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File: 1634619511474.png (1.88 MB, 1400x696, 1627943433540.png)

No. 942646

Ask what you've been afraid to ask.
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No. 942647

Can I change?

No. 942650

Would it be worth it tonight?

No. 942651

Should I invest more energy into that hobby?

No. 942652

should I buy McDonalds Sanic?

No. 942653

I'm going anyway

No. 942654

will it ever end oh overlord sonic?

No. 942655

Get it girl

No. 942656

On my knees for micky ds

No. 942683

Was she being fruity

No. 942721

Will I get into that course?

No. 942757

do i have the coof?

No. 942758

oh ffs

No. 942793

Should I get up for a while?

No. 942801

Will I be married in one year?

No. 942807


No. 942812

will it work out for me?

No. 942819

Don't listen to this blue bitch he's just jealous because you're fucking thriving and he's been doing the same shit seven threads in a row

No. 942828

will my sadness go away

No. 942829

extremely true. thanks nonita, he is a FLOP

No. 942862

am I immortal

No. 942863

am I going to hell where home is?

No. 942869

will the autismic effect of the farms guide me to victory?

No. 942885

Does he think about me?

No. 942894

will i have sex before the end of the year?

No. 942898

re-roll. will i continue my celibacy into 2022?

No. 942912

am I immortal

No. 942944

am I a god

No. 942948

Is opening up to them a good idea?

No. 942950

will i find my phone

No. 942972

Will she get her way?

No. 943008

will I get my mug back?

No. 943012


if suffering awaits, will it be returned to me broken?

No. 943015

will i ever be fluent in russian

No. 943059

извините пожалуйста

No. 943097

will they get their way?

No. 943151

Will I pass this fucking course

No. 943153

Holy shit zankyu sonic

No. 943170

Am i gonna pass this test

No. 943173

Did he think it was cute

No. 943280

is saying vinegar racist?

No. 943283

will they give it back?

No. 943284


No. 943311

Will I get in?

No. 943313

NICE, thx sanic-chama, love you ♥

No. 943356

will we have a good night?

No. 943411

is this more than a crush?

No. 943516

will it end soon?

No. 943530

Will it help me find peace?

No. 943543

Should I smonk today

No. 943544

will it get better?

No. 943554

No. 943562

sanic will i win the lottery tonight?

No. 943565

pls say sike

No. 943567


No. 943590

will he love me?

No. 943591

what does it mean sanic? he will see me soon?

No. 943592

is it ok?

No. 943599

uga gagaga

No. 943600


No. 943609

rama ma ah ah

No. 943619

give me an answer

No. 943621

No. 943630

will it get better by friday?

No. 943632

Will I ever find love?

No. 943642

will i get a girlfriend before the end of 2021

No. 943669

Should I drink a soda later?

No. 943678

Is this guy gonna be worth it?

No. 943679

Lmao fuck me i guess

No. 943688

o great one, please tell me: will i die within the next 5 years?

No. 943689

at a great price? what does this mean? am i going to hell?

No. 943741

Should I play vidya?

No. 943751

is he my actual soulmate

No. 943787

Will I be the only one at the office in my department today?

No. 943817

soulmates don't exist

No. 943856

Will I meet him soon?

No. 943886

o totem o totem will I get through it?

No. 943947

don’t be jelly just because sanic decided to say yes to my question

No. 943955

Will she like the designs I've made, and find them useful for the collection?

No. 943994

will 2023 be a good year?

No. 943996

sonic baby. tell me. is 2023 going to be a good year?

No. 944025

will i have a sexy bf in a year

No. 944067

Will we work everything out?

No. 944083

will i find it or will it be returned to me before she leaves?

No. 944088

Will the SARS-Cov2 have further mutations which infect people but cause no symptoms?

No. 944094

will things ever get better for me?

No. 944115

thanks for asking, nonnie

No. 944121

did i do better than last time?

No. 944215

am i going to get away with it

No. 944216

ok but at least no one spotted me right?

No. 944221

Is it meant to be?

No. 944226

is it secretly the 90s again

No. 944229

dearest sonic, are we doomed in this world?

No. 944230

will they offer me a job?

No. 944232

okay, let me know in person then, sanic

No. 944259

Can I dream of my husbando 2nite

No. 944288

File: 1634764148865.jpg (20.69 KB, 564x564, 1632684621672.jpg)

I've had blatant headaches for hours now and usually good meds don't help. Be honest with me sanic, its cancer isnt it

No. 944292

Is that Brian laundries body they found?

No. 944318

Decoy body planted by his parents confirmed

No. 944354

am I powerful

No. 944371

okay, am i kill?

No. 944399

Shall I get a fulltime job soon?

No. 944401

ok am i powerful sonic

No. 944404

If you think you can handle it I say go for it nonna!

No. 944421

Is my bff a farmer?

No. 944423

I knew it, thanks sanic.

No. 944482

Thank you, nonna!! I'll do my best

No. 944528

Will I become rich in 2022?

No. 944540

will my boobs ever get bigger

No. 944546

File: 1634775272317.png (113.58 KB, 375x260, Screen Shot 2021-10-20 at 8.14…)

No. 944632

should I get a job to raise $2k and then quit

No. 944653

Do I get a happy ending in this story?

No. 944741

am i tragic beautiful ethereal like a nice cold gust of wind am i am i a tragic lover

No. 944767

will I have another watercentric dream tonight?

No. 944770

should i move across the country?

No. 944772

sanic baby are you moving with me?

No. 944784

should I do cow nails tomorrow? (inspired by nail charm nonnie)

No. 944827

Will everything work out for me quickly?

No. 945023

Will I find something cool today?

No. 945028

Will I meet someone new and fun soon?

No. 945029

Friendless forever.

No. 945031

Should I have pho today?

No. 945035

Did she steal it?

No. 945040

Okay, then. Did she hide it?

No. 945069

Will the sex be good?

No. 945074

holy shit you got the segs number!!!

No. 945561

Is it a sin…
To want to rim

No. 945591

Is she into me?

No. 945597

should i go to work tomorrow?

No. 945639

is it what i think it is

No. 945663

Do any of them expect me to come in tomorrow?

No. 945666

Are you lying to all of us?

No. 945678

File: 1634854438459.jpg (40.6 KB, 357x356, yanwow.jpg)

holy shit

No. 945703

am I evil

No. 945732

Will they mind if I don't..?

No. 945747

Will I?

No. 945811

File: 1634860119602.jpg (267.65 KB, 816x816, 1616457429057.jpg)

No. 945819

am I a reptilian going to eat your entire family

No. 945904

File: 1634862640757.png (40.26 KB, 200x200, 991.png)


No. 945955

Do they expect me to stay home?

No. 946195

am I going to have a cool halloween

No. 946199

Is it true love?

No. 946205

am I a goat

No. 946210


No. 946251

will my neighbors ever fucking change the lightbulb

No. 946368

Should I just stay home today?

No. 946373

Life is suffering. Great Sanic, tell me if I should stay home instead of going to the internship for a couple of hours?

No. 946374

Should I make chicken kabobs and homemade tzatiki this weekend?

No. 946375

Should I make this?

No. 946405

will he love me

No. 946629

should I buy fake AirPods

No. 946643

Were you wrong last time ?

