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File: 1564400597940.jpeg (211.79 KB, 1170x1144, 5F37202B-3713-4020-AEC0-4E8730…)

No. 685398

Coverage of Miranda Constable / Mira Nagayama / Lina / Miriam Al Fas / Kanadajin3 / whatever else she can think of continues.

> Conned people out of money for her personal gain because she's a scumbag.

> Ran a failed crowdfunding campaign which received literally $0 in donations.

> May or may not still be in Japan, nobody can tell when she makes videos like an ISIS hostage.

> Apparently is married to a dude who has no power in their relationship and is perfectly subservient to his wife, like true Islamic husband. He expresses his rage by beating food-covered beds.

> Huge Trump supporter, loves American conservatism, the media is feeding you lies.

> Gays are evil, women are evil, anyone who "DoEsN't ObEy ThE LaW" deserves Sharia punishment no matter the cost.

Twitter: https://anony.link/https://twitter.com/MiraNagayama

Twitter (muslim): https://anony.link/https://twitter.com/alkanadiya/

Twitter (japanese): https://anony.link/https://twitter.com/doudemomira

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/kanadajin3

YouTube #2: https://www.youtube.com/user/doudemomira

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kanadajin3

Previous Thread >>>/pt/668490

No. 685400

Sorry if this thread sucks, I’m a newfag

No. 685402

File: 1564402296327.jpeg (124.69 KB, 639x817, 9150C231-C62D-443D-A65D-36276C…)

Except if you’re Miranda of course

No. 685411

couple of things:
don't add the 'anonylink' part of an url since that is added automatically
always add some updated milk to a thread if you're going to make one
Miranda's political inclinations are not the most interesting thing about her since it's a fake identity - her scamming and identity issues are her constant.

No. 685418

Will keep that in mind!

No. 685431

Thank you for making the thread!

No. 685439

Why does it seems like the people who claim that they can switch nationality most often are Muslims?

No. 685448

Who said that? I don't remember Miranda saying this

No. 685449

She claims that nationality is purely a matter of where you live and thus she is Japanese and not Canadian now.

No. 685458

isn't nationality is based on citizenship, which she was rejected for in Japan.

No. 685461

She hasn't said that ever since her conversion. Otherwise, she'd be very Japanese even as a Muslim. For now she's Canadian except for her Saudi mindset.

No. 685472

maybe to you kek. let's keep in mind that randa is a cow for a reason. muslim is just her new japanese

No. 685504

considering her state of mind now, i honestly think her uberweebo days weren't that awful

No. 685510

I still find it fucking hilarious that she claimed she never liked anime, while decorating half her media with chibi art.

No. 685534

pretty sure anime is haram

No. 685557

Twitter open again

No. 685561


No. 685565

unless u're going to post screen caps, we don't need a play by play of her twitter opening and closing.

No. 685571

Open. Sorry don’t want to get hacked

No. 685573

Yeah since her recent fake tantrum on instagram, she has made her islamic twitter account public about every other hour. It's so weird…it's like she can't stand for us to see what she is doing, but then she can't stop herself from posting some wahhabist bullshit

No. 685575

Closed again

No. 685578

File: 1564443382519.png (91.02 KB, 1160x520, スクリーンショット 2019-07-30 8.35.29.p…)

Never be afraid of Miranda and her bed-pounding "husband"!

No. 685581

File: 1564443611454.png (154.57 KB, 1220x614, スクリーンショット 2019-07-30 8.40.11.p…)

At least Adrianna is honest with Miranda

No. 685583

File: 1564443840892.png (160.41 KB, 1256x798, スクリーンショット 2019-07-30 8.42.38.p…)

When her twitter happens to be open, she just reminds us that she REALLY hates transgender people

No. 685584

How did you get those tweets? It’s closed?

No. 685585

She opens and closes it every few minutes…the timing just has to be right lol

No. 685587

You are fast!
Do you use a program or something? It’s really weird…..I am not doubting you but you always post screenshots in Japanese….in the same time zone as Miranda. Nobody else seems to catch it but you. How would anyone know when she’s going to open it up….unless you are her?

No. 685589

you sound just like miranda

No. 685590

Don’t turn this around on me. I have not seen her account open once. Then all of a sudden someone posts “it’s open” and you come along with screenshots?

No. 685591

I'll tell you Miranda right now, my computer is always open because of work, and with Miranda's page running in the background, I can easily see she when she is back up. It literally takes me 5 seconds to make a screenshot, so know that I will catch any of your bullshit

No. 685593

I don’t see the problem with this. At least she’s smart about something.

No. 685595

I don’t understand how someone can sit there 24 hours a day refreshing a page….seems fishy.

No. 685598

Her account doesn’t exist.

No. 685599

I don't think Miranda would post her wahhabist bullshit here for us to laugh at. She's always pretty easy to spot
"Hey farmers, isn't Miranda's islamic phase boring? We should all leave her alone"

No. 685600

You know she checks lolcow 24/7

No. 685601

So she deleted it because someone posts screenshots. Cool.

No. 685602

I wish…We all know that it WILL be back up soon

No. 685603

Oh it’s back again. What the fuck is she doing?!

No. 685605

Maybe she’s trying to hack whoever is viewing her account? Kitten Ivy said don’t post screenshots because she’s trying to hack people.

No. 685606

i'm not the anon you were talking to, mir- i mean fellow anon.

No. 685607

Is it there or not. I see it on my phone not on my computer….

No. 685608

File: 1564446474827.png (1.37 MB, 2010x1210, スクリーンショット 2019-07-30 9.28.02.p…)

@greenforsaudi45 is her new account

No. 685610

Miranda, come on now, you should know by now that you can't continue to post bullshit and think that you can hide it from us

No. 685612

When I try to view the account it doesn’t show.

No. 685613

I found it.

The new account is

No. 685615

She keeps changing the user name.

No. 685616

She deleted it again

No. 685618

Now she lives in Egypt ?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 685619

Keep trying Miranda, I guarantee you we will find it

No. 685620

She's back to @alkanadiya

No. 685624

How about her other accounts?

No. 685626

It’s private again. But back

No. 685627

If you refresh the page every 10 seconds her page keeps being locked, unlocked an then deleted. Are you sure it’s not some glitch.

No. 685628

This is off topic but my friend lives in Japan and she said she sees a woman who wears a burka at a station called Mitaka almost every other day.

No. 685631

Account is back under alkanadiya

No. 685632

How long do you think she’s going to keep this going?

No. 685633

Who knows if it's her if her face is covered lol

No. 685634

How come some users are blue? Are they flagged?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 685635

Her account is deactivated now.

No. 685636

Miranda was this way well before becoming a Muslim was ever an idea in her mind.

No. 685639

we are the well-integrated users who know how to sage

No. 685664

All I can say is that Bambi's twitter is gone. Maybe this is true.

No. 685665

>Mira doesn’t use public bathrooms because she’ll drag her cumbersome robes in urine.
>Mira never cared about sports except briefly for soccer because a MAN was involved
>Mira despises education. You’ll never catch her in a classroom.
>Mira will do anything to avoid working, contributing to government taxes or paying off debts.
>No use for a salon for this bacon-wrapped potato.
>Stay away from children…unless you intend to marry them as soon as they can ride a bicycle without training wheels!

It’s so weird how far she goes with creating a character and going all out with the most extreme representation of it. Currently, her new character is a cantankerous old Muslim man whose 13 year old wife died in childbirth. She changed her speech and vocabulary and mirrors whatever the Saudi nationalists and bots say as if she has been saying the same for years. Acting like she didn’t just hear about certain political figures or Arab celebrities in just the past couple of weeks. Jumping on whatever Saudi Twitter is buzzing about as if she was always in the know.

Will she ever discover her true self? Form an identity that isn’t attached to a penis?

No. 685673

I just hope she says sorry to all the people she hurt. Her videas are good. No one is disbuting that. But she did these things a few years ago. Km, Bambi and the recent things however Rachel, Rod, Sharla etc were also hurt by her. I dont understand how someone can be so stubburn. If a friend of yours feels hurt by something you did then I feel as though they should be pologised too. That is all anyone here wants. An apology for what you have done wrong. No excuses. No made up drama. Why is it so hard to say "Sorry I was an idiot in the past. I will try to do better."

No. 685675

Miranda is never wrong. Miranda never makes mistakes. Miranda never apologizes.

No. 685677

Mira is not in Japan it’s common sense at this point.

No. 685679

Bro quit being such an emotional fag if she wanted to apologize she would have by now.

No. 685683

She'll never apologize because she is a narcissist. I don't care if thats "arm chair" I read the characteristics from a book on the matter. She fits everything.

She cannot apologize because that will go against her cognitive dissonance of her being a victim and actually admitting she was wrong and did people wrong. That's why she does the lazy ass thing to convert to a religion as a way to right all her wrongs without doing anything at all.

She complains about people stalking her, when all she does is make new accounts to stalk people online, which shows she never changed in the slightest. Everyone would be so happy she admitted everything, and cleaned up her act.

But she can't now, she's too deep into the lies, so deep she's believing them and this will be the cause of her soon coming mental breakdown because her life is a mess. She has no one to tell this to because her husband will be like WTF kinda human did I marry, like all the others, so she cannot tell anyone.

Which will play on her and if she has ANY kind of empathy, which I do not want to say if she's going to become or is a psychopath, she will need a therapist to get everything out without judgment, which will maybe be the only avenue for her to avoid this oncoming mental breakdown.

Miranda, get help. I'm not saying this to be a jerk. I am saying so because religion will not prevent this from happening. Talk to someone about all the shit you've done and allow yourself to hear from a professional what you can do to fix things. Stop being so stubborn and pig headed and hear from someone who knows best.

Unlike in real life where you ran away from your home town because of your bad rep, then not getting accepted in Japan because you didn't change, running to a new country or culture isn't going to make things better. You're living in insanity, doing the same things over and over expecting a different result.

You need to actually CHANGE, apologize because unlike in real life, the internet never forgets. And all the bad you have done catches up online, and anyone can find this stuff out with your world wide reputation being just as terrible as you in person.

You fix everything by apologizing publically to everyone you hurt, because you're a online personality, not that well known but if you want to regain any kind of respect again, you should do it publically and keep it up. That way new viewers can see hey, she is human and messed up. But she is trying to correct it.

If you wasn't a online personality, you don't need to make a public address, because you can do that personally in private. But you chose to be a online personality, so you need to grow up and make things right based upon your life choices.

People aren't going to use it as fuel to say we was right, more likely some will because assholes exist, but as long as you change and do the things you commit to becoming a better person, people have no milk to used on you. PM's and bad behaviour comes back to bite you on the ass, you can't hide bad behaviour.

But as long as you change and do good, there's nothing that you will ever need to hide from anyone. People having nothing nice to say about you because you have nothing good to say about others and nothing good to believe in yourself. You pretend to be a confident person online, but you're not. You can tell by your videos with friends on your nervous deer caught in headlights shaky voice.

You lash out because you don't want to be hurt, but you are the one creating this bad life. And no religion will change that, no new identity will change that. Only thing that changes that is professional help, to get over whatever happened in your past that causes you to behave the way you do now, and then you can live a more honest more authentic life because you'll get rid of the self-hating and self-destructive behaviour, bringing real confidence back in your life, and then you'll realize no one can hurt you anymore.

You won't care about sites like this because everyone is going to have people hating you for no reason at all, but your so insecure you're trying to find meaning in your life and acceptance everywhere but you're not finding it. Because thats found within, not outside yourself.

Fix yourself, get offline while you do, close all the extra accounts and actually stop that self-destructive behaviour. No religion will change that, only you can.

GET HELP(armchair autism)

No. 685692

Of course it is. And you guys say Miranda is stupid…

No. 685693

You're not the first person to prescribe professional help to Miranda, and you won't be the last. Stop wasting your energy on this lost cause.

No. 685699

This. I don't think anything can "fix" Miranda at this point.

No. 685702

She's playing along with the haters. She thinks that's how we'll rage quit. We don't get triggered like that, Miranda. Try again next time!

No. 685703

Oh no, is she trying to tell us her account has been hAcKeD?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 685706

100%. Nothing short of her family staging an intervention with a doctor right in the room would work for her. People have tried to reach out to her privately in earnest and she just blows up at anyone that doesn’t support her reality-twisting justifications for every destructive thing she does. Al-Potato Chip could angrily divorce her and leave her on a sand dune and she would still try to come up with some fantastic tale about how it was new haters stalking her in Saudi Arabia.

