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File: 1630392950929.png (497.83 KB, 835x832, B3H0s7X.png)

No. 896142

previous thread >>>/ot/738326

Share updates, personal experiences, vent, etc

WHO: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/situation-reports
CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/index.html
Some twitter account with a lot of Corona related updates: https://twitter.com/bnodesk
Torrent for Survival PDFs in case you want to go full doomer mode: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9889a43717fd93c95993552f817ced652a74e63e&dn=Survival%20Guide%20PDFs%20%5B8.1.2019%20Update%5D

No. 896149

I very rarely ever leave the house other than to shop or to walk my dog. Recently the government mandated wearing masks outdoors at all times. I thought this was and still is pretty unnecessary since I barely ever talk to people when I walk my dog, and I ignore creepy dudes, since the last time I was nice to one he started asking me questions like "do you live nearby or are you visiting?" Yeah, no thanks.

Anyway I've been masking up, and tbh I'm really preferring this. Sunnies + a mask and hat is a good shield against these creeps. Also the mask also adds a teeny extra bit of sun protection. Not to say that I would wear them once the mandate is over, but I'm enjoying these benefits.

No. 896155

I have an elderly family member in hospital and they recently informed us that the delta variant has appeared in the department he's in and visiting is prohibited. I'm worried about him because even though he's been vaccinated, he's very weak, lost a ton of weight ever since he got in the hospital and has pressure ulcers.

On a related note: I hate that they don't even mention it in the local media that the delta variant is already here. Everyone's acting like it doesn't even exist. I took a trip recently to a neighbor country and it was genuinely shocking how everyone is wearing their masks because here everyone has been maskless for the summer and been shitting on regulations

No. 896156

File: 1630395623780.jpg (6.98 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

I'm getting my vaccine today wish me luck

No. 896186

I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope he'll be okay. Are you allowed to zoom with him or anything like that? Or is he allergic to technology.

Good luck anon!

No. 896238

Thank you and no, he's unfortunately tech illiterate

No. 896330

Same, they are pretty practical and like another anon already mentioned a few days ago, I also enjoy avoiding the seasonal flues with it.

Praying and sending good vibes his way, be sure to talk a lot with him over phone. My grandma got hospitalized for pneumonia in April, I was not allowed to visit her due to covid regulations, only after she deceased..

No. 896365

File: 1630419385521.jpg (1.02 MB, 1716x2120, fearmongering.jpg)

I think my post is better here I didn't see there was a new thread
This social pressure is disgusting and also full of misinfo (telling because they provided no sources on their propaganda rag) The "99% hospitalized are unvaccinated" is based on faulty data. Many states are not required to report or track vaccinated hospitalizations. Additionally, partially vaccinated and people that got one dose of the J&J that are hospitalized are considered “unvaccinated”.

No. 896371

good luck anon

No. 896379

As I have no one to talk to in real life, I will annoy you here.
So, I'm getting my first jab tomorrow and I'm afraid and I really don't want to, but I have no choice, because I wouldn't be allowed to get some further education without testing every day and I can't pay for that. I have a "needle phobia" (don't know if that's the right English term) and I'm afraid that they won't take me serious, because I have a lot of scars on my arms and well, they might think that I don't mind pain and how can I be afraid of syringes if I can hurt myself and bla.
Also, I'm afraid of fucking up my menstrual cycle and stuff like that.
Like nonna before me, wish me luck and nice medical stuff, I don't want any more horrible memories connected to a vaccination, got a lot of them from my childhood.

good luck, nonna!

No. 896414

I agree 99% sounds wrong, and I assumed partially vaxxed or <21 days from the second dose would be included in that, but do you have a source on

> Many states are not required to report or track vaccinated hospitalizations.

Good luck anon! But if it's any comfort, this was probably the easiest vaccine I've ever gotten. I haven't gotten any vaccines since I was in highschool, but I distinctly remember the needle feeling like nothing, and the vaccine being pushed into my body causing discomfort. The COVID (or Pfizer which is what I got) vaccine felt like it could have been saline since I felt nothing until like 10 minutes later my arm started hurting a little.

The people administering your vaccines, especially if they're a doctor wouldn't give a damn about your scars. They've seen so many different arms, including hairy ones, ones with tattoos, muscly arms. And they've also dealt with people who have needle phobia, it's more common than you think! If it helps you, try to make small talk to get your mind off of things. Seriously, it'll be over before you know it.

No. 896420

"DSHS doesn’t track the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations among vaccinated people statewide because hospitals are not required to report that information to the state."

No. 896423

Don't look at the needle. I've been fully vaxxed for over a month now and no issues. I just turned my head away both times, it wasn't painful or anything and very quick.

No. 896437

Yeah, they strongly impress upon you that you need to get the second dose for it to be effective. So what’s wrong with that?

It was over in less that a second. The needle seems smaller than other needles, especially ones for taking blood. I was able to feel the pressure and cold of the fluid spreading through my arm though kek

No. 896439

To someone with a true needle-phobia, this advice is equivalent to telling someone who is depressed to stop being sad and get over it.

No. 896450

Nta but that is not the same at all. Looking at the needle makes you way more anxious, and anon was just telling her experience. Why you need to be this retarded?

No. 896453

thank you, I will tell you in less than 24 hours how it went.

don't fight, nonnas. The advice was okay for me, it won't help, because for me, I have to look at the needle to feel less afraid (yes, my brain is stupid), but for others that might work. I have no other choice, so my brain will have to go through with it and stop being a chicken.

No. 896454

Kek no. When I got my stab they could see I was anxious, the doctor asked me what I do for a living and while I turned my head to answer, I couldn't even tell when the nurse gave the vaccine. I was surprised when they told me I'm good to go.

No. 896456

Because I have a very severe case of needle-phobia myself nonny.
That's nice for you, but then you don't have a phobia of needles. A phobia isn't being anxious or uncomfortable, it's having a full-on panic attack or severe physical reaction to a needle.

No. 896462

I'm sure they have a way to deal with that since they deal with all kind of different kind of non-cooperative patients too

No. 896469

Ok? We get you're retarded. No need to bring it up multiple times.

No. 896494

>muh real needle phobia you retards
Don't be such an insufferable cunt. Anons were trying their best to reassure anon with what they know. Do I need to remind you that anon posted this LC, knowing full well you can't get professional advice about needle phobia here?

No. 896496

I have a needle phobia too. Most medical professionals have encountered it before, they know how to handle fear of needles. And the jab is short, it's nothing like getting blood drawn.

No. 896525

I refuse to get a vaccination people are dropping dead from
also if you believe you government wouldn't hurt you then you need a history lesson

No. 896533

When they hurt people it’s always targeted toward a certain group of people. Rich people were the first ones getting the canine, this tinfoil just doesn’t add up.

What reason would they want to kill us all indiscriminately? They want the max amount of cheap laborers they can get

No. 896544

File: 1630431068287.jpg (74.68 KB, 598x956, intox-maire-septembre.jpg)

I don't know the reasoning but the vaccination side effects are harsh and for a while people who spoke up about their loved ones dying from the vaccine were getting removed from Reddit, Facebook, etc. On top of that fake statistics have been flying in and out and fake news articles. They've been acting shady with this since day 1 and the fake vaccination celebrity pics is also a key sign that the numbers of the vaccinated rich are obviously skewed. I literally can't and the people acting extremely unstable and not allowing people to work, travel, eat out, etc are just pushing into this and the Tumblr tards screaming in everyone's face about how you're a serial killer for not getting this shady jab are terrible as well

Honestly if we had just let COVID run its course none of this would have happened. a virus with that high of a survival rate doesn't need that and screaming at people for rightfully being suspicious when everyone and their moms is lying about the vaccine is wild

No. 896547

File: 1630431340488.png (894.86 KB, 1080x1712, fqefoa3imzd71.png)

How did a disease turn into a cult against people who question?

