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File: 1597793996249.jpg (Spoiler Image,802.79 KB, 1006x998, O6bx8Jw.jpg)

No. 791146

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>785690

Website: momokun.co (new), https://momokuncosplay.com (old)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), theragdollranch (used to be mariahthecatlady, momoscats), momokun.co
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad (SITE IS DEAD)
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/5855
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/33300
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis, cat sperging and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

>very mad her B/G content didn't get 5 star reviews so she dropped a clip of her rawdogging with a guy who has a triforce? tattoo on his gunt
>wrote a post longing for the beach. Forgot she took the photos on a beach, during the pandemic, with a crew
>got approved for a procedure so her ass isn't flat so her knee won't crack!!
>tremor video is fucking horrible
>is selling horrible "boobie mouse pads" for 40 bucks a pop
>apparently going to therapy
>got really mad that her simps asked if she was single over and over again
>claims her measurements are 44-32-48
>a hair extension company took unfiltered pictures of Moo and posted them with her own filtered pics

No. 791149

File: 1597794230989.jpg (50.71 KB, 640x960, Fw2og0J.jpg)

Teasers for her new Gerudo set

No. 791150

File: 1597794281133.jpg (52.39 KB, 640x960, BIwfbbX.jpg)

No. 791151

File: 1597794383453.jpg (54.84 KB, 640x960, M6o0STg.jpg)

No. 791154

Atleast with the Gerudo set we don't have to see her uninterested open mouth expressions.

No. 791155

This is much better than her usual fare. Costume’s not great, but it actually fits and looks reasonably like what it’s supposed to. Some effort was put into the setting and poses. Photoshop done with more care than usual. Is Momo learning? Ha ha no.

No. 791160

This is a shit OP update. Not funny, not emphasizing she finally went full-penetration, no details, no links. No post in last thread for continuity. You're probably are one of the anons that wanted this pic vs others, so you half assed the new thread to "win" before the last one closed.

No. 791171

Wow.. It's like she hasn't done the same poses in every set.. So innovative.

No. 791172

That recent summary… bruh.
you realize there were still like 40 replies left in that thread, right? If you don’t know what you’re doing, just wait for someone who does. This OP is rushed as fuck. Have you even done this before?

No. 791221

It’s also missing the general summary
OP-anon really fucked up in every way possible. Great job at creating the worst OP we’ve had in a while though.

No. 791231

This. Spoilered thread pic, shitty description, and then cringy af thread title. Some anons need to slow down and not rush new threads to try and get praised.

No. 791234

This. Now we're stuck with this shitty thread just because some whiny autist wanted to win an argument.

No. 791242

Fuck this shitty thread and fuck the anon that fucked it up.

No. 791244

Farmer culture is anons making bad op's to make sure the the threadpic is what they wanted and 9 more (including me) anons whining about it.

I love you guys and I look forward to spectating moo's thread with you.

No. 791245

I'm with you one this anon. Excited to fill this shit-tier thread with Moo related shit.

No. 791246

No. 791247

Okay but… supposed that another anon was to make a new, possibly less cringy thread with an unspoilered pic… would anyone be willing to migrate and pretend this thread never happened, or are we gonna accept our fate and hope something milky happens so it reaches the post limit as quickly as possible?
Just wondering.

No. 791248

At least the Squarecuck tinfoil can stop now.
And we got two tattoos to identify this guy with.

No. 791249

File: 1597844678047.png (Spoiler Image,5.64 MB, 1125x2436, C5217A0E-8F41-4C99-B530-B63631…)

yikes it sounds like she’s giving birth in this.
she’s eating the guys hand for most of the video!

So now there’s a really visible tattoo any leads?

No. 791254

why are they both on the floor? it's such a weird position to do something like this in. Again, why no tripod or leaning her phone on something? It's so lazy, even her moans.
whatever he's doing + the angle doesn't look remotely pleasurable.

No. 791255

Its because it's all forced. I feel bad for the dude who thinks she's enjoying it when obviously all her sounds are amplified and faked because she's spending more time focusing on not looking fat in that angel to him AND to the camera. Imagine just alone unless she's high or slightly drunk. She doesn't know how to even pretend to be genuine and thus you get this crap lol

No. 791258

Her lips are ridiculous looking.

No. 791260


took me a full minute to figure out which lump of flesh was what. you could've just squeezed fat folds together and it'd be the exact same thing.

No. 791262

>I feel bad for the dude who thinks she’s enjoying it

It’s porn, not sex. It’s about making money, not having fun.

No. 791263

File: 1597847202421.png (Spoiler Image,368.32 KB, 1079x722, mysteryfuckboy.png)

appears to have brown hair, for what that's worth. kept hoping the camera would focus on the reflection more so we could get some more defining features but alas.

No. 791265

I dont know if you have any idea how most thots work, but believability is a huge part of sales. There is doing work and then there is doing work that is good. This is garbage no matter the context. Especially because you can tell 100% that she is not enjoying it and faking it. She's already had a lot of followers openinly complain on the private R regarding how shitty she is in her videos. Most of it is how close up everything is.

No. 791266

Her believability is shitty, but feeling bad for the dude is ridiculous. He got paid.

No. 791267

I highly doubt he was paid for these. Lol. These are in her own house. So most likely someone from the LA cos scene she knows. Someone will find the tattoo connection. He has a triforce, so already we know he is into nerd culture. Calm down, anon. Figure of speech is different from being legit feeling bad for him.

No. 791270

Yeah I have a feeling these were private videos and then just happened to release them, that’s why there’s no promo and so badly shot. She seriously looks like she isnt joying herself at all. Or maybe it’s the big ass lips and the big ass eyelashes were she just totally loses any chance of being able to show any emotion.

It’s also weird she would post the full blown dick penetration first before the fingering one.

It probably really is some dude she just happened to meet on tinder.

No. 791272

I feel like these are her hope that maybe some porno company will want to sponsor her or some dude who does porn will be like "I must shoot with her".

No. 791273

…you do know amatuer porn (OF etc shit) they do tend to, you know, ALSO have fun right?

No. 791277

>It probably really is some dude she just happened to meet on tinder.

Imagine meeting someone on tinder for a hookup and instead of being lead to a bed to do the deed, she tells you to get on the floor for business.

you might be onto to something though anon, the lack of promo for this stuff is odd, it could just be a hookup she saved to post for later.

No. 791278

Hey what happened to her "plant based diet" and routine exercise?

No. 791283

Nobody cared so she stopped lying about that. Now that we mentioned it she'll bring it up again.

No. 791284

I figured she didn’t advertise because she’s too embarrassed to have her family and irl friends find out she did it. Filming penetration w a revolving door of strangers brings a lot more judgement than someone who does it with a long term bf or toys. Too ashamed of being judged for falling. Plus if it is square all of her irl friends including miso would know it was him.

No. 791285

I was thinking the same thing. I've never made a thread before so I wouldn't wanna fuck it up but I'm for this idea

No. 791286

File: 1597852952858.gif (3.11 MB, 404x720, 5f3d16fa99d801410542f_720p(1).…)

For those of you unwilling to harm your eyes: he fingers her, touched her tit & some leg then Moo hungrily sucked off his hand and let herself get slapped

No. 791287

File: 1597853006318.jpg (186.76 KB, 1500x1359, BeautyPlus_20200819110026357_o…)

Her hair looks greasy as shit. She must be drunk or on something.

No. 791288

ubreddit says someone already posted it all over twitter and from the looks of it has quite a few shares and likes in the 100s. Everyone will find out, but knowing the Vegas scene, everyone probably was already talking about it amongst their group chats and laughing about it behind her back too.

No. 791289

lol the lash is coming off too. The whole thing is a mess

No. 791290

Literally same here anon, same here.

I'm all for it as long as we don't get into big twouble from farmhands for shitty up /pt/. That and someone save the crap from this thread and dump it into the next for continuity.

No. 791291

Or somene can just green text missing stuff. This thread is already filled with good milk. no reason to make another thread because like every so many threads, there is a shitty one and it derails. Just leave this and add in whatever wasn't covered and tag it. It's early enough that the wall would be seen.

No. 791293

A part of me also feels like anons making fun of the fact she couldn't get laid in years and blamed "asexuality" for it is the cause of this like "Ha! I sure proved them wrong"
but along the way forgot she's suppose to be a cos mommy.

But she looks like a 45 year old sad hooker you see on the corners of Vegas or Reno.

No. 791296


Hey now those hookers have better morals than moo does.

No. 791303

The lashes is what gets me too anon. She really does look drunk out of her mind

No. 791304

all the guy does is slamm his hand into her a few times too and then just wiggles about. Like… Has he never fingered someone? I know there isn't much to it, but he looks like some dude who literally just wanted a punching bag type of slut and is half-assing the pleasure. Not like he's abusing, but pretty shit at sex is what I mean. If this is the same guy, but the arm from the fucking video didn't have a tattoo.

Safe to say Moo literally fucked any dude who came over? I doubted it before, but I think anons were right on the whole slag thing now.

No. 791305

Yeah this is obviously someone different from the fucking video, which again most likely means she’s just meeting random guys off dating apps then posting their videos to make some money off of it. She doesn’t seem to be struggling with money so I’m just flabbergasted this is how her debut is going dowb

No. 791306

well she will never admit it but she knows she can't make it with just cosplays. She herself always knew she had to do porn. She started out with pervy POV.
It's just her ego preventing her from saying it

No. 791307

It's really sloppy too. It's obvious they know they are filmed, the fucking guy was holding it which I am still pretty sure is cuck. Any recent forearm photos would tell instantly. She isn't using protection either. I don't think they are random though. I'm pretty sure if we looked hard enough we would find them in the cosplay scene or related to it somehow bc of the type of tattoos the guys have had.

No. 791308

Hey if she starts advertising for Kippo dating app, we all know why.

No. 791310

File: 1597857591005.jpeg (Spoiler Image,321.27 KB, 1920x1920, C01A0488-1F45-430E-A246-1DBAFD…)

What are you on about?
The first video didn’t show anything past the guy‘s wrist so obviously you can’t see the tattoo that only starts on his forearm.
Also: same wonky middle and index fingers.

It’s the same guy and it’s not squarecuck.

No. 791312

Everything is all hands and not everyone is pausing the video. Relax

No. 791318

Just as moo went on about “lewds not nudes” she also pretended to be asexual. (To seem like she’s not a slut) Moomoo is a full on whore and has been on tinder for a long time. There’s no “she hasn’t been laid for years” (which is the most retarded meme peddled by farmers) she has been hooking up with random strangers the whole time.

No. 791319

The most telling thing is seeing how absolutely dry the penetration is. Enjoying yourself Moo?

No. 791320

My bad, I thought we could see the guys forearm in the first video, I wasn’t inclined to go back and zoom and enhance it. Ty for taking the bullet though.

No. 791321

Well if you’re a tinder date who does it raw with randoms what do you care where you’re fucking

No. 791322

You know, I didn’t expect 2020 was going to be the year Moo finally degraded herself enough to post full on porn of herself getting slapped in the fucking face but I’d always sort of hoped.

Literally just deadass posted getting slapped in the face. My whole body hurts from wheeze-laughing at this.

No. 791325

She's been one since high school. She thought she was hot shit sleeping with guys who had GF's but not realizing teenage boys will fuck a sexy piece of fruit.
She thinks being easy means she's attractive, thus validates her. It's wild since most confident women don't think like that.
Attractive women can pick and choose and don't need sex to know they're hot.

No. 791327

It’s really sad, wonder how long it took for moo to realize men will fuck anything that has a pulse. Maybe when she realized all the men she fucked didn’t want to be seen in public with her

No. 791328

moo getting sexy slapped by some fat kid with a triforce tattoo while her eyelash falls off wow how do i sub

No. 791330

I'm not surprised that Moo has bad sex but this is beyond pitiful. Looking forward to seeing her try to one-up Black Chyna's struggle blowjob.

No. 791331

Why'd he slap her? That's not very nice…

No. 791332

File: 1597863083504.png (199.63 KB, 437x401, EfYjlBGWoAAxwBq.png)

This is how she finds her fuck buddies /s.(repost)

No. 791333

I can only imagine how hilarious Moo attempting to look sexy while sucking someone off is gonna look.

Pure tinfoil on my part, but I wonder did Corona have anything to do with her rapid descent into porn? A lot of people have lost at least a portion of their disposable income so I guess this is making up for the shortfall?

No. 791335

I wouldn't think to much of it. Her paetron numbers were declining and she can't put full on porn on paetron since that's against their rules. She had a lot of them, but they were all like $1-5 tiers.

She saw one of her thot friends and Trisha on OF and saw that easy cash for just showing some titts and wanted in. She hasn't really been paying attention to her paetron. Just lazily posting old cosplay photos as "new" sets

No. 791344

>spoilered thread pic
Special shout out to every dumb ass who said it would be be fine and insisted on this pic. Hope you’re proud of ruining the thread, idiots.

No. 791355

man what the hell am i looking at here.

No. 791361

Read the OP retard
>And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

It not being kik4fat doesn't make it new milk

No. 791363


I know that it's old af but it was mentioned as a joke on twitter because people were curios how and who moo is fucking and where she finds those guys. It feels like she come fully cycle now.

No. 791381

Still can't figure out what she's wearing in the rawdogging clip

No. 791388

File: 1597888448038.jpg (324.26 KB, 1294x1112, suspect.jpg)

Could it be this dude?
He was around during the party and there was a ton of alcohol too >>791287

He seems to be the only man aside from Marvin that appeared in her stories?

No. 791389

I think that's Kevin, and he has a girlfriend. She's actually attractive so I'm not sure why he would stoop to fucking moo.

No. 791391

The dude in the mirror looked like he has a huge mop of hair. If it’s not some hook up it’s someone that doesn’t want to be publicly associated with her

No. 791394

File: 1597890896823.png (1.09 MB, 1117x750, kev.png)

No, he's not the guy. That's Kevin and he doesn't have a tattoo that's even close to the one in the video. Also, he's in shape, so no gunt on him.

No. 791404

You guys ever wonder if the breast exam guy declined Moo's offer, even when she threw money at him so Moo had to resort to fucking one of her simps?

No. 791405

I honestly cant tell what's skin and whats not

No. 791406

Ive already combed through who she follows. Whoever this is is either private or doesnt match up.

No. 791407

a wrnkled blue nightgown.

No. 791408

No. 791419

Thanks for checking. I really want to know what guy was depraved enough to raw dog Mariah.

No. 791426

I also wouldn’t be surprised if she made an ad for it on Craigslist or something.

No. 791427

Craigslist ad? I know she’s couch sized but come on anon. She will stoop low but not so low where she would have to be with fugly/obese men. The guy in the video is probably from the party as other anon said

No. 791430

She wouldn’t run the risk of catching COVID, so the idea of bringing a stranger is out of the window.

How long until she’s pegging Umbran or vice versa?

No. 791431

Moo doesn't give a fuck about covid, she's been out flaunting social distancing for months now.

No. 791432

Knowing Moo, there's no way this dude isn't Asian, is there? That should narrow the search if he's ever shown up on group pictures with her. I sure hope that they've been fucking for a while for him to be barebacking her like that, he has to have been around a while. Moo can't be THAT stupid.

No. 791433


The lips are just so, so awful in candid videos like this. Like, not the biggest on the farm but definitely the worst looking. (note: mouth lips)

No. 791434

Holy shit. I haven't paid attention to the Moo threads in quite some time and she's actually just doing full blown porn now? I both can and can't believe this. Wow. She really did it. No going back now

No. 791435

I don't care what this dudes race is. What should be asked is, did he sign a contract with her for a one time payment or can he receive a percentage per sales? We all know he was paid. He just better be getting his cut. He will need it for therapy.

No. 791439


I mean she said that she will change her name at some point so she can quit the costhottery and go back to have a normal life and work as a teacher!1

No. 791446

I laughed at this just like I did when Onion changed his name. Your proir name will show up as an associated name. She will never escape everyone seeing her botched naked body and her appalling behaviors. Could be why she dived so quickly into porn. She may have become aware that she is forever tainted and any legitimate carrier options are now gone. Who the fuck knows why though in all reality.

No. 791451

File: 1597930472811.jpg (610.08 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200820_062633.jpg)

There's a whole part at the end where Moo is licking his fingers and you can see the dude filming through the mirror in the background. I took screenshots but they're super blurry. I don't know who the guy is (don't recognize the mop top haircut) either way it's hilarious that he's actually wearing clothes and Moo is the only one naked.

No. 791452

File: 1597930501416.jpg (1.49 MB, 2676x1378, closeup.jpg)

Did my best, its blurry as fuck and you can't really make out any distinguishing features other than the aforementioned mop of hair

No. 791453

Thank you anon. I deleted 791445 and tried to post some screen captures too. Yeah it's hard to figure out who he is. He kinda looks like a white guy or maybe Asian(?) with a white shirt on.

No. 791454

Any possibility it could be this guy?

No. 791459


can't find a pic of him where you see his arm or any signs of a tattoo tho…

No. 791463

Can't be that other guy in the pic. He's her cousin.

No. 791464

Moo is the type of girl that would have posted on Backpage. R.i.p. Backpage

No. 791466

Tbh she’s probably living for the fact we’re sitting around trying to figure out who this is.

No. 791467

The key to finding her unlucky costar might be OnlyFans. Surely he has one and that's how she contacted him, if he's really not in her circle of associates.
So, out of shape tatted lumps with an OnlyFans. You'd think this would narrow things down but nah.

No. 791471

I’m not familiar with OF but I know any content posted on cam sites like chaturbate and the like require anyone on cam to have signed a model release. Wonder how that works for OF. Seems like it could get dicey if an OF user was uploading material that starts a non consenting costar, so surely the dude has to be in on this and knows he’s being filmed.

No. 791473

It came up in the Camgirls thread that Manyvids (another adult video vending site) didn't require consent from other parties in videos, which seems potentially very fucking messy.

No. 791474

He’s the one recording? What is this idiocy?
Probably an asian dude she met on tinder

No. 791476

What idiocy? Yours? Filming it doesn’t mean he consented to it being posted all over OF. Plenty of couples record porn of themselves never meant for release.

It’s most likely he is into it and knows it was uploaded publicly to moo’s paypigs but that’s why we were discussing if OF requires all people in a vid to sign model releases. Get some critical thinking skills anon.

No. 791477

Yes, him recording with HIS phone and fucking some instawhore makes it so unlikely he was unaware of it being put on OF. This is idiotic discussion and you know it

No. 791478

Did KBBQ have tattoos?

No. 791482

I’m sorry about your lack of reading comprehension anon. I hope things get better for you.

It’s not KBBQ. Moo is dead to him and him to her. Why would he go back to her to film porn after how they ended when he hasn’t been seen in years?

No. 791485

Because thats what all these cosplay fucks do. I'm asking if anyone has an arm tattoo from him. We are trying to figure out who this guy is. Might as well mark everything off the table regardless of past because we all know how much people love crawling back to Moo. Even Vamplette has had some interactions since their breakup [as in friendship]

No. 791486

You sound a bit delusional anon. It’s not KBBQ. He fucked off yo Korea for military service years ago and left the cosplay scene.

It’s not even us anons denying it purely because we don’t want it to be true. >>791452 literally doesn’t even look close to like him. My bet was originally on Squarecuck myself but I’m sure it’s just some random fucker off tinder or something that she is either seeing or paid to be in some content. I’m curious why so many anons are convinced it’s a guy in the cos comm. moo has gone after guys not in it before. Tattoo-kun with his moo-cockblocking gf wasn’t in the cosplay community at all.

No. 791487

Because most normies don't get triforce tattoos because they love LoZ that much. That's why anons are sure he's in the scene somehow. No reason to argue about it and tell people why it's not. Just yes or no with proof and we can move on to the next suspect. It's not that big a deal.

No. 791489

Moo can pick up some twig nerd on tinder that isn’t in her circle in the Vegas costhot scene lmao

I get you’re curious about who the guy is and if we know him and I am too. But you sound a bit obsessed. Dial it back a few notches anon. KBBQ wouldn’t step foot near Moo in a million years. If you were around since the beginning you would already know that and wouldn’t be begging for evidence that it’s him. It’s more likely to be Vamps in that vid fingering her than him.

Honestly is it weird that right after squarecuck being the culprit my mind for some reason immediately went to Umbran donning a strap on before anon spotted them in the mirror lol. Of course it’s not her but like, imagine.

No. 791490

Yo I had the same thought about it being Umbran no lie

No. 791499


I was going to suggest Umbran too when the first video dropped but I thought it was too outlandish… plus, she’d have to cut off her talons.

No. 791512

It literally isn't a triforce the guy has a tattoo of. Watch the video, the bottom part of the design is different. I tried to take a good pic of it but it's too hard to make out. Just watch the damn video before you start assuming he's a costhot because you think he has a nerd tattoo.

No. 791514

Glad I’m not the only one who had this thought!

Moo posted an Instagram story that said “i should make a fan account for Maddie’s hands” A few days ago.
I was going to jokingly screencap and say iit was Maddie the whole time, don’t think her tats match up.


Even if it is a triforce, lots of normies get nerd tattoos anyway, not like it’s a super niche/obscure game. So you’re right it’s not proof of them being in the cosplay scene.

No. 791522

sage because I was bored enough to do this but I went through the followers on her accounts (bts, cat account, and the .co) plus umbrans (to see if anyone new was in common) and I couldn’t find anyone that matches the tattoo so far. Every guy she follows is either way too buff/out of her league or critically frumpy to the point where she wouldn’t stoop that low.

She doesn’t follow too many men combined across her accounts and you can cross a lot off just by clicking their profile and seeing they have clean arms if anyone else wants to recomb.

I do remember her posting one of those typical “the ideal man has one picture he took 3 years ago as his profile picture and 10 followers on Instagram” type memes over the past week soooo perhaps our new beau likes to keep a low profile.

No. 791528

File: 1597961904753.jpeg (324.57 KB, 1920x1920, 0293D44E-8C25-41A3-BD1B-6E3901…)

I think she might actually be dating that guy.
He kinda looks like an 16 year old emo kid though. And seems to be spending quite some time on his phone as well, so sooner or later we’ll know who he is.

No. 791529

is her bts account gone? it's not showing up on ig search.

No. 791530

Maybe shadow banned? The @ on her main account still works

No. 791531

Damn the moment she gets some sort of “relationship” She ends up doing hardcore porn. That’s… sad.

