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File: 1559992444393.jpg (59.59 KB, 489x320, miratime.jpg)

No. 668490

Coverage of Miranda Constable / Mira Nagayama / Lina / Miriam Al Fas / Kanadajin3 / whatever else she can think of continues.

> Conned people out of money for her personal gain because she's a scumbag.

> Ran a failed crowdfunding campaign which received literally $0 in donations.

> May or may not still be in Japan, nobody can tell when she makes videos like an ISIS hostage.

> Apparently is married to a dude who has no power in their relationship and is perfectly subservient to his wife, like true Islamic husband. He expresses his rage by beating food-covered beds.

> Huge Trump supporter, loves American conservatism, the media is feeding you lies.

> Gays are evil, women are evil, anyone who "DoEsN't ObEy ThE LaW" deserves Sharia punishment no matter the cost.

Twitter: https://anony.link/https://twitter.com/MiraNagayama

Twitter (muslim): https://anony.link/https://twitter.com/alkanadiya/

Twitter (japanese): https://anony.link/https://twitter.com/doudemomira

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kanadajin3

YouTube #2: https://www.youtube.com/user/doudemomira

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanadajin3

No. 668492

File: 1559993013095.jpg (37.76 KB, 453x604, DGStE--V0AAKN94.jpg.db4f0302d0…)

Starting this thread off right.

No. 668499

Perfect pic and explanation summing up Miranda's recent life! Great job!

No. 668543

File: 1560014508389.webm (10.62 MB, 640x1138, 79.webm)

husband and fake LV.

No. 668547

File: 1560015162744.jpg (802.05 KB, 1080x1920, 14719-9374.jpg)

He is rich but still cannot afford an iPhone X upgrade.

No. 668548

Previous thread:


No. 668549

Link doesn’t work

No. 668566

how do we know this isn't just her in a costume?

No. 668567

She had a bunch of videos of him.

No. 668568

Post the sauce

No. 668570

Where is the video of childish husband hitting bend like and idiot while eating chips? to compare these fat hands to the ones in the video. Lol

No. 668572

Are her hands bigger than his???? How tall is she? How fucking short is he? I'd be so mortified if I was a grown ass man and this diminutive.

No. 668573

They are gone now. This story was posted a few days ago and Anon is just uploading the screen cap. I don’t know why people wait to upload them here.

No. 668574


They just don't want Mira going on another purge of followers and to be caught up in the storm.

No. 668575


He's definitely tiny, that much is true. I doubt she's bigger than him in general, but he's definitely itty-bitty.

No. 668577

I don’t know how many people watch her story but she got 200-300 likes on each picture, sometimes 500 depending on what she posted. Not everyone who watches likes her pictures so let’s add on another 300 people who sees but doesn’t like. That is anywhere from 600-800 possible people watching her stories she has to feed through to see which one is “the hater”. If their name isn’t the same as a PULL user name then how would she know?

No. 668579

File: 1560034009331.png (90.46 KB, 1164x284, スクリーンショット 2019-06-09 7.45.34.p…)

Miranda and her husband enjoy playing hide and seek in a house in Japan?

No. 668581

That person looks thinner through the abdomen and hips than Miranda. Could be someone in a costume, though.

No. 668582

File: 1560034186713.png (1.48 MB, 1160x1222, スクリーンショット 2019-06-09 7.49.43.p…)

Apparently Miranda's mother?

No. 668584

File: 1560034535759.png (196.8 KB, 458x362, スクリーンショット 2019-06-09 7.55.13.p…)

I don't know why, but this face on her new vid on her doudemomira account cracks me up lol

No. 668611

What's with the low effort OP? If you couldn't be fucked doing it properly, you should've just waited for someone else to do it.

No. 668612

I feel like those thread lock warnings send the newfags into a panic.

No. 668613

If you are not afraid of getting blocked by her, why don't you upload it right after she posted her story?

No. 668620

Someone used to post them but I don’t know what happened to that person.

No. 668642

I mean he looks like a small child, so it's believable they're playing hide and seek …

No. 668655

definitely this. so many newfags make new threads after the 1100 post warning.

No. 668658

so what? Y’all really complaining over nothing, there’s a new thread, let’s use it to talk about Miranda, end of story.

No. 668660


The previous thread has 1208 posts.

No. 668683

Why the fuck do people like this come to Japan? She’s like everything locals hate about foreigners lmao

No. 668685

Because they can't cut it in their own culture and love the idea of imposing on 'Japanese politeness' to finally get their way.

No. 668688

File: 1560079511182.png (112.75 KB, 1154x472, スクリーンショット 2019-06-09 20.26.53.…)

Miranda hates WWE

No. 668689

File: 1560079558321.png (295.44 KB, 1252x1234, スクリーンショット 2019-06-09 20.27.47.…)

No. 668690

File: 1560079672267.png (109.66 KB, 1224x502, スクリーンショット 2019-06-09 20.29.14.…)

When Saudis are calling her out for being too extremist, you know there is a problem

No. 668691

OMFG her husband's Arabic is broken it is giving me an aneurysm

No. 668693

I seriously hope she gets deported, sorry if that’s cruel. I just never want to encounter her or anyone like her when I’m in Tokyo. I’ll probably get screamed at for showing my elbows lol

No. 668694

She's insane. Promoting homosexuality? it isn't a product. you cant 'turn' people gay. Man, she really is absolute trash who deserves the worst.

No. 668708

Which of those posters do you think is her husband?

No. 668753

None of those people agree with her so I think none of those people would be her husband. Her husband would be the one typing the Arabic in every one of her posts since she doesn’t speak Arabic.

If that’s correct what is wrong with his Arabic? Is it a matter of dialect? Or is he making mistakes that indicate he is a non native Arabic speaker?

I say this because people said the same thing with her “vimto” video, the subtitles were done in Saudi Arabian dialect and a lot of people got angry and said the Arabic was wrong. It turns out it was just written in a dialect that nobody could understand.

No. 668780

Why don’t you fuckers who always bitch about the OP shut your fucking holes and get off your asses and make one?

No. 668781

>implying people aren't putting threads together during the 5 seconds it takes shitty OPs to get shat out.

No. 668785

>zero receipts
Wow huge fail, you must be so embarrassed. This whole retarded website is full of worm-brains.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 668787

I don’t know why but for some reason I feel like KM made that picture.

No. 668809

File: 1560129579009.png (259.99 KB, 1234x1032, スクリーンショット 2019-06-10 10.19.56.…)

More ranting about WWE

No. 668810

File: 1560129608379.png (316.14 KB, 1256x1234, スクリーンショット 2019-06-10 10.20.36.…)

No. 668813

This is all getting kind of old.

Rody, if you’re reading this, please make another video to enrage her husband or something.

No. 668814

"WWE is nothing but porn lewid culture"

Miranda, you know that your beloved Trump is associated with WWE, right?


No. 668858

File: 1560149028036.png (373.44 KB, 1162x1154, スクリーンショット 2019-06-10 15.44.01.…)

Miranda is ISIS-style on all her apps

No. 668933

lol in her latest youtube video she says Canadians waste more food unlike the noble Japanese who sensibly purchase small amounts of food and thus don't waste. Japan is actually one of the top countries in the world rankings of food waste and food loss. Japanese only want the most beautiful looking produce and won't eat food even BEFORE it's expired if the expiration date is too close. Plus everything in Japan is wrapped in like ten layers of plastic to look pretty, omiyage are handed out in individually wrapped packets, they even had issues trying to get poor people to accept food from food banks because there is a stigma against food from a dented can etc

It's like Miranda willfully tries to be as wrong as possible, knowing that will get her more online hate. Any attention is better than no attention i guess lol

No. 668942

>no caps
>bawwing about knowing more about japan than miranda (which literally a baby can do)

fuck i hate posts like this.

No. 668944

Makes me wonder how she will back out of this current phase of hers. She wont go to the middle east because she wants an easy out and her marriage isn't official. Will she ghost everything when she finds a new dick who will "save" her? How will she explain this? That she was brained washed?
Do you guys think she's looking for new dick now while still pretending to be more hard core?

As for WWE… is she talking about wrestlers? I'm not sure what her argument is? Two men fighting isn't porn. She herself is the pervert if she made that connection "oooh two men fighting. So hawt! this is obviously sinful"

No. 668954

People were upset because Finn Balor wore a Pride t-shirt (not in the ring, even).

