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File: 1440461463014.jpg (171.36 KB, 538x613, okc.jpg)

No. 16574

Post any snowflakes, tumblrites, or any other lol-worthy profiles found on Okcupid.

No. 16580

File: 1440461948656.png (31.83 KB, 994x487, 1440452357701.png)

>two spirit

No. 16582

File: 1440462034423.jpg (249.23 KB, 1138x467, cccc.jpg)

No. 16584

If someone not Native calls themselves "two spirit" is that ~cultural appropriation~?
What the fuck is an "other" gender?

No. 16586

i hope he will never have a kid

No. 16588

I just say i'm an anti-feminist in OKcupid so no tumblrina talk to me.
it's great

No. 16589

File: 1440462451906.jpg (228.6 KB, 575x539, gaborpatch.jpg)

Haha I'm surprised none of them have tried to "explain you a thing"

No. 16591

not that anon but some tried to explain me how oppressed I was for being a woman and it was fucking stupid

No. 16592

So, uh…
Who's the one who matched 74% with this guy?

No. 16593

I'm always tempted to put something like this in my profile to ward off the SJWs but I feel like it will attract them more because they'll try to """"educate"""" me

No. 16595

File: 1440463021956.png (121.9 KB, 565x517, 573920.png)

"just a soul"

No. 16596

if they try to talk to you then ignore them.
honestly, you should say anti-feminist.
at least it will attract smart people

No. 16597

>Mustache and redneck-chic look

No. 16599

File: 1440464348064.jpg (266.3 KB, 980x459, gross.jpg)

Just stumbled upon this gem.

No. 16600

Oh man, this is gonna quickly become my favorite thread.

No. 16602

Just what everyone is looking for, a greasy special snowflake SJW who whines about how everyone else should check their privilege.

No. 16615

File: 1440467425693.png (241.57 KB, 690x580, Tumblrwhy.png)

I think I just found the mother load (pun intended)

No. 16617

he looks like a hassidic jew

No. 16618

File: 1440467741236.png (1.05 MB, 1420x720, JohnLennon.png)

No. 16619

"lesbian"? lmao what kind of legit lesbian would possibly be attracted to this person

No. 16623

File: 1440468126770.png (329.25 KB, 681x448, bestlawyerevar.png)

not to fear, women and racial minorities! this generous lawyer is here to represent you!!!!

No. 16628

File: 1440468803890.png (8.34 KB, 272x118, shocker.png)

None, apparently

No. 16629

Not to sound radfem but I would honestly call this person a predator

No. 16638

File: 1440470663347.jpg (259.35 KB, 915x1062, 2snowflake4u.jpg)

Why do people insist on having dating site profiles to find friends?

No. 16639

>i enjoy on occasion
>im a virgin

No. 16641

File: 1440472159349.jpg (10.85 KB, 106x255, 1437940582014.jpg)

No. 17027

I'm making a fake profile ill see what happens.

No. 17321

tbh there arent a lot of places to meet friends with personality profiles etc, and there is an option to just meet people that want to be friends, so i can understand that.

No. 17352

What are some things that I should put on there without coming off as a troll?

No. 17353

What is your goal with the profile? To attract SJWs?

No. 17354

Yes. I want to be triggered.

No. 17360

Just choose the non-standard gender and orientation options and then mention several times in your profile that you're interested in feminism, fighting oppression and being anti-capitalist. That should work

No. 17362

File: 1440480350135.jpg (157.22 KB, 546x517, yowz.jpg)

No. 17368

File: 1440484171028.png (319.85 KB, 661x492, bigender.png)

No. 17375

Otherkin I guess?? These people are idiots. There's no such thing as all these different genders. I can't believe OKCupid is pulling this, but then again, I suppose I can.

No. 17376

If this person doesn't want to interact with 'dudes', they should just put lesbian. what the fuck.

No. 17377

>no aspirations

This guy is a winner, folks!!

No. 17378

Yeah, okay… this is why I wash my new bought clothing before wearing them out.

No. 17379

File: 1440493416401.gif (1.93 MB, 500x281, Several questions.gif)

>sexual orientation: Lesbian

WHAT? No. man.. that isn't how it works. You have to be a woman first, then you get to be a lesbian.

No. 17382

Well, they obviously want the maximum $$$ possible. That and the site seems to be pretty much run by millennials

No. 17386

>i hate this website so i deactivate a lot but i always come crawling back for some fuckifng reason

lil tumblrina needs attention

No. 17391

No. 17392

File: 1440499573391.jpg (205.3 KB, 543x523, whinybrat.jpg)

I'm a cis dude and I'm older than her. Currently fighting the temptation to message her repeatedly

No. 17399

Looks like a pathetic K-pop fan, especially with that name.

No. 17400

File: 1440502263816.png (122.33 KB, 522x522, 472932.png)

No. 17402

File: 1440502651130.png (372.36 KB, 662x631, NOTAGIRL.png)

>do not call me a girl or lady
>tumblr??? speech??
Could be worse.

No. 17403

>I'm genderfluid so don't call me a female!
Has CHOOSEABLE stereotypically female features

No. 17404

I'm confused. What's actually wrong with this one? Because I don't see what's 'snowflake' or 'lol-worthy' about it.

No. 17413


This is OKCupid right? Nobody speaks of each other in third person, why would they need to ask for using of "proper pronouns"

No. 17421

File: 1440510167119.png (132.21 KB, 583x575, wat.png)

26 years old, uses the "xD" and other cringey emoticons and just… why

No. 17422

xD haha xP…uhhh <3 something =P

No. 17428

>i need more queer friends

No. 17434

All this bitches look and behave the same, seriously, I know a chick who's a carbon copy of this one, she also claims to be agender asexual and ~queer~.
Ugh, fucking disgrace.

No. 17437

I'd give this dude a pass, although he's probably a huge tryhard.

No. 17438

>keito, probably Kate
>massive weeaboo confirmed

No. 17439

I knew a 30 year old who talked like this on the internet…within the past year he got busted for possession of CP.

No. 17451

anyone calling themselves non-binary is a snowflake in my book

No. 17463

File: 1440547094693.png (340.16 KB, 657x486, creepi.png)

Again… what actual lesbian would be interested in this individual?

No. 17465


The best Nick Bate cosplayer

No. 17479

File: 1440556859776.png (101.37 KB, 620x440, 50diffgenders.png)

No. 17481

File: 1440556944851.png (107.05 KB, 514x528, commiepig.png)

No. 17488

According to tumblr, yes. It's a Native only gender. I've seen a lot of rants on tumblr about it. I had only heard of two spirit once before I first discovered tumblr, I think it was some kind of documentary. It doesn't really come up often outside of tumblr. I'm not even sure what tribe the concept belongs to.

Tumblr will ream you out for using it if they think you are white. But don't you dare tell a blue eyed mayonnaise colored two spirit Cherokee princess that she can't use it.

OMG it's like CC DeVille knocked up the corpse of Nancy Spungen and this was the horrifying result.

No. 17510

>cat children
>wants 50 tattoos
>age 20
>don't message me, cis boys or prepared to be lectured

jfc. How much do you have to fail as a parent?

No. 17512

>i'm a boi
>I love kpop!!!1

So happy I'm 27 and married. I dodged so many bullets by not being born a few years younger.

No. 17513

He types like a 14 year old. How embarrassing.

No. 17514

>U-Uhh…but haha xD Once you get to know me anon, i swear u will liek me!

No. 17515

I highly…doubt it.
Why are so many mtfs such creepy perverts?

No. 17516

So many fakebois.

No. 17538

File: 1440597778423.png (23.65 KB, 585x493, ahhaahhahhha.png)

a bit off topic cause this isn't a snowflake but i think i found my dream husband! a VERY rich engineer!

