that's why it's so funny

No. 1657092

every interaction = retarded scrote calling her a glowie

No. 1658374

i love you

No. 1658376

File: 1664199554578.jpg (198.36 KB, 1200x900, 564.jpg)

what kind of fucked up t-shirt even is this? does empath have the guts to use this in public?

No. 1658379

This is 2022s Sasha Grey Orgasm Face shirt

No. 1658395

tbf, bianca probably would have done the same if it happened to another e-girl, her death was tragic but she wasn't all that different from empathchan. IMO you either extend the same judgment to bianca or the same sympathy to empath

No. 1658403

um her browsing 4chan does not mean she wouldve done the same thing. bianca wasn't a whore, and she was a minor. disgusting to even compare them. empath has literally offered to prostitute herself to her simps, whether serious or not, that's not along the lines of anything bianca has done, and it isn't her fault she got murdered by a disgusting scrote incel who orbited her.

No. 1658520

File: 1664210317938.png (365.87 KB, 535x407, 54747457.png)

Putrid does she live with her parents? Who lets their daughter live like this inside their house without kicking her to the curb

No. 1658539

this girl is just a larper: that trash would take 5 minutes max to clean up. her normal face is fine the shops are the freak

No. 1658542

File: 1664210948609.webm (750.28 KB, 522x452, 4643634.webm)

Comparing Bianca to this is like pissing on her grave

No. 1658570

catholic school by the looks of it. explains everything

No. 1658756

The caption is cringe but does anyone know who the artist is?

No. 1659007

literally every quote tweet of hers is people calling her a fed. one day they will realize women can be just as insane as men

No. 1659154

i cannot imagine living my life with the same kind of retarded black and white thinking as you

No. 1659308


Not defending this bitch but I'm pretty sure Bianca was part of or the owner of Edgecult (a tumblr group of "kinnies" who sent gore to kids to scare them) considering there were call out posts on her before she died.

No. 1659324

Bianca was a minor, not a whore, and whatever edgy behavior she exhibited should not be compared to that of a 23 year old whore who talks about wanting to be raped by incels nonstop and urinates in public. The whores in this thread are disgusting, Bianca was a child and a victim. It's one thing to act like this as a child and another as an adult adding in selling pornography and advertising it to minors. Not to mention before her death she had been changing her behavior. Including a documentary on her here.
That also isn't an example of binary thinking and this is a retarded comment, it's just a bad comparison

No. 1659333

Uhhh. Not saying she deserved anything but Bianca would say the exact same types of things and sold nudes underaged because she knew she’d make money and was the exact type of r9k this girl is. She will probably end up with the same fate if she keeps kicking the hornets nest. They’d probably be mutuals

No. 1659350

Where did people find the real, unphotoshopped photos of her?

No. 1659355

The filters she's using look more natural now. Like no worse than the average egirl. At least she quit this shit. >>1477862 I couldn't even believe she seriously posted that

No. 1659387

File: 1664283911385.gif (8.9 MB, 480x348, 38761E42-530C-4B24-9ED9-E21B40…)

True people posting photos with filters that do this to their face calling her a catfish will never not be funny

No. 1659412

File: 1664285239375.jpg (285.28 KB, 1280x805, 1489298787319.jpg)

there are some on desuarchive and archiveofsins too

No. 1659452

No. 1659838

I see your point but I sympathize with teens who are taken advantage of by adults, they can't consent to that, as fucked up as everything she did was. A lot of teens who are edgy tryhards and even delinquents grow out of it and Bianca was never given a chance to. Empath is too old to be acting that way she's 6-7 years older than Bianca was when she sold nudes and at her time of death, according to her family she was already changing. There's a big difference in maturity between a 16-17 year old girl and a 23 year old woman. Empath advertises porn to kids, you don't have to sympathize with her like you would with Bianca to be morally consistent.

No. 1660022

Tysm, this got me through some of the work day lol. But where did ones like >>1478002
>>1501870 originate?

No. 1660029

sorry im retarded, i didnt see that someone said facebook

No. 1660162

File: 1664326598427.jpg (350.13 KB, 1242x1070, IMG_1388.jpg)

She did that when she was 14-15 not 17 and got groomed by 4chan scrotes. Completely different. This is a grown whore.

No. 1660195

File: 1664327925023.png (100.96 KB, 1041x306, 8933ce4e3513eb82263563900ddf2e…)

I never see anyone using snapchat anymore except middle schoolers, everyone knows those are catfish filters except retarded scrotes they change eye, nose and even jaw shape. Her editing was that bad before it didnt detect her as the same person, looks the same now. Wonder why she decided to come back now and stop catfishing

1 is from twitch

No. 1660567

>scrote posted here telling her to come back
>her twitter posted in less than 24 hours

No. 1661847

She could have told herself to come back kek or she lurks her thread every day

No. 1662690

File: 1664541677371.jpeg (483.03 KB, 1242x1500, ED5554A9-8304-4BAE-AA9C-369E55…)

That account interacts a lot with the other whore she beefed with kek it pretended to simp her then probably had her reported, better luck next time Empath

No. 1662698


I bet she has this thread open in another tab at all times, sitting there obsessively refreshing it praying for more comments to appear

No. 1668045

File: 1665003593054.jpeg (121.68 KB, 666x500, 8C416B47-0228-480D-9728-AA0B3C…)

Saw some people in a discord server saying she has hers back does anyone have an invite

No. 1670723

No. 1670789

not this retarded whore self promoting here again

No. 1670948

only a retard would click that

No. 1675168

This evil bitch back on twitter yet?

No. 1675177

Maybe she can make a Lucy Letby support/fan account.

No. 1675187

dunno but i stole her shirt design. get rekt ugly jew(racebait)

No. 1675243

what makes this girl so special that we have an entire thread on her? shes just a larper with an onlyfans, and evidently thrives off the attention as well(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1675290

the mods here are really crusty and offended that some stinky big nose weird chomo gets more incel attention than them so they need to ban anyone and anything(ban-evading shitposter)

No. 1675297

apparently the onlyfans is gone. honestly there’s no milk here and the admins alienated everybody away from this site along with the constant sick retard posting cheese pizza on every single thread, so we have to clown some femcel attention whore pedo who feeds off of what we’re doing

No. 1675319

the onlyfans isn’t gone she changed the name

No. 1675561

File: 1665789060791.jpeg (369.56 KB, 1242x2276, 80371697-2B91-49ED-B0C3-E041F9…)

Is she lying about her age

No. 1675890

File: 1665826833427.png (12.82 KB, 509x77, unknown.png)

Wasn't this bitch friends with chrishop who's another infamous pedo from discord

No. 1675970

where did you get the discord from

No. 1675978

nta but she's posted it on twitter

No. 1675979

>not shiposting
So where's the milk? Fuck off with your self posting discord begging

No. 1676069

she literally posted it here lol. new users dont get to see the message history anymore but i screenshotted some lulzy shit prior. another anon said she graduated in 2017 and she's a gemini which would mean she turned 23 recently and is probably lying about her age, she said she's 20 now, but i wonder if her grad date is confirmed

No. 1676086

File: 1665849824983.png (22.28 KB, 545x197, empath8.png)

retarded philosemite confirmed

No. 1676096

File: 1665850277755.png (79.63 KB, 404x756, empath1.png)

also obviously reads this thread cuz an anon called her a larper and she's seething about it kek

No. 1678814

no one is born a sociopath it's called that because people develop antisocial personality disorder as a result of socialization and she's not psychopathic lol. she's a histrionic larper

No. 1678946

File: 1666140885894.png (25.86 KB, 414x236, empath9.png)

at least she's self aware about that

No. 1679046

File: 1666151963380.jpg (380.28 KB, 1605x963, 435FD.jpg)

Saw ED article of the now about the prostitute granny beater paedo troon Empathchan swatted saying hes an admin on an ED clone by a paedo called Jacob Stellchman https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Ariel_Rose_Sapeda

No. 1679165

I'm starting to like her now. ED has always been full of psychos, pedos and school shooters that's why girlvinyl tried to kill it.

