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File: 1415383591296.png (578.93 KB, 609x610, 1411107000026.png)

No. 21844

HAES, fat shaming etc.

No. 21886

File: 1415399888502.png (285.73 KB, 483x595, no.PNG)

Fatties like this shouldn't be allowed kids.

And whats with them and thinking being slightly flexible equals being fit or healthy?

No. 21890

I'm pretty sure your ligaments soften as you gain weight so a fatty being flexible has nothing to do with fitness and everything to do with being a disgusting glutton.

No. 21898

>Photo: Hubble Telescope


No. 21901

lolz. i thought the pink lettering said "island" like yeah you bigger than an island bitch

No. 21904

I died when I caught that.

No. 21905

File: 1415404068239.png (707.96 KB, 787x473, Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 23.4…)

>not understanding the point of advertising

No. 21908

The original thread has been fixed:


No. 21912

The point of advertising is to make the whatever you're desirable and attractive. The bottom people don't make me want to buy anything.

No. 21914

File: 1415406452233.jpg (282.25 KB, 500x500, 1413408425727-0.jpg)

thank you admin!

No. 21915

File: 1415406499782.jpg (141.71 KB, 1280x720, 252575_1280x720.jpg)

No. 21920

They're all wearing more or less the same underwear set, so it's not like they can't find shit in their size, or a good alternative.

No. 22118

Its to show that women that aren't model size are real people,and just as attractive.

No. 22121

>just as attractive

No. 22126

and model size women aren't 'real people'?

No. 22127

File: 1415559504311.jpg (263.56 KB, 736x1220, freakshowfatty.jpg)

i really fucking hate this shit. NO KIDS SHOULD NOT BE FAT FUCK YOU.

what do fatties think about the fact that 50 years ago… no one was fat? or go back 100 years and you'd be in a fucking freakshow!

This woman was considered a freak, and she isn't nearly as big as some fatties now-a-days. And you can bet a good goddamn shitload that she had a legitimate thyroid problem/disease that lead her to get this big because people just didn't get fucking fat then because only the rich could afford to gorge themselves all day without having to work 12+ hours a day for a living.

No. 22129

lol nowadays she would pass for a regular run of the mill tumblerina

No. 22131

you can see at least 20 similar sized women within an hour or two at any local walmart these days

absolutely disgusting

No. 22132

File: 1415559954775.jpg (64.83 KB, 677x491, r0Pd7ZS.jpg)

No. 22133

>with hips
I love the millions of ways fat people say they're fat without actually mentioning any reference to weight. It makes for hilarious mental images when you take them literally.

No. 22142

It's also often such a thinly-veiled way to put other women down. My SIL, who is about the size of this lady >>22127, recently commented that she was glad that unlike me she had big hips because that's what men like.
She is wider around the belly than around the hips whereas I have a 0.65 waist/hip ratio. I guess if I have no hips in her universe then the area where my waist should be must appear to her as negative space.

Is there a male variant of this? Do obese men ever claim to be more masculine than normal-sized men? I've never heard a fat man say anything like that whereas I've never met a fat woman who HASN'T said something like this at some point.

No. 22143

which is funny because in terms of the hormonal ramifications, obese women are more masculine than regular women, thus they have problems with being exceedingly hairy, male pattern alopecia and fertility loss.

No. 22144

File: 1415565755322.png (812.66 KB, 802x613, hfjhkgoh.png)

No. 22145

She isn't disgustingly fat (although she could stand a few miles on the treadmill), but those posts are trashy as fuck for no reason other than attention whoring.

No. 22146

oh yeah. Forgot to add, how can she feel hot when she can't brush her hair. Gross.

No. 22157

She has a pretty great body, actually.

No. 22161

if she lost weight she'd have an enviable figure, small waist and large hips with a round ass. i've love to have some hips and ass, but i'm built like a sad rectangle.

No. 22162

Tbh even know she's built pretty well. If that's how all women looked after getting fat, there'd be much less of a problem with it

No. 22164

I think rectangle-shaped bodies are cute. Pear/hourglass shapes are more "sexy".

No. 22171

Are you for real, she looks disgusting

No. 22175

She is fat for sure, but she has a defined waist, making her one of those few fat people who get fat in decent areas.

No. 22179

Found the fatass.

No. 22183

She takes disgusting picture. Outta a lot of bodies, her's isn't exactly hideous. She has good proportions, but she's a fatass, showing her flab to the world.

No. 22225

Ew. My back looks just like that. Excuse me while I go for another run.

No. 22226

What do these kinds of people do on airplanes? It's not like there's an abundance of room on flights anyway - there was one agonizingly cramped flight I (a size 4-6) spent between my slightly overweight brother and a thin, nervous little accountant who talked to us the whole way to Orlando. I don't think I've ever seen a really obese person on a plane, actually.

No. 22228

I think they have to buy two tickets. Even normal people are packed in tight on airplanes (last time I had no room for my legs and I'm not tall at all), I have to think it would be impossible for a really fat person to get in there.

No. 22231

I dunno why obese women lie to themselves and think they are sexy. Obese men usually accept they are fat disgusting wastes of wheezing space. Hard to think you're manly with a pair of boobs bigger than most girls. Maybe when a fat girl gets on tumblr she all of a sudden feels more empowered by the other ones like her. But we all know that secretly they are crying somewhere while eating their secret stash of food they hide from their families.

No. 22237

I love that though, because I have a similar hip to waist ratio too and I am not overweight either. It's like they're not aware that you can be a healthy weight and still have those curves 'that men like'.

No. 22238

I think it's because women who are 'healthier' looking have a higher body fat percentage than men. Fatties take this to its extreme and like to claim that being fat means you have 'curves', and therefore are sexier. Sometimes I wish I could confront them irl with actually curvy women and see how they react; over the internet it's too easy for them to just dismiss it.

No. 22247

>This person is fat but they don't look as bad as the chick in OP or Saxy. In fact, they look pretty good
>omg fatty detected
Have you purged your meals today

No. 22248

My friend dated this slightly overweight guy with moobs, and he insisted that all his fat was actually muscle.
>mfw after she broke up with him, someone finally said "Muscle doesn't jiggle"

No. 22259

I worked as a medical assistant once.
Usually men don't give a fuck.
The only obnoxious reactions were:
>Well at least I'm not like those skinny nerds
>It took a lot of money and work to grow my beer belly. I'm proud of that!
(No, you're not funny. I've heard this so many times already and I'm not impressed…)
>Waaah, why is it ok for women to be fat and not for men? Why can't I find a girlfriend? Nobody likes me because I'm fat, but it's not my fault! QQ

No. 22285

>someone thinks someone fat looks gross
>lelelel you're anorexic lol

Typical fatlogic

No. 22286

File: 1415635099094.png (568.63 KB, 607x593, 7E8bPVN.png)

No. 22287

File: 1415635136777.jpg (61.72 KB, 620x349, WIDEslide_328843_3202108_free-…)

No. 22289

It's a lot of things. 1-women naturall have more bodyfat 2- being a fat female is kinda ok in certain cultures esp. pacific islander and certain african cultures, which kinda carries on in the west. They get a lot of validation from guys who genuinely will pork them, so they think they're hot shit.

No. 22290

File: 1415636732087.png (153.12 KB, 764x483, sfdfsfs.png)

No. 22291

aw hang in there anon, as long as you work hard and do things like counting cals/planning meals, you'll make it to your goal weight!

No. 22292

File: 1415636802818.jpg (41.25 KB, 480x416, food pyramid.jpg)

I kinda agree with this one

No. 22293

File: 1415636889859.png (40.41 KB, 1020x247, seghjk.png)

No. 22294


No. 22297

You're either baiting or just retarded

No. 22299

This must be a troll, given the Microsoft remark.

No. 22300

File: 1415640287856.jpg (48.56 KB, 500x497, 1411377071578.jpg)

No. 22301

File: 1415640725060.png (31.15 KB, 508x539, k12I50h.png)

No. 22302

File: 1415641321264.jpg (258.96 KB, 1024x736, 0).jpg)

funny how humans are the only ones who normalize being fat. with any other animal you know something's wrong with that

No. 22304

i fucking hate fat ppl.these disgusting pigs shouldn't even exist.

No. 22309

Oh wow, such edge, such vocab. I'm floored by your valuable input into this thread.

No. 22311

>men have unbelievably high standards for women

i am a woman and i think this is bullshit

No. 22318

No. 22324

I don't understand this 'I'm fat but my doctor told me I'm healthy' thing. I've always been free of any major ailments, but when I was overweight, my doctor would always tell me to lose a bit of weight despite how healthy I was otherwise. I refuse to believe doctors are telling people their bodies are perfect and there's nothing they need to do to improve their health.

No. 22326

Pretty much, as long as you're not ugly/fat/insane guys will be all over you. Hell, even if you're a bit of one of the afore mentioned you'll find a dude.

The fact that she thinks men have 'unbelievably high standards for women' speaks volumes about who she is and the way she looks. She must be horrendously ugly and/or fat to have such an opinion.

No. 22327

File: 1415649179323.png (792.79 KB, 1097x619, gx4uKd6.png)

No. 22328

File: 1415649231519.jpg (260.4 KB, 1073x670, Skinny-and-fat-shaming-vintage…)

No. 22330

File: 1415649399220.png (361.37 KB, 417x621, sdfsd8.png)

No. 22337

>The fact that she thinks men have 'unbelievably high standards for women' speaks volumes about who she is and the way she looks. She must be horrendously ugly and/or fat to have such an opinion.
I think she's just incredibly picky. There are so many fat/ugly women and men who refuse to date someone who's also fat/ugly. No matter who you are or what you look like, you can get someone to date you. It doesn't necessarily mean they'll be your type though.

No. 22338

Why does it look like her legs are on backwards?

No. 22340

File: 1415652557141.png (502.36 KB, 500x2599, 76.png)

No. 22341

Why would anyone want to watch someone else eat, fat or not? Is it a fetish?

Fast food usually has the stigma of being embarrassing (ie friends see you have mcd bags in car or at home and you're going to be embarrassed) because it's immature food -meaning the consumers can't cook for themselves - but these people treat greasy pizza and soda like it's gourmet food. Ugh.

No. 22342

I love this sort of shit. My boyfriend has explicitly told me he's not attracted to fatties at all. And this is a guy who's pretty liberal when it comes to preferences.

No. 22343

File: 1415652791319.jpg (55.78 KB, 640x380, image.jpg)

I could only think of the Bee redesign.

No. 22344

I've seen the original comic but I can't get over how the fat girl still looks unkempt and dirty despite the kawaii drawing.

No. 22348

I think they mean they are fat but have no measurable health problems (as yes, one can be fat but still have blood lipids, cholesterol, bp, etc all in healthy ranges) and no handicaps or anything.

Most doctors will recommend an overweight patient to lose weight because there is a correlation between health issues and overweight/obesity, so it's something that can happen down the line. Similarly, they will tell smokers to quit smoking even if they haven't developed any health issues yet.

Of course it's a fetish.

No. 22353

It's like fatties don't understand that there's a healthy inbetween and think men back then would lust after their 300lb asses.

No. 22355

It even says specifically 10-20 lbs. Not an excess of 200 lbs

No. 22357

File: 1415656572965.jpg (1.26 MB, 1280x1683, tumblr_ncxwsg9Ocr1qikytao1_128…)

No. 22359

This was also briefly talked about in the Kiki thread; someanon said that you should want your body for you and not for how men see you. While I do agree with this, it's kind of unfortunate and not at all like most people will have you believe.
I have a body like the girls on top here >>21905 but not as toned. Noot a lot of excess fat and no particularly striking curves. I don't have a soft body, I get called skeleton and stuff a lot. And I am told by men that I should put on weight because they like big thighs or "healthy" girls. I don't like how I look or feel when I'm fatter. I love my slim figure and I'm happy with it so im done worrying about what men want,
But I always get big women putting me down and saying it must be easy for me to get any guy I want because they supposedly love skinny women and it isn't even true. Women don't like me because they're jealous for no rreason at all, and men all want a "sexy" woman.
I honestly feel like Im going to be forever alone because I refuse to become what everyone wants me to be.
It's quite the opposite of what fat acceptance proponents will have you believe about how you should be as fat as you want despite what anyone says. Being skinny is generally looked down on while at the same time it's considered a luxury and therefor gets more looked down upon. Unless you live in Hollywood or somewhere really hip, you won't find people who respect you for having that body type. I envy all the bigger women who get real male attention. Fuck…I'm not going to sacrifice my own self image to get it though.

No. 22360

No. 22363

I love how HAES promotes fat women as bitches as well as skanks.

No. 22364


Why is it when these manatees make this art they always neglect to include stuff like cellulite or give the girls super thin faces/noses and large eyes?

No. 22365

File: 1415659425355.jpg (117.09 KB, 400x5771, ewww.jpg)

No. 22366

You need to stop hanging out with ugly/stupid bitches. Just sayin'.

No. 22367

They would call u a slutshamer tho lol

tumblr is fucked up

No. 22368

File: 1415660071002.jpg (252.5 KB, 1200x1500, tumblr_nchsw7xXgn1rlle3so1_128…)

No. 22370

because they're full of shit. They don't actually think fat is beautiful, or else they'd include features like the ones you mentioned.

No. 22371

File: 1415660179732.jpg (175.16 KB, 573x629, 1413414029725-3.jpg)

No. 22373

Where are her legs…? Or is she meant to have one of those low-hanging bellies that mega fatties get? Also why is her left hand melding into her pants?

No. 22374

I think it's one of those low hanging guts

No. 22379

easier said than done ._. I always try to make friends with the cute, stylish girls but they're usually too young. High Schoolers…I'm in my mid-20s ;_;
be my friend anon

No. 22381

Yeah, making friends ain't easy, especially when you're a little bit shy. Have you tried joining groups?

Also online stuff works for some people, there's an expat forum for people in my area and they always organise little events and parties where everyone's invited. Who knows, you might meet someone worth being friends with.

No. 22382

Different anon, but we should start a meet up thread in /b/. I have trouble finding level-headed people irl as well.

No. 22383

File: 1415661550642.png (414.55 KB, 1054x813, u5AI71n.png)

No. 22384

Could be fun, I think someone made a thread like that there already, it was one of the very first threads made.

No. 22385

File: 1415661628492.jpg (126.12 KB, 780x997, Fat people story time_6b25a4_3…)

No. 22396

File: 1415663395835.jpg (101.92 KB, 1153x595, MrcKCwN.jpg)

No. 22397

File: 1415663475083.png (378.95 KB, 825x558, lawl.png)

No. 22400


No. 22403

File: 1415665748717.jpg (507.81 KB, 700x4000, Larry gooseman comp_edc56a_504…)

No. 22406

File: 1415667809904.png (41.78 KB, 473x340, peener.png)

No. 22407

File: 1415669434966.png (341.4 KB, 519x382, logical.png)

Thanks, anon! I'm counting, planning, and exercising, so hopefully I can get there with not too much trouble. Got rid of 35lbs so far at least.

>sorry for OT everyone

No. 22418

Rape isn't funny. Don't give a shit that you hate fat people.

No. 22419

Why is this being posted? If she's trying to lose weight good for her, she looks like she may have lost a bit at the very least.

No. 22432

>men have unbelievably high standards for women
pff ha HA HA
this bitch has never even spoken to a man irl

No. 22435

"i can't lose weight! it's genetic. i'm totally healthy though."

No. 22436


Who or what the fuck actually started this whole "I'm fat, it's genetic" thing?

Like it must have been a company or a documentary or some shit that everybody just latched onto and blew out of proportion to the extreme.

No. 22438

>hairy legs
Ew is right.

No. 22448

It's been around for forever, and there may be a smidgen of some truth to it that gets exaggerated to an extreme, as with all things. I just think it made slightly more sense back when there were fewer fat people. Now all of them say it and it's nonsensical.

No. 22455

i think the truth of that got warped is how people have different bone structures. some women are genetically pear or apple shaped, some people really are just larger framed. it's not an excuse for them to be obese though, they could still get down to a proportional size and maybe just look a bit stockier. when they're that big and changing their shitty lifestyle is out of the question they'll take any excuse to be happy with their mediocrity.

No. 22456

>whaa how can you judge me based on my appearance oh well i don't care!! grrl power
if you purposefully go out looking ugly as sin and you're mad when people consistently judge you, you're the part of the equation giving you a negative outcome.
also what the fuck is with this influx of hideous ugly lazy art styles from tumblr. all that's missing from this is ruled paper stripes behind every image.

No. 22464

Well i understand why this girl is mad. My mom is bordering on being morbidly obese and has tried every diet ever from Atkins to going to an actual nutritionist to actupuncture that would stop hunger so she could crashdiet on soup and yoghurt. It all made her lose a few pounds (with only the crashdiet helping her to lose massive amounts) and then the weight loss halted for a while, only to gain it all back later on. With the crashdiet she couldnt even eat a cracker or she would gain massive amounts again. She is desperate now and in lot of pain, but doctors wont operate because "Sorry, you are to fat and need to lose weight" Now when she hears that statement it makes her freak out, list everything she tried. Makes me sad to see her come home crying, just because some asshole doctor thinks she gorges herself with food. I know what she eats daily and it is just normal food like a slice of bread, Oatmeal and for dinner potatoes with veggie and meat. She almost never snacks. So yeah really makes me sad when people only see a lazy fattie that binges on junkfood and snacks.

No. 22467

Some people have a harder time than others but anyone can lose the weight. Maybe you have to eat nothing but veggies for the rest of your life. Tough…but you can't expect everyone else to change to suit you. Some people have celiac disease and can't have gluten. Some people can't have alcohol either. They might feel like it's not fair that the rest of the world gets to indulge while they can't but that's the way the world is. If you're going to insist on going against nature then there will always be a consequence.

No. 22471

Lol I remember saxy reblogged this and I thought it was the most tumblr image I had ever seen.

No. 22484

Losing weight isn't about crashdiets like eating only cucumbers for a week, it's about actual lifestyle changes. You have to eat healthy all the time.

Unless your mum has found a way to break the rules of thermodynamics, she's just eating too much. You should show her a shpw called 'secret eaters'. It's full of people like your mum who 'eat nothing but salads and magically gain weight'

No. 22498

Have her go back on Atkins, since I'm assuming she tried it years back when it was horrible. I used to be like her, I'd say I was eating healthily (and I was, just an excess of carbs) and when I got on Atkins I lost 10lbs in a month and a half and haven't gained it back. All the excess carbs could be what's holding her back.

No. 22501

you're mother lies about how much she eats

No. 22502

File: 1415720714868.jpg (34.56 KB, 500x496, fakecheese.jpg)

No. 22503


Your mom is not being entirely truthful with both you and herself.

Providing she is maintaining a reasonable deficit she WOULD be losing weight. Energy in vs. energy out, it's a very simple concept and if your mother isn't consuming the energy via an external source then her body will inevitably have to source it from other reserves i.e. the fat stored in and around her bod. You cannot magic energy out of nowhere, it has to come from somewhere.

Are you trying to tell me that your mother has a stomach that defies the laws that govern the universe?

No. 22504

Oh my fuck, that is disgusting.

No. 22505

>>7 months
>>that's your progress


Durrr pill will make me skinny
>>fat logic

No. 22506

This is making me feel nauseous. I can't stop imagining the sweaty boobs, yeast and plastic cheese stench.

No. 22507

>>a slice of bread
>>potatoes with veggie and meat

Those kinds of foods really aren't going to help her. The majority of your diet, if you want to be healthy, should consist of vegetables. This post makes it seem like she eats a lot of carbohydrates. Try to get her to lift weights. I know she has a medical condition, so she probably can't do arduous workouts, but maybe try sitting her down and have her lift a dumbbell? A lot of people don't realize that lifting weights burns a lot of calories, they would have so much more success in their diets if they tried it.

No. 22508

Seriously. The thought of getting that shit in my nipples…..ughh. And the facts that this fattie is so unwashed and gross looking makes me wish this anon had used a spoiler.

No. 22513

Secret eaters.

A show that proves fatties are lying when they say "all I eat are salads and fruits, honest!"

No. 22538

I am so glad you replied to me.
Please take everyone's suggestions and help your mom further.

No. 22545

I agree with>>22366
You need to hang out with better people, men and women. If you're surrounded by people who think it's okay to insult you for being slim then you're surrounded by shitty people.
Also chances are those dudes are just posturing; it's not uncommon for men to talk about meaty thighs and big tits and whatever but end up falling in love with a woman who has an A-cup. And if they absolutely refuse to date a skinny person, then fuck them, you know? It's definitely not impossible to find a nice dude when you're skinny, but maybe you should look outside your current circle.

No. 22559

I'm really tempted to draw a couple of ~inspirational~ images like >>22357 but give them ugly fat faces like Quirky and Saxy. Not quite so ugly that it's a caricature and obvious troll but ugly enough that it's more realistic to how most of these women actually look. It would be hilarious if someone then complained about me making them too ugly because I'd just link them to Quirky's IG and say "but this is what real women look like!"
Too much effort, though.

This is definitely true. Some people are just naturally stockier (usually a combination of bone structure, muscle tone and fat distribution) and pressuring someone like this to look like a Victoria's Secret model is bullshit. But nobody is genetically predisposed to weigh 400 pounds. That's just not how the human body works.

No. 22573

This reminds me of a lady I used to work with. She always used to come to me asking what kind of weight loss pill she should take. I kept telling her that they are bad for you and to not take any of them. I said diet and exercise is how I stay thin. She kept saying she couldn't do that and needed a weight loss pill. Every time she saw me taking a vitamin she would ask me what kind of weight loss pill it was and never seemed to understand that it was just a vitamin. When I showed her my Omega-3+fish oil bottle, she said that it was a supplement for dogs, not people…I just don't know what more I could tell her to convince her that I don't take weight loss pills and never have. This lady is kind of typical overweight/obese person who wants to be skinny but "just can't" diet and exercise because it's too hard for them. And they ask me for advice when I work hard to stay fit. Lol. Nope.

No. 22731


>this video is not avaliable in your country


No. 22733

File: 1415773863167.png (1.26 MB, 1274x1683, Untitled-1.png)


Do it to their own shitty art to gain maximum rustle points. They'll feel violated.

No. 22740

I agree with anon.
I'm skinny with a flat chest and I'm married. I sometimes get insecure and ask my husband if he likes them (he always has) and he tells me they're perfect because they're my breasts.
So you'll find that guy someday who will look at who you are and not just your body.

Also don't hang around people who put you or others down.