Anyway, anyone notice how Mira claims to still be in Japan on a golden ultra visa for all this time yet she only discusses Saudi Arabian and Canadian news topics/trends? Once in a while she will retweet Japanese-related fluff piece but she has never shown concern for Japanese politics or society unless it can validate her identity issues and flip-flopping immigration views. Why so much energy devoted to getting involved in the politics of a country she has never been to, or getting pissed off at Canadian laws and tax expenditures when she claims to be a part of Japanese society? She hasn’t shown any interest for current events, elections, general politics or social issues that affect every day Japanese. She can only criticize Japan in the ways it is not “Islamic” or how it doesn’t benefit HER. Why would she insist that she is still in a country she doesn’t care about or respect?

No. 685710

File: 1564473797267.jpeg (124.82 KB, 815x355, 5855468C-AD58-4780-99D2-BFABDC…)

This was posted on PULL when her Twitter is actually active. But I doubt she will actually live in Saudi “forever”

No. 685711

*was active

No. 685716

I still can't believe she had gone that far without any guilt or regret in her heart. I hope she understands that apologizing is good for her mental health. The more she lies and doesn't apologize the worse she will see the difference between a reality and a fantasy. I can't believe how far she's gone.

No. 685719

Sounds familiar!
>"I continued to stay in Japan because I thought I love Japan so much I wanna stay here forever"

Also told her Canadian ex-bf that she would keep her septum piercing FOREVER.

That house is most likely belongs to her in-laws but didn’t she claim they were tribal? She’s going to end up in a tent surrounded by camels instead of a mansion.

No. 685723

lmao the fantasy life is real with this one. can't even get a visa for the hajj, but has a house. I bet it's a real-life palace, surely it's not his mother's hovel.

No. 685726

Yikes Miranda the middle East is projected to be uninhabitable in the upcoming years so at least make sure the hut you are moving in has AC.
…or maybe not. it would interesting to see how 50°c could melt your wonky face

No. 685728

Her followers number went down to 1400. She's looking for someone who upload her screenshots

No. 685729

Bro again with the emotional fagging. It’s not that serious just laugh at her stop posting retarded advice she won’t take it anyways(bro, bro, bro, you sound autistic)

No. 685731

she's never going to find them and I guess there's no point explaining why. this is utterly retarded of course.

No. 685750

Has she ever commented on The Japanese AV?

No. 685756

What Japanese AV are you referring to? The supposed video the guy shot of her?

No. 685843

Closed(this isn't a chat room; learn to integrate)

No. 685860

Does AV mean avatar?

No. 685863

Adult videos = porn

No. 685864

Bet's going for when miranda has a mental breakdown? I call after this husband or his family starts abusing her for the bad things she's putting online.

No. 685866

honestly i've been taking the whole islam saga as her mental breakdown

No. 685867

Yeah, her islamic phase seems to have originally been a coping mechanism to deal with being turned down by Rodi/failing to get Japanese citizenship…but somewhere along the line she became radicalized and is now a saudi puppet

No. 685885

Reminder that sage is back in /pt/ and this site isn't a chatroom. Integration is your friend http://lolcow.farm/info

No. 685900

File: 1564555309370.png (338.43 KB, 1180x1196, スクリーンショット 2019-07-31 15.41.09.…)

Adrianna eating in a non-sex segregated restaurant in Saudi seems to have triggered Miranda

No. 685913


I wouldn't put any weight on this. That area has a lot of Muslim people living nearby.

No. 685916

I’m assuming you mean has she ever commented on the Japanese Adult Video industry? No, not that I’ve seen. The closest I saw her get to talking about sex in Japan was describing how her sessions were no longer than 10 minutes and she thought that was normal. You’d think the purest Muslim ever would be horrified to even visit a conbini with all those men’s magazines on full display but she’s said not a peep about that or the famous sex industry in Japan.

I don’t think they will be abusive but she is going to clash with them like she did with her first in-laws and she’s going to exaggerate everything they do or say while downplaying her own actions.

We told you, Adrianna. We. Told. You. It’s only going to get worse too. Mira is going to find something else to be appalled by, even though she is living the haram life every day and lying about it. She just doesn’t respect other women and she’s going to ruin it with Adrianna too.

No. 686023

Why did she change her location to Egypt? Is she trying to say her husband is from Egypt.

No. 686031

Why did someone come into the other LOLcow forum and say that NaruruInJapan is taking a break because of issues and doesn’t want to talk about Rody unfriendn her? Off topic but what is that about? Why would someone else spill that information unless it’s a selfposter?

No. 686033

Didn’t she say she hates blowjobs? Sorry I don’t buy this bs story of her secretly working as a AV model. She’s a prude who sits at home and stays away from social events. Remember anyone who has actually met her all said the same thing, she’s quiet and sticks with her friends.

No. 686037

She didn’t make any video get over this bs this guy is coming in here to start some new bs theory because there’s no tea to go around. The forums dead. The topic is dead. The drama is dead so people are hungry for anything that comes. There’s not much to talk about anymore. The reason she’s cow is because of her sock puppets, self defending, better than everyone else attitude. Now she’s just a Nobody Muslim chick who’s subs are falling. I don’t know why people are giving her a sense of relevance anymore.

No. 686063

Because someone came in to derail the thread and was chatting absolute shit about Naruru, she hasn’t got anything to do with the shit Miranda’s up to.

No. 686067

File: 1564612102451.png (85.82 KB, 1230x420, スクリーンショット 2019-08-01 7.28.02.p…)

No. 686070

So apparently Miranda's "husband" is straight up gangsta and can smash anyone's face in with his small fat hands?

No. 686073

Hi Nobody Muslim chick. So, when you bounced around in your pyjamas in front of Rody, that's when your face should've been smashed in?

No. 686074

Doubtful, the only smashing saudi fat hands is good for, is smashing chips into a dirty bed spread.

"My husband this, my husband that" anyone else notice how much of her identity relies on her fake saudi husband?

No. 686075

I think she meant to say "My husband was so angry he was going to smash some potato chips into the bed"

No. 686085

can this thread be auto saged

No. 686086

I love how many times she has to remind people how defensive and violent her fake Saudi husband is after that embarrassment of a reply video.

The only thing he will be smashing is your face Miranda after you start letting that fraud muslim facade slip when you start transitioning to your new fetish persona.

No. 686090

we need a Mira thread Hellweek

No. 686091

She keeps opening and closing that shit

No. 686092

Wasn’t it Naruru who fed Miranda’s phone number to us? Along with encouraged us to report Miranda to the immigration? How’s that report coming along? Did they even follow up with questions?

No. 686102

yes please

No. 686109

No. 686111


I don’t think she will respond to it which is good for my case. If she even hints at exposing me I’ll put it out there.

No. 686112

Are all mods this emotional on these threads?

No. 686115

>10 minutes
That must have been before we met lol

No. 686116

She doesn’t hate blowjobs. I’m pretty sure we never had sex without a blowjob first

No. 686118

>guy comes in and derails the thread.

She literally stopped making YouTube videos when she figured out who I was. Are you slow?

No. 686120

You again! So you have some interesting milk about Miranda that we don't know about? Tell us and if it's true, we can enjoy watching Miranda flip out

No. 686121

Sure. Like I said before I don’t really know what you guys know. I’m really surprised you guys thought she was a prude though we had sex on the first date. I thought she was used to this kinda thing.

Her blowjob skills were pretty basic(no deep throating or anything like that except the first time when I asked her to try).

She also wore makeup when we would meet up she definitely didn’t come to me without make up. She did wear the hijab all the time though.

No. 686123

Also I can’t lie I was kind of into the hijab thing lol

No. 686131

We all know that she used to be a major slut since she was quite open about that

No. 686150

Not to be a cow tipper but she told me that she was planning on quitting youtube when she harassed me and doxxed me. This was before I blocked her. You werent even making these claims then. I think if you are going to make claims like this you should at least supply some backing. At this stage you are simply just stirring needless drama. Supply or stop trying to be relevent.

No. 686152

Who are you? Bambi?
And I do agree, we all get that some anon claims to have received blowjobs from Miranda while she was wearing a hijab. There doesn't seem to be much milk beyond that, so unless there are pics/video to back it up, let's all let it rest

No. 686156

we don't have to let anything rest, sister

No. 686157

All I'm saying is show pics/vid or STFU(learn 2 sage)

No. 686166

Not according to the last thread.

Could be a coincidence but I doubt it. I think she’s just pretty embarrassed and she hasn’t said my name at all yet I’ll wait to see if she tries something sneaky first then I’ll post it

No. 686167

Chill fam in due time

No. 686173

Yeah she reported her to immigration. A few people did, didn’t they?
It’s pretty obvious Miranda isn’t in Japan, I don’t know why this is relevant right now?

No. 686174

So where’s this big, strong face-smashing kitten when she needs him to defend her honor online? He’s nowhere to be seen except in rumored private messages that sound just like her. Why does she have so many tales of his bravery and perfection and not a single testimony from the man himself? He probably works in a pet food cannery so it’s not like he career to worry about if his identity is revealed. Why is she going to such great lengths to protect him when HE should be protecting her? Besides, they have a royal palace in Saudi Arabia that they can flee to at any time!

What do you mean last thread? It has always been known that this conservative, pearl-clutching Muslima is all an act and she was hoeing it up until her arrangement with Al-Baby hands. Lots of women with her “condition-that-shall-not-be-named” use sex as a tool while not particularly enjoying sex or love itself.

No. 686179

Maybe she just dressed up her brother, or used a friend to pretend she's married. You never know at this point.

No. 686184

I’m fairly certain he’s got mild learning difficulties and his family were keen to get him married.
He’s probably not even the slightest bit conservative like Miranda and obviously lets her do what she wants

No. 686207

Some guy said she wouldn’t dare defile a hijab or something by giving blowjobs with it on lol I don’t think that person has ever heard of hoes before.

No. 686208

File: 1564657882957.jpeg (99.42 KB, 640x1049, 71F8B0AF-64BA-4E90-8F4A-DAA79B…)

Well here’s some opportunities for some milk, this is linked on her Twitter bio.

No. 686260

Double Strength tinfoil:

We know blow-job boy is full of shit, but, if it turned out to be true and he ended up being TKYOSam. That would be hilarious as fuck!

No. 686265

Gonna go out on a limb here and say I don’t think anyone cares if she sucked your dick.

It would be better if you knew whether she’d been booted out or not

No. 686266

Unless there is some kind of proof, I don't think it's fair to bring anyone else's name into it.

No. 686268

To be honest, i would be embarrassed to say that I got a BJ from Miranda. That is pretty much equivalent to raping a mentally challenged person.

No. 686274

File: 1564683988884.png (434.92 KB, 815x543, wtfmlmao.thumb.png.008114f6a10…)

Well, she's always been willing to give blowjobs

No. 686281

File: 1564686327139.gif (6.5 MB, 480x360, joke.gif)

No. 686284

File: 1564686786762.png (360.47 KB, 603x500, Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 12.0…)

Women need to be maintained by Men ya'll.

No. 686285

File: 1564686836186.jpeg (558.91 KB, 2048x2048, D8-CDHmW4AE0FRg.jpeg)

Looks like some fabric on top of a broom handle

No. 686298

Also that shemagh has clearly never been worn before that pic was taken.

Why on earth would anyone want to cosplay an ultra conservative extreme Muslim?

Miranda just loves that e attention, can’t get enough of that anonymous hate

No. 686310

File: 1564698528135.jpeg (150.73 KB, 638x1048, 1AD9CC45-68AB-447D-B6D3-0EF423…)

She really can’t stay away from social media, huh?

“Praise be to Allah for the grace of Islam

From 1400 years Islam gave men and women full rights.
No matter if the law of society has changed because the law-abiding people-made and not status

Sometimes people are tested by laws that are against Islam

But I'm on the straight path 🙋🏻♀️☝🏻🕋”

No. 686315

Is this her in a brand new stiff ass right out of the bag shemagh posing as her tiny impotent husband? Fucking K E K

No. 686324

Can someone post this pic of her in the thumbnail? It almost looks…photoshopped 🤔

No. 686327

File: 1564701848476.jpg (39.43 KB, 400x400, 33dasDiH_400x400.jpg)

No. 686334

okay, nothing about this is remotely romantic or pleasant to look at. and not even her eyes show any emotion.