No. 946654

Don't listen to that blue bitch that sounds delicious

No. 946690

ok done should I buy real AirPods

No. 946738

let me pass the bridge

No. 946788

You lied to me, what's up with that?

No. 946897

bump, beware cp below

No. 946940

Will the moid who posted cp get his comeuppance?

No. 946941

Fuck yeah Sonic let's erase that motherfucker

No. 947206

Are we going to be okay?

No. 947245


No. 947344

will I find the cornbread tomorrow

No. 947346

will I find a new beau too

No. 947355

do i get a hot boy toy

No. 947632

should i go to the bar alone for a couple hours tonight sanic?

No. 947634

Am I gonna die

No. 948412

should I go somewhere exotic for my birthday?

No. 948416

will i get her back

No. 948424

Will he ever find out?

No. 948425


No. 948428

do it. do you have any possible destinations?

No. 948433

am I dead

No. 948450

will i get my bachelors sanicccc?

No. 948452

no sanic

No. 948455

im gonna prove u wrong sanic

No. 948508

I might go to Jamaica or something idk what travel restrictions are like though havent looked into it

No. 948642

Should i ignore his ass even if something happens?

No. 948719

Should I move to my friend's place and pay rent every month without signing a lease? Please Sanic I'm desperate.

No. 948735

am I gonna die

No. 948777

Does he love me?

No. 948778


Yikes that's a lot

No. 948788

will we get married and live happily ever after or whatever?

No. 948790

Should i cum tonight

No. 948803

Will I have savings again

No. 948998

Will I be offered a job this month or the next?

No. 949055

will I break free of the retards soon

No. 949080

Will they call?

No. 949095

Is it a good decision?

No. 949402

am i good at art

No. 949403

i figured as much

No. 949411

He's a bitch, don't listen to him. Look how fucking ugly and fucked up his is, are you going to take his word?

No. 949417

will my opal nails turn out nice

No. 949453

join police academy, become detective?

No. 949458

Should I drink sanic

No. 949468

Omg do it

No. 949494

I just want to live a carefree and relaxed life with a big, fat bank account.

Sonic, tell me, will I become wealthy enough to live that luxurious kinda way soon?

No. 949498

Sanic pls. Will I be rich af within 6 months from now?

No. 949558

Should I wait until Wednesday?

No. 949568


No. 949570

jk, thanks, oh great swami

No. 949714

This reply is late but thank you anon this was very sweet of you kek it made me smile

No. 949715

should i use it again?

No. 949776

Will I move next year into a better home?

No. 949893

Will I become famous?

No. 949899

No. 949900

should I continue my project?

No. 949902

wtf sonic>>949900

No. 949903

No. 949916

Will my acting career work out

No. 949920

Not if you stay on lolcow

No. 949923

will I ever get my pussy eaten

No. 949924

thanks sanic this gives me hope

No. 949945

Peace soon?

No. 949947

File: 1635240890979.jpg (25.41 KB, 550x468, 4b648012a1353d2aba51c24fcf8bcd…)

Luxury and relaxation soon then?

No. 949951

Will men die out within my lifetime?

No. 949958

File: 1635242175542.gif (1.6 MB, 376x200, 200.gif)

thanks sanic I love this song

No. 949969

does she like me

No. 949983

Thank based nonna for this question. I'll be looking forward to seeing them all d i e

No. 950001

Bump the sonic

No. 950035

Is it a scam?

No. 950045



Follow-up: Will going through with it be a big, positive thing for me and my future?

No. 950136

Should I eat this spaghetti?

No. 950140

does she think im cute?

No. 950144

should I wait until the weekend?

No. 950287

Will I get fit?

No. 950389

Will we be able to finish painting the apartment in a single weekend?

No. 950393

Will they call this week?

No. 950741

File: 1635301168165.gif (259.06 KB, 220x135, A043ED7D-CC55-41E9-9AEB-4C1082…)

will I actually get ANYTHING I deserve out of this fucking wretched life?

No. 950744

should I stay in tomorrow?

No. 950757

will I be able to act before crisis strikes?

No. 950759

should I work on a song with someone who goes against my moral code

No. 950766

Will he leave soon?

No. 950775

should I make more YouTube videos?

No. 950776

I will do it anyway fuck you

No. 950798

does he make me wet

No. 951086

Will I get that call until the end of the week?

No. 951089

do I love him

No. 951172

will i ever manage to get a green card sonic?

No. 951173

thats so fuckin rude

No. 951321

Will she give it up?

No. 951574

should I cover for him

No. 951576

should I cover for him

No. 951627

am I going to get fucked by a hot caramel skinned man soon

No. 951641

I second this

No. 951687

No. 952230

Will they hire me?

No. 952232

Sonic, please. You've only been giving me non-answers

No. 952266

Will they call next month?

No. 952311

Will we finish painting the apartment in 2 days?

No. 952314

Am I going to do well on my mocks?

No. 952316

Asking again…

No. 952317

am i female jesus christ or lucifer

No. 952729

Is she telling the truth?

No. 952742

Will he wake this month?

No. 952818

Is it in our futures to be together

No. 952900

am I an icon

No. 952902

wow sanic i knew it, i am the motherfucking icon

No. 952914

Divination is a sin, ladies.

No. 952945

Cool story, christfag.

No. 953008

am I a mastermind like seriously or are people just really dumb here

No. 953009

>"like seriously"

No. 953011

yes, and?

No. 953014

that's not even the right type of questions you're supposed to ask here smh

No. 953018

File: 1635474556003.gif (1.91 MB, 500x281, EDC4F728-65E8-4B18-9C65-2E67B8…)

since you want to fight so bad

No. 953023

how many men have jerked off to this

No. 953028

BAN THIS SCROTE IMMEDIATELY! also fuck you for banning me for a funny joke, damn women have no humor whatsoever

No. 953029

two women kissing is definitely for men anon, not like lesbians or bisexuals ever like raunchy sex or making out or anything no they respecc women more than scrotes! girl shut up and let those two hot bitches kiss

No. 953032

I mean, I think it's funny you got banned

No. 953039

>damn women have no sense of humor

the scrote is writhing that we didn’t suck his dick and put a crown on his head for being a SUBVERSIVE COMEDIC GENIUS

No. 953042

it is in media lol lesbos won't bring as much money as men

no i'm a lady, you're the scrote/troon/pickme/lolcow

No. 953045

if he could suck his own dick he would solve practically all his problems. Also they are a stinky troll who needs to be deprived of replies

No. 953055

File: 1635475733704.jpg (244.67 KB, 1024x768, 13329978213_f19f467b47_b.jpg)

will i get in?

No. 953056

it depends

No. 953075

wait why are we talking about this in the sonic thread

No. 953076

dunno but i will take any attention i get, anywhere. btw why would a male bother posting here, it's slow as hell

No. 953084

slow posting, increased quality, like how 7chan used to be before it became a total boneyard

No. 953086

We can do anything in the sonic thread. We can make love in the sonic thread.

No. 953095

Should I have edibles tonight

No. 953096

will he ever destroy my coochie and make it into a bloody christ river

No. 953105

File: 1635477441498.gif (167.68 KB, 220x331, 4FA2BBC0-D383-4401-A1D3-A2116D…)

>for all of eternity
yess hngh make my pussy look like jesus on the cross all bloody and tattered

No. 953121

What was the need for this

No. 953191

do I love anon?