No. 1679267


aww how cute, a ugly pick me incel larper trying to be the queen of incels again. sorry babe, you’re run through, old, and like kids. try again.

No. 1679344

She may have just been enacting TERF vigilantism by swatting that troon. Either that or whore infighting. One way or another its pretty funny kek

No. 1679463

not to wk but thats not a troon. why would a whore swatting another whore be doing it as vigilantism? idk about the scrote running the bootleg ED though what makes him a pedophile?

you're starting to like a whore who advertised porn to minors? ew. chloe and her coomer orbiters are gross and so is any narc whore who advertises porn to kids like her.

if she was pretending to be a teen to pander to r9k incels that's gross too, she said she was 18-19 last year. she's sticking by the lie if she's saying she's 20 now that's already pushing it but 23 is too old for them. a lot of whores lie about their ages because so many pornsick coomers (the type to pay for their content) are pedophilic. and you'll also see whores in their 20s saying they're minor coded when they literally just look their age for similar reasons.

No. 1679472

she probably does have symptoms of several cluster b disorders but plays all of it up for attention, hpd is what stands out in her case peeing in public, calling herself a pedophile, saying slurs and posting swastikas = witless and wretched levels of attention whoring. some whores who arent making much doing porn do desperate shit for new subs. even if its embarrassing they must think its more dignifying to act like cow to advertise since at least it attracts more coomers instead of whoring themselves out and still being practically as broke as they were before

No. 1679501


Empathchan has repeatedly spouted those lies about putrid, it is nothing but guilt driven projection. Empath tried to swat her because she was the one who aired out the accusations on twitter in the first place.

No. 1679507

learn2sage and empathchan isn't the one who made that ED page

No. 1679516

ntayrt but it says here https://encyclopediadramatica.online/Aediot
> Jacob Stellmach showers with and grooms a 16 year-old boy
> Last Thursday, Jacob "Paedoclip" Stellmach's old friend, .wiki admin, and room mate, Ashinine, spilled more beans and revealed how Jacob met and groomed him at the ripe age of 16. Yes you read that correctly, he was 16 when he met Aediot.

No. 1679537

File: 1666212017371.png (26.66 KB, 403x248, empath7.png)


she said she doesn't like kids

No. 1679895

File: 1666244260918.jpeg (185.41 KB, 897x1148, 9E491A7A-8DD8-432D-8C78-504D80…)

"I extort overage men" whores are retarded. What extortion? You're paid to show your privates and degrade yourself on camera for nasty scrotes you'd not date and you can't get one who's isn't a gross pornsick coomer because you're a demented histrionic whore which is why you call yourself a femcel. The only way you're deceiving anyone is by telling coomers that you're not how old you really are. This is what whores tell themselves to feel like they're in control and cope with the fact that their livelihood rests on pandering to coomers. Congratulations you spread your asshole on the internet for £15. Good luck ever doing anything meaningful after that when your face is out there and tied to all this shit proving you're a gross white supremacist cow who advertises porn to kids on social media at your grown age.

No. 1683081

File: 1666600350526.jpeg (22.78 KB, 381x215, 74BAB06E-5413-4C74-A030-444261…)

kek shes so rich

No. 1683568

File: 1666642569796.jpeg (390.67 KB, 2048x2048, 2F822DF3-4971-4379-8523-0A257B…)

Ugly whores will beg for money online since their shitty porn doesnt cut it and their parents dont have enough or dont care enough to help them go to college and find opportunities, instead they end up making about as much as food delivery drivers and bragging when they get a measly 2k.

Meanwhile there are pretty girls who don't post nudity on OF and make 20k not having to resort to porn. Would also not sell suggestive lewds to coomers but point being there are levels to this, posting nudity and masturbating for so little is sordid. Ask an ugly whore who posts dick sucking videos to show you her OF earnings, she won't. Ask a pretty woman who doesn't post porn and she'll surprise you.

Have a daughter when you can instill morals and support her to set her up for a good life so she doesnt even consider degrading herself for coomerbux. But I think empathchan is fatherless. Even worse is if her father is in her life, not broke and still let her turn into a whore under his nose, I thought being present is better than absent but if you raised a whore you failed her so miserably that she's worse than fatherless. I thank god I was born into a family that supported and spoiled me, subjecting yourself to that is simply not something that ever crosses the minds of spoiled girls who grew up having all their needs and wishes taken care of.

No. 1683813

File: 1666659779954.png (103.19 KB, 429x314, empath13.png)

she had a mom in her life that said she was demonic

No. 1683822

File: 1666660084404.jpg (1.51 MB, 1242x1791, IMG_2545.jpg)

Her new Instagram she takes commissions for her mediocre drawings twitter is the same handle

No. 1683887

wait, so what does this pretty girl sell on OF if not nudes? still degrading and degenerate.
mom might be on to something.

No. 1683961

File: 1666674099692.jpeg (388.08 KB, 1212x2316, 8F8AA6BC-74C9-43AC-B5EB-651A7F…)

I agree pandering to coomers is degenerate regardless nonna but if it's just cosplays or bikini /gym progress pictures where she's scantily dressed then porn (sex tapes, masturbation videos, using sex toys and inserting them, pictures of your privates) is much nastier and more degrading. And these ugly whores can't even justify it to their egos like "its ok im rich now" they're still nothing but beggars. Not enough coomers wanted to buy their porn and they're in left in the same situation they started.

I wonder what happened to her mom if she still lives with her and if her dad was ever in the picture

No. 1683979

If you actually think this chick made 25k you’re retarded

No. 1684085

Do you live under a rock or are you that broke 25k sounds like an insane amount? I've seen chicks make more and post their earnings. Ugly whores doing porn for little hate to see it, why do they pander to coomers harder and even post their vaginas on command and cant make as much? They did everything coomers wanted and it wasnt enough, at least that girl retained some form of control and made bank. Empath lost it and went all out posting porn and has nothing to show for it, sad lives these retarded whores have.

No. 1684086

Pandering to coomers is degen regardless lol, but actually doing porn and not making enough to stop begging online is just pathetic.

No. 1684113

File: 1666695673691.jpeg (471.18 KB, 1242x787, 808291F6-11A7-476C-A48E-73BFB8…)

>Said they wanna get her reassessed for her diagnoses and posted hospital pics before that
I think this girl was sent to hospital for some psychiatric condition.

No. 1684891

File: 1666746738335.png (763.53 KB, 538x752, 38675446.png)

i like this

No. 1685425


She must have gotten better at drawing cause I remember her old ones from last year all being shit

No. 1686127

someone leaked an AI program that makes convincing art from prompts

No. 1687949

File: 1667058514118.png (6.1 MB, 1170x2532, 684F211F-CB98-470B-9350-B05342…)

No. 1690882

One of her art pictures on twitter has too many fingers, which is an issue with the AI art program. She might just be retarded though and can't count.

No. 1695972

Of course the only drawing of "hers" i've ever seen that looks good isn't even hers, lol. Pretty sure she has been called out for tracing or straight up passing someone else's art as her own before too

No. 1706296

makes me hate moids more knowing all my mates who know her dont care about how she looks without the filters and just want some 'based' mince meat pussy because they're all the same(learn2sage)

No. 1706332

you sound like a moid yourself if your "mates" want someone's "based mince meat pussy" reeking of retarded chav incel

No. 1706638

definite moid detected. her minge is fine she just needs to wash her flaps more than once a month to avoid chemical burns from the old piss.