No. 686336

File: 1564702702171.jpg (185.21 KB, 400x400, PrinceALays.jpg)

That's because its a photoshop. This is the original photo.

No. 686339


Absolute fucking genius, anon.

No. 686341

File: 1564702964843.png (113.2 KB, 1156x560, スクリーンショット 2019-08-02 8.41.50.p…)


False freedoms in dunya?

Dunyā (Arabic: دُنْيا‎ [ˈdʊnjæː]) refers to the temporal world and its earthly concerns and possessions, as opposed to the hereafter (ʾākhirah).


No. 686342

What is a false freedom? Isn't a woman posting her pictures on social media and not showing her "husband" a false freedom?

No. 686346

File: 1564703526672.png (139.82 KB, 1214x538, スクリーンショット 2019-08-02 8.51.59.p…)

For some reason, Miranda is triggered by the word "pharaoh"

No. 686371

No fucking way. This is hilarious.

No. 686392

Omg thank you so freaking much

His hands look so small I wonder what is so wrong with him that he/his family would resort to finding him a random wife on an airplane? One that doesn’t even wear he hijab right. From a non-Muslim perspective she looks like she knows a lot but to an actual Muslim she has to look like a idiotic fake lunatic. I bet there behind the scenes there’s actually something very twisted about all of this. I’m sad for her and scared. She may be a bad person and interesting to watch but I don’t want any harm done to her.(newfaggotry)

No. 686395

File: 1564713409537.jpeg (3.91 KB, 300x168, images-2.jpeg)

Oh such good memories lol

No. 686411

If the rumours are true, women are about to be somewhat liberated in Saudi Arabia. Miranda will have to move to Yemen to find the level of oppression she craves.

>Saudi women over the age of 21 will be able to apply for a passport and travel outside the country, without approval, Okaz newspaper reported on Thursday. The change would put them on an equal footing with men. They would also reportedly be able to register births and deaths, a right previously restricted to men.

No. 686422

She seems to already be against it, according to the tweet above about how laws change but Islam doesn’t. That whole thing is beyond radicalised.

No. 686424

Our hero Miranda is going to set Saudi Arabian society straight! If only they would give her a visa…

No. 686432

Oh, it is happening. Slowly but surely, they are easing restrictions and opening up opportunities for women. No doubt that this move was influenced by the bad publicity from the Rahaf case, but Mira would be shocked to know how many young men and Saudi parents are actually in support this, as well as those “concerts of Shaytan” that Mira herself used to frequent. If she only knew about the underground gay and party scene there and the kind of debauchery the Saudi Royals get involved in when they are overseas.

No. 686435

The point is Mira not what Saudi Arabians think. She can't even get a visa to go there and sits on her arse in Canada tweeting furiously.

No. 686477

File: 1564737834021.png (211.87 KB, 1226x796, スクリーンショット 2019-08-02 18.23.59.…)

”I converted to Islam & the first thing I did was went searching for the Halal" (not blowjobs)

No. 686479

Hmm but she went on those outings with single men first? The restaurant for example. Doesn't sound so Halal to me.

No. 686488

>ignored my non Muslim family’s concerns & confusion & disagreement

Going against your parents, especially marrying without permission from your guardian(father or family member), is seriously haram. The only exception is when a Sharia judge deems their objections without merit or they want to force the daughter to marry a man of bad character. She did everything on her own and had a secret marriage that she claims she won’t tell the real date to anyone she knows. Nothing she did was traditional or properly Islamic.

No. 686489

She had a Skype session with her mom and brother on how they feel about her wearing a scarf and becoming a Muslim. Her mom wasn't very keen on it, but her brother was okay.

Her biological dad did announce his happy news of her getting married on Facebook.

No. 686493

File: 1564745350114.jpg (416.3 KB, 1440x1485, 20190802_072457.jpg)

I like that in this tweet, Miranda gets all offended that this Muslim woman is "judging others" and then proceeds to judge this woman for being Shia and not Sunni

Here are some descriptive words for Miranda, that even she will understand: manafiq & takfir

No. 686522

Double standard right there

No. 686529

same old Miranda. attacking people when she has no right or sense to even comment about another person's culture, rights or opinions. remember when she use to bitch about Japanese people. fucking moron.

No. 686536

So her family was speaking facts in why marrying a stranger is a bad idea because do not know them. They could be a crazy person who gets off on torturing women after they have no way to escape. She doesn't know. Cults cut you off from people who think normally, and they prey on naive people. Such a foolish CHILD.

No. 686540

What harm could come from meeting for the first day of your marriage to someone of a whole different nationality culture and religion? Sounds like the ideal path for two individuals suffering from mental retardation.

No. 686542

This is absolutely beautiful, anon! I think a cutaway to reveal her eyes would make this a perfect choice for the next thread’s cover image.

Yeah, I remember. The fact that she brags about straight up ignoring them is the problem, despite her family having no choice but to accept it in the end. It’s just not something a conservative Saudi woman would ever dream of doing.

>Mira: Wahhhh! The whole world is so racist against Saudi! This discrimination is so unfair! Only Saudi is treated like this!
>Also Mira: Damn, dirty Shia and Turks!

She claims the ideal marriage is where you have never met before and then you are supposed to instantly fall in love on your wedding day. It was true for Mira because when she saw that tiny man with the chubby little boy hands and she felt just like Prophet Mohammad meeting Aisha.

No. 686546

Doesn't she also promote underage marriages so couples can have sex?

So underage marriage + post martial sex + never meeting prior to marriage = is Miranda promoting underage sex trafficking? Disgusting

No. 686575

Was she just lying with the story about how her mum ripped the hijab off her head, then?

No. 686590

She decided to become Muslim because of her channel. She probably saw she had a small following of Muslims and knew she could get on the victim train because of current events and ride it until it exploded into her face. She wanted a new following, a new friend circle, and wanted to be seen as pious and innocent and of course a victim. It’s as interesting to follow as it is disgusting.

No. 686593

Almdudler for you too miranda

No. 686603

Alright “Anon”. I will take the bait and play along since there is nothing else to talk about. Can you answer these questions? You have already ignored a few questions that people have thrown at you.

1. When did you meet Miranda? (Date?)
2. When did she get deported?
3. When did she get married? (Is she married)
4. How did she get deported?
5. When did you make this supposed sex tape?
6. What was she wearing?
7. Does she have any tattoos, piercings or anything on her body that stands out?
8. What color were her nails/hair/underwear?

No. 686657

File: 1564795117151.png (163.59 KB, 1240x732, スクリーンショット 2019-08-03 10.19.05.…)

Don't mess with Miranda's "husband"

No. 686667

What he could even do with those small fat hands?

No. 686673

Anon, I have some questions too:

- Is she in contact with you?
- Is she stalking you?

No. 686674

That's understandable and a whole level of disgusting mindset

No. 686676

Lol this kind of attitude towards a male would probably get her some punishment in Saudi. She better learn to behave if she's really going.

No. 686677

I'm sorry I don't see this with Miranda. Only nice Muslims are granted victim status. She only spews hatred 24/7.

No. 686696

>Nothing is wrong with having my husband put his hand on my head & take a picture.

Woah. Getting pretty indecent there, aren’t we Mira? Lol. Maybe that anon was right about his claims.

Mira must be really triggered by people joking about Tom Thumb. All of sudden, he’s this tough guy with a short fuse who is ready to throw down at any time but he still hides like a shy princess in all her weird pictures of him.

No. 686704

This, plus all her “I hate gays” and “Women should stay home and not get jobs or even drive” nonsense is going to destroy whatever possible victim status she might have squeezed out of SJW types.

No. 686710

Miranda, stfu you're husband is not going to do shit you coward. One punch and his potato filleded chest would collapse. The only things he'll ever be fighting are adult obesity and your face.

Once again stfu you coward.

No. 686739


I assume your talking to me? Next time can you reply to my posts so I can see it I just skim through the threads most of the time.

>1. When did you meet Miranda? (Date?)

I think it’s been almost 2 years now since I met her I don’t know the exact date. The month was probably around July if I were to guess.

>2. When did she get deported?

About 2-3 months ago.

>3. When did she get married? (Is she married)

She never told me she was married.

>4. How did she get deported?

She got stopped at airport she because her visa was flagged she told my friend that. She never did mention to him she got deported but from personal experience(I’ve been stopped before myself) they will let you on your flight but re entry won’t be easy. You pretty much have to come straight to immigration and it’s a hassle. As she’s a known visa switcher she probably realized she won’t get another visa. Wether they took her visa idk but she for sure got stopped and hasn’t been back.

>5. When did you make this supposed sex tape?

The first time we hung out alone together(first date)

6. What was she wearing?

A gold hijab and some green looking shirt and jeans.

>7. Does she have any tattoos, piercings or anything on her body that stands out?

I didn’t see any tattoos or piercings when I was with her.

>8. What color were her nails/hair/underwear?

Her nails looked pinkish?
Her hair was like brown/blonde
She has clothes and hijab on in the video so I don’t remember underwear.

Hope the format is ok I’m on iPhone also I don’t know exact dates since I haven’t thought of her in sometime or really care

No. 686740

Nah she’s not contacting me or stalking me as far as I know. Maybe she tried but I’m pretty low key I don’t even use Twitter or stuff like that. We just kind of stopped hooking up and I reported her to the police then went my separate way (yeah yeah I’m petty)

No. 686749

The most important question: How was she in the sack? Smash or pass? lol

No. 686750

So she was okay with you filming her giving you a blowjob?

No. 686751

She was ok. Nothing crazy.

Yeah she didn’t mind I just pulled out my phone she saw it and kept going

No. 686753

Forgot to answer the important question lol yeah if I had the opportunity today I would probably pass

No. 686754

Which friend did she contact to about the Visa?
I'm guessing one of the following:

- Lola
- Erica
- Momo
- Her editor

Or is it one of the Jvloggers?

Also, she uploaded a picture of prunes. Was that taken before she got deported? She mentions her husband's family is visiting. It's Canada right?

No. 686755

I’m not going to say my friends name on here.

I dont fallow her on any social media so I don’t know anything about a prune pic.
Also I don’t know anything about her husband

No. 686756

Be careful anon. Her husband is going to punch your dick off and feed on it.

No. 686757

No, he'll just throw potato chips at him

No. 686759

Crop out your picture and show us you have a pic with her?

No. 686761

Damn guess I should stop posting up in here I don’t want no smoke :^)

Nah I might leak the video sometime though so stay tuned(:^))

No. 686762

Cool! Can't wait for the vid

No. 686763

Any texts saying she got deported?

No. 686764

Unfortunately no I got a new iPhone X recently so my Line doesn’t have all the messages from my last phone

No. 686767

Did she tell you any of her secrets? Or the reason she became a Muslim? Or why she wanted to make out with you?

So many questions to ask

No. 686771

She didn’t tell me any specific secrets she lied about her visa so and was pretty shady about her previous muslim bf apparently he dumped her cause he had a an online gf in England or something and didn’t want her to find out (If it’s true his kind of a cuck lol)

She said she became a Muslim because she “did a lot of bad things in the past”.

It’s pretty hard to explain we were just chilling in her room on the futon and kissed

No. 686772

I have a qeustion

No. 686773

I would like to have some of my questions answered.

1. How often did you meet?
2. What color were her toe nails?
3. Did she always have pink nails?
4. You are sure you met her in July? Not August right?

5. Where was this video filmed?
6. In this video she is wearing a gold hijab?
7. You had sex with her but you do not remember what color her bra or underwear were?
8. Are you Muslim?
9. Why did she go to Canada? (before deported)
10. You seen her through these two years? or was it just in the month of July?

No. 686774

File: 1564817567702.png (93.27 KB, 1262x346, スクリーンショット 2019-08-03 16.32.57.…)

Miranda says that she never dated anyone after becoming a muslim (but apparently sex doesn't count)

No. 686775

File: 1564817783223.png (191.24 KB, 1144x666, スクリーンショット 2019-08-03 16.37.06.…)

Miranda lectures on why haram relationships with men are bad


No. 686776

Can you point out which one of her videos has a matching outfit and hijab from this porno video you have?

