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File: 1622784941520.png (1011.84 KB, 2118x782, reddithypocrisy.png)

No. 822499

Reddit, the hugbox for libertarian snowflakes, troons, suburban white dudes who think they are oppressed because women won’t suck their dicks, and a variety of other losers suffering from unmitigated autism.

Notably, several female orientated subs like Female Dating Strategy were banned as reddit is convinced anything pro-female is anti-male, but shitty male orientated subs with violent misogyny are totally okay and not a cause for concern.

Previous thread >>>/ot/729060

No. 822506

Yesterday the news about the Texas valedictorian's abortion speech was all over r/all and I found it so disingenuous for Reddit to be so "pro-choice" when misogyny is rampant all over the platform. Ik it's nothing new but it's depressing how redditors only about posts on women's issues when it's owning conservatives or something that benefits them as men. Like abortion being available so the hobosexuals of Reddit don't have to pay for a kid for 18 years

No. 822531

Female Dating Strategy isn't banned.

No. 822548

Oh yeah it's especially galling when they regularly bring up "male reproductive rights" in which if a woman doesn't get an abortion when they say she should, they want to not have to pay child support.

They don't phrase it like that, they phrase it as "give up parental rights", because fatherhood to them means writing a cheque every month. They ignore what actually is involved in raising a human being, which men walk away from every day just fine. They express no concern for what happens to the kid then, not their problem.

So basically they want us to be able to choose what happens to our bodies so they can punish us when we don't choose what they want. They have no empathy for how hard that choice is to begin with.

No. 822551

File: 1622792788336.jpg (271.21 KB, 1062x1272, Screenshot_20210604-174231_Chr…)

No. 822575

File: 1622795730250.png (78.11 KB, 931x539, pmdd1.png)


This thread is so aggravating. PMDD has had a devastating impact on my life, which is why I went looking for advice in the first place. Why do some trans people want to be in on EVERYTHING? Why do you want to have a disorder so serious that some women undergo hysterectomies to manage/reduce their symptoms?

No. 822637

So they're just actively taking hormones that they fully blame their suicidal thoughts on.. just gonna keep taking it and keep whinging about muh womanhood being hard?

Tbh I'm detrans and my time spent taking testosterone was interesting in terms of mental health and how my thought process changed and simplified on it. I saw how much estrogen, my cycle and all that added to my anxiety issues and I had to give up my nice new 'simple brain' when I came off of hormones again. But why would you take hormones for so long if you're blaming it for making you want to die? Surely that tops any gender dysphoria in terms of setting priorities. I have a feeling they're just depressed in general and grasping at any excuse as to why, first they probably blamed the dysphoria and now it's the hormones. Treat your depression. Too many people with genderfeelings ignore every other aspect of their mental health in favor of sex talk.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 822687

Why can't they call it something else? It's not related to menstruation, which matters because it's not being caused by something internal, it's external, so managing it gets complicated. They've surely only got to deal with dosage and/or delivery methods, women with PMDD can end up getting bilateral oopherectomies.

No. 828473

File: 1623462751542.png (67.01 KB, 719x504, 20210611_213821.png)

>Having access to mental health professionals does not really make mental health problems easier to deal with.
It does, unless you are an actual retard. This is just an excuse to not improve.

No. 828566

Like a lot of people I have issues like trauma where I want to get better but having touched on my trauma in past therapy…I also don't want to go there. I don't want the pain of facing it. I feel like that's pretty common among a host of MH disorders. Lack of motivation, fear of it unearthing a new world of pain. Not wanting to hear harsh truths or work hard on yourself because you're drained by even the thought of that. I get it.. but that's all internal. It's often not that services are failing you. Its trying to get your own ass into gear in order to really engage with treatment. That's the hurdle many fall at. You have to own that responsibility.

When people just write off mental health services as if they're useless (especially with endless funds and more time than a 9 to 5 Joe can get off) that's such bs and misplaced blame and criticism. I've rarely seen bpders in particular cooperate with treatment plans tho. When it comes to free healthcare where I live MH waiting lists are basically half filled by bpders and similar who agree to take an appointment and then never show up on the day (don't bother to simply ring to cancel either) or they give up after just one appointment. Then a year later they request another free appointment which they again may not show up for. A 3 strike system was created to try and tackle it. Its certainly not unusual to dodge help or only half arsedly try but I hate when people won't own up to it.

No. 829143

File: 1623556984966.png (989.73 KB, 1170x2532, 4C3D9A3C-4E07-4D13-8A7A-67FB2E…)

What the fuck

No. 829219

isn't that literally every subreddit

No. 829360

File: 1623600406438.jpg (31.86 KB, 451x266, ranting-color-istock.jpg)

They changed the rules for a bit to limit q's about porn and sex because 90% of the sub was about that and the rest was discussion about women generally. Including, hilariously, manopshere rants that women think men are too obsessed with sex when "ackshually we're super duper sensitive guys and much deeeeeeper than the ladies, so who are those roasties to judge US?!" kek. Whacking it to dead pornstars ("source? For RESEARCH!") and questions like "how do you feel knowing porn stars are miserable junkies abused for our coom? I'm starting to feel bad, should I feel bad askmen?" were about 50% of the content at one point. The top answers were always without fail: "it's better than stacking shelves". "I'm not responsible for other people's poor life decisions" and "How do you KNOW she's not enjoying it? That's sexist!" They have allowed porn and sex discussion again but from a male point of view only (the sub was probably dying kek) but infuriatingly, questioning men's habits is banned. It's against rule 3 for women to question porn in relationships and they are redirected by mods to a condescending "FAQ" section to be reeducated kek.

No. 829705

No. 832189

File: 1623918060383.png (540.36 KB, 2048x1585, Screenshot_20210617-031116.png)


No. 832203

Is it tho? At least they went out.

No. 832208

Yeah, at least they made friends, but I'm more repuled by
>defending 4chan as a whole
>saying it "wasn't always bad"
>using reddit

No. 834714

File: 1624199178817.png (90.97 KB, 776x594, cope.png)

No. 835873

File: 1624358131976.jpg (254.72 KB, 720x1182, 20210622_123345.jpg)

> hair subreddit
> m-muh dick wound!!

No. 836380

File: 1624411856124.jpg (1.31 MB, 1440x1911, 0rfzfp045rg21.jpg)

I know that this is super autistic of me to complain about, but does anyone else miss the old default snoo user icons? They used to be so fun and full of personality, now they replaced them with these faceless, cold shit icons like the ones shown in >>832189. I'm seriously considering deleting my Reddit account because of the change. Fuck this, I want the cute icons back!

No. 836396

Of all the reasons to give up on that hellsite, that's the one that pushed you over the edge?

No. 836425

literally yes anon this has been bugging me they look like weird myspace default icons

No. 836489


I mostly hate the new customizable avatars people have now, they're so cringey, especially seeing one with a little mask, that makes my skin crawl

No. 836520

The upside of the little mask on the custom avatar is, like with mask selfies, I know not to reply to that person. Nice of them to display a red flag before I even start talking to them.

No. 836550

>using a mask to prevent diseases from spreading is a red flag
please take your tinfoiling somewhere else

No. 836552

I wasn't talk about using masks in real life, retard. I mean the people who feel the need to take mask selfies or put a mask on their faggy little reddit character for asspats.

No. 839478

File: 1624794272947.jpg (423.39 KB, 1080x2993, Screenshot_20210627_132749.jpg)

No. 839483

This is so frustrating and fucking depressing. "it's a part of human anatomy" yeah, MALE anatomy. If I was in that changing room with my young sisters I would skip "Karen" mode and go straight to committing a hate crime. I sincerely hope everyone who posts in favour of the troon is infertile. If you can't recognise the importance of single sex spaces you're not fit to raise a kid.

No. 839496

Really just goes to show that any time a woman does or says something men don't like she's instantly a "Karen". God forbid a woman speaks out about something that's potentially dangerous or harmful, she's just looking for anything to complain about! Fuck that sexist Karen joke

No. 839500

The amount of men in the world who get such a sexual rush just by knowing a woman saw their penis through an unwanted pic or a flash in public…also men… "looking at penises isn't even sexual" Yeah don't expect the world to give you the benefit of the doubt on that.

No. 840237

>I think transgender people should have the same rights as everyone else but I don’t think a little girl should have to see someone’s penis, that’s fucked.

That's a comment from the thread lol. I'm not sure if he's being introspective… it wouldn't surprise me if not, why weren't most people able to think critically about this from the get go? They are FEMALE spaces. If the law states men can self-identify, they have unfettered access to females, including children. Legally, girls have no bodily privacy either, forced to be naked in front of men, or "examined" by a doctor or policeman, etc. In my country girl scout membership plummeted as they allowed men to self-identify without informing parents. In one area, girls were horrified to find themselves on a camp trip, having to change and sleep in a tent with a pig-tailed man. (Yes, he had a pigtail hairstyle and bushy beard, obviously an AGP pedo). Most people are quite happy to steamroll women's rights it seems, but almost no one will allow children to be messed with, thank god. It's the main reason we've had pushback.

No. 843649

File: 1625174083112.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20210701_231327_com…)

Goddamnit I can't go to single women's beauty or fashion sub without being subjected to male degeneracy. He also posted the sloppiest glitter eyeshadow look on r/mua and got 700+ upvotes just for being a man with makeup. Why do women on reddit hype up these low effort ugly men/troons anyway? Is it out of pity? Or does it boost their self esteem to see people uglier than them on the front page? Ugh. How is this outfit "streetwear" anyway

No. 843732

at least he seems to be a crossdresser and not a troon

No. 843931


…The fact that loneliness or being questioned with kids is so far up there makes me want to rip my hair out. The point is right there but it’s still going over the heads of everyone commenting

No. 843937

Why is every Reddit thread the same? I could already guess all the answers from the title. It feels like bots are posting these threads sometimes.

No. 843958

>There are almost always more shelters available to women experiencing homelessness. In my city, the split is about 75% beds for women and children and 25% for men.
yes because women and men face the same exact issues on the street, won't somebody please think of these poor poor men!!

No. 844044

File: 1625216898338.jpg (545.27 KB, 1080x2032, IMG_20210702_105919.jpg)

It's not like there's no basis to be wary of potential kidnappers (also the lady who approached the kids directly has some balls)

No. 844045

File: 1625216928976.jpg (398.38 KB, 1080x1738, IMG_20210702_110442.jpg)

No. 844462

Based lady.

No. 844467

The selfishness never ceases to amaze me. Yeah, maybe it's offensive and inconvenient for random people to assume you're a predator. But if their suspicions have even the tiniest chance of preventing a child being harmed isn't that fucking worth your hurt feelings?? Does being polite to men trump protecting children?

I also think it's far more rare than reddit likes to think. Men go out in public with their kids all the time, it's not cause for alarm with the vast majority. If someone is suspicious of you, you or your interactions with the kids must look off somehow.

No. 844468

File: 1625263798509.jpeg (4.7 KB, 259x194, a room of selfless men.jpeg)

Whenever I see those replies I ask myself this: Where are the men who are willing to help other men?
They admit it themselves, that they're isolated and lonely mostly by choice. Obviously they're not actively giving a shit about other people.
But they want attention on abused or homeless men? Okay, where are the male volunteers throwing together these facilities and supporting them with free labor? Oh right, most men would never do this.
When I volunteered for a reproductive clinic, we were all women. Whenever I was a part of philanthropy to donate funds to women's shelters, the majority came from women and women-owned businesses. If we left it up to men to give women shelter and resources then it'd be just as poor as male-oriented ones are now.

No. 844479

just another instance of men expecting their mommies (women) to pick up the pieces and solve their emotional problems for them

No. 844481

Seconding, that lady is a champ

No. 844494

>But if their suspicions have even the tiniest chance of preventing a child being harmed isn't that fucking worth your hurt feelings??
I feel the same way, anon, I hate that some men prioritize their feelings above everything, that and/or they lack enough long-term thinking skills to think past their emotions in the moment(apparently long past the moment too, from reading this thread). I think 99% of people don't immediately freak out when they see a kid with a man, the logical thing to do is assume that that person is related to (as with any adult with a child in general) the kid. Even besides that, there are enough male child predators in the world to at least be a little suspicious sometimes.

No. 844497

The ones in the stories were taking care of other peoples’ children though, of course it’s going to make others uncomfortable because you don’t know who can be trusted.
Might as well spend like 5 minutes asking a scrote if the child is truly his, if they can’t handle that, maybe they shouldn’t even be taking care of the kids in the first place.

No. 844498

It's called being based
jk I get what you mean, yes men should take care of their children however the reality is that men are also way more likely to hurt children and their safety is more important that men's feelings

No. 844503

that story in particular is almost certainly made up anon. You think someone said
>"you don't have to lie, if you don't know this man you can tell me"
to a group of children playing tag? Who tf does that. It's reddit, 90% of stories like this are made up by people to make the opposite sex look bad

No. 844507

anon is the same kind off scrote who makes circlejerk threads on reddit

No. 844511

Lol after seeing those comments i almost made a thread on circlejerk along the lines of
>I was sitting with my child in my living room when an old karen broke in through the window, came up to me to ask me if it was my child, I told her yes she said she didn't trust me because all men are child molesters and then reported me to the fbi. AITA
but I don't think it would land kek

No. 844535


A man I know refused to change his daughter's diapers because he said it made him feel like a pedophile. He argued suspicious women had ruined fatherhood for him. I wouldn't be surprised to see people sympathize with him in that thread.

No. 844584

you know onision?!

No. 845395

This proves that society is pornsick and when they actually try this bdsm shit irl it just doesn't work.
Watched it on 2x speed because I can't stand these type of videos.

No. 845399

File: 1625383747741.jpeg (121.98 KB, 1417x392, 4635C671-2FD3-4C2A-88AE-9B04DB…)

I laughed so hard at tugboat fetish

No. 845616

File: 1625412549375.jpeg (106.64 KB, 750x396, AD0E8CA2-BB33-4C55-9AFC-C9D463…)

tell me that reddit isn’t an MRA website, imagine if this was about women. literal fucking wimps, men who whine about oppression are pure manipulators because all of the issues they mention under this were so general and that’s just how blissfully unaware men are of the world because they inherently lack empathy

No. 845667

they're crying about issues they created themselves and then act like it's women's job to make it better

No. 846022

File: 1625443053912.jpeg (370.45 KB, 1242x652, why am i surprised.jpeg)

Saw a post today about someone wanting to create a space for abused men. Great! Finally! A man taking matter into his own hands to support his fello- wait, it's a woman?? O-oh…

No. 846040

So many abused men 'cope' by drinking and beating their wives, in a roundabout way I can at least see how this saves women too but yeah it would be nice if men played a role in stopping that cycle of abused men bottling shit up and in turn becoming abusers themselves

No. 846056

Typical manbaby features tbh. They all want us to be their mommies and they always want to be spoiled brats.

No. 846298

Of course it is. Men are only crying about no one caring when it's in response of women taking care of other women, they never do anything. (except militant dads crying about alimony)
Just recently in my country some woman wrote an article about how we should look deeper into what makes men incels and "take care of them", comments full of men responding that "yes, feminism should focus on issues of incels if they're so EGALITARIAN" … why do you never care about issues of incels though? It's always women that have to do shit.

No. 846622

it's true. my dad would take me and my sister everywhere and no one ever asked him anything, even though he's about 10 years older than most parents of people my age.
if these guys' stories actually happened they were probably dressed like shit with that scruffy neck-included 5 o'clock shadow clueless reddit men always have, and wearing frameless glasses that are 18 years out of fashion, then proceeded to showcase their incredible lack of social skills in public.

No. 846996

My father was my primary caregiver from the time I was born and is a literal autist complete with ugly glasses, bermuda shorts, mismatched socks in crocs and a chronic case of RBF (resting grump face? is there a male version of this?), and neither of us has never once been approached by someone who thought he was a suspicious character. I second
that if any of these stories are true at all, the kids probably looked uncomfortable around these men for whatever reason.

No. 847547

I can't stand majority of "advice" in r/RelationshipAdvice, might as well rename it to r/PickmeAdvice.
When I was younger and in one of my first relationships, ex moid would constantly forget my birthday even though I'd tell him 2 days before.

I went to relationship advice and the replies were basically "it's your fault for expecting him to remember a day that's important to you" and "my moid just can't remember and i don't blame him, i put a whiteboard in our kitchen and have written my birthday date and he still forgot but i didn't get mad tee hee"

There is so many posts where women are obviously being gaslighted and mentally abused but it's always their fault somehow because men are previous little beans that just don't know any better uwu

No. 847579

someone researched it.
>When a relationship challenge pits a man against a woman, we found that the comments favoured the man 63 per cent of the time, and with the woman in just 33 per cent of the posts (with four per cent split or no bias given.)

No. 847585

Well anon maybe you should cOmMuniCatE this to them they aren't MinDrEaDerS

No. 847592

Rolling my eyes SUPER hard at this

No. 847600

A friend of mine asked on how to deal with a bullying co-worker who was a huge pickme and treated everything as competition, downright copied every little thing she did and talked shit about her to others, spreading rumors and lying on purpose;

This Reddit told her that this co-worker has a crush on her.

Seems like r/relationshipadvice comments is a bot chat or something.

No. 847606

30 seconds in and he's already proving them right with the typical scrotery of feeling the need to insert himself into and shit up women's spaces. But sorry anon, his accent/lisp is insufferable, what does the rest of the video say?

No. 847608

File: 1625613254573.png (196.08 KB, 830x350, egbeeggegeeg.png)

Couldn't watch it either, this scrote got offended at this first screen capture and that's all it took me to nope the fuck out.

>why are men so unhygienic?

I swear to god, the women they call """""femcels""""" are so fucking justified, fuck men

No. 847676

And yet they always complain that relationship subs are biased against men kek Reminds me of that "When women talk 30% of the time men think they talk 50%, when women talk 50% of the time men think they talk 80%" (or however it went…) study

No. 847715

i see this all the time on reddit, post after post of "my husband's ass is covered in shit stains how do i tell him nicely to wash it???" "my boyfriend doesn't wipe because he says it's gay HELP WHAT DO" i lived in drug dens where the men cleaned themselves better than this

No. 848309

I'd post a screenshot, but honestly, the whole thread is a whole pissbaby contest

No. 849524

File: 1625825986740.jpg (236.3 KB, 1440x1440, IMG_20210709_121856.jpg)


No. 849532

Kek. The gender binary, men and all the other ones.

No. 849737

Haha I remember I posted about some “ex boyfriend” who wouldn’t take no for an answer and kept pressuring me until I finally said “ok” and at least ONE of the comments probably should have come from an unbiased perspective that said hey that’s a violation of your consent, that’s not sex but assault. INSTEAD the great (rapey) reddit moids were like “I’m glad you recognize that you were a dumbass for giving in”. Meanwhile if you’d been in the opposite situation where you said no and walked away they’d tell you “consider HIS feelings, men have needs so if you don’t have sex with him then it’s fair to give you an ultimatum. If you don’t have sex with him then it’s totally justified and likely for him to stream porn and oogle other women”. Men really can never be wrong on there.

No. 849829

Twitter probably

No. 849840

So start invading the male subreddits, see how they like it.

No. 849852


No. 849862

It doesnt really work cause the men in those communities just ignore those posts

No. 853130

File: 1626203099078.jpeg (557.69 KB, 749x2164, A1E4FC8A-0F4B-4B53-AA46-35ABB3…)

Men patting each other on the back and talking about how hard and invalidating it is when women don’t see you as a potential rapist

No. 853151

menslib is so retarded, they really took the worst of mainstream feminism (victim mentality, exaggerating insignificant issues) and made it their whole ideology

No. 853191

this gives the same energy as a girl being jealous she wasn't chosen to be sexually assaulted when so many others are. like why?

No. 853211

Don't look at us like we're all rapists…. wait actually you're not respecting me as a man if you're not living in fear of my manly raping ability.

I've seen short men complain about this too. Oh just because I'm short you think I can't attack you… I can! I won't but you better be aware I'd be well able to! ..ffs

No. 853217

File: 1626208084300.jpg (492.93 KB, 1080x2057, Screenshot_20210713_222649.jpg)

another day another low effort male (with the most obvious advice in the world!) at the top of r/curlyhair. It's all so tiresome nonas

No. 853264

I want him to perish. This literally activated a guttural feeling in my stomach. I ducking hate men. They ruin everything good in this world. Let me take my black ass down to the beauty supply and stock up on my head scarves. The prices are gonna be $10 a pop by next year. I feel it in my pussy.

No. 854976

I love you

No. 859900

File: 1626897173507.jpeg (330.2 KB, 1135x587, C08C3611-5B26-436C-B82B-3B2F74…)

theredpill guys accidentally finding out that their community is full of violent psychopaths will never not be funny to me

No. 859908

This subreddit still exists? Fucking hell

No. 859925

Compares having a sex drive (and acting on it) to having the urge to murder children… and acting on it. We really do shit on women for every little thing while men are held to an entirely different BS standard of "well done for not murdering anyone"

Oh and if men do commit murder…sure it's only because we're such whores, obvs. Or because we won't fuck them enough. One of those two.

No. 859930

File: 1626899756889.gif (1.01 MB, 234x176, tumblr_n34nreFrzV1rdmdixo1_250…)

>we need to temper some of our urges to have a stable society

No. 859952

Jesus christ. Amazing how Reddit is such a cesspool, with members like this. Even more amazing is how a mod probably saw that and didn't think to report them to any law agency.

No. 859959

The amount of ways I've seen men on there basically rephrase this point
> Us men were made to kill everyone smaller than us and you sluts are lucky we're not currently able to kill you without legal consequence. Otherwise we would. You remember that now. We're supressing the urge.

It's beyond creepy no matter how many ways they find to try and make it sound like its logic/nature/gods design. It's all just unhinged talk that should get you put on a watchlist.

No. 859965

so when are they gonna start

No. 859967

Fuck maybe they are self aware that they're more unhinged than us due to being raging testerome factories. That's why they project how emotionally unstable we all are because of our hormonal monthly cycles. They're just pure rage 24/7.

No. 860011

So their entire subreddit is about using biotroofs to manipulate women into casual sex, but they also don't want women to have casual sex

No. 860021

If we could just find a way to somehow be massively kinky sex machines and be virgins all at the same time we could solve all of the earths problems. That appears to be the key..every time.

No. 860025

No it fits perfectly into the madonna whore complex, just divide us into non sex havers/filthy sluts open for use

No. 860480

Does reddit shadowban people or what? I haven't posted anything political but don't hide that I'm female. My posts won't appear, I can't see who follows me and I can't post images. No trouble before, I'm wondering if it's the Troon mods or something.

No. 860503

Is your account new?

No. 860505

No, it isn't.

No. 860530

Remember reddit is full of woketards and liberal men who in irl pretend to be liberal male feminists also probably a lot of muslims and trannies because they are coddled there
These liberal males are supposed be less angry, laid back and more sensible as told by society in contrast to angry incels on right side

No. 860561

You can check to see if you're shadowbanned in /r/shadowban or /r/shadowbanned. It's possible but somewhat rare since the site rolled out suspensions.

No. 861356

File: 1627060554007.jpeg (252.02 KB, 640x977, 20151FA5-77B4-46D8-9934-2DEF45…)

The absolute state of these Reddit scrotes, this was also on a general subreddit and most of the comments were agreeing with him, joking about it with the classic “at least I didn’t actually rape someone hahaa” and discussing it, at least take it to a NSFW subreddit I don’t need to know you’ve been pornsick since 13

No. 861388

at that age i had similar fantasies to be honest, though i never thought about it as rape? idk it was just a fantasy, the same way i fantasized about being a mermaid or marrying a prince, it felt so far away and abstract i didn't stop to think if i'd technically be getting raped in that scenario, because i didn't even think of it as a real human interaction. i think fantasies like that are natural and not necessarily harmful, there's a reason watching porn makes boys more likely to commit sexual assault, because instead of abstract fantasies they start thinking of them as realistic, concrete scenarios

No. 861407

File: 1627065088755.png (45.65 KB, 641x535, scrote.png)

Then discuss it on a subreddit realted to that subject? not in the wild, i'm sick of reading the comments on any post and seeing some scrote shoehorn in their weird fetish with comment like this

No. 861427

Years ago when I was a teen listening to a late night radio talkshow I remember a topic like this coming up. Men were discussing how much they 'mind fuck' rando women who sit next to them on the bus or women they work with. Some saying they might spend their 20 minute bus journey looking at someone and imagining it the whole time. One guy was saying he's in his 40s and when he sees a 'fine young woman' he'll do it. There was a long awkward pause when he said his ideal woman was about 19 and the host asked him how exactly he can accurately guage a strangers age when there's only room for 2 years of error…or else he's mentally stipping off underage girls on the bus. A good answser never came.

I was pretty young and disturbed. I was semi agoraphobic already and for years that one convo stayed with me and made me worry. I have a butch style now and I think feeling uncomfortable for so many years for reasons like that played a large part in me saying fuck it and changing my look. My last partner shared emails with me…the office pervert was sharing these fantsisies with every man he worked with thinking they'd all pat him on the back. My ex was grossed out but I was concerned about the women he was clearly obsessing over. Dude had a long term gf aswell. Some never grow out of this shit and only get worse.

No. 861618

Sick men finding each other online has definitely led them into believing degeneracy is the norm, whereas sex studies paint a more complex picture. I agree these type of comments should be moderated and contained to NSFW subs.

No. 861864

File: 1627117544786.png (612.22 KB, 720x1436, mRuzZBh.png)

I like checking out r/tinder from time to time just to see all the men seething at things women put in their profiles. Like women like these are obviously looking for rich guys that outearn her significantly, but young urban struggling "male feminists" are posting how they'd NEVER date her, and I just enjoy their anger.

No. 861951

File: 1627133969461.png (152.76 KB, 878x1420, jfc kys.png)

Found this sub by accident with this being the current top post of all time and ooooh my god, cry me a fucking river. Poor men don't get their peepee wet after amassing a small amount of good boi points for Being A Good Feminist Ally even though The Bad Guy Chad does, poor men are affected by actions done by other men, feminism has to work for them poor men too, they also need validation uwu. I don't know what I expected of a sub that has flairs for MRAs and the twaw mantra right in their sidebar. I guess I hoped it'd be one of those not-yet-found subs where feminism for once isn't about centering men's feelings like it's sometimes the case with <1000 member subs.

No. 861972

In a way it's refreshing to see a male straight up admit that he prioritizes getting sex over womens comfort and safety, and that men that play nice are just putting on an act. And then wraps it up with muh eqkwality. This is why feminism should have never included men.

No. 861977

Looking at that screenshot, all I can think is "No man should legally be permitted to type, speak or write this much".
If I try to read it, I feel a little voice in the back of my mind screaming "Shut up, bitch". He needs to go perform manual labor.

No. 861983

Samefagging but
>it treats men as defective women
Not to be ableist, but you are. The Y chromosome is literally defective. You are failed, deformed women. God gave you tard strength and a G-spot in your asshole to make up for it.

No. 861992

File: 1627137227236.jpg (106.5 KB, 1440x900, R.jpg)

>God gave you tard strength and a G-spot in your asshole to make up for it.
Thanks anon you just made moids sound even more deformed.

No. 862025

I couldn't get through more than a couple of sentences before my eyes rolled back all the way and now I am blind. But where do they get this idea that feminists want men to be like women? I have never heard anyone say that. Is it because we don't want to be raped and not-raping people is a womanly quality? I am very confused. I don't give a fuck about men's emotions and how they express them. It's not my problem if they are depressed and sad but "can't tell anyone". The only people telling men to share their emotions and cry more are other soyboys.

No. 862028

>half of rape victims are men
Holy fucking lol. The people who rape men are other men, retard.

No. 862092

There is a "men should cry so they don't implode" element to modern feminist ideals, but the thing is, men are told to forge actual emotional bonds with other men and create their single sex emotional support groups instead of just repressing. Instead they take it as "women should absolve me of all my sins after I confess" and are hurt when women don't care about their opinion on abortion rights.

