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No. 828666

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>819453
Website: momokun.co (new) https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (formerly xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscat), momokun.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@momokun.co
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (seems to not exist anymore?)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them
(you need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog)

>Mooooves into porny, all white McMansion with "imported marble" and (obviously distressing) unmatching shades of white fixtures, possibly for photoshop purposes.
>Applies giant AoT decal on car to say… something.
>Buys new money luxury vehicle to flex during pandemic to park at afformentioned McMansion so the AoTmobile doesn't get lonely.
>Gets J&J vaccine for being obese and/or "asthmatic" and/or being an entitled shithead only after bringing her hangers on to eat out and travel out of state on a regular basis.
>Travels to California to get electrical tape band tattoos and a twin sister for her cheese rose. Plans to get more arm ink because "mesopotamia" and "strength."
>Releases poorly edited AoT cosplay that is her naked shooped with cgi bacon ribbons.
>Releases nightmare fuel masturbating titan porn smudging her body paint to one up Vamps titan cosplay.
>Plastic surgery q+a ft. her lip fillers trying to escape her face.
>Lipo speculation? Obvious holiday weight gain missing. Says she is beginning kardashian approved ass-shots that will make her butt look "photoshopped"
>"Futa" porn
>Continues to promise tons of new content that never sees the light of day.

No. 828673

File: 1616736569928.jpg (1.44 MB, 1078x1889, Screenshot_20210325-222652_Ins…)

She's so massive. The calves and arms always give away a fat fuck

No. 828674

File: 1616736602155.jpg (625.34 KB, 1075x1911, Screenshot_20210325-222635_Ins…)

Thar she blows

No. 828678

idk, the whole being covered head to toe in black also gives it away.

Sidenote, but I wonder why she's hanging out with vamps again now?

No. 828681

File: 1616739772505.png (2.7 MB, 1242x2208, A21755D9-2C7D-42EE-8994-864CA3…)

Hilarity will ensue I’m sure.

No. 828682

File: 1616740064292.png (3.89 MB, 1067x1800, D14A1948-6421-4B67-A979-4E7440…)

No. 828683

File: 1616740276042.jpeg (1.94 MB, 1242x2040, 29BD23D8-673C-4F86-8E83-049EF0…)

No. 828684

File: 1616740768175.png (1.66 MB, 1280x800, largelavenderlivehand.png)

ehhh not the most accurate i've seen, moo, but i'll give it a pass

No. 828691

File: 1616746139037.jpg (412.24 KB, 720x1280, 20210326-030214.jpg)

Her thirst for an imaginary anime boy continues. Moo also posts multiple stories gushing about how shes excited for Japan opening up so she can visit "without speaking English." We get it Moo you're a neckbeard.

No. 828692

File: 1616746397598.png (2.98 MB, 1242x2208, 9671C351-E9B7-4E2D-B457-332914…)


Man, she just can’t wait for the pandemic to be over with so Japan opens back up and she can live out her precious anime dreams. She really is devoid of a soul.

No. 828696

she wishes her jaw was that snatched lmao

No. 828701

I think it'd be too inconvenient for them not to stay at least casual friends. all the LV costhots are intertwined and mooch off each other for content, costumes, and promotions. so I'm sure they'd have to keep seeing each other anyway - better to ease tensions.

No. 828708

File: 1616766586486.jpg (612.52 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210324-202927_Ins…)

The fact that her hands are looking this rough when she does literally nothing is just astounding

No. 828715

The pussy-lip colored talons certainly don't help either lol

No. 828717


Ugly birds of a feather flock together I guess?

No. 828719

I thought vamp got a nose job, why is her face still look like that

No. 828726


It cause her nose wasn’t the only problem. She always had a busted ass looking face and a nose job wasn’t going to fix it.

No. 828731

File: 1616776871647.jpeg (172.95 KB, 823x1280, 9ADF3AFA-B70E-4C37-9E03-C05DB5…)

No. 828733

Imagine taking what Kevin Skye says seriously.

No. 828734

NTA, I don't think anyone is. You have to admit him asking the facebook void for their parent's addresses is hilarious.

No. 828737

More like Vamps is hanging with her. Moo tried to smooz up to her during COVID when Vamp was sick and Vamp apparently took that as they are friends again, but at least its not as often. Its like Snipperwolf levels of distancing now. Vamp has far surpassed Moo in everything, except maybe sub count, since she stopped living with Moo.

No. 828738

That would be hilarious if he did try calling their parents. Can you imagine how that phonecall would go?

No. 828739

"Who? I have no daughter." Her parents wouldn't care anyway. Lol

No. 828748

She thought the cape would hide the fat but it looks like if she sneezes this thing would tear apart

No. 828750

Jfc her thighs are so fat, they’re the same size of the other girl’s torso?? (Not vamps, the one on the left) Looking forward to when conventions are back again and she can’t hide her weightgain lol

No. 828752

File: 1616785909302.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x2022, 457907E7-9675-4890-9028-5ABF3A…)

No. 828754

File: 1616787364254.jpeg (147.18 KB, 822x284, 7F4DD492-BB9C-4BE2-924A-B01A1D…)

so rough looking.

No. 828755

Is she getting one of her slaves to do her hair at her home?

No. 828756

Excellent, more extensions that will get fucked up in a matter of a few days. I guess our porcine bovine is also now too good to mask up for others now that she got a vaccine, going by recent pics.

No. 828758

There is no way in hell she is going to be able squeeze into that. Not a chance.
I do look forward to seeing this monstrosity though.
What character is this even supposed to be?
Why does it look like she's in the middle of a stroke?
The difference in her face between this and the one above is startling. Hard to believe she's in her mid 20s

No. 828759

Vamps has been killing it and it's okay to admit that. Moo wants some of her simps which is the only reason they're hanging out again.

No. 828769

Nevada state law still requires masks in any business no matter you’re vaccinated or not so I’d bet this is home slave labor

No. 828779

It's supposed to be Striga from Castlevania. I knew it was always going to look like shit, but I'm still astonished at just how bad it actually turned out.

No. 828796

File: 1616814642783.png (2.71 MB, 1242x2208, EA3B59BC-3107-4576-B90A-F25DCF…)

No. 828801


Ok seriously, what fuckboi kicked her to the curve this time? That’s the only time she gets this autistic about anime boys.

No. 828802

File: 1616815394400.png (3.03 MB, 1800x1100, E12AB336-CAB3-42C3-81BF-CF0400…)

Hon, the “light” left your eyes years ago.

I know anons speculated about the all-white look in her new home but the sterile feel of it is so goddamn depressing. Moo is only broadcasting louder that she lacks any kind of personality or creativity. She’s such a sad cunt. How much longer can she sustain herself on lackluster porn and lusting after nonexistent anime men?
Tbh, I honestly feel like she’s waiting until her next Japan outing to deck out her bare house in the most disgustingly tacky way possible.

No. 828810

File: 1616817492369.jpg (Spoiler Image, 230.54 KB, 1284x2282, P4PX1Af.jpg)

>Instagram filter
>Frankenstein tits

No. 828814

Between Moo's busted tit scars and Bishoujomom's crusty cut up nipples, I don't know why anyone gets a job job aside from fear of "pancake tit" nicknames. These busted and broken surgeries these thots get are major flags to not get anything done. Luckily Vamp didnt get a PrettyPastelPlease botch job.

No. 828829

The face of someone who's 160, the armpits that look like they came from my 600lb life. At this point she's getting too big in places to hard to find she'll have to just admit it

No. 828831

looks like moo's armpit has an armpit

No. 828844

Sorry she looks like Micheal Jackson in this. Just wow.

No. 828847

Moo got a reduction

No. 828859

Doesn't mean it's not botched still, anon. Sucks it was out of her control as she got it young, but the point still stands about these girls being redflags for shitty surgeries

No. 828860

She's busted. It just be like that

No. 828897

My fking god, are all those just stretch marks?

No. 828898

I wouldn't blame the surgery. I don't think the doctor expected Moo to gain 200 pounds just to suck out the fat from her midsection and fucking up the fat distribution. Moo is a cautionary tale.

However I'm more concerned with her obvious stroke face and lazy eye. She needs to see an actual doctor. I would be amazed if she survives past 30

No. 828905

When people realize the reason she made her house so bright white is because she’s terrified of shadows and the dark…
She rlly doesn’t want people to know that though. Big boss girl scared of the dark.

No. 828920

what an odd reach. Moo isn't scared of the dark

No. 828925

Anon if only you knew…

No. 828926

This post has hand gf anon energy from the corpsehusband thread

No. 828930

But she's done shoots in the dark and has been to parties in dark clubs, and went out at night to eat herself into a coma.

No. 828956

File: 1616905742012.jpg (1020.3 KB, 514x902, K3JSOTf.jpg)

Since when did she care?

No. 828958

but… she isn't in Japan right now? Or am I mistaken? Also, jfc that's a huge bowl
And they have ramen bowls that don't have pork belly, you literally have to ask for it as a topping or as the bowl itself. Seems like she waddled into a Japanese owned shop, went up to the owner and asked for just ramen in broken Japanese.

No. 828961

File: 1616907241508.png (3.86 MB, 1242x2208, 299BA6EF-EE70-43C4-8748-DCC623…)

>”please guys do your part, despite me doing absolutely everything against CDC guidelines, so I can piss away thousands in another tax write off vacation :’(“

Makes sense that she pulled the pork out. Cannibalism is frowned upon in modern society kek

No. 828964

Uh… ISNT it it like MORE rude In Japan to NOT eat everything you’re given because not only is it wasteful it insults the cook. Dumb cunt.

No. 828966

File: 1616914104652.jpg (177.81 KB, 1284x2282, 158800502_3885003658211833_782…)

Momo did post this when she got her vaccine

No. 828979

File: 1616928030157.png (3.06 MB, 1800x1108, 5C15F725-9C31-4512-81E7-996491…)

Of course they’re doing karaoke…

No. 828980


The irony of pulling pork out of the ramen next to a story of her consuming alcohol. Shut up Mariah.

No. 828981

File: 1616928220450.png (3.01 MB, 1242x2208, 8B194D37-2297-47AC-AB59-4C4903…)

All that money and she still looks like a bag lady.

No. 828985

Never will understand fatties. They do everything to "improve" their apperance with hair, nails, filler and designer clothes. But god forbbid they lose weight.

No. 828991

Instant gratification, anon.
Working out and losing weight is a long road and it's hard work.
Why spend 6 months getting healthy when you can spend 60 minutes getting lipo or fillers, or get your nails and lashes done?

No. 828992

Still hanging out with Anton? Didn't he stay in jail?

No. 828999

I think Japan will be holding off on tourism until after the Olympics. I don’t even think they’re allowing foreign spectators to come.
Moo has been laying on the weeb stuff pretty thick lately. I wonder if it’s pandering or if COVID made her even more out of touch.

No. 829000

so go there? she’s been traveling constantly

No. 829007

Yeah I thought this guy was in jail

No. 829019

I don't know why she cares. She hasn't been social distancing or following the rules this whole time. The only thing she's been bitching about is not being able to go to Japan.

No. 829041

Those are obviously scars, scrote

No. 829103

yeah, he went to jail for assault and stalking his ex I believe I think it was brought up in one of the threads to the point his friends made a now private FB post about us calling him out for being a woman beater

No. 829108

File: 1616976271199.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1242x2027, 68BF1206-2CA9-429C-85EB-F0AD81…)

No. 829109

Aight, who spurned our proud, successful, hentai kween? Seeing as she's letting a dude who beat up a woman sniffing around her money and clout, this is as hypocritical as ever, as Moo do.

No. 829114

File: 1616980656291.png (17.84 KB, 718x186, 4445434.png)

How do we stop her?

No. 829115

You don't. Honestly. It's been going on for a while. Not white knighting her but the sad fact is that men would fuck a hydrant with a wig on it.

No. 829117

All the money in the world won’t change the fact that she’s a piece of shit with a botched body. Can’t wait to see the horrorshow she turns out to be in another few short years when her hedonistic lifestyle and constant plastic surgery procedures catch up to her.

No. 829118

She will destroy herself in time, worry not. She may be making more money than ever, but she's the unhappiest she's ever been in her life, not to mention her body is becoming more and more of a trainwreck with each passing month. Just kick back with the rest of us and enjoy the ride.

No. 829119

Agreed. I know people are hard up for money considering the pandemic so it’s easy to be jealous of her unearned wealth but anons gotta realize that she has a shit reputation, her body and personality can’t be fixed with money and she can’t even buy herself a boyfriend despite her willingness to throw away money. We just gotta sit back and enjoy, she’s done a good job of destroying herself on her own.

No. 829121

All its going to take is Onlyfans doing any kind of change up to their system, which has been rumored that it may be coming sooner than later. Her entire wealth is simply from that one website, she's a fucking idiot to have her entire livelihood riding on one website. But I shouldn't be surprised since before OF it was Patreon that was holding her afloat.

No. 829131

She's already ruining herself by having no plan B career,her name/image associated with porn, fake friends, no marketable skills,a cheap McMansion,can't get a steady boyfriend, botched face, botched body and a rat's nest on her head. Why do you think she's still on tinder? No guy wants to be with her they just want to use her pussy up.

