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File: 1612296121148.jpg (309.47 KB, 720x1500, 1611755903226.jpg)

No. 819689

Coverage of Miranda Constable / Mira Nagayama / Lina / Miriam Al Fas / Kanadajin3 / whatever else she can think of continues.

> Is still against anything to do with China at all costs.

> “Is totally still in Japan, guyz!”

> Is always most holier than thou, everyone else is haram.

> Is slowly turning to an Alt-Right. I foresee the Muslim fading in a few months to a year.

> Now openly homophobic and antisemitic.

> Saudi Arabia is now too haram to move to.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MiraNagayama

Twitter (muslim):

Twitter (japanese): https://twitter.com/doudemomira

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kanadajin3

YouTube #2: https://www.youtube.com/user/doudemomira

Youtube #3

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanadajin3

Previous thread: >>>/pt/751569

No. 819690

File: 1612296302166.png (961.14 KB, 1188x1016, ha.png)

Also buying into stupid Anti-vax shit as well.

(As if she will be able to afford to travel.)

No. 819750

Why is she anti-France now? What did they do to deserve a MS paint X over their flag in her profile pic?

No. 819755

they have a lot of laws against hijabs etc.

No. 819787

If she does not want a vaccine to fight COVID-19, then she should just f*cking stay in her mom's house in Canada. No travelling for you, darling.

No. 819788

File: 1612338713192.png (150.24 KB, 720x687, MinimumbrainMira1.png)

Miranda cannot understand why minimum wage workers should get more money for the work they do and loves things to stay as cheap as possible.

No. 820118

i'm gonna guess she's the type to not tip waitresses and then say if they wanted more money, they shouldn't have become a waitress.

No. 820169

File: 1612481160615.jpeg (303.97 KB, 750x824, 9796F8B6-7A0E-447D-82A5-05516F…)

I’m still totally in Japan guys!!!

This tweet made me lol in particular because literally no one asked and she’s defending herself like being a weeb is what we’ve been calling her out on.

In a weird way Miranda’s delusions are almost on par with Lillee Jean, just more extreme.

No. 820337


miranda of all people calling people dumb, right after she typed "wanana" no less, sent me. bless her spastic heart.

No. 820985

File: 1612890743072.png (89.76 KB, 1150x673, samebs.png)

And just like her "We Japanese" she is now the sole spokesman for all of muslim kind

No. 821015

It’s almost like all of her tweets are pathetic bait attempts to argue with anyone who disagrees.
Why can’t she just come out as herself; a white trash, poorly educated ultra conservative Christian who lives off welfare and does nothing but sit on Twitter all day while eating potato chips off the bed.

No. 821374

Also, this is such a cope. Variety tv is innane, and not very enjoyable to many, especially due to the constant reaction shots. It's also ran on japanese tv through the day and watching it is about as enjoyable as watching QVC or HSN. Just say that you had no friends or any sort of social stimulation in Japan and go.

No. 821379

File: 1613039817577.png (265.5 KB, 633x422, lol.png)

Randa is finally "breaking the silence" and explains her absence from YT:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZV1YMlOiFDQ [DL][Archived Copy]

45 min of that voice, bad grammar and lies is too much, I checked a few parts and it's mainly:

- How KM became a crazy stalker for no reason. She's missing the part in which she had him buy underwear and that the 15.000 were a loan she agreed to, not a donation. Also claims any pics he took of her during their travel were against her consent and done in a sneaky way

- Rodi is a dayooth totally obsessed with her and cannot forget her, anything he claims in his videos about her harassing and threatening him is a lie

- Other YouTubers use clickbait pics for her yuzu bath videos to make them appear sexual; she never did that

- Will re-upload hundreds of her old videos with face blurr

- Will never ever again adress drama and the accusations against her, also anything ever said was a lie

- YOLO literally applies to non-muslims as she has already invested in the afterlife with good deeds and behaviour

- Is no longer a slave to the YT community!

No. 821380

File: 1613041425309.jpg (114.31 KB, 1080x612, 20210211_120024.jpg)

The blur slipped at one point.
She looks so sad idk
It's weird to see her like this.