No. 862181

All i want to ask is: how is that related to feminism? I fucking hate reddit moids who think every one of men's problems should be solved by women. Like, you have problems expressing feelings cause something something stereotypes, okay. Why do you need women to help you? You can be sensitive without people holding your hand lol. I guess misogyny laws still hold true.

No. 862545

>More than anything, act on this

Literally every loser who tells feminists how they ought to be proper "allies" haven't contributed to anything but criticism that reeks of self-pity, ressentiment, and envy. This guy can't even hide how utterly selfish his tirade actually is; it has absolutely nothing to do with systemic issues like male homelessness/suicide, and everything to do with his love-hate relationship with masculinity and feeling like he needs to wear the mask of machismo, because refraining from doing so might lead to not getting laid (i.e. being placed in the role of the nice guy). I love that one of his examples of men expressing themselves is just men saying that feminism is incorrect and patriarchy isn't real. Is that the only sentiment you're interested in expressing? Because it sure seems like it.

No. 863766

File: 1627300343648.jpg (298.03 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210726-125147_Red…)

No. 863771

This is the most hilarious thing I've ever read.

No. 863772

>tfw no raccoon boyfriend
But also how does one date someone for 3 years and never see their apartment?

No. 863774

Dudes back must be fucked lol

No. 863785

My first laugh today, congratulations

No. 863881


Kek I’m in love with you anon.

No. 863886

I empathize with you anon but I don't really know if going butch is a good way to respond to that specifically. Even if you were to do the ultimate de-feminization and troon out there's still men who fetishize ftm troons. Of course you could just like being butch/androgynous and that's more power to you.
But what about some of us who like feminine attire? I personally like makeup and fashion and I don't want to start dressing masculine just because ik that scrotes have definitely said disgusting things about what they would do to me. Imo we can't do much about it. At the end of the day it's talk of what they would do if they had a chance, and they don't/never will have a chance. I suspect the only reason that these men go on about their gross fantasies is because they know that they do not have a chance. Maybe it's supposed to be degrading to the women. Is there some way to shame these men and take back the power? I really fail to see how that dude wouldn't just be a retarded dick-brained moid who sacrifices his career to divulge his sexual fantasies to coworkers bc he's too dumb to keep his chode out of his work. Or the guy on the bus being such a cumbrained moid who is so porn/sex addicted that the only thing he thinks of when he sees a woman is sex. Thoughts?

No. 864404

Is it wrong that i mindfuck scrotes in public?

No. 864410

Not op. Let's be real there way less men who get off on butch women, and not many men have the balls to hassle women for being GNC/"ugly"/etc. Gonna get a glare at the most, unless you live in conservative place.
>Maybe it's supposed to be degrading to the women. Is there some way to shame these men and take back the power?
Yup that's it, their supposed superiority complex is based on women being below them, take that away and they're nothing. That's why they need to constantly remind themselves that they're better by degrading women. I'd say show the convo to his mother but she'd probably call you a liar and defend her shitstain son. Alas.

No. 864525

Why would it be? They won't feel threatened like we do when they do it.

No. 864550

File: 1627374590642.jpg (350.86 KB, 804x1356, hamster.jpg)

This person is on crack, a detolf with a raised lid is MORE than enough room for even a Syrian hamster. I attached a pic of how big the "suboptimal" enclosure is. Reddit pet subs are full of people like this that act like if you don't have a whole room dedicated to it and spend $300/mo you shouldn't be allowed to have it. God forbid you ask a medical question on a sub called /r/askvet. I was trying to get advice for somebody's kitten and I got torn apart for not taking it to the vet and it's not even my goddamned cat

No. 864555

she is a queen

No. 864770


I looked into getting a hamster and found out you're now expected to convert your whole room into hamster utopia and curl up on the floor in a corner yourself.

No. 866195

File: 1627515091958.png (22.34 KB, 722x211, reddit.png)

I hate this shit. I hate everything about this. From the OP, the "old ball and chain haha" jokes in general, to the way all the retards replying to it think that it's "part of a healthy relationship" and not just and older version of those "guys are cool and quirky and girls are boring and lame" memes

No. 866205

File: 1627515899780.png (246.96 KB, 763x666, hmc4tjube7561.png)

Meanwhile, from the wife's perspective
>my husband plays video games for 10 hours a day even though we both work full time and I do all the housework and raise our 3 small children alone
>I don't want to be a naggy evil bitch wife, how do I CoMmUnIcAtE with him so that he deigns to lift a finger around the house"?

No. 866517

Even in less extreme cases than this it's usually just
>Hey you said you'd do this chore, if you sit down to play video games I know from experience that the day will pass you by and I'll end up doing your chores on top of my own..again. Can you please just do that one task first and then you're free to do whatever the rest of day.
Such emotional abuse

No. 866803

And yet women are dying in a femicide because of actual abuse perpetuated by MEN. I fucking hate men so much.

No. 867091

File: 1627594043155.png (330.22 KB, 1174x1124, kjnjksn2.png)

No. 867107

>Which, for me?
Why do men always think everything is for them?
>My gf is now radio silence
I mean he literally accused her of being a zoophile
>I respect that my gf doesn't feel the same way
Nah he doesn't
>with her head on my gf's naked thigh
Oh no, her THIGH? The horror!

The guy is definitely an asshole. His ex (hopefully) evidently views nudity in a different way. For some people being nude is no big deal, it's not sexual. He's acting as if this woman's body is only for him and only when it's sexually pleasant for him.

No. 867108

it is kinda gross that this girl is naked on like the furniture and shit. I hope they own a bidet

No. 867111

Come on, nonny. You and I both know that anybody who associates with Reddit/Redditors either has too little self-esteem or too much autism to properly maintain their anus.

No. 867116

to me it's kind of gross. does she even wash the dogs paws after every walk? and honestly, sitting directly on chairs, without underwear, is nasty. and now i'm imagining dog hairs stuck on her labia.
but from a "moral" point of view who cares? the dog doesn't care, she doesn't care, and if she isn't molesting the dog there's nothing wrong with that

No. 867118

Everything on AITA, while entertaining to read, is absolutely fake.

No. 867121

>she's got a rockin bod
I shivered.

Being naked in modern western society can't really be fully divorced from sexuality. While I can genuinely believe that the girl doesn't find cuddling with her dog while naked to be weird or sexual, (though with a 110 lbs dog it's a litte weirder) she should understand why her boyfriend finds it weird. I once had a cat jump onto my chest when I was naked and lay on my boobs and it was definitely weird, but not necessarily fucked up. And like other anons say, it's mostly just gross. The only aspect of nudism I really hate it just the idea of sitting down butt ass naked on furniture. Especially since women are always expelling discharge and have a natural moisture all times lol

My guess is, if this story isn't fake, which most AITA posts are, that he probably didn't sit down and talk to her calmly for her to discuss that he's uncomfortable. He probably had built up a lot of resentment and discomfort and blew up at her essentially accused her of being a dog fucker.

No. 867128

This. I lived with a guy for nearly 5 years and our most explosive fights that would result in physical abuse stemmed from his addiction to the xbox. And it is 100% an addiction. The shrieking and anguish you would hear constantly even when I was trying to sleep. The amount of moods he would swing into whilst gaming. Complete neglect of everything else in his life. He put me off gaming and I grew up gaming. But I grew out of fucking crying about pausing the game to do chores at age 14.

No. 867129

Nah, this is gross. It’s one thing to have a lazy naked day, do yoga or something but all I can think of is her putting her body parts all over where her dirty feet and the dog hair is and then transferring that around. She sounds sticky.

No. 867131

This just reminds me of Shayna. Gross.

No. 867137

>I'm not jealous of a literal female dog.
…why did he specify female…does he imply he'd be if it were a male one…

No. 867152

Maybe he was wanting to say b*tch but chickened out like a huge fucking pussy

No. 867153

cause female dog = bitch kek

No. 867334

anon youre full of shit. Men regularly get naked without it being sexual, instead, it's routinely played off for laughs in movies etc. Only women are seen as sexual beings 24/7. You're using scrote logic.

I agree it's gross to sit naked on your furniture (does she just let guests sit where her bare ass was? Also she's walking the dog in "just a slip". Yeah she's gross as fuck) but you have to be retarded to ignore that men sexualize dog + women ALL the fucking time. Then make it women's problems by saying "white women fuck dogs" and taking social media posts by girls and their dogs and posting them to reddit/4chan and implying shit. They meme about it.

Men are so fucking insecure they regularly feel sexually threatened by dogs, and even their own children (hello Jovi from 90 day fiance)

No. 867404

The fuck.
I'm regularly topless when at home and you're really sexualising yourself too much. Maybe lay off the porn.
And how much discharge are you nonas expelling kek not every woman is always slimy like that
And you guys absolutely missed the point with all the 'it's gross' shit, the scrote wasn't complaining about that at all, he's only accusing her of being a dogfucker.

No. 867522

some of you anons really haven't seen your grandmothers's tits

No. 867592

He's probably a Burger. Burger men can be militant when it comes to normal people choosing to be privately nude, but take no issue with hardcore gangbang porn at the click of a button or literal children watching superbowl half-time stripper dances. They need therapy.

No. 867809

It's not missing the point to point out while the sexualization of this is gross, it's also gross behavior in general.

Maybe you're not familiar with your own anatomy (or possibly are a scrote since youre referring to natural vaginal discharge as "slimy". Grow the fuck up.), but depending where you are in your cycle you will produce discharge. It's cute you think you can pretty princess your way out of it and insist your pussy doesnt produce discharge like the other gross girls, but it does. Maybe clean yourself more?

Just like when you fart little poop particles fly out. That's why you wear underwear on furniture. You probably don't fart either though.

Charlotte from SATC vibes when Harry sat his bare ass all over her furniture.

No. 867820

File: 1627668453468.jpg (374.59 KB, 1214x570, badroommates.jpg)

Every single OP that posts on /r/badroommates is a stupid fucking doormat that exaggerates. Half the stories make THEM look crazy for putting up with the shit

No. 867953

>I do see being naked as sexual

The girl should wear underwear though.

No. 868308

File: 1627720631603.png (42.14 KB, 706x436, mad lady redditors.png)

Men on Reddit obviously hate women, but the women can be just as retarded. Screenshot is lady redditors (I checked post histories, 99% sure not trannies, just trash tv weirdos) discussing some random reality tv women.

It's just so highschool-esque. These women are in their 30s/40s + and spend all day sitting around shitting on other women for…. doing their hair and nails? Then they shit over women who don't do those things a week later. Oh and btw if your boyfie doesn't love your hair you should change it you inconsiderate whore. Gilded.

It's absolutely insane the hatred they will fling at other women. God forbid she's pretty too, they will tear that bitch down any way they can. Accuse her of having every plastic surgery they can until they resort to just calling her a whore. The only exception to this rule is pretty fat girls, which they will praise.

Like congrats ladies you spend your days in tracksuits and eating cheetos by the handful. You're really showing those vapid bitches how it's done. Go make your hubbie his din din.

No. 868333

I mean do you look at any of the threads on /pt/ or /snow/

No. 868368

File: 1627729037963.png (121.5 KB, 2048x2048, d08.png)

I don't know whether to hate or like the addition of picrel as a sticker. The fucker's everywhere. On one had, it just looks so stupidly smug that it fits right in with the site's target audience. On the other hand, it comes off as absurdly hilarious on shit about people getting into accidents or blogposting about trauma in places that didn't ask for it.

Exactly. The anon you're replying to is complaining about the same stuff you'll see regularly on threads for this site.

I can't help but feel like at least half of these long interpersonal relationship venting posts on Reddit are made up. There's no way people can actually be this dense.

No. 868625

nta but you 2 gotta be newfags if you think the posters here shit over random women for male approval.bitching about cows on an anon site =/= saying women should change their hair for their boyfriends you mongs.

No. 868632

this is a thread for hating on reddit, not complaining about its features and "stickers" (how old are you?). Take your reddit spacing and whiteknighting right back there, faggot. None of the women on here would demand women change their looks for their SO.

No. 868946

I was referring to the part about grown ass women bitching about other women for their lifestyle choices you illiterate dummy.

No. 869325

There is a question about this on the front page right now and i'm honestly sick seeing how many upvotes there are in some comments saying outright that they would rape if there was no consequences and so would most men.
Would these guys rape a passed out woman then? "no consequences" right? It makes me want to vomit because i actually believe they would, i went trough something similar and the fucker thought i wouldn't wake up in the middle of it so "no harm done". I don't want to live in this planet anymore anons…

No. 869474

And then when women see those comments and start to become scared of men, they'll cry on MRA forums or MensLib (MRA-lite) about how dehumanizing "stereotypes" are to men

No. 869476

Apparently, power mod /u/awkwardtheturtle is exploding on reddit right now, because of hot takes such as
>Misandry isn't real
>ban all men
and similar reverse sexist uwu statements. Admittedly, he's just some red piller trolling everyone because he thinks misogyny isn't real, but the reaction of reddit moids to his comments is real, so I won't be mad kek.

No. 869491

I saw men sharting about it on r/all earlier and it's so pathetic considering this kind of 'ironic' misogyny is rampant in all of the edgy subs, and I see several popular posts shitting on women almost every time I check Reddit. Men are so fucking delicate

No. 869680

link to post pls anon i missed it

No. 870121

Huge amount of "Men, when's the last time you got a hug?" type questions on there lately. There is so much entitlement and bitterness in their responses it just made me laugh. Fucking losers, go hug your daki

No. 870231

Those men should ask themselves why they don't receive hugs, and also why they don't hug each other.

No. 870452

Why is it everytime I post on reddit I get WORDS WORDS WORDS as a reply? They get angry at me for not posting "studies supporting that assertion" when I'm just sharing my experience in life. It's like they're all the same person to, they just drop several paragraphs smugly saying I'm wrong and how I can't assert things without evidence.

I used to think the chan sites hatred of reddit was NORF FC SOUF FC style bullshit. But it's like they have a collective case of autism over there.

No. 870454

Do they really JUST want a hug though?

No. 870460

Exactly. You can't platonically hug a moid or even be kind to them because they assume it means you want to fuck.

No. 870516

File: 1627956630461.jpg (474.65 KB, 1080x1149, 20210802_220901.jpg)

I can point out several reasons in this paragraph as to why the sex is bad.

1. Any guy who asks about kinks will be bad at sex. Porn sick.
2. "Shes not a squirter but it's obvious she cums" doesnt know when a woman is faking becuz of porn
2. "We have sex until shes exhausted" shes so tired of fucking for hours and is in pain from Jack hammering from a scrote with death grip.
3.legs over shoulders is one of the most uncomfortable positions that scrotes love because they can go sonic the hedgehog on your pussy jack hammering
4. She only cums from when shes on top and the scrote hates that because he cant pull porno moves

No. 870539

Why doesn't he just ask her for more specific reasons jfc. His descriptions of her orgasms are super questionable too.

No. 870544

He asked her what her kinks are which is his way of asking what she likes since hes porn sick

No. 870549

So she doesn't piss herself so she's not incontinent, methinks he's shit in bed.

No. 870554

What an absolutely retarded question to ask, he probably didn't want to hear the answer to 'are you really having orgasms during sex?'. He'd rather stick to his assumptions.

No. 870559

Wtf does he mean by cum? Does he think that women can cum jsut like men? Is the cum hes talking about pussy juice? I bet he never actually saw her orgasming. Every women I've been with and myself included have very noticeable orgasms, with trembling, the pussy contracting, breathing, etc. Fucking pathetic

No. 870564

Based on myself and textbooks, you should be able to physically feel and see an orgasm. It's not some nebulous good feeling, it's a muscular contraction and is unmistakeable.

lmao if he thinks just getting wet at some point is an orgasm.

No. 870610

Can you new fags learn how to green text?

No. 870673

File: 1627973712430.jpg (698.58 KB, 1232x1762, they.jpg)

On reddit it's normal to drop F-bombs at old ladies that don't respect your gender identity

No. 870776

>the correct way is to lick the inner anus of some genderspecial freak working customer service
Don't work customer service if you're this deranged

No. 870798

Everything these faggots think is in opposition to what they believe is incorrect. The grandmother said exactly what the reddit troon suggested she say, but if she had asked how to address the themlet straight away she would have been wrong for implying that themlet's gender wasn't readable by their appearance which is ~incredibly dysphoric~ for them. The grandmother tried correcting herself to spare themlet's feelings but that's lost on the reddit troon because he obviously lacks social skill.

No. 871036

I would have gone full Karen on them ngl. Why didn't that reddit OP stand up for her? Cucked.

No. 871289

I was thinking the same thing. Who lets some fucking NLOG talk like that to their own grandmother? Especially since the grandmother was genuinely trying to be polite. I'd either chimp out and tear the non-binoid a new gender neutral hole or pull a Karen and try to get her fired. OP needs to grow a fucking backbone.

No. 871346

MGTOW and MGTOW2 have been banned. Admins decided to finally send them their own way.

No. 871461

File: 1628029856659.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1324x1788, A8967FA6-A5C4-4157-A876-1973F9…)

Scrote wants to abandon his baby because he doesn’t like the relationship. Does he want to break up? NO, HE LITERALLY WANTS TO ABANDON THE 1.5 YEAR OLD BABY.

Can you imagine if a woman said that she wants to abandon her child to her abusive husband so she can start anew? The bar is literally on the ground.

No. 871468

These freaks are so brain damaged that they legit cannot even respond to a grandma. I hate gender specials so much. It's either he or she and no in between

No. 871511

>losing love for your literal baby because he's a 'bit of a brat', even though he is apparently convinced it's the gf turning the kid against him
Holy fuck, what an absolute POS.

No. 871514

Good. Now they should ban /r/TheRedPill, AskTRP, and all the other PUA subreddits.

No. 871574

>"I don't fucking know"
Self-absorbed retards like this shouldn't be out in public. This made me unnecessarily angry. The "HoneyBadgerJr" moron who tried to put the blame on the grandmother needs to shut the fuck up, too.

No. 872798

At this point I assume ~95% of the women still using reddit are pickmes. Most of the sensible ones left already.

No. 873785

File: 1628218952924.png (436.65 KB, 1078x398, sfhhgdghhfrsdrh.png)


No. 873798

And yet, they're still crying about that ironically misandrist powermod, and fixed the follow function after trannies went testerical about it in just a few days. At this point, the entire website is just some MRA lite forum.

No. 873910

How the fuck is this subreddit allowed??

No. 874025

Needs to trend on twitter. Reddit chose to somewhat clean up its act when this shit was trending and papers wrote about it. Everyone needs to keep exposing their hypocrisy and give them bad press.

No. 874188

>misogyny and CP subs are allowed
>spaces for "cis" lesbians only though? that's offensive and problematic, there's no space for such bigotry on reddit dot com!

No. 874461

remember the time when gc got banned and the mods were so quick to delete any pinkpill related sub while all the misogynistic shit like this was thriving and went on to thrive until just recently
i don't expect this to be taken down anytime soon

No. 874663

File: 1628290394195.png (355.54 KB, 615x752, IMG_20210807_002923 (2).png)

No. 874675

/r/PinkpillFeminism banned, /r/GenderCritical banned, /r/SuperStraight banned yet this shit, the hundreds of rape-kink and "barely legal" pedo-bait subs, racist interracial porn subs (the list goes on) get to stay up.

No. 874697

These rape and fetish boards are still up because sex liberation is one of the number one priorities for liberals which is a good chunk of reddit’s demographic. Only a man’s depraved sense of what sexuality is is important because if you disagree and tell them to take their shriveled shroomcocks and die in a whole that isn’t heccin wholesome and nice isn’t it? Telling scrtoes to have any sexual dignity and self-control is bigotry.

No. 874755

I can never understand how they ignore reality and focus on the 1% who choose this and not on the vast majority who either dont have a choice or are coerced financially into sw.
Also can no one else see how gross that "disabled and ugly men have needs!!1!" talk is? like women are some sort of medical tool to be used like a fleshlight. Theyre not gonna die so is the collateral damage of women being traficked or coerced really worth it? its like theyre all just repeating whatever is upvoted and never giving any thought to consequences

No. 874763

What adds an additional layer of bleakness is that they allow blatant, ~problematic~ transphobia when it's committed by men, such as in the TumblrInAction sub that has been left in peace despite shitting on troons more aggressively than any terf aligned sub ever did. They can literally spam a troon's responses with 41% memes and "You'll never be a woman" without consequences. But god forbid you would like to have a lesbian sub without girldick, that's crossing the line.

No. 874772

While i agree that sex work shouldn't be romanticized or sold as empowering or whatever bullshit like it's been happening the past few years with onlyfans and such, it's impossible to eradicate. So
now what? Doesn't actually regulating have a chance to make it safer? Personally if it's an actual well thought choice i don't see a problem with it. Besides the obvious trafficking issue what really bothers me is the social media trend around it. It's NOT empowering. It's dehumanizing and mentally scarring. You need to be really stable for it not to fuck with you, i don't understand how it became so normal and something to aspire to.

No. 874800

>Doesn't actually regulating have a chance to make it safer?
No, so far every place that has legalized it had an up spike in human trafficking. The demand grows with legality, but that doesn't mean women are now standing in line to become prostitutes, which is why they have to take young women and even girls from impoverished neighbouring countries. Pimps usually know of police raids and the women are intructed (read: threatened) to say everything is fine, even if they get abused (apart from johns, of course).

No. 874836

There is not a right answer and thats why i hate these braindead takes that redditors who only think about themselves or some rosy fantasy of sw have.
I agree that it should be at least decrim if not legalized (decrim has its own issues) but first the country needs a strong safety net, support for addicts and actual help from police. If you take out financial insecurity and risk of jail from the equation the majority of women on the street would not stay, but there will be traficking because of the increased supply and there is no way the government would get their act together and actually help women who need it instead of just passing a law and collecting taxes.
Onlyfans and such is a lot less dangerous at least. Im actually happy for any women who can survive on it instead of actual prostitution, the cultire is not ideal but its much safer.
the absolute irony of the lesbian porn sub not having one trans in sight but no women being allowed to say they they dont like dick on actuallesbians

No. 874861

I read an interview with an ex prostitute who said conditions got significantly worse once it was legal and "regulated". All of the services that previously helped women get out switched to encouraging them to stay in "safely", they couldnt even run to a police officer in a last ditch effort to escape, they were heavily pushed to offer services they didn't want to do (it's your job, if you don't like it quit), and for the cherry on top they get to pay taxes.

No. 874886

No. 874926

Yes it was that woman! Thanks for finding it anon, I was lazy.

No. 874944

yes. they also completely forget about disabled women, who are often unable to work a regular job or underpaid in their regular job and need to turn to sex work to make ends meet. disabled women are also more vulnerable to sex trafficking and sexual abuse in sex work. being pro-sexwork is incompatible with being pro disability rights.

o wait, i forgot, only men are entitled to disability rights and the only "rights" that matter to them are the "rights" to coom, even if it is at the expense of women's rights

No. 874993

Crimes are still happening after thousands of years of civilization, should we just stop fighting it and accept that it exists? Just because something hasn't been eradicated completely doesn't mean it should be given up.

Yep, once the regulations come in the costs skyrocket and no man wants to pay the amount of money they have to ask for and the "employers" will still treat you like shit and authorities aren't as inclined to help you because it's all legal. My blood boils at these well-off onlyfans thots who demand decriminalization without ever considering how it affects the working girls on the streets.

No. 875051

I think they should have their prostate stimulated by a bored male nurse until ejaculation occurs. If cooming is a medical need, this is the most professional and medical way for it to happen.

No. 875053

absolutely seconding this.

No. 878619

File: 1628688968944.png (120.07 KB, 742x633, reddit .png)

I know that men in general are sex obsessed, but reddit moids are especially pathetic about it.

I don't get the sundress obsession either. Is this a thing normie moids care about?


No. 878629

I can agree that sundresses look really good on women but men are so disgustingly sexual about everything to the point of thinking of impregnating a complete stranger.

No. 880533

File: 1628883367837.jpg (404.89 KB, 1080x1620, pro.jpg)

Read through this comment thread, and I only now have I actually witnessed how truly infested reddit is with incels.

OP is also a colossal retard. How is being a 18 virgin worse than being a 18 year old fucking prostitutes that has to lie about his first time? Of course the comments talk about the good-ol'-times when taking your nephew to the local prostitute was a rite of passage. And I honestly don't get how men get "less anxious around women" from one night of paid sex, you learned nothing about actual daylight social interactions. Men must be a prank by God.

No. 880548

literally every second reply is "mid thigh sundress" lmao what is wrong with these moids? also the entire thread in general reeks of
>people that can't dress themselves or others
i've come to the conclusion that people who use reddit are white trash (no matter the race)

No. 880640


lol the term "sundress" is right up there with boomers saying they're wearing "slacks and a blouse"

No. 880650

I wish someone had posted "In a pandemic?" and everyone shamed the OP for spreading disease instead.

No. 880705

Literally only ever heard reddit burger moids obsess over "sundresses". They usually mean mini tea-dresses. Anyway, I originally assumed most American women don't wear dresses very often and it's made them super special to men or something lol. I now know redditors are autistic and it's another sad coomer circlejerk.

No. 880734

I'm one of those suspicious type of women (from first-hand experiences on top of legitimate reasons) and i'm afraid i'll ruin fatherhood for my future husband in this way. I get whoever i marry will be someone i immensely trust, but even then, I can't see myself ever letting him bathe them or change their diapers, at least not without me ever being in the same room, but i posit i will still not feel at ease even if he were to do it under my supervision. sage for ot blogposting

No. 880738

File: 1628896541683.jpg (222.84 KB, 1149x402, image.jpg)

If you guys haven't heard, the plymouth shooter was an incel with a reddit account. Naturally, as an incel he's been receiving a great deal of sympathy and has sparked many calls to ~understand the underlying problem~.
The worst offender is /r/stupidpol, which pretends to be an anti-idpol subreddit but has no qualms regularly shitting on women via the socially acceptable 'white women amirite' and regularly dunks on people who are clearly disturbed in some manner without making calls to step back and ~understand them~. At this point I'm convinced that any politically-involved male on social media and especially reddit is participating in part as a guise to hate or prey on women.

No. 880753

File: 1628898434835.png (56.75 KB, 1152x262, twat.png)

Also that guy, picrel. Twat. Also how fucking annoying is that "society despises men without x" spiel. No, you're not being showered with attention and rewarded for no goddamn reason… it's normal. Narcissists.

No. 880758

has he not been arrested? how is he still on reddit

No. 880769

no surprise there

No. 880796

This makes me so mad, this guy kills innocent people and a three year old but Aw all we have to do is give him a new hairstyle and some confidence. Come on guys have some sympathy for this psychotic man who wanted a 16 year old girl to touch his dick because he’s entitled to sex. Men are so fucking sensitive, even when one commits a fucking mass murder we have to walk on eggshells and baby their mental illness because it’s not their fault, it was just society. Let alone the fact Reddit is the most thriving place for incel communities and men to talk about misogyny.

No. 880804

Stupidpol is a great way to peak women who genuinely think leftist men are on their side

No. 880846

god, i hate men and their shitty jokes

No. 880946

Men can't even suicide well, as you can see, they're so narcistic they want to take others out with them. It's so morbid that women are so considerate even in suicide, where they want to leave the least damage possible, and yet men make fun even of female suicide methods.

No. 880956

File: 1628933796320.png (54.49 KB, 768x403, rgdhdfhdfh.png)

>incel terrorism is only because of the invention of Tinder and the effect it had on women
Might be the worst take I've ever read

No. 880971

I don't understand why anyone could unironically believe this. I'm sorry women only want to have sex with men they're attracted to.

>most women only match with 5+/10 guys

And how many men are giving ugly girls a chance? Also it's pathetically easy for a male to be 5+/10. Shower regularly and go to the gym a couple times a week and you'll be above average even if you're ugly. Absolutely pathetic that males are bitching about unrealistic standards when the majority of them would have a panic attack if they saw leg hair.

