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File: 1409444353947.jpg (255.23 KB, 1280x960, image.jpg)

No. 10724

Micky Martyrdom thread

17 year old fattychan who dresses like a retarded Yukapr0n.

She runs the "Kawaii Black Girls" Facebook community page but she looks and acts like hell.

Complains about weaboos

Huge bitch to everyone and complains about people copying her despite having no originality.

Complains about men's rights but is a self declared Femanazi

She has pt tier potential in being a lolcow.

No. 10725

File: 1409444780519.jpg (224.79 KB, 1280x960, image.jpg)

Also a "cosplayer"

She says these costumes are Sailor Moon, Nurse Joy and Super Sonico despite getting them from milanoo and hottopic.

No. 10726

Yaaay a potential lolcow. Do you any have screencaps of shit she has said?

No. 10727

Her blog reminds me of Momo
What's with all these insane, bratty black weeaboo girls on Tumblr and why do they all act the same and have similar blogs?

No. 10729

This is her "soft grunge" tumblr.

No. 10730

She basically shares everything feminists and black people say on tumblr but will make a 1000 character Facebook post saying "STOP BULLYING WHITE PEOPLE AND MEN!"

oh and she claims to be Chinese, white and black despite looking full nigra

No. 10731

She also has hilarious nudes but I'm not leaking them for the sake of CP. she looks like 25 in them though

No. 10737

Are there any keywords I could use to look for them for lulz?

No. 10743

WTF. She's underaged?! I follow her porn blog.

-bleaches eyes-

No. 10749

Why does she only post white girls? Confirmed jelly.

No. 10750

Is there a way to check for someone's music on tumblr? I like the music on her page but I don't have to tumblr to ask her lol.

No. 10751

Oh never mind I checked source code and I found her music: It's
http://www.hypster.com/flash/player.swf?id=3795192:6956693:1&autoplay=true if anyone is interested

No. 10755

my friend dated her irl. she's flakey as fuck.

No. 10758

your friend is that Ant guy?

No. 10801

i see her and its like a fat pig trying to be cute

No. 10808

File: 1409499214108.jpeg (9.69 KB, 261x173, IMG_29139372072027.jpeg)

you mad bitch? because it is fucking apparent that yo petty ass is salty as fuck.must feel good to sit behind a computer screen an lash out on a teenagegirl because you're life suck ass huh. well maybe if you remove stick from ass you'll feel a bit better you miserable twat

No. 10810

It took forever to find this..
no matter how hard I searched "But hurt faggot who makes lies about a 17 yr old girl anon style", I just couldnt find you. Lies are obvious to anyone who views her page for like 5 seconds.

No. 10811

File: 1409499535613.png (268.16 KB, 800x533, 1402968184519.png)

Uh-oh. Looks like someone told her about this thread and her friends have started whiteknighting her.
this is always good for a laff

No. 10812

How many times are you going to delete and repost your incoherent butthurt? It's embarrassing.

No. 10814

No. 10815

What do you mean 'oh no', this will only make it more fun.

>anything posted on 4chan shouldn't be taken seriously

Good thing we're not on 4chan then.

No. 10817

>what is sacrasm

No. 10818

File: 1409500973095.png (5.1 KB, 414x50, kek.png)

top edge

No. 10819

>I was only pretending to be retarded

No. 10821

HAHAHAHAHA it's a bunch of niggers raging. This bitch looks terrible and nobody has the honesty to tell her

No. 10822

hi its mickers. can i just ask you what do YOU personally want me to like anon? what do you think i could do look better in your personal opinion.

No. 10823

Yeah, I know, I figured there was a good chance it was sarcastic. But there have been plenty of times people haven't liked lolcows finding their threads because of the whiteknight flood. Meh.

No. 10824

Oh my god you niggers are hilarious. She dresses terribly and her body is disgusting. Stop lying to her

No. 10826

Stop glorifying and thin shaming girls because you're 17 and already overweight
>take some time to do your hair and straighten your nappy edges and while you do that stop talking shit about people with weaves.
>stop buying a ton of shitty "clothes" like an AoT jacket, save up and get quality shit.

>stop getting cosplay and lolita from Milanoo + Hottopic

>stop complaining about weaboos and realize you are a humongous one

And finally please stop latching on to every trend you hear about. You didnt "grow up with sailor moon" because you were literally like 4 when the show ended. You can't be "kawaii" because you dress like a scene queen who gets every clothing on Milanoo.

You don't deserve to run that Kawaii Black girl page because besides the "Ace" admin, all of you look like absolute shit yet don't take advice.

No. 10827

File: 1409501548025.jpg (78.53 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

No. 10829

File: 1409501751616.jpg (48.98 KB, 500x263, image.jpg)

No. 10830

You reacting is only giving us more material to laugh at

No. 10831

*illiterate. Seriously, if you're gonna insult someone for not being able to read/write, make sure you spell it right

No. 10832

at least I'm not a nigger ^_^

No. 10833

File: 1409501950417.jpg (118.75 KB, 500x707, image.jpg)

you thinking and honestly believing that this is Micky is giving me material to laugh at. this entire thread is pointless and boring, I'm just trying to liven it up.

No. 10834

File: 1409501950136.jpg (423.58 KB, 1322x1362, image.jpg)

her bf is like 24.

No. 10835

her friends
>every1 is jawlesssss gurl
>they must have not been posted to the kawaii black girls page

LOL that page is a joke

No. 10836

Nigger go back to 9gag

No. 10837

File: 1409502107731.jpg (246.05 KB, 911x911, image.jpg)

the other admin of that page. Yet they complain about rejecting people who "aren't kawaii enough"

oh god

No. 10838

Can the stormnigger ITT please go? You're shitting the thread up as much as the whiteknights are with your emoticons and faggotry.

No. 10839

go bak 2 b ^-^

No. 10840

1. Please screen cap when I've thin shamed anyone
2. I wear hair extensions so why would I talk bad about anyone wearing weave?
3. The AoT jacket is nice quality, it just doesn't fit because of my bust size, hence why I was selling it. Plus, someone bought it for me. I didn't buy it.
3. The last time I got cosplay or lolita from milanoo was 2011, so I really don't know what you're even talking about. And I literally have no clothes from hot topic.
4. When I was in maybe preschool or kindergarten sailor moon would come on early in the morning before I went to school. I also have an old sailor moon s movie on VHS from when I was a kid. I can dig it out and take a picture of it if you'd like me to c:
And finally 5. If you really don't like my page you don't have to 'like' it or look at it. I'm not really sure why you care so much about what I do or where I get my clothes from but it really doesn't involve you or anyone else. If anything it's really weird that you're constantly checking up on me to see what I'm doing and what I'm wearing and what I'm posting even though you don't like me! That's really strange and unhealthy behavior.

No. 10841

nigger is such a played out insult especially when you're saying it to a white person whom is not offended whatsoever

No. 10842

she looks very old, not near 14.

That was the one thing I didn't like, she's not pretty enough to be rejecting other girls.
She and her friends are just in their personal hugbox.

No. 10843

I am 17

No. 10845

Shit, I'm super sleepy right now…
But you still look older.

Also, a guy who takes a picture under a [kawai] portrait seems super weird, are you whoring it up with him? is he also a weaboo?

No. 10846

The "kawaii portrait" is the mirror in my bed room. I wrote kawaii on it when I was like 11 or 12.
Also that's my boyfriend so I guess you could say that I am whoring it up with him lol

No. 10848

ah, well that does make more sense

No. 10850

Oh and the fact you have a wish list but you're a literal nobody.

This is mean but your fashion sense is actual shit. You wear a $8 sailor uniform with a randoseru WAY too small for you to the mall? Pleaaaaase put effort in your hair, makeup and clothes. I'm being honest with you because nobody around you is.

No. 10851

You cheat on him all the time and have otacoons send you gifts.

btw they've been dating since she was 15 and he was 22 which is pretty illegal.

No. 10853

If that page is supposed to show all girls confidence why not post all girls? If I was running a page like that Micky or the other admin would definitely not be posted because they look like hell but criticize others

No. 10855

>shit talks weeaboos
>wears Japanese childrens' backpacks and Sailor Moon cosplay in public, tries to dress like a Japanese high schol student, writes "Kawaii" on her mirror, makes a "Kawaii Black Girls" FB community, etc

No. 10856

And I know that there are a ton of girls posted on the kawaii black girls page that are way prettier than me. I know that. It's just there are a ton of girls that submit their pictures that just look like absolute horse shit. Way worse than me. I really didn't intend the page to be a place for judgement; I just wanted a place for me to post black girls I thought were cute. Nothing more.

No. 10859

So when someone tells you that you look like actual horse shit you whine

But it's k for you to tell others


No. 10862

the page is like a job and the submissions are like job interviews. If I hired everyone even if they weren't qualified it wouldnt really do much would it? Also the page is based on MY personal opinions. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

No. 10863

Am I really whining though c;

No. 10864

she also tried sucking Jrcach's dick despite knowing he was a racist lol. micky is annoying as hell. Your friends need to stop lying to you. Nobody is jealous and you're not famous so why would anyone want to "smear your name".

No. 10865

please screen cap where I posted something complaining about weeaboos

No. 10866

>community page
>like a job

>one man's trash is like another man's treasure

Ok Macklemore

No. 10868

please screen cap when I ever even talked to jrcach. he made an entire post about me tbh

No. 10869

If no one is trying to smear my name then why are you doing right now o: ?

No. 10870

File: 1409503180163.jpg (167.92 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

>how to spot a fake otaku

Weebs complaining about weebs

No. 10871

They were just analogies. I meant that if I don't think they're cute doesn't mean no one else will.

No. 10872

Because you're hilarious and the people of Lolcow need a good laugh. I don't care about your "image" you already have disgusting sloppy nudes leaked

No. 10873

okay well ugly sloppy bitches shouldn't be running a page about cute girls. Why would a garbage man hire people to become CEOs?

No. 10874

micky, you replying to this isn't helping you dear. You should just stop. I am not a big fan of you either but right now you are just hurting yourself.

No. 10875


No. 10876

Woah you are hella stalking me, aren't you?
Anyways, there was this group called otaku313 and I joined it expecting people to talk about anime in it but no one really did and they just talked about like random things but still called themselves "otaku". Hence that youtube comment

No. 10877

you should be gracious considering those are the only people who like you

No. 10878

Okay then I'm going to just delete it then.

No. 10879

No. 10880

File: 1409503476857.jpg (25.2 KB, 402x337, 701826.jpg)

I think this whole anonymous this is for pussies. None of you have the gall to say this on fb. Or to a persons face because you are all just little bitches.
But where one goes other shall follow, mindless pieces of shit.
DeerGod has spoken.

No. 10881

You don't know what otaku means, it's not someone who likes anime it's someone who's obsessively interested in one specific subject. Insect otakus or stamp collecting otakus are really common as well as the anime sort.

No. 10882

you're all weeaboos

No. 10883

because people in groups tend to become friends after a while.
I've been in groups like that, and at some point it's just people who like anime hanging around.
And that's not a bad thing.

No. 10884

tips fedora

No. 10886

But when you hear the word "otaku" what do you think of first?

No. 10887

Your white knights are actually retarded

No. 10888

Weebs like you

No. 10889



No. 10890

Micky please listen to this >>10874

At least TRY to improve? It's not that you're ugly you just don't try. You're stuck in your scene weeaboo phase way too long

No. 10892

But why should I be trying? Who should I be trying for? /I/ like the way I look. My boyfriend likes the way I look. My friends like the way I look. Who should I be trying harder for.
People that don't even like me? People that make entire threads to bash me? Why on earth would I try to please someone like that?

No. 10893

Personally, that paedophile who raped and murdered a girl.

No. 10894

the otaku murderer?

No. 10895

He ate like 4 girls. And you don't think of that first stop trying to be edgy

No. 10896

File: 1409503893845.jpg (3.63 KB, 128x114, download (4).jpg)

I actually have. I idea who this girl is. I just think its pathetic you fuckholes do this, because your bored? Get the fuck outta your house and contribute something to the world. I bust my ass day in and day out to "protect" this countries interest and all you fuck are interested in is tearing people down. I mean, how has this actually benefited you in the long run?
Getting more girls? Passed that final exam?
Still living at moms?
Captain crunch and a muffin in the morning?
Grow up losers.

DeerGod has spoken

No. 10897

look how you want but take con crit

if not then stop talking shit out your ass about people

No. 10898

But what people do I talk about though???

No. 10899

Issei Sagawa? He didn't even like anime, are you retarded?

No. 10900

This is Lolcow, not 4chan.

Please take this shit to Reddit or /mlp/ or where ever you faggots stay these days

No. 10901

He was obsessed with like horror films or something and his room was filled with them. Hence, the otaku murderer

No. 10902

Not him dumb fuck. Tsutomu Miyazaki

No. 10903

>all this projection

No. 10904

as far as I understand, otaku is like "obsessed", so it's not necessarily about anime per se

No. 10905

I have no idea* who she is. But this thread came across my lap at the office and well deergod is here.

No. 10906

You browse lolcow.farm at the office? Top priorities

No. 10907

Soooooo as a person that interacts with Micky on the daily I PERSONALLY think she is QUITE attractive already, and if she isn't trying already she surely has all the attention regardless as SEEN from this obvious ass post. You don't like what so posts.? Don't read it. You don't like how she act.? Don't follow her. You don't like how she looks.? Shit buy her things to make her look prettier OR just stop looking at her.

No. 10909

oh god you dumb weeaboos

Sagawa = obsessed with white women and ate one
Miyazaki= obsessed with little girls, watched loli manga, ate rape and killed 4 girls and was called the otaku murderer.

Please shut the hell up

No. 10910

OHH. Didn't he have the fucked up hands, too?

No. 10911

oh god lol do you want your own thread too?

No. 10912

Before you white knight at least try to use coherent grammar. Stop capitalizing random words. And for fucks sake don't actually type your name in the Name form.

No. 10913

It came across my RSS.

Its sunday. Fuck your life. Its my lunch break.
Although your priorities are in order. All these pedobears roaming this site. Its sickening. I rather be send you dorks to fight in syria than my brothers who are good men. Risk our lives so fuck like you live. I seriously hope you all find some cliffs to hang yourselves from

No. 10914

Please don't get me started on grammar. I will tear this post to shreds from beginning to end. Capitalization of random words equates to emphasis if you didn't already know, AND as far as I know I didn't post my real name soooooooo have fun with that.

No. 10915

Neither am I

No. 10916

You really don't understand how this works.
>posting your name on a lolcow board

No. 10917

File: 1409504454638.jpg (77.79 KB, 480x640, image.jpg)

your hair looks like period blood

No. 10919

If your period blood is purple see a doctor IMMEDIATELY. Also this is when I 3 fucking years ago. You are balls deep in my facebook profile right now.

No. 10920

Actually most of the people on Lolcow are girls. Go to /r9k to complain about ~pedo bears~

Oh and "Nadira" please fuck off. You're stupid as hell. We tear white knights to pieces here

No. 10921

Nah it says you posted it in late 2013

No. 10923

File: 1409504657329.jpg (46.89 KB, 719x720, consider the following.jpg)

>But why should I be trying? Who should I be trying for? /I/ like the way I look. My boyfriend likes the way I look. My friends like the way I look. Who should I be trying harder for.
People that don't even like me? People that make entire threads to bash me? Why on earth would I try to please someone like that?

Why not try for yourself? If you worked on your hair, makeup and clothes I'm sure you could get more out of life.

No. 10924

I made it my profile picture in late 2013 but the actual picture was taken in 2011

No. 10925

No. 10926

Why do you assume everyone here is American, and why do you think anyone cares about you or your brother "risking their lives"?

No. 10927

File: 1409504709971.jpg (85.34 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Nadira is this you?

No. 10928

Okay then you can just buy me new clothes and makeup :D?

No. 10929

I think she should be trying because if she's constantly posting pics, showing herself to others, and judging other girls, the least she could do is try her best and improve.

No. 10930

Deer god, I hope someone hits you with their car and backs up repeatedly on your corpse

No. 10931

File: 1409504783378.gif (994.97 KB, 400x225, 35dfeda609f7e3e804e962cf92b97f…)

Thats why they are anonymous. These guys have nothing to contribute to
Society. Nothing but self serving asshats.

No. 10933

i deleted the kawaii black girls page though

No. 10934

Okay now just fucking improve

No. 10935

File: 1409504899613.jpg (236.18 KB, 720x960, image.jpg)

you wore this to homecoming

No. 10936

buy me new clothes

No. 10937

You're right, being anonymous on an anonymous imageboard is the height of loserdom.
Why not post your face and show us how to live productively?

No. 10938

yeah and i slipped and fell and my boobs fell out and it was really embarassing and funny

No. 10939

Or you can get off your ass and get a job like everyone else.

>Or be a statistic and live off the government like a dirty peasant.

No. 10940

File: 1409504984238.jpg (260.12 KB, 960x720, image.jpg)

your friends are dressed appropriately but you thought a $10 wet seal dress and Minnie Mouse ears was a good choice? You need serious improvement. Are you autistic or …?

No. 10941

Makeup and a hot comb aren't that expensive. Plus McDonalds is always hiring

No. 10942

File: 1409505069109.jpeg (6.9 KB, 196x200, IMG_6159240620283.jpeg)

Cause you're either with us or in the way, and we destroy things in our way. This is trivial internet warfare.
When you hear those sirens in the air.you know its time.

If lolcow is full of woman. That makes total sense. I shall retire back to my work space.
Have fun lolwhores

DeerGod has spoken.

No. 10943

You see the girl in the white dress with the black band around it? yeah she insisted that I go and wear that outfit. I originally wasn't even gonna go to homecoming that year (this was two years ago)

No. 10944

Damn are you 6 feet?

No. 10945

why does what i wear concern you so bad though

No. 10946

Minnie mouse ears to prom cringe

No. 10947

i'm 5'6 but i think those heels wear like 4 inches idk

No. 10948


No. 10949

>I shall retire back to my work space.
Yeah, your mom's basement is waiting

No. 10950

What, like 5 seconds ago?
because you make it sound like it still exists right here…

No. 10951

So you take advice from others often?

Take my advice when I say stop wearing shitty Attack on Titan merch, hit the gym and at least try stores like Forever 21. It's cheap as hell and for basic bitches like yourself.

No. 10952

This would easily look nicer if you got rid of the age play looking minnie mouse ears, wore a nice, simple necklace and maybe a bracelet.

No. 10953

idk what the hell homecoming is, UK don't have all these dance thangs.

No. 10954

yeah i just deleted it

No. 10955

Think of it as a "welcome back to school" dance party

No. 10956

Homecoming is supposed to have some class from what I remember, so she should've worn a dress better for her body type. And your hair looks so so bad

No. 10957

But what happens to you if I don't do what you want? Will you wither away in a pool of agony and despair?

No. 10958

so much edge

No. 10959

Like the ones in movies, where the girls wear beautiful ball gowns or evening dresses. Not looking like your about to go clubbing..

No. 10960

let me build a time real quick and change what I wore two fucking years ago

No. 10961

Ew all these annoying weebs and white knights have found lolcow and their shit posting nonstop and treating it like a chat room. We aren't insulting them enough for them to go away from this thread and stop being cancer .

No. 10962

A lot of the girls wore dresses just like mine and even wore sneakers with it so

No. 10963

Ew that's so ratchet.

No. 10964

Then if it wasn't for this thread it would still exists, and you would still be "taking resumes" for your kawaii page.

So, really, you'd still be judging other girls while just posting selfies in your hugbox.

But really, that was just my reason for you to improve, because if you have the right to judge, you better be the freaking best there is, and you're not.

