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File: 1426014363317.jpg (52.81 KB, 608x613, wewaboo.JPG)

No. 59823

Lets talk about this weaboo
major cringe factor

Lies about being asian when 100% white, edits herself asian, wanted to honestly change her REAL name to ahri or someothe generic korean name (if she's jap why not change it to a jap pne???) seems like she traces art, is an otherkin


No. 59824

File: 1426014487923.jpg (54.95 KB, 588x607, kitty waifu.JPG)

Im a real life kitty waifu!!

text description: "If any of you guys didn't know (because I get questions) I am considered a kemonomimi and I can't leave my house without my ears(atleast) or tail on because I've always been in love with animal girls and my ears are just a part of who I am QoQ it's been this way for years and When in my bio it says "kitty Waifu" (also what my friends have nicknamed me) it's because personally I represent/ connect with a kitten or fox QoQ it can be from my personality or how I act. So if you ever see me casual my ears and tail are a casualty to me and they've always been a part of who I am ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪"

No. 59827

File: 1426014650952.jpg (106.56 KB, 1021x627, weeb.JPG)

hehe everyone was looking ^_^ so special desu

also looking white af here since her nose bridge isn't as blurred to look asian desu

No. 59828

Ugh this girl is full of weeb. She doesn't know if she wants to be Japanese or Korean.

No. 59830

She went from wanting to be Japanese to wanting to be k-pop/korean (sung.mi was her insta name I think) then back to kawaii jap/korean

No. 59832

This made me lol so hard since red card kat is supposed to be the red card from soccer not a red playing card

considering she luvs league of legends so much as a gamer gurl you'd think she wouldnt miss out such a simple thing or at least paint the whole card red

No. 59833

File: 1426015004852.jpg (98.8 KB, 1028x625, ganergurl.JPG)

Missed the picture sorry

No. 59836

Gross. Wtf. Parents need to raise their children better. This girl is trash.

No. 59837

fuckin shit im scared for the future generations

No. 59843

Does she even have a job? Dumb cunt.

No. 59845

I bet this eyeliner looks so shit horrible IRL

No. 59848

I hate Koreans and their straight eyebrow make up. And it's especially annoying to see tumblr picking up on it.

No. 59850

File: 1426015941866.jpg (83.85 KB, 1024x606, derp.JPG)

1. I bet she came herself when she read that.

2. She changed her name to pretend to be this new korean gurl since she changed her shopping style to total azn

No. 59852

File: 1426016020985.jpg (77.64 KB, 984x592, specialll.JPG)

Shes also pansexual! so special half jap but looks 'korean' otherkin kitty desu ^_^

No. 59858

File: 1426016377598.png (1.1 MB, 1358x638, kittehwaifu.png)


No. 59861

hahahaah gross

No. 59866


why do people even do their brows like this?? it looks so much better to have at least SOME arch

No. 59873

Yes!! Finally this koreaboo bitch made it to lolcow.

Btw what's with LOL attracting all these attention whores? I've played the game and its just ehh. Just my opinion

No. 59874

Someone needs to milk her to her full potential

BTW i made a league attentionwhore thread since this is really common IDK y

No. 59875

No guys, she's transethnic, for frog's sake. CHECK YOUR WHITE PRIVILEGES

No. 59877


she's just a misunderstood otherkin kitty/fox, thrans ethnic Korean, who is half jap IRL and pansexual!!!

No. 59881

I did this eyeliner on one eye to see how it looks (mega dramatic straight line) and its the most hideous thing ever. Can't believe she goes out in public like this

No. 59882

how old is this mess?

No. 59885

I think she is 17.

No. 59887

eyyy what do you know
she's from florida
first kaka and koot, then ashley, now this gem
florida wut r u doing

No. 59891

micky and himeka and bibi too. What's going on Florida

No. 59892

Apart from just being Koreaboos, it's supposed to make you look younger. I haven't seen it look good on many people though.

>this is really common IDK y
Because it's one of the most popular games so perfect for all those ~gamer gurl~ types.

No. 59893

One of the captions says she went to Universal and was noticed 3 times. lmao, riiight with 20k followers and an instagram focused on koreaboo-ness, Florida tourists are gonna know who you are.

No. 59903


Well you see you two, Florida is a crazy ducking place, with weird geography, plus it's like the Australia of the US. So I guess FL itself is ducked up. Period.

Its a cool place tho.

No. 59905


No. 59908

ducking place is acceptable when it comes to florida. It's the state of old racist people and crazy murderers. I really dislike Florida a lot. Penis of the U.S indeed.

No. 59909

In a way, I'm kind of jealous of this type of naivete.
Like how the fuck does this girl just walk around in public wearing cat ears and not be embarrassed? I start cringing and avoiding people when I wear my hair in buns, for fuck's sake.
I wish I was that ignorant of normalfags' opinions.

No. 59947

I'm guessing she means by 'noticed' is more like 'omg people were looking at me bc im so kawaii' when it's in reality bc her makeup looks retarded and she wears spergy leash/ears out

No. 60009

I don't get why people who aren't East Asian do it, and even then it looks best on Koreans because of their facial features

No. 60051

>korean with that nose?

Sure jan.

No. 60063

I don't get how anyone believes her im 'half asian' story homegirl looks white af

No. 60067

I don't see how it suits asian features ? I feel like they look better with some sort of arch even a minuscule understated one

No. 60070

File: 1426038571489.jpg (450.57 KB, 539x959, 2015-03-10-21-45-16.jpg)

So she wears cat ears every time she leaves the house?

No. 60071

Already discussed and yes.

No. 60072

pretty much. she is saying something like 'i identity as a kitty therefore i wear them as part of my /spechul/identity

seriously something i would expect from a 15 year old not an almost adult

No. 60077

File: 1426038955647.jpg (90.56 KB, 1012x604, LOLslut.JPG)

I love how she is selling these prints and she isn't even 18. so gross. I wonder what her parents think about this???
I love how she is wearing a bra in bathing suit pic to look busty when she flat af

No. 60080

I hate these fucking (´・ω・`) so much.

No. 60084

Does anyone have screen caps of her claimimg to be asian?im curious

No. 60086

This dumb slut lives in my area.
Like fucking hell.

No. 60087

Also I should note,I'm not sure if she was going to the middle school or high school seeing as they are right across from each other. And no she doesn't wear the cat ears all the time nor is she mixed. Bitch is plan ass mayo.

( I hate to use such a tumblr term but she really is a plain whit girl)

No. 60089

I will have to look in PULL thread, there might be some, since she deleted most of her old photos and changed her insta name like 3 times. She deleted some juicy ones like one where she said she was changing her name to a korean one (a corny generic ass korean one) and tons of people called her out on her yellow fever and how stupid she sounded. I cry cuz i no screenshot and when I went to go do it it was already deleted

No. 60090

The picture of her whole family looked so fucking white trash/redneck it made me LOL so hard when she claims her grandmother or someshit is jap (esp since race mixing that long ago wasn't rare and is still rare today for japs and whites )

No. 60093

Oh I didn't see that.
Is it on her IG?

No. 60094

someone made a 'parody' tumblr for her, sadly was deleted when I went to check. Info might be on pull since there was also a fake insta with same pics

I doubt she would want to post her white ass family herself LOL bc then she would prove she isn't asian desu

No. 60095

White people gotta ruin everything even ancient kaomoji.

No. 60106

File: 1426041352393.png (512.77 KB, 788x486, ha.png)


No. 60110

File: 1426041549931.png (13.63 KB, 317x317, 1426002904341.png)

No. 60115

Oh gods. what the hell? This bitch is just fishing for compliments except she's all full of photoshop.

No. 60119

So much shoop ha face aint even a face no more.

No. 60125

File: 1426042590982.png (47.69 KB, 423x409, welp.png)

No. 60130

is she american?

No. 60139

Straight eyebrows make you look youthful and cute tho

No. 60141

Im pretty sure shes wearing a bra to make her look busty because flat girls get bashed a lot. however where the fuck are her parents?

No. 60143

She lives in FL, so yes. God, it's so embarrassing how she tries to make herself look Asian. You can appreciate kawaii/Japanese/Korean things and even emulate the fashion/hair/makeup without going full weeb and trying to look Asian. "A teeny bit Japanese." Whatever, Momo.

No. 60175

I love how NOW she is saying 'a teeny bit' when before she was like oh im half> then grandmother is jap> now just a teeny bit for weeb points

No. 60181

File: 1426047169318.png (926.15 KB, 1021x605, ahri.png)

trashy little slut

No. 60182

she needs to retire that wig

No. 60183

WTF why is that WHOLE BRA sticking out?? like its not even low cut the WHOLE bra is out where are her parents???

No. 60185

File: 1426047458200.jpg (22.36 KB, 350x223, LOLHAH.JPG)

lmaoo her fucking jaw line is so square who is she kidding with her super slim face edits

No. 60197

she looks like shit without the editing at least in comparison wtf didnt think it was this intense…

No. 60216

This is her boyfriend? He seems kinda…gay to me. Or at least quite feminine sounding and with his mannerisms.
Also what >>60197 said, she looks like utter balls here compared to her overly edited, specially angled pictures. Doesn't even really look like the same girl. And doesn't at all look Asian in the slightest.
The whole squeezing her face into the camera and checking herself out/trying to look cute was so irritating.

No. 60219

Isn't she underage too? This is just wrong, girl you're just attracting pedo neckbeards. Plus her bra showing….that's not cute.

No. 60223

Okay unless she works at the publix(14 y/o to bag) down from the school she not under 16.
She does how ever seem much younger than him, but it could be her trying to talk kawaii.

No. 60225

She just want to be a knock off Jnigger/yayyatiddies.

No. 60258

holy shit, that cleavage looks bizarre

also, i think her eye makeup looks cute in photos, but i wonder if >>59845 is right

No. 60320

I've just taken a look at her selfies and wow is she trying hard to imitate East Asians. I used to find weeaboos who were pretending to be Japanese really insulting but now it's just kinda amusing and almost flattering (lol) to me. I still think it's some kind of weird, teenage version of yellowface though and it's ridiculous how her little fans gobble it up and compliment her on it.

No. 60332

usually i don't agree with tumblrtards (not u anon i mean people who say this) that are like omg cultural appropriation!! but she screams yellow face/fetishizing what she THINKS asians are like. its so funny

No. 60338

OMG WTF at first I lazily scrolled through this thread, looked at all the pics, girl looks legit AZN on them


She's 100% white, this is the weeb queen

kudos on her shoops though, she does look asian in her shooped pics. Must spend hours on them tho

No. 60342

she must have the most shit low self esteem ever.

No. 60346

her hair was blonde. i suppose she dyed it to look more asian?

No. 60347

When I lived in Korea i've only seen this kind of extreme straight black full eyeliner one time and it looked FUCKING HIDEOUS. Most western ulzzang koreaboos do this shit because they think it's some kind of makeup norm there….. when it isn't…. I mean, one can easily watch kr makeup tutorials and see that's definitely not how it works…
Koreans don't need to do this kind of stuff because you know….. lol but how else yellowfacing koreaboos/weeaboos will become kawaii azn gwiyomi magical creatures?

No. 60348

i wonder what she has got planned for when she turns 18. maybe she will go full blown nude.
>>idk if you two know by now but it's obvious I don't care about what people think of me QuQ if someone is saying weird shit on here I just don't even interfere because I have people who are more important and I don't stress about the little people/negative things in my life because then I'm just wasting precious time I could put towards a few days of smiling and hanging out with people who matter! >u< So these guys 'gawking' at me are just little specs. Let them admire me because they know in the end that they can't have it and I'm still strong and beautiful QuQ the shirt isn't pulled down the keyhole is actually kind of big ^^; I need take in a few places and fix the sweater dress~ @c9_kawaii_ahri @marzipan07 @kovuu as these people are saying I'm wearing a sweater and the top pieces of my bra are showing because of how big the keyhole is~ Plus I don't really care I don't plan on getting naked so let the top parts show its no big deal to me The bra itself is extremely covering that's why it's showing as much as it is QuQ it's not illegal I'm not posing in a super sexual way in this photo and I'm wearing a sweater and shorts my attire is on point~ Plus I was wearing just a swimsuit top and shorts in my Kotori pool picture was more revealing and no one seemed to have a problem QuQ my point is Im pretty positive this photo isn't illegal. I'm thankful you look out for me and I do appreciate it at most ^^ I know you're not hating and don't think I am either! Just I believe I will be okay QuQ I will take precautions and try to be careful until I turn 18. That is all QuQ 💕

No. 60351

"Try to be careful until I turn 18"
Prepare for a wave of slutty pics. Maybe she will just wear tape over her nipples like a lot of teens do to whore attention.

"I'm still strong and beautiful QuQ"
That emoticon is stupid. Just looks like a happy face crying… quite accurate actually. Putting on a fake smile while weeping because you know you're really a fugly ass white girl

No. 60354


>>'the shirt isn't pulled down the keyhole' stupid lie

>>'The bra itself is extremely covering that's why it's showing as much as it is' yeah thats not why its showing bitch

>>'I'm not posing in a super sexual way in this photo ' she honestly looks like she's about to take some cock in her mouth

ALSO where did you get this from??

No. 60355

TBH she would wear tape but then it would show her mega flat chest not busty loli desu

No. 60356

File: 1426089147238.jpg (31.87 KB, 580x326, image.jpg)

Uh idk if they mean THIS Ahri or if they're joking or what. But what the fuck?

No. 60357

I think they mean the champion ahri, a character from league of legends. And she isn't supposed to be 'korean' she was a fox who became human but her name is korean. this belongs in the league whore'/weaboo thread mayb?

No. 60358


LMAOO about the face. EXACTLY what I thought. very fitting for someone as insecure and fake as she is

No. 60359

Oh, thank you, anon! Obviously I know nothing about League. I was just super confused. Thanks for clearing that up.

No. 60360

>>60359 np budy ^_^ I wish it was about this ahri LOL would be so lulzy hearing something like this from one of her weeb friends

No. 60363

Speaking of raspbeary, I got scammed by her when trying to buy from her Stornevy.

No. 60366

Yeah, the gap between what these Koreaboos do and actual Koreans is staggering.

No. 60372

Just like weebs who think Japan is 100% kawaii and that everyone is going to be so accepting of their weird clothes and obsession with anime. "Ahri" has really idealized Korean pop culture and has simultaneously tried to make herself look Korean. Super creepy. I know she's still a kid, but dang, don't most weebs shake this kinda behavior by 17? I feel like the average age range is 12-15.

No. 60385

I don't get why she tries to make herself korean looking when she is 'part japanesedesu'
I think she thinks all asians look the same LOL yellowface style

No. 60389

Absolutely. The difference in trends and 'ideal face' between Japan and Korea is huge.

And after all, even the above assumes everyone in those countries follows the most popular beauty standards to the letter - which obviously they don't. It's like some Japanese girl dressing as a Starbucks white girl and saying it's ~USA fashion~ that every American loves and is attracted to.

No. 60409

File: 1426096164469.jpg (25.8 KB, 225x400, IMG_1682.JPG)

Yep shes definitely planning to take her attention whoring to the next level at 18

No. 60420

That is so embarrassing. I don't look down on people who want to showcase their lingerie, but announcing that you plan to do that before you're 18 is just plain trashy. Momo pls.

No. 60424

holy shit she is so thirsty for attention. I usually don't say 'daddy issues' but considering her white trash background and male neckbeard pandering I can see it

No. 60425


She probably really does, most girls that do this tend to have no self esteem and will take anything they can get.

Which when I saw her walking to school she had her head down and was by herself when you see loads of the kids in groups. Also she doesn't wear the yellow face to school, or just didn't have it on that day.

No. 60429

The picture of her trying to change her name to something korean is actually circulating on tumblr and she's getting a bunch of hate for it

No. 60430

Holy shit anon please post, i've been looking forever for it!

No. 60436

What's her current Tumblr btw?

No. 60437

File: 1426098418928.jpg (52.98 KB, 606x748, momo1.jpg)

Sorry, I'm pretty new to lolcow so I'm not sure if I can post multiple pictures, and the original person who made the post on tumblr changed urls so I can't straight link it to that, but there's 6 pictures

No. 60438

File: 1426098459586.jpg (129.44 KB, 581x673, momo2.jpg)

I don't want to double post or anything, but i'll try posting the rest after others post to break up my posts

No. 60440

hahah hyouri??? sohee??? this kind of shit makes her sound racist/creepy af

like the names are so steryotical its like If i was like oh i love chinese culture im gonna change my name to chung lee!!!!

ALSO if she is part Japanese why would she change her name to a KOREAN ONE

No. 60442

my fave part about this insta post was that in one part she tried to justify it by saying 'us asians' like bitch you mayo af

No. 60444

File: 1426098601713.jpg (25.81 KB, 566x188, momo3.jpg)

someone posting about how racist that is

No. 60447

File: 1426098650835.jpg (44.96 KB, 591x260, momo4.jpg)

her reply, and she also gets called out by another instagram person and gives another super lengthy reply

No. 60448

Isn't it okay to adopt a Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc. name if you're living or working in one of those countries or if it's easier for them to say the adopted name than your given one (someone on PULL I think said something about this, how their Korean boyfriend's fam gave her a Korean nickname bc it was easier for them.)
I can't speak for Asian people, but I feel like those are the only times when it's really appropriate to give yourself an Asian name like that. Just dicking around and needing a new cosplay name? Not nearly as important or appropriate IMO.

