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No. 915118

Post random things you hate and why. A picture of the thing you hate is always appreciated. Please don't vent about your life here. For venting about your personal life, your family, neighbors, boyfriend, coworkers etc use the vent thread. For minor annoyances in your very personal daily life use the annoying thread. Thank you. Commentary is fine (positive, negative or neutral) as long as you don't come here to start a retarded infight with your personal issues. Keep the borzois in mind.

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No. 915344

Why is the thread pic cute dogs?

No. 915452

i hate this album cover. it makes me want to vomit when i look at it and i can't forget it exists. it haunts my memories. men need to be systematically slaughtered.

WARNING, it's basically illustrated child porn.

No. 915467

It's like the scrotes who spam CP here got a graphic design gig

No. 915471

File: 1631931552610.jpg (54.77 KB, 731x588, 1555541064643.jpg)

Ah, should have read your post before opening

No. 915478

why is everyone on the internet a tranny and why are they so mean and whiny
i like the black pink anime aesthetic but everytime i click a profile with it they are a seething transperson
i joined discord groups to make friends and i stopped putting my gender or sex because the trannies would swarm toxically to shit on everything i say
i posted a photo of my cupcake on a server and the first 2 responses were hateful anachans reeing how shit that food is and a tranny saying my cupcake is bad taste and posting 5 dark and blurry photos of his ugly junky dinner
the attention whoring is and toxicity they bring makes me want to leave the internet

No. 915481

Block trannies on sight nonny and assume every uwu anime discord is infested with them. I've seen crypto terf anime accounts though, they out there.

No. 915484

is it the nirvana album, could have sworn the guy who was in that album cover is suing

No. 915488

No, lol, it's scorpions and think literal child porn (but it's okay cause it's just for shock value!!! we aren't pedos, guys)

No. 915519

i hate being tired. im so tired of being tired. i wish i never had to sleep, i would feel so much less anxiety about how i spent my time. i like to sleep, but i just really hate that i have to sleep. i can't even keep track of the days anymore im so tired all the time. if sleep was an option rather than being totally necessary to live i would opt out most days so i could do more stuff.

No. 915523

scorpions - virgin killer

serious warning, it's a photo of a naked child

No. 915529

File: 1631935912542.jpg (165.19 KB, 683x810, Untitled.jpg)

hate all the boring fucks who wear basic suits/dresses to the met gala. you have one night to dress up in some crazy avant-garde stuff and pick this. picrel is extra funny to me bc right behind them is someone in an extravagant and wild outfit, which should be the point.

No. 915531

pic is deleted?

No. 915532

are you on medication or anything?

yeah some dumbass mod removed it and banned me for 45 minutes (???) but it's >>915523
heed the warning

No. 915537

i hate the met gala, the people who attend, and the people who pay attention to that overall lame celeb event

No. 915538

>Dumbass mod removed it
I mean, isn't it obvious why it was removed?

No. 915540

Is that anitta? Her moid is pretty unimpressive looking and his pants don't match the suit

No. 915544

it was warned and spoiled. since when are people not allowed to post nsfw shit when it's warned and spoiled?

No. 915551

File: 1631936959086.jpg (12.79 KB, 352x395, DcHLMbNV4AEQ-ZW.jpg)

>>WARNING, it's basically illustrated child porn.
Oh! you warned us about the child porn and spoilered it, that totally makes it okay to keep up.

No. 915554

>illustrated cp
>some dumbass mod removed it

you're a moron.

No. 915567

you can just admit you banned for a stupid reason and move on

No. 915571

unintegrated faggots that reply to their stupid posts 5 seconds afterward to correct a typo when they could have just deleted and reposted after fixing the error

No. 915574

Why are you acting like it was just nsfw shit? Fuck off

No. 915575

I know how to delete and repost, sometimes I just get lazy. It takes too long to wait for the page to load again.

No. 915577

I get very tempted to do this sometimes out of laziness, and the flood detection you get when trying to repost

No. 915588

Meh I'll do it on /ot/

No. 915604

Isn't there also some metal album that has an actual dead kid on it? How the fuck is any of this allowed?

I hate this event, celebrities, and the retards who encourage it.

No. 915620

I only do this because sometimes people reply to the post before I get to delete it and it messes up the flow, also like the other anon said the flood detection is kind of annoying

No. 915664

this is the correct opinion.

No. 915689

It's a pain in the ass to first delete the post, fix the typo, then wait for 30 seconds to post it again and often the countdown is bugged so you'll end up waiting for a good while until you can repost. Meanwhile someone already replied to your now deleted post. I don't do the reply correction myself because iirc it's a bannable offense but I'm often tempted to do so.

No. 915741

File: 1631961858842.jpg (28.07 KB, 500x403, beatings.jpg)

>"Happy Latinx heritage month!
>"Please join our seminar to talk about Latinx culture!"
Dude, fucking Latino people hate this. Why will fucking Anglos not stop pushing this on people? It's linguistic imperialism for the sake of being "inclusive." Every time I see this word I am consumed with uncontrollable rage. I'm not even that protective over the language, there's just something so hypocritical about it. Every time I explain to someone that Latinos don't like this word they just explain how Spanish is sexist or anti-troid or something. I saw Facebook post some dumbass Latinx picture today and almost the whole comment section is Latinos telling Facebook to go fuck themselves and Facebook essentially tells them they'll get used to being called that. I just really fucking hate the word Latinx, but only half as much as I hate the people who use it.

No. 915747

It's a bannable offence? How come I never got banned for that? I should have since I did it more times than I care to admit (my phone posts are just awful)

No. 915748

I recall someone getting banned for it due to it falling under samefagging/spamming or some other reason, it's been a while though so it might've been under the previous admin who nearing the end of her reign went on a huge banning spree over any smallest mistake.

No. 915751

> Every time I explain to someone that Latinos don't like this word they just explain how Spanish is sexist or anti-troid or something. I saw Facebook post some dumbass Latinx picture today and almost the whole comment section is Latinos telling Facebook to go fuck themselves and Facebook essentially tells them they'll get used to being called that. I just really fucking hate the word Latinx, but only half as much as I hate the people who use it.

It feels so similar to basically being dominated and told our own language doesnt make sense. I'd have to explain to both white and black coworkers that latinos are offended by this latinx bullshit and please stop pushing this dumb ass agenda. I am not a latinx. Wtf

No. 915752

The met gala is nothing but pretentious garbage when that money can be donated to charities and used for good instead of inflating the egos of the celebs and the elite.

No. 915768

When people notice aloud that you're blushing, thanks I was already embarrassed enough, there was no need to mention it, I'm now mortified.

No. 915777

i'm glad i haven't dealt with these people. do they not understand how gendered languages work? they aren't literal lmao. these heritage months really piss me off tho "hispanics and people who we think are mexican" month is more correct but isn't very catchy.

No. 915782

>pain in the ass to first delete the post, fix the typo, then wait for 30 seconds to post it again
Wait till you hear about letters anon. If you cant handle 1 min inconvenience go to TikTok I hear it's snappity snap.

No. 915785

You sound miserable

No. 915786

nta but i have no problem doing that on computer, but my phone makes it almost impossible to type a post. when i delete, it doesn't save the message in the post window so i may have to retype everything from the beginning

No. 915789

File: 1631968569426.png (345.72 KB, 613x413, unknown.png)

kek, i was asking my south american bf about this word not long ago and he was genuinely confused because literally no one uses that where he is. it's just progressive american people who think they need to "fix" a language that isn't theirs

No. 915799

i dont give a fuck about carrie brownstein and sleater-kinney fucking sucks. sorry, i will not torture myself with it for libfem cookie points. it was hilarious to see media call them 'the best rock band in the world' just cause they wanted to seem woke lmfao

No. 915809

I hate it when I buy really fancy, expensive tech and it starts malfunctioning before a year has passed. Recently started happening with both my ipad and my earbuds. Idk if it's planned obsolence or if I'm just unlucky with tech, though.

No. 915822

The money goes to the museum, anon

No. 915857

What triggers me the most is why didn't they pick a letter that makes sense phonetically?

No. 915862

Who was calling them the best rock band in the world? At the end of the day, sleater-kinney's a relatively inoffensive act with a niche fanbase, it feels weird to have that strong of an opinion one way or another.

No. 915885

Faggots who make sexually inappropriate comments about Shawn Mendes, your not funny you dumb homo scrote you've been harassing him since he was a teenager and acting like its woke
I will personally murder every single faggot and white faghag in the world and I know I can beat up a faghag

No. 915890

No. 915907

>Who was calling them the best rock band in the world?
you could have just googled
there could be more, i dont want to keep looking.
>it feels weird to have that strong of an opinion one way or another
Oh, you should travel back in time and tell it to everyone was shilling them. Don't get me wrong, I usually don't remember S-K even being a thing. I was reminded by goodreads suggesting me Brownstein's memoir. It's just annoying when I feel like I have to like something because it's feminist or otherwise I have internalized misogyny or some other bs. It's more weird for me that according to you, disliking some band that was pushed down everyone's throats some time ago is going too far when it comes to having opinions.

No. 915909

men that grow their hair out long. i feel like i can’t think of a single instance where it looks good (besides maybe like indigenous people because they usually have great hair naturally). the guys i’m thinking about never know how to condition it so it just looks like fucking straw and then when they finally cut it they become 5x more attractive. why do they even do it in the first place? some kind of man bun fomo?

No. 915922

idk i've seen some metalheads with great hair. msot long-haired men don't condition it tho unfortunately

No. 915969

Hacky liberal journalists use a feminist caching to push retarded shit all the time, whether it's awkwafina, a dumb skincare line, or aoc. In that sense, pretty much every female musician with any amount of notoriety has been called a "feminist hero" by some irrelevant vox writer, so I don't know that it makes sense to say that sleater-kinney is getting shoved down your throat any more than usual.

I'm not saying it's weird to hate sleater-kinney, I'm just surprised because I haven't seen anyone mention that band at all for like five years. The most recent article you linked was from 2015 - that's a long time to carry a grudge lol

No. 916189

Maybe I've been lucky to avoid most libfem shilling, though I know what you mean. Imagine hearing about some supposedly awesome female band, you listen to it and it's shit… and everyone kept pushing the narrative how great they are. I think they were advertisted in my country with the retarded 'the best band in the world!!!' take.
As I said, I remembered I hate them because goodreads shoved the book in my face, so I came here to sperg lol. They released a new album recently, which didn't help (contrary to those articles being old, they have not disappeared 5 years ago). At least the one review I saw absolutely shat on it lol.
If it helps, I will never fucking watch Black Panther (I hate capeshit, but that's beyond the point) or any other movie that is shilled as must watch because 'XYZ rights!!!!' or 'you're -ist if you don't support it!!!'. And yeah, another outdated example that I've been reminded of by the #Ruthkanda tweet.

No. 916337

File: 1632005873733.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 85.78 KB, 650x1156, 0BCB113D-3AF4-4952-8A88-BE5599…)

I was gonna say my bf has long hair and it’s sexy but he’s native so maybe that’s why. He doesn’t even need to use great conditioner he uses that Men 3 in 1 stuff and his hair is always great. I am so jealous of him.

No. 916346

Anon, no.

No. 916353

I can just tell he's ugly

No. 916357

Who posts their bf to lolcow even with the face blacked out? What a cow

No. 916360

anon you crazy bitch you still have 10 minutes left to delete this

No. 916361

Post without the censor, fucking coward.

No. 916365

how are you this daft

No. 916379

They're just retards. Most guys with shitty long hair are white. Guys with long hair from cultures where its normal(indigenous, mexican, etc.) take care of their hair and they look good. Ive never seen a mexican scrote with shitty hair. But long hair on white men is almost always stringy and gross.

No. 916388

File: 1632009968044.jpg (82.3 KB, 671x717, Untitled.jpg)

cr1tikal is a perfect example of this. his hair is gorgeous and i think it complements his features. ia with the original post in that i typically don't like long hair on guys but some really rock it.

No. 916389

hes ugly!!!!!!!!! god get glasses and/or therapy

No. 916393

Isn't he white? Anyway, he's ugly.

No. 916401

Lol I feel weird for finding him attractive since the other anons are calling him ugly. Anyway I agree that he looks better with long hair, he looked fine with short hair but the long hair suits him more.

No. 916416

he's partially native, around 15% actually

No. 916424

hes mixed
and yall got a thread lusting over adam driver but have the gall to say charles is ugly? smhhhh

they just have horrible taste

No. 916427

I'm conflicted and need pics without this ugly beard for futher avaliation, his hair is indeed pretty tho

No. 916430

i just can't get into the stringiness of it. they never trim their ends on top of not conditioning.

No. 916439

He looks okay with long hair. He just needs to shave the beard though, it's hideous

No. 916454

This. holyshit. it's like white people trying to colonize the language. if someone ever called me a latinx, i'd actually get angry.

Mixed what?

No. 916459

He's mostly southern European and 15% Native American according to his ancestary test

No. 916466

white, native american and asian

No. 916468

>15% Native American
It's a stretch to call him mixed if it's only 15%.

No. 916471

most people assumed that he was half Asian actually, he looks mixed

No. 916475

>white and native american
That doesnt mean shit. Did he ever talk about this in a video? He looks pure white to pretty much anyone who sees him

No. 916476

I was actually going to ask one time if latinas and latinos actually refer to themselves as "latinx" or if that's just something american woketards do but didn't want to get accused of racebait

No. 916477

He took a DNA test, around 70% European(mostly Southern) and Native American

No. 916478

It's a stupid american woketard thing and it's highly offensive to actual latinos.

No. 916481

It's just something american woketards do, I am latin, pretty lefty and it still makes me wanna bunch someone

No. 916489

Only retards who want to seem woqué and suck daddy USA dick use it for their memes, articles and such, everyone else makes fun of them because it’s retarded and only shows their ignorance, yes, using Latinx is ignorant as fuck.

No. 916515

that's cool anon
you can stop race sperging now

No. 916552

His hair looks disgusting, is there something I'm missing here?
the driver thread is a containment thread for a handful of posters, precisely because the rest of us think he's too ugly lol

No. 916559

File: 1632020040342.jpeg (92.54 KB, 720x1280, 1C343329-CE57-4165-95BD-F6A9FE…)

i didn’t know who this was but i looked up pics of him with short hair and it just supports my op. he looks way better than with the long stringy struggle hair.

No. 916578

duckbutt hair is universally awful

No. 916579

yeah. that’s how bad the long hair looks.

No. 916584

Oh finally I know the name of the haircur I hate the most, anyone who wears it is a fucking idiot

No. 916681

File: 1632029360595.jpeg (41.99 KB, 400x400, 4498C5B5-CA9A-4818-8E2D-F0EA0E…)

Anons are retarded. He looks soooo much better with short hair. His current look is fucking disgusting. It’s permanent greasy quarantine struggle hair.

No. 916683

File: 1632029667687.jpeg (55.8 KB, 512x465, 8D63F605-FF02-444B-8961-54A556…)

Wrong, he should never shave again for the rest of his life. He’s the prime example of 5/10 manlet who lookmaxxed.

No. 916721

he looks like he swallowed a bee

No. 916756

Wasn't he like 19 on this pic? Maybe no beard would suit him better now, a lot of people lose their remaining baby fat in their twenties.

No. 916783

He looks like a greasy and unkempt homeless man in videos. He should get shorter hair at least.

No. 916795

I usually think men with longer hair are sexy but he actually looks better with short hair, it suits him much more. also damn I didn't know he had such a nice body

No. 916817

I hate those “tik tok made me buy it” comps.
I just hate watching dumbass people mindlessly buying all this useless excessive shit they don’t need. A lot of these people are the same ones who bitch about Bezos and Millionaires but continue to do this.

No. 916822

Well I disagree. I think it's better for a guy to have a baby face than to look like an unkempt hobo.

No. 916837

Same for me. I like the "consoomer" thread on kiwifarms a lot because I can hate watch these people.

No. 916839

I agree, he looks better. But I also think he's a guy that only looks good on selected still images. I saw a clip of him laughing and he literally looks like an ape.

No. 916840

No. 916841

No. 916842

ty nonnie

No. 916847

I hate positive affirmations and affirmation accounts. Instead of working through and learning from problems, just tell yourself “the sun is a happy yellow and so am I”
Then there’s the law of attraction and manifesting thots. I’ve thought about being killed by a meteor and/or ax man for over 10 years so where are they?

No. 916851

I had a teacher who took the Law of Attraction very literally and explained us that she could summon the tram to arrive just in time for her

No. 916870

Law of attraction isn't so literal, but tons of influencers are marketing it like it is. It's just basic psychology, ex. if you think you're not worthy of love then anyone who may love you will be turned off/you will sabotage yourself.

No. 916890

Anon, why would you post your bf on here?! Unless this isn't him..

No. 917069

I was very tipsy and I have no friends

No. 917092

There's this white guy in my class who has gorgeous long curls (on top of being handsome, too bad he has a gf). I'm jealous because a) he's a guy with prettier hair than I do and b) I've struggled with my curls all my fucking life why does a guy know how to handle his curls better than I do fml

No. 917101

By now I'm just jealous of anyone who has cute guys around them, even if they are unavailable, because all guys I see around are ugly kek

No. 917151

Men are just ugly on principle, it’s hard to find a good looking one

No. 917157

it reminds me of when I first heard of the term 'pornogrind' as in the music genre and googled it (please don't google it yourself), some of those image results sickened me, I couldn't stop thinking about it and how someone would be okay with making that their album cover. why are scrotes so heartless?

No. 917167

Does it have anything to do with sexual assault? I could've sworn I've heard that somewhere

No. 917171

>I first heard of the term 'pornogrind' as in the music genre and googled it (please don't google it yourself)
What is it?

No. 917179

afaik the music is basically full of lyrics about wanting to rape and murder, mostly targetted at women of course. the cover art involves what you'd imagine, the most disgusting degrading porn. it's disgusting that there is a whole genre and 'scene' for this type of music, must be full of abusers and rapists

No. 917189

Oh man, that's disgusting. Thanks for sharing since I was too worried to look it up. Women would never do such a thing, aim it at men and get any real audience. Horrible

No. 917193

Fuck, trying to browse this thread reminded me why I dislike KF. Like 1/20 of the thread is actual submissions, the rest is them talking about how "THEY fake fan, ME true fan" and start to sperg about their own collections in no time.

No. 917213

People that LARP as working class or poorfags to score brownie points in liberal circles. My ex used to do it and it drove me nuts. Imagine being the parents of a kid like that: you work your asses off to provide a better life for your child than the one you had growing up. You spoil them, give them fantastic holidays, the latest gadgets, fast fashion, they want for nothing - even when they're working you still bail them out. And then after all that hard work and nurturing them they turn around tell their dipshit friends they're working class and grew up with not much money because being middle class or rich is so not in style right now. I think I'd wanna kill my kid if they pulled that shit.

No. 917306

I doubt there are many women involved in the scene and the ones who are, I pity them

No. 917339


No. 917350

as someone who used to be into that scene and associated music subcultures, they always claim it's "ironic"

i was a young self-hating misogynist pickme, so this is accurate

No. 917356

I used to be really into the hardcore/extreme music scene but I always hated pornogrind and thought it was shitty, bottom of the barrel music for degenerates. Still do.

No. 917359

the first time I heard about pornogrind was in relation to this mass shooting. https://www.vice.com/en/article/j5yekp/exclusive-dayton-shooter-was-in-a-pornogrind-band-that-released-songs-about-raping-and-killing-women
Only read the article if you want to experience some serious moid induced brain bees.
>“Part of the music is you want to figure out ways to portray people as being dehumanized as much as possible or, you know, degraded. And sexual dehumanization and objectification is a big way of doing that,” Ward said. “If for some reason the music he made or whatever, somehow did do that for him, I feel that it's an exception, not the rule when it comes to people making this music. I feel it’s our responsibility to make it a point to let people know that, no, this is not what we actually stand for,” he added. “Our songs aren't prophecies, you know, like, they're not fucking, ominous fucking messages that are supposed to come true. They're just songs.”

men are a disease

No. 917363

File: 1632091662745.jpg (64.92 KB, 300x300, 2KxKyKQ.jpg)

I am starting to hate the word "Based". Both on Lolcow and Twitter, I can't stand that term anymore.

No. 917385

i hate limes

No. 917397

No. 917473

the people who do that are always marxist commie types

theyre good

No. 917474

Shut the fuck up.

No. 917478

No. 917503

I hate citrus fruit in general, based

No. 917552

No. 917555

No. 917585

File: 1632105603411.jpeg (189.97 KB, 1080x953, 5DFA2D52-30DA-40FE-9FD2-A4CB04…)

Citrus fruit is below-average fruit but citrus candy is worse than garbage.

No. 917611

Acidic fruits are indeed not based

No. 917616

based scurvy anon

No. 917620

No. 917720

File: 1632126775742.jpg (63.9 KB, 564x799, Maskmkp.jpg)

I hate how everything is contaminated by the male gaze, you can't genuinely love or enjoy anything related with beauty without being acused of pandering to males. The thing is due to males heavy tendency to fetichization even niche makeup or looks (goth for example) end up being pornified and sexualized, the only way to escape male's sexual obsession is to completely cover yourself up and not partake in beauty culture at all or wear extremely experimental looks that not everyone might be into.

No. 917743

Kinda dumb nitpick but I hate when the title of a song is repeated ad nauseam during the chorus, I'm currently going through Inkubus Sukkubus's discography and all of their songs are like that. I think I prefer songs that have some kind of title that is not in the lyrics.

No. 917744

people who restrict their entire identity to consooming and being a weeb have not nearly been bullied enough.

No. 917756

I know "people that do X have not been bullied enough" is a meme, but being bullied a lot can lead to falling deeper and deeper into consooming

No. 917767

true asf, being bullied let me to becoming a reclusive NEET for years, It took me years to recover and be a semi-normal person, but I'd never had to deal with that If I had never been bullied

No. 917791

that makeup is so cool

No. 917793

File: 1632140399931.png (99.64 KB, 737x725, 343434.png)

Everyday my hatred for Millennials and Zoomers increases day after day, its like they all missed the point of these books

my main takeaway for this is that a lot of these people are morons


The Description for Heart of Darkness is the worst one
>"Boring, poorly written, and hard to follow. Racist, misogynistic, and the protagonist is constantly trying to defend imperialism."

No. 917795

No but their list is so true, all of these books are boring as hell especially Jane Austen novels.

No. 917798

I fucking hate zoomers

No. 917799

I don't even particularly like those books myself but the way they wrote their opinions makes them look incredibly childish, ignorant and close-minded. Was this written by 14 year olds?

No. 917802

>Honestly, I feel like the book's depiction of censorship and technology is very outdated

No. 917805

just cause you find a book "boring" doesn't stop making it a classic in the Anglo-American tradition, I personally loved the Grapes of Wrath and Great expectations when I was younger, when I got older I started appreciating Moby Dick mostly cause I loved how Ahab seemed like an anime anti-hero

No. 917806


No. 917808

also >Anglo-american

ang*os will never be americans, who told you this? lol

No. 917810

File: 1632141578152.jpg (83.49 KB, 650x508, World cup EFI crowd.jpg)

I said Anglo-American tradition, as a lot of American culture comes directly from England and Scotland and both cultures are interlinked
also for the last 70 years Britain has been America's right in every single conflict and debacle

No. 917813

as I said, ang*os will never be american

No. 917815

trust me, we have no intention of becoming american. your dentists faint at a mere glimpse of my graveyard of a mouth

No. 917817

I mean majority of white Americans are of British(English and Scottish descent) even African American ghetto culture is actually a highly dysfunctional form of white southern redneck culture which existed during the antebellum South. This culture came, in turn, from the Culture of the North Britons and Scotswho migrated from the generally lawless border regions of Britain.
with the molding together of West African and Anglo-Irish influences led to the development of classically "Black" or "American" musical genres like country, bluegrass, and jazz

No. 917819

> African American ghetto culture is actually a highly dysfunctional form of white southern redneck culture which existed during the antebellum South

so you admit that whites are the original ratchet, kek

No. 917823

Well Poor Northern Briton and rural Scots, even Black vernacular has been factually traced to rural white vernacular.
Same with cooking. Soul food.
In fact there's very little African culturally about African Americans other then phenotypes

neither side is willing to admit that though, neither white people or black people

No. 917827

File: 1632143513165.jpg (87.66 KB, 827x632, Untitled.jpg)

i hate this cunt

No. 917831

tbh most of these do suck and are overrated and we don't need to keep forcing children to read them

No. 917835

File: 1632143896890.jpg (91.78 KB, 634x1024, 8aa6f6da598ddcd5544daa67f294ae…)

even trying to abstain from the male gaze makes you a thing to be lusted over in the eyes of pathetic moids. you're "unaware of how sexy you are" or they think you're insecure and they want to expose you. just look at billie eilish back in the day. she always wore big baggy clothes and minimal makeup (for a major celeb) yet still had tons of scrotes much older than her thirsting over that exact thing… and idc about your opinion of billie eilish, dont start sperging over her, she's just a great example of how trying to avoid pandering to male gaze doesn't work.