No. 669099

Nope, he is breaking simple Arabic grammar, like beginner level grammer.
It's either she got herself a dumbass moron or he didn't grow up writing in Arabic, speaking? maybe, writing? there is no way he could get away with writing this bad.

No. 669152

Is it too good to be her (a beginner using Google Translate)?

No. 669154

Alright then what is it about it that’s beginner? Please give an example so we understand.

No. 669156

6 hours ago…. oh look everyone Naruru is in the house. She can’t speak Arabic properly so she’s jealous and trying to throw people off. Someone who isn’t Saudi wont be able to understand, let alone a non native Arabic speaker won’t even be able to pick up his dialect. I am only saying this because last time she tried to pull off the “he’s speaking Classical Arabic mixed with beginner Arabic” BS and nobody pointed it out because I am sure there’s no other Arabic speakers on here than her but he wasn’t using Classical Arabic at all. She just doesn’t speak fluently.

Not to bash a fellow Anon. I just really don’t want people to try and get away with bull simply because nobody else knew any better.

No. 669158

Lol calm down anon what’s your beef with Naruru

No. 669161

She lurks till there’s dramu and then she chimes in but she almost always brings nothing. She always builds up to her nipple spits with “warning Miranda, if you don’t ___ I WILL RELEASE THE INFO! 3pm Japan time!” And then it’s nothing. She gets everyone going and then it’s nothing.

She has this unhealthy obsession with Rodick. She constantly hovers around the Miranda drama when it comes to Rodi, his own personal spokes person and white knight. She posts his screen shots but they all indicate that she nags him into spilling something. She came on once and said something like “he has confirmed she’s married” but his conversation all was all something like

Her: is it this?
Him: maybe
Her: is it this guy? Do we have a confirmation?
Him: ummm…maybe, I don’t remember
Her: so you are saying yes?
Him: I guess so
Her: YOU HEARD IT FOLKS! He said it himself!

She brought the impression that she can speak fluent Arabic. When someone else came on PULL or here (I can’t remember) she started questioning them in horrible Arabic. I was so clear she couldn’t speak fluently when she posted the conversation between her and that account Miranda and her husband used to dox people. He didn’t use Classical Arabic at all. Anybody who speaks fluent Arabic should have been able to understand what he said, even if he uses a dialect. People from the gulf have their own general common dialect group, but it does vary based on the area you live. Saudi Arabian dialect can be divided up as well and it should be easy to point out which words come from a dialect and what they mean by googling it. Naruru then declared to us that she didn’t want to continue the conversation with him because “it’s just Miranda” , but I think the real reason is because she couldn’t understand and didn’t want people to know how shitty her Arabic skills were. The more “convo” they have the more instances of “not understanding” and in fear a native Arabic speaker did come accross this forum she refused. Which is out of her character because she takes every opertunity possible to come on here and talk about the drama surrounding Miranda…but doesn’t want to actually talk to her?

Other people on this forum, including myself have taken the opportunity to actually type in Arabic to this guy (during Q/A on Instagram) so we can get a feel of where in Saudi he is from, and if he is aware of the drama surrounding her. Since she can’t copy the Arabic text from Instagram respondes in the Questions, she can’t actually translate what people are asking so she has no way to shield her husband.

The result, incase you missed it. Yes he seems to know about all of the drama and he sides with her. As for his Arabic he speaks the dialect that they speak in western Saudi Arabia, province of Mecca.

No. 669163

What makes you think that there are no arabic speakers on lolcow? It's not exactly a rare language, the diaspora is pretty big, and there's one person who actually lives in a MENA country who posted in /ot/ the other day.

No. 669165

The lack of people pointing out her nonsense for starts. I know there’s at least 1 other person who speaks Arabic on here because there were at least 3 questions asked about the drama in Arabic that she(he) answered. Could be three different people but taking into consideration that one person can ask multiple questions I will stick with “at least one”.

Not all MENA countries speak Arabic. Among Arabic each country has their own dialect which a native Arabic speaker from these countries will be able to point out common accents.

Seeing as Naruru is fair skinned and judging by her facial features I actually though she was from Iran or maybe a Pakistani mix. Actually I was surprised when she said she was an Arabic speaker because I could have sworn in the past she claimed to be of Pakistani decent and thus had “something in common with Rodi” which is why she’s so obsessed with him.

It would make sense why someone of Iranian decent would have such beef with someone married to a Saudi, those two countries are sworn enemies. It’s not surprising that anyone from outside the gulf countries would have beef or feel jealous over a Saudi though. For those who have no idea, most people from non gulf countries hate people from the gulf or have some sort of jealousy when it comes to them.

No. 669171


Naru is Turkish IIRC

She definitely is crazy obsessed with Rody, Rody seems to have a knack for attracting crazy women, probably because he's the kind of guy who is casually flirty with all women just as practice and then women who don't get a lot of attention otherwise get overly infatuated. Rodi is also no saint himself considering he's clearly feeding off of the drama for clickbait views (which is kinda sad when you realize his videos only have a few thousand views, but he probably overestimated how thirsty the world is for Miranda gossip)

I still think Miranda's already back in Canada anyway

No. 669174

Are you okay?

I don’t think she has been posting here and it’s unfair to say she’s one of few anons on here offering Arabic translations.

If I remember it was Rodi who said he’d be making a video and she was in contact because of that?

Idk but she’s not like you’re making her out to be?

No. 669175

Turkey and Saudi Arabia don’t have a nice relationship either. I am sure she is upset Miranda keeps retweeting Anti-Erdogan “propaganda”. Turkish people also can’t speak Arabic, which is why she doesn’t speak fluently and can’t understand a word her husband says. Some Muslims from the west love to flex their Arabic skills to make themselves look more legit. Also, Turkish people are not ethnically Arabic…..so….

Now she’s just a special of a snowflake as Miranda pretending to be Japanese.

No. 669177

What the fuck can we just talk about Miranda and not speculate Naruru’s nationality and whether she is a snowflake?

No. 669179

No, she had that conversation with him before he made the video because it was before KM “spilled the beans” that Naru failed to spill.

No. 669181

It’s relevant.
We can’t just have people making claims without actual evidence. Her trying to misguide us into thinking he’s not a native Arabic speaker doesn’t effect how we view Miranda but it effects how serious we take this Saudi thing. It’s something she wants. She wants us to fight over “if he’s Saudi or not” because to her new pack of Saudi fans, it makes us look like idiots. A person from Saudi Arabia can tell which accent is from which region of Saudi. A person from the gulf can tell which gulf accent and most often which area of the country that person is from based on how they write. If any of them happen to google her and pass by here they will think we are a bunch of fools who don’t speak Arabic. So this is why it’s relevant. People should keep their own personal issues with each other out of it and focus on facts.

No. 669182

No one has said anything about Naruru, and that comment about his Arabic is clearly not Naruru either

No. 669185

Because Rodi never provided detailed receipts, exactly like Miranda. Do not trust someone with no receipts from the victim themselves. They only talk more than they show.

KM has saved us a lot with detailed receipts he collected.

No. 669190

“Clearly not Naruru”? How would you know? It was posted in a good Japanese time zone. Who else in Japan comes to this forum frequently and speaks Arabic. I recognize the jargon she uses from before when she discribed his Arabic.

Whoever it is, they are wrong and a novice at Arabic themselves.

No. 669192

Seems like you know a lot about what Naruru does and the reason behind it. Are you putting on a sock now?

No. 669193

There are more than 3 Arabic speakers following Miranda's thread.

No. 669194

Why don’t you ask a mod to spot her ip

No. 669195

MOD, is this person in Japan?(halt thou autism)

No. 669213


Use the report function.

No. 669219


Naruru has had some personal issues and dropped off of all of these sites. She hasn't posted her, PULL, or anywhere in a couple of months.

No. 669266


personal issues meaning she's sad Rody deleted her on social media?

No. 669275

I don’t know, but it’s possible. Just like it’s possible Miranda is in Canada

No. 669278

File: 1560298639478.png (142.21 KB, 1282x720, スクリーンショット 2019-06-12 9.13.25.p…)

Naruru was last seen fighting with Miranda a few weeks ago

No. 669279

File: 1560298675648.png (268.99 KB, 1270x1162, スクリーンショット 2019-06-12 9.18.21.p…)

No. 669280

File: 1560298712985.png (232.17 KB, 1266x1076, スクリーンショット 2019-06-12 9.19.06.p…)

No. 669288

Ok, so how is this relevant to Miranda?