No. 17539

Are you a girl with sexy ass ready to fuck his cock tho?

No. 17540

i guess i'll have to send him an ass pic to see if i qualify…

No. 17577

do it cunt

No. 17580

What the fuck creates these kinds of people
How do we stop it

No. 17614

what creates them is a combination of excessive exposure to tumblr, a huge ego, and a persecution complex

No. 17652

Bad parenting, bad genetics. Bad everything.

No. 17660

Its cringe but tbh if you understand that Modest Mouse reference then its much cooler.

No. 17663

File: 1440671454547.jpg (32 KB, 445x369, 1348861065485.jpg)


No. 17672

can you explain it?

No. 20330

File: 1440842617620.png (63.1 KB, 418x533, 06_36.png)

Sorry the text is small, I had to zoom out to capture all the cringe

No. 20346


>being this sjw cuck

I honestly feel like this a straight dude who doesn't want to admit he's just straight and wants to be a special snowflake. It's cringeworthy jesus christ.

I'm so tired of whiny beta boys jesus.

No. 20372

eww pansexual people are the worst.

No. 20378

I think he's just saying he likes tomboys

No. 20392

File: 1440877623397.png (377.7 KB, 913x1481, kaworutan.png)

So edgy desu.

No. 20405

>tells people to kill themselves if they don't read every single word of her profile
>probably tags things "tw: suicide" on tumblr

No. 20441

File: 1440899340353.png (293.78 KB, 714x811, pedo.png)

Any 18 year old here interested in a jobless masseur?

No. 20468


No. 20480

oh my god can't we keep this crap out of the holy land

No. 20490

File: 1440940682006.png (137.82 KB, 567x490, 07765.png)

This one's a witch, apparently.

No. 20496

Tell me about it. Tumblr culture is strong here for some reason.

It's a pity I can't access his answers, I've seen the "guy" around in real life and he's cringey as hell.

No. 20497

When will this fakeboi trend die?

No. 20498

Why would a straight guy want to date him? I don't get this at all. Is it because he thinks straight men just flock to gender nonconforming snowflakes because they're just so damn hot?

Why are so many people who think they are witches or psychics so damn ugly? "it" looks like a 45 year old housewife. Kinda looks like Sally Jessy Raphael too. That's a seriously bad pic and I don't know why anyone would purposely put it on their profile.

What is a grey asexual? I feel like I need to buy a textbook to memorize all these stupid terms for every little snowflake out there.

No. 20541

All that special snowflakeness. Also yeah, WHY are you on a dating website? To just show off how spechul you are?

No. 20542

File: 1440963199086.png (114.04 KB, 523x569, youreafemale.png)

it spends a lot of time thinking about its "hot butt"

No. 20544

i usually find people who identify as witch or pagan really obnoxious

No. 20546

File: 1440965301943.png (117.71 KB, 570x621, he has a four year old child.p…)

"My cat meant more to me than anyone else. She died. I will never love that much again."

No. 20547

File: 1440965747975.png (93.79 KB, 472x573, 3dgy.png)

I'm worried about her kid.

No. 20551

I love that cat.

No. 20556

ew ew ew

No. 20560

I wonder if this person's PTSD was caused by online oppression

No. 20566

All this mental illness romanticism is disgusting

No. 20572

Its manic pixie dream girl, not magical, she can't even get that right.

No. 20574

i'd rather date most of these people than a cunt who would put "anti-feminist" in their profile for whatever reason.

No. 20575

/pol/ and tumblr are two sides of the same coin

No. 20577

Usually when used online, anti-feminist translates to "I hate Anita Sarkeesian, Brianna Wu, and tumblr." They aren't typically genuinely misogynistic

No. 20578


No. 20629

assuming this person is a feminist as well, why would anyone want to be known as a "living embodiment of [manic] pixie dream girl"?? Do they not know what that is? I honestly cannot understand anyone who wants their sole purpose in life to be someone else's life

No. 20640

File: 1441019084075.jpg (283.65 KB, 675x660, PROBLEMATIC.jpg)

No. 20641

"I'm into trans, but into cis too. i'm into masculine peps, but feminine too" how to make your short self-summary slightly longer.

No. 20645

tbh putting any sort of super extreme political views is a red flag to me. people who think in only black and white just scream retarded to me. like they don't actually understand morality or complex issues.

No. 20720

Nice little pube beard on his chin. I guess he's transitioning for real, so at least he's not another fakeboi

No. 21318

File: 1441180583679.png (240.95 KB, 559x455, ace-flux.png)

No. 21329

why people use this "smol" word, it's just so stupid

No. 22523

File: 1441216655550.png (505.4 KB, 1996x1980, lush compilation.png)

Oh boy do I have a treat for you guys

No. 22524

I wonder if it's some sort of act against the /fit/ bros "swol" thing. Like, seeking to be the opposite.
Both terms are stupid as fuck

No. 22525

Why cant he just say he's into gay men?

No. 22526

This. And as they should. Those idiots are doing so much more harm than good

No. 22531

Ugh. Snowflake with extra levels of pretentiousness. I honestly prefer the "I'm trash lol" variety of tumblrina, because at least they have less of a chip on their shoulders.

No. 22538

The only thing I like about these peolple is that most of them "don't have kids and don't want any".

No. 22540

>Transsexual communist
go away. just go away

No. 22559

File: 1441238918780.png (332.22 KB, 661x430, 20_55.png)

No. 22582

>ace flux
what the actual fuck??

No. 22583

I seriously cannot tell if this is a guy or not. They have the most unfortunate face and body type.

No. 22584

Are they in Seattle or Portland? They look the type.

No. 22585

Nah, Ann Arbor. Which is like the Portland of Michigan

No. 22599

"smol" means "small and cute"
"ace flux" means changing perspective on sex, one day "sex is great" the other day "i hate sex" or "i don't care about sex"
my brain died r.i.p

No. 22601

>I hate sex on some days
>sex is great!! the other days

this is literally called being a normal human being.

No. 22602

shhhh, they need to be special on Internet
there is "aro flux", changing perspective on love/romance, damn

No. 22610

File: 1441283535624.png (223.3 KB, 694x839, why.png)

No. 22681

Basically he's a straight guy who likes tomboyish girls

No. 22701

File: 1441331162967.png (169.41 KB, 694x864, Rainbowgay.png)

No. 22708

i think bruh needs to proofread his bio, lmao. is he gay or straight?

No. 22728

His legs looked a woman's from the waist down, i'm so confused by the weight lifting photo.

No. 22729

He comes off as mega beta and desperate. God damn

No. 22733


This one is actually pretty sad. He's probably been rejected his whole life and thusly has a shit view on what relationships are.

No. 22742

File: 1441362260935.png (287.84 KB, 598x622, sewage.png)

No. 22743

all of the tumblr horror in one person

No. 22745

someone needs to tell xir that the fat girl angle doesn't work if you put your gigantic bloated hand in the pic

No. 22746

this habit of physically repulsive people calling themselves "cute" has got to stop

No. 22747

i bet this user wanted to write "smol"(small and cute) like every tumblrfag

No. 22748

>I could never do without
>anal stimulation

You might end up attracting MRAs and Nice Guys though, those are their own special brand of crazy and I wouldn't be surprised if the average dating site is full of them.

~lesbian in a man's body~

No. 22753

File: 1441369678208.png (373.06 KB, 1100x1044, Euphoria.png)

He talks like this on first dates doesn't he?

No. 22778

I'm glad these types of people all wear the same uniform. That way I can spot and avoid them easier.

No. 22782

"sex first, love later" lol

No. 22810

what's this person's username??? I want to perform further investigation

No. 22817


What sort of investigation do you have in mind, anon?

