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File: 1440053564380.png (41.26 KB, 685x481, 2yowyog.png)

No. 165163

The other one went downhill
doesnt that imply trans is a gender or sexual orientation? what the fuck?

No. 165166

Dude. Okay this is getting old. You're either Asexual or your not. There's not like fifty different versions of it.

No. 165167

Oh my god, I am so fucking sick of those n+gazillion types of "romantic" and "sexual" showing up on Tumblr like every 20 posts. In my country you are either gay or not. Shut the fuck up and stop pretending like you are something different. and edgy.

No. 165177

Reposting important tumblr explanation videos.

No. 165179

No. 165181

No. 165182

File: 1440056193965.png (51.99 KB, 1222x469, Screenshot_1.png)

what the fuck?
so you like someone but you dont want your crush to like you back?

No. 165185

This is some middle school bullshit where they have a crush but too awkward to talk to them so they created a special snowflake word as an excuse to not talk to them.

No. 165186

maybe transromantic is where you can only have feelings for someone trans
"i'm triggered by all cis people so i can only be with trans people"

No. 165187

When people talk shit about cis (aka tumblr), isnt that homophobic and biphobic?
I mean like 98% of homosexuals and bisexuals are cis but they're very oppressed so i don't get it?

No. 165190

They only date their fakeboi high friends or tumblr friends they meet at anime conventions.

No. 165191

this girl/boy is cute but jesus christ, all this tumblr shit
i got redirected from her from a lithromantic page or some shit

No. 165195

so they're cucks and cuckqueans.

love it.

No. 165196

File: 1440057955855.png (228.09 KB, 1525x856, Screenshot_2.png)

No. 165197

It's definitely some middle school shit. I hope no one takes any of these terms seriously.

No. 165198

A lot of them do actually.

No. 165199

I've gone through SO many tumblrs and they're ALWAYS 17. ALWAYS. Some might be 20 or 21, but 15-17 seems to be the magic idiot years for tumblr.

No. 165200

I meant people that matter.

No. 165201

They're going to have a HARD time finding anyone if they can only be with trans people.

No. 165202

A lot of them are also girls with autism.

No. 165203

I thought autists were supposed to be smart?

No. 165205

i have autism and these shits dont represent us
besides, that girl said she didnt cope with autism (it was a false self-diagnose)

No. 165206

not everyone can be rain man

No. 165208

how can people on tumblr be proud of their "oppression"?
seriously what the fuck

No. 165210

Because they're teenagers who want attention and the most tumblr points they can earn in the Oppression Olympics

No. 165216

hey humans and otherkin! just your friendly neighborhood cis white oppressor stopping by~ nyu~ i hope my presence isn't too triggering to anyone! uwu

No. 165217

File: 1440059257050.png (114.13 KB, 500x221, tumblr_ntcs1oZZXg1raq157o1_500…)

No. 165218

File: 1440059268404.jpg (10.39 KB, 296x158, 11709645_1631107193773697_6520…)


No. 165219

This one was made first you stupid cunt
look at the fucking catalog

No. 165220

What the FUCK am I reading?

And I'm so sick of hearing about jenner. Why has he become the muhammad of trans people?

No. 165221

i like you anon for using that link pic

No. 165224

Which fucking statistics say this? Please, show me.
This cunt is talking out of their ass.

No. 165225

Thank you. I love that reaction pic so much

No. 165228

have you played wind waker anon?

No. 165230

Even if this is true, soldiers risk their lives to defend citizens, whereas trans women contribute nothing to society just by existing. This person needs to step the entire fuck down with his/her utter disrespect for our troops.

No. 165317

I was thinking about it, and I feel like I can kind of understand why so many kids on tumblr talk about how non-heterosexual they are.

As someone who's probably just straight but fell in love with a girl once I had my moments of confusion but overall I just don't give a fuck about my own sexuality I"m just kind of "go with the flow" so I've never really labeled myself, and I don't like labels in general.
However, when everyone around you seems to be not straight, you start to get the feeling you don't fit in or are afraid you'll be left out. Now this isn't how I felt but I can see why a 15 year old on tumblr decides to me a grey-aromantic-sexual because everyone is doing it, and straight isn't 'cool'.

Is it bad they're using sexuality as some sort of fashion accessory? Yes, but keep in mind that there's some sort of weird peer pressure going on that makes them think that being straight isn't okay.

No. 165350

File: 1440076395879.png (7.59 KB, 426x133, 9582678.PNG)

Has Lynn/Galaxyprincet gotten her own thread yet?

No. 165373

File: 1440080569695.png (72.11 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-08-20-11-21-38…)

So… Should we "front" once again today?
I say yes, this girl makes me sick.

No. 165377

File: 1440081070465.png (676.06 KB, 596x596, 2134123213.png)

Lynn "Eye in the hair"
Also description "im pretty (so/sol/sols/solaireself)" yeah yeah yawn

No. 165386

"honey why aren't you going to school today"

No. 165388

File: 1440082617211.jpg (12.54 KB, 360x240, oddlyvisibleeyebrows.jpg)

Is she trying to do the anime hair transparency or wtf

No. 165389

>Boohoo you guys I almost die yesterday, my imaginary friends were trying to kill me again, does anyone cares? Anyone?? Suicide tw
We should make an urban dictionary entry on Attention Whore and put a link to her tumblr….

No. 165406

Yes, please.

No. 165413

entertaining the idea of pan, how can you be both bi and pan?

No. 165415

File: 1440085407187.png (338.31 KB, 424x401, lynn selfie.PNG)

Guys, Lynn posted another selfie! Complete with trigger warnings and everything!

No. 165418

File: 1440085816223.png (696.57 KB, 596x560, 323243523553.png)

"i like drawing myself as full blond"
did you see her amazing artworks???

No. 165419

kawaii desu!!1

No. 165429

File: 1440086619013.jpg (60.18 KB, 640x709, image.jpg)

Good god, talk about cringe

No. 165431

File: 1440086702394.jpg (59.6 KB, 637x454, image.jpg)

How fucked up must you be to this point? And I mean fucked up in the non-cool sense. Girl go do some dishes to pass the time.

No. 165435

File: 1440086876024.png (90.34 KB, 265x308, galaxias triggered.png)

No. 165452

They're still pretty fucking stupid. The only teens who do this bullshit are the stupid ones lol
the smart ones dont give a fuck about all this tumblr thing

No. 165453

how can her parent tolerate her not going to school?
jesus christ parents nowadays are fucking worthless

No. 165458

File: 1440088899489.jpg (73.42 KB, 640x918, image.jpg)

> Mother mention tw

No. 165463

how could that trigger anyone?

No. 165489

what an attention whore

No. 165490

I'm thinking people with abusive mothers or dead mothers. But honestly if you get triggered just by seeing the word mother you need psychiatric help

No. 165511

Brats whose parents say "go to school or get a work" daily, maybe.

No. 165535

Aaaand she's a white sjw… Surprise surprise!

No. 165547

File: 1440093719582.png (53.36 KB, 476x307, lynn kimberly.PNG)

Turns out Lynn's real name is Kimberly after all.

No. 165551

File: 1440094129595.jpg (72.53 KB, 640x452, image.jpg)


But don't call her that! Read her "about"!!!! TW

No. 165552

all of those fake disorders are hilarious
you cannot self-diagnose BPD nor autism nor adhd
she needs to go fuck herself with a cactus
I have autism and adhd and both fucking suck

No. 165560

File: 1440094930008.gif (749.6 KB, 500x268, yasss.gif)

Bruh, even the trans women on his show say that she's not the "best" spokesperson for trans people. And which they are right. Like he didn't have to go through a lot of struggles like most normal trans people.

I just wish people would stop praising her ass like she's the next queen bee. Shes only getting all this fame cause of Kim.

No. 165562

File: 1440094996431.png (19.49 KB, 430x235, 76876876867876.png)

everything mention tw

No. 165564

That's what I was wondering. It's not like "depression", Which's way more common to self-diagnose (have it, also fucking sucks, always doubting myself etc…). I will need at least 10 mins on Wikipedia to find out what which of these even are. Would love to hear Lynn talk about each one of these disorders herself and how she self-diagnosed.

What made me lost it is that bitch has fucking freckles, is pale, blonde… And doesnt want to be called white. Sure girl. sure.

No. 165566

How the fuck is school a god damn tw????

No. 165567

Reminder that real life is out there waiting for them

Honestly she knows her father's gf is pregnant but still claims she has been raised by only her mother since 3rd grade? And OFC they don't. You're self-diagnosed. If you came up to your parents like "I have autism!!!" they'd just laugh at your face.
#logic tw

No. 165568


Samefagging but yeah, references inverted sorry.

No. 165570

I wonder how she behaves around her family. Does she pull off the tumblr mask and act normal or if she's a retard do they chalk it up to being a spoiled brat?

No. 165574

my parents don't know about my mental illnesses cuz i made themm all myself oooo i am special snowflake look at my illnesses list plz also everythings tw and im dying

No. 165575

No. 165590

File: 1440097451253.png (8.56 KB, 429x118, 2321321321321.png)

she obvi reads lolcow

No. 165591

I hate cunts like this that pretend they have autism, why do they always think it's some ~cute quirky~ awkwardness? Don't they understand that hearing you have autism is something that will stay with you forever?
Autism is awful and if it was possible to take away I'd have it done instantly.

No. 165595

>spoiled brat

no wonder
i noticed most of sjw tumblrinas are entitled and spoiled by their parents.

No. 165606

You can't even self-diagnose depression, it just gets into a gray area at some point. I've been diagnosed about 6 months ago, and every day I feel even remotely good, I start doubting myself to hell. They probably think being sad for a week is severe depression.

No. 165607

omg doftn call solself atumbrlirind she mihgggt dirnk blechhh!!!

No. 165608

you can't self diagnose anything, but depression is the one you're most likely to be accurate about

No. 165612

No. 165626

I saw on my FB feed today someone's huge blog post about how they're changing their name and moving to a new FB account and to use they/them pronouns because they're gender fluid and just ugh. It's not a person I'm fb friends with but a friend of a friend and I only saw this shit on tumblr, the degrees of separation are getting smaller and it's making me nervous thus shit is spreading farther

No. 165628

Same anon.
i also have autism and sometimes i feel like its my fault. its really shitty.
ALL mental illnesses are fucking horrible.
like i believe theyre one of the most horrible things on earth.
it makes people kill themselves. im fucking disgusted at how tumbrlinas think its fun to pretend to cope with mental illnesses

No. 165634

Exactly, I mean autism affects your very being, how you do everything and nothing depresses me more then reading statistics on autism because they're always horrible.

Why do people think it just makes you quirky and smart?

No. 165639

File: 1440101990994.png (39.58 KB, 1087x210, 1440100563379.png)

not on tumblr but tumblrina as fuck

No. 165641

Also it's about Bruce Jenner

No. 165649

what the fuck? no.
imprisoning murderers is MUCH MUCH MORE important.
shes fucking stupid

No. 165651

So okay wait
What if a white cop, who's MtF transgender, shoots a black kid?
What's more important then??

No. 165652


the black kid obv

No. 165658

That would be a paradox in a tumblrina's mind. Like, the world as we know it could come to an end right there.

No. 165674

File: 1440105508014.png (73.58 KB, 529x690, dkjf.png)

I think these crazy transtrenders have room to grow and stop being so fucking stupid. This is a screenshot I took just now from some otherkin's blog, and I visited their blog a few months back and it was drastically more on galaxyprincet's level. I specifically remember them because they called Magi a fatphobic anime (just because the main character has a fondness for boobs and fondles a fat man's boobs because he can't tell the difference) and I was so dumbfounded…

They're still otherkin and still fucking crazy, but I think they've calmed down a little.

Part of me hopes galaxyprincet never changes so when she's forced into the real world, she'll probably snap for real and it'll be hilarious.

No. 165687

File: 1440107273005.jpg (55.29 KB, 300x647, solaire-of-astora.jpg)


…Praise the sun?

No. 165696

File: 1440108294794.png (19.87 KB, 423x397, oliver and lynn.PNG)

Guys, shit's going down with Oliver and Lynn!

No. 165715


I mean you do you boo, but some of those illnesses she has diagnosed herself with are the kinds of illnesses you wouldn't even be self-aware of. For example someone with actual ASPD typically wouldn't think there was anything wrong with them even after getting an actual diagnosis.

Same goes for DID, I'm gonna go ahead and assume a lot of this information was taken from Wikipedia, where it explicitly says "In extreme cases, the host personality is unaware of the other, alternating personalities; however, the alternate personalities are aware of all the existing personalities." meaning it is unlikely that she would even be fully aware of what's going on.

If anything I would say Lynn should look into affluenza, seems like sol might have that too.

No. 165718

I hope he goes through with it.

No. 165723

Does anyone else have that one friend that's great except that they say or agree with SJW bullshit at time
I mean just now a person I can generally get along with posted about "dumb white bitches" and I can't help but wonder why they say such shit.

No. 165726

unfortunately I have several friends like this

No. 165730

Sometimes I just really want to cut off contact when they go on tirades about bullshit, and I hate to say it but the sheer amount of "white people/bitches" can really get to me at times.

It's hard because I want to be the better person and not cut off contact the moment someone does or thinks something I don't agree with especially if otherwise it's fine.

No. 165740

I've been diagnosed with DID and I agree with you.
self-diagnosing sucks

No. 165741

lmao anon

No. 165743

why wouldnt you be comfortable with love live or kill la kill? wat?

No. 165744

You guys need to find better non-racist friends

No. 165746

Bitch is blaming us now after another two "classmates" told her off.
I'm sorry but this is what I call karmic punishment.
I really want to believe someone's is going to tell her mom.

No. 165747

Because anime boobs and cheap j-pop triggers their PTSD about her weeb years???

No. 165749

I haven't enjoyed a lolcow like this since GTC. I'm looking forward to watching this unfold.

No. 165752

I know exactly what you mean. I see them post/like idiotic things on Facebook but then when we talk it's really great, so I'm hesitant to end my friendships with them.

No. 165755

I don't but I have a fair bit of online friends which spew /pol/ garbage but other than that they're ok

No. 165756

She… She closed Anon…
Yo impersonator blogs, are you here? Spice this shit up

No. 165757

Yeah I'm also afraid that avoiding everything SJ or SJW will make my kneejerk reactions to those posts even worse, at least now I can see not all people who agree with those things are batshit insane.

No. 165758

She's slow as hell to reply to ask. I sent her three today.

No. 165760

I sent her multiple asks asking why she keeps anon on if people are obviously harrassing her, and she ignored them. She only cherry-picks obviously and ignores asks calling her out.
people like her make me furious, my mom is bipolar and it is not as cool and trendy as these tumblrinas think it makes them.

No. 165768

No. 165773

File: 1440113567996.jpg (75.72 KB, 640x858, image.jpg)

Found a new one. Caps TW.

(You know tw's could actually be smthg helpful for CTUAL SERIOUS triggers like abuse, violence, graphic imagery, porn etc but no these fuckers had to fuck it up like this)

No. 165776

is she muslim? because if so and she's talking about people oppressing her….. lmao

No. 165779

cultural appropriation doesnt exist.
and of course, ONLY white people can appropriate cultures. makes sense

No. 165781

I love how everything they say is always so America-centric, it's not like Europe is full of their own set clothing and other cultural traditions that are getting butchered by foreigners. Not that we mind, but hey we're white so it doesn't matter anyway!

No. 165782

>cultural appropriation doesnt exist.


No. 165783

It doesn't exist lol
i bet you're that type of girl to be offended if a white girl has braids because OMG CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!!!!

No. 165784

I never understood the Kill la Kill is pedophilia argument. The youngest characters who get fanservice shots are 17 and the rest are 18+, yet they scream that it supports child abuse and pedophilia while they go write fanfiction about 15 year old boys from Haikyuu or Yowapedal fucking. Not that 17 year olds aren't minors, but it's hypocritical to see this shit.

No. 165785

Yeah I hate that shit too, there's a massive difference imo between fanservice of a near-legal aged character, or an actual child character.

No. 165789

The legal loli stuff is pretty gross too. There's a difference between finding a highschool underage character who looks mature attractive and a character who is legally an adult but was purposely designed to appeal to lolicon, yet I see Tumblr attack people for the former rather than acknowledge lolibait characters like Nowi from FE:A.

No. 165791

Personally I'm okay with Nowi because the awkwardness is a running joke in the game and as far as I"m aware within that universe her kind has always aged veeeery slowly.

I mean you could also do what the Atelier games did, when one of the protags from one of the earlier games in that particular branch of the series had to return, but would be 30 by then.
So they made said character have an "alchemist accident" and she now looks 8 years old.

No. 165800

Cultural appropriation has existed before Tumblr was made though, there are actual books and shit from the nineties. But of coure Tumblrinas ran wild with this concept and now every single thing gets called appropriation.

No. 165801

it's funny because fanservice of 2d 12 years old in anime is wrong but killing people sure is fine!!!

No. 165802

I don't see how it's gross.
There's tons of women irl that look like children and they would be classified as "lolis" so?

No. 165803

It's because being a racial minority in America in 2015 is perceived as a status symbol and an advantage, this is not only on Tumblr.
People want to be victims, and being not white (especially black) pretty much guarantees victim status.

No. 165810

I think the former is worse too.

No. 165812

Don't ruin another thread with that fucking lolicon argument.

No. 165853

There's a difference between a petite adult woman and someone who looks prepubescent.

No. 165869

Tons of adult women look prepubescent.
i know i do lol they have babyfaces and flat chests and can't help it

No. 165871

Don't ruin this thread by expecting everyone will agree with you

No. 165875

Man these weak ass hoes break so fast.

No. 165879

File: 1440122645958.png (60.18 KB, 480x761, Screenshot_2015-08-20-23-01-32…)

Oliver is at it again!

No. 165880

File: 1440122738749.png (65.42 KB, 480x402, Screenshot_2015-08-20-23-01-45…)

Go Oliver go!

No. 165882


No. 165908

this is amazing.

No. 165924

File: 1440125442502.jpg (268.01 KB, 1536x1333, image.jpg)

My whiteness. Sorry about that

No. 165925

When Tumblr says you don't need dysphoria to be trans, then what makes non-dysphoric people trans? And then people who believe that someone needs to have dysphoria to be trans are labeled as transphobic truscum. Just wondering after looking at Galaxyprincet's links on how she doesn't have dysphoria but is still trans somehow.

No. 165930

kinda looks like good ol chin-chan tbh

No. 165937

tbh the only exception to that would be trans people who've already transitioned because id find it hard to believe someone would be dysphoric after changing their body to match their gender.

like if a dude got surgery for tits and a vag there'd be no real reason to feel dysphoria after that ngl.

No. 165942

I have a question.
What do these people think about black people who don't believe in this you can't be racist against black people? Or blacks can't be racist?
My dad is mixed(he got the darker end of the stick, making him black passing), and he has openly said he's racist, hated white people, and didn't care what I said to stop him from saying shit in public.
Or does he not count because of his shitlord–ahem I mean white side? /s in case anyone couldn't tell with that last line

No. 165943

Can we please make a thread for this dumb whore?

No. 165944

Yeah I meant pre-op trans people.

No. 165945

Seconding this!

No. 165948

Buzzfeed and everydayfeminism is cancer

No. 165954

File: 1440129812491.png (21.49 KB, 638x170, bloogs.png)

If I know my attention whores, anon asks will not be turned off for too long.

No. 165956

hey anon, i'm black. that doesn't make my opinion too credible but i thought i'd chime in.

the really, really, far left extreme SJWs pretty much go so far they end up become exactly what they're against on the opposite end of the spectrum. that's pretty much exemplified in your question.

they think black people can't be racist. i strongly feel this was perpetuated by the white extreme SJW out of guilt or some shit, but i could be wrong. most of the black people i know say everyone can be racist and the whole "can't we stop talking about race" rhetoric.

personally i believe there is a difference between prejudice and racism when it comes to terminology. black people, like any other human being, can be really prejudicial and discriminatory and racist in the colloquial term. racism against whites, throughout history, by blacks was mostly out of fear (even unconscious) or venting from hardships attributed to it. as for systematic racism, nobody wants to hear about that hear so i won't bother.

as somebody who used to be more extreme in their views on anti-racism, shitting on somebody solely because of their race can be done by ANYONE and it is NOT OKAY.

No. 165957

I'm very interested to hear more of what you have to say tbh.

No. 165966

Seconded! More, anon!

No. 165968

This is a very simple truth!

So naturally, people will deny the shit out of it.

No. 165969

File: 1440131794958.jpg (68.59 KB, 500x346, image.jpg)

No. 165972


New thread just for galaxyprincet

No. 165974

I see, but do they pretend black people who don't agree with their views don't exist or something?
With my dad, his racism/prejudice were more from him living in more racist time eras. A little after MLK (he's old), but where we live we don't experience much racism, but he's had his experiences.
I like you choice of reasoning instead of saying that people are ~trying to be edgy~ for not wanting to talk about racial issues in a place we should laugh, you actually just admit that people just probably dont want to talk about it. I find that cool.
I feel differently bout 'systematic racism' and feel that it's mostly based mostly around class, and a little less than race because there are many more successful black people than before. But that's a different topic I think.
Anyway, there is a rule about racial discussion in /PT/ so I say we cut this short, and we can find some way to discuss it while ignoring The spam in /b/.

No. 166003

Only the Wii U adaptation and I freakin loved it.

No. 166007

Fuck off. Being gay is not a choice. Period. I have zero sympathy for anyone who thinks 'oh man, being hetero is so boring!! Let's change our sxualities at will."

I've had friends in my youth who were beaten up in locker rooms and outside of school, etc just for being openly gay. I've been called a dyke and other horrid shit while my gay male friends have been called faggot while being beat on. It's isn't a glamorous life. Being gay is only liking the same sex. that's it. We may be very small percentage of the world's population, but we cannot choose who we are attracted to.

And all we want is equal human rights. Nothing more, nothing less. I cannot speak for all gay people obviously, but from my experience, gay people do not want to be looked upon like some fascinating creature… okay?

I have zero problems with heterosexual people. A lot of my friends are straight. But i do have a problem with people who are confused and want to act like it's so 'boring' being straight when it isnt any different being gay, just more dangerous to admit it in most parts of the world.

No. 166008


Ah, i love 90s anime so much.

No. 166009

We live in a world where people are MURDERED for being gay and churches are dedicated to 'curing the gay.'

Please tell me you are fucking joking when you say there is peer pressure not be to straight, because I'm a little bit enraged right now.

No. 166010

Holyshit. i love you

No. 166012

File: 1440136379598.gif (241.57 KB, 500x339, 0HzAD85.gif)

No. 166015

File: 1440137101724.jpg (99.15 KB, 695x1100, image.jpg)

Dunno why people think this loli shit is gross. Anime tittie/tidied side of tumblr

No. 166016

this loli shit is cute. It's gross**
My bad didn't proof-read

No. 166026

The last thread was ruined by this kind of topic. Take it to b!!!

No. 166035

Not sure why it's censored here, but this tweet was made by VanguardVivian, just a typical boring sjw

No. 166049

Not the anon that posted that, but I believe that there is some sort of pressure not to be cis straight person on tumblr(not in real life). I am 100% sure that most of these demi/ace/trans/pan etc. kids from tumblr aren't really that sexuality in real life and they are doing all of that to get tumblr attention, and if you want to get attention on tumblr you must be unicorn with unique sexuality or mental illness since that is a fad these days. Sooner or later this trend will go away and they will all get back to being cis straight. Also, I don't think that most tumblrinas live in countries or places where being different sexuality is frowned upon, so even if they take that tumblr nonsense in real life, which is highly unlikely, they won't endanger themselves.I mean, I live in conservative country and if you flaunt your sexuality and sjw shit the way tumblrtards do, chances are that someone will beat you up whether you are guy or a girl or something else and I don't think that anyone with self-preservation instincts would put themselves in that situation.

No. 166054

The radical Tumblrinas usually have something to say against main stream pop culture so they seem show up all over the place. Quite a few of them have thoughtful things to say but the most vocal ones always spout the most nonsensical rubbish so it's hard to take any of them seriously.

No. 166060

Oh shit I didn't even read the other thread my b

No. 166066

What ISN'T considered a trigger with these nutcases?

No. 166077

I wish tumblrinas would got the shit kicked out of them irl. They need a fucking reality check.

No. 166085

File: 1440146572962.jpg (58.49 KB, 720x456, baptise.jpg)

No. 166087

I want to cry because I can seriously see the 2014 conversation happening…

Calling your child what their chromosomes are isn't the issue. It's gender-roles in society, which aren't the same as biological sex. I seriously weep for all the babies born in the tumblr era.

No. 166124

I honestly had a friend who was Bi(He's is Bi, so it's not like he made it up), but because he said he had to come to realization with it, he's convinced that being gay is a choice.
I don't speak to him anymore. Lol
But I tried to tell him that just because people had to hide it or had to find out that they are gay doesn't mean that they chose to be that way, because honestly? Who'll choose to be gay with all the shit they go through irl?

No. 166129

I always get so angry when I see people who self-diagnose make posts like


Because fuck off, I briefly went to special ed class because I'm an aspie and was so depressed at the time I needed a controlled environment, and the most jokes about any disability I've ever heard were from that time.
People with mental and/or physical disabilities want to be treated like humans, not special little fragile beings that need protection at all costs.

No. 166146

he's bisexual and yet he's homophobic? and he doesn't see the hypocrisy there…?

No. 166160

File: 1440162779618.png (131.38 KB, 550x900, jZAqs82MzXotz.png)

>I specifically remember them because they called Magi a fatphobic anime

I guess it's because at one point two main characters become obese from eating too much (binging after not eating for a while) but then they are ordered to lose weight and they do it by exercising and not binging anymore. The whole thing was played for laughs but I guess it was too triggering for tumblerfats.

No. 166163


>hair mention tw

>work mention tw
>real life mention tw

No. 166169

(Sorry, fucked up numerous times in my posting. I'll try not to do it again.)

Yeah it's strange to say the least. He's my own personal lolcow, and I think he'll fit in wonderfully with the Tumblr crowd as he have the same ideologies(somewhat. Mostly only concerning gay rights And such. Other than that, he's on the way opposite spectrum of the horseshoe)
I told him he was generalizing, as he said because if that's what he went through, then everyone who went through that is the same and that they chose to be gay too.
I think he honestly believes if you pretend you're straight so you don't get rediculed, you were actually straight and chose to change your sexuality.
Told him/tried to show him studies, but he called those scientist dumb.
He hates being wrong, and instead of having a serious debate he'll rather shout over you instead.

As I said, I don't talk to him much anymore. But I observe him from the distance. Here's some other things about him:
>he also believes that he can grope any guy he wants and if they don't accept it, they are either homophobic or have bad taste
>Believes that he can force sex on his future spouse because they will like it anyway, and because they're married
>is annoyingly sassy and 'OmG sO Qu1rKy!!1!!'
>believes that drag queens and transwomen are the same, and hate trans people
>fully advocates stalking other boys in the class
>believes he can make our asexual friend become 'gay for him' if he harrass and grope him enough
>blames all of his shortcomings on his illness and never take responsibility for anything (sounds familiar?)
>has to be right 100 percent of the time
>got mad when I told him he had to bleach his hair before putting in dye, and when I told him be careful doing it all at once because he can seriously damage his hair
(Background: He was dying his hair purple along with his friend, and I'm obssessed with hair. Since he has dry ass kinky hair, I told him be careful because his hair could become hella damaged. Day of the coloring he showed me this picture of their bleached brassy orange-yellow hair. Totally different texture now and everything. Came in the next day, fuming mad, when he saw pieces of his hair falling out, and the fact that he can't see the purple anyway in his dark ass hair unless he's in the sun.)