No. 669314

Do you not see that Naruru is talking to "Kanadajin3"?

No. 669317

File: 1560306865387.png (138.46 KB, 1160x650, スクリーンショット 2019-06-12 11.34.51.…)

Miranda will move to Saudi "1-3 years from now" as she always says and will continue to say in the future

No. 669330

File: 1560313266867.png (1.02 MB, 1166x862, スクリーンショット 2019-06-12 13.21.22.…)

Miranda is still the expert on Japan

No. 669333

What an awful video. She looks like the pigeon lady from Home Alone 2.

No. 669367


Are you one of Miranda’s poor followers?

What has Naruru got to do with Miranda in Canada or her being a member of ISIS?

No. 669369


She doesn’t even speak the language, respect the culture or follow basic social rules. Obviously the expert here.
I imagine 2ch would have a field day with her.

No. 669374

Who the fuck cares?

That’s between her and rody, neither are saying anything on social media about the other.

How has this got anything to do with Miranda or the shitty Arabic?

No. 669376

Calm down.

No. 669380

File: 1560329837065.png (336.67 KB, 1224x1212, スクリーンショット 2019-06-12 17.57.39.…)

No. 669381

File: 1560329899569.png (356.96 KB, 1268x1350, スクリーンショット 2019-06-12 17.58.30.…)

No. 669382

>Newcomer Mistakes: how not to get your hand chopped off in your first week
>Vlog: Live execution day!

No. 669457

File: 1560352553998.png (165.56 KB, 589x938, adrianna.png)

Looks like Miranda's dear friend Adrianna is trying to legitimize Miranda's marriage to the young "Saudi" guy

No. 669459

So the marriage is still only legal "islamically", right?

No. 669473

“1-3 year” Ahh so that’s where the magic 1-3 years is coming from.

No. 669474

She'll never move to SA. NEVER.

No. 669478


Basically saying Rodi is not reliable and Naru is even less reliable. Naru is just involved in the drama for that Rodi dick and Rodi is just involved on the drama for clickbait.

No. 669479

Can you stop derailing the thread over absolutely nothing?

You should channel your immense hatred into something useful

No. 669493

Newfags with limited patience probably panic when they don't think the new thread will be made and posted before 1200 posts, especially if the milk is flowing non-stop.

But I'm a lurking newfag myself, so idk.

No. 669630

Her 2ch thread is pretty slow recently https://itest.5ch.net/lavender/test/read.cgi/english/1497458744. The Saudi cosplay is just not as interesting to Japanese netizens. She was funnier when she was fighting with everyone there about how she was the best White Japanese in Japan and calling any Japanese who opposed her “Nazis”.

Ah, the newest “best friend”. Looks like she’s another ex-wild child turned staunch conservative Saudi-boo and thinks she has the emotional support of Mira. Let’s see how long this will last until Mira burns her too.

No. 669656

Her marriage is legal in Canada and Japan. She has already explained that. You can’t get “islamically” married without the certificate from Canadian government called “marriage licence”. The certificate can be received same day, it’s not something you need to apply or wait for.

I am pretty sure Adrianna isn’t talking about Miranda. Why wouldn’t she ask herself? It’s almost as if Miranda came on here just to point out her friends question to make it legit seem like she’s going to Saudi. Why would we be following this girl? She’s irrelevant. She’s just some mom in Saudi who Miranda happened to shoutout.

No. 669662

File: 1560404965144.png (175.82 KB, 1162x764, スクリーンショット 2019-06-13 14.49.37.…)

Miranda also hates Sarah Silverman?

No. 669670

Received same day… hmm this sounds familiar

I know the person who posted that pic so no it’s not you Miranda.

No. 669694

File: 1560420237555.png (847.87 KB, 1242x1354, スクリーンショット 2019-06-13 19.04.07.…)

Some event in Saudi put the word "overdose" on a cup and now Miranda is flipping out

No. 669695

File: 1560420261960.png (95.43 KB, 1252x426, スクリーンショット 2019-06-13 19.04.55.…)

No. 669696

File: 1560420309118.png (181.74 KB, 1238x752, スクリーンショット 2019-06-13 19.05.41.…)

No. 669697

It must be tiring to always be offended/worked up about nothing

No. 669699

File: 1560421881852.png (858.43 KB, 1182x1288, スクリーンショット 2019-06-13 19.31.43.…)

"But do I really want words relating to things like drugs, sex, dying, anything haram in my day to day life?"
Dying is haram?

No. 669700

wtf is wrong with this bitch no one in the ME cares about the name of dose. its actually a nice café here

No. 669701

File: 1560423928330.png (195.73 KB, 1156x820, スクリーンショット 2019-06-13 20.06.16.…)

She's still ranting about it right now

No. 669704

Miranda constantly lies. Her explanations are not proof of anything.

There are documentaries about Canadian Muslims participating in Polygamy using "Nikah" so the marriage is legal islamically but not recognized by the Canadian government

Miranda has yet to prove this marriage is legit. No, I am not Miranda, but good guess? Stop pointing your finger at every single person and accusing them of being Miranda holy fuck

Link for the documentary explaining how you can illegally get married in Canada being Muslim https://youtu.be/Y2d7gez5Tk4

No. 669709


Wow, Miranda is actually saying dictionaries are wrong and her definitions are the correct ones.

No. 669710

>Her marriage is legal in Canada and Japan. She has already explained that. You can’t get “islamically” married without the certificate from Canadian government called “marriage licence”. The certificate can be received same day, it’s not something you need to apply or wait for.

Except the certificate she showed was from the Islamic center, not a Canadian marriage license. There were already several pics showing what a legal, Ontario license looked like, and that was not it.

No. 669711


>Arguing about definitions of words

Makes me wonder about the "breakfast definition" anon.

No. 669736

File: 1560439726455.png (259.39 KB, 1240x1208, スクリーンショット 2019-06-14 0.29.09.p…)

Still ranting…

No. 669744

No. 669794

Maybe it was her, same idiotic level as these tweets.

No. 669805

I've never seen anyone who can rant for hours about the meaning of a word…
I think that the culprits must have been Miranda herself and that intense woman from Saudi who was fighting with her on youtube…

No. 669903

File: 1560468325478.png (1.93 MB, 1168x1212, スクリーンショット 2019-06-14 8.24.43.p…)

Is this sheet supposed to be her "husband"?
The small handed guy who pounds on the bed can protect her?

No. 669909

It’s not a sheet. It’s the Saudi traditional clothing.

No. 669912

Thank you telling us, Miranda

No. 669963

We can see it’s a ghutrah/keffiyeh/shemagh. It just looks like it’s hung on a chair in that photo rather than worn by a person.

No. 669972

He is supposed to be the protector of Miranda, but he can't even show his face and can only say "Cool story, bro!" while pounding on the bed?

No. 670030

File: 1560497970698.png (129.36 KB, 1162x478, スクリーンショット 2019-06-14 16.40.28 …)

Get ready for a REALLY GOOD video!

No. 670034

Better than your cyber bullying video that took literally months for you to edit??

No. 670037

Oh yeah, her pointless islamic corruption series that was supposed to stop haterz…

No. 670038

File: 1560501426028.png (62.06 KB, 1174x182, スクリーンショット 2019-06-14 17.37.54.…)

Even her "husband" thinks her devotion to Trump is weird

No. 670111

If this is the same Miranda Constable from her grandmother’s obit then her mom is literally a lesbian. Why is she going off on homosexuals?

No. 670126


Where the fuck did you come up with that?

No. 670131

The obit lists her mom’s partner as Christine

No. 670134

Her mother isn't even mentioned in the obit.

"Loving mother of Michael and Julie Ann (Christine). "

No. 670184

File: 1560552185581.png (401.67 KB, 1164x874, スクリーンショット 2019-06-15 7.44.03.p…)

Some muslim guy DMs Miranda and she flips out…
"My husband will toss you in jail where you belong"?

No. 670213

Yeah what the f was that about?

No. 670219

Al-Tinyhands has so many powers. He’s Judge Dredd and The Punisher all in one!

No. 670220

Aw, look at the demure little lady. I mean, “husband”.

Because he’s literally a closeted bitch and Mira is his beard. This is probably a lavender marriage for the both of them. I’ve never seen such a bizarre dynamic between a Muslim couple and Mira has always acted like a crazy, overcompensating butch.

Too bad this guy didn’t witness her Best White Japanese phase.