No. 896551

And the thousands of those who dropped dead from the virus, do we tell them that it was just the natural order of things because their deaths are less worthy than those of the people who got side effects from the vaccine?

No. 896556

As if you can't die (or suffer long-term consequences) from covid itself, even as a healthy young person. I think you've at the very least got less to fear from the vaccines than you do from getting covid if you're in the rich west. Now if you're in some piss poor country with dysfunctional goverment I wouldn't take the vaxx either.

>for a while people who spoke up about their loved ones dying from the vaccine were getting removed from Reddit, Facebook, etc.
Has it ever crossed your mind that people make up stories to get people on their side? (regardless of what side that is.) I mean there's people saying their kid got autism from vaccines (in general, not covid specifically) which is completely unfounded. This is anecdotal just as much as those ~my loved ones died from the vaxx~ posts you mentioned but personally I don't know anyone who has died or even suffered serious side effects from covid, nor do I know anyone who knows someone like that. And I live in a high vaxx rate country and community. There's regular medication like the pill with higher complication rates than the vaccines do.

Both sides are cults if you ask me

No. 896557

If the disease wasn't man-made and did come from a bat or somewhere else in nature, then yes, their deaths from COVID were the natural order of things.

No. 896558

You stupid? You read what you just wrote?
>let covid run its course, killing people so no one dies because of the vaccine
What you gonna tell these peoples families?

No. 896559

Well it likely wasn't. Now what?

No. 896560

What about the millions of people who have the COVID antibodies or have had COVID before with no side effects? You don't shut down a beach because people have shark attacks. I hate to break it to you but people die anon

No. 896561

Sounds like you're buying into xenophobia and conspiracy theories if you're saying it wasn't. What evidence do you have that it was man made? Or are you speculating?

No. 896563

I've only seen 'covid isn't real' type stickers in my area so far. Anyone with a sticker or a whole sticker war going on is a tard imo.

No. 896564

It would've just killed off the weaker people and everyone else would've built up an immunity to it. That's how nature works anon… spiders, cows, dogs, etc…Do you not know basic biology?
>But but people die!!
If you can't accept death as part of nature you have no room to be talking about stupidity. Call me cold hearted but I'd rather live in a place where some people will die instead of this weird dystopia of the media lying their damn asses off and everyone constantly being paranoid and people going against each other like a war all over a vaccination for a 99% survival rate virus

No. 896566

I don’t feel bad for the antivaxxors who are now in the hospital. My BIL’s work has made the vaccine mandatory and a few coworkers are selling their houses and moving. The one who already got their house sold basically got an intervention from their family. They ignored the intervention, sold their house, bought a bus, pulled their kids out of school and went on the road. The delusion is real

No. 896568

Ignore the dumbass. They instantly lose all benefit of the doubt after posting a retards Twitter take about how an obvious pose for a press shot totally proves covid is a conspiracy

No. 896569

>the weaker people
wow. why don't you shove them into gas chambers while you're at it

No. 896575

File: 1630432775553.jpg (29.25 KB, 678x452, bolsonaro teclando.jpg)

No. 896580

Because the Chinese government has proven time and again that it is corrupt, lying, and negligent…interesting.
>you believe in conspiracy theories
I don't think you can grasp the irony of that statement while being anti vax, but even so. Lab accident hasn't been ruled out.
China is literally preventing the WHO and foreign countries from conducting their investigations.

When did we get Winnie the Pooh shills on lolcow?

No. 896581

>this weird dystopia
Nta but I keked

No. 896584

Kristallnacht for the unvaxxed soon.

That's what has happened in nearly all previous viral pandemics. That's life. Before modern healthcare existed people died all the time from both viral and anti-bacterial infections. People still die of the flu.

No. 896586

File: 1630433347256.png (102.48 KB, 296x231, 54b.png)

>I won't let these dirty governments stick me with a needle

Holy shit, a digital lobotomy in action.

No. 896593

That's exactly why I mentioned it. At the beginning of the pandemic, it was considered xenophobic and a conspiracy theory if anyone alluded to the virus being man-made by China. Now, it seems more of a likely scenario, and no longer regarded as a conspiracy theory, because it COULD (not proven) to be true.
As new evidence and data comes out, opinions and acceptance of things change. There shouldn't be anything wrong with being skeptical, asking questions, and waiting to see actual long-term results before taking a new kind of medicine that hasn't been vetted in the long-term scope. The vaccine only has been widely distributed for about four months and they are still studying it's effectiveness.
What happens if the vaccine isn't deemed to be effective against new variants? I don't want to inject drugs into my body when I never needed them in the first place.

What also makes me crazy is the call for affordable healthcare for all last year and the price of healthcare is unjust, but now (the same) people are saying the unvaccinated should pay more for health care. The media flip-flopping is turning me off to the vaccine even more.

No. 896596

okay drama queen sorry you failed biology and were apparently so coddled that you forgot death is part of life. How should we react to future viruses and different things that can and will kill people? or should we just lock up everyone in cushioned rooms or? Do you even drive considering the fact thousands die a year due to car accidents? seriously I want to know what makes COVID different from everything else that people die from

No. 896602

Don't forget that cigarettes kill about 500k Americans every year. Cigarettes and secondhand smoke have killed millions upon millions of people. How are their deaths any different? All of their deaths were preventable.
It's frustrating when people pick-and-choose which causes of death are more important than others. I wish people had as much gusto preventing smokers from hospital beds as they do the unvaccinated.

No. 896605

Smokers at least contribute millions in taxes because their vice is heavily taxed and they have to pay a financial cost.

The unvacinated aren't offsetting the damage they're causing.

No. 896607

File: 1630434649757.png (504.55 KB, 820x611, v0vo4ob7iqk71.png)

Why are you blaming the unvaxxed?

No. 896611

Taxes pay for hospital beds mongloid

Im blaming the unvaxxed because in my country their the retards not following any type of guidelines to mitigate spread and are also occupying hostial beds at higher rates than vaccinated.

No. 896613

I'm unvaccinated and I am a nurse and I've worked around several COVID patients and have not gotten COVID since, including patients with the delta variant. There is a high survival rate for COVID and a lot of the hospitalization is from paranoid people who don't even need ventilators. Acting shady and continuing to fuel lies surrounding this virus isn't helping anyone and is making stuff worse.

>inb4 you're literally killing people!!

then why haven't I got this super duper deadly contagious disease? especially if I am supposedly spreading it?am I superhuman or something?

I'm not saying people shouldn't take protective measures against COVID but it is logical for people to be curious of the vaccination considering how many lies are surrounding it, you don't trust liars do you?

No. 896614


No. 896618

anon do you not talk to people? plenty of unvaccinated people have not had COVID despite traveling, partying, etc, kek. You can say I'm lying but if you truly think every single person who isn't a shut in is going to catch covid something is wrong with you

No. 896619

So the government is using tax dollars from cigarette sales to pay for hospital beds…?
If the government needs more money, they'd raise taxes anyway.

