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File: 1528282089722.png (131.56 KB, 679x578, 638.png)

No. 603226

Let's discuss Varg and all the other "defenders of Northern Europe".

Varg Vikernes:
>was in a black metal band called Mayhem, their vocalist killed himself
>set several churches on fire
>in 1993 he killed fellow band member Euronymous by stabbing him 23 times, claimed it was self-defense
>when he was arrested the police found 150 kg of explosives and 3,000 rounds of ammunition in his home
>was sentenced to 21 years
>made music as a one-man band called Burzum while in prison
>in 2009 he was released
>2 years earlier, while he was still in prison, he married a 19-year-old and in the same year their first child was born, now they're at number 7
>in 2012 he started his own youtube channel, there he rambles about survivalism and race

The Golden One:
Talks about the same stuff, traditionalism, etc., BUT is also into bodybuilding. Because of this he got into a feud with Varg since the latter is totally against this ("too modern, unnatural and a show-off"), but they claim to have reconciled. Also, Stell Bell seems to have a crush on him.

No. 603232

this thread just motivated me to check on varg, and just saying, he looks like absolute shit. he looks, easily, like he's 67 years old. easily. nordic men age like shit. that having been said, i can't say that i fault him for having killed euronymous, the dude was a POS. he's still a garbage fire though. his wife looks really terrible for like, what, 28, too.

No. 603233

He killed Euronymous, Death killed himself.
If she was really only 19 back then, that would make her 30 now, but giving birth nearly every single year definitely took a toll on her…

No. 603238

File: 1528283429876.jpg (451.29 KB, 864x921, picture-7021-1.jpg)

She was somewhat cute when she was younger though.

No. 603276

File: 1528290725361.jpg (47.08 KB, 300x400, varg_vikernes-sol_austan_mani_…)

No. 603296


>>diabolical mixture of raw black metal and elevator music

this is gold

No. 603297


sry, forgot to sage

No. 603309

Where can you find what she looks like now? I went to her YouTube channel but it was all just videos of her kids playing (which was sweet tbh)

No. 603312

Doesn't the golden one have a weird nazi feminism thing going on? I only know him from hontra's videos.

No. 603415


Varg-Euronymous feud and subsequent murder is great vintage drama. i remember reading everything i could find about it because knowing about stuff like this before the internet was common earned you metalhead brownie points. it's really odd encountering "varg" as a racist youtuber on lolcow rather than a musician though. sage for pointless reminiscing.

No. 603518

this. it feels so strange and not very ~trve~ at all lol. i often wonder what would become of euronymous if he lived, would he be like the stalinist equivalent of varg, talking about communism on youtube? would they collab? sage for sillyness

No. 605724

You've got lot's of things wrong, if you're going to shit on someone at least get your facts checked. this doesn't look like a serious thread to be honest

No. 612214

You can tell the thread is shit when all someone posts a satire article. Varg's not a lolcow by any means. Sometimes he says retarded, outlandish shit, but a lot of what he says is plain facts and people get seriously butthurt about it. His music is legendary and has gone down in history for both the metal and dungeon synth genres and he has a lot of admirable traits unlike most ecelebs looking for a quick buck.
He definitely enjoys the attention though and I know he posts about himself on 4chan and plays up the "I'm a living meme" thing. It's funny watching this teenage edgelord loser turned dadvlogger tending to his homestead on youtube for muh survivalism but he's not a fucking mess like everyone else posted on this site.

No. 633152

File: 1531242682873.png (424.5 KB, 671x671, 1519825789102.png)

No. 633171

Nigga, Varg said he stabbed Euronymous ONE TIME IN THE FUCKIN HEAD! Y'all lying on Varg bc he's a Pagan!

Honestly, I quite like Varg. He says some weird ass shit sometimes though, but I honestly think it's because he's smoking some obscure Thulean weed.

No. 633184

>not a fucking mess

Anon tf is your definition of a mess because this dude has been rocking his own boat since he started burning churches, but being in your 60's with a wife in their 20's giving birth every year like alil aryan production plant is totes equal to selfposting online on the occasion.

No. 633195

It's a Varg stan who agrees with his retarded viewpoints and calls them "plain facts". Don't even bother trying to talk sense.

No. 633765

ot but is there a name for this type of spurdo?

No. 983999

File: 1591439920871.jpeg (51.68 KB, 640x1135, 74348F9D-92C9-48C6-AC0E-A3729C…)

Marie’s photos she posts on twitter are at least a few years old, but I was able to get a screenshot from her latest permaganism video. She seems like she has packed on the pounds, not very surprising considering that she had like 6 kids already. nIt’s funny how they used to sperg out at fat people, but now they’re defending white people with Neanderthal origins are meant to carry some extra fat in their bodies and fitness is an African ideal pushed on us by the Jewish media kek.

I’m actually happy for their kids because they live a much healthy and happy childhood compared to an average city kid spending their life in front their pc, and they eat fresh produce from the garden. And I agree that modern western society and the food industry in not sustainable, but.. everything else they claim is outlandish and Varg seems to have anchored his intellect on an alternative reality. From their obsession with blue eyes / recessive features, Neanderthals and pagan myths to their suspicion of everything based on scientific facts. In a way it’s understandable: prison must have messed with Varg’s mind beyond repair, and he doesn’t have many options since he’s banned from opening bank accounts, traveling etc.

No. 984014

>prison must have messed with Varg's mind beyong repair

Norwegian prison is like a holiday

No. 984017

I think he is just messed up naturally.

No. 984028

File: 1591450525508.png (893.07 KB, 755x840, 1572295193285.png)

Nordic Nationalist Islam when

No. 984059

Never would I imagine Varg tweeting about Kivanc Tatlitug kek. He’s a mega popular actor in Turkey and is famous for his blonde European looks. Varg must be drooling over his blue eyes and blond hair.

This man really hates Christianity.

No. 984066

I’d happily follow Nordic Nationalist Islam for Kivanc lol

No. 984559

pretty sure they are fucked in the head beyond salvation.

here, found an older german documentary which treats the roots of ns beliefs. the subtitles aren’t perfect but it will do since it’s hard to find stuff in english about it and it gets to the point.


everyone who believes anything based on this shit nowadays must be uninformed, utterly delusional or braindead.
You can only hope they leave the kids alone with their ideological bullshit, but sadly that is most likely not the case.

No. 984570

File: 1591555981925.png (309.4 KB, 790x1320, ukni2.png)

You basically mirrored my thoughts on this family exactly, anon.

It's actually so funny seeing Italians get buttblasted about Varg gatekeeping them from his weird aryan LARP and begging for him to accept them.

No. 984571

File: 1591556080337.png (307.41 KB, 784x1118, kjnkn.png)

Also, him sperging about Bjork and insisting she's not "truly" Icelandic.

No. 984704

I think his hatred of Italians and southern Europeans comes from the fact they played a big part in the creation and spreading of Christianity

No. 984739

If I remember correctly Varg himself said in an interview that he thought they were too easy on him in prison and wanted guards to beat him up and throw him in a dungeon lol

No. 984766

Doesn't Varg have another daughter that is around the same age as Marie? Wonder why he doesn't talk about her

No. 984786

I came to say the exact same thing. She is at least 27 and he posts her name as (incognito). There are tons of pics of this supposed girl floating around esp on /pol/ but it's confirmed not to be her, it's just some random student from Norway now studying in the UK. Also a lot of people saying it's Rebecca Sivertsen, who has an active social media and everything but she and her sister have both posted about their dads death, which could always be a step parent but I think she's just a completely unrelated person too.

No. 984818

File: 1591623648167.png (1012.84 KB, 1200x1378, Screen Shot 2020-06-08 at 9.36…)

holy shit lol ever since lockdown I've gotten immersed in internet politics from all sides of the aisle and i honestly think the pagan smoothbrains have the best milk. varg's replies are always filled with 20 something tradthots trying to score some of that vargina, it's hilarious

varg types like a huge fucking boomer too

No. 985590

File: 1591801877478.jpeg (112.38 KB, 640x711, 1EFAB5BA-CE81-4A26-92EB-119680…)

Tell me about it. These pseudo science pagans have the best milk, even better than cows in Japan IMO.

Marie can be a huge pick me sometimes. Thanks Marie, but I’d rather have a modern medium length hairstyle that suits modern clothes because I don’t walk around with a bear skin cape all day kek

No. 985856


Varg doesn't know much about vikings, ironically. Both men and women wore jewellery, most commonly bracelets.

No. 985980

Yeah but he’s so brainwashed by the pseudo scientific mythical theories of his wife he puts her on a silver pedestal at this point. He idolizes Marie as an ideal pagan goddess and expects their followers to do exactly the same.

It’s like some sort of religious cult..

No. 987236

File: 1592144204854.jpeg (116.45 KB, 640x682, ED5BCA82-E185-457F-ACEA-75EDE8…)

Marie living in another dimension

No. 987332

everyone knows jews invented the alphabet and real viking women tweet via speech to text

No. 987601

Kek anon.
Marie Cachet has terrible English, she must be asking her husband to spellcheck her tweets

No. 987999

The branch of paganism they claim actually has historical sources and some overlap with Hinduism. Varg is racist and an atheist, and Marie is an atheist new-ager so they're not going to read any of it. All they have is some kind of placenta vagina religion.

It is a cult, they quite often kick out members if they question Varg or Marie in any way.

No. 1109625

File: 1608277169989.jpeg (242.01 KB, 1587x1587, E3CC8541-5968-4127-8D79-4BEA51…)

No. 1109664

File: 1608286793037.jpg (170.63 KB, 1252x921, fat_autistic_aryan_overlords.j…)

I think this belongs in this Thread.

No. 1109721

Completely forgot about varg and the golden one. Guess varg is for fat acceptance now lol

No. 1110157

File: 1608337842396.jpeg (139.46 KB, 640x758, 468CA86F-9A61-47F7-9661-E07396…)

Promotes intolerance and shaming of “degenerates”

Btw you wish you & wifey looked like that Varg kek

No. 1110161

File: 1608337944475.jpeg (124.03 KB, 640x828, AE52C535-835F-4700-8880-A6187C…)

But takes a SJW turn a few days later and fights against cancel culture

No. 1110167

File: 1608338487857.jpeg (233.92 KB, 640x687, 009A1FAE-A0DC-45C6-855E-1141A6…)


We get it Varg, because you have blue eyes, only blue eyed people are European. Because wifey has autism, true master race of European people originally had autism. Since you both have like a dozen of kids and packed on the pounds, real Europeans have fat and vitamin D storage. Only you and your placenta cult are true Europeans and your glorious offspring shall rule Europe for generations.

No. 1110182

I wonder what he thinks about green eyed Eurobeans.

No. 1110227

My god, Varg and gimpgirl would have the throwdown of the century

No. 1110289

Definitely arabeans

No. 1110290

Gimpgirl would lose because she can’t carry haybales all day and at her weight she can’t birth any more white babies

No. 1110433

File: 1608375606624.jpg (372.98 KB, 2048x1125, EPANWLyXsAAxE51.jpeg.jpg)

Varg's wife has some pretty gnarly roots for someone who worships all-natural viking blonde hair.

No. 1110447

I’m pretty sure she’s a natural blonde. Some natural blondes have darker roots and the hair growth gets lighter as it’s exposed to sun. The kids have nearly white hair too. They’re placenta cultists and conspiracy theorists, but I’ve never seen them lying or tricking people. They seem to genuinely believe whatever they are passionate about.

No. 1110448

Isn't his wife autistic?

No. 1110449

File: 1608379729235.jpeg (116.14 KB, 640x635, 2E8E8D13-DFF9-4001-85A3-6A614F…)

Lol Marie.

The most placenta obsessed person of this century

No. 1110450

It's also extremely yellow which suggests dye.

No. 1110451

Yes she is, hence the obsession for:

Umbilical cord
Must get pregnant
Elderberry juice
Make more babies
Elderberry syrup sow seeds
This myth is a symbol for.. placenta!

No. 1110453

File: 1608380320020.jpeg (137.78 KB, 607x892, D174862C-ECC9-40FE-9160-B287FE…)

Her hair is quite shiny for her to be a bottle blonde. They most likely don’t use modern hair conditioner, if she dyed it, it would be more frizzy and unhealthy

No. 1110455

File: 1608380404164.jpeg (113.81 KB, 640x697, F32006DB-7DEB-488D-971A-2842EC…)

She looks beautiful, but sounds like a pick me

No. 1110471

File: 1608382769389.png (1.16 MB, 1315x635, 1505037107830.png)

She absolutely bleaches her hair, or at least used to, look at this shit. With the lenght she maintains its hard to believe she grew everything out all over again since picrel was taken. She's naturally medium-dark blonde so theres not a lot of color to lift, which is probably why her hair doesn't look fried. But its mighty brassy in some pictures.
Idk why y'all are so trusting of this pair of nutters not to be giant hypocrites.

No. 1110476

Varg is very much against hairdressers or even women dying their hair. I can’t find the tweet right now but he went on a spergout about how women should never wear makeup, never dye their hair, never get Botox or breast augmentation. I agree that they are absolute nutcases but I don’t think they would lie about Marie not being a true light blonde.

They would rather talk about how true Europeans have dirty blonde hair and light blonde haired people are totally North African kek. They warp the scientific facts to serve their interests.

No. 1110483

I’m fascinated by how Varg, a Scandinavian heterosexual bigot in his own words, seems to be simping hard for his wife Marie. He has let himself to be influenced hard by her nutcase theories about autism, Neanderthals, European myths and whatnot. It’s always been a mystery to me. He fell hard for this woman.

No. 1110486

Was it this one anon? >>1110476

probably because she's the only one who can tolerate him. Bring up varg now and most people would associate him with being a murderer, not even an anti christian musician.

No. 1110488

Because never in history have crazy trads been caught doing the exact opposite of what they preach. Besides, she could very well be hiding it from him. Scrotes are that non-observant, especially if they don't know shit about hairdressing, which I imagine Varg does. My own father didn't notice I bleached my hair from level 8 to 10 until I told him lmao.

No. 1110489

Yes that one anon, thank you for pointing it out.
Maybe I can’t express my opinion as articulately as I’d like to because english is not my native language but what I’m trying to say is they don’t have a pattern of being pathological liars. Instead they have a pattern of replacing scientific truth with whatever bullshit they believe in

No. 1110490

Lmao. True anon, maybe he has no idea that Marie is hiding some L’Oréal behind her seed box.

No. 1110494

Their kid on the left has brown hair, so according to Varg himself his own son is not white kek

No. 1110496

Deport him to Middle East before he runs out of Vitamin D stocks

No. 1110544


My sides

No. 1110564

Same shade as mom's roots.

No. 1110573

I’m literally 100% north/west European according to my dna test and the only background I have is Irish and Scandinavian. My eyes are probably due to Celtic admixture. Is he going to say Celts aren’t white too now? When did celts mix with Turks or non whites lmao.

No. 1110574

And btw I say this because I have brown eyes and brown hair. I’ve met Jews and quadroons who had lighter hair and eyes than me. Yet I’m 100% Euro without any Med or Turk or non white blood. Hmm.(nobody cares)

No. 1110589

I'm sorry but no one cares, sage, and delete don't double post.
I mean this in the nicest way possible.

No. 1110600

made me kek out loud anon

No. 1110875

Off to Arabia you go kek

No. 1110877

“Jews” and “quadroons”? Turks and Meds?
You sound butthurt that Varg and wife didn’t accept you to their placenta cult anon despite you were highly willing to join..

No. 1111085

Why do I have a feeling this dudes secretly a weird fetishist over compensating for his micro penis?

No. 1111086

I get small dick energy too, anon

No. 1111125

These threads definitely lure out the angry, rejected tradthots, kek.

No. 1111147

Maybe if she asks kindly, Marie will share her hidden L’Oréal boxes with her.
Then she can find an honorable Neanderthal husband and retire from lolcow

No. 1111153

File: 1608459805205.jpeg (104.07 KB, 640x706, A8AD1FFC-3DA2-4BB9-AD96-217E0F…)

Some fantastic pseudoscience by Marie Cachet
She claims white people are 99.7% Neanderthal.

No. 1111157

hahaha varg is hilarious, but i sincerely hope his wife really wanted a huge family. it is really stressful. i hope she's okay lol

No. 1111158

I believe her but what point is she trying to make? We share 94% of our genome with baboons and 60% with bananas, so what of it?

No. 1111160

On a French interview she said having as many children as possible was one of her projects since she was young. She talks about her kids endearingly therefore I’m sure she’s happy and content with her life. Marie flies on a different frequency but she is not as quite annoying as her husband.

No. 1111162

You’re right anon. But she tries to resell this information as modern Europeans being nearly 100% Neanderthal, not sharing 99.7 percent of their genome with them.
Marie argues that Neanderthals are the ancestors of modern Europeans whereas Africans descend from Homo Sapiens. She defends the idea that these are different species. In the following pseudoscientific article she says that there is a possibility Homo sapiens and Neanderthal evolved from completely different bacteria and Homo erectus may not necessarily be a common ancestor to them.


No. 1111229

This is always so funny, because before the human genome was mapped, white supremacists used to call black people “neanderthals” and themselves “cro-magnons”. Now being a neanderthal is supposed to be a good thing.

No. 1111232

Lmao completely interprets anthropology incorrectly. Bitch couldn't even find a primary source backing up her fuckery it's well known in academia south Africans typically have higher genetic markings related to Neanderthal. What is with Europeans always trying to be special snowflakes

No. 1111251

Nordic supremacists per se. They are obsessed with proving that they are the true master race and look down upon everyone else, even South or Eastern Europeans.

No. 1111254

What annoys me most are the Italians or Polish with darker complexion who take this fuckery seriously and actually put the effort to prove their whiteness to Varg’s placenta cult.

No. 1111747

File: 1608535191495.jpeg (114.56 KB, 640x845, 3BEAB72A-6740-4843-8EEE-12392D…)

Varg treats anyone who doesn’t agree with his opinions or who is not “part of his tribe” like shit. He has serious anger issues.

No. 1111748

File: 1608535313207.jpeg (87.22 KB, 640x565, 68170F1D-16AA-47FA-B083-109DF3…)

He gets offended whenever people ask questions about his black metal past. Being a failure musician must be hard.

No. 1111767

He's so annoying, everyone would be much better off if he shut off his internet and spent all day living primitively

No. 1111776

File: 1608544225977.jpeg (86.94 KB, 750x833, 95468199-7647-48EB-8CA1-05094B…)


Varg is so pathetic it’s actually funny. Like picrel he had to add a photo of his truck and him flexing because a photo of his kids with some baby chicks wasn’t ‘alpha male’ enough for him I guess. Lmao what a loser. Spare a thought for his wife’s vagina too, he only got out of prison like ten years ago and they’re already on kid number 7.

No. 1111779

He's hilarious. He would be really fun to follow if he didn't berate everyone else constantly. kek at the cyclops smiley

No. 1111781

File: 1608545464974.jpeg (101.69 KB, 341x512, C0C028A3-1487-40C5-BC0A-855D11…)


Ladies, is it gay to hold a chicken? Asking for a friend!

No. 1111850

File: 1608558318777.jpeg (126.57 KB, 640x849, F6353846-8091-4E60-A988-33EA0A…)

He adores that photo of himself anon

No. 1111853

File: 1608558408719.jpeg (105.42 KB, 640x637, BA4527E7-FC30-4703-AE49-7B043A…)

A Nordic legend says that women who see this picture will get impregnated 7 times over the span of ten years….

No. 1111906

He looks worse than my 85 year old grandpa, if that's how ~the Slavic master race~ is supposed to look I'm becoming a Isis bride fuck this

No. 1111979

…Asians have more Neanderthal DNA than huwites, peak WN retardation

No. 1111999

Real Bad Santa energy in this pic.

No. 1112023

>slavic master race
he's nordic and part english according to his brother's DNA test, don't bring us slavs into this shitshow, we had enough lmao

No. 1112873

I have feeling he's gonna get exposed for watching BBC porn and flirting with black boys.

No. 1112877

this pic made me a lesbian.

No. 1112887

File: 1608679463774.png (158.78 KB, 203x338, FB5D3AF6-6CDE-4A13-A7AF-6C04A1…)

Jesus Christ

No. 1112932

File: 1608682607767.png (236.74 KB, 674x551, varg.png)

No. 1113023

Varg’s attempt at denying the “race mixing” of her oldest daughter is laughable, but I don’t see the point of posting her to this thread. It was also very nasty for those other Twitter users to bring her into the argument. Varg is nothing more than a biological father to her, as he was incarcerated shortly after impregnating her mother. She wasn’t raised by a nutcase racist father and a placenta obsessed autistic mother, therefore she ended up being a normal, functioning adult.

No. 1113024

It's kind of hilarious how in the schizo WN community, a white woman just standing next to a black man is cause for alarm and denial. They have actual brain rot. The two aren't even standing close together.

No. 1113028

Because according to white nationalist community, a woman’s place is at her home. She should be cooking, harvesting in her garden, be busy with her embroidery and children instead of standing next to a black man. The latter would be a scandal.
I’ve checked out the twitter accounts of Marie’s supporters and it’s laughing material. These special snowflakes act like only blue eyed blonde haired white women can excel at embroidery and cooking whereas their homemaking skills are tragic.

No. 1113029

File: 1608692372877.jpeg (120.23 KB, 640x713, A03731C9-7902-4C88-8336-BDDFED…)

No. 1113032

File: 1608692515473.jpeg (65.45 KB, 640x456, C59B3604-CCA7-4552-853B-4766C7…)

Sewing skills may not be on the same chromosome as blue eye gene. The women in Asia and Middle East would do 1000 times better.

No. 1113181

It literally looks like he is trying to squeeze out a trapped fart.

No. 1113263

White ppl have triangular armpits u heard it here first

No. 1113268

What kind of father refers to his daughter as “this is the result of my teenage mistake”
“This” is still your biological daughter….. a human with feelings.

No. 1113270

File: 1608729313107.jpeg (147.65 KB, 640x854, 44843B6F-A085-4881-BDC0-96A3B6…)

Says the man who has contributed to the overpopulation of earth with 7 children plus one in the oven.

No. 1113281


Classic WP eco-fascism.

No. 1113292

What a goofball. Looks like he stepped out of The Holy Grail, just needs some coconuts

No. 1113320

Gussets sewn into the arms of a garment like this have been a thing forever, as in medieval times and earlier even.


No. 1113499

File: 1608752755081.png (18.89 KB, 740x164, blondCapture.PNG)

No. 1113505

File: 1608752927652.png (27.26 KB, 739x254, vargvargCapture.PNG)

No. 1113507

File: 1608753119553.png (37.04 KB, 595x387, autismvargCapture.PNG)

Apologies if it has already been said, but his wife actually has autism

No. 1113511

didn't you hear? anything his own family has (blonde hair, blue eyes, autism, retardation) is actually based

No. 1113528

File: 1608754042568.png (109.71 KB, 740x880, haremvargCapture.PNG)

Samefagging again but here Varg goes on a sperg about how the ancient pagans were having based tradwife virgin harems.

Pack your bags anons (and keep quiet about your sex life), we're going to France for some of that non-degenerate Varg orgy.

Read more here:https://www.burzum.org/eng/library/a_burzum_story05.shtml

No. 1113537

File: 1608754450967.jpg (69.38 KB, 1024x576, 16956883_101.jpg)

Varg basically bends his ideals based on what he is/does. He once made a video sperging about what "blonde" is, in that video he lumped a quite wide palate of shades under the umbrella because in his old pictures you can clearly see he has brown hair.

Just look at this perf aryan king uwu

No. 1113550

I’m obsessed with nords who think they have any connection to the success of ancient Greeks. The white hotep. They notice some ancients had fair coloring and go into full we was kangs. They were bathing in mud, shitting in the street, raping women and children and dying of plague and petty raids while the civilized southerners, browns and blacks were inventing society at the time.

Fortunately a swarthy queen like myself can recognize having a “dark ages” doesn’t condemn the value of an entire ethnic group, so I’ll graciously admit the aryans have equal worth. even if they lived like pigs for nearly 1000 years kek

No. 1113552

Unironically one of the funniest things a man has ever said.

No. 1113578

Where do I even begin with this retardation… The greeks famously considered themselves to be master race because they were "just right" (not pale, nor black - but olive-skinned). Also, Greeks and Romans saw nordic barbarians as subhuman. Also, when mayohoteps fantasize about trad pagan virgin harems when viking women had more civil rights (including owning property) than any women anywhere else at the time.

No. 1113587

Sage for simping but he was so fucking cute why did he have to turn into a nazi tubby boomer?

