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No. 908239

I feel like a lolcow, I check daily (with dread, not excitement) to see if there’s lolcow threads on me online. So far I’ve found none.

I don’t want to be, but I feel like it’s an inevitability.

Im terrified that’s all one day going to come crashing down - I already make money on the internet and I’m scared I’m not going to be able to sustain it because I’ll just be ridiculed.

About me: I’m a discord user. I use the platform for fun, but I’m severely mentally ill and have breakdowns. Im also a (now former, taking break due to mental health) camgirl, and I have breakdowns on stream.

Im waiting for someone to make a KF thread on me or something. Im a pathetic excuse for existence and I just know it’s coming.

Tl;dr how do I correct my life before it’s too late / AMA.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 908240

First of all, get therapy. I won't lie to you, most therapists are trash so you are going to need to look. Second, do you have any real friends?

No. 908241

Also, to add to this- stop camgirling. It's not good for your mental health. You are making your body a good.

No. 908242

first of all, and most importantly, realize that nobody gives a fuck about you so you can stop obsessively checking for threads on yourself

No. 908245

You sound boring and self obsessed. Please stop shitting up the board, no one wants to know more about your mediocre life.

No. 908326

By definition, if you are aware that you might be a lolcow, then you are not really a cow.

No. 915589

What a fucking pathetic male.
If you post the word "cunny" you are a pedo and a lolcow. Period.

No. 1780969

File: 1700545553767.gif (11.53 KB, 180x180, alien pls 1.gif)

I got made fun of for something stupid I did on TikTok in college. I had to drop out and wait it out till I was able to come back and finish my degree. Now I feel like people are stalking me. Where would I go to see if I was a lolcow? No I'm not giving you personal information.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1780977

You could search your name and old usernames on google with the terms lolcow, reddit, 4chan, kiwifarms, maybe even lipstick alley. Also reverse image search a screenshot from the tiktok or some photos you had posted on public accounts during that time to see if anyone else posted them online.

No. 1780982

Don't give this faggot any more attention.

No. 1781017

>how do I correct my life before it's too late
literally just log off and stop posting online

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