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File: 1541484075177.gif (3.26 MB, 464x480, momogross.gif)

No. 595764

First thread: First >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>592047

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx (now btsmomokun), momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Current livestream thread (#2): >>>/pt/569199


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad
Google Drive:

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own threads here >>>/snow/386826, >>>/snow/644215

The basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>has received 2+ lipo sessions in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet
>is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty
>claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set.
>has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, said really controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but she still doesn’t accept what she does wrong
>in addition she preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she targets, attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. She wants to be a fattie cosplayer messiah in her echo chamber of yes men
>Momokun is a sexual predator

>people tell Moo her her Umineko Project sucks. She tries to conceal the hate by shouting gratefulness for the "positive feedback" but eventually addresses it by chalking it up to bad storytelling
>didn't dress up for Blizzcon
>is commissioning a full fursuit and plans on attending a furry convention.
>confuses being a "mommy dom" with a friend zoned wet rag with failed relationships. Even went as far as to say she spends money and buys gifts for friends and family to "mommy" them
>heavily implies GabbyCCosplay """stole""" her Cindy Aurum cosplay, even though Gabby bought and weathered it
>tries to whiteknight sssniperwolf and instead pisses her off because her neckbeards attack a fan
>working on Morrigan shoot, fat literally spills out of heart cutout in a new poor forest-kun

No. 595766

So what have we missed out of dear Moo since the last thread went into autosage? More Morrigan grossness? Gushing about what a bop Blizzcon was, she felt so much love, my dudes?

No. 595767

File: 1541484577850.jpeg (524.34 KB, 750x1077, 39EA6ACC-3BC3-427F-A078-8F3623…)

>already touching up this tattoo

No. 595768

File: 1541484591323.jpeg (604.26 KB, 750x1090, 0C15D633-CDC9-4821-87AF-752716…)

No. 595769


What the everliving fuck kinda crust is on her back? Geez get a scrub brush ffs.

No. 595770

it's from the ink. unless you mean all the blackheads.

No. 595773


It doesn't really look like just ink or glove crap honestly and it just looks…off.

No. 595775

If you mean the darkness in her neck creases, it looks like acanthosis nigricans, which shows up in insulin resistant individuals and either indicates PCOS or diabetes. We already knew she had this because her knuckles are super dark too.

No. 595778


OP sssniperwolf isnt pissed at Moo for her neckbeards attacking a fan, that was inrepaonse to someone else a while back and the anon who posted it simply joked sniperwolf hates when people use virgin as an insult, so moo is likely to back pedal since she did it. Did you even read the thread before making a new one or?

No. 595779

It looks like she has a sandwich or waffle stuck on her back

No. 595785

Even her forearm/wrist is wide. Maybe she needed touch ups because the weight gain stretched and faded em

No. 595787

Is she hunch backed?

No. 595789

part of it is swelling from the tattoo being touched up, but it does appear as though she might have a dowager's hump? It's seen a lot in overweight individuals.

No. 595795

Why is she getting them touched up? Is she planning another photoshoot?

No. 595798

I think she's just chasing dick, as usual.

No. 595799

it looks like she has a tumor on her back

No. 595802

it's just the smeared ink giving it the appearance of being swollen.

No. 595815

dat hyperpigmentation around her neck doe

No. 595816

It's not a hunchback, it's the ink pigment after being wiped off of the tattoo to take a photo, he wiped it in a pattern similar to the tattoo shape. It just gives a weird shadow.

No. 595822

after seeing her walk hunch backed more than once i dont know anymore my dudes

No. 595823

She's probably planning to pretend to be anime version of herself or MooMaidlie in the stereotypical bath/onsen scene with tiny white towels to cover the parts neckbeards want to see but try to reframe it as a whole "this is me" speech like before when she did her black &whites and other underwear sets cringe selfbrags about how much she loves her body and how great her life has been because of cospla, achieving some life long weeabo fetish and expect a thousand asspats for being so brave bodipos thicc anime waifu but go ham,"clapback" & block on anyone honest or deemed to be a hater for criticizing her lazy busted ass work. Ready for the heavily edited bop pics she'll try to pass as untouched or "just lighting" edits

No. 595829

Going to JAPAN and touching up your tattoos for the trip? Of course! Why would it be a bad idea to have red, very prominent and visible tattoos on display to visit Japan? Oh, Moo, you're a delight. Never change. I hope they don't let you in at any fucking onsen.

No. 595832

Or she wants them more prominent because she wants to get noticed because she’s probably one of those dumb fucks who think being a ”otaku” is the norm in Japan and that she’ll get so much attention because “sugoi” such an anime fan my dudes. But really … oh ho ho…

No. 595833

Imagine touching up an already visible tattoo in preparation for a trip to a country that has a strong public stigma towards them… What a fucking dumb ass

No. 595834

File: 1541506058847.jpeg (1.45 MB, 1242x2102, 03E23AAA-788E-4116-AE30-E9EC75…)

Etsy additions. Time for her to pretend to care about Overwatcg again.who wants to bet Vamp is doing Ashe?

No. 595843

Does she ever buy any of this? or does it just sit on her etsy list for flexing?

No. 595851

Sometimes Moo buys stuff from there (usually overpriced ones because she wants to flex), but more often than not she just adds stuff to her Etsy wishlist, then look for cheap alternatives on ebay/aliexpress, or get her slaves/Castle Forestry to make them for her, if she ever goes through with the cosplay at all. The Etsy wishlist is more of a reference.

No. 595868

File: 1541519696224.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, 68CF7C64-806E-495C-A86B-356CF3…)

This pic is just unfitting

No. 595870

I will never get over that fat pocket seeping through her corset. Also, her thighs are enormous. That lipo really ruined her body beyond repair. Vamps looks rough too.

No. 595871

If I did not know who these people were I would think they were just random cosplayers…they both look so trash. They have no right to consider themselves professional cosplayers if they do.

No. 595872

Yarg. that Felicia’s terrible lmao. They’re both terrible but…

No. 595876

Her thighs look like each one is almost the size of Vamps waist.
If her arms were visible, they'd probably be the size of Vamps thighs…

what a mess

No. 595877

Felicia is supposed to be curvy and busty, plus very happy-looking. What the Hell motivated Colette to cosplay as her without even having what it takes? And I'm not just talking of the boobs…

Mariah as Morrigan isn't much better better. Even if she wasn't as big as she is now, Morrigan isn't supposed to look like she's smelling someone else's fresh shit.

No. 595881

I am trying to figure out what hte hell is going on with her wing in the back, is that shit falling apart??? Its so low to the ground compared to her other one.

No. 595883

Anyone trying to say she hasn't gotten bigger since her Lilith is a moron. Her thighs are gigantic

No. 595895

All that times bragging about her wings and they are a floppy hot pile of shit lol

No. 595900

I can't believe she's actually getting a fursuit. Does anyone know who she's commissioning?

No. 595903

OMFG her back wing is broken and she is holding it up. This is too good. That is shit fell apart so fucking fast. She is having her calf trying to lean in to block it…nice effort.

No. 595905

I swear I have half a reason to suspect along with tapping her jowls she tapes the skin around her eyes to make them look Asian.

No. 595906

I bet it’s not even going to be a full suit. Probably only got a partial one so she can still show off her Buddha belly and flapjack tits.

No. 595907

Even though she sucked the fat from her legs they are still as wide as a normal girls torso.

No. 595910

We are not sure yet, but even the cheap shitty ones will set you back a couple thousand. She is trying to reach for a new fetish group to give her cash, but furries are already aware of her BS. She use to make fun of them and never had any interest before. But she lied a few months back and said she had a secret fursona since she was a kid but she can't show anyone my dudes.

No. 595911


something about moo's face makes her look like she cried before the picture was taken? But damn, both of them just look so trashy and just like a low budget version of how it actually should look like.

I'm also truly wondering that Moo is still wearing heals bc I remember watching something about a woman that tried to loose weight because she was simply too fat to wear heals in any way because it would destroy the shoe for some reason idk

No. 595923

I have suspected this for a while, too…

No. 595924

it’s probably her shitty unsuitable makeup that’s making her look like that. but she did look the same during AX when she cried and then tried to cosplay so who knows…

also look at the fat pushing out of the cutout it looks so gross…does she not know it’s doing that or..?

No. 595925

Bonus points if she screams fake Japanese in public while tapping her eyes to look more asian
"I'm sorry you guys think I'm racist. I was just having fun with friends"

No. 595933

Is Moo trying to look like some thicc Asian girl or some shit? Because that's alot of facetape for those 'jowls'. For ching chong chong chang speakerphone bitch with the Asian fetish I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 595955

File: 1541529301861.jpg (41.08 KB, 400x273, Gvsmecha7.jpg)

I thought her face resembled the old godzilla.

No. 595969


If Capcom didn't have a reason to kill off Darkstalkers before…

No. 595975

eh, they don't look asian at all tho.

No. 595977

File: 1541531166300.png (665.45 KB, 605x737, unknown.png)

Okay but her thigh is literally almost the same size as Vamp's waist though. What the fuck.

No. 595983

File: 1541533396090.jpg (1019.34 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20181106_143703.jpg)

For the anon last thread saying she looks the same size as when she did Lilith, she is wider in this shot and shes standing at an angle vs head on giving her a thinner appearance.

No. 595988

No she doesn’t look Asian but you can’t say that her eyes don’t look upturned/different from her normal appearance. She wears that make up style allllllll the time and the upturning very noticeable here. She obviously has some serious taping going on near her eyes.

No. 595990



No. 595996

i think it's more that she needs to tape that close to hide the fat than anything.

eye taping is really the least of the issues with her tho tbh.

No. 595999

The one on the left didn't have boning I recall? It looked like it kept falling down. Her CastleCuntry slave made her latest which makes sense why she has an abnormal shape, there is no way that is comfortable to wear.

No. 596002

Her expression alone tells that it's uncomfortable as hell.
God, all that bragging over how good the wings were going to look and they're not even able to last the photoshoot. What an embarrassment.

No. 596006

It looks like Vamp has gained more weight, and poorly shooped her waist on our left (her right) side.

No. 596014

File: 1541537736378.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1242x1982, 7D2E872F-C4FB-476B-8FB3-C81B47…)

Called it

No. 596015

She's following that Mooriah diet so that's not surprising.

No. 596016

all of moo's friends follow moo's diet cause she pays for their dinner.

No. 596019

She edited the fucking emblem on again, just like with Boo

No. 596029

File: 1541539235963.jpg (679.88 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181106-162107_Ins…)

No. 596041

Furmageddon is upon us lads, whst the ever living fuck is she thinking doing this

No. 596052

File: 1541541585674.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, 28DDD0AF-451D-45E2-AB02-A52383…)

no thank you

No. 596053

Mariah you only know four poses, stop it.

No. 596054

baby bird waiting for food!
invisible hat!
Visible and invisible adjusting glasses!
ass towards the camera with a turn to hide your gut


No. 596055

i just assumed it had to do with her eye bags tbh

No. 596056

Wow. The artist still gave the item to her despite her not following the rules in the auction. Not fucking surprised.

No. 596057


If she is talking about doing this at a con then she is out of her fucking mind. No way in hell is amy convention going to give a panel. She’d be lucky to even score any invites outside of some skeevy backwater convention that doesn’t know anything about her.

Also, I kinda want to actually see that. It’s be so hilarious to see her constantly getting questions about her sexual assaulting people and bullying and her being forced to sit there and just take it. Imagine how pissed she would be. Her expecting all these loving questions about this profession that she “just loves so much and all these sweethearts loooking to learn from her and only her” and is instead getting her ass called the fuck out for everyone to see and being able to do jack shit to stop it.

No. 596058

No one is saying she looks asian. We’re saying she looks like the typical loser TRYING to look asian by taping their eyes.

No. 596060

Wait didn't an anon say that Mariah didn't end up getting them? Where did they get that information from?

No. 596070

no shit, my point was she failed at it.

No. 596071

Lmao. How to look like a dead fish with the same five poses and same screen in the BG

No. 596072

File: 1541543469901.png (2.74 MB, 750x1334, CE29808B-D540-4FB9-8858-686582…)

nta, but I remembered another anon saying she DIDNT get them either while the store owner was doing a lot of backtracking. here’s the card and everything proving the ears are from the store

No. 596087

Money talks. But it's weird, for someone as popular as them you would think money wouldn't be an issue and they wouldn't take Momo's bribe. Just another shitty thing Momo does

No. 596091

i think we're just wondering which fuckhead lied about her not getting them last thread.

No. 596092

Tinfoil: what if it was the shop owner and they didn’t expect her to post them so soon

No. 596093

Shop owner deleted/Moo deleted all of her posts, hinting that her bets were illegal and she lost them. The other girl went silent after throwing a fit so we assumed that moo lost them and the other girl won.

No. 596097

Well that's another person to never commission ever.

No. 596098

Well that's another person to never commission ever.

No. 596106

Wasn't She on a panel once and just went the whole time trying to make sure throne got as little attention as possible?

No. 596107

File: 1541545636026.png (128.56 KB, 259x291, 9c9.png)

Why stop at a panel? She could run her own class at the local community college and get extra credits towards her degree and get paid at the same time teaching local soccer moms how to spice up their married life with DIY boudoir photos.

No. 596113

thats at an angle too. imagine if she were facing forward like collette

No. 596115

I would say don't do this but the last panel she did was fucking milk gold

No. 596117

Wasn't She on a panel once and just went the whole time trying to make sure throne got as little attention as possible?

No. 596119

Moo we really don't need you to do another panel where you know absolutely nothing and just try to upstage everyone

No. 596121

Gabby and Tasha were asked to be on that panel but they ended up cancelling because moo was a part of it. I wish they had stayed so there would have been more milk

No. 596135

Longtime lurker on the threads, but the first time seeing Moo in person at Blizzcon.
Can confirm, she is around 5'4", I used one of my friends as a height reference. Her waist is definitely close to 40 at this point.
I was a few steps away from her on Thursday, didn't get the hot dog smell. She was wearing leggings and a hoodie (no Gucci fanny pack).
She was with some guy (I assume because she kept patting him on the head) who was out of it on the Hilton couches. The entire time she looked really paranoid, and it made me feel a bit sad for her. She was always looking over her shoulder and looked very alone.

No. 596136

I mean Friday, not Thursday. It was Friday night at the Hilton

No. 596140

Don’t feel bad for her. She brought all of this upon herself. She could of had friends if she hadn’t molested or harassed every single one of them.

No. 596146

i've noticed that the kinds of people in general at cons who tend to seem alone are pieces of shit.

you can tell if someone is their by themselves because they chose to be.

No. 596147

File: 1541548392116.jpg (533.23 KB, 2048x2048, 35E5AC15-B6AB-41B2-8B0E-3FEA8F…)

> Why is she wearing a whole mop on her arms
> why are the wigs coming from her arms and not her back

No. 596158


No way in hell would I ever feel sorry for her. She absolutely deserves all the shot she gets. I’m glad that instead of actually being able to enjoy herself at a con she is busy looking over her shoulder praying that no one is snapping any candids of her or looking to come up up to her to call her the fuck out and is completely miserable.

No. 596159

There's so much shit going on inthat shot of Moo and Vamp. Thin ass wig on Moo, both girls look dead and washed out, Moo's thigh is as wide as Vamp's waist, both wings are broken: Mariah is holding one up while Vamp hides the other.

No. 596162

It was a 3 way tie between her and two other girls apparently. The shop owner "contacted everyone involved" and decided to make two sets more sets to calm everyone down

No. 596163

File: 1541550552829.jpg (547.36 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181106-192854_Ins…)

Why does she do this? This isn't even remotely cute or sexy or attractive. It just makes her look like a gross glutton and show people the reason she is packing on the pounds.

No. 596165


putting the wig down the sides of her face is a contouring trick.

No. 596168

i know its repetitive but i'm always blown away that Moomoo is not even 25 years old and has a face like that.

No. 596169

>>596165 I think anon meant wings

No. 596170

LOL how is that supose to be sexy? it looks like Velma wore her sweater to bed, then had a sex fantasy about fred or shaggy then beached herself tryin to jump outta bed…this pic gave me a bit of a laugh!

No. 596185


Damn thanks for sharing anon. To be able to feel even a little sorry for someone like her just shows you have a lot of empathy for others, which is good! But you don’t have to feel anything for her, save your generousity for people who actually deserve it.

No. 596188

Holy fuck her nails are so grimy, I would NOT be taking pictures with them looking like that.

No. 596190

File: 1541554250948.png (Spoiler Image, 812.23 KB, 1080x1920, Disgust.png)

No. 596191

This shit is hardly rocket science. Most costhots do the same generic boring poses and cringe 'look at me I'm so sexy' expressions that even most porn stars can deliver better on. Give up Moo, your ego doesn't need more inflating so you can look like some sort of lewd boudoir teacher lmfao. So sad.

No. 596192

Fucking Christ….she is gross. All she is doing is trying to pander to the lowest fetish driven people.

No. 596194

Because she wants her cucks to think she's 'obtainable'. Like she's the everyday sorta nerdy chick that loves food and wearing no makeup while looking like a greasy slob just like her fellow virgins. While many won't find her attractive in this form, the rest will certainly still fap because that's their dream.

No. 596195

It's really soon but next thread pic vote
Really captures her gluttony.

No. 596197

File: 1541555066026.gif (2.18 MB, 337x600, A1339634-099A-41B8-9A69-1BB377…)

horror in motion 1/2

No. 596198

File: 1541555089716.gif (1.3 MB, 337x600, A6D82302-6BB0-4880-B419-0310F3…)

No. 596200

>and looked very alone

Fucking good, she deserves it after the way she's treated her former friends. She didn't stop to give pity to Nana when she fainted, kbbq when he didn't want to fuck her anymore, Susu who always had her back even when Moo started copying her, or the countless of other people who she treated badly.

She deserves to be paranoid and alone and I hope the bitch stays that way.

No. 596202

She only had Colette and 2 people with her the whole time. The 2 guys she first posted in her story. The rest of her weekend she spent trying to latch onto people/groups and getting rejected and ignored.

No. 596203

The crazy gremlin!!!

No. 596206


I can imagine her being her usual cringey self and trying to weasel her way into other people’s conversations and in jokes and everyone just giving her this “fucking eww” look and proceeding to ignore her.

No. 596208

Moo would have a mental breakdown if she ran out of calves and doormats to keep her happy no doubt. This tough bitch act she puts on fools nobody, she's extremely insecure.

No. 596211

So she's the typical cringe con goer that thinks they can worm their way into a group they barely know and be their closest friend because they barely have anyone else to hang out with. What a parasite.

No. 596212

File: 1541556715706.jpeg (114.41 KB, 1242x2208, received_291230755054912.jpeg)

Yeah the shop owner decided to make 3 sets. The other girl who voted past the time was quick to post about winning the auction and that was my b.

No. 596213

Moo is good at getting her way when all it involves is spending more. I bet she even offered more afterward or something.

No. 596215

She sat in the middle, and made the girl who put it together sit on the side, but I forget who it was.

No. 596218

>bid on one of a kind set

You know everyone involved is pissed about that. The price would have been much lower if it'd been multiple.

No. 596222

why do her eyes always look so gross and … barely human. ugh she creeps me out with this shit.

No. 596223

Another person that just caves in because it's Moo but glad it backfired as obviously many were upset with the outcome. Do your auction right and fairly and you wouldn't have this issue to make three sets, dumb cunt.

No. 596224

What level of narcissist do you have to be at to think that people want to see you stuffing your greasy, shitty skin face? And she thinks this is cute? Quirky? What? It's disgusting.

No. 596226

Jfc do you know how facetape even works? You stick one end on your jaw/cheek then pull it up and stick the other end above your ear or even higher, with Moo especially she has to use multiple pieces of tape at different places on one side, the skin around the eyes is bound to be pulled along, or the skin will just crease.

The sequel to the eating devilled eggs IG story

No. 596227

OT but you know despite the mix up she's still gonna charge all three what they bid

No. 596229

I just got to say it's so wonderful how all the top dog Cosplayers like Nigri act like moo doesn't exist anymore, wouldn't give her the time of day at Blizzcon. Your days of sweating your way in are long gone. Also, Goodluck getting your shitty panel approved even in Vegas. Your not a part of the community anymore Mariah. I don't even think if Collette sucked the owner of lvlupexpos dick again you'd be approved. It's so wonderful watching you both fail. You're actual shit and you deserve every bit of failure.