No. 1113609

This ones always funny because even at a cursory glance, inbreeding and a small gene pool will weaken the biological and social health of a group.

The great ancient civilizations that western people focus on were on coasts and trade routes. like the people there today, most people living in the Mediterranean empires would have had a comparatively diverse genetic background because that’s a transient area. So most of the famous scholars of Ancient Greece had varied ancestry when dating back because much of the Mediterranean population is impermanent.

If you want to get into bio essentialism, which is weak shit anyway, if anything a diverse background would be superior. A large genetic pool offered protection from genetic diseases which could help keep strong mind and body to make the best of your abilities, and it was mentally stimulating to be exposed to various cultures.

Compare that to royals who inter-married so much their children became physically and mentally disabled. I always feel a little sad for that last hapsburg guy who basically had Down’s and could barely walk

The kicker for me is werent the Vikings famous for kidnapping and forcing themselves on foreign women? and bringing those women and the offspring back to their tribe? There was nothing exclusive about that genetic group. Which probably helped in the long run.

The prevalence of recessive features despite plenty of mixing could be the low sunlight choosing for pale featured people to be healthier and survive/reproduce more. But they still carry all the genetic strength of those dirty Southern cultures even when light hair color is being naturally selected.

I feel like varg has no idea that color is not chromosomally linked to other important genes besides appearance. A blond with a high IQ could have inherited intelligence genes from the southern parent and hair color genes from the nord. I truly don’t think varg realizes that most genes are not linked and can split and combine randomly.

No. 1113622

I’m going to be nice and assume you like women because that is an ugly ass man but he has the individual features of a pretty girl.

Puckered up rose bud mouth, lightly defined cheekbones, soft padding in the cheeks for an oval face shape, close together and somewhat round eyes. Pretend the chin and brown line is smaller and the hair wasn’t nasty and it could work.

No. 1113623

I agree anon, but ancient Greeks/Egyptians basically all but died out, modern Greeks/Egyptians share about as much dna as varg with the ancients. Another thing I will point out is that the Aryans are not and never were nordic people, it's just something nazi's clung onto cause muh blue eyes.
> sage for kind of derailing

No. 1113629

I mean very true, but if anyone had any of that dna connection it would be the people living there now. If at all. So delusional and funny that people half way across the continent think they have a shred of connection when the locals barely do

No. 1113635

> I feel like varg has no idea that color is not chromosomally linked to other important genes besides appearance. A blond with a high IQ could have inherited intelligence genes from the southern parent and hair color genes from the nord. I truly don’t think varg realizes that most genes are not linked and can split and combine randomly.

Most racists don’t. People smarter than us have explained this in a myriad of ways and they all still get hung up on shallow shit.

No. 1113663

Holy shit anon, I can't unsee it now

No. 1113675

File: 1608761290407.png (18.26 KB, 738x171, blueysCapture.PNG)

>Aryan kings and kweens can communicate with the gods while swarthys can't

>If the entire world is populated by gross ppl with pigment we will never be able to communicate with the gods

Source: https://www.burzum.org/eng/library/2005_interview_metalcrypt.shtml

No. 1113706


He literally is of that tiny percentage of people that has those blue eyes that are dark as fuck, reflect almost no light and have almost no iris-to-pupil contrast. I don't know why he spergs so hard about this, functionally his eyes are basically brown lol. The afghan girl has more valhalla VIP status then him

No. 1113711

Thalmor Perspective

No. 1113931

File: 1608785101744.gif (1.8 MB, 512x287, 08FA49D7-004C-479D-8966-847E21…)

No. 1113969

agreed. he looks so fucking bad now, despite being somewhat cute back when he was young

No. 1114020

File: 1608799253478.jpg (190.58 KB, 1080x851, Screenshot_20201224-093932_Sam…)

I will never find it not hilarious that this sperg's birth name is Kristian

No. 1114048

File: 1608803554586.gif (3.1 MB, 414x355, 11AF433B-A6FE-48CC-82F9-3B91A9…)

whooop you’re pregnant

No. 1114069

That’s what happens when you become a hatecow and murderer, it negates all the potential cuteness.

Now he looks like he yells at the tv and slurps tapioca pudding all day.

No. 1114071


You can tell one of his kids held the cellphone to film this. Let that sink in.

No. 1114075

This reads so clearly to me as bitterness over the Hebrew origin myth of being gods chosen people. Imagine the seethe that instills in him daily.

Most antisemites blame Jewish people for being the real racists because of that origin story, when it is truly not that deep and if anything a coping mechanism for that culture being a minority and punching bag for millennia.

Varg can’t stop thinking about it and made up his own NO ME version of it. bitch

No. 1114079

File: 1608813159277.png (352.35 KB, 597x699, aryanvargCapture.PNG)

Varg getting triggered over people noticing his hair used to be suspiciously brown

No. 1114080

Thanks! That blog mentions European gussets and a Navajo one, I wonder if they were ever used in Asia

No. 1114084

File: 1608814887960.gif (1.92 MB, 150x150, E955C757-EA6A-4FC0-90B9-68AA81…)

The idea that anyone else actually wants to get into Viking heaven sends me

Look what were missing !

No. 1114102

Completely unrelated but I could kiss you anon I've been looking for this specific gif for a week

No. 1114129

File: 1608823249217.jpeg (114.84 KB, 640x696, 16A6C4D9-054D-4EE3-A4E0-CDBDB7…)

Some of his followers are as laughable as Varg

No. 1114134


Part of the above vice article boils my blood:
“I once interviewed him (for the second edition of Lords of Chaos) and he was talking about the need to get rid of children who are handicapped."

“He told me that when the mothers would be sad [about their children being executed], we could just explain to them how easy it was to get a new kid. And then he started gyrating his hips in an Elvis motion to show how easy it would be to make a new baby.”

I feel sorry for his kids who will grow up and read all this nonsense in the future.

No. 1114136

Hellenic Tolkien ..Make it make sense

No. 1114142

File: 1608824211233.jpeg (128.43 KB, 640x845, 9DC2AE27-13EB-49E3-BC75-B827B5…)

No. 1114242

what a sick fuck

No. 1114536

File: 1608868107530.jpeg (39.1 KB, 577x532, 05498533-9190-41E0-A733-DDF9A5…)

400+ likes from weebs with anime avatars

No. 1114590

Don't worry about it, his kids are going to flee to the city for a normal life. It's not like the Amish, "home" isn't a culture, it's just a bitter old man in a cramped house stuffed with other kids. And after doing lots of coke and having adventures, they'll be posting here.

No. 1114648

Varg has a cult following on twitter who devoutly watch his videos like it’s some Neo Nazi video Bible. Some of these kids are as young as 19 and they retweet his hate speech all the time & absorb his ideas. The man is a murderer and an ex rock star, Marie eloped with him at 19 while he was still serving his prison sentence….I’m pretty sure there are dozens of other young impressionable women who are lusting after their hero.

No. 1114660

Marie is kinda ugly tbh. I see better looking blonde women dating indians, you'd think a king sfcel would have a better looking wife.

No. 1114666

That’s his type. He also idolizes Galadriel, who has similar imperfections but is strikingly pale & has long blonde locks.

The blonde girl in
also has similar features to Marie. Long manly face, almost no eyebrows, thin lips and her nose is on the big side. I personally don’t have a preference for complexion of course, but the woman on the right looks way more attractive. If he is trying to convince his audience that the classical Mediterranean phenotype is unattractive, he should have at least tried to find a more attractive looking blonde woman.

Also Marie agreed to marry him at 19 and accepted spending the rest of her life as a child factory living in a shitty old house with no hot water, so there’s that. Kek.

No. 1114667

The blonde literally looks more sinister doing that Kubrick stare and the brunette has a softer expression. Delusional goes without saying but it’s self own after self own with these creatures

No. 1114681

File: 1608897311512.jpeg (37.9 KB, 500x334, 71AE6546-A33C-413C-AC8E-B69945…)


Do green eyes not exist in their autistic placentaverse or??

No. 1114691

I wonder the same thing? Race autists are something else.

No. 1114710


I think that french law requires all children to attend public high school, maybe a french anon can clarify this. But if that's true, no more homeschooling placenta nonsense after 15, although maybe they will try to scam the system using their kid's autism diagnosis. I don't expect their rural french town's local HS to be filled with underground raves, drugs and transkids but its def going to be an extreme cultural shock for them to go from their current environment to a normal HS. As milky as it would be though, I am pretty sure they will successful scam the system to keep their kids out of school. The oldest is 13 rn, so it's coming up soon.

No. 1114717


Sameanon but apperently France just passed a law all but banning homeschooling a few weeks ago, obstinately to force Muslims to integrate faster kek. The only exception is for disability, intensive sport or artistic training (Varg's survivalist viking LARP not withstanding) or living too far away from a school. I wonder if they are gonna rush to get all 7 of their kids with crippling nonfunctional autism.

No. 1114732

I see, that’s why Marie’s twitter is full of French tweets about homeschooling. (I don’t understand the details at all)
In her videos I can tell the kids are pretty advanced at math, so I can’t say she’s doing a bad job except confining the kids in her placentaverse, but at the end of the day it will be good for kids to meet and socialize with other kids and get a different perspective of life.

Extremist neo nazis are no different than extremist muslims IMO. I hope those muslims don’t kidnap their kids to their homeland to “protect” them from western education

No. 1114734

That’s the end of their homeschooling then. They can’t move to any other country other than Marie’s native homeland thanks to Varg’s criminal background.
I’m happy for the children. I’m also happy that they can’t brag about their survivalist life on YouTube anymore to brainwash impressionable young kids into their neo nazi placenta cult. The kids not being homeschooled will be a huge strike on their placentaverse.

No. 1114796

Nowhere nearly funny as a Jewish actor being cast to play Varg lmao

No. 1114824


They might just move to some remote shack in the middle of nowhere to justify that they live too far away from a school to send their kids to one. But then it's almost assured their kids will start doing some weird incest shit as they hit puberty and have no one else to interact with.

The other option is they try to argue all seven of their kids are disabled with autism and can't attend regular schools, the more likely option imo. I don't know how much their local dept of education will care about retarded hippie pagan LARPer's homechooling since the target of the law is clearly muslim immigrants.

No. 1114825

Varg consider green eyes foreign too

No. 1114960

Every day I suffer knowing I will never look like tilda swinton or get into fvïnterbelm when I die fuuucjkk.

The jellied trout and lambs blood pudding is supposed to be bomb there

No. 1114966

Which is ironic considering that green eyes are relatively rare, if I am not mistaken.

No. 1114974

Move over omegaverse kek

No. 1115058

File: 1608955218418.jpeg (121.6 KB, 640x794, 0FD0978A-D08A-4532-AC19-2EE372…)

Varg doesn't even care about not being a burden on the French tax payer. In fact he's proud of it. He’s not that different from the “Muslims” he loves to hate. At east Syrian refugees enter Europe with the intent to save themselves from being perished in war.

Some people who are derisively referred to as "lifestyle libertarians" do this too. They live off some form of disability or welfare, which means the state they wish to destroy subsidizing their "work" tearing down the state. Like Varg, they will claim their welfare payments are "helping" to bring about the end of the state by bleeding it white.

>muh evil civilisation

>can't survive without it

No. 1115076

varg says that green eyes are a mutation from brown eyes lol

No. 1115105

are you joking that's so fucking hot and bad ass, i had to check that he posted it.

i love how he's explaining his feeble man brain insecurities: blue eyes say "i need you to love me my king because i am weak and submissive like my greater light sensitivity and i can't live without your special validation", black eyes say "love me or i kill you" because he's intimidated hahahahahaha also way to pick a far hotter black eyed woman, i mean damn.

by his logic i wonder how he handles being so fragile that being unloved would kill him, you know, being such a big beefy man with a truck and all.

No. 1115111

File: 1608960165717.jpeg (177.86 KB, 1280x720, 1*G9i8SK10nb337EVQBI8FVA@2x.jp…)

one of varg's biggest complaints was also that in the film he had a threesome hahahahaha

No. 1115122

If there’s one thing he hates more than Jewish people, that would be wearing condoms. They’re on child number 7.

No. 1115123

The “black” eyed girl doesn’t even have black eyes. They’re just brown, and not even a particularly dark brown.

No. 1115237

File: 1608987347706.jpeg (154.03 KB, 640x876, AFD6B2B2-AAC4-4FF8-8E74-7422AE…)

His followers are a different kind of wild I must say. Imagine internalizing Varg’s theories to the point of taking an oath to “not breed” and “pollute” the Nordic race. They need some serious therapy.

No. 1115241

File: 1608987460532.jpeg (108.6 KB, 640x647, A0705473-8690-4164-B30C-30DEE1…)

He needs to stop idolizing Varg and get help.

No. 1115291

those old man titties tho. And this guy is 47 jesus christ.

No. 1115302

Fellow femoids with non-aryan features, we must all go to France as a harem so this hunking aryan chad can purify our bloodline with his supreme aryan genetics. We will then yeet all the non-aryan children into a well and keep the genetically pure anes uwu

No. 1115308

They’re actually doing the world a big favor. I agree with them - no one should be mixing their genes with these autists and spawning another generation of koo koo chans.

No. 1115334

Why the fuck does he look so old?

No. 1115350

you're joking this guy has to be at least 60

No. 1115357

Being a bitter, angry, hateful WN must negate all the sUperiOR Nordic features one has anon

No. 1115444

File: 1609011010897.png (8.14 MB, 3064x2972, samanthacomp1.png)

ahh finally this thread is alive again. this is one of my favorite cows out of the placentacult, her name is samantha puleo and she's from long island lmao. an italian new yorker larping as a "germanic" tradwife on pagan twitter lol. she recently had some drama with another one of the nutcases, volklina, after which she deleted her account and made a new one.

No. 1115462

>strange nose, strange eye color mix, strange hair
Way to sound like an absolute medieval peasant. Probably also believes that thunderstorms happen because god is angry or something

No. 1115484

>I'm a trad modest feminine woman with heels and skirts it's want men REALLY want uwu
>men: don't kid yourself

Getting btfo'd by the same group of men you're trying hard to pander to much hurt

No. 1115521


>Embracing your spouse's inner child

Finally, a pickme tradthot so desperate she is willing to accept a literal child who refuses to grow and be a man. Socially maladjusted incel rejoice, the absolute state of genz loser women has finally sunk to the level of their male counterparts, the sexual market has adjusted itself

No. 1115532

Imagine looking around and still thinking that what men say they want is what they actually want, this has to be a learning disability unique to pickmes of all varieties tbh

No. 1115574

File: 1609029559297.jpeg (681.68 KB, 1102x1437, 529C6902-208F-433D-A46F-01B313…)

Fuck i love this. That’s almost every human being on earth with the exception of severe disorders where you don’t develop empathy

No. 1115580

File: 1609030460008.jpeg (301.45 KB, 948x634, 61B865B6-CDD5-4A6F-A42A-1BE51D…)

Ok I know the joke here is that the post below it she is showing off her crystals lmfao. But wig hey even a broken clock. Tumblr / IG pagans are the worst lol. The only kinds of folk / pagan spirituality that makes sense is nature focused and spirit/ancestor and culture/community focused (you know whoever those people and ancestors may be, not just the ren faire larping community who hates immigrants). If you like doing cool looking stuff with crystals and herbs that’s a great hobby but to act like your spells work or your fairy art is religion. I cring

No. 1115699

> Way to sound like an absolute medieval peasant.

It is so true though, we should send them back to the 12th century, they wouldn’t be too out of place kek.

No. 1115727

The swarthy tradthot rejects who see themselves as the blonde, blue eyed Nordic beauty are my favorite anon. They need to stop internalizing the Nazi bs they are so obsessed with and get some therapy.

No. 1115728

The mein kampf in one of her tweets. I wonder why Twitter is so slow to ban these Nazi accounts..

No. 1115730

File: 1609053397656.jpeg (152.85 KB, 640x826, D7F7068D-2602-44B0-96F3-869F1E…)

Even though he puts Varg on a pedestal, I feel sorry for the guy. He seems depressed af, his tweets show a glimpse of what kind of people are drawn to Varg and Marie.

No. 1115750

File: 1609056794354.jpg (237.1 KB, 1080x1080, 01.jpg)

Not sure if she fits in here or not but does anybody remember star_666_ on instagram? She got called out a few times for claiming she was genetically superior for being able to grow her hair like this and not to ask for tips because not being able to was a sign of genetic inferiority. She would also be reposted on racist trad instagrams a lot and make a ton of posts about her and her ugly boyfriend's superior dutch genes. I think she locked down after she was mentioned here and elsewhere as a huge cow.

No. 1115758

She still uses star_666_ account but now it’s private. She has a few videos on YouTube tho where you can see her humongous white girl feet kek.
Do you have any proof before posting here? Also, when I check her Instagram, I got recommended “Lars” vorstreus on Instagram. Black metal guy with pagan theories about how Roman Empire was a lie etc. is that the boyfriend?

No. 1115771

lol it's hilarious how it's always the plainest wonder bread looking girls who sperg the most about muh genetic superiority

No. 1115772


Gotta admit, her genes must include a pair of big bold balls and a heavy sprinkle of delusion. Superior? I think she meant painfully average. Sure, her hair is long. Wow so cool, but meh? If that's superior in her eyes then, well…

No. 1115774

Funny cause she's wearing a Mayhem shirt too. Wonder if she still follows Varg.

No. 1115779

Where do you think 19 year olds get their “muh paganism, muh ancestors” ideas from, kek

No. 1115787

File: 1609066363382.jpg (667.08 KB, 1536x2048, samantha17.jpg)

this is her hubby btw. imagine simping for this flabby hobo, who has a daughter with another woman. these tradthots sure knows how to pick em.

No. 1115789

File: 1609066722081.png (5.77 MB, 2256x3284, twittercomp.png)

more ridiculousness from these retards

No. 1115802

Thank you anon. I had to check the fat one for laughs but she has locked her twitter apparently. Has the word been spreading about Nazi cows being posted on lolcow?

Here is her description:
Traditional young woman
Woman, blond haired
European pagan
Worshipping NATURE
Autistic & wild

LMAO. She’s a failed Marie Cachet wannabe. I must give credit to Varg, the man is a failure musician and a WN nutcase, but he used his influencer status as an ex black metal musician to spread his ideas on social media. He’s doing a pretty good job recruiting lonely outcasts to his placenta cult. These kids are all copying Varg and Marie.

No. 1115809

File: 1609073380704.jpeg (146.12 KB, 640x856, D376321C-298A-4745-BCE4-30FF95…)

Elbereth frequently interacts with Marie. I assume she has absorbed their ideas, hence the crazy theories about age gap in marriage & relationships.
Here you can see her seeking validation about her weight. Normal people would go for more effective methods such as diet and exercise, but this one chose to get advice from White Goddess Marie. I hope you find the Varg of your dreams Elbereth!

No. 1115815

Is Marie overweight? I would have thought WNs would be into workout culture, even borderline proana so they can achieve the best version of themselves or something, I feel like she's just attaching her negative traits to superior Aryan ideals.

No. 1115824

They just support anything as long as it reinforces their personal agenda anon. Marie doesn’t post full body photos anymore but in the past she seemed to be average weight by European standards. A healthy BMI to be specific. She hasn’t been posting any photos lately, there’s a screenshot of her reflection in the mirror where she looks slightly overweight. Or maybe she’s just doughy. They are on child number 7, so I’m sure it must have taken a toll on her body.

No. 1115825

The Glorious Lion is into workout culture, and had a feud Varg. Threats were made, words have been exchanged. Varg thinks working out is for “degenerates” and you keep fit by working on your permaculture farm kek. They are currently on good terms.
Some pagan larpers often clash with each other.

No. 1115915

Vrag once made a video saying that working out is horrible for women and that squats will make women tear from vagina to anus during childbirth.

No. 1115924

File: 1609089598559.jpg (61.01 KB, 491x750, 46a3691f0020390e2c633ba47dcbd8…)


Lmao like this varg? Or does the placenta + fetal buckets just magically float onto her shoulder?

he is truly retarded, they take care of their kids but that ban on homeschooling can't come faster.

No. 1115935

File: 1609091354219.jpeg (80.44 KB, 1077x514, F7E3BC39-6A6C-4416-A4D2-82D431…)

He checked Marie’s teeth before marrying her like an auction at the slave market. Ew.

No. 1115945

File: 1609092273858.jpeg (128.11 KB, 640x845, 9BD06219-96BB-4AD5-BD3C-A2B088…)

Regarding Marie’s “dark roots”
I don’t think she dyes her hair. With his obsession about muh Nordic genes, I doubt Vrag would miss that.

No. 1115946

File: 1609092377672.jpeg (125.52 KB, 640x709, B9B18BFD-7EF1-4359-A132-FF3668…)

She claims they get dark because she was unable to get out in sun at that time. It’s a long discussion but she gave a link to a thread about how pregnancy darkens your hair as well

No. 1115958

Anon how can you ignore this >>1110471 no offense but do you have eyes

No. 1115960

She probably puts lemon juice and chamomile tea in her hair before she goes out in the sun, so it lightens "naturally"

No. 1115962

File: 1609094076450.jpeg (81.9 KB, 640x670, 85512735-413F-44FD-8152-298700…)

this was pretty funny. not one of these people have achieved higher education
>answer ONLY if you know

No. 1115964

I have eyes but we are taking about varg, a man who checked his wife’s teeth before marriage, the more I think about it the more impossible it seems lol

It would be pretty milky tho, if it was true.

No. 1116005

Shoutout to the geniuses who chose 85-100. You're great.

No. 1116055

>bullied in middle school for being 'too attached to my roots'
>daily reminder that this ugly fat child knows how to survive
These bits are sending me, how desperate for validation is she that she pretends to have been bullied over a conveniently specific list of trad talking points, and then fishes for compliments for being a fat kid who goes outdoors?

No. 1116279

The audacity to call that piss-yellow mess 'honey blonde'

She's bending over backwards to avoid admitting she's fucking with her hair, be it natural methods as >>1115960 said or straight up bleach. Typical cow behavior. I've seen girls with the exact same hair about a million times while shopping in my shitty local tesco, guess they must've been nordic princesses too.

No. 1116417

have you considered that varg is a complete imbecile who is easy to fool, though?

No. 1116428

File: 1609136379555.jpeg (124.05 KB, 640x680, 590EEB74-7DB6-4C52-A1C4-8ED1F0…)

She gets offended when people point out overweight women, and has a strange vendetta with “skinny” women on the healthy side.

Makes me think she’s a bit overweight but not obese.

No. 1116429

File: 1609136487732.jpeg (116.31 KB, 640x690, 346FC4BC-099B-4CED-9FA0-76AF05…)

She’s obsessed with fertility, again loses it when shown photos of skinny fit women.

No. 1116540

It would be better for the kids to experience a different environment other than placentaverse but did you know that Varg didn’t vaccinate his kids? Unvaccinated children can pose a threat against other kids who are immunosuppressed because they’re being treated for some illness & can’t get vaxxed.

As pointed out in >>1114134 this man didn’t give a shit if disabled or sick children pass away and even has the audacity to mock them. A kid who has a treatable illness could lose their life because of his insanity. This is more severe than his nutcase ideas about blue eyes or muh blonde hair IMO. I hope the French government also makes it necessary for those kids to be vaxxed for the sake of other kids in that small town.

No. 1116556


very late but this literally made me screamlaugh. wishing you a happy new year anon.

No. 1116559

File: 1609162508267.gif (2.6 MB, 480x270, 4E0E0128-59AD-41D2-9926-29417A…)

No. 1117568

He’s such a loser kek I wonder how this makes 2014 school shooter tumblr feel

No. 1117635

File: 1609285191662.jpg (310.2 KB, 1024x576, FaceApp_1609199450272.jpg)

No. 1117661

Social media like twitter can train people into such circuitous thinking, especially if that person keeps unconsciously seeking out things that result in verifying self loathing. People that take advantage of people like this guy always hide in hateful subcultures to do just that, and the internet can take away crucial social cues that would alert someone that they're communicating with a narcissist/sociopath. It's like he either replaced or developed his inner voice of self criticism with Varg's, or the hoards of projecting self hating twitter mobs. You can get so in your fucking head and actually start to believe that shit, then it becomes habit. If you're brainwashed into thinking your goals in life are unobtainable, like you were born the wrong way, you compromise your will to live.

I really hope this person deletes twitter and drops this shit. Writing this on social media is a very real confession of suicidal thoughts. That community is known for being exclusionary about being considered a human based on the way they're born, I can assure you no one is reading this that actually cares despite what seems like a fair bit of them claiming to have empathy. This shit gets you nowhere in life.