I really hope her stupid ass makes it to KSA. She will be shocked at the amount of her actual peers, people in their late 20’s and 30’s, that will have no time for her extremist shit. Especially the working mothers and their supportive husbands that appreciate the advances in equality.

No. 670261

File: 1560584960110.png (1.05 MB, 1160x1040, スクリーンショット 2019-06-15 16.49.00.…)

So Miranda's "husband" married her because of what a religious person she is?

No. 670262

File: 1560585064785.png (130.88 KB, 1162x682, スクリーンショット 2019-06-15 16.50.52.…)

The event got shut down and as part of the Saudi religious police, Miranda is overjoyed

No. 670263

That sliver of eye showing… almost too sexual. I prescribe a stoning.

No. 670268

File: 1560594751130.png (142.82 KB, 608x576, Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 6.32…)

It just occurred to me while watching the new It trailer, Mira reminds me a lot of the new Pennywise

No. 670281

ur killing me, anon.

No. 670287

File: 1560612980129.jpg (532.77 KB, 1364x2134, o_olol.jpg)

Nailed it

No. 670289

Holy shit, thank you. I have some lurking to do.

No. 670442

File: 1560693417994.png (874.06 KB, 1236x1230, スクリーンショット 2019-06-16 22.57.50.…)

Here we go again with the "feminism is cancer" rant

No. 670443

File: 1560693496350.png (283.85 KB, 1220x1252, スクリーンショット 2019-06-16 22.58.39.…)

Imam Miranda explains the roles of men and women in islam

No. 670444

File: 1560693703182.png (95.52 KB, 1278x406, スクリーンショット 2019-06-16 23.02.11.…)

"And calling me a gold digger and stuff. I love how she assumes my husband is rich. So random."

No. 670448

"Gold digger" is the correct term for you, Miranda.

But Miranda has given conflicting information about her "husband"…On the one hand, she says that they have no money and tried to scam her followers for a trip to Canada, but on the other hand, she is always showing off the presents he gives her and talks about how rich his family is.

Which is it, Miranda?

No. 670467

i believe the current parlance is "splenda daddy"

But tbh I don't even think her husband has that. The husband being gay theory is a good one, mine has always been that he has some developmental disability or mental disease and his family literally can't get him married otherwise. It's just too strange we only see little flashes here and there of him. There's literally no reason to hide one's husband in Islam so it must be more that there's some reason the husband CAN'T appear… such as mental disease making him even less fit for camera than Miranda is

No. 670496

File: 1560705884705.png (719.55 KB, 1156x918, スクリーンショット 2019-06-17 2.24.52.p…)

Miranda really hates clubs

No. 670501

File: 1560707211855.jpg (366.39 KB, 450x675, f57e67f347d0dd.jpg)

No. 670502

File: 1560707261258.jpg (307.03 KB, 450x675, f57e67f346f5ed.jpg)

and backside porn

No. 670532

File: 1560712523832.jpg (133 KB, 1080x1080, 16583446_213117865826861_38857…)

You love Ageha

No. 670534

File: 1560712584898.jpg (385.49 KB, 1538x2048, DChrsooVwAELM6G.jpg large.jpg)

And dancing til the sun rise

No. 670546

File: 1560718125379.png (302.09 KB, 1244x1278, スクリーンショット 2019-06-17 5.48.00.p…)

Miranda on why she is a niqabi but doesn't consistently wear niqab

No. 670571

So, is her logic for all of her haram actions like showing skin or having sex and so on that it doesn’t count because it was before she became Muslim? At most I’ve seen her just say “I had Japanese values back then” but I feel like it’s not like Catholicism where it’s fine as long as you ask forgiveness, especially for someone as extreme as she is.

No. 670574

Feeling butthurt, Miranda has now made all of her videos private, except for the ones where she is wearing a niqab

No. 670621

File: 1560773968154.png (178.85 KB, 1206x1014, スクリーンショット 2019-06-17 21.20.31.…)

No. 670623

Miranda, your doudemomira channel is still showing your face…you had better delete those videos before you get stoned!

No. 670624

It's not that deep - he's just not Saudi. He's Indo or Malay and wants to go over there to work. They're trying to use each other, and it is going about as well as you'd expect.

No. 670627

Sage for sheer theorizing.

Couldn't the husband just be underaged? Farmers pointed out he seems young. It's possible for Islam and arranged marriages in general.

No. 670661

File: 1560782297186.png (100.98 KB, 1154x406, スクリーンショット 2019-06-17 23.38.33.…)

Miranda is paranoid now

No. 670662

File: 1560782398694.png (268.26 KB, 1266x1000, スクリーンショット 2019-06-17 23.40.09.…)

Miranda "was a traditional Canadian. With traditional family values."

No. 670663

File: 1560782475771.png (192.49 KB, 1274x728, スクリーンショット 2019-06-17 23.41.23.…)

Don't ever call Miranda's mother a feminist!

No. 670665

File: 1560782528867.png (161.48 KB, 1242x746, スクリーンショット 2019-06-17 23.42.15.…)

Miranda only fights with haterz "to let the world know that their opinion does not knock me down"

No. 670667

File: 1560782611417.png (84.49 KB, 1232x288, スクリーンショット 2019-06-17 23.43.40.…)

Miranda denies any past wrongdoing

No. 670680

Although I had wondered that myself after seeing how tiny he is, it actually wouldn’t make sense if they are supposed to be living in Japan. Saudi parents don’t send their underage sons abroad to a country like Japan and encourage them to marry a strange, unemployed, older foreign woman. There’s no benefit and it destroys his future. It appears that Mira was set up with a young legal man through the matchmaking service at that Canadian mosque, married him as soon as possible, then brought him back with her on a short term visa.

It’s weird how she suddenly talks about her mother so much. I guess they bond over being a more similar kind of asshole now?

No. 670686

File: 1560787133077.png (228.35 KB, 1156x1002, スクリーンショット 2019-06-18 0.58.36.p…)

Miranda is at war with "the entire closet gay community in Saudi Arabia"?

No. 670687

File: 1560787337008.png (160.29 KB, 1240x776, スクリーンショット 2019-06-18 1.01.21.p…)

"Get out of here you moraless disgusting atheist!"

No. 670688

File: 1560787752244.png (308.54 KB, 1234x1082, スクリーンショット 2019-06-18 1.08.44.p…)

"when my husband wakes up then he will block all of these disgusting people"

No. 670690

she can't even block them alone?

No. 670695

She can’t read Arabic well enough to distinguish friend from foe.

No. 670701

>Mira was set up with a young legal man through the matchmaking service at that Canadian mosque, married him as soon as possible, then brought him back with her on a short term visa.

This makes the most sense to me too. If he was from another country I think Miranda would latch onto that country instead. But why would a Saudi guy marry Miranda? The only logical explanation I can think of is that he's somehow severely disabled (physically or mentally) to the point where he can't get married. And that his parents want him to have a wife so when they die they have someone in place to be their son's caretaker. Shit like this happens in traditional conservative cultures


"I will have to go to sleep and wake up and when my husband wakes up" to me sounds like they're in opposite timezones… as in he's in Canada now and she's in Japan. Or he's in KSA now and she's in Canada. Idk. But why else would she need to wait for the husband to wake up?

No. 670703

iirc in Islam you are forgiven for past transgressions once you submit to God, which is why the religion attracts a lot of fuck-ups.
'Traditional family values' must be code for 'abuse drugs and alcohol, flunk out of education, and find a man to bankroll my lifestyle'
She's officially crossed the a hard line from stupid into malicious. At this point she deserves to live in KSA.

No. 670718

Someone who's more up on the crisis in Yemen might be able to correct me on this, but I was under the impression that most of the people who had died in Yemen died at the hands of the Saudis, or because of the Saudi embargo that led to mass starvation. Mira is blaming the entire crisis on Iran. I thought some of the militant groups in Yemen had Iranian backing, but that most of the crisis wa the fault of the Saudis. However, I need to read up more on the crisis in Yemen, so any input on this is appreciated.

One thing I am certain of, though, is that the vast majority of Jihadi terror throughout Europe, the US, and Africa is linked to fundamentalist Sunni Islam, specifically the Salafi sect, which Mira seems supportive of. Mira's decision to blame global terror on Iran, which is the major Shi'a power, seems to just indicate that she doesn't know the first thing about international events (though Iran are obviously major human rights abusers within their own borders).