Ahhh, he's a train wreck, nut he's my train wreck. Sage for OT.

No. 166198

Is this a massive troll?
"Hey, I'm Jotaro (Taro) or Dio. Jotaro is my main face claim while Dio fronts sometimes, usually if I have an extremely bad breakdown

. I'm Agender/18/Pisces/ISFJ-INFJ/Mentally ill.

. >>JOTARO IS FRONTING<< If you want info on my kin types please message me in private I will explain both face claims and the canon we exist in.

My pronouns are: he/him•they/them.

I post:

JJBA•Vinesauce•Art•Fashion•Nature•Some Shitposting•Video Games•Pokemon•Touhou

+whatever else I like!

I tag: Body horror, blood, horror, common triggers, if you need anything tagged please let me know ❤️"

No. 166199

I don't think so as their are many similar blogs.

I just think of it as extreme roleplay and leave it at that.

No. 166240


…is his name Matt? Because I used to know someone exactly like that.

No. 166275

Sadly no, sorry.
Oh and one more thing I just remembered since I'm drinking water.
>he believes that he can't get diabetes if he drinks one bottle of water after guzzling down two or three big ass sodas

He doesn't exercise, and you would have to convince him to drink water. (he needs it to keep his ass alive, but refuses to drink it.)
He told me I was boring and I need to live a little when I finally cut off water and some juices, and sweets from my diet. Kek

No. 166309

I have a question about transgender ppl and gay ppl,I just want to get educated cause I can't find a solid answer because of all these SJWs and tumblrinas.

So ppl do not pick to be gay or queer correct? So are you guys basically "born" (in quotes since idk in what other words to put it) gay? Do you discover these feelings at a young age or do some figure it out as they grow older? Is being queer and gay the same or do they mean different things?

For transgender ppl, what exactly is dysphoria? Is it a condition in which your mental state/brain cannot correctly define who you are because of the way your body looks vs how you view yourself inside or is it something different? Do you have to have dysphoria to know/be transgender? Cause I know some transtrenders and they say you can be transgender but not have dysphoria but idk if to believe them or not. Also I know by reading these threads that ppl hate transtrenders that say they are transgender but then me like "I AM A TRANSBOI LOOK AT MY TUTU AND MAKEUP WITH MY LONG HAIR BUT LOOK AT MY HAIRY ARM PITS LOL!!! I AM A PASTEL PRINCESS BUT I AM NOT A GIRL!!! I AM TRIGGERED BY YOUR ASSUMPTIONS!!!" Do a lot of you guys who are transgender try or dedicate your time to be "passing" (I hope that is the correct term)? If yes, do a lot of actual transgender ppl hate these types of tumblrinas that act trans just to get attention?

I know these are dumb questions but I feel like this is the only place I can get actual answers with no fluff or censoring. If I made a mistake in my words or said something offensive, tell me too because I want to actually get educated and to be a better friend/ally to ppl who are part of the LBGTQI+

No. 166318

> Do you discover these feelings at a young age or do some figure it out as they grow older?

This is the only part I can give a reply to. I'm female and started crushing on girls around the age of 8. Only innocently, you know, but when I was 12 I started feeling sexual towards the crushes.

I presumed I was a lesbian, but when I was 16 I was attracted to a guy and since then I'm attracted to both.

No idea why things turned out that way, they just did.

No. 166319

That was me. Just to add I don't label myself anything. I'm attracted to whoever I'm attracted to. Idk why anyone makes a big deal out of their sexuality except for attention.

No. 166329

I'm a cis-girl (I know I know) who identifies as pansexual. I considered myself straight until I was about 18, and I dated a girl for about 6 months when I was 19. Looking back, I realized I would get these weird almost obsessive interests in girls as a kid/teenager.
When I was in middle school there was a girl who I thought was so pretty and cool and generally amazing, but couldn't figure out my feelings towards her. I realized as an adult I absolutely had a crush on her, but talked myself out of thinking it was that because I "was straight".
I also had a tendency to love female characters who wore somewhat skimpy costumes, I look at them now and think "what the fuck" because they're SO sexualized? For instance, I loved the video games Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball (and the DOA franchise in general) and Outlaw Golf. Now, I'm not afraid to consider myself gay or whatever, but I mostly don't talk about my sexuality with people I'm not close with haha.

For the other side of your question, I myself feel absolutely like a girl, I love being a girl, I was born a girl, etc. My boyfriend considers himself genderqueer. He was raised in a small, religious town so he never really had a chance to ever do non-masculine things. He's talked to me about how he would have thoughts as a kid that he wanted to do things to make him seem/look like "more like a girl", like standing a certain way.
Because he didn't know about the term genderqueer until he was like 25, he presents himself as a boy and uses male pronouns because that's how it's been his whole life. He's interested in crossdressing, but he's also afraid of judgement for it and that he won't look like a cute girl.
We went to a big convention not long ago, and he told me that when he sees a cute girl cosplayer, his first thought is that he wishes he looked like that.
He also doesn't bring this up unless it's people he's close to. I think I may have been the first person he told. I give him as much support as I can, and encourage him to do whatever he wants to help him feel like he's expressing himself fully. So it does bother me a little seeing all the 14 year old tumblr kids talking about being ~~genderqueer~~ and then seeing my boyfriend actually suffering internally with the same thing, in a way.

Sorry it's so long lol. I like discussions like this.

No. 166330

So I'm on this blog right now and it turns out they (probably) send themselves asks using the URLs tecnirpyxalag and princetgalaxy. They're basically the same fucking blog except you can't go to any links (not even the archives cause it says that no posts were made)

… Or are they fake blogs?

No. 166331

Okay, so I'm Bi by straight forward definition. I like penis, and I like vagina.
I can not speak for anyone but myself and give my opinion on some things.

It took a while for me find out my feelings, coming from a very conservative community. I've playing around with the of liking females since I was a little kid (earliest moment I remeber from liking girls was in about second grade. I guess I always had it in me.)
I also always liked guys.
So for me, I had to find it out mostly. I don't hide it, but I don't flaunt it either.
Can't remember if my attraction to girls were sexual or not since it was a long time ago though. Sorry.
I had to figure it out, but I guess you can sense most kids are gay/queer from a very young age. (My mom is a second grade teacher, and I obseve some of the kids she teaches. Some just come right out and say it not giving a fuck.)

Now in my opinion, only people I can see picking their sexualities are probably people who have been molested or raped and just got turned off from that gender from some PTSD or something. If you want to be a political lesbian/gay that's fine. But I feel deep inside you'll still have some kind of attraction to the opposite gender, but again, that's my opinion.

No. 166332

If you read the last thread (it started getting spammed so I don't blame you if you don't), there's a coding flaw in tumblr where if you put in a certain code (?), you can paste another user's entire blog over your own. So the person who made tecnirpyxalag pasted all of princetgalaxy's blog over their own, which does weird things that look suspicious.

Majority of people don't know about this bug/glitch.

No. 166338

File: 1440184946718.jpg (40.19 KB, 307x316, 1336892895255.jpg)

nice blog post about your tumblrite relationship

No. 166340

They also whined about how Magi had all main characters being white despite having a desert setting. Only most of the characters aren't from the desert. They're from all around the world. And only like 10 first chapters happen in the desert. But starting SJW bullshit without actually familiarizing yourself with the series is the tumblr thing to do.

No. 166342

If you're also interested in an asexual's experience, I can supply you with one. If not, ignore this.

I identify as ace and admit Tumblr helped me with the realization. As a girl, it's common when hanging out with other girls to discusses crushes and junk… so when I was growing up I never had any input for these discussions because I never had crushes on any of the guys at school. So, I'd either just not say anything until someone probed and even then I wouldn't answer or I'd get accused of being a lesbian or something along those lines and have to deny it and say I'm straight (bc that's more acceptable than saying you're not attracted to people). I also have 0 interest in sex or kissing, for that matter. I've tried the Frenching and shit and have dated, but it just isn't my thing and don't think its fair to my partners to be with someone who is uncomfortable and uninterested in these things when they are, so I break off the relationships. (so yes, asexuals do still date, but I personally don't care for it. I think I mainly wanted someone who would be down for going out for drinks and stuff)

I knew I was different at around 8-10 years old, I think? It was a struggle through hs with all my friends dating and being in relationships because I just didn't understand any of it.

No. 166348


>cause I can't find a solid answer because of all these SJWs and tumblrinas

>all the tumblrinas flock to this thread

No. 166349

Anon, asexuality isn't exactly advertised in the real world. Mainly it's gay/lesbian, bi, and sometimes pan. I may haven't had heard of it until Tumblr, but I am damn sure I'm not a Tumblrina. I know a lot of people who claim they're one of the lesser-known sexualities are, but there's still a percentage that aren't.

No. 166356


Ah, this makes sense. Thanks for your input, it has helped me understand how someone can find out who and what they like a bit better with your story.

I am no expert on this since I myself am cis and straight but your boyfriend does seem like he is confused on who he identifies as. Sometimes I guess you got to explore to find out and maybe him dressing up as a girl can help him find out who he is. I hope he finds out who he is one day anon. Good luck exploring with him!

I like your opinion on how reasons why someone could be picking their sexuality. Makes sense honestly since some trauma can affect your views on the gender you like.


I forgot to add in asexuals in my post but yes, your story has opened up my eyes a bit on what ace is. If you want, can you answer this question or anyone who is asexual can answer this since I like hearing ppl's stories. What is being ace? Does it mean that you just don't like sex, or do some not like sex or any kind of intimacy in general (like how you feel >>166342), or do some ace do like intimacy and feeling loved (but I think everyone wants to feel loved tho) but not like sex? I am asking this because I believe my brother to be asexual since he has told me he doesn't feel sexually attracted to guys or girls at all but would like to have someone if possible just to keep company. He is still young (17 going to be 18) so he is still exploring his sexuality but he feels lost still since he doesn't understand the attraction to someone sexually.

No. 166358

I literally have no interest in sex or intimacy. But there are some asexuals who like the intimacy/romantic parts of relationships you know, since people vary. I'm personally not into it. I mean, I can appreciate how people look (esp. how they dress. Damn do I love it when people have cool or unique styles that work for them) but I don't feel a stirring in my loins or anything like that when I see things I like :P

I understand your brother's feelings, though. The reason why I wanted relationships was to have someone who'd be down to go out for drinks or to do things because my friends tend to stick to doing things at home and that gets boring… but like I had said earlier, I realize this isn't exactly fair to people who aren't ace and desire the romanticism and intimacy that comes along with them so I break up.

No. 166361

File: 1440187968913.jpg (63.28 KB, 540x421, tumblr_inline_nnrct618Tx1s8tk4…)

Wanted to post about this on kiwifarms but fuck it
Currently on tumblr there's a bit of conflict over the word "art hoe", and there are two sides:

-Art hoes, the arguably bigger side, who refer to themselves as just that. They are generally a type of person who dresses in an indie/"alternative" way, buys Moleskines and copic markers to scribble shit in them, use mustard yellow kankens/sweaters, scribble on selfies with aillis, and most of these people generally have little to no artistic talent, despite labelling themselves as art hoes. They also idolize artists like van Gogh and Keith Haring, yet shit on Banksy because he doesn't go with their "aesthetique", I guess.

-The aledgedly "TRUE" art hoes. According to sensitiveblackperson and 2jam4u on tumblr,
>"Art hoe’ or ‘art ho’ is a term used by me and my co-founder Jam to empower and uplift participants of colour in this movement. ‘Hoe’ is AAVE (African American Vernacular English) and is normally a derogatory way to refer to women – especially black women – as being promiscuous, within the male gaze. Using the term in an arbitrary way diminishes its harmful origin in light of something better.”
>“Usually there is a myriad of stereotypes pertaining to POC. How black people can't be delicate, how latinx are no good but for cleaning and having a smart mouth.
>“(Art Ho) gives POC a platform to express their internalised struggles, which is a problem we face everyday. We don't have a voice in this society. It's usually subdued by our white counterparts, and our anger is taken for granted – having this movement gives people an insight into who we really are.”
>“It was getting co-opted by this little group of skinny, frail, white girls. To belong in their group you had to have a $100 backpack, a $20 Japanese sketchbook – shit like that. When that came to my attention, we started to fight back and identify as a movement.” The white-girl version of Art Hoe was, argues Mars, offensive and exclusive in a way theirs never was. “It seemed really classist – that you had to have this certain level of wealth. Jam and I are broke. It hurt me, because I don’t have an income like that – I can’t go and buy an expensive DSLR. My mum bought me a camera for $70 on Amazon and that was a lot for us. People tried to use the ‘angry black person’ stereotype when I called them out on it; telling me it wasn’t a big deal. But it felt like a big deal. People of colour are often denied artistic ability, or the things we birth into the world are stolen by white counterparts. I never intended Art Hoe to be that way.”
They like to claim that the goshdarn whites are out to steal THEIR movement which they created from the GROUND UP to EXPRESS THEIR VOICES THROUGH "ART", when really, the art they're making is basically on the same level as the art the white/non-black girls are making: scribbled on selfies and photoshopped images of their full body view selfies on a van Gogh/Monet backdrop
It's hilarious because the pee-oh-cee art whores are crying "MUH FUCKING RACISM" while the white art hoes are ignnoring them completely and going on with their innocent, albeit shallow aesthetic subculture
All it really sounds like is Mars being jealous of the white girl next door and, in attempt to get back at her, is as vain and narcissistic as possible while disguising it as something on the level of a powerful black movement. Jesus Christ.

No. 166363


the so called creators of a powerful african american movement:


the actual tag itself

I wish there wasn't so much arguing over a fucking aesthetic name. It really just proves that bringing the race card in ruins everything
video related is a video on the whole thing from the REAL ART HO side

No. 166368

>All it really sounds like is Mars being jealous of the white girl next door and, in attempt to get back at her, is as vain and narcissistic as possible while disguising it as something on the level of a powerful black movement.
That's exactly what it is. A whiny bitch on tumblr pissing and moaning because other people picked up on the 'Art Hoe Aesthetic tm' and she doesn't like it. Essentially a black sjw version of a hipster.

No. 166369

;_; I own a Kanken
should i burn it>>

No. 166373


Read the disqus comments on this.
I mean people can draw whatever they want right? It's weird but still.

>complteley disgusting, no non-survivor has the right to draw that..

So if someone is a survivor it's okay?

No. 166374

Personally, I mostly like the art hoe fashion itself
Both sides have their own kind of shallowness: the white girls are materialistic/wasteful of money (spending money on expensive shit they use poorly), and the black girls are passive aggresive and narcissistic as FUCK, constantly reblogging their selfies and amazon wishlists in hope of someone loving them
Keep it fam
I don't care about kankens but they look cute

No. 166377

I like you anon.
Ive played the gc version and its my favorite loz game

No. 166378

Not that anon but I played Windwaker on gc as well. I love that game so much, I would just walk around the island and sail around forever.

No. 166381

Me too. Makar is cute as fuck

No. 166384

Medli is my persona favorite, also I still find the poor girl rich girl switch great.

No. 166388

You're late, darling. That was us in a way, someone suggested to copy the base code of her tumblr and make a "mirror blog" to fuck with her a little, someone did it, send her and ask and there, instant meltdown.
But whoever Oliver is, we dont know, is not our doing, so we're just rolling with it and believing his treats against galaxyprincet

No. 166393

Both are very cute.

No. 166413

I've known I was a massive lesbian since pretty much forever. I kissed girls in kindergarten and played the prince role in plays and in make believe so I could be with cute girls
I don't think I consider myself trans, but my breasts don't feel right. Ever since they started developing I hated them and wanted to cut them off. I still identify as a girl though. I think I'll just get top surgery and leave it at that

No. 166423

he sounds like a fujoshit who reads too much yaoi

No. 166427

I've always liked boys but also wanted to hang out with boys instead of girls and be more tomboyish (but didn't have the confidence to not dress like my sex). This is at 5+yrs old. Until about 16, I didn't really think about what I was and just went on like that, but had already started to hate how I look and my "parts" from like 12. Then I realized what it meant and got really depressed that I'd never have a functioning penis and such. I'm still stuck at that point at 22 now. When I see beautiful ftm people it makes me cry because I don't think I'll ever succeed at passing.
>tfw ur the pixytery of trans people

No. 166428

I've always liked boys but also wanted to hang out with boys instead of girls and be more tomboyish (but didn't have the confidence to not dress like my sex). This is at 5+yrs old. Until about 16, I didn't really think about what I was and just went on like that, but had already started to hate how I look and my "parts" from like 12. Then I realized what it meant and got really depressed that I'd never have a functioning penis and such. I'm still stuck at that point at 22 now. When I see beautiful ftm people it makes me cry because I don't think I'll ever succeed at passing.
>tfw ur the pixytery of trans people

No. 166464

That's the dumbest shit anon, if you legit want to do FtM you'll pass. Testosterone means every FtM passes, because it's literally like going through puberty. I've not met a legit FtM (not a fucking trendsetter tumblr fag) who didn't pass after like 6 months of hormone treatment.

No. 166484

I'm ~kind of trans~ (not diagnosed and intermittent dysphoria) so I can tell you about that although my experiences are very mild. Being gay is specific to homosexuality - queer is a "reappropriated" slur for the general GSM (gender and sexual minority) community. I generally dislike "queer" people as it's quite a new term - it's coming from people of my generation, but it also comes with a lot of other bullcrap and so I always associate queer people with that special snowflake behaviour we all love and cherish.

Being trans is a medical condition. I like to compare it to intersex although I don't know how intersex people feel about this. Pretty much, intersex is when someone is mutated so they aren't as clean cut as xx and xy male/females. It can be physical (messed up genitalia) or within chromosomes. It's a mutation so those conditions are uncommon, which is why what you would have learned in grade school doesn't really discuss the idea of intersex conditions. An example would be:
Being trans is pretty much intersex of the brain. Studies have shown that transwomen have brain matter much more similar to females than to males. So imagine if you woke up tomorrow with a dick. That is what it would be like, you wouldn't really see it as "you". It's so hard to describe, my dysphoria is not very bad but sometimes I feel like I am just sitting in a room looking at the world through a tv and I don't really feel like my body is "me". I won't be transitioning as the options for ftms are shit and my dysphoria is intermittent so I will go through weeks or months of this at a time rather than constant discomfort. What I have would be defined as "genderfluidity" except based on medical science brain-sex is not fluid, so genderfluidity is more of a state of mind than legitimate intersex-ness. I've always felt this discomfort and I now identify as genderqueer (both of those words ~trigger~ me like you have no idea based on what they are usually associated with) but I've never discussed it with anyone and I wouldn't expect people to change their behaviours because I found it uncomfortable.

As for pronouns, when someone is transitioning it can be tricky. All we want is to be viewed how we hope to be, so when people get misgendered when they are trying to pass it can be very upsetting. This explains it very well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jE6pPoyPGck
When people aren't trying to pass I see no point in expecting special pronouns though.

The issue with being trans is that it is confusing for everyone - if you are a woman inside, at what point do people start calling you "she"? If you have a female brain, then do you need to "pass" as female, or are you already? Does this mean a dick is a female organ?
This is where a lot of the confusion lies and I have no straight answer, but it is pretty much the cause of most infighting in the trans community.

And I've used mtf examples here because this is a much more explored subject than ftms.

No. 166500

File: 1440201716329.jpg (147.35 KB, 640x874, image.jpg)


No. 166512

No offense Anon, really, but that's the biggest load of bullshit I've ever read, and I've been roaming tumblr since the sjw storm migrated from LiveJournal
~kind of trans~?? Reapropiated slurs??? Gender fluidity??? Brain intersexuality???? No wonder so many 13 year old fall for this shit with so many farfetched "scientic research", manipulated wiki pages, theories and think is legit.
Dude, is normal to detest or find your body parts unappealing sometimes and wanting to change, that doesn't mean you're trans or have dysphoria. Dysphoria is one hell of a cognitive mental illness, and people suffer much more than just "bohoo I hate my boobs, what would it feel to have a penis" crap, shit is, you can't just read a (probably edited) wikipedia page and say "yeah that's what i am" just… No. Is not that easy, even professionals are 50% unsure when they diagnose Body Dysphoria on someone.
Thing is, being Transexual requires years of therapy and headaches and shit to determinate as a disorder you may have, is not just "I never felt like part of the gurls, I liked football and hang out with boys and my boobs were annoying at some point"
And intersexuality is totally not what you described.
People make fun of tumblrinas and special snowflakes who self diagnose but overlook their own sins, damn it breaks my balls and i don't even have them.

No. 166517

what's their tumblr?

No. 166519


No. 166522

Does anyone ever want to be called "it"?

Just wondering. I don't look at this pronoun bollocks but I wondered this. Like, maybe a sub would want to be pronoun "it".

Jesus, it's so stupid.

No. 166525

An anecdote. When I was a kid (age 6/7) I was fascinated by dicks. For months I'd stand over the toilet to pee holding a roll on deodorant pretending it was a penis. It was a novelty.

In no way did I want one, and I didn't want to be male.

No. 166547

Same! I think I had like 6 when I tried to pee standing just like I saw my lil cousin doing… It didn't end well.

No. 166554

Would you care to explain it, then?

No. 166558


Anon what you're describing sounds far less like dysphoria and more like dissociation. You should look up derealization/depersonalization.

No. 166572

The doctor told me it was dysphoria when I went to them about it (there are other issues as well) so idk.

No. 166578

People think I'm still in high school..
puberty did nothing to me ;~; I just want to look like a feminine woman, not a high school girl #cis woman tw

No. 166579

at least it's not kirino.
kuroneko is cute as fuck

No. 166580

>kind of trans
get out

No. 166602

Tw: straight girl here
I've had my fair share of kissing both men and women. Women never gave me that same ooh la la feel that men provide so i think it's safe to say that I am straight. i guess this disqualifies me from the Tumblr Special Snowflake Olympics. Whatever tingles your genitals. Tumblerinas don't want to make it that easy, tho.

No. 166603

This screams "I'm white, boring possibly autistic and want attention"

No. 166609

I'm okay with xie and they/them pronouns existing and will be more than happy to use them, but when you invent something that doesn't even exist then no, I will just call you "it". Why does this child want to be called fleurs? Is "fleur" a flower otherkin or?

No. 166613

>but when you invent something that doesn't even exist, I'll call you it

Genuine question, but when was xie invented?
Why does nothing else get a pass IF xie is a new pronoun?
Imo Only ones I'm accepting is probably they, or something else if it officially becomes a thing.

No. 166619

File: 1440213397652.jpg (20.32 KB, 320x320, 11355784_1462820457355040_1079…)

Are there any tumblr tards up in arms over the Omec race on Defiance? They're all portrayed by black actors, they're cannibals, they have sex with pretty much anyone, including their parents. You'd think some tumblrina would have made that "problematic" by now.

No. 166623

Same anon, Its a gender neutral pronoun (I could be dead wrong, someone school me pls) but I can't remember if the spelling is xie or ze (potato potato).
But, they/them is the better way to go for neutral pronouns because you can never go wrong.

No. 166639

Galaxyprincet changed her URL to irl-riliane.

No. 166640

Either it's because Tumblr only watches Tumblr-approved shows like Sherlock or Supernatural or Steven Universe, or they're hot so whatever they do is okay in SJW eyes

No. 166650

>oliver and erin were trolls

No. 166652

I just wanted to say I love you all. You're all golden, anons.

No. 166654

I actually really liked Steven Universe a lot until tumblr, how do you say it, made it like Gravity Falls and Homestuck (if you understand what I mean?). I still love Steven Universe, but I don't wanna be associated with "those" fans (you know the ones I'm talking about)

No. 166660

She forgot her panic attack spelling a little there.

No. 166662

Yeah, same here. I really enjoy the show but the fandom is pretty disgusting.

No. 166668

Thank you and you too anon!
It's pretty cool to know that some people here like ww and have common interests with me.

No. 166671

tumblr is literally the reason i quit openly talking about being transgender, because as soon as i try to discuss being ftm and a lot of serious health related worries i have, i get disgusted to be lumped into unique space boiz.

i wish these people would wake me and just experience a full month of fucking crushing dysphoria and real life transphobia. y'know, the kind where you're frightened to even use the bathroom and you get harassed by random strangers.

No. 166696

I used to identify as pan, but because of the SJW stuff I feel to ashamed to.

Isn't it really the same thing as bi, anyway? Even if it's supposed to be trans/nb inclusive, it still separates them from male and female, which is dumb because I thought bisexuality was about being attracted to both sexes, and not just the 5 million tumblr genders.

No. 166700

Looks like you got a lot of hate, but I totally get what you're saying, anon.

I'm trans, though, so I understand because I've ruminated over this shit for years.

No. 166701

I know, right?

I can't bring myself to call anyone "it" after having been called that as an insult many times.

No. 166711

File: 1440228640239.png (1.64 MB, 1720x1119, FEM-FLO-FIRST-TRANS-TAMPON-NEW…)

> “Our product is designed to give post-op trans-gender women the full-spectrum experience of menstruation. You don’t have to be deprived of the beautiful and womanly occurrence of menstruation merely because you were born without uterus. The Fem-Flo’s cotton core contains a small, vegetable-based capsule which upon reaching body temperature releases the “menses” contained within. It also aids in keeping the post-op canal conditioned and dilated after surgery and beyond.”



No. 166722

Like how >>166464 said, if you want to look passing, you will work for it cause it will be a confidence boost to yourself and you will feel better in your body. So try testosterone and go for it anon.

No. 166724

It's fine, if I post about that crap I expect to get insulted. This is a chan after all.
That is fake, brah.

No. 166728

I am the anon that posted the question and this sounded something straight out of tumblr, no offense tho.

>All we want is to be viewed how we hope to be, so when people get misgendered when they are trying to pass it can be very upsetting

It makes sense that someone who is putting the effort to appear physically the way they want and to be passing to their preferred gender, will be upset and possibly have a break down or feel bad because they feel like even though they are trying hard to get to where they want to be to be comfortable in their bodied, ppl still disrespect them and give them shit and not use their preferred pronouns and names.

The reason I came here and asked these questions is because I had a friend who believed to be a girl her whole life then one day on tumblr, she came out as a "transboy". I didn't know about this and when I saw her in person after I graduated from HS, I called her by her name and by she/her. She was wearing a skirt, flowy blouse, makeup with pink lipstick, a bow on her head, eyeliner, but she did cut her hair short like how every damn non-binary/pansexual/plantkin/transtrenders fakeboi/ insert every insane gender out there form tumblr and went to rant on her tumblr about how I miss gendered her and not use her correct pronouns. Like if she had "body dyshporia" (she claimed to have it) she wouldn't be dressing the way she did and be calling herself a princess. I was very confused tried to talk to her but she was set I was a cis scum who oppressed her. I wanted to hear reasonable ppl about these topics which I am getting so thanks everyone, but when I hear BS, it hurts me even though I am not fairly educated in these topics.

No. 166731

It's actually meant to help the dilation of the post-op mtf vagina that needs to be opened up as often as possible to avoid healing shut.

No. 166732



That's rough anon, I knew tumblr is toxic and made ppl in the real world see actual transgender ppl look like kids going through a phase but not at the rate it is going.

I hope one day we can openly allow ppl to be transgender, gay, asexual, lesbian, etc without being harassed or seen as transtrenders on something that affects ppl deeply like the way it affects you. Thanks for your input anon. I hope you get better soon, you have my support.