No. 917838

File: 1632143945133.jpeg (311.58 KB, 750x876, 1747103C-E430-4313-BBCB-4929BA…)

oh nonny, why did you lie to me. i know better anyways, soul food doesn’t come from pig teethed crackoids it was always influenced by black slaves.(stop racebaiting)

No. 917842

Only way to escape is to age out of it, or get fat pimply and pluck out hair for that PCOS hairline.

No. 917843

File: 1632144117316.png (115.43 KB, 920x252, bubz.png)

why do women do this? waah waahh my massive juicy boobs are such an inconvenience like stfu you're literally humblebragging no one asked no one cares about your double ds or whatever big boobs are the beauty standard stop, it comes off so fake, its the same energy as those uwu im so short and small pickme bitches yet no one makes fun of this type of women
inb4 small tits cope, yes and? its still annoying

No. 917844

big booba here and year, I agree. I fucking roll my eyes so hard my head spins whenever a big breasted beast talks about something not fitting.

No. 917845

*yeah, I should also add that you rarely here anyone say something like this with any other body part. tbh it feels like a fat cope.

No. 917847

same but i'm also jealous of how well girls with smaller boobs can pull off high fashion looks or baggy tops

No. 917848

They also invented light bulbs.

No. 917854

They ARE shit though, racist & misogynistic and only considered "classics" because of stupid boys club publishing and academia. It literally takes nothing away from most texts if publishers edited out the sexist and racist parts to the backpage of a book, but they don't. 1984 was good except those dumbass insertions, but that's bc that scrote ripped the story from his wife.

No. 917855

That's s. Koreans though, they have reason for being so anal about beauty culture

No. 917856

That just seems like an issue of convenience, there were also no slaves ever taken from Ethopia and the peoples that were taken from Americans mostly came from modern day northern Angola and were agriculturalists

No. 917857

What's the reason?

No. 917858

High fashion was designed with them on mind, we just gotta deal with it. I do disagree with the anon that said big boobs are a beauty standard. I don't think so. I don't think it's "beauty" I think that's something different, "what men find fuckable" is not always beauty.

No. 917859

mostly cause they have alienated most other Korean women and are socially stuck in an online bubble with no outside opinion
Other then hating men and complaining online they accomplish very little

No. 917861

File: 1632144815172.gif (3.71 MB, 498x373, 6628FD44-D22D-4D45-8F95-54356C…)

i wish this stupid mullet trend would end. at first i thought it was just scrotes doing it “for the lolz” but it seems like they’re unironically doing it now???

No. 917862

Literally everyone was though and at least I have enough sense to understand that most people had different values and again most of those books are related to the Anglo-American tradition
you shouldn't get trigged over something like the word Nigger(racebait)

No. 917863

yeah exactly. it’s the porno standard, not beauty. you get sexualized in a fucking t-shirt when you have big boobs. i will never for the life of me understand big huge fake breast implants for that reason.

No. 917866

women with mullets are hot tho

No. 917877

a mullet has the potential to make an ugly man fuckable, of course they're doing it intentionally

No. 917878

why are so many women getting boob jobs then? you two are delusional big boobs are undisputedly the beauty standard because we live in a patriarchal society therefore beauty standards are set by what men find attractive, obviously women have a more refined understanding of beauty i'm not talking about that i'm talking about the conventional beauty, the reason why high fashion seems to favor small boobs is because its dominated by gay males therefore they hire the most boyish looking androgynous female models it doesnt mean it caters to small boobs it was designed by men with men on their mind

No. 917881

I hate cats lol, my boyfriend has two, useless rats that shit in a box and can't be taught ANYTHING. These are well behaved cats and still scream at you like they are starved for daring to bring a plate into a room they are in. Still make a rush for doors into rooms they aren't allowed in the second you try to go through them. Their stupid greedy faces and how they rush to sniff every single thing annoys me to no end, they have treats and food and eat fucking meat from our meals and still I can't leave half a bar of chocolate on the side without it ending up on the floor covered in cat hair WHY just let me live

No. 917884

a lot of women i’ve heard of getting boob jobs did so to appeal to scrotes though. it used to be a common trope that rich men would buy their young girlfriends boobs once they got serious. what do i know though.

No. 917888

High fashion favors small boobs because that's what fits easiest into tiny standard samplesizes. And models who're meant to be clotheshangers that fit into tiny samplesizes are going to be very thin and tall and therefore naturally androgynous looking. I agree with what you said about big boobs being undeniably the beauty standard etc. but I don't think what you said about small boobs in high fashion is correct.

No. 917890

>they have treats and food and eat fucking meat from our meals
well now you know why they scream at you like they're starved. Feed them nothing besides their standard meals at set times and it won't scream for more because it knows it won't get it. they don't sound that well-behaved either.

No. 917892

File: 1632147632232.jpg (19.69 KB, 474x355, dontgetmestartedonrapeshoes.jp…)


No. 917903

I can't stand the hair either anon, it gets EVERYWHERE. My friends have cats and they have to brush everything or just give up and live with hair on the couch, clothes, chairs, blankets, pillows literally anything made out of cloth.

No. 917916

One time I bought a lingerie set at a sex store and the cashier was like "WOW I would NEVER be able to fit into this, it's so tiny!" and gestured towards her chest and I didn't even know what to say. I was like like "Haha I guess" and paid for it and left. I still don't know what the point of that was kek

No. 917920

yes this I hate it so much, they literally assume everything we do is for them. There's even the fetishization of "tomboy" girls. There is absolutely no winning with men.

No. 917936

File: 1632149815843.jpg (80.21 KB, 828x564, xl8x1wixx7e51.jpg)

Fuck you, you made me remember this absolutely stupid comic. Like, yeah that is the problem here with tomboys feeling they must not be real women. And respecters is a really weird way to say fetishists

No. 917940

samefagging, but the fact that it specifies gen z tomboys when you just know the coomer who made this is not gen z himself

No. 917946

>you two are delusional big boobs are undisputedly the beauty standard we live in a patriarchal society

I said what I said. "beauty" =/= "me man want fuck". You're implying that beauty standards are only set by men.

No. 917954

nayrt, but ayrt asserted (not implied) this exact thing
>we live in a patriarchal society therefore beauty standards are set by what men find attractive

No. 917975

look up the term "beauty standard" your personal taste is not the beauty standard, its a societal phenomenon and yes it is set by men unfortunately moids run the society unless you live in some matriarchal commune i dont know about.

thank you

No. 917976

Just noticed how they lump being lesbian in with trooning out. How much more obvious could they make it that their main concern is girls not wanting to have sex with them, rather than any kind of actual anxiety about the wellbeing of young women?

No. 917982

>How much more obvious could they make it
No idea, if it said "noooo my fap material!!!", it'd at least not offend anyone's intelligence

No. 917984


I mean, alright. I personally don't feel that large breasts are BECAUSE of how fashion works (not high fashion, but go to any website and look at the models) and magazines, celebrities, etc etc. There are plenty of celebrities that face all sorts of issues for being big breasted. What's "large" to you anyway? Statistically, most women that get breast implants are only a C cup. That's NOT large.

So maybe we should all decide exactly what "large" we have in mind. To me, large is D and up.

No. 918005

Old men with young girls in relationships. It's just so disgusting

No. 918019

File: 1632155195547.jpg (28.14 KB, 450x450, middleschoolchic.jpg)

I tend to forget these arrangements exist and seeing one in person is such a slap to the face. There was this old fuck in dunkin wearing picrel with a young asian woman hanging on his arm ordering for them both. When the disgust subsides I can always feel all the discussions about women's relations to men come in as a flashbang. If anything else it fucking sucks because I'm not trying to be an encyclopedia of theory when I'm getting coffee at 7am

No. 918030

It's funny, because I don't actually hate him deep down, but at the same time I do lmao. Because my reaction to seeing his face, even a passing glimpse, is one of pure rage and irritation. That picture alone made me revolted. I mostly hate his brain dead 14 year old fans. I just really don't understand why anyone would take anyone's subjective opinions as gospel. His videos are just a waste of time, and any music fan who still takes him seriously is a retard

No. 918032

>that filename

No. 918047

nta but high heels

No. 918067

Literally a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. Men always try to make everything about them and their feelings

No. 918068

File: 1632158648549.jpg (89.51 KB, 735x641, ac213b39aa3f62e8555c72c6a15fb1…)

No. 918069

they're right about high heels though if you ask me. They're bad for your feet and hurt, you can't really say that about nailpolish or makeup.

No. 918071

they are literally destroying your feet and it's also true that they make you more vulnerable to attack. I don't care if you can walk with them like a girlboss, one wrong step and you fall to your ass.

No. 918087

Their society is super lookist and capitalistic, there's a smash the corset movement where women destroy all their beauty products.

No. 918093

>t. jealous hag

No. 918095

Lots of shady shit in makeup and nail polish though, especially in s.k where there's lax laws about cosmetic testing. Not good for your health in the long run since your skin absorbs all kinds of shit (makeup users don't sperg out you know it's true).

No. 918097

High heels are the worst things ever invented. Every time I see these women in heels, their feet look contorted and broken

No. 918101

No one is jealous of a senescent moid ho will treat you like trash and then discard you for someone younger. Not all of us have daddy issues, you know

No. 918112

you absolutely can say that about makeup

No. 918113

if they get women to hate men they are much better than western feminists!

No. 918121

>the only way to escape male's sexual obsession is to completely cover yourself up and not partake in beauty culture at all
you've basically described wearing the burqa, and I think we can say that even turning into a shadowy version of yourself doesn't protect a woman's personhood. Women shouldn't be coerced into pandering to the male gaze because it constrains our freedom as people to choose how we participate in society. At the same time, putting too much emphasis on aesthetics is unproductive. The debate stays at the surface level, you can make the argument that anything a woman does to make her appearance sexually attractive or unattractive is somehow reaffirming men's dominance over women. I'm not saying it's a totally irrelevant debate, but aesthetics don't really offer any meaningful solutions to the problem of injustice that women are confronted with because you can't fight power by wearing makeup or not wearing makeup.

No. 918136

Don't think any extreme is good, basic hygiene and pants and shirt is good middle ground, literally what men wear. The "just cover up more" does kinda work in a society where it's normal for women to wear shorts and tank tops (bc men are desensitized to it). But once more and more women start covering up men become less desensitized, and so on, until a fluttering burqua gets them horny.

No. 918161

I hate undertale. I hate how i've never stopped hearing about it ever since it was shat out and i hate seeing the ugly characters and hearing the (well-made) music everywhere. And now they keep shitting out new ones so i have to see it everywhere again. Let it fucking die please.

No. 918209

No. 918214

That's kind of what I mean, it doesn't address the question of how we transform structures of power so that women in all societies can be free from the threat of male oppression. Cultures and their aesthetic conventions can vary, but we see that the status of women is diminished across cultures regardless of their formalities. Asking why that is can lead to more concrete solutions for changing the status quo imo.

No. 918237

File: 1632169677282.jpg (24.74 KB, 512x357, UNFAIR CHEATER.jpg)

That tennis players are allowed to have the same coloured clothes/shoes/accessories as the tennis ball.
That's deliberate misdirection that has nothing to do with the player's skill. Sports are supposed to be fair, and I consider this cheating.

No. 918242

with cats i truly think each is so unique, there are some cats i love so dearly because they are so rational and truly behave like companion animals and are "team players" with calm kind dispositions then there are others with bizarrely irrational traits or who are just…. fucking dumb. like retarded. same goes for dogs, and people.

No. 918246

I've noticed most people (who don't have much contact with animals) don't acknowledge the personhood of animals. They just think of them as flesh machines, I guess?

No. 918269

Ppl who raise pigs and chickens don't really see their animals as people either. If you have a pet then ofc you'll care about th m more. I don't think it's just being around animals.

No. 918275

Personhood = seeing someone as an individual. It means you acknowledge they're unique.
On smaller farms you definitely get to know all the individual quirks and differences of your animals, even as you're going to slaughter them for Christmas dinner.
On the big ones, of course you don't, there's too many and they're kept in such conditions that you can't.

No. 918292

there's a whole documentary about the toxic chemicals in makeup, Idk where to watch it though. also the way makeup and its packaging is made is pretty bad for the environment and they sometimes have literal children mining the minerals that get put in beauty products.


why do you even care what radfems think?

lol I was gonna post this quote but you beat me to it.

No. 918297

>smaller farms you definitely get to know all the individual quirks and differences of your animals, even as you're going to slaughter them for Christmas dinner
Kek no, ppl don't do this. Literally the first lesson a kid learns growing up on farm is to not single out/get attached to an animal. It may sound cruel but saves being sad every year when an animal gets butchered.

No. 918299

That radfem r ebil anon has been ranting for weeks now, probably some personal trauma ignore her.

No. 918324

Yes they do. It's like you've never been to a farm.

No. 918331

I grew up on a farm I think I'd know anon

No. 918333

pretty sure it's the crazy pakistani anon lol. wish they'd ban her already

No. 918339

I can assure you your experience, if not a lie, is not the norm.

No. 918340

In a lot of ways, I feel like growing up around farm animals forces you to actually seem them as the creatures they are, instead of as fundamentally human-like. When you spend a lot of time around animals that aren't pets, you end up experiencing so much senseless death and violence.

I think people tend to project certain emotional qualities onto animals that they don't necessarily have (and if they do, it's not really the same thing as the analogous human emotion). It's hard not to think of golden retriever as goofy and kind, but you only have to see one maul a brood of chicks to death once to realize that they don't have any kind of human morality. They'll rape, mutilate, and kill just as easily as they'll nuzzle up to you for a snack - at the end of the day, it's instinct.

This isn't to say that animals are evil, or that individual animals don't have traits that separate them from others of their species. It's just that the quirks tend to be a lot more surface level than people make them out to be, and generally don't have any deeper bearing on their decision making.

No. 918345

Just ask any farmer anon, sorry to break the cottagecore vibes. Would you really be able to butcher an animal if you formed a close relationship with it/humanized it? Idk on big farms but small farms ppl butcher the animals themselves.

No. 918348

How is acknowledging each animal is unique and has it's own traits "humanizing" it? It's not being blind. God, you're daft.

No. 918357

Also, I already addressed the butchering part
>On smaller farms you definitely get to know all the individual quirks and differences of your animals, even as you're going to slaughter them for Christmas dinner.

No. 918365

File: 1632180600779.png (1.11 MB, 894x944, 345678.png)

White America as a whole is Germany 2.0. You're still right about the south though. Oddly enough, Germans tended to be on the right side of history in the US (largest ethnic contingent to fight for the union).

No. 918375

I hate when men act like clean unwrapped period products or the discarded wrapper/paper attached to the sticky part of pads are dirty or scary or something. Like it's just a piece of paper, it's not gonna jump up and get you.

No. 918422

File: 1632183996249.jpg (19.72 KB, 1250x1665, 6441343_o01_vivitar_stereo_in_…)

Headphones that are shaped like this. I'm sure it's just my ear holes, but they are so uncomfortable. I also hate that a lot of wireless bluetooth headphones are shaped like this.

No. 918434

They’re the only ones in the world that don’t hurt my ears and constantly fall out

No. 918449

File: 1632185867485.jpeg (20.67 KB, 522x405, 4562AEAC-7AD8-49AE-9DE1-9A9004…)

I know right, I also hate these bitches.

No. 918450

File: 1632185960407.jpg (7.67 KB, 400x298, earbuds-closeup.jpg)

These are the only comfortably shaped earphones and it makes me seethe that they're being phased out entirely. I don't want to shove anything directly into my ear holes ffs it hurts and it's bad for your ears!!! The industry should at least give us the option of these instead of replacing them all with in-ear earphones.

No. 918452

I hate pegging and men cross-dressing, and I hate how femdom stories always have those crap going on. Men are only attractive when they follow specific rules, and wearing female clothes on their curveless bodies or having their gross flat asses penetrated are not one of them

No. 918454

Ayrt, I literally just bought a pair like these because the ones with the little in-ear cushions are the only ones I like lol. I hope they're not too uncomfortable for me, oh well.

No. 918457

I honestly hate them because they fall too easily, I mostly get my earphones with the ear support thingy something because otherwise they end somewhere on the floor, just thinking about it makes me feel queasy.

No. 918464

Literally same, I can never use the ones with the rubbery tip because they pop out so when my friends would ask me to listen I have to hold it in with my hand.

No. 918465

File: 1632187740312.jpeg (172.81 KB, 828x645, queertoks.jpeg)

I hate when these kinds of vids are recommended to me

No. 918468

Ime those and these >>918450 are the ones that constantly hurt and fall out kek. the rubbery/cushion kind are the only ones that fit

No. 918476

they still go large-r though and thats what matters, a sane surgeon wouldnt give a d cup to a woman with a cups its not gonna fit her anatomy there isnt enough skin tissue so it makes perfect sense that most women get c cups because they go from a or b, its about women wanting to get bigger boobs than they have not big boobs period, besides there are so many women who keep getting breast surgery to get bigger and bigger cups but anyways c is mid and d is large in my opinion
>plenty of celebrities that face all sorts of issues for being big breasted
give me one example

No. 918500

I think you can say that about makeup 100%, especially with contouring, concealer and eyelash stuff, anything to distort the features. A lot of women make a huge deal of forgetting to put their makeup on before going out.

No. 918503

I get these a lot as well, i hate them with a burning passion. Gender specials are the most unfunny and annoying motherfuckers on the planet.

No. 918517

I hate when I get TIF memes, I report them and say they’re promoting self-harm.

No. 918582

>being masculinized for my brown features because im surrounded by men and women who think a delicate white female is what beauty is or what a real woman should look like

god this is so sad

No. 918604

i hate the nonstop "ohh if i go to work without makeup everyone asks ARE YOU SICK?? this means that i can never stop wearing makeup society is so meannn"
that's your own fault because they've literally never seen you without makeup. you're the one who made it your baseline appearance.
and if you think they're being dicks and/or stupid, why are you indulging in the whims of people who are dicks or stupid?
also, i've never heard anyone say that and who makes comments like that at work?

No. 918609

Tbf I did make a comment like that to a friend of mine one day when we were teenagers, because as you said, I literally never had seen her without it, she'd wear it to school everyday. It was basically ingrained in my brain. So the first time she showed up without it, I knew she was different but I couldn't tell why. She stopped using it so often from that point on, though, and it was better for her skin anyway.
That being said, some companies do not allow for women to work without makeup and that fucking sucks. Same for heels

No. 918615

File: 1632199656752.png (93.69 KB, 500x347, main-qimg-aded5b1f83e569c30aad…)

Also thick eyebrows and moustaches aren't "brown" features or whatever, its literally something all caucasoids share

No. 918619

lmao whoever made this must really hate Italians. mama mia

No. 918621

Yeah Italians are easily some of the hairiest people on earth lol

No. 918625

File: 1632200642533.png (116.89 KB, 660x266, 5de.png)

This is more that these men are technically the same racial group, and share the same features, same skull shape, thin lips, sharp, straight noses, straight hair and higher rates of body and facial hair

No. 918628

Contouring is the dumbest fucking thing. I'm an artist and I can say with total confidence that unless you're out in the sun or under some strong light source, it doesn't fool anyone. It just looks stupid. Plus people get the shading of it all wrong, anyway.

No. 918639

oh i didn't mean places where there's a rule that you have to wear makeup. i meant more girls whose friends don't even see them without makeup complaining that people notice the first time you ever show them your normal face

No. 918658

Not as much as Arabs

No. 918662

File: 1632206816652.jpg (40.45 KB, 640x627, Cdf6j7v.jpg)

I hate when I'm watching an interesting video made by a woman, talking about mostly female interest, and the girl begins to talk about "M-muh twans women are also an important part of this!"

No, I don't think that a female oriented movie will be improved by having someone from the alphabet soup, and even less if it's a TiM. Stop.

No. 918666

Your equally hairy fucks trust me, I'm Gambian and I've been with different types of Arabs, different white types of guys and let me tell you no human being should be as hairy as you all are
I don't even understand how you live with that amount of body and facial hair(racebait)

No. 918668

It's a bit hard to explain, but I hate when males (who are usually either autistic or almost incels) literally obsess over the vagina as a body part. And I see this especially if they're writers, artists or film makers, they fixate on female genitalia so much that they start to give it all these weird and creepy meanings. I've seen males making art where the vagina is a creepy face or a monster, their "ruin" that leads them to temptation, some I've seen depicting it as a slit with light and "salvation" in it, again in an asian movie I've seen it being depicted as a hole to bury the tormented man's feelings (I recall in the movie it was compared to a tree in which you whisper secrets???). There are also males who think about it so much that they will associate it to everything vaguely resembling the shape of it or who foam at the mouth at the slight sight of an underwear. This can't be healthy behaviour, giving all these weird ass significance to a body part that has far more important functions is just plain retarded. Like I get that they're attracted to it, but I'm also (sadly) attracted to male parts but I don't make up all this filthy shit in my head about it. It's like they're not even attracted to womanhood anymore, they're just hyperfocused on that body part because they gave it some stupid unrelated meaning themselves and they're stuck on it.

No. 918669

Kek ok

No. 918674

I hate it how so many anons on this site misuse the term "NLOG" to refer to fakebois. NLOG is a woman who throws other women under the bus for male acceptance because she sees herself as superior to them, not a woman who has so much internalized misogyny installed by the sexist society around them that they think they're not a woman at all. I get being pissed off at Aidens for thinking they can identify out of oppression but it's misplaced anger if I ever saw one.

No. 918731

When grown men do ironic baby talk it makes me want to vomit, preferably on them. My friend is trying to get me into the McElroys podcasts and all I can think is these brothers definitely jerked each other off "as a joke" during puberty and probably still do it now one day a year and call it cummie christmas or some shit

No. 918733

Men using cutesy talk in general are always disgusting and most likely pedophiles or agps, unless they're plaing with their children or pets or something. Even when they use a lot of emojis or type
like "Aww so cute owo hugs hehe luv u" that's a huge red flag.

No. 918737

the word "preggers"

No. 918741

She's a racebaiter from the stupid questions thread from like a month ago. She provided pseudoscientific body hair maps and compared white women to monkeys. Everyone rushed to defend her for "just being curious" kek.
>I'm Gambian and hairless. How do you white women cope? It's disgusting really. How do you LIVE with yourself?! Genuine question not trolling!1

No. 918761

Gonna piggyback on you and add preggo

No. 918771


I'm with you on this one, preggers and preggo gross me out. also hubby and wifey, it's far too sickly sweet and cutesy sounding, I hate hubby especially. then when couples announce 'we're pregnant!', no you're not pregnant, your wife is. your wife is the one who is going to carry this child for nine months, not you

No. 918801

I used to be ok with it back when I was a literal kid/teen, but now I instantly see red flags anytime anyone seriously use text like owo or cutesy talk. It physically grosses me out.

I'll still use it ironically with my weeb friends tho kek

No. 918804

I always hated “hubby” and “wifey” too
Same with pupper or pruppet.

No. 918817

children shouldn't be allowed to become "influencers"

No. 918821

They know they're subhuman and want to worship one true God that creates life

No. 918823

1000% agree. In fact I think you could make the argument that kids shouldn't have social media accounts at all and if they do they have to be private.

No. 918830

File: 1632228804956.jpg (2.12 MB, 1536x4099, I can't.jpg)

As much as I dislike puritanical Christian, shit like this is fucking cringe inducing
Your not "owning" the conservatives, your making yourself look like a degenerate and confirming what they already believe, you really wanna "stick it" to the Christians, quote the Bible at them, Quote what Jesus said, that's something they won't be able to forget

No. 918831

Nta but I honestly think that Kids should really only use the PC to do their homework and that’s about it.
Even if you put their accounts in a private setting, the moment you turn around they will be trying to talk to random people and such.
Hell, a girl who is basically a cousin for me got messages from weird middle eastern men telling her that she should wear a hijab and become a muslim, we’re catholic and she’s like 14 years old.
I hate men, social media as a whole is just a tool that lets them groom children.

No. 918832

When I see shit like this it makes me want to get born again again.

No. 918834

This is so embarrassing, holy shit. Imagine thinking you're owning anyone… Also those sausage lips

No. 918850

Even in duolingo, which one would expect to be sfw, I get constant ads for TikTok which exclusively feature rapid-fire writhing blonde women in bikinis. It's disgusting, really, how pervasive sexualized content is in everything now.

