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File: 1495194525022.png (184.57 KB, 296x357, 1495145128411.png)

No. 385834

Previous thread: >>382934

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

Recent: After saying she wouldn't lewd a 9 year old loli character, Momo has officially lewded a 9 year old loli character. There seems to be trouble in paradise with Momo and Vamp, seems a friend breakup is on the horizon or has already occurred since Vamp no longer followers Mariah. Momo also unsuccessfully tried to name drop at the LVLUP Expo to VAs from DBZ but got shut down and was humiliated in front of everyone in a huge room.

The basics:
>body positive, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly, resorted to getting liposuction
>Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Samus/ Wicke costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>claims she cosplays because she's passionate about the characters and the hobby, but is only in it for the money
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $10k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations, alcohol, drugs and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest

No. 385835

File: 1495194741346.png (268.05 KB, 582x398, soundsfakebutok.png)

as much as i wish vamp has seen the light, she retweeted momo not too long ago.

No. 385836

File: 1495194895570.png (1.57 MB, 1434x2361, 20170519_075211.png)

In other news, you can now pay $40 to see koreanbbq fake grope her. Per POV set.

No. 385839

Are these actual prints? So she's charging $40 for prints but $50 for the digital copies on Patreon? Lordt

No. 385842

I wonder if it's not so much vamp seeing the light, but moomoo cutting her off because she's a "fame hungers leech"

I do feel bad for vamp because she does work really hard on her cosplays, and it's clear the ones she rushed that look like shit - she only did to please moomoo. she needs to drop the twerking vids, her thing is not being sexy.. it's craftsmanship.. and she should put all her focus into that:
However I think she had prioritized the wrong things, she sees her friend be so well known and have all these "fans" and she wants that too. She stopped doing it for fun and wants the fame, but since she's not getting what she feels she deserves she's miserable.

Sage for rambling

No. 385843

I wonder if Momo got mad about seeing us compliment Vamp so much in her thread.

We should do it more now!

No. 385844

I believe they are just digital copies.

No. 385845

Lol Moomoo tweeted "I like to laugh at myself before anyone else can". Suuure, Jan. Also she's pulled the "I did Kanna as an adult guise" and the "it's not even that lewd" cards already

No. 385846

That momokun logo looks so bad.

No. 385847

File: 1495197602298.png (390.53 KB, 1190x744, 1495151248761.png)

> not using one of the many beautiful artworks from last thread
disappointed, OP

No. 385848

So does anyone know if Vamp is still living with Mariah? Because ~awkward~ if so.

No. 385849


Vamps tweeted a pic about getting hurt and Moomoo replied "I leave you alone for a few minutes lol" and Vamp never replied. It looks like they may still interact but something has happened.

No. 385850

To be fair, there were a lot of good ones from the last thread.

No. 385851

File: 1495198886122.gif (1.84 MB, 498x278, tenor.gif)

Waiting for Vamplette to leave

No. 385852

> not one of the many
at least use one of them idk

No. 385853

It's one of the many ugly moomoo photos from the last thread. There were many there, not only drawanon's work.

No. 385858

File: 1495200505501.png (201.59 KB, 1080x1361, 20170519_092118.png)

Their instagram page is still up but there hasn't been a new post since they created it. So they may still be doing that or just no one bothered to take it down yet.

No. 385861


Good for Vamp. The first step to bettering your life is always to cut the toxic people who will only serve to drag you down out. Unlike Moomoo, you have an actual talent for cosplay Vamp and just like drawing, you can only stand to get better the more time and effort you put in. You don't have to be like Moomoo and rely on being the trashy girl who takes her clothes off for neckbeard losers. That type of fame is only short lived and won't get you anywhere or the connections that matter. Actually being able to build and model great cosplays are the ones that get you the attention that matters.

Also, a bit of advice for Moomoo's incoming Twitter meltdown: Don't engage her.

She'll lie, she'll try to play the victim, she'll lob any insult she can at you. Just remember to not engage in any of her bullshit. She is only looking to drag you down and ruin you by making herself look better. So your best bet is to just not respond and let her hang by her own noose.

No. 385874

File: 1495203260211.png (698.73 KB, 1280x720, Smiling_Titan_1.png)

I was the anon who asked for this, I feel so blessed and I love you.

She high key looks like she was drawn by Hajime Isayama. One of his scary titans.

No. 385875

File: 1495203333189.png (1.7 KB, 180x52, Momokun Cosplay LVL UP EXPO …)

Meanwhile, check out that like/dislike ratio under the Lvlup video

No. 385877

I did almost use this, but every now and then I want us all to see her actual, unedited ugly ass face.

No. 385878

>new thread after 9 days
Holy shit, Momo is the cow that keeps on giving.

No. 385879

Oh god you're right. I thought that last thread filled up pretty fast

No. 385880

It's really interesting to me because compared to other cows she isn't as drama mongering. Every now and then she speeds and we see her true colors, but nothing like Onision. It's clear she's a shitty person but we're all here just to witness the train wreck and I think it's so funny so many people see her for what she is.

No. 385881

File: 1495205038871.gif (1.79 MB, 480x369, srna-blushing[1].gif)


aww i'm flattered you thought my drawing should have been used

No. 385882


Not speeds.

No. 385883

The difference with Onision is that Onion provides either a lot of milk or no milk at all. During Cuddlegates and Lolbemadgate we had threads maxing out in just one day. But when he doesn't go on big spergs the thread fills quite slowly.
While with Moomoo, she provides constant amounts of milk every day, not enough to fill a thread in one day, but a moderate amount.

No. 385884

Same, I hoped to be the new OP only to put your drawing. I came too late, lol.

No. 385889

So true. But even then Mariah has never hadva cuddles are moment. We laugh at her dumb posts, her cringey porn shoots, and every now and then she stirs up drama in the cosplay world. We're just so enthralled with watching her crash and burn, it's great.

No. 385891

File: 1495207873054.png (799.17 KB, 781x650, 142353523.PNG)

>Lewding Kanna
>Vamp and Momo unfollowed each other

fuck every time I think she's getting stale she just knocks over another can of worms

No. 385901

OP did a shitty job anyway, no links to previous threads.

No. 385902

File: 1495209790104.png (250.56 KB, 974x1516, VampIsFucked.png)

So I guess you could come to the conclusion that the /r9k/ thread was actually made by Vamp, the timing is way too convenient.

No. 385903

vamp also seems to love her manga aesthetic. it's exactly the kind of picture she would use
god I hope it was real

No. 385906

Yes because I was tired of seeing a wall of text of nothing but links while leaving out juicy deets on the front page. There's s link to the previous thread, go there and then use the links there if it's triggering you so much.

No. 385907

File: 1495211140384.png (188.58 KB, 597x763, ss (2017-05-19 at 12.24.19).pn…)

vamp liked her reply too.

No. 385909


holy shit

No. 385914

Fuck you Pariah you're such an asshole. Vamp was pretty much your only friend that wasn't just using you for whatever reason. Vamp don't go back to being friends with her. She's honestly never going to change. As you can clearly see she's always been this way. You have some actual talent and care about cosplay, you don't need to spread your ass cheeks. Get as far away as possible!

No. 385915


Mb this is in response to the tweet

No. 385922


Have to say i'm not so sure about the whole 'vamps leaving/ breaking ties' thing
Clearly smth happened but Momo will just try to walk all over her and act like nothing happened and/ or try to force Vamp via guilt trip back in her claws
(Also on the peach thing; aybe momo just wanted the peach for her site, cause she thinks she is the 'peach' part (?) )
I mean Vamp was in momos story just a few hours ago, they clearly still talk(?)
Oh man this is a mess and i hope it finally breaks lose.

No. 385923

I think vamplette is worse than Mariah. They deserve each other.

No. 385924


No. 385928

File: 1495217158031.jpg (123.48 KB, 720x846, IMG_20170519_200050_253.jpg)

Are we going to see two bitches fighting over who is worth calling nigri senpai ?

No. 385929

Yea, we all thought Momo and KBBQ were over when Mariah was posting all those passive-aggressive tweets, but they're still doing grope shoots and groups together sooo \o/

No. 385940

File: 1495218708429.png (1.66 MB, 1240x466, 8598786502.png)

they never unfollowed each other

No. 385941

It's even funnier when you compare it the like/dislike ratio on Vamps Lvlup interview.

No. 385945

Dang. I still think there's some passive aggressive shit going on between the two though.

No. 385946


Damn. So much for Vamp finally seeing the light. Fine, continue to let this cow drag you down and ruin you. No one to blame but yourself at this point.

No. 385948

wow, momokun's breakdown is gonna be the best

No. 385949

File: 1495222259736.png (210.74 KB, 597x1000, never again.png)

No. 385950

When the hell are you going to realise that you dont need to put anything into the name and email boxes.

No. 385951

People that do this most likely don't know what this shit works or it's a bait post.

Either way, it's annoying.

No. 385952

I'm honestly thinking Vamp is biding time. After all she lives with Moomoo and just moving out alone would be difficult. Plus we've already established moomoo buys people off to even be around her. So why would her bff be any different?

No. 385955

File: 1495223632881.jpg (23.79 KB, 625x415, 10-reasons-andy-dwyer-from-par…)

Thank you, Anon. I chortled.

No. 385959

File: 1495224308115.jpg (103.26 KB, 600x393, moomoo.jpg)

No. 385960


I think MooMoo is a baiter. They were hanging out last night in her Instagram story and everything seemed fine.

MooMoo calculates all her drama to give free publicity to either the person she's fighting with or herself. I'm just over this lol. Have fun with your 17th thread

No. 385962

File: 1495224929381.jpg (958.33 KB, 720x1280, HHidoiv.jpg)

No. 385963

What the fuck are those feet. It's like she's trying to hide an elephant foot in a regular shoe.

No. 385965


Is this her weekly "Pretend that I work out at the gym" picture?

No. 385969

She brought a witness to prove us wrong! Yeah, that will show us. We totally believe you now, moomoo.

No. 385982

Yea what is up with her foot? Is it warped
from shooping?

No. 385984

I agree, anon. Maybe next OP can put the rest of the links at the bottom of the text

No. 385986

Get the fuck out already momo

No. 385994


Ya she has a video of him doing something but not herself. You ain't fooling anyone but yourself moomoo kek

No. 385995


nah just really fat

No. 385999

How long do you think she'll keep passing off her fat rolls as abs?

No. 386014

Are you all really getting over her bare ass Kanna photo that quickly?

No. 386020

Vamp just cosplays whatever character is hype at the moment. Her prop and armor skills are almost non existent. On her patreon she posted about how discouraged she was about cosplaying because there are newer people doing better than her but that's because she has a mediocre face. She's stuck with moomoo forever because she needs her money.

No. 386021


lol ok sure

No. 386022

We all knew it was going to happen. The only real surprise is that her asshole isn't visible.

No. 386023

Not at all, if anyone is capable of tweeting or posting that image from last thread where people will see please do. I'm not able I'm not attached to any of her accounts.

No. 386026

Is that the gym at UNLV? Does that mean she's still a student?

No. 386027

As long as you have an ID, you can still access the gym.

No. 386029

Wait really? I thought you had to be either an active student or have to pay over a certain amount to get in. Like you have to take over 4 credits (?) I think.

No. 386031

Most colleges I know of allow grads to use their old IDs to access the gym. Alumni perk.

No. 386034

Momo reminds me of my neet cuz. I use to take him once a week to the gym and he would take selfies. He would literally spend 10 minutes walking on a treadmill then sit on the equipment for two hours. He would laugh at how gross and sweaty I was and how he was just fine.
He was kicked out multiple times because you're not suppose to hog the machines when people who are actually ready to work out watch you lounge about. I feel like she does the same annoying crap.

No. 386040

I'd like to disagree about this because while she does slut up versions of characters, I think she actually puts effort in her choices.

No. 386043

Majin Buu (Lucoa Absorbed)

No. 386045

Check your info again anon, that looks nothing like the unlv gym and you do need to be an active student to use the gym even if you have an id. They're most likely at LVAC or some other gym in town

No. 386046

What a nightmare fuel.

No. 386047

That's definitely lvac, that's the hardcore lifting area.

No. 386050

File: 1495240621477.png (404.72 KB, 608x481, cosplaygloup.png)

I think she forgot to include the part where you improve.

No. 386051

You have access to it as an active student since they roll it into your student fees, but you don't have to be a student to purchase a community membership. I think it's like $25 a month.

/UNLV alumni fyi

No. 386052


she honestly looks cute on the left. she did something right to lessen the focus on her nose

No. 386053

File: 1495241243076.jpg (297.91 KB, 600x843, IMG_3445.JPG)

Reposting so we don't have to keep going back to the old thread

No. 386055


Leaves me flabbergasted that that picture on the left wasn't even five years ago but she looks like she aged 10-15 years in more recent pictures. Drugs and alcohol are doing quite a number on her. Nowadays she looks like a mom who's pushed put a couple of kids and is going through a midlife crisis. If anyone calls her "mom" it'll be because she legitimately looks like one.

No. 386058

Wasn't invested in this drama until yesterday; anybody care to show me Mariah passive aggressive tweeting KBBQ?

No. 386059

She looks so pretty on the left. She had a nice smile and she actually looked like she was in her 20s. Now she just looks like warm garbage.

Crazy what alcohol and a shit diet can do to you in a year.

No. 386062

File: 1495244316144.png (63.83 KB, 681x629, tumblr_inline_o23m79ZDZZ1s2koq…)


comments have me weak

No. 386063

yeah see i feel like this is the shit she does at the gym.

No. 386064

That Visser guy is the same guy that went in on her during her whole "ITS NOT PORN ITS FETISH MODELING" video. i hope he's a farmer

No. 386066

i hate this photo the most because she is purposely looking innocent/childish while lifting up that dress. she cant even claim its an "adult" version. ugh gross.

No. 386070

Link to the video please?

No. 386072

No. 386073

my fave part is when she says shes fairly relevant kek……

No. 386075

Thought the same thing earlier today when I watched. Nice Freudian slip there moomoo

No. 386076

I love how she says, "I don't care if anyone else doesn't like it!"

And yet the bitch has to snap on every single non-positive comment cause she does fucking care.

No. 386077

like, wtf does "relevantly new" even mean ???

No. 386079

think she meant relatively new but dumb etc

No. 386081

But vamp unfollowed her. I checked hers today. Chances are they're playing friendly or at least being civil

No. 386082

Moo reminds me of the type of friend that will do something super shitty to you then when u get upset they will act like it never happened and overwhelm you with attention and friendliness until you forget about it/forgive them…. all the while never apologizing.
I feel like if all our speculation is true and vamp really is pulling away - mariah probably senses this and is cranking it up on the attention hoping to reel her back in.

No. 386085

All of her family is Lebanese except for one grandmother on her fathers side who is Italian.

No. 386089

thnx for the fun facts

No. 386090

Aaaah the ol' Onision lovebombing technique.

No. 386091


I know Mariah and can confirm this is %100 accurate (especially when it's over a guy). She'll be the fakest bitch until it guilt trips Vamp into crawling back to her.

No. 386092

holy moly moomoo. thread number 17 already? damn girl that drama pies (typo and it stays) up fast donnit?
tbh i legit have no connection to cosplay at all but i find myself coming back to this thread over and over again because toxic individuals like Momo stick out in any faction of life.
i know this is a drama board but it's actually encouraging to see some anons wishing the best for Vamplette, despite past negativity. meanwhile, Momo is this constant stream of self-centered milk that at this point looks like it'll never run dry.

Mariah, you're only 21. there's still time to get yourself together girl. because holy shit. sage for blah.

haha well done anon. reminds me of the twits.

No. 386093

Classic manipulation tactics; I'm going to treat you like shit until the breaking point then make a 180 in my behavior to save face in front of people because "look how nice and caring I am!"

No. 386095

going off their twitters they're still way back on each others' following list, so doesn't look like either of them unfollowed the other.

No. 386101

Jfc, could she like…not fucking scream like that.

No. 386104

This weird "I'm so Random and cute" thing/voice she's doing is straight up Nigiri. When I reality she's coming off kind of drugged up or manic and it seems like she's frightening the interviewer. I like it when she says she really wants to do tell cosplay so bad omg excited noises and he's like, "…clearly."

No. 386105

Blah fucking autocorrect.

No. 386106

File: 1495255176721.png (139.47 KB, 640x600, ao_up.png)

this picture finally made me realize who momo reminded me of

No. 386108

File: 1495255911819.png (44.47 KB, 619x482, as an adult.png)

No. 386112

sounds like she just released her Kanna set, can't wait to see the shitfest this spews.

No. 386113

File: 1495256444433.png (34.08 KB, 614x362, fucking ronald.png)


About 3 hours ago it looks like. Comments are a mixed bag

No. 386114

File: 1495256573154.png (328.38 KB, 767x708, youknowtherhyme.png)

one more time for the people in the back

No. 386115

"Those thighs weren't innocent," says Momo the Pedo

No. 386116

andre is a fucking bum and he should be practicing in SFV instead of being up this whore's asshole.

No. 386117

File: 1495256811816.png (52.98 KB, 482x298, Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 10.0…)

from a mutual friend of mariah and i. Like really? how can you be defending her?

No. 386119

File: 1495256862695.png (142.65 KB, 750x1287, IMG_3446.PNG)

All the hate comments on IG are great

She can't keep up with deleting them

No. 386121

File: 1495256935866.png (88.33 KB, 746x531, IMG_4929.PNG)

ITS NOT ADULT KANNA BECAUSE SHE IS WEARING CHILD KANNA CLOTHING. Plus she kept doing "kawaii" poses prior to releasing the skanky photoset. This implies subconsciously she knows she is cosplaying as a fucking child. Photo related.

No. 386122

… the dragon loli is EIGHT, not in HIGH SCHOOL. the Love Live one is creepy but not pedophilic, jfc.

and she can argue about it being an ~aged up~ Kanna all she wants, she still used the outfit she wears as a child.

No. 386123

Tell your goon friend, "Those thighs aren't innocent".

No. 386124

someone should print these out for fanime and put them on the wall

No. 386125


Show them the pedo quotes and see if she still defends her. If so, she's a pedo apologist kek

No. 386126


lol holy fuck, she is getting completely roasted. Incoming Twitter rant and her deleting the post and reuploading with comments disabled.

No. 386127

File: 1495257262566.png (26.43 KB, 468x225, mydude.png)

No. 386128

File: 1495257281995.png (7.37 KB, 294x245, hahaha.png)


capped the rest

No. 386129

File: 1495257653696.png (1.93 KB, 292x40, CALLED IT.png)

No. 386130

I feel like it really says a lot about her as a person if she sees a small child character and her first thought it "I gotta do a pervy photo shoot of them". Like it doesn't even matter if it's 'aged up' the fact she associated Kana (and Gohan) with "sexy cosplay" speaks volumes in itself..

No. 386131

Calm down my dude, it's just a bare ass in a bed for my perverted patrons.

No. 386132

My dude, I wouldn't lewd up a child character!! I want to make full out pornography of a child character!! My dudes, it's cosplay lol

No. 386133

File: 1495257817835.png (4.02 KB, 283x105, still not lewd my dudes.png)

No. 386134

Mariah the Pedo

No. 386135

Is she implying there are worse things to come of 8 yr old kanna?

No. 386136


Gotta get most out of the dress since she'll be too fat for it soon

No. 386137

It's the adult version, my dudes, so it's all good.

No. 386138

File: 1495258117851.gif (24.04 KB, 200x200, 200w_s.gif)

Oooh man she's getting roasted on IG. I'm so happy this is backfiring.

No. 386139

File: 1495258219569.png (12.3 KB, 297x450, she lied.png)

Comments are piling up quick

No. 386140


Lol. This is exactly what we warned her what would happen. But as usual Moomoo doesn't want to listen and will try to clap back at all the comments.

No. 386142

File: 1495258417100.jpg (74.76 KB, 720x960, IMG_5329.JPG)

How could she…

No. 386144

File: 1495258487800.png (41.99 KB, 606x200, Screen Shot 2017-05-20 at 12.3…)

How is showing your bare ass not lewding something up?? Regardless if it was an adult character or not

No. 386145

File: 1495258498816.png (202.05 KB, 749x1116, IMG_6802.PNG)

No it's still up

No. 386146

Its still up for me

No. 386147


Nope. Still there. I expect a video of her crying into the camera about how "she is such a good person" though.

No. 386148

File: 1495258552311.gif (476.18 KB, 350x242, giphy-16.gif)

"if you do an 8 year old in lingere you're going to hell" latest comment, I'm dying.

No. 386149

File: 1495258789970.gif (5.23 MB, 800x333, xUg5gER - Imgur.gif)

Mariah, your tears!
where's my car crying video part two? I'll pay your patreon tier for a copy

No. 386150


Dear Mariah,

If you have to censor yourself with stickers to make something instagram/facebook appropriate, IT IS A FUCKING LEWD.

No. 386151

What gets me is that even after all the warnings, comments, people telling her "NO." she still somehow managed to reason with herself that it would be okay. Is she so self absorbed she thought she would get a pass because she's special or something? surejan.gif

No. 386152

File: 1495259173614.png (80.51 KB, 750x562, IMG_4931.PNG)

It's not the fact that she is slutting up kanna, that is upsetting. No, what is upsetting is not only is Kanna a 3rd grader, but Moomoo knows that the many disgusting pedos who knows of kanna, are the ones that will most likely purchase this set. In a sense she is okay with sexualizing children characters, especially for money. "Those thighs aren't innocent" is a good comment coming from someone okay with sexualization of children.