No. 880972

>Online Dating [is] a fucking nihlistic depressing black hole for most guys
>Men are having less and less sexual partners while losing their virginity older anolder (record amount of men in their mid 20s in the west still virgins)
And it's definitely not the moids fault for seemingly putting less effort into dating and higher expectations onto women than ever, sure. I swear even my fathers and grandfathers generation seems to be less misogynistic than mine appears to be. With men their age you can at least talk about your problems and if they say something insensitive, it really seems to stem from the lack of experience and not having considered things from your perspective. Guys my age on the other hand will argue that everything is fair and equal, and if anything everything is biased against men now, until they're blue in the face. See also: MensLib

No. 880981

File: 1628936847020.jpg (173.88 KB, 1200x1021, fc6a33915748c561f2860b2.jpg)

>And how many men are giving ugly girls a chance?
The shooter LITERALLY said 'am I not entitled to my big titty 16 yr old gf' at one point. Not only is he not giving ugly girls a chance, he thinks he deserves a fucking teenage porn fantasy.

Bros I am at my limit with scrotes. They are so evil and the worst part is that they constantly play dumb about it, their entire MO is DARVO and gaslighting. I could cope with men loathing us and wanting to commit violence against us for not getting sex with underage 10/10s on demand if they could fucking ADMIT IT instead of pretending they're poor uwu victims and we're crazy for thinking otherwise.

No. 880982

Why is "men losing their virginity later and have less sex" even a big societal problem? It always comes back to how sexual assault will be on the rise (the same argument on why sex workers are a "need"), but if it's really that worrying, then do something to the most violent group of people, young men. Men were very pro-birth control/medicating women when it had the promise of more sex, why aren't they pro-medicating men with shit that lowers their libido if they're so sure they will have violent outbursts?

No. 880983

I imagine the same scrotes who whine about not getting tinder pussy are the idiots who have misogynistic copypasta in their profiles like 'princesses need not apply', 'swipe left if you are looking for a prince on a white horse' etc (there are probably better, non-fairytale themed examples, but it's been years since I've been on Tinder)

No. 880987

I can just sense his bio
>Scrote (21)
>actually 37, I don't know why it says 21
>looking for a girl that isn't like my crazy exes. Anybody on here not a psycho?
>girls can't hold a conversation, prove me wrong
>5'11 since you girls seem to think that matters
>pizza is my second favorite thing to eat in bed ahah
>swipe left if you expect me to message first

No. 880988

You forgot a lame copypasta joke about daddy issues

No. 880990

>literal incel
>mad about being an incel
>"yeah, don't fuck, uh..spins wheel..horse girls."
>anyway here's a quote from a serial killer
How involuntary is their celibacy when it's a direct result of their behaviour? And how is celibacy a sympathetic backstory for murder?
No sympathy for any of them, they're psychos and shouldn't be pandered to. They're not alone because they're ugly, they're alone because they're vile little goblins.

No. 880992

Plenty of women just aren't handing out easy sex to anyone, either chads or a loser who can't wash or groom himself… when you learn you're not gaining much from tinder hook ups you stop partaking in it. Lots of us don't even have to try it out first in order to know better. There will never be as many women on earth looking for easy sex as there is men wanting it. So to make out that this is something society 'needs to fix' for these incels is nuts. Society isn't as fucked as an incels brain is. Their problems are internal, entitlement and no desire to better themselves. We also love to shit on women who give out sex on apps so we can't win either way. And I love how this is all sex talk and none of it is even really about dating or finding love.
> Let me use you for sex you probably wont even enjoy or I'll murder people.

As usual, the solution to all of mens problems is for us to hand them charity sex whenever they want it…then put up with being called a whore for it.

No. 880993

The OP is removed, but there are so many "wow, he could be me" posts on that subreddit. Yeah, not getting fucked is literal violence, guys. I wish I had a life that comfortable…

No. 880997

The ones who complain about girls not being able to hold a conversation but want to only talk about sex

No. 881002

Right? Moids literally admitting that females are the superior sex and should be in charge. If not having a virgin 10/10 bangmaid on demand is enough to send you into a murderous rage, you are not civilized and you do not belong in normal society.

No. 881011

this post is a literal example of male fragility lmfao

No. 881013

I think they do expect dating/love but in their mind it's wifing up a tradwife bangmaid. They're going psychotic because they can no longer socially, legally or financially force young women into marriage and kids, and we simply don't want or need them enough to reproduce with shit tier men anymore. Men really go off the rails without the 'reward' of women but contrary to incel logic, that just means they should die off when they can't naturally reproduce rather than taking away women's rights in order to do so.

No. 881020

The funny thing is that the men that like to evopsych it up and constantly point at nature ignore the most basic feature mating customs - that the shitty genes get filtered through the bottleneck of female selection. But then they bitch about how they got left behind by society by not "being allowed" to reproduce because they have weak jaw bones or whatever their insecurity is.

No. 881046

File: 1628944867240.png (145.95 KB, 1428x1012, proof.png)

Admin suspended Plymouth shooter's reddit account, but someone archived just in time. He mostly argued with incelexit members. He was largely unpopular, heavily downvoted and accused of being a pedo lol. https://web.archive.org/web/20210813105704/https://old.reddit.com/user/Jake3572/

No. 881059

Lots of people don't date or fuck during their teen years and yet they don't turn into adults who want to fuck 16 year olds to make up for it. Cry me a fucking river.
> i just don't like it when people make ignorant comments and accuse as if im some kind of vile disgusting monster of a person
Well I mean good job shutting down that talk then.. Really proved em wrong lol

What I don't get is his victims were a toddler, some post menopausal women, men too. What was his logic if this is so sexually motivated? These guys usually kill attractive young women out of spite and I thought he probably had too til I checked out the details properly

No. 881065

File: 1628946469529.jpg (315.44 KB, 1143x505, image.jpg)

>if it's really that worrying, then do something to the most violent group of people, young men.
scrotes and their enablers frame almost all male violence against women as a disembodied force of nature that they are responsible for avoiding or calming rather than crime committed by actual human beings.
Dude was an absolute troglodyte. It's easy to feel bad for him just by virtue of how hard he lost the genetic lottery, but better to save sympathy for people who aren't child-killers I suppose

No. 881083

I love how 20 year old virgin males always become consumed by their own fantasy of what the 50s was like. ffs every time lol

No. 881094

Teenage love and "romantic" socialization is the worst shit on Earth, I don't know why incels are so obsessed with it. I'm so glad I missed most of that shit thanks to being a late bloomer, but even listening to my friends it was fucking awkward and traumatizing.

No. 881103

>might means right

Can we tell men that this only applies to using violence against them? They’re literally out of control this must be something biological and nothing about environmental circumstances I’m done thinking that their undesirable presence is due to the trembling weight of patriarchy that doesn’t allow them to uwu cry~ and paint their nails~. You’re not joker just because you aren’t getting laid or being given everything because of MUH DICK AND BAWLSSS, jackass.

No. 881104

File: 1628949460292.png (98.68 KB, 1740x360, lol.png)

He says in some posts he has only spent time around a dozen girls his whole life and works in a male-dominated field, yet is an expert on what makes women horny kek.

No. 881106

File: 1628949687683.png (113.4 KB, 1752x338, dear god.png)

I can't believe people are sympathising with this cunt, even his incel mates hate him look at those downvotes lmaol.

No. 881119

File: 1628950738654.jpeg (887.93 KB, 1242x1397, A1716187-B3AA-40DE-9D74-D84D24…)

What a fucking retard

No. 881120

Someone link the dating app study where it shows women are less or more attracted to men their age but men of all ages always choose women in their early twenties

No. 881124

Men's "issues" lmao. I wish they had real problems to worry about, imagine how many more would off themselves

No. 881128

So he's pretty fucking timid in person and would even need the woman to take over and hand him sex, but then online hes this 'I know how it all works' guy. Cool.

Can't trust seemingly timid guys. This is what they're doing online in their spare time.

No. 881135

Exactly. There are no "innocent" shy nerdy men. All of them are hanging out in online spaces discussing women's appearance, how attractive children are, and why it's women's fault that society is in shambles.

No. 881252

The delusion of this retard. Incels are never afraid of getting a GF because they latch onto the first woman they see. It's funny that they supposedly want to be "loved" and cherished so badly yet they treat women like trophies.

I can't even express how often I've seen a woman get hit on by a dude who's waaay out of her league yet men barely ever seem to go for the shy and awkward Betty type. Basically, they complain about the same shit they're guilty of, but we all know that by now.

It really seems like men's main purpose in life is to get their dicks wet or else they throw a fit.

No. 881270

Oh man, I shouldn't be surprised but. Wow.

No. 881300

File: 1628965450819.jpeg (35.8 KB, 1087x569, 839838C4-4D18-4A32-9BB0-B2CCD8…)

More posts by the shooter:

No. 881302

File: 1628965498560.jpeg (202.22 KB, 945x2048, B287EDAC-7C92-4D3C-B95F-67BC85…)

No. 881311


Dude was absolutely a pedo.

No. 881312

archive.md/NCIKl (fixed link)

No. 881321

What was this virgin even getting his dick examined for?

I've seen posts like this on r/smalldickproblems too and it's strange how many of these men make appts to get their dicks looked at when they're not sexually active… and then they report back to reddit with their 'muh dick was touched today' story.

I can't help but think these guys are booking appts hoping the doc that sees them is female. It's not like dicks run into a whole lot of issues when stds are off the table.

No. 881334

Honestly incels should just all anhero. I'm sick of the cunts. My first sexual experience was a male peer my age (15) molesting me, forcing himself on me and then bragging about it. When I dumped him (we were bf and gf) everyone hated me and then I lost my virginity the next year and people found out. And apparently it was so hard on my poor rapey ex who didn't date anyone after me and I was totes rubbing it in his face having experiences with another man. Like oh no, the first time someone saw your privates outside of your family was consensual! The horror! Every man should get young teenagers to see their dick!! I didn't even get to see my molesters dick, still to this day I don't know how fucking tiny it is! That's clown world. Fuck those ugly cunts.

Men have it so easy too. Literally to get laid as a man you just need to not be fat. Men have an easier time working out and getting results too. An outgoing man will get a date all these fucking incel losers just expect a girl dropped on their lap for them to abuse. Someone might as well start promising them they'll get 72 virgins in the afterlife if they kill themselves.

Like the shooter looked ugly as fuck because of how he styled himself. Fucking read a magazine and sort your self out.

No. 881472

File: 1628979069637.jpg (230.78 KB, 1080x1525, Screenshot_20210815_000145.jpg)

(1/2) Found these in the comments on this post https://www.reddit.com/r/TrueOffMyChest/comments/p488k0/reddit_please_ban_incel_subreddits/

and I was honestly struggling to just pick one screenshot because the deflection and whatabaoutism is in fucking sane.

OP basically said that reddit should ban subs that have incel scrotes in them because they can't stop killing innocent people over them not getting laid.

These scrotes have no reading comprehension and keep acting like the shooting in Plymouth was no big deal at all.

No. 881480

File: 1628979315457.jpg (222.95 KB, 1080x835, Screenshot_20210815_000215.jpg)

(2/2) and another one

It's always the same song and dance with incels who end up killing somebody. You don't even need to know much about their circumstances. Incel who lacks social skills and basic hygiene, has radical political views and intense hatred for women. I'm tired of their woe-is-me-schtick. No one cares about their feelings and no one should have to. They deserve no one's pity.

No. 881519

>Even so, incels as a whole, aren't really that big of a deal.
The only reason you can say that is because it's not you who they're literally killing you dumb fuck.

No. 881536

File: 1628984057196.jpeg (178.06 KB, 750x1212, 58858AA5-5B1F-407E-9EFF-292A99…)

No. 881538

File: 1628984204027.jpeg (167.09 KB, 750x1100, 262508C9-A5CB-4496-BA59-89B3CE…)

No. 881672

I don't get it?? does this make you angry or make you laugh? That female hair advice bio is completely retarded. it should only be exactly what the male advice is.

No. 881690

moids kill yourself without killing others challenge

No. 881712

>missing out on teenage love
When incels say this you'd think they mean innocent cinema dates, hanging out between classes, holding hands for the first time and being young and carefree together. But it's never that. It's always about virgin teen pussy and that's it.

No. 881721

What do these incels want exactly? I'd say it's my god given right to not fuck let alone touch or even communicate with people as ugly as them… half of them are already deluded enough to only want a teenage bride though so I'm off the hook there anyway. Do they want to bring back arranged marriages? Maybe they should move to India lmao

No. 881726

Even if you gave them their ideal doll-like bangnaid… nothing would change. They want to complain and feel like perpetual victims. If you set them up on a date with a hot woman with a good personality who was open to talk to them, they'd probably tell her to fuck off, just so they can get back to their forum buddies faster.

No. 881730

I love how incels always have mommy issues and blame their mothers for anything wrong with their lives when they nine times out of ten have an absent father that fucked off from their lives or was straight out abusive. It gets even more hardcore projection when they routinely make remarks about "girls with daddy issues".

Yeah we're at how many incel mass shootings and killings now? And that's only cases where lives were lost, we didn't even mention all the stalking, threats and harassment. Imagine being so privileged that you can say "incels aren't that big of a deal" because you know you'll never be shot dead on the street for your gender.

No. 881735

What disgusts me the most is the fact that they still think being an incel is worse than being killed. They can't ever shut up about mUh EmOtiOnS yet they don't care about the victims at all either. Inceldom is just nature's way of making sure these deranged fuglies never pass on their genes. They have neither skill, nor looks nor personality. There's literally nothing they can contribute to future generations.

No. 881749

Imagine your life being so privileged that not getting laid in high school is your ultimate trauma to the point that you murder people over it. Get a life, moids.

No. 881834

If they did get a government-issued perfect living sexdoll they would still be on Reddit complaining, except instead of incel subs it would be those relationship subs full of men complaining about their wives and girlfriends.
>ugh the sound of her doing dishes is interfering with muh vidya immersion
>why are women so obsessed with doing laundry, I’d only been wearing that pair of boxers for four days and now I have to walk all the way over to my closet to get a new pair
>can you believe she actually asked me to lift my feet so she could vacuum the carpet?? what a fucking nag, single guys don’t know how good they have it

To paraphrase Atwood: Women are afraid men will kill them. Men are afraid teenage girls won’t suck their dick.

No. 881887

There are numerous real life examples of what happens when an incel is finally given a girlfriend. To nobody's surprise they don't magically turn into balanced, well-adjusted human beings but instead they
>Cheat on their girlfriend immediately because they now "want to do better" after receiving a taste
>Neglect their girlfriend and treat her like a sex toy they can take out for use and then ditch to spend more time playing video games
>Leech off of the girlfriend financially and emotionally, never making good on that "I would treat her right unlike all those abusive chads" promise
They're dumping all their insecurities and personal problems into this one big girlfriend excuse. If the hottest e-girl started dating them and wiping their asses they probably wouldn't be doing the tfw no gf whining but move on to bitch about women in new ways.

No. 881912

Obviously nothing is ever the full truth on 4chan, but I remember when I lurked a /r9k/ thread and people that were self-professed robots (the absolute bottom of society in their own eyes) were talking about having "practice GFs". So never trust these fuckers posting about how "if only I had a girl, I'd have strength to do X, Y and Z", because they'll still use women as their emotional sponges while shitting on them, even if it's just e-dating teen girls.

No. 881954

Reading the reactions from men after this shooting on social media, a sad realization for women is that most men agree with incels and sympathize with them so this problem likely isn't going to go away. If this was a shooting for any other motive the shooter would never get as much sympathy. As women we only have each other.

No. 882162

Much less serious, but I just want to vent a litte. I sometimes go on r/r4r and similar subs and I am just so fucking tired of seeing married men there looking to virtually cheat on their wives, it is just so pathetic and so fucking common, that must be at least half the guys there, at least.

No. 882707

That's so horribly gross and depressing

No. 882779

>most men agree with incels and sympathize with them
No, they don't. Where did you get this information from ?

No. 882788

And you know this personally, anon? Wonder why? Get your scrote ass out of here.

No. 882809

You have to go back.

No. 882812

>Where did you get this information from ?
Listening to men talk.

No. 882814

File: 1629123677230.jpg (201.57 KB, 1080x1798, oldmanatthegym.jpg)

I've seen this TikTok on multiple subs now, the comments are so different based on how male-centric a sub is. She's called a rude bitch for telling a guy "you're too old for me", and how men need to "shoot their shot."

No. 882819

is it bad if i don't really give a shit if this happens to women because i don't get hit on in public

No. 882820

I wonder what is the male to female ratio of r/tiktokcringe, as well as r/cringetopia. Maybe I was lucky, but I've only seen comments shitting on entitled scrotes on those subreddits.

No. 882822

Yeah, that's a sexy pickup line, talking about your physical therapy and torn muscles. Men live in a totally different world their entitlement is amazing

No. 882826

Stop being surprised by Reddit, it’s just mainstream 4chan.

No. 882827

No. 882830

Yes, your lack of empathy, because you are jealous, is insane.

No. 882833

i don't see how this is something i'd need to have empathy for. they should take a page out of ugly girls' attitudes and tell the dudes to fuck off if it bothers them so much.

No. 882835

That's so dumb, there are countless examples of women telling men to leave them alone just for the men to get aggressive and hurt them. Just because a woman is pretty doesn't mean men can bother them like in the vid. They're allowed to exist without being bothered or told their experience doesn't matter because they're pretty.

No. 882838

yeah… that doesn't happen in public, or when you're around other people, especially not in a gym. this is attention whore behaviour. i'm not gonna have empathy for someone just because they got hit on, when it's so easy to tell the scrote to fuck off and then laugh about it later.

No. 882842

scrotes get violent easily when you tell them to fuck off, even in public

No. 882844

Scrotes have never followed women to their cars, homes or held onto their seething to get revenge over a woman who rejected, in a public place out of all places. Stop being an ugly bitch, anon.

No. 882846

Well, hopefully, you start getting harrassed more so you can fully enjoy the experience of men being creepy to you then getting mad when you do tell them to 'fuck off'. Weirdo.

No. 882848

I don't get hit on now as an adult, but I've been creeped on when I was just 12-15. I wouldn't wish it anyone, and these guys think young women are too scared yet to say anything (which is sadly true). They should be reminded of the reality that they're creepy old men at every opportunity.

No. 882854

yeah i'm sure that happens to you all the time and you're not just unhinged internet brains that have developed a phobia of moids. do you also get this bent out of shape from the possibility of getting struck by lightning?

No. 882864


It's a salty moid, even the worst femcel brainworms won't make women literally seethe at other women for being harassed. They might make a self-deprecating joke about not being attractive enough for catcalling but nothing beyond that.

No. 882869

getting hit on is not getting harassed you perceptual victim

No. 882874

Based. I’m glad she rejected his disgusting old ass.

No. 882878

The top comments are surprisingly decent.

No. 882879

Saying moid is not enough to integrate, we can tell you are a men

No. 882881

there have been posts recently directed toward retards like you about calling everything you disagree with a moid. it's a bit pathetic. also who is we? this isn't reddit

No. 882883

They usually are, it's when you open the child comments where you'll find guys arguing "wow, calm down, I'm a man and I'd be happy to be approached at the gym" and the usual "cAnt even say hi nowadays or I get false rape accusations omg"

No. 882884

Are you ESL?

No. 882887

no. saying "we" as a facade of imaginary anonymous posters agreeing with you is a reddit thing

No. 882888

Go clean your dick, scrote.

No. 882890

Ok but you are literally male tho. "Have developed a phobia of moids" - at least TRY TO integrate, jfc

No. 882891

if you think some dude hitting on you in public is akin to getting harassed, and then being too scared to rightfully tell him to piss off, that's on you and your legitimate phobia of moids. call me one all you want lmao, at least i'm not blind to the fact that only 1% of men will try approaching women in public and 1% of those 1% are going to be crazy enough to go hostile on you for rejecting them. build some confidence jesus christ.

No. 882896

>if you think some dude hitting on you in public is akin to getting harassed

It is. Her airpods should have made it clear she's not interested in talking to him and if he knew it when approaching her it's harassment. It's bothering someone who's not interested in talking to you.

No. 882898

>talking to someone with their headphones in is harassment
do you ever get off the internet or leave your home? you sound like a clown

No. 882900

No. Talking to someone that's obviously not interested in talking to anyone is harassment. She had airpods on and was working out. Does it seem like she was interested in talking to you?. Be a faggot somewhere else plz

No. 882901

>I wish I could get hit on by rando men twice my age
said no woman ever

No. 882905

that's not harassment you spazz

No. 882906

File: 1629130133457.jpg (42.37 KB, 720x756, 8ea412b99da4b32380cd8a08f90953…)

No. 882912

No one Lana has dated has been twice her age or even close

No. 882914

you're projecting. go back

No. 882917

Her airpods make it obvious to me that she's listening to music. There's nothing that makes it "obvious" somebody doesn't want to talk, or obvious that they want to talk. Hitting on people at the gym is a bad thing to do, but if I was worried about bothering people, I wouldn't talk to anybody, which I don't because I am. But you're full of shit acting like there are unambiguous tells whether somebody is receptive to conversation or not.

No. 882924

File: 1629131104711.gif (990.11 KB, 400x225, tumblr_n7bqrhoxcz1qa4iv8o2_400…)

You're right, I was just kidding.
quick, does anyone have that photo/picture of a patron saint of women that don't want to talk to you on public transport?

No. 882925

File: 1629131165560.jpg (125.57 KB, 768x960, 7uh7gp0e2jd61.jpg)

looks like I do

No. 882944

Hitting on somebody on public transportation is intrinsically wrong because they're a captive audience. Your ipod rule is still stupid.

No. 882945

File: 1629132236979.jpeg (467.43 KB, 1242x1656, 54D2BA57-5C32-4216-BA5A-29EC0A…)

Do they think the definition of feminism is “the advocacy of men’s rights” or something?

No. 882948

this has to be bait
please, god, let this be bait

No. 882957

File: 1629132935416.jpeg (881.66 KB, 1242x2008, A32121C4-9979-4E35-A775-DABC2C…)

Unfortunately not

No. 882964

File: 1629133073188.jpg (160.26 KB, 1011x496, Screenshot_20210816-125540_Red…)

one of the saddest subs out there lol

No. 882965

>Thinks getting creeped on by moids is a rare occurrence
Yep, this is definitely a man.

No. 882967

Kek yeah there wasn’t any specifically for boys because regular ones already cater to them. Absolute retardation.

No. 882970

Ntayrt but I met my husband on the bus and he was reading and listening to music. I interrupted him to compliment him and then we started talking about his book, and then we almost immediately started dating. I mean, I'm a woman approaching a man, and I've definitely been approached without wanting it on a bus. But I don't think you should pass up the chance to meet someone just because they are distracting themselves on an otherwise boring bus ride.

No. 882979

He is so fucking retarded, girls are told that STEM isn't for them all the fucking time (and boys are told that they are inherently better suited for it, of course). Telling the opposite is clearly revolutionary. How bad male victim complex should be in order to count this as a proof of their "oppreshun!!"

No. 882981

She isn't, but you are projecting tho. I would recommend you to learn to sage before pretending to be a regular here, redditfag.

No. 882982

My STEM college is 32% female. Fuck right off.

No. 882984

I don't see a problem with this: those (women) support moid agenda, it doesn't really matter what their real sex is, because they still betray women class values.

No. 882989

Honestly just don't discuss feminism with men, just say you don't know or be vague and uninterested in the topic and talk about something else, that's usually what I do and remain a misandrist in private.

No. 882995

Most women don’t

No. 882996

hm, the first time i met my partner i was reading a book on the bus when she got on with a mutual friend who introduced us. we didnt start dating until a couple months later but it seems like reading a book on the bus is a good way to meet people…

No. 882997

And the husband's name? Albert Einstein. Then everyone clapped.

Bratty moids seething about girls being given support groups like usual. What does he need a "STEM for boys" club for anyway? It's not like anyone will ever question his scientific ability based on his birth gender ever.

No. 883005

it's very funny because there are TONS of classes that men could and should take but just don't. Like, the equivalent to "let's get more women into computer science" is "let's get more men into art history" which is 100% true, but the response of these guys to that is just "NUUH art history gay and stupid!!"

Theres so many guys who take nothing but stem courses and think they deserve to get their knobs licked forever for it, but like, a lot of the time they do it hecause they don't have the language or creative skills to enjoy the humanities.

Basically, encouraging women to do STEM makes sense because the major issue is that a lot of women are anxious/not conifdent/put off by the male environment, and so encouragement is all thats needed for them to do well, because they have the ability. Whereas telling STEM men to take humanities doesnt work because they actively disrespect the humanities. And imo, its easier to teach an english major computer science than it is to teach a STEMlord how to write or discuss history like a nonretard. I was in a STEM major and my experience with other stem people in the history/english classes i took was…worrying. all i can say is redditors are real, and theyre really that dumb.

No. 883008

Libfems have been busy making feminism more palatable for the mainstream audience by hammering in the "feminism is also for men" message, which dumbass moids interpret as inherently catering to male narcissism instead of fixing male-centric problems caused by misogyny such as deeming traditionally feminine traits as negative ones. That's why scrotes keep thinking this "well name one anti-misandrist feminist author because you can't!!" claim is the biggest brain gotcha ever as they deem radical thoughts such as "men need to stop raping women" as misandry.

No. 883039

>And imo, its easier to teach an english major computer science than it is to teach a STEMlord how to write or discuss history like a nonretard.
I'm a humanities faggot and I'm mathematically retarded and I hate programming.
And nobody's trying to get men into art history because it doesn't have great career prospects. The entire girlSTEM thing is based on the premise that tech is the key to wealth and power.

No. 883044

NTA but your "mathematical retardation" is due to lack of interest, inspiration and repetition, not some innate humanitiesbrain that physically prevents you from learning. What anon was implying was that people majoring in humanities are more likely to learn about STEM because of their open mindedness and respect of all fields of science while people from STEM are stuck in their "STEM is the only worthwhile field" tunnel vision. And I say this as someone who majored in a STEM field.

No. 883051

this is so unfair. i'm so lonely fuck you fuck you ahhhhhhhhhh

No. 883057

now I know what is the mindset of women trying to talk to me despite my giant headphones, even though there are other people around

No. 883116

nayrt but hang in there anon, i really hope you find love someday !

No. 883162

File: 1629147580841.png (279.68 KB, 1486x1340, Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 4.58…)

possibly based redditor? unlikely though if she's still using that handmaiden cesspit

No. 883260

File: 1629155415873.png (995.46 KB, 750x1334, 9CD40638-3DBD-4CCA-A2F8-E6E2AE…)

Disgusting, these men should be shot on fucking sight. Electric chair please

No. 883268

Men literally live life on easy mode…

No. 883343

File: 1629162316001.png (791.31 KB, 719x1141, alphas or betas.png)

No. 883358

Stopped reading as soon as I saw purplepilldebate, that place needs to die

No. 883360

Post reminds me of dumbfuck Gad Saad who said it was Swedish women who let in Syrian migrants because they're not soyboys sucking their thumbs like Swedish males, they be ALPHA! He's a professor ffs. Testosterone = brain rot.

No. 883362

samefag. Just to clarify he said aggressive Syrians get Swedish gals hot which is why they're "pro-immigrant". Swedish males are pear shaped thumb sucking soyboys by comparison. It's got to be projection. What woman thinks this way?

No. 883371

The way this absolute filth talks about a 3 year old. Wipe them out, jfc.

No. 883425

how often do actual women use those reddit avatar things and customize them to look female? I've been seeing more trannies than actual women and want to say that it's mostly a tranny thing but then there's cases like >>874663 where the retard is an actual woman, idk how

No. 883447

can you link this? the incel affiliation, praising of mass killers, and claim that "woman should be killed" needs to be sent as a cybertip report to the fbi. best case scenario this sick fuck will get added to a watchlist as he deserves.

No. 883494

In my experience women are a lot more pro-immigration than men but that’s because women are more empathetic and they feel pity towards refugees, not because they view them as potential partners. Even the handful of white women I’ve met who primarily date men with an immigration background only ever go for integrated second or third generation immigrant men, never refugees. This idea of importing people you want to fuck is so male. It’s just more projection.