No. 918855

I just found this from some actor scrote's site, and it's real

>"I, Vincent Gallo, star of such classics as Buffalo 66 and The Brown Bunny have decided to make myself available to all women. All women who can afford me, that is. For the modest fee of $50,000 plus expenses, I can fulfill the wish, dream, or fantasy of any naturally born female. The fee covers one evening with Vincent Gallo. For those who wish to enjoy my company for a weekend, the fee is increased to a mere $100,000. Heavy set, older, red heads and even black chicks can have me if they can pay the bill. No real female will be refused. However, I highly frown upon any male having even the slightest momentary thought or wish that they could ever become my client. No way Jose. However, female couples of the lesbian persuasion can enjoy a Vincent Gallo evening together for $100,000. $200,000 buys the lesbos a weekend. A weekend that will have them second-guessing."

he just had to pile racism and additional sexism in there huh? really goes to show what scrotes think of themselves

No. 918864

>I can fulfill the wish, dream, or fantasy of any naturally born female.
Well, at least he straight up says no trannies. Really though it's silly moids think they're that desirable that anyone would want to PAY to be around them. Especially for a dude who looks homeless.

I also hate this shit. Same with gay dudes who do the same shit just for attention.

No. 918865

File: 1632232912690.jpg (21.42 KB, 300x300, 83837382825.jpg)

This cracked out hobo looking motherfucker really thinks he's worth that much?

No. 918872

They just give those godfags more fuel for their hate.

No. 918877

Nonas he's a shitposter, He's been doing this since the Bush presidency, saying and doing outrageous stuff for even a modicum of attention which sometimes gets noticed but then quickly dies down
Its unreal he hasn't more of an impact cause he's basically a pure contrarian who says and does whatever's deemed unpopular

No. 918906

Anons whon keep confusing the dumbass shit thread with the shitposting one.

No. 918912

File: 1632236777774.png (591.78 KB, 993x643, yeah.png)

Whoever this fucker is, he looks cute here and now looks like he needs rehab and a shower

No. 918922

File: 1632237606222.jpg (24.77 KB, 300x450, tkWaZr3WmLm2SxeXymlbYSfRaZW.jp…)

He's a B list actor and C list director whose thing is trying to get a rise out of people , for e.g in his site which is poorly laid on purpose he sells his sperm for one million dollars but offers a discount for women who were to German WW2 soldiers

No. 918927

So… what you are trying to tell me is that he indeed needs a shower?

No. 918953

File: 1632240390170.jpg (192.73 KB, 850x1082, 1220521.jpg)

He looks like a beautiful cavemen, I think I'd probably lose attraction to him if he took a shower

No. 918955

>a beautiful caveman
maybe after a tour through the carwash

No. 918962

Gallo is a notorious troll who has been doing this stuff since the 80s. He was a part of the early hip hop movement ("Prince Vince") and was a painter who was part of Basquiat and (late era) Warhol's troupe. Although to general audiences he's best known for his acting and directing, he's actually a much bigger player in the art and fashion worlds.
If you get over the initial (deliberate) shock factor and can handle such things, he's actually quite funny and insightful. Very different from "normal" celebrities.

No. 918979

finally someone understands, it was mind numbing seeing anons fall for such an obvious shitpost

No. 918985

Clearly not notorious enough since anons had no idea who he is .

No. 918991

Goddamn it I knew there would be at least one anon with shit taste who would simp for him.

No. 918996

I dare you to find anything wrong with him ? other then age range of course

No. 918997

Wow he manages to be uglier in motion.

No. 918998

it's the same anon who posted Buffalo 66 screencaps bet

I actually know the guy from his movies alone but idgaf about most actors personal lives unless I run across gossip about them or like them. Thusly I've never heard of this b-c list trolls antics

No. 919000

File: 1632244061922.jpg (184.57 KB, 1022x1280, ss3327077_-_photograph_of_vinc…)

That's a fairly flattering picture too kek. Google him nonas he's hideous. A mix of Chris Lilley and Tarantino.

No. 919002

>I dare you to find anything wrong with him
His fucking dog face.

No. 919003

never heard of the guy but the "shock" shit described here sounds transparant as fuck as to what it's meant to achieve and dull.

No. 919005

as op I just think even as troll antics go gallos entire mantra there was humorless, attention seeking and misogynistic

No. 919007

File: 1632244368242.jpg (153.39 KB, 869x1390, vincent-gallo-cannes-film-fest…)

case closed

No. 919009

getty and almay will always reveal the truth

No. 919015

No one will ever be jealous of some dumb whore sucking wrinkly old man pp. Having a young strong healthy bf is the best and he would actually have the strength to toss your geriatric bf back into the nursing home.

No. 919016

File: 1632245122198.jpg (531.54 KB, 800x950, image-w856.jpg)

He looks like a beautiful caveman, what more do I have to say

No. 919020

I hate how I can’t hate makeup without being accused of being a pickme, nlog, or being ugly. It’s almost embarrassing that makeup has women gripped so hard.

No. 919021

Nonny you can find better looking men at the homeless shelter.

No. 919023

He has a nice jaw, a decent body and a good beard
I also bet his breath smells like cigarettes

No. 919024

File: 1632245606542.jpg (7.02 KB, 299x168, image.jpg)

I hate this slimy, convictionless mouthpiece beyond words. I don't even understand the anons who want to hatedomme him because he's so goddamn ugly. Even looking at or hearing him makes me want to take a shower so I can scrub off the layer of filth imparted by his bold rejection of human dignity. He probably smells of hangover and cheap cologne.

No. 919025

Nice jaw? That's his worst feature lmao.

No. 919026

beard and weird looking head
>I also bet his breath smells like cigarettes
is that supposed to be a good thing

No. 919030

>is that supposed to be a good thing
yeah for me, It smells nice

No. 919036

That reminds me I fucking hate smokers, they stink

No. 919038

File: 1632247170060.jpeg (48.68 KB, 1100x825, bruh.jpeg)

When Youtubers say 'hit the like button, subscribe, and ring the bell to be notified' like 3 minutes into the video. Like, mate, I haven't even decided if I even like this video, let alone if I like your content in general. And you don't need to remind people to 'subscribe' or 'like', they'll do it anyway if they like your content

No. 919042

God, how old is this Kid? I want to think that she's just a young looking 12 year old, but she genuinely looks 9. Where are her parents?

No. 919060

I was such a contrarian when I was a teenager I never waxed my very visible mustache and very thick eyebrows regardless of other people's thoughts, I wish more girls gave no fuck like I did back then instead of amputating their breasts to cope.

No. 919061

they're probably behind the camera, directing her videos kek

No. 919223

No. 919224

Ah love when your mother shows up to your house unannounced. Yes I live like this.

No. 919254

You remind me of my big sister when she moved to her own place by herself after living with housemates for a few years. My mother was offended that me and my little sister physically prevented her from just randomly knocking on her door to pay her a visit without calling her first because the pizza place we went to was near my big sister's place. Our mother was so offended it was hilarious.

No. 919295

B-but she gave birth to your sister, she deserves 24/7 access she made and owns her!

No. 919299

Keke that's exactly what she said when we dragged her to the car. And when I told her that maybe my sister wasn't even home or was busy or had guests and we should have called earlier if we wanted to go to her place she yelled "Is she hiding something from me???? I'm her mother!!!"

No. 919364

Ackshually like >>918365 said the majority of white americans are descended from Germans. Which surprised me when I learned it because it seems like English/Irish/Scottish surnames are way more common than German ones, to me anyway.

I don't even know what this discussion is about and don't really care, just ignore my autism and keep scrolling

No. 919401

It's mostly the half slackjawed retarded expression that makes him unattractive to me. He always looks like he's confused. show some emotion besides constipation fucker boy

No. 919528

my entire family had cows that were so bonded they'd cuddle with them in the barns and pet them, talk to them like cats or dogs and the cows trusted them, then once they were big enough they'd be sold off.. it's kind of sad. but it is happy too because the animals got years of happiness before becoming food.it has nothing to do with cottagecore vibes it's just reality that happens way more than you think

No. 919568

File: 1632292373220.png (861.31 KB, 763x887, kawayyy.PNG)

Every single e-nerd tiktok girl has this shitty aesthetic and I hate it so much.

No. 919574

I'd like to add: kitty headphones, that weird bluetooth phone charger with wings, the cat paw pillow

No. 919576

Idk what it is there’s just something so comfy about this aesthetic to me. The blatant femininity, the vibe of softness and relaxation, cute girls surrounded by cute things just confirms to me how women are the better sex. Give me this over a dark room with some scrotes rgb battle station any day

No. 919578

>Give me this over a dark room with some scrotes rgb battle station any day
Agreed, I cannot stand their dark, dank gaming holes. I don't care how high tech it looks, using a computer in the darkness is cave troll behaviour.

That said I can't get on board with cluttered aesthetics either, I love pink and I love cute stuff but not too much stuff. A bed or desk covered in toys is not it.

No. 919582

File: 1632294659623.gif (58.85 KB, 220x210, upload_2019-8-3_9-33-46.gif)

>soft gamer girl

No. 919583

>blatant femininity
>cute girls surrounded by cute things

No. 919585

god, I hate pink

No. 919626

i was >>917744 but I agree with you guys actually, now that tween weebs have the opportunity to retreat into the internet if someone suggests playing outside and being social is better than being a neckbeard, it ensures they become future consoomers complete with clogged veins, bedsores and a feeling of victimhood. Also >>917767 good on you for overcoming NEETdom, that's one hell of an achievement.

they're all carbon copies, no personality, no creativity, just amazon premium. someone on the KF threads called their tiktoks 'pink humblebrags' and i agree, it's somewhat of a subtly aggressive display of status.

No. 919635

i love cute pink stuff and pink pc setups but i feel like all these "gamer girls" or whatever are just copying each other to the point of buying the exact same cluttery items from aliexpress, even the snacks are the same. it's cute but they look like clones of each other

No. 919645

That's what happens when you base your existence on the need to be liked and to feel noticed. Comparing yourself to others, competing in popularity contests that only exist in your mind. People need to remind themselves that there are billions of people in the world and their natural aesthetic and the things they genuinely enjoy will be very appealing to a mass amount of people with 0% pandering. There is no need to be jealous of other people's followers, there are plenty of other people to market/appeal to.

No. 919654

I like it personally, but there's this overwhelming air of consoomerism and lack of individualism that kind of ruins the comfy feel a little bit.

No. 919705

I'm wary of girls having a soft uwu attitude like that, can't help but feel they are actually nasty people who'd stab you in the back.

No. 919750

File: 1632316022331.jpg (115.85 KB, 960x960, 12345832845b86355896fb7369a7ff…)

I hate the "uwu im such a girl gamer" aesthetic too and I HATE how when it's time to pick pc/gaming stuff your options are either that pink pepto bismol vomit or teenage boy shit like picrel. Like there's never any in-between, there's never any elegant or subtly dark option. I want a switch skin but I can't find any I actually like since I don't like pastel/pink/cutesy stuff and I don't have the aesthetic of a teenage boy in 2016

No. 919753

File: 1632316764895.jpg (111.94 KB, 1024x768, 78a43d46258e9302cc3c22e1b3eae8…)

you can certainly find pretty setups on pinterest that will match your style, the possibilities are endless. they're just not as hyped up as the cute pink uwusetups and the teenage boy shit lol

No. 920277

The phrase "submissive and breedable." I don't know where it came from but all these kids online keep saying it and that pisses me off so much.

No. 920279

samefag, I also can't stand the weird obsession with breeding people have these days.

No. 920285

It's pornsickness anon

No. 920289

They decimated their sperm count with cooming and bad habits and now want what they can't have.

No. 920341

I see a lot of nice setups on /r/malelivingspace. The name is annoying because it's generally unisex but more mature/expensive looking, no reason it couldn't be for women too.

But I, for one, am too useless to figure out how to hide all my cables so it's never gonna look as nice as theirs.

No. 920368

I feel that way about pride parades that feature a lot of sexualization.
Seriously, I don't wanna be associated with the same people that will shamelessly wear a buttplug in public, I thought the point of pride was show that we're just regular people.

No. 920416

File: 1632357197001.jpg (96.26 KB, 534x271, honeypottamponback_800x.jpg)

The description on the back of this box of organic tampons I bought. Ancestral vagina health spirit, healing yourself with the power of herbs (the herb here being… cotton?) - they have to be taking the piss, right?

No. 920421

No. 920424

>humans with vaginas

No. 920428

so nice they had to say it twice kek

No. 920443

I hate this fucking song so much. I swear to Christ they play it like twice an hour wear I work. It's so, so whiny and the fucking WAILING the singer does makes me want to reach through the speaker and strangle her. It's Christina Aguilera-tier oversinging with every once of joy and fun sucked out, and the result is this horrible moaning sound. The lyrics sound like she's guilt-tripping and crybullying whoever dumped her, which is also irritating. They're the sort of crap a fifteen-year-old girl would write after her first breakup.

Normally when I hate a song it's one that objectively annoying to most other people, but I feel like so few other people share my hatred of this song. I think it's because it's so bland and middle-of-the-road, everyone assumes it's just a shitty Adelle B-side and not something some random ass indie artist put actual effort into.

While I'm here, I also hate these songs that get overplayed where I work:
Slow Hands
Someone You Loved
Ho Hey
I Will Wait
Stressed Out
Carry On
Famous (Rozes)
Little Talks
Shut Up and Dance

If this is the kind of pseudo-indie garbage you enjoy, you should feel bad. Because it's corporate shite.

No. 920446

>takes one to know one
Lmao is this crypto terf passive aggression??

No. 920453

>Made by people with vaginas for people with vaginas
Wow, who the fuck read this and thought it was worth trademarking? It doesn't exactly roll of the tongue.

This honestly reads like a pisstake. The combination of new-age weirdness with the ancestral vagina dream and the patronizing wokeness of "people with vaginas" is just too convenient.

No. 920475

>Little Talks
All Of Monsters and Men's songs are awful to me. Their vocals are so grating. My workplace plays similar music with a few songs I like transplanted between the garbage acoustic adult contemporary crap. If I hear Passenger or acoustic guitar Ed Sheeran songs one more fucking time I swear

No. 920499

The woman in the picture calls high heels "Rape shoes" and says that men like women in high heels because it "makes them look like they're lying down… like they're dead"

No. 920502

All that playlist is missing is "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes. Vidrel made me "Ho Hey" more tolerable for me when I was stuck listening to a corporate playlist 8 hrs a day.

No. 920529

>new agey shit
>takes one to know one™
Deeply sarcastic. Loved it.

No. 920561

Is there ANYTHING more unloadable, unreadable, inconvenient, bloated and annoying as homecook recipe “blogs”???

No. 920571

Agree, those sites are an enormous pain, especially on mobile.
cookingforengineers[.] com is pretty good for basic recipes without bloated pages

No. 920572

I hate the autistic bitch who keeps making the thread thumbnails sonic

No. 920575

I keep seeing anons complain about the Sonic thread pics, but why don't you guys just make the new threads faster than those anons if you really dislike it being Sonic?

No. 920580

ya cant be faster than sonic bitch

No. 920582

Kek to illicit this response. But it motivates anons to make threads instead of waiting around for someone else.

No. 920588

File: 1632380109481.png (267.23 KB, 768x432, PinClipart.com_shrug-clip-art_…)

Sonic can, should, must and will take over lolcow

No. 920598

braco didn't work so now you're trying it with sonic huh?

No. 920600

They're taking the piss. Also write an angry letter to them from me and tell them to fuck off for not being able to use the word "women" on a fucking tampon box.

No. 920606

Goddammit I hate this world

No. 920610

I hope the "humans with vaginas" part is also taking the piss. I cannot treat it seriously because of what comes before it. It has to be deliberate dog whistle for wonen who aren't buying into troon retardation. FTMs will think "haha that's weird, but they said trans rights so it's okay".

No. 920614

You. All of you.

No. 920627

File: 1632386524679.png (27.06 KB, 1019x249, mintonvag.png)

Don't underestimate how nuts some woo and woke people are, look they even have pads with essential oils. https://thehoneypot.co/products/regular-herbal-pads-with-wings?variant=43223909068
That stuff should be nowhere near a vagina! Mint irritates your skin! Insanity.

No. 920638

File: 1632389678834.jpg (59.45 KB, 600x549, Ow_the_edge.jpg)

No. 920639

File: 1632390147062.png (352.02 KB, 800x1192, 1571162262396.png)

I hate the American racial classifications
people in the past had way cooler names for races(both local and foreign) I mean Goths, Saracens, Guals, Vandals, Phoenicians, Gutians, Illyrians, Thracians, Saxons those are all cool
but now you have Asian, black, white, African, Chinese which sound cringy and unnatural

No. 920644

Now the Arabic terms for other races
al'alman(Germans)frankis(French)alsandia(North Indians)alruws(Russians and Nordic peoples)atrakun(Turks)

No. 920645

Because they are unnatural.

The 'races of the past' aren't races, they are ethnicities. People still belong to different ethnicities. Americans are just dominating the global media and forcing everyone to fit themselves in one box on a census form. If you come to my country people will think you're crazy if you go around asking everyone 'What are you, Asian, Arab or White?' because I have no idea what the answer is, race literally doesn't exist here. Africans are Africans, African Americans are just Americans of African origin because of slavery, not black or white or brown or whatever.

Nobody thought about that until maybe 20 years ago when it started being shoved down our throats.
I don't even know why they're all lumped together, I would never mistake a Polynesian person for a West African or a Chukchi for a Korean. They have fucking nothing in common and look different.

No. 920646

even then then ancient peoples still had specific terms for broad racial groups
Arameans, Moabites, Chaldeans and pretty much all nomadic ethnic group were called wasterlanders, All the northern peoples of Scandinavia were the Northmen, The Arabs called all European Franks( after the Frankish Empire), The Chinese called all Southeast Asian peoples Namman
these terms were describing broad racial groups and still sounded way more cooler then we have now, I mean wasterlander sound metal

No. 920651

Sure but they didn't lump together tens of millions of different ethnicities who live a whole continent apart according to skin colour

No. 920669


No. 920686

bumping for gore in /ot/

No. 920694

No. 920697

File: 1632397849859.jpeg (54.94 KB, 900x600, 7D8EB684-1B3D-4238-81E1-89E973…)

I hate this fucker. He is so fake it’s infuriating. How do people think he’s geniune? He’s an actual two faced snake, it’s obvious. The only three things he changed was wearing makeup, video filters and coming his hair from the back of his head to cover his huge ass forehead. I can’t wait for the day he gets outted as a creep.

No. 920699

File: 1632398204427.jpg (46.3 KB, 540x509, tumblr_07f7dd2b7b6958b568ec87f…)

I hate retarded memes like this

No. 920702

Men are never happy for more than a few months. They only want a family because they don’t have one. When they do they hide away in their man cave, cheat or Chris’s watts them all.

No. 920703

most online figrues are manipulative/have dark triad personality characteristics

No. 920706

Go to his snow thread, I didn’t need to see faggy scrotes reeee
Kek they will never have any of those things. Suffer.

No. 920707

Truly men constantly exhibit fatherless behavior kek it’s almost to the point of homosexuality from how much they’d rather choose some man they don’t know to worship over wife and kids.

No. 920710

>implying a man would be able to handle having a family of 5.
Let’s be honest, even if the waifu was 24/7 pleasing the dick and tending the children, which have to be quiet and successful in any aspect and ready to accomplish any dream the failson never achieved; he would still cheat and be depressed at best, or he would still be an unhinged faggot who is also depressed.
I hate the people that think that being in a relationship will cure any mental illness they got, like, you absolute retard, go take your meds and fuck off.

No. 920712

File: 1632400417875.png (12.77 KB, 367x263, 03A9899F-167E-4996-ABAC-8F9D40…)

I hate cockroaches, I wish they could all go extinct, they’re objectively unnecessary, I don’t care about any cope you got to justify their existence, they’re the most useless, fucking nuisance that there could be in the world.
I wish I had the most powerful venom I could find to spread it everywhere so all cockroaches die, I wish they were born with a natural mechanism that makes them blow up after they spend half an hour alive, I hope that in the future, they could be considered an extinct species that will never be missed, forgotten in time because of their own irrelevancy in the cycle of life, like shitty Vine creators.

No. 920714

A cockroach just crawled out of the hood over my stove while I was cooking. I know where it is right now but I am terrified to go after it. This is me until my Husband gets home

No. 920718

I feel exactly the same about mosquitoes.
Except they're not just a nuisance, but the second biggest killer of humans (after humans themselves).

No. 920724

This but about wasps

No. 920726

I fucking hate mosquitoes. I live near a river and there's always swarms of them in my house.

No. 920727

>the most useless, fucking nuisance that there could be in the world
That's a weird way to say fleas.

No. 920732

Anons, let's unite to plan and execute total insecticide

No. 920741

Seconding roaches, but also bed bugs.

No. 920823

Most youtube "storytime" videos, I feel like they never get to the point.

No. 920944

criminally underrated post

No. 921305


No. 921794

File: 1632468356998.jpg (134.94 KB, 614x774, U1rTzoD.jpg)

>Friendly reminder

No. 921828

File: 1632473072123.jpg (105 KB, 1300x956, 12.jpg)

I hate seeing people overly happy or with high energy, Its not that I like seeing people misrelate, I just think people should smile less and enjoy their mundanity
I want to live in a world where no one smiles, tries to make small talk and everyone has a neutral blank expression

No. 921835

Move to Finland, there's no small talk and smiling isn't necessary to be polite

No. 921838

Unironically this, northern Europeans are known for being "cold" when in reality we just don't have that forced "smile all the time and pretend all is great" kind of mentality that is especially common in America.

No. 921859

I live in Sweden and there are still people who smile and make small talk, thank god. But many people act asocial and we're completely different from hysterical american energy.

No. 921862

I wonder if this has anything to do with coldness, in my country there's a stereotype of Pashtuns being stern and having no sense of humor and on average they do smile a lot less but they also lived in some of the coldest regions of the country

No. 921871

Not really. I live in a pretty hot Eastern Euro country and we're also known as cold and unfeeling. We're actually very welcoming, but we don't smile and ask people how they're doing etc without genuinely wanting to know, we mostly open up once we get to know them but happy, smiley strangers are treated with suspicion because they might be trying to scam us or sell us something.

No. 921874

I guess the cold and dark makes people want to huddle at home more, so it could play a part. In summer people freak out because wow sunlight and act more extravert.

No. 921887


No. 921904

Wasps just fuck off if you open your window and don't interact or at most wave them off. Outside they can be annoying as fuck but I fucking hate people who kill wasps, how it crunches when they smash them or how they watch them slowly drown when they trap them.
Even if it's a disgusting insect, I hate watching it slowly die and panic in trying to survive.

No. 921936

File: 1632487434430.png (761.23 KB, 1242x1185, E70CMIsXMAUX81m.png)

I hate every single one of these made up twitter faggot terms that bleed into society

No. 921938

the only good one is a dead one! ha! am I right glowies?

No. 922132

>Even if it's a disgusting insect, I hate watching it slowly die and panic in trying to survive.
Finally someone who understands

No. 922168

what about humans who die from wasps

No. 922210

what about them

No. 922224

don't you care about them trying to survive? maybe people wouldn't kill wasps if wasps stopped killing us

No. 922337

File: 1632516104518.jpg (412.74 KB, 1600x2279, 785171._SX1600_QL80_TTD_.jpg)

this manga has the most appalling art style I've ever seen

No. 922347


No. 922375

Bitmojis have really stepped their game up

No. 922419

ugly? that's most weebshit tbh

No. 922421

kek I misread that as 'appealing' and nearly chimped out

No. 922438

It's awful but I'm also pretty sure that man would not be called a "twink"

No. 922440

I thought the same lol. How is that a twink

No. 922526

File: 1632529471113.jpg (17.42 KB, 228x371, 1631882986121.jpg)

Tiktoks-ripoffs fucking everywhere. Pinterest became completely fucking unusable thanks to those shitty videos and Youtube became a nightmare because of it too.

No. 922541

I see some video on youtube or some fanart somewhere of a character I don't recognise and I think "wow cool this character design looks decent enough I wonder if this is some new series I could check out on, interesting", so I try to search what it is, but it's actually just yet ANOTHER frickin minecraft youtuber.
I still do not understand why minecraft streamers became suddenly so famous since last year.

mediterranean anon here, last month I went on an outing and I didn't talk much because I'm shy and I almost knew none of the people there and this one old guy basically spent half the time scolding me because I wasn't goofing around with the other people or because I have a neutral resting face and I guess he tought I was depressed so he kept telling me to "hide it". I wasn't even sad or anything but he just kept at it. Made me feel really othered

No. 922542

Pinterest used to be so useful like 7 years ago, it's sad how it's become a fucking cesspit. I hate how the top google result for anything art, clothing, craft, ugh, is some pinterest link from like 2015 that's now dead or taken over by some spam site

No. 922546

devoting the rest of my life to killing all trees and grass - as I am allergic, they all deserve to fucking die

No. 922549

at least trees and grass won't attack you for no reason

No. 922559

I hate the band Violent Femmes. The guy has an whiny voice and the lyrics are kind of creepy.