No. 953198

heh. blushes

No. 953289

Will the shitty scrote finally leave?

No. 953293

That'll solve nothing. Rephrase: will he leave now?

No. 953294

No. 953311

Gross neighbor.

No. 953353

Does she like me?

No. 953363

Am I gonna run into him this weekend?

No. 953396

should i kill myself

No. 953398

Oh well. Btw you'll go to hell if you commit suicide

No. 953400

its not real but thanks for letting me know

No. 953404

This delusion of yours might make you feel better now but you'll regret it

No. 953405

you dont get to call it that, what is there to regret? im a joke

No. 953411

Why is there an annoying christfag ITT? Of all the threads you could have chosen to impose your beliefs on other anons you chose the Sonic one lmfao.

No. 953413

i keep hearing voices, i think people are after me. i wished it would stop, i wish i was normal

No. 953415

will it work

No. 953475

kek anon

No. 953665

should i give up on this teacher?

No. 953743

Will I get 'some' in 2021?

No. 953754

Will I finish this project on time

No. 953778

will the shirt that i ordered a damn month ago show up in the mail soon

No. 954321

Will he fucking leave within the hour and not stay til 1:30 a.m. like yesterday?

No. 954665


No. 954681

Will this be an ongoing problem?

No. 954760

Will I find someone hot/nice/interesting to love me, somewhat soon?

No. 954795

Should I do it?

No. 954797

Will today be good day?

No. 954800

is he the right one for me

No. 954956

will cursing her work? i want her life to be openly miserable

No. 954957

thank you great sonic, i shall proceed immediately

No. 954978

Should I break up with him?

No. 954981

will she cause no more trouble from now on?

No. 955072

Should I end it with him?

No. 955153

will karma slap her in the face and make her life miserable

No. 955173

Should I stay in my current field of work?

No. 955174

Should I quit this degree?

No. 955175


No. 955256

Will I be banned for my drunk reporting (again)

No. 955257



No. 955262


No. 955310

Do they hate me, Sonic?

No. 955312

Does this imply they hate me so bad they will kill me?

No. 955314

Is he gonna be okay?

No. 955316


No. 955357

should I stay in today?

No. 955363

Am I going to get pregnant this cycle?

No. 955379

will I meet someone who doesn't dislike me?

No. 955445

will it work out for us

No. 955451

Will I have enough money to buy my own place next year?

No. 955452

Will I get laid in the near future?

No. 955505

will I be offered a good fulltime position soon?

No. 955510

bump for CP

No. 955514

okay, will I be offered one near the end of next month? that's not soon

No. 955517


No. 955520

am i destroyed for good ?

No. 955702

will we find the folder this week?

No. 956126

Will the schizo moid sell them eventually?

No. 956134

Do soulmates exist?

No. 956135

Do soulmates exist, and have I met mine?

No. 956141

Am I right to be feeling like this?

No. 956144

sonic, should I get back with my ex?

No. 956151

Will my love life remain nonexistent for the next year?

No. 956154

File: 1635742483534.png (182.74 KB, 637x516, 550-5506338.png)

No. 956264

go back to sleep?

No. 956284

Adderall then????

No. 956292


No. 956388

Will she call her?

No. 956389

Will she mention anything about me moving?

No. 956443

Should I quit my job?

No. 956446

Should I quit my job…this month?

No. 956651

will the queen die within the next year?

No. 956659

within the next 6 months?

No. 956668

Is my bisexuality mostly due to comphet?

No. 956709

will she actually have sex with me?

No. 956787

should i go back to him

No. 956788

is it good for us

No. 956800

Will we get some of the deposit back?

No. 956803

Will we get half of it back, at least?

No. 956895

Will they offer me a job there?

No. 957009

will I get to study the redacted?

No. 957014

will i have a lucid dream tonight?

No. 957015

sonic baby boy tell me if i will have lucid dreams tonight pls

No. 957033

Will I be able to graduate?

No. 957037

Is he gonna HMU again

No. 957092

is this a sign? should I go there?

No. 957094

but sanic it's a sign and it seems to be pointing me in the right direction! don't "no" me!

No. 957101

am i gonna get on top of it

No. 957102

my god thank you sonic

No. 957165

should i just get over him already

No. 957168


No. 957248

Will they answer before noon tomorrow?

No. 957249

will they either forgive me or just forget about me?

No. 957250

So I'll have to call them

No. 957296

Hey Sonic should I take some ibuprofen

No. 957388

will the landlord notice if it's a slightly different ice container?

No. 957400

even though it just has a slightly larger capacity for ice cubes?

No. 957402

will these antidepressants work out?

No. 957434

am I dead

No. 957472

Should I order some cleaning supplies? It’s 16 dollars.

No. 957476

Fine then, should I ask my aunt for the day she will buy the meat so I can tell her about how I barely have any shampoo and soap for the dishes?

No. 957477

Thanks, sanica.

No. 958192

Will they offer me a fulltime job?

No. 958280


Will the other place, then?

No. 959071

Should I reach out?

No. 959169

Will they get back to me today?

No. 959200

am i any closer

No. 959249

will I make a girl friend in 2022

No. 959278

Will I pass the testing?

No. 959290

Did I fuck up?

No. 959328

Sonic, will it be okay ?

No. 959373

Will I get the job?

No. 959501

Should I try getting a donut?

No. 959511

try getting a donut nonnie

No. 959556

File: 1636052177365.jpeg (5.19 KB, 259x194, pobrane (7).jpeg)

No. 960019

should I take a trip?

No. 960149

Am I just being paranoid?

No. 960187

is she ignoring me?

No. 960193

that’s fair enough, should I just move on?

No. 960216

Do they have the product and will it arrive in time?

No. 960307

should I get new glasses?

No. 960318

wants some ice cream sanic

No. 960338

Did she do that out of concern and care for me?

No. 960520

should I do the foot masks now?

No. 960533

Maybe sanic is lactose intolerant.

No. 960541

will this relationship actually work out

No. 960743

Is changing easier than I make myself think?

No. 960984

Will I get a snack later?

No. 960986

Later I get a snack?

No. 961039

Will she come today to clean?

No. 961054

will they look good?

No. 961164

should I sell my switch?

No. 961166

Will I pass?

No. 961984

am I deluded?

No. 961993

Ok, if I must ask again I’ll actually ask. Did she lead me on?

No. 962162

Will I have fun if I go?

No. 962163

I knew it. Staying home, thanks Sanic

No. 962167

Will I get into the damn course?

No. 962169

will they look good?

No. 962210

am I okay?

No. 962246

Was the Astro festival thing intentionally planned to go wrong?

No. 962267

even sonic will agree if I ask this:

The Astroworld incident was a ritual, correct?

No. 962612

Should I eat a noodle rn

No. 962641

don’t listen to him!

No. 962665

Will they, once they've seen what I can do?

No. 962676

should i kill myself?

No. 962700

NO. Don't listen to him!!!!! Live!!!!

No. 962720

is my tarot card reading accurate

No. 962751

Will you marry me, sonic totem

No. 962768

aw congrats on your engagement

No. 962771

Will it go well?

No. 962773

Thank fucking god. This is about a job interview, I can't believe how much this actually reassures me.

No. 962789

No. 962810

Should I greet her for her birthday?

No. 962842

Will I pass?

No. 962985

Will this headache go away?