No. 883515

File: 1629185464993.jpg (124.54 KB, 1079x1051, IMG_20210817_032750_199.jpg)

a few days ago while experiencing an acute bout of constipation I was on the toilet, bored, so made this account on reddit to reply to moids and fetishists. as soon as my comment trying to debunk intersex myths got a few eyes on it, I was b& permanently. it's crazy bc I have like a 7-8 year old reddit account where I've never gotten even a warning, albeit my username isn't "controversial"

No. 883516

No. 883522

File: 1629186647216.jpg (97.43 KB, 930x282, stripper.jpg)

Based mom embarrassing reddit OP out of stripping. /r/raisedbynarcissists is full of spoiled, whiny brats, it's a great hate-read

No. 883536

File: 1629187494294.jpg (93.75 KB, 601x508, 2f7.jpg)

get off lolcow if hearing women talk about what they go through upsets u so much scrote

No. 883539

File: 1629187821840.jpg (15.15 KB, 696x365, Aristotle-Women.jpg)

Even women's hatred for men is pathetic imitation of men's towards women. Sad! Feel free to return to civilization built by men once you stop complaining about them online.

No. 883541

Men’s hatred of women is psychological projection and always has been. This quote is a perfect example of how men see themselves. You know you’re obsolete to us now so you come here to fling shit.

No. 883542

File: 1629187994541.png (6.53 KB, 341x148, valerie.png)

hey i can post quotes too!!
hang yourself scrote, youre lack oxygen consumption will prove useful for the female uprising

No. 883543

truly a male moment

No. 883546

File: 1629188323995.jpg (72.57 KB, 850x400, quote-a-woman-does-not-want-th…)

>Quote by literal who vs the quote by one of the greatest philosophers in history
>Attacking me with an insult which is female imitation of roastie
proved my point

No. 883551

if men built civilization then why do they behave like apes

No. 883555

"great philosopher" or typical egotistical scrote who lived in a society where women 10x smarter than him couldn't even buy their own goat.
Once again XY mutant, go back to manifesting the will to finally kill yourself or shut the fuck up and leave

No. 883557

Your all a bunch of Morons, there are two groups of people in this smart people and dumbasses, quoting a pedophile from an ancient Greece or a woman who was so comically inept at murder just proves how retarded you all are
just sage and report cause these dumbasses live off attention

No. 883581

Wrong. The matriach was actually the foundation civilisation was built on. It was an advanced, sophisticated and peaceful society and it worked well. The American Indian, Mayans, Druids, Tuatha de Danann, Upper Egyptians and Lemurians all operated under Matriachal rule. However, the Goddess religions were subjugated in the 18th dynasty in Egypt and aggressive male dominated religions took over. This started the downward spiral into the depravity of the world today. All the civilizations in history who were a matriarch, the patriarch either killed them off or demonized them. This was because these people had a wealth of knowledge and knew many things. The matriach was a threat so it was destroyed.
All the spiritual leaders and shamans were women because it was known back then that women have more soul and connection to the Mother Goddess, our Creator, than men. Both sexes have a soul but men have significantly less than women. Even Kabablah recognise women as being more spiritual. Women have all the compassion, love, caring to nurture souls; They also have wombs/ portals to give lives. Man is mostly in lower vibration as he cannot give life. The universe and human species is female at its core and this is the biggest secret to know. We are all female at the core, we are all female in the womb until the ninth week and if it's to be a scrote he morphs from her into a male. This is being hidden. The ovaries descend into testicles, the cliTORUS elongates into a penis and the labia enlarges and wraps around the testes as a scrotum. Woman was created first and we all come from woman's womb obviously, women never came out from a man's rib kek. Patriarchy lies to keep women down and to suppress Mother Goddess. And the only reason we ever had the monoliths was because of the Matriachy; We are no longer able to create these since patriarchal rule usurped the natural and peaceful order of the matriach. The reason behind the chaos in the world today, is the patriarchy. Everything in this world has been reversed and existing in a patriarchy is one of the many distortions women in particular suffer the most from.

Love my girls on here, we're Queens. Every woman should have a crown placed upon her head and never let it fall. Scrotes and pickmes can fuck off.
Men were made to serve and help women, mens' natural role is being woman's helper. Men should know their place.

No. 883583

Samefag *Kabbalah

No. 883586

File: 1629192799752.jpg (229.15 KB, 768x541, patty-and-selma.jpg)

Oh fuck yeah nonnita. You're singing my kind of song. This is why I fucking love this website. Moids mad

No. 883588

>implying miss VS being "good at murder" was literally important at all

No. 883595

File: 1629193260312.jpg (152.51 KB, 750x925, 3951dda.jpg)

>Love my girls on here, we're Queens. Every woman should have a crown placed upon her head and never let it fall. Scrotes and pickmes can fuck off. Men were made to serve and help women, mens' natural role is being woman's helper. Men should know their place

Preach sis

No. 883599

>Goddess religions
>shamans were women
Make-believe bullshit by male rulers created to keep the cattle in check. Root for your idea of female superiority is outdated religions which couldn't survive the test of time? Lmao. This level of delusions is dangerous, now I understand who witchcraft bullshit is so prominent in women. Only world where you can hold any kind of power is the world of mysticism fabricated by your own imagination. Why don't you go live in the wilderness or with tribes which were never touched by civilization instead of talking shit all day through means provided to you by men.
This is genuinely a sad state of affairs. I like to talk back to your misandrist bullshit using misogynist bullshit but to derive your own worth through fairy tales instead of actual accomplishment and contributions of great women? Even actual incels try to find inspiration in history-changing male figures instead of whatever tarot retardation you are pushing right now, making you look cartoonishly incompetent and only breeding more misogyny towards women. Civilization was built by two genders but if you want to limit your achievements to paganistic mumblings then be my guest.

No. 883601

I'm deeply in love with you, anon

No. 883611

Isn't gad saad a middle Eastern himself?

No. 883612

Lol you know absolutely nothing of any value. You clearly know nothing about occultism, mysticism, true history (which is actually HER-story) or even Kabbalah. Leave you ignorant inbred bottom-feeder. And I take being called a witch a great complement. Not the first time i've been called a rebellious witch by some stupid, small-minded, simple scrote. Go read a fucking book.

No. 883616

Lebanese Jew whose family fled to Canada to escape the civil war.

No. 883618

>occultism, mysticism, true history
These 3 don't mix together
>witch a great complement
Go back to tumblr then
>Go read a fucking book
Give me a list of critically appraised literature which supports your witch retardation.

The whole "women are queens to be worshipped" bullshit is the reason why so many are in toxic relationships right now. You are 30 year old something land whale living in the fantasies of Guinevere and Lancelot trying to ruin other women's lives with femcel ideology. You are doing an actual harm.

No. 883619

Scrote is clearly panicked and threatened by that post and it's hilarious to see. Women knowing "forbidden" things and knowing her worth strikes fear in the hearts of men kek
There is nothing stronger than a woman who learnt her worth.

No. 883620

File: 1629195038360.gif (746.99 KB, 442x250, UntimelyOldBeagle-size_restric…)

Stop giving him attention.

No. 883625

File: 1629195710310.jpg (13.13 KB, 200x171, XYchromosome.jpg)

ily anon

>Wahhh wahhh wahhh

No. 883631

Final stage of male superiority delusions is becoming an abuser. Final stage of female superiority delusions is becoming a victim. Your femcel circlejerk will be your own downfall.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 883637

Why would I do that? I don't owe you anything. You are undeserving of my years of interest and research in the occult, hidden knowledge and hidden history. You think i'm just going to give away what I know just like that because you demand it? KEK that male entitlement. Do your own reading and research. A lot of media, scientists, philosophers and history that has been approved for mainstream often always covers and hides truth. Many of these "scientists" and philosophical windbags are often frauds and never produce their own ideas and they will write works and studies to support an agenda if it benefits them and the power in control. I am certain you fawn over Nikola Tesla's "genuis" but he was nothing more than a fraud who took his ideas from other people who never got credited for their work. He was not a genuis just a thief. And these are the types you idolise lol and you're wrong again, i'm not fat either. I'm way more fit and healthy than you'll ever achieve in your lifetime so go attend to your worthless male scrotal sack full of pure base, it needs washed.

"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize"


No. 883646

10000% facts, vidrel for more truth

No. 883648

Samefag it's scrotes, scrotes, women are not allowed to criticise scrotes or their system, the patriarchy, built only for them.
But when women get their own space and talk, exchange ideas and thought amongst themselves, that's when the shift comes because when Sleeping Women Wake, Mountains Move.

No. 883650

Tesla was also the typical male autist unable to make human connections to the point where he anthropomorphized a female bird and wanted to fuck and marry it kek

No. 883652

>women are not allowed to criticise scrotes
Mainstream media is full of male criticism.

No. 883657


No. 883659

your cope is obvious and pathetic, I encourage you to keep going

No. 883665

File: 1629198338112.png (119.33 KB, 1498x563, Lmao.png)

No. 883667

This scrote bores me. I feel like I am a Queen looking down on it from the balcony above. I sit exalted and dignified, observing its pitiful existence as I convulse in laughter as it scrambles like a maniac searching for female attention, coping hard and lost in the maze of lolcow threads. He has chosen to present himself so I may laugh at him. He exists for my entertainment but now I am bored of him and want it gone. Oh won't the jannies eject it from here already, we've had our fun like cats playing with mice.

No. 883670

All of you should shut the fuck up. Stop derailing the thread. There's a rule against replying to scrotes for a reason. They never stop. What do you think you're achieving?

No. 883673

Your have convinced me that "women can never be incels" was a lie, femcel epidemic is as rampant as incel epidemic. And it's equally futile trying to talk sense into social rejects regardless of their gender.

No. 883686

File: 1629199721084.jpg (85.75 KB, 828x926, Tumblr_l_72504027343794.jpg)

>Go back to tumblr then
Oh my god, you dumbass. Do you even know where you are? This is OUR imageboard, scrote. I suggest YOU get the fuck out

No. 883690

I audibly chuckled anon kek

No. 883700

File: 1629201454285.jpg (114.52 KB, 1242x1242, Razones para shippear TaeKook_…)

This cats so fucking cute I could cry, I hope it's comfortable.

No. 883704

Thank you for this rare and based mini essay.

No. 883707

but Tesla believed in female superiority and using neo-nazi quotes just undermines your years of research

No. 883708

I got banned from r/femaledatingstrategy because I dared suggest Amber Heard wasn't an angel in the Johnny Depp situation

No. 883711

ok? did you get banned from the platform? and kek I'm glad they b& you, heard is a mess but Depp was way worse in that whole ordeal

No. 883714

File: 1629202317349.gif (497.17 KB, 500x215, witchlaugh.gif)

>You are doing an actual harm
Oh no queen anon you're literally injuring the moid with your witch words.(infighting)

No. 883716

Is this the true extent of an average incel's reading comprehension?
>The whole "women are queens to be worshipped" bullshit is the reason why so many are in toxic relationships right now. You are 30 year old something land whale living in the fantasies of Guinevere and Lancelot trying to ruin other women's lives with femcel ideology. You are doing an actual harm.
It's clear that said harm is being done to other women you spread your delusions to.

No. 883718

Like all reddit communities, they're a hive mind.

No. 883722

Stop giving him attention, this is what he wants, your not "triggering him" cause he gets off on this, just sage and ignore, that's the only thing that truly these losers

No. 883723

Witch anons posts were fun though.

No. 883727

why can you not fucking understand modernity is ruining women's life??? All mainstream media is telling women to become porn stars and liberated sex workers! Why can you not see real feminist ideology is doing both women and men and the entire society more good than it is doing harm? Real non liberal feminism encourages women to get real jobs and not become whores. Do you want to live in a world full of prostitutes? You have a very strong bias of what is happening on here honestly thinking most women here are obese witches. Most women on here are not only intellectual, but also have good partners. Mainstream ideology and liberal feminism encourages women to become literal prostitutes. How can you not see that women being encouraged to not prostitute themselves and choose worthy non abusive partners is better than whatever bullshit ideology is presented in mainstream media? Most women here don't tell other women to be "queens" they tell other women to respect themselves and not let men abuse them.

Women not accepting abusive partners and having real value and getting real jobs will benefit society in time more than anything else does. The cicle of abuse will stop because most grown ups with mental issues have those issues because they were socialized in broken families and guess what broken families on average are caused by scrotoids and because women are taught to settle with the most abusive scrotoids that terrorize the family.

No. 883754

File: 1629206022891.jpg (666.26 KB, 1080x714, Screenshot_20210817-141257_Chr…)

I don't like this representation of witches at all. This kind of image created by Walt Disney who was a paedophile who sexually abused many children, of course he demonised mother figures (the carer, protector, motherly love, nurturer) and witches (a woman who acts in a way that upsets the established rules) in his shitty depraved movies.Pic related is how real witches look like.

The stereotypical, traditional image for witches exists only to demonise women and the feminine power. The patriachy devalues the female power.

No. 883756

File: 1629206187430.jpg (983.65 KB, 1039x1406, Screenshot_20210817-133827_Chr…)


No. 883766

Nonnie, Snow White and the seven dwarfs is based on a fairy tale, mean female parental figures weren't invented by Disney. But in itself just looking at how many stories have evil stepmothers tormenting their stepdaughters while the father is "powerless" to help her in itself is interesting, my mother and I were collecting stories with awful moms/stepmoms we could remember once.

Also there are no "real witches" please be joking

No. 883771

Witches in terms of broomsticks and magical powers, no. But Paganism and Wicca practice 'witchcraft'. There is a huge woods near where I live (in the midlands uk) which is known for "witches" having secret midnight rituals while naked. They kept being arrested lmao.

No. 883777

File: 1629207203905.jpg (522.66 KB, 1080x631, Screenshot_20210817-140805_Chr…)

Haven't you ever heard of Wicca, voodoo and African witchcraft..anon where gave you been.

No. 883790

Women are so beautiful ugggh why can't I have a group of friends to do rituals with in flowy dresses? Life is unfair.

No. 883792

if you did you'd all get bored of each other and find ways to tear up the group. why are women on this imageboard obsessed with idealising female beauty the same way scrotes do…

No. 883794

>we are all female in the womb until the ninth week and if it's to be a scrote he morphs from her into a male. This is being hidden. The ovaries descend into testicles, the cliTORUS elongates into a penis and the labia enlarges and wraps around the testes as a scrotum. Woman was created first

Just realised males are essentially defective females. There are no two sexes, there is only one and that is female. Males are just type 2 females, defective women. Whereas we are the original, complete female. Males are jealous and hate us because they didn't want to change into the defective female after the ninth week period but they did and so became what is known as male, "man" but really all they are is defective females. Then they try to trans themselves into the original complete woman, but it never works and they can never become her.
Looking at that Y chromosome it's seriously fucked up looking compared to the X chromosome which us ladies have two of, the X looks healthy and robust, complete. The Y looks like it's been irradiated lmao fucking retarded looking.
Defective type 2 women is all men are.

No. 883799

This sounds like a scrote.

No. 883801

fuck off not everyone is a man just because they disagree

No. 883803

Didn't say you were a scrote. I said you sound like one.

No. 883805

I'd like that too non

No. 883808

it's the male death drive.

men cannot create, they can only destroy. that's why they think being better at violence, killing, raping etc makes them somehow better than women because thy cannot comprehent thinking in any dfferent way. they can't comprehent that true value is in being kind, nurturing and someone who creates, not destroys. that's why they low key brag about being better at killing themselves too and make fun of women failing at suicide attempts, even though failing at suicide is nothing but a good thing.

No. 883811

another example of male parasitic nature is how eagerly they take credit for other men's creations. men who sit on their ass all day long browsing the internet will claim to be the scientists, invertors and poets because some dead guy who stole his wife's writing did something 100 years ago. but this is understandable because being a male is being a parasite, it's their biology itself, to make copies of their shitty y chromosome and spread it around and die if they accomplish that.

making children is nothing but an act of symbolic immortalism for them, they kill and destroy and yet are so neurotically scared of dying that they need to use women to clone themselves so to speak by having sons who will "keep their name [them] alive". it's nothing but a cope.

No. 883814

Like no one ever gets bored of men either? Lol scrotes are vapid and boring, they never stimulate my mind enough or my clit. Useless.

No. 883817

File: 1629210384830.jpg (24.37 KB, 320x477, alexandre_cabanel_004.jpg)

Scrotes are dumb but going into bizarre second moronic bioessentialital observations is even more retarded, this is not how sex works and its aboustetly religion works, like I can't begin to describe how much I hate the whole "we had le heckin female goddesses before Le Christianity"
As someone who studies comparative religion seeing libfems and radfems misinterpret religion and cults stuff like this hurts my soul
The figure of the Mother fertility Goddesses is a very common(mostly Semitic) motif, but the thing about ancient Semitic religions is that they were pantheons with an Individual city having countless local gods with elaborate and conflicting lores and the most important thing to note is that they were Gods not mortals, while a Babylonian might have prayed to multiple female goddesses in a day he still would have treated women like shit and traditional patriarchy as we know it begins with the Semites, Indo-European culture in its purer forms(not the Greek Version which took centuries of influence form their eastern neighbors) was obsssed with conflicts and small scale warfare
their societies had certified castes(but not on the level of India and without hierarchy with the exception of Nobles) and unlike India every male with the exception of the male druids was a warrior, women significantly also made up part of this druid caste that functioned as the doctors, heads of religion, historians, arbitrators, midwives, Magicians and every single "intellectual" role in that society, this is origin of the whole "witch" thing
so "witches" weren't respected cause they could drawn on the divine female power, they were respected cause they were the only ones who knew how to heal an injured person, how to broker peace between 2 tribes, tell the children about their many gods and heroes and also some "magic" stuff like slitting open a pig to reveal the future

No. 883821

Thanks for the sanity, anon. The way nonnies run a thousand miles based on one piece of historic information is actually more scrotelike than anything, that read like one line of a study and derive conclusions for modern life without knowing anything about the context or limitations of science. Just because someone posts a spergy wall of text, doesn't make them based just because the bottomline is "women are queens", and it makes me worry a bit.

No. 883825

You're retarded. Totally would not want you at my forest hangout with my group of friends doing rituals in flowy dresses. You can't witch with us.

No. 883837

>they were respected cause they were the only ones who knew how to heal an injured person, how to broker peace between 2 tribes, tell the children about their many gods and heroes and also some "magic" stuff like slitting open a pig to reveal the future
Why do you think they were the only ones, consistently? Do you 100% believe that happened by complete coincidence?

No. 883843

gotta misogyny for a moment and say that retard womn like you are the reason baiting men is so shit

the most important thing isn't what's actually true, it's what yopu believe in. that how men operate and troll and that's how you should answer them. man goes on about some delusion about male suprerioty, you should answer with 100% stubborn knowledge of women suprerioty and believe 100% that women were the shamans and queens and shit because that's what's gonna piss men off, not this dumbass "b-bu-but the facts…! bitch ass pussy shit

No. 883847

In English?

No. 883854

I wasn't replying to the scrote, I was replying to the anons, my solution for moids raiding is just report and ignore cause that's what works, they want anons to reply to them that's what their into it
its basic common sense to just ignore and report them

No. 883885

They weren't the only ones, the Druids were a "caste" of people with in a people, both men and women were druids, however the Druids would never be allowed to have families of their own
Tacitus mentioned both female and male Druids when he described the slaughter of the Druids by Romans on the Island of Mona in Wales. The women wore black while the male Druids wore white, they were both slaughtered by the Romans, so it wasn't a woman's only occupation
It was a literally a matter of birth and while all males(except the male Druids) were warriors, they didn't spend their entire time fighting they were laborer's and farmers along with the women

No. 884032

fucking christ you're even being MORE sjw than them by saying not to put our cultural standards onto people in the past
and yet, the wambulance came

No. 884035

Lol the fuck is going on in here

No. 884036

Kek i guess HIS family wasn't asked wether they would choose him or those chad alpha muslim males

No. 884045

That sub is overrun by a bunch of whiny millennials and bratty teenagers and it truly sucks as someone with an actual narcissistic parent (mine is obsessed with looks, screws over her own kids for men, abandoned me if that's any proof). Lots of people complaining about their moms being involved with little mention of dads but when dads are mentioned it's usually like physical and sexual abuse. Moms are held to a ridiculous standard on there and I say that as someone with a shit mother.
Not to mention how many of these posts are written by such a questionable narrator. I can't forget a post I read on there by someone like "NARCISSISTS ARE ATTRACTED TO ME HELP!!!!" by someone who was claiming every friend and SO was a narcissist. Ofc I know that abuse victims can be targets of more abusers but the way that it was written was so paranoid and delusional that I was thinking I was on some conspiracy subreddit. I remember everyone gave the standard "omg I'm so sorry" and I was the only one who said that OP is probably the problem if they somehow mysteriously keep attracting narcissists.

Also might be worthy to mention that it might also be the pot calling the kettle black as ime narcissists LOVE calling other people narcissists and telling everyone that they're an empath. But in actuality the only people I've ever seen use the word "empath" are Cluster B nutcases, including my mother kek.

No. 884048

I'm not a witch but who wants me to put a curse on this man? Or pay a witch on Fiverr to do it? Get ready moid

No. 884054

agreed, just look here how men speak with a purely factual tone even when the information they give is extremely emotionally charged like here >>880956. you can't use "I think" statements even if it's technically correct. the only way to get moids to even hear the first five seconds of what you're saying is to take the same "logical" tone.

No. 884056

>muh rational and logical gender
Really claiming moids don't chimp out all the goddamn time or that they listen to reason. This ain't it, nonna.

No. 884061

nta but moids chimp out at the slightest assertions of them being "lesser" they just put on this logical and pretentious facade before they devolve into shit flinging. Moids are emotional in a violent and degenerate way.

No. 884086

File: 1629224166367.gif (495.85 KB, 220x220, B75D9704-385E-4B93-9789-212413…)

Every man, deep down, knows he's a worthless piece of shit. Overwhelmed by a sense of animalism and deeply ashamed of it; wanting, not to express himself, but to hide from others his total physicality, total egocentricity, the hate and contempt he feels for other men, and to hide from himself the hate and contempt he suspects other men feel for him; having a crudely constructed nervous system that is easily upset by the least display of emotion or feeling, the male tries to enforce a `social' code that ensures perfect blandness, unsullied by the slightest trace or feeling or upsetting opinion. He uses terms like `copulate', `sexual congress', `have relations with' (to men sexual relations is a redundancy), roasties, overlaid with stilted manners; the suit on the chimp.

No. 884093

File: 1629224535273.gif (488.99 KB, 220x393, 18D58B62-1937-4895-9270-BEE7F0…)

The male's inability to relate to anybody or anything makes his life pointless and meaningless (the ultimate male insight is that life is absurd), so he invented philosophy and religion. Being empty, he looks outward, not only for guidance and control, but for salvation and for the meaning of life. Happiness being for him impossible on this earth, he invented Heaven.

For a man, having no ability to empathize with others and being totally sexual, `wrong' is sexual `license' and engaging in `deviant' (`unmanly') sexual practices, that is, not defending against his passivity and total sexuality which, if indulged, would destroy `civilization', since `civilization' is based entirely upon the male need to defend himself against these characteristics. For a woman (according to men), `wrong' is any behavior that would entice men into sexual `license' – that is, not placing male needs above her own and not being a faggot.

Religion not only provides the male with a goal (Heaven) and helps keep women tied to men, but offers rituals through which he can try to expiate the guilt and shame he feels at not defending himself enough against his sexual impulses; in essence, that guilt and shame he feels at being male.

Most men men, utterly cowardly, project their inherent weaknesses onto women, label them female weaknesses and believe themselves to have female strengths; most philosophers, not quite so cowardly, face the fact that make lacks exist in men, but still can't face the fact that they exist in men only. So they label the male condition the Human Condition, post their nothingness problem, which horrifies them, as a philosophical dilemma, thereby giving stature to their animalism, grandiloquently label their nothingness their `Identity Problem', and proceed to prattle on pompously about the `Crisis of the Individual', the `Essence of Being', `Existence preceding Essence', `Existential Modes of Being', etc. etc.

A woman not only takes her identity and individuality for granted, but knows instinctively that the only wrong is to hurt others, and that the meaning of life is love.

No. 884114

absolutely and utterly fucking BASED

No. 884122

I agree with all points except religion, I know your probably copy pasting from radfem blog or where ever but the radfem understanding of religious history is moronic and easily disprovable, your not gonna convince anyone against religion if you don't understand the theology of it, you don't have to believe in it(I don't) but I understand its historical contexts and how it ended up the way it did, I also understand why people believed in the Abrahamic faiths compared to the state sponsored Roman pantheon

for e.g The Druids i.e witches, Im sure they seem cool but the majority of women in a tribe couldn't be Druids, it was a "caste" you were born into, It was better what they have India mind you but it still sucks, especially if you were peasant woman, Christianity that preached that we were all born equal and that we receive the same rewards in the afterlife seemed more appealing, way better then Indo-European afterlife system which was endless cycle of death, Armageddon and rebirth

No. 884129

>Factual statements make men look superior
>Therefore we will operate only on bullshit and arrogance
This is just sad

No. 884133

do you seriously think saying "women bad they should be used as cattle" is a factual statement? how high is your cognitive dissonance? do you need meds?

No. 884134

report and ignore, how you not get this, it literally

No. 884135

How is it worse
Sounds like the same thing

No. 884141

>Let me make up a strawman to be mad about

No. 884144

strawman? so you really are retarded. your entire incel theory is built on strawman, there is nothing factual about it. enjoy your ban

No. 884145

>moid posts bait to get replies
>gets replies
>moid posts more bait to get more replies
>moid posts bait to get replies
>doesn't get replies
>moid gets banned and doesn't bother coming back because no one replied
You can't be this stupid.

No. 884147

>incel theory
You keep projecting those opinions I never expressed.

No. 884151

Imagine being a poor peasant woman in the Roman Empire, while there are hundreds of "religions" you can roughly divide them in two 3 categories in terms of how they view the afterlife
1)The Roman state cult that based on the Greek model(which again took influence from their eastern neighbors) afterlife is basically nothing, a dark abyss where even Kings are reduced to endlessly wonder in darkness and eat sand, no torture, no smiting just darkness forever and ever
2)Celtic and Germanic religions afterlives feature a never ending cycle of reincarnation and violence, even when the world literally ends and the Gods are killed(such as Ragnarok) it just starts again with new Gods and new Humans, that doesn't sound uplifting
3)These new Christian sects that have an eternal pain free paradise and all you have to do is be a Christian and be a good persona and that's it

what would you rather choose

No. 884155

you said men operate only on facts (KEK) and women on bullshit and arrogance. you are the epitome of incel theory. again, enjoy your ban.

No. 884157

"So did I say that only on facts and women on bullshit and arrogance" or did I say that "women bad they should be used as cattle". Are you still hesitant between choosing these two strawmans?

No. 884160

No. 884161

You obviously agree with it so why are you pretending it's a strawman? Do you have nothing better to do?

No. 884176

be my fren anon you are wise beyond your years

No. 884194

I'm in

No. 884201

eternal darkness pls

No. 884210

ntayrt but female beauty should be praised and then promptly followed with shaming of males' grooming and dressing standards

No. 884216

i was mocking the belief that "men are logical" because men unironically believe it when talking to women. it's not just an MRA talking point, men actually are more likely to question or criticize women's work/arguments and to frame us as being too emotional.
my point is that men speak with conviction about EVERYTHING, especially things they're clueless about. it's incredibly intimidating if you're a female student because you might assume these moids are smarter than you but in reality the scrotes are getting Cs and you're at the top of your class. meanwhile when they ask you for help they still mansplain you even though they're the ones nearly failing the course. if you let them mansplain and go on about a bunch of bullshit they'll never shut up. you want to intimidate them (without them killing you ofc) so you have to play their own game and adopt the "logicull and rashunnnal" language of sociopathic scrotes and speak with the same confidence/ conviction because it's when you put any sense of emotion into your speech that men will sense emotion and chastise you for making an "argument based on emotion". you have to beat them at their own game. i personally think emotions have a lot of value and that there's emotions in everything we do; i also think that men are the MOST emotional seeing as they kill and hurt random things and people when they're angry. but men will never agree to that and will insist that they don't inherently recognize female speakers as more emotional/less intelligent when research shows that they do. as a female in a male dominated field it's incredibly annoying, i really do hate them all.