No. 22741

I could try but I'm not sure how it'd turn out. Do you mean adding cellulite and triple chins and greasy hair? They'd view it as a caricature for are but you're right with the evidence on hand.

No. 22811

>complaining about skinny and fat shaming
>not seeing the blatant sexism in this

No. 22813

Stop it! Can't you see this poor girl has downs syndrome?

No. 22816

Well considering the way she thinks about men, it's no surprise she doesn't have a bf.

No. 22822


It doesn't matter how you look, rape is never okay and it's never okay to make fun of it.

No. 22826

Reminds me of this woman and her daughter. They take diet pills, lose a lot of weight and gain it all back the moment they stop the pills…I really don't get why they bother with them, in fact it even says so on the package that the weight will come back as soon as they stop and I can't imagine it being healthy. She always asks me how much weight I've lost and what diet I'm on but she doesn't really get it when I tell her I'm just trying to change into a healthier lisestyle and lose my excess weight slowly as a concequence to that.

Is that really true? Because I've heard doing sports will only help you lose about 10% and the rest has to come from watching your food. I do some dumbbell excersises every two days but that's just because I hate my flabby, weak arms and want to be able to lift myself.

No. 22827

loled so hard at this…but, it's a troll….r-right?

No. 22829

File: 1415786049461.jpg (9.53 KB, 247x248, 1364034240004.jpg)

>>When I showed her my Omega-3+fish oil bottle, she said that it was a supplement for dogs, not people

No. 22852

File: 1415795074238.png (1.49 MB, 1280x1683, Untitled-1.png)


How about this?

No. 22860

♥ ♥ ♥

No. 22863

+1000000 for those random skin stains

No. 22865

File: 1415801339113.jpg (275.48 KB, 720x960, IMG_0131.JPG)

Found this sheet music today, first thing I thought of was this thread and how many fatties would be assblasted over this.

No. 22872

File: 1415805218383.png (83.54 KB, 178x256, how I feel about tumblr.png)

No. 22876

I'd personally make the eyes smaller. Super obese people like Saxy and Quirky often have squinty-looking eyes because the fat builds up even there.
Nice job on the cleavage, too! It's definitely more realistic than the perky round breasts these women think they have.

No. 22882

Would it be possible to extend the blue underwear below the banner? I think she's big enough for that.

Comparing the two, it's amazing how obese can even believe that's how they really look in the first image when it's more like the edit.

No. 22884

I don't want her you can have her…

No. 22888

File: 1415811664061.png (560.22 KB, 723x849, cG8yPbz.png)

No. 22890

File: 1415811754244.jpeg (53.99 KB, 505x573, hjhju.jpeg)

No. 22891

cheer up, at least you can have bbc online and 40d, I have to use a proxy for it :(

No. 22893

supersize vs superskinny.

If anyone hasn't seen this already, check it out. The premise of the show is that they get a really fat person and a really thin one and treat them both at the same time.

No. 22896

I'm 100% for transgender but bi gender is fucking stupid. Most of the so called bi gender or no-gender wouldn't even consider it if they hadn't seen a tumblr blog. Can we stop at Gay, Lesbian, Trans and bisexual? Bi genders are on the same level as otherkin

No. 22901

I watched a bunch of episodes of this, and I'm surprised the fatasses don't get even more crabby from being hungry for 2 days.

No. 22904

fuck man,those arms.. SO DISGUSTING !!!!

No. 22905

Eww those hands are so gross and fat. I don't understand how a girl can look at that and be like "yes that is cute". No matter hoe cute you paint your nails they will always look disgusting.

No. 22907

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
I mean it.

No. 22909

It's an insult to hermaphrodites/intersex too, which is a rare condition. It doesn't mean how oh "feel" because your genitals are still one or the other. So you can't be both or none.

Just like with retarded demisexual. It's called being a normal person but we can't have normalcy so they have to be super unique with their labels.

No. 22911

I wonder if she could take that ring off if she wanted to.

This caught me really off guard and I choked on my drink. I'm assuming this isn't the original?

No. 22913

they probably secretly feed them behind the screens to placate them, otherwise they would eat dr christian

No. 22914

File: 1415815524561.jpg (141.88 KB, 500x667, tumblr_ndvo3xriyb1qa0ecgo2_500…)

note that engagement ring lol, I'm amazed she has bloodflow to that finger, must've cost a fortune to get a ring so big too lol

No. 22915

look at PT nudes for half an hour, you'll die peacefully

No. 22916

File: 1415815576040.png (1.55 MB, 1632x854, KwRQXbG.png)

No. 22917

yeah, it's edited, the original was 100% tumblr sjw

No. 22918

File: 1415815620977.jpg (78.57 KB, 500x303, tumblr_mdodr58P561rxwjfno1_500…)

No. 22936

God, she doesn't even look like a human

No. 22945

Urg yes i saw it. If one thing freaks me out it is sausage fingers with a ring around them. You just know the blood flow is terrible in that finger.

No. 22946

>eye makeup
Can't see it that well
>bingo wings
>hairy arm pits
>no neck
No this is not what classic Hollywood embodies

No. 22974

This show is really weird to me. How is switching two shitty diets supposed to help anybody? I guess the really skinny people will actually eat something for once, but it often isn't anything that great, and the fat people often end up eating shit too (tons of caffeine and snack foods).

I think it would make for a better show to have them both eat healthy meals, you'd get the same amount of bitching from both of them anyway.

No. 23020

it's troo beooty anon, she's a real woman, unlike those skinny bitches. Bones r fa dawgs

No. 23021

File: 1415830322800.png (1.35 MB, 1280x1683, Untitled-1.png)


How's this?

No. 23022

File: 1415830332817.jpg (171.52 KB, 800x1191, sum_prev76_ff.jpg)

No. 23024


No. 23028

shock therapy. seeing someone else eat what you think is "normal" generally will stick with you.

No. 23031

I agree, the mealswap doesn't actually do anything for them, the point of it(according to the show) is to 'shock them' because they're seated across one another so eg. the skinny person will see the fatty eating hardly anything and realise that they need to eat more.

The fatty should see how the skinny person has to put up with wheelbarrows of food. It's supposed to be wakeup call sort of thing, but is mostly done for shock and entertainment purposes really, so each can whine about how much they hate eating the other's food.

The show does have a lot of good stuff, and it can be v educational on nutrition for those who don't know much about it. They do things like talk about diseases, interview people who suffer from anorexia, morbid obesity, they even do visual things like showing how many buckets of fat their fat 'contestant' gets through in a year.

My fav part is when they put all that they eat in a week/day (?) into a giant tube to compare

No. 23034

File: 1415831149320.jpg (364.88 KB, 1000x667, sgd.jpg)

This one really looks like a caterpillar.

No. 23037

this one's pretty extreme

super fat guy and super skinny girl

No. 23040

at least she can't run away, I imagine that would be a turn on for some people

No. 23049

He has a BMI of 86

How does that even happen

No. 23122

The woman was kind of a bitch.

I will say that I like this show for confronting not just obese people but thin people with their eating issues. I think a really negative effect of the whole obesity crisis thing is that a lot of people think being thin is all they need for health, which clearly isn't true.

It said he had strokes but he seemed a bit…slow, I think. Plus he had a family of enablers, breeding ground for this sort of issue.

No. 23126

Yeah I thought she was a total cunt too, she was really smug about being skinny, didn't seem to take any of the advice to heart. Didn't seem sincere about her desire to gain weight.

Also lol, bitch broke her toe so she came in crutches

No. 23135

>My fav part is when they put all that they eat in a week/day (?) into a giant tube to compare

That's mine too. I have to admit that the show's been pretty helpful for me in terms of cutting back on food and choosing better choices. Secret Eaters is pretty decent too but not all the episodes are on youtube.

No. 23143

Haha that's great.

No. 23146

I just watch secret eaters here


the website has tonnes of ads, but it actually works and provides multiple links to access in case one doesnt work

No. 23147

it's food from 1 day btw, not 1 week

No. 23150

File: 1415841013028.jpg (29.22 KB, 615x409, Rob-Gillett.jpg)

I've watched pretty much every episode of this show, and Rob was the only 'supersizer' I had any sympathy for. He's actually done really well in losing the weight.

No. 23151

Yeah I thought it was interesting that the obese go to America to talk to someone in worse shape than they, to hopefully drive it home.

The tube of food is neat too. The one I recently watched showed that the skinny girl wasn't eating properly and not eating enough meat, just junk food.

I think this show and Secret Eaters too but I don't think we could show it in America because it would have to be more dramatic. The contestants too wouldn't be polite to one another, for ratings of course.

No. 23155

Thanks anon!

No. 23157

I'm so happy for him!!!! thanks for the update on him anon, it makes me feel so good that he got better, he was indeed so nice

No. 23160

the 'going to america' bit is always weird, they could've just gotten a fatty from the uk. I honestly dont know why they do that

No. 23161

Same, they clearly have plenty of fat people in the UK in similar dire situations.

Good for him, he seemed like such a sweet guy.

No. 23168

Backhanded look at Americans? I don't know.

No. 23339

>ladies, take notes
Of what not to do?

No. 23342

Lmao the sweat

No. 23343

This. I'm so tired of the fake fights and shit, I just don't watch shows like that. Feels fake.

No. 23344


I really hope he's able to get dentures or better yet some form of implants for his missing teeth. He deserves it.

No. 23378

Whoops. I meant to write I like that shows etc.
Anyways the first season if those shows would start out ok but it would ramp up the drama for the next seasons, kinda like Master Chef.

Or maybe these could be documentary types like True Life. Come to think of it I think True Life probably showed obesity before, but having it on a continuous feed might encourage people to lose weight, same with Ana/Mia people who are unhealthy too.

No. 23425

True Life used to be good (for MTV) as it actually seemed to show people as they were, real people. It's all guido shit now unfortunately.

They did do a few obesity related ones that were okay, lulzy in the case of one hugely obese gay guy trying to find a bf.

No. 23445

What was the episode called

No. 23447

File: 1415901557119.jpg (35.05 KB, 600x450, Shit_Bricks_-_Naked_Fat_Arm.jp…)

No. 23448

File: 1415901658437.jpg (94.62 KB, 510x515, tumblr_n4yk40qXgu1taut99o1_128…)

No. 23464

she has a really unfortunate body shape, too, a total rectangle.
being skinny is nothing to be proud of if you look like that.

No. 23467

Something like "I'm happy to be fat", along those lines.

No. 23473

tfw I'm a ruler shape and skinny
I should prolly build some muscle mass.

No. 23517

thanks anon

No. 23519

yeah, she looks old and shapeless, pretty gross in my opinion. I bet she thinks she's hot shit just cos she's skinny though

No. 23521

File: 1415912377289.gif (Spoiler Image, 430.25 KB, 360x240, 1411526074272.gif)

No. 23593

There goes his pelvic bone.

No. 23596

File: 1415924904864.jpg (98.96 KB, 500x402, image.jpg)

Don't call for help, he's already dead.

No. 23610

File: 1415928525488.jpg (144.97 KB, 768x1024, OEV7PQdh.jpg)

No. 23626

Whoa this is really cool. Its interesting to see obesity from the inside.

No. 23627

why do i find it amusing how the fat one is all flat and rectangular from being frozen/plasticized in a box or some shit.

No. 23628

File: 1415931323351.png (78.28 KB, 960x236, those chinese shitlords.png)

>casually browse ebay
>see this

I feel so tempted to submit this to TITP with a long, weepy rant about muh fatshaming.

No. 23630

I think they're both sliced sections. Or perhaps I misunderstand you, idk.

No. 23632

no i mean how if you look at the fat one, the back and butt area is a perfect 90 degree angle. the thin body still has an arch and curve to the back, while the fat one conformed to the slab it was on, flattening out.

No. 23655

I find it amusing too. I got the pic from imgur originally and someone said: "As an undertaker, yes your back does indeed go that flat when your fat settles into the slab you're lying on."
I laughed more than I think I should have.

No. 23657

And I just realized that the penis of the fat guy is hidden under the fat folds.

No. 23659

I thought these were cakes. I was impressed.

No. 23734

they're cakes for cannibals

No. 23738

File: 1415978761984.jpg (8.84 KB, 191x200, Cross_eyed_by_steelfinger.jpg)

Or cakes for people with a cake-addiction trying to get disguested by cakes

No. 23739

File: 1415979071450.jpg (136.9 KB, 1024x613, sweet_chub_in_pool_by_kotokov-…)

No. 23742

I have a fat people story.

I live in a country where we don't have many fat people at all, sometimes you'll see overweight people, but I can go for months without seeing an obese person.

Here's where X enters the picture. She's more than obese at around 120 kg/ (264 pounds) and not tall at all. Her husband looks like a giant fat baby. They're both around 30 but look like they could be 40 or in the guy's case, 50.

She's also a brave pioneer in…Size acceptance. This sort of stuff is unheard of where I live, so when my bf's parents were telling me that X has really been getting into this really strange thing they don't understand the concept of called 'health at every size, fat acceptance' etc. I choked on my drink.

She dresses in tight clothes and heels all the time, is always showing off her ugly tattoos, makes food that has obscene amounts of chocolate, mayonaise, butter and generally anything calorific.

No. 23743

She also eats obscene amounts, when she's invited over she invariably brings huge platters of meats, snacks and dips, desserts etc…Foods which are laden with fat and calories. Her dips taste like you're eating butter. This whole 'bringing over lots of food' thing would be nice, if it wasn't for the fact that she brings it over only to eat it herself.

That's right, salads, broiled turkeys, chinese fondues and whatever else anyone has spent time and effort on making and bringing to the party will be spared. Her huge maws will instead masticate through most of what she brought herself. Rarely is what anyone else made 'good' enough (read, fat enough) for her.

Which brings me to my net point, but it's what I hate about her the most- she's extremely RUDE.

No. 23746

She's loud and annoying, the stereotypical overly confident fat girl. She will say the dumbest shit herself and then pick apart what other people have said. She asks rude and private questions, even when it's just someone she has just met. She's always making disgusting sex jokes, even though nobody wants to hear that shit, nobody wants to imagine her fat sweaty hamrolled vagina while they're eating.

She's a giant hypocrite, very opinionated, one of those people that will randomly go into a rant about something that's disputable (eg. new tax legislation) and flip out if anyone dares to disagree.

My bf's parent's tolerate her because she's part of an activity club they go to, she's just as good at them at said activity (if not a little worse) but she acts like she's the instructor.

No. 23749

She also likes to act like she speaks english really well. To approximate her level of english for you, dear reader, I'll just say that she doesn't know what a 'daughter' is and can't pronounce simple words/phrases like 'goodbye' or how are you' properly.

I speak 4 languages but people are often v surprised because I don't go on about it, unlike X who would never shut up about her english. X is ALWAYS making fun of my bf's parents for their 'bad' english, it makes my blood boil.

So, when I speak X's native tongue I have a strong non-english accent, when she first met me she noticed this and decided to pry beyond what is socially acceptable. She then assumed that I didn't speak english, so she started talking ABOUT ME to her husband, saying something like 'She's too thin, it's disgusting, I'm beautiful' (her english is bad lol). I bert stared her and didn't say anything, but she stopped. She later learnt that I speak english.

They also spent tonnes of money to go to america for 2 weeks, all they did was stay in their hotel, oh and they went to the zoo once (she's proud about that, she thinks it's cute to be lazy or something). They LITERALLY brought back a suitcase full of peanutbutter and jelly jars because they liked it so much.

No. 23750

lol sorry about the wall of text guys, I just needed to get that off my chest, otherwise I think I'd murder her

No. 23758

File: 1415982227105.jpg (33.87 KB, 494x358, url.jpg)

That's okay, in fact, you should give us more
Let the hate flow

>I bert stared her and didn't say anything, but she stopped. She later learnt that I speak english.
You should have told her right there that you speak english, it would've been glorious

No. 23759

Do you live in Europe or Asia? I thought Europeans wouldn't have necessarily embraced it like Americans but from watching those UK shows, they're not that far behind us, if not matched. I don't want them to get our HAES attitude because it's toxic.

No. 23760

I live in europe, but in a very 'old fashioned' place where people still don't know about white privilege and Mcdonalds is a treat you have once every few months or less.

I think people are getting fatter here too.

BTW I'm not skinny at all, which makes her comment about me being thin all the funnier. I'm pretty average in terms of BMI.

No. 23794

I'm the same and from Europe too, trying to lose weight. I wouldn't say I'm fat but I'm not skinny either. All of my friends are in the 50kg range and being over 100 is kinda rare I guess.
I think I saw a hamplanet like the one posted here maybe 5 years ago ?

No. 23832

"white privilege" is a biased term that is just as silly as "fat shaming".

According to the dictionary that I use:

white privilege: In critical race theory, a way of conceptualizing racial inequalities that focuses as much on the advantages that white people accrue from society as on the disadvantages that non-white people experience.

Note that, in that definition, it is not presented as if it were some well established fact.

Try again, pl0x.

No. 23837

While I understand your point, I don't think the problem is that it "doesn't exist", as much as it is that it tries to single out "whiteness" as the one big bad problem rather than focus on improving things for and making the voices known of minorities.

No. 23842

Seriously their bodies at this weight end up looking like mens bodies.

No. 23846

it doesn't exist in any great way anymore. Few people nowadays are so racist that they will outright deny you service or treat you badly based on your skin colour.

Only old people and people from places like rural china or bumfuck nowhere etc. do it.

Try telling that to a tumblerina though. She gets looked at funny by a white person for taking up 3 seats on the bus with her shopping, so she'll go and make a blog post about it and how it's racism.

No. 23860

>>They LITERALLY brought back a suitcase full of peanutbutter and jelly jars because they liked it so much.

Uhhhh. Eww. Don't they have jelly in most of Europe? Or at least jam?

No. 23862

No, where I live we don't have that peanut butter/jelly mix thing, it's a jar with both peanut butter and jelly inside it.

The other day I went to an 'american' shop and one jar ONE (normal size) of that peanut butter grape jelly thing was nearly 20 dollars. I get that it has to be imported, but come on.

No. 23863

File: 1416004686732.jpg (74.56 KB, 937x590, IeAgS0M.jpg)

No. 23864

File: 1416004743585.jpg (192.82 KB, 913x875, georgia_davis_2012___295kg_by_…)

georgia davis, wonder if she's still alive

No. 23865

File: 1416004756241.jpg (72.44 KB, 509x718, mekirky84-twitter.jpg)

No. 23869

Oh, those mix things are so fucking disgusting. They're overly sweet and marketed towards children. I don't get how this women could live in a country that doesn't have shit like this, grow up eating high quality, homemade food, then develop a taste for mass produced supermarket shit. She sounds awful.

No. 23879

she's a lot like raven in that respect, raven too whines about not having access to processed cheese and shit food

No. 23903


you sound like a cunt

No. 23913

Have you even seen the episode?

No. 23966

Different anon, but she has a very ugly, masculine body shape. Believe it or not, it's 100% possible for thin people to have unfortunate bodies.

No. 24049

Holy shit. Ultimate shoop challenge right there. Is it even possible?

No. 24052

File: 1416032296406.jpg (58.38 KB, 600x800, those fucking cankles.jpg)

Found this while looking through some reviews on Sock Dreams

These are supposed to be thigh highs. They're like close to 30 inches long I think.

No. 24053

I can't even tell if this ham is male or female.

No. 24057

The thing that really gets me about this is her tiny feet. My arches hurt just looking.

No. 24061

I don't know, at least Raven has the excuse of being familiarized with it and growing up with it, so maybe nostalgia is part of the appeal for her. It seems like in that woman's country (why not just say what country it is?) that is not the norm, so she needed to not only find a way to get to crappy, processed American food (maybe by going to America?) but to actually enjoy it enough to buy tons of it. That is the element that I find strange about it.

If you go years not eating that sort of thing it will taste very strange once you get back to it, so to go without eating it all and then loving it once you get your hands on it is kind of unique, I have to think.

No. 24062

On one hand it's sort of weirdly cute because it doesn't even look real, more like a cartoon.

On the other hand, I have to think it must cause her a ton of pain.

No. 24115


oh i believe it. it's just kinda cunty to make a big fuss about something someone can't actually help. she can help being skinny, can't help being built like a brick, no need to be a bitch about it

No. 24124

make her look skinny anon

No. 24125

avril lavigne sure let herself go

No. 24126

File: 1416063415160.png (42.52 KB, 756x312, MGKgV4v.png)

No. 24127

but they're more feminine111!!!!eleventy

They have CURVES and men want them because bones r fa dawgs

No. 24128

File: 1416063487615.jpg (84.97 KB, 500x488, ssbbw_13_by_mrhdmi-d3gzauc.jpg)

it gets better

No. 24129

File: 1416063517402.jpg (772.67 KB, 800x1424, eating several dozen cookies a…)

fresh from /ck/

No. 24130

The country is rural switzerland lol. I think she just likes super fatty/sugary food. Some people just have a huge sugar tooth, but her fatlogic and cuntish ways are what really get to me.

There are some v. fatty traditional meals in switzerland like cheese and wine fondue, but people treat it like a special once in a while thing. She on the other hand eats fondue several times a month at least from what I've observed (it's like a cauldron of melted cheese that you stick bread into, so she's basically eating a pound of cheese).

No. 24131

circle is a good shape

No. 24134

File: 1416063997355.png (725.97 KB, 866x701, 98iuk.png)

No. 24145

But you do get fat if you sit around all day, it is laziness.
Fat logic right there
Also 'fat people are just as healthy!' Haha

No. 24147

Fondue is pretty fun. Of course I've only eaten it on my anniversary. I couldn't imagine eating it more than once a year. It's too rich and it's just cheese

No. 24156

It always makes me laugh when people get so fat they can't cross their arms anymore, like our dear queen. It just completely defies the badass image they're trying to portray and makes them look like toddlers with poor motor skills.

No. 24157

dem sad nipples

No. 24176

Well, in PT's defense, I think the real issue is her t-rex arms. I get the feeling she's look weird crossing her arms even if she were thin.

No. 24185

Shit, I thought those were weird veins or something.

No. 24195

If they had a baby would they even be able to breastfeed with out suffocating it?