No. 829132


Are you fucking kidding me ….

No. 829141

File: 1616993509337.jpeg (166 KB, 828x1457, 87B3016A-F62B-4792-8D1E-01CFD5…)

Didn’t she already post this? Why is she acting like she just got it?

No. 829149

Yeah and I believe she tried to use that as an excuse to call herself Asian

No. 829150

She did in fact already post this, just her little quip “hey guys just a reminder I’m not “white” “ honestly it’s
Just cringe

No. 829160

File: 1617025096562.png (2.39 MB, 1242x2208, 83062EC7-BC75-4E4D-9C75-AF169D…)

Her sausage fingers aren’t even able to escape amrezy. There is literally no part of her body that she’ll show without a filter.

She has actual cartoonish talons. Jfc how does she go outside and not be embarrassed to look the way she does?

No. 829163

"amoung us"
also gotta love those meat paws and tacky gold jewelry.

No. 829165

Apparently her exes were embarrassed to be with her considering they never showed their faces and left after a few weeks. You think they would’ve stayed hidden if it was an attractive girl who didn’t act like trash?

No. 829171


Love how it’s beyond unnecessary to talk about how she got her nails while gaming, flaunting how her nail lady comes to her house. Over and over and over again with throwing her money in peoples faces, all during a pandemic while people are suffering from unemployment.

No. 829172

Yea she doesn’t give a shit now anymore than she did with the Vegas shooter, or BLM or any one of a hundred other things she’s jumped on for clout. She’s as interesting as yesterday’s used tissues.

No. 829183

She's doing that thing a lot of insecure fat girls do. "If I put on big nails, hair and accessories no one will see how big I actually am" except it just draws the eyes more. A polished turd is still a turd

No. 829185

These sites are really inaccurate. Especially because her fan count is hidddn, so we can't even prove she has that many subs. Its as bad as the patreon suggested income/sub count sites. Take these numbers with a massive grain of salt.

No. 829190

File: 1617037881510.jpg (460.99 KB, 1069x1650, IMG_20210329_121109.jpg)

It honestly looks like she just smelled something disgusting. Her lips ruin everything

No. 829197

They fucking slimmed down her ankles/legs and it looks so fucking weird.

She has fat girl hands. Her wrist bone is gone, there’s not even a hint of a shadow.

No. 829200

Even her nails are white. Does she not have any sense of taste.
Also, how are you getting your nails done while you "play a game". At least make your lies believable

No. 829202

File: 1617046150686.png (4.43 MB, 1284x2778, AC40CFB9-86BC-4EE3-ABE5-191B03…)

It hasn’t even been a week since someone that’s her race apparently in her stories shot up an entire supermarket with an AR. Imagine being this fucking stupid and tone deaf. Can someone cancel this cunts social media presence permanently

No. 829204

You know she would have jumped on that event for clout but you're right. Since the guy was apparently her race she wont touch it. Especially considering because of the event they might ban AR. She does read these threads however so watch her say some ignorant shit or be even more tone deaf by sympathizing with the shooter "Well not all of us are like that! Muslim pride!" and pose with her guns and say nothing about the victims.

No. 829205


Give it a few minutes. She’ll take it down after she gets clowned in her DMs and comments about what an insensitive twat she is being. Then in an attempt to heal her wounded pride she’ll go on another one of her fake ass “boss bitch” rants about how “I’m not the one to be fucked with/Fuck being nice to people, I’m not and have never been a role model”.

No. 829206

File: 1617049052926.png (2.91 MB, 1800x1353, 9CE8520B-A6B9-4C8A-8F42-286113…)

Eddie Munster looking rough.

I will never get over how terrible her lips look. They basically have to repaint her whole face digitally now.

No. 829207

I think this is typical of Moo taking a stand on an issue. It's weak and indirect, but she knows what happened this past week and the raw feelings surrounding gun laws. It's deliberate, but she's too much of a pussy to say it loud and proud like a lot of NRA people. Always giving herself a backdoor if people call her out.

It looks painted, but you can see her round face shining through in the right picture.

No. 829208


Yep. She always wants to “pwn the snowflakes/SJWs” right up until she gets completely trashed in her comments and gets called names like “alt-right” and “terrorist”. She’ll first try to shut down the conversation by sperging about how knowledgeable she is about guns and how the people coming at her have no idea what they are talking about. Then when that doesn’t work she’ll double down on her bitchiness and try to get all “boss bitch” and block anyone calling her out or criticizing her comments, all the while sticking her her chest out about how “You don’t want to fuck with me, I ain’t the one”. Then when all else fails she’ll go back to playing the victim and leave the nerve to lecture everyone about “being better” and “not letting toxic people get to you” and how she is a “peace warrior who just wants to give everyone hugs”.

You can practically set your watch to her.

No. 829209

File: 1617050454615.png (1.73 MB, 1242x2208, DA7B4ACD-50E9-4760-A75E-B4C531…)

No. 829210


imagine thinking abstaining from eating pork will gain you any sort of spiritual/moral superiority while you're champing at the bit for a chance to injure/kill a human being.

No. 829212

Mass shooting happens by a Muslim
Momo telling people how Muslim she is while screeching about her guns and how she can't wait to shoot someone.

No. 829213


Funny how she always likes to talk herself up as this “total badass who would kick ass no matter the situation you put her in” when her pussy ass is too scared to even confront someone calling her out at a convention and spends the whole weekend hiding in her room because she is afraid of getting her ass whooped in front of everyone.

No doubt she would be pissing herself in fear instantly if she found someone breaking into her home. And considering how high and shitface drunk she is all the time i could easily see her doing something stupid to get herself hurt or even killed in the situation.

You’re not fooling anyone Moo. No one is intimidated by you. And no, you aren’t some badass anime character who would kick everyone’s ass in the room if you were ever confronted. You’re a fat, dumpy out of shape girl who would easily get brained in the head or get your ass beat before you ever had the chance to draw a weapon on someone and would just as easily miss because you aren’t even half as good a shot as you think you are.

No. 829216

Holy Shit, you're right, I didn't notice about her non-existing wrist bone

No. 829225

Gun ownership doesn't deter crime and violent break-ins are uncommon. Most theft occurs when a homeowner is gone (like when they go on vacation and post about it in detail on social media like an idiot).
You're also more likely to get shot if you keep a gun in your home. This is just a hero fantasy Moo has, like the baseball bat in China Town scenario. Her obsession with justified violence is weird.

No. 829228

Well if she maintains her firearms twice as well as she maintained her body, they would probably misfire first time she tried to pull them on anyone, then they would club her like a baby seal with her own shit. Target shooting and shooting people are entirely different worlds moo. You aren’t fucking hard.

No. 829229

There were 2 mass shootings with ARs like a week ago. She's def posting this for edgy points

No. 829232

File: 1617070358326.jpg (290.3 KB, 1050x1926, IMG_20210329_231145.jpg)

She is so pathetic

No. 829233

File: 1617070387431.jpg (402.07 KB, 1066x1941, IMG_20210329_231212.jpg)

No. 829234

Is she gonna shove a douma figure up there?

No. 829235

How she isn't embarrassed every time ehe posts something like this, I’ll never know.

No. 829236

After all you've seen of her….do you really think she has any sense of shame or dignity left?

No. 829239

if she's that desperate why doesn't she hire a male prostitute to dress up as him? Wouldn't be the weirdest thing shes done

No. 829241


We’ve seen her track record with hiring dudes to fuck her. The combination of horrible stank and instant clinginess has them running for the door immediately. I’m sure this little cringey “I only simp for anime bois” episode she is going through right now is because another dude turned her down for sex or she deluded herself into thinking she had found her “one true love” only to get immediately rejected.

No. 829273

Her existence is 100% quick fix coping mechanisms and 0% trying to be a better, more functional person.

No. 829289

Tinder date shows up expecting her photos are only slightly shopped, door opens and a cloud of lube fumes, body funk and cat piss rolls out the door. Suddenly a set of claws the size of New Jersey come out of it and all he can see aside from claws is a set of lips found only on deep sea monstrosities before hearing the horrible screech of urban slang and waifu talk. He can not run fast enough but he can run faster than this thing but the scars will be there forever. Forever.

That’s probably all that happened really.

No. 829293

File: 1617119726607.jpg (188.11 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210330_115250.jpg)

So I was thinking about this post today and not sure if it's related, but I noticed that neither Moo or Miso follow each other on IG anymore. Moo also doesn't follow nulfii anymore even though she still follows Moo.

No. 829303

You spelt miso's IG name wrong.

No. 829313

File: 1617131108308.jpg (122.42 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20210330_150446.jpg)

Ah, my mistake. But it's still true that they aren't following each other. (I double checked her name this time)

No. 829319

They still follow eachother on her “momokun.co” account
Not sure why they aren’t following on main, seems pretty pointless.

No. 829322

Moo has admitted before that a lot of their friends pretend to not know her on mains since it's bad for business because her name is infamous. But ya know, they are still friends with Moo cuz of money.
At least it shows who are shallow sell outs in the community

No. 829324

They've hung out in the past month. If Vamps is any indication, no one cares as long as Moo buys them a meal and anime figures.

No. 829351

It amazes me how moo thinks any of these people are actually her friends, I’ve seen how they operate and act and they are clearly either sycophants or using her for money/ help. The only real friend she has is probably her mom.

No. 829355

File: 1617155948526.png (4.34 MB, 1800x1642, 2091B244-7C6C-4EF4-AE66-7EEFC3…)

Her parents probably got her those books and I’d wager she’s never cracked them open. Also, are those her UNLV “linguistics” books on the right? lol

No. 829357


Pretty sure those are the same books she tried to use to dunk on all the “haturz” and “totes prove that I’m really in school crushing this degree right now”.

No. 829360

Moo hasn't updated her momokun.co account in 4+ months, if there is something going on it could be that miso totally forgot that account exists and hasn't unfollowed it yet

No. 829361

So she put a mirror in her reading corner for taking selfies holding books pretending to read the same way she takes selfies at the gym to show that she totally works out?

No. 829362


Of course. For her it’s all about giving off the illusion that she is well read or that she works out and keeps her body health. No way in hell does she want to actually put in any actual hard work. As long as people think she does, it’s good enough for her.


I’d wager that even she know they aren’t really her friends at this point. Hence the “I’m not anyone’s golden goose/Cutting toxic people out of your life” bitchfests she goes on practically every other week. Eventually for one of them either the facade crumbles or they get sick of having to put up with her bullshit and drop her ass. Unfortunately, at the same time another sycophant thinks they have found their “in” with her and takes their place.

No. 829366

she has to be trolling at this point. This sad lil room is completely empty with nothing but a white book shelf, white lamp and a white chair. I've seen less depressing rooms in hospitals.
One of these days either Moo or one of her friends is going to snap and decide to paint the whole home red if ya know what I mean

No. 829368

File: 1617164521219.jpg (601.01 KB, 1414x1920, 21-03-30-17-04-32-284_deco.jpg)

New management company with moo and calves?

No. 829369

Oh look at all the books she was gifted and never read. Also weird, where's the bookshelf filled with the "impressive" manga collection she was mooing about a few threads back? You would think that would be in her reading nook.
Now we wait for Moo to panic buy 200 mangas to prove she isn't totally faking a personality to hide from the fact she has none

No. 829372


An obvious grift if there ever was one. Her and her little thot pals really think they are legit “businesswomen”. 10 bucks says this goes under in about 3 months.

No. 829377

It’s squarecuck trying to pull a Martin Wong

No. 829379

File: 1617174639387.jpeg (811.84 KB, 1284x2420, D08950E4-B349-4886-AB1C-123E19…)

If anyone ever wonders how she grows and what she does in her free time, it’s these bot pages

No. 829384

File: 1617183143935.png (112.92 KB, 1489x697, ss (2021-03-31 at 02.18.03).pn…)

FWIW quick google search pulled up this on eminence_mgmt. Probably just a coincidence but Nevada sounds on point. Def sounds like its gonna flop.

No. 829385

That street address is close to Summerlin too so it’s a good bet that that’s the place.

In the same story she panned the camera to another bookshelf. But that was literally it, the room is bare except those few pieces of furniture and nothing else. Does Moo keep the place empty intentionally so that she can copy the style and personality of the next guy she tries to lure to her to lair?

No. 829388

File: 1617192824366.jpg (342.45 KB, 1080x1018, Screenshot_20210331-051335_Chr…)

Can't find anything on Terrell, but these names might be fake, unless that abuser Moo knows goes by another name by chance.

No. 829397

Moo's house looks like a cheap knockoff of Kim and Kanye's depression mansion

No. 829402

Why would you need a reading nook when you're flaunting a few books and a portion of a manga series?