No. 922563

I hate when you get some sort of bottle where the cap is either stuck or hasn't been cracked open yet, and you try to open it and end up getting the bottle-equivalent of rugburn on your thumb.

No. 922567

One time I was watching Star Trek with my dad on a projector, and a cockroach flew up and landed right on the screen as Spock was talking. It was funny and horrifying.

No. 922575

I hate getting up at 5am and even more I hate pretentious people (usually men) who shill getting up at 5am as the be all and end all of health and productivity because some CEO or billionaire does it. It fucking sucks, I'm a morning person and get plenty of sleep, never have any issues getting up early, but waking up in the dark is disorienting and unpleasant no matter how much sleep I get. There is no way it's healthier than just waking up naturally with the sun, and that's usually early enough to get shit done anyway.

They're the same people who shill cold showers, which serve nearly no purpose except showing how stoic and manly and tough you are. Productive people will be productive waking up at a normal time with normal bathing habits, but I guess they're too busy being successful to make youtube videos about suffering through their morning routine.

No. 922577

Cold showers are insane but 5am wake up is great for anyone who has to deal with other peoples bullshit when 8am rolls around. If you don’t have to deal with family or coworkers you won’t get it

No. 922581

Cold showers are bullshit, because of a cold shower i developed a serious pneumonia like a retard.
I mean, I wasn’t following some sort of idiot’s advice, I didn’t have hot water, but seriously, taking cold showers is terrible.

No. 922583

My dad used to act like that because he gets up at 4AM but guess who’s also completely miserable with their job

No. 922584

I don't understand cold showers, wouldn't you get sick? Or do they mean luke-warm?

No. 922594

>Cold showers are bullshit, because of a cold shower i developed a serious pneumonia like a retard.
Wait, can you really get sick from that? Is this also why you're not supposed to go outside in the cold with wet hair?

No. 922607

What if the weather's hot?

No. 922620

you don’t actually get sick from the cold, guys… i thought this was common knowledge?

No. 922622

It’s supposed to lower your immune system or something, I just know that the next day I had a terrible flu, which was then a bronchitis, and then turned into a pneumonia.

No. 922629

Up until the 70's, in NYC there were apartments and tenement buildings that ONLY had cold running water.

No. 922714

how long did the roach stay there

No. 922732

Obviously is not the cold itself that makes one sick, but it has a lot of little factors that makes the body more susceptible

*Many researchers believe that exposure to cold weather can adversely affect a person’s immune response, making it harder for the body to fight off infections. Reasons for this may include:

>Reduced vitamin D levels. During the winter months, many people get less vitamin D due to reduced sun exposure. ResearchTrusted Source suggests that vitamin D plays an essential role in maintaining the immune system.

>Spending more time indoors. People tend to spend more time indoors during winter months, and viruses spread more when people are close to each other.
>Lower temperatures may affect immune response. A 2015 studyTrusted Source found that exposing airway cells taken from mice to lower temperatures decreased the immune response of the cells against a mouse-adapted rhinovirus.
>Blood vessel narrowing. Breathing in cold and dry air causes the blood vessels in the upper respiratory tract to narrow to conserve heat. This may prevent white blood cells from reaching the mucous membrane, making it harder for the body to fight off germs.*


No. 922756

every single ”aesthetic” that end with -core makes me want to spiral into an autistic rage for no reason

No. 922771

File: 1632558040956.jpg (756.06 KB, 1592x2048, why~2.jpg)

This picture that I saw (I know literally nothing about whoever posted it)

No. 922824

simply_kenna/cozykitsune vibes

No. 922827

No. 922832

i love this! i wish i had gotten my switch in coffee color too

No. 922845

This reminds me of those people who make a fancy sunday 'breakfast in bed' and then photograph it next to whatever shit they like to collect (usually disney or nintendo things) Everything is all spread across their bed and perfectly placed.

When I see those pics I just wonder how many people have spilled coffee or orange juice all over their bed trying to get that perfect placement. And your breakfast is going cold.

No. 922854

I hate it because it makes me want to buy a switch and I REALLY don't need one

No. 922857

you clearly do

No. 922883

File: 1632574747057.jpeg (664.44 KB, 1528x1910, 8E026462-F909-40CF-A2CA-B67B89…)

Sorry for the sucky collage I'm on mobile right now.
The men who post these are never marriage material at all. Who would want to marry some terminally online man who could troon out, kill you, leave you after carrying his child because he's no longer attracted to your body, or leave you when you fall ill? They're hilarious. And since most of them are so addicted to porn you'd never know if they are into real life incest shit putting your family members and and your own children at risk. They deserve to get with one another and die.

No. 922894

It's hilarious that these complete failures have convinced themselves that they want to be fathers. They're obsessed with larping as trad, yet never seem to understand that being a traditional patriarch means being 100% responsible for your family's financial and moral welfare. Playing with kids, a safe suburban house, a desexualized woman to care for your every need - these men don't want to be dads, they want to be children again. Pathetic.

No. 922914

I don't understand how the "wine aunt" meme is supposed to be something negative. From all the memes I saw it sounds like she's living the utter stacy life. If the genders were reversed and it would be a "wine uncle", who chose to spend the rest of his life traveling, drinking, caring for dogs and going for affairs with young women instead if getting kids, scrotes would cheer for it and display it as chaddom or whatever. They're retarded as fuck lmao.

No. 922920

File: 1632577740540.png (57.62 KB, 475x556, afasd.png)

reminds me of this, if you want traditional gender dynamics well I can't object to it but at least fucking put yourself at that standard

No. 922935

File: 1632578863643.png (407.38 KB, 984x567, escalation.png)

When art that features women taking the lead/men being more submissive gets claimed by troons. It completely defeats the entire appeal of the art if the women is just a man in a dress. Also trannies are ugly and I don't need to be reminded of their pitiful existence.

No. 922937

I just hate zoomers trying to pin every single thing as some kind of aesthetic. Like, please you don't have to center your life or look around these random objects.

No. 922941

both are cringe and if any man wears a dog ears and then I'm leaving

No. 922943

File: 1632579603077.jpg (113.87 KB, 1024x683, 1625547967025.jpg)

After 15 years of online porn and videogames, Timmy, who only socializes when arguing with other losers on 4chan and doesn't leave his room during Thanksgiving dinner, has decided he wants to be a father!! Oh but hes picky ladies, due to his own insecurities and the fact that hes never done his own laundry, he needs you to be mommy gf and never leave the house. But somehow help pay for the house he can't afford working as a dreg in IT with various NEET gaps on his resume.

If you don't want to entrust your future and progeny to this fine specimen of a male, you are just another whore chasing Chad. Ree!

No. 922954

File: 1632580798878.jpg (127.48 KB, 750x498, Houria_Bouteldja.jpg)

Western Muslims who pretend or delude themselves into believing Islam isn't patriarchal or misogynistic or homophobic or unimperialistic
like this somewhat infamous one Houria Bouteldja one, she's a french algerian decolonial feminist activist who riles against white men and white feminist's and not much else, never once doe she mention the extremely high rates of domestic abuse that arab men commit or the targeted gang attacks of muslim men, when any terrorist's attack happens she always blames french colonialism
she even has the gall to her call herself an "indigenous women" despite being an arab north african who literally colonized algeria and culturally geocided the berbers

No. 922960

samefag she said that if a black woman is ever raped by a black man, it is understandable that she does not file a complaint to protect the black community."


she also mocked the death of an algerian girl who killed herself cause her family were sending her back to algeria when they learned she had a white boyfriend

No. 922962

Stardew valley isn't in Fall, what an absolute fuck-up

No. 922964

You can't be feminist and Muslim, you're either a bad feminist or a bad Muslim at that point. Usually the former.

No. 922970

These are always the ones who will betray every woman to ever exist just to get a mediocre white man to notice her.

No. 922973

she claims that between "indigenous culture" and white western feminism, an indigenous women should always choose the former for the sake of her own identity, she also blames the domestic violence and honor killings with in arab communities on police brutality and how arab men are "uwu victims" simply lashing out on their women cause of the racist white supremacy they have to go though

>In Europe, prisons are brimming with black people and Arabs. Racial profiling almost only concerns men, who are the police’s main target. It is in our eyes that they are diminished. And yet they try desperately to reconquer us, often through violence. In a society that is castrating, patriarchal, and racist (or subjected to imperialism), to live is to live with virility. “The cops are killing the men and the men are killing the women. I’m talking about rape. I’m talking about murder,” says Audre Lorde. A decolonial feminism must take into account this masculine, indigenous “gender trouble” because the oppression of men reflects directly on us. Yes, we are subjected with full force to the humiliation that is done to them. Male castration, a consequence of racism, is a humiliation for which men make us pay a steep price. In other words, the more hegemonic thought tells us that our men are barbaric, the more frustrated they become, and the more they will oppress us. The effects of white, racist patriarchy exacerbate gender relations in the indigenous milieu. This is why a decolonial feminism must have as its imperative to radically refuse the discourses and practices that stigmatize our brothers and that, in the same move, exonerate white patriarchy. I think I can see that Lorde is conscious of this when she tells Baldwin: “It’s vital for me to be able to listen to you, to hear what it is that defined you and for you to listen to me, to hear what it is that defines me—because so long as we are operating in that old pattern, it doesn’t serve anybody, and it certainly hasn’t served us.”

No. 922975

They realize their coomer lifestyle is empty and want a meaning, but refuse to actually put in the work to make their own meaning or even become ok enough humans to handle having a family.

No. 922979

God what a fucking scam. Nowadays we have to be the virgin, whore, career woman, and mother all in one at the snap of a finger.

No. 923021

It's the madonna-whore complex on steroids.

No. 923083

The very vast majority of Algerians are natives, retard. We weren't genocided and replaced like in America when Arabs invaded the continent, just like we weren't replaced by the French when they invaded Algeria in the 1800s until decolonization. I agree with the rest of your post but you don't seem to know as much about the subject as you pretend to.

No. 923100

Literally what the fuck did I just read?
How does she explain institutional misogyny in muslim/non-white countries?

No. 923113

"the white man did it, if it weren't for colonialism they would be feminist utopias"

No. 923116

you can't claim to be an Arab while also claiming your indigenous, while modern Algerians weren't racially genocided the way the natives were, a large% of the population was culturally and linguistically genocided as a result of the the arab invasion

No. 923120

you'd be surprised how many sjw-types believe this, for them the white man was/is inhumanly cruel abomination and naturally an imperialist who can't create, only conquer and steal, a lot of it ends up sounding like white supremacist propaganda
that white people are predestinat to conquer and subjugate the non-white races

No. 923122

A couple seconds. It made this silly "bap" noise as it landed on the projector screen.

No. 923124

Man I should show you some of the ridiculous shit I see in random /pol/ threads. Guys posting pics of female news presenters and going, "We'd have 6 kids by now". Bitch please, like she'd even touch you with a barge pole.

No. 923138

You said we were "genocided", not "linguistically genocided", those two things are completely different. And even then recently there has been som reforms to include Tamazight in the media and in school more and more often in Maghreb as a whole.

Most French people are so stupid they think we're legit Arabs because they confuse language and ethnicity so most Algerians just call themselves Arabs to avoid giving everyone a history lesson whenever they're describing themselves but many of us know which regions/"tribe" we're from.

No. 923141

>have a career but don't make it your entire life and still have plenty of time and energy for husband, be prepared to be the main supporter since he will contribute very little financially
>keep up with your body but also be expected to completely change your body features if husband decides he likes chubby girls, thin girls, big boobs and small butts, small boobs and big butts, fit girls with abs etc
>be trad but not really
>be extremely submissive and extremely down to do everything in bed to keep him interested or have him complain to rando girls on the internet about how "my girl doesn't like anal… do you?"
>don't be prudish since not wanting to date porn addicts you beg for crumbs of attention from is considered a woman being emotionally abusive
>be waxed. everywhere. always. Just be top tier groomed every second but also look super low maintaince and like a cool girl that doesn't wear makeup or do her hair
>think he's extremely sexy and god like even if he doesn't put effort into his personality
>expected to dedicate every second to him, never talk or hang out with other guys, don't even look at other guys but be perfectly okay with his hoards of female "friends" that he acts extremely suspicious towards
>never age, be super fertile but also use birth control but not icky birth control pills or condoms
>don't be insecure but somehow magically be unbothered if he nitpicks you to hell and back and is constantly giving other girls attention rather than you
>like video games but don't be around men that much

I honestly don't know how pickmes do it. At least trad women got a house and everything paid for back then, pickmes can't even get the attention they want from their own boyfriends

No. 923186

God I fucking hate that American sociopolitical language and rhetoric is being imported elsewhere. There's nothing that the West could even do to atone for the atrocities of colonialism, but these twitter warrior types are spewing borderline-meaningless nonsense that makes even less sense in a non-American context. Complaining about cops killing nonwhites in France- really? How often does that even happen?

No. 923191

it always kills me when brits go full kill all cops, like…your police don't even have guns for the most part… like I'm sure they're kinda racist too but at least tone it down to All Bobbies Are Cunts or something…

No. 923193

Kek, Brits are still salty they're not as great as Americans so they have to mimic even the worst of our shit.

No. 923199

Most French people think you are Arab because you says you are and you speaks a bastard version of Arab. Plus most of Algerians in France are "Muslim", so they don't think of themselves as berbères. Oh, and all your names and surnames are Arab, thanks to the great Arab washing in Algeria.

No. 923202

I know right? Or the aborted attempts to peddle burger-style racial equity stuff in classrooms when black African and Asian students outperform white students on average and working-class white students are among the lowest-performing demographics. Other countries really need to take active measures to prevent US discourse from overtaking their own and preventing them from identifying and solving their own problems. I mean, US-style discourse is clearly not even working in its country of origin given how big of a dumpster fire it is so why take inspiration from it?

No. 923203

File: 1632597205656.jpg (41.18 KB, 685x579, pkh6wjdlfgi61.jpg)

plus shit like this which maghrebis take pride in

No. 923206

Not a brit, but don't need guns for cops to be bastards. A baton can still do a lot of damage. Also considering they do jackshit to help women, don't take rape cases seriously, have a high domestic abuse rate, I'm not sure why you'd ever defend them.

No. 923227

>because you says you are and you speaks a bastard version of Arab
It's more complicated than that, the French started saying this shit because of the dialects used in most of north Africa being derived from Arabic back when they started invading Algeria in the 1830s or even a bit before that, that's how it started.

>so they don't think of themselves as berbères

Wrong, not even talking about me here but the very vast majority of second and third generation Moroccans and Algerians won't stop bragging about being Kabyle/Riffian/Chaoui/etc. regardless of whether they're Muslim or atheist. Especially the Kabyle actually.

These guys are legit embarrassing to look at. Most Maghrebis are way more moderate Muslims than in other parts of the world but it's still too much stupidity for me to deal with. You know how that Pakistani anon spergs hard sometimes and won't stop saying that Pakistani muslims legit think they're Arabs? Some people in Maghreb are similarly in denial and don't realize that actual Arabs look down on them.

>Complaining about cops killing nonwhites in France- really? How often does that even happen?
It does happen and discrimination in general is definitely a thing here, just in slightly different ways because of cultural differences. Stop thinking everything is related to the US for once.

No. 923233

When you're on your period and you're moving around and suddenly you can feel a bunch of clots and blood come down through your vag like gablurg gablurg…..ughh

No. 923235

In the case of France she was literally blaming the domestic abuse problems of arab communities on white supremacy and Algeria doesn't even recognize any Berber languages what so ever, most Berbers side with the French rather then most Arab identified algerians

No. 923252

Anon, I know that discrimination and racial profiling are alive and well in France but you can't look at this >>922973 and tell me it's not US-style gobbledygook.

No. 923253

If we're talking about that specific woman yes, she's retarded, I'm not arguing against that. Domestic abuse always existed all over the planet so it's obvious a male problem as a whole and not just related to something as specific as white supremacy. Making surveys based on people's ethnicities or races is straight up illegal in France, it makes these topics difficult to talk about seriously to begin with.

>Algeria doesn't even recognize any Berber languages what so ever,

It changed very recently though, now it's an official language, and seeing signs written in several languages isn't uncommon either. Same for Morocco, iirc it became an official language in 2011 or 2012.

No. 923255

sage for samefagging but this looks like regular French "intellectual" lol bullshit to me. Isn't a lot of American SJW discourse based on French intellectual shit anyway? Like queer theory and maybe other topics?

No. 923279

File: 1632601887399.gif (3.27 MB, 498x351, C072B1AA-4D11-414D-A150-C71AF1…)

> it always kills me when brits go full kill all cops, like…your police don't even have guns for the most part

this killed me

No. 923280

>Emily Dickinson
Deeply religious devout christian and recluse who nonetheless saw beauty in the world and in the nature of God
Nope not woke enough, she was actually rebellious girlboss #ShePersisted

I find this entire show to be nothing but disrespectful, Emily also wrote most of her poems for self and not for publication and only loosely organized, also the pointlessly shitting on Henry David Thoreau cause it was popular to make fun of him on tumblr a couple years back, adding in modern feminist takes that she never expressed
the whole thing of adding political beliefs to historical figures is fucking moronic and I hate it

No. 923286

File: 1632602416780.jpeg (56.68 KB, 446x494, AB6BB3EB-1BB3-4A90-B929-FDFCBE…)


No. 923304

File: 1632602922185.jpg (44.06 KB, 850x400, qqqq.jpg)

samefag I despise it when people doubt the religiosity of women, some radfems claim that all religious women are simply religious to please men and the patriarchy and they have no genuine belief and that's bullshit
for better or worse women will have faith in their God and that faithfulness is genuine and while you might disagree and despise that, all I ask is not to doubt their faith
the discourse around Sor Juana comes to mind, people ignore the deeply christian aspects of her writings despise her literally being a nun, she perceived wisdom and religion as inseparable, so she probably also believed that to follow God was to pursue wisdom but modern people literally disregard that about her and headcanon her as some type of lesbian and conforming to modern standards of wokeness
I'm literally a socialist and a feminist , even then I would dislike it if my favorite historical figures start talking about the issues of capitalism in society

No. 923305

The OP image of Shayna's thread. It just comes off as unhinged and going too far.

No. 923306

take your meds

No. 923307


No. 923309

to be fair she commissioned that medical fetish piece herself, an anon just made kind of a shitty edit of it to make it look more like her. i agree that it looks gross but it is kind of her fault for that one

No. 923314

Radfems have a problem with religion because it’s inherently patriarchal. No matter how personal your practices are, it will always be rooted in the beliefs that have benefited men for centuries. Her finding wisdom through God is still religious obedience. How do you truly know that God is a male figure? Because some schizophrenic baldie wrote about it when they were wacking each other in the balls with stones and trying to discover fire?

No. 923316

Shayna’s thread has such a weird unappealing culture with all the facebook-tier photo manips and increasingly deranged nicknames (lardy fattel?). I swear the people who post there are a decade older than the rest of the lc userbase.

No. 923328

Most /snow/ threads are like that, they focus on being as outrageous as possible and making annoying offensive jokes inside of their grand echo chamber, almost like it’s Reddit. Out of the countless derailment posts and infighting you get one special post of good comprehensible milk and then the rest of the thread continues to devolve into unhinged madness and one-up manship. It’s always so forced and tacky

No. 923341

that kind of comes with the territory though, every thread has its own self-enforced ecosystem. Like how the pro ana scumbags threads are clearly just a bunch of spoops talking shit about each other.

No. 923407

I hate how every fantasy book that comes out is part of a series/trilogy

And I fucking hate how so many books in fantasy series are like 500+ pages each, and the series are like 10 books or more. Like does anything really need to be that long

No. 923411

When buying/downloading fantasy works, look for short story compilations, I think that's right up your alley.
There's lots of authors that (rightfully) think that brevity is the soul of wit. And they sure deliver.

No. 923430

I hate fast food breakfast sandwiches, those ones that are like egg and sausage on an english muffin. Makes me feel ill every time.

No. 923442

They're amerifat level, why tf do they have egg AND meat?

No. 923446

File: 1632615578299.jpeg (1.34 MB, 3464x3464, 46F49CF9-7342-4969-A681-A9EED9…)

Today I want to be inclusive, i hate anyone who uses any sort of pronoun other to what their sex indicates.
Who the fuck told you to play a fucking game made for women? Why is it surprising when the game has dialogs referring to the character “she, mistress, her”? Shut the fuck up, you dick praiser, semen gurgling idiot.
I’m sure that most of these reviews, specially that one with the “I’m a guy btw uwu” is also an idiotic genderfandom pickme, fuck off, and if that’s a XYchromlet, kys, there’s so many fucking idiotic anime games about a guy surrounded by hot girls, but also about guys surrounded by hot guys who want to fuck him, that I don’t see why a single game in which gasp more than one guy wants to fuck a girl, warrants a change.
This is why I, most of the times, can’t stomach playing obey me, I usually ignore it, but whenever they start talking about MC with “they” something inside me dies, because, why should a genre made for women have to cater to men and genderfans? I haven’t seen the first male catered VN in which the girls are talking about uwu sucking senpai’s unspecified pleasurable part of the body, nor where the girls say “uwu choke me harder parent”.
I don’t want to think about real men nor about the retards constantly sucking their dicks, I don’t care if your plastic dick and cross hormones makes you feel like a man, i don’t care if you got some weird therapy to atrophy your secondary X chromosome, nobody fucking cares.
I don’t want the shit I use to masturbate to cater to men and genderfans, if I wanted to do so, I would watch regular porn and the sped porn that genderfans produce.
I fucking hate how everything has to erase the woman to be considered progressive.

No. 923487

These reviews are retarded. And yes, every single person who goes 'btw uwu i'm a guy' is 99.9 a woman.

No. 923490

These memes are hilarious to me, because they remind me I used to know men online that would constantly post about muh nuclear family and they were nothing but a bunch of losers irl. One actually wanted a tradwife while being into lolis and was later outed as an ephebophile kek

No. 923496

Dark mode. I can't see shit with it, and the longer I look at white text on a black screen, the more blurred it gets. Discord dark mode is the darkest I can handle.

No. 923499

This. This so much. Most of self insert anime-related media caters to men already, now they want to take media aimed at women too? That's so stupid, Otoges are for women by definition, leave the genre alone.

No. 923500

It's the opposite for me, light mode strains my eyes more now, so almost all my sites and UI are in dark mode on my phone. The only thing I hate is that I sometimes leave the brightness dulled and I can see my reflection

No. 923541

It fucking sucks how genderspecials have infested otome communities. Like if these aidens really wanted to be men they'd go watch football or something, not play the girliest genre of game on this fucking planet. Also all the good otoge are based around a protag who is already an established character anyways, so being a genderqweer self insert defeats the fucking point.

No. 923545

Those three comments were most def written by TIF/genderspecial fujos. They already got BL, what the hell they're doing bitching at otome?
Their need to force any women-catered media into complying with their self-hatred/fetish is so bizarre, wtf.

No. 923550

File: 1632627619505.jpeg (13.38 KB, 318x159, ugly.jpeg)

Prairie dresses. They are so unflattering. They all look the same and it's pretty much all the mall had. I don't want to look like I'm wearing a floral potato sack.

No. 923552

What the fuck does that have to do with being amerifat? I bet you're a twig and barely get any protein in your diet.

No. 923557

Omg these are disgusting. Love floral dresses but this is too much.

No. 923565

I said you have a right to hate religion and even dislike certain women for being religious, all I'm saying is that doubting the genuineness of faith of women is misogynistic
that's the thing people can't seem to understand, genuine religious belief is powerful thing, more powerful then any feminist pagan/wicca LARP and I'm saying erasing that belief of religious women in disrepsftful

No. 923568

these are in all the stores right now and im so confused. who decided this was in style? i dont see anybody actually wearing these

No. 923574

File: 1632634355193.jpg (23.83 KB, 615x388, gg.jpg)

>90 pound actresses with no muscle tone knocking out giant 200 pound adult men with a single punch

Is it that hard to cast an actually physically built woman for a role, like Christ they cast Ruby Rose as Batman, whose supposed to have the physique of an Olympian athlete and they cast a woman who looks like a small breeze could knock her down

Gina Carano is probably the only actress in years who actually looks the part of her badass female character

No. 923576

they have male weightlifters play strongmen despite poor acting skills, so when will they cast sarah robles as a heroine who smashes & crushes? she's like… the strongest, for real. she could do real stunts like jackie chan.

No. 923577

well most strongman only ever play background roles, all I'm asking for is a woman who isn't a 5'3 90-110 pound borderline ana-chan for action movie roles

No. 923608

Are those catboy's paradise reviews?
Anyway I fucking love being called Mistress. Thank you for not pandering to Aidens, game.