>I don't agree with your anecdote so it must be false

No. 896621

I'm calling bullshit that you're a nurse and your hospital is letting 'paranoid people' to use ventalitatos lmao. What magical country are you a nurse in

No. 896622

>they don't even need ventilators
>y-you said they're letting paranoid people use ventilators
you can't strawman when everyone else can go back and read it. Do I need to screenshot and highlight it for you or are you ESL?

No. 896623

Again what country are you a nurse in that you're hospitalising people that are only paranoid in your estimation? Aren't you guys stretched thin? Pray tell me about the fascinating situation, what wards do you work in?

No. 896625

>Again what country are you a nurse in that you're hospitalising people that are only paranoid in your estimation?
USA, our hospitals openly admit to keeping people who are on medicaid for longer than they need. Not justifying that but don't act like hypochondriacs who have the viruses and are scared wouldn't be able to get a bed
>Aren't you guys stretched thin?
the american employment system is a complete shitshow. I've seen people with COVID with zero symptoms get hospitalized several times
>no no no your country isn't corrupt! the healthcare system would never do such wrong things

No. 896627

Lmao, bullshit. Green text, queer sense of humour, calls me a strawman but doesn't understand any retard would gather that you're claim to being a nurse was extremely suspect. Is reddit or 4chan big into anti vax, away and rinse your scrotey balls

No. 896629

>scrotey balls
Stop this shit. I'm not even part of the argument but every time there's a disagreement the scrote accusations start and it's pathetic.

No. 896630

>you're a scrote for calling out a corrupt healthcare system
you know you lost because if this is what you resort to the scrote witchhunt for then

No. 896631

Did your man feelings get hurt

No. 896633

They can't say what ward they work in and they went with USA and said "our hospitals openly admit". They're not giving beds to paranoid people that don't test for covid. You're full of shite.

No. 896635

>If I don't agree with you, you're wrong.
kek. You sound like the tranny from the MtF friend who went on a Twitter tirade nitpicking a normal family picture because they didn't want to associate with him.

No. 896636

No. 896638

I'm a woman. Report me a get admin or the farmhands to look at my post history. I'm just sick of seeing this tired excuse with every argument. Calling someone a scrote isn't a instant win button. It makes you look like a retard who is unable to articulate an opinion.

No. 896639

No. 896641

Bitch you're causing damage too just by running around without a mask and being too close.

No. 896644

Maybe just stop replying anon. You sound really childish. I’m not even part of this back and forth yet you are annoying me.

No. 896645


No. 896647

I don't see why being a nurse holds weight in this argument anyway. A lot of nurses are fucking stupid sociopaths and believe in holistic shit. They're not known to be harbingers of objectivity backed by scientific credentials at all lmao.

No. 896650

Just funny that anons whole point was they are a nurse in contact with covid patients and is unvacinated and hasn't got covid. Then also claims that hypochondriacs take up the hospital beds so it's like, are you in contact with covid patients or are the hospitals professionally mismanaged and admitting patients without covid? That's why it would be nice if anon could shine a bit of light on the wards they work in and what they actually do.

No. 896652

please explain this graph for me?

No. 896654

I agree lol nurses are massive cunts.
Anyone can just claim they’re a nurse on an imageboard kek.

No. 896655

NTA but being in the actual place where covid gets treated and having first-hand experience is better than reading 5 different numbers of the same statistic depending on what sourceless article you wanna pick.

No. 896656

More variants emerged after the vaccine was introduced

No. 896659

It's probably both. I'm sure she deals with both COVID patients and hypochondriacs. It's not all black or white.
She has no obligation to tell you about her job.

No. 896660

Their deaths are different because the tobacco industry is making money off them…same reason why people are still allowed to buy cars (dangerous), drink alcohol (dangerous)…nobody is gaining anything from regular people dying from a virus they could have avoided getting. Which is why it is reasonable to assume that the companies distributing the vaccine have a vested interest in giving out a safe and effective drug. So that people can go back to dying in ways that put money in somebody's pocket.

No. 896661

You understand the virus has been around since 2019 and the vaccinations have only been rolled out quite recently in comparison? The variants have been diverging because its spread to the global population and when it hits different geographical areas there's going to be mutations. Its not because of the fucking vaccine.

Honestly some people shouldn't be allowed to read reports or anything out of their depth. Curse the information age.

No. 896663

Lol, yeah why go into specifics when it's easier to bullshit with generalisations

No. 896666

That chart has dates on it, look at them before you spout replies like this.

No. 896671

Yeah I can see the dates. You also forgetting when restrictions eased up in certain areas after vaccines were introduced and there was more widespread testing later on because it takes time to gather resources.

No. 896672

inb4 replying to bait but let’s exchange anecdotes.
Do we live in different worlds? I’m from an industrialized rich country with good healthcare and know several nurses and paramedics personally. We talk about the shit they experience at work, they all had to follow the protection guidelines and many of their colleagues got infected with covid in the time before vaccines were available none the less. Several friends of mine had it and their roommates too. Weird that at the place you live it doesn’t seem to be as infectious and serious like it is here.

No. 896673

And if she did tell you but it didn't line up with your viewpoint, you'll be saying things like >>896654 and >>896627

No. 896676

Look it's almost like it coincides with the northern hemisphere summer holidays time and people getting vaccinations so they can holiday abroad.

Again that's not the vaccines fault. That's piss poor mismanagement of governments and cunts like Boris Johnson

No. 896682

Can you explain what the lines and colors are and why they split off?

No. 896683

Anon is a correlation = causation enthusiast

No. 896687

Gotta mark them first. Maybe mandate it to wear vaccination passes as an accessory kek.

No. 896695

The testing itself is bunk, there were tests that were incorrectly counting the flue as covid

No. 896696

Honestly would love for anon or someone that knows to explain this graph. I understand the dates, but what is actually being measures and quantified, what is the y axis? How have they gathered this data? That line for the vaccines could easily be restrictions lessening an more international travel and return to businesses.

Like do the unvaxxed think the entire disease is a hoax or the vaccines are more evil than the disease? And the covid deniers they're so mad at other people following guidelines but they also don't want any grief in public when they're not following restrictions. Like if you want left alone, leave others alone that want to fucking get over this pandemic. And fuck you if you have an issue over how private businesses want to deal with the unvaccinated. You can be free to do whatever the fuck you want but you've never had the right to impose yourself on any business if they don't want you.

No. 896710

>Like do the unvaxxed think the entire disease is a hoax or the vaccines are more evil than the disease?
You'd know if you actually read what said unvaxxed mentioned in tge past few threads.

No. 896830

File: 1630445669787.png (1.18 MB, 1052x3120, kunjws1660j71.png)

No. 896845

When COVID, vaccines and even testing have been exposed for lying about all kinds of stuff it's no wonder no one will want to be cautious about what they put in their body, why would you take a vaccine from liars?

No. 896884

is that Null

No. 896906

Yes it is, probably edited in. kiwiscrotes are awful

No. 896915

Shit thread pic anon, did you also make the vent thread? Same vibe.

No. 896917

No it was in the original post on Facebook, the whole thing is a troll.

One of the kiwis archived it. https://archive.md/2021.08.23-050205/https://www.facebook.com/groups/2480997545545395/posts/2874633876181758

No. 896919

>What reason would they want to kill us all indiscriminately? They want the max amount of cheap laborers they can get
Only the sick, fat, and old are getting culled anon, and healthy ppl are probably going to get shortened lives.