No. 791532

Be prepared for her to talk about fuck bois and snakes

No. 791534

Sounds like anon got banned. She pops up with entering her name for me.

No. 791535

I like to imagine he’s scrolling through lolcow

No. 791537

weird, at least it's just that account. i can still see the other two so it's whatever

No. 791539

> get a new boyfriend
> raw dog it

No. 791540

So she likes emo twinks? What happened to muscly men being her type

No. 791542

You think a fit guy is going to want to be seen with Moo in public?
Of course she's gunna get a chubby emo. Most likely one of her simps
We always knew it was going to go down like this

No. 791550

She did have a massive boner for Kevin (Usagi Kou's current bitch boy) after all. It is more what she can get from the dude, ergo why she'd always starfuck (or try to) any semi-famous schleb who would pork her.

I think she was just so desperate for dick that's all she's getting for her money this time, dude doesn't look like he has any clout or talent but you never know!

No. 791552

Can't grab a video of it rn but she keeps uploading these cringe ass tiktok trend videos onto IG. They are videos meant for actual cute people to do and she looks seriously mental. Also one of them is a Japanese song she tries to mouth along to and it looks so off

No. 791568

Its funny how we want to know who he is just to pity him and meme the shiz out of the guy

No. 791574

Is all we see in the banging vid his hand? Can anyone link that video?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 791589

File: 1597996287842.gif (373.64 KB, 300x100, 350cleaningfeeinbound.gif)

Sage for OT. This thread is a dumpster fire.

Finally got around to making the banner for our princess, I made it a gif.

No. 791591

This is incredible. Please post it in the banner thread on meta.

No. 791599


Umbran in an emo boy wig, wouldn't put it past her

No. 791602

Why does it matter who Moo pays to fuck her?

She's paying someone to make porn with her, it's nothing uncommon, and whever wants to do it has probably done it before. I just feel sorry for him. He has to touch her and I'd be willing to bet she is underpaying him.

No. 791604


maybe it's a reach but what appears to be a tattoo on this emo guy's wrist, matches with the one in this one I guess >>791249 ?

No. 791608

I feel like Umbran is twice that guy‘s size, gut-wise. But apart from that, yeah… I’m with the anons that thought it might be her first.

No. 791609

Because they’re putting somewhat effort into hiding this guys identity. Either he’s embarrassed of fucking her on cam or she is embarrassed of fucking him.

Why did it matter who the guy in the breast exam/limo video was?
It’s usually fun to get some background info on these people as it usually brings up shit to laugh about, e.g. that the other guy was shooting with Trisha around the same time.
As I said: She’s intentionally not saying who he is and there’s a reason for it. I don’t buy the sudden concern for her privacy from someone who literally makes posts about her preferred way of wiping her ass.

No. 791612

You make a solid point. Since she is radio silent about his identity, he wants to not be found out for whatever reason. If I were a man I wouldn't admit to fucking her, even for pay.

No. 791613

I don't know which is more embarrassing.

No. 791615

For some reason I feel so sad for his dry ass fingers.

No. 791616

File: 1598020256830.png (85.85 KB, 600x488, mariahislamiccontent.png)

What's her ethnicity?(old milk)

No. 791617

Bitch we have seen your asshole

No. 791621

Jfc lurk more…

No. 791622

She doesn't even know what her ethnicity is.

No. 791625


moo having a twitter account was the best timeline tbh

No. 791631

Lebanese-American and Italian-American.

No. 791636

This is old. But an anon found out she is more Mediterranean than anything. So Italian Mediterranean, aka different flavors of white. She's as interesting as olive oil on a salad

No. 791638

at the time the deletion seemed overdue…in retrospect? gone too soon.

No. 791639

I just want it to be Usagikou's man Kevin. Give us a cow collision.

No. 791657

Yeah exactly. Also i’ve heard from a few guy friends that they hook up with fatties and not very attractive people because they just are so easy. Idk, Moo still probably thinks that makes her hot shit.

No. 791658

see this is funny bc the quran is legit like "you don't HAVE to do everything it's up to you" but you've got someone like moo bitching about hijab.

>sage for izlam sperg

No. 791671

This, someday I will hunt down the asshole who cowtipped and got her banned forever. Her Twitter was a goldmine.

No. 791673

Pressing X to doubt. All four of her grandparents have very Arab names (Fatima and Milhem; Allan Hoassain Sr. and Allie Talab).

No. 791676

That’s because part of her family is from Lebanon.
What anon is referring to is this >>>/pt/778404 post.

No. 791683

File: 1598050170469.jpg (63.91 KB, 584x960, 1464763593428.jpg)

I remember this post. Makes a lot of sense since her family celebrates Christian holidays like Christmas and in early pictures Moo wears a cross.
Her olive skin looks exactly like every other Italian's I've seen. She looks like she belongs in Jersey, she even dresses like it.
You never see her celebrating muslim holidays. I guess it's a line she wont cross.

No. 791684

Keep in mind when this photo came up she came up with the lie she was bullied for wearing her hijab. When asked why non of the women in her family wore them ever she just blocked people

No. 791686

File: 1598050940162.jpeg (72.54 KB, 636x784, 1469507232090.jpeg)

Kanadajin's "I'm ethnically Japanese" phase lasted longer than Moo's current phase. At least Moo isn't claiming asian anymore

No. 791689

Doesn’t her father have some Muslim quote tattooed on him?

No. 791690


Those aren’t Arab names except for Fatima is religious. Allan and Allie definitely are not.

No. 791691

Nta but I have never seen a white person with the surname Hoassain or talab

No. 791694

NTA but I haven’t seen anyone decide to give their child a completely new surname. Weird coincidence, huh?

No. 791695

It’s because it’s their middle names. Either way they are very much Arab origin.

No. 791709

she's one of those boring americans who has no ties to her ancestral homeland but likes to fall back on it to seem more interesting and special in an attempt to make up for her lack of personality

No. 791724

I did see her accounts following a few that had private accounts and I wouldn't be surprised if she made him make his accounts private

No. 791727

Milhem, Hoassain, and Talab are all distinctively Arab names. Look them up on Facebook and see where the people with those names live if you want to check for yourself.

No. 791729

The point is that Moo is white as milk and ages like it too. She's white passing and has never followed Arab traditions except when they come up in the news for points.
It's like people who claim to be native American because their great great grandpa was totes Cherokee and they have slightly tan skin but practice none of the culture

No. 791731

shut the fuck up about race who cares

No. 791732

File: 1598073556569.jpg (Spoiler Image,177.07 KB, 1612x705, nonomomo.jpg)

trying to get good shots of the tattoo nearly made my eyes bleed. its a skull that has its jaw splitting open like a spider, with webs and… leaves i think. some sort of writing as well.

No. 791734

the skull piece is definitely a bad coverup of whatever the letters are (maybe greek letters from a frat?) and a fucking slipknot logo on his wrist kek

No. 791735

Hah, what an edgy coward. It's Chi, Xi, Sigma and it stands for 666.

Wonder why he covered it up? probably tired of people asking what frat he's in

No. 791737

Now that you mention it, Irecognize the marks but at first I thought it read ''SEX'' lol

No. 791740

The race talk is annoying as fuck but whoever went and sperged about it on meta is a fucking retard.

No. 791753

When I first looked it up as chi xi sigma I got results of an Asian frat which I thought, oh how on-brand for moo.

his tattoo is chi xi STIGMA (2edgy4me) not sigma.

No. 791772

File: 1598118372056.png (426.14 KB, 745x497, Screen Shot 2020-08-22 at 1.44…)

Have we looked into this Evan dude? Right body shape and hands.

No. 791774

Clean arms and he’s sssniperwolfs bf kek

No. 791775

I love how one of her neckbeards in the comments is asking what sees in the dude lmao

No. 791776

lmao that’s Lia‘s bf tho. Not that it’s something Moo would care about, but Lia would absolutely drag her ass. I don’t think Moo would be down to risk that for some dick she probably doesn’t even fancy that much (since he‘s not Asian).
Also his hair is obviously way longer and lighter than the guy‘s and he has no arm tattoos either. Or at least none that would match.

Those theories are really getting ridiculous.

No. 791779

I know, they should be ecstatic that Moo would even let a neck beard near her
"We have a chance boys! Her standards are as low as ours!"

No. 791782


And maybe that was her game- buy some pathetic neckbeard with no sense of smell to do video with her, profit. Aw who are we kidding it was never a master plan it’s all she could get.

No. 791783

I'm honestly wondering if this content is selling… while POV might be attractive to them, I feel like her simps would feel threatened watching her with someone else (based on the comment on the pic above). Honestly she'd probably be better off fucking herself with a dildo.

No. 791785

She's still making big bucks but her prices are rapidly declining. In less than a year she was charging like more than 80 bucks for a topless pic. Now it's 30 bucks to watch penetration porn. She will have to keep getting cheaper and cheaper to turn a profit

No. 791822

File: 1598147655168.jpg (393.94 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20200823-035235.jpg)

No. 791823

look who's lurking

No. 791826


And trying to derail the thread by starting any conversation that isn’t “wow that porn of hers was the most boring unsexy thing since watching paint dry with old people”. Moo nobody cares where you think you are from genetically. You’re still boring af and a dumbass. That’s nurture not nature and you don’t get a pass on that because “muh lebeanese “ or whatever

No. 791829

Bahaha she got so butthurt about us saying it she had to pay 100 bucks to prove it I'm fucking laughing my ass off

No. 791830

Funny enough this doesn't make her any less racist

No. 791833

File: 1598149775280.jpg (93.75 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)

The face she made when she wasted her money to prove us wrong

No. 791841

Sad thing is even if it was true, no one will be inclined to believe her since she lied about every other aspect of her life
Collage, multiple degrees, Olympic athlete, top realtor, fake cat rescue, donation scams.

Hows that cheap porn Moo? You gunna have the chubby emo put it in your dry kitty while he's half flaccid?

No. 791842

File: 1598150906553.png (25.34 KB, 578x192, 1457076868912.png)

neva forget

No. 791843

She could have been dry in the video because she just wasn't into it
though obesity can effect that too.

No. 791847

File: 1598151895388.png (1.1 MB, 1242x2208, 12BDC33B-C456-4BC9-8866-4AA505…)

Your recent videos say otherwise Moo…

No. 791848

she's claiming she's the same weight when she was Chunk Lee
X to doubt

No. 791849

Doesn’t this also kinda disprove her whole “technically I’m Asian” claim too

No. 791850

File: 1598152307723.png (1.59 MB, 1242x2208, 6798FBC0-748C-4547-96F4-0CE613…)

Whining about Katsucon possibly being cancelled and missing cons in general. She’s probably just relieved to not have to look over her shoulder for people taking candids. Don’t worry Moo, when the cons come back eventually, people will still remember what a shit person you are.

No. 791852

anon be careful. You're going to make her get more lipo and plastic surgery and it's going to be all your fault she did it

No. 791855

so how were they treated

No. 791860

Does moo really think that constantly smacking her deformed lips together is sexy? Or can she just not talk without smacking them because they are freakishly deformed?

No. 791861

Because on the filter they don't look that bad as opposed to her looking in the mirror.
She's also enjoying herself because she lived her whole life having grandma turtle lips.

No. 791863

why doesn't moo get more tbh, what's stopping her?

No. 791874

Agreed. She’s already gone this far.
First I think she should get the blepharoplasty. She has big eyes but you can’t tell anymore because they have become ridiculously puffy and saggy with one being EXTREMELY lopsided.
Next her NOSE. It’s bulbous and kinda looks like a pig snout.
Then her cheeks. Those droopy lines age her about 10 years.
Lastly a bbl of course.

It’s fun af to point out how her fat arms and back are disproportionate due to lipo but honestly, she would look sooo much worse by now if she hadn’t got it.
Her gut was looking very much as though she had given birth.
Her torso now looks like an enormous tree trunk rather than a bag of dough.

No. 791875

File: 1598167787531.gif (2.11 MB, 368x460, InShot_20200823_002719653_1.gi…)

"Chubby girl"
Sure, moo.

No. 791876

File: 1598169146917.png (11.74 KB, 537x96, lol.PNG)

man I wish she was still on twitter(old milk)

No. 791877

Can you guys stop reposting her past twitter posts and lamenting already? If she hadn’t been banned for that bleach comment she would’ve been banned for some other shit because she had no fucking filter on there. We’ve had tons of milk from her already without the damn account.

Even then, she’s floated the thought of returning to twitter pretty recently (which would violate her ban) so you guys might get your wish. Just stop reposting shit we’ve seen multiple times before.

No. 791881

Nta but I’m surprised she hasn’t tried again, especially after so many years.
She’s less popular but even Shayna can somewhat maintain a Twitter account despite being reported and banned constantly

No. 791882

I wouldn’t be surprised if she is using a sockpuppet account tbh. I mean, she loves to keep tabs on people she hates as well as her rivals. Probably even has Maddie doing her dirty work.

No. 791890

Anons mentioned her weightloss and race and now she's posting both.

No. 791918

Sage for no meaningful contribution but oh my god her TikTok Instagram videos are painful to watch

No. 791919

File: 1598212414706.jpeg (83.04 KB, 640x538, A9BFF267-E654-4C66-92A3-B5888F…)

No. 791922

File: 1598215856507.jpeg (Spoiler Image,684.63 KB, 2972x2078, F56A0E26-137D-41B4-8C74-57A23F…)

Still unsure what the reason is

No. 791923

File: 1598216302281.jpg (243.73 KB, 1080x2018, Screenshot_20200823-145036_Ins…)

Cool attempt at being flirty to the dumpster fire that is your fans, Moo. Its the thought that clunts.

No. 791937

File: 1598224686970.jpg (Spoiler Image,474.69 KB, 750x1251, b17vblH.jpg)

No. 791960

File: 1598227447784.png (2.98 MB, 1242x2208, C8FA3F4E-6A8D-43F1-ADF4-90B5F3…)

Such quality…

No. 791962

File: 1598227864080.png (891.65 KB, 720x1051, Screenshot_2020-08-23-17-05-18…)

Anyone else feel like the makeup is similar to bishoujomom's?

No. 791963

File: 1598227886252.png (683.82 KB, 720x1033, Screenshot_2020-08-23-17-06-13…)

No. 791964

File: 1598228046282.jpg (62.86 KB, 335x470, Screenshot_20200823-181020_Ins…)

Sad attempt at pole dancing?

No. 791965

File: 1598228136029.jpg (116.74 KB, 1020x1150, 20200823_201534.jpg)

Her fat eating the shoulder strap is killing me.

No. 791967

Rofl! This crease is the size of her ass!

No. 791968

100% that’s the first thought I had as soon as I saw it. Super funny how she’s talking about how she’s gotten so good at makeup but she’s just copying someone else again. She even did her lips the same way and is basically sucking herself into the same body

No. 791971

File: 1598228625902.jpeg (59.82 KB, 464x464, 4C10C267-715B-4068-BF0C-4FEACC…)

some perspective on uhh, how far we’ve come

No. 791972

God stop backseat modding its more irritating than anyone else

No. 791973

Do people regularly call her out for how fake and unlike herself (let alone an actual person) she looks lately? Umbran is gross but at least she doesn't look like the bloated body a mortuary makeup artist just finished up.

No. 791974

Idk why she hasn’t gotten a rhino yet it seems so obvious to me. Rhino + blepharoplasty + go to a decent injector and have everything dissolved and refilled properly. Maybe a Botox brow lift as well, definitely preventative Botox cause she’s aging like milk. And bbl is obvious because an actual ass would give her the illusion of not being a total whale, plus she has plenty of fat to use.

Honestly it’s confusing to me why she hasn’t done all this yet. Makeup an excuse to cover up her face for a month ‘vacation + face masks during corona’ and get it all done at once. She has the money and given that the only career she has is based on her fading looks it’s a good investment.

Thank us later, Moo

No. 791975

it's because she reads gossip forums and relies on our feedback to stay alive, career-wise.

She's mentioned wanting a BBL but never did it. She's fearful to do anything.

No. 791976

Atleast she didnt do The same basic make up.

No. 791981

This feels like it could be added to the “her smile and optimism: gone” banner.

No. 791983

File: 1598234775844.jpg (66.47 KB, 960x720, PfjJEpK.jpg)

No. 791984

the fuck is that orange upper lip?

No. 791985

Wow she really photoshops her face to the max. right now doesn’t she?

No. 791987

I think it's more she photoshopped herself into uncanny valley in a similar way.
Damn her thigh now is the size of her waist in the first pic. Where does she ever find tights that fit her?

No. 791989

She shooped her face slimmer or taller so the pupils on the contants fully look like ovals who is she fooling????

Also she needs to learn that if she's going to overline her lips she should:
shoop out her real lip line because it's very prominent
wear a matching nude on the bottom lip. You really cant pull off a warm tone upper lip with a cool toned lower lip.

Remember kids just because it's pink, doesnt mean it's warm toned

>>791987 they make plenty of tights for obese women anon dont worry

No. 791990

she’s evolving into kanadajinsan

No. 791991

How could someone go from good looking, to looking like jabba the hut in such a short period of time.

No. 791992

The top nude lip makes it look like she has shit on her lips rotflmao

No. 791995

Right, my thoughts too. The brown overdrawn lip and bronzer or whatever on her nose makes her look like she been eating ass.

No. 792008

fucking tragic. how much time between?

No. 792011

The oversized bow tie-thingie really emphasizes even more how small her head is. Maybe that’s why she went so over the top with her make up; to distract from the straps and the head size.

Plus, for some reason I feel like the make up was either done by Umbran or she at least advised her to do it that way. It just screams Tiktok to me.

No. 792028

File: 1598275870112.jpeg (209.31 KB, 750x819, B9517A58-B433-4B47-ABA2-17B0A6…)

ah yes, the classic fattie dilemma of skewed strap hooks cause if it’s placed properly (horizontal) that strap will NOT stay on. She’s pushing the strap to its ultimate limit.

No. 792033

I'm not sure she can go under the knife at her current weight. General anesthesia is no joke.

No. 792034


Well veterinary medicine is an option- they sedate cows don’t they?

No. 792035

Nah, docs don’t recommend against surgery until people are way deathfat.

No. 792037

Umbran looks like PT to me

No. 792068

I'm surprised she didn't already break it and sew it to the suit.

No. 792089

sage for stupidity but who the fuck grabs a boob like that

No. 792090

i mean even copying someone elses look requires some skill to make it look right. I dont think anybody gets good at makeup without copying. sage for sperg

No. 792093

Shes gonna need a face lift at this point. Shes gotten too much filler and gained too much weight, she runs the risk of looking even more saggy if she gets everything dissolved and redone

No. 792095

File: 1598298792500.png (262 KB, 357x548, Screen Shot 2020-08-24 at 3.51…)

Incredibly sad attempt. This is the most she does with it. It's mostly just a prop for the shoot that she stands next to.

Ya know, because she would have to be able to lift her 300lbs ass to even use a pole.

No. 792099

Tries to ride pole, pulls ceiling down on her.

No. 792100

File: 1598299133772.jpg (43.32 KB, 460x689, 768c739c17997f45e48230c5a76d1e…)

Holy shit you aren't lying. On this one she didn't even need strap hooks.

These were taken in 2016 so about 4 years ago?

No. 792101

That's not a complement Moo.

No. 792102

It really a shame, you can see how much she's feeling herself in this costume by all the shit she posting but the scrotes won't care, she posters her self fucking so recently that they don't care about her pretending to be a cosplayer anymore, not unless shes putting out an explicit version

No. 792103


Saging for nitpicking but I feel like at that point it would be best just to glue the damn thing to yourself and use acetone to take it off after.

Those straps look like they're about to snap like a rickety old rope bridge.

No. 792113

File: 1598302584664.jpg (176.92 KB, 667x1000, EfGad42XgAA88cw.jpg_large.jpg)

Is she even giving credit? Literally any time her work is suddenly not complete trash it's because she's ripping off someone.

No. 792114

Sakimi's anatomy is almost as broken as Moo's
She's been sucking their dick for months with copy-cosplays of their art so I'm sure she's tired of sourcing

No. 792116

Bulma's spine is broken here
A tier rendering, B- tier anatomy

No. 792118

It’s like Moo trying to one up her younger, slightly more attractive daughter.

No. 792120

File: 1598305650387.png (76.89 KB, 405x298, bulma canon.PNG)

wow i love the cosplay.

No. 792121

Oh man, that is perfect

No. 792130

No. That lingerie picture she posted is of honeybirdette lingerie too that everyone tags on insta but her because she doesnt want people copying her. Fucking cunt.

No. 792149

She's doing the I'm poopin' pose…

No. 792158

File: 1598323109490.png (300.8 KB, 388x411, Jr9D9G9.png)

In Moo's defense she got Rial pretty down, including the sharpie eyebrows.

No. 792188

Wait is this supposed to be Momo? It looks absolutely nothing like her. She shopped a completely different face? lmao

No. 792223

I hate that I thought this was James Charles at first, sis has got to lay off the face tuning good god.

No. 792304

File: 1598396391013.jpeg (1.23 MB, 1242x2011, 07CD2199-D72A-4E63-AD73-B9B702…)

I swear, every time she posts a pic of her house, it looks to me like she’s squatting in a foreclosed home. It’s messy but also empty at the same time lol.

No. 792316

Can confirm. My apartment was foreclosed by our landlord and it's exactly how you described it.(no1curr)

No. 792332

File: 1598421249421.png (603.44 KB, 911x858, 320498204382.png)

Mariah, your thirst is showing
>You're perfect
>Just wow. ILYSM

No. 792333

File: 1598421533186.png (504.02 KB, 1045x744, 320498204383.png)

No. 792340

It's a airbnb anon.

No. 792341

actin like she's on first name terms with this guy. Guess things aren't going well with her paid cuck

No. 792342

He's gay, so she aint getting far lol

No. 792344

She looks like she thinks she looks like Julia Fox

No. 792393

Not as fried as the wigs nowadays at least.

No. 792400

of course she would flirt with a gay guy kek

No. 792401

They've always hung out at conventions when they've done parties like a Katsu. I think that's why she is on first terms and most people do refer to him as Phil. It's his handle. I think maybe he's distanced himself from her because they haven't been seen too often since she came back to conventions. Trying to get on his good side with uwu support.

No. 792410

Welp, that makes it even funnier. Had no idea who this guy was. Guess she's trying to re-establish her place as a "cosplayer".

No. 792428

Jesus that is borderline stalker

I thought he was bi, or I'm thinking of another male cosplayer she tried to sink her teeth into.