No. 596232


What's funny is during her camversity when she was busy filming her stupid ass milk bath shit the face tape looked like she used half a roll of duct tape. Now we see why.

No. 596236

drugs, sleep deprivation, lack of hygiene, and (armchairing, but) possibly manic

No. 596237

How's that Daddy Approved keto diet working out for you, Moo? Ah right, you still drink like a fish and are never far from your edibles/vape, of course it isn't working.

No. 596238

Speaking of Camversity, we can add that to the long list of lies and broken promises that Mariah said.

No. 596239

yeah i was thinking the same thing!

OP looks like you done goofed:

No. 596240

for everyone who thinks that we came up with the story of her being sponsored, moo heavily implied as such a few times. she gave a timeframe and even said she "couldn't" do lewd stuff on the cam. and then after declaring all of that, she ended up doing it anyway, then quitting.

i honestly think that she was sponsored and then fucked it up by lying about the pull she had on the site.

No. 596243


I’m sure the site didn’t enjoy the litany of complaints they were getting about her as well. She was supposed to help bring in new traffic to the site and yet all they got was a ton of complaints about her.

No. 596247

CamV either pulled their sponsership after realizing that Moo wasn't getting naked on cam, or Moo just legit stopped camming because she's a lazy POS who can't even sit in front of a cam for four hours a day doing nothing. I seriously hope CamV never gave her the money.

No. 596251

She looks like a meth addict

No. 596260

and she wonders why she's single. She's so gross

No. 596266


According to her it’s because she is “too busy for a relationship” and “much happier being single”

Eleven minutes later: “I want me a boi to watch anime and play mommy with”

No. 596268

File: 1541565498964.png (4.92 MB, 1242x2208, 994FD871-D0A7-4654-B4FF-DC36F1…)

Um… it’s nov 6 and you’re just now sending out rewards for last month? Ok

No. 596276

File: 1541567932716.jpeg (2.65 MB, 5480x3653, 1qSlD-3Q.jpeg)

No. 596277

File: 1541568090400.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 3.84 MB, 5760x3840, gyaM6apw.jpeg)

No. 596278

File: 1541568108054.jpg (7.8 KB, 210x240, Spike_in_The_Land_Before_Time.…)

I legitimately cant tell the difference anymore

No. 596279

God she looks like a grandma taking a shit

No. 596280

She has legit turned into a blowup doll now. That stiff pose, that open mouth, those dead eyes…
Can't say I didn't see this coming.

No. 596281

This is terribly unflattering, even for Moo. The bra isn't supporting her tits, which or going in different directions, you can see the thigh spillage over the stockings and her vagina is devouring her underwear. How anyone could get turned on by this is beyond me.

No. 596283


Holy shit this looks bad. Even by her standards.

No. 596284

File: 1541568749785.jpeg (4.04 MB, 5760x3840, ZAYDejCg.jpeg)

No. 596285

File: 1541568996517.jpeg (2.78 MB, 5418x3612, vd_19Nzw.jpeg)

No. 596286

lol holy shit anon, spot on.
is it too early to vote this for thread pic? because holy shit lol

No. 596287

Wow, I cant believe she was okay with this. The first one is a poor attempt at agehao and only makes her look strong out on something and toothless like a granny. And the second one…just…ugh. These legit make my stomach churn. Wtf Moo.

No. 596288

File: 1541569124703.jpeg (3.9 MB, 3840x5760, UyxlKn2Q.jpeg)

No. 596289

I audibly gagged. What is this pose? I don't know the character but I imagine this isn't it.

No. 596290

Is this your verdict on this photo set, moo? Because it's thumbs down for me too.

No. 596291

File: 1541569235243.jpeg (2.11 MB, 3532x5298, FEE7OLJg.jpeg)

No. 596292

These aren't as bad as her milking sets, but her faces are still fucking awful

No. 596294

Why can she never just match her underwear? To each other or to the character? It makes everything look another degree of cheap.

No. 596295

Will this pose be taught during her "Lewds for beginner costhots" class?

No. 596297

You must not have seen the videos that go with this set >>596288

No. 596298

File: 1541569600906.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 221.95 KB, 1066x1600, idontretouch.jpeg)

The amount of retouching on her ass and back fat in this one though…

No. 596299

All of this just confirms how little she gives a shit about craft,art, or her damned Patreons. Aside from the one that gives us all the sets, they have to be some sad thirsty fucks to put up with the same 9 photos over and over and over. The amount of shoop is just insane lol

No. 596300

File: 1541569781443.jpeg (132.34 KB, 1600x1066, wat.jpeg)


No. 596301

File: 1541569990742.png (419.49 KB, 411x512, fear.png)

And she still doesn't have an ass. This whole set is horrible, somehow even worse than chocolate poop set

No. 596302

File: 1541570034788.jpeg (48.94 KB, 533x800, A5DFEF27-EA00-43A9-938B-D4E55A…)

Quality editing as always.

No. 596307

"I'll teach you my dudes how to do the constipated pose!"

No. 596308

It does really look like a dead grandma.

No. 596310

Her skin looks dirty in this set, or is it just me using low brightness on my screen?

No. 596315

What is on her? Piss? I'm confused.

No. 596319

She’s supposed to be sweaty I think

No. 596320

File: 1541571831474.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 209.06 KB, 755x818, CF2B9AE6-C3E9-496F-8CF5-3F0ECE…)

What a fucking unit, both her ankles and knees are gone

No. 596323

LOL the stains i'm dying

No. 596326


No. 596328

omg that's not… photoshopped to make her fatter right? WTF she got HUGE. That lipo is officially completely wasted. Even through all the photoshop you can clearly see she's hiding a double chin. Yikes.

No. 596329

This is the same face I made when I saw >>596277

No. 596331

File: 1541573192107.jpg (193.15 KB, 487x313, dead granma.jpg)

No. 596332

File: 1541573345873.png (415.45 KB, 655x653, kek.png)

No. 596333


She trying to net the amputee porn fetishists too? Whether shopped or bad pose anon pointed it out and now I can't unsee her lack of ankles or feet

No. 596334


Omfg well done anon topkek

No. 596335

This should be made into a site banner.

No. 596343

Ugh the pointless umineko pics thrown in with lukewarm Blair pics… Why even include this in the months rewards? There's no value

No. 596346

File: 1541579412812.png (Spoiler Image, 3.12 MB, 1066x1600, oof.png)

My favorite parts are
1. The obvious shoop outline of her tattoo, literally you can still see the shape of it
2. All the tags sticking out of her underwear. Real high class, Moo

No. 596348

That renaissance painting-tier ass. I guess her patrons can fap to a painted ass just as easily as a real one.

No. 596349

This is pretty common. Most creators don't send out rewards until payments finish processing

No. 596353

that leg looks like a gotdamn chicken wing

No. 596356

If her ass actually looked like that, she wouldn’t have no ass in the Velma pics

No. 596366

HAHA she’s really nailing this mentally stunned adult baby look. fuck sakes she’s fallen hard and she can’t get up. Beautiful.

No. 596368

This is like a step away from looking like a Jabba the Hut shoot

No. 596369

Ah yes the easy slut pose because she hasn’t been touched in 3 years.

No. 596372

File: 1541590013601.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 112.37 KB, 682x1024, 2D5AADDC-9701-43D2-A048-590837…)

Her vagina is literally melting???

No. 596373



I know we rag on Mariah a lot for looking (and being) stupid and it’s deserved. But this… THIS… this is an all time low. Most of the stuff she looks shit in she’s too delusional to see she’s too fat or her costume is too shit to look good. A lot of it can be chalked up to her being neatly mentally ill levels of delusional. But holy shit. I don’t understand this??? I’m literally sitting her confused as FUCK because literally who looks at this and says yep! This is good. Take it to print.

Like this is so bad. Worse than usual levels of awful and that’s saying something. Am I going crazy? Is this by nearly as bad as I think it is or are we like in shock

No. 596374

what the fuck is with the shading on her legs, jesus christ

No. 596377


I'm feeling the same way. Like, she HAS to be trolling us at this point. It's so unbelievably bad.

No. 596378

The character is a dominatrix. Momo has clearly never fucking watched the show. She would never do a pose like this.

No. 596379

But remember the wise words of Mariah’s sister, folks: Mariah would never do porn because she’s not disgusting!

No. 596380

File: 1541595087233.png (Spoiler Image, 1.83 MB, 1347x712, spot on my dudes.png)

I know we all know what her cosplay is from but I just needed to make this side by side. Her stomach, her boobs sagging, her linebacker shoulders.. I just can't get over this.

No. 596384

File: 1541595857950.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.13 KB, 1023x1134, 7FnUgmF.jpg)

No. 596385

File: 1541596451412.jpg (6.05 KB, 179x178, _20181107_141333.JPG)

I can only see this.

No. 596388

of course a basic bitch costhot would be into a shit-tier anime like prison school

No. 596389

The character does do poses like these

No. 596390

Using the skirt to hide their gut

No. 596398

File: 1541600800856.jpeg (99.77 KB, 750x200, A74681E1-9760-4F10-A0C0-A5EC54…)

comment on her Morrigan picture

No. 596399

Blind neckbeard is blind, nothing new there.

No. 596400

File: 1541601806358.jpg (7.79 KB, 349x144, not the solution.jpg)

Gotta love her trying to downplay her fat bubbling out of the front by putting hair in front of it

No. 596401

>trying to blame lipo for the mess she's become

'cause it makes you gain weight, right Mariah?

No. 596402


She said she wanted anime boobs yet hers are the most saggiest ive seen

No. 596403

This is suppose to be sexy right ? She has no sex appeal what’s so ever

No. 596404

What anime character has proportions like Mariah? He has to be the highest form of retarded to make mental gymnastic connections like that when referring to Morrigan.

No. 596405

i think moo just has awful BDD and really thinks she looks like an animu. especially with all her fans, she probably thinks she looks like an anime fantasy. but in reality, most of her neckbeards like her cause she's not that hot, but does lewd shit. they think she's an easy whore who will suck all their dicks. that's what separates her from people like jnig or hot costhots, all of them are untouchable goddesses to those dudes, while moo is a fat slob that they have a chance at. that's probably what her neckbeards mean when they say they like her "personality".

No. 596406

more like desperate neckbeard thinks moo will throw him a bone if he compliments her like that.

No. 596407

Unless he's asian, there's no chance of any of those neckbearded fans putting their bone anywhere near her.

As if she looks good enough to be picky.

No. 596416

I think that's just the background under her. Noticed a lot of contouring again on her ass cheeks, makeup or editing to give shape to her bloated lower half. Funny she doesn't give padded bras or coolsculpting any credit but will occasionally mention her lipo only for it to be lost in comments. Majority of her fans never gave enough shits to watch her confession video &she didn't spam it like with her crap passion projects

No. 596423

File: 1541610674869.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 82.29 KB, 800x533, AEEEF569-87F6-4EDE-9835-AB3628…)

Somebody please just fucking kill me

No. 596425

Who ever edited these photos couldn’t black out the fucking unpainted garage?
Her face is horrific. I don’t get this ahegao stuff.

No. 596430

If it were from anybody else, they might've pulled the ahegao face. Moo is just so fucking terrible at everything she does.

No. 596436

I thought you had to be exaggerating, but then I clicked on it, jfc. She's hit a new low.

No. 596438


If this was some friends joking about with some party city costumes over the weekend, you'd think, ok, slutty but w/e.

The fact that this is PROFESSIONAL cosplayers and photographers involved is genuinely shocking to me.

No. 596441

Moo has no right to call herself a professional…she wasn't one to begin with and she knows it. She is just puffing out her saggy chest to seem like she is because of the attention in the beginning of her 'career'.

No. 596449

her boobs are such horribly saggy pancakes… like two socks with a small amount of change in each one, stretched into oblivion… how the fuck can she think this looks good? How can she think she has big boobs at all?

No. 596452

File: 1541614708763.jpg (200.3 KB, 510x680, 20181107_131731.jpg)

Something about her boobs looks really awkward here. Like you can see the swell of her left breast (our right) rolling to the side but it almost looks like her cleavage was photoshopped to keep her boobs looking together. It just looks wrong.

No. 596458

You're right, it was photoshopped to bring them together.

Look at the boob on our left side, where the bra line is going from one cloth triangle to the other. You can see both the real boob outline, and the new one.

No. 596465

the worst thing about this is that these look awful with the photoshop. who would do this?

No. 596471

there’s some chunks missing on the right one too, by her arm lol wtf

No. 596473

Someone of her maturity level is basically asexual. That's why she is unable to appear alluring. She thinks that this look simulates a sex act? Uh, no.

No. 596474

File: 1541621188319.jpg (442.82 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181107-140539_Gal…)

Her TORSO. What the FUCK is going on there

No. 596477

She is thirsty for taken and/or asian dick all over the place. Regardless of how disgusting and void of sex appeal she is, she is definitely not asexual. Stop throwing around this word when you have no idea what it means.

No. 596501

File: 1541624115499.png (Spoiler Image, 227.79 KB, 1250x965, flatboobs.png)

I know everyone hates art anons, but I had to trace this. Why are her boobs so flat looking? Also, her gut is popping out of the space between her bra and skirt.

No. 596508

She wants people to wuv her. Not make love to her. Big difference.

No. 596528

File: 1541625634773.jpg (1.65 MB, 1080x1774, 20181107_162058.jpg)

Can't tell if this is a weird shadow or something else???

No. 596530


why did I enlarge that

No. 596531

Nah, I agree with >>596477.

It’s pretty obvious Moo is NOT asexual. She’s aways play fighting with guys and finding any reason to touch them.
Her flirting is like an awkward/cringy 12 year old who doesn’t knkw what to do about the strange tingly feelings she has.
She’s pretty aggressive and it probably stems from frustration that no matter how hard she tries, she can’t get a guy she likes to fuck her on the reg.
“But-but So many neckbeards wanna fuck me, look at my super hot desperate begging for cock poses! Why won’t this girl’s boyfriend leave her for me???”

No. 596536


Hard same. There's a difference between being asexual (uninterested) and just being unsexy (failure).

No. 596540

File: 1541626554120.jpg (49 KB, 593x461, AAAAAA.jpg)

This is all I see tbh.

No. 596547

File: 1541626928175.jpg (561.68 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181107-154243_Ins…)

Still no ass

No. 596548

File: 1541626941193.jpg (843.25 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181107-154236_Ins…)

No. 596549

BITCH you are sucking it in SO HARD right now. Everyone knows that is the prime pose to seem like you got a flat stomach. She forgot this fast that she has shown her body in real time on CamV? Kek

No. 596551

…all she did was prove how non-existent her ass is. Any person who receives her rewards and follows her Instagram would she how much she shoops her shit…yet they still keep paying…pathetic cuck bucks

No. 596553

tf is this shape???

No. 596555

the back of her thighs stick out as far as her ass. i just can't even.

No. 596558

File: 1541628049800.jpg (344.06 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181107-140058_Pat…)

Hopping on the Japanese cos books vs calander/prints.

No. 596559

File: 1541628122954.jpg (555.99 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181107-140240_Pat…)

No. 596569

Her thigh fat is insane. yikes

It's all so lazy, esp the tag sticking out. That bra and underwear also look wrecked. She never buys anything new for a set. It looks cheap and sloppy, like her

No. 596574

Bunny threw some beautiful shade at Momo on twitch just before- "At least he (Junkrat) doesn't touch people without consent" with some not so subtle hints. It was fantastic

No. 596581

Look at all of these dipshits lining up for something she's never going to deliver on. She never gave you troglodytes a calendar before, let alone prints, remember? How do you expect her to deliver on a book, even one shat out by a crappy online printing company?

No. 596583

This is pretty hilarious since she's too embarrassed to show her bloated gut sitting upward, but also wants to appeal to the feeder men who want her stuffed.

No. 596605

File: 1541632695007.jpg (670.18 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181107-181737_Ins…)

What is she, trying to flex? 40 thousand yen isnt going to last her long with how much and often she eats crap and buys pointless shit.

No. 596608

I mean, isn't 40 thousand yen less than $400?

No. 596609

>>596608 Yea it's closer to 350USD, give or take.

No. 596615

Wait how long is she staying?

No. 596618

Haha good ol Bunny. KayBear recently made a vague post about photoshopped cosplays. That it's okay but don't lie about it if it's painfully obvious. I thought it was kinda interesting and reminded me of Moo just now.

No. 596626

I think two weeks?

No. 596630

Take that cash you're flexing with and go straight to a fucking nail tech, you gross hog. Ah right, you hate Asians doing your nails, let's see you walk that back during your trip.

No. 596636

…Is she hoping to stretch that 2 weeks?

No. 596658

I guess she thinks it's impressive cause of the big numbers and hopes others don't know how money works.

No. 596659


While living in Japan, 40k yen is barely a week, 2 if you're lucky and that's LIVING there. As a tourist, that is NOTHING, especially if she's as much of a fake weeb she acts like. The first thing she sees she's going to buy and be down to her last 7k yen by the 2nd day.

Especially if she wants good sushi and you KNOW she's going to go after kobe beef.

No. 596663

japan is literally not that expensive.

also moo will think all the wagyu is kobe.

No. 596670

>>596663 Doesnt matter whether expensive or inexpensive, I think Moo will still blow that 40 thousand quickly to try and prove her weeb cred.

No. 596677

Taking bets on the stupidest shit she's going to buy in Japan!

Put me down on her buying a vape pen and cosplay shit (like wigs) she's never going to use because she's too huge to wear it.

No. 596678

Let's just hope she doesn't molest anyone while there.

No. 596679


I'm betting she wastes money on a bunch of Asian skin care and beauty products thinking it will solve all her skin and hair problems.

No. 596684

put me down for figurines of animoo girls she's super into suddenly, fake burando, and food

No. 596686

Perfect! But…Damn it, the image of it is burned into my eyes!

No. 596687

Put me down for something on the scale of Eden's Lolita drama. Like a limited edition figurine or something like the gaudy Beauty and the Beast one at Disney Land

No. 596701

i'm going with a TON of hentai and porno cause she's a cool girl!!! bewbs amiright??!!

No. 596709

>>596677 My bet is the vast majority of her money is going into her fat gut.

No. 596714

Gross what is that weird dark blue stuff? I’m not familiar with acrylic nails or whatever that is

No. 596723

Probably paint from her "working" on a cosplay

No. 596725

Or maybe a dye or purple hair dye

No. 596726

Trying to be casually sexy with her lumpy sand bag tits

No. 596728

File: 1541643083628.png (427.88 KB, 910x507, 1536554961440.png)

You're not fooling anyone Moo

No. 596733

i wonder if moo thinks that 40000 is USD thousands instead of USD hundreds.

No. 596741

File: 1541644675788.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, 9560B1F9-292F-4765-BE05-331847…)

speaking of Japan trip, she gave that stupid expensive skeleton she didn’t use for umineko to sensei

No. 596744

She'll just eat whatever is the most expensive.

No. 596750

I spent 3x this in just 2 days in Tokyo… and I don’t have a flow of patreon neckbeardbux. Yikes. What happened, Moo?

No. 596751

vape pen? i thought anti-drug laws were pretty strict in Japan, no? like five years in prison and/or deportation?



No. 596752

>>596751 you are aware people vape nicotine and not just pot? vaping is a thing in japan

No. 596755

Regardless we shouldn't let the lurking moo know, she needs to thrown in jail and ruin what is left of her career

No. 596758

Same. She's gonna buy a ton of food and drinks. Japan has lots of great places to eat, but she'll probably eat our every single day and get the most expensive shit for no reason.

I also think she'll buy useless anime figurines (fate stay, i guess?)

No. 596759

I imagine the video of Logan Paul running around being disrespectful in Japan but replaced with a sexual assaulter who had to take two plane seats just to get there and her whipped lackies

No. 596762

i guess i was aware people vape nicotine but moo is clearly high all the time so my mind jumped to that (plus personal use bias in that if i'm ever vaping it's pot)

No. 596765

She's probably flexing the spending money she's going to give to Sensei "a thousand thank yous Mariah"
I am taking bets on how long it'll take him to phase her out when they get back

No. 596766

i think the op just meant femcel. like moo is as alluring as an incel knows how to be to women

No. 596767

>why are her boobs so flat looking
because she had a breast reduction so that without the fat she is flat as a board. she has no breast tissue they're essentally fat rolls

No. 596772

Yes, Moo vapes pot all the damn time, but she probably settles for nic when she's in less drug-friendly places since she's a regular ol' smoker too.