No. 896936

I’m dumb as hell anons and I was too lazy to walk across the street to get the vaccine and I have an in-real class. Hopefully I’ll stop being a dumbass and eventually get it

No. 896943

I'm terrified of needles too, and it was barely even a pinch, easily the least bad needle I've ever felt. You only have to show your shoulder (at least for moderna) as well.
Closing your eyes, breathing deeply and slowly, and trying to clear your mind will really help if you can manage. I've stopped freaking out and crying using this method and I think the phobia is even going away.
>then why haven't I got this super duper deadly contagious disease?
Because living in an epidemic is a probability game, the probability of catching it at any given moment in time is low, and the probability that a healthy young adult will end up asymptomatic is high.

No. 896946

It doesn't. The vax rate for actual doctors is extremely high.
she omitted where she works for a reason. she probably spends all day giving fillers to soccer moms at a medspa or something equally removed from the action

No. 896949

So why should the asymptomatic adult inject themselves with a vaccine they don't even need to protect fatties and oldies?

No. 896950

File: 1630455540565.png (158.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2021-08-31-16-18-13…)

No. 896952

This isn’t 4chan, most people here surprisingly aren’t entirely devoid of empathy. Go back, you must go back.

No. 896953

I have empathy but I am always looking out for #1

No. 896955

You’re selfish and awful, no one cares.

No. 896957

So what's up with that stuff about anti-vaxxers injecting themselves with horse parasite medicine? There's no way people are actually doing that, right?

No. 896959

I am based and awesome, you cared to respond

No. 896961

File: 1630456687000.jpeg (146.11 KB, 969x939, 500D9D20-2997-462E-A7CE-DDE3D6…)

look at how puny and mutated it is, like most men! begone scrote

No. 896962

I'm anti vaxx and most people I know are anti vaxx and I don't know a single person who's injected themselves with that so. It just seems like another way to shame people for daring to question I guess. Not denying there are bad anti vaxxers though but you really can't hate people for questioning something that a lot of people are having terrible side effects of, including death

No. 896963

There are a lot of very, very stupid people in the world.

Semi ot but some of the absolute dumbest people I know are nurses.

No. 896967

you totally caught me anon I will now get my vaccine just because you're acting unstable simply because you disagree with me

No. 896969

can we please put the nurse hate containment thread somewhere else

No. 896973

>It just seems like another way to shame people for daring to question I guess.
What? How is it bad to shame people who inject themselves with animal medicine

No. 896975

no one is injecting themselves with horse medicine anon that's the point, questioning the vaccine seems to get very very very much hated and the horse medicine stories seem made up just to make anti vaxxers look all nuts no exceptions

No. 896976

NTA, but I think anon means to sensationalize the dumbest minority of people, and prop them up to represent everyone who doesn't do exactly what the status quo says.
Someone who doesn't trust the vaccine will get labeled as the same as some dumbass who uses horse parasite medicine, and that's just intellectually dishonest.

No. 896989

idgaf whether or not you get the fauci ouchie or whether or not your sense of taste and lung capacity forever depart from your body; I was pointing out that you were making an argument based entirely on personal experience when the danger of COVID is more or less based in the likelihood that somebody who is infected will get severely ill or die. 'i was exposed to covid and didn't get it, therefore it's not that dangerous' is as dumb as 'i drive home drunk all the time and never got into an accident so drunk driving must not be that dangerous'.

No. 897037

Once again, a whole ass thread with two sides of monkeys throwing shit at eachother. Just rename the thread from coronavirus to turd flinging monkey battle.

No. 897052

Demand for ivermectin has skyrocketed - prescriptions jumped from ~4k per week pre-pandemic to and estimated ~88k per week recently - and even selling out completely in some areas, but sure it's just made up by muh libtard msm to make stupid people seem stupid. Surely these people are just being more proactive about deworming their livestock and not to potentially or actively use - oh wait poison control calls from people who take this shit have also skyrocketed

No. 897064

Ironically de-worming type medicine can help improve the immune system by cleaning the gut, but you're not supposed to take horse level dewormers wtf kek. Someone tell these ppl to drink sweet wormwood tea instead or something. If you're going to do alternative medicine don't play fast and loose with extreme shit.

No. 897115

Who do you know that has used it? If no one, any friends of friends/relatives? Anyone?

No. 897117

Nta, but this is dumb argument. You may not know anyone that was using ivermectin to treat covid, but that doesn't mean that no one is using it.

No. 897119

I was just curious. It's weird to sperg so hard about how everyone's taking horse meds if you've literally never seen it in action, even second or third hand. I'm not saying no one has done it, but some people are clearly exaggerating its commonality for emotional reasons, and it's dumb.

No. 897120

No one said everyone or all anti-vaxxers are taking it though? You don't have to see something irl to know that some people are doing it.

No. 897165

File: 1630479024211.jpeg (352.31 KB, 1375x2357, ntsXo51.jpeg)

It's a good sign that people here don't know people who are ingesting ivermectin. Although pro-ivermectin people are probably keeping quiet about it to normies like them.

There's a lot of misinformation about ivermectin on both sides. It's badness has been exaggerated by a lot of vaccinated people because it's actually a perfectly safe drug. It's been used to treat malaria in third world countries and is really cheap to manufacture so if it treated COVID effectively it would be a miracle.

It does destroy COVID but at very concentrated doses. We know this is correct from in vitro studies. Which is why people are trying to use this same dosage in vivo thereby poisoning themselves and shitting out ropeworms aka intestinal lining.

The studies on ivermectin as a successful COVID treatments aren't very reliable. The more reliable studies agree that the drug (at the correct dosage) isn't harmful, but it either doesn't help or might help a little. It's not a game changer like a lot of grifters are claiming it is because the results of the studies aren't statistically significant, and more research needs to be done.

In the meantime, I don't really mind if people choose to take ivermectin under a doctor's supervision. Doctors already are prescribing a cocktail of medications that might work but don't cause obvious harm to the patient. The only one that seems to be pretty helpful at this point is remdesivir which is administered in very severe cases.

If only there was some kind of treatment that already had a multitude of reliable studies done on it…

No. 897169

Holy shit what the fuck? Good thing people here aren't like this (as far as I know, at least). How stupid do you have to be to take a drug and dosage intended for livestock? And they're shitting out intestinal lining that for some reason they call worms. Like I have a few complaints and suspicions about the covid vaccines but this it pure retardation.

No. 897170

I was the one who originally asked about the horse medicine, and thank you anon! Very informative post. Kinda OT, but I saw screenshots of anti-vaxxers on FB saying they were giving their kids ivermectin and ngl I was kinda worried. I just hope they're giving them dosages that won't harm them.

No. 897179

Fucking tired of the scrotes here promoting the vaxx

No. 897194

Scrotes are statistically anti-vaxx though.

No. 897196

File: 1630483901055.png (226.48 KB, 775x881, drug.png)

No. 897247

Not them, but your point was getting the vaccine to avoid infecting other people, which isn't effective anyway. If you care about elders, fatties and ill people, wear your mask, only touch things if you must, desinfect and keep your distance. Getting the vaccine is not a free pass from that.