No. 884221


No. 884222

does anyone else think of how pathetic a moid must be to lurk here? what do you all think these fuckers look like on average?
> inb4 someone pulls up a sex offender registry to try and put a face to the CP anons

No. 884228

Speaking with authority on subjects they have no knowledge of is just a defense mechanism which becomes toxic when they begin to believe it themselves.

I'm fucking hideous obviously, why else would I come here?

No. 884243

You dropped this crown queen

No. 884250

unironically this is so true, their lives revolve around women. imagine being so obsessed with a group of human beings that you deem lesser than you. and no, they try to say we're just as bad, uh you try living in a state of terror and fear every day of your life subconsciously. even when you feel the most safe you still do things out of habit because males cannot be trusted. our lives are like this and we have a right to complain.
and is it just me but in regards to the blandness, aren't they all the same? i feel like women are so diverse in looks, thoughts, and gestures meanwhile all men just blend together as ugly blobs of fat devoid of any distinction from the guy next to him except extreme political affiliation (i.e, the conservative man vs the liberal man, that's literally it kek).

No. 884458

Really ? the Semitic and Greeco-Roman afterlife sounds like the worst one, not even torture or sufferings, just cold and darkness for all of eternity, what would even be the point of existence then

No. 884481

you were the autist that was spam posting how scared Johnny was of Amber and how that proves he's innocent, right? Yeah fuck off. You're not wanted.

No. 884488

Hell no, Afghan immigrant men are known to be gang rapists and they attempt to murder women after that. They inherently hate western civilization and don’t give a shit about western women. Sure there are some exceptions but they create the most problems out of all immigrants in Europe.


I only empathize with Afghan women and children. Their men can stay behind, no one needs hoards of Afghan men in their country

No. 884506

don't forget the massive sex trafficking and gang rapes in the UK led by a lot of pakistani/indian men who admitted to targetting young girls in vunerable situations. Which they admitted to only targetting girls outside of their religion/communities

No. 884533

Right. If you mention this in woke circles you’ll be cancelled because it doesn’t affect the upper class women

No. 884535

File: 1629262112507.png (430.45 KB, 720x1306, 1620642396010.png)

While Indian men can be creepy it was all mostly Pakistani Muslim men who were involved in grooming cases, I explained the mentality in another thread
see between 5000-9000 of these "conversion" marriages occur a year in Pakistan, even though were 96% Muslim there's a desire to "cleanse" the country of kafirs
Usually Hindu girls are the main victims, but also happens to Christians, Sikhs and even Ahmediyyah Muslims
before the Rotherham exposed the public to this, Pakistani Muslims were targeting girls from the Sikh Community, Nigerian Christians and other vulnerable groups(all non-Muslim) cause in Islam "taking" kaffir women is a common motif, Muhammad kills a Jewish man and "marries" his former wife(this is presented as a good thing) Muhammad receives a Christian Egyptian sex slave from Egypt as a gift(presented a good thing) raiding and taking the "loot"(including) of Kafirs is mentioned the Hadiths, so the concept of raiding became religious in Islam

I plan to leave this country someday but at the some time I'd feel guilty about all shit that happens to women in here and I can't do anything about it,

No. 884556

Women who say they hate men are just venting their frustrations against shitty men, they wouldn't actually go out and kill men. Whereas men who say they hate women are genuine unhinged psychos and would actually go kill women if they thought they'd get away with it. Sometimes they do it regardless. Women's hatred of men only hurts men's feelings while men's hatred of women physically endangers women.

Scrotes need to get it through their head that these two will never be the same.

No. 884571

File: 1629268673298.jpeg (64.87 KB, 554x554, images (10).jpeg)

Seeing r/gooncaves actually made me really depressed. The absolute state of moids

No. 884585

Thank you for the information, I wasn't aware of that. I understand your guilt but get your safety first. take care nona, i hope nothing happens

No. 884587

Holy shit that's vile. For any nonnies that might not want eye cancer, it's just guys showing off their masturbation corners, where they have like 5 monitors showing disgusting mainstream porn at the same time. Then they'll b
probably post to the erectile disfunction sub.

No. 884592

>showing masturbation corners
What the fuck literally why?? What the fuck is wrong with moids?

No. 884614

No anon I would totally go out killing scrotes. The only thing holding me back is the possibility of being caught and going to prison which I don't want. If I could get away with it I would gladly do it. I would like to track the deeply depraved, women hating, porn sick (paedophiles/ coomers supporting and perpetuating sex trafficking and exploitation of children, girls and women) scrotes from online and hunt them down irl and just kill them. That and any scrote that spoke to me disrespectfully, denigrated me, or that I knew caused other girls and women harm, I would kill him.

No. 884630

File: 1629277018686.jpg (1.14 MB, 3464x3464, maleDepravity.jpg)

The type of shit moids post on gooncaves pic rel

No. 884641

File: 1629277725168.jpg (38.49 KB, 749x390, IMG_1589510339862.jpg)

>Moids watch porn together
Sounds pretty fucking gay to me. Are they gonna jerk each other off too?

No. 884665

The split attraction model of sexuality actually is accurate for men. The overwhelming majority of 'straight' moids are heterosexual homoromantic, they get sexually excited by females but only feel deep bonds toward other males.

No. 884688

I've always hated the split attraction model but that actually makes a lot of sense. I've met so many men like that. Their wives are just broodmares but their friends? They'll take a bullet for them. I think it also ties in with GAMP and how some prioritise femininity over females, how a lot of men will fuck anything in a dress and heels, be that male or female.

No. 884734

I was banned from one of the women’s sub on reddit for cursing Taliban. Apparently it’s “islamophobic”! I love how woke feminists are okay with any religion as long as it doesn’t directly harm them because they are safe and secure in their ivory towers from these brutes. The Afghan women who are about to be raped and tortured for a lifetime on the other hand matter little compared to their acquired western feminism.
I wonder if they have any idea that the holy book paves the way for Sexual slavery of non Muslim women? Or if they’ve checked the rape statistics in Europe (Afghan men are notorious for violent rapes throughout Germany) before screeching how Afghan men should be granted asylum? If someone should be granted asylum then that’s Afghan WOMEN to save them from lifelong rape and torture.

No. 884739

>I love how woke feminists are okay with any religion as long as it's associated with POC
Not racebating I swear, but somehow "must not be racist" overrides any legitimate concerns amerifat libfems may have

No. 884742

Which fem-sub was that? All of them seem trash in one way or another really
>TwoX is troonhugging, but also a default sub so even just regular males think their contributions matter
>badfemaleanatomy/nothowgirlswork are more of meme-subs anyway, but they're also infested with troons
>FDS mods are really fucking weird although the sub itself sometimes produces some neat material
>r/witchescvspatriarchy is basically r/troonsdressingingowns

No. 884750

You worded it better than me anon, thank you

I’m hesitant to say which one because I don’t want them to find it out and suspend my Reddit account altogether. I was permanently banned from one sub, but I can still use my account on other subs

I didn’t know about the troons on female oriented subs, I mean I saw a couple of posts by trans women here and there but it wasn’t “women should be exposed to my girl dick in their dressing room” level.
I don’t usually have an edgy online presence but I was so upset by what’s happening in Afghanistan and I still am

No. 884755

Is there a decent sub for women? Like, scrote and trans free sub for biological women

No. 884759

FDS is pretty Y-free only because there's a restricted amount of topics considered "on-topic" and most men would rather slice off their fingers then to shit on their own kind for a month just to get approved and they get sniffed out pretty fast. They post some radfem shit sometimes, but it's still a dating sub, not a women's issues sub. I never even visit anything that has "feminism" in the name because it's guaranteed MGTOW types bait the fuck out of it.

No. 884762

Yes but FDS is shit, female shit is better than male shit, but still shit. Also lel at it being even remotely radfem, no not at all. Being angry at men does not make one a radfem.

No. 884765

At least I see them raising awareness about male-on-female violence and what to look out for, that's something. Maybe it's unintentionally radfem, but there are some threads where things like that get discussed. Better than the "women hit men, too" shit on other subs.

No. 884768

I don't really use reddit, are you saying the rest of reddit ignores male on female violence? Are they blind? Like yeah sure, female on male violence exists but it is way rarer than the alternative, are they too stupid to look at crime statistics?

No. 884771

Reddit is full of MRA types who believe female-on-male violence is not only just as common as male-on-female violence, but also MORE SERIOUS than male-on-female violence because "nobody takes it seriously when a woman beats a man.".

No. 884772

I mean
>nobody takes it seriously when a woman beats a man.
that's kind of true, but the rest is insane. These men are deluded to the extreme. I don't know how they can memorize crime stats about black people but they refuse to even look at male vs female ones.

No. 884773

It's not that they completely ignore it, but they want to pretend like it's not a gendered issue, that violence can take many faces or bring up mother-on-child violence as a "counterpoint" to men being the overwhelming majority of abusers and rapists. What's their goal? Who the fuck knows.

No. 884775


No. 884777

Libfems care surprisingly little about female rights.
>Support women!
>Oh but this thing that supports women offends troons, let's take it out.
>Ahh, and this one is offending brutish middle Eastern muslim men, it has to go.
>Yeah that's right, sex workers are oppressed so we have to be accepting of abusive kink communities and porn.
>Uhh, we have to support men, we don't have to be nasty evil feminazis right?
>S..support women!

>r/witchescvspatriarchy is basically r/troonsdressingingowns

No. 884806

there's nothing inherently feminine about a dress or heels though. it's the fact that men specifically DON'T wear dresses and heels, is why they're associated with femininity. i agree with you though

No. 884821

File: 1629292512533.png (54.25 KB, 813x476, 6515615616.png)

Thanks for the recommendations, I didn't know there was an aspie women's sub. Honestly scrolling through and seeing a "it's the neurotypicals who are weird!!" and picrel don't make me hope too much.

No. 884855

Thanks for the suggestions anon. I’ll hang out with the fine ladies of lolcow then

No. 884862

AYRT, yeah I worded that badly. Dress and heels is just clothing to us, but to men that's part of what makes you a Real Woman. Even if you got a dick tenting that dress they'll still prioritise that over the dreaded "frumpy" or GNC women.

No. 884890

File: 1629297061344.jpeg (15.04 KB, 250x205, 11A07B9E-7013-4B0B-9288-B7447D…)

We need adult bullying, this is the kind of shit that people should look at and point to others like
>ha Look at this fucking loser
Reddit is so pathetic, this is an absolute new low, disgusting.

No. 884907

From 24 to 27 I was seeking transition/was transitioning… from 27 to 29 I stopped and was in limbo trying to make sense of my feelings around gender. At 30 I suddenly got an autism diagnosis and tbh that's the day I had all my answers and I fully just stopped entertaining those thoughts of me 'not being a woman' I obvs understand their thought process to a degree.. But if you already know you're autistic then surely you know exactly why you feel different.

I wish we'd tell autistic women that these thoughts are pretty typical. They're already perfectly explained away by that diagnosis. Gender dysphoria rates are insanely high in autistic women as professionals can't just ignore it when you present to them with gender-feelings but it is just one of the many effects of autism. Those higher rates speak for themselves.

>I don't fit in

>I'm not the norm for my gender/age
>Other girls must all feel super womanly right? and I don't
>I sometimes feel like an outsider amongst my girl friends, like they connect over something that I can't quite put my finger on. But I don't quite connect with men either
All pretty normal things to feel when you're dealing with autism.

No. 884913

Oh, I totally get the feeling, and I'm not really talking about aspie women talking about it, but the last line of edit (and TW mansplaining gender to autistic girls in the comments). If the gender-trender wave would have been as strong as it is today in my teens, I would absolutely be questioning my gender. Forunately I always had strong friendships with girls my age so I didn't have strong internalized misogyny like a lot of NLOGs do.

No. 884952

I think these are some kind of refugees from somethingawful forums. The kind of wretched scrotes who used to stan lowtax and give him money.

No. 884977

I don't think indians were involved in this
It was purely muslims doing and even at that mostly pakistani

No. 884983

>any religion
Only islam gets this treatment

No. 884984

File: 1629304271950.jpg (95.35 KB, 719x724, 3233s97qutq61.jpg)

won't somebody think of the pedophiles?!?!

No. 884985

Yeah it was a Pakistani Muslim issue, which is why I hate how papers used "Asian" to be deliberately vague and protect them further. Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, Buddhists etc. were not organising mass rapes of non-muslim girls who were mostly white.

No. 884986

chemical castration works well too.

No. 884992

How do you feel bad for someone attracted to children

No. 884993

Surely most people get that 'leaning into' the temptation to fuck kids by fucking people who look like kids won't help you to stop having those desires. Tolerating the thought of it and trying to make it a reality (even in this way) is a slippery slope. You're stepping closer to offending because it's leaving the confines of your imagination and being acted on…we know what happens when scrotes get a taste of a sexual act that seems taboo… they push the boundaries.

No. 884994

File: 1629304757778.png (72.35 KB, 799x853, goonbuddy.png)

I was curious, and it's indeed very gay. Pretty sure this guy's wife knows her husband is bi/gay and just gave up. Nothing weird about your husband taking a guy half his age to his masturbation room. Warning: vomit-inducing conversation between coomers

No. 884998

wtf is a gooner? Also why are men so fucking gay?

No. 885001

File: 1629304996702.png (22.23 KB, 785x365, gooner.png)

No. 885002


It's from the SCUM manifesto iirc. It's a great read, and very short. I recommend it.

No. 885006

File: 1629305285725.png (17.15 KB, 427x400, 1625847331920 reddit.png)

Oh no wdym synapses in my brain are responsible for how i think
So you mean my pedo kink is completely natural, oppresun
Muslim men here do the same, muslimas here will screech about social issues regarding castes here but become apologist as soon as muslim/non muslim violence or harassment gets mentioned

No. 885009

>I was banned from one of the women’s sub on reddit for cursing Taliban
woowwww sounds mega problematic
dont you know burning women alive while stoning them to death if they dont wear a bag over their head and dont only speak when spoken to is the last implicit stand of femininity?
you friggin bigots

No. 885011

>4 awards

Reddit moids spent actual money to reward this post, wow amazing!

No. 885014

It's incredibly telling kek

No. 885017

so this the kinda guy who does it for free
not surprising in the least

i think youre overthinking this
whatever sort of subhuman lunatic it is that spends their free time modding random subreddits, its a poor demographic to judge all of humanity by
thats like saying twitter is an accurate representation of reality

that pic is merely the end result of a fatal leddit overdose
a truly dismal fate

No. 885022

i wanna smash em all with a pipe wrench tbh

No. 885028


think of it practically:
>be useless no-value man
>balding at 25
>only hobby is pr0ns
>watch literally all porn youre interested in
>become completely desensitized
>search out new porn
only a matter of time until they realize,
>"oh shit, theres this whole other half of the site i havent checked out"
>"giant homo gay bathhouse orgy blowbang?"
>"sounds hot"

No. 885040

Mens selective ability to (it seems) only ever empathise with killers, rapists and pedos is just wonderful. If you're a criminal they'll suddenly whip out this deep sea of empathy for you. You're 'the poor misunderstood underdog' just as long as you're ruining the lives of women and children or being a total unashamed pervert.

No. 885049

I think it only happens in left/liberal circles because all right wing men i have seen have been completely devoid of empathy and kindness
This whole oh no muh oppressed institutionalised poor criminal thing starts with liberal left

No. 885058

even many criminals facing hard time feel similarly about the connection between pipe wrenches and pedophiles faces tbh
though i guess in that case its more of a "sharpened plastic spoon shiv in the side of the neck while in the prison shower" kinda thang

i wish the fbi ever actually did anything
these kinda dudes usually flaunt this shit all over social media

No. 885063

File: 1629307367764.jpg (98.23 KB, 796x764, Untitled.jpg)


Lmfao! So many men think that "gay lobby" is a real thing yet look at this, their precious manly hobby - porn addiction - turning them gay.

No. 885069

>I think it only happens in left/liberal circles because all right wing men i have seen have been completely devoid of empathy and kindness
i think that any human thick enough in the skull to let modern politics shape their sense of morality has lost the plot

No. 885071

True, sister

No. 885075

IDk if I'm disagreeing with you, but it sounds like something a scrote would say in defense of rape culture and misogyny

No. 885077

oh i wasnt disagreing
it was just a tangential thought from your first sentence

No. 885118

That anon is different
You replied to my post

No. 885123

File: 1629310661525.png (Spoiler Image, 43.83 KB, 1016x320, DUDE.png)

im confus

No. 885304

So according to at least 618 people some woman this guy deems young looking enough for him, who might even be forced into street prostitution by abuse or poverty, should bear the weight of these sickos' fantasies. Because human beings are just products you buy to fulfill your fantasies, who cares about the exploited young woman involved as long as the literal ped feels better after it's all over, right? Fuck's sake, the state of reddit

No. 885379

i cant into leddit at all, so idk if this is even a thing, but can you find out who upvotes a particular post?
redditors seem to be pretty careless when it comes to doing stupid stuff with their accounts. whaddya wanna bet, out of those 618, that theres some dimwit going around expressing sympathy for pedos with an account that can be easily tied back to their irl identity?

its funny because i hear all the time that imageboards are the worst of the worst in terms of people, but i see way more fucked up crap coming from the reddit camp
mainstream social media seems to be infested with this crap
a post like that made on an imageboard would get (You)d into oblivion with "kys pedofaggot" and other assorted vitriol

No. 885401

File: 1629330084784.png (57.07 KB, 1130x517, Unbenannt.png)


No. 885402

File: 1629330123443.png (2.28 MB, 1906x3535, asdtgvkbjnk.png)

No. 885403

Every post on this unbelievably pathetic sub shows them jerking off to multi screens of porn. So they like looking at men jerking off to porn, it's part of their experience. I would love to see what one of their faces looks like. Do they feel like "goooooning!!!!" Makes them extra virile? Of course these bottom dwellers found each other. I'm surprised at how many of them have girlfriends who they write about…"start gooning as soon as she leaves!!". Absolutely undeserved, I hate these bags of human garbage.

No. 885462

its a pretty nuts rabbithole
these are the kinds of guys that unironically pay for porn. the same kind that simps away half their rent money on generic twitch thot #7460321. the kind of guy that tries to hit on instathots by leaving completely bizarre and sexually explicit comments on their pics.
the kind of guy that porn producers, themselves, spank it to, imagining all the money theyll get from these hopeless human cumrags

basically youre looking at an addict
an addict to the most pathetic shit imaginable
addicts always find their drug buddies that they hang out with all the time (cuz no one else wants to deal with their junkie bullshit). and drug buddies always push each other further and further into depravity
any time one starts thinking "yo bro… maybe i shouldnt like spend 8hrs a day jerking off?" the other ones texting asking "hey bro, need a hand? im like super horny bro. bro… like… cmon bro"
some might suggest some sort of treatment or rehabilitation program
personally, id suggest castration, but im old fashioned

>I'm surprised at how many of them have girlfriends

im more surprised you believe them tbh
have you ever walked into a room where someones been jerking of for an entire day?
a miasma strong enough to strip paint off the wall
theres no way anyone could date such a thing. not for any real length of time
how do you think they got so addicted to porn in the first place?

then theres just the practicality of the matter
even if hes a total rockstar up-all-night charlie-sheen-on-tigers-blood kinda guy, after a full day of crankin it, youd be left working with what amounts to a large overcooked pasta noodle
absolutely useless

no. no one is dating that
its the end of the genetic train ride for them
next stop: goonsville

No. 885468

Jason R Womack amplified by 1000

No. 885505

So apparently a mgtow subreddit got taken down.

I don't understand why they would do that and not take down all of the horrible porn subreddits. Ive never been to a mgtow subreddit so i dont know how bad it is. Are there still PUA subreddits?

Anyway, it's funny to watch all the MRAs lose their shit over it. At least they're targeting men now.

No. 885541

>traditional patriarchy as we know it begins with the Semites

No. 885547

Pls we had patriarchy since we were monkeys

No. 885550

exactly. also i just saw this take, word for word, on alt-right pagan twitter lol

No. 885553

the retarded whinging in this video makes them all the more insufferable

No. 885563

>alt-right pagan twitter
Ew, could that be where all the weird racist posters are coming from lately? I know Anna Slatz and that "terf david icke" poster who was basically a rejected tradthot have mentioned this place before.

No. 885584

Wait I thought everyone was like that, just feeling 'me' instead of 'man' or a 'woman'? Is this an autism thing?

No. 885590

File: 1629352597714.jpg (168.74 KB, 1080x1094, ScroteBeLike.jpg)

No. 885593


No. 885622

>men buy prostitutes because they want to use women as objects and hate that they have thoughts, moods, opinions and lives

No. 885627

There are people who were wking for both of them in their respective threads and the latter had cowtipping followers so I think there is some kind of overlap between there and here

No. 885670

It's normal to not have a magical innate gender, it's not just an aspie thing. It's just that autists have a harder time understanding that not being stereotypically feminine doesn't make you a non-woman

No. 885786

I wonder what is the typical career path for these wastes of oxygen. I'd like to know my chances of running into one…..so I can stay far away

No. 885795

Tech, sister i have no doubt about it

No. 885799

Holy shit this was annoying to read kek.

No. 885803

the reality of obscure reddit porn subs is not pretty

No. 885818

File: 1629382453915.jpg (415.95 KB, 1570x1264, warning.jpg)

Reddit users have an option to go into their privacy settings and toggle the visibility of their upvotes and downvotes on their profiles, most people have them hidden. However, reddit has started doing this thing where it sends "warnings" for upvoting certain content. Which fuzzy. Pic related

No. 885871

Holy shit. I can easily imagine them warning/banning women for not bowing down to tims in the form of karma

No. 885975

>it appears that you have held an incorrect opinion, as deemed by the foreign interest groups invested in this site

No. 886225

When I was a stripper I had to quit a few times cus of men saying "you look just like my daughter/sister/niece" and then proceeding to grope me or ask if I do extras. One guy came in and told a smaller girl he wanted a dance from her cus she resembled a child and he's not allowed near children

I 100% believe men acting out their fantasies w women who look young or resemble family members are going to groom an actual child or rape their family member

No. 886388

File: 1629413362048.png (68.21 KB, 896x582, HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA…)

Oh yes, 20 year old women are absolutely haggard. It's not like you're going after underaged girls because of their naivete! The claim that "younger girls fuck better" is just blatantly untrue but it reveals his motivations (i.e, getting off on corrupting a young girl vs having sex with a woman his own age).

No. 886801

"it's legal in my country!!" types are basically telling that they'd go lower if only the stupid laws wouldn't be in their way. And how dare they suffer social shaming from haggard twenty-somethings for grooming kids!

No. 886875

He types like a drug dealer no wonder college age women stay away from him

No. 887213

hilarious community of self-hating non-white incels. it's exactly what it sounds like kek

No. 887226

The fact he specified that he sleeps with 16.5 year olds really makes me laugh. Those extra 6 months totally make them way more mature than 16 years olds, bro!

No. 887228

Dude on reddit claims to be getting laid regularly enough and by enough 'women' of both 16 and 20 (and pressumably inbetween) to be an expert in what age fucks better. Cool of him to find the time in between fuck sessions to post about it on reddit.

No. 887251

Tell me you’ve never had sex without saying you’ve never had sex

No. 887323

These people need to be sent to Chernobyl and then we have a rocket sent to destroy Chernobyl

No. 887599

File: 1629497160204.jpg (233.76 KB, 1120x1120, chernobyl gym.jpg)

chernobyl is nice place
chernobyl dindu nuffin
no bully chernobyl!

No. 887600

File: 1629497217767.png (115.66 KB, 1352x464, Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 6.04…)

i've brought this up before but god damn these are just the first few results i clicked&capped from google. it's endless, hundreds of pages of these if you search "reddit my boyfriend won't wipe his [word for ass]"

No. 887602

That's more a white people thing than a white men thing

No. 887604

File: 1629497309127.png (145.19 KB, 1500x518, ass2.png)

No. 887606

>Cool of him to find the time in between fuck sessions to post about it on reddit.
it aint ez bein sleazy

No. 887607

File: 1629497425939.png (401.03 KB, 1440x1352, ass3.png)

No. 887611

File: 1629497577041.png (444.14 KB, 1368x1426, ass4.png)

No. 887613

only date men who come from countries with bidets

No. 887614

>reddit how do i [X]?
just do it
do the thing
thats how
you can skip a whole step by just bypassing the whole "logging onto reddit to ask a retarded question" step, and proceed directly to the part where you do the thing

i swear reddit is like some sort of neo-yahoo-answers, but somehow even more retarded

No. 887615

File: 1629497755997.png (278.87 KB, 1350x1330, gayass.png)

No. 887617

File: 1629497825985.png (234.34 KB, 1292x942, gayass2.png)

one more after this

No. 887618

File: 1629497870503.png (430.06 KB, 1340x1418, Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 6.03…)

like literally i could make a "men don't clean their shit chutes" thread. but i won't.

No. 887619

File: 1629497939160.png (572.7 KB, 1292x1532, Screen Shot 2021-08-20 at 6.03…)

No. 887623

idk nonarina, i'm white and i've slept with white men and women and none of them had shit-caked asses.
the men didn't seem to understand that you have to wear a new pair of underwear every day, though. they straight up argue with you like you're a padded-room neat freak if you insist on it.

No. 887630

>i'm white and i've slept with white men and women and none of them had shit-caked asses
maybe its a reddit thing?
idk now that i think about it ive never really dug around too much back there
schrodingers shitty asshole

No. 887637

if someone's not fat their ass/its cleanliness is pretty obvious
don't forget average redditor is white/american so probably much fucking fatter than we're picturing
i would like an explanation for the refusal to change underpants though. i don't even know how anyone could date women then wind up married to a man. why would you ever go back

No. 888763

File: 1629608282946.jpg (134.16 KB, 720x1075, 5.jpg)

Female Dating Strategy users are just as clueless about sex as most men are
like of course dick size matters but I've had plenty of bad sex with guys who had big dicks, like have none these people have heard of foreplay, fingering and technique

No. 888770

what subreddit us this from?

No. 888821

Why is PublicFreakout mostly political posts now? I used to like that one for funny videos but it's just the same shit you see in the news cycle now. It seems like all the big subreddits just turn into the same thing, you don't even need to have separate ones anymore.

No. 888825

What does the underlined phrase have to do with your comment? They're right that breasts don't serve a function for physically stimulating the man, therefore being picky about boob size is less justified than being picky about dick size. And they talk about the importance of foreplay and technique all the time… they're just done with pretending size doesn't matter. Thank fuck at least some women are vocal about it because there are pickmes everywhere trying to convince men we love tiny dicks.

No. 888836

I agree with you I just believe that a good portion of girls on that subreddit are either virgins or have never had good sex

No. 888865

Good for them! I wish I'd never had "good" sex.

No. 888880

File: 1629619359979.png (64.7 KB, 906x447, redditmoid.png)

luckily everyone advised him not to do it. but still…

No. 888891

truth be told a big dick wouldn't add much if it was attached to a average or buff guy, rather I just like the idea of a skinny somewhat femme boy with a nice, big and clean dick

No. 888892

I think it started around the time of the George Floyd protests, it was constantly full of those videos. Then when that cooled off, the group of people only interested in cops bad/racially charged/any woman raising her voice is a karen content never left.

No. 889027

File: 1629636246410.png (130.16 KB, 666x809, db.png)

I feel like lurking r/deadbedrooms is the strongest pinkpills (after r/breakingmoms) even if you're not dating and aren't a mother. It's usually full of men bitching about being untouched and then whenever one of the posters' wives discovers their posting history (because they forget to log off or wipe their browser) it always turns out they're menchildren that only sit on their XBox/PS5 all day and probably also don't wash their ass.