No. 386153


Honestly that thigh comment skeeved me out so much. That's something a child predator would say.

No. 386154

People can't even compare what she is doing to "oh so and so artist draw art of xyz and those are underage chars too". LET that said artist get backlash too. But since we only know of momo doing this, we will focus on momo.

No. 386155

File: 1495259389424.png (414.37 KB, 1440x2049, 20170520_074704.png)

oh boy this is delicious lol

No. 386156


Exactly, she sounds like a fucking rapist. And this is the same bitch that gets pissy when guys touch and grope her without her permission. Guess what Moomoo, those guys have that same disgusting mindset as you, that you aren't "innocent" and that you were practically asking for it.

No. 386157

File: 1495259524513.gif (483.27 KB, 500x200, 30DC9FB5-47B2-4E0E-BF26-A57FEC…)

Keep em coming. Hope this doesn't stop.

No. 386158


She even gropes females without consent. COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT, MOOMOO, you obese pedophile.

No. 386159

File: 1495259717073.gif (952.32 KB, 500x272, let-it-begin-gif_zpsn7ba4xgm.g…)

No. 386160


Oh my god she totally does. She was practically pawing at some girl's boobs in one video and you literally saw the look on her face that she was so uncomfortable and immediately tried to get away from her.

No. 386161

File: 1495259900196.png (30.5 KB, 375x249, likes.png)

She's just gonna play this off as "sorry you guys are mad lol but it's not lewd lol"

No. 386162

Honestly, if she did the adult Kanna in a maid dress like she said she would, I wouldnt really care. Probably no one would really.

No. 386163

yep, people would still comment, but it'd be a fraction of what she's getting right now.

No. 386164

lol be mad my dudes it's not lewds

No. 386165


Lol. This is just like her trying to "take back" Moomoo. She is just so fucking pathetic that she thinks by calling herself the names that people call her that it suddenly won't mean anything anymore.

No. 386166

File: 1495260207803.png (7.73 KB, 293x237, truth.png)

No. 386167

>watch EVO japan
>"I'm sick of those lazy cosplayers you know? Put a wig on and I'm cosplaying."
>"What you trying to call out momokun?"
>"Ah I don't wanna say it."
Literally the last place I'd expect it too. Damn. Sometimes I forget she's getting roasted internationally.

No. 386169

I came back to her getting roasted for lewding the dragon loli. I don't think she'll take it down cuz she's getting that sweet pedo cash

No. 386170

Jesus Christ I could barely make a minute into this movie. I would be losing sleeping if I was Momo because this video is fucking EMBARRASSING.
I need botox from the cringing my face just had to endure.

No. 386171


Plus she's a dramawhore

No. 386172

Yeah, it's really really bad. Just the fact she's standing in front of a banner where it's plain she's like 50+lbs lighter and photoshopped is cringeworthy. Her behavior is downright awful. Vamp gave such a nice interview in comparison.

No. 386173

No. 386174

File: 1495260916367.png (122.95 KB, 1440x595, 20170520_081401.png)

pancake butt

No. 386176

File: 1495261096720.png (44.19 KB, 583x417, dat lol.png)

C'mon Moomoo we know you're still bothered. Why else would you add your passive aggressive lol to your comments lately. If you're trying to lose weight to get back at "ur haterz", you fail at that even more then you fail at posing.

No. 386177

File: 1495261098882.png (465.27 KB, 1242x1858, IMG_7631.PNG)

Some comments from a fb post a guy made calling her out about her Kanna.

No. 386178

File: 1495261148638.png (340.41 KB, 1241x1761, IMG_7633.PNG)

No. 386179

That part actually made me laugh. Her banner makes her appear to be a 7 from afar, and in her current form she's barely a fucking 3. And that wig kills me.

You know, she had potential. She could have been a great role model for bigger girls. She was a cute average girl. Too bad she's a patho liar, lazy cunt and hypocrite (just to start) and her party life style murdered her face.

No. 386180

has she lost any followers/patreons yet? sage for not getting info myself but i dont follow momo enough to have a frame of reference

No. 386181

except Kanna is not in the grey zone, she acts like a child and is referred to as a child by Tohru
They don't use the "actually is hundreds of years old" excuse in Kobayashi.
she's undoubtedly a child.

No. 386182


She just keeps making Vamps look better and better by comparison

No. 386183

File: 1495261420042.jpg (264.12 KB, 300x169, orig-14155281.jpg)

No. 386184

What's this about Love Live? Did I miss something?

No. 386185

No. 386186

oops, >>386122 was meant to be a reply to >>386117

No. 386187

File: 1495261698755.jpg (151.49 KB, 1435x422, Screenshot_20170520-082704.jpg)

keep 'em coming

No. 386188


Since you keep talking about how much the haters don't bother you, it's plainly obvious that they do bother you Moomoo. If you truly didn't care then you would just shut the fuck up. But nope, you are always looking to clap back at all the "haters" and get the last word like the petty bitch you have always been.

No. 386189

File: 1495261983238.gif (Spoiler Image, 694.17 KB, 450x327, giphy (1).gif)

sage for ot but

No. 386190

File: 1495261992786.gif (916.94 KB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

I am absolutely living for this backlash.

No. 386192

File: 1495262180913.png (19.78 KB, 317x417, fatty chaser spotted.png)

I wonder how many sockpuppets she has in this comment section

No. 386193


The spike is on December 17,2016 and December 18, 2016. 186 new patrons. The dips are on the 1st of the month, which is normal for patreon. So find out what con she went to in December and you'll see where her money is coming from.

No. 386194

>lolcow rekt'd you
why do people keep doing this

No. 386195

Oooooh comments on insta just went from 121 to 119.

No. 386196

File: 1495262268211.png (178.8 KB, 417x253, 1495182982973.png)

True that. She legitimately looks worse every day, I cannot believe she posted this video.

No. 386197

>curves for days
yes, many stacked on top of each other
( )
( )
( )
( )

No. 386198

File: 1495262371782.png (145.57 KB, 324x250, donaldtrump.png)


I guess all that sodium is killing her brain cells

No. 386201

looks like it was Sayakamuzu's comments

No. 386203


I guess "wannabe pornstar" and "pancake butt" hit too close to home, even though she's over the haters y'all.

No. 386204

The fact those accounts say "dude" and passive aggressively use "lol" is hilarious. If the accounts are new and only follow the cow or like three people would be icing on the cake.

I dunno if she's doing the relatable ugly chick… or if she is drinking and doing drugs again to hide her feelings. Her face is so swollen, red and greasy and her eyes are so puffed up.
Guess that is what she does when the "haters" get to her

No. 386205

Kek. She's okay with being called Momocunt but the minute someone speaks the truth about her pancake ass she deletes it? Glorious.

No. 386209

Also could be from a high sodium intake like anon said. So she could also be eating her feelings. Either way, there is a high chance she is using unhealthy habits to cope with this

No. 386210

Oooh my gooood the gohoe pic made it on to the anime expo fans page on fb along with the lewd kanna pic where it also has her saying she wasn't going to lewd her up. My heart is filled with joy right now. Christmas has come early for me lol.

No. 386211

File: 1495263438423.png (1.03 MB, 1440x1361, 20170520_025320.png)

No, why must she ruin Elma. I was genuinely hoping this wouldn't happen.

No. 386212

pics, anon

No. 386213

Did….did that Lucoa draw blush lines on her face?

No. 386214

File: 1495263577960.jpg (720.74 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_4934.JPG)

She looks like she has a massive hang over. She probably thought she looked naturally cute like this. Bring back old momo. At least old momo had a chance.

No. 386215

File: 1495263578976.png (50.68 KB, 516x510, cool kids.png)

No. 386216

File: 1495263610125.png (147.04 KB, 444x527, kermit the frog.png)

No. 386217

Need screenie before it gets deleted. Show plz

No. 386219

Yes. Yes she did.

No. 386220

File: 1495263864977.png (100.41 KB, 732x1148, IMG_4935.PNG)

This pic was posted in February of this year. How the fuck she got so damn fat now? Lay off the alcohol.

No. 386221

Pic is a repost, that set was from last year.

No. 386222

February was the Valentine's set where you could see her corset bursting at the seams
this was probably a repost since Feb was where the weight gain was particularly noticeable

No. 386223

File: 1495264132814.png (92.23 KB, 1440x322, 20170520_030731.png)


No. 386224

File: 1495264139883.png (32.98 KB, 484x415, 1.png)

No. 386225

God, I'm so pissed that she actually looks cute and relatively attractive from before, and her shitty diet and party life style just made it all go to hell

No. 386226

File: 1495264486974.jpg (Spoiler Image, 22.93 KB, 480x480, 16584836_411810739164364_92130…)

This Valentine's Day. If it's even possible I feel like her thighs were bigger in this set than they are now? Or she just posed in really unflattering ways.

No. 386228

I don't get people. Why would you sponsor such a lazy, fat cow… Just because of her pancake ass?

No. 386229

that poor corset
also yes the angle does make your thighs look a lot bigger +sitting makes it spread. After seeing those candid pics at events though…

No. 386230

Fun fight happening on the IG post for Kanna.

No. 386231

because neckbeards don't care and they feel special cause the "popular" costhot is taking their money and suggestions and running with it, poorly… Like, it's really pathetic and dudes like them disgust me.

No. 386232

File: 1495264948162.jpg (126.17 KB, 752x1006, IMG_4936.JPG)

When momo was a normal human being

No. 386233

what the fuck, that's her?

No. 386234

No. 386236


Thank you anon. I had to step away from my phone for a sec. You da real mvp.

I am so glad the people on the ax page are not taking her bullshit. Seems like a couple of people who may have liked her before are making some of those comments now.

No. 386237


I cant tell if that is her, or her mom

No. 386238

tbh I think she looks a lot better here >>386220
Her face is kinda terrifying without a bit of fat to fill it out as well as the tendons and shit in her neck

No. 386239

Hope momo becomes known as the cosplayed who decided to sexualize a child

No. 386240

File: 1495265312930.jpg (204.14 KB, 960x960, IMG_4938.JPG)

Can't believe this is the same girl that we see before us, sexualizing children characters, drinking and partying, lying, bending over for photos- greedy. How sad.

No. 386241

File: 1495265329565.gif (Spoiler Image, 998.34 KB, 500x381, 19e15c08cef025e2ab8c11acffe1b2…)

The Momo we have now seriously looks like some freakish Attack on Titan creature that ate this girl.

No. 386242

Think she drinks to forget when it all went so twisted?

No. 386243

File: 1495265471413.png (441.59 KB, 370x471, ick.png)

No. 386244

All that work put into getting into shape wasted. And now she's the size of a fucking house. Must be embarrassing to stand/be with the skinny cosplayers when you're the size of three of them put together.

No matter what you say Momo no one enjoys being the fat one in the group.

No. 386245

File: 1495265627086.png (456.61 KB, 1440x1706, 20170520_093235.png)

waiting on that delicious milk

No. 386246

File: 1495265733205.png (39.15 KB, 495x527, kek.png)

No. 386247

You know, if she was actually a decent human and legitimately was happy with how she is now, it's whatever. She obviously has some serious issues with her self image tied to weight, probably that shit with her dad etc. etc. not trying to armchair.
All this fake pretend body positivity while shoving your rolls into shapewear shit triggers me because she's undoing whatever good could have been done to embrace different sizes in cosplay. I know it's been said but it's so clear looking at these photos that she is unhealthy, unhappy, and truly abusing her platform and her body.

Sage cause rant. Sorry.

No. 386248

File: 1495265944466.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.58 KB, 400x225, 70631388.jpg)

not even a contest

No. 386250

She looks more Arab without much weight

No. 386251

File: 1495266326394.jpg (42.74 KB, 400x400, smug-pepe2.jpg)

>kills hair trying to be Nigiri
>Notice me senpai Nigiri retweeting
>Embarrasses self multiple times acting like Nigiri.
That's gotta hurt.

No. 386252

File: 1495266504493.png (832.65 KB, 1080x1034, 20170520_004630.png)


No. 386253

File: 1495266710700.png (1.16 MB, 1076x1738, 2017-05-20 00.50.46.png)

No. 386254

File: 1495266849172.png (234.5 KB, 1440x883, 20170520_095308.png)

No. 386255

She said she was going to take her pants off and moon everyone. She's a nasty girl, a nasty girl. Misleading Mariah at it again!

No. 386256

File: 1495267106907.png (595.66 KB, 1440x2407, 20170520_035634.png)

Apparently the milk was just what we've already seen and put out there. I'm disappointed.

No. 386257

I'm sort of surprised at how infamous Momo is outside of Lolcow (and the Las Vegas con scene, based on people from there posting here).

Also, I feel like I watched a different show from the people defending Moomoo's "not lewd" cosplay of Kanna. Obviously, she didn't watch it, but people jumping to the "she's a thousand years old!!!!111!" defense are dumbasses.

No. 386258


At least they're spreading the word and people are going to be coming on here more to see why she isn't liked. That's always good.

No. 386259

File: 1495267500041.png (126.29 KB, 1440x933, 20170520_040325.png)

Rip in pepperoni, indeed. Look at these shares, likes and over 99 comments and counting.

No. 386260

How the fuck is she this deep in self-deception?


All this backlash she's receiving is just delicious. It's like she's a part of a divine tragedy, just hopping from one catastrophe to another. My best bet is that due to her popularity exploding last year and growing way too fast she got blinded by the glory, never realizing that her fans are actually greasy neckbeards and feeder fetishists. She continued to act like a complete bitch and a scam because her greasy fans would always defend her, and she had this idea that decent cosplayers and other nerds would just be btfo by her fanbase and submit to her ways. She had no idea that too many steps on a glass would break it and kept egging people on, thinking she's above them in every way. If you think back to the first thread where she came to defend herself, blowing into the catty, aggressive bitch that she was when her shit wouldn't fly here, you can see her thought pattern. I guess this Kanna drama was the last straw for a lot of people who finally grew tired of giving her a benefit of doubt or couldn't look the other way anymore.

Gotta love the "SHE'S ACTUALLY A 300 YEAR OLD SUPERNATURAL ENTITY DESPITE LOOKING LIKE A 6 YEAR OLD SO TECHNICALLY SHE'S AN ADULT!!!!" excuse every creepy pedo gives for loli porn lmao

No. 386261

File: 1495268069868.png (750.64 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8378.PNG)

Now swimsuit succubus is doing a holy cosplay like momo did

No. 386262

Here's a challenge. How about you legbeards post selfies on this thread so people can destroy your self image ???(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 386263

hi moomoo, enjoying everyone shitting on you?

No. 386265

You know we all have our own online presence right? We don't solely use lolcow and on the accounts we post our selfies/face we accept any criticism. But momo isn't on lolcow solely for how she looks, she's on here for how bad a person she is. You don't get to 17 threads this fast just because of how you look but for how you act.

No. 386266

The fact that you think legbeards is comprehensive insult is hilarious I thought u were one of the guys moomo hurhurhur

No. 386267


No. 386268

Nice try,Pansy
She did this to herself so why be a white knight?

No. 386270


I hate how guys think with their dicks. If you read the thread at all you'd see we talk about how horrible of a person she is, the horrible shit she does, how she treats her friends, how she lies… But oh no, boo hoo, we're clearly just bullying her for her looks.

Retard males reeee get out.

No. 386272

Literally what are you two addressing? The person in >>386262 said "you legbeards post a selfie"

I'm not a legbeard, stupid slang for lady neckbeard(hurr so funny), I'm a dude, I don't like moo moo, I've been on this board for the past ever, I'm not going anywhere, so wtf are you going on about with your "males get out" shit.

No. 386273

Not her

Your agreements are from shot she said 5 years ago

Legbeards is totally what this board is since it got kicked out of other chans(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 386274


I think what he was trying to say was "I'm not a legbeard. I'm a dude who happens to hate Momo
Unless he actually was trying to justify anything he says with "I have a penis so I know what I'm talking about"
It's one or the other.

No. 386275

Men who claim to be men and admit to hanging around anon boards geared towards women are the saddest of them all.

No. 386276

File: 1495269270263.jpg (23.56 KB, 526x394, EX0QThN.jpg)

Will you bitches please stop replying to obvious baits/trolls/whiteknights? It does nothing else but derail the thread to hell.

No. 386277

Been here since stamina rose, so okay kiddo.

No. 386278

You're pathetic. This isn't even titled as a female board searching her name.

No. 386279

File: 1495269507035.jpg (38.56 KB, 441x228, 1469914046238.jpg)

if you've been lurking that long, can you stfu already with the derail? No one cares about your gender. This isn't your hugbox. This thread is about hamplanet moomoocunt.

Getting back to it, I can't wait to see other bigger cosplayers slowly drop her over this kanna drama because they don't wanna associate themselves with someone like her, especially for all the bad comments she's getting.

No. 386280

This is only calling out the drama queens and the horrible people of this board.

No. 386281

That is so stupid and an irrelevant I dunno how to respond to that.

No. 386282

File: 1495269931004.jpg (184.21 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8382.JPG)

No. 386283

still baffles me how SSS likes anything of hers when she admitted he doesn't like people who claim not to do porn when making photos to jack off to

No. 386284

File: 1495270086288.png (32.92 KB, 1424x214, 20170520_044556.png)

this comment, tho. Pretty much sums up a large part of her fan base, kek.

No. 386285

File: 1495270243245.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5237.PNG)

"SEE WE'RE STILL FRIENDS MY DUDES. Haters don't bother me but let me prove to them otherwise how unbothered I am."

No. 386287

You can't even see her in this pic? Unless she is in her shadow.
"I only love Vamp if she's in my shadow"

No. 386288

It was a grainy dark video and, as far as I could tell, vamp never made an appearance in the video.

No. 386290

Most people here are atrocious cunts with mental disorders but the milk on terrible cows make it worth it.
Mariah is as bad as everyone as here but she's dumb enough to make that known

No. 386291

I can't believe she thinks opening a web store that's going to sell gear makes any sense when she can't even send out Patreon rewards. When was the last time she mailed them…February?

No. 386292

File: 1495272162248.png (6.66 KB, 553x44, ss (2017-05-20 at 12.21.51).pn…)

starting to admit it

No. 386293

You can bet money that there have been people in their lives that told Momo and Vamp that what they're doing is stupid. They probably laughed it off or thought it was people being too negative. That's something people forget. These two dumped boyfriends to pursue this shit. Both around the beginning of last year. Makes you realize those 2 guys must be happy they dodged the bullet with these costhots

No. 386295

Man, I wanna just yell at ppl to remind them that Tohru and Kobayashi have both mentioned that Kanna is a child in the manga and anime. Maybe not by human terms since she's a completely different species, but still a child in her own right

No. 386296

Do these people even watch the show or do they just cosplay characters that they can lewd up them without knowing nothing about them nor care for accurate representation.

Also on sidenote, I wish Momo would tell her disgusting fans to stop making innapropiate comments, even on photos that are not cosplay related. I don't like the girl, but reading the comments she gets on instagram photos make my stomach turn. If I got comments like that, I would classify them as harrassment. A decent human being doesn't write shit like >>386284 to girls. Giving a silent acceptance to these awkward and creepy guys behaviour only makes them its ok to write and say stupid shit to girls in general without consequences. I hate her male fans, they are disgusting pigs.

No. 386298

SSS is a massive cow herself, people who support shit like this, like it or not, they obviously have similar mentality.

No. 386299

Honestly I think it's a mixed bag. You would think that it's part of their 'job' to be familiar with the source material. Being able to pose for photos and interact with people requires at least some understanding of the character. From what I've seen of Momo it feels like she wikis things and chooses one pose based on a photo she saw and then she does nothing else.

I don't disagree with you about the comments, and I agree with the anons in last thread who theorized that being face to face with her fans this weekend really made her uncomfortable and doubtful. I would be, I am uncomfortable scrolling through the comments they post.

No. 386301

File: 1495274517272.png (183.2 KB, 1440x1095, 20170520_055953.png)

Ah yes, using the latest meme. Next level deflection, Momo.

No. 386302

What kind of fucking excuse is that?

No. 386303

File: 1495275223428.jpg (67.54 KB, 500x667, L5Bhput.jpg)

I remember why Swimsuit Succubus is so familiar to me. Before she started posting photos of herself online, she went under the name ShugarSkull. http://shugarsketch.deviantart.com/ She changed it to Shugarsketch and was posting some decent art. Sadly, she stopped posting art altogether and password-protected her tumblr account.

Here's an image i found from a 2015 post from a tumblr account with her old tumblr username on the image just to clarify it was her. http://ianfromthefuture.tumblr.com/post/119292262112/hi-its-tumblr-user-shugarskulland-im-your-new

No. 386304


omg! i can't believe my shitty little drawing is getting attention like this. it's weird to see my stuff posted around because i'm usually pretty private with my art. i wish i could say something but gotta stay anonymous lol

No. 386305

This is a meme? I thought she got mad or something. Either way, what an obnoxious way to type texts. Just like those emoji filtered posts that are 90% emojis and 10% actual text. Can't people write normally anymore?