No. 923659

File: 1632654413618.jpg (130.06 KB, 712x642, stupid assholes.jpg)

Picrel. Pontifications about how people have to be mindful about spending yet no one who's serious about their paycheck would EVER do this to begin with. Apparently there's people smart enough to get high-paying jobs straight out of college but are too dumb to learn how to cook. Imagine spending $1500 a month in delivery. That's $50 a day on average. Most people would realize an immediate impact because they'd be eating like goddamn kings every fucking day and then wonder why they'd have less money. Oh, no shit that not spending $1500 on food for one saves money? WHODATHUNK.

No. 923684

I’ve come to the conclusion that I hate dogs they are disgusting. They walk barefoot on the floor eat literally anything including shut and shed everywhere. I’m watching my sisters friends dog and it’s so gross I can’t even imagine having it on my bed. It’s annoying because it’s so cute but it’s so stupid and gross I think I’m just annoyed that I had to pick up its shit I don’t even pick up my own shit (I flush it duh) so i always feel like it has the upper hand on me lol. But I would never harm a dog I just couldn’t live with them. Also walking them is annoying too because you have to do it constantly and if you forget you feel like a dick. I don’t hate dogs though Ii just feel bad for them that they have to be holed up in a house co trolled by ugly humans. Idk I think owning pets is fucked up. I’d rather plants but even that’s tucked up too lol

No. 923686

So many typos I’m not 12 I swear I just suck at typing on phones

No. 923706

I feel this. Genderspecials are demanding special pronouns in a game made for het women. Meanwhile scrote visual novels like Totono have the love interest literally ride the player's imaginary dick and nobody gives a fuck that a woman may be playing that game.

No. 923710

>They walk barefoot on the floor
What do you want them to do? Put on shoes? Kek

No. 923721

That why civilized ppl never let their dog in the house. I swear it's some western mental illness. It's a disgusting animal who wants to lick your face with is tongue that just ate rats and licked it's butthole.

No. 923727

There’s a dog hate thread, anon, you can go sperging about how much you hate dogs in there.

No. 923742

>I can’t even imagine having it on my bed
I think this is gross with either dogs or cats. I don't want shit particles on my bed.

No. 923749

I hate people who say “back in the day when we had no phones LIFE WAS GOOD.” Shut up retard, we’re having as much fun doxxing CorpseHusband and reading komeda anon’s posts as you did protestinf in the 1960s.

No. 923757

I remember growing up without mobile phones, we had one landline phone in the house, no internet connection at all and one tv in the house. I remember being bored alot. Maybe if I came from a big outgoing family or grew up somewhere sunny it'd be different but I was just bored.

No. 923763

lol how are you framing this as a westerners bad thing? Pretty much everyone civilized keeps their dogs indoors as to not bother their neighbors with barking and to prevent ticks and fleas. Unless you consider having a flea-infested dog chained up behind your house to be the epitome of class, what the hell are you talking about?

No. 923771

Keeping your dog in a dog house is best practice, and what do you mean fleas, you wash your dog don't you? I mean it as a westerner thing because I've only ever seen westerners with indoor dogs.

No. 923772

File: 1632666542664.gif (733.43 KB, 640x640, B850878E-4DC4-41D9-85BC-4F4F08…)

dogs smell and cats rule, seethe more pupperfag

No. 923775

Fuck off to the doghate thread. nobody here needs to hear your sperging

No. 923777

My boomer mother says this a lot (she also comes from the countryside and idealizes the simple, rural life despite living in the city)

No. 923795

Nta and I think both dogs and cats are cute as hell
BUT for some reason whenever you mention that you are more of a cat person to someone, or say you are not really into dogs, dog people get very upset? like what's the deal with that?

No. 923799

It happens time but when I say I’m more of a dog person, cat people start talking about how cats are so clean and nice and independent.
And then I’m like, yeah but I’m severely allergic to them so it’s not like I can have a cat, buddy.

No. 923803

I have experienced the opposite, it's always catfags sperging how superior they are to dogs because they are le independent assholes or something

No. 923804

You just haven't met the right dog yet

No. 923807

File: 1632669254357.jpg (49.19 KB, 1920x1080, hybrid.jpg)

What about.. catdog.

No. 923822

I hate this shit, too. This is why you're better off watching historical shows from like, the 60's and 70's. I saw a great BBC miniseries about Marie Curie made in 1977, you may like it, anon.

No. 923959

Getting accused of being jealous of trannies kek

No. 923968

Ok most woke woc are married/dating white men and its a deflecting mechanism for them to behave this way accepted as a woc myself
What is with white women that are woke? Why do THEY do that
On second thought why do any of these people behave this way what sparks this in them i couldn't even imagine taking every argument to race and supremacy

No. 923978

nta its just a fucking cliche and somewhat of a reality that some of the most overly woke/liberal woc are often dating/married to white men especially the ones who rage against white men/white supremacy
I've seen this with a black "queer" chick I know who constantly rails against white dudes, but that's all she ever dates, its like she's never ever considered dating a non-white man

No. 923979

yes. That would be great

No. 923984

Ok its a cliche then what's with white women that are woke

No. 923988

white guilt

No. 923997

I'm trying to find a way to say this but, I think a lot of these overly woke WOC aren't just "Fuck white people, all white people are racists" it's "Fuck white people, lets promote transwomen of color, TWAW! I'm a Non-binary asexual person of color and-"
And I feel like…it's easier to find a white dude whose THAT woke,then finding a MOC whose that woke. A lot of men only care about shit that affects them and I feel like I've seen a lot of MOC in my community (i'm black) be woke in the "All white people are racists" way, but when it comes to other "Woke" topics it's like, "Fuck that", Like they don't care about LGBTQ+ Unless they are LGBTQ+. I'm not saying, "WM care more", I'm saying there's more white dudes who are ultra woke even if it's just pandering or becuase they gain something. Just a theory, I hope this makes sense and doesn't get me banned or some shit.

No. 924003

I think it's because
1. Only white men can tolerate their sperging. Try talking to the average non-white man about your 6500 genders and your manifesto on how your favorite cartoon on Netflix is ackshually homophobic/queerbaiting trash but also an epic decolonization masterpiece. See if he'll stick around. All this shit rhetoric literally comes from white guilt wokesters, so Brandon is used to it and doesn't care. His sister wrote the book, and he's long since learned to just say "Yeah babe" and move on.
2. Woke WOC eat, sleep and breathe everything having to do with white men. They're obsessed, and deep down, they respect power and want proximity to it. They don't really want to break anything down, they're just mad that they're not the ones at the top (or at least next to it).

No. 924008

File: 1632677369622.png (161.79 KB, 1304x681, Why_Indeed.png)

I half agree, from what I've seen most of these white dudes that these women tend to be with aren't just generic white dudes, most are moderately liberal well meaning guys and when ever they are confronted by anything too weird as an anon pointed out here >>924003 they go "yeah babe" and move on, its one of the reasons why Chris Evans is so popular, he's a generically attractive white dude with moderately progresiisve views that doesn't try too hard to be woke and that's enough for these women, the men they date tend to be similar

this articles touches on this phenomenon

No. 924015

>If 'The Hunger Games'
Forgive me, nonnie, but I stopped reading right there

No. 924016

might as well post the full article

>when I realised that the vast majority of my favourite black bloggers were in relationships with white men, you can imagine why I thought I was being paranoid. I could not help but wonder if I was falling into the trap of being hypersensitive, and hyperaware about all things race.

>I concluded that it could only be a coincidence.
>It all began with the first black blogger in whom I noticed the phenomenon sweeping the nation.
>The first blogger is a beautiful woman who owns a head wrap line (I have purchased three. No need to discuss the shipping costs from America to the UK). She is a creative who graces Instagram with each artistic post. It was in one fateful post in which I saw her with her white bae. He is rugged and bearded. Not enough hand clap emojis to comment.
>And then there was another. Literally another beautiful head wrap line owner, whose artistry is magnificent. You question whether she’s a painter in her spare time, as each picture looks delicately crafted as if dipped in some kind of melanated honey. She’s an avid reader and one imagines what it would be like to be her best friend: “Shall we read and chill? Sure. But first, let me head wrap.” These fantasies will forever be a goal.
>This queen also has a white bae. And then there was another. And another. I was left questioning why all my favourite black bloggers are dating white men?
>I have compiled a list of reasons why I think my favourite bloggers, a.k.a. black queens, are dating white men. It’s not an exhaustive list, but I hope it’ll shed light into the myriad of reasons they’re with #whitebae.

>1. Appreciation

>Are woke white men more appreciative of black women than black men?

>A common debate that has been going around has been regarding whether black men are just interested in one type of black woman: fair skin with loose curls. You can’t forget about that traumatic video asking young black boys what kind of girl they’re looking for (“light skin, curly hair, big ass”), triggering feelings of inadequacy and a grotesque reminder of what we have to deal with on a daily basis. This video, although disgusting, wasn’t in any shape or form shocking.
>Could it be that woke white men are more inclined to appreciate darker-skinned women than black men? With the onslaught of societal pressure to conform to only one version of beauty perhaps black men, with their own pressure, are averse to women who represent beauty that is continually discredited.
>Realistically, an answer to this question is only ever going to be anecdotal. How can one possibly answer whether black men are more or less appreciative of black women, without interviewing thousands of black men and women?
>What I do know is that, as black women, we have to convince ourselves that we are beautiful 10 times before we even leave the house. We are constantly in a pattern of uplifting ourselves, boosting ourselves, complimenting ourselves and it can become exhausting. “#Queen #Blessed #MelaninMagic.” If we’re not going to say it, who will? Black women with darker skin and kinky hair combat feelings of inadequacy from society and from within our own communities, due to the pervasiveness of colourism.
>Is there a surprise, then, that for many black women a #whitebae might be exactly what you’re looking for? Someone who appreciates you and is in awe of your beauty and looks at you as though you are a painting in the Louvre. Of course, you could question fetishization and exotic othering, but it sometimes must be nice to feel as though you are the original black Mona Lisa.

>2. There are no black men who are attracted to us

>It’s no secret that black women are the least desired subgroup on dating sites. Although it’s upsetting and frustrating, there’s something a little empowering about being seen as the least attractive group – the bottom of the barrel if you will; making each boy who swipes right a small victory against the tyranny of racism – snatching them into our black female lair, luring them in with each fluff of the afro.

>There is an Essence article titled “Top 7 reasons why single black men don’t approach black women.” Perhaps I am the perfect example of the problem in thinking I am too good for the pitiful responses that black men are giving for not dating black women. Maybe I was born with an extra dosage of sass but when black men say “black women aren’t supportive enough” or “don’t seem fun enough,” this only evokes a scoff and an eye roll.
>When we sit around with friends and lament that “there are no black men around,” maybe we should be saying “there are no black men around who are attracted to us.” Again, something empowering about being rejected by your own race.

>3. Internalised racism

>The number of dating sites matching white men with black women seems unnerving to me. I recognize that people have a preference when it comes to looks, but to only seek a person from one race amidst a history of a structural power division should not be exempt from arguments of internalized racism and self-hate. When I hear a non-black person say they are not attracted to black women “as a personal preference” it is hard not to take this as a personal blow and an attack on my race at large. When preference is coloured with years of viewing black men and women as inferior and not worthy of attraction let alone love, it is difficult to prove that preference is simply preference and not awash with racist undertones.

>And so, when black women specifically seek out white men, it is similarly difficult to prove that it is solely a preference and not as a result of internalized racism and self-hate. If you are told on a daily basis that people who look like you are unattractive and undeserving of love, a natural reaction would be to seek out that which is being denied to you as a form of validation of self-worth. To determine whether a love interest is a result of internalized racism would be near to impossible. How do you separate love from…love?

>4. It’s just not that deep

>No-one is suggesting that we are post-racial (words that should have you flogged) but maybe it’s just not that deep. You realistically date those who are around you, and maybe those people happen to be white. Even more so, you fall in love with a personality and that is devoid of racial boundaries. Of course, it’s not us versus them, but it’s easy to fall into dream-like states of a back race with beautiful power couples en masse.

>However, in the search of #wokebae, does he even need to be black? As we all know, you don’t have to be woke to be black, and blackness does not equate to wokeness. Many articles I’ve read about interracial couples depict a random love story with an unlikely pairing which is just as romantic and tear jerking as any love story between two members of the same race.

>So why are all my favourite black bloggers dating white men?

>Each of the vibrant women most probably has their own distinct reason, and I wouldn’t be surprised if each of them responded with “it just happened” and “you don’t pick who you fall in love with”.
>How boring. Wouldn’t it be more fun if they were like “mama needed some white chocolate.” I guess I’ll just keep dreaming.

No. 924020

This topic reminds me of my friend's big sister who's so proud of being a Black business woman and who told us even she was surprised she ended up marrying a White guy. Then my friend herself started dating a White guy as well. I'm not White either but ever since I told one of my sisters what's my type of guy in a very general way by showing her a picture of a former coworker who's a blond and blue eyed White guy I'm sure I give her similar vibes as well kek.

No. 924031

I think its usually related to interests and what circles you hang out in, I don't have any preference for white guys(I guess my only physical preference would be I wouldn't consider dating any scrote whose fat, short, bald or has a patchy beard) but I like metal and am into DIY scene which is filled with mostly white people, I'm not opposed to dating a fellow MENA If I like his personality and he matches my physical preferences but I don't think I'll ever meet one and who knows what the chances are that this hypothetical guy revert back to Islam and start abusing me

No. 924041

Absolute nightmare. The pickmes I know are no doubt miserable but are so thoroughly memed into thinking they can't make it alone and will be worthless wall-hitting dead egg cat ladies without some worthless scrote abusing them every day.

No. 924046

The Sonic avatarfag. It just screams "ironic" retardation and le epic trololol Chris Chan references. They need to go back to shoving their homemade Sonichu medallion up their ass so I don't have to see that blue rat bastard all over /ot/.

No. 924047

> Some people in Maghreb are similarly in denial and don't realize that actual Arabs look down on them.
Actual arab here and I’ve never seen anyone look down on maghrebis. We also love maghrebi food, music, and clothes

No. 924051

It's more than one person anon

No. 924055

some people genuinely do love Sanic

No. 924057

Yeah if it was a troll reference to Chris why wouldn't it just be sonichu rather than the radtastic bombastic blue sonic himself?

No. 924059

It’s so annoying, sometimes I can’t stand /ot/ anons they always have to choose the ugliest or unfunny meme like that shit isn’t funny

No. 924062

You're probably right, I just really hate that little blue fucker.

If there's going to be a theme for /ot/ it should be babushkas.

No. 924063

It's subjective, but I understand your frustration, there aren't gonna be any more Sonic pics though

No. 924064

Samefag but big agree on babushkas

No. 924065

Thank god, keep that Sonic shit for redditors, scrotes, and the year 2009, we don’t want it

No. 924067

Any theme is going to get stale over time; I think it should be left open so nonnies can post whatever aesthetic imagery suits their thread/tastes. Every other board has a theme, we should have one place where it's not pre-determined

No. 924075

People were posting it precisely because of people complaining about it, like borzois. Ever heard of the Streisand effect?

No. 924128

The Borzoi was nothing like that. The origins was that someone wrote an autistic rant about how much she hates borzois for looking so weird and creepy and after anons started posting borzois to ask what's wrong with them, the original borzoi hate anon had a chimpout reaching hilarious proportions. And that was the joke, anons bullying poor borzoi hate anon to the brink of insanity and not just Milhousing a shitty lolsorandumb meme.

No. 924185

I took a break from the farms for a few weeks, came back to see sonicposting all over the place. It looks so obnoxious

No. 924195

Why can't you just dress whatever you like without acknowledging the existence of moids? There's nothing you can change about how they view the world, so why just not ignore them and do whatever you want? By dressing in a burqa or turning into a bizarre blob you're basically letting them pressure you into doing something you probably don't like.

No. 924597

any youtube video that showcases their fire alarm or never changes their smoke alarm

No. 924606

Agreed. Based babushkas. Plus it can't be that hard to find babushka pics that fit the theme of a given thread, the sonicfag didn't even try

No. 924637

I hate the word sage

No. 924641

All of us need to not post in shitty threads when they're new. Bad OP images always correspond with some fucker making a new thread way before the post limit is reached.

No. 924685

>Only white men can tolerate their sperging.
No they can't. You think the Framers would've put up with that shit? No. They fucking would not have. Think a coal miner in Virginia would put up with that? No. I know lolcow hates anything with a Y chromosome but let's not generalize about an entire group of people, especially not on their skin color.

No. 924686

nta, I think its clear that the anon meant and knew that while the vast majority wouldn't tolerate ayden nb nascence due to the higher number of liberal white men you are likely to find a white man who is willing to tolerate nb or other woke topics

No. 924730

The irony pls

No. 924835

White guilt. Being called a sand nigger is significantly less insulting than someone walking on eggshells around me and implying that they're oppressing me and holding me back by simply existing as a white person in my general vicinity.

No. 924861

All the racesperging anons lately.

No. 924940

There's been so much sperging and bait recently. I thought this thread was the Twitter hate thread when I saw the posts above tbh.

No. 924963

This and the zoomzooms baiting in other threads. I can't wait till they have a breakdown once they turn 20 or whatever.

No. 924964

File: 1632775940354.jpeg (3.06 MB, 1920x2400, D26B5951-347D-41F4-9759-618DA9…)

these tasteless borderline misogynistic but noo we can’t say that or you’re a twitterfag/wokie! /snow/ thumbnails

No. 924966

Wtf? if someone is being a womanhater, say it out loud. No fucking womanhaters allowed on this website.

No. 924981

pretty much all of the /snow/ dwellers aren’t necessarily pick-mes or NLOGS but they’re all confirmed woman haters, that’s just the nature of the board. it gets even more aggressive if the female cow happens to be a sex worker or an influencer of some sort

No. 925010

I'm thinking of becoming a frequent poster in Shayna's thread just so it hits the limit faster and I don't have to see that creepy fanart anymore

No. 925060

I hate cynics and pessimists.

No. 925063

My hot take is that I think she has a beautiful figure, idk why anons are mad. The only thing worth mocking her for is her botched lip fillers and greasy appearance. Idk, she is barely a lolcow to me especially compared to cows who do similar shit that she does. Her whole thread is just nitpicking and barely any milk.

No. 925068

I want to agree with you, but the thing is, about the influencer and sex worker part is that it's a career route that naturally attracts attention whores in the first place. So if you think about it, if it wasn't for their profession, there would be no milk to document because they would have no platform to air it out on. I think that the sex work profession attracts a lot of pickmes and a lot of posters of sex worker threads i.e the sex work thread and PnP are seething sex workers who seem to think they are above other women for some weird reason just because they make $10 more than other women on onlyfans.

No. 925069

same fag, but the point i am trying to make is that a lot of anons here for the most part are seething.

No. 925074

Is this why there's an increase of anons asking how to bleach their labia lately?

No. 925086

File: 1632782896833.jpeg (161 KB, 800x533, ceue7itsefzswi7b5bun.jpeg)

the culture at my fucking school. why did i decide to go to this dumbass art school i hate everyone here. it can't decide whether it wants to be a stupid pretentious university or a childish woke hugbox. and between the attention-whore troon animators and the narcissistic, misogynstic film majors i've found ONE decent person. christ.

No. 925088

How the fuck do you people keep finding lolcow in the first place? This is a gossip website and always was. Gawking at deranged cows doesn't make one a "woman hater".

No. 925116

I don’t know why it annoys me so much, but every time I see some obviously super edited pic with a bunch of “omg you’re so beautiful” comments, I want to punch a wall. I saw some girl’s pic on r/selfie before and she was clearly just using FaceApp with the young/teenage filter, complete with the wonky eyes and AI artifacts. How are people so gullible? Doesn’t anyone zoom in on photos? What’s even the purpose of fishing for compliments on edited photos?

No. 925136

i hate how all of my beautiful younger friends (the cusp between zoomer and millennial and older zoomies) are all obsessed with plastic surgery and stuff and think they need it so badly for fulfillment. it makes me so violently angry especially because they are all very naturally beautiful.

No. 925211

Social media and filters, what else. Not to sound like a boomer but take away the phone/computer and those desires will go away in a few months.

No. 925213

is it SCAD kek

No. 925223


No. 925226

Bahahahahaha I work with a SCAD alumnae, he trooned out

No. 925229

LOL yeah cis people are pretty much the minority especially with the rise of the she/theys. I saw someone else post in the Western Animation cows thread about being in my freshman class here and I can't stop wondering who it is lol

No. 925233

AYRT, I went to the rival school of SCAD. I think my graduating class was the last one to escape the rise of troons and wokeness and shit. Just try and stay alive, anon.
>I can't stop wondering who it is lol
You should hit them up and give coded signals to identify each other IRL.

No. 925235

I totally would but I don't wanna derail the animation thread with my bullshit

No. 925238

Ah just do it, they're probably looking for a sane friend, as well.

No. 925239

ngl that's what u get for going to the diploma mill school

No. 925241

i went to scad for a summer program when i was in hs and it was fucking insane and not in a good way

No. 925244

I know, I have a lot of regret right now but it is my fault

No. 925356


No. 925386

Back when i studied i picked between a school for traditional art and one for digital design. i ended up picking digital design because the trad art teacher put me off SO much by being a ditzy woke lady who seemed like she'd rather smoke weed with the students and cry over her ex husband leaving her while eating her feelings away instead of teaching valuable art techniques. Figured i could still draw and paint at home while working professionally with design, and it's worked out so far

No. 925484

Sometimes I feel like the only weeb that hates futashit (of course I know there's others, just saying it feels that way sometimes). Like strongly hate, outright detest. It always has the most freakish, absolutely ugliest dicks I've ever seen in 2d drawings and takes up 95% of the page (despite supposedly having a pussy too) but apparently many people, not even just scrotes enjoy that.

No. 925505

I can’t believe we got to a point where saying “my dad died/wasn’t the greatest parent” means you’re trauma dumping? Kek

No. 925725

People spreading the term "trauma dumping" was a mistake. Like don't get me wrong, I get it's intentions and I hate people that legitimately do trauma dump but now anytime someone doesn't want to talk about your problems because they're not done blabbing about theirs it becomes "trauma dumping". Like how if some dipshit forgets something offensive/annoying they did (or is trying to deny it) you're suddenly "gaslighting" them.

No. 926014

I hate that stupid sonic bitch, I can usually tell the threads apart at first glance but now I can't. glad she got banned.

No. 926021

i'm bisexual and i hate it and i don't get it when others call it "the best of both worlds"

No. 926241

when my stomach growls too loudly at the worst moments and it sounds like i'm farting even tho i'm not

No. 926350

File: 1632945313297.jpg (66.21 KB, 304x470, 6a9bfda82fa18078d3ba014d8a5c02…)

I absolutely loathe "tradfems" and the trad community in general, and i'm someone who has always wanted to have a vanilla normie family in the future. i'm not even sure i want to get married anymore because they have made it so i'm repelled to the whole lifestyle to an extent. something that when i envisioned made me happy now makes me nauseous, puts my stomach in knots, and makes me feel miserable. this is after a little engaging with the community, like literally two hours or so, because then i'll see something that makes me sick and i have to stop. then i go back months later, and the same thing happens. i can never intigrate. i can only lurk for bits at a time. i can't pinpoint why exactly, ig it seems like a breeding ground for grooming? or cultish? or like a fleeting aesthetic and persona these women take on, just a trend theyre following, a box they want to put themselves in, a label they want to slap on, it's difficult to put into words. maybe it's the constant bashing of masculine women and single women. it comes across as so desperate. i also hate how they allude to being inferior to men and that they should be in charge of everything in the hypothetical household instead of wanting to have a marriage where both of them are partners in every sense of the word. ig they seem a bit like airheads, and like theyre void of any personality. i hope they never get married, i fear for theirs and their future offspring's well being, sounds condescending asf but i genuinely mean it. unfortunately alot of men like these type of women. oh well

No. 926354

It's the misogyny and borderline worship of males.

No. 926356

thank you, i think that's it, they only want to have a family to please a man, not because they actually want a family

No. 926361

File: 1632946364535.png (57.62 KB, 475x556, 86555.png)

Same, I guess some could say I some what live a tradfem life style, I'm married, like vanilla sex and have a kid(I plan on having 2 more) but the whole "community" seems like a bizarre misogyny fetish, you can reject the awful aspects of modern society without embracing the negative aspects of previous societies
also I aboustetly don't trust in any men in these groups, picrel

No. 926405

File: 1632947962144.jpg (98.12 KB, 685x493, ewrwer.jpg)

samefag, I'm not that into the community but Im curious how they would feel about masculine women with masculine man parings

No. 926421

Women making self-help/advice videos
>10 minute video
>Hey guys blah blah so here’s some tips that have helped me out, let’s get into it!
>mediocre but relatable advice

Men making self-help/advice videos
>retarded muh inspiration music in background that’s too loud and noticeably repetitive
>life background story told in overly dramatic cinema style as if anyone gives a fuck
>take cold shower to be manly
>long dramatic pause, black screen
>put all your non-aspirational tasks onto the women in your life, or don’t even bother mentioning them because you’re a man so you forgot those tasks exist
>at least 53 mentions of stoic philosophers
>self aggrandizing bullshit, martyrdom, and navel gazing about the world-changing importance of their t-shirt dropshipping business
>stretched into 40 minutes of insufferable pretentiousness
>don’t forget to mention Cal Newport
>comments full of “wow so deep, so cool, I didn’t even jerk once during the whole video I’m improving already”

No. 926428

kek, we must have suffered through the same vids.