No. 22858

File: 1441435681759.png (258.63 KB, 680x746, sadboy-69.png)

No. 22859

jesus can these gross women stop forcing their way into gay male spaces? no one fucking wants you here you sjw shitpile

No. 22860

"don't talk to me if you are a christian" lol
i'm weeaboo anime 4life, atheist 4life, i'm so cool, going to the bar, trying to be man, when everyone know that i'm wannabe boy, lying online that i'm beating cis people, when in real life i'm sitting in home 24h
"general piece of human garbage" 100% true

No. 22876

who wants to bet it's after one direction?

these fakebois piss me off so much, if you want to look androgynous go ahead but it doesnt fucking make you trans. you'll grow out of it in a year and latch on to the next social media trend

No. 23037

I'm certain it is. And she probably picked him because he's the only non-white member

No. 23040

>trying to beat up cis white boys at bars

sure you do

No. 23042

This thread is so unbearably cringy. I'm so happy I didn't have to live my preteen life when all this shit is going on.

No. 23044

i know. the stupid myspace and wannabe emo stuff i did was nowhere near as embarrassing as this is

No. 23085

File: 1441522907090.png (124.92 KB, 640x485, lizzythepixie.png)

>wants to be a pinup model

No. 23090

why is every fat tumblr feminist into pinup
you think they'd find it objectifying and ~problematic~

No. 23094

File: 1441541703600.png (151.23 KB, 697x585, Uglygirlsyndrome.png)

No. 23109

b…but anon. I guess I'll go and kill myself then.

No. 23110

Serious question: do any of you use okcupid to actually meet people? I just made an account, haven't looked around much yet but do any of you have any experiences with it? Good ones even?

No. 23111

I'd think so too. But maybe they think as long as you are a big enough snowflake it's so empowering.

No. 23112


Meant to quote this

No. 23168

I met my bf of one year on OKC. I firmly believe it was just 100% luck so sorry I don't have any advice for you. This was before the genderspecial stuff came out so I'm not sure how different the site is now or if it really effects people not looking for that kind of stuff.

No. 23179

I tried before I ended up in a relationship with someone I've known for a long time (and am a lot more happy with her than with anyone I've met on OKC), and honestly, a lot of the people who I met/went out with were massive Tumblrinas.

One of them posted constantly about how much she hated cis people (she was "genderqueer" but dressed/acted/identified as a woman for all intents and purposes, and was born female, so.

Another was huge into Superwholock bullshit and actually told me about Harry Potter slash fanfiction while we were in public, which was mortifying.

So your mileage may vary, I think I just attract people like that, so it was bound not to work.

No. 23181

It was alright before the whole tumblr pandering bullshit. Though I got a lot of flakes on there. Tbh Anon, try match.com if you want something more serious/mature. Plus they do those group outing things.

Like >>23168 said, it's mostly luck, but if you aren't looking for tumblr types you'll likely have a better chance with a site that doesn't pander to that crowd.

No. 23198

File: 1441575980718.png (108.26 KB, 698x403, ButByNight.png)

The sissies on OKC are always worth a laugh.

Personally anon, I've never really had much luck on OKCupid. I've been on like, two dates from it and one the guy flaked out and the other guy was so dull it lasted half an hour but to be honest I wasn't feeling him.
Gay male here, so it might be different for straight girls and lesbians, but it's easier to date online where you have a guarantee that he's gay/bi and most bars and parties are for hookups instead of regular dating.
I keep mine now mostly for things like this, you always get a story out of it at least.

No. 23205

I feel like a lot of these snowflakey tumblr types aren't getting their MB types right. I've known lots of INTJs/INTPs and they would never buy into sjw bullshit - just the way tumblr acts is repulsive to them from a logical/thought process standpoint. Makes me wonder if saying they're INTP/INTJ is another aspect of snowflake-ness, since those are two of the rarest types.

No. 23269

File: 1441591712887.jpg (296.64 KB, 789x590, jammy.jpg)

her profile isn't particularly cringeworthy. i just don't understand why pretty girls insist on ruining themselves

No. 23285


how about stop making shit up, tumblr!! wtf

No. 23286

MBTI is total bullshit. It's been thoroughly discredited in psychology; it's about as trustworthy as a quizilla quiz that tells you which inuyasha character you are.

No. 23287

I put friends only on my profile and said straight up, "I want to meet friends to do tabletop and board games with in (insert city)"

It's pretty okay, but you do have to weed out the crazies.

No. 23441

why are they so ashamed of being born female?

No. 23449

Q is for "questioning" which usually just means "straight but I want to play along." Or if the person is extra retarded it can mean "queer" which means "I'm pretentious and self-obsessed"

I is for intersexed, which is something tumblr users are pretending to be in increasing numbers

A is for asexual so I guess that's fair, although obviously "gray ace" is not a thing and most tumblr asexuals actually aren't

No. 23513

File: 1441608114013.jpg (152.57 KB, 597x545, landwhale.jpg)

I guess his mom also told him not to be a fatass

No. 23639

He's a communist and an anarchist? what

No. 23640

not to sound too tumblr but i think most of these fakebois have a bad case of internalized misogyny. "i'm not like those OTHER GIRLS who only care about shopping and boys! i need to show everyone how different and not-girly i am!"

No. 23646

I don't know, but it truly makes me sad. In America at least, we are really living in a golden age where there is a lot less sexism and women can dress how they want, have short hair, not wear skirts or dresses, etc– and these stupid cunts want to be men…?? Why?

Being a fakeboi is the dumbest trend ever. Just be a woman who is masculine! wtf

No. 23647

So, yes, it's all made up.

No. 23659

File: 1441674536365.jpg (220.05 KB, 533x673, 02827.jpg)

No. 23697

try ocean model/big 5 test instead

No. 23698

>I spend a lot of time thinking about
>What gender labels to use on this site

What a self-centered piece of shit. Also why are all poly people crazy?

No. 23705


really wish edgy ~*~anti-capitalist queerpunks~*~ would just go away. also
>thinks about "asceticism"
>has an OKcupid account


No. 23755

I did that test several times and kept getting INTP. I hate this SJW stuff. It's stupid and backwards and contradicts itself at every turn. It doesn't help any activist movements. But it hurts them greatly.

What's with all these younger women taking pics that make them look like middle aged moms? She looks like she can't decide which national leading brand of fabric softener to buy.

No. 23759

Lol I'm near you and I'm 99% sure this guy has been in my matches as well

No. 23763

average tumblr user has a shit diet and shit standards for living. I knew this girl who had just been getting into tumblr and while chubby/fat, she was cute and took care of herself. Fastforward a few years and she's typical tumblr "smoke weed 420 im drunk all the time and my favorite food group is taco bell i'm depressed w/ anxiety but can still manage hanging out with new people all the time and fuck random dudes" and in all her selfies now she looks like a middle aged mom trying to be hip.

No. 23802

>What's with all these younger women taking pics that make them look like middle aged moms? She looks like she can't decide which national leading brand of fabric softener to buy.

My sides.

No. 23804

Mysterious, I wonder if I've viewed your profile

No. 24067

Okcupid is basically just becoming the dating site of Tumblr. Probably 60-70% of the people I'm seeing now are gross SJWs or at least on the way there.

I'm desperate for an alternative but most of the other sites either don't allow gay people or else you gotta pay. Anyone have any suggestions?

No. 24072

I'm debating making a tindr, I had one very breifly but never really did anything with it you know?
I would get a grindr, but I keep telling myself I have more respect than that, but I mean it seems like there would be more gay men there than on OKCupid since despite its reputation, Grindr is geared for just gays.
Don't even want hookups, I want to just date and maybe meet a guy, but on OKCupid it's all tumblr, or the decent guys are too far away, or everyone near you is fucking ugly as sin.

No. 24077

Yeah I tried Tinder and it didn't go anywhere. Know anything about PlentyOfFish?