No. 166733


So it's like a tampon to help with the bottom surgery in MtF? Do they put it inside their vagina to prevent it healing from closing together?

No. 166735

Exactly. They also have to use "dildos" multiple times a day to help the healing process and avoid it closing up.

No. 166736

Your friend sounds like a trender, just stop being her friend.
When someone is trying hard it would be really sad. But your friend chooses not to pass, she can live with the consequences.
Most of my info came from links and info posted /lgbt/ board on 4chan. Not tumblr, I assure you.

Transwomen get actual dilators, those fake tampons would be expensive as hell and for such an insanely small market (only about a quarter of transwomen have srs apparently) it would not even get off the ground.

No. 166738

File: 1440232446501.jpg (5.57 MB, 2848x4272, dilator.jpg)

they aren't dildos, they are dilators…
Why would you put dildos in quotes as though it is actually the correct term?

No. 166755

I don't mean to derail the board with another race discussion, but I thought this was interesting and worth bringing up.

No. 166762

That is fascinating.
It's always the most vocal minorities of people who pull this shit.

No. 166770

Shh, calm down Anon, everyone forgets the name of things sometimes

No. 166772

I used to identify as pan too, because I thought that being pan meant that you are attracted to all genders, and for me that meant men, women and transgender, I had no idea that pan meant that you are attracted to million different genders that seem to sprout everyday on Internet. Now I just identify as bi, I mean if you're bi it means that you are attracted to both genders, and trans people can either be transwomen or transmen so they fit the label.
On the off note, I will never understand those genderfluid/demifluid/(insert greek or latin prefix)fluid people, call me genderphobic or something, but that is so idiotic and I don't think that people like that exist in real life

No. 166789

citation needed

No. 166898

I dont understand why MTF want menstruation.
fucking dumbasses.
Menstruation hurts like hell and its a fucking horrible experience

No. 166901

Do these fucks not realize even women don't want periods? What IS this? Grass truly is greener on the other side. It's like a F2M wanting rogue boners.

No. 166905

do you have dysphoria?
anon, you could use contour to make you look like a hot masculine dude

No. 166908

>possibly born autistic


No. 166923

Eh, nevermind. I found an article about it on Snopes. I feel dumb now for falling for that. =(

No. 166955


i wish i could contour me a cock

No. 166991

File: 1440261316908.png (130.79 KB, 509x1370, nebularomantic.png)


No. 167023

One of Galaxyprincet's friends.

No. 167042

File: 1440264621849.png (36.72 KB, 567x657, dulciboy.png)

I'd like to believe this person isn't real but /r/asktransgender says otherwise.

No. 167044

i think she was slimebat.tumblr.com
anyway, she's also some special snowflake who thinks she's literally some fictional character and she thinks her headcanons are canon. thinks you can't be kin with a character unless you and the character have the same race, and she is mixed with every possible race so she can be kin with every character. she's so annoying, i follow her just because i like some things (mostly aesthetic) she reblogs.

No. 167089

I was a bit of a tomboy growing up. Never considered myself genderfluid. Nowadays, if a girl is a bit tomboyish then she might actually think she's *~genderqueer~* instead of just a girl who happens to like traditionally male things. Which is contradicting because, isn't tumblr trying to ¡¡destroy gender roles!!! Or something?

No. 167094

Gosh i can only get through two sentences before wanting to shoot myself

No. 167097

No. 167115

A lot of people on /lgbt/ thought it was a cool idea at first, until I realised that there was a "Rachel Dolezal organises first trans-racial symposium" article on the same site and then I had to do more digging.
Considering that only about ¼ of transwomen actually had srs it would be far too expensive of a product to actually keep a company afloat. And there is no way major chain stores would be selling it for such a tiny minority of people.

No. 167117

File: 1440274176090.png (92.2 KB, 1239x403, Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 8.07…)

are you kidding?
This site is fucking gold!

No. 167118

File: 1440274217157.png (156.25 KB, 859x382, Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 8.08…)

poopoo in wonderland

No. 167119

I can barely breathe because I'm laughing so hard!

No. 167120

I think genderfluidity is fucking stupid. "Look at me I'm a cis girl but sometimes I feel like a boy!! So i MUST be genderfluid!!" or vice versa. Like wow, congratulations on feeling like every single person on the face of the earth ever.

One of my friends came out as genderfluid but I keep my mouth shut because a number of my friends are borderline sjws (but thankfully my best friend shares my sentiments).

Like, I too, friend, am also a cis female who sometimes likes to engage in, what you would call "MALE" oriented things. But it doesn't make me genderfluid because I'm not fucking stupid and don't care. I was a tomboy growing up because all of my childhood friends were boys, but never has it crossed my mind that I wanted to change my gender. When my friend came out as genderfluid, I started to question myself too but it's just plain dumb. WHO CARES??? NO ONE. Thankfully my friend isn't on the same level of crazy as these tumblrinas but it just irks me.

No. 167121


So, when a child is born, doctor shouldn't say 'it's a boy/girl' he should say 'congratulations, it's a they/them'…
I am bi, so I shouldn't be judgmental, but sometimes, because of shit like this I wish I was born 500 years ago

No. 167125

File: 1440275060046.png (149.44 KB, 850x567, Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 8.23…)

I'm having much fun with this site.
Meet Cervixia, cer is a cervix.

No. 167128

One time, out of curiosity and when I was trying very hard to be sensitive to things I didn't understand, I asked what exactly "genderfluid" meant because it really just looked like a person with a variety of hobbies and clothes. People went on and on about "feeling like a girl one day and a guy the next and like NOTHING the next day" but what does that even MEAN? Do I actively feel like a woman 100% of the time because I'm female/cis? Am I less of a woman if I'm wearing baggy sweats than when I'm in full egl? Like, c'mon. This is BS and these people know it. They just wanna be special.

No. 167132

Dysphoria is one thing but it's biological and it can't just switch like that.
Genderfluidity is one of the most sexist things I've ever seen.

No. 167134


fair enough. just makes me so mad thinking about all those children on tumblr "trying on" different pronouns…

No. 167140

File: 1440277292343.png (187.97 KB, 777x560, Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 9.00…)

but I can give Spoopy Ghost boo's own pronouns!

No. 167144

I refuse to believe that someone with a mother who is willing to kick them out at 14 identifies themselves as "dramatur-dulciboy"

No. 167146

What kind of piece of shit parents even kick their child out at that age?? like damn, maybe not neglecting your child would've avoided them from turning out as weird as they are with their pronouns and shit??

No. 167148

Honestly I have no idea how any parent could do that, I mean it happens but I can't imagine hating your kid so much you just throw them out. It's not even only if they're gay/trans or whatever, I've also heard stories where someone got kicked out because mom or dad just thought of the child as a burden.

No. 167192

To be honest 'art hoe' is a boring ass concept; even those aesthetic blogs are better.

Also if I see POC being used one more time I'm gonna flip. I think when people say that, they only mean black people which makes me wonder why don't they just say that.

No. 167194

File: 1440283413416.jpg (152.87 KB, 845x410, tumblr.jpg)

No. 167199

I haven't watched Inside Out yet but do people really rage on about why the girl has different gendered emotions?
I've seen people saying this means she's genderfluid and it makes me laugh because that would never get past any director.

No. 167222


The Chihiro Fujisaki tag is such a goddamn mess.

No. 167225

Haven't some parents done this and been universally mocked by the rest of the world?

No. 167245

I'm picturing doctors just yelling IT'S ALIVE like fucking frankenstein

No. 167368

Honestly, the only people I can think of who consider themselves some form of nonbinary and actually seem convincing about it are also mentally ill in some way. Like more severely, with intense clinical depression, or personality disorders, etc. I think for those people it's a weird way their illnesses can manifest, and for them, if it helps make sense of whatever chaos is fucking up their life, then I don't mind. It's pretty harmless at that point if it's just a coping mechanism, and I've never seen any of them wave it around or make a big deal of it like tumblrites do. I'm not sure how I feel about it all outside of that though.

No. 167375

Probably because menstruation means you can give birth, and many trans women want to be mothers. Either that or they want every experience a cis woman has, the good and bad ones, to feel more like a "true woman" or whatever.

No. 167384

Man, this is BULLSHIT. Women dont even want their periods. mtfs are…just..what are you guys even doing?

my thoughts exactly. Ugh

No. 167385

So glad i'm not trans and happy with my own body.

No. 167386

Too bad for them.

No. 167448

> never once considering how in the world shit was to get out again

Me, when I binge on low-fiber foods.

No. 167450

And that's exactly why we admire cis people and want to be them.

Transtrenders hate cis people, simply because they think that's what being trans means.

No. 167477

Man I used the art hoe tag for some of my work, and it did jack shit. Its just for looks and no actual art.

No. 167500

Oh god I heard this argument in person almost 2 years ago in high school and it was cringy. Everyone there was tumblrfags and said why can't doctors say "IT HAS A PENIS/VAGINA!" I was hella confused because why reduce my newborn child to their damn reproduction organs? I rather have them say "It's a boy/girl" or if they are born intersex to just tell me. I feel like we do need genders in some ways especially when the child is young because honestly, without genders they will be more confused in the future if they see "genderfluids, transgender, bi-gender, tri-gender, plantkin, kin, demi-boy/girl, male, female, insert a lot more of made up genders from tumblr I do understand why they want to eliminate genders so kids can be more happy and being comfortable playing with toys and doing things that might be considered more girly or boyish but only really uptight parents don't let their children play with stuff they want. Growing up, my brother liked playing with his hot wheels and used my barbie house and play sets to make a race track and would use my dolls as the announcers or whatever else his mind would make up. I would play with my dolls but made them into fighters that would fight my brother's toys for victory and wars. We would also have tea parties together and make a lot on my easy bake oven and make creepy spider cakes or eyes just add a weird touch. I am still into things that are more male oriented and all but still dress up in j-fashion like egl while playing street fighter and yugioh card games and identify as a cis women. My brother loves the hell out of Hello Kitty and all Sanrio characters and girly mangas like Honey and Clover but still identifies as cis man.

Btw how do doctors tell if a child is born intersex or not? Also why do some tumblrinas think it's okay to hate and feel disgusted towards cis woman but not a transgender woman? That's a double standard since they are both women, just one was born male and transitioned to being a woman like how they wanted to be form the start. I always see this on tumblr and they are just fetishizing the LGBT+ community but don't want to admit it.

No. 167506

File: 1440325296651.png (226.15 KB, 1185x623, Untitled.png)

there's this girl I used to be mutuals with, and we talked a bit but I haven't been on tumblr for a couple of years, when I got back she turned to be a "portal system" and claiming to be self diagnsed DID. at first she was just trans, refering herself Marcos, and then bam she's 22 people.. I unfollowed her more then a year ago but she still reblogs from me a lot..
I'm more of a sensitive person and maybe a lil sjw so I tried to understand her at first, but I just can't!!! how can she self diagnose DID?? it seems she just likes a bunch of anime characters and she wants to be like them so she just makes like "alter egos" to get the excuse to be them. if she truly had DID she would have been diagnosed!! but instead all of her personas use tumblr!! I'm sorry for being so angry. I'm hurt because I am disabled from mental illnesses and then there's this girl who was born thankfully to be more of a functioning human being then me but she throws it away for a tumblr phase.. I think she's depressed, maybe she even has PTSD (she said she had a traumatic experience) so why doesn't she seek help and take medication? she would get diagnosed for realsies then! she also has a ton of followers (Even before her switch to a portal system) so maybe she does it for the fame. her tumblr is portalsystem.fuckwikia.com pic related.

No. 167507

Yes, I find it strange that while at the same time as making zillions of new genders they want to remove gendered ideals. Like, what is the point then? "gender" becomes nonexistent when you do this, so why define yourself as a gender at all?
And if you consider that hypocrisy, it's no wonder they don't see anything wrong with hating on certain groups of people while glorifying others. The general tumblr logic generally makes no sense - although tumblr is a quite diverse group of people and there are a lot of different subcategories of extremist groups there. Sometimes they cross over, sometimes they dont.

No. 167514

I just read the about page and
the system members have systems? I need an aspirin

No. 167525

I'm responding a little late here, sorry. I'm probably going to get called a Tumblrina/special snowflake for this, but whatever. I don't and have never even run my own Tumblr, and I don't talk about this shit off anon.

I can only speak for myself, but I don't feel like I ever "chose" my sexuality. I remember being drawn to both male and female characters, especially somewhat androgynous ones, from a very young age - before I had any idea what sexuality even was. Also, some of my earliest memories consist of me becoming aware of my body and feeling like it was somehow "wrong" in a way that could be fixed, but I didn't know how, and I didn't know how to communicate what felt "wrong" about it. I know Tumblr would kill me for saying this, but my hypothesis is that, at least in my case, there's some sort of a problem with the cortical homunculus, and the condition is similar to phantom limb syndrome or body integrity disorder. I truly hope that, in the future, more research can be conducted comparing the brains of trans and non-trans individuals. Hell, I might have to go back to grad school and try to get this research started myself. I'm not saying I think we should come up with a "cure" and force it on anyone, but I think it would be interesting to see how this disorder - and yes, I believe it is a disorder - comes about and whether it's even possible to treat it in a way other than how we do today (typically therapy, ongoing hormone treatment, breast implantation or reduction, and sometimes "genital reassignment surgery" and even cosmetic surgery on facial and/or other body features).

I believe that there is some sort of disorder or medical condition that causes people to feel that they are trans with dysphoria. I know that makes me a "truscum," but fuck that. I think the rest of the "trans" people - "tucutes" or, more accurately IMO, "transtrenders" - are bandwagon-hoppers who have convinced themselves that being "trans" is part of their identity because of their ~aesthetic~ or an anime they like or the "trans" friends that they have or just because they like the attention and want the oppression points.

For me, dysphoria is a physical feeling. I sometimes rub my arms or legs against each other and it feels like someone else is touching me - I feel very detached from my physical body and have an intense sensation that it somehow isn't mine. When I started puberty, I went from being aware of and somewhat puzzled by my body to loathing and wanting to destroy my body. I started self-harming in secret. When I began to develop breasts, my hips and thighs began to get bigger, and I became less ruler-shaped, I felt like something was horribly wrong. I had obsessive thoughts about lopping off my tits and sewing my vulva closed (sorry if this is TMI). I never wanted a penis, but my sexual characteristics have always felt incredibly wrong, and I feel physically ill when I think about the fact that they're attached to me. I basically have to ignore the fact that I have breasts and a vagina, because if I think too much about it, start feeling like I'm going to vomit and/or pass out. For over 15 years now, I've been passively suicidal (I'll probably never act upon those feelings) because I feel so disconnected with and trapped in a body I find absolutely repulsive.

I also feel very uncomfortable when other things remind me of my femininity - e.g, menstruating or being called a "woman" (I'm fine with "girl," "she," and a lot of other gendered names, but "woman," "womanhood, "femininity," and some others make my skin crawl for some reason) or anything being brought up re: me getting pregnant.

I don't personally know anyone who is out as trans. My brother's girlfriend's brother is, but I've never met him. My experience with other trans people consists of what I've seen on the internet. From what I gather, a lot of the people who are trans, experience dysphoria, and believe that being trans is some sort of medical/mental health condition do indeed dislike these "transtrenders" (or, as they want to be called, "tucutes" - cringe). I myself am horrified by all of these made-up genders and "romantic orientations," as well as by the ridiculous "neo-pronouns" like chair/chairs/chairself or fee/fie/foe/fum or whatever. I have a hard time understanding why a "trans" person would want to go out of their way to provoke others into reading them as their birth sex (e.g., a "transboi" who is super into sweet lolita and plays up rather than masks their femininity). I also have a hard time understanding why anyone would want to be trans. I'm not saying that anyone else has to feel the way I do (fuck, I wouldn't wish this upon anyone), but I personally wish that I could just not be trans; I'd love for this to just go away and leave me to be at peace with the body I was born in. I've tried for over 15 years to squash these feelings or will them away, and that hasn't done anything but contribute to the gigantic fucked-up mess that I've made of my life.

I don't do anything to try to pass as anything other than female. That's only because it's the path of least resistance, though, and I'm an extremely conflict-avoidant introvert who hates the thought of being viewed as a "special snowflake." At this point, I doubt I'll ever even do anything to transition. I'm so used to living as female and loathing my body that it just seems like the normal state for me to be in, and I guess it will probably be like this forever. I don't express any of this IRL. I'm not proud of it - I'm pretty ashamed of it and I really wish it would just go away. I've kept it all inside and cringe away from the idea of being associated with the Tumblr/Tumblr-esque version of what it means to be "trans."

No. 167541


Just found this faggot whining about people liking Burzum on Huffpost.

No. 167562

Sorry you're going through that anon and hope you are getting some help for it.

No. 167563

I agree that children should be assigned their gender at birth, if it has vagina it's a girl, if it has penis it's a boy, there's no inbetween. If a child indeed turns out to be transgendered, at some point in their life they will figure it out despite being raised as their birth gender.

Intersex people are mixture of both genders and the moment that intersex baby pops out of uterus, doctor will probably identify them as boy or girl, because the baby will have either a penis or vagina, you can't have both, although sometimes their external sexual organs look strange compared to the usual, but that's not always the case. Intersex children sometimes have different external and internal organs, so a child born with vagina has male internal organs and child born with penis has female internal organs. Sometimes male and female characteristics of intersex people get mixed only in their genetic structure and they won't even know that they are intersex unless they do some testing. Sometimes people dont even know that they are intersex until puberty and some might even die without ever knowing that they are intersex. All in all there are different types of intersex.

No. 167570

No. 167573

Apparently that's possible now. You're system could have a system and you don't even know it. I don't even.

It's amazing how people went from otherkin and soulbonds to full out believing they had Steven Universe, Sephiroth, Loki and Benedict Cumberbatch living in their headspaces.

It seems that at first they were more tolerant of other people having the same headmates. Because multiverses. But now you see a lot of "Don't follow me if you have character x as a headmate or are the same kintype as me". Since everyone seems to magically have all the popular characters they're going to run out of special snowflake friends on tumblr fast.

And you see more and more headmates with neo pronouns and tumblrtarded sexualities like aporagender demiboy aromantic polysexual wolfkin or something like that. You've got people thinking they are gods. It's gotten so absurd that I can't see how it could get any worse. But I bet it can.

No. 167574


I feel stupid now.

No. 167578

It sounds to me that all you need is to interact with others a whole lot more before saying "I'm not like the rest", like really, go out, make friends, talk with people, just be social and learn about their experiences, learn how humans fucking work and deal with this before saying that you feel there's something wrong with you. You need to stop keeping all this shit to yourself or you'll end cray cray like those loner freaks on tumblr.

No. 167583

File: 1440339251103.jpg (28.99 KB, 640x312, b7xIOS4.jpg)

I'm going to get this thread back on track, or try to.
I would look for my own content, but Tumblr on mobile sucks and I'm not wasting precious space for the app, so of courtesy of TTiA, here's Tumblr ft. any other website that hast his shit:

No. 167586

File: 1440339630886.png (20.86 KB, 873x211, L8jqBoR.png)

No. 167587

File: 1440339679595.png (18.99 KB, 529x407, JBjG7WY.png)

I meant *TIA
I don't have much, but eh.

No. 167588

File: 1440339713210.jpg (50.57 KB, 352x505, Z4ZtBvx.jpg)

No. 167589

File: 1440339765739.jpg (78.87 KB, 570x706, bfpflbW.jpg)

How does one deal with flood warnings? Do you just deal with it, and wait?

No. 167590

I kek'd.
But in all seriousness, I would kick the shit out of that doctor.

No. 167592

Meh, just wait a few seconds and reload the page.

No. 167594

File: 1440340197522.jpg (20.48 KB, 359x292, WnS8S3W.jpg)

Last two, not using wi-fi

No. 167595

File: 1440340220240.jpg (130.65 KB, 621x881, iWuwoCC.jpg)

No. 167596

No. 167625

Hey anon, I just wanted to tell you that I had/have the exact same feelings of physical dysphoria as well. I am a non-op transman.

I agree about it being an actual medical disorder (oopsies, I guess that makes me truscum!) and relate to a lot of your "triggers".

I wish I could talk to more people like you, who actually understand. It's hard to find others like me, especially on dumblr. I would totally be your friend, anon, or at least a shoulder to cry on.

One thing that gets brought up a lot is the whole "if you identify as male, why do you dress up as a girl?" and I wanted to discuss that a bit.

I want to admit that I am guilty of doing this sometimes, but I want to talk about why I have done it. The reason is fairly simple:

It helps me cope. When people see me dressed up, in a wig, with makeup, I feel like I am just fooling them by crossdressing. In reality, I know it is because I just naturally pass well as female, but to me I am just becoming someone else temporarily (because I look totally different than normally.)


1) It does nothing or my dysphoria. I still do not want my breasts to be visible.
2) I still see myself as male, but I do not expect anyone else to while I am dressed this way. I do not penalize anyone for misgendering me.

I hope this makes sense to some of you, and that you can draw the difference between what I use as a coping mechanism vs transtrenders making a mockery of us.

No. 167629

As far as I know being intersex isn't as simple as Tumblr makes it sound like. They basically think intersex people are born with a set of both internal functioning reproducing organs and are completely androgynous, while in reality often their intersexuality surfaces in later life. Most of the time the baby can have a vagina, a womb and ovaries, but suddenly as a teenager it might turn out that their body is producing excessive androgens and might render them infertile. Or a male might have a very small nonfunctional vaginal-like opening on their penis which has to be corrected to protect their health. Tumblr just likes to believe that intersex is about the evil doctors snipping off a hermafrodite's penis and balls and assigning them as a woman. Pretty much what Anon here explained >>167563

There are only 2 possible genders because gender is determined by the set of reproduction organs that you have. If you have a vagina and a womb, you're a female, and if you have a penis and testes, you're a male. It's pure absolute biology and nothing else. You can't just write over science and decide that gender doesn't exist and it's purely a social construct. Gender roles are not the same as gender and afaik gender roles are what are causing all the unbalance of cultural norms.

No. 167661

File: 1440351279201.jpg (107.45 KB, 412x291, Fotolia_64781561_XS.jpg)

This reminds me of that show on Animal Planet "Confessions: Animal Hoarding".

No. 167664

File: 1440351892587.jpg (100.66 KB, 600x600, y.jpg)

I looked it up and I cant believe this is a real thing ive been dressing like this since high school, am white and also an art student in nyc, I use moleskines exclusively and most of my art supplies are pricy. I never thought much of it and I have plenty of black friends who fit into this aesthetic too, of course they would definitely considered "whitewashed" by most tumblrinas as most of them are rich,speak proper english,are well educated and skinny and wear american apparel,thrifted vintage and branded clothing almost exclusively.
I looked through the black art hoes trying to see the artwork that came out of this movement and what I saw almost no artwork but plenty of black people wearing cheap knockoffs and f21 crap that didnt quite fit right.
the problem here is definitely a class issue more than a race issue but of course tumblr makes everything about race. Most of these people dont even draw why not just call it something else and leave the term art hoe for the actual artists or people that fit in with the aesthetic and culture?

No. 167668

I was thinking of buying some moleskine journals and a planner bcse of their clean edge
do you like them?? or just use them bcse availability?

No. 167673

File: 1440353367808.jpg (15.43 KB, 350x350, image.jpg)


Anyone else notice the word "neurotypical" becoming super popular overnight?? Like i have mental health issues too but i don't understand why these people have such victim complexes that make them think people who are "normal" are evil…..

No. 167678


Holy shit, I remember ioncehadaneurotypicaltellme

Those fuckers were crazy (trigger warning: ableist slurs)

Just look at this shit:


No. 167696

Isnt class issue a race issue?

No. 167721

No. 167723

File: 1440356167342.png (25.48 KB, 638x70, Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 19.5…)

Sorry that I don't want to watch ugly people do it.

No. 167797

Because it's wrong to say you have mental illness and that everyone else is normal - being abnormal is an insult so you have to make up new words. You aren't an aspie, you are ~neurodivergent~. Everyone else is ~neurotypical~ and since you are different from them they all have to kiss your ass because you are so special and unique BUT OBVIOUSLY NOT ABNORMAL AMIRITE~~~

No. 167805

So…according to the Tumblr SJW Code, as an assburger with some super cool, exciting mental illnesses, I'm allowed to ~reclaim~ a lot of slurs, yeah? If I say "retard," "moron," "autist," "stupid," "crazy," "lunatic," etc. and someone gets fanny-frustrated over it, I can just tell them to "check their neurotypical privilege," right? It's getting so ridiculous with all of the bizarre Newspeak jargon and forbidden words. I'm glad I don't know anyone like these folks IRL (perks of being an asocial shut-in!), because I'd hate having to constantly walk on eggshells to avoid potentially hurting their poor, delicate feels.

No. 167806

Well you can reclaim those, but you would need to blow up at anyone who uses them as an insult, and remember to trigger warning yourself because if your friend is neurodivergent like you and has been called "stupid" before, xe could get PTSD from people being mean to xer.

No. 167811

Its the other way around. jfc

No. 167830

while wrapped in all the tumblr buzzwords, they have a point, in a linguistic sense. people who speak with country dialects, AAVE, have an accent because english isn't their native language etc get judged and can be discriminated against by people. in the UK, received pronunciation was created to keep the elites feeling "above" the common masses and their way of pronouncing things.

it's all kind of funny in a way. I don't think anyone is truly speaking "proper english", everyone has their own (mis)conceptions about it (a common one is "Mary and me" → "Mary and I" but actually the correction is a hypercorrection and is grammatically incorrect [but no one cares because it's commonplace now, and that's how language works. what's common is what goes])
but anyone who says "those [slur] can't speak our language, fuck those guys" never stops to think if they're using the language right anyway.

No. 167836

Idk why ppl are so bitter about girls who dress like that tho
I mean, I personally think it's a cute style?
I'd dress like that, but I live in Texas so I'd die of a heatstroke lol.

No. 167847

I don't really know about it but I can see some people being irritated by them using expensive art supplies for little more than doodling just to keep up a persona. If it was just a fashion style I doubt people would care.

No. 167856

Idk, it always seemed like a pretentious fashion choice in my opinion. Like, as an art student myself, all the people I've ever meet who dresses like that has this "oh so quirky" air around them, but once you crossed a few words with them you discovered that in fact, they were fucking boring, shallow and had almost no personality outside their big fashionable glasses and ugly sweaters… Also, all their works consisted of just self portraits or crappy photography in sepia.

No. 167870

While "Proper English" may not be the best term, I believe most Tumblr people when they mention "proper" english means "common english".
Common english are what these people are against.
The diversity and flexibility is what makes the English language amazing imo, but it still needs a common ground that people could turn to in case they don't understand each other.
Imo , AAVE isn't wrong when it's with friends or people who speak it commonly. But however, in a professional/stranger environment, AAVE or other accents and jargon should go out the door(unless stated other wise).

For example, a Chinese businessman who learned his English in a proper/classroom environment isn't going to understand most slang and accents.
Or a deep southerner who was surrounded by rednecks all their life isn't going to understand Ebonics/AAVE (or at least not all of it).
Or a person who speaks English Creole isn't going to understand Singaporean English that easily.
While being rude about someone may be classist or 'racist', to say that we shouldn't have Some common form of English is stupid.

Not trying to attack you in anyway, just trying to explain how people think.
'Opressed' people don't get it? Get rid of it.