No. 386306

It's this stupid Spongebob meme that's all over Twitter right now. http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/mocking-spongebob?full=1

No. 386308

I see, thanks for clearification.

No. 386310

Unlike momos cosplay, that looks pretty neat.

No. 386312

File: 1495275953739.gif (340.5 KB, 250x230, giphy-9.gif)

You're the best, art anon. You deserve all the praise you are getting. You capture moomoo's likeness with haunting precision. Never stop.

No. 386314

File: 1495276207009.jpg (54.11 KB, 736x950, a32876abd728dd1f025a1749e63f8b…)


thanks anon! i have extremely low confidence when it comes to showing my art and i've always thought people were being nice so they don't hurt my feelings but the nice comments i'm seeing from strangers has been super encouraging!!

No. 386315

These arent even haters tho. These are her legit fans thst are mad she lied and said she wouldn't do something. You dud this mariah, no one else

No. 386316

I'm not gonna do a side by side comparison but it looks like she combed through the IG post and deleted a significant amount of the super bad comments. There's more positive than negative it seems like, now. Not surprised.

No. 386317


Anon I wish I knew who you were. I'd totally follow you. Your art is awesome. Please never stop!

No. 386318

Remember when someone said not even a day ago that Mariah was never involved in anything like cuddlegate level drama?


No. 386320

She's not even using the meme right, it's funny when you're mocking someone not trying to sound like dumbass to excuse disgusting ass hygiene
Also as for her disgusting comments, tbh while I feel like no one deserves that type of attention she kinda brought it on herself, she never reprimanded her "fan base" to not talk to her like that or her friends and if she did it was the bs spew of cosplay isn't consent when she's being filmed at a con, from iirc she's never made psas of being careful at cons or be watchful of these types of people at events, as much as sss has a dividing opinion on here, her fans don't seem as degenerate as moos, also I only think sss likes mariahs stuff for appearances she doesn't really talk to her as her other "friends" from what I've seen

No. 386321

yeah they both still follow each other…I'm sure they both throw middle school level temper tantrums whenever one pisses the other off.

No. 386323

File: 1495281860231.png (969.26 KB, 1080x1850, 20170520_195950.png)

was browsing the momokun tag in tumblr

No. 386324


OT but i really like the fact that even though susu earns money by acting sexy and has an attractive body, the cosplays she chooses for fun are generally fairly modest, like female ranma and now krillin.

No. 386325


wouldn't be surprised if she would retweet this if it was on twitter

No. 386327

File: 1495282477797.png (28.46 KB, 368x749, IMG_4974.PNG)

No. 386333

Stop feeding it, she's about to get fat as a cow and well mistake her between her and moo

No. 386335

File: 1495285827328.gif (1.57 MB, 640x324, 1373630365447.gif)

>showing your whole ass
>not lewd lol
oh okay

No. 386339


Classic deflection tactics Moomoo. Lol it's obvious that she is so fucking mad.

No. 386340

you said its adult so why cant people see that even tho you did nothing to change her appearance or that ur still acting like an innocent young girl in these photos that SHES AN ADULT KANNA?? ugh and now people are calling me a pedo for fapping to them :(

No. 386341

wheres her inyuasha shirt she supposedly wore everyday in highschool? kek

No. 386343


I'm sure she was full of shit as usual. She keeps trying to act like she was the shy, nerdy girl who liked anime and video games in high school. And that she got picked on because of it to make her neckbeards think "She was just like me, maybe I actually have a shot with her!"

Pics like these obviously show she was the classic jock bitch who bullied the type of girls she claimed to be. Her personality today is proof positive of it. She never stopped being a bully, she just found a new target for it.

No. 386344

Suprising to see this on Tumblr all of places.

No. 386345

I feel this too and I give her mad props for it because there's so much pressure to put your tits out and she doesn't do it with cosplay. And she even crossplays as Krillin, a ton of patreon cosplayers don't do crossplay because it freaks men out too much. She genuinely seems to have fun with cosplay and I'm really glad about it.

No. 386346

I think she was somewhat like that in middle school, but then she turned into a dudebro in HS after she lost weight and started sports.

She was always really full of herself, judging by those RP forum posts.

No. 386347

That looks nothing like mariah's slutty 18 with her entire titties out. It's the exact same thing krillin wears and she even got a bald cap.
What the fuck is with this reaching for drama with sss? Milk isn't liking one post there fore it doesnt make her a "massive cow". Can you stop already? Someone clearly has a vendetta to keep posting her in every moo thread and claiming drama.

No. 386348

so with how this blew up how long until we get out sperg video? I only see the storm getting bigger once someone posts the whole set because surely there's at least one other picture besides this teehee ass shot.

No. 386349


She was the cringey fat girl in middle school and then when she lost weight and started doing sports in high school she became a massive cunt

No. 386350

Best to just report for derailing and move on. Don't give it any attention. They obviously have a petty vendetta. Might even be loonie now that her thread is full and no one gave enough of a shit to make another.

No. 386351

What is a shame is that when SSS announced getting Krilin's costume done, some of her fans said "sorry him, that costume doesn't fit you". Talk about some self entitled fans that think they own her. That's why I like susu, she can call out her fans in their own bullshit, different from Mariah. She only gets fatter by the day

Hi Trump! Didn't know you were here.

No. 386352

I think she will completly ignore it and will try to never speak about that Kanna thing.
She knows that most people won't talk about it again if she will just let it pass. Of course people on here won't forget but those who are not involved in all of her drama have the attention span of a goldfish since they don't really care.
I would love to see it blowing up a bit more but I think she wouldn't be so stupid to make a video of this to bring more attention and haters to this (I might also overrate her on this since she might be one of those 'bad publicity is still good publicity' people).

No. 386354


She wasn't bullied. She was the bully. Kicked out of UNLV in her first semester because of grades and non attendence. To het a picture with the dudebro she was either holding a knife to his back or promised him a handy. She has never had any friends because she has an ugly personality and is a user. The question isn't if she will end up doing porn but when.

No. 386355

I'm glad someone else remembers anon, I loved her art

No. 386356


She doesn't care. Total attention whore. She told her family she was a lesbian and was going to marry her girlfriend. It wasn't true but she has to stir up as much shit as possible whenever possible just so people will be talking about her. Also an obsessive lurker so, Hi MooMoo!

No. 386357

So she has something to fall back on if she decides to quit doing lewds. She might have even continued art under a totally different name to distance that from her lewd work. It's actually really smart and explains why her outfits and photoshoots have such good aesthetic. Anyway we should probably stop discussing her it's derailing a bit since she isn't closely linked to momo like vamplette is. Tbh I dont even know why she got brought up yet again. Probably loonie is the one who posted her krillin because theres nothing cringey about it.

No. 386358


porn tumblr is a place you don't want to be in

No. 386359


Oh are severely underestimating Moomoo if you think she will just let this go. She practically feeds on attention and controversy and is never one to just let shit go. She always has to have the last word and she always has to remind everyone how "she is such a good person". You can expect of bideonof her sobbing into the camera and begging for sympathy.

No. 386360

I hope you guys know that all of you are nothing but cowards and liars. The fact that you think it's okay to slander me over one little photo(which wasn't even that bad I mean come on guys) is so rude. I work hard to get to where I am in life and all you guys are is haters lol.

No. 386362

Obvious bait. 0/10 troll. Still some dummies will believe this is actually momo.

No. 386363

File: 1495294410454.jpg (90.76 KB, 500x500, 1467567314967.jpg)

>Thinking we'll fall for this
anon some of us are idiot newfags but most of us aren't

No. 386364

woah what the fuck is this lesbian shit is that real? with how much she used dyke and how much she loves to play the 'i love bewbs lol girls are so hot i should've been born a guy i love sex' shit i'm fully hoping for her to get torn to shreds already all sympathy for her family situation gone and done

No. 386365


Obvious bait is obvious

No. 386366

MooMoo doesn't act like a sociopath. She is a sociopath with a long string of mysteriously deceased pets who didn't love her enough to prove it. She will say and do anything and then play the victim every time. My advice to those who may actually be near her in person is be afraid. Be very afraid.

No. 386367

You got that right MoMo

No. 386368

Yeah I never heard this one before, any caps?
Is this just a bait anon pulling shit out of their ass? I feel like someone stumbled here to feed bullshit without receipts to see if we'll swallow it.

No. 386369

There's a lot of derailing and baiting currently going on

No. 386370


Maybe Moomoo sent some goons to do damage control?

No. 386372

Bringing up sss to bash her for no reason and then making outlandish claims about moomoo and even pretending to be her seems like some loonie shit.

No. 386373


Yeah. You're right

No. 386378

You guys ever wonder how much this board shapes moomoos career? You can see she's imploding under the pressure and playing mental gymnastics. I mean sociopaths get what they want no matter how it's attained so… Moomookunt, softcore porn admission, cosplay community banding together so she retreats to being fap material. She's changed so much just in the last few months as far as how she portrays herself. You can't hide from the internet moomoo. There is no safe space.

Sage for rant

No. 386379

Loonie has been shitting up the uggo cosplayer thread in /snow too, I really didn't want to have to make a 5th thread for her but it sounds like she wants it

No. 386380

The worst part is that she's using the meme incorrectly.

No. 386381

That cow needs to be herded into her own pen.

No. 386382

Even our queen pt knows about lolita fashion.
moomoo get a little of culture, would ya.

No. 386383

I think the big thing is that it isn't just contained on lolcow anymore. Before it was easy enough for her to plug her ears and pretend we don't exist while slowly trying to get more attention. But now its clear people who are neutral to her are staring to dislike her on other platforms, even to the point they will say straight to her on her social media. I think thats whats going to kill her, when her hugbox explodes.

No. 386384

I've been considering in cosplaying as Elma for AX. If Momo is going to AX then I'm going to be terrified anons.

No. 386390

Just like bringing up Gabby in the last thread as a tool to derail it's happening again with SSS. It would be hilarious if Moomoo knew that anyone being associated with her would get shit so she posts them o. Her to derail and make them look bad. She's actually insane enough to do it.

No. 386392

It's nice she is finally admitting halfway that simulated sex is porn.

No. 386393

Imagine if she's the one posting her own friends.

No. 386394

Can't someone send this to some big SJW site like Polygon or something?

No. 386395

Let her mediocrity fuel your determination to make a great cosplay and then outshine her out of spite.

No. 386397

Everything MooMoo says is a lie. Everything. Family drama? Oh yeah, tons. But she is the cause of most of it not the victim. Her fam is not religous. Not even close. The humiliation they suffer because of Moo is not because of religion. It's because thier daughter is MooMoo.

No. 386398

I wonder if she had liposuction on her waist or did extreme corset training. I already know her breast to be fake. She still looks good tho

No. 386399

Momo really fucked up this time. Lewding up a kid and there's more than a handful of comments made by her on how she'd never sink that low. She could lewd up the adult characters all she wants, but she had to choose the cute loli because it makes her look special & unique. It's backfired on her greatly. Increasing her age is a piss poor excuse, cosplayers who pull this shit are just gross cunts deep down.

No. 386400

i said it before,

every other character in that show is an adult titty monster, her cosplaying the loli was ridiculous.

No. 386406

B-but my dude… Kanna was the only character who thighs weren't innocent

No. 386409

Fake breasts dont flatten out when you lie down and they don't hang down like hers do either. https://twitter.com/sssuccubus/status/860590011145760768
Try to derail all you want but we're not going to stop discussing momo's actual obvious liposuction or her shitty pedo bait kana photos.

No. 386410

MooMoo had lipo on her waist and gut. That's a fact. She is way too lazy to lose weight any other way.

No. 386414

Let's focus on the real task at hand and ignore these obvious whiteknights and instigators. We're directing our attention from MooMoo. Make a new thread for SSS, GabbyC,etc dramu, if you can find the evidence,elsewere

No. 386415

File: 1495305289459.png (1.63 MB, 1249x883, oldmoo.png)

No. 386417

File: 1495305486971.png (770.65 KB, 764x2070, 20170520_203706.png)

even her subreddit is turning on her

No. 386418


Her subreddit turned on her the second she became a mod

No. 386420

File: 1495305564112.jpg (48.07 KB, 387x315, 82xZVhM.jpg)

From another post

No. 386421

File: 1495305600217.png (204.87 KB, 588x369, 23429743.png)

Let's watch her fuck this up too

No. 386422

No. 386425

Is she just blessed to not have stretch marks?
Sage cause it doesn't matter but I wondered looking at her 'workout' progress pics and this bikini shoot how it's possible she didn't get stretch marks with such a huge weight gain.

No. 386426

Her cosplayed photos are always photoshoped to hell and back. I wouldn't be surprised if she abused the blur tool on her "workout" pics too. There is no way she doesn't have stretch marks somewhere.

No. 386428

It is entirely possible for a person to not get an stretch marks if their skin elasticity is high or if changes in the body are gradual enough for the skin to stretch with it. But knowing Mariah, she shops it out.

No. 386429

Considering how much weight she gained in such a short amount of time I would be extremely surprised if she didn't have stretch marks.

That being said her shit is Hella photoshopped/edited

No. 386430

Was watching some papa franku and he mentions girls that refuse to be friend with other girls, describes Mariah perfectly.

No. 386432

She doesn't need to cosplay to be considered Mt Lady…

No. 386433

Make a new thread if you want to discuss Momo's associates.

No. 386435

File: 1495307600143.jpg (18.49 KB, 480x360, kek.jpg)

No. 386436

File: 1495307756695.png (121.24 KB, 304x495, momokunt.png)

She's back to being Arab

No. 386437

How old is that picture of her? If you put it side by side with one of her more recent ones it looks like an anti meth psa

No. 386438

She's been Arab for months. But look at her embracing her kunthood. Whether she realizes it or not she's sliding out of cosplay and into just a fetish whore. Eating her problems away. At what point does she seek help or will she walk the lonely road of delusion all by herself and her neckbeards following dicks in hand. Must feel nice to be support by people who consider her a worn jizz sock.

No. 386439

>She's been Arab for months
Dammit, my bad for not realizing this sooner. Haven't looked at her profile closely enough since she updates it constantly to be FOTM.

No. 386444

Being a stupid little girl from Dearborn doesn't make you an arab. She'd say she was from Mars if she thought it might get under someones skin.

No. 386445

Don't give her ideas anon. We may see "Martian" on her Twitter to proof she lurks here. She's already taken moomoo and momokunt. She's taking the memes and looking like a jackass though

No. 386456

File: 1495313817780.jpg (652.21 KB, 2480x3074, IMG_1827.JPG)

I don't get why she didn't google adult kanna or something for inspiration instead of doing a lewd shoot of regular version.
Even though fan art versions of adult Kanna aren't canon, using them as a reference would have been much better because you can still recognize Kanna, but still make it different.

No. 386457

That wouldn't attract the pedophile bux.

No. 386459

File: 1495314087452.jpg (508.28 KB, 934x446, jXnW1Cq.jpg)

No. 386461

File: 1495314204606.jpg (15.92 KB, 560x87, qKbuJTw.jpg)

No. 386463

Even her fans are calling her out on it (to my suprise, though there are whiteknights who give excuses that Kanna is 2D, though the problem is that she said she wouldn't lewd her and in the end she did).

No. 386464

Sounds like some kind of drama with Vamp, but who even knows at this point. She could just be posting this to try to distract from Kannagate.

No. 386466

File: 1495314524495.png (29.31 KB, 604x775, IMG_1828.PNG)

I'm having difficulties to see any resemblance of this whatchamacallit to Mewtwo.

No. 386467

It sounds like some shit happened with a friend and now she's lovebombing them.

No. 386468

File: 1495315078698.png (299.55 KB, 1024x1458, Espeon_by_urahqyarataichou-d8h…)

Isn't it supposed to be Espeon?

No. 386469

No, it's Mewtwo. She did a couple cosplay with Vamp who was Mew and they got pissed off when people didn't recognize them and they didn't place in a contest. That's why she's still mad at Steff afaik as she was one of the judges back then.

No. 386472

I just realized that she is wearing her kimono fronts in the wrong way. Only a corpse wears the kimono fronts right over left.

No. 386473

Moomoo and Vamp must have brain damage or something if they cant understand why they didnt place. side by side comparison it isnt even near mewtwo

No. 386475

People who use the argument of "but Janna is thousands of years old, she isn't a child technically"
Are fucking retarded
By that logic, an old dog isn't old because in human years its a teenager.
Like what fucking crack are you on if you apply human years to a non-human?

No. 386476

It's a widely used workaround for pedos in denial, they lust after some loli character but since they're always made to be some sort of mythical entities they can claim it's not pedo since she's "actually a 30000 years old god/dragon/vampire/god". It's disgusting.

No. 386479

Because ebay or aliexpress is less likely to have a cosplay of a fanart version of Kanna.

No. 386480

exactly. there's no way she could make that herself and it'd probably cost way more than she'd want to spend to get it commissioned by someone who would make it look good.

No. 386482

File: 1495318594076.jpg (69.68 KB, 640x960, 18527376_1002268263237141_5804…)

god she looks terrifying

No. 386483

She got brought up because if you scroll up further, someone posted a screenie of sss liking moomoos >>386282 post


No. 386484

I can see what you're wearing under your costume, moo-moo.

No. 386485

Seriously what the fuck is happening with that dress? What the fuck is that bulge near her upper thigh? and what kind of shitty fabric did she use to make that NIKE text show through it? I honest to god don't understand how this is possible to make.

No. 386486

Looks like she's wearing a sports bra.

No. 386487

Jesus that wig is so ratty…

No. 386488

Too big for me to screen right now but apparently Vamp gave into to the witch's spell and they are "friends' again https://twitter.com/mariahmallad/status/866019989928554496

No. 386489

da knees

No. 386490

File: 1495319716822.png (149.75 KB, 750x995, IMG_4997.PNG)

Screenshot from that link

No. 386491

File: 1495319820414.png (107.04 KB, 750x988, IMG_4998.PNG)


Lay off the carbs Moomers, you fat fuck. Avacado and toast isn't going to help you. And doesn't surprise me that Vamp is crawling back to Momo. Maybe it's to hold off till she can move out.

No. 386492

Which was completely random and irrelevant to everything in this thread but ok.

No. 386494

Who was the photographer? Pretty certain they smoothed out her skin, shoopd it a little. We all have seen the other candids and she looked wrinkly and haggered in them.

No. 386495

Wow they're really playing it up now. Yeah you guilt tripped Vamp into not abandoning you, we get it Moomoo.

No. 386498

Vamp need to stop with the booty videos etc. is this truly what she wishes to do? Is cosplay truly important to her? If she continue down this path with Momo, there will be no turning back. It'll be a tough journey to erase the image you are slowly building with momo.

No. 386500

File: 1495320744498.jpg (83.05 KB, 640x960, 1495318594076.jpg)

that table is doing something funny

No. 386503

She looks the same. You're telling me he had time to smooth and fix the color of her skin but not enough time to blur or remove the Nike symbol? No that's most likely raw. She looks like a meth hobo in a purple spandex sheet wrapped around her.

Just realized did she wrap the monkey tail around her mid section? It's so lumpy.

No. 386504

Better quality of her funeral at LVLUP Expo @ 5:32

No. 386505


Unless she is playing nice until she can move out, Vamp can just go get fucked if she really fell for Moomoo's guilt tripping.

I really don't want to ever hear her bitching and complaining again about not being respected as a cosplayer and being jealous of friends who are making more money than her. She's had multiple opportunities to get away from Moomoo and her toxic bullshit and focus on making good cosplay that she is capable of, but it seems like every time she keeps crawling back to her after being a passive-aggressive bitch for a few hours. She has no one to blame but herself with this bullshit.

People were actually rooting for her to get better but nope, she just has to keep running back to Moomoo every time.

No. 386506


That is what happens with an abusive relationship.

No. 386507

File: 1495321476565.png (68.62 KB, 565x837, IMG_4999.PNG)

Yes. It's not hard to retouch skin like that. It's minimal work, if you retouch photos for a living you can do this within seconds. It's not like using a liquifying tool where you gotta be careful. Looking at all of the other candids, the photographer probably smoothed out the lines on her face and that's about it. And honestly the logo on her chest, I don't think he noticed. Hell I didn't even notice until someone pointed it out.

No. 386509


Except this isn't about some meat head who beats his wife. This is about someone refusing to grow up and then bitching about how life isn't going the way she wanted. Moomoo isn't physically forcing her to stay and if Vamp knew any better she wouldn't fall for Moomoo's obvious guilt tripping. But nope, it's "She's muh best friend and pays for all this awesome stuff for me even though she treats me like shit and is always dragging me into her toxic bullshit". Vamp is what, 30? She is way too old for this bullshit and needs to grow the fuck up.

No. 386510

Blogpost but I just recently ended a friendship with someone just like mono,
It took a lot of shit she did to me - and then all my friends and family telling me to get the fuck out already.
shes mentally manipulating vamp, putting her down then building her up. And I bet if she really did do something to her - she never apologized, just overwhelmed her with love and bff things.
She probably does it out of jealousy of some sorts….. and vamp being insecure, vulnerable and a lil desperate for attention - she's falling for it everytime.

No. 386512

File: 1495321883067.jpg (191.83 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_5001.JPG)

No. 386513


Physical abuse isn't the only kind of abusive relationship. Mental manipulation like Momo does is also abusive.