I kinda miss the old Mira, it was funny and some of her videos were endearing (at least to me, it was like a guilty pleasure thing don't ask), still pretty cringe but at least it seemed like she was actually enjoying herself and her life.
But whenever I feel bad for her,I think about her weird twitter rants and extremist opinions.
Idk man.
It's all just rather sad

No. 821381

The blur actually slips several times. And at the same time she gloats no one will ever see what her face currently looks like now, lmao.
Miranda, people know you have a FAS shaped face and that age is not going to make it any better, along with you ugly personality always shining through your looks as well.

No. 821382


Sorry, not yet done with the video and thought I should just directly share it!
Do you guys think she will actually upload any new videos or will it just be empty words and probably the millionth "why I became muslim" video?

No. 821388

She lays blame on anyone but herself in the video. What a clown lmao. Tell them what you really did, Miranda.

Tell them how you traveled with a man who wasn't your mahram. Tell them how you stole thousands of dollars from him. That wasn't worth the watch

No. 821390

File: 1613046468720.png (1.54 MB, 1334x750, A52B538C-8168-4DE5-80FB-65CF9F…)

Another highlight is when she says that she doesn’t care if you’re mad about the time she put “certain makeup” on her face in reference to her blackface incident.

She intentionally misrepresents a lot of things or is intentionally vague about them, but she was right about how over-the-top creepy Naruru was about finding her location.

The filter slipped so many times. The fact that she didn’t check if her face was actually hidden or not makes it seem like she actually wants people to know what she looks like.

No. 821391

Still so upset about Rodi not deleting the livestream with her out of respect to her being muslim. Yet her good buddy Tokyosam still has the livesteram up in which she not only shows an insane amount of hair porn, she also drinks alcohol and talks about sex.

Let's not forget the livestream video she tries to force Rodi to take down is the one she suggested in order to sneak a kiss out of him. It's the one in which she told KM to pay money in the chat and demand a kiss, then told KM to screenshot that peck on the cheek immediately in case Rodi would delete the livestream later.

That manipulation backfired in the most delicous way and I cheer Rodi for not removing that video now.

No. 821393


Boy, she has ballooned up quite a bit..

No. 821404

File: 1613057025295.png (1.25 MB, 1398x1018, 1542420338758.png)

Don't forget Miranda gave KM her address when she sent him paintings. You shouldn't give your address to strangers on the internet & then scam them. Actions have consequences

No. 821405

Everything she mentions in the video is old dried up sour milk, she’s made the same accusations, and even posted the same photos in the community tab which she later removed. Hell I think she even self posted them in one of her threads here.

Nothing in this video is new, she is begging for a pity party… why can’t she just shut up and get on with her life?

No. 821481

To sum her babbling up to reality, she will no longer do videos in Japan and with her face showing because she got fat, can no longer afford make up and is no longer living in Japan. Also Rodi continues to live rent free in her deformed head.

Saged cause we already knew that.

No. 821487


Perfect summary anon.

Plus, I honestly think she posted a vid because her right wing Twitter trolling is basically ignored. Trying to drum up old attention. She can’t live without us.

No. 821570

>I kinda miss the old Mira, it was funny and some of her videos were endearing (at least to me, it was like a guilty pleasure thing don't ask), still pretty cringe but at least it seemed like she was actually enjoying herself and her life.
>But whenever I feel bad for her,I think about her weird twitter rants and extremist opinions.
It is always super sad when extremism completely takes over someone. Tragic.

No. 821575

Let's face it, there is probably not going to be any fresh and good milk ever again until she gets tired of her fake muslim act and finds some new identity to latch on in the far future.

Slight amusement can still be found in her degenerated social media posts when she's using Islam to praise child marriage, hating on women, homosexuals and whatever isn't 100% wahhabism, plus her attempts to keep up the delusion that her muslim marriage is legit, that she is a hardworking clean housewife with a decent personality and her husband an actual Saudi that provides for his housewife. But that's about it.

She's never gonna have permanent residency in Nihon and is most likely no longer living there (hence only pre-recorded Japan videos will be uploaded from now on, duh) and Al Fatty Hands will never bring her to even more Glorious SA so she can be "treated like a queeeeen".

All that's left are potatoe chips, no money and endless attempts to hide her embarrassing online past.