No. 963002

Is RAL 9010 the right color?

No. 963004

Should I keep doing it or nah?

No. 963020

Will they notice if it's not?

No. 963021

Should I keep doing it?

No. 963027


No. 963063

Will I pass my exam?

No. 963064

Thanks for nothing sanic

No. 963083

am I even worthy of being seen by you?

No. 963165

lmao ok will i ever win the lottery

No. 963166

damn this is what i get for replying in the wrong thread

No. 963481

sonic is my life going to be painfully unsatisfying forever?

No. 963484

No. 963842

is she still in a relationship?

No. 963980

Will I win a lot of money in the lottery?

No. 963981

You keep saying that, yet I never see you

No. 964005

fulltime job offer this december?

No. 964024

should I reach out and ask her on a date?

No. 964037

alright, will she respond?

No. 964144

Will I be successful soon?

No. 964548

Will I regret doing it?

No. 964573

sanic should i – tomorrow?

No. 964575

should i spend a lot of money on a birthday present for my friend

No. 964630

Will she not mind if I transfer it through the app?

No. 964631

Reroll, Sonic

No. 964633

will I die in peace

No. 964639

was that wise?

No. 964641

Will I get a promotion this time around

No. 964782

am I going to live to be 100 years old

No. 964783

Will I find a new job this year?

No. 964785

should I buy black opium

No. 964791

Sonic, should I go all in? Is it a sign?

No. 964854

Does she want to talk to me about offering me a fulltime job?

No. 964856

should I do it?

No. 964858

Will she?

No. 964864

Will my passport interview go smoothly tomorrow?

No. 964865

will I ever be happy

No. 964866

Asking again

No. 964867

No. 964881

should I eat at popeyes today

No. 964918

Is my life going in the right direction?

No. 964936

is she into me?

No. 964938

should I wash my hair

No. 965117

will I exchange numbers with a huge dicked man this weekend?

No. 965127

should I keep learning the language?

No. 965323

will I escape this materialist prison of a world and finally achieve peace

No. 965342

am i going to die during surgery?

No. 965344

lets fucking hope you are right because i dont trust the doctors in this shithole since they killed my grandma just a few months ago

No. 965477

Should I send it?

No. 965494

Will she pay with no issue?

No. 965502

Will she pay her share of utilities after looking it through, without arguing with me?

No. 965503

should I replay spyro for the 3rd time this year?

No. 965505

sanic that doesn't help

No. 965507

No. 965509

thanks anon now I have the excuse to play it

No. 965516

will i pass my semester

No. 965555

Will it ever get better pls sanic

No. 965556

Holy fucking shit I feel like this is a blessing thank you

No. 965674

Will we finish it up in time?

No. 965677

Will we finish painting the apartment this weekend?

No. 965715

Will I get my package today?

No. 965734

Will they notice that it's another model?

No. 965742

Will they notice that it's a different size than the broken one?

No. 965774

am i choosing the right path?

No. 965782

will this path lead to fulfillment and abundance?

No. 965783

fuck you sanic im doing it anyways

No. 965884

Is it a good decision?

No. 965886

I'm asking again, is the decision I made a good one?

No. 965887

Well that's nice to read.

No. 966412

Did I do the right thing?

No. 966448

Should I call?

No. 966462

should I get my tonsils removed

No. 966531

can i make up for the mistakes i made to day?

No. 966544

Will it survive?

No. 966545

Please sanic

No. 966590

Should I get checked for adhd?

No. 966607

Will he?

No. 966619

Will he survive this?

No. 966621

More like adhme

No. 966627

Do I really need therapy

No. 966684

should i give up and just play safe?

No. 966731

should i?

No. 967083

Is it going to be fine?

No. 967089

Is backstreet back?

No. 967090


No. 967619

Will I soon get a fulltime job in my industry, or get so rich that I'll never have to get a job ever?

No. 967625

I mean, okay. If that'll do it.

No. 967640

do i do it

No. 967734

File: 1636854592036.jpg (38.92 KB, 231x400, 13-s.jpg)

Alright, completed the rest. Will I get in now?

No. 967739

Am I gonna be put on the back burner?

No. 968004

am I gonna hear back soon?

No. 968006

I said….am I gonna hear back soon?

No. 968070

willi stop being a dumb little bitch when 2022 hits

No. 968081

would he

No. 968153

Will I get my results tomorrow

No. 968187

will he win give it to me straight

No. 968191

will this relationship thing be successful in the end

No. 968193

going to ask the same thing

No. 968228

Will she ever face consequences for her bullshit?

No. 968289

Should I just come out and tell her I don’t have the energy to go?

No. 968298

Will she pay as soon as I remind her?

No. 968307

should I give in and hookup with someone?

No. 968308


No. 968334

Will I find a hot wardrobe tomorrow

No. 968403

should i stop talking to them

No. 968697

Should I get a vertical labret?

No. 968703

Am i insane?

No. 968720

am I free

No. 969090

are they interested in talking to me?

No. 969270

Am I going to hear back from him soon?

No. 969482

Should I take it?

No. 969826

Should I try?

No. 969827

Does this mean I won't succeed, ever?

No. 969891

Should I just attempt to sudoku instead of trying?

No. 970101

Should I break up with him

No. 970143

should I say something?

No. 970145

goddamnit, should I do it now then?

No. 970146

you're a tricky one…

No. 970148

is there any way to make this better

No. 970151

will it at least stop soon?

No. 970169

Is this whole thing going to be over soon?

No. 970194

Is the interview going to go well

No. 970195

So is it

No. 970196

Yep, knew it. Shouldn’t even have asked.

No. 970281

Is it a scam?

No. 970533

Will it be restocked soon?

No. 970542

Should I just buy it off IW then?

No. 970544

will they turn me away because I'm sick?

No. 970555

I don't know why I'll ;pay a price but they xdid

should I still get food?

No. 970590

Should I send my CV? I feel like I will get hired because I can make sentences and shit, but is this a good time to do this?

No. 970591

Come on.

No. 970649

am I going to lose my life

No. 970674

will i get into this web dev course?

No. 970688

will i get in?

No. 970728

Is she attracted to me?

No. 970734

Is it happening?

No. 970735


No. 970811

Is he still into me?

No. 970813

God please no.

No. 970858

Will they get together?

No. 970903

should I go

No. 970918

Will I get a job I enjoy soon?

No. 970920

Will I be successful in this ?

No. 970932

Do anons find me annoying

No. 970956

hey sonic.

im gonna tell the person i like that im into them. are they into me? you can be honest…

No. 970965

will i have to keep going the next few days?

No. 970978

sonic will i ever feel joy again

No. 970986

Will I move to that city next yr for that reason?

No. 971001

Sanic it's tomorrow I need an answer please

No. 972260

Will I be offered a relevant fulltime job within 2 months from now?

No. 972264

Can I go an entire month without another migraine, please sanic

No. 972266

Please sir, please

No. 972267

Thank you Sanic, God bless you

No. 972535

Should I buy it now or wait?

No. 972773

Should I text my ex

No. 972842

Does she mean it romantically?

No. 972845

Oh phew

No. 972910

am i gonna get a third date?

No. 972947

Will I ever get better

No. 972962

the answer is always no, nonnie

No. 972998

does he find me annoying

No. 973255

Am I fucked, medically speaking?