No. 24078

POF is basically the slums of internet dating. Most of the people you find on there are skeezy and weird. OKCupid at least has some decent people, PlentyOfFish is basically nothing but freaks and losers.

No. 24080

Are freaks and losers worse than SJWs though

No. 24422

File: 1441945827947.jpg (93.59 KB, 686x501, weird-conversation.jpg)

He never bothered to reply.

No. 24439

He's complimenting you, saying you're attractive

No. 24448

do you think I was rude?

No. 24452

File: 1441971002276.png (213.43 KB, 549x455, EYEBROWS.png)

i am a little bit terrified of this person

No. 24456

Jesus fucking Christ those brows.
Like Joan Crawford.

No. 24488

File: 1441994883112.png (100.04 KB, 395x733, okc.png)

No. 24492

did he just admit to being a rapist (not asking consent)?? he is giving me seriously creepy vibes with the whole "oh sad so sad i used to be awful but now i'm cute and confused and saaad"

No. 24598

File: 1442009855861.jpg (296.76 KB, 560x774, 98038.jpg)

this one isn't that bad, I would just like to point out that emo is still alive and well

No. 24669

judging from all the sjw shit on his profile he probably means that he kissed a girl without having her sign an informed consent paper beforehand

No. 24687

I wish, but I know a lot of guys who talk about consent and what good feminists they are, but they are actual sexual predators.

No. 24694

i had a bad experience with a guy who faked being ~sensitive and sad~ and sounded just like that guy and turned out it was a front for some majorly creepy and manipulative behavior. like taking photos of me when he thought i was sleeping and trying to force himself on me, and because he was came across as so gentle and nice none of my friends believed me when i said he was predatory so guys like that in general skeeve me out because i recognise their behaviour in him /end blog

No. 24719

Hmm, I don't know. Try messaging him again

No. 24722

He seems like a nice guy. I'd date him if he wasn't into the communist social justice garbage

No. 24754

>watches steven universe
>doesn't care for consent in sex
>Hi Roll: Sense of justice

what the fuck? Even his face looks like he would probably rape you if he had the chance. Disgusting.

No. 24755

This. They are the nice guys who want to act like they give a shit about a woman and her rights in the world, but really just want to fuck her sooner than later. I don't trust most men, but those are definitely the worst kind.

No. 24756

Have fun being raped.

No. 24773

File: 1442040017456.png (106.14 KB, 571x426, 02_53.png)

Did someone ask for a weeaboo fakeboi? Order up!

No. 24775

This guy has the longest profile I've ever seen.

No. 24786

what a detailed and interesting description wow such visual kei very weeaboo wow anime 4life

No. 24808

File: 1442056635928.png (125.47 KB, 521x490, why.png)

No. 24826


Oh my god
That's a troll though, right?

No. 24848

She has the haircut of a middle-aged woman.

No. 24924

File: 1442093168284.png (268.89 KB, 690x546, ugh.png)

No. 24934

Well, it does look like it lives under a bridge.

>neon hair
>hipster glasses
>harry potter
>"i'm so cynical and sarcastic xD"
You could fill out a bingo card with this shit

No. 24938

File: 1442105440932.png (282.96 KB, 689x589, Fluid.png)

Why am I a 91% match with him?

Also his profile says "Into androgynous people" at the bottom and he keeps looking at my profile.
I am not your kawaii uke boy, go away.

No. 24947

File: 1442110015985.png (45.71 KB, 500x508, Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 9.05…)

I did make a bingo card of things I hate when people try to describe themselves. If you only have a couple, you're ok. But if you're getting a bingo, you're way too tryhard. Anyone have some suggestions?

No. 24949

File: 1442110256297.png (35.81 KB, 272x464, background-kun.png)

No. 24951

You have "fandom" on there twice, maybe one should be "nonbinary" or someshit

No. 24952

or "intersectional feminist" lol

No. 24954

Self-diagnosed autism
Shitty tattoos
Gender Studies or similar bullshit degree
"Don't message me if you're a cis white male"

No. 24962

File: 1442117754923.jpg (164.41 KB, 548x467, nlclarks.jpg)

No. 24967

Haha, oh my gods. I missed this kind of crazy. She really thinks she'd have a music career in Japan? How much do you all want to beat she cannot sing or play an instrument?

No. 24968

>I like to play board games and have lots of kinky sex
>did I forget to mention I like having lots and lots of sex?


No. 24969

Ew, how old is he? He's looking for 18-28, but he looks like he's in his mid to late 40s.

No. 24970

Yes! All of this.

No. 24992

File: 1442126418209.png (142.64 KB, 591x498, lilaccwonder.png)

Worse than these brows?

No. 25005


No. 25009

jc, they look like they were added with app stickers or smth.

No. 25072

File: 1442164488728.png (29.47 KB, 410x194, WTF.png)

Lol, this is why I don't use OKC anymore. Too much of this.

No. 25096

I mostly don't hate these things themselves, because I don't care, but I hate the big deal people make of these things. Like, be an asexual vegan wiccan but stfu about it. I'd hate that type less than the "my preferred pronoun is…" types ugh

No. 25101


It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again

No. 25115

Holyshit. What

No. 25121

People who think they're "quirky" and think this shit will make them stand out.
I guess it probably works on some people.

No. 25142

File: 1442187048435.jpg (209.71 KB, 541x657, so-melancholy-guys.jpg)

No. 28722

File: 1442205338101.jpg (155.46 KB, 579x457, worldsbestmom.jpg)

They're breeding…

No. 28747

>I was assigned female at birth
Why do they say this shit like they're in Gattaca or something? Bitch, you were born with a vagina, you're a girl. Deal with it.

No. 28748

Oh, fucking shit.. no! Those poor children.

No. 28803

Guarantee you she still introduces herself as her kids' mother.

No. 28813

File: 1442225710765.png (731.69 KB, 430x1920, tumblr_nun28rgj8Y1r2kpq0o3_128…)

No. 28816

I was going to say I'm disappointed someone that cute is so fucking crazy but I'm pretty sure they're a troll

No. 28819

Definitely a troll. Pretty damn funny though

No. 28825

File: 1442230937905.png (121.32 KB, 558x426, yikes.png)

Almost spoilered this because this guy's profile picture legitimately scares me.
Also, what the hell is a "fagslut spacequeen"?

No. 28997

File: 1442269269529.png (19.39 KB, 523x174, whoreunion4lyfe.png)

No. 29068

File: 1442272782863.webm (247.54 KB, 640x360, TOP KEK.webm)

>What's with all these younger women taking pics that make them look like middle aged moms? She looks like she can't decide which national leading brand of fabric softener to buy.

No. 30041

File: 1442297186754.png (125.41 KB, 543x471, Screenshot.png)

"Fatass gay loser." At least he's self-aware

No. 30043

>21 years old
That is the hardest 21 year old I've ever seen! He looks like a 40 year old prison inmate.

No. 30044

hahaha if this is a troll, they're my favorite.

No. 30066

>all these people saying how cute they are

I mean it's good to have confidence in yourself but have a bit of humility

No. 30404

I thought that sign said "Emo Removal". Here I went and got my hopes up that we had a handy disposal center available.


No. 30467

File: 1442364049100.png (124.25 KB, 583x505, 5048-.png)

No. 30477

the whole point of a dating profile is to actually make yourself sound appealing enough that others would be interested.

so why do these people feel the need to make their profiles whiny and unattractive like their tumblr blogs? they all sound insufferable, i couldn't imagine they get many responses.

No. 32626

i guess they're trying to attract each other

No. 32787

>female pronouns
Shave that goddamned beard

No. 33041

File: 1442490524271.jpg (275.09 KB, 574x854, bashbaq.jpg)

(puking emoji)

No. 33198

File: 1442509929160.jpg (60.24 KB, 640x480, LxBf7iFl.jpg)

>I spend a lot of time thinking about
>Magick and the occult, the tarot, Constellations, art, strange musical instruments i should learn to play, clouds, the fields and mountains of Virginia where i grew up, fairy tales, thunderstorms, the ocean.