No. 60449

I think she's handling the backlash so childishly, but this is the first time I've ever heard about her so I don't know about any of her history; I should go read up on PULL

No. 60450

i agree 100%

No. 60452

read the PULL topic, its fucking hilarious plus watch her insta, its one lulzy thing after another, a never ending goldmine http://prettyuglylittleliar.freeforums.org/viewtopic.php?f=23&t=4948

No. 60456

File: 1426099349301.jpg (144.33 KB, 583x688, momo5.jpg)

Thanks for the link!
Here's her lengthy reply.

No. 60459

Lol I imagined it'd be like writing Sarah and Jennifer and Megan and claiming those are super unique English names that have deep meaning.

No. 60460

>enjoying the most superficial aspects of a country
>I'll change my name to the most stereotypical one possible!!
>don't label me!

Does she not feel stupid as fuck even typing that bullshit?

No. 60462

JFC. It's not like she grew up being called a gook or a chink or had people making fun of her eye shape/name/accent growing up. There's a distinct difference between her being white and someone else growing up Asian. Yeah, your skin color doesn't define you and I guess races are technically a social construct? But they still affect how people perceive you, just like gender, so playing *~*dress up*~* and doing this yellow face shit/trying super hard to fool people into thinking you're Asian is preeeeetty abhorrent. Cut that shit out, Momo.

No. 60464


'just bc ur not naturally born ito something does not lable who you are ^-^'

>confirmed herself she isn't asian in any way

>transethnic pansexual kitty kin confirmed

No. 60467

File: 1426099840884.jpg (65.65 KB, 571x352, momo6.jpg)

Last pic I have, and also straight copy & paste of the original poster on tumblr's message. sorry that i'm not formatting my words correctly.

I dont know if a lot of you may know who Momosweetcosplay/Sung.mi/Ahripop (recently) is on Instagram, Shes a young cosplayer who has been cosplaying for a few years and used to go as “Momo” and said her name is “Skyleigh Quick” and recently made a post about wanting to change her legal name. The first picture shows the various names she wanted to change her legal name to, some being korean names. I was trying to be low key about it & say that its wrong to give yourself a korean name because I mean how much more of a koreaboo can you get??? also no???…..I thought she was gonna understand but then she starts making up excuses like shes “Whats wrong with this/that?” and IDK this made me so mad because she’s stated she is white back then & her real name …. (unfortunately I have no screenshots), but then she tries to say shes half japanese so she thinks that gives her permission to fetishize koreans?? I recommended her to check out blogs like fucknofetishization & thisisnotjapan & thisisnotkorea.. But then she just deleted her post. But idk what do you guys think also the last picture made me laugh a little "

No. 60468

Yeah, it's common. Like I've had a coworker and a classmate study abroad in China, and they were both given Chinese names by their classmates

No. 60469

>she tries to say shes half japanese so she thinks that gives her permission to fetishize koreans

Ok, I want to hear more on this, some screenshots or something because if true that's ridiculous as fuck what with the whole Japanese occupation and all.

No. 60470

If skyleigh is her name, why doesn't she shorten it to Lei or something if she wants it to be more asian?

No. 60472

This is another reason why I think it's even more retarded. it's embarassing enough to claim to be jap as a white person but then to claim to be jap and change ur name to a korean one is like what???

No. 60474

Sorry, this is all I have on the post that was circulating tumblr. hong-shu also changed url's but when you go to hong-shu it doesn't state her new url.

But didn't other people in this thread say that she claimed to be half-Japanese before? I thought I read it before posting but not sure sorry, don't have a good memory and I've been scrolling through other threads

No. 60475

I wish I could find the part in the comments where she said 'us asians…blah blah' to justify herself which was hilarous since she is white af

No. 60477

I would suggest go to pull since she baleeted most of it. I will be looking later today and posting anything i can find on pull caps wise.

No. 60481

No problem, glad I looked in this thread and remembered about seeing the post!
Happy I could contribute! It actually didn't circulate well on tumblr, I believe it only has 246 notes or something like that, and didn't get a lot of attention from SJW.

No. 60484

Confirmed for ginsengteacat 2.0

No. 60488

oh my god this girl is like the ultimate koreaboo……….

No. 60527

so pathetic

No. 60530

lmao if my name was skyleigh i'd want to change it too

No. 60538

that name with her last name sounds so trashy…she prob hater her redneck family and thats why she wants to be asian

No. 60542

someone needs to troll her and post pics…I would but im not original and I cant troll for shit

No. 60546

OT but some trans tumblr weeb changed her name to japanese one… legitimately. its on her passport

No. 60556

What kind of tumblr trans? Theres like a thousand.

No. 60559

I find that really bizarre. I get having a Japanese nickname online, because I feel like a lot of them come from when people were making a weeb username back when they were 12, and it stuck. But to actually change your entire name to a Japanese one… wow.

No. 60580

What a retarded thing to do. That's not even an interesting name imo. "White Bluetree" wtf?

That said, I have a friend considering changing her first & middle name to Asuka Langley, she isn't a weeb, doesn't watch anime or have an interest in Japanese but her brother was and neon genesis evangelion was his favorite show (Asuka was his fav. character). He went missing when she was a teenager, and at this point their family has pretty much given up on ever seeing him again. She has always wanted to change her name anyway since she's named after her grandmother (who is a vile woman, I've met her).

She's not on tumblr and doesn't pay much attention to the internet so backlash prob. wouldn't be an issue, I think all she even has is FB and pinterest. To me & her family it's a little strange, but since I do seea lot of shit on Tumblr and the internet in general about cultural appropriation, but idk if this qualifies.

No. 60591

agree 100%

No. 60594


I found the post on this link, and searched tumblr.com/tagged/momosweetcosplay on tumblr and is this her tumblr? http://komu-sou.tumblr.com/archive

No. 60621

Asuka langley is a fictional character who has a half white name anyways so it doesnt so weird IMO and isn't creepy racist like momo is

No. 60639

Yeah I'm gonna disagree with >>60621…I think naming yourself after an anime character is lame as hell and racist. Her name might not be 100% Japanese but it's Japanese enough to be weird if a 100% white girl had it. Not to mention it's a pretty well-known character.

No. 60641

This. If you aren't Japanese in some way, you have no business with your first name being Asuka.

No. 60648

komo-sou isn't the same person as hong-shu, at least I think so. b/c I looked in the tag too and I saw that komu was posting pictures of momo and saying things like "I" when posting the photos so I thought it was momo?
Sorry, if that's what you were getting that and I read your post wrong.

But it's also filled with lots of sexualized asian cosplayers so, I couldn't tell if the owner of komu is some weirdo or really momo.

No. 60707

I hope she goes yukapon with old korean dudes

No. 60755

LOL this thread is hilariously pathetic
grow up retards also she looks pretty cute IRL too but
>picking at a good looking (shoop or not deal with it jelly fatties) 17 years old
what was I expecting from such a sad site with bitter probably ugly and fat salty cunts with sad lives that need to be filled with drama tho?
How sad~~ Also you don't even show your faces you must be no special beauty either and just wishes you were cute and popular.

No. 60761

>Not to mention it's a pretty well-known character.

In Japan, yeah, but America? Nope. EVA is an older anime, so most weebs might not even catch the reference, not to mention anon said the girl isn't a weeb/into anime and Japan like that so the worst that would happen is she gets "well that's a weird name".

>it's racist

Yeah no it's not dumbfuck. It would be if she was trying to ~become Japanese~ and even then barely. It might be a big stink on Tumblr but In the real world nobody gives a fuck. I will be so glad when kids finally get sick of calling everything white people do that isn't a generic stereotypically white action or event "omg raysist!!!".


If you want the general Tumblr opinion, it's wrong and evil,and racist and stupid. If you want an actual thinking person's opinion, it seems like a misguided but sweet way to remember her brother (but tbh naming yourself after an anime character for any reason is side-eye as fuck). Just tell her to never join Tumblr.

No. 60762

That's the same principle that a lot of Asian immigrants do when coming to English speaking countries. I know a Korean girl who's name is Jihae but goes by Joyce if it's easier for people to remember/pronounce.

No. 60769

Do you see yourself when you look and read about her? Must be why you're defending her.

No. 60770

Good effort but I just wouldn't acknowledge this person, in anyway, they obviously want people to acknowledge them and just want to feed off of it.

No. 60773

>EVA is an older anime, so most weebs might not even catch the reference

Are you kidding? Have you been on tumblr lately? 20 years later and no one will shut up about NGE. You know they rebooted the whole series and are still currently making movies? Literally anyone who is into anime at all knows Asuka Langley.

Maybe it's not racist to give yourself a Japanese name if you're white in the sense that it harms anyone, but it still seems off as fuck and somehow wrong. Especially if it's literally a name from an anime. But we can both agree that it's lame af to name yourself after an anime character.

No. 60778

Not them, but they're pretty spot on. The people in here whining about muh appropriation are fucking pathetic considering we come here for many reasons, one of them being to not deal with that Tumblr bullshit.

Yes, on the internet. However, if you have been to cons in recent years the weebs are a lot younger now and won't bother with most older anime. Sure you'll see oldfags but by and large many of the weebs today who are flocking to cons are from like 13 to 17 and the oldest anime they bother with is PSG. Maybe Sailor Moon and DBZ for muh nostalgia, but other shit? Not really.

No. 60781

I'm not going to bother getting more off topic but Evangelion is still incredibly popular at cons, online, most forums, everywhere, from what I have experienced. I do know a few young kids who haven't seen it (which is weird) but they know it. Whatever though.

No. 60782

The only times it is harmful is if white people accept other white people having an Asian name because they think it's cool and they acknowledge it is Asian while making fun of actual Asian peoples names or telling them it's too hard to pronounce, thereby making them have to choose an anglo name. It's like we reject you for who you are and reject your culture when you engage in it, but it's totes cool if white people do it :). Not saying this is what it's like, but as an example of how I see it being fucked up.

Thinking about it though, it's like when people say they want Mexicans to gtfo but then go on and on about how much they love "Mexican" food.

Btw, does Momo's obsession with Japan/Korea end at just kpop and anime?

No. 60783

>being this passive aggressive despite someone being civil

You reek of sandy cunt. Maybe you should go back to /cgl/.

No. 60788

>it's literally a name from an anime.

It's not like it's some super unique name you wold never find in real world Japan like some of the weird ass names in anime, Asuka is a real Japanese name, albeit a slightly dated one at this point.

>Literally anyone who is into anime at all knows Asuka Langley

Sure, if you meant "literally" figuratively. Eva is an older anime like Cowboy Bebop or Trigun, even with the rebuilds the original series animation wouldn't appeal to younger weebs since modern anImation has spoiled them. Rebuild weebs who never watched the original but claim supreme knowlegde of the Eva universe are scum and nobody cares what they think anyway. Also Asuka is the token waifu of every Rebuildfag and bandwagon hopper ever.

No. 60789

dude your world must be limited to the size of your bedroom, nge is everywhere, even if you are 13 and have just gotten into anime, a lot of people end up looking for recommendations online on what to watch next, so they'll have at least heard about it or seen art work related to it

also, the reason racism is brought on is because she's a fucking weeb pretending to be Japanese, if it were normal for people to do that these threads wouldn't exist

No. 60790

If you mean Ahri, she's a Koreaboo which is slightly different. If you mean the chick wanting to change her name, she's not a weeb/Into Japan according to the post.

No. 60792

>oh no someone is pretending to be shit that they aren't

And yet my father's side of the family is still alive, unharmed, and gives zero fucks. I may not speak for every single one, but I sure as shit am tired of little closet weebs getting assmad over this shit when it isn't even their problem and the people who would be affected give zero fucks about being politically correct or sensitive to most things. Even to the point of mocking their own culture.

You are not heroes and no one cares.

No. 60808

Why would it matter if she's good looking with shop? In that case even if everyone here was fat and ugly like you said but with shop we'd look good so why would we matter if we were ugly??? (Your logic ffs)
Sorry for replying to troll or momo/her friend

No. 60812


Exactly this. I used to play Pigg very often and I used a Japanese name for my character, but my bio was in English. I got quite a few users telling me how cool they thought it was that I was interested in Japan. Japanese people love it when you're into Japanese stuff as long as you don't act like a squealing, drooling obsessed retard.

No. 60813

I think the point is that her shoops look nothing at all like her, and that she shoops herself to look Asian.

No. 60816

Well, some people are, and some people aren't. I don't think anyone is hurt by it, but I was actually showing my coworkers (korean FOBs) this girl, and they were extremely embarrassed and weirded out.

No. 60819

It must be hard wanting to be another race so bad like that. At least if youre fat or ugly it can be changed but theres no way to change your race no matter what u do. I can only imagine the jealousy she feels when she sees a cute asian girl in real life.

No. 60823

This race convo is a little OT, but adding to it…
There's a girl I knew years back I went to high school with and we are facebook friends now. I never knew she was half Philipina because she looked and acted completely white. She was into a lot of very American styles and subcultures and was a typical MySpace scenester wannabe back in the day.
At some point she became a hardcore tumblr feminist and SJW and started to identify with her mom's heritage and she will always refer to herself as an Asian, a minority, a POC and constantly spams about cultural appropriation and gives narratives on the racism she and other Asian Americans face every day.
I know 100% she would be throwing a bitch fit over this stuff.

No. 60841

This would bother me before, I would call these types of people hypocrites, but I've met some people who have detailed to me how they felt as though they had to conform to American culture in order to be successful (not saying the person your talking about was in this situation). One latino guy told me that he didn't even care to appreciate his culture until someone discriminated against him for it (he's Puerto Rican). Prior to that he never felt this huge connection to his culture, as in it wasn't part of his identity to him, but at that moment he said he wanted to get to know it more, and started advocating for some of what they faced since he started being subjected to it too. The change is common I think.

Getting back to the point, I think what Momo is doing is pretty harmless. We know she isn't Asian and we know how limited her knowledge of Japan and Korea are. It's not like she studied either extensively and then goes and makes a mockery of the language, people and culture there. She's a teenager with interment access bandwagoning on another thing the internet is obsessed with. She's not appropriating culture as much as she is trying to change her identity by shooping herself. It's cringe worthy more than anger inducing.

Now if she were to pretend to be North Korean, it would be hilariously insulting, but mostly hilarious.

No. 60848

>cringe worthy rather than anger inducing
This. More than anything I get secondhand embarrassment from looking at these pics and seeing her try to pass as Asian slowly for praise and popularity. She's definitely special snowflake material, but not lolcow worthy imo. She's a koreaboo who wants to show off her underage body. She's pitiable more than anything.

No. 60888

She keeps adding badly edited pics, like one phone quality pic where you could see the blur around her eyes, nose and jaw SO obvious because how grainy the pic was then random smooth parts, got called out on PULL and deleted, and other ones where it was edited so much she look like an alien.

No. 60926

Hi Ahri. You need to lose a lot more weight before an old Korean dude'll take you to motel :)

No. 60928

If you ever comment on any of her photo and say she's white she'll delete your comment and block you

No. 60930

Right. I mean, the only person I know of who would've flipped over this was my great grandmother, but she was racist as shit and spent until the day she died trying to split my grandparents' marriage apart. And, even now my grandparents both just laugh remembering her drama.

You all know this girl isn't Asian and if she fools some idiots, who really cares? She's not the first white girl to want to be asian for no reason other than superficial interest in a facet of some other culture. It's like wiggers; Laugh and move along.

No. 60938

Damn, you want her to become ashley 2.0?

No. 60945

Kek. You can see her stomach bulging in the few photos where she hasn't covered it. She's nowhere near Korean standards.

No. 60947

She's way too fat for any standard.

No. 60948

This site attracts the dumbest women….

No. 60950

koreans girls arent really that skinny.

No. 60952

shit their bodies are cute tho they have the softness of chubby girls without being chubby at all it's adorable.
>tfw forever a super thin skellington made of skin and bones that won't gain weight

No. 60954

I think most korean idols would be considered fat on this site. Having a full face is considered cute in korea and since idols dance a lot they dont have super thin legs with a wide thigh gap.

No. 60958

File: 1426169003908.jpg (57.74 KB, 600x829, tumblr_nhg6x5hijf1ti7amqo1_128…)

Except, yes, a lot are. I've seen far more tiny girls walking around Korea than almost any other country I've visited.

Remember when Sulli got told she was fat publicly and basically nobody in Korea gave a shit? They're crazy on that shit.

No. 60962

File: 1426169598041.gif (13.9 MB, 1024x576, InsecureShimmeringAzurevase.gi…)

Wendy is thin but shes also considered the least attractive in the group.

irene is bigger than her and has a rounder face but is considered the prettiest. It depends on the person.
sulli is also considered the prettiest in f(x) as well.

No. 60970

Is she? I'm pretty sure everyone goes crazy over Krystal.

No. 60983

krystal and sulli are the most popular in the group and neither are stick thin

No. 60988

File: 1426174493937.png (534.11 KB, 500x750, tumblr_myu913fw7A1r3kk98o1_500…)

Krystal is usually super thin and she's regarded as having one of the best bodies in K-Pop. She is toned though.

No. 61006

I thought these were all the same person. I will never get into Kpop.

No. 61022

Kpop makes me feel really racist for the same reason. I think they're all beautiful but plastic surgeons in Korea sure know how to make any girl fit into their ideal mold.

No. 61023

I don't know, but when I went to Seoul, no one was fat. Most were thin, smaller than the girls in >>60950 , and a lot had tiny stick legs. Most clothes were one size fits all, but the range was huge. Some things were like a USA XS while others were like a M. I never left Seoul (I know cities have less fat people in other countries), but I agree with >>60958.

There are a lot of chubby Korean-Americans, but let me emphasize AMERICAN.

Again, we know it isn't hurting anyone, but it is creepy.