No. 10965

Because they are disgusting sluts

No. 10966

No if you looked on my facebook profile you'd see I made a status yesterday saying that I wanted to delete the page.

No. 10967

I know, but baby steps anon. I wouldn't expect her to get a dress fit for homecoming because it limits her "kawaii creativity" she could have with the dress.

No. 10968

No. 10969

Yeah and judging and putting other girls down in the process. That inspired me to make this thread about you

No. 10970

Get a pink dress for fucks sake

No. 10971

File: 1409505628271.jpg (39.03 KB, 480x640, image.jpg)

No. 10972

I really and truly didn't have those intentions for the page when I made it. I'm sorry if I don't find every single girl attractive but that's just the way it is. Like I said earlier the page was based on my personal opinion and if someone didn't like the fact they weren't posted well tough titties

No. 10973

why are you posting all of my old photos?

No. 10974

File: 1409505664937.jpg (176.66 KB, 720x960, image.jpg)

wow her boyfriend took her on a date to McDonald's how fucking classy. oh and this is like a year ago so she was 60 lbs thinner

No. 10975

So get ready to be criticized

No. 10976

File: 1409505713163.gif (776.15 KB, 500x250, tumblr_n6hyn5kbro1sl1tibo4_500…)

Anon, you know I'm not Micky, right? I'm just commenting.

No. 10977

kawaii ~

Honestly, I'm starting to feel bad for you, you should stop replying and let this die.

No. 10978

Lol no this was before me and my boyfriend were even dating. This was someone else.

No. 10979

File: 1409505830528.jpg (66.96 KB, 359x640, image.jpg)

this coord tho

and this is from like 4 months ago

No. 10980

File: 1409505856213.jpg (102.62 KB, 480x640, image.jpg)

she actually wore this to school

No. 10981

Btw clean your room

No. 10982

File: 1409505880610.jpg (64.29 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

milanoo lolita

No. 10983

A skirt with leggings= nope
Hoodie with that skirt= nope
Dat hair= nope
Dem shoes= nope

No. 10985

So where are the n00dz at? Or is she really under age? Anthony and her always talk about their nasty sex too like how he eats her booty

Im not saying she shouldn't have sex however she want but you're underage he's way over aged keep that to yourselves and don't post things about Kimmy Chu on here.

No. 10986

Anon at this point unless they wanna buy me new clothes it's just whatever.

No. 10987

That dress is cute, just doesn't go with her hair colour or bag.

No. 10988

The age of consent in michigan is 16 unless he was a teacher or some other form of authority.

No. 10989

>>10980 Fine for a con, but school lol.

No. 10990

She was 15 when they started fucking. And the age for nudes internationally is 18 obviously.

No. 10991

even at a con…

No. 10992

Well micky you reported Asia's pictures for abuse on Facebook just because you are a jealous bitch so it's karma

No. 10993

change the hair and tights, then it's con acceptable.

No. 10994

Is her Daddy around? Like is this all a call for help? Does she need a mail figure in her life?

No. 10995

>A skirt with leggings= nope

daw, I always wear leggings with dresses because my legs are genetically not pretty, but I still wanna look like a kawaii princess…

So, I can sympathize with her covering her legs.
Also, it looks like winter.

No. 10996

>>No one here is going to buy you shit. You want nice new clothes? Get a fucking job. If you don't want to leave your room to go get a job then go be a cam girl. I'm sure some people would pay to watch you since there's a fetish for everything. Hell, if OC can be a cam girl, so can Micky.

No. 10997

Kimmy chu is ugly as fuck but always talks about others just like micky. Don't white knight or I'll make a thread for her too. They both give "black ulzzangs" a terrible image lmao

No. 10998

I forgot all about that incident… she played stupid but everyone knew it was her.

No. 10999

thick winter tights will not look as bulky as legging, just a tip.

No. 11000

No, wear stockings instead. Leggings + skirt is basic bitch territory

No. 11001

>>10996 was supposed to be quoting >>10986

No. 11002

She didn't even wear leggings. That picture she's wearing sweat pants

No. 11003

Stockings, or tights/pantyhouse would probably look better than leggings, but that's just what I think.

No. 11004

wat, LOL

No. 11005

Hi. Don't type in "anonymous" in the name form. Just leave it blank.

And yes I remember that. She also sent aminyan anon hate.

This bitch ain't innocent

No. 11006

Kimmy Chu is not ugly! She's been through a lot like rape and suicide she's a strong as girl.

No. 11007

A billion times better. But her hair and sweatshirt were still shit.

And >dem shoes

No. 11008

So the day I wore that day It was like an open house for the new incoming freshman to show off all the clubs and I was there to represent the anime club. I didn't actually wear that to school that day.

No. 11009

Okay Kimmy. Stop talking shit about other people then.

No. 11010


thx for the tips
I'm an idiot with fashion and cords, so everything helps.

No. 11011

Ami is fab, obz jelly because she succeeded in what this chick dreams of doing.

No. 11012

does everyone just forget the fact that aminah dated ant before me and she said she wanted to punch me in the face or

No. 11013

Ami's ex = Micky's bf. I think that's where all of this shit started.

No. 11014

This isn't even Kimmy though…

Lol if it was her she would go on a long as rant, say she's deleting here Fb, then come back like a day later.

No. 11015

That's just as childish..

No. 11016

I think she's moved on because she stays away from this shit it seems like. You're the one only trying to take down other bitches like Asia for example who didn't do shit to you. Take this shit to Facebook though

No. 11017

Wait….WHAT!?? Ami the goddess dated that chipped tooth gorilla Micky calls her husbando?

No. 11018

No. 11019

ami only dates rich Japanese Anime tycoons remember

No. 11020

the same person that reported all of asia's pictures reported a bunch of mine. me and asia talked it out so i dont even

No. 11021

Did Aminah fuck him though? She's respectable and classy and is making and doing way more than you… you should work at McDonald's then you'd get the food for free and whatever you save you can use for the garbage you call clothing.

No. 11023

can you explain to me why you care so much about what i wear and how it affects you though.

No. 11024

I'm pretty sure she's still a virgin. She broke up with that guy after he hit her or some shit in like 2011. She -did- however expose this creep at Youmacon who like groped her but besides that I'm pretty sure she's a virgin

No. 11025

You made that Facebook page and denied many of girls who look and can pull off kawaii styles.

You are no Beyonce honey, your more of a Rosie O type of girl so let's drop the "I'm sooo Kawaii" act.

No. 11026

There's was a rumor going around that Ant beat woman…maybe that's why Micky likes him..reminds her of Daddy.

No. 11028

I cringed so hard. God.

No. 11029

Anddd you just went there.

No. 11030

He does. He's like Lenny from Of Mice and Men. He has autism and doesn't know how to control his anger

No. 11031

Omfg lmaooo

No. 11032

Hahahaha laughed so hard.

No. 11033

can you show me a picture of someone i denied that you think should have been accepted?

No. 11034

Micky I'm sorry I shit talked you on here and brought up for your absent dad abused you and how ant punches your fun bags. Please forgive me I'm done bashing you now. So please just stop talking about other girls in pm messages on Facebook some screen shot messages from you and posted them elsewhere and you talked shit about me I'm done now so sorry don't kill yourself..be strong girl

No. 11035

Imagine being so dumb that you can't even set your profile to private.

No. 11036

So there's a group of "Kawaii" FB so called "Famous" bullies who think they're the top clique on Facebook


They talk the most shit behind closed doors and then play the victim when shit hits fan…take several seats ladies.

No. 11037

I'm so lost, I don't know who anyone is anymore…

This helps

No. 11038

What the fuck is going on in this thread?

No. 11039

Gee sweetheart ever thought all the info I used for this is bogus lol?

No. 11040

Please stop

No. 11041

A bunch of niggerboos

No. 11043

imagine being retarded enough to actually put your email in the email field

No. 11049

File: 1409510773855.gif (901.65 KB, 250x333, tumblr_n3sjubNe311qim3pko2_250…)

Can she explain her weird loli shit?imoutoppai.tumblr.com

No. 11050

she's just trying to copy momo

No. 11051

I really don't understand dd/lg.
Like I get the appeal of wanting to be cute and vulnerable and shit, but when it gets to calling the guy "daddy" it's just…ummm?
I can literally even accept "onii-chan", I just can't deal with that shit.

No. 11052

No one can convince me the men in that fetish aren't pedophiles.
I posted a photo on tumblr that said "Stop romanticizing Lolita, you are not a nymphet" and so many dd/lg men and girls were reblogging it with "WE AREN'T HURTING ANYONE, DON'T KINK SHAME!" If it's not about pedophilia, why do they all defend a novel.. about pedophilia.

No. 11053

Pretty much. People (read: teenagers and adults on Tumblr) deny they romanticize the book a lot, but it's kind of uncomfortable to see them asking for "tips" on """how to be a nymphet""". Like fuck you're not romanticizing what's essentially a fucked up tragedy, lol

No. 11055

Exactly. I see girls as young as 17/18 years old posting dd/lg shit on tumblr, including their topless pics with 'flat chest pride' captions…like, come on?

No. 11058


I used to be a part of DDLG before the weebs and pedos came in.

It was a non-sexual fetish which focused on age regression and mental nurturing.

I did it because I was abused as a kid and this help me relive my stolen childhood before I hit my 20s.

Then it changed into weebs and their loli shit. "Daddys" aren't even suppose to be there. Some idiot decided they wanted Daddy and then the incest idiots came.


It is filled with pedos now. All you see is porn and people glorifying Lolita. It's stupid. Most of them try to use child abuse survivors to justify their kink but no one really believes that shit.

No. 11060

What the fuck
She looks like an a baby chimpanzee.

No. 11066

This thread is shit. Nigger-chan and her crew of chimpanzees are now just chatting and it's their first time ever using a discussion forum considering they wrote 'anonymous' as their name.

I'm one of the anons who think she's an annoying weaboo but I can tell there's someone among us who knows her personally/has a vendetta against her and is spewing random personal shit with no context whilst posing as an anon.

No. 11067

She going to commit suicide or hurt herself stop before you regret all this guys.

No. 11068

How do you know?

No. 11069

You all are pushing her to the edge just stop before the police get involved this is bullying and harassment I regretfully took part in this and I'm apologizing and stopping Yes she's stuck up but she's human we all fuck up she's still young forgive and forget

No. 11070

File: 1409521121028.png (17.61 KB, 491x193, based tyler.png)

No. 11073

>doesn't explain how they know inside information
>but 'I regretfully took part in this'

Sure you did, Micky.

No. 11075

Oh god the cyber police is going to catch us gaiz, RUUUUUUUUUN.

No. 11076

But you also contributed to the hate..you can't just apoligize because the damage was done if she is really so upset.

No. 11077

All I said was she had Daddy issues and is lashing out for attention… I can apologize and I spoke with her and apologized.

No. 11078

Micky is beautiful she doesn't have to be perfect 00 with a thigh gap or perf hair. She's my idol.

No. 11079

I also messaged her and apologized for calling her an ugly ratchet weaboo nigger. She forgave me and we cried and we hugged and we sang hallelujah. I now believe in God and I'm trying to change my ways from what I was before.

Yeah Micky, you may be annoying, nasty, and chubby, but fuck what this Anon is saying, you ARE the perfect 00 to me. You are gorgeous and you are my Goddess, my Muse, my Savior.

No. 11080

This thread got so fucking weird thanks to her negro friends.

No. 11082

Yeah now its just her friends sucking up to her and lying that shes great

No. 11085

God. She is a hypocrite. And the ass kissing in this thread is stupid.

No. 11086

boo-hoo, the poor baby is gonna pretend to hurt herself and blame it on everyone around her rather than herself and her stupid actions. Here's a hint, if you have to self-post about how she is going to "hurt herself", she's not going to do it.

No. 11087

>threatening to hurt herself
okay, emotional immaturity right there. but this is a 17 year old kid we're talking about. I still don't see what makes them a lolcow other than, well, the people backing her who came here to defend their fair maiden.

No. 11088

I think 17 is old enough to not do stupid things like threaten suicide lol, but I think she's here because of her hypocritical actions and ended up staying by getting her whitknights here and then backpedaling on other points people have brought up.

No. 11090

12 hours later and this is still going on.? Guess we know who doesn't have a life.

No. 11092

Micky your friends are making this worst.

No. 11093

File: 1409528816499.jpg (498.1 KB, 1280x1920, tumblr_n1sh15dRWn1qik1p8o2_128…)

what an unfortunate angle.

No. 11094

>implying it's only the same few anons
>implying they've been sitting on this page the whole time


No. 11095

Why does she think she's cute

No. 11096

Her hugbox that lies to her

No. 11101

You guys wouldn't be saying this shit if she didn't have huge Milkbags

No. 11104

You guys wouldn't be saying this shit if she didn't have huge Milkbags she's not fat she's thick.

No. 11106


No. 11107

File: 1409530722403.gif (1.63 MB, 400x300, tumblr_n7le62ObKy1qim3pko1_400…)


She doesn't dress well for her body type.

No. 11108

You guys wouldn't be saying this shit if she didn't have huge Milkbags she's not fat she's thic

No. 11109

Jesus christ, did you stroke out or something? Or are you just retarded?

No. 11110

Except her thighs are also fat as all fuck.

But clearly you're pretty retarded anyway.

No. 11111

This is soo gross

No. 11112


No. She's overweight. She's 5'6" and 180 pounds and only 17. That's a problem. Only black people say stupid shit like "thick"

No. 11113

She's also no stranger to shaming certain girls with small chests

No. 11114

Micky, your bmi is at least 28. This isn't trying to be mean but that's considered obese.

No. 11115

File: 1409532302927.jpg (134.11 KB, 675x900, 1486784_1442464805965981_15759…)

can we talk about Jazmine le please…

No. 11116

Like I swear she's had plastic surgery, those nostrils aren't normal.

No. 11117

Everytime i see THAT i feel like im sinking into an endless nostril abyss .

No. 11118

Oh god we need a black girl Lolcow thread because there's so many I can talk about. Have you seen Jazmine's tagged pictures? She's 6 shades darker and photoshops the shit out of her pictures

No. 11119

File: 1409532883667.jpg (24.31 KB, 640x480, 1476042_1434864896725972_73515…)

..like really? SHE also has a new Asian boy toy every other week and posts pictures of herself naked with her ass out.

No. 11120

Make one pleaseee and where are those photos post away.

No. 11121

This is jazmine as a child… major surgery or shopping.

No. 11122

File: 1409533165084.jpg (162.08 KB, 960x960, image.jpg)

No. 11123


No. 11124

File: 1409533228436.png (724.61 KB, 1079x1222, Screenshot_2014-08-31-20-56-39…)

No. 11125

File: 1409533321848.jpg (36.51 KB, 960x540, 10352037_1501789266700201_4277…)

Thot of the year goes to….drumroll

No. 11126

She shoops the shit. The black girl thread should include Momo, Jazmine Le, Vivi Miekayo, Delandra Johnson, Micky, Asia Lockhart, Kimmy Chu, Ami Nyan, Jordan Anderson, Rhea Morris, Phyllis Purple hair whatever and there's a shit ton who I could mention. We should talk about drama, good, bad etc lmao

No. 11127

Totally make this happen…vivi is a total bitch and no one knows what she really looks like…she also fakes her relationships and shit.

No. 11129

Okay? Where the fuck is all this bitchy black vendetta posts coming from? Is this Micky the nigger-chan and her friends redirecting the hate to other blackanese? There are so many newfag sounding people who are treating this thread like a little girls bathroom stall. And I swear these newfags are samefagging as well.

And to the newfags who nigger-chan brought over from her facebook post: GTFO you are shitposting and everyone can tell you're here for personal vendetta.

FYI people on discussion forums don't just go: "LMAO HAVE U SEENS HERLIKE THAT OMFGEH SHES SUCH A WHORES" seriously, fuck off. A lot of you are spamming too.

No. 11130

BMI is a awful way to judge someones weight.

No. 11133

Basically people think this girl has an inflated ego but she fails to realize it

No. 11134

So being 180 lbs and 5'6 is acceptable now?

No. 11135

No. 11136

I honestly couldn't say one way or another, because I don't know shit about her. The BMI just tries to set a generalization that doesn't work all the time.

No. 11206

IF she were going to commit suicide over people saying she should improve her look then she's a weak individual and I wouldn't feel bad. Besides, she's the one who made everything worse buy sending in her white knights and trying to spam the shit out of us.

No. 11321

>Capitalization of random words equates to emphasis if you didn't already know
No it doesn't.

No. 11324

Just shows the company she keeps

No. 11332

that's what fat girl tell themselves

No. 11382


No, I don't want to expose him because he's a close friend of mine. She causes all this drama with her friends, not to mention that she's kind of backhanded for no reason.

No. 11386

So you just said no he's not your friend and yes he is a close friend? And this thread is about her. So bring new information so we can laugh or leave. And I'm pretty sure I know who you are.

No. 11387


Try me. Expose me, if you can anyways.

No. 11388

I don't care about "exposing" you. This site isn't a chat room for nobodies to talk bullshit. Bring info about her so we can laugh or have second hand embarrassment or leave. I swear to Christ after she posted this to her Facebook this thread when to shit so quick.

No. 11389

I agree 100%, most posts were funny/contributing before they all arrived, now it's just stupid youtube-quality comments. Like they don't understand that because we're all anonymous and unless you make a good point, no one really gives a shit what you have to say. They also feel the need to reply to everything and type out every stupid thought they have.

No. 11390

And their grammar is atrocious.

No. 11392

She has links to her twitter & instagram on her tumblr

No. 11393


No. 11394

I just wish people would be honest with how she really looks so she can improve or at least try.

No. 11404

No it's true. You have any sort of muscle mass and by the BMI you can possibly be over weight. And no I'm not saying that's the case for everyone but to base someone's health/weight just by the BMI doesn't work. That's why when you go to the doctor they perform blood test.

No. 11418

If you're 180 5'6 and you don't work out you're fat. Stop.

No. 11446

Yep. And that's a proper workout, not 20 minutes on a treadmill once a week.

No. 11472

shes said before shes too lazy to exercise

No. 11487

I know. Exactly - it ain't muscle.

No. 11544

File: 1409791847667.jpg (119.96 KB, 575x915, image.jpg)

Her weave is awful. She just clips in tracks. She needs to stop being a poorfag and get it sewed in or something.

No. 11583

her hair is beyond fried

No. 11625

>>11544 She needs to give up on trying to force her hair to look like a white person's and learn how yo take care of curly hair.

No. 11654

i think now that would be impossible because it seems like she has a relaxer. your hair will never be the same after that, just straight and puffy when not straightened.

what she needs to do is learn how to properly take care of relaxed/straightened hair. may start with a hot oil treatment or deep conditioner?

No. 11661

she says she don't use relaxer

No. 11662

Yeah… Relaxers and the like are some of the worst things you can do to your hair. What she should really do is save up, visit a salon that knows what it's doing, and get a keratin straightening treatment. Better for your hair than that god damn battery acid that'll leave it brittle as hell. Fuck relaxers.

No. 11676

so agree. I switched to keratin two years ago and I will NEVER go back EVER it makes my hair gorgeous and it feels better than any relaxer

No. 11914

File: 1410127112838.jpg (71.32 KB, 640x472, image.jpg)

The irony.

No. 11915

File: 1410127148358.jpg (33.08 KB, 640x360, image.jpg)

great more Lolcow material

No. 11942

why are the ugly/basic bitches so confident and think they are hot shit while usually the cutest girls don't think they are pretty or have low confidence?

how does this shit happen. i always wonder that.