No. 792432

File: 1598481602328.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, B9D45188-290A-4AAE-B1CD-51EFC1…)

Suppose she finally learned to use photoshop or facetune, since she haven’t changed her diet. She posted this in january.

No. 792440

Kek, I guess Chiro or whatever the other one was got too problematic for her "look guys I'm so woke" reputation and she had to jump back to sucking up another male cosplayer.
I wonder who's going to be the next big male cosplayer she tries to suck up to and group cosplay with when cons restart.

Phil isn't innocent, he's friendly with her as well. He referred to her as "my precious bby Mariah" on his livestreams so it's not like he's hiding it either.

Kinda unrelated but
>Phil cuts ties and "no longer supports" Chiro "after learning his past actions" for wokeness
>still friends with Moo

No. 792446

it's weird but it's only because Moo is a girl. For whatever reason in the cos scene if a guy so much as looks at someone the wrong way they're cancelled.
Though if a girl commits a serious crime no one takes it seriously because "Girls aren't dangerous lol"

No. 792466

File: 1598536695042.png (1.18 MB, 640x1136, A3F3FE47-6676-4C9D-A103-17969E…)

She shouted out the hair place that did her extensions again even though they did her dirty and posted those unfiltered photos

No. 792469

They also did her dirty by giving her a helmet head. It's like she's hated by everyone.

No. 792470

She does look like she's losing weight. She doesn't look like a complete unit next to that woman, just fat.

Her face is fucking wrecked, unfortunately. Thing about fatties is that they either have baby soft looking skin or hairy, ragged skin. Mariah is full of skin damage, strange aged lines, acne scars that was from not washing her bleached to shit hair and filler abuse. I can't believe she's doing hair extensions instead of fixing that face.

No. 792472

Everything she posts is shoopef to hell and back anon. Just look at the unedited photos that buisness posted just a week ago. Don’t trust anything Mariah posts

No. 792474

Oh! I guess her face looked so bad I thought she didn't edit it.

No. 792477

For some reason that’s the face she wants. She will edit her body before she edits her face.

No. 792478

because some salons will give huge discounts to popular influencers if they shout them out.
And Moo hates paying full price for anything and it makes her feel special. Win win

No. 792482

File: 1598546010689.jpg (1.5 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200827_103307586.j…)

Looking her puffiest for the new pic.

No. 792491

I just don't understand Moo's logic with extensions. She says she doesn't like washing/brushing her own hair, so these things are going to get ratty and greasy within a week.
But also get she thinks short hair is for lesbians… but it's the only hair style she can maintain to a point. It just seems like a waste of time and furthers damages her scalp

No. 792505

Honestly, Moo would look a lot better if she didn't get filler above her lip like that. It's not going to make her a super model, but it'd make her look less dopey.

No. 792507

It's over 100° in Vegas and Moo is covered head to toe in black
She really thinks she can hide her size with "slimming" black workout wear forever

No. 792509

Only way this works is if she stands right next to the Luxor

No. 792510

i feel bad for saying this but this is so embarrassing to look at

No. 792511

If she took half of those fillers from her lips and had put them into her tear troughs instead she would look so much better. Nothing wrong with plumping your lips a bit but these bitches never know when to stop (like way before you end up looking like this).

Also never get fillers in your cheeks, it always ends up looking droopy and horrible.

She should also invest into a make-up artist or learn how to do it better herself.

No. 792516

That photo on the right is so haunting. It’s like she should be on Housewives of New Jersey. Legit she looks 38-40

Also I don’t hate her makeup in the Bulma photo. I know this pic is edited to high hell but her make up always looks better when she has someone else do it.

No. 792518

Man, what ever happened to her froggydresser?
I thought they had plans together
Or did the Hawaii trip ruin their friendship forever?

No. 792520

She just did a shoutout on her insta lol
For shit extensions I wonder what her "pay" was

No. 792521

Mostly because she’s wearing expensive compression leggings up to her chest with a properly fitted for her size sweater (but lol still so insecure she wears sweaters in August in the desert) sage for pointless but I can’t imagine how gross the bottom of her leggings that she tucks over her feet are. Not even a moo specific hygiene nitpick, anyone wearing sandals around in the heat get sweaty and dirty feet after a while, and she wears them daily indoors and out..

No. 792542

File: 1598578982412.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1242x2023, 9454422F-5F5E-452D-BB3B-0254A9…)

Ironic considering the quality of her cosplays.

No. 792544

>she thinks short hair is for lesbians
Can someone spoonfeed me and remind me when this was? I really don't remember her saying this specifically. I remember her saying something very shitty about lesbians of the sort or even downright using "dyke" unless I'm mistaken, but nothing about short hair

No. 792546

That face mask looks super effective.
Why is the hair lady not wearing one?

No. 792547

They were tweets from when she was in high school iirc

No. 792549


Filthy rich but insist on shouting out her nails, hair, and plastic surgery spots (fake fake and fake) to get that 10% off.

No. 792550

you can peep the warped tile lines behind her legs if you want more proof too

No. 792554

File: 1598587375771.png (1.35 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2020-08-27-21-01-49…)

No. 792555

Got any caps of the replies?

No. 792556

So question, there's currently screencaps of Kevin going around that shows him being against blm protests, but it shows Mariah liking them. Should those go here or in calves thread since doesn't it bring up the fact how hypocritical Mariah is in regards to supporting BLM with all the stories she posts about it?

No. 792557

It's probably better to post them in the calves thread

No. 792558

I think it belongs here

Mariah liking pro-terrorism posts?

No. 792559


she really exposes herself with these meal photos. Not trying to anachan, but those portions are massive, and you know Moo-riah didn't take half home. Wouldn't it be easier at this point to just try and give the bare minimum effort?

No. 792560

I'll link the tweet here in case anyone wants to see it, a lot of the replies to the tweet seem to be pointing out how momokun liked it

No. 792561

Lot of people pointing out that Moo liked his posts. lol good

No. 792562

She's pro-gun what do you expect from living garbage who wants to hop on Kevins chode every time he makes a shitty hot take.

Mariah is the type that can't handle any conflict or disagreement, and in result flexes her guns to protect her fragile ego.

No. 792566

File: 1598597113318.png (743.93 KB, 1920x1435, kevin caps.png)

ill post a cap since the link was already dropped here but yeesh. Mariah only really posted BLM on her stories where it deletes 24 hours later and barked at someone asking if she was going to speak up about it that she already did. I don't want to go to much into the abuse allegations against Kevin since that should be brought up in the calves thread, but him and Mariah really are two peas in a pod.

No. 792567

I can't post caps right now, but I want to confirm Moo has seen this all trending because she is spamming her insta with "judge yourself first" type of stuff to pretending like she's a good person.

No. 792584

It would look a lot less stupid if she wore darker lip colors. Typically after e-thots get filler, they overline their lips with a bold color, which helps disguise the swelling surrounding the lips. It's garish and basic, but it's an improvement from just having naked lips with obvious swelling around them. Ironically, filler makes you need lipstick more, not less.

She also just went super overboard with it. One procedure was plenty. The silicone migrates, and the more crap she pumps into her lips, the puffier the rest of her face will look.

No. 792585

He's 100% right you cum gargles!
There are numerous videos showing that was self defense!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 792589

Jesus this actually enrages me that she wants to pretend she’s pro BLM but then secretly out here liking posts like this. The public just needs to drag her ass to hell and back, she’s a fucking joke

No. 792592

It's not even a fucking secret. She's literally friends with cosplayers on her Facebook. How pathetic lol.

No. 792594

File: 1598627362729.jpg (1007.61 KB, 1077x1919, Screenshot_20200828-080714_Ins…)

Yes. Fuck around in stores during a pandemic. Very clear she doesnt give a fuck about COVID and everything she says and does is performative.

Doesnt matter now that she has normies following her because she still is relevant. I'm hoping this twitter thing fucks her up, but women just dont get reprimanded like men do when they say and do stupid shit. All the cosplayers who are female and support her as supporters of her and not BLM at this poin. You cannot support her and still follow her like that.

No. 792595

Good point but she’s a fucking idiot. The fact she just didn’t control herself not to like these shit tactic statuses says a lot about how much shes “matured”

No. 792596

I hate this so much, lmao you’re a grown ass woman and you act like this in public? Moo will never mentally mature past 15, she’s always gonna be impatient, impulsive, lazy and OBNOXIOUS.

No. 792597

problem is she doesn't just gets it once. I think she pumps them monthly or even bi weekly. Would explain why her face is so poofy now a days. The liquid is literally migrating to other parts of her face.
With all the cash she has you would think she would invest in a permanent lip lift and be done with it

No. 792598

Risking her life during a pandemic by dining indoors. Hope the Panera was worth getting corona.

No. 792599

I have a feeling she will either not get it
or she has/had gotten it but doesn't give a fuck about spreading that shit around

No. 792601

How long until she posts something to distract us from her Facebook fiasco?

No. 792602

File: 1598631975580.png (594.7 KB, 1226x2048, Screenshot_20200828-091758.png)

Screencaps of the Twitter post and his FB posts got shared on a mutuals TL. Glad to see others and Zach Fisher pointing out Moo liking the posts

No. 792603

File: 1598632022680.png (471.65 KB, 1651x2048, Screenshot_20200828-091859~2.p…)

No. 792605

Oh that’s glorious to me. She was trying su hard to such zachs asshole back on the day. Hopefully this continues to spread. I just love that she keeps fucking up her own “career”

No. 792607

I don't know why they don't just share everyone's name who liked this post too. I'm sure it's other cosplayers too. Let the scene drag them all. lol Moo is no surprise and I bet Miso liked this too and probably Akemi.

No. 792615

File: 1598638628486.jpeg (252.09 KB, 828x1472, 0677FF1F-BB61-4D62-915D-3EDF89…)

got called out on a meme account and went private right after

No. 792617

File: 1598643733986.jpg (210.29 KB, 1080x1100, Screenshot_20200828-133739_Twi…)

Just wanted to post this in case they delete these posts. The meme page dragging her is already private.

No. 792618

There were other cosplayers too, mostly ones with smaller to no followings though

Weebking deleted the post now though so we can’t go back and get a photo of that

No. 792619

Also the fact less than 24 hours she was on her stories doing that stupid ass “black” voice. God she’s a fucking joke and it’s even more clear she doesn’t give a shit about these issues. Which her stupid ass neckbeard OF followers don’t care about, but if she wants any sort of internet notoriety, this kind of shit won’t fly

No. 792620

Cancel culture is fucking retarded and cancelling someone over being friends with someone who "doesn't support BLM enough so they are a bigot" is extra retarded.

Idk why people have to insert politics into everything nowadays and honestly it ruins the internet so much. Who the fuck cares about what Moo thinks about current year events? Nobody.

I'm here to see this fat bitch be gross and awkward and laugh at her bad plastic surgery and shoops. Stop making everything about politics cause woke twitter has to cancel everyone who's white and not ashamed of it. That's cringier than anything Moo has ever done.

No. 792621

shut the fuck up, her blatant hypocrisy about shit like this is part of what makes her such a huge cow.

No. 792622

Being held accountable for your shitty hypocritical takes isn’t “cancel culture”

No. 792624

Oh my god how many shit skin faggots are on this forum!? Do the world a favour and go to a blm "peaceful protest" and get shot in the head you commie simps!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 792625

All the way with you anon. This shit is retarded.

No. 792626

Claiming to be uwu so supportive and shitting in any one in her community who didn’t publicly support BLM while simultaneously doing stuff like this in private is hypocritical at best and being a snake at worst. You sound awfully close to a scrote who comes here for free porn and wants to defend Mariah, anon. It’s milk whether you like it or not.

No. 792628


you're the retard shitting up this thread trying to turn it into a political debate when everyone else is clearly talking about the hypocrisy between her woke pandering on her insta stories during the blm protests vs. liking these post. take yourself back to /pol

No. 792629

it's no secret Moo is racist. But it's good this shit is spreading around. She will only say shit in the moment to save face, but usually will state her real thoughts later on.

No. 792630

No motherfuker you're the one who started posting this political bullshit in here and you're not just exposing hypocrisy you go deepthroating blm in the process to! So why don't you take some of your own advice you brown nose loving commies!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 792631

what are you talking about? Seeing Moomoo go down even further because of a mob of angry woke virtual signalers would be even more hilarious not to mention very deserving kek

No. 792632

This is clearly just someone trying to piss people off and derail the thread, ignoring the fact that this Kevin And Mariah thing is blowing up.

No. 792633

I hope it continues to blow up so Mariah has no choice but to address it publicly, which is going to be a disaster for her because she has never been able to write an apology to save her life. Lots of her paypigs are dudes who aren’t white as it is.

No. 792634

Like that time she "apologized" before?
I know how it will be. She will say she owes no one an apology for defending her friend and she donated to BLM and throw it in people's face. When people tell her she can't buy her way out of being racist she will give a half assed apology.

THEN! A week later after the fake apology she's going to put on her ghetto racist character act, clap her hands and be as obnoxious as possible saying "I don't care bout black people, it's not about them. It's about racism"

No. 792636

That does sound about right. The blatant hypocrisy with said friend is what's going to make her flounder though.

I'm loving how her story posts are about how she's at a spa right now too.

No. 792638

Mariah can never take accountability for her actions. Even after she tried to make a legit “apology” it was filled with nothing excuses and blaming others. Considering how shit influencer apologies have been lately, and the fact people are just tearing them apart, mariahs will be a gold mine

No. 792639

> women just dont get reprimanded like men do when they say and do stupid shit

are you fucking stupid? Women get called out on the stupidest shit when men can be a pedo and still be making movies/music.

The issue is moo's fanbase are mostly males. They do not give a shit if she's a racist because they're just there to look at her bloated form and forget about her once they've blown their load.

It's not that deep.

No. 792640

Women have to do something pretty extreme, even then they don't get the same punishment as men do. It's much easier to put a guy in jail

No. 792649


> two people not capitalising their sentences

> they MUST be the same person attacking me!

absolute degen

No. 792655

there have literally been studies about this and the idea that women sex offenders get lesser sentences for the same offenses is a myth(derailing)

No. 792656

Promise you women get off far easier than men in every instance of a crime and "cancel culture."(derailing)

No. 792659

Anon, shut up and look into how Natalia Kills is doing. It's been 5 years since the x-factor incident and people haven't let it go.

Can we PLEASE get back on topic?

No. 792667

Has she yet responded? I’m have yet to see anything and didn’t know if I missed it or not. She’s more than likely pretty fucking butthurt about being called out like she normally is lmfao

No. 792673


The only reason why she’s getting off is because she has a huge social media following and other cosplayers befriend her to use her because they don’t care about her past because they’re as problematic and others ladder climb by associating with her, therefore validating her existence. This is why she continues to get away. The cosplay community is so fucking toxic, this isn’t news.

No. 792674

Mariah gives two shits because she is too busy buying Halloween decorations from Michael's.

No. 792675

Ofc she isn’t going to care, all that matters is that her paypigs continue to buy her content despite her being garbage.

No. 792677

That was yesterday, today she is off having an enzyme face peel.

No. 792678

Not that it matters but yes she is out shopping again and touching things all over target don’t worry

No. 792679

you would think she would use this time as an excuse to wear cosplay masks everywhere over her medical one for fun. Like her roadhog or something. Anything is better than staring at her jowls

No. 792687

File: 1598671144255.jpg (190.19 KB, 720x858, 20200828_221948.jpg)

No. 792688

I'm going to call it right now, Moo is going to use Chadwick Boseman's death to her advantage and make a bunch of tone death Wakanda Forever posts and hope that skirts everything going around right now under the rug because this is bigger news than Kevin and her.

No. 792690

Can I just say Moo seems like one of those brain dead idiots who would say "I would fuck so and so race so I can't be racist" defense?

No. 792692

File: 1598671834035.jpeg (786.25 KB, 828x1704, 351A59A4-A265-4E98-A29F-5E1E83…)

Someone shared this on fb. I’m deceased

No. 792693

Is this one of those photoshopped Esquire type situations because this is uncanny looking like Moo, but she'd never raise her shirt up that high in public.

No. 792695

Sorry guys, my ADHD slipped and caused me to like those posts. Weebking is an amazing guy who made a mistake but give him another chance, for only GOD — I mean — ALLAH can judge us. For the next week I’m going to be doing half-price tit pics and donating 10% of profits to shuffles cards a black people. Here’s my cosplay of female Black Panther. Wakanda Forever❤️

No. 792697

File: 1598673524326.png (883.19 KB, 720x1000, Screenshot_2020-08-28-20-57-16…)

No. 792699

Was just about to ask if she's started spurging with the actor for Black Panther passing of cancer.

No. 792700


That pic of maddy is so fucking scary (past her normal scary) what does she do dislocate her jaw like a snake to eat?

No. 792701

Big relate

No. 792702

I didn’t believe it either but the hair, glasses and bracelet all point to this being her right?

No. 792705


Theres other photos from different angles, its 100% not Moo

No. 792706

This isn't even a meal, she just got cravings at 8 pm and went to a restaurant. Every meal, every snack she's eating out. Weight loss my ass
You would think she would take advantage of doing nothing all day and learn to cook. Like what's her game plan when all this is over and she waddles into a con with her fat spilling out of her corset and shape wear?

No. 792714


The same plan as she has now- waddle around, notice nobody cares or outright laugh at her, run to her room and get drunk surrounded by people only there cause she buys the booze, then try to shine it on as “ty so much for all the love uwu!”. She can’t change. But by that time she’ll be even more haggard and look like the garbage lady from labyrinth

No. 792716

It's the same woman as the picture beside it. If you go to the article in the screenshot it's obviously not moo.

No. 792717

File: 1598679489756.jpg (496.59 KB, 1080x2160, IMG_20200829_023657.jpg)

So Bella Thorne scammed a bunch of scrotes through onlyfans and as result they capped the tips and changed the payment period from weekly to monthly payments. Wonder if moomoo is going to get even more desperate

No. 792725

No one cares, newfag.

No. 792732

I suppose this makes sense since her paetron doesn't make as much money since her numbers take a nose dive by the end of the month. Makes sense her OF would do the same. But with both combined incomes it's still a lot… but we can't forget her bills/living costs and her monthly plastic surgeries and whatever treatments she gets on a whim.'Who knows

No. 792734

>Claiming to be uwu so supportive and shitting in any one in her community who didn’t publicly support BLM while simultaneously doing stuff like this in private is hypocritical at best and being a snake at worst. You sound awfully close to a scrote who comes here for free porn and wants to defend Mariah, anon. It’s milk whether you like it or not.

No it's what every person on this planet does. Cause if you don't say that you support BLM you are immediately assumed to be a racist nowadays. Why did you not put a pride flag in in your twitter bio for pride month? ARE YOU A BIGOT?

So of course people are forced to pretend to be supportive of everything that you have to be supportive of, even if most people do not give a shit and trust me, most people don't. Especially outside of America.

It might be hypocritical but what the fuck else are you gonna do? Nowadays you get your twatter account deleted just for using the wrong pronoun for someone.

BTW the "anyone who doesn't agree with me is a man" shit is also retarded. Are you saying women can't hold the views I hold? Are you a bigot maybe??? REEEEEEEEE(derailing)

No. 792735

You ok anon? Do you need to talk out your feelings on a fucking Mariah Mallad post on lolcow

No. 792738

It's milk to call out her hypocrisy, but it will amount to nothing because her neckbeards don't care about anything moral or political - they just want to see her tits. That's why nothing will come from it. She doesn't need to make an apology for anything because no one follows her with good morals, nor do they care if their whale queen has any either. She's blocked everyone that gives her the tiniest shit on Insta. She never has to make another apology in her life.

No. 792742

The thing is, partially she‘s okay with being ‘cancelled’ or reduced to something neckbeards jack off to.
But she keeps having those existential crisis episodes where she suddenly does mind, tries to get back into the cosplay community by making all those cosplans (list of 32+ and in a year) and going to cons but fails miserably because those people do care very much.

And that’s what makes it milky, too. Not just the hypocrisy, but the flip flopping between owning being a racist, ignorant POS and pretending to be ‘uwu awareness positivity mommy’ to buy herself out of being just a SW. Because she has become everything she hated: A fat e-whore.

No. 792815

File: 1598743576493.jpg (34.64 KB, 500x333, VK1HHt2.jpg)

No. 792820

sage but could it also be because OF is in trouble with the law already? Might be them covering their asses from any more issue.

No. 792840

File: 1598752578763.png (1.63 MB, 720x1205, Screenshot_2020-08-29-18-54-03…)

Why is she buying so much shit??

No. 792846

She's literally Amber Lynn.

No. 792873

File: 1598801809800.jpg (600.55 KB, 1500x1500, BeautyPlus_20200830103632202_o…)

Dancing queen

No. 792891

She is obviously losing weight but it's very uncanny. She only seems to be losing weight on her bottom half, the upper part of her body is still huge.

I would want to congratulate her but there is a higher chance she is losing weight in a shady way. Especially knowing she eats at a restaurant for every meal and every snack

No. 792892

Fall is a month away and it's her favorite season. Halloween decor is half off at hobby lobby. She can go get cheap Halloween costumes and sell them as cosplay sets on paetron. It's the easiest time for her to make money

No. 792894

She's not losing weight, lol. She probably had another procedure done.

No. 792896

Comfort food, here we go.

No. 792897

I was thinking that. She's been very clear about the massive compression everything again lately. She went for a facial, but I feel like she got lipo a 2nd time since quarantine now. A few threads back, I pointed out some new scars [as the old ones have faded now] on her lower abdomen. This was when she was out hiking and she had her pants down. It had a filter, but nothing else was edited so they stuck out. This looks like an upper one now.

No. 792899

Five literal cartfuls of Halloween shit is overkill

No. 792900

Not when you have money to blow and she probably has storage she rents for all this shit.

No. 792901

This. Also the limo thing was only a few months?? back, no way she could have lost weight much, she looked huge on those.

No. 792902

So with all the compression gear it's safe to say she got lipo around her legs and tummy again. Which is tragic since she is starting to develop jiggly chicken legs while her upper body is massive. Like a bulldog standing up

No. 792903

We would have to see if she has them on her upper abdomen again or under her tits/sides. The new ones, I think also showed two dots in the back under her ass. I'd have to go back to the thread to look.

No. 792904

Yeah my thoughts too. At least her legs look smaller but it’s more tragic since the upperbody is built like a fridge.