No. 61026

Yeah, they all get the same kind of plastic surgery and it's jarring because I cannot tell a single one apart.

No. 61028

I do think it being a major city makes a big difference, though obviously Koreans are going to be thinner than Americans.

But go to the big parts of major cities even in America and fat people are actually kind of rare. Even chubby people are a bit more unusual.

No. 61041


I lived in Korea for almost a year and I saw overweight people for sure, even in Seoul. Granted they weren't drastically overweight but they were fat (sorry to say because some were my friends). They weren't American either.

As far as this Momo chick is concerned I don't think Koreans would find her fat. But I don't understand this weird obsession with kpop. Kpop is not an accurate representation of Korea as I'm sure most people know. We all know American music doesn't represent the real lifestyles of Western people so why wanting to be Korean cuz kpop. Wtf.

No. 61063

>Again, we know it isn't hurting anyone, but it is creepy.

It isn't creepy. It's just stupid and unimpressive. This thread feels like baby's first weeaboo.

No. 61067

Kpop fag here. Was going to say exactly this. Thanks.

No. 61068

I think people must be over exaggerating about the one size fits all clothes. Im 120 at 5,5 and ive never had a problem fitting one size fits all korean clothes. Im not a ham planet but im not skinny either.

No. 61084

I was 108lbs at the time, and some pants were loose while one pair was tight. My friend (korean) hates the one size fits all thing too. She's 5'10", so of course everything was too short in korea.

No. 61268

she deleted the picture of her bra hanging out LOL

No. 61292

No. 61384

some milk this weaboo slut

No. 61442

Wow, this chick is hilarious in a cringy way. Yeah, someone go bait her and call her a chink/gook…I'd love to see how she spergs.

No. 61451

So where is the pic of her white trash fam? Don't see it on instagram

No. 61452

Lmfao. Quit your waitressing job and go back to college you uneducated little cunt.

No. 61455

Go back to Tumblr, edgychan.

No. 61475

She'll secretly take this as a compliment though. "omg i look asian enough for someone to call me chink!!!!" (And then defend herself because ~that's what all Asians do~.)

No. 61478

Sure sure fucking tumblr authority.
Not having one makes me adept to the realities A sad wittle white girl like you who doesn't understand shit besides Starbucks and malls. Too much? It's ok, the mLls are there for you.

No. 61479

Sitting targets = this thread

No. 61562

File: 1426258671161.jpg (34.29 KB, 275x489, DKA.JPG)

unshopped pics she deleted from insta. so kawaii`

No. 61563

File: 1426258686721.jpg (32.57 KB, 294x526, KAWAII.JPG)

No. 61564

what?also anyone else notice how much 'improvement' her art has gone so quickly…pretty sure she is tracing and lying about it before she couldn't even draw clothing folds right

No. 61565

Omg her makeup looks so derpy IRL

No. 61566

I have only see two drawings on her insta I believe. One is good effort, the other looks like it was drawn by mr. Sonichu

No. 61572

no ofc not anon it suits her kawaii korean jap eyes ^-^

No. 61584

she's so fucking ugly holy shit no wonder she wants to be asian

No. 61629

s-she really does wear those ears outside.

No. 61692

Yeah, someone on PULL compared pictures she had drawn and some are damn awful, and some have good anatomy and good clothing folds. Artistic ability doesnt fluctuate like that so much

No. 61742

Where can I find more pics of this bitch? Her insta is barren

No. 61802

>tfw i'm 120lbs at 5'4 and feel like a hamplanet
i hope they aren't going to call me fat when i go to korea i would be devastated i hate my body so much already and i try to lose 30lbs

No. 61898

Try ashleys diet plan

No. 61900

No. 61959

Where is this so called pic of her white trash family?

No. 61962

There is none. Or none on her social media sites.

Im the anon thats seen her walking to school its a upper class neighborhood which bleeds into a rich neighborhood.

No. 61970

uh, it was on pull and it was posted on a tumblr and insta that was deleted. they may not be poor but they are trashy as fuck

No. 61977

Her drawings fluctuate a lot in quality and anatomy; it's actually kind of weird.

The faces are pretty much the same, but you can tell there's a difference in the anatomy.

No. 62016

I've lived in S. Korea for a year. Koreans literally do not give a fuck about your weight if you aren't Korean.

I saw plenty of PT-level fat Korean girls in Seoul.

No. 62037


No. 62263

If one is obese then I think they might be very judgemental. I've seen it some times while there, like people making "ew…….." faces. But if they're just overweight i don't thing they'd give a fuck.
By the way i don't get where foreigners take this thing where if you're not model-like skinny in Korea, the Koreans will ostracize you forever and put you down like if they had zero common sense.

No. 62356

isn't that the point….

No. 62372

Are you joking, come on, post everything!!
Since you can't put more that one picture per post, it's expected and wanted tht you do multiple posts with proofs.
Also, read lolcow rules, it's written you can do it, even if people are just writing shit

No. 62374

Because all most foreigners know is the entertainment side of Korean culture, and rely on people like Eatyourkimchi to fill in the rest for them. So if EYK makes a sweeping generalization about Korean people and their attitude towards certain things, they eat that up.

No. 62402


I hate those fuckers and the tubby bitch has some fucked up Dr Seuss Whovian face going on.

No. 62404

Everything was already posted. I posted the last pic and stated it was the last one I had.

No. 62530

Oh man, EYK. The fact they make 'educational' videos when they admit themselves that they haven't integrated into Korean society properly is staggering. Even if they were remotely accurate, their humour is fucking cringey and not funny.

No. 62619

File: 1426439862040.png (157.84 KB, 653x1322, Dear Me EYK video.png)


I honestly hate their logic when it comes to how to approach a different culture, especially when you are the one who is making the effort to travel, live and be accepted by the people whose culture you're interested in. They make fun of the english in Kpop songs, which makes no sense because above all else, kpop artists are attempting to appeal to Koreans, not solely english speaking artists.

Besides they have no right to speak about their english speaking skills when they themselves admitted they only know enough to get by. If they knew more they would be getting invited to much more than the talk shows where the hosts didn't have to speak in english and translate everything to everyone else, so even the intermediate level Korean they know is questionable. Then, when people voice their criticism about how hypocritical they're being they say it's not like they need to learn Korean anyway. So wtf, Kpop artists need to learn english? Their largest consumers are other East and South Asian countries, and they don't know the languages of those countries well either, yet they make songs entirely in Mandarin or Japanese. People are grateful for that, they don't bash them, like "ahahaha those Koreans made a song for us to understand somewhat, what dicks."

Sorry for ranting here and going ot, anyway I wouldn't be surprised if Momo lived and breathed eyk. I hope she falls more in love with Korea and "Korean culture," goes there once she turns 18 and has her dreams shattered.

Oh yeah about the pic related, I just found it funny that the girl linked thisisnotjapan and thisisnotkorea to eyk, blogs who hate eyk.

No. 62628

They're two hipster tumblrites living in a foreign country. Nobody can really expect anything decent or productive from them.

No. 62634

Showing cleavage makes you a slut? Stop being so fucking prude, anon. Theres nothing wrong with cleavage

No. 62641

They slut-shamed Hyuna ( a korean singer) for acting sexy while martina is an ugly koreaboo and she acts slutty

No. 62643

I find her really pretty. Im jealous of her small qt nose fuck its so smooth. I know its ps though. She seems likes a typical koreaboo to me tbh shes very cringe-worthy and the fact shes 17 is fucking laughable but eh nothing special?

No. 62645

I hate how a bunch of preteens basically funded their whole living expenses just because they asked for money for a studio

did you see the video of martina jumping rope with her blubber bouncing around in slow mo?

No. 62654

Not that anon but you dont have to have your tits out to get attention if your worth it.
Its a cheap trick that girls do when they have no personality. Go cry more you whore.

No. 62667

No. 62669

File: 1426446411545.jpg (48.56 KB, 450x800, image_1.jpg)

No. 62670

File: 1426446462079.jpg (57.35 KB, 450x800, image_2.jpg)

No. 62674

Damn, she's plain as fuck.

No. 62678

There's nothing wrong with showing some cleavage but when your taking pictures of you with your shirt pulled down so much that you can see your fucking bra in order to please your neckbeard followers, then you quite literally are an attention whore. Plus, she is underaged.

No. 62680

File: 1426447251991.jpg (104.37 KB, 540x720, memehi.jpg)

this is a photo from her blog in 2011

No. 62686

so asian

No. 62688

she looks nicer here lol

No. 62690

They are basically the Kanadajin3 for non-Koreaboo expats in South Korea. At least Mira actually takes the time to learn Japanese.

No. 62699

lol this must be from her 'gyaru' days.

No. 62709

It still doesnt make them slut, holy shit. Youre so prude

No. 62711

She's cute here. Shame that her personality is so twisted. If she is normal, she would be really really cute.

No. 62712

I saw it, it was horrible. martina seems jealous of hyuna lmao eyk fans are so fucking shitty.
someone make a thread about eyk pls

No. 62717


ask and ye shall receive

No. 63127

asian desu desu

No. 71018

File: 1427654864362.jpg (180.77 KB, 1314x682, pop.jpg)


No. 71019

File: 1427654927277.jpg (161.85 KB, 1298x668, poplol.jpg)

but then she goes pure asian again. The right eye dude

No. 71029

This shoop doesn't look too bad imo
at least her eyeliner is a lot better than it used to be jfc

No. 71032

It's blurry as fuck, as is her jawline and neck.

No. 71034

That drawn on cleavage kek

No. 71056

she forgot to add the lashes that exist on the left eye

No. 71067

ahh that's why it seems off

No. 82069

File: 1429056832432.jpg (35.89 KB, 455x610, fuckin gold.jpg)

Don't know if any of you have seen this yet but, someone on Pull shooped off her eye makeup and the result is priceless.

No. 82094

File: 1429058517414.jpg (57.2 KB, 455x610, eyelashes_副本.jpg)

Yikes. I thought that the lack of eyelashes was the reason why it looked so fucked but… not really. Eyelashes don't help that much either. That downy eye crease doe.

No. 82252

File: 1429079261955.png (233.55 KB, 491x637, us asians.png)

It's been a month but you are welcome anon

No. 89752

File: 1430187331944.png (45.43 KB, 494x398, gofundme.png)

she has a gofundme for plastic surgery

No. 89754

Plastic surgery for what?

No. 89755

File: 1430187827152.png (67.45 KB, 738x557, gofundme2.png)

No. 89756

File: 1430187904001.png (45.37 KB, 762x425, goundme3.png)

No. 89758

>> i want to look like my photoshopped pictures

so shes going to get plastic surgery to look more koreanish?

No. 89901

Histrionic personality disorder.
That's all I'm thinking about when seeing her stuff.

No. 89913

this is stupid child

No. 89938

So this weeb wants her fans to pay for a trip to Korea so she can look asian? okay well the reality of this is she will never have the funds to stay in Korea for about a week, pay for surgery and fly back.

She will just use any money donated to her to buy more anime crap. She should just be honest with her fans and flat out say "I'm a white kid who wants plastic surgery so I can pretend to be half asian"

No. 89943

Meanwhile there are people who set up these pages to help pay for major surgeries, or to help homeless families, or for charity. And here she is begging for handouts so she can look more like her photoshopped self, purely cosmetic. how shameless.

No. 90271

no lie, i hope she gets her surgery because ive always wanted to know what a white person get korean plastic surgery would look like. cant wait for those before and afters

No. 90283

File: 1430270383512.jpg (105.69 KB, 1200x696, ---w3.jpg)

No. 90290

Is this real

No. 90298


He is a Brazilian man who now goes by Xiahn Nishi.

No. 90302

Hes ugly as fuck even after all that.

No. 90304

he's a huge koreaboo. He's now ''''''''''''korean'''''''''' and is learning Korean cuz he wants to live there (I think he's already living there)

No. 90305

that looks more like a Chinese name

No. 90371

>chinese first name
>Japanese last name
What the ever loving fuck? He couldn't at least get a real Korean name?

No. 90437

> I will be travelling to South Korea to get this done

I've read many times that if you're white, you should stick to Western plastic surgeons. Surgeons in Korea and Asia in general are more used to working with Asian features and they can really fuck up your face. I hope she does end up getting cosmetic surgery and shit goes wrong after trying to look more Asian desu desu seyo.

No. 91567

she recently turned 18

No. 91570

Lei sounds Chinese so she can't change her name to that. She has to be JAPANESE or KOREAN so she can be your kawaii uwu ulzzang waifu-chan.

No. 91573

http://asian-wannabes.tumblr.com/tagged/Ahripop the first post in the tag is about her surgery

No. 91596

Actually living here in SK now and there's plastic surgery clinics everywhere in Gangnam and a lot of white people get it here, and it turns out fine. The doctors here work on every ethnicity. I've seen plenty of before and afters with whites here. Medical tourism for plastic surgery is huge in SK.

That said, pretty sure jaw reduction has a long recovery time. I somehow doubt she'd have the money to stay long enough. But I freely admit I don't know about the costs all that much.

No. 91601

they can't even get western features right on asians though, one surgery I detest seeing on Koreans is the nose job to give them a high nose bridge. Its so obvious and usually ends up looking exactly the same on everyone.

It just doesn't look right. Kinda like a penis.

No. 91747

post examples

No. 91771

just look at the entirety of the kpop industry. especially SNSD, Red Velvet, 2NE1, and other girl groups.

No. 91806

>trashy little slut
showing cleavage doesnt make you a slut

No. 91820

No one cares about your pc shit. The girl's a dumb cunt therefore anons are going to call her a slut.

No. 91825

maybe she becomes a camgirl and does stuff while cosplaying and with the money pays her plastic surgery

No. 91826

Xiah (시아) is Korean, but Xiahn sounds chinese

No. 91827

from 6 to 7 months

No. 91865

Kinda does when you're purposefully shoving your boobs to the camera for creepers to stare at.

No. 91866

All those kpop groups look exactly the same. South Korea is terrifying.

No. 117726

File: 1433619727349.jpg (107.33 KB, 504x619, 2015-06-06-15-40-39-1.jpg)

I wonder how she will get a job if she needs to wear her cosplay ears everyday

No. 117730

she won't get a job. she'll probably just beg for donations or become a camgirl.

No. 117734

File: 1433621060966.jpg (27.69 KB, 375x354, 2015-06-06-16-03-09-1.jpg)

Asian desu. Her natural hair color is blonde though.

No. 117745

is it really? in every pic i've seen of her (even her early days), her hair is black. wouldn't be surprised if it was shooped black tho.

No. 117749

On her youtube channel where she shows her real hair without a wig or dyed and its dirty blonde. Its a video of her when shes at disney land, ill try to find it.

No. 117818

This is old news that PULL talked about weeks ago…

No. 117855

chinese and japanese names but looks korean. oh my sides

No. 117877

File: 1433639870950.jpg (8.54 KB, 130x231, KQtvEybXAtA.jpg)

Talking about koreaboos who remember about Nekonyapii? Gosh she was and is still trying so hard to be asian when she clearly isnt off shoop…c'mon

No. 117879

Also she would hate dakota. Prolly jealousy??. The funniest was when she said she was so shocked by dakota photoshopping on her FB page when she isn't exactly shoop-free herself.
Back then she tried to look like Kooter. And did art she clearly traced but claimed to have done herself. And i remember she would spam her pictures all over weibo and chinese stuff for attention (she appeared once in Chinese News thing that called her a living doll)

No. 117880

File: 1433640179178.jpg (81.44 KB, 480x640, large.jpg)

The xiuxiu in some of her pic is goddamn obvious if you take a look at google image

No. 117891

Couldn't choose just one type of Asian to be

No. 117893

Or when she went to her PULL thread trying to kiss everyone's ass so people stop talking about her but would complain about ~jealous haters on a bully site~ on FB at the same time while refusing to link people to it when they asked where it was (prolly to avoid that they find out the truth about her face, kek), shit was gold.

No. 117957

I'll just leave this here.

No. 117969

Yes. Maybe i should make a thread about her she still tries hard to be a kawaii korean

No. 117975

well now i can understand why she edits so much.

No. 118113

So generic as hell, average-looking white girl. Not even slightly surprising.

No. 118114

Sorry meant to respond to


No. 118126

Her drama is dead now though. Besides, almost all ulzzangs photoshop black, white, even asians, no matter how much it's looked down upon (as of what I observed from Ulzzang Shidae anyway). She's generic and boring basically, and has no lulz what so ever. Photoshopping isn't funny, depending on the severity it's pretty sad, and that's it.

No. 118810

we prefer to call it the sunshine state

No. 118993

Her follower count went up another 1k. I need to know her secret unless it's just buying follows lol.

No. 119007

Shouldn't you be more concerned about all 20k of her followers? How did she get that many?

No. 119816

She's buying follows, isn't she…

No. 123756

She's gonna start taking prop commissions.
$10 says she'll buy props off of Taobao or aliexpress and say she made them.

No. 126753

Guys, she got a twitch account. Who's ready to laugh at her shitty streams?


No. 126765

>my ears and tail are a casualty
she used this word wrong, and yet… so right…

No. 126777

tangent, but, ugh this blog is stupid. the only legit bullshit they're calling anyone on is Venus'"how 2 be kawaii desu korean gerl" video. Everything else is just "look at this 13 y/o white girl who calls herself yumiko! READ HA DRAG HA XENOPHOBIC AZZ 2 FILTH HENTY YASSSSSSS WERK" nevermind the fact that they're using AAV to call out 'racism' lmao

No. 126778

what's 'yikes' about this? they just did a shitty job of shopping it off by using such a light color under her eyes where a shadow would be (because SURPRISE she's white and her eyes protrude there) which is the entire reason it looks weird. (That, and circle lenses.)