No. 167882

Been there for longer then your average SJW has been, I can know because when I got diagnosed with aspergers I tried to find some online community to talk about having autism and they were all insane and kept talking about dem evil neurotypicals

No. 167891

File: 1440365999739.png (11.52 KB, 540x218, Untitled.png)

No. 167899

File: 1440366402364.jpg (27.22 KB, 597x443, transmen.jpg)

Somewhat related

> Stop typing like you know how!

No. 167900

File: 1440366513980.png (73.07 KB, 1147x840, Screenshot_1.png)

I went in Miscellneous

No. 167959

maybe this is why everyone on t UMBlr?? talks likek a fuckiong moron?? uwu they're scared the other social rejec t s wo nt lieke teham ?????? UWU

No. 167986

Oh, come ON.
>like my posts to make me feel validated!
At least they're upfont about it.

No. 167997

Tumblr doesn't watch things like this, only tumblr mandated shows like superwholock.

No. 167999

This is some next level fetish shit. I wonder if they know that most women HATE getting periods

My birth control has made mine really light and sometimes I don't get them at all and it's the best feeling in the world. I sure don't miss bleeding like a stuck pig

No. 168002

Why is Tumblr so obsessed with deers/fawns?

No. 168006

>"I take pride in my depression"
As someone diagnosed with severe depression, this makes me want to bang my head against a wall. What are you proud of? Jfc. I wish there was less stigma against mental illnesses, but these tumblrites who think it's a badge of honor can go to hell.

No. 168007


Same here. Heard from a rhino doctor that, for him, depression is something people chose to have. Told a dermatologist I had it, she asked "ok but do you have "depression" or DEPRESSION?"

These tumblrtards are not helping our case in the real world talking about it like a badge of honor.

No. 168012

ohh god please make it stop I am dying

*o ohhhh ggodpl eaadse mewaak eei t ssss to pa ii i ammd a ay yinngh

No. 168016

I absolutely refuse to tell people about my depression now because no one takes it seriously. Hell, even my psychiatrist tells me to cheer up every time he hands me a new prescription. It's bizarre.

No. 168023

i don event know waht say thisss is so worongg i reddea this it ig ve me panic acat
u ear teh evilest of ale horible ppl

No. 168028

i m soo srrrory btut it wsnt m e postni g in tthis thred it wuz m y headmate azusa aa nd sh e is fireball-kin so xh e can be mean :—( m srry i cnt ccontrol hir

No. 168029

Black people just use it more often, though in contexts where they're only talking about blacks I agree.

I don't like it because it's basically saying 'white people vs everyone else,' as though all "poc" are equal and as though all white people hold the same power over poc.

Like another anon said class plays a HUGE role in race issues. Do they disappear once you're rich? No, as many wealthy black people have pointed out, but a white person who grew up in the hood (pointing this out b/c suburban black kids are different than those who grew up in the hood and more likely to buy into this tumblr bs for some reason) has much more in common with blacks than with racist white people.

No. 168039

lol @ all the tumblrs that self-diagnose with DID when it's not fucking real.

No. 168042

File: 1440376049326.png (167.99 KB, 1118x514, okcsjw.png)

This lovely person showed up in my Okcupid quickmatch

No. 168043

>64% match
anon I have some bad news for you…

No. 168044

Why do all of these faggots call themselves prince and princess? You'd think they'd consider it classist.

No. 168048

Get out now.

No. 168049

I don't think they think that deep into it

No. 168050

is that your sister or something

No. 168063

DID is real, it's just that most of the people that claim to have it don't actually have it.

No. 168075

DID being real or not is incredibly controversial and you could argue it either way. Nobody on tumblr has it.

No. 168086


i seriously doubt DID is real. no one had it until some movie came out.

No. 168087

I think the most telling thing about SJWs is that every time I've interacted with one, I always invite them to talk with me, explain their side of things, let me explain mine, and to try and work things out to the benefit of both parties. And every single time, I'm either ignored, insulted, accused of some kind of oppressive behavior, or just straight up blocked. These guys are fucking jokes. They literally do not give a single shit about the things they "fight for". All they want is attention, oppression points to scapegoat their bad behavior, and an abundance of reasons to get recklessly angry with no repercussions.
God, I hate SJWs.

No. 168093

Uh, didn't you know that "evidence" and "critical thinking" are inventions of the white cis hetero patriarchy?! Obviously defenders of justice aren't going to use those oppressive tools!

No. 168096

Yes, I see what you're saying but it's somewhat misguided. A common or general english is indeed needed as a neutral ground for all of the different variations of english in the world. However, there are a lot of people where this sort of english isn't readily accessible. It can definitely be learned overtime, but unlike teaching non english speaking children english, no one tries to "teach" neutral english to people who spend the majority of their lives surrounded by a particular dialect. Inner city blacks grow up surrounded by AAVE then start school and everyone suddenly expects them to be able to speak and use common english without any assistance. It's like if you tried right now to just start speaking and using Jamaican english vernacular, you'd fuck it up. But people don't try to help these kids through it. They just immediately write them off as stupid or unwilling to learn or whatever else. I think everyone knows how hard it is to learn a new language. Learning/adjusting to a new dialect is equally as hard, perhaps not even more, but no one seems to think about that.

No. 168123


I did watch a documentary with a woman and her 15 personalities. They had her monitored by medical devices and such to prove it was real - indeed, it was. And the lady started crying in relief because she spent an entire life with people telling her what she had wasn't real, that she was faking etc

Either way. This is one case. A very extreme one. Girlfriend had more abuse in her life than a tumblrtard can list.
DID can be real, I believe but its not as common as these people make it out to be. It's an extreme coping method resulted of a life of REAL trauma and suffering.

No. 168126

And it's really not surprising how commonly DID is self-diagnosed by tumblrites seeing as they believe like 70% of the population is trans lmao

No. 168129

Nah i was just telling anon to get out while they can.

I mean do these people actually meet up with anyone off of these sites?

No. 168133

Oh, I thought you were telling her to get off lolcow, my bad

I have no idea. I'd be curious to do it just to see how fat they are

No. 168139

I don't doubt that there's something wrong with some people, iirc some people think that what's known as DID is just some fringe cases of dissociative disorders or BPD, but there is no way to prove multiple personalities. Right now it's just a fad disorder that people either self-diagnose or irresponsible psychs diagnose and then 'encourage' their patients to create alters.

No. 168197

And all of these self-diagnosers' alters are always fictional characters. I can believe someone with severe trauma having multiple personas to cope, sure, but an anime character that came out in 2010 can't be your alter, that makes absolutely no sense.

No. 168245


>chronologically 21 yrs old (but my mental age is lower so please be kind)

also lmfao at white+cherokee

No. 168257

This is so true and it's terrifying how many of these people there are out there and how quickly this shit seems to be spreading

No. 168272

File: 1440390130945.png (168.34 KB, 328x326, meduka and coobie.png)

omg stop gaslighting me u disgusting neurotypical ableist pig
meduka meguca has been my alter ever since june of 1992 when i was traumatized by a v triggering episode of mr rogers neighborhood i still have nightmairs about it and then i turn into a sugoi mahou shoujo for awhile
i was as surprise as anyone when china made a cartoon about one of my alters but it's kind of cool bc now everyone know she real

No. 168280

Oh my gosh, this is such bullshit.

No. 168282


What the fucking fuck

No. 168285

Gets worse when you go to his tumblr

No. 168286

ffirreeee trigargeds me to bea tirtsy stoppe trigaringe me

No. 168288

That's…obviously a girl.

No. 168312

Anyone who has "prince" in their username should be avoided at all costs.

No. 168313

File: 1440397361736.jpg (133.54 KB, 1280x720, 1436087695530.jpg)

>name: akira (aki)
>kin with: midousuji akira

No. 168318

I agree about gender roles, but what about gender identity? Even if genders were actually equal, being male or female would be still different, even if it's only about biological stuff (physical appearence and reproduction).

No. 168326

That doesn't even make Tumblrsense… how can you be non-binary yet identify as one of the binary genders?

No. 168327

Different, always. But that doesnt mean we cant fight for women to have more rights. Most countries dont even allow women to go to school. They're entitled basic human rights.

I dont care about tumblr or their 1,000 gender names. They're idiots, and we have bigger, real life problems to deal with. Being 'misgendered' or not caring that someone thinks they're a dragon dog is some of the dumbest shit i've ever heard of. These idiots will never last outside their bedrooms and basements.

No. 168334

It reminds me of the "teenage" part of Simone de Beauvoir "Le Deuxième Sexe" book. I don't think it has to do with you being trans (ie: male trapped into female body), but more with a very negative image of feminity.
In which kind of environment have you been raised? Where people misogynists in any way?

No. 168361

Maybe they shouldn't speak like this at home then? You have proper english on tv, it's not hard.

No. 168362

It's not real though…

No. 168370

No offense, but Idk what school treat the kids as if they're dumb because they can't speak a "common" English. Accents are obviously okay because, as I said, we're all different, but the teachers expect them to learn. If they already know the information, why are they in school?

Look, some of these kids are unwilling to learn. If you have them a beginning of the year essay to write, and they write in Ebonics/AAVE, the teachers will obviously tell them that this isn't the way to write.
Some children will learn as the teacher teaches them, some will fight the teacher saying that they don't have to do it. Those are the types like Tumblrina, and they'll just fail writing and speech assignments.
My mom was a teacher, and she would never write a student off as stupid and unwilling to learn at first glance. No teacher should never do that honestly, and idk what schools you're referring to as I hope teachers don't actually do that, and you're over exagerating(probably not, but that's terrible).

But if you refuse to learn, and insist on using AAVE everywhere, by all means do it, but don't be upset when people tell you that your essay is crap, and they can't read it.

Like, >>168361 said, my mother discouraged using jargon and encouraged proper grammar at home as I was starting to use to more often as I should (Caribbean dialect, words are mixed around, grammar is fucked up, it would honestly sound terrible in an English teacher's ears). If the parents don't know common English theselves, there is the public library, the school library, the internet(which these Tumblr users obviously have), and even their own teachers(doesn't even have to be their own).

No. 168399

Do people on tumblr really not realize, or just ignore that it makes no sense for every other person to be transgender or anything but female or male? I mean being transgender is pretty much a 'mistake' that shouldn't happen as your brain should be wired to feel as if you're in the right body. It's not normal. It's not supposed to be normal. Same goes for all those people claiming to be totes autistic. Do they even realize autism is caused by a mistake in the wiring of the brain that happens while you develop while being in your mother's womb?

Do any of these shits know basic biology at all?

No. 168411

Sage for personal blog shit - I just want to reply to those who replied to me.

Thank you, kind anon!

Yeah, I know, sorry.

I get what you're saying, but what leads me to feel that there's something wrong with me doesn't have to do with other people. It's an entirely internal sensation, and the closest thing to which I can compare it is body integrity identity disorder (where a person feels that part of their body, like a limb, "doesn't belong to them" and shouldn't be there).

That makes a lot of sense to me, actually. It's nice to get the perspective of another evil truscum monster, although I'm always sorry to hear about other people having to experience this shit.

I've considered the idea that being bullied largely by other girls/women throughout my life has had some impact on my views about femininity, but aside from those experiences, I was raised in a pretty left-leaning bubble (hooray for aging hippies) where feminism and anti-misogyny were the norm (not nearly to the wild extent Tumblr feminists take it), being gay was accepted, etc. I don't hate femininity in others - in fact, I really admire and appreciate it in many cases. I just feel repulsed and nauseated by my own feminine physical traits and the sensation of my body being what feels like inappropriately/wrongly feminine.

Nah, I don't think the general level of biological literacy on this part of Tumblr is very high. Same goes for the ability to perform the most basic research one one's own. Tumblr is a great place for spreading anti-science bullshit and using emotional appeals and other logical fallacies instead of rationality. Very warped, illogical notions of what it means to be "transgender," "autistic," "mentally ill," etc. seem to have taken root.

No. 168450

File: 1440428002041.png (25.7 KB, 513x526, ss (2015-08-24 at 03.51.26).pn…)

Seen this post around a few times, thankfully people have been calling them out on this bullshit. For extra lulz, it turned out that haileythearies is 20 years old… and encouraging minors to post nudes. Sasuga radfems.

No. 168470

radfems are pretty sex negative, i doubt someone who likes nudes like that would identify with them. not every extreme feminist is a radfem.

No. 168471

For a community so anal about nobody ever saying the word shota or loli, they sure do promote CP

No. 168484

File: 1440433677256.png (20.26 KB, 435x454, ss (2015-08-24 at 05.27.29).pn…)

It clearly states on her profile she's a radfem tho - pic related

No. 168489

No, because despite how enlightened they claim to be, they are the number one subscribers to traditional gender roles. A man who likes sewing? Transwoman. A woman who likes sports? Transman.

No. 168493



Fucking hell, her Etsy almost rivals Suzy's

That faux-hippie bohemian bullshit is so fucking old, ugh

No. 168494

>gender studies

No. 168508

>Gender studies and sociology double major
Aka "unemployment"

I don't get it, it's child porn. You are literally promoting child porn if you encourage people under 18 to post nudes, not to mention that her rant had nothing to do with the issue at hand.

No. 168510

I have a friend who recently came out as ftm and is changing his user names to prince this, prince that, and I'm not sure how to explain how cringy that is and how he needs to stop.

No. 168516

I watched that doc as well. I also read "Jennifer's seven faces", which is a therapist's experience with a DID patient.

Either way, DID is HIGHLY controversial, and if it exists, it's extremely rare. No one on tumblr has it, and it wouldn't work they way they all claim anyway.

No. 168548

I like 4chan's "fucking normies" better than this shit

No. 168550

>I once had a neurotypical tell me

Basically most of the blog is normal people trying to make tumblerinas feel better but they get even more offended.

No. 168551

oh come on, does she get triggered on the street when she sees an attractive person?

No. 168561

>my native features, but you can't see them lel
>claims to be part Cherokee

Whatever gets you more oppression points, I guess

No. 168567

Who wants to see porn with ugly people though? Can't masturbate to that.

No. 168609

I'm a gay guy and I get these people all the time on mine. I don't know why when you put "I am a man attracted to men" OKC decides tumblr genders are what you're after too.
Like no, I want dick OKC.

No. 168617

poly people are so obnoxious ugh

No. 168656

There is no objective ugly, though. It's all personal preference.

In fact, it's even a fetish for some people.

No. 168661

OKcupid is bad enough, but is it really taking the tumblr route now?

No. 168663

I'm also a gay male and I also have this problem. I told the search to only show me people who have their gender listed as man or trans man or cis man but it doesn't follow that and is always showing me these "genderqueer" and "nonbinary" girls. Fortunately they never message me (hopefully this didn't jinx it)

No. 168666

lolllllll suny purchase

so art school, much liberal

No. 168671

File: 1440452357701.png (31.83 KB, 994x487, okcupid_options.png)

Yep. Originally the options for gender were just male and female and the options for orientation were just straight, gay and bi.
Now there's this.

No. 168675

Yeah, no. fuck this. Fuck all of this. In the real world, it will always be

No. 168676

Is this for real??

No. 168678

Has anyone managed to explain the difference between bisexual and pansexual without resorting to "Bi people hate trans people"?

No. 168682

My gay pt bro -hivefive-

It's bad because it can sometimes feel like they are straight girls trying to enter a gay place. They don't try to look or present as men, they all are fat, with boobs, thick-frame glasses, and rainbow hair in a bad fade cut. They use tumblr speak ("if u liek anime trash u will love me uwu i want to cuddle and pet ur dog") and usually have a "DO NOT MESSAGE ME IF" thing, same as a do not follow on tumblr.

I click on the profiles out of morbid curiosity and to screencap the funny ones to send to friends, they can be a riot.

It's bad because OKC is one of the few decent dating sites, comparatively at least. Especially if you actually want to go out on dates and not hook-up/long distance.

No. 168684

I identify as bi, but I would totally date a trans person. Calling myself "pansexual" though just sounds weird though. I feel like I'd have to explain that to lots of people and I'd probably get some eyerolls.

No. 168686

Are you me? I've had the exact same thoughts and I also frequently screenshot the most retarded profiles and send them to my friends on fb. But I'll probably start posting them here instead

No. 168688

It's 100% real. if you go to the site the default options are "straight" and "woman" but if you click the dropdown menus and choose "more options" you'll see all the bullshit pop up

No. 168691

Maybe I am anon.

I would do that, but I don't want to shit up the thread, maybe there should be an OKC thread in /snow/?

No. 168700

Yes please post your screencaps, I want to laugh at these profiles.

No. 168708

Please, God no, we don't want tumblrites in fairy kei. Shoot her.

No. 168715


Aren't a lot of these "ttly an irl magical girl desu~~" tumblrtards generally into fairy kei though?

I'm so sorry, anon

No. 168742

Too late mate. Along with Pastel Goth (which is bullshit) and Sweet Lolita, fary kei is full of "non binary demibois"

No. 168749

I'm bisexual as well, and people calling themselves pansexual just feels like they're trying to get around the stigma of being bi while also shitting on bi people to prop themselves up.

No. 168751

They intersect, thats one of the arguments people make against karl Marx in saying that everything is a class issue because certain races are already treated as second class citizens despite the amount of money they have

many wealthy black people speak about how people question the possibility of them being able to live in a predominantly wealthy white neighborhood while others aren't despite having equal or more income

No. 168759

>Imo in a professional/stranger environment accents should go out the door

Not only is that something the majority of people with accents can't help, but some of the most brilliant people in the u.s. speak with accents and are perfectly accepted and welcomed considering they even bothered learning English if they're foreign and because they're still understood if its a regional thing.

No. 168770

as someone who will be teaching soon and works with teachers, teachers do react this way to black kids and its common, even in schools where the students are predominantly black and they can see that its a product of that neighborhoods teaching

t.v.'s don't teach you how to speak, there are multiple studies out there providing sufficient evidence for this, not only that but a child shouldn't be expected to learn from a t.v. nor shamed for the way their parent or community taught them

there isn't one sole way to speak english, not only are there multiple accents in the U.S., but around the world as well, each of which have their own slang and apply them in conversation, even with Americans not knowing that their slang may not be well known since its common to them

No. 168774

Same here, I'm bisexual AND transgender myself and I'm so sick of the "you have to be pansexual if you date trans people uwu" shit. I used to have to explain myself constantly back when I was involved in SJ circles, it was fucking ridiculous.

No. 168776

So do tumblr users basically consider butch lesbians to be transgender? I find that so fucked up, they're completely denying their identities and enforcing the misconception that to be a woman you have to dress and behave a certain why. I know why trans people enforce these stereotypes among themselves, seeing as how it helps them to be recognized by the gender they are, but for these tumblr kids to apply it to cis people?

It's like anyone they come across that does something even remotely "opposite" to their gender is the green light to label them as trans. Its why they love seeing those kpop boy groups who display skinship. They're either labelled gay or trans because they hug each other or dress up as a girl. Amber from f(x) is labelled as trans all the time because she's a tomboy. Just let her be, don't tell her what she is, the fucking nerve of these people.

My niece is 3 yrs old and likes playing with trucks, if some tumblrtard was to try and claim she's trans for that I'd honestly try and knock their teeth out. These dumbasses claim they hate labels but it's what they live for.

Sorry for the rant but fuck I'm tired of seeing this logic being used in places outside of tumblr trying to spread their "knowledge".

No. 168786

File: 1440460443871.png (554.46 KB, 980x594, Tumblr1.png)

K, here's one

No. 168791

Pretty much. They treat gender like an aesthetic and accessory and encourage any female who likes the colour blue and short hair/any male who ever wanted to try makeup to "explore their gender", yet call people out of saying that you need dysphoria to be trans, too.

Apparently lesbians are also transphobic. I'm a lipstick lesbian. I like girls who dress like a girl and jayjays. I'm not being transphobic by not wanting to date a trans girl who still has a dick because I don't like dicks, end of. I'm not actively excluding them. Dicks gross me the fuck out, and before any tumbltard tries to tell me "oh so now you're reducing people to their genitalia", fuck off. I'm a sexual person and surprise, people do care what kinda junk you have.

No. 168792

File: 1440460746608.png (348.24 KB, 1186x528, Tumblr2.png)

Much agender, such androgyny

No. 168794

this isn't half as bad as the "don't follow if you fall into any majority" people but still pretty cringe-inducing.

No. 168800

File: 1440461398551.png (11.16 KB, 53x56, Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 12.0…)


No. 168802

Okcupid thread

No. 168841

I was seeing some posts thrown around tumblr concerning lesbians being transphobic for not wanting to date a mtf person as well. While a person doesn't have to be reduced down to their genitalia, imo one of the aspects of people that attracts others is their bodies, which surprise surprise, includes genitalia. There wouldn't be as much emphasis in society towards "acceptable" looking genitals (huge uncut dick, hairless/trimmed non-roast beef looking labia vagina) if people didn't care.

If sex is an important aspect of your relationship, not wanting to be intimate with a dick doesn't mean your against the person, you're just uncomfortable with dicks. It doesn't mean you see them as a man, just that you don't want to be intimate with that and that should be fine. Strangely enough there was no mention of gay guys being transphobic just because they didn't want to fate a ftm person.

No. 168843

yeah but is there anyone more tumblr than:


I liked "them" as a person prior to them evolving into a pan, ace, haes supporting gender fluid bear.

No. 168912

File: 1440470418934.png (170.74 KB, 500x516, WseEaj3.png)

To keep this thread on the ball.
Courtesy of TiA once again.
C'mon guys, let's post stupid Tumblr shit.

No. 168913

File: 1440470549603.png (45.96 KB, 500x299, 1NcXSx7.png)

No. 168914

File: 1440470644785.png (75.12 KB, 500x304, SQ4Wcgl.png)

This one's a classic

No. 168915

File: 1440470769211.png (58.21 KB, 500x293, ZRS3dg1.png)

I don't even know what to say to this shit….
Makes me sad thinking people are like this.

No. 168916

File: 1440470810786.png (35.67 KB, 500x332, su00FoX.png)

No. 168917

File: 1440470904151.png (48.52 KB, 500x302, Q9d6g54.png)

I-I think they went full fucking circle guys.

No. 168918

File: 1440471046767.jpg (17.02 KB, 250x232, tumblr_static_6mhbo1rwf5csko4c…)

No. 168919

File: 1440471057270.jpg (36.57 KB, 640x521, oHi279Dl.jpg)

*I don't know????? Why you're?????? Comparing?????? Death threats???? To killing someone?????
I was triggered??????I'm not responsible for my actions??????*

(This upsets me more than it should since its Tumblr, but luckily this is the last one, so I don't have to wade through shit.)

No. 168929

>>Cute emoticons
Must be trolls.

No. 168931

File: 1440473452923.jpg (48.13 KB, 592x619, butthurttrans.jpg)

My twitter is going full retard.

No. 168932

Same here. I'm a lesbian who likes girly girls and i'm not going to apologize for it. I could care less if I'm hurting a trans person's feelings. I don't like dick or else I wouldnt be a lesbian, I'd be bisexual.

No. 168934

>Person makes a valid point that all children need a home/family in spite of their race/ethnicity
>other user brings up a completely off topic argument to invalid them


No. 168935

rofl omg. Is this real? Holyshit

No. 168936

One of my greatest peeves with tumblrs stems from this whole ableist bs because of how deeply they want to actually be treated like shit. It's tumblrs mission to make every human oppressed somehow, and while someone will argue: except cis het white males!! remember, you too can be an otherkin.

I remember following someone who had a large following and seeing them respond to dozens of messages calling them an ableist because they used the word stupid in reference to an event and not a person. It was a back and forth thing with their logic being that its a word used specifically for people who can't perform up to par, so its exclusionary and thus triggering for people who were subjected to that type of abuse.

The person I followed argued that the word isn't used exclusively for people anymore, but they ended up giving in and saying they wont use it anymore. They switched to ignorant and lo and behold, they came back saying they were still being ableist.

I actually laughed at that point and was honestly surprised they would be offended by the word ignorant. Idr what happened after that but I unfollowed a shit load of sjw blogs after that. I used to follow ones that were reasonable imo, talking about things concerning gender but they grew into "lol male tears," for everything not just when guys complain about being "nice guys" who should be paid back with your vagina.

No. 168938

in that case drag queens should be offensive

No. 168942

Hmm, but weren't they saying that the person who said white people shouldn't adopt kids of other races thinks Hitler is attractive, not the one who made the valid point?

No. 168943

im a transman and i wouldnt date another trans person, does that make me transphobic? lmao, tumblrs so fucking stupid.

No. 168944

tumblr doesn't care about Drag Queens because they're cis. I hate tumblr and i honestly have only met one trans person who is legit in my 27 years of living. I doubt any of the people offended are legit trans or people who care about the small percentage of trans people on earth. I'm sick of Caitlyn jenner being the tumblr/sjws trans-muhamond.

No. 168946

Just curious, why not?

No. 168949

Lol dude, that person who brought up Hitler was reffering to the OP. Saying that Adopting parents should stick to their own race, plus they're attracted to Hitler so there is no use fighting because they know what they're up against.

(Side note: Hitler was pretty physically attractive, too bad he did so much shitty things. )

No. 168950

File: 1440474892679.jpg (54.28 KB, 621x545, wow.jpg)

Haha. Oh man, the replies on that thread are even worse. >>168931

No. 168951

Ah, my bad then. I figured tumblr would be the people who were rabble rabble about white people adopting non-white children, which no one should ever be mad over. As long as children are adopted and go to a loving home, I dont care if you're black, hispanic, white or gay.

No. 168952

the fact they're offended is hilarious

No. 168953

im gay. im not attracted to vaginas, so no transmen. and im not attracted to women so transwomen are out of the question too. i like cis men, thats it.

No. 168955


although people acting like neurotypical people are satan/should be super pc/omg evil!!!/oppressing me!!! are retards, I do understand frustrating that can happen when you are constantly told things by people who don't understand (and usually don't have) mental illnesses

No. 168956


I don't take pride in my illness but I'm not ashamed of it. I'm proud of who I am and I am not my illness.

No. 168959

then your psychiatrist sucks, I mean why give you meds if he thinks telling you to cheer up would be enough

No. 168960

I know. Hahaha

No. 168962

Thats different than presenting it in the way tumblrtards do with their autism. For them it really is a badge that screams "as an oppressed minority, here is what I can get away with:" based on what they write on their "about me's" and faq's.

Accepting your depression is great since not only are you acknowledging it, you accept it and is one of the first steps to coping with it and maybe healing from it. Being proud of it though? That sounds like such bs to me, at the lowest point of some peoples depression they want to die. Someone who's thoughts are filled with wanting to kill themselves is unlikely to be patting themselves on the back for it.

No. 168985

I think that's part of the problem with tumblrtrans. They treat trans like it's a sexual orientation which is absolutely unrelated, when really isn't it about being one gender & feeling as though you are meant to be the other? (then going through the process preferably.)

Like.. it's just been twisted into this unrecognisable wisp of what it truly is.

No. 168987

Funny too since if they knew anything about LGBT history that some of the trans figures they adore so much like Marsha P. Johnson also worked as drag queens.

No. 169034

File: 1440491846475.jpg (150.6 KB, 1280x743, FaNk3QH.jpg)

I'm glad you said something about 'newspeak' it really is a form of propaganda to declare words mean arbitrary things or make them up.