No. 897251

File: 1630492205932.png (82.58 KB, 764x395, article.png)

No. 897252

I got the second covid shot (pfizer) about 2 weeks ago and now I think I might be preggo. Could be that the vax messes with my period of course, like I read that a lot of times on here. But people in real life shake theirs heads when I tell them that. Gonna get a pregnancy test. I don't know if I should keep it if there is something growing in my womb. I don't want a retard. Meh.

No. 897254

It's probably just the same spergs anyway.

No. 897272

No. 897279

If people want to deworm themselves smoke weed. You'll probably get hayfever too as you eliminate the worms that eat hay allergens.

No. 897280

That was a fun read, but you won’t convince anyone who still has a functioning brain with those shitty opinion articles.

No. 897281

I thought ivermectin was a paste you are meant to eat in animal form and pills in human form, how tf would someone inject it?

No. 897295

>wahhh wahhh muh heroes everyone treat healthcare workers well and clap till it makes your hands bleed

No. 897319

lmao its that doctor who claims that the vaccine causes prion disease and alzheimers without any proper studies, relying on his own 20 year old antivaxx papers and other old studies to prove that the MRNA vaccine for COVID is bad. you have to be retarded to not understand the issue with this. some of those papers even predate the original sars… on the paper i'm referencing, the only relevant studies to the virus that we've known about since late 2019 were some preprints… preprints aren't peer reviewed and sometimes get taken down for being dog shit. e.g. that ivermectin study which was plagiarised and forged.

this paper that you've linked is surprise, surprise exactly like the last one i read. he references the same 2002 antivaxx paper which apparently proves that vaccines cause diabetes. irrelevant to the discussion of mrna technology unless you're an antivaxxer who wants to push your agenda… oh wait…

> Since marketing has begun multiple reports of potential, adverse events have been recorded. These reports include prion disease [2,3] , clotting disorders [4], myocarditis, reproductive issues, death and many more.

2 and 3 are his own papers fyi.

> There is an old saying, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. This saying can be applied to the COVID-19 mass immunization program. The US anthrax attack of 2001, which originated at US army is Fort Detrick, has demonstrated that there are people in the US government who desire to attack US citizens [10]

10 is his own paper btw. he's a funny dude thanks for reminding me he exists

No. 897330

Your period is just super late. I had two regular cycles after my Pfizer shot and then randomly I was late an entire month. Thought I was preggers too but nope.

No. 897476

NTA but it happened to me and a couple of my friends too, super weird. I hope it messes with semen too, but I guess it would just leave retarded antivaxer semen fine and that would be a shame.

No. 897502

Got my first shot (Pfizer) today and so far nothing, but it's been only 5 hours, so we will see what happens. After all I will have a very close look at my cycle, hope that the vaccine won't affect it and that I won't have any side effects.
Still, I'm annoyed that I have to get vaccinated, I didn't want to, but I have no choice if I want to get some further education, so I hope everything will be okay. And no, I'm not anti-vax, quite the opposite and this whole situation reminded me that it's time to finally get all those vaccines I've missed because of needle phobia and stupidity. I just don't like testing medicine without getting money for it, kek.

No. 897504

nah, it‘s common knowledge that immune reactions can affect the menstrual cycle. Some women react more sensitive to this than others tho.

No. 898002

File: 1630526115435.jpeg (558.57 KB, 863x2189, 8A4FD29C-46CA-4CFF-86E0-1E610A…)

Can anyone knowledgeable explain to me why PEGs are commonly warned against in skincare products, but then they are present in the vaccines? I already got vaxxed so I'm not asking to cause problems but I want to know what is up with that. It's kind of worrying to me but then I don't know much about any of it.

(Secondary question you don't have to answer: if I only got 1 pfizer shot can I just stop there? I'm young so that should be enough if you ask me. If they start requiring mandatory vaccines for me would that be enough as well?)

No. 898059

here (Germany) you have to get two shots if you choose pfizer and wait for 2 weeks until you are seen as fully vaccinated. Don't know about other countries, but I think it might be quite similar elsewhere.

No. 898060

I had my period (as expected) shortly after my first Pfizer vaccine but I've missed two cycles now. None of my usual ovulation symptoms either. There is no possibility of pregnancy and I have never had irregular or missing periods before. I'm due my second vaccine next week and I'm worried ngl.

No. 898064

Excuse my language but FUCKing fuck… I live in the US though, and I don't know if it will be required of me in some context. I will be due for my second soon. I dunno. I really don't wanna do it and thought that would have been enough. Ffff thanks germananon.

No. 898078

I'm in the same boat, don't want my second shot, but have to, if I won't, I would have to pay for tests every day to be allowed to attend my classes. I can't afford that, so I'm forced to be fully vaccinated before my "school" starts.
They are already talking about the third shot here and I hope that I've finished my job training when it becomes mandatory.

I wonder, the ones having irregular cycles now, do you take birth control? This whole stuff is making me worried and angry, because it's not even listed at a real side effect here and I feel like women are, again, not taking serious.

No. 898102

I know you probably got the jab already but i recommend bringing some water and maybe something to chew on if you have intense anxiety. I wasnt nervous at all but i get physically queasy around most things medical so i almost fainted after mine (didnt feel the needle though), and it helped to slowly sip water and call a friend to make small-talk.

No. 898106

No form of birth control and not having sex. I wasn't aware a change to the menstrual cycle was a possibility before receiving the vaccine. I'm in the UK and have reported my symptoms using the Yellow Card Scheme. I recommend UK nonnies do the same.

No. 898109

i was late by 3 weeks when i got my first shot, no preggies here

No. 898112

I'm sexually active, never been on birth control, got a late period. But to be fair, my period was already a week late when i got the vaccine, then it came a week after that.

No. 898160

I’m on hormonal birth control and I had my period three weeks late after the first shot. Felt kind of hormonal and had weird food cravings. I feel normal now, but now I need to get the second shot very soon. I also had a covid arm (redness that appears a week after the shot) and everyone I’ve talked to has told me “it’s just stress bla bla”. No one has given me an explanation. No research on women’s endocrine system as expected. I’ll talk to the healthcare staff on vaccination day but I expect to be shut off quickly as usual

No. 898170

because there are different guidelines for different categories depending on their use. skincare or food have other regulations than a vaccine which is not intended for daily use. In mRNA vaccines, pegylated lipides are needed to stabilize the bubbles which contain the mRNA, so they act as an excipient, which is an extremely small amount compared to the amount you’re exposed to in food or cosmetics. The more you are exposed to PEG the higher gets your possibility to develop allergic reactions to it, so it should not be used in consumer products for daily use.

No. 898237

Not hormonal bc but a copper IUD

No. 898259

>>898170 has a good response but the image you showed is probably from one of those "chemicals are bad" websites and generally base their fears on studies where rats are exposed to highly concentrated amounts. i grew up being told all of those chemicals are wrong, but the studies show they're fine. i also grew up being told vaseline causes cancer but it's perfectly fine and a golden grail skin product for some

some people are allergic to these products, but most aren't.

parabens are safe, they're a preservative.
PEGs are safe and are used as stabilizers.
phtalates - toxic in high quantities to animals and caused what's in the infographic to them. unclear if small amounts are perfectly safe so i err on the side of caution with this.
parfums - perfectly safe but can be irritating. some people like fragrance, i don't react well to it.
paraffin - safe and really moisturizing.

No. 898421

I feel like I'm going insane a little, so please excuse me because I need to vent.