No. 11949


She's asian, she has plenty of white/black guys chasing after her telling her she's the most beautiful thing because yellow fever is no joke.
Makes ugly asian girls over-confident when really, they're the typical basic, ugly, looking azn. Like, they really don't stand out, they all look the same.

No. 11950

She's not Asian at all. She's a black who claims to have Chinese and white heritage but looking at her hair, nose, lips and height she's obviously not Asian. The only guys chasing her are black weebs

No. 11954


LOL Hooollyyy shiiitttt! I just glanced at it and she looked like the typical azn from the thumbnails. Now that I enlarged the file I see it.

She is really pale for a black girl though, but I don't know. I haven't been following this thread, my bad guys.

I still stand by my former comment about ugly azn girls thinking their beautiful hime dolls because of the yellow fever epidemic.

No. 11962

She does have sort of Asian features tho. Like the eyes and there are east Asian with this type of nose and eyes. The only thing is her lips/mouth is kind of big and the hair.

No. 11963

She does look chinese mixed. There is nothing uncommon about her nose. Many Chinese have similar.

No. 11972

That hair too?

No. 11973

You guys haven't been around enough black people. There's plenty of people her color or with those type of eyes. She isn't Asian lmao

No. 11978

This, pretty much.
I'm black and have slightly similar eyes. Someone once asked me "why I look chink".

No. 12037

i said excluding the hair.

No. 12038

yes but her eyes still look like they could be asian.

No. 12039

how do you know you are not mixed somewhere along the line?

No. 12044

By that logic PT could be Japanese along the line. Two black parents = a black person. She's obviously black

No. 12045

File: 1410235777215.jpg (118.86 KB, 500x554, image.jpg)

This tribe is 100% African. The Khoisian tribe. There's tons of black people with eyes like this.

No. 12048

but pt doesn't look anywhere near japanese so what are you talking about?

No. 12049

still doens't change the fact they look similar to asian and share features. that's what i was trying to say.

No. 12056

Arabs are 100% African, too.

No. 12067

Psh, and everyone called me dumb when I said if you look really carefully you could see that blacks and asians have a lot of similar features.

No. 12090

Considering they have flatter faces and similar eyeshapes I would agree with you.
The only instances whereby white people and asians begin to look similar are when asians utalise beauty products to achieve their beauty ideals that mirror western beauty ideals, not that they want to look 'white' but they want to achieve their beauty ideals of coloured eyes, hair and double eyelids. i think a lot of times people act like those beauty ideals reflect white people, but they really don't when you consider the completely different face structures of white people and their large noses, chins and bulkier frames.
I'm trying to be completely unbias here but the sake of argument I'll disclose that I'm taiwanese.

No. 12944

File: 1410638951199.jpg (141.16 KB, 720x960, image.jpg)


No. 12946

It's boobs, get over it.

No. 12948

No. I don't care about her cow utters. Her room behind her is trashed and those yarn dreads look abhorrent.

No. 12952

O_o I second you on that.

No. 12953

You can't expect class from her though. Same girl who has her bf take her to mcdonalds for dates

No. 13581

File: 1411011890208.jpg (134.51 KB, 768x1031, _20140917_233921.JPG)

>using edgy wrong

No. 13585

The "aidoru wannabe" girls are such spergs.

No. 13638

File: 1411060480909.jpg (199.39 KB, 640x832, image.jpg)

Her fashion sense is horrendous. She shouldn't be running this "kawaii black girls" page at all. I've seen way cuter girls than some of the girls she's repeadetly posted but she probably doesn't want competition for attention. Some of the girls are cute but most are…

No. 13639

I doubt she's trying to be an idol and if she is she's doing a terrible job by her shitty coords, bragging about eating mcdonalds everyday, yarn dreads and incessant yapping about her disgusting pedo boyfriend eating her ass. Barf. She's just one of the tumblr girls who hops on every bandwagon. She says "edgy" has no idea what it means. She labeled her blog "NSFW" then asked what the acronym stood for a week later. She wants to be a Femnazi and MRA at the same time. I know she's only 17 or whatever but she's seriously down a pixyteri path. Someone needs to correct her because she doesn't seem to get that the praise she's getting is baseless.

No. 13651


How dare you Anon, no one needs to correct her. She is perfect in every way. Ever since my goddess Pixyteri has been MIA, my heart has emptied and blackened. I support a birth of a new lolcow queen.

No. 13671

File: 1411076191942.jpg (37.5 KB, 604x453, 1013852_733742156650656_853246…)

the real jasmine

No. 13696

I could understand makeup, lighting and angles but Jazmine Le practically changed her race

No. 13874

File: 1411155392399.jpg (135.34 KB, 726x823, _20140919_153035.JPG)

>this page is to inspire others
>i only made this page for myself

she could easily just make an album on her profile and fill it with girls she likes instead of this shit

No. 13878

File: 1411156063169.jpg (98.23 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

The community page is practically "let me suck up to more popular people so they like me"

this girl she recently put up doesn't fit "kawaii style" at all. Why is someone with no coordination at all running this page? And we all know the drama Micky had with Aminyan which is probably why she's never been posted and complete nobodies have.

No. 13887

i have seen aminyan's pictures posted there but only by the other admins but micky goes and deletes them

No. 13894

Really because I've been wondering about that. Micky is really a jealous bitch. I wish she would take advice and actually use it. Her style is terrible

No. 13896

Now she's just uploading fat girls and pictures saying "I support all cosplayers!" Pathetic. This is like when celebrities get caught saying the N word then they suddenly donate a million dollars to inner city youth or something. It's super cheesy and obvious

No. 13901

>the drama Micky had with Aminyan

No. 13921

File: 1411170525148.jpg (45.54 KB, 727x337, _20140919_194620.JPG)

she really likes to make excuses

No. 13929

It's like Israel and Palestine between those two and has been going on since 2011. Micky called Ami a weeaboo, she whined about it and her fanboys attacked Micky. Micky blames everything bad that happens to her on aminyan despite kind of copying everything she does. Ami used to be dramatic about it but she's seemed to have matured. The other reason is because Micky's boyfriend is someone ami broke up with like two years ago after he supposedly hit her. It's really fucking stupid.

No. 13931

i don't know where fatties come up with this idea that junk food is more expensive than healthy food. if you put in the time and cook yourself a nice meal it'll be healthy and you'll probably have leftovers even. maybe i just live somewhere where fast food is expensive though.

No. 13955

Terrible excuse. It costs more because she eats 20 piece chicken nuggets with large fries and Mountain Dew. She's not fucking poor or in a "poc" area. She actually lives in a pretty wealthy area so she's just making shitty excuses. It's healthier to eat better and smaller portions than the garbage she puts in her body. Plus she still lives at home with her parents so it's not like she's paying bills.

No. 13970

She just said on Facebook that she's allergic to fruit. Excuses, excuses. Is she also allergic to veggies and water?

No. 13976

i would not be surprised. i guess being healthy is not very kawaii to her

No. 14020

File: 1411241400884.jpg (48.03 KB, 725x413, _20140920_152459.JPG)

she will never take advice

No. 14073

Well, I can't really speak for her.
But there is an allergy to fruit, it's not bad, but any raw fruit, and your mouth will sting and will get swollen.
I suddenly got it 2-3 years ago, sucks.
I really enjoy fruits too.

No. 14111

Not even being a whitenight but you know that when you have a boyfriend you don't go out to a nice resturaunt every single time, right? It's ok to just go somewhere easy sometimes like Applebee's or Mcdonald's.

No. 14166

Applebee's yes. And all of their dates are fast food. She has no self respect.

No. 14189

why dont you make your own page then o: and run it how you would run it

No. 14190

things like this are weird. why are you guys constantly watching what i tweet and post on facebook? I'm legit asking. If you don't like me so much and think I'm fat and stupid and a wannabe then why do you care so much about what I do o.O
There are tons of "fat weeb wannabes" out there so why are you all concerned about what I do in particular?

No. 14191

How does going to Mcdonald's with my boyfriend mean no self respect? o.o and how do you know where all of our dates are?
We went to an arcade together as a date a couple times. nwn there's a video of it on anthony's fb~

No. 14192

When I made this post it was after I had a talk with my mom's friend about how high her grocery bill is and how much cheaper unhealthy food is.

No. 14193

actually shocked this is the only picture of my dreads posted here. I was sure way more people would hate them cx

No. 14194

you guys do realize that you can keep talking about me on here but i'm just gonna keep doing me right? so what is even the point o x o what is the goal you want me to achieve?
to dress how you want me to dress? to do my hair how you want me to do it?

No. 14195

If you really don't care, why keep posting? I swear every lolcow claims 'I don't care about my haters!!1' but goes on and on about them anyway.

No. 14196


Why do you feel like you're in a position to critizise others but you don't take any advice/criticism yourself? If you looked good or were actually put together then yeah you can give others advice, but you don't get to give it when you need a lot of advice yourself o x o

No. 14198

I'm convinced they do it because they want the attention.
What's a better way for the little attention whores to get what they want than going and talking to their "haters?" She could just say "hi" and someone will reply.

Micky is probably afraid of the attention she's getting from us (and desperately wanted, might I add) going away, so she is probably just trying to rile someone up.

No. 14203

I'm sorry you guys are jelly but keep hatin o x o

No. 14204

Jelly of jelly thighs over there.

No. 14205

Nobody is jealous of you. You apparently can't even afford proper food. Why would anyone be jealous of that?

No. 14209

Christ. How in the fuck can anyone think this shit is okay to wear to school? I can understand a con, Halloween, or school spirt week but A NORMAL SCHOOL DAY???

And fucking stop begging people to buy you new clothes and get a god damn job.

No. 14210

ignores the fact that literally everyone here thinks you're trashy and gross ur jelly~

I think people in this thread are the opposite of jelly. We're your betters, after all.

No. 14288

I just wanna squeeze dat booty.

No. 14289

Her ass is flat

No. 14327


No. 14328

what's wrong with wearing this to school?

No. 14329

"we're your betters"
oh. okay lol.

No. 14330

The fact that it's an obvious costume? It looks like some fetish play shit.

No. 14332

Omg she def had plastic surgery

No. 14333

Add pregnant to that list she's apparently having a pregnancy scare

No. 14335

No. 14336

File: 1411434998685.png (324.28 KB, 1038x1461, Screenshot_2014-09-22-21-13-03…)

No. 14337

She made a post asking a thousand questions about it a while back…I smell another abortion

No. 14338

Her parents are Jehova's witness so I doubt that'll happen

No. 14340

File: 1411436919952.png (1.2 MB, 1038x1552, Screenshot_2014-09-22-21-43-38…)

I wonder Why

No. 14355

File: 1411443411964.jpg (55.33 KB, 768x405, _20140922_225931.JPG)

No. 14406

This is not how it works.
Alos people calling themselves "OTAKU XD!1!" are just so retarded to me it's so weeby

No. 14408

The plan B thing is all over tumblr, about how fat people can't take it and fat shaming and whatever. she probably saw one of the 1000 reblogs and was curious, since that's exactly what it says on the post circulating.

No. 14417

I'm going to go on an unrelated rant about this here because I don't have a tumblr.

The reason they can't just up the dose for fat people is because oestrogen puts you at risk for deep vein thrombosis, strokes and other blood clot related problems. Fat people are already massively at risk for these issues, and as such can't take the contraceptive pill. So taking a massive dose of the same hormones is obviously not an option.

It's not fat shaming, it's because the doctor doesn't want to kill you, for some reason.

No. 14503

Oh god at Micky's twitter.

ok bitch

No. 14548

File: 1411565359774.jpg (74.55 KB, 768x539, _20140924_024513.JPG)

No. 14550

What the fuck? So she thinks she's a nebula or some shit? Goddamn.

>different than most kin types

>less obnoxious
How special of you.

No. 14557

I can't get over "less obnoxiois"
Considering Micky is such an obnoxious fuckwit that's hilarious

No. 14564

File: 1411574084290.jpg (93.3 KB, 768x629, _20140924_115231.JPG)

pretty much

No. 14566

I like how she says other kin and space kin
instead of otherkin and spacekin
she can't even type it right ugh..

No. 14567

Her Anthony broke up, wonder if this is another attempt at being in the spotlight. No more McDonald's dates for her.

No. 14568

Wonder how long she plans on posing as kin, more like McDonaldkin

No. 14577

They're constantly off and on. Just wait. He'll be eating her ass crust in a week's time

No. 14812

File: 1411672096451.jpg (139.07 KB, 600x600, 1361859498802.jpg)

No. 15105

i'd dig it

No. 15112


She's probably just hopping onto that weird new tumblrina trend of ~loving space~. But of course, she has to be more unique than those other posers!

No. 15462

Someone's got a gross tuna crotch.

No. 15527

File: 1412000424007.jpg (35.09 KB, 731x280, _20140929_101757.JPG)

No. 16347

File: 1412362634175.png (1.54 MB, 1079x1623, Screenshot_2014-10-03-14-48-29…)

Let's talk about this chick does anyone know her? She thinks this is cute,,,, shit looks mega photoshopped, the twists at least..or it's a twist lace front.

No. 16348

WTF is this.

No. 16351


I love her rope head.

No. 16382

I think she looks cute at least photoshopped.

No. 16413

wtf are those eyebrows. i hate that shitty korean eyebrow trend.

No. 16422

Shooooop. There would be some shadows on her forehead if those top twist were real.

No. 16424

No shit the whole thing is dodgy shoop.

No. 16774

File: 1412541592515.jpg (30.63 KB, 639x480, 10626454_10202981538365060_356…)

but rly, this bitch looks like she stinks. and her hair is as fried as it can get.. not to mention her bangs are always fucking floating 5 feet away from her face

No. 16775

and about jazmine le
her photoshopping is completely inconsistent
she looks like a whole different person in every picture she uploads

No. 16776


and this is just embarrassing

No. 16777

A potato films better videos than this, geez 2004 webcam quality.

No. 16778

File: 1412542511243.png (376.62 KB, 510x498, disgusting.png)

Nasty.. just nasty. And I bet it was already like this before she had to get dressed. She lives in literal filth.

No. 16779

Ew that is so povo.

No. 16780

Yeah, no. That room was nasty before she had to get dressed. Idk to me shoes on the floor or just wearing shoes that you wear in the street in your bedroom is just as disgusting as dirty undies on the floor. She needs to clean this crap.

No. 16781

Ok, I'm gonna be reallll honest here.

I'm trying to read through this thread to figure out why this girl is a "lowcow" and so far all I have are extreme cases of Autism being brought to my attention at what I'd call a pretty alarming rate. It looks like someone who's just out for her is posting over and over again with maybe 1 or 2 other shitposting other friends. What's this girl done that's wrong?

Being a weeb doesn't count-especially at 17. Maybe if she were 21+ I'd care, but the bitch is still young so I don't see what the issue is. Most if not all weebs go through embarrassing fashion phases. As displeasing as it is for the rest of us to look at, she's still allowed to experience it and it's not at all worth calling her ridiculous names. You know? Like, I'm always on board to rip someone apart, but I just don't see it here. She's a whiny little bitch. Ok? She's 17. Most of you are still whiny little bitches nearly your mid 20s. Give good solid reasons and proof please. Crusty YT comments that say something not even shocking don't count lol.

No. 16782

Oh yeah
And in response to those trying to make a big fuss about some godawful faggot filled school dance that fucking no one ever remembers after high school ends-please don't. lol. Homecoming and prom don't matter. As much as you white people like to think they do, they don't. It's just a stupid dance. Her dance pictures won't show up on her resume and if you think she's the first or last to wear something slightly stupid looking to it then you're 20 different kinds of wrong. All the ranting about how it's a formal occasion-either you take shitty school dances crazily serious or you're just trying blatantly looking desperately for reasons to poke at her. Again. Shitty school dances. Don't matter in the real world. She could have gone in a buzzlightyear costume and I wouldn't have cared. No one would. Not everyone likes to drop a couple hundred bucks to look flossy in a school gymnasium as they awkwardly shuffle to a Taylor Swift song alright.

I'm mad to be honest.
I came in this thread expecting lols and instead all I got was ass-hattery feat.Vendetta chans. To the point where I even had to defend the silly bitch. What a waste. Step your game up noobs.

No. 16786

I agree with the point you're trying to make here, but you took too many words to make it so I feel like any moment now a bunch of catty anons are going to come try to rip you a new one and get defensive about their stupid dances and their right to mock a lolcow if she puts her shit out in public. I'm just sitting back and waiting for it to happen now.

No. 16787

I was reading this and nodding until
>you white people
I wonder who could be behind this post. :^)

No. 16788

micky obviously

No. 16791

Micky shut up

No. 16801

File: 1412556571362.jpg (27.45 KB, 300x290, _20141005_204706.JPG)

No. 16881

What I don't understand is why she deleted the pictures of Aminyan from the kawaiiblackgirls shitty community page that the other admins put up. Like damn how jealous can you get

No. 17175

Oh, I'm sorry then. Are you some overly obsessed negress instead? Ching chongalong? Pepto Beaner, burqa bitch? So sorry to have mislabeled you, nerd. Either way the constant samefagging here is out of control. This might as well just be titled "Vendetta Thread" because that's all that is.

Also, the 'hurrhurr u must b (insert person)' thing is old. Let it die already-what is this, 2010? If you're going to post a lolcow in a lolcow section then fucking bring the lols. Where are they?? What's to lol at here?? Some chubby burrakku weeb? Weebs are all over the place. Give us a scandal plz. Tell me she fucked a dog, that she's scamming people out of money, that she's 30 and still bending over and taking shimapan pantie shots. Something interesting. Link us to her camming. Show us something other than a 17 year old being an obvious 17 year old.

No. 17201

Mickey shut up.

No. 17365

File: 1412922114966.jpg (35.49 KB, 723x274, _20141010_021842.JPG)

super jealous

No. 17366

oh shitttttttt

No. 17372

>overly obsessive negress

You know, if you want to be convincing in the slightest you should tone it down a bit.

I'm racist and I wouldn't say something as retarded as you did.

so this is micky or is it some other shit stirrer? Any ideas on who it might be?

No. 17380

>I'm racist and I wouldn't say something as retarded as you did
>I'm racist

I dunno, sounds pretty retarded to me

No. 17382

Most of the girls on there are alternative and don't fit "kawaii" or ulzzangbstyle anyways. Micky is such a jealous whore lol. She has no sense of style whatsoever

No. 17400

I kind of want to make an actual kawaii black girls page, like an unbiased one..

No. 17409

I wish someone could do that and post on Kawaii Black girl's wall so people can see how much of a bitch she really is. Some girl wrote there before about how micky posts the same people and people agreed with her. Micky back peddled by saying "this is for ME" and someone called her out "but you have 2000 likes"

No. 17410

I have Micky's nudes ready to leak in all their cringeworthy glory. If I make it a spoiler image I won't be banned from here right?

No. 17411

if she's under 18 i wouldn't.

No. 17413

She's 17 atm and they've been leaked before. I'll wait until next year

No. 17414

File: 1412961194539.jpg (43.3 KB, 640x434, image.jpg)

Her ex is probably willing to leak the fucked up shit she sent him. Oh and she's a ~little~ who wants a ~daddy dom~

damn why does every girl these days have Yukapon daddy issue syndrome

No. 17419

Micky also used to say shit about black girls and champion that she was actually white and Chinese and "barely black". She only started that pro black bullshit when tumblr made it cool to hate white people. she literally rides on each and every bandwagon.