No. 33213

Their face legitimately looks shooped on, what…

No. 33216

>daddy kink


No. 33293

oh god what
i can't even make fun of this, she (is that a tranny?) needs to get her ass to a dermatologist

No. 33351

*plastic surgeon

No. 33389

>I spend a lot of time thinking about… fashion

I feel like your tacky, visible nipples disagree.

No. 33432

These people are slowly becoming the majority of okcupid's userbase.

No. 33646

This person is trans, right? Somehow, every m2f has this dead or blank stare and I'm always right.

No. 33747

probably ~genderqueer~ or ~nonbinary~ or something else equally retarded

No. 34028

File: 1442689136728.png (410.67 KB, 543x553, MFW.png)

OK, kind of an OKCupid story
>Boy and I mutual like each other on OKC
>Oh god, he's hot, 6'3, muscles, stong face, artist, smart.
>Talk about artists and TV shows we like, he thinks I'm cute.
>Decide to take it off of OKC and get to know each other on Facebook
>MFW he makes posts like this:

"I had to look up the proper usage of "ship" today, as in "I ship x and y," as in "I am voyeuristically desirous that these two persons or fictional characters should engage in emotional and sexual congress," or some bullshit like that.

I think this is a momento mori for most people, especially people my age, having only just recently grown into formal adulthood, away from the linguistic taste makers; a reminder of their age, moving ever forward, further and further from modern, fashional youth.

I, however, could not care less. I have never been even remotely in style to begin with, so there's really nothing to worry about in falling out of it
smile emoticon
I was quizzically looking up my own generation's slang in middle school, just as often as I do now, with newer terms, scoffing with an outsider's clinical apathy all the while, and I suspect I'll never change. I am decidedly fine with this. Being cool is a fool's game in which the player is destined to fail. What's in fashion today is old hat tomorrow. It's so much better, so much more satisfying, to be yourself, and love what pleases you, personally, rather than simply be a mirror for your time and place."

No. 34032

I don't see what the problem is with the dude?

No. 34037

top kek
he tries so hard
But why not just date him anyway? As long as he doesn't act like that IRL, some cringy posts shouldn't be a dealbreaker.

No. 34040

>dislikes capitalism
>likes fashion and pop culture

No. 34041

That's the current plan, I mean I'm physically attracted to him, and he's not like that when we're talking, so maybe it's all a show? Maybe that's the thing that bothers me, I tend to not get along with very hipster-y people because they try so hard to seem intelligent and worldly and instead of letting it shine through naturally, they put on this faux-byronic act.
Now I'm the one talking like that, ha.
Oh well, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work, not like I really lose anything.

No. 34043

Yah, I was expecting something like he turned out to be a brony. Just sounds like a nerdy guy.

No. 34071

Hnnng. I'd give a shot anon, hopefully he is just annoying on the internet not in real life.

No. 34137

wow the whole quirky, whimsical, beautifully ethereal girl persona/trope is 100000x more pathetic on an ugly mtf trans

No. 34741

At first I thought that its face was all sweaty. But I think it's glitter. Plus this person looks sunburned and needs to invest in some sunscreen.

No. 34751

File: 1442741310820.jpg (157.4 KB, 549x451, ew.jpg)

"trans man"
…yeah fuck off

No. 34755

They could actually pass for male pretty well if they wanted to

No. 34756

She doesn't want to pass for male; she just wants the label so she can pretend to be oppressed and special. The transtrender community has reached the point where a lot of them don't put any effort whatsoever into appearing non-cis.

The word "trans" is just a piece of fashion to these people. That's why most of them use a bunch of redundant and/or conflicting terms for their gender identity. It's like dressing head to toe in Givenchy. Except, in cases like hers, it's knock-off Givenchy bought off a street vendor in Chinatown.

No. 34759

File: 1442747405032.png (6.53 KB, 573x384, 1.png)

No. 34780

Yeah, nah, I get you, I'm just sayin
Man, even if they were one of those tumblrinas that just cut their hair short to be ~omg so trans~ they would probably look more male than female
It's almost ironic, really

>Except, in cases like hers, it's knock-off Givenchy bought off a street vendor in Chinatown


No. 34981

File: 1442805053429.jpg (214.89 KB, 574x668, spaceignition.jpg)

Abolish prisons! What a great idea. We'll just send all the murderers and rapists to your house then

No. 35018

Let's be real. He's a keeper and if you're so salty, just shepherd him away from it. It can be done. Jesus, your long post had me paranoid. Thought he was a furry or SJW or something more incurable.

No. 35035

File: 1442830594676.png (125.09 KB, 645x518, 612.png)

Cringe level: advanced

No. 35041


As if tumblr speak wasn't enough..what a fucking faggot

No. 35043

>looks 100% male

This must be the reverse version of a fakeboi

No. 35075

You and the other anons are right, I am being salty and picky. I think I'm one of those people who when I get what I want, I don't believe it and knit-pick.
Today he made a muscadine grape pie from scratch, I think it's worth it for pie.

What's with all of these tumblr/sjw kids and space? Especially with gender, is it like some try-hard David Bowie thing? Space and sci-fi was big with glam rock in the 70s but I don't think they're trying to copy that.

No. 35088

oh lord, i was completely unaware of this and picked a username related to space because it wasn't taken in my language. fuck

No. 35100

Kinda OT but Has anyone here been successful with finding a bf or gf on okc? Tips? Also, do you guys contact people yourselves or just weed through messages you've received?

No. 35128

Don't worry, as long as you aren't a tumblr type, the space thing shouldn't be a problem. It really seems to be a style with them.
I acutally use a lot of horror/graveyard names for my online stuff, probably going to have to change that since sjws now use "spoopy" as an aesthetic. Brats would know Hammer Horror if it bit them in the ass.

Not really any long-term success, but some dates and I sometimes will befriend guys I didn't hit it off with. I do more going through messages I get than sending them out.

No. 35393

I haven't, but I have made some friends

No. 35688

File: 1442959014795.jpg (224.74 KB, 579x567, opreshun.jpg)

No. 35791

File: 1442980867501.jpg (268.32 KB, 589x661, ew.jpg)

No. 35838

File: 1442997167957.png (82.1 KB, 513x480, 04_12.png)

No. 35867

Every time one of these dumbass transtrender people calls themselves intersex I want to throw them into a hard surface.

Intersex is a physical condition, not a mental one. Intersex is legitimately having physical characteristics of both male and female, whether it be internal (simple chromosomes, unused reproductive organs) or external.

>so fucking mad

>sage for ot

No. 35900

It's definitely more common than most would think; intersex conditions do affect around 1 in 100 people total. It's also likely that being brought up in a culture that does place a lot of value/importance on fitting into a sex and gender binary also affects how many intersex people have trouble identifying fully with one gender or the other.

I have a friend who's nonbinary and intersex (who I've known since some 10 or so years before it started being the cool thing to identify as) that, for the reasons I mentioned, identifies the way they do.

Anyway, it's certainly more than possible for these tumblrinas to be faking it, but I just wanted to throw in my 2c.

No. 35936

I met my bf of 1 year on okc, I think it's mostly luck but when I realized what a catch he was for me I was really aggressive with sealing the deal… I realize now I guess I took it a bit too fast but it worked out in the end

No. 36010

oh god, that person kept visiting my profile. Literally on a daily basis. I deleted my profile last week, thank fuck.

No. 36129

Are you also in North Carolina anon?