No. 1117675

Wow that first one about marriage age gaps. It's actually the opposite you dumb fuck, younger men need to be socialized to mature faster and pairing with a younger person will not solve that, just give him more excuses to act their partners age, forcing them to lose more and more of their youth. No one wants those men for obvious reasons and the suicide rate among men is going up, probably because of the rate at which toxic masculinity online is evolving. I read a study that men don't actually mature until age fucking 42. The internet only allows them to run from reality, which is the exact thing that would make them feel better.

No. 1117688

forgot where i was for a second and nearly posted a horny emoji

No. 1117740


No. 1117741

is he flexing his tits for real i’m screaming

No. 1117890

She’s fantasizing about Varg and Marie lol. Look at how the creepy grey haired man approaching the young blonde maiden from behind is eerily similar to Varg. She wishes she could find her own Vrag.

No. 1117892

File: 1609307766293.jpeg (33.68 KB, 399x600, images (9).jpeg)

what if I told you that there is a real person that kinda looks like gender swapped varg and she's a Russian internet lolcow who went from placenta vagina aryan slav cult natsoc to Donbass insurgent

No. 1117895

Moids don't mature now because they don't have to, their sacks are perpetually gently cupped by mommies and bangmaids. In the olden days they matured fast because only 8% of them reproduced, everyone else had to compete and died a virgin before 35.

That was how people were "naturally", by the way. Why do retvrn to monke tradfags always omit that particular part of the whole "natural state of man" deal? Being guaranteed a wife even if you're genetic debris is very much a product of pussified/jewified/domesticated society.

No. 1117896

File: 1609308429340.jpeg (42.56 KB, 640x355, 9635C09A-8B88-45B0-A09A-F6F880…)

Riding on the achievements of others..

Varg’s brother and father: engineer
Marie’s brother, sister and father: engineer

Varg: Convicted of murder, arson, theft, punished for hate speech, 47 year old ex musician brainwashing kids on twitter
Marie: University dropout, married at 19, lives in her own placentaverse

No. 1117900

Sexually identifying as a STEMfag pioneer based on the achievements of a vanishingly small percentage of men who had a small army of female helpmeets making sure that they never have to worry about anything besides their "passion" is a basic feature of the male psyche tbh. This is a good illustration of how they always choose to build their white male identities around the miniscule amount of good stuff that's supposedly "unique to white men" and not the vastly more common and vastly more gender exclusive stuff like, I dunno, the majority of violent crime and extreme degeneracy.

No. 1117903

I love how they act like engineering, housekeeping and growing plants is a white thing anon kek.

No. 1117951

File: 1609318365692.jpeg (53.54 KB, 357x476, 2FA923FB-C239-47FA-AC32-F2ED76…)

>Golden One
Lmao I remember when this guy went by Latsbrah on /fit/. Dude looked goofy as hell then, has a better physique now but still had to grow the beard to cover his blackops2cel tier chin. Dude's also almost definitely on gear but lies about being natty, iirc. Now he spends most of his time making unintelligible youtube videos and shilling his clothing and workout supplement lines on social media. I dunno what it is about scandi pagan larpers, but they tend to be even more autistic than burger white nationalists kek

No. 1117979

it's because they are all either chunky uggos with no self esteem or bitter bpd fags fighting over the attention of varg and his followers. and they are aware a well adjusted male their own age won't be interested, so they just aim to settle for their incel orbiters and very low value males like >>1115787

the funny thing is if these tradthots learned to do their hair and dress themselves in a flattering way, they could probably score a nice and normal guy. the males of the bunch are all a lost cause though.

No. 1117991

Cheers anon,
Really sad to see that these women choose to be doormats with no identity, no agency, no life. Instead of choosing their own path, they bow down to what some random internet whack job says.
If they stopped listening to Vrag’s theories about working out women or makeup, they could improve their look and land a semi-decent man, but the real problem is the lack of self esteem or the constant search for validation. “Bpd fag” as you said.

I wonder what’s the future for these young people with such toxic online footprint? (Besides marrying a 40 year of man and popping out 7 kids.) Some of them are only 19-20 years old and will regret their Nazi placentaverse phase later in life.

No. 1117998

No one who becomes a nazi in the first place stops being a nazi. This is not a teenage phase that normal people get into and grow out of later.

No. 1118006

File: 1609329537052.jpeg (81.07 KB, 640x615, 6A6DB557-0BF7-4AA4-A27F-9C2650…)

Marie has to take him to an emergency psychiatric clinic

No. 1118014

File: 1609330972145.png (3.91 MB, 2068x2084, paganbios.png)

exactly. they really have no identity of their own. my tinfoil is that the same person is behind literally all of these accounts. look at their bios. and picrel is only the females lmao.

No. 1118024


Midiwinter and Elbereth are legit, I think. I don’t think anybody would pretend to be a fat, depressed WN and admit being bullied lol. I could tell the fat or ugly ones only show their muh blue eyes whereas a couple of them who look decent proudly show their full face. Kek

No. 1118027

Or maybe they’re all Marie Cachet wannabes. The woman is some sort of female deity in the placenta verse, being Varg’s wife and all.
The reality is Marie and Varg are living an unattainable life. Varg is making a living thanks to his popularity, he can advertise his books and MyFarog on his social media and still make earnings from Burzum merch. They are not as autonomous as they portray on social media and the permaculture farm is inherited by Marie from her family in the first place.
The placenta cult members can only envy this lifestyle because it’s not attainable for the average person. I don’t want to post the kids’ photos here, but you can check Marie’s account and tell they are all dressed well in Ugg boots and high quality winter coats. So much for being UwU superior Nordics who can survive the winter easily.

No. 1118028

File: 1609334011620.png (398.12 KB, 1118x1821, IMG_6091 copy.png)


I'm convinced at least some, if not most of them are fake. I'm super wary of these types of Twitter accounts now ever since Buzzfeed news exposed groups of fake white nationalist Twitters created to push altright propaganda (https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/tanyachen/basic-white-girl-accounts)

Either that, or they're all desparate pickmes scraping the bottom of the barrel hoping to start a placentaverse of her own kek

No. 1118029

These are pro-white, pro-trump, Christian alt right accounts tho. I bet anyone takes the pagan larpers seriously, it’s most likely the latter anon

No. 1118032

Can an anon who is knowledgeable about twitter terms and conditions please tell me how these racist neo nazi accounts are not banned from twitter? I mean I can see how being against migrants and refugees isn’t a legit reason for being banned but.. some of them don’t hesitate to post swastikas, nazi imagery or the photo of a copy of mein kampf.

No. 1118044

Did thefairelf delete her Twitter? She has left some nazi online footprint behind, but none of her tweets are accessible at the moment.

No. 1118090

He should just do gay porn. He looks like a hole

No. 1118114

File: 1609346674919.png (350.38 KB, 613x717, fairelf.png)

yes she deleted/deactivated. might be because she was called out by some random normie, picrel

No. 1118139

Thanks anon.
That was my guess too. She has some milky tweets on google images tho.
I wonder what kind of job options these kids have after plastering their face on red pill accounts? Selling their books and merchandise to like minded nazis? There are not many options.

No. 1118144

File: 1609349390821.jpeg (102.52 KB, 604x1200, A5093EF5-64C6-4D4A-B394-8CF4A5…)

Does she know Adolf Hitler didn’t like Slavs?

No. 1118148

File: 1609350147728.png (6.9 MB, 3396x2256, samanthacomp2.png)

sorry for spamming, but i dug around a little and found this girls old tumblr. and she seems to have been precisely the type of pierced, crystal wearing vegan thot she now condemns on twitter, reblogging pics of shrooms, and gifs of bernie sanders, just some months ago. not a single tolkien/paganism/black metal reference in sight, except for a single pic of young varg (of course).

pic related is some more funny hypocrisy. the pics are up to just three years old. sorry for my horrible edits lol.

her old blog: ascendingmoon.tumblr.com
new blog: hastamoon.tumblr.com

No. 1118150

File: 1609350349883.webm (290.53 KB, 368x656, video-1609347408.webm)

here she is smoking weed in her car. real feminine and traditional uwu

No. 1118164

Nice work anon, this really demonstrates the typical thot2trad(thot) pipeline

No. 1118889

then there's self hating greeks like varg's lapdog pallando, who is in fact dark haired and brown eyed but still claims to look northern european (even after photos of him surfaced) if i didnt know better, i'd think he was varg's sockpuppet because he appears under every tweet varg makes to defend him within seconds

No. 1119484

speaking of pallando. one of the former pagan spergs, volklina, made callout posts and even a video on pallando. there's a bunch of screenshots of him shit talking like every other person of their clique in DMs with volklina kek. idk how he managed to redeem himself and everybody took his side after this, along with him faking his ethnicity and life story and so on.

No. 1119536

All I see is a bunch of 40 year olds who need serious therapy but choose to declare themselves “ubermensh” to cope with a string of failures or lack of professional skills. No sane person would become a devout follower of Varg & Marie, but it takes a whole different level of self hating to support them as a South European or PoC.

No. 1119730

File: 1609535740656.png (36.97 KB, 563x759, nordalia.png)

one of the varg and marie stans, den_skimrande or "elbereth", is writing nazi pedo incest fanfiction like a pagan vc andrews on wattpad and it's the funniest/creepiest shit ever. it's basically about aryan tween Helga wanting to fuck her cousin and every other man in ~Álfarby~. unfortunately it hasn't been updated since july.


No. 1119940

Sigurd has curly hair? Doesn’t sound like a trve aryan evropean to me

No. 1120148

File: 1609591340805.jpeg (141.1 KB, 640x331, C189DF22-AEA9-48FA-A81A-934893…)

i feel truly sorry for the placenta cult followers and their kids. i also don't understand why they are all against vaccines, if autism is positive to them. they are just against all modern medicine and think they can rely solely on ~nature~ and their ~superior genes~. i really hope this guy's gf gets the real medical care she needs.

No. 1120299

people who shit all over modern medicine for a living shouldn’t be allowed kidney transplants

No. 1120397

I hope she ditches her nazi boyfriend before surgery and seeks help from medical professionals instead of a medieval pharmacist.

The placenta cult probably won’t show any sympathy anyway because it’s not a very superior thing to require major surgery. I wonder what would Varg do if one of his kids require serious medical attention? Change his mind, bite his lip and take them to a hospital, which would be the right thing to do? Or wait and let “mother nature do her job”? He expressed zero sympathy for mothers with disabled kids, and told the journalist these kids are better off dead. (The interview link was posted above) I wonder becoming a father changed him at all.

No. 1120459

File: 1609624105902.jpeg (110.6 KB, 640x706, 93DA316D-1B1B-45BF-B28F-FE2890…)

No. 1120490

Honestly anon no one knows. Technically twitter should ban them, especially the really violent ones, but they very rarely do. They never ban the CP accounts either. They literally only go after the racebait when someone with clout says something or like during the riots, suddenly they started banning people. Then it stopped again.

No. 1120508

File: 1609627409276.png (47.13 KB, 723x424, hmmm.png)

these people reject all medical professionals and their opinions because they are often in direct opposition to their "own" (the cult's) beliefs
she has a heavily romanticized idea of what autism is kek

No. 1120685

Nothing more trad than dragging your siblings on Twitter.

No. 1120830

File: 1609665757962.jpeg (121.88 KB, 640x838, F4E9A7E3-1642-4587-A3E4-76C818…)

Oh I know this one. Sad thing is there is no father in the picture and she’s a seemingly divorced middle aged woman who has found some peace and acceptance in the placenta cult.. she drags her daughter everywhere with her and ignores professional advice from her friends and family.

No. 1120832

She's hotter than a church in Norway…

No. 1120840

really? damn, so much for being trad. seems like a lot of these women don't live in traditional families at all. most are single adults in their 20s or 30s, >>1115444 is a cuck raising another womans daughter, and fylgja is divorced kek.

No. 1120841

File: 1609671336197.jpeg (203.33 KB, 1080x1297, B651BF31-9584-415A-9DE7-95DC63…)

their self hate is just sadcringe

No. 1120842

File: 1609671654789.jpeg (72.83 KB, 640x496, 7A1BBC5A-A93C-440F-AF65-7B023C…)

Her friends and family are trying to reach out

No. 1120843

File: 1609671704987.jpeg (69.88 KB, 640x413, 6A082F41-DC67-4DA5-8DE9-05DE65…)

But she chooses to make flower swastikas instead

No. 1120891

That’s my interpretation. Other female placenta cult members loooooove to brag about their hubbies and family life if they have one, but fylgja9 never does. Either divorced, or the husband doesn’t want to be part of the placenta verse madness.
She occasionally posts about being misunderstood by people close to her, abusive partners, so I just assumed she is restrained from her ex partner.

Not sure if it’s self hate or they’re trolling around lol

Thank you anon for the reply. I hope they get banned for good. BTW Varg Vikernes started another youtube channel and now he’s promoting it on his twitter.

No. 1121222

File: 1609711838256.png (82.62 KB, 747x752, retardation.png)

college = bad because actual historians don't agree with their nazi bullshit. these people all have huge inferiority complexes when it comes to education and academia, that's why they need online IQ tests to prove themselves. they want to come off as intellectual with deep knowledge about philosophy, history, psychology and so on. but they know absolutely nothing about these topics, especially in comparison to the average "degenerate" SJW college student who are in their political opposition

No. 1121236

good fucking luck with that if you ever need an appendectomy

No. 1121766

I can tell they are not educated kek. No one with a promising education or career can risk having their faces plastered on nazi twitter. Some of these people not only go full face out but they post pictures of their kids as well.
poor kids are being advertised as poster children of trad life without their consent.. I hope they can bail out like Derek Black

No. 1122156

File: 1609803471152.jpeg (81.23 KB, 640x413, BE505B01-AF9A-47FC-B591-75B1C6…)

kek, apparently reading is totally untrad and youtube is the trve pagan learning method

No. 1122290

anprim gang

No. 1122445

This is pure Varg. He made a video before his channel was banned (the first time) which claimed that writing was invented because civilization corrupted mankind's memory. Before civilization, you see, people could remember things perfectly. So it wasn't an technological advance that allowed knowledge to survive the inventor, but a sign of how perfect pre-civ pagan autistic mostly neanderthal Varglings and Vargettes were.

No. 1122571

imagine being a weeb who idolizes eastern culture and likely has an attraction to eastern asian women with some of the darkest eyes on planet earth liking this shit lol. wth is with the cognitive dissonance?

No. 1122576

Even the racial spergs obsessed with muh superior Nordicz in the 19th century said women with Med or darker phenotypes are more attractive, like Arthur Gobineau. It wasnt until Hitlers space alien aryan crockpot theories that suddenly aryan womenz are the most bootiful on earth. Its actually how funny how recent this is in European history by even WNs but is being rewritten as "traditional" cause HIBLER said so lmao

No. 1122580

Its funny how much these people remind me of the unhinged hoteps and african nationalists like Kola boof for example but even they usually have more empathy and less autism than the white nationalist types for some reason. Fascinating

No. 1122593

His view doesn't even make historical sense.
Almost all of the Indo-European tribes had some kind of character system, be it runes or symbols.
Obviously they weren't used for entire sentences, but you could combine a variety of them together to get meaning.
His ancestors definitely used symbols and runes as a way to communicate, alongside oral traditions.

No. 1122640

File: 1609864838937.png (1.43 MB, 1010x584, midivinter.png)

so @midivinter just purged her account and made a new in which she won't post personal stuff. i wonder if she found the thread? it isn't completely unlikely someone is lurking as most of the placenta cult members are online literally 24/7. fortunately her neanderthal face and very crusty hubby will remain online forever.

also, it seems literally all of these women have found a husband/bf who is into metal and redpill bullshit, and then just completely abandoned their former selves to imitate their man's idea of a perfect woman, driving them into right wing radicalization. look at those trashy hand tattoos lol. imagine being raised by these tards.

No. 1122669

Oh no no no. This has been my favorite thread lately because other weebs and snowflakes are boring to me now. Besides, other incel boards where Varg is mentioned are infested with “but muh dude is making white baabies, man” types of men. Thankfully our fine ladies on lolcow don’t hesitate to point out milky or in this case straight up racist behavior.

It’s highly unlikely that someone cow tipped her. I mean I would personally rather not interact with a nazi on the internet, but I’d still laugh at them.

She mentioned having a job, so she was probably worried about losing it because of her right wing opinions.

No. 1122679

Anon no offense but could you at least blur the child’s face?

No. 1122685

File: 1609868136952.jpeg (116.18 KB, 640x788, E662FC41-B479-4CBF-91AE-9DC36F…)

No. 1122874

It's moreso about high contrast features. As in darker lashes/brows(hair?)/lips compared to skin. Low contrast is more masculine.

No. 1122887

wtf. i would say it's the opposite, but these things are subjective anyways and not the place for this thread.

No. 1122889

File: 1609876480961.jpg (71.25 KB, 1080x756, pallandolol.jpg)

lmao, now she just posted this picture of pallando. this is the guy who says he's blue eyed with light hair.

anyone else and varg would tell them they're a dirty "southron" arab but he believes pallando when he says the pics aren't him. it's also funny how most of the americans they both go around calling 56% face still look way more north european than he does. and he said that some norwegian girl looks turkish when he looks like this? what a self hating idiot. being in varg's good graces on twitter is all that gives his life meaning

No. 1122971

he looks like a typical balkan slav lmao

No. 1123068

File: 1609884373208.jpg (24.99 KB, 500x282, Burzum.jpg)

Well he's about as blonde as Varg himself kek

No. 1123163

Ayyyy lmao he looks Turkish himself. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but it’s ironic when he goes on a spergout about how others look Arabic or Turkish.

>>Blue eyes always make the bestest plans <3 Varg UwU

No. 1123167

File: 1609888576939.png (48.68 KB, 161x226, 0C015EBA-7116-4C9D-8871-1BD1BB…)

I hate varg as much as anyone else here but I don’t think he’s lying about being naturally blonde. Cant find the tweet but apparently that was when he was in the midst of washing out black hair dye
If he was naturally brunette he’d just expand his definition of trve aryan nord to include brunettes, that’s what he always does kek

No. 1123426

File: 1609904435462.jpg (97.8 KB, 585x307, vik vargernes.jpg)

fem varg fem varg fem varg

No. 1123795

scrolling past i thought this was a swedefag thread kek

No. 1124590

File: 1610027302874.jpeg (116.92 KB, 635x845, 05942145-5B7E-4BE9-B59E-7CC97D…)

Jeez, he really adores this photo! Kek.
Going on random tirades aimed at this haters is not unlike Varg, but I wonder if they have discovered this thread.

No. 1124617

OT but I think you're overestimating the reach that lolcow has

No. 1124685

this video is a pretty good breakdown of varg's lying and hypocrisy

more like he's directing this at people who left his twitter circle and have been calling him out on his bullshit, the people he refers to as "the reject cult"

No. 1124802

that video was hilarious anon. i didn't know a lot of these things. he's definitely a pathological liar. i suppose he changed most of his views in prison after getting rekt by other inmates for being such a scrawny autistic twink, and being left with no support from anyone except his stans. his family must be so embarrassed.

that part about donating his burzum royalties to natsoc organizations might just be him making up bullshit when in reality he probably got extorted for his money by other criminals in prison for protection. why would he willingly give up his cash if he had nothing left? and doesn't he owe the norwegian state a shit ton of money in reparations for the church burnings? this is just speculation though.

No. 1125111

For some reason I imagine getting rekt in Norwegian prison is the other inmates not letting him join their scrabble games.

I am curious about the church reparations too

No. 1125241

varg and marie are WAY more tolerable than the average tradlarpers imo. they're into the whole pagan/nord-centric thing and varg is very openly anti-semitic and that's way more digestible to me than crazy christian "women exist to serve men and children" tradlarpers. at least varg has a somewhat healthy view of his wife and even whiteknights her autism lmao

No. 1125499

File: 1610104762761.png (246.28 KB, 739x624, rEalknOwlEdGe.png)

i like fundie nutcases as well. but the placenta cult is much more edgy and attracts more lolcow material imo. how you can think varg is tolerable in comparison to other tradlarpers is crazy to me. he is so god damn insufferable lol. you can even feel his smugness and retardation through his tweets.
>healthy view of his wife
where? he is 15 years older and started dating her out of prison when she was 16. imo he is using her and justifying it with his sexist ideology. he's also chatting up his teenage stans on twitter all day. he loves female validation and attention.

No. 1125580

The fuck is a "conceptual truth?" It sounds a lot like something you just decide you want to be true. I.e., not the truth.

No. 1125619

From an objective point of view, I kind of agree with his views on modern agriculture, meat industry and that we need to lower our cost of living.
However, I strongly disagree with his view of women. We are talking about a man who groomed a teenager into marriage, who checked his wife’s teeth like buying a concubine from the slave market, and has extremely misogynistic views on women. >>1124685 This video is proof of his sick views about “raising another man’s children”, women with sexual experience or even his delusions about his very own biological daughter.
His words don’t meet the actions. He puts his beloved wife on a pedestal, but Marie’s role in this marriage is not very different than that of a Christian tradwife’s.

No. 1125622

I feel sorry for his daughter. She probably doesn’t want to do anything with her biological father at this point, but the Varg stans will continue to compare her to her bio father. Varg haters on the other hand will take advantage of her “modernized” image as a way to denigrate Varg’s status as a pagan king. She is completely irrelevant and innocent and I believe she shouldn’t be brought in this in the first place. Poor woman can’t even express herself or her music freely without some pagan stan spamming the platforms she’s sharing her content.

No. 1125922

I wouldn't call Varg misogynistic at all. Sure, he's insufferable towards women, but he's insufferable towards men in an equal way.
So while I would not like being in a community that is regulated by his standards as a woman, I'm pretty sure most men wouldn't like it either. Unlike actual trad larping that seeks to disenfranchise women only, Vargtard cult seeks to twist both men and women into the same group think.

No. 1125990

>not misogynistic at all
have you read this thread? >>1112932 >>1113505 >>1113528 >>1115935 >>1124685 >>1114134
he's beyond misogynistic. he's only just begun integrating the pagan gender equality approach into his LARP, probably to lure in more gullible young females to his cult. and even with that, he's still constantly going on about women being sluts and "expiring" in their 20s and 30s on twitter and in videos.

No. 1126755

Yes but he is also bashing and insulting men for a bunch of shit that should either be normal or at least uneventful. He hates a childless man who isn't a virgin with the same passion with which he hates a childless woman who isn't a virgin. He's an equal opportunity pain in the ass, that's my point.

No. 1126758

that simply doesn't make him not misogynistic though

No. 1126762

you're a retard

No. 1126831

So I guess he's both a misogynist and a misandrist? A misanthrope in general? Lol. Idk, I guess misogynistic attitudes stand out a lot more to me if they're not followed by constant nitpicking and bashing aimed at men as well.

No. 1127128

Heh. From what I understand their equivalent of "jail" can be really shitty but their equivalent of "prison" is not. That's where you see Varg in "Until The Light Takes Us" sitting at a desk with a computer, curtain rods on the wall and it frankly looks much better than my first year dorm at uni.

They likely have a lot more ethnic gangs than they did in the '90s but Norway has always had biker gangs in prison.


No. 1127136

File: 1610233050467.jpeg (82.41 KB, 640x659, 59F2E4B7-5F89-4FD4-869E-B467EB…)


No. 1127140

You might also objectively note that his lifestyle is unattainable without the modern state generating welfare payments. The taxpayer is subsidizing Varg and Marie's "sustainability."

There are homesteaders all over America who run farms to grow as much of their food as possible and also have 9-5 jobs because, shockingly, being a subsistence farmer makes you poor. Varg cuts out the day job part and just lives off welfare like a certain people he frequently discusses.

No. 1127163

Kek I didn’t say that they are completely autonomous. I actually have posts above explaining how their lifestyle is not attainable for the average person who cannot use their ex heavy metal star status to sell rpg games or books about paganism. But I don’t find anything wrong with growing a portion of your food.

No. 1128295

after watching this video i’m beginning to suspect varg simply has a breeding/impregnation kink and the entire pagan LARP is just a sloppy edifice he constructed around it to launder his kink to impressionable young women. say it ain’t so!