No. 829407

Of course there's a mirror in her reading corner lol

No. 829462

Man I’d kill to talk to one of her exes one on one and just hear ab their experience with her and why they were with her in the first place, knowing her she probably bullied them into signing some shit so they couldn’t come out with the truth ab her

No. 829487

File: 1617248639632.png (4.21 MB, 1800x1552, ACF4E246-8C4A-4807-857B-6DBFC1…)

This damn filter is the equivalent of smearing Vaseline on a lens. When was the last time she was seen without excessive filters or photoshop? I’m anticipating this disaster once it’s safe for conventions to return.

No. 829488

Eric was probably her only stable relationship. She broke up with him because he wasn’t ok with her doing patreon or something and she chose money over him. Then she yelled at him when he was flirting with a girl at a party after the break up. He dodged a serious bullet. Kbarbq wasn’t so lucky, Kbbq was into her as a fuck buddy only and he told her this. Mariah thought she could change his mind over time but David kept telling her it was nsa only which angered her, she confessed she loved him and again David told her no it’s only sex we talked about this. Moo didn’t like the rejection and set out to ruin his life which is why kbbq left cosplay. Back then moo could get her followers to bully everyone and that made future fucks not want to deal with her and her bullshit.

No. 829500

Pretty sure it was established he didn't leave because of her but because he was to serve in the Korean Army. He even made her Saber breastplate and Roadhog mask before leaving

No. 829504

Oh? Is it run by Girl On The Moon?

No. 829505

He made them because she paid him months in advance. They didn’t fit because she gained weight then she trashed the paint job and the priming on insta she was very vindictive towards him afterwards. Not that he was an angel either.

No. 829508

The web page doesn't even work

No. 829535

No. 829546

Oh? Weren't around when she was shrieking that he was a snake and marking his face out of pictures?

This farmer has the right of it.

No. 829551

god I remember that, the whole time she was complaining about the quality of the breastplate like "THIS is why you don't use glue as a primer" or something like that. then she made it look significantly worse.

No. 829556

And she was a complete fucking beginner at the time and even to this day, but wanted to tell kbbq how to do something that she paid him money to do. She then had the nerve to add, "modified by me" to the credits when people were telling her to credit people.

No. 829566

She was only destroying the paint job because she really wanted to destroy kbbq in the cosplay seen. She had worn several pieces of armor he had built before and always praised his work right up until he rejected her. she only started complaining after he ended their sexual relationship and it became clear that he was flirting with girls he preferred to date and not just fuck.

No. 829577

Yup, you can only imagine how she acts in private if that’s what she does to someone publicly. Any leach would gravitate to her for clout, money, a bang, etc. it really would not be hard for moo to find a guy. But it’s clear something happens for them to bounce real quick.

Tbh the next step to this shit show would be her getting a lurch type boyfriend.

No. 829581

That would be seriously funny as I doubt even lurch would put up with her shit no matter how much snack she bought him. Wouldn’t be long before he punched her I’m sure.

No. 829583

Now that I think about, I highly doubt the Korean Army took him since months later he was still delivering props to her from the states.

No. 829593

What happened with triforce boy or the other tattoo guy who’s arm she posted?

No. 829600

He was probably just some random guy from tinder who got disgusted after rawdogging mooriah and ran away.

No. 829603

Triforce guy was def just some tinder fuck. But she kept posting on her ig insinuating she was in love and then he bounced.

No. 829605

File: 1617307992870.png (1.3 MB, 842x1612, friendship ended with kbbq.png)

lest we forget this absolute gem

No. 829609

She probably scared him off with immediate clinginess and showering with gifts. Typical of a woman who’s hit the wall 10 years early. Probably got mad when he went for a younger more attractive girl too and did something to fuck with him. That’s why he hasn’t come out about her.

No. 829612

also, any non-e-celeb would literally have nothing to gain from "coming out" about her

No. 829613

Well, the thing with Mariah is that she is still young so she has no reason to get jealous about younger women. But wherever her tinder date looks at he will see women a lot more attractive than she is and even a boot has more personality.

She is only ok for a quickie - especially after they see her IRL - and then they will ghost her.
They might not even know who she is, she is just not girlfriend material or someone you want to be seen with.

No. 829614

Mariah is definitely the type who thinks regular sex with the same person and buying them gifts constantly = long term relationship. She clearly doesn’t understand that mutual love and understanding in a relationship happens over time with the right person who respects you and wants to build a life with you. Of course she believes being easy and having money is the only way.

No. 829616

This photo is even funnier knowing now that soldier 76 is gay.

I recall she posted a picture of some random cute Asian girl when otakon vegas was still a thing. Wonder if that prettier girl was someone David liked. Never saw that girl on her Instagram again. We all know moo isn’t the type to post pictures with someone without clout or revenge shit.

No. 829618

Y’all didn’t mention Nathan Deluca. She accused him of raping her and got him cancelled. From what Krissy victory said she was told he raped Mariah and David wanted to beat him up. Course she retracted the allegations and I think David said she lied about it.

No. 829619

I wouldn’t be surprised if that had a lot to do with Mariah and kbbq falling out. You’re told someone you’re hanging with raped them and then find out they lied about it… I’d nope out too

No. 829624

How long ago did she retract those allegations? She might have publicly retracted them but she privately still claims that he raped her during a con

No. 829634


She’s proven time and again that she can’t just be friends with guys. She always has to immediately go to “You’re obviously my boyfriend now and you have to do what I say”. She has no idea how healthy relationships are built and thinks she can just buy or sleep herself into one. And when the guys of course starts to ghost her in order to get away from that mess she tries to save face by being all like “I’m happy being by myself/I’m too busy for a serious relationship/None of you guys meet my ridiculous standards so don’t even bother. Or the worst of it, which is she is going through now, the cringey “I only simp for anime bois” phase she is going through now where she thinks by thirsting over a fictional character it will distract from the fact that it’s plainly obvious she can’t land a real man because they are repulsed by the sight/stench of her.

No. 829641


And I’m sure that she is the type to constantly hover, go through phones, never give the guy a breath ever because she knows she’s a loser. Yea she has money but that’s all she’s got. She knows that next to anyone normal she’s stupid, fat, lazy, obsessive and vindictive and worse ugly through and through.

No. 829653


Considering the constant purity tests people have to go through to prove they are her “true friends” it wouldn’t surprise me at all that she would be the type to do that. She’s always having people jump through hoops to prove their loyalty for her and the second they object or question her she kicks them out. Im sure the guys she tries to date have it way worse and no sane man would put up with her bullshit.

No. 829654

File: 1617324667135.png (322.9 KB, 540x842, Screenshot_2017-09-30-05-21-51…)

Don't forget about her trying to steal other women's boyfriends such as castlecosplay

No. 829658


Because actually cultivating a real relationship takes time, effort, a real personality, mutual hobbies and interests and a genuine desire to want to be with someone. Which she clearly doesn’t have. So she thinks by showering guys with expensive gifts and acting like a trashy slut who will let them stick it in whatever hole they want whenever they want, things she thinks their current girlfriends aren’t offering them, that they’ll just up and leave them for her. Except it hasn’t ever worked once and all she ends up doing is completely embarrassing herself with those “Look at what you’re missing out on by staying with her” obvious thirst trap posts on Instagram.

No. 829671

Can we not rehash multiple threads about this already? Anons can go look at old threads. Not to mentiined the constant unsaged bumping this is doing when it's all old milk.

No. 829673

You got something better to post anon?
Complainfagging is just as bad

No. 829677

Talking about relevant milk is interesting. You're spoonfeeding and, again, there are already dozens of threads about this. Just tell the anons where to go. It's just anons putting in their 2 cents about 3 year old milk?? Come on.

No. 829680

Yeah i guess so too. She seems pretty out of touch with reality and thinks money can buy anything.

No. 829686

Moo is tone deaf on a lot of things but who cares if she posts her guns. She’s posted them before. This isn’t milk. I’m not trying to WK her but why should she and the rest of women who own firearms for personal safety be the ones blamed for posting even though retarded men are the ones that are violent and committing mass shootings? Fuck that. Also, Muslim isn’t a race anon.

No. 829688

Went looking for castles insta he’s disappeared too lol

No. 829689

She's so…goddamn lazy!! Like seriously, has she done anything in the past 2-3 weeks that hasn't been thirsting over fake men and being a a show-offy cunt about her bland ass, fake as fuck mansion and car? Seriously feel bad for her white knights who get the most bare minimum, low effort content sporadically. She fucking sucks and I hope you guys acquire taste in women.

No. 829692

>>829688 no he just changed his handle. Its charlies.castle or something like that

No. 829703

File: 1617350700644.png (3.37 MB, 1800x1500, 557EA9AE-105F-4DD2-826C-6CA116…)


No. 829705

File: 1617350958448.png (4 MB, 1800x1576, 891352D8-61C3-405C-987C-0F1662…)


This is ironic considering Moo goes apeshit over the slightest provocation.

No. 829706


This bitch is always trying to lecture people on their behavior even though the second someone even slightly offends her she is quick to go on another of her “bad bitch” rants and pretends like she will fuck someone up if she confronts them in real life.(lrn2sage)

No. 829707

God, the white might be easier for her to shop herself thinner but it's doing her absolutely no favors here. Her gorilla physique looks even bulkier because of all of it.

No. 829708

in love with these papyrus font bargain bin books tattoo-kun gives her

No. 829714

She doesn't own them for "personal safety".

No. 829734

That Eminence page took Moo's picture off. They posted a instastory saying "First Month With Eminence" then what I can assume are months and totals for selling on OF?? Not sure. Can't cap rn I'm sorry

No. 829745

so the extensions are out again? how long did this last batch last, ten days?

No. 829746

File: 1617374148913.jpeg (343.16 KB, 1242x2293, 5AEF4882-066C-4212-B57C-9C60CB…)

Vamps and moo are gone

No. 829756

Lol whoever this is learned quickly.

No. 829772

Their followers went up, but who they follow went down. Moo is not following or is not followed by them.

No. 829798

>hit the wall 10 years early
What are you, an incel?

Sad to see them go, I was looking forward to whatever drama came from this.

No. 829818

File: 1617410673627.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1242x2161, 32D55733-477E-479F-A871-4F0833…)

I deleted to condense my posts.

It looks like this eminense shit is owned by squarecuck and has taken 4 models out, including vamps. No mention of moo. This could be why she was posting about loyalty and friendship and needing no man again. Because these “friends” aren’t including her anymore and/or she’s upset square maybe giving his attention else well. He was her main source of male attention.
Speaking of squarecuck, his Instagram is super suspicious when it comes to when he posts moo. Most of his pics break 1k, very few 3k but moos constantly has over 4k. It wouldn’t surprise me if they bought likes just for hers alone.

No. 829825


No. 829826

It's not bought, its when Moo reshares the posts, her incels take flight. The bought likes would be way higher and please don3make me explain to you how quick Instagram can catch these sorts of things. The AI is stupid with reports, but scans bot accounts regularly. That's why massive dips make it so obvious daily on sub count sites. You literally have to buy them daily.

No. 829836

File: 1617431525346.png (3.07 MB, 1242x2208, FDEE5502-0789-432E-8247-557DE8…)

She’s got a bag from Balenciaga. Moo already buying back Vamp with gifts?

No. 829844

File: 1617446241592.png (3.03 MB, 1800x1584, 0DC8C147-D316-49E2-86C4-18CC6D…)

No. 829845

>her trying to steal other women's boyfriends
Can we stop doing this shit? It's not the other woman's fault if a man can't set proper boundaries despite being in a relationship. Men are not children with no agency, they can say no to a thot hitting on them. He is the one in this picture making the first flirty comment.

No. 829847

You're completely right anon, but don't pretend like she doesn't jump on any chance she gets

No. 829848

You are right, but girls that ignore the rule of "chicks before dicks" are scum and should he hard side eyed.

No. 829853

It’s mainly the fact that she would do this with any male friend who already has a gf and shows little if any interest in her. I mean look at how she threw herself (and her money) at tattoo sensei when he would never show signs of being slightly interested.

No. 829856

You are 100% correct, however any decent human who knows someone is in a committed relationship would back off. Instead Mariah tries very hard to one up the other person, and needs to feel like she has more control over the guy then the SO. It’s pathetic and is something that is allowed to be frowned upon.

No. 829864

I agree with anons like >>829856.
Moo's relationships have always been transactional. She has had no long term relationships aside from Vamps..who, again, had money thrown at her. No boyfriends, no girlfriends, not even fuck friends. She might still be with that tattooed guntguy but refuses to slow down for him if he even cares.
Plus what better way of getting attention if not to hit on and steal away a prettier girl's boyfriend? It takes effort to understand a person and even more to allow that person into your space. Moo has a problem with being rejected and throws away """toxic people""" all the time.

No. 829867

Not to mention she barrels through boundaries like she stuffs her face. A great example was the Peru con, her own mother was there with her and she still acted like a spastic retard around the other cosplayers. Besides square cuck I can't really blame guys who get bullied into her new obsession she's probably worse than the kids throwing tantrums in stores when they don't get their toys. And you know she'd definitely scream assaulted if they pushed back against her advances. It's probably easier and safer to quietly put up with and dip the moment you can.

No. 829869

>hit on and steal away a prettier girl's boyfriend
You can't steal anyones boyfriend, cause men are not objects without agency. If your boyfriend decides to leave you for Moo then you dodged a huge fucking bullet and should count your blessings.