So I disabled my OKCupid, it's just not worth it. Not enough lolz to justify keeping it for the humor anymore either.
I'd rather just meet someone IRL at this point, and if it doesn't happen, oh well. There have got to be nice guys who like guys outside of the internet right?

No. 36150

My absolute FAVORITE thing about this (and some of the other ones) is the "what I am doing on a friday night." You know DAMN well none of that productive shit is happening and that they're eating junk food and scrolling through tumblr.

No. 36404

File: 1443130286569.jpg (352 KB, 567x980, sparklyloser.jpg)

No. 36535

tumblr hit me so hard after reading this
they are only thinking about "gender, heteronormativy, racism" also if you are white don't talk to them, even if they are white themselves, they are "white-passing" or some shit

No. 36822

That's life as an SJW. Constantly walking on eggshells, constantly obsessed with all the so -called "injustice" in the world

No. 37021

South Carolina, actually.

No. 37051

compartmentalization: the profile

this person is the protagonist in their own movie and might be aware of it, cares way too much about what other people think, is extremely self-centered.

No. 37052

don't use the word transhumanist in vain

No. 37057

>implying all transhumanists aren't dull, snowflakey spergs

No. 37075

spergs will be a thing of the past once we've gained more understanding of the human brain and how it works, anon.

No. 37155

File: 1443393791421.png (133.37 KB, 570x676, wannabesb.png)

Someone should probably inform this guy that you need to actually be cute to be a sugar baby

No. 37158

He looks like that kid who got great marks in high school but was socially inept and obsessed with Jesus.

No. 37547

File: 1443501257626.png (110.96 KB, 518x232, 42.png)

Lord, please end "non-binary"

No. 37554

not even that cringy in comparison to the others here. at least knows to list good qualities about himself instead of all gross snowflakey shit.

No. 38047

File: 1443675515101.png (319.44 KB, 661x639, 00_07.png)

How many Bingo points for this one?

No. 38063

Why do people who are not women or even identify as women, describe themselves as "Femme". Or people who aren't lesbians, for that matter.

No. 38177

Why is it that every feminist i know studied either some form of arts, social studies or Women's/Gender studies.

No. 38182

God I feel ancient, I have seriously no idea what they all want to be called/not called. I would never want any of them to be in my friends circle, they sound like whiny bitches who only want to be the center of conversation. I would probably fck up after a long day and call them a gender or animal they don't want to be associated with.

Please don't call me he/she/they, only call me it. Make sure to do a rain dance and a peacock mating call before greeting me or looking at me. I am an activist for discarded household electronics - they have feelings too #loveyourmicrowave <3

No. 38186

they all look the same, fat, 90% wear eye-glasses, they are studying gender something, 100% are feminists and hate cis people

No. 38533

File: 1443833878840.png (160.98 KB, 697x589, fakeboi.png)

I'm too lazy to screencap the whole thing but I'll copypaste the profile's best bits.

PLEASEEEE DON'T BE SCARED OFF BY ME AND ALL MY NEW INFORMATION. ;-; (or the fact that I made some odd design box, I had to get your attention somehow… u.u ) Also. Don't message me just to tell me that I need to try more and have a lot of issues. I don't need to listen to your "meet society's standards" talk. Thanks.

I'm only looking for a relationship, no friendships, nor bottoms. I'm looking strictly for a top, FtM is okay with me, too! c: As long as you're dominant as fuck. n.n

I'm extremely honest so before you start liking me, I have a lot of issues. I could never list everything but some of the main ones that are an issue are the agoraphobia, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, my phobia of people, hospitals, doctors, loud noises, needles, pain, and rejection/judgment. When I'm in a relationship I freak the fuck out most of the times thinking that I'm going to fuck up which makes me very emotional. I have virtually no self-confidence left and I always assume people hate me, even when they say they love me. I can't work due to these problems, but if someone's willing to give me a chance to be a writer, and actually help me with it when I ask, I'd love to be an author. u.u

I demand a lot of attention, so if you can't handle bending backwards to a Princely uke, then you can move along. I have very specific wants and I won't stop until I find them (ultimately, I'll probably end up alone and with 300 cats because of it but… ). I never want to settle because that hurts both parties. I know. ;.;'

My ideal man: I've always dreamt of the same man since I started even liking the idea of a relationship. He's tall, accepting, pale, more skinny than muscular, light eyes (preferably blue), dark, long, straight hair (preferably black), with a dash of German and/or "asian", keeps himself well kept/groomed, loves cats, puts his significant other on a pedestal, sadomasochist, seme/dominant, a deep, soothing voice, biologically male, loving, a Mother's boy, okay with either gender/sex/neither/none/all, and would never cheat on me, provide for me and understand me.

I am strictly bottom. Let me explain. The dominant one should get pleasure from pleasing me. I don't give pleasure by submission… Such as, giving blowjobs, handjobs, footjobs, rimjobs, or butt-play. I'm 100% receiver, and I'm looking for someone the opposite of me. Someone willing to do whatever to me, and a lot. I'm searching for someone extremely dominant. nwn (Good luck me, 98% of people are submissive or think I view dominance wrong.) My dominant should know how to initiate and make me feel like royalty. c:

Also if you claim to be a match for me and you're 100% dominant. Then use cute faces like:

c: Q.Q XP nwn u.u OnO
:3 n.n o.o ;p ¶∆¶ ^^

Or any variation of those… I won't believe you're 100% dominant and probably won't find you attractive. :'c

Try to keep up with this: I HATE being called FtM because that's not really true. I'm gender-fluid but I go strictly by male pronouns and although my body may be biologically female, my dream is to be a Hermaphrodite. u.u I also LOVE being a trap, so I look female most of the time but freak the fuck out when someone calls me "she/her/lady/girl".

I'll talk to anyone, but I'll date almost no one.
Good luck, sailor. -Salute- nwn"

No. 38534

What I’m doing with my life
Trying to write… be an artist and not die. ;u;

I write yaoi, even though watching it makes me want to shoot myself. @-@'

And working doesnt seem to work with me… I quit. ;0;''
I’m really good at
Not much, according to me. I've been told art, though.

My English teachers have all told me I have a lot of potential to be a writer, also. n.n
The first things people usually notice about me
I'm a very feminine male– cute, even.

If they get passed that, usually they say my eyes catch their attention because they're "pretty". I barely make eye contact so.
The six things I could never do without
*My kitties
-I have three cats: Sasuke, Artemis, and Jarvis
*My Niichan
-He's my bestest friend and we've lived with each other for… 6ish years. He just helps me by keeping me up when I feel down and he also feeds me and gives me shelter. ._. And doesn't judge me on my issues. u_u He's like a brother to me and to like me, you have to like him. He's saved me MANY times.
*My arts
-I spend a lot of my time writing, drawing, and procrastinating to write and/or draw
-I am a hopeless romantic. ;.; I'm sorry
-I like to kick back and play at least once a week
-This is needed for my existence
I spend a lot of time thinking about
*Love but not leaving my niichan. ;-;
*My issues with myself and relationships
*Alternate worlds/dimensions
*Unanswerable questions
*Why people suck
*Why I suck
*Why I can't stop procrastinating
*My perfect man
*How rare it'd be to find my perfect man
*How even if I do find my perfect man he would have to have some flaws
*How he probably wouldn't like me anyway because I'm a Princely asshole

I'm sad now. I'm going to stop thinking. ._.
On a typical Friday night I am
Gaming, drawing or maybe writing.

I'm usually not big on the gaming anymore. If I had a choice, I'd go to a big, pretty cemetery every Friday night. With food and music. And I'd just sit there. Thinking freely.