Alright, we locked down, but despite that, cases still went up. I'm convinced it's inevitable that most people will come into contact with this disease because that's just how the world works and you can't shut yourself away, isolated, forever. But it seems like that's what they want us to do? Why aren't lockdowns over yet? Why, why why? When this all started we were all shown these pictures of people in China littering the streets, unconscious bodies. It was terror. Yet now we know that wasn't exactly how it played out in reality, right? So what was that?? Why were we shown that? In that scenario, it made sense to lock down. It doesn't anymore. The numbers are similar to the flu although they're very very hard to find for some reason, you can only get sensationalized articles. I'm not trying to be some crazy conspiracy theorist, really, I'm frustrated from my own searches for answers. Please don't make this a battle. I just want to know why we are still having our lives tampered with and ruined because of this. Yes there's long covid but how long does that last til it goes away? Do we really know yet? I'm actually willing to lose my sense of taste or smell I don't care anymore. I just want the madness to end. I did my own calculations on the very numbers mainstream sources give us, yet for some reason they don't give you the percentages we need. But I got them myself with a calculator, it's easy. People who are not fucking elderly are not at high risk at all, so what is happening? Why do I get the feeling this is never going to end. Can any of you envision the world going back to the way it was? To sanity? No, and the news outlets tell you it won't. As if that's reasonable. They will even spin it like things are better now than they were before. No! I need to breathe air and see people in person! Fuck this distance working and learning and going insane! Ok, god, I'm forcing myself to stop typing now. If someone gives me a hostile reply I'm ignoring it, because that's not helpful. If you can give me a calm, well-reasoned answer to this I will worship your feet. I want to know how any of this makes sense anymore. When will it end.

No. 898425

My period was almost 4 months late after the second shot. Back to normal now. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason for it but it's very common.

No. 898429

It's ok nonna, I was just as angry as you when I started asking questions. I just think the rich old farts knew the truth from the beginning but since they were the only ones affected they wanted to fuck everyone up out of pure evil, politicians gobbled it up and now they're pushing it because of sunken cost fallacy. If one big politician suddenly said "hey we were wrong" it would be political suicide so they have to keep the scam going.
Don't worry, it will go away and the covilievers who push hardest now for all the draconian measures will be the ones screeching on social media "but we knew it all along!!1!" when the media starts spinning the narrative. I won't forget them though and definitely not forgive, I almost killed myself during lockdown because of these unempathetic fat fucks who are scared of a cold.

No. 898431

Because boomers are the ones in power. Remember at first all the jokes about Covid being the Boomer Remover? They couldn’t have that, so they’ve had to make sure all of us are deathly afraid too. The weirdest thing to me is vaccines will never get 100 adoption worldwide, doesn’t seem to matter if most get them as breakthrough infections still happen, so ‘herd immunity’ through vaccine or any currently known means is an impossible dream longterm. When will it end? Beats me. We’re unlikely to ever be rid of it entirely so people kind of need to just start moving on. Sucks for those who are high risk, but the dishonesty around relative risk pisses me off. Why are we going to vaccinate ALL kids when the vaccines don’t stop spread, and kids are almost all having okay outcomes after infection? Either these vaccines work and YAY all the vaccinated people are safe and can do whatever or BOO they don’t work and there is no point in administering them on a massive scale.

No. 898433

Thank you anons. I'm just so frustrated and I wish it would end. I think anyone with a soul should be feeling this way. I'm sorry we all had to suffer through this, I'm sorry to you anon and anyone whos had to deal with suicidal urges, the domestic abuse, I'm just so damn sorry and I wish someone actually responsible for it would be.
>Don't worry, it will go away
I hope you're right.

I really really hope.

No. 898446

anybody else anticipate working remotely to be a huge regret for a lot of people in the next few years? Human beings are social animals who need actual interaction (or so non imageboard users have been telling us pre covid kek) and all these dweeby software engineers who are loving training their new puppies this year are going to feel like dogshit in two years. Like wow, I remember having idle chitchat with my co workers. I’ve been working remotely and I am already sick of it. I wasn’t some social butterfly but it used to be considered weird to be this much of a hermit. Now its going to be the norm for a lot of industries. Fun now but as your ability to communicate naturally with others degrades we’ll all be sorry I think. Worse for kids, obviously. But even adults, if I said two years ago I hadn’t seen anyone who doesn’t live in my house with me in a fortnight people would think that was bad. Same with kids. If I told someone my kid hadn’t been out of the house in months they’d think I was abusive. So what changed? For me, not much in terms of life expectancy given the stats and odds. And yet my emotional and social life is highly impacted. We’ll see if everyone stays so cool with that as the years go on.

No. 898447

It may take some time but it will end, I don't have any doubts about it. What you can do in the meanwhile is try your best at a normal life even if you have to break their absurd rules, just don't get caught. Clubs closed? Find your nearest raves. Curfew? Stay over at someone or have someone over. Find the way to disobey without getting in too much trouble and trust me it will get better. Also try to find likeminded people (not straight up conspiratards, those people enjoy fearmongering as much as covilievers). You are not alone and we will make it, I promise.

No. 898516

so i just got home from a 2-week vacation in greece and it literally felt like covid doesn't even exist. like yea, people wear masks for the most part, museums and hotels ask for vaccine certificates (in eu we have this greenpass system for easier travel) but it all felt like an act. like, they're supposed to scan the qr codes on the greenpasses but no one did? not even at the airports? they just looked at it without ever fully reading the whole certificate. no one would know if i just faked one.
there were so many people everywhere especially in these touristy areas without any social distancing or masks because you're not required to wear it outdoors. i have pretty much stayed at home ever since march 2020 because i work from home so i never really experienced the outside world after covid, i mostly got all the info from news and now i'm realizing there is so much bullshit fearmongering everywhere. like, life still goes on and most of the government regulations are bullshit.
i will get tested sometime this week just to be sure, i have to be safe for my grandparents so i might report back if i got it or not idk if any anon cares. idk i just feel so weird right now. like i just wasted more than a year living in paranoia when in reality no one gives a shit about covid. i really feel like i'm dissociating rn lol everything is so weird and i don't know what to think

sorry if this was some incomprehensible rambling but i am tired af from traveling so long and my retard boyfriend developed snoring after he caught covid last year annoying

No. 898542

Why do you not want getting a second shot?

No. 898578

I think it will be a huge negative for people who dont regularly socialise on their own time. For people with active social lives i really dont think losing the work-chitchat will impact them much. It hasn't for me at least but im just a student. I did work pre-covid and in my opinion, having to make small-talk with coworkers was the worst part of the job.

No. 898579

Probably the same reasons i have, afraid of side effects (they are more severe after second dose), don't feel like they need it, needle anxiety.

No. 898584

>dont feel like they need it
Nta, but if you don't feel like you need the second dose then why even get the first one? You just wasted your time by getting the first dose at that point.

No. 898592

It felt like that for quite a long time in my country after we got the initial spread under control, then we got hit with delta and it's back to strict lockdowns. I don't think it's a matter of life being able to continue as normal regardless of covid and everyone freaking out over nothing, it's just that sometimes it's manageable enough for normal life to continue and sometimes it's not.

No. 898601

thank you, it worked fine for me, was over before I could worry, had support from a friend and I had something to drink and chew on me.

okay, that will be interesting for me, don't use birth control and don't have sex either, if something comes up I will see where to report it in Germany. Got my period 2 days before the first shot, lets see what will happen after the second shot in 20 days.