No. 889033

She can probably retrieve his posts on removeeddit. I don't have a reddit account, could someone who does inform her?

No. 889038

The scrotes inboxing her requesting sex really missed the point here didn't they

No. 889047

For real though, imagine being this dead in the brains

No. 889409

i cant believe someone would just go lie on the internet like that

No. 889839

Theres a 5 day reply under one of her comments on how to retrieve any deleted posts if she needs it

No. 889853

I was scrolling through DB for ages after reading that thread the other day and I came across a guy claiming he has the laziest wife on earth and that he is the one working full time while her whole existance is spent watching tv. He's often away from home for over a week for work purposes and he also does most of the childcare. Their kid rushes over to him and never to the mom. He was really playing up how wonderful he is and how lazy she is while also not giving him sex. My man you cannot be regularly gone from your house for over a week for work or away for at least 40 hours on other weeks while she's at home with the baby full time…. and claim to be doing the 'majority' of the parenting. Not fucking possible. The baby would be dead if she's honestly doing nothing during all that time that you're gone.

He replied to everyone who had missed that fact and played along with his version, a few confronted him about the holes in his story and he stayed well away from replying to any of them. Ass patting replies only please! Just tell me my wife is lazy bitch and a bad lay.

No. 889921

File: 1629727240435.png (150.05 KB, 1261x830, pooper.png)


This whole comment section has me rolling for some reason. TD;DR is that the wife let her husband put it up her ass for the first time and apparently he's now the happiest little sailor that compliments her, is extremely nice to her and constantly horny. Then the comments from men how it's the same for them because of "trust", "new levels of intimacy" and how they'd wish their wife would indulge in their fantasies, they'd also give her extra attention. It's so pathetic I can't help but laugh at the state of porn consumers.

No. 889927

Lmao so men are admitting their respect for women only happens when they comply to their sexual needs. Not surprising.

No. 889930

It's the next fuckin day… does she think this'll last forever? I hate to say but I've been there. It doesn't last. They'll drag as many sex acts out of you as they can and their respect for you drains in the process. I didn't know any better at 24 either. By 30 I was thoroughly fucked around by scrotes who felt entitled to any act they could think of. You bend once and they'll always expect you to bend again.

That first time you bend a sexual boundary for them they absolutely make sure to emotionally reward you and praise you and act grateful. Think ahead though.

No. 889937

Is marriage basically prostitution?

No. 889939

Prostitutes generally get paid better

No. 889940

he's very obviously conditioning her to be open to more degenerate sex acts. how can she be that stupid to not realize it but then again she is a reddit poster

No. 889942

samefag but it's really funny that he "worships the ground she walks on" by harassing her as she does chores instead of doing all the chores himself or spoiling her. pathetic all around.

No. 889943

Yeah, it's so fucking manipulative. In their top posts there's actually a cautionary tale of a post about a woman going through divorce because her husband wouldn't stop harassing her for anal after she "gave in" a couple of times. And she was even fine with it once in a while, but he expected her to be constantly ready to be receiving anal sex. That's basically the prognosis for this redditors relationship.

No. 889944

That’s what I’ve noticed too. They don’t get paid in food and shelter.

No. 889946

Kek good catch, I didn't even notice that. He just gives her "attention" by trying to feel her up while she is watching TV or doing the dishes, and this is what she calls worship.

No. 889961

Not a marriage (thank fuck) but I went through exactly this in my last ltr. It was great not being able to tell people what went wrong because it's so humiliating to even process yourself. I'd rather listen to my dad be like "oh he was a nice guy. I miss him" then try to ever expalin what happened.

Sexually pushy behaviour is one thing you can maybe explain to people but all the details of it being anal and it getting so much worse after giving in a couple times. Him using those couple times as a big arguing point against me. Fuuck. I can't even tell a therapist without dying inside. It leaves you feeling subhuman.

No. 889968

I'm so sorry that happened to you. I don't know how you having done something in the past translates into being available 100% of the time. I mean, I understand, because they're selfish manipulative fucks that think they bested you with their hyperlogical argument. And if a woman leaves because of sexual pressure, she'll be called a prude and frigid too.

No. 889985

God this is awesome. I'm glad she has some family support cause honestly I don't know how the fuck I'd leave a marriage like that with multiple kids, pregnant, and nowhere to go. The men soliciting her don't surprise me, they see her as a woman who's emotionally vulnerable with limited options so they think there's an opportunity for them there. They're predators at worst and manchildren with savior complexes at best. I fucking hate dudes who cozy up to women after a fresh breakup or divorce. They're just scum.

Men are deluded into thinking because they're the "fun" parent that it means they're being good parents. His child probably runs to him because 1. The child barely sees him and misses him and 2. Mommy gets to be the "mean" unfun parent for carrying out necessities like discipline and hygiene and making junior eat vegetables. He's neglecting the child in plain sight.

No. 890616

Yeah I hate it when men or women go around being uwu “fun” dad, fun aunt etc, basically an excuse to avoid the more “serious” parental duties. Also extra judgement for the “not-that-fun” mum as if mum shaming doesn’t exist already

No. 890903

File: 1629815330351.jpeg (379.1 KB, 505x1174, 9D2B48BA-435D-48EB-885A-5FA2DF…)

i wanna a-log so bad

(from a thread about sexual harassment)

No. 890933

> if women were free to engage in flirting
Ah yes the only reason you're not inundated with interested women is because women are not yet allowed to partake in flirting.

We can't initiate relationships or even conversations. Never. That's what's keeping you single and sexless. Society is just holding back all those highly interested women.

No. 891049

Bit of a "who cares" problem here, but r/livestreamfail is full of "X titty streamer said Y screaming manchild is boring". There are barely any clips of cool gameplay moments anymore or actual highlights. I enjoy watching livestreams from time to time and I enjoy some drama, but I can't get into twitch drama. It isn't even related to games or success a lot of the time, all these people seem to be literal retards with the cognitive abilities of a 5 year old. This is a subreddit that should be shown when guys say mindless drama gossip is a teen girl thing.

No. 891093

I always wonder why redditors push the women-should-do-the-first-step-too!-thing so hard. The way it is now, they can at least pretend she was just inhibited by society instead of skeeved out by him kek.

No. 891117

Reddit males are a different breed. They genuinely think sexism is the reason they aren't having sex all the time, and the ones who are actually having sex all the time are somehow the dorky ugly neckbeard men who go to D&D couples nights with their swingers group

No. 891134

File: 1629835257257.png (925.58 KB, 828x1792, 5A71E745-4C41-4BE8-A9A1-A804C4…)

imagine thinking that this is a win lol

No. 891167

>women are molested and men are lied to
How is being lied to on the same level as being molested? What the fuck is with this shitty equivalency…

No. 891174

File: 1629837698206.jpeg (359.64 KB, 828x855, 40151A73-C265-457F-9442-65597F…)

Had to roll my eyes so hard that this was in the top trending news section. Comments full of men saying “this is proof that we live a harder life, no one even compliments us and this is why incels are so common now” Maybe men shouldn’t be so focused on sex all the time holy fucking shit, get over yourself. Fuck these dumbass “science” posts and fuck all the men whose self victimizing gets support from this dumb shit.

No. 891176

File: 1629837816761.png (Spoiler Image, 1.43 MB, 743x2482, screencapture-guardianacorn-20…)

You reminded me I meant to post pic related in the confessions thread (as a follow-up to my original post), it will go here now.
>Pic related: an akchyual woman (read: delusional scrote) thinks willingly playing a disgusting porn game created for your kind is the same as being raped
I've never wanted to a-log more

No. 891178

Whaaaat? Men's main focus in a relationship is what makes their pp hard? Who knew! I'm so glad someone finally did a study to demystify the complex nature of men!

No. 891196

Of course every one wants to feel that their partner sexually desires them, regardless of whether or not they are a man??? But I suspect that this stupid study and discussion isn't even about that, it's just another excuse for men to be coddled like children. So entitled.

No. 891203

More important than we think? They never shut up about it.

No. 891211

Debatable. There is no consensus on this topic even in scientific community, so don't pull statements out of your ass, ok?

No. 891214

Why did she play it fully if it disturbed her? Female socialized self harm? Anyway it was good degenerate game, wish there wasn't scat tho.

No. 891218

Kek, but who asked for this study?

Some man got paid to execute a study just to remind us women that men demand to be worshipped. Fucking neeeeeext.

No. 891221

>I always wonder why redditors push the women-should-do-the-first-step-too!-thing.
Probably if not for the simple reason that they think they're the prizes and therefore should be chased and get to do the rejecting, things like >>891174 cement the fact that the majority of males overestimate their value.

No. 891222

>There is no consensus on this topic even in scientific community
Kek if you think the scientific community will EVER fund research for "are men biologically bad?". In fact they cover it up/twist info that points to "men bad" all the time. Everything is tainted with their ego and dick dragging. For ex. covering up that sperm has a shitton of "feel good" chemicals that "rewards" women for fucking them. That's why men are obsessed with going raw.
Also see >>891174 this is the shit they fund, useless shit to push their own interests.

No. 891225

Anyone else appreciating how this thread is evolving into pinkpill v. 2.0? I just can't stop keking while I am reading it.

No. 891232

there is no she or female socialization, it's a troon. a male cosplaying as a female

No. 891236

File: 1629842996806.png (35.71 KB, 854x419, 352235235.png)

Went to check out this article, and it's mostly just saying what men answered in a survey with open ended questions, how they wanted their wives to be more sexually dominant, initiate and be romantic with them. Of course there's some "poor men" shit included, with a dose of "men are the true romantic sex".
Male sexuality doesn't get deeply pathologically examined because it is much more simple, and just because men want their wives to ride them more and compliment them while she also cleans up around them didn't really stop them from trying to have sex with her if she forgot to do those things. There isn't much to study here.

No. 891240

No, I didn't mean that "men are good" or whatever. I am just tired of some theory being dismissed by default. Not only this is irrational - all interpretations must be taken in account, otherwise science turns into religion. It's also extremely insulting: like the main reason I am so mad at "ancient matriarchy" dismissers is not because I want it to be real so fucking much, but because of the fact that they regard the thought of women holding power in a society and being free as ridiculous and preposterous by default and refuse to even consider it as a possibility. It's feels like final stage of dehumanisation - not only they deny us freedom de facto, they also deny it even as a _possibility_. And I don't mean it in a "thought crime" sense only, also in a broader one: it's as if even if a matriarchal society was possible, they would never allow it to exist, no matter would they live in it or not. Like even if they had the chance of fixing patriarchal terrorism they wouldn't use it and would keep their regime at all costs. And if some other country had destroyed the moid regime they would wage war on it, because they just can't tolerate the idea of women being free and autonomous.

No. 891245

It's actually a "cis woman", this is how she refers to herself. She's completely gone. Quoting:
>“However, that means that the findings from this study may not be applicable to men who don’t date women or who do but don’t identify as heterosexual. I’m interested to see if we can expand the research on sexual desire to be more inclusive of more sexual orientations as well as trans men.”

No. 891253

Ah never mind then

No. 891257

I remember the cockroaches tried to use the fact that women want to be desired more than men do as a "proof" of female submissiveness (like if a woman wants her partner to enjoy spending time with her supposedly suggests that she cares about him more than she cares about herself yada yada). But right now its acshtually men who want to be desired, not women. Seriously? Aren't they the submissive ones then? Or the same reasoning doesn't work in an opposite way? Tbh at this point I am becoming disillusioned by modern science. It had potential, but moids have turned it into XXI century mainstream religion. Tragic.

No. 891272

I get what you're saying, I'm sure there were some matriarchal societies, but they were probably just quickly killed off by patriarchel socities. I'm talking about logistics, socities that made women into slaves could grow and conquer more. The roman empire was so succesful because there was just SO MANY romans, and most men were soldiers and most women forced to have lots of babies.
I agree that matriarchies is a silly idea, not because
>not only they deny us freedom de facto, they also deny it even as a _possibility_. And I don't mean it in a "thought crime" sense only, also in a broader one: it's as if even if a matriarchal society was possible, they would never allow it to exist, no matter would they live in it or not.
but because it's fighting against mens biology, and making it work is wayyyyy too much effort for women, and it's quickly killed off by more patri-societies. In conclusion, I'd like matriarchy, but for it be long term there would need to be little to no men on earth, or somehow prevent outsiders from coming near the matri-society.

No. 891274

Men don't have the humility, self criticalness, empathy, and creativity required for science

No. 891502

File: 1629869478026.png (154.92 KB, 592x511, boohoo.png)

The very desirable males over at r/pussypassdenied are getting very upset that apparently some women don't really care enough about them to coddle their ~uwu opressed male feefees~. You know, if I were allowed to start a subreddit called something like "r/penisrightsrevoked" solely about men feeling entitled to women's bodies, taking away the autonomy of the females around them, and escaping the consequences of their actions because they're men, I think I'd have endless content for ages. But the men on here have to scour all their content off of female-centered subreddits for their "evil womin1!1" content.

No. 891512

kek moids seething over FDS never gets old. FDS isn't perfect but the salt is fucking hilarious, like imagine getting butthurt over women having standards.

No. 891514

Men and trannies overwhelmingly dominate Reddit, so it’s no surprise they’d be discussed a lot here. It isn’t deliberate.

No. 891521

dont bother sticking up for men on here, they are not doing the same for you in their own corners of the internet. Yes we all know that some men are good at science, no we don’t all need to get into an argument about it.

No. 891556

do you think a scrote would "come on now" his fellow scrotes when they shit on women?

No. 891561

This is actually true. Based, sister.

No. 891564

lol okay
find me a thread on this site that doesnt have somebody talking about men somewhere in it

"it isn't deliberate". oh so you INVOLUNTARILY can't shut up about them then. like im reading through this thread and every single post being highlighted is about men. not just involving them, ABOUT them. there's stuff on reddit you could be making fun of that isn't specifically about men. in men's "corners of the internet", people sometimes make threads where they don't bring up the topic of women, or men.

boy im sure glad i have this place to come to to get away from men so that i can spend all my time talking about men.

No. 891577

Maybe if men went for women in or even gasp slightly below their league they'd be more desired? Could it be that ugly men always go after the most desirable women?

No. 891578

He's literally rewarding her like a dog.

No. 891583

Yeah, they constantly pressure top tier women to date down and have no standards, then act like they're the victims for not getting compliments constantly kek.
>women should stop being shallow and date nice ugly guys who won't cheat on them like Chad!
>WTF why doesn't my much hotter gf worship my ugly ass and thirst over my dick 24/7??

What the actual fuck did they expect?

No. 891586

First of all, sage your shit. Second, go to /m/ or some other thread in /ot/ if you don't like moid discussion. The threads who evolve into manhate 2.0 are always the threads with a topic for which men are in some way to blame for. Like in this case they are the overwhelming majority of reddit and are the ones who turn it to shit, so we are going to hate them and reddit together.

No. 891596

I mean I come here today and the first thing I see is meta babble about man hate. More specifically, nearly every post in this thread is about sex and or relationships. Just pointing out that you’re obsessed with men and it’s annoying.

No. 891615

I find it hard to not be obsessed with people who ruin every single place of internet for me (for example, I watched a speedrun yesterday and the comment with the most likes was literally "I watched feminist ad before this video. It better be good." Not only this is insulting, but it also is completely unrelated to the video. They don't even need a reason to bully us, they just do it whenever possible). Even lolcow is constantly raided by moid scum.
How are we supposed not talk about men if they endlessly harass us? Pretend they don't exist so they would go away? This doesn't work, because if they see that there is no general hostility towards males they start getting too comfortable and destroy the space all-together (not by "muh dick" posts that get insta-banned, but by infiltrating our community with their retarded opinions and gaslighting). Do you understand that over-the-top manhate is essential to gatekeeping of fem-only spaces? That's the only thing that has proven to keep scrotes at bay, everything else is unable to stop them.
Also female emotional health is not endless, we need to vent about creatures who harass and abuse us every fucking day, we can't just swallow misogyny and pretend that everything is a-ok - we have our limits*. There are too few spaces on the internet where you are able to do so and not be gaslighted and lolcow is one of them. Please, get empathy.
*this includes reddit: it's just torturous to criticize it while pretending that r/pussypassdenied on the main page or most upvoted "unpopular opinions" on r/unpopularopinion being misogyny concentrate don't bother you even a little bit.

No. 891625

File: 1629885915873.jpg (37.17 KB, 563x519, 232f3pt998e31.jpg)

>There are too few spaces on the internet where you are able to do so and not be gaslighted and lolcow is one of them
Yeah and you really can't overstate the importance of women having spaces to talk about men without their input, and ideally without male identified women caping for them. Seeing your own opinions and experiences reflected in likeminded women instead of immediately dismissed and deflected is so validating and even if you feel pessimistic about men after discussing it, you feel more confident about yourself and other women.

No. 891632

lmao he thought most of it wasn't "so bad" but that post was what crushed his fragile little heart. no wonder he has to stay in the bluepilled pussypassdenied sub

No. 891791

File: 1629903195167.jpg (125.26 KB, 1300x650, sadfaces.jpg)

This scrote keeps trying to get an old, dead radfem sub I set up transferred over to him.

TIL we are all one person. Amen

No. 891794

>because if they see that there is no general hostility towards males they start getting too comfortable and destroy the space all-together (not by "muh dick" posts that get insta-banned, but by infiltrating our community with their retarded opinions and gaslighting)
This is literally what happened to 99% of every female sub on Reddit. Except fds (and ppf before it got banned), who ban males on sight. There is literally only a handful of places on the internet to go and say manhating shit without being dogpiled gaslit and doxxed. If "women" here don't want to hear manhating then they should go back to the 1000000000's sites without manhate.

No. 891821

What a weird guy, he seems to be requesting all kinds of dead subreddits promising he'll do something with them but just squats on them. He's also all about inclusivity, and mods on a sub called "askxxchromosomes". Is it a troon?

No. 891825

I knew I was oppressed as a woman but I never realised how fucking dire it was until I started entering female only spaces. Places like here are extremely important because it creates a safe haven for justified misandry. If we are pinkpill anywhere outside of a place like this, moids AND women will gaslight us by saying we're just cranky ugly unfuckable apes that only care about our rights because we're bitter.

That's the worst part. When it's coming from other women, because you just know that they don't understand the gravity if the situation

No. 891840

File: 1629907132709.jpg (65.67 KB, 1692x206, vand.jpg)

I'm leaning yes. He's terminally online, wants to claim subs about cheerleading and trans rights, rants about toxic feminism, and is worried about getting v&.

No. 891860


samefagging sry but after a quick look I think he's just a committed MRA and started that xx sub with his alt account.

>wahh mods are all one person

It's always projection with these moids

No. 892017

>Also female emotional health is not endless, we need to vent
I'm unconvinced that this unremittent doomposting is cathartic. Your emotional health would probably improve tremendously if you quit the internet, mine certainly would.
>Please, get empathy.
Empathy is overrated imho.
I don't want to hear sperging. Just because I don't want to hear manhate sperging doesn't mean that I want to go to fucking kiwi and listen to wignat tradcath incel sperging. Or go to twitter and listen to tranny commielarp sperging. The internet used to be for irreverent fun. We used to say "the internet is serious business" in jest, because it was absurd to think that anybody would take the internet seriously. People who did were sometimes called, uh, lolcows.

And just so I'm not completely derailing, reddit is shit, and everybody hates reddit. It's not just women hating reddit because of misogyny, redditors are considered the dumbest people on the internet everywhere else on the internet. So if you're a dumb redditor, and you were driven off of reddit because of the misogyny and tranny jannies, that's what you get for being a smelly redditor.

No. 892120

>Well I don't find it cathartic, so no one should be able to do it!
>Empathy is overrated. But feel empathy for my dislike of manhate and stop talking about moids.
>I don't want to hear sperging. Then spergs for multiple hours about the reddit hate thread.
>If you care about reddit you're a loser anway!
Just ignore the thread if it makes you ree this much. Holy shit. Who's more a loser, the people reeing about reddit and moids, or the one reeing about people reeing about reddit and moids not even commenting on the thread topic like the people you're reeing about are?

No. 892165

I didn’t ask you to empathize with me. I was calling you an annoying retard.
And I didn’t sperg for multiple hours. I made a post, went to bed, woke up, made another post. Now I’m making another post hours later. I’m not hanging around all day waiting for replies.(stop)

No. 892245

Not the anon you annoying retard, just commented because I wanted to read the reddit hate thread yet have to sift through your seething at the other posters saying they hate men in reference to retarded reddit moids. Asking people to not post something you don't want posted is asking for empathy tard.(infighting)

No. 892270

>(not by "muh dick" posts that get insta-banned, but by infiltrating our community with their retarded opinions and gaslighting).
Literally what was happening in this very argument, kek. They're so obvious.

No. 892433

File: 1629976470312.png (134.5 KB, 492x936, Screenshot (475).png)

No. 892435

How out of touch with reality do you have to be to not know that so much of Africa is underdeveloped? I'm so confused. Wouldn't you also maybe do research before moving across the planet?

No. 892437

I feel like it's typical amerifat behavior but still, what the fuck.
I know she ~learned from her mistakes~ but who the fuck makes a mistake like that in the first place???

No. 892438

It's total willful ignorance. It's lacking any respect to actually learn something about another country and it's culture and the way it's people live for some uwu aesthetic fruit stand bullshit.

No. 892443

She sounds super retarded and patronizing when she explains that life in Africa (but where exactly?) is hard and not worthy of the fruit stands. "You probably don't know that, but people are suffering"

No. 892445

"wow so eye opening"
>5.8k up votes

Where do they live? Another dimension?

No. 892447

They give those retarded useless little awards to any post. You could post "guyz capitalism is so bad!!!" and see those smug little hand clapping animations in less than a minute. Reddit is filled with children, they're very easily impressed

No. 892452

If I understand correctly, you need to spend real money to get those awards. I don't understand why would you do that. Kudos for Reddit for being in touch with their userbase and monetizing the idea of giving awards for posts (or was it always like that, except with less variety?)

No. 892483

Capitalism is bad.

No. 892548

But how does anyone manage to not know Africa is largely poor even if you don't want to learn anything about another continent? Like has she never watched or read the news? Never seen an ad for charity or fundraiser for Africa? Talked to other people?

No. 892558

File: 1629990430035.png (50.3 KB, 680x680, 60C16D6F-91DB-42F0-B41B-B5A1D1…)

No. 892577

reddit gives out free awards that users can give away within a few hours so they put them on anything.

no, she is american. my guess is, her research involved typing in "africa trip" to watch 2 videos on youtube.
maybe she was thinking it is easier to be poor there than in her place, because everbody else is poor.
but after giving it more thought, that whole post reads as bait.
>stupid amerifat wagie life is still better than well off african life
>needs 3 jobs
that means they were all part time
>barely saved up
those jobs were minimum wage too
>instead of moving to a cheaper town within their state, moves to a different continent
>somehow has an international online job with shitty slow as hell internet
is that job still part time? how have they not fired her when there are plenty of local part or even full timers available? assuming she needed 3 jobs, her city's job market leaned in favor of employers, not employees
another hole in the story is a woman going presumably alone to live in africa where most human trafficking happens and the police is corrupt as fuck
because it is probably a lie to paint wagecuck life in better light

No. 892579

File: 1629992983336.jpg (250 KB, 1080x1610, IMG_20210826_174633.jpg)

Reddit manhate again, but I browsed this r/askmen thread and I laughed that "women and children first!" came up in like 4 different answers. How often is that applicable and how often do you even get to hear that? Did they watch Titanic and develop a lifelong complex?

No. 892587

does he think it wrong to save children first?
it's not even that their lives are worth more, it's that if this wasn't a rule, men would stampede trample over all the women and children when evacuating. people die from that.

No. 892588

>reddit gives out free awards that users can give away within a few hours so they put them on anything.
Do they give all of them, though? The two times that I clicked on the free award button on the app, it gave me the same sticker. IDK maybe it's random, but it seems to me that someone must be buying those retarded thins (and clothes for the avatar).
>another hole in the story is a woman going presumably alone to live in africa where most human trafficking happens and the police is corrupt as fuck
Some women (mostly libfems) can be retarded like that. Not everyone is as cautious as most farmers seem to be (I imagine from the posts)
>because it is probably a lie to paint wagecuck life in better light
Wouldn't be surprised if you were right. I'm too lazy to browse OP's account to see if there is some proof of her african life. At least the account isn't a throwaway, though (I know old accounts can be bought).

No. 892589

>my life is worth less

No. 892590

What the fuck, is chivalry (or just common decency) dead? Women and children are weaker and therefore need to be evacuated first.
>inb4 reee feminism murdered chivalry

No. 892598

i got 2 random ones, i think one of the cheaper awards. i gave a cheering one on a self pitying scrote post.

since reading incel pages it becomes easy to see propaganda everywhere. radicalization and swaying opinions have always been a part of the game. the more divided and kept low people are getting the less likely change is to occur. but i am talking about politics again, enough tinfoil.

No. 892608

I think it also has to do with the userbase being really young. Adult men, who also enforced this policy, want their wives and kids in safety exactly so young scrotes don't block their escape routes. But reddit scrotes will be reddit scrotes.
There was also a thread up called "what would you say if a woman told you 'you can do that, you're a man'" and most of the top answers are "I'd tell her to go make a sandwich and bring me a beer!". Being triggered about being perceived as a competent generally stronger adult is somehow offensive, kek.

No. 892611

File: 1629994827475.jpg (317.33 KB, 1160x576, childish.jpg)

>married nonbinary female OP
>"closeted childfree"
>former teacher makes innocuous comment about OP having kids on Facebook
>OP has a nervous breakdown
I love how it makes mainstream reddit seethe but the childfree sub can be excruciatingly cringe

No. 892614

OP seems to have tokophobia anon, it's a pretty real thing and I struggle with it myself, it's not really rational but people implying i might have children or am pregnant or a mom is really distressing.

No. 892616

If you look up the records of the titanic survivors most of them were men. "women and children" is a meme.

No. 892618

I'm literally a childfree tokophobic and I think she's being a big baby

No. 892620

nta but you're overreacting, her post is really not that bad

No. 892623

Oh my fucking god, I'm so tired of this.

>if I was on a boat, I would have to evacuate after the women/children

First of all, I don't think that was ever even the case, or at least it wasn't always the case. I'm not even sure if the Titanic was historically accurate, and I'm pretty sure they're just basing this off of the movie the Titanic.

Second of all, we don't even travel by fucking boat anymore, we mostly travel by plane, so this is basically irrelevant anyway.

Third, there have been plenty of instances in history where it's the complete opposite. For example, Vikings practiced infanticide. They would literally leave newborn babies out in the cold overnight, and they especially did this to baby girls (no one wanted girls, for obvious reasons) which resulted in men outnumbering women. This was one of the biggest reasons why Vikings went on raids, to capture women to be their wives.

No. 892625

It's all wrapped up in that reddit OP's nonbinary shit. Her husband saying it warrants blocking because the teacher was "talking publicly about her vagina", come on. I remember my hackles raising about bingos when I was in my early 20's but this is kooky to me. It's like she wants to feel persecuted

No. 892648

>we're adamantly childree
You're a couple of 24 year olds who can't keep that same energy offline and just tell people though. Avoidance and secrecy will lead to awkward convos like that.

I do get that children being seen as 'the default' is annoyng but they're communicating horribly and then feeling victimized by essentially the consequences of their own secret keeping. By your mid twenties you have to just face your disapproving parents and tell them the shit they don't want to hear. Face the topic.

No. 892657

She needs to tell her parents. She's married so I'm guessing she's not living with them and depending on them so even if they'll have a terrible reaction it won't be the end of the world. She'll feel better about all of this in the long run.

No. 892673

I'm also uncomfortable about people talking about my "future kids" and even pregnant women, but if an old lady makes a comment like that I just smile and nod. I don't really get why you'd try to "correct" them it in such a roundabout way if they're not even a part of your life.