No. 126793

um i thought white peoples eyes tend to sink in rather than protrude……aka deep set eyes

No. 126843

She's streaming now, but it's pretty boring.

No. 126858

File: 1435184161623.png (165.12 KB, 283x358, 2015-06-24 06.14.52 pm.png)

Eh. The 'sunken' look comes from the gap between the prominent eyelid and protruding browbone/nose bridge that whites tend to have.

But I do think that white eyes usually protrude from cheek level more than most ethnically east asian people, enough to cause more of a shadow below the eye.

No. 126859

aaaaand of course, she is playing league of legend, the holy weeb's game.

No. 126868

the irony here is that the aav isn't an issue. the blog is run by a BLACK girl trying to call out racism against ASIANS.

No. 126869

i like her kawaii annedere voice.

No. 126920

are you retarded? league of legends is made by an american company played by kids with downs and gamer guuuuuurlz. ahripop is both. do you even know what half the words in your sentence mean?

No. 126942

Not that anon but so? They're right a shit ton of weebs play that game.

No. 126947

File: 1435189610218.jpg (123.49 KB, 500x492, tumblr_nff6t5KBe71th6hu9o1_500…)

> "holy weeb game"
> 32 million active players, most from NA, Brazil, EU West, Korea and Philippines.
> relatively small Japanese player base.
> must be for weebs.

pic related.

No. 127031

I hate persona 4. Its shit. I wish they'd do more with persona 2. Sorry for ot but that pic made me get a rage boner. Haha

No. 127452

I also play league but TBH there are a LOT of kawaii omg senpai weebs who play. I don't know why honestly

No. 127460

Oh my god I didn't even notice. That's even weirder. Why is she setting herself up as an authority on this?

No. 127876

No. 127886

>tfw Maya is infinitely more powerful than the cast of P3, P4 and P5 combined.
>She didn't even need a "Wild Card"
>tfw anyone from P2 could easily solve all the problems in P3 ,P4 and P5

No. 127906

Who exactly is the mod of this blog?
I'm not surprised since a lot of tumblr girls just act like they know everything regardless of if they have the authority to or not.

It's so they can be ~~real gamer gURLZ!!! Nya!!! X3~~. League is easy to obtain and easy to play (assuming you aren't playing to get good) and is also really popular with the fan boys.

No. 127958

And? shes not naked so who cares? I hate this slut but come on, thats nothing lol

No. 127960

If she has daddy issues the thats actually very sad, not something funny tbh but i doubt she does. Shes just a typical attention whore

No. 127966

She looks like suzy from gg holy shit

No. 127968

Theres a thread about her on PULL

No. 128025

File: 1435366330303.jpg (116.25 KB, 640x969, image.jpg)

They're Asian apparently

No. 128050

I don't think she has family problems. If anything, she's just a dumb slut who's been spoiled to death by her parents. She hasn't mentioned going to college or getting any kind of higher education. All she's done is try to whore herself out to her neckbeard fans.

No. 128065

I'm watching this q&a video and I'm amazed at how little of substance this girl has to say. this is seven minutes of vapid word vomit

No. 128068

Thats what happens when you're entire life is centered and focus on making sure you looking ~perfect~ 24/7. No time for personality.

No. 129419

File: 1435622745881.png (7.13 MB, 1724x3173, ahripop1.png)

No. 129427

>7 MB

No. 129580

>trashy little slut
I don't like her either but that wording makes you sound like a weird daddydom

No. 129640

she looks like a sim

No. 129906

League is still shit lol and it's still a game for people with yellow fever. get over yourself

No. 129907

>cultural appropriation
>implying she meant thats what all asians look like
Once again, Tumblr is offended at nothing.

No. 130083

literally no one takes this blog seriously.
everyone just keeps the link cuz it's got caps of momo's surgery post under the ahripop tag.

No. 130084

File: 1435734621310.gif (1.04 MB, 415x476, Rt76Ha2.gif)

oh yeah also someone posted this on pull. the girl who drew the pink one posted her drawing after momo did.
can we get a source on the pink one? cause otherwise it looks like some chick traced off of momo.

No. 130120

I honestly don't this was traced.

No. 130140

Both pictures are so generic I hardly would call it traced.

No. 130148

the pink one is way more elaborate with actual hands
generic animu heads match

No. 130160

These pictures don't look anything alike.

No. 130708

File: 1435864766853.jpg (42.7 KB, 306x534, 2015-07-02-15-17-11-1.jpg)

Ahris shops are getting better, she almost looks convincingly korean

No. 130721

she looks a bit like that haffu kpop idol shannon

No. 130740

She really doesn't.

No. 130765

She still looks like pure white bread

No. 130770

no she doesn't

No. 130780

maybe at a quick glance you might question her ethnicity but then its like nah man she white

No. 130830

Anyone read her last instagram post?

No. 130837

Post it

No. 130870

File: 1435879389808.jpg (246.09 KB, 863x572, image.jpg)

Tl;dr: "Yes I shoop but it's 100% for self-acceptance, not for anyone else QoQ"

Yeah that explains why you shoop your cleavage into a buttcrack and pretend to be asian.

No. 137715

Total loser makes PixyTeri look normal by comparison.

No. 138530

File: 1437078401846.png (57.48 KB, 123x219, Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 1.24…)


She's the Kotori and also the girl with the fox ears on the bottom

No. 143529

No. 145202

When googling "AhriPop", this thread is the fourth site that pops up :)

No. 145722

No. 147037

kek looks like she's gone for good

No. 147127

yea he already works there thats why he got the surgery

No. 147330

Thank god. Maybe she'll start doing something productive with her life.

No. 147815

There's a huge argument going on right now on her latest (3 weeks ago) picture. I don't see why they are still arguing, her fans are rabid.

No. 147816

No. 147817

File: 1438354144135.png (153.88 KB, 1232x460, ahripopargument.png)

The only comment worth capping. I don't understand it, but the rest of the comments are just "OMG it's her life she can do whatever!!! she is not offending anyone!!!!!1!1", while the account Pomf.Pomf is saying that what Ahripop is doing is wrong.

No. 147829

File: 1438355815973.png (35.06 KB, 297x330, 2015-07-31-11-12-39-1.png)

Lol this bitch is stupid as fuck, "asians try to look white with photoshop and surgery so why cant white people try to look asian?" "Everyone thinks im japanese when really im mexican" BITCH you look 1000% mexican, latino, hispanic, youre fucking delusional if you think you look japanese LMAO, if anything close to asian you look pinoy you big fucking weeaboo

No. 147832

"I didn't know if I should act like American or Hispanic when I looked like a petite Asian"
"automatically people assume I'm Japanese"
just another delusional weeb, who also looks NOTHING asian lol basically another momo

No. 147833

her post defending momo is basically her defending herself

No. 147836

I think Momo has dug herself into a deep hole. No matter what she changes her name to (Momo->Ahripop->?), there will always be posts about what she has done. And to think this wouldn't have happen if she didn't claim she was Asian & acted her age.

Exactly. This isn't about "Monise Saitou"'s life story, this is about Momo.

No. 147841

File: 1438356688641.png (3.73 KB, 223x172, 1029328.png)

I did a quick google search on her name for the hell of it, and I found her youtube ( https://www.youtube.com/user/elephantnado/about ).
According to google translate, the japanese says "Saito also fake". That's google translate.

No. 147843

I watched one of her vids, she sounds annoying as hell ugh also found her blog: http://monisosity.blogspot.com/?m=1

No. 147874

Krispiix (or however its spelt) is so annoying. She's been riding Momo's coattail for years now.

No. 148942

why is her instagram icon some random asian girl and her boyfriend?

No. 148944

she's so ugly too. the first time i saw her, i almost shit myself.

No. 149150

nvm she's not dead. just not posting. :(

No. 157907

Those emojis piss me off more than the post holy shit.

No. 158533

File: 1439491335517.jpg (247.47 KB, 750x1334, image.jpg)

That girl also using Ariana Grande as an excuse to rant about how young she looks because Ariana grande apparently her doppelgänger, yet she said she looks Japanese yet Ariana Grande is not Japanese??? And actually I was shocked when this girl said she's 18, thought she's much older. Delusional.

No. 158568

She's beginning to lose followers lmao. I wonder if she'll ever come back.

Also I just noticed she lives in Windermere. Isn't that the same place that documentary about crazy rich people (The Queen of Versailles?) was filmed?

>>158533 she seems like a cow herself

No. 158570

> us chibi-chans
> chibi-chans

This girl looks as much like Ariana Grande (or Japanese for that matter) as Momo looks like Ahri or Korean. I also love how bitches like these say things like "Oh but I know NOTHING about (insert person/character here)" when in reality they probably stalk the shit out of them and copy their style.

No. 161706

File: 1439811700710.png (1.75 MB, 1448x589, ahripopp.png)

she's back
and her shops are even worse

No. 161839

She doesn't even look like herself anymore.

No. 162720

the first 2 are the same as her korean shoops. the last one just looks like anne holy fuck.

No. 162726

File: 1439874269336.png (415.55 KB, 599x600, Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 10.0…)

where the fuck are her parents?

No. 162920

Well, to be fair, she's 18, and could buy whatever she wants. And I assume she could buy stuff like this loosely because as a minor, her purchases were also a bit sketchy.

No. 162940

My mom was relatively strict, but she didn't care if I had shit like that in my room.

No. 162951

i dont get her whole "shooping away her entire jawline until its just a blurry unclear line despite the rest of the photo (besides her face/skin ofc) being hd and clear" aesthetic shes going for
its not doing her any favors by any means

No. 163259

I know it's all PS but i think she looks cute as fuck

No. 163261

what is "kitty waifu" supposed to mean
i dont get it
you cant call yourself waifu

No. 163324

File: 1439933094921.jpg (167.09 KB, 640x826, image.jpg)

No. 163462

No wonder she derete her chin.

No. 163464

No. 167542

Apparently her instagram was deleted by someone,it's back now.
This what she said.
She wants to be known as a famous cosplayer/gamer. She lost some followers and "really really will do anything to get them back"
Kind of pathetic.

No. 167565

Her chin seems fine to me.
The problem is the photoshop

No. 167571

"OMG my Instaguram got deleted my dreams are broken pls halp me I'm cryin so much I've lost muh followerz" Yeah, those are the real problems.
This bitch is so dumb, it blows me away

No. 167606


Okay so she has to start her instagram again. But anyoneelse notice the four or five pictures she has on so far don't have those ears she insists she HAS to wear outside the home?

For the ears being part of her true self, I'm surprised they haven't made an appearncce yet

No. 167622

Top fucking kek no one deleted her account. It was up this whole time except it was private before she posted her most recent pictures.

No. 167626

She claims it was deleted by instagram themselves cause it was an inactive account. Probably just another cry for attention.

No. 167630

She doesn't HAVE to wear those ears,they are not part of her life,she only wears them for attention. I can say this for certain cause I knew her for a year and a half,me and some mutual friends used to hang out and she never wore them,except when we cosplayed or we dressed up.

No. 167671

eh, in her defense. "Ahri" sounds like it has more of a middle eastern or hindu origin than korean.

but that's just me.

not sure why so many people like korea. it's not as great as people make it out to be…

No. 167679

Because they're like all the Serbs that only know Japanese culture through anime. These fags only know it through kpop.

No. 167681


No. 167691

eh, white people tend to just take over cultures anyway. look at the nation of Aztlan that was stolen from my people and is now called california…

Japan & Korea will face similar issues in the coming future(>>>/youtubecommentsection/)

No. 168337

it wasn't stolen, it was conquered. "your people" were just to weak to keep it.

No. 168339

tripfag pls go

No. 168555

Like the other anon said, it was conquered. That's how war works. Hell, the united states even paid for the land they won…

No. 168563

Did you go to like school in America or nah? Because apparently we purchased that shit for like $16

No. 168575

meh, still seems cute.
she just has shitty makeup

No. 168576

please get the fuck out

No. 171347

wasn't that louisiana? we bought louisiana from napoleon because he decided that shit was useless.
/sage for OT

Californian here. fuck off.

No. 171575


This is cringeworthy. I live in Korea and the koreaboo invasion currently going on in this country is annoying as fuck. They all think they're going to live out their own personal k-drama here and that they are going to be worshipped because they're foreigners. It's always nice to see their dreams shattered tho, when they realize they aren't that special.

There are lots of her kind here, kids who present themselves with their Korean names without even being able to speak the language. it's like no, your name is not fucking Heesol, it's Sarah, and especially if you don't even know how to fucking introduce yourself in the language.

At least I can comfort myself with the fact that even Koreans laugh at people like this.

No. 171609

>At least I can comfort myself with the fact that even Koreans laugh at people like this.
Tell us more please.

No. 171618

mfw her name is skyleigh

white girls be like

No. 171619


A lot of kpop fanatics come here thinking that they will be worshipped because they think Koreans will appreciate that they like Korean music, but the reality is that 95% of Koreans who like kpop are high school and middle school girls while most people above the age of 20 don't like it and find it ridiculous. At the same time Koreans, especially males, hates the way the media (dramas) creates unrealistic standards as to how you should act towards your significant other.

Foreigners here also have to realize that just because you're white you don't automatic become hot shit. If you're ugly in your home country, you're most likely ugly here as well - Even if you're kind of cute in your home country, you might be ugly here.

Also don't expect to find any kind of serious relationship here. A guy or a girl might want to bang you, or even date you for a while - but don't expect that you're going to be introduced to the parents, because many older Koreans still find it important to ''keep the race pure''.

Also black people and south east asians will most likely face hardships here.

No. 171629

> it's like no, your name is not fucking Heesol, it's Sarah
top kek anon

I'm so glad shit like this is real. Tbh I'm glad China's reputation in America is like "EVIL COMMUNISTS WHO ARE OUT TO RUIN AMERICA" so I don't have to deal with like Chinaboos or something.

No. 171636

File: 1440881190852.jpg (253.37 KB, 722x457, 1420958612725.jpg)


Also I feel like I should add that the Korean Girls AhriPop are trying to look like are few, and are ridiculed by Koreans. Koreans call those girls for beanpaste girls, because of the stigma of them only eating beanpaste-stew so they can afford plastic surgery and designer clothing and then go flaunt it in Gangnam.

No. 171641

dude holy fuck they look terrifying. ahri doesn't need to starve herself though. she lives in a rich area with her parents and will beg for money for plastic surgery like she did before.

No. 171656


Bitch looks like she's Cindy Lou Who

No. 172680

File: 1441068966775.jpg (66.25 KB, 711x960, tumblr_static_9x4kxl7yru8s00wg…)

she made a new tumblr: ahripop25.tumblr.com

Her shopping is so shitty in this photo

No. 176045

Fetishit white girl AND "otherkin".

No. 176046

Pansexuality is a actual thing, it's like bisexuality but instead of liking two genders, it's all genders.

However, "being" otherkin and "transracial/transethinic" ISN'T a actual thing.It's a thing brought on by weebs and most of the shitty people of tumblr that make up the website, tumblr needs to die like MySpace did.

No. 176047

she looks like she had down syndrome

No. 176049

Bisexuality means being sexually attracted to two SEXES. I don't know if you're aware of this, but there are only two sexes. There is no third sex. There is no such thing as pansexuality.

No. 176052

Not that anon but pansexuality includes trans if I'm not mistaken. Whereas bisexuality apparently doesn't and is only attraction towards cis male + female.
Correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 176055

(Non-transphobic) bisexuals are attracted to trans people. If someone is attracted to ladybits AND dudebits, why the hell would they not be attracted to someone who has those bits but was born with different bits?

Some straight/gay people aren't attracted to trans people because they can't divorce their image of the person's current body from their past body. But, for bi people, that doesn't matter, because they're attracted to BOTH bodies.

If a straight girl is sexually attracted to someone that definitely appears to be male but used to be female, do we not call her straight? Do we call her… heteropansexual or some shit? No, of course not.

Pansexuals are bisexuals that think being bi isn't special enough.

No. 176064

>>Pansexuality includes girls,boys, and non-binary genders.
Notice that gender is completely different from sex.There are only two sexes but many genders.The definition of bisexuality that is JUST "attracted to male and female sexes" is the straight person definition of bisexuality.Sexuality means what genders you're sexually attracted or not attracted to, not the sex the person was born with determined from xx or xy chromosomes.

I like girls,boys, and non-binary people-but fine since I'm bisexual and not special enough, I'll just take my special snowflake ass to tumbrtardom and rant about lowcow uwu?
((I hope you can see that I'm being sarcastic af))

No. 176066

If you guys think this about Pansexuality, the. What do you think of everyone else?Homo/bi/poly/pan..aro/ace/aroflux/Demi/gray..and fluid sexuality and sexually repulsed people?
You get bonus points if you talk about genders too like
Binary-trans,non-binary trans,gender fluid people..
You guys seem to get such angry boners over "spehul snowfake tumblrtards".
I hate tumblr-it's like it's burning in fire with yaoi fangirls,weeaboos,witches,otherkin,even worse.
The trans and or non-straight people aren't so bad compared to those other shits.

No. 176346

demisexuality is bullshit tho

No. 176359

>> 176066
How? Bc people need to develop a romantic/emotional bond first before being sexually attracted to someone?

No. 176387

What? Sexuality is literally in the name. How can you say that sexualities are not based on the person's sex??
There are two sexes, and there is about one natural combination of biology to reproduce.
Gay males are/were oppressed because they fall in love with men (people with penises), and people say it's wrong because no matter how you look at it, until gay couples are able to reproduce naturally, that's not how nature planned this shit at all. Vice versa with gay women.