No. 792905

She looks like she needs to vomit

No. 792906


They are stacked. She didn't have two sets right next to each other before.

No. 792907

She always acts like this when she's on her buyers high when she spent thousands on her appearance so she thinks it makes her look good. But it's basically polishing a turd.

So thousands on lipo, a few hundred on a face peel, another couple hundred on hair extensions, spent a shit ton on food and tacky Fall decor.

It's the end of the month and instead of saving money she saw she had extra cash and spent it all since she's going to get paid in a few days anyway.

No. 792910

File: 1598812456854.png (506.92 KB, 615x1057, unknown[1].png)

She needs to stop getting lipo and get that BBL she was talking about, the lack of ass is just getting more jarring and weird looking as she sucks the weight off her lower half.

No. 792914

Damn those extensions looking rough. She should just stick with the short hair. “Looking gay” should be the least of her worries

No. 792916

File: 1598818398101.png (936.42 KB, 717x1197, Screenshot_2020-08-30-13-11-24…)

No. 792917

File: 1598818636187.png (1.03 MB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2020-08-30-13-11-16…)

No. 792920

You can’t feed an entourage on value meals silly anon. Although she probably does most days.

No. 792921

She may be hoping that if she keeps removing fat cells everywhere else, the fat will eventually have to go to her ass. It will probably strangle her organs before that ever happens, though.

No. 792931

File: 1598823563952.png (897.43 KB, 720x1193, Screenshot_2020-08-30-14-35-51…)

Cut the bullshit Moo

No. 792932

I know right? She said she hates brushing her own hair, then why have extensions if you can't even brush it? Swap hag is all I can think of

No. 792933

That doesn't excuse you to forever act like you're 16. It makes her seem mentally handicapped. Then again, she already declared that when the sexual assault thing came up. This just reminds me she needs a tard handler

No. 792939

File: 1598828583168.jpg (650.27 KB, 792x1341, kEnZDXg.jpg)

No. 792940

File: 1598829114161.png (907.55 KB, 720x1044, Screenshot_2020-08-30-16-07-39…)

New veinchan

No. 792941

File: 1598829216531.png (924.3 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2020-08-30-16-07-01…)

>her dad asks what's upstairs at the Bass Pro and she says "gunsss" excitedly

No. 792953

File: 1598839294795.jpg (36.03 KB, 640x404, MDsInF3.jpg)

This is all I can think about.

No. 792956

File: 1598840069460.png (4.46 MB, 1800x1593, 845F02C7-9A08-4633-B1E3-68B83B…)

>Bought a bunch of Halloween alcohol

“I don’t drink my dudes”

No. 792972

Momo: Omg I hate my parents and my dad especially was emotionally and psychologically abusive and is the reason I have disordered eating and body issues. Remember u can choose to separate from toxic ppl in ur life positive vibes everyone!!!

Also Momo: teehee yay I'm gonna go shopping with my dad and have fun new experiences together yay i love my dad #daddysgirl

No. 792973

File: 1598847309661.jpg (585.26 KB, 792x1340, 20200830_231409.jpg)

God what a horrifying shop job. That absolutely cant be her ribcage or boobs because miso isn't as busty as moo and that would make her ribcage out further than her chest. You can argue that it's the fanny pack they wear but it's on their side outlined in blue. Jfc cuck noodles

No. 792975

May as well get all the lipo done before the seasonal weight gain
"There are barely any calories in alcohol. It's a drink!"

No. 792976

Because she asks him to make her seem like she's in a similar size group to whoever she's shooting with. But notice he doesn't have the same kindness with the other model and making her look thinner
Look at how wobbly and liquefied Moo's legs are

No. 792980

He doesn’t have enough knowledge in Photoshop to edit out the backfat devouring her bikinis. It’s such a giveaway and makes the attempts at slimming her pointless lol

No. 792986

Look how blurry her upper right back is compared to how high def Miso is. It looks like he couldn't erase the back fat, gave up and decided to just blurr it out instead and hopped no one will notice

No. 792987

Square did Miso dirty on this one. Is this punishment for leaving him? Not only the rib cage debacle but look at Miso’s right hand, on her pinky. It’s elongated into a fucking talon just to give moo a semblance of an ass. She looks like she has witch fingers.

No. 792988

It's because Moo cries about looking like a hog next to other girls. You can see in other sets with other models she pushes the editors to make her seem like she's in similar shape to the others.
that and he left Miso cuz he wanted to hang around Moo more. When they broke up she kept posting vague posts about it. Honestly Miso is spineless to continue hanging around her imo

No. 792990


Look at their fat ass faces. That hair copy and paste onto the side of her face to her triple chins and he didn’t do the same for miso. Throw the whole thing away

No. 792995

Nitpick but I hate it when she does these kinds of positivity posts with that fucking face all the time.

No. 793000

She looks like Oliver Tree in a wig very unfortunate

No. 793002

Moo‘s face literally looks like it‘s melting.
Wtf is going on with her eye?

No. 793016

This piece could definitely be in one of those photoshop fail redddits that Moo has been featured on before… That finger stretching down Moo's fake butt is terrifying once you see it.

No. 793017

Why is this half-naked guy arranging her fake plants?

No. 793027

Yeah what’s the context for this?

No. 793030

Because moo is "quirky and oh so sexual" now.

No. 793038


The knock out drugs wore off and he’s trying to find a way out?

No. 793046

I think she finally figured it out guys. Imma take a break from lol for awhile. But I’m HOPING these changes mean what I think they mean. I’ll sage this or whatever (no disrespect intended) but I’m glad to see theirs a chance she finally changed. If not I’ll be here next year like all of ya. Stay safe out there.

No. 793049

You didn’t sage

No. 793050

Oh shit you’re right hahah. Oh man if you guys could ban me as a send off that would be cool.

No. 793051

the fuck you talking about? she's still the lying sack of abusive crap she has always been. Nothing has changed, she still lies about lipo, surgeries and fake positivity shit. Take your vauge posting somewhere else

No. 793052

Which one of us hasn’t been. Don’t get me wrong her past is fucked up. But aye if she changes she does. If not then cool. Not vague just an opinion piece. Now ban me.(ok)

No. 793066

If you think moo has “changed” you’re an absolute idiot LOL it’s probably just moo coming in here to save face. Gtfo

No. 793073

The day Momo changes is the day she does a sincere apology for everything she's done and everyone she bullied. That would be one long arse video. Bonus of she doesn't have a shit eating grin on her face

But that will never happen, thus Moo changing is impossible.

No. 793090

Maybe that was the 'apology' video where she's holding one of the cats

No. 793096

that one doesn't count because she was making jokes and smiling the whole time. Then right after said her victims were just jelly and make it up for clout. Then the infamous "My ADHD made me molest those people!"

No. 793107

File: 1598919417347.png (462.89 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2020-08-31-17-16-46…)

No. 793115

It's funny she posts this when moo scammed the hardest of any thot outside of Belle.

No. 793116

File: 1598920975491.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, 81676A97-D9EF-477E-A49A-DB4A52…)

This is her monthly Patreon offering. Do you guys think her simps actually have much interest in crappy cosplay lewds after she’s already done full on penetration?

I’m curious to know if she will get less people to sign up this month.

No. 793117

I feel like most of the paetrons stay cuz they forgot to unsub, she hasn't really gained any. Why pay for her paetron when she's releasing basically the same sets on onlyfans but with full nude?

No. 793127

File: 1598927473793.jpg (232.79 KB, 1080x1920, mariahmallad_118639931_1173954…)

I wonder how terrible this set will be, if any of the previous sucking photos/videos are any indication

No. 793173

File: 1598967321613.jpg (533.7 KB, 1063x1755, IMG_20200901_093329.jpg)

So inspirational

No. 793179

Oh shut the fuck up. There is no defending standing for BLM then behind private FBs liking anti BLM posts. It’s not even hypocrisy, it’s obviously her just using a platform to make her look a certain way on the public’s eye.

It’s amazing to me that her idea of friendship is basically just a bunch of yes men. A true friend is someone that will call you out in your bulk shit and say “actually, you’re wrong” But Mariahs idea of a friend is just someone that sits there and does nothing. Her reality is so fucked

No. 793186

Couldn't read past the third "so" in the second line.

No. 793191

Moo had real friends at the start. But remember she bullied them, talked shit behind their backs or just called them snakes and cut ties with them.

Moo is not looking for friends. She wants yes men

No. 793192

File: 1598977222362.png (1.14 MB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2020-09-01-09-18-20…)

No. 793193

File: 1598977288274.png (834.02 KB, 718x1192, Screenshot_2020-09-01-09-18-38…)

Anyone find it weird she didn't defend Kevin by name like she did with Leon?

No. 793194

File: 1598977321435.png (792.52 KB, 720x1196, Screenshot_2020-09-01-09-18-50…)

No. 793195

why does she make these lists if she's not going to do most. She might do Ponocho for the 1000th time since she already has the stuff she needs.
Maybe Samus to re live her glory days of "that cheap spandex suit!"
like she's going to fit in that Howl cosplay she ordered half a year ago

No. 793196


She’d make a better witch of the waste. It’d probably be the only cosplay to actually suit her

No. 793197

Let me guess she's leading toga, an actual kid, because she didn't learn from the kanna incident right? Considering all she does is lewds and porn, she needs to start leaving underage characters out of this

No. 793199

File: 1598978698135.jpg (978.77 KB, 714x1076, InkedScreenshot_20200901-10072…)

Her response made me cringe.
Is this her sister?
Sorry if I haven't lurked enough

No. 793201

It's always the fat chicks who want to cosplay as sailor Jupiter.

No. 793202

little miss "My sister isn't disgusting! She would never do porn!"
Her whole family doesn't have morals as long as Moo shares the wealth

No. 793203


I’ll take “shit that will never happen” for 500 Alec. Seriously she needs to give it up- she’s no fucking cosplayer, was a joke when she was considered one, and is now a joke as a porn thot.

No. 793204

Both list have a character she's done before. Why redo them other than to show off her new surgeries. Toga and Elfen Lied are just gonna be a wig and her nude anyway. Guess Maddie has to earn her stay by pumping out wigs for her master.Honestly a bunch of the cosplans are ones her ex friends/competition did well or are known for. Typical petty cunt

No. 793221

Whoa, a samus suit redux? Why would mariah do this to herself, she's just begging for comparisons from her early days as "thicc samus" to…. whatever she is now. If she's going to drop any of these (and she'll drop a lot) it should be this one.

No. 793225

She's just going to have Square shop her a new body and brag how she's more thicc than she was back then.
Oh Moo, we have seen your unshopped body in that bread kneading video. You're not fooling us

No. 793237

>Sailor Jupiter
NOOOOO NOT MY GIRL MAKOTO. She's actually strong and is willing to protect her friends, as well as having a domestic side to her tough demeanor. Why not do Usagi who is a fucking crybaby, gets clingy and jealous, lazy, and eats a lot? She's basically what Momo herself is.

No. 793240

File: 1598992693315.png (486.69 KB, 720x1197, Screenshot_2020-09-01-13-36-16…)

Posted a bunch of slides from this page. No one asked for it

No. 793241

File: 1598992739248.png (437.17 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2020-09-01-13-36-19…)

No. 793242

File: 1598992845162.png (494 KB, 720x1206, Screenshot_2020-09-01-13-36-47…)

No. 793244

She HAS to be doing this on purpose. This is beyond projecting

No. 793249

Hoping she follows up to say this is directed at her onlyfans/patreon followers that unsubscribed

No. 793250

File: 1598995558417.png (1.36 MB, 1018x1096, Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 2.26…)

No. 793252

File: 1598996227754.jpg (929.73 KB, 1500x1500, BeautyPlus_20200901163703378_o…)

Look forward to her "enhanced" versions

No. 793264

This is actually just depressing to look at. Before she actually looked decent and almost looked more like a Muslim Jessica Nigri, but now she looks like this. What the hell, Moo. Did you go through some traumatic event or something?

No. 793266

No, it was just all through high school her dad was the one making sure she wasn't a fat ass. After that she started gaining weight. On the left you can already see she was ballooning up. She has zero self control

No. 793268

This is literally just the effect of moving out of her parents house lol

When Mommy and Daddy don't choose what you eat or make you do sports you let yourself go a bit. Add an insane ego and tons of money and cucks to fuel her ego and this is the result

No. 793273

She looks so far removed from her old self that I immediately thought the left pic was a slightly less ratchet Ashley Riot before I got a good look. Moo wasn’t exactly a looker before but my god at least she still looked like a human being.

No. 793275


I think this is about her dad. We were talking recently about how she posts so positively about her dad and about spending time with them when she has previously talked about his abuse. She is directing the post at us about her dad

No. 793278

Rant time:
>if you're a man and you go around agreeing with the concept that doing sex work is self degrading, Moo thinks you're a piece of shit
>says she "ooze[s] self respect" and "self love", tells self respect and dignity doesn't equate to how you dress. Self respect and dignity equates to how you treat yourself/others and is not self sabotaging
>says putting images online does "mess with future ideals", says alot of porn actors work 9-5 jobs now but there are ways to prevent it. Moo says that you're earning alot of money right now so you should invest, go into real estate etc. Moo is not worried about not getting a future job due to earning passive income so she doesn't need to worry about getting a job in the future.
>not worried about it affecting her kids/significant others in the future. A man she falls in love with wouldn't act like being in sex work is a negative. She says a man who is a man would not be bothered by it and would encourage her.
>says she never mentioned wanting kids and thinks it was a ideal pushed onto her
>thinks men who are critical of sex work have failed relationships and the women in their life don't respect them. They want to put a "Madonna complex" on sex workers.
>she asks why are they so focused on hating on someone they never met
>says sex work is a easy job. Says people want to make easy money and that's fine but then there's people who make a shitton of cash because they "bust their ass". They think about it all the time, think of new ideas and concepts.
>calls the haters "boys" and tells them to shut the hell up. Admits she's stirring the pot. Suggests they go to the gym, start their own OF.
>advertises another donation page for Wolf Mountain Sanctuary because their solar panels are in need of repair thus making their bills high for the month. ((Moo could just bail her friends out but I guess she couldn't?))

No. 793287

Moo: Makes fun of nerds. Has to pretend to be one for simps
Moo: Makes fun of fat girls. Becomes a fat girl
Moo: Makes fun of sex workers. Becomes a sex worker

Maybe this is a weird curse for her. She really needs to stop mocking people

No. 793288

>says sex work is a easy job.
Because she was never interested in cosplay and thought it was a means for "easy money" until she started getting less cash. But still pretends to be a cosplayer because she hates the label of "Sex worker"

No. 793290


>if you're a man and you go around agreeing with the concept that doing sex work is self degrading, Moo thinks you're a piece of shit

I like that she has to say man because otherwise she'd be calling herself a piece of a shit.

>Moo is not worried about not getting a future job due to earning passive income so she doesn't need to worry about getting a job in the future.

The way she spends her money I doubt shes really investing any of it.

No. 793291

is she stupid?

No. 793292

I think she's lying to herself to make herself feel better and not panic. Her family does real estate, that is true. I think she assumes once she has no more cash she can guilt trip them into giving her money to leech off of until the day she dies.
That and she loves piggy backing on other people's success.

Like when Vamps said she was going back to school to be a pharmacist and people were stoked on her. So Moo had to jump on that like "Hey! I'm going back to school too! Look at me!"

And correct me if I'm wrong but does she own her current home? Or is she renting it from the actual owner?

No. 793294

She rents it. Why do you think so many people live with her?

No. 793295

Who wants to bet that after she reads this she will suddenly start talking about buying a house and looking at homes

No. 793297

Someone hurt her, between this rant and blowing off steam on the gun range kek

No. 793299

idk why you and ppl like >>793290 need to constantly say moo has never had money and is on unstable funds. her family has always afforded stupid makeup and clothes and gym memberships for her. its also not like its incredibly hard to have good money once you have stable housing– which; her family does. speaking of them, her parents dont even need to split the money they can give her and to her sister. you can give a trust fund or one of your children your money and put the other on the credit program or whatever once they get older.

people with real estate usually own 2-4 properties and rent the others out while they live in one, and theres obviously companies that do the process for you to streamline it. i mean, regular rich people like doctors do this w/ property and its really not uncommon among the moderately wealthy. it also really does pay itself off.

esp if shes in a nice property and has ppl live with her. if the rent is $2000 per month she can ask the other person for $1300 and only need to come up with $700 or so. like >>793294 said.

i also wish that there was a day moo will see shes ugly (on the inside) and has poor spending tendencies, and will hit rock bottom because of these actions, but between property ownership, her income, her families income, etc, there will most likely never be a day where she'll truly suffer like that
no point in even fantasizing in the poverty moo headcanon created here

No. 793301

She tried to before. Forgot what happened but she was looking at a "victorian house" so she could circlejerk about her Umineko fantasies but never followed up on it.

No. 793302

Her FAMILY just like >>793292 said
Though I get ya. Probably why Moo acts like a spoiled brat. Her family will most likely bail her out even though she constantly talks smack about them

No. 793304

File: 1599014255570.png (1.7 MB, 720x1202, Screenshot_2020-09-01-19-33-22…)

No. 793305

File: 1599014392320.png (1.19 MB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2020-09-01-19-33-30…)

No. 793306

File: 1599014495443.png (842.02 KB, 720x1208, Screenshot_2020-09-01-19-34-12…)

Must be the trauma bonding!!!

No. 793307

File: 1599014545407.png (1.26 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2020-09-01-19-34-26…)

No. 793309

You guys ever notice how she only wears tights/leggings?

My mom says fat women do this because they can't fit their pants and it's the only thing they can wear without that reminder.

No. 793313


dem ain't regular leggings bruh, thems are compression leggings (like public spanx). she's a gross pig and is being sucked in and held tight so her pig folds don't flap in the wind

also, MY GOD her hair is NASTY. she looks like a homeless drug addict with that hair

No. 793314

Everything she has on in these pics are compression clothing. I subscribe to the tinfoil that she got more lipo done and is actually trying to follow instructions on how to care for after.

No. 793315

I think she just only wears compression clothing now no matter what. She’s trying to look slimmer and keep her lumpy misshapen mess together.

No. 793317

How come after 5/6 lipos…she doesn't even look remotely good??you can't just get lipo and eat shit and get lipo again like how irresponsible do you have to be?

No. 793318

i give her props for not being a freak who hates guns. refreshing to see someone actually ok with shooting.

No. 793320

Your mom is retarded. It's compression wear.
She def got more lipo
Yeah give the unstable sperg props for handling Guns. Americans are a fucking mess

No. 793323

Yet she doesn’t have any understanding how to handle the guns. Like her weight lifting her gun handling is hilariously bad

No. 793324

File: 1599023919806.png (720.85 KB, 720x1034, Screenshot_2020-09-01-22-09-31…)

>pretending to knock her sister out

No. 793325

File: 1599024022755.png (999.29 KB, 720x990, Screenshot_2020-09-01-22-10-01…)

No. 793326

File: 1599024092423.png (48.31 KB, 720x360, Screenshot_2020-09-01-22-16-52…)

No. 793327

File: 1599024170154.png (46.64 KB, 720x297, Screenshot_2020-09-01-22-13-33…)

No. 793328

Her sister looks so normal. You can really see how moo fucked herself up.

No. 793331

>Your mom is retarded. It's compression wear.

kek, my mom said that completely unrelated to Moo. watch your mouth, floorlicker

Anyways, >>793328 I honestly feel bad for her sister having to stand next to someone like her. You have one body, one shot at life and you completely fiubar. That's gotta be a shame on the whole fam

No. 793332

She always tells on herself whenever someone else is in the picture

No. 793333

ah yes Moo, you really know guns!! Between hurting yourself on the recoil because you can't place your hands correctly, and having a piss poor stance you're a gun expert. Meanwhile, she has all her ammo stored in a weird plastic bag instead of ammo cases/boxes like a normal person. Not to mention she didn't post any target close ups…almost like that shitty posture contributed to her likely missing all of her shots. You're just a real expert here Moo!

No. 793335

Poor Moo even her sister's ass is bigger than hers I mean not by much but she still has some definition

No. 793337

this was my thought too anon, I'm only just beginning to get into guns but it seemed so weird to just have bullets loose in plastic bags, tf? and her stance is terrible. if she really does own all the guns like she claims, she impulse bought them like she does everything else

No. 793338


She is so god damn insufferable whenever she gets on her “mansplaining” bullshit. As if anyone criticizing her is just some woman hating misogynist looking to put her in her place. When most of the time it people pointing out how much a of a fucking idiot she is being and how she is likely to hurt herself acting the way she does. I can only laugh when her dumb ass inevitably ends up hurting herself since she has literally no one to blame but herself.

No. 793340

Is her sister older or younger than her because jesus christ momo looks like a 40 year old aunt next to her

No. 793341

Haha I was thinking mother and daughter

No. 793342

File: 1599032898733.png (3.82 MB, 1242x2208, 54771B73-5728-4A6A-BF7E-6C8EA3…)


Recorded it in case anyone was wondering about her shit stance. Most stories don’t even show the target, she’s just posing to show that she’s a “bad bitch”.
I don’t think she should be anywhere near a gun tbh.

No. 793345

Watch the dirt mound behind the targets. She actually missed all her shots and hits the dirt. She grazed the paper once out of all her shots but she has no aim. She's just firing to empty her clip.
You don't have to be a man to know her form is bad. She isn't trying to aim or control her shots and she was getting careless with her grasp. I was surprised her sawed off didn't fly out of her hands when she fired it. Just because a tactical shotgun has better recoil doesn't mean you should lift it so close to your face. If you know how to fire with a sight, then you don't need to squint one eye and tilt your head to shoot. Don't know what her left hand was trying to do while she gripped the Scorpion. She was going to fire holding the barrel I guess. Being sloppy with firearms is how you hurt yourself.

No. 793346


….that's literally the WORST stance??? Why the fk is she standing SIDEWAYS with her shoulder locked?

Waiting for her to make some dumb comment about how "sore" she is from hours at the firing range.

No. 793347

god, she ain't even aiming, just hip firing. no wonder she couldn't shit

No. 793348

She brings up the 'mansplaining' thing because she lurks here and seen how she got criticized too.

No. 793350

She reminds me of that "Bad bitch" black chick in the car with two other guys on periscope or some shit, chatting shit with a 1911 before racking the slide and popping the driver "on accident".

