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File: 1634796664538.png (962.7 KB, 1024x946, imagen_2021-10-21_011000.png)

No. 944826

share your most intimate and sinful story
previous >>>/ot/916432

No. 944835

I severely dislike fat people, I hate seeing them
I find there mere existence a crime against humanity for betraying all that makes human beings great, I don't believe in any opinions of fatties either

I think fat people are the only ones who deserve to be discriminated against in society

No. 944843

I don’t get granola at all! It’s so hard and scratchy, it always tears up the roof of my mouth and makes me feel like one of those manatees that got run over by a speedboat.
I’m not a big fan of “dry” stuff (nuts, granola, dried fruit) in general, it always reminds me of kibble.

No. 944849

Excellent OP pic, A+

My guilty secrets is that I ship historical figures. It's fucking autistic but I can't help it.

No. 944855

you should kill yourself, seriously you as a human being are a degenerate without much prospected and what your doing is a disgusting act
you should kill yourself(a-logging)

No. 944867

File: 1634800799491.jpg (46.31 KB, 736x402, 5450f058d66d5f3cb130778172e121…)

Sometimes I keep myself wake at night to the point of exhaustion because I don't know how to properly cope with the anxiety and existential dread that hits me before sleep. Either will keep me awake anyway, so I guess distracting my mind is the least harmful option for now
I guess that the biggest problem is that I also have a lot of trouble sleeping - not only I take hours to sleep naturally (so it's especially difficult when my mind is being constantly stimulated) but I am also a very light sleeper and I wake up super easily.
Maybe that's something that only therapy would solve.

No. 944874

I honestly don't think there's anything wrong with shipping historical figures so long as you don't let it influence your understanding of real world events. From their appearances to their personalities, our characterizations of historical figures are largely fabricated anyway since there's a dearth of accurate documentation to go off of in most cases. In that sense, it's not really different from shipping literary characters.

Who do you ship anon

No. 944985

Egypt-anon, you OK? How’s school?

No. 944990

What in the fuck kekk

No. 945057

this was definitely a seething scrote

No. 945058

I can't get off without physical contact anymore and it's really upsetting me. I have no patience for men but I also can't even pleasure myself.

No. 945066

This thread pic OP is chefs kiss

No. 945067

Someone has some issues to sort out, you need therapy.

No. 945070

File: 1634821551188.jpeg (74.86 KB, 819x1024, BB2AD745-4726-45A7-9BD8-D0CF38…)

ok you want a really good confession? i was in elementary school and i reached to poke my father’s penis not because i was sexually abused at all and no i’m not coping for something that never even happened but i was just a really retarded child and i was curious as to what was in his nasty ass underwear. i didn’t actually touch it because he woke up and i sincerely hope he did not notice that my monster high doll loving ass really came out of my mother’s uterus. i wasn’t even exposed to porn i have no idea wtf was wrong with me back then but this is something i was so ashamed of

No. 945073

>i sincerely hope he did not notice that my monster high doll loving ass really came out of my mother’s uterus.
anon what

No. 945078

i remember playing monster high dolls when that happened kek

No. 945080

you were just a child nonnie

don't think anything of it

No. 945084

File: 1634822484791.png (92.35 KB, 523x596, pinocchio.png)

deciding to put myself first and realizing how much lying and scheming that involves. little lies here and there like "i can't (work overtime closing today), haha sorry, my ride is waiting outside!" and observing and adjusting my pace and effort to my coworkers. i consciously tell myself to relax when the manager is not watching and work faster when they are. when i start to feel bad for lying i remember all the times my good will was abused. screw your lazy ass for abusing my conscientiousness. it's not worth breaking my back for this job. the slowest people with the least effort get paid the same as hard working staff, so fuck being their accountable mule.

No. 945085

that's understandable but what does that have to do with your mother's genitals
are you sure you are okay nonnie?

No. 945091

I'm really jealous of my sister's body and facial features. She literally has model like proportions: long legs, high cheekbones with blue, almond shaped eyes, she's naturally blond and very tall too…I'm happy she's good looking because it makes things easier for her but it makes me feel miserable sometimes.

No. 945098

nothing I just fail at english sometimes haha thanks for asking though nonna

No. 945105

I feel this in my soul

No. 945110

Same except I'm a virgin so for all I know my case could be worse. I'm this close to trying tinder or some other dating app just to see if I still have sensations down there.

No. 945118

people can be so predatory and i noticed it too late in the past. unfortunately i can't be honest because if i explain that i feel something is unfair, they would get angry and defensive and deflective. it all has to be subtle and calculated. clown world.

No. 945122

File: 1634824130105.gif (867.53 KB, 298x400, ezgif-6-9d2d9294b9d8.gif)

hi egyptanon, i still ship young naps with junot, seethe

lol nah i'm a big historyfag regardless, 99% of the history stuff i read is academic. it's just a fun aside

No. 945126

I know it’s kind of a meme but I really had trouble wiping my ass properly with long nails. It actually made my nails hurt and I hated going no 2.

No. 945162

File: 1634827246340.jpeg (6.08 KB, 266x189, images.jpeg)

NTA but I will forever be sad about Marie Antoinette and Fersen. I ship them and love to imagine a happier ending

No. 945182

I'm 100% straight, but I've only ever dreamed about having sex with other women. The only exception is occasional horrifying and baseless nightmares about getting raped by my dad.

It almost always goes the same way - I'm in a situation where I'm compelled to eat out a milfy older woman (like 30s-40s) having no previous experience in doing so. I try my best and she acts bored and criticizes me. I'm sure there's some kind of bizarre freudian explanation for this, but it mostly just feels super random and remarkably consistent.

No. 945197

File: 1634829159887.jpg (151.62 KB, 900x652, Arrest of Louis XVI and his Fa…)

They (Marie and her entourage) were too retarded to escape France without being in the same ostentatious party. If they'd went plainclothes and split up and went with some traders across the borders they'd be fine and she'd have been with her boy toy. Honestly Marie was a historical dumb bitch who just wanted to relax and have fun and I can understand that. But goddamn does it feel good when the ignorant elites get their just desserts, and I can only hope we repeat this with our own political leeches.

No. 945253

I have a lot of empathy for her since she wasn't prepared to be a ruler at all and got a shit deal in life in general. She lived a fucking unhappy life, I'm not surprised consooming was her only joy. She was also fucked over by the necklace scheme. Though I also understand why the French Revolution had to happen, I wish she and her husband wasn't murdered though. The faith of her son also was fucking tragic.
>can only hope we repeat this with our own political leeches.

No. 945313

I have a slight superiority complex over being good at spelling.

No. 945359

I think my boyfriend is ugly but I still love him anyway

No. 945416

Yeah my sister got the long blonde hair, blue eyes and prettier features (thankfully we have the same body type, hers is better because she actually works out so I can't be bitter) and it kinda sucks to automatically be compared to that all the time. But I love her and want her to have a good life, it doesn't actually affect me just like some other random pretty girl existing wouldn't affect me. My only fear is that if I ever bring a guy around her, he'll be more interested in her.

No. 945457

It's finally safe to say I stopped being a fujo, but that doesn't mean shit because now I'm a yumejo and fantasize constantly about a character from Tears of Themis. Idk maybe I just need some irl dick

No. 945483

Are you older or younger? I'm older and I feel the same. She got all the good genes with the long legs, nice face shape, nice chest (my biggest insecurity), better hair, etc. My mother even brings it up lol it feels shitty sometimes when you realize you have the same DNA.

No. 945506

Women are always settling for uggos

No. 945518

I'm pretty much using a younger man's love. Since I'm a bit older and more mature in general, I can see it's not gonna work out and he doesn't care because he's just happy to have a girl. For me it's basically just a distraction now from everyday shit, although I do wish he was someone reliable and serious. This is just an LDR online, so nothing that serious, but we did talk about him visiting me, so I have a timer until the good times last.

No. 945543

File: 1634846651457.jpeg (186.1 KB, 850x632, A61366DE-8406-4FA1-A197-687CC5…)

I’m ignoring an old friend’s Instagram follow request because I don’t have the energy to deal with her, she’s overwhelming and I’m disappointed in her because she got a child with a dude she talked to for like a year.
I felt like I was her older sister and that I failed in raising her because she would never listen to me.
I know I’m a cow, but at least I’m not sperging about it with my name and pictures attached to my sperg.

No. 945550

Which one they're all cute

No. 945583

File: 1634848692570.jpg (291 KB, 1920x1920, apuloonix.jpg)

I feel a lot more paranoid as covid drags on forever in terms of stocking food and products in my pantry in case shit becomes worse in terms of supply. I also feel a lot more distrustful of anyone with a mask on.

I also tend to be very aware of police cars on the streets, especially at night. I have a severe distrust of cops. The few interactions I had with them, the bad outweigh the good. I went for some errands last night at the pharmacy. I saw 7 cop cars total back and forth my trip. One of them stopped 2 other civilian cars they saw circulating in the darker streets I would normally use as a shorter route because the streets are normally empty at this hour.

No. 945651

File: 1634852995221.jpeg (60 KB, 634x665, 1634774468192.jpeg)

I thinks she's very cute

No. 945655

No. 945660

She’s pretty obviously ftm. Barely looks like a dorky loser male at best. She’s a student at a university complaining she was frightened of the cis male maintenance workers who were going to invade her room to install something.

No. 945669

Eugh I feel sick

No. 945675

looks like harry potter if he was an alcoholic with depression

No. 945763

You sound exactly like my younger sister. Ever since she was old enough to express that I looked different to her, she's wanted to be like me. We're half sisters. I have blond hair and blue eyes like my dad and she's has light brown hair and green eyes like her dad.

No. 945958

I've been in a lot of denial but I've faced my demons and I admit that I find Anya Taylor-Joy super hot even though she's also objectively ugly to me. I have never been in such a conundrum before in terms of a person's appearance.

No. 946040

Green eyes are objectively sexier though
No offence to you anon

No. 946170

File: 1634868212547.jpg (35.3 KB, 283x320, 6264812.jpg)

I keep having fantasies about someone who's in a relationship. I will never act on it and I barely talk to that person to begin with. But I can't stop thinking about them and hoping their relationship just magically ends one day, and I feel like an asshole because of it. I feel so ashamed for wishing breakup upon someone I can't even talk to my friend about it, I can only post it here

No. 946188

File: 1634868794556.jpg (168.21 KB, 720x1080, vndc.jpg)

you're right and you should say it

No. 946197

I love my boyfriend but I still sometimes fantasize about being with a woman. I draw lesbian art to cope with it.

No. 946241

I don't know if I am emotionally swole or if I am a bitch.

No. 946250

Ah fuck I'm sorry anon
Similar I think I have a crush on my friend and even though she's expressed she wouldn't mind being with a woman she's still bi. I just want a full lesbian gf who I can talk about everything with including terve shit. I don't want to ruin such a nice supportive friendship either. Internally I love her so much and all our interests.

No. 946258

File: 1634875851571.jpeg (73.34 KB, 526x512, 98F97BA1-E8BE-454A-ABEF-04FE7C…)

I’m in a committed relationship but I am obsessed with somebody else.

I want to stay with my girlfriend forever but 99% of my waking thoughts are of someone else.

>Inb4 leave her

I don’t think obsessive crushes really need to or should be acted on. Obviously if she notices something is up I’ll get therapy idk. I only met the subject of my obsessive crush a few weeks ago so I’m not going to tip my whole life upside down over it just yet.

No. 946301

File: 1634879182650.jpg (144.08 KB, 500x500, daverose_sleep-4121.jpg)

genuinely miss early homestuck fandom (and early western fandom spaces in general). like i know a little jpn and i seethe so hard peeking in on fandom culture over there, and witnessing everyone doing their own things in their little bubbles with no over-arching thought police discourse.

speaking of early hs fandom, i can't even reminisce on it because everyone keeps deleting their ~ problematic ~ fanfic/fanart or replacing it with an apology. "i'm SORRY for creating this good shit, but you guys have successfully brainwashed me into thinking it's harmful :) please take this LUKEWARM shit instead and leave me alone!!" doesn't help that, when i got curious and spent a few hours tracking down my friends from that time, they've all either

a.) trooned out
+ b.) moved on
+ c.) have fallen for the discourse kool-aid. idk

No. 946318

you mean Daniel Radcliff?

No. 946321

File: 1634880887970.jpg (35.8 KB, 460x435, aV79g5K_460s[1].jpg)

God, I completely understand you. I wish to go back to the times when fandom things were more niche, at least people seemed to have some form of actual passion for their series. I'm tired of children, or adults with the mentality of children, trying to outwoke each other by their shipping.

No. 946339

>I stopped being a fujo
No, come back! On a serious note, why'd you stop, nonny?

No. 946354

File: 1634882912864.png (196.74 KB, 589x375, 1634052968517.png)

Sometimes I just crave violence

No. 946370

I'm an artist who has kind of developed a crush on another artist. She's beautiful, I love her work, we have the same favorite games and even share a husbando. But unfortunately she's a genderspecial and hates terfs so it would never work out. Whoever ends up being her gf is lucky.

No. 946382

File: 1634886848241.png (229.18 KB, 500x497, 3v09z4.png)

I'm sorry to have to say this but not only do farmers on lolcow have terrible taste in 3DPD average everyday men, but your taste in 2D husbandos is also by and large shit.

Pic is me seeing the men you're posting about on here

No. 946383

Post you husbando so we can judge.

No. 946407

Nta but my fujo phase only lasted through middleschool, I grew out of it

No. 946439

I relate to Ganer from the proana scumbags thread because I'm a mia-chan with ocd tendencies, I only eat the same handful of "safe" foods I know I won't purge, and take pictures of everything I eat, so my camera roll is just an endless stream of the same four meals. Idk if it counts as a confession, but it is to me

No. 946441

No. 946442

Post your husbando or stfu lady

No. 946444

nta but i am concerned that you might be my sister because this is the exact way i feel about my sister (who is blonde with blue eyes, also my half sister) and i also expressed this to my sister when i was a kid kek

No. 946475

Congrats on joining the superior yumejo life, nonna.

No. 946637

God, same.

No. 946903

cp bump

No. 947038

File: 1634937988977.jpg (37.59 KB, 540x540, 43ca5a4a5b.jpg)

Father of the scrote who pushed me to attempt suicide died and I do not feel bad at all.

No. 947163

At random yet frequently I become embarrassed to be alive and feel the tendency to end all relationships, especially my romantic one. In the past I would almost act upon it in full, only I would be too scared to truly end things. I would only suggest to part ways and express my feelings by explaining why. Now I no longer act upon these inclinations and keep them to myself, as I know they are just passing thoughts that snuck into my mind thanks to others and are ridden with anxiety. Even though I still have these torturous and intrusive thoughts, I am proud to have matured to my current stage unknowingly. I've been responding empowered to a lot of thoughts and urges that would be detrimental before. I still have moments where I shut down and sense a panic attack awaiting after being triggered, but I still always manage to speak up regardless. I know that I apologise and still speak down on myself too much, but I am aware and actively try to limit this habit as much as possible. I should be very proud of this development. I am also happy to see how a post which was initially written with shame has turned into a positive note of pride.

No. 947230

Whenever we're out of handsoap I use body soap I don't like but feel bad for throwing out instead.

No. 947442

anon are you me? jesus

No. 947515

I don't think long-term relationships are for me because I'm utterly unwilling to compromise on where I live and how, how I spend my time, even down to how I decorate my living space honestly. I don't want to have to have to take someone else's desires, needs and limitations into account and I don't want to get irritated with those little things that start to get annoying once you're out the honeymoon phase, I loathe that.

No. 947519

good, let him suffer.

No. 947566

im addicted to geek bars/elf bars, I didn't even smoke cigs before kek

No. 947582

Western animation, not all but most of the stuff I see trending, is ugly as fuck. I generally don't watch any kind of animation but the stuff that seems to be popular looks, idk, lazy and tumblr-style

No. 947608

Terrified of becoming elderly. Don’t want to be crippled and in pain. Don’t want to shidd n fardd in my pants.

No. 947609

I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm intrigued and wanna know more

No. 947628

I'm 26 and people usually think I'm like 18 or 19, sometimes they even think I'm underage. I'm paranoid about losing this look. I know it's inevitable and I know it's internalized misogyny, I shouldn't put so much importance on my looks, and yet I can't stop. One day I will look closer to my actual age and one day I will look older than 30, and I can't imagine that. I was never in a relationship and I feel desperate to lose my virginity because I feel like, once I stop looking so young, I won't have the chance to get a decent looking guy. Yes I know it's terrible, sexist, pathetic and dumb, but this is a confession thread and I want to get this off my chest. I feel like I don't have much time left, I would want to settle down, I would want to have friends, but I can't stop being an autistic shut in and it's slowly killing me.

No. 947629

>Yes I know it's terrible, sexist, pathetic and dumb, but this is a confession thread and I want to get this off my chest

It really isn’t anon being old is super cringe

No. 947631

I admit it, I used to put chewing gum under the class tables when I didn't want to bother throwing in the trash. It was wrong and I am sorry, I will accept your punishment, oh great Nona in the sky.

No. 947664

That’s not old, log off and go touch grass.

No. 947675

You must be 18 to post here.

No. 947723

i misgender fake bois on purpose. for example the other day i was at the book store and saw this unwashed fake boi with a trans flag pin and a pronoun pin on her bag, and when the cashier called for the next customer, i said 'i think the young lady is next?' and gestured for her to go to the cashier. on the one hand, i have sympathy for dysphoric women, on the other hand… i just hate yaoi sick fake bois so much.

No. 947751

Everyone should do that, lying to these kids that they pass as men isn't helping them.

No. 947767

File: 1635008420387.jpg (43.33 KB, 400x500, Williams-Hildegard-and-Richard…)

I also ship historical figure kek. I'm really into Hildegard of Bingen and a noble women who was her "soulmate" Richardis von Stade. I started typing a whole paragraph about how gay they were but I had to stop the autism of it all kek. Anyway, I do recomend looking into it if you like pseudo gay nuns or just want to learn about one of the most influencial women of the middle age!

No. 947771

I'm not a fan of this kind of thing and it's because even as a butch woman I've had a couple of weird instances. Worst was a stranger who felt up my chest because she thought I was an ftm in need of a reminder..

No. 947773

I wanna slap you nona, whenever I touched them I had to get up to go to the toilet to wash my hands, and we didn't have sinks in our classrooms until like 11th grade, so I had to walk through the whole hallway just to wash off your nasty chewing gum bacteria.

No. 947778

But calling someone young lady and groping someone isn't the same thing at all.

No. 947785

you probably don't run around covered in pronoun pins and trans flags, anon.

No. 947791

should've just put them in your mouth, your immune system would've loved you for it

No. 947852

I know that. Tbh I think most 'I owned a tranny' stories on here are made up anyway but it's a stupid thing to cheer on when normal women get caught up in this when it happens for real. Nobody is checking you for pins. The type of person who wants to annoy total fucking strangers in a store… isn't checking.

No. 947877

I planned to commit suicide today I guess. I had dinner in an aldi parking lot. I planned on going into the woods never coming back and doing whatever but I was too afraid to go through with it because it was too cold and I also bought some tea so I went home and just went to bed. I hate my abusive parents and that I am unable to move out. I don't have any money for an apartment since no one wants to hire me with my sociology degree. I hate my life. I thought about telling my boyfriend but he only says shit with bootstraps or whatever and that I should just pull myself together and stop being so selfish and I am thinking about ghosting and never talking to him again even though we have been together for over 3 years. In those 3 years he never did anything to stand up against my parents or try to help me so I guess he is useless and I can throw everything away without feeling guilty. I think the sushi I ate was bad and now I feel like throwing up. I hate everyone in my life and I feel like crap.

No. 947880

I honestly wish I could save you anon

No. 947882

thank you anon, i started crying when i read your post. you are a nice person

No. 947885

I hope you can meet some people who will give you the kind of understand and support you need anon. Maybe for now you could just get a min wage job and perhaps try finding/reaching out to gal pals and get a roommate situation going on? I was in your shoes 6 years ago before I met my husband one day on the bus and he changed my life. We moved out after only six months and I escaped my parents. I know how crushing what you're going through feels, but please don't go. You will escape one day and you will meet people who will show you what real love is and life will have such beautiful moments it will all melt away into the past and you can have peace.

No. 947896

File: 1635013892767.jpg (102.65 KB, 640x640, Micarah.jpg)

I'm a casual viewer of Micarah Tewers and I'm so jealous to learn that she got engaged. Both of them seem so balanced and well-meaning. I guess wholesome is the word i'm looking for. It's touching to think of it. Because my parents never took care of me I let myself be abused in pretty extreme ways and I wish I had taken better care of myself and expected impeccable treatment.
I'm so damaged and will never get to experience the freshness and the joy of starting my adult life alongside someone that cherishes me.
I hate that long-term relationships or marriage aren't the goal for (young) people anymore. The pool of eligible people has rotted.
Anyway I hope she's happy, she deserves it.

No. 947906

anon, thank god you're safe. I really hope you can be okay soon.

No. 947955

Ok troon supporter

No. 947961

I can hate both

No. 947972

I was really close knit with my butch friend a few years ago. We would go on hikes and drive around smoking a j, just talking about life and such. We eventually started working out together, and I had such a blast with her. This only lasted until she got a gf and then absolutely ghosted me.
She’s on tinder and matches with a bi girl, and like true lesbo tradition, they were engaged/ married within the year.
Her wife is such a pickme who needs constant validation for her illnesses and autism. Over tagging every insta post, ranting on fb as a SJW, etc. all the lesbian cliches in the world. I’m not sure if she even dated women before this.
now she’s posting body checks every fucking day tagging #eatingdisorder and what not. And all of a sudden, my lesbian friend is trans? Trying to transition? Going by a dudes name?
This makes zero sense, since for 10+plus years she’s been so proud of being a woman and loving women. It just feels like she is desperate for attention and is trying on trans.
It’s heartbreaking, she went from a talented, unique and creative photographer to constantly posting the same selfie different day talking about being a “daddy”.
Girl, if you are transitioning to keep your wife happy cause she misses dick, it’s not true love. That’s why you don’t marry someone you meet a few months in.
I miss being her friend, but she feels so phony now.

No. 948026

I'm really glad you didn't do it anon. I'm secconding >>947885 recomendations. Also you should definetly ghost your boyfriend, imo someone who is not actively helping you in such a difficult moment is nothing but a burden, fuck him. I'm wishing you the best nonnie

what's so sad about it is that you probably saw the real her during those times, i'm really sorry anon, I hope you can find some other butch friends one of this day, they are out there !

No. 948043

Girl my ex’s dad died the other day too. Was that just a cursed day to be a father? Patricide 21st?

No. 948058

Fuck that, he is NOT attractive enough for her. She's the ultimate gorgeous Stacey in appearance but also super talented and interesting and funny, chances are no moid is good enough for her but at the very least she deserves a guy with a decent hairline. wtf is even the point of being being so beautiful and cool if you end up with an average joe??

No. 948063

tbh I almost agree but not with every husbando only the ones that get the most positive replies, those are often characters that look like 50 year olds (or are literally middle-aged) or are drawn in a way that's too 3dpd looking for my taste. also find baras and "manly men" ugly.

No. 948081

I love to dissect my life, especially relationships and then take some aspect and write a question or story that I hope will result in people discussing what I'm anxious about, with most detail changed or removed. I don't actually do this here, don't worry, but I assume like 96% of all subreddits/question columns/imageboards are just content like this.

No. 948082

>those are often characters that look like 50 year olds (or are literally middle-aged)
I swear there must be some pathological explanation for anons who lust over old husbandos (3D or 2D). We all know men don't actually age like wine, they age like shit and it is objectively less attractive than youth. I'm sure it's an ego thing, like they subconsciously feel a bit guilty and insecure when they lust over conventionally attractive men. But when they thirst for old uggos they are comfortable and reassured knowing that his age would mean he's not ENTIRELY out of her league, it brings him down more to the level of an average husbandofag.

No. 948102

From my perspective, bishie animu guys are not the tiniest bit attractive, there is nothing human about them and I don't think anime drawing style is pretty, I can't imagine them as people and I can't imagine living with them, talking to them, whatever. The ones that look more like people, I can imagine living with them and touching them

No. 948107

Korea seems like the most hellish country in terms of hypercapitalist landscapes. imagine being gifted plastic surgery at 16 and it being expected and normalized. imagine being christian AND asian. just my two cents

No. 948121

File: 1635032608267.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 34.32 KB, 300x402, 50B8E5B2-BE54-43CC-9B99-2787B9…)

so you wouldn’t slurp the coom from this geezer’s peen?

No. 948129

File: 1635033624337.png (898.09 KB, 731x1024, 25cdbe8c5f7e8a96b283b0b6f8be30…)

An entire series of husbando-tier characters and you pick the geriatric even there's a much hotter younger version of that exact character… literally mental illness.

I'll take a delinquent qt, thanks.

No. 948131

Idk anon, i was a very fugly teen and if someone gifted me a surgery i would have gone trough it, i know is wrong but people are very superficial and that will never change, a surgery would have spared me from a lot of trauma and abuse

No. 948141

> imagine being christian AND asian. just my two cents

they were colonized and invaded by white people. I feel so bad for religious koreans. that shit is literally the invaders religion. It's a country so hyper focused on looks that people will shave their jaws off. i feel bad for that country over all

No. 948144

I'm sorry nona I really wish things weren't like this for you. I'm happy you're still here, but I know it's hard. I'll wish for a good day for you next time I find a dandelion.

No. 948145

I honestly agree, it is the most plastic country in the world next to the USA. It's so fucking sad

No. 948190

I play with fire having unprotected sex (in a committed relationship.) I pay attention to when I'm ovulating and avoid those days and PIV stops long before he finishes but I know I'm still a dumbass.