No one is being oppressed because I a girl fell in love with an a romantic demigender.
I'm oppressed because I fell in love with a woman.

Sexuality is based around genitals and their biological sex because a hetero man wouldn't like a man with a penis, but he would like a woman with a vagina. And yes, these two chromosomes are tied to the genitalia because….biology.
Sage because this discussion is hella OT and stupid, and I don't even know why it started.

No. 176492

it's literally "i don't like one night stands or casual sex"

No. 176552

she hasn't taken any selfies with that crazy ugly kriispii chick in a while. did they have a falling out?

No. 183556

File: 1442739840895.jpg (1.01 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20150920_045748.jpg)

"I get asked to post selfies a lot so I decided to dress up for fun in my lingerie as Luka Megurine"

No. 183688

seen her multiple times irl and she's really not bad looking. she's cute. If she just didn't shoop to be asian, and just accepted herself, she'd be fine.

No. 183763

yeah she's not ugly irl but she's still gross af

No. 183773

Shes ugly af for a white girl IMO

No. 183802

idk if i'd call her ugly. i'd say she's plain. if i saw >>163324 at a con, i wouldn't look twice or compliment her.

now >>172680 on the other hand is truly ugly and disgusting.

No. 183813

Gotta love the "arm pressed up against my tater-tots ever so casually to maximize cleavage" pose.

No. 184533

File: 1442947791339.png (488.67 KB, 811x597, Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 11.4…)

wow so kawaii desu ne

No. 184784

what kind of thing is that to post publically??

No. 184867

The ones on the left look like aliens because of how extreme they went with the jaws. Seems way overly painful for how eerie and unattractive it looks. The girl on the far right probably looks the most normal.

This makes me physically uncomfortable.
Someone please tell her how retarded the side of her face looks being that skinny.

People that want to be speshul because 'not being a slut' is offensive to women everywhere, now.

Extremely OT..
But for the biology-impaired that think these things;
Sex is a spectrum, gender is not.
Intersex people exist with physical proof.
Tons of classifications and types; Pseudo-hermaphrodites and physical males with XX, XXX, vice-versa, etc.
Don't go full tumblr-trans and act like the opposite is true (muh gendurr) when it's not and never will be.
Also, chromosomes are tied to genitalia, but again these 'mutations/errors' happen constantly enough for you to be less ill-informed with the ot misinformation you're posting.

Have you not seen how ugly most are in comparison, tho?

No. 184874

Trying to be 2edgy

No. 184894

Weird she has snapchat, there the photos and videos you take cannot be filtered/shoop'd. I'd love to see her snaps

No. 185029

File: 1443055092563.jpg (850.58 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20150923_203405.jpg)

"Love my new tail so much,let me show it off by wearing tiny shorts and a bra"

No. 185042

Why do people care that she is posting sexy pictures? I mean she has a good body might as well flaunt it. I think she'd be a decent cosplayer if she put more effort into her cosplay as opposed to the simplest of league skins.

I think the bigger topic is how sad it is that I'm sure she isn't bad looking irl but damn all these pictures look like a different person. At least now she settled on generic korean so now her pics are looking a little more cohesive. But plastic surgery isn't going to fix anything for her. My mom got a nose job thinking it would fix her low self esteem and bring guys in, surprise! it actually made her feel worse. She needs to change her mindset or she will develope unhealthy habits… ya know, aside from ruining her image online for future employment. I'm betting she'll be a cam girl soon. Unless she is so caught up in this "im asian 4 real guiz!" nonsense that she doesn't want to be on cam without being unshooped.

Poor kid. Hope she learns to love herself soon. She doesn't look too bad in her unshooped pics.

No. 185081

In't she a bit young to be getting bondage shit from kitten's play pen tho

No. 185194

File: 1443080737028.gif (996.13 KB, 400x296, 951.gif)

No. 185196

His hair looks like ten birds shat in it and he just rolled with it and combed it through

No. 185197

She looks like she smells funky. Like fish. Or warm yeast.

No. 185258

She's already caught up in that "I'M A REALZ KOREAN GURL!!!" shit tho. That's why she never has a face cam during streams.
She's not cosplaying to cosplay and have fun, she's doing it for attention so she's just choosing cosplays that are fast and easy (to find and buy) and will get her a lot of attention.

gotta sex it up for the neckbeards ;^)

No. 191018

File: 1444498538041.jpeg (119.18 KB, 736x1138, image.jpeg)

That random Asian girl icon

No. 191152

Disgusting. Why do people bring their fetishes outside the bedroom?

No. 191165

Because some people want to be edgy and bring their fetishes outside of the bedroom. I don't think it's an actual fetish for them though. Seems more like the couples you see with a leash and collar at a con where they just do it for "fanservice" or whatever.

No. 191167

Are they at a con though?

No. 192832

i hope she does get her surgery someday but it gets botched and she ends up freakish looking

No. 192966


She's tubs with smaller boobs in real life though.. nothing like her pictures. Wouldn't say she has "a good body". Just mad photoskills.

No. 192988

File: 1444957212885.png (763.36 KB, 849x1075, edgytittays.png)

No. 193005

>dat file name

So…much…blur…Did she give up on trying to pass as Asian?

No. 193364

File: 1445047707873.jpeg (466.86 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

I flipped the edgy tits pic and honestly her shoop is so obvious that flipping the pic doesn't even make a difference

Lmao you should take creeper shots of her so we can compare her to her shooped pic. On her wish list, her measurements are quite small though (34/24/30).

No. 193391

File: 1445055208031.png (764.54 KB, 1080x1093, Screenshot_2015-10-17-00-00-02…)

nope, still trying to be asian. but never fear, she's all excited to show you with a bunch of new posts.

No. 193542

File: 1445103114908.jpeg (451.19 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

Her art has improved a lot

No. 193725

it's shit.

No. 193741

anon its ine. sheesh its not like she is selling it. there are FAR worse art pieces that shitty weeb artists have the audacity to try to sell

No. 194011

It's alright just very weeby. Though I have a feeling she had some outside help.

I do recall a PULL user getting all huff and puffy about her selling her shitty sketches for $5 Or whatever, saying she was devaluing art and the work of super special snowflakes designers like herself. Basically blahblahblah SHES HURTING MY BUSINESS SHE NEEDS TO CHARGE MORE. It was fucking hilarious. Too bad it got lost with the old site.

No. 194013

This is god awful. This anatomy rofl

No. 194141

seriously. giraffe neck and shoulders that could put an eye out. plus she needs to just get away from LoL because every girl she draws now has tits bigger than their heads.

but hey. she shades in her drawings, so they're magically ~good~ or whatever.

No. 194157

Not sure what PULL 1.0 post you're referring to but people devaluing art is actually a pretty big problem among artists and commissioners because artists think that if they make their commissions price cheaper, then more people will buy. Well the catch is that the cheaper they make their prices, the more people expect cheap prices for work that's actually good quality.
For example, people balk at the fact that cartoongirl7 used to charge $80 for a full body commission drawn with Copics on bristol with the original sent to you as well as digitally scanned and cleaned up, saying that $80 was waaay too much despite that it takes her like 10 hours to finish a piece. They were like "I would pay $10 max".
I'd rather have people completely overcharge like Shunao than for people (including Skyleigh) to completely devalue their art. I don't give a shit if she's getting commissions and I'm not but it does bring down the value of artists' (if you can even call Skyleigh one) work over all.

No. 195103

She IS selling her art, though. She made a post the other day about a commission she just finished and then deleted the post. Kicking myself for not screenshotting it.

No. 195105

File: 1445484317229.png (961.41 KB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2015-10-21-23-10-40…)


No. 195110

File: 1445484980903.png (1004.95 KB, 1032x1342, creamyasian.png)

No. 195111

File: 1445485047119.jpg (1.89 MB, 2560x1579, whatisajawline.jpg)

No. 195118

Lmfao you sound autistic as fuck. Why the fuck would anyone pay so much for a nobody's portrayal?

No. 195119

Her nose is so disgusting. Looks like squidward's, but ten times worse due to shitty contouring and shoop.

No. 195120

Ok…I'm convinced you're this dumb bitch Ahripoop posting

No. 195127

Why isn't this girl in snow yet?

No. 195134

File: 1445495533057.jpg (120.69 KB, 730x1095, afo_2013___asuna_yuuki_03_by_h…)

Lol how much of her jaw does she shave off jfc

No. 195135

File: 1445495548834.jpg (442.74 KB, 2400x1711, 1444719359853.jpg)

No. 195136

File: 1445495556750.jpg (140.55 KB, 730x1095, afo_2013___asuna_yuuki_02_by_h…)

No. 195267

Not autistic art anon but she didn't sell that lmao. She called it a commission but it was actually a giveaway prize.

All of it

No. 195269

File: 1445528550671.png (833.71 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Jk I just saw this. Anyways doesn't she go to college or anything? She seems to have a lot of free time.

No. 195277

WTF? I really don't like this girl a lot, but she's freaking CUTE without the shoop. Why the hell does she turn herself into a creepy Korean wannabe baby? Her normal face is much more attractive…

No. 195341

that's adorable, but no. saw she had some pretty funny pics up and i posted em. calm down.

No. 195343

She'd probably honestly be a better fit for snow.

No. 195367

She is a NEET probably.

No. 195423

I dont understand how my friend webcamed with her and said she looked the same as her pics lool
either he was lying or he just didn't care aslong as he fucks her

No. 195435

File: 1445547664284.png (426.24 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Your friend is lying through his teeth. He's super thirsty for her flat koreaboo ass.

No. 195665

File: 1445590736678.png (166.65 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-10-23-04-54-15…)

She won't do a face cam live stream cause she is super duper shy,but can pose in lingerie with tits out?
She just doesn't want her "fans" to see her un-shooped face.

No. 195724

doesnt want them to see she looks white either

No. 195845

File: 1445622555253.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1348, Screenshot_2015-10-23-13-45-15…)

I have no idea what this is supposed to be a photo of (penguin impersonation?) but she changed the stream time to start at 2pm.

No. 195847

File: 1445622761414.png (941.58 KB, 1080x1118, Screenshot_2015-10-23-13-45-37…)

Also this is her streaming layout. There's so much unnecessary shit all over the screen, how could anyone focus on her playing? Gives me a headache just looking at it.

No. 195859

File: 1445624519273.png (517.15 KB, 877x733, 46b896c72046e205492fe973d80623…)

she's not even good at the game ffs. i hope she loses horribly live. does she even play any other games?

No. 195863

she sounds like a 5 year old.. i feel weird. and her layout is super tacky. she's live rn

No. 195873

>Plays for over 2 seasons
>Stays silver
Why even play ranked if you show no signs of improving

No. 195878

can we all make burner accounts and beg her to get a face cam until she actually gets one

No. 195880

File: 1445629918854.png (778.73 KB, 992x645, omggggwrhrwgvw.png)

came back from an errand i see this. the quality of the stream is really shitty, but she's 1/7/0… i dont want to be mean because ive been there too, we all learn, but she's been playing for a while. plus the people her level are probably fairly bad themselves and she's still doing bad.

she's also barely talking from what ive seen so far.. it's a boring stream, doesn't seem like she has much to give as a streamer.

No. 195884

She's trying not to talk otherwise her fake voice will crack and she'll sound like a normal person instead of a kawaii ulzzang kitty waifu.

No. 195885

half the stream was her dead, so while the screen is grey and boring we can distract ourselves with the over the top layout. not sure what i think of her voice yet, it does sound a bit fake though

No. 195888

just saying but you can post even if you leave the name and email fields blank…
how gullible are you? her voice is totally fake.

No. 195891

oops didnt know. used a random email address so i should be fine. i wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt, but it does sound pretty un-genuine. does someone still have a video with her talking in it? ive never heard her actual voice

No. 195962

lol why does she have random selfies on her stream wtf

No. 196004

File: 1445645118227.jpeg (140.31 KB, 750x1043, image.jpeg)

it has the effect of a facecam without showing her real (white) face

No. 196793

She announced a bit ago that she's going to be selling all her new pics soon.

No. 196836

File: 1445803428774.jpeg (521.13 KB, 2560x2560, image.jpeg)

She fuckin looks like Annedere or whatever she's called now

No. 196842

Tbh I'm kind of jealous that she has so many followers and people who are willing to kiss her ass considering that she doesn't make any of her own costumes and all of her photos are so incredibly shooped. Oh well I guess I just need to git gud.

No. 197012

I'm not jealous of her level of self hatred. I mean we're all sand vags here but to want to get ~inturnut famoos~ with an image so altered you can't even do live cams you really have to hate yourself

No. 197255

File: 1445963895564.png (1.83 MB, 1455x599, ahripoop.png)

I'm really curious as to what the original photos from this photoshoot look like.

No. 197258

I thought they were the same person this entire time. My god.

No. 197266

File: 1445968717345.png (949.04 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 197271

the eye shoop is SO OBVIOUS omg

No. 197273


Whatever the camera did made his hand look like a penis.

No. 197275

in the first two pics, her thighs look like amputee stumps

No. 197281

File: 1445970551231.png (932.29 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

A masterpiece

No. 197295

File: 1445973489330.png (5.08 KB, 291x160, ok.png)

No. 197382

these photos look so… average and boring. uninteresting background, lifeless poses, and pretty shitty wig. i'm genuinely curious as to who would actually pay money for a copy of these?

No. 197386

Oh my god me too hahaha

No. 197391

Her retarded 30 year old neckbeard fans. Although I'm not sure these would sell since there's no cleavage to fap to.

No. 197397

this girl reminds me of some other girl who also claimed to be ~japanese~ when really she was just a hispanic weeb and would edit her pics to hell and back her ig is or was captainyanii
i think shes over the weeb phase now though

No. 197404

She's literally more retarded than the Homestucks in this video holy fuck. She's the weird screaming Rin.

No. 197785

She is always saying be proud of who you are,accept and embrace your own beauty,yet she shoops her face/eyes/whatever else because she doesn't like how she looks. What a hypocrite.
She also claims to be a "musician " for 8-9yrs,yet her playing is that of a beginner,if even that

No. 197794

Omfg so much secondhand embarrassment. This gave me a ptsd flashback of when I used to go to cons and see these disgusting mayo weebs. pukes

No. 197798

File: 1446145216512.png (787.07 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

What does she mean photo shoot? She literally just took a selfie and the owner reposted this to their Instagram. Also, her eye makeup is getting more droopy.

No. 197817

wow that belongs in the cringe thread.

No. 197824

She done snatch her own weave off lmao

No. 197830

No. 197831


I KNEW she was faking her voice on stream. also she looks completely different from her shoops. i didn't think it was that bad, but after seeing this video her insta pictures actually look like a completely different person. i wonder how long she can keep living this lie.

No. 197833

I don't think she is calling THIS photo a photoshoot, she is saying she JUST got done doing a 'photoshoot'. I do this too on my insta, just write about my day like "I just got out of the gym!had fun" etc with a pic of after the event .

and yeah I feel so bad for her. granted, i do use a phone app to edit my pics (slightly make nose smaller/blur skin) and even then I feel kinda shitty about it but I would be SO embarrassed if I looked like a totally different person irl (like if i made my nose SUPER small or eyes super big etc) like she does. I don't get how she does it

No. 197834

Either way I don't see how taking pics of yourself or having some old ass Pervy man take your pics falls within the definition of a photo shoot.

No. 197847

What I don't understand is how people are able to recognize who she is at cons. Even in the comments to this video people were saying "omg it's momo". How the fuck do they recognize her when she looks completely different in her pics.

No. 197945

File: 1446189615564.png (462.16 KB, 816x599, Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 12.1…)

Here you go, anon. This is what she means by "photo shoot". That looks like one of those phones by public bathrooms.
>nyaaa >//u//< ⭐️

No. 197948

This is stupid af. I hate these weebs and their "photo shoots"….reminds of of the scene photo shoots Audrey Kitching and Hanna Beth did. Fuck Kiki still does them lmfao

No. 197955

Where are my manners? Thanks anon!

No. 198008

What… why does she shoop so much. She's pretty. A cringy weeb, yeah, but not ugly at all imho

No. 198011

Because she wants to be a gook so badly.

No. 198019

File: 1446221317848.jpg (808.56 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20151030_120604.jpg)

She is such a like/follower hoe

No. 198020

File: 1446221441854.png (341.09 KB, 540x842, Screenshot_2015-10-30-12-05-39…)

Her and jasmine /xkrispii xP

No. 198056

File: 1446228020333.jpg (1.19 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20151030_135749.jpg)

The un-shooped truth

No. 198058

The derptastic truth. Wow, she makes the most deep faces for pics, unless that's what it looks like resting without shoop

No. 198061

That is her face for the most part. These pics are from my camera,we used to be friends.

No. 198062

She isn't ugly or anything, but she's such a dumb bitch. This is what happens when you shoop yourself to not look human. I would never not want to look like my online photos. It's so jarring.

No. 198063

File: 1446229481351.png (928.71 KB, 640x960, JNWt1b0.png)

Not >>198056 but I'll dump some (mostly) unshooped pics of her

No. 198064

File: 1446229574328.png (981.79 KB, 640x960, McKUINo.png)

No. 198065

File: 1446229622426.png (697.75 KB, 640x960, MWRJr74.png)

No. 198066

File: 1446229788012.jpg (136.34 KB, 497x750, tumblr_mhgrolC5rc1s4a6o2o1_500…)

No. 198282

i liked her before. she was cute as a button without tons of photoshop.

No. 198301

Yeah, same. She looks fairly youthful/cute without the shooping. I don't know why she insists on looking like an ayylien with droopy eyes.