No. 1723091

File: 1670605438103.jpeg (370.29 KB, 1242x1455, B3C7C6E4-4654-424C-B097-455CB5…)

she has a website now but theres nothing in it

No. 1763695

File: 1675863726070.jpeg (603.76 KB, 2048x1767, FC383093-92A6-43CA-BB9E-B533B4…)

Agree with her first point , despite playing with ai art I wouldn't call myself an artist for it unless i was joking, but isn't boiling it down to regurgitative unoriginality ironic coming from someone who tries to pass off other people's art as your own and traces other people's art without crediting them? Self awareness pls

No. 1763718

bloodm6id is empathchan??? no fucking way I was art moots with her in like early 2022

No. 1763757

she won’t fuck you boss. this turbo pickme is busy getting high in her crack house in some shitty limey flat(sage your shit)

No. 1763793

Her non photoshopped pictures look like Keffals. She looks like a man pretending to be a woman, what an unfortunate face.

No. 1763872

Holy shit lol people who know nothing about art love to talk with authority over it. Artists have been using machines and automation to create works for yeaaarsss. Ai is just another facet of that kind of tech based medium, artists right now are making very cool interesting things using simple ai lol the ignorance and audacity. And yeah a fucking tracer of all people talking about originality lol.

No. 1763891

Nigga what

No. 1764326

>Female Elliot Rodger
Wouldn't a hypothetical female Elliot Rodger complain about males not picking her be and push trad shit, not degenerate weab shit. A female Elliot Rodger would also shit on males regularly (rightfully so) but not for actual reasons only for petty, immature reasons like he did of women and this pattern would eventuate to a mass killing of a bunch of moids, not spend every waking hour LARPing as a pickme online for moid approval.

She's definitely an odd case, and it is incredibly rare for a women to behave like this. She's fraught with a laundry list of internalized shit; racism, self-hatred, misogyny, taught what she can and can not be attracted to by inhuman disgusting moid coom weab shit etc. Unfortunately she's not all that milky, just an odd anomaly of pickmeism. In saying this if she were a moid she wouldn't even be a footnote because of how common this retarded pathological thought process and pattern of behavior is with scrotes, so here we are.

This post has britbong Trainspotting energy

No. 1774560

was she really as batshit insane as she larps as online?(necro)

No. 1792523

empathchan swtted her cause ariel has videos fucking dogs on onlyfan(why would you post this? Deleted image)

No. 1792710

anons posting bestiality content here now like the cp spam wasnt bad enough

No. 1802682

[[Personal information redacted]](Cowtipping/doxing)

No. 1802700

no she’s just some random 4chan whore on the internet who wants to be worshipped by moids. every girl on the internet wants to be simped and worshipped like thots on twitch. this bitch is a more horrific isabella janke. without the fungus feet and smelly ass.(sage your autism)

No. 1803026

File: 1680751482832.png (164.77 KB, 953x804, empathchan.png)

Update checked her twitter when i saw this thread bumped and she's still an unhinged tryhard how does this bitch own a firearm in Dublin?

No. 1804525

she steals people’s art, she probably steals people’s photos

No. 1804717

could be but its the same gaming chair she sat on during her stream

No. 1805026

she’s had different gaming chairs. no extremely bent over liberal hellhole english sister shithole country is going to give someone with a record of serious illness a gun

No. 1807872

File: 1681362472494.jpeg (1.59 MB, 3465x3298, 47CE95A9-1C42-4398-A512-A61392…)

She has a server where she posted this stuff and her orbiters think she's a dominatrix but shes wearing a gimp suit I thought that was for subs masochists whatever theyre called

No. 1807879

she opens her eyes too much to look like an anime girl

No. 1807888

that's about the girls above her shes psycho dom mommy egirl. none of those are asian or look like anime girls at all

No. 1808092

thanks for not sharing the discord link brainlet

No. 1808187

others who have posted her discord link have been banned, redtext shows up right after its posted you'd know if you kept up with the thread, actual brainlet. she posts it on her instagram too

No. 1808205

well whats her instagram then

No. 1808230

File: 1681420257070.jpeg (133.87 KB, 1061x2175, 6DE23E9A-6A6F-4633-9EEA-CB7E58…)

same username as her twitter bloodm6id it's pretty funny and milky. about a week ago the cops showed up to her flat to take her to the hospital because she was suicidal and one of her friends called. she liveposts the whole thing asking her orbiters how to get attention to be attended faster, she tries sitting on a wheelchair, screaming, talks about running around naked or falling to the ground and banging her head but she said the last time she banged it the nurse didnt do anything and just told her it would give her brain damage. the other night she tried to meet up with one of her orbiters but he wouldnt come out of the pub so she was left standing out there because she forgot her id. she snaps pics of random people walking around dublin calling them fat and normies, thats her favourite insult, and pointing out how everyone else is a stupid whore, or how her orbiters have prey eyes and a negative canthal tilt, same thing people say about her. she talks a lot about how shes famous on r9k and 4chan, also jokes that she wishes she was a real nasty whore who does full on porn but is really a pure virgin with neotenous physiognomy who only posts nudes. she might deactivate the server invite if she sees this was posted here but whatever it was a hilarious lurk while it lasted

No. 1808350

does it matter if you get redtexted? the mods don’t give a fuck about this wore. post the link or GTFO. it’s not doxing. don’t post shit you can’t back up lol

No. 1808351

she’s busy surviving in her ugly hug box, she feeds off of lolcow for attention. also you could literally post an external link to it (pastebin?)

No. 1808358

File: 1681437465429.jpg (27.95 KB, 551x668, asdfhgjhk.jpg)

kek i joined and she was talking about being rich

No. 1808362

nta but its in her stories stupid little unsaged anon. if you create a separate invite she can see it and no more milk to be had

No. 1808393

File: 1681441887933.png (11.1 KB, 609x136, 7.png)

Here's the link

Yeah right like the onlyfans money got her a new apartement

No. 1810016

File: 1681683497321.png (45.63 KB, 665x848, c76b1196746d80776209c5915a5372…)

She made a thread on r9k and told everyone in her server to check it out, it got inundated by people posting her unshopped pics, and she took it down as soon as the webm clip of her on cam got posted. I wish I screenshotted before she deleted it was hilarious. She does this on a weekly basis

No. 1810019

No. 1810022

File: 1681684420387.png (14.13 KB, 534x327, 19.png)

Lying about her age again, this time shes saying 19 instead of 20. She's turning 24 in less than 2 months

No. 1811088

File: 1681847211098.jpeg (876.16 KB, 2316x3088, 0FAEB55F-B42E-45D6-ABD3-E608B6…)

Just saw this creepy pic,. Is she really 23? I'd guess 29 at least with the sunken undereyes

No. 1811351


No. 1811365

File: 1681879534199.jpeg (29.07 KB, 828x434, 61FD1409-D900-477D-B2D3-11F306…)

She's so cringe kek

No. 1811430

shes relentless. how can u shitpost like this every single day unironically into adulthood and not realise the retardation. i literally hope she gets killed by one of those fugly orbiters(alogging)

No. 1811601

File: 1681925859712.png (61.33 KB, 1431x884, Screen Shot 2023-04-19 at 1.33…)

too embarrassed to tell people how much money she really makes off of onlyfans because we all know its next to nothing

No. 1811618

No1curr about your discord vendetta with some whore. This thread needs to be locked already. Half of it reeks selfpost.