No. 24216

Yeah in my 1 class there's a relatively average sized girl with trex arms and she can barely cross her arms. Her proportions are so fucked up

No. 24217

File: 1416090146071.jpg (58.3 KB, 500x618, 78171b66bb541f674ae7c98a280488…)

No. 24225

>"Fitness" looks different for everybody.
I can totally get behind that. In fact, I think HAES is a great idea. The objective isn't to get thin, since the effects of dieting are usually temporary, but to make good lifestyle changes like cutting back to more sane levels of calories, eating healthy and exercising. Someone who does this well will probably lose weight. It may not be as quickly as with a diet, but that doesn't matter since losing weight isn't technically one of the goals of HAES - it's just a side-effect of being healthy. It puts less pressure on you to look good and more pressure on you to feel good (read: better than you did before making those lifestyle changes).

When you look at HAES from the perspective of it being a more long-term alternative to dieting, it's a little harder to understand why so many SJWs have latched onto it. Don't they find the pressure to eat like a human instead of a hippo "problematic"? I guess it makes it easier to do nothing and say you did. You're doing everything possible to be healthy but your body doesn't respond to the laws of nature so there's nothing more you can do. Go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Since you're definitely the healthiest you can be, everyone should feel bad for telling you to lose weight.

No. 24238

The objective of HAES is to prove you can be healthy and be fat at the same time.

They're basically trying to say that thin doesn't always equate to healthy, and that in some instances a fat person may be in better condition than someone who weighs less. Then they proceed to search for videos of fat people doing shit like gymnastics to prove their point, but what they fail to understand is that those people are often an exception to the rule and that being fat still has consequences like lack of physical condition and health risks that increase with obesity.

SJW's latch onto this mindset to try and justify their eating habits while denying the laws of thermodynamics altogether because somehow they just don't seem to lose weight no matter what they do.

On a very superficial level, HAES is not a bad movement, but they're using it as a shield to excuse themselves and everything they do wrong.

No. 24242

When I first heard about the movement it was actually something like what >>24225 is describing. It later morphed into "eat whatever you want, do whatever you want, it's all okay and you deserve respect" (and in regards to the latter, I don't necessarily disagree, I just highly disagree with it being normalized).

And they are right, thin=/=healthy. I think this is a very trouble effect of the obesity crisis/focus on obesity, a ton of people thinking that they're fine and healthy just because they happen to be thin when that is far from the truth. In the last HAES/fat thread someone posted an interview with some guy who ate nothing but pizza to the point of diabetes and other health problems who just dismissed it because he wasn't fat. That's really stupid and destructive.

In regards to the first point, the problems associated with obesity are generally the results of correlation rather than causation (with the exception of joint issues I guess). As in, if you have a bad lifestyle you are likely to be both fat AND have health issues, but it's not necessarily a guarantee. As such, it is always a good idea for all people, fat or thin, to eat well and exercise, so I have no issue with showing fat people doing gymnastics or whatever, good for them. Better it inspire them to do that than to sit on their asses.

I also think it's a good idea, and another part of the original movement that was lost, to differentiate between someone of a healthy larger size (note some of the thicker athletes out there, they're bigger but not hugely obese) vs. fashionably thin.

No. 24250


I think it really started with the idea that anyone can try to be healthy - I know that overweight/older people especially tend to have an idea that it's too late, or too hard, to try to be healthy. Basically how I see the progression:

~Anyone can make a lifestyle change and be healthy! <- good
~Try getting healthy without an emphasis on losing weight! <- good
~Feel good about yourself and look after your body and the weight will drop by itself! <-good
~Feel good about yourself no matter your weight! Everyone deserves respect! <- okay…
~Everyone deserves respect! You don't need to change yourself! <- well yes and no…
~Being fat is fine! <- wat no no no
~Being fat is normal and you can't help it! Don't try to change! <- omg no no no no
~You can be fat and healthy! <- kill me

No. 24256

I have a particular disdain for the HAES movement, particularly because of a few of their members trying to turn me into their local postergirl. They are obese women who have severe health problems, but whenever people point this out to them, they use me as an example.

I'm a weight lifter and a derby girl, so I'm super dense with muscle. I am under 5'5 and weigh 180, but I also work out for hours every week and only treat myself on special days. I have a bit of weight in my face but that's really the only fat trait I have. These fucking landwhales point at me and scream BUT SHES FAT WHY CAN'T I HAVE PIZZA TOO WAAAAH I WANT A SODA SHE'S THE SAME WEIGHT AS ME (lol) WHY ARE YOU PERSECUUUTIN MEEE

You can totally be healthy at pretty much any size, but people like them piss me off. I am abnormality, and I worked hard for it. If I was a runner, I'd be way thinner. But I'm a llifter, so I'm bulky.

Sorry about OT. I just get fuxkin pissed when fatties use HAES as an excuse.

No. 24273

Yeah, that's why I said health risks can increase with obesity, not that they were the cause of it.
The movement is hugely misguided, especially when you see those same people drawing "fat" girls with no rolls and hourglass figures or when you see them using Marilyn Monroe as an example. Fat people have always had excuses for not losing weight, and now society has given them a good excuse to shield themselves with.

No. 24276

That's assuming that they can even conceive and carry a baby to full term

No. 24329

I agree with the movement to a certain extent.
When I first heard about it, it made sense to me because by fat, I thought people were overweight not extremely obese. My mom is around an european size 44 but she does light exercises regularly (qi gong and nordic walking). She's still fat because she eats and drink fatty foods BUT she's healthy and exercise so I guess it's ok.

Basically I don't agree with putting down fat people but trying to argue that being morbidly obese is ok and healthy is as stupid to me as a chain smoker saying it's ok to continue to smoke a pack a day and then feels offended when a fellow smoker tries to break the bad habits.

No. 24352


>She's still fat BUT she's healthy

No, no no. This is what the HAES-ers do not get. Being fat is not something you can be "while also being healthy".

Being overweight is not a body type - it is a symptom of unhealth.

You would not take someone with a fatty liver and say "well, their liver is fat but they exercise so it's fine" because having a fatty liver is a dangerous condition.

Being overweight is also a dangerous condition.

I can't believe how normalised this shit has become!!!

It is no more natural than having smoker's lungs, or cirrhosis of the liver. It is a medical condition! But very luckily, it is a medical condition that is incredibly easy to reverse, albeit with some lasting effects depending on how bad you let it get/how long you had this condition. It is also a medical condition that's entirely self-inflicted. It's impossible - yes impossible - to get fat by accident. If you are a human being with an average-range IQ, you have no excuse for inflicting upon yourself this dangerous medical condition.

No. 24353


And yes, I'm mad. People are dying because shitstains on Tumblr are trying to normalise their fucking condition! It is not normal and it is not healthy. Telling a fat person that being fat is not harmful to their health is like telling a smoker that their lungs won't suffer or a drinker to not worry about their liver. It could be tantamount to murder.

No. 24356


Last one I promise, but to add - and yes, this fucking counts if you're 'just overweight'. Being obese is worse but it's like saying you only drink 5 pints every day, not 10 pints. It is all dangerous. "Oh it only counts if you are obese, just a bit overweight is fine" - no it fucking isn't, get your head out your arse.

No. 24376

Jesus calm the fuck down, I honestly don't think she's going to die because she's like 10kg overweight ? Besides like I said at least she's exercising. She's not an american hamplanet using those scooters thank God. That's why I said I still think it's better for her to exercise than being a size M without moving her ass. I can't get a reference but she's still smaller than all the girls pictured on the thread.

No. 24382


Simply having a BMI above 24.9 increases risk of death by 13%.


No. 24389

Yeah, the only heavy people I've met who also had a reasonable claim to health were a couple really muscular girls I used to do dressage with. I'm not sure how much of their weight was actual fat, but they had some incredibly powerful legs. It was embarrassing to be struggling along with one of those stubborn school horses while they were able to bring theirs to canter in seconds.

No. 24480

File: 1416185430994.png (69.69 KB, 750x785, FatHate_zps510646f0.png)

No. 24485

File: 1416186558961.jpg (191.63 KB, 667x1000, tumblr_musfavAmUN1qjdniso1_128…)

No. 24489

File: 1416186939551.jpg (28.82 KB, 747x324, mpu8EZE.jpg)

No. 24490

File: 1416187185593.jpg (371.5 KB, 1265x1257, s9Kpyis.jpg)

No. 24491

such a waste of a pretty face

No. 24495

Did she lose weight, or is this an old picture?

No. 24501

fat girl angle

No. 24502

File: 1416189585936.png (376.8 KB, 513x675, lol.png)

No. 24503

>Telling a fat person that being fat is not harmful to their health is like telling a smoker that their lungs won't suffer or a drinker to not worry about their liver
>It could be tantamount to murder

No. 24510

File: 1416191019076.jpg (230.4 KB, 1096x846, 1396030119664.jpg)

My favourite

No. 24511

is that nichole?

No. 24515

Looks like an older picture to me.

No. 24547

>so much swearing
What bothers me most, is that they're always so very rude

No. 24557

I don't get it either. If they want to convince someone to stop a behaviour or even join their movement why do these sjw/haes/ whatever people have to be so rude?
It's off-putting. And being rude is why nobody likes them and not because of their race, weight, sexuality or whatever as they want to believe.

No. 24561



>increased chance of chronic conditions from being a heavy drinker: 12%

>increased chance of chronic conditions from smoking daily: 25%
>increased chance of chronic conditions from being obese: 67%

you can't really say it's an overreaction

No. 24578

No. 24579

File: 1416238473400.png (34.04 KB, 702x312, gt8yy4R.png)

No. 24580

they think it's edgy and makes them look tough

No. 24582

File: 1416238543355.jpg (888.49 KB, 780x825, foxy_roxxie_ssbbw_06_by_theduk…)

No. 24583

File: 1416238608734.jpg (81.81 KB, 480x640, tumblr_n7wse34d8i1qf3l4fo2_500…)

this was posted on dumblr under something like 'fatspo' and 'fat pride' or whatever

No. 24585

File: 1416238669732.jpg (219.07 KB, 1920x2560, QwkkNDE.jpg)

No. 24588


except hanging gut and rolls doesn't belong to the brain

No. 24602

File: 1416242098110.jpg (465.76 KB, 578x1260, fatrolls.jpg)

No. 24607

File: 1416244978739.jpg (565.29 KB, 1152x1536, 1379769257511.jpg)

No. 24610

She looks like a cartoon character

No. 24615

~*~so edgy~*~

No. 24648

A literal shitlord.

No. 24663

No. 24664

File: 1416263303587.png (60.86 KB, 648x551, lRTsgPA.png)

No. 24671

Did she shop out her nipples?

No. 24672

File: 1416264463625.jpg (94.28 KB, 560x420, photo-full.jpg)

No. 24674

you wish

look closer, you'll see something disturbing, her nips are just huge and light coloured/stretched

No. 24680

You know what really kills me though? That this she-lard can't even cross her damn legs.

No. 24686


I feel bad for this guy…

I mean, wow. I don't even know what to say. What he did was fucked up, and he felt bad about it. He wasn't proud, he was ashamed and told someone he trusted (nurses are like #2 most trusted professionals in America, doctors rank much lower) and he got kicked out of his home for it.

I mean yeah it's fucked up, and this is the only way it could have gone, but I can't help but feel bad. He's not a HAES fatty, he's someone with an eating disorder and he must have been ashamed of a lot of more things, including himself. If this was Saxxy or Quirky I'd be rolling around the floor laughing, but this… wow.

I don't know anon. This just makes me feel bad for the poor guy.

Also, I'm never using a hot tub that doesn't belong to a friend I trust again, fuck that.

No. 24688

true true

No. 24689

File: 1416266876922.jpg (85.36 KB, 540x384, fat_girl_logic_540.jpg)

No. 24691

File: 1416267022317.jpg (Spoiler Image, 111.56 KB, 800x1191, 018remy_all.jpg)

No. 24697

File: 1416267626907.png (295.56 KB, 551x615, sdsd.png)

No. 24699

You mean "fierce". I don't know why they're so obsessed with this word.

No. 24701


Because Tara Banks is the fatty that coined the term (I think?).

Have you guys seen how big she's gotten? Like goddaaamnn girl, you're fucking rich, you can afford a fucking live in chef to prepare you delicious healthy low cal food and a personal trainer. WHY ARE YOU SO FUCKING FAT.

No. 24852

well at least she's honest

3 edgy 5 me

No. 24854

Is that the bitch who complained about some celebrity posting his weight loss?

No. 25052

I think this is why they do it (supposedly)

Anyway we should watch more shows/movies together here.

No. 25073

there are tons of supersize vs super skinny episodes on youtube
mayhaps someone could make a tinychat and stream it?

No. 25076


you know what? we should watch shows together. We should set up a synchtube and watch shows and just talk shit about the bitches on it. That would be excellent.

No. 25086

that would be awesome!

No. 25090

No. 25095

No. 25132

I'd wanna be in on that.
I watch too much trash TV though.

No. 25148

dat's true, I love watching stuff posted here

thanks for the vid anon, post moar

maybe find a lulzy secret eaters vid for those that haven't seen the series b4

No. 25149

File: 1416401376347.png (532.05 KB, 488x670, 89ikl.png)

No. 25150

omg this needs to be done

No. 25151

File: 1416401432848.jpg (110.89 KB, 503x335, strong4life.jpg)

No. 25152

File: 1416401638189.jpeg (72.95 KB, 780x666, funny-pictures-auto-demotivati…)

No. 25158

wait how can she not have a double chin in the first pic? Even with fat girl angles you'd see an indication of chin

No. 25165

Nah, if you angle the camera high enough you can hide it. I have an FB friend who does the same shit.

No. 25169

Is this campaign still around? I know they cracked down on middle schools and high schools when I was in college about getting rid of soda machines. When I was in hs, towards my senior year they ended up shutting them off when it wasn't lunch time.

I think that does contribute a lot to children's obesity.

No. 25173

i think the real big contributor is that kids don't go outside and play anymore. parents are too scared to let them out, pair that up with the internet and video games, kids just don't move anymore.

No. 25221

I have a super overweight friend who never takes fat girl angles. She's actually really pretty, so I think she's more comfortable with an extra chin. I usually like her profile pic updates for that alone.

No. 25222

Don't worry. Soon we'll have auto-breathers and auto-doeverythings and then we can just be vegetables that have everything done for us by-wait…

In all seriousness, though, we are really heading into the valley of the shadow of death, as they say.

No. 25230

Cytube? Free to post whatever videos. pt was taken unfortunately.

No. 25241

hey cool, we should slide this idea by admin, maybe he can think of a way to make this more popular, because there are so few of us on this site it would be rare to get even 2 people at once watching something

No. 25302

How much interest would there be in this?

No. 25303

You can count me in as an interested party!

Also, here's my contribution to this thread.

No. 25305

I'm interested.

No. 25309

If someone is willing to moderate the channel, I'll add a link to it in the top menu and maybe do some further integration in the future.

If anyone here can dedicate some time and effort to moderating (mostly just to ban the intermittent troll or spammer) please submit a report saying you'd like to be a Cytube mod and include an email address you'd like to be contacted at. If >>25230 would be so kind, I'll ask them to make 1-2 of the applicants a channel mod (only they can, since they made the channel).

No. 25310

me too me too

No. 25369

I'll do it.

No. 25397

anyone have a couple 'fatgirl who likes being bitchy, cute things, fashion, food etc' tumblrs? like saxy but readable I guess.

No. 25434

Absolutely! They'll have to be in the room and have an account for me to mod them though.

No. 25443

Could you, and anyone else who wants to be a channel mod, please submit a report (just press the report button on any post in this thread) and include an email address I can contact you at? Thanks.

No. 25527

The whole cytube idea sounds great, it would be like an e-slumber party

No. 26274

Lol this whole episode

No. 26337

First it'll be made for people who actually need those
Then some fatass tumblrina will get one to pretend she is disabled for attention, and then other fatass tumblrinas will do it out of laziness
it'll be the new mobility scooter

No. 26356

I want an autowalker, I'm sick of walking up and down the stairs. Maybe I should just get a stairlift, then I can be like saxy.

No. 26379

File: 1416895780183.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.9 KB, 768x912, Screenshot_2014-11-25-06-04-06…)

New favorite fat lolcow: fatshitcray

Wannabe ghetto bitch who posts skanky pics and preaches the whole "don't reblog for your fetish porn" shit.


No. 26380

Hnnng cute as fuck face and super soft body.
10/10 would cuddle the fuck out of.

Too bad shes cra cra

No. 26381

Morbid obesity fetish?

No. 26382

File: 1416896120751.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.16 KB, 500x668, tumblr_ne6oqhoi9A1rebd9po2_500…)

But she ain't into being someone's fat fetish, as she's a happily taken bitch.

No. 26383

Nah she just looks really soft, but I know part of that is filters.

No. 26384

Its a person, not a pillow.
She probably has that cheesy funk that all obese people get in their rolls

No. 26419

Her belly don't even look like it's attached to her somehow

No. 26838

File: 1417067072928.jpg (1.86 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

You too can be kawaii and obese in anime style.

No. 26839

File: 1417067097520.jpg (1.75 MB, 3264x2448, image.jpg)

No. 26845

File: 1417072287165.jpg (136.22 KB, 377x1000, pt.jpg)

My queen

No. 26846

Oh my god anon hold me I miss her so badly

No. 26856

This might be the best art I've ever seen from a "How to draw Mangoes" book. None of these will be showing up in my nightmares. I'm impressed.


No. 26857

The artists and author is Mark Criley. He has a bunch of YouTube videoes too and his art is really decent for American anime. Basically he's the opposite of Chris Hart.

Lol I didn't notice the edit at first. Nice.

No. 26877

Have some self-respect.

No. 26923

File: 1417125865197.jpg (130.74 KB, 800x600, 5158f7040f224.jpg)

Anyone know what The Blob has been up to lately? Swindling people out of money again? It is Amber Sarah/Adipose Activist/Instagram "randomlancila"

No. 26927

I try to follow her insta but she rejects me because I'm skinny and not 350lbs like most of her followers. All I know is she and quirky got beef

No. 26928

File: 1417127594047.jpg (97.63 KB, 640x640, tumblr_n7u97tWxtT1qb3fzyo1_128…)

No. 26930

File: 1417127720405.jpg (237.58 KB, 1173x1436, Pw8pnx8.jpg)

Here's a better picture. There was a huge thread on it on reddit

No. 26931

File: 1417127915842.jpg (387.65 KB, 1261x1275, image.jpg)

No. 26932

She rejected me too. I even had pictures of brownies posted to tempt her!

No. 26933


Why am I broke and in grad school when I can be trolling tumblr for "triggering" comments to rage at and begging for money online?

No. 26935

Oh god I need dets.

No. 26937

Where's the thread and who is this girl?

No. 26939


She's the death fat activist who got man vs food cancelled. lol. And I don't know much about the quirky drama as I don't follow her insta

No. 26940

She did this twice, fucking hell. How do people fall for this shit?

No. 26949

Canceled? I thought they got mad at the host because he was losing weight and posted #thinspiration as encouragement, not to encourage anorexia but health . I didn't know his show was canceled because of it.

No. 26950

She was the one who saw the hashtag and flipped a shit and instigated a fight by harassing him. He didn't know that the hashtag was ana/mia related. Then she went to the news and and cried like a pussy that waaaah he was meaaaan when she started shit. She got 10 minutes of fame out of it. Harassing people from the sofa while they stuff their faces is the main job of the "fat activist". They hope someone will fire back the same shit they dish out so they can create a shitstorm all while hiding their own rude remarked.

No. 26951

she pissed him off so much he told her to get into a tub of warm water with a razor because no one would miss her. i assume the poor bastard was a little drunk at the time, or just isn't used to the internet and slipped up due to being so disgusted by this bitch, but yeah, his show was cancelled because he told her to kill herself

No. 26961

Was it really him that said that? Wasn't it just a random commenter/fan of his?

No. 26963

Oh wow I didn't know that. Yeah he's probably not used to internet and fat activist culture but that sucks that they fired him for it. I enjoyed watching his show.

No. 26965

yes it was him, he apologized for it the next day or something, but by then the tumblrtards had complained to the travel channel and they cancelled his new show that was going to like premier that month. they still show reruns of man vs food so i don't know whats up with that, unless they are planning on airing his new show eventually

No. 26967


Dr Phil calls out plus sized model commenter who called the guest skinny minnie.
That was pretty nice haha. But I agree with Jilian Michaels. I'm going to judge everyone, like I was judging her huge arms haha but that fat logic is really common (skinny isn't an insult) and she says it's because they're projecting insecurities.

No. 26986

>She rejected me too. I even had pictures of brownies posted to tempt her!
Quoting because this made me lol so hard

No. 26987

>guy gets fired because os subhuman sjw
I'm glad I don't live in America but it probably won't be long before shit like this flies over….h-help me, /pt/

No. 26988

File: 1417160204708.png (62.83 KB, 599x448, wat.png)

No. 27063

He blocked all the comments

No. 27067


Wait he didn't tell her just that.

He told other tumblerinas that were attacking him that their dads should have pulled out, go kill yourself, etc He went on a rampage. He's ego was/is huge.

He was so stupid about it, he could have ignored them and that's that. The tumblerinas could have complained about the thinspiration hashtag until they turned blue in the face and the Travel Channel wouldn't have done shit.

He could have even subtly trolled them,
but he didn't.

When you're a celebrity all eyes are on you, it's your job to stay out of trouble.

Anyway fuck that fatty and the rest of the tumblerettes, but this guy fucking dug his own grave as soon as he started telling multiple people to go kill themselves, your daddy should have pulled out, blah blah blah. HE was supposed to be the bigger person (no pun intended)

Absolutely childish on both their parts.

No. 27171

She means she's happy with her body but mentally/emotionally speaking, she feels like shit.

Being overweight may have something to do with it if she has shitty eating habits, though.

No. 27343

>dat username
Why am I not surprised

No. 29135

File: 1418223134219.jpg (149.77 KB, 500x700, no.jpg)

No. 29145

Is that Honey Boo Boo's mum? Why is there makeup on it?

No. 29450

File: 1418373062578.png (36.36 KB, 652x536, topkek.png)

No. 29451

The fact they went ahead and put makeup on her massive chin is killing me.

No. 29455

File: 1418376194018.jpg (69.36 KB, 533x800, why.jpg)

…it literally looks like someone's photoshopped this girl's gorgeous face onto this body. I'm just…stunned. If my face looked like that, I'd be doing my damndest to make my body gorgeous as well.

No. 29468

I used to think she was revolting before just for her appearance, but now knowing that she's happily dating the pedophile who raped her oldest daughter when she was little I realize it's just her inner monster showing through. No amount of foundation or glitter can hide it.

No. 29469

Those are some heroic amounts of makeup, flattering angles, good lighting and most importantly, photoshop. Thank god for the blur tool.