No. 198409

some of these are pretty cute. she looks like a typical white 15 year old weeaboo, all of them except >>198066 look decent. but now i know how extreme her shooping really is. this is ridiculous. she looks like a different person. is there a way to show these pictures to her neckbeard fans?

No. 198416

I doubt it. She'd probably claim they're pics of her from 5-6 years ago when these are actually from 1-2 years ago. And also say something about puberty changing how she looks and how she shoops because she "isn't happy and confident" with how she looks QoQ. Then her fans would accuse us of bullying her.

Also found this. Skyleigh, you're as much Japanese as a random white hick from Diabetestown, USA.

No. 198417

File: 1446317063968.jpeg (49.01 KB, 367x640, image.jpeg)

Dropped pic :/

No. 198585

File: 1446360967075.jpg (1.06 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20151101_015158.jpg)

She took these when she was 17..pretty skanky

No. 198586

File: 1446361040339.png (400.5 KB, 540x685, Screenshot_2015-11-01-01-43-41…)

To please the neckbeards

No. 198587

File: 1446361094796.png (408.75 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-11-01-01-35-16…)

No. 198588

File: 1446361188008.png (417.36 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-11-01-01-31-45…)

The stuffing of her bra is painfully obvious >_>

No. 198589

File: 1446361301737.png (230.5 KB, 540x826, Screenshot_2015-11-01-01-04-45…)

Hell no she doesn't make all her cosplays

No. 198591

File: 1446361365351.png (268.17 KB, 540x512, Screenshot_2015-11-01-01-47-18…)


No. 198625

File: 1446371322920.png (312.7 KB, 540x767, Screenshot_2015-11-01-04-44-02…)

Another boobtastic selfie.
"My makeup takes 10min" yeah,bs.
She says she is always "working on things " does she even have a job or anything?

No. 198686

File: 1446393431133.png (410.04 KB, 680x500, image.png)

She lies about making her own cosplays even though she clearly got all of them from Taobao or Aliexpress. Pic related. It comes with the wings she claims she's going to make.
Btw one of her weeb followers bought that wig for her because she was begging for shit for her birthday.

No. 198856

I actually find this really sad: her trying to be asian so bad. Whitening the fuck out of her skin and making her hair super black. (What even is her natural hair color?). She had some potential with her old whitey self unlike nasty annabeergut.

>it's hard posting something you don't like
You mean something you can't filter to a korean-wannabe-hell and back. Also extra points for 5edgy3me caption.

No. 198861

Her hair is naturally dark blonde

No. 198879

File: 1446432497576.jpeg (359.92 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

No. 198888

File: 1446435648135.png (302.1 KB, 540x771, 2015-11-01 20.52.42.png)

These are her fans

No. 198891

No. 198893

She deleted the comment lmao

No. 198897

File: 1446439143262.png (862.7 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

At least she admits she's desperate?

No. 198912

File: 1446449195720.png (256.25 KB, 540x754, Screenshot_2015-11-02-02-23-52…)

She looks like a plastic blowup sex doll with drooping eyes

No. 198913

Her blurring her face so much she's removed her philtrum makes her look like some sort of semi-evolved chimp, or like she has a bad case of FAS.

No. 198917

File: 1446452012211.png (356.6 KB, 540x526, Screenshot_2015-11-02-03-10-04…)

Two years ago.
Ahripop/skyleigh was 16 and xkrispiix was 21

No. 198939

File: 1446459797800.jpg (44.25 KB, 280x368, 4082E_a1.jpg)

If she wants to look Asian so badly, maybe she should drop her droopy ulzzang eyeliner and start doing slanty eyes.

No. 198988

File: 1446477991940.png (345.41 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-11-02-10-22-38…)

Weebo trash

No. 198991

That's so gross.

No. 199035

what's wrong with her ear holy shit

No. 199036

she does NOT look like she's wearing ANY type of shorts in the top right picture.

No. 199048

It doesn't look like she has a philtrum in her non-shooped pics either tho.

Holy fuck I just noticed that too. I would've said bad shoop but who the fuck would shoop their ear.

No. 199409

File: 1446569187449.jpeg (558.82 KB, 822x822, image.jpeg)

I mean at least she admits to shooping, which is better than a lot of cows but.. it's still a lot different than what she looked before, and she still shouldn't be making this whole lie, because it'll eventually blow up in her face right?

also, what do you think of this? I know 3 bras can work wonders but how does she go from a completely flat a cup to a double d??? where did she get the boobs ?

No. 199419

File: 1446571499280.jpg (399.66 KB, 1658x741, 1392679055133.jpg)

Three bras, knowing how to use cutlets AND she's crossing her arms. Don't forget, JNig set the standard.

No. 199484

what standard?? jnigger has a tit job

and I do this for pictures/videos, I wear three bras and my tits look huge also this pic is prob shopped

No. 199492

File: 1446588048223.png (932.88 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

Her boyfriend is ugly as fuck

No. 199493

Is his username "loliguardian"? Really?

No. 199494

Before the titjob dumbass.

No. 199496

standard for being a basic bleach blonde porn slut? Okay

No. 199509

File: 1446590011771.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1343, Screenshot_2015-11-03-17-30-46…)

No. 199524

she can't decide whether she wants to be an edgelord whore or a kawaii animu loli

No. 199531

File: 1446592086396.png (180.81 KB, 540x922, 2015-11-03 18.04.50.png)

Her mother must be so proud that she shows off her body

No. 199557

I am attracted.

She should replace the kawaii Asian wannabe thing with this.

No. 199565

her pictures get blurrier and blurrier with each post lmfao

No. 199725

That lingerie looks so cheap

No. 199874

File: 1446651641483.jpg (784.44 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20151104_103814.jpg)

If it's true and her cat is sick,I hope it gets better. But if this is a way of her getting money,disgusting. How does she have all this money to buy/make cosplays but doesn't have money to take care if her pet.

No. 199878

What if it's not even true and she's just trying to get more money from her neckbeard funz.

No. 199880

Pretty sure a kid like that doesn't have savings and splurges all her money once it's in her hands.

No. 199884

why…does she use…so many…ellipses…

No. 199885

File: 1446652513497.png (79.85 KB, 540x534, Screenshot_2015-11-04-10-53-14…)

Called out!
Post will probably get deleted

No. 199909

I've noticed only people with severe issues or extremely dumb people excessively use ellipses. A lot of people type like that including people on here for whatever reason.

No. 199947

she deleted the whole post

No. 199954

File: 1446665052334.jpg (733.62 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20151104_142052.jpg)

Wow,everything happens to her,boohoo.
"Doing all I can by giving her water and petting her"
You idiot, you don't give a puking animal water,that makes it worse, and oh yes petting her is definitely going to make her better -_-
This post really does seem like a way to get money from her fans through fake tears

No. 199961

Don't get a pet if you cannot afford it!! This pisses me off so much. Animals are not accessories. They get old and sick and die, so you have to have money for medicine, not just food and water. People like this should be banned from ever adopting a pet. That poor thing.

No. 199962

My thoughts exactly!
I commented that on her insta but it was deleted by her

No. 199964

You wanna know what's worse? She didn't even adopt it. The cat was a gift from her boyfriend. I literally cannot fathom why he'd think a LIVING CAT would be a good surprise gift because like you said, it's a living thing that needs to be taken care of.

Skyleigh has never demonstrated the ability to be responsible so I doubt that cat is anything more than an accessory or toy to her.

No. 199974

couldn't she maybe sell one of her pretty cosplays to her thirsty fans to get the cat some medical attention? I'm seriously worried it will die because she is the owner

No. 199982

I hate that people have to be told not to giving living beings as gifts to others. It's common fucking sense not to buy a person a cat or dog or other pet as a gift since that's a huge responsibility. It's like someone leaving an infant on your doorstep with a small note and that's it.

Ugh.. done with these idiots right now.

No. 200008

If the cat is even sick. Why would she delete her first post and replace it with a newer more sad post including her blood puking friend.

No. 200072

She is probably just trying to milk some more sympathy and avoid her pet. She thinks the guilt from her blood puking friend will cancel out her not taking her cat to a vet

No. 200074

File: 1446683475613.jpg (878.91 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20151104_192346.jpg)

Her cat must not have been that sick,she is posting S4S

No. 200075

She is going to wait until Friday To take her SICK cat to the vet,are you freaking kidding me!

No. 200118

years ago when my cat was badly sick we would drive an hour to go to the cheapest vet so we could afford it. she's full of shit. if her cat was as sick as she said she could've easily had the money to take her to the vet, now waiting 2 days to take her? what a terrible liar. when your pets are your top priority you will do anything to make them feel better. she's saying this shit for attention and/or a reason to start a gofundme nothing more.

No. 200166

File: 1446700577504.jpeg (107.62 KB, 750x1206, image.jpeg)

>oh I'll take her to the vet a couple days later

No. 200180


Holy shit
Why would you even wait long enough to take a fucking photo for ig? That sounds really fucking serious

No. 200181

She's spending all this time posting about her extremely ill cat when she could be finding vets that will help her out with payments. I hate this girl

No. 200185

It is really serious. It could spread through that cats body really quickly and kill it. The cat is really young too which makes it a lot worse

No. 200192


Looks like roundworms. That poor baby must be full of them if she's puking them up. Waiting 3-4 days is pushing it for a kitten. I would expect someone to get their cat to the vet the next day, at the latest.

There has to be some way they can get credit or arrange a payment plan. I've had to do this often. Most places will try their best to accommodate you.

No. 200193

What the fuck is wrong with this bitch.

No. 200204


Y'ALL CALLED IT! Here's the link to donate to our poor Skyleigh QoQ
>thinking she only needs 150 for a trip to the vet

No. 200211

File: 1446705075808.jpeg (224.25 KB, 750x1152, image.jpeg)

Dat bitch is basically telling her to kill her cat omg
>vet for 4 years in high school
>Sure Jan

No. 200213

File: 1446705175116.jpg (771.31 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20151105_012830.jpg)

I knew it,I freaking knew it!
This girl is scum, doesn't care for her car at all. If that kitten was on worm mess like she claimed,it wouldn't be throwing up worms like this,those are some long as worms so they have been in it's belly for a long time. The kitten should be taken away from her and her never be aloud to have any pets ever.

No. 200215

The vet bill is going to a lot more than $150 but I really hope she actually uses the money towards the vet and doesnt have a magical new cosplay outfit soon

No. 200216

Someone already sent the whole amount

No. 200220

She will probably claim the vet ended up not costing that much after all,and spend it on herself

No. 200222


I don't know where you are, but there are clinics here that will do an exam, stool test, and meds for about 150. Some charge double or triple that but I don't go to those places. Prices vary wildly based on location.

But yes, I REALLY hope she will actually take the fucking cat to the vet. As soon as possible. Now she has no excuse to wait.

No. 200238

It honestly looks like an unfocused photo of plain spaghetti to me. If the kitten really does have worms, I hope it will be okay.

No. 200243

That's what I thought too, especially the way it's all curled up like it was purposely placed like that

No. 200245

I recently had to take my cat to the vet and it was 100$ just for the exam. He needed an x-rays and I ended up leaving with a 450$ bill. Her cat WILL need a physical exam and an xray, along with a lot of other things :/

No. 200247


In relation to the grain/pattern on the toilet paper and the size of the finger, that would have to be some miniature ass spaghetti. Those are coiled up round worms.

No. 200248

File: 1446709303666.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.43 KB, 320x320, worms.jpg)

Actual worms do look a lot like spaghetti (photo of worms)

No. 200249

File: 1446709546411.png (469.81 KB, 816x601, apk.PNG)

lmao wow
she wouldn't even say the person's name

No. 200250

they wanted to remain anonymous

No. 200257

Honestly idk where you all must live but where I live I never pay more than $40 for just an appointment, plus however much for any meds my cats/ dogs might need…. but maybe it's just cheaper where I live?

I mean fuck I've had $500 vet bills before, but that was only in emergency situations/ I had to buy a bunch of meds.

Now the emergency room at the emergency animal hospital is about $85 just to walk in the door, but idk how Anons are paying $100 just for a regular vet appointment. So if her very is anything like mine, then depending on meds and stuff, $150 is plenty to start with imo.

No. 200269


Cost varies a lot. Some clinics/hospitals target more wealthy customers and have bigger, more luxurious facilities/technology and therefore charge more. Some areas have many vets to choose from while some only have one or two.

As for her kitten, I've never had a vet order an x-ray just for roundworms. If Ahri brought the actual worms in to show the vet, it'd be a pretty straightforward diagnosis. If not, they'll do a stool sample test. Roundworms are common in kittens and the treatment is usually simple and cheap.

No. 200308

the longer she waits to take her kitten in, the more damage the worms are going to do to the poor thing. :c
my cat (2 months old at the time) had worms and I didn't realize until about a week after I got him, when his health very suddenly took a dive. the worms really fuck up their host's intestines. after all was said and done at the vet, I had dropped over 1k on my cat. he also had digestive problems for about a year after the worms cleared out. worms are serious shit.

No. 200343

File: 1446734200255.jpeg (137.32 KB, 750x1074, image.jpeg)

Aaand… back to self promos and being an attention whore. I doubt the donor really suggested she promote her FB page.

No. 200398

I used to find her "nice" and "cute" at the beginning.
Then, I thought she was just a weeb like many others.
Now I think she's plain disgusting. It's not about being a cringeworthy koreaboo weeb, it's about being a selfish brat who wouldn't sell a shitty cosplay of hers to save her kitten's life. Doesn't look worried at all, just keeps spamming her shitty fb page, a shitty contest, her shitty cosplays, her shitty shooped face, her shitty jailbait kitty waifu shit and her shitty QnQ emoticons.
You really are shit, Skyleigh.

No. 200409

File: 1446747714152.png (295.57 KB, 1080x1240, Screenshot_2015-11-05-13-19-13…)

nope, now it's "thornofhearts"

No. 200412

File: 1446747973579.png (341.52 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-11-05-13-23-47…)

Here's the guy that dropped $150 on the attention whore

No. 200417

Seriously doubt he suggested she promote her FB page,she's just doing it for more likes,attention and neckbeards. She is only instagram famous, which isn't enough for her dream of becoming "cosplay famous "

No. 200427

wtf? shouldn't the kitten have already gotten some sort of medication to protect against worms? it makes me so sad that the kitten is suffering. if she has the money now she should be going asap, not in 2 days.

i hope i dont sound too weird i just have a soft spot for baby animals, and i hope she's taking good care of her pet and not just using it as an accessory.

No. 200452

when I got my kitten, the shelter insisted they gave him medication to prevent all kinds of worms but he was still full of them. :/ medication doesn't always work unfortunately.

No. 200489

Men are pathetic. Wow.

No. 200492

Has she taken the cat to get help yet? Or is she still posting sad emojis on her accounts?

No. 200506

No update a bother kitten,just her promoting herself

No. 200528

She deleted every single post about the cat and donating to her. It's been replaced with another reminder that her SFS is ending. She took the money and ran lmao.

No. 200532

File: 1446760140394.jpg (13.71 KB, 283x94, screensnip.JPG)

No. 200534

comments on the only post left about her cat

No. 200558

I can totally feel the "Ey b0ss can I hab da pussi pls" in him

No. 200571

File: 1446766070623.jpg (61.06 KB, 736x667, HAAAAaaa.jpg)

No. 200615

File: 1446771524190.jpg (10.6 KB, 280x210, u4e423e27d9bc0f31000022a2215c.…)

This bitch reminds me of Nekonyapii (now Lisa Ring. But she still shoops herself azn and shit on her FB page)
who was jelly of Kota and got butthurt when told Kota was a bit prettier than her and she would bitch about it and say "how shocking" when the Dakota sh00p drama came when she shoops her face to hell herself.
She also
>acted like a total snob and a bitch to anyone who dared post a candid of her
>traced art and claimed it as her own
>Posted on weibo and shit constantly saying she was a doll or something
>eventually got a small chinese news thingy to talk about her for less than a minute
>was trying real hard to be ulzzang and use comical amount of xiuxiu meitu to alternate her pics
But she is pretty boring overall i guess. She is just trying to stay relevant by being a kawaii korean.

No. 200617

File: 1446771577447.jpg (47.51 KB, 800x450, 531442_458992224125049_1544501…)

without her circle lenses teehee

No. 200620

File: 1446771780116.jpg (62.77 KB, 375x500, 42458024003061941485816.thumb.…)

And then real life came back to bite her in the ass
She also was a Kota wannabe for a short moment. Nothing surprising.

No. 200624

Apparently now she made a video about surgery and had her ears done
and she "admits" to wearing eyelid tape.
Why the fuck are these girls so obsessed with being asian i am half japanese and i seriously don't understand.
In Japan some people are obsessed with being white or are obsessed with white people too but…

No. 200642

File: 1446773336946.png (290.07 KB, 699x414, rDQgC8Z.png)

In her recent unedited stuff she seems to have a rounder face and tinier nose..?
but seriously who does she think she fooling? girl looks fuck all like an actual asian much less korean or ulzzang for that matter

No. 200655

She actually looks somewhat dolly and nice but the personality ruins it.

No. 200671

Does skyleigh still stream? I remember watching 3 minutes of her (second or third) stream. Was nothing but her feeding the other team (i think that's what it's called?), and her guy friends talking. The 3 people in chat were telling her to turn the webcam on, but she said she would only turn on the webcam if she got $50 donation.

she is disgusting, she must not care for her cat that much if she doesn't want to cough up the money to help the kitten. she really needs a job. what does she even do with her free time?