No. 821660

Should Muslim Women BE ONLINE?
short answer: ABSOLUTELY NOT unless you were on youtube before being Muslim, so it's okay for me

No. 821676

Doesn't like anime or manga yet her profile picture is still an "anime" version of herself

No. 821678

ALL her YouTube profile pictures are anime versions of herself :D
(except for that Planet Zoo channel but it is pretty dead anyway)

No. 821680

Randa we see your nose and mouth MUCH HARAM

No. 821701

Bring some milk too then you retard

No. 821707

Japan had a pretty big earthquake and Miranda said absolutely nothing on her social media. Considering she made a video about her floor freezer flooding once I’m sure experiencing a big earthquake would be something she’d mention.

Oh yeah, she lives in Canada and was asleep at the time.

No. 821910


No. 821913


No. 821953

File: 1613401238418.jpg (182.29 KB, 720x1485, Mir140221ksa.jpg)

1. How haram speaking to a man online she is not related or married to.
For questions like this, Miranda, this is what your husband/mahram is for. I wonder why HE is not asking…
2. The text she is replying to contains promises about improving human and women's rights in Saudi Arabia and she STILL wants to go there? I am honestly surprised she's not gone bonkers here again.

No. 821962

>The text she is replying to contains promises about improving human and women's rights in Saudi Arabia and she STILL wants to go there? I am honestly surprised she's not gone bonkers here again.

Of course. Once she gets there. Most Holy Miranda will straighten them out on the true path.

No. 821964

File: 1613409995045.png (116.4 KB, 720x429, Mirarichandfamous.png)

Talking like she was freaking Madonna oh and btw she was replying to a tweet about the K-Pop band BTS distracting young muslims from Allah lol

No. 821977

lol wtf, when was she rich? I mean, I guess she used to support herself on YouTube and simp bux, which must actually be pretty cool, and maybe now that she's completely broke that seems rich.

Mira, you don't have to give up on yourself just to prove you're right about everything and committed. You can admit you were happier as a content creator with a social network in Japan, rather than as a broke girl in a niqab, isolated in Canada, with only your Saudi bf to make you feel okay (to whatever extent that's actually a thing). Despite our threads, the truth is, nobody cares what you do that much. That fact should be freeing. The fact is, Islam is a bullshit religion for desert tribes, and if you don't have that background then there's no logical reason whatsoever to be a Muslim. Trump is very likely the worst president in American history, he's a clown who got practically nothing done, and he was used as a puppet by corporations and religious bigots. Middle Canada sucks, just like Middle America does. Saudi Arabia really fucking sucks, they're responsible for at least half the horrible things that have happened in Yemen, and while Iran's government is awful, the Saudi government is way, way worse.

It's okay to be wrong. Just admit it's all bullshit, laugh it off, and get back on track with life. Japan is fun. Dancing and music are fun. You're clearly caught up in a lot of emotional pain, but the only way to get over it is to let it go, move on, and not allow it to define you.

No. 821988

Fucking kek

Ex rich person? You mean ex e-begger no one in their right mind would donate to? Ex kyabakura hostess no one will hire?

My sides!

No. 822008

Sucking salary man cock for 1000 yen make you real wealthy Miranda. Too bad you got shit to say for it, besides having gained 80 lbs while hiding in bumfuck Canada.

No. 822155

Miranda needs to make sure that the worlds knows that before she turned into a failed Nihon-jin and chubby blur with no finanical means she used to be a success in everyway, looks, bank account, fame, all to the max!

Until she realized it's haram and now sits at home with nothing and doing nothing as it is the only true way of living and everyone who doesn't do it this way is doomed.

Reverse humblebrag or so.

No. 822261


When you're that desperate to prove you've married some saudi

No. 822271

Holy shit I cant believe she still hasnt dropped this muslima wife shtick
What happened to the guy she converted for btw?

No. 822345

Ms. Humpty Dumpty had no furniture in her home or food in her refrigerator when she was supposedly at her peak of success . This level of poverty and instability FAMOUSLY got her rejected for naturalization. She had to manipulate an autistic European bumpkin into paying for her lifestyle, even when she was secretly already married to potato-kun. I distinctly remember her crying to KM about suffering with no AC in the summer and being sick all the time. Can’t even pay utilities? If that is not rock bottom for a YouTuber, I don’t know what is.