I just hate this line of thinking cause it completely absolves the guy from all responsibility and is also the reason why women stay with their cheating scumbag men. "He just couldn't help but do it, the other woman seduced him and he had no way of saying no". Fuck off with that.

Not saying it's not scummy to flirt back to your friends man, what you should do it send her a fucking screenshot of it and tell her to dump that clown. Just stop saying anyone can "steal a man".

No. 829870

the next thread needs to be "amrezy edition"

No. 829872


No. 829875

People telling you no doesn't make them toxic Moo

No. 829880

File: 1617485442123.jpeg (106.49 KB, 748x776, 8A7B7011-ED0E-4A50-8A86-66ABEF…)

What denying your own toxic self does to a person after four years:

No. 829881

This looks like an ad for Jersey shore costhot edition

No. 829882

File: 1617486808962.png (746.75 KB, 589x1217, Kotoha.png)

Moo really implying she'd compare herself to the mother of a main character that people have considered beautiful himself. Douma would probably kill Moo if he saw her

No. 829883

File: 1617488131064.png (1.39 MB, 828x1792, 8C2C8053-5E85-4A80-8E9C-E6769C…)

Someone please shut her up

No. 829884

Let me guess pastries and cheese?

No. 829897


No. 829899

File: 1617492369180.png (2.18 MB, 1157x1800, 29C092E1-82FC-404A-8625-2F901F…)


It’s still up.

No. 829904

is this her new thing, gunsplaining to the Asian community? it’s so gross

No. 829906

From my perspective, if you're an internet personality, I think you should just stay quiet about shit like this. Because she thinks she's doing some good by saying "protect yourself" but it seriously comes off as "well if you had a gun it would've been different." Just shut up and show your feeders your saggy tits Moo. No one gives a fuck what you think about guns or racism, which you've perpetuated in the past. I'm no pc police but good lord anything she posts like this sounds condescending as all fuck. She seriously can't help herself. She HAS to stick her nose in everything. Like you'd think after years of doing this and getting so much backlash, she'd learn to just hold her tongue. Then again, it's Moo we're talking about.

No. 829908

Just her assuming anyone can go out there and throw money at guns is disgusting as well. She literally lives in a bubble and has no idea how anything in the real world works. I know some anons wished she used her platform to bring attention to issues but she really needs to shut the fuck up and stick to showing her floppy photoshopped tits for spare change.

No. 829912

Pretty funny Moo is sperging about gun shit when she can hardly fire a gun correctly herself.

Every-time she leaves the range her thumb is fucked up because she can't learn the incredibly simple way to hold a gun so the slide doesn't hit her.

It's hilarious she thinks she knows anything about guns when she can't even learn the first thing about how to HOLD one.

No. 829913

Couldn’t these recent gunsplaining posts actually be considered hate speech?

No. 829917

This is a big yikes. This line of thinking is so similar to the whole “if we arm teachers with guns then there will be less school shooters.”

Also she just doesn’t think critically. If a POC carried a gun and used it to defend themselves and killed someone, chances are that POC will be vilified. Telling people carry guns to protect against racists is not solving the problem, it doesn’t even create a bandage. It’s just so embarrassing she’s so fucking tone deaf.

No. 829918

Also these have all been deleted. Why does she even post this shit when she knows people will rightfully call her out.

No. 829921

I know I didnt expect anything less from her but did anyone read these >>829899 and feel like this is what a shooter would say? Why would she feel the need to say "racism comes from anywhere!!"? In this current climate, everyone is on edge and saying shit like this feels like she's stirring the pot. Alongside stirring the pot, she's also trying to justify her gun use when the incidents that recently happened all have to do with weapons and guns??? Would she say this when Las Vegas had their shooting? When other shit went down these past couple years? She should've kept her mouth shut

No. 829924

In her head she probably sees herself smoothly pulling out her gun like she's fucking Alucard or in a cop rom like Zootopia. This isn't an anime, Moo. Guns don't stop guns. That's very clear with the 16 mass shootings since March 36th alone in the states, but only the 13-year-old case is all anyone is talking about. Cops have guns, but they cause the most violence. She's a fucking idiot.

No. 829926

Only the biggest baddest bitches rant about gun use for protection but hide in their hotel room/self made shoots when the internet gets mad at them for groping people lmao

No. 829941


All she does is dirty delete like a rat. If she could just shut the fuck up entirely the world would be better off than hearing from her college drop out, japanese fetishizing, white “arab when only exoticizing myself for money” fat lard lazy ass that does porn for a living because she has no brain and no set of skills and no education, and no friends lmao and no man that would ever want her. Shes 26 and has had zero serious relationships, what a fucking waste of space lol

No. 829947

File: 1617508266532.jpg (861.95 KB, 1438x2560, Screenshot_20210403-234748_Ins…)

her house looking like a hospital

No. 829953

Only dumb children that buy guns but live in a sheltered environment say shit like this. "Be a bad bitch. Buy a gun. Protect yourself from racists!" No idea the repercussions of shooting a gun at somebody. LA police will tell you, if you fire that gun (permit or not) you're in a shit lot of trouble. You can get arrested for firing with any type of ammo. Even if it's salt rounds in anything other then a firing range. But she's never been put in a position where she's had to defend herself using a gun so she thinks as long as it's for self defense it's allowed. Cops really don't care.

No. 829955

Looking like the lobby of some sterile hotel.

All that white. She really has -no idea- what a nice house actually looks like.

No. 829956

Money can’t buy class or taste anon

No. 829958


So what magazine was she reading when she saw an ad that sorta looked like this and said “yup that right there will make me look wealthy and successful?” Cause that’s exactly what this looks like- an ad for some hipster shop in soho.

No. 829961

Her botched plastic surgery face and horrible decor are a perfect fit for the real housewives of New Jersey.
I wonder if that’ll be her next endeavour. Reality tv where she can be sloppy, loud and stupid in public(emoji)

No. 829962

maybe she should marry that doctor from botched whose previous wife was a real housewives member

free surgery and free clout

No. 829963

so how many times has she busted her ass on all this tacky ass marble

i’m willing to bet at least 10 times

No. 829967

I’d love to see the worlds reaction in the off chance she gets a steady boyfriend and she makes him publicly known, much less marriage LOL.
I feel bad for whoever that would be not because of us or anyone else but because of her.

No. 829968

File: 1617525313371.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, BC3C114C-1745-465C-9740-4EED3A…)

I don’t think there is a human alive more full of themselves than moo…
Every single person who gassed her up to this point needs to be euthanized.

No. 829970

The only slaughter was square cuck cutting bits from your cow frame like a butcher to give you a body 100 pounds lighter Moo. Have to agree with op though. I never thought someone could be more delusional than alr but Moo takes the cake.

No. 829974

File: 1617530681319.png (4.43 MB, 1800x1538, 68331395-1926-4A0E-903C-67AF20…)

Nothing says “let’s celebrate Easter and the resurrection of Jesus” quite like an obese, botched thot squeezed into a low effort Dragonball cosplay.

She’s 25 and still types like an illiterate retard.

No. 829984

File: 1617538619688.jpg (144.81 KB, 720x995, 20210404_071514.jpg)

Haven't seen these posted yet.

"Mental health."
Yeah, she's deluded beyond all saving if her recent simp/anime sperging and "bad bitch" are considered healthy to her. I have truly never seen anyone so out of touch with reality. The anon who said she could be a school shooter was on point

No. 829985

Actually posting a picture of those sad, droopy plants and thinking it looks good

No. 829988

Lol. Her bragging, when everyone knows this is not even remotely what her body actually looks like. Yeah Moo, you really slayed having someone photoshop your body beyond all recognition.

No. 829992

Reminds me of when old people or suburban kids try to use slang.

Seeing this heavily filtered face in comparison to >>829880
I wonder if she can stand herself in the mirror

No. 829995


she's manic, her mental health is exactly where it always is

No. 829998

she's in full make up and taped up and she still looks like a 50 year old with a botched face. Can't ask her wtf happened because she will just throw shade and say "I grew up into a REAL woman" hinting those who age better are not real women.

No. 829999

Well the attack on titan craze is over and no one called her the real like Annie despite her best efforts. And no one gave a shit when she simped for Levi or drew her fan art. So she gave up, did porn and is moving on to the next thing.

So now she's back to Demon Slayer. She looks to old to do Nezuko and no one praised her the last time she did it. So now she's thinking she can compare herself to a beautiful, dainty Japanese woman hoping people will ship her and her fake interest of the week.
Moo puts on such a big cringy show with every interest she has it just comes off as fake.

No. 830000

Proving their son protected them without a weapon. Only cares if you're Asian. The current climate in America where no one wants ARs

This post just comes off as disgusting and selfish. Moo you aren't Asian and we know you always wanted one but please, fuck off. We know you like playing with your guns and pretending you're hot shit in the dessert, but we don't need it right now. Finally, just because you call other people racist doesn't hide the fact you're racist too.

No. 830004

think about spending all that money on a lifeless white box with all cheap white furniture that looks like it came from wal mart or ikea. and she's proud of it too.
People were not joking when they said Moo is fake rich.

white nails, white towels, white phone, (white skin) cough. Anyway, she's either trolling, she reached a new level of mental illness, or it's just that much easier for editing and filters. Cuz god forbid she looks at herself without one.

No. 830007

As an european reading her gun posts it just feels so insane, who in their right mind would think that guns would solve centuries of structural racism, she really likes to show the worst sides of an american..
it's like she's saying that the answer to racism is murder, it's appalling

No. 830008

Does she shower with the cartier rings and bracelet on? God I hate gaudy this bitch

No. 830018

Well of course she does anon- it would take a cutting torch and pliers to get those rings off her sausage fingers.

No. 830028

She tells people she likes or has a thing with “not to google her name” or to “look her up/ go on lolcow”
This has been confirmed by multiple exes.
I find this extremely interesting.

No. 830034

More filler?

No. 830038

No, she's got the filter on max and it puffs your lips and cheeks. I think she's liable to have her lips split if she puts any more filler in them.

No. 830041

Imagine going on a date with someone and they ask you not to Google them. You know the first thing they did was hop on their phone the second they could.
It's sad because she's obviously seeking someone to date (thus her Tinder), but the chances of a normal guy putting up with her catfishing, OnlyFans, and both of the farms threads is unlikely. She'll have more luck dating a fan, but you know she doesn't want the sort of degenerate weeb she has to pander to

No. 830045

She makes sure when she goes to date someone they don’t know who she is first, she’s even hesitant to give out her ig for this reason. she also hires people to watch the person she’s interested in too. (Social media, keeping an eye if they update their tinder etc) she is extremely insecure and it’s extremely exhausting for anyone who tries to put up with dating her. She’ll even try and figure out their address and family members and she makes people sign NDAs.
Good luck for whoever wants that lmao. The constant purity test ensures she stays single for her entire life but with any luck she won’t reproduce.

No. 830047

NDA like she’s someone. And the idea of her friends stalking and spying on a dudes family and shit is disturbed. Seriously fucking disturbed. Background check sure whatever but this sounds next level creep.

No. 830048

Anon, if this person isn't going to give receipts then I wouldn't believe they have this inside info. I don't doubt its true probably, but they could even Google her before they see her because her real name in on her Tinder. Most people google to see if people are real. She can't tell them not to when she hasnt even talked to them yet. The guys who work with her don't care. They see it as a job or they dip out and don't show up ever again. But what exes? The 2? Lol

No. 830050

Yep because unsurprisingly she's actually pretty racist against Asians.

I think a good rule of thumb for life is do the opposite of what Moo 'recommends'.

No. 830051

LOL her lip fillers make her look like she has a moustache. You killed it alright Moo, just not in the way you think.

No. 830052

Ndas are a bitch, even if this person had the receipts I doubt they’d risk running a lawsuit.
Could be true or it couldn’t but it has been objectively confirmed she tells people she wants to date not to google her name.

No. 830055

You can't confirm something we can't confirm… That's not how milk works

No. 830056

Samefagging here,
She won’t date people who have any idea who “momokun” is before meeting her.
She is strictly “anti dating” her fans or anyone who knows who she is or about her allegations before they meet her.

No. 830063

She's narcissist. That's doesn't make sense. You've seen her Tinder. Sage you bullshit 'inside information'. Like I said, a Google tells them all they need to know. You really think she's giving out fake names just to get a guy? No. She'd be flaunting her 1mil follows.

No. 830064

I’ve actually talked to her on tinder anon.
She didn’t want to give me her ig because she didn’t want me knowing who momokun was, “I’m a gravure model”
She wants someone who doesn’t correlate “Mariah Mallad” with “momokun”
Someone who has absolutely 0 clue who she is and someone who doesn’t have a following themselves.
You’re fucking clueless kid.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 830068

Larping as a scrote to post a made up bullshit story here is so embarrassing

No. 830069

Actual social rejects. This is why there hasn’t been any actual milk in over 10 threads. Just reposts of her IG or onlyfans and stories without receipts.
This bitch lives in your heads rent free.
Find some actual milk or shut the fuck up.