No. 386515

There's more to it than that. Quite scary how you are thinking in plain black and white, anon. Maybe you are just like momo yourself.

No. 386516

> Except this isn't about some meat head who beats his wife.

Imagine being this stupid

No. 386517

Not to mention it seems like Momo controls everything in Vamps social life now that they live together. All their friends are "mutuals", involved in same hobby they will undoubtedly run into each other, even just with their social media presences alone.
I had a friend that was like this too, except they also were very unstable due to drug use and depression, and threatened to hurt themselves multiple times when around me. Everyone has a breaking point where some sort of internal instinct kicks in and you know you need to do whatever is best for yourself, but I don't think Momo has pushed Vamp to this point yet.

No. 386518

What's with everyone on this site thinking once you hit thirty, you should become some bridge troll and drop everything you did in your twenties.

No. 386519

File: 1495322257599.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, IMG_9846.PNG)

>tfw u lewd the loli after telling everyone u weren't going to and ur entire fan base is turning against u

No. 386520

Not to mention Vamp is 27. You can tell how immature some on this thread are when they constantly think that 25+ is considered "old". Such a shit way of thinking, since you're only as young as you feel. No one WANTS to feel old. But really…30 isn't even old…I don't know very many people who have their shit figured out at this age still or are even close.

No. 386522


I'm just not making Vamp out to be some helpless victim who can't make a move without alerting Moomoo. She is a grown woman with her own agency and is capable of making her own choices. They just happen to be stupid choices made by someone who refuses to grow up and better themselves and are the tale signs of someone who is more interested in being rich and famous than developing a career and the skills necessary to succeed.

Despite her bitching about not being taken seriously as a cosplayer and being jealous of friends who make more money than her for doing less she has no one else to blame but herself. She has had opportunities to cut the toxic people out of her life and move on but nope, what she really wants is fame and money for not having to do much, just like the people she is bitching about.

No. 386523


I'm 22 myself and I dont understand why people think at the age of 30 you're old and have to drop all hobbies you enjoy

No. 386524

Or she doesn't want to have her life totally dismantled by a vengeful manipulator.

No. 386525

those dead eyes

No. 386526

Our generation is so aimless. Can confirm many people 30+ who are solid people with jobs but still aimless. And remember kids emotional abuse does not have an age limit it's conditioning and hard to break out of. Sociopaths can be very convincing and know to push all the right buttons. Looking from the outside in is easy not when you're so close to the insanity. You see less and hear less since abuser(moo moo) is so loud right next to you quieting all the same voices (metaphor)

No. 386529


No on Ian saying you have to drop all your hobbies and shit by 30. It's that by that age you are supposed to have some semblance of an idea of where you are heading, some sort of plan. You don't have the excuse of being a dumb kid/teenager who doesn't know any better. Despite this generation's attempts to stave off "adulting", it is something you will eventually have to deal with.

If Vamp has any desire to see her life made better, then the first step is cutting people like Moomoo out of her life who will only serve to drag her down into that still wanting to be a kid attitude.

No. 386530

File: 1495323133323.png (131.13 KB, 276x236, furby.png)

Please do yourself a favor and read up on domestic abuse.
It is not restricted to just one female and one male with either one treating the other like shit. Don't spread false information.

No. 386532


That's not the point. Everyone is treating Vamp like she is some helpless weak snowflake who can't do anything without Moomoo smothering her. She is a grown fucking woman who can make her own choices, ones that happen to be incredibly stupid and selfish.

I would understand if Momo was an actual physical threat to her and was threatening her with violence, then I would say that it isn't as simple as just walking away. But this treating "emotional abuse" as the same as if she was threading to kill her if she left is ridiculous. She can literally just walk away at any time she wants. But she won't because she enjoys all the spoils that come with being in Moomoo's inner circle.

No. 386534


You don't really know much about abuse, do you?

No. 386535


holy shit, anon
obviously you've never been close to an emotionally abusive manipulator. It's considered abuse because it wears you down and it's not as easy as just "walking away" like you said since that person makes them seem like they're all you need, you become completely co-dependant.
as another anon said, there's no age-limit on abuse and it's not just limited to partners.
I can't believe this has to be explained to someone berating someone else for not being "adult" enough.

No. 386536

I think you're missing the point. People are trying to tell you it's not as simple as walking off. That's incredibly narrow sighted. You don't have to be physically in danger to be stuck in an abusive relationship. I know plenty of people who were stuck in abusive relationships and there are no physical threats just the yoyoing of abandonment and affection. It's incredibly subtle to the person affected and sociopaths can be very good at arguing and guilt tripping. If this were as simple a fix as you say we wouldn't have such huge problem in this world with abusive relationships. Like I said before it's hard to see the big picture when you're so close to something. Like staring at the sky and expecting to see the universe. Someone will have to explain it to you. Someone who cares. Unfortunately I don't see moomoo keeping threats to her stomping grounds so moochlette is up a creek without a paddle.

No. 386537


sage for samefagging but I'm pretty sure she's also locked in a lease with moomoo since they recently moved in together

No. 386538

File: 1495323943771.gif (774.54 KB, 300x200, 200.gif)

For fucks sake Vamp get out already. You're better than her, and if you want to maintain some level of respect, ditch the cow. People on here were hoping to see you get that massive weight off your shoulders but you must like having unnecessary stress and drama in your life. Such disappointment.

No. 386539


Yeah okay. Moomoo is "abusing" Vamp, that's why she can't leave. It can't be because she just wants to keep leeching off on her friend and have an excuse to not work as hard. It must be because Moomoo is some super genius who is totally manipulating her into staying and she is completely helpless to her mental prowess.

No. 386541


you don't need to be a genius to be a sociopath, you moron
look at the evidence.

No. 386542


And like any adult who is in an unwanted living situation she can simply say "After the lease is up, I am out". And if she doesn't want to be around her I am sure there are many options for her. She isn't binded to her for life.

No. 386543

You really haven't tasted emotional abuse that's good for you. But what you just stated is Trump is a genius. Sociopaths don't have to be smart. They just have to know what makes a human tick. Look at moomoo. How she uses her neckbeards and "friends" but leaves up all the evidence. Moomoo is low level and stupid. The scary ones are the smart ones because you'll never actually know if they're a sociopath.

No. 386544

You have no idea what you are talking about. That is clear as crystal.

It is easy to get out of a lease if the person you sign with lets you out. If not, then it is very rough waters.

No. 386545


either way she is stuck LIVING WITH HER for probably at least a year
even if by some miracle they plan to never be in eachother's presence can you even begin to imagine how unpleasant it would be to have to stay away from home? especially if she is being emotionally abused?
pls anon
you have to be underage
there's no way a functioning adult can be this dense

No. 386546


What "evidence" is there? A couple of bitchy passive-aggressive tweets and an anonymous post that vaguely discribes Moomoo that everyone is "so sure" it was Vamp? It is very simple what this is. She is bitching about not being rich and famous doing cosplay and jealous of her toxic friend who makes more money than her. And instead of leaving and making any attempt to better her situation, she sticks around because she buys expensive hotel rooms and dinners for her.

No. 386547

as in look at momo's past behaviour and situations
she's been a complete bully all her life

No. 386548

im starting to think this is some more b8.
lets all collect ourselves and stop arguing about abuse with this anon.

They're an idiot and it's starting to derail.

No. 386550

I don't think you'll ever get it being explained to you. Hopefully you don't experience it but it's completely different from what you think it is. Unless you're a sociopath yourself. Gl anon.

No. 386551

Looks like most of the recent negative comments on the IG post are gone.

No. 386552

This anon
has clearly never had a narcissist, a manipulator, or a psychological/emotional abuser for a friend. With them, it's either A) stick with them, or B) find yourself completely alone. It's easy to say "well why doesn't she just drop Moomoo?" when you haven't been in that situation.

Either way, until Vamplette comes out and says something about this (highly unlikely), this is all just pointless armchair psychology and we should just go back to laughing at Moomoo.

No. 386553

I mean I have a steady job I worked hard for with goals and pay for all my shit myself but fuck if I really have a "life plan", because sorry to say owning a house is fucking expensive where we live, and I have no interest in kids, which are the 2 big things society constantly tries to push on you, so half the time if feels like if you aren't getting married or having kids you're "lost" or aimless…nah, I'm just chillin' and enjoying life.

No. 386554


I'm just not making it out to be some doomsday scenario that everyone is trying to make it out to be.

Yes I understand that there are some cases where "emotional abuse" can be particularly traumatic, especially in the case of children and some adults who have not properly dealt with those types of things. Not every relationship is so easy to just walk away from, I get that, here are tons of factors that prevent people from just leaving toxic situations.

But everyone is making it seem like it it so fucking impossible for Vamp to just move on from this, equating her situation to very worse case scenario that has happened in these cases, ignoring any kind of context. They aren't married or romantically linked, they don't share finances, and despite sharing the same circle of friends those same friends hate Moomoo and actively come here to tell us how shitty a person she is so isn't like that would just turn on Vamp. If anything, they would have seen in coming way more than we have. While yes there still may be time on her lease, it isn't permanent, thus meaning she doesn't have to renew it and she can walk if she no longer wants to remain there. No one is sayingshe has to completely move out of state to get away from Moomoo, she just doesn't absolutely have to live with her.

She practically has a layup of an opportunity to better her life and start some sort of career with her cosplay and clothing line, but she wants to stick around Moomoo because "Well she buys nice things for me from time to time".

No. 386555

and you're the kind of person I want to be when I'm 30, good on you, anon, for real
I've always admired how comfortable people in their 30s are with themselves
no petty teen garbage and experimenting to "find yourself"
ur just happy and comfortable and just kinda smooth sailing
and I really admire that
sage for derail + blog

No. 386566

I think it's a mix of both of what you guys are arguing. I think Momo is abussive but I am pretty sure vamp is playing the game and desperate for Mariah's fans and the "fame" money and attention. Vamp is just as bad as she is. Not working out too well for her with her weak ass numbers and following though lol. If anything her recent passive aggressive posts n shit is just vamplette being frustrated that it's not working and Mariah being like nooo you're gonna be famous like me and it's rinsing and repeating over and over again. Vamplette is completely aware of how much of a cunt Mariah is, she just doesn't care because she still THINKS there is something she can gain from all this.

No. 386568

If you all are gonna argue about abuse, go make a thread about it in ot. I came here for milk, not a debate

No. 386570


That's really all I was trying to say. Vamp isn't as helpless as everyone is trying to make her out to be.

No. 386571

There isn't enough armchairs for all the psychologists in this thread

No. 386573

File: 1495328697626.png (92.39 KB, 607x891, okdude.png)

a bit late, but i remembered seeing this on my friend's status back in late april and i just thought it was worth posting since she did end up flopping her ass out in kanna

No. 386578

File: 1495329344563.png (282.15 KB, 420x420, f7e0a2caa094f2b5e84924a097fe35…)


So her intention was to lewd it up all along despite later claims that she decided not to, only to do it anyway. I love the back and forth and the outright lying.

No. 386581

File: 1495331023897.png (113.11 KB, 541x363, SYXDb1t.png)

No. 386583

Her misuse of memes (the SpongeBob one posted​ earlier) and anime community lingo is so fucking weird.

No. 386584

File: 1495331359945.png (710.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170520-214759.png)

I will not tolerate even hinted ideas of child porn. Its disgusting.

No. 386585

Wow, so she goes right on to wear kanna child clothing, and sexualize kanna. She is such a massive hypocrite, lay off the drugs momo. It's getting to you. (Or she prob has always been like this)

No. 386586

absolutely fucking disgusting

No. 386590

I wonder if someone made a joke cosplay of her Gohoe and went up to her at a con if she'd get pissed or take it as a compliment

No. 386596

Mariah has basically sealed her fate that she will never be asked to guest at a convention, or at least, at any real well known conventions(maybe really small ones desperate for guests). Conventions won't want it on their heads that they're hosting a guest that does skeevy things like doing pedophilic lewds of a child character. I hope you're reading this Mariah. I hope you realize the massive mistake you just made in your "career." As it was seen with her most recent con, she was incredibly uncomfortable with her true fans, it's only going to get worse when the questionable pedos want photo ops with her. I'm sure that'll send her into more of a spiral of binge drinking, eating, and drugging to momentarily forget the position she is in. Sure, you might be making bank but at what cost?

No. 386601

This is very true.
I hope momo reads your comment and reflect upon it. This is true, if momo truly intends to become a great cosplayer, and wish to be a guest at many successful conventions, she should reflect on what she is doing, and realize how terrible her behavior is right now. Doing inappropriate shots while wearing child kanna clothes (basically lewding child kanna let's face it.) is not the route to go. All it's going to do is get you little to no gigs. I hope she also realizes even Nigiri doesn't do shit like that, if you look up Nigiri, you would realize she is only a promotional booth babe basically, she isn't technically a professional cosplayer by any means. Even she doesn't make slut up child characters. momo probably won't even do this, but it's highly recommended to stop and reflect.

No. 386602

>basically lewding child kanna
she literally admited (screenshot just a few posts up) that she "lewed the dragon girl :3"

No. 386608

File: 1495338204939.png (84.76 KB, 750x788, IMG_5030.PNG)

New video on Instagram, just of her teasing. Usually her short tease previews are mature/more of an adult sexy approach.. but this, this literally panders to pedophiles. Her approach with this is completely different from her usual sets. Fucking disgusting. I hope she goes down as the cosplayer who sexualizes child characters, also the comments are no better. Half of these people probably don't even realize this is a child she is cosplaying as.

No. 386609

Looks like a fat mom in a muumuu dress.

No. 386610

Throughout the short video she gives off this smartass smirk, sitting on the bed, flicking the bottom of the dress up and down, to show off her cheeks. Maybe in her delusional head, this is a way to say "fuck you" to everyone who said no to slutting up Kanna. Good job momo, not only are you cosplaying a child but you are trying to act like one in this preview.

No. 386612

Pedos dont jerk to fully developed adult women with bodies like momo's. I think this "pandering to pedos" is a bit of a reach. These photos are mad cringey but no pedo is going to see this and think "yes this reminds me of a kid"

No. 386613

I'm 90% sure she cosplayed Kanna just because of the "don't lewd the dragon loli" twitter memes.

No. 386614

File: 1495339283189.png (58.95 KB, 631x590, round 3.png)


She also just uploaded that vid to twitter.

No. 386616

>"It's weird if people look at a child that way."
>"Those thighs aren't innocent."
I can't tell if she's stupid and never keeps track of what she says where, or she's a lying mastermind playing some fucked up game where she's never wrong for anything she does. Both probably. Triggered.

No. 386617

How dare she dress up as Spider-Gwen that bitch. Idk why that Bastian guy keep taking photos of her, not like his Instagram is gaining anything from it.

No. 386618

So this video was shot at the time of those other Kanna photos, including the one she took in the mirror? She had this material ready to release and still actively claimed she wasn't going to lewd as she posted the safe photos of Kanna over time. I feel like on every single one of those photos someone said "don't lewd" and she responded that she wasn't. Wow.

No. 386619

See >>386129 and >>386581

She's a fucking moron who thinks everyone is as dumb as her.

No. 386620

File: 1495340519279.png (156.91 KB, 1440x606, 20170521_002023.png)

No. 386621

Yeah that Lvlup interview legitimately made her look like some drugged up dumbass. She was literally just spewing whatever was in her head with zero thought while trying to be lolsorandom Nigiri style.

No. 386622

She really wants to justify her creepy lewds, huh.

No. 386623

That show got some serious problematic things going on doesn't mean that what she is doing is not sick.

No. 386627

File: 1495341403349.png (1.11 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170521-003236.png)

Posted to that AX Facebook page.
Reminds me of how she tried to pretend she didn't say she was relevant in that interview.

No. 386628

Whats the name of the page?

No. 386629

Anime Expo Fan Page. Our lewd Kanna image got posted there last night, and on some other page as well.

No. 386630


It is on alot of pages as of tonight.

No. 386631


I can't wait till the​ sjw anime fan crew picks up on this and tears her apart.

don't disappoint me Tumblr, you've ripped into people for much less.

No. 386633

>"Oh you've heard of him, good."
The Vegeta voice actor looks so annoyed with her. Cringe.

No. 386634

I didn't want to watch this because I can't stand second hand embarrassment but Jesus fucking Christ I just did and she's such a twat
you could have just asked the fucking question

No. 386637

File: 1495343870707.jpeg (142.2 KB, 1866x1458, received_1566831809996187.jpeg)


No. 386638

She looks like one of those huge Himalayan yetis from the Spyro games

No. 386640

File: 1495344904323.gif (560.73 KB, 486x360, GpHD4YG.gif)

Idk i get fire marshall bill vibes. It looks like someone wearing a fake human face

No. 386641

I'm the one that poster sss dbz cosplay I wasn't try to cause drama about sss just thought it was funny cause sss didn't lead it up but moomoo did

No. 386642

*lewd not lead ffs

No. 386643

Report the dragon loli post we might get them down

No. 386644

literal lol, thanks for the laugh and the memories

No. 386645

I have 3 accounts but on the app it will only let me report once. Is it by ip or account?

No. 386647

File: 1495345559348.png (3.06 MB, 1440x1569, 20170521_014251.png)

What is happening on her upper arm. The editing on this looks AWFUL, and they still failed to remove a bit of the yellowing on her midsection.

No. 386648

It genuinely looks like shes just pissed herself

No. 386649

She barely had that wig on for a day and somehow it already looks gross.

No. 386651

File: 1495346445655.jpg (54.85 KB, 663x579, 1455053552503.jpg)

>a show sexualizes a child so it's okay if I do it, too
Even so, they were literally playing Twister. Kyoani always tones down the fanservice and squickiness of their adaptations.

No. 386654

She said playing twister is lesbian sex?? Can someone reply to her this? I doubt she watched the show and some neckbeard prob tipped her this.

No. 386655

surely the editor is havin a laugh with that actual brown butthole on her elbow. like it can't have looked like that in real life

No. 386657

File: 1495350373052.png (216.43 KB, 263x339, f96ebb51740e8b0d7d1034f14afac0…)

The editing in this photo is so bad

No. 386658

File: 1495350422379.png (74.39 KB, 333x248, Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 2.48…)

I haven't finished the anime series yet, but I'm 99% sure Moomoo's talking about episode 6 where Kanna and her human, elementary-school-aged friend play Twister (literally). That's later followed by Kanna pinning down her friend and her friend wondering what she meant to do with her. In the manga, the diegetic suggestive content is limited to this single gag panel.

In the anime, it's not even fucking implied because Kanna just trails off in thought and the show treats her as a kid. We're talking about the same studio that animated big titted girls jumping up and down with minimal bounce. Based on Kyoani's track record and the diversion from the source material, no, it was literally two kids playing.

Moomoo is showing her ass (once again) by pretending she knows shit about things she doesn't even watch. And this time she's trying to defend sexualizing a kid (with infantilized posing and promotion) by pointing fingers at the source material. Did she just look at freaking lolicons talking about Kanna and make assumptions based on that?

Sorry for this long-ass post. I'm just annoyed that Kyoani treats Kanna as a cute kid but even normies are turning her into freakish fapbait with no respect to the show or the character.

No. 386660

How much of a sick fuck you have to be to even say that. Kids playing = implied lesbian sex. Explain me, Momo, how the fuck you could think that?

No. 386661

Holy shit thanks for this readers digest. I genuinely hope her fan base will call her out on this shit. Just need a couple of people to point out that it was simply children playing, and nothing was even implied. It seem innocent and naive and aloof from what I can see. Why momo and her pedofans gotta dirty everything up. Base on this bullshit logic I can say most of Yotsuba dialogue is implied sex and lesbianism.

No. 386662

I think she's rushing through every Kobayashi dragon to basically throw stuff to the wall and see if something sticks. It's the new waifu anime of the season so she's busy looking up a new niche after the hype around her Wicke died down.

No. 386663

so what happened to her "Fame doesn't mean shit to me" statement she made JUST THIS WEEK? She's just contradicting herself left and right, it's like she has literally no impulse control. She always has to get into more drama and even egg people on.

No. 386665

I'm just going to take a wild guess that Moomoo only saw the Jontron edit of the twister scene only and hasnt watched shit from the actual show.

No. 386666

File: 1495353659964.png (39.06 KB, 581x267, 7c85e608dba5ccfb44b021d354fe33…)

No. 386667

Has any of her "friends" publicly defended her yet? It's a no win situation because if they defend her they will be just as sick as her and if they ignore it then they know she is wrong and it's disgusting.

No. 386668

File: 1495353753599.png (39.51 KB, 624x233, 2c824b267863b6778a0debeb1c139c…)

How long until Mariah get's her white knights on this because she can't handle a problem like the punk bitch she is

No. 386669

File: 1495353833287.png (101.07 KB, 615x631, 28fb2b11976e7d12dccdf4a78cc912…)

No. 386670


i'm surprised that the sjw crowd hasn't already called her out on her shit, it's going to be so glorious when they finally do.

No. 386671

this is fucking glorious

No. 386674

File: 1495354107992.gif (1.91 MB, 180x135, 1430145464721.gif)

>I love talking to fans
>followed by this:
I can feel God in this thread, tonight.