No. 686779

Muslim boyfriend meaning Rody?

No. 686783


This got to be the dumbest shit she ever wrote.

No. 686785

"If someone loves you they will marry you"

But if you've never met them before how could you possibly know you love each other. Just because someone got a nice dad or a nice sister didn't automatically mean they are a nice person.

No. 686786


She's just trying to justify her trash of an arranged marriage over her trash dating/whoring past.

No. 686787

She doesn't understand that dating people adds to personal growth and leads one to discover what they may want and not want in a long term relationship. Except this scum of a person's maturity level was stunted at age 12 and that's why she wants everyone at that age to get married to complete strangers and have sex.

No. 686789

Whoops looks like I didn’t green text the questions. I hope what I wrote make sense

Ask away bro.

>1. How often did you meet?
Just a couple times.

>2. What color were her toe nails?

I’m a guy so I couldn’t tell you lol

>3. Did she always have pink nails?

Again keep in mind I’m a guy. Most of us don’t have vivid memories of nails/purses/toenails/sandals etc.

>4. You are sure you met her in July? Not August right?

It could have been August but I’m not sure all I remember is it was pretty damn hot in that room.

>5. Where was this video filmed?

My room.

>6. In this video she is wearing a gold hijab?

Yeah it had like a cheetah/leopard pattern.

>7. You had sex with her but you do not remember what color her bra or underwear were?

Not during the time of the vid

>8. Are you Muslim?

No questions about me

>9. Why did she go to Canada? (before deported)

I’m not sure?

>10. You seen her through these two years? or was it just in the month of July?

I’ve seen her here and there.

No. 686790

I don’t watch or know about any of her videos even when we would meet. I’m just not into jvlogger stuff. See toy post above this if you want to know about the hijab a bit more.

I’m not sure I don’t think she mentioned a name

No. 686791

Excuse my terrible spelling

See the post above for the hijab shit*

No. 686796

When are you planning on releasing the video?

No. 686801

Thank you for entertaining us in times where we are all desperate for milk but I am going to call bull shit on this one and here are the reasons as to why,

TLDR version: too many holes, not plausible, inconsistencies, information publicly available, hijab/outfit/nails does not match what we see in her videos.

Long version:

1. You already changed your story. You went from "I knew her and she was kind of my friend" right to "we hooked up and made a porn together" in less than 24 hours.

2. You claim you still work in Japan and therefor you do not want to be identified, yet you made "a porn" with her so she obviously would know who you are if this was true. You gave enough details for her to point out exactly who you are. I don't think a girl would have a guy randomly pull out a phone on the "first night" and start filming anything sexual, so I don't think there would be a very long list of people she would have to sift through to realize who you are. I also find it a little odd you are threatening to "release it" IF she hints at "who you are". Quite an odd revenge don't you think?

3. She was not in Japan in July 2017. She was in Canada. The video she uploaded about her conversion was released when she was in in Canada during the summer, she uploaded a picture of her and her friends in Canada waving at the camera saying "goodbye to the haters".

4. She has never had pink nails after her conversion. Miranda uploaded quite frequently and even though she deleted all those videos a lot of us (including myself) have downloaded a copy of them. Her nails were not pink. She used to do live shows almost every single day. She had no life outside of YouTube.

5.Reading through all of the screenshots KM have given us, we already knew she lived with Sam. We already knew her room was messy. We already knew she didn't have air conditioning (she even said it in her live shows). Sam has talked about her being a secret roommate in a live as well as a video. She was not allowed to have guests over. Not that one can not break such rule or slip past it easily but I thought I would also point that out.

6. She does not have a green outfit or a golden hijab. She does not have any leopard or animal print hijabs.

7. She didn't observe the "proper hijab" when she first converted to Islam. Seems a little odd that you would have a clip of her doing oral in an unknown hijab when in fact we all know outside of her "falling off hijab" she never wore one.

8. Both the visa story and the deported story do not add up.
You claim she told you "I am on a special visa" but at the same time "she was a known visa hopper". Which is it? We all think that she was legally married to a Japanese visa-kun so why would someone who is married to a Japanese citizen be known for hopping a visa? Even someone who gets divorced has the right to stay in Japan on their current visa till it expires.

9. She had to have been married in 2017. The reason I think this is because the falcon video she uploaded, was made in November 2017. Aside from her alluding at it in the comments, he does actually appear in two videos.

10. We know shes a Saudiboo Muslim HaLaL oNly chasing girl. Why would she even waste her time chasing you? For someone who would be posting a type of thing like this I can guess and tell by the way you act that you are not Muslim. Even though you do not want to talk about yourself (again, paranoid of exposing yourself yet cool to talk about a so called porno). I am not saying that she is princess halal queen and wouldn't dare sleep around, but I am saying you don't seem to be the type of guy she would be interested in.

11. You changed your story about the sex tape. You said the video was filmed on the first day. You said how it happened, you just were chilling in her futon and started kissing but you later post that it was made at your house. (and again, why would you upload a video in your own house of her doing something sexual with you if you are scared of losing your job if your identity is exposed)?

12. As much as well all love to hear she was deported and would like to think she is not in Japan… the timeline you gave us does not add up at all. She went to Miyakojima in Okinawa and she uploaded a picture of herself in Okinawa on her Instagram. You can see the bridge in the background. This bridge is not found on the main Island so its not a picture from last year's trip. She also posted pictures of her in her Niqab eating A&W (last year she didn't travel wearing Niqab that seems to be a relatively new trend for her). Someone on PULL posted screen shots and confirmed the A&W she was at was not a Canadian branch because the logos are completely different. Such small details, a lousy baboon like Kanadajin will never realize. She defiantly would have fucked up in some point of her "I am going to fake my trip to Okinawa" plot.

13. If she went to Canada a few months ago expecting to come back home to Japan but was instead stopped at the border on entry and immediately deported back to Canada, she would have not been able to pack up her stuff. She would have no computer, not much clothes and all her belongings would be left behind in the dust(imagine how much more dust that would be from the usual dust of her mess). Before she rage-quit, she has posted boring videos on her Instagram stories (June and July) of her futon, kitchen stuff, computer monitor, tea cups and other nonsense stuff that she always posts. If she was deported it would take 3-4 week minimum for her stuff to actually arrive in Canada. Who the fuck would pay for all that shit too?

14. Girl or guy…NOBODY can forget the dreadful sight of Miranda's broken toe from 2017.

In the words if her husband "cool story bro" but I am going to wrap this up here.

I will say though, You keep insisting that there will be releasing this AV in "due time" makes me wonder if you have made or will make a deep fake. This would be the only explanation as to why you would have a video of presumably Miranda's face giving oral, wearing a hijab and sporting an outfit nobody has ever seen. Deep fakes are pretty easy to make these days.


No. 686804

The gold hijab is the one she wore in her Canada video 2 years back

No. 686809

You mean that weird shower cap thing?

Also, who are you? You seem to be only trolling and not actually giving us milk. Seriously, post photos or GTFO

No. 686810

Well I read through your post and I don’t really get what you don’t understand. I obviously don’t keep track of her as much as you do.

I’m not going to reply to all of that because I’m sure your right about some things but what I find the most funny out of all this is that you think she would be against me recording a blowjob.

And then you post a link to a deep fake.

Also I didn’t mention that I wasn’t a Muslim and a quick google search found the hijab I’m talking about.

Mira is that you? If this is Mira then you know what you did. You know I’ll post it too

No. 686811

File: 1564826025295.jpeg (49.99 KB, 478x642, 2242D210-CDF0-4DDF-B418-5F88FB…)

Dude, this is an image board, you can show us the hijab you mean. But I think you mean this shower cap of a beanie. Give us milk or get out.

No. 686812

She lost that hijab in canada

No. 686814

She lost that hijab in canada on her trip>>686812
I mean the golden one in the Canada video. She said in a live show she lost it in Canada.

No. 686816

If you are not afraid of getting arrested for uploading "revenge porn" then I am going to go with the deep fake theory too. It really does seem fishy that someone is so worried about their own identity yet not worried about leaking a porno.

No. 686817

Tinfoil: Anon hacked her shyt & the porn is actually her & her husband

No. 686820

I get there are holes in his story but only Miranda would write an essay debunking it.
I’m going to assume that you know her and she has told you what to write.
There are a few miranese phrases in there, notably “such”.
Idk but I think this guy is on to something, maybe he’s lying about the porn but perhaps he’s got something else up his sleeve.

No. 686821

I get where you are coming from but I am not Miranda. There really is nothing else better to talk about. I got a little carried away but I really wanted to make all my points at once rather than flooding the forum with this nonsense. I don't want to add more useless posts.

No. 686822

I would believe you after you post a video

No. 686823

I honestly don't believe Miranda as stupid as she is would let a guy she just met film her giving a BJ. I don't buy it at all.

No. 686824

File: 1564828758907.jpg (892.5 KB, 150x150, hWeItdQ.jpg)

Dude, you’d better watch out. Her tiny, strangely submissive husband is going to give you quite the beating.

Again, she falsely claims courtship never existed and people never fell in love outside instant marriage. Let’s just ignore hundreds of years of love stories and poems humans have written. Time for her to burn her beloved Aladdin DVD. Too haram!

>makes me wonder if you have made or will make a deep fake. This would be the only explanation as to why you would have a video of presumably Miranda's face giving oral,

I was with you up until this point. Now you’re obvious. This is so looney and weirdly specific.

Mira showed concern about deep fakes and AI face-tracking just the other day…

No. 686825

She changed her profile picture and made her Twitter private

No. 686826

Anon is right though, theres no reason for this guy to hide his identity and be afraid of getting in shit at work if hes not afraid to post an AV. Deep fakes are a thing and they are not hard to make. Something is fishy about how he insists there will be a tape and has no fear in releasing it. None of us have actually doxed her or committed any crimes against her but revenge porn is illegal. It does not matter if she consented to it or not.

No. 686827

Not this again.
Its open. Theres no change in the profile picture. If there was its back to the original now. Lets not flood the threat with more bs

No. 686828

I swear it was locked once I posted

No. 686829

She has been doing that constantly back and forth for over a month. Its annoying af. Even more annoying that people keep giving an update on her account.

No. 686830

This thread is getting derailed about a story with no evidence. Unless pics/video are posted, can we all just move on

No. 686831

>Even someone who gets divorced has the right to stay in Japan on their current visa till it expires.

just want to correct this anon. one is NOT by default allowed to stay on their current marriage visa until it expires, in case they divorce. the basic rule is your current spouse visa can be revoked after 6 months from divorce, because you are not fulfilling the purpose of residing in the country, which is, being someone's spouse. the logic is the same as being on student visa but not actually going to school. of course if you somehow keep the facts hidden from immigration, not sure what exactly they can do to investigate, but still. doesn't mean "you have the right to stay on spouse visa until it expires". stop spreading misinformation, the confusion results in the thread being shit up

sorry for not contributing otherwise

No. 686834

File: 1564831618055.png (249.19 KB, 1146x1104, スクリーンショット 2019-08-03 20.26.43.…)

If you want to ask Miranda questions directly, now is your chance

https://curiouscat.me/alkanadiya(this is cowtipping, you autist)

No. 686840

That last question, totally NOT made by herself

No. 686843

On the day of judgement, you will feel the pain for doubting her!

No. 686853

If there’s a video then send a screen shot that doesn’t reveal anything. Blur out what you want. Otherwise we aren’t gonna believe anything. If she really isn’t in the same country as you then how can it have legal retaliation? I’m against releasing the actual video if there is one because that’s too far IMO.

No. 686869


This. It’s 100% bullshit.

In addition to all of those excellent points, the dipshit said:
>I don’t know exact dates since I haven’t thought of her in sometime or really care

Yeah. You “don’t care” yet took the time to find lol cow and the current thread, post your bullshit, and keep returning to check for reactions/responses.

No. 686916

Sorry admin…. if this anonymous is it really cow tipping?

Yes someone is saying ask this cow a question but unless an anon says I asked miranda x question it is still anonymous.