Fat women who have conventionally beautiful faces are so rare. I think I've only ever met one in my entire life, and she was more 'chubby' than fat.

No. 29475

Looks like a drag queen.

No. 29495

Makeup just ends at the neck not even a little bit blended in. They could have at least used some with pink undertones

No. 29508

the foundation seems to have yellow undertones and that's why i feel like it wouldn't even matter if they tried to blend it in, it'd still show.

No. 29527

Looks more like hardcore contouring to give the illusion of a jaw.

No. 29532

File: 1418423037960.png (582.24 KB, 531x800, nope.PNG)

I was talking about the pink circle, I didn't even notice the hardcore contouring kek that is so sad
Also her one finger is so fat compared to her other fat fingers

No. 29537

wtf is with those clothes? she looks like a massive michelin baby

No. 29540

It gets weirder the longer we look at it

No. 29571

Are we not going to talk about the fact that there's so much blurring on her legs that they appear to be melding together?

No. 29596

Lol lol looool wtf


No. 29614

File: 1418446305733.png (489.81 KB, 531x800, wat.png)

Can we also talk about the weird mutation going on with her arm and the massively obvious blur on her legs and feet?

No. 29618

This woman has such a beautiful face and yet she chooses to be a whale. Wtf!!!

No. 29626

She can wash that beauty off with water and a tissue though.

No. 29651

File: 1418471933154.jpg (184.3 KB, 640x1136, 18.jpg)

In that pic she is 18

No. 29660

File: 1418479753946.jpg (54.02 KB, 501x339, image.jpg)

I recently found out about her and I'm surprised she's gained so much. There was also some mini drama about her latest "hike" on a Reddit forum. If it's true, it's pretty funny.


No. 29661

Ok I'm not american, but this doesn't seem like such a huge distance to me. I guess it depends on where she hiked FROM, but for a whole day of hiking (including rests) you can go really far.

That doesn't magically make you healthy. Most cancer patients would be able to do a one day hike with rests.

No. 29662

Is the hollywood sign super far away or something=?

No. 29670

Judging from that reddit thread, she only "hiked" 4 miles (6.4 km) , on a paved road.

No. 29672

>4 miles
>in one day

Omg such determination much empowerment!

No. 29691

Haha wow. If someone thinks that hiking 4 miles on a paved road in one day is a huge accomplishment, they need to reevaluate their life. Even average people can bike up hills for 5 miles in 30 minutes if they have the determination. Cycling requires a lot more muscle movement than walking too.

How long did it take her to walk these measly 4 miles anyway???

No. 29701

As a fat person I know walking a mile takes about 16-20 min, so really for a 4-mile hike should have only taken at most 2 hours to get up there… that's not a whole day.

No. 29792

Is it even actually hiking if it's a paved road?

No. 29829

>She and her hiking partner (we assumed boyfriend) had started out ahead of us so as we came up on them this woman was bellyaching a blue streak. It was too hot (it was pretty warm), she didn't have the right shoes, her yoga pants were too tight and on and on. As we were overtaking the couple what I noticed immediately was how well made up this girl was (as well as how heavy she was). The guy was doing his best to coax her along but it was clear as day that she did not want to be on the hike. We passed them but heard her whining and moaning for a good 5-10 minutes as we spread some distance between them and us.

>Maybe a mile from the top we passed the couple again and it sounded like the girl had been on a constant soundtrack of complaining since we had passed them a couple hours before…she was still going full steam on the complaining. We said hello, the guy gave us a wave, she gave us a very dirty look.

>As I came around the corner, I came upon what was clearly a planned photo shoot (although with a smartphone) with the guy and the "whiner." I laughed under my breath because the sight was so ridiculous. She was posing, doing her absolute best to look like a model (and failing miserably in my amateur estimation). In the time it took me to pass them, get to where we had sat down, the must have taken 2 dozen pictures.

>Yes, she did make it to the top but its a 4ish mile walk on a paved road. I'm not sure if she is the one putting it out there that it "normally" requires a multi-day trek or someone using her picture to make a point. What I can say with absolute certainty is that if it is her (and I'm 99% certain), this was no easy walk for her and she didn't handle it with the grace of gazelle.

oh man

No. 29847

I don't understand fatties.

I'm 5'4", I used to weigh near 200lbs. When I was becoming WINDED walking up one flight of stairs I stood back and said, Hmm, maybe I should change my lifestyle so I can enjoy my life more.

Months later I've adopted a healthy diet and I work out 6 days a week - cardio mostly. I eat lean meats and whole grains, dairy. I never go out to eat anymore and when I do it's exceedingly rare. I've lost exactly 30lbs and I have 20 more to go before I reach my healthy goal (and healthy BMI).

I get body positivity. You want to love the one body you have. SO WHY ARE YOU NOT CARING FOR IT?

These women absolutely boggle my mind. I wanted to love my body. That's why I'm nurturing it now.

No. 29859

I agree anon. I'm 5'10" and at 245lbs I started getting make lower back pain just from sitting upright. I had to spend the majority of my day laying down to cope. I had enough, so I began eating less and walking. I weigh around 186 now and I plan to lose at least another 40 pounds. In half a year more, I'll be where I've always wanted to be.
That said, I don't understand how people can get as heavy as I was, feel the back pain, and then not do anything. They keep indulging over and over, and they steadily ruin their quality of life each day. It boggles my mind how they can live life like that, with their pain and discomfort increasing in multiple ways. I had ONE problem that was noticeable, and I couldn't handle it. How these people have back pain + lack of energy + knee pain + difficulty moving + inability to bathe/ wipe themselves on the toilet + black chaffed and puss filled fat folds, and can STILL defend themselves and say that they're fine is beyond me.
I'm totally okay with body acceptance- I think it's good to love yourself at every point in your life, but if you REALLY do love your body then you have to treat it well and with respect. It literally does everything for you.

No. 29861


Good job, Anon! That's impressive progress, you'll definitely reach your goal. :)

No. 29994

File: 1418603266851.jpg (99.69 KB, 960x960, tess.jpg)

She looks so bad (Tess).

Is it me or… does that thong not fit her?

No. 30147

File: 1418686134634.gif (1.99 MB, 246x231, cartwheel fail.gif)

customer at work yesterday reminded me of this thread.(Not that it's relevant but I work in a pharmacy) She was about 40 years old but was desperately trying to pull off 25, with black hipster glasses, and OC-like haircut (but in auburn) and plaid print leggings. This might have been okay, had she not been about 350 pounds overweight. She also smelled like vagina. I don't think she was wearing underwear, and I could see and smell her cootch.

She wanted to buy a gift card to Sephora which was fine. I politely told her that we had lots and lots of gift cards, but they were located at the front of the store, a staggering 30 feet away.She groaned and hauled herself wheezing and panting to the gift card display. Apparently this incredible display of physical strength must have sapped her energy, because she stopped off at the soda mini fridge and grabbed a bottle of orange fanta, which she proceeded to drain in a matter of seconds. She grunted and burped her way back onto line. She plops her gift card and fanta bottle onto the registrar and begins eyeing the chocolate. She tells me,

> "I've been so good today, I deserve a little treat. Plus orange juice is really good for you, and it has less fizz than other juices.".

>Me: "the soda you mean?"
> fatty: "The juice, yeah. Plus I've done so much walking today!"

She shoved a few chocolate bars down on the table, all dark chocolate.
>Fatty: "Dark chocolate is good for you. It's a super food."
Me: "Okay. How much did you want on the sephora card?"
>Fatty: "Just ten dollars. I'm on a budget."

She bought 18 dollars worth of chocolate and "juice".

No. 30151

>Fat as fuck yet still no booty

No. 30159


Look at Quirky's "Belfies"

No. 30164


I live with a health nut and he's the sorta guy that will tell you to choose green squash over yellow squash because yellow has more carbs. If I told him that someone considered Fanta "orange juice" he'd lose his mind. And bitch, natural orange juice (especially without pulp) is so sugary for you!

Just goes to show how trashy people eat. Not like I'm a health nut. I love carbs and butter, but these people have no grasp on reality.

No. 30167

Most fat people have no idea how much shit they put into their bodies. That bottle of fanta was probably at least two servings worth, and has probably several hundred percent of the recommended daily intake of sugar in it alone. I've also noticed so many of them think that it's just eating fat that makes you fat and that everything else is okay, when carbs (and by extension, sugar) probably contribute more to their hefty size than fat.

No. 30172

You know you're huge when you make Queen of the Trashy Whales (Nadia) look good.

No. 30174

Oh man. So many people don't realize how terrible soda is for you. Especially when they drink the higher caffeine level stuff. I want to scream when I see people give it to toddlers and pour it into baby bottles.

No. 30192

At least she grabbed dark chocolate which is less fatty and sugary. When i sin against my diet i always grab extra dark which is around 90% or higher in cacao. However i doubt she will just break of a piece to nibble on and instead shoves a whole bar in her face or maybe 2 or 3.

No. 30213

File: 1418745087418.gif (471.42 KB, 500x205, 1412266597684.gif)

>soda in baby bottles
I have fortunately never seen this happen and I'm going to pretend it's not actually a thing that happens. My sanity can't take it.

No. 30218

That is by far the saddest thing I have read today.

Reminds me of one of the customers my mother told me about. My parents own an Italian restaurant. One day they had a customer who was so large he almost needed two chairs to sit in; he was easily 350lbs too.
He ordered Pizza as a first course (a large one), then Pasta, a Salad, several rounds of bread and butter, stuffed pizza bread as a side (a portion which is equivalent to a large pizza), two rounds of dessert and drank 4 1/2 liters of beer (he was so massive and probably so used to the alcohol he wasn't anywhere near being drunk or even being tipsy). He spend almost $150 just for food and beer.
But at least he left a nice tip and didn't tell anyone any bullshit about his obviously dangerous eating habits.

No. 30240

This is terrifying.

No. 30276

heh I remember being in a stroller, sucking on a bottle of coke. The kicker is my mom is a nurse.

No. 30285


My husband and I stopped at a fast food place and watched a grandma dump soda into her granddaughter's bottle before they left.

Kind of related but back during free comic book day. We stopped at a McDonald's and the people in the booth next to us. Three woman and a girl. I think one was an aunt and the other was the kid's grandma. The mother was talking about how she was going to have the girl take up boxing to lose weight. They were going to a birthday party afterward and was telling the girl she couldn't play with the other kids until she sat down and ate food at the party. The kid wasn't eating her food at the McDonald's because her mom had gotten her a McD's ice cream cone AND a slurpee from a 7-11(She had the cone in her hand)

Maybe the kid would be eating her food if they hadn't given her sweets first. The whole family came off as trashy. The mom was overweight. The aunt and grandma were talking about how they stole a girl's phone at a party. Then again it's a McDonald's so not exactly the pinnacle of society. I feel so sorry for the kid with role models like that.

No. 30294

Nurses are always stupid cunts who know nothing about health, yet they all think they're medical experts because they take temperatures and wash old people. My friends mom was a nurse and she seriously thought that babies couldn't feel pain for their first year of life. Being a nurse automatically made her right, fuck science. She also though ghosts were moving her stuff around.

No. 30295


well that's cause older nurses weren't required to get a balcher's degree or anything, just complete a training program. They're fixed that, thank god. And the best part is: All the old dumb nurses HAVE to get degrees or they can't keep being a nurse. So a lot of the dumb ones get forced into early retirement or just get bumped down to nurse's aid, where they just like…wash old people and change the diapers of sickly babies.

No. 30296

No. 30359

>tfw my mom is a nurse and she knows almost as much a house doctor
Then again, I'm from Europe

No. 30403

Same here but then again the US health system is shit anyways, my aunt is a nurse and she had to go to a school for many years in order to be abel to work as one.

No. 30428


Yeaaahh… sorry you had a bad experience with a nurse, but what you said is pretty stupid.

For the most part (depending on the state) nurses don't give sponge bathes take your temperature, and then sashay out of your room. They have a ton of complex stuff to do and shit goes down every day.

You're confusing them with nurse aides, which is what I do. I toilet patients, wash them, check their vitals, then report everything to the nurse in charge of me. Honestly? I'd rather clean shit than deal with codes and saving peoples lives.
If they work at a hospital those are 14 hours shifts everyday and it is hectic and incredibly stressful. Some hospitals have 8 hour work days with less days off, but most have 12 hour shifts (give or take). If no one is there to replace you, by law, you can't leave until someone replaces you.

You do know that most hospitals don't have a doctor walking around the halls waiting to be called on right? You watch too much Grey's Anatomy.
It's alll nurses and when a patient starts to go down, they stabilize the patient, THEN call a doctor for med orders (a doctor that isn't even at the hospital to begin with).

No. 30431

The problem with "nurses" in the UK is that becoming a nurse is like the default job for lower middle class to working class girls who can't decide what to do with their life. I knew 3 or 4 girls who messed around for a few years after school and then suddenly decided they wanted "to help people" by becoming a nurse.

So it ends up that like 1 in 20 women call themselves "nurses" but only like 1 in 200 are actual registered nurses that can legally append "RN" to their name.

No. 30433

May I introduce and suggest Jess of http://operationskinnyjeans.com as a new lolcow?

Quick summary:
> "weight loss blogger"
> describes herself as "barely plus-sized" while being type III obese
> says she wears size S or M, but only shops at stores notorious for extreme vanity sizing
> BeachBody coach who starts 10 different challenges a month and drops out of every single one after three days
> constantly posts "workout pictures" in see-through tank tops two sizes too small, often the same one a couple of days in a row
> shames other girls for their food choices while eating nothing but crap and lying about it
> makes "healthy smoothies" out of milk, peanut butter, chocolate protein powder and Reese's cups
> logs her burgers from fast food joints as "ground beef, leaf of lettuce, slice of pickle, ⅛ tomato" on MFP to make herself look better
> refuses to get a job but bitches about her husband not letting her spend his paycheck on the 30472. fitness gadget she won't use anyway
> claims to be too ashamed to go to the gym but has no problem doing yoga in a crowded park
> claims to be a runner but has admitted to never having completed a single mile
etc. etc. etc. …

No. 30437

>BeachBody coach
I'm not sure what that is, but is she really qualified to 'coach' other people?

No. 30450

Sorry for the late response, the website wasn't working.
BB is a multi-level marketing company. You pay a monthly fee/order a certain amount of product every few weeks and bam, you're a coach. No further qualification or training needed.

From their website:
> Do I need to be a fitness expert?
> No, you don’t need to be a fitness or weight-loss expert to become a Beachbody Coach. You just need to be ready to commit to changing your life.

So, to answer your question: no, she's not. She can't even "coach" herself, let alone other people.

Some more lulzy stuff that popped into my head again:
> claims her body has become resistant to cardio, that being the reason why she gained weight over the last few weeks despite training each day (yeah, sure)
> posted pictures of herself "running" while her dog just stood next to her - it seriously looked like she just hopped on one leg until the picture was taken while her dog looked at her in complete and utter confusion
> posted pictures of the sunset and claimed that she took it while being on a walk until people pointed out they could see the line of a windshield wiper, meaning she took it from inside of a car
> told people she hadn't eaten fast food in months but got busted by the GPS thingie on Instagram that logged her location as a burger joint. In the evening, the mysterious "ground beef + odd amounts of vegetables" popped up on her MFP again, go figure

No. 30452

She's at least trying to lose weight and has actually had some progress, even if she's delusional about her size. It doesn't seem like she knows much about nutrition, though. She implies on her coaching page that she believes in cleanses (even if they didn't work for her). Not sure if I'd want someone like that coaching me.

Also girls with cankles and extra wide feet never fail to have foot tattoos.

No. 30459

I went to her FB page and saw a lot of pictures of her at some kind of event? I think it was for coaches, and it's just her looking dumpy as hell next to fit-looking people. How do you go to those things and not just feel ashamed about yourself?

No. 30494

Yeah it seems like she's really trying and actually did lose some weight. (She'd lose more if she'd get some advice from a food specialist) I'm sorry anon, I don't think she is lolcow material.

No. 30500

Not really a lolcow, at least she tries. Only think that bothers me is that she calls chocolate, vanilla with some kind of candy a smoothie. Those are milkshakes. Smoothies are thick goopy blends of milk and fruit or veggies. I've never seen a smoothie excist out of peppermint and vanilla..

No. 30522

It's cool that she actually lost a good chunk of weight, but it seems like she's plateauing hardcore right now, probably due to her indifferent gym schedule and eating. She did say she gained 20 back, and unless she shapes up that's probably going to be where she hovers for awhile.

Speaking as someone who lost almost 100lbs it's easy to get delusional about your size at the halfway mark. You look better (compared to before) and feel better, so thinking you're hot shit comes with the territory. when I hit 190 I was all damn a size 14 never looked so good and I plateaued for a few months because I eased up on my gym habits as a "reward." Then I realized I was still fat and pushed myself the rest of the way.

No. 30565

File: 1418927596716.png (288.27 KB, 1080x1920, sd.png)


No. 30571

Really trying? Fuck no. She did, in the past, lose weight. Now she lies and pretends to exercise and ~le sigh, her body just won't lose weight!

No. 30595


>Obesity 'could be a disability' - EU courts rule

Has there been a reaction on Tumblr yet?

No. 30596

FML the eu needs to die

No. 30630


No. 30715

at least we don't have scooters in our malls so fat people don't have to walk

No. 30737


But the ECJ said that maybe we should.

No. 30739

those scooters are meant for disabled and old people, fat people take them because they are assholes

No. 30743

>implying those scooters aren't there just for fat people

No. 30904

If they where meant for fatso's the char would be 5 times wider

No. 32461

File: 1419374316739.jpg (38.85 KB, 507x209, piggy.jpg)

This is pretty old now and they deleted it once they were told it was a troll but I found this again and seriously can't believe they bought it

No. 32466

lol lord of the flies

No. 32483

Wait, it is a Lord of the Flies reference or Game of Thrones ref?

No. 32502

Lord of the flies

No. 32503

File: 1419378411047.jpg (13.37 KB, 509x77, piggy2.jpg)


It's supposed to be a Game of Thrones ref. Pic related is the fantastically retarded response.

No. 35648

No. 35672


Katie Hopkins is a dumb bitch but wasting the police's time with shit like 'hate crimes against overweight people' is full retard.

No. 35701

Like attracts like, both parties are complete idiots here

No. 36541

damn.. any new material? i need my giggles man.
i just deleted my tumblr but maybe i'll look around for something there.

No. 36596

File: 1420295791934.jpg (56.24 KB, 721x541, santa.jpg)

I'm trying to post something for you dear anon

No. 36599

File: 1420296161011.png (126.05 KB, 500x470, p.png)

Thisisthinprivilege being a moron as always

No. 36606

I wonder how long before someone actually dies because they listened to TiTP instead of their doctor. I hope their family sues.

No. 36607

That user thankfully listened to their doctor. They made a blog post about it later on.

No. 36608


No. 36612

File: 1420304396114.jpg (318.99 KB, 1800x2400, 1420202823384.jpg)

just for you

No. 36613

File: 1420304433068.jpeg (243.05 KB, 700x678, accordingtodevin-comics-blood-…)

No. 36614

brb going to vomit for 10 years

No. 36615

File: 1420304481824.png (376.81 KB, 478x680, thin.png)

No. 36616

File: 1420304566498.png (431.99 KB, 701x582, dfghj.png)

Some probably already did, simply by accepting their fatness thanks to that blog. They'll never directly link it though, even at death's door they'll claim they're healthy.

No. 36617

File: 1420304616060.jpg (47.22 KB, 460x699, tumblr_ned6azTJpa1tflb94o1_500…)

No. 36620

File: 1420304902135.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.75 KB, 800x1191, bel_prev03_ff.jpg)

No. 36621

What the fuck? How is it even possible to eat this much every day?

Quirky is even a bigger hamplanet, i wonder what is her daily food list.

No. 36630

I highly suspect quirky not only binges and overeats, but eats poorly. I.e she eats candy, biscuits, cakes and fatty foods on a daily basis as breakfast lunch etc. which genuinely leaves her hungrier than had she eaten 'real' food like rice, homemade soup, vegetables etc.

No. 36632

She's thinkingofthesea because she's a whale. I'm getting really fucking tired of the whole "unimpressed" thing. Ugh. Seeing fatties do it because it's so "cool, cute, and sassy" makes me irrationally angry.

No. 36638

I just choked in my cookie when i read that comment, jesus.

No. 36642

File: 1420305947743.jpg (140.82 KB, 1018x662, tumblr_nak5jusdcd1taut99o1_128…)

No. 36643

No. 36644

this so much, fatty BTFO

fat girls act loud and "sassy" for the same reason comedians are always secretly depressed people. they are trying to hide their pain. when those former fatties lose weight, they become calm and content, they don't need to hide behind a loud fat "bad ass" mask anymore

No. 36645

File: 1420306871451.jpg (55.77 KB, 1080x641, QHgKjwI.jpg)

No. 36646

the justice is delicious

No. 36647

File: 1420306951327.png (27.11 KB, 828x171, U4tjboN.png)

No. 36650

File: 1420307890224.jpg (136.77 KB, 700x1090, 29554.jpg)

No. 36655

Is that a thin person behind her

No. 36658

lol damn it they got in anyway

No. 36771

File: 1420327912018.png (137.42 KB, 590x394, screen-shot-2013-12-20-at-4-45…)

As >>36748 suggested, continuing the でぶとブス away from the Quirky thread
I think I should've used a bigger model for this one tbh

No. 36777

File: 1420328595669.jpg (130.96 KB, 1111x800, 04.jpg)

>mfw I somehow accidentally deleted my own post

No. 36815

putting this on a picture of naomi watanabe .. you've gone too far.

No. 36819

Why do you guys gaf if other people are fat? It doesn't effect you.

No. 36821

I don't hate fat people.
However, I hate SJW.
Which is pretty much the point of the thread.

No. 36822


Nobody cares if they're fat, the issue is when fat people encourage it when it's clearly unhealthy/say they were born that way/bitch about thin people, etc.

Also sorry to be one of those grammar faggots but *affect

No. 36843

yeah but shes actually really beautiful lmao

No. 36844

File: 1420342713138.jpg (117.43 KB, 782x600, 782px-Fat_-_Too_Fat_To_Work.jp…)

Because I pay taxes? Because I pay taxes so that a morbidly obese fuck can stay at home all day, with a government appointed carer to come in and turn them over, wipe their folds while families starve in misery. At least that's the way it is in the UK.