In my opinion it is extremely important to recognize some of the SJW tactics used to further their fucking cult
- making up words to give legitimacy to basically insane claims
- changing definitions of words "the dictionary was written by old white men"
- excluding people from conversations based on race/sex/orientation
- shutting down discussions by calling people racist, etc

I really hate this is all about social justice/equality. I am so fucking for people that feel they are on the LGBTQBBQ++ whatever being happy and being able to be open, people being informed and safe about kinks, people being able to live in a multicultural place and blend cultures without losing their own, trans people being accepted and met with kindness and not violence, mental health awareness, etc etc etc but the crazy SJW stuff is hurting it imo. I mean with all the crazyness and loaded words and drama and bickering and god damn children all over the internet all rolled up into this mess I worry it's causing a lot of harm. People still raise their kids to be ignorant and hateful but SJWs be like 'fuck Joss Whedon womyn ain't have no flaws how could u write Buffy with flaws'. Pick your fucking battles you know? Sorry I am totally wine drunk.

pic related courtesy of TiA

No. 169081

That reminds me of how I got hate because I said I don't see a reason to label my sexuality and think that we all just should be. (I can't express that right in English)
Apparently it is hateful to think like this because some people need labels to I quote 'hold onto'

No. 169116

When I was a kid there was a trans woman in my friend's building. That's the only one I've seen in real life that I can think of. They just aren't as numerous as tumblr thinks they are.

Most of these tumblr kids are not trans. They're just snowflakes. Unless tumblr is a trans mecca and every trans person goes there to meet up, they are snowflakes. It's just really weird how it's become some kind of badge of pride to be oppressed. It undermines everything that truly oppressed people have worked for over the years to raise awareness and try to be accepted and treated as equals.

I played with trucks, cars, Transformers, GI Joes and was a heavy gamer growing up. I had really short hair from ages 11 and 12. I am not trans or an agender polysexual demiboy. I hate to think that if I was growing up now I might have friends telling me I'm something I'm not because that's what tumblr said.

No. 169142

Can't agree more with this. Hell, I'm all for feminism and racism does not fly with me, but that doesn't mean I'm constantly offended at everything and everyone, you gotta pick your battles. If I see people "calling out" minor shit like a scientist wearing a shirt with a scantily clad woman on it, like really? THAT is what you're worrying about? Go help out at a women's shelter or something and get off the internet.

No. 169153

I don't even know what half of these are, what the fuck is going on, okc?
Get out

No. 169155

True, but I'd assume mainstream porn adheres to what's considered "conventionally attractive" nothing to be ~triggered~ over.

No. 169191

This one is actually satire, thank goodness

No. 169389

oh my fucking GOD i used to be friends with that person way back in 2011 or 2012. i guess i shouldnt be too surprised, they were a fucking mess. tons of fb photos of them wearing super girly clothes and then suddenly they cut their hair and became… a boi. they used to also upload albums on fb often, with like 60 selfies and just that. what the fuck. sorry for uninteresting ranting, but i had sort of wondered where they went.
(actually i didnt know her very well. pretty cute though. the cleavage though heh)

No. 169433

it's not real.

No. 169443

File: 1440536193096.jpg (462 KB, 1750x2500, musketeer.jpg)


No. 169452


>That costume



brb, haveign a pankic c attqa ckk uwu

No. 169461

It is creepy and cult-like, and a lot of it seems at odds with what I've witnessed of "real life" social justice/equality/civil rights activism. In many ways, the SJW view seems to me to be regressive, not progressive.

No. 169489

eh, the outfit really isnt that funny though.

No. 169611

And now I'm sitting alone in the dark giggling over the word "musketeerkin".

No. 169629

I dunno, that guy was kind of a piece of shit really to wear that shirt. I understand it's 'minor' but he's still seriously going to wear such a shirt on national tv? it shows how he feels about women.

No. 169642

>woman makes friend a shirt as a gift with bikini clad women on them

>man wears gift for occasion probably not even thinking anything about it

>"He MUST think something derogatory of women!"

Yeah, I don't get that argument. I can agree it wasn't professional, but that's it.
It was a comfortable/humorous shirt so what exactly is the problem? National tv or not?

No. 169953

what even is a "boi"? I read some article saying they were promiscuous partying lesbian women but all these people on tumblr seem way too boring for something like that

No. 169985

File: 1440617811178.jpg (132.38 KB, 500x459, MIAOU.jpg)

Does anyone remember when that OFF game was the shit on tumblr??
I mean the game was interesting looking but
I remember seeing cosplays of the mask guy at cons, I felt like he was super popular among snowflakes

No. 169988


Holy shit yes, I remember innocently browsing tumblr and finding Zacharie mpreg

No. 169990

Shut the fuck up, his female friend designed it.

No. 169994

File: 1440619131098.jpg (39.89 KB, 282x467, shirtstorm.jpg)


Kinda late to the party here but yes, exactly

Surely the fact he was wearing a shirt he got as a gift from his female friend says more about 'how he feels about women' than wearing a deliberately tacky shirt that happened to have some half-naked women on it. Fucking hell.

The woman who made it, Elly Prizeman, makes shirts with scantily clad men on them, too, but nobody gives a shit about that because muh objectification

No. 169999

Haha, no, you're a piece of shit.

No. 170009

IDK I don't think he is a piece of shit but it's pretty shitty of him to wear this shirt on national tv when he was talking about the important thing he was like put on tv to talk about. I personally don't have issues with him wearing this shirt or the shirt itself, it was mostly just inappropriate.

I wouldn't want my kids to see such a sexualized shirt on tv while this guy is going on a bout a serious topic idk. Idk it just makes me feel uncomfortable regardless if it was a man or woman wearing this.

No. 170024

Nerds were never known about their fashion sense. Also it was something unplanned, just another day at work when suddenly, science accomplishment. Seriously if it bothers you so much close your eyes and listed to what the man has to say. That guy and his team worked their asses off to accomplish that shit and you can't take it seriously because of a fucking shirt?? Talking about shallow. Next time you gotta talk about how fat every male on the research team.

No. 170030

Wtf you couldn't even tell what was on the shirt at fist glance

No. 170057

They launched and successfully landed a space probe on a comet. Do you have any idea how goddamn hard that is and what a great accomplishment it is for science? And that's what you're going to focus on? His shirt that isn't even offensive? A quirky shirt he wore as a tribute to his female friend? It's not like it has a text that says "Make me a sandwich" or other sexist shit, it just had drawings of sexy women along with other things.

Also, did I mention that he landed a fucking spacecraft on a comet? A FUCKING COMET. And he gets shit on for wearing a fucking shirt?

Jesus, I'll never understand people who think shit like this is the most burning issue on our planet. Seeing him cry over how much hate he got broke my fucking heart.

No. 170058


huh? how are you upset over me saying it's inappropriate. If it was a woman talking about it but she was wearing a really revealing shirt or a shirt of 'sexy men' which no clothes I would think its inappropriate. I mean, I totally noticed what he was talking about and appropriate it but the shirt was not appropriate.

I dunno, I was taught that some clothes are appropriate for some settings and some are not. I don't have a problem with him wearing the shirt itself or wearing it in his daily life, or enjoying the shirt it was just weird to me to wear it like that. There is a time and place for everything


IM NOT FOCUSING ON THE SHIRT ONLY. I AM JUST GIVING MY OPINIONS OVER THE SHIRT. In no way I think he should get hate, I do not hate him, dislike him, dislike the shirt itself, it was just WEIRD to me. Not like I think we should ONLY Omg talk about SUPER SExist SHirts!!11! WOminz HAtur!1!! like no. I was just giving my opinion on SOLELY the shirt as other people were giving their opinions ONLY on the shirt itself as well

No. 170061


By the way, I don't think this was a huge issue/even a big issue. I just thought it was inappropriate/weird. That is all. I don't get when I just say "oh hey this shirt was kinda weird to me IMO" people go "OMG WHY DO YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT THE SHIRT WHY DO YOU THINK THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE ON THE PLANET!!" Its not like I was like "OMG HE HATES WOMEN SEXIST WOOW THIS IS WHY I NEED FEMINSM!111!"

No. 170063


I can understand how some people might find it 'unprofessional', but personally I think after his accomplishments, he's earned the right to wear whatever he damn well pleases

No. 170065

Also regarding the sexy ladies shirt I don't know if it's the best idea to contribute to the knee jerk prudishness that fuels a lot of ridiculous media shit like this was.

No. 170067

I don't mean to argue, but you literally called him a piece of shit, and implied that he felt lowly of women.

Not that the shirt was weird, but just because it had women and you assumed that he thought of women as lower than him or objects.
Ignoring the fact that a female made it, and that she makes similar shirts of both genders.

No. 170068


>IDK I don't think he is a piece of shit

Did you even see what I wrote? this is my first comment on this thread BTW

No. 170072

This one? >>169629 Because you said he was a piece of shit here, if this is you.

No. 170073

No. You replied to my comment >>170009

No. 170107

This, honestly. He could have been standing there wearing footie pj's and I wouldn't fucking mind.
Yay science!

No. 170110

footie pjs would have been fine. I don't think he should be super fancy super amazing fashion sense but just wear something more neutral for the television when showcasing his achievements.

No. 170116

it was a regular day at the office when the thing happened. do you always bring a spare professional shirt to work in case something amazing happened? and when you land a probe on a comet, the things you're thinking of is definitely not the shirt on your back.

No. 170134

I just imagine the guys having a "In case of comet landing break the glass" emergency box full of formal clothing in the lab…

No. 170160

tw: i'm triggered!!

No. 170174

well, no. Like I said, I just thought it was weird. I can understand having to RANDOMLY talk in front of the tv then that's OK and understandable.


I do not expect them to wear super formal but it was just weird to me

No. 170175

Lol actually in my work they do have something like this!

No. 170176


True. It was of bad taste. I know people wouldn't take it lightly if I was on his position sporting a t-shirt with dicks printed on it or smthg.

No. 170177

lets say he intentionally chose that shirt–it most likely was to further his FEMALE friends business
he could have been trying to uplift a FEMALE entrepreneur rather than demonstrate his ~misogyny~

No. 170180

who knows why he was wearing the shirt? anyways, i think the most likely explanation is that he wasn't thinking. i suppose he could wear something more tasteful on tv but calling him a "piece of shit" for that won't help fix anything

No. 170182

I am this >>170061 anon

and you summed up exactly what I wanted to say/feel like perfectly.

No. 170209

It's so far removed from being a real word that it means whatever the fuck the person saying it wants.

No. 170236

File: 1440644500897.jpg (30.9 KB, 600x350, 2x4dwrg5M1r1iko0o1_500.jpg)

you know whats really telling?
SJW tactics are the same of a cult
i remember the first time i heard the term "social justice" was from Jim Jones, who called himself a "social justice warrior" and he specifically picked vulnerable people (black people in a racist time period, and generally poor people) and eventually cut all ties with their family (much like pic related is explained) so he could have complete control over their lives.
This is what lead to the single biggest mass (forced) suicide on the planet.
Now that is scary.

No. 170237

File: 1440644513983.png (32.39 KB, 522x221, Screen shot 2015-08-26 at 7.58…)

This ho wants people to pay for her to go to a con because she's having "financial difficulties!!!! uwu" aka she can't afford it.

I can't tell if I'm more mad she made this thing for such a selfish reason or because it was actually funded.

No. 170240

and by pic related i mean the pic i replied to

No. 170254

"it's my dream!!"

Bitch it's the first year lmao.

No. 170267

"I'm supposed to be in a fashion show at this event as well and unfortunately a ticket must be purchased for entry."
So she entered to be in the fashion show and then was like "oh shit I can't afford a ticket I should ask tumblr lol"?

No. 170439

'Hmmm I have 10$ to spare. Should I help someone to get the luxury to go to a con OR should I help someone to get the basic need that is food?'

No. 170539

What a pathetic dream you have…

No. 170827

Pretty sure this person's white.

No. 170829

Lol they are. My friend is one of the people who made one of those goofy shit posts that are making fun of weebs and this user sperged the fuck out about it.

No. 170834

Their selfie is somewhere in this thread. They are definitely white.

No. 170836

Haha, that's awesome.

No. 170899

has anyone ever been on the #actuallybpid tag on tumblr? holy shit is that place a mess. don't go there if you want to feel depressed

No. 170985


New anon jumping in but honestly I don't care if a woman designed it, especially in this context (STEM where women are often looked down) he shouldn't have worn it, period. In a bar, at home, at the mall, who cares but not in the workplace.

What they did is a huge accomplishment but even if you're a great worker you should come to work in a decent outfit and think twice about it if you're in an environment where women don't feel welcome. Speaking from experience as I'm a female developper and got tired real quick of guys thinking they can talk about banging girls when I'm working on something, or won't bother to listen to my input.

No. 170991

>chronologically 21 yrs old (but my mental age is lower so please be kind)

that means you are retarded

No. 170996

File: 1440763201536.jpg (29.79 KB, 444x327, 09.JPG)

No. 171013

I've been thinking about this and I just don't get it. I could understand SJWs shouting "CULTURAL APPROPRIATION!" if tastyhumanburgers is white, because omg how dare they even use a single word from a foreign language, but "racist"? It's a line from a song written in a mix of two languages. How the fuck could that be considered racist?

No. 171024


Here's a problem for tumblr tards: if obesity is much more prevalent in the black community, isn't white tumblrinas being fat cultural appropriation?

If more black women are obese than white women, shouldn't white women stfu and not be ubiquitous in the "fat acceptance" movement?

No. 171026


I feel like they're just salty because the post is kinda ironically weeb

Most dumblrs are closet weebs and they get really pissed off when they're reminded of that

That, or basically anything even mildly related to different religions, languages or races automatically triggers sjws without them actually knowing what they're offended by

No. 171030

do you mean actuallybpd?

No. 171031


>got tired real quick of guys thinking they can talk about banging girls

That's not institutionalized sexism though, that's just weird obnoxious dudes being weird obnoxious dudes. There are people like that everywhere. It sucks, but there are always going to be annoying gross dickheads in the world.

If the worst thing you've suffered as a woman in the STEM field is seeing some dude wearing a t-shirt with slutty cartoon women on it, you really need to develop thicker skin imo

No. 171045

File: 1440774489328.png (123.43 KB, 413x574, borrowing words is racism.png)

Okay guys, according to this, i have to say the following as the german I am:
stop using Oktoberfest, Kindergarten, Schnapps and Gesundheit and what else you are fetishizing and appropiating, unless you have been forced to learn german by you distant uncle Franz!

No. 171060

wow they sound boring as fuck

>i’m pb chang

>19, cis, able-bodied, upper-middle class

pansexual taiwanese american
>she/her/they/them pronouns (use them interchangeably)

> my favorite authors rn are probably jhumpa lahiri, zadie smith, junot diaz, haruki murakami, etc.

im looking for a pic to see if they can back up calling themselves "hottie"

No. 171061

File: 1440776316613.jpg (194.15 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_nto2lzFVee1r8zfafo2_128…)

oh i guess they look pretty generic tho

No. 171073

>just neuroatypical

that's amazing, it's a way to pretend you're super special and oppressed without even having to make up a fake diagnosis

No. 171081

File: 1440779830228.png (7.15 KB, 511x147, it's ok to lie children.png)

Their blog is awful, how can you reblog shit like this and think it's remotely ok?

No. 171085

File: 1440780320169.png (25.94 KB, 591x298, ss (2015-08-28 at 05.44.42).pn…)

butchcommunist confirmed for bag-of-cats crazy

No. 171090

File: 1440780749767.png (22.21 KB, 609x374, ss (2015-08-28 at 05.51.52).pn…)

The tags… what in the fuck
(CSA = childhood sexual abuse, if you didn't know)

No. 171093

don't tons of people draw weird steven universe porn?

No. 171098

File: 1440781184671.png (8.44 KB, 586x82, ss (2015-08-28 at 05.59.27).pn…)

No. 171100

>CSA///Implied tbh because I think you can't fucking trust someone like that not to anyway
What the fuck am I reading?
Also, as if Rule 34 didn't apply to SU. They're delusional.

No. 171101

>There has never been any science behind neuroscience!
>mental illnesses are not illnesses, don't treat them!

No. 171102

The funniest thing about this is that she admits she was diagnosed bipolar, but it seems like she doesn't want to accept that there might be something wrong with her, and writes all this shit about being a sign of her ~radical nature~. She has a whole tag on anti-psychiatry too.

No. 171104

I hate to say it, but I used to be one of those people who would always go "you don't need medication, it's just a natural reaction!" until I got so low that I literally could not function in daily life anymore. Refusing medication and choosing to be miserable instead is just dumb.

No. 171109

i have a little anecdote you guys might appreciate because honestly it restored so much hope for me

Back in middle school, I was in a trio of friends and one of them was always OBSESSED with Yaoi, pretended to be gay uke boy online, etc, etc, you all know this drill. This dates back to about 8~ years ago or so, but we were all BFFs and wrote it off because w/e. We kinda fell out of touch because life happens and being busy adults and w/e

Fastforeward, and we get in touch again. It turns out he's on T now, and we actually had a really nice conversation about all the transtrender tumblr stuff. He was telling me that the reason he was into that yaoi stuff was because it was kind of a projection type thing. He could still be a boy while putting on an effeminate front for his friends and family. When he came out as trans we literally all expected it and knew and tbh I'm really happy for him because I could tell a lot of the anime stuff was a front if that makes sense

He was telling me that he completely 100% believes disphoria is a thing, and that trans people need therapy because detransitioning is a thing and people need to be safe and healthy. He doesn't have a tumblr so he has no idea about kin types, or headmates and all the made up pronouns, and I was telling him about the guides to trick therapists and stuff and he was getting so mad. In his words: "You can be a boy, you can be a girl, and you can probably be a bit of both-but you're not fucking fire"

tbh I'm just happy for him and really relieved it wasn't a fakeboi thing and this has been like ten years in the making and he seems sooooo much happier and healthier now and it's great.

No. 171184

fuck this kid. that is the dumbest shit ever. when depressed, you ARE supposed to be medicated while you work on those precious feefees in fucking THERAPY. if she really thinks depression is just feeling sad sometimes, i need to know her approximate location to fart in her direction. fuck i'm mad

No. 171194

apologies for posting offtopic but

why the fuck do people even give a shit about "aave" anyways?

i've seen such petty fucking arguments over it and it really confused me. i've heard people saying that the word "yo" is aave when it's really italian slang, for example. like, what the fuck is even the big deal with it??

No. 171213

Thank god for people like him. I have a friend like that too, and it makes me even more furious to think that people like them get not taken seriously because of tumblr crap.

White teenagers and tumblrites being offended over nothing, as usual.

No. 171247

not that anon but why would you wear that shirt to work? it's his fault. if a girl wore that shirt i would be pissed at them too. just wear a polo like a normal fucking person.

No. 171251

K but why would you wear that to work in the first place. Do none of you have actual jobs? Are you an art major?

No. 171301

Thank u for ruining the thread cometfags

No. 171302

i think its more black teenagers who would be offended?

No. 171311

I remember seeing this post going around. Some people on my tumblr/twitter who I was following because mutual cosplay/fandom friends were bitching about how "if you're a non-asian person dating an asian person then how dare you because you probably only see them as a fetish"
I had to edit my friends list and hope I don't run into them at the next convention.

No. 171386

Tumblr made it's own cartoon u guys.
Holy fug is it bad.

No. 171397

File: 1440838956278.jpg (58.5 KB, 680x496, 1440481386124.jpg)

No. 171401

god it's always so jarring to see a trigger warning not intended as a joke

No. 171406

>woah you are a trans?!?
>you didn't know?

so hard to notice that man voice

anyways, what's with that psychopathic dude? is he gonna turn out gay or something?

No. 171417

>token black guy
>token asian with purple hair streak

So diverse.

No. 171419

He's the token white guy, so he has to have a negative portrayal. He'll probably act homophobic, then unwillingly come to terms with his own homosexuality later on.

No. 171423

This and different kinds of anxiety

No. 171428

Laughing at the last one the most, I remember some people making a list of "Asian girls with a streak of coloured hair" in movies and shows and it was kind of amazing.

The show looks like absolutely shit though. The designs are ugly. The style is ugly. The animation is mediocore at best. And a good trans character would be one where it's brought up once or twice and then never again, instead of making sure the character goes BTW IM TRANS.

No. 171434

this was written and created by a white looking british guy.

not surprised tbh

No. 171437

When you're the only woman in a class of 40 dudes in their 20s, you're bound to hear this kind of crap and they don't even notice it. It then continues in the workplace especially if they're still between guys. I'm not saying they do it on purpose or anything but guys in other fields like graphic design, where they have to work with male and female coworkers are definitely not as obnoxious and watch their language.

I don't think it's bad or mean, it's just that they don't realise how patronising they can be (devaluing your work at first, saying things that are out of the line). It doesn't matter which field, you shouldn't talk or come with this kind of clothings, just like I don't come to work in my pajamas.
Imo this guy learnt something and honestly I don't have any empathy because if you're an adult in the workplace, don't pout and cry when you get burned because you did something idiotic.

No. 171439

Yeah but the black dude is totally not stereotypical. You see, instead of rap and hip hop, he likes poetry. So progressive!

No. 171443

File: 1440848375768.jpg (81.32 KB, 855x479, ed.JPG)

>There are my Iggy Azaleas and these are my Azalea Banks
>You showed us more crappy apartments than Bill Cosby's drug dates
>And you thought the Breakfast Club was edgy
>Let me just get any oxy to calm my nerves, I don't wanna get all Lana Del Cray before we hit the "depeche road".

This is so awful

No. 171450

I don't really get the big deal with using words from another language. Yes weebs are annoying, but it's not really a bad thing to learn some new words. Just don't be annoying with them.

These are the types of people who want everyone to sit within their own borders learning nothing of the outside world or other languages because they're butthurt that someone made fun of their accent or lunch in 3rd grade.

No. 171458

Oh God is that a Leelah Poster? Bitch was a delutional Transtrender that fucking ruined the life of that truck driver and his entire family, and Tumblr loved when he an heroe'd.
This is like Tumblr: The Animation

No. 171465

>and Tumblr loved when he an heroe'd

The truck driver commited suicide and Tumblr was happy about it? Fucking burn that website.

No. 171467

That's what anon probably means.
BPD is pretty much one of the hardest mental illnesses to get diagnosed with besides something like Schizophrenia or Delusional disorder.
Basically imagine every one of your emotions are haywire and you're on constant PMS and terrified that people are going to leave you and never come back because they know that you're fucked up.
It's rarely diagnosed, and never before turning 18.
With medication to stabilize your moods and a specialized therapy, most sufferers are better by early adulthood.
Most ACTUAL BPD sufferers have incredibly low self-esteem and find difficulty in finding positive things about themselves. But on tumblr they all have that same self-important attitude and basically want to use it as an excuse to be dicks. It's the new trendy illness which makes it embarrassing as someone who has it and genuinely wants to get better.
Three friends I hadn't seen in years and who became genderqueer tumblr kids all claimed to have it.

No. 171474

Shit wording. I mean, that tumblr lossed their minds over Leelah's "sacrifice". Using it as a weapon against everything "you see, if it wasn't for those stinky Christians and those darn conservetive parents, Leelah would still being alive!"
Or "Leelah died for your sins, you need to approve my transtrending ass or I'll end like her!"
Of course tumblr attacked the trucker and Leelah's family but I don't know if that escalated further.

No. 171524

Bit of a pointless post but I wanna get it off my chest and this seems like a good place
>used to be sort of friends with a girl
>didn't see her for several years
>meet her again, she's going by a male name now
>ask mutual friends if she's trans and they say yes
>ok, friend is a cool person and is making an effort to present herself as male so I respect her and start calling her by the male name and masculine pronouns
>she talks about legalizing her name change and starting hormones and I'm happy for her, she seems serious about transitioning
>later on I stumble upon her twitter
>it's very tumblr
>so, very tumblr
>calls herself "fuckboi", posts pics of all kinds of pink kawaii shit, pics of herself wearing said kawaii shit
>talks about wearing makeup and stuff
>tweets about hot yaoiz
>in general presents herself like a feminine kawaii uke yaoi boy uguu
>cringe forever

I don't know if I can take her seriously anymore after seeing her twitter… I mean I'll keep using the male name and masculine pronouns around her but inside I'll probably be cringing forever.

No. 171531

I gree BUT I have to say before I was diagnosed at 18 they would say 'BPD traits'. I dont get why people pretend to have it, I cant tell anyone IRL because of the bs there is online about telling people im a horrible person or an abuser etc. People will run away from you (which is funny bc we already have abandonment issues KEK)

No. 171533

I agree 100%

I am also in the STEM field and understand why it's important to be appropriate. No one where I work would wear something this inappropriate. I think its fine for his daily life but no place in a workplace, particularly a STEM workplace

No. 171540

I mean this is fine. I don't date/stay around sexist or racist men. Also, whenever a see a guy try to manipulate someone into pity or drug induced sex I dislike them. Its just shitty to try be a date rapist and shows you are shitty overall morally.Not my kind of guy

No. 171561

a black guy doing slam poetry is probably 2nd to very stereotypical after rap/hip hop/thug.

what's progressive here is they have him working in IT or something

No. 171577

But Meyers-Briggs is one of the few personality inventories that actually matter and can help you find a career path you might actually enjoy. They're probably just mad that they didn't get one of the rarer combos.

No. 171580

Aren't BPD and Autism mutually exclusive? Considering one of the hallmarks of BPD is oversensitivity to social cues, and as a professionally diagnosed autist, I can't do social cues at all.

No. 171635

or they got a score that sounded too normal for their "neurodivergent" self

also, remember inkstand? isn't it like some SJW spin off of tumblr that failed? they're trying again anyway

No. 171669

Is it really? Just wondering.

Either way should I feel bad when people place their type on their bio/description? Idk I just find it so useless.

No. 171678

>Myer-Briggs is inaccurate
>"I didn't get the special snowflake result I wanted!"
Fuck off, Meyer-Briggs is probably the only one of those shitty personality tests that matters.

No. 171681

Why is this full of shitty stereotypes?
Oh right. It's tumblr.

Also, that is the worst use of the word "Gen Z" I have ever heard.

No. 171682

You would think so, but since this is tumblr, it's probably more like 75% white people being offended on others' behalf, and 25% actual black people.

No. 171687

"Psycotic" is very ableist towards an obviously mentally ill man. Does this take place in America? Maybe he's having trouble affording his medications. He's probably got Asperger's, too, making it hard for him to relate to his housemates. He can't help who he is.

These shitlords will probably demonize this BRAVE young soul. VERY PROBLEMATIC.

No. 171762

I don't know where you are, anon, but I'm in the UK and my younger cousin was hospitalised due to anorexia a year ago and she recently got diagnosed with BPD. She's only just turned 15. I expect her depression plays a big part but they definitely do diagnose minors with it, she mentioned that a good fraction of those at her ED unit have been diagnosed with it too.

No. 171775

I don't get why they used "zed" if it's supposed to take place in the US.

No. 171791


I was just put down as bi-polar before 18.
I don't know why anyone would want to have it, especially with the stigma of being an evil abuser who is also at the same time a slut who needs the cock all the time.

I'll confess that I would every once in a while write about dealing with it on my own personal tumblr, mostly just as a journal to talk about my mood swings and fears, but I cut that shit out after seeing the BPD tag, I don't want to be lumped in with attention whores.

US, that's just what my therapist has told me, so it might be different in other places or with other people I don't know. I do know doctors in the US are at least hesitant to slap it on a minor.

Mental health on tumblr is one of my pet peeves because they really have this pop culture idea that being mentally ill is a personality quirk or SO RUNDUMB XD character trait. If you deal with it, you might have a sense of humor about it, but you ultimately want to get better.