No. 973280

Holy shit I should just kms

No. 973383

Do i stop talking to him and completely ghost him

No. 973384

Will he leak my stuff if i do that

No. 973385

No. 973420

File: 1637408047371.png (29.61 KB, 400x400, 1606088539003.png)

Don't, because >>945666

No. 973885

should i bleach my hair again?

No. 974162

For Christmas should I go home for two weeks instead of three?

No. 974181

will I ever get a reply

No. 974185

will fame break me

No. 974202

Will he try to contact me again

No. 974297

am i gay

No. 974325

File: 1637496238221.jpg (9.98 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 974464

No. 974670

Does she want to stay with me?

No. 974783

Will I get the apartment next year?

No. 974797

No. 974801

Will I go to therapy next year?

No. 974963

should i trust him?

No. 974965

Will we ever live together?

No. 975365

Answer my plea, great Sonic.

You already know what it is.

No. 975367

Will I get an A for this project?

No. 975383

will she ever forgive me?

No. 975423

Well. Alright. What about my next question? What's the answer to that?

No. 975444

Will she get her comeuppance before Christmas!?

No. 975445

Will she see a fallout from her stupidity before Christmas?

No. 975456

Trips means yes, at a great price. So she's gonna get her comeuppance, and it's gonna hurrrrtttt

No. 975507

will i get into one of the programs i applied to?

No. 975575

Will I get > 11liters of olive oil from my olives tomorrow?

No. 975583

Will I get the job?

No. 975586

Does he miss me

No. 975612

should I do it?

No. 975658

does my hairstyle looks good?

No. 975660


No. 975669

could i score him?

No. 975671

will i have a good life

No. 975672

No. 975674

will I get a bunch of stuff in the mail tomorrow

No. 975676

Should i trim my ends?

No. 975679

could i take it?

No. 975683

could i fix him?

No. 975688

should i drink more water?

No. 975695

should nonnie try some refreshing root beer instead?

No. 975696

is anon going to drown?

No. 975701

No. 975716

Holy shit nonnette, I was so focused on the last number I totally missed that!

No. 975745

Is he going to hmu AGAIN!?

No. 975746

Should i post it?

No. 975753

Is my CV good for the jobs I want to apply for now?

No. 975754

Happens to the best of us, fellow nonnette!

No. 975756

Should I play video games until I feel guilty enough to finish this assignment or should I just shut up and do it?

No. 975757


No. 975833

am i being ghosted?

No. 975844

Alright is she into me?

No. 975845

Ok let me ask something else in the meantime: Does the other she think of me?

No. 975991

will my tiny dick fat ex die

No. 975994

is it going to happen soon?

No. 975995

alright sanic, IS IT GOING TO HAPPEN SOON? or not?

No. 975996

Is what I am thinking about true

No. 975998

aight then screw u you dickless little totem bitch

No. 976013

Should i buy this account?

No. 976014

Will this girl swindle me?

No. 976043

Is she actually into me?

No. 976121

is she going to keep her end of the deal?

No. 976172

is the package going to be as HEFTY as I expect it will be? will I be in awe at it?

No. 976197

Will I be alone forever?

No. 976286

Will it happen to us too?

No. 976289

Should I take that as a yes?

No. 976467

Do I need the shoes?

No. 976521

should I say fuck it and buy all the concert tickets I'm still debating on getting

No. 976525

thank you for validating my stupid purchases sanic sama

No. 976538

Does he want to fuck me?

No. 976594

should i give up on this impossible dream?

No. 976596


No. 976604

I'm back. Is she?

No. 976615

am I overthinking this?

No. 977085

will i get superduper rich next month?

No. 977094

Should I go?

No. 977133

Will my feet hurt at work today

No. 977141

will she pay this weekend?

No. 977191

Am I actually lesbian?

No. 977197

Will I ever stop sweating?

No. 977251

should I remove my nail polish

No. 977378

Oh please great sanic, will I actually get any sort of artwork finished tonight?

No. 977443

How about the month after that? I want money, lots of it

No. 977445

should i open my heart to forgiveness?

No. 977607

ok srs sanic does she want me?

No. 977608

i already know she does tbh but ty sir

No. 977627

Should I watch the entirety of Chris Chan's comprehensive history?

No. 977628

am overruling Sanic's authority by saying that no, you shouldnt

No. 977629

Would my husbando feel the same?

No. 977662

Yes it was well worth the 50 hours or whatever

Sanic back me up

No. 977899

Will she fall in love with me?

No. 978161

No. 978163

am I okay???

No. 978246

Is my cat going to be mad at me

No. 978247

God fucking damnit

No. 978399

Will I have a child (or more) eventually?

No. 978414

will i go to california next yr

No. 978418

will i find lots of glitter to match my new polishes??

No. 978488

will it work

No. 978500

should i just give up

No. 978548

will i fall in love in 2022?

No. 978549

will I get a cool scar?

No. 978554

Should i see it?

No. 978555

should i see that pic?

No. 978564

Am I picking the right major

No. 978566

Asking again sanic my holy lord and savior

No. 978585

Think I can vacuum the house in only twenty minutes??

No. 978586

I'll prove you wrong you stupid bitch

No. 979499

Will I get a good job offer within 2 months from now?

No. 979504

Great! By good, I assume it'll be in my industry and area with a decent pay. Is that right?

No. 979510

Will the job offer be good in the way I want it to be?

No. 979512

will i ever get 1000 followers?

No. 979513

No. 979536

Is it too graphic?

No. 979591

will I ever have friends

No. 979596

Is he in love with me

No. 980051

are my teeth okay?

No. 980111

Do you wanna hold hands?

No. 980112

Will i lose this tooth?

No. 980115

am I gonna find someone new to like?

No. 980128

Will I succeed?

No. 980131

Is his girlfriend a lolcow/chan user because I get vibes

No. 980151

will I ever be truly happy?

No. 980299

Should I buy Ring Fit Adventure?

No. 980330

Will I be able to live with him?

No. 980543

should I move on?

No. 980696

will it get better?

No. 980869

Should I buy the paintings?

No. 980876

Did I fuck up?

No. 980886

should i kill myself

No. 980933

don't listen to him bitch

No. 981188

am I going to get blacked hard soon

No. 981247

should i continue

No. 981260

PLEASE will i lose 5kg and stay like that please

No. 981434

O Sanic O Sanic, will 2022 be a good year for me?

No. 981444


No. 981483

Oh great and mysterious Sanic,

Will a skill-based CV give me good and instant results? Will it, in other words, be better than my current one for my situation?

No. 981490

Will it ever get better?

No. 981496


No. 981510

Will my orientation go well tomorrow?

No. 981543

Should I finish my application and submit it?

No. 981599

will it all work out this time?

No. 981618

Am I gonna turn this shit around for the better tomorrow?

No. 981619

Fuck… will things be better than expected? Reroll

No. 981621

Sanic, will i ever stop being sick every 3 days??

No. 981668

Will this weekend go well?

No. 982031

Should I prepare?

No. 982416

is it what i hope it is?

No. 982417

i hate how happy this makes me feel. i'm so fucking stupid.

No. 982523

Is he not into me?

No. 982944

Will the meeting go well tomorrow?

No. 983167

Should I just give up on life?

No. 983169

Fair enough. I'll give it some time and decide later.

No. 984034

is it over?

No. 984040

No. 984183

Will I make some new friends?