No. 386676

File: 1495354388458.gif (1.19 MB, 250x224, tumblr_nwbs9xppPt1ruza0go1_250…)

holy shit she really went in

No. 386677

Holy shit I wanna send this chick flowers.

Go for her fat throat. Go for ittttt.

No. 386678

File: 1495354815612.jpg (160.09 KB, 527x664, SMFvtW1.jpg)

She's still @ing Momo, lol.

No. 386679

This girl calling momo out is so try hard and she seems to think she's black with the cringy ebonics. Cow VS sow, lol. Enjoying the show.

No. 386680

File: 1495354957935.jpg (324.32 KB, 1500x1500, 1495354818854.jpg)

Not the same anon but was watching some epic shit go down lol. This all happened in a matter of ten minutes, and Momo, ITS NOT ALL ONE FUCKING PERSON. Look at all the different people. How can you think you're not the problem?

No. 386681

File: 1495354973506.jpg (310.96 KB, 1500x1500, 1495354707475.jpg)

No. 386682

File: 1495354989338.jpg (285.58 KB, 1500x1500, 1495354448232.jpg)

No. 386683

File: 1495355013842.png (59.66 KB, 615x408, e2fd918420165ea5ebe2d372a092da…)

Momo you ain't gonna do shit, but be a little bitch and run away

No. 386684

File: 1495355099460.jpg (265.25 KB, 1500x1500, 1495354345426.jpg)

The biggest problem I'm having, and the reason I keep giving up on these threads, is her monetary support. Her graphtreon never changes, and if all the neckbeards banded together and cancelled their five dollar and ten dollar subscriptions that they don't even notice come off their credit cards each month, she'd be sunk. They don't get their rewards and the money amount is so little it doesn't bankrupt them to just have it come out of their accounts each month. But if they'd just shut her down…

No. 386685

"im going to sleep soundly tonight knowing mariah is on the burner for sexualizing a child"

me too emo mami me too

No. 386686

Moomoo has the body shape of a bloated corpse.

No. 386687

File: 1495355260062.jpg (126.4 KB, 565x596, D55rkKO.jpg)

>I love talking to my fans
>We'll talk at Fanime
I love this character arc.

No. 386688


momo says she's in this guys stream chatting

No. 386690

i think she's the one on the phone obviously

No. 386691


Momo is livestreaming rn with overtflow. Someone should get in there and ask why she sexualized a child

No. 386692

>Hurr how can I make this photo look like all dem asian photographers take?
>I know, crank up the saturation all over the photo so that it hurts your eyes to stare at her wig!!

Who's this girl? Mad props to her for taking one for the team and confronting her about this.

fuck off moomoo

No. 386693

God she is so bad at talking. You can obviously tell this guy is bored of her

No. 386694

when i was in there one of the chats he read out was "she talks to much hang up on her" and he said "ha i like you (whatever guys username was)"

No. 386695

File: 1495355963021.png (331.73 KB, 720x614, Screenshot_2017-05-21-01-33-34…)

Lol I shrieked

No. 386696

File: 1495355990775.png (337.36 KB, 720x788, Screenshot_2017-05-21-01-33-29…)

No. 386697

File: 1495356080919.png (366.63 KB, 720x889, Screenshot_2017-05-21-01-28-05…)

Last screen shot there's so much Mariah roasting everywhere I just live for it. But like I said, I'd rather see her completely shut down instead of bouncing back from it in a day. I'm so tired of her clawing her way back up through the brimstone.

No. 386699

File: 1495356349545.jpg (472.99 KB, 537x805, qsygkE1.jpg)

I feel you. I feel like nothing seems to actually impact her money flow and image. This seems to be the biggest wave of backlash, though? But I just wanna see a big name from the cosplay scene call her out.

Also, this is my favorite meme from all these Twitter responses.

No. 386700


It's just so fucking frustrating lol. Take away the fifteen thousand dollars to twenty thousand dollars a month, and then see how fucking untouchable she really thinks she is. Without those neckbeard dollars funding her self esteem, she's just nothing. A fat blob of insecurity, misery and sodium.

No. 386702


fucking kek imagine this was the D.VA she blew off at that one con

No. 386703

I left the kana tweets picture in her replies, it took her a few but she deleted my tweet

No. 386704

I think she's actually gone from 672 to 677 patreons…

No. 386705

She marketed herself as a sexualized bit of meat ( as people have said before) so I dont think she many patron buxs heck she might even gain some tbh

she is still doing what she has always done. I doubt her follows really care who the characters are just as long as it looks lewd.

No. 386706

patience, anon
neckbeards don't care that their thicc goddess waifu is a plague to the cosplay community.
We all know they'll drop her fat ass when they realise she won't go full monty. What we're seeing her is the cosplay community she pretends to love and that keeps her ego afloat is banding together against her and I think that's beautiful.

No. 386707

I don't get those men, who find momo SO attractive. Showed my boyfriend (who's not into cosplay and shit) a neutral pic of her and he said, in his opinion she is fat and not very pretty…phew

No. 386708

I asked, he said "because she wanted to". Lame

No. 386709

File: 1495358573578.png (163.22 KB, 588x770, yes.png)

No. 386710


It's actually why she has so many neckbeard fans, she's approachable to them. But even they have (admittedly low) standards, and when she goes from looking 30, to looking 50, and when her obesity becomes more obvious, she'll lose them.

No. 386711

lol I asked my bf too since he likes thicc
he said her face was too ugly and that there was just something really off about it
He always makes jokes whenever we see something bloblike or fat that "hey look, it's momokun"
sage for blogpost I just think it's funny since he's moomoo's type

No. 386712

Anyone pushing the thicc meme needs to be shamed tbh.

Momo isnt thicc she's fat, obese but we prettied up the word to make people feel good and those men that like to chase fat women feel good too.

No. 386713

the point is that she has a comparatively small waist
don't kinkshame chubbychasers
fat girls need sum luv too

No. 386714

Thicc meme is for neckbeards. FITT is in, especially with hi-cut bikinis being the rage. Hi-cut is so hot right now.

No. 386715

File: 1495360303596.png (2.48 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170521-114915.png)

even melonpan got more accurate shoes

No. 386717

No. 386718

It was a couple thread back, but it doesn't hurt to post it again. Especially with this shitstorm going on. Need that proof of her shittyness to be easy accessible.

No. 386719

Same D.VA she blew off where MooMoo was being racist and speaking fake Chinese and this girl wanted a picture?

No. 386720

Definitely not the same D.Va.

No. 386721

How is calling you out on BS threatening? It's like you don't want to face consequences of your actions. Play dumb all you want, Moo, no one is going to fall for that.

No. 386722

It's like she is not listening what Dva is saying, instead she is going defensive. Ugh.

No. 386723

where the sets at, need to see this shit

No. 386729

File: 1495368704601.png (1.33 MB, 1067x1338, 20170521_070426.png)

So buying a $55 Halloween costume from Amazon and stuffing your fat jelly roles into it is cosplay now? This shit is pathetic

No. 386730

Play of the game.

No. 386731

I am living for this. Good to see that the wave of people roasting her is big enough she can't keep up, finally. I'm surprised the set hasn't leaked yet.

No. 386733

Would it kill her to learn how to lighten her brows? I get triggered every time she does colorful/blond wigs with black eyebrows.

No. 386734

She literally has one style of makeup, so, probably never gonna happen. And given her lack of caring about detail she probably wouldn't ever see why she should.

No. 386735

i though this was a different person… I think the reason is she's just doing a normal human smile for once instead of her usual amy schumer gurning

No. 386736

Who is this goddess and why am I in love

No. 386737

File: 1495373610898.png (893.56 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170521-093023.png)

>"Will people find their lost Patreon rewards under there?"

No. 386738

I mean ffs I'm not even being petty this bitch makes thousands of dollars on patreon and she can't even attempt to do better than wearing half a store bought costume and an equally store bought wig? She should have just worn the mask that came with the costume and then at least the internet would be spared from another image featuring her hideous turtle face.

No. 386739

how is anything she said "ebonics"? racist much, moo?

No. 386741


Honestly with what she earns, she could have literally googled some fanart and commissioned an adult Kanna cosplay or something, avoiding all if not most of this. And looking better than her usual shitty cosplay.

But alas, she's beyond stupid and lazy.

No. 386742


But not our dear moomoo, just whatever shit she can throw together so she can quickly take off and sell images of to greasy headed neckbeards who look like they spend most of their time at the mall trying to sell their "homemade beard oil with flea powder in it that really brings out the shine."

No. 386743

File: 1495375798289.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170521-103236.jpg)

I think she proved to everyone she's crazy, I'm just hoping a famous cosplayer will call her out. Already reported her Kanna video on instagram, everyone should do the same (a lot of her pics should be reported as nudity/pornography anyway).

Look at this face, she literally looks crazy and desperate now, holy jesus.

No. 386745

File: 1495376106081.gif (1.28 MB, 275x188, 1492837378312.gif)

Except on the right is a entirely bought cosplay. So you didn't "glo up", Mariah.
Also, the pic on the left has always looked inexplicably pretty for Moomoo standards. I finally got why. She has lips. Especially the top lip.

Anyway, I go away for just a day and now I come back and I'm currently drowning on milk. She's over.

No. 386747

This reminds me when Jessica Nigri made Tiny Tina. It looked just as the 12 year character she was cosplaying, but with gigantic boobs. The difference was that just because she called it 'Not so Tina Tina' saved her ass because she said that it was a grown up version, even tho they looked the same.

No. 386750

Anon what r u doing these have already been posted not too long ago…..

No. 386751

Is anyone going to contact the cons she is guesting at and let them know she is portraying child porn? Or even her pateron?

No. 386752

> catchthese hands
> dead ass

Like come on. That sassy black woman way of talking comes off so corny. I agree with several of her points but the delivery is cringy as fuck and reaks of tumblr sjw trying to get attention and brownie points for "dragging" someone.

No. 386753

I was just thinking this earlier today, I'm like man moomoo really topped nigri in one aspect and that's the "aging" up canonically child characters, but shit that looks fucking harmless compared to moo with literally doing nothing to make kanna an adult
Also yikes at yourfinalboss defending her!!!! Idk why people with decent followings are defending her literally doing pedobait (lolibody or not she's pandering to them there's absolutely no question about it) funny cause a lot of my mutuals that are friends with her are staying quiet af about this whole incident!!! I feel like it says a lot whether u choose to defend her or stay quiet if you're associated to her somehow
Super curious if steff will say anything or even "mama nigri" where's your mom now moo??? You think she gives a fuck about you

No. 386754

How is that "black woman speak"???? It's basically how everyone born on social media speaks nowadays it doesn't really come off try hard…. I mean we have moo who fucking abuses my dude and lol to hell

No. 386755

File: 1495379264830.jpg (76.73 KB, 500x369, Old-women-on-laptop.jpg)

Thats some pretty normal slang for all young people these days.

Pic related its you

No. 386756


Lol holy fuck she really went in on her. About time someone called her out

No. 386757

About time people go cow tipping. I hope all those cosplayers she was sucking up to turn their backs on her. Associating with someone so toxic just can't be good for their cosplay reputations.

No. 386760

this, it's not "ebonics", it's just basic modern day speech ffs the anon raving about "ebonics" needs to calm down

really enjoying the shade she's getting now, you fucked up this time moomoo. Everyone's just letting their pent up rage flow free now that they got a good reason to take a shit on her.

You gotta choose your audience moomoo, you could've been a respectable cosplayer with respect, but you wanted to be a fetish jizz sock with no dignity. I hope you sleep well on that pile of patreon bucks if you still have any left after your drug/party binging

No. 386761

I respected her back when she debuted her Rin cosplay, until she admitted she never even watched far enough in the series to know who Rin was. And then the true colours started to show…

No. 386762

Reported her video on Facebook they said it did not violate the guidelines…

No. 386764

i've reported balls on fb that didnt get removed.

No. 386767

I've reported people getting decapitated and they just say it doesn't violate the guidelines. Facebook is trash with that stuff.

No. 386769

>>386762 Try getting multiple people to report it.

Who is that D.Va? Is it that judge Momo holds a grudge against for not voting for her Mewtwo?

No. 386770

I mean yea, there's been an ongoing CP scandal for a few years with them. Like, real CP not a fat bloated cow pretending to be a kid.

No. 386771

I think she's just a regular cosplayer who is fed up with Mariah's shit.

No. 386777

This is SO GOOD, ya'll my mouth is pratically gaping open. I cannot believe it.

No. 386779

File: 1495388808297.jpg (104.61 KB, 623x582, TGaQhN9.jpg)


No. 386780


Is this like…subbing anyone?

No. 386781

File: 1495389405571.jpg (32.21 KB, 504x332, sure.jpg)

scrolled a few posts back. sure thing, jan

No. 386782

File: 1495389494268.png (49.76 KB, 720x438, Screenshot_2017-05-21-10-51-36…)


I saw that too. But it was posted before all the stuff went down because I follow her. Steff has always been a little vulnerable and there's been a lot of rando weirdos on the internet attacking her for the Wendy's cosplay. But maybe it's about MooMoo too but not even in a bad way. She could have been defending her Instagram story where Momo admitted some of this gets to her.

Someone whos been throwing a lot of Momo shade lately said this and it kind of struck a chord with me.

Gabby, Tasha, Krissy, kaybear, Nigri, even Vamplette didn't address or subtweets the issue trying to defend her and say she has her back. KBBQ and a few others are silent too. Nice to know that everyone thinks this is self inflicted.

No. 386783


That's how bad it is, it's that none of her "friends" have come to her defense. Even they recognize how disgusting this is.

No. 386784

I actually checked all of their twitters. Sinastri's too. And she just hung out with her a few days ago AND complimented her Kanna. I wonder if someone will fake rally with her to make her feel better, after she threatens them.

No. 386785

Or maybe her friends don't want to ruin their own reputation which is smart, but at the same time a selfish move

No. 386786

unfortunately there have been a few mutuals between her and I that have been defending it with the same excuse as "everyone else does it"

see here>>386117

No. 386787

This is a good point, no one has come out to say she was in the wrong but no one is defending her either. Says a lot about her "friends"

No. 386788


Uh, no. Not everyone tries to sexualize children…whoever is actually trying to defend her about it is warped. People are jacking off to her bare ass in a costume for an eight year old girl.

No this isn't an attack on you it's an attack on the people you know.

I don't care if she called it an adult version, she said if she was going to do an adult costume she would use a traditional maid costume…I though she meant black and white frilly french maid bullshit. But she needed the controversy for relevancy, and no one would know who she was cosplaying as if she did that.

No. 386789


it was more that people were cosplaying love live girls in bikinis and cat underwear. But they are ranging from 16-18 I believe, dont watch the show. Also not defending momo but thats the everyone is doing it. Regardless the issue is that its an 8year old girl not someone that is of legal age in japan

No. 386790


just did. it's funny because beneath the cut ot says "partially nude or full nude photos of children" and i'm just like :^) yep, that's exactly it.

fuck you moomoo you sweaty disgusting pandering cunt. go take a fucking shower for real and love your damn self. cant fucking wait to see your lameass at fanime, cunt.

No. 386791

The everyone is doing it exuse is so lame. She has a huge following. Also you never see a big cosplayer pull up their skirt in any love live cosplay. 16 and 8 are not the same damn thing

No. 386792

The age where you can watch porno here is 16. People are a lot less offended because we all know 16 year olds already are involved in sexual behaviour most of the time. Look at your social media feed. 8 is not so yes people are offendend and the well love live is the same is just invalid

No. 386793

I'm not sure if you're playing devil's advocate or not, anon, but lewding a 16-year-old is an entirely different animal than lewding an 8-year-old.

No. 386794

Sage for samefagging, but

>The everyone is doing it excuse is so lame
>She has a huge following

this. Moomoo likes to call herself a ""professional"" cosplayer, so I think she should be held to professional standards. What kind of pro cosplayer would do this to a child character, let alone post it to the internet and be proud of it?

No. 386795

File: 1495394710113.png (79.83 KB, 720x452, Screenshot_2017-05-21-12-22-45…)

I reported her Patreon. It asks for links to evidence and I've linked things she is incapable of deleting before they investigate her :) I even linked her own comments thread on her Patreon because of recurring statements like this.

December…she hasn't sent out any rewards for five. Months.

No. 386796


If enough people report her Patreon I'm sure there's enough sufficient evidence to shut it down.

I've linked places where people have said she doesn't send out her content (rewards) I've linked the Kanna thing because it's interpretation of underage pornography and I've linked her "Cumilla boudoir" set that has pretend semen on it because it's still pornographic no matter how much she denies it.

So go forth, and find in every crevice of the interwebs all the ways she does not use Patreon professionally and with integrity :)

No. 386797

wow what a nice guy

No. 386798

Thank God.

No. 386799


my boyfriend actually used to be a big fan of Momokun, he thinks she's cute and all of that but said that cosplayers patreon is pointless.

i never understood why but I told him all the shit she has under her and how her career was built on lies (ex. her saying she's muslim plz donate cuzmy dad hates me showing my tidddies plz pay for me ugu). He was like "damn I had no clue, I just followed her because she's cute"

I think when it comes to a lot of her fanbase that aren't patrons, they simply don't know nor bother to look into her other than "wow tiddies imma click that like". It's important that big name cosplayers associated with her call her out because it'll give everyone, patron or otherwise the idea that something is truly WRONG and GROSS with momo and this isn't just some "haters gonna hate" nonsense.

No. 386800

It's also about wording. If you describe the situation where it says describe what's happening with this creator, include that it's public knowledge she uses her money to support her lavish lifestyle and not the business she claims to be actively involved in on your website. And that it gives a bad reputation to the platform itself, there are many others who publicly complain about her getting away with what she does on your website. It's about the websites reputation and not Mariah herself or they will overlook it as a vendetta.

No. 386801

File: 1495395822236.png (277.46 KB, 1440x879, 20170521_154105.png)

She's really loving this Spongebob meme. Somehow it's made her come off as even more annoying than usual.

No. 386803

File: 1495396347343.png (147.46 KB, 661x812, those thighs arent innocent.pn…)

No. 386805

God I love the drawanons in this thread.

No. 386806

No. 386807

>those thighs aren't innocent
>said about an 8 year old
Real talk, if a man said that, he'd be blacklisted. Why can't people do the same for Mariah?

No. 386808

She's not like other people, my dudes.

No. 386809

because she's not a man, I can imagine smaller cosplayers heck even bigger ones dont want to deal with the aggro from her rabid fans. I also guess her friends want to stay "friends" so they can keep milking her, so they stay silent too

No. 386810

Great tracing, anon. Why don't you actually use your art?

No. 386811

why would they? these are perfect and hilarious. we don't need to summon the attention-thirsty artfags who start namefagging and shit

No. 386812

because tracing her ugly ass is more humilating than something obviously exaggerated

No. 386813

rip sorry
meant to reply to >>386810

No. 386814

This, also the draw anons could have recognizable art styles and not want to be outed.

No. 386815

Oh shit cupuucakey is the chick that Mariah called fat samus
Wtf lol

No. 386816

>followed her because she's cute
>because she's cute

No. 386817

its why I stay friends with her because the milk is so good and I like contributing

No. 386818

That's not even how you use the meme. The meme is supposed to repeat the person. Its mocking. This just makes her look like a retard

No. 386822

Anyone else feel she's putting photos out so she can bury the Kanna post so she doesn't look like it's getting to her? There's been a lot of activity.

No. 386823

^^this. The self-indulgent drawfags who hijack every thread trying to one-up each other are often attention-whoring cows themselves and never get the features right because they can't get out of their cookie cutter style. It's much more hilarious to see actual traces because they highlight how awful she looks in the photo.

tbh I can understand why guys think she's cute. There's not much of a market for cosplay girls who are cute AND do porn since most of them go for the JNig "sexy and sultry porn star" style. So the more weebier neckbeards are all over her because they prefer cute over cool. They literally have nobody else to compare her to so their perspective of "cute" is warped due to the standards being nonexistent.

No. 386824

Yeah definitely seems like that.

No. 386825

So you can't draw her ugly like the drawing in thread 16? Or other threads of her?

No. 386826

My bad 15

No. 386827

i don't see why this bothers you so much? if you want serious art, fuck off to a site for serious art. you've been given legitimate reasons. besides, as >>386823 said, it's even better that just a simple trace of her looks so horrible because she can't even say it's made to be an unflattering caricature

if it bothers you that much, ignore the posts.

No. 386828

Don't derail, we're here to milk the pedo cow.

No. 386829

Stop derailing the thread, it's going nowhere.

No. 386832

That is exactly what she is doing. Also why she deleted all the people calling her out on IG.

No. 386833

isnt that going to hurt her in the long run? Because most of her instagram and twitter were bought followers?

No. 386834

Every shady thing she is doing will hurt her in the long run when the cosplay thing doesn't work out, and she needs to get a job. It will make that process very difficult on her.

No. 386836

living in vegas, there's definitely a few '-jobs' i can think of what won't deny her, kek

No. 386837

Kanna video on IG is now gone

No. 386838

Did anyone get a backup of it?