No. 830072

Using a gun for self defense is legal in California. If the gun is owned/carried legally and the situation legitimately requires that level self defense. Not sure where you got your info.

No. 830080

She lives in Las Vegas

No. 830083

Yes, but anon giving their fake anecdotal story was saying they're from LA. Even so, the point still stands, using a gun for self defense isn't an end all solution.

No. 830087

I would like to see these screenshots tbh.

Does this mean she looked you up/ found your family online? Did she have you sign a NDA?

We need receipts but I do feel there is some truths here, such as her wanting her dates to not talk about her or out her in anyway. Its probably why we haven't had anyone spill anything about her.

No. 830090

Please sage your reddit posts.

No. 830096

that and Moo giving gun advice is laughable since she only got them to impress a guy. She has 3 of the same model cuz quantity over quality and fires them off in the dessert whenever she wants to take a photoshoot. She never carries a gun in her purse and she has never used a gun for self defense. She pisses her pants and waddles away in fear.

Honestly I wish she would. I would love for her cowardice ass to pull a gun on someone who just looked at her funny, she fires multiple times, misses all her shots, but gets sent to jail on multiple charges.

No. 830120

File: 1617623382746.png (3.1 MB, 1800x1595, 2953398A-6750-4646-8D3D-35A29C…)

No. 830121

We’ve entered another manic phase for sure. What will it be, another raw dogging video or another round of fillers?

No. 830122

File: 1617623624394.png (3.83 MB, 1242x2208, E003B376-F012-440C-A979-0FBBE3…)

Wonder what happened that made Vamp go crawling back to Moo now? Guess she missed the clout and gifts too much to cut her off for good.

No. 830128

did she edit/filter her own damn hand and arm to appear thinner? The level of insecurity

No. 830132

Cum tribute requests and whatever else she might use
To get her simps to interact. She’s sad.

No. 830138

I say that she should dye her hair black. What's the real harm? Just Mariah fucking up her hair. Just do it.

No. 830142

Moo is losing everyone and people are wisening up, so she must have dumped serious cash and promises on vamps because vamps was doing amazingly on onlyfans and other ventures without needing moo.

No. 830152


i'm guessing vamp is hiring umbran to make her wigs and puts up with mariah's shit for that. i don't see a lot of mutual stuff being posted between vamp and mariah

No. 830159

73% told her to dye it black. Looks like she's gonna fuck it up even more.

No. 830163

Calling it now. After she dyes it black she's going to photoshop her pics to look asian, slanted eyes and all. Will screech about how asian she is and how people are sooooo racist against her for it "I walked by and they were saying ching chong in my face"

But really, she should leave her balding hair alone. It has been thinning and snapping itself off at shoulder length for years now. She really needs keratin treatments or something. Show off a bottle of conditioner Moo.

No. 830198

or she'll go full blackfish. white girls always dye their hair black to blackfish.(racebait)

No. 830212

Oh my fucking God can you retards go back to whichever shithole you came from and get off lolcow with this dumb fuckery already

No. 830215

The electrical tape tattoo is already fading. Look at how bad it is on the flower facing outward.

No. 830238

I think that might be blurring from her attempt to thin her arm in the pic. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if it was already showing signs of aging.

No. 830274

File: 1617743232727.jpg (214.77 KB, 1074x1909, Screenshot_20210406-170457_Ins…)

From her recent if story.

>not dying her hair

>got a lot of messages about it
>just wanted "Shinobu kinship"

No. 830276

File: 1617744655514.png (3.14 MB, 1242x2208, 946164AC-5DA5-4924-8633-11D03E…)

I can’t get over how psychotic she looks in that story. Kinda wished she did dye it, it’d be funny to see it fall out.

No. 830287

Moo really needs to lighten up on the filler and fake lashes. Starting to look like Jafar here.

No. 830292

File: 1617748682121.png (2.33 MB, 1242x2208, 015A7CAE-6BBF-44CB-847B-938275…)

No. 830296

She looks like an amputee, for real. I can't get over the fact that not even a quarter of her thighs fit in a picture like this.

No. 830297

Trust? Trust what? That swiping up leads to some horror show vanilla nudes? Hard pass

No. 830298

Why were these deleted?

No. 830299

She’s probably having an earlier than usual manic episode lol. She acted pretty deranged over supposed “messages” that people told her not to dye it.

No. 830301

She might also have changed her mind and has decided to dye her hair anyway and is backtracking, but that's just tinfoil on my part lol

No. 830319

didn't even need to dye her hair black to start doing the korean wannabe shop
Also those poor shorts. It looks like she woulda broken them just taking them on and off

No. 830331


One of her boobs is literally on her side .. what in the beached whale is this shit? Not to mention that maxed out slim face option she did that makes her head look like a pin compared to her body

No. 830333

I love how the front of her shorts looks like she has a cardboard box shoved in there

No. 830336

Lol obese

No. 830343

Her head IS a pin compared to her body.

No. 830348

File: 1617767958246.jpg (164.6 KB, 720x719, 2UnoKBm.jpg)

No. 830352

Moo doesn't take requests, she just liked the way Square edited her. We wont see it until next year though since she's lazy and it takes him forever to repaint a shoot for her.
Also I guess she's done with her anime sperge phase and jumped right back into porn to earn some real cash

No. 830353

I think what she meant is that she's just going to re-release her original bulma shoot. not take a whole new set, that's too much effort for her

No. 830354

that is peak lazy

No. 830355

Betting money it's her wearing a Bulma wig and the ears, lying on her fur rug in her bedroom or on a towel in the bathroom.

No. 830357

God I wish this bitch would close her legs (and mouth) already

No. 830362

File: 1617787300100.png (2.86 MB, 1242x2208, FDE44564-1EB9-49CF-879B-8E96EE…)

No. 830363

That cat looks like it's feed up with dealing with her.
There's also something funny about those shorts making her thighs look massive. lol

No. 830370

At a glance, it looks like she has no nose… Legit had to take a second glance.

That face is a thing. Moo, you need to stop girl…

No. 830402

That cat’s seen where her fingernails have been.

No. 830405

you know the cat walked by and Moo remembered "Oh yes, my prop. come here"
if the cat wasn't a rag doll you know it wouldn't tolerate it. Why she doesn't take pics with the black one.

No. 830423

It’s the fact she doesn’t have her usual compression leggings on lol

No. 830450

File: 1617834065497.jpg (Spoiler Image, 797.57 KB, 814x941, HwufTjO.jpg)

>New video is 13:01
>Most unflattering shorts ever
>The background music is giving me "you're waiting in the therapist's waiting room for your appointment" cafe music with fake people conversations/coffee pouring in the background
>Two toys, double effort
>Says ~sexy things~ but it's drowned out by the music/buzzing and not audible
>looks over to the side and makes this face

No. 830451

File: 1617834128914.jpg (Spoiler Image, 963.34 KB, 805x996, v4eAA5X.jpg)


No. 830452

What the fuck is going on with her eyes? Why didn't she go wax like she constantly brags about? This is Shayna tier.

No. 830453

File: 1617834330123.jpg (Spoiler Image, 705.16 KB, 806x996, Br1zB7H.jpg)

Forgot to mention she kept on pulling back or grabbing her fupa. She forgot about it a couple times, but there'd be times she's pulling it back from the side or full on grabbing/flattening it? Maybe I was reading too much into it

Her eyes literally went in two directions.

No. 830454

She looks like someone who has just given birth. Now that there is no baby in anymore the stomach is still huge, but more soft.

No. 830455


except the only thing she'd "birth" would be a massive shit from all the gross takeout she eats

No. 830456

I know fat pussy is a fetish and all but jesus that's massive. Also sticking those talons in there makes me hurt.

No. 830460

Jfc she’s massive. Are her quack doctors finally turning her down for lipo appointments or…? There’s no way she isn’t pushing 250-300 at this point since even photoshop and maxing out the filters can’t hide how much she’s gained recently. Especially since she’s at the point where she has to physically pull at her fupa to reach. At this point, even when Japan opens up for travel, she’ll have to buy multiple seats for herself lol

No. 830462

File: 1617838835457.jpg (201.42 KB, 748x776, 1617485442123_mr1617838755168.…)

Her cheeks reminded me of the crylaugh emoji.

No. 830466

File: 1617839777011.jpg (62.46 KB, 500x667, the twits thoughts.jpg)

No. 830467

This is a weird nitpick I guess but her mons is so large? Like her hair grows so high. Her hand should be able to cover most if not all, it’s just giant.

No. 830472

This image has been posted in these threads dozens of times, we get it.

Her “arousal” expression just looks like she’s in tremendous pain. I mean, I guess I would look like that too after clawing up my vag with those talons.

No. 830476

Wow so insightful and novel! Definitely haven’t seen this posted at least three other times in the last few threads

No. 830480

Ok that eye thing is seriously fucking weirding me out

No. 830494

Jfc she looks like Sofie Halili from the MtF thread

No. 830500

File: 1617860764112.jpeg (333.45 KB, 750x922, C565AC61-A517-4E5F-82D0-750088…)

Michael Jackson’s corpse be like

No. 830501

Okay, place bets, is her eye shut because:
>falsies weighing it down too much
>botox/filler migration
>stroke from eating too much junk food
>the retardation is finally manifesting physically

No. 830504

Anon, you sound stupid. It's just her trying to do that blinking ahegao trope due to a "shuttering orgasm", but she looks like a dead fish and stupid here. She really takes all her notes from hentai and bimbo porn eith this one eye open thing.

No. 830505

omfg i need to laugh at that shit. can you upload it?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 830510

nice try scrote

No. 830512

And she still masturbates with these fucking fangs holy shit.

Its amazing how Jersey Shore she is, she might as well be Snookie's sister.

No. 830514

oh god she look so awful, her tits looks so bad and she really loves using those claws on her vag? geez
you really are 'lucky' to have such a shit taste scrotes paying you for this shit Mooo

No. 830528

File: 1617889293765.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.25 KB, 587x880, lolnotsothiccmei.jpg)

It's sad that it wasn't that too long ago she looked like this and claimed she'd never do nudes/porn because she was too good for it.

No. 830532

The granny Mei days had the best milk. Mariah would never shut the fuck up on Twitter. It's so funny seeing her become the thing she talked so much shit about.

No. 830537

It’s funny because I’m pretty sure this was the set that made her realize she was getting too fat and did lipo shortly after. It all went downhill from there

No. 830546

Whoa. She looks terrible and fat. To only realize that she looks even more terrible and fatter than this is super sad.

No. 830547

why do I get the entire Moo saga was a girl who lost her confidence due to weight gain so a friend introduced her to cosplay as a hobby. Now said fat girl realized "Oh wow! I can be as disgusting as I want and use being a nerd as an excuse! Because only true nerds are gross."

No. 830548

god I miss moo on twitter so much. her getting banned was hilarious, but her tweets were constantly milky.

No. 830550

Anon, you’ve been in the thread since the first lol
We need a zoom in gif of this lmao

No. 830554

File: 1617906823461.png (45.01 KB, 671x598, Untitled.png)

Sorry if this is super late, but I'm wondering if their removal has anything to do with these comments, since they were made around the same time that her image was removed. It's absolutely squarecuck's company though, so I have no idea why he'd suddenly care now about being associated with her.

No. 830557

Because he hoped his career would be more than just Moo as a client but its made of this 6 person circle only, but everyone knows Square is Moo's photocuck. No one wants to work with him because of it.

No. 830558

It must bother him that his life now circles around Moo no matter the amount of money. Before Moo at least he had some kind of identity. Lost his girlfriend, lives with Moo, takes care of Moo's animals, cleans, photoshops for Moo.
Moo really dug her claws into him and made sure he's totally reliant on her.
I have zero sympathy for Moo's leeches though

No. 830560

imagine this pic being used to show you at better times kek

No. 830563

He does have a new gf now (who follows moo, but moo doesn't follow her back kek) which might have been part of any falling out they had

No. 830566

File: 1617911052644.png (3.26 MB, 1242x2208, 20D366A7-7039-4250-91F6-C0FD2A…)

Aren’t these the same books she’s had for ages?

No. 830567

they are. She also claimed she graduated collage years ago so I dunno why she's pretending to study. Maybe because she wants people to see her more than a dumb cum rag but that ship sailed long ago

No. 830568

nice to see her Japanese spelling is as horrible as her English spelling

No. 830569

Did she just fuck up “good morning”?? Translating manga my ass.

No. 830572

not wk her grammar but people do like to learn on their own outside of establishment.

No. 830573

except she's not. those are the same books she's been using as props for years now. She doesn't know a lick of Japanese. Proven during her live stream days where she blocked people who wrote in Japanese and her not understanding a single thing.