I don’t wanna get banned lol(read the rules)

No. 686918

. Do not alert a subject to their thread or take any other action to lead them to lolcow.farm (cowtipping).
5.1 Do not contact a subject's family.
5.2 Do not use lolcow.farm to organize a crusade against a cow (not your personal army).
5.3 Do not brag about or announce having personal contact or interactions with a cow.

the definition of cowtipping is to engage with the cow. milk is supposed to be organic, anonymous or not. you can link to their sites but not with suggestions to use them to directly interact and then come running back here with what they reply with. it's stupid.

No. 686919

Here are some more reasons why AV anon's story seems bullshit.

Miranda is extremely paranoid of exposing her personal information, address, visa status, family information and her "body" to the internet. Its such a priority for her that she gave thes run around to her loyal Norwegian fan. Lets not forget he was her little lap dog and would do anything she told him to. If she is going to give someone who she knows somewhat false information and protect her identity then why would she let some guy in her house on the first night they met and let him record her having sex with him? If this guy was a long time boy friend maybe I would buy it but it does not seem very plausible that she let a stranger film her.

She is not known to be the sexually experimental type. She said in the comments multiple times that having sex for more than 10 minutes is too long. Anal sex is disgusting. Porn is disgusting. She likes to have all the lights off so nobody can see. She thought people have had threesomes were disgusting. She has a track record for insulting women who even show off a little bit too much cleavage. She made a foreigner tips video about how when she sees boobs she freaks out and its too much for Japan. I could have I saw her say that anything oral is immoral and does not "belong there" because "that is where you pee". I hate to put it this way but I can't think of any better words…I imagine her to be a "dead fish" type girl.

Everyone in Tokyo who has come in contact with her face to face or people who know her (met her and her Swedish ex boyfriend at YouTube events) have all said she is very quiet, shy and avoids people. She does not like to meet new people. Shes a follower, not a leader. She was at the YouTube Hanami 2013 and was very quiet and pretty much waited for people to talk to her. This is all on YouTube if anyone wants to look it up.

No. 686925


some girl from PULL went to meet her to try to get her side on something and said how mira acts offline is completely contradictory to her online persona. Nervous, frazzled, meek, and quiet. Then she ran off when things didn't go away. Mira just acts and talks big on the camera and throws around "i'm contacting my lawyer!!!"

No. 686926

Y’all giving too much thought into this shit actually. I will bust up, or should I say shred up this AV rumour in one sentence.

A BJ? Impossible. Physically. No mans gonna put anything precious near that. Unless my man is trying to say he got a pencil d going on? Haha

No. 686935

Oh great we started to talk about sex and the fucking porn bots have picked it up and are flooding the forum SMH

No. 686937

can this thread PLEASE be autosaged, it's been nothing but newfaggotry and infighting for the last couple weeks

tinfoil deluxe: it's miranda come to wage the Holy War against us

No. 686942

Can captcha be enabled?

No. 686946

File: 1564878603741.jpeg (192.5 KB, 1242x361, A01E664F-509C-4CDA-8419-C9436E…)

I love how she talks and talks about having a guardian all the time, but can’t even spell it. Classic Miranda

No. 686969

If Miranda got deported or was refused entry to Japan she would have made some lame ass excuse to delete her channel and start up in Canada. Either she would pretend she moved to Saudi Arabia and will never upload again, or she would claim "Islamaphobia" or the "haters" falsely accused her of something and she had to leave/was falsely deported. She would have set up a GoFundMe, milked that drama like no tomorrow.

No. 687036

No she wouldn't because she'd be ashamed to admit it. She'd rather people think she went from Japan right to KSA and never festered in Canada at all.

No. 687078

File: 1564917698651.jpeg (56.88 KB, 639x317, 1D51DFFB-6136-4F8E-8446-DA1A62…)

Okay, Miranda

No. 687079

File: 1564917866247.jpg (107.71 KB, 1118x663, wutwut.JPG)

Woah her Doudemomira channel…

No. 687080

File: 1564917945090.jpg (40.28 KB, 1258x694, nothankyou.JPG)

No. 687083

File: 1564918882850.jpg (236.44 KB, 1388x843, wutwutwut.JPG)

She's changing them now

No. 687084

File: 1564918952210.jpg (68.41 KB, 1278x699, nothankyou2.JPG)

No. 687090

This is next level delulu, what the hell is she thinking??

No. 687095

Is she going full ISIS chan already!?

No. 687096

This is what autism looks like

No. 687108

So today’s daily condemnation of women >>687078 probably resulted in this >>687080 creep show?

Even when she was deep in her White Nihonjin phase, I never her saw her target Japanese women the way she does Muslim women. It’s incredibly disturbing.

No. 687109

Miranda, your face is already out online forever, you changing your YouTube will not change that. Thinking it would is the most moronic thing you have done.

No. 687126

Miranda is going through her ninja phase?

No. 687134

File: 1564938290756.png (33.88 KB, 611x160, Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 10.0…)

Miranda needs to crowd source tax information from strangers on the internet while planning to open up a bread store in SA. Information that could easily be found if they had any REAL connection with people in SA.

A good start to a doomed venture.

No. 687160

"If I operate a business, do I have to pay taxes in that country?"

How retarded are these two? They're both special needs by the sound of it.

No. 687205

There is no tax in saudi

No. 687216

A foreigner would pay 20%, but a Saudi pays 2.5% Zakat

No. 687221

Tax is only on foreign companies, enterprises. Not your own personal income or personal company in Saudi.

No. 687224

File: 1564957892788.jpeg (129.33 KB, 638x868, 255CB831-7DCC-4695-BA5A-2662A4…)

She just can’t be wrong, jeez

No. 687227

I hate to defend her but she does have a point. You are not allowed to shake hands in Islam and you can Google that if you must. "liberal Muslims" say that you can because times are changing but there is no authentic literature in Islam that says you can touch a woman or a man who is not a family member. Miranda is not a liberal Muslim, nothing close to it. So she will always stamp down her "it goes against the sunnah" seal.

No. 687228

Its kind of like Christians who came later and said God loves everyone and accepted homosexuality. The Christian text clearly forbids it.

No. 687231

I never mentioned it's personal and I was replying to the previous commenter about opening up a business

No. 687232

The only time you can touch is when they're grieving for the loss of their family members, friends and loved ones. Prophet Muhammed SWT did the same.

No. 687236

^ source?(autism)

No. 687238

SWT is for Allah…..
My mans pretending to be Muslim? haha

No. 687261

>it's been nothing but newfaggotry and infighting for the last couple weeks
>last couple weeks

That's adorable.

No. 687284

File: 1564968165429.jpg (90.15 KB, 768x576, BlvCrmo.jpg)

Unless you’re dudes. Then hand-holding and cute nose kisses all the way.

No. 687320

learn how to reply, anon, then you won't need to use vague arrows.

No. 687329

File: 1564973350308.jpeg (122.89 KB, 640x749, 59B5603B-4FAA-447D-A07C-D1C7A4…)

Miranda is extremist confirmed?
But seriously, what’s up her ass today? She seems more argumentative than usual.

No. 687334

This moron's sole drive is to argue with people. She lives a miserable life and is sour because other people want to live differently from her assbackward interpretation. If Rodi just gave her the D, this would all have gone differently.

No. 687341

Prepare for it. There is a large wave of patriotic MBS supporting young who are not religious at all. All the people who are in marginalized communities (LGBT, open minded, ex-muslims) love the change because the new rules benefit them. I am sure you will see a lot of these types of arguments.

No. 687342

There is a big difference between someone who is a Muslim who practices and someone who is Muslim by name. There are a lot of Muslims who do not pray, think its okay to date, do not even read the Quran, they don't fast in Ramadan. Some people cherry pick what they want to chose and try to find some scholars or liberal sheyoks who give "fattawas" that they agree with because it fits their own feelings. Usually these types of people wouldn't get along with someone who is practicing their religion. I don't think that person is Muslim to be honest. I think they are just being snappy. Miranda chose to make her Twitter about religion so shes going to get people arguing with her.

No. 687345

Miranda, you are the only person I know who has used the word "snappy" to describe people. Take your wahhabist bullshit and fuck off to saudi already

No. 687346

File: 1564976031508.png (275.38 KB, 1158x1120, Miranda.png)

Miranda explains why she continues to use twitter

No. 687348

Randa, you are a damn nobody to say who is Muslim and who’s not, because if we gonna act like this, you’re the less Muslim person ever, hating and being mean to everyone who doesn’t agree with your extreme stupid ideas. ‘snappy’ tho… lmfao.

No. 687352

It's the same as peace be upon him. No need to correct it.

Miranda really enjoys having a higher power as a "real" Muslim. She says she doesn't believe atheists go to hell, but then on Twitter she tells them they are filthy.

I never knew she's promoting "positivity" about Islam to combat islamophobia in a non-Muslim country. The Japanese atheists know how to treat Muslims very well, and Muslims know how to treat non-Muslims well. She can't deal with this!

No. 687356

File: 1564978994566.png (155.54 KB, 1206x690, Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 9.22…)

Get married to someone from a list.

No. 687362

Miranda is a better Muslim than Rodi, pass it on!

No. 687364

Her ideal of marital bliss is scary. To her it’s romantic to ask around for a husband from people she knows then meet him on her wedding day. How can she be so twisted? Why is this culture something she’s attracted to? All the people fighting to change this and here’s Miranda…. I bet A) She has a romanticized vision of what it will be like living there, will move, and will be trapped unable to escape her husbands family and probably tied down with kids B) Actually has no intention of moving there and waiting to release a video saying why her visa was denied or some crap like that. It’s been part of her new “poor me I’m a Muslim” YouTube plan. She thought she was gonna have millions of subscribers by now. What went wrong, Miranda?

No. 687372

SWT means subhana wa tala, Glory to Him, the Exalted. Its not for Prophets but for God only.

No. 687375

Her twitter is private again

No. 687379


Keep in mind this is the same girl that married a total stranger based on a conversation she had with another total stranger on a flight.

No. 687382

Stupid Saudis thinking they know what’s best for their own country! They should just listen to a manipulative, unemployed, uneducated, woman-hating and mentally unstable Canadian who converted to win a man!

>I honestly don’t know how they found my political account

This idiot was using 3 accounts and constantly retweeting herself. She practically announced it to everyone. And how is someone not supposed to make the connection between that and her YouTube channels? She always reminds people “I live in Japan/I’m from Japan” and references stalkers or haters.

No. 687388

"Hey citizens of a country that I never even visited, listen to me, Mira, the uber muslim. I know what is good for you and what is the true meaning of Islam. I use to go to punk rock concerts, brag online about sleeping with multiple men, got married to move to japan and then divorced soon after, claimed to be japanese when i'm 100% white, never held a real job for a good length of time, destroyed my only real income stream, tried to rape my muslim friend on several occasions, attacked and alienated all my japanese friends by shitting on them online due to my jealously, lied about doing so, agreed to marry a man I never meet, scammed the few true fans I had for thousands of dollars and then called them stockers when they wanted repayment, reused to repay and committed bank fraud, committed visa fraud, and converted is Islam less than 3 years ago, constantly lie to people out of paranoia, and spends all day on social media telling people how they should live and attacking fellow muslims for going against me.

Don't you know they should be like ME?? Aren't I a great role model for the muslim faith?? LOOK HOW GREAT ME LIFE IS! PRAISE ALLAH"

No. 687389

She didn't meet her husband on a plane. She told that to KM only. Are you that stupid to still believe that?

No. 687390


dumb f, learn to read Miranda

No. 687404

Nothing about the plane story is true. She was already married. We already established that.

No. 687425

File: 1565001635463.png (250.93 KB, 1146x1136, 05 19.40.30.png)

Miranda does not recognize moderate muslims

No. 687448

Not who you are replying to but considering that her marriage certificate was from ISNA Canada, which provides a matchmaking service, and she says she met the man for the first time on the wedding day, it looks like she was married through ISNA when she last went to Canada. Remember she also told KM that lie about being in Canada because of a “business meeting” for a halal shop. There were strange details like that which make it seem like she was hiding the arranged marriage from KM. Meeting the man’s father on the plane also makes no sense because what “traditional tribal” Saudi man is going to ask a random white convert on a plane to marry his son, rather than find a reputable woman through a mosque or family, especially when he doesn’t even know her destination or return? She wasn’t full ninja yet, just wearing messy babushka head scarf, so she would just look like a liberal Muslim woman who could be traveling alone.
And then the most fucked up part about her story claiming to be married for a long time: she came back from Canada and went on a trip alone with KM! That makes me think she married the Saudi loser and he stayed back in Canada, she had her freak out and announced the marriage, then Mr. Potato Head arrived in Japan on a tourist visa until her own visa expired.