No. 926441

File: 1632951384545.png (341.58 KB, 500x550, meritenao.png)


>put all your non-aspirational tasks onto the women in your life
Holy shit, how common is this shit and how much i fucking hate it. A lot of productivity and self help advice (written mostly by men for men) has always a fucking part about delegating tasks to others. While that is okay for a reasonable person, who delegates and in turn helps back, with those selfcentered jerks is always about giving all their work away to someone else that should be glad to help them achieve their dreams and goals.

And how can they see themselves as alphamales or ubermench or wtv if their entire life relies on other people coddling them?
Stop dumping your responsibilities unto others you useless manchild.

No. 926443

File: 1632951573882.png (283.11 KB, 564x720, imagen_2021-09-29_163934.png)

the fact this was officially added to madoka lore

No. 926444

I like how she looks like a crackhead but the coomer design is such a shame.

No. 926445

i dont watch anime anymore but i always liked yasuda's face designs with the exception of that ugly reptilian izaya orihara. it sucks because his objectification of women is so blatant but he in the grand scheme of bad anime art had cool face designs. completely wasted on the coomer bodies

No. 926465

>I honestly don't know how pickmes do it
They don't. They either get radicalized against men in the end or their entire humanity just perishes under the pressure.
It's better to just have standards from the get go, not give a shit about whiny manipulative maleoids and broke pickme fools, and be prepared to either live a fulfilling life alone or live a fulfilling life with a man who's ready to at least try to be less retarded than the rest of his kind.

No. 926467

That little creature on her shoulder is cute.

No. 926469

File: 1632955172514.jpg (45.49 KB, 909x960, 18268364_145120496026566_78864…)

discustang, what the fuck is that coat and why is her pussy almost out, everything about this is so unappealing and janky looking
this would go into the character designs we hate thread
yeah, but that's about it then

No. 926480

I'm just surprised they don't put a clip of them masturbating to their reflection, bc that's all it really is. They're either fakers, or has rich daddy. Only dude I ever saw give actual good advice was Louis Rossman, and it seems bc he had actual emotional intelligence and worked for a skill for his job.

No. 926494

The thing that bothers me about the trad wife stuff is that women are expected to worship men whilst men ignore that in these relationships they are supposed to look after their wives and children and care for their wellbeing. Imo this life style could work for a small minority for women, but that's 100% down to the husband being compassionate and actually capable of being a human being instead of a selfish and abuse asshole who just wants a warm hole to come to every night, after fucking underage tranny prostitutes on their way back from work.

No. 926502

Even in the best situation (husband is well off, wife doesn't work, he isn't abusive) the men always let it go to their head and treat their wife like a stupid kid he can fuck & release his neg emotions on scot free. From someone who grew up in a traditional place.

No. 926506

His advice sucks as well, he gives me that aggressive sperg vibes

No. 926511

File: 1632959083102.jpg (66.25 KB, 640x406, 1632086207767.jpg)

ayrt, yeah the most of the men themselves aren't actually trad at all which is why i didn't mention them. picrel
they would probably call the man a cuck. personally, I think if you go to great lengths to be ultra ~uwu~ feminine instead of yourself it means you're afraid your man will seem less masculine otherwise, which isn't a problem for masculine men. even masculine women can never "out-masculine" a masculine man.
I also know a man who is just like the ones they want, religious, not a coomer, hardworking, selfless, family-oriented and who does he have a raging hard-on for? a feminist, lol. that reminds me how they think you can't be a feminist and want a family. being a feminist is apparently "masculine" when it's one of the many ways women's caring nature (protip: this is feminine) manifests.

No. 926521

yep the conditions would have to be perfect for it to work, and i wouldn't judge them for partaking in it….. if they didn't express this feeling of superiority to other women who don't choose the lifestyle. judging women for not being more "trad" has the opposite effect, at least it has in my case.

No. 926533

>even masculine women can never "out-masculine" a masculine man.
That's another shit that i find weird. There's this book "why men love bitches" that has some nice tips about dating, but then has a chapter about acting feminine and helpless to make the man feel useful and masculine. Like, that's legit advice for dealing with some scrotes in tour life, specially boomers. But why would you want to have kids with someone that needs constant reassurance and praise? If a guy feels emasculated because his wife killed a snake by herself, well, the guy is a wimp. Who the fuck wants a man that is so fucking insecure?

No. 926538

File: 1632962518422.png (197.71 KB, 318x539, imagen_2021-09-29_194159.png)

same. It doesn't fit with madoka though

No. 926541

I know what book you're talking about. Read it as a child because my dad had it but shit is weird. Isn't there an entire guide to faking orgasms?

No. 926543

Christ reminds me of the cute bat girl who ended up getting a pornified transformation because the designer or animator was part of the monigotari series who loves loli

No. 926550

That book is written by a psycho who expects women to twist themselves into a pretzel to attract bottom of the barrel scrotes. The only thing you need to do is have boundaries and assert yourself if you need to.

No. 926557

Most men are deeply insecure. Playing off of that does give power in some situations but yes it is unfeasible to have a life partner with such a dynamic, unless you want a mediocre and draining marriage.

No. 926564

File: 1632966819874.jpg (67.28 KB, 530x690, snowborn.jpg)

I cannot stand this hideous monstrosity of resin nor the seemingly endless amount of people who like him let alone buy him. The worst part is that I keep seeing him pop up lately and it just makes my hatred for this pointy nosed candycane looking mf grow stronger with each passing day. If you like or own one of these abominations, get better taste.

No. 926569

File: 1632967783905.jpg (54.76 KB, 325x512, unnamed.jpg)

You posted one of the more flattering angles of this doll kek

No. 926570

File: 1632967894769.jpg (70.98 KB, 550x825, ae2cfe0e7ff76d2ea6bb372200ff71…)

You are thinking about it wrong. The charm of long noses is in the ugliness.

No. 926598

File: 1632971923841.jpg (76.53 KB, 431x564, centaur.jpg)


whenever I run into the doll community online it truly baffles me. h-he's a centaur?

No. 926599

It's the first time i see this thing, but i want it to come to life and eat my pussy out while i'm sleeping.
I need that cute nose rubbing against my clit.

No. 926629

"Common People" by Pulp. I mean the song has a good message but it just makes me cringe.

No. 926644

idk fuck all about dolls but it looks fine to me. but i'm a nose liker so

No. 926727

this is almost delightfully ugly. wouldn't want one myself but it's the same as people who insist pugs are cute when they in fact look like ugly mfs, but that ugliness is what makes them cute

No. 926765

File: 1632997053872.png (145.23 KB, 1409x844, transfemmehaj.png)

Following the current twitter trend (pic related, I hate this as well) I hate it when people, including IKEA's english speaking support, mistype Blåhaj. It's BLÅHAJ, not BLAHAJ. God damn. You pronounce it Bloh-haye, not Blah-haye. Å is a completely different letter from A.

No. 926767

>Å is a completely different letter from A
Americans never get this, they think the dot is just a decoration or something.

No. 926768

File: 1632997208889.jpg (59.31 KB, 500x500, artworks-UXzYJaa4yIHO3C2R-0fyu…)

ngl This doll looks exactly like Komaeda to me

No. 926770

not everyone has a swedish keyboard lol. though it would make sense for ikea employees to have to spell it properly

No. 926772

Typing it as "Blohaj" instead of "Blahaj" would be more accurate since Å is basically pronounced as just "O".

No. 926778

ok, but most people don't know swedish. my native language has diacritics too, but people usually don't make it that big of a deal if someone types without them

No. 926786

File: 1632999570414.jpg (164.51 KB, 1200x1200, 1632873248684.jpg)

My biggest annoyance is when someone adds dots to letters to make it look Swedish, not understanding that it changes the sound.
Or like when the band Mötley Crüe were suprised that Germans actually pronounced the name the way it is spelled.
It pisses me off because we learn english in school, watch American movies and tv and listen to their music, and all the big internet sites are in english. But Americans can't even make a tiny bit of effort re: the other languages they're trying to make fun of and understand that å represents a different sound than a.

No. 926788

you are a bigger person than me for only taking issue wit the spelling in this post

No. 926789

I wish I could go back in time and stop furries and loli anime from happening, it would certainly stop the current troon pandemic.

No. 926795

nah nonnie the autistic tranny claiming le funny meme shark as a transfemme icon pisses me off way more than people not knowing how to pronounce Å kek

No. 926812

Same but with cyrillic, and we don't even use it in my country

No. 926822

File: 1633001581139.jpeg (79.41 KB, 700x875, EB0944C6-0321-4AD2-A2C2-971494…)

This thing is an icon? I hate the fact that anything has to represent some big brain shit for twitterfags and I hate Twitter, I hope their buildings get infected with bed bugs and cockroaches for a whole year.

No. 926824

It's a soft toy for children, says a lot about those who choose it as an icon.

No. 926826

I hate “baby bumps” and the way pregnant women look with them. They are absolutely repulsive to me and I can’t stand being near pregnant women because of this.

No. 926834

It's always hilarious to me when I see people spell out their name in cyrillic on Facebook, but not even phonetically, like the russian do with foreign names, but just switching the letters on a one-to-one basis. It makes them seem like they're the slavic equivalent for weaboos, and it doesn't even read the way they'd want it to be read.

No. 926850

I don't know if "hate" is the right word, but I feel uncomfortable around pregnant women. Probably because I don't want to get pregnant and weird around the topic of children and it's weird to me that these women willingly go through with it, it's like I lose a huge part of relatibility to another person.

No. 926861

Same here, I don't hate the sight of pregnant stomachs but I feel intensely uncomfortable seeing them, especially bare. I find the topic of pregnancy and childbirth to be repulsive and as childish as it sounds (no pun intended) I find myself getting really squeamish and awkward.

No. 926865

i HAD a child and pregnant women's bellies still weird me out. (tho that's probably birth trauma doing that)

No. 926867

I sшеая I gет аи аиецяуsм шнеиеvея I наvе то dесiрнея тнis sнiт (jцsт liке i наd оие шнilе турiиg тнis).

No. 926898

who the hell would want to be russian?? let alone even WANT to pretend???

No. 926899

I had a weird russiaboo phase when i was like 13-14

No. 926900

tumblr fakebois in 2015

No. 926904

I don't know how to explain this, but the financial/material views you see on reddit give me a gross vibe. The cheapass frugality that just lowers your quality of life while you pretend to be smart and so much better than other people?

Also the kind of middle class dudes who dress and live like shit but think buying a car or gaming PC is so smart.

No. 926908

was there some popular piece of russian meida in the 2015 or something

No. 926918

Idk but slavboos very much exist and it's cringy as fuck since they often only know one single slavic country and believe the stereotypes.

No. 926920

not sure but probably fits the grunge pale uwu so deep aesthetic with artists like lil peep molchat doma and whatever

on the other hand theres also the soviet union ww2 moids which might have made it more popular

No. 926947

yes and similarly whenever I see a cool old car driving around, I look inside at the driver and it's always some boomer schlub in a stained tshirt. Like… way to ruin the vibe of your whole cool vintage car thing, which you probably spent a ton of money & time on, by being too lazy ro take 5 minutes to put on a nice sweater. Ypu could even get a vintage sweater or other clothes from the period of your car! Even 40s-50s clothes are pretty cheap on ebay… I just don't get it.

No. 926990

I hate the word 'neurodivergent'. Just say 'retarded' like the rest of us.

No. 927001

File: 1633017002744.jpg (326.93 KB, 941x920, 20210930_174715.jpg)

Quotes like these.

Maybe I'm a bitter bitch, but for some of us there is no "beautiful transformation" going on, no "great things happen after the struggle" etc.. For some people life is just shit and that's it. It doesn't always pay off nor is there meaning to the pain.

No. 927007

File: 1633017683990.jpg (34.15 KB, 794x794, kissaa.jpg)

I am retarded. Yes, conventionally attractive women can be retarded too. No, I'm not ashamed of who, what or how I am. #actuallyretarded #doilookretardedenough #toohottoberetarded #retardawarenessmonth #retardedwomen

No. 927011

File: 1633017979689.png (311.83 KB, 512x512, 1458151187315.png)

when I saw a video of a baby kicking and found out you can actually see it fucking moving around from under the skin…I was already on the fence about having bio kids but that was just too much for me

No. 927027

humans are monsters, no way pregnancy is even normal if it looks like a gigantic bulbous alien sitting in your elongated uterus and you give birth this whole living being that has been sucking your entire life force for months and slides out of you with the pain of ten armageddons with the potential of dying from severe blood loss because it looks unpleasant. embryos are slug parasites

No. 927037

I dunno, I feel like pregnancy should be a beautiful thing but the situation it happens in is usually awful especially if it's unplanned. The woman is usually unhappy, the scrote doesn't go above and beyond for her while she's pregnant if he's even there, she has all the work dumped on her after pregnancy too, she loses all her individuality… It's one of the biggest sacrifices you can make and for what? That gets me more than the body horror shit.

No. 927039

I get grossed out thinking about ovaries releasing eggs and shit no way am I doing that for NINE MONTHS with no breaks

No. 927070

When I hear/see pregnant women still cleaning/struggling with stuff while their scrote husband is around it fills me with rage. Men should be honored that someone wants their rotten seed, the least they could do is act well and in love for 9 months. And instead it's like the most common period for men to turn abusive/cheat on their wife.

No. 927178

what is that picture from? I recognize it yet can't think what it's from

No. 927180

jackie chan cartoon

No. 927181

it's from jackie chan adventures

No. 927235

File: 1633032809167.jpg (140.68 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I hate electro Avicii EDM festival shit music so much

No. 927238

Ah man blast from the past. He had such a random catchphrase like "one more thing!" that my siblings and I would parrot to each other for years even though they only aired about 3 episodes in our country

No. 927241

Reminds me of Haku kek good times
It’s like when weebs in the early 2000s would larp being Japanese

No. 927247

>muh madoka isn't scrote shit!!!!

No. 927250

Can we not start this discussion again

No. 927258

I hate how often topics and opinions are repeated on here. Maybe it’s a sign I gotta leave oof

No. 927267

Madoka and Sailor Moon are both scrote brained

No. 927270

>can we not start this discussion
>someone starts discussion anyways
like clockwork

No. 927279

>Sailor Moon
>scrote brained
Maybe the anime (which was ruined by scrotes like Ikuhara hating on healthy heterosexual relationship cuz muh lesbeans + inserting pantyshots for the boys), but the manga isn't scrotey whatsoever. Naoko is a cutie

No. 927282

File: 1633037179764.jpeg (494.29 KB, 741x748, 4767D567-AACA-442D-97BE-F29C07…)

>sailor moon is scrote-brained

Sailor Moon was created by woman and mostly women fond over this show and men tend to deride the show for being “girly” or sexualize the underage characters. I don’t think a show that constantly delves into the lives of the female characters means it’s scrote-pandering, this has to be seething tranny bait

No. 927288

Please don’t engage with the baiting retard, the whole “Madoka and sailor moon are scrote shit” has been sperged about before.

No. 927295

What a style icon

No. 927338

The thought of giving birth/post partum bodies makes me scared and sick but weirdly enough I think pregnant bellies are kinda nice looking. It might be that I've internalized that ~glowing fertility goddess~ meme and even though I wouldn't want a kid, I still like the idea of all that attention and praise women get for it, the inherent excitement and anticipation of being in that state. Also I think it prevents your body from being held to normal beauty standards, so the bar changed for being attractive. You no longer need a flat stomach to be hot, your stomach isn't even meant to be sexy, you can be a bit chubbier and just look healthy, your boobs probably grow.

No. 927433

This is why I don't bother with Magia record shit.

No. 927440

It’s frustrating because it was nice before they started the second season with the other set of villains. I’m starting to believe that they shut down the NA server because they wanted to go nuts with the overly sexualized designs without the hassle of the backlash it would bring.

No. 927453

File: 1633058101923.gif (1.48 MB, 392x241, 386f75e4caf6c92ed341d1d3abc8e1…)

While I don't like him at all, this is one of my favorite gifts. The resemblance is uncanny.

No. 927553

File: 1633079343006.jpeg (30.21 KB, 679x452, images (1).jpeg)

I hate when I read fanfictions out of boredom then all i see is "demisexual agender trans au asexual trauma" and all of their plots circulate about those things even if it's so unrelated and unlikely for the characters to act like such. I'm just so tired of the new retarded "pronouns" ever since it started. I miss reading fanfics back then w/o dealing with this BS. I hate them all.

No. 927608

God, same. I also hate when they make canonically bigoted asshole characters all touchy-feely and suddenly super understanding about trannies. Literally just go make an OC.

No. 927677

People whining about parasocial relationships.

>content creators owe you nothing

They literally do owe their fans something, without their fans their z-list fame and money would’ve never happened. Making youtube videos or streaming is transactional.

No. 927703

File: 1633101603549.jpg (118.65 KB, 516x429, Moors.jpg)

When african americans try to claim the history of north africa, THE MOORS WERE NOT BLACK, they were overwhelmingly ethnic berbers with some vandal converts, they bore no resemblance to sub-saharan africans that we imagine when we think of who is black.
Im not willing to erase one of the few relevant periods of my peoples history just cause black americans have the biggest racial inferiority in the world

No. 927705

And I thought they only did it with Egyptians and that we were safe/under their radar. The one thing that unites americans no matter their race is their unflinching and shameless ignorance of what goes on on other continents.

No. 927709

Retarded… some people create things just because they like to, not solely for clout & followers, and just because they started getting followers does not mean they owe you weenies one god damn toenail scraping. You said it's transactional, and that's true - they make the content they want to make, they publish it, and you can consume it or fucking not. Just because you gave them some reblogs does not make you their business partner lmfao. You can buy that shit for pennies if ypu want. So many anons here literally complain about getting too many followers on their art & stuff because people start to get fucking annoying and demanding. They're literally making stuff for free for you, jesus christ…I hope this is a troll post

No. 927715

100% agree. Nobody owes you shit and most creatives don't post for fame and money.

No. 927716

Cant wait for the butthurt that will awaken when Gal Gadot's Cleopatra comes out.

No. 927719

coomers. (i made the mistake of clicking on the locktober hashtag on twitter.)

No. 927722

That’s such a lie, most people post and share their content because they want validation, attention, and money, a lot of people aren’t “artists” or doing it because it truly brings them enjoyment or it’s an endeavor that is free from all selfish gain. Stop faking the humility, content creators do owe their fans at least something, they’re aware of what their fans want especially when their fans give them money to make even more content, so no this isn’t a troll post, if you’re “overwhelmed and annoyed” like an autist from the attention you clearly wanted by sharing something online then stop posting.

No. 927755

Kek, it's free content. And even if you're a patron, that was your choice. They don't owe you anything, they're making the thing because they want to make the thing, regardless of their motivation. The phrase "they owe you nothing" is in regards to their personal time and information, and the fact that they can make what they want and not what you want them to make. I don't know what you're expecting from the content you consume.

No. 927761

Shaynafags who don't spoiler the gross screencaps of her porn they post. Just because you freaks enjoy watching that pudgy weirdo pull faces while going to town on herself, doesn't mean everyone else on here wants to see that.

No. 927782

people who don't like animals at all or hate them. probably sociopaths

No. 927786

For real, how do you hate an animal? Save that energy for hating people.

No. 927792

Fuck everyone who uses "adulting" unironically

No. 927793

i am skeptical of anyone who hates dogs or cats, and those who fixate on hating certain breeds are worse

really just hating anything to the extent that you have to constantly assert yourself, it's so pointless. I'm the opposite of an uwu positivity type person but I cannot stand someone who defines themselves by hatred of something else

No. 927795

I used to think they were referring to the act of adultery kek

No. 927841

File: 1633111386413.jpeg (259.95 KB, 419x997, A1724A90-109D-46CF-8668-AF6AFA…)

I hate shit like this, it reminds me of a really terrible unholy abomination combined with tumblr and 4chan and I think this is what truly displays it

No. 927845

Anon, that's the shitpost thread

No. 927849

you know where you are? you're on lolcow dot farm baby. you're gonna die

No. 927853

I hate how there is no spooky Halloween lolcow theme. Fucking kiwi farms has one

No. 927871

i feel like the opposite extreme (like that anon who tried to steal a cat from a disabled homeless woman, and people who say shit like "I cried when the animal was killed in the movie but laughed when all the people died", "I hope that animal kills all the humans" in the comments for some animal videos) are also weird too

No. 927906

I don't know about you but when I post my creations online I'm not rubbing my hands together waiting for money and fame to drop from the sky. Sometimes people just want to make shit

No. 927913

When Americans put the name of what Native tribes land they're technically living on in their social media bios and get pissy when non-Americans ask where the fuck that is. The mask slips instantly and they show how American centric they are and treat you like a retard for not knowing anything about a country you don't even live in.

No. 927947

its seriously some of the most performative shit ive ever seen

No. 927953

Right? Like I get it, the natives got screwed over bad and got massacred but if you wanna help then try donating money to fucking charity. How is telling people what tribes land you're on helping? It's like ye olde tumblr tradition of "reblog if you're not a nazi uwu" like you guys know you can just not be bigoted without having to pat yourselves on the back for it every goddamn day.

No. 928012

People in their late teens or older who let their parents have influence on their life.

I’ve known so many spineless fucks who let their parents pressure them into going to colleges or majors that make them miserable. They will literally message me about wanting to die because they are so stressed and unhappy and when I say “take control of your own life” they say “but my parents want me to do ___” then don’t talk to me about it!

Most of the time there isn’t even a real consequence to going against their parents wishes. There is no evidence that they will kick them out or stop paying tuition. Even if they did stop paying tuition, most of them have scholarships and would be fine to get some loans like everyone else.

Or they won’t stand up to their parents about shit like the parents being an asshole to their SO or just crossing boundaries in some other way. If you’re too pathetic to stand up to your parents and choose your own life then you are weak and I hate you

No. 928017

Absolutely based

No. 928020

some people just like their parents and don't want to disappoint them

No. 928023

Liking your parents is taking their concerns into consideration. Being a pathetic doormat is letting them dictate your life while you whimper and want to kill yourself.

No. 928024

Even if your parents are nice, making all your decisions based on what they think is going to make you miserable.

No. 928069

You sound like a spoiled brat who's never stepped foot in a third world country.

No. 928100

Did… Did anon forget that mental illness is a thing? Be grateful you weren't beaten down into a slave by your parents, faggot.

No. 928130

maybe op has no parents to understand what it's like to have them

mine are garbage but i have to live with this trauma because of their refusal to be decent people and bringing a child into this world

No. 928131

Based, if you’re old enough to blame your parents for your decisions you’re old enough to have made those decisions yourself.

No. 928133

Being a coward is not mento ilness, it’s a personality trait.

No. 928134

Agreed… in my country some parents just send their kids to do some harsh manual labor and they don't get a choice
At least the people anon is describing have the opportunity to get higher education

No. 928142

I honestly cannot relate to having parents that ever fostered within me a sense of boundaries. Second only to the fact that my parents were never ones to be disagreed with, and that especially goes for my mother. They were always right, and I was always the stupid insolent shit.

People-pleasing and co-dependence is something sewn into a child's character from a young age, while assertiveness is beaten out with the swiftness. I don't think anyone dreams to be be doormat someday, but the threat of mistreatment and shaming is a good motivator to avoid confrontation. It could be that these kids do try to stand up for themselves, but are sooner hammered back into their places. Much like I was. Know what? I did finally stand up to my parents, but I have suffered severe consequences.
My mom manipulated my entire family into believing I was a psycho and she was an innocent little lamb with a missing reason for why we were estranged. My family does not help me and can't even be assed to wish me happy birthday because they think I'm a mean daughter for cutting off my mom after her repeated abuses and disrespect. Do you know why there are so many doormats? Because it's easier. If you stay a doormat, your family and friends won't turn against you and gaslight you. Your zealot parents can keep believing they're good people and occasionally throw your ass a bone for being their good little bitch who does a flip at their command.