So far she is a "wanna be aidoru" , loves gameboys, is scene, is a social justice warrior feminist but she is also a men's rights activist and stands up for white people, she is cyber goth, she is lolita, she is "space kin", fat positive, bisexual and a nyphet(see daddy issues). She's everything terrible about tumblr rolled up into one 200 pound 5 foot 8 inch 17 year old girl. I don't see how in hell she can judge others, she's terrible inside and out.

No. 17423

All she needs to do is claim she's genderqueer or her own made-up gender now and she will be the incarnation of stupid teens on Tumblr

No. 17428

File: 1412965086023.jpg (207.86 KB, 1280x960, image.jpg)

"I delete people who are not cute"

No. 17429

Hahaha, exactly what I was thinking. Ami looks like a kawaii goddess compared to Micky.

No. 17433

They look similar in some ways.

No. 17435

They really don't..

No. 17436

Since the pictures were taken while she's underage, i wouldnt post them anyways. Just because she turns 18 next year, doesn't mean the under 18 nudes aren't illegal.

No. 17437

she looks 25 in them. and was yuka's posted here? I'm not going to post Micky's nudes even though tons of people saw them. They are super cringe worthy tho

No. 17438

Wait, was she ever mickimouto on tumblr at one point? Because I remember she would post a lot on the randesoru tag

No. 17440

Yes. She also makes gifs of herself which I have to find. She tags her stuff as "loli" "jailbait" "nyphet" and shit like that

No. 17441

Anon could just post them on Tumblr and they'd only get taken down if anything.

No. 17442

Tumblr don't do shit anyway, so they'll probs be up for a long time.

No. 17452

K! Doing it now. By the way her real name is Makayla Jefferson

No. 17453

No. 17454

Wait? She thinks ami is trying to post her nudes? They've been on tumblr like three times, so many people have seen them

No. 17455

I think the main problem with micky is that she gets too involved with this thread.
Like, she and her friends have come to whiteknight, she's posted about this thread on her Facebook and Twitter. The more she gets involved in this thread, the more fuel she's adding to the fire.
Other people that have been posted on here like Himezawa, Abi Pop, Beckii, they don't pay attention to the thread, and their threads/posts are fairly slow

No. 17456

nonono Himezawa is really bothered by what people say on lolcow.

No. 17459

Not saying it didn't bother them, but i haven't seen her post the thread on her social networking sites or whiteknighting her self like micky has

No. 17463

I was going to say that too. Micky just gives people more material to laugh at her about

No. 17476

This shit is funnier than many other threads. That she comes here trying to save face is hilarious. The funnies are given all on a silver platter. Effortless, maybe but who gives a shit? I'll take this over any of the try-hard threads of fag anons scouring to find any single atom of dirt on other internet attention whores (see: abipop).

No. 17524

This reminds me when Ami said a while back that someone would send asks to Jrcach about her (or pretending to be her) and since the person lived in the same area, the IP address was similar.

Could this be Micky who knew that Ami would get harassed in return and she wanted to stir that pot?

No. 17526

Yep I remember when she posted that. I'm a million percent sure micky sent stuff to Jrcach. She also tweeted saying "I want to go to X event but Amina is performing there so ew". I really can't recall the slightest case where micky herself was "bullied". It always seemed one sided(at least publicly)

No. 17570

What even happened between them? Is Micki just jealous of her because she's actually cute, can speak a good amount of Japanese and isn't a 200lb tryhard or something?

No. 17572

Ami dated her ex I think like three years ago and broke up with him because he was abusive. He started dating micky and when ami warned her micky called her a weeb and jealous. Micky's nudes got leaked and she blamed ami, she started getting anonymously harassed and blamed ami shit like that. It was a Facebook saga of stupid shit

No. 17583

What kind of fucking logic
Why would you brush off someone warning you that your boyfriend is abusive as 'jealousy'? What the hell…. That right there shows she's fucked in the head.

No. 17613

Did somebody say nuuuudes?

No. 17616

No. No one said nudes. At all. Ever.

No. 17619

File: 1413093797561.png (916.98 KB, 1364x705, djgbd.PNG)

From here NSFW tumblr

No. 17620

There's full body nudes with her face too. Pretty cringe worthy

No. 17621


Here's the link. They're gifs she made today. Wow how empty for attention can you be

No. 17622

No. 17623

If ya could point me in the right direction I'd be mighty thankful, sir.

No. 17624


Proof she was also cheating on her boyfriend at the time to whore herself out on tumblr. She's been doing this for at least a year.

No. 17625

I have them willing to post but I don't want the party van on my ass. If I mosaic them am I ok?

No. 17626

This reminds me of Honeykittenmomo all over again. Micky even talked shit about her for selling nudes but she's doing the same thing. Pathetic. They both need jobs ew

No. 17627


From over a year ago. Begging for shitty milanoo shit from a wish list for her "cosplay"

No. 17628

File: 1413096827807.jpg (46.46 KB, 400x300, image.jpg)

No. 17629

File: 1413096982006.jpg (81.21 KB, 562x744, image.jpg)

No. 17630

No. 17631


No. 17632

File: 1413097742432.jpg (187.79 KB, 892x1196, image.jpg)

No. 17633

A NSFW blog she made with her pedophile boyfriend who is at least 6 years older than her. I feel like tumblr fucked this girl's mind up

No. 17634

If that's big an issue, wanna just send them to me directly? I won't post'em.

No. 17635

Why does she do the purple in her hair? It looks awful on her.

No. 17636

No. 17637

No. 17643

Well shit. If you're gonna send them to someone, might as well post them.

No. 17659

File: 1413128251475.jpg (57.82 KB, 360x480, image.jpg)

The caption for this one was "fuck you say oniichan?" when was being ghetto ever appealing?

No. 17660

On Tumblr it is, I've seen way too many blogs where generic kawaii uguu shit and lel so ironic xDDD ghettoisms mix. Yet another stupid Tumblr fad that really needs to die.

No. 17690


It legit looks like she has a tiny, erect dick in this one.

No. 17699

Ya, what is that little round thing?

No. 17700

FUPA I think

No. 17706

File: 1413148413140.jpg (9.35 KB, 275x183, psMi16j.jpg)

No. 17722

It's the string on her shorts.

No. 17723

Lol she's like white trash but black. I'm not going to say ghetto because this is an entirely different form of peasantry

No. 17724

File: 1413157247483.png (9.58 KB, 446x152, ewww.PNG)


No. 17725

Any race can be ghetto and any race can be trash.

No. 17726

OP meant it as something like white trash because Ghetto wouldn't describe the trash shit she's doing.

No. 17727

…and I still wanted to eat…

No. 17741

File: 1413164977375.jpg (103.04 KB, 960x540, 559209_366479180086639_9783941…)

No. 17763

No. 17839

No. 17988

I'm pretty sure they broke up a few weeks ago

No. 17989

Before that Ami asked Micky if she sent nudes to this guy on FB named caffin and Micky said Yes and Ami admitted she also send nudes to him and Micky told someone about it and Ami found out and she started disliking her and talking shit about her behind her back. Right now it seems like Ami doesn't give a fuck what Micky does and Micky doesn't want anything to for with Ami.

No. 17991

hey micky

No. 17992


>>17988 is micky again. She frequents this thread so much it's hilarious. Nobody pays attention so much to your sad life to know the week you left your ex. It's so obvious when you white knight micky lmao

No. 17998

Ghetto=low class niggers yt.

No. 18481

File: 1413696014572.jpg (133.24 KB, 640x620, image.jpg)

This is just as bad as Abipop. Micky's fat ass trying to cover up her daddy issues by acting like pedo bait. Too bad pedophiles don't like 200 lb 5'8" ham beasts. Her cosplay is shit.

No. 18482

This bitch didn't even clean her room before taking a picture

No. 18524

No. 18533


>dat wig

>dat buzzer
>dat leg muffin tops
>dat everything

Rin is now the favorite half assed closet cosplay of ageplay whores?

No. 18534

OMFG look at that pile of clothes ON THE FLOOR.

What a dirty bint. I bet her room smells like stale sweat and weeaboo desperation.

No. 19500

No. 19514

tips fedora

No. 19521

i think she has a really pretty face

No. 19560

I think she does too but she doesn't really flatter it with her hair/clothes.
Also, she has a bad personality and a pretty face doesn't matter with a bad personality imo

No. 19664


someone called her out and she gave a half-assed apology

my favorite thing about this
>tags post as christianity
>constantly links blog
>omg how did u find this post!1!1

No. 19668

The girl calling her out is Momo. I wonder if she browses here.
They might as well be the same person, except Momo's not fat or an otherkin lol

No. 19674

Momo is probably trying to start drama with Mickey because Momo isn't relevant anymore.

Momo is fat, just not as fat as Mickey.

No. 19675

Nah she still is active on Nico Douga. She's not really fat, just kind of pudgy. Micky is full blown on her way to obesity. And micky made a really dumb point and contradicted herself so I think anyone would call her out. Other kin is dumb as shit

No. 19676

Micky copies her a ton if I might add. They practically have the same URL. I'm not advocating for the shit Momo does because it's tacky but micky copies it exactly

No. 19845

I wish I saw the links before she bawleted.

No. 20156

You know, she could be really pretty if she wasn't so gross.

No. 20158

File: 1414712384141.jpg (8.48 KB, 200x293, m.jpg)


I know it's shopped to hell and back and 99% sure it's a wig but look how cute she could be if her hair wasn't in that gross scene kid dye and fried to within an inch of its life

Of course, it would take more than proper care and a few decent products to fix that shit personality of hers.

No. 20160


She has shit taste, hot topic and Milanoo cosplay, horrible personality, refuses to realize she's almost morbidly obese. Yeah her face is above average but…

No. 20167

Her eyes are really far apart and if I'm not mistaken I heard she was in the special ed class at her school. I think she has a learning disability

No. 21169

No. 21170

File: 1415121468117.jpg (200.92 KB, 960x1280, image.jpg)


No. 21171

Morbidly obese? Wtf? She's probably barely overweight, if at all.

No. 21172

She's at least 180 lbs and 5'6" going by what she says. That's obese. Sorry you're used to everyone being fat

No. 21183

Her boyfriend is an ugly neckbeard, wtf

No. 21248

No. 21255

Other kin are going to look back at this when they're 30 and cry

No. 21256

I can see him handing out candy from his creepy van.

No. 21571

File: 1415240102430.jpg (41.07 KB, 640x360, image.jpg)

Micky is pretty damn fake. Just a few damn months ago she was preaching about not being racist to white people and complaining about how black people are so racist. It's hilarious the shit she'll say for reblogs and likes

No. 21968

File: 1415430497825.jpg (37.29 KB, 640x361, image.jpg)

This spawned a huge debate and Micky talked about her daddy issues(wow! Shocker!) and attacked anyone who thought incest was disgusting. The entire tumblr ddlg shit is so dumb. Micky is otherkin, bashes religion but expects people to respect her, bisexual, blames YT, blames men, ddlg, multi colored hair. She's actually tumblr lol

No. 21981

lol is this real life

do you even BMI

No. 21982

You think this is 180lbs

She's a little chunky, maybe average, but deffo not obsese, I mean are you baiting or are you literally retarded?

No. 21993

Hey Micky's friends. She isn't average, she's nearly obese. Average for you fat Americants IS overweight. 180 lbs bmi or not is way too big

No. 21994

1-I'm not american, get off your high horse, it's pathetic.

2-I mean seriously, just use the BMI calculator


even if she weighed 180 (which she does not, that's nearly 100 kg) she would technically be overweight, not obese.

Words, they have meanings. Shocking, I know.

No. 21995

I think the original person said almost obese. Obese or not she's a fucking fat ass

No. 22026

No. 22028

180lb is obese! last year i weighed my self and i was around 180lb that was a damn wake up call and I lost all that fatness.


ooooh so wacist omg!

No. 22030

She's a complete bullshitter. Just a few months ago she talked about how bad black people are.
But please don't bring the stormfront, fat shaming debate to this thread. Let's talk about the cow on hand.

No. 22110

File: 1415553864595.jpg (57.7 KB, 768x485, _20141109_121939.JPG)

No. 22122

File: 1415558434552.jpg (147.3 KB, 768x1027, _20141109_133355.JPG)

she says she doesn't want everyone to agree with her but this post proves that wrong


No. 22123

File: 1415558586580.jpg (43.47 KB, 768x528, _20141109_133429.JPG)

and when someone brings up an opposing opinion, even if they're respectful about it, she'll respond like pic related or shoot them down some other way

No. 23097

File: 1415835316976.jpg (43.25 KB, 768x287, _20141112_183136.JPG)

No. 23171

No. 23221

File: 1415852360980.jpg (47.03 KB, 768x300, _20141112_231421.JPG)


No. 23253

File: 1415855894228.png (139.69 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2014-10-12-19-02-20…)


She stays on Tumblr for too long.

She thinks she's a warrior and tries to insult people. It's cringe worthy. She's so bad at offending people, but manages to get offended by every opposing view.

This is where she'd say;"bye, Felicia"

I bet she's never even seen the film Friday, but she has seen the reference in tags and tagged along with that annoying tagline just so she can't be left behind.

No. 23262

File: 1415856672902.jpg (59.15 KB, 865x1113, 1658689_10203290037117336_7707…)

Her teeth bother me.

Those sagging utters are going to be hell for her in a couple of more years, along with her deteriorating looks. It's great.

No. 23264

She's known to ride on every bandwagon despite understanding it. A few months ago she was a men's rights activist and talked about racism towards whites because she saw a tumblr post about it. She's incredibly ignorant and believes everything she half reads from the femnazis she follows.

She hops on other bandwagons as well such as AoT, Creamy Mami, and Madoka Magica despite watching any of the show or reading the mangas. That's to be expected of a /soc/ attention whore turned Tumblrinas though.

She also insults religion while contradicting herself in asking for respect. She claims to be bisexual since she was 12. She claims to be non-Black/"mixed" but runs to the black community as a shield. She also criticizes people for calling out otherkin and "space kin" for the bullshit it is but criticizes dragon kin herself(lol). She's a total mess.

No. 23269

The only guys who give her compliments are black weebs who don't care about her being fat as hell. She has lighter skin, huge sagging cow utters and is thick(see fat). Nobody with actual standards gives her more than five seconds of attention

No. 23276

I believe she claims DD/Lg relationships because she has the lowest emotional IQ I've ever seen. She lacks a tremendous amount of intelligence. Was she taught my chipmunks? She's a child that is inferior to intelligence. She fits the Babygirl role, because she thinks she'll never have to be independent and smart to get by. Getting by on the knowledge of her Daddy who has to do things for her. She has no idea what a DD/Lg relationship actually is, and she's the reason why people bash the culture. She's too shallow for depth.

She's lazy and click baits blogs on Tumblr to show she's interested in humanity.

She has nothing to say, so she reblogs Tumblr opinions and posts them on Facebook as if it's been her life long opinion. Challenge her opinion, she'll dismiss it. Challenge her opinion again, she'll get agitated. Keep challenging her: You'll get your posts deleted, you'll get bashed behind your back (she's trying to be a nice person in public. She's clearly a cunt) and you'll get removed.

She's almost entirely wrong about everything. Whatever is trending on Tumblr, she's following it. Whatever fits her needs that month, she's an arm chair protester who claims to be a Feminist. She's what happens when you take Tumblr literally and think Tumblr is the best resource of information and get no other sources to challenge the ones being re-blogged in her feed. She's inconceivable when it comes to being voluntarily inane.

She represents the rights of every family that wants to have an abortion. They could've used that choice and saved us from her.

No. 23278

She has fetal alcohol syndrome or some cognitive disorder. She's in special education at school, which is why she has no plans for college.

No. 23300

do you have anymore deets on that?

No. 23310

post the caps

No. 23317

I know who you are. Micky is fucking trashy but your best friend is an autistic cancer. All of you are fucking annoying keyboard warriors.

No. 23336

Agreed. >>23285 and >>23304 just makes them sound like they contributed to the issue.

No. 23384

To not give out identities, I'll just keep it to myself.

I just wanted to share the story because everyone should be aware of Micky and how she back stabs people. That's a fact everyone should already know.

No. 23388

File: 1415890651967.jpg (29.64 KB, 960x182, IMG_20141113_094943.jpg)

"she's an arm chair protester who claims to be a Feminist."

No. 23394

File: 1415893095941.jpg (56.58 KB, 574x960, IMG_20141113_103108.jpg)

Everything she likes are terrible.

No. 23398

She probably saw that on tumblr, thought it was so amazing then asked herself the question. She's a mouthpiece for tumblr and only mimics stupid shit they say.

No. 23449

File: 1415901836073.jpg (124.94 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

>kawaii Japanese fashion
>posts alt pics
>the page consists of tumblr-core "kawaii"

No. 23479

she's only allowing submissions again because a new page popped up and they accept all submissions and aren't so condescending.

No. 23488

It's a total rip off page but still ran better than Micky's

No. 23494

i don't know if it's in the about section, but they stated they started the page because they didn't like the way micky ran her page.

No. 23500

Browsing through Black Girls Are Kawaii. So far: Good material.

Unlike Micky being jealous of Ami and deleting posts that feature her, BGAK posted a picture of Ami.

Better material overall. I think all the girls are cute on both pages, but BGAK won't have bias and shame their models behind their backs like Micky did on her page.

No. 23747

Everyone should report Mickey's kawaii black girls page!

Fucking biased bitch

No. 23766

I love your zeal vendetta-chan but the page doesn't violate any of Facebook's rules.

No. 26165

File: 1416851099751.jpg (44.96 KB, 768x384, Screenshot_2014-11-24-03-13-28…)

something looks off about these tweets

No. 26178

Because they correct should be
全然勉強しなかった (`;ω; )
学校に行きたくない ( Д`)ノ~
I guess?

No. 26229

I love micky!

No. 26267

Hey micky
Pretty tired of weebs who don't know Japanese at all pretending they do. 100% of her followers speak English.

No. 26273

You must be bored, man.

No. 26280

its either she is one of those ~its cuter in hiragana~ faggots or she just doesn't know kanji for shit

No. 26373

File: 1416894397229.jpg (63.24 KB, 725x376, Screenshot_2014-11-24-23-48-13…)


>reblogs and makes anti-white posts

>i-im not racist!1!1!1!1!!1

No. 26465

No. 26486

this is what annoys me the most about tumblr. none of these kids have a mind of their own.

No. 26554

File: 1416969580577.jpg (31.69 KB, 744x256, Screenshot_2014-11-25-21-22-57…)

No. 26828

yet she has a page called kawaii black girls

No. 26829

File: 1417062890411.jpg (56.24 KB, 727x379, Screenshot_2014-11-26-23-14-07…)

dropped my pic

No. 26831

Someone come for this bitch

No. 26848

No joke, someone please put these together and send it to this cunt.


No. 26872

She didn't bother me much but this is so damn hypocritical. Like fuck off, you're not even kawaii

No. 26874

File: 1417107817533.png (5 KB, 455x41, lll.png)

No. 27105

File: 1417219202150.jpg (144.69 KB, 903x1279, 2014-11-28-18-51-06_deco~2.jpg)

she's upset someone doesn't know what ecchi and shojo are, but doesn't know that one piece is a shonen
top lel

No. 27158

File: 1417249346157.jpg (106.62 KB, 768x851, Screenshot_2014-11-29-03-11-44…)

No. 27161

File: 1417249500370.jpg (122.86 KB, 767x1000, Screenshot_2014-11-29-03-14-36…)

No. 27163

File: 1417250089844.png (215.35 KB, 640x464, 1325615855473.png)


No. 27168

She's trying to be *~ironic~*

No. 27169

Pretty sure she's trying to poke fun at aminyan. Her and momo really seem to hate her.