The joke about her getting an anime branded vape pen in glorious nippon is that it is the same Chinese made shit we get over here.

No. 596775


That’s exactly what she is. And she goes just as apeshit as an incel does when she’s rejected lol

No. 596781

File: 1541650454936.jpg (586.91 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181107-231401_Ins…)

Why does everything she wear out look grimly and is covered in hair? Why is she so lazy?

No. 596782

>>596781 Samefag but I'm also beginning to think her eye makeup is those pre-made makeup swatches you just stick on to your eyelids. Shit is too…precise for this lazy cow.

No. 596785

Wow… that hat is filthy. How is it so hard to just clean yourself up if you’re going in public. I’ve seen Wal-Mart customers more put together than her.

No. 596790

we've watched her put it on anon. not only is it not that difficult to gradient pink to white, but she doesn't do it that well.

No. 596792

this. That filter she abuses the shit out of probably smoothes it out a bit too.

No. 596809

Not to WK but some of you guys need to calm down a bit, I highly doubt she’s only brining the one handful of cash she posted. She posted it to flex, I’m sure she will bring more.

No. 596813


She flexes about spending 7-10k.

If she had more, she'd show it.

No. 596845

Doubt it. You bring cash with you when you travel but you’d be an idiot to bring every single penny you plan on spending in hard cash on your trip. I know Mariah is a dumbass but even she isn’t that stupid. I’m not saying she’s rolling in the neckbeards bux she used to, but she just bought a switch for vamps. Watch her drop $400 alone on a figure there or something.

No. 596851

File: 1541674184655.jpg (753.58 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181108-023051_Pat…)

For the cosplay book.

No. 596853

Gotta agree here. The nitpicking is ridiculous lately. I dont know why, but sperging this hard about her cash is stupid as hell. Moo flexes but she wont flex all her funds in cash. They do take cards in Japan.

No. 596858

Then why have any money at all yet? You can get Yen in every international airport? This was obviously her attempting to flex but she doesnt think about how much money is actually worth just 'big numbers'

No. 596862

This nitpick is stupid as hell, a lot of people get an amount of cash before they leave, an then get more as necessary/pay with card. Not even sure she's trying to flex the amount and not just "Japanese money guise :3"

No. 596864

Yeah shes just showing off $ to yen. Its not necessarily a flex. She did it in video as if she was doing a magic trick. Its nothing that deep.

No. 596865

For whatever reason lately some anons on lc love to sperg about the stupidest of things, most of the time it’s stuff they’ve made up in their own minds and consider fact (like that moo would OBVIOUSLY only show THE VERY AMOUNT of money she is bringing in her instastory, no way she may be bringing more in cash or card elsewhere, or how the OP just made up random shit in the post that isn’t even fucking true) I don’t really care in the end, but it just makes this board look retarded sometimes.

The sad part is Mariah does so much idiotic shit on her own that anons don’t NEED to claw at crumbs to get milk, she does stupid so well when left to her own devices. Just enjoy the milk that comes and stop trying to make up details that aren’t true to make her look like an idiot. She’s got that covered all on her own.

No. 596866

is she using a god damn online editor

also why does she keep posting this set out of all the ones she's done
is it because it hasn't been leaked? probably not considering it was

No. 596868

So she's gonna have a book to record her fluctuating weight? It's going to be really obvious when you see the photoshoots side by side. haha But i suppose neckbeards will pay for anything.

No. 596872

If anything anon, that’s their fetish

No. 596879

Was this a stream in that new camwhore site she was being paid by? I don't remember this

No. 596880

Yeah it was from there. Don't remember what was going on that day though since her bathroom ones usually involved doing makeup before photos or something.

No. 596888

Cards are really not used in Japan. They're trying to become more cashless by 2020, but everything is generally paid in yen or suica (unless you're buying luxury goods etc)

Source: I've lived in Japan.

No. 596890

fucking weeb

No. 596901


>has legitimate information on Japan

>”hurduhdur fuckign weeb reeee”

I thought summer was over.

No. 596904

I think tourists still use cards in Japan though, (just like in almost every other country) because it's easier to carry cards than a bunch of cash. Even if locals don't use them much (debatable) tourists usually do because I think it's kind of seen as unsafe to carry stacks of cash around with you in any country, let alone one where you can't speak the language. I know Moo's made some ridiculous decisions, but I kind of think she knows better than to carry all her money in cash. She'll probably use a card.

No. 596905

Most places like akihabra (we know she’s going there) only accept cash, despite their advances many places in Japan forego using credit cards there are atms nearby and honestly it would have been cheaper to just use your atm card at the airport and take out money since the exchange rate is cheaper

No. 596910

Stop derailing. Who cares. End of story, shut the fuck up about the nitpicks about Moo cashing out for Japanese bills. Its not fucking milk.

No. 596918

It’s not derailing if a completely different person is trying to put a stop to the discussion by explaining the cash rate and comment did pertain to moo wasting money. The real derailment is you and waiting for a mod to come ban you for trying to start infighting.

No. 596936

christmas break must be starting early this year

No. 596958

I agree, can we stop with the money thing and talk about something else.

No. 596962

lolcow is full eternal summer. I got banned just for providing one sentence of personal experience to back up another anon's accusation. kek ok, triggerhappy mods.

No. 597033

The entirety of Mariah’s trip is going to be filled with anons trying to tell us how much they know about japan. Moo’s japan trip will be milky af but in return we have to listen to anons tell us about all the things they know about japan because it makes them cool on an anon board I guess, so prepare for that. No one cares if japan is a cashless society or where you can use cards. She exchanged some money for a trip abroad, that’s it. It’s not that deep guys.

It’s becaue no one cares about your personal life here.

No. 597037

Take it to Meta.

They'll be gems in the pile of shit we'll get. I don't think it's so much weeb flex as much as it just wanting to shit on Mariah. As much as I hate the sperging about money, I love when anons come in and talk about how hilarious it will be when Mariah the slob walks down the crowded streets as a fucking unit.

No. 597041

Me I'm more curious about noise complaints than anything. She screeches at random times just out in normal public spaces as is.

No. 597048

Will Japan ever recover? Ban more foreigners because she annoys the fuck out of Americans in Vegas imagine a conservative area in Japan with racial bias? Mariah is basic bitch so she'll stick to areas full of tourists so it shouldn't be that bad, but even in America, her giant deformed size is disturbing…imagine when you get a country that isn't half obese?! I love it.

No. 597057

Everything she does is a fucking flex, but OK.

No. 597069

File: 1541727084379.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 234.27 KB, 820x1537, B9B814A2-088F-4711-B66D-BD7737…)


No. 597071

She’s so gross and flabby

No. 597072

File: 1541727175686.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 199.03 KB, 840x1453, 98C88C80-E72D-4D68-8F86-517375…)

Black and white nudes

No. 597073

Ah, of course. She needs a hat because she doesn't know any other pose.

No. 597074

We can still see that cottage cheese flat ass of hers

No. 597075

Why does she have a hat on?

No. 597076

File: 1541727985426.png (528.99 KB, 654x682, Backrolls.PNG)

No. 597078

File: 1541728439293.jpg (987.85 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181108-175424_Pat…)

No. 597081

>>597041 is she planning on doing a photobook for each cosplay? Is that how this is done? I was under the impression photo books were usually like thicker books with a lot of variety of photos in them.

No. 597083

https://davidjcrewe.com/blog/2018/10/29/out-of-the-shadows It was a photo project by her friend, all of them are wearing the hat

No. 597085

I love how it mainly consists of hardbodied models and then we get Moo, a fucking hambeast

No. 597086

Martin Wong did a video not long ago talking about how Japanese cosplayers and gravure models use photobooks to sell instead of prints and other merch like we do in the states. Im guess she is going to be doing those kinds of photobooks. They tend to be skinny books with about 3 different images of the same cosplay or a book just for one cosplay character specifically. She isn't the first to come up with this idea by far but she's going to play it off like she is in the states and in the communitty.

No. 597089

It's just another impulsive idea that she'll never do, or just like her past physical rewards she won't send them out at all, because she's a lazy cunt.

Who is she trying to one-up this time? Did a costhot announce that she'll publish a dragon maid photobook?

No. 597092

what the fuck is this lmfao
she doesn't even look that bad physically here, but i'm cracking up at the hat. why??

No. 597093

Jessica Nigri even has a one off photobook she did, so she may be following her again. That and not like she has merch she can sell anymore. She still have keychains, never ordered those mousepads, but she's get shat on by people defending the artist if she went back to them for more images of her shitty OC to put on things. Calander is never reached. Photobook last ditch effort it is.

No. 597095

File: 1541730133701.jpg (966.82 KB, 1440x2960, fo2ys9mi0gp11.jpg)

hairy momokun

No. 597096

File: 1541730163300.png (Spoiler Image, 686.77 KB, 750x563, post_file.png)

No. 597097

These are old

No. 597099

Triple kek. She didn't shoop these herself so it's back fat and a flat as hell ass. Black and white is beautiful but it shows a fuck ton of flaws. You can see Momo has no waist too. So much for those anime proportions.

No. 597107

I'm guessing Sensei turned her down fully. This is her usual fall back of "Look what you're missing out on!!!!!"

No. 597109

It looks like she was in a photo project anon. Regardless, if she was asked to be in it, it wouldn't have anything to do with Chiefs and they hungout like a day ago too.

No. 597110

I don't think this is about him tbh… it was for some guy's project, and the guy said that he was working on it for nearly a year, so this picture may have been taken almost a year ago (before she was going after TattooKun.)

No. 597111

>only lewds my dudes

Think her mom will put these on her next birthday board?

>tips invisible hat

No. 597114

It'll probably be the first photo that she puts on the birthday board. Her mom is retarded when it comes to Mariah.

No. 597115

holyshit, her back tits are out of control

No. 597117

this is so funny omfg

No. 597123

File: 1541733215702.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 242.96 KB, 820x1537, 0D1600B8-9465-4B3F-BF92-5A3F49…)

Somthing about this is really off. It may just be me, though.

No. 597125

did you mean everything?

No. 597126

One thing I have never understood about her body is the the way her thigh like juts out like that.

No. 597127

circle it all anon! you know at this point seeing her naked would mean nothing like its been worse seeing her stomach and weird huge bumpy thighs and all the damn crotch shots and bending over

No. 597132

Without all of her shoop shes so fuckin wide in all places. Good job moo, no going back.

No. 597133

Her lower stomach hang is gone and they cut out the thigh lumps on the back of her leg to make her butt stick out. That black background is to hide her shop. Compare >>597072 to >>596547

No. 597134

I wonder which size she's going to go with… Looks like a square layout, and Snapfish' only square books are 8x8 at $25 ea (plus shipping, so closer to $30). Her paypigs are already paying $30+ for all the images that are already in the photobook. I can't imagine paying $30 (minimum) for recycled content.

No. 597148

I wish I could sage for blogposting, but it’s just how her body is built. My thighs do the same, though not nearly as dramatic, and I’m thin. But I’m sure her weird lipo distribution doesn’t help.

No. 597153

God damn even her firearms are far and rippling

No. 597161

It looks like he might've clone tooled down a good bit, based on the sudden change in contrast at her bits. Plus the grey looks more smudged than grainy like the rest of the pic going off to the side. So. Likely? This one is edited more than the others are.

No. 597170

how much you wanna bet she had to shop her stomach even though she was already laying on her back.

No. 597171

Why the fuck does it look like her forearm is melting?

No. 597175

This pose is so unsexy. All I can see are her fat hammy baby legs

No. 597186

Honestly if you cut her from tits down it's not a bad photo of her face, but then again she has those drowsy eyelids…

No. 597189

I wanna go vegan after seeing that ….

No. 597197

That amount of back fat looks so unnatural and unhealthy on her because of the lipo, yikes
I know a lot of people say that but I’ve never really seen it so highlighted myself until this photo

No. 597202

File: 1541760828004.jpg (242.61 KB, 827x1175, moomoo.jpg)

I lightened the pic a little and noticed a weird dark line going down her thigh?

No. 597207

this does a great job of highlighting how small her breasts are compared to the rest of her. she really doesn't have very large ones for such a big girl. her back rolls are almost as big as her breasts at this point, that's really embarrassing.

No. 597209

still no ass in sight

No. 597212

Likely the side seam of her leggings she wears all the time still showing an impression in her flesh.

No. 597217

>Cards are really not used in Japan

When will this meme die? Most businesses take cards in Japan and Japanese people use them a lot. I’ve seen my coworkers pay for 200 yen ice cream with a credit card.

No. 597223

tbf most people just use their suica as a credit card.

No. 597225


what are you talking about she looks like janice from the muppets in this pic

No. 597231


It's not a meme if you actually been there. When people say cards they refer to branded Credit/Debit cards (e.g MC/Visa), which IS rarely used in Japan. Especially when you start leaving more touristy spots.(Stop.)

No. 597233

The money thing is starting to get off topic.

No. 597239

Yeah all they are is just fat saggy sacks at this point she stuffs into double bras. She’s not fooling anyone but dumbass men who think she got cake.

No. 597251

Considering how wide and huge she looks in all of these, I'm gonna assume she uses magic to get those corsets that tight.

No. 597261

No one cares if you can use cards in Japan, get back on topic. Also there has been way too much nitpicking going on here, you do not need to point out every little flaw. Yes, we know she is fat, has boob veins, and is a slob. No need to keep reminding people.

No. 597282

File: 1541792406958.jpeg (387.25 KB, 750x820, 0AB57910-6374-4262-9367-D93308…)

also she bought a fake Gucci (admittedly) wristband for her Apple Watch

No. 597286

it’s tinfoil but didn’t YJ just release a similar set to this last month? i wouldn’t put it past moo to try one upping her after she called her out so consistently.

No. 597287

this was part of a photo project and she only had one picture in the shoot. the photographer said he had been working on it for over a year irc

No. 597299

Did she buy a cheap feather boa from party city and just hot glue it to her cosplay?
Those huge feathers look awful and are so inaccurate.
It’s like she thought it would make her arms look smaller, but failed horribly.

No. 597306

I wouldn't even call this ahegao. And if she thinks that this is the only face you make when experiencing pleasure she's more of a vanilla idiot than I thought. It's her ONLY go to sexy face and it's still not sexy

No. 597308

jfc her back boobs are almost as large as her actual breasts

No. 597309

this is a trick drag queens and plus size models do. If you wear BIG accessories or clothes you yourself will look small in comparison.
However Momo is literally the shape of a lumpy potato… so there is no tricks other than photoshop that can help her

No. 597317

Does she photoshop her face smaller? This looks like one of those instagram gangnam unnies shooping their faces 10x smaller than their bodies

No. 597319

She's massive and uses lots of face tape and shoop

No. 597334

File: 1541802909914.png (Spoiler Image, 3.19 MB, 750x1334, 5A3595A8-94C5-45D9-A55F-E8B823…)

sweet pecs

No. 597335

Ooof that fat popping out right under her tits looks super unnatural

No. 597339


Those are her abs she worked totally hard for anon, what are you talking about!!

No. 597340

File: 1541803450690.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 615.64 KB, 750x1103, BEA433B1-6276-4D62-8C21-9A5761…)

I hate it, unspoil at your own risk

No. 597341

File: 1541803521955.jpeg (93.48 KB, 1262x606, 99F90256-237F-4C57-8559-99165E…)




No. 597342

she mustve edited her left boob (our right), it's so blurry and uneven… jfc

No. 597346

Can confirm none of these have been posted yet to Patreon as usual. Put your stuff up before you promote, Moo.

No. 597347

Mom? How could you?

No. 597349


i can't believe this wild bitch really put this on the internet for god and everyone to see

the kitchen setting
her vagina area
the blurry boob
the eyebags
the messy hair

im losing it lmfao

No. 597356

Did she make her tit bigger to hide her back-tit?

>those massive eyebags

Jesus take the wheel

No. 597360

This is just porn.

No. 597367

ffs this shit doesn't look good on attractive people, why did she think this was a good thing to buy??

No. 597373

Over/under on Shamu here wearing this on her trip because lololol her hentais? Also cackling at her getting a brazilian for the occasion, fishing for Sensei or some Azn dick?

No. 597379


Because it’s totes just like all the hentai she watches. Such a bop my dude.

Certainly feels like she is after some fuckboi’s attention with her usual “Look what your missing” trashy photos.

No. 597386

is it just me, or is there distortion on her left thigh (our right)?

No. 597387

I keep up with Moo and some other cows here, and maybe I missed the discussion on it, but why do her tits look… like red? Like her whole floppy tits, they look like they're red and sore or something? Do we know what's up with that?

No. 597394

File: 1541808090518.jpg (134.74 KB, 1076x1559, Screenshot_20181109-190102-1.j…)

I didn't realize boobs had sharp edges, mariah

No. 597400

You can see the warping on the counter and on the button of the appliance in the background because of Meitu shoop
yikes i'm terrified to know what the unedited looks like

No. 597401

Areas of shoop I can spot just from looking at this:
>The boob being widened on our right
>near the string where she attempted to shoop out a roll
>Her Right hip (Notice how much the line of the drawer is leaning away from the stove and the weird lip on the corner of the oven door
>Button on the silver machine to our left looks a bit stretched to pull her hip in? I cant confirm whether or not that's how it's supposed to look though

But also the amount that the slingkini is cutting into her fupa fat is so disgusting. LIke that's a solid cm it's going into her fat.

No. 597403

>>597340 To further elaborate on what >>597400 pointed out, you can survey the outer portion of practically any area of her body and see where she did some serious (and awful) editing. Her right boob (on our left) poking out the side of the bikini draws attention to how she tried to edit her bicep, as it curves one way above the breast, and another way below the same breast. Her left shoulder (by the stove) doesn't have the typical shape, and her breast on that side of her body looks like one of those fish that puffs up due to the jagged edges.

And that crotch area is rough. I've never seen pubic hair growing that far down a woman's thigh before.

No. 597405

File: 1541810437438.jpg (251.67 KB, 1200x1008, sauce.jpg)

Nah, she just dragged it around. If she had glued it, it might actually sit in the correct place.


No. 597408

File: 1541810693300.png (132.67 KB, 267x245, wat.PNG)

Did she forget to edit out her back fat or what is going on here

please help i dont use photo editing

No. 597410

File: 1541810829965.png (964.3 KB, 750x1334, 504411E7-E303-4610-BE39-72BC15…)


No. 597411

File: 1541810858741.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, 72DFC9DC-5B70-4CAE-BE77-DEC105…)

No. 597414

She used to brag about getting waxed, now I think she does it for these totally not porn photos

No. 597415

I love when she posts shit of her clapping back. It's so desperate to seem like a bad bitch who doesn't piss herself when someone approaches her or hides in hotel rooms.

No. 597416

Talk about butterEVERYTHING

She couldn’t be arsed to make herself look pretty. She looks more pig evety day

No. 597417

I think the generally accepted reason is she stuffs them in to things too small. Bra, corset, etc.

No. 597419

Stacy's mom does not have it going on.

No. 597420

“Nothing bothers me, my dudes”

cries on insta abt being called a whore

posts whorish photo

No. 597426

Papa moo have you been lurking again?

No. 597428


> “So not bothered by anything my dudes. Flex on the haters and live your best life. It’s a bop my dude”

Posts private conversation whining about being called a whore. Seriously not fooling anyone with this, “I’m a bad bitch who isn’t afraid to clap back at people disrespecting me”. We all know how much of a chicken shot she is and how she is always looking to run the second she thinks someone is about to call her out.

No. 597446

File: 1541817112654.jpeg (385.24 KB, 750x957, CC3D7BA9-7380-4983-A23A-0B44DC…)

No. 597447

I hope the bitch got hacked.

No. 597448

No. 597453

Oh shit, the saga continues. I wonder if she really did get hacked?

No. 597454

File: 1541817691749.jpg (311.5 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181109-184214_Pat…)

No. 597455

Maybe it has to do with the near-nudity you've been posting endlessly? Maybe your account finally got enough strikes?

No. 597456

>this happens to a lot of models and cosplayers

yes it doesbut are you sure it has nothing to do with that slingkini picture you posted momo?

No. 597469

File: 1541819161980.png (132.15 KB, 300x300, D_1684.png)

>got "deactivated"

The correct word, my little linguistics major, is B A N N E D

How many followers did she have on her main vs BTS?