No. 200694

Qctually its possible. I just got a kitten <2 months old or so and he had his shots but still got sick. They found worms anyway ;-;

No. 200867

her last stream the quality was so bad. I asked her about it and apparently she was streaming with the Internet from her phone? I don't know how that makes sense but I did post screen shots a while back. She went 1/7 (1 kill, 7 deaths if some of you don't game) and barely talked. I think she got a donation and talked in a high pitched voice. I hope she streams again though because I'm ready to record it this time.

No. 200885

File: 1446825556821.png (350.55 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-11-06-10-57-40…)

Newest photo of her cheap harness dress.

No. 200888

No update on her cat. People are asking, but no response

No. 200893

The shoop is strong in this photo..so badly done it hurts.
And her hand looks like a claw.

No. 200906

More pathetic bitches wanting to look like plastic Koreans.
At least she looks more convincing than Skyleigh in some photos.

They're obsessed because of anime, J-fashion and/or Kpop idols.
It also seems to be some kind of trend now like emo and scene culture in the past and people jumping on the current bandwagon.

No. 200946

i swear these girls are like these gangnam unnie but even worse

No. 200998

What is up with this fucking harness trend? It seems to be a tumblr gothgirl "i'm so edgy" thing.

No. 201124

Still no update on her cat,just her stupid s4s

No. 201149

File: 1446865280027.png (173.26 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-11-06-21-58-14…)

She still hasn't taken the cat to the vet!!

No. 201159

are you fucking serious?! that cat is puking up worms, is that not an "emergency" to these people? did she not even think to take it to an emergency vet hospital? "i'm giving it nutrients and doing my vewwy best~ QwQ" someone needs to take that cat away from her.

No. 201166

When the cat dies, she'll be able to milk it for attention while saving money.

No. 201169

File: 1446869420425.jpeg (168.77 KB, 750x1289, image.jpeg)

Other people are asking too. She literally has no excuse to not take the cat to the vet since she has the money in her hand already. The only excuse she has would be "oh I'm soooo busy!!!!! QnQ" except she's apparently a NEET so that's no excuse either.

No. 201175

If I were the guy that donated the money I'd be asking why she hasn't taken it,and also proof that she did.

No. 201177

Obviously she doesn't care about the cat. She could have gone early in the morning, seriously doubt the vet had an all day emergency.
There are other vets

No. 201178

She is more concerned about her stupid shout out stuff

No. 201181

Her cat should be taken away from her, the poor kitten doesn't deserve this kind of life.

No. 201205

I was literally both late for work and left in the middle of work to take my cat to the vet and pick him up because he is my responsibility and not my parents'…
(yes, I live at home, sorry lolcow. I'm still in college.)
…and this was the immediate morning after he was yowling through the night, peeing blood, and throwing up. She has no excuse, especially since she has the money to take her kitten from some dumbass who probably just want to get laid.
(Good news, if anyone was curious, is that I have an understanding boss and my cat is fine. The vet believed he had eaten something he shouldn't have on one of his outside adventures and it wasn't any sort of kidney/gallstone problem. And yes, I was responsible and paid for his visit myself. It was ~$300 or so, if I remember correctly. Maybe the lower end of $400. Because once again: my cat=my responsibility.)

No. 201207

>201205 glad to hear your cat is healthy agin.
But yeah no excuse whatsoever!
I left in the middle if my shift to care for my colicing horse. She doesn't have a job or go to school so nothing is stopping her from taking her pet to the vet.

No. 201209

File: 1446877903280.png (178.76 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-11-07-01-30-03…)

"I'm trying everything I'm capable of"

No. 201223

She is unbelievable. Someone go take the cat away from her. She's so lazy about it. Is she too focused on trying to be asian to go to an emergency vet?

No. 201262

>201209 That comment/post is gone

No. 201265

Someone please punch her in the face already. I just hope her fans will open their eyes to the "kitty waifu" now

No. 201267

Let's see if she takes it to the vet today

No. 201291

File: 1446914263805.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 201444

I bet you she bought a new cat

No. 201457

One of her fans commented on this like "you're taking such good care of her! you're such a wonderful cat mama!!" and i got so mad I had to close IG.

No. 201460

>It wasn't that bad.

I bet the vet chewed her out.

No. 201466

I saw it too. Her followers are just as delusional as her

No. 201477

she is wearing the fucking wig

No. 201505

who cares? it's legal and it's only a kiss lol
i hate ahripop but 16 years old can consent you know

No. 201512

You sound like you're 16.

No. 201529

File: 1446961134711.png (389.1 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-11-08-00-36-25…)

Oh look a new cosplay,wonder where that donated $150 for vet bill money went.

No. 201535

File: 1446962009091.gif (210.2 KB, 280x199, jon.gif)

She couldn't have waited even like a week for this? Zero subtlety.

No. 201727

Too be fair if she did wait longer it would be suspicious because costumes take a while to arrive after they are ordered.

No. 201729

File: 1447023050953.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1173, Screenshot_2015-11-08-17-48-47…)

Here's the new cosplay.

No. 201739

She looks dead on the inside

No. 201753

She doesn't have a job,where the hell is she getting money for these cosplays?!?

No. 201755

Seriously doubt she made that too,her skills aren't that good.

No. 201768

allowances from mommy and daddy of course

No. 201770

See >>198686

I think she does have a job? Because she mentioned something about her boyfriend picking her up from her job at 1 am a while back.

No. 201776


can we ask her to do a youtube video or a 15 second insta video? i want to see what she looks like with minimal shoop. i mean she's probably changed since those old con picks but your jaw bone doesnt change within a year. i mean i think the cosplay is kind of cute in itself, but she is majorly shooping herself.

also, does she do prints anymore? prints have to be hd quality so unless she got a professional shooper i dont think she could pull it off

No. 201778

once i click on the pic and zoom in, one of her eyes is much smaller in height than the other. did she shoop her arms too? they seem very thin

No. 201780

this is so accurate though

No. 201787

Yes, she sells her prints in her store.

No. 201793

File: 1447033937020.png (1.33 MB, 1080x1337, Screenshot_2015-11-08-20-49-04…)

>My messy mirror QQ ?

it's called "windex" hun

No. 201903

kek she's flat as fuck in these pics. what happened to her tits from >>198625 >>198586 >>192988 ?
her consistency is laughable

No. 201917

File: 1447080102322.png (834.01 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

The only video that she had up recently was the one with her boyfriend. The lighting is shit and you can't really see her face.

No. 201961

The photoshop is terrifying. It's hard to see her nose. Even parts of the wig in >>201793 looks photoshopped in.

Damn, where did the boobs go? She must be using one hell of a pushup bra and lots of socks if her boobs can go from completely flat to >>198625

No. 202078

File: 1447111791207.jpeg (164.76 KB, 750x1188, image.jpeg)

>I'm really glad you guys bought me my Krul cosplay. It means so much to me. Q///Q

No. 202079

File: 1447112016732.jpeg (354.86 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

Oh yeah here's this too. If you want to compare her face.

No. 202104

lololol she wants to be asian soooo badly

No. 202498

File: 1447193849750.png (732.06 KB, 1080x1278, Screenshot_2015-11-10-17-15-32…)

here they are, anon! her magic boobs have returned!

No. 202525

do yourselves a favor and don't zoom in, it's terrifying

No. 202530

Can someone do a comparison of all her faces like the ones in the Berry thread?

No. 202543

Her facial expressions are pretty much the same,lifeless fish face,

No. 202546

File: 1447200813974.jpeg (507.33 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

Credit: a PULLtard

No. 202557

A girl of many faces

No. 202585

What is u with that horrible giraffe neck?

No. 202677

Sorta OT but why does everyone call her Ahri or Momo instead of Skyleigh? We know that Skyleigh Quick is her real name but everyone still calls her Momo or Ahri?

No. 202678

Forgot to add but even her "fans" know since her wishlist said to address all the packages to Skyleigh Quick.

No. 202684

File: 1447227400893.jpg (782.36 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20151111_023439.jpg)

The kind of guys that follow and drool over her

No. 202686

File: 1447228218552.png (612.3 KB, 839x600, apwtf.PNG)


No. 202687

Uuughgghhhh pedo detected

No. 202689

oh my god that fucking jaw. Look at the ear. Trace your finger across the jaw to the ear. It doesn't connect. I um. Um…please.

No. 202705


Nope. He's not a pedo if she's 18. Don't wave that gun around aiming it at everybody anon.

No. 202707

Keep telling yourself that, pedo

No. 202756

He may not be a pedo,but it's creepy for such an older guy to say that to a recently turned 18yr old.
It wouldn't be take so nicely /non-pedo if he said it to her in person.

No. 202762

Hahaha you're deluded. Ok sure sure, keep telling yourself that. i don't give a fuck if she actually is 18, she's pushing that uwu kawaii baby doll bullshit. She looks/acts/and is interested in the same shit a kid is and if you're attracted to that kind of shit sounds to me like you're a pedo.

I'd also like to see where it says she's 18, I have never seen her age reported, but I remember earlier in this thread
It says that she's not even 18 yet. That was 8mo ago so could've turned.
Also, >>60348 so eat a dick pedo.

No. 202794

File: 1447258620697.jpg (436.84 KB, 960x960, 2015-11-11 11.13.30.jpg)

No. 202914

Looks like she edited her cleavage out in this pic >>202078
it's blurry/bleeding out

No. 202951

I used to really like the guy who runs gnssclothing but now he's kissing Skyleigh's ass so hard that it's gross. It's funny cuz he's Asian so she probably wants to suck his dick.

No. 202980

She will do anything for photo shoots. Don't even want to know what she did with David Fernandez -Crimson Soul photography

No. 202996

File: 1447282031577.jpg (80.95 KB, 269x509, lifeu.jpg)

yeah probably. the character is loli and has a flat chest so i guess it would be fitting.

No. 203023

File: 1447290837305.png (133.71 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-11-11-20-12-28…)

Attention /like whore.
She actually has to ask for likes,how desperate

No. 203067

i think i found where she bought her cosplay from. i could be wrong but the wig and cosplay dress are both on the same site so it seemed convenient.

im thinking of buying it.. they look good quality. should i go for it?

wig: https://onlinecosplays.com/wigs/186-kururu-krul-tepes-from-owari-no-seraphseraph-of-the-end-anime-cosplay-wig.html
costume: https://onlinecosplays.com/costumes/185-kururu-from-owari-no-seraphseraph-of-the-end-anime-cosplay-costume.html

No. 203071

File: 1447300273002.png (158.34 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-11-11-22-49-36…)


No. 203091

Way to stroke your own ego. "Look, someone hit on me!!!!!! I'm attractive to some weeb!!!!!!!!! Senpai notice me!!!!!!!!!"

No. 203182

Her wig is a more matte pastel pink, it looks like, even if its edited. Collar of her dress is different and the sleeve cuffs are more detailed, plus I think the buttons are smaller on hers + the bows are a little different.

No. 203227


ah i see. maybe she got it from taobao or something. im going to look there first to see if there i sa cheaper alternative than onlinecosplays.com

No. 203486

File: 1447384867858.png (188.34 KB, 540x960, 2015-11-12 22.20.16.png)

That creepy dude again

No. 203509

Not important but I wonder if this type of guy is some weeb obsessed with her because she's feeding the delusion or if he actually thinks he's flirting with an asian girl.

No. 203521

Probably a guy with a child-look-alike fetish.
I mean what kind of guy his age says to an 18yr old they have a sexy body and that "seeing your beauty makes me smile and have a better day"

No. 203765


she's streaming right now.. it froze though

No. 203766

File: 1447481626824.png (24.17 KB, 320x408, wtf.png)

she's talking like a "randumz 12 year old XDD turtlez!! not like other girlz!!"

plus her chat is full of weebs roleplaying.. i think this could make it into a cringe comp

No. 203768

File: 1447482284591.png (964.67 KB, 1345x688, c9d0849ad84fd93c8a33bc3149348c…)

"im a bit scared to livestream my digital art"

yeah because you probably actually can't draw and you might be tracing.

also, "get wrecked with ahri" more like "ahri gets wrecked". i know that was bad but i had to say it. im done watching this weeb, it was too painful for me to watch her gameplay. she walked around for a few seconds, died, then had the game freeze until she was alive again.

No. 203770

The way she talks reminds me of that other chick on lolcow where she fake talks like a child but also she "nyas" ???

No. 203771

she just keeps saying "nya" over an over. she hasnt touched a game in over 15 minutes, just talking about art with her weebs. fuck i wish i just recorded that. she has said "nya" for the 25th time in a row. she's making a song with it or something. i want to slap some sense into her

No. 203772

lmao she's trying so hard to get people's attention because people on the chat are talking about something not involving her

No. 204228

File: 1447614635158.png (435.6 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-11-15-14-07-02…)

Wannabe Asian face,with added weeb ears

No. 204238

File: 1447615288616.png (432.91 KB, 399x476, 058348934.png)

Give it up, Skyleigh.

You'll never look like one of your precious Korean ulzzang girls.

No. 204250

She looks like Sheena Oum

No. 204460

File: 1447641523953.png (249.1 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-11-15-21-37-06…)

"From a super close friend"
"Started crying like a baby "
She sure cries a lot

No. 204467

Are you from PULL or do you not have a life? This isn't lolcow worthy.

No. 204621

She's kawaii as fuck. I wish I looked like her.

No. 204916

I'm not. She's 16, not 13. You need to stop infantilizing 16 years olds. Her kissing someone is too vulgar for you? what are you, a prude? and i dont even like this ugly bitch but being offended by that picture is stupid

No. 204917

a pedophile is someone who is attracted to little girls who havent gone to puberty aka 4-12 years olds so he's not a pedophile.
it's pretty normal to be sexually attracted to 16-17 years olds lol when arin winters (something like that) was 16 she was considered hot

No. 204929

File: 1447752949390.png (350.16 KB, 1037x790, Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 1.34…)

screencap from PULL

No. 204943

creeps me out when someone wants to pull the dictionary definition of pedo.

No. 204951

What about looking up the word 'Ephebophillia"?
Ephebophilia is the primary or exclusive adult sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19.

No. 204952

I had no opinion of this girl before, but now I hate her. Using people's love of animals against them for your filthy greed is just the worst. Hope said cat coughs a hairball up all over that cosplay.

No. 204958

It's not normal to be attracted to a 16 year old unless your 16 yourself, creeper. Stop trying to justify being a pedo.

No. 204959

you're* meant up there

No. 204988

There's nothing more pathetic and sad than when a Mr. Roboto tries to justify pedophilia.

'but muhh ebepehule'

No. 205031

Besides it being retarded as fuck to try and get into semantics when it comes to sick fucks, you have to look at the context of the situation and why that bald pedo is even being called out:
It's not like the dude called her cute, he made comments about her body that were implicit and not explicitly saying what a boner it gives him because she'd probably block his creep ass. So stfu and stop trying to normalize that behavior.

No. 205036

>because you probably actually can't draw and you might be tracing.
I may have found a piece she traced off of but I can't find the drawing that she did. there was one of a jumping bunny girl in a short dress. if anyone has that pic, please post it because I'm like 99% sure i found the source.

No. 205058

Not trying to defend her because I believe that everyone should save money in case of emergencies instead of surviving on handouts, but she received the costume literally the next day so I doubt it was the money donated to the cat. Also she mentioned that someone else bought her the costume and in the past mentioned similar things about other costumes(but she never mentions the name of the person buying her stuff), so I think she definitely interacting witch some of her "fans" outside of ig.

No. 205068

Just checked the site linked in the PULL post and it says that shipping takes 3-5 days. Assuming she bought a premade size and got it shipped with EMS, it's totally possible for her to have the costume within 3 days. Also which post does she mention someone buying the cosplay for her in? Was it a comment or am I dumb? We know her cheerleader kotori cosplay was bought for her for Christmas.

No. 205119

Oh god..

No. 205121

This bitch looks more like a white Ariana Grande than whatever she was going for.
You're still a creepy pedo.

No. 205292

File: 1447853767503.png (328.43 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-11-18-08-35-09…)

What is going on with her leg,or foot in this pic?

No. 205306

File: 1447857267674.png (490.62 KB, 479x598, QwQ.png)

"My amazing package came in from @spreepicky !! ⭐️ Use my discount code "AhriPop" if you're gonna order from them for 10% off!! ⭐️ Shipping was super fast and pleasant as always! I could not be HAPPIER with this outfit nya! ♡(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♡"

No. 205307

File: 1447857551775.jpeg (23.01 KB, 750x135, image.jpeg)

Pedo strikes again

No. 205309

Her magical boobs are back thanks to her super bras

No. 205311

Her thighs are huge in comparison to her body. Also how does she have so much lingerie? Where are her parents?

No. 205313

Nah… Her whole body is huge. Her thighs just look bigger here because she's really flabby and the fat is getting pushed out from the way she's posing.

No. 205316

File: 1447862083508.jpg (142.96 KB, 1000x1333, CMp1-BIUwAA5DtQ.jpg)


Swimsuitsuccubus did it better.

No. 205317

He father isn't really in the picture(divorced daddy issues ), and her mother encourages it. The whole "be proud of your body,share it and show it to the world"

No. 205320

This girl actually used skyleigh as an inspiration? An inspiration for what,how to poorly shop your face,show off your body in lingerie? Oh,I know! How to pretend to be several different races of Asian!

No. 205321

isn't spreepicky an overpriced taobao reseller? lmao

No. 205322

Only on lolcow would she considered fat. Jfc ana-chans

No. 205324

So creepy.

No. 205325


Go back to purging BoneLord.

No. 205340

She deleted it lmao. Probably got caught lying.

Yes. They get all their money from milking dumb weebs like Skyleigh.

No. 205342

Aww, are you triggered?