No. 386839

File: 1495402197450.png (39.37 KB, 1067x1338, IN RETROSPECT I ASK WHY.png)

No. 386841

No. 386842

imo this is the cutest she's looked in a long time. the first time i scrolled past this, i thought this was one of her associated clingers. that cut/style is actually surprisingly flattering for her, as is that kind of smile.

shame things like this are one in a million and she'll never learn

No. 386843

I guess you can no longer view content you report then? Or can you block someone from seeing a specific post cuz I can definitely see her every other post on her IG

No. 386844

File: 1495402532828.jpg (25.17 KB, 1017x145, BqF41ca.jpg)

No. 386850

Pretty sure this is from at least a few months ago, I think she's quite a bit bigger now. I agree that she does look good compared to her other stuff here; it looks like a genuine smile rather than a forced attempt at being sexy.

No. 386852

that explains it, i was wondering why she looked way less haggard than usual - figured maybe she finally figured out how to use concealer or got a competent retoucher. the angle is flattering for her too, face-wise.

ia with other anons upthread who were saying she looks better blonde like in the android 18 cosplay (literally the only flattering thing about it…)

No. 386854

I'm pretty sure this is from at least a year ago. Pretty sure that's Vamplette's spider Gwen cosplay and I don't remember seeing either of them wear it for ages. Besides, there's no way she would be able to squeeze into it now.

No. 386856

looks like moomoo deleted her original tweet to the d.va cosplayer.

No. 386860

Still there

No. 386870

File: 1495409953768.jpg (458.76 KB, 582x625, ko2bayh.jpg)

No. 386872

She side-swept them AND used hairspray. What an upgrade.

No. 386873

she can't even use hairspray properly. that beading happens when too much is applied at a close distance. 15K+ a month for this shit?

No. 386876

Not only is this beautiful, but this DVA cosplayer is actually decent looking. It's always so nice to see good looking people shit on Momos bullshit personality. Cause you know, all the neck beards keep assuming that anyone against Mariah is "ugly" and "jealous"

No. 386877

anyone know what evidence i need in order to report her patreon? are the caps in this thread sufficient?

No. 386881

File: 1495411865741.png (71.69 KB, 750x560, IMG_0902.PNG)

Moomoo's original "LMAO WHAT" tweet that sparked d.va's rant was deleted is what I meant

No. 386883

File: 1495412925277.png (Spoiler Image, 299.78 KB, 579x511, imtiredofseeingherbutthole.png)

disgusting tweet aside isn't that shot in the aot jacket part of her set of "nudes"? gg retweeting this one mariah

No. 386884

Well she was the one that leaked her own nudes, so why wouldn't she proud of them?

No. 386885

Wtf am I even suppose to be looking at?

No. 386888

>thickest ass ever
>uses a picture that shows just how flat her ass is and how hiked up she wears her underwear to give an illusion of ass
also every single one of these are a year old? plus? girl you're so busted they have to jump through loops to try and make you look good

No. 386891

especially that mega milk picture, thats almost 100 pounds ago

No. 386892

> buys the wrong fabric so not only is it see-through but also horrid looking when folded at the skirt like that
> Doesn't sew the collar to meet the white neckpiece because she prolly thought it was an infinity scarf or some retarded shit like that
> even some how managed to fuck up the wrist bands

but hey … least she's finally wearing shapewear. 1 step forward, 9 car accidents back.

No. 386895

File: 1495418397566.jpg (109.61 KB, 608x657, mel.jpg)

well…at least some of the veteran cosplayers are saying something about it, cuz this is so obviously directed at Moo even though Mel is not directly calling her out.

No. 386896

Oh, without a doubt. I hope more big name cosplayers follow suit. This looks like the beginning of the end and it will be glorious.

No. 386897

My twitter people have been quietly posting about it in vague terms but a lot of friends are very put out by this and I think she finally poked the bear too much this time.

No. 386900


No they're not. If you can find Reddit threads or even her Patreon comments section that say she's not sending out her rewards, link anything that had to do with the Kanna disaster to say she sexualizes a child, and I specifically linked the anon IB thread of her wax Cumilla sets to show pornographic intent.

No. 386902


Although to be honest I was debating on linking the last two threads because it's sufficient enough evidence of her Patreon funding her lavish lifestyle and her lack of involvement in the business she is supposed to be selling on their website. Yes there are rumours and speculations but there's also very solid screen caps.

No. 386903

Lol you're an idiot. If you link these threads they're just going to think baww poor girl being targeted by a gossip site. Just gather evidence and send it.

No. 386905

File: 1495420718997.png (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2702.PNG)

"Prepare to get banned? Why would I get banned? I'm not showin' anything, I'm Gucci, I'm good. I mean, I love titty streamers, but I'm not a titty streamer myself, soo" r u sure muh riah

No. 386906

Instagram? Snapchat?

No. 386907

She had just said that on her IG live

No. 386908

"i'm not a titty streamer"
didn't she literally lift up her shirt and flash her bra during a livestream in the thread before the last one?

No. 386910


I said I was debating it and I already sent my claim before. I don't see you doing it so sit down.

No. 386911

File: 1495421165007.jpg (5.15 KB, 162x185, images (35).jpg)

She looks so much like Spike from TLBT

No. 386912

File: 1495421429420.jpg (411.05 KB, 921x543, 0wNJV7z.jpg)

No. 386913

File: 1495421581500.png (174.8 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2274.PNG)


No. 386914

Her room is so fucking filthy it is so triggering. I hate getting my sewing nook in my apartment REMOTELY messy but its at least contained to a few square feet.. not an entire ROOM

No. 386915

Too bad the headphone design she's making is based off Sonico and not Pochaco's headset.

No. 386916

File: 1495422087294.jpg (90.55 KB, 550x800, 02ac66a9e7be4e0d8354938b38f78f…)


at least pochaco fits her body type i guess…

No. 386918

File: 1495423309678.png (1.21 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2275.PNG)

No. 386919

File: 1495423533323.gif (1.36 MB, 500x281, wh.gif)

>wanting sewing cosplay tutorials from Momo

She can barely style a wig for Christ's sake

No. 386921

File: 1495423571252.gif (2.8 MB, 320x240, 1326074891086.gif)

No. 386922

File: 1495423930157.jpg (42.49 KB, 521x768, he's a better person though.jp…)


No. 386923

My sides are now in orbit thank you anon

No. 386924

File: 1495424180184.png (680.65 KB, 725x507, moo.png)

at least she finally shared a non-edited momo shot

No. 386925

File: 1495424188319.png (442.23 KB, 456x810, notgoodman.png)

A prime example of why I hate certain aspects of the body pos movement or whatever. This girl wasn't always chubby or fat or genetically on the larger side. Momo has gained unhealthy weight over time from poor habits using her patrons' money. And her fans encourage it.

No. 386927

Lol at less than 60 people watching

No. 386928

Are those giant pimples? Damn is she hitting puberty again??? Ugly eating habits and no sleep is doing wonders for her.

No. 386932

File: 1495426969334.jpg (378.94 KB, 587x660, EpxTS8l.jpg)

No. 386940

shitty food=shitty skin!

No. 386941


Kanna and Lucoa sets have been added to the drive. Including a cringey ass video of her Lucoa where you can clearly see how fat she has gotten.

No. 386942

she looks like a 50 yr old auntie

No. 386943

Oh my god in every Kanna photo she is grabbing her skirt "seductively" and is 1 inch from flashing her crotch…

That is so fucking disgusting to do dressed as a child holy shit.

No. 386944

I was expecting more random lewd shots with kanna, but she surprisingly kept it more tame for the rest. Probably showed the ass one to entice neckbeards to get on her patreon

No. 386945

Random thought. Isn't using copyrighted music in something people have to pay for kinda…. not okay? Youtubers have to avoid it all the time after all.

No. 386947

I know who this is and the bitch is crazy. And fake as fuck. You know it to be true.

No. 386948


She really is

Even all her friends were arguing with her on her status saying how disgusting it was and she just kept defending her nonstop.

She and other her friend were defending Momo on that Instagram pic for almost 2 days straight too it was insane.

No. 386950

File: 1495432238279.png (706.09 KB, 1004x698, wideshot.png)

she's so fucking meaty fuck

No. 386951

File: 1495432526985.png (1.74 MB, 960x1280, yeah okay.png)

thank you for going through her facebook anon

No. 386952

lmao no Sonico's is white. that's 100% Pochaco's.

No. 386954

SHE LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER SMILING. Oh my god i couldn't even tell it was Moo at first.

No. 386956

File: 1495433228055.jpg (159.89 KB, 550x830, pochaco.jpg)

The ears look so weird.

No. 386958

File: 1495433300251.png (964.13 KB, 621x654, c921ef8f09d014838e9247793d4b63…)

God she's so wide and the editing in this photoset is god awful

No. 386959

She looks like an evil sea granny.

No. 386960

File: 1495433611949.jpg (389.6 KB, 871x977, Screenshot_20170522-020518.jpg)

Why would they not edit this nasty concealer on her lips ?

And the Kanna set is so boring. But of course she doesn't know how to make a picture interesting without showing her boobs or whatever (not saying that her other pictures are interesting but they are not as boring as the Kanna set)

No. 386961

File: 1495433713167.png (1.48 MB, 829x1430, 20170522_021118.png)

And the editing is soo bad they didn't even try (I like how nice the clouds and water looks in this set tho)

No. 386962

File: 1495433867399.jpg (496.23 KB, 712x991, Screenshot_20170522-021639.jpg)

And what is wrong with her boob?
Also no ass at all. I wouldn't mind about girls having no ass is just funny that she always pretends that she has a nice one

No. 386963

File: 1495433920637.jpg (792.27 KB, 833x1240, Screenshot_20170522-020902.jpg)

The editing kills me

No. 386964

File: 1495433968267.jpg (9.61 MB, 4647x5231, untitled-59-Edit.jpg)

Good thing she was wearing black, seeing as how she peed all over the ground.

No. 386965


christ the editing in these to make her look more slim are fucking awful


out of all the places by this pool she had to sit by a nasty ass drain where it looks like she shit and piss herself

No. 386966

File: 1495434235514.jpg (745.02 KB, 833x1240, 17-05-22-02-23-51-115_deco.jpg)

Let me try to unedit that for you, Mariah.

No. 386967

File: 1495434356000.png (511.02 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-21-23-23-32…)


Goddamn. All the lipo in the world ain't gonna fix those line backer shoulders and those sad saggy sacks of breast flesh. I call it "a wild moo emerges from the sea"

No. 386968

These pictures are not something I needed to see while I'm sick. Ugh now I'm more sick

No. 386970

the one time those huge alien circle lenses would've worked for her cosplay she chose not to use them. also why the hell did she do wings like that for a child character? Did you think this over at all?

No. 386971

because it's an "adult" version

No. 386972

God the dry skin around her nose and mouth area…. all that drinking and sodium moomoo is aging you real quick

No. 386973

Has she ever seen moisturizer before? Also those concealer lips are triggering me. Why doesn't she even apply another color on top if she wants to evoke that weeb/koreaboo tiny lip look.

No. 386979

She posts like two pictures on instagram and you've already seen the whole set. Besides the fact she doesn't send any rewards out, the pictures are pretty much copies of each other, I don't see why her pedos pay so much.

No. 386980

Moomoo is pushing her and Vamps hard now, "best friends foreverrr <3", also Vamps uploaded ass shots to Patreon. She's a goner.

No. 386981

Momo looks so bad from all that sodium I've actually reduced the amount of sodium I eat. Ugh at least she's "inspirational" in one way? I guess?

No. 386982


Ya she really is. Thanks Moomoo, you motivate me to never look like you.

No. 386984

why doesn't she have an upper lip?

No. 386986

She ate it cause there wasn't an Asian cuisine place to eat near her

No. 386987


I cant stop laughing. Good lord thats horrible.

No. 386988

File: 1495444512404.jpg (55.67 KB, 591x588, 894894.jpg)

vamps looks like she is being held at gunpoint. poor girl

No. 386989

>almost done

Bitch I have the exact same shitty $15 Sonico "headphones" from eBay. They are fucked up in the exact same way

No. 386990

I have no idea who they're cosplaying here but Vamps looks like gaga in bad romance attire while shooting a 2 straight girl lesbian sex scene.

No. 386991

casually puts the wtvr that is with goku and vegeta on it


No. 386993

Pochaco has flat headphones though in any reference photos I saw…not the little bits that point out on both ear pieces…also Sonico has silver headphones not white…she just copied the Sonico design and painted it gold which means she prolly just bought the cheap Sonico headphones and painted it and said she made it…



No. 386994

There is glue spewing out from under the pink parts. She's really considered a pro cosplayer? That looks like construction paper. I've seen elementary school kids with better glueing skills.

No. 386995

you get told not to "kinkshame" the "fans" if you bring it up which is bs if you see how fast she has aged in over a year, it clearly is unhealthy for her to continue this way.

No. 386996

File: 1495447108561.jpg (156.63 KB, 790x1086, QDKfsCo.jpg)

Pic related.

I checked to see if there were any Super Pochaco headphones out there and there isn't. So it's pretty obvious moomoo had to buy Sonico's. We all know she's not talented enough to make headphones from scratch kek.

I'd love to see fans point out the headphones after this travesty is done.

No. 386999

File: 1495449054990.png (1.31 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8674.PNG)

No. 387000

Mariah made a whole album on her facebook dedicated to Collette
She is definitely trying too hard to make it seem like everything is perfect between them

No. 387002

Right? I knew it! Only because I saw those headphones and even I was too cheap to buy them for how bad they looked so I actually altered real headphones for my Sonico…not that it looked better than Moo's but at least I don't get paid 15k a month to make trash.

No. 387003

I can't believe this trash can bitch is real

No. 387005

File: 1495456824458.png (984.13 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8842.PNG)

Reposting slit momo to hide your Janna pics hmmm?

No. 387006

No. 387007

File: 1495456872666.png (891.11 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8843.PNG)

Now she's tryna say it's a busty version??

No. 387011

>adult Kanna
>busty Lilith
>female Gohan
>fat Samus
>obese 18
>cockthirsty Wicke
Has Moomoo ever done something that was accurate to the canon character…?

No. 387012

Bitch all of your costumes pretty much say "did in one night"

eyeroll o really couldn't tell

No. 387013

the swimsuit bottom isn't even going around her hips? lmao.

No. 387014

this was probably my favourite of hef costumes tbh
this and wicke
I thought they were pretty flattering on her
idk why she's been making such terrible choice in characters lately - although I guess it's because she doesn't really play games or watch anime to find something that isn't plastered all over the internet for flavour-of-the-month

No. 387017

Mei and Wicke are literally the only costumes she's come close to being canon. And then she went to Patreon and lewded them in non-canonical ways for those beta-bucks.

I wouldn't consider this flattering at all considering that in other photos the top always looks like her under-armpit fat is pushing it down and the OC design the character is extremely slender and almost child-like

No. 387023

The funny thing, those weren't flattering irl, she had to wear shapewear, photoshop her selfies, and had to dinosaur arm the whole con in lilith because she doesn't know what fashion tape is and how to make a proper corset/bunny suit that stays up, and the bats on the leggings were messy af
Also ot but holy shit I never noticed how big nanasushibear is till she posted the pic of them as morrigan and lilith, how did moo rise in weight so quickly it hasn't even been a whole year since that con…. and lol at her reposting pics where she looks good and everyone looks like shit coughvamplettealbumcough what a fucking bitch.. a real friend would photoshop you and themselves if they're gonna ps lol

No. 387024

Samefag but what is it about morrigan that big girls have to cosplay as her….?

No. 387026

>busty lilith
>implying she's not just alt color morrigan with the wrong wig at this point

bitch, lilith is a delicious pear girl with huge thighs. keep your fat tits outta her cosplay.

>shit 'bunny suit'
> poorly made batman logo tights
>ugly rainboot lookin shit

honey, we know.

No. 387027

someone should send moomoo this video.

No. 387028

Nobody gives a fuck about stupid video

No. 387029


No one gives a fuck. Stop posting this

No. 387030

Patreon in itself for cosplayers is a fucking sell out. So many cosplayers I actually respect have even admitted they do fan-service now through Patreon because it's the only way they make any money to do the actual legit costumes they want to do ever since Patreon became the new "platform".

No. 387031

patreon is dumb in the first place. it's a really terrible platform. the only people who really use it are people who -need- to get paid for their 'hobby'. what happened to just doing stuff cause you want to? or realizing that your shitty talents aren't good enough for a real career. this shit is so strong in the anime community.

No. 387032

They're so lazy then. Why don't they get actual jobs and work for it? cosplay is a hobby. No one deserves someone to throw money at them just to make fandom shit. it's sad what cosplay has become in the last 10 years.

No. 387035

great for artists or actually skilled cosplayers
I think it's opened up a lot of opportunities for people but a platform that powerful will always be abused in one way another.
There are cosplayers using it to release proper cosplay breakdowns, tutorials and help sessions too. It's not always bad

No. 387037

I agree. I've pledged to accounts that actually do helpful tutorials for sewing and crafting. The people who pledge to people like moomoo aren't actually supporting them for their "cosplays", they only want jerk off pics.

No. 387038

It's the same shit with artists too. Even the shitty ones have patreons.

We're derailing here, though. Sage your shit.

Moomoo will always be lazy. Her posting throwbacks are simply throwbacks from when she farted out a hint of a damn to give about her cosplays.

No. 387039

how disappointing that her "hint of a damn" still involves night-before hotel-room cosplays. God damn.

>15k a month

No. 387041


i also think Patreon is a useful idea for artists to live off of their original art, which they come up with and realize themselves. but what MooMoo and other "cosplay models/Patreon models" are doing has fuckall to do with that. modeling is a profession that can be really tough, but it's hardly an art. hell, cosplay is barely an art itself; it's more of a craft since it revolves around producing someone else's designs. i wish Patreon would unclassify "modeling" and "lewd" content accounts (i'm aware they won't because of neckbeard buxx). i really wonder how many "cosplayers" and "models" would stay there if patreon just said "original and/or educational content only, if you really want to show off your costumes, put them on a mannequin".

sage for OT

No. 387045

Except most of the cosplayers I know doing this >>387030 actually are working full time on top of meeting their Patreon goals so your argument is irrelevant…not every cosplayer using Patreon is literally living off neckbeard money like Moo is

No. 387046

Please don't derail with Patreon discussions.

No. 387048

Let's get back to milk plz. If you want to talk shit about Patreon, go make a thread

No. 387049

seems a lot of people who have called her out on the Kanna shit are going to Fanime too so it should be an interesting weekend.

No. 387050

Momo so obviously doesnt care about cosplay as a craft and only uses it as an attention grab. If she really cared she'd beusing the patreon money and softcore porn pics to fund good costumes instead of spending it all on bullshit. She has to be buying bullshit considering her house still has no furniture, she wears the same clothes and hobo shoes and she clearly isnt putting any funds towards improving her looks and health.

No. 387051

It seems there was some type of Meet and Greet involving Momo where she just decided " nah' to following through with it.

No. 387054


> famhand

No. 387055

File: 1495474030740.jpg (35.59 KB, 600x337, IMG_3348.JPG)

No. 387056


Probably looking to duck from anyone looking to give her shit for her Kanna cosplay. And yet she hilariously always tries to talk herself up as this big, bad "Don't fuck with me or my friends, I'm not afraid of anyone, I'll fuck you up" boss bitch. As usual she turns tail and runs unless she has her neckbeard army ready to attack on her behalf.

No. 387057

File: 1495474368112.jpg (134.9 KB, 681x1024, tumblr_n8umytY1mw1t62z92o1_128…)

She's coming for PT's gig

No. 387058

except for that lipo that she gained back so quickly anyway lmao

No. 387059

Christ these photos look awful, they look like they were taken with a 2009 mobile phone camera.

No. 387060

How is it possible to get lipo and gain the weight back in a month? I think the lipo stuff was just rumors. She was most likely just photoshopping harder than usual

No. 387061

it's been over discussed already. go read the last thread if you want to know how.

No. 387062


Honestly I believe shes a broke bitch. Cant afford new shoes, no furniture, hair always looking rachet, shitty cosplays, nails always look like trash. But if anything this all fits her. She's a trashy person herself, so of course her life style would follow suit

No. 387063

She could be putting some of the money away into a savings. But she is paying the majority of the house on her own since vamp doesn't make much. If she owns her car there are those payments plus insurance. She is paying for her own phone, I don't know if her mom kept her on her own insurance.
Then there's lipo suction whenever she's feeling bad. Food is expensive, so is booze and she does both in excess. Plus it isn't confirmed yet if she is taking some kinda drug which will also pull up a pretty penny and so does buying friendships.

She never lived on her own, she doesn't know how to budget. So at the end of the month there is nothing to use for hair care, skin, or new clothes or furniture.

No. 387065

File: 1495477769723.jpg (75.07 KB, 640x480, taruko-pochaco-sonico.jpg)

Super Taruko is probably closer tbh but better than deluding herself into thinking sonico is an acceptable option here

No. 387066

mariah who are you trying to fool these are so blatantly bought
kek at her using her lucoa wig to try and hide the curve of her back to make herself look thinner even though everyone can still see her fupa
kanna however: deliberately doing childlike poses (even with the most dead eyes possible) and then doing sexually suggestive? where is the adult bitch you didn't even try

No. 387067

File: 1495478612468.jpg (75.35 KB, 720x960, 18581581_1081566468654968_8362…)

"Professional cosplayer" my ass

No. 387068


No. 387069

today on: what wig did mariah reuse
again who is she trying to fool with those blunt af ends it's so obvious she's been butchering an old wig into this mess

No. 387071

Honestly… Looks more like a Kagamine rin/Len cosplay… The wig isn't even the right length for Pochaco, the bangs are too long and super styled when her's look loose and natural, and the pigtails are supposed to curl right? I haven't watched super Sonico but I've seen enough pics of the characters and this doesn't look right at all. Fuck can she try for ONCE?