No. 597470

File: 1541819403819.jpeg (346.22 KB, 750x1010, 261FB455-9AE7-4CA8-BB7E-8FAF9E…)

how is she so shocked?

No. 597472

>it happens a lot to cosplayers

No, it doesn't, Moocow. It happens to idiots who post nudes on IG and pretend they don't know the rules.

No. 597473

File: 1541819666299.jpeg (46.72 KB, 750x133, BA2551AC-6FD4-4DDA-8B56-E8C198…)

Samefag to drop this wew

No. 597474

Her lawyers? rofl what lawyers? And what are they gonna do about her not following IG policy?

No. 597475

"I'm going to call my lawyers because I broke instagram rules and I'm upset."

No. 597476

She’s dumb as fuck. No one hacked her - that’s what it says when you get your Instagram deactivated for breaking the TOS. Next time she try’s to log in it will tell her that.

No. 597477

Such a typical entitled response. I’d hate to be her lawyer.

No. 597478

Dumbass lives through social media but is slowly being cut off because she can't follow anyone's rules. She was even kicked off a camsite for fuck sake. Keep burning those bridges moo. Can patreon last much longer at this rate? How many more complaints before they cut her loose too?

No. 597480

Lawyers anon. She has a crack legal team on retainer. They work in the same building as her manager and her personal trainer.

No. 597481

mommy, DADDY, I need the phone numbers of lawyers, like, right now! NOW, NOW, NOW, NOW!!!!

No. 597482


Looks like her dumbass got taken down for all the half naked shit she posts.

No. 597484

She sounds like her good ol' friend Onion with this shit.

No. 597485

Yes Mariah, please hire a lawyer and sue Instagram. I'm waiting.

No. 597486

if she was banned on her main for posting those slingkini shots (poor slingkini- it didnt deserve that treatment), wouldn't it be banevasion for her to continue on her BTS account?

No. 597488


Lol is Sue Basko still practicing online? Yea- getting her lawyers would be a riot.

No. 597489


That’s ultimately what got her kicked off of Twitter for good. If Instagram has a ban evasion rule then she is certainly fucked.

No. 597490

The account was made prior, so I'm not really sure.

Considering she's bringing up lawyers I have a feeling she already got her response/ban message.

No. 597491


533K vs 75.2K

No. 597494

File: 1541821850924.jpeg (247.46 KB, 1242x1409, 6E9337DD-6CD3-4239-8D53-416842…)

Found on twitter. Looks like people reported the recent image. 1/2

No. 597495

File: 1541821872850.jpeg (276.55 KB, 1152x2048, 98DBA5F1-CBEC-4DD9-A991-A3D623…)


No. 597496

She's just mad she's gonna have to put money in to her new account lmao. Thanks number anon.

No. 597497

I suppose that clarifies whether what she was doing is considered porn by Instagram…

No. 597498

File: 1541822417389.png (249.92 KB, 555x506, 60c45dade7a6f12fa3de32cd2bdfa4…)


Lets see what Mariah will do to weasel her way out of this one.

No. 597499

Mariah's problem is that she's such a narcissist, and so delusional, that she thinks she's untouchable. We've seen her get banned from Twitter on two separate accounts, and now she may have lost her main IG account for crossing the line because she's the mighty Mariah Mallad.

What's great is that a couple of months ago, Mariah was telling others to be careful with what they shared on IG after Holly Wolf lost her account.

Of course, Mariah is one of those "do as I say, not as I do" nitwits.

No. 597500

File: 1541822560878.jpg (533.68 KB, 1080x1870, Screenshot_20181109-230310_Ins…)

sure moo

No. 597501

I know you live in Vegas and all Moo, but come the fuck on.

No. 597502

Why the hell would Instagram make a special exception to their rules just for her?

No. 597503


No. 597504

This is the Instagram equivalent to "I'd like to speak to the manager"
Bitch you could have emailed them yourself and waited for an appeal like every other person that gets deactivated/banned

No. 597505


Pity your lolyers couldn't clean up any of the other 25 messes you've made in the last three months alone. And what are the odds that this shit happened? lol

No. 597506


This bitch can barely get rewards out on time yet she is flexing about having this crack lawyer team that she can call up at anytime and sort stuff out for her.

Bullshit. More like she has been spamming someone at Instagram with emails screaming about getting her account back.

No. 597507

That's absolutely what she did, she's just posturing and trying to look important, which is like, 80% of the motivation for anything that she does.

15% is dick, and 5% is food, naturally.

No. 597508

I wonder where this lawyer was when she was in hot water for sexual assault.

No. 597509


Completely non-existent.


I hope she doesn’t get her account back and all this flexing about having a lawyer blows up in her face.

No. 597513

>reposting her dirty ass hat pic

Also, this is exactly what she said when her Twitter was banned.

No. 597515

so she got banned for posting porn so she, oh sorry """"her lawyers"""" sent them her ID…how would that restore her account?

No. 597517

she said in her instastory that she had to send them a picture of her ID as proof of who she was

No. 597518

There is not a lawyer on this Earth who works this fast. She is so full of shit. I would love it if they didn't restore her account and we get to see her scramble for a bs excuse as to why.

No. 597519

Can someone clarify, is this actually possible on Instagram or is she just making up lies to seem like she's getting her account back knowing she's screwed. I honestly think she's just bluffing just to please her neckbeard fans.

No. 597520

if she’s really bluffing we should know soon, she’s leaving for Japan tomorrow so I wonder how much work her and her “lawyers” could do if she’s overseas. it’s going to be a big damper if her main insta isn’t back up for her glorious trip

No. 597522


This is just her doing damage control as usual. She gets in deep shit them immediately tries to quell her neckbeards by telling them “All is well, nothing to worry about here. I have people taking care of it/I’m taking care of it personally”.

She’s definitely not getting her account back. This wasn’t some accidental bug that caused her to lose her account. She is clearly breaking community guidelines due to the trashy half naked borderline porn that she posts: I’ve seen dozens of accounts similar to hers get taken down for the exact same reason.

No. 597523

Yeah, didn't she say her lawyers were going to go after all the harassment girls who came forward and force them to admit they are making a witch hunt and their allegations are all false? What happened to your lawyers then, Moo? Bitch has no lawyers.

No. 597524


Exactly. She’s leaving out the country tomorrow. No way in hell is she calling up some lawyer at 10pm to screech about getting her Instagram account back. As if they’d take her serious anyways.

Love that this dark cloud will be looming over her head the whole trip. Knowing that she has yet again been banned from another social media site for her own stupid actions.

No. 597527

What image did she post to get banned?

No. 597528

What image did she post to get banned?

No. 597530

Looking forward to her backup account getting shuttered when she posts dem tasteful non-nude nudes from authentic onsen, my dudes.

No. 597533

File: 1541826425544.jpg (312.79 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20181109-210302_Ins…)

She keeps her eyes closed while she's saying "The lawyers just sent that in" in reference to the ID.

First of all, a lawyer would not compromise the privacy and credibility of their clients like this.

Second, not nearly enough time has passed for a lawyer to step in as an advocate or liaison for something like this. I believe Mariah may have been asked to provide a photo or a copy of her ID, but there's no way in hell that Instagram would negotiate with a third party this soon.

Lies. Lies. Fucking lies.

No. 597534

File: 1541826446629.jpg (179.36 KB, 1210x942, 1541067021183.jpg)

Lmao the new delet this pic has a use after all

No. 597537

She must be going into full social media withdrawal like a crack addict right now.

No. 597538

What kind of lawyer would be around and functioning at 9 pm?

No. 597539

And on a Friday night, no less.

No. 597540


None. Which is why it’s such a stupid fucking flex to try to do.

No. 597541

This is the same as her "manager" bullshit.

No. 597542

someone please edit this together + the banned insta status + the one from the last thread when her twitter got banned, next thread pic

No. 597543

Sad thing is her neckbeards will happily buy it because they need their free nudes from their thiccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc goddess.

No. 597545

Question: why didn't she bring this extra ass energy when her Twitter got deleted into the ether? What will happen when her Patreon finally gets suspended?

No. 597546

File: 1541827416112.jpeg (690.45 KB, 750x1201, 1D7D5C69-848C-4426-9BDB-C8D891…)

she’s deleted this post

No. 597549


Lol she lurking.

Yes Moo. It was exactly as stupid as you thought it was to claim to have a lawyer you could call up at 10pm to screech about getting your Instagram account back and that apparently tagged process could be settled in a matter of minutes.

No. 597550

Bitch is amped over her trip tomorrow and the fact that her main source of asspats has suddenly been cut off. Expect her to be on a manic bender from now until the end of her trip, doubly if sensei or the other cucks in tow don't sleep with her.

No. 597552

You called it.
The trip hasn't started and the milk begins to pour…

No. 597554

File: 1541829086578.jpeg (779.85 KB, 1242x2326, 5399B437-8816-4497-AF4A-440A95…)

When you appeal the loss of an Instagram account to Facebook instead of Instagram, they send you an automated email that says to send in your ID and stuff. This is what moo did, she’s dumb if she thinks anyone believes she got ahold of a lawyer at 9pm on a weeknight to deal with her instagram account

No. 597555


. . . Seriously. How stupid does she think everyone else is?

No. 597556

File: 1541829278183.jpg (538.53 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181109-215417_Pat…)

Her reply on patreon

No. 597558

honey your entire vulva was out. It definitely broke community guidelines.

No. 597559

Love how none of them give a fuck. Just stroke her ego for more pics.

No. 597561

Get used to interacting only with your paypigs, Moo, Patreon is all you're going to have left once Insta bops you for ban evasion after your appeal fails.

No. 597567

File: 1541830815092.png (497.58 KB, 450x600, punished granny.png)

No. 597569

Thanks for that info anon. I never got banned, so I didnt know what the procedure was. Mooriah is always lying.. like, always lying.

No. 597570

>incorrectly reported me

Bitch, everyone here could see your nasty pussylips on display. If she were smart, she'd save that shit for patreon. Since she lost her twitter, she couldnt advertise there since they are much more lax with nude content, but she's a fucking idiot.

No. 597572

This definitely requires a team of lawyers. Money well spent.

No. 597573

This is amazing. I’d love to see have to start from scratch again, see how many followers she actually gets.
Plus Instagram was the last public place she could turn into her hugbox.

Nip slips too.
She’s been pushing it far too long.

No. 597574

I'm pretty sure the "muh lawyers are working on it" was supposed to be a joke.

She's not ever funny, so it doesn't come across that way, but I don't think she meant there were actual lawyers involved.

No. 597575

Ban evasion would be worth looking into. I know there are a lot of accounts that will harass people, get blocked and continue to create new accounts and IG will do nothing about the IPs so I don't know their policies on it but it's worth a look into the ToS.

No. 597577

Another minor cow was caught van invading on Instagram, and they just ended up banning her entire device.
Here’s hoping.

No. 597578

I doubt it's a lawyer. I don't doubt she has someone helping her. But it's probably some shitty 20 something year old friend who does nothing but drink and party and took 1 or 2 law classes in community college and she's calling them her "lawyer".

No. 597581

"if its restored just report the account again"

so basically even if she starts over she will be banned if she posted shit like that again OR if her account gets put up again it will go right back down. Damn first twitter now insta those are the only social media that really matter nowadays for cosplayers

No. 597583

I doubt it's even that, 100 percent it's a complete bs lie. Instagram's terms of use/private policy is super tight and has been heavily reviewed through several iterations so they wouldn't be liable for any kind of bs. There are much, MUCH bigger fish sueing/defaming/doing illegal actions that require extreme care with their terms of use than some low tier sow showing off her batwinged vulva.

Bitch is just lying trying to seem important. Like her flexing her designer crap, knowing 'important' people, and all the other bs she loves to brag about.

No. 597585

Is it possible for this stupid girl to be any more full of shit? My lawyers? OMFG.

No. 597586

so on the eve of her big japan trip, her big instagram event, she gets banned. Moo if you weren't so fucking ignorant and self destructive and arrogant and insufferable I might almost feel sorry for you. But nope I don't. fuck you. Pretty soon lolcow will be the only place on the internet you still even exist dumbass.

No. 597591

I cannot believe she finally got banned for looking like a fat Borat with her vag out and then lies about getting a lawyer?? This milk is truly nourishing.

No. 597592

Why would you make a suggestion in this thread that would stop the free flow of milk.

No. 597598

I’m saying it’s worth looking into if she can get IP/device banned for ban evasion, anon

No. 597599

File: 1541838298034.gif (357.87 KB, 408x230, beatothefuckup.gif)

She fired her manager, her lawyers are next!

No. 597600

Her linguistics physically wound me. I can't believe this illiterate bitch gets away with so much.

Has her account been banned before? I don't know how moderation works on Insta, but I bet she's been warned a ton of times.

No. 597601

This is so fucking funny. Like, even the dumbest dog will learn after having their nose bopped with a newspaper enough times. Mariah? Nope. Literally incapable of learning no matter how many times her wrist is slapped.

No. 597602

File: 1541838990788.jpg (43.95 KB, 540x696, madman.jpg)

Guys, I figured it out. Mariah is a law student, sorry, a law major. She is her own lawyer. Therefore, she didn't lie my dudes.

>first the haters came for her 4th of july/con
>then they came for her japan trip

No. 597603

I hope her other account doesn't get banned before the end of IN JAPAN.

No. 597604

agree with this anon, I don't think she was being serious

No. 597607


It's so hard to tell anymore. When I first watched her say she was grabbing and exposing women due to ADHD, I was bracing myself for an explanation on a poorly-timed joke. Instead, she decided to roll with it, because she thought it sounded good coming out of her mouth at the time, like she'd get some pity points or sympathy.

In this case, the lawyer thing sounds like a bit of a weird flex more than a joke, but that's just my opinion based on Mariah's history of lies. Her and Vamp will probably refer to this as another witch hunt by this time tomorrow.

No. 597613

At first it sounded like a joke but she brought up her lawyers enough to make it seem like a typical Momokun lie along with her sponsors, praise on her dream projects and whatever else she pulls out of her ass

No. 597616

Oh this is beautiful, never thought I'd see Moo's IG nuked and just before her Japan trip as well. They say things run in threes, Twitter was bad but this must be really grinding her, shame Patreon don't give enough fucks about her account on there. We'd have the most amazing meltdown if that happened.

No. 597625

oh god I hope she gets denied entry in Japan

No. 597626


I mean I'm here for every kind of milk and this would be hilarious but - would it be even realistically possible?

No. 597627

I'm curious to see how she'll manage, she seems like the type of foreigner who expects the locals to cater to them and their lack of speaking the native language, and she made it obvious that she can't read Japanese in her camV stream

No. 597628

I know we love to rip on moo but she won't be denied entry or kicked out of the country lol, being an obese costhot is not a criminal offense.

No. 597629

She can't bring adderall or weed into the country so I wonder what our beloved costhot will do without the medication she supposedly needs for her "ADHD"

No. 597631

Alcohol is dirt cheap in japan so shes just gonna be on a bender the entire time is my assumption.

No. 597652


It's pretty easy to be denied entry in Japan but sadly mooriah doesn't fall onto any lists. There's a reason terrorism is nearly non-existent in that country let alone "imported" drugs.

Speaking of ban evasions, I wonder if someone reported her backup account yet for doing as such.

No. 597654

Even though having her 2nd account nuked is milky af, we'll miss out on the cringe she'll be posting during her trip in glorious Nipponlando, and her inevitable manic episode where she'll sperge and shriek about losing her account.

No. 597656

Hardly. Instagram will keep reinstating it. Especially if she can argue that things were taken down and were not against ToS. This is common and nipples are not forbidden on instagram btw.

No. 597657

Its not against ToS to have multiple accounts and its not considered ban evasion either according to their ToS.

No. 597662

she can bring adderall if she has a valid prescription, but i don't think she does.

No. 597664

Lmao does she think she's Kim Kardashian? You broke the rules Mariah, you get b&. That's how it works. You create an account on a social media because if you had your own website it wouldn't get nearly the same traffic. You want that traffic? Respect the rules. It's not that hard.

No. 597666

It’s an Amphetamine, which is illegal to bring into the country, people who bring it in even with a valid prescription are arrested

No. 597669

My boyfriend was able to bring Focalin to Japan, albeit with a lot of scrutiny. If she has a prescription, it’s probably fine.

No. 597670

Wish someone had commented "Yeah it happens to a lot of sex workers" on this just to see her try and disprove that's what she is.

No. 597673

Her panicked post are hilarious

No. 597680

Okay she’s stupid but I don’t think she’s stupid enough to bring drugs into a different country.
She’s not getting arrested for anything.

No. 597681

that's incorrect. unless she smuggles it, the only thing that can happen is they detain her while they validate the prescription. she just needs to claim it at immigration and give them a copy.

No. 597683

The only time someone was ever arrested for prescription adderall was when someone had her family illegally mail it to her.

No. 597684

She's going to be hella judged for being so loud and filming in places that she shouldn't. Expecting a lot of milk from her throwing tantrums over so many people judging her.

No. 597685

She should go to the Middle east or north africa instead of Japan. Would be different

No. 597689

"Nipples are not forbidden" uh, yes, they are, go back and read it again, anon. There's a reason "free the nipple" was trending as a hashtag.

No. 597691

during the filming of lost in translation, the Yakuza stopped Sofia Coppola and told her to stop filming (I think in a train station). Momo is NO sofia coppola and probably will raise the ire of someone no doubt. So this should be fun to watch. And her finding a way to complain about Nippon like she did Peru, Mexico, and so forth.

No. 597692

Why, do you guys really think she's on Adderall? She smokes weed, doesn't need to focus since she's not studying or working, and during her "reading" stream on CamV it took her forever to read one page. She's not on meds.

No. 597695

Cause she's mentioned it a few times. It would explain her behavior.

No. 597697

Okay so this lewd girl I follow was mad because she saw moo's new post on her main account that was in a really sexy bathing suit. she was mad because she wanted to know why moo can wear stuff like that but if she wears it she gets reported. well this chick reported moo and instagram took down her whole @mariahmallad account! kek

No. 597701

File: 1541874381975.png (Spoiler Image, 1.5 MB, 750x1334, mariah.png)

No. 597703

File: 1541874483616.png (229.84 KB, 750x1334, mariah2.png)

No. 597704


Uh oh. How long until Mariah goes on a rant and tries to sick her followers after this cosplayer

No. 597705


great, thanks to your friend's cowtipping we have one less avenue for milk, and right before her japan trip too.

No. 597706

She’s been on meds since she was little. It was supposed to cure her from being a totally out of control spoiled brat. Didn’t work. It takes her forever to read because she’s a dumbass who never could be bothered to pay attention in school.

No. 597707

Not even that farmer but she said it was just some lewd girl she followed and it wasn't the only person who reported Momo >>597494
. You might as well just sulk and whine to Instagram directly at this point for ruining your day.


Do you even know what this means?

No. 597708

Can you fucking chill, anon?
There's still her side account which she's already said she was going to keep updates on, not to mention she's probably not the only one to report her.

No. 597721

File: 1541877517594.jpeg (362.37 KB, 750x854, D280BE5F-8819-4663-AA5D-7F70A4…)

she said it was tomorrow yesterday but I guess they do leave on Sunday

No. 597723

I'm sure more than just two reports happened. We're not the only ones that hate her these days.

No. 597724

More or less, the FGC has hated her ass for as long as we have, and now Joe Q. Random Internet Dweller hates her for her lame ass Bowsette trolling attempt as well.

No. 597725

File: 1541877828149.jpeg (136.29 KB, 750x445, DFAFA0F3-A8A4-4380-ADCD-0A624E…)

No. 597727

>>I didn't do anything!
>>Admits she did things

Every god damn time Momo. Never change.

No. 597728

I didn't do anything wrong but just to be safe I won't be doing what I was doing that wasn't wrong. kek Bitch needs to run for office

No. 597730

Has anyone ever actually had their account reinstated? I love how confident she is about getting it back. I’ve never heard of anyone getting their account back, especially when they’ve violated terms multiple times.

No. 597732


When youre so in denial that what you do isnt porn/sex work. Just because you cant see nipples or actual vag lips doesnt constitute it being safe for under 18. One of her photos was used for a porn ad, she really thinks its not against the guidlines because shes not having sex on camera. Her bar is so low, this is what she gets.

You broke community guidelines Mariah, its no mistake. Almost nude is still porn. If none of the other girls got their accounts back I dont know what makes her think she will…its about time. Now to spend money padding her other account with fake followers!

