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Townhall is scheduled for May 22nd, GMT 2PM.

File: 1414435597853.jpg (121.18 KB, 700x466, ariel-mermaid-disney-themed-we…)

No. 19669

No. 19671

ugly makeup
ugly skirts
ugly thread

No. 19673

My favorite part is how she makes sure everyone else looks like shit except for her. and then she still looks like shit.

No. 19678

>those commments

No. 19679


lol at the bride's maids. jesus christ…why are they dressed in cheap polyester and goodwill t shirts? wtf?!

It's trending on fb…

No. 19680

File: 1414438732729.jpg (123.79 KB, 700x484, ariel-mermaid-disney-themed-we…)

At least the skirts have pockets…?

No. 19683

Someone do a close up of traci's face and put a bone in front of it for a banner. She looks rabid here…scary…

No. 19684

>on the beach

Also why is all the food sweet? Even if it's mimicking high tea or something, it ought to have dainty little sandwiches

No. 19685

her hair looks nastier than usual

No. 19688

There's already a thread for her, moron.

No. 19689

File: 1414443635949.jpg (42.75 KB, 151x183, traci.jpg)

I think you probably meant dog bone in hindsight hahaha but I did this

Sorry it's so shit, I only really have MS Paint wizardry to work with, so if someone wants to do this properly please do

No. 19697

Those bridesmaid dresses. What the actual fuck?

She REALLY didn't want them to steal her thunder…

No. 19699

Well, yeah anon she's pretty much known for just that.. http://lolcow.farm/pt/res/14997.html

No. 19702

File: 1414455868449.jpg (294.72 KB, 998x561, Ariel-s-Beginning-ariels-siste…)

>Goodwill T-shirts
I'm dying here. Those are the shirts from her "line".

Also, are the bridesmaids supposed to look like Ariel's sisters?

No. 19703

They're from her shitty clothing line Adorkable Apparel, where she profits off of Disney intellectual property while simultaneously bitching about how people steal her ideas, pictures, and guilts people she commissions costumes from for daring to make other Disney costumes for people besides her lol

But yeah no bae u totes original

No. 19705

File: 1414456703005.jpg (60.09 KB, 700x466, ariel-mermaid-disney-themed-we…)

yeah,which I don't know why she switched to those ugly green skirts.

No. 19707

I know they are and about them and about her stupidity. That's why I put line in quotation marks.

Btw, when I said I was "dying" I meant I was laughing a lot.

No. 19719

i thought she was already married? unless this is just for more internet attention, which wouldn't surprise me at all with traci. i wonder how her hubby feels about being shafted for this jake gyllenhaal/lee pace lovechild guy

No. 19728

Why does he look so fat and awkward…he's an okay looking dude. Maybe Traci is just poison.

No. 19730

I don't think that's her husband. It's just the Eric she cosplays with since her husband… Looks very… Eugh. His picture is in the other Traci thread.

No. 19735

It isn't, he's just a model she commonly uses. This is Traci's husband: http://instagram.com/hinesassociates

No. 19917

The DM posts articles on just about anything… Lol'ing at the idiots in the comments who think this was a real wedding.


No. 716721


No. 716768

If one of my bridesmaids pitched tshirts with clam shell tiddies as wedding attire, I'd probably throw my mimosa in her face. Fucking dumb. And this bitch wants like thirty bucks for that shit.(no1curr)

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