No. 948197

>PIV stops long before he finishes
Can't believe there are still retards who think finishing inside is the only way to get pregnant. I hope you get pregnant and reality hits you

No. 948204

8 years and counting muah. Obviously I don't fucking think that, nonnie

No. 948213

I did that for my first boyfriend when I was a young, depressed pickme. I hated myself so much that i didn't care and would have offed myself anyway had I gotten pregnant, I was already on the edge. It's honestly incredibly shameful because looking back on it I only did all that because I wanted a bit of affection and he really didn't care about me at all. I was so stupid.

No. 948246

I purposely avoid reading some music comment sections because people sometimes post very depressive shit and it really ruins my mood

No. 948249

you're really shallow. she IS ten times more beautiful, but what she wanted is to marry young and someone she loves, because she's a christian, and that's what she's doing. and my point was that this kind of experience has become niche and reserved to comparatively really religious people, which sucks.

No. 948256

Who gives a shit about your christian nuclear family fantasies, I'm just sick of seeing 10/10 women with ugly men. It's just SO convenient that it's never the other way around, it's always women who manage to see what's on the inside and always men who reap the benefits of women who are scared to be shallow.

No. 948257

I do this too anon, it's my biggest sin and I never tell anyone about it. I've been with him for 11 years and we completely trust each other. Fucking without a condom also feels way better. Never had a missed period the whole time.

No. 948266

I had the same experience, plus I used to sneak out late at night. Thankfully my mom caught me after the 20th time and scolded my ass to the point where I lost my introvert-ness and finally grew self respect. Stupid how I had to almost risk it all as a pick me to get somewhere in the first place.

No. 948285

If you don't receive attention, idk how to break this to you anon, but you being young means nothing because it doesn't sound like you're attractive. Being ugly and looking young isn't much better than being ugly and looking your age.

No. 948304

No. 948328

seriously? 10/10 stacy? i hope that's just a really unflattering picture because if not then she deserves whatever average joe she got married to kek

No. 948338

I really wonder about your kilometer deep bleeding asswound over random strangers finding fulfillment or even just seeming like they do. i get being puzzled or even irked but that's a lot of autism over nothing.

No. 948379

I recently reflected on what a huge creep I am. I recorded a certain coworker's voice because I find it sexy and sometimes randomly listen to it during the day. Thanks to my cyberstalking I also know where he lives, what marathons he participated in and what online games he plays/ed because I checked what websites he registered his email address on. May God forgive my sad, creepy, emotional intimacy-starved, stalker soul, pray for me anons

No. 948380

> in and what online games he plays/ed because I checked what websites he registered his email address on.
what? how do you do that? I wanna delete old accounts I forgot I have.

No. 948420

File: 1635079917928.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 461.71 KB, 828x1403, 1A138407-E8B9-4F9C-B999-E3D2C7…)

Ntayrt, I looked it up. It looks like this process is done step by step internally (as the email address owner, but didn’t see any tools to search others without doing background checks on people.


No. 948421

Did not mean to spoiler it, my b yall

No. 948588

>imagine being christian AND asian

Do you also feel this way about Pinoys?

No. 949062

File: 1635149070200.gif (288.94 KB, 540x400, 84dbd5dc6130211aa53df4af8291ef…)

this guy https://twitter.com/oldking420 is so entertaining to me. i've followed him across several accounts, we've spoken sometimes in mentions, and i wish i could skinwalk his personality (and really, leech off of the vibes his entire sphere of twitter seems to hold).

No. 949063

this guy is a pretentious incel. his intellectualism is so shallow it's not even worthy of criticism. it's just underdeveloped. he's the epitome of the mediocre white male going about as if he's anything but the "gifted child who turned into a lazy piece of shit"

No. 949064

a lot of Japanese are christians as well. it's actually pretty funny to see

No. 949068

what makes you say this
note that i have no real attachments to the dude (so i am not attempting to start a fight, just curious)
is there milk on him?

No. 949069

File: 1635150565694.png (7.98 KB, 451x211, not even two million ppl.PNG)


No. 949107

I have seen a disproportionate amount of Japanese christians apparently kek

No. 949110

If they're the culty type who hang around in public that would make sense, I'm sure they're much more serious and vocal about religion than your average shintoist/buddhist.

No. 949188

Well what I did was I entered his email address into one of those 'have I been pwned' websites

No. 949245

I think it's too late for me to try dating, I'm 28 and I've never been in a relationship because I'm too socially retarded. I know of "it's never too late to start X" but I genuinely think for dating you have to go through some steps in your late teens/early twenties, and at my age most people are looking to settle and would not like to deal with my autistic ass.

No. 949248

I remember during my first week in Tokyo when a Japanese christian woman spoke in my first language with a horrible accent and tried to make a friend of mine and I go to a church nearby and when we managed to tell her to fuck off in Japanese she made us pray in public super loudly and we did it just to make her go away.

No. 949253

Do you think you're the only one with an autistic ass at 28? Sure it may be more difficult to find someone but it's certaintly not impossible. Remember we're in a day and age when more people than ever are single and people haven't ever gotten into commited relationships this late in their lives before. If dating and finding a commited relationship is something you want, go and chase it, don't give up without even trying because you're making assumptions.

No. 949269

Your attitudes towards dating are artificially limiting you. How would you know if it's too late to try if you've never even been in a relationship? Plus as >>949253 mentioned, there are more late bloomers than ever so it wouldn't even be too hard to meet people who are in the same boat as you.

No. 949272

My boyfriend started off as very clingy, cute, and tried very hard to please me, which is part of the reason why I fell for him so hard in the first place. Now that I made him feel comfortable and secure in our relationship, he's more independent/distant in the typical scrote way and it bores the hell out of me. Feel like I was baited hard.

No. 949274

Dump his sorry ass.

No. 949275

Really sounds like you were, time to break up?

No. 949277

Yeah, I will probably give it a few more weeks and see how things go before breaking up. It could be a rough patch after all. I'm trying not to be rash because he is a really good guy and respectful, but I get bored in a relationship if he literally isn't worshipping the ground I walk on. inb4 bpd.

No. 949279

I hate being governed by my feelings and being ridiculously sensitive. Especially in places I should absolutely not be governed by emotions (work). There is a person I cannot stop fantasizing about and I have the most ridiculously cheesy fantasies about us dating. And then whenever we interact in reality in a work setting, I am crushed because there's obviously no affection there. Why do I always cause myself pain by craving something or someone unreachable? I fucking hate myself

No. 949280

ngl my guilty pleasure of having a crush is digging through old blogs of theirs / their exes to find a reason to dislike them. it’s not “weird” per se in the internet era. and it makes me feel like a detective

No. 949320

File: 1635181021733.gif (1.99 MB, 500x490, ezgif-7-0b855cda98a7.gif)

i sometimes lie to my mother at times because there's nothing else i can do.

it's like, i'll be in a delicate mental state due to my own bad decisions, and if i tell her about said bad decisions she just blows up and makes me feel even worse, because rather than thinking:
>okay i made a pretty bad mistake, never done this before, but i can do x and y and be okay
i'll start to feel like trash and want to die. i'll want to disconnect and distract with myself with literally anything else which, y'know, does nothing but give a momentary salve to my stress.

she's just not really a source of comfort in my life when push comes to shove, she's only good when things for me are good in turn. i think if someone offered me a million dollars to just never ever see or speak to her again then i'd take it a heartbeat.

No. 949321

while i'm here, i also found it interesting that for the first time in all my life she admitted to being toxic, but also kind of hilarious that she's somehow adopted "bad bitch culture" and just sees her way of making people feel awful (me especially) good and realistic

No. 949328

I don’t read thread OPs if they’re longer than a paragraph or for a cow I’ve been actively following.

No. 949363

The thing is I'm not even sure I want a relationship, I can't help but feel I'm missing out on something, but I'm very much attached to my independence and celibacy, plus I never had a crush on anybody. Also I'm not really thrilled by the idea of being with another autistic late bloomer, I know it sounds hypocritical

No. 949455

anons always have these billion rules over what adults are or aren't allowed to do or what's considered "childish" behavior and I never understand a single one of them. Honestly I never get the obsession some people have with being "mature" and being an adult in general, it's always over really miniscule shit or stuff people don't even think about.
I'm still trying to figure out why someone's personal taste in food/clothes/shows/holidays/etc or someone being upset over a traumatic past incident, and tons of other things i cba to list, is seen as such a big deal

No. 949535

This this this this

No. 949657

File: 1635214709460.jpeg (17.22 KB, 750x733, 1616454321643.jpeg)

God forgive me, I want to fuck my teacher. He has the cutest german accent…

No. 949678

I wish I was pregnant but I don’t want to have a kid at all

No. 949683

why tho?

No. 949684

wtf why do you want to be pregnant? Vore fetish?

No. 949686

abortion fetish?? pregnant fetish?? autogynephilia??? or do you just crave attention and affection

No. 949690

File: 1635217099174.jpg (57.93 KB, 631x633, Brother-jumbo.jpg)

the guy I got a crush on oddly resembles tsarnaev and that makes me feel like an asshole….

No. 949729

Same, nonny, same.

No. 949743

He looks cute there, what a waste

No. 949766

I've been lurking this site on and off for a good 5 years now but I've only ever made a handful of posts because I'm too (legit) autistic to properly integrate

No. 949773

i wish i had a kid but i will never willingly get pregnant

No. 949843

i listened to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5d4SJv2d6M for giggles and now i'm actually finding it to be decent. art =/= artist imo but even this has me feeling a bit ashamed

No. 949970

I need my crush who I know likes me as a person to love me. I'm ugly af. my exes are hotter than me, she's hotter than me and HER ex is hotter than both of us. I think I might try and do a love spell. I'm obsessed.

No. 949972

I'm kinda tipsy and I want to message her so bad but I shouldn't. I'm one more gulp away from bad decisions.

No. 949975

I've fallen so low I get flustered when I hear mention of the country my husbando is from

No. 949994

Gore below

No. 950011

I actually feel pretty bad for jannies sometimes and the shit they have to see

No. 950016

File: 1635245846804.jpg (140.75 KB, 817x830, oyas.jpg)

Thank you for the warning anon. It's particularly bad tonight.

No. 950058

I can pass as a normie in my daily life when doing mundane shit, but as soon as I get vaguely close to someone my weird girl side always comes out at some point, whether it's with coworkers or pals I'll always end up saying something autistic or having my interests being apparent.

No. 950060

You're my fav kind of person, nonnie

No. 950108

why would I have a fetish for any of that shit? it might just be my retarded hormones speaking for me

No. 950124

American culture that gets inserted everywhere is vile and sad
And liberal leftists sjws that bring entire collection of arguments that may not have anything to do with the natives are most insufferable people on the planet
Its an entire class of people who's schtick is to just get under your skin

No. 950129


Exactly kek Its incredibly common and of all things how is that strange?

No. 950171

This makes me feel better anon, I'm extremely self conscious about my weirdness and I try not to leak it (especially with my coworkers who are upper class turbo normies), thank you so much.

No. 950314

File: 1635273145053.gif (5.43 MB, 268x295, tumblr_265c1e1a8f0b8ca302bbe1e…)


Wanted to update you all on my idiocy. I just took a step back from my phone and stopped being a freak, cancelled the shopping meetup and stopped talking to my ex friend. Ended up having amazing sex with my husband a few days later with all my pent up frustration. Thanks to the anons who ridiculed me, it really helped.

Anyway as a confession I'm still having wet dreams over Bob odenkirk and I need someone to take my ovaries out because whyyy

No. 951055

there's a youtuber I watch whose breasts look twice as big as they used to despite her not looking like she gained weight and I really want to know if she got implants. she totally does not seem like the type who would. every time I watch her videos I just get distracted looking at her breasts trying to figure out if they're fake or not. I'm straight so I don't know why I'm so preoccupied thinking about another woman's breasts. this can't be healthy

No. 951068

I'm starting to see my former retail job with rose tinted glasses, which is dumb because I wanted to quit all the time when I was there, it's just that I worked less hours so I had more free time and I got along with my coworkers much better. My current job is way better on all the other points, but since I only remember the positives I can't help but kinda want to go back there (when I actually don't).

No. 951074

Just curious, who is it?
Ot in the ot, but it's crazy how many creators I follow got implants and went from normal and healthy to "I think I'm coming down with something" constantly sick and tired as soon as they got the surgery. Breast implant illness is real, and if men were the target market implants would be highly regulated or illegal by now.

No. 951077

I’m in my college class right now and I have no bra on kek

No. 951087

is it possible that she was/is pregnant?

No. 951101

Sometimes I pretend to be my own boyfriend and talk shit about myself on 4chan.

No. 951107

what kind of shit talking

No. 951109

I don’t see how people can do this without massive nipple chafing. Are my nips just extra sensitive?

No. 951111

Stuff I find cringe and annoying about myself. It’s interesting to see the reactions.

No. 951112

File: 1635343590542.jpeg (14.42 KB, 739x415, heck.jpeg)

This is so dumb, but I want to regain fluency in my native language, but the idea of talking with my mother in our native tongue is stopping me.
She is very insecure/narc and never skips a chance to bring me down in her smug condescending way. It's gotten ten times worse since I started a career and have been succeeding in ways she never has,she is so petty and critical just an hour with her drains me for the rest of the day.
It would be her dream if I tried to use our language again because I would make constant mistakes and she could infantilize me, correct me, and feel superior every time we spoke.
On the other hand, I love the language and want to reconnect with it, and it's her fault I lost it in the first place because she never made an effort to get us books or classes, even though they were readily available. She was too passive when all her children switched to English at home,and then blamed us when she got embarrassed by her home country friends when they saw us speaking English to her. She blamed literal children for finding it more comfortable to speak English in an English speaking country than keep up with a language we could only use in our nuclear family, that we had no books, media or lessons in since kindergarten when we left home country. I guess this is another version of my guilt and shame over her not parenting me, and then acting surprised and disgusted when I acted like someone who wasn't parented.
I have spent years building my life and unlearning all the toxic shit she taught me. This language keeps calling me back but man, I don't want to give her the satisfaction.

No. 951119

How common is the language? Could you relearn through translated books/movies? Your mom never has to know about it.

No. 951134

If it's not a tiny language spoken by like 200K people, you can probably find language partners to chat and practice with away from your mother. There's whole websites dedicated with.

No. 951237

It is common, I can definitely do it by myself if she wasn't in my life,but I see her often and she is extremely nosy so I can never keep things from her for long without outright lying.

No. 951276

When I was in the hospital for a while I had to use a bucket chair for the bathroom. I had a lot of wires attached to me including treatment stuff and I couldn't reach the room's bathroom. Everytime I'd try to nicely ask a nurse to dump out my shit from it some would pretend they didn't hear me and leave it sitting in there or they'd get so annoyed with me while they did it. I wasn't even able to dump it out myself like what the hell? They even gave me laxative powder due to the other meds I was on so it's not like I could help it. Only one guy nurse would check it and immediately dump it in the toilet. It pisses me off how the only two things I ever asked for, water and some bathroom help they didn't care to do. If you wanted to become a nurse wouldn't you expect to deal with shit and vomit? I cried during my last day at the hospital because I was so happy to be able to walk freely at home without some nurse taking their day out on me.

No. 951279

File: 1635356065588.jpg (62.12 KB, 396x691, bag of water.jpg)

I think I look vegan. I'm not even vegetarian

No. 951304

I'm really sorry you had to go through this. I know nurses are humans too and they deal with a lot of shit but jfc not being able to give someone water etc is just cruel

No. 951325

File: 1635358947223.jpg (57.75 KB, 564x705, qyzw9k1t9yh21.jpg)

These are the same type of nurses who then go home and virtue signal via Facebook posts and corny tshirts

No. 951344

stop looking like a musty hippie then and start wearing some proper shoes

No. 951378

i feel guilty for liking my rape(bait)

No. 951394


No. 951395

Elaborate? Could you be confusing your body’s “positive” automatic response for your actual feelings? I’m just genuinely curious tbh

No. 951396

I think you can find recources and even just liten to internet videos of content creators, especially if it's russian (assuming from picrel). I know quite a few people who are also born to different flavors of russian speaking women and half of them don't speak the language just because for some reason their mother didn't find it important to keep speaking to them in her native language. I think I kept a solid grasp on the language but am still embarassed when I meet native speakers because I realize how simple and limited my vocabulary is.

No. 951403

What are the responses usually like?

No. 951422

tell me you're Russian without telling me you're Russian

No. 951506

it's merphy napier, a booktuber. I don't think she's pregnant because she's currently adopting a kid with her husband, but she had a son in the past so it's possible.

No. 951551

OT but can you suggest some other booktubers actually

No. 951572

my favorites are emmie, books with brittany, alexandra roselyn and chandler ainsley (chandler mostly reads romance but I like her personality) I used to really like merphy but she has mostly switched to graphic novels

No. 951586

men with large cheekbones and that 'chiselled face' look frighten me

No. 951617

Some are flattering (>tfw no gf like that, I’m jelly, blah blah), some are humbling (yeah she sounds retarded and should knock it off, etc).

No. 951619

Same. That gigachad picture scares me, and not in the good way.

No. 951622

Thank you anon! My watch later list looks really cosy now

No. 951629

I baited my boyfriend into jerking off while I was "upstairs and busy" and then I got into a vantage point that he couldn't see me from but I could see him and then I recorded him jerking off. And then I ended up c*mming while watching him.

I have never been more turned on ever. My heart is racing.

No. 951639

Do you think he knew you were watching? How did you bait him?

No. 951649

Woah anon, you will get banned, how dare you write such a heinous word even if it’s censored?

No. 951660

Creepy and weird.

No. 951663

BASED now post it

No. 951666

This is kind of weird tbh

No. 951668

He 100% didn't know. He thought I was all the way upstairs (I set it up that way). I baited him by telling him I was taking a break to masturbate but that I didn't want him to join in. Then I started sending inappropriate messages and links and waited with my phone pointed towards him so I could see him without needing to crane my neck around. Stupid phone only had 4 minutes of recordable film tho so I had to sneak back up.
I didn't want some scrote to get off on my confession so I censored kek
Yeah creepy and weird to record my actual boyfriend masturbating without him knowing for sure. I don't deny it, that's why it's in confessions.
But voyeurism is my thing, now you can go post about it in kinkshaming thread.
I'd neeeeeever ever ever ever upload that without his consent and I'm not sure I'd want anyone to see it anyway

No. 951671

I mean, you do you I guess. I just can't help but think of how gross I would feel if my partner recorded me without my consent for their fetish.

No. 951705

If your "thing" involves violating someone's consent then you never need to act on it.

No. 951707

Disgusting scrote-tier behavior

No. 951709

I've been with my bf for 5 years. We've taken stealth pictures of each other (in a loving way) our whole relationship, he's taken pictures of me resting naked in bed after the shower and it took me a couple of months to even realize he had those. It's what we do.

They're for me and my eyes only. And he's my boyfriend, probably for life so. meh

No. 951710

What the hell is a stealth photo

No. 951711

Well I hope the coom was worth it because those pictures of you are already online and in random men's masturbation collections. It's what those kind of scrotes do. No man who takes creep pics keeps them for his eyes only, including yours.

No. 951712

You've never taken a pic of your partner sleeping or without them knowing so that you can lovingly stare at it later? damn. well do we do that to each other all the time.

No. 951713

I thought you meant stealth like when a man removes a condom during sex, but yes I’ve taken cute photos of my bf while sleeping (not sexual)

No. 951715

Okay now I actually feel bad that I recorded my bf jerking off without him knowing. I feel like if I tell him now though, he'll know that I can watch him without him knowing.

The duality of the average freak lolcow user…

No. 951720

File: 1635385191137.jpeg (73.67 KB, 960x712, 5E31B77A-8227-450A-A0C5-ED0691…)

My nostril is now deviated from all the sniffle snacks I’ve had over the years and will this stop me from future use? Probably not kek

No. 951729

The real gross part about it is the lack of consent. It's a huge breach of trust and if he found out about it he might believe you'd use it as blackmail if something goes wrong in the relationship (men do this). Ask his permission next time, he might be into it. Scrotes are easily memed into fetishes. You could set up a "hidden" camera that he knows about and come up with a code for when he's ready to do the deed, so you know you have his consent to watch but it still feels voyeuristic enough to excite you.

No. 951732

This is genuinely great advice, nonny. I appreciate it.

No. 951734

I swear there are some real pussies in these threads sometimes, who gives a single fuck about a worthless scrote getting recorded? I'm only worried if anon gets caught.

No. 951744

Damn you're edgy. I'm sorry that we don't all let our seething hatred for men prevent us from knowing right from wrong.

No. 951745

This is creepy, rapey, and you know it.

No. 951747

who cares? men put cameras in toilets to watch women piss and shit

No. 951749

Gee, it's almost like recording people without their consent is wrong or something.

No. 951752

Men aren't people.

No. 951755

"rapey"?? I don't agree that all men are useless and I do agree it was creepy but rapey is absolutely not the right word here, it was anon's boyfriend, not a date or some friend.

No. 951762

File: 1635390055077.jpeg (50.19 KB, 480x722, sausage-and-broccoli-quinoa-bo…)

Lately, I've had a horrible diet. I eat so much sodium, sugar, saturated fat, and bread. The bare minimum I stick to is eating within calorie maintenance and avoiding fast food and soda. Today all I had was a bagel, a pack of ramen, and orange, some cheese, and a few pieces of chocolate. I feel like I eat really well for around 4 months (protein shakes, veggies, fruits, salads, non-processed, non-instant microwave foods, etc) and then go into at least a month of eating like shit. I think a large part of it is feeling like I don't have enough money for fresh food which is just a poor excuse because I could at least be eating dirt cheap beans and rice meals or vegetable soups.

No. 951771

Your pic looks delicious.

No. 951775

Said no male ever

No. 951782

File: 1635391473309.png (88.33 KB, 500x525, edgy-sonic-oc-www-picturesso-c…)

Yeah it is, don't start with the mental gymnastics. If your moids filmed you in private or took your clothes off in your sleep you'd care.

No. 951783

Nta, but I hope it goes well for you and you're able to enjoy your kink in a more consensual way. Obviously idk your bf, but I'm sure he would've said yes if you just asked him to indulge you.
This is the confessions thread. If someone posts something "wrong" and you get offended that other anons judge them, that's your problem.

No. 951784

do you know what rape means anon?

No. 951793

Anyways, yall still pussies, assuming you're women to begin with, only a man would give a fuck about such a non-issue and making whataboutisms and false equivalencies about some random scrote being "abused". Women abusing men ≠ men abusing women, don't get it twisted.

No. 951797

Bc one of the first porn I ever watched involved a sex doll, I have a lifelong fetish and every time I get super horny I think about saving up and shelling out 1-2k for a good quality silicone female sex doll. I have a long term bf who knows about the fetish a little bit but probably doesn’t realize how deep it runs and definitely doesn’t know how many times I’ve researched buying a sex doll.

No. 951799

If you think that violating someone's consent is okay in certain circumstances then maybe it's because you don't actually think that it's inherently wrong, and it's not a "false equivalence" to point out that you wouldn't want the same thing being done to you, retard.

No. 951800

Want to know what's even more pathetic? I have on more than one occasion considered buying a realistic sex doll just so I could pretend I had a female friend to hang out with.

No. 951802

Original anon… tell me why that’s part of why I want one too. I want to build my dream bestie and cuddle/hang out/do whatever pervy stuff I wanna do when my bf is at work…. I’m a creep

No. 951803

Only a retard would find it this hard to understand what the confessions thread is for. Every single anon who posts here knows that if they post here, there's a high chance anons are going to judge them. Anons come here to post shameful and wrong things they've done (that's why it's called the confessions thread), and clearly the OP recognizes she did something wrong. There's always one anon (like you) that needs this explained to them in like, every thread.

No. 951815

Yeah same. I don't really care to do pervy things but only because my sex drive is really low in general, but definitely cuddle and kiss, dress up, talk to, and read to. I also always wished I had a twin or a bestie that liked to twin with me, so I would like to dress us in matching outfits and try to do my makeup like her printed on face, probably thot it up online with her like a total cringelord. It's weird how much I've thought it through and fantasized about it, but living with my bf prevents me from doing this stupid thing thankfully. If I were single and living alone I would definitely have gone full retard and bought her by now. Nice to meet an anon as loony as me kek.

No. 951816

I laugh when I hear stories of moids who have/had an ED

No. 951822

No. 951823

Why not?

No. 951825

What do you think of male rape victims?

No. 951827

I used to find it interesting and even seeked it specifically out for the novelty when I was younger, but nowadays I feel a little betrayed when I find out that a shoujo/josei mangaka is a man.

No. 951828

What does that have to do with an eating disorder? The narcissism for them to think we care about their body

No. 951829

I don't are about anyone who has an ED to be honest

No. 951830

No. 951831

Are you fat?

No. 951832

Healthy Weight not anachan

No. 951833

I think that the annual dozen of them are all very sad, and 100% have been raped by other men.
it's vanity & self obsession made manifest. I feel bad for them like I feel bad for anybody who lets a bad habit consume their life, but it isn't a special thing at all and at a certain point they chose their physical appearance above all else.

No. 951834

Yep, you're definitely fat. Post BMI.

No. 951835

Dreaming of being besties with you and our dolls, anon. I will dream of us all riding off into the sunset in cute outfits together.

No. 951837

NTA but why do you care?

No. 951839

There's no real way to say this but sometimes in long term relationships, after a while certain levels of "needed consent" are stripped away. As long as you are not physically assaulting your partner or sharing things of them outside of your bedroom, pretty much anything goes after a long time of dating. Unless you otherwise state it!