No. 27175

> べんきょう


No. 27177

Momo and Ami are/were actually friends, though.
They once argued on Twitter because Ami went on about how North Korea is just ~*tsundere*~ or some other shit like that and Momo was just like "girl bye". Don't know if they're not friends anymore because of that now or what.

No. 27191

anon….She didn't even do that. Lazy fuck….

I'm feeling generous so I'll give you some tips, Milky.

You didn't put は to mark the subject of the sentence. You kinda sorta need that particle in order to convey a coherent thought. Just saying.
On top of that, you put Japan 「日本」instead of Japanese 「日本語」.「語」makes 「日本」and just about every other country's name into its language. You said, more or less "(will) learn Japan". Fucking embarrassing.

Still with me?
Here's 2 ways you could've written that fragment:



Close, but no cigar for our weaboo trash.

No. 27199

How feminist of her.

No. 27201

Yeah calling bullshit. Her twitter has been I Japanese for over a year now

No. 27202

She doesn't know Japanese. I think Momo and Micky hate aminyan because she's going to Japan and actually knows Japanese. Have you seen Momo or "Himeka" thing on Nico Douga? It's just her pushing her saggy tits up to the camera for views. All of the comments are either calling her an ape or saying they want to rape her. Bibi, the even fatter version of momo is even lulzier

No. 27203

She's an arm chair feminist. What do you expect

No. 27204

File: 1417286344225.jpg (87.09 KB, 640x512, image.jpg)

Has anyone mentioned this nut case? A want to be *~Akiba aidoruruu~* niggerpon. She's Momo's new bestie

No. 27205

Don't pay attention to micky trying to derail this thread by bringing up other people. I'm going to put up her nudes now that she's 18.

No. 27207

Click the spoiler for the image.
And her email is rainbowhighlighter@gmail.com

If you try and derail the thread any more micky I'll leak the newer ones lol.

No. 27209


No. 27210

File: 1417288397398.jpg (141 KB, 640x1068, image.jpg)

This is what honeykittenmomo / Himeka is doing now a days. Nico Douga in her swimsuits. She can't read Japanese so she doesn't know most of the comments are laughing at her or calling her hideous.

No. 27211

File: 1417288458063.jpg (116.5 KB, 640x994, image.jpg)

This was related for her channel. I had a good laugh.
Micky's room is disgusting as always. Just like her body.

No. 27214

File: 1417288654528.jpg (102.79 KB, 1279x738, partyvan.jpg)


>I'm going to put up her nudes now that she's 18

>If you try and derail the thread any more micky I'll leak the newer ones lol.

yyeah but these nudes are still from when she was 18, right???

No. 27215

She turned 18 in February and the nudes were taken sometime in the summer. I can tell because that's the last time she had that hairstyle.

No. 27216

>all those attempts to hide her belly flab
I don't understand why she's even taking nudes when she knows she'd get flak over her body
What's the fucking point

No. 27251

shouldnt the particle for this be を not は?

No. 27252

oh never mind didnt read your whole post

No. 27253

Honestly anon, を fucks me up. I have no clue…I usually just wing it lol.

No. 27256

Omg hahah her pouch is covering her vag hahaha that's fucking sickening. What is she licking??? A marker???

And her fits they're like ew. They're floppy looking.

No. 27261

I like how you're all sassy about it, but you're not right either.

No. 27266

She recently turned 17 so have fun in jail. Not like it matters, if she were 18 or not anyway, cause she was under aged when the pics were taken so it's still CP.

No. 27268


So wait, does this dude seriously think it's legal to post CP once the person in the photo turns 18?

Jesus fucking christ

No. 27269

No she's lying about her age. She's 18 and has been since February.

No. 27270

And micky please stop shit posting

No. 27271

She made and distributed the pictures herself. If anything she would go to jail lol

No. 27272


Did you get the post numbers mixed up or something?

No. 27274

>posts nudes on /soc/, /b/ because daddy issues
>complains when people put them on other sites
>harasses people on anon and passively aggressively.

oh okay. so bullied micky.

No. 27275

>tears down other women
>panders to and claims to love "lolicon" aka child porn

No. 27278

I didn't even catch that.
More reasons to go back to studying I guess.

No. 27281

No cop is gonna go, "Oh some random person uploaded an underaged girls nudes on the internet, better arrest micky."

I find micky pretty fucking annoying myself, but thats a real shitty thing to do to a person. Why'd you ruin such a fine thread with that man?

>>27266 Doesn't matter she was still underaged in the pics.

No. 27287

She has an entire tumblr dedicated to uploading her own nudes and getting attention. I'm giving her the attention she craves.

No. 27291

So you're saying the police wouldn't arrest the person who literally made and originally distributed the content just because some unrelated party shared them elsewhere (and remember, the only way of getting them was from her posting them in the first place)?
Micky please go. You are just as guilty lmao

No. 27296

Micky pls go

No. 27297

Nude or sexual pics of underaged people are (obviously) not allowed. If there's any doubt over whether they're 18 or older, please don't post the pictures.

No. 27315

that's the picture you chose. really.

No. 27339

her face looks like it's melting

No. 27349

You doxed yourself? In a thread where your nudes are?

No. 27360

File: 1417384524051.jpg (56.21 KB, 625x546, 636f65434f151efce54ab10eb4509c…)


I particularly love how she blurred out her last name, but forgot to blur out her Student Key

Which has her fucking last name

No. 27361

No. 27364

That was the very first thing I noticed too. I think it was actually listed in two places even.

No. 27372

File: 1417396375234.png (249.22 KB, 358x358, ee4.png)

>trash can overflowing
>clothes dangling from drawers
>shit messily placed in closet

so clean

No. 27398

File: 1417405813201.jpg (22.31 KB, 212x275, image.jpg)

Here's the picture guiz. you all are just jealous of me ew

No. 27405

File: 1417413066065.jpg (127.26 KB, 717x1049, Screenshot_2014-12-01-00-33-24…)

No. 27408

aw man, missed the nudes. now i'm sad.

No. 27441

They were hilarious, absolutely not arousing in the slightest.

No. 27447

File: 1417450097533.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.92 KB, 242x722, mickysn00dz.jpg)


don't worry anon, have a stunningly lifelike artist's rendition of them

No. 27455

just the same, I'm still curious to see them. if someone wants to repost or send them to me, I'd appreciate that.

No. 27457

Ya'll it's CP. Don't be like that.

No. 27458

I'm a rebel

No. 27461

Meh, they post worse shit, like 8 year olds in lingerie on 8chan all the time, and nobody gives a shit, unless it's a photo of mickey giving a bj, it's not CP as much as it's 'glamour nudes'.

No. 27473

Everything was covered tbh. They're not exactly "nude nudes"

No. 27497

so post'em(HOW ABOUT NO)

No. 27533

This isn't exactly rocket science here. The law doesn't always make a ton of sense, but it's pretty unambiguous. Anyone (knowingly) posting or requesting nude pictures of underaged people will be banned.

Regardless, it's still technically illegal. Posting 8 year olds in lingerie is much more disgusting but it can be technically legal while this isn't. Thanks Obama.

No. 27564

File: 1417488602885.jpg (88.5 KB, 640x556, image.jpg)

stop bulleh me guiz I'm a minor!! But don't chastise me for being sexual don't kink shame me but stop sexualizing me I am NOT a piece of meat I am a space kin feminist atheist little guuurll

No. 27571

File: 1417491015521.jpg (200.12 KB, 1058x852, image.jpg)

i am micky martyrdom nao here me rawr

No. 27598

Im cringing more at this trolling attempt than the actual pic.

No. 27653

That baby has some big ol' titties

No. 27718

File: 1417543842781.jpg (118.88 KB, 768x844, Screenshot_2014-12-02-12-51-15…)

No. 27719

File: 1417543977917.jpg (51.66 KB, 768x427, Screenshot_2014-12-02-13-01-15…)

someone want to translate this?

No. 27723

That adult baby/extreme ageplay shit is fucking creepy.

No. 27729


That baby has some big ol' everything

No. 27740

Beautiful white micky martyrdom, ugly black aminyanmoemagi

Hold on translating the rest.

No. 27741

"Micky has her avatar as her photo, maybe it is a filter but she is confident."

No. 27751

File: 1417552541256.jpg (28.18 KB, 600x494, 4f9.jpg)




No. 27910

No. 27917

Who is she talking about

No. 27918

aminyan probably

No. 27922

Deets anyone?

No. 27983

micky hates aminyan so she'll make post like that to make it seem like aminyan is a bully

No. 27989

That's going to be hard on her part to convince anyone. I'm still waiting for the proof she has because all of her tweets and shit look like one sided bullying.

No. 28099

File: 1417668321588.jpg (67.01 KB, 711x373, Screenshot_2014-12-03-20-29-57…)

So what was the point of the post on tumblr

No. 28107

Holy shit those colors, I can barely read it.

No. 28118

File: 1417671055692.jpg (183.63 KB, 768x1023, Screenshot_2014-12-04-00-19-37…)

she was dumb enough to retweet his tweet about he thinks she edited her picture

No. 28119

jrcach is such trash omg, why won't he vanish

No. 28136

I like how jrcock obviously stalks lolcow to see who we're talking shit about and then he starts talking shit about them too. Kek.

This adult baby or whatever trend on tumblr needs to stop. She's like honeymomokitten on steroids. Gross.

No. 28144

File: 1417674644846.jpg (23.93 KB, 960x751, DSCN0551.JPG)

No. 28145

*mfw seeing this shit

No. 28170

File: 1417686433654.jpg (79.92 KB, 768x602, Screenshot_2014-12-04-04-38-55…)

jrcach bringing top lel

No. 28183

When has Micky attacked Japanese people for being racist? Of course she's only black when it's convienent for her(Ferguson, Tumblr cred) and "multiracial" when she wants to seem attractive. I don't understand Jrcach. I think he wants Lolcow to be on his side which will never happen lol

No. 28190

everytime I see jrcach message someone My eyes take a while to roll back out of my skull, what is this old guy getting out of this that he can't stop.

No. 28192

what the fuck even is this thread

No. 28281

File: 1417754742367.jpg (54.21 KB, 768x473, Screenshot_2014-12-04-22-08-27…)

yet spacekin is completely normal

No. 28282

Jrcock obviously lurks here.

No. 28302


The thing I dislike the most about this bitch is that you can tell she's one of these people who's personality has completely formed because of the internet.

Like all her likes, dislikes, opinions, they more or less all boil down to what tumblr is into at the moment.

No. 28317

looking at her twitter she just seem like your average annoying teen..i haven't seen her tumblr yet doe.

No. 28319

No. 28355

I'm surprised nobody has brought up Honey Kitten Momo in this thread

No. 28363


Someone did. I googled what I could find about honeymomokitten but she seems like every other wannabe imouto to me.

No. 28369

File: 1417816926732.jpg (96.27 KB, 751x852, Screenshot_2014-12-05-16-53-56…)

she's really stupid to believe there's a difference between the two

No. 28370

the difference is that racism is a specific kind of prejudice.

No. 28372

All kins are fucking retarded but I alsolutely love how they all hate each other and are trying to justify themselves like "____-kin isn't legit, how can ____-kin be real, I'M MORE REAL THAN _____-KIN". Fact is, they all know they're not a kawaii nebula wolf Sasuke and they're trying to take out their insecurity on others kek

HKM hasn't really done much interesting lately. She streams FGAS on some site and goes by Himeka now. I feel kind of bad for her because when she streamed when I was there, a lot of the comments called her a monkey and stuff and she doesn't realize because her moonspeak is shit so she thinks she has a lot of ~adoring fans~

HKM's a lot less speshul snoeflaek than Micky imo, but I'd like to see them interact. They'd probably just hate each other though hue

No. 28395

HKM called micky out on Tumblr when Micky tried to defend kin by bashing religion. At this point Micky kisses HKM's ass on twitter and she pretends to like her. They're all fake but micky is much more cringe .

No. 28399

serving up the truth tbh

No. 28403

I love how micky is black when it comes to issues like Ferguson or SJW shit but she's "mixed" when she wants to be cute.

No. 28408

I remember when "transethnic" was a hot topic on tumblr and so many otherkin were bitching about it, apparently thinking you're really a wolf/two-penised dragon/bookshelf is totally a real thing, logical and acceptable. But thinking you're really black/asian/hispanic/etc is not.

No. 28415

I don't go on tumblr or anything, but I find it hilarious that not only are all the stereotypes true, but it's apparently even more ridiculous than I thought it was.

No. 28425

File: 1417840020100.jpg (39.77 KB, 761x309, Screenshot_2014-12-05-23-16-17…)

she can't be serious

No. 28443

File: 1417849617960.jpg (25.65 KB, 768x253, Screenshot_2014-12-06-01-57-37…)

so why did she tweet stop all white people >>22110

No. 28452

Maybe she means the racist bs but not all white people, people are being so irritated over nothing. boohoo so racist.

No. 28454

you'd be singing a different tune if she were white & tweeting #stopblackepople2k14

No. 28455

lol no she's racist as fuck but is too much of a wimp to come out and admit it.
I think most SJW are like this. On Tumblr, it's "White people are the scum of the universe and literal animals. Every single one.". In real life, "I don't mean ALL white people but…".
They're the same as stormfags who shitpost about black people being subhuman on/pol/ but would never have the guts to say any of that shit if an actual black person was staring them in the eye and listening.

No. 28511

File: 1417912110558.jpg (127.63 KB, 768x1061, Screenshot_2014-12-06-19-13-56…)

No. 28578

being a lazy leech is so kawaii desu ne

No. 28663

File: 1417982996539.jpg (42.17 KB, 768x311, Screenshot_2014-12-07-15-04-08…)

she's really stupid

No. 28667

File: 1417983766255.jpg (44.75 KB, 768x297, Screenshot_2014-12-07-15-07-39…)

they must be fed up with her

No. 28683

File: 1417985026799.jpg (36.73 KB, 768x213, Screenshot_2014-12-07-15-21-37…)

>people give her legitimate criticism

>waahh they bullied me!!1!11

No. 28703

No. 28709

Umm wtf am I looking at

No. 28712

Admin please delete CP.

No. 28713

Is that Aminyan? She has the same crazy look in her eyes as Asha, except somehow less…offputting.

No. 28714

Hold it, I don't think that's Micky or even a child.

No. 28718

>Bonjour ♡! The 17-year-old American JK I Nya Ami.

She was 17 as of May 2014, so she's either 17 or 18 now.

No. 28719

To anyone lucky enough to not have to see the offending image, it was-

Micky, curled up so you can see her arms, legs, perhaps thighs and torso, all of the afore mentioned criss crossing in such a way as to hide her nipples etc. but still giving ample view of the fact that she wasn't wearing any clothes.

Also, the angle made her look skinny. Her face was in full view.

No. 28721

Is that a wig or her real hair as it grows out of her head? Black girls hair confuses me so much, but I'm afraid to ask.

No. 28724

Nope it was totally Micky.

No. 28737

Is she inferring that aminyan is on lolcow?
Goddamn, shes like jrcock, accusing anonymous people of being people they hate.

No. 28738

micky has thousands of adoringu fansu only aminyan hates her becuz she's jealous

No. 28752

File: 1417998039459.jpg (46.91 KB, 768x699, Screenshot_2014-12-07-19-14-20…)

>28 DDD

she has no clue what she's talking about

No. 28754

is this micky? no way she's a 28 band size she's way chunkier than that.

No. 28756

lmao, as someone who's a cup size bigger than that, i know that's a fucking lie. i'm flat chested compared to her. i'm assuming she wears maybe a 36ddd bra, but assumed cup sizes are universal and that if she just lowered her band size it would mean she's super tiny with massive boobs.

No. 28757

she's not close to any d cup at all

No. 28774

>28in. band size

Yeah, fucking right. She's not a hamplanet but she doesn't have that small a band. Too fat for that shit.

No. 28776

be optimistic, at least she doesnt brag her ~~so big titties~~ like abipop
oh well both are shit anyway

No. 28824

File: 1418061504221.jpg (128.81 KB, 766x976, Screenshot_2014-12-08-00-41-09…)

micky got into an argument with her white knight lel

No. 28832

File: 1418066120576.jpg (344.77 KB, 768x1024, tumblr_n4tub5sVGm1tnvbhpo1_128…)

Cheap make up, lighting and filters are Micky's best friends.

In tagged photos she looks like shit, but on Tumblr she dolls up to be a Goddess and throws filters on anything, then posts it on Facebook for more ego-jerking.

She looks decent when she does put the effort, but she is by no means HOT and FINE like her white knights claim.

No. 28833


Dumb thing to pick up on. Iirc prejudice = ideals, discrimination = acting on your prejudice. Racism is a kind of discrimination. You can be prejudiced but not discriminate, but you can't discriminate without being prejudiced.


No. 28847

shut up micky

No. 28860


ur jus mad because u dumb

This shit's fucking hilarious. Compared with nonshop
Love it when black girls try to be kawaii

No. 28866

File: 1418082878918.jpg (105.34 KB, 500x750, 2HgJ1r569d7o1_500.jpg)

Black girls can be kawaii
Just not Micky

No. 28870

Why is it people always use that girl's picture

No. 28871

Because she looks elegant as fuck, obviously?

No. 28873

She's gorgeous no doubt, but I've seen her for years on cgl and wondered who she is.

No. 28877

But she disappeared ages ago.

No. 28878

File: 1418085536179.jpg (89.36 KB, 736x1104, dd39db432534b964ea960f874a0c1a…)

Nvm, found out her real name and she is a model for Black Milk and other brands now.

No. 28881


>ur jus mad because u dumb

not that anon, but it's obvious you're not smart at all
>>28370 had already cleared that up

>>28833 just seems like their trying to justify being racist

No. 28883


No. 28884

File: 1418087044939.jpg (360.21 KB, 960x1280, 2014-12-08-19-55-42_deco.jpg)

she complains about how crap spreepicky is but has an item from there on her wish list kek

No. 28885

Not to mention that she doesn't seem to realise that their prices include the EMS shipping.

No. 28887

It's because of the artist thing SpreePicky stole. Now everyone and their mom wants to speak out against them.

No. 28888

Why is aminyan either blindly loved by ass kissers or super hated by micky or Jrcach. Am I the one noticing this?

No. 28908

File: 1418091937796.png (116.8 KB, 1024x749, =D.png)

>28 :DDD

No. 28909

I wonder if people know that spreepicky has collaborated with the artist and they now have permission to use their art.
Spreepicky also pays them a share fit every sweater they sell

No. 28984

I'm pretty sure her eyelashes are the stickers from that editing site, mietu or however you spell it. They stick out so badly, she needs to try harder.

No. 29076

Can someone make a thread about Honeykittenmomomo / himekangel ? Is she still a prostitot?

No. 29077

File: 1418175173288.jpg (127.4 KB, 960x952, IMG_20141209_202700.jpg)

Only black when it's convenient.

No. 29080

She's "mixed" or "Chinese" in every other situation.

No. 29093

You can make the thread yourself. The beauty of chans.

No. 29141

File: 1418229481307.jpg (136.36 KB, 768x1046, Screenshot_2014-12-10-11-33-02…)

No. 29143

No. 29146

it sounds fake

No. 29148

whats wrong with flat chest pride? it's good they're confident

No. 29154

There are lot of adult women with small breasts.

No. 29176

Why did you comment on the same arbitrary post from 3 months ago twice wtf

The point isn't that they're confident, it's that the poster specified that it was 17/18 year old girls, (hardly 'adult women') specifically pandering to a crowd of older men and playing up the underaged angle. They're not confident women being body positive, they're confused teenagers trying to play the jailbait card to the extreme.