No. 830574

Imagine flexing your Japanese skills (and also claiming to have translated manga) and not even being able to spell ohayou. Could never be me

(sorry, weeb sperg over)

No. 830579

Moo pre-lip filler and Instagram filters. Everything grew with her weight gain: lips, lashes, acrylics, ego

I know she's always had weeb tendencies, but it seems even more exaggerated these days. Maybe because she's posting more about wanting to fuck anime boys

No. 830580

File: 1617920199777.jpg (642.07 KB, 509x909, 7yY2jB6.jpg)

im losing it

No. 830581

>its been 4 hours
kek, sure

No. 830582

She must've found these dusty ass books while moving and thought about exercising just today lol

No. 830585


Because anon mentioned she’s a college dropout in the last thread and it got to her. Just like how another anon said this was the same book and she posted how she has “multiple” of these books coincidentally.

No. 830586

Also, didn't she mention she has ADHD? Like, studying for 4 hours is honestly difficult enough when you're neurotypical.

No. 830587

Ah the good old days of moo pretending her life isn’t empty embarrassing and meaningless. I bet in between breaks writing Japanese she will play her violin, flute, or whatever it was as well as
Maybe study for her pharmaceutical degree! Makes it so obvious she’s reading here

No. 830589

She's lurking hard. It's like her college lie all over again. Everyone knows that she's a brainless bimbo.

Yep, all of her embarrassing lies are about to make a comeback.

No. 830590

It's embarrassing because she keeps saying she doesn't NEED to make porn content. She can be in the Olympics, translator, realtor, pharmacists, an actor, a comic artist, a teacher.
Thing is she had to degrade herself to porn because it really is her only and last option. She doesn't have any real skills. If she coulda hopped to a different career she would have done so already and not resort to porn.

No. 830591

Lol holy crap. I didn’t think she’d try to justify herself to the screencap I posted but here we are. Way to lurk Moo, I thought you didn’t give a shit about the “haters”?
Honestly, I’m getting a good laugh out of this because she obviously has nothing better going on and is now trying to fool people into once again thinking she’s more than an obese, z-list porn thot.

I don’t buy this “I totally studied for 4 hours straight” bullshit either. She’ll probably post another story about how brave and awesome she is doing her basic bitch Japanese workbooks despite the ADHD she totally has and is “hyper fixating” on it.

No. 830592

She's dumb as hell. She could have used her money to go to school and make a more stable future for herself but she decided to use it to flex, botch herself, and buy people instead.

No. 830593

Flex the high school Japanese textbooks to hide the pain, moomoo. I'm sure the mouth breathers are really impressed by your dedication.

No. 830594

It's like when she goes through her fitness phases and claims she was at the gym for 6 hours daily. She wants to convince people she doesn't just lay on the sofa all day eating

No. 830595

LOL I love how the gym/fitness sperging stopped. Anything that isn’t instant gratification for moo she gives up on whether it be people, future prospects or literally anything else.

No. 830596

And she totally fucks up porn. It’s obvious she’s just as incompetent at that as she is everything else. The only thing I miss is her supposed “big build movie” shit that she used to make- it was fun listening to the crickets chirp when she’d release that shit

No. 830597

Gym sperging only happens when she gets lipo done. But knowing she lurks she's going to go to the gym or take a pic in active wear

No. 830600

File: 1617928421942.png (2.5 MB, 750x1334, D758754A-F78A-4B83-9EB0-E06D37…)

Woman is actually just destroying herself at this point.

No. 830601

even with the filters is looks so agitated and inflamed. Also fuck Helen cuz once again her bottom lip is huge but the top lips filler is migrating

No. 830602

She looks like those mentally disabled kids who need a drool rag

No. 830604

She looks like a man with makeup on.

No. 830606

I hope her lips rip. This is self harm at this point.

No. 830607


Lol what’s she trying for here with the tracksuit look? Jersey shore cosplay is spot on

No. 830608

Her monstrosity of lips look like sfx makeup lips done with liquid later or something at this point, really just waiting for them to fall off or explode.

No. 830610

File: 1617929607645.jpeg (412.52 KB, 828x811, EDE4199D-8E18-4085-B928-2291CE…)

So juicy. Yikes. I’m absolutely here for this self destructive phase.

No. 830612

Omg her eyebrows her lips….what a total trainwreck

No. 830613

I’m kind of shocked that she’s still getting her lips bigger. I remember when she first got them done she claimed she was only doing two sessions to even out the lips. But they keep adding more injection to her bottom lip… I’m assuming she’s getting this fine for free for promo, but Jesus.

No. 830615

She pumped them up so much that at this point I feel like they would look deflated if she stopped getting injections. She deformed herself

No. 830618

Damn lady, I'm just playing

No. 830619

I remember seeing a post in the past she wanted to get a boob job because she felt insecure ab her lopsided tits, and plans for an ass, pussy and nose job.
We are literally witnessing an abomination
in progress. She’s so insecure she’d demolish her entire body over internet opinions. This lip thing isn’t a good look moo

No. 830620

File: 1617934908116.gif (Spoiler Image, 830.59 KB, 250x140, 8F8BB355-D6F5-4DB1-A7CE-D95559…)

Getting closer and closer to leprechaun 3 territory here. I’m shocked they haven’t split yet.

No. 830621

Tbh I would feel sorry for her if she wasn’t so rotten. I can’t help but wonder where she’ll be in like ten years when her thot money dries up and all she is left with is a tarnished reputation, a botched body, and a lack of skills/credible work history. I guess she’ll fit in well with the dried up whores walking the Las Vegas strip?

No. 830622

She wouldn’t survive on the strip long before someone beat her ass. I figure she’d at best be that Karen trying to fuck the fed ex guy. Seriously though I’m sure she stalks through her simps hoping one is “cute”

No. 830624

which is stupid anyway since she edits herself into another creature anyway. I'm not sure Moo has seen her real face/body in a while

No. 830626

She wants to be bishoujomom so bad lol She must have been so insecure when she shot with her after JM got all her work done. She's striving for the anime look, but Moo, you're way too fat.

No. 830628

File: 1617939637349.jpg (68.97 KB, 749x718, Reanimated_Abomination.jpg)



give her about five years

No. 830636

LOL anon that’s exactly what I pictured when I said abomination, glad someone got it.

No. 830641

File: 1617968206478.png (3.14 MB, 1053x1800, E42DA0A9-8755-413E-A29A-CFEB07…)

It’s easy to coordinate a closet when 99% of what you wear is white or black sweatshirts and compression garments, Moo…

No. 830642

Noticing a weird pattern where she hyperfixates on an anime boy from an anime that is currently TRENDING atm,
Archer, Levi, now douma….Because of the demon slayer movie coming out…
Then ceases to mention them.
Comes off extremely performative.

No. 830643

Why does it seem like she gets fillers every 2 weeks? Surely that's not common or recommended….

No. 830646

Jesus christ this bitch is dumb

No. 830656

She would be better off having it dissolved and partially refilled to stop the migration that’s already happening near her philtrum and the corners of her mouth >>830641
I’m kind of horrified a tech would do that to her and that Moo wouldn’t notice some of the warning signs.

All the clothes in her closet look like the hoodies and sweatshirts she throws over leggings.

No. 830676

File: 1617979241944.png (8.31 MB, 1242x2688, 2DD2EE96-5557-4C6C-826D-221804…)

It seriously is all hoodies and compression wear. These sports bras look pretty rigid.

No. 830682

I've seen good wills with more style than her closet

No. 830684


Why does she keep saying poggers?

No. 830686

She isn't even on twitch again, like we knew she'd tire of because no one likes her or her personality on there, so its the same as her using 'mate' and 'my guy/dude'. She just copies others, but acts superior as if she came up with it. She's a female incel, minus the fedora.

No. 830691

File: 1617987307247.png (371.3 KB, 468x624, Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 9.55…)

No. 830694

Lmao I love that she copies Umbran's Sharpie eyebrows to go with her swollen herpie lips.

I don't think she'll end up getting her ass done, apparently it's one of the most dangerous cosmetic surgeries to get done. But who knows with her at this point.

No. 830699

fucking kek anon

No. 830701

Omg it’s early but this is my vote next thread pic. I spit my coffee cause she’s so bad I seriously thought this was real

No. 830702

this is the best art I've seen sitewide in a long ass time

No. 830703

Anon, you are an artist and I love you.

No. 830716

You deserve some kind of award for this, anon.

No. 830725

Anon I was having a shit day, ty for this

No. 830728

Holy fuck that's pure gold anon! Thanks for starting my morning with a good laugh

No. 830738

Next thread image please!

No. 830744

someone just told her about it
a 2019 twitch emote

No. 830752

She probably wishes she went the Twitch thot route instead of doing porn.
During most of her Camversity streams she just sat around eating and talking about anime while her viewers asked for Vamps and wouldn't tip her a dime.
When she finally tried Twitch she complained that they wouldn't partner after only a week and, surprise, sat around eating. Streaming would definitely be more work, but she could have kept up her lewds over nudes schtick

No. 830758

It would have been a disaster for her to try twitch streaming. She’s as boring as her house. Even factoring in the thirst of some

No. 830765

File: 1618029262128.png (4.25 MB, 1242x2208, 2A5814AB-9441-4D4B-BFD1-9D23D2…)

I guess it’s better than them just lying in a pile of cat hair on the floor?

No. 830769

It’s funny to see her actually take care of something

No. 830770

My vote for thread image

No. 830773

This seems kinda really super gross, especially when you take into account how many cats she has. Does anyone really believe she’ll take these all down to dust and get the cat hair that is bound to collect on them every so often off?

No. 830784

Is that a Merlin wig? When did she ever even post about cosplaying him. Whatever man, at this point I don't think she can even 'remmeber' to keep track of her own grandiose delusions.

No. 830785

This is just a narcissistic shrine. Those wigs will pick up so much dust over time and she won't be able to clean it out since a lot of them are permanently styled.

No. 830787

lmfao how does this bitch manage to misspell おはよう in her story when it is literally on the bottom of this page of her workbook which she has already filled in? like come on moo

also in the right corner i think she's trying to say something like "good luck to me" but in a blatantly incorrect way that is actually worse than google translate. this bitch is so fucking cringe

we all know that she's so full of shit but after claiming to translate manga and review her workbooks over and over again you'd think that she'd actually make an attempt to be able to back her shit up by not fucking up the most BASIC of basics lol

she literally lies about everything it's mind boggling

No. 830788

Moo just needs to collect her cuckbucks and shut the fuck up.
Stop posting ur political opinions, stop sperging, no one cares, ur a laughingstock. Just post ur nudes and go.

No. 830834

Clean freak anon is worried about cat hair build up, wow you really ripped her apart. I just hope the cow reads this, maybe you knocked some sense into her and she will think about cat hair and dust accumulation before acting like such an idiot again.

What a fucking retarded comment. Way to nit pick

No. 830838

?? Ntayrt, but they weren't nitpicking. They were expressing how buildup works in a house with cats and what will probably happen in the future. Nitpicking is complaining about a panty on the ground and calling the room trashed.

No. 830844

she should really be tagging Maggie in these. Aren't 90 percent of these her wigs?

No. 830849

You can tell she's never worn these/have been touched up bc Moo can't keep a wig unratty for 1 second

No. 830862

And she probably never will. Her cosplay days are over. She’s just too stupid to admit it

No. 830865

File: 1618093033550.jpg (287.44 KB, 1040x1920, Screenshot_20210410-151614_Ins…)

Posted on her story. Just yikes.

No. 830866

Imagine not only thirsting over a cartoon character, but excessively posting about it on social media… what a fucking loser holy shit

No. 830867

File: 1618094142217.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, C900249A-646A-46CB-BD07-3683E1…)

those thighs…

No. 830868

Nah, she still puts wigs on to “cosplay” things like “Pokēmon trainer in a bikini” or “anime character in underwear” and the like.

No. 830869

Really rocking that 50 year old botched suburban mom look. Complete with country club tennis court outfit. Yikes.

No. 830870

Haven't anons brought up the black cat last thread? So rather than a cute pose in front of the mirror she instead looks like auntie sending snaps to her nephew's friends.

No. 830871

File: 1618096008278.jpg (405.33 KB, 1080x1312, IMG_20210410_180646.jpg)

Oh I'm so sure you played tennis in highschool. You've never talked about it until just fucking now, you would've bragged about it by now.

No. 830873

I know for a fact this bitch didn’t play tennis…. how convenient before she was going to start she has a story ab her ankle….
Pathological fucking liar moment.

No. 830874

File: 1618096892938.jpeg (143.75 KB, 663x352, 15BAEDD4-4437-4D7E-B3EB-71AFC5…)

Aaaaand this shoe is ruined forever

No. 830876

File: 1618097441534.jpg (152.04 KB, 569x569, Illustration.jpg)

Like if you put Cher out in the sun too long

No. 830877

?? this is a genuine concern for cosplayers, wigs collect dust like anything else and can get nasty really quickly when on display like this.

No. 830878

How tf does someone genuinely go out of their way to pay for content from her to c00m when there’s legit thousands of girls who charge way less for better content…
Exception being the farmers here who use it for milk.

No. 830879

Anon has nasty dusty wigs lol. Moo is gross and lazy, that was a valid criticism

No. 830883

File: 1618099943153.jpg (694.01 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2021-04-10-19-12-23…)

No. 830884

I know coomers gonna coom, but it’s so offputting and completely not sexy to me if there’s anyone posing provocatively when there are animals in the shot. Just seems so weird to me, more like I guess just unpolished. Even in like amateur/candid shots, it just rubs me the wrong way and is distracting.