No. 670730

File: 1560800541391.png (89.72 KB, 1164x288, スクリーンショット 2019-06-18 4.41.17.p…)

Criticizing the Saudi government's policies is a sin that will send you to hell?

No. 670731

File: 1560800688993.png (64.16 KB, 1232x316, スクリーンショット 2019-06-18 4.44.09.p…)

She's butthurt that someone would dare question her Saudiness and has been flipping out all night

No. 670749

She's bought into KSA's propaganda more than any of the actual residents and especially not the royal family. KSA has been (very successfully) promoting an extremely hardline version of Islam in order to exert control over the Muslim world, and even then adherents to that version don't treat the government of KSA like Allah's arbiters of justice. Miranda's somehow managed to become even more delusional and brainwashed than the average Islamic extremist.

As an aside, has she been exposed to/addressed the crazy and most definitely haram lifestyles that Saudi royalty and oligarchs lead? Or KSA's use of other Muslims as slave labor for that matter?

No. 670778

She made her saudi twitter account private again for the time being…how many times has she done that?

No. 670779

File: 1560810508935.jpg (98.14 KB, 700x700, CgCopw2.jpg)

>Mark your callenders!

How did she go that far off of the correct spelling?

Maybe not deformed or ugly, but it must have been his personality that was so abhorrent that no Saudi woman would agree to marry him. If he is with Mira, especially during this psycho phase, there’s no way he could be a nice or intelligent man. I believe he is Saudi, but he had a bad reputation. A reject of Saudi, basically.

She’s been posting and retweeting nonstop KSA and anti-LGBT/anti-Feminist propaganda, commenting on Arabic accounts and links her own damn YouTube channel and now she’s like “Where’d all these people come from? It must be a conspiracy!” Stupid potato thought she was dealing with Japanese or something? Arab people are more confrontational and far more numerous. Of course her ass in trouble now.

No. 670792

Even Saudi people think she is crazy

No. 670828

Is she also mass-deleting tweets? Woah. It looks like she was getting wrecked over the past several hours and was even accusing Saudi women of being fake accounts. She was up before dawn again(of course, she’s not in Japan anymore), pissing off a whole lot of women. She not only pissed off Saudi women, but young non-Arab SJWs also got wind of her and have discovered her threads on here, PULL and KF. I’m absolutely loving all the women that were telling her that Saudi affairs are none of her business and she’s not Saudi. That’s what really took her over the edge.

No. 670834

Those people are all ex Muslim. Their accounts are full of Anti-muslim Feminist propaganda. I am sure she triggered them.

No. 670867

File: 1560821256172.png (80.88 KB, 1276x458, スクリーンショット 2019-06-18 10.25.11.…)

I think Miranda got a rude awakening that not every person who is saudi/muslim/arab is a wahhabist like Miranda and will push back on her extremist bullshit

No. 670926

File: 1560827529165.png (68.34 KB, 1156x240, スクリーンショット 2019-06-18 12.12.29.…)

No. 670963

She’s been Muslim for a year and already she’s the best Muslim that ever Muslimed. The depths of this chick’s delusion are tremendous.

No. 670984

She still has room for improvement ~ via martyrdom.

No. 671024


The most ironic thing about this chain of negative responses to her anti-night club video is that many of the commenters are actually young Saudi and Muslim men(who are still proud of their culture!) that think she is crazy. But of course, she only focuses on the females and blames feminism. I’m pretty sure those people calling her “bitch” and “cunt” in the comments don’t quite identify as feminists.

No. 671032

File: 1560853799030.png (274.46 KB, 1168x1128, スクリーンショット 2019-06-18 19.30.08.…)

Miranda is SHOCKED that not every Saudi is an extremist like she is

No. 671033

File: 1560853917749.png (732.82 KB, 1508x1020, スクリーンショット 2019-06-18 19.31.50.…)

Miranda can't understand why any Saudi would want the freedom to go to a club

No. 671046

Does she not know that being a muslim women doesn't forbid you from wearing make up? Christ she's fucking ugly.

No. 671054

Moron. You tagged your video with #Whitejeddah/ وايت_جدة , one of the most popular trending topics!

Before that, she used #لاتتزوج_مغربيه_تزوج_سعوديه , another tag trending in Saudi and she constantly retweets herself to get noticed.

No. 671057

Miranda, you need to remember the 70 major sins of Islam. You did more than 5:


The unforgivable greatest sin of all is not believing in Allah.

No. 671058

Why the fuck do anons do this? No shit she doesn't practice what she preaches.

No. 671066


It's already been established that she is not an actual muslim, but a Saudi fetishist. islam is just a tool for her to be seen as a "true" saudi.

While she started out as a half-assed muslim wannabe who smoked and drank while hoping to get Rodi, she began to see Saudi, the historical birthplace of islam, as the purest place on earth where she would be treated as a "queen".

As you can see from her ranting about the nightclub in Saudi, she conflates the draconian wahhabist philosophy/government policies of the saudi ruling family as the literal revelation of allah and can't handle the fact that there are all types of people with different ways of thinking in Saudi

No. 671067


It's already been established that she is not a muslim, but a Saudi fetishist. islam is just a tool for her to be accepted as a "true" saudi in a country she sees as the purest country in the world and a paradise where she will be treated as a queen

No. 671069

File: 1560873912021.png (320.38 KB, 1178x1294, スクリーンショット 2019-06-19 0.49.21.p…)

"My husband is shocked. He couldn’t sleep after fajr. He said “before social media almost all Saudi girls decent, what happened…."

No. 671072

Anon linked a great resource and it’s amazing how many sins she commits from that list nearly every day. #44 and #60 in particular:
>Don’t curse each other withAllah’s curse, not Allah’s wrath, nor with Hell
>Arguing and quarreling for show & not seeking the truth.

She can not stop posting about her haters, with screenshots and long, boasting rants about how she is good and they are evil. Then constantly threatening them and hoping to see them punished. Her Twitter is full of nothing but spite and contempt for others.

No. 671169

Seems like the only political body that might be radical enough for Mira might be the Islamic State, but she's becoming such a big #MAGA type that Idk where she'll go with this one… maybe she could just become a Turkmenistan enthusiast/fetishist instead?

Still, it's hilarious that Mira shits all over actual Saudis, who want more rights and a more modern lifestyle, just so that she can maintain her delusional fantasy of a muderous, medieval theocratic Saudi Arabia (though it's still not that much of a delusion…)

If she's willing to convert to dominionist fundamentalist Christianity, I actually think she'd fit in perfectly with the New Independent Baptist Movement (NIBM) cult and its hateful leader Steven Anderson.

No. 671170

I’m just really happy that young Saudis have noticed her toxic act and are standing up for themselves. She has no idea what Saudi people actually feel and how many of them were so happy to see even small changes in society, such as female driver’s licenses. She’s just selfish to the core.

She’s a first world brat who was so spoiled in Japan, where many just chose to ignore her. She mistook that for tolerance when it was actually indifference and a hoping she would just go away.

No. 671171

File: 1560900105879.png (93.86 KB, 1166x524, スクリーンショット 2019-06-19 8.17.38.p…)


"Whoever amongst you sees an evil, he must change it with his hand"

The philosophy of the islamic state and saudi aren't that different…Miranda could theoretically fit in both, but she just happens to fetishize saudi. Anyway, she seems to see herself as a protector and enforcer of islam (although a woman would never actually be allowed to act as such in IS or saudi)

No. 671173


This. She's had it easy in Japan since Japanese people tend to avoid conflict, but it's clear she just had a rude awakening that not all saudis are going to silently tolerate her extremist bullshit. Miranda can't accept that, so she calls all saudi haterz atheists and feminazis when it is clear that they are just young guys who wanted the freedom to go clubbing and saudi to start modernizing

No. 671175

File: 1560900929337.png (277.57 KB, 1416x910, スクリーンショット 2019-06-19 8.34.12.p…)

Some famous muslim was exposed as a scammer and miranda had to get involved because the story is too similar to her own.

No. 671176

File: 1560900996360.png (145.16 KB, 1334x666, スクリーンショット 2019-06-19 8.35.49.p…)

So this is why Miranda hates clubbing so much?