It's not "rapey" at all, that's a weird way to phrase it when they mentioned being with their boyfriend for 5 years already.

No. 951840

Why not?

No. 951841

They are projecting their fantasies and writing them out. Just weird.

No. 951842

Anachan alert? BMI is shit. If you think 130 pounds is fat then sorry to burst your bubble nonnie.

No. 951844

Is that your weight? What's your height?

No. 951845

Yep, sorry typo.
No actually, but I expected this response.
It's not the fact that they have an ED that I don't like (I understand it's a mental illness), it's the superiority complex that so many of them seem to have. A lot of people with EDs seem really shitty. Same thing with personality disorders, it's not the fact that they're mentally ill that makes me dislike them, it's how they act.

No. 951847

I disagree that it's a mental illness. I can't give myself schizophrenia (no matter how much time I spend on imageboards) but I could "give" myself anorexia by giving into the impulse to restrict my calories in an unhealthy way. Just like I could "give" myself alcoholism by drinking when I should be more responsible.

No. 951848

5’5 or 5’6 For height
Being obsessed with BMI is dumb. It doesn’t determine body fat compositions.

No. 951850

Oh wow, twins!
>I can't give myself schizophrenia
Sure you can, that's what tulpas are all about.

No. 951853

I'm 5'4" and 300lbs. who wants a piggyback ride?

No. 951854

Damn fatty
- 5’7 and 225lbs

No. 951855

Sorry for deleting >>951845. I personally think someone has to have a mental illness to do something like that to themselves. I couldn't be anorexic because I'm not mentally ill enough to do that to my body, and then actually delude myself into thinking it will make me look good. I imagine most regular people are the same.
I don't think anyone considers substance abuse a mental illness, it's just an addiction usually caused by something else. I can feel for people that are alcoholics.

No. 951856

ikr and you're my goal weight ;((don't use emoticons)

No. 951859

Sweet dreams nona. Fate will bring us spergs together someday.

No. 951860

File: 1635397060428.jpg (85.92 KB, 883x662, geeksbeeks.jpg)

lolcow.farm meetup when??

No. 951873

You can't look at someone like Ashley Isaacs and say it's not a mental illness, come on. I do agree that it's absolutely possible to 'give yourself anorexia' but it develops into something real and serious.

There is a massive spectrum of severity when it comes to anachans though and judging by online presence a massive % are wannarexics who cry all day about not feeling valid because they're a healthy weight. Like, maybe you aren't valid and maybe that wouldn't matter if you didn't glorify 'the good ED' like a fucking teenage retard.

No. 951874

Never, it'd be too dangerous. Half of the anons will start a huge fist fight because of some silly misunderstanding.

No. 951878

neuralblender looking asses

No. 951995

I watch the YouTube videos ‘binge eating tw’ and other videos. These girls have said lives but it’s so addicting to watch. I’m not Ana I just somehow found these videos from mukbangs

No. 952129

File: 1635421351849.jpg (113.87 KB, 1024x683, 1625547967025.jpg)

Meetups only bring out the bottom of the barrel of a group. It would be the 3 cringiest cunts on here, myself included, representing the whole place.

No. 952170

>that pic
Damn, Robert Smith, Big Brain Meme and Doctor Octopus in one place?

No. 952171

I'm not ashamed to say there are at least 3 guys I'd fuck in this pic without a bag on their head. Maybe 1 or 2 I'd hold hands with in public.

No. 952173

be ashamed, they're all ugly lol

No. 952177

I think it's the reverse cheerleader effect! As a whole, they all look ugly… but when you single them out…… and make some minor changes….. they could be fine.

No. 952186

Would you hold hands with PUSSY NIGGA?

No. 952187

File: 1635427677722.png (945.89 KB, 1024x683, the only doable guys.png)

no his hands are probably sticky


No. 952196

No, even by themselves they're ugly. There must be some horrible looking men where you live, anon…

No. 952201

I'm sure all the people you date are 10/10, huh?

No. 952212

i would never go as low as dating them, but i would take them shopping, they need help

No. 952213

Compared to those guys? Yes.

No. 952226

Watch out we got a Stacy here, ladies.
you don't have to lie anon, I know you've never dated anyone before or if you did, they were utt bugly

No. 952238

I don't think you have a good idea of what ugly is considering >>952187

No. 952244

nta, why are you caping so hard for some 4chan males kek is your boyfriend in the pic?

No. 952272

File: 1635433755072.jpeg (86.09 KB, 639x669, B0322DDE-9038-49BE-9D49-935178…)

I remember dreaming of having one of these when I was an scene tard during my teen years, I think I will try making my own once I learn how to sew so my inner retarded teen can feel happy.

No. 952275

File: 1635434126043.jpg (149.43 KB, 636x716, 1554459060259.jpg)

No. 952281

Intimidating aura

No. 952283

Nice deflection
I'm not caping that hard, it's just I chose a hill (see >>952171 and >>952177) and am prepped to die on it. I genuinely don't think the guys that I singled out are that bad and as I said, if you made some changes to them, they wouldn't be that ugly. If they were individual and not lumped into this entire ugly bunch, I don't think they'd be considered "ugly". Average, at the LEAST. I'm not saying they're hot. I literally said that I just wouldn't be ashamed to fuck them. Just take a look at unconventional attraction thread. There are ugly men that people want to fuck.

it's really not that serious I just felt like doing a silly thing and sticking by what I said, not gonna fold like a weak PUSSY NIGGA.

No. 952284

amazing skill

No. 952297

It's okay anon. I've rode edgy 4channer cock before myself and if you know what you're doing they really make good pets, especially if they're younger than you. It's nothing to be ashamed of, just a somewhat self destructive phase. Do discard them after a few months though, they start really hauling the emotional baggage onto you after that and start sending wojacks and whinging about wanting to kill themselves (idc). One shall not breed with a PUSSY NIGGA indeed.

No. 952322

I hope to god your bullshitting(which you likely are)

No. 952324

you sound like a 4channer scrote yourself

No. 952342

you will never have a mommy lolcow gf

No. 952365

One time I sat behind this girl in class in middle school and slowly plucked her hairs out one by one. She'd be like "OW!" and then turn around and look at me annoyed but I would literally just sit there like "…." and look at her for a bit and then turn away. She did it a few times lmfao. Idk what was going through my brain that day.

No. 952400

Did she just never call you out for it? That reminds me of how I sat behind some fakeboi and her bf in one of my classes in high school. The bf used to bully me so I would just gleek on them periodically and then act like I was writing/concentrating really hard when they turned around. I used to gleek on people when I sat on the top bleacher during assemblies too.

No. 952415

She never called me out actually. Just angrily said "Ow!" a few times. Then I stopped hehe.

But I can't believe you committed bioterrorism anon! kek

No. 952421

I accidentally dumped a hazardous chemical down the drain in a chemistry lab, now I feel like a piece of shit. Lord why am I so retarded.

No. 952523

That's cool

No. 952559

i always lie on this website, but they are believable enough to get replies and infights about the post and it makes me sometimes feel bad that people get riled up about the lie

No. 952585

Kek are you the one in the coof thread posting Holocaust shit?

No. 952594

My boyfriend is in the hospital because I sucked his ball too roughly.

No. 952612

oh wow, you're so cool and dark for lying on the internet!

No. 952639

same i do this because i love to fight

No. 952641

It's hard to believe that someone would go on the internet and tell lies

No. 952644

You just know oral anons' breaths stink of athletes foot

No. 952690

File: 1635455954811.jpg (116.8 KB, 703x900, DHhdNztVoAAuc4X.jpg)

no, but also how can anyone believe me when i already outed myself as a liar..im a fool

No. 952735

It's cute. Follow your dreams anon ♥

No. 952820

We’re anonymous, keep us entertained with lies, we’ll never know either way

No. 953064

I know it's not like lezzies are contractually obligated to like her, but I still feel bad that I feel absolutely nothing when I look at or think of KStew, in fact I'm a little annoyed now from the overexposure

No. 953209

i contribute absolutely nothing to this place. all i do is shitpost and bait anons into infighting

No. 953287

a lot of black girls look like men without makeup(racebait)

No. 953290

i thought victoria pedretti (love quinn from you) was like mid 30s but shes only 2 years older than me wtf
idek why, she doesn't look like she's mid 30s really? something just made me think that. maybe bc joe looks older. i dont know

No. 953292

White woman tend to look older.

No. 953295

but im a whitoid and i am commonly mistaken for a teenager especially when i dont wear makeup kek. i think it has more to do with actual face shape/facial features
her hair being parted down the middle ages her too imo

No. 953296

I see it half and half. You either look like a toddler or a middle aged woman at 20.

No. 953302

sounds about right kek

No. 953329

She doesn't look remotely old and isn't aging prematurely, she seems older because her character is a mother and we tend to assume 30+ for that.

No. 953420

Tangential to your point but I suspect her PR team's doing mad work boosting her stuff because I've never once watched or searched anything related to that those You and Bly Manor series but I keep getting her interviews in my Recommended

No. 953435

somewhat related, I knew a missionary couple(who were both white previously) but after a couple years of service they both WELL incredibly non-white looking in a couple years, the guy especially he was almost as dark as an Indian, his beard reached his chest and had became a bushy and he looked more like a Taliban fighter then the white missionary dude I used to know

No. 953436

i'm sick of you.

No. 953469

Stop making these crackhead posts lol. What are you trying to gain

No. 953580

A guy in my class is clearly into me, so I started to low-key ignore him because now that I know I feel weird around him, and don't wanna risk leading him on.
The thing is, we have stuff in common and we get along, plus he seems respectful enough.
I know in the back of my mind the true reasons for me rejecting him are 1) out of spite of my friend group that was pushing really hard for us to date at the beginning and 2) I refuse to believe I can't do better than some ugly awkward weeb

No. 953737

One time my best friend and I got into a fight for 3 days and I swear it was worse than a break up. I couldn’t eat or sleep, I was crying and depressed the whole time, hurt, and even had to miss a day of work over it. I’ve never told her and I don’t know if I will. I know she was hurting too but I feel insane for getting that upset.

No. 953810

This is a kind of confession I'm a bit worried about posting since I don't want to get "hi AGP male"'d, since anons keep posting how women aren't actually voyeuristic towards their own body, and masturbating in front of a mirror is like peak AGP tales according to some. Lately one of my methods to get off is taking pictures/videos of my own breasts, I'm not sure why I'm attracted to my own body. Of course I'm deleting everything after, it's my worst nightmare that someone (like my nosy mother) opens my camera roll and sees just series of images of me half naked. Also I'd never consider actually sending anyone nudes, I know how that can easily come and bite you in the ass later.

No. 953816

I don't take pictures but I'm somewhat similar. It's just a flavor of autism I think. I wouldn't tell people but I'm not really ashamed of it either.

No. 953822

Sometimes I feel bad because I can’t eat terrines nor pâté because some years ago I had so much of them, that I got bored of them.
I can’t tell many people about it because they will think I’m gloating or something, but it’s just like that, and it’s not like it’s that expensive to be considered a luxury, but most people just think it’s a “rich people food”.
I can still enjoy caviar though, so that’s nice.

No. 953827

>terrines nor pâté
literally what

No. 953828

I'm missing my ex. He would play video games and I would watch him. It was so comfy. But he also fucked me when I didn't want to.

No. 953840

Did you mean foie gras, you fucking commoner

No. 953892

I literally said it’s not a Luxury.

No. 953895

She said she can't eat terrines and she can't eat pâtés either. They're two different food.

No. 953896

My life has been at a boring standstill since a break up and big move about 3 years ago. I'm bored and I'm boring and life is like groundhog day. Then I met a guy a few months back.. instant attraction and we have alot in common but I'm a pussy, a boring and intimidated pussy with too much spare time to think about him. He has a life and probably isn't thinking about me.

New celeb crush just kicked in lately… ahh that's the stuff. A pleasant distraction. I'll obsess over him instead.

No. 953900

i just never heard of those before, all the accent symbols surprised me. i feel like an uncultured redneck in this thread lol

No. 953902

it sounds like you're just confident about your body imo

No. 953914

File: 1635539478615.png (12.17 KB, 389x82, 5DE4295A-D192-4C92-8D3D-74B6AC…)

Sometimes I like to fuck around with cows/flakes and pit them against each other. The e-famous cosplayers in socal are the most fun to fuck with because their public images are entirely hinged on their fake friendships with one another. So if you say anything negative about them, the immediately turn around and start attacking who they think is talking shit about them.
>picrel is from when I posted proof that Dawn/tsikyocos was lying about getting robbed on a Tumblr gossip blog and she “exposed” Zekia/aru.rinh as the owner because she thought Zekia was the one posting proof. (“Exposed” in quotes because it was obvious Zekia is the owner but there was no solid proof)

No. 953918

When I was younger and mostly when I was a virgin I had a kind of self attraction going on. I had a pretty ideal body and I do like women. It stopped as I got older and slept with other people. Tbh I forgot it even happened til reading this. Mirror and all yeah I was doing what trannies do.

If you're youngish or not terribly experienced I think it's a fairly normal phase. Or I'd like to think it is lol. There's an element of 'feeling yourself' involved in masturbating in the first few years. It's the first body you ever get sexual with. Maybe you're not even inexperienced but I don't think it's that odd either way.

No. 953923

I agree with this anon. If you're confident and horny at the same time it's easy to be turned on by your hotness. You can't fetishize your own womanhood, that can only be done by outsiders aka men.

No. 954016

I block the internet access to Whatsapp all the time when I don't feel like replying to people's messages but still want to browse on my phone.

No. 954028

The funny thing is that I'm not really all that confident, if anything looking through the images while deleting actually makes me feels worse and realize that I need to work out and lose a bit more weight. And yet I can still get turned on by my own breasts.

No. 954032

I wish I had nice boobs, it's one of my biggest gripes lmao glad you can at least appreciate your own ones anon

No. 954034

Avoidant? I used to do this all the time kek

No. 954039

File: 1635547704404.jpg (110.5 KB, 1080x1080, 1635289661916.jpg)

I haven't washed myself in over a month. I only wash my arm pits and hair, and brush my teeth. People still tell me I smell nice.

No. 954041

At least you do your pits and hair… honestly I hate that I'm like this though, do you?

No. 954193

Sometimes yes, I do. But I often feel like I can't help it, I always had problems with basic routine. I also forget to eat unless someone reminds me about it

No. 954211

Not to sound 2edgy but I don't think I ever experienced love. I'd be only abit put out if family died and mad I won't have someone to ask for money/help. Left for college and rarely contacted them, I didn't miss them at all. Always drift apart from friends or ghost them. I wish I could feel close to someone but its impossible.

No. 954213

A while back I didn't fully shower for over a week so I feel you, anon. I actually got my mom to wash my hair in the sink as well. It's tough times out here having routines sometimes.

No. 954398

File: 1635578326474.jpg (376.05 KB, 1500x1047, 1617135514520.jpg)

kind of bothers that me that male fandom spaces are generally just weirdass men who don't actually voice being in a "fandom" whatever, but women fandom spaces are often composed of moralfags, fakebois, and "women" (trannies). it feels so unfair kek

i think there are like two generals on 4chan where i can discuss my fujostuff without worry that i'll be chewed out for enjoying a spicy shonen ship or incest or something

No. 954431

Literally all the things women in fandom are frowned upon for doing are also done by men in a way worse manner. Women get yelled at for shipping high school students, while men make lolisho porn and no one bats an eyelash. Women get yelled at for shipping enemies together because "aboose!!" while men make graphic fanart of characters getting gangraped. Women get yelled at for shipping gay male characters with females while men make graphic porn of canon lesbian characters taking dick. And so on. Sure, women in fandom do nasty shit too, but overall women are held to much higher standards than men are, almost exclusively by other women. Sad.

No. 954512

I'm openly troonphobic now, I don't care anymore. The other day we were talking with some friends about a former coworker who trooned out (never met him at this stage) and I was saying stuff like "that's gross, he looks ridiculous". My best friend also can't stop sending me stuff about the musician Arca, I either ignore it or answer "I don't care about this dude". If it can peak trans some people, good, and if I lose some friends, whatever, at least it weeds out the retards. It helps that I don't hang out in kweer circles and I thankfully can't get fired from my job for wrongthink (and I don't think my coworkers would be pro tranny shit).
On a related not my brother was hanging out with my sister the other day and we used the word troon she apparently frowned, I knew she was vaguely a libfem but I wasn't expecting her to be a handmaiden, what a shame.

No. 954513

I've been rewatxhing kuwtk specifically around the Bruce turning into caitlyn etc and honestly it's so fucking weird and disturbing. Abomination is the most apt word to describe transsexuals.

No. 954519

That's such a western thing though, in Japan fujos draw quite some fucked up shit and everyone's just like "eh, do your thing, they're not real people anyways". It's funny when westerners try to moralfag Japanese artists and just get ignored.

No. 954531

I feel this. it's even more frustrating when you just know that half of the most loudmouthed moralfags are definitely the ones secretly bookmarking the weird shit they claim is so bad on second accounts. it's a tale as old as time at this point

this is a very good take, and I'm going to remember this in the future. you make great points!

No. 954539

I'd honestly love to see an earnest explanation for how westerners in fandoms refuse to separate fiction from reailty compared to Japanese fandoms.

No. 954544

stay safe though, they can be unpredictable.

No. 954555

Because somehow it became an accepted view that media representation IS reality and has a 1:1 effect on reality and so even an abusive romance in a TV show is problematic and "literally glorifying" abuse. And from the way I understand it, japanese men still look down on fujos while they masturbate to their loli porn, it's just that there isn't such a mainstream school of thought in analyzing media that is accepted by the majority/loud minorities.

No. 954574

i want to drop out so badly

No. 954575

it's so bizarre seeing my (black African immigrant) mom fall for the antisemitic conspiracy theories my (white European) uncle keeps talking about. they're actually good friends and he's very proud of her and his brother-in-law's biracial daughter (me). he's not even hateful towards most groups, much less if they're also christians, he just has a huge hate boner for jews (and a smaller one for muslims). weird.

No. 954579

Exactly, I mean, the best examples are coomer artists.
The people who made the “Ankha” video are not being cancelled for orientalism, sexualization of a motherfucking cat, and cultchural appropriation.
Shadman is still drawing characters that look like children, some of them based on actual teens, getting fucked and nobody is mad at it.
That dude who makes disgusting “Bimbo” shit also sexualizes uwu the pwoor mwen of color in his “art”, and nobody is trying to tell him to fuck off, or to kill himself like how some fujo artist are being told to do so.
Hell, the moment you see a comment of someone trying to call them out, coomers will deflect using the “it’s just porn bruh”
And it’s okay, I guess?
But because we have to coddle every single faggot on earth, we have to delete our shit and get blocked by everyone because we’re l i t e r a l l y killing people, promoting some random shit and being evwil.
I’m glad there’s still women who are not giving a fuck about moralfags, who are still doing their art, but with how aggressive these idiots are, I wouldn’t be surprised if anything that has an attractive guy would be automatically attacked by some ayydens and handmaidens.
And yeah, yuri stuff is untouchable because it makes men’s dicks hard, so are straight drawings because they’re always done from a male’s POV.

No. 954583

Literally the only time I see yuri or het being criticized is when made by women. and the criticism always comes from other women. sad.

No. 954604

I hate my 4 year old nephew. I know it's not his fault that he is the way he is since his father is a major asshole, but my sister is divorced now and trying her best to raise him. Due to her workload and life in general, my mother has told her that she and I can help babysit the kid. I never liked kids from before, but I am at a point now where just seeing his face and hearing his voice fills me with rage. He screams at us and hits us, throws tantrums and only wants to eat candy and drink soda. I have to do everything in my power not to yell at him. Sometimes I worry I might hit him or push him because he makes me so angry. I hate that I'm expected to help out just because I'm a woman. I made a decision to never have or work with kids because I know they deserve a caretaker who actually enjoys being in their company. I tried to explain my feelings to my family, but they called me lazy and said that I'm just making excuses not to be helpful. Yet they have the nerve to correct me if I dare discipline the kid or raise my voice, because apparently we are only supposed to use positive reinforcement despite the kid just laughing in their face and hitting them when they try to calmly correct him. He's stopped hitting me because I took away his iPad and hid all his toys after warning him not to do it again. He raised all kinds of hell for 20 minutes and then cried in grandma's arms until he fell asleep. I was told off for being too mean, but at least he's never hit me since.

No. 954617

When I was a NEET, my sister was a BPD mess who just gave birth and was having court disputes with the baby daddy and didn't want to quit her job. So her 2 kids fell to my lap during weekdays(I consented on exchange for small pay).

What I learned during that time is that children crave order and schedule, gentle but firm discipline, and attention/affection from those who mete it out. They are like miniature autistic humans, cannot handle too much control and choice in their life or they lose it. If you let them pick when and what they eat, guess what, they'll never have a real meal. If you let them pick when to sleep, they are staying up all night staring at screens. They end up feeling like shit and misbehaving even more, which is how the baby and toddler I received and cared for several years were at the beginning.

Once it becomes apparent that you actually uphold your threats, only give privileges like sweets and videogames to reward good behavior and not as a given, and praise them when they do things like clean up on their own, most kids turn into little obedient puppies. It's exhausting though and you need to keep up the benevolent prison warden act, and there is a rare case of demon children for whom this won't work for. Usually they have parents with no backbone.

It's a shame when the benefits of all this are negated by ignorant adults like in your situation. Same thing happened when my sis took her kids back to their no-discipline home for good. They reverted to screaming jungle creatures.

No. 954677

you all know that a scrote would think it was hot, what anon did. coomer brains are not the same.

No. 954692

>this entire post
you're right
i do recall that things didn't used to be this way, though. e.g. tumblr was once just a haven to be as weird as you wanted to as a girl, now it's infested with antis and shit

No. 954695

Jesus I'm sorry anon. This is like my personal nightmare, I'm the same as you I am not a kid person at all. Honestly proud of you for keeping your cool, setting that boundary with him is probably the kindest thing anyone's done for him in his short life.
I think it's cruel to just ignore him outright and blank him because he's not your responsibility, he is a human being after all, but is it possible to avoid him by being out of the house when he's there?

No. 954697

The only way to win these games is to not play. They may call you lazy, but remind them again who's being asked to watch the kid because the lazy baby daddy stepped out of the picture? They're bullying you and projecting because they know they can't ask the scrote to step up because he won't. They need you, so you tell them they need to start listening to you or you won't do it anymore period.
When I babysit, if the kid is being a shit I take away playthings and privileges while stating what the little turd did wrong. We all give warnings, but they're meaningless without enforcing consequences. Tantrums be damned, I taught myself to enjoy the screaming fits because it's the kid realizing they don't have all the power they think they do. Barring that, I just remove myself from as many situations of watching a bratty kid as possible. The parent can either listen to me about their brat's behavior or they can go pound sand.

No. 954708

You need to meet some non-4chan men anon, that OP was extremely creepy and (normie) men have boundaries too

No. 954710

>Tantrums be damned, I taught myself to enjoy the screaming fits because it's the kid realizing they don't have all the power

This is key. Making their tantrums laughably powerless and ignorable is the only way to stop them. (I'm >>954617). Another thing is to say "I can't hear you when you're being so loud". I conditioned them into borderline whispering if they wanted something from me because they had no concept of indoor voice.

No. 954716

If you are forced to care for him there are things you can try.
>positive reinforcement instead of punishment.
When he does something good praise him and reward him. Withdraw your attention when he misbehaves. Young children like nothing more than their care givers attention.

>do an activity with him

Reading to children is one of the most effective ways to keep them calm and usually puts them to sleep. When I volunteered at a community nursery I could start reading a book out loud and within five minutes there was complete silence because all the toddlers wanted to hear the story. You can also try sitting at a table and drawing with him. If he likes the iPad you can download a basic drawing app and get him interested in that instead. If he won't sit down and join you, pretend that you are enjoying what you're doing and having fun.

>remain calm

Children will pick up that you're stressed and either become stressed themselves or use it as a excuse to cause mayhem.

>tire him out through exercise

Take him outside in the garden and kick a soccer ball around or play catch with him. Outdoor exercise seems to burn off a lot of aggressive energy in young boys.

No. 954743

"Because fiction affects reality and makes problematic things more normalised"

No. 954768

I had lesbian sex with an anon from here and afterwards the only thing she showed me was a bunch of anime boys she saved on her phone and then left. Never again

No. 954782

Same oh my god

No. 954790

lmao how did you even meet? storytime

No. 954802

this triggers me man

No. 954803

was any of them Komaeda? be honest.

No. 954805

wtf tell us more

No. 954806

Sometimes I pretend to be ESL online because I think it's a bit cute and people can't blame me if I sound retarded.

No. 954822

>Yet they have the nerve to correct me if I dare discipline the kid or raise my voice, because apparently we are only supposed to use positive reinforcement despite the kid just laughing in their face and hitting them when they try to calmly correct him.
The catch 22 of being a woman, expected to care for kids but not allowed to have boundaries or punish them. But the kids bad behavior still gets blamed on you in the end. This is why I just started ignoring my younger brother since he was 8. I'd be dragged into caring for him and all I got was him hitting me insulting me and ppl in the family criticizing how I'm not doing enough. And it's ok to hate kids, you can hate anything that hurts you. He'd slap my ass and pull my hair but I was just expected to bear with it because "he doesn't know what he's doing!1!". Bullshit, he had a gleeful cruel smile every time. This is how men end up being entitled to womens time and bodies.
I'm seen as a heartless bitch since I started ignoring him but atleast I don't have to deal with that shithead anymore.