Is it normal in cosplay for wigs to be modeled so… literally? It may just be me, but anime hair seems stylized and imo, wouldn’t look like that in real life. So, when I see umbran’s or whoever these wigs may be from, it’s ugly as sin when they literally look like a cartoon character’s hair and not translated into more realistic styles while also being able to stay true to the source material.

No. 830885

File: 1618100709494.jpeg (703.07 KB, 750x1206, 2DFDAE97-DF59-4CDA-89C6-0EBC86…)

Moo starting to obsess over a new guy, looks like… Might be future milk?

No. 830886

Isn't he the gay guy she was gaga over at the Peru con?

No. 830890

This isn't new. She used to be obsessed with him almost more than leonchiro, and Phil has remained "cordial" with her even after everything. I have no idea why because he has actual talent and skills and doesn't need clout from her.

No. 830893

File: 1618106917364.png (2.64 MB, 750x1334, 370388BF-2BCE-4728-8EE3-B068C8…)

Whoever told you the lip fillers made you look better isn’t your friend.
Narcissism looks really bad on you.

No. 830898

File: 1618108336802.jpeg (179.7 KB, 828x1350, 9B4C3B5F-B270-4B5F-BBC7-E34085…)

No. 830899

legit the most punchable face

No. 830900

In what alternate reality does this look good?

No. 830901

And imagine you're a fully grown adult, and not a 13 year old. This is so fucking sad.

No. 830902

File: 1618109205182.jpeg (527.56 KB, 750x1007, AE105420-2579-4784-BCDF-22C79A…)

Mariah is hanging out with anj and some other girl rn
Must be rough for moo to be the ugly duckling.

No. 830903

She either has a cavity or a chip in her tooth in this photo, bottom row.

No. 830904

File: 1618109409097.png (3.27 MB, 750x1334, 292307F0-5F35-4A06-B5B3-B366E7…)

Confirmed anon,
she’s larping at this point

No. 830905

Lol this bitch is not only wide but looks clueless.

No. 830908

Probably going to post photos of the group and singles in the corner of the tennis yard, shooting exhibitionist shit

No. 830909

Holy shit girl is wiiide! I knew she photoshopped her photos but holy shit lmao

No. 830912

Her thigh is starting to eat her knee and it's terrifying. There's no way she isn't 300

No. 830915

Idk how tall she is but I’d bet $ that she’s in the upper 200’s. Time for some more lipo Moo kek

No. 830916

"Ooh, my DoorDash is here!"

No. 830917

She’s gonna check this when she gets home and post some “body positivity” bad bitch sperg and delete it an hour after she schedules liposuction.

No. 830918

For sure. I know a few fatties who are over 300lbs and they’re about the same size as moo, i guess she is very near that. Embarrasing for her, considering all the rounds of lipo.

No. 830919

Jesus, she is built like a cinder block

No. 830923

Jesus she abuses those filters so much. It looks like she has 3 different pairs of filter eyelashes on. Also wtf is wrong with her tooth

No. 830924

File: 1618118537194.jpeg (38.87 KB, 424x397, 5EA62087-773A-4F60-B4EF-CCB583…)

Forgot pic

No. 830926

Those eyebrows though

No. 830928

she is really struggling to keep hold of that cartoon fat chick curvy look. she must have like two waist trainers on.

No. 830929

he likes the attention I guess

No. 830931

Looks like you blew out your ankle before the shoot, too, Moo!

No. 830932


She thinks it looks good because the exaggerated eyelashes and lips make her nose and chin look smaller by comparison.

No. 830933

She should sue whoever did that to her mouth, holy shit

No. 830935

a chip probs, kinda uncommon placement but she porks down a lot of stuff
meanwhile her upper jaw teeth literally look like dentures, do we know if they are? (looking at the gingiva)

No. 830937

Or a tooth Gem?

No. 830943


She does this weeb shit because she wants to get some poor Japanese guy to cuff her. Little does she know that Japan is not 'fat positive'. Hell, she better pray she doesn't become fluent in it because if she knew what those people were probably saying about her while she's in Japan I'm sure it would ruin it for her.

No. 830944

God she's fucking huge. She works so hard to do all these filters and editing when all it takes is a candid from another person to prove it's all fake.

No. 830945

I highly doubt she's going to cons once covid is over. She would have to let people see her unshooped body and she's been loving the fantasy she built in her head

No. 830946

File: 1618154647593.png (2.86 MB, 1242x2208, 20D45D39-565D-4B48-99D4-11D722…)

>”The story is meant to teach children the importance of hard work and personal initiative.“

(from the wiki for those who didn’t also read this in kindergarten… which is also Mariah’s current reading level lol)

So who stepped out of line this time to upset Moo who obviously worked /so hard/ to get where she is? /s

No. 830947

not only was she an Olympic level lifer in high school, she was also a pro lacrosse player and she would have been a pro tennis player too if it wasn't for her injury
I swear she was probably one of those annoying kids in gym who didn't join the class in tennis and just sat out and watched.

No. 830949

Did she actually play tennis or did they drive down to a court and take a few photos with her mouth open?

No. 830950

She pretended to play tennis for photos.

No. 830951

She recently had lipo too. It's so weird because everything about her screams 450 pounds except for the sad attempt to lipo her mid section. She had all the time in the world to lose weight during covid but instead gained another 100 pounds.

No. 830952

File: 1618156270478.png (284.8 KB, 327x559, mariahhawaii.png)


she's about 5'4" iirc. according to her, her highest weight was about 265, and she was around that during her trip to hawaii. pic related, for reference. she definitely looks like she's getting about that wide again.

No. 830953

Imma be generous and say shes 240.. that still makes her bmi 41. You aren't thicc moo, you're fucking OBESE.

No. 830955

I had forgotten about this moment in time and my life was better for it.

No. 830956

where that waist at

No. 830957

Saged since it contributes nothing, but if she's really 5'4" then she weighs 260lbs at a minimum. Realistically she's prob somewhere between 275-300 lbs. I'm her height and used to weigh 275; aside from her lipo'd torso my body looked similar to hers.(no1curr)

No. 830958

She has no waist in any photos. There is fat between her organs and bones, exanding them. Her ribcage is so wide right now that any midsection pinch is forced in with tight clothes like her gum attire. She thinks bottoming out her squeezed fat from those clothes can hide how huge she is like a chick shoving her saggy stomach in her pants to look slimmer after losing 100+lbs.

No. 830959

I dunno, imo she looks bigger now than when she was 265

No. 830961

Idk, its hard to tell because her proportions are so fucked up, but her head seemed way proportionately tinier during the hawaii trip.

No. 830962

there’s really no point in speculating on her weight because I doubt she has ever been honest about it. she has lied about trivial shit in the past, why would she be honest about something as personal and sensitive as her weight? she admitted her highest was what, like 265? yeah okay… maybe that’s the truth but I doubt it. anyway anyone can tell just by looking at a candid photo of her that’s she’s one massive mf. whoever edits her photoshoots deserves a raise imo

No. 830963

Hard work is making mediocre iphone videos of your yeasty flaps apparently

No. 830964

You beat me to it anon.
You can honestly see her lazy eye

No. 830965

The brunette is what Moo wishes she looked like.

No. 830966

For some wigs that are hard styled it is better to be on a wig stand with a plastic covering or in a box

No. 830967

I hope for more candids. Better if annjelife took a video of this mass in person or next to another girl for size refrence

No. 830969

did she even release this? it's almost as bad as her last take on bulma

No. 830970

File: 1618172541263.jpg (1.49 MB, 2448x3264, whenshewassmaller.jpg)

Not yet of course, her last set was amazingly bad so she's probably waiting on photoshop perfection.

Imagine..this was when she was actually smaller too.

No. 830971

Still insane to see just how badly she managed to fuck up her body and face in just a matter of a few years. Current moo looks like "thicc samus" moo's old and desperate, plastic surgery addicted mother.

No. 830972

Going by the size of her head, she's gotta be near this now at least

No. 830974

Head tiny
Probably why she spergs and cries over the meaning of kindergarten level books

No. 830975

Most definitely, anon.

No. 830978

Please tell me she fucked with the proportions somehow. She's ruined herself with lypo to where her body looks like a funhouse mirror.

No. 830980

File: 1618179803118.jpeg (31.96 KB, 311x410, 8DA72B1F-CE11-4945-A8A5-F4800A…)

It is so weird how small her head looks here, wtf.

No. 830983

I will never not laugh at this, thank you.

No. 830984

Kek anon thank you

No. 830985

File: 1618191758705.jpeg (111.77 KB, 750x1104, BC671736-F947-4DBD-ACEB-310D0D…)

God I almost forgot how awkward and bad that picture of her is

No. 830986

File: 1618192116692.png (461.59 KB, 400x510, squart.png)

pretty good cosplay

No. 830995


No. 830999

She has Invisalign right? Can that make it look like this? Like if saliva is trapped inside it like lillee jeans invisaligns

No. 831000

>the wall
kill yourself moid

No. 831001

Her body was nice here. What the fuck happened? How much weight did she even put on?

No. 831002


this is always brought up but: no self control after moving out of her dad's thumb + believing in her (already mediocre) hype

No. 831003

that's exactly what it is. The aligners can get air pockets in the saliva and it looks like this.

No. 831004

Sage your posts if you have nothing to add

No. 831005

File: 1618199100384.png (1.13 MB, 2048x1557, Screenshot_20210411-204445.png)

You can see the line where the fake app lashes stop. Jesus christ. How does she have 1mil.

No. 831011

I know this point has been argued constantly but her likes to follow
Ratio is so fucking low I truly believe a lot of those accounts are bots or forced followed to her. I’ve seen people with 1/10th of her following pull twice her likes consistently.
There’s something rlly fishy about her ig following.

No. 831012

File: 1618205280202.jpeg (223.3 KB, 750x1188, 8FDDAE2B-9AE8-4147-ABAD-7C77D1…)

If you scroll through who follows her, there are tons of accounts that are very obviously bots. She has definitely purchased followers before.

No. 831016

the infamous 100% enemy on okcupid - "Squart Guy"

No. 831021

File: 1618223411296.png (3.84 MB, 1242x2208, 17254DDC-6C63-4BDA-A2F6-DE7CF1…)

No. 831048

File: 1618239978066.jpg (366.25 KB, 1600x1200, mett-igel-441182.jpg)

This bitch is still fingering herself with stiletto nails. Picrel is what I imagine the inside of her vagrooba looks like.

No. 831049

"Onegaishimasu" means "please".


"Watashi ni ungan i" means "good luck to me" or "wish me luck"


"ohaiyo gozaimasu" means "good morning".

and "socho benkyo" means early morning study.

all pretty basic (and tbh kind of sloppy and a bit overy formal) japanese for someone who claims to be fluent and translated manga

No. 831055

It's おはよう (ohayou) not おはいよ (ohaiyo). And it's literally written properly on the workbook in front of her in her following story.

No. 831056

File: 1618247243730.jpg (149.26 KB, 508x908, 1617920199777.jpg)

Dropped the pic.

No. 831063

Did you miss this, anon?

No. 831065

It's genuinely incomprehensible how much she allegedly makes a month but what really hurts my god damn brain is that she always looks sloppy as fuck. And honestly, when you're absolutely fucking rolling in cash, following a diet and eating clean becomes 100% accessible and doable. You could have a whole god damn basement filled with diet frankenfoods. Anyways, it goes without saying that I'm bitter and to be fair, there hasn't been much milk aside from watching her face and body melt.

No. 831074

>watching her face and body melt

Which has been great to see since it's her porn saga, something that she said she would never do and made herself seem better than the women who did it. Now look at her, she's no different and even worse looking than they are. It's funny seeing how low she's willing to go for money since old Mariah swore so hard that she wouldn't. We can go back to the old threads and laugh at the person that she is now. She pulled down women's tops to embarrass them and now is pulling her own top down and embarrassing herself. She has to pretend to enjoy touching her own fucked up body for money.

It feels like she only talked so much shit because she was predicting her own future and was in denial about it.

No. 831096

Ironically it seems getting famous was the worst thing that ever happened to her.
It fully brought out who she really was inside. An evil, narcissistic, apathetic, abusive liar. And magnified those traits to the point they manifest on her physically.
What a waste of a life.

No. 831097

U forgot hypocrite, anon

No. 831101

What’s funny to me with these stories she posted was that she went out and bought multiple copies of these books cause of anons always calling her out for having the same old books. Stay milky you fat heifer.

No. 831173

File: 1618288005873.jpg (948.98 KB, 515x910, Hb6duVH.jpg)

No. 831176

What's the context? This just looks like their normal bullshit.

No. 831177

Umbran just fucking with filters while they're at a resteraunt. She reposted the two others she took but not this one.
I was shocked her lips are so big.

No. 831182

She must be a sight in real life jfc those lips

No. 831185

Dear lord, the lip fillers have moved so much up that it looks like she has a moustache or a pouch of some sort above her upper lips.