Yes, women surely will rule the world. kek

No. 793353

File: 1599042345838.png (1.03 MB, 631x993, HAHAHAHA.png)

Wait, she lurks here!? I'm surprised she's not pulled a cartman and got some poor simp sifting through the shit to only feed her positive comments. Considering she feeds on validation, im wouldn't be surprised.

In concerns to the shooting, she probably expects her tits to help with recoil if they have the consistency of fucking sandbags, with a stance like a constipated statue.

Pic related - Go on, momo. hold it like true russian ivan to avoid hurting fingers.

No. 793355

Sarah Döner Kebap

No. 793358


This looks like she’s about to blow her damned finger off. What style and grace. And those shitlocks she calls extensions make her look like she’s trying to be a Rasta. This picture is so cringe

No. 793359

ah yes, gun professionals all know its a standard to shoot with 3 inch long nails. i cannot see how this could possibly affect the weapon use /s
is her fucking face ok? what the actual hell is happening here.

No. 793360

Sorry for the tit nitpick but holy shit her boobs are almost at her navel in this picture. Instead of a butt lift, she should get a breast lift (and also wear properly fitting bras.)

No. 793363

But Momo, I thought you knew everything about the guns you own? How come you let a man explain them to you and your sister then?

Jfc her body shape literally looks like drag queens using ridiculously excessive ass padding to give themselves curves.

No. 793367

Also it's ridiculous how obvious it is in this picture that all her 'weight loss' is from another round of lipo.

You don't just lose tummy fat but then have the thighs of a sumo wrestler.

No. 793368

File: 1599056156676.png (448.86 KB, 692x395, Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 10.1…)

Also I don't know who's target is who's but it looks like at least one of them is a shitty shot and I'm going to put my money on it being Moo.

No. 793371

It's been like a week and her hair extensions are looking raggy as fuck.

No. 793372

I see she hasn't brushed her hair since getting the extensions in. What's even the point in getting them?

No. 793373

Because it's a common stance in movies/anime but not practical in real life.

No. 793374

I wish some art anone would draw Moo eating a giant pile of food and on one end a lipo machine forever pumping the fat out of her. Because that's basically what she's doing

No. 793376

That looks more like mother and daughter, rather than them being sisters. They can't be that far apart in age, can they?

No. 793377

It just makes me laugh how at the end of the moo doesn’t have her own personality. It’s all a mix mash of every guy she’s ever been interested in. She’s never been so into guns before she started a friendship with Kevin. She was never into the peaceful warrior vibe thing before she started hanging out with that tattoo guy. Same thing with her interest in anime, lifting, cosplay… all of it is directly connected to guys she’s either dated or wish she dated.

That’s sad huh

No. 793378

Because she's just like the "not like other girls" meme
She's hoping if she acts like a bro dude that she will magically attract one. Except she forgot most bro dudes want a fit girl who understands basic hygiene. Not someone who didn't take a bath for 3 days because they liked their make up and slaps fake ghetto talons on their fingers. Also it's weird, guys like running their hands through long hair, but you can't even do that with Moo because she can't even brush her own hair.

She can't accept she's disgusting and trashy and no guy would publicly have a relationship with her. They would be too embarrassed

No. 793380

Being held together by compression clothes, spanx and plastic surgery to only look like a mom in her mid 40's
I can't think what it's like to not be able to wear normal clothes and be limited to medical grade crap

No. 793388

File: 1599068327515.jpg (20.16 KB, 326x411, f95dd41e92a7a5e7af53eb567d13d2…)

She's starting to look like Jackie Stallone

No. 793390

File: 1599068394875.png (29.71 KB, 140x146, 1599056156676~2.png)


No. 793395

I wonder….all the sudden (every fall it seems) she’s pretending to be a cosplayer- and not advertising as much “so edge” porn. I wonder if her first few were so badly received and mocked (by other people than us). I mean the convention scenes gonna be weird cause covid, and she wouldn’t bother anyway, so why the shift?

No. 793396

it could also be all the crap with onlyfans scaring her too.

No. 793398

this. She would keep doing porn but if only fans wont give her enough for her spending habits she's gunna attempt to crawl back in the cos scene. But she wont grow like she did before. All they wanted to see was the porn, no one liked her for the cosplay

No. 793400

Not only that, but any forums of Mariah "fans" always talked about how much they wanted to fund her to push her into porn. I think they'll be a drop if she starts peddling the other way after all their hard earned money was spent so she can fucked on camera.

No. 793401

Yeah she can't really go back to just flopping her titts when she already did full penetration
That and she doesn't know if Paetrons rules will change to not allow any nudity, including topless. They get stricter every year

No. 793431

File: 1599089705301.jpg (305.22 KB, 469x873, La7SQjX.jpg)

How many girlfriend sets does it take

No. 793446

nta but sorry your mom is definitely a retard if she thinks they don't make pants to fit fat people. Hope it's not genetic!

the lipo is so damn obvious. She always goes on weight loss spergs before it, too.

kek moo in 5 years

No. 793447

Nayrt either, but I'm from a part of Europe, where there's hardly any shops that sell super big sizes, so fat people here indeed tend to wear leggings most of the time.
Not every country can have as many obese people as Murrica..

No. 793448

Not a sperg. But as a plus size person myself, MANY shops here have plus size options that are very cute. She’s just lazy and doesn’t bother trying to wear anything other than leggings/ sweats for days on end. As shown before she doesn’t have a regular washing schedule so….they probably smell like shit for convenience sake.

No. 793452


So, is Eric the guy with the triforce tattoo on his stomach? He has tats on his arms like the guy in the videos.

No. 793454

File: 1599096123025.png (392.14 KB, 382x516, Screen Shot 2020-09-02 at 9.21…)

Naw, has hand tattoos. So that mystery is still unsolved.

No. 793455


Shucks, thanks for checking.

No. 793456

Hey, it was a solid guess. But it's only a matter of time before we figure it out.

No. 793458

File: 1599096814793.png (546.03 KB, 825x1480, Screenshot_20200902-183125.png)

No. 793460

File: 1599097018959.jpg (432.54 KB, 503x900, dxOA6wH.jpg)

posting nightmare fuel on tiktok

No. 793462

lmao her literal shit-eating makeup is back.

No. 793463

Come on, sis
At least get arm bands in the right side, they're almost completely eaten by her fat

No. 793466

kek, you're definitely the same anon with your braindead responses. where the hell did you hear my mom say they don't make clothes for fat women?

anyways, like >>793447 said, not every country makes clothes in size Whale XL, lardass. I can hear the fat rolling in your belly just from your words.

Please tell me this is not a friend of hers…. There's no way you can post a vid or pic and tag someone like that without absolutely hating them

No. 793467

File: 1599098244907.jpg (387.69 KB, 504x902, IVjN9sE.jpg)


No. 793473

File: 1599099502837.jpg (241.94 KB, 1152x2048, gh360o0zzzo11.jpg)

So are we confirming that Umbran is actively getting worse at wigs or is this another 'last minute character swap' because her last peach wig was turned into Hibiki from that work out anime (see >>717054 ) last minute and now this one is so obviously styled for a different specific character because pretty much all the super crown designs have peach's flip outs.

Seems like this is the artist she's ripping off for the general idea so it's even more tragic that she once again ripped off someone else's design without credit and while changing 2 things about it so she can claim it was 'totally her design'
(art source: @Fizitine on twitter)

No. 793474

looks like a tranny in a bootleg yoshi costume(namefag)

No. 793475

File: 1599100101266.jpg (Spoiler Image,632.36 KB, 999x1016, QGKlRnk.jpg)

>those are her workout lines

No. 793476

File: 1599100182574.jpg (Spoiler Image,922.17 KB, 1538x996, Nzv6VKd.jpg)

Don't know if this confirms above anon's guess she got lipo again but I don't remember her having 4-5 lipo scars like this?

No. 793477

This is so uncanny. This belongs in Nuke's top 5 most disturbing images

No. 793480

File: 1599102088363.png (2.99 MB, 1800x1652, 704BB23E-BE97-4476-A7DE-4B9803…)


It’s even more disturbing in motion.

You can tell there was some photoshop involved in these pics but shes beyond salvageable at this point.

No. 793481

What the fuck is going on with her upper lip? God this pic makes her look like a burn victim lol

No. 793482

After the video she was forced to see how much of a fucking slob fatty she really is and rushed in getting as much lipo as possible. Too short of a time for real weight loss and she eats like a beast.

No one really lipos their upper back since it doesn't carry rolls, but you can always tell a huge fatty with plastic surgery when you see those line backer shoulders.

No. 793483

File: 1599103605850.jpeg (Spoiler Image,37.59 KB, 452x678, images (10).jpeg)

Another burgerfag who thinks everywhere is as fat as them. Kek what a delicious cope.

I tried to find a picture of an army drag queen doing drills, but this picture will have to do to convey my disapproval.

No. 793484

I'm pretty sure she didn't have those marks anytime too recently, at least not noticeably, so yeah I think she's gotten it done again. Those symmetrical marks are too dark.

No. 793485

File: 1599105167298.jpg (247.56 KB, 430x690, qjpcpWh.jpg)

No. 793486

Anon! Those are her freckles! Not Lipo scars. Lipo makes you gain weight!

No. 793488

She really thinks she can counter the gain with lipo but wont address her over eating. She's still massive

No. 793490


It’s because her dumb ass keeps trying push this retarded claim that “Lipo actually makes you gain weight, not lose it”

No. 793492

Did she just get her lips redone? Her upper lip is just..purple

No. 793493

So that's 5 lipo in total now. I knew when she went hiking those were new spots. So that means she got lipo twice during COVID.

No. 793497

This is legitimately the worst photo I’ve seen of moo in awhile.
Is that grime or stretch marks on the inside curve of her boobs? I would accept bad camera work (as usual) but it’s jarring

No. 793498

I think it's scarring from her breast reduction.

No. 793499


She’s definitely gotten lipo way more than five. She’s had legs twice, stomach twice, back, arms, and chin. cant even keep up anymore.

No. 793500

She did 3 spots in one go the first round, anon. They did arms and chin at the same time too.

No. 793501

File: 1599116982336.png (596.06 KB, 458x865, 45634.png)

It's the make up. She uses a nude for the upper lip and a pink for the lower lip, thus making it look that way.

That's her breast reduction scars.

Good call anon. She always flaunts her body after lipo.

No. 793502

omg can you stop shitting up the thread with your mom stories? no one fucking cares what your mom thinks about moo you giant sperg. Stop derailing.
confirms it i fucking knew that bitch had another round when she started bragging about 60lb weight loss kek
yeah it is

No. 793503

this is the same anon that replied to you first time. Your mom is a retard and so are you. Stay mad fatty.

Fucking yikes. This is bad. Her body looks warped. She's trying to make a waist by wearing too small underwear and pulling it up super high. I wonder if her mom and sister know she's doing porn yet?

No. 793504

Just imagine putting the time and effort into doing your make up just to literally look like momo scats was a real thing.

No. 793505

This is the funniest photo of moo ive ever seen

No. 793508

File: 1599120897672.jpg (202.62 KB, 809x961, Screenshot_20200903-041520_Chr…)


Lookong a bit downy

No. 793511

>the poop looking shadow(?) lol

No. 793512

Good god, that wig is looking crispy.
Also that unfortunate poo-poo lip, really good to see moo is putting her top effort into this cos.

No. 793515

File: 1599124436751.png (1.16 MB, 640x1136, ABFC37B1-E303-462A-95AD-59F92F…)

She should avoid doing shoots with other people. It really shows just how huge she is.

No. 793528

It doesn't even look like her anymore.
She looks fucking massive lately jfc.
Also, tits looks asymmetric af.

No. 793530

the way her lips move is absolutely horrifying
how did she get botched SO quickly?

No. 793536

all that chin lipo and face tape to still have double chins

No. 793537

It really shows how much she makes Square edit her down while barely touching the other model. It's like the only reason she shoots with other girls. Well, I can say only Miso. But Miso is also dangerously on that cosplay/porn line.

No. 793543

She literally forced her bodysuit into an uncomfortable "thong".

No. 793545

Its probably darker due to the filter, but I think everyone is overestimating how many lipos she can get in the same area.
At this point she would do better just getting a tummy tuck/lipo+bbl combo rather than more individual lipo.
But she has to be filled with a lot of scar tissue to keep going with regular lipo just due to how lumpy she is + lack of post op care.
Plus even at her size she should be way smaller after each round, like when she got "abs" the first time

No. 793548

a responsible doctor wouldn't give her more lipo. But Moo doesn't go to responsible people. She goes to people who don't care if they botch her as long as she pays. And the fact she goes in almost monthly, yeah they aren't stopping that gravy train

No. 793553

She looks like she just sharted lmao.

No. 793556

9/10 cosmetic surgeons aren't responsible at all.

No. 793561

why it's funny whenever an anon comes in saying "They can't do a spot multiple times"
They can, and have in Momo's case

I mean, she COULD hire a nutritionist but she would ignore everything the dude told her to and just continue eating out.
I'm still shocked the girl can't cook shit. And I don't count putting pre cut meat on a hot plate cooking. That's cave man level

No. 793564

The oath is do no harm and that's exactly what they're doing with cosmetic surgery. Introducing trauma to the body for non medical reasons. The 10% of ethical cosmetic surgeons probably with people who suffer from deformities and help them from walking around with constant stares. The others are buying boats while fueling addicted fatasses like Mariah continue unhealthy living habits.

And because Mariah lives in Vegas, she can find a whole community committed to taking her cash while ruining her body and health.

No. 793567

File: 1599157549864.jpeg (31.7 KB, 515x325, 4DD3645B-A5C4-486F-9BEB-C2A56B…)

Christ everytime I see that red lipstick I think fat Michael Jackson

No. 793569


this is absolutely horrible. There is no god lol

No. 793571

I feel like next year when she's out in public and people are making fun of her she's going to hop back on that body positive train and screech how people shouldn't make fun of her loose sagging skin

No. 793579

File: 1599166993747.gif (10.13 MB, 360x607, 20200903_160250.gif)


No. 793582

File: 1599167709459.gif (533.29 KB, 500x281, 2F7EBAD2-515F-42E9-A209-1A80E2…)

She’s giving me Dr. Rockso vibes

No. 793584

Why would you do your makeup in such a way that makes you look like you have a chocolate milk moustache? Why spend the money constantly getting lip filler to make them look like this?

No. 793587

because like her mental age, Moo applies make up like a 14 year old and hopes the filters will save her

No. 793589

File: 1599169524584.gif (Spoiler Image,1.55 MB, 160x120, E6FDDF70-830A-498E-ABE6-B5334F…)

No. 793590

They can only do it so many times in the same area, and typically make you wait 9 months to a year before doing the same spot again.

No. 793592

this exactly. that's why i will never get plastic surgery even if i wanted to.

No. 793594

It’s like looking at a 9 year old that ate all their Halloween candy, and then scuffles away.

Those massive arms tho.

No. 793596

You CAN have lipo done in the same area over and over again. You don't have to wait 9 months, it's just not a good idea. Dunno why you're pushing this idea so hard

No. 793598

Well, she did succeed in looking like a video game character… in the most unsettling uncanny valley way possible.

No. 793602

She put this on the internet. Herself. No one made her, or even asked her to. She’s showing us how terrible/terrifying she looks all by herself. Jesus Christ, Moo, why would you keep doing this to yourself?

No. 793606

I think she see's weight gain as a good thing these days, because it gives her "naturally" large tits and thighs and then she just has the rest sucked out-instead of doing things like getting boob and assjobs. Although let's be real, she'll probably get a lift of both of them after she gets them as large as she wants them to be. In her demented mind though, it's probably a bit of a cheaper way of getting "plastic surgery" or something stupid like that. Eat whatever she wants = free big tits and ass although the ass part keeps not wanting to cooperate lol.

No. 793607

File: 1599180854593.jpg (44.59 KB, 370x657, Screenshot_20200903-185233_Ins…)

Her creepy lenses are sure to haunt my dreams tonight

No. 793608

The bodysuit construction at least is almost not bad, but who puts a black line like that on the side? Did she buy this or have someone sew it for her?

No. 793609

Is she trying to look like a blowup sex doll? I look at that face and think I’ll have a nightmare

No. 793610

File: 1599182189877.jpeg (1.03 MB, 3072x3072, 920BA8A7-CC7E-44E2-8A26-6AC668…)

Okay but why do they look like they could be twins. Jesus she really messed up her face :((:()

No. 793614

She’s trying to look like bishoujomom so yes

No. 793618

people keep saying she's trying to look like bishoujomom but I personally dont see it. I cant find anything BM has posted that looks like momo's current makeup.

it looks more like she's found a new 'uwu anime eye' tutorial to follow because at least her eyes look more like gyaru makeup tutorials especially with that heavy white inner corner (see also: her pink-white eyeshadow phase) and the brown/dark upper lip is a bit popular in the tiktok cosplay scenes which might be why she's suddenly doing this makeup and attempting to make tiktoks again

No. 793619

File: 1599186488802.png (694.8 KB, 483x865, fat.png)

How does anyone deal with being around her when she eats? She has the Kylie Jenner problem where her lips are so disgustingly inflated she sounds absolutely vile when she's eating. Just smacking noises.

Also lol at her predictably dropping the motivated weight loss routine and going back to 2am wraps as soon as she gets her lipo. I know she thinks it's healthy because it's tofu and lettuce but she's still eating at 2am.

No. 793621

File: 1599188508966.png (587.64 KB, 750x1344, mooomomo o.png)

No. 793625

No one mentioned makeup in the line you're replying to. Everyone is meaning Bishoujo in general and yes, Moo is. She is even trying to get lipo to get that shape. Even the video they did together, you could see Moo be less secure about herself compared to BM in the wolf/RRH video. Moo is full of self hate and wishful lipo to look like better girls.

No. 793626

If you're going to make a fake image to shitpost, at least make it funny by changing the names to make it believable.

No. 793633

File: 1599194030919.png (749.37 KB, 741x1295, moomoo numbah 2.png)

No. 793642

It blows my mind that a single human being can look at this and feel aroused. Her tits are so assymetrical and deflated that they're beginning to look like an obese man's moobs. This is some next level grandma bod. Obviously everyone's boobs are at least a little assymetrical, but with moo it's so prominent that it makes me wonder if she has some sort of medical issue. Men really will jerk off to anything.

Jesus Christ, she walks like a retarded fat kid. The way she moves is like a combination of Pixy and CWC. It's Pixy's awkward attempts at being cute meets Chris's clumsy lumbering.

No. 793645

I wonder why she’s doing all these cosplay shoots now. These aren’t this aren’t August patreon rewards and she never does anything ahead of time.

No. 793646


I think she’s trying to dial it back from her full blown porn slide into hotdog water hell. She can’t of course- her neckbeards are like sharks and they won’t go backwards now that there’s blood in the water. Also I wonder if her family said something cause all the sudden we are getting “uwu much luv for daddy and my sister and blah blah” crap again. Maybe it’s a cycle but since either her mom or her as her mom keep liking her bullshit, maybe they are ashamed and said something. Moos performance art level porn is so atrocious anyway. When you are so bad you fail at fucking Porn lol. Even chelhellbunny can pull off porn (even if it’s horror show )

No. 793648

i wouldn’t be surprised if moo stole her hiking video idea from bishoujomom. she’s unoriginal.

No. 793649

I think it would be fine if they were her natural boobs. Big boobs are naturally saggy and tbh it's nice that there are still men alive who are not so brainwashed by porn that they can still look at naturally big tits and say "nice"

What's sad about her tits is that she PAID FOR THAT! She paid to look like that and now has scars on her tits forever and they don't even look good. That's what's tragic.

No. 793652

She didn't pay for it, her parents did. I'm not sure what the reasoning was for the reduction, but usually it's medically necessary if they do the surgery on a minor.

No. 793664

I thought she had a breast lift and not a reduction. Are you sure about this? Cause it seems like a lie she would tell.

Why would they leave them that big if it had been a reduction? Or did she have small boobs before she gained all of this weight?

No. 793668


That's not true. Just like all cosmetic surgeries, you just need to sign a consent form, even if you're a minor. I've known a handful of women who got breast reductions in high school just because they didn't like the attention it got them.

No. 793669

File: 1599225206791.png (765.6 KB, 543x1142, Untitel.PNG)

According to her she got a breast reduction in 2011 (age 14/15) and had 5lbs total of fat removed from her breasts.

You can see in the skinny picture of her in the middle that they were fairly small after that.

No. 793670


Those are definitely the cut and paste nipples of a reduction surgery. Even if they were at one time reduced, gaining weight can result in gaining fat in your breasts again.

No. 793671

They're also bigger in the pic on the left than they are now, and she must be like 13 in that pic?

Honestly I believe the reduction thing, but it was probably to improve her performance in athletics rather than truly medically necessary. A lot of girls with helicopter sports parents end up getting reductions.

No. 793672

Also according to a hs anon on kiwi when she got that reduction was the very first round of lipo too allegedly

No. 793676

problem with gaining a bunch of weight and only sucking out the mid section is she has that classic flat fat girl booty without Square editing her a new one.
I'm 1000 percent sure that she thinks wide=thicc

No. 793678

That isn't a black line anon. She busted the costume already. That is the seams coming undone. You can also see on the arms the white fabric seams coming undone from the green as well.
The scary part is… this is the edited version to make her look slimmer. Girl broke the costume the moment she put it on

No. 793679

even when she was on her diet she was posting food at crazy hours of the night. She was never on a diet, she was just sucking the fat out of her stomach and inner thighs this whole time. Though side effects are her upper body looks like they belong on a 350 pound body. Girl doesn't want to admit she's botched

No. 793680

>They're also bigger in the pic on the left than they are now, and she must be like 13 in that pic?
Yeah, I neither have access to the vid since she took it down nor do I really want to dig it up since she was so unbelievably underage at the time, but there was a youtube video of her posted in here from around middle school/freshman year of highschool where she and her friends were singing to Katy Perry, and her breasts definitely seemed as large if not larger than they are now, while she was at a substantially lower weight.

No. 793690

This has my vote as the next momokun thread image.

No. 793696

that doesn't mean the official reason wasn't back pain…
she def was trying to look active and caring about her weight more a week ago

No. 793706

lots of thots do hiking videos, none of them are original

No. 793711

..No they don't.

No. 793713

Another anon here. Public exposure is not a new concept and does not exclude hiking trails. You can search for it on porn sites. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of results for public sex or exposure on hiking trails.