From what I've heard fatties are shitting up other places too with their health risk shenanigans. Ranging from not buying two seats on airplanes, so the poor sod sitting next to them has to get a buttcheek on their lap, to feeding their toddlers coca cola and telling their 10 year olds it's ok to be fat.

They're symptomatic of what's wrong with our society. Lazy self obsessed cunts who won't own up to their shit. I love fat people who aren't deluded, but fuck are they rare. Fat people who KNOW they're unhealthy, WOULD NOT encourage others to have this lifestyle and DON'T get buttblasted because a fairground ride doesn't fit them or they need specially tailored clothing.

No. 36845

It does affect me though. It's like saying ' methheads don't affect you, why do you care'.

Fat people are like druggies and their fix is found in hydrogenated fat and corn syrup. They provide unsafe environments to children, place a burden on their families and on society, they place a burden on hospitals…Much like meth addicts.

At least meth heads don't have blogs telling me about non-meth addict privilege and whining that child protective services took away an 8 year old for doing meth. Fatties do that shit with being fat. Take a kid away to a safer home because it weighs 150kg at age 8 and they lose their fat minds.

No. 36846

i agree, you'l never find her preaching about the beauty of fatness

No. 36862


That fat bitch? Are you fucking serious? I don't know who she is, I don't care how nice/great she is, or what an inspiration she is, bitch is fat AND ugly.

No. 36871

Calm your fucking tits. She has a pretty adorable face and a cute smile
I made the pic and even I can see that lmao

No. 36881

File: 1420350592085.jpg (82.04 KB, 640x598, expectations vs reality.jpg)

i found this and thought it was funny

No. 36883

That's so fucking tragic

No. 36884

the edge is strong with this one

No. 36885

oh, catatonia
the girl who decided to take selfies right after she supposedly shot heroin into her neck and after she got a black eye from her bf

No. 36898

you're fucking crazy lmao settle down

Naomi is fucking awesome cause she makes fun of herself all the time. She was a manatee mermaid in a gum commercial for christs sake

No. 36956

My mom is legit disabled and weighs less than 100lbs. I've been trying to convince her to use the scooters that customers can use since she can't walk around stores without being in a lot of pain and she has trouble standing up straight. But she doesn't want to because of pride even though her doctor has told her that she might benefit from a scooter.

It really pisses me off to see these fatties riding around in Walmart scooters just because they can't walk from the ice cream to the pastries without getting out of breath and sweating buckets. If they got off their fat asses and walked they wouldn't be in the shape they are in.

No. 36973

At that point, it's literally too late for them to ever walk again though

No. 36978

My grandmother is almost housebound because she has severe knee problems as a result of being overweight. She is physically incapable of doing any physical activity to lose weight, even standing up to cook gets unbearably painful sometimes. Moral of the story: some overweight people might legitimately need to use those scooters just as much as your mother. It's a small minority group, but they do exist.

No. 37010

she can still lose weight through a change of diet and doing exercises with her arms if she can't move her legs. as long as she is moving some part of her body she is using up energy and thus will be using up fat. getting fat to the point where you can't walk is no excuse

No. 37014

File: 1420388171620.png (465.28 KB, 570x1416, FatBodyPolitics.png)

No. 37044

No. 37045

File: 1420393426170.jpeg (278.24 KB, 558x2450, h7.jpeg)

No. 37049

File: 1420393474005.jpg (Spoiler Image, 50.01 KB, 500x333, tumblr_n2i7eu8cLF1qc3pgko1_500…)

No. 37050

File: 1420393508667.jpg (148.61 KB, 768x1024, fatty cross section.jpg)

No. 37051

File: 1420393555502.jpg (96.13 KB, 866x354, Fc7xk2v.jpg)

No. 37053

File: 1420393604619.png (457.34 KB, 565x701, uikj.png)

tumblr is a goldmine for this shit

No. 37054

File: 1420393649725.jpg (55.44 KB, 500x500, gain.jpg)

weight gain as a fetish

No. 37066

she sure did, kek

No. 37068

File: 1420395352891.jpg (51.4 KB, 518x503, iOQ38NP.jpg)

No. 37082

Yah, smallest Bee was the original cartoon, then medium bee came around for the comics and NOW they've really porked her up. Part of it is the fandom though, all the fanart their base churned out was of a fat bee…

No. 37088

what tag did you search?

No. 37091

Unfortunately, that's your grandmothers fault. Anon's mom didn't choose to be disabled but your grandmother chose to give up on herself.

No. 37128

File: 1420404145818.jpg (72.68 KB, 605x468, 1420403502785.jpg)

No. 37166

try these

fat babe
fat positive

No. 37167

>>23150 Link to his episode

No. 37168

File: 1420410585894.png (268.06 KB, 500x427, tumblr_inline_mmg1qy4Krv1qz4rg…)

No. 37182

>Shame is bad for my health
So is all that fat inside you

No. 37189

File: 1420412992775.png (55.73 KB, 816x298, J74Oa38.png)

No. 37268

mothafuckin extra spicy ovah heeeeere!

No. 37308

That awkward moment when you go to the doctor as a underweight person, you get told to gain weight, and get tested extra because "it might be weight related".

Yes fat people, skinny people also get told to gain weight just like you get told to lose it.

This always pisses me so much off, there's nothing wrong with getting healthy Jesus Christ.

No. 37318

File: 1420444632040.png (605.6 KB, 500x747, animalabuse.png)


Fuck this stupid fat cunt for bragging about her cat being obese. You really think an animal would like having their movements restricted by the crushing weight of their bodies you stupid cow? This shit pisses me right the fuck off. Fuck you and fuck people who do this.

No. 37320

>tfw my extremely loud snoring actually got a lot less when I lost weight
Also, I actually felt when I was laying down, that my breathing was a bit obstructed because of my double chin, lol

>wears headphones in starbucks
>complains that people aren't social

No. 37321

>still wearing jeans jackets

No. 37328

This is infuriating. I don't give one fuck what someone does to their own body, but I cannot stand when people do that to others. Be it their own child or pet, I just can't stand it. It's fucking disgusting, outright fucking horrible and I can't even click the link because I don't want there to be a face to the cow I want to fucking destroy.

That poor cat. I'm actually sickened by this. How can someone do that to something and laugh about it? Like that's fucking crazy to me, I could never do that. These people are sick, their brains aren't right. People like this aren't even funny, they are just down right fucked up.

This is the first time I've actually been this pissed off over someone on here and I need to get off this site and have a bubble bath because the rage burns within me with the fury of 1000 suns.

No. 37329

Meh, certain styles of jean-jackets are coming back into fashion in a lot of the 'street' brands. The thing is, they don't sell those particular styles in the granny plus-size sections of clothing stores.

No. 37330

…one of my favourite jackets is a denim jacket and I think it's cute af…

No. 37333

I understand, letting your cat get this fat is no different from animal abuse
It's even more enraging when you think that these are sjw's who get upset at the tiniest things but apparently animal abuse is a-okay for them

No. 37334

File: 1420453362343.jpg (107.95 KB, 400x600, 01_britney_justin.jpg)

too late, already imagining you guys look like this

No. 37339

More like phrases for achieving next level embarrassment

No. 37342

I find it hilarious that some women are so insecure they'd rather have these sizes.


No. 37343

File: 1420459611826.png (502.24 KB, 410x646, rftgjhjkh.png)

No. 37344

Of course it's a tumblr. This is the next natural step of fat acceptance, claiming that fat animals are 'just as healthy as ones of normal weight STOP SHAMING MY CAT he has diabetes and weak joints BUT IT'S NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING FAT'

No. 37345

File: 1420459709722.png (47.09 KB, 500x152, tumblr_naawfg20mF1s6iq1po1_500…)

No. 37346

File: 1420459825418.jpg (310.43 KB, 1110x1024, 1378933550482.jpg)

why does she want people to be social in a starbucks anyway? Does she go to macdonalds to find new friends and to walmart to chat up guys? Doesn't she know there's a time and place to do that and people are just trying to drink their coffee without some landwhale muscling in on them and their friends?

No. 37347

It's coming back into fashion anon, watch out, you'll be wearing one too

No. 37348

File: 1420459942815.jpg (140.22 KB, 736x1000, fireofmyloins.jpg)

I love her dress actually, it's so outrageous. Also dat jean handbag wtf.

No. 37349

File: 1420459966204.png (93.1 KB, 500x536, tumblr_mziqfglcp41tq3d5ro1_500…)

No. 37352

the "most people fail when they try to lose weight" argument is basically just displaying what fat stubborn moron they are.

No shit they fail, because most people "TRYING" to lose weight ARE fat & lazy. Why would someone fat & lazy succeed at something that involves more effort than shoving something down your gobhole?

No. 37355

at first glance, I thought she had like 2 sets of boobs.

No. 37356

File: 1420461207427.gif (479.24 KB, 500x235, gfdsrtret.gif)

She has boob cellulite.

No. 37363

I think she means in the way that a group of people will go out together and spend the whole time on their cellphones on Facebook/twitter/whatever instead of talking to each other. I have a friend who does that while we're waiting for food to arrive or something, it's quite frustrating.

No. 37367

Some breeds of cats are bigger. I know they say that about humans (big bones) but breeds like the Norwegian forest, ragdoll, Maine coon and more are much larger than the average cat and aren't obese.
I have to note it to my vet because I have a ragdoll and for her species she's healthy, she's just a big fluff ball. He said she's at 11 lbs now and said she's a little heavy though for a female ragdollcat it's 9-12 lbs on average. So really it just depends on the breed in this case.

That cat though looks like an average cat and shouldn't weigh that much. It reminds me of a screencap here or elsewhere about HAES where a British woman had a fat dog and she thought it was funny.

I guess they can't be bothered to take care of themselves so the kids/pets end up fat. It's probably a relief to them because they don't have to put in effort and the pet/kid is now "normal" in their eyes.

No. 37368

That will always be a contradiction - fat but athletic. No the two don't coincide. She should just say she's heavy and accept it. That's what HAES is about right?

No. 37372

I find that it's really easy to deal with people like that. Make it like a joke that you're all going to put your phones on a pile in the middle of the table, mention it to them 'hah funny how everyone these days has their faces in their phones all the time' etc.

Being direct works. People often don't realise they're being rude or genuinely underestimate the time they're spending browsing instagram or whatever while everyone else is talking.

Then there's shy people, some people go on their phone because they're embarrassed.

No. 37373

File: 1420469410790.png (26.69 KB, 766x501, L9oLNIm.png)

top kek 'intuitive eating' is so stupid and makes me rage so hard I don't dare search it on tumblr

pseudoscience 101

No. 37374

File: 1420469567625.jpg (65.64 KB, 576x1024, LXp7uw1.jpg)

>When you're going to the club and your fat friend does this

reminds me of quirky actually, she's half quirky's size duh, but also deluded about the attractiveness of a fat girl's tits.

It's like fat men being 'big'. It doesn't make them hot, like it would make a normal dude hot, because they didn't work to get so big and their size isn't due to muscle. Same with fat girl tits. They're not firm and only huge because they're fucking huge.

No. 37375

File: 1420469609311.jpg (148.14 KB, 800x1191, lolll.jpg)

No. 37376

I'm an offender of being shy and being on my phone a lot. People think I'm rude as fuck I think. Reality is that I'm not even really using it, just clicking on the screen to make it look like I'm doing something. Pretty sad.

No. 37378

File: 1420470603912.jpg (Spoiler Image, 12.73 KB, 307x400, ah.jpg)

I am so sorry for this picture. Eye bleach warning.

No. 37384

I think people realise you're just shy, at least I do. It's often really easy to spot shy people, so no they probably don't think you're being rude.

I adore getting people out of their shell and making them comfortable, shy people tend to be really awesome people with nerdy interests and a lot of interesting stuff to say. Extroverts are actually pretty boring, I'd rather get drunk and silly with a shy person any day.

No. 37385

oh god what is that hole SOMEONE EXPLAIN

No. 37389


No. 37390

I never understood why people do that. I get that a lot from people who act like they're interested in socializing with you, but then when they do, they keep having to pause between sentences to do shit on the phone. The fuck? They're usually the type of people who socialize a lot, so I assume that they just have lots of friends to do phone stuff with, but it's still weird to me. You can't text while you have nothing to do? Would people get pissed if you don't text them back as soon as they send a message? It's annoying as fuck.

No. 37392


No. 37393

Eh, this isn't too unsettling. Definitely not nice to look at, but not trauma-inducing either.
What happened to her? Is it a disease?

No. 37394

File: 1420474619400.jpg (1.13 MB, 3200x2224, gooseisloose.jpg)

based goose

No. 37398

damn, you've seen some shit

No. 37417

That is so nice of you. I bet you're an awesome friend!

No. 37418

Intuïtive eating is such a bullshit concept. Like yeah i can get into craving Salt/fat food if you are hangover or sugar if you feel faint. But when you feel hungry, sometimes it is just your body saying "Hey, you are thirsty" or just a small craving. Not all feelings of hunger are actual hunger.

No. 37422

Yeah, I'm nearly always up for chocolate or a pizza, doesn't mean I have a deficiency and need to stuff my face with that shit. It's the opposite of healthy.

No. 37444

Exactly i love sushi and tempura shrimp, could stuff my face with that everytime of day. Doesnt mean anything else then the fact that i fucking love it. However i do have low bloodsugar from time to time, but then i notice its not just a sugar craving, because i feel sick and feint.

No. 37450

tempura shrimp is the best oh man

No. 37451

File: 1420483588605.jpg (114.61 KB, 678x415, 6BqSWlt.jpg)

No. 37503

File: 1420489906526.jpg (127.06 KB, 550x300, Saturated_Fats-vs-Unsaturated_…)

It's actually true that fat plays a huge role in brain activity (the brain needs fat).
That being said, they probably gobble down shitloads of saturated fats and carbs. Otherwise they wouldn't be hamplanets.
It's the unsaturated fats the body needs though.

No. 37510

Wine and fondue?!?! I want to go there.

No. 37603

You must be a very pleasant person to hang around with.

She is very beautiful, not many big women can look attractive when they're big but look at her, she has a lovely face.

I'd like to see you take a confident picture like this, but it seems more like you aren't comfortable in your skin enough to acknowledge that other types of people can be beautiful.

Your words are sharp and bloodthirsty, but denying a girl her facial attractiveness because you dislike her body type/weight is the stupidest and ugliest thing about you.

No. 37605

This girl should shoop pixyteri's photos

No. 37636

it would be a beautiful fiasco.

No. 37656

yeah it's awesome :) there's also beer and cheese fondue. It's great to have after a hike in the mountains.

No. 37658

File: 1420510233483.png (29.42 KB, 813x286, gdfjhoo.png)

No. 37659

File: 1420510272529.jpg (133.66 KB, 800x1191, ok.jpg)

No. 37662

god how much money does it cost perday to sustain at that weight ya think?

No. 37665

File: 1420511281746.jpeg (324.71 KB, 660x1311, hgfh.jpeg)

No. 37676

I saw something on TV with a woman who was really big like that…she ate a dozen eggs and a pack of bacon each day for breakfast on top of a few other things.

No. 37711

The most I can tolerate is someone replying to a message every 20 minutes or so. My friend did that while we were shopping once, she had just got a new boyfriend and he was semi-LD so I could understand her wanting to text him a lot. I am guilty of texting my own bf while with friends, but most of the time I'm too busy interacting with them that I forget that he's replied.

No. 37712

My friends get pissed when I take forever to reply to them on facebook or via texts idk why though, so I try to reply when there are pauses in social contact, but at the same time, I'm usually busy most of my day doing things, even when I study I pause to reply.

And when I was dating someone he'd get mad if I took more than 10 minutes to reply, but obviously that did not work out at all. People are just obsessed with having social contact these days, like, even when I'm just chilling and playing videogames people will be demanding skype sessions since I can't reply often, like wtf, I like not being social all the damn time.

Maybe I just made the worst friends though.

No. 37733

awww, so nice of you!

somehow his makes me sad…he could've at least let her go

fuck those people! My friends never expect a fast reply from anyone but they're very laid back with sending back themselves. Even my few friends who are constantly texting (wich is annoying when we're in a conversation) don't expect that….I think….I hope….well, fuck 'em!

No. 37741

Ohhh is it the one where her kid was fat too?

Also what do you guys think of those fat camps?

No. 37757

I wonder what body description choice she searches for.

No. 37827

i somehow understand this. i am skinny and some friends of mine make fun of my weight a lot, and i can't stand it when people tell me to gain weight. the only thing is that my BMI is in the normal range (i am not underweight at all, i'm just petite) and i am healthy, unlike these bean bags. if you are slightly overweight, then people should keep their mouths shut about it, but if someone is a chocolate volcano and if a friend is for real concerned about their health, i don't get it how one could call it shaming and phobia. smfh

No. 37832

File: 1420568037750.jpg (81.53 KB, 487x528, 1413411689623.jpg)

No. 37834

link plz

No. 37835

File: 1420568760954.jpeg (89.61 KB, 555x1484, ihih.jpeg)

No. 37839

I get told to gain weight a lot too and the funny thing is that I'm the perfect weight for my height. Not even super skinny. I don't understand why they feel the need to bring other people down to their level.

No. 37891

>It is not the job fat people to educate others

Yeah I agree, their job is to educate themselves how to live healthy and lose weight.

No. 37927

File: 1420579479999.jpg (260.91 KB, 1280x853, 6767.jpg)

No. 37928

File: 1420579604186.png (26.42 KB, 667x483, 1411265783515.png)

No. 37930

File: 1420579685101.jpg (86.24 KB, 500x667, 1411376325590.jpg)

No. 37974

File: 1420589898217.png (226.8 KB, 800x357, Fat_Wall_e_Blog.PNG)

No. 38362

lol dr phil is such a bitch these days. I like him now.

No. 38422

This was so good. Thank you for making my night anon.


No. 38755

File: 1420799853568.jpg (43.71 KB, 757x610, 21458_703926822966359_88688695…)

Damn, you guys already mentioned Tess. lol if her face was as fat as her body, she wouldn't be seen as beautiful.

No. 38780

>be me at work and overhear a conversation between two co-workers:
>"when you get old you don't need as much sleep"
>"if you don't get enough sleep you'll end up having a heart attack like me"
>she is fat as fuck

…Sure, it was lack of sleep…

No. 38789

no but you can tie it to "i'm a real man don't give me that broccoli crap!! i drank 10,000 calories of beer last night!"

No. 38790

File: 1420815762459.gif (1000.1 KB, 307x248, xfwOidZ.gif)

tfw fat fetish

my time has come

No. 38794

File: 1420817973118.jpg (95.32 KB, 667x1000, 5c226e56702915924da6861a87da42…)

yeah kinda like beccabae

these fat cunts wax lyrical about how fat is beautiful, but the only reason why they're 'beautiful' is because they resemble what is conventionally attractive and UNUSUAL among fat people i.e a thin face due to extremely uneven fat distribution.

No. 38795

you disgusting degenerate

tell us stories

what's it like porking a fat girl?

No. 38943

always relevant

No. 38966

File: 1420850443465.png (569.6 KB, 978x554, KEKSSSS.png)

I can't

No. 39031

File: 1420868490880.jpg (320.24 KB, 647x3193, 1419766214626.jpg)

No. 39035

File: 1420868652954.jpg (33.98 KB, 529x525, 1419649902900.jpg)

No. 39052

No. 39063

Oh my fucking god, I have to watch this now.

No. 39071

No. 39080

my close friend went off to college and now all she posts on facebook is this shit.

No. 39112

Wow, 2.5km! Practically a marathon!

>Sexy Is for Every Body

No. 39113

Jesus fucking Christ, at least 5 of them are whales. Who in their right mind would hire a fat fitness coach, by the way ?

No. 39114

I really doubt she even walks 2.5 km a day. Her joints would be screaming for mercy if that were true

No. 39117

This site always makes me rage but the bullet point on not policing overweight children? That's just sick.

Those kids need to lose weight and shown how to eat well and to exercise. Being obese is not something that is generic or should be assumed to be ok.

This however did make me laugh.

No. 39120

I thought you all might appreciate this link too - Not all fat people are unhealthy! You can't tell by just looking at someone, don't shame!


No. 39126

Where is this from??

No. 39172

Freaky Eaters.

No. 39181

I bet she meant 2.5 meters.

No. 39264

File: 1420945979708.png (89.62 KB, 502x408, tumblr_nfmto2FHrc1u00qgto1_128…)

No. 39265

No. 39300

I just watched the trailer for that episode.

> Its ooey, gooey, and just yum, yum, yummy

Fuck, I have never wanted to punch someone in the face as much as just now. It's been said before but honestly WHY do fat people say "yummy" and shit, it sounds so fucking stupid.

Link for whoever's interested:

No. 40101

No. 40115

File: 1421276081031.png (23.63 KB, 414x216, Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 22.5…)

Urgh, this family. I keep hearing about them.

They must be seriously under-reporting how much they're eating though, because this doesn't sound THAT extreme, certainly not enough to make them that huge.

No. 40116

ya I bet they really snack a lot in between meals

also scientists have repeatedly shown that people under-report what they ACTUALLY eat for studies, food diaries etc. when they know someone else will see it

No. 40192

well, the food they eat is pretty unhealthy to be eating every day and who knows how much they eat of it.

No. 40262

This person is totally missing the point. Isn't it just to be informed and know what you're eating? Most people don't know about how many calories they're eating.

No. 40263

That food is still fattening as fuck, though. This is why you're fat, count your calories you cows.

No. 40267

But now they're being deprived of their God-given right to stick their fingers in their ears and go LALALALALALA I CAN'T HEAR YOU and that's terrible!

No. 40278

What an idiot. Ever since I found out how many calories a cinnabun was, I haven't eaten one for years. I think it's great when you know you can stay away from dangerously fattening foods and instead get something that's worth the calories you're intaking. I modify what's worth eating based on calories and nutritional value.

No. 40282

That stuff is really high calorie plus they aren't reporting drinks and I have to think they aren't just drinking water.

I love that California now posts the calorie counts on menus, it's really helpful for those times when you randomly feel like randomly getting some junk food. "Triggering" or not it helped me avoid a lot.

No. 40528


No. 40897

File: 1421523438201.jpg (188.6 KB, 738x748, 1421467909139139139.jpg)

No. 41281

File: 1421651526899.jpg (392.78 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nhmil3n6rv1s5ixq2o1_128…)


No. 41300

those eyebrows are making me cry

No. 41316


No. 41488

man she would be cute if she lost weight and didnt dress like a retard.