No. 671177

From this, we learned that Miranda believes:
1. Everything is about her
2. She is a perpetual victim
3. In her mind, screenshots, witness accounts, IP addresses, etc. are garbage and we should only believe her
4.If you become a muslim, you should never be criticized (however, only she may freely criticize anyone as she likes)
5. All past sins/crimes are forgiven and you cannot be held accountable/criticized if you say that you have reverted to islam

No. 671248

According to her latest 49 min rant video, she converted to Islam in 2007?
Also, she still claims she didn't sock puppet back in the day after all the people who came out and said she did.

No. 671285

File: 1560942590344.jpg (613.91 KB, 1440x2372, 20190619_070819.jpg)

Here Miranda demands evidence of wrongdoing when she fails to provide her own

She's really only arguing this because she was exposed the same way and doesn't want it to be true

No. 671297

She is really saying she converted in 2007 like that can’t be fact checked. There are plenty of videos and pictures of her not being a good Muslim since then. This really only hurts her. Maybe she meant to say 2017 but she made no attempt to correct herself…

No. 671313

File: 1560949198109.jpg (397.02 KB, 1242x1461, gI8N3le.jpg)

This dingbat. Not only does she regularly defy her own list but she claims a Muslim must LIE for another Muslim when they do something wrong?! This is what she expects people to do for her so she never has to publicly accept responsibility for anything she does? Giving false witness is one of the greatest sins in Islam. She is just pulling anything out of her ass to defend terrible reputation.

In the comment section she CAN NOT stop talking about herself as it relates to these people. That is the only reason she cares at all. Not for justice or actually believing the accusations are untrue. Just projecting herself into the situation and making herself the victim in any way. And once again, she threatens that the accused may commit suicide. Did she forget that suicide itself is a sin, so the person, not the “haters”, would have to take responsibility for themselves at judgement?

No. 671335

In the description of the video she says she made a mistake and meant 2017 instead of 2007… which I think is bullshit, too many people probably called bullshit and now she's on damage control.

Based on this video, it seems like she's paying a lot of attention to young Middle Eastern Muslim guys on YouTube… in her defense, when I got a thing for Indian girls I started doing some research on culture and current events in South Asia. But I didn't convert to a South Asian religion just because of who I'm into, because that would be unthinkably retarded…

But yeah, as you mentioned, it's fucking hilarious that she's trying to convince people it's bad that they're exposing the wrongdoings of others. She can't take responsibility for anything.

No. 671345

File: 1560957849422.png (222.47 KB, 1322x1174, スクリーンショット 2019-06-20 0.23.01.p…)

Miranda freely admits "Is it not a fact that a womans testimony is only worth half of a mans?"

How is islam empowering for women?

No. 671348

File: 1560958185116.png (292.05 KB, 1310x1218, スクリーンショット 2019-06-20 0.28.09.p…)

"I was making $4000 a month as a YouTuber, and getting about $1000 for travel promotions around Japan. I had people online accuse me of being a hooker, having sugar daddies, the whole works, all because I can afford to travel."

No. 671349

File: 1560958270590.png (106.03 KB, 1456x450, スクリーンショット 2019-06-20 0.30.38.p…)

Why miranda is flipping out:

"I could not stand still. As someone who had this situation, and not a single person stood up for me. I can not be silent."

No. 671350

File: 1560958426580.png (264.82 KB, 1418x1022, スクリーンショット 2019-06-20 0.32.59.p…)

"I remember when someone made a untrue video about me. I will never forget that day. June 8th 2014. I will never forget not stopping shaking. I will never forget not eating. I will never forget not sleeping."

No. 671351

Oh Miranda, it's not "SLANDAR" if backed up with thoroughly documented evidence and multiple witnesses…Yes, I am talking about you!

No. 671352

File: 1560959301124.jpeg (22.01 KB, 426x240, x240.jpeg)

2014…Oh the memories…

No. 671353

File: 1560959619146.jpg (172.87 KB, 1326x763, reason for niqab.JPG)

Reason why she wears a niqab. It's her new disguise and no one will know it's her. She's using Islam as a joke.

No. 671359

File: 1560960716766.jpg (149.75 KB, 1215x674, miranda is going crazy.JPG)

No. 671360

File: 1560961063193.jpg (68.09 KB, 1192x368, Don't believe in anyone, only …)

No. 671373

She shouldn't have made that video

No. 671375

File: 1560964454516.png (224.71 KB, 1478x984, スクリーンショット 2019-06-20 2.13.22.p…)

Miranda is also a victim of KM

No. 671377

File: 1560964589380.png (144.39 KB, 1422x694, スクリーンショット 2019-06-20 2.14.57.p…)

According to Miranda, "I do not care if we see a video in the END of them being arrested for fraud. IT DOES NOT make it okay" to publish the truth about crimes that people commit to warn others?

No. 671378

I don't give a fuck about who this muslim guy is or what he did, but I am highly enjoying Miranda battling muslims calling her out on her bullshit…and they don't even know about her past!

No. 671380

No. 671381

File: 1560965463089.jpg (53.1 KB, 1032x527, Miranda the biggest liar.JPG)

No. 671383

We already know that, so you don't have to tell us. Her muslim followers who don't know about her scamming history need to know that

No. 671398

The top Japanese comment on her niqab video ( https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=XLIQDHASLR8 ) says it all


("As a Japanese, I feel that it is uncomfortable because it doesn't fit in or belong here")

That basically describes Miranda in a nutshell. Not just in Japan, but on this planet.

No. 671402


Speaking of her doudemomira account, let us not forget the cringiest most comedic minute of Miranda's career:

Talking into Japanese to a Canadian friend who doesn't really speak Japanese
"That means eat it"
(seems utterly disgusted by the food)
"I won't say that because I know what it means"

Only Miranda would upload a video of her getting utterly murdered by her own friend for her shitty cooking lmao. Housewife my ass

No. 671456

File: 1560985890593.png (169.39 KB, 1290x766, スクリーンショット 2019-06-20 8.11.28.p…)

"Fame is cancer. I do not want to be famous, I never asked to be famous"…but will continue to expose my life and make drama on twitter, instagram, and youtube

No. 671458

File: 1560986096454.png (310.13 KB, 1432x1228, スクリーンショット 2019-06-20 8.13.55.p…)

"the police is involved" is a nice old statement I heard back in 2014, 2016, 2018. I am still sitting here waiting for the police to come knock on my door for all the "crimes" I have committed.

No. 671459

File: 1560986225805.png (218.19 KB, 1352x884, スクリーンショット 2019-06-20 8.16.30.p…)

I have at least 50-100 haters

No. 671476

You cover their sins for minor, first time or unclear offenses. This is where the situation is unverifiable or the offense is out of character for the accused. Basically this means that you allow the person a chance to explain themselves(not excuse) and allow them to ask for forgiveness from Allah first. You don’t deliberately ignore it or make up a story for them.
This is especially relevant where there is only one witness or no one else will be negatively affected(single people dating vs adultery). Here is an example:

In this case between the YouTubers, there are many people potentially affected besides the man and women, testimony and evidence being released and both religious and government law enforcement getting involved. In Mira’s case, she had HUNDREDS , perhaps thousands, of witnesses who have evidence of her repeat offenses. Her unrepentant and habitual lying or tricks of diversion. Never apologizing for anything. Never accepting responsibility for her disgusting behavior.

Every. Single. Reply. She keeps going I I I I , ME ME ME ME ME, I I I I ! Her narcissism is so unbelievable.

No. 671492

File: 1560991322470.jpeg (378.38 KB, 791x1626, 15376A74-1DE4-4958-B1FE-6DB312…)

Mira deleted my comment on her rant video. This chick is out of her mind, god forbid she has to answer anything relevant or face facts. Before and after included where she ghosted my comment….f-ing pea brain.

No. 671495

File: 1560991680683.jpeg (319.76 KB, 811x1639, 5C03FB48-9D1D-490B-987B-CE5ABE…)

And here is the one where it’s gone. Not sure why she wasn’t able to answer that. I really hope this wackadoodle gets dropped hard by her man child husband. She is most likely infertile anyway….I’m Muslim and believe me, birth control is not a thing for those of us who married older (29 is old for us) Conservative women like she claims to be pride themselves on having kids for their husbands ASAP and giving him a large family.

No. 671501

That who video just proves how wacko that pasty faced clown is.

No. 671520

Wow. You gave such a nicely-worded and respectful reply and she still could not handle a view that does not entirely support her own. She always demands authority on every subject.