No. 793714

It is indeed a popular porn category, but if we're referring to this realm of thots, it's not exactly common place and we already know moo tends to "borrow" ideas from more popular patreon thots.

It's different from saying "all patreon/OF thots claim cosplay is just wearing a thong and wig."

No. 793723

File: 1599259852326.jpeg (676.15 KB, 1242x2005, 433923FE-C2B4-4109-B099-4D8C42…)

Very subtle Mariah. What ever would you do without your simp bucks?

That image was shit to begin with, stop trying to make it happen.

No. 793742

Good lord I don’t know if it’s her eyelashes coming off or not, but she looks like she has eyelash mites. Wouldn’t be surprised as she doesn’t know any form of hygiene.

No. 793744

Either the glue is white/opaque and rising up because it's been pressed on, or she reuses her lashes, probably.

No. 793751

This is spot on

No. 793753

Stupid reach.
We've all seen how terrible she is at putting the lashes on securely. I think its partly because of how oily she is and not a strong enough glue. Anyway, its that bad hold plus a reusesd lash that didn't have the glue from prior use peeled off.

No. 793810

fill the void?
guess that’s one way of saying gut, moo being all coy

No. 793837

File: 1599331604921.png (1.33 MB, 1242x2208, DBB94DA5-6FFD-49B2-8307-412F1E…)

Moo went on another adderall fueled manic IG rant last night. I didn’t have the stomach to listen to each one (Because her voice is so grating on my nerves) so I skimmed it.

She mostly goes on about
>how she wants to do cosplay forever despite knowing most of her fans “only want tits and ass”
>rambles on about plants and cats
>numerous cosplans (that she’ll never do, let’s be honest)
>says her adderall wore off and that’s why she’s up late posting so many stories.
>is about to reach 1mil followers on Instagram

I’m sure transcript anon can do so much better than this, godspeed anon.

No. 793843

File: 1599336659505.jpg (266.49 KB, 453x540, me9Ym0N.jpg)

>released a new "girlfriend video"
>second one is 11 minutes of her lifting her shirt, """masturbating""", jiggling her fat and showing off her streaked ass
>lotsa POGGERS o'faces

No. 793844

File: 1599336734768.jpg (464.28 KB, 574x1052, CyEtxnL.jpg)

No. 793847

File: 1599337197544.jpg (Spoiler Image,352.5 KB, 577x1042, 2KpuPNz.jpg)

No. 793849

She blurred her asshole and crack so much it looks closed up yet also worn out
Scrub your crack Moo, it's cheaper than bleaching

No. 793852

You forgot the best part:
>"I can't pussystunt on shit. I am a slut in theory but never in practice. I would like to be but I don't know how!"

Also she delete half of the insta rant already

No. 793853

You guys think her asscrack is this color bc she shoves everything to make it look like a thong?

No. 793856

No. 793858

I don't think "I'm poopin'" has ever been more appropriate.

No. 793863

You can tell she doesn't know much about firearms if she doesn't know the difference between a clip and a magazine. She'll get over this gunbunny phase quick

No. 793865

The amount of filter on the video. It doesnt even look like her. And lol at having to smack her fat thighs to mimic ass jiggle.

No. 793892

>fans only want tits and ass
literally who else to blame there but yourself? like yes, I know most of moo's male fans were mostly sticking around to finally see her naked, but her descent from doing sexy cosplay to full-on porn was honestly shockingly fast.
she could have held off on showing her tits for at least much longer, let alone her full asshole. but she's the one who brought it on herself with her desperation to be an irl hentai character. she did that disgusting cow milking machine set, she tried to trick her fans by using fake nipples and calling it "topless", she talked openly about rape fantasies, and now she's upset people don't give a fuck about her cosplays.
stupid games stupid prizes etc etc

No. 793896

File: 1599347583452.png (Spoiler Image,179.36 KB, 488x924, momostainedass.png)


That was so bad. Filter turned to max and she was mostly just jiggling around awkwardly, trying to eat her bottom lip. I also have no idea why her ass has that weird darker area. Or is it because her skin keeps rubbing on together because of her weight?

She also needs to stop that nude top lip and pink bottom lip make up. Looks like she has been sucking on a turd.

No. 793901

File: 1599348141542.jpg (1.49 MB, 2560x2359, fullretard.jpg)

You were not lying about the faces, anon.

No. 793903

Don't wanna health splurge nor blogpost but TLDR the darker areas are essentially from the fat always being pressed together and getting sweaty so they create a yeast infection in fat folds. Its basically because of the way her Hank Hill ass is always like that
If she spread her cheeks to air out after bathing or wore more than just leggings she either wouldn't have the dark areas at all or they'd be normally pigmented instead

No. 793908

The brown upper lip looks like moustache.

No. 793910

She’s going into Shayna territory with the retard-porn. The make-up is almost nearly as bad too. Says a lot considering Shay makes pennies compared to moo. I fucking can’t with that brown top lip. Someone please tell her to stop.

Her tits are so flat and saggy jfc. I think they might be worse than chellhellbunny.

No. 793911

File: 1599350609984.jpg (739.9 KB, 524x756, ueAUe3h.jpg)

No. 793912

girl the dirty sanchez is so 2007

No. 793924

File: 1599357276987.png (321.52 KB, 1080x1910, Screenshot_20200905-184406~2.p…)

No. 793927

I tend to roll my eyes each time she throws up this word vomit about seeing a therapist and “bettering herself”. She had to add the suicide bit for some extra pity points. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Moo, no one will buy this self improvement bullshit until you’ve actually addressed your past actions and genuinely apologize for it. This includes apologizing to each person you’ve hurt. Just saying you’re seeing a therapist and spouting shitty hypocritical quotes from “the higher self” doesn’t make you a changed person. You’re still the bitch no decent person wants hanging around and you’re just mad that the only thing you’ve got left is low quality amateur porn.

No. 793929

Being "friends" with moo must be so exhausting.

No. 793930

File: 1599360199935.jpeg (Spoiler Image,150.02 KB, 1242x2259, 778AC187-6D77-482A-A404-888A91…)

Looking like a Furby that ran out of batteries

No. 793933

Spot on anon.

No. 793940

File: 1599362049820.jpg (620.28 KB, 579x686, iDyVSfR.jpg)

sage for shitty edit but had to see and yea pretty much

No. 793942

shes been love blasting Umbran alot lately so you know somethings up.

No. 793948

File: 1599362894018.gif (Spoiler Image,1.34 MB, 250x293, 8FA4C7A2-D67A-403E-B2EC-4670FC…)

Oh jesus, someone call a snake charmer.

No. 793951

>Almost yeeted myself from existence
Such a dismissive way of putting it, I feel like she thought about it or made some vague threat and now she throws it in like >>793927
mentioned, for pity points. I feel like if she had a real suicide attempt in 2018 she would have vague posted about how precious life is or whatever

No. 793954

Did she forget that depression is a moot concept to her and she just wishes it away like a anime protagonist when she wants to appeal to the weebs? It's weird how she claims things like how she does/did self harm but has 0 scarring. I know you can be self destructive by doing goofy ass shit but don't claim things when they never happened.

No. 793962

That chunky arm and elbow, oh my god

No. 793963

Maybe a reach but maybe she's trying to go for ethnically ambiguous with the shit lip? Like I know and have known of plenty of asian women and black women with darker upper lips. But when that happens naturally it's in a cooler tone that makes sense on that person's body/skin.

I don't think that's something Italians or "Lebeanse" typically experience so she probably just reached for her darkest nude lip color and the end result looked not unlike her asscrack.

No. 793968

her shoulder alone looks like a second tit

No. 793969

Lmao beautiful anon, nice job

No. 793982

u think she put the filter all the way up because we’ve been talking about her shit streak?

No. 793985

Anons, I guess I'm old but what in the fuck does pog, poggers and the variations mean? Help.

No. 793987

That doesn't even look like her wtf is this shit

No. 793989

No. 793991

File: 1599396327468.gif (973.62 KB, 245x137, tumblr_inline_n3jla9XYz51rro7a…)


same energy

No. 794002

>Those are definitely the cut and paste nipples of a reduction surgery.

They also remove the nipples for a breast lift and give you a scar that looks like an anchor, pretty much what she has. In fact a lot of girls claim they got a "reduction" when they really just wanted a lift for their big saggy titties.

If she had a reduction when she was really skinny and then gained a bunch of weight then.. well A LOT of it must have gone to her boobs. I think she is just lying and had a botched lift that she didn't take care of and that's why they are saggy again.

No. 794015

File: 1599403806336.jpg (76.53 KB, 720x1341, FB_IMG_1599403833267.jpg)

Found momokun on BST group on facebook(lack of effort)

No. 794017

drop it again it gone

No. 794019

Her whole masterbation video was a hilarious 11 minute gag fest. I lost count of the times she had to hike up her underwear to hide her sagging gut. The stroke victim faces. The dark asscrack. It was topkek. Can't wait for her to embarrass herself more.

No. 794021


Pretty sure she has pre-diabetes or diabetes, it gives you dark skin in your folds (neck, inner thighs, groin, crack etc)

It's this: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/acanthosis-nigricans/

No. 794023


I know this is Moo we are talking about and I shouldn't feel bad for her, but if she truly is (almost) diabetic that should be a wake up call.

All she would have to do is to eat healthy and move a little, not be getting more fucking lipo.
But of course she wont do that.

No. 794024

I know things like 'Rona hit but if she was as into fitness as she was she wouldn't have played musical chairs with her trainers. She also wouldn't have made it her mission to rant about shit she knows nothing about. The results show, they don't claim they're under 200 lbs. while staying visibly the same.

No. 794032


Stop clogging up this thread with your useless posts which can be answered with a quick google search.

No. 794033

Stop. It’s common knowledge she a reduction when was 14 or so. There are even pictures of her before, clearly overweight with large breasts for her age, and pictures of her after. Yes she did end up losing a shit ton of weight in high school but her breasts wouldn’t go to such a small size because of that.

She did not have a breast life, if she did her tits wouldn’t be so saggy. The issue is she has the reduction, lost weight rapidly and then gained weight rapidly, which caused her breasts to get big again.

No. 794037

Am i the only one that thinks every single thread when someone repeats the whole med fag “oh she’s got beetus “ or “oh she’s got lipo” it’s moo or one of her dumbasses bumping the thread both for derailing and trying to stay relevant on the top of PT? Every fucking thread. She’s fat has no ass prolly doesn’t have beetus smells like hotdog water and is a liar. Can we get on with it now?

No. 794045

File: 1599413034908.jpg (Spoiler Image,42.01 KB, 620x620, dlHuXbyVYhE2Fmp73GKHVFQ9RbIf0S…)


>She did not have a breast life, if she did her tits wouldn’t be so saggy.

Trisha Paytas had a breast lift and her tits look exactly as botched as Moos and are still saggy. Your tits can get saggy again if you get a lift and don't take care of them, don't wear your support bras and especially if you leave them to be a big size.

IDK why you are so upset over this speculation.(lack of spoiler)

No. 794047

nta but we are all tired of the breast reduction speculation every fucking thread. No one cares about Trisha and her tits and its clear when anons who haven’t been here since thread 1 post the same speculations over and over on what is common knowledge. You’re bringing nothing new to the table here. You might as well talk about her kik4fat as while you’re at it.

No. 794050

File: 1599415412773.png (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 750x1334, 706AE9A7-8C30-4B30-86D1-F8F25C…)

breast lift, breast reduction, breast switcharoo, no one caaaaaaaares. Present day moo has tubular breasts aka snoopy tits and she wasn’t even born with them.

Now THAT is tragic.(titpicking)

No. 794052

File: 1599415789819.jpeg (Spoiler Image,89.63 KB, 750x1109, 25DAE4BC-0B15-4FA4-928F-CC1257…)

sucks those filters can’t suck in those bat wings huh moo

No. 794053

Her tits are fucking square. I've never seen such weird looking tits.

No. 794054

the fuck are you talking about? The beetus spergs are stupid but she obviously gets lipo and hides it as natural weightloss. That's not derailing, newfag.

She got jazz jennings tits

No. 794055

File: 1599416324708.jpg (657.88 KB, 455x807, MdJoVia.jpg)

Mariah just say they looked like shit

No. 794056

I know she has the filter on max and uneven tits are norm. But hers look god awful, but given her history of neglecting aftercare a boob job be even worse.(titpick)

No. 794057

Lmao love that she went from “these are so great and are so gentle on your hair” to “uhm I’m gonna give my hair a break” in like two week span. I’m curious if she washed her hair even once during that time she had them.

No. 794058

Her hair looks so much better like this. I don't get why she's always getting extensions, just to let them become a crusty mess 4 days later.

No. 794059

Because only lesbians have short hair.

No. 794065

Not to WK, but this length and color (still fried as shit though) is probably the most flattering hair for her. The long hair just made her look extra blobby. She’s such an idiot spending all of this money on hair that she can’t/refuses to take care of, what’s the fucking point.

No. 794068

What's going on between her nose and top lip?

No. 794072

reup the video pls(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 794073

The filter probably just makes her philtrum look weirder than usual.

No. 794074

Stop thirsting for moo’s butthole, it was up for a whole day, be faster next time

No. 794081

So, she went back to solo. Not a strange thing since her last partner ran away scared and traumatized. I mean, when I saw the dudes face the line from hellsing abridged "Oh God, I can't never have sex again!"just popped into my head.

No. 794100

I can’t get over her shrunken voodoo head resting upon her linebacker shoulders

No. 794112

Not all of us fucking LIVE here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 794113

File: 1599443979804.jpeg (418.62 KB, 750x921, 7A1DEFFF-6F6B-4E1B-8F9D-79A625…)

She always looks so grotesque in these hidden power things. like a fat, dirty, sweaty, unkempt lunch lady on her day off trying to show off her elderly sandbags

No. 794115

Can’t be your hidden photoshop power since the wall is warped behind you, try harder you fucking cow

No. 794116

its the bendy wall for me

No. 794117

File: 1599446057192.jpg (134.8 KB, 469x890, 2xPu045.jpg)

No. 794118

File: 1599446176991.jpg (163.17 KB, 462x889, DlqxzAH.jpg)

No. 794119

File: 1599446185345.png (2.28 MB, 1100x1800, A053CDCC-5C83-4D13-A7F9-46AD6A…)

At Sssniperwolf’s. Body brought to you by lipo and maxed out filter settings.

No. 794120

File: 1599446336737.jpg (497.29 KB, 463x888, VizgyiX.jpg)

Umbran and Moo have been playing literal grab ass all day. Not surprised she took back what she said about "not doing it again"

No. 794122

did she get something done to her titties? They always look off. The nips look weird(titpick)

No. 794123

File: 1599448356611.jpg (718.88 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20200906_214846.jpg)

Warped wall and obvious corset. Anyone can scroll her bts and see she has no waist.

No. 794124


Man where can I get those diagonal wall vents?

No. 794127

Not putting out constant partner content doesn't automatically mean this dude is out of the picture, anon. It's the same argument people would pull about who she was and was not friends with. It's been barely over week

No. 794128

Lol and her ass still concaves inward. Nothing she can do to her hips or legs will fix the fact that she has no fat in her actual ass and no muscle definition there.

No. 794129

Those fucking shoulders, my sides…

No. 794131

Her ass is so long and flat, I'm shocked she wore this with friends.

No. 794135

After all these influencers are getting cancelled for not quarantining during… well, quarantine, and moo is out here partying at her new Nigri replacement’s house. Classy.

No. 794136

Everyone forgets after a week anyone. no one is talking about Kevin anymore on Twitter or anywhere else. Everyone stopped caring and people who unfollowed her are following her again.

No. 794139


Of course now that you said this she is going to get back on her annoying moral horse and preach about how everyone needing to wear masks and stay inside to “do their part to help put an end to this and if that bothers you get the fuck off my page”.

No. 794144

File: 1599470413446.png (Spoiler Image,605.69 KB, 2200x2000, moo2.png)

Moo is truly an inspiration.

No. 794155

this is wonderful anon

No. 794159

You got the stroke eyes and the shit stained ass. Beautiful.

No. 794164

exactly, so shut the fuck up and be faster next time

her secret power is bending time and space around her


No. 794175


No. 794179


Moo posting self indulgent 'love and light' bs? Looks like someone is about to have another manic episode!

No. 794180

She had Umbran read ~supportive posts~ to her on her insta too

No. 794187

Bendy wall and an extra bump on her cat’s back lol.

No. 794197

It's funny how she unironically acts like Eric Cartman. A cartoon caricature of an unlikable fat asshole

No. 794200

Same artist that uploaded it on kiwi? If so, hats off to you.

No. 794208

If anything this isn't showing her hidden power, it's showing all the shit she has to do to gain a shape. The 1st pic is frumpy because she isn't wearing a bra and her chest went flat but she's wearing some kind of sports bra in the 2nd pic with maybe a corset for semblance of round boobs and a sexy waist.

No. 794214

File: 1599516672535.jpg (388.74 KB, 724x732, qFHSECQ.jpg)

Eric posted a preview of her "girlfriend" video https://www.instagram.com/p/CE2KRucnqrV/

No. 794215

File: 1599516744932.jpg (Spoiler Image,437.11 KB, 720x726, KWmbYoa.jpg)

No. 794216

>>794214'She always exposes herself like this. She's built like Donkey Kong

No. 794223

File: 1599519597916.jpeg (Spoiler Image,727.97 KB, 1125x1594, 235AD9B5-A89A-4749-8BC6-792E1E…)

I didn’t realize that cap was from the insta video. He straight up posted her nips for free, been up for 3 hours at least.

Though upon looking, she’s liked it. There’s no way she hasn’t watched the whole post to make sure he didn’t include anything unflattering, tinfoil sage but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s intentional for advertising without being the one to risk banning. She’s posted free nips on reddit iirc.

No. 794224

Are breast lift areola incapable of getting the “hard” shrinkage when cold or stimulated? Is that why they look so strange to me

No. 794225

Yeah, your breasts are basically "dead" after certain procedures.

No. 794227

How has he not been banned for this? Pretty sure people have been banned for a lot less on insta.

No. 794228

Haven't been in these threads in a hot min. Did Moo start showing her bare asshole and tits because she was running out of money?

Also, softcore porn huh? Didn't think she start doing that so fast

No. 794236

File: 1599523891225.jpg (49.72 KB, 1080x1092, sketch-1599523935326.jpg)


She really needs a properly fitting bra

No. 794239

File: 1599525771729.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1242x1788, A631C638-E94F-4526-8B4E-EF006E…)

Oof the irony.

No. 794242

Yes, thanks.

No. 794243

It's not entirely clear why she moved on to basically doing softcore porn. Money probably plays a role, but she might not have done it because she was running out of money, per se. I think it's possible she just needs larger and larger paychecks to fuel her impulsive spending and realized that porn brings in more money. She's probably also craving the validation/attention on some level, since she's been friendzoned by every guy she's gone after in the last few years. She's basically been relying on paypigs and Tinder hookups to convince herself that she's still desirable.

No. 794245

I’m honestly surprised she’s doing these videos still. Especially when someone else is filming/ editing. It really exposes how she really looks and the fact her face is busted

No. 794246

File: 1599529630934.png (77.62 KB, 1080x527, Screenshot_20200907-204627~2.p…)

Has to be one of you lmao

No. 794247

File: 1599530661129.png (204.95 KB, 600x581, Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 10.0…)

Excuse me while I go roll my eyes till they get stuck.

No. 794248

How much do you want to bet she relates to the tree because she’s the “golden goose” and gives SO MUCH to her selfish friends? When in reality she’s the scummy boy since all she’s done is take from others and step over them to further her own interests. I’m not at all surprised she loves this fucking book lol.

No. 794250

It's so hilarious that circleofchiefs gives her books time to time to calm her manic episodes, she really is an autistic woman-child.

No. 794251

110% she sees herself as the tree giving and giving to everyone until she’s empty and they omg abandon her how dare they.

the only thing her and this tree have in common? being stumpy

No. 794252


Why can't I believe she seriously told someone they didn't understand a children's book? She's such an incel.

No. 794254

It's hilarious that she's going to therapy and has yet to still address the fact she needs to be right all the time. Imagine gatekeeping the interpretation of a children's book?

No. 794257

File: 1599535916019.gif (2.21 MB, 498x280, tenor (1).gif)

She really is pulling the same shit Zac Efron just did with his new shitty Netflix show. Getting duped by some self-help guru scammer named Darin Olien.

No. 794268

I really felt like he gave this to her as a gentle call out not to be such a selfish lil shit and the message flew over her head. Also… who gifts a grown ass woman a children's book? Then again it is Moo. This was probably the only book she read cover to cover

No. 794270

Yeeeep, I'm loving the irony though. She thinks she's so 'deep and wise' but she misses the point of a children's picture book.

Also you're right, who does give a grown woman a children's book? I'd be pissed as hell if some mediocre tattoo artist who fancies himself a guru gave me this. It's so demeaning.

No. 794282

I bet she doesn't know a single other thing he has ever written without Googling it. Watch. Suddenly she will have Pavement and Attic.

No. 794285

I’m not looking forward to seeing her try to “Moosplain” children’s books to her followers who just want to see her getting fucked. It’s giving me Camversity vibes all over again when she read The Dalai Lama‘s Cat to the chat instead of, you know, doing her job lol.

No. 794288

this. I don't doubt moo pays the bills, but by the end of the month she probably flips her shit because she feels she doesn't have enough money for the stupid she wants but doesn't need or blows it all so she's only left with a cool 100-200 in her account.

No. 794303

She’s been going Gaga over a kpop idol on her insta, can’t wait til his fans find out about it, it won’t be pretty.

No. 794313

He realized Moo never reads books and wanted to give her one at her reading level.

No. 794321

Thinking back to how things were when they live together I‘m kinda doubting he even specifically got this for her. Remember how she blew the littlest shit way out of proportion back then, to make it look like he always went out of his way to do stuff for her or make her gifts?

I bet with the book it’s like that.
She saw it lying around, liked it, asked him if she could have it and he was like ‘yeah, sure’. And now on SM she wants to make it look like it was this amazing, thoughtful gift that he got her because he cares so much about her.

No. 794328

I get being thirsty for Wonho, especially in his new video he looks fine as hell. But the guy has been through too much in the last year, and I swear if this bitch is going to start acting like she’s suddenly his #1 fan, the Kpop Stan in me will go off.

Also who wants to bet nick is this therapist she was talking about? All she ever spouts is his faux positive energy bs. I don’t believe for a second she has an actual therapist(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 794336

>the Kpop Stan in me will go off

stop. also sage your shit.