No. 1129189

i don't fucking get it. how are white people complaining about being "separated from their own past"/history/culture in any way, ""scholars"" aren't stopping you, literally no one is stopping you, what

No. 1129246

capping ass niggas(emoji)

No. 1131198

File: 1610616484706.jpeg (127.71 KB, 640x799, 782E8A3F-5EED-4CFB-8632-41BD3E…)

Varg stopped claiming brown eyed Europeans are “Middle Eastern” and has adopted a more tolerant stance.. I wonder why, he used to be so insufferable. To sell more myfarog or his books? To attract more people to placenta verse?

No. 1131213

He's so stupid. He seems to think melanin = not white/less white in all cases. While failing to realize that even blue eyes contain melanin, just less than other eye colours. Same with hair. Maybe he was worried about alienating precious pure blooded Euros? Green eyed people are incredibly rare and are mostly of European heritage despite his sperging about them being foreign or tainted blood or whatever.

No. 1131214

He's probably losing popularity. So many of the people who followed him in the past got fed up with his crap and left.
A few months ago he claimed that Italians are obsessively shaving and wearing fancy suits to not look like Arabs, now it suddenly isn't the case? Lol.
Besides his base is packed with self loathing non Nords, he has to give them a pat on the head every now and then to keep them close.

No. 1131228

This man is so incredibly stupid. He should just take a course in genomics.

No. 1131302

I’m not quite sure how the eye color works at all. Years ago I met an Egyptian, with darker skin and the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen, they almost glowed. They were not contacts. I wonder what Varg would say about that? He’d probably blame it on one of his precious nords for dirtying the blood line I assume.

No. 1131424

my guess is that he just wants to pander to/try to fuck @nattesjel and all the other pathetic girls with le non european genes in his twitter circle.

varg, his wife and one of their children also have brown hair so maybe he realized how retarded he sounds. most of his fans are not even scandinavian lol.

No. 1131448

Lmao, brown-eyed racists cheering.

No. 1131532

File: 1610652144388.jpg (108.59 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Sage for OT
Blue eyes are a mutation, its more common in white people ofc but other ethnicities can have blue eyes too, Cydnee Black comes to mind, she's a black girl with natural blue eyes because her mom has heterochromia and the mutation passed down to her as pure blue eyes.

No. 1131665

What even is his definition of "european?" Native Italians often have dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin. Are they not European? How about dark haired/eyed Spaniards? Or so-called "black Irish" who have dark brown hair and eyes? Pretty sure all of those countries are considered part of Europe.

No. 1131726

Thank you! It’s a gorgeous mutation then.!

No. 1131928

and nattesjel is actually from norway too, so a whole lot of his fellow scandinavians are not fully european by his standards

he LOVES shit talking italians and arguing with them that they aren't real europeans. while at the same time claiming various roman emperors were blonde and blue eyed…he says most modern day italians no longer look nordic because the romans mixed with their slaves. even though someone has shown him genetic studies proving current italians have not changed much genetically at all since then, he sticks to this theory. he hates anything with a scholarly source unless it fits something he believes, then he'll magically accept it

No. 1132106

i can bet you that Varg secretly watches BBC cuck porn, ghetto gaggers or black tranny porn.

No. 1132182


Sage because blogpost and it's not really important, but I my boyfriend once knew a guy just like Varg (and he looked up to him too, kek) and he once said some shit, like my boyfriend and I shouldn't have kids together because I have green eyes and my boyfriend have blue eyes, and so on, the same bullshit like Varg would say. Anyways, my boyfriend, that guy and another one of their friends once hung out and when the varg wannabe fell asleep they looked through his computer to see what he had going on there, and it was FILLED with hentai and asian porn, kek.

No. 1132189

There is no European gene as European people are pretty diverse. In Italy alone there are so many phenotypes. Those wars and imperial quests of the past have left their genetic mark for sure. But only because Germanics invaded Italy/settled there at some point doesn't make other Italians who've lived there for millenia less Italian. If anything, it's the other way around.

No. 1132191

Green eyes are beautiful anon. Fuck that guy.
Japan attracts weebs who are closet white suprematists. They chase after Japanese women because they’re “tradishunal” and “racially pure”.

No. 1132297

File: 1610723642908.jpeg (185.44 KB, 640x846, E5DCCC99-C746-4040-B83C-D61829…)

it's so funny how he's just denouncing random populations and genetics as non european, yet his fans with exactly these "flaws" will stan anyway. they must hate themselves.

one of the stans (or possibly her boyfriend) named their dog after varg. they are so obsessed and cringe.

No. 1132299

File: 1610723745446.jpeg (58.45 KB, 640x539, 1CC22973-FF62-43B6-A433-86A8A8…)

and of course varg is in her replies flexing that his family of 8 don't have the "luxury" of a couch. nice.

No. 1132675

File: 1610750031192.jpg (593.23 KB, 1500x3000, 1.jpg)

sorry for samefagging, but this is just so insane and milky. one of the "inner circle" placentacultists was exposed for being a 36 year old virgin pedo, on welfare, and grooming a 14 year old. their convos are absolutely vomit-inducing. varg and marie are defending him. 1/3

No. 1132676

File: 1610750097902.jpg (1.35 MB, 3000x3350, 2.jpg)

No. 1132677

File: 1610750200174.jpg (564.39 KB, 2048x1667, 3.jpg)

No. 1132681

Ew ew ew that poor girl

No. 1132795

jesus christ

No. 1132960

I think he catfished himself. I have a sister who is much younger than me and this person writes like the oldest 14 year old girl in the world. Prob helps that she's talking to a 36 year old virgin autist, this guy is like the personification of a kekistani lol

No. 1133042

In his defense he claims the conversation is fake, the “L” in the twitter handle is actually “I” etc. He says he did date a girl named Saoirse and she was 20 and would now be 22. His claim is this entire conversation is fake and based loosely on his interaction with this girl.

No. 1133062

File: 1610797531002.jpeg (126.07 KB, 640x666, FB525368-BA55-4B94-8696-DCD00A…)

i think he might have been "partly" catfished. i mean how else would all these screenshots surface if this girl actually had intentions of getting together with him?
on the other hand, at least i thought the girl was real and genuine. picrel is the only post i have saved from her account but she was somewhat active in the pagan twitter circle. idk though, maybe she just lied about her age.
i REALLY doubt the convos are fake. he even sent pictures of himself. and his behaviour is exactly what you could expect from one of these men.

No. 1133070


Her teachers faces when she totally floats past them with red glowing eyes.

No. 1133515

File: 1610839326759.jpeg (112.54 KB, 640x678, 545A2FF3-32BA-48A5-BBDB-5B602E…)

No. 1133528

File: 1610839987045.jpeg (139.74 KB, 640x811, 77696CE9-A083-4EC6-8B97-CEF846…)

No. 1133531

says woman that breeds with a jobless has-been biological wasteland. Really useful advice.

No. 1133549

>that you can GROW WITH
nice to see him imply that partners should be similar age, at least

No. 1133556

>a YOUNG woman before indoctrination by school system
so either a literal child or a dumb and uneducated or retarded person that will look up to you despite being a bald convict with no achievements or assets that hit the wall several decades ago. okay then

No. 1133737

I also had a friend like that who also is far right and a fan of varg who has a hate boner for miscegenation/homosexuality but watched black tranny porn.

No. 1133864

File: 1610877906313.jpeg (99.78 KB, 640x852, 8B22839F-B8D0-4D0E-9EC4-989BE5…)

13 of these people are nursing home patients over 80 and this is his comment.. did he even read the entire article.

No. 1134556

File: 1610935759523.jpeg (119.98 KB, 640x830, D837F0A3-FE6B-4313-AEC6-DD0397…)

Why do I get this feeling that this is a cult that enables 35 year old virgins to groom teenagers?

No. 1134566

knowing he's gonna get permabanned off twitter one day soon and he won't get to spread this paedophilic trash anymore feels good

No. 1134568

He still clearly thinks like some 3edgy5me teenager. All this larping about being Mr Strong Man and yet being intellectually and emotionally stunted. Kek

No. 1134633

Sage for blogpost but thats literally a fucking coyote, they are everywhere in LA and definitely not nature taking over, they just dont give a fuck about people.

No. 1134760

I feel sorry for her but how can he rant about eugenics when his own girlfriend is chronically sick?

No. 1134763

He’s so retarded. It was brown people (Sumerians, the ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Greeks (the average Greek doesn’t pass as white especially to pedantic polfags like Varg so I am counting them as light brown) who birthed civilization. The constructions Vikings were making were basic as shit compared to the kinds Muslims were making at the same time and the Greeks were making thousands of years before. Romans and Greeks aka Meds did pretty much everything first. Ancient Indians too.

No. 1134767

saged but he could mean grow in conceptual ways, like mentally or emotionally instead of biologically.

No. 1134768

File: 1610963074407.jpeg (77.52 KB, 640x506, 0D242A58-00A4-4E3D-A02A-8AE8F7…)

Nope anon

No. 1134770

And hes gonna die 20 years earlier than her and leave his wife a long term widow while she is too old to find anyone else and her kids are getting on with their own lives, will probably put her in a home too until she dies alone. What a selfish prick. If anything women should marry a younger guy because men have shorter lifespans lul.

No. 1134806

> too old for anyone else

No. 1134931

this doesn't make sense, some women aren't even fully developed at 18. the fertility argument is and has always been a bad justification for pedos. i wonder how his wife can agree with these gross opinions now that she's 32 and her body is flabbby as fuck from 6 births, and varg is on twitter all day in DMs with 18 year olds in their ~prime~, while considering marie an ugly dried up hag.

this dumb tweet also doesn't even fit his own example because at 30 he was INPRISONED with absolutely no way to support a wife or a family, in debt and with no career opportunities. he never had to grow up or "prove himself a man", he has never had to become independent. his advice should be more along the lines of "middle aged men who have destroyed their own lives should rely on intellectually challenged teenagers with rich parents to give them a house, money and kids instead of trying to reintegrate into society"

No. 1135081

>after 25 it goes downhill fast
Literally projecting, he looks at least 20 years older than his real age

No. 1135282

File: 1611013351213.png (262.67 KB, 1202x1362, 4.png)

picrel is all the criticism it takes for paganthot samantha or @mortpervita mentioned in >>1115444 and >>1118148 to delete her twitter acc once again. this is probably one of her worst takes to date, and she has had no kids, but apparently she considers herself a mother because her husband has shared custody of a kid from another relationship. anyway she'll now only use her new twitter @mutablesun to promote her "business" as an "astrologer" selling birth chart readings for $50 on etsy.

No. 1135316

People like this piss me off because some lost soul will actually take this idiot’s advice and will most likely get into serious health complications. Hospitals and medicines have advanced for a reason. If they didn’t most people would still die from preventable diseases/illnesses like chicken pox or the common flu. It’s amazing she shits on hospitals and college degrees or anything that helps advance modern civilization but yet somehow still uses the internet. Like I’m sure people in the 12th century did not had that lol.

No. 1135952

File: 1611081375301.jpeg (104.76 KB, 1080x533, C6977C80-4555-4328-AD44-4D8DEA…)

well nevermind, i guess she couldn't handle staying off her phone for a full day. like most of the placenta cultists she seems to be completely dependent on the internet for social interaction, which is pretty sad.

No. 1135978

Good to see other placenta cultists put her in her place
Even women who don’t believe in western medicine will usually get a doula to help them, I can’t fathom why a woman who has never gone through childbirth would try to give advice on how it should be done.

No. 1136005

>I can’t fathom why a woman who has never gone through childbirth would try to give advice on how it should be done.
For the aesthetic.

No. 1136151

I honestly will never understand why tradhoes and white supremacists romanticize the past so much. Why do you want to go back to shitting in a trench, eating gruel and cabbages, and just generally not having any opportunity other than tilling fields and picking lice out of your head?

No. 1136741

he ages worse than onision.

No. 1138445

File: 1611268103615.png (100.06 KB, 608x946, 5.png)

>video about how women shouldn't work and letting them have careers is dangerous for society
five minutes later
>i got a raise at work!!!
what???? do these people hear themselves? everything they tweet is so contradictory. all they talk about is how everyone should live like some kind of pagan puritans, and yet they fail to implement a single one of their outlandish beliefs in their personal lives, or just put their phones down for a second to eMbrAce nAtuRe or some shit. i honestly doubt they even support or agree with their own opinions, it's all just shameless larping and cloutchasing at this point.
>jordan peterson is on the mission to deradicalize white males

No. 1144273

File: 1611840003449.jpeg (111.54 KB, 640x794, FBA4EF25-95EA-4164-8A83-CA8A12…)

He is back to hating on South Europeans after a brief period of tolerance and acceptance of darker features, kek

No. 1144465


Old milk but please please, i need images 2/5 and 3/5, this is simultaneously making me cry-laugh and upchuck

>I have a $14/h job waiting for me

No. 1144526

File: 1611864456268.jpeg (85.69 KB, 500x571, E1871801-98B9-40D1-98AA-6A88BA…)

can't find them anon but here's a video with their full conversation that you can skim through yourself

No. 1144677

>statue wearing a laurel wreath
So the ancestor is Greek? As in, southern Europe?

No. 1144833

Varg’s mental gymnastics on that are impressive(ly imbecilic). See, the real Greeks and Romans were actually Nordic because of reasons, blah blah.

No. 1147390

File: 1612109054552.png (2.96 MB, 2332x1624, denskimrande1.png)

more from this psychotic autist. kinda funny how many of these nAtiVe eUrOpeAns are literal immigrants moving to other countries.(Integrate)

No. 1147461

File: 1612116417387.jpeg (91.8 KB, 640x658, 89C7F921-33E6-4856-8762-40D940…)

“Black eyes say love me or I’ll kill you, blue eyes say love me or I’ll die”
Admits she wants to kill the black eyed woman in the picture, has blue eyes


No. 1147487

File: 1612119166952.jpeg (770.08 KB, 750x1197, 0944C29C-6F2A-4C24-9319-8FB9FD…)


Yeah that’s her ex “husband.” I have her on ig and she’s removed all evidence of his existence. All she does is post “polesport” stuff now, which is more like yoga but on a pole. She’s so scrawny and stiff, she’d be a terrible actual dancer. Sadly not very milky these days

No. 1147533

How does someone who looks and thinks
so much like an orc identify with elves?

No. 1147585

So she's an plain fat aspie with an inferiority complex. How embarrassing
Because elves are so uwu pure and mystical and white. I'm sure she looks at herself and sees Cate Blanchett's Galadriel

Pole dancing in booty shorts and a sports bra. Very trad but I'm assuming she dropped that by the vids?

No. 1147606

File: 1612132400636.jpg (30.79 KB, 262x327, NA-CB696_AUTISM_D_201406231851…)

There's plenty of autistic kids of all races. kek

No. 1147619

Elbereth obviously has an inferiority complex, she compares herself to a below average looking middle eastern (?) model and a death fat to feel slim and beautiful. She found refuge in the placenta cult where she feels accepted and desirable. The “I wish I could kill her” part is really scary tbh, I wish her parents would find out what she posts on the internet so that they could get their daughter help.

No. 1147633

Nazispergs seriously confuse me some say it's Jews that are Neanderthals then others say it's Europeans, so which is it?

No. 1147689

it's always funny (and telling) to me how these bitches never compare themselves to actual attractive women with brown eyes to "prove" their point kek.

No. 1147699

They used to use “Neanderthal” as an insult against all non-white people. Then the human genome was mapped, and it was found that Europeans had the most Neanderthal DNA. Now they use “Neanderthal” as a term of praise.
White supremacists are always their own best counter-argument, because they are dumb dumb fucks.

No. 1147778

She literally looks like Amy Schumer kek

No. 1147896

I guess it was just a phase for her. She has been interviewed by a pole dance teacher from Japan on YouTube, and she seemed pretty normal during the interview. Probably absorbed the WN crap from her ex boyfriend to snatch a husband and then realized pole dance is not very trad kek.
Do you think former Nazis / White Nationalists ever grow out of this phase or they just pretend to be a functioning member of society to secure the bag?

No. 1147898

She’s flexible and toned but she can’t point her toes.. at all. Her feet look massive here, not aesthetically pleasing.

No. 1148055

why is there a man here?

No. 1148061


Ntayrt but Lesbians exist Anon


White supremacists nowadays from what I've seen accuse Nonwhites of acting like "Savages" like it's the fucking 20s Kek

No. 1148187

File: 1612203964914.jpg (325.22 KB, 1900x1335, 60159.ngsversion.1466281807611…)


It subtly extends into popular science representations of Neanderthals too. Now that we know they're ancestral to Europeans all of a sudden the reconstructions are much more sapiens-like (i.e. attractive to our eyes) and they really jumped on that red hair genotype discovered in a single specimen, they all turned into pale gingers.
On the other hand, "indigenous" hunter gatherers in Europe were supposedly dark-skinned and dark-haired, which the white supremacists get really mad over. Earliest examples of the blond, blue-eyed phenotype actually come from the Near East kek

sad to see such scrote-tier lesbians then

No. 1148253

I’m bi and have you taken any dance lessons anon? No? If she can’t point her toes her body line doesn’t look aesthetic.

No. 1148312

File: 1612209639371.jpeg (70.5 KB, 602x403, 37EC0D11-1863-43A3-9814-639F6E…)

Your comment reminds of that British skeleton that was reconstructed with really dark skin, I remember all the white trad fags absolutely chimped out over it kek. It was kind of hilarious watching video after video on Youtube being made with them claiming this was all just some NWO, deep state brainwashing to convince people to intermarry or whatever with black people. I don’t think the British nationalists ever fully recovered lol.

No. 1148331

Looks more like the tan mum over an African person tbh, I don’t get the chimp out.

No. 1148340

It's the original chav.

No. 1148416

File: 1612214165812.png (287.95 KB, 592x609, 10.png)

this fucking take lmao. race mixing is caused by birth control apparently, despite race mixing happening since forever and hormonal birth control only have existed for like 90 years.

No. 1148437

File: 1612214909627.jpeg (25.82 KB, 474x474, 36391941-DA65-4261-B301-35E29D…)

No. 1148453

File: 1612215399329.png (780.86 KB, 828x1792, 92BD6493-38B9-4FE4-8605-5CCABE…)

They think they’re an entirely different species.

The comments on this article about Whitehawk Woman are a good condensed milk version of the epic “dark skin Briton” spergout.


No. 1148503


DNA analyses of ancient skeletons have made it really hard for them to cling to any specific ancestry and they sperg out a lot about the finding (or propaganda as they like to call it) that modern Europeans are a mix – hunter-gatherers too black-skinned, Neolithic farmers kinda lighter but still too Southron and closely related to today's Near Easterners, Indo-Europeans tbh I'm not sure what the issue with those is, but I know they have one. In the end, only the 3% caveman Neanderthal ancestry is non-African enough but Asians have it too.
Must be a hard life when you're a fat pale autistic neckbeard trying to convince others that this is actually genetically superior.

No. 1148540

>tbh I'm not sure what the issue with those is, but I know they have one.

I think it's because they are insistent on finding "proof" that northern europeans evolved complete separate from other cultures/ethnic groups, that there was no "race mixing" or any sort of icky diversity going on. That way they can use that as their smoking gun to prove that people should stay "where they come from".

No. 1148630

File: 1612223627827.jpeg (314.58 KB, 1241x1868, 77880B53-5C33-4495-A77C-2EAA96…)

Sage for the same old varg joke I’m obsessed with for life

No. 1148894

lol, this is literally “I know your guess about this skeleton’s skin is wrong because other reconstructions guessed differently”
white supremacists are so fucking stupid

No. 1149179

File: 1612270324714.jpeg (106.57 KB, 640x842, 60FD0F7C-8798-4582-AF76-E26C6E…)

And he’s proud of being smelly

No. 1149180

File: 1612270386308.jpeg (102.55 KB, 640x702, 6F8B40C1-2578-4DFD-80CB-D70BBC…)

No. 1150001

Can you link that vid?

No. 1150592

she comes off as such a tomboy in this video. apparently she did wrestling before starting pole dance.

No. 1152783

File: 1612506272332.jpeg (580.88 KB, 750x1066, 2A6AB9A6-B502-45AE-948F-AA8825…)

She’s abandoned all efforts to even appear “trad” lol she’s 80% naked on pretty much al of her posts.

No. 1154854

File: 1612707333375.jpeg (41.94 KB, 640x220, 9FB3989C-8BFC-451B-9F51-7FB653…)

Do they really believe this crap? There MIGHT be a slight difference in "tolerance" of extremely low tempetatures, but only in places where there are actually LOW temperatures. Like siberia and such. Not in USA or Scandinavia or Germany. Lol.

No. 1154903

Of course a person who has lived in a relatively cold environment will tolerate it better than someone from the tropics, and sure some may have that in their dna a bit but to an actual degree of noticing it? Nah

No. 1154918

Don't remember if it's been discussed and not posting a photo for obvious reasons but I think Varg's sperging about melanin in eyes/hair is particularly funny because you can see in photos that Marie has been posting that several of their children are developing brown hair as they age kek (which is completely normal for children born blonde)I wonder how he'll cope knowing him or his wife passed on "inferior genes"

No. 1155031

he just says its another shade of blonde, he's already debated people on twitter about this. he'll even whip out a hair dye color chart to prove his point, haha. and to be fair, i doubt any of their kids will ever have truly dark hair. they'll probably all end up with mousy brown hair though, which he always argues is "dark ash blonde" and it just produces an endless pointless debate of where blonde ends and brown begins

No. 1155218

File: 1612735316550.jpeg (108.54 KB, 640x799, B6588321-8137-406B-AF1E-4D4BBA…)

More conspiracy theory from Varg. I wonder how Marie feels about him going on long twitter rants every couple of hours.

- The chicken broth was delicious Marie, thank you for dinner
- Now I must go and rant about commies and capitalism if you don’t mind….

No. 1155905

They believe some of the stupidest shit or take things totally out of context. If this was true, every black person living in northern Europe or any area with cold winters would have turned into a popsicle by now, which obviously hasn’t happened.

No. 1156097

This is the dumbest thing ever. If you need to explain to people that you are blond, you're not blond. Ugh.

No. 1156121

File: 1612812762123.png (331.05 KB, 592x867, 11.png)

>sink deeper into depth
superior european 145 IQ right there

well, it's true according to them. i wonder where they get all this information from when they simultaneously claim to never interact with dirty southrons kek. they make up so much bullshit to support their bigotry. like picrel is so funny to me because i'm swedish and all swedish people complain about the cold and the rain and go on vacations to thailand, egypt, etc every year. also, those who logically are the most tolerant of cold weather are yakuts in siberia, who are turkish/tatars.

No. 1156142

Now Varg would say it's because Asians share some Neanderthal ancestry

OR he would say they're very sick and deal with the cold so badly (he constantly says that for the Eskimo people)

Also the Nords who go to Southern Europe or, even worse (lol), tropical islands for a holiday are obviously degenerates duh.

No. 1156205

Yeah some of the coldest places on earth are Kazakhstan, Yakutsk and Mongolia, the first couple of them are Turks, a group of people most hated by these pagan cultists.

No. 1156207

File: 1612818720995.jpeg (154.91 KB, 640x897, 3CC86E1B-A370-4C0F-AD6B-02EFA2…)

It’s a miracle that she’s still alive at this point..

No. 1156208

File: 1612818804668.jpeg (115.21 KB, 640x649, 8F98EAAF-23B9-4D5A-906D-4E76FC…)

No. 1156248

Just drink a herbal tea when you’re bleeding to death it’s from our ~ancestors ~ and will totally help

No. 1156253

Most Canadians aren't suited for Canadian weather considering they're ethnically British or French kek.

No. 1156273

“as our elders did” the ones lucky enough to start clotting and didn’t die immediately you mean. your elders were the exception, not the rule.

No. 1156404

Hilarious that a White Canadian is saying this. You’re not an Inuit bud, you’re not built for BC weather either.

I find it so strange that these tradlarpers romanticize their ~nordic prussian heritage~ while having anime characters as their pfp. Are Asians not “dirty swarthoids” by their definition?

No. 1156464

File: 1612833985753.png (418.42 KB, 587x877, 13.png)

uh… sure marie

No. 1156588

>On this picture I was 20 years old
>implying 20 isn't young
>implying she doesn't look 20 there

No. 1156704

really, i havent seen that many anime pics among varg's followers. usually they seem to use runes, old nature paintings, cheesy fantasy art of vikings and shit like that. then there's a few who show their face. varg made a video about why japan shouldnt be idealized or emulated back before his channel was taken down and most of his cult seemed to agree with it

No. 1156752


I always thought Varg’s wife was more grounded, and she comes off that way in interviews. However when you read enough of her bear cult or “placenta” related theories you’ll know she has a whole different level of eccentricity

No. 1156754

She emphasizes her youth in some of her videos and teases him by comparing her young age to him being older. Why are trads so obsessed with being uWu young little kittens?