Loathing my choice of weekend shift.
The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I'm genderqueer/gender-fluid and am okay with either of the pronouns, but I prefer male (98% of the time). It's cool to me to have a female bottom half but a boy top half- type o' body. I'm sorry I'm confusing. u_u My real dream is to be a hermaphrodite. You can read more about it in the bottom part of the self-summary.
You should message me if
You have any questions! Just ask. And if you think you're my type. I find dominance sexy so initiating the talking is a good step toward us. nwn

I'm GQ/GF. Sometimes I'll switch, if I really like you and you're lucky. Other than that, I'm strictly bottom. You can ask anything. c: I may not respond right away, though. I fear talking. ;_;' So it takes some confidence build up for me to message someone back.

No. 38535

Could've sworn that said cesarean at first glance.

No. 38536

>bending backwards to a Princely uke
oh my god i am dying is this person for real how

No. 38541

A guy I met my last year of high school was like that, but with a worse attitude. It pissed me off because he was /beautiful/, 6 feet even with male-model cheekbones and wavy prince hair, and he was wasting it by hunching his shoulders forward and telling people how shitty everything clearly was.

No. 38544

There's a tumblr by the same name.

No. 38550

I'm actually nonbinary and this embarrasses me.
I don't have glasses or colored hair or anything, I just have dysphoria both ways. It's not a fucking internet fashion statement.

No. 38553

I really empathize with this.

No. 38556

Reading through this profile makes me realize they have literally nothing to offer their partner. If they realistically want to find love, they can't keep dreaming to be the uke in a yaoi manga?????

No. 38558

Update on that, he's not /that/ bad, really into history and a bit conspiratorial, but he's alright. I've started to tease him when he gets haughty and he falls back to earth.
We had a whole conversation about hating tumblr people, how could I say no?

No. 38561

l m a o
this person's concept of domination and submission is completely fucking retarded on every level

No. 38568

I'm glad you guys get along after all, in that case.

No. 38571

File: 1443850539368.jpg (175.26 KB, 760x596, submission.jpg)

>The dominant one should get pleasure from pleasing me. I don't give pleasure by submission… Such as, giving blowjobs, handjobs, footjobs, rimjobs, or butt-play. I'm 100% receiver, and I'm looking for someone the opposite of me. Someone willing to do whatever to me, and a lot.

No. 38585

just a thirsty heterosexual girl who is trying to be special
"tall, accepting, pale, more skinny than muscular, light eyes (preferably blue), dark, long, straight hair (preferably black), with a dash of German and/or "asian", keeps himself well kept/groomed, loves cats, puts his significant other on a pedestal, sadomasochist, seme/dominant, a deep, soothing voice, biologically male, loving, a Mother's boy, okay with either gender/sex/neither/none/all" she should go back to her yaoi fanfictions

No. 38586

read the deviantID http://csyrian.deviantart.com I can't believe she is 22 and writes so much stupid things

No. 38652

File: 1443895813896.jpeg (66.25 KB, 450x800, 11284820067570337488.jpeg)

all of these demands and looking like this

No. 38759

Lmao holy shit does she need her own thread

No. 38830

We have hit the jackpot! I want to know more about this insane bitch.

No. 38831

This comic is perfect

>would fuck that brown haired girl though.

No. 38842

She has an OKCupid, a DeviantArt, and a Facebook.
So if someone wants to do the honors.

No. 38844

No. 38855

http://vampirefreaks.com/Malix she made a fake profile and wrote:
I'm a boy. I have a male roommate that goes by the name "Csyrian". He says if anyone flirts with me. He'll kill them. We're in a three-way relationship with him and his boyfriend, Yoru. That's about all you need to know about that. I don't like females, I won't respond to messages from females. I only like males but again, flirting won't be tolerated. I'm only here for my Master, Csyrian. >__<

Friendly reminder, that "Csyrian" has female parts. She has issues. She is so stupid, someone should make thread about her

No. 38903

File: 1443978203592.png (232.35 KB, 502x518, Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 10.0…)

There is a "roommate creeper" pic on Csyrian's page

No. 38907

Can't believe she didn't list herself as living in Japan too lmao
All the yaoi-loving weeaboo/visual kei fan fakebois of deviantart that existed up til 2011~2013 have become the "totes trans not faking it at all" and/or genderfluids of Tumblr.

No. 38944

holy shit, looks so scary, maybe roommate is real, but I doubt he/she made this stupid profile, unless he/she is stupid/brainwashed like Csyrian-girl, roommate said that he/she doesn't talk to females, when Csyrian is actually flat-chested female?

No. 38946

File: 1443983673462.jpg (174.74 KB, 640x480, inner_female_by_csyrian-d8pr6i…)

No. 39111

Why are trans people so self hating? Like fuck off and stop referring to women as females. I know female is a technical term, but the way this bitch says it is really insulting. So many self hating women are trans. I don't get it.

No. 39139

This makes me sad. What a waste of genes.

No. 39140

His eyes? I see nothing special about them.

No. 39141

Lol she's not trans, she's a fujoshi who can't deal with her own female sexuality

No. 39143

I found my dude on /b/ back in the day, I got lucky as shit though. He's an amazing guy, we've been together for over 5 years now.

Try ooking outside of okcupid but still online, that way there's less pressure to form a couple and you can shop around and be 'friends' with a guy before you want to meet up

No. 39147

I'm sure they have a good well thought out reason for saying this with well researched and rich in information arguments to back it up


No. 39149

Aw give him a chance, he's just a big goof. Muscles make up for a lot of derp anyway.

No. 39150

I'm scared.

No. 39163

File: 1444051682266.png (19.89 KB, 385x174, inadequate.png)

You think?

No. 39409

Doesn't she refer to herself as he/they whatever though? She's a fakeboi then.

No. 42251

File: 1444688787264.png (437.31 KB, 927x2068, xerox.png)

No. 42254

Why do these ugly bitches think anyone is going to call them beautiful?? And from reading her bio I'd assume she was a 13 year old who discovered Tumblr last week, but she's fucking 22

No. 42265

She sounds so annoying holy shit
TBH 14 is a lot

No. 42329

This looks like a troll profile tbh

No. 42332

To be honest, she sounds like she just discoved 4chan's /b/

No. 42781

So? If you care about an online movement which doesn't affect you in real life whatsoever so much that it's become part of your identity, you're still pretty fucking pathetic.

No. 42784

This reminds me of Ginsengteacat. She wanted to be become a Japanese gay uke boy with a Japanese seme boyfriend. I wonder whatever happened to her.

No. 55195

File: 1446880600603.png (121.04 KB, 555x475, 02_33.png)

I think this individual was posted here before but she had a different username

No. 55924

File: 1447043333707.png (71.96 KB, 291x399, 23_35.png)

I'm afraid to click on this profile.

No. 55936

File: 1447045912711.jpg (149.67 KB, 574x585, wowza.jpg)

actual human debris

No. 56005

File: 1447067253449.jpeg (31.04 KB, 558x558, nippon.jpeg)

Kevin C. in all his gloriousness.

Say nya!

No. 56006

wait, so "just shy" towards anime haters and white people?

No. 56018

I dont know if this is just me, but these people start to all sound the same
>no cis white male uwu
>i'm they/them
>mention something about capitalism cause they are so politically "woke"

It's always all or one of those three.

>lmao le 4chon xDDD memes
Sad that this person sounds more tolerable that most of the others on here. At least I wouldn't be walking on eggshells, just suffering from memespeak 24/7 instead.

No. 56038

From the thumbnail on the front page I honestly got excited that this was an old photo of PT that I had never seen.
I'm disappointed.

No. 67018

fuuuuuuucking hell nothing pisses me off more than bitches like these pretending to be trans and telling everyone to call them "he/him" but making no effort to present like a dude or fucking even know what dysphoria is.