But punk stuff for fat girls is a good way to "peacock" because they won't get attention any other way

No. 41501

i will never understand why they put effort into looking worse

like, i get it if you want to rebel and be like fuck this idc if you think im hot but shes going THE EXTRA MILE to look like shit

No. 41611

File: 1421738060081.jpg (26.91 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

It distracts from their fatness. Like the goth chick in South Park, when she dresses normally they all call her "that fat chick" instead of "that goth chick"

No. 41629

just replace all the 'commas' & 'or's with 'and'

No. 41634

My first cat was some sort of mix of Norwegian Forest and Maine Coon. He was huge, and weighed 17 pounds at least his entire adult life. He was big and definitely had a little bit of chub on him, but he lived an active life and wasn't a big eater. He was just built big. The vets always told us that he needed to lose weight when he really didn't, he would just always curl into a ball when visiting them out of stress, so they never did get an accurate impression of how big he was. Oh well.

No. 41651


She sewed on the Union Jack upside down as well.

No. 41994

I'm not a Britfag so I wouldn't know but isn't this a really big deal them?
>tfw living in a country that practically hates itself and wouldn't even care about a flag burning

Or maybe she did it on purpose to be 3edgy5u

No. 41996

Haha so accurate. I hate living in England it's shit. Patriotism isn't a think in England since about the second world war.

No. 42024

File: 1421838834625.jpg (52.25 KB, 326x333, camilla.jpg)


An upside down flag in the UK doesn't mean anything but it's a super common mistake on cheap Chinese products.

Go on the Tumblr tag for something like "anglophile" and like 10% of posts will be "omg I live Britain so much!" while wearing some t-shirt with an incorrect Union Jack, whether that be upside down or mirrored.

It's only a big deal when someone who should know better does it, such as No 10 or the EU.

No. 42031

>Union Jack

Union FLAG, Union FLAG!!!

No. 42034


Nah we don't give fuck.
At present Britons are really unpatriotic and resentful of the country. Nationwide discontent with the way things are being ran are at an all time high.

No. 42723

wow. i didnt even know it wasn't the same upside down lmao

No. 44031

No. 44042

Taboo: Fat Acceptance

No. 44063

No. 46401


Friend of Quirky's who is a dumpy, fat bitch who makes retarded dancing videos. Is a parent who named her son Carmine, baby daddy nowhere to be seen, spouts your average shit about being some genderqueer monstrosity and looks like she's desperately clinging to her youth by trying to be goth still.

No. 46422

why do fat chicks always have such shit tattoos

No. 46423

No. 46575


Another one known for only showing her massive gut like once and even then she bends over so nobody can see it fully.

No. 48901


Top kek when some white kid revealed himself as poonanji. I wonder if there was butthurt.

No. 50200

File: 1424043567876.jpg (84.41 KB, 600x800, tumblr_njjs39QtCQ1s71dx0o1_128…)

No. 51173

File: 1424295778368.jpg (151.88 KB, 720x1536, 9009.jpg)

No. 51174

Lol, thats really fucked up.
I wonder if she got it.

No. 51371

what >>22228 said. they have to buy an extra ticket. it's hilarious.

No. 64626

File: 1426647550302.jpg (44.87 KB, 500x333, fat feminist.jpg)

No. 65078

Holy fuck this is gold

No. 65255

My family have a mutual love of getting angry at the telly and oh boy was there a doozy on channel 4.

not HAES per se, but still excuses up the wazoo and people you want to throttle.

No. 65291

those children are fucking vile

No. 65293

When no one else will…

No. 65781

File: 1426839148671.jpg (263.78 KB, 850x1613, 1426831003537.jpg)

No. 65819

This whole thing is cringe worthy to me. IDK how these girls got this big. How do you NOT feel yourself get fat?

And they aren't that beautiful at all…This feels like it's glamorising being unhealthy and ughhh this country :I

No. 65820

i think i remember watching this ages ago, it made me lol how the fat girls kept talking about that they didn't care about being skinny, but then for most of the show complained about skinny girls

No. 65821


Like they wouldn't be skinny in a heartbeat. I lol'd at the girl who said she was smaller than the rest and that they may look down on her for 'being little and skinny'

Pfft whatever you delusional cow

No. 65822


That fatty crying over the make up artist what a crybaby

No. 65838

Great. Now I'm laughing at the office.

No. 65843

You know, when I see people like this I have to wonder how they get around. I mean they must have difficulty just sitting or standing or lying down. I was only around 10lbs overweight and I felt like I had to drag my body around before I lost the excessive weight and even more. The difference was noticeable even though I didn't drop a huge amount like tens of pounds. I felt a lot lighter and more comfortable just walking and sitting.

Reminds me of the time I had a roommate that looked like these girls and she was constantly cooking "healthy" food and talking about going to the gym. She clearly lived in denial because our shared trashcan was filled with empty pizza boxes, candy and snack wrappers and such. Most people don't even realize how many calories food can actually have in it and gorge down whatever they can without a second thought. She was constantly sick and felt woozy because she sometimes starved herself to try and lose the weight but that only put her body metabolism into hibernation and her huge carcass required the energy to support itself.

No. 65844

It annoys me so fucking much because original Bee was perfect. She wasn't drawn too skinny (not that I care about that at fucking all) or fat, she was just average. And then they went ham and gave her fucking thunder thighs and major cankles. Looking at that comparison now, the newest design's proportions seem way off…like there's hardly any abdomen area, it's just tits then legs. So bad.

No. 68205

File: 1427290446733.jpg (31.1 KB, 433x445, 1427254537224.jpg)

No. 68207

File: 1427290490062.png (21.57 KB, 485x246, 1427256781037.png)


No. 68208

File: 1427290537662.png (Spoiler Image, 958.54 KB, 976x1492, 1427178438603.png)


No. 68211

File: 1427290627298.jpg (Spoiler Image, 249.96 KB, 894x1022, 1427285148051.jpg)


No. 68224

at some point it's not 'eating healthy' it's just eating normally..even if somehow you could only get food from mcdonalds you can eat the correct amount of calories

No. 68234

Recently I met a pregnant friend of mine. She has trouble putting on socks and shoes.
I wonder how fat people who are way bigger than an average pregnant woman get dressed.

No. 68647

50 shades of diabetes

No. 68659


How did Quirky get that skinny man

No. 68908


So she's saying that she basically eats a slurry of unhealthy soft foods?

Christ so lazy you can't chew. How in the fuck

No. 68911

File: 1427361191452.png (101.9 KB, 746x717, Hzms34f.png)


This is what they believe? Seriously? Genetics? You can never be thin because GENETICS and not all that gorging on shitty food

No. 68916

File: 1427362912497.jpg (183.59 KB, 610x743, 1427362144360.jpg)


No. 68919

lmfao that's terrible but holy shit that's hilarious

No. 68932

oh my fucking fuck, i have type 1 diabetes and it's so annoying when fatties get the type 2 one which can be cured, but noooooooo, #HAES #fuckyourbeautystandards, so fucking healthy and beautiful to take 5+ injections daily and get bruises all over your legs and stomach because of it, and to ruin your fingertips to take 5 blood tests daily, and almost dying every time you get a stomach infection. fuck this, i'm so mad at these lazy fettsoßen!

No. 68938



Äyyy mein deutscher

No. 68945



>fat sauces

lol you German's are a quirky lot.

No. 68954

File: 1427372332125.jpg (180.2 KB, 550x366, 1404499366431.jpg)

No. 68955

File: 1427372424717.png (237.41 KB, 968x750, 1422752383023-4.png)

No. 68956

File: 1427372456032.jpg (530.13 KB, 1667x1667, 1422754511014-0.jpg)

master shitlords

No. 68964

File: 1427374186121.jpg (903.29 KB, 1224x3232, 1422753411561-0.jpg)

No. 68966


Pretty much. My grandmother used to point out if me or my cousins gained weight and openly mock us and that is pretty acceptable here in Germany. It was harsh at times but I'm grateful as an adult.

No. 68969


No that's fucking hilarious. I'm sat on my bed on my phone shaking and howling from this. Germans are an international treasure oh my god I'm crying.


No. 68978


Thanks anon .I like to think we're pretty klasse.

No. 68985

Mum's probably not fat for one, and I'm pretty sure she's doing that because you're obese and fuck and isn't shaming you.
I'd be more than happy if my mum told me "hey, you're getting fat, I don't want you to eat that much"

Fatties be butthurt.
They take everything and turn it against themselves.
Doctor: "you're weak knees are due to you being obese"
Them : "well skinny people have weak knees too"
Urgh, for some reasons I hate fat people who glorify obesity.

No. 68986

File: 1427377750922.jpg (30.25 KB, 450x472, 1213793839_pri.jpg)

>feminism = female autism

I get it now

No. 69011

ew she just ate a fish sandwich, and then she wants 20 CHICKEN NUGGETS

damn genetics

No. 69012

File: 1427381797455.png (348.04 KB, 500x375, 1422754453367-2.png)

it's a conspiracy

No. 69013

File: 1427381814544.jpg (27.58 KB, 634x349, 1422752308044-0.jpg)

No. 69014

File: 1427381849636.png (363.95 KB, 524x586, 1404500159240.png)

No. 69709

File: 1427451067845.jpg (23.35 KB, 320x240, 9f13058xj6.jpg)

>calls others shallow
>won't shut the fuck up about how ugly she thinks the girl is

No. 69729

File: 1427456462841.jpg (66.47 KB, 960x915, OSpvL85.jpg)

No. 69736

File: 1427457195220.jpg (161.66 KB, 897x1822, p2nNg1I.jpg)

No. 69739

File: 1427457578560.jpg (91.03 KB, 500x500, fat-pride.jpg)

No. 69747


She is super fat, but everything else in that post kind of makes sense/is valid

No. 69748

jesus. fatties are just like heroin junkies. except heroin junkies don't try to fool themselves into thinking their addiction is somehow an admirable thing.

No. 69779

File: 1427467419650.jpg (37.72 KB, 272x400, 28bQQI7.jpg)

she's full of shit though

you can be vegan or vegetarian on a tight budget, you'll just be skinny, 'cos you can't afford to eat 10 portions and every sitting, like she probably does

No. 69780

File: 1427467463306.png (17.12 KB, 558x327, 2vBSHBz.png)

No. 69781

File: 1427467525651.png (563.97 KB, 688x688, ewfikdfsk.png)

No. 69782

File: 1427467670263.jpg (269.85 KB, 768x1024, 1413416196667-1.jpg)

No. 69789

All the suburban is killing me in this post


>isn't fair
>where are my cute jeans
>I want!

Fat tumblr is just self entitled bitches who want everything to be handed to them. I don't see blind tumblrs angry about the lack of colors they can't see. Where are my greens and blues!!! This is seeing-privilege.

No. 69791

This is a really bad comparison, anon.
People with eyesight do have privilege over people with blindness.

No. 69800

File: 1427468958501.jpg (Spoiler Image, 212.59 KB, 1200x1600, 1411753342962.jpg)

yeah, well they have the privilege of not being able to see this horrifying shit

No. 69801

File: 1427469045268.png (538.02 KB, 768x1024, 1411748884846.png)

No. 69802

I was unclear anon, but that was my point. These fatties whine about privilege while people with disabilities don't go on tumblr and address their ACTUAL problems and trouble navigating through the world with obvious and defeating biases.

Muh writing skills = shit.

No. 69803

b-but where is her vagina? this has to be shooped

No. 69805

Ohh, that makes sense. I guess I just wasn't reading your post properly.

No. 69806

File: 1427469271219.jpg (288.81 KB, 670x1000, prev3.jpg)

her vagina is hidden under her "fat apron" also known by it's medical term "pannus" these can go as low as the knees

No. 69807

File: 1427469371069.png (81.8 KB, 808x461, mrKBvVr.png)

No. 69808

Those tree trunk legs tho…
Her arms look as big as the average obese cunt but…those goddamn legs.

No. 69809

I shouldn't probably comment on this because I'm moderately chubby but I can't help but laugh.
Still not making a pro-ana account anytime soon.

No. 69811

What's happening here?
Why is this bitch melting?

No. 69812

What the fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk nooooooooooooo

No. 69814

File: 1427470125325.jpg (22.9 KB, 576x786, 1420486718006.jpg)

that's cool. Mod chubs means you can lose weight , build muscle and stamina, and end up looking hot and sexy. Most of the hot messes in this thread are so fat that even if they lost the weight, their bodies would be ruined, inside and out.

You have a lot of pain ahead of you (if you choose to follow the path of fitness) but it's nothing compared to what someone like quirky would have to go through. Her body and mind are basically ruined, and she's hopelessly addicted to food.

So count your blessings and cals my chubby friend

No. 69815

File: 1427470245275.png (529.62 KB, 551x646, 9uoikl.png)

yeah, the skin is probably really fragile from being punished like that damn

No. 69816

I'm a skinnyfat.
My BMI days I'm normal, but my fat is all in my arms and face. Extremely late puberty contributed, too.
I'm not sure if I should wait until my hormones work themselves out before working on it.

No. 69817

File: 1427470272188.png (187.49 KB, 811x351, comics-amazingsuperpowers-fat-…)

No. 69820

File: 1427470597980.jpg (330.49 KB, 800x533, start-losing-fat-thighs-with-t…)

Light exercise is always a good idea. If you're a shy indoorsy person, getting a cute yoga mat off ebay might be a nice start


Even really basic light things like squats and sit ups can make a huge difference to your daily energy levels, the quality of your sleep, how many cals you burn per day etc. not to mention that it can help with depression and make you less prone to cramps

then you should just find something you enjoy. Archery? Horse riding? Swimming? Hiking? Jogging while listening to metallica? Lifting weights like a jock? Indoor climbing?

Theres a LOT of really fun sports out there, it's just a matter of trying them out, and finding one that works for you and your awesome personality.

Lol I'm rambling, but anyway good luck, hope everything works out for you! And don't go pro ana, who wants to look gross like ashley? Look hot and be happy instead!

No. 69822

Hahahhahahahhahahha this picture

No. 69826

If your bones haven't grown in the past few years then there's no reason not to work out. Working out, particularly weightlifting, when you're going through growth spurts can be damaging which is why it's generally not recommended for teenagers or children.

No. 69827

File: 1427472486324.jpg (444.57 KB, 1280x1306, XwcQjdd.jpg)

No. 69839


Yea but the people who pick fruits/veg for most grocery stores are treated like shit, and a lot of people who are vegetarian/vegan for ethical reasons tend to overlook that (that's what I was saying she was right about, not the other whiny fatty bullshit. Sorry for being a little vague, haha)

No. 69842


…the person who drew this sounds really buttmad about a stupid song no one cares about. and the what's-her-face who sings it has explicitly said she isn't a feminist, anyway?

No. 69848

It's by Patri-Archie Comics. It's literally drawn by someone who browses the worst parts of Tumblr, gets buttmad, then draws unfunny strawman comics about it.

No. 69851

so true

No. 69853

File: 1427476066388.jpg (270.72 KB, 1600x1066, VkB1KQI.jpg)

that's cool, I totes understand now. I'm sometimes a bit derpy sorry

No. 69854

File: 1427476140706.png (105.1 KB, 564x1050, 0yc1mqy.png)

No. 69855

File: 1427476321094.png (585.35 KB, 516x717, fsdk.png)

No. 69875

File: 1427479633145.gif (1.99 MB, 385x325, 1370213899335.gif)

No. 69882

File: 1427480677491.png (9.24 KB, 415x161, fat shaming on v fb.png)

Reminds me of this I saw on a fb group.

Also reminds me of the plebbitors who throw tantrums when someone leaves a comment about how an obese cat/dog needs to go to the vet+on a diet. Most migrated to the r/delightfullychubby circlejerk, but if word gets out someone elsewhere fat shames a cat, they barge right in there.

No. 69930

this looks so painful. I wonder how long he had to struggle to force it on there.

No. 69957

Some amusement parks have tester seats to see if your fat ass can actually fit on the ride? That is so sad and funny at the same time.
I wonder how she feels about weight limits some rides have. Because it's totally fat discrimination and not for your own safety.

No. 69962

Oh man, that gif made me spit my coffee at work.

No. 69965

That makes me so mad. Fat people shouldn't even be allowed to own pets since they can't take care of themselves.

I'm so sick of the word fat shaming.

No. 69969

Rofl that ring doesn't fit.

No. 70004

The issue is, I didn't start having growth spurts until I was 16 due to late puberty.
Almost 18 now, still growing everywhere.
>I now look much older than I am because face was always older
Thanks for the advice <3

No. 70009


I've grown a hate for the word shaming cause everything is fucking shaming to tumblr tards

No. 70023

As a swimmer, I recommend swimming.
Very low impact, but good for every muslce.

No. 70046

This. Swimming is great and works out every muscle.

No. 75928

File: 1428235387902.jpg (133.54 KB, 640x960, vOteJDq.jpg)

ugh it's animal abuse, plain and simple. Just like starving your dog is animal abuse, so is overfeeding it.

Same with kids. Parents with fat kids make me so mad, because they're setting these poor kids up for a life of bad habits, low self esteem and bullying

No. 75930

File: 1428235439021.jpg (450.13 KB, 3264x1840, Q9yjoYO.jpg)

No. 75931

File: 1428235528472.jpg (441.82 KB, 1600x1600, FLASH THE FLESH 3 1.jpg)

fat shaming has been shown to help people lose weight, there's even a few studies on it

anecdotally, cultures where fat shaming is encouraged (like in many asian cultures) people tend to stay rather trim. They're too ashamed of looking like pic related, and they know people won't tell them 'UR BOOTYFUL HEALTH AT ERRY SIZE'

No. 75934

File: 1428235743337.jpg (50.51 KB, 465x640, 548d6aadef95d565bea21d11739b2e…)

Agreed. Swimming is the best, it doesn't make you ache and get cramps in the same way the gym or jogging does. Also swim suits are very revealing, which feels very motivating.

No. 75935

File: 1428235845412.jpg (226.45 KB, 800x1191, sum_prev10_ff.jpg)

No. 75937

Holy shit thats my privilege now???? Jessu fuck if pregnancy is such a major part of your life, wouldnt you be aware of your menstrual cycle and other physical changes indicative of pregnancy??? Like the signs of being pregnant are not all about how much you weigh??

No. 75938

Let me correct you
Fatties DONT care about their physic state so of course they wouldnt recognize pregnancy
Instead they just whine about morning sickness because that means fewer krispy kremes

No. 75939

When you reach a certain level of fat, periods can be irregular and even stop.

No. 75977

what the fuck is this even real? what is going on with her feet why doesn't she have toes? my mind is full of fuck

No. 76046

"be the shape you are"
ok but no one's natural shape is 400lb tub of lard
fuck i'd shoot myself if i gave birth to such a thing
the funny thing is, people that are just a bit overweight usually think "shit this is not okay. i should do something" but only when weight spirals out of control, so do their delusions about thin privilege, HAES, etc

No. 76194

I dont know what's worse. Landwhales giving birth or people having sex with them to get them pregnant in the first place.

No. 76195

Holy shit, she has two sets of tits.

No. 76288

File: 1428274468399.jpg (886.88 KB, 2975x1273, fatcommunityprojects.jpg)

I have no words to adequately describe this one.

No. 76291


>abundant bodies

>fat narratives are commonly appropriated
>queer of color organizing
>critiques of heteronormativity and ableism
>scapegoating, fatphobia
>body politics burgeon all around us
>the work of fat activists is truly grassroot
>gorgeous diversity of fat voices
>enlightenment is fat and where it's at
>fat revolution
>fat community projects
>fucking fat community

jesus fucking christ

No. 76293

I'm a media student. All I see here is buzzwords used to create some kind of need for a discussion about sizeism. Basically it's creating a space for them to talk about themselves. It's a very niche area and the general public won't care. The idea of creating a fat safe space makes me laugh because it stands in the way of encouraging people to be healthy and love their environments. (Eating less meat = a reduction in the need of harmful animal farming) I get that trans issues are important, but sizeism is based on something you can CHANGE. you can't help being born black or white, but you can help being fit or obese.

How long has this media conference thing been going on for anyway? Damn.
(Also using "fucking" in your quotable–very professional. Everyone will take you seriously now. )

No. 76295

>I'm a media student. All I see here is buzzwords […] about sizeism.

No shit sherlock.

No. 76305

That hot mess on the top far right made me gigglesnort.

No. 76318

No one is denying fat people healthcare, but to say that they shouldnt pay much more than normal sized people is insane. It's hard to treat an obese person and sometimes you need special equipment just to get through those rolls…or just fit them in a normal sized stretcher or ambulance. I feel bad for Doctors, nurses and EMT workers who have to treat morbidly obese people.

>Fat community

oh my gods. No.

No. 76320

This so much. Fat people act like their problems are the same as being gay,trans, or a minority (black or hispanic) constantly discriminated against.

Fat people can lose weight and have a healthy normal body and life style. They CHOSE not to.

No. 76322

This pisses me of so much.
My mother is overwight her entire life and because of this she's got a multitude of health problems; heart meds to thing her blood because shes so fucking fat she could have a heart attack, suffers from arthritis that would be less painful if she got off her ass and worked. Then she brags about how 'great' her diets been, but I'll sit and watch her eat an entire packet of potato chips, or her talk about how shes had 2-3 pieces of food before 12. It pisses me off so much that I just want to say 'What are you doing? how do you ever expect to lose weight when you're just sitting there eating shit?'

I'm a pretty healthy weight ( bmi of 19, and about 115lb for being 5'5) and she buys chocolate and tries to force feed me and my brother. My brother and father are both fat because of my mother, it's hard to stand being around her

Being fat is a fucking choice, It pisses me off when I give advice to my obese friends who just reply back with 'yeah but i don't want to do exercise or eat less'

Bitch, I do at least 5km runs every fucking day, you can get off your fat ass to do a walk for 30 minutes.

No. 76325

It's not even about eating LESS, it's about eating better. More fruits, veggies and lean meats. Less saturated fats and processed sugar, etc. Not that hard. You can even lose weight without working out if you eat RIGHT. it just happens a lot slower than moving your ass off the couch. Usually, the people who are really fat with health problems, have those health issues because they're fat.

No. 76331

it is literally all about eating less though lol

No. 76346


All I'll say about my mother is… her food diary she keeps has days where she eats 1400 calories and days where she eat 4000 calories. She eats plenty of fruit but also wholegrain breads, fish, salads, then binge foods of potato chips at night or a chocolate bar. Generally she eats fruits, and 'diet' foods but she eats too much.

you guys should check out the documentary 'Fed Up' it's something everyone should watch if they haven#'t.