No. 1156794

the men in the movement constantly extolling the perceived virtue of youth/innocence

No. 1156802

The same youth and innocence they immediately corrupt with their bullshit. It’s like some weird purity religion.

No. 1156861

Not the first time some old, unattractive cultist tries to lure in young impressionable girls and gaslight them into thinking they should “offer their youth” to much older males anon..

No. 1157372

both her and varg look old as fuck, thats why she only posts her old pictures

No. 1157453

File: 1612915596213.png (886.38 KB, 596x1490, 14.png)

always funny to see the superior aryan survivalist warriors being little bitches about petty shit like this and also living with their parents in their 20s.

No. 1157956

What a bunch of crybabies, over BLM being written on a dollar.

No. 1158320

File: 1612988020198.jpeg (116.34 KB, 640x685, 4C5D4C5D-3EF3-4785-99D6-E017CC…)

Misogynistic, also obsessed with women’s hair

No. 1158322

File: 1612988095873.jpeg (79.8 KB, 640x475, D70162E8-1B85-4C1C-AD34-86D04A…)

Ironic that the woman in the picture looks about the same age as him.

No. 1158445

Ok boomer

No. 1158598

he is so gross lol he looks 80 years old and is a huge boomer himself.. all this boomer talk as of late makes me feel like he is having an age crisis or something. grow up kristian.

No. 1158868

File: 1613043177868.jpeg (62.49 KB, 640x524, 92765661-2993-422F-9DAE-4CEEDE…)

I laugh at their pro white sentiments but it gives me goosebumps when uWu trad women’s battle cries echo across twitter.

No. 1159603

Wasn't it because Japan is so closed off to the world? They don't like outsiders and generally don't mix with other ethnicities or some shit.

No. 1159741

yea but i think he said that their homogeneity was the only good thing about them. he considers japan degenerate/a bad example to follow, so i dont think there are very many weebs in his followers, at least not among the vocal dedicated ones that interact with him the most on twitter

No. 1161952

God I hate pick mes like this.

No. 1161957

I hate when twitter tardthots try to sound tough. It’s cringe as fuck. Dumb whore would scream if she dropped her phone and get wet at the sight of invader BVLLs murdering her pagan betabux, she isn’t going into battle anytime soon kek.

No. 1161960

>muh crystals
Kristian is a sp00ky twitter witch lel

No. 1161961

Innocence = easier to brainwash.
Youth = these boomercels are all pedophiles.

No. 1161962

Ngl that’s some strong dyke energy. Noticed a lot of tradthots have a lesbian hateboner for other women.

No. 1161963

Left = elf.
Right = bridge troll. I wonder if her ancestors used their faces as frying pans…

No. 1161965

She’s so fat lmao.

No. 1161982

These people are the white trash equivalent of the we wuz kangz movement. They claim to hate the extreme left but they're two sides to the same dumb coin.(racebait)

No. 1161993

Imagine crying about leftie snowflakes yet seeing people with brown eyes or 3 letters written on a bill sends you into an autistic shit flinging rage and you start doing magic spells to cope lol.

No. 1161997

let's not exaggerate anon, they're both ugly representatives of their ethnicities.

No. 1162010

Elves don’t have to be conventionally ‘pretty’ the one on the left is a model and though ugly looks far more unusual in a striking alien manner compared to the fat walmart Karen on the right

No. 1162180

>unusual in a striking alien manner
it's just the lighting

No. 1162278

what an ogre

No. 1162541

I'm pretty sure such chicks cling to that movement because simply having blue eyes is enough to be worshipped there. These nordicist creeps fetishise blue eyes as if they don't have them. That's what I don't get with nordicism, being blue eyed, especially as a Northern European, should make you view blue eyes as something normal. Sure, you can like your blue eyes, but constantly going on and on about it is so weird.

No. 1162636

It's because it's the one thing you don't have to work for, so of course these people are going to obsess over it, because they know it's the only thing they have to prove to themselves that they are "special". It's like when they claim that they are superior because of some composer, or a writer, or any intellectual from their ethnic group, while being unable to do any of that shit themselves. But by virtue of them being white, that means that they're also somehow magnificent and intelligent people by proxy.

No. 1162776

Thats not kristian telling her to use a crystal

No. 1163035

I get your point but a composer or a scientist can at least genuinely impress you and be something extraordinary. Having your own eyes that you were born with should not be extraordinary, no matter how much you like them. Especially not if everyone else in your family, and most people around you have those same eyes. And I'm not saying it's stupid to like how it looks or anything, but it's stupid to make a big deal out of it. My brother has blue eyes and would pass as "blond" according to Varg's low standards for blondness, and that's precisely why I find it weird to make a big deal out of it. Even though we're not Northern European and my eyes are green, blue eyes are so normal to me that I just can't fathom fetishising them like that. I would in fact understand that attitude more if it was coming from Middle Eastern people, or some other ethnic group where blue eyes are uncommon.

No. 1163080

Well it’s a good way for below average to average white women to get attention. Even if you’re a fat 4/10, as long as you have blue eyes you’ll get a whole army of white nationalist simps willing to betabux their aryan goddess. I noticed below average women are attracted to the trad and right wing movements too. Because they know it’s a total sausage fest and they are guaranteed orbiters as long as they spout redpills. Meanwhile Chad doesnt care about eye or hair color or any of that shit, he just bangs any woman that he considers hot.

No. 1176984

File: 1614968992288.jpeg (41.51 KB, 640x338, 0956DDD7-2F33-4C28-8CA4-7F249E…)

Piggy backs on having family members who are engineers and marrying the daughter of an engineer

No. 1176987

File: 1614969185697.jpeg (139.13 KB, 640x844, 0A017FB7-A9B4-4A84-8DFE-5A73C3…)

Yet bitterly criticizes people who go to university to get an education? Where do you think your family got their diplomas from Varg?? Are you resentful about not going to college..

No. 1177710

File: 1615037625083.jpeg (128.91 KB, 640x711, CD1FD3A5-2BDD-4EF1-AB18-3EB56E…)

No. 1177725

Tbf they shouldn't be teaching far-left autism either

No. 1177748

I would give my arm to see a full fledged conversation between varg and freelee since they both skirt similar topics and attitudes with the difference of her being a psycho eating disordered vegan

No. 1177781

Who needs axe when you can smell like ass amirite?

No. 1177785

ah yes smelly penis smelly ass smelly everything. imagine being married to this freak and having to share a bed with him

No. 1177903

Every Saturday? Where did he get this from? Sounds very christian aka be fresh and clean when you go to church on Sunday

No. 1177980

I don't know where this meme only washing once a week comes from (unless he is takling about like the dark ages or some shit period back in time). I know from my families history that they washed everyday (quick wash of pits and private parts with cold water and a bar of soap if needed). And they had a full bath every Saturday. I mean it's not great by todays standards but they did their best.

No. 1177997

Copied off google's wikipedia page:
In Scandinavian countries, Saturday is called lördag, lørdag, or laurdag, the name being derived from the old word laugr/laug (hence Icelandic name Laugardagur), meaning bath, thus Lördag equates to bath-day. This is due to the Viking practice of bathing on Saturdays.

No. 1179096

File: 1615206300181.jpeg (140.44 KB, 640x756, 75547255-CF05-4DC3-BE1E-1F590F…)

Does he know that people use wheelchairs because of necessity?

No. 1179099

He means cars not actual wheelchairs

No. 1179122

That’s still very tone deaf of him to say

No. 1179148

>a white supremacist being tone deaf about something he doesn’t personally experience
no way

No. 1179176

If he idolizes stone age so much why doesn't he get off the internet?

No. 1179664

All that just to say you smell like piss and dick smegma.
So he was flexing about engineers in his family but doesn't believe in the credentials of higher institutions? At this point he's knowingly up his own asshole

No. 1181211

File: 1615418098832.png (544.45 KB, 728x1102, brainlessmasterrace.png)

marie is on crack as usual. her 7th child is coming this month allegedly.

No. 1181894

I don’t understand a single word kek. I must be a degenerate..?

He is going to scare off young maidens of virtue from placenta verse. Even 4/10 pick me’s will not tolerate smelly body parts.

No. 1186972

File: 1616021862931.jpeg (93.03 KB, 640x696, 95F6330F-2A13-4D32-BDD7-2AF7E4…)

No. 1187109

File: 1616032282137.png (19.44 KB, 427x202, varg but unironically.png)

idgi does this guy think he's some hardcore badass when he's literally just whining on the twitter vanity machine complete with stupid hashtags and typing "SIGH"

No. 1187169

at last someone assumes the vacant crown of the late TimeCube guy

No. 1187279

File: 1616058592415.jpeg (77.45 KB, 640x493, C45815B4-2094-4260-AA1F-BDBB3F…)

No. 1195283

Where is Pallando?(necro)

No. 1202981

>Social: 2/10
Who would have guessed

No. 1203100

File: 1617757631954.png (118.79 KB, 740x1262, lmao.png)

well they all lose their friends once they decide to become nazis lmao. which is probably why they try to cope by identifying as super autistic INTJ lone wolves.

No. 1203240

Fucking lmfao at everyone going "yeah me too" damn its almost like YOU'RE the asshole then..almost

No. 1208010

So Marie had her 7th baby. She says she didn’t realize she was giving birth until the very end, I assume it’s another home birth. Congratulations on.. surviving?(imageboard)

No. 1209685

File: 1618559229439.jpg (39.37 KB, 898x354, 039458685.JPG)

yea, in march. old news. and she didnt give birth at home. pretty sure she had the baby before this one in the hospital too, dont know about the others. what happened to civilization being a wheelchair, right?

No. 1211990

So much for “uwu wild and free, civilization is a wheelchair”
Another proof of how they are way less autonomous than they claim to be. She was lecturing other placenta cult ladies on how to give birth naturally at home in case civilization collapsed kek

No. 1212961

File: 1618936471247.jpeg (137.25 KB, 640x830, 7399AF47-315B-48DB-96F8-7AB356…)

One of his favorite images to share on his Twitter after his truck is this photo of immigrants lining up. He is an immigrant himself with 7 children. The irony.

No. 1213518

File: 1619015354690.png (1.55 MB, 720x2579, Screenshot_20210421-102614.png)

This entire thread screams of cope. The comments are all brunettes and Varg telling them they're blonde

No. 1213519

File: 1619015504896.png (887.92 KB, 720x1903, Screenshot_20210421-103024.png)

At this point I'm not sure who he actually considers a brunette

No. 1213655

They're all brunettes. What a sad cope over nonsense. Doesn't Marie dye her hair too?

No. 1213728

File: 1619036036194.jpg (39.66 KB, 400x457, EX0yxUXWAAE8_oo.jpg)

tbh I am just not sure. Natural blondes can have darker looking roots sometimes, because blonde hair tends to get darker with age. (Well, all hair does, it's just more noticeable with blondes). Pregnancy can darken your hair too and that's what Marie says happened

But I think her hair looks like it's a bleach job sometimes tbh, it's way too orange. This photo looks like natural blonde hair with darker roots to me, but >>1110433 definitely looks bleached

so she probably was blonde and pregnancy/age darkened her hair so she started dying it

No. 1213739

I've never seen people so ashamed to have brown hair, trying so hard to convince themselves that it's blonde. It's strange how these people will create these entirely arbitrary rules for an invented category, only to have crises about potentially not fitting into the invented category to the point of delusion over hair color.

No. 1213745

Yeah right if this is dark blonde then Japanese have naturally light brown hair

There’s enough sperge about Marie’s hair if you scroll up. No one has any proof so far.

No. 1213761

i would call that model's hair just plain old mousy, it may not be super dark hair but its not blonde either

No. 1213789

File: 1619043697819.png (2.99 MB, 2184x2468, norna1.png)

oh god the hair coping again. reminds me of the nutcase in picrel. pretty rich of them to talk about others jealousy and then sperg so hard as soon as they see an attractive christian tradthot. must be comfortable getting their egos constantly stroked in their bubble of mostly below average looking people and little competition.

No. 1213927

I used to be really into Varg and I slowly started following his nazi-propaganda-placenta-bullshit. It really is a fucking cult and it’s surprisingly and scarily easy to be brainwashed if you’re young and vulnerable and I 100% believe they know this. I’m thankful I broke free from it and grew a brain. Granted I wasn’t one of the really bad ones so maybe my experience with reformation doesn’t count but I do believe even extreme neo-nazis can change if they really wish to. Christian Picciolini is a well-known reformed neo-nazi. His Tedtalk is really good and helped me with a lot of the guilt I felt coming out of that shit. Now I’m here to cringe at all the sperging kek.

No. 1213972


well, they're a mix of cults + for males, gangs

These groups are notrious for preying on young peeps, often in poor + violent areas. They offer both protection + an answer for loneliness…even if that's not practiced.

…esp, cuz bigoted people usually have "exceptions" to these rules (i.e. a childhood friend, an honoury member of the family, hell even a gf/bf).

No. 1214006

Varg himself is a middle aged teen. He never had the gradual transformation from boyhood to adulthood as he went to prison at a very early age. He had been abroad as a child but he never had the chance to interact with people from different ethnic or social backgrounds as an adult. His isolated life in prison has shaped his current ideas and he doesn’t even hide this fact.

I agree that they prey on young, impressionable people. Whether or not it’s intentional I’m not sure about. They attract all the social rejects, recluses, socially awkward people and semi unattractive women, promising them to be part of an “honorable” elite group where their genetic heritage (that they didn’t have to work for) is celebrated.

No. 1214008

File: 1619069332000.jpeg (117.19 KB, 640x804, 2B0C4800-2581-4735-9CBA-8B8374…)

He was complaining about modern rail thin women not being fertile enough not long ago. Ironic that he is using images of fashion models to prove his point..

No. 1214009

File: 1619069527988.jpeg (71.67 KB, 640x505, 9FE4DF07-7C9C-4064-A9A4-76F881…)

How are these people allowed to share this crap on Twitter is beyond me

No. 1214111

>proceeds to post photo that all but explains it anyway

No. 1214113

Why does it say April 21st but it’s supposed to be the 20. kek missed the bday of her favorite boy

No. 1214114

File: 1619093534991.jpeg (11.22 KB, 300x168, download.jpeg)

No. 1214132

The rune as the username is making me angry too. Why do they continue to misuse and corrupt these symbols?! There are non-NS pagans out there who are being accused of shit for using the same symbols. It’s braindead and unfair.

No. 1214161

Yeah, I'm tired of that shit too.
Can't wear anything ressembling a rune, triskel and the likes even when it's your very own culture because of them.
Their beloved Silly-moustache-chan was like that too, maybe that's why. I mean, why they don't come up with their own symbols if they're so intj and superior?

No. 1214660

I believe Marie is working on a book about the "real meaning"of the runes so that's about to get worse, too, I think. Varg and Marie seem to be pretty influential with the weird racist heathens online

No. 1214714

File: 1619173872165.jpeg (59.97 KB, 640x623, 685C0CC7-2C76-4FD9-AD2F-7AF6C0…)

Same void look Marie has

No. 1214750

Fellas, is it gay to shower?

No. 1214816

File: 1619188175549.jpeg (66.26 KB, 640x447, 04106043-C12A-40BC-BDAB-37A633…)

why do they all have severe autism face. even their orbiters will roast them for it kek.

No. 1214828

Basically the same thing: >>603238

No. 1214904

Tbf their faces are usually beautiful even if their bodies are sickly and infertile

No. 1215932

yeah i always thought it was weird to use models as examples of "perfect aryan beauty" since surely models live a "degenerate" lifestyle, and are usually also wearing makeup and revealing clothing

No. 1215935

I'm pretty sure the study he's referencing in that post concluded that women with larger fat deposits in their thighs and bums had smarter babies, so if he believes that wouldn't he have to conclude that having a baby with a curvy ethnic woman would produce the smartest babies?

No. 1215955

System error

No. 1216221

Her fragile ego couldn’t stand an attractive Christian girl kek

No. 1216228

>> civilization is muh wheelchair
>> takes his wife to maternity ward for the birth of their seventh baby, remains hush hush about it (of course that’s the right thing to do but they sperg about muh placenta and natural home birth on Twitter)

No. 1216231

Marie was once a university student, moderately cute and her family are educated too. Now she’s married to an old man who met her when she was 18, dropped out of college, gave birth to his seven children, has no future other than French countryside. She’s stuck with a man who washes once a week and they’re on the radar of French internal security for a lifetime.

No. 1216749

File: 1619426529647.jpeg (86.11 KB, 640x545, 65D108FA-E80A-4782-B0E5-D8C139…)

i thought they met while she was 17 and in high school

No. 1216769

I thought she met him when she asked his permission to use burzum music for a school project in college. Maybe I was wrong and it was a high school project.
If she was 17 instead of 18, I need a throw up emoji for lolcow….. I wonder what her family’s initial reaction was when this foreign convict asked their blessings to marry their barely legal daughter

No. 1217681

Varg’s Twitter account is now marked as sensitive content.
Thanks to everyone who has reported him and him being a general douche.

No. 1217684

I don’t know how they find time to get involved in twitter fights daily anyway, considering they now have seven children and have lots of permaculture work in the garden.

- Thank you Marie, rooster stew with fresh artemisia from the garden was delicious. Now I must go and fight in the latest keyboard war if you don’t mind
+ Np Varg, go show those non Neanderthal South European Middle Easterns where you got this pale skinny fat body from

No. 1218736

File: 1619619594221.png (1.07 MB, 1880x1348, sadcringe.png)

>only all natural long haired big boobed "fertile" virgins with no degenerate makeup are worthy mates
>you don't shave? ewwwwww
the double standard is insane. seeing the paganthots backpedal and defend themselves when their incel orbiters call them gross is so funny.

No. 1218767

>i don't shave because im a mammal […] when did women and body hair become a taboo, anyway?

>well, luckily i don't have gross black body hair."


No. 1218791

There are two types of pagan trads:
Marie Cachet living in a farmland she inherited from her family

Other wannabe Marie placenta cultists who don’t live off Burzum profits

No. 1224828

File: 1620326878446.jpeg (52.15 KB, 640x367, 68252633-C7C3-4B4D-864B-1BCA78…)

No. 1224829

File: 1620326934771.jpeg (48.13 KB, 640x362, BF6FC38C-D0DA-476A-889C-139556…)

He thinks he aged like fine wine

No. 1224855

Who's going to tell this man the truth?

No. 1224943

I’m sure he smells like vinegar

No. 1225259

File: 1620371258206.png (294.56 KB, 614x699, varg.png)

Varg having a totally normal one and going after some random mocap actor/stunt person with 3000 followers for getting vaccinated while… having blue eyes, I guess? He replied to her tweet calling her an NPC, too

No. 1225315

It's as if seeing other people happy makes him insecure kek

No. 1225335

people being happy doing regular people activities instead of contributing to placentaverse

Varg: has a mental breakdown on Twitter

No. 1225456

File: 1620406779284.png (261.54 KB, 811x527, 1560189634300.png)

No. 1225483

Everything triggers him probably. He doesnt live in his nordic ~homeland~ but in france on fucking welfare lol

No. 1225497

what would he be doing differently if he still lived in norway tho, they would be living in some rural dump on welfare with their 100 kids either way, at least france has better weather

No. 1225541

How exactly are Varg and Marie planning to marry their kids off? Have they ever talked about this? The kids don't go to school and they live in the countryside. But Marie is also against arranged marriage so that's off the table.

I just don't understand how they expect their kids to ever leave home with the lifestyle they're being raised with. Buying a farm isn't cheap, it's not like they can all just start their own. But Varg is really against people having normal jobs or a normal education.

They seem like smart and sweet children, but I imagine they're irreparably socially damaged from spending all day, every day, with just Varg and Marie. I feel so bad for them. Even a lot of parents who are for homeschooling send their kids to standard school once a week or something to socialize.

No. 1225566

Plenty of kids grow up in rural farm environments surrounded by family and do just fine in life. Their bigger issue is being raised by a deranged Nazi murderer and an autistic placenta fetishist.

No. 1225569

He mentioned taking them to a sports center for kids before. I’m sure they do send them to a place to socialize, it’s just not very UwU my placentaverse for them to brag about on Twitter

No. 1225686


Yeah, I get that, I should have phrased it better so it didn't sound like I was just dunking on rural kids. I guess I just mean that kids with crazy parents have a better chance when other people can influence them like teachers and other adults and peers and the like. But Varg and Marie's kids are just out in the woods, talking about placentas and how everything is a Jewish conspiracy literally all day every day without much break, so they really don't stand a chance.

No. 1225691

why would something that's expendable get better with decrepitude

No. 1226644

i think they'll have to go to school once they reach high school age, right? marie doesn't have an education so how would she teach them high school level stuff anyway?

No. 1228208

File: 1620777221711.png (397.31 KB, 720x1766, Screenshot_20210511-194844.png)

Physics is a Jewish conspiracy now I guess

No. 1228459

Does anyone know who the model is?

No. 1228469

File: 1620816628663.png (123.06 KB, 901x693, oops.png)

she deactivated for like four days after this lmao. i don't understand how these people can get "exposed" several times as jewish, brown, etc and still stay in the community. their beliefs about race don't seem to apply to themselves lol

No. 1228482

this is really funny holy shit

No. 1228495

Isn't Gianna an Italian name though? Maybe that would still be too 'dark' for them though.

No. 1228566


It's an Italian name that's very distantly Hebrew in origin. You have to be extremely insecure to get upset about something like that though tbh

No. 1228637

many Christian names come from the Bible, so of course they’re Hebrew or Aramaic in origin

No. 1228651

File: 1620839176011.jpeg (146.54 KB, 640x852, 28080874-9826-4030-8417-F89ED6…)

Seemingly innocent traditional European lady talking about baking, herbs and stuff

No. 1228653

File: 1620839250155.jpeg (74.93 KB, 640x560, 306C5E17-6A24-4A9F-9C1C-7F8DDA…)

A wild swastika appears on her Twitter

No. 1229012

Varg Vikernes might be the biggest idiot I've seen online. I never liked Burzum so I feel validated. Bless this thread.

No. 1230306

File: 1621029850695.jpeg (112.96 KB, 640x739, FBD9F539-DAEC-4933-96E5-4037F4…)


No. 1230433

I pity her too

No. 1231163

What's with this self roast?

No. 1231233

Probably got scolded by Marie for sperging and now he’s apologetic over twitter

No. 1231262

I have been searching for information on modern day Viking worshippers who outwardly adopt archaic dogma and lore, and prove to be fixated on generations proceeding them looking and beleiving exactly like them. The video is the testimomy of one who has overseen numerous pop up groups in various states that try to meet regularly to practice the Asatru religion in private, but as the dialogue portrays: the fixation of devotees is indeed on how white their children will be.

No. 1234415

File: 1621512268075.png (600.37 KB, 720x1624, Screenshot_20210520-075842.png)

Just Varg making sure everyone knows he's straight I guess. What's with his obsession with that picture of him squatting in front of his truck? He's also going on these days about how the SJWs ruined tabletop games.

No. 1234431

Lol that Hitler youth ass haircut and male pattern baldness. Truly peak Nordic supreme genes.

No. 1234446

>posted on social media
wish this typing contradiction would catch cholera or leprosy or something

No. 1234540

kek reminds me of those kids on anprim forums who talk about how much they hate civilization but still religiously post on Reddit. if he wants to spread his ideas so bad why can’t he stick to writing books instead of shitposting on the internet? if he’s really anti-civ, he could pull a ted kaczynski and write books while his fans do all the internet promo. clearly he’s addicted to the immediate validation and attention the internet gives him just like the rest of us. he spends more time on the internet than the rest of his trad family lol. i wonder if his kids have even used the computer?

No. 1234598

white supremacists are always their own best counter-argument

No. 1234876

was he always like this or was he preyed on by white supremacists in prison

No. 1234889


No, he's been like this since he was a child and his family moved to Baghdad for a year when he was six. Corporal punishment was allowed there, but his mom says his teachers didn't hit him. Varg says living in Baghdad is what made him racist, he called his teacher a monkey and stuff.