No. 597734

That sounds like a load of bs. She can't advertise her patreon without the lewds, my dudes. Her fans will move on if the only content they can have has to be paid for.

No. 597736

The world chess tournament has been going on for the past few days, I wonder if moo is watching since she’s such a sophisticated lady~
Has she ever mentioned chess again after that one time?

No. 597737

I want to say Tenleid did?
I remember her getting flagged for something but she was able to appeal it under actual wrong reporting unlike this.

No. 597742

Nope, but she's going to now. God I love it when she parrots shit we say.

No. 597747

File: 1541881815687.jpeg (111.97 KB, 750x374, E1E51681-B70B-4CC2-9DD9-047B74…)


No. 597749

Does she think people will forget her transgressions by restarting or something?

No. 597750

Aww but what happened to her lawyers fighting so hard to get it back??

No. 597751

Adderall was mentioned many years ago, which is why it's treated as a likely truth.

No. 597752

"social media can be started over on" aka "ill just buy my followers again"

also, wasn't one of her pics taken down from her insta the other day? the white haired anime chick with the gross boobs? hoping her account is a banned for good since she got another pic reported after insta told her the rules.

No. 597754

File: 1541883407121.jpg (116.58 KB, 960x534, kyoukai-no-kanata-3.jpg)

>Just because you cant see nipples or actual vag lips doesnt constitute it being safe for under 18.

She's posted those too tho

Maybe with no Insta her Patrons will get what they pay for, for once.

lol jk

Aside from that lie, she also proved she can't even set up a fucking board correctly. Let alone match the colors to the correct player in her dream project.

No. 597761

File: 1541884573544.jpeg (96.93 KB, 675x464, CFC1ECDB-B297-4A0D-BAF3-8A822F…)

No. 597766

She can’t restart an Instagram it says under in the terms of use: who can use this platform, “We must not have previously disabled your account for violation of law or any of our policies.”
If her main is trashed she is forgood off instagram.

No. 597768

Imagine getting banned from two of the biggest sites costhots use. If she tries to use her second account to promote her lewds people are just gonna report her on there. Get fucked momo

No. 597779

She still has Facebook but they own Instagram so who knows how long she'll be able to stay there.

No. 597781


Nah, I got the impression that Moo avoided facebook because it wasn't the same hugbox like her main insta accounct and people still love to tear on her in the comment section lmao.

Maybe now she will actually have to do something and goes back to Twitch, like she promised idk how long ago.

No. 597783

Yes but she's addicted to social media and if both of her Instagram accounts go down, that only leaves one. Twitch doesn't even want her ass.

No. 597791

She keeps burning these bridges and all she has to do is follow the simple rules. It will be more fair to her patrons though, now she can't give away free patron content on her insta and will actually have to be nice to her pay pigs.
what her shit talk Insta though and say it's a trash site

No. 597792

Read closer. Unless it is in s visably sexual manner, like POV she does where there is simulated sex, you ARE allowed to show nipples. Just like the fine print in Patreons ToS. If you claim it as artistic and its visibly as such, it doesnt get taken down.

No. 597796


She really did fuck herself this time. All she has left is Facebook and she gets completely roasted there daily.

No. 597797

File: 1541890232955.jpeg (493.1 KB, 1242x1192, 010EF134-1A22-485F-8486-ECE2E8…)

Going to post this from Instagram’s community guidelines for reference so it clears it up for people.

She was in clear violation since her vag was practically hanging out of the sling bikini.

No. 597798


as long as no one reports her backup, she still has insta. Its just a major blow to it.

No. 597800

I wonder how strictly IG takes ban evasion. This would be game over for her bts account

No. 597801


She won’t be able to lure desperate losers with trashy near porn pictures anymore. Even if she buys more followers no one is going to stick around if she isn’t posting lewd content.

She really is fucked.

No. 597808


What this anon said.

And half the pictures she posted on inta and twit she cannot post on facebook. she'll get banned from their in a heartbeat.

really hoping she doesnt get her main insta back

No. 597810

>>597680 And yet, she was stupid enough to bring brass knuckles with her onto a flight.

Don't give this bitch credit for anything that doesn't involve an eating contest, guys.

No. 597825

you think moo can win an eating contest? hah!

No. 597834

File: 1541899040614.jpg (5.03 MB, 4272x5846, the nuked witch.jpg)

Holy shit anon, I keked out loud, thanks for making my morning with this masterpiece.

No. 597835

Next Thread pic, please!

No. 597844

>tattoing a harpoon
She really does read here.

No. 597848

Well it's officially been 24 hours and no reinstatement of your profile. GG

No. 597849

File: 1541903918096.gif (2.47 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

Kek what if she starts using Tumblr?

God I almost gave myself a hernia laughing at all the lawyer talk.

In a perfect world, yes. But there's no way cowtippers will be able to resist.

I'm hoping her side account will at least stay up until the Japan saga is over.

No. 597852

Becoming more convinced it takes Instagram users with a large following to make successful reports rather than groups of nobodies reporting the same images that are against the rules. Moo has been reported no end of times while the reports get replies with the same automatic 'it doesn't violate our community guidelines' response from Instagram. Finally somebody fucking listened. Hope she doesn't get her account back either. That backup of hers is looking so pityful.

No. 597853

thats not what cowtipping is anon

No. 597857

She made it way before the ban though? And other people who have lost their account due to ToS violations have remade their account and still have them. I don’t think IG is as strict about ban evasion.

But her BTS account doesn’t violate anything not even ban evasion.

No. 597871

File: 1541909257203.png (98.48 KB, 1404x352, Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 06.0…)

sorry for OT but interfering with a cow to cause milk is generally frowned upon and I think banning or mass banning counts for calling a raid

No. 597874

If you read the rules it says “who can USE Instagram”, Then goes on to say We must not have previously disabled your account for violation of law or any of our policies.
Doesn’t matter when the account was made, she can’t USE instagram.

No. 597875

Due to that wording, they must issue a device/IP ban? I’ve never seen or heard of them actually doing it though

No. 597879

File: 1541909926009.jpeg (487.02 KB, 633x1154, 28F5A2A9-7C43-485D-96A0-D08858…)

something not instagram rules related! she’s on her story crying about the two foster kittens going back to their owner, talks about how fostering isn’t really for her because it breaks her heart having to give them back after bonding with them so much. slides in a joke about “half a million Instagram account gets deleted? don’t care! Mariah your kitties are going home? waaaah” also mentions other people have asked her to foster for them?

No. 597880

I think it just means if someone reports her second account then they will take it down. You’re totally right, I highly doubt they would do a device/ip ban.

No. 597882

Her nose looks so fucking huge

Also you fat bitch, they're not your kitties, worry about the ones you already own

No. 597884


It’s so fuckingh annoying that she keeps doing that. Literally every time she does something with obvious half-ass effort she always has to make a small mention about “Other people have asked me to do this thing for them as well”. She shits out a barely coherent high school level amv? “People have asked me to edit their videos for them”.

It’s so obvious she is full of shit and is just looking to gas herself up.

No. 597885

Honestly. How can she have the gall to cry about how much she's "bonded" with these cats and how it breaks her heart to leave them, meanwhile she just lets the cats she has sniff Barge glue and play with literal garbage?

No. 597887

File: 1541910586240.jpg (717.93 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181110-223011_Ins…)

"I'm sad but I better show off my tits gaiz."

No. 597889

This bitch, who lets cats live in her messy shitpile of a house, let them near toxic fumes and substances, chucks them at Vamp to catsit while she goes off to chase dick, should not even be taking care of cats, let alone foster them.

No. 597890


Looks like her dumbass didn’t learn anything. She can’t ever just sit the fuck down and be humbled. She always has to try to have the last laugh

No. 597891

Wow. Cries about cats going to their new owners but not a single tear shed or show of emotion in her “response” to the people she hurt. Really shows the kind of fucked up priorities this bitch has.

No. 597893

No one said anything about doing that though. The person who reported the first one didn't even cowtip cause it didn't come from here.

No. 597895

cmon we all know why she's really crying, she doesn't care about those cats at all

No. 597896

Not to mention the fact that she's barely home to even take care of multiple cats, let alone one cat. All of her pets should be taken from her cause all she ever does is neglect them.

No. 597897


Yeah. Probably bawling her eyes out after learning she won’t be getting her account back and her schtick of luring in desperate losers with trashy borderline porn photos is over.

No. 597900

im a bit late anon, did she fucking get kicked off the camsite too???

No. 597903

It was likely a parting of the ways with the sponsorship she was getting. She had time commitments she clearly wasn't meeting.

No. 597906

Pretty much. If they had any sort of deal going on with her, they dropped it when they realized she refused to use the site for its intended purpose.

No. 597909

It's obvious that the ban is the real reason she's having a meltdown- it was finalized only a few hours ago.

The real question is why she feels the need to post a made-up story instead of just… not posting herself crying. I think it's because she wants pity and asspats, but knows how pathetic it is to be crying about getting banned on instagram.

No. 597911

Guys WTF is anachan(learn to integrate)

No. 597936

Omg the filter makes her face so bloated I’m screaming

No. 597943

>im fostering them
>im keeping them
>i was just fostering them

No. 597946

Are you sure it's not her bloated face making her face look bloated?

No. 597964

obvious incel bait but honestly, no, she does not have an ass at all

No. 597969

File: 1541943202785.gif (997.82 KB, 500x306, 1464190428646.gif)

>Momo gets banned for legitimate TOS reason

I'm honestly surprised the fostering thing was legit. I thought she pulled a Taylor Dean and just claimed she was fostering in order to keep them guilt-free.

No. 597980


>going back to their owner

so was she fostering them, or was she babysitting them for awhile and calling it fostering?

No. 597981

Mega tinfoil but what if she gave them back a while ago but is just using that as an excuse to cry now (when really she was crying about her Insta account.)
I mean she didn't really talk about them or post any videos of them for a while as far as I can remember and I don't think she posted any videos of them that were taken yesterday either so maybe she didn't have them anymore for a while but is pretending…?
(Yes, I know there's like a 1 in 9,999,999 chance this is true.)

No. 597982

File: 1541949461777.gif (777.93 KB, 498x278, waiting.gif)

So, it's about 7am in Las Vegas. Isn't it time to get ready for the japan trip, moo?

No. 597991

File: 1541952391873.jpg (838.66 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181111-110707_Ins…)

They are at the airport now.

No. 597995

File: 1541954767297.png (2.92 MB, 750x1334, 1738782A-3024-449B-8E4E-F707FD…)

No. 597996

Well here we are. Bets on….
If she will make a new insta
Buy followers on her side account
Melt down
Bonus- all of the above

No. 597998


who else thinks that she is super bummed about the fact that she has to broadcast this flex trip on her unpopular side account and not on her big main one? Idk she doesn't seem to be that excited about it as I imagined lol but let's see how it goes when she lands there.

Also anything from tattoo-kun about this trip? Is he part of it?

No. 598004

File: 1541955783553.png (1.84 MB, 750x1334, D057505A-9D3F-4142-9FE1-2347B4…)

No. 598007

Rip to everyone who has to sit near Mariah’s stretch for 12 hours

No. 598008

i wonder if she has to book 2 seats on the airplane or if she isn't that level of obese yet

No. 598012

Don't be silly anon, it's three people in a row, of course she has one seat. Give it time however. I think they start asking when you're around the 300 pound range

No. 598020

they all look like slobs. i get being on a long ass flight sucks but generally speaking its more polite to not look like THAT for a trip. think of other ppl ffs(nitpicking)

No. 598023

Holy shit, vamps looks r o u g h.

No. 598024

They are on a fucking airplane. Seriously, anon? They don't have to dress up and usually, people don't. They aren't celebrities. What are you expecting?

No. 598025

who cares you sperg

No. 598027

They look fine anon, who dreses up to be on a plane for 12 hours? I'd be more concerned about them being loud and obnoxious, no one will give a shit about their outfits.

No. 598029

So who else does Moo have in tow for this other than Mootch and circleofcucks? She was flexing about how a bunch of 'creatives' were coming on this trip with her.

No. 598034

Who's going to dress up just to sit for 12 hours? People go to school in pajamas and sit there for less than that. It's not that serious.

No. 598035


What happened with your first class ticket you bragged so much about Momo?

No. 598036


Not sure tbh, but from the looks of it, a LOT of cosplayers are going to and from Japan right now, so she might run into someone there. She apparently also knows some people there who are 'fans' or probably actual friends, but just for the sake of getting photos.

I also want to say, Japanese people are turned off by cosplayers. Being a weeb or for them a otaku is frowned upon heavily, even in some bigger otaku cities like Akihabara. It's more accepted there, but out of context cosplay unless it is in a building filled with sets specifically for it makes no sense to me.

She probably won't have to have a permit or ask permission to take photos in a hotel room or a rental space, but outside of that she may need permission or be told she has to cover up. They especially are NOT fond of cleavage and tits. THat's a huge no, but legs for days is fine, but Moo.. Your legs are chunky and they already scrutinize fat people, so have at it.

No. 598045

Totally. This trip was going to be her big insta event. And it's possible, not likely but possible that the fact that she is running out of ways to promote her soft core patreon porn and is running low on cash, credit, and revenue might finally be sinking into her dumbass head. This is an expensive trip when you are paying for your leeches to go too. The way she spends money I would be really surprised if she has much left.

No. 598046

Being a weirdo is frowned upon in like every country I think everyone knows stomping around in cosplay in public like a freak will make people look at you funny.

Ah vamps, forever the red headed step child of the group. Mariah gets the window, tattoo-kun gets the aisle. Vamps is shoved in to the middle row on a 12 hour flight because the breadwinner and her fuckboy get the better seats. Or maybe it’s because there’s no way Mariah would fit in to the middle seat.

No. 598051

Mount Fuji get ready for Mount Hougi.

No. 598057

She's the skinniest. Thats probably why.

No. 598072

I thought she was getting ~first class~. That isn't first class.

No. 598076

File: 1541971351890.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 95.53 KB, 768x1024, 8ORDHOVA.jpeg)


Save the images while you can btw. I cant archive them all atm.

No. 598077

I am speechless by how tiny her ass is, my god

No. 598079

File: 1541971717075.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 79.03 KB, 600x800, 4D9E1B08-4E6C-467C-93E3-D1A26D…)

w i d e

No. 598081

File: 1541971873845.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 51.75 KB, 768x1024, qwhVrmeA.jpeg)

That absolute lack of ass. It looks like folded paper.

No. 598083

File: 1541972132985.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1242x1762, 06CA9345-1B60-4328-8701-741D6B…)

People pay for this shit W O W

No. 598085

File: 1541972694587.png (621.15 KB, 620x567, new anatomy.png)

Mariah's arms have more of a waist than she does

No. 598089

idk why she posts pics to patreon when she isn't wearing any makeup in them. people are paying a shitload of money for that, the least you could do is slap on some concealer before turning the camera on

No. 598093

that's the Saiyan royal crest, which she's had a tattoo of for a while now anyway

No. 598094

File: 1541973871302.jpg (Spoiler Image, 928.17 KB, 2316x3088, verynais.jpg)

Very nice!

No. 598095

The light behind her makes it look like her asshole is glowing lmao

Also I like all the trash in the background. Very professional 10/10

No. 598096

Ugly kitchen full of cheap trash, so aspirational

No. 598099

This picture makes me sad.

No. 598101


Thanks for the sacrifice Anon. So her new thing is recycling pictures from other crappy sets to flesh out her crappy newer pix? Cause that seems dishonest AF.

No. 598102

I still can't get over the fact people pay for what looks like a 40 something mom's online dating profile pics.

No. 598104

No. 598106

Put some lipstick on those eyebags, because they're p l u m p.

No. 598107

wait is that a dildo in her hand under her phone????????????

No. 598108

That's just how fat her thumb is

No. 598109

File: 1541976034978.jpg (Spoiler Image, 18.24 KB, 940x940, 63915-00.jpg)

LMAO holy shit anon, i see it now. it for sure just looked like pic related for me

No. 598112

Even though she got the worst seat, I laugh because she's the one sitting next to Mariah's target the whole flight.

No. 598113

At this rate all she has is feeders, fat fetishists from Latin America and the Middle East, and incels who angrily jerk it to women becoming as sad and gross as them.

No. 598115

File: 1541977192949.png (250.69 KB, 500x574, flat-earth.png)

No. 598116

None of these idiots are looking at her face.

Two pictures are like 3 seconds apart or whatever, if that's how file names work. On the Scooby Doo pics.

>has full kitchen
>no furniture

[fat joke]

No. 598128

Much plumper than her lips for sure

No. 598140

File: 1541981117879.jpeg (82.76 KB, 750x1061, DEA185A2-FF2E-4F6F-998D-5982E2…)

>tfw you fucked what was left of your career cuz you kept provoking instagrams guidelines and now u got nuked so now you don’t have any platform left to hustle for neckbeards.

No. 598145

Is it just me or are those razor bumps around her vag? Yiiiikkkesss

No. 598151

No. BTS and selfies. Different from actusl set photos.

No. 598152

They used to fuck. Doesnt matter. Moo never got that dick though.

No. 598156

File: 1541984252613.jpeg (490.76 KB, 750x1010, 9E11EAC6-EA9A-4250-AFB5-96A858…)

yeah we get it slam Japan space jam gotcha

No. 598159

aw, be nice anon. tired old memes are all she has left now.

No. 598170


Her head looks so tiny.

No. 598171

Well, her account is back on. Including the pic in that grotesque 'swimsuit'.

No. 598172

File: 1541987208560.png (1.17 MB, 1080x1328, IMG_20181112_024634.png)

Doublepost, forgot the screencap

No. 598173

If she doesn't remove her porn I give it a few hours. There are a lot of people who don't want her back

No. 598174

People will just report her again. Unless she's frantically taking down everything rn (unlikely since she's on a plane), it will be down again within an hour.

No. 598175

Why was she allowed back? Do we know?

No. 598176

Sometimes people can get their accounts back if they remove the offensive content within a certain amount of time. However if they still have content that breaks their TOS they can get their account removed again

No. 598178

Probably because she can just delete the offending image and they'll be fine with that.

No. 598180

Her rag tag team of lawyers my dude.

No. 598181

File: 1541988555154.jpeg (125.62 KB, 1233x598, 89A133FF-6CBF-48AD-B0D7-5B0463…)

IG is apparently fine with the bikini pic now. So it really doesn’t matter how many times she breaks the rules, she constantly gets away with it.(cowtipping)

No. 598183

Why would you want to chase your own cow off social media. Seriously, think for a minute.

No. 598185

cant remember which anon predicted it but looks like she's defs trying a bit too hard to be like Susu. the swimsuit especially
fucking could she be more unoriginal

No. 598186

I thought it was confirmed above it wasn't cowtipping but another costhot?

No. 598187

Unfortunately this is going to be a huge boost to her ego and make her feel even more untouchable than before. She’ll be laughing her fat, Lardy ass off the minute she sees its back if she hasn’t already with in flight WiFi, knowing how crack addicted to social media she is.

No. 598188

Really. Her Japan shitshow needs to have as wide an audience as possible. More milky that way.

No. 598190

The moment she sees it she'll be posting. She's either passed out or hasn't yet.

No. 598191

I would love for her to post her shenaningans (hopefully racist ones) and then have her account gone once more. All the milk

No. 598192

it's probably going to be logan paul tier cringe/disrespectful. wonder how much weight she's going to gain over there, she probably will have to pay for two seats on the way back.

No. 598195

anon has made it obvious they reported just now. anons in this thread have joined in and are expressing the wish that she be permabanned. cmon.

No. 598201

So patreon paypigs, is this what you thought you were going to be giving her money for? All expense paid trips to Japan for her friends?

No. 598202


The spiral she would fall into if she permanently lost both her IG accounts would be fucking incredible - and she'll always find a way to be vocal. I suspect this is the line of thinking behind people who report her; they want to see the resulting meltdown, and if it happened while she was IN Japan? Losing all of her social media while in the basic costhot instahoe hotspot?

Nothing would ever top it.

No. 598203

Some anons don't know what cowtipping means. There was a screenshot that showed that another costhot did it. I assume it was multiple people who got it temporarily taken down though.

No. 598205

When she comes back she will be even more insufferable if that's possible. She's going to pick up a few phrases which she will use over and over. And every sentence that comes out of her mouth or onto social media will start with "well, when I was in Japan".