No. 984350

Will i do it this yule?

No. 984389

Will I get the job?

No. 984591

Should I just buy the GPU?

No. 984891

we getting back together or nah

No. 985127

Will I pass the first interview?

No. 985130

Okay, do they have other candidates that would be a better fit, or that they think would be a better fit than me?

No. 985255


No. 985533

should i try again lol

No. 985653

Is jj the one?

No. 985682

is he absolutely, 100% in love with me?

No. 986322

is it?

No. 986330

Does he like me less today

No. 986333

Is my next one going through?

No. 986351

will i lose weight doing this

No. 986368

Will we wind up together?

No. 986371

should I ask her out?

No. 986374

You gotta do it now!!! Good luck, anon!

No. 986432

is he mad at me now

No. 986468

will I be offered a fulltime job in January that I'll be happy about?

No. 986495

Would he want to be my bf

No. 986517

Should i wash my leg?

No. 986521

should i draw him more?

No. 986523

fuck yeah!

No. 986547

its really scary but im really bored.. it could change my life, i'd be home in a few months. people would stop thinking im a failiure should i do it?

No. 986550

am i really an idiot newfag chan?

No. 986666

am i a retard

No. 986679

you're here, aren't you?

No. 986681

are we all retards

No. 986694

I didn't need sanic to tell me this to know the truth

No. 986928

Will that be the case?

No. 986955

Should I go for G ?

No. 986995

I know, Sanic - suffering always awaits me. Will something really good come my way soon, then?

No. 986997


No. 987048

Don't listen to this faggot he doesn't know anything

No. 987187

Is j viable?

No. 987217

should i give up and block him?

No. 987336

Thank you, I won't. Fuck you, Sanic.


No. 987414

Should I suck it up and go into uni tomorrow?

No. 987416

Ok, should I woman up and go into uni tomorrow?

No. 987417

Is she real?

No. 987418

File: 1638842569880.png (344.37 KB, 1168x657, jZXo2XO.png)

I'm not going Sanic xx

No. 987431

hes already decided.

sanic tax, will they actually hire me

No. 987681

does she think of me the same way I think of her?

No. 987685

Will I ever meet a cool and interesting girl?

No. 987687

Okay, wow, way to totally destroy my heart sonic.

No. 987688

Does my professor hate me now

No. 987726

Will we ever, actually, you know…?

No. 987827

will I?

No. 987858

Will I ever find my chandler bing

No. 988011

Will I have to move for my next job?

No. 988028

Will it be far away?

No. 988068

should I say something?

No. 988163

Will they interview me?

No. 988182

Should I be stupid and eat a pop-tart?

No. 988206

Are they all raging (angry)?

No. 988251

Then should I make blueberry pancakes?

No. 988261

should i prepare for the worst today?

No. 988264

will C* fuck me in february?

No. 988267

did anyone buy my special today?

No. 988271

is the same thing going to happen here too?

No. 988272

No. 988300

will it happen??

No. 988303

i hope youre right!!

second question-
will his family like me?

No. 988436

Am I raging (lesbian)?

No. 988467

Did she fall asleep?

No. 988470

Should I order kebab?

No. 988471

Okay, I'll order extra for you then, Sonic. I'll drown you in sauce

No. 989372

Will I pass?

No. 989531

Will anything change by jan 11th?

No. 989606

Did it go well?

No. 989609

should I break up with him?

No. 989655

Is the retsrd going to reply by Friday?

No. 989678

will I be able to do it without fainting?

No. 989698

Will I ever get a girlfriend?

No. 989741

i want to know too, will i ever get a gf

No. 989747

Should I bring home my work laptop?

No. 989782

Will I make really good tips tonight?

No. 989876

Will the sex be good though?

No. 989885

Will I?

No. 989887

That's fine. Will the other thing happen, though?

No. 989892

will it go well?

No. 989940

should I go to the store

No. 990122

will I become president

No. 990135

No. 990269

Am I gonna get my period soon or what sonic

No. 990270

Lol okay I’ll update if it works

No. 990661

Sonic, you little shit. I DID pass!

No. 990664

He lied about the donda album to me too. Feel righteous.

No. 990686

Yo sanic.. am I a starchild?

No. 990688

Should I finally do it

No. 990694

Should I do it

No. 990695

Should I?????

No. 990741

Will I get a proper job at the end of this study year?

No. 990751

What a liar, then. Grats on the donda album!

No. 991374

Do I have any chance at the media analyst position?

No. 991376


No. 991379

Not an answer, sanic. Please just answer the question

No. 991381

will he ever stop being retarded and rude?

No. 991420

Will I ever be friends with any of them?

No. 991421

Does she miss me?

No. 991548

Will they ever take the initiative.

No. 991554

Am I an outsider?

No. 991555

Am I an outsider to them?

No. 991648

Would he be good in bed?

No. 991654

Good, I wont be missing out then

No. 991871

If I go and meet him will it be worth it?

No. 991922

Should I apply for the rpa internship?

No. 991948

Will they text?

No. 991951

No. 991982

No. 992025

Reroll pls

No. 992063

are him and his family safe?

No. 992151

Will I get to know him

No. 992155

Will I btfo them?

No. 992156

at least put them in their place?

No. 992157

Does he actually wanna date me?

No. 992166

When will they learn to stop testing me until it's too late?

No. 992172

Is he interested?

No. 992175

lmao thanks sanic i won't waste my time then

No. 992230

Were they affected severely by the tornado?

No. 992303

will they last longer this time?

No. 992574

Am I making a mistake?

No. 992970

Tell me sanic

No. 992980

will my mindset shift in a positive direction?

No. 992989

Sonic am I gonna figure all this shit out tomorrow for the better?

No. 993065

Should i delete it?

No. 993068

am i having a panic attack?

No. 993069

is it big? please say yes sanic

No. 993073


No. 993074

Should i try?

No. 993076

should i try??

No. 993077

am i justified?

No. 993080

Am I going to be alone for the rest of my life?

No. 993097

Another one?

No. 993102

Well I'd like a clear answer sir

No. 993107

I don't have to listen to you.

No. 993110

oh shit… does this mean sanic is gonna be my boyfriend instead?

No. 993161

Will there be more?

No. 993199

Will my cramps go away in the next 15 minutes?

No. 993200

Happy to pay up

No. 993206

Oh fuck it worked

No. 993557

should I take physics

No. 993564

Will I manage to get a undamaged copy of that art book I want?

No. 993621

So will she or will she not???

No. 993623

Aww yeaaah nona gettin a pristine book

No. 994610

Should I eat the breakfast pastry?

No. 994876

should i bail on this interview

No. 995121

Is redownloading hinge a mistake?

No. 995376

will i pass on my upcoming test?

No. 995391

Will they offer me the job?

No. 995637

Will I find a place to settle down?

No. 995838

should I journey to get the burg

No. 996002

will it go well?

No. 996003

sanic pls retry

No. 996031

Should I bring my computer?

No. 996033

Is Santa real

No. 996261

Am I a milf sanic?

No. 996264

Should I just do it

No. 996277

Will i find love in the next 2 years?

No. 996285

No. 996321

Will I become a millionaire within 6 months?

No. 996339

WHOA! Good for you anon!

No. 996356

Is 2022 gonna be worse for me?