No. 892680

>secretly childfree
It's not that deep wtf just tell people it's not something you're planning on? Is she publicly NB though? What a loser.

No. 892736

I was convinced this post was fake until I looked at OP's post history. Wow.

In my entire life I've never heard another American citizen say they'd prefer to live in Africa. To live a simple life, sure, but no one wants to be the next Dave Chapelle. Our reputation for being ignorant and xenophobic is deserved, I'm not disagreeing with you, but that's why the majority wanted to build a wall to keep foreigners out and would call African countries "shitholes." The OP of that post is exceptionally stupid and weird.

No. 892740

It's just absurd to be this offended over something so mundane. Okay so someone you hardly know told you you're inevitably going to have a kid while you know you'll stay childfree, whatever and you move on. This situation didn't warrant a wall of text whatsoever. It's literally just seeking problems and conflict in everything. Wanting to be offended is a real thing.

No. 892745

Her account is 9 years old and has been consistently active the entire time from what I can tell. She has also posted several photos documenting her move/life in Morrocco

No. 892753

File: 1630005435769.jpeg (330.53 KB, 1170x1133, 2B4192C6-101B-4E7F-99B0-7F55BA…)

I hate this fucking sub.

No. 892764

>you water will be toxic

Literally how does this happen? Like yeah it's a shithole country, but lots of people vacation there. So it's not like there is no clean water. Did she not do any research before going there?

>Living in places you've romanticized as being more slow and simple doesn't mean you get to cherry-pick which parts of poverty you want to cosplay.

According to her post history she's a freelance writer doing digital nomad. Why is she poor by Morocco standards? This makes no sense. And if it weren't for her post history I'd say it's fake agendaposting.

No. 892791

Maybe she means that the tap water can't be consumed. It's not uncommon in seaside countries.

No. 892807

FFS is she having a laugh? I thought she moved to sub-Saharan Africa. She needs to grow a pair, Morocco is a cake walk compared to most of the actual third world.

No. 892961

Can all my English nonnies please slap the shit out of this guy if you see him.

No. 892985

It happened 1840 on the Poland (everyone survived), 1842 on Abercrombie Robinson (everyone survived), 1852 on the Birkenhead Drill (56 women and children of which all survived, 445 men dead) and 1912 on the Titanic (74% of all women, 52% of all children, 20% of all men). That's it. Other than that it's everyone for themselves which - surprise - means, grown men survive absolutely most of the time kek.

No. 893181

File: 1630042449834.png (475.28 KB, 1242x2208, 75B038DC-3052-46FC-9977-D6D947…)

A woman kills herself and redditors can’t stop by whine about her male “victim.” If this was the other way around no one would care. Disgusting.

No. 893186

I mean, they're right? An adult having sex with an underage student is rape, especially if they were special ed. I just googled, and apparently she was 38 and the boy was 14.

No. 893187

I hate plebbit as much as the next anon, but I don't think this is a case of misogyny at all. I mean she literally sexually assaulted a minor.

No. 893196

No, fuck this psycho.

No. 893199

What the fuck are you on about? A degenerate pedo rapist killed herself, this is good.

No. 893208

Having sex with a 14 year old boy is not seriously damagin anon. Plus knowing how depraved teenage moids are, he probably was asking for it.(Bait)

No. 893212

Your bait is terrible, anon. I'm sorry but I don't care if a rapist pedophile kills herself. I hate all pedos regardless of gender and the world is better without them.

No. 893251

Kill yourself im not reading any of that

No. 893259

Imagine hating men so much that you defend a sexual predator who killed herself in front of her victim. Unhinged if it isn't bait

No. 893352

File: 1630070049474.jpg (378.58 KB, 1356x2048, IMG_20210827_141914.jpg)

This was posted to r/AITA (Am I the Asshole?).

The short version of this is that OP is a guy who is friends with another guy. The friend bullied his girlfriend into an open relationship using marriage as incentive and now he's mad because she is actively dating other men (because it's an open relationship).

The reason this annoys me is because OP lacks so much self awareness that he basically admits that he was ok with being friends with this guy. He acknowledged that his friend was the type of asshole who pressures women into letting him fuck other women, is the kind of asshole who goes out of his way to fuck one woman in particular, and yet he was still friends with this guy.

Reddit moids will hoot and holler is you date accuse men of not fully caring what way their friends treat women but then openly admit that they're friends with emotional abusers. Pointing it out to his friend after the fact means very little when you choose to be friends with someone who is an abuser

No. 893358

This story sounds fake as fuck, but it's still funny. Love the tale of a worthless scrote suffering for his hubris.

No. 893387

The amount of age gaps on reddit. Most of the time their problem is that their once naive 18 to 20 year old partner is now getting older and getting a sense of who they are and what they want, they're losing their firm grip on them and freaking out at their partners new found autonomy.

No. 893455

AITA is 99% made-up for fun, but it's not unrealistic to what you read on poly subs. It takes real negative IQ men to open up their relationship thinking they're gonna be king of the world and then cry when their GF has a boyfriend before they even get a Tinder match. And then he's the one kicked from the relationship while the new BF and ex become monogamous, heartwarming stories.

No. 893959

File: 1630152541282.png (698.11 KB, 755x3541, screencapture-reddit-r-CPTSD-c…)

I'm glad the 'system' chimed in, otherwise I would not be able to share this. Imagine being seriously suggested that you are literally a Rapist Jesus. On a PTSD sub, nonetheless.

No. 893965

This is fake but still entertaining and I'm sure its happened in some variation or another

No. 894385

File: 1630206446301.png (528.04 KB, 1125x2436, B25085DE-F392-4640-B7F3-DE34B8…)

A comment left on a thread about how some female roommate is keeping all of her lottery earnings. And men wonder why women are scared of them. Love how he’s complaining about the horrible things women do when men commit the vast majority of rape and murders, and then justifies husbands killing their wives.


No. 894403

i really hope this guy doesn’t have an ex-wife bc this sounds like a threat especially mixed with the username ominousvictory like wtf

No. 894473

>And they wonder why marriage is declining why child birth rate is declining among the high educated.
Funny that it only ever starts to decline when it's women who are getting the right to get educated lol

No. 894481

>Literal neckbeard avatar

No. 894482

i would personally chop this guy’s dick off if i could

No. 894598

just looked at his post history and the retard is a coomer, who would've guessed

No. 896341

> Women_Hate_Short_Men

Kek my obese bald father who’s 5’7 pulls women with no effort. Thin and beautiful women will hit on him out of nowhere despite him being way out of their league physically. And no he’s not a billionaire, just a normal dude who doesn’t look one chicken tendie away from shooting up a school.
He even laughed when I told him about incels bc he’s always been able to socialize and has been popular despite his supposed death sentence of being 5’7 kek. When will incels realize it’s not your height? Aside from my dad who always dates way out of his league most short dudes I know have gfs or are married. Get social skills, stop hating women, and take some accountability you lazy fucks. Or just kill yourself alternatively.

No. 897008

File: 1630460478388.jpeg (155.22 KB, 750x604, 359B76EF-86A3-4D9A-AF7C-F89819…)

A true intellectual.

No. 897061

Pfffff hahahahah that's so FUCKING retarded

No. 897063

meanwhile, the worst that could happen to us women is being killed, raped, tortured, and more.
Imagine your biggest concern being a fictional situation that you won't even encouter through your life.

No. 897070


No. 897072

>The Y looks like it's been irradiated lmao fucking retarded looking.
kek it really does

No. 897078

if I saw this anywhere else I would think it was a joke, but with reddit I genuinely can't tell.

No. 897213

Apparently the powermods are in a war against "misinformation", ie. they want to be able to dictate what subs can and can't stay, using the anti-lockdown sub r/nonewnormal as their target now. Apparently their chatlogs got leaked where they admitted it was a powermove. If someone's interested check out the KF thread about reddit. A bunch of subs that are in the hands of tranny powermods are in private mode now.

No. 897245

I mean this is what happens when you outsource moderation to mentally ill NEETs. Powermods are inherently disordered, nobody sane can spend hours a day modding reddit for free. Here's hoping they burn the entire site down kek.

No. 897276

If they shut down moderate discussion, people will leave and find more extreme sites. Look what happened after moot banned gamergate from /v/ and tried to clear out /pol/. The result was 8chan.

No. 897333

what's moderate? this is the problem with freeze peach. it's shit like r/jailbait along with terfs or neither.

No. 898181

File: 1630535392457.jpeg (352.46 KB, 434x1009, 968A37BF-0742-4BA1-9EA5-864A1C…)

Something about this just really made my blood boil. A woman talks about how being a stay at home mom has affected her emotianally and this fucking moid just condescendingly chimes in with "sO yOu mIsSeD iNtEllEcTuAL sTiMuLaTiOn BeYonD bAbBy sTuFf" . I swear Reddit men don't see women as humans capable of having inner lives

No. 898287

File: 1630547600485.jpg (59.21 KB, 549x960, de230e96fe1dc837fe662e838e7b96…)


Top comments agree with OP but moids absolutely fuming below kek

>The purring jew sends his regards

No. 898342

>Fast forward to last night. I don’t think he realized I was in the kitchen when he came home. Millie was on the couch and I heard him go into the room and give this sigh.

>Before I could call out, I heard him say “You’re so fucking worthless.”

>It terrified me, because I’ve never ever heard him speak with such malice. He sounded like a different person. It was just so cold and hostile that I panicked, and rushed out there to see him looking at Millie.

>[…] I put Millie in the bedroom so we could talk. We were both a lot calmer, and I felt awful after he explained his side. I’ll often call Millie little names and he said he was just trying to be playfully mean too and misjudged his tone.

This actually worries me. He's definitely a fucking liar, and he's probably going to start abusing her cat, if he hasn't already. I doubt it'd even be his first time doing that kind of thing.
How is that "a silly name"? Who has that much malice for a fucking cat to call it "worthless"? I hope she dumps that piece of shit, and that something happens to him that makes him unable to harm any animals.

No. 898403

File: 1630557463506.png (284.5 KB, 758x1224, knkjj.png)


No. 898437

NoNewNormal was retarded but until reddit removes all the gore, rape erotica, sexualized weird shit period, I will always think their morally incomprehensible. Somehow eyeblech is perfectly fine and whateve nasty subs are about abusing women and FTMs (there are at least a few of these) but some people posting memes about masks and not taking the vaccine MUST be stopped. Moid mods don’t get horny from Covid denialism so it is indefensible unlike all the nasty porn subs.

No. 900288

File: 1630766871984.jpeg (403.92 KB, 750x1286, EAC0C04B-FF18-4EBB-86E6-E8B223…)

I hate how sexual the "popular" pages of top subreddits are becoming. Picrel is the most upvoted questions of AskReddit of the past few days but this shit is on 2X, ELI5, LifeProTips, Shower thoughts….hell even r/Technology had 6 NSFW content on the front-page of its sub yesterday and it was hardly even related to technology. It's so fucking cancer.
Also Redditors tendency to call anything remotely pleasing "Porn" eg r/EarthPorn, Animal porno, ArtPorn, FashionPorn, Dessertporn…and the list goes on

Sage for alogging

No. 900680

>Also Redditors tendency to call anything remotely pleasing "Porn"
It's a sign of their mental illness, no other explenation, it often makes me stop and wonder if it is a NSFW sub but then I remember most subs for stupid niche fetishes have convoluted names that mean nothing to nomral people

No. 900899

It happens to every sub that gets a little bit of popularity… r/tooafraidtoask was more political/metaphysical/cultural questions, but after it hit the frontpage, it's full of nsfw questions like "what does sex feel like for women?". The old users even made a complaint thread about how it feels like a lot of horny teens are raiding and the mods told them to fuck off.

No. 900903

kek only pathetic reddit scrotes would be "too afraid to ask" what sex was like for a woman. Just ask a woman you have sex with, if such a person exists.

No. 900968

Person doesn’t exist and they’re too afraid to ask their moms and grandmas lol

No. 900998

To be fair, asking your mom/grandma 'what does sex feel like' is a bit strange

No. 901186

File: 1630863053516.jpg (354.85 KB, 1080x1091, Screenshot_20210905-123030.jpg)

No. 901187

this has to be a troll

No. 901189

Sounds fake but you never know, smetimes fake sounding stories are real.

No. 901194

>It's sometimes not racist like in the context of singing a Kendrick Llama song
Girl, have Twitterfags got a surprise for you!

No. 901259

he lives in portland? definitely a racist boyfriend and probably just wants to groom her into a tradwhore

No. 901640

File: 1630901638131.jpg (755.36 KB, 1040x1300, pexels-photo-3396657.jpg)

No. 902012

File: 1630948143657.png (1.09 MB, 1920x1080, 221A25A9-CE3B-4C1E-892F-DD9E8D…)

all he needs to do is break both his arms, then it won't be strange anymore

No. 902490

File: 1630988528880.jpg (303.03 KB, 1080x1229, delusion.jpg)


r/neoliberal, the self proclaimed evidence based girl power sub, going full incel while complaining that any male advocacy is perceived as incel.

List of widely updooted copes so far:

>Men are dropping out of college because they're one tequila away from being accused of rape

>There is shared female identity because of girl power but there is no shared male identity, men have nothing to do with each other and never glorify maleness in any way while women are a pro-female hivemind. Men don't even see themselves as men, but each individual woman sees a win for herself as a win for all women. This has nothing to do with men compelling them to "prove" that one woman's failure doesn't define all women, because sexism isn't a thing

>School favors female learning style and punishes boys for being boys, it's so much less kinetic and so obedience based, unlike sitting straight for 8 hours in the 50s or getting your ass beat for slouching a 100 years ago

>When women underperformed men pooled resources to give them STEM programs, it was totally never met with entire papers on how "women just biologically can't into science lol". But now that we're underperforming it's because we're dumb huh?

>Every time men make a group it's immediately assumed to be incel

>This is a direct result of society's demonization of men. Also just so you know men are X times more likely to commit terrorism than women, so you better take this seriously or someone somewhere might pull a little Marc Lepine on you uwu!

And of course the top comments in which lies the hilarious truth about what men really care about in college:

>Lol which colleges are those? Time to get my dick wet lol

No. 902495

It's what you get, retard.

No. 902500

File: 1630989317474.jpg (13.7 KB, 236x320, aileen.jpg)

I bet he hates CRT.
"Critical race theory is bad; critical theory should be based in gender instead!"
Die screaming, crybaby.

No. 902514

Every single one of his points about men, particularly the one about men not seeing themselves as male, can be applied to whites, straights or any other societal default. But of course he won't try to extend his logic, even if he agrees. He will never dare to make a case for white students organizing because there are more asians applying, or because black people are all "brothas" to each other and whites aren't.

Only women, despite being such a gargantuan "political identity" according to him, are a safe target here. Women, the absolute Behemoth that's universally female-aligned and female-interested, can be safely told shit like this. Moid moment.

No. 902518

File: 1630991120965.jpg (362.27 KB, 1080x1450, 82727374849.jpg)

>go look at the way black girls are treated vs black boys at school
It's funny because everything I can find says that black girls are barely treated much better than black boys in school, where did he pull this information from? His ass? Is he just pissed because black girls probably still outperform black boys academically in spite of this?

No. 902528

File: 1630992374277.jpg (366.18 KB, 1080x1175, surprise.jpg)

what a surprise!

No. 902539

So XXs are smarter than XYers.

No. 902560

>Men don't even see themselves as men, but each individual woman sees a win for herself as a win for all women.
This absolute retard oh my god. Tell me you have no life experience outside the interent without telling me you have no life experience outside the internet

No. 902582

File: 1631000694609.png (55.99 KB, 500x345, chrissy and fran.png)

It's really ironic because I also hear men constantly say women can't get along the way men do and how male friendships are more genuine, ect..
Even this guy in the same breath is claiming he knows what all men feel and that if a man falls out of what he agrees with that they must be a woman. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I know there's no use trying to understand these cunts arguments but it still frustrates the fuck out of me. Just be fucking rational for a full fucking sentence.

No. 902584

He posted a study in which like 300 college women self-reported empathizing with other women.

That is his "source" for "women identify with other women but men don't identify with other men". The projection is pretty astounding, given that moids not only have no empathy for anything, they're not even capable of absorbing information if it comes from someone they can't see themselves in. See: the concept of boys needing a "father figure", which this moid invokes right before uttering "men don't follow men because they're men, they follow them because they're successful", as if any non-gay men have female success models.

The moid is basically saying that all women are radfems, which is terminal reddititis. In reality, women joyfully mutilate their daughters' genitals and enforce 99% of other moid policies and traditions that harm other women, like aborting female fetuses and killing female infants. Contrary to what this moid says about black boys, women of all races prefer their sons to their daughters EVEN when they're consciosly aware that it's wrong. This survey has the same degree of rigor as moid's "source" about women preferring women to men - https://www.theguardian.com/society/2010//06/most-mums-favour-sons-survey.

For a subreddit that's ready to declare anything a market failure, they sure are reluctant to admit that even a tiny cut in coddling will result in a catastrophic drop in performance for men.

No. 902614

Any time there’s a discussion about the wage gap, lack of women in STEM, lack of women CEOs, etc., there’s always snarky dudes in the comments saying how women just aren’t smart enough or don’t want the “tough” jobs, but now they’re sure ready with the excuses kek.

No. 902618

Moids can't fail, they can only be failed.

No. 902633

It is so retarded men always claim that male friendships are genuine but they are the ones that rape and kill each other, talk shit about each other and even rank each other on scales. Also the only reason why women fight each other is the misogynistic concept of "there are only that many seats at the table" that men installed in us.

No. 902697

Who let Zimbardo post on reddit on his lunchbreak? Also it's funny how they say men don't see themselves as one unit because you constantly have men claiming "men made civilization" and bring up the contributions and inventiond of people that they have nothing in common with but their sex. Meanwhile they're failing out of school systems and suffer from depression because their stem field being a sausagefest when they were designed for them.

No. 902857

File: 1631030119745.png (97.45 KB, 1061x708, aita.png)

everything on AITA is so fake or attention seeking

No. 902864

honestly she's rude as fuck for saying that to him idc how fat he was or how big his boobs were. also idc how small your boobs are, it's always gonna be more comfortably working out in a bra as opposed to none.

No. 902871

The funniest thing about this is that many normal non-incel men actually love being in men-only spaces at least some or all of the time. Let's look at sailors as an example - they weren't (all) slaves, they weren't (all) forced to do this economically. Redditors and incels are so fundamentally scared and feel threatened by other men that they can't comprehend men voluntarily putting themselves in an all-male space. But people did! They even say "you can't take the sea out of a sailor".

Normal men like playing sports with men, redditors & incels hate it. There are so many examples. Hostorically there were so many people who chose to be career soldiers, pr sailors, or monks. According to this guy, an all-male ship crew should have always mutinied due to not having "the companionship of women".

Sometimes sailors did mutiny. What did they do then? A lot of them became pirates, literally a rogue gang of only men that stayed together for weeks, months, years at a time. Yeah they would like, go ashore once a year and attack women sometimes, but clearly they weren't being driven mad by the need for women most of the time, nor did they retire and start a family as soon as they had a bag of gold. Most of them went right back to sea. They loved the life of a pirate.

These men aren't (all) gay or whatever. They just weren't obsessed with sex and "proving" their malehood like redditors & incels are. This guy is so close to the truth and yet so far: what redditors and incels truly lack is any sense of genuine brotherhood. They hate and resent other men ("chad") because they feel inferior. By "female companionship" what they mean is that they like having a woman around so they can feel superior to someone for once, because they feel so small next to confident mature men who dgaf.

For all their talk of chivalry, redditors fail to understand the most basic foundation of it: that it was a brotherhood of men, knights & squires, who most loved to ride & spar & drink & fight with each other, who made rules amongst themselves to protect women & children from what they knew were extremes of male desire and male temper. Chivalric orders were literally organized to protect women & children from low, evil, bottom tier men who, like redditors, would take any opportunity to rape & steal what they knew they couldn"t get on their own merits. The incel is the bandit brute; the redditor is the vulture.

When you see a group of men, usually you have nothing to fear from any who are confident, secure, and warm towards their male friends. The one you should be afraid of is the man who feels himself ranked the lowest, who you'll know by how he sucks their dicks & overlaughs at every joke in public, and tells you in private that he hates them. This man will do any horrible thing to put you down to make himself feel above somebody, even for a moment. This man will rape you when you're drunk just to make himself "not a virgin". If you make him feel low, this man will shoot ypu dead.

They explicitly use the threat of violence to demand a comfort woman. What they, the stupid and deranged, don't get, is that if that began to happen, women can have guns too. And women could shoot first. And be acquitted every time.

No. 902875

>idc how small your boobs are, it's always gonna be more comfortably working out in a bra
Surely this applies to titty guy then lol

No. 902886

>wah poor douchebag male
>doesn’t know what having boobs is like
scrote detected

No. 902935

Read up on self defense laws anon, women get years for shooting their abusive scrote. "Self defense" can only be used if you're trapped in a place and go for them with your own fists. Obviously women can't do that, the police & law knew exactly what they were doing when they made that law. Miss the days when you could get uncle Vina to "dissapear" the hubby.

No. 903250

But these men don't even want companionship and love, they want their xenomoprh ass desire to mate as much as possible with the most eligible hosts fulfilled. The talk of love and companionship is the sanitized, pity seeking ad they put up on the store front to deceive you - in reality it's about scoring. They fully see you as a resource to be consumed and then have the fucking gall to blame you for not offering yourself up for consumption, then justify taking what they want by force. It's worth mentioning that no other group is afforded this amount of leniency in terms of tolerating terrorist demands, and it's doubly hilarious that the moid in question is obviously not white, so he understands the (his quote) "psychopathy" of racism and white identitarianism, but then in the same breath demands that women be enslaved or else he's "justified" in joining a misogynistic hate group. Men effectively don't even have races and ethnicities, they are a penile hivemind devoid of any empathy for anything that doesn't affect them personally, always defaulting to "put out or else" regardless of political alignment, with sex being above any other identity group they may be part of. It's remarkable and horrifying in its ruthless, inhuman efficiency, truly like an alien parasite. If women actually had even half the insectoid solidarity he's projecting, there would be no man left alive on the planet.

The reproductive agreement males have with each other is fully visceral in nature. They don't even need to define themselves as a coherent political class to act collectively to the detriment of women, it's part of their programming. Even chimps form squads to terrorize females, when they're not terrorizing each other. But that, of course, is women's fault, and so is the fact that every time men are invited to bond over something that isn't hatred of women, its "emasculating". Basically, their ideal outcome is one where you still exercise ritualistic submission and deference for their psychological benefit even though you have no material need to.

>Men hate each other but always band up to hate women even more

>Men most affected
>Women most responsible

Oh, and this moid is also an anti-abortion R Kelly defender, go figure.

No. 903412

This shit takes over every sub. There's a sub called canadahousing to discuss the state of Canada's housing market and I left cause they try to spread their MRA/incel shit there too. If you don't ban moronsphere idiots at first sight they will take every opportunity to ruin your forum.

No. 903445

That poor, poor man. Walking up to a woman during her workout to “help” her, without asking her whether or not she wanted/needed help, and then having the gentlemanly grace to point out her nipples and explaining to her how inappropriate it would be for him to help unless she covered up! Ugh what a hero

No. 903458

Whether a man identifies with white nationalism or whatever nation of islam or hotep bullshit movements, at the end of the day, the one thing that keeps them united is that they exude pure unadulterated beta male energy. These men will never make an impact on the world because they are lazy, unmotivated yet have so much entitlement and want to be praised for merely existing. I honestly believe beta males need to be genecided, they make everyone miserable and are completely worthless.

Trying to use black boys vs black girls is even more hilarious since black girls literally annilate black boys when it comes to academics, particularly compared to other races where the academic success rate between the two genders has a significantly lower discrepancy rate.

No. 903475

File: 1631053593848.jpg (22.05 KB, 640x427, ffa91c924b400af45cc0df603f9826…)

>I honestly believe beta males need to be genecided, they make everyone miserable and are completely worthless.

Beta males exist as physical and psychological training fodder for alphas and would have gotten obliterated in the caveman days (which they ironically like to idolize with their rape fantasy). Also beta males wrote the old testament and thats when it all started going downhill.

No. 903511

Betas basically colluded to make sure every subpar scrote gets a bangmaid, and lo patriarchy was born.

No. 903515

>beta males need to be genecided, they make everyone miserable and are completely worthless
If they don't have a worthwhile skill then to the wood chipper, literal useless eaters who only cause annoyance and pain.

No. 903555

>The old testament

But anon, men have no shared identity and don't think of themselves as men! There isn't an entire religion that idolizes the male as God and demonizes women for "refusing to submit". There were never any laws dedicated entirely to terrorizing and subjugating women, are you saying that men possess a level of organization and class consciousness to do something like that?

Fun fact: the same exact moid said that far right reactionary ideologies are "pro male", in the exact same cock stinking breath. There's something about the moid brain that makes them incapable of self awareness or logical consistency, especially in any matters pertaining to gender.

No. 903645

Yes. Think of this as well: for the vast majority of human history and pre-history there has been, in the human spiritual consciousness, the presence of some sort of goddess(es) and feminine divinity. Usually many, encompassing different phases of life and types of power, worshipping and revered by both men and women. Even Cesar revered and claimed lineage from Venus.

They managed to erase that, and relatively recently. The total erasure of feminine divinity is one of the most overlooked turning point of human history. I could sperg on about this for hours. But I'll take my leave before I get escorted off the farm. Sage for OT

No. 903656

nooo, nona, at least leave sources for reading if you did any please. the concept of a male mother that birthed us all, worshipped in various forms in the majority of our world hasn't let me go ever since i got it pointed out to me.

No. 903834

screenshots pls anon

No. 904164

In particular, men who feel put down by other men seek to go and put down/abuse women. It's absolutely classic bully psychology. When you see an incel, you see a man who has absolutely zero confidence and is intimidated by every other man. That's why rhey feel such a threat to their masculinity - they're bottom dog all day long around other men, and they take out all their rage & anger & resentment on any woman they can get their hands on.

And the funny part is there's no reason they're bottom dog other than that they always roll over. They always laugh fearfully like a hyena and seethe because they have no balls. And then no one, women or otherwise, wants to be near them because they are so god damn sweaty (frequently this is literal. I have a kook theory that incels genuinely smell worse due to constant production of flop sweat/anxiety sweat. They say dogs can smell fear, well, I think we can smell fear too if it's been soaking into someone's tshirt pits all day long).

When you put two blue jays in a cage, they will mostly get along. But when you put three blue jays in a cage, they'll fight viciously until one of them gives up and crouches on the ground as a submissive signal. Then the other two blue jays will stand on his back. Once established among three blue jays, which happens in only a couple minutes, this social order remains unchanged as long as the same three blue jays are together. Male society, among the status-insecure, is not so different from this. Incels are always the bottom jay, because they always knuckle under to other men, because they are cowards. And this makes them want to kill.

To be clear, there's nothing that makes them this way other than their own piercing insecurity. It's an ideology that feeds people one simple lie: "It's not you, it's them." They really don't need anything else but to grow balls and literally stand up fpr themselves to another man once in their life about anything, whoch they have never once yet done.

No. 904446

It all started within region of arabia
Semites or abrahamic faith were the one where it really began(racebait)

No. 904486

at least Catholics treat Mary pretty special

No. 904535

by eating her kid every week

No. 904594

File: 1631139238135.jpg (1.17 MB, 972x3707, Hme.jpg)

Usually I empathize with women from breakingmom, but every now and then an obviously mediocre parent posts there with some dramatic clickbait title for attention and asspats. And the worst part about it is that no one is allowed to say shit if it's not tacit agreement with the OP.