No. 598208

how do our own mods not know what cowtipping actually is

do they even read the rules?

No. 598209

File: 1541991353552.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 418.88 KB, 640x871, FD6FD1D8-A059-4BA5-88B7-8F9E78…)

I know this is an older one but WTF is going on with her body?? The upper and the lower body looks like from two different photos, it looks painful & just weirds me tf out wth

No. 598215

its ok cause she went there to do photos! ITS A BUSNESS EXPEENSE


No. 598223

File: 1541995155620.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 1148A724-FA54-4C23-BB3F-03F6DE…)

posting on her main again

No. 598225

Looks like the wicked witch got her account back

No. 598226

Her """lawyers""" really came through.

No. 598227


So be about 3pm when she gets there. This might mean some great sperging right outta the gate. I mean shes got the whole day ahead of her to be a tard, buckle up anons

No. 598228

Indeed. I expect no less than 30 IG stories a day.

No. 598233

Do we know how long she is there for? A week?

No. 598240

this sounds like an absolute crock of shit lmao

some people take amphetamines for things like narcolepsy. they can't just say "nope, can't have a med that keeps you conscious".

No. 598241

File: 1541998745800.jpeg (219.21 KB, 750x986, 85C58218-3F31-464B-A245-C6083B…)

This is from the embassy site. You can’t even bring in Sudafed

No. 598245

Elizabeth rage re-shot her latex Jenny without momo.

No. 598246

Elizabeth rage re-shot her latex Jenny without momo.

No. 598249

File: 1541999591200.png (117.35 KB, 233x305, Capture _2018-11-11-23-11-13~2…)

Shamu longing to return to the water

No. 598250

>>598233 Two weeks. Circleofcucks said they will be back November 25.

No. 598251

No, you can't bring in Psuedoephedrine. Not all Sudafed contains Psuedoephedrine, they contain Phenylalanine; which isn't a stimulant.

Either way, regardless of the rules on LEGAL prescriptions for adderall; it's pretty safe to assume that IF mariah still uses adderall, it's probably not with a legal/current rx anymore.

No. 598252

FYI: Sudafed contains pseudoephedrine. Sudafed PE contains phenylephrine (not phenylalanine). They’re both decongestants. Neither are stimulants, lol. But pseudoephedrine is a key ingredient in methamphetamine, so that’s the key difference between the two OTC drugs.

No. 598253

You LITERALLY just repeated what I said, but in a different way. But it has nothing to do with momo so I'm not sure why it's even worth saying again.

Bottom line, legal or not - momo probably doesn't have a LEGAL rx for adderall.

No. 598254

Holy shit. Two weeks with moo paying for pretty much everything? Even if you were going to budget travel that would add up to some serious cash. Moo don't budget anything. Dumbass is going to spend all her cash and max out all her cards in the ultimate financial suicide flex. But hey. Maybe she will pick up a few $5 tier patreon pledges because of this. Professional business woman yo.

No. 598257

wait did anybody upload these before?

No. 598261

nta and ot, but your wording made it seem like pseudoephedrine was a stimulant so calm yourself and move on. This sudafed shit has nothing to do with Moo anyway and whether she has an rx for adderall or not, I'm sure if the Japanese authorities or whatever stop her for it, she will do what she did in Peru.

No. 598265

It was an example, adderall is a stimulant but it’s still helpful for people on a prescription, it’s the same for Sudafed but it’s still not allowed in Japan, so even with prescriptions for a lot of these drugs you still have to abide by their laws, as much as I’d love for her to bring it in and get kicked out it still perpetuates their stereotypes on foreigners especially since the police are getting tougher

No. 598267

I have a good feeling that shits about to go down as soon as she hits the anime/hentai stores as she's not even allowed to take out her phone even to check time as they do take it seriously when it comes pictures. We all know that Momo likes to take picture of anything and that's not gonna stop her. They better not get to the suicide forest like their idol Logan Paul…

No. 598271

I dont understand why japan has such a stigma to drugs, even lighter ones, but is okay with pedophilia and another shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 598277

I don’t understand why you two are STILL sperging about this! It has nothing to Dow it’s Moo and is OT and boring. No one gives a shit.

I wonder how much vamps is paying for. I’m assuming moo will pay for her fuckboy, like maybe insist on it. But will she pay for vamp? Will she leave vamp behind on trips or eating out if vamp can’t afford it or has to budget? Man that would be sad but… it would show moo’s true colors. Maybe vamp is too proud to take the money. Who knows, but I’d like to see if Mariah pays for vamp too because we know vamps isn’t rolling in it.

No. 598278

If they're actually there 2 weeks it's a guaranteed shit show.

No. 598280

>too proud
lol vamps rolled over so moo could have her fuckboy, she ain't proud

No. 598285

You right anon. I guess it’s up to moo to be generous. Even so, I feel like it’ll only extend to meals here and there. Watch Mariah drop $800 on a figure and vamps has to see her wasting money on useless shit while she can’t even really afford this trip or to pay all her bills. I know she once complained about how Mariah made more than her even though she’d been in it longer, so I’m sure some of those feelings still exist.

No. 598287

I can't wait to see all the scowling locals in the background of her selfies and videos. This is going to be a treat.

No. 598304

Eck, gross. Now we're going to hear circlejerk & Moo's white kid hipster self entitled mantras of what they think "enlightenment" is in Japanese culture. Based on their half assed and disrespectful "experiences" and not actually knowing anything about the country other then what a 2 second Google search provides. Which will be every bit as inaccurate as it is offensive.

No. 598306

She's in Japan, recording people and being annoying aready

No. 598311

I'm surprised she took down the disgusting bikini picture again lmao.

No. 598312

Literally her first post on her story is her yelling “GODZIRRRAAAA” obnoxiously and zooming in on it in the distance

No. 598315

No. 598321

File: 1542034169934.png (983.59 KB, 750x1334, 3F7E74C8-1065-4523-8F23-9CED96…)

No. 598325

I’d hate to spend 12 hours on a plane with her, she also played music loud

No. 598326

File: 1542035489635.png (1.45 MB, 1220x1118, Screen Shot 2018-11-12 at 9.10…)

I know a lot of cosplayers are traveling to Japan here and there, but looks like Jess is currently there. Possibly did Momo find out that Jess was traveling there and tried to schedule to "run into" her, or maybe it's just a coincidence

No. 598328

It’s more than a coincidence, some people speculated Momo was trying to make it look like she and Jess went together, and she said a bunch of “creatives” will be going to Japan too so she knew Jess would be there

No. 598332

Moozilla was previously planning on going during the release of the next Dragon Ball Super movie next month to prove she's the ULTIMATE SAIYAN PRINCESS or some hot garbage like that, so she is absolutely trying to dick ride the various cosplayers there at the moment like Mommy Nigri.

No. 598333

Jess isn't in Japan rn, that's an old photo.

No. 598334

TBH the implications are hilarious because I know she isnt but it half seems like she's saying 'Moo maybe get off your ass and get some actual exercise while you're there'

If we didnt know she was gonna shove all of the family mart and seven eleven food in her face I might be tempted to say this trip would be healthy for her but if anything mariah is predictable.

No. 598345

No. Shit like this is stupid. I don't know why some anons keep trying to stir the pot when there is nothing in the pot. Moo and Jessica have NOTHING to do with each other and haven't for over a year now. Its not milk to tinfoil that Moo is there chasing Jessica with the idea Jesica is there when she isn't. Its a shitty narritive and doesn't add to anything. Jessica isn't saying shit at all to Moo via Twitter. Everything Jessica does has nothing to do with her. Can we stop bringing her up now?

No. 598350

So I keep calculating Momo's flexing in my head. She gets like 5k a month at best now. So she doesn't save a penny and just spends it all. I find it nearly impossible she basically lives pay check to pay check life style with her kind of income. She doesn't have value of a dollar.

No. 598352

she has the kind of lifestyle that requires way more money so it makes sense she can't stretch her money as much.

No. 598356

She's still getting probably about 10k tbh. Anything lower than 500 patrons would mean otherwise, but youhave people with 200 who make like 4k. Thats with everyone paying $20. You aren't factoring in her $50 pledges for Moo.

I get she is spending a bunch of money right now guys, but tbh, she has money. She has a lot of drama and milk, but she isn't fucking poor by any means. Especailly if she's ben stacking for months. Not like she did anything big for the summer or really for the spring. This is the big expense on top of the Umineko thing which ended up being.. What? A month's Patreon check which was probably all a write-off too? She is a fucking dumbass, but I think she knows how to spend without going into the red. She makes enough.

No. 598367

Without trying to shit up the thread myself, I’m getting pretty fed up of the whole “X cosplayer did this same cosplay”, “X cosplayer is going to this same con/location” shit. Momo stopped trying to suck up to bigger names after it became clear nobody would associate with her after the sexual assault fiasco. Let’s please stop trying to make it a thing.

No. 598368

I thought the picture was new, my bad! I don't like to buy into the Jess/Momo thing myself, I just thought the timing was very close, especially since she did say other people would be in Japan as well. But if Nigri isnt even in Japan, then yeah, it's just coincidence and unrelated

No. 598369

Anything new from moo? Caps or videos from her stories?

No. 598370

can someone explain to me what she's doing in this gif because its just absolutely ludicrous

No. 598373

File: 1542047159254.png (5.97 MB, 1242x2208, C91A59ED-CFA2-4CBE-8655-226C27…)

Nothing much yet.

No. 598374

File: 1542047221923.png (6.74 MB, 1242x2208, FF11335E-5ED3-4472-932D-97DE19…)

No. 598378

i love it when cows go to japan. i hope momo's japan trip holds a candle to pixielocks', that was a fucking milkfest

No. 598379

Seriously. It's kinda great that these cheap dumb shits rely so much on viral momentum as a career. I know it makes some people jealous when they see lazy shits make money while you work your ass off, but it's all about a slow burn schadenfreude. Watching them freak as they have these high expectations an lowering income without any resources or creativity to pull themselves up is beautiful. More specifically Onision, but we can only watch beautifully as Mariah delves deeper into porn because she can no longer see the money she used to. Eventually you'll get people approaching their 40s with no skills and work experience while still having higher standards of living. I love that Mariah still has money now. It'll make it even harder when that money becomes zero and she crashes and burns for all the bad decisions she's made.

No. 598381

she's likely not, because she was making 10K at 700 patrons. we've also noticed that she keeps losing patrons and messing with her invisible goal % to make it appear at 70%. (there's obviously a good loss here) also the 700 patrons she used to have had a lot of purchased accounts.

moo clearly doesn't have much money from what happened with her umineko project. plus, she did camming for a bit, likely for $$ and she wouldn't have done that if she was still making 10K

No. 598385

She is NOT messing with her goal. They work like this, 10 people sign up for $5. You're goal is $50 so it's 100%. You have 10 people, 8 of which are $5, 2 $1. You are not at your goal.

You can have as many people as you want, but unless the money adds up, she will always be at 70%. She is not tampering with shit.

No. 598388

Oh cute, a molester and a pedophile together.

No. 598389

wait whose the pedophile?

No. 598390

First thing she does in Japan is get drunk. Forget about sight seeing, where's the booze

No. 598393

They were on a plane for 14 hours anon. Then they met up with someone and of course they all went out to eat and drink? Why would you sightsee the first day? She's there for two weeks. They probably all want to eat, sleep, walk around a bit the first day or so.

No. 598395

It's clear how many anons have never traveled long distance before. Nitpicking how someone dresses for a 12+ hour flight and judging what they do the first day when there's inevitable jet lag and weird time adjustments…

There will be plenty of time to shit on Moo for actual cringe worthy things she's inevitably going to do…but judging the way she travels (aside from the folks laughing that she flexed about buying first class tix when she clearly wasn't even in premium economy) is just…sad.

No. 598397

Theres no point to freak out about every detail. it is stupid and it is so cluttery. Just in case an anon brings it up, Moo is old enough to drink. She's in a new country, celebrating her being there for the first time, of course, she's going to go out and drink. She said she doesn't drink? Who cares. She means she doesn't binge most likely like in room parties like she was doing last year where she was clearly incoherent the entire time.

The milk will come and fuck, even if it doesn't, we can laugh about some of the shit she does while she is there. Not point out how veiny her boobs are int he onsen type stuff.

They are probably asleep now or so. Haven't checked in a bit, but by the evening they should be awake again. It was 3pm when they landed at like.. 11pm in the states NV time I think.

No. 598399

There's no need to nitpick with Moo. The last six months we've seen her banned from twitter, outed as a molester, banned from cons, become a camgirl, fail as a camgirl, and the Umineko apocalypse. She's spoiled us.

No. 598401

Yeah we have some good shit coming. For now, so far from Japan we have her being loud on a plane and yelling in the streets about Godzilla. She's already annoying. Just keep waiting.

No. 598402


I know that the comparison has been mentioned a few times but I really, really, REALLY hope that she pulls a Logan Paul and fucks everything up and goes viral for whatever shit reason. I know it won't happen but I can only dream.

No. 598409

anon, we saw it dip down to 60% and then go back up to 70% a few minutes later, are you new?

No. 598410

samefag but we have caps of it changing immediately, after she lost patrons. go back and find it.

No. 598411

This. It's been shown ITT before. I wish idiots would stop trying to claim how much money moo has. She was desperate enough to go with a camsite and throw pasties on, she's got to have a reason. Her income is not up for debate, she's got 200+ less patrons than before, there's no way it's the same ffs.

No. 598429

they also forget that a lot of her patrons moved down to lower tiers since the higher ones are scams

No. 598442

from a jetlag standpoint, drinking on the first day/night is a very bad idea, but its a minor one in the long line of stupid things she does.

No. 598444

Im on the patreon, anon.

No. 598449

Where are those and time stamps with it?

No. 598453

Not that anon, but go check the other threads from the past few months to narrow down the search. There was a big talk about it and she changed it after we mentioned it. That's how we noticed it.

No. 598456

This. She spends every penny she gets as soon as she gets it and a lot of it is for expensive meals, booze, weed, crappy designer label clothes, and travel. She gets nothing in return for hardly any of her spending. Look at all the cosplay stuff she buys that just ends up in a pile on her floor. I think the only thing she has is a lot of credit card debt. She has no savings. Has never paid her taxes. And the amounts that she has to spend to keep her few "friends" in line has got to be a lot. She is going to have a fast and brutal fall when it comes and it will be way before she reaches 30.

No. 598457

File: 1542064171055.jpeg (576.79 KB, 1729x1969, 4CC049CF-267F-497F-8B19-85D70A…)

No. 598460

Okay? What does that have to do with anything? Her dollar amount for the goal is hidden and has been since she made the 10K. All of us other people on patreon can see the same shit you do, which is why we got fucking caps.

No. 598469

File: 1542067900999.png (3.59 MB, 750x1334, 9FFB7896-8A1A-4C1E-BB15-DE8525…)

No. 598472

I just looked at his IG jteamjason and I definitely remember his face/him being mentioned on some con creeps callous post some time ago

I can’t temember exactly what it was but it probably wasn’t too far off from what you posted

Not surprising him and moo hang around together

No. 598477

Hate to spoil the milk, but I used to be friends with the guy. Can confirm he didn’t meet moo until after she graduated high school, right around the time she started on patreon in 2015.

No. 598480


So you don't deny the other stuff about him.

No. 598482

Wait so how did moo get her insta back? Gross

No. 598485

Yes they can just say that, you big dummy. Sorry for blogging, I have narcolepsy and when I went on vacation to Japan I wasn't able to bring my medication. Even if I had my prescription with my diagnosis on it.
Japan is serious about drugs and even more serious about keeping foreigners with drugs (yes, even prescription ones) out.

Regardless, like other anons said, Moo probably doesn't have a current Rx for Adderall or any other stimulant.

Oof, that's rough. Let's hope she doesn't try to hop in an onsen wearing that.

No. 598491

Paula Dean Takes Japan!: Where's All The Butter!?

No. 598502


Moo goes unpunished, that's how. She violated ToS, then all of a sudden it "isn't" a violation but I know plenty who got banned from IG for less that DIDNT get their accounts back.

No. 598519

File: 1542078039475.jpeg (501.11 KB, 750x860, 9D64CC4F-E0A4-4D69-9213-392148…)

went to the umineko house

No. 598520

File: 1542078073723.jpeg (513.51 KB, 750x857, 768087E2-0E35-4BD3-A788-F42576…)

No. 598525

Uh, you spelled bitch wrong dumbass.

No. 598526

It’s called a gunt

No. 598529

File: 1542079518077.jpeg (681.12 KB, 750x1093, BE97BCFE-EB8C-4FC1-B524-CC2F80…)

No. 598531

She cosplayed the character once and now she is self proclaiming herself as that character from her failed project. Rough
I wonder if she misses the glory days when other people called her the irl samus and em

No. 598543

She's so pathetic. But i am glad she's gonna be posting all this milk for at least 2 weeks.

No. 598545

Come on and slam, still looking rough in Japan.

No. 598546

Imagine if your arm were wider than your whole head. Yikes…

No. 598553

>Lost her Twitter
>Is hated by most of the con-going communtiy
>Can't go to a con without hiding in hotel rooms and/or hiding behind other shitty friends
>Actively blacklisted by every big name cosplayer/ero-model she ever tried to befriend/suck up to (I barely count Holly Wolf or SSSniperwolf because they've both trash)
>Is a meme in FGC, Cosplay, and general weeb circles as a molester/thot who doesnt know jack from shit

She doesnt go 'unpunished' she's just continuing her legacy of pretending she's 'bigger' than she actually was. Before the mentality was 'fake it til you make it' and now she's working the 'if I keep faking it I'll make it again right?????' angle which will never happen because she only 'made it' before because people in the industry and scene were willing to give her chances.

No. 598555

Yeah. That's two weeks that her pets get to be chemical-free.

No. 598571

It’s like seeing vacation photos from your moms gal pal she plays bingo with on the weekends

No. 598573

Logan Paul had 15M subs before any of that happened, Moo doesn't have anywhere near the clout required to make people care about her misadventures abroad.

No. 598586

Why hasn't this bitch gotten lipo on her arms yet damn

No. 598594

She said she wants to see how the results on her neck will settle first but we know it's because she is scared of flabby skin. She can at least lie and say the fat in her arms are muscles because she's so strong.

No. 598599

I don't think people outside of lolcow care that much to follow her antics after the sexual harassment stuff, but now when farmers share something new about her even the normies would respond and comment on it because she's that notorious.

No. 598601

Pretty sure he didn’t sleep with his students. He’s an egomaniac and hangs around with shitheads like moo, but I seriously doubt it.

No. 598608

File: 1542093518739.png (168.83 KB, 1438x955, Screenshot_2018-11-13-00-11-37…)

This guy is consistently defending his master's honor with the same dickless queer comment to anyone who asks. He's a good greasy dog Moo probably never gives the time of day to.

But now she will since she's forever lurking.

No. 598609

Its just a picture anon. She's not claiming to be the character?

No. 598610

saying "the golden witch has arrived" and posing like the golden witch seems like projecting to me lmao

No. 598611

Its literally a photo in front of the house Umineko was based on and she did just do the Umineko thing. She's just taking a photo with the caption. She's not projecting anything. Ya'll are wildin' sometimes.

No. 598612

I don’t cosplay nor have cosplaying friends, but her bowsette meme and the rodeo meme ended up in my Facebook feed. I was surprised to see her being ripped apart by literally your average joe.
Her drama may be contained to mostly lolcow and the cosplay community, but her being meme’d seems to be a wide spread thing.

Cosplay or not, everyone enjoys a good train wreck.

No. 598613

Momo has either claimed to be 'IRL' or 'SO spiritually connected my dudes' Mei, Samus, Saber, Nero, Rin, Francis, Camilla, Chun Li, Takano, and probably more that I'm forgetting

This would NOT be the first time she's pulled this so it's REALLY not a reach at all to assume she's just doing it again

No. 598618

It literally seems like nothing more than any other weeb would do in Japan and pose, but I guess. I thought she just said she connected to how Beato feels and is in it for the gore and puzzles which is why she liked the series. I didn't think she felt that deep about it as far as connecting though.

No. 598633

underrated anon

No. 598657

Did you really believe she was into a series for the puzzles?

No. 598659

I didn’t say students, I said minors. I was one of them. And I was a willing participant but it’s still gross. He said he just wanted to watch Dr Who but then pulled out some wine.