When he was a teenager he burned down churches. He pretty openly states that he believes Christianity is just Judaism. His mom says she has no idea how he got this way so I'm pretty sure he's always been like this

The rest of his family sounds normal though

No. 1234891

He's always been like this. I don't have the energy to dig through old Mayhem drama but this article does a good job of summing up Varg's pre-prison behavior (even if it is a bit armchair):

No. 1234901

thank you anons

No. 1234914

lmao i love how he complains about board games as if his own joke of a game hasn't been relentlessly mocked by the tabletop community

he and marie need to be on twitter 24/7 shilling their crap and interacting with desperate stans to get more donations and stay relevant

No. 1236287

File: 1621786836200.png (466.45 KB, 720x1694, Screenshot_20210523-121919.png)

No one:
Varg: only the Aryan master race can handle being in jail

No. 1236289

File: 1621786941893.png (660.07 KB, 720x1441, Screenshot_20210523-121839.png)

He's getting pretty unhinged about having been in prison lately.

No. 1236291

File: 1621786996835.png (706.02 KB, 720x1626, Screenshot_20210523-121817.png)

Murder being a crime is a Jewish conspiracy now I guess

No. 1236372

File: 1621796193860.png (605.38 KB, 650x434, imagem_2021-05-23_155558.png)

How can isolation in a cushy cell be worse than spending your days locked up in high temperatures with other 25 sweaty men and getting ass raped frequently in a brazilian prison? With the chance of being killed inbetween the various gang disputes as well. That's the most retarded thing I ever heard

No. 1236377

File: 1621797021172.jpeg (104.26 KB, 1232x1232, 14DE6056-AC7A-4629-846E-C57538…)


The average Norwegian prison cell is nicer than the average American college dorm. Shut the fuck up Varg, you served time in a country renowned internationally for having one of the most humane prison systems going.

No. 1236473

Is this….real? That cannot be a p r i s o n cell. Because if so varg wouldn't handle the fucking dungeon ass prisons of the US. Has he not heard of the Arizona tent city prison? Christ that fucking """cell""" looks nicer than most places I've lived. And i bet you don't have to shrink away from the door when they launch a plate a of grits, bread, and "eggs" thru the chuck hole [or silo as we called it] at 138 mph just so you have to eat if off the floor. I've got plenty of horror stories. Lets see you give birth in shackles varg, or constantly groped by guards, etc. Sorry for blog but I've got horror stories this sad little stain could write better metal songs from. What a piss baby.

No. 1236523

Was Euronymous truly dangerous in any capacity or is this bullshit? I assume they were worthy of each other, but I don't know that much about the whole shitshow. Wikipedia also isn't very helpful in this regard, as it presents Varg's take on the murder.

No. 1236531

File: 1621813057836.jpeg (60.71 KB, 1067x800, 5b50b32601180c3f008b46dd.jpeg)


Yes, kek. norway's prisons are unbelievably cushy. See the pictures in this article, prisons have gyms, game rooms, and even recording studios


No. 1236554


This is absolutely real anon. Varg released two albums from prison. Meaning, they gave him instruments and stuff in there.

Who knows. Varg isn't a reliable narrator. I think it could go either way, imo. Euronymous's roommate, Dead, had committed suicide recently, and I think it really affected Euronymous. He played it up to be edgy, but he definitely started acting pretty erratic after. Euronymous wasn't a great guy himself, either.

Everyone in that music scene was being extremely edgy, talking about murder and death so it's hard to tell what was actually said, and whether or not it was just weird metal shit talk.

That said, Euronymous's corpse had been stabbed 16 times in the back, which doesn't sound like self-defense to me.

No. 1236628

Still no remorse for his murder of Euronymous. You'd think that killing someone in cold blood would haunt you forever, regardless of how shitty they were, but not our Viking warrior. God he's such a piece of shit

I should go burn a church in Norway because this is so much nicer than my shithole apartment

No. 1236874

he has no morse, even saying recently he did it because he (had a delusion) his friend was going to torture him. also 'muh self-defense' and on another post about how murderers were better

No. 1236877

File: 1621874004534.jpeg (363.06 KB, 2048x2048, artbreeder trat thot.jpeg)

created the whitiest of whities, who wan't it for going undercover?

No. 1236927

For what? If you want to prove they are racist or pedophile, or reminiscing of Nazi Germany there is no need as they openly talk about that. There are receipts of a man in his thirties flirting with a 14 year old, you know Varg groomed Mary when she was 18. They are not some moderate right wing group larping as patriotic, they are pretty transparent about how extreme they are. Besides, you need more pictures of your beautiful long blonde hair or farmland anon kek.

No. 1236933

>prisons have gyms, game rooms, and even recording studios
Ah something only the Aryan master race can survive

No. 1236950

And lets not forget that he stabbed the dude IN THE BACK. No metaphor, that's how he killed him. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how plush that prison is when there are ladies who are doing time for killing husbands that abused their kids/them and are being treated like animals when what they did was actual defense AND taking out the trash. Couldnt get pads but a murderer can get some instruments and make an album? Norway what the fuck, its supposed to be a punishment, guys.

No. 1237177

File: 1621898556856.png (4.17 MB, 3524x3288, norna2.png)

did some lurking on this person lmao the hypocrisy is real. she's literally an immigrant from france in sweden, she moved here at 20 or something for no reason at all other than to party and fuck metal guys. then turned nazi as soon as she got with her current bf who's in an ultra cringey amateur black metal act. sorry for my horrendous ms paint skills.

they lock their accounts all the time though. many of the screenshots i've posted in this thread are from private accounts lol.

No. 1237194

They wish they looked like this. Everyone posted ITT lacks any discernible facial features.

No. 1237207

Lmao why does it always have to make everything about “South Europeans, Middle Easterns, North Africans” etc? Why is he so butthurt about them?

Fucking kek. Varg has never seen a real prison. I wonder what his pagan master race Nordic spirit would do to survive in one.

No. 1237377

You morphed Kate Blanchett and Tilda Swinston? Maybe try with another one without outing yourself this time kek.

I’m sure the word is out there that placenta cult is being discussed on lolcow. It’s not the first time they are posted on a gossip board, but incel boards are more forgiving of Varg and other placenta cult males in their thirties. There is the occasional scrote who is happy that Varg and Marie are “contributing to muh white race by making babies” lol. Or they secretly wish they had an autistic wife who could have their children while they do the bare minimum and take a bath once a week.
The anons on lolcow are more brutally honest about the ugly side of placenta cult. I’m pretty sure they know about this forum.

No. 1237556

File: 1621948789178.png (498.28 KB, 720x1727, Screenshot_20210525-090714.png)

Varg imagines that he spent his life levelling up by defeating Jews or something????

The only person Varg ever fought was a 25 year old who owned a record label, and the fight was two against one.

Also I'm not gonna make a separate post about this, but some anons were discussing upthread the murder of Euronymous. I asked a friend who knows much more about the history of black metal than me. The commonly accepted truth among some people: after Varg was arrested, the police found a bunch of explosives and he was literally planning to bomb a leftist building. I was told Euronymous knew but was against it, and people think that's why Varg killed him.

Though it seems like we'll just never know for sure

No. 1237560

File: 1621948997294.png (887.08 KB, 720x1554, Screenshot_20210525-092225.png)

It's not a Varg post unless he squats in front of his ugly camo car

No. 1237562

File: 1621949100812.png (809.12 KB, 720x1738, Screenshot_20210525-092448.png)

And just some generic Nazi retweets. Tbh I don't really understand what the map is trying to say

No. 1237565

File: 1621949545658.png (119.57 KB, 695x609, Screenshot_20210525-093121.png)

All right, last post mostly for archiving, because recently Varg and Marie both went and deleted almost all of their milkiest tweets, including the one where he bragged about not having a toilet.

No. 1237575

I wonder if there's any hope for Varg. Marie needs to divorce him and take the kids

No. 1237584


Marie holds the same views as him. They're just as awful as each other. She seems nicer because she is actually a good mom and her social media is mostly focused on their kids and homeschooling. but she also writes the same weird tweets and the same sort of weird books, about how blonde people are really neanderthals and how Jews are evil people from the desert. The best thing, really, would be for the kids to go off to college and learn how made up all their nonsense is.

No. 1237618

Varg is anime

No. 1237621

Goblet squat
Dumbbell squat
Bulgarian split squat
Slav squat
Varg squat

No. 1237626

Damn, did he also delete the tweet about only bathing on Saturdays like their ancestors did?

No. 1237637

File: 1621956757480.png (675.71 KB, 720x1827, Screenshot_20210525-113206.png)


It's still up, complete with an obligatory pic of him posing with his car.

No. 1237641

You can see the weird pot that their kids have to bathe in only once a week at 5:16.

No. 1237642

Damn I’m glad he didn’t delete his most milky post ever kek a part of me wishes the placenta cult would get shadowbanned on twitter but they are too fun to watch. All the other cows on /w/ are now sex workers and hoes are only fun for a short period of time.

No. 1237645

I think she will have three more kids and round it up to ten before 40. Varg will turn into prince philip by then I’m sure

No. 1237782

File: 1621966969296.png (59.04 KB, 618x474, BE1B01A6-1ECF-492D-8540-62C5E4…)

there's actually a blog dedicated to archiving all their milky tweets, replies, video screen shots etc.


No. 1237792

omg that tattoo

No. 1237802

I care. It was relevant to the topic and discussed exactly what had been discussed for the previous 10 replies

No. 1237857

>getting balled
Well that's what he would be doing in American prison, kek

No. 1237952

File: 1621978034893.png (1.05 MB, 720x2448, Screenshot_20210525-172612.png)

His version of going "haters make me famous" is seriously calling people "foreskinless NPCs" this tweet is sending me

No. 1237962

> I don’t know what the map is trying to say

That the US has “too much” sun and is therefore bad

No. 1238180


Also that brown/black/“swarthy” people belong in the warmer climates and only the Trve Aryan Master Race can survive in the cold

No. 1238294

>literally planning to bomb a leftist building
>Euronymous knew but was against it
That makes sense. Euro joined socialists/MLM groups as a teen before leaving and Varg accused him of being a communist in an interview. It could also be that Varg was jealous of Euro's reputation as the godfather of black metal. Guess he thought the crown would pass over to him.

No. 1238385

The Scandinavian corrections system is the failest of fails, holy shit.

No. 1238402

Varg gives me beta vibez disguised under an alpha facade.
Marie girl you married a beta.

No. 1238404

>>is totally not a victim guys

>> yet the scars in his flesh haunt him forever
>> says he is damaged goods and pities his wifey for having to deal with him on a daily basis

No. 1238405

Is he suffering from psychosis?
Serious question. Is this possible?

No. 1238540

I am not going to get too committed to armchair diagnosing him because most of us, myself included, are not psychologists. But while he's pretty crazy his thought process seems pretty clear and organized so I think psychosis is really not likely. My un-educated guess is Antisocial Personality Disorder.

No. 1238565

File: 1622051392060.png (832.41 KB, 720x2012, Screenshot_20210526-134600.png)

This guy is a Varg orbiter who is clearly trying to be the Slavic version of Varg and tweets about placenta even more than Varg and Marie. His name is Stefan Cvetovic.

No. 1238566

File: 1622051439892.png (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 720x2081, Screenshot_20210526-134657.png)

spoiler for a pic of a placenta, you are warned anons

No. 1238570

File: 1622051494035.png (470.94 KB, 720x1062, Screenshot_20210526-134745.png)

Rapunzel is a story about placenta now I guess

No. 1238572

File: 1622051540081.png (21.38 KB, 1442x144, Screenshot_2021-05-26 Ariel Sh…)


The only prominent figure friendly to the west to be against the Nato bombing of Yugoslavia is Ariel Sharon. For those who didn't know, Ariel Sharon was a military commander who segued into cabinet positions until he was Prime minister of ISRAEL. Will Varg give credit to Ariel Sharon, or just denigrate him for being Jewish? Probably the latter.


No. 1238586

Well he does type out "Sigh…." like some redditor faggot

No. 1238587

This obsession with placentas is really autistic.

No. 1238599

So if the prince climbs the braid, that would make him… the fetus? What kind of Oedipus shit

No. 1238967

That's what natural blonde hair looks like you seething shitskin

No. 1239003

File: 1622062393786.jpg (27.67 KB, 601x508, masked_wojak.jpg)

>heh becaue you moved 2 countries to the south of you to marry and have kids with a person who looks exactly like you, you're identical to sub-saharan invaders from another continent

No. 1239202


Looks like the Varg orbiters have found this thread. Welcome! Thanks for bringing us fresh milk, how's your Skyrim larp going?

No. 1239326

I don't exactly like Varg and I don't agree with him on everything but your nonwhite seethe is obvious

No. 1239335

How is saving the aryan race going, nonnie? How many perfect uwu blond-eyed blue-haired children have you popped out? Better get to it soon before those dammed shitskins outbreed you

No. 1239343

File: 1622067042985.png (1.36 MB, 2728x1060, leftypol_face1.png)

>How is saving the aryan race going, nonnie? How many perfect uwu blond-eyed blue-haired children have you popped out? Better get to it soon before those dammed shitskins outbreed you(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1239353

File: 1622067609902.png (424.74 KB, 1229x1444, romancivilizationnothingeurope…)

what's obvious is your newfaggotry and whiteknighting. go back to placentaverse twitter.

>ooooo muh symbolism
why are "symbols" important to them? they don't use them for anything apart from getting ugly ass rune tattoos. and besides, runes were literally just invented to copy the latin language. but i guess varg and marie do insist that the ancient romans and greeks were le superior aryan race as well (which is a hilarious cope). yet at the same time they claim all ancient civilization were shit and "non-european". the narrative is ever changing kek.

No. 1239365

Instead of shitposting on girly 4chan, why don't you actually do something for your precious race? Varg and Marie are morons but at least they actually live their dumbass beliefs.

No. 1239398

Ok, so in Marie's/placentacult's case, symbols are really important because of their weird obsession with Neanderthals.

>Blonde haired, blue eyed white people are actually "pure neanderthals"
>some anthropologists think that the Neanderthals worshipped bears, because they found bear bones in caves.
Note that this is contested: bears live and die in caves all the time, the bones were probably just… there.
>they think European Paganism, Native American religion, and a few other sets of beliefs are acceptable. Everything else, according to Varg, are just different versions of Judaism, including atheism and Wicca

THEREFORE, if you follow this to its logical conclusion:

they do TONS of mental gymnastics to reconstruct the "Neanderthal bear cult" and find weird links between religion and culture and folklore in Europe from much, much later, so that way they can pat themselves on the back and keep telling themselves they're being "based Europeans" or whatever. It's what Marie's book "The Secret of the She-Bear" is about, and what that Stefan dude writes about. So in Marie's case, she thinks they believed in reincarnation, were animists, had a focus on placentas, etc. Basically it's so you can do stuff like celebrate Halloween while still LARPing a viking, by telling yourself it's a Neanderthal holiday representing bears going into hibernation (yes really) and that you're being a true and honest based nordic European neanderthal or whatever.

Or so you can read your kids the story of Rapunzel while still being BASED NORDIC MASTER RACE. and also they use it as "proof" that the bear cult existed, e.g. "oh if there was never a bear cult then WHY IS RAPUNZEL ACTUALLY ABOUT PLACENTAS?"

It's pretty deranged and incomprehensible to anyone who isn't desperate to believe that they're pure neanderthals

No. 1239469

The obsession with ancestors is creepy, it reminds of a certain Junji Ito comic, forgot the name though

No. 1239470

File: 1622073737410.png (421.26 KB, 720x1468, Screenshot_20210526-195352.png)

Varg has like 7(?) children, a wife, and a whole farm to tend to and he's busy beefing with other neopagans online kek

No. 1239521

It's amazing how 99% of male white supremacists spend their life pitifully complaining on the internet while fantasizing about their ~traditionalist pure white family~ pipe dream, and yet the 1% of male white supremacists who actually achieve that dream choose to spend their time pitifully complaining on the internet anyway… If you're a 48-year-old man who has a wife, several children, farmland and a stable home but you're still arguing on Twitter, it's time to consider that you might be a failure

No. 1239662

Oh welcome Varg and Marie stans!

Someone has cow tipped or what?!

>>heh becaue you moved 2 countries to the south of you to marry and have kids with a person who looks exactly like you

Let me make things clear: A CRIMINAL with questionable motives from Norway moved to South of France and is now spewing racist bs and pseudo science on twitter while living on government benefits. Even after screwing up his own life, he had a relatively comfortable life in the Norwegian prison system. All thanks to his European privilege.

Yet he still has the audacity to criticize human beings from Middle East who actually have to flee their homeland because their lives are at risk due to political instability and war.

He has obvious anti social personality disorder and he is insufferable, yet impressionable youth like you (and sometimes grown ass 30+ year old men and women) will kiss his ass because he once was a metal head with a girly face and long blonde hair in braids.

No. 1239667

I can see why their grass is so overgrown and they’re proud of it lmao

No. 1239680

Question for any varganons, I just looked at Maries YouTube and the kids all seem to speak French. Can varg speak French or does he just not speak to the children?

No. 1239705

He speaks conversational French. Speaks Norwegian to his kids.

No. 1239707

When they were arrested on the grounds of terrorism (they had way too many bags of sugar at their home, apparently Marie was about to make jam. Sugar can be used in explosives) he said he didn’t speak enough French to understand the paperwork. There was a documentary about the whole ordeal that is now removed from YouTube.

No. 1239744

i didn't know this. is there any way to watch the documentary?

No. 1239748

No. 1239764

your seething shitskin jealousy is blatantly obvious. Why are you obsessed with him you deranged retard?

Also no one "has to" flee their country, they're only allowed in by more generous countries(back2/pol/)

No. 1239765

>if you're a 48 year old man who has a wife and 7 kids and a farm but you use twitter you failed at life
subhuman intelligence everyone

No. 1239767

Imagine whiteknighting Varg. Pure cringe. Go back to your placentaverse.

No. 1239779

WTF, Varg is only 48? With the way that he looks, I thought he's at least 58. Big kek

No. 1239780

> Unsaged whiteknighting

No. 1239790

Ah yes, typical white suprematist using words like “shitskin” when they are about to lose the argument.

Do you know me personally, how did you jump to the conclusion that I am a “shitskin”? There’s plenty of proof on this thread that most of y’all are not the palest shade of alabaster white either and you are just projecting your insecurities kek.

No. 1239796

Did you just.. white knight Marie’s hair? Kek
I’d like to follow your directions, but most of you placenta cult members are clearly confused about what brown hair is.

No. 1239798

Ah, another placenta cult giveaway word: “subhuman”

No. 1239808

Right? You'd think those Superior Nord Genes would make him age more gracefully

No. 1239810

No. 1239812

Why are all these “dark blonde” “muh Aryan race” spergs always the absolute worst examples of a “master race” possible?

No. 1239821

File: 1622126357804.jpeg (113.62 KB, 640x863, 5F50DA1A-7110-43F2-9112-6F9632…)

all contemporary art is bad because it's not pretty enough for these smoothbrains to look at or whatever, yet rock carvings of stick figures with huge dongs doing beastiality are based and sacred. next they're gonna tell us retarded kids scribbling dicks and swastikas on school benches is just part of the genetic memory of their forebears or something.

No. 1239827

I get 3/10 vibes from anyone who white knights Varg. Maybe 4/10 on a good day..

No. 1239864

File: 1622131661830.png (893.17 KB, 720x2786, Screenshot_20210527-120657.png)

God bless this low effort troll

No. 1239877

They cant comprehend that theres white people here too who want to laugh at this cow larping as some Pro Nordic anti civilization leader.. living on welfare in france

No. 1239881

"Muh white supremacy" tards always think all other white people secretly agree with their batshit insane beliefs and admire them for being the only white people brave enough to express them in public. They're always shocked and stunned when they get exposed (like post-Charlottesville) and realize normies hate them and find their ideology weird and disgusting, and retreat back into their online echo chambers like the lonely spergs they are kekekek

No. 1239887

These "modern arts" they seethe about are just a way for rich people do money laundering. What a retard

No. 1240016


People who are smart or talented can take pride in that and don't need to lean on their skin color. When you have nothing but an obsession with Lolicon and a neckbeard, and happen to have white skin, then you can go "but muh pure nordic genes"

And when you have nothing to offer a man because you're boring and plain, you can try being a pick me to these dudes hoping that being blonde will be enough to get you attention. That's why every pagan tradthot tried to be an egirl and edgy wiccan first

No. 1240385

moondog >>>> varg

No. 1240387

File: 1622185555269.jpg (47.32 KB, 898x623, E1OVcJZXIAIFVHU.jpg)


No. 1240478

File: 1622193849653.jpeg (65.01 KB, 624x489, 70B9A8F5-8C96-4544-ABBD-FE3C1F…)

what is this psychotic larp? they're like airsofters who pretend to be military lol.

No. 1240479

This isn’t even a red flag, it is coat of arms

No. 1240481

File: 1622194613936.jpeg (130.09 KB, 640x823, 4EE206E0-9E61-4B25-8F94-5286BC…)

Subtle shade at mortepervita?

No. 1240509

File: 1622199811884.jpeg (118.42 KB, 640x873, BFECD63F-C600-4DB0-9E77-0E1BC5…)

lmaoo. she does call herself nordic and a viking lol, she even has rune tattoos. what's funny to me is that runes were literally invented to copy the romans and their latin language, for the nordic people to distinguish themselves as an "empire". and now here we are, italians living in the US and larping as scandinavian.

No. 1240525

No. 1240529

So when a "shitskin" shows contempt (they weren't seething to begin with, you were, but let's pretend they're guilty of doing it as well) towards someone who's white it stems from jealousy and projecting your own inadequacies onto another person/out-group, but when you (likely an angry, relatively mediocre white male/female) show contempt towards immigrants, it stems from… ?

No. 1240546

>To make it worse the grand parents of our children tried to take them away from us. Instead of helping us out in this difficult time, they wrote a letter to a judge and tried to take our children from us, because they don’t like our lifestyle or political-religious ideas.
holy shit lmao. they claim "honoring your ancestors" is important, yet they both choose to be the most disappointing offspring any parent could imagine lmao. social services should definitely take their kids away, they live in absolute misery, ostracized from society all because of their loony parents.

>took my USB pens and hard drives, confiscated all our firearms, ammo, many tools, decorative swords, my helmet, two spears, my wife’s flint knives (?) and all sorts of other things too, most of them with great affection value, and they decleared that we no longer had the right to own or possess any type of weapons: everything, all of this for no good reason whatsoever

aww poor varg can't pose with guns and swords like an edgy 13 year old. i love how guns have "affection value" to him. so immature.

No. 1240549

So I wanted to know what happened in 2003, because I had never heard of this, and he would have still been in prison at this time.

>Varg was granted a 17 hour leave from prison.

>When he was supposed to return, he never did.
>Eyewitnesses report him hijacking a car at gunpoint.
>He was staying in a cabin full of guns.
>Police eventually found him driving on the highway and arrested him.

This just makes his recent tweets about how hard prison is on pseudo-tough guys so funny… I guess he would know, since it sounds like he was one.

No. 1240557

File: 1622209805413.png (660.38 KB, 720x1027, Screenshot_20210528-094319.png)

I normally don't like to nitpick but since Varg likes to hold himself up as an example of biological purity, it's hard to not laugh at how dumpy he's gotten

No. 1240558

File: 1622210222090.png (681.8 KB, 704x1470, Screenshot_20210528-095629.png)

>complains about overpopulation
>has 7 children, aiming to have 8

No. 1240559

Not a Varg stan but I disagree. Despite her eccentric opinions, Marie is a great mum who attentive to all of her kids and they seem to live a happy childhood in rural France.
I wonder if this is the reason Varg is seething at Boomers?

No. 1240561

Actually, Varg looks like a normal old man here, being in his element. You couldn’t tell he is a major douche verbally fighting people on his Twitter. Why they don’t just quit internet and focus on their kids & farmland is beyond me. They have beautiful kids and the permaculture efforts seem fruitful, why still fight keyboard wars on Twitter?
Anon I think it’s better to cover the kid’s face. As much as Marie loves to flex her pale white kids on Instagram, I’m hoping some day she will come to her senses and nuke their photos from the internet.

No. 1240562

He has a total of 8 children, including his eldest daughter who is around Marie’s age. (Ew)
Apparently overpopulation is only a thing if your skin is brown or black, and he must do his part to outnumber the immigrants

No. 1240566

they are insane, their "permaculture" is completely dysfunctional and their kids are all retarded and growing more obese by the day just like varg and marie from being fed so much sugar. i'm impressed by how many people think they're just normal people behind the internet personas. they have 65 square meters of living space for 9 people, that's less than my apartment. they don't even have showers, and all share a single toilet. they don't get to go to school, get vaccinated or see other people. and they are obviously very neglected by their parents, who spend 24/7 on twitter. why do you brainwashed stans think marie's parents tried to keep the kids away from them?