To be honest, I'm not sure how you jumped to the conclusions you did because it's like you read every other word of the sentence.

No. 29244

File: 1418276625113.jpg (92.48 KB, 768x897, Screenshot_2014-12-10-23-58-51…)

spacekin is so *~speshul and different~*

No. 29255

File: 1418284207999.jpg (81.82 KB, 768x947, Screenshot_2014-12-11-02-37-55…)

They look pitiful

No. 29269

> implying that girls cant be pedos


No. 29316

Holding out for someone to suggest that she sell them on etsy…

No. 29328

One bow is placed too low and the flower quality is shit. That's what happens when you buy your supplies from Dollar Tree.

No. 29340

No. 29476

File: 1418395236583.jpg (23.58 KB, 768x214, Screenshot_2014-12-12-09-22-22…)

does she really have autism?

No. 29481

Micky has tumblr self diagnosed autism. Aminyan admitted to having it but she doesn't really brag about it.

No. 29812

File: 1418538160341.jpg (56.7 KB, 743x933, Screenshot_2014-12-14-01-01-35…)

No. 29814

File: 1418540263558.jpg (73.99 KB, 768x868, Screenshot_2014-12-14-01-43-25…)

No. 29817

She's never left Detroit.

No. 29820

i'd rather see people mixing english with japanese than this fucking abomination

No. 29821

i sent noods when i was 14 but not 12. damn

No. 29826

No. 29827

>when i was like 12 lol

Cause that's something that's totally funny

No. 29831

File: 1418547900693.jpg (111.32 KB, 768x1031, Screenshot_2014-12-14-01-56-05…)

No. 29839

So.. She has two formsprings or something ?

No. 29840

So this is what rock-bottom looks like, huh?

No. 29846

She says on her Facebook how her and Anthony have sex all the time, anal sucking his dick everything…I doubt she's a virgin just saying.

No. 29860

No. 30117

File: 1418678306748.jpg (137.48 KB, 960x859, IMG_20141215_161036.jpg)

Micky expressing her biological views that she got from someone else.

When did Micky get self respect?
The last comment implies that she has some.

No. 30122

Isn't that the point of the words "male" and "female"? To distinguish between sexes based on their reproductive parts?

No. 30134

yes, that's why this is so fucking stupid of her to say. those are technical terms referring to your sex. not your gender, dumbass.

No. 30154

Man, it must be nice having no actual problems in life aside from waffling on about dumbass looking-too-deep-into-nonexistent-issues internet SJW bullshit.

No. 30156

Deativated if anything, only things a second to make everything go back to normal.

No. 30163

what lead to her saying that?

No. 30166

File: 1418694052822.jpg (50.54 KB, 960x360, IMG_20141215_203604.jpg)

This is the opening statement.

No. 30170

that is some shitty advice

No. 30171

someone who looks like she gets dressed in the dark and never bathes really has no right to give "pro tips" to anyone, especially other women.

here's a "pro tip": buy some leave-in conditioner for your nasty-ass hair.

No. 30186

Idk this guy would refer to me as female and say things like "females these days" and it just annoyed the hell out of me maybe cause it reminds me of how plp refer to dogs..it just sounds so gross to me lol

No. 30188


No. 30197

>western white middle class women have so little to complain about that they bitch about the semantics of using "woman" and "females"

what an embarrassment

No. 30212

Sometimes neckbeards talk like that since they seem to think women are a completely different species from them, and yeah it's probably a good idea to give guys like that a wide berth for a variety of reasons.
This girl just sounds like she picked this up somewhere and decided generalizing it into shitty "feminist" advice would make her seem more intelligent or something.

No. 30239

Isn't calling women "females" a part of AAVE?

No. 30272

Being black I'm going to tesitfy that it is, however it sounds very strange and only a certain faction of blacks use that term. My mother who surely isn't a "SJW" expressed displeasure with the term simply because it's a "female" what? For me, the term sounds extremely awkward outside of a scientific setting and really stupid. Just like when black people use the term "associate" in casual conversation. It's AAVE but it's really weird.

Social Justice warriors sometimes advocate for the term "female" because of transgender people I guess. Either way it sounds super stupid, but Micky didn't form this conclusion on her own. She bases her entire opinions on Tumblr posts which is problematic.

No. 31615

No. 31701

caps? it says you have to be logged in

No. 31879

File: 1419238750976.png (209.25 KB, 1342x698, micky.png)

No. 32340

File: 1419354748803.jpg (97.89 KB, 768x1020, Screenshot_2014-12-23-12-07-57…)

she seriously expects someone to buy that for her toplel

No. 32347

Same. I'm also a black woman and avoid anyone using the term "female" to refer to a woman. It just feels like they're referring to a wild animal rather than a human. It sounds so god damn stupid when people try to use unneeded words casually in a conversation. Do they think it'll make them sound smart or something.

No. 32752

File: 1419417009120.jpg (57.21 KB, 768x354, Screenshot_2014-12-23-20-59-46…)

No. 32952

File: 1419461771218.jpg (102.44 KB, 960x855, IMG_20141224_175304.jpg)

No. 32953

File: 1419461827034.jpg (116.18 KB, 607x960, IMG_20141224_175316.jpg)

No. 32977

Doesn't she know cops kill whites and asians too? And that the only reason blacks are disproportionately killed by cops is because blacks are responsible for around 3/4ths of rapes, violent crimes etc. meaning they're more likely to be pointing a gun at the cop, trying to run away etc.

As was with ferguson, trayvon and whatever flavour of the week the professionally offended have chosen.

No. 32988

Admin stormfront is back.

Please don't derail this fucking thread with that bullshit.

No. 32991


Thank you, Fox News.

Stick to Micky's stupidness.

No. 33013

Wouldn't say its really stupidity if there are more blacks than other minorities in america.

No. 33027

Oh gee, I wonder why. Could it be because white people kidnapped as many black people as they possibly could? Because I don't know if you noticed or knew about this but, black people didn't exactly row here on boats excitedly-unlike every one else. They were literally kidnapped and forced here. Literally. L i t e r a l l y. So, that's white peoples fault in the first place.

Also, I find it interesting when white people call other races minorities. Don't they know they're one of the biggest minorities around?? Asians are the majority of the world. We literally outnumber all other races. Pretty sure there are also more Africans in the world than white people, but then again I could be wrong-but black people arent a minority either. The only other race that could be considered a minority aside from whites would be Indians since whites did everything they could to exterminate them all and then remained forever salty that a few still managed to survive.

Derail derail derail-ok that's enough lol.
Mickey's dumb, but not wrong in this case. Only an idiot would argue otherwise. Disliking someone doesnt make them wrong about everything now.

No. 33040

File: 1419517059265.jpg (59.02 KB, 768x430, Screenshot_2014-12-25-09-13-29…)

No. 33043

File: 1419521363094.jpg (134.16 KB, 640x478, image.jpg)

No. 33068

What if I told you Africa wasn't all just dessert and what you see in those emotionally manipulating commercials?

Oh wait. I forgot you can't process simple information.

No. 33069


Auto correct is a bitch.

No. 33070


Yeah, because the person that posted that meme obviously created and drew it too.

Fucking dumbass.

No. 33071

The one thing that bothers me is that if Micky honestly believes she is a bunch of stars or is otherkin, why does she care so much about racism.

No. 33074

she only cares about racism because sj shit is popular, the same way she is only otherkin because it's popular.
all of her opinions are based on what's popular on tumblr/what will get her the most attention

No. 33075

File: 1419535414359.jpg (29.03 KB, 768x217, Screenshot_2014-12-25-09-11-44…)

No. 33077

why would a store sponsor her she isn't famous, if anything she's infamous. She's lying lol that's cute tho

No. 33082

Yellow nigger chill yo ass.

No. 33089

You know that there were plenty of white, irish and eastern european slaves, right? You know about the HUGE arab slave trade right?

I don't see anyone whining about the arab slave trade.

No. 33090

Why would she get sponsored though?
She can't dress herself, she isn't that popular online, she has a lot of nudes and fetish stuff online which I normally wouldn't care but she was underage in most of that shit.
She just wants free shit because she doesn't want to work for it herself. Just look at when she told lolcow to buy her new clothes.

No. 33091

Oh, and btw arab slave trade means arabs keeping blacks as slaves, not whites keeping arabs as slaves.

Just in case someone manages to be retarded enough to get this wrong

No. 33092

File: 1419546247574.png (1.25 MB, 680x383, jimmies.png)

> Spacekin
> Tfw astrophysics major

You're made out of elements that were formed from the inside of stars, that's not wrong, but so is literally everything else on and including the Earth. I feel like some special snowflakes probably read that Sagan quote, "We are all made of star stuff" and decided OH MAN IT'S A CHANCE TO BE UNIQUE.

I can't wait to tell my fellow astro buddies about "spacekin". Bless based lolcow.

No. 33098

then why use it?

No. 33099

Can you fuckers stop shitting up every thread here with this bullshit. I would say go back to /pol/ but they've closed, so please stop posting this shit on Lolcow.

No. 33100


How about everyone just keeps the PULL/tumblr/le reddit/pol/ shit to a minimum in general?

No. 33103


And before someone gets pissy, what I mean by that is that all this race/gender derailment going on in threads is getting annoying. I know Micky is a tumblr tard but I don't see what voicing your own opinion about race/etc is going to achieve on a board dedicated to lolcows.

No. 33130


No. 33135


No. 33220


Sponsorships are actually super easy to get, but half the time they have huge requirements to get "free" clothes. I don't think she can meet those requirements, so basically she will be advertising for free.

No. 33282

That's what happens when the lolcow isn't interesting in the first place.

No. 33673

File: 1419637218125.jpg (30.65 KB, 768x220, Screenshot_2014-12-26-18-29-56…)

she is in no position to be giving anybody advice or tutorials

No. 33680


Yeah, but what should really be happening is the thread being hidden and getting buried, even if it is wishful thinking.

No. 33701

OT comments and arguments should be taken to /b/. That's what it's there for, non lolcow topics.

No. 33729


Yeah, but what I was saying was that if the lolcow isn't interesting in the first place then you should probably hide the thread instead of derailing it.

No. 33752

I'm not >>33282 . I wasn't derailing the thread.

No. 33806

?? What? I wasn't implying you were either of those things.

No. 34708

File: 1419819360220.jpg (47.16 KB, 768x432, Screenshot_2014-12-28-21-09-38…)

>my interests too *~special~* for normal people

>most people are ignorant about civil rights

is she serious

No. 34727

Aesthetics. Tf.

No. 34846

She probably means the retarded, nonsensical shit people put on tumblr and label it as art, aka a picture of a sneaker with ice cream on it.

No. 34848

File: 1419847290138.jpg (54.22 KB, 768x437, Screenshot_2014-12-29-04-52-55…)

she loves being a hypocrite

No. 34860

nah, in this case I think she means fashion.

No. 34895

No. 35397

Wouldn't "daisuki" and "daitsuki" sound essentially the same?

Suki = "ski"
Tsuki also = "ski"

Unless I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure I'm not.

No. 35411

Tsuki you can actually hear the "T" sound in it. It's very subtle though.

Unless you practice with the sounds it's really easy to miss. I think shes making shit up to make it sound like some cutesy shit. I doubt she'd even notice if he said tsu or su.

No. 35458

There's a difference but most English speakers learning Japanese don't bother to try to pronounce things correctly, so essentially it would sound the same.

No. 35876

He texted it to her

No. 35901

File: 1420113808504.jpg (140.69 KB, 768x1012, Screenshot_2015-01-01-07-00-31…)

she posted aminyan on her kawaii black girl page and used the most unflattering pic she could find.

No. 35902

I thought she closed the group

No. 35905

File: 1420117428333.jpg (337.51 KB, 1085x540, kekfordays.jpg)

OT but I found this beast posted on her Kawaii Black Girls page. She's the one on the right. Both pictures were on her Facebook publically. Bitch, who you tryna fool?

No. 35920

I think she's still cute.
Other than her teeth, but I still think she's cute and I don't think she's trynna fool anyone.

No. 35929

I wish that eyebag fad would finally die.

No. 35962

Micky is so passive aggressive

No. 36028

File: 1420157344587.jpg (83.39 KB, 768x732, Screenshot_2015-01-01-18-54-33…)

why does she feel the need to give advice when she obviously doesn't follow it herself

No. 36119

Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach.

No. 36150

Oh, I agree, she's fine. But dat eye + nose shoop…hoo-hoooo.

No. 36151

And by 'fine' I mean she's pretty okay. Not 'daaayuumm she fine'.

No. 36950

File: 1420365568392.jpg (110.93 KB, 768x901, Screenshot_2015-01-04-04-53-33…)

every picture she takes she blurs to hell

No. 36961

i cant see what shes done with her hair with the non-matching extensions and blur

No. 36984

File: 1420382005060.jpg (610.37 KB, 648x724, Equine_joke.jpg)

No. 37000

She has cute eyes. It's just a shame about…the rest of her face.

No. 37236

File: 1420421484018.jpg (49.67 KB, 752x471, Screenshot_2015-01-04-20-28-28…)

No. 37238

oh hon… plz find some extensions that match your hair, that's just fucking embarassing

No. 37280

File: 1420433718817.jpg (28.75 KB, 768x220, Screenshot_2015-01-04-23-53-13…)

No. 37292

Maybe I'm missing something but I don't think she looks bad enough to get attention. I certainly don't think she's ugly, maybe a little chubby for her frame size but nothing disgusting. I think the main drawback probably comes from her personality and interests, but not her looks.

No. 37310

Her looks were never the real problem.
Her snowflakey, hypocritical personality is what makes her a lolcow, and the fact that she thinks she looks good enough to openly be shitting on other people's appearances and making an entire page for what she thinks looks good.
It doesn't help that she's an otherkin and is into creepy pedophilic adult baby shit lmao

No. 37312

File: 1420443319520.jpg (29.18 KB, 767x298, Screenshot_2015-01-04-23-45-58…)

No. 37314

>fashion blogger

No. 37606

HA! Good luck there Micky! They messaged me too, you basically work for free, you have to have a insane amount of clicks to get anything plus you are required to post one a day and reblog from them once a day. Tumblr won't allow anything with their name in it so you have to do all these weird ways of getting around it.
They always message over and over
She won't get anything from them. They message EVERYONE on tumblr asking if they want to be a sponsor. Even small blogs.

No. 38517

No. 38534

She's so dumpy
and frumpy!
A dump and a frump!
Covered in lumps…
beneath her skin…
o dumpy frump w/ lumps,
go jump
in a bowl
of fuck.

No. 38584

File: 1420747135431.jpg (197.91 KB, 1159x1495, image.jpg)

I hate girls with shit extensions. Either get em done right or don't at all. Pic related. Instagram quirky esque lolcow. I might do a topic on her

No. 38603

jesus christ I get that all these tumblr girls want like mermaid hair but does she think that actually looks good? like come on i can tell EXACTLY where your real hair ends ok

No. 38611

Holy shit. how has no one made a topic about this mess yet?

No. 38639

Her eye makeup upsets me.

No. 38675

Ew, hair extensions are so ghetto and trashy.

No. 38682

No. Most girls are too stupid/poor to get them done right. They actually cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Extensions can look amazing,look at Ariana Grande

No. 38705

Most celebrities wear them but okay.

But sure, wanting to make your hair look longer and fuller is sooo trashy! Get the fuck out, dyke.

No. 38715

File: 1420786942289.jpg (36.58 KB, 396x395, 177609327084.jpg)

Oh, honey. You don't need to be upset just because you're poor and have thin lesbo hair.

No. 38716

what do lesbians have to do with thin hair?

No. 38717

I think anon was trying to be edgy

No. 38718

they meant dyke p sure

No. 38720

>using edgy wrong

babby's first day on the internet

No. 38722

File: 1420788423418.jpg (7.04 KB, 172x200, 5248269 _94d8d02a8a5ceac3d4c9f…)

It's basic English what they were trying to get across. Are you both going to cry over the word "faggot" too?

No. 38787

It's just odd.

No. 38982

File: 1420856152308.jpg (73.94 KB, 768x528, Screenshot_2015-01-09-21-06-55…)

No. 38989

>using meme arrows outside of the chans

How cringe worthy. She really is childish.

No. 38995

Apparently she's bad at paying attention in class as well. How is she going to learn Japanese if she can't even write properly in her native language? Someone give her a grammar book. I have never laughed so hard at a tweet in my life.

No. 38997

Only poor black girls have extensions, though.

No. 39024

File: 1420864617637.jpg (27.89 KB, 768x255, Screenshot_2015-01-09-22-55-58…)

No. 39028

No. 39036

You are so retarded. black girls have weaves and clip ins. The most cheapest and ratchet of extensions

Celebrities and rich people have microbead/I tip extensions. They cost 500-1000s of dollars and require an extension technician to properly put them in well. I have them. Each bundle cost 100 and I have 6 bundles in. It's also around 150$ to tighten every few months. These extensions are the same ones that Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus (before she cracked out), Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan have.

Most girls like Micky and that tumblr tard with the ginger mermaid shit just go to Sally's and put them in their hair without blending them in or buying the right shade or having enough bundles

I'm sorry but I am just an aspie anon who loves extensions and I hate this retard hurr extensions are so ratchet. It's like, no. You have no idea how extensions work and what kinds are out there. Back to fat Micky tho

No. 39043

Yes, because every client I have performed an $800 extension service on have been rachet black girls. You're thinking of those cheap ass extensions you can buy at places like eBay, Sally's, and crap quality beauty supply stores.

No. 39044

Are you serious? Do you know how much extensions cost? And I'm not talking about Hot Topic shit.

No. 39045

File: 1420868997173.png (59.52 KB, 235x386, 14207562950621.png)

No. 39046

File: 1420869457054.jpg (22.61 KB, 765x174, Screenshot_2015-01-10-00-55-25…)

No. 39065

>yung micky 2001

No. 39085

File: 1420884985573.jpg (13.78 KB, 800x131, Screenshot_2015-01-10-05-09-23…)

No. 39273

What is the appeal to full hair? My hair is naturally full (it's thick) and have a lot of volume and I hate it. I envy the girls with thin hair

No. 39274

The fuck…?

No. 39276


Because it looks more 'youthful', I think. Same with things like big eyes.

Why do you envy people with thin hair?

No. 39309

I second that question; I myself have thin hair and am always envious of my friends that have luscious thick hair.It just looks so much nicer and prettier to me. And with thick hair you can pull off certain hairstyles, for example the half up half down ponytail Ariana Grande thing. I couldn't really do that because I wouldn't have enough hair to separate with it still looking nice and full. It'd be like a small, weak ponytail with a thin mullet at the back. Plus, if you have thick hair and actually do want it thinner, you can do that by thinning it (sounding redundant). Pretty much the only thing we can do is add extensions, but they're expensive and a pain in the ass to wear.

No. 39314

Not that anon, but thick hair, especially if it's long, can be kind of a hassle.
Because of its weight, it can cause headaches and make updos and curls really difficult to maintain. I will curl my hair, do all I can to make sure it stays, and it falls out in 90 minutes. Updos and braids are pretty much impossible with bobby pins, lots of bobby pins. And pray your hair tie doesn't break. Actually, pretty much any cute hairstyle won't really work all that well. Half dos are the extent if our natural power. Anyone who can exceed that has made a deal with devil, and should be exorcised immediately.
When it tangles, which is frequently, it knots like a fucking bitch. Which leads to broken hairbrushes. So many broken hairbrushes.
You spend WAY more money and shampoo and conditioners, seeing as you blaze right through it, and your bath drain will look nasty after you shower, since it likes to clog it up.
If I go to a salon, I will probably pay more than you will for a cut and color; or if I buy boxed, it's a minimum of 2 or 3 boxes.
But, hey, all those compliments. Is it worth it? Yeah, maybe.
There's some more things, but I just rattled of the top of my head.
>tfw my hair isn't even that thick

No. 39315

Bah, braid are fine to do! Braids and half dos are the extent of our power.
How did I mess that up

No. 39316


Cool, thanks. I think thick hair looks really cute though. I was gonna ask if it was because it's hard to brush but surely with thin hair it's hard to brush too? Maybe I'm thinking more of brittle hair. Mine's kinda neither. I know the feeling of having to use about a fucking quarter of the bottle of conditioner though. I'm sorry, anon. I feel your pain.