No. 1811700

I saw the pic that got deleted and the person with a vendetta that got swatted by Empathchan fucks dogs and was showing their asshole to a dog. That vendettachan could be worse than the cow

No. 1811856

This is fake information based on a purposely maliciously taken out of context screenshot. in the actual video the dog is shooed away, stop derailing. It’s also gross to minimize actual animal abuse/bestiality based on lies.

No. 1811864


No. 1812027

File: 1681964538248.jpeg (189.88 KB, 1242x2246, C4A3210F-FAA2-4957-B84B-3734B4…)

idk if u saw this but someone needs to report this bulgy fish eyed hideous cunt to her local police department as this is a crime, like no people dont notice because youre some random ugly whore nobody pays attention to, women are obviously just going about their days and youre violating them. actually deserves to be caught in the act and stabbed

No. 1812369

imagine thinking these idiots actually want to kill her lol most of them are women and ugly fat men

No. 1813721

she'll be 24 this year. she looks like shit because she has been malnourished since childhood and has abused drugs for almost 10 years.

No. 1817991

File: 1682869944703.jpeg (35.58 KB, 1242x413, FBD4C27E-17D9-458B-8B14-172275…)

This bitch is actually retarded. Passive income would be investments like rental property, earning money from a business "one does not actively participate in" she spends all of her time making threads simping herself on 4chan to get people in her server (where it's hilarious watching her ban randoms for saying she looks 38 and speaking facts) , interacting with coomers and sending them porn in which she masturbates (literally refers to these videos in her threads and compliments her own moaning it's incredibly gross and cringe) so where exactly is the passivity? Everything about this includes actively responding, creating content by debasing herself for "customers" and even initiating "advertisements" lol that's literal participation, what an absolute dimwit.

No. 1818184

File: 1682895957643.png (244.14 KB, 2094x1240, jealous.png)

empty-chan hates popular e-girls so much

No. 1818439

File: 1682947163456.webm (2.25 MB, 720x1280, empath-chan-calling-a-man-fagg…)

ah yes calling a random person in the streets "faggot" and threatening of beating them up, classic empath!

No. 1818472

File: 1682954794208.jpg (108.47 KB, 1290x1244, 1682906056794873.jpg)

She's fat enough to actually being able to beat up men, so there is that.

No. 1818476

She needs psychiatric help and internet access cut off

No. 1818478

moids on r9k are actual bottom feeders for liking this fat cunt

No. 1818490

File: 1682956717578.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.7 MB, 640x344, Holy shit.webm)

R9k moids have no standards they want to fuck anything with a hole.
This guy is one of her simps licking his toilet in honor of his "queen" emptyinside-chan. Typical r9k discord behaviour

No. 1818503

absolute degenerate for the cow queen, peek discord behavior

No. 1818533

Submissive men are very desperate for ANY kind of woman who will induldge their fetishes (degrade them) because sub men outnumber dominant women by a ton.

No. 1818564

File: 1682964540719.png (129.47 KB, 2134x1290, empath incest fetish.png)

Apparently she has an incest fetish someone should send this to her family

No. 1818598

File: 1682967259677.png (38.21 KB, 720x910, bisexual.png)

No. 1818602

File: 1682967429387.png (64.36 KB, 1496x716, psycho.png)

who would have guessed empathchan kills animals

No. 1818630

File: 1682969308478.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.47 MB, 320x568, bruhh.webm)

I found a recent video of Empath sticking pins on her neck it's from her public twitter account @bloodm6id
she is becoming crazier

No. 1818641

File: 1682969643305.jpg (Spoiler Image, 218.05 KB, 961x2048, yikes.jpg)

No. 1818651

File: 1682970173651.webm (736.35 KB, 1280x720, trim.7C12B545-A5F0-48FC-8941-8…)

this bitch is delusional and thinks she is pretty

No. 1819048

File: 1683027549126.jpeg (498.7 KB, 2448x1836, F025A447-0D45-4AF5-807D-47BFF5…)

her most recent is probably the ugliest ive seen yet. and theres the fake gun

No. 1819125

File: 1683035677606.jpeg (53.3 KB, 828x967, 8685A5F7-19B6-4D57-B373-0BA071…)

inb4 her gym kicks her out

No. 1819146

Noone cares about her, we're just laughing at her. She's one of those cows who thinks her haterzz are secretly fans. She's revolting.

No. 1819168

File: 1683042054146.jpeg (560.16 KB, 3462x3029, 0399FB83-E027-4111-A1FB-0B8D68…)

LOL. I’ve never had blue hair guise!!! And I definitely don’t care that’s why I had to say it’s either edited or not me!! Her simps are so gullible that it’s laughable.

No. 1819224

File: 1683048321113.png (28.5 KB, 792x748, LMAO.png)

I saw that as well it's funny how she thinks we are ugly when the average lolcow user is a stacy and looks better than the emptyinside-chan witch.
Also quite ironic seeing "empath" calling women roasties when she does onlyfans stuff and is a prostitute

No. 1819256

All the high-tier stacies who enjoy gossiping are actually just jealous of her looks. I mean look at the OP image who wouldn't want to look like a 50 year old man. But yes the irony of calling nonnas roasties is hilarious considering she is a prostitute. Props to the anon who's exposing her cringe discord chats

No. 1819406

File: 1683071358062.jpeg (363.28 KB, 1256x3243, 2D00BAE1-8B75-4A35-9E96-A5427A…)

Keep in mind the seymour guy is an old pedophile almost 50 who she keeps around after saying he groomed her and got cp from her when she was 15, as well as convinced her to start Onlyfans, here is a thread on him where he admits to printing out cp at his job. One of many pedos she chats with including Armand, Wil, and Chrishop who also has a thread here https://endchan.net/agatha2/res/6590.html

This is a reddit thread exposing him for orbiting Eugenia Cooney and preying on eating disordered underage girls and women

No. 1819445

File: 1683075584679.jpeg (462.43 KB, 3462x3020, B6562E9E-C77A-42C0-AD37-D37D23…)

Pedochan telling minors to subscribe to her Onlyfans again and sending them her tits

No. 1819447

delusional inbred white trash whore will end up as nothing in life anyway genuinely wish the worst upon her. still having her simps shill her shitty server on r9k
seymour tried hitting on me when i was 16 3 years ago

No. 1819460

File: 1683076690448.png (1.63 MB, 3130x3465, A816372F-89C9-436C-BCC7-7FB260…)

Four is a 34 year old scrote by the way. This is how the rest of her server members talk to teenage girls along with explicitly attempting to solicit CP from her, which pedochan is completely aware of.

No. 1819465

File: 1683076915880.jpeg (138.92 KB, 1181x1600, F09DDF55-A90C-4CAC-A4C5-791EFB…)

No. 1819476

File: 1683078392340.jpg (57.54 KB, 720x1047, 20230502_213943.jpg)

Mad cause banned moid? Still seething on r9k about it?

No. 1819487

How could anyone ever mistake a singular screenshot in a server full of pedophilic activity? Learn2sage cow

No. 1819491

Misrepresenting context is no mistake and not really necessary. Four is definitely a groomer tho

No. 1819493

Yeah him and about twenty other people pedochan is friends with. That’s no coincidence

No. 1819496

No. 1819512

File: 1683084044492.png (1.41 MB, 1376x1182, 01FE1673-69AE-4142-98CB-E33C91…)

No. 1819536

kek i didnt even realize this was ai because she looks exactly as ugly and uncanny in the pictures she posts of herself

No. 1819821

File: 1683136307918.png (103.81 KB, 828x1792, 93400EED-AA0B-4951-B8CE-8C28D5…)

hi i'm juni and i said a lot of things in that server that i regret. i am 16 and the mods repeatedly deleted my age without banning me lol
empath was dming me later asking for advice on her posts, she puts up a tough front for the moids in her server for the most part but she's still very harsh in DMs.
not defending her though.(underage, newfag, namefag)

No. 1819822

File: 1683136493101.jpeg (126.93 KB, 828x1792, 03642B7C-A160-4D9D-9233-9D31C9…)

hi, this is juni, i can confirm the context was not misrepresented. everyone in that server is a fucking creep pedo and empath endorses it. attached is proof that this is me

No. 1819893

File: 1683145820837.png (628.84 KB, 702x642, Screenshot 2023-05-03 163038.p…)

why does she have a red ring around her lips like those little kids who lick their lips constantly?