No. 67034

>Body Type: "Average"

No. 67035

Meant to reply to >>42251

Darn glitch won't let me delete my post

No. 67041

is there like any way to tell these people that polyamorsim isn't a thing? everyone is able to find more than 1 person attractive at once, and polyamory is just an excuse to fuck a lot of people. it's not special at all. just because relationships with 1 person aren't for you doesn't mean it's some big special label that only a few people have.

No. 67048

They have never known true love so there is no way for them to comprehend how different what they're doing is from giving all of your heart and soul to your absolute best friend and partner in life. All they know is basic infatuation and lust which of course everyone is able to have for/with many people at once. But there's no way to explain that to them because their pathetic excuses at dating are the extent of their romantic emotional experiences.

No. 76666

File: 1451558614268.png (114.99 KB, 996x492, slut4shrek.png)

it's obvious????????

No. 76668

File: 1451559232419.gif (119.66 KB, 720x480, jealousfatty.gif)


>"A little extra" build

No. 76669

File: 1451560524837.jpg (7.6 KB, 316x202, c857f6e064e7846874bdcf7fcdcecc…)


>dankest of memes

>dankiest of marijuanas
>dank memes

No. 78453

File: 1452147266115.png (629.78 KB, 943x1735, kylieabdl.png)

It's not okcupid but holy shit

No. 78480

oh lord it lives in my city

No. 78481

I have never disliked my own name as much as I do right now.

No. 78482


>I put a second diaper over top instead of changing the wet one.

Well at least he's gay so the chances of him actually procreating are quite slim.

No. 87521

File: 1454168818104.png (135.98 KB, 1077x458, grimble.png)

>No beta orbiters

No. 88375

>no normies
>fat, dyed hair, smokes, does drugs
How ironic.

No. 88421

Is it just me or is there a lot of Alberta anons on here?

also it looks like there's something wrong with her right tit, it goes in and bulges out weirdly

No. 88460

Only beta orbiters and fuckboys go for a girl like this.

No. 88515

>Ethnicity: Aries

No. 88523

ot, but central alb fag here. pretty sure it's the same 2-3 ppl posting waiting for the other person to say something about it.

No. 88589

File: 1454393222737.jpg (270.39 KB, 1178x744, 1425430084442.jpg)

No. 88590

File: 1454393352302.jpg (107.28 KB, 576x1024, 1440202667986.jpg)

No. 88591

File: 1454393444015.png (524.47 KB, 791x652, 1444049091408.png)

No. 88592

File: 1454393479616.jpg (351.67 KB, 1200x899, 1444049174856.jpg)

No. 88593

File: 1454393627177.png (63.95 KB, 456x528, 1423915393155.png)

No. 88603

File: 1454397644635.jpeg (59.63 KB, 540x960, received_10203417715791590.jpe…)

No. 90093

fuck no, oh my goodness.

No. 90106

I would get a pic of the fucker just to have a go at tracing him and his gf.

No. 90155

Groose, what happened?

No. 93947


This. Anon, get his picture and even if you can't track his identity, post him on TheDirty.com, I'm sure someone will recognize him.

No. 93948

Meh, he's just a foot fetishist. Normal, conservative even, compared to that guy in the pink wig and diaper.

No. 93950

Yeah but the difference is he's a cheater.

No. 98425

File: 1456519040627.jpg (47.17 KB, 736x623, 83f88688506cba0650cad82ce3560a…)

Is that a fucking female Ricky from Trailer Park Boys?

No. 255942

File: 1487770723333.png (1.65 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170222-133732.png)

Going to necro the thread to post some new content

I just have to share these weirdos with someone kek

No. 255944

File: 1487771295709.png (551.93 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170222-134752.png)

No. 255950

File: 1487772157011.png (685.69 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170222-140205.png)

No. 255982

>queer bingo card complete
Yeah she's a sjw, but she seems to have a sense of humor about it, so where's the real milk? Haven't seen any otherkin furry transethnics in a while

No. 255984

File: 1487779728766.png (200.96 KB, 1048x514, Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 11.1…)

way to bring up a dead thread, but I have many. I came across this gem today. I was too scared to click on the actual profile

No. 255988

File: 1487779893984.png (32.02 KB, 461x448, 16831328_1448473851864750_4673…)

No. 255990


No. 256037

lol was this dude even conscious when an hero was a culturally relevant meme

No. 256086

>lives in hackney

of course she does

No. 256138

I messaged a cute punk girl and she responded like a week later with the aghast emoji and nothing else. Also, girls who say on their okc they're bisexual but in their actual profile they say they're just experimenting and it's super obvious they only like men or worse they want a fucking orgy or something with their gross boyfriend.

No. 256142

There was also this guy on craigslist who posted in the wrong section looking for someone to indulge his sissification fantasy IRL or something. The picture he used was of some random girls in AP dresses.

No. 256748

Oh lord. If you visit his profile he will track you down and make you his mommy.

No. 256754

there are so many whiny cynical tinder profiles. i don't have any screencaps since i swipe left so fast on them, but a real gem i found last night consisted entirely of a douchey-looking guy saying he wanted a "materialistic supermodel" for "pointless dates" where she could "tell him about her daddy issues".

is this supposed to be funny or attractive or anyone or are these just trolls?

No. 256756

good taste in music, tv, & food, not going to lie

No. 256759

I get thinking non-binary/genderqueer people who just look like their assigned gender are snowflakey, but a lot of these people are just normal trans MtF or FtM (some pre-transition) with maybe just a mildly cringey communist-gay-uwu personality.

I don't think half of these qualify as snowflakes and some are probably legitimately dysphoric trans people.

No. 256799

i understood it and no it's not any cooler lol

"traveling, swallowing, dramamine" are lyrics from the modest mouse song "dramamine"

No. 256894

This guy added me on fb years ago (I've long since deleted) the top right photo was his old profile pic. The trans shit is all new. Back when I was like 15 and he kept adding all my 15 year old girl friends after I added him which was creepy because I knew I was the only mutual friend he had with any of them so he was just using me to add them. I messaged him like "wtf man I only added you because the one mutual we had was a good friend of mine why are you adding all these young girls I know you don't know because I'm your only mutual with them?(he had to have been a 20 something at the time)?" he was like "Ik its a problem" or something and I pressured him to delete some of them before I unfriended lol. If I hadn't deleted my fb years ago I'd post caps. Seeing how far he's fallen is crazy. Hope he figures his shit out.
You hit the nail on the head.
so terrifying

No. 256960

wait they want to date people between 18 and 99 years old

No. 257009

File: 1487946469100.png (322.92 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170224-142650.png)

This was his opening message to me

Nowhere in my profile does it say I'm into weird polygamy shit.

No. 257050

>what I've learned from reading this thread
honesty is not the best policy

No. 257624

Oh god, I actually know a few of these snowflakes IRL. Toronto was a mistake.

No. 257653

this whole thread just seems mean tbh

No. 257687


Do you have bi on your profile? Even after I put a message on my profile specifying I was monogamous I had so many messages from guys who saw "bisexual" on my profile and assumed that meant I wanted to help them cuck their gf/wives or join some poly chain-gang of fucking.

No. 257695

File: 1488010575457.png (116.13 KB, 1638x462, Screen Shot 2017-02-25 at 08.1…)

this whole website is mean. I think you should reevaluate why you're on here if that's an issue.

No. 259126

>Not looking to date, I'm here for friends only

>mentions BDSM/kink…


No. 259554

File: 1488192475294.png (555.49 KB, 440x766, x5etbz70fxfx.png)

No. 259558

File: 1488192628934.jpg (98.79 KB, 720x960, cal3B1j.jpg)

Yeah that's probably it.

The creepiest part is they kept viewing my profile all the time. Ewww.

Had to delete my profile. I'm going to just not date for a while lol.

No. 260100

This gave me the kick I needed to update my profile because mine was so bad. I'm so bad at those things.

Thanks lolcow!
Sage for no actual contribution.

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