No. 954834

Your family is raising the kid to be a failson. If you're not even allowed to correct his behavior and help set him on the way to becoming a well-adjusted adult then what is the point of even "helping"? Goddamn I hate folk theories about parenting so much; clearly "positive reinforcement" isn't working if the kid is acting feral.

No. 954844

How dare you use our opressed status!!!!

No. 954851

ROFL i do this when i dont want to talk to men

No. 954911

I'm technically not esl (or not as esl as most esl people) as I grew up bilingual but I say I am whenever I make retarded spelling mistakes. Like I wrote "undergrownd" once, I needed a good excuse

No. 954944

I created a new tumblr account to write really spergy posts in which I complain about everything in general, but especially about stupid internet trends and fandoms. I haven't posted a lot yet and I seriously wonder how long it will take until I'm banned for saying that trannies are not women and will never be women.

No. 954949

There's lots of gc/rf ppl on there I don't think you'll be banned unless you go out of your way to harass some tranny

No. 954964

I'm not going to follow anyone so I doubt I'll find anyone to harass to begin with. I'd also be surprised if anyone who'd hate to read my blog found me and decided to report me.

No. 954970

tumblr is full of super terfs and has been for years. Like the other anon said, you have to really double down on harassing tranners to get banned.

No. 954975

File: 1635639549892.jpeg (110.54 KB, 750x806, EDC8E650-F102-4DAA-A2E8-7AC942…)

I like it when intimidating women get called “sir” by their inferiors.

No. 955002

File: 1635644519637.gif (4.68 MB, 544x640, 7A47101D-32EA-4D51-A104-0FEDE7…)

No. 955009

I slept with my middle school crush, I've liked this man since 8th grade and I never really stopped. I was so excited and in such disbelief I got lightheaded during and we had to stop for a bit. He's saying stuff I've never heard from my useless ex's like if I got with him my money would be mine and his money would be my money too, if I lived with him he'd pay all the rent. He said he was raised by all women and that if he really likes a girl she should be treated like a queen. This is the push I've needed to end things with my neet boyfriend.

No. 955012

Forgot how much I love this character, where can I ask for suggestions of anime with bad ass female characters like her? The less men the better they’re always portrayed in insufferable ways and I don’t care about their self imposed depression and rape culture.

No. 955016

this isn’t radblr please go back or integrate

No. 955026

>this isn’t radblr

Prove it

No. 955066

File: 1635650828068.jpeg (62.12 KB, 720x731, 132F58A0-3F64-425B-8820-559CC9…)

I enjoy having loud sex. I also hate being heard when having loud sex.

No. 955149

Lots of words yet no actions except having sex with you and I assume he knows you're unhappy with your boyfriend. Just go be single.

No. 955362

I feel terrible about it but sometimes I really do wish my sister would just pass away. She has BPD and realistically she’s never going to get better. Every time there’s a family get together, everyone just silently prays that she doesn’t show up because inevitably she’s going to get sloppy drunk and start fights, cry, or both. She’s catty as a high schooler but absolutely loses her shit if she perceives anyone as being “mean” to her. Being around her is constant walking on eggshells.
We’ve tried getting her help, she doesn’t want it. She’s in her thirties and still thinks everyone ELSE is the problem. And it’s been this way for pretty much her whole life. It’s never going to get better.

No. 955367

I say let him put his words into action, it'd be great if he's for real.

No. 955439

Whenever I feel like trooning out would be easier than living as a butch lesbian I look at FTM cringe to slingshot myself back to reality. Then I look at myself in the mirror and feel like a chad compared to those depressed tubs of lard.

No. 955455

I hate farting and I wish I didn’t have to fart, or that at least it wasn’t considered a bad thing, like, everybody farts.

No. 955458

So which one is it, do you hate the action or just the social stigma?

No. 955530

Another bump it's been posted twice.

No. 955533

The social stigma mostly, I don’t mind farting until I feel like I need to fart or die when I’m around others and forget my pills.

No. 955587

File: 1635704328191.jpg (16.12 KB, 558x280, ccelebritiesfotogypsy-rose-abc…)

i think about her a lot

No. 955595

File: 1635704481919.png (2.43 MB, 1493x2048, Screenshot_20211031-103739.png)

Things I'll never forget:

>Stopping our bar crawl to look at the construction of the stadium and marvel at the beauty and chaos of gentrification architecture

>Jogging with you and sitting in the park together when we were too tired to go on.

>Holding your hand and running across the bridge

>Playing darts in old dive bars

>walking through deserted parks and sitting in silence.

I know we can never go back and I love how we are both so happy now with our new lives, but I wish i didn't take our time together for granted. I wish I told you how special you are. telling you now would be a violation of most of my morals but I have an unrelenting urge to tear down every barrier and hold you. In my dreams we kiss and have sex but in my daydreams our relationship is asexual and my mind drifts to holding your hand and hugging you but nothing beyond that, which is how I know it's not real. I love my marriage and my partner and you are just a mental block I need to remove to make my marriage stronger. I love you, goodbye.

No. 955612

File: 1635705019778.jpeg (67.67 KB, 828x828, 4a3241b8cd80f93b2bfd77155d61b4…)

I love butch women. Never change (unless you 110% see yourself as a man and not masculine I guess). Masculine women are great here's some inspo for you. I feel like a lot of online LGBT+ culture pushes that if you exist outside of standard gender roles you have to be non-binary they/them. Be you anon.

No. 955617

File: 1635705239493.jpg (44 KB, 560x337, 15d52ec8f5191a01049ece694c7be3…)

Breaking Bad gets a lot of shit for being a moid show but I think it's fun to watch.

No. 955620

walter pinkman

No. 955623

It's legitimately my favorite show. I've seen it all the way through eight times, it's to the point now where I'm analyzing what colors characters are wearing n shit.

No. 955645

Isn't there even a whole wiki dedicated to exactly that

No. 955655

For real?? I never interact with fandom related anything anymore, not since MLP:FiM

No. 955668

File: 1635706891135.gif (1.42 MB, 500x282, 8v9O.gif)

No shame anon sometimes things blow up because they are actually great.

I love the spinoffs too.

No. 955671

File: 1635706979554.jpg (1.02 MB, 1799x1296, Breakingbad-colors.jpg)

Got that mixed up, not a whole wiki, but a page on the wiki. https://breakingbad.fandom.com/wiki/Colors

No. 955680

So cool, thanks for sharing anon!

No. 955718

File: 1635710179258.png (13.53 KB, 462x367, 53425878553.png)

it's stupid but i get a rush of excitement whenever someone uses picrel because i slapped that nonny text on it on a whim for a thread on /m/ and now whenever someone uses the image i feel like i have made one (1) useful contribution to the farms. it warms my heart.

No. 955720

It's iconic anon, it's one of my favorite pics from this site

No. 955722

can you make more please

No. 955763

Thank you, anon. ♥ It's good to hear from women who love butches; I work and volunteer in pretty liberal leaning circles where being butch is "problematic". I get quizzed about my pronouns and "gender identity" a lot and it's extremely tiring and demoralising. I love the picture you posted! She actually looks like an older, white version of me with the haircut, glasses and tattoos kek. It's corny, but I love seeing butch women just existing and being proud of who they are.

No. 955786

File: 1635715541631.jpeg (54.7 KB, 415x415, 95504884-38BE-467B-9B66-FD9F25…)


No. 955793

File: 1635715858826.jpeg (171.37 KB, 1280x720, 2540EAFA-B912-43C3-BF96-A05993…)

I’ve always hated that hermes print, every product they make with that graphic reminds me of the osaka grandma meme

No. 955812

They look fun

No. 955833

Normally I find relationship and family drama boring but I love reading forums about divorce.

No. 956053

We make fun of lsa but I'm thinking of signing up there just bc of the initial restriction on posting. Having to read dumb takes and trolling lowers my iq I swear.

No. 956061

No one’s buying it elaine.

No. 956065

Are you on a schizo spree or something about undercover Elaine, I keep seeing "ok Elaine" today

No. 956069

I think so this anon called me Elaine in meta

No. 956073

It's because you're that transparent. It's also several different anons.

No. 956075

File: 1635730056596.jpg (39.08 KB, 686x457, EaC4dJWXkAEPmJL[1].jpg)

I am in a Discord server with 2 NSFW channels, and I have seen the stuff of the bad art threads getting posted in both. Tbh I wish I could post on the threads some of the stuff of those channels that haven't appeared yet.

No. 956076

you're not gonna see any smart takes and non-trolling from there

No. 956140

I wish I was given the opportunity to be able to stress over my education and future while growing up. All my energy growing up was put toward chores, siblings, and trying to process all the abusive bullshit that was constantly happening. Maybe I'm just trying to cope because now I'm an agoraphobic neet but know there are people worse off than me managed to make something of themselves.

No. 956253

I have multiple simps that constantly buy me food or take me out to eat because I keep complaining about being broke. They know about each other and they know that I only want to be friends with them but they still do it. They're probably hopeful I'll date/fuck them if they simp hard enough but I won't. I just want free food. Also they're fun people to be around so despite them being simps I still enjoy hanging out with them.

The confession part is that none of my friends or family know about it and I don't want them to know either. It's basically sugar dating isn't it?

No. 956255

You like hanging out with them, you're not leading them on, they might be desperate and hopeful but that's not your fault. I see no issue, they need to take responsibility for their own simping.

No. 956300

Thanks nona, that what I tell myself too but I still feel guilty I guess. They're all lonely and various levels of ugly so they desperately cling to me as their only source of female attention. It's kinda fucked. But I'm not forcing them to stay around so I shouldn't feel bad right? They're free to leave whenever they want.

No. 956306

one of them will probably murder you for "leading them on"

No. 956337

They're pathetic but you are too. Tolerating the company of desperate shitty scrotes isn't worth any amount of food and really says a lot about you.

No. 956339

It's not sugaring when you're getting IHOP meals and steam games.

It's sugaring when you get things of high value and go places the average scrote won't (can't) provide.

No. 956350

She says she enjoys hanging out with them, so if that’s true it’s not so bad in her end. She’s still getting way more out of it, moids are literally just good for money and entertainment anyways. It’s mostly pathetic when there’s sex acts involved or if she genuinely hated these men imo

No. 956357

Doesn't matter when she can be spending time with female friends who are entertaining as well as care about her as a person, instead of treating her like a sex ATM. She is still giving her time and energy to retarded scrotes. She feels guilty because she knows she is lowering herself to be around them just for cheap food.

No. 956400

I wish my best friend would dump her inconsiderate, lying alcoholic scrote boyfriend already. Mostly bc she doesn’t deserve it but also lowkey I love her and think she loves me too but won’t let go of this fucking moid for some reason

No. 956404

Kek this is exactly what I did when I was single and it was a sweet ass gig. Ignore the seetharina telling you you're "pathetic" for hanging out with them, if their company is tolerable then so what? We need validation and ego boosts just like men do, at least women have the decency to be honest about it instead of using deceit like pretending we want committed relationships unlike what scrotes do to us. If they're buying you a meal and taking you out for anything more than $50+ for a couple of hours then that's way less work you'd have to do at a job to treat yourself.
Have them take you shopping too.

No. 956439

I think that anon is jealous honestly, she can moralfag all she wants but anon isn't even fucking them, she isn't exactly having a bad time either and scrotes are being useful to her, i see no problem

No. 956451

How is it jealousy and moralfagging? I just see it as her wasting precious time on scrotes who intend on treating her like a sex ATM instead of forming meaningful connections with others or enjoying time on her own. It's just further enforcing the fact that men can gain access to women if they pay, as if women are objects providing a service, even if that service is their time and company instead of sex upfront. Her time isn't worth it even if she gets free meals out of it or other vapid shit out of it, because she is lowering herself to spend time with men she wouldn't have otherwise.
Also for the record, I think boyfriends and husbands should absolutely pay. It's not about uwu the poor men, but the silly notion thinking that taking random scrotes' money sticks it to them or something. It really doesn't.

No. 956480

You’re missing that she said she enjoys hanging around these man well enough and she isn’t sleeping with them. It’s on them if they’re treating her like a “sex atm” (gross and obsessive of you to keep saying btw) when she’s not putting out and she’s having a fine time while getting free shit. Chill.

No. 956485

Original simp anon here and I wasn't expecting my confession to start a war lmao. No I'm not fucking or even hugging them, I go out to eat with them or we play video games and order take out and I genuinely think they're fun to be around. What makes them simps and not friends is that they usually pay for everything. I'm jobless at the moment so without them I wouldn't be able to go out at all.

I've known them for so long that they would've done it already if they were going to lmao.

They're fun to be around though and I talk to them on discord all the time without getting anything in return.

I would never prioritize simps over my actual friends though, I'm jobless so I have plenty of free time for both.

I actually agree with you in that women are not objects to be bought and I can see why you got so riled up about it. I don't want to defend myself because to be honest, I don't know if these guys would hang around with me at all if they weren't at least a tiny bit hopeful that I'll fuck them. And while I like them I wouldn't hang out with them as often as I do now if they didn't take me out. So yes that does make our relationship transactional and inherently antifeminist.

No I feel guilty because they pay for me. As in, I feel bad for being treated all the time and not treating them in return even though that's kind of the point of them being simps and not friends.

No. 956533

File: 1635789030071.jpg (47.85 KB, 500x747, c0b725ee2793ed2ef509f23b99671c…)

I tried weed for the first time in my life last weekend. I only tried edibles because I have chronic bronchitis and didn't want to damage my lungs. I was…unimpressed? I felt super tired with a bit of a weird motion lag, dizziness, and some odd audio hallucinations. I also got the proverbial munchies and terrible cotton mouth. I tried it three times over the weekend, and honestly I prefer drinking. I just didn't want to do shit while high but am usually very motivated when I drink, if that makes sense? Idk, bf seems to prefer getting high, but I think I'll stick to booze for now.

No. 956538

good for you!

how is she wasting time? just because you see it that way doesn’t mean it is that way, especially when she literally stated that herself. people don’t have to live by your standards to act correctly. you just sound mad that someone - a stranger online, in fact - would dare to do something you find silly. jog on

No. 956542


You prob had a indica strain. Sativa is what you want for a more productive and creative high. Drinking usually makes me feel like shit so I personally prefer smokin'. Glad you didn't have one of those bad paranoia experiences though

No. 956544

I just scrolled past this: without reading prior replies, this sounds like a recipe for sexual assault and rape, sorry to say. Men are crazy fuckers and it's a miracle it hasn't happened yet, is your dad a cop or something?

No. 956545


I would give you my approval for using men like the objects they are, but I'm worried about your safety. One of those scrotes might snap and try to hurt you nonnie. I'd advise you to get a trusted friend that always knows where you're at when you interact with these guys.

No. 956546

>They're all lonely and various levels of ugly so they desperately cling to me as their only source of female attention. It's kinda fucked.

oh no chile you gonna die nononono fuck. Just buy some damn noodles. I promise at least one of them has an obsessive interest in you that they're concealing. It's just a matter of time.

No. 956553

You know what, you're absolutely right nonnies. I've seen it first hand how guys who can't handle rejection react when rejected and I don't really want that to happen. I had convinced myself that by rejecting them by making all the "rules" clear from the get go I could avoid that but we all know how men are. I'll go eat my noodles in shame now. Thank you all I didn't expect my confession to spark such conversation but I'm glad it did, it was nice to hear everyone's opinions and viewpoints.

No. 956560

Edibles don't work well for everyone and are also pretty random in their actual strength. How high you get depends on how well your body absorbs the cannabis oils in digestion, which is very different between people. In comparison, smoking puts it right in your lungs so there is some variability but not as much.

Key to being productive with weed for me is to smoke or vape only a very little bit. And the only edibles that have worked well for me are the hard candies ones, I think because as you suck on them you dissolve the cannabis oils in ypur saliva better than by just eating. Taste nasty though.

No. 956564

I was an anon who defended you but this was definitely in the back of my head, I just saw someone else already say it kek. But yeah, definitely safer. I get where you were coming from, but the risk isn’t worth it. You never know.

No. 956573

Stupid question incoming, what would her dad being a cop mean?

No. 956574

If I had twins I would get an abortion because I only “want”one kid.

No. 956577

He’d be able to gun them down without getting in trouble. Easier to track the guys down etc…

No. 956583

I'm doing something that I know is morally wrong (something that scrotes are usually accused of doing), but I'm not apologetic about it. I want to keep doing it. If I stop I feel like I lose, and if I confess what I've done and quit then I risk losing even more.
I'm living my life like a man does and I want to be able to keep having it all while telling myself that what people don't know won't hurt them. I feel like as long as I'm not physically hurting anyone then the moral guilt is just imaginary bullshit.
I know it's cope but I want what I want.

No. 956586

What are you doing?

No. 956587


No. 956601

I know it’s fucked up

No. 956619

Sounds like she's cheating on someone and if that's the case I hope karma gets her.

No. 956622

I thought it was a troon confession but what you said makes sense. She’s an affair slut!

No. 956627

I thought she was fucking an underaged scrote or a scrote who is younger than her.

No. 956628

Just say you’re emotionally cheating and go anon it’s fine

No. 956631

I thought she meant cheating but it says she's not physically hurting anyone and I think most people understand that risking someone elses sexual health without their knowledge kinda is physically hurting someone. So now I dunno.

No. 956634

Spill the drama living life as a man with my scrote ways, anon

No. 956637

File: 1635795204619.gif (793.78 KB, 295x284, download.gif)


spill the tea, we won't judge

No. 956639

yeah its an anonymous woodworking forum anyway, not like any of us hereknow you

No. 956641

I hate when people don’t go into detail like you did. Nobody knows who you are. Cindy from Iowa we don’t care just tell us what’s up.

No. 956646

It's already pissed off all the cheated-on bpd nonitas before I even said anything. What's the deal with farmers calling "troon" on everything recently? Is it projection? Won't hurt my feelings.

Cheating on my fiance with a guy who likes to give me everything I want in bed and has got a big dick.
Fiance has smallish dick, rarely has libido, and can't keep it up when he's even in the mood. He thinks about my sexual needs sometimes but needs the help of toys to use on me or else no dice period. ​He's good in other ways and I love that he's obsessed with me and prizes me. Romantically there aren't issues. Yet the lack of sexual gratification is killing me. He's refused to go on actual performance enhancers–the best he's doing is maca root woo powder but there's no science behind it, he might as well shove quartz up his butt to clear bad chakras–or attempt to find out what is wrong with his fertility since he wants kids so much and yet we've gotten nothing despite over a year of raw fucking.
Had I known I'd be this sexually frustrated I might not have agreed to his proposal, but I think he knows and is avoiding the medical issue for fear that I'd leave him once the problem is confirmed. Would I? No, my life is too comfortable and I have security for the first time since I was a teenager and I've worked too hard.
I'm finally advancing in my career in a way that my fiance, who's older than me, has stagnated on for years. I feel like I'm on the edge of emergence professionally and I feel fucking hot.

It's moid behavior but I find it hard to have remorse, even as someone who's been cheated on for far, far less. Who knows, maybe I will come to regret it and stop but it's not right now and I still intend to profit from it for as long as possible.

We're both clean and the other guy has the snip. No risk of that.

~Seethe incoming~

No. 956649

File: 1635795588793.jpeg (240.5 KB, 1080x1920, 90724A20-2006-45CA-8797-E1FE88…)

I love my boyfriend and I can't deny that maybe 10% of why I love him is because he eats me out 11/10 and buys me whatever I want.
Plus, I get to bitch about troons and our equal hatred for porn.

No. 956652

File: 1635795708750.jpeg (15.57 KB, 267x189, 268C82EC-62B8-4660-8CF7-AD5FF4…)

Either I’m overexposed to crazy shit or that was more boring than I expected.

No. 956658

Sounds nice.

No. 956661

Everywhere I've gone since childhood people have hated me. Family members, classmates, teachers, people at work or volunteering, people in hobby clubs, etc. I can accept it must be my fault but I honestly don't know what. I just want to become a shut-in at this point.

No. 956662

I feel like the best thing would be to just end the engagement. It sounds like you're pretty set in your career and could live without your fiance, who seems more a burden than a boon. Sexual chemistry is important, as shown in your confession.

No. 956667

You’re gonna regret it hardcore. I know it’s easy to say that you should have dumped your fiancé before anything got serious with the other guy, but it’s the truth. This is so fucked up. I don’t know how old you are, but you seem young. Also, if you have stability in your career, why do you need your fiancé? Go be a single woman and keep hooking up with a man who knows how to give you dick. You’re gross but you’ll learn.

No. 956671

Is there anything you’re doing? There has to be one person that can stand you.

No. 956674

It's pretty boring ngl. Sorry anon.

No. 956677

She tried to spice up her wording just to tel us she’s doing some real housewives bs

No. 956683

>Also, if you have stability in your career, why do you need your fiancé?
To pay the half of the mortgage and utilities so I don't have to be the financially uncomfortable single career woman living in a high COL area. I'm greedy and don't feel like going through the headache of separating. I just want my all, and if he's still happy then I don't feel like I'm neglecting him. His ignorance is my bliss.

No. 956685

He’d be paying the full mortgage if he was a man.

No. 956686

I got so bored reading I didn't even finish. What I gathered from skimming was she has a kind attentive boyfriend that makes sure she orgasms with toys, but she just "needs" a big cock to be completely satisfied. But at least she'll understand when the men she prizes above all others based on penis size only ditch her for someone with better body part something

No. 956688

Pretty sure she’s fucking her boss but won’t say

No. 956689

LOL, cause that would could never bite you in the ass.

No. 956690

“ I'm finally advancing in my career in a way that my fiance, who's older than me” confirmed fucking boss

No. 956691

Agreed. But as it stands I outearn him and most modern men aren't looking to bankroll their women now that liberal feminism has dictated we get to be house maids, laborers, and splitting costs down the middle lest we're leeches.

>But at least she'll understand when the men she prizes above all others based on penis size only ditch her for someone with better body part something.
Men don't get with you for your personality.

Oh gads no.
I'm a pretty competent worker and earned my promotions. Female directors actually love me and I've got a great reputation.

No. 956694

Then what is the tie you and your boyfriend have if it's not personality. If you feel the sex is lacking then he probably does. I hope he has something in the works. He's probably just using you if you earn more.

No. 956695

Interesting to know nonnies! I only tried a chocolate bar variety, eating a half of a square at a time. I ended up hitting my limit at 2 squares, think it was around 20 mg? But I'll definitely try to see if a different strain works better.

I don't know if I'd be interested in a long suck hard candy. It really does taste gross. It tastes like weed smells, I just don't get the appeal I guess.

No. 956696

She’s a young sugar momma. He can get her for alimony if they ever get married and then divorced, but doubt that would happen. She probably found this guy as a safe choice and now regrets it.

No. 956703

I didn't say it's not a tie, but it's not number one contrary to fairy tales.
Men's number one reason for getting with women are physical attraction first and foremost. I think our personalities and lifestyles are certainly the bond that made us come together, but most men are honest enough to admit that if you weren't someone they were physically attracted to, then they weren't ever gonna pursue you.
A man who tells you looks aren't important is lying to you. When they start to age out and grow old is when they begin to relax their standards since even they're not so deluded to believe they'll get young women as old men. Unless they're millionaires, and we all know how that shit pisses the public off.

He's still a pretty solid safe choice, imo.

No. 956704

Anyone who bothers seething over this is retarded, it really is just moid behavior. Will be best to minimize damage by stopping with one or the other before anyone finds out bc that's inevitable, though, sorry nona.

No. 956706

Of course the first thing you seek is attractiveness in a partner. Do you find him attractive?

No. 956710

Yeah he's attractive, but it's not everything as evidenced by the lacking sex life.

No. 956723

good for you nona

No. 956728

I would love to offer this guy that I know a bj or an ongoing thing where we swap oral. I feel like the chances of rejection are close to zero but I can't get the guts to just do it… I'm not even some dumb teen.. I'm in my thirties and going through some sorta sexual peak right now. Fuck me what is my life.

No. 956733

What kind of work do you do?

No. 956737

I work in finance and escort on the side

No. 956740

This is what happens when you waste time with old scrotes ladies

No. 956743

I feel that… It's like they see weakness and go after it like sharks.

No. 956746

as soon as i saw
>who's older than me
it all made sense

No. 956749

What is it these people do or how do they treat you or behave around you that makes you draw the conclusion all these different people hate you?

No. 956754

Nta, but this explains a lot lol

No. 956755

>Give me dirty looks
>Make smirking or annoyed faces when I try to add something to the conversation
>Repeat stuff I just said in a mocking voice
>Pull pranks on me
>Talk shit about me when I can hear them within earshot
>Pick me last for any team and make painful expressions and act rude when I have to work with them
>Sometimes they just straight up call me fat or ugly and tell me I'm not wanted
>Teachers and similar authority figures always singled me out to humiliate in front of everyone else

No. 956759

There has to be something you’re saying or doing. Are you just fat and ugly?

No. 956760

What can I say? I love riding with the big boys.

No. 956762

That response seems like that one anon who keeps pretending to be some other nonnie tbh

No. 956763

Lol what's with anons pretending to be other anons? Weirdo.

Administrative office for big pharma.

No. 956767

Makes sense that someone working in the upper echelons for a soulless corporation would also have no soul.

No. 956773

Not even trying to be rude at all nonny but…..why even stay with your fiancé? Is there something that stops you from getting with the other guy? i’m trying to read the thread, if it’s the escort part sorry I might have misread, disregard otherwise

No. 956782

Checking back to see what the juicy story was and yeah it's whatever. I don't get why cheating confessions nearly always have this "I dare you to get angry" vibe to them. Like you're not cheating on me, I just wanted some juicy details is all lol

No. 956786

lmao how can we take this shit seriously. puree larp

No. 956792

No. 956808

I let a one night stand (girl) fist me and "double vaginal penetrate" me with her fingers and a dildo and loved it

No. 956813

Not op but experience the same thing, yes just being fat and facially ugly will do it. It's an easy ego boost for ppl to shit on us. Seeing those ppl are not human but souless robots helps.