No. 598660

Double posting cuz lolcow keeps making my phone freeze when I try to make long comments. Anyways I wasn’t the only one. People talked. I can answer questions but it’s not a huge deal just an “oh of course he’s friends with her, he’s also gross” thing.

No. 598663

File: 1542111671282.png (4.58 MB, 1440x2733, veggie.png)

Because you'll only eat them if it's from Japan

No. 598672

Wait, is that like AnimeVegas / Sabakon Jason? I knew they posed in pictures, but had no idea he was going with her… Someone said he was a pedo, is there receipts?

No. 598673

Sounds like he needs a thread or it needs to go in calves, yeah?

No. 598677

Those aren't even "Japanese" veggies I'm pretty sure it's more associated with China so lol

No. 598679


it's just fuckin bok choy. You can find that shit anywhere in any asian grocery store. Don't understand why you need to go to Japan to eat CHINESE veggies.

No. 598683

she's at a chinese style restaurant, you can tell by the plates.

No. 598684

She didn't mean that she's really there for veggies, don't take it so literally. They're just eating, veggies are probably just Sensei's idea, or she's trying to show that she's eating healthy. I swear some of you are way too eager for milk.

No. 598685

Provide some proof other than your one shit cap or fuck off to calves thread.

No. 598686

agreed. at least she's eating healthy. thy milk will cometh, eventually.

No. 598688

>I swear some of you are way too eager for milk.
Complaints about people grasping at straws are more common than people actually grasping at straws in this thread

No. 598697

Top tier lightning.
And holy shit I wonder how much she lifts.

No. 598715


No. 598718

>she doesn't do nudity or pornography
Buddy have I got news for you…

>eats nothing but grilled meat at home
>goes to Japan to eat two servings of bok choy

Well at least she's avoiding scurvy some how. Real question is how she's functioning without her Monster drinks.

No. 598722

>>598046 tattoo-kun just wanted to make sure if he gets into the mile high club its semirespectful

No. 598735

He did a shit job of being discreet about it on Facebook. Someone could add him and do some digging, I’m 100% certain it’d be easy to find something. This should go on calves though, you’re right. My bad.

No. 598736

He’s not very milky imo

No. 598743


Come on and slam, her memes are older than Japan.


No. 598750


I always forget that moo is 22 years old and not about to turn 30 anytime soon jeez

No. 598753


I always forget that moo is 22 years old and not about to turn 30 anytime soon jeez

No. 598754

Is she in Japan right now?

No. 598757

You can find bok choy at fucking —Kroger’s—-for Christ sake lmao

No. 598761

You guys really think Momo has a vast knowledge of vegetables? I'm just impressed she knows what a carrot is.

No. 598762

Seriously.. People need to calm down. Its just veggies and they are in a specific restaurant for it. What's next? She's eating pizza and she had to go to Japan just to eat Italian food?

No. 598767

Yep. She's been there what, 24 hours now?

No. 598769

I don't know if you're new but this is common in Momo threads. Farmers shit on her for everything because she lies about literally everything. She claims to be super healthy and eat a variety of healthy stuff. So her not knowing what a common crop is can be seen as funny to a lot of farmers. It isn't milky, but people like laughing at her based on her own words and claims.

No. 598770

>just veggies
Which is the hilarious part. Momo doesn't eat veggies at home so to post pictures of two plates of veg and caption it "I flew all the way to Japan to eat vegetables" is amusing to us. Have you seen her meal pics lately? It's just grilled meat, sushi, coconut water and energy drinks.

No. 598847

File: 1542147854600.jpeg (448.95 KB, 742x1159, 652591B1-CDE8-4733-9775-58F84A…)

Latest J World pics really show how flat/square her ass is

No. 598849

she's born in '95, so it's 23, not 22

No. 598869

does moo even like dragon ball? i know she claims to love DBZ but dragon ball isn't a shounen shit.

No. 598883

her legs dont even look real, what the fuck

No. 598896

They definitely look smaller than normal. Like, approximately 3/4th their original size.

No. 598916


You think Dragon Ball isn't a Shounen shit? lmfao

No. 598924

It's one of those anime that is on cartoon network and it's easy for her to get into. She watched Dragon Ball super but she doesn't know much of other series other than stuff she quickly looked up. It was like her obsession with Fate that was short lived. I think she really does like anime, but only because it gives her nerd points.

No. 598933

She has the Saiyan Crest tattooed on the back of her neck, so she cares about it as much as she did Fate. Enough to get everything wrong.

No. 598934

regular dragon ball is nothing like the "50 episodes of filler per season" garbage that DBZ and on are. fite me.

No. 598936

Take it to OT

No. 598942

File: 1542164248500.gif (840.87 KB, 500x375, 508d06a94d7d59fa469ef730062f63…)

Mariah isn't autistic enough, or weeb-y enough to care about shit outside DBZ she watched as a kid. And DBZ-2 aka Super.

I am autistic enough to get what you're saying - tl;dr child Goku is "Dragon Ball" adult Goku is "Dragon Ball Z". There's the context, and my final/only post on this.

No. 598944

File: 1542164550215.png (2.36 MB, 750x1334, 18AF2516-6144-4DF2-9E5B-367ACC…)

hollytwolf has joined the group of lambs in japan

No. 598945

File: 1542164682300.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, 2EB2CBDD-4024-4FD4-8A6C-2BA9A4…)

No. 598946

This is how Moo thinks she looks on a daily basis

No. 598948

File: 1542165383207.gif (2.82 MB, 270x480, DECF7E14-8F28-4537-ABD1-71295F…)

I don’t know if sensei chose this filter for a reason while filming moo walking beside a mystery Asian friend but either way enjoy a waddle

No. 598949

File: 1542165554486.png (130.51 KB, 493x216, max beauty filter.PNG)

No. 598950

holly looks like she could be their mother who got dragged along with no real choice.

No. 598955

Looks like flannel-kun made it to Japan.

No. 598957

i love how while everything else about this picture is filtered/edited to unrecognizability except her horrible puffy eye bags. like did she have to pay extra to take them on the flight, did they count as a carryon? ffs just kys when even purikura can't help you

this picture actually gets uglier as you work your way from left to right, holy shit. moo and vamps don't look good but damn that last girl can't even be saved by maximum beauty filter

No. 598970

Her ass looks literally concave in this.

No. 598986

The eye enlarging feature only managed to make her eyebags look more like vaginas

No. 598994

Yeah. RIP fake glasses-kun. You didn't survive long enough to see Nippon .

No. 599006

File: 1542181592084.png (4.12 MB, 1242x2208, 91A14768-FE32-401A-B93B-8F3D07…)

Is this an oh no or an oh yes?

No. 599011

Oh nice, all the predators and scammers in one city

No. 599013

That’s probably why holly is there, but flew in a day early to see moo

No. 599014

>I think Moo is repulsive
>I might or might not have a fat fetish

Why the fuck am I like this, my dudes?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 599020

I feel like there's a lack of milk at the moment because some of us (myself included) may have underestimated how boring Moo and company truly are. She hasn't been living it up, by the looks of things. Seems like it's the same old shit, but in a new country.

Honestly, this trip makes very little sense to me. I know she mentioned a couple of projects that she planned on doing while overseas, but this hasn't been very remarkable from an outside perspective, or from a business perspective if I can put myself in her shoes for a second.

No. 599040

I mean, she cant just go somewhere for fun?

No. 599052

>>599040 She isn't doing this for fun though. Not only does she claim that she planned on doing at least one project here, but it's also becoming increasingly evident that the anons who speculated that she changed her Japan dates in order to be there at the same time as Nigri were keen on something all along.

There's more to the story than we probably know at the moment, but Moo is definitely the kind of person to recklessly throw money away in hopes of getting the admiration of the cosplay community to forgive her. She went from Umineko to this.

Not sure what Holly's involvement is, but I'm placing an early bet that Moo will try to use Holly as a liaison of sorts to show up on Nigri's radar once again.

No. 599055

Yeah you’re probably right actually. I’m thinking it started out as a trip thought out for fun because what weeb doesn’t want to go to Japan, then turned into exactly what you said

No. 599073

It's been what, 2 days? Only of the fraction of the trip has actually passed.

No. 599084

exactly. Anons here must be new and spoiled, Moo has been consistently providing milk for a long time. There’s no need to act all desperate for her to do something funny when she JUST got to Japan. Give her some time to get over the jetlag and realize she has to go two weeks without pot. She always provides, just wait.

No. 599090

Ya know for someone who buys into all this hype beast stuff and blows money she goes and buys the cheapest and hideous pair of NB’s ever.

This girl dresses herself in the dark and her wardrobe is just the same tops and bottoms in a pile on the floor.

No. 599117

She hasn't even whipped out her udders while wearing weeby furry ears yet, the milk is coming. Right now she's trying to gather up a calf posse and schmooze, she's just getting started.

No. 599149

File: 1542219833908.png (3.7 MB, 1876x1200, Screen Shot 2018-11-14 at 12.2…)

kamui's in japan too. what's going on? is there an event they're all going to?

No. 599151

There’s are no reciepts and it’s pretty off base. Most likely a vendetta post

No. 599152

Its just a good time to visit tbh. Its really fucking hot in Japan in the summer, but beautiful in the fall and winter, so that's probably why everyone is going right now.

No. 599156


This, plus it dovetails into her need to flex. I am in the camp that there is more to it than a simple vacation though. But I know the milk will flow so we just wait.

No. 599157

spring's better imo.

No. 599159

Tokyo comic con?

No. 599161

Probably a lot of deals with airlines and travel agencies tbh.

No. 599231

That's comiket…

No. 599235

Call me crazy, but it looks as though that she’s actually going to try to be on her best behavior and not make a complete ass of herself. She’s in a foreign country, doesn’t speak the language and aside from the people she’s traveling with, she doesn’t know anyone there. She knows that if she fucks up or does any of the shut she likes to do at home she’ll likely be on the first plane out of there. So she might actually be making an effort to behave herself.

No. 599249

Spring is when all the tourists go, and airfare is expensive.

Plane tickets are super cheap at this time of the year

No. 599254

Staying until the 29th is a pretty damn long time.

There's an actual event called Tokyo Comic Con… Not every event in Japan is Comiket you dingus.


No. 599259

It's only been two days. How can you tell if she's on her best behavior after such a short amount of time?

No. 599269

Right, like she was on her best behavior in Peru? Give it time.

No. 599271

This. She’s also probably a little intimidated by japan. She should be. It’s never anything like what weebs think it will be. They tend to look at foreigners like acts in a freak show anyway so her paranoia is most likely on high alert.

No. 599275

File: 1542240541729.jpeg (169.93 KB, 750x1001, 20EDF868-D6AC-4B4D-8C40-0DE237…)

She’s in Japan yet still has time to clap back about her hobo fashion sense.

No. 599289


How much of a fucking loser is she that she can’t even enjoy being on vacation and still feels the need to “clap back” at her haters. And it’s always over stupid petty shit as well. She knows to keep her fat mouth shut when people call her out for serious stuff.

No. 599298

Am I the only one who remembered all these idiots were going at the same time, including jnig, when Moo first "announced" she was going to Japan as well?

No. 599299


I remember, why I'm confused by the surprise or "nah it doesn't mean much" she dick rides people pretty hard. I bet if Nigri goes on an africian safari moos fat ass will be there too in the guise of Sensei having a spiritual journey or something.

No. 599301

you sure she wouldn't wear a safari fursuit in the hopes jessica would accidentally take her pic?

No. 599304

>buys overpriced useless gucci fanny pack
>buys fugly juicy outfit (not even their gaudy but conspicuous tracksuit)
>pissy that people are suggesting she get clothes to flex

moo's got some high priorities.

No. 599308

you forget
>literally sells her appearance

No. 599309

File: 1542246825489.jpeg (782.14 KB, 750x1098, 23B245C4-CD35-4048-B961-EBA800…)

No. 599310

Has she been wearing the same pants since she’s arrived?

No. 599311

SO we can confirm through >>599309 that she shooped >>598847 Her legs look decisively bigger and she's wearing leggings in both

No. 599312

File: 1542247276007.jpeg (627.43 KB, 750x1034, E0FF2412-A6AA-46BF-827F-8748CE…)

I can’t tell for sure, I jokingly told myself when she posted this picture two days ago that I was going to try and track the leggings by the stain you can see…sadly this lighting doesn’t let me see stainsan.

No. 599313

For a country that values appearances, you'd think she'd dress nicer

No. 599316

Gosh, didn't you read what moo said? She thinks she's dressed nice, therefore she is. Moo's word is law!

No. 599317

she wore the same one all nyc and sat on literal trash bags

i bet she doesnt have to pay anything for luggage wise

No. 599318

If she had actually gotten those first class tickets she lied about she wouldnt have had to pay for checked luggage anyway

No. 599322

She's more fully sideways anon. Legs tend to look slimmer from the side compared to the front of 3/4 turn.

No. 599323

We've seen Moo's legs from the side before and they look almost human in that cloud picture. It's pretty easy to shoop yourself thinner when there are no straight lines behind you

No. 599324

Moo's thread is so slow that this is the level of nitpicking now. There isn't any facetune or shop. You can actually tell when you zoom in. Its the angle she and the photo are being taken. The camera is lower than her too. Its okay to have a photo that actually doesn't look hideous like normal you guys. Not trying to defend her, but the nitpicking is ridiculous at this point.

No. 599325

She's standing out even more dressing like that… Japan is not the place to dress like a slob. People make an effort when they go out. Wearing yoga pants everywhere is not a thing.(nitpick)

No. 599326

Anon not everywhere is Harajuku. There are plenty of lazy ass people in Japan. Especially the massive elderly crowd. Its literally a big mix and no one really wears fashing clothes outside the bigger cities and usually its just Akihabara and Harajuku. Moo and them are on vacation and they aren't wearing anything abnormal. Wait until Moo throws on her cat ears and shit. Or they cosplay to Aki'.

No. 599327

seriously, if the leggings are visibly dirty that's one thing but leggings when you're on vacation and doing a lot of urban hiking is not milky …

No. 599330

File: 1542252002933.png (2.57 MB, 1691x865, probably two pair.png)

It looks like she's got at least two pair with her, unless the Nike ones are the same ones with really tight shorts on top that blend in but I would think that highly unlikely… on the other hand, what is rather likely is that the only types of pants she owns at this point are leggings hahah

Here's four different angles from the recent pics… I'm leaning towards thinking it's not a shoop either, think it's more angle as other anons have suggested… the fabric probably gets stretched pretty tight when she poses like that (lol) which also might also help with its… er, compressing effects, making her legs look smaller? I mean you can full on see the silhouette of her underwear and the way her legs blob out lol

No. 599332

I think she literally buys like 5 pairs of the same pants at a time. That would explain why people always think she wears the same pair all the time. Or just like normal people she wears something twice. I don't care about 'she wore is x amount of times proof'. Its just leggings.

No. 599333

one of her pairs is dirty. also it's not really normal to wear leggings as pants there.

No. 599334

Kudos to her for keeping her gunt in check during this trip, I think that is all we really could of asked for with her.

She wears the exact same outfit for days at a time, anon. Her burning need to chronicle every moment of her life has confirmed that many, many times. The other farmers aren't really doing much of a stretch there.

No. 599335

she’s said on her camversity stream she does this. when she really loves something like leggings, she said she’ll buy several pairs because she’s scared they’ll get discontinued or something

No. 599336

That's what she claimed. I still think she just does >>599334 aka it's another lie

No. 599339

Moo saves a lot of space in her luggage by only packing 4 pieces of clothing for 2 weeks

No. 599340

lol actually when you're fat, luggage space is an extra problem bc your clothes are bigger

No. 599341

File: 1542255192159.jpg (40.4 KB, 1280x720, kround.jpg)

Hmm I think I recognize that body shape from somewhere(nitpicking)

No. 599342


Wow she actually cannot fit in there. The way her hand is supporting her makes it seem like she’s half squatting in. Also how her heels are lifted are telling too. I’ve sat in there before and it’s a low seat lol

No. 599354

File: 1542259621077.png (604.2 KB, 600x753, too many keks.png)

extremely underrated comment

gave me a much needed laugh

No. 599365

File: 1542267645601.jpeg (562.89 KB, 750x1091, 0D7B1732-A1EE-49A9-B8F5-984517…)

No. 599366

File: 1542267679034.jpeg (736.92 KB, 750x1100, 9C4615A3-4EE4-419D-A3FF-312D21…)

throwing a can of gas on the “teehee we aren’t fucking” fire

No. 599373

props to her for doing her eye makeup differently.

No. 599378

Tramps is probably getting cucked right in front of her eyes

No. 599382

File: 1542271572672.png (3.39 MB, 750x1334, 54E36D87-A7B7-47A5-9075-947DFD…)

No. 599383

File: 1542271601650.png (Spoiler Image, 2.91 MB, 750x1334, 556A30EA-78CD-44BA-996E-035255…)

“Lewd onsen shoot”

No. 599389

it's a tub…

No. 599392

I don’t think that’s legal??

No. 599402

File: 1542277349538.jpeg (1.5 MB, 750x1334, 89A33F5F-5F45-4734-9362-E1A67A…)

Lightened pic

No. 599404

>>599402 She looks identical to a 70-year-old woman who decided to wear hot pants and an oversized adult diaper to a bingo session. I swear, these girls try to take as many of the most unflattering photos of their "friends" as possible.

No. 599405

this is so strange to look at especially when you know all of her back fat was most likely shopped out…u can’t hide the side rolls moo…gross

No. 599410

They must have had a private onsen. You definitely can't take cameras or phones into a public one.

But moo would need a private one anyway since she has tattoos, onsens generally don't allow them.

No. 599411

Hey look it's the first time she's had clean feet.

No. 599428

File: 1542283639513.gif (687.61 KB, 458x260, kon sluts.gif)

No. 599429

You guys think she'll try to pass of these shitty onsen nudes as her +-×super special nippon project+-×?

Also yeah idk what kind of weird ass onsen this is, bc most of them don't allow cameras or people with tattoos. This is probably just some shitty spa at her hotel.

No. 599432

File: 1542286101783.png (229.9 KB, 500x372, How moo washes herself.png)


She's got clean feet and her friends finally got her to take a bath. Sad the only way is to trick her by getting her to do lewd bath scenes.

No. 599435

Remember how PT would only bathe if she could use Japanese bath salts? Mariah actually has to be flown all the way over to Japan.

No. 599441

Except for the typhoons. That's why plane tickets are so cheap in the fall - it's typhoon season. Which Moo should know about, considering Umineko takes place during one.

No. 599446

I wont be posting the patreon sets anymore, so someone else good luck sharing them. They arent worth it

No. 599447

And Pixielocks, she only has bathes with bath bombs because showers are boring, why are these cows so nasty

No. 599449

and Micky too, in fact one of Micky's literal thread highlights is her reportedly saying she only showers twice a week (which she tried to justify by saying she washes up in the sink the rest of the days) and doesn't like the smell of clean clothes. poor hygiene really seems to be a common cow factor

No. 599450

How the hell do you wash up in the sink, that's disgusting

No. 599456

Thank you for your service anon

No. 599457

File: 1542293803645.gif (18.46 MB, 650x345, f.gif)

No. 599463

It was a good run, anon. Thanks a lot.

No. 599465

If she had intention of selling those pictures why didn't she at least do something with her hair? Super straight hair on the "ponytail", wavy-ish frizzy unruly mess on the rest of the head. How hard is it to at least tie your hair up so it looks more presentable on pictures you're going to sell?

No. 599466

Thank you for your service and double thank you to you or your friend for ceasing your pledge to her Patreon.

No. 599468

Like rule #1 of being a costhot: You know the people shoveling money onto you don't give a shit how you look as long as you get naked.

No. 599475


Oh totally agree. 35 bucks for this new shitshow, even 10 bucks to see what, her photoshopped ass? Nah we all appreciate ya anon.

No. 599479

the best part is she probably took the pictures.

No. 599482


lol when you wash yourself using the sink, it's called a "Whore's bath". Very fitting for these cows. The term comes from prostitues, who would only wash important areas before sex.

No. 599483

>Literally just her naked in a tub
I know she does this all the time but still.

They definitely went to a private onsen, but I honestly wouldn't put it above her to try and sneak some pictures in a public bath if it was empty.

No. 599486

she's not in proper onsen (obviously) it just looks like a big bath in a hotel. onsen is either the spring baths or the indoor baths at places with springs that has the spring water in it. regular ryokan doesn't have onsen, but they do have these baths.

thank you for doing it so long anon! glad that you (or whoever's) money is going somewhere else!