>scapegoats her bad relationship with daughter on one of her friends

I swear there's like a bad parent playbook that they all read from. Why is the "bad influence" such a common excuse when they start to lose control and respect from their children? They all grasp for someone else to blame. Mom's whining about something the friend said over the phone that she clearly wasn't meant to hear, but doesn't realize that her own daughter is the one who talks badly about her to the friend in the first place that would even prompt the friend to have said that. And you can tell this adult never liked the friend from the beginning if what she's got to say about that teen's family is that they're dysfunctional alcoholics who scream at each other. In her daughter's eyes, mom is disapproving and trying to isolate her from the one person validating her upset feelings, and this idiot thinks that's how she'll win the daughter over? Stupid indeed. ​
>Can you believe my daughter resents doing the dishes and expects me to do them? Or that she hates that I don't make enough money?!
This person should have read books before she made a baby with an abusive deadbeat scrote. Yes, all teenagers hate dishes because responsibilities suck and all teenagers hate being poor because it ostracizes them at school in a society that tells them possessions=value. How is typical teen angst abuse? The mom even admits she tells the daughter to just do the dishes and walks away, she doesn't say the daughter doesn't help out. It's not like the daughter is spoiled, she's likely upset that her mother works full time and doesn't have the energy, time, or money to do what she sees other mothers doing for their families. Of course she feels neglected when she realizes what's lacking in her relationship with her mom.
>her father left her recently and he did abuse and neglect her
>b-but I was ACTUALLY abuse and how dare she accuse me of neglect and abuse because I know what REAL abuse is!
What a bitter person. How is she going to blame her daughter for having abandonment and neglect fears in one sentence and then admit in another that she was legitimately abused and neglected not too long ago? The girl is suffering from trauma and yet all the mother cares about is how greater her own shitty childhood was and so doesn't want to hear complaints. Isn't this gaslighting? The daughter isn't allowed to resent their relationship just because the mom had a shittier time at her age? The mom sounds like a person with a lot of issues that have unfortunately rubbed off on her daughter in ways that she finds objectionable.
>my daughter is MANIPULATING me into having her stay past age 18 and wants to live rent-free
I know this bitch is poor but what is it with parents who want to kick their kids out the second they hit 18? It's no one else's fault but her own that she isn't in good financial or mental standing to support her daughter for a couple years so she can get on some kind of employment or educational path. Are we supposed to be shocked a teen who hasn't graduated high school yet during a pandemic doesn't know what the fuck she's gonna do after school? Perish the thought!
>btw she makes fun of me for my teletherapy !!!
Yeah probably because the mom is an actual psycho and the daughter is keen to see it's not helping her lel. I really feel sorry for the daughter, the mom sounds like a covert abuser with a victim complex.

No. 904608

>even Cesar revered and claimed lineage from Venus

Idk if this is even relevant, because I know this isn't what you're saying, but it does kind of annoy me when people act like pagan Europe was some kind of progressive utopia for women and it all got ruined when Christians came along. In Ancient Rome & Ancient Greece women were basically considered property. Aristotle straight up said that all humans are by default male and only become female in the womb if the mother somehow fucks up the pregnancy (this is also how he thought red headed people were made, I think). In pagan Britain and Scandinavia women had more rights (like they could own property and inherit things) but the society was still very patriarchal. Don't get me wrong Christianity still made it worse though.

No. 904693

every negative thought and action spewed out of a man toward women is just projection of how they feel toward themselves. aristotle, philosopher scrote of ancient greece, said everyone is actually a male and male babies turn into females in the woman's stomach if she somehow fucks up the pregnancy lol. you could say this is just pre-history retardation, but i see it as projection, because he was actually on the right path sort of – now we know that the Y chromosome (males) is actually a mutation, and XX (females) are the actual gender everyone starts off as.

No. 904701

I always find it a bit sus in general when mothers can't get along with their daughters. Sometimes the daughter is genuinely shitty but 90% of the time the issue is that mom has turned daughter into an emotional support animal and daughter isn't playing along.

No. 904706

From this mother's post history, almost every single thread is her complaining about her daughter, make of that what you will. She talks about how her daughter prefers spending time with her father, it doesn't sound like he was actually abusive. Seems like the mother just doesn't like his parenting style. They separated when their daughter was an infant, yet in this post she claims he left last year lol, she can't even bother with being even remotely consistent with her story.
>looks like you haven't done any dishes for me today
Okay this one really shows how manipulative this mother is because she's trying to give the readers the impression that her daughter is a total brat for this! The way the daughter says this makes it seem like there are no dishes left to use. This mother has multiple posts that mention doing dishes too, in one she even says that the only thing she wanted for her birthday was for her (at the time, 13 year old) daughter to do the dishes. I would not be surprised at all if this woman is the type that hoards crockery, makes a huge mess while cooking, and doesn't clean them until she absolutely has to. For anyone that has ever lived with someone like this, it is a nightmarish several hour long ordeal that could easily be avoided with daily upkeep. It is one of the grossest and most time consuming chores and a child would have every right to think of their parent as abusive or neglectful for living like that.
>demands I take pictures of where I am and send them immediately
This is not normal behavior for teens, especially when directed towards a parent. This is absolutely learned from someone, and how much do you want to bet it's from the mother? There's yet another post where she complains about her daughter going out to "co-ed sleepover parties" when she stays with her dad. I would bet money on it that she makes demands of her daughter to send pictures of exactly where she is and that the daughter is merely retaliating.
>probably because the mom is an actual psycho
exactly. It sounds like the girl's father definitely has issues, but the actual abusive parent is the mother.

No. 904711

>Christianity still made it worse though
No, it didn't anon, jfc, I'm not even christian and this shit rustles my jimmies so hard. Not saying Christianity improved lives of common women much (albeit very early Christianity was suprisingly progressive about women who were often central figures in their communities, pretty sure some of St. Paul's letters were complaining about it), but noblewomen's legal stance in medieval ages was much better than their ancient Greek or Roman counterparts. Things varied from country to country, but overall, women were more indepented then and could even run their own businesses. Things got worse when Rennaissance rolled in and people started picking stuff from Roman laws.

Read a fucking book.

No. 904721

>noblewomen's legal stance in medieval ages was much better than their ancient Greek or Roman counterparts.

I already said women were basically considered property in Ancient Rome/Greece. Also, noble women still got executed for not being able to produce sons, so not much of an improvement there. Yeah Christianity is still the lesser of two evils probably but it's not that much better.

>women were more indepented then and could even run their own businesses

Yet they were not allowed to own property or inherit anything like they were in pagan Britain and Scandinavia. I don't know about every society specifically so maybe some of them did but women's rights took a few steps back at least in Norse society.

No. 904727

I thought it was just regular overdramatic mom behaviour but:
>I'm at that level. I just went downstairs to make myself a damn TV dinner and she had her friend on speakerphone. She says "It's all your fault mom that we are so poor and I need a homecoming dress but you won't let me buy one." I ignored it.
So not only she won't buy her kid a dress for homecoming, she won't make her food, she'll ignore her and not even give her a tv dinner lmao. Sorry for blogpost, but it reminds me of my good friend's mom, she would constantly speak to everyone (including me), about how "bad" her child is, make shit up, blatantly lie in front of her, but now 6 years later she is begging her for money after kicking her out.

No. 904732

read some more of the post history, her daughter is apparently doing all the chores she is supposed to do and has good grades, so i bet the
>she tells me to do dishes!!
comment was made cause the mom wouldn't do shit since her child is already doing it for her.

No. 904738

>noble women still got executed for not being able to produce sons
Pretty sure no canonical law in Christianity allowed that. Kings and noblemen finding legal loopholes is another story, you can hardly blame just Christianity for moids being moids.

>Yet they were not allowed to own property or inherit anything

They were, interestingly, even more so if they were yet unmarried.

>I don't know about every society specifically so maybe some of them did but women's rights took a few steps back at least in Norse society.

You have a point here. I apologize for being abrasive.

No. 905428

There's nothing that makes them this way other than then their own inability to face who they are. A man will never blame male hierarchy for anything because it's tantamount to admitting his own faults, which is something men are biologically incapable of for obvious reasons. Self-doubt is an evolutionary disadvantage if you're parasitic and expendable - if all you exist for is providing women with genetic diversity, death beats virginity.
I agree - nearly every thesis of misogyny is pure projection, because men can't allow themselves to face who they are and use externalization as their core coping mechanism. This is generally the reason why true sex segregation (with no emotional support wamens present in any capacity) is a fate worse than death for most non-homosexual men. Every accusation from a male is a confession, generally. It's especially evident when you examine male "philosophies" through the lens of modern science, which suggests some sort of visceral, hardwired awareness of inferiority. This is a good example here:
It's because moids are quite literally missing genetic material, anon. Plainly speaking, they're less human than women. The Y also accumulates mutations at a faster rate, has fewer genes and can't self-repair. Think of it as an X that was born without a leg. Katawa chromosome.

This brings us to another common male meme - that women are somehow the "specialized" unit that exists solely for reproduction, while men can be anything. That is plainly false, first of all because it makes no sense for the less expendable sex to be more specialized. If all men die tomorrow, it will be an inconvenience, perhaps a crisis, mostly a sanitation one. If all women die tomorrow, it's certain extinction.

No. 905634

File: 1631225960192.jpg (235.56 KB, 1080x1149, Screenshot_20210909-171600.jpg)

how'd he know

No. 905647

File: 1631227345382.jpg (50.84 KB, 1200x800, projection_lens_overhead-proje…)

No. 905649

he's right. he is very autistic.

No. 905658

Is this the anorectal violence guy's backstory?

No. 905668

this is hilarious

No. 905670

This reminds me of vids I've watched where male tists are being questioned by police after a shooting… and they're explaining their deluded view of the world that drove them to it.
> well you see the voices told me that if I just shot 5 toddlers then the evil man hating lesbians wouldn't come butt fuck to death tonight. Then a woman sat next to me on the bus today and I took that as a sign from the universe that the butt rape was nearing. I had no choice. It was me or them.

No. 905673

File: 1631229879815.jpeg (22.95 KB, 261x210, 88C2ED59-F5F6-4F0F-955E-95B862…)

I have an honest question, what does him being Hispanic has anything to do with his rape fanfic?

No. 905677

Kek this is so stupid that I actually laughed out loud. What sub was this posted in and what were the responses?

No. 905679

File: 1631230398356.png (77.27 KB, 500x378, never cease.png)

I absolutely fucking refuse to believe this isn't bait. I simply won't live in a world where this isn't bait and you can't make me, anon.

No. 905680

It was on r/autism for a brief moment and got removed

No. 905683

Either bait or stage 5 autism

No. 905687

Sounds like legit schizophrenia.

No. 905689

why we need eugenics for autistic people

No. 905699

and someone had the nerve in the Varg thread to say autism isn't actual retardation.

No. 905767

*eugenics for autistic moids. Autistic women can stay.

No. 905789

True I've found autistic women are super based, they can see through the male bullshit easier.

No. 905804

Autistics can barely navigate through standard social conventions and yet you think they identify male manipulations better, hm..

No. 905813

Fine, you can snip them but not kill them. I need one as a pet, they're too qt.

No. 905860

While I was a radfem there was tons of autistic radfems in the community.

No. 905891

this is just the thought process of a typical male on reddit

No. 905898

'Standard social conventions' for women aren't very logical and it's very easy to spot the double standards even if you're neurotypical, it must be glaringly obvious to a sperg who has even fewer qualms about just doing whatever the fuck she wants instead

No. 906030

File: 1631264514159.jpg (440.28 KB, 1075x1810, IMG_20210910_105154.jpg)

Holy fuck MRA's are hilarious. "But, Your Honor, you see here that the mother signed this paper that she takes full responsibility if the condoms were to fail, it's all her fault for not being on 5 types of birth control alone. What do you mean this signed formed means fucking nothing??! I did everyhing to prevent fatherhood and child support obligations, except for going on random hook-ups with women I barely know!" + making sure women can't complain about bruising and LACERATIONS. He obviously wants to fuck a much younger woman too.

No. 906038

Yeah that's weird and kinda sus. "I'm just concerned for your safety" Kinda weird that he seems to be so concerned to the point were he feels compelled to send her this. Definitely seems like it's supposed to be more in his favor than hers for whatever fucked up shit he has in mind. Not buying this fake concern. And since he's so worried about the age gap, maybe he shouldn't fuck women who are so young where it could seem like he coerced them in the first place, but you know, a scrote's gonna scrote.

No. 906041

The absolute Dennis vibes radiating off that creep

No. 906042

It's pretty manipulative on his part to say it's for both of their sakes, it obviously only favors him. He can't get pregnant, and as far as concern about bodily harm goes it's like signing a no-fault contract with a grizzly bear in case one of us gets eaten during a hike. If he's so concerned she might take him for a rapist, he could provide his own personal info without all the talk about risk of injuries from a hook-up.

No. 906045

"In the process of intimacy" lmfao

No. 906131

>Can we tell men that this only applies to using violence against them?
Funny enough, the serial killer quoted only targeted males

No. 909021

File: 1631476735580.jpg (102.98 KB, 1080x1254, Screenshot_20210912-145809.jpg)

I hate all these names.

No. 909082

>obviously taken from league of legends

No. 909534

File: 1631496524299.jpg (101.22 KB, 1080x555, Screenshot_20210912-195839.jpg)

Witchcraft and autism go well together

No. 909802

ew i can't believe she had to go to reddit to ask if she should still go through with the hookup. Not only is this insanely creepy but if someone sent this to me i would be so turned off

No. 909855

so I was reading the OP pic and why are "motherless" links banned? I hadn't even heard of that before, I'm assuming it's a porn site. I wonder why that one is banned but not other links? I'm curious but afraid to google.

No. 909857

File: 1631514993792.png (47.35 KB, 1098x650, hEHhfqB.png)

nevermind I googled it.

>but that's an unfair portrayal of the site

men will jump through hoops and bend over backwards to defend porn and porn sites at all costs with no empathy for the victims apparently. as if ther aren't 23598713 other pornsites they can use.

No. 909873

I can't wait until the marvel fans start families and every second kid will be named "Loki"

No. 910291

>or getting your ass beat for slouching a 100 years ago
>a 100 years ago
Sounds like we need to bring back caning in schools. That syntax is abysmal.

No. 910303

>very early Christianity was suprisingly progressive about women who were often central figures in their communities
Fuck yeah, desert mothers

No. 911047

File: 1631587303391.jpeg (217.95 KB, 1280x1280, C2C7D14F-9B74-4D3F-82AB-684C4A…)

Lmao r/blatantmisogyny moderated by cucked pickmes? who am I kidding, it's probably a man

No. 911065

kek how is that even a kink its just scrote-ism

No. 913184

File: 1631740691370.jpeg (108.8 KB, 750x382, CACF6CBB-8CD1-4A99-B2DA-822089…)

I swear this exact question gets asked every single week. And it always gets popular every single time. 86 platinum awards? Seriously? Why?

No. 913190

this might be an unpopular opinion but i think it's better for the greater good of humanity that there's no easily accessible male contraceptive. every single male would get on it and not get off it til they're 50 with depleted disgusting old sperm because THAT'S when they've finally decided to have kids, can you imagine the amount of birth defects? no thanks

No. 913207

then just don't let an old man impregnate you..? i'm sure sperm banks would still exist.

No. 913209

it'd weed out the dumbshit men though lmao, only the smart and truly family-oriented ones would pass on their genes

the chemical warfare on women needs to end

No. 913210

>i'm sure sperm banks would still exist.
what? am i supposed to even entertain the idea of raising a child on my own or impregnating myself with some random person's kid?

No. 913211

i mean yeah if you're that concerned about old man sperm

No. 913213

or this idiotic scenario could just not happen and young people can continue having kids because that is healthy…?

No. 913216

nope it's either 50 year old men or nothing

No. 913218

>the chemical warfare on women needs to end
agree but women shouldn't be taking birth control at all either way. no one is shoving that shit down anyone's throat, i haven't taken it and i never will. i refuse to poison my body with that.

No. 913222

have you never heard of endometriosis. some women need birth control for other reasons.

No. 913224

>i haven't taken it and i never will
based and same
(unless i for some reason developed some type of hormonal disorder that necessitated it for whatever reason)

No. 913231

Every time I see this thread it just annoys me. They barely discuss the side effects of birth control, it’s just comments like “yeah I wanna fuck with no condom, raw dog!” but previous studies show men don’t want things like acne and weight gain associated with birth control. Women are just expected to deal with it, almost every doctor has said something like “side effects are mild” when discussing bc with me, but for men these “mild side effects” are too much? It’s just annoying. They all want it hypothetically until they get mood swings and zits, but women are practically considered irresponsible if we’re not fucking our body with a pill every day.

No. 913234

>“yeah I wanna fuck with no condom, raw dog!”
eugh i don't even want to consider what the STD rates would become. they'd really be pressuring everyone to fuck without condoms if that was a thing.

No. 913273

Yeah I just saw the thread and the top reply was some bro fantasy of 'we'd be all in pub watching football, our phones will ring at the same time and we'll drink the birth control together!' the fuck.
It reminds me of how men claim they'd make periods funny and cool, they'd be pissing blood on everything with their buddies having the time of their life.
It's just us silly females with no camaraderie that make a big deal out of BC pills and periods, men are way too epic and they'd handle it like bros of course.

No. 913296

Yes, this is exactly the attitude that annoys me. There’s no male birth control because even the men who volunteered to test it couldn’t handle it, but random uninformed reddit dude #28915 thinks it would be a breeze.

No. 913352

Reminds me of the few pieces of media where a man gets pregnant, if not played for laughs it's always treated like a religious experience which bothers me because when women have babies moids treat them like farm animals. Legit womb envy.

No. 913589

Women need to have their own private means of contraception to ensure any level of freedom/equality with men and the copper IUD makes you piss blood for half a month. Hormonal BC does more good than harm you dummy, although I empathize with the women that can't take it.

No. 913599

The pill has been pivotal to women's rights, I'm surprised so many women are taking a hard line stance against it without even conceding it's importance. Obviously it's a personal choice and it's not right for everyone, but it's not some inherently evil conspiracy to make us sick. I've never experienced any side effects and I've been taking it on and off for over a decade.

No. 913607

>there's cp every day that is never removed and there are multiple videos of crimes
>you're being unfair, they handpick their stuff!
How does the scrote not see how that makes it even worse?

No. 913625

Politically it does more good than harm, that's obvious. But unless you really need it for reasons like endometriosis that aren't treatable in any other way, physically it's very harmful.
I'm in healthcare and you wouldn't believe how many side effects and illnesses that aren't talked about come from prolonged use of BC pills. Everyone knows about the acute side effects like blood clotting or depression but people rarely think about long term. For example, ever heard of painful focal nodular hyperplasia in liver? Main cause? Hormonal birth control. And did you know that using BC puts you in increased risk of liver cancer?
There's a load of side effects still in research that haven't properly reached the public yet. Women who use it long term might not notice any change and when they develop health problems, doctors won't make the connection to BC.
Plus gynos who make money off prescribing you birth control continue to push it and spread myth about it's harmlessness.
Almost every healthcare professional is starting to be against using it unless totally necessary but it'll take more time for the public to take in these things.

No. 913636

>Hormonal BC does more good than harm you dummy
are you retarded?

No. 913644

Are you?

No. 913646

It does do more good than harm, though. Anon is right.

No. 913650

>my political stance is more important than the poison injected in my body
retards confirmed. there are better methods of birth control if you really need it but keep caping for hormonal bc and keep being ideologically captured.

No. 913652

Honeslty, if men had any self-awareness, at this point they'd just get/give vasectomies to all the men that are shit genetic material and only let a given% of men pass on their genes. Women, even if perfectly fertile, can only give birth so many times even if they're sexually reckless. To really make a final complete division between rectrational sex and reproduction, you only really need to touch the male side. Hell, since reddit men are so sex-positive only so they can get marginally "more pussy", maybe women would be more open to casual sex if there's 0% an ugly ass male she just uses as a bedwarmer can get her pregnant.

No. 913681

>But unless you really need it for reasons like endometriosis that aren't treatable in any other way, physically it's very harmful
This, and yet it's handed out like candy for things like acne. If I had known about what this stuff was I never would have taken it as a teenager and have avoided it like the plague since. It scares me that it could still fuck so many women over down the line. But nobody wants to widely distribute education to women about our natural cycles at that young age so it's up to us to find it out through trial and error with our own health.

No. 913751

I mean that's cool and all but some of us need to take it. I have endometriosis and hormonal issues and the only thing that makes me function is BC. Honestly I'm extremely worried about the side effects but there's not much I can do about it besides removing my reproductive system.

No. 913759

Same here, I need it for everything to be in working order since my early twenties

No. 913771

nta but they were agreeing that sometimes it's medically necessary to take it for endo

No. 913811

Y’all scaring me with the talk about birth control. My bf needs to get a vasectomy but is too scared and I’ve tried warning him about how it’ll affect me if he doesn’t. Thankfully I haven’t been on birth control for most of my young adult years but it’s something that still bothers me.

No. 913814

Too bad it didn't help with your reading comprehension.

No. 913817

the power move would be to start refusing sex tbh

No. 913843


Replying to an old post here but it's hilarious how they all pretend that sex work is real work but then write "work", as in between quotations. Also if his friend was doing something else - be it a doctor, accountant, chef etc. he wouldn't need to ask reddit if it's okay to pay her for her service and nobody would advise him not to. But sure, sex work is totally like every other work.

No. 913846

The only time I had a partner willing to bite the bullet and get snipped.. it was a (horrible) age gap relationship where he was over 40 when he got it done anyway. I got to enjoy the benifits of it for a few months before sex slowed down, he started acting weird and it came out he'd been having an affair. Back to square one lol

No. 913857

I was on the hormonal pill from 16 to like 28 and I swear it has impeded me. I had horrible mood swings that seem so far removed from me now that I've been off the pill for 3 years. I feel like calling up everyone who ever insinuated I was bipolar when I had a mood swing I was just on fucked up medication aka birth control. My mum put me on it because I had an older boyfriend. I really do think I have brain fog from it. I can't even remember my first time.

No. 913969

BC helps my PMDD tremendously. I’ve been happier since going on it.

No. 913990

File: 1631817479165.jpg (555.16 KB, 1080x1421, 00506.jpg)

No. 914000

the fucking same shit teenagers do in grocery stores Walmarts and convenience store across this god blessed nation. proud to be an American, same as this highlky decorated veteran of the grocer Jesus chirs

No. 914002

Is this how some people live? All of their food comes out of big cardboard boxes?? Does the average person even cook meals?

No. 914003

Those eggs are gonna go flying when you make a turn.

No. 914005

Those eggs would fall as soon as the car starts moving.

No. 914032

Of course they will excuse the defective male ability and celebrate male mediocrity. Of course they will demonise the wife for being "too" critical and hard on this scrote for simply asking the minimum to be done correctly. Coddling men like they're children with learning disabilities when they're full grown adults that should be made to take accountability and responsibility for their shit and poor effort. This scrote would be divorced at this point if it was me. Can't do anything right.
Defective y-chromomoids, die.

No. 914033

Incompetent and absolutely stupid and useless. No use to a woman. He should kill himself already.

No. 914034

What’s crazier to me is that none of it is real food except for the eggs… it’s all just junk food snacks. When it’s time for dinner does the guy sit down with a chocolate chip muffin, croissant, granola bar, and wash it down with a Gatorade?

No. 914037

You forgot about the oxi clean for dessert

No. 914046

Kek does this scrote even have a wife? Who is he going to feed with this junk?

No. 914047

To be fair, this looks like a Costco trip.
Ok, now everyone give OP a round of applause for going on his snacky trip! Now he can eat shit when playing video games while his wife is the one that actually had to shop and plan for the real food! OP is a big boy!!

No. 914066


No. 914072

At least he didn't get the asspats he wanted.

No. 914080

I mean it is costco, usually people go there to stock up on nonperishables unless you have a large family

No. 914102

I've never been to a Costco in my life so I didn't even consider that, that makes sense

No. 914146

what "benifits" did you enjoy from it? ah yes, an (old) man cumming inside you sounds so appealing. also i hope you got tested if he was cheating on you during this.

No. 914153

Are you not seeing the awards
well your reddit)/twitter)/Discord male isn't really the average male
My brother can cook extremely well also all males in my extended family can cook
How did he got a wife in the first place?

No. 914692

His wife should've skinned him alive for even suggesting that a trip to the grocery store is something he deserves praise for as an adult man, what a pathetic manbaby. 120K UPVOTES???? The next time a man tells you that girls get praised for anything on reddit, show them this.

No. 915382

File: 1631924834884.jpeg (138.39 KB, 642x607, 09565F85-B3A9-408D-80BB-4774AC…)

No, I will not download the app. I will not log in. I will not even make an account. I will not turn off Adblock. I'm just going to quit using Reddit .

No. 915385

>Thinking a simple grocery trip is deserving of applause.
He…he doesn't do a lot of housekeeping does he?

No. 915393

I'm taking it for acne now and it's been amazing for that purpose. I don't want to be on it but when I have pimples all over my face I feel so upset and defeated especially because I'm closer to 30 and don't want to deal with it anymore. Even my 3 placebo days is enough for a small breakout to happen but having the clearest skin I've had in well over a decade is very hard to give up. Idk what to do. I haven't felt any side effects so far.

No. 915422

I honestly wonder what their house even looks like. 'Cause if they don't have kids… that's a lot of food for two people.

No. 915424

I feel like that wasn't the point. Like he's not bragging about grocery shopping, he's laughing at how he bought a tonne of junk food and his wife is not happy. Which is trash behaviour too but a different kind, being the 'fun lenient dad' vs the 'strict nagging mother'.

No. 915688

File: 1631955165591.jpg (647.33 KB, 1080x1943, IMG_20210918_104834.jpg)

Reddit's "men don't get complimented" in action. Women don't want to compliment rando men because they think it's flirting or get too personal is debunked by this story of… a woman complimenting a guy and him using her as a therapist because he has no one else to talk to kek

No. 915693

>doing a tonne of emotional labour for a man

No. 915700

I've recently joined a discord of my favorite band to give it a shot (I'm a loner offline and online) despite knowing about anon's bad experiences with the communities there. I've found out within two days that people in it (or maybe I should just say scrotes) use discord for free therapy. There is a hierarchy totem pole in every discord where the popular people (attention whores) are using less popular users for emotional labour. I've immediately had a barely-adult scrote hitting my PMs in order to talk at me about his twaumatic life and how he cannot get a gf because he's a deep loner despite having model good looks (I've seen his photo, he is looking okay to be fair, but it doesn't matter since he is insufferable). He didn't even react to what I was saying about my life or his. Fucking incredible! I've uninstalled the app without saying goodbye. I will give it another chance only if I can join some radfem/female only server that has a similar vibe to lolcow (good luck with that).
>inb4 you deserve it for interacting with a scrote
kinda agree, but wanted to see where it goes lmfao. I haven't lost much except a bit of my time, but the lesson has been valuable

No. 915701

The compliment sperging is so fucking annoying. Men made that shit up to feel like victims, who even keeps mental tabs on something so insignificant as compliments? I don't even remember the last time I was complimented. Who fucking cares. They sounds like pussies.

No. 915706

File: 1631957745444.jpeg (265.57 KB, 1125x445, 695E65E8-21C1-45A4-B47C-66F3A5…)

I wish they wouldn’t get deleted but the Lush subreddit gets occasional male posters asking if the staff were hitting on them. You know, because they have to say hi and chat with every person that goes into their store. Here’s a less awkward one that was left up.

No. 915708

This is why I treat moids with less respect as a customer service worker. Especially if they're ugly. I love using a more deadpan tone of voice, intentionally weird body language, and giving them the impression that I'm aloof and don't give a fuck about them. Our main clientele is women so I don't see them that often but my god this just reminds me how much I hate dealing with moids.

Somehow I managed to have kept my job because the only people who ever complain are karens. I hope no moid ever got this impression from me. I purposely try and irk them within the bounds of minimal customer servicing. The uglier they are the more covertly rude I am. Call me a sociopath for saying they don't deserve it but I don't care. If you're not buying something sizable money wise in the first place or I get the impression someone won't then no point in upselling. And most moids expectedly are cheapskates