No. 687472

Your story fits so well it's neither correct nor mistake. It's quite true

No. 687475

What happened to the video leak? Was that a bait?

No. 687478

Of course it’s bait, who on earth would admit to getting a blowy from that swamp monster??!

No. 687479

It's Miranda, I guess, who tried baiting us

No. 687481

That's what I have been saying from the start. Without any evidence, it's not milk. Let's let it go

No. 687490

She can barely close her mouth because of her teeth, I don’t know how she would fit a dick in there

No. 687504

Id imagine it would be like rubbing your D with 200 grade sandpaper.

No. 687510

Damn, that dude would get shredded to ribbons.

I just looked up the story that she is up in arms about. The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Sheikh Abdul Latif Al Asheikh, welcomed pilgrims from New Zealand, who are survivors of the Christchurch massacre. That man’s “crime” was merely being a compassionate human being towards a mother who lost her child, not a single bad intent in his heart. Mira couldn’t wait to tear into someone showing genuine empathy and concern.

Someone on Twitter showed Mira proof that what she was doing, publicly criticizing leaders or officials, is against Sharia. Predictably, she falls back on the excuse “I don’t know Arabic” and she claims she’s not at fault because she purposely left out his name! She can never accept that she is ever wrong and she does this while confessing that after 3 years of study, she still doesn’t know basic conversational Arabic. Does she not realize the English translation of the Quran is considered mere interpretation and it is essential to know Arabic to correctly convey the true meaning? That means she has no right to lecture anyone about the Quran, especially native Arabic-speakers, until she is fluent in Arabic. She’s the student, not the teacher.

No. 687518

Mira doesn't need to know Arabic. She has her trusty google translate and she's good. Do not question Queen Muslim Mira.

No. 687582

There’s really nothing to talk about anymore

No. 687599

What crack are you smoking? Her decent into ISIS bride is absolutely glorious to watch..

No. 687605

she does not support ISIS though. So what is fun about that?

No. 687606

Her views run parallel to ISIS so….

No. 687608

How so? She constantly attacks left wing political figures because they are accused of supporting terrorist groups? Its very clear that she does not support terrorism at all.

No. 687610

she's major jelly of anyone getting a visa when she cannot. the Saudi larp is her most hilarious larp of all, since she'll never be allowed to go there. Japan let her mooch there for years.

No. 687611

Get a job Miranda

No. 687626

Any country that will give a visa to a person that commits visa fraud in the past is trash. Someone should inform the embassy of this hot mess.(cowtipping)

No. 687629

No Miranda. Nobody is going to fall for your shit. Nobody gives a shit what you are doing in your life. You have already been banned for this kind of "lets all gang up and report her" shit before.

No. 687635


She responds to almost everything people ask I guess?

No. 687646

File: 1565050119932.jpeg (214.78 KB, 1242x902, C2BC9C03-0F23-4787-AD2C-544DC1…)

No. 687656

we already knew that(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 687660

File: 1565052763659.jpeg (66.45 KB, 635x381, 6440FEB6-70E2-4BB1-9EDF-25F69C…)


No. 687672

Not a threat about Adriana, Keep the topic on Miranda

No. 687674

stop spamming the thread with this, sister

No. 687688

Not like there is really much other interaction with her other than this shit

No. 687689

File: 1565057352178.png (54.52 KB, 1124x236, 32.png)

No one's spamming the thread…in any case, there is some funny stuff there

No. 687691

File: 1565057422795.png (80.53 KB, 1128x360, 40.png)

No. 687694

File: 1565057467115.png (192.58 KB, 1132x970, 20.png)

No. 687729

sure sweetie. I'm sure you're not sitting on there asking questions all day long.

No. 687784


ISIS is a far-right political group that considers anyone who doesn't believe like them to not be "true Muslims" and supports executing those people.

Miranda is a Far-right political person hat considers anyone who doesn't believe like her to not be "true Muslims" and supports executing those people.

It's pretty straight forward..

No. 687789

File: 1565097027632.jpg (117.75 KB, 793x772, newblog.JPG)

She deleted all of her old blog posts and made one new post.

Yes, Japan has lots to see!

No. 687793

that seriously gives me grade 1 "my first report" vibes. She has to be retarded somehow

No. 687795

Yes I totally agree, I almost think her narcissism is actually some kind of learning disability.

No. 687825

File: 1565109239648.png (681.57 KB, 1172x1150, スクリーンショット 2019-08-06 22.34.32.…)

She is trying to change her online persona from Kanadajin3 to Alkanadiya…Since everyone knows that Alkanadiya is her, why is she confused that the haterz and stockers keep following her?

No. 687994

If Chris Chan stops being trans, and if Mira stops being Muslim, I really want them to get together. This is my dream. I want to know what their kids would look like. I want to know what their kids' personalities would be like. This is my dream.

No. 688119

lol her eyebrows are done and she is wearing makeup


No. 688124

I thought Jessica Yaniv is a good match for her.

No. 688125

>completely loses whatever looks she had
>covers herself head to toe so as not to be sexualized… despite nobody wanting to sexualize her
Seems like there's something psychologically deeper going on here

No. 688141

she's still fucking Frogboy, otherwise why would he stay married. I wouldn't read too much into this phase.

No. 688318

Agreed, it's basically down to her twitter is private / public, she threw a tantrum about some shit, and a whole lot of rehashing. Oh, and the periodic bait.
Her kebab phase has been the least entertaining thanks to fucking autists who want to argue theology via google or rehash the same old shit over and over again.

No. 688466

No milk???

No. 688469

What is happening! she has only been gone from YouTube for less than a month and already people are starting to forget about her?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 688471

That is low quality bait

No. 688476

File: 1565263614729.jpeg (99.13 KB, 640x639, 0052900C-B881-4872-BD19-D3A808…)

Just noticed that Miranda must have been triggered from an anon pointing out that she spelt “guardian” wrong and changed it to “mahram”
Good ol’ Randa

No. 688481

The only thing you are doing is posting old pictures on Twitter and calling white donkeys “ponies” while Saudi’s make fun of you.

No. 688502

Totally a bait, she just came back to retweet two tweets

No. 688503

File: 1565273564334.jpg (98.12 KB, 1303x324, 20190808_101314.jpg)

Gtfo Miranda. No one will forget the shit you've pulled

No. 688506

That's not her. It's a parody account

No. 688508

Miranda reported one of her fans to take the video down. She cyberbullied him.

No. 688510

She even threatened to take down his channel!

No. 688512

Who? What video? Give details

No. 688513

No. 688514

File: 1565274628062.jpg (83.01 KB, 646x610, runningbear.JPG)

No. 688516

What was this video about?

No. 688517

Why he started his channel and how Miranda inspired him by watching her vids

No. 688527

Tell "him" to post the video on another site and post the link here IF it contains good milk

No. 688530

that guy is a troll ignore him. He fucking flops back and forth between defending her and hating her.

No. 688531

He sent Punksud a sped mail

No. 688533


Stop making up fake stories and show us the receipts

No. 688534

He sent someone a sped mail. I remember seeing this name multiple times. I thought it was Miranda's sock till I saw his videos

No. 688536

Did you mean spam mail?

No. 688537

Good job baiting. Get yourself some sleep before you come up with another crazy hallucinative story behind your husband and father-in-law's back. We know his family arrived because you're silent on Twitter.

No. 688538

File: 1565280113383.jpg (10.87 KB, 95x110, Arabic.JPG)


No. 688542

Explain what this means for those of us who don't speak Arabic

No. 688543

Pronounced Fi as in Finish; a preposition word for "in"

No. 688544

Miranda, why did you dislike one tweet a minute ago?

It's obvious that previous comment asking an anon to explain about Arabic language was done by you.

No. 688545

How is this milk?

No. 688546

You're the milk

No. 688547

Oh Miranda, when will you learn that coming here will not get the haterz and stockers to stop following you…get off all social media, especially your wahhabist bullshit Alkanadiya account, and then everyone will leave you alone

No. 688550

Once you step into other peoples' business, of course they will run after you Miranda and you'd call them "cyberbullies." That's how you wake the lion up from his quiet slumber.

No. 688551

How can someone dislike a tweet? Lol

No. 688552

Unliking the tweet they liked

Go to bed

No. 688560

Who’s sleeping at this time? You people always accuse people of being Miranda. Is that what your forum has resorted to become?

No. 688563

File: 1565285380877.jpg (130.05 KB, 511x429, witch.thumb.jpg.e8a6bb60423206…)

"Is that what your forum has resorted to become?"

Move along now

No. 688565

Ok km.

No. 688566

KM doesn't stalk lolcow like you do, Miranda.

No. 688569

I am not Miranda but you are km

No. 688570

Can't believe you're bringing up the people you've met in the past. I guess I'll bring some up for you.

Lola? Erica? Sharla? Rody?

Oops, triggered.

No. 688571

Miranda, you're now speaking like a sheikh but you're female. Stop pretending to be a different person with a whole another level of persona and go back to sleep. Fajr prayer will start in 37 minutes. You may be a housewife but you don't have anything to do at 2:44am…

No. 688574

Nobody’s triggered. The only person who thinks anyone is triggered is you.

No. 688576

The only people who keep posting on this forum obsessively are 1 man from Norway. 1 woman from Japan and it’s not Miranda. You have been blocked several times. Don’t make me start to give details.

No. 688577

You're triggered by my comment, Miranda. You're the milk

No. 688579

You realize Naruru, you keep getting blocked and we see your original IP adresss every time you come back.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 688583

Well, you're wrong on that one

No. 688584


No. 688585

Not this Naruru shit again, what’s your beef with her? She hasn’t added to any of the milk or been here since forever

No. 688586

Lol Miranda you couldn’t be more wrong, I’m from the UK.

No. 688588

She is here every day.

No. 688589

Nice proxy but ok

No. 688592

How do you know that, are you an admin? How would you know her IP address to know she comes here and gets banned? This is an anonymous board.

There’s only one other way I can think you would know Narurus whereabouts and that’s private. If that’s true I know who you are.

That or you’re just Miranda being Miranda(calm your autism)

No. 688594

It says in red text under your name “put out to pasture”

No. 688595

What’s private?

No. 688596

Reporting your comment for breaking LOLcow regulations(autism)

No. 688597

Your twitter

No. 688598

Oh we all know you are always in Miranda’s Twitter KM.

No. 688599

Looks like someone hit a soft spot? What’s the big deal about following her on Twitter? It’s public

No. 688601

I have made several replies here and I literally don’t have a clue what is going on anymore

No. 688604

I don’t know. I think I uncovered something

No. 688645

So it‘s miranda trying to confuse us or what

No. 688758

File: 1565323560176.jpg (521.45 KB, 810x1400, 20190809_130446.jpg)

She's like a child playing with a loaded gun. Her phases go in and out, first Japan is her favorite country, then Saudi is because as a child she pointed to it on a map. Only an adult with the mental agree of a child would be this dumb and naive.

No. 688759

Age… Thanks auto-correct fails.

No. 688766

I thought her in-laws were visiting her but she’s choosing spazzing out here. Perhaps it’s not going well? There’s nothing suspicious on Twitter so I assume she was mostly triggered by the mention of that American autistic guy no longer supporting her. He used to harass Rodi for her, typing in all caps and being threatening. There was a period of time after her conversion that he suddenly started making negative comments about her but then he strangely came back like nothing happened.

You already know there is more than one Japan anon who posts here, you idiot. You’ve fallen out with so many people in Japan and you want to pretend everyone will forget the most strangest, most chaotic Jvlogger who went full ISIS? That’s why you were always paranoid about people finding out where you live or travel. Even during language school days, you wore a mask and sunglasses because you were already fucking up. Too many people know of your reputation.

KM hasn’t been around for the longest time and he already gave all the information he had. You’re not trying to say he’s holding onto something else, are you? Even if he was banned here, he could always pass the information on to someone else or post it on PULL.

No. 688775

Both of you are KM. KM talking in third person.(ban evading autist)

No. 688776


No. 688778

No. 688789

Why are you so triggered Miranda, what’s got you hot under your niqab?