No. 1819898

You answered your own question nonna

No. 1819925

File: 1683147743763.png (108.29 KB, 928x1038, empath perv.png)

>I am not like the other girls I dream about having sex with anime girls and having a cock I love porn so much look how cool I am

No. 1819926

fujocoomer brainrot is so fucking cringe

No. 1819945

File: 1683149520094.jpeg (55.35 KB, 828x1082, 13FF0E5D-691B-4FBB-80E4-9A8C78…)

wasn't she born in 1999?

No. 1819951

Nobody told you to buy porn. Pls stop joining nsfw servers and stop broadcasting your age to random creeps

No. 1819982

i didnt buy porn lol. i joined the server from her instagram bc i thought her art was cool.

No. 1819983


This was the misrepresented context dense child

No. 1819990

She knows that groomer adult and she’s saying it wasn’t misrepresented. Keep coping for your ugly melted wax face idol

No. 1819996

Communication breakdown? The misrepresentation in question originally referring to >>1819476 >>1819491

Don't accuse people of sex crimes that didn't happen

No. 1819998

Curious how you have no response to the thousand other screenshots or the other instances of Empathchan indeed sending her porn and tits to minors

No. 1820004

No need for false accusations in face of real evidence. You can see my responses above. Look for the name 'Anonymous'

No. 1820005

did u even see the screenshots with the way everyone treated me. its not a "single screenshot" youre a tard.

No. 1820006

Shut up you patronizing faggot I guarantee Juni has a higher IQ than you do. If you’re anything like that revolting retard you simp you’re 100% socially retarded(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1820007

ntayrt i get the redtext cause lc is 18+ but as for the rest: dont be mean to her or accuse her of buying porn because she was in spaces frequented by adults, a lot of us were when we were underage and at the time dont know any better or are just young and crave attention, the adults in the server should've kicked her the moment she joined that's their responsibility she's a minor, instead the nasty whore running it kept adding her to bully her. and i get the screenshots may have been out of context but junis comment and empathchan's her past actions do show she has no qualms about advertising porn to children.

No. 1820010

Not only this but telling a literal child that they deserved to be groomed or raped is co-opting child sex abuse. There is no defense to be had here

No. 1820014

I meant she wasn't solicited to subscribe like what was claimed. Not a defense of anything else

No. 1820016

Yeah she just sent Juni her tits & asked for money for sexual favors similar to past behavior in the screenshot right next to it

No. 1820018

there are /clearly/ bigger problems lmao.

No. 1820020

ayrt i get what you were pointing out im just saying she has been caught red handed doing exactly that before, but yeah there's a multitude of things going on her server is filled with all sorts of depravity

No. 1820041

Sent in general. Empath wouldn't be so validating as to call juni a boy

No. 1820042

File: 1683157766840.jpeg (22.85 KB, 680x318, 0B4FFBD6-75D9-4939-87D9-BCE5A4…)

she thought i was amab lol

No. 1820052

Obvious joke and you selfposted before that

No. 1820053


No. 1820090

Most retarded reaching defense ever

No. 1820109

File: 1683164650862.png (380.96 KB, 1282x1039, hag.png)

they're not far off from the truth

No. 1820120

File: 1683165316108.jpg (60.08 KB, 640x480, mayonnaise.jpg)

I wonder whether he regrets not pulling out(Don't post family members)

No. 1820141


Where did you get these and how old was she in these?

No. 1820145

Looking like Tuna back in the day.

No. 1820147

File: 1683167982853.png (2.48 KB, 418x38, kjhfjkesdfbd.png)

No. 1820152

add me on discord plz have some questions to ask u mischief#6101(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1820157

KEK where the fuck is this from

No. 1820171

Yikes, actual jumpscare

No. 1820254

Thanks for posting this, after reading this thread one has to assume she has parents or a parent that loves her enough to keep her in her room with an internet connection the majority or her life. She’s not surviving off her measley onlyfans and server money. Shes a pathological liar, she can make up any lie on the internet and believe it’s in her head while stagnating in her room. Being super rich, being so smart and cool the glowies are keeping tabs on her, all of this. All she is doing is associating with the lowest common denominator of people, and that is where she will stay, that is her reality. She’s is going to have a lot of regrets when she reaches into 30s.

No. 1820278

If only you knew how bad things really are :/

No. 1820300

How is that a fujo? Lol

No. 1820359

i kind of feel bad for her - she looks like she's missing a few key chromosomes. every time some posts an unedited picture of her, i think that she looks like a knockoff cabbage patch doll melting in the sun. bless her moon face heart, girl is just unfortunate looking.

No. 1820973

I don't get it
How are these two the same person?
Does this mean she uses filters or something in EVERY photo she takes?

No. 1821139

File: 1683291210556.jpeg (339.81 KB, 2048x1848, 02B433BF-E112-4B03-A94C-560A45…)

seymour commissioned a painting from her, holy shit he actually is fucking 50 kek this bitch needs to work on her understanding of human anatomy before ever posting anything publicly ever again her art is almost as bad as her shoops. everyone knows what your acid attack victim face looks like behind the filters and facetune, chloe

No. 1821204

what the fuck are those red things supposed to be, bloody tampons?

No. 1821207

File: 1683302168095.png (333.36 KB, 1362x1042, chloe.png)

it's a face overlay or something. there's no need to share that pic when there are so many real pics of her raw ugly face. bulging eyes, no orbital support, recessed maxilla, underdeveloped mandible, recessed chin, long philtrum, negative canthal tilt, and a big hooked nose. her nose has nothing to do with her ethnic heritage and everything to do with her fucked up facial structure. she probably looks most like this pic, since it doesn't have selfie distortion. keep in mind she has makeup on in this and still looks like a melted mess.

No. 1821215

Are you a retarded scrote or are you her self-posting self hate? This is actually the most flattering pic itt.

No. 1821328

not a single picture of her in here is remotely flattering or attractive whatsoever. this girl just has a very unfortunate face, and by the looks of her editing its safe to assume that shes well aware of this

No. 1821354

ntayrt for whatever reason she is actually cute in this picture
features don't have to be cookie cutter perfect to work well together
you are retarded

No. 1821429

File: 1683327161537.jpeg (45.81 KB, 634x822, 18C4725C-7F53-4F34-AFB9-6CDC7C…)

you HAVE to be joking. her male equivalent is slaying imaginary beasts in his mom's yard. bitch needs lower eyelid retraction surgery. zero upper lip to behold, pouts in every single photo. every single feature of hers is objectively bad.

No. 1821547

no wonder she takes all of her pics from the same angle. i guess in her mind it's better to show off your moon shaped face and lazy eye than it is to show off your dorsal fin shaped nose

No. 1821577

Witch skull.

No. 1821614

The level of nitpicking you're going to makes me think that either you're crazy obsessed or you're actually her, self-posting hate. Who the hell analyzes someone's face to this degree? Did you spend hours analyzing her by cross-referencing incels nitpicking regular women? Delusional. You know there's so much more to hate her for than just her painfully average looks, right? At least contribute to the milk if there is any.
But who am I kidding. Irrelevant whore tries to stir up attention any way she can, sold her soul and self-esteem for a couple of male attention pennies. Yawn.