No. 76347

File: 1428290325332.png (19.89 KB, 375x425, thinspo.png)

lol this is what comes up when you search thinspo on tumblr

No. 76349

Oh boy.

No. 76365

Yup pretty much. I've seen an article where this guy was eating nothing but McDonalds yet never gained weight due to watching his calorie intake and exercising. Of course, you're not gonna get much nutrients from McDonald's, but it goes to show that portion control plays a huge role in weight loss.

No. 76374

and i'm 100% certain his organs were crying for help with all that sodium intake.

No. 76526

same here for my mom, and it makes me really really sad actually. i used to hate her for it because it is so depressing and affects me (even gave me an ed -_-) but …
honestly any fat person that says "i eat 1000 calories a day - why dont i lose weight!?!?" it is 99% certain that there are secret eaters

No. 76534

fatty spotted

No. 76536

There's been instances recorded where people have been sleep-eating without realizing it, negating any work they've dome to maintain or lose weight. It's pretty interesting.

No. 76542

File: 1428342648644.png (38 KB, 433x175, eXbWgZM.png)

No. 76811

I wonder how mad an ED article would make her? Hmmm….

No. 76822

Would be awesome

No. 76907


Are you fucking retarded?

No. 76916

|I think they have a point. My country is brutally honest about weight and making fun of people who are fat and I know that my grandmother's constant ribbing about weight kept mine down when I was 'let off the food leash' so to say and could pick food for myself as a teen. (I was like an amish kid food wise and I hadn't even had fast food once)

No. 77036

File: 1428410544352.jpg (79.37 KB, 844x1000, 1413413710264-3.jpg)

No. 77038

File: 1428410600289.jpg (112.04 KB, 500x375, fat-phobia.jpg)

how long until they do this shit to the fitspo tag eh

No. 77040

File: 1428410699863.png (Spoiler Image, 380.44 KB, 802x467, dsfgcbhj.png)

No. 77041

File: 1428410796706.gif (681.29 KB, 480x174, 1411375714661.gif)

No. 77045

File: 1428410940194.jpg (67.3 KB, 600x600, q0EmELO.jpg)

No. 77047

File: 1428410989230.png (286.21 KB, 442x600, 442px-Patriarchy_Guide_to_the_…)

No. 77049

File: 1428411096565.jpg (209.76 KB, 800x1191, eve_prev13_ff.jpg)

It's like a buzzword orgy. So sad.

No. 77051

File: 1428411151600.jpg (36.39 KB, 450x605, a98569_fat-shaming_10-blue-cig…)

more to hold amirite

No. 77052

That's a reasonable counter-argument you've got there. Tumblr worthy even.

No. 77076

im tired of this shit
it should read "im too lazy and mcdonalds is right next to my job."
yea 2 greasy ass sandwichs for <$5 is great but like you can go to salad bar for the same price. eating even remotely healthy requires just a little more effort and money - which is why fat people are associated as being lazy.
i think if its your health at stake, you can afford to spend a bit more money on healthy food, and cut back costs elsewhere.

No. 77090

File: 1428415887110.jpg (38.2 KB, 600x500, pearchan.jpg)

What happened to Pear Chan? I actually really liked her until she was crazy with the fat fetish

No. 77091

No. 77093

File: 1428416371606.jpg (83.38 KB, 667x1000, 6d3a6c50a351c00321547f4e1957df…)

this habbend

No. 77094

File: 1428416490774.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.7 KB, 800x1191, 133beccabae_dim.jpg)


i mad

No. 77103

File: 1428418356840.jpg (45.09 KB, 430x764, 09abee197f82bc6496a4cb036bec85…)

I guess she would have backrolls if she stood up

and she has no tits

No. 77104

Easy. Leaning forward.

No. 77147

These pics must be old - she's way fatter now. She's cute and all but I bet she'll have a heart attack at 31. I kind of hope she does, it might scare off some of those fat acceptance people.

No. 77148


No. 77150

File: 1428421760468.jpg (255.75 KB, 500x750, pearcham.jpg)

No. 77152

Her body is so confusing. I'm less than half her size and i wish i could have a smaller chest. I dont understand any of this.

No. 77153

She has a super cute face. I dont get why she doesnt lose weight??

No. 77156

1. just looks like a woman with a naturally tiny frame. How is that Auschwitz?? I know a few people like that who eat more than I do.

7. Makes me want to vomit everything

No. 77158

File: 1428422127781.jpg (804.78 KB, 1280x1920, armtits.jpg)


She's very, very adamant about not losing weight and she "loves being fat". She's a total SJW and really pretentious.

No. 77159

She's so cute. Lose weight! I would not be able to look down at my body and say 'this is okay.' Even without exercising, she could lose so much weight by just restricting and eating better.

No. 77160

That sucks. I guess she's a bucket of crazy then.

No. 77166

Her other Tumblr. She's got a wishlist full of junk food up because, "My appetite can sometimes get a bit spendy".

No. 77172

File: 1428422560449.jpg (145.59 KB, 800x1200, kaslfjlkasfjkleww.jpg)

Becca should have her own thread, there is so much lulz potential here.

No. 77183


is this really pear chan ??? she used to be so damn cute and she still kinda is but the fatness is ridiculous at this point

No. 77186

She continues to gain weight because of fat fetish. You can literally make a timeline of her life according to her weight. She gained so much weight just to be in the BBW crowd. Its one thing just to be fat and plateau at an overweight, but she gets fatter and fatter to attract that crowd. Its weird.

No. 77192

And then she claims she's "not into gaining" and that it just happens.

No. 77194

but what i dont get about "thin privilege" is that … you are in control of your life and body. its pretty fucking hard sometimes but no one force fed you those twinkies. no one locked you in the house on the couch. its not a privilege to be watch what you put in your mouth or how much physical activity you get.

No. 77195

File: 1428425632797.jpg (84.41 KB, 667x1000, 813fedc6c03345ab4a48bde9ec1e40…)

aye, she's been growing bigger steadily over the years

the toppest of keks is her youtube video on 'privilege' where she talks about 'beauty privilege' which she claims she has.

She's uber cute for a fatty, but I think it's mostly down to the fact that she accumulates most of her fat in her lower regions.

What a waste tho. She could be a model or an acctress and so bootyfull if normal weight.

No. 77196

because tumblr, echo chambers, habits that are hard to break, a feeder hipster bf.

It's sad really

No. 77198

File: 1428425900667.jpg (157.83 KB, 667x1000, 95c2bf7eddc2581154b3573bd1fdb4…)


No. 77199

yep, she even said so at one point

No. 77200

File: 1428426122839.jpg (206.04 KB, 800x734, 1412177060162.jpg)

pretty much, but try telling the fatties that

it's easier to cry that it's the patriarchy's/white man's/society's/cthulhu's fault that you're fat, than to actually own up to it and get off the couch.

No. 77205

What a waste is right.

No. 77220

can someone explain this to me? How are her calves that big? How big is the rest of her? wtf is going on?

No. 77251

File: 1428428988481.jpg (12.58 KB, 352x312, 0656520519.jpg)

That Alok guy is a chubby chaser

No. 77268

File: 1428430891194.jpg (23.05 KB, 500x375, 1411376936089.jpg)

fluid buildup probably

No. 77405

File: 1428443724601.png (76.23 KB, 539x282, Screen Shot 2015-04-07 at 5.51…)

gold mine

No. 77419

lol did she seriously just list her vitamin deficiencies? I've never seen anyone do that, not even the craziest of tumblr.

No. 77420

She takes CONCERTA (Ritalin or Methylphenidate) AND Hydrocodone (a fucking opioid!) and STILL manages to be fat? MPH and opioids kill your appetite.

No. 77425

She'd have so much excess skin even if she did miraculously lose weight that any chance of her being famous for her looks would go flying out the window, even if she did have surgery

No. 77430

oh wow, it's like reading the back of a soap bar package

No. 77435

>atypical anorexia nervosa
>deficient in a bunch of things

This person is definitely at least 300 pounds and convinced it's not their own fault.

No. 77502

and that last sentence of her description:

"oh, and i'm fat."

No. 77504

when people have that many diseases and are on that many medications (seriously, opiates and benzos!?! talk about getting high), makes me wonder why they wallow their lives away online. or how they are event coherent. oh wait consider all the sjw-ism, i guess theyre minds really arent so sharp.

No. 77604

How does someone even get prescribed that many medications? She must be a walking ball of toxins.

No. 77660

File: 1428469946872.jpg (48.55 KB, 800x541, pyra.jpg)

To be fair, last I checked the thinspo is often where a lot of those ~pro ana~ girls linger. I dunno, it might have changed to just be more like the fitspo tag though.

No. 78543

File: 1428596728781.webm (711.38 KB, 640x360, 1428586422939.webm)

No. 78546

wtf…why does she spit them back out? Why am I even watching this????????

No. 78565

Damn didn't know foreheads could actually get fat.

No. 78640

what the everloving fuck holy shit the face

No. 78645

No. 78657

not unlike those cyst popping videos on yt

No. 78691

File: 1428610922976.jpg (88.37 KB, 960x720, forehead.jpg)

No. 78695

No. 78696

is this shoooped

No. 78702

I think they played this challenge to put as many as you can in your mouth and say something. It is just gross imo

No. 78717

nope lmao
see >>78543

No. 78740


No. 78748



No. 80467

File: 1428836354003.jpg (111.34 KB, 1057x509, image.jpg)

No. 80500

jfc these fat bitches. they can change their situation but they won't. instead they act like spoiled children and delude themselves that all skinny and fit people eat whatever they want and don't gain any weight.

No. 80574

Sorry if this is seen as a blog post, but people like this make me worry that others see me this way. I'm not obese anymore, but I'm in the chubby range. I worry that when I go out people are looking at me and think I'm still a landwhale who ~is a bbw~ and men should honor my ~*spherical curves*~.

Are fat people treated like shit? Yeah, they can be. Most, and I'm not including the itsy bitsy percentage that actually have a medical condition that inhibits weight loss, can change themselves. These people can change themselves if they actually WANT to lose the weight and don't just whine about it. I don't see many "skinny" people wishing they were fat like plantbot is stating.

No. 87228

how did they get into those shorts?

No. 87244

Why do fat people think average weight/thin/athletic or whatever people dont have problems with clothing too? Because even at my lowest weight for my height which is average, I still have issues finding jeans that fit right. Fat people want to complain about 'thin privilege' but come on now..

No. 88399

File: 1429964466499.png (327.01 KB, 487x926, penis joke.png)

Have you guys seen the Protein World controversy?

>Protein shake brand launches campaign in London

>Feminists get pissed off about "body image" or something
>Protein World tells fatties on Twitter "we don't care about you you're not our audience"
>Feminists totally lose their shit

Their CEO is awesome and literally doesn't give a fuck.

No. 88406

the biggest controversy ive seen people making about this here is the small text which says like 'results in weight loss as a supplement for two meals' like great, you'll lose weight if you don't eat 2/3 of your days meals. no shit, starving yourself will totally give you a beach body.
the ad in general is being reviewed

No. 88410


It says:

>Substituting two daily meals of an energy-restricted diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss

Which interestingly if you Google for is one of the exact wordings that Slim Fast uses and has been allowed by the EU. So it's probably just some standard legal boilerplate they were required to add.

What it means is that instead of planning your breakfast and lunch every day you can just drink their shakes and only have to worry about dinner. It does not say to starve yourself.

No. 88417

like >>88410
says, all weight loss shakes are meant to be used that way. you drink a shake for breakfast and lunch, then eat a regular meal for dinner.

No. 88418

also adding only a fatty would think drinking just a shake for breakfast and another for lunch is starving yourself. shakes are thick and FILLING, and weight loss shakes have the nutrients you need added so you don't have to eat other shit during the day.

No. 88419

>It does not say to starve yourself.
not explicitly but thats the gist of it
what do you think special k cereal does?
it says replace two meals a day with this 100 calorie cereal. if thats not starving yourself idk what is

No. 88420

but its not fun drinking those nasty shakes. why not eat and enjoy a giant salad full of color and flavor for even fewer calories

No. 88421

File: 1429975842943.png (367.58 KB, 600x406, CDL9_RAWgAAWGAE.png)


Also these aren't even weight loss shakes, not like Slim Fast at least.

They're protein shakes and meant to be used as part of a fitness regime. Admittedly that's not obvious from the adverts unless you know what a protein shake actually is.

If you drank them without working out you'd probably gain weight.

>"Stop encouraging women to starve themselves"

>"Meal replacement" is circled

What do SJWs think this product actually is? Diet pills?

No. 88422


You are clearly a fatty who has never even tried to get into shape.

Diet is the hardest part of working out and things like protein shakes are meant to be an alternative to an expensive nutritionist or planning everything out yourself (which you will probably get wrong).

>enjoy a giant salad full of color and flavor for even fewer calories

It's not about calories.

No. 88423

File: 1429976268342.jpg (81.21 KB, 319x400, image.jpg)

Eh, honestly I don't really agree. Speaking as someone who has been pretty outspoken about feminist issues since I was a middle schooler, I think that replacing 2 meals a day with a nutritional shake isn't starving yourself, especially when you still eat dinner normally and probably have a snack. Idk, I've seen a lot worse ads and I think it's good to have an alternative solution to dieting, because for some people these shakes really do help.

Of course, eating well and excersing is the only way to lose weight healthily, but the public doesn't want to hear that lol, they just want an easy solution so that's why we have so many "eat this for two meals and lose pounds!!" Products.
Reminds me of this tbh.

No. 88424

yep i, fat - 100lb, 5'2" - and would rather eat food than drink diet shakes

No. 88427

but you aren't everyone, dear, and some people want to make sure they are getting the nutrition they need without having to plan out every meal.
I also like real food but there are people who will buy the product, so there are people who will sell it. Pretty simple.

Also, anyone can lie about their measurements on the internet.

No. 88429

>Diet is the hardest part of working out
No? Just stop eating garbage and remember how much you hate yourself if it ever crosses your path.

No. 88430

Salads have little to no protein, which is what you need to build muscles if you're on a workout regime. In fact, most salads of just lettuce and some tomato don't have all that much vitamins (unless you're eating a shitton of spinach, aww hell yeah get in me you delicious green bastards) while most protein shakes have vitamins added into them. The best way to lose weight is to actually gain muscle. Muscles burn calories in order to simply exist, like little furnaces, so once you got past the part where you've gained more muscle weight loss becomes much easier to keep up with. Unfortunately, once people start gaining muscle it's usually also the time where they quit exercising/trying to lose wight, because they'll whine "why am I still fat?! Why did I GAIN five pounds when I thought working out made you lose weight magically?"

No. 88433


You people have really never worked out have you?

Let's say you start riding your bike 20 miles a couple of times a week (no that's not a long distance).

What do you eat to prevent cramps in your calves?

What do you eat to prevent headaches when you get home?

What do you eat to relieve the sugar cravings afterwards without just binging on sweets?

Before you know it diet becomes very difficult and it's just easier to drink a protein shake (which is not a diet shake).

No. 88435

lol diet isnt that hard to change if you go slowly, idk what that anon is preaching about.
Just because we're used to people entirely replacing meals with protein shakes doesn't mean its good or we should get used to it because it ~sells~. it's a shit advert, not even from a sjw point of view. Like i have not heard of one person, male or female, who likes that advert or what it sells.
I think people everywhere I just bored of seeing so many obviously sexual adverts everywhere

No. 88450

I do work out, I'm none of the previous anons but you defending shakes is bullshit. these things don't fill you up and they don't contain any fiber. there is no way you can sustain on them your whole life so you have to learn about nutrition at some point. if you need a quick fix post workout get a banana or an apple with peanut butter.

No. 88455

yeah that's why you blend that shit with some kale, spinach, banana/orange/strawberries/blueberries/apples accordingly

but id say out of all these the ones that fill you up the most is still kale and the protein

when all else fails, have a few hard boiled eggs

No. 88461

This! (and yess, i love spinach.) Once you gain muscle, your body becomes leaner too and you can eat the same or more and still burn. It's glorious. People who are pro ana dont get that they are actually fucking up their body and making their metabolism messed up.

No. 88462

I tend to boil three eggs in advantage before a work out so I can have one in the morning and after I'm done. I also love to put bananas in my shake with some almond milk and it does help to fill me up because of the potassium from the bananas and protein from almonds.

No. 88484

I wonder if there would have been the same outrage if the advert was for a sports drink or a gym?

I think a lot of the outrage is merely a misunderstanding about the product/company but with all the HAES shit these days I don't know anymore.

No. 91526


fat bitch bitching on a fitness blog

No. 91538

who is nichole?

No. 92207

I understand the anger, but fear is a legitimate reason to not perform surgery.
(I'm terrible with terms but here's the gist of it) Right now my family is in chaos. My aunt went in for some surgery involving her gall bladder, it was a simple procedure they've done thousands of times. But when they went in, they ended up cutting something wrong and she lost a lot of blood. Now she's been in and out of the hospital for the past 2 months for surgeries and check ups. She can barely move, and she can't hold or breast feed her new born baby (the baby is also now rejecting her because of it). She has to get some kind of thing put in her to keep her alive, and will always live in fear of needing an immediate surgery cause something can go wrong at any moment.
The reason it happened is because she was overweight and her organs were out of place/enlarged.
If the doctors had chosen not to do it because she was overweight, none of this would have happened.

No. 92235

Lol that was pretty funny. I don't get what's so fucking painful about seeing other people happy and healthy.

No. 92819

File: 1430663052558.jpg (162.23 KB, 944x500, r1oc.jpg)

No. 92829

What a cringy bitch.

No. 92835

File: 1430666797167.jpg (90.62 KB, 960x640, 11151055_1041731905856693_5454…)

Sakura Shizukesa
Please stop troling me, in fact, I rather a troll than cyberbullies
July 19, 2012 at 12:53am ·

No. 92856

God her hair is atrocious

No. 92863

That's really cringey. I think this Sakura girl needs a thread of her own. She's like the new Yuuhi Takahiro.

No. 92864

she doesn't look asian to me at all, she comes across as hispanic

No. 92865

even if she was flexible enough she physically couldn't get that leg higher up because of her body mass. if that's not worrying, i don't know what is

No. 92866

File: 1430673815168.jpg (29.7 KB, 641x641, 11188382_1041745202522030_8158…)

She made her account private but she had a status talking about how she's an adopted chinese/japanese girl and her parents aren't her real parents and her bilogical parents named her Sakura. Sakura Shizukesa
March 1 ·
A lot people in my real life are such meanies… ;~; What have I ever done to them…? I need hugs…. — feeling emotional.>>92865

No. 92867

i'm already having one hell of a hard time finding underwear, especially bras, in my size because the sizes are large af

No. 92870

this post makes me happy.

No. 92871

Seconding. She sounds just as delusional and cringeworthy as Yuuhi continues to be.

How in the hell can she take a photo when her hair looks like this? BRUSH IT.

No. 92873


No. 92907

shit like this always makes me laugh

"STOP DOING THIS THING I DON'T LIKE OR I'LL UNFOLLOW YOU!!!!!" who would even be threatened by that.

No. 92908

yeah but how are you going to have intercourse with that? like how is it even possible?

No. 92939

>an adopted chinese/japanese girl and her parents aren't her real parents

oh boy, pulling a pixyteri. lel.

No. 93718

File: 1430789629316.png (492.76 KB, 409x1111, 1430652912244.png)

No. 93752

This looks painful as hell. How are fatties like this not in pain all the time from wearing shit too small?

No. 93754

That is not how a corset works

No. 93832

The corset is upside down too. The underbust is at her waist and what she is using as boobcups (fat goblets) is a flare out to accommodate hips

No. 93834

These kinds of people make me rage so much. I broke several bones in both of my legs two months ago and even I walk more than her. On crutches. It hurts like a bitch and makes my legs swell like balloons but I still do it just because I can finally walk again. Meanwhile, these people choose not to and then brag about the little excercise they do get as if it's some sort of accomplishment. Fuck that.

No. 99188

File: 1431378357633.png (945.07 KB, 834x827, Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 22.0…)

No. 99271

that is so very very disgusting

No. 99466

File: 1431386723189.jpg (236.21 KB, 1920x1200, Amanda-Bynes.jpg)


She looks uncannily like an obese Amanda Bynes.

No. 100056

One of my aunts has had type 1 diabetes since she was a toddler, and she's the only one on that side of the family who actually looks after her diet and her body. My other aunt and her daughters developed type 2 diabetes after eating themselves into morbid obesity. Whenever we're at a family gathering it's almost painful to see them cozy up to type 1 aunt for sympathy because she's clearly trying very hard not to bitch all of them out for ruining the healthy bodies they used to have. Tbh it's the only aunt on that side I get along with, the rest pretty much belong in this thread.

Can I borrow your grandmother? Mine openly mocks me for NOT being fat. I'm glad I don't live near her and only visit her a few times a year, because if I were subjected to that bullshit weekly I'd probably weigh twice as much as I do now.

Those are workout lines, anon.

No. 100076


>pulses racing

the only pulse racing is hers from having to walk to the bathroom mirror to take that selfie

No. 100079

They always get so angry when they see adverts to help people lose weight, No one is forcing them, no one is ripping meals out of their hands, some of us want to look good in our clothes for us and our own happiness, it's not 'the patriarchy' it's a sense of fucking pride.

No. 100083

her eyelids must feel so greasy and hot and horrible

No. 100134

File: 1431444356158.jpg (383.47 KB, 1020x2004, 1431408320727.jpg)

No. 100143

>didn't post their YouTube channel
Fucking sloppy.
I'd post it myself now if I could remember it

No. 100156

god i cant imagine being so fat that you are no longer able to move your face enough to convey emotions. they both look like big mindless blobs.

No. 100161

I gotchu

No. 100553





No. 100586

This makes me angrier than it probably should. These disgusting people will always be my workout motivation. BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO LOOK LIKE THAT.

No. 100591

these two monstrosities have men that send them food/call them sexy on their youtube. read the comments a lil

No. 100615

Is that fat on her forehead?

Are they even tasting the food? They just give very quick and vague descriptions of how they taste.

No. 100622

File: 1431483648249.jpg (44.58 KB, 480x360, fat-pigs.jpg)

I think they were doing the chubby bunny challenge. I mustered up the courage and looked at the thread's posts finally.