No. 688797

we're all KM here.
just like we're all Joe according to Laur.

No. 688806

You got me. It’s me, KM. Just sitting here in my most festive bunad. Devouring lutefisk and admiring the fjords.

She seemed to appear within an hour of someone posting about Runningbearjoey. I really wonder what she wrote to him and how deep their contact went. His video didn’t contain any compromising details about her. Or maybe she’s still going psycho, trying to scrub any mention of her from YouTube so the in-laws don’t find out about her.

She has been sifting through YouTube, reporting any videos that may have featured her or talked about her. Gimmeaflakeman was one of the most recent YouTubers who tweeted about an “individual” filing a privacy complaint concerning an old hanami party video. About a dozen of Victor’s followers chimed in, knowing exactly who it was. I guess all those people were KM’s accounts too?

Apparently, KM has the amazing ability to diversify is his diction, grammar and overall English skill in ways one-note Mira could only dream of. She should ask him for tips.

No. 688943

File: 1565405070510.png (92.2 KB, 1126x376, スクリーンショット 2019-08-10 11.43.59.…)

Miranda thinks that we are standing in front of mosques all day looking for her

No. 688955

No one cares enough about you Miranda to stand at a terrorist mosque looking for your and baby hands. You don't have kids yet either

No. 688960

Rody received an interesting text message from Miranda herself out of the blue

https://twitter.com/rodyinjapan/status/1159735726969217024(learn 2 imageboard)

No. 688965

File: 1565412456613.jpg (498.83 KB, 1348x2929, rody.jpg)

this is an imageboard, post caps

No. 688983

Where's the evidence, Miranda?
It's getting ridiculous now

No. 688985

Oof so triggered. If anyone came snooping around addresses in Canada it’s probably PayPal, yknow because you owe them $1000s??

No. 688986


She "quit" youtube because of Rodi's stalker bs?
She is a afraid of stalkers waiting at mosques for her?
How paranoid can she get!

No. 688987

File: 1565421961745.png (217.17 KB, 1136x1118, スクリーンショット 2019-08-10 16.25.55.…)

The biggest mistake Miranda ever made was "becoming a YouTuber that shows myself in the camera"…but she still continues to show herself on youtube and twitter

No. 688988

File: 1565422022683.jpeg (180.75 KB, 828x1792, EBlaKHmUcAABg0w.jpg-large.jpeg)

Rant to Rodi continues

No. 688989

File: 1565422059264.jpeg (174.04 KB, 828x1792, EBlaiZiVUAI58Ab.jpg-large.jpeg)

No. 688990

Oh dear she really doesn’t sound very well.

No one is standing outside mosques waiting for you, passports Canada doesn’t exist and please correct me if I am wrong but I believe Naruru is in Japan.

No. 688991

File: 1565423202585.jpg (98.32 KB, 560x534, Paypal.JPG)

No. 688994

No. 688995

Give us details. Did Miranda say something to you on twitter/instagram?

No. 688998

Ah…. This is why she went private and started ranting about stalkers to her followers. Who knew Naruru held so much power and had the funds to send spies to Canada and multiple mosques! She must be in cahoots with Shia and Turkish mobsters! /s

Damn, Mira’s so pissed that she can’t control other people and force them to them to do her bidding anymore. Didn’t she say it was wrong to force others to submit to your religious or cultural rules? Why would it matter to Rodi, Victor or Joey that she is Muslim? They don’t believe the same things and it’s not illegal. There’s no Sharia law in Japan or Japanese law doesn’t support her. Her personal choices have nothing to do with what they choose to keep listed on their own channels. She repeats “I am Muslim” like an incantation.

Can’t she be reported to YouTube about frivolous reports? She’s going after any mention of her, even when it’s positive. Everyone who has been harassed by her should band together and complain to both YouTube and Twitter for her insane power trip. Her terrible “cyber bullying” video looks even more ridiculous when there is solid proof of her bullying others through her official accounts.

No. 689000

They can't report her for reporting them. They can counter claim and get their video back, and after enough times of that Youtube will look at Miranda's account. She risks termination herself, it's in the TOS.

No. 689012

Old video but interesting

No. 689014

>you don’t even pick up the phone to meet him face to face

Why would Rodi want to have a face-to-face confrontation with someone insane enough to marry Mira? Does she think they will fight for her fair hand and Rodi will whisk her back to Japan? The Sheik of Tiny Town will punch a sofa cushion next time?

It’s strange that Mira is the one sending out all these authoritative messages, especially to men, instead of the husband. Shouldn’t a “protector” who adheres strongly to gender roles be meting out these threats instead? She says they only communicate in English so his English skills shouldn’t be bad enough to have him hiding like a wimp. Where is this fool when his wife if losing her mind on Twitter and ranting about stalkers? It’s like he’s just sitting back and enjoying this.

No. 689019

Let's be fair, he has protected her honor in the past.

I haven't heard those bed sheets talk shit about Miranda for awhile now.

No. 689020

They're in a whiteness protection program last I heard. Those poor sheets.

No. 689021

>whiteness protection program

That was good one, anon.

Her child-husband probably leaves grubby little handprints on the walls and dumps his dirty underwear on the floor.

No. 689022

It is true that years ago Mira's channel was fun to watch.

She just sucks all around now. Nothing is entertaining about her. It's all negative all around.

No. 689023

If this guy had to join an program to get matched up with a troll looking Miranda, I'm sure he's either mentally disabled or physically disabled or both. Would explain a lot about how Miranda needs to be a housewife to take care for him.

No. 689041

I used to watch her videos and cringe about how stupid she was. That and watching her narcissism develop into full blown paranoid isischan.

No. 689046


What the hell is a "next man?"

No. 689058

What I find funny is Rodi doesn't even think about her anymore and it's funny that she assumes it all comes back to him. He stated why he didn't delete the video before and said if she comes cleans and pays her he would do it. She's just mad it shows her face and she's too stupid to realize her face is already on the internet. Can't delete your past Miranda.

No. 689069


It's just better off if Mira disappears from the internet, for herself and everyone else. As entertaining she is, you feel sorry for people she interacts with online. People can't stand her so really no point for her continue.

No. 689087

she's a cow, she essentially can't get off the internet by definition

No. 689097

She said she wants nothing to do with him for the billionth time and still messages him out of the blue during the hours her husband is not at home?

No. 689098


Messaging your old obsession while your hubby is in the bathroom washing off chip residue. That's gotta be haram!

No. 689104

I love his no-bullishit responses to her. It drives her crazy that he is so done with her and doesn’t care about her threats.

I bet she is subscribed to his channel and checks his Twitter everyday. What is it about him that made her so obsessed? Did she peek on him naked or something?

No. 689112

she claims it's because he doesn't want to fuck her and treated her like a real person. which is ironic because it just led to her wanting to fuck him and her going muslim. but he had a girlfriend and only saw her as a sister. she's probably still in love with him now. unrequited love is a bitch.

No. 689117

File: 1565498225671.jpg (1.12 MB, 500x400, u4VbKft.jpg)

I’m not saying he’s a saint but he was a decent enough person that Mira could’ve had a great friend in Japan if SHE was the one to separate sex from friendship. She really blew it. It’s ironic that she is now so overzealous about separating gender and warning about the constant threat of sexual immorality when she was the one who actually had the problem of not controlling her urges. Every time she posts about filth and immortality, I’m now just going to assume she is having thoughts about “stupid sexy Rodi”.

No. 689118

The real reason was he was a man with Japanese residency who wasn't completely repulsive or paid her money to fuck her. Bonus he was her friend and didn't cringe at her appearance.

Then she thought "Oh I will go Muslim, if he doesn't marry me it will be harem! Oh he isn't a radical Muslim? Wait… NEW TRAP! I can use religion to trap a desperate man to marry me. Can't divorce me now, it is against GOD"

No. 689210

File: 1565538913694.jpg (50.88 KB, 618x411, Looking for the hater.JPG)

No. 689211

File: 1565538986629.jpg (64.94 KB, 629x733, Looking for the hater2.JPG)

No. 689231

Copy the other side of the conversation, what is she saying about Rody ?

No. 689238

She’s just e-whinging for attention and she sounds a bit hysterical at the moment

No. 689244

This is an image forum. Post an image or don’t talk about it.

No. 689285

close, the term is 'imageboard'

No. 689290

To be fair, the alkanadiya account is private now, so it is only possible to screenshot the tweets of the people she is talking to and guess what she is saying

No. 689292

That's so bait right there

No. 689293

Anonno7 and Herecomesthetea are both Miranda's latest sockpuppets on PULL. All of Anonno7's posts are now deleted.(this is an imageboard)

No. 689300

post. caps.

No. 689304

File: 1565574763595.png (165.04 KB, 2128x534, スクリーンショット 2019-08-12 10.52.27.…)

It sounds like the same "guy" that came here claiming to have had sex with Miranda while refusing to show any evidence

No. 689305

File: 1565574802652.png (123.34 KB, 1992x388, スクリーンショット 2019-08-12 10.54.05.…)

No. 689336

I was referring to the texts from Rody..

No. 689357

File: 1565588138687.png (270.22 KB, 2272x592, Screen Shot 2019-08-11 at 10.3…)

oh miranda, don't ever change ok

No. 689358

please mind your spam and focus only on posts that contain information useful to us.(minimodding)

No. 689362

Post caps!

Don't post caps!

Come on now. Post caps and expose her sockpuppet accounts

No. 689380

I didn't mean don't post caps, but at least post ones we can get something out of. anyway I got redtexted for it.

No. 689514

File: 1565645075401.jpeg (312.23 KB, 640x1033, 841CB3EA-B403-47BA-90F2-24896D…)

No. 689603

File: 1565678053253.jpg (51.66 KB, 1059x255, herecomesthetea.JPG)

No. 689608

This was pretty much known already though? Her ex described her sudden interest in making hair falls and accessories after she got into the rave scene. If this person is genuine, why the unnecessary buildup with nothing new to show?

Funny how Mira goes private and now we have two people come out of the blue with “tea” about her and she also starts harassing other YouTubers again.

No. 689612

Nothing backing up this person's milk. Looked on YouTube and definitely not Miranda.

No. 689613

Yeah it is slightly annoying but I think I believe them.. it’s just the same old high school stuff though.
I hope they can find the stuff they are talking about, I wonder if it would coax Miranda out of hiding.
She hasn’t posted on anything in a few days

No. 689631

Ahh, Miranda is always haunted by the ghosts of Miranda's past.

It must be really triggering to her to have been such a raving, drug taking, sodomizing, alcohol drinking, sleeping around girl back in the day, she has some serious cognitive dissonance.

There's a profile on myfreecams under the name "diywhore" from 2010. I can't access the site in my country, however. Anyone want to check it out?


No. 689636

Is this a bait or is it safe to click on it?

No. 689638

File: 1565697166762.jpg (116.44 KB, 816x923, diywhore.JPG)

Not sure this is Miranda

No. 689645

Why is everyone so afraid of Miranda? She can't do anything to you if you click on a link. In any case, there's no milk from that site

No. 689648

She created a sockpuppet, Anonno7, on PULL and got into Discord channel for few days. Miranda tried to get more information secretly.

No. 689649

I'm not scared of Miranda, I've clicked on all of her doxxing traps. She and her small-handed husband can come find me

No. 689653

My tinfoil is she was trying to find KM but was unsuccessful.

She would have doxed people by now if she found out anything of importance.

Although her absence does make me slightly anxious.

No. 689663

File: 1565710055485.png (113.12 KB, 616x956, passportcanada.png)

No. 689666

Im surprised she hasnt pulled a “why i left islam” video with a whole turn around subplot about how horrible islam is and how abusive arab men are and redoing the whole “japan housewife” fantasy. She thrives off of negative attention and these days being anti-muslim will give her that. Mix that in with some more DV milk and bam, more views AND you dont have to dress in duvets in the middle of summer anymore

Part of me is just selfish because her milk was so much more entertaining when she was a dumbfuck weeb whose only goal in life was to ride some Japanese dick and play house for a visa.

No. 689676

It's quite funny how when she stops Tweeting she's currently on the lookout while creating sockpuppets on PULL. She's very much active making fake accounts.