No. 1821631

>low iq chimp thinks basic human anatomy terms are on par with insanely complex astrophysics(sage your shit)

No. 1821688

File: 1683367564715.jpeg (153.69 KB, 1170x1380, IMG_4114.jpeg)

the photoshop, straining, and lack of trigger discipline is pathetic but the comments telling her to do it are pretty funny

No. 1821701

ntayrt but no one here thinks your retardation is on par with astrophysics and you're probably ugly too learn2sage your low iq chimping

No. 1821742

She looks like Caroline Ellison

No. 1821856

it’s not that the terms are hard to understand; it’s that mentally healthy people have no reason to look them up. Reeeeeee-ing about mandibles and canthal tilt is highkey incel shit. >>1821547
I think she looks nice from that angle. Roman noses are cute and hers looks really nice in profile.
You guys are being crazy. Canthal tilt is not milk. Nobody “needs” cosmetic surgery. It’s bullshit to attack her for using filters and then attack her for having a normal face. Attack her for the rape angel shit or touch grass.

No. 1822239

File: 1683434683575.jpg (813.51 KB, 3418x3093, 593B9FD2-118E-445E-8B49-809FFD…)

More on Seymour/Jeff talking about aiding and abetting the production distribution and possession of child pornography by paying a 15 year old girl to meet up with a 30 year old known as Michael Sosa (thread on him here >>>snow/383200) who is allegedly currently in the process of recording himself statutorily raping the child which he then plans on sending to Seymour and likely other pedophiles in these circles. Babushka the mod is complicit, deleting these messages in the server as per Seymour's request, just like he protects hideous whore Chloe Power who can be seen in picrel enabling and excusing Seymour's pedophilic and criminal behavior. She also mentions how she should invite yet another pedophile, Chrishop, to the server.

No. 1822240

>>>/snow/383200 Michael Sosa's thread that didn't link properly

No. 1822270

File: 1683440624606.jpeg (64.38 KB, 750x721, 7B7B4E2A-187C-4B11-9D6A-2C5122…)

Bump for cp

No. 1822509

File: 1683483527355.png (Spoiler Image, 307.35 KB, 1072x718, yikes.png)

Her orbitors are so fucked in the head this guy sucked his mom vibrator for empathchan.
I don't get how she gets away with blackmailing people from her server they could just block her and find a better woman to simp for

No. 1822511

File: 1683483641843.png (41.13 KB, 958x1438, disgusting moid.png)

No. 1822516

That guy isn’t an orbiter he goes around harassing various women to indulge in his fetishes

No. 1822529

File: 1683484629000.webm (Spoiler Image, 6.36 MB, 360x640, subhuman moid.webm)

I hope this piece of shit becomes homeless.
The guys she interacts with are a bunch of cows too.

No. 1822532

File: 1683484880496.png (63.2 KB, 684x1072, disgusting af.png)

Empath went to a porn club to watch a guy jerking off she is so disgusting and whorish.

No. 1822537

File: 1683485241580.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 3000x4000, self harm.jpg)

She also makes her orbitors self harm and does self harm to herself as well.

No. 1822552

File: 1683486018181.png (339.69 KB, 1125x2436, LOL.png)

some dude on discord drew gore of empathchan
emptychan is leaking lots of milky DMs and content today must be having a maniac episode

No. 1822553

File: 1683486284842.jpg (401.24 KB, 1125x1933, gun.jpg)

this psycho bitch has a fucking gun with bullets I hope she does not kill anyone

No. 1822556

File: 1683486920040.jpeg (160.35 KB, 1290x942, 5AA865C1-E2DA-4443-A18A-B0625F…)

She had someone make this picture for her lmfao. Ask her to name the model of her plastic Airsoft BB gun here and show the magazine with a timestamp she will sperg

No. 1822607

File: 1683492001577.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.07 KB, 1280x720, nazi empath.jpg)

Empath is such a dumb larper she wants to be so edgy she cuts swastikas on her body and pretends to have real guns
>sucking her stomach to appear skinnier

No. 1822613

File: 1683492503870.png (Spoiler Image, 408.95 KB, 732x494, empath posting gore.png)

she posts lolicon anime gore on her twitter account mmh what will happend if someone reports her account she will be so angry…

No. 1822616

Yet her ribs are still invisible

No. 1822624

File: 1683494981383.jpeg (128.48 KB, 945x1742, 409B47C3-9781-4A92-A250-973164…)

this is weeb a 15 year old pedo troon from kaliacc servers not her are you fucking retarded or are you her posting random shit trying to deflect from the fact there are pedophiles in your server discussing the production and distribution of cp, and the fact you advertise your nasty ass porn to children and beg them for money?

No. 1822632

I thought it was her because she has the same fridge like body and does stupid shit for attention. Maybe report the pedos and empathchan instead of complaining? post all the screenshot materials you have of evidence btw

No. 1822641

i already have posted it >>1822239 if you search seymour on desuarchive r9k boards you'll also see he has been reported to law enforcement in late april.

No. 1822650

File: 1683496968722.jpg (418.74 KB, 1602x1962, hahaha.jpg)

I hope they pay for all of this
emptychan is crying.

No. 1822654

I really hope she is crying after lurking her thread, wish you the worst mental breakdown. Forgot to thank you for the screenshots good job >>1822641

No. 1822664

are u done selfposting, empy?

No. 1822674

as if anyone believes that shit for a nanosecond anyway

enjoy your empty life

No. 1822728

No. 1822735


No. 1823039


Likely at the end of her tits (which you seem to be conflating with her ribcage here), like most other humans.

No. 1823187

read the thread, it isn't her.

No. 1824168

File: 1683682430591.png (69.46 KB, 486x529, empathchantwitter.png)

She's back on twitter 90% of quote tweets are calling her a pedo

No. 1824377

Oh no, not Lolita fashion. Can't cows stay out of the commuinity ffs

No. 1824394

File: 1683721964758.jpg (154.87 KB, 1436x1205, Twitter.jpg)

So laughable that she has "TERF" in her bio. She has 0 radfem beliefs, she just saw normalfags and troons hate the word TERF and anyone who associates with it. She makes porn for incels and begs them to behead and rape her. How radically feminist of you. Also the bianca devins banner.

No. 1824397

theres a point where someone starts being so tryhard edgy and grotesque that it looses all shock factor and just becomes laughable and annoying. the bianca devins banner is like the last straw. this isnt shocking anymore. everyone can see how blatantly tryhard and pathetic this behavior actually is. shes the equivalent of film students trying to make the most gory fucked up movie of all time and posting tons of blood and gore and gross shit in it and then it becomes so ridiculous that it looses all edge

No. 1824399

I agree it's just so pathetic and tryhard it's laughable. None of those 4chan incels that she tries to attract want her. They all think she is a "worn out roastie" and some Jewish whore. The only men who are intrested in her are disgusting coomers who suck their moms vibrators.

No. 1824478

it all makes sense viewing this pic lol you can just tell she was that ugly nobody in school and the only way she could get any attention is the r9k degenerates who don’t even qualify as human. jesus she is hideous

No. 1824506

People are ripping her to shreds in comments on everything she's posted on Twitter, luckily people remember her and aren't happy to see her back.

No. 1824564

I hate this dumb bitch so much. She’s doing an America burger town LARP, everything she’s conveying is very American and I just think so lame she’s not even from this country. This edge lord shit you get over it after 19 years old. It’s time to change or double down empie. Enjoy the label of pedophile for life, no one is going to be paying a 40 year old woman for this mindset, they’re going find it extremely sad.