I’m seriously wondering if that’s the case. You’re right. Just like Mormons, Muslims get started right away. No “1-3 years later”. Either the marriage is completely fake and children were never a possibility or she has a reproductive problem. Or the third, scarier option: she’s hiding behind old videos while back in Canada because she IS pregnant. If she is pregnant, there is no way she would still be in Japan. Better to live jobless and in poverty with the safety net of Canadian healthcare and rights of citizenship.

No. 671534


I believe she has some reproductive problem either irregular periods or she is messed up inside from having caught a sexually transmitted disease that didn’t get treated quickly enough, if she was ever as “traditional” as she claimed she would have gotten pregnant from the first Japanese husband to fully live that fantasy out. If she was pregnant, there is no way in hell she would keep it a complete secret because she loves attention.

Possible her husband and her don’t live together. He may be required to live in some form of university housing the Saudi government pays for. And since they don’t recognize that marriage…well yea. They may not even live in the same area of Japan which is what I’m starting to think. Example, he is in Osaka and she is in Tokyo.

I can only base the kids thing off my own friends and family who married gulf country men. North African muslim men, Malay, etc are much more open to waiting for kids and such. I don’t know anyone who uses hormonal birth control because it’s haram (not allowed). We don’t use condoms because it’s trying to stop the will of Allah and the woman has the right to the husband’s sperm (yep, we control the babies in Islam). The only acceptable method is pull out, sorry to be gross and even that, the woman can demand it not happen and it’s her right. Kids are a blessing in Islam. We are actually called “father of X” and “mother of X” with X being our first kid……umm X and abu X. Right now Mira can’t even be called by that as a form of modest respect, so that people don’t use her given name which is something a lot of people still see as only for close family and very close friends.

Sorry for the rambles and crash course, lol. This lady has my blood pressure up.

No. 671556

proof about the std shit or gtfo. you're plainly armchairing. her husband was (and according to Rodi still is) paid so sex has nothing to do with that arrangement.

No. 671558

Not the anon you’re responding to but woah! Why are so damn angry? Who are you? Complications from STDs is a common reason for infertility in young women. It happened to one of my friends and she couldn’t even be described as “slutty”.

Point is: Mira is preaching about a woman’s duty and praising Islamic gender roles and family values while not having her own her own family, despite almost a year of marriage. She only talks about, and judges, other people’s families while not setting the example herself.

No. 671559

No proof needed because I said “I think” therefore it’s just my anonymous opinion. I also meant from her being a self admitted nasty ass in her youth before even coming to Japan. Google hard enough and you can find the proof of that possibility.

If she is actually married to a Saudi guy, there is no way in hell he isn’t having sex with her. And there is no way in hell she isn’t trying to get pregnant and failing. Trust me on this as a reformed salafi Muslim now normal Muslim woman.

Calm down, and read things clearly. Mira May still be paying a visa husband but I don’t feel this is true. Whoever this Saudi guy is she married, she is staying in Japan by way of him now would be my guess. Japanese immigration, who is already probably looking really closely at her, can’t be that stupid to let all the things she rants about “my Saudi husband” online slide while having a Japanese husband still on the books.

No. 671560

Also, maybe all of you guys forgot, but I clearly remember Mira doing a video about Japanese urgent care or walk in clinics and giving common illness names in Japanese for people. Ear infection, flu, diarrhea….oh, and female infection, she said you could tell the doctor it was a urinary infection and they would know what to give you. Told all the steps, how you would give a sample, etc. The Japanese word started with a B. That’s how much it stood out to me, I still remember that lol. The video is no longer around Looks like she has some experience somehow with that, or am I just arm chairing again?!

No. 671568

Now I can’t stop thinking maybe she is pregnant and living in Canada so that’s why she keeps uploading old videos. Damn I hope she’s not, that would be a disgrace for the poor child. It’s not a crazy possibility, knowing how extremely dumb she is.

No. 671572

She isn’t. There is no way that she would not have let at least the mention of it slip. She is on the privacy train now but just like she revealed she has a husband and nothing more. She would reveal she is pregnant and nothing more in a flash

No. 671584

Anyone who has been on these threads for any length of time knows that Miranda is hypocritical and preachy. And when she eventually moves to Jamaica to become some hoe she'll be as preachy then too. You "islamic education" anons are tiresome and make little effort to fit in with board culture.

You know you can't armchair here right? Have you ever read the rules at all? No1curr if children are the centre of islam, it's not an islam thread.

No. 671604

File: 1561010698757.png (586.31 KB, 1154x1232, スクリーンショット 2019-06-20 15.03.30.…)

Again, she is not a real muslim, just a saudi fetishist who is more concerned with ranting about people who say anything negative about saudi and MBS than about actually doing some good for the world

No. 671616

>Da rulez
How about you cool it with your backseat modding?
>make little effort to fit in with board culture.
Hun, go out with your friends tonight. Into the fresh air. Please.

This is incredibly satisfying. Not only was she insulted by her (former)YouTuber idol but he posted their exchange. I wonder if he has been aware of her antics for a while. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised.

No. 671621

How about you don't backseat anyone else's posting here or keep trying to hold your cute muslim education classes

No. 671646

Goddamnit it's so fucking annoying how she writes like she's retarded. She makes errors like she's just learning a language she's struggling with, even though literally everyone knows it's her first language. I remember in a video where she visited Canada, when she saw her old Canadian friends suddenly all her language difficulties magically disappeared instantly and she was fluent again. Dishonest cunt

No. 671665

If you look at her rants, you can see that she's been trying to copy arab-style English…but at least all the arabs that post on her twitter can spell "slander" correctly

No. 671677

She lived her whole life in countries where she's protected to say whatever moronic things she wants, but her calling out Muslims WILL get her killed. She's going to offend some radical for involving herself and then she'll see how much her moronic opinions are worth.

No. 671688

I think it’s hilarious anyone that anyone thinks she’s married to a Saudi citizen. She thinks if she keeps telling a lie long enough it will be true.

Her using random body part photos and anonymous photos of men wearing keffiyah to post proof of her “Saudi husband” just gets more absurd every week.

I think her insanity is degenerative, it gets worse every year until the point her entire life is sock puppet theater.

No. 671695

File: 1561050012102.jpg (30.19 KB, 594x223, munafiq means hypocrite in Eng…)

Is she not aware that munafiq means hypocrite in English, and she has called others a hypocrite?

No. 671702

File: 1561052555843.jpg (20.94 KB, 609x129, miranda 66.JPG)

Probably from Philip's tweet

No. 671747

One thing I am 99% certain of. She's not married to a Saudi man in Japan. There are only a few hundred Saudis in Japan, mostly short-term exchange students.

-Married to a Saudi in Canada
-Not married to anyone; husband is fictional

No. 671799

File: 1561073511416.png (231.48 KB, 1240x1002, スクリーンショット 2019-06-21 8.33.05.p…)

No. 671800

File: 1561073560246.png (261.82 KB, 1580x1288, スクリーンショット 2019-06-21 8.33.50.p…)

Failed youtuber

No. 671818

File: 1561079176204.png (1.55 MB, 1168x1022, スクリーンショット 2019-06-21 10.05.13.…)

The four worst things in life: sex, alcohol, music…and silk

No. 671827

File: 1561081198870.png (1.28 MB, 1164x1172, スクリーンショット 2019-06-21 10.39.00.…)

Miranda stil flipping out about clubs

No. 671828

File: 1561081489443.png (98.56 KB, 1172x328, スクリーンショット 2019-06-21 10.43.48.…)

"We are in the end times"?

Miranda is quickly going down the path of radicalization

No. 671836

File: 1561084230690.jpg (Spoiler Image, 379.9 KB, 1536x2048, mOcSM1g.jpg)

^For anyone wondering if Mira has improved her cooking skills. Nope! No, this is NOT how you make balila. Holy shit… Maybe her husband will lose weight off his chubby baby hands due to her cooking.

>backseat anyone else's posting

Are you ESL?

The strongest theory is that she used the ISNA matrimonial service in Mississauga, which would greatly increase the probability of an actual Saudi husband in the shortest amount of time. It’s 100% impossible he was already in Japan, based on Saudi population and education demographics in Japan. A Saudi in Japan would marry up, not down.

I like how with every extremist and cult member, “End Times” will occur specifically during THEIR lifetime and not 10, 50, 100 or more years into the future. Only for them. Wow, it must mean that they are just so special!

No. 671882

File: 1561092723311.png (101.13 KB, 1238x446, スクリーンショット 2019-06-21 13.52.01.…)

Miranda is still nonstop ranting about clubbing

…oh the horrors!