No. 956817

>>956755 Thats sad. At this point i personally would just stopped caring about them. They are assholes. If nobody is polite to you, you can just be by yourself. It doesnt mean you are a shut in. Its nice to find confidence in being alone and not minding it. I enjoy being alone or with animals or nature, its much better than people.

No. 956838

>I don't get why cheating confessions nearly always have this "I dare you to get angry" vibe to them.
Literally several anons were jumping down her throat for cheating before the story was even confirmed cheating and the heaps of outraged moralfagging cement the fact that they're mad.

No. 956839

No she wasn’t specific and anons were asking what it was because she was wording it as scrote behavior.

No. 956841

I experienced this growing up too but it stopped after I moved to a different place. When I was in town for family stuff a bunch of the same people who used to make fun of me wanted to hang out and were overly friendly like they were ashamed even though my appearance hadn't changed. It was really weird

No. 956845

Literally they were guessing it was cheating and being upset about it lmao.

No. 956847

I don’t see any of those as upset? It’s more like nosey

No. 956848

Ayrt, people weren't upset as I read it, more just curious because it was vague.

No. 956860


does he know you're an escort? This story is both boring and confusing. I think you should drop him before he finds out and tries to ruin your professional reputation.

No. 956870

When I was 18 I had sex with a man who I later found out was engaged. Well, sex might be a strong term, he gave me MDMA and parts of it are fuzzy. It was my first time having sex ever and my first time doing drugs. Every few years I remember his name and look him up. He's married to the woman he was engaged to at the time and they have kids. She posts pictures of them all looking happy on Facebook. Sometimes I wish I would have messaged her when I first found out he was engaged. I wonder if she knew he was cheating on her. I'm sure he still cheats on her. I feel so bad that I had sex with him. I tell myself that if I knew I would never have done it but I probably didn't have a choice in what would have happened to me.

No. 956872

I know it probably won't help but it's not your fault and you're not the one who should feel bad here, he is. I hope you take care of yourself.

No. 956873


He drugged you and took advantage of you. It's sick that he has kids. Wish there was a way to let his wife know he's a sexual predator without ruining the lives of her and her kids.

No. 956891

Nonas should I send his girlfriend all the flirty DMs he sent me when he was pretending to be single and ruin his life?

No. 956893

No. 956912

Absolutely, she deserves to know so she can kick his sorry ass to the curb

No. 957013

While your.point about physical attraction is true, the fact you write this while also complaining that he can't keep it up or sexually satisfy you suggests he is actually not in it for primarily physical reasons with you.
Unless he's far, far older a man with that many penile problems is definitely not hugely sexually attracted to you as his primary motivator. So what that nonny said is true; if you prioritize body parts over personalities as you are with your affair, you will get that back. Your engagement is not based on prioritizing body parts, but your future endeavours will be if you continue on this path (spoiler: it's a bad one)

No. 957036

When I was like 5 years old I was constipated and I needed to shit really bad, but nothing would come out so I was in immense pain, my mom came over to the bathroom to try and help me shit. I don't remember the rest besides I kept screaming and crying "Mom! I can't poop!" in a very distressed manner while she tried comforting me. Turns out I screamed so loud that my neighbor, who was also my school teacher, heard it and asked my mom about it the next day when she picked me up from school. My mom later on told her I was constipated and my teacher looked at me in a weird-judgemental-pity-look and I haven't been able to forget her that expression ever since. Like I'm sorry I was in pain from being constipated, but you didn't have to look at me like that.

No. 957132

File: 1635849202885.jpeg (507.76 KB, 1500x1111, mcu-film.jpeg)

This is something I'm not even ashamed off, I have only ever watched 2 MCU films (Thor and Captain America) but that was a decade ago, other then that I am actually proud to say that I have never watched or gotten invested into the MCU

No. 957143

i forgot that guardians of the galaxy is part of the MCU, but you and me both, nonny. i think i watched thor, avengers and guardians of the galaxy. sometime last year i thought i should make it my "project" to watch all the movies but then i see how retarded everyone acts about the MCU and i just forget about it. they're absolutely unappealing movies and i wish they died already. liking the MCU is on the same level as being a woman and claiming to like wine sooo very much, or being a guy and calling yourself a gamer while only ever playing FIFA. absolute bitch ass taste.

No. 957145

Fro some reason I can't explain I'm extremely put off by the idea of being in a loving relationship. I was reading the Nigel bragging thread and I couldn't help but think "I don't want any of this". I really have no idea where it comes from, my parents love me and I was never abused, and I'm staunchly celibate, so it's not like I'm seeking out abusive assholes or anything.

No. 957146

I've only watched the Iron Man films.

No. 957147

Only slightly related, but for some reason the Nigel thread makes me deepy uncomfortable. Probably should go hide it tbh.

No. 957148

perhaps you're afraid of emotional intimacy?

No. 957158

I'm one of those assholes who thinks the fact I was smacked around as a child was a good thing. Well, I'm becoming more self-aware now but in the past I've credited my successful professional life to it; conveniently ignoring how my personal life is usually in tatters because I have a lot of trouble regulating my emotions. The reality is that part of the reason I was so successful in my career and made money fast was because I was absolutely desperate to escape my mother, so I'd work 12 hours a day and the odd night job I could find when I was battling insomnia. Anything to keep me out of her house and line my pockets. Sometimes I'll bitch about "kids these days" like a boomer and say they could use a smack upside the head but I don't really mean it. I'm ok with saying hypothetical kids should get hit but I have younger sisters and if my father of stepmother laid a finger on them I'd chop their hands off so they could never do it again. I rationalise it as "well I was a little shit growing up so I needed to be smacked around". I don't put much stock in therapy but an old therapist of mine basically said that me getting butthurt about kids getting off lightly with shit is because I perceive them to have the easy life that I wish I had myself. I think she was onto something there.

No. 957172

Yes let us know how it went

No. 957177

>me getting butthurt about kids getting off lightly with shit is because I perceive them to have the easy life that I wish I had myself
Yeah I definitely think this is the case.
I'm sorry that you had to go through so much shit when you were young and I'm sorry that you had to grow up with abusive parents. It's quite common that people who grow up in an environment like that rationalize it by going 'I dealt with it so kids who complain about it are just spoiled'. It feels unfair that others don't have to deal with the nasty shit that you did, so you cope by framing it positively instead. My situation has never been nearly as serious as yours, but I used to do this with stuff I didn't have as a child and was jealous of other kids about.

No. 957285

In the last few months I've had 3 different guys stop me and ask about my tattoos, what they are and where I got them done. It always goes the same way, that starts the convo and then they show me their tatts, tell me a shortened version of their life story and tell me their full name and where they work etc.. just offering up all this info I didn't ask for. An hour of random talk in the supermarket. Now I was a recluse for years and I still hold back alot with people. My social skills are rusty and I don't know how to read peoples intentions. I'm not terribly interested in getting a tour of a strange mans tattoos but it's a small town and harder to brush people off here. In the city I'd just keep walking. Here though you're bound to bump into them on repeat so I usually just make each interaction get shorter til we're just about saying hello in passing. That first long talk though is hard to dodge for me.

I don't know if guys are coming on to me. I feel like I've been slow to realise that they might be. I don't know if they want me looking them up or something.. why give me your full name and repeat it before I leave? I never give out my surname, I'm not on fb, I never show tatts that weren't already on show, I don't share my place of work. The more this happens the more I think I need to figure out how to get away politely the first time.

I'm too old to this socially retarded.

No. 957289

>basically said that me getting butthurt about kids getting off lightly with shit is because I perceive them to have the easy life that I wish I had myself

Tbf this feeling is still completely valid as many kids aren't aware of how good they have it and absolutely take it for granted because they will never have to walk in shoes like yours. I have similar feelings because my mother was a monster too, she never hit me but she was an emotional terrorist and narcissist.
I think it's fair to feel how you feel considering the unfairness you went through, although I think you know you should never take it out on people.

No. 957327

Probably, the idea of showing vulnerability disgusts me, and I have low self-esteem to boot.

No. 957355

I know I'll get judged for even being on porn sites, I get it but I do sometimes watch tube sites for solo female clips. I only view women on it, regular women. Lately it's weird how all the ads that are thrown in on the page or popping up to the side are just monster cocked shemales.. like is this my motivation to stop visiting altogether? I've never clicked into anything about that and the ads have just shifted into pure shecock town.

I might as well use this as a wake up call. I do wonder what's up with that though? Why ram shemale stuff down the necks of people not interacting with that content to begin with? I assumed those ads were somewhat tailored based on the categories you visit. I dunno now but.. bye.

No. 957366

I'm starting to hate the term NLOG as someone who feels perpetually alienated by most people. I can barely socialize and I struggle to relate to most people let alone "normie"-type women my age who enjoy going along with gender roles. I don't look down on anyone or think I'm speshul, I certainly don't even like men or want their attention. I just feel like an alienated unlikeable freak. But you can't even voice that without being accused of wanting to be some manic pixie dream girl

No. 957369

If you're clicking the site and visiting it, they get the revenue they were looking for, which helps them fund and host the rape shit. The only tailoring that's done is tailoring the next low of the fetishes you're supposed to be conditioned into so that you consume more and more shocking content.
Porn was never about sexual desire, so why would porn sites be? Think, nonnie.

No. 957370

>>957355 i guess it's because these things get more and more popular… More than you would think.

No. 957378

Not the anon, but is there such a reality as an ethical porn platform? I’m just curious.

No. 957382

Porn could only be ethical in our current world if all directors etc were female and all the performers were male.

No. 957383

But what about the lesbians, nonnie
They deserve access too

No. 957386

Then the company would need to be 100% homosexual female only and the vids aimed at women.

No. 957389

I support this, I vote you for president

No. 957398

File: 1635880478762.jpg (102.55 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_nns3ohcaKH1sdx4j6o8_128…)

I still cannot stop cyberstalking my coworkers

No. 957399

I wonder just how much money would someone need to be able to make their own ethical porn company.

No. 957457

I think some ex pornstar tried to make one but it flopped. Idk her name but she was redhead and had libfem vids on YouTube. Genuinely confused about why it flopped too, it was hilarious, how can you literally work in porn industry and not understand how male sexuality works?

No. 957463

Obviously they won't make as much money targeting women. On the hand, has anyone really tried? For example dommes and bishie lovers are an untapped market.

No. 957481

Porn will never be ethical. Stop being bores, either attract a real person or use your mind.

No. 957482

If it was just women exploiting scrotes for the sake of other women then it would be a massive improvement,

No. 957503

>Stop being bores, attract a real person
I read this in the same tone as "Stop it , get some help"

No. 957519

YouTuber and ex porn star Paige Jennings tried to make an ethical porn company and it failed, unsurprisingly.

No. 957608

That’s bold of you to assume I don’t get laid, or that I have a partner.

No. 957623

but you can still use your imagination, which is what most people used to do centuries ago. hell even chinese cartoons are more ethical.

No. 957625

I enjoy lurking in the lesbian /g/ thread because it’s entertaining watching a bunch of women larp as men(bait)

No. 957639

Not even centuries, even just two or three decades ago that was the norm for most, if you except the occasional stray magazine in the woods.

No. 957644

got some scrote depending on me right now. i begged him not to. to get a therapist and please please leave me alone in that regard.. fucking suicide baiting constantly. i'm scared. i don't want to be responsible anymore. all the boundaries, i was just on vacation and visited friends.. every other day it was him just ruining my mood, needing me to talk on the phone though he knows i fucking despise it. "but if not now you don't care for me." my friends did not deserve that.

im his only friend only one got him to therapy the alpha male that doesn't talk about his feelings

Give me the permission please to do the right thing

No. 957645

I've never seen Mean Girls, I don't think the film was very big in my country anyway.

No. 957646

Let him die nonnie

No. 957648

I'm so glad i didn't grow out to be someone like you, every time i see a kid being spared of something my mom used to smack me for my soul heals a little.

No. 957649

I've watched it once, forgot about it, watched it again, and remembered I watched this already but forgot about it because it's so forgettable. You're not missing out nona.

No. 957661

Yep. He's just using you anon, sorry. I've been through too many of the same guys to count and they all just want to use you.

No. 957676

tf are we gonna do about this? let me run to an imageboard when i’m in danger like stupid bitch use your brain

No. 957686

I resent my older brother for being schizophrenic. I know it’s shameful but I feel like he brought it on himself from excessive drug use and he’s done nothing but abuse me and frighten me for as long as I can remember. He’s been hospitalized now because he called the fucking police on my mother and told the police my entire family was conspiring to kill him. Even though he’s in the hospital he’s emotionally keeping my mom on a string by constantly cutting off contact with her and then trying to reconnect with her again. Everyone in this house is a wreck and I blame him for it and hate him for it

No. 957695

Sounds like he's a shitty person overall regardless of being schizophrenic

No. 957697

The only thing that motivates me to keep fit is talking to a guy
Pathetic I know. I wish I had the self-motivation to do it on my own

No. 957702

Lmao I have a schizo brother from alcohol/drug abuse too. Don’t feel bad, you’re right in saying that those faggots brought it onto themselves. He’s slightly recovered from how bad it used to be but just like yours, he’s still emotionally manipulating and draining our mom despite being deported from the country. I used to hope he’d die to make everyone’s lives better, including his own.

No. 957824

It's not shameful to resent a sick family member; it's actually very normal and is even a symptom of what's called 'caregiver fatigue' for people taking care of disabled or terminally ill loved ones.

No. 957876

I'm 26 and still think kissing is gross. If there's a kissing scene in a movie or tv show I automatically turn my head away and mute it, especially if there's loud/wet kissing noises.

No. 957877

I told this guy I was going out a long time ago I hated kissing. We fucked but didn’t kiss!! I hate kissing!!

No. 957909

I like some trans youtubers tbh, like Kat Blaque is just so entertaining to me for some reason

No. 957910

You’re so fucking sick in the head!

No. 957916

It’s not a big deal, tbh, as long as they don’t make being a tranny their whole personality, it should be okay. I guess.

No. 957921

>as long as they don’t make being a tranny their whole personality
pretty much all of them do

No. 957925

File: 1635911821600.jpeg (66.02 KB, 512x340, 5790E1B3-945F-41AB-9D8E-00EF92…)

I mean, yeah, but let’s hallucinate so nonnie doesn’t feel too bad about it.

No. 957960

sometimes i miss my fakeboi phase solely because of how much female attention i got at the time. i know it's because i looked like a cute lesbian and not because any of the women who were into me actually thought of me as a dude kek, so i might go back to the androgynous/somewhat boyish way i used to dress at the time and see if it still does me any favors.
if anything i think it'll work better this time now that i wouldn't be subjecting them to gender nonsense

No. 957961

Your a female act like one

No. 957970

Shut the fuck up there's no right way to be a woman besides having xx chromosomes
You also shut the fuck up and just be a cute butch, don't let retards tell you how to be female

No. 957978

File: 1635916415503.jpeg (117.34 KB, 1080x1080, 73F2F6FE-5310-458D-B2EE-E2DF49…)

i want to copy his look. it might look better on me since i’m not an overweight scrote. it might not.

No. 957985

Spoiler that shit, I feel ill

No. 957986

You hungry?

No. 957999

kiss me

No. 958002

Don’t listen to these haters nonnie… its very interesting, i would love to peek inside your mind

No. 958009

I just fucking hate mtf’s or anyone who sympathizes with them. They both make me absolutely hate men and I have to go back to the irl men in my life to feel better because they at least have the sanity to hate both groups.

No. 958026

What are you a scrote

No. 958028

No r u though

No. 958077

Girls with red hair have always some emotional issues. My boyfriend suggested me dying my hair red and i laughed to his face. I don't want to become red girl.

No. 958079

He wants to fuck Gingers

No. 958080

I have emotional issues and always want to dye my hair red so maybe there is something to this

No. 958087

Not gingers he thinks gingers don't have souls and one time got pretty offended when i told him his hair looks gingery in the seeting sun :D …Probably just artificially red haired girls.. but too bad :p(:D :P)

No. 958258

Sometimes I feel so disconnected because I'm not interested in 90% of popular shit. And it's not in a "I wanna be different" type of way, I just genuinely don't like it.

No. 958264

I liked riverdale but I haven't kept up with it since kj apa knocked up that bitch. He's so dumb.

No. 958317

File: 1635951087503.jpg (25.57 KB, 640x360, EZknEyRXkAEUgag.jpg)

It helps me find his character more believable

No. 958321

Can confirm, but I wanna add bleach blondes to this list. I'm only redhead because blonde looks fucking weird with my skintone. Spending a good chunk of time and money making your hair an extremely unnatural colour because being mousy brown gives you hotness dysphoria is a red (lol) flag for mental stability.

No. 958333

I've met my current boyfriend of 4chan and I've never been happier.
All other men I've met, I want to blow their heads off and was never truly happy

No. 958337

does he eat your pussy?

No. 958338

Why's she dumb, what happened? All I know about them is that she's older than him

No. 958344

File: 1635952506279.jpg (91.71 KB, 550x538, 233e0bbc72bbca3ee7f5ab3dc1c368…)

it's the truth; last time I was obsessed with keeping my hair red was when I was an insufferable undiagnosed and untreated cunt, which was nearly a decade ago

picrel the sheer fucking energy

No. 958350

lmao hotness dysphoria. you mean mousy brown is considered not hot ?
i get aesthetic preferences but i never thought you could say this or this color is downright hot (if hot means sexually attractive or arousing), especially most moids would not care i think (aside from the bobs and vagene / viking-evropa type fetishists) ?
am I just autistic ?

No. 958355

Very good. Orgasm always happen. Previous relationship I've maybe cum once while being eaten out and that's with a vibrator

No. 958360

Eh, I’m perfectly okay with slightly fat women, but fat men are a blight on society

No. 958365

I'm eating lunch next to the room where my father in law is and I accidentaly farted so loud, it's almost impossible he didn't hear it gosh I just wish he's sleeping right now please please please

No. 958392

No. 958443

yikes, dont think you got what youre getting

just break it off and accept short term misery, otherwise both you and your fiance will be miserable forever

No. 958446

I love validation

No. 958456

Where the heck did you meet? How did it happen?

No. 958478

I had a job interview two days ago and I think I really managed to trick the HR people into thinking that I am a very confident and sociable person when I am actually a walking mental illness. I trained a lot for this interview. I practiced happy and relaxed facial expressions in front of the mirror, I collected all of the possible questions they could ask me and practiced answers that an outgoing person would say. I even crafted answers about fake hobbies to make it seem that I am active and have a good social life. I even took a pill before which helped with my anxiety. I kissed their asses and faked enthusiasm about working there. My performance was PERFECT. I really hope that I will get this job this time so I won't be a neet anymore.

No. 958517

Your bf says the most vile misogynistic shit around his buds. Enjoy!

No. 958523

I had a friend that used to go regularly to 4chan and he liked sending me paintings, drawings and photo manip of men giving birth from the anus and also had a foot fetish. Your "boyfriend" soon will be wanting you to suck his toes while he gets pegged and yells "faster uncle". Unless your boyfriend is sonic the blue vibrator, that's just how it goes, they're all diseased.

No. 958536

Nta, but it’s true, if they don’t stop browsing 44chins by the moment they start talking to you, there’s no way they won’t get even more degenerate.
And even if they stop using 4chan, they’re already rotten, like, a guy I talked to for a while was into ass stuff, that’s just something they can’t stop being into because their gspot is literally in their ass and they live for cooming.
And another guy I talked to was some self-hating retard who wouldn’t stop talking about wanting a 50’s home with a stay-at-home waifu.
Like, they’re broken, incomplete men who are a waste of resources, same with redditors and any terminally online moid.

No. 958558

File: 1635965369561.png (366.53 KB, 640x640, 2F60657E-EB3B-456C-AA93-D789A4…)

Just fantasized and actually finished for the first time in a really, really long time. (Stagnant marriage, depression, boring desk job yadda yadda) The Mandalorian just did it for me. I am so relaxed and excited for the first time in forever. Now I'm searching for a star wars themed massaging wand and I just can't wait to do this again. I want to go into gross detail but this isn't the place so I might even write a quick little fanfiction for the first time in years. This is indeed the way!

No. 958562

Imagine being so undesirable that the only way you meet someone is an anonymous forum that requires no pictures or truth.

No. 958566

I like shounen art styles more than shoujo. Gomennasai

No. 958571

I agree, I grew up on shounen mangas and shoujos never did anything for me, even when I tried them later. I always found the paneling in shoujo mangas very confusing and hard to follow.

No. 958578

Voyeur anon here… I'm sick… still watching my bf from where he can't see me and nearly shivering with the thought that he'll start jerkin it. Why am I like this… why do I get off to watching scrotes jerk it where they think they can't be seen…

It definitely is scrote behavior and yeah I'm ashamed but I feel a rush like no other. Before we have sex, I pull up that vid I took that one time and watch it because it's more exciting to me than sex sometimes. It's amazing to feel like he's my secret obsession and I'm stalking him..

No. 958580

He yanks it because he doesn’t want sex

No. 958589

Wrong, he always wants sex at inappropriate times (during the work day etc) but I have some issues with physical touch for personal reasons so I usually turn him down. Otherwise we have sex like at minimum twice a week, and are usually gaming or working otherwise so we're too busy.

But that's not my problem here. My problem is that I want to voyeur my bf for some odd reason despite him being my bf

No. 958713

I’m diagnosed with anorexia and when I get really hungry I visit the pro-ana thread in /snow/ or the celebricows thread because it helps convince me I don’t really have a problem and should keep restricting.

No. 958739

I want to plant bait posts for the one landwhale anon who is ridiculously obsessed with- and triggered by ana-chans and the respective thread

No. 958740

Are you anorexic who are you talking about

No. 958743

Just post Anya or Billie along with a hint of praise. Like a magnet kek

No. 958745

ana-chans have never been liked here I doubt it's just one person

No. 958749

Firstly please eat, food is great if you find a cusine you really like.
Secondly i never talked to anybody who has anorexia but i have a question on my mind. When i was young we didnt have much food and the food we had was not very good. I used to eat icecubes just to chew on something but somehow i liked the physical feeling of hunger. Do you also like the feeling or is it only because of how it looks for you? Or both? Im trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with me. These days i dont get the same feeling, i only feel sick all of a sudden when im hungry.

No. 958750

thats common sign of anemia or low iron

No. 958754

Any hair colour can be hot, but men definitely treated me differently as a blonde. My theory is men think a bleach blonde is doing it to please men and it makes them happy and treat you better even if they don't know anything about you

No. 958756

I leave my shirts and sweaters in convenient places for my partner to find and wear because she looks cute in them.

No. 958759

nta but used to be minor-league diagnosed ana, I get what you mean about hunger feeling kind of good. It feels a little bit like excitement or anticipation to me, there's a similar buzzy feeling in your stomach. I think it might have to do with hypoglycemia tbh.

No. 958760

You and the fattie should kiss.

No. 958777

No, I just think her over the top reaction is funny, so I naturally want to provocate.

kek good idea. Maybe also casually mention Lana's weight gain

Yeah but there's one who thinks they're literally hitler.

I think she's too busy with her eating & seething schedule for that.

No. 958781

Ur obsessed lol

No. 958784

The milk in /snow/ got so stale lately, so there's gotta be a replacement

No. 958790

Cows are no longer interesting. The cows in /ot/ are though.

No. 958791

What a retarded confession. Why not post the bait instead of giggling to yourself about it on here.

No. 958822

I wish I had huge boobs. I hate people who start complaining about their big breasts as soon as I say this. "Oh there aren't any cute bras!" yeah the bras my size have 5 pounds of foam built in to have a resemblance of boob. "They sag!" small tits sag too. "The backpain!" me too bestie. Then they show the ugliest fucking prairie dress and complain how their bazookas cannot fit and I'm so lucky I can wear that. I can make a list of dresses that require cleavage though? Can't I just want something shut the fuck up y'all are annoying.

No. 958832

Find us a genie and we can swap boobs babe and no takebacks

No. 958835

you can have mine lol

No. 958836

I can pretend to be a normie for the interview but as soon as I get the job and and start working they realize I'm actually retarded and it ends up not working out. Good luck on getting the job though! If you can prepare for an interview that well even if you are faking it, it shows you have the drive and ingenuity to do something with your life.

No. 959072

I want a blond bf so I can call him Goldilocks or wheaty, maybe treasure because lol Golden hair, golden coins I would be such an annoying girlfriend.
I hope I’m not smothering too much my bff with my affection, I will back out again for a while, she usually tells me that she doesn’t mind, but I feel like I’m using her like some sort of loving bag? Like, I throw all my affection at her because I just want to love.

No. 959077

File: 1635996193062.jpg (73.85 KB, 478x550, 66a2efcec076ee3253df0566485f7c…)

I had to drop a cute, fit Blondie with long hair that actually looked good and suited him… because he was broke and smelled bad. I even made a post about it in the relationship thread. So sad, but it's inevitable. I can't be with a scrub.