No. 39395

So many broken hair ties…

No. 39400

>tfw the hair tie breaks and get lost stuck in the hair

Then again, I have kinky afro hair, you guys are probably talking about straightish hair..

No. 39551

I know the pain of thick hair all too well, I have extremely thick hair that was down to my waist last year. Hair appointments are seriously hell, just for a trim and style it can almost take 2 hours at that length. It's super expensive too. I remember getting my hair chem straightened and it took 6 hours. 6 hours of sitting in a chair.
The knots, you cannot be lazy at all with brushing your hair, I had to like twice or three times a day to avoid knots. People would come and actually touch my hair like what the hell why are you touching me?
I've also been hassled because some people will ask about my "extensions". I ended up chopping my hair above my shoulders out of the blue, it was like 10 pounds off my head. Sadly my hair appointments are about a hour.
FML Sorry went on a rant, I remember in high school wanting thinner hair like my friends so badly.

No. 39557


>People would come and actually touch my hair like what the hell why are you touching me?

Hahahaha oh my god anon, I'm really sorry you had to deal with that but I'm glad I'm not alone there. I think it's meant with good intent but what makes complete strangers think that's cool to do?

No. 39624

File: 1421084574526.jpg (21.91 KB, 763x296, Screenshot_2015-01-12-12-30-29…)

take your OT discussions to /b/

why does keep using japanese when she doesn't know how to properly write it

No. 39641

Now I now my japanese isn't too, just learning my hiragana and such, but is it normal to just switch to vertical writing after writing horizontally? I have never seen it before, unless this is the bad japanese people have been talking about.

No. 39772

File: 1421139056178.jpg (99.7 KB, 768x740, Screenshot_2015-01-13-02-51-27…)

No. 39774

It's not normal, no, but I think she was trying to write it broken/spaced out to convey the fact that she's tired. 'ねむい' (nemui) means 'sleepy'. So it's like, in English, saying:
"Good morning

If you get what I mean.

No. 39775

I think she's just trying to be cute. I see that kind of stuff on twitter all the time (from Japanese girls)

No. 39780

Japanese people do that too lol

No. 39784

File: 1421150107465.jpg (37.77 KB, 768x263, Screenshot_2015-01-13-06-52-31…)

micky pls go

No. 39791


Yeah, sorry for getting OT but why are you replying after the discussion about hair has died down?


It's pretty ironic she's become so SJW but ~cultural appropriation~ is a-ok as long as it's a trendy country like Korea or Japan.

No. 39797

Oh okay… Honestly I have never seen other people do that so, learn something New everyday I guess? Thank you two anyway!

No. 40190

File: 1421305376519.jpg (88.43 KB, 768x611, Screenshot_2015-01-15-01-57-31…)

she said she doesn't know any Japanese but tweets in Japanese anyway. she must be using google translate.

No. 40195

that's rly bad. also another word weebs seem to love is totemo, esp totemo kawaii. why

No. 40198

"anata" is so goddamn rude. Nobody says that. If you don't know someone's name, then you ask before you address them in a sentence.

And no one uses "totemo". It's a death word. Pretty obvious she's been reading some kind of weeb Japanese phrase website or whatever.

No. 40199

I've always thought it was because they think it's like the Japanese version of 'totally', lol (which, granted, it kind of translates similarly…but not really. There's no relation to it and the English word 'totally').

No. 40242

File: 1421340921690.jpg (27.44 KB, 764x179, Screenshot_2015-01-15-11-51-56…)

No. 40265

File: 1421347804584.jpg (30.37 KB, 763x227, Screenshot_2015-01-15-13-47-46…)


No. 40376

File: 1421379625177.jpg (100.91 KB, 768x997, Screenshot_2015-01-15-20-58-23…)

Her face looks really weird

No. 40380

i kept wondering what it was that she looked like, and i realized that she looks like a monkey

No. 40388

she look like ET

No. 40393

I really can't disagree. Not even racist either, she just happens to look like a monkey all on her own.

No. 40428

File: 1421390910478.jpg (15.87 KB, 800x137, Screenshot_2015-01-16-01-43-24…)



No. 40442

monkie martyrdom
i cant unsee the monkey in all of her photos now

No. 40443

She reminds me of Aminyany there….
Idk why though? The lips or the wide deer light eyes maybe?

Then again face comparison isn't my thing, and I always see similarities that aren't there.

No. 40444

Yeah, you are off, they look completely different.

No. 40449

I honestly think she looks cute. But her skin and hair color match… it just doesn't look good. She should have a slightly darker brown or something, more warm tones

No. 40717

File: 1421462791002.jpg (123.13 KB, 768x1019, Screenshot_2015-01-16-21-41-39…)

she really likes to abuse google translate.

No. 40737

lol she doesnt even understand what the person replied to her

>don't you play games?

> "sugoi!!"

No. 40742

That's amazing, and the random kaomoji punctuates her stupidity!

No. 40767

File: 1421475690987.jpg (98.66 KB, 768x667, Screenshot_2015-01-17-01-13-24…)

No. 40778


>only sparkles when it's really really cold

How can one person be so stupid?

No. 41258

File: 1421646918383.jpg (23.13 KB, 130x145, profile_picture_by_aminyanmoem…)

When Micky does that weird lip thing she DOES look like aminyan

No. 41305

No. 41307


Jesus fucking christ that hair

No. 41408

File: 1421702962377.jpg (129.87 KB, 768x1021, Screenshot_2015-01-19-16-21-52…)

>wants spending money
>won't go get a job

top kek

No. 41421

eh ain't that always the way. i've got a work colleague that works 60 hours a week and you wouldn't catch her complaining she's tired. she herself said she's got expensive taste so she's got to work accordingly.

i don't really know why i posted this on here. i guess i've got a great deal of respect for her… unlike lazy weeb micky. the time you spend straightening your hair so it defies gravity could earn you some pocket money lol

No. 41748

File: 1421791670131.png (18.48 KB, 592x111, haKHFVS.png)

Is she still on this mixed shit? Is she even mixed at all? all the races she claims she has in her would make her skin super light but she's just dark brown

No. 41750

File: 1421793411507.png (790.03 KB, 615x617, Capture.PNG)

You guys are talking mad shit about Micky and that's OK whatever. But not a single peep about Aminyanmoemagi when she is literally worse than her by a longshot considering her "popularity" and "fame". Ami can’t dance, sing, dress, do makeup, do hair, her nails, put lotion on her ashy knees, speak Japanese, pronounce Japanese, write Japanese or even anything. You guys seen her pictures. You’ve guys seen her “performances”. She’s literally garbage. But nobody ever has anything to say about her but praise and people who say otherwise are jealous? How about no. There is literal public evidence of her ratchetness. Take a look at her instagram really i dare you. If you honestly think she’s cute and talented you are lying to yourself and to her. Ok I get it. Micky is a weeb and says a lot of weird/uncalled for shit. But let’s face the facts here, the girl is never going to go beyond having tons of facebook friends, which is worthless, and that’s just the way it is. The things you guys talk about her for are things that Ami herself does but nobody want’s to bring it up? I don’t like the dynamic here. If you’re going to talk shit about everybody for literally anything they do, bring up Ami too. As I said earlier, she’s the worst but also the person who has the highest amount of fans and whiteknighters? And miss me with that “But she knows what she’s doing!!! She really understands idols!” Miss. Me. With. That. What it is really is that other people don’t know shit about idol culture so when someone pretends to they act all amazed and intrigued. (JRCACH. Someone explain to me why people still fucking with this fool) The girl gets 100 views on NND that she’s the self proclaimed “princess” of. She can’t sing and especially dance. I have yet to see her properly blend her foundation or put eyeliner on in a straight decent looking line. She rewears the same 5 things. I’ve seen stains all over her clothes. That’s so sloppy and a horrible representation of black girls everywhere. She is NOT the best out right now. She got accepted into a university that any other person can get into and is doing this idol shit on the side. (Let’s see how long that lasts though) And if it weren’t for that she’d be nowhere. Who recruited her? Scouted her? Nobody. Getting into World Otaku Mate requires nothing but sending an email. STOP HATING ON LITERALLY EVERYBODY THERE IS BUT STAYING QUIET ABOUT AMI. Stop pretending she’s amazing. Stop telling her she’s cute. Stop telling her she’s talented. Also manipulative as all hell and a manipulative liar. kawaii africakei macaron princess idol ^_^ With your nails looking like that boo, your 3 Liz Lisa dresses, and that dead lemur on your head? ok.

And if you want some receipts here I’ll link you:

Makeup all crusted in her eyelid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lf3UpbgVyAY

This is literal hell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lHk04Zgfvsk

SO awkward https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQu1AKG4IxM

Speaking pig latin here but omg!!! I forgot she's fluent in Japanese right ^o^

No. 41752

Lmao. Micki is back

No. 41757

Omg at that wall of text. Chill out, Micky.
Ami looks like the sad frog meme.

No. 41759

Micky- you do know this is the Micky thread right? Why the fuck would we talk about Ami here? Micky you aren't fluent in Japanese yourself go back to Twitter with your Googuru translate.

No. 41760

I hate that lowkey "omg being light skinned is such a struggle guys white ppl are showing favoritism to me soo fucked up right???? ~_~" bragging this girl does, as if she doesn't like to call herself "mixed" when she wants to be kawaii and "black" ONLY when she wants to have a voice on social justice issues.
I'm kinda light skinned too, but I don't feel the need to make it a point every 0.5 seconds like this soggy cunt does.

No. 41761

ehh, I know plenty of black/white people, and 2 of them are dark, but have hair that doesn't curl the way 100% black people's hair does. So aside from their features, they'd be comparable to dark skinned Indian people

No. 41764

micky go back to whining on Facebook.

No. 41765

I know right. And, she isn't even light skinned she just uses Photoshop and filters. Wow so mixed ^_~

No. 41766

Aminyan is still better than Micky.
Her live singing wasn't that bad either. At least she puts effort into the things she does

No. 41767

I know but she's claiming multiple races, I'm just saying she wouldn't be that dark if she was mixed with whatever she says she's mixed with

No. 41769

>That’s so sloppy and a horrible representation of black girls everywhere.
Nah, Momo and her fat sister Bibi are. And you would be too if you actually had a following or otherwise tried to join "idol culture", Micky.
Ami may not be perfect, but she is better than pretty much all the black girls doing this shit by a long shot.
Plus she's literally friends with the guy who created Welcome to the NHK

No. 41772

Micky or Momo or her fat twin Bibi wrote this. Their twitters literally cover their faces because they know how ugly they are and 100% of their selfies are naked for horny japs. They hate Aminyan's guts for the same reason Micky does. Micky is trying to get on the fuwafuwa ero attention whore train too.

shutup ami

No. 41774

I call bs that shes friends with the manga artist that created welcome to the NHK

No. 41775

One big room, full of crazy bitches

No. 41776

Micky stop derailing your own thread by arguing with yourself lol

No. 41778

IMO she's improved a lot over the years and I feel like you're just nitpicking. I thought black SJWs wanted ~*black representation*~ but most black girls destroy each other out of insecurities so….have a great life micky?

No. 41780

>41771 deleted
Lmao what did it say

No. 41783

File: 1421796626080.png (14.28 KB, 1231x77, Z9gjShi.png)

No. 41785

No. 41786

Wait, what was her new account?

No. 41788

Her and her sister are naked on Nico Douga so they get a lot of views. Half of them calling them racial slurs. But momo doesn't know japanese so she continues to make nudes for her adoringu fans

No. 41790

Sorry to be OT.
She follows and unfollows ton of porn accounts too so she can compensate for her dead beatdaddy issues.
Apparently she started tweetcast because of the nigger comments on Nico Douga

No. 41817

Shutup Ami.

No. 41831

By the way to the Admin, is it possible to get rid of people who are excessively off topic or obviously vendetta threads? I keep seeing it more and more than actual lolcows being discussed.

No. 41887

>But not a single peep about Aminyanmoemagi when she is literally worse than her by a longshot considering her "popularity" and "fame".
>literally worse

Not by a long shot.

>Ami can’t dance, sing, dress, do makeup, do hair, her nails, put lotion on her ashy knees, speak Japanese, pronounce Japanese, write Japanese or even anything.

Your head is up your ass

>You guys seen her pictures.

Yeah, and she looks pretty, unlike you.

>You’ve guys seen her “performances”.

She does pretty well, considering she seems a bit shy.

>She’s literally garbage.

>literally garbage

Micky you're the only garbage here. Oh, and while you're reaching, why don't you reach around and pull your head out of your ass?

No. 41890

Lose weight, you fat chimp.

No. 41922

micky is a beautiful plus sized godessuuuu spacekin bisexual pansexual polyamory DJ with anxiety problems leave her alone

No. 41925

Why do Tumblr fags love saying this word? Is she a bitch? Mean? Who cares. This is Lolcow. Take the oh so manipulative thing to PULL or truth blogs.

She's not some patron saint like some of her ass kissers make her to be but she's a decent kid. It's always hilarious when micky or other lolcows try to take over their thread by trying to get trolls as their personal army. Some real CWC shit

No. 41943

Based on the status AmiNyan just made about this I assume I don't know if micky did this although I wouldn't put it above her. Momo aka Himeka the prostitot used to be friends with her and I guess she became jealous. Almost all the black *~aidoru~ girls like micky and Himeka hate aminyan. I think it's because they know they have no chance. Out of all of the black girls wanting to be the next kotakoti in Japan I think ami has the biggest shot.

No. 41949

File: 1421813274253.jpg (97.21 KB, 768x1015, Screenshot_2015-01-20-23-02-17…)

she probably only has this account to either push some fake sob story or to talk shit about the girls she hates

No. 41968

It's for micky to brag about her bf eating her crusty booty

No. 41977

Ew, seriously?

No. 41983

No. 42010

Also on this account she and honeykittenmomo who is now himemelomilk were talking major shit about aminyan. One of them had to have wrote the tl;dr in this thread.

No. 42022

Got screenshots?

No. 42233

Himekangel , She always blocks me idk what I ever did to her . I always idolized her . . .

No. 42240

She's an attention whore who has been selling herself online for years.

No. 42331

How hasn't Twitter banned her? The fuck?

No. 42333

She kept getting banned on tumblr for distribution of CP

But blames it because "jelly haters just hate me because I'm famousu/black/swindling pedophiles for cash"

No. 42459

This entire thread was created by aminyan. The majority of the post were by aminyan as well. People need to stop acting like she is innocent just because she pity parties herself. She wants people to feel bad for her, that's literally why she has fans. She had absolutely nothing that is attractive. Attractive doesn't necessarily mean sexy, but personality wise, there's no charm.

No. 42471

Oh, fuck off Micky. This thread is about you not Ami. Stop trying to divert the attention off of you and onto her.

No. 42475

It's embarrassing how ami is in Japan… She is literally a five foot 9 Shaquille O'Neal looking girl with a synthetic wig on. Ami is over here Getting butt hurt because someone finally decided not to continue lying to her crazy ass. You made this thread. Your the bully. But you get mad because you get one paragraph of something that's not a bullshit compliment? Ami, You live on PULL. You live on lol cow. And I know your going to reply to this pretending to be a white knight of yourself lol.

No. 42476

Micky honey, give it a rest.

No. 42478

Micky this is so fucking pathetic but hilarious because I love when lolcows try to hijack their on threads. She's in Japan and you're not. Get over it.

No. 42479

who gives a fuck if your in Japan? Your literally doing nothing there and your ratchet. Going to Japan is literally a plane ticket. Nothing else. Being cute, loved, and idolized takes skill and effort which your too lazy to put in.

No. 42482

Admin, this thread is being diverted by vendettachans using it like a chat room. Is it possible to ban this user? Constantly OT trying to hijack the thread. Thanks.

No. 42490

This may be true, but may I ask, Micky, what exactly you are doing that makes you so much better than Ami? Aminyan is no ~*~toppu aidoru~*~ but she's cuter, more loved and more idolized than you'll ever be. You reek of jealousy.

No. 42492

But then Micky won't be able to post and we'll be missing out on all the extra keks she provides :'(

No. 42497

Just start referring to yourself as I because everyone knows it's you. Only you and only you think that high of yourself lol. Calling yourself black dakotakoti… Are you high?

No. 42499

As hilarious as Micky possibly Himemelomilk's posts are it's starting to get annoying. the levels of jealousy is insane

No. 42500

Who is 'everyone'? Pretty sure it's just you, Mickster, kek. Please, feel free to continue believing I am Ami, it's hilarious.

No. 42501

She's fell off the deep end. This is gold.

No. 42503

No. 42504

*clone lol

No. 42506

wahhhh someone actually worked hard for what they have they don't deserve it. gratify me for sitting on my ass all day waahhhhh.

No. 42690

>cute, loved, and idolized

Mm, yes, and which part of that describes you in any sense of the word?

No. 42700

It does my heart good when cows come and start flipping their dicks on here. Keep supplying keks, Micky. Your crazy AND jealousy are showing.

No. 42702

File: 1421957321773.gif (475.69 KB, 500x276, tumblr_ljxwiqE4jo1qj9lxho1_500…)


All this time spent shit talking Aminyan, you could have been spent bettering yourself. Oh wait, that's too hard for you to do. You'd rather laze around on your dirty, sloppy ass and talk shit all day about a girl far better than you because it's easier to do.

No. 42704

>Calling yourself black dakotakoti
But when has this ever happened? You look shitty as hell, Micky/Momo. Just stop.

No. 42715

Ouhuhu, someone's feeling salty

No. 42717

Micky you made all these post
And that's not including the other posts you made months ago in this thread.

So you're really the only salty one here

No. 42744

File: 1421964640900.png (224.49 KB, 358x310, 1420103377893.png)

Oh, the irony. You're literally the only one who is salty here considering all you've been doing is bitching through walls of text, stupid cunt.
Do us all a favor and kill yourself. How hypocritical of you, you ugly whore.

No. 42791

have you cleaned your pig sty of a room, yet?

No. 42801

If this is micky:
Have you seen yourself compared to her? Even if she was bullying you maybe you should act better and someone would believe you. Your extensions and your "Coords" are terrible.

If this is Momo or Himeka
Aren't you the one with the pedophile daddy pee blog? And you've been banned on paypal for making child porn? You're the last to call someone ratchet. You follow all of her twitter followers and porn accounts. You will never be popular in Japan because you look like an ape and have a terrible fucking attitude. That's why you cover your face.

No. 42802

But no keep kicking up the keks
Show us how pathetic you are

No. 42829

I had thin hair my whole life, and then snap.
I got it short, and now it's full.
I can tell you right now it's so much better thicker.

No. 42838

Woo, salty anon here. Surprised by all the replies to my post– sorry to disappoint, but not Micky. Just referring to the fuming poster above.