Rodi? He is still making content for his channel and has recently changed the name to Tokyo Uncut. Seems like he hasn’t been harassed by that “husband” in a while and he just wants to leave that era behind him.

No. 822367


Good for Rodi!

No. 822380

It's hilarious that Mira ever thought she had a real chance with a guy like Rodi. From the bit you can see of him online you can tell he is the total opposite of her in every way and so is his gf/now wife probably.

He is rather good looking, doesn't drink and has high moral standards when it comes to being loyal in a relationship, whereas Mira back then when pursuing him was constantly drunk, loud, rude, acting hypersexual and cursed with unfortunate looks.

No wonder she was that obsessed with him, even more so by the fact he is half Japanese. She's been going on how dating means using someone, how the best part about Saudi man is that they are loyal af and even told Rodi she fell in love with him BECAUSE he didn't try fucking & discarding her and that's kind of a low standard as a reason to love someone.

And not only did this guy NOT try to be her friend beacuse he was secretly hoping for sex, he resisted her poor seduction attempts again and again.

The only flaw Rodi must have had in Miranda's mind was the fact that he wasn't hers.

No. 822392

>Ms. Humpty Dumpty had no furniture in her home

Oh no, she had furniture anon. Remember it just blended with the walls so you couldn't see it. (Her actual excuse. Still one of my favorites as she actually expected the immigration guy to buy it.)

No. 822449

That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard. She was just standing in an empty room pretending it had invisible furniture in it? Fucking kek. Emperors new clothes level of delusion.

No. 822503

She had a sofa and some light colored table or cabinet(s) against the walls in the living room, but still very sparsely decorated like a sad bachelor pad. In some videos, she would put some Pokémon plushies behind her but everything else you could see looked so plain. I think she didn’t live there most of time? I remember there was some weird arrangement where she claimed she hated living there but couldn’t move yet. Maybe it was the ex-husband’s place and she was staying until the contract expired. She definitely was living there under strange circumstances. Making sure that a home looks “lived in”, in the cases where there is a Japanese spouse supporting the applicant, is one of the things immigration is trained to observe.

No. 823111

File: 1613902200451.jpeg (99.82 KB, 750x346, 1282ACF6-C3DD-4A9E-9F22-EE0247…)

Hmm why would Miranda have a problem with bill gates?

I’m positive believing in conspiracy theories is haram. You shouldn’t just go around slandaring people either. I hope your chip pounder fake husband punishes you by ignoring you while he plays COD with his mates.

No. 823129

File: 1613915276070.png (92.08 KB, 720x300, 1.png)

She also has a problem with reality shows that she should not watch to begin with…but it's not haram as long as SHE watches such TV, right?

No. 823155

this. lmao shes totally the type to post something like "Imagine watch Reality television for gossip and drama…. haram… disgusting ! women who do this need to EVALUATE how they are spending their time….. inshallah………"

No. 823652

she's probably only watching 90df to get tips on how to scam a man for a green card so she can live in glorious Nippon Saudi Arabia United States of MAGA

No. 824061

When Mira wished for violence on Mia Khalifa, after Khalifa spoke out against the porn industry, it was the clearest example of why Mira's judgmengal worldview is so horrible, and why her version of Islam (Kanadiyyah Islam?) is wrong. She doesn't believe in compassion or redemption. Maybe she lacks the capacity for it. She justifies every horrible thing she does, while condemning anything anyone else does.

Kanadiyyah Islam is a particularly extreme, brutal form of Salafism/Wahhabism that endorses child marriage and opposes dating, music, dancing, and virtually everything else good in life. Its hate campaigns target the Chinese, Iranians, Swedes, French, Indians, Jews, and LGBT people. Demographically, Kanadiyyah Muslims are exclusively white, and frequently target other ethnic groups with racial slurs. Despite their extreme right wing politics, Kanadiyyah Muslims nearly always rely on others for financial support. They have extremely low levels of education, and believe their ignorance is a virtue in their pious devotion to blind faith.

No. 824070

I’ve always thought Miranda wanted to become Muslim not only for rody but so she can justify her lazy lifestyle.
I don’t think she’ll give up this phase ever, it’s perfect for her narcissism

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