No. 1824725

ive never seen someone try so hard to be a hardass online. she'd never have the balls to say this irl, what an ugly insecure wannabe. pure unadulterated cringe

No. 1824822

>This edge lord shit you get over it after 19 years old.
exactly, it's so weird that she's 23 and putting on a tryhard pick-me act for loser incels online. it's so stupid of her to plaster her face and body all over the web along with disgusting 4chan pedo shit. much like shatna, i wonder how she'll feel about her online presence 10 to 15 years down the road. this thread is equal parts horrific and cringe.

No. 1824885

File: 1683779765675.png (18.19 KB, 1026x470, wtf.png)

what the fuck is wrong with you stupid bitch? Hating on pregnant women and fetishizing them is disgusting

No. 1824897

File: 1683781469912.jpg (367.36 KB, 2685x2628, E9E0EE75-55E3-4FC2-8DFB-531063…)

>pregnant women are whores
ironic coming from an actual whore who sells videos of herself masturbating and larps as a virgin despite being a prostitute who offers to have sex with male onlyfans subscribers for the cheap price of $100. the majority of pregnant women are awaiting a baby with a long term boyfriend or husband (60%) and have never performed sexual acts on themselves or others in any scenario (on camera or in person) in exchange for money, what a hysterical cope lmao.

No. 1824962

File: 1683792783136.jpeg (985.48 KB, 3299x3465, 55042686-7F73-4223-BD6E-9ABF47…)

gotta love how she gets virtually no engagement on her posts as well despite desperately contending for it with tired shock “humor” every waking hour of the day + also lamenting about how superbly rich and famous she is in her discord server, that being the only other thing she talks about lmfao.

same case on /r9k/ where every self-post either she or one of her sparingly few simps makes the comments are full of scrotes calling her ugly & posting her unedited pictures. this, her living in a council estate, and her fake airsoft gun would all be funny if it wasn’t so abysmally pathetic

No. 1824978

File: 1683795090178.jpg (221.85 KB, 1536x1536, Dios mio.jpg)

No. 1824980

File: 1683795132809.jpg (30.52 KB, 1440x273, Inc3stempath.jpg)

Incestlover empath

No. 1824982

File: 1683795177230.jpg (236 KB, 1440x1821, Peeangelempath.jpg)

No. 1824983

File: 1683795234775.jpg (97.03 KB, 1440x746, So edgy.jpg)

Other anon included this

No. 1824984

why do i feel like these are self posts

No. 1824987

I'd rather kill myself than be a pedo piss drinking incest liking loser like empath. I posted them separate so they can be linked as milk for future threads. Don't hi-cow anons for posting milk

No. 1825028

Because they are, or they're from someone in her sphere

No. 1825084

File: 1683810561529.png (313.3 KB, 1187x1408, Screen Shot 2023-05-11 at 9.10…)

holy shit this is so funny after seeing how she constantly spergs about being a virgin in her server selling your body to the ugliest degenerates on the internet for only $100 is actually shatna level. doubt any of them would pay more or could even afford to pay more at least she knows how much her body is worth lol
they are. its so easy to spot her because she doesnt post actual milk just her cringe shock value internet edgelord shit. the majority of the posts in this thread are about her laughable shooping and her weird pedophile shit so give us some new milk or learn how to integrate, empie. shes only even on here because whatever tiny amount of 4chan notoriety she had is dying out pretty quickly, why would anyone want to pay attention to an ugly onlyfans whore who lies about being a teenager and sells herself to ugly degenerate scrotes for $100 when they could give their attention to literally any of the other women who are pathetic enough to post themselves on that website but still more decent looking than chloe. every time she tries to selfpost on there (which is daily) she gets called an ugly old jew hag so thats why shes trying to migrate onto here

No. 1825263

File: 1683829795662.jpeg (490.23 KB, 3460x1993, A1977273-A1A1-41F2-AF15-EBD629…)

i think her newer pics look worse than most of the old ones and the fact she browses incel websites like lookism while the same tools they use can detect and accurately describe what makes her that ugly is hilarious

No. 1825395

She thinks she’s the shit but her peers are already partly past college and investing into a 401k, and I bet she can’t even drive a car at 23 just be terminally online. Not afraid of “dEatH” but afraid to apply herself to real life. Normies are a million times better than you empie, you’re the real npc regurgitation edge lord shit cringy millennials came up with. You’re basically the same as chat gpt, not unique.

No. 1825396

File: 1683841396837.jpeg (860.98 KB, 3462x3465, 48D4F438-804A-4D08-86CA-147303…)

even when she likes her own posts she still gets close to no interactions. a miserable life she lives

No. 1825417

Can someone tell me what kind of mental illnesses and trauma cause this kind of behavior? I was an autism child that grew up on 4chan but I can’t fathom ever ending up like this.

No. 1825427

File: 1683844749424.jpeg (613.97 KB, 2243x2706, 36D93EDA-82C3-49FA-AE17-4A13A6…)

she has histrionic personality disorder, was preyed on by 4chan groomers and now mimics them, all a front she puts on in a shoddy attempt to conceal how this has defined her entire whorish existence.

it's almost like she's doing everything she can so people think of her as edgy and predatory in order to mask the vulnerability and fear revealed by her prey physiognomy, exemplified by the bulging rounded eyes. these standards apply more to moids but even as a woman these are the lowest tier eyes out there, hard to find ones this unattractive.
the eyes are the windows to the soul chloe, no matter how badly you want to convey otherwise it's evident you're prey larping as predator.

but call her prey and you will be astonished at how she recoils, how injured she is, how she suddenly shrinks back: “i've been found out"(autism)

No. 1825459

why does this hoe not realise how horifically ugly she rlly is

No. 1825499

why is it every time i run across this thread there is this anon doing moid-tier schizo 4chan incel analysis of facial features like it's 1835. Go back from whence you came.

No. 1825536

Ew this whole post smells like unwashed scrotum, absolutely disgraceful gtfo

No. 1825538

File: 1683859525177.jpeg (566.44 KB, 3465x2952, 1767B45C-F5F5-4A0E-9FD2-2D300B…)

No. 1825561

lol im female but i'm literally just judging her by her own standards

No. 1825651

We aren't supposed to armchair disorders. She said herself she is histrionic, but people are losers,assholes,abus1ve and a bunch of other traits without mental illness. She is just an attentionseeking whore like many other cows. It could be parental neglect or people around her finding her unbearable whether it's her ugly voice, ugly face, ugly body or ugly personality.

No. 1825786

it's your crusty aged moid-like tiny schizo screenshots that are the problem nonny, not your judgment.

No. 1825795

fuck off chloe(hi cow)

No. 1825826

i think i love you

No. 1825999

i get it nonnas and i don't judge normal people like this but calling her an asshole, loser, abusive etc just reinforces her belief that she's so edgy because to her those things are "based" when she's really just an ugly, sad pathetic victim of her circumstances going around trying to hurt people because she herself has been hurt and neglected. before she amped up the shock value she'd complain about being a low follower egirl and got ignored by everyone in dms because she's not cute or interesting enough naturally, this is a desperate cry for help. she brags about being extremely online and the # of msgs in her server, like she competes with her scrote orbiters over who's the biggest loser. in her warped head being normal is worse than being a crusty basement dweller sex pest, that's her targeted demographic. the histrionic tryhard attention seeking behavior whether she has really been diagnosed with it or not, it's all a facade. 4chan incel pedo brainrot has consumed her mind, that's the kind of validation she's so desperate for, in these cases it's more entertaining to play by their rules.