No. 959114

If you live in northern europe isn't that the standard for people to be blonde

No. 959129

why would you assume she lives there, she didn't say anything about where she lives

No. 959130

well is she lives in a white majority area in either northern europre or the US and Canada the majority of whiles(other then those of southern european descent) will have blonde hair

No. 959132

just because northern europe has the highest percentages of blondes in the world doesn't mean most of them are blonde, I'm pretty sure the majority of them still have brown hair, could be wrong though

No. 959170

I think Germany and the Scandinavia States have a high% and in the US hte midwest has higher rates due to the large German migration in those regions

No. 959177

I appreciate that my husband does the cleaning in the House but Jesus Christ does he go overboard with the Chemicals, so much antiseptic liquid for even the most amount of cleaning

No. 959233

my dad had to stop having baths with my sister when she was a kid cos she would try and poke his junk and he would get mad, but the fact he would get mad made her thought it was a game so she would keep at it

kids are weird and curious, like the other nonny said, think nothing of it.

No. 959235

He probably doesn't care about it now, he might not even remember that it happened. Your dad definitely did dumb/weird shit as a kid too, it's no big deal.

No. 959239

you realise by doing this very petty, spiteful thing you actually reinforce their woke bullshit and victim status. if they didn't feel oppressed they wouldn't do it in the first place. they enjoy oppression points, you're literally giving them the negative attention that they're crying out for

not only that but it's just generally unkind, they're probably just in a phase/mentally unwell

No. 959240

Stfu you’re so boring. I bet you’d love to have a roulette of simps paying to feed you whenever you asked but you’re not hot enough. Seethe femcel.

No. 959241

add me on discord, nonny, it'll be okay. i'll listen to you


No. 959246

>replying to a 12 days old post
>Reddit spacing
>Generally unkind
It’s also unkind to tell wackos that they’re not god or that nobody is reading their minds.

No. 959562

File: 1636052430434.jpeg (15.13 KB, 474x474, 1611194902315.jpeg)

It makes me unreasonably annoyed when people say the FFVII remake was just as or even better than the original. And I'm not even a hardcore fan of the original.

It was trash. The remake was the biggest piece of shit I've ever had the experience of playing. It's pretty, and I enjoyed being able to spend more time with Jessie, Wedge and Biggs but everything else? Holy shit was it bad.

No. 959609

As a dysphoric woman I can assure you that this "unkind" behaviour is the best thing you can do for a genderspecial. It's easy to get asspats online and be told that you totally look like a real man, but deep down every Aiden knows this is bullshit (apart from a very small minority that actually pass) which is why so many of them are borderline agoraphobic. They know they don't resemble their picrew avatars but if idiots like you play along with their delusion they'll become emboldened. You don't play along with ana-chans and call them fat, so don't play along with Aidens and call them he/him. Yeah they'll complain about "muh opresshun" but trust me, they were gonna do that anyway. 99 people could call them by their preferred pronouns and 1 person could misgender them and they would still focus on that 1 person for the sympathy and aforementioned asspats.

No. 959725

File: 1636060983645.jpeg (67.24 KB, 564x1001, 457612B1-675F-4DE3-ADC4-824F42…)

Tbh, I don’t really live there, I live in Venezuela, blondes are not that common over here, hence the wish to have an exotic looking bf.

No. 959963

I feel disdain for panhandlers who make either their "career" in life to beg at the same spot for years or people that clearly beg for them to get drunk in the evening with the money they got. I seen plenty of those people who were known to be drunks and would feel no shame begging people at the door of a liquor shop or some weed dispensary for change or a freebie. I feel on hard times before and I worked my way out of it. I have my vices like anyone else but I don't let it drag me to the curb. If I can do it, anyone else of these leeches can. It's a matter of will.

I feel the same for these white trash welfare leeches that wait on the first of the month to spend their money on baloney sandwiches, beer, cigs and lotto tickets for the month. I seen these fucking parasites before take turns checking at the banking machine to see if their check came in at around midnight so they can get wasted again. I was walking this morning and I saw coming from one of those welfare tier buildings a fucking hambeast with a small shirt on and a small coat with her gunt freely swinging in the air at near freezing temperatures. It wasn't just that undergut snuggling from under a shirt. It was the full gut out with her shirt barely covering her uniboob. That was a horrific site and people are proud to look and be like that. Absolutely disgusting.

No. 960000

Say you hate the poor and go lol, hear the same shit from my grandpa

No. 960003

i don't think i'll ever have the balls to suicide
and i'm terrified of death
i think i just want life to change and get better for me, but sometimes i don't see the point. kind of tired of dealing with this

No. 960044

File: 1636077125607.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 195.82 KB, 640x743, 0087E43F-B069-482E-AB36-6E221C…)

i've never told anyone this but 9(?) years ago i had my very first orgasm to this image

No. 960053

I hate the you from 9 years ago.

No. 960089

i thought female bronies would be different, guess not

No. 960126

that's ok anon I had my first orgasm when I was 16 to a hentai called king of breasts

No. 960136

kill yourself

No. 960137

No. 960139

File: 1636087414748.jpg (41.1 KB, 554x554, there can be only one.jpg)

Only recently I realized that michael myers is some creep from a bad movie and not the austin powers guy. I think I found out a month ago or something and I feel like my life will never be the same again. I fucking hate it.

No. 960148

I'm afraid that when I get older I won't have the energy to wrestle with my mental illness anymore and end up a bag lady on the street. I feel like I'm just barely scraping by now tbh

No. 960165

Er anon how old were you 9 years ago?

No. 960249

in my defense, i was 12. i started watching the show at 10, didn't know about the clop shit until i discovered /mlp/. i do think it's bad and gross now but i don't think i could help being pulled in back then. i mean i bet at least some people wanted to fuck naruto at some point as a kid, this is not that different if you ignore the context… right? please? just kill me

thank you anon. i feel very undignified admitting this, at least someone shares my shame sort of.

No. 960251

File: 1636105277446.jpg (215.13 KB, 1024x684, Pashtun_people.jpg)

Oh wow then you'll have to settle for some one with dyed hair
there are some blonde people in my mostly brown country but their all illiterate muslim mountain peasants who live in the mountains, the men are considered very handsome not just cause of the hair color but cause they are much taller and actually fit unlike the most skinny fat males in our nation

No. 960300

Kek anon the guy from Austin Powers is still named Michael Myers regardless of the Halloween movies

No. 960464

Despite being close to 29 I still feel some kind of impeding doom whenever I come across a group of teenagers.

No. 960467

Shit. My drug addict ex bf was right that I'm a weed addict. Right I quit tobacco. I'm not smoking a gram a day. But I still get high everyday and maybe its because I don't have any close friends that smoke weed and are successful but I feel like I don't deserve to have kids or have a nice boyfriend. Nice boys don't deserve me. When they find out the lowlifes I associated with in my past they're going to side eye me and dump me. People probably already must imagine mental things for why I've been single for so long. A pretty thing like me. Omg. I don't want to have a kid and then be fucking high all the time and like weird socially. Like if I was high and had a kid literally everything they did would make me either gasp or laugh. They'd be retarded as fuck.

No. 960484

There are plenty of productive pot heads homie, a lot of this sounds like unresolved issues with your ex though.
Obviously, becoming a parent changes your life style, but if weed is the only way you cope with your emotions and anxiety, then yea you’d feel addicted.
However, address those anxieties with a therapist, and see how your relationship with weed changes. Weed should be fun, but it shouldn’t be your only tool to navigate your emotions.
Also, try cbd for a while, give your body a thc break.

No. 960487

Me too. It’s because I know they are hormonal and still developing, so it’s always a gamble. I hate mean girls, no matter what age. (However the movie is amazing)

No. 960495

I will never trust a therapist again after a bad experience with a group of them that turned out to be catty bitches that gossip about their clients.
I'm aware of my emotions. I think I am mostly lonely after dating an addict and isolating myself. I finally have a graduate job and have met a few nice guys but they don't know I'm a weed smoker let alone I like to have a smoke at least before bed or my shady past. I feel like they would not like that and would not accept that my empathy and upbringing let's me feel more comfortable with degenerates than nice people and that I feel like it's only right to I guess isolate myself from good normal societal people. I did know one couple once at a job I had before that smoked and had kids but they're kids never knew they smoked but then they separated and they've both put themselves first instead of their kids and it's like, selfish people don't deserve good things. I feel like I'm selfish with my habit and I worry about how it will effect my future family that I probably won't have because I keep all these walls up

No. 960499

>When they find out the lowlifes I associated with in my past they're going to side eye me and dump me.
It's none of their business and they'll never know or notice unless you tell them.
Note how men are never concerned that their women would look down on their dating and relationship histories. Don't get caught up in their traps, all guys wanna do by knowing about your past is to size themselves up. Nice guys aren't thinking about shit like that to begin with.
>Nice guys don't deserve me.
You smoke weed, anon. Plenty of nice guys smoke a little on the side. Why not shack up with a nice weekender weedie so you can both indulge the habit?

You're real hard on yourself. Don't do that.

No. 960511

Nta, but to add on to what they are saying, I am in happy healthy relationship, and we smoke weed. It’s nice to come home to a rolled j and cuddles.
we still adult, and we want to have kids in the next few years. (We are in our late 20s)
We still work good jobs too, and we are building a future. We don’t drink, like ever, so I feel like we will be better than my drink mom ever was. She should have stuck to weed instead of legal booze and pills tbh

No. 960547


Don't let anyone meme you into thinking you're a bad person, or unproductive or lazy or undeserving of real love because of your past or the fact that you smoke weed.
It's called the past because it happened already and anyone who doesn't get that is still stuck in theirs and will only drag you down with them anyway. Actual decent humans are decent because of their souls, not what people can learn about them in one conversation (like they can with your past). Plenty of people who followed the good boy/girl societal model and they turn out to actually be scum.

No. 960560

File: 1636137174790.jpg (74.71 KB, 750x732, euthentised.jpg)

the guy I'm crushing on is 5'2. I'm 5'1

No. 960561

>my empathy and upbringing let's me feel more comfortable with degenerates than nice people
you sound very self destructive and self hating. don't punish yourself by never trying to improve your social/dating life, ofc you deserve love and friendship from nice normal people who don't drag you down. you should work out your substance abuse issue though. you cannot be a parent and an addict at the same time, so if you want children in the future maybe use that as motivation to stop smoking?

No. 960574

Between the ages of 5 and 11, I used to make this autistic comic about wild horses with overarching story and shit. Now I'm in my 20s and I want to go back to it but with better art etc. Some of my art is public, but I don't want anyone to see this shit, it will be for me only.

No. 960576

I was raped when I was 11 by someone who was 16 then. Sometimes I think that it was my fault…

No. 960593

File: 1636139224890.jpg (68.25 KB, 562x681, 1819c373a52d5c18cd5400f4a1f83e…)

it wasn't, don't forget that

No. 960616

File: 1636141346262.jpeg (27.62 KB, 600x583, 1734C07C-63AE-4349-922C-AA8AFC…)

I have imaginary conversations with people I know. Idk if I just developed this habit from being hella lonely or if I’m just a creep lol

No. 960627

No. 960632

Even though it's been decades since these incidents happened I'm still extremely embarrassed at how often I unironically got triggered in the middle of class throughout elementary and middle school over certain topics, usually if the discussion was about weird things happening to bodies and even normal things like puberty. There were so many times I was either close to vomiting in class, in the auditorium, or ran out the class to vomit, and in one instance outright fainted.

No. 960639

Me too, although I don't imagine irl people I know. I just make them up as if we were best friends since a long time ago kek

No. 960640

me too and it gives me the illusion that we're close when we're not. i'm probably retarded.

No. 960643

samefag, i meant closer than we are. i do this for people i just met too, people i haven't talked to enough.

No. 960651

Me too lmao I feel crazy when I catch myself doing it

No. 960657

I don't ever want to give up weed though. I've been abused since childhood and didn't start smoking weed until I wad 21 or 22 and that was after researching. It's annoying because I'm aware of all the benefits of weed and I don't even drink. I don't do any other hard drugs I don't even drink caffeine but weed fixed my insomnia and if it wasn't for using weed to combat my depression I never would have had the motivation to go back to school and be working in my field now at a good wage. I just feel unclean as a person idk. I know my issues aren't weed and I guess reading you kind anons replies has helped a bit. I just live in a country that's anti drugs because of criminal gangs. I don't even buy off of local gangs I get it online discreetly. I know I would want kids but I really don't want to give up weed. I've greatly reduced my intake of it though and it's not the first thing I think about and even when I get off work I'm not itching to smoke, but it's part of my bedtime routine. I'm tired so idk if I'm making a lot of sense or I'm all jumbled. Probably a mix of both! I hate that sometimes when I get high my dumb ex voice goes off in my head and calls me a loser etc even though he takes any drug going and lives in essentially squalor.

No. 960685

I do this all the time. It's honestly way more common than you'd think

No. 960697

File: 1636146318182.jpg (28.31 KB, 439x250, doremi_pixel_by_mosaikki_deo6y…)

As a kid I used to make MS paint comics using Elouai dress up games as character builders. It would be absolutely ridiculous and inappropriate drama that I picked up from soap operas and movies. I even had a comic relief character without a face that was simply named "crackhead". The comic was made in a huge image that took up the whole screen, and I'd search Google for photographs to use as backgrounds. I remember using the white house as a prop in one storyline, haphazardly editing Vanessa Hudgens and George W Bush into the comic too.

No. 960730

Aaahh anon I would do the same exact thing with those games but I would make "animations" with them in power point. I didn't know anyone else did that.

No. 960742

>>960697 these games! Its such a strange nostalgia and when i see the these characters i weirdly remember how the air smelled when i was dressing them.
>>960730 I used to make animations in powerpoint too but with gif. There were a lof of gifs of unicorns sparkling, running, chilling with butterflies and flowers on google so i put them on a nice backround photo and moved them around.

No. 960765

Me too. When I finally learnt how to make images transparent, I felt like I found a cheat code for life lol.

No. 960782

i hate being perceived by people. i feel like everything i do when i'm outside is embarrassing, disgusting and i shouldn't exist. i wish my therapist helped me figure out this shit instead of telling me i'm beautiful or whatever. stuff like that always goes out both ears because its nonsense.

No. 960793

>>960782 why do you care what others think of you though? Do YOU think these things when you see other people outside all the time? i bet you don't. They don't either. People just don't care, they see you and then they forget you right away because they have their life to deal with.

I think humans are all disgusting and weird and that connects us all. And in that realization is freedom. You can't do anything about it so just fuck it, stop caring about it. Because life is so often disgusting it can be beautiful at the right moments.

No. 960800

File: 1636153788619.jpeg (195.22 KB, 639x917, DEF17B40-3368-40E0-9538-D2CEA4…)

Ngl I hate having to talk to my dad after my parents divorced, it’s just me pretending to be interested in him. I don’t really care about him all that much. It kinda feels like we’re calling him/he’s calling us so that he doesn’t develop abandonment issues or something

No. 960808

Nonnie, what the fuck is that picture, Jesus Cristo.
But like, that sucks, nonnie, I hope you can someday cut contact with him. Maybe you could one day ask your mom just why is it necessary for you two to talk to him? Maybe she thinks that you need to talk to him so you don’t feel bad about the divorce or so you don’t think that the divorce ended in bad terms or something like that.

No. 960833

File: 1636157918411.gif (9.09 MB, 640x622, 13F5B074-B696-46F3-807E-91ADC1…)

I do not believe humans are naturally monogamous. The fact that mating for life is not programmed into the DNA of any primate proves this to me. Desiring something new and to have many more is the human norm. It’s why cheating and breakups and divorces are the norm. We marvel at partners who have been together 10+ years with no infidelity because it’s so rare. Because I do not believe humans can mate for life, I choose to never waste my time on romantic relationships. I do not desire to be cheated on, to break up with someone, or to be broken up with. I find this a colossal waste of time and energy that I could spend elsewhere. I sometimes wish I didn’t think this way but I feel like it keeps me safe from some mental and emotional torment.

No. 960840

go eat some food and worry about your own bones girlie

No. 960844

>We marvel at partners who have been together 10+ years with no infidelity because it’s so rare
Where do you live? That's so sad

No. 960845


No. 960847

There are some males I genuinely want to kill to the point of thinking up long plans on how, when and where I could do it. The biggest reason I don't want to go through with anything is because I don't want my family to have to get involved if they were to find out. No, I'm not trying to be edgy or anything and I know I need to seek help for this.

No. 960855

honestly? i dont think you need therapy just for that. its pretty normal to have fantasies about killing someone you hate. the fact that you realize it's wrong and have reasons not to do it means you are not insane or a psychopath.

No. 960860

I fucking love ketamine ♥

No. 960864

Ay i'm from Vnzla too and i know plenty of blonde guys, they look and act like whitetrash tho

No. 960867

you’re such a queen

No. 960868

File: 1636161715949.jpeg (190.64 KB, 585x1007, EE89B7A0-507C-447F-B664-EA3791…)

I know right, I only got to know one (1) blonde guy that didn’t let Being blonde get over his head kek and he was adorable as fuck.
Otherwise, they could be attractive but too smug and annoying.
>tfw no cute blonde bf who will blush whenever he sees me wearing a swimsuit and who can’t dance reggaetón.

No. 960874

File: 1636162118442.jpg (71.48 KB, 1300x867, 95801219-fit-young-female-athl…)

No. 961281

I have absolutely no self respect and sit in the house of a rich guy who doesn't buy me anything, just fucks me and give me food and drugs. I just don't want to be alone.

No. 961283

Food and drugs are still cool though I guess, right nonnie?

No. 961300

Grimes is that you?

No. 961301

Is it good food and good drugs? Would he buy you something else if you asked?

No. 961303

Kekk we had the same thought anon

No. 961310

Very good food and good drugs. I never asked if he'd buy me other stuff.

No. 961323

>I do not believe humans are naturally monogamous.

I'm passive, submissive and introverted person but sometimes I fantasize about verbally hurting people. Mostly those who have feelings for me but I couldn't care less about, like a guy who I know is crushing on me. I imagine the look on his face when I tell him about all the other guys I fuck and it feels so good. I think it's a way for me to cope with my cowardice and feelings of inadequacy.

No. 961363

Good food and drugs is probably chump change to a guy like him. Is the dick good?

No. 961438

My crush sexually harassed me and i liked it, i don't know how to feel about this because it was very humiliating and it made my heart drop but he was my crush atm too, it's like my brain was sending me mixed signals. I felt so gross for liking such a heinous act, I'm sorry.

No. 961476

Sometimes i edit tranny selfies so they look like actual women, why? Because their natural male features look uncanny and wrong to me. I also pretend these edited selfies are just regular nerdy women from a different timeline were they're born as healthy, mentally sane females and not trannies.

No. 961530

I feed my plants nails, hair and period blood.

No. 961535

What demon are you trying to summon???

No. 961538

thats a lie

No. 961541

Well, people put eggshells on the soil, and period blood is probably full of nutrients, but I don’t know just how effective can be putting some nails and hair on the soil.

No. 961543

lol your plants are dead

No. 961547

Just like anons soul

No. 961553

Me too but I never got very far. My friend too, she was way worse than me, she would make up a new comic or story or movie idea every week and start everything and finish nothing. I envy that you stuck with it for six years.
I remember I tried making a spyro comic, where my protagonist was the daughter of Malefor (but she doesn't know it!!!!!!!!) and she had a black-red dragonfly I think. I made one page I think. Before that I tried making a story about me and my friend but we were sparkledogs-wolves-whatever made in ms paint with the curve tool. And the most autistic, I made a dragon in the "create a dragon" dress up game on dolldivine and I wrote a text document in notepad about how it was kept in a tiny cage where it couldn't move around and nobody fed it and its muscles atrophied, it couldn't even stretch or move its wings and it was filthy you couldn't even see its color and now I'd taken it and I wrote how I was training it and how it was developing. And I would walk around and imagine the dragon beside me in my head, like I would open the door and then move out of the way so the dragon could go through it and then I would go through and close the door, or I would go outside and "brush" it (wave my hand through the air) … I played like this for three days then it got too exhausting

No. 961564

I like you.

No. 961570

Let's go play pretend I'll be a forest dragon and you be a river dragon

No. 961578

File: 1636230631896.jpeg (93.28 KB, 800x800, 9F1CB1D4-7519-4754-AF1F-A4DA86…)

C-Can I join? I want to be an earth dragon.

No. 961584

I am so ready I will meet you guys in the park at 3pm and I will bring a purse loaded with a bunch of unnecessary nonsense we can use as talismans

No. 961585

Yes also your pattern is so cute earth dragon
Omg yay

No. 961587

Perfecto, nonnie, i will bring sandwiches, salad and juice.

No. 961786

File: 1636248359092.jpg (Spoiler Image, 643.09 KB, 2312x1080, Screenshot_20211107_001917_com…)

>picrel is a closeup picture of toes. also this post is gross. don't say I didn't warn you.
I have a confession that needs two (unrelated) premises:
>I eat my own toenail clippings (just happened as an natural evolution of biting my nails), and
>I watch pedicure videos to relax. Meticulous Manicurist on YouTube is my favorite, the way she does cuticle and dead skin removal is satisfying af. But I digress
so my actual confession is that when I'm looking at pedicure videos sometimes I want to eat their nail clippings. Only clean and neat looking ones like picrel. And no it's not sexual in any way you fucking degens. It takes ages to grow toenails as long as picrel, and the longer they are the more satisfying it is (same as with nail biting). I would never eat someone else's ever irl, but they look yummy

No. 961788

what do you mean by that? do you genuinely enjoy the taste or is it just a texture thing? don't seem to be very chewy but that's from a pedestrian guess

No. 961793

File: 1636249101652.jpg (121.12 KB, 1200x1200, 61J2WuDOP4L._SL1200_.jpg)

they don't taste like anything, I just enjoy chewing them. Same thing with fingernails. I think I picked up the habit of chewing random stuff (my clothes, hair, pens, toys etc) as a kid and never stopped, to this day I chew on weird shit like hair ties and tea bags (always hated chewing gum though lol). It's like a stress relief thing? idk, picrel are a gourmet snack too though

No. 961796

I used to fold gift cards until they snapped and then chewed on the small pieces, my favorite were the really malleable neopets neocash cards.

No. 961799

based fellow creative chewer

No. 961804

You just have to be careful to not fuck your teeth up with the chewing habit. Do you chew on used or dry teabags? And does it taste good?

No. 961806

File: 1636250482205.jpeg (51.7 KB, 434x391, F3CAFC1F-3625-4B80-9673-C3CBAD…)

You could try chewing some ‘tism chewable necklaces, it would be less gross, I guess.

No. 961809

why does the pink one look already used

No. 961810

It’s your pussy

No. 961812

photographer needed to stim

No. 961819

It’s probably a “~marble~“ palette because who doesn’t love to wear some stylish outfits to go out while stimming at the bank?

No. 961820

Same. Being a person and having an identity is too exhausting and embarrassing. I wish I had a job where I can work alone. It's not enough to not have to deal with customers, I don't want co-workers either.

No. 961842

i feel you anon, i think it's really scary and uncomfortable out here
i wonder how we can be more postive

No. 961843

My father makes me want to die.

No. 961963

I'm seriously thinking about getting a good camera and replacing my smartphone with a cute flip phone so I'll be online less often.

No. 961973

I think large asses on men look gross and weird, I have to hide that one thread on /g/.

No. 962084

My life is so empty I literally dread the weekends and can't wait to go to work.

No. 962136

So-so but he is hot and I like to see him struggle kek

No. 962154

Last time I was the phone with my doc I got him to explain stuff in detail just a bit more than usual. It's not like I tried to ask him retarded questions just to be stupid and needy, I kept it fairly professional and he sounded somewhat enthusiastic even. I'm not trying to waste his time or make it more tedious for him, I just really really really like his voice and the way he talks. He's just very attentive, nice, curious and soft in a way. I look forward to our appointments on the phone. I'm just scared of the fact that I might have to see his face some day.

No. 962157

>liking work

god I wish that were me

No. 962160

Same, and the bara-tits thing too. I know this site atracts artfags but it's crazy how many of them are pornsick to the point of obsessing over these bodies that look disfigured to me, they're no different to scrotes who like futa or those roided up weightlifting women who look like beef jerky

No. 962168

used ones. doesn't taste good lol. The tea bag one in particular I picked up during an anachan phase where i was trying to keep my mouth busy without food
unironically would

No. 962171

If you don't like twinkie bishies then you're pornsick, got it

No. 962175

Cope and seethe

No. 962177

Just because you're used to looking at skinnyfat bodies doesn't mean that men with muscular features are porny.

No. 962189

Muscles I understand and like, give me shirtless Chris Evans or Jason Momoa any day of the week, but the 2D stuff where beefy guys look like they got breast implants is where I draw the line lol. If you want a fit guy but with tits big and fleshy enough to motorboat, you're pornsick sweaty

No. 962197

File: 1636287614646.jpg (25.45 KB, 428x428, D51UGYQWwAAphCK.jpg)

>implying you can't motorboat this

No. 962215

i'm thinking of doing small annoying pranks on my stupid stick-up-the-ass colleagues. this is a part time job for me while i'm learning subjects these fuckers could never comprehend. yet they have a superiority complex and must micromanage and correct how many micromillimeters of slushie i pour into a dumbass cup. i overheard one of them calling me stupid because i didn't know how to prepare a specific meal nobody has yet taught me how to. i now pretend to be slow and clumsy so they can correct my mistakes and anger themselves.

No. 962224

This goes with my ongoing theory that it's not actually doing work that we hate….it's having to deal with coworkers that makes work a living nightmare.

No. 962238

I'm as pretty as a princess and my apartment is like the tower I'm trapped in. I need saved.

No. 962239

spot on, i would not mind making these orders and cleaning these appliances, and could even deal with the occasional crazy customer if these idiots would stop taking this job so seriously. i have anxiety and am still more relaxed about it. some of them have worked here for 2+ years and still panic and rage when something is not up to their expectations. and they got no fucking insight. hurrying your coworkers will stress them out, leading to more errors. but micromanaging them will slow them down. doing both is the worst possible combination.