I dislike the idea of testing new medicine and I'm afraid of side effects and to be honest, I'm one of the few people still wearing my mask right and stuff like that, others have been on holiday and got back bringing Covid with them, I've been avoiding people for months now, why can't it be enough that I just wear my mask around everyone?

nta, for me, I need to be vaccinated, not vaccinated means I'm not allowed for classes for my job training, except I pay for tests daily (later maybe not even allowed to participate with a test) and I can't afford that as I already have to pay for said training, so, I'm forced to get the vaccine or stay at home, being unemployed forever. So, no choice for me.

No. 898608

>muh organic shampoo

If you’re a black woman stay away from this shit because it will ruin or dry out your hair like crazy. Otherwise what other anons have been saying it’s at a very small dose.

No. 898624

You're not insane isolation is a torture technique, and the constant fear mongering of the media puts ppl into a fight/flight/dissociate state. Ironically these things severely lower our immune system. As for why they did lockdown, it's a power grab, they love to crawl out of their dank pits and use crisis as an excuse to steal destroy and control. How very fortunate for the biggest few companies that small businesses were decimated. How good for medical industry that countries are basically making it impossible to live a normal life without taking their new shot. Idk about a chip or what ever but I wouldn't be surprised if the shots do something to lower our immune system. Lots of medicine these days is just "yeah we'll fix you but you'll get even sicker later on and be dependent on our other medicines".

No. 898636

offtopic but parabens are perfectly fine. The original study redacted their claim that parabens may cause breast cancer, and the products that companies use to replace parabens are often more toxic than parabens themselves

No. 898651

I’ve got my second shot over 30 hours ago, and I feel fine but I just got my period an hour ago. It was overdue again because my cycle is a bit too long most of the times, so it feels good that it came a bit earlier now.

No. 898668

This is not the tinfoil thread.

No. 898735

They doesn't auto mean lizard ppl anon, I'm talking about corporations.

No. 898742

File: 1630601275966.jpg (46.93 KB, 625x450, Reptilians-LostTapes.jpg)

No. 898748

This isnt the conspiracy thread and this is a shit conspiracy too because having a lockdown is so fucking bad for the economy. Many countries like my own actually try everything to avoid lock downs because they're afraid of how much money they will lose.

Idk just reading this thread and seeing all these tinfoil fags claiming that covid is fake is really annoying. Like i can understand people being afraid of needles or side effects. But actually saying that covid is made up by the goverment and that they're trying to put chips in you and make money by actually making you sick and then selling the medicine is actually retarted. Especially for someone like me who doesn't live in a shit country like America with horrible expensive health care system. Like you have real life examples of countries like Brazil and India where covid hit so hard. And did everyone forget about Spain and Italy at the start of covid?

I do sympathise with the poor Americafags that cant pay for a vax or test. In my country students get send self test for free by there own school.

No. 898749

>I do sympathise with the poor Americafags that cant pay for a vax
The covid vaccine is free

No. 898753

That anon isn't even claiming covid is fake. I will never understand these kind of kneejerk reactions to the very obvious truth that the richest and most powerful people at the top don't have the most noble intentions for the people under them. That's not a fucking tinfoil.

No. 898767

I can't tell if this is bait but if you just scroll up you can see multiple conspiracy posts. Maybe you didnt notice but i was complaining about tinfoil fags so yeah not just refering to that anon. And yeah no shit most super rich people have bad morals but to actually believe these crazy theories about how the rich are gonna mind control us or is secretly all gonna kill us with the vax is stupid and it is a tinfoil.

No. 898775

No one based in reality thinks the elite are trying to depop. It's just a big cash grab. Theyre selling vacs with side effects that they face no liability for and who cares if it gives people chronic conditions. Chronic health problems = more money. If you happen to dodge myo_carditis or menstruel problems with the first two, theres 999 boo$ters coming up. Read the writing on the wall. It's not tinfoil, it's just obvious at this point.

No. 898788

I don't think anyone denies covid. It's more that it doesn't make sense.
Why are we being told to wear paper masks and not rated N95/FPP2 masks?
There is no evidence that paper masks do anything against covid, while rated masks are designed to stop inhalation of biohazards and are proven to work. Covid enters the body through mucus membranes so shouldn't we also be wearing glasses or face shields?
Why is there push for the entire population to be vaccinated with an experimental vaccine no long term safety data when the majority of healthy people have a 99% survival rate?
Wouldn't it make more sense to isolate and vaccinate the vulnerable while telling the rest of the population to wear safety glasses, a rated mask and wash their hands?

No. 898789

>having a lockdown is so fucking bad for the economy
I never said it's good for the eocnomy, I said it's good for the biggest corporations, just google to see how much more amazon walmart etc made during lockdown.
>claiming that covid is fake is really annoying
>actually saying that covid is made up by the goverment and that they're trying to put chips in you and make money by actually making you sick and then selling the medicine is actually retarted
Never said that, I know it's hard to grasp but anyone who talks shit about what's happening right now isn't automatically a trumpster caricature.

No. 898792

Shhh, asking relevant and reasonable questions isn't allowed here.

I'm so sad that they are coming out with a vaccine for 5 to 11 year old children.
After COVID is eradicated, what chronic illness will they come out with a cure for next? HIV? Cancer? If all scientists can come together and find a cure for a life-threatening disease, they have no excuse for not doing this again for other illnesses.
But I bet you that won't happen.

No. 898804

it already is happening

No. 898806

For what diseases/viruses/illnesses?

No. 898808

Recently got vaxxed with my first dose (it was astrazeneca) what should I expect? It's been hours since my shot and I feel a bit hot but my temp is normal

No. 898810

you're probably going to feel shit but tylenol/paracetamol works

No. 898812

same questions I've been asking since the beginning, but if you ask too loud you are egoistic, right wing and anti-vax. And because people here accepted everything very easily you can tell people that they aren't allowed to take part in normal life without being vaccinated or recovered (but not longer than 6 months ago, please) and when you then say that this is the same like a mandatory vaccination, well, you are right wing, egoistic, don't understand science and you should please fill in a form that you will reject every treatment for Covid because you don't deserve to have a different opinion, oh, and don't forget, why do you even want to go out?
If the system right now wouldn't force me to get the vaccine, I wouldn't and I understand everyone who is sceptical and I don't think that being sceptical of a new vaccine means that you are in any way against other vaccines.

No. 898815

Vaccins aren't cures and cancer vaccins already exist.

>they have no excuse for not doing this again for


No. 898830

How often do I have to explain here that immune reactions affect hormonal balance? It’s not a phenomen limited to vaccines and nothing new.
No one is denying that assholes will continue to profit off everything they can get their hands on, of course new situations like a global pandemic brings financial ruin for some and new opportunities for others. But some posts itt are either very poorly articulated or just straight up retarded tinfoils. And with that I don’t mean anon who is annoyed at this global shitshow.
Covid will not be eradicated, it will become endemic like the other coronaviruses we already have. What makes you sound like a conspiracy tard with an agenda is shit like this:
>Shhh, asking relevant and reasonable questions isn't allowed here.
Most of those questions have been answered already in these threads, but the same shit gets asked again and again all the fucking time

No. 898861

But the answers that are given don't make sense.
As anon said, COVID enters the body through mucus membranes, including the eyes. If stopping the spread is so important, why are we leaving part of our bodies (eyes)in the open for infection transmission? Not only that, when goggles or face shields provide an additional layer of protection, why do we have to force vaccines on unwilling people when can use these non-invasive options with fewer health consequences are available?
I'm seeing more and more stories about breakthrough infections among the vaccinated. It's not inspiring any confidence in me to get the vaccine. The media says we have to stop the spread, which the vaccine clearly doesn't do. If the end game now is to minimize symptoms, why should a vaccine be forced on those who are already asymptomatic?