No. 996399

are these psychos going to cause trouble again

No. 996810

Thank you, anon. <3

And thank you, great Sanic. I will be expecting it now.

No. 996864

will i find anything at the goodwill

No. 997142

Should I have another drink Evil demonic sonic totem?

No. 997147

Should I get rid of her?

No. 997176

Sanic will the soda make my skin bad I wanna keep drinking it but I don’t wan another breakout pls

No. 997287

Should I make a quesadilla?

No. 997380

Is nordland 2 better than nordland 1

No. 997469

second this. I feel awful atm.

No. 997471

I don't want to

No. 997492

Should I keep it to myself?

No. 997540

Will she get the house

No. 997929

should i paint my nails?

No. 998146

should i wash my hair the day of?

No. 998208

Should I do something fun with my hair?

No. 998292

is pixielocks a crazy munchie?

No. 998294

Is he going to dump me

No. 998296

Is he over me

No. 998297

Will I find love again

No. 998299

Will he forgive me

No. 998300

Is he dumping me

No. 998302

Does he love me

No. 998304

Does he love me

No. 998305

is pixie locks truly ~afflicted~ with DID

No. 998306

Does he still want to date me

No. 998307

based sanic truly does know

No. 998314

if I go to prison will the other prisoners let me hum little songs in my usual screetchlike manner

No. 998318


No. 998420

Should I pursue that job?

No. 998942

Am I overthinking?

No. 998943

So my suspicions are real?

No. 999208

Will I be ok today?

No. 999421


No. 999422

File: 1639939616738.gif (1.6 MB, 500x318, surprised-andy.gif)

No. 999425

will this pain go away?
Good for you anon

No. 999428

should i show them my progress?

No. 999430

Should i worry?

No. 999443


No. 999463

Will this term be easy?

No. 999465

Will I find a decent job soon?

No. 999467

Will I keep the job for at least a year?

No. 999478

Will I ever be able to control my emotions?

No. 999595

Will I defeat all odds and end up in my cute cottage surrounded by nature and far away from my worries?

No. 999612


No. 999633

Should I start an Insta (evens) or Tumblr (odds)?

No. 999657

Okay bitch, then will I defeat all odds and end up in my cute CHATEAU surrounded by nature and far away from my worries?

No. 999831

Will I regret lying?

No. 999859

Is tomorrow going to be the day I pull myself out of this goddamn crisis

No. 999990

Sanic, will Lolcow survive the internet?

No. 1000231

should I stop being lazy and go now

No. 1000246

Will the good times last?

No. 1000397

Will he write to me later today?

No. 1000428

File: 1640028077741.gif (2.67 KB, 80x80, 1684679kip97fd71o.gif)


No. 1000495

should i fart right now?

No. 1000496


No. 1000497

i sharted

No. 1000514

Should I run away?

No. 1000518

Should I buy more modafinil?

No. 1000524

how are you getting it?

No. 1000550

They sell it in any pharmacy in my country. No prescription needed and the generic version is pretty cheap.

No. 1000552

Will everything be okay tomorrow?

No. 1000627

should I buy a toy?

No. 1000635

I'll take that as a yes

No. 1000636

Is she attracted to me, even a little?

No. 1000917

Should I just do it next year?

No. 1001246

Is he gay?

No. 1001248

No. 1001285

Do I?

No. 1001305

Will the interview go the way I want it to?

No. 1001306

No. 1001516

Is he in love with me?

No. 1001518

lmao called it

No. 1001549

will the expansion of the city bring less retards than what I'm currently dealing with at home

No. 1001565

Are his initials JK?

No. 1001595

Would they turn against me?

No. 1001608

One more.

Would he be good in…?

No. 1001611

Will I achieve it?

No. 1001700

Will I have to confess?

No. 1001714

should i do it o mighty sanic

No. 1001746

will i ever smash

No. 1001747

will i ever hulk smash that pussy

No. 1001748

Will I ever be able to stop?

No. 1001749

No, fuck you, I don't need your validation you stupid blue idiot

No. 1001754

No. 1001886

I asked this before sanic but I saw that yaoi doujin cover again so, should I buy it?

No. 1001892

will I ever get what I need

No. 1002023

should i create a husbando tulpa

No. 1002103

should I find a boyfriend

No. 1002207

Will she have a boy?

No. 1002210

Do any of them find me attractive?

No. 1002230

Will anything come of this?

No. 1002240

Will we be friends in the future?

No. 1002269

is he genuine?

No. 1002270

do I have a heart condition?

No. 1002395

Will I meet them soon?

No. 1002411

Will I fuck a guy from work

No. 1002662

take a tablet?

No. 1002682

will i make it?

No. 1002702

Will she just accept it?

No. 1003060

Does she want me

No. 1003061

Well here I am

No. 1003159

am I famous?

No. 1003216

Will I find band members soon?

No. 1003260

Will my ___ take in the next couple of years if I work really hard at it?

No. 1003293

Does he love me?

No. 1003357

will i be happy at this job?

No. 1003399

should i give my coworker the cookies i made

No. 1003401

reroll because i want to give him the cookies.

No. 1003509

should i go by myself to the art gallery?

No. 1003512

i get it i'm lonely! but really, should i go by myself?

No. 1005124

Will i find love in 2022?

No. 1005127

No. 1005130

should I splurge

No. 1005132

wtf, that doesn't help

No. 1005543

Am I wrong?

No. 1005775

Will they ever find out I lied about my age?

No. 1005850

Should I go to Florence with him?

No. 1005851

I'll gladly go with you instead, Sanic-chan <3

No. 1005864

Will things get better between me and him?

No. 1005878

Will the they offer me a fulltime job during my internship?

No. 1005880

will a hot man make love to me on vacation

No. 1005881

you've lied before, so I'll ignore that.

No. 1005883

I think we're all going to Florence together

No. 1006122

does he like me?

No. 1006313

Is she lying to me?

No. 1006370

Should I get into coom game development for some extra $$$?

No. 1006376

should I go back

No. 1006407

am I buff

No. 1006457

Will the COVID-19 pandemic end in the Western World in June 2023?

No. 1006490

will I get a nsa sponsor soon?

No. 1006508

Does she have a problem with me?

No. 1006806

Will we ever be how it was before

No. 1007390

Is my intuition right?

No. 1008159

should I call out of work today?

No. 1008165

reroll, should I find a way to get tested today?

No. 1008167

b-but sanic, I’ll get everyone sick… that’s unsafe advice. do you think I caught the virus?

No. 1008451

Will I get a good (location + pay) job offer within my industry in January?

No. 1008479

Will he speak to me again?

No. 1008657

do i have it?

No. 1009038


No. 1009159

Is he insanely into me?

No. 1009426

i already asked this and got a good answer so i don't want to jinx it but… will i pass my test today? i'm so nervous

No. 1010456

Am i bisexual

No. 1010458

No. 1011028

Will I get a cute gf in 2022?

No. 1011056

Will 2022 be a good year?

No. 1011095

Will I achieve my 2022 goals?

No. 1011097

Ok will I achieve some of my 2022 goals (the most important ones)?

No. 1011098

will i lose weight this year

No. 1011100

Will i accomplish my new year's resolutions?

No. 1011103

Sanic please, will i accomplish my new year's resolutions?