Seriously, had I to do it over I probably would have went along with my parents more to keep the peace. My life is real fucking hard without a family despite the fact that I'm not openly abused and berated any longer. Personal emotional pain is one thing, but not having the support of a family is also a big boo boo. There really is no coming out clean when you've got shitty controlling narcissists for parents.

No. 928170

Yeah yeah I have a sob story about shitty parents too. Guess what, realizing they were abusive dumbasses is just more reason to tell them to fuck off.

>No one wish my happy borfday

Boo fucking hoo cut off your whole family. Build a new one.

If you live in some country where I can’t even conceive of whatever horrible consequences you genuinely can’t opt out of, then I’m obviously not talking about you

No. 928173

>write thoughtful response to your bullshit OP
Gee, sure showed me.

No. 928175

Farmers who are hostile and aggressive for no reason at all.

No. 928176

>ignores that I have a similar backstory
Continue making excuses for why you’re allowing your life to be miserable, I guess

No. 928179

Literally where's the excuse? I cut off my abusive family you imbecile.

No. 928185

> My family does not help me and can't even be assed to wish me happy birthday
This line doesn’t imply that you cut them off

No. 928193

The only people who were abusive to me were my parents. I cut them off, and my mother proceeded to manipulate other family members with lies and pity parties.
That's why it's upsetting, because they were never like that before.

Sorry I thought this was clear as I explicitly typed these details. Stay bitter retard, you didn't deserve my reply.

No. 928197

If you told them what happened and they act like that in return then they are complicit IMO.

No. 928198

costhots are so fucking annoying

No. 928219

I’ll forever hate Nigri and her retarded bf for making them a thing. It hasn’t been the same since.

No. 928899

very sick of people on twitter lying about gay representation in tv shows. i’ve seen so many tweets calling the two girls in squid game lesbians and talking about how gay the show is. unless you count that perverted rich dude who tried to force the police officer to suck his dick, there are no gay characters in the show. stop lying.

No. 928923

Streamers, especially male ones. I can't fathom how people get attached and form 'parasocial relationships' to someone so obnoxious and unfunny. They're not even attractive enough to make up for it.

No. 928937

File: 1633240683084.jpeg (39.53 KB, 828x254, 8040D7FF-3930-4449-A4CE-1D414E…)

this. apparently there's been a 700% increase. I wanna bet half of those end up
misdiagnoses. it's trendy to diagnose children with autism now like it was trendy to diagnose kids with add/adhd/ocd in the 00s. grosses me out

No. 928953

Because mentally ill, autistic brained, misogynistic, defective expendable y-chromosoids who want to invade womens' spaces are validated when they say 'I identify as a woman!' And troon out and are considered women thus biological males and their autogynephilia mental illness now contribute to the biological women's statistics because patriarchal society says so

No. 928964

I hate instagram reels, 99% of them are either completely pointless and retarded or just humblebragging

which reminds me, I also hate when people post something vague on social media then get mad at people for asking about it. I just saw in instagram reel the other day where this bitch was lip syncing to some stupid song with the caption "me when I hear my fiance telling the story of how we met" and in the description was like "and for all you nosy people no I'm not telling you how we met" like??? you dumb fucking braindead ass bitch, if you don't want people asking then don't make a fucking PUBLIC instagram reel about it. also, it had 29k likes, the fuck is wrong with people

No. 928970

File: 1633244799652.jpg (208.54 KB, 1824x1368, 1632685252151.jpg)

I hate south korea so much its unreal, its a horrible capitalism hellhole ever worse then japan and I hope to god it gets conquered by the north, every aspect of its culture is acritical
a nation of pure capitalism without ideology

No. 928975

>that picture
What the fuck?

Also, wouldn't it be bad if people got like, opressed on a dictadure? a lot of smart people and cool businesses like samsung come from korea. Idk please elaborate?

No. 928976

This picture gets more pathetic the more I see it but I wouldn't wish death upon koreans, just hopefully they stop shaving their jaws by force

No. 928978

File: 1633246330860.jpg (81.82 KB, 494x332, Jeju_Massacre.jpg)

Its a corrupt cryptocracy where its leaders aren't held accountable, its founding fahters were japanese collaborators and war criminals

No. 928981

Continue? never heard about this
All I know is they had a lot of help from America and their idol industry is kinda based on the american one, otherwise I don't know anything
Just expose your points I guess

No. 928986

their idol industry is based on the japanese one

No. 928987

File: 1633246893307.jpg (68.84 KB, 512x337, South_Korean_soldiers_walk_amo…)

one of there most idealized "leaders" i.e dictator and his cronies were who ruled almost 2 decades was part of the puppet Manchukuo Imperial Army who mostly just committed ethnic cleansings in Manchuria, those that weren't WW2 era Japanese war criminals were responsible for some of the worst atrocities in western allied countries
The Jeju uprising, the Gwangju massacre and the Bodo League massacre, where suspected communists were murdered without trial in the tens of thousands and that's not even mentioning the war crimes committed in Vietnam

No. 928989

Whoa I didn't know anything about this. What else do you think about korea? about the capitalist society
It's nice to learn about other cultures, in my country we only learn our own + europe + america, never about asia

No. 928990

I truly belive that south korea is at one of the worst possible scenarios, its leader artificially forced change for GDP growth and business without truly thinking of what they will be implementing

No. 929237

File: 1633285616702.jpg (107.49 KB, 750x750, original.jpg)

i hate that one of my favorite color combos has been appropriated by trannies

No. 929242

Appropiate it back. I think only trannies and supporters think they own these colors anyways. Pink and blue is a very popular color combination since forever. Just look at babies.

No. 929252

I don't think actual ppl in real life will see you wearing purple blue and think "ah yeah that's a transexual"

No. 929257


not ppl, but lgbt ppl, they will say "omg trans coded colors"

No. 929261

Well fuck them then who cares what they say they're a minority anyways you know who and what you are

No. 929289

Whats your opinion on their goal for globalization through the use of soft power? Do you think they'll succeed in being the global standard? Especially after the HUGE success of squid game.

No. 929342

Not op but soft power can only get them so far even with censorship. What most of the world really needs is medicine that actually works, if they give up their ancient chinese medicine knowledge then they can win.

No. 929452

When you tie one of your shoes slightly tighter than the other one

No. 929458

I hate my depression and my lonely brain and I feel like nobody cares. I’ve been really suffering the past few months and nobody checks up on me or anything. So I just drown it with alcohol and going out to try and have fun but then when I’m at home in my big bed all alone it just comes right back around.

No. 929474

Are you going out with friends or are you just going to drink alone?

No. 929484

I go out with like two people pretty much because all of my other friends don’t have the same interests as me, I like goth music and going dancing to dark shit and everyone else is like haha no thanks my friends are normies. I’ve met people at the clubs and stuff too when I go dancing but a lot of them are unsavory characters. I did have a nice time last night though and ran into a girl who introduced me to some new people. But there’s more than life than going out yaknow. I just feel lonely when I’m in my house by myself

No. 929612

When someone shits on a character because "muh asshole" "he/she too mean" but then proceeds to simp over an even bigger, sometimes more poorly-written asshole. It's just hypocritical.

No. 929764

Suckers who defend poor writing because "hurr durr it's canon"

No. 929852

I'm still not over Rose Quartz being pink diamond.

No. 930339

When married couples are out grocery shopping together.. but not really together because the man is just taking up space aimlessly wandering nearby in the aisles and walking into people while not actually helping his wife to shop in any way. I swear I see toddlers contribute more when they shop with their mammy.

No. 930350

that sounds so autistic lmao

No. 930375

My father and brother are like this. Will jusg take up an isle while walking around aimlessly while my mother actually does the shopping. Sometimes they see some useless shit they want and will throw it in the shopping cart, literal toddler behaviour.

No. 930395

I was just thinking about this anon omg, I got angry in my head at this guy who was with his wife and kids at IKEA, and he was just standing there with his arms crossed pouting like a toddler while his wife scanned and lifted all the shit they were buying.

No. 930504

They don't even push the cart anymore from what I've seen.

Also, we sent my dad to the grocery store a couple days ago to get important items and he forgot half of them but got 24 bucks worth of powerball tickets.

No. 930774

People who preach body positivity but constantly alter their bodies via photoeditting, corsets, surgery, extra bra and butt padding,etc

and no noni, no one on the face of the planet "needs" to wear corsets several sizes small and several padded bras. proper shapewear for a smoother apperance is fine but when it's obvious you're trying to make your shape look nothing like yourself it's preaching a terrible message and just draws attention to how unattractive you actually are to need to do a bunch of crazy stuff to make yourself look presentable. This is especially true for women who try to make themselves have EXTREME propotions because at that point you're just encouraging women to have eating disorder and be plastic surgery addicts

It's mostly celebrities like billie, nicki, ariana, marina etc who do this

I also have a bone to pick with the beloved dolly parton about this - getting plastic and fake everything from head to toe and having stupid big fake tits being her "thing" but turning around and trying to complain about the pressue for young girls and body image issues in young girls.

No. 930786

File: 1633415482201.jpeg (263.94 KB, 750x750, 8BA71626-B7D9-4DC4-A3CC-A1BDE7…)

I hate this shit

No. 930788

Do these people not realize how horrendous they look, I literally become more conservative looking at this

No. 930791

I guess bi women and fakebois need access to abortion (why do so many fakebois on T still keep the baby??) and maybe even lesbians in absolute extreme situations. I wonder what all these groups have on common kek

No. 930800

Why do people who've had such crippling gender dysmorphia even get pregnant anyway? Nevermind being put on hormones??

I know women with body dysmorphia who would never ever let anyone touch or look at whatever body part they are insecure about, yet gender dysphoria is supposed to be even worse than that but so many of them allow other people to touch at, look, and do one of the most gender conforming things you can possibly do? I can't buy it

No. 930801

Yeah in case of rape I want the option to be there and I use access to abortion as a way to gauge how close we are to handmaid's tale conditions.

No. 930803

I don't even think "gender dysphoria" is a real naturally occuring thing in itself, more like at least one of these, depending on the individual
>sexual trauma
>low self-esteem
>body dysmorphia
>internalized sexism
>internalized homophobia
Feel free to add

No. 930816

For me it's just how I describe the incongruence between me and what is expected of me. I was raised as a boy or gender neutral due to a narcissistic father who saw me as an extension of himself. I'm happy that I got more freedom than other girls and could wear comfortable clothing, but I wasn't properly socialized female. Which in turn prompted everyone else to treat me like a boy in a girl's body. Including conservative therapists who said I'm possessed with a male demon and unironically prescribed going to church. Boys saw me as a threat a lot, so I got into lots of fights and I was encouraged to fight back really hard by my family. It's not sexual trauma or simple internalized misogyny. It's a bit of a mindfuck, especially since even within feminist spaces it's penalized if you're not properly female socialized. I don't say any misogynistic slurs or whatever, I just hate men on the same level as they hate women and I'm similarly low empathy. I wouldn't want to be a man, because they are lower than animals, but I don't exactly enjoy being constantly kicked out of womanhood either. I thought woman = adult human female? Why does it now also have to include high affective empathy and giving a shit about scrotes feewings? I thought you read Delusions of Gender by Cordelia Fine by now and could use your precious empathy on me for a sec (not to you personally anon). If I'd go to therapy, they'd just try to troon me over this and they'd try to make me stop hating men, but not fix the anhedonia. So put personality disorders on your list.

No. 930823

I see, thanks for your input! I meant that there is no such thing as "female brain in male body" or vice versa. I do agree though, even so-called gender critical radfems love babbling about "divine female energy" and shitting on women they deem "not womanly" enough.

No. 930831

As someone who's diagnosed with gender dysphoria - you're spot on. I didn't even talk about tranny shit to that doctor, just how I'm uncomfortable with female features because as a butch lesbian I feel like society is pushing me to look a very particular way and how I hate men even glancing at me because they're all pigs. Add a pinch of internalised sexism and homophobia and that's "gender dysphoria" in a nutshell. At the time my low self-esteem, depression and self-induced loneliness made me feel like it was a bigger issues than it was. Now that I've got out from the unhappy situation I was in I recognise that what I experience is completely normal for a woman, especially a gay GNC woman. In some ways I feel like gender dysphoria is the new hysteria for women.

No. 930877

you can be unhappy with the way someone has treated you without immediately conflating it with the person in question being abusive or toxic. "this person abused me" so often seems to actually translate to "this person was kind of shitty towards me". someone can be an asshole without being an abuser ffs!!

No. 930892

They should try to do this in a muslim country kek

No. 930935

File: 1633439177334.jpg (10.29 KB, 235x231, 0b809386b1fff855311bf29d6b0c7b…)

When you want to read an article, and you have to sign up, give your email and blood type to read a couple of paragraphs of information, interspersed with ADHD inducing ad videos along the sides, 'give permission for cookies and info selling' boxes, and 'sign up for the newsletter!'

Just let me read the article! I need it for school!

It feels like the internet is half genuine content, and half advert, data fishing and spam. Yuck.

No. 930937

File: 1633440379952.png (6.31 KB, 197x214, ublock.png)

If you have uBlock Origin, you can remove those messages with that thunder-thingy a lot of times.

No. 931177

Everyone else seems to love it but I hate fried rice. Especially the kind that has green peas, carrots and eggs in it. Those foods on their own are some of my favourites but the combination is actually nausea inducing, coupled with that dirty looking rice that has probably soaked up all of the oil. Even thinking about it makes me retch. 0/10 worst food, followed in line by chow mein

No. 931182

>dirty looking rice
Huh? Fried rice is that color because of seasoning, anon. That's flavor.

No. 931186

Yeah, I know it is because of the soy sauce or whatever they add but it still looks like it’s been cooked in rancid oil, it’s just awful. Brown mushy abomination

No. 931211

Peas don't belong in fried rice tbh. They're too sweet and mushy, fucks up the texture for me, I wish they weren't so cheap and mixed into every takeaway fried rice in the universe.

No. 931212

It should be yellow

No. 931571

genuinely not trying to start some kind of political debate but I hate that you have to choose between left and right when both suck. the left are pro trans and pro porn, the right are pro "life" and want women to be submissive bangmaids who get married at 19.

if you don't align with one side people think it's because you're trying to pander to both sides (hard to do since I hate both sides, but I would still get accused of that nonetheless) and not make enemies. I have been left leaning for all of my adult life and considered myself a liberal up until recently but it's just too embarrassing to do now.

starting to think there is no left or right, just obnoxious assholes being tribalistic

No. 931574

File: 1633492154015.jpeg (82.68 KB, 600x516, 2F6B96DF-FB44-4D3A-B479-68E655…)

On a scale of 1 to 10, guys who say that women fuck dogs must have level 1000+ autism. To even formulate a thought like that, autism. To possibly believe it, sheer unadulterated autism. I don't know where the meme started, but knowing men it was probably porn, just like their weird homoerotic bbc obsession. They must lack self-awareness because if they admitted that men do the vast majority of sick fetish shit including bestiality, they would be ashamed to bring it up. I saw one post a picture once of an attractive woman with her pet dog, saying there's no way she isn't fucking it or why else would women like dogs? Obviously it was a shitpost but again, to even come up with that logic… I diagnose you with autism. I hate it because it's so repulsive and shows their honestly disturbing disconnect from reality. Comforting to know that they'd be rightfully socially isolated even by their loved ones for saying anything like that aloud. I had to sperg because it makes me feel like pic related even if it's jokes because men's minds are sick.

No. 931575

> that dirty looking rice
Nobody tell nona what real unmilled rice looks like, kek.

No. 931583

This is really specific, but in the Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda and some other shows from that time, there's one guy in the laugh track with a distinctive honking laugh and it's so annoying. I wish they removed him from the laugh tracks because it's so distracting.

No. 931589

I've never seen that but it sounds like something retarded moids would say. I've learned that unfortunately a lot of men can't distinguish fiction and jokes/sarcasm from reality. I have seen so many men on men-only forums (so it probably wasn't bait) complain about women acting a certain way or asking "why do women do x thing" or "why are women so self absorbed" and use straight up fictional examples - like from fucking sitcoms - as "evidence". it's really scary because you know all the shit that goes on in porn and they think it's real. and yet they're the "superior and logical sex"

No. 931591

I've seen it too and call it cope but that's why I assume they're autistic. No way a rational human being can believe that unless they have 1) minimal real world human interaction and/or 2) autism.

No. 931594

File: 1633493949946.jpg (176.72 KB, 1080x1436, 293827178293939282.jpg)

They call it the dogpill and unfortunately it's as retarded as you would expect. If they hypothesized that women prefer sex with 2D husbandos more than real males they might actually have a point.

No. 931603

men are the ones who fap to catgirls, tentacle fucking, lolis and other bizarro hentai shit. I am pretty sure most incels opinions about women are just projection

No. 931606

Kek I guess the picture alone explains it. Guys so consumed by their own resentment for women not wanting them that they will blame anything else, even animals.

No. 931612

>incel wiki
the fact that such autism exists

No. 931615

File: 1633496518315.jpeg (619.14 KB, 1125x1105, 24CD5995-0021-46CD-B29A-35E1D5…)

I'm still thinking about this. Imagine being jealous of a dog. I swear this happened in a movie once. Wait, with a bee in The Bee Movie. I remember finding this guy ridiculous but now I know that he exists.

No. 931617

you can sympathize with kenny's situation better, imagine finding out your girlfriend is retarded enough to fall in love with a talking bee

No. 931619

Off topic, but it's hilarious that black men have misinterpreted white men's cuck fetish/ homoerotic obsession with them as for being the most desirable men on the planet to women.

No. 931620

>she knows his name
Maybe you should slip in and be the comfort he so desperately needs after getting cucked by an insect, where's fanfic anon at?

No. 931622

It's like white men and black men are cast in two parts in a play they both made up and convinced each other was reality

No. 931625

File: 1633497358033.jpg (66.65 KB, 899x479, 8272638392717374848.jpg)

The entire article is just pure concentrated autism. My fucking sides. How can an entire group of people this retarded exist.

No. 931628

I tell myself they are joking but they themselves admit how easily irony turns into sincere belief

No. 931631

Brad and Tyrone should kiss.

No. 931632

File: 1633497836595.jpg (77.54 KB, 659x506, 1403702736999.jpg)

>volbitch (voluntary bitch)

finally a label for me

No. 931633

These men probably look at bestiality porn, i know it. If anything, having a dog sounds like a great way to get a lot of mens attention if you a woman, most men love dogs, but their little incel brains forget that.

No. 931636

It's true in reverse, a man with a dog is more likely to get women being attracted… to the man. It shows he has a soft and playful side.
It can't be far away, when they are both aroused by their fantasy situation

No. 931641

>incel wiki
I am going to practice self care by pretending I didn't learn this exists.

No. 931646


No. 931710

File: 1633509133380.jpg (339.26 KB, 1046x1743, IMG_20211006_103048.jpg)

Please find some comfort in their retardation

No. 931713

File: 1633509366279.png (279.67 KB, 1077x728, Fragilebigots2.png)

Also it's useful to remember picrel the next time a libfem goes "men suffer under patriarchy too, they cannot cry or express their feelings!". The name of the file wasn't changed when I downloaded it from incelwiki, btw.

No. 931715

Surely if they believe this they realise it should be insulting to them? That a woman would rather commit a crime by fucking a slobbering animal with 5 braincells rather than a human male? (I know looking for logic in the incel wiki is pointless but still) Starting to think incels are into bestiality since they love to talk about dog fucking so much.

No. 931723

I once saw someone tinfoiling that they joke about it to make women uncomfortable when they keep big dogs for protection. Don't think more than a tiny minority of those moids even thought about it that far, but it seemed convincing enough kek.

No. 931756

File: 1633516152588.jpeg (588.26 KB, 1125x790, 009C7520-E97D-46BC-B70C-2EB14F…)

I hate this Y chromasoid on letterboxd who thinks Ginger Snaps, a movie where the main plot device is a girl getting her first period, is exactly like his tranny trauma.

No. 931798

>I cannot read it any other way than trans
Does he realize women exist? Lol

No. 931853

the delusions are strong with this one

No. 931875

men being obsessed with us and twisting everything to fit in with their sick fantasies, what's new

No. 931876

why do trannies think only trannies are uncomfortable and awkward during puberty?

No. 931935

pedophilia be like

No. 931942

Someone make a pinkpilled wikia to counteract this retardation

No. 931954

True it has leaked everywhere
Irl too

No. 931968

Men who're paranoid and who try to imagine or predict who you'd cheat on them with.. are gay. That's gay and not even the fun kind of gay.

No I don't want to fuck that guy.. I promise I don't think he's hot and I certainly wasn't undressing him with my eyes.. were you??? lol

No. 931971

>men are the ones who fap to catgirls, tentacle fucking, lolis and other bizarro hentai shit
lmao it's not just that they fap to weirdo shit in silence, they absolutely act it out too and dominate animal sexual abuse statistics

the global furry community zoosadist scandal was enough dogpill for me

No. 931978

Someone should vandalize it writing retarded shit made up on the spot, then watch incels unironically spread it

No. 931994

get them to practice 'masculinity rituals' to elevate their spiritual levels by releasing the sexual energy into each other instead of letting these privileged vampiric parasitic females tap into the prana or whatever the hell generated by their sexual frustration

have these unstable fucks sucking each off in huge circles in a candle lit hotel conference room over a fucking pentagram or something

No. 932022

>you can express emotions besides anger, men!
>don' be afraid to express your emotions
>wtf, kys

No. 932023

isn't it curious how women don't go killing innocent people and wishing people to be raped and murdered because they got rejected… saged for sperging

No. 932025

I detest female streamers. Not because they make money off of exploiting male fans or their boring hot tub streams, but because they exhibit an insufferable archetype that makes my blood fucking boil. They are the best asskissers and male apologists on this planet and their careers are entirely dependent on hanging out with the 98% of male streamers on the platform instead of curating a safe and loyal female fanbase. I’ve seen subtle misogynists have big streaming careers but imagine if a big female streamer came out as a terf? It’s fucking over for her, she might as well be homeless.

No. 932030

>imagine if a big female streamer came out as a terf? It’s fucking over for her, she might as well be homeless

We need to develop a terf vtuber that makes scrotes rage and panders to no one

The vtuber aspect adding anonymity and comedy.

No. 932045

When anyone points out any resemblance, physical or psychological, between me and my dad. It hurts me a lot, its like getting called a scrote/orc/subhuman or something. Actually, the fact I resemble him physically at all makes me want to kill myself. I'm my own person, let me alone.

No. 932051

She could be called

No. 932052

Oh god yes that would be amazing.

No. 932100

But would a TERF streamer be canceled if her audience is mostly moids? Lord knows most straight men think troons are gross anyway.

No. 932153

don't forget the rf of terf nona

No. 932662

File: 1633583949642.jpeg (197.92 KB, 1622x229, A6F0101B-0897-4404-A1E1-78B75F…)

I hate tiktok and I hate this. Why would a 13 year old need a bikini wax. People are acting like I’m the crazy one for asking that but cmon. No child should have their pubic hair waxed and you can swim and dance with pubes

No. 932666

It doesn't seem that weird to me. 13 is old enough to be embarassed to have hair poking out of your swimsuit.

No. 932677

How most videos on YouTube are overexposed and if their lighting is just normal and good then there’s a billion people bitching in the comments about how bad the lighting is

No. 932678

You can do that with pubes I guess but I wouldn't want my 13 old daughter to be harrassed or mocked for it at the beach or swimming pool. And now people can secretly film you without your consent to mock you on the internet so easily too. I remember having to stop swimming lessons at that age because my mother had the same retarded opinion as you but obviously nobody would have let me go out in public like this.

No. 932679

Most people have badly adjusted color correction and brightness settings on their devices. Or maybe a few people had that problem and then it's just a bunch of sheeple repeating what they said over and over.

No. 932680

When women have moid-like tastes in people. Both lesbians and bi women with straight scrote tastes AND straight and bi women with gay scrote tastes.

No. 932682

I don't get what anons even mean when they say stuff like this. Why does everything have to revolve around men? A woman liking something that a man also likes doesn't mean she has "moid taste"

No. 932688

I can almost get lesbians with straight scrote tastes since all the conventionally attractive women are supposed to cater to the male gaze. But straights with gay scrote tastes are just weird and gross.

No. 932690

explain the joke pls

No. 932706

>bikini wax
why not just shave

No. 932709

what the fuck does any of this mean

No. 932715

Barafags and female yurifags are the most egregious examples, but also a lot of the women and even men posted in the attractive people threads feel scrotey as hell

No. 932722

I'm not into bara myself but I don't see what's wrong with other women liking it
>feel scrotey as hell
this is what I don't understand.. what makes someone's preferences "scrotey"? out of all things to police over, why over someone preferring muscles?