No. 898871

I think that many women just didn't knew that an immune reaction can affect your menstrual cycle this much. I didn't knew it because never in my life did it happen, only time I fucked up my cycle was living vegan for 2 weeks and I've been avoiding huge amounts of soy since then. Overall, many just worry, because we know that female health is often not the main part of science and I think they should tell you getting the vaccine that changes to your menstrual cycle can happen, without you having to ask for that specific information. I'm late to the vaccination party and my "doctor" didn't tell me anything about it and no where on the papers I had to read before getting the vaccine it was mentioned.

In my country the pandemic let to people being rich getting even more money and people being poor just staying poor, so, nothing new in that dynamic of the world.

I don't understand why you just can't get an antibody test and after that it will be decided if you need a vaccine or not. The thought that I might have to get a vaccine every 6 months isn't okay for me, I didn't want the vaccine in the first place and now I might have to get 3 shots or more?

No. 898874

You posted the excat same thing before, retard

No. 898894

Economist here, it's good for some 'corporations' but many had initial losses and had to change their sales strategies to turn it around. E-commerce has done much better but in-store sales for the unnecessary departments within Walmart definitely tanked during the first few months of the pandemic. Anything that requires a test period or 'try-on' like clothes basically fell to nothing while e-commerce sales rose.

You know what's fucked up? For most e-commerce retailers, online returns are just thrown out. Ik some people have ordered something to get an obviously previously returned item (I'm not discrediting that) but in regards to clothes in particular, I've heard that online clothing returns are automatically 'disposed' aka thrown into the ocean in some developing Southeast Asian country where it doesn't break down because all of these clothes are made out of polyester. So all the people who thought, "oh I'll just order things and try them on that way" has been really fucking bad for the environment.

No. 898910

as far as I know overstock and unwanted returns of clothes get burned in Europe, not that this is in any way better. That and my job as a dressmaker is a reason why I didn't order stuff I won't need or use. The clothing industry already is a dirty business with horrible working standards and one huge factor for environmental pollution and the pandemic made it only worse.

No. 898925

You say “we” but not every person who refuses to get vaccinated complies to safety measures like face shields and masks

No. 898951

because it's about stopping everyone from spreading it, not protecting a few people from catching it. that's the intent of surgical masks, it stops the wearer from spreading whatever they have to others. your eyes don't shoot droplets into the air but talking, sneezing and spitting does. on top of that, people normally don't talk or sneeze into other peoples eyes. normally if the virus enters someones eyes, its from the person having the virus on their fingers and rubbing them.

ideally people would wear goggles and faceshields too. i had to call the ambulance recently and the paramedics wore masks and safety goggles. that's something we can expect from medical staff but not everyone can be expected to wear. it adds a little bit of extra protection especially when they're in close contact with infected people.

i like how you assume that everyone who is antivaxx is pro mask. do we live on the same planet? most antivaxxers, especially all of the very vocal ones won't even wear a mask. it doesn't work or it only works a little bit so why fucking bother in the end? because reducing the spread and flattening the curve is the goal, and wearing a mask is something almost everyone can do. i can do it just fine, including while doing light exercise and i have a chronic sinus condition that i would have had surgery for if my town didn't get ravaged by delta.

No. 899034

>because it's about stopping everyone from spreading it
But paper masks don't even do that. There is no evidence that paper masks stop a person from catching covid and there's no evidence that they stop it spreading to other people. A paper mask is not fine enough to catch covid virions. A rated mask worn with glasses would not only stop people from catching covid, it would stop people from spreading it. It's common sense when you think about it.

No. 899043

you're referring to surgical masks? correct? surgical masks are proven to help to some degree - they aren't on the same level of an n95 but they do help. the amount is reduced by people wearing them under their nose, not properly fitted, touching and adjusting them constantly but they do help. ideally everyone would wear a n95 but those are more expensive and many governments have requested that people leave those to medical staff who are more at risk than the average person who is picking up groceries. cloth masks on the other hand are practically useless without a filter but most people I see out and about are wearing surgical masks which offers some protection when people are talking to people outside their home.

No. 899337

My university announced that only vaccinated students are allowed on campus, I don't know how I feel about it. I'm vaccinated, but saying that people should either take it or finish a year later is pretty crazy, since there won't be an online alternative.

No. 899346

there isn't an online alternative!? that's beyond fucked up. what about the immunocompromised kids who can't take the vaccine even if they wanted to!? this is a giant shit show.

No. 899369

I'd assume that's a special case, but it's all a bit confusing, because they said they require a "vaccinated" status, not even a "protected" status, which is also granted to those who have antibodies thanks to being cured from COVID.

No. 899442

Here it's vaccinated, cured or tested (daily). Around mid October we will have to pay for the tests, so it will be vaccinated or cured and cured only for 6 months, then you need a vaccine. If you have a reason why you can't be vaccinated there are exceptions, I think.
That said, it's a private university, don't know how all the others in Germany handle it. Still annoyed by it, because which choice do you have? Most won't be able to pay 200 Euro or more just for tests a month, especially when the monthly payment for the university itself is already killing you.
I just hate this whole situation.

No. 899477

Don't forget they announced this by the time the deadline for applying for a break semester already passed. And 3G is for all of germany, there are no online alternatives either because (according to my uni, at least) apparantly having one person record the lecture is too much work to demand.

No. 899603

I mean this was the rule when I was in like kindergarten, it’s nothing new.

No. 900047

The difference is the vaccines you took for kindergarten were probably pretty old and well-established and for incredibly contagious and deadly diseases. Not a brand new vaccine that isn't even effective at stopping spread, for an illness that is highly unlikely to kill anyone under 70 or under BMI 30. It would be like legislating that you have to get the flu shot before attending school. But not THE flu shot we all know, a new flu shot.

No. 900179

i had my 2nd shot like 6 weeks ago (biontech) and my lymph nodes still hurt on and off. like they'll be fine for like a week and then suddenly they are sore again for a few days. specifically the two that hurt after i got my shot (arm pit and crotch area, only on the right side though). does anyone else experience this?? i read a lot about women mistakenly thinking they had breast cancer because of this but idk if it's normal to still experience this on and off after 6 weeks.

No. 900192

I wonder if the flu will be around this year, or if they'll say again that "masking and social distancing prevented the flu last year" kek
Does anyone know if it's true that the CDC is calling any breakthrough symptoms "mild" so long as someone doesn't end up hospitalized?

No. 900207

There is no one flu shot through, they have to develop a new one every year. The reason your not immune to the flu after you've had it is because it always changes.

And close to half of all americans have a bmi over 30.

No. 900208

>wonder if the flu will be around this year, or if they'll say again that "masking and social distancing prevented the flu last year"
Wouldn't shock me. This winter will mark a full two years since I've been sick with anything and I'm constantly exposed to other people, whereas previously I could expect to have a cold at least three times a year. A month before coronavirus came to my country I went through the nastiest flu myself, and now nothing since.
Putting a