No. 42841

micky pls go

No. 42844

File: 1421981380257.jpg (28.31 KB, 768x216, Screenshot_2015-01-22-21-45-42…)


No. 42851

how these two beasts have the nerve to call anyone "ratchet" is beyond me

No. 42853

hmm, tbh 99% of all weeaboos are "ratchet" though

No. 42904

Don't know what to tell ya buddy ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 42913

We all know it's you, micky.

No. 42924

File: 1421995516494.jpg (77.34 KB, 565x575, 1344735499672.jpg)

Translation, "I got treated so now I'm going to back down like a little bitch and apologize to everyone."

No. 42934

You buttwipes are ruining my lowcow fun. Check my IP address, I live in Oregon :| Not. Micky.

No. 42935

In what way was that anon 'salty' or 'fuming'? lol seemed pretty chill to me. If you're not Micky then you overreacted to something pretty much everyone else in this thread has been saying about Micky.

No. 42958

File: 1422016548668.jpg (94.28 KB, 640x473, image.jpg)

She basically admitted to writing that wall of text. So maybe it wasn't Micky but rather her underling?

No. 42967

She sounds envious and she says the questions were whiny but she and micky came here and posted walls of text. I wonder how long it will be before momo and micky end up hating each other.

No. 42970

File: 1422020267307.jpg (79.28 KB, 734x555, Screenshot_2015-01-23-08-30-58…)

her hair looks disgusting

No. 42980


No. 42981

lol, it's funny how she says she doesn't want to talk about aminyan anymore…but comes on here talking about nothing and no one but aminyan.

No. 42998

Gross. She killed that hair.

No. 43003

Tempted to give Aminyan money and attention just to spite Micky lol.

No. 43018

Her extensions look fucking awful against the damage of her natural hair.
Guh… She needs to let her hair breathe, honestly.

No. 43054

That skin tone and fried hair combination is fucking disgusting.
Has she started bleaching or something? She looks darker in other pics. Awful.

No. 43058

No. 43075

File: 1422063886607.jpg (67.86 KB, 768x626, Screenshot_2015-01-23-20-38-28…)

No. 43076

I'm half black and into kawaii shit I kinda wanna self post just to see Micky get hella mad and jealous

No. 43079

I hate this kind of passive-aggressive bullshit. They're asking -you- to tell them what spacekin means you dumbfuck.

No. 43084

she definitely ruined her hair

honestly, she should have just worn a weave and saved her hair from the torture she put it through

extensions would still be an issue because she would still have to expose a lot of her own natural hair and it will end up like this

she seems pretty pale, so the hair color doesn't look bad imo (I'm comparing her skin/hair to beyonce, I should be ashamed), but because of how awfully burnt her hair is, it looks like crap

plus those eyebrows, jeeze. It looks like she took a brow pencil and just made a line straight across in one swipe

No. 43085

do it, faggot

No. 43086

She should ease up on the fucking hair relaxers…that shit murders hair.

No. 43091

File: 1422072629259.jpg (34.47 KB, 400x533, tumblr_nig5b5qHgR1u627omo1_400…)

I'm no aminyan kawaii idoru online personality but I like to think I look a lot better than Micky.

No. 43092

File: 1422073141994.gif (190.68 KB, 320x239, giphy (1).gif)

You're really cute

No. 43093

Pancake faced gook/10

No. 43094

oh thanks!!

No. 43097

File: 1422073841988.jpg (142.51 KB, 1920x1080, 1401072519193.jpg)

>mfw there are other cute black girls on lolcow

No. 43098

File: 1422073849626.gif (4.33 MB, 328x205, 4b3.gif)

You're so cute !

No. 43099


Not even that anon, but holy shit. Go back to halfchan.

No. 43100

I wasn't sure if I count as black since my moms half black half native american and my dads german
and I really don't look it regardless, so I've never submitted myself to any "kawaii black girl" page or anything
dunno how I came out lookin asian though

No. 43101

Thank you gosh !!

No. 43102

ugh please don't be one of those girls who hates being anything but the ethnicity/race she is

that shit is so annoying (at least you're not 1/16th cherokee princess though right?)

No. 43103

Hm? Oh you mean like OC who flips shit if she gets called white because /NATIVE MAEIRFCANSNSN/
I normally just say I'm biracial. If people think I look Asian, well I was born in Japan, so I just go with that
It really makes no difference idk. Doesn't matter.

No. 43105

File: 1422075631412.gif (235.28 KB, 500x281, tama.gif)

Yeh you're pretty cute anon, but I don't think lolcow is exactly the greatest place to self post.
Start your own kawaii blog, rub it in Micky's face.
Do it, qt

No. 43106

I posted myself here so she'd see it ahaha I can't exactly just go submit pictures of myself to her blog like "look I'm cuter than u btw lol"
I have a kawaii blog though, maybe I'll follow her

No. 43107

aren't you acting a lot like Micky though by thinking you're cuter than other girls into kawaii shit? I mean 10/10, Micky's like a 5, you don't fare much better

No. 43108

Does it negate it if the girls she thinks she's cuter than think they're cuter than other girls?

No. 43109

No. 43110

Yeah you're right

No. 43111


looks like we have our very own personal lolcow in the ranks.

Little tip (besides the fact you would benefit greatly for eyeliner) this attitude is the reason people like flan, spoony and also micky aren't liked so go fish for compliments elsewhere cause I promise if you keep this up you will be one of the cows we laugh at.

No. 43112

Thanks for the advice

No. 43115

Not that anon,I don't come here often, but, how does one selfie turn someone into a lolcow? I think the situation would be different if anon spammed their selfies…but they only posted one in a reply to another anon.

No. 43116

I don't think she's a lolcow, but she technically "started it" with >>43076

No. 43118

Flan derails threads and compliments herself/spams herself
I would constitute that as a lolcow.
A single selfie and some anons finding it cute is hardly lolcow material
Idk it seems like a stretch to
>> posts one photo
>> receives 2 compliments

No. 43119

not the person that said shes lolcow material, but I do get what they're trying to say about her needing to be careful behind her motives for posting selfies

her wanting to make Micky upset because she not only genuinely thinks she looks better than her, but that Micky would find this to be true as well is a bit fucked up

No. 43121

People post amina all the time to make her upset or point out that she's far cuter than micky
Half of this thread is " X is cuter than micky"
How is this at all different

No. 43122

Can't we all just revel in how batshit she goes when someone's cuter than her

No. 43123

her doing it herself comes off the same way Micky comes off by thinking that she is legitimately better looking than these girls. People have a problem with that because she can't really be the judge of that. I mean imagine if >>43091 didn't get any compliments at all and we found her to be ugly, she would end up looking stupid as fuck. She was fortunate that some people here did find her cute.

No. 43132

its obvious she's jealous
aminyan is qt
this girl looks like a fucking money and her personality is disgusting and she's dumb

No. 43134

Posting your selfie on an anon board is a very stupid thing to do. Posting you're selfie and saying how much better you are than someone is 32-inch-waist-chan. Don't do it, you're stupid for doing it.

You look young, I'm just warning you posting selfies on anon sites is how people like Ashley started. Is not healthy, go and work on you're self esteem and join a forum where doing something like this won't make you a target.

No. 43135

Agree 100%.

No. 43188

I don't understand people like Micky or Momo Himeka who come here talking shit but want to cry foul when they get called out.

No. 43216


Agreed. Anon, you're really cute, but please don't be 32-inch-waist-chan.

No. 43248

Mako please quit self-posting.

No. 43257

File: 1422116992897.jpg (76.35 KB, 768x574, Screenshot_2015-01-24-11-09-42…)

No. 43263

But I did.
I literally posted once.

No. 43264

But Micky, you have low self esteem.
You literally wrote a wall of text about amina because you're that jealous of her.
Why do you pretend to love yourself. It's really transparent.

No. 43265

Isn't she underage?
Her profile pic is just straight up cleavage.

No. 43267

Going off this idea >>43105, anyone know how to start a successful kawaii Tumblr weeb persona?
Not the girl who selfposted, I just want to try something.

No. 43269

File: 1422121097856.jpg (46.92 KB, 628x353, 011614-Fashion-Beaty-Commentar…)


Yeah, she's definitely been bleaching. She used to be a lot darker than that. It's too even and too drastic a change to just be seasonal.

She looks like she's been using that Whitenicious.

No. 43309


No. 43348

No. 43358

does this thing work? Looks like photoshoop

No. 43362

Literally cancer in plastic cases

No. 43377

Yikes I hope she's not bleaching, it might just be lighting. My skin color changes and gets lighter during colder seasons. And depending on the lighting of a room my color comes out different shades.

No. 43548

Same, not defending Micky but my skin gets lighter in the winter and when I neeted, it was pale as fuck. I went to the beach last summer and I tanned like a mother fucker.
And I'm darker than her.

No. 43713

File: 1422242604282.jpg (37.07 KB, 768x252, Screenshot_2015-01-25-22-15-01…)

She really thinks having someone else do her is going to change the fact it's fried

No. 43714


I use to have hair like hers. I almost finished year 1 of recovery and I am guessing it will take another year to get my hair perfect. And what I mean by recovering is limited heat, no chemicals, no nothing but cleansing the hair and deep conditioning it every week… it sucks but when hair is severely damaged it takes years to get rid of visible signs of damage

No. 43858

File: 1422305618098.jpg (80.32 KB, 765x560, Screenshot_2015-01-26-15-49-28…)

No. 43981

File: 1422341540242.jpg (128.5 KB, 1280x792, _20140804_132459.JPG)

toppu kekku

No. 43986

Fun fact into the Micky ami saga: Micky's boyfriend is a guy Ami dumped 2 years ago to pursue her aidoru dreams. Micky was the sloppy second and replacement for Ami and feels insecure about it.

No. 44482

File: 1422508253223.jpg (54.03 KB, 768x560, Screenshot_2015-01-28-19-01-10…)

I find it funny himeka/momo and micky are friends considering she and micky were at each other's throats not too long ago.

No. 44495

Brought together by a common enemy.

No. 44682

File: 1422592203735.jpg (92.77 KB, 703x701, Screenshot_2015-01-29-23-22-42…)

Her hair looks atrocious and it looks like she badly shooped her eyes.

No. 44685

What the fuck? Did she use box bleach or something?

No. 44691

File: 1422594541750.gif (3.77 KB, 650x220, mystery.gif)

Why didn't she curl her real hair in that picture? Is she going for straight or curly hair? Why not put the extensions at the sides of her hair too so it looks real? (not that it would anyway with her hair looking so dead) So many questions.

No. 45051

File: 1422679567294.jpg (37.28 KB, 768x254, Screenshot_2015-01-30-23-42-05…)

At this rate her hair is going to be damaged beyond repair.

No. 45077

She doesn't even look good in any hair colour except for black, wtf is she doing? How hard is it to choose a color or two and keep it that way? She should just keep it black, let it repair and grow it out.
If all of her hair looked like the extensions in >>44682 then she would look decent for once instead of looking like she has a rag on her head.

No. 45087

File: 1422690881564.jpg (94.38 KB, 768x1020, Screenshot_2015-01-31-02-48-30…)

She's not gonna to do that, it's too hard. Hiding the damage and blending with the blur tool is much easier for her.
Pic related, it's so edited and blurry, it's becoming pixelated

No. 45089

Oh my god she really did blur her fucking hair. I wonder if she's reading any of this.

No. 45091

She's posted on this thread and made tweets about, so it's clear she reads all of this.

No. 45212

File: 1422730676416.jpg (93.84 KB, 765x923, Screenshot_2015-01-31-13-53-11…)

I feel like she sent herself that last message.

No. 45219

Maybe they mean she looks like an alien

No. 45230

Micky is a great example why you shouldn't rely on box bleach. You're better off leaving it to an experienced professional that knows what they're doing ffs.

No. 45244


She shouldn't even be giving out advice like that since she doesn't practice she preaches.

No. 45256

File: 1422736273687.jpg (165.36 KB, 719x720, 1325984203422.jpg)

TOP KEK. The last one. Absolutely no one would say that to someone as nobody status as her-so, clearly written by herself.

You're ruining your hair. I'm guessing that you're seeing this like…"black girls can dye their hair too!!" This is true, black women dye their hair all the time! But the difference between a normal black woman dying her hair and you dying your hair is that a normal black woman already knows to never never ever for any reason dye your hair if you're using relaxers. NEVER. You WILL end up bald. You're not Asian. Asian hair can handle anything. Yours cannot. Your hair will slowly begin to break off at the edges until it's just shorter and shorter. I highly suggest that you stop ""dyeing"" your hair. Put it all back to black. Let it heal. Treat it carefully for months.

For some reason Mickys hair never lays down flat even though she relaxes which confuses me. It poofs up and outward. I want to know what she's using, why is this happening. All around, her haircare is unfortunate and painful to see. MICKY. You are very dumb. Tell us the full extent of your mistakes you are making so at least some can try to help you.

If you continue down this path, you will go bald and when you put on sunglasses you will look like Gnarls Barkley.
Please save yourself from this mistake.

No. 45265

She has said before she doesn't use relaxers. Her hair is just that shitty.

No. 45284


though apparently she doesn't relax her hair, she could be using a flat iron everyday and using products meant for fine hair. i had a friend who was mixed with a white mom and that mom knew absolutely nothing about black/curly hair so her hair looked exactly like micky's. i think micky should do what you said and start using products from the loreal eversleek collection. i'm white, but i have really coarse, wavy hair, those products completely smoothed out my hair and my hair's really fine now. granted, it will not fix all the damage she's done to it (after using the products i had to cut off 4 inches of damaged hair i never noticed before bc my hair was that coarse/dry), but it will help repair it a bit.

No. 45476

File: 1422785389580.jpg (25.16 KB, 768x296, Screenshot_2015-02-01-05-05-19…)

No. 45488

This is true. My mom's been relaxing my hair since I was little, and she'd never let me bleach/dye all of it because she said it'd destroy my hair.
She told me one story of a woman who tried to have her hair bleached white, and it literally started falling out in the sink. Fuck that.
Also, if your hair is kind of damaged or you need a retouch, it's normal for it to stand up a bit.
What >>45284 said might be more accurate if not that, though. She may literally just be using a flat iron and killing her hair. That combined with the constant bleaching and dying can't be good.

No. 45491

more than likely self-posted.
If they love her so much why would they ask anonymously? They'd want her to know who they are…

No. 45492

She looks like fucking melon cat

No. 45496

I think she's convinced she's a mixed kawaii uguu desu asian and she doesn't have to take extra measures to take care of her hair and can just bleach and flat iron it whenever she feels like it.

No. 45548

Yep, same here. Going by those hair type charts, I would be a 3b/3c except for the edges of my hair near the front, which would be a 4a/4b for some reason.

Because of humidity where I live I would flat iron my hair everyday while I was in hs and ended up with hair that looks like Micky within about a year. It went from being past my shoulders to Micky's length.

Thankfully my mom through out my flat iron and made me learn how to blow dry my hair with minimal heat, use roller sets, good hair products, etc. I'm not even black so my hair isn't as sensitive to heat or chemical treatments, so I can only imagine how shitty Micky's hair looks.

Dude, Micky, if you're reading this, please lay off the heat, you can get straight hair by blow drying BUT make sure you use a low heat setting, heat protectants and that you deep condition your hair before. Also use shampoos and conditioners with good oils in them and no sulfate or other crappy chemicals.

No. 45553

her hair is so fucking dry and dayum that big nose

No. 45554

Make a tumblr and have a really qt theme
buy kawaii shit and do reviews and post pics of them
kiss everyone's ass
be kawaii
make everyone jealous of your kawaii stuff
tadah, you're now a famous kawaii tumblrchan

No. 45555

top kek

No. 45571

File: 1422823829903.jpg (30.7 KB, 768x336, Screenshot_2015-02-01-15-46-03…)

No. 45624

File: 1422834035523.jpg (61.1 KB, 768x648, Screenshot_2015-02-01-18-36-37…)

Why is she so passive aggressive when answering questions?

No. 45656

>what are you talking about

No. 45679

Black hair really can't get straight with just a blow drier and a roller brush.

If you are white, your advice is pretty useless if she wants to get her hair straight straight.

No. 45686

It can, I mean it won't be super straight and silky, but it'll be stretched and less nappy.

Not the person you responded to, but I have that tight ass 4c.

No. 45687

File: 1422841061213.jpg (13.98 KB, 768x247, Screenshot_2015-02-01-20-31-05…)

No. 45688

What in the fuck does that even mean? Like white on fucking rice? Wut? Micky Moocow lean how to make your fake ratchet nigger talk readable.

No. 45690

Hi Micky
Y'all on this forum like brown on fuckin shit.

No. 45692

Micky's on here like an ape chained in shackles.
Feel free to interpret that anyway you'd like. :^)

No. 45693

Exactly, it won't be straight straight but frizzy straight and I'm pretty sure she thinks she has this super straight and silky hair.

Black hair needs a little bit more umph than just a blow drier and roller brush.

No. 45694

you've really never heard that expression before?

No. 45750

are you retarded?

No. 45752

Nah, it can definitely get pin straight just from having it be put into a roller set, going under the hair dryer or letting it air dry and then blow drying it (of course you have to use heat protectants and other products throughout all of this.)

Afterwards, you have to wrap it in a doobie wrap with hair pins overnight (you can use a hair net to hold it together and remove the pins so that they will not leave marks) and by the next morning, or even a few hours later it will be straight.

That's what some of my black friends do and their hair is pretty long, around the middle back, while the girls who relax it have it down to neck or shoulder length and it looks like shit.

Anyway not to be anymore ot, but I reeeally hope for the sake of Micky's hair that she pays attention to this and stops putting it off.

No. 45756


This makes me wonder.
What exactly is her ethnicity? Is she African? Caribbean? What is she, why exactly is her hair the way it is?

Most likely, she might read this and lean back in her chair smugglingly. 'Ah, they wanna know so much about me..' This is not because you are beautiful Mickey-it's quite the opposite. I'm trying to figure out why you are so ugly. WHY is your hair this bad?? What are you doing to it-is it relaxer or just too much heat? It's dry in every single picture you've ever taken it seems. Do you use oil? Or are you the type to think that oil weighs it down and stops it from fluttering? Micky, why is your hair more dry than your future and fanbase? Answer truthfully.

No. 45759

>38% star stuff
Oh I am rustled.

No. 45761

You have a fat face and shit colored skin just saying is all whore.

No. 45766

she's qt, wtf anon

No. 45768


What the hell anon, she's a total cutie
I can understand disapproving of selfposting like that, but there's that and then there's just being a total dick

No. 45772

File: 1422858610872.jpg (9.93 KB, 304x166, images (1).jpg)

No. 45773

How is she cute? She just looks like some thirteen year old gook who went from a rice field to a nike factory. Plain as fuck without any defining features to render her attractive.

No. 45775


If anyone seriously cares that much about how many people think a girl on the internet is cute, admin has permission to check my IP.


I think she's pretty cute anyway. I don't really care whether or not she's cute though, I just think it was dumb to reply to a relatively old post that's died down now just to be a bitch to her. Like you said, she looks pretty young. Sure, it's dumb to selfpost on a lolcow board too, but it's not any smarter to bring it back up just to be a cunt.

No. 45781

File: 1422859669532.jpg (56.58 KB, 561x960, m.jpg)

In other news, here she is with her hair dyed back again.

Which is a step in the right direction, I guess.
Her extensions are obvious as fuck even with 2003 webcam-tier photo quality though. Wow.

No. 45788

No. 45796

Anon you being this angry about people on the internet finding a girl cute is pretty pathetic. Work on yourself.

No. 45798

Oh I'm sorry you didn't get the praise you wanted from me. Next time try posting your fat little self on Facebook for all that delicious attention.