>15k a month professional cosplayer who works out 4x a week and is super sweet and humble my dudes lol

No. 387072

The most offensive to me was
>shampoo wig Misato
Someone specifically signed up for the 100 tier on Patreon to commission that shit and she didn't even try. I like how on her Patreon it now says the costume must cost $100 or less or pay me more.

No. 387074

These characters are adorable. I know nothing about this but I'm sad Mariah is going to butcher one. Also, her cosplay would be incorrect even if she chose the largest because they all have kneecaps. :)

No. 387075

I legit thought this was a fluffy bob wig at first. It barely looks like pigtails, let alone Pochaco's pigtails. Not to mention the bangs' fringe is completely wrong. Fuck. And she gets 15k a month for this garbage.

No. 387076

pochaco would still have huge meat sacks if she wasn't fat tho. unlike moomoo, she's more Taruko like >>387065 said.

No. 387077

it looks like her wig from when she did that bitch from attack on titan or she really fucked up her yang wig

No. 387079

Her nails are so upsetting.

No. 387081

jnig already ruined Sonico. They're like Nitro+ Studio's mascots. I always thought Sonico was cute as fuck, and her music albums are really nice, but the fans are really cringy. I don't know too much about the other 2 but it's part of the marshmallow girls hype train.

sage for OT

No. 387087

File: 1495482672171.png (1.14 MB, 1025x1074, 20170522_154914.png)

>the goddess of thicc and beauty.

No. 387090

File: 1495483338047.png (2.38 MB, 1440x1900, 20170522_155913.png)

Okay she legitimately is an idiot, the before of this wig looked closer to the source than her 'after' styling. She just has to trim the bangs and such. But my wig styling skills are improving mah dudes.

No. 387093

are those pigtails even the same as the last wig shot? the ends look way longer even though the placement of the clips is higher and they're curled
this is super susp to me

No. 387094

I think >>387090 is the wig before Moomoo "styled" it.

No. 387096

oh my god i didn't even read the before part
moomoo what the fuck have you done this wig would've been so simple to get pochaco's style from and you majorly fucked it up

No. 387098

File: 1495484833198.jpg (94.26 KB, 600x600, FIGURE-007057[1].jpg)

here's full shots of the design for reference. she's totally retarded.

No. 387099

File: 1495485061406.png (674.73 KB, 614x624, moomoowigs.png)

No. 387101


holy fuck. rip wig. the other one looks so bad i thought she was trying to salvage her shitty android 18 wig

No. 387102

File: 1495486192783.jpg (60.64 KB, 600x607, CRWHSqLUYAAAqZc.jpg)

"Super Taruko, who is described as a bit more dour and delusional." So a perfect match for moo

No. 387105

looks like a fat old grannie

so fitting.

No. 387106

File: 1495486946795.jpg (71.25 KB, 600x450, absolutely disgusting.jpg)

That Kanna shit is disgusting, the only reason a child would be posed like she's doing is for CP and I'm sure Moo knows it.

No. 387107

File: 1495487193293.png (476.69 KB, 1053x750, 2017-05-22 16.05.45.png)


No. 387108

She's trying so hard to pretend she's not bothered, but I'm sure she's raging and wolfing something full of carbs down at this very moment.

No. 387109

File: 1495487629520.png (832.69 KB, 1440x1756, 20170522_171140.png)

She seriously encourages her disgusting fans, she retweets all the disgusting shit they say. I have no sympathy for her, at all.

No. 387110

this is a cursed image

No. 387111

Not sure if I got tired of seeing Momo working on trash, but I actually think this one isn't bad. Ofc the wig isn't right, but the ears/headphones are ok.

No. 387112

File: 1495488293274.png (360.54 KB, 344x499, tR1cnbO.png)

No. 387114

File: 1495488508232.png (402.76 KB, 1440x1620, 20170522_171200.png)

please, no.

No. 387115

So okay, she originally said she was going to do Kanna in a maid dress, did she buy this one for that and decide it was *~too lewd and went with it for this cosplay instead? Either way wow I'm ready for pix from this con

No. 387116

headphones were bought so yeah I guess those ears she made are okay

No. 387117

File: 1495488743873.jpg (81.28 KB, 960x848, FB_IMG_1495488647350.jpg)

Legit thought she was a midget when I scrolled past this.

No. 387119

Omg. The fingers on that suit. I can't.

No. 387120

seems like a bad angle for the girl on the rights face.

Moomoo arms dont look huge in this pic is it fairly old?

No. 387121


lol at her desperate attempts at trying to "take back" shit like Moomoo and Momokunt. Like she is embracing being thought of as a piece of shit and owning up to it. You know that deep down she is absolutely seething and wants it all to go away. But it is so synonymous with her reputation that she has no hope of dodging it, so she thinks by embracing the hate that it will change public perception of her.

Guess what Moomoo, it doesn't. Everyone still thinks you are disgusting pedophile, a shitty cosplayer and a lying, two faced piece of shit who constantly causes drama wherever you go. But sure, continue to gunk that by being like "lol, I guess I'm Momokunt now" will change anything.

No. 387122

really old like almost 2 years ago i think

No. 387123

Our poor Vamplette has a potato face in many angles. Still a better cosplayer than Moomoo could ever hope to be.

No. 387124

Vamp looks like she's lost weight since this, good for her. I'm amazed Momo fit in her suit even then.

No. 387126

The angle is trash for the both of them but I'm kinda concerned about Moo's proportions. Vamp, and myself, our knees reach the chest shoulder area but looks like Moo''s knee would barely reach her under boob, is it ps or does she have short thighs?

No. 387129


The ponytails looked just like the picture before what on earth did she do holy shit

No. 387130


Everything looked better in the before picture all she had to do was cut some of the bang and ad a bit more curl to the wig.

How do you fuck up so badly

No. 387131

File: 1495490623587.jpg (628.8 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_6062.JPG)

Looks like she has stretch marks on her arms now

No. 387132

I'm betting we'll get the same outcome as 18, where she gets a shit wig and one of her 'friends' takes pity on her and styles another wig.

No. 387133

This photo looks disgusting and horrible. She can edit her body to hell and back, but she can't change some of the coloring and add a bit of warmth?

No. 387134

Not really a flattering angle for either of them. If this was angled down from up higher it would have made their legs look a lot longer.
>not much that can help moo. I don't even think Vamp is all that she's fluffed up to be on this board.

No. 387135

File: 1495491084178.jpg (420.81 KB, 758x1051, IMG_9569.JPG)

I will never understand how she thought that this was a good costume with it being so see through. There are also a couple different choices of underwear she could have worn instead that would have helped.
Those stretch marks are really dark. Doesn't that mean they're recent?
>u keep blowin up moo.

No. 387137

Is there a n y t h i n g flattering in this picture

No. 387139


Fucking lord those hammy arms. How many times a week did you say you go to the gym Moomoo?

No. 387142

File: 1495493586270.jpg (16.25 KB, 234x231, 1495320744498~2.jpg)


Christ. She looks alien.

No. 387143

>>387142 dead inside

No. 387144

ayy lmao

She says she's Arab yet looks like pork. Isn't pork Haram? Shame on you.

No. 387145

File: 1495494110772.jpg (23.5 KB, 387x421, 1447227191429.jpg)

Leave my franchise alone

No. 387147


she is but her being Muslim was a total lie that her career was basically built on yikes

No. 387149

is that a Nike logo showing through her top

No. 387150

Yes because this bitch wore a sports bra with this thin fabric

No. 387151


Star Wars is fucking SACRED and you would fucking NEVER look good as Padmae. She should do fucking Jabba or the Rancor.

Sage for fucking ragefag

No. 387152

rofl holy shit
her arm is almost as thick as her head

No. 387154

This is one of the most unflattering photos I have yet to see. Looks like sa mugshot taken after the cops busted her crack den.

No. 387156


Did she ever say she was muslim? She drinks like no tomorrow. Pretty sure she just REEEEd at a girl wearing a hijab in a bikini or something

No. 387157

Padme sucks, so I support momos cosplay plans.

No. 387159

Padme died in tears because Moomoo had interest in pretending to be her.

No. 387160

Patreon before pedo saga = 673
Currently = 686

No. 387161

File: 1495496046864.png (42.72 KB, 612x252, she probably sat on it.png)

No. 387162

She should have gotten lipo on her arms first. Those stretch marks look big. She'd probably need skin surgery on them after lipo.

No. 387163

File: 1495496696067.png (1.7 MB, 1334x750, IMG_0332.PNG)

Those are fresh marks too

No. 387164

fresh marks are usually a red to dark red

No. 387165

oh of course this dumb whore would cosplay from the prequels.

sage for being a faggot.

No. 387166

Haven't we suffered enough from the prequels? I can't wait for her in her try hard moments to say it was the best trilogy and watch true Star Wars can shit all over her.

No. 387167

those are pretty dark anon. Like redish purple. Plus she didn't have these like 3-4 months ago so yeah I dunno, Still pretty new.

No. 387168


She looks like she's about to be hit by a car, but is too dead inside to care.

Think she'll get lipo on her arms next?

No. 387169

oh sorry
my bad
I didn't see them going downwards behind the arm
I was wondering why it seemed like she wasn't getting any marks
I picked up a bit of weight from medication and there were stretchmarks appearing everywhere - not nearly as much gain as moo though
would love to see her completely 100% unedited to see if they're anywhere else and how bad
sage for blog

No. 387172

Of course she does! She's just as disgusting as they are and likely sees no problem with that behavior, as long as it gets her attention and money.

Also laughed until I choked when I saw the reply to >>387107 by one of her sperglord fans saying "aaaw! your not disgusting :)". Keep riding her fupa and maybe one day she'll fuck you.

No. 387174

Her family is Lebanese but they are as far from religious as you can be. She's about as Muslim as the the queen of England.

No. 387178

File: 1495501095760.jpg (79.84 KB, 500x563, thotbgone.jpg)

>Dat Lucoa video when they show her underboob scars from her reduction
>Kanna set where she's sitting on her knees and looks like she's wearing a muumuu while implying she'll lift her skirt

No. 387179

File: 1495501232085.jpg (Spoiler Image, 529.95 KB, 2048x1365, wincing.jpg)

tracing moomoo is fun

No. 387180

I honestly think the only reason she is even saying Padme is because Loonie also chose Padme and we know both lurk here…

The only reason I see cosplayers choose Padme is her extensive costume line…Moo has 0 talent to recreate any of those

No. 387181

this shit came up on my tumblr feed last night lol

No. 387192

File: 1495502648922.png (533.11 KB, 459x612, 1462177694575.png)

Oh god I was scrolling past her Lucoa photos and my mom was here and asked "who is this girl? is she pregnant?"

No. 387200

I think the reason she didn't choose Sonico is because of JN, she not only cosplayed her but voiced over the English dub. If y'all weren't aware, Pochaco admired Sonico for a long time and related to her because of their "similar" looks, she changed her looks and began wearing revealing clothing, more revealing like her dear Sonico and gained her fame and a spot next to her idol she closely mimics.

No. 387201

the way the wig fibres are falling in her face gives me some prime the grudge/samara realness

No. 387203

You act as if moomoo knows anything about the characters she chooses, let alone cares.
She just choose something she can milk for money that's easy to make and hides her fat rolls that's similar to jnig. Why do you think 99 percent of her cosplays involve the ability to wear her poor busting at the seams waist trainer?

No. 387206


Even if she didn't know, it's quite ironic

No. 387211

now I am curious who you both are o.O thats kind of exciting

No. 387213

which is sad because I made some for my gf with like 99 cent store headphones, four drink caps and the valve from a car tire.

No. 387220

the sad part is this dudes work is normally really good, like alf alive or what ever his name is, and just momo ruined them

No. 387232

File: 1495509671854.png (947.69 KB, 1263x889, hhhheyyyy gaiizz.png)

Drew some fanart of the ~thicc ecchi goddessu~

No. 387235

It's so true, and the double standards really piss me off.

No. 387238

File: 1495511222911.jpg (625.78 KB, 816x590, dn9sKKa.jpg)

No. 387240

File: 1495511392633.jpg (61.86 KB, 657x314, euShRix.jpg)

prepare urself

No. 387253

she didn't even use the quote properly…

No. 387255

That Wicke costume was so tight when she first wore it I wonder if it even fits.

No. 387258

iirc even at ALA this year the seams looked like they were busting.

No. 387259

As much as I don't like the guy, he seems to do some pretty good work. It's just a shame that he's wasting his talents on someone like her.

No. 387264

not only that didn't she actually rip the seam of her skirt at one con at the beginning of this year?

No. 387272

At Otakon Vegas, there was a pic of her sitting with her seams busted open in the skirt.

No. 387274

File: 1495515775856.png (843.89 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170522-215727.png)

No. 387275

holy fuck great job anon i also see a little bit of vamplette in the face for some reason lmao

No. 387277

This is fucking embarassing, holy shit.

No. 387292


You wouldn't have to make two swimsuits in a day if you weren't a lazy social media addicted piece of shit and actually did the job you're paid twenty k a month to do you twat. Everything she says is not funny it's annoying and I'm surprised her neckbeards haven't noticed her pattern of doing these all last minute. How dumb do you have to be as a fan to not realize she's not doing her job? WHAT DO YOU DO ALL DAY YOU SLOB

No. 387293


Oh so that's why he's friends with her. Watch her buy him a 3d printer lmao.

No. 387294

File: 1495518145426.png (66.19 KB, 750x472, IMG_5151.PNG)


No. 387299

This is almost perfectly Mariah's figure except Taruko has longer legs.

No. 387301

And knees.

No. 387303


Holy fuck this is bad. And this bitch is supposed to be a professional?

No. 387305

I know this is just a joke, but it's fucking pathetic how Moomoo is willing to degrade herself (and other cosplayers, artists, content-creators, etc.) for her 15 minutes of fame.

No. 387306


And then she bitches about guys not respecting her

No. 387308

Shit, didn't notice the little pointing bits, my bad.
But yeah, she's a lazy bitch so what did you expect?

No. 387309

She sported a Hijab to a Trump event about a year ago but has shut up about it then. She has Lebanese heritage so she technically counts as an Arab, so my best guess is that she thought Arab=Muslim.

fucking shit moomoo you make 15k a month you can afford a decent $300 serger to finish your seams, it doesn't completely prevent this but helps out a lot.

No. 387311

From the thumbnail I was thinking this was a pic of a shaved vagina. Terrible photo.

No. 387320

File: 1495523831882.png (106.67 KB, 268x246, 345345.png)

lol, got too big for the cosplay i guess? it's ripping.

No. 387323

It's the angle. Look at Moomoo's heel. Her legs are spread fairly wide (heh) and her knee is pointed away from the camera. The overall effect is that her leg looks much shorter than it really is. Vamp's leg looks normal because it's straight out in front of her.

>I will never understand how she thought that this was a good costume with it being so see through.

The first step to understanding is to realize that Moomoo gives zero fucks about quality.

No. 387331

Shes streaming ATM and someone asked if she has any connection to the charatcers she cosplays and she said "uh, yeah, i only cosplay characters I really like."


No. 387333

This looks nothing like Moomoo in the face. I would have no idea that this was Mariah if this was elsewhere. Try again.

No. 387334

I'm watching her stream on Twitch and she comes off a really rude. Like, people will ask her if she has plans to go to such asked such content and she'll just go "no actually" and carry on checking her phone.

No. 387336

Im watching the stream and someone asked her to move the sewing cam so they could see better. In the middle of moving it you see the room behind her and it looks messier than ever

No. 387337

File: 1495531180149.png (75.2 KB, 266x174, Screenshot_2017-05-23-02-15-53…)

That double chin thoooo.
Shes barely responsive and looks tired as fuck. Either the negativity all weekend got to her or she's high.

No. 387338

File: 1495531201136.png (60.15 KB, 198x167, Screenshot_2017-05-23-02-13-55…)

No. 387339

Love it need a phone case with this

No. 387340

File: 1495532726642.png (322.3 KB, 504x308, moomoo.png)

No. 387342

File: 1495533887598.png (329.37 KB, 517x313, dem chins.png)

No. 387343

File: 1495534043123.png (382.84 KB, 739x328, ew.png)

No. 387344

wtf is that supposed to be

No. 387345


idk she's working on a top. It exposes her stomach and she's obv ruined her lipo

No. 387346

File: 1495534313515.png (203.15 KB, 323x327, ew.png)

>"tell me this isn't adorable."

No. 387347

File: 1495534398483.png (168.09 KB, 316x279, ew.png)


also all the comments are congratulating her on her "six pack"

No. 387349

It looks uncomfortable and way too small for her

"six pack" these people have never seen a sixpack, have they? Those are small fatrolls/loose skin, jesus

No. 387350

if this is 2B I will flip my shit

No. 387351

I found another cosplayer who shit on her lewd Kanna and she brought up a point that I don't think anybody actually noticed.

When MooMoo said "go back to the scene where Kanna had implied lesbian sex with a classmate lol"

Kanna would be going to school with classmates who are eight years old in human years.

Did she…just insinuate…that eight year old girls…are capable of lesbian sex? Eight year old children are having sex with eachother?

Correct me if I'm wrong maybe the classmate in question isnt in her grade I've never watched the anime but holy Christ.

If she's insinuating eight year old girls are capable of having sex with eachother she's fucked in the head.

No. 387352


alright this delusion needs to stop. it's an endless loop. the fans feed her delusions that she's healthy, built and "thicc" when she's obese.

she delude the fans into thinking she gives a shit about characters, goes to the gym 4 times a week and she is in good shape.

Momo and her fans are actively making me dislike people who encourage momos lifestyle and glorifying obesity because "muh thicc goddess" Stop using thicc because your too insecure about liking fat,obese women

Sage because rant

No. 387353

How can 8 y/os not have sex with each other?

No. 387354


I'm not familiar with the anime but I saw a comment where someone suggested Moomoo would've got that idea from an abridged series, or a youtuber, implying she doesn't even watch the original episodes.

No. 387355

File: 1495538254382.png (88.11 KB, 629x579, Screen-Shot.PNG)

>Good decisions

No. 387356

I watch the anime. The whole thing with Kanna is she wants to go to school, and everyone in her class loves her because she is kawaii and talented. When she goes to school, she is FULL human…so using the dragon excuse is a total cop-out.

First day of school, class pet notices Kanna getting all the attention, gets jealous, challenges Kanna, makes Kanna cry, and feels so bad she is super nice to her and wants to be best friends with her.

Yes, the anime does make it a little weird the way they animate the girls' affection for Kanna…using little heart icons insinuating the girl is in love with her.

To me? I just took it as this girl was lonely and friendless and now she has a cute best friend.

Momo is disgusting.

No. 387357

Hey Moo obviously you are lurking since all of a sudden you're doing non-stop livestreams of your "hard work" after everyone called out your bullshit that you don't make your costumes and when you do they look like shit.

No. 387359

as far as i know, a girl having a crush on another girl at a young age is relatively normal in japanese culture and even encouraged. it it seen as innocent and cute and nothing bad- hence why lesbian women are seen as childish and mentally not adult yet in society there. Even if moomoo watched the anime she is sexualizing something that is seen as completely pure and cute and innocent in japan, even if it seems strange in the west.

No. 387366

she has 0 respect or awareness of other cultures. This shit pisses me off with Jnig too. She would do travel videos and act super inappropriate and disrespectful in sacred areas of Japan or dress disrespectfully on her tour for the Vatican…I really, really hate people like this, and I can only imagine Moo would be even MORE obnoxious if she ever travelled outside the US.

No. 387367

is…..is she talking about the episode where kanna and riko have a sleepover and share a bed together? bc if so, oh my fucking god momo children sleeping together in one bed at a sleepover is perfectly normal and innocent and does NOT imply any kind of sexual activity.

No. 387368

File: 1495541505911.jpg (Spoiler Image, 443.01 KB, 1660x1660, IMG_6837.JPG)

Apparently MooMoo can't tell the difference between crude humor and actual sexualization of a child…

No. 387369

Y I K E S……. here's the deal if you see a child and see that child interact with someone similar to them in a loving way and your first immediate reaction/response is to find the intimacy and sexuality between THOSE CHILDREN, there's something mentally and grossly wrong with you
Moomoo the fucking pedo pandering to other pedos asuka voice disgusting

No. 387370

exactly, or even if it were to be taken as more of a childish crush it would be perfectly fine.
i get that the manga can sometimes be a little dodgy in terms of how it portrays kanna and riko's friendship and plays for laughs but even to call it "sexualising" is a huge reach. and besides, the show is way, waaay more to toned down to the point that there's pretty much nothing like that at all.
and, i mean, she's citing ~the show sexualises her!!1!!~ as her excuse, right? id like her to find just one example of this, really

No. 387372

I doubt she actually watched the show and was just told about the scene by a fan ( who may be into loli's anyway hence seeing it sexually) or one of her friends when the shit started flying

No. 387373

Here's a cut of the twister scene she referenced. It does get a little Yuru Yuri there towards the very end, but even if the source material sexualizes a kid that doesn't make it okay for her to do it. Using this context is still reaching.