No. 205345


You ana-chans trigger my stupidity meter everytime I come to this damn board bit I just remind myself that you're all covered in lanugo, stomach ulcers and are gonna develop osteoporosis and it makes me feel much better.

No. 205350

You sound fat like those fatty-chains that think anyone under 150 lbs is going to die from being too underweight.

No. 205353


Amusing because I'm actually an ex-anorexic who today makes a point to actively dissuade people away from retarded starvation tactics that morons like you try to promote and instead towards a heailthier, activity-based lifestyle.

Point stands that if you consider >>205306 fat your brains probably shrivelled from malnutrition.

No. 205357

File: 1447873508997.jpg (119.13 KB, 719x669, i-beat-anorexia-mens-t-shirt-1…)

Is this you?

No. 205363


Yes I'm definitely a planetary sized American man in his 40's great comeback Grand Apothecary Putress.

No. 205364

You're trying so hard.

No. 205367

You guys are so cringey. Stop derailing the fucking thread.

No. 205370

Better than totally unoriginal responses…

No. 205375

File: 1447877167014.jpeg (441.38 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

Doing this for my own self-acceptance nya~ QoQ

No. 205382

so awkward that she has a boyfriend and posts photos like this to everyone. what a whore

No. 205383

that's what i was thinking. gross

No. 205388

Why is Skyleigh such a slut? why is she so desperate for validation from neckbeards and losers alike? this is something I don't think I can ever understand.

No. 205393

File: 1447882252160.jpg (244.65 KB, 500x888, 1447853767503_meitu_1.jpg)

behold my righteous paint skills!
but really this is what I think is supposedly going on, it's just that the warping/editing made her foot look deformed. (probably in trying to make herself look less wide?)

No. 205423

>no updates on cat

No. 205424

some people are just really desperate for attention and popularity
it's a shame really

No. 205440

lol her foot looks like a stub with toes wtf.
and that sweater makes her look like a marshmallow
this annoys me more than anything though. "wahh gib money pls my cat is TOTALLY 100% sick and this money will definitely NOT go towards this cosplay i'm gonna post pics of in 3 days QuQ" never hear another word about cat

No. 205456

File: 1447894630318.jpg (22.25 KB, 240x312, sweatyman.jpg)

No. 205466

This thread will be moved to /snow/ in 3 days (on November 21) unless a sufficiently strong argument for why it belongs in /pt/ can be made. If there is significant disagreement, the thread will remain in /pt/ until it is discussed at the next townhall chat.

If you think it should stay here, please join https://chat.lolcow.farm/r/meta and explain why. You can also reply to this post with an aggregated summary of why you think it should stay, preferably with links and/or images. Thanks.

No. 205493

File: 1447902211512.jpg (761.88 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20151118_220108.jpg)

This guy again….we get it,you drool over her

No. 205508

Yay, I was wondering why this trash wasn't already there.
I want pedo cuck to come back in here and explain that. Faggot.

No. 205511

Pedophilia isnt the same you dumbass

No. 205512

Yes, i am a pedo even if im young and i dont find prepubescent children sexy. Youre stupid.

No. 205513

ITT old women that are prudes get mad at a teen girl because she shows off her body, as if it never happens irl.
Oh noes, a 16-17 years old who isnt a child showed off her tits!!! CHILD PORNOGRAPHY!
I dont like this bitch because shes a koreaboo and she abuses eyeliner but this is pathetic. Im pretty sure if you look like an adult and have big tits then its okay for men to find you hot? And im a girl so inb4 ur a robot!!!!!

No. 205517

>even if im 16
>thinking women cant be considered hot if theyre 16
Lol sure thing grandma

No. 205533

File: 1447915692967.png (433.83 KB, 847x600, Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.3…)

She's streaming tomorrow if anyone wants to tune in. As much as I hate her and want to hate watch, her streams are so dry and boring that I don't even want to watch it.

No. 205536

No. 205537

Lol why the fuck are you sperging so hard? Comment hit too close to home?
Literally no one cried child porn.

No. 205549

underage b&

No. 205582

momo isn't exactly "huge" though
maybe i read too much on teresa and the tumblr fat acceptance meme but she seems healthy in comparison (those bitches are huuge)
idk, call me fat if you want (i'm 100 pounds actually) but that doesn't change that huge is a bit over the top
i'd say she is a bit pudgy but that's it

No. 205584

I wouldn't say "huge" but she's def chubby

No. 205589

Stupid question, but how does she take pictures of herself? She's posed like it's not a selfie and her arm always awkwardly sticks off to the side as if pressing a button?

No. 205591

She could be using a selfie stick. I have one and it extends to a surprising length.

No. 205613

File: 1447952305220.jpg (161.88 KB, 1531x1570, image.jpg)

So is this a shop fail or did she tie the strings so tight that her fat is sticking out?

No. 205617

Tight strings. It doesn't make her ass look bigger or anything. It just makes her look fat.

No. 205620


People dont actually consider her to be fat do they? She looks on the average slim side to me.

No. 205627


Only the crazed anas.

No. 205632

She's just skinnyfat

No. 205641

Anon, everyone here except Ashley and Yuka is fat. But yeah she is on the slim side of average or "skinnyfat" as they like to throw around. Definitely. But seriously i'm skinny but every fucking body has that if you tie something too tight. Some girls on this board are delusional and need help, next time they will call girls fat for having a stomach roll when sitting ,i'm calling it. I swear to Mana sama.

No. 205672

Seriously, bitches on here think they're lean, mean, Ana machines.
I'm sure you proana-chans are fucking soft, chubby bitches with no muscle tone.
Go to the gym and workout you lazy fatties.

No. 205676

File: 1447958699316.jpeg (130.61 KB, 739x866, image.jpeg)

>>And im a girl so inb4 ur a robot!!!!!<<
Hi pedo

No. 205678

File: 1447958873522.jpg (18.11 KB, 500x332, gotis.jpg)

No. 205681

File: 1447959184191.jpg (19.03 KB, 450x338, tara-reid-st-tropez-bikini-but…)


My sentiments exactly.
The anas on here probably look like this kek

No. 205803

I don't mean fat like tumblr "IT'S GENETICS!!!" fatties. I mean that she has an obvious muffin top as if she was busting out of the strings.

No. 205847

File: 1447981963717.png (1.24 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

She's streaming league right now. It's not an art stream like the title says.

No. 205852

>next time they will call girls fat for having a stomach roll when sitting

are you implying this is normal? lol

No. 205860

Stop derailing this thread and take your fattie fight to /b/

No. 205865

sounds like someone's triggered

No. 205890

Hooooly fuck you're annoying. I'm not triggered by this shit.
It's just annoying that it's clogging up this thread and it has literally nothing to do with Skyleigh.

No. 205893

anon didnt even justified pedophilia.
he just said it was different. you're stupid

No. 205897

File: 1447990954070.jpg (165.93 KB, 640x959, Ariel-Winter-ZAC-Zac-Posen-whi…)

>implying it's not normal to be attracted to this just because she's 16
you don't know how men's attraction work lol

No. 205899

nice samefagging. y'all are "salty" as fuck because you're old and can't be considered sexy anymore.
Erokawaii is very popular in Japan.
Babyface with a curvy body is hot in Japan. get over it and move on

No. 205900

don't try to argue with them.
they hate erokawaii and think it's "wrong" and think their opinions are facts.
just move on man, it's off-topic anyway.
How was her stream tho?
Was there a lot of people? i doubt tons of people would watch her stream

No. 205911

like 15 people. regular trash no body stream

No. 205920

File: 1447992440122.png (14.88 KB, 338x83, Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.03…)

Please stop derailing

15 is a lot of viewers for her. Usually her stream gathers like 12-13 people including her irl friends like krispii, whoever she's playing with, and her boyfriend.

>my future career as a cosplayer/artist

Hon, you ain't JNig or Yaya. You have no future career as a cosplayer/artist. Even JNig and Yaya's tit-tastic cosplay careers won't last 5-10 years down the road. And you don't even make your own cosplays/have a cosplay slave to make your cosplays for you.

No. 205924

huh? I have watched her several times and is usually in the 14/15-20 viewer range. I was just saying it was the 'regular' amount for a bad stream/nobody streamer (who is a girl ofc)

No. 205930

Her voice on stream is so beyond fake. I've heard her in person, fake fake fake

No. 205951

File: 1447995345557.png (1.07 MB, 1136x640, image.png)

couldn't get onto my computer but here's a pic. Low quality, she's barely talking and there's about 13-15 views at most time. I'm a streamer nobody but get at least 20-40 views when I stream tera. I'll probably start gaining views when I use a cam but anyways!

She could vastly improve, she could be way more interactive, use a cam since that's all her viewers want to see. She could make the quality not one of a fucking potato and she could actually get good at games. We all learn at our our pace but all she would do is hit an enemy once, run and have her friends kill it. She sucks horribly at league too I posted a screenshot a while ago where she died seven times. I don't even know why she tries. No one on twitch is giving her attention, only her fans from insta. I watched about 3 minutes and left since she wasn't talking. All her viewers do is kiss ass. Her stream is even more boring than the league one.

No. 205956

All she says is : "nya nya nya nya,oh shit oh shit,nonono,dis hoe,get me guys,nya nya nya,screams"

No. 205962

She also thinks everything is rape and if someone attacks her she's like "oh noes they're raping meeeee Dx QoQ"

No. 205964

>205930 how does she even think that fake pitchy squeaky voice is cute,or her followers??

>205962 wooow,she is special

No. 206026

I think she was trying to push bait innuendo.

No. 206060

>I'm a streamer

kill yourself

No. 206087

>getting this asshurt over what other people do for fun

Btw anyone in Florida going to mini Megacon? She'll be there.

No. 206101

>use a cam since that's all her viewers want to see


No. 206150


i mean obviously she'd never do it, but i really wish she would. is it bad that.. i may have extra free time and i want to make a truth account about her on instagram? like make a short video comparing her voice in old videos and her streams? and also post pictures of a year ago and her shooped ones to compare? i'd just like to see how her fans react tbh..

like i understand you can grow a bit within a year, maybe lose weight and slim down your face, but you cannot change jaw shape without surgery and have magical "asian desu eyes ~_~"

No. 206169

File: 1448053582466.png (561.37 KB, 557x581, Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.3…)

I had an account like that (the username was the_real_ahripop) but she reports those accounts to IG as "impersonation".
She did that to a fanpage IG that had some of her old Momosweetcosplay pics (it was like ahripop_fanclub or something along those lines) too.

She always claims she looks different in her newer photos cuz ~puberty~ and that her MSC photos are old, but in reality pics like >>198066 and pic related were taken about a 1-2 years ago.

No. 206174

What if you state that you are not her nor pretending to be her?

No. 206175

I say do it!

No. 206187

I did say that but it got taken down anyways. She might've reported it for bullying or harassment too.

No. 206209

File: 1448065785325.jpeg (422.57 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

Uhh she's literally wearing the exact same cosplay as Anne lmao

No. 206210

File: 1448065817420.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

No. 206212

File: 1448065862624.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Same lace and details and all lmao

No. 206215

high collar neck stuff, does NOT look good on her. she looks bloated and fat as hell

No. 206232

File: 1448070209583.jpg (408.74 KB, 960x960, 2015-11-20 20.39.57.jpg)

Sponsored,I call BS!
she gets money from her neckbeard followers and asking for money for her "sick cat"

No. 206248

that cosplay really does not look good, she cannot pull off Stocking at all. The wig seems fine but to me she almost looks bald with a weird drape over her head. Plus her face is so pale she just looks like an egg to me

No. 206255

File: 1448076663454.jpg (503.42 KB, 1352x714, pedo enabling stream.jpg)

she's live. quality is shit and mostly her friends / boyfriend talking. she's afk and almost got kicked from the game because she wasn't playing.

also.. i may be getting annoying on her ass about loli's so yeah. it is kind of gross but im not a huge advocate but yeah it's actually bothering her to the point she's not playing. not sure if im being too mean but yeah. you can see it right now. i usually kiss up to her on my shitpost ig account to get info out of her but trying to sound "innocent ugu fan" so she replies.

No. 206256

i think i made her cry.. oops. but still, not like sexualizing children and school girls in real life is cool either. not like her gameplay would be any better so i guess at least im getting some sort of milk. maybe i should leave her alone oops.

No. 206257

Post caps

No. 206258

File: 1448077090100.jpg (463.12 KB, 960x960, 2015-11-20 22.35.57.jpg)

HAHAHAA,a good read

No. 206259

File: 1448077454332.png (4.47 KB, 308x64, lmao.png)

ok im too tired to keep replying. but her twitch chat is stupid af.

i love how a weeb called "loli chan desu" is defending her

No. 206260

File: 1448077864116.png (6.38 KB, 307x106, white knights in da house a pl…)

aaaand she blocked me.
same fagging one last time, please forgive me. i have another account i think i follow her on so ill be able to see her stuff but ill just lurk from now on. i dont think i need to cause random shit anymore. was kind of fun to actually troll someone for once though, quite the experience to have someone take your bait.

No. 206265

I was reading the comments on her stream as they came,the stupidity was painful

No. 206266

File: 1448078706170.jpg (706.73 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20151120_230227.jpg)

There she goes with the tossing around of rape

No. 206268

>I've gone through personal bad experiences with men harassing me or being old and trying to get with me and hurt me and rape me

Uhhhhm yeah that's because you've been trying to pander to them this whole time by posting lingerie pictures and suggestive pictures BEFORE YOU WERE EVEN 18!
I doubt anyone has even thought about raping her her.

No. 206269

File: 1448079075286.png (81.79 KB, 329x655, Screen Shot 2015-11-20 at 8.10…)

No. 206271

File: 1448079172301.png (286.93 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-11-20-23-07-05…)

HA! This fool thinks that she posts her "real face"
Oh she posts her real face,her really shopped face!

No. 206277

File: 1448079736010.png (10.24 KB, 315x157, 138ccfab4b2243eb79394765e47bbd…)

does that mean ahri has read this? and her fans will now too? hmm.. we'll see what happens next (also thank you to whoever got those screencaps, it's annoying on an iphone and i have no collage apps)

No. 206278

Spam and report? LOL thats happened how many times now by other cows.

No. 206279


No. 206280

I doubt it. They would've already started shitposting if they really had the guts to post here.

No. 206295

why do people fall for this crap?
obvious photoshop is obvious

No. 206299

File: 1448088309780.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

I've never met a single person who looks good as Stocking, not even actual lolitas who normally look good in high neck/standing collar blouses or dresses

No. 206305

>didn't even justified pedophilia.
>you're stupid
Can you at least try, pedophile-chan?

No. 206309

Can you stop talking about this, derailer-chan?

No. 206311

She's just fucking sad, she's trying way too hard to be a "weenine bit Japanese" Like wtf, honestly how low must eher self esteem be to not only deny your own race, but to the photoshop the shit out of your face. Honestly, she disgusts me.

No. 206314

she looks OK without all the ~azn shoop~
it's a shame she's embarrassed of her own culture …really…

No. 206347

It's pretty laughable how Skyleigh's fans are actually retarded enough to believe that shes doesn't heavily photoshop her face to look asian.

No. 206387

File: 1448123959565.png (982.11 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

>"yes I edit"

No. 206398

good luck hiding that chin for the rest of your life hahaha

No. 206410

File: 1448129919543.png (204.15 KB, 540x960, 2015-11-21 12.57.19.png)

This dude again,all he ever does is comment on her body..it's creepy

No. 206426


looks like we got to her. she made a long post about her editing and how it's only slightly but it makes her feel better. then posted an 'irl" video but her chin is chubby and the video is so pale i can barely see her through the filter. funny how she always puts her face over her chin

No. 206427

She's trying so hard to hide her face lmao

I would hope her face is over her chin…

No. 206428


oops sorry i was replying while playing a game LOL. i meant she always puts her hands and other things over her chin and covers her face you know? peace signs, or hair, anything in real life to hide her obviously square chin

No. 206431

File: 1448132502953.jpeg (310.7 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

Lol it's ok anon. Have some caps of the video. I also downloaded it in case she bawwletes it.

No. 206432

File: 1448132521380.jpeg (310.6 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

No. 206458

even her videos have 47 filters LOL

No. 206486


Here's the original version without the filters, skip to 3:19


No. 206491

File: 1448140705343.png (70.35 KB, 208x241, Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 1.16…)

She just looks like her Momo era photos. Nothing that different but also definitely not the egghead with a dorito chin she shoops herself to be now.

Bitch literally has no lips either lmao.

No. 206503

File: 1448142925824.png (224.38 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

I don't know who wrote this comment but top kek. She deleted it hella fast too.

No. 206520

If she didn't want "that kind" of attention why pose in suggestive ways,or have your squished bobs almost hanging out. She lives for that kind of attention,she needs to be fed comments about how people drool over her.

No. 206541

So does she have any real job or education or is she really trying to rely on -this- for her bread and butter?

No. 206575

>206541 high school education only,no job.

>206232 read that

No. 206584

Please learn how to quote posts so we don't have to keep looking up the post number.

She's trying to become "Korean" JNig and make a living off getting paid to go to cons.

No. 206590


At least the jnig reality meets the jnig expectations.

I hope ahri has applied to colleges, or at least community college. Although even with a college education, she'll probably just end up working at a grocery store.

No. 206591

Ignore anachan.
Her thighs (and body) only look huge because her head is so fucking tiny. At least that's what I think it is.

We all know that she secretly enjoys the disgusting attention of old men. She just doesn't want people thinking she does. She wants sympathy from her fans for getting these messages, but she doesn't delete them because she also gets the attention of these men.

No. 206593

Moved to >>>/snow/61252.

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