No. 171843

It was created/written/directed by a British dude. All the VAs seem to be American though.

No. 171846

No. 171850

File: 1440915925614.jpg (119.97 KB, 960x626, IMG_20150830_002459.jpg)

BPD is often slapped on any young woman who ends up in the psych ward without going full delusional. Attempted suicide? BPD. Panic attack? BPD. Severe depression? BPD.

On a side note, this has got to be the stupidest thing I've seen on tumblr to date. I've had mental health professionals with BPD, it was not good. I was kicked out while still actively suicidal because I wouldn't drop an issue and left a bunch of lies in my files about how I was threatening her job. (The issue was that She wouldn't do anything about my bipolar room mate threatening to strangle me in my sleep because it was "part of bipolar-chan's healing." I was there for severe PTSD from abuse that centered around being frequently choked and strangled for the majority of my life. My healing wasn't as much of an issue because it was caused by someone with BPD and obvs they aren't like THAT at all.)

No. 171851

the "sexual alter" bit just made me think of that vegan dude and his pussy licking video

No. 171873

>neurotypical mental health professionals are dangerous
>implying that people with mental illnesses can't be prejudiced against certain diagnoses
What? I wouldn't want to be treated by someone I know is bonkers, it really wouldn't make me feel safe to know that my therapist/psychiatrist is mentally ill considering they're supposed to make ME better.

No. 171893

She's not Japanese or Korean, by her own rules she can't judge who likes kpop or Japanese anime

No. 171899

let's make this "mental health professionals are dangerous"

No. 171906

>Horizontal aggression
Why does that seem racist? As if white people are above "POC", so it's "horizontal aggression" as opposed to what? Vertical?

No. 171930

Fucking this. I got sent to a mental ward after a suicide attempt and all of a sudden some new dr ive never even talked to is putting bipolar in my chart and I stopped her and said NO my own psychiatrist has never mentioned it, only clinical depression. I refuse to have that attached to me after one visit with some dr bitch in a loony bin.

No. 171955

File: 1440949202030.png (716.52 KB, 1024x576, JIMMY.png)

I have a similar story
>have a guy friend
>been friends for 3 or so years
>he was the weird autistic type who would talk about what weird shit he was finding on shota boards
>enter my tumblr phase around '13-'14
>cut all ties with him as a person because he was just clingy and annoying and creepy
>he takes it really badly
>don't speak to him for a while
>moves to another country
>end my tumblr phase around august of '14 because I started realizing how shit tumblr and SJ shit was
>fast forward to earlier this month
>find his tumblr account
>oh shit
>he's now a full on SJW, a he/it/they hyperromantic and hypersexual
>find out he's actually severely autistic, psychotic and has an eating disorder
>nearly all his text posts are clingy "please love me" attention seeking shit
>mfw i probably fucked him up mentally by cutting ties
>mfw i don't regret it at all
if I kept in contact with him, I'd either end my SJ phase and cut ties with him a year later, or I'd be stuck a SJW to this day because I surrounded myself with idiots like him

No. 171957

Yeah they just can't do that. People would bully the kid far more for being a they/them agender assigned parentally enforced snowflake then they would if it was just a boy that played with Barbie. Because it's far more abnormal to not have anything assigned at all.

You cannot raise an agender child. It just won't work. The kid will grow up really screwed up and probably embarrassed about their past.

I don't get how these SJWs think they are so progressive when they are still stuck on male/female in the biological sense being the same as gender roles. They claim they understand the difference. But it's clear they really don't. You aren't going to change society by making a child agender from birth. That isn't the answer. How are a child's personality and interests going to develop organically if the parents have made them an outcast from their peers from birth. It's not being a boy or a girl biologically that's the problem. It's how certain things are gendered in a society that's slowly starting to reject their grandparents gender role norms. That's the real issue. Not what kind of genitals you have.

But that's too simple for SJWs since it doesn't involve being a polygendered demisexual gemkin that has to fight against the world for acceptance. Just letting little Billy wear a dress and play with Barbie and still identify as male if he wants to without ridicule would be transphobic. He needs to go on hormone therapy and embrace his feminine side instead. Which just reinforces the gender roles they claim to be against.

tumblr logic.

No. 171962

File: 1440951278594.png (232.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-08-30-08-22-16…)

I wish they'd stop shoehorning racist history into everything , holy shit

No. 171964

I actually like it, it's educational.
I had no idea about the flappers.

No. 171967

I understand that they're just trying to be educational, but can't they just make their own separate post for it instead of commenting on someone else's

No. 171970

That's a good point too. Tumblrites are passive aggressive as fuck and are always looking for ways to one-up everyone else to make themselves look morally superior. It's ridiculous.

No. 171977

>find out he's actually severely autistic
If he were severely autistic, he would not be able to talk or type at the computer. Getting pretty tired of retards who don't know what actual autism is.

No. 171994

lmao it barely got 2% funding. what happened? i guess the rate of updates dropped like a cliff after the end of last year though. and it's not like people on tumblr are super competent at running anything like this. really it seems like there have been so many scams and unfinished crowdsourced projects from there.

No. 172040

I hate this. Being assigned a gender does not mean you have to fulfill every gender stereotype, it's just medical categorization. It's far more ~problematic~ that many people then separate everything into "girl things" and "boy things" and don't let children express themselves freely. Being called "male" or "female" is not the problem.

No. 172091

Lmao, what? The flapper style had nothing to do with black women, it was based on women's increased freedom, especially in the workplace.
Tumblr users probably think black people invented the English language too

No. 172093

black people created EVERYTHING. don't you know? the mean white man came and took everything!!

No. 172117

Actually aave is a thing so ya blacks did invent English

No. 172148

they invented a dialect, not the language. so, no. blacks didn't invent english.

No. 172156

Why do all the characters have actual descriptions, but the trans girl is just … the trans girl?

Christ, can this be any more forced?

No. 172216

AAVE is cultural appropriation, blacks stole the English language from European and that's very oppressive and triggering to me

No. 172221

-gasp- Are you implying that Token characters can have other personality traits to make them seen like actual human beings and not just a soulless poster child?
Then in which way would they show the viewers how progressive, tolerant and smart the Creator is for including such diverse cast????

No. 172222

It seems like the trans character is a trans activist, so being trans is a lot more than just a passive trait.

No. 172242

I laughed at how much the psychopath gen zed guy looks like this comic >>129050

No. 172266

They are trying to hard to be edgy with all these reference and stating like 4 times that the main character is trans and apparently they all meet on a online game in the beginning but that's it? How are they gamers if there's nothing about it after that?

No. 172269

Actually, they recently changed the diagnostic criteria so you can be diagnosed under 18 as long as your psych is positive it is BPD and not just teenage hormones. But from someone who is actually diagnosed with that shit, fuck tumblr kiddies with self diagnosed bpd

No. 172271

File: 1441017713443.jpg (49.67 KB, 442x274, 3456789876.jpg)

My white friend just reblogged this, should I start losing hope or is my kneejerk reaction about this stuff just getting too strong?

No. 172273

this could very well be the start of something. be on guard.

No. 172279

File: 1441019646099.jpg (39.68 KB, 500x390, tumblr_nq0pwzKocI1rgyn7so1_500…)

I think was a recent (earlier this year)Twitter joke mostly on black Twitter (after one of the police killings iirc)
Pic related. But ink if this is one.

No. 172280


And this is one of the extreme examples

No. 172283

White people are the absolute worst with this shit. The absolute fucking worst.

No. 172298

It's the white guilt doing this to them, they're afraid that if they don't acknowledge the horrible things other white people did every other day they'll be seen as racist.

No. 172309

>Flappers: flat ass, flat chest, no curves, make-up with small, heart-shaped lips
>Black women: curvaceous, big ass, big tits, full lips
Sounds legit, guys.

No. 172312

The person who posted it isn't black though….
If the profile is theirs.

Tbh I can't tell if its satire like I said in >>172279
or theyre actually serious.

No. 172360

File: 1441033704422.jpg (1.29 MB, 2220x1640, Vasnetsov_Frog_Princess.jpg)

White Privilege is only a thing in America and that's why I love it here.

Back in my old country, if you aren't quite ethnic enough or white enough, you'll get shit on.

Here? If you've got lily white skin, you're white.

>People actually care about your feelings in America

>Women don't have to worry about being sold by their uncles.
>You can actually call the police in this country and they'd arrive before everyone's dead.
>Track suits actually went out of style over here.
>Paved roads.
>Free running and clean water.

That said, the American dream can only be experienced if you're not American. I feel sorry for anyone born here, they don't know how good they have it.

>mfw I'm never going back and I've ditched any all traces of my accent.

No. 172362

>thinking living in the US is as good as it gets
Where are you from?

No. 172364

>Track suits actually went out of style over here.
Somewhere in Eastern Europe, definitely.

No. 172367

I was talking about the white people who reblog this type of shit

No. 172412

This. Americans are so spoiled rotten that they keep complaining about petty things and generally be unsatisfied with everything they have.

>Bluh bluhhh tv shows don't have enough minorities this country is a hellhole

No. 172419

Exactly. Genders aren't the problem. Gender roles are the problem. It's pure insanity to try to claim that "there are more than two genders" and "genders are a social construction", it's against every scientific claim. Intersexuality is a mutation, not a physical "third gender" unless it's a very, very rare combination that doesn't lean towards either gender in physical traits. Gender is assigned by what you have between your legs. There are only two sets of reproduction organs that one can have. Deciding that there are no "female" or "male" sex organs is like saying that the sun revolves around the earth just because you feel hurt if your planet isn't the center of the whole stellar system.

HOWEVER, it should be completely okay for a man to be feminine or a woman to be masculine. It should be okay for either gender to try and pass as the other one or be androgynous. They shouldn't be limited by gender stereotypes. Boys should be able to play with dolls and cry, girls should be able to be tough and interested in masculine things. But a world like this will never happen if these retarded SJWs keep spewing inane shit about how you shouldn't call vagina a female sex organ. How the fuck is that supposed to help anyone?

No. 172424

Yes… All of this.
Gringos don't know what "hardship" means for other countries.

No. 172447

You think Americans are annoying about this kind of stuff? Try Canadians. The city I live now in Canada has better transit, the neighbors are friendly, it's clean, beautiful, and people here don't start fights with you if they think you glance at them in the wrong way. When I visit my parents in the States it's so jarring. The streets are always torn up, downtown smells like piss and drugs, some neighbor keyed my dad's car over parking space. But the way some Canadians talk about Canada you'd think it was a 3rd world shithole (then they smugly say "but at least it's not America)

No. 172454

Your parents must live in a shitty place like California then right?

No. 172457

Yes. Don't let Califags fool you, California is a shithole.

No. 172483

This. I feel like it's not okay to be a tomboy anymore, or to wear makeup and a dress when you're a man, you have to be "genderqueer" or trans. It's shit. I used to be a total tomboy when I was little, and I always had people tell me how I was like a boy, not a proper girl, etc. If I had gotten caught up in that, lied to get hormones etc like some of these kids do, I would be fucked now.

I think it's a legitimate problem how intersex people sometimes get their genitals mutilated trying to "fix" them, but that's a whole other issue and does not mean there are suddenly ten different genders.

No. 172497

I've suggested instead of the boy and girl pictures we have a penis and a vagina looking thing instead, but it was shut down because people will get offended.
However, no matter how you look at it, its a biological need no matter how you look at it, and it needs to be accommodated with the appropriate sections, and stalls for its users.
Plus I don't see how it'll be a problem for those who haunt come out yet. Sorry if you feel triggered or uncomfortable while looking at the picture, but that's the only thing that I can think of.

You have a functioning vagina? You go in the one labeled for vagina, got a penis? Go into the one with a penis. Done.

No. 172503

File: 1441050341597.png (23.72 KB, 480x255, Screenshot_2015-08-31-16-29-13…)

So… I used to follow this girl because, hey, cool art, I didn't hear anything coming from her for a while, some drama broke out and then, suddenly she's asexual agender and everything she ever post is depressing and constantly whines about how miserable she is.

No. 172519

related experience

>follow cool artist that draws fanart of game i like

>went through pages of their art tag, can't wait for more
>watch as my dash floods with SJW-ish posts for the next two days

Honestly I wonder how many people would unfollow me if I said I think it's stupid to see shit like TW: eye contact in reblogs

No. 172716

idk man, ive shown my stance of being anti-sj for a while yet i still have these sjw follow me. what cracks me up the most is when they follow me then have those before you follows saying "dont follow me if youre anti-sj".

No. 172753

canada is fucking shit and you know it
>inb4 amerifat
ive lived in canada my whole life and i'm native american. canada is still shit.
forreal tho fuck canada

No. 172765

>native american
>hates canada
wow do you want a medal or something

No. 172766

I have lived in California all my life and whenever tourist come to Hollywood and LA and exclaim it's just like the movies, I laugh since if they walk two blocks down or into an alley, they are in the ghettos and it smells like horrible waste, torn up streets, tagging everywhere, local druggy and dealer are talking, then if you go a bit further down, they might land at skid road which is the most horrible place to be at here in California. They only good thing we have are In N Outs but even then, the lines take forever.

No. 172784

File: 1441094699716.png (50.37 KB, 522x274, lol.png)

I will never understand why Asian Americans complain about lack of representation in American media. If I want to watch people who look like me, I'll watch an Asian movie.

No. 172789

File: 1441096897374.png (10.96 KB, 492x159, 04_54.png)

No. 172793

>I'm 1/16th native and I hate our health care and peaceful, westernized and modern society so much god damn fucking white privileged racist bastards!!!!!!!!!!! i want to move to syria!!!

No. 172794

holy shit ahahahah

No. 172795

Ugghhh this girl. Her tumblr is a horrible mess of self-indulging, SJW clichés and ignorance. Like almost all of her posts are SJW reblogs. It's no wonder people like her turn miserable and unsatisfied with life if they constantly surround themselves with this shit.

No. 172797

I really don't understand how they got fucking Paul Calder from Futurama into this mess. The first time I saw this wreck of a trailer I thought it was a joke, like a fake video made by collegehumor or something.

And I hate how they're like "Oh Maddie Blaustein doesn't matter because she didn't do any LEAD roles!!!!". They're always complaining about erasure but jesus what the fuck do they think they're doing there, she's made a million big dubbing roles but oh her achievements don't mean shit cuz she ain't in a in your face cringeworthy tumblrized drawn together ripoff.

No. 172799

I was also the only woman in a class of 40 dudes in their 20's. I never heard them talking about sexist things or sex in general, most of them were, surprise, busy with their work and personal life. What the hell have you been studying?

No. 172801

I don't see how this is any different from groups of women getting together and talking about how shitty men are or about the new hot guy they met and talking about hot guys in general. Women talking in length about hot guys is some of the weirdest shit ever imo.

No. 172804

It's not much different. Both groups do it, people just get pissy when they don't find the others attractive.
From my observations:
Gay people call it heteronormativity, women call it sexism, and men don't give a fuck because they want to hump anything with a pulse.

No. 172810

I can't believe I used to look up at her a few years back.
I think the worse of all are her comics. Everything is me, me, me, woe is meeh! she barely does fanart now and when she does is always some depressing self centered shit.
(Also, I just can't stand people who shit talk their parents when these are chill af, like… Dude, be thankful)

No. 172816

File: 1441103471924.png (87.24 KB, 476x731, Screenshot_2015-09-01-07-28-57…)

I got on her blog and…

No. 172852

In college I once sat behind a girl who was compiling a list of the top 10 smexiest guys evah xD and loudly discussing this with the girl next to her. They sat in the very front row so everyone could see her laptop screen and hear them talking. It didn't help that they were both rather unattractive (obese, no chin, etc.) and were quite literally creaming themselves about what they'd do to the likes of Ryan Gosling if they found him in their beds. It was the cringiest thing I've ever experienced.

No. 172853

The only thing that could that cringier would be if the guys were 2D

No. 172859

I think that would make it better

No. 172963

Not the anon you're talking to, but let's be real here, Canada does have its fair share of shit, and we do treat native people pretty fucking badly. Just look at food prices in Nunavut as one example. $82 for ginger ale, $87 for steak, $26 for orange juice, $83 for bottled fucking water. And no one gives a shit because pretty much only native people live that far up north. And that's not to mention the stupid treaties and the murder rates for native people here that no one gives a shit about either. Like yea, we certainly have it better in comparison to more impoverished countries, but Canada is far from a shining beacon.

No. 172971

this is the thread for laughing at otherkin and #killallmen, no one cares

No. 172973


Notice the horniest ones are always the fatties? I remember getting to know this autistic girl, fatty who spoke weird and she kept going on about how she wanted a fuck buddy. She was bi too and kept hinting at me… fucking scary.

No. 172974


I'll be honest, I don't really cared about disabled people I don't know. People I do know, I obviously care about. But disabled people are like any other fucker in the world to me, nobody. Just cos you're disabled doesn't make you super amazing. Just means life is harder for you, special fuckers.

No. 172978

>food that is sent to Nunavut is way more expensive because they're natives and not because they live in the middle of fucking nowhere near the arctic
if they want water they can melt snow

also the argument isn't that Canada just has it better in comparison to impovershed countries, but they have it better in comparison to some first world countries.

No. 172980

No I'm saying no one cares to fix the problem because they're natives, not that the food prices are that high because they're natives. The food prices are that high because there's no competition threatening the sustainability of these businesses, therefore they can jack their prices up as much as they want without any repercussions.
Also given your? or the other anon's comment about "I want to move to Syria!!!!1!!" I figured that was the comparison we were making. Though the fact that you have to pay $80 for water in some parts of Canada refutes your statement a bit.

>if they want water they can melt snow

Yep that fixes everything you're so smart anon you should go into politics.

No. 173010

lmao ok anon next time it snows out and youre thirsty, just get yourself a nice glass of fresh snow

No. 173012

I watch defiance and some fans were uncomfortable about it but fandom is small so no one is making a big deal about it

the show sucks now for many reasons, this is just one sprinkle on the shit sundae

No. 173031

Do you honestly believe that no one is trying to fix this problem? The food prices are high because shipping food across the Canadian tundra, keeping it fresh enough to sit on grocery store shelves for a time, and sometimes to communities that aren't even connected by roads is fucking retarded expensive. I don't think there ever really be low cost foods in Nunavut because of this. Inuit people were able to survive in the fucking Arctic for as long as they have because they were nomadic and followed game to hunt for food. A large problem is the settling down of these people, there is no chance for sustainable agriculture in Nunavut, and now they can't even follow the caribou to supplement foodstuffs instead of paying $50 for chicken tenders. It's an unfortunate circumstance and one that will not be magically fixed overnight once a bunch of people decide to "care".

If I was faced with paying $80 for fucking water and melting snow, I'd pocket the $80 and use it for something that isn't everywhere outside all the time anyway.

No. 173063

i love how you imply i'm 1/16th native when i'm full mohawk/iroquois lmfao. i never said i hated the modernization, or anything like that. all i literally said was that canada is bullshit lol chill fam.

No. 173069

Kek the amount of time/effort you guys are putting into arguing with someone that's argument is "Canada sucks tbh fam" is really fucking strange. I'm Canadian and really could care less if someone doesnt like canada and sure as hell dont care what some fetal alcohol syndrome having native has to say when they are lucid enough to shit out some retarded posts.

No. 173072

File: 1441152501912.jpg (17.86 KB, 503x434, SHIT SON.jpg)

honestly, who gives a fuck.
Now stop derailing this thread, bitches, and post something to laugh at that isn't us.

No. 173077

Fair enough. I presented a poor argument, and I'll admit that. I'll drop this now to stop derailing the thread, but thanks for being civil. (No sarcasm).

No. 173080

this is the most half assed thing i have ever seen
they only want to make money from dumb tumblrettes.
I would be really happy if they hired a professional trans voice actress, BUT it looks as if they just took the first trans off the street and told them to voice act
like this voice acting is awful
the art is deviantart-tier and the animation is super choppy.
But the shitty thing is, if people criticize it, they will automatically be disregarded as "transphobic"
everything in this video is half assed but you cannot hate it because some trans person worked on it so now its a masterpiece to tumblr

No. 173085

i think that fat/ugly girls have more testosterone that makes them more sexually agressive.
I fucking hate bitches like that, they molest anyone within 10 feet of them yet they will cry about how all men are rapists
i have seriously had the misfortune to run into one of these types of girls and i swear i had to refrain myself with every fiber in my body to hit her and tell her to respect personal space

No. 173087

*refrain from

No. 173095

File: 1441156833403.png (356.9 KB, 655x1489, Jimenez_color_v1.png)

lol, look at their one Mexican character
cliche overweight balding lazy hairy guy wearing a wife-beater

No. 173101

His nose looks like a dick

im triggered

No. 173102

I went to the midnight showing of Magic Mike XXL w/my mom and we were sitting next to some rather…. homely women. They were the most obnoxious, hooting and hollering and wanting them to take off more clothes.

No. 173104

Actually the trans VA has done a bunch of work already http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3125466/

No. 173106

I don't even think it's the testosterone. Fat/ugly girls are less likely to get any so they're thirsty as fuck.

No. 173112


ahahahahah this "show" is even more of a joke than you'd think

No. 173175

She looks like she could be PT's sister

No. 173229

Except it's not??

These bitches are so mad about everything, they have to insert racism where it doesn't even exist. This is why I hate tumblr so much.

No. 173231

Probably because just like fat people, trans people's entire persona revolves around that one obvious trait.

No. 173232

Seriously… and considering both China and Japan have zero non-Asians in 99% of their films, they can get all the homogeneity they can handle!!

No. 173238

This. The logistic expenses alone are tremendous. It's not easy or cheap to drag foodstuffs to an arctic location.

And if anon's best argument for "our native people are suffering!!" is that because their grocery stores have high prices, well, Canada seems to have really low standards for suffering.

No. 173271

not any of those anons, imo it might not be the same level as tribal warfare and slavery but when all your food is so insanely priced it creates hunger problems which are a serious issue, especially for kids plus formula for example is heavy (liquid) therefore super $$$

No. 173616

File: 1441225824190.png (139.86 KB, 686x351, Cameronzed.png)

his catchphrase "unbublevable"
but it's not racist because a trans woman is a part of it

No. 174247

Has anyone else here gotten vagueblogged (or whatever format) about when they tried to discuss SJW-topics with someone?

Last week I made a simple post on how I think that racism against white people exist, and even if it doesn't that still doesn't mean you can just be a dick to everyone.

So like 3 people started to get into discussion with me (all people I've talked to before, not really friends but more acquaintances online) and in the end one of them posted a passive aggresive LMAO HAVING TO EDUCATE STUPID WHITE PEOPLE

Wtf you little underage shit, you didn't make any argument, just said "NO UR WRONG" and then went on to vaguely post about me.

TL;DR: got called "stupid white person" by someone I thought was nice

No. 174250


My friends who aren't really my friends anymore do this to me a lot. Which is why I'm distancing myself from them. They even tell me they have secret side blogs on Tumblr to shit talk "people who they know read their blog but can't confront irl," aka me. Since we pretty much only know each other and I'm the only one they know irl that reads their blog.

No. 174252

File: 1441308907738.jpg (261.84 KB, 1280x1549, https://40.media.tumblr.com/6f…)

No. 174261

Looks like Carl from Aqua team hunger force

No. 174292

It sucks because you feel like despite them always complaining about how people only see their race, they're doing the exact same thing? Like I don't care getting called a "stupid white person" but it's the fact they can complain about being non-white and still go full racist against white people

No. 174298


Are you >>174247?
I was confused for a minute since I didn't pick up on whether the person you were mentioning was white or non-white. Just assumed white since my friends are white and do the exact same shit with "educating stupid white people" as if they aren't white people themselves.

Either way it's cringy as fuck and I don't know how to deal with it. You can't argue with people like that about a.n.y.t.h.i.ng. I called someone a hypocrite for saying something highly hyprocritical, and they said calling people "hypocrite" is a cop-out since everyone is one and therefore no one should be criticized for being one, ever. I gave up after that.

No. 174304

Nope they aren't white and don't even live in a mostly white country so all the american centric arguments they were using were stupid as fuck.

Also you can't win arguments, I showed one of them examples of violence against people for being white and they pulled out the "but muh past racism build up to aggression to white ppl so it's okey" card

No. 174324

File: 1441317704783.png (345.52 KB, 494x826, Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 23.0…)


CHRIST, I know there's a lot of problems with US police but they're not all cunts and there's plenty of people reblogging this around the world as if all police are terrible people. Most are out to do their jobs, it's not their fault if you're fucking paranoid
>oh muh anxiety

No. 174330

I agree. I'm a minority in the US (but not black so I guess I don't count), and I've very rarely had a bad encounter. Yeah, things need to be changed, but I think the fear of being hurt by the police is way overblown.

No. 174452

File: 1441336223525.png (209.98 KB, 522x1688, screenshot-www.tumblr.com 2015…)

>please cater to my specific needs even though this is a website used by millions of people and no one is forcing me to come here at gunpoint!!

No. 174471

ARGH that pisses me off. Fuck buzzfeed. They are literally tumblr 2.0 at this point. They shouldn't be taken seriously.

No. 174472

Entitlement. How will these idiots survive in the real world??

No. 174473

You would think a tumblr-made cartoon wouldn't make them offensively stereotypical.

No. 174475

I feel like those are legit concerns (some of them). It's not like it's a tumblr made up issue they're talking about like how all white cis males should die or something

No. 174649

Agree with this. Buzzfeed does a lot of tumblr-pandering, but it's not like the issues aren't there.

No. 174787


I was loving all the complaints about the new update and stuff. Joking with my friends and shit. I agree it looks horrible, but as soon as I saw this post making rounds on their blogs I just gently closed my laptop and left to do something else.

Ridiculous. "I'm not trying to be over-dramatic" my ass.

No. 175059

Same here!
The new update frankly is ugly as hell, made posts unnecessarily longer than they were before hand, and completely put my rp group in a state of "oh my fucking god we can't do anything until the new xkit extension people fix this for us", but it's stupid to think Staff themselves is gonna listen to users and actually revert the change- they never do that because they don't keep their userbase in mind when it comes to updates, so any whining and grovelling is pointless, just wait for a third party to fix it.

No. 175104

File: 1441443268514.jpg (Spoiler Image, 91.73 KB, 540x720, eww.jpg)

I like the posts acting as if it was a forum now- adding signatures and stuff. Takes me back a few years

Pic fresh from Tumblr…

No. 175135

That's probably the most disgusting nude I've ever seen. At least her nipples aren't hairy?

No. 175181

who the fuck is this hag

No. 175184

I want to be angry with you anon, but you spoilered it and it was my own foolish choice to open it so I can't.

No. 175185

>they don't keep their userbase in mind when it comes to updates
Wait, then who do they keep in mind? Now I'm honestly questioning.
What possesses them to fix things that aren't even broken? Do they get paid for messing with the site every few months or something?
The only update that actually seemed to cater to Tumblr users' suggestions was back when they improved the blocking feature.

No. 175191

>Hideous art style
>Ugly character designs
>Unfunny jokes
>Stiff, shitty animation (Is that fucking Flash?)
>Ableist ""humor"" that would make Tumblr raise its eyebrows/pitchforks ("a psychotic"? "Lana Del Cray"? Lmao no)
>Racial tokenism (one Asian girl with a purple streak, one stereotypical Mexican guy and one black guy, so progressive)and one character literally just being described as "the trans girl (oh btw she's a stand up comic)"
>Made by a white guy
>All this on top of "Gen Zed"
Holy shit, I don't think anyone involved in this tried at all. Horrible.