No. 962240

I fear we've come upon that key philosophical problem: define "motorboat"
To me motorboat is not just a raspberry between pecks/boobs, you've got to be able to bury your face in between the boobs and jiggling your face makes the boobs jiggle too. Allow me to demonstrate on my Captain America body pillow

No. 962254

File: 1636293172984.jpg (91.76 KB, 568x900, mess.jpg)

i hoard so much clothing and still want new clothes. i am embarrassed of this. my ideal room would be a thrift store. i made a rule that i have to wear each new clothing item minimum as many times as it cost before considering buying anything else.

No. 962258

So, do you keep a tally chart, or…?

No. 962263

Have you ever watched an episode of hoarders? Because they start as “fashion focused” then the collection takes over their house. Also, how much money is just sitting there not being used at all anymore? Girl love yourself enough to put that money towards long term happiness.

No. 962284

I'm not gonna do it, but I've been having involuntary fantasies of babytrapping the guy I'm obsessed with. Thank god I'm adamantly against having children, otherwise I'd probably be enough of a dumb ass to actually do it.

No. 962306

I worked at a thrift store before covid and I have enough clothes to not do laundry for half a year.

No. 962388

This is the only site I can go to and vent, also the only one where I actually interact with other users. Pathetic I know

No. 962399

I have the same issue and am honestly considering just converting a room of my apartment into a giant walk-in closet at this point, complete with two-tiered racks and stuff. I respect capsule closet minimalists for their forbearance but I can't live like that, with the two pairs of black pants and nothing else.

No. 962463

File: 1636312572544.jpeg (51.48 KB, 567x570, 2742BE47-DDE9-48F7-9376-C9E08C…)

My boss decided to have a problem with a trip I recently took back home to see my family (who I haven’t seen in a year) AFTER I got back from the trip. Despite working with me on covering my shifts and even saying most of my shifts wouldn’t need a cover since we wouldn’t be “too busy”, she pulled me aside to say I have to show up for every shift now on since I “left” the store during its busiest season. I haven’t missed any shifts and often pick up the younger girls’ shifts. My boss loudly whispers her shit talk about everyone in the store and is extremely two faced. Always has a problem with what I wear to work if I put any effort into the outfit (I don’t wear revealing clothing except shorts or an above the knee skirt on hot days). None of the other girls get as much slack as I do, so I don’t know why she has it out for me personally (the only difference between me and everyone else is that I’m black?)

One of my classmates has covid and I decided to use that opportunity to be petty and say I have covid and will be out for the next week. It’s stupid but I really don’t care about this job and only started working here for the discount and a little extra money to travel next year.

No. 962471

A true power move, ily

No. 962525

File: 1636316922072.png (Spoiler Image, 148.77 KB, 983x466, disgusting fucker.png)

As awful as they are I'm not freaked out by the ageplayer DDLG women on twitter with their dada fucking my little cunny uwu LARP and other depraved faux pedoshit because I just feel bad for them and know they're most likely legitimately dealing with some trauma be it child abuse or something else that's fucking them up emotionally. However, it's the male DDLGfags that fill me with visceral hatred. They're the ones taking advantage of depressed girls that are usually in their late teens to early 20s, lost with their lives and exposed to too much pornsickness and abuse. And not only that, their fantasies are always much, much more violent and sadistic. Picrel legitimately makes my stomach churn with all its sick scrote degeneracy, literally no woman could even be able to write something so repulsive.

No. 962536

I heavily doubt that they where abused as children themselves. That in itself is a larp to deflect people when they accuse them of getting off to kids being sexually abused (aka autopedophillia). Peep every ddlg cow on this site, it’s the same crap. Abuse victims don’t do this kind of depraved shit so publicly. I’m sick of the narrative that women are always victims no matter what. What about the “victims” that aid men in sexual assault or pimp out their own kids? Fuck those sick bitches. They’re all depraved as hell.

No. 962542

Just because it's a hard pill to swallow doesn't mean it's true, I can absolutely believe that most of these women were groomed by these "daddies". That's also a big leap in logic from "a depressed young girl who larps DDLG shit on twitter" to "mother who pimps her own child to pedos".

No. 962552

lol calm down. you’re literally ranting about entirely separate things from the young teenage (often 18 or even younger and just lying about being 18) women being groomed by freak men on twitter that the ayrt was talking about, and you look like a retard. do you frequent shayna’s thread by any chance?

No. 962566

They all grow up into Poundland ghislaine who tf cares. They’re disgusting and I don’t wish to empathise with them. Go piss into a nappy.

No. 962583

i do and it's kinda fun, it got images and i use it to plan outfits. haven't bought a new thing since i can make so many combinations everything feels fresh.
yes, this is what i'm afraid of. but the i think, some of them didn't get that much use and are good quality so i can pass it down to family.
that would be a dream. i hang up my jewelry and scarves as decoration right now. minimalism is appealing but i also need more variety than that.

No. 962588

by default i assume ddlgfags who claim to be survivors are lying about it (except for the "nonsexual age regressor" ones who just sit around posting toys) but at some point you have to accept that it's possible for victims to be shitty people too and that there are probably a few of them with genuine trauma. it's not an excuse and it doesn't make it ok but it happens.

No. 962983

I wish my mother was dead.

She's been married 4 times since my father. She's super fucking psycho. Compulsive bi polar schizophrenic.

After my brother was born, she cheated on my Dad and tried to get out of the relationship by pouring boiling water on herself and hitting her head on a wall until she was unconscious.

Her second husband raped my brother after trying to teach him to pee "like a man". My brother shit himself and his it until her was 15.

I told her a bout the abuse, so she told him and then i was abused. Not sexually but locked in a room for days until my dad had visitation.

My dad got custody of both of us after that. Huge for dads to win.

We've had a lot of shit in between. Always tried to be the big one and keep a relationship with my mother.y brother stopped talking to her 18-24. They are ruined and bouncing crazy theories. Literally the sky is black! No it's white!


I reminded her I was in FIRST FUCKING GRADE when my bother was raped. She said nope all your fault and has been texting me the last 4 hours. I blocked her and will never talk to her again. I have so many screeneshots of her telling me I let my brother down and its my fault he was raped

I wish she was dead.

No. 962992

I wish she was dead too. What a horrible woman. I’m sorry for you and your brother. I also hope her second husband dies slowly and painfully.

No. 963022

File: 1636365713626.gif (220.66 KB, 500x397, b432888a4b5e03589af1f3bd747657…)

Part of my motivation to put effort into my appearance and putting together pretty outfits when going out is that I like to think if my husbando were real and saw me he'd think I look pretty.

No. 963029

This is cute and isn't the worst self care tip anon, I'm gonna use this

No. 963038

awwwwwww I wish I had a husbando too, it feels like a good self improvement drug and I love it. I admire you

No. 963048

I do that too! I always try to wear cute stuff that my husbando would think that suit me a lot.

No. 963071

That's how I got into exercising lmao.

No. 963119

File: 1636381000433.png (640.22 KB, 1280x720, 06.png)

I had a taste of neet life last semester and I want to go back so badly. I want to be a useless piece of shit and play video games all day, but I know that's all unhealthy and will just make my depression worse than it already is.

No. 963131

I'm stuck in a cycle like this. I get a job, keep it for 1-2 years, burn out, become a neet for a few months. It's not that bad tbh

No. 963386

I feel like a piece of shit for questioning whether my mom's opiate problem and alcoholism are legitimate or if they're made up to stir up sympathy to get me to talk to her. I haven't talked to her in years and hearing that she has this addiction makes me feel like shit and worried for her.
However, in my defense, she has always been very manipulative. My family on her side is full of users, from my mom to my sisters, who come around 1) when they're desperate or 2) when we're doing better financially and they can try to scam us out of money. My mom has always used children as pawns in attracting men and used to resent me when I was mentally ill in high school but now that I am working on my MA degree in a lucrative field I am finally the type of child she would love to show off to her next potential husband (marriage #6) to prove what a good mom she is. So in a way I've always predicted she would come around to try and coax me into communicating with her eventually.
HOWEVER, she is a narcissist whose entire life is based around her looks and her ability to attract men. Now that she's older I've also theorized that she won't be able to cope with aging and losing her sex appeal. I think in that regard it makes sense that she might be on a downward spiral.

I'm torn, if she has an opiate problem or alcoholism should I try to help her? She's only cared about my mental health when needing to show me off as her kid. She let me suffer and watched my own downward spiral without intervening for months until my ED made me lose 30 pounds. Apparently up to that point she could tell that I had an ED but didn't do anything. The same goes for various other self-harm habits I've had, like shoplifting or cutting–she's always waited to say anything instead of intervening when she found out. This has always rubbed me the wrong way and makes me wonder how much I even mean to her.

No. 963625

I love love love binge eating!!!

No. 963637

>I’m torn, if she has an opiate problem or alcoholism should I try to help her?
No. Continue avoiding her, save yourself the grief.

No. 963644

What do you say when asked about the gap months and why you won't keep a job for more than a couple of years in an interview?

No. 963645

SAME but i don't want to be a fatty chan or start purging. I wish eating wasn't so pleasurable.

No. 963652

nta but if the gap is only a few months most employers don't blink an eye and staying in a job for that long is the norm now. in fact, a i knew some serial job hoppers who wouldn't even stay with a company for a year and they never had trouble finding employment.

No. 963673

File: 1636418432061.jpeg (410.53 KB, 1280x720, FFA9EE6F-C276-4087-8E0D-DB4B97…)

I stand up and actually do the stretches when I do group stretching on animal crossing. I think this feature is so damn cute.

No. 963674

Kill your tastebuds with spicy food it worked for me.

No. 963677

Me too, i love stretching with my villagers, and it actually feels nice to do those exercises.

No. 963709

Same, and I love seeing who shows up for the stretches. CJ was lagging way behind everyone else.

No. 963745

Seeing the tinfoil thread plummets my mental health and grip on reality but I can't stop reading it

No. 963760

Minimize it then? If you can't deal with reading that stuff then don't make yourself purposefully schizosad.

No. 963817

Whenever I post my cat in the cat love thread nobody responds and it makes me sad…

No. 963826

Post your cat and I'll say something nice about it, nonna.

No. 964236

File: 1636478932927.png (13.68 KB, 289x343, 1490461565912.png)

I thought ayrt meant "are you retarded"

No. 964239

No. 964263

You know what? I love posting bait tier posts and no one can say anything. I will continue to make absolute low tier garbage bait posts because anons will respond to it.
I love the invisible (You)s

No. 964266

I know there's anons that think being in your 30s is like a death sentence but it's an age where you get hit on by everyone. And I guess that happens to women of all ages but something about being in my 30s seems to have older men thinking they've got a chance if they be respectful and court me whilst also making the conversation sexual ASAP and also you have teenagers and men in their 20s trying to flatter you into taking their virginity or teaching them about sex or whatever weird things porn has made them think about older women. Also there's a lot of men that tense up and freeze if you're like an at reactive older woman idk. Men were always sort of just fucking rude to me in my 20s but now I understand that men are nice to women they want to fuck. Men I would be too intimidated to talk to in my 20s are so courteous and sweet to me.

No. 964274

'attractive not at reactive. Altho I am reactive too I guess

No. 964276

I think women in their 30s are breathtaking, can’t wait to age like fine wine. Good for you, and I hope you dodge all the jerks with finesse

No. 964287

>you have teenagers and men in their 20s trying to flatter you into taking their virginity

And I enjoy it. They follow orders, many are cute bc they're just awkward not necessarily unattractive, not yet jaded, and whatever you do to them ends up being a long term sexual fixation kek.

Whereas men in their 30s already look haggard and try to hide their wife and kids from me.

No. 964295

The prospect that it's apparently never going to end disappoints me more than the thought of me allegedly becoming a shriveled up prune the second I'm older than 30 like the internet tries to teach me.

No. 964297

Because by 30s most women have figured out how to dress and have undone some female socialization so they have basic self esteem. God I wish the "ignored totally by 30" meme was true so they would leave us the fuck alone already. Next year just watch they'll make gilf a mainstream thing.

No. 964300

I was pretty much brainwashed by my fujo friends in my teens and now even in my 30s I love reading BL and yaoi, I'd go hand picking the most obscure ones to read and forced myself to read japanese better to understand them.
With all the omegaverse taking over the BL genre, and now transmen porn is all over everywhere on AO3, I feel like a fucking minority in this. Hell, I have a transmasc friend lectured to me about "yaoi is harmful to actual gay men" like bitch stfu it's just another genre of erotica. I work at a BL magazine too and all this shits are just fucking unbearable to me. I'd get people asking me to draw their transmen porn. Why are are they so deeply afraid of comphet that they'd had to change gender to fit a cock into a pussy anyways. I'd sound like a terf for ever speak of this, but holyshit, I really miss the old days of just two anime cis dudes fucking. I find it's hot. Why is it a fucking crime now.

No. 964305

I know how you feel anon. I was going to delete my tumblr account anyway but what broke the camel's back was all the fakebois trying to ruin BL in every single fandom and trying to talk about their tranny and fakebois or MLM headcanons at every opportunity. I'm very lucky though, my rl best friends are also fujoshi and we talk about BL manga and visual novels fairly often.

No. 964309

i agree, that's why i do most of my shipping on my own. i hate going through ao3 and failing to block one tranny tag or abo tag. i honestly don't understand how these bitches shove pussy into everything when they hate their own bodies so much. wish the wlw cunts would go away, i don't care about their self-discovery through yaoi or whatever bullshit

No. 964313

Ayrt and I could just not be bothered. The more I've aged the more I enjoy serenity and having peace and not being disturbed lol. While it's flattering for all men to suddenly be respectful or to give you confidence, I'm not going to just let any wanker fuck me that speaks to me. Also teenagers and dudes in their 20s are ugly to me. The truly hot ones have gfs their own age lmao

No. 964315

>I'd go hand picking the most obscure ones to read and forced myself to read japanese better to understand them.
>I work at a BL magazine too
You sound pretty based tbh, big respect.

It really sucks that people are trying to push the idea that every single thing that women are into has to appeal to trannies or it's "morally wrong". I usually block all the people who try to force their pronoun obssesed headcanons into everything. There are still sane people on fandom, but god sometimes it's hard to get throught all the trash.

No. 964322

AYRT, and no shit. At first I thought it was a few cringey trans headcanon here and there, before I realized it, it's everywhere now. I don't have irl friends to talk about this job slash hobby of mine, when it gets online I keep running into literally delusional level. For example, one server I was into was ran by two trans dudes that get engaged to LARP their akuroku ship for life. Or worse, I had kinnies stalked me because I was prominent writer in another game fandom. I never disclosed my gender and sexuality online, but it didn't stop them from speculating, or even asking really gross questions or sex fantasies with me (or smut roleplaying? i cant tell anymore).
I don't understand the desire to Revolutionize which is considered self-indulgence at most. Why can't they just like things at normal amount? I'm just happy being a degenerate and it's a good outlet from the real world anyways.

No. 964328

there's a /fujo/ general on 4chan's trash, where tranny shit is hated, if you ever want to talk about fujostuff. it's kind of dead but people still regularly post.

No. 964334

I appreciate this (I'm not as based as you think LMAO, the women I work with talk like early 2000s weebs and I get embarrassed of them in public).
Thanks nonna, I will take a look around the thread!

No. 964396

I'm another oldfag fujo and I have to ask, where the fuck do you all keep seeing this invasion of troon bullshit? Granted I only hang around weeb fandoms and mostly follow Japanese fujos and don't read fics so I might be spared since whenever I spot a rare "we need more vaginas in gay porn" take it's usually from insecure Aidens who obsess over western shows and games. Never even seen people claim that omegaverse is about trans men.

>I'd sound like a terf for ever speak of this,

Sorry nonnie but you already are one kek

No. 964403

My point was to complain about seeing omegaverse (mpreg shits included, and transmen porns taking the majority of gay fics and BL genre. It's be on twitter, tumblr, weibo, postype. You name it.
PS just because someone venting on lolcow it doesn't make them a terf.

No. 964407

>PS just because someone venting on lolcow it doesn't make them a terf.
According to trannies it does

No. 964410

These days if you don't comply with trannyism you're a terf.

No. 964523

I'm very weirded out when regarding my celibacy people tell me "one day you'll meet somebody who'll change your mind about this" because where the fuck could I meet people? I work 45 hours week, I barely have time for myself anymore, and on my days off I don't leave my home except for grocery shopping, there's no way I'm sacrificing my precious free time for another person. I think I'm just annoyed at people assuming things about me based on their own live experiences.

No. 964552

Whenever ppl say this it feels like a threat kek.

No. 965033

File: 1636570129655.png (257.69 KB, 438x600, Mew-0.png)

I gaslight children and trannies on the internet for fun. I love pitting them against each other, white vs brown troons, poors against those who could afford to transition, early vs late hons, e-whores vs trad, call them TERF, nazi, pick-me and class traitor at every opportunity and then I demand they cashapp me.
It's like lil therapy for my debatefag demon.

No. 965040

>I love pitting people against each other
bpd-chan spotted

No. 965042


No. 965047

cute pic and has anyone actually cashapp-ed you

No. 965077

File: 1636572557639.png (7.81 KB, 165x127, murder.png)

I like women in general but dealing with enby/tranny women makes me want to commit a misogyny.

No. 965078

I can’t stand any genderspecials anymore to the point where I just don’t engage with them IRL, they normally come with a flurry of a million other issues along with having a holier than thou attitude

No. 965089

I hooked up with a guy about a week ago. He's been sniffin around for years and I finally gave in. I really enjoyed hanging out with him. But, as I suspected I would, I've become a full-blown spaz in the wake of vulnerability. I just cannot do hookups, I'm not built for it. I've embarrassed myself trying to keep his attention… And now I gotta peel myself off the window. I hate that yearning for deep validation after sex.. I just want someone that sticks around. I don't open up easily but when I do it's always with the same type of guy. The fuck is wrong with my brain?

No. 965094

It's a perfectly human desire to want someone you are being physically vulnerable with to actually care about and respect you as an individual anon.

No. 965103

Probably some trauma shit that makes you sexually attracted to shit men. Unlike what ppl like to spout you can change who you're attracted to, what kind of need/insecurity does he specifically fill for you?

No. 965104

The "what is wrong with me" is more about trying to figure out why I choose the type of man I do. I feel like if I could pinpoint it then maybe I could change it. I blame Disney..I swear the mentality of chasing aloof men has been subliminally shoved down my throat since jump.

No. 965137

File: 1636579418333.jpg (49.35 KB, 468x600, cute.jpg)

I dislike and avoid taking public transport in the late morning/early noon because that's when there's the most old (think 70+) people. I get sad at the thought of them probably dying in the next decade and sometimes start tearing up a bit. It's especially bad when I see a couple.

No. 965150

Aaw nonna. I assume you must be living in europe or other first world countries where the population is mostly elderly.
Where I'm from, I'd get to see old people beating the shit out of each other during a traffic jam, and they're the most to ram into my automobile at traffic light. I can't spare sympathy towards them At All.

No. 965164

Voyeur anon………. bf caught me.

I was very upset and irate, because now I feel like he'll always be looking over his shoulder from this point on. Fuck my life. I'm extremely sad.

He tried to console me and tell me that he'll forget it soon, but idk. He was always pretty cautious, now he's going to be even moreso.

No. 965165

samefag, in other words, he was cool with it happening, but that ruins the whole purpose which was him not knowing… that was the good part about it. Welp, I can kiss my vibrator goodbye for a while because this situation is gonna do some damage mentally, just the pure cringe of getting caught.

No. 965218

First world country in Europe with a large elderly population (minor population has been declining in the past years, and there's more 65+ people than 0-20) is right on the mark lol. I think it gets me so bad because I grew up closely with my grandparents and lived with them on both sides, so I automatically imagine them. If what my father says is anything to go by, the ones most likely to crash into your car are elderly people here, too, though…

No. 965221

Yeah getting caught is really cringey but at least he wasn't mad I guess. Still, I'd feel weird in both of your positions tbh

No. 965305

i hate men, i really genuinely do.

but lately whenever i experience any sort of sexual fantasy i imagine myself fucking a beautiful, young guy. fucking him like mem fuck woman, and by that i mean using him as a tool to obtain pleasure for myself, and only for myself.
wtf is wrong with me?

No. 965309

I thought you said you would tell him yourself?

No. 965343

File: 1636604005155.jpg (156.36 KB, 676x930, 9f1a974499e65246ccccf1f28aab79…)

I may or may not go to Japan next year with a scholarship, and I was trying to convince my fiance of trying for it too, but he decided against it. I was bummed out at first but now I think it can be a blessing in disguise for me to get a bit of solitude until he visits me, if he actually does.

No. 965374

when nonnies call me mentally ill it makes me feel valid because no one irl will acknowledge how poor my mental health is

No. 965375

I didn't but have been working up to it. Just last night I asked him a few questions:

1. How would he feel if I did stuff to him in his sleep?
2. How would he feel if I recorded it?
3. Is he okay with me recording him without his consent AND if I didn't tell him that I did it? (But without touching him)

I asked him those questions, so that I could ask the last question without being super conspicuous about what I've been doing.
We both agreed that 1 and 2 would be totally gross and weird, especially if we didn't give consent before. He said 3 is okay, but he'd be really concerned with why I wouldn't tell him that I did it. Like he would find it concerning. I was like "Why???" and he just wondered why I'd need to hide it. He said as long as I didn't upload them, he would ultimately be okay with it.

Of course that conversation last night really made me want to do it some more and he just happened to look over at the stairs. I guess that's fair. I was getting out of control. It was a thrilling and exhilarating feeling to watch someone without them knowing you're there but from this point on, if I try to "seduce" him through text in order to get him to whip it out, he'll probably just always assume I will be there possibly watching. I'm a pisspoor spy.

No. 965410

Its possible that your mother unsuccessfully tried to abort you with hormones and it gave you moid brain. Or she really hated your father and it screwed up your socialization with men. It could be both.

No. 965413

Female socialization sucks and moids deserve to be played with and used

No. 965437

File: 1636614263728.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 498x498, sorry-crying.gif)

no one knows the real reason my ex bf of two years and i broke up. its been a year and a few months now and i still cant tell people

>meet tall, fit, charming engineer guy on tinder. we get along really well. he said "i love you" on the second week. i thought i had met my true love

>start spending more and more time with him. he bad mouth all my friends. randomly pushes buttons. like, i was stupid and i told him i tried to kill myself with pills. he said: "you should have used sleeping pills. you cant even kill yourself right."
>he smiles and laughs. somehow i dont realize he is absolutely insane. this is only the beginning. he jokes about my suicide and how i should attempt again like its nothing as months go on.
>a year into the relationship he admits to hacking all my social media accounts. a burner twitter, two tumblrs, two insta accounts, wattsapp, facebook messenger and even gmails were read by him constantly. he says hes sick of me cause i have male friends and it drives him crazy. says im a whore. i didnt cheat. he was just paranoid.
>he apologizes. asks me to take him back the very next day. i say yes. he says he hacked my accounts during the first days we were talking. he wanted to know i was "worth it". i am very afraid.
>we spent lockdown together and it was hell. he was rude, constantly play fought and made me cry. he had a bad temper and would curse me out over everything. one day he thought i took a picture of him without his permission (i did not) and he started yelling me a slut, ugly, a fucking idiot who was never going to find a better man than him, then he left. came back of course. this happened all the time
>two times he bust my lip "play fighting". he wouldnt even apologize. he would tell me it was an accident and that i shouldnt be mad. i remember one time he basically forced me to give him a blow job after he made me bleed from my lip and wouldnt apologize. and i still did it. i was so in love with this guy.
>he was still keeping tabs on all my social media, monitoring everything. he ruled my life. i had to "convert" to christianity cause he didnt like that i was atheist. i started browsing places to study for a STEM field cause he berated of my actual degree. he told me how to dress, dye my hair, told me to gain weight to be "thicccer", told me what music to listen to. he also attempted to get me out of therapy and bipolar meds many times it was the only thong i didnt give up.
>become so depressed and detached from every thing in life cause its all HIM everywhere its HIM and im losing my mind and i cant take it anymore
>secretly stop taking bipolar meds and become very erratic and weird.
>during a manic episode i cheated on him with the guy he hated (who i didnt even like) and wih my ex gf (who i didnt even like).
>tell him this cause i want this fuckng relationship to finally just fucking end. he got really weird. started talking about how i ruined everything. how we were supposed to get married and have kids and i killed all of it for nothing. i begged him to please leave. he finally left.
>next day he texts me:
i dont think i can forgive you this time…
>i am so relieved i start crying
>cant tell any of my friends im a cheater cause i feel so guilty and disgusting.

i know im still a cheater and all cheaters are garbage. thats why i dont tell people about it. i feel guilty. all my friends were so happy we finally broke up and told me i was so strong. i couldnt have the guts to tell them that i wasnt. i am a coward and forced him to end things with me cause i couldnt do it myself. i needed to hear him say it to let go. i know what i did was awful and giving context doesnt erase it. just wanted to get this out. i wish i had been stronger. and didnt use people for sex like an idiot. i wish i could have had the power to kick him out on my own. but i couldnt. so no one knows.