No. 100936

File: 1431525694519.jpg (105.45 KB, 1118x441, 1431504398752.jpg)

No. 100945

What in the hell is this? Can you really get that much fat buildup on your forehead? Is it a tumor? I'm so confused.

No. 100947

Sorry, I got over-excited and replied before looking at the posts above. Wow.

No. 100958

Y'all know she's already in hospital, right? Nature is taking its course

No. 100963

i personally think she has a lipoma (fatty benign tumor) on her forhead in addition to being a fatass. she probably is unaware of it and thinks its just 'cause she fat, but there is something unnatural about her forehead and you can almost see the outline of something firm when she moves or tries to make expressions

No. 100995

>amy slaton's recently liked videos
>watches toxic tears

fuck, why does this abhorrent tryhard garish mallgoth basic bitch keep finding ways to crawl into my browsing-space

also, her username is twilightqueen–is she a twihard, too? shit.

back on topic:
waitwaitwait, so–
her mom's been putting off knee surgery for sixteen years, finally gets the chance for it, and now refuses to go in because her granddaughter ate herself into ICU?
this video is pathetic as hell, but for some reason I can't bring myself to feel sympathy for this family. Everything they've got to bitch about was brought on by their own negligence…the only people who are watching this channel who 'care' are most likely fetish-feeders who encouraged this type of behavior.

No. 101510

File: 1431576064473.jpg (84.06 KB, 720x960, 1421347309296.jpg)

No. 101514

File: 1431576137409.jpg (52.02 KB, 480x395, 1424237629975-0.jpg)

No. 101515


I can honestly say this


Enjoy Shay

No. 101547

File: 1431579148975.jpg (22.69 KB, 328x470, x18100151.jpg)

No. 101563

…god damn it, anon. i'd forgotten about that nightmare of smeared shit and other filth. why did you do this to me!? :(

No. 101605


No. 101695

File: 1431612621956.jpg (505 KB, 1299x1767, image.jpg)

Holy shit

Also this girl had the audacity to tag "eating disorders", fucking hate fat bitches.

No. 101703

What a fucking cunt. All this "love every body" shit what a hypocrite.

No. 101833

Oh man, I haven't seen that post in years.
What a trip lol

No. 102011

Oh my god, anon. Thank you. I thought I would never find this again. hahaha omg

No. 102017

i just went through that blog and omg blast from the fucking past

there's a blog entry about shoes by kelly on there

i'm dying

No. 102034

Meghan Trainor is a size 6?

No. 102160

Did you read the finale? She ate herself to death died in her own shit. what a way top go.

No. 102219

How do some of these fatties actually function in society? I'm a small person, and sometimes I feel like some toilet cubicles even are too small and I feel claustrophobic. I can't imagine what it's like to be bigger.

No. 102228

No. 102230

She wishes. she weights almost 180 pounds at only 5'2".

No. 102232


No. 102259

Wow I didn't know she was that short.
She carries her weight well, definitely not a size six though.

No. 104559

I didn't want to derail the Tess Holiday thread with these buzzfeed vids but, after watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1bPVT7azFEM, I watched vid related and I don't know why fat chicks are so hung up on sizing. When I'm out shopping I never expect stores to have the same numbers for me, I just go with what fits nicely. I might be a 4 or a 7 or a 25 inch or whatever stores do these days, but sheesh. Talk about preaching to the choir.

No. 104568

>I don't know why fat chicks are so hung up on sizing
Because they want even the tiniest amount of validation that they're not as fat as they actually are

No. 105097

The thing about sizing, is its a general idea. I shop at thrift stores, and recently I went and tried on a ton of jeans. All in 'the same size'. And you know what? Some fit and some didn't.

All these bitchy entitled Tumblr types have to realize life isn't fair and sometimes things are shitty, and people are shitty. Not everyone is out to oppress you or to make you feel bad. "Oh wah I can't fit cute clothes!" Well too bad, either lose weight or make your own.

No. 105948

File: 1432174220778.jpg (413.72 KB, 1439x1662, Vu79H17.jpg)

Tess is on the cover of People now. They call her a "supermodel". This is just going to fuel her illusions and that of her fans that being over 300 pounds is beautiful and healthy.

No. 105953

I really don't care if someone who is so overweight is getting attention. Who gives a fuck, blah blah. But Tess is such a shitty person and clearly lies about her weight/ sizes to make it seem she isn't as fat as she is, and tries to make it seem like she's healthy when she isn't. And people eat it up (no pun intended)

No. 105957

…. are you guys serious? Fat bitches aren't the only ones complaining, fit girls are too. It makes no sense for some stores to number their pant sizes by 0, 2, 4, 6, etc when you can just use sizing by inches. Also, because of people complaining about being 2 different sizes from the same brand, some have started to label the length and width of the pant (and other clothing items) at each section (i.e. inseam, hip, etc), whether they're super stretchy or not, run big or small, if they're for curvy bodies, etc. Granted, when people leave reviews it is even more helpful, but not all items have reviews on them.

I do agree that complaining about all clothing stores not making clothes in your specific body type is ridiculous, but I think stores should be more specific about sizing, especially on their websites so that people can avoid complaining because they'll know right away from reading the description that a pant in their "usual" size probably won't fit.

It'll never be a perfect system, but it would be a drastic improvement.

No. 105960

they shooped the crap out of her body, she looks much fatter on buzzfeed

Also, the whole "you can be beautiful at any size" quotes are so cliché. No fucking shit, beauty is subjective. There are people who think she's beautiful at her size, the thing is that they're in the minority. Fat people don't have to be found as equally attractive as skinny people. Should they be bullied? No, I don't think a fatass minding their own business and who is genuinely nice to people deserves that just because of their shitty eating habits/workout routine. They're hurting themselves not others in that situation.

But geeze, wanting to act like they're oppressed and need representation (aren't half of Americans obese? they;re everywhere, relax) and people pandering to them because of how hard they have it it's ridiculous. Being fat is an option for the vast majority. If they hate how people react to them they can either stop giving a fuck and remain fat and get a circle of friends who think like they do or lose weight. Both seem like a solid option since they'll lead to less complaints.

All these fat positive people who go about their "activism" so obnoxiously seem so insecure to me. So many are hypocritical and attack girls who are "walking skeletons". It's like they forget they're people too, which is what they rant about what they want to be treated like. Those "skeletons" are in the minority, people their size may be featured in media all the time, but most girls are dying to look like them, some literally.

No. 105963

read that SIZE 222 ngl

the point is that fit girls usually don't make entire videos complaining about how different companies have different sizing.

also all online shops I've seen have clothes in in/cm measurements with inseam, waist size and all of that. they all have a link to their sizing info so you know what ballpark you should go for. if you buy online and the measurements are vastly wrong, you're either a) measuring yourself wrong b) not even looking at that info c) buying from milanoo

No. 106127

File: 1432203350608.png (593.61 KB, 600x558, kate_gosselin_.png)

>bullied teen to plus-size star
They have a point. She's doing a lot better than what most people pegged her for, as most obese women tend to just fade out into society's moral backwater.
How is she different from any other celebrity who lies, embellishes stories, and makes people feel better about themselves through thinly-veiled asspattery though?

>they shooped the crap out of her body
True, but they do this for every person on the People covers. Pic related. They weren't going to stop specifically for the fattie, and they shouldn't.
>thing is that they're in the minority
You're speaking about her as if she's some counterculture freak. I hate to break it to you, but she's popular enough to be on a mainstream magazine. She's mainstream now. And her ilk will only gain steam.
>They're hurting themselves not others in that situation.
So fatties like her are okay as long as they're not making themselves seen and not talking about issues pertaining to weight via social media?
Fat isn't contagious; as looking at someone fat with pro-fattie quotes on magazines won't automatically make someone else want to be fat. People who were already overweight/obese like her may revel in those quotes, but doesn't your logic follow that they were already on the path of hurting themselves anyway?

>fatties aren't oppressed

There is anti-fat bias. It's different from oppression, but it can feel like oppressive action.
>being fat is an option
For people like Tess? Not really.
For her to get down to a normal person's silhouette would require thousands in excess fat cell removal and skin reduction surgeries. Not to mention augmentations just to look like the "average" woman again. She might be able to afford that after her newfound fame, but others like her can't so easily. Exercise and dieting will only get people this obese so far before they look like a lumpy, sad sack of potatoes. So maybe some like Tess -would- live happier lives staying that huge instead of being miserable while trying to get back down to an unattainable size that isn't possible without intensive surgery.

I agree with you that most people are stupid when it comes to sizing. I don't really like the buzzfeed videos for that reason, because I feel like they just looked at the vanity sized numbers and didn't inquire about the measurements.

No. 106146

There is a Tess thread. You don't have to bump this cluttered mess of a thread

No. 106273

File: 1432227824677.jpg (35.04 KB, 460x350, TheLifeYouSave30.jpg)

Holy shit I knew she looked familiar. Dumpling from 101 Dalmations.

No. 106460

No. 106541


>True, but they do this for every person on the People covers. Pic related. They weren't going to stop specifically for the fattie, and they shouldn't.

There is a line that needs to be drawn though, especially considering this is someone who is supposed to be portraying body positivity and acceptance. She made it into the modelling industry at this size, yet they're making her out to be much smaller than she obviously is. Though how can they help it when miss :I love myself" lies about her size too.

>You're speaking about her as if she's some counterculture freak. I hate to break it to you, but she's popular enough to be on a mainstream magazine. She's mainstream now. And her ilk will only gain steam.

Lmao because only likable people are mainstream? That doesn't mean crap, haven't you heard of the zeitgeist? This shit had to happen sometime, and Tess just happened to have the face to finally have some industries jump on the self love train by having one fat girl signed. As pretty as her face is, it's not enough for them to want to start signing fatties that big left and right.

Most people aren't into it. Thats why you even mentioned yourself that there is anti-fat bias. Its why these girls spend hours online making campaigns against the turmoil they go through being their size.

Which btw, unless youw ere forcefed or had some disease/disorder is optional. Tess can lose weight. She can go through the skin removal and everything else if it ever got to the point where she was too fat to live another 5 yrs. She never had to let it go that far though, which is what I originally meant.

>They're hurting themselves not others in that situation.

Did you even read that sentence in the context that it was being used? It's blatantly obvious, idk how you didn't get it. I said that a fattie shouldn't get bullied just for being fat, they're not hurting anyone else by being fat but themselves because of how unhealthy it is.

I'm against people acting like they're oppressed because they're fat. Not having someone find you attractive isn't the problem dude. It's other people saying theres a problem with finding you attractive. I've had this argument with a fat girl before, she didn't get it. She thinks that people not being attracted to her and other fatties is solely a product of indoctrination.

Then when you point out that people that do like fatties, she thinks they're all fetishists because of how "taboo" it is. It's scientifically proven that people prefer specific features, a healthy looking body is one of them. Someone who runs out of breath from walking up a flight of stairs doesn't exactly scream health.

No. 106562

File: 1432254434631.jpg (129.63 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


No. 106765

No. 106781

File: 1432284146834.png (69.82 KB, 504x663, heartisfailure.png)


Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Slaton Sisters.

No. 106838

and the drawings they used to represent themselves… oh god

No. 106859

I can't tell from this pic but this woman does not look underweight, at least not at an unhealthy weight.

No. 106864

man idk why people post this stuff on fb
if you really care about a person dont you have their phone number

No. 106873

File: 1432301330538.png (725.25 KB, 708x520, nebraskafamily.png)

Holy fuckeroni, she's so overweight there's fat protruding from her forehead.

No. 106876

>I honestly wish our looks and health would go by how big are heart was

Somehow I get the feeling an enlarged heart is part of the problem…

No. 106907


No. 107625

File: 1432366963358.png (210.84 KB, 557x720, v5HqpYD.png)

No. 107628

>small fats
I can't

No. 107638

So that's like XXXL, right? How big do these bitches get?

>What if I want to be a fucking pixie?!


No. 107643

If you are over a 3X maybe it's time to change your life.
>inb4 "but muh condition/medication"

>small fatties

I can't even

No. 107687

>like it's not better than XS-XL for people who wear 4x and up

excuse you wear fucking curtains then

No. 107694

>Are only likeable people mainstream?
In order to make a magazine cover, I'd say they have to have a minimum level of support and acceptance that's up to standard for a big magazine to put them on the cover. If the person was entirely reprehensible then the magazine wouldn't sell very well.
Honestly, if they just get more pretty-faced fat girls to model then I don't see this trend dying anytime soon. Fat girls who have a strong facial aesthetic game like Tess do exist, and considering she's relatively short (like 5'5 right?) it's not like the bar is set too high for scouting.

>Tess can lose weight

That's not what I'm arguing. I'm arguing that she can't look normal again without intensive surgery. Loose skin from being morbidly obese can cause issues all on its own, and it needs removal and augmentation; there's almost never an exception. I mean we can piss in the wind about the people who "shouldn't have let it get that far," but they are who they are now and that's what it requires to make them average again. That's what I'm trying to say.

>other people not finding fat people attractive isn't an issue

Yeah, you're right. I'd say being turned down in the workforce, being ostracized from social groups, among other things are indeed stronger issues regarding that bias. But if someone feels they deserve more representation then I don't see how that is itself an issue either. Why do you care that a fattie is on a magazine cover?

No. 107695

i dont really like any of these bodies
the girls up are just skinny with big tits.
no butt, small thigh.
some of the girls down are chubby (which is fine) but also fat (which isn't)

No. 107715

found the skinny curveless one

No. 107716

and? it's still ugly. no tits, no butt.
gross. you cant expect people to not say comments about her body. seriousy we bash fatties, why would we feel bad about bashing curveless girls too lol stop being offended

No. 107720


No. 108335

File: 1432496024337.jpg (45.03 KB, 960x540, 11218452_894448510621989_67955…)

No. 129267

I don't think this is so bad, actually. A majority of thinspo bloggers are pro-ana, which obviously… isn't good. And I'm saying this as a skinny person with anorexia who used to be in the pro-ana community. It's unhealthy as hell. Staying at a normal and healthy weight (none of that healthy at every size BS, I mean an average weight) is important, but there's a difference between healthy weight losing and eating disorders. And I mean, it's not like they completely block the tag, they let you go into it if you want to. I don't think it's bad at all.

No. 129331

File: 1435612620467.jpg (188.3 KB, 500x694, omnomnom.jpg)

No. 129502

this guy is getting so much hate because about his opinion of fat people and Korea

someone actually said:
>WOW Glenn… there are so many ignorant and hateful things you said in this video… I was really enjoying your videos about trying to accept people who live differently like your coming out video and I even shared your dog eating video on my Facebook page… and now this hate comes out of your mouth… I think I'm gonna unsubscribe

No. 129565


No. 129706

i like that show a lot, supersize vs superskinny
i like how the two sides meet each other and completely do not understand each others behaviors
it show would never fly in america though…

No. 130155

hate fat people so fucking much, waste of space.

No. 133492

No. 133522

What's wrong with this? Didn't seem like Haes, just seemed like it was judging some sports bras on different sized women without any propaganda bullshit.

No. 133636

I actually like when they do stuff like this. Maybe not so much that they like grabbing the fattest girl in the office for shock value, but when they show how it really looks on different builds.

No. 133665

She looks like that doll Chucky, holy shit

No. 133676

For muscular people, BMI is bullshit because muscle weighs more than fat. Fatties like to say it's bullshit for them too but it's not.

No. 133696

excuse u how do u know he/she/xe identifies as a guy shitlord

No. 133728

can you link it? idk how to work lj

No. 134321

I've never been to Korea but I have read many times that in Asian countries they are far more likely to casually point out that you are overweight. It's just a cultural thing. Whereas in the US we get immensely butthurt.

The truth is we aren't all beautiful. We aren't all perfect. We're drilling into people's heads the false reality that being a 300 pound couch blob is perfectly alright and that their blubber should be celebrated. They've even hijacked the term curvy for themselves.

I'm so tired of everyone being "beautiful" and "Perfect just the way you are". No. Just no. No one should feel bad for not finding your jurassic ass sexy. I see fat women complaining that they can't get the men they want and how it's not fair that they aren't attracted to them. That the thinner girls get all the attention. That alone should tell them something right there. That beyond fetishists and people who are willing to completely look past physical appearance the majority of humanity prefers partners with healthy physiques.

The fat activists will point out cultures where fat is beautiful such as in Mauritania. What they don't say is that girls are forcefed from a young age. Sometimes 16,000 calories a day. This type of preference is an exception.

No. 134417

>fat women complaining that they can't get the men they want and how it's not fair that they aren't attracted to them
This is especially funny when they themselves refuse to date fat/ugly men because "I shouldn't have to lower my standards for a man". But they should all lower their standards for you?

No. 134420



They have no problem with trashing fat and ugly men, but if someone doesn't like their "healty" body, they start to talk like bullshit

then they cry bcz it "triggers" them

No. 134423

triggers them to eat another dozen donuts
gotta blame someone

No. 145725

jesus fucking christ i'm fat and if i wore a corset like that i'd probably cry and i dont cry over anything. that's just ridiculous.

No. 145728

That poor, poor corset…

No. 145739

where is her belly button in the top photo

No. 146602

She ate it.

No. 146603

She ate it.

No. 146611

dear god nobody is giving you a legit reply so i will: fatty who made the corset comment here, if your gut hangs a bit like tess' does, your bellybutton moves lower. you're not able to see it because it's covered by the fabric.

No. 147261

File: 1438285160798.jpg (115.18 KB, 776x504, 1437499792899.jpg)

No. 147272

Wow this reminded me how ridiculous tumblr can really be
Good for her cousin on actually doing something about it, instead of crying and complaining like a fucking baby

No. 147278

I mean, come on, Tumblr needs a really hard grip, not too hard cause because they may kill someone.
But hard enough to get it together.
If I was her cousin, I would have laughed, looked her straight in the eyes, and eat a carrot stick.

No. 147333


>complains about cruel lighting that makes her look fatter

>complain about the trickery of lighting that makes her look slimmer

No. 147368

Fucking lol at how hard she's sucking it in in all of those pics. It's not working, buddy.

And wow different lighting and angles makes you look…different? Stop the presses.

No. 147394

File: 1438299026112.jpg (199.57 KB, 639x437, 19_30.jpg)

yep, this is about how I imagine the average buzzfeed staff member to look

No. 147409

File: 1438299820078.jpg (17.86 KB, 203x307, grid-cell-2332-1438029044-5.jp…)

god her fucking thighs what is going ON

No. 147411

looks like ginormous cameltoe

No. 147412

Her thighs made a giant moose knuckle on their own? Lmao embarrassing. Looks like a giant vag

No. 147417

She should have bought pants that fit in one of the 20 stores.
Jesus. Those lumps.

No. 147419

File: 1438300886050.jpg (141.44 KB, 527x348, she-wins.jpg)

No. 147421

File: 1438301194010.jpg (307 KB, 2048x1536, image.jpg)

It's kinda sad that she thinks not being able to see her rolls means she looks too much like a mannequin.

At least I assume that's what she's referring to since nothing else about the image appears mannequin-like.

No. 147422

Ugh, this bitch aaaalways complains, like without fail on every single Buzzfeed video she's on.
I don't get why this is something to make an article about. It's just lighting in a dressing room. Talk about first world fucking problems. And of course she's going to look like shit when any light is cast down over her with those lumps of curd hanging off of her.
I swear the cunts on Buzzfeed will cause an uproar over anything, particularly if it hurts the feefees of fatties.

No. 147424

1) why the fuck wouldn't dressing rooms have good lighting
2) why does she keep making that face/turning her face up so much???

No. 147425

Yeah… Real girls might have a roll or two… When they're sitting down hunched over.

This is Michelin man-tier fat.

No. 147427

Because she's perpetually unimpressed with everything ever.

No. 147430

To be fair, I've been to many a dressing room where the lighting was terrible.
Mango in particular has dressing rooms where the only lights illuminating the stall are a few sconces in the center of the room.

No. 147436

I wonder if it's to show off the scar on her neck.

No. 147444

God, if you're gonna do this shitty pseudo-journalism shit, at least use a real camera instead of mounting your fucking iPhone to a tripod. I don't know what she's trying to accomplish, anyway. Like, people look different in different lighting? Wow! Who woulda thunk it!?

This is such an unflattering outfit. Did she purposely choose something that clung to her so terribly?

I didn't even notice the scar until you pointed it out. Typical depressed fat-activist that tried to off herself, perhaps?

No. 147449

Or some spanx.

Probably trying to not have a double chin.

No. 147554


Friendly reminder to every hamplanet that your brain and ass are different things. Being obese shrinks your brain quite rapidly, teehee! Have fun with that early onset Alzheimer's.

No. 147558


Looks like an extra lil frontbutt. Who's a cute guntlet? Where's the fupa? Awwww!

No. 147730

Same. Especially lingerie store dressing rooms in my area are horrific and make me look like I'm one of the undead when I'm normally pretty happy with my skin/body. I have no idea why she's complaining about flattering lighting.

She kind of looks like she's smelling a fart.

No. 147740

but your body shouldnt be.

also your brain is the last thing that will suffer when you lose weight. the brain is selfish and will starve off every other organ system before sacrificing its precious resources

No. 147755

I'm 171 pounds at around 5ft9 and have been starting to do 20 minute workouts every day, and this thread has made me feel better about myself

No. 147768

You'll get there! Don't lose sight of your goals and don't allow the dumbasses on Tumblr to distract you

No. 147770

Thanks, though it's hard to keep track of progress when my electronic scale broke for some reason

No. 147788

while the scale is a good tool, remember that how your clothes fit can also be a good indicator.

No. 147883

File: 1438359982593.png (233.01 KB, 547x654, not a hamplanet.png)


Show them this.

No. 148029

File: 1438375460239.jpg (260.78 KB, 1200x920, T2U48KXBNaXXXXXXXX_!!157895907…)



No. 148033

File: 1438375531797.jpg (136.96 KB, 422x560, T2U48KXBNaXXXXXXXX_!!157895907…)


those calves

No. 148034

File: 1438375613700.jpg (367.96 KB, 612x750, T2U48KXBNaXXXXXXXX_!!157895907…)


"Q: You're not healthy, shouldn't you lose some weight?
A: My weight & health is none of your concern, thank you."

No. 148035

File: 1438375673650.jpg (131.16 KB, 560x439, barbie-without-makeup.jpg)

"Q: But don't you promote obesity?
A: No, I do not promote obesity, just acceptance of both yourself & others."

No. 148036

File: 1438375820522.jpg (20.14 KB, 236x312, alison-harvard-5.jpg)