No. 175432

I think they're trying to make it moreso like other social media sites (not unlike what Deviantart has been doing where they've been making their website more and moreso like a social media site and less an art site, but that's off-topic) and tweak with the site every now and then to do whatever they think is gonna look GOOD and hip. It tends to backfire and if the updates are too bad people just rely on whatever the extension of the month is to fix the current problem.

The LAST bad update was a few weeks ago where they removed the ability to edit reblogs, which screwed over rpers because it took away our abilities to shorten our threads without DELETING the entire thing.

And frankly, I have to agree. The blocking update was the only good update to come out of Tumblr in a while.

No. 175448

they probably changed it so long reblog chains with a lot of replies don't get unreadable and pushed to the right with 3 letters on each line

No. 175472

i agree with this. while the implementation is kind of shoddy, i think the idea is ok. long reblog chains could be annoying to read

No. 175477

Every time I search for something I have to change the search in the url to tagged because I can't deal with all those stupid little squares. And I hated it when they took away the ability to post in a new window. That stupid white box that pops up on page is so small and I like room to type.

I think a lot of these ideas come from people who barely use the internet.

No. 175499

Ugh, that is so beyond cringey… It's just like name dropping shit and hoping to be funny or relevant.

No. 175500

>leelah alcorn
>having a poster of a mentally ill retard on your wall is so progressive.
Oh boy. this really is tumblr

No. 175563

the creator is really eager to kiss the hairy, 1/16th cherokee, demimagicneurosexual fatsionista ass of tumblr. he knows the oppressed sjw kids on tumblr are actually pretty well off and will support that shit

No. 175920

Tumblr makes me ashamed as fuck for coping with mental illnesses and for being bisexual.
I'm extremely scared to tell people im bi because theyll probably think i'm a special snowflake or some shit.
tumblr is truly harmful for the LGBT community and insults mentally ill people.
shit makes me mad

No. 175930

do they really shame bisexuals on tumblr?? all i ever see on my dash is the exact opposite of that…

No. 175931

I see a lot of biphobia in tumblr tbh
but im scared to tell people im bi because of how badly tumblr has portrayed the lgbt community.

No. 175932

>muh monosexual privilege

Ick. Not saying bisexual people don't get shit on sometimes but fuck that.

No. 175935

They shame Bisexual because in their logic "omg they're attracted to just TWO GENDERS??? THAT'S SO QUEERPHOBIC AND TRANSPHOBIC!! THERE ARE MORE THAN TWO GENDERS!!1!!1!"
Because you know… Transsexualism is a third secret gender separated for the main two.
Once you're trans you can't be just a woman or a man, nope you're just trans, even after surgery.
That also applies to "neogenders"… because everyone should be attracted to Galaxygenders, everyone knows those are completely sane.

No. 175937

Yeah, I've read a few people theorize that the whole show is just a scheme to sell overpriced merch. Yes, there's only a promo and there's already fucking merch available. $25 USD t-shirts

No. 175948

i really hate anyone complaining about monosexual privilege too. you're not the only one. i hate it when bisexual girls in straight relationships and never really intend to have a lesbian relationship claim they're just as oppressed as lesbians.

why do you NEED to tell people you're bi?

idk, some lady at a gay club told me off because she thought i wasn't lesbian enough to be there. that's kind of annoying. but since i only see myself having straight relationships despite being bisexual, i don't think there's a huge reason to tell everyone.

on the other hand, i know this girl who makes it a big deal to tell everyone she is pansexual, despite being engaged to a guy and never having a lesbian relationship before. she also likes to complain about being oppressed for it. but who needs to know that you might diddle yourself off to girls sometimes? if it's not a lifestyle thing then i don't think it's so important. it's people like these who give bisexuals a bad name, imo

No. 175961

This. All this.
I hate people who are
>LMFAO i'm sooo gay! totally queer omg, did I mention I'm homosexual? Yes Homo all the day, i'm gay btw
Like… good for you but honestly who cares?
Is like if they were trying to get into arguments and shit telling that to anyone and getting on people nerves mentioning how gay/bi/pan/etc every 10 seconds.

No. 175964

I think that's just an online thing, I haven't seen it IRL personally anyway. I guess it's relevant if you're blogging about that sort of thing?

No. 175966

Yeah honestly if you're in a straight relationship why would you even mention that? It doesn't matter either way. If you were single, yeah sure maybe I guess.

No. 175973

>Once you're trans you can't be just a woman or a man, nope you're just trans, even after surgery.
Uh, except this is true. You will always be trans because you cannot change your actual biology and chromosomes.

No. 175977

File: 1441596158006.jpg (6.02 KB, 251x247, sip.jpg)

Did you guys here that there's going to be some kind of boycott on the 9th to protest the recent Tumblr update?

My goodness.

No. 175980

wow that's fucking stupid.

I got tired of saying I was pansexual and tbh, I don't care to label myself as bisexual because basically if I think someone is attractive, and they're alive/not underage, nothing is gonna stop me from wanting to get with them/fuck em. All the gender/sexuality labels seriously irk me. Just… fuck/get with whoever you want, WHY does it matter so much tumblr?

No. 175982

The new comment thing is weird and hard to adjust to, but I doubt staff will do anything. Everyone got used to all the other updates, and eventually they'll get used to this one. I only ever go on for about 5 minutes at a time- I can't even give a shit anymore. This site is a festering shithole and nothing can save it.

No. 175983

Like…the users aren't going to visit tumblr for a day?

No. 175986

Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too? Like… bro, it's okay, you'll get used to it like every other update. But nah, this is tumblr, so everyone's gotta blow everything out of proportion.

Yep. But of course, they're just wasting their time.

No. 176012

This just shows how entitled Tumblr users are. On other websites when they do a redesign, people just whine about it for a few days and then move out. Fucking protests? Over a layout change? Crybabyhood defined.

No. 176082

I personally think there is a need to tell people about your sexuality when they're
- your friends and you want to be honest/you want to offer support to someone
- you want to have sex with them
No need to put it in your social media profiles.

No. 176592

No. 176593

Gender. Not sex.

No. 176653

No. 176671

I know I will sound like /pol/, but this is degenerate as hell.

No. 176737

I think spoon theory makes sense to a point, but this is just stupid.

Eh, not that bad. You can wear what you want as long as you're not an entitled cunt about it.

No. 176744

"spoon theory" is retarded. it's a cutesy metaphor you might use when talking to a kid – it's incredibly cringeworthy to see adults using it. i notice that most of these self-diagnosed "chronic illness/disability" tumblr whiners like to go about things in the most twee and infantilizing ways. their fake diseases are just part of their desire to be coddled and treated like a child.

No. 176751

Has it occurred to him that maybe he's just a man with a strong feminine side who's been indoctrinated by tumblr logic into thinking he is trans? He's not even trying to pass. I think a lot of men like him would be happier if society just let them wear a dress and makeup without ridicule.

I have lupus and I'd rather beat myself senseless with a frozen tuna than use spoons. The whole meaning is lost anyway because it's used mainly by tumblrinas who use spoon meters to gauge who much their self diagnosed ailments are making it so hard to deal with all these privileged able bodies people who just don't understand why they suffer oh so much.

I really do think you are right about being treated like a child. They want all the attention that a sick kid. Feel sorry for me. Give me asspats. Click my donate button so I can afford to sit around on my ass doing nothing.

No. 176784

Amen, anon. Amen.

No. 176884

It really bothers me to have people refer to tumblr-created tests, theories and rules as if they are peer reviewed, accepted things. If you don't like academia, gtfo of it's terms. There's standards for a reason.

(not you anons btw, just tumblr's 'oh poo poo old white men in academia ignoring the queer WoC TECH AND SCIENCE BLAH BLAH TRYING TO SOUND EDUCATED' bs)

No. 176937

I know, right? At first, I thought it was an FTM, but it just seems like some guy who's calling himself trans/genderqueer (which is not trans lol) and won't even shave the pubes off his face. WTF.

I'm sorry you have lupus, anon. My mom has it too. She's sick all the time fromt it. I have endo myself (plus severe depression/anxiety) and I think spoon faggotry is a crock of shit.

I mean, do think anyone is actually going to even care if they update their sidebar pixels 100 times a day? Do they really want to be associated with their (fake) diseases?

No. 176960

That's what confuses me. How does this person envision it helping a person with low energy to have one more task to do? And why check a Tumblr instead of just asking directly?

No. 177116

File: 1441765837797.jpg (51.42 KB, 487x504, Capture1.JPG)

Lol tumblr is eating up this shit when this interview was originally a mistranslation of a joke about Samus being a trap. I like how tumblr thought it was them succeeding their stupid "muh trans and gender headcanons" agenda when it's not even close to it.

Why do tumblr fags always eat up fake news and rumors?

No. 177192

I can't unsee the flesh-colored cookie monster face.

No. 177200

Why would anyone even take it seriously?? Japan made that game in the late 80s/early 90s. WHy the fuck would they give a shit about a tranny?

No. 177255

Anyone remember catfish Jun/euthanizeallwhitepeople? Just found this blog and I have the vague suspicion Mod J is him.

No. 177277

Because tumblr is full of gullible teenager who are too dumb to use google.
Traps are a huge thing in JP, but they're just going to ignore that because it's ~triggering~

No. 177278

Samus was actually born as a man! Haha, take that cis scum who thinks women can be strong and powerful!

No. 177303

On the wiki page, it confirms Samus is a chick from the start. This guy was just one of the character designers so not really the creator of Samus so idk why these little dumblrs are saying she is trans

No. 177308

I feel like "Jun" always gets involved with blogs titled "thisisnot____" or "removewhites".

I bet it's an obese power-hungry tumblrina acting like a militant kawaii bishie

No. 177365

File: 1441814551011.png (71.63 KB, 480x619, wow.png)

Damn, sorry for trying to make you feel capable of getting over you issues and implying you're stronger than you problems. Seriously, I hate this girl's mentality. I suffer chronic depression since I'm a child, there are days I don't want to get out of bed and others I just feel drained of everything and I can't stop shaking at the feeling of defeat I have in my gut, yet I fight against, I take my meds and get up and do something, people don't even notice I feel sick because I try my best to feel better. Seriously, letting this things be just make them worse over time, this mentality is so destructive it's shocking.
These lazy people make us seem like fucking idiots. God damn I mad.

No. 177374

These posts always piss me off. Staying in bed all day and not getting dressed/going to school/going to work was not an option in my house. Coddling does nothing to fix mental illness, it just makes them worse.

No. 177384

>shut the fuck up
Well then, asshole.

No. 177417

I've never thought I'd live till seeing this. I'm really sad about how this world is turning. What happened to humans? I hope to live again in a pure world with no crazy madness.

No. 177418

>mfw reading this bullshit
That strawman is right though. You are psyching yourself out. You can do stuff when you're anxious.
When I'm at the height of my anxiety/depression, I'd prefer being shut in in my PJs all day, but you have to get the fuck up and leave your house. I swear, these people just want to be miserable all the time so they can feel sorry for themselves over how ill they are and how no one understands.

No. 177420

>I hope to live again in a pure world with no crazy madness
That will never happen, so there's that.

No. 177444


Honestly for people who rant about privilege constantly they seem pretty blind to their own.
Do they realize that most simply can't do that? It's not even about wanting to fight it, they just have things like responsibilities.

No. 177452

I really hate this 'neurotypicals' junk lately, like we're expected to bend over backwards for you, never ever criticize anything you say or do, and not have any feelings about anything ever, because we don't have a mental illness.
Um, no.

No. 177468

I've always got to wonder about how all these people who supposedly have "crippling anxiety" and depression can have such a huge internet presence, constantly picking fights with others and making provocative statements. Maybe I'm not a typical case, but even posting on anon a few times a week is anxiety-provoking for me. imo It's more likely that they're just stressed out because they're lazy and don't like being told to do stuff. You can see it in the amount of irrational parent and school hate that gets spread around on Tumblr.

I wouldn't be surprised either if their internet addiction is so serious that it causes extreme anxiety if technology gets taken away from them, but then again nobody likes an armchair psychologist.

No. 177469

The blog of that rawberry girl is a fucking ride. Like, there's so much mix between positive, depressing and bullshit posts, no wonder people become biased sociopaths on tumblr.

No. 177470

I feel the same way, I just don't get how all these e-famous pricks manage to handle the attention of being popular and having a following when they seem to be triggered with everything, including basic human interaction.
I can't even send Anon compliments without feeling self conscious.

No. 177476

I hate when all the "neurotypicals" on their post are always strawmans blown out of proportion.
Like they try soo hard to turn being a balancedregular person into some sort on scary abusive boogeyman, they're capable of interpreting the friendliest advise into the vilest insult ever made.
Is the Emo "nobody understands me" phase turned up to eleven.

No. 177488

I wonder how they manage to keep this up too if they really have all those mental illnesses. Maybe being on the internet is the only form of validation/ human interaction they get.

What annoys me too is that those kind of people think the only possible therapy is being coddled and staying in bed. That just makes it so much worse since your body will get used to it. And it will be even harder to force yourself to do something later so you'll stay in bed longer… It's a downward spiral.

Having a mental illness is a serious issue. Not a quirky charakteristic like some Tumblrs make it out to be.

No. 177499

i'm such a dumb i was looking for a like button for that

but like this kind of attitude is why people fake having serious mental illness, because they equate being neurotypical with being bad, as if having a severe personality disorder or whatever is better??

No. 177501

They actually associate being "mentally I'll" as being Brave and Fierce and Hardworking and all that self centered bull.
Like if you say to them "ur just fucking lazy" they will probably respond "um excuse you, I battle with depression and anxiety and [insert buzzword illness here] everyday, I'm braver and stronger than you for that u fucken neurotypical"

No. 177505


In fairness, legit (higher functioning) spergs are kind of taught to treat it like a super special magical superpower that makes them much better than the ~fucking normies~. It's really obnoxious. I'm guessing it was intended to combat any kind of stigma they might have against being diagnosed with autism/aspergers, but when you're telling people that they're a super special snowflake nobody understands it just fucks up their perspective of the world.

No. 177507

I got in there for a minute and it's all just so obnoxious and full of hypocrisy it hurts, I had to close the tab. How can these people live with themselves being so selfish??

No. 177540

I remember one post going around about how to help out someone who is depressed and it basically amounted to "clean their room/do their laundry/do all this shit for them because they're too fucking ~special and ill~ to do it themselves".

also this whole tumblr http://anxiety-depression-support.tumblr.com every "advice" amounts to "go talk to someone about it :)"

No. 177546


I have a plethora of mental and physical illness (including cancer) that I am too ashamed to advertise online and wear as a speshul badge.

There are days when I can hardly do anything around the house, yes, so I take regular days off. But even then, I don't just lay on my ass and do nothing. I push myself to get dressed and feed myself, and do whatever I can.

No. 177549


> someone sperging about the update

No. 177566

File: 1441841450127.png (23.19 KB, 510x240, screenshot-www.tumblr.com 2015…)

No. 177573

File: 1441842832984.jpg (33.6 KB, 473x710, book.jpg)

What the hell am I reading?

No. 177595




getting real tired of these words and others like them being bandied about as an incompetent, deliberately misleading shorthand for "cultural exchange".
like, how can anyone seriously claim to love diversity and different cultures if any time one culture crosses the boundaries of another it's "theft"?

this is getting out of hand. i mean, ive even seen an article in a reputable newspaper claim that barbeques were expressions of native american and african american solidary that were also coopted by whitey.

No. 177621

File: 1441846360953.png (34.13 KB, 534x575, Untitled.png)

> sees Steven Universe avatar
> just keeps on scrolling

No. 177642

File: 1441847408567.png (6.2 KB, 516x172, Capture.PNG)

Allow me to present to you my three favorite tumblrs:

>whiny teenagers complain about how nobody understands they're a sparkledog on the inside

>nxtlvl weeaboos complain about how nobody understands they have 5 anime characters living inside their head and are literally their gemsona

>the worst of both these blogs complain about how nobody understands their desire for rape, bestiality, and incest

No. 177654

The Sjws do influence the younger generation, esp being younger themselves. I'm afraid for tumblr to leak out into real life…

No. 177660

kinfessionsafterdark isn't even funny it's just gross and pathetic. what would make it better is if someone traced the confessions and sent them to the brats parents.

No. 177662

This isn't true (the part about the greasers). Greasers as we see them now are mostly an invention of nostalgia. They weren't called that until after the decade had passed.

No. 177715

Yeah, and neurotypicals are never shy or socially awkward or introverted. Like we all have the same perfect personality traits or something.

No. 177724

File: 1441853805735.jpg (167.75 KB, 871x654, 3MdC2vA.jpg)

No. 177725

This will forever make me laugh. I can't believe this is real.

No. 177728

I have severe anxiety and online it's fine because nobody knows it's me and i'm always on anon but irl it's much much different

No. 177732

To be fair, this is true. Someone that copes with mental illnesses or has been abused or rape is much much more stronger than someone who hasnt experience any of those things because those things are beyond horrid. I'm sorry for sound tumblr-y but you cannot compare ALL the shit mentally ill people endure to "neurotypical" people because you couldn't understand. I mean there were so many case of abuse where mentally ill people were abused just for having mental illness.
Mental illness is an extremely serious thing.
TONS of people commited suicide because of mental illnesses.
Battling with any kind of mental illness makes you extremely strong, just like how surviving rape makes you strong

No. 177784

I cringed reading this. I'm sorry Anon, really, no offense, but II simply cannot agree with that notion.

No. 177788

Must be a troll post. Has to be.

No. 177804

That post was from way back on 2011, when the trigger warning craziness fucking exploded on tumblr.
I'm sorry, but this stuff did happened, and there was a huge shitstorm because of it.

No. 177815

they probably see neurotypicals as outgoing and extroverted people like jocks or prepz!1!

probably because anyone who feels like they're shy or awkward or introverted is suddenly autistic or whatever and ~neurodivergent~

No. 177817

Battling mental illness or surviving rape CAN make you a stronger person IF you actually put in the effort and conviction to not let yourself succumb to it. That is completely different from being strong/fierce/brave JUST for having it or having it happen to you. Which is what tumblrinas are trying to say in this regard.

No. 177819


>People who have been through trauma or have mental illnesses have to cope with things that those who haven't, can't understand

Okay, I agree there, that's why it's so annoying to see these Tumblrinas pretending to have-


Yeeeeeeah, nope, that's bullshit. Dealing with it successfully and appropriately- depressed people who make themselves get up and go to class, abuse victims who train themselves to trust others again- THAT is what makes you stronger.

No. 177824

Pretty much, I'm not even entirely against self-diagnosis but at some point it's just pathetic.
How much do you want to bet that not even one person involved in that 'activism' actually admits they're neurotypical?

No. 177832

It's funny cause I can't imagine any of them being brave enough to praddle their ~schizophrenia~ and ~multiple personality disorder~ in real life. I'd imagine if something vaguely upsetting happened to them, like they got pushed or something, they'd just deal with it like a normal human being and then come to tumblr to cry about the evil white devil neurotypical who shoved the poor defenceless autist. It's like that one rage comic about the guy uncomfortable with the black dude and makes up a huge 4chin story about beating him up or whatever, but in the other way.

No. 177863

Holy shit you guys, my parents were monsters all along and if it were for the entitled brats on tumblr I couldn't even notice it.

No. 177958

Here's one from fictionkinfessions.

No. 177961

File: 1441907267050.png (81.54 KB, 552x317, wtf.png)

Forgot my pic.

Why would an element even need a body? Does air need a body to be air? I have no idea what fictionkin this person is. But i had to read this entry five times to even begin to understand it.

No. 178008

File: 1441916267956.jpg (13.54 KB, 515x162, dragonrider.jpg)

This really sets off some red flags.

No. 178013

>[My mom]’s extremely negative about a lot of things and tends to think the worst of everything. She complains nonstop but somehow she’s convinced that’s me doing that, not her.

These people have no self-awareness.

No. 178014

what the fuck?? gross. Who even writes that?

No. 178086

File: 1441921968428.jpg (89.83 KB, 640x503, image.jpg)

I read this earlier and couldn't stop rolling my eyes

No. 178093

Another "Please give me money because my parents are so mean" deal?

How do they have the audacity to ask for things from strangers?

Is a trans lesbian like Chris Chan?

No. 178097

If only this would of ended up with this freak killing themselves so they'd stop being a burden on the world.

No. 178099

They just feel like the world owes them something because life is so hard and their famy just CANNOT HANDLE their lifestyle. I honestly wonder what "abuse" is to these people like….your parents telling you no to something isn't abuse.
I found them on my dash randomly and screebshotted def wish I went to whatever train wreck this blog is.

No. 178102

File: 1441922730580.jpg (34.87 KB, 640x286, image.jpg)

Same fag. I found the blog.

~no men~

No. 178107

So you think a person who experienced nothing is stronger than a person who survived rape?

No. 178108

File: 1441923770921.jpg (50 KB, 580x464, hn2QrXk.jpg)

No. 178111

File: 1441923855437.jpg (60.48 KB, 640x480, 7fch3ow.jpg)

No. 178113

File: 1441923918746.png (53.06 KB, 731x644, 14w8sy8.png)

No. 178114

File: 1441924018214.png (31.17 KB, 555x273, E1lpo1U.png)

No. 178117

File: 1441924110358.png (59.53 KB, 638x391, n3gfEYv.png)

No. 178133

What if my local Taco Bell is run by Mexicans? What if I'm Mexican and I eat there?
Also, aren't you supposed to capitalize nationalities?

No. 178134

What the FUCK am I reading? yes, gay men won't date women because VAGINA. That's kind of what makes them gay. Holyshit.

I'm a lesbian and if anyone ever pulled that on me using penis instead of vagina, I'd punch them in the face.

No. 178135

>Using Ockham's razor to defend otherkin bullshit

What the shit is this?

No. 178136

Eh not really. For the most part we realize that people who say that are being patronizing and trying to make us feel better about being retarded.
Yeah spergs can be really booksmart but it's balanced by the crippling lack of social skills.

No. 178138

Thy are comparing misgendering (A SERIOUSLY COMMON MISTAKE) to rape.. Holyshit. Fuck this bitch. Fuck her hard. I bet she's ftm too; a fakeboi

No. 178139

I'm a gay man and I love vaginas but I can't stand women. Good thing FTMs exist.

No. 178141

Aww~ kill yourself you mentally unstable freak.

No. 178146

Must be that time of the month for you.

No. 178154

> oops someone might be triggered by the word 'rape'. Lemme just use a strikethrough rather than deleting it, which would take less time.

I really don't think CWC is trans at all, to be honest. I'm sure he'll grow out of it like all the other fakebois/gurls

No. 178156

Of course he's not trans. No one ever took him seriously, I think

No. 178159

Maybe the bitch shouldn't compare misgendering to rape, because that is really messed up. The two are nowhere near close to compare. You just don't do it.

I hate transpeople so much

No. 178163

He isn't, it's just the evolution of his tomgirl phase, something he explicitly said he did to try to get girls.

No. 178192

Chris just suffers a bad case of internalized misandry.

No. 178195

>actually thinking Tumblr represents real trans people
You're funny

No. 178200

File: 1441931830606.jpg (138.35 KB, 343x1280, Tumblr_Zone.jpg)

No. 178202

File: 1441931949598.png (161.83 KB, 373x600, 373px-Retarded_-_Quantum_Shitt…)

remember when just a few years back, Tumblr was an actually funny and lighthearted community??
Yeah, me neither.

No. 178209

Did all the weirdos from LJ migrate over to TUmblr? I've heard that LJ has become less strange since Tumblr became the blogging platform of choice for special snowflakes but I haven't been on that site in ages.

No. 178212

All of these people that claim to be trans aren't. The actual percentile of real trans people is much, much, much lower and are absolutely nothing like the creepy shit show of Internet cross dressers trying to be women.

No. 178216

Yeap, exactly that happened, first were the feminist, then the furries and the otherkin, then the "genderqueers" (aka, fakeboy, tucute bull). The decadence of tumblr was in phases.

No. 178272

I'd press my luck, but only if they were chocolate chip. It's like a less messy Russian roulette.

No. 178285

Haha this is the first time I see this directed towards men.
Usually it's always "but but lesbians use dildos why won't you suck my penis it's 100% female :(" like we haven't heard that one before from fratbros.

No. 178361

I was just thinking, has anyone else noticed that lesbian mtfs are gross and creepy but gay ftms are usually normal

No. 178363

Holy shit I thought this was just me

No. 178372

I wouldn't say they're normal, but lesbian MTFs tend to act like, well, men, while gay FTMs act like women.

No. 178376

>"I cannot find an alternate explanation that is less complex and still covers the facts."

How about "You're crazy and use this otherkin shit to mask the fact you are probably a lonely but eccentric nerd who would rather be something special than deal with the fact you're a plain human who can't function in society well"?
I mean, isn't that the most simple explanation? Aren't otherkin kids who just want to be some fictional thing they glamorize because they're picked on at school and need a fantasy to escape into?

No. 178423


>i was raped by a man, so now i avoid all men

>oh of course, theres nothing irrational about that, "poisoned cookies" after all!

>i was raped by a black man, so now i avoid all black men


see why this analogy doesn't work?

No. 178451

I have no idea what the fuck I just read.
A lot of these are legitimate signs of abuse though. Emotional abuse is a real thing, it's just that tumblrites will call abuse on benign shit, most of the "examples" sound like isolated incidents.

No. 178468

File: 1441996199605.png (30.01 KB, 517x296, ulYCBuf.png)

No. 178593


No. 178667

I mean, I don't like being called honey or sweetie by complete strangers either… I'll let it slide if it's a really old guy who doesnt know better and it's just part of his generation, but there's a general gross factor to it imo.

No. 178671

Neither are normal, anon.

No. 178673

File: 1442018709445.jpg (10.25 KB, 595x115, stupidcunt-ahoy.jpg)

I unfriended someone recently after they retweeted this garbage

No. 178686

Yeah, but Courtny act is a drag queen. I highly doubt he meant it seriously, but you never know.

No. 178697

That, and Courtney can pass as both genders.

No. 178703

LOL! This is why tumblr is bullshit. I had no idea Courtney was a drag queen, but since all this fakeboi shit, check your previlege and trans stuff has been happening, it's hard to tell what's a joke.

I really like drag queens, so I'll take that as the joke it's probably meant to be. The comments were actually the cringe worthy part, so I should of capped that instead. My apologies.

No. 178705

Yeah its cool. The thing though is you have a lot of fucktards on tumblr shitting on queens for making jokes like that, or calling them on being racist,sexist,and any other popular tumblr flavor.

No. 178706

Tumblr induced knee jerk reaction: when you have meet so many crazy people on social media (especially tumblr) spewing crazy with a straight face, that you cannot tell the difference between what's a joke and what isn't anymore.

No. 178707

I think Drag Queens are hilarious because they dress up, do what the fuck they want and entertain a crowd. If a tumblrtard is seriously offended by them, they are idiots. They're probably just made because most Queens make better women than the try hard MTFs.

No. 178708

mad* not made

No. 178713

Queens are just the sweetest people. I've meet a couple of them before and they're so comprehensive and friendly and strong. Also, the best ones I've seen are fucking gorgeous. I seriously respect them.
And then there's tumblrinas shit talking sayin that they make their fakeboi ass look bad… God damn.

No. 178739

(sage for power-leveling)

Are you also trans, or cis? Not that it really matters, but holy shit I've never met another like me.