No. 387376

File: 1495544896824.png (143.2 KB, 746x893, 20170523_150420.png)

checked on that reddit thread anon posted
more evidence for patreon report

No. 387379

File: 1495545009855.jpg (65.16 KB, 504x802, crooked momo.JPG)

This shitposting page appears to be filled with r9k, but it has a decently large following and they've been shitting all over moomoo since the Kanna drop. Its so weird to see her just floating around my feeds on tumblr and Facebook when I never have before.

sage for not being actual news and blogposting

No. 387380

She reminds me so much of Charlotte Charms/Little Lotte. Both were superpretty before and now they're just…well…fat and old looking

No. 387381


Surprised she hasn't shown up to passive-aggressively be like "lol good one guys. This stuff doesn't bother me", as if she is in on the joke and is okay with it when really we know deep down she is seething with anger.

No. 387383


i agree that she's kinda like lotte in that neither of them were actually significantly pretty (charms was simply thin and well-kept, momo was quasi-athletic and weighed a reasonable amount with the same turtle face) but in the light of how they look recently their past appearence tends to look better.

sage for OT

No. 387384


could she be more obvious she's butt hurt?

No. 387386


Lol yeah. It is so obvious that all of this is really getting to her and she thinks that by embracing the hate that it will all go away.

No. 387389

pretty sure it's Black Cat and Emma Frost

No. 387391

Charms was superpretty before. Mariah was only less ugly than she is now. She was never hot to begin with.

No. 387392

do they mean her six pack of flab?

No. 387393

File: 1495549792517.gif (305.43 KB, 500x400, whynotmariah.gif)


>image related

No. 387395

She is really trying to bury the Kanna stuff with all these pointless uploads to her IG.

No. 387396

The fat is spreading since the belly reserves are gone. Called it, she's going to look like Patrick star soon.
Looks like gym, my dudes.
By gym I mean ice cream buffet.

No. 387399


Holy shit you are right. It is so obvious what she is doing. She is burying her instagram in shit she hasn't worn in months to make sure no one sees her Kanna shitshow. Wow Moomoo, who do you think you are fooling?

No. 387400

What's worse her keeping the photo but pushing it down because somehow to hear that equals to people forgetting it happened, or idk just delete the photo ??

No. 387401

Those are some deep workout lines

No. 387402

>working on a top
what it looks like
>bought spandex turtle neck
>cut off sleeves
>cut out tit window
>pretending to sew

it's not even hemmed anywhere. fucking shit, you can't tell me that this is serious. is she serious? are these people serious?

No. 387435

She's damned either way. Even if she deleted the pictures and video, We've got all the receipts with matching contradictions. Hell, they're already reaching out to people.

No. 387449

File: 1495558028961.jpg (101.02 KB, 640x342, umyse2yg.jpg)



i have been wondering what her face reminds me of ever since she's started gaining in the area. and it just dawned on me.

her face is turning into foreverkaiyln. all she needs is to start mouth breathing and she's set

No. 387452

File: 1495558504927.png (19.27 KB, 390x470, f4292710b3cfc96e30ea9b2f45de6b…)


damn anon, legit tears here

No. 387453

File: 1495558690762.jpg (85.26 KB, 800x800, c4160b86a976c0c6d3e995eefda842…)

does anybody else think she looks like Rachel Bloom? Sage for OT

No. 387454

I don't get how this even sexualized. They are playing and the scene is innocent as it can be. One must be absolutly retarded to even suggest anything "lesbian sex" related to this. These are preschoolers, what is wrong with you people. I hate world sometimes.

No. 387455

tbh it is clearly made to be fanservice towards the lolicons out there, who are degenerates anyway. kanna can also be enjoyed as a simple, cute, character. mariah didn't need to lewd her in anyway, she went even farther the source material that just insinuates and lets people come up with their own conclusions. kanna never has her fucking ass out

No. 387456

…yes. Very similar facial structure and nose, though Rachel Bloom's reminds me much less of a turtle than MooMoo's.

No. 387457

File: 1495560199616.jpg (261.28 KB, 1267x671, ss (2017-05-23 at 10.22.47).jp…)

looking through the video and wtf is this indentation on the back of her knee

No. 387458

It really won't be long until she's full Kailyn-tier.

No. 387459

Her legs are so fat she literally gets rolls behind her knees.

Also It's been mentioned a thousand time sbefore but holy shit those arms are the size of her head.

No. 387460

Those stretch marks on her leg look like bad bruises…

No. 387461

that made me so uncomfortable omg i've never seen anime before that was extremely sexualized

No. 387465

If you know that then why would you say it.

No. 387466

I used to think I was super fat but I don't have rolls of fat behind my knees so I guess I feel better about my body.

No. 387472

File: 1495562535493.png (1.5 MB, 1440x1438, 20170522_160651.png)

Man she really is trying to bury it. Wtf is wrong with her legs in this picture, does she have cellulite in her calves?

No. 387473

seriously? the other girl blushes and stuff heavily right at the beginning when kanna's got her legs spread. it's very clearly sexual. the twister itself isn't sexual but the shorts of bodyparts and the shots of the other girl acting like a horny teenager are. if you haven't seen much anime i guess i understand but she's acting like nervous teenage boys do in other shit.

No. 387474

are you sure she's not just mocking the people critizing her for sexualizing kanna on the post, knowing it's a joke post? typing like that is part of that new mocking spongebob meme thing, isn't it? im pretty sure shes just trying to be funny and failing at it.

No. 387475

this shit is why i stopped cosplay. people who did this used to be made fun of by everyone, she looks a mess.

No. 387477

>Gonna be ramadhan soon
>Gonna wait and see if she claims to fast for 30 days

No. 387483

I wish the dude who commissioned this would come forward and express disappointment. I would have so much more faith in the world. Not only are you not receiving prints/Polaroids but the costume you paid for her to make came out looking like some first time cosplayer party city shit.

No. 387485

Couldn't she have assed herself to go on google and look at official art for posing ideas? She's always such a flaccid pancake. What a miserable woman.

No. 387488

File: 1495564067455.gif (1.81 MB, 410x230, mistake.gif)

I cringed so hard at this. Just why.

No. 387489

Yeah I watched the first episode of this show and the fanservice type stuff was definitely not for me. Though I get why it's been latched onto so hard by cosplayers. Plenty of sexy characters. Which makes her choosing the child one all the worse I think. Should've stuck with Lucoa.

No. 387490

File: 1495564221690.jpg (213.84 KB, 383x530, 1397084293587.jpg)

That keyhole top makes her look overstuffed…doesn't she have a shirt to pattern off of? It ain't hard my dude

No. 387492

File: 1495564571301.png (864.93 KB, 720x1097, Screenshot_2017-05-23-11-34-50…)

No. 387494

Her tits have a better ass then she does

No. 387495

File: 1495566258333.jpg (51.17 KB, 502x782, a57de45ae0e6a9eb4a5e098da02e09…)

No. 387500

Nice padding

No. 387502

File: 1495567572317.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2287.PNG)

Why though

No. 387505

She honestly looks like a middle aged Hispanic woman. She wasn't great to begin but man she's gotten so bad so fast.

No. 387509

seriously? its pretty sexualized it made me uncomfortable

No. 387513

seriously, the other girl was acting like a horny teenage boy. why didn't moomoo cosplay her, atleast then she would have been more 'in character'

No. 387514

I love that these double chins are more than enough proof that got lipo done. How else would it be possible to have such a prominent double chin and have a "flat" tummy. It boggles my mind that she didn't just lose it naturally because it would've made her more proportionate looking. If she stopped drinking and eating out all the time it would shed 10 pounds off.
It's already clear that all the lipo she had done on her body is becoming undone. If you don't change your lifestyle no amount of surgery can keep your weight down.

No. 387517

It's so funny she shows off her boobs so much more lately. Bitch knows everything else about her is awful. hahah.

No. 387521

Yeah, it's probably because I don't watch that much anime and I thought Rika blushes around Kanna because she is cute. Maybe there subliminal messages I don't get and it's probably better that way. I don't want to think this show any more fanservice than it with the other dragons, minus Fafnir (unless the voice of Daisuke Ono counts as fanservice). Still, calling this a "lesbian sex" scene is a reach. Almost makes me angry, because even kids playing can't be seen just kids simply playing together anymore.

No. 387522

her tits are awful too, the only reason they look halfway decent is because they're smooshed into a pushup bra and don't look like bags of jello.

No. 387525

you're a fucking idiot anon, are you 12? show this to one of your parents or normie friends and tell us what they say.

it is definitely fanservice, it's not sex, but it is 100% sexual. you just finished saying you don't watch much anime but this is definitely not kids just playing together. watch a clip from non non biyori vs that one and you'll see what I mean.

No. 387528

Less talk about animu, more talk on the moo.

No. 387531

You don't need get upset because I don't see things from perverted point as you do.

No. 387535

if you show your normie friends or parents any anime they would think it's weird as fuck, anon

No. 387536

I don't know why people defend this show with desperate reaches, it's gross as fuck with the implied lolicon shit. And that makes Mariah just even worse, why would you support this idea of sexualizing little kids with cosplay lewds?

No. 387538

As much as I like the show (and Kyoani's downplay of the creepy shit in the manga [it's more explicit, believe it or not]), yeah, the series isn't innocent about how it treats Kanna and Shouta (literally all Lucoa's character does is shove her tits into a 9 year old boy's face).

It's fucking weird that cosplayers are jumping onto this series, and how many normies have latched onto it. Within an otaku circles, Maid Dragon is a lot more acceptable, I get that. But those comments on the Youtube upload of the Twister scene are fucking nasty. And those are the same people Momo is rubbing simulative cum on her tits and gaining weight for…

No. 387539


That anon is right though. Being blissfully unaware of connotations doesn't mean you're some bastion of purity and reason, it means you're dense as fuck.

No. 387543

Never said I was, but if that makes you sleep the night better, then whatever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 387545

File: 1495576007898.png (523.53 KB, 550x712, lol.png)

I just had to

No. 387546

File: 1495576296250.png (677.23 KB, 1331x951, justcosplaymydudes.png)

just cosplay my dudes!! lol

No. 387547

Mariah was never super pretty. Ever. hahaha

No. 387553

What Moomoo and her dense fans who whiteinight her fail to realize is that even in the world of dragons who are "thousands of years old" Kanna is still a child. In the dragon and human world shes a child.

No. 387554


No. 387555

It's like screaming to a void. I don't think she cares unless it really starts to affect her income or something.

No. 387560

holy shit anon

No. 387571

So there's a con dedicated to her now called Momocon?

What the fuck?

No. 387574

File: 1495581687595.png (506.14 KB, 1165x735, wat.png)

You have to be fucking kidding

No. 387575

Anon pls do some research, Momocon has been a thing before Moomookunt even became relevant.

No. 387583

Are you that fucking stupid?

No. 387592

her boobs are always so veiny. It's really gross. I can name 30 off the top of my head cosplayers with much nicer titts than hers. Hers make me just feel sick and like I need to get a tan and go to the gym so I don't look like her tbh.

No. 387595


Not to defend Moo, but all naturally large breasts have different levels of veins showing

No. 387605

I hope this doesn't mean she's doing 2B. I really hope so.

No. 387609

it's lucoa's second swimsuit

No. 387612

No. 387616

you did here:

>because even kids playing can't be seen just kids simply playing together anymore.

and here:
>I don't see things from perverted point as you do.

No. 387618

the fuck it is, they make that swimsuit. plus it's not black. moo prolly thinks she'd be ~sexier~ in the black.

No. 387620

File: 1495587525484.png (344.56 KB, 584x602, lucoa.png)

No. 387621

not even close, it's disgusting looking, the wrong color and cheap.

No. 387623

i hate japan and anime jesus christ. and the comments on this are absolutely disgusting. this is the audience you're courting, mariah, congratulations.

No. 387624

Japan has totally lost the plot. It's pathetic.

No. 387625


It's almost as if she will become irrelevant if she isn't constantly shoving her tits in everyone's face.

But please Moomoo, continue to bitch about how guys don't take you seriously and don't treat you with respect. I don't think they can hear you while you are shoving your flappy pancake tits stuffed into a push up bra into their faces.

No. 387629

It's clearly not even close material wise. What'd she tear up this time? Or did she just grab the first Yaya fabric at Joann's color wise

No. 387631

Probably why I don't watch anime anymore. It's just feels like there is just fan service now and no real plot to anything.

No. 387635

lmfao yes…because Japanese culture is all otaku. This is derailing but holy shit do you realize that otakus are frowned upon in Japan and real Japanese culture is not represented by anime…

also, not all anime is bad even to this day. The new season of AoT is good, and there have been plenty of story driven shows that aren't fan service.

No. 387637

File: 1495592259232.png (122.78 KB, 500x350, y1rq52j.png)


holy shit the levels of autism are way too damn high

No. 387640


Dude I watch maybe an hour of anime a week if even…you're ignorant as fuck for bashing on an entire culture for something that doesn't even represent them and it's embarrassing. What's even worst is I'm sure Moo probably thinks this same exact way and acts like she knows everything about Japan because she watches fuckin' anime.

No. 387641

File: 1495592730083.jpg (17.77 KB, 180x257, QGzfw6x.jpg)

not that anon, but how is that autistic? that's an honest and fair assessment of things. japan is so much more than anime and anime weirdos are seen as weirdos there. AoT is a good example, or if you want to get even farther away from anything child appropriate and sexual, go watch something like Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans or Thunderbolt, which have people willingly chopping off their limbs and sending children to be war machines and shit ffs

tho i gotta say, if momo keeps going in the direction she is, she'd make a great haro cosplay

No. 387642

i think anon is right though, their culture doesn't shame lolicon shit so they allow this stuff to air on TV, the culture may not be all otaku but allowing this stuff normalizes it, it's gross.

No. 387643


she should cosplay that think from akira.

No. 387644

Not the place for this. Shut up and stop derailing, start saging if you're going to shitpost about anime morals.

No. 387645

lmao if you think loli crap gets a primetime tv slot in japan, think more super childish magical girl anime and power rangers derivatives. seriously tho, take this shit to another thread, it has nothing to do with momo

No. 387648

File: 1495593182229.gif (15.5 KB, 309x372, Ryu_0079_a.gif)


She should probably just cosplay Ryu tbh. Pic related.

Also, inb4 she says shes a ~huge Gundam fan~ and that Gundam is ~her childhood~

No. 387650

File: 1495593333485.jpg (138.53 KB, 1600x1227, 9XH2STS.jpg)

or virtue, it already has her proportions kek. just imagine it made out of shittily painted cardboard with her tits sticking out of it

No. 387653

no one said anything about prime-time. i personally don't think any time is appropriate for sexualized children to air on tv drawn or otherwise.

also, you're part of the derailing cause you're so set on defending yourself.

No. 387654

MAYBE the fucking thread wouldn't have derailed into oblivion if moomoo didn't have to show her saggy ass in her loli cosplay. but wait, she was cosplaying the fat slut version so it's fine right?

No. 387660

She's going to end up doing 2B because people don't want her to. She's all about being petty and trying to one up everyone.

I hope she does 2B, because you know it'll be a disaster if she tries to make or buy it. If she tries to make it, it'll look like garbage because there are details that she'll overlook and the dress will be a floppy mess since she'll use the wrong fabric. If she buys it, it won't fit her properly due to the cut of the dress and it being made in China somewhere. She'll have to get the biggest size to fit her linebacker shoulders into it.

Sage for wanting Momo to cosplay 2B so it'll be an absolute disaster.

No. 387662

Taking bets on she either calls her b2 or thinks automata is the only nier game

No. 387666

tbh this is my mentality too. i want her to try and cosplay more things because people will realize how shit she is. if anything i want to goad her into doing more detailed shit and trying to convince her that she can do armor because people realized how shitty her camilla was which is why i think she tried remaking it.

I want to see her fail spectacularly because especially now that it's con season proper she wont be able to hide that bullshit. Last year even though her costumes werent great they were a LOT better than the stuff she's been pumping out now and either she's gonna stop going to cons or she'll have to wear things that will just give us more and more proof of how shitty her costumes are.

No. 387669

File: 1495596325439.jpg (121.06 KB, 736x515, a655414243a341ae6696b7b82d73bc…)

I agree! I think we should be trying to push her more into monster girl territory. There's a ton of sexualized monster girls with really detailed outfits/armor. Pic related.

No. 387674

I mean, she's about the size of a con now so you're not completely wrong

No. 387679

Where did I say _I_ was "a bastion of purity and reason" like you said? That's what I was referring to. That's right, no where.

No. 387690

lol no, of course you didn't literally say that. you're not witty enough.

No. 387696

File: 1495600248100.jpg (261.34 KB, 750x937, 2017-05-24_06.24.53.jpg)

Can we please discuss this terrible photoshop?

No. 387698

File: 1495600631748.jpg (62.36 KB, 500x398, turtletots2017-500x398.jpg)

Found her next cosplay she will try to sex up.

No. 387702

Her thigh bothers me so much.

No. 387703

Yeah, she doesn't seem to have a lot of muscle mass to give it more of a shape. It's just a flat blob.

No. 387704

I like how she posting all of this "happy anniversary overwatch!" all over her Facebook yet the bitch only played like..5hours of it?

Sage for slight autism and ot

No. 387705

File: 1495603158878.png (505.67 KB, 883x578, 18556002_1887181161522372_2002…)

OT but this is from my post, I truly feel blessed for being immortalised in this chronicle of milk <3

No. 387706

File: 1495603386427.png (990.23 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1084.PNG)

Sad this heffa needs to be reminded to credit other people's work by the person who took the photo no less.

No. 387707

I feel sad for them. For the person who made cosplay, not Mariah.

No. 387710

File: 1495604526374.png (221.52 KB, 470x364, 349f6ced-3efe-4d60-a2bc-8266d6…)

The thigh in the back doesn't even look like it belongs to her body
I'm seriously confused looking at this picture

No. 387712

One of the biggest problem with this bitch. She wants to take all the credit for something she didn't do and then say "see? I can make my own cosplay! Those haters can shut up!!1!" No. We know what you made and it was those shitty ass boots.

No. 387716

File: 1495610289047.png (129.91 KB, 750x1025, IMG_8172.PNG)

I hope this truly is her downfall since these pics are being posted around

No. 387726

File: 1495616736804.png (219.32 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-24-02-01-15…)


Got this from the same page. She really charged people to meet her like she thought she was famous enough for that? And then she bailed? LMAO.This bitch is a joke.

No. 387727

Just think about how many perverts look at her pics and go to anime conventions expecting other girls to do the same… gross

No. 387730

her inner elbow looks like someone's photoshopped a puckered arsehole onto it

No. 387733

This is hot though

No. 387734

I agree the op could've used a much worse picture
like cum on tits Camilla or those god awful Lala pics with nothing but whipped cream

No. 387735

……. if u think this is hot i don't wanna know what your standards are……

No. 387736

> stop liking what I don't like !!1!

it's okay to find these things attractive believe it or not, anon. It's her filthy attitude and personality that make her complete trash

No. 387739

No. 387740

The point isn't rather the picture is hot or not, the point is she was making fun of someone for doing the same exact shit she does now.

No. 387742

literally everyone has unflattering pictures of themselves - especially if it's a still from a video
not that I find her attractive but you can't really compare the two images fairly. She's undeniably sunk very low the last couple of months but that doesn't mean she was never attractive.
Not to mention attacking someone for how they look is completely grade school tier
can we get back to judging her for her awful decisions and pettiness?

No. 387743


Agreed. I don't think it's all that fair to bash her for having stretch marks and what not. We,I'm assuming,all have them. Stuff like that is kind of hitting a new low. Bashing her for lying and using photoshop badly…that I understand.

No. 387745

She probably wouldn't have stretch marks if she had put the beer and the fork down. I don't have stretch marks because I'm not a disgusting pig and I know how to eat and exercise.

This isn't a hugbox

No. 387746

literally everyone has stretch marks from growing up unless you still have a prepubescent body

No. 387747


Get the fuck out of here with this bullshit. She is a fat slob who refuses to put down the fork. Ain't nothing low about pointing that out.

No. 387755

Stop being sensitive because you have stretch marks Anon

No. 387756

I agree with what you have said. However she earns like 15k you'd think she'd hire a photographer to make her look her best or hire a make up artist for a shoot, or take posing lessons etc. If she was making way less I might let her off but she earns a ton and does everything like she has no money

No real excuse when you earn that much a month that the paid content you put out still has bad angles etc. I can except in on insta and social media but not paid content lol

No. 387757


That's a good point. There really is no excuse for her not to workout when she doesn't do anything else and she gets paid out the ass. At least get Insanity or P90x fir home workouts and turn all that into muscle.

No. 387758

I guess I have some magical loli body because I have no VISIBLE stretch marks. Sorry you're so insecure anon

No. 387760


But apparently she goes to the gym four times a week and goes on hikes every day breakfast. Yet she still somehow manages to look like an out of shape middle linebacker.

No. 387762