No. 1240569

I wonder if they have reconciled later on. This could be the reason Varg has toned down the “tough guy with ammo and guns in his barn” thing. The farmland belongs to Marie’s fam, so her family should at least be tolerant of their shenanigans now that they’re still not kicked out.

No. 1240587

Anon chill. No one is denying that the parents are racists, antivaxx, or the house is inadequate for the whole family. I bet more kids will be born in the future. We are not Varg stans here.
However the kids can solve equations and work on science projects and can go play in the garden whenever they like. The French government would not let Marie continue homeschooling if they fell behind in their studies, a social worker checks on them every semester to make sure the kids are being well taken care of. This is way better than being neglected or bullied in the school system and the school principle not giving any shit about it. They’ve built a yurt to accommodate the kids’ study materials and toys, and Varg was busy at some point installing a hot water system to the small house for an extra shower for the kids. Yeah they are crazy for sure, but they are not neglectful parents. Sorry anon but it’s cringy af when childless people criticize other people’s parenting.

No. 1240598

You’re joking, right? He’s a crazy white supremacist murderer and she’s an autistic placenta cult whacko. Asking why lifelong lolcows can’t just be “normal” is like asking why the sky can’t just be green. They are cows by nature and will continue to do what cows do, so sit back and enjoy the show.

No. 1240621


This tbh. Like yes the kids will be socially pretty fucked up but lots of people's kids are socially messed up by their upbringing, and we don't take them away. You could make the same argument of other extreme religions or other extreme political views. Ultimately it's the state's job to make sure their kids are fed and educated and warm and safe, and that's really a good thing in the end, because otherwise they'd be able to take kids away for all kinds of harmless stuff.

The kids have been dealt an unfair hand in some ways and I'm glad the grandparents are concerned about the way they're being brought up. Hopefully that means the grandparents can be a voice of reason in their lives or people they can turn to if they want to get away.

HOWEVER you have to understand that a lot of kids in normal households don't have the clothes, food, or education that the Cachet kids get. Displacing them from the only home they've known when they're healthy and happy and safe would do so much more harm than good. I feel bad for them but but that's a far cry from calling innocent children retarded and freaking out about the number of toilets they have.

No. 1240622

Anon should we also take Muslims’ and Christians’ kids away from them? Varg and Marie are not the only extremists in France. The kids will grow up fine.

No. 1240624

100% this. Calling innocent kids retarded is a form of retarded behavior.

No. 1240646

This. Marie and Varg are both clearly fucking insane, but the kids are not visibly abused or neglected and they're still better off with their parents and siblings than in the foster care system. And just because the parents are teaching them weird propaganda doesn't necessarily mean they'll absorb it - look at the "Nazi pop twins" from a few years back, they totally rejected their mother's beliefs and are living normal adult lives now. I think it's fine to make fun of cows in general but leave their kids out of it, it's not their fault their parents are over-sharing whackjobs and they have a hard enough road to walk already.

No. 1240672

They live on a farm with a garden and animals in the countryside. Sounds really comfy. Maybe they will become ultratrads stewarding the land. Maybe they will become software engineers who drink the soy, who knows? It would be fun to troll about Varg's larp if there weren't children involved; but there are.
lolcow's weird tryhard attempt straining for milk with this old boomer ass /pol/ couple is an eyeroll at best.

No. 1240677

No. 1240680

It's not really "straining" when they and their stans post copious amounts of retarded takes online daily, but I agree that there's no reason to involve the kids.

No. 1240686

File: 1622224367726.jpeg (55.05 KB, 640x333, 09BE2C67-8755-4593-8431-81654A…)

No. 1240692

File: 1622224507562.jpeg (106.2 KB, 640x792, 91C3DC41-28DE-4B93-9EEB-AC20D7…)

No. 1240771

File: 1622231522717.jpeg (139.18 KB, 1280x720, 53B80619-CA0A-4DCB-B2B0-A8B764…)

are you one of those trad nazi "radfems" from the tradthots thread? if you can't see the problem with a nazi murderer and his neurologically disabled wife raising 7 kids in a tiny, moldy ass house with no hot water or bathroom, denying them proper education, healthcare and opportunity to meet peers, then you have problems with your world view and should never have kids. sorry. grandparents should definitely take over here. and i'm not even against marie in particular, she's clearly just brainwashed by varg. but she has literally fucked her kids lives over permanently by her life choices. what is with the whiteknights in this thread?

pic related, oh what an idyllic comfy homeschooling experience, wow! such a loving mom and dad kek

No. 1240827

File: 1622235249961.png (105.15 KB, 607x852, water.png)


Teaching your kids gun safety and how to use guns is pretty normal for people in living in the country, where guns are kept around for protection, dealing with wild animals, hunting food, etc. They also do have hot water and a bathroom–just a dry toilet, probably for ecological reasons. Picrel is Marie talking about their water heater

Their life sucks, they are absolutely fucked socially and no one in this thread is denying that. We're not whiteknighting, we're just also not gonna pretend that their physical environment is any worse off than other kids who live in the country. They have clothes, they have food, they're educated.

I'm absolutely all for criticizing Varg and Marie for all kinds of things! like the weird way Varg mostly doesn't mention his children other than to talk about 14 words and to call them "elves" (his weird LARP code for muh pure european), how hypocritical it is to have so many children while complaining about overpopulation, how absolutely fucked his kids are if they go off to college or try to get a normal job and start ranting about how everything is a jewish conspiracy, how fucked the family is if one of them gets whooping cough or something. There's a lot to criticize, but that doesn't make the kids impoverished, abused or retarded.

No. 1240847

File: 1622237614577.jpeg (53 KB, 497x467, 5B1436BE-9ED1-4CD0-8363-70E588…)

a convicted murderer and infamous white nationalist teaching his kids how to use guns is not normal and will never be, but keep telling yourself that lmao. purposefully keeping your children from proper healthcare and socialization is quite literally neglect and abuse, and like the cachets themselves have stated, the norwegian social services (for example) would seize custody of their children immediately if they lived in norway. the points you're making do not add up at all, your view of their family seems very skewed, which is why you sound like a total whiteknight.

No. 1241109

Varg is just larping as a tough guy here. We know Marie has been to the maternity clinic to give birth, despite romanticizing home birth on Twitter. They do order toys, study materials online, take the kids to a sports center (at least before covid), or get healthcare services. They just don’t talk about it or sometimes hide these facts to appear more “autonomous” to their fans.

“We don’t get healthcare services” is like Varg flexing his strong Nordic superior genes in front of his truck.

No. 1241139

>we don't use healthcare services because we're genetically strong and resilient
>but we get welfare

No. 1241153

File: 1622270404261.png (Spoiler Image, 664.59 KB, 720x1309, Screenshot_20210529-023308.png)

This Varg orbiter has been trying to gain traction with his weird placenta helmet theories for the last few months. Deleted and reposting to actually spoiler the placenta thumbnail this time

No. 1241155

File: 1622270442782.png (683.32 KB, 720x1665, Screenshot_20210529-023336.png)

No. 1241156

File: 1622270474955.png (675.12 KB, 720x1332, Screenshot_20210529-023426.png)

No. 1241188

File: 1622279460768.jpeg (141.12 KB, 640x740, 4162FDAD-68AA-4D38-B3A0-6E3487…)

Anon do you actually read what we post or do you just spew out what’s in your mind without paying attention to facts?
The kids get the minimum required healthcare. They used to be taken to sports events and socialize with other kids before the pandemic, Varg did indeed mention this in the replies on Twitter. (He never posts such details on his twitter though because civilization is a wheelchair.)

There are mandatory check up for children in France. Do you think they could forgo those after having a criminal record about inciting racial hatred in France? Also every kid on the countryside learns how to use a gun at some point, it’s a requirement for safety and protection against wild animals. The pearl clutching response from city folk is amusing.

No. 1241193

File: 1622280071285.jpeg (204.49 KB, 640x1045, 74F41078-5ADB-49C5-AE44-625DE2…)

Anon just read the official post above because I’m tired of explaining the legal process in France. They get visitation by an inspector, if they weren’t getting “proper education” the kids would be in school by now. What’s skewed is your view of family, you obviously don’t understand that kids need their parents and siblings no matter what a whack job they are, as long as they are being provided a secure family environment. With your logic we should break apart religious Jewish, Christian and Muslim families as well.

No. 1241246

hell nah don't get us involved in this, we couldn't be further away in europe from all this

No. 1241262

No escape from placentaverse

No. 1241263

File: 1622296870551.jpeg (143.54 KB, 640x854, 2E3551D6-51AF-4077-9CA5-B92042…)

Even more experienced placentaverse women who actually gave birth politely tell her off

No. 1241268

File: 1622298890781.jpeg (76.42 KB, 640x265, B4F9D344-0F64-40BF-915F-E92150…)

obviously you don't come from the countryside, or you live in america where there's no gun regulations. teaching literal children how to use firearms is not normal at all, neither is their "homeschooling" lmao. i don't see the point at all in your whiteknighting, stop samefagging and sage your mommy issues please.

her retarded takes always get dunked on by all the others, i can totally see her leaving the community at some point soon.

No. 1241303

"disabled", shes a fucking aspie, and obviously not a low functioning one

No. 1241716

low functioning enough to think marrying a convicted murderer and having his kids is a good life decision

No. 1242004

>more experienced placentaverse women
what a phrase

No. 1242024

File: 1622376803192.jpg (254.15 KB, 720x720, 20210530_140227.jpg)

No. 1242026

File: 1622376849808.jpeg (927.77 KB, 2048x1536, E2lOJVbWQAED3DA.jpeg)

No. 1242036

Ugh butthurt Varg stans are never done shitting up this thread with “I swear I’m not a white knight, but (paragraphs of unintegrated word vomit about muh countryside living.)” Face it, your Nazi murderer welfare kang and his sperg wife are cows, they’re raising their kids to be cows, and people will continue to mock them for their cow behavior so cope and seethe about it bitches.

No. 1242051

Calm your autism please.

No. 1242059

Kek at the guy who is larping as Ragnar Lothbrok.

No. 1242063

making stupid life decisions still doesnt mean shes actually fucking disabled, why are you making excuses for her

No. 1242065

Anon just ignore the autist until she calms down

No. 1242066

File: 1622382901427.jpeg (99.34 KB, 640x742, D6A2B403-02BA-4A7C-8A93-71D8AC…)

>> where is the savage in you
>> gives birth at the maternity ward

No. 1242093

The whole placenta cult is wishing her a happy birthday under the comments kek. Except Varg and Marie. Are they ostracized from the community because of their unpredictable spergouts?

No. 1242129

File: 1622388892843.jpg (253.71 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210530-173355_Bra…)

I think you got blocked

No. 1242202

> Life is what you make of it
looks like you made your life a really shitty Renaissance faire, congrats

No. 1242425

i'm surprised she's showing off her nose ring on twitter, she never did before
lmao you can tell it's twitter stans by their unsaged posts with absolutely no contribution

No. 1242451

File: 1622414299764.jpg (78.23 KB, 800x533, Rung_pig_2.JPG)

No. 1242675

Pictures you can smell

No. 1242748

File: 1622463482392.jpeg (74.77 KB, 640x570, EE55CD15-A48C-4358-92B3-D2EA8E…)

>> trad woman dressed in renaissance fair costume
>> “a bullet between the eyes hehe”

Wtf, she thinks it’s okay to kill people just because they get Botox?

No. 1242751

File: 1622463819642.jpeg (50.47 KB, 640x336, 2734A626-7D25-4E78-A1A3-DE7820…)

Tough girl

No. 1242772

File: 1622465951214.png (1.84 MB, 1472x1796, autism.png)

all her tweets are extremely cringey

No. 1242812

Those poor artists whose artworks are used by placenta cult

No. 1242851

>amputation fetish
Lmao what the fuck is this

No. 1242865

Motherwind: I can amputate
Norna: May impure blood water our fields

They need to quit twitter and get inpatient treatment at a mental hospital ASAP

No. 1242905

Uhh…no one needs this though?

No. 1242909

Anon you are obviously not prepared for the collapse of civilization KEK

No. 1242920

File: 1622483520697.png (47.31 KB, 739x472, sandeaters.png)

sweden literally imports all of its food

No. 1243135

File: 1622493419987.png (922.72 KB, 720x1653, Screenshot_20210531-163651.png)

Fighting white genocide with embroidery I guess

No. 1243137

File: 1622493722222.png (757.07 KB, 720x1797, Screenshot_20210531-164204.png)

I know English isn't his first language but what's with the use of quotation marks

No. 1243152

Is this really what Burzum lovin’ black metal guys expect in a relationship? I mean the ladies are certainly doing it for attention. Also the not so subtle swastikas, damn.

No. 1243153

On today’s episode of Norwegian Prison Memories of Varg..

No. 1243155

The fact that they prefer this over a normal woman with an actual education & career is concerning. Not that any sane woman would want to spend more than a second with them lol.
Do they really want someone who thinks Middle Eastern people eat sand is a suitable mother to their future children?

No. 1243163

>i was in the concentration camps
is he like, holocaust kinning or something? isn't he a holocaust denier?

the thing is, all the women in the "movement" are just former normies who found a nazi metal guy and morphed into their ideal gf because they have bpd. which is great for dumpy ass redpill men with no future prospects besides browsing /pol/, stanning varg and jerking it to nattesjel. no well adjusted woman would touch these autists with a stick.

No. 1243184

Yeah anon, so Holocaust deniers generally don't deny the fact that any of it happened altogether. They usually say that they were all just work camps and that there's no proof that it was genocide, I think they mostly say it would have been impossible to dispose of that many bodies or something.

No. 1243188

Nah I don’t think he is a Holocaust denier. Holocaust deniers are Christian Right Wing larping as “b..b…..but we are not white suprematists, we are just against white genocide”.
I think he accepts Holocaust and doesn’t care.

No. 1243210

this is literally r/suspiciousquotes content. According to redditors researching the topic, boomers tend to use quotation marks for emphasis. I think that may be what Varg is doing

No. 1243291

I mean, it was built as a concentration camp in occupied Norway in 1942. It wasn’t ever a death camp, nor was it intended to be. Most of the prisoners over its brief lifespan as a concentration camp were political opponents of the Quisling regime.

No. 1243292

I'm pretty sure Varg blocked someone at some point for asking him about his opinion on the Holocaust and trying to bait him into admitting if he thought it happened. He lives in a country where holocaust denialism is illegal, so he can't outright say so, but he gets very cagey when the topic comes up in a way that always make me suspect pretty strongly he denies it. Of course, he can get safely openly admit he believes it happened…

No. 1243573

File: 1622551037807.png (356.84 KB, 1484x1648, ew.png)

>homosexuals are degenerate and should be killed
>lesbians are pure and sexy though because females are hot and make me horny

No. 1243579

Could be, what I tried to say was the placenta cult are pretty transparent with their swastikas and shit, there are no efforts to hide their agenda unlike other right wing groups and some of them don’t hide the fact that they want to “spill blood”. What scares me is they might accept the holocaust and remain indifferent about what happened to millions of Jewish people. I honestly don’t understand how they can share Nazi imagery on twitter.

No. 1243595

this has to be the most idiotic string of tweets I've read in a while

No. 1243640

>tl;dr: men hate each other

No. 1244139

>unlike deserts where they must eat sand?!
It's hilarious when full-grown adults are proud of their ignorance.

>Whilst doing time in the former Berg concentration camp (used as a prison today)
Even white men who don't think Jewish people have ever been historically oppressed or that the Holocaust happened have to use language that's specifically referential to the Holocaust to describe their perceived oppression, because there are no historical examples of white male oppression. Aside from that, Norwegian "prisons" are better than most American apartments, and he not only had all of his needs met there but was allowed to partake in creative endeavors like producing albums. What a whiner.

Thinking that homosexual men are gross but homosexual women aren't just because the idea of them arouses you is peak "13-year-old pimpled-covered boy with no social skills" logic.

No. 1244146

File: 1622620360581.jpeg (190.17 KB, 640x825, C6541737-7ED2-4902-B30D-2A8344…)

how can people think she's some kind of genius when she posts shit like this lol

No. 1244147

Sorry if this question is retarded but what is “the placenta cult”

No. 1244156

File: 1622622727568.png (124.35 KB, 720x786, Screenshot_20210602-043122.png)

Marie writes weird books and tweets about how everything is a placenta, such as here. Literally everything. So Varg, Marie and their orbiters are often collectively called the placenta cult.

No. 1244158

>but was allowed to partake in creative endeavors like producing albums
who the fuck let him

No. 1244206

File: 1622638856516.jpeg (97.96 KB, 640x840, AEB13D52-FDFE-4BFE-8A76-924EB3…)

Ugh she is so inconsiderate of other people’s circumstances. Not everyone inherits a house and an abundant piece of land from their family Marie.

No. 1244207

File: 1622638995613.jpeg (20.01 KB, 640x120, 7273F63D-06F5-412C-8724-02A207…)


No. 1244210

File: 1622639237025.png (1.81 MB, 1804x1628, tiziana.png)

i kind of suspect varg absorbed a lot of his "religion" from this woman called tiziana stupia, who founded misanthropy records and released six of vargs albums. during the time she ran the label in the 90s, she lived in england and worked as some kind of "pagan priestess" in mens prisons teaching them weird "divine feminine spiritualism". reading about her stuff, it definitely seems like she influenced varg. posts in her old blogs and articles by her in different pagan magazines from the early 00s all read kind of similar to maries word salads, and cover many of the same subjects.

as far as i have understood, in the earliest days of burzum (and earlier bands he was a member of), his branding was just "satanic", maybe tiziana put him on the pagan nonsense? idk, could be they just had similar views. it is interesting though.

No. 1244214

I thought the placenta cult is the brain child of Marie. She is the author of the couple’s books and Varg himself has addressed her as the mastermind behind the placenta theory.

No. 1244234

well, a lot of people have pointed out placenta "references" in nature, mythology etc before marie. she met varg at only 16 so her "inventing" their ideology and him just going along seems pretty much impossible to me? i've never read her or vargs books so i can't really comment any further though. my belief is that she adopted whatever worldview varg had and they've since worked on tying those ideas to neanderthals and their own ethnic "heritage", and overall reaching really hard to make sense of their own claims

No. 1244241

ha ha a quote from Maria Montessori, you’re such a groundbreaker

No. 1244247

No, Marie didn't invent it at all. Neither did she invent the bear cult. I do suspect that she popularized them among Twitter Nazis, though… Rhys Carpenter, a professor, was writing about ways the bear cult has "survived" into modern times in the 1940s.

She also definitely made up a lot of stuff for both, which is why Varg was sulking about neopagans not crediting her for it recently.

No. 1244287


He is using the quotation marks correctly.

Scare quotes, used to mean "so-called" or to express irony: The "fresh" bread was all dried up.

Relatively "large", i.g., 200€ vs 20000€
"Escape" as in transferred somewhere else or released, something like that.

No. 1244291

And that the many deaths that did happen are attributable to typhus and malnutrition.


No. 1244507

so he worked with a southron woman and got influenced by her? lol

No. 1244508

i think what's funnier is that they were both into qabalism (jewish mysticism). so much for that native european ancestral kvlt

No. 1244517

i wonder if that's related to whatever made him so bitter against mediterranean people

No. 1244585

she’s like the jayden smith of tradposters

No. 1244617

even a lot of white race weirdos view redheads as "european" and Varg is adamant that it's not, so if that's her natural hair color that's extra funny.

No. 1244877

The first concentration camps were built by the British for Boers (White South Africans).


No. 1245579

File: 1622770456348.png (386.13 KB, 720x876, Screenshot_20210603-213106.png)

Muh doomsday cult

No. 1245581

File: 1622770582370.png (629.79 KB, 720x2005, Screenshot_20210603-213227.png)

The absolute irony.

No. 1245582

File: 1622770613967.png (710.68 KB, 720x2405, Screenshot_20210603-213321.png)

No. 1245665


No. 1245741

Cringe. This man is like a milk factory.

No. 1245787

>if you question me in any way you're a stupid meanie
>thank you to all my invisible made up friends who know i'm right!!

No. 1245874


>we are carnivores, bruh

is he vegan??

No. 1245875

no he just hates the raw meat diet and people like sv3rige who promote it

No. 1245991

File: 1622829967759.jpeg (192.7 KB, 920x1593, 2B04D5A0-E1F2-4712-9E77-F7CEAB…)

My brain hurts reading this

No. 1246013

These retards will be singing a different tune if they ever find themselves in a hospital with life threatening injuries kek

No. 1246069

File: 1622837885263.png (127.73 KB, 512x143, sontohospital.png)


The irony…didn't know trve barbaric anti-civilization nordics take their fairy elves to the emergency room?

No. 1246076

Varg really is being pretty autistic about this. I've seen people end up in the hospital for pretty minor reasons. One of my friends forgot to pee after sex and tried to cure a UTI by drinking cranberry juice. It spread to her kidneys and she was hospitalized for a couple of days. Someone else I know waited too long to go to the er for a broken finger and now he can't use that finger.

Not to blogpost, this thread isn't about me or the aforementioned people. You just don't only need medical care when you're literally on fire, there are lots of things that can awry when untreated.

Tbh I sometimes worry like what will happen if one of the kids develops symptoms of psychosis or type 1 diabetes or something that requires medication, and that Marie will just try to fix it with sorrel and honey or something. She cares about the children but she absolutely would just try feeding them dandelion greens instead.

No. 1246085

Anon can you copy paste the text? My eyes..

No. 1246086

I think they do go to the hospital when needed, otherwise the government would take their kids away or wouldn’t let them continue homeschooling. On Twitter Vrag portrays this stubborn persona and brushes off any questions about whether or not they use healthcare. Marie’s “pharmacy” is probably stored for the “doomsday” and herbal remedies on the side.

No. 1246090

File: 1622840529373.jpg (93.91 KB, 647x584, burzummovies.JPG)

Just like he hates and boycotts Hollywood. yet he sold out his music to them. Guy's a hypocrite through and through.

No. 1246097

Samefagging, but I just want to point out that the latest movie that came out just two years ago has Nicholas Cage as main character. Nicholas Cage! Varg is a phony and pathetic, I can't believe he was considered a mysterious character just a decade ago. Kek

No. 1246105


The most important phrase:
"When I took my youngest son to the hospital to get his injured leg treated I felt that I was a parasite, using a system intended for frenchmen."

I got that from the thulean archive (which is just pure gold), it also contains tweets of Marie talking about her having to go to hospital for her childbirths because of her medical history.

No. 1246120

Another classic is one of his old videos where Marie and him are…IN A HOSPITAL!

No. 1246121

“surgery isn’t essential” says a walking candidate for a heart bypass

No. 1246128

is that Marie on the second half of the video?

No. 1246533


at 0:36? yes, it's her

No. 1246740

I looked at Marie's tweets about giving birth in the hospital and she talks a lot about having pre-eclampsia. Her explanation is that it's because her placenta is so strong and her babies are so smart… I know literally nothing about this medical condition, this sounds like she's just making stuff up to brag, can any anons clarify this?

No. 1246745


It’s usually associated with obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure, which are risk factors for pre-eclampsia.

She basically has high amounts of protein in her urine, high blood pressure, and possibly red blood cell breakdown.


No. 1246842

Marie looks okay to me, people claim she is overweight but she looks normal to average by European standards. I was expecting worse after 6 children.

No. 1246845

I remember that tweet, she was talking about placenta (again) in one of her tweets. According to her, strong placenta equals strong, smart kids but also stands as a risk for the mother.

No. 1247279

File: 1622942871072.png (62.73 KB, 318x722, ovens.png)

Relevant to a recent discussion

No. 1247281

File: 1622942933539.png (259.31 KB, 585x529, flatearth.png)

The other conspiracy theories are psyops, only my conspiracy theories are true!!!!!11

No. 1248166

File: 1623030485008.png (794.76 KB, 720x1797, Screenshot_20210606-214703.png)

I guess it's been five whole minutes since he's posted that pic of him squatting in front of his truck.

No. 1248207

File: 1623036331634.png (431.96 KB, 742x568, samantha19.png)

i wonder if mortepervita broke up with her "husband" or if she's just openly looking to find a better one lmao. on that note, why do everyone in placentaverse call their partners husband/wife when they're not married? so bizarre and literally everyone does it

No. 1248408

because dating is for degenerates, obviously

No. 1248686

God I’m so happy that I’m not married to this guy. I’ll go feed the poor now to express my gratitude.

No. 1249406

Marie uploaded an 18 minute long video that is mostly just her slowly walking around her garden and zooming in on plants while one of her kids plays nearby. She occasionally says some stuff in French I don't understand.