No. 932725

>woman likes cute women
"cringe, SCROTES like cute women"
>woman likes hot men
"cringe, (gay)SCROTES like hot men"
>woman likes burgers
"cringe, SCROTES like burgers"
>woman dies
"omg cringe! SCROTES die"

No. 932728

There are no clear criteria, it's just a feel. I'd say
>Pamela Anderson
>Britney Spears
>Victoria's Secret models
>female rappers
>Kpop stars
are usually scrote taste
>why over someone preferring muscles?
It's not just about muscles when it comes to males, the forbidden man is pretty damn muscular but definitely doesn't strike as scrote taste. If you can tell you can tell.

No. 932729

dying is male-brained pickme behavior

No. 932733

Ayrt, this is still retarded. If you see a woman like something and think "she has scrote taste", then you care too much about men and what they like. The world doesn't revolve around them, and women are allowed to enjoy things.

No. 932734

>There are no clear criteria, it's just a feel.
ah so basically "stop liking what I don't like"

No. 932746

>it's just a feel
That's funny because examples like Britney Spears and Victoria's Secret models scream of girly girl taste in celebrities. Brit is beloved by women and gays, and VS angels are really looked up to by many girls too. I don't know any man who's given a fuck about them in over a decade, and back then they were basic bitch normie guys who weren't yet in full coomer mode like porn addict scrotes are now.

No. 932753

When you shave the hairs will grow back faster because you just cut it instead of removing it from the root. And shaving when you're 0ale and have light skin is one the biggest mistakes you can make.

No. 932762

what's the joke?

No. 932863

Moid yt channels where they go on omegle and talk to a bunch of girls, mostly teens. Throughout the video, they'll keep stating that they'll find "A really pretty one", and sometimes they don't even have say so because it's been stated in the title and the whole purpose of the video is just that. Because once they do, the moid will interrogate said girl for a long time for the content. It's suppose to be "Funny and flirty~" but it honestly just gives me the creeps.

No. 932889

This is specific and autistic but I hate when twitterspeak-types flippantly go "HELLO???" often followed by a keysmash, especially when they're virtue signalling. I'm not sure why it's so irritating but it is.

No. 932895

I hate those compilation videos on YouTube like ‘(famous person name) on crack’ or ‘(famous person names) sharing 1 brain cell’ or ‘(famous person name) doing something for 3 mins straight’ ALSO the worst are those titled ‘tiktoks that cured my depression’

No. 932934

File: 1633622906516.jpg (147.4 KB, 720x900, 3s5l5p4za3b51.jpg)

This, and the comments under it:
>Just because I sometimes like watching people touch each other does not mean I want to be touched. I sometimes like watching dogs or kids play. I still don't want either. How is this concept so hard to grasp?
>"Just because I watch movies about mass murder doesn't mean I want to be a mass murderer…"
Suure, it's exactly the same thing lmfao. Keep coping

No. 932939

why is the "male gaze" shit taken so out of context, feels like you will be called out for appealing to the male gaze by doing anything that could be found sexy by a moid(so basically everything)

No. 932964

Hrh collection and other women who act like her

No. 932966

I guess those are the YouTube poops of our time

No. 932967

Fuck off I love burgies
Men are sub human no matter what they’re interested in

No. 932969

I hate when people try to sneakily change the definitions of words.
Like how some people are pushing the idea that pornography is only that if it has consenting adults. Like 90% of porn isn't women who are too high or drunk out of their minds to ever consent, women who are pressured into shit or doing scenes they didn't sign up for but were threatened to, blackmailed women etc. Stop fucking lying

No. 932970

Isn't the male gaze meant exclusively to media anyway? It makes no sense to use it in regards to real life

No. 932972

Nah classic ytps are still being made all the time

No. 932982

I watched a video of her, and it was kind of funny at first, but she seems like such an exhausting person. She's unhinged, but not a funny unhinged, like Azealia Banks for example

No. 932985

Yes, it was about how women are portrayed in movies.

No. 932996

She needs to stop fucking with her hair in the view finder before I fucking scream

No. 933026

it's because it's easier to say 'male gaze' than say 'you are conforming to the all-seeing, male watcher Margaret Atwood describes in the Robber's Bride'

No. 933052

That's used the "no true scotsman" argument but applied to porn. Sounds like someone's trying to deflect blame

No. 933152

File: 1633636608151.png (309.24 KB, 418x506, inhuman.png)


No. 933154

Is that a horse

No. 933160

Pretty sure that's a bridge troll.

No. 933171

File: 1633637296467.png (640.59 KB, 596x596, imagen_2021-10-07_150834.png)

wtf is that shit

No. 933173

File: 1633637354400.png (205.41 KB, 400x400, imagen_2021-10-07_150915.png)

god men are so ugly lmao

No. 933176

literally what are these jfc

No. 933181

Sculptures by Patricia Piccinini

No. 933210

Bumper plates.

Not only are they hard to pick up since they're thick and big, they are also used by morons who like to stack them to look like they loft super heavy but the total weight is average.

No. 933219

File: 1633639964629.jpg (21.29 KB, 550x550, Gym-Fitness-Equipment-Training…)

But look how pretty

No. 933249

I know this is unpopular on lolcow, but I do believe that asexuality (kinda as a counterpart to hypersexuality, not an actual orientation) exists. I'm convinced though that those people described there simply made themselves porn-sexual.

No. 933275

I agree that asexuality exists, I don't really understand anons who think it's impossible to not feel sexual attraction. I don't think it's a sexuality though, and asexuals who act like it is and think they can be discriminated against like gays and bisexuals are dumb

No. 933318

I rarely see anyone who thinks asexuality doesn't exist .They are perfectly happy to acknowledge that low to non existent libidos/sex repulsion exist, they just think labelling it ~asexuality~ is retarded special snowflake shit. And it is, that's why tumblrinas keep changing the definition and adding categories to the concept to include people who do, in fact, have a sex drive.

No. 933372

>I rarely see anyone who thinks asexuality doesn't exist
Nta, but what do you mean? Anons here say asexuality doesn't exist all the time.

No. 933471

That kid in elementary who say crown instead of crayon

No. 933494

I mean I rarely see anyone say they don't believe someone could be completely disinterested in sex, anons will at the very least acknowledge how medication, depression, trauma etc can affect your libido and it's not controversial to say you simply aren't into sex at all. Asexuals are always whinging that us evil hypersexual normies can't comprehend not wanting sex because we're too horny, but that's not the case. It's the label anons don't believe in, not the concept itself.

No. 933524

That I can't escape squid game discussion anywhere, not even on here

No. 933528

File: 1633665812911.jpeg (35.85 KB, 173x191, 31BCB4DA-E2CB-4A88-B796-D77154…)

I thought this place was free of outside overhyped netflix/twitter faggotry but no, they had to bring this shit here. Someone lock it please, I’m tired of seeing this and people obsessing over it because it’s brilliant because it’s “exotic”. It’s not genius for rehashing the same dystopian concepts and ideas that have already existed and have been done countless of times and also stop talking about the basic looking cast and making them seem like they’re gods and goddesses from an outer world, they look like they’ve been frost preserved until they were told to go on set. South Korea isn’t shit, they will always be the copiers and tryhards, first they infest us with k-pop and next it’s their Hunger Games fanfiction series

No. 933530

>stop liking what I don't like
Just hide the fucking thread.

No. 933531

>Someone lock it please
God you sound so insufferable and borderline retarded. Take your meds.

No. 933534

just hide the thread autist.

No. 933535

Your favorite show is garbage, seethe

No. 933536

I haven't seen it and don't plan to but jfc it's just yet another flavour of the month overhyped tv series, there's a new one all the time. Stop acting like it's some korean conspiracy theory.

No. 933540

you are a twitterfag wah wah big baby

No. 933541

It's no-ones favorite show. You would know this if you checked the thread. Critizism of the show is encouraged.

I know you want to feel special by hating on a current popular show that people want to discuss, but you just sound unhinged, antisocial, and possibly retarded in the autistic way.

No. 933545

Nta anon but
>I haven't seen it and don't plan to but jfc it's just yet another flavour of the month overhyped tv series, there's a new one all the time.
This is the case, there's no conspiracy.
It's just like how everyone was talking about Queen's Gambit some months ago. Netflix is very popular right now due to movie theaters being closed or regulated in some parts of the world. People get shocked with battle royale-stye shows because they aren't as common here on the west. Plus a lot of people encourage consumption of korean media thanks to kpop and movies like parasite.

No. 933546

File: 1633667235924.png (222.33 KB, 1800x1578, imagen_2021-10-07_232734.png)

are you retarded

No. 933547

Preach. Everything you said is true

No. 933548

Do you know how oversaturated this show is on twitter? Think again and turn your mirror around.
The show actually sucks, so no.

No. 933550

Then why don't you write that inside the thread? Most of us have at least made one point on why it isn't as good people make it to be. But keep whinning. You sound like those stupid christian parents in the 90's that would call tv stations to stop playing shit they didn't like. Pathetic.

No. 933551

File: 1633667397790.gif (2.53 MB, 500x281, 393117F8-FE57-4CC0-A8EE-3ACCF5…)

A little bug got out of their containment thread, go back to discussing the plot of such a dull and uninspired show.

No. 933552

Idk why anons are getting so mad at you. Did they miss the thread title?

No. 933553

I'm not even talking about the show retard, I haven't even watched that shit, I'm talking about how pathetic the pearl clutching anon sounds. Just hide the fucking thread and don't come and complain about BOOHOOO CLOSE IT WAAAAAAAH WAAAAAHHHH I DONT LIKE IT WAAAHHH

No. 933554

Because she's asking mods to close a harmless thread that she could instead hide, because it's such a "me" problem, she feels special enough to tell mods to do shit that is unncesesary

No. 933555

>Do you know how oversaturated this show is on twitter?
No because I'm not a twitter user. Go back.

No. 933557

File: 1633667702951.png (154.67 KB, 287x387, imagen_2021-10-07_233431.png)

>nooooo modssssss close the thread bawwwwww I dont like it bawwwwww might as well close all threads because im so sensitive bawwwwwwww(we get it)

No. 933558

But are they really wrong? What is so magical and interesting about a show from SK? Some shows really do need to be censored, burgerfags and eurofags need to drive up their authoritarian power and ban these shows from having any kind of influence on their people. They already allowed anime to influence children and now they take Western anti-capitalist ideas and put it in their show when they are the most hyper fucking capitalist country in East Asia. Give me a break, I don’t care if I’m going full retard, I’m so sick of this show it gives me herpes.(take a break)

No. 933559

>I’m going full retard
we noticed

No. 933560

Exactly, they should lock the thread. So glad you understand what I want

No. 933561

I fucking love braindead, Jonathan Coulton was so cute

No. 933563

>0 reading comprehension
We get it, you're autistic and you have special sensibilities so any thread that personally offends you (aka a "me" problem) must be solved by anyone else but you, instead of taking responsibility of your own adult (assuming, of course) self and hiding the thread.
>it's sarcasm! I'm just pretending to be retarded!
really now

No. 933567

Hiding the thread would not save the damage, they just need to lock it and pretend it was never made. Anon’s worse mistake

No. 933569

>People get shocked with battle royale-stye shows because they aren't as common here on the west.
Did you forget about the hunger games and saw?

No. 933571

The movies that are like squid game are fucking endless, they seriously think everything coming from east asia is original kek

No. 933575

The Hunger Games was literally a blatant rip-off of Battle Royale, a Japanese novel and film franchise. Sorry little autistas, but nothing you like is original either. You are just like everyone else.

No. 933580

And here we are, we still have shitty and samey movies does it really matter where the disease started? It’s a forgotten and irrelevant film, give it a rest r/iamverysmart otaku.

No. 933596

You sound like a child lmao. There's nothing actually wrong with this, there's tons of individual threads in /m/ for tv shows and games. If anything, the thread was probably created as a containment thread so anons who don't like the Squid Game can won't have to see it all over /ot/ and /m/. If you really were so bothered by it, then you would be grateful that there's a single thread you can hide, and you can now avoid Squid Game posts on here. If you don't like Squid Game and think it's overhyped, that's fine, but stop acting like it should be against the rules for anons to talk about it (unless you just want discussion of all hyped tv shows to be banned).

No. 933604

Exactly and battle royale already got a great live action.

No. 933611

Battle royal was fun, oof I should watch it again

No. 933630

>Hyper fixiating on one detail while completely ignoring the point
Whatever you say

No. 933636

It's literally a cult classic.

No. 933637

oooo a bunch of kids fight to the death, i'm sure this theme would have NeVeR AriSeN if it weren't for battle royale. Just because it was first (and really, was it?) doesn't mean it wasn't inevitable

No. 933680

there was also an 80's schwarzaneggar movie (loosely based on a stephen king novel) where contestants were hunted down and had to try and survive in a gameshow setting

No. 933721

OP of that comic, I've been 'asexual' for years now due to trauma. That comic is still fucking stupid and asexuals who watch porn and masturbate just want to be special/part of LGBT even though they don't belong whatsoever.
Also I hate that I cannot easily google resources for sex repulsion because all I get are posts by aces like 'we are not traumatized or sexually repulsed!!!' etc.

No. 933749

When people say “life isn’t without pain or joy” whenever someone feels miserable but I’ve felt miserable my entire life, even when I was child and blissfully ignorant to everything. Life for some people is just unbearable and constant pain

No. 933776

"Translating" names. I'm glad that with Japanese media, Usagi and Mamoru actually stay Usagi and Mamoru instead of becoming Serena and Darien. It'd be nice if reached the same point with Korean media now, so that Eunho and Gyeonu could stay Eunho and Gyeonu, too, instead of becoming Emma and Ryan.

No. 933821

I hate my dads autistic speech patterns. I fucking hate listening to him talk. He’s disgusting. Fuck the tism

No. 933901

Bitches on /snow/ and /pt/ will go like “she’s 22 (old), no money, no family, no husband, and no dating prospects. As soon as she will turn 23 her soul will rot after realizing how everyone except her has their life figured out, and she will become an old hag, left to prostitute herself online for men with perverted preferences (old women), and all that rot will climb to the exterior. she will kill herself InshaAllah after realizing at the old, tired age of 25 that she has wasted all her life, and she will become a virtual cautionary tale of what happens when you become a fat retard” and then you find out that the girl just posted a Lana Del Rey lyric for a caption.

No. 933906

When will you retards understand that anons visit gossip boards on this gossip website explicitly to shit on those specific people they dislike/ridicule/find interesting?
You don't have to feel personally attacked everytime you read something that would apply to you, because anons just visit threads to shit on that one person of the thread.

No. 933908

“You’re projecting!!!! you’re p-p-projecting!!” Nah I’m not even 20, and you don’t have to be personally attacked by something to find it/them retarded. Although it’s fun observing them in their natural habitat, especially the newfags.

No. 933914

Who are you quoting, I didn't say you did? If you don't understand what gossip is or find it retarded, why are you here? And how did you find lolcow?

No. 933941

I hate the trend of adding the word "porn" to something when showing pictures of it. It started out with food porn which was kind of funny, but now people use it for everything. Landscape porn, earth porn, nature porn, there's even a book they sell at barnes and noble called Cabin Porn.

No. 933949

Tbh I wish mods would ban people for posting the same low effort insults and nitpicks over and over but I guess farmers can't help it since the quality of the cows themselves is pretty poor.

No. 933963

Same. I find it low and gross

No. 933986

Where are all the great cows?

No. 933988

Most active /snow/ threads have cows with very milky periods within the past year or so, but when things get drier, nitpicking increases. Personally I don't think it's that bad.

No. 934129

File: 1633736623132.jpeg (1.82 MB, 3788x2754, 834B6AF1-46A6-47E2-B1F4-3A297C…)

I hate noisy couples, would you at least tell the rest of the neighborhood the reason why the fuck are you two retards fighting? Everyone wants to know the lore so we can judge properly, Jesus Christ.

No. 934166

the only saving grace for me growing up was my noisy, fighting parents lived in a big enough house for me to isolate from those arguments. if we'd lived in an apartment it would've tormented the neighbors

No. 934428

I hate how worshipped American Horror Story is. My mom loves it enough to keep watching, but I think that's even starting to wear off now.
I did enjoy the first few seasons when I watched them initially, but why the fuck is this still dragging on? It's not entertaining in anyway. And looking back at the seasons I used to love, I'm doubting it was ever good

No. 934459

It was never really that great tbh, and I used to watch it up until Hotel. It was just trashy gory fun, but the writing was never outstanding. I actually can't believe it's still going, it's gonna be like Supernatural at this point with 20 seasons

No. 934492

I had no idea ahs was worshipped lol. I see it get a lot of criticism

No. 934589

I fucking hate men. The way they’d rather see women in pain than give them genuine pleasure….
This ugly scrote is pretending to cry in the shower over a woman saying “your dick is perfect the big ones just hurt”.

No. 934590

File: 1633798224495.jpeg (302.83 KB, 640x824, FAF05631-808C-405D-8D80-C3CF6C…)


No. 934593

Yes it’s a shit show, I haven’t even watched it and it looks like an absolute crock, but why the drama? It’s one fucking thread. It’s not like the entire site being taken over by fucking sonic. You can just hide it.

No. 934596

season 10's first half was decent, it's the latter half I'm worried about. Ryan Murphy may love nepotism babies, but most of the ones hes casted aren't complete shit. Meanwhile newbie Kaia Gerber cannot act out of a paper bag.

Seasons 1-3 were the best, but I liked 1984, Cult, and Apocalypse enough. Roanoke and Hotel are the weakest link imo. I still don't find it boring after all these years thanks to the anthology format

No. 934605

Yeah I wanted to say the same thing, how are THG a rip-off of BR? That's the level of thinking of a 10 year old girl who thinks the other series ripped off her fave maho shoujo cause they share genre tropes lmfao. Battle Royale doesn't own the concept, writers can come up with the same basic idea, it's the execution that matters. So many young writers worry about their passion project cause something vaguely similar already exists because of that kind of stupid thinking.

No. 934616

I hate when people drink at a venue before or during a wedding ceremony. You'll have an open bar available to you in 45 minutes, can you really not wait that long to start drinking? You look like an alcoholic. It's so trashy.

No. 934619

What an entitled asshole. Fuck men and their tiny dicks, make fun of them at every occasion.

No. 934621


No. 934631

I hate that it's always the people with the shittiest taste in music that think the speakers need to be on 1000 and everybody needs to hear their music

No. 934636

Agreed. If you’re going to use a concept that’s been done before than you have to add your own touch and hunger games did that with the world building of a dystopian country with separate districts and whatnot. Even if you don’t personally like the series you have to admit it did do it’s own thing.

The ahs actors are what’s really been holding the series together for this long so having kaia gerber there is really jarring. I miss Jessica Lange

No. 934661

I used to think that my ex's tiny soft dick was great because it was my first. then I had some real dick and dropped him. not sorry about it in the least

No. 934799

Half Asian/haffu girls online pandering to coomers. It’s funny how they gain the fastest following by pedobaiting or creating a stereotype, gross.

No. 934801

They love to overuse the skanky schoolgirl outfit.

No. 934804

Yes and while acting like a child. Which one is it? Are you a small child? Or a eslut?

No. 934807

I also miss Jessica, she was truly the gem of the cast who brought personality to every season. Much as I love Sarah and Evan. I wish they'd contracted Zachary Quinto for more seasons, or brought him back, what is he even doing nowadays? Same with Dylan McDermott. Was legitimately surprised to see Lily Rabe back for the latest season since her roles seemed to be more reduced to cameos?

No. 934811

I know it's is old but someone just recently sent me it to me and I hate it. Why is straight culture so gross and cringe? Why is an old scrote breeding in his 50s and 60s when the probability that he will die before his kids even reach adult age is quite high?

No. 934898

Weird anons who constantly sperg out, a-log and call other people BPD whenever they argue. I see a lot of them in /meta/, and some in /ot/. They're never the least bit ironic or funny about it, just angry, and they're typically proud of that behavior. It's like they think shitting up threads and being aggressive online is a badge of honor. Being a self-aware mentally ill person doesn't make you any less insufferable to be around. It's just like a far less endearing, mentally stunted adult version of the "i'm so random holds up spork hehe waffles!!!" kid

No. 934910

It’s especially annoying because it reinforces how women getting married is still supposed to be the biggest and most important thing for us, and also because it feels like it’s something the dad wanted while the girl just looks (understandably) sad. The article says a friend arranged it as a “surprise” but there is obviously no way she could have said no in this situation. I understand having a last wish and all, but it feels manipulative to bring your kid into it and photograph her crying face for ABC.

No. 934912

Yeah the creepiest and saddest part of all this to me is that they staged a mock wedding for a fucking 11-year-old. Maybe she never thought about marriage a day in her life before her weird father brought it up, or she may never want to get married at all, but now it's been made into this huge thing by her dying dad and she'll probably hold onto that forever and feel guilty if she doesn't eventually get hitched. It just seems like a traumatic experience honestly and even if she does get married I can't imagine any adult woman walking down the aisle happily recalling "ah yes I remember when my literally cancerous father made me do this as a child once before." Seems like a horrid memory and definitely sexist. No dying mother would want to dress up her little boy as a groom and force him through a fake wedding unless she was mentally ill.

No. 934926

Wow. A female being ceremoniously handed over from one male to the next is soooo important. Can’t miss an opportunity before the old scrotriarch of the house croaks.

No. 934930

Exactly my thoughts, that's why if I marry (big if) I'll never let my dad walk me down the aisle. I realized that as a teen way before getting in contact with any sort of male critical/hate thinking, I don't know why so few women realize this.

No. 934958

>Why is straight culture so gross and cringe?
How exactly is one creep a 'straight culture'? It's not normal even among streights

No. 935004

The symbolic of passing a woman/girl to someone by her father is normal in straight culture.

No. 935006

She's from Twitter, where internalized heterophobia can be your entire personality

No. 935008

I hate being cursed with something and not knowing what it is. Fedora tippers are so abundant I can’t even find any decent schizo spiritual people who can give me information on how to get rid of the curse on my family.

No. 935020

I'm not hetero, also
Just as real as transphobia lol

No. 935033

Marriage isn’t real anyways, why did gay people champion for this shit when it only pretty much existed to hand off women to other men like prized cattle? Progressive gays love pandering to the status quo

No. 935046

Probably just jealous of brides. People love to be jealous and hate women but also emulate everything about us.

No. 935079

What the fuck are you talking about? This is some twitter polilez discourse. The reason why gay people, including lesbians, want to get married is to be recognized as equals with heterosexuals and to get all the legal rights a married couple has.

No. 935086

File: 1633875400973.jpeg (21.18 KB, 610x390, objection.jpeg)

And yet you don't deny being from Twitter

No. 935096

Because being from twitter is not that bad, unlike being hetero.

No. 935103

For tax reasons you fool

No. 935104

Why are some of you so obsessed with heterosexuals

No. 935114

File: 1633878829379.gif (266.11 KB, 500x281, tumblr_inline_o0nru7vzw31tzwkw…)

Not everything is about you. Heterophobia lmao

No. 935128

…you realize that lesbian/bisexual women also wanted marriage rights too, right?

No. 935174

I like planners and watching planner setups but I really hate watching people buy multiple devices and paper planners only to end up barely using them. Seems like a waste. Some of these people don’t even have very much going on with their lives so I don’t understand why they buy so much supplies for mundane tasks. The worst offenders are those people I would see who would basically cover their entire spreads in stickers.

No. 935175

People who like salt and vinegar chips. They're always the loudest when really they should be quiet.

No. 935207

I hate skribbl.io, it's full of retarded zoomers who don't know what a fucking fax machine is

No. 935223

I miss isketch so much…nothing compares

No. 935336

File: 1633900069920.jpeg (305.87 KB, 749x1297, 3A9C16AE-D80B-4892-BABD-90E5AD…)

This kid’s face/thumbnails

No. 935584

Here's the thing, statistically you are far more likely cheated on with a man of your race and social group then some insider
a korean man will likely be cucked by another korean man, a black man cucked by another black man and almost every racial and cultural group
factually men have more to fear from insiders of their own group

No. 935600

The tinfoil threadpic reminded me how much I hate the word "breedable." I have zero desire to interact with anyone who uses that word unironically. Fuck this clown coom world.

No. 935609

I looked into it and apparently the cover prompted the FBI to investigate the band for child porn. Horrifyingly enough, apparently the the little girl in the picture is the photographer's daughter. The girl's mother was there and even defended the album cover. Talk about horrific stage parents.

The band often tries to deflect criticism with combinations of the following
>It was the label's idea
>We wanted the attention from a controversy
>It was ~a different time~
>Sex is viewed differently in Germany
>We were young and stupid
Sheesh I like their music, but this is cringe as hell. In addition to being appalling, that edgy album art really does not fit their sound. They're a hair band, not punk rock or gangsta rap. This is the band known for "Rock You like a Hurricane" for fuck's sake.

Also German scrotes are the worst, prove me wrong.

No. 935611

Same, he looks like a burn victim.

No. <