No. 831187

a Moostache, if you will

No. 831189

File: 1618305910276.png (5 MB, 1800x1514, A03E3218-5A91-48F2-957C-82422C…)

This really sells the “I haven’t progressed past 13” mentality…

No. 831191

Really doesn't help the claims she was going to be a pro manga artist if it wasn't for her Daddy ripping up her sketch book

No. 831210

File: 1618318751920.jpg (216.54 KB, 2048x1114, Screenshot_20210413-055648_mh1…)


No. 831212

File: 1618318906884.jpg (471.66 KB, 2048x2008, Screenshot_20210413-055608_mh1…)

No. 831224

File: 1618323152832.jpg (203.6 KB, 1080x1080, FB_IMG_1618323046586.jpg)

I saw this today and thought of princess CHONK over here

No. 831230

So gross that she's just like "well I'm rich so this is about me"

No. 831239

her japanese is illegible to me

No. 831242

God, she is insufferable. Rich, but with no class

No. 831245

Just makes it more clear that cumbran is only staff for her.

No. 831251

Moo this man doesn’t even like you in anyway. Makes me laugh she is always in his statuses. And the fact she turned this around to brag about being rich…

No. 831269

I know right, it took me a while but I think it says "Shinobu-chan" or something like that

No. 831273


WOW, this is .. fucking gross. First considering herself rich. Wong actually is rich because his parents are tech millionaires. Second, even mentioning Maddie which was completely unnecessary to do her bidding. Fucking ridiculous. truly cannot wait for this day that karma comes back and brings this bitch the biggest buffet of karma and just humble her.

No. 831277

I mean, they aren't wrong. Take a walk through somewhere like Palo Alto in a good neighborhood and this is absolutely what they don't do, lock doors. Its this idea that your neighborhood is safe .

No. 831287

except Moo doesn't live in a neighborhood. She lives in bum fuck no where in the dessert in the middle of a construction site for other Mc Mansions

No. 831289

With any luck the neighbor will be a section 8 voucher with 6 kids. So she can stfu thinking it’s some
Exclusive neighborhood

No. 831303

You guys don't even know exactly where she lives. Calm down.

No. 831317

Aren't Maddie's parents super rich though? lol

No. 831322

It’d be really easy to find that out, anon

No. 831325

File: 1618354631317.png (1.08 MB, 1242x2208, 6531E2B4-F34A-4E14-99ED-21DA17…)

Like, I’m all for people wanting to explore their creative side and whatever but when it comes to Moo… I know that all this is going to be completely wasted. (Not to mention the first thing she grabs is Copic because she’s a basic bitch that thinks Copic markers suddenly make you more of a professional lol)

How long until she dumps it on Maddie?

No. 831326

I know you’re kidding here, but this is the kind of thing people pick up and run with as truth

No. 831328

She draws one shitty drawing one time on some lined paper with a pencil and justifies spending $500 on art supplies so she can call herself a “real artist” lmao. those will be used once and never touched again.

No. 831330

Ramadan started today, any bets moofatass will break it?

No. 831339

Oh no lol, does she usually pretend to fast for Ramadan?

No. 831340

Lmao anon thinking moo would stop eating for 2 seconds even for Ramadan

No. 831349

holy shit lmao
she doodles for a day and then dumps all this money on shit

she won't open any of that, she's gonna give it all to Maddie for sure, I'm sure Maddie would like it though, that shit's expensive

girl all you need is a fucking notebook and a pencil jesus

No. 831363

I mean she celebrates christmas as a muslim, do you even think she’s realized ramadan has started? even then when has she abstained from literally anything?

No. 831392

her fam gives her religious books as presents, they’ve certainly mentioned it

No. 831402

Maddie, you are a cuck and all, but you should steal the good art supplies from this dumbass. It's ethical.

No. 831406

Tin foil:
Moo will have Maddie color and pretend she did it herself.

Maddie will be “paid” by getting to keep the markers.

No. 831409

File: 1618365861506.png (3.33 MB, 1242x2208, 356F5E88-C33F-4214-84C9-D129C7…)

I really wish she’d stop referring to every outfit as a “dream cosplay”. Bitch has the money to fund any shitty outfit she wants, most people don’t have that luxury.

No. 831410

She's better off buying an ipad. She won't ever use these or they will go to Umbran.

No. 831421

Bitch puts amrezy on everything even inanimate objects KEK
quit using that fucking filter fatassmoo

No. 831423


She doesn’t do Ramadan. She’s been seen eating and drinking during the time it’s happened in the past multiple times. Like we said, she’s only Muslim when it can be used as a special or exotic pass

No. 831424

i don't get it. why would an arab want to be a weird Japanese take on an Aztec/Mesoamerican god be her dream cosplay…

especially when Quetzl-san is a energetic big sister and momo is well… nothing…

the whore hasn't ever even shown faith to something…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 831427

I'm at least thankful she's decided to credit the people who made it, still surprised there's no "Armband: me" or anything lmao

No. 831433

this dumb bitch. i think she watched one episode of drag race and thought that was drags kept their wigs intact. spoiler, thats not it moo.

i can confidently say its 100% maddies work.

No. 831435

Watch her bring it up now that we've mentioned it

Because cosplay is about portraying a character and has nothing to do with race

She spends more time posting about cosplay than actually wearing them

No. 831441

she got mad when she read anons laughing at her skills and her claiming she was once a pro manga artist to be bullshit. Watch her make Maddie draw and claim it to be hers or just trace

No. 831442

Can't wait to see how she's going to squeeze herself into this.

No. 831489

She said she finished her Invisalign already so this has to be something else

No. 831503

I can almost guarantee that these
are already mostly traced. you can tell because where she drew on her own there's sketchy back and forth lines and where she would have traced is a single line or much cleaner sketch lines.

No. 831505

Spoiler, anon, it is in fact how most styled wigs are stored. Any drama studio workshop would prove otherwise, drag queen home tours say otherwise. Most cosplayers do store styled wigs in the open. Maybe coverings, maybe not, but getting a giant tupperware storage boxfor each of these would be ridiculous for anyone. For travel, great, but even then a lot of wig stlists put them in a box without lids if the wig is too tall. Nitpicking about storage.. jesus

No. 831554

File: 1618445217796.jpg (357.64 KB, 516x906, RUQhdRf.jpg)


No. 831555

She needs to break things down into basic shapes, she's going about it all wrong

No. 831556

Anon, if they're even drawn by the same person she could've asked Umbran how to do "basics". Umbran went to art school

No. 831558

Looks like her short stubby pig hands.

No. 831563

True; if she’s modelling her sketches on her own hands/face/body, it’s no wonder she can’t get normal human proportions right.

No. 831566


>doesn’t know the fundamentals of art and anatomy

>drops hundreds of dollars on art supplies she doesn’t know how to use on a whim and will be abandoning within a week

Her vain attempt to prove she has hobbies outside of stuffing her face while binging Netflix anime will never not be funny.

No. 831568

This bitch needs to invest in a thesaurus and start taking some fucking English classes her grammar is dogshit, she misspells things so often it’s not even nitpicking at this point it’s just cringe. Her English comprehension is 6th grade level. That’s probably why she spergs so hard over children’s books.

No. 831570

It looks like she used her own hand as a reference, but made the fingers thinner so now the proportions are fucked.
Moo, if you want to use a reference use a human, not yourself.

No. 831578

File: 1618452217976.png (3.35 MB, 1242x2208, AF150084-3821-4DD0-A380-0ADA92…)

No. 831580


lmao she is 100% using her own hand for reference. its the best way to learn how to draw hands but not if your hands look like that. she has enough lackeys you think one of them would be willing to hand model for her

No. 831581

File: 1618452565723.png (2.82 MB, 1242x2208, 6B400477-DBE6-407C-B2AA-281F86…)

>”muh art style!!!”


You were never an artist Moo, stop pretending you ever had “a style”.

No. 831582

Why is she so focused on a art style when she has no basics down?

No. 831583

Because she’s desperate to prove she has talents other than clawing at her vag for spare change.

No. 831586

I wonder if the references she used are from her own photos?

No. 831588

File: 1618454637953.jpeg (515.67 KB, 750x937, 97C0CAAD-DAF9-45F0-BCF1-12945E…)

They look a lot like the hand gestures she was making during this set, so most likely.

No. 831596

File: 1618457089061.png (321.28 KB, 500x896, ohno.png)

this is her "lineart"

can't wait to see the mess her coloring is and laugh over how much she wasted on it trying to be a mangaka during what's most likely a bipolar episode

No. 831597

File: 1618457473860.jpeg (102.18 KB, 800x784, 37F33431-A7B9-4B0F-B45F-0E365A…)

so she just straight up traced this shit, right?

No. 831599

Good lord she’s been “drawing” for a day and she’s so fixated on creating an art style. You’ve admitted over and over you’re just trying get the basics, creating an art style is not the next step.

No. 831600

How embarrassing.

No. 831601

File: 1618459209015.png (3.26 MB, 1242x2208, 7A28B572-9E1B-43BB-BEB2-96013C…)

The way she just mashed those colored pencils into the paper is a crime against artists I s2g… So she’s as sloppy with art as she is with her actual “cosplay making” skills. Seems about right.

No. 831602

This is par the course for Moo. Just steal/copy without crediting the source. Anons gave her too much credit thinking she had enough skill to reference off her own photos.

No. 831608

These look like utter chickenscratch shit.

No. 831610

This physically pains me jesus christ..

No. 831611

File: 1618464706195.png (3.37 MB, 1242x2208, E39CD0C8-7A8D-4DF4-92D3-2369C4…)

The fuck is “toroso’s”? Is she allergic to spell checking her posts?

This traced shit is sending me though. It’s like a 10 year olds first submission to DA circa 2005.

No. 831613

Art community hates this shit wtf she's like Hartman

No. 831614

Why does she seem to think that you only learn how to draw one body part at a time?

No. 831615

That is the second time she’s misspelled torsos….. Moofatass is illiterate.

No. 831616

Artists can do studies of specific body parts per page but she sees things like the example of hand poses from google that an anon posted above, she copies off of those and calls it a day. The fact she can’t for her life spell “torso” shows she has no fucking clue what she’s doing.

I’d honestly love to see her try to do actual life drawing studies. The chicken scratch blobs would be hilarious to see.

No. 831618

watch her try transition from low tier porn to an "artist".
How long till she starts trying to sell "commissions"?

No. 831619

File: 1618469587513.jpg (961.07 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2021-04-15-01-53-34…)

She's back on Twitter

No. 831620

If anyone has seen the artsalt thread, Twitter is a total mess.

Everyone constantly trying to cancel others for the most innocuous things.
We might finally start getting more grade A milk

No. 831621

Ohhh shit how long til this train wreck crashes and people start asking why tf she’s back

No. 831623

Wait, I thought she got fully suspended off Twitter, wth is she back?? And will Twitter just ban her again once enough people report her?

No. 831624

Can't wait for her to get dragged for tracing

No. 831626

Must've got anew phone number to verify with a new email.

No. 831627

She hasn’t begged her leeches to promote her account so people can follow her so she’s def trying to lay low for the moment. Shit is going to hit the fan real soon once people catch on. Moo can’t control the narrative on there like she can with IG so this’ll be interesting, she just couldn’t help herself lol. I’m honestly surprised she waiting this long thinking people forgot.

No. 831628

I'm screaming, what in the middle school sketchbook hell? No one was expecting a mangaka arc in 2021.

No. 831630

Maybe she’s trying to relive her “glory days” lol! Only thing that’s missing is her threats of violence against her mom and telling randos to kill themselves. I’m doing a mental countdown until she loses her shit and chimps out at someone who recognizes her/calls her out.

No. 831636

love the delightfully expensive supplies she has for that level of art. I'm living for this saga.

No. 831637

Moo is the living embodiment of the saying “tools don’t make the artist”. She could buy herself an expensive AF Wacom setup with all the best programs and she’d still produce shitty drawings because she’ll never take time to study the fundamentals.

No. 831640


She thinks that writing shit in google translate japanese will make it harder for people to detect her. I cannot wait for twitter to get ahold of her.

No. 831642

lol at her using Maddie's art as the banner with ZERO credit. Maddie, I know your a POS but come on. She took full credit for your wigs and now she's taking full credit for your art
What she needs to do is stop tracing and give up on pretending she's a pro at everything. Next she's going to say she was a competitive breather

she thinks she can become a famous artist on twitter. She's going to buy followers and likes and when she doesn't get the attention she wants she's going to tell people "I'm Momo! Pay attention to me and make me a famous artist! I do Commissions! I'm the best artist because people follow me for mai art, not my porn… but here's my porn anyway" Which she technically already did by linking her main.
There HAS to be a guy who has a thing for artists

No. 831643

The fact that she completely throws her own “culture” to the wind and uses Japan and Japanese as an aesthetic is rlly funny to me LOL.
Using a language u don’t understand for aesthetics is beyond cringe for a 25-26 year old woman to be doing

No. 831644

Her treatment of Maddie is honestly really fucking sad.

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