No. 689768

that's going to happen I believe but you need to give it time. personally, I think she'll divorce then step down to moderate Islam, or try to. the public reaction is going to be hilarious.
she's never getting in to saudi that's for sure, since she can't even get a visa to visit.

No. 690046

File: 1565835897985.png (1.56 MB, 1510x880, スクリーンショット 2019-08-15 11.23.03.…)

Victor talks about Miranda trying to get one of his videos taken down and his experience with her


No. 690047

what is the timestamp? it's very long

No. 690052

He starts talking about her at around 20:00

No. 690055

Starts at 19:08

No. 690056

There's not much in it. Although I'm sure anyone talking about Miranda infuriates her:

>Q: Has Kanadajin in admitted yet that she only pretended to be Muslim to impress Rody and has she confessed that she made sock puppet accounts to attack Rachel and Sharla?

>A: I was thinking about her again today only because I was going to do the show and she sent a privacy complaint to me and she had basically YouTube contact me and says we're gonna give you 48hrs to get rid of that video or we're gonna review the video and decide what to do and you might lose the video. And the video that she's talking about is is actually you know just show it to you can I show it I guess I could show it but it's it's you know what this it's it would just be drama for me to show. Let me explain to you real quick um the video that I'm that she complained about is a hanami where she and Sharla and all the old youtubers are there, I don't think Rachel and Jun were there yet but they might, no I don't think they were there but Mimei was there Tokyosam was there tons of people were there and because she was fairly large at that time we'd let I don't know why but we let her give a speech and Sharla too - they gave little speeches to everybody. So while she's giving her speech saying you know thank you for coming that kind of shit that's what it was I think it was just thank you for coming because she helped attract people to it I think that's what it was anyway at that time everybody had their iPhone or their cameras out and they were filming her and you as you as you pan around - during the time that she's complaining about because the the complaint had a specific one-minute period that said we want you to edit this out of the video - she's standing there with no Muslim headdress of course and everyone is filming her okay and it's just ridiculous for her to pretend that she didn't mind because she's sitting there giving a speech with tons of cameras around her so that's ridiculous. So I could find it but I'm I don't care - I just don't care right now it's old news but those videos don't get any views you know what I I um I forgive her, I don't believe her, I still think she lied but I you know whatever you know she she's a she's I think she's a weak person and she did something wrong and she's too proud to admit it and she's never going to and that's fine so whatever. So you know I it's kind of its kind of I get you you get tired of just bringing up the fact that someone is weak, well what's the point that's the way she is.

>Now did she become Muslim to impress Rody, I I don't know I don't care. I will say this about that the whole thing is that she was a really big youtuber before that I never really understood why cuz I never saw found her videos all that compelling but but whatever here's here's the truth she what she did was basically YouTube suicide and the only reason I suspect this Muslim weirdness is which you know nothing against nothing against Muslims any more than against any religion okay the fact that you know you would do anything because of religion in my mind is just silly especially if it means hurting yourself. Because that's basically what she did by becoming Muslim and can erasing all those videos she basically shot herself in the foot, committed YouTube suicide and lost thousands and thousands of dollars. So that's you know that's the only reason I suspect that maybe she's actually sincere about her you know beliefs, or she's just you know what's the other option I mean we can argue that all religion is some sort of insanity so would it be more insulting to say she's just crazy? Or if she's just so proud that she just can't admit that it's all bullshit? I don't know and I don't I don't worry really worry about it anyway um so you know food for thought I don't know. Kanadajin is old news yeah I don't know what's happening with their channel. I do um I do I will show you something that you can check if you're if you're really for those of you who are really interested in this shit which is really just silliness there's a site called social blade and we can find it, let me see here this this is social blade okay and on social blade you can look up people so what's wrong three you can see Kanadajin3 and it'll show you her YouTube or what's it what are these other things Twitter and her twitch okay she's going to it okay um and I'll show you how many views she's got so she's got two million video views now on YouTube but I'm pretty sure that she had like maybe twenty times more than that okay and here you can see her stats, and I have not done this in a long time. Oh wow look at that so she's losing about 500 subs a month and 26,000 views a month she must be erasing videos how do you lose how do you lose views I think that must mean she's erasing videos or maybe videos are being removed um and she's getting about 800 videos news a day which is pretty poor that's about that's less than me that's okay that's listed me and on I'm on gimmeabreakman and I make about a dollar a day maybe a buck fifty.

No. 690098

He's right you know. She committed YouTube suicide.

No. 690103

whaat she has kids now?

No. 690106

Go and make another sock account on pull

No. 690107

actually, I haven't followed mira's shenanigans since she converted into islam. Just saw this thread on front page while looking for the new Taylor Nicole Dean thread and tuned in for a bit.

No. 690222


Go pay attention to your goat fucking husband Miranda.

Even the newest of new fags know only Miranda calls herself Mira.
Goddamn how can someone be so fucking ugly and dumb.

No. 690318

This level of autism is embarrassing. Are you the same anon who made this same declaration a few times already? You don’t need to do this. There isn’t a mandatory code we all follow. There’s nothing suspicious about using “Mira”, especially when you consider that she comes here and refers to herself as Miranda to throw off anons like yourself. It’s only obvious when a “special anon” outright denies her birth name.

Anybody been watching the slow, irritating drama unfolding at PULL with supposed insider herecomesthetea? He’s been confirmed as a real person but that guy has been whining about the forum being mean to him and he keeps threatening to take his ball and leave. Is the water supply in Sudbury contaminated or something?

No. 690319

File: 1565924252846.png (114.81 KB, 640x1136, A61F44DA-DA5C-47B3-B28E-96BB89…)

Miranda thinks her “stalkers” are trying to kill her…
Incoming caps

No. 690320

File: 1565924279344.png (124.3 KB, 640x1136, 2F0AA13D-AA74-4ED1-878A-86F957…)

No. 690321

File: 1565924300630.png (146.08 KB, 640x1136, 3CC9BCC4-3E34-415A-8709-5AC899…)

No. 690322

File: 1565924354507.png (152.54 KB, 640x1136, 1599308A-0A1D-4FD5-AD9B-375961…)

No. 690326

Oh, Miranda, you never change. You continue to play the perpetual victim even as your Alkanadiya persona

No. 690329

>Waiting outside the mosque to find me
>they moved to let’s kill her
>inserts cute little emojis because that’s surely what people in fear for their life would do

Hoooooooly, shit! So that’s what she wrote. Is lying like breathing to her? Or has she really become this insane? Of course the police won’t do anything. She has screenshots from anonymous posters on English language forums and not a single post specifying they want find her or kill her. She has not one shred of evidence of anything like that besides that one girl saying she hope she dies.

No. 690330

No one cares enough to wait for you outside a mosque with your extremist religion. She loves being the victim without any real crime made.

No. 690331

"stalker" lmao you mean the guy you talked to almost everyday and had him wrapped around your finger. Sendings pic of something you want or cried 'i'm poor' knowing he'd send you some money

No. 690358

Miranda what crack are you smoking?

Who said they want to kill you? Where’s your proof?

No. 690367

File: 1565939872774.png (255.01 KB, 2082x598, スクリーンショット 2019-08-16 16.17.07.…)

It looks like she thinks that Naruru is waiting 24/7 at mosques to get her, but even Naruru doesn't know what the hell she is talking about

No. 690385

How can they be stalking you in Japan when you're in Canada, Miranda?

No. 690388

My thoughts exactly, she’s scared to leave the house in Canada justin case someone spots her, so she makes up all this BS about her online haters wanting to kill her and waiting outside of the mosque.

My question is, who got those screen shots in time cause her twitter has been locked for over a week now..

No. 690393

File: 1565955698424.jpg (23.73 KB, 264x543, IMG_20190816_073847.jpg)

Don't forget who the real stalker is here, Miranda.

Didn't you just threaten to dox Bambi and release all of her information? Someone should report you to Japanese and Canadian authorities.

Not that Japanese authorities will care, they're already turned you away upon entry

No. 690394

Even if they wanted to; how can someone recognize mira if she's wearing a niqab and gloves too i'm assuming.

girl, chill, you got the best disguise

No. 690396

She has been bashing Turks and “bad” Muslims relentlessly and acts like no Muslim in Japan would know about her or have a problem with her? I’m surprised she doesn’t have several Muslim people that would love to confront her outside a mosque about the evil things she has said. However, there is no threat against her at all in Japan because her crazy ass is in Canada.

No. 690402

File: 1565961631696.png (539.11 KB, 1244x839, 10 days prison.PNG)

She made up a story from this news article

No. 690403

File: 1565961778271.png (531.91 KB, 712x814, 10 days prison2.PNG)

No. 690417

She’s definitely a liar but 10 days detention to process charges is very common. The prosecutor has 48 hours to submit a request for detention, which is 10 days. After that, they may request an additional 10 days detention before they decide whether to indict you.

Anyway, she has zero evidence of anyone stalking her or making claims to. She also had zero evidence of KM planning to kill her. It was only her own wild imagination and accusations of him being “bloodthirsty” because he wanted his money back and threatened to get the law involved.

No. 690536

File: 1566000063986.jpeg (32.34 KB, 256x411, F693FEC4-D5F7-4B78-9372-8D7310…)

Well, the new dude at PULL has shown that he actually did go to high school with Miranda. No milk as of yet..

No. 690561

Is this the last time Mira genuinely smiled? She actually looks happy here.

No. 690588

Don't say that or she is going to rant nonstop about how totally happy she is and has no time to think about haterz because of how happy she is lol

No. 690591

this is fucking insane

No. 690623

I got those screenshots. It’s well known that Miranda can’t stay away from social media, so you do have to keep an eye out when she does unlock it.
It looks like she locked it back up after I posted the caps yesterday.

No. 690853

Mira, what's your favorite GBH song?

No. 690861

Maybe this is what I really don't get about Miranda: why does she care so much about the most irrelevant bullshit? Why does she care enough about online trolls to literally hide what country she's living in? Why does she care so much about other sects of Islam "doing it wrong?" Why does she care so much about the US-Saudi alliance that she excuses and defends abuses by both countries? Why does she care so much about Sharia being as brutal as possible to Saudi youths, to the point that she campaigns against them opening a night club? Why did she care so much about her crush on Rody that she basically made a video series on it? Why did she care so much about her acquaintance's online clothing store that she tried to smear it? Why did she care enough about bullying Unrested that she made him make a fool of himself in feeling sorry for her, only to flip it and make fun of him?

Her mountain tourist video was good. THAT's what she should actually care about: making good videos, and making a career out of videography. All this shit is a distraction from what actually matters. If she wants a guy, she should find one she's compatible with, not just some guy whose ethnicity she fetishizes. She could also get into Islamic philosophy, but that's clearly not her actual interest since she went with the least philosophically-inclined sect possible, fundamentalist Sunni Islam (Salafism).

She's good with video work. She has waitressing experience. She's fluent in Japanese. She has plenty of skills to build a life out of, now she should get to work with that, and stop it with all this nonsense.

No. 690865

Remember, Miranda is a queen, and queens don't work

No. 690866

Marrying guys for her own material benefit is her main skill, and she's doing it right now? I'm not sure what benefit fluent Japanese gets you in Canada.

No. 690868

That's funny, "plenty of life skills"…she has one life skill, scamming people out of money, and her plan is to be a Saudi baby mama living off a rich man like her "friend" Adrianna

No. 690883

>>She's fluent in Japanese.
Uhhhh have you watched any of her Japanese videos or read the subtitles she puts on her normal vids? A walrus is more fluent than her.

No. 690978

Why do people think she’s in Canada. She just went on a trip in Okinawa for fuck sakes. This Canada shit is annoying. Unless there’s solid evidence I’m calling bs. It’s her fucking way to make people stop reporting her to the immigration in Japan. It’s her way to make people think there’s no Japanese husband and that this saudi relationship is legit. It’s all bs.

No. 690981

The person you have reached is not available. Please hang up and try again.

No. 691255

I thought cursing was haram. What are you doing?

No. 691266

I always wondered why does Miranda always get so worked up about us thinking that she is in Canada…She doesn't like Japan anymore, so what's the problem?

No. 691323

She's ashamed of Canada also. that's why her potato sack panties get tight when we say she's in Canada

No. 691356

Just went to Okinawa? That was months before she went back to Canada

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