No. 1826006

Her Twitter was suspended. Good.

No. 1826074

File: 1683929794250.jpeg (234.95 KB, 1290x2403, 267EF80D-349A-4B1A-8701-2B9B98…)

she’s back again

twitter id: @aidsenjoyer69 => 1657111778600407066

No. 1826110

she barely even tried with that twitter handle.

No. 1826144

File: 1683937433369.jpeg (30.98 KB, 1290x393, 6CAAD409-8C0F-4974-93BD-DBC9EC…)

seems she took that personally kek

No. 1826328

Can someone tell these alleged femcels that you actually have to be involuntarily celibate to be one. Whoring yourself out to bottom shelf males isn't celibacy

No. 1826329

No. 1826330

No. 1826343

File: 1683975201314.jpg (49.14 KB, 720x524, lore.jpg)

No. 1826371

File: 1683979610878.png (15.19 KB, 260x418, E697DED3-0A9B-4A2E-9861-2EC04C…)

her address leaked by a trans posting Ls account calling her a pedophile and she deactivated. heres another screenshot they posted that isnt in this thread yet i dont think

No. 1826444

File: 1683989954313.jpeg (630.22 KB, 3465x3465, 242B5D8F-6E0E-48B1-93A9-A75D65…)

her dms before this were pretty cringeworthy and hilarious

No. 1826445

File: 1683989981240.jpeg (600.93 KB, 3161x3372, 7AEB981A-6272-430D-B345-B80F25…)

No. 1826446

File: 1683990046076.jpeg (794.17 KB, 3465x3465, E980D257-5D3D-4018-BBE1-CCC0EE…)

No. 1826447

File: 1683990183377.jpeg (74.01 KB, 1164x1045, 84055EA0-EE75-4416-9FB0-79219C…)

No. 1826598

I feel like empath is another one of those OF girls who fucking hates selling her body. She understands how degrading and pathetic it is to post pictures of her fat edited self (that she claims she's starving herself and has an ED/bmi 15 what a joke) but she still knows it's a way to make some money in exchange for her dignity. I honestly can't believe anyone would pay for those edited abominations but then again she goes around begging strangers to purchase her shit or to follow her.

No. 1826643

File: 1684016213698.jpeg (349.02 KB, 3451x1645, 13112A1A-9D11-4D03-BCD0-323B48…)

No. 1830046

File: 1684457546801.jpeg (629.65 KB, 3462x3285, A4F9A071-B6D6-46E9-A063-BDBCB5…)

direct contradictions of her cringelord larping again. saged because not really milky

No. 1830128

Having it both ways but yeah wasn't actually incarcerated

No. 1830130

File: 1684467388710.jpeg (854.15 KB, 3465x3127, 63B87F2B-F1D7-4A5B-ABD1-CEEA44…)

empath malding on a sock account about being rejected by a bottom of the barrel allegedly pedophilic incel, because of course these is the stature of moid she chooses to pursue and obsess over.

“joey the retard” alt apparently belongs to her according to people in the server, and the moid claims that she committed herself to a psychiatric ward over being rejected

No. 1830131

File: 1684467471380.jpeg (706.8 KB, 3028x3456, 9377117B-041E-4109-A6E5-FF46C9…)

also empath’s “friends” shit talking her in a server separate to her own, calling her embarrassing amongst other things

No. 1830134

forgot to link he also has a thread herein, >>>/snow/1751066
probably made by empath herself given her vitriol towards him lmfao. was on vice to speak about inceldom as well here: https://www.vice.com/en/article/7xqw3g/this-is-what-the-life-of-an-incel-looks-like

No. 1830187

Bump cp bot at it again

No. 1830569

File: 1684528908533.jpg (167.45 KB, 2133x1013, mog2.jpg)

even more context maybe?

No. 1830570

File: 1684528957896.jpg (162.74 KB, 2103x1018, mog3.jpg)

No. 1830571

File: 1684528988550.png (62.12 KB, 1181x607, mog1.png)

No. 1830603

failing to see how the first two screenshots correlate at all & this last one negates nothing either lol congratulations on further proving how depraved you all are though? context was already provided sweet pea

No. 1830605

lmao is this supposed to be about empath? “big eyes” and “jerking off to ugly girls as a fetish” kek you’re humiliating her even more

No. 1830639

not negating but showing more about what her 'friends' really think. lulzy for more reasons if you've been following the server

No. 1830722

oh my bad i thought you were the previous anon trying to discredit my claims, keep on nonna <3

No. 1831974

File: 1684724255912.jpeg (255.46 KB, 3023x3462, 2852ABBA-12AB-46BE-B7EC-329A6B…)

what a great person this nasty ass low-rate literal prostitute is seeking sexual gratification from victimized people’s real life, grief-filled, and often lethal trauma. or she’s just saying that to be edgy & outing herself as a completely insufferable and irredeemable disgusting worthless slag in the process

No. 1831981

File: 1684725142403.jpeg (484.66 KB, 2803x2620, A1422ED7-FF51-409B-975B-D8DBF4…)

how warped is this retarded whore’s thought process where she thinks this is a normal father-daughter interaction in any sense? you can at least tell how affected she is by the insults levied against her here given the fact that she regularly imposes the stolen lolcow insults on other women + her pathetic entourage of simps where they rarely ever even apply.

associating with her is pitiful in its own right, so it’s hard to even sympathize when she constantly spergs at what sparse female friends (who secretly think she’s an embarrassingly insecure larper behind her back) she does have in her server; claiming they’re “copying her”, have “melted wax faces”, calling them “fat” with “negative canthal tilts” and other incel-tier lookism insults, all things that have been directly said to her lmfao.

No. 1835017

File: 1685120503100.jpeg (70.21 KB, 799x600, A5B5E38F-7726-40E4-9D72-D460BC…)

she legitimately looks haggard

No. 1835052

File: 1685123688869.jpeg (760.72 KB, 3244x3369, BA9481CF-DFAE-4F1D-8E76-761827…)

more of her animal abuse chronicles. this is actually disgusting and isabella janke boiling her hamster and getting turned on by cat excrement tier, she cannot be trusted with any animal in fear that she rapes or murders them

No. 1835090

Sorry for offtopic but does anybody have the link to her discord server? Intrigued to see how much of a weirdo she is live

No. 1835092

the nose shrinking and making lips bigger shooping is so funny

No. 1835109

File: 1685127470387.jpeg (312.98 KB, 3460x2003, 3BE62645-3809-4998-B2B8-740B74…)

she definitely got fillers or a lip flip, her philtrum is completely non-existent as compared to her old pics kek. either that or she forcefully pushes them out to appear fuller in every pic, or shoops them. before it was defined and pretty long

No. 1835131

File: 1685130494790.jpeg (724.79 KB, 3113x2888, A5410A54-3BAF-4639-AF89-466755…)

she talks about fucking animals in her server on an almost constant basis

No. 1835196

Idk this comparison makes it pretty clear it's not cosmetic surgery kek. Unless they performed an eye transplant the same time as her lip fillers, she's just using tacky Chinese filters

No. 1835293

File: 1685146269502.jpeg (394.44 KB, 1170x2309, 8F71B88B-B4F0-4728-886F-496968…)

leaving this here… tried to follow me on her alt even though we have no ties on instagram…

No. 1835315

My friends & I got requested by her on our spam accounts, no clue how she found us all we're all private with under 100 followers with no ties, it was so funny when I saw it was her kek. I would assume she's spam following but her numbers don't reflect that

No. 1835359

lip fillers can't make your actual mouth wider or your philtrum shorter, she's just shooping them

No. 1835780

Are Seymour and chrishop still in her server?

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