No. 1011105

kekk welp i anticipate it

No. 1011107

will i get a boyfriend next year

No. 1011109

will i be happier next year

No. 1011113

will i move to korea next year

No. 1011115


No. 1011116

fuck you

No. 1011143

Is she lying?

No. 1011176


No. 1011177

will i ever be able to make art a career

No. 1011178

thanks sonic i will try my best

No. 1011288

will i become more successful this year?

No. 1011333

Can i meet him?

No. 1012118

I return to thy o great sonic totem show me your guidance
should I cut my hair?

No. 1012119

yes or no?

No. 1012829

Is he obsessed with me?

No. 1012830

Phew. Good. Good.

No. 1013057

will 2022 be a good year for me

No. 1013079

will it be released for pc this year

No. 1013084

will it????

No. 1013095

will I blow up and make a million bucks

No. 1013107

No. 1013153

pretty please sanic?

No. 1013157

Do I break up with him

No. 1013193

maybe he just wants me to ask if I will get 999,999,999 dollars

No. 1013206

Will he ask me out if i stalk him hard enough

No. 1013463

will I make less than 1 million, more than 1k dollars

No. 1013522

Did she act that way because she was into me?

No. 1013526

will my pussy pop and will i make it to heaven

No. 1013534

I am extremely proud and happy for you

No. 1014104

should i reply today

No. 1014132

No. 1014311

Do I kill him sanic

No. 1014312


No. 1014362

is it even worth it

No. 1014363


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 1014484

Will I achieve my dreams?

No. 1014486

does he love me sonic

No. 1014498

Will he catch karma?

No. 1014777

will she die this year?

No. 1014778

No. 1014783

will I finally get it this year

No. 1014784

Will I achieve my dreams?

No. 1014785

Oh no I'm trapped in a loop

No. 1014786

sanic why do you gotta be so uncertain and mean I'm sick and sniffling be nice to me

No. 1014788

okay sanic if it's truly happening for all eternity it better be this year. you mother effer

No. 1014793

and I know suffering awaits, but I still want it. it has to be less suffering than where i am now. hopefully this plays true.

No. 1014804

Will i get my job?

No. 1014812

Will this job last?

No. 1015497

my birthday is coming up, will I be able to ask her out and have her there

No. 1015523

Will things go how I want them to go this year?

No. 1015526

Reroll. Sonic please tell me.

No. 1015546

Will I achieve my friggin dreams???

No. 1015549

GOD YES an answer and it's actually positive. Bless you sargnarg

No. 1015669

How does this question thing work?
I tried to ask a question, but Sonic didn't answer.

No. 1015676

will he benefit from therapy?

No. 1015690

Will I meet her again?

No. 1015691

Sanic pls, I meant her - not you.

No. 1015694

Last digit of your post is the answer to the question, sanic is too powerful so be careful what you ask

No. 1015701

I don't see any digits

No. 1015712

Nta but your post is >>1015701
See it ends in 01, that's it

No. 1015717

There's no digits at the end, I literally can't see them.

No. 1015720

That means death usually

No. 1015721

Are y'all just pretending to see numbers? Wtf? What is the point in all this?

No. 1015724

File: 1641334787950.jpg (33.27 KB, 991x246, Screenshot_20220105-001815_Chr…)

this number you dummy

No. 1015725

ohhh, thanks.

No. 1015736

You were really expecting the chris chan sonic totem to answer you, huh

No. 1015739

Will i get into the school that i want?

No. 1015754

Has LL been reaching out to me?

No. 1015758

Is he my patron?

No. 1015759

Will I get some dick this month?

No. 1015761

Will I in fact meet someone I like this year

No. 1015790

Was and is she into me?

No. 1015797

SOnic is the relationship advice thread ever going to stop with the
> poly is good
> you should fuck old men
type spergings? Will it ever end?

No. 1015904

ok but in this case what does 01 mean? dubs and trips are good I suppose

No. 1015906

Will I make it?

No. 1015912

>dubs and trips
I've been here for so long and Ive never noticed that part, I don't know how

No. 1015964

will they prescribe me beta blockers after all?

No. 1015976

Is it?

No. 1016001

will it ever happen

No. 1016492

What other part you noticed tho? I only got that one nonnie. Help me out

No. 1016928

If he were real would my husbando and I have children

No. 1016940

Is he going to be a real person

No. 1017423

Will it go well for me?

No. 1017554

lmao to both your question and the answer

No. 1018321

what about today?

No. 1018448

will things be better soon

No. 1018449

No. 1018480

Should I try contacting my friend I haven’t talked to in over five years?

No. 1018535

Should I take a gamble with this GPU?

No. 1018822

Should I stop ignoring my health problems?

No. 1020119

should i volunteer at the suicide crisis line?

No. 1020577

Will I get married at all?

No. 1021171

Was that really just a test?

No. 1021219

Damn Sonic that is a one cold answer

No. 1021239

You can do both, masturbate while answering the line

No. 1021241

Wild child

No. 1021247

sometimes i think this iteration of sanic is very much a chaotic evil character looking to lead us astray

No. 1021290

Will things between us last?

No. 1021404

Will this year be good for me?

No. 1021406

Will this year be good for me? Sanic pls

No. 1021725

Is the magic gone?

No. 1021867

did i do something wrong?

No. 1021897

is art really imitating my life

No. 1021900

they didn’t

No. 1021914

I’m almost afraid to ask. Will we get back together again?

No. 1021915

fuck you sonic tell me now

No. 1022209


But will I get it?

No. 1022211


Last try. PLease sonic, will I get it?

No. 1022224

should i bake something for the coworker who is always nice to me

No. 1022225

answer me bitch. you told me to jerk off both times i asked you a question. you are satan in the desert.

No. 1022996

Should I try to get a boyfriend this year?

No. 1023912


No. 1023925

Is there anything between us actually

No. 1024035

Will I win?

No. 1024113

Do I dare?

No. 1025106

was my last grade professors mistakes?

No. 1025109

that doesnt explain shit. was my last grade professors mistake?

No. 1025628

trying again

No. 1025636

Will my odontectomy go well tomorrow?

No. 1026003

Should I do it today?

No. 1026041

Should I just draw porn?

No. 1026043

File: 1642094321370.jpg (8.63 KB, 480x360, oXEee5IXw-UjM84gxobmdL9obpFUYb…)

No. 1026050

File: 1642094893843.jpg (48.36 KB, 424x640, 3b41c9c3d7a3bd9e320f989a9666e5…)

Sanddick should I kill myself

No. 1026055

File: 1642095323390.jpg (19.94 KB, 236x399, 859e1f3df3db099e320dea983f6138…)

P-please don't, Senpai! There must be another way…

No. 1026056

Should i try to apply for this famous school in the capital of my country ?

No. 1026084

Does she even care?

No. 1026086

Does she?

No. 1026098

do they talk to me out of pity

No. 1026146

do i date a cute guy this year

No. 1026147

File: 1642100356994.jpg (58.04 KB, 312x239, 7K9SE0LTOGBNE7T0ACMDESIJG-12.j…)

Sanic said he will see me soon. It's his duty to decide

No. 1026148


No. 1026160

Will I ever find happiness

No. 1026165

Will I ever be happy

No. 1026166


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 1026195

new new thread because i forgot how to count


No. 1076697

should i wait for my paycheck to buy flower?

No. 1076703

sorry for bumping this i didn't realize there was a new thread i'm a dumbass

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