No. 599488

I mean I know moo lies literally all the time but that seems like a stretch. I do the same thing, I have friends who do, and there was even a commercial for like laundry detergent or something not too long ago that showed someone else doing the same thing in case something “happened” to one of her pieces of clothing.
She could be lying but it’s actually a thing. Also it could have been meant as a subtle flex - “look I can buy 5 of the same brand activewear at the same time because money isn’t an object for me!”

No. 599498

File: 1542301440772.jpg (Spoiler Image, 141.18 KB, 1200x675, Dr-lWnvXQAAiqKt.jpg)

Omg I did not know Momokun was going to be in Soul Calibur VI(nitpick)

No. 599505

Guess sensei has to repay her for the trip somehow. I'm starting to think this was less a treat to get him to like her but more Momo's way of holding him hostage so he can't ignore her.

No. 599507

Question though. Do you think she did it traditionally where you wash BEFORE getting into a bath, or did she say screw it and splashed down with all her ham stank.

No. 599510

File: 1542302789765.png (3.24 MB, 750x1334, 4FD2BC6E-44E5-4A2D-9069-91D90C…)

maybe ~group~ onsen shots?

No. 599512

no, also other anons seem to think that she's doing it PT style so i think the general consensus is she's washed in the bath.

No. 599526


Wow Vamps is getting cucked so hard. I actually feel sorry for her, for once. She's a piece of shit as well, but that's still gotta hurt. Mooriah is such a shit friend.

No. 599529


Colette is getting completely NTR'd, holy crap. How goddamn shameless, Mariah.

No. 599530


No. 599546


She was actually created a while back by a guy in the fgc. I had completely forgotten.


No. 599549

The ridiculous nitpicking needs to stop. Moo wearing leggings isn't milk, saying moo is fat isn't milk.

If you're new here read the rules.

No. 599550

calm down. i'm glad a new admin is coming so you cucks will get replaced.

No. 599559

They're not wrong though.
Everyone's been so starved for her to fuck up on this trip that now everything is a free for all nitpick fest about her weight and clothes, it's embarrassing.
We already know she's gross and packing into her clothes like a sardine, why can't we just roast her on her inevitable fuckup that's coming?

No. 599560


…Yet people always comment on her weight when she posts her 'lewds' - that isn't nitpicking. That's an observation.

No. 599569

Hey isn't that the commercial where she has a blue dress? I think I remember it.
Maybe nitpick but the angle this was taken at almost makes it look like she has no boobs. For I second I thought anon photoshopped it until I realised it was just the angle.
Part of me dares to wonder if she even actually ate any or just took a picture. Maybe she did.
In spite of everything I kinda feel bad for Vamps. Clearly there was something with how she sperged on Twitter when someone mentioned him and moo that one time, now it looks even more like she's being sidelined. (I wonder if this will continue after the Japan trip, though.)

No. 599572

It looks like an onset though, not just a big bath. Although a shitty onsen. Look at the wooden fence in the background

No. 599593

idk why anyone is surprised? it was already mentioned weeks and weeks ago that Mariah's and Jess' Japan trip is very conveniently timed.

No. 599607

I'm pretty sure she once admitted to wearing the same clothes for days cause she wanted to.

Before that, she claimed to buy multiple pairs of the same thing.

No. 599609

Yeah I remember, it was before her cam streams. Saying she didn't think she needed to shower or change clothes if she THOUGHT she was still fresh. It would back up the bad odor rumors that follow her around or her putting on too much perfumes to mask the smell.

No. 599614

No, many ryokans have these and they aren't onsens or onsen related. They're just for tourists and usually cheap, and have regular running water in them.

No. 599626

Found a site which had the newest set including the onsen one, could be worse

No. 599627

She had the perfect chance to wash her hair and chose to stay greasy.

No. 599629

I feel like I'm staring straight into her butthole. Poses like that only work when you have panties on, that's just too much.

No. 599637

This is the absolute WIDEST her butt has ever been.

No. 599638

I love how every pose is of her backside so she doesn’t have to show off her fatass stomach.

No. 599639

Can you repost the relevant image/s? I don't want to visit that.

No. 599640

File: 1542323558037.jpg (Spoiler Image, 369.49 KB, 702x925, Momokunjapan_3__result1.jpg)

No. 599641

File: 1542323620230.jpg (Spoiler Image, 371.68 KB, 702x925, Momokunjapan_2__result1.jpg)

No. 599642

File: 1542323651497.jpg (Spoiler Image, 328.69 KB, 702x925, Momokunjapan_6__result1.jpg)

No. 599643

File: 1542323662531.png (Spoiler Image, 671.72 KB, 466x771, donkey cunt.png)

undeterred by the fact that her Boswette cosplay was a flop, Moo has decided to create her own variant on the character – instead, a hybrid between Peach and Donkey Kong – perhaps influenced by the comparisons in these very threads!

No. 599644

File: 1542323672468.jpg (Spoiler Image, 329.72 KB, 702x925, Momokunjapan_13__result1.jpg)

These are the worst ones, in my opinion

No. 599646

hey Moo, if you're reading this: no, what >>599637 said is not a good thing

No. 599647

File: 1542323841570.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.69 KB, 702x925, iNYTV3P.jpg)

No. 599652

The lighting, her nappy hair, her butthole- this is definitely one of the worst ones next to the cow tied photo set. If she makes a living off THESE photos then I will literally quit my job and gain 200 pounds.

No. 599655

File: 1542324208952.png (85.29 KB, 245x266, 20181115_152227.png)

Brush your hair jesus christ. I don't get the dangly hair pieces, it looks like shes trying to do anime inspired hair but the hair is long enough to go up in the ponytail so it just looks nappy…(Nitpicking)

No. 599658

File: 1542324592275.jpg (331.58 KB, 702x925, 1542323672468.jpg)

What a unit.

No. 599659

lol her body looks like a crudely drawn penis upside down

No. 599660


the smoothing and photoshop is so obvious but she still looks like melted peanut butter

No. 599666

How long is vamp gonna let mariah step over here. honestly when will that girl see the light

No. 599669

when the $$ dries up.

that's when all the milk will pour.

No. 599671

Her asscrack looks so hilariously fucked out bc of the bad smoothing. Way to go moo.

No. 599678

no its not nitpicking. i was going to say the same thing, her hair looks extra nasty here, like it doesnt even belong to her and its a dread

No. 599683

Did she really show the world her asshole for $10?
what happened to "I don't do porn my dudes" and "My sister is too classy for disgusting porn" lmao

No. 599684

It legitimately looks like back dimples and definition were photoshopped in with the dodge/burn tool. They’re present in some photos but not in others. Hire better editors, please.

No. 599685

I agree… part of the problem w/ Mariah is the fact that photoshoots are her livelihood and she puts little to no effort into her appearance. She knows her fans are going to put money into this set and she thinks it's ok to look so gross?

No. 599687

why does she always make it look like amputee porn

No. 599690

This feels like I'm going through the seven stages of hell, each set gives me a new horror to suffer through.

No. 599702


Is it me or do her feet and the water look absolutely filthy? Moo learn basic hygiene you're a grown adult gdi

No. 599704

They actually look clean. These are camera phone photos too, anon. Not to mention the fog in the water from all the steam

No. 599705

File: 1542330080821.jpeg (732.35 KB, 750x1110, E787ECF1-5CA8-4D89-8006-C9402E…)

time to suck up to vamp

No. 599706

File: 1542330110235.jpeg (689.31 KB, 750x1108, B76FC193-DC4C-45B0-AA07-DEC57C…)

No. 599707

"lookit my good little dog! Such a good pet letting me screw her guy."

No. 599713

One of you shooped this… right? RIGHT???

No. 599718

File: 1542331765460.jpg (23.27 KB, 414x679, xV2T04X.jpg)

Her ass is shaped like

No. 599728

She looks like she has the body and ass of a nursing home patient with less wrinkles. Ickkkk

No. 599751


This set is seriously reminding me of those “wings” that extremely obese get around their ass and thighs LIKE…

No. 599752

File: 1542337615107.png (99.18 KB, 463x315, 1496881974476.png)

I never thought I’d say it, but the Morrigan from the American Darkstalkers cartoon looks better than Mariah.

No. 599754

File: 1542338126965.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 832.72 KB, 4000x1999, 3F0F44C9-F643-416F-92F1-419835…)

so momo, vamps and holly all pretty much did the same shoot at the onsen. I don’t know if they all helped each other (especially since she mentioned group shots) with posing or anything but just lol at the stark contrast between these very similar poses/pictures but how different they look

No. 599755

Her ass look like the tip of a penis

No. 599756

That's absolutely the same shower too, the red thing on the left is in the exact same place.

No. 599758

File: 1542338529401.jpg (Spoiler Image, 309.07 KB, 1632x1999, lined.jpg)

i lined up the backgrounds in both to have a a good comparison and jesus the difference between the arms

No. 599762

this is bizarre. moo looks like she is lost there, that smile that screams retarded and holly actually looks sexy… why didnt she help our poor cow?

No. 599765

I’d understand it being nitpicking if this was her just out somewhere with friends, but this is her looking like a slob for a photoshoot that she expects people to pay for to see.

No. 599769

This is exactly what I was thinking tbh

Every time I see shit like this, I think about how she got so pissed off and was like THEYRE NOT EVEN FUCKING or whatever
Like everyone doesn't know she's "in love" with him, so Moo went in for the kill

No. 599773

Also all of Moo's pics were blurry and not in focus.
I feel bad for the paypigs that paid $35 for those

No. 599775


I love the way moo is holding her robe in place too to hide her fucking gut. Nitpicky or not, this set is atrocious and I can't believe she expects people to pay for it. I'm even more aghast that people WILL pay for it.

No. 599782

Thankfully Holly was the best one out of the 3, I liked hers since it was sensual. Momo's is well…a mess like usual and Vamplette's wasn't too bad except the quality looked crappy.

No. 599783

Thankfully Holly was the best one out of the 3, I liked hers since it was sensual. Momo's is well…a mess like usual and Vamplette's wasn't too bad except the quality looked crappy.

No. 599786

nobody posted vamps though?

No. 599788

She's so big, shopping doesnt even help. She can't even shoop the rolls anymore…

No. 599792

Smells like Holly self posting with all this praise

No. 599793

Come on and slam!
And let’s steal Vamp’s man!

No. 599806

Moo making fun of Vamp's snaggletooth, it's no wonder her friends let her leave the house looking like a greasy balled up tissue. Friendship is bliss.

No. 599807

Right? Holly looks like a fucking hunchback. Not trying to tin foil but it wouldn't surprise me if Holly puts down moo to make herself look better.

No. 599809

That would fit her MO to a tee.

No. 599818

honestly the blur behind her ass makes it look like she farted in the pool. this just looks…poor.

No. 599825

File: 1542356415330.jpg (59.89 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181116-022020_Ins…)

I cant tell if I'm blocked or her shit got taken again. Both accounts like this

No. 599826

It’s the same for me, I thought I was blocked as wel.

No. 599827

yep, looks like they're both banned lmao

No. 599828

same here!

No. 599829

Do you think it's for good? Maybe IG does have ban evasion procedures

No. 599830

File: 1542356984949.jpg (76.38 KB, 736x1013, potato ass.jpg)

She's got a Mr.potato head looking-ass

No. 599831


No. 599834

They still work for me, maybe a glitch?

No. 599844

She's not banned, it's just an error with mobile instagram. If you access it on desktop, everything's still up.

No. 599845

They’re both gone for me too

No. 599846

Holly and Vamps better watch out. Mariah's almost big enough to eat them.

No. 599856

For me (mobile) her main is up, but her backup is definitely gone. It doesn't come up in search and even in her bio, it's in plain text instead of a link.

No. 599858

File: 1542360310849.png (6.26 MB, 1242x2688, AB638AF6-902D-4224-87E4-7EBFEC…)

Bts is down

No. 599864

File: 1542361181838.jpg (71.89 KB, 738x500, momokunt.jpg)

FIRST thing I thought of

No. 599865

Did she lock herself out of her account?

No. 599869

There’s nothing remotely Japanese about this? Like they could have taken these in a sauna in America. What about this makes it special becaue it was shot in japan? It looks quite plain? Or is it just me?

No. 599871

Moo is doing the walrus thing with chopsticks, not milk but it's very classy of her.

No. 599879

Fucking gross, anon. Spoiler this shit.

She already has the body of a walrus, so it's appropriate.

No. 599892

It's not just you anon, this looks like any old shower with wood panels, nothing Japanese about this. She could've thrown in a few shots of her in her room just to make the overall album have some sort of Japanese theme, that is if she's really staying in a traditional Japanese Ryokan.

No. 599900

dont give her any ideas

No. 599911

I wish I knew what Moo is doing with her neck. But then I realized it’s probably to hide her double chin

No. 599917

File: 1542376521798.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 355.01 KB, 640x1048, C199181A-9E9D-4ECA-A0BE-2A493C…)

You beat me to it but here’s my offering.

No. 599919

Vamps posted it on her twitter.

No. 599932

As if following this suggestion alone can improve the production value of her photo sets immensely. Btw is she actually staying at a Ryokan? I thought I'd see her brag about it by now.

No. 599934

They're at an Airbnb in Osaka now, there's some hotels that have small, private baths like this so they may have been staying at one of those

No. 599935

Well Momo did mention trying to organize a group shoot. I guess this was it and all she could get was Vamps and Holly?

How do you forget the password to something you use every 10 minutes?

No. 599944

Her main is up, but her bts one is down for me on desktop.

No. 599951

You're joking, right? Save password is a thing that exists.

No. 599954

You have to occasionally re-enter it though, especially when logging into different platforms and if you actually practice proper security.

No. 600000

Yes, the photoshoot is just a private bath, it's not an onsen. I hate weebs who assume every bath in japan is a fucking onsen. Moo likely just went to use a private bath at a cheap hotel. The kind she used goes for ~15/hr to use.

No. 600006

People forget their passwords all the time anon, that's why password managers exist.

However, "I can't do forget password because the account is hidden" makes no sense, no idea why would that be a hindrance.

No. 600019

i'd believe moo if she said anything else. usually you have to re-enter passwords or enter a code when the app flags you in a different country.

No. 600028

She might have issues again, I can't find her account on mobile yet again

No. 600030

File: 1542395321105.jpeg (107.37 KB, 1024x682, 77863A9A-F156-431F-BA98-3529A2…)

They’re all just shooting for the same aesthetic it seems

No. 600111

This trip has been kind of milk free so far but then again moo cant be moo in Japan. No screeching in restaurants. No going into stores and destroying them cause that's so funny. No barging into public places for photo shoots. etc, etc. I'm not saying that there will not be a few stupid mooisms yet to come but she's so far out of her comfort zone that she has been forced to act like a semi-normal person in public. It must be killing her.

No. 600115

No weed. No speed. I hate to say it but maybe if moo wasn't so high all the time she wouldn't act like such an idiot and make such poor decisions? Nah, she'd still be a dumbass.

No. 600116

That and Moo has a large team of handlers on this trip, so they might be trying to steer her away from, well, being a steer.

No. 600120


Pretty much what I said earlier. She can’t do any of the shit she usually does back at home and is actually forced to be on her best behavior.

No. 600122

That and Moo has a large team of handlers on this trip, so they might be trying to steer her away from, well, being a steer.

No. 600130

>a lot of handlers

she has 2 people and was with holly one day.

No. 600133

Holy fuck, I would've killed myself if I was Mariah

No. 600136

>No weed. No speed.

This is thread title material tbh

No. 600161

I think she means the email name that they send the reset password thing to is hidden (and she forgot it I guess.) Like when you go tk reset it, it says "sent a verification code to lolc*@email.com" and she (of course) probably forgot the username to the email (the part that was hidden) so she couldn't login and get the email, therefore can't reset her password. Not sure though.
>>600028 I think it's just a mobile glitch? Her main is up but her side one isn't working because… she says she forgot the pass.
Unless her main isn't up now either.

No. 600164

I can see both of them. So I don't know whats going on. Could be a glitch like you said though.

No. 600197

This is actually seeming kind of likely. Without adderall to abuse, weed to smoke, or 23 energy drinks a day… it might be possible for Mooriah to actually act like a NORMAL shitty human instead of an ULTRA shitty human.

No. 600204

Is it just me or are Moo and Vamps both getting a bit chunkier?

No. 600287

File: 1542429105240.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 105.04 KB, 1920x1920, received_2138035842894346.jpeg)

No. 600334

File: 1542430569807.jpg (13.92 KB, 563x503, 1537511669576.jpg)

No. 600342

vamps weight fluctuates like crazy, she gains and loses very rapidly. and of course moo is steadily gaining until her next lipo sesh.

No. 600350

File: 1542431156080.jpeg (627.72 KB, 750x1103, CD84F527-6F28-44BF-9598-334478…)

No. 600388

Can't believe that tattoo-sensei hasn't snuck off to a lotion club yet. Or maybe he has. Probably the same thing he gets from moo so why not try a pro version?

No. 600396

Because getting Moo to slobber on your dick is free and probably makes him smile. >>600350
Her comfort flannel is accentuating her waist here and it works lol. Too bad her actual waist area zoomed in still looks shooped.

No. 600417

this photo looks green screened because of whatever shit setting she's using.

No. 600609

I’d like him to try sneaking into a red-light district (Roppongi? Kabukicho? Shinmachi?) and then being on the receiving end of Mariah’s jealous tantrums.

No. 600653

tho i feel like you two are the same person, why would you want that? it's way more funny to see vamps get cucked right before her eyes. worse yet, her neckbeards might get mad if they perceive him as her bf, esp since he's much more attractive than the average neckbeard. (i'm not calling him hot, don't jump down my throat, just by comparison).

No. 600684

This photo >>599366 just screams "I fucked this guy at least once", I wouldn't be surprised if at least a bunch of people thought there was something going on. It's not a photo you'd normally take with a friend.

No. 600688

She has a huge crush on him and is hoping this big whirlwind flex trip will be enough to make him want to stay. But that won't happen. It won't happen to either of them. Mariah is obese and never dresses like a woman. She doesnt manage herself and might as well be a guy. If a guy wanted to date another guy he'd be gay, which is something sloppy tomboys like her don't get. They don't see you as a woman other than when you take your clothes off (and they physically see you shower first since they figure slobs like that probably shower once a week). As for Vamp, she's not attractive either. Her teeth are wonky, her nose looks like it's been broken 10 times and she's flatter than a piece of paper. Good ass though. Her lack of breasts could easily be forgivable if not for her weird looking face.

To a young guy like him, he has options. His greasy indie plaid wearing beardman look gets him attention from many women, so he gets to pick and choose. Which means that most likely he'll take this trip, fuck them both a couple times, and then leave when the freebies start drying up and one if not both of them start pestering him about wanting to get serious. He's just in for the ride. I give it until just after summer max. By then he'll run if he's not already gone yet.

No. 600691

File: 1542488657873.jpg (707.69 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20181117-150315_Ins…)

No makeup can save your crows feet moo. Looking like a 35 year old.(nitpick)

No. 600698

Thats insulting to some 35 year olds, many people 10 years her senior look much younger than her.

No. 600787

>young guy

he looks like he's pushing his late 30s, how old is he??

No. 600797


It's probably an effect of being around Mariah. All of her "friends" look way older than they are.

No. 600829

That's because she's literally sucking the life out of everyone around her

No. 600861

i feel like that beard is doing a lot of work in making him look older and also more attractive. bet there's a weak-ass chin hiding under there

No. 600863

File: 1542523418886.jpeg (131.3 KB, 750x720, 623BAD23-B564-4B8F-B14E-6C7D36…)

Is Momo friends with this girl?(calves thread)

No. 600868

Nigri posted some like those too

No. 600870

>more attractive
Are we looking at the same person? He looks like a crazed homeless man that tries to sell shitty sage cleansings for a buck

Holy shoop Batman, I never thought I would see someone abuse photo editing worse than moo

No. 600877

She’s a psychic vampire.

No. 600919

File: 1542540597147.jpeg (762.68 KB, 2048x2048, A656E3C6-83C3-441E-A208-4302DB…)

Who wore it better: Japan verison

No. 600925

holy shit she wasnt joking when she said she wishes she was nigri.

No. 600928

i think the thousand yard stare and lazy eye really complete moo’s look

No. 600930