I know this is supposed to be "permaculture" but it honestly looks like tick city. They way that they're so strangely proud of letting everything grow wild is so autistic. Permaculture can involve actual agriculture. They say they're independent and surviving completely off the land but I'm not really sure how they can feed a family that large on wild grass and whatever pops up and their eggs.

No. 1249420

She says she grows wild plants and house plants together, maybe an agriculture anon can give a proper review of whether or not this actually works? There are many layers upon layers of weed so it’s hard to see whether there is a potato & squash layers down below or not. I saw some edible plants tho. Either case I don’t think they feed the whole family with the produce they harvest from their land.

No. 1249431

For the record, I had seen a fairly large squash stock enough to feed to family for a long time in one of their videos. I am not sure which one.

No. 1249665

They grow degenerate New World vegetables like squash? Thor will smite them for that.

No. 1249678

They even grow new world potatoes anon.

No. 1249893

>calls non-Europeans subhuman
>lives on food they domesticated thousands of years ago
kek to the kekth power

No. 1249937

The potat is a Southron Middle Eastern boomer with a European passport

No. 1255101

File: 1623595498482.jpeg (116.3 KB, 640x848, C1579157-F606-4981-9A22-24B9D0…)

>i failed school and didn't go to college because i was busy smoking pot and living in my 40 year old boyfriends car
>this obviously means education is a waste of time and everyone else are sheeple for not abandoning their academic prospects to become a based etsy "astrologer" nazi

the whole "homeschool your children" take is just a fat cope for being an academic failure.

No. 1257734

File: 1623802826932.jpg (221.49 KB, 1439x710, Screenshot_20210616-010838_Chr…)

It's always hilarious to know how ostracized these people are by the rest of society. Varg keeps thinking they're, sorry (((they're))), out to get him for being so enlightened when in reality no one wants to deal with his racist, psycho ass.

No. 1258121

I never understood why the sudden hatred for southern europeans by Varg. The moment he created his twitter account he inmediately started to diss Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Greeks, etc. I think it's funny seeing south euro nazis getting butthurt at him, but still it's pretty autistic.(sage your shit)

No. 1258228

It clearly bothers him on some level that in Western countries with majority-white populations, white people with green/brown eyes, brown/black hair and olive/tan undertones (generally considered to be southern European features) are considered equally as much "white people" as white people with blonde hair and blue eyes. I imagine if you've convinced yourself that you're ~special~ because of physical features that you had no influence or choice over having, you'd have to start gatekeeping those physical features to keep feeling more special than others.

No. 1260790

kek varg uses labanquepostale, the #1 bank for arab "subhumans" in our country

No. 1265515

File: 1624809480984.png (653.63 KB, 649x455, Untitled.png)


No. 1266972

File: 1624944875248.png (669.53 KB, 573x1191, rpgdad.png)

this is so weird and embarrassing on several levels.


No. 1266984

Aging like lard

No. 1267191

Wtf did I just read

No. 1267194

The photo on the right is actually flattering compared to how he looks now and it was taken around 2013 when he was released from French prison.. He looks much older now.

No. 1267403

can someone please tell me why he always types the emoticon with one eye

No. 1267434

because it's supposed to be the nordic walmart jesus with one eye

No. 1267709

Isn't Jesus walmart Odin lmao

No. 1268491

Sage for a question: is this thread a good place to bring up Richard Spencer's weird Apollo white race eugenics religion? Greece isn't Scandinavia but it ties into the content of this thread, since they say that Apollo is actually originally from Scandinavia (????) and Aryan.

No. 1268498

yeah, post it here

No. 1268901

yes please do, all the pagan nazicows should be discussed in this thread imo

No. 1269592

File: 1625211097303.png (957.06 KB, 720x4428, Screenshot_20210702-032235.png)

Ok well tldr:

>According to them, Apollo was a Scandinavian God originally and the blueprint of the white race and like the perfect Aryan example or something?

>They sometimes identify the white race as being Hyperboreans, a place from Greek mythology, kind of similar to how Varg is always talking about Thule which is supposed to be a place where the air land and water have the texture of jellyfish so idek

>Apollo is fallible in myth because of weird Jewish propaganda, like they insist that Homer was a Jew

Tbh most of what they talk about is really steeped in tons of layers of racism and conspiracy theories that go really deep to the point that I can't understand what they're trying to say. Picrel is from the Apollo transmission blog

>They openly state that Apolloism is a "eugenics cult"

>They really hate Odinists/Wotanists and make memes making fun of them

>The main people behind this seem to be Richard Spencer and this guy named Mark Brahmin, they do podcasts together and stuff. Apolloists on Twitter put a sun emoji of some kind in their username

Idk a lot yet, I just heard about these guys but it's pretty crazy honestly. I tried to read an article on the Apollonian Transmission blog and I just got confused when it started talking about how Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is Jewish propaganda.

No. 1269596

File: 1625211454590.png (333.77 KB, 720x1514, Screenshot_20210702-033510.png)

I'm actually surprised I don't see people talking about this anywhere since Richard Spencer is pretty high profile.

Here's the video that was linked him: https://youtu.be/kc-HqbjXurQ

No. 1269890

>white juduaism
i mean if you think that's the same as jewish/abrahamitic religion for white people then that's what they're all doing lmao. these fucking retards.

No. 1270748

I think nobody sane talks about this fake wignat religion because it is so fucking retarded
but spencer was on ethan ralph’s idiot stream the other day hyping the nonsense for 200 morons and 400 bots

No. 1270765

File: 1625333025081.png (300.02 KB, 720x1122, Screenshot_20210703-132120.png)

Wtf is he even talking about

No. 1270774

More retarded chimping out about (((da jooz))), what else?

No. 1270826

No one gives a shit about Richard Spencer or his fake autistic wignat religion anon

No. 1271143

File: 1625385254098.png (546.4 KB, 720x2408, Screenshot_20210704-035208.png)

Varg really sperging out over being called a placenta cultist.

No. 1271216

he sounds so stupid and deranged everytime he thinks he's "owning the haters" or something

No. 1271260

This man is almost 50….. how does Marie not cringe at his posts

No. 1271293

Imagine discovering Burzum and Vargles, thinking he's some badass trve kvlt murderer and looking at his twitter and seeing this. What a fucking baby.

No. 1271409

I can't wrap my head around the fact that this couple has got 7 kids (all pre-teens who are at home the entire time) and still finds their time to be on Twitter all day…like dude turn off the computer and act like the forebear you want to be so bad.

No. 1271459


Is he aware of lovecraft was married to a Jew and hung out with Jews in nyc? Kek

No. 1272269

Has varg mentioned the churches going up in flames in Canada?

I wanna see his take on all that since he’s said some funny weirdly pro indigenous anti colonialism stuff before and he still hates the church

No. 1272284

this is old I think but like… wow. insane that he went from burzum and burning down churches to this.

No. 1272289

so Varg is currently having a huge meltdown over whether or not some spanish guy is Aryan and whether or not Christian Bale is blonde. Honestly I cannot be arsed to screenshot it because it's happening across a bunch of quote tweets and threads and shit and I'm not sure how to organize that

yeah, picrel

No. 1272290

File: 1625559447111.png (300.69 KB, 595x905, church.png)

sorry, I had the window still open so the youtube URL was still just there and it overrode the image. this is what I meant to post.

No. 1272312

Men age like wine kek

Psychology anons: what kind of personality disorder would you diagnose him with? Antisocial personality disorder?

No. 1272364

No. 1272371

This is barely milky, Varg spergs about this topic every week or two. He classifies anyone he likes as “dark blonde” to shoehorn them into “muh Aryan master race.” He claimed Hitler was a blonde who dyed his hair and moustache brown for “fashion” kek

No. 1272407


2013??? OH GOD, mega kek. What the hell happened in that 8 years that turned him into THAT?

No. 1272411

File: 1625586509653.jpg (969.26 KB, 1995x2791, Jonathan_G_Meath_portrays_Sant…)

No. 1272781

A hideous man. Absolutely hideous. Burn that hat like a Norwegian church. He does have a nice singing voice I'll give him that

No. 1279449

File: 1626608412534.png (375.08 KB, 579x739, son.png)

Varg is so self-conscious that his son is a brunette. People shouldn't give his kid shit for that, or his son's weight, but I think they're mostly coming at Varg and Marie. I also hate that Varg is framing criticisms of his parenting and his weird muh genetics sperging as people bullying his son. No, Varg, we're bullying you.

No. 1279450

File: 1626608620419.png (400.23 KB, 573x787, orc.png)

Tolkein hated Nazis btw

No. 1279488

> That man mowing the lawn
How is that not aryan kek

No. 1279506

File: 1626619603724.png (51.29 KB, 600x401, desert.png)

Lawns and grass are REALLY really bad for the environment outside the places that they grow naturally, like England. It really messes with wildlife. tl;dr: it has caused the extinction of lots of pollinators by destroying their habitats, since that grass can't grow in most environments it consumes lots more water than native groundcover plants do, etc. That's not the autistic part

The autistic part is the weird equation of having a lawn with (((them))) because teh j00z want to destroy the environment for Thuleans or whatever, and anyone with a yard is just a brainwashed race traitor.


According to Varg, white people are elves based on some dumb made up etymology that hasn't been confirmed (that "elf" comes from the word for "white"). and even if it does mean "white" the concept of "white people" vs "black people" didn't really exist at the time, I don't think it means "white" the way Varg thinks it does. he calls white people "elves" often and also uses hashtags like "elflivesmatter" or just ELM.

You gotta remember, they think they're the good guys

No. 1279519

I wholeheartedly agree with Marie here, but you know what they say about stopped clocks.

Wouldn't the orcs be nazis? LOTR isn't exactly subtle with analogy

No. 1279538

No. 1279896

Nobody would criticize this child’s brown hair or weight if their parents didn’t plaster their pics on Twitter at every chance and brag about “muh Neanderthal genes and superior platinum blonde hair”. Their narcissistic obsession with their genetics overpowers the need to protect their kids from online moids, or even pedophiles. Who knows what happens to these kids’ pics after their parents proudly serve them on the internet. They don’t even bother to blur their faces because “muh blue eyes”..
Also how cringe is that “spit”

No. 1279898

All those kids are probably going to end up with brown hair when they're older because Varg is - gasp - brunette. Their parents set them up to be ridiculed.

No. 1279904

I couldn’t care less what hair color they are going to end up with. However I can tell the parents are kind of obsessed with the young ones who still have platinum blonde hair, especially Maia (?) and post pictures of her frequently. I would be so mad if my parents literally served pictures of me online at my most vulnerable years to a bunch of internet strangers whose motives cannot be known. This feels illegal sorry for pearl clutching but it’s true

No. 1279914

I'm sure that he will make them bleach their hair when they're older lol.

No. 1279942

Or he'll backflip again and claim brunettes as apart of their nordic elf clan like he did with Marie's autism and weight gain

No. 1279960

I thought she piled on the pounds too, but
as you can watch here >>1246120 her
body looks normal for post pregnancy. She doesn’t look fat to me. Maybe she was skinny before having kids, and when she put on some weight after having seven of them she backflipped. Still nowhere as fat as I imagined after all the screeching.

No. 1280031

He made a new Youtube channel. I wonder how long until this one is banned for ban evasion and then he spergs out about it.

No. 1280208

if you think christianity is somehow behind "mowing culture" then you're being either dumb or a delusional schizo. varg and marie are just stealing environmentalist talking points and twisting them to push their nazi ideology while still being retarded climate change deniers.

No. 1280219

Not to give Varg any more crazy ideas, but..
A population can be perfectly fit for their environment, yet there are still natural disasters like volcanic eruptions leading to some period like a nuclear winter & inevitably wiping out the species from that area. I hope he doesn’t read this and build a bunker.

No. 1280349

His son is fat as fuck. I'm surprised that boy isn't on some rigorous workout regimen and diet given Varg's lunacy and obssession with perfection and masculinity… Has the body of the typical kid who's all day in his room playing fortnite

No. 1280356

File: 1626726978862.png (77.93 KB, 591x752, ice.png)

yeah, I don't know if Varg or Marie have ever said this directly but sometimes people adjacent to them justify their weird eugenics shit by saying they're just trying to make sure people can survive a future ice age

No. 1280361

This logic is retarded because siberians live in harsher conditions than most whites do and survive just find in the cold with black hair and dark brown eyes.

Does anyone know what kind of jobs Varg /Marie have? Or do they just live off of welfare and sperg on twitter all day?

No. 1280362

File: 1626727610902.jpg (160.47 KB, 1024x764, inuit-1024x764[1].jpg)

So you need blue eyes and blonde hair to survive the winter now?

No. 1280368

File: 1626728543152.png (1.16 MB, 1440x640, Screenshot (162).png)

not justifying his his retarded Nazism, but caucasoids do develop lighter features in colder environments over time
for e.g Nurastani's who live in the coldest and mountainous regions of Afghanistan, but it seems to specifically a trait among caucasoids and not other races

No. 1280379

They write and sell books on paganism, and Varg's music mostly. Varg still gets royalties from Burzum. I've heard people say they're on welfare but I don't know where this info comes from. I wouldn't be surprised if it's true but I haven't seen it anywhere.

I kind of suspect personally if Marie inherited the farm she may have also inherited some money or have her parents helping somehow but that's 100% speculation, please don't take it as fact.

No. 1280380

Same anon, I left out Varg's really bad tabletop game that he's constantly shilling in ridiculous ways, sometimes pushing it as an effective homeschooling tool, or a way to learn history etc. It's called Myfarog and even racism aside it's very bad so I dunno if he really makes much money from it. That's why he has two accounts, one to shill on and one to be racist on (though he actually retweets himself so much there's really no difference)

No. 1280447

He chimps out whenever someone dares question his position as a “tribe leader”. What an insecure man kek.
This is mental masturbation about being the only physically fit people who are going to survive the upcoming apocalypse, if not a doomsday cult. Eugenics can’t predict who is going to survive a major catastrophic event. There are a bunch of other risk factors before an ice age. Like when a gene from their beloved Neanderthas on human genome is proved to be responsible for making humans susceptible to have a weak immune response to covid.

No. 1280467

Physical fitness isn't even that important, hell it's better to have some fat in hard times. Ability to function on little calories, and strong community are the biggest factors in surviving hard times. His big muscles are actually a disadvantage because he needs lots of food to maintain himself.

No. 1280468

varg was never some athletic masterrace aryan, he was always a skinnyfat maladjusted nerd with a huge inferiority complex, which is exactly what his kids also will become.

they most likely get welfare and might very well live off of maries trust fund other than that. it's possible varg gets help from his family as well as they're wealthy. both of them have siblings so even if their parents disowned them they could still get help from siblings and whoever else. no one can tell though. judging by their house tour video they live like absolute peasants so i suspect they just get welfare checks for their flock of kids and maybe some donations from their stans.

regarding their books, vargs music and his pathetic rpg, they most likely get little to no money from these things as they are not successful. vargs musical career ended a long time ago, fans mostly listen to his stuff on spotify and possibly buy merch from third party ebay stores. the few obsessed retards buying his game or books are not close to enough to make them any money. apart from that, i think most money varg ever got from music went to paying huge reparations to the norwegian state for the church burnings and murder. which he might as well be paying off to this day.

No. 1280649

File: 1626753482955.png (523.09 KB, 1256x1050, 1.png)

>To all those who managed to talk shit about this 13-year-old kid
Weird thing for him to moralfag about, given that he referred to his first daughter (who he had no part in raising and has only seen a few times in his life) as "the result of my teenage mistake".

No. 1280698

File: 1626764759105.png (287.27 KB, 597x856, inuit.png)

Varg addresses this by claiming the Inuit are very sickly. Out of curiosity I looked and natives across the US in general tend to have lower life expectancies, it seems to be attributed to the fact that if they live on a reservation they are often very far away from doctors. and most of the US is much much more moderate in climate (aside from Alaska obviously). Native Hawaiians even have a much lower life expectancy.

I wonder if he's consciously cherry picking data or if he's just dumb

No. 1280739

File: 1626777220864.jpeg (46.13 KB, 640x321, 2A749EEC-7711-4197-9D6E-AB6EB9…)

No. 1280740

File: 1626777302530.jpeg (70.4 KB, 640x420, DFCF13B6-A133-4B99-9635-50E227…)

No. 1280760

I read that only now Inuit people are getting health issues from incorporating a more typical western diet in their lives. And a low life expectancy can also be explained by high infant mortality rate. It brings down life expectancy a lot. Children and babies are fragile, specially in harsh environments away from doctors, even in modern settings it's easy to die of something stupid like diarrhea which leads to dehydration. Is there any data on modern caucasian people in these exact same circumstances?

No. 1281456

File: 1626870235022.png (18.2 KB, 970x252, ris_eruwaedhiel.png)

I accidentally found this person, her post history is a goldmine. Shame she hasn't posted in 10 months.


No. 1281457

File: 1626870327419.png (23.42 KB, 928x246, ris_eruwaedhiel (2).png)

No. 1281459

I can fix her. I'm a very handsome and masculine white man. That's all I need. Right guys? Right?

No. 1281559

yea and they probably eat junk more than they would admit, marie posted a birthday cake covered in kitkats one time, very #based and #trad recipe

No. 1281897

File: 1626905940641.png (305.35 KB, 588x718, j00z.png)

No. 1281905

File: 1626906216116.png (45.26 KB, 617x418, sharpbrainthebestyoucaneatisre…)


This blog goes over all their weird posts about sugar. Refined sugar can be a healthy part of a diet eaten in moderation of course, but their health claims are far more bizarre than that, like that you need to eat cake to digest food, that your brain requires refined sugar etc…

No. 1282411

He'll just end up being one of those anti vaxxers who'll cry and beg for the vaccine before being intubated

Rather take dietary advice from fucking freelee than them

No. 1282620

Varg finally got shadowbanned on Twitter. When I type in his username, he doesn't pop up, I have to manually go to his account. I had someone else check and the same thing happens for them.

He's been vaccine sperging all day, I wonder if that's why.

No. 1282720

Of course he is cherry picking data to prove his point, like white suprematists always do. Varg and Marie have these whack job theories about blonde haired blue eyed modern Europeans being the continuation of prehistoric Neanderthals (they believe Nordic people are 100% Neanderthal) but the truth is Europeans and Asians have varying Neanderthal admixture between 1% - 3% in their genome. On the contrary, Asian people have more Neanderthal admixture. A total of 20% percent of the Neanderthal genome was transferred to modern humans after Cro Magnon and Neanderthals have bred together, and each modern human has a different portion of that DNA. The Neanderthal DNA doesn’t necessarily manifest itself in appearance, a Nordic European person can have blue eyes etc but on average they still have less Neanderthal DNA compared to modern day Asians.

No. 1283055

This thread is pretty much just Varg's sperging but is TGO even milky anymore too? He became a single parent to a girl but still maintains his incel audience and I feel bad for her. That's about it I think

No. 1283157

Varg aged really badly. Looks like a sad old man

No. 1283280

He broke up with his gf?

No. 1283302

out of curiosity i found an interview from may of this year where TGO says he is married, so unless something has happened since then, he is not a single father

No. 1283343

File: 1627127683473.jpeg (105.34 KB, 640x857, DDB4CF0B-862F-4593-B28D-EA3A75…)

remember this tweet? seems she forgot to turn her aryan powers on and adapt to swedish summer weather.

>so funny seeing these immigrants complain about the heat in sweden. face it, you're not meant to live here, now gtfo and go back to your country

No. 1283358

In the placentaverse it’s cool and acceptable to brag about how your Nordic genes adapted to cold weather and lack of sunlight anon. It’s not “in” to enjoy sunny hot weather because they are not South European Middle Eastern desert boomers.

No. 1283360

Varg, his theories and lifestyle are so bizarre that Varg and Marie & their followers provide the majority of milk to this thread. I think the next thread title should be “Varg & Marie: the placentaverse”.

No. 1283521


Clicked on that link and holy shit they consume so much damn sugar. I'm out here feeling guilty eating a popsicle while they're eating whole ass cakes everyday

No. 1283700

sugar, the most Nordic of foods

No. 1283959

File: 1627220603680.png (256.58 KB, 582x750, myfarog.png)

what would we do without Varg Vikernes to make us an RPG to teach us that women are shorter than men? those (((sjws))) are trying to keep that CRUCIAL information from you, but he's truly the only person brave enough to admit it!!

this is probably how he actually thinks about himself too

No. 1283961

File: 1627221075303.png (23.86 KB, 577x195, myfarog2.png)

this is so insufferable tbh. I don't think the premise of a tabletop game where you have different stats based on gender is bad but a class is more like an occupation than biology, now he's just congratulating himself for making a game where women can't do things lol

No. 1283997

File: 1627226322109.jpeg (608.41 KB, 662x1264, vargfatpinkhoodykrocsgynoe2a6v…)

It's no wonder they're so fat. The way they keep insisting refined sugar is "perfectly natural" and "good for your brain" is so bizarre.
I feel bad for their kids.

No. 1284024

Are they? Varg looks like a normal middle aged dad, Marie looks normal even post partum, see above video. Kids are mostly slim except the oldest. Maybe poor kid has health issues.

No. 1284026

Sage for blogpost but I had a narc dad who had a hard time accepting I had a congenital health issue and I almost died one time because he refused to take me to a hospital. Because muh perfect genes. I feel so bad for these kiddos. Hope Marie has some common sense and the grandparents intervene when they have to.

No. 1284031

File: 1627229833212.jpg (197.44 KB, 1024x683, fantoftstavechurch.jpg)

This is one of the churches he burnt down. It was one of the few preserved examples of viking-style wood architecture.
Well done, destroying white scandinavian heritage!

No. 1284041

He has titties, lol

No. 1284061

He deserves more prison time than he got

No. 1284077

File: 1627235901531.jpg (12.93 KB, 300x300, Burzum_aske.jpg)

He was so proud that he put a photo of the burnt down building on an album cover.

No. 1284094

Strange since these people are usually on all meat diets, or at least heavy on meat diets, since they claim it's the most natural and healthy and what our ancestors ate in hunter gatherer times blahblah. Never seen this before. lol

No. 1284109

That’s what I meant by normal middle aged dad bod kek

No. 1284110

Insufferable since ‘93

No. 1284116

Sage for non contribution, but varg really went into a head on collision with the wall didn't he? Kek.

No. 1284120

>Burns down viking church from the 1100s
>Murders two Norwegian men
>Calls blonde daughter an accident
>Says all nordic men are autistic
>Nordic people are 100% neanderthal
>Tells his white followers to not wear masks in a pandemic and to eat tons of refined sugar

He must truly hate white nordic people.

No. 1284122

The only cool thing vargs ever done was burn that church down and act up at his court dates

No. 1284127

There is nothing cool about ruining historical buildings. He is just an edgy drama tard, always been.

No. 1284159

type 2 diabetes is another one of their nordic elven superpowers

Exactly. The only cool thing he had done is be a musician. Could of kept his anti christianity shit on the dl and not murder his bandmate either

No. 1284173


An anonymous–and therefore unconfirmed–commenter on Thulean Archive said that the Cachets used to live near a hunter who processed and sold game, and at that point they ate a lot healthier. But now that they can't get it anymore they just don't bother because they don't know how to hunt or process meat, and buying meat is degenerate I guess

No idea how true this is, but it sounds about right. If Varg was good at hunting he would probably post a photo every single day of himself wearing camo and squatting in front of a dead deer.

But he can't just not eat meat, he and Marie of course have to make everything they do muh neanderthal diet. Muh neanderthal dad bod, muh neanderthal cake, etc

Sage for speculation and rumor

No. 1284177

File: 1627246001145.jpg (78.07 KB, 1200x675, unga.jpg)

>neanderthal cake

No. 1284843

That's straw yellow bleached hair, there's a small strip of light brown, that's not sun bleached.

No. 1284848

hair straightening & hair extensions

No. 1284853

Kek, I'm dying here

No. 1284854

Serious question, what happens when his wife "goes downhill fast?

No. 1284861

Men always answer that with "because she's younger when we get together I get to enjoy more of he youth"

No. 1284885

Absolute crap they spew. They're the blokes who always cheat on their wives with younger women & will even leave them for a younger woman if the opportunity presents itself.

No. 1284899

So him being a dead beat dad is blown off as a "teenage mistake" but women who aren't pure virgins are trash? Scrote hypocrites

No. 1284920

What's in it for the woman?
That's why it's based to drain a man's finances and then dump him.

No. 1285057

File: 1627351096946.png (47.87 KB, 574x484, j00z2.png)

No. 1285061

File: 1627351202041.png