No. 794340

Lol calm down it's just a kpooper idol.

No. 794344

go back to r/kpop this is so embarrassing

No. 794348

File: 1599578115821.png (261.98 KB, 462x776, Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 11.1…)

oof yeah this is pretty cringe

No. 794355

She really needs to lower her standards from these gym bunnies. Fit people USUALLY date other fit people. And Moo faking it will just annoy a person like this in the long run.
It isn't very romantic eating separate meals then looking at the lazy lump on the sofa.
She might have gotten a few pity fucks but this is why the girl has been single for years

No. 794368

File: 1599582058417.jpg (207.7 KB, 468x891, QllFMes.jpg)

The lack of self awareness

No. 794370

She's either doing it on purpose and is fully aware of herself
She's projecting

I will go for the first one. She is aware but wants to gas light other people into thinking they're the ones with the problems. And statements from her ex friends prove that.

No. 794376

This proves that she knows nothing about body building like she claims she does. His body is great and he obviously worked hard for it but you can tell that in his videos he's basically performing under 'competition conditions' where people will specifically dehydrate and not eat so their muscles pop that much more.

His 'physique' isnt really that 'insane' you can just see them that clearly because of very specific fabric choices and because of the dehydration.

Yes he has a very 'aesthetically pleasing' musculature (large defined muscles without looking like a roid-monkey)

No. 794377

Damn, what friend dropped her, and she is trying to gaslight them into thinking they were the narc the whole time?

No. 794401

It would be wild if her next target was Umbran. She is her current door mat and has to put her down whenever she questions Moo

No. 794415

File: 1599600046096.jpg (708.17 KB, 488x898, PaZw4QI.jpg)

No. 794417

The irony
>Nothing will ever be their fault. Even with evidence to the contrary, it still is never their fault

Moo pulled a Karen

No. 794419

File: 1599600789517.jpg (Spoiler Image,162.36 KB, 481x895, G2HakZU.jpg)


No. 794438

This is disgusting. Who the hell would find that attractive? She really need to understand that she’s in no way a hentai character.

No. 794440

it just baffles me how insta allows this level of thottery

No. 794451

Oh dude fuck, i almost throw up, how the fuck does she think that's hot? That's fucking disgusting.

No. 794456

her scrotes who never had sex and get all their experience from hentai. She's a female version of them so that's why she's so beloved by them. She's clueless

No. 794457

File: 1599623243111.png (1.23 MB, 640x1136, 9C0BC4DE-54F5-45AA-855C-FD0468…)

Ordered lobster and king crab legs.

What happened to being a vegetarian and whole foods?

No. 794459

I'm guessing both huge servings are for her too. I guess it doesn't matter since she's going the Trisha route and thinks "Who the fuck cares, the lipo and plastic surgery will fix everything"

No. 794468

Anons, this is pretty much the definition of whole foods. Lobster and crab is really low in calories if she doesn't drench it in that butter. We know she will, but kek at calling a whole ass lobster and a half a god-damned giant crab not "whole food".

No. 794470

I think the point was that she spouts them both off in every post she mentions her 'diet'.

Didnt she say she stopped eating sushi even because she's so 'vegetarian' now too?

Also even if this is 'low in calories' it shows the portions she's eating still. Calorie and portion control are both important things for an actually healthy weight loss lifestyle.

No. 794475

File: 1599634488698.png (785.2 KB, 469x866, 34564.png)

>I'm gonna organize everything
>But my first task
>My first task
>Was to take a shower!

No. 794480

File: 1599637818413.png (4.71 MB, 828x1792, 35A99BDE-C528-4B60-8A0E-7F8A3F…)

>yanrere gamboling

Our linguistics queen is coming through again! Just not sure why she is calling Yumeko a ”yanrere”, but on the other hand, has she ever known anything about the characters she cosplays

No. 794481

File: 1599638783284.jpg (Spoiler Image,120.22 KB, 1661x934, 20200909_010533.jpg)

Yikes drugged victim much moo?(derailing)

No. 794484

Jesus christ is this actually her?
Whoever did the shibari was not generous to her arm circulation, that looks uncomfortable as fuck

No. 794485

I'm laughing because I'm thinking about what the story theoretically be for this picture. Like is the implication here that she blew someone and spat all the spunk into a condom? Does anyone on this planet do that? Obviously in reality she just filled a rubber with cum lube and stuck it in her mouth, but of you're a neckbeard coomer, that's probably not the scenario you want to imagine leading to the picture, unless you get off to the image of someone squirting shampoo into a water balloon.

No. 794488

why does it look like someone was chewing on the upper right side of the name tag? all of her cosplay props look like shit

No. 794496

That’s not her… the person on the pic looks Asian… and look at the arms/shoulders, look at the nails, the ass looks smooth without insane blurring, etc.

Why would anyone with more than 2 brain cells actually believe that’s Moo?

No. 794508

its the stained asscrack for me.

No. 794526

Not anyone with a (supposedly) stained ass crack is Moo though.
Just look at the shoulder-section and compare it to any recent picture of her - especially the latest gf video. If there was the slightest chance for that to be Moo, it would’ve been waaayyy back, around the thicc Samus era. And I kinda doubt she would have taken this kind of pic back then.

Plus, anon providing no context whatsoever as to where that picture is from? Nope. Not buying it.

No. 794530

Nitpick but holy fucking shit this dumb ass bitch is damn near illiterate. It’s annoys me so much. Like you shouldn’t be making these kinds of spelling errors at that age unless you’re just terrible at English. A language she already knows.

No. 794541

Dental offices don’t “blame” a patient for getting the appointment date and time wrong. Dentists need ample time to place buttons on the teeth to start Invisalign, and can’t be double booked since a lot of offices only have one actual dentist with the rest being hygienists/dental assistants. Most offices were closed due to covid so everyone is pushing to get their appointments in. The office literally has computer records of when your appointments are, don’t try to act like they’re wrong just cus you’re fucking stupid.

No. 794549

That's not her at all.

No. 794556

It’s obviously fake/newfag because we all know she doesn’t have sheets on her bed

No. 794557

I mean offices have sure messed up before, it happens, it’s humans error. But to then say they blamed her is a little unbelievable imo. But that’s typical narcissist behavior, it’s never her fault.

No. 794560

File: 1599672279575.jpg (256.02 KB, 476x898, 2vaFBGh.jpg)

While you were asleep:
>went on a horseshit rant about ~suicide prevention month~

full rant slides to prevent spam: https://imgur.com/a/cnag8VS

No. 794561

File: 1599672494724.jpg (566.26 KB, 471x892, YDeQGWd.jpg)

>reposted a tiktok of Wonho from MonstaX and says she doesn't listen to kpop
>somehow forgot she chameleoned herself into a kpop fan when she was dating David/KBBQ
>anyways, she says the "BTS" in her name doesn't equate to the band BTS and it means "behind the scenes"
>buttmad people keep asking her if she likes kpop because of her name

No. 794562

File: 1599672580478.jpg (477.13 KB, 476x901, 05A0fA7.jpg)

No. 794563

The fuckin audacity
The chick who told multiple people to go kill themselves and also the same chick who bullied a girl so bad in HS she offed herself and said it wasn't her problem.
Also the same chick who tried to get clout off of that one dude offing himself.
Also same chick who made up a story about cutting her wrists for attention.

No. 794565

File: 1599673211115.jpg (708.04 KB, 475x888, VubgZ2S.jpg)

>got her invisalign today
>said that she's had braces before but never wore the retainers. Figured she had braces but didn't need the retainer tray.
>said as a result her two frontmost teeth moved incorrectly. Tried to point out how "inverted" they were
>said it wasn't "too expensive" and was 3k for 7 trays versus the 20 trays they offer
>"loves stuff on [her] teeth" like vampire fangs or grills. Can't stop grinding her teeth for fun
>big plans for today are going to Whole Foods to buy more plants (spoiler: she later says there weren't any there)

No. 794566

Yea like she can fight. Ghetto talons that look like shit. Figured she’d try to act all bad bitch after her fake af positivity messages. We all know moo that you waddle away whenever confronted or hide behind your paid for crew so let it go.

No. 794567

Of all the things people nitpick about her appearance here, I don't think anyone's brought up her teeth. They honestly look fine to me, but if she wants to get them corrected that's her prerogative. Knowing Moo, she'll probably wear them as prescribed for like a week and forget about it.

No. 794568

File: 1599673488855.jpg (644.78 KB, 477x886, tV9puZP.jpg)

>getting extensions back in today. Says she likes the short hair but she doesn't think she looks good with short hair (despite people telling her so)
>thinks she "look[s] like a little boy" with short hair and more Arabic. Thinks it's funny because she says all Arabic women have long hair.
>cites that her cousins in Dearborn, MI and in Lebanon never had short hair
>says the men in her family would tell her growing up to never cut her hair because it's "ugly". Thinks that's where her " "dispursion" for short hair comes from", doesn't think it's bad but she likes long hair better.

No. 794569

File: 1599673831916.png (276.95 KB, 481x897, dumbass.png)

Excuse me while I go vomit from reading this idiotic self indulgent cow splurge about shit she doesn't know anything about.

I got a chemical deficiency you daft cunt. And news flash: telling suicidal people that by them 'acting miserable' is 'making people around them miserable'.

Suicidal people don't make people miserable by their existence, you do Moo.

No. 794571

Her nails are fake. They would snap off and do her more harm than anyone she was attacking. A personal pet peeve is girls with fake nails acting like they're bad bitches for having them.

>Can't stop grinding her teeth for fun

For fun? The fuck? How is that fun? Grinding your teeth is one of the worst sensations.

Also she's buying all her plants at whole foods? She really is so lazy and careless with money. Plants are usually so much nicer and cheaper at nurseries than grocery stores.

No. 794573

instead of blaming her race and culture for not liking short hair she can just admit she doesn't want to look like a "dyke" like she admitted in the past
You can tell she was really walking on egg shells during this and decided to blame something else for her BS

No. 794574

damn she really can't stop herself from being a bully, even passive aggressively

No. 794579

it's like what anon mentioned here >>794563
Moo is exactly the type of monster who will tell someone to kill themselves or make their lives so miserable they will do it and then try to make their death all about them.

Though she really did sweep that girls death under the rug good. Even the "please drink bleach" incident.
But woooow, blaming a medical condition on the person suffering from it? Not surprising for this cow

No. 794580

I might not be a expert (and def not a therapist) but if she was seeking professional help for her mental illness don't you think she would turn this mentality around? And not place blame on people with actual depression? Where is this ego shit going with her current therapy?

No. 794581

Jesus, she's trying really hard to justify those extensions, isn't she? Moo doesn't seem to understand that our issue with the extensions isn't that they're unfashionable, it's that she doesn't take care of them. After three days, the extensions look like something pulled out of a shower drain because apparently combs are a foreign concept to her. Long hair is work. It needs brushed and conditioned regularly.

Honestly, I agree that she looks better with long hair, but only if it's neat and healthy. A tangled, frizzy rat's nest looks bad regardless of length.

No. 794584

People with narcissistic personality disorder are notoriously hard to treat because they don't actually care that there is something wrong with them. They're just focused on getting more 'supply'.

There's a lot of therapists that won't even waste their time with them.

No. 794587

Shoulder-length bobs are not a dykey look. Also, imagine what her cousins in Lebanon would say about her porn career!

No. 794588

It's weird how easily her femininity is threatened but she doesn't brush her own hair or shower on the regular.
She could have kept the extensions she had in last week if she brushed it out and took care of it. Who the fuck gets weekly extensions?

No. 794594

Her teeth are nice even if they are corrected. Not everyone gets that luxury for sure. My nitpick is her horse mouth with the lip fillers. Seeing her bottom lip droop with the bottom teeth showing isn't a cute look to me.

No. 794596

I was going to say, the teeth thing is weird. I would think removing the fluid around her lips to fix her side profile would be her top priority. It's getting so bad that if you look at her from the side you can see just how much the fluid pushes her mouth out. It's not even dick lips, it's a duck bill

No. 794609

well Maddie had to get her braces redone (because she didn’t wear her retainers either hmmm…) and since vamp has invisiline you know momo had to get something done to her teeth too to fit in.

No. 794610

This… makes a lot of sense as stupid as it sounds
Like when Vamps got a little bit of attention for going back to school
Man that is next level mental shit Moo has

No. 794612

I was gonna say something about this too lol. She has never legit cared about people who are suicidal and has always thought it was something you can just "get over". And to top it all off she posted the suicide hotline like that'll magically save a suicidal persons life even though it's plastered everywhere already. Every time she goes off on a rant about self-help she repeats what a million people have already said before. No one cares girl, just post your tits

No. 794613

I don’t know the turn around times on getting these trays made or anything because obviously I am not a dentist but surely…it takes a couple of weeks right? Maybe I dunno a month?

I’m wondering if she started this whole process right when Maddie was getting her actual braces put back on? Like how she was so READY to go to school she’s so READy to fix her teeth that she’s never mentioned?

No. 794615

Yeah that is kinda weird how she bitched about MISSING her appointment yesterday. Then today she magically has them?
That and with those kind of trays you can just go to smile direct, do it safely at home and not deal with it? But it still takes a couple of weeks to get the first set

No. 794617

File: 1599684475891.png (1.66 MB, 1242x2208, AA6A7FD8-04AF-4E67-B808-44A1DD…)

Once again Moo is showing her privilege by suggesting this. Not everyone has insurance or can afford to pay out of pocket for therapy during a fucking pandemic when people are struggling to keep their jobs, let alone their homes. Moo is so out of touch with reality…

I don’t think the girl dying from being bullied by Moo was ever confirmed. She bullied them to the point they considered it but there would be more outrage if she actually followed through with it.

No. 794623

She literally told a guy to go drink bleach on Twitter. She’s such a woke queen.

No. 794630

i don't know what's more gross. this or her getting fucked on cam

No. 794631

How is Eric’s video of her STILL on Instagram? She literally has her tits out. I do not understand how IG is allowing that content, unless they just don’t watch it long enough to see that part.

No. 794636

How can Moo pretend to be this woke Queen of the people and then turn around and be like "have you tried not being depressed? Also just get some insurance for a therapist or pay out of pocket for something that's $250 an hour"
Moo's only therapy is retail therapy and it shows

No. 794641

she really thinks that all the people IN THE WORDDD can afford or get a psychologist???
also treating bad and telling shit to people with depression…
you dont know a shit about psychology and emphaty, you are a living piece of shit, and all your life is pure shit
what a disgusting pig

No. 794642


She’s been constantly flaunting her money these last few days. Sephora splurge, putting in extensions, nails, constant lip fillers, and talking about seeing a therapist out of pocket which is anywhere above $150 a session.

No. 794643


Forgot to mention that amount of guns she owns as well. But this is the “peaceful, enlightened queen” we’re talking about whose just a braggart and a narcisstic egomaniac.

No. 794644


And the massive amount of Halloween decorations she’s buying and she needs to post. Fucking ridiculous.

No. 794645

Girl most likely doesn't even pay for therapy. She has a second rate tattoo artist as a "therapist"
But the dude got tired of her shit since she's a lost cause and is throwing children's books at her for shade and she's to vapid to see that

No. 794647

Moo is a nigger(racebaiting)

No. 794650

They're not watching until the end. I reported it and just got notified it's not breaking their rules. I submitted to get it reviewed. I don't understand why they aren't watching the entire thing before making the decision.(read the rules)

No. 794652

Idk when Maddie started getting her braces worked on but yeah, trays should be ready for delivery within 4-6 weeks of getting impressions done.

SDC can actually fuck up your teeth, you're almost always better going to an actual dentist/ortho.

No. 794664

File: 1599703485826.png (55.71 KB, 143x145, Screenshot_7.png)

No. 794665

File: 1599703512327.png (69.69 KB, 163x159, Screenshot_4.png)

No. 794670

File: 1599704328908.png (2.7 MB, 750x1334, 2F9184FC-FAAA-4E5C-81F8-3ED407…)

I’m sorry I’m driving this home but this is so typical of moo I can’t believe it kek now I believe they had to get it done around the same time and moo probably footed the bill.

Maddie started making tiktoks again when she got her braces, a long period of inactivity on her account starts with posts slightly before/after she got them. The date on this TikTok is 8-10 so if we roughly use that as a date where we know Maddie had her braces on and you look at a damn calendar that date is LITERALLY 4ish weeks from today the date which momo actually got hers.

No. 794672

File: 1599704468181.png (73.13 KB, 187x198, Screenshot_5.png)

wheres the curve???

No. 794673

File: 1599704587544.png (186.33 KB, 287x343, Screenshot_3.png)

i mean this curveee(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 794674

File: 1599706573760.jpg (283.99 KB, 1080x1921, IMG_20200909_235609.jpg)

Did she refill her lips again ?

No. 794680

is this a joke is she referencing something or is she really trying to say ibuprofen kek

No. 794685

it's so hard to tell anymore
I mean this is the girl who spelled it Lebeanse for what, 5 years?

No. 794688

Miss "I like feeling the pain of lipo" is complaining in real time about the pain her invisalign is giving her.

No. 794692

Honestly, is she getting even dumber? What kind of adult talks about actively taking ibuprofen and fucks up the spelling that bad? I try to keep my spelling and grammar nitpicks in check with her but Jesus Christ

No. 794693

File: 1599714943512.jpg (244.34 KB, 1071x2098, 20200909_221609.jpg)

Vamps is over.

No. 794695

Ahh Moochlette, getting her teeth paid for by Mariah. I wonder if they're going to be besties again.

No. 794697

Why are her teeth long as fuck

No. 794707


Collette went around ALA earlier this year telling everybody how Mariah and her aren’t friends anymore. That she was manipulated and abused and she’s glad she finally broke it off. She said she became a different person when she was with her and apologized for the stupid shit she had said and done and they were done forever. But these costhots will do anything for money, including having zero dignity like always

No. 794708

She already gotten the braces dont think moo paid for them.

No. 794709

As someone literally going through Invisalign right now, I’m paying $1700 for 14 aligners. Not sure where she’s pulling 3k for 7 from unless her dental office is being that shady and up charging her

No. 794712

What a pussy, invisalign hurts in the beginning but nowhere near enough to take painkillers. Also I paid almost 3K for 20 retainers, she's getting scammed or inflated the price to brag.

I wonder how Mariah managed to patch things up with Colette enough for her to still stop by. I don't think she paid for her treatment nor for Umbran's. If anything, I could see her get unneeded invisalign because her main and ex-main calves are fixing their teeth and she can't bear not being the centre of attention or being "left behind", even for dumb shit like that.

No. 794716

invisaligns don’t hurt as much as she’s bitching. i’ve had them, and they’re uncomfortable, but it’s definitely not to the point where you need to “pop” ibuprofens. taking them once would be enough.

No. 794734

cheap hackjob veneers. also explains why her brackets are like that.

No. 794764

Sage for OT because it’s about Umbrian but if your teeth aren’t entirely jacked to hell, sometimes they can put braces higher/lower to your gums to hide them better. Usually they do this for adults because adults having braces is a lot more uncommon and makes them feel less self conscious.

But again it’s OT so

No. 794768

Actually the price makes sense if you add Maddie's price as well

No. 794772

Every now and then vamp shows up, and every time Mariah posts about it. I think vamp has really pulled herself away from Mariah, but still comes over once in a blue moon. But that’s it, abd Mariah has to make a show of it to prove to people they’re still friends.

No. 794773

I’m convinced it’s because she and noodlecuck are still friends or something, and he’s always there so she has no choice but to be around Mariah. I doubt they are as buddy as they once were and never will be the same again.

No. 794774

Fucking where did witch hag moochlette ever apologize for being a horrible person lmao doubt that.

No. 794778

Moo has some deep issues with vamp. She was the friend she always wanted under her thumb and didn't want to get ahead. Like an underling. Hence the examples of Vamp announcing anything and Moo trying to one up her like going to pharm tech school and a number of other examples I don't care about. This is just another one. Moo has good teeth, Vamp's teeth are mangled. They affect her thot career and here Moo is screaming "LOOK AT BOTH OF US IN PAIN BECAUSE OF OUR TOTALLY NECESSARY BRACES!"

She'd never do it in public. She's a fucking simp. She probably apologized to cosplayer clicks to get back in.

No. 794789

This. We all know she poured "3K" into this and will dump them after a few days and not keep up with it. Look at her crash diets and workout routines left by the wayside.
One day she'll pop them back in and complain they hurt because she hasn't been wearing them with any consistency.

No. 794795

she's just an addict trying to justify popping pills kek.

No. 794804

Not to wk moo but… It's ibuprofen, anon. You can't get high on it, much less addicted. It's not an opioid kek

No. 794809

You're reaching just a bit here anon

No. 794810

She fucking bitched about how lipo HURTS because she ops for it non sedated. Wtf moo. Keep up with your fucking lies.

No. 794813

Also not coming here to wk, but I assume tooth pain and pain from lipo are different sensations. She also could've been lying about not taking anything for pain relief post lipo. Mariah loves pretending to be a tough and strong babe when we all know that's not the case. It's okay for her to be a baby bitch, we all know it's the truth.

No. 794814

uh I'm literally living in Dearborn rn and lots of arabic girls have short hair? maybe not pixie cuts, but plenty of shoulder length hair.

consider this moo, you just don't know how to take care of your hair, and are so focused on having that ugly mop of extensions that you don't bother trying to make your short hair look decent?

No. 794815

It is more believable that Moo gets intimidated by everything and sees girls with long beautiful hair as a threat and invalidates her.
She's very insecure that she destroyed her hair with never washing/conditioning it, bleaching, extensions and so on. Her hair still hasn't grown back and is stiff.
tbh I would be pissed too if I use to have long thick black hair and fucked it up that badly

No. 794819

She got 1 positive thing from her genes and she fucked it to hell and back
Now it's a fried mess that hasn't grown in a year that she keeps slapping extensions on

No. 794822


I had it, it’s painful but not that painful. I’m sure a huge syringe blade pumping in and out of you is a lot more painful. She just wants to show off her newly pumped lips. Just more bullshit.

No. 794828

Any way we could reup on her video at the start of the thread(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 794829

Stop asking and sage your posts, lolcow isn’t your spoonfed spankbank, go find it on pornhub

No. 794852

File: 1599797841053.jpg (734.26 KB, 492x896, 81uVk66.jpg)

>bought more Halloween shit including stuff for a Nandor the Relentless cosplay
>says her stomach was rumbling all day because she didn't want to eat. The pain of the invisalign was making it painful to eat.