No. 965448

This post is a shitshow, but a very predictable shitshow:
>he said "i love you" on the second week
>i thought i had met my true love
>told him i tried to kill myself
>he said "you should have used sleeping pills. you cant even kill yourself right"
>somehow i don't realize he is absolutely insane
>a year into the relationship
>Implying you didn't broke with him yet after that bs
I won't even read the rest of your post because is obvious this """"relationship"""" was doomed since the very beginning and only got infinitely worse, if you are not underage i'm assuming you're just very, very slow to say the least

No. 965452

it's not a big deal to cheat on an abusive piece of garbage. you did what you had to do to get rid of him. it's a good thing you got out

No. 965453

Oh dear! He mentally manipulated and imprisoned you in hell, sucks you had to cheat, but it was a good escape strategy. Guilt you are feeling over it is just your Stockholm syndrome slowly fading away. You're an idiot for not cutting him out way sooner, but i get how some people are terrible with conflicts. Pathetic and sad, you could have a normal guy, but you chose an extraordinarily psychotic asshole.

No. 965469

I feel like I know this guy. Is he a ginger?

No. 965476

lol. i dated a guy like this and cheated to get out of the situation. you're lucky that yours wanted to end it. Mine tried to kill me and himself.

good for you anon, you are free to keep that to yourself for the rest of your life, but I do recommend therapy

No. 965480

Admitting some of my dumbest thoughts on lolcow dot farm actually helps me give them up and be past them. It was never my goal to use nonnies as therapists or anything, and I prefer it when people barely react to any serious post I make, but I've noticed that just getting the stupid shit out anonymously helps me get rid of it. Thanks farm.

No. 965482

therapy for a fraction of the cost because this is exactly what therapy is.

No. 965498

It is a big deal, the trouble with cheating on psychos is that they might kill you, you have to get far away from these monsters

No. 965501

stop being such a doormat. he deserved to be cheated on. he deserved MUCH worse. if your friends don't understand how terrible he was and that cheating on him was the only way you could get rid of him then they're not your friends.

same, I post a lot of stuff here that I don't feel comfortable telling my therapist. it's kind of crazy. I do like getting (constructive) feedback on my more serious posts though.

No. 965512

File: 1636619942216.png (Spoiler Image, 1.57 MB, 1616x1616, c2hzq7LS7IpvJz48yQ3vXN2PUFMW12…)

I am embarrassed about how hot I found Mac lifting up Dee from her vag was.

No. 965513

also the real life marriage helps

No. 965520

that looks like it would hurt

No. 965523

My Husband can actually life me with only one hand
Its more awkward more then anything

No. 965534

Well, she could just lie to him that she cheated on him, people she cheated him with now might feel used if they had feeling for her, but that's not so important here i guess.

No. 965535

Men aren’t important and their feelings are hollow, worthless manipulation signals. Most of them don’t feel deeply in the way that women do.

No. 965543

She wrote that one of them was her ex gf, if that helps you be more empathetic.

No. 965625

I recently started dating this subby guy and tonight is our first "scene"… I'm so excited I've already masturbated twice today thinking abt it lol

No. 965708

When I was a dumb kid with unmanaged bpd I keep getting obsessed and enmeshed with abusive scrotes. Cheating was the best tool for me to get psychologically untangled from the relationship and break free. I feel zero percent bad.

No. 965977

i haven't been pulling my weight in a group project and i'm both scared and attracted to the de facto group leader.

No. 965982

it's unfortunate you weren't able to break up with him on your own but for such an abusive man maybe cheating was the better option. don't feel guilty he deserved it nonny.

No. 966057

Meet him for help on the project, see what happens?

No. 966063

The last relationship I was in started getting toxic real early on.. he was controlling and seemed confident that he could treat me like shit and not lose me (he met me at my lowest so..true) In those early days I nearly fucked someone else just because he was fighting with me and getting nasty so I wanted out without any wiggle room to be persuaded back. I threatened to do it.. so he played nice for just long enough to stop me.

He went on to physically and sexually abuse me for 3 years and then HE had been cheating for quite a while in the end. I so wish I had fucked some other guy and by extension ended the misery that was awaiting me with this man.

No. 966231

we have regular group meetings and i'm working more with one of the other group members.

No. 966242

I have been starting to really resent my boyfriend. If I didn't meet him, I could be going along with my original plan of fucking off to a house in the woods, slow becoming an alcoholic, and some night finally having the nerve to kill myself. Gunshot to the head. Now I'm stuck trying to build a life when all I want to do is end it.

I just want to scream at him. Yell in his face. How it's his fault I have to continue to live in this hell.

I love him. He is my perfect match. I want a happy life with him. But it never gets better. It's always going to be hell and I don't know if I can take it much longer.

No. 966244

If you will do all of that, at least break up first.

No. 966246

Quit it with the projection, you're scary, sounds like it'll culminate in you taking him to the woods and killing him.

No. 966361


What an ungrateful loser. Get over yourself, girl.

No. 966365

tell him about your suicidal feelings (with proper warning and context etc), if he can't relate to your darkest feelings then he isn't your perfect match and you are just settling for material comforts and the social security of being in a relationship with a moid ie. your a coward

No. 966433

attempt to learn basic grammar before reeing over men with your fellow sociopathic retards on lolcow dot farm, anon

No. 966474

I'm going to doxx myself with this one but whatever, hi friends! I dated this guy for 6 years and we broke up on very good terms 2 years ago. However, he got a new girlfriend within two weeks of the breakup. I was pretty salty about it and ended up being really rude to her. Then covid hit and I haven't seen her since. I've still hung out with my ex though because we're pretty much best friends. Last time I saw him he confessed that his gf hates me and wants him to stop seeing me. But he doesn't want to and if she were to force him to choose between me and her, he would choose me. He even said that he's stopped telling her that he's hanging out with me.
I want to make it clear that there are zero romantic or sexual feelings between me and my ex, we're just bffs but it makes me weirdly smug and happy that he'd choose me over his gf he's now dated for 2 years. We've been each others best friends for 8 years so it makes sense but to hear him say it made me feel like I've "won" against his gf in some weird competition or something. I have nothing against her personally but hearing that she hates me and that I still "won" makes me very satisfied. I guess I'm just an asshole.

No. 966528

nta but… I was just about to argue and say her grammar is correct but I was only looking at the first your, kek

No. 966569

I immediately assume the worst of any man I meet and think of them as a pig when I first meet them, even though I don’t even know them. It hasn’t been a problem for me so far, but I’m deeply ashamed of it.

No. 966573

I find the fact that babies are made by two people having sex inherently creepy. It doesn't make sense that something two adults do to pleasure themselves should result in an innocent child. It's especially creepy if a man is excited about it.

No. 966574

This is so generic that I don’t know where is the doxx part.

No. 966576

same, and d even more disgusting to me is the idea of women having orgasm while delivering a baby. Like I get it's better than being in pain, but it'so gross to have it because of your child. Ewww

No. 966578

It's not like women who orgasm during delivery are trying to do it, anon. You and OP need to grow up tbh.

No. 966580

Same but I'm unashamed of it. Men are shit unless proven otherwise.

No. 966582


Sex for procreation is a union of love, not unabashed passions. And besides even if it was about passion or whatever else makes you think it's gross, you probably need to grow up and change your mindset.


… It's not like she's flicking her bean while she's pushing the baby out lol. Where are y'all from with this type of mindset

No. 966583


Don't be ashamed of your high IQ nonnie.

No. 966586

I think a woman's orgasm doesn't have the same level of creepyness because it doesn't serve much of a purpose in reproduction as a man ejaculating. A lot of women masturbate merely for relaxation or pain relief, and if that happens randomly during birth I don't see the sexual nature of it at all, and I'm happy for them, tbh. It's men and their dumb penises that are the main problem.

No. 966588

Samefag, but afaik orgasms during labor aren't even that common. Who even thinks of that.

No. 966595

I've decided I have a work crush again because I can't get the short mf off my mind and it was his day off today and for some reason he came in for a few minutes but I was actually sneaking out for something and we bumped into each other and both were so fucking giddy and nervous and then when he was leaving he near broke his neck to stare at me and the crush is back on. I'm not sure if he is single or not but he makes me want to act up and if my dad can have an affair at work bitch me too

No. 966602

The main purpose of sex is procreation, not pleasure.

>women orgasm while giving birth
This is a myth spread by incels.

No. 966609

anon are you christian lmao

No. 966614

no but they have some good points about shame and desire, kek

No. 966618

I’m so sorry that you have to be mentally disabled, maybe someday you will stop being retarded, so keep praying.

No. 966623

>Sex for procreation is a union of love, not unabashed passions.
>The main purpose of sex is procreation, not pleasure.
Say you're a lesbophobe without actually saying you're a lesbophobe.

No. 966632

>lesbophobe waaah waaaah!!

No. 966646

I'll pray for your degenerative mental state, nonnie.

No. 966650


people in the world who are having heterosexual sex for the purpose of procreation are usually in love with each other, or at least were in love at one point. Lesbians can also have loving sex, but they can't make babies. Go away Tumblr


They really don't though. They sound like a repressed teenager

No. 966656

Here you go, nonnie, I hope you learn a lot.

No. 966665

I get her, staying friends with exes is weird af, no matter how good the terms you broke up on were.

No. 966671

Pretty sure it's some scrote with a birth fetish, that was worded very strangely

No. 966678

>w-we're just bffs
>but it makes me weirdly smug and happy that he'd choose me over his gf
Lol sure, just friends. Consider addressing your suppressed issues because this is really weird of you.

No. 966708

Sex in general is creepy and disgusting, I wish people could reproduce like fish. No touching involved.
Why does she need to change her mindset? What's wrong with finding it gross?

No. 966712

this is logical, men need to prove themselves trustworthy.

No. 966725

The issue isn’t finding sex gross, the issue is having to bring up babies, and the other anon saying that all women have orgasms while birthing. It’s fucking idiotic, weird to bring up at all, and smells like sweaty balls with a birthing/breeding fetish.

No. 966737

I hate when my cousin brings her kids over. One of them is a 5 year old boy who is obsessed with peeing all over the bathroom rather than in the toilet and throws a tantrum when you ask him to wash his goddamn hands. Everyone tells me to just deal with it because kids will be kids, but all I see is yet another unhygenic scrote in the making who will piss in public and never wash his ass.

No. 966747

Is this kid autistic?

No. 966780

are you both ten years old? what the fuck?

No. 966789

why fret? no one can read your mind, nonnie

the reactions to this are funny. anyways i don't care about normies having babies (as long as they're not accidents), but i want people with pregnancy fetishes to kermit

No. 966868

Never allow her over again, "unless he is properly potty trained". Embarrass her a bit, hopefully it keeps her away and she'll be tempted to beat him a bit until he learns.

No. 966934

kek this thread. I think this is a case of anons being so online that after witnessing the most degenerate perversions of human sexuality they circled back to the birds and the bees. am I right? >>966573 >>966576

No. 966980

I miss the feeling of stalking someone. Feeling obsessed over a person, and following his steps without anyone noticing. I know it's not right, but I don't really care anymore, I just don't have anyone that interests me enough to do it.

No. 966984

Ok you’re freaking me out I was JUST lamenting about not being able to stalk anyone that actually intrigues me. Maybe we are just missing our calling as sleuths or fbi

No. 966986

please get help wtf

No. 966987

Ok Joe

No. 966998

Thanks for reminding me of that show anon, I was trying to figure out what I should watch

No. 967002

I agree!!

No. 967101

i did this too. i grabbed my dads dick when i was a toddler while taking a shower with my dad cause i was curious and never saw a dick before. and he slapped my hand away when i did it and it feels weird to think about now

No. 967104

i feel like conventionally attractive people are npcs

No. 967120

Ayrt and I'm friends with most of my exes because I like them as people? I don't understand why a breakup should automatically ruin the underlying friendship as well unless the breakup itself is messy.

Lmao fair enough, that's why I posted it in the confessions thread though.

No. 967149

I get this and my only cope is we have different dads so it's not my fault I'm uglier lol

No. 967151

This is why I'm happy to be an only child

No. 967174

I did something really horrible as a teenager. I sent this ancient scrote a picture of my equally underaged friend because he asked me to. I want to kill myself over this. It was her fb profile picture, it was without her permission, she had no clue I sent her picture to a fucking pedo all because I thought he loved me and we were a true couple. I would be devasted if I was in her place and she sent some disgusting pedo a picture of teen me. I'm so ugly. I wish I didn't do that so much. I don't talk to her anymore, this was back in freshman years. All the other stupid things I did only hurt me, but this hurt another innocent girl, without her even knowing at all. I just have to accept I can be horrible, capable of evil.

No. 967175

It was a dodgy thing to do but like… evil? Isn't that a bit of an exaggeration? It was her fb profile pic so I'm assuming it wasn't nude/sexual and she was comfortable with it being at least somewhat public. You can see profile pics even if you're not friends with someone, just a smaller version. Anyway you obviously realize it was wrong and wouldn't do something like that again so just give yourself a break, I promise you're not a horrible person because you were manipulated by a scrote when you were young and dumb.

No. 967176

You were a dumb and desperate teenager. I don't think what you did makes you evil. I hope you can accept and move past it.

No. 967181

I don't think it's an exaggeration at all. Yes, it was a profile pic, a mirror selfie of her wearing a dress but that doesn't matter. A scrote coming across that himself is one thing, a girl sending him that is totally different and it was so wrong. Like, I am actually afraid of getting pictures of myself taken and shared now, and I did that to someone else, a young girl no less. I know it's no use berating myself now, I did what I did. I just wish I could take it back somehow.

No. 967189

>I just have to accept I can be horrible, capable of evil.
You did someone bad, but "evil"? My god calm down please. You did something and your underdeveloped teenbrain couldn't oversee the consequences. Even teens sharing revengeporn of their peers are judged under youthlaw exactly for that reason. Unless you genuinely had the intentions of hurting your friend, you're not "evil".

No. 967193

Did you tell your friend? Like just seriously confess to her what you did but without dressing with apologetic language; idk if it's a best way to redeem or make her even more uncomfortable but you know, are you truly capable of evil?

No. 967199

I'm sorry but you're clearly projecting your own fear of your photos getting shared onto that girl. Most people don't care if a stranger sees a regular mirror selfie of them fully dressed (otherwise they wouldn't post it on fb…), they'll be weirded out but it's not some heinous invasion of privacy.

Examining your choices critically is a good thing to do but this self flagellating over a minor wrongdoing that never actually hurt anyone nor intended to hurt anyone is OTT.

No. 967247

Let's be real, even if they were normal pictures she sent them to a pedo who probably got off to them and send them to his other pedo friends. It's not her fault though, because she was being groomed.

No. 967269

Then just break up and go for it. My god suicidefags are so annoying. Cope or die like the rest of us.

No. 967275

i wish all stalkers to experience what they do happen to them. to fear the fucking goosebumps, to have your heart racing and not know whether you will live or not, to have somebody memorize your posts word by word and speak them back to you as if they were theirs, to have their identity bastardized through the sick distorted mirror those parasites project their obsession of you through, fuck you all and get a fucking life

No. 967281

I don't think I've experienced love even as a child. Everyone feels replaceable and I'd be just fine if I never saw them again. Maybe bc we had to move around alot growing up and parents were never home? I hate it, to feel so empty, can't even get the feeling from my parents now that they're around more.

No. 967284

This is extremely petty but there's something very satisfying in learning about how miserable my ex has been since we broke up but only because he used to tell me all the time that I was the one who held him back, now he has nobody to blame his own downfalls on but himself. My life has been great without him. I'm excited to come back to social media to talk about how great things have been, just to rub it in - just one time. I feel like I deserve that satisfaction just once.

No. 967286

File: 1636812422634.jpg (179.08 KB, 900x1037, Sad_fairy_sitting_on_judgmenta…)

I wish I was one of those girls with a great fashion sense, tall and thin body, clear skin, super personalized room and a creative hobby they get so much recognition for they become famous for it on social media and make money off it.

No. 967292

What's stopping you?

No. 967297

I’m gonna assume you’re underage. You don’t need to be tall just be thin. Get a part time job to buy all the plastic fast fashion shit you want. Do half ass art and shitty phone edits but make it woke. How “weird” ur persona is in direct correlation with how much of a butterface you are. Profit?

No. 967298

Me too anon. I dream about it every day

No. 967307

I'm not pretty enough to warrant enough attention and nobody cares much about my art unless they know me personally or it's fan art of their favorite thing ,but I would hate drawing things only for attention. Picrel is not my drawing but something similar to an artist I follow.
Sadly enough I'm not lol I am suffering through college with a full-time job in a tiny rented room I can't even decorate. Good tips though anon. I know it's very lame that's why it's a confession.
They make it look so easy and comfortable!

No. 967311

There are people who never show their actual face and still get popular. Gaining a fashion sense takes a bit time sure but it's not impossible. Most of these girls copy each other anyway so it's not impossible just need a bit of luck

No. 967312

File: 1636815065262.jpeg (106.2 KB, 413x577, 89395D01-16CB-44B2-8F7C-8666E2…)

Sometimes I wish I was born in a first world country, and that my family had always been living in a first world country with me. I can’t help but wonder just how would I have been like, and how would have my family been like if we would’ve been first worlders. But then I think that maybe our lives wouldn’t have been that different anyways, so I just daydream of having a nice future with the rest of my family and my friends.

No. 967313

Every goddam day I wish I was born in the west, I don't wanna live in this hell anymore, I don't wanna be stoned to death or be hanged for not being a Muslim
I would rather live in Mexico or Japan rather then my shithole country

I wished the British never left and had settled the region and killed every arab pedophile worshipping scrote in this godawful nation

No. 967321

Not saying there's an issue with your concerns, because I relate. But at this point you need to be banned for making yourself so identifiable from your posts paki anon

No. 967329

i wish you two can move out someday

No. 967334

don't worry I plan on leaving lolcow for a while, don't worry I'm not planning on killing myself yet
just have to resolve various personal matters and setting up a method to escape

No. 967338

File: 1636818749505.jpeg (142.55 KB, 800x772, 3FE6679F-DF23-4A7B-920F-E12A43…)

Thank you, nonnie, I think I will be able to get out of here at some point.

No. 967344

You have my support and best wishes pakistani anon. Don't let others stop you from telling the truth. I have no idea why but any mention of men that aren't white brings out anons that want to shriek about how all men are the same. I know from personal experience that this isn't true. All men are shit and some are more shit than others.

No. 967345

Sorry anon I can relate. My country is still extremely sexist religious and ass backwards and only picking up the worst aspects of the west, troonery among other things.

No. 967378

i'm a terf but I listen to sophie. rip truly, she was very talented

No. 967383

File: 1636822592533.png (218.7 KB, 294x442, (((((her))))).png)

No. 967425

You mean he

No. 967466

I'm a terf too and I listen to 100gecs… no I'm not calling him a she though

No. 967660

>I can’t help but wonder just how would I have been like, and how would have my family been like if we would’ve been first worlders
Much safer but also much more naive and spoiled, probably. I'm not saying growing up in 3rd world shithole was a good experience for me, but I wouldn't change the way my brain works. Interacting with first worlders is like talking to kids tbh.

No. 967680

>Interacting with first worlders is like talking to kids tbh.
yeah, holyshit. It took me a whole break from the internet and just talk to people around me made me realized it was incredibly stressful of me having to coddle either white or second generation immigrants in europe/canada/us.
My relatives have this fetish towards the US and I don't want to bother convincing them it's not worth it. Just accept its shitty around the world.

No. 967691

Yeah having to coddle ppl about shit like scrotes depravity and gov's corruption is so fucking tiring.
The fetish is so weird bc my parents are way more depressed, sick, and over worked in first world than in their third world, yet they keep saying how they have a better life here. Maybe they just don't want to admit that they made a mistake. Granted we didn't used to live in a very misogynistic/violent place like Paki but it was still extremely corrupt, no opportunity for moving up, and dangerous in places. But atleast work wasn't hell, healthcare was cheap, and food wasn't gmo'd and sprayed to death. This may be overkill but it seems like to me the west is a slaughter house. Ppl are enticed, bombarded with dopamine, and work to death. No consideration for the future generations, they just import ppl so they don't have to spend $ for maternity or growing kids to be functioning members of society.

No. 967718

I honestly don’t understand the US fetish, my eldest cousin is dying to live in the US when everyone else in my family has told him that it’s a terrible idea. I traveled there not too long ago and while I understand the appeal as a tourist, I don’t get the appeal as a resident, like, life is too tiresome over there.
I just want to go live in Europe, any country that is mildly organized will be enough to me, I just want to have the important stuff nearby, a pharmacy and a super market, and to be able to go to those places and get the stuff that I need, knowing that I don’t have to buy 100 of something because I don’t know if I will be able to find it again.
And I miss how my country used to be, or at least how it used to be as my family tells me how it was like, I wish it could go back to how it was like but it won’t happen, ever.
It’s honestly disheartening knowing that the whole world is a mess, and that even the best country in Europe is probably a bad place to live at, but whatever else looks better than the US or Venezuela.

No. 967741

What, does he want "western whores" or something?
There's definitely cheap & free places to live like Mexican, unfortunately all of them also have huge femicide and trafficking problems.

No. 967759

Not really, he just thinks that the US is some sort of magical business place in which with all of his experience which in all honestly is a lot he will be instantly hired for a good position, like, I feel like that never happens, anywhere, and like It’s too difficult to get better positions even within a company, specially when you’re coming from another country, of course a business owner would rather give priority to the people of their own country and such.
I’m honestly so doompilled about job hunting that sometimes I just want to lay on a fluffy bed and stay there to rot forever.

No. 967767

I love being skinny. I fucking love my body and my overall self esteem has improved since I lost weight. I can't believe Large clothes are too big for me now, for the first time in my life ever. I haven't weighed as much as I do now since I was 10 years old. I always thought I was "big boned," but turns out that was sort of a cope.
Sucks that my arms were huge and I'll always have saggy arm skin because of it. Plastic surgery is not an option.

No. 967774

Check out dermarolling anon the long needle type that you get in the derms office. It tightens skin alot.

No. 967787

Anon did you simply lose weight or did you also do strength training? I’m just asking since I’m losing weight rn too and I’m wondering if it’s possible to prevent/reduce loose skin. So so happy for you though, my biggest motivation is seeing other people get skinny and how much more confident and happy they feel.

No. 967792

I'm incapable of falling in love or desiring anyone sexually, was pretty fine with it when younger but now I'm afraid I'll die alone and I'm considering just getting into a relationship and just pretend the whole time.

No. 967795

Kek, I wish I was living in the US, nonnie, even though it isn’t my dreamboat, I just managed to visit it because an aunt of mine is living there, like, if I was told tomorrow
>hey, you got a nice job opportunity, we can give you the visa right now and you get a decent home
I would, of course, go live in the USA, but since it’s so difficult to even tiptoe in there, I would rather go somewhere else with actual opportunities for me, other than doing the dishes at a restaurant forever while living an unnecessarily stressful life, I can do that here at home, and at least I’m with my family and not some eternal stranger to everyone who secretly, or not so secretly hates my guts.
Seriously, is there even a point to emigrating somewhere? Everyone will hate us for being foreigners and even if we managed to have kids or whatever, we will always be “the foreigners that got lucky” or the “the foreigners that should’ve stayed in their country to make things better for themselves”.
Just like how it happened to the people that came here when everyone thought that this was the paradise on earth.

No. 967800

I just lost weight by changing my diet. I tried to exercise but honestly I wasn't eating enough to have the energy to do a workout. I ruined my hunger cues and appetite through smoking weed and binge eating kek. I do want to try to start watching Youtube exercise videos again to start getting some muscle tone.
Congrats to you, keep it up! The most important thing really is eating healthy and taking care of yourself, the weight loss is secondary. Establish good long term habits now, and you will sustain your weight loss.

Don't be afraid of dying alone! It's better to be happy single than unhappy with someone who really annoys you.
I feel the same way though. It takes me at least three dates before I'd consider kissing someone. I usually don't feel sexual attraction towards someone unless I'm drinking alcohol.

No. 967801

That’s a terrible idea, nonnie, even if you found the king of Nigels, you would feel miserable around him. And I honestly feel like males can smell the desperation, like the worst of the worst males will try to get in a relationship with you just to make your life miserable.

No. 967807

File: 1636864401043.jpeg (311.36 KB, 942x958, 90BBFB74-BF18-4542-98FF-1A2CC8…)

Every post I’ve made over the last two years had been garbage. I only post drunk and if it wasn’t for autocorrect it would be a mess every time.

No. 967811

>"the foreigners that should’ve stayed in their country to make things better for themselves”
The ignorance that exudes from this statement lol, not everyone can overthrow some dictatorship, specially impoverished people who could get decimated if they revolt, its better to just run away tbh.

No. 967826

Sometimes after a night of drunk posting I avoid the site for a day or two so I don't have to see my post or any replies lol

No. 967911

I've seriously surprised myself in medical emergencies. I'm a paranoid neet but in these situations whether it's me or someone else I go into autopilot and suddenly start problem solving and advocating for myself or who I am helping and get things done. Makes me want to believe I'm not completely useless.

No. 967913

I purposefully avoid therapists or psychotherapy or whatever, real structured help, because I am afraid of what they will tell me and .. I don’t want them to stop me from being a mess all the time because I enjoy a small fraction of it immensely . Reading it makes me sound so stupid and foolish, yeah that’s because I am

No. 967927

File: 1636887655207.jpeg (42.52 KB, 735x715, ABDBFADD-91F1-4FE5-AE2A-A36EE1…)

The reason why I don't want my boyfriend to snoop through my phone is because I don't save any pictures he sends me of him. I'm sure he think I'm a little sus, but I currently have zero pictures of him in my photo album to save me from seeing him and having to delete them if he ever fucks up. I don't feel bad because I visit him a lot and I can always go through the images in our messaging app whenever I wanna see him but can't. To keep him off my back I tell him I have tons of embarrassing fanart that I don't want him to see.

No. 967985

There's no one more obnoxious than people on lolcow defending religion. Yes this includes neowiccan tumblr shit. I don't care about your personal beliefs and good f