I wonder if that's just your experience, because it seems like the exception rather than the rule. I certainly do not act like a woman myself.

Can I use this to make a post on dumblr? It sounds perfect!

No. 178742


Feel free to!

Complementary sage :3

No. 178757

File: 1442029298301.png (49.27 KB, 587x689, cookie_plate.png)

And there we go! Now, to go piss of some tumblrinas.

No. 178763

Expect a lot of #notallsjws and "STRAWMAN!!" comments then. Make sure to take screenshots of the Anon hate.

No. 178783

Also, Drag Queens are actually confident, not that fake confidence tumblr tells themselves they are. Queens have to be confident in order to dress how they are in public, and they look damn good most of the time.

No. 178785

Haha yes! this describes how stupid tumblr is perfectly. Black men can do no wrong according to them.

Sorry, but it's actually a personal rule of mine not to get into an lift full of black guys. I wasn't raped by them, but i get this weird tension in my gut. And the last few times I chose to ride in a life, they made me very uncomfortable the entire time. Women should listen to their gut instincts more anyway.

No. 178787

Queens are fucking obnoxious and entitled men masquerading as women even though they hate them most of the time.
I glorified queens until I started befriending them left and right. Now I can only think long and hard of 3 that didn't turn out to be insufferable.

No. 178850

File: 1442052460610.png (942.68 KB, 1226x1088, YbrdfmN.png)

No. 178860

Please, PLEASE let the stupid cunt who typed the caption be a troll. No one can be this fucking ignorant.

No. 178872


Maybe I'm a fucking autist but I don't understand this. Is it the name? To me, "he said, she said" is what someone says when they're gossiping. Is that meant to be something to do with rape as well or what?

No. 178875

Yes, everything is rape.
Like that lip pencil.

Or that table in your living room. That's implying rape culture by default.

Everybody can rape and is rape too.

I'm rape
You're rape
We are all rape
Except Tumblrinas, they can do no wrong. :^)

No. 178876

It means exactly what you think it means (gossip) but this fucking retard is translating it as something like 'he said "yes", she said "no"' in relation to rape.
So fucking dumb.

No. 178890


Ah, right, thanks anon. It was probably pretty stupid of me to think there was actually some basis for a tumblrina to think there was some kind of rape joke involved.


Hahaha, of course. Fucking dumblr.

No. 179050


"he said, she said" is usually used to refer to an argument between a couple in which there is no hard evidence supporting either party's claim (typically any 'evidence' is entirely hearsay–"well he said ___" hence the phrase) and given the emotional bent of a couple's spat, both claims are considered equally suspect/false and the argument presumed trivial.

The rape culture thing, while a bit over-blown with regard to the liner name since this is a common phrase used outside that context, is coming from the notion that many rape allegations are dismissed as a simple "he said, she said" argument.

No. 179075

File: 1442086051651.png (649.84 KB, 982x612, h747zqt.png)


No. 179137

Hard to believe these people are in college.

No. 179171

LOL what? Sororities and fraternities are literally divided by sexes. They're both idiotic anyway, but that is some real straw grasping.

No. 179305

Typical tumblr logic.

>shirts which are gendered??? So triggering how dare they

>I feel like wearing pants today, guess I am a genderfluid demiboi today teheee~

No. 179308

File: 1442140759168.jpg (154.64 KB, 768x1024, d9S8Wg1.jpg)

No. 179316

Why is that fig not tagged as gore/pomegranates? It triggered my fear of fruit that looks slightly like flesh. Noww i'mm ha veing a pnckick attac kk (yes, picnic attack)

No. 179318

carnivorous kintype… my god

No. 179380


if you are a vegan wolf or w/e, i'm pretty sure you're gonna die a horrendous death. but maybe that is the best for all of us.

No. 179467


>fucking love figs

>scroll past this picture
>suddenly crave figs
>go to fridge to get a fig but then remember I finished my package of them yesterday


No. 179475

Ew, that looks gross. I eat figs, but mine never looked like this. wth

No. 179525

Those are fresh mission figs. I had the green kind too. Still the same but with green skin.

No. 179862

Serious question; are asexuals every interested in anything sexual media wise? because I know someone claiming to be asexual but very much into yaoi while berating all dem het people.

Also how fast should I drop this person solely for making snarky remarks about straight people because how dare they exist apparently.

No. 179873

Isn't your skin thick enough to not be bawwing over some good ol fun heterophobia? But seriously, asking for friendship advice on lolcow?

No. 179910

>muh heterosexual oppression
fuck off

No. 179911

How is a vegan going to be a carnivore kin? Wouldn't that be triggering? How do they deal with it?

You know those vegan nutjobs who feel their cats and dogs a vegetarian diet? Maybe someone should suggest the same wacko diet to them. Because it's probably what they'd feed their pets anyway if mommy would let them.

No. 179922

No. 179937

Based on the yaoi obsession and anti-het, sounds like a tumblrina and you shouldn't take anything they say seriously.

They also sound like an annoying fuck so if I was in your position I'd drop them asap.

No. 180013

eh, i've seen worse
i had a nail polish duo that had the names "no means no" and "jailbait"
who even cares about the names though?

No. 180015

She is a frustrated tumblrina nobody wants to bang, not asexual

No. 180026

That's exactly what I thought; stupid phrase for gossiping.

No. 180222

Eat a dick you faggot

No. 180315

File: 1442382682541.jpg (30.2 KB, 620x406, ahhhh1.jpg)

No one is allowed to get angry when you assign the baby's sex to it. Sex =/= gender roles in society. God damnit, I hate tumblr

They make it seem like everyone is supposed to be trans, which is makes zero sense.

No. 180322

I really dislike this pansexual meme

No. 180329

this. god fucking damn this.

No. 180364

File: 1442422954126.png (144.24 KB, 533x1397, screenshot-www.tumblr.com 2015…)

man everything that galaxyprincet girl posts/reblogs should go in this thread

No. 180365

File: 1442422985287.png (15.48 KB, 522x202, screenshot-www.tumblr.com 2015…)

>implying anyone on tumblr reads Hemingway
>implying anyone on tumblr reads

No. 180371

This is probably a shitty troll tumblr post but I really hate the introverts vs extroverts fight they're trying to pick all the time. They show introverts as these quiet, timid, oppressed geniuses and extroverts as social masterminds who can't fucking shut up and rule the world. I'm an extrovert, I get my relaxation in a group of people and love being around them, but that doesn't fucking mean I like being shut in with a million people in a room all the time. I need my quiet time as well. I just feel refreshed after a night out with friends and I like working with people and having social occasions. I'm not loud and I don't even necessarily speak all the time, I follow the conversation or succumb to my own thoughts every now and then. I just like being around people and I'm usually one of the last ones to leave a party.

And on the other hand, being an introvert doesn't mean you're a socially anxious pile of blubbering mess. You can be a normal functioning social adult, but you just prefer keeping to yourself than being around people. A lot of tumblrites who think they're introverts are actually just socially retarded extroverts who rely on the company and safety of other people but due to past trauma and/or overall anxiety are paranoid of them plotting against them.

Tumblr just likes to oversimplify every fucking issue.

No. 180386

I could not agree with you more.

Personally I'm an introvert, I prefer being alone to being in groups but with a small group of friends I can be the loudest one there because I still like spending time with my friends. My best friend is a huge extrovert and keeps me from spending too much time alone and its great.

I hate tumblr painting being an introvert as like the right thing to be because honestly sometimes it sucks, sometimes I really want to spend time with my friends and family but damn I need to be alone too. Like you said they're just social retards who want to romanticise that.

No. 180392

These self diagnosing fucks thinking they are more knowing than a textbook. I guess the text book is telling them they don't have the disorder they want.

No. 180396

I cringe to think about tumblrinas giving birth and then raising their child to be an asexual, genderfluid otherkin

No. 180397

>shutter island
>American Psycho
>Fight club
>Rain man

Man, those movies were great. Those bitches can't enjoy anything. I wish they would drink themselves to death and do us all a favor.

No. 180408



Tumblr has to over-complicate everything.

Extroversion: Gains energy from being around others (an external source).

Introversion: Gains energy from oneself (an internal source).

That is all.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Full stop.

They are not personality types, rather, they are merely specific personality /traits/. I don't get why they have to read so much into it.

>"pedophilia is not a mental illness. by calling it one, you are lumping mentally ill people in with child predators and excusing the actions of child predators because they 'couldn't help it'."
>implying that people with mental illness do things because they "can't help themselves".
>bitches about shit like "ableism" and yet insists that people with mental illnesses lack the agency to choose for themselves and take responsibility for their own actions.

Yeah…okay seems legit.

No. 180411


>Temple Grandin movie

>bad example of "autism"

What the fuck, did they even watch it?

No. 180426

>bitches about shit like "ableism" and yet insists that people with mental illnesses lack the agency to choose for themselves and take responsibility for their own actions.
Oh man, glad you said that anon. That new horror game Until Dawn has spread like wildfire on tumblr and every keeps pissing and moaning because "this character didn't do anything wrong!! He couldn't help himself he has x,y,z mental problems!!1 nothing is his fault UwU" It's such a pain in the ass because I like he game but I'm so sick of hearing all this 'poor pitiful baby' shit about a character who was dangerously shit house crazy.

No. 180516

File: 1442458040323.png (674.21 KB, 535x631, aaf2c47d04f511ac0131871b6656dd…)

those feminist whos claim to love drinking 'male tears' clearly dont know what theyre saying, lmao

No. 180536

She has her own thread on /snow/: >>29305

No. 180538

File: 1442460017467.jpg (77.25 KB, 640x715, image.jpg)

What's a Tumblr thread without shitty Dangan Ronpa headcanons?

No. 180539

File: 1442460092231.jpg (72.88 KB, 640x615, image.jpg)

I don't think I should browse the Chihiro Fujisaki tag anymore…

No. 180542

it's just going to make me angry if I read this… so I won't.

No. 180555

File: 1442461983710.jpg (73.81 KB, 435x715, image.jpg)

Lynn is currently throwing a temper tantrum over Chihiro's gender. What's new?

No. 180559

Chihiro is male and nothing will change that canon, no matter how loud those tumblrtards scream.

No. 180567

Pretty sure the ud definition came after 'male tears' got overblown. still funny tho

No. 180586

File: 1442470102135.gif (194.45 KB, 477x456, gtfoofmytown.gif)


This is making me so mad

No. 180591

Perfect gif. It fuels my rage as well.

No. 180596



I'm trying to link it anon but I dunno how

No. 180598

So this is a male character that wears girls clothes but does not want to be a girl? Is that why they're made? Because he won't chop off his dick and go on hormones?

No. 180599

*mad not made

No. 180609

They're going against what they screech out every damn time lmao.

Chihiro said he was a boy. Not "I was assigned male, but I am transgender! MTF!"
What happened to them yelling at everyone about clothes not having gender, what happened to them saying it's ok for boys to be feminine? They literally are doing what they accuse everyone else of doing er, what's it called? Gender norms I think(?), they're saying Chihiro is a girl just because he wears girl clothes, they're going against everything they stand for. These people are so fucking stupid. If Chihiro was half black, transgender, asexual, nonbinary, squirrel-kin, and autistic they would still complain.

No. 180613

They're contradicting themselves all the fucking time. They say clothes don't have a gender and a man can wear his hair long and whatever the fuck, but when a boy character is a transvestite they scream and yell about them being transgender judging solely on their appearance despite the character actually saying out loud they are a boy and they want to be more masculine. He even has a male seiyuu.

It's the same as this shit described here >>179305 . First they say clothing doesn't have gender and gender shouldn't be judged by appearance yet they constantly do just the very thing they complain about. My friend, a girl, wears their hair really short and dresses up in masculine clothing and they identify completely as a cis girl, yet still tumblrites assume she's nb/trans. Way to enforce those gender roles you sexist assholes.

No. 180614

lol Chihiro is a trap.
He's basically a boy who is very weak willed and didn't want to be bullied in school, so he dressed as a girl, but he revealed himself in the game to be a boy and always identified as a boy. He's just a crossdresser.

No. 180615

tumblr are the first people to encourage gender roles and stereotypes. It pisses me off.

No. 180616

I can't wait until they pull this shit on Aoharu x Machinegun I don't know if the anime is all that popular there tho >_>. "HOTARU IS TRANS" "HOTARU IS A TRANSMAN, WATCH UR MOUTH CIS SHITLORD UWUWUWUWUWUWUWU UWU" "HE was oppressed and forced to identify as a wymyn"

No. 180617

Why didn't I finish? Some people probably don't know what the hell I'm talking about: http://aoharuxmachinegun.wikia.com/wiki/Hotaru_Tachibana for more info if you're interested

No. 180736

Unpopular opinion but I think that out of all the dumblr sexuality trends, the "romantic and sexual orientations are different" one is the one that makes the most sense. More so than fucking lithromantic quosexual or whatever.

No. 180740

I thought ableism meant things like not having wheelchair access, or hiring discrimination, and so on. Those are real issues and tumblr is basically shitting all over legit disabled people.

No. 180857

B-but Anon, don't you know??????
"Stupid" is a very offensive slur that kills disabled people over the internet everyday?????

No. 180864

Uhm wat?
I don't understand why people claim to have some native heritage but their face look so "white" kek.
This is new, i never heard of that.
By the way, demibisexual??What?

No. 180883

Honestly yeah. I've known so many gay men who have fallen in love romantically with women but who don't actually want to have sex with them.

No. 180888

that's called being bisexual and spectrum

No. 180891

That remind me of an ex friend of mine, kek. She claim to be asperger (while i think she is NOT) but asked to her boss to not do something at work because "m-muh autism!", i'm glad the boss didn't listen to her and she have to find another (shitty) job. Bitch, grow the fuck out please.
Real disability, be physical or mental is another thing.

No. 180925

Ughhh this thread reminds me of a friend I had. He/she (mtf) was always depressed and had like 1237912 disorders, I was young and stupid and made friends with her because I wanted to help, ugh. Always talking like a creepy old man and trying to send nudes. Got super freaked out and was like "I'm gonna kill myself I'm so horrible no one loves me!" when I told him/her that I didn't have romantic feelings for them. She has a bf now, I pray for the fool.

No. 180947

God, that sucks anon. SJWs would kill me for saying this, but all of the creeps/nasty people I've met on tumblr were mtf and acted super sexual and predatory, especially toward people younger than them. It's sick how they tried guilting people into doing things with them just because they were trans.

No. 180951

File: 1442547617562.png (191.05 KB, 525x896, screenshot-lolcow.farm 2015-09…)

No. 180960

this is might be the most tumblr thing I've ever seen

No. 180969

I like how all of them are obviously ftm to boot

No. 180971

gracious they tried this shit on Naoto. whining that "why wasn't she a full trans character it was THE perfect chance for a trans lead :(" i personally liked her presentation as a tomboy who's just shy about her femininity. plenty of girls can relate to that

No. 180998

It's also things like using retarded as a slur or refusing to reasonably accommodate someone's disability (like reading a menu for someone who is blind)

Another issue I have (I'm autistic) is when people talk about autistic and other mentally disabled people as if we are aren't people and can't form an opinion or feeling about something purely because our brains don't work the same way. (This applies to disorders like schizophrenia and such too)

Tumblrinas have too thin a skin though, if someone says the word retarded in context of your developmental disorder it's weird and uncomfortable but really isn't ableism. And things like calling someone stupid being ableism is bullshit, stupid isn't a disorder. They're trying to bring everyone down to a disabled person's level as opposed to creating better access so that people can work with their disabilities almost as freely as an able bodied person could. I always think of that Harrison Bergeron story when I hear tumblr whine.


No. 181008

I remember reading about that. Tumblrina's posting "I'm literally crying right now". Like it's some major tragedy that the character wasn't trans.

Tomboy does not equal trans. I'm so sick of this. Why don't they realise they are actually adhering even more strongly to gender stereotypes by insisting that characters like this must be trans?

No. 181031

Heterosexual:Male-identifying individual sexually attracted to a female-identifying individual, and vice-versa.
Homosexual:Someone attracted to someone of the same gender as themselves.
Bisexual:Sexually attracted to two or more genders.
Polysexual:Sexually attracted to many genders, but not all.
Pansexual:Sexually attracted to all genders. (this and bisexual, and sometimes polysexual, are often considered to be the same thing and different people may simply identify as any one of them due to their own personal reasons)
Heteroflexible:Usually sexually attracted to the opposite gender, but rarely sexually attracted to other genders.
Homoflexible:Usually sexually attracted to the same gender, but rarely sexually attracted to other genders.
Gynesexual:Sexually attracted to females or femininity.
Androsexual:Sexually attracted to males or masculinity.
Demisexual:Sexually attracted to people only after forming a bond with them first.
Gray-sexual/Gray-asexual:Someone who rarely experiences sexual attraction.
Asexual:Having no /sexual attraction/ to others
Apothisexual:Same as asexual, but more specifically disgusted by sex.
Heteroromantic:Male-identifying individual romantically attracted to female-identifying individuals, and vice-versa.
Homoromantic:Attracted romantically to the same gender.
Biromantic:Attracted romantically to two or more genders
Polyromantic:Attracted to many genders (but not all)
Panromantic:Attracted romantically to all genders
Gyneromantic:Attracted romantically to females or femininity
Androromantic:Attracted romantically to males or masculinity
Gray-romantic/Gray-aromantic:Rarely romantically attracted to anyone.
Demiromantic:Romantically attracted to people only after forming a bond with them first.
Aromantic:Having no /romantic attraction/ to others
Apothiromantic:Same as aromantic, but more specifically disgusted by romance.
Polyamorous:Someone who is attracted to, and is comfortable with being in a relationship with more than one person at a time.
Akoiromantic/Lithromantic:Someone who experiences romantic attraction, but doesn't wish to act upon it or for it to be reciprocated.
Cupioromantic:The opposite of lithromantic–someone who desires a romantic relationship, but does not experience romantic attraction.
Quoiromantic:Unable to differentiate between romantic and platonic attraction.
Transexual/Transgender (Term depending on generation and location):An individual who identifies as a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth to be. Often shortened to trans
Cisgender:Someone who identifies as the gender that they were assigned as at birth. (ex. matches their birth certificate) Often shortened to cis
Intersex:Someone who has ambiguous genitalia that doesn't fit into our strict dichotomy of uterus or testes. Often forced into surgery to correct their genitals at a very young age, causing psychological and physical harm later in life
Non-binary:Outside of the gender binary of male and female. (Can be used as an umbrella term or as its own identity)
Genderqueer:Outside of the gender binary. (interchangeable with non-binary)
Agender:Someone who experiences a 'lack' of gender.
Bigender:Someone who identifies as two genders.
Trigender:Someone who identifies as three genders.
Genderfluid:A gender that changes, or is 'fluid'.
Demigirl:Identifying partially as a woman, but not wholly.
Demiboy/guy:Identifying partially as a man, but not wholly.
Androgyne:Expressing both male and female traits.
Dmab:Designated Male at Birth.
Dfab:Designated Female at Birth.
Amab/Afab:Same as dmab/dfab, except with 'assigned' instead of 'designated'.
Camab/Cafab:Same as previous, except prefixed by 'coercively', to highlight the lack of choice.
Reblog to inform! And if there's any I missed or anything that should be clarified, please message me! Always looking to expand the proper vocab. :)
**I edited this post because it used some archaic and incorrect terms/definitions, and needed more terms added to it. -Vivian Mareepe

No. 181032



Just found that load over on dumblr.

Are those made up tho?

No. 181059

Who the hell has time to sit there and come up with all these pseudo-sexualities?
Whenever I try to read through posts like these I start feeling a bit crazy. I had a friend try to explain heterofluidity to me and I just kind of nodded along with her explanation, but the whole time I was screaming internally.
Why the need for all the fucking labels and giant long winded blog posts about sexual preferences? Plus, a lot of these things on this list don't even make any sense. Does anybody actually even care how random people like their sex? No. No one cares.

Tumblr gives people poo brain.

No. 181063

File: 1442595843041.gif (5.19 MB, 480x270, lmfao.gif)

oh my god

No. 181082

That doesnt make sense-because you also hear the term "white people tears" so if its meant to be slang for semen then does that mean white girls produce semen too? I think its just a pathetic way to try and get back at feminist tumblr but if you are trying to fight with anyone on tumblr you're stupid anyway. I mean its fucking tumblr, just avoid that shit.

No. 181085

You could say the same thing about milking cows.

No. 181092

Well apparently no its doesnt count because transwomen are the most ~oppressed ever~ and I have seen many posts claiming lesbians who do not want to sleep with transwomen are transphobic and on top of it all are not real lesbians because apparently sexualities, according to them, are attractions to someones gender, not their sex facepalm because sex is a social construct, but gender isnt uwu

No. 181107

The "white male/people tears" probably came after "male tears" tbh. People probably saw that retards were buying merch and putting the words "male tears" on everything and jumped on the bandwagon by trying to put their own edgy spin on it.
Generally speaking "white people tears" and "male tears" aren't the same and imply different things. One saying could easily have an esoteric meaning while the other doesn't. That's how slang works. Just because they both have "____ tears" doesn't make them interchangeable.

Who knows, maybe people in the 1800s were calling semen "male tears". Either way, bitches who buy those cups and take selfies with them are dumb cunts and I'm glad that "male tears" means sperm to someone somewhere. The irony is just so beautiful lolll

No. 181112

File: 1442606182104.jpg (36.86 KB, 500x500, 7e4.jpg)

You are thinking way too much into this, maybe you should take a walk and let your body pillow breathe, you're sounding way too neckbeardy unless you are one.

No. 181116

i always found that tears things cringy but your response is even more fucking cringy. congrats.

No. 181125

File: 1442608387018.png (218.92 KB, 422x594, Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 21.3…)

People who buy this shit and think it's edgy

No. 181147

Maybe if it was Xie Said, Xir Said it would be more acceptable?

No. 181148


Oh yeah lol its slike a thing now

No. 181150


I know lol

It's like… just date or fuck or be who you wanna be! WHY THE LABELS

No. 181199


No. 182093

File: 1442630221409.jpg (138.64 KB, 654x524, image.jpg)

>squirel Kin
Someone said the magic word

No. 182098

oh my god. bitch, the animals are already dead. your vegan outburst and crazy isn't gonna help shit.

No. 182100

Seriously if I was her mother I would take away her electronics like "bitch, I aint seen a squirrel with a smartphone. Have you?"

Bitch get a job

No. 182985

>chicken fetuses
>unborn babies
Holy fuck, can you get any more uneducated?
They are unfertilized eggs, essentially a chicken's period.
Meaning there's no fucking living being inside it.
What an ungrateful little shit she is to her mother as well.
Hope they kick her rude ass out soon.
Fuck, cunts like this make me mad.>>182093

No. 182999

isnt boys tears a euphemism for semen though

No. 183001

i may actually be retarded. i didnt read the post you were replying to until nos.

No. 183018

ur cute anon, its okay

No. 183083


So this is the current state of American higher education, in case anyone was wondering

No. 183113

I'm 97% sure squirrrelygirly is a troll or satire account.

No. 183129

>our house
let me guess who is paying the rents and your food

No. 183130

saw that too late. jfc I can't even tell anymore

No. 183136

Lol. I would love for these animal kins parents to do that. Like you lil shit you don't need this your x, y, z.

No. 183174

Man I hope this is a troll. But probably not.

According to this wikipedia page squirrels do eat eggs.

"Squirrels cannot digest cellulose, so they must rely on foods rich in protein, carbohydrates, and fats. In temperate regions, early spring is the hardest time of year for squirrels, because buried nuts begin to sprout and are no longer available for the squirrel to eat, and new food sources have not become available yet. During these times, squirrels rely heavily on the buds of trees. Squirrels' diets consist primarily of a wide variety of plants, including nuts, seeds, conifer cones, fruits, fungi, and green vegetation. However, some squirrels also consume meat, especially when faced with hunger.[8] Squirrels have been known to eat insects, eggs, small birds, young snakes, and smaller rodents. Indeed, some tropical species have shifted almost entirely to a diet of insects.[13]"

Squirrels also love sweets like cookies and cupcakes. And will tear open trash bags to get snack cake wrappers. I once saw a squirrel running down the street with a cake wrapper that still had frosting on it.

No. 183185

I very much hope so, but it's tumblr so I really don't doubt that they're just that retarded.

No. 183200

You have got to the kidding me. Also
>the university is planning to train faculty members how to look up a student's pronouns, and explain their significance
Surely education is more important than what pronouns are used? Why is it apparently so important?

No. 183203

>sexuality is fluid
Sure, to all of the made up sexualities on Tumblr. (there are two functioning genitalia, not counting intersex and post-op trans genitalia as it's own thing. So there is about 2 or three sexualities not counting asexuality since theyre supposedly not attracted to anything)
But I don't think majority of people in the lgbt community would want to face all of the scrutiny they've been facing for years of it was just "fluid".

Also, why are they focusing on pronouns so much, do they really not have any bigger educational problems than this? (no offense to trans people who may feel bad when they overhear someone call them a he, not counting if they didn't know)

I've asked this question once, and I'll ask it again, why are pronouns so important? Pronouns are used in the third pers(on a conversational level), therefore, unless I'm speaking to someone else right in front of you, or you're eavesdropping on every conversation you are mentioned in, I don't see why people care so much.

So much for breaking the gender binary right? Lets just make it even more bigger and complicated!

Just when I was considering going to most of those universities when I move to the states. I'd rather not have this shit stuffed into my face when I'm studying. I want to get in, and graduate out into the job market.

Don't get me wrong, diversity is a good thing, but I feel their are more important things than pronouns.

No. 183236

File: 1442678075515.png (165.99 KB, 599x688, COxKjQpUkAAKd6s.png)

So this artist I follow, 666pigeon tends to get into tumblr/western fandoms like homestuck and now Steven Universe.
So they drew Pearl. And then got told they drew the nose to small and to please fix it.

Since said artist is korean they didn't understand exactly what the anon meant and pic related happened.

Also here's a link to their tumblr, on the second page (at this moment) the original ask is posted. http://pigeon666.tumblr.com/page/2

Basically what I don't understand is why do these people feel the need to police all of the SU fanart? What's the point of sending asks in english to an artist who obviously doesn't speak it? Is representation of your gigantic nose really THAT important?

I hope this is related to this thread enough, because there's another ask going on about big nose oppression on their tumblr.

No. 183243

that's why I hate SU fandom, artist said that their english is bad and they don't understand everything in english, and SU fans came and explained it in… wait for it… english

No. 183244

My favorite part is how the artist in the end just went "Yeah I get it. maybe. not."

No. 183269

Why do people care about Pearl's nose so much? Like it's super unrealistic to what big noses look like in real life… I don't understand.

No. 183271

kek, obviously 'not' cause their newest sketch is pearl with…a small nose. I wonder if they got more hatemail for it?

Who the fuck gets triggered over nose sizes in fanart of cartoons characters. I mean..wow.

No. 183272


Yeah, I don't really get it
They said something about it being seen as ugly and a stereotype for certain races, but Pearl is obviously white

I mean, I know they're space rocks that technically have no gender or race or whatever, but tumblr wants to claim Garnet is black, therefore Pearl is white. I thought that was why steven jewniverse fans don't seem to like her very much

No. 183275


Yeah, for a website that claims to be ~so s00per progressive~, they have very little tolerance for that kind of thing. It's blatantly obvious the artist's English isn't very good, but of course tumblr doesn't give a shit. Isn't this the same kind of thing that happened with Mogeko/Deep Sea Prisoner that was mentioned in the galaxyprincet thread?