No. 794854

How much do you want to bet part of the reason why she got invisalign was for that reason.

No. 794857

I think her copying others for attention is much more realistic. She loves food too much to put it down.

No. 794867

Lol now she’s into what we do in the shadows. Likely doesn’t even understand half of the jabs in that franchise.

No. 794875

File: 1599823263960.png (1.73 MB, 1242x2208, C3404390-30C6-4AFA-A010-F10167…)

I find it hilarious that she posts this clip of her hugging a little kid in the Chun-Li getup when at Sabakon, at the time she debuted this same outfit, she flat out snubbed a little girl asking her for a hug. She did it in the dealers room by my group’s setup, i felt really bad for the kid. I guess she needs to stage clips like this so she doesn’t come off like the cunt she truly is.

No. 794881


At least she's not touching Nadja. Momo must be losing ideas of UwU cosplays that don't support her unnattural lardarse.

No. 794885

Of course she doesn’t she’s basically a Netflix cosplayer at this point.

No. 794892

I don't think stinky half-naked thots hugging kids is very appropriate. Very irresponsible parenting, that kid now has herpes.

No. 794898

File: 1599844285449.jpg (2.03 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20200911_111119382.j…)

Her teeth already look pretty straight to me… Filter makes her look disgusting as usual though.

No. 794900

File: 1599845073808.jpeg (215.78 KB, 951x951, FE488BC4-94BD-4E41-9C9E-A34B52…)

She’s looking like Janice more and more everyday. Though that’s disrespecting to Janice.

No. 794902

Jeeeeesus! What a fucking monster.

No. 794913

She must only hug little boys.

No. 794931

Hmmm I don’t think the filter is what’s making her look disgusting

No. 794935

Of course they’re straight. She just has to jump on everything her friends are doing. It’s so transparent and pathetic.

No. 794942

Exactly, she's trying to one up them as well by not only copying what they're doing but also already having straight teeth. Also correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like she's got braces in the pic on the left here >>793669 Her teeth definitely look like she's already had braces.

It's no wonder she doesn't have any friends that stick around for very long, she's constantly competing with them and trying to upstage them. I wonder if her little lapdog Dumbran will tire of her shit eventually even if she's sooo in love with her.

No. 794948

Given Vamp keeps coming back even now, no. Umbran is man-child dump truck who needs Moo. She's in heaven.

No. 794961

> Also correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like she's got braces in the pic on the left here >>793669 Her teeth definitely look like she's already had braces.

How about you actually read the thread before posting instead?
> said that she's had braces before but never wore the retainers. Figured she had braces but didn't need the retainer tray.
>said as a result her two frontmost teeth moved incorrectly

No. 794991

Anon, post your proof if you are going to try and come up with some shit like this. It wouldve been discussed a long time ago. no way you would suddenly be bringing this up only now, years alter.

No. 794992

File: 1599874902264.jpg (324.45 KB, 473x894, GZekvyB.jpg)

>obligatory "I have so many things happening" post
>is at her mom's

No. 794993

File: 1599875054895.jpg (595.78 KB, 456x888, hBhjpDy.jpg)

>said her invisalign was cutting into her

No. 794994

I know she 1000% got the invisalign to grab weird attention from her friends. But a part of me also feels like she's fishing for attention "You don't need them!"
Which she doesn't. But man, she's bee going on about this for days. Is she so boring this is the highlight of her week? Dental work?

No. 794998

File: 1599876155061.jpg (484.86 KB, 477x887, mBpd06q.jpg)

No. 794999

This photo has been a legitimately horrifying experience. How far is she gonna fucking go with these sausages?

No. 795005

Omg, moo, stfu. You are riding the coattails of the fact that tiktok is in a safe space right now for people with ADHD. your ADHD isn't that bad. You are just an immature fuckwit. That's all there is to it. She has NEVER mentioned her ADHD like this until she started being on tiktok so much. It's extremely insulting. She may have it, but she's mostly just a lazy pos.

No. 795007

She's mentioned it before. Mostly as an excuse as to why she sexually assaulted people.

No. 795008

I mean to this degree. She's been going on about it as if it suddenly has taken over her life, but yet with that post >>794998 still doesn't understand how it actually works. She is using it as an excuse for asspats as usual.

No. 795009

Oh sure, it would have been totally inconspicuous of me to whip out my phone and record her when she was within three feet of our setup, don’t be retarded. Also, I did bring it up back then, not my fault you missed it.

I guess she considers forcing herself to do the bare minimum at the last minute to meet patron/OF rewards “crushing it”. Like, what is so debilitating to her that she can’t possibly work? (I use that term loosely) And it can’t be that she’s a “one woman show” when she has all of her friends doing fulfillment for her or helping in another capacity.
Moo literally has nothing else going on in her life that could possibly stress her out (besides lurking here and KF) and she has every advantage afforded to her that very little people have.

No. 795013

How exactly is stating what was observed at a convention cowtipping? Please, enlighten me.
You seem to be bizarrely paranoid about this.

No. 795017

File: 1599879521934.gif (4.67 MB, 333x640, 20200911_190601.gif)

Like a rabid dog

No. 795019

File: 1599879621881.gif (17.58 MB, 333x640, 20200911_190652.gif)

Funny her adhd came up when her and umbran are being gross about consent

No. 795021

Think setup was read as a set up and not as in a booth.

Thats because, as I said, tiktok right now is off the charts with people posting about how they have anxiety and ADHD. This is like two years ago when everyone and their dog were autistic. She's getting invisalign for the same reason. She wants to be included when she doesn't have anything near as severe as any of these people and it comes down to her being lazy and not just because she can't stay on task.

No. 795029

Fair enough, I have to remind myself not everyone is used to convention lingo. Thanks anon!

These two are gross. If Mariah wasn’t so staunchly against being viewed as a “dyke” they would be perfect for one another. Both are cringy trolls.

No. 795032


Like we said, she was never apologetic. Now that she’s close to a million, she’s gonna pop off with the ego again and people won’t care that she’s a piece of shit. They’re going to continue to work with her and kiss her ass. Even though those followers are definitely bought, maybe 200k are authentic. Fucking Instagram.

No. 795065

couldn't they be cutting into her because of the fillers? Her lips are obviously overfilled.
Does she keep umbran around because it's the only person she can find to make herself look better by comparison?

No. 795068

Her friend has the most punchable face jc

No. 795072

She's using ADHD as an excuse for her shitty/negative personality traits. So if people come at her she can be like "Yeah I'm so quirky, I have ADHD"
Just like how she thought being gay was trendy
Along with saying she use to self harm and have anorexia. Cuz it's the hip thing

No. 795079

File: 1599898599768.png (2.73 MB, 1242x2208, ECD963D9-01EC-45E9-BADE-0BDF6D…)

No. 795082

it infuriates me to no end that mariah is reposting other people’s art on her instagram story with ZERO credit. i know this is nothing new, especially with the fact that she has blatantly stolen other artists’ hard work, but you would think that someone with her platform and many followers would understand by now. but maybe that’s too much to ask.

No. 795087

why the fuck would you post this? she looks like a monster. new aligners irritate my mouth a bit but it seriously isn't that big of a deal at all.

No. 795088

Such positivity queen!
Suicide prevention, my dudes! Bullying and being mean to people is not okay!

She quite literally is the poster child for ‘do as I say, not as I do’.

No. 795108


Her boobs are literally in the middle of her chest lol

No. 795109

This is the kind of trashy shirt you expect to see a trucker wear in a Walmart while he looks at you creepily and licks his lips.

No. 795113

You’re instructed to grind down retainers if the edges are sharp, and 7 aligners like she claimed shouldn’t take 3 months.

No. 795115

Next thread pic

No. 795128

File: 1599922222401.png (1.38 MB, 1080x1920, sketch-1599922272461.png)

No. 795129

That’s not ADHD, Moo. That’s procrastination.

No. 795132

File: 1599922665147.jpg (352.88 KB, 386x529, rOUdUQ7.jpg)

I know tits sag but come on Mariah

No. 795134

Why this pose? She looks like a bumpy dick with balls.

No. 795136

File: 1599923947123.png (147 KB, 340x553, TesticularCancer-Randy.transpa…)

I see no difference(autism)

No. 795137

Word of advice moo, only go braless when your tits are perky. Them sandbags and that lack of a waistline make you look like Mrs. Chokesondic.

No. 795143

Chefs kiss to South Park anon

No. 795145


No. 795182

Who is she wearing this to spite? Or is she just self-aware now?

No. 795195

File: 1599948525676.jpeg (241.54 KB, 1242x2208, DEF86B27-7C17-46EB-BDAA-1CFAB8…)

No. 795214

File: 1599958884951.jpg (625.66 KB, 476x892, nFSorQP.jpg)

>wants to buy even MORE Halloween shit?
>has a whole TV sideboard topped with LED candles and she wants to cover the whole house in them for ~ambient lighting~
>wants to get bigger animatronics and decorations like her huge skull
>wants to drape shit everywhere on the walls and ceiling, forcing Umbran to "pick stuff up" as she rants on instastory
>uses gel stickons for the windows and mirrors but Guzma tears them down and runs around with them in his mouth
>thinks scents are important for Halloween decorations because good candles are what represents your theme
>thinks LED strips are tacky

Is she hyper spending because she's depressed or something?

No. 795222


You would think cat mom would know how these scents are harmful and so are a bunch of decorations she bought yet here she is

No. 795223

File: 1599966288972.png (5.27 MB, 1125x2436, 7A48DF05-2194-464E-B6FE-9CA754…)

“LED strips on the wall are tacky”
Mariah wouldn’t know taste if it hit her in the face with a shovel.
She’s just going overboard because vamps has been making OTT backdrops for her cosplay shoots lately.
Obvious af. Just like the other anon pointed out about her getting Invisalign while her two friends have ugly ass braces…
Imagine only keeping your friends around to “one-up” them every chance you get

No. 795226

File: 1599968416116.png (3 MB, 1242x2208, 9D8FDE39-7653-4908-AB38-DE1E85…)

A bridge troll would have been more suitable for her body/personality. Mariah thinks she’s some stronk woman warrior and can therefore pull this off. When in reality. she’s scared shittless of any kind of potential in person confrontation like the coward she is.

No. 795243

She's live rn if anyone wants to watch. Playing Smash.

No. 795278

File: 1599993189796.png (2.88 MB, 1242x2208, 534EC50B-1C70-4AB2-9748-CFE9E7…)


Watch out anons, Moo is big mad tonight lol
Wonder who stepped out of line this time.

No. 795283


White woman priveledged to do porn and make a comfortable living doing absolutely next to nothing, with zero responsibilities. Can easily pay for plastic surgery to feel better or look into her disgusting comments as an ego boost so never has to actually work on herself or anything for the matter. Shut the fuck up Mariah, narcisstic ass cunt.

No. 795284

I bet she tried to get vamps fully back on a leash and it didn't work.

No. 795289

she doesn’t sound big mad at all, and if i lived in a vacuum and didn’t know moo then maybe it wouldn’t come off quite so hypocritical. of course, everything she’s saying is true. it’s just that she’s the one saying it, which…yeah.

No. 795294

That's a whooooole lot of fucking words to say pls no bully.

She sounds like a self righteous ass. Sorry to ~tear someone down~ I should probably do some soul searching about why I feel compelled to call that out in an anonymous comment.

Like how in one breath is she going to be like "Try kindness! Try not having a single negative thought! If you think a single negative thing, it's your own fault and your own insecurity. Also it's suicide awareness month!" Are depressed people at fault for having negative thoughts? This is just another phase in her life she's going to look back on and think "why did I do that" if she keeps butchering her body and making low quality porn. But I'm probably projecting.

No. 795300

She's deleted the rant so I'm glad you saved it.
>there's going to be people for you and there's going to be people against you. Be patient for the ones against you because the right ones will find you
>learn how to focus your energy and attention. She finds it interesting when you call yourself out
>recommends googling "monkey mind"
>you can either do for others or sit in a box and "being a asshole" making everyone around you miserable
>says negativities are a result of self insecurity
>talks about suicide prevention month again
>says its easy to hide beyond anonymous and tear other people down. Admitted to being a anonymous poster when she was "18"
>read things on the internet with a grain of salt and thinks that the goal of social media is to tear other people down in the name of justice
>felt spicy today
>think less "me" and more "we"

Man if only she'd just stop reading us daily. Maybe she'd be happier?

No. 795301


This is the first time I have listened to her voice in a long time. Is it just me or is her voice deeper than before, and with a vocal fry she didn't have before? From smoking weed maybe?

No. 795303

Aw come on anon!! She ~quit weed~!!!

No. 795306

>says its easy to hide beyond anonymous and tear other people down. Admitted to being a anonymous poster when she was "18"

This is particularly funny because she posts in Usagi Kou's thread all the time. She has likely posted on occasion in this one and the calves thread too, going by writing patterns.

No. 795313

This isn’t the first time that you’ve sperged about this. Moo isn’t posting in the Kou threads, it doesn’t make sense. Move on.

I know everyone likes to “hi moomoo ” but I think her calves lurk and post in her threads to report back way more to help “protect her mental health”

No. 795315

Yeah that's what I was thinking. I think a combo of smoking and drinking a lot.

Also the irony in her being like 'don't be an ass' when she's the biggest ass in the room both metaphorically and physically. Yeah Moo, I'm not gonna take advice from you.

No. 795316

Right? Like maybe if -someone- spent less time making smug condescending videos about how to 'be nice' and just had more fun in her life she would be happier.

No. 795317

I hope she sticks to something REALLY strappy so she looks like a cooked ham.

No. 795318

File: 1600014576525.png (368.14 KB, 724x478, Screen Shot 2020-09-13 at 12.2…)

Dear lord….a lipsync of her trying to be Nandor.

No. 795328

File: 1600018792056.jpg (813.51 KB, 2960x1440, Wherethempitts.jpg)

Momocunt made it onto Charlotte Dobres newest video

No. 795334

She actually got called out on tiktok by a popular creator, baethicc and also got called out in her comments for mouthing the n word in one of her tiktoks.

No. 795337

All she said was “oh that looks stupid” (in reference to her vanished pit) after going on a mini tirade of how women get called out for their armpits or whatever. There. Saved anyone from going to her video.

No. 795338

File: 1600022053234.jpg (557.12 KB, 475x890, 2iEk9V3.jpg)

Are you gonna post caps or what

>fucked up her sleep schedule
>was going to post "content" for OF today but is going to do cosplay instead
>bought a pregnancy pillow because Lena The Plug posted about it on social
>said she doesn't mind being pregnant because she now has the pillow and its comfortable. Said it was a joke and no one should take it seriously
>claims invisalign cut her tongue and its more painful than before

No. 795340

That filter is in overdrive… Yikes. She looked better without this instagram look she is 10 years too late picking up. Also I thought she didn't want kids? Wtf happened to that? This pillow suddenly makes her fine with wanting to be pregnant apparently. I think the joke part was that she isn't actually pregnant, but she's never said she wanted to be pregnant or okay with it before. It's always been "I want to keep my body" and other reasons like that. I think getting fucked for onlyfans is getting her to think about how to keep the guy who wet his dick.

No. 795343

She picks filters that enlarge her kielbasa lips even more.

No. 795356

File: 1600029493030.png (100.95 KB, 808x329, kin.PNG)


Don't know when she updated her profile. "Nandor kin".

No. 795362

File: 1600031131243.png (3.16 MB, 1242x2208, 76AE9823-45D8-4C2A-9D67-DD9EBD…)

She needs to stop abusing those IG filters, it’s grotesque.


>“my womb is open”

I swear she only says shit like this to appeal to her gross fanbase.

No. 795363

Trying to appeal to the autistic anime kids now?

No. 795364

I showed this to my boyfriend.

"She looks like she's on fucking Botox and injections"
"At age 12??"


No. 795368

Is she preparing for a Ore Monogatari cosplay? Cause she’s nailing it.

No. 795369

Jfc, those lips are looking grotesque.

No. 795377

Those lips look worse than stephanie michelle’s and that’s saying something. Nobody cares but showed her pic to my friends in convo and literally everyone thought she was 35-40.

No. 795383

Grind your fucking aligners like you’re instructed to or stop complaining when it’s literally your fault

No. 795385

File: 1600039709545.gif (19.65 MB, 346x640, 20200913_182319.gif)

She uses that Play Date song like 5 times in her tiktoks. She can pay anyone to fuck her but can't get anyone to legit like her lmao suicide awareness for the lonely whore pls be nice uwu

No. 795387

i checked out her tiktok the other day and the comments were brutal lmao

What corsets does she use?

No. 795388

Corsets aren’t cute if you got stupid amounts of fat spilling over

No. 795391

Goddamn it’s like watching dough rise. Why did she think showing her strangled back fat was a good idea?

No. 795393

Castle corsetry makes all her corsets afaik

No. 795396

File: 1600042720750.jpg (227.94 KB, 1080x2134, 20200913_171929.jpg)

I just got on this page to ask about this. She already deleted this comment too lol

No. 795398

Corsetfag here.
>I've been doing this for 8 years!
Okay here we go.
>no liner underneath
As she sweats (and she will for sure in that given how big she is), it's going to become disgusting and she's going to get incredibly itchy/probably break into a rash. When she finally notices how dirty it is on the skin side, she'll probably put it in the washing machine, which, if it's steelboned, is going to ruin it.
>modesty panel all fucked up
She would be uncomfortable as fuck if she was wearing this for longer than it took to record this.
>lacing uneven
Indicates that this is either a not properly seasoned corset (aka she doesn't actually wear it regularly, and in which case she shouldn't be pulling it all the way closed until it is seasoned) or it's not the right size/shape for her
>wraps the laces around the waist
This is a major no-no, the friction of the laces moving around will wear out the reinforcements that sit right at that spot and will slowly put holes in the middle of it.
CC probably just sold her a marked-up off-the-rack Orchard Corset.

No. 795406

So…is she trying to backpedal from her nasty pathetic ass attempt to do porn? “Uwu ima cosplayer again!” No moo you aren’t. If you stepped out of your hug box for a minute you’d realize that the only cosplay you could do right now is jersey shore, and somehow you’d fuck that up too.

No. 795409

>stuck in the past when she was actually popular and 'liked'
>Doesnt realize how much people hate her (especially those close to her)
>barely able to function on her own without someone taking care of her
>Promises people delusions of grandeur to take care of her while abusing them
>Snaps at those same people when she fucks up and blames her fuck ups on them
>Thinks she's really great when she COULD have been great but she's completely fallen off
>Zero current day fashion sense

IDK man maybe she's right on this Nandor kin thing

No. 795412

I've been wondering this too, she just dropped a couple porn videos barely saying a word and then hasn't acknowledged them again since? Hasn't released any more and doesn't seem keen to and is suddenly leaning really hard back into cosplay. I guess the response to those must have been really bad, which isn't a surprise given how awkward and shit they were. It was such a weird decision on her part to ever put them out there honestly.

No. 795423

>corset training for EIGHT YEARS
lmao why does she insist on being a professional who's been doing it FOREVER in everything she does, what a weird insecurity

No. 795424

she could’ve been great at porn if she just… learned how to make porn and had a desire to. but you can tell in all her videos she doesn’t want to be doing it, and just wants the money, which.. judging from her going back to cosplay only, she probably didn’t make much.

No. 795426

Yeah this is weird to me. I mean, if she were new at something she could pander to people trying to be so nice and teach her uwu positive environment uwuwu
I guess she knows no one likes her enough to be like that

No. 795427

Because the can't hide behind photoshop and 10 insta filters in her porn videos. It exposed how old and huge she has gotten despite the lipo and surgieries.
She was forced to stare at how she really is and it scared her.

As anons keep pointing out, she only stares at herself through her phone, girl doesn't like mirrors or raw videos

No. 795431

this is true. there’s a lot of self love that goes into making porn. it’s not like there aren’t people who are bigger than her that are successful at it too, she just has a lot of her own issues to work out that she refuses to acknowledge

No. 795433

I personally think the only reason she pumps her lips like every week is because the skin on them has already expanded. So when they deflate even a little bit it is very noticeable.

No. 795438

the wildest part of her getting her lips done every few weeks is that lip fillers are supposed to last minimum 6 months before you need them again. She's really addicted to surgery at this point and it would be sad if it was anyone but her.

No. 795452

The response to her penetration videos was either not as good as she hoped for, or it was actually pretty good. People might have been demanding more and her internalized misogyny of hating sex workers kicked in so she’s back to trying to seem like a legit cosplayer.

Has she been posting anything on her OF lately? Like anything as far nudes? Not asking for them to be posted, but it just seems like she hasn’t been posting as regularly as she used to. I wonder if having her “therapist” back in her life is somehow making her rethink her career choices

No. 795455

kek thought this said cattle corsetry

No. 795462

File: 1600058822566.jpg (735.59 KB, 467x898, ApvF94Y.jpg)

>was going to do a cosplay tonight but she "misplaced" the wig. Is overnighting a new one
>got another booze rack
>Squarecuck makes a appearance, opening a wine bottle. Moo says "oh no" and Square responds with "its work time Mariah"

No. 795465

Her rant about "don't drink your calories" is hilarious.

No. 795486

Yeah, but per usual, she could never follow her own bullshit tips.

No. 795500


All the money she makes and she buys cheap ass liquor and a Walmart shelf to put it on. I find this a hilarious contrast to her usual flexing. Umbran looks like a clerk trying to show what’s on sale today.

No. 795511

"I don't even drink during cons, I play board games and do my homework! In fact, I almost never drink at all!1"

No. 795513


It’s a fallacy that she can buy more things for cheap when they are not as durable or long lasting.

No. 795514

lmao we gotta stop bringing this up every time we see her drinking. I get why - she's full of shit. but we've always known she's full of shit. we can stop with this dead horse. she's obviously stopped trying to keep up that schtick

No. 795542

Right? It looks so tacky and cheap. Buy a wine cooler or a bar cabinet.

This made me laugh pretty hard. 8 years? She’s what…25? So she’s been training since she was 17? Laugh. Her weird lies are what make me come back for more.

No. 795545

File: 1600101703045.jpg (426.78 KB, 1076x1933, IMG_20200914_134154.jpg)

No. 795546

File: 1600101732311.jpg (327.13 KB, 1055x1919, IMG_20200914_134225.jpg)

No. 795551

She really has horrible taste in everything. That