No. 671957

Religious radicals and fundamentalists are kind of right when they say it's the end times… for them. Luckily, after they blow themselves up, the world goes on for the rest of us. ;)

But yeah, I think most Christians and Muslims have believed they'd live to see the end times, for every single generation since those religions began. Shame this makes them basically death cults.

No. 671963

File: 1561126689261.jpg (91.62 KB, 876x497, against MBS.JPG)

She needs to realize this is what MBS wanted with halal alcohol-free nightclub. This is part of this 2030 Vision plan. And now she's against his plans!

No. 671982



>The strongest theory is that she used the ISNA matrimonial service in Mississauga, which would greatly increase the probability of an actual Saudi husband in the shortest amount of time.

Her absolutely-halal-totally-not-fake marriage license was literally printed by that ISNA group. The more I think about it, the more the "she's already back in Canada" theory makes the most sense. Lately all her videos are either clearly outdated or they're against a plain white background. Little reason to believe she's in Japan anymore.

No. 671984

And the fact that they'd have to wait 1 to 3 years to be recognized as a married couple before entering Saudi Arabia…hence the "In 1 to 3 years I'll move to SA"

No. 671992

Miranda rants and backstabs KM with a bunch of lies

No. 671993

More ranting. She has a long tongue; full of lies and vulgar.

No. 671994

File: 1561137395905.jpg (38.37 KB, 600x267, long tongue.JPG)

No. 671995

did she write this? shouldn't it say that others have tongues too? this way implies the one being spoken to isn't a person.

No. 671996

Google image

No. 672001

People should have the right to disobey a tyranny or a ruler, as it is mentioned in the Qur'an.

Miranda, and other Saudis, have to obey the ruler even if he's a dictator. One disobedience and they will be jailed up to 10 years.

They forgot you can disobey a bad ruler in Islam!

"it is obligatory upon a muslim to listen (to the ruler) and obey whether he likes it or not, except when he is ordered to do a sinful thing; in such case, there is no obligation to listen or to obey.''

I feel sorry for Miranda, trying to be as Saudi as can be without getting in trouble by the po-po


No. 672015

File: 1561145554990.png (41.6 KB, 592x249, Screen Shot 2019-06-21 at 12.3…)

This bitch is pure evil telling someone who had a loved one that was murdered to "move on". I honestly hope she can feel the same pain one day so she can be told to "move on".

No. 672052

Actually that’s not true. Don’t believe anything you see. The Arabic posts from the officials are apologizing for this venue. It was opened with no license. The creators of this lied and it was supposed to be a Shisha cafe. This is why it was shutdown.

No. 672053

If he is Saudi it’s 100% impossible for them to live in Canada. Canada and Saudi cut ties. The students were sent home. Japan on other hand has a lot of students.

She got married probably April 2018 when she went to Canada. If not then, October 2017. She made the “falcon hunting” video and her husband is in it. That video was taken in 2017 because the make up she was wearing. She didn’t release that video till a little before her marriage reveal. Don’t be fooled. She didn’t get married when she announced it.

She’s known to hide shit. She hid her Swedish boyfriend till after they broke up. Remember it was Rodi who was the first to even announce his name to us. Miranda never did that.

No. 672060

WOW, she's excusing the brutal mutilation and murder of a journalist just so she can maintain her delusions. Evil cunt. I'd think she was sociopathic if I didn't know it's really just all out of how incredibly fucking stupid she is. Khashoggi was literally hacked up into little pieces inside of a fucking embassy. Murderous bitch.

No. 672068

File: 1561162649027.png (100.91 KB, 1156x440, スクリーンショット 2019-06-22 9.18.08.p…)

Turkey, Iran, Morocco, etc. are all fake muslim countries and saudi is the only true muslim country

No. 672087

Then how come Ne-Yo was announced he's coming to Jeddah? People paid to come see him there.

It's reopened now.(derailing)

No. 672092

and yet she went on that date with the two boys at the restaurant, clearly three of them at the table. hmmmm what did longtime saudi hubby think of this?

nah, she went on dates to those excursions and doesn't want to admit it now.

No. 672112

Most importantly, she spent time traveling ALONE with “stalker” KM during that time, just so she could squeeze extra money out of him one last time. What kind if husband would ever allow that? Muslim or not, any normal husband would be disgusted. So what was really going on?

No. 672132

File: 1561197159986.png (846.48 KB, 1160x1206, スクリーンショット 2019-06-22 18.52.36.…)

When Miranda is not busy ranting about clubbing and the end times, she likes to read Trump's tweets

No. 672134

daym why are tradthot sagas always so depressing

No. 672147


She isn't a tradthot. She's just a sociopathic knowitall. Her problem is that she's also actually stupid on top of the sociopathy and smug arrogance, so her takes are also stupid.

No. 672173

Yeah, she could have gone the Phoebe Tickner route and been a humorless “you’re oppressing me by saying ‘manhole cover’” scold. She just likes scolding others and feeling superior.

No. 672296

File: 1561295411626.png (174.08 KB, 273x522, 20190621_181018.png)

Here is Miranda's IG story when the US was about to bomb Iran.

She's acting like an excited child over impending war between countries.

No. 672300

How do you get a piece of shit like Mira to wake up? Like this isn't a game, this is real life, you're supporting the deaths of real people, whose lives are just as valuable as yours, and it doesn't fucking matter that you like the other team. Or that the side she's allying with are just as bad human rights abusers. Or that her entire fucking new religion, especially her fundamentalist variation of it, is completely retarded and destructive.

No. 672334

Just in time to call out Miranda accusing people of their "bad deeds"

No. 672345

Can we stop talking about islam

No. 672397

Wake up from what? Honestly, I don't think she is deluded. I just think she genuinely wants people to hate her. I don't quite understand the psychology since most people are the opposite, but to me it seems like the only logical explanation. Deep down she probably hates herself. Why else would you sit around picking fights and arguing with strangers all day?

Do you guys think she ever wonders what it would be like to be a normal Canadian women? Like, with an actual job?

No. 672402

I don't fully understand Miranda myself, but its clear that she loves attention and seems to be happy to stir up trouble to get attention, including posting here and on PULL

No. 672403

File: 1561330698835.png (234.22 KB, 1164x646, スクリーンショット 2019-06-24 8.00.18.p…)

How will her "husband" get a visa to enter the "United state"?

No. 672423

That girl should really be on a watchlist

No. 672442

She will be put on a watchlist if she tries to enter the US wearing a niqab and taking her saudi "husband"

No. 672466

She's Canadian

No. 672473


Did you not read her tweet?

"Next year we will travel to the United state as I wish to witness a trump rally in real life. "

No. 672476

She won't do it anyway. Anything off in the future like his isn't happening. Although I would LIVE to see her getting turned back at the border.

No. 672479

They will never let her in the states with that isis cosplay.
If she wants any chance of entering, she better dress normally, and don’t being her human pet with her KEK

No. 672482

Saudi is bffs with the current US administration, though.

No. 672514

File: 1561361710041.png (44.43 KB, 991x673, dkaskldas.png)

Sorry to derail but I am so mad. I had uploaded a video almost 2 years ago of this chick when she had literally stalked me back in 2017. This was drunken text messages etc. Now she copystriked my video and put a strike on my channel. The only reason I am posting this is becuase this video was set to unlisted and only posted in a few places. To be frank she had to of hunted the fuck out of the internetto find this copy since Action Bastard re-uploaded it. and so the algorithm promotes his above mine. Now Kanadajin3 has marked a copyright strike on the channel.

My theory is that she is copystriking videos related to her to try and get revenue since her channel has gone into decline. May be worth looking into. My video was edited by me using messages of her harassing me.

No. 672520

send a counter-notice, she won't be able to keep it down and it will be lifted. she's trying some Onision bullshit. Miranda abetter watch it because Youtube can terminate her own channel for fucking around like this.

No. 672535

What was it about? Something we don't know?

No. 672558

Action barstard has it on hin channel. It's known stuff but she did this strike today. She's lucky I'm not a jerk and wont leak her email.

No. 672562

File: 1561387648385.png (79.58 KB, 1174x324, スクリーンショット 2019-06-24 23.46.04.…)

"Learning about islam should leave your heart happy, soft, peaceful."

After reading the quran, I don't feel happy, soft or peaceful?

No. 672563

then she must not know how to read then.

No. 672571

Who asked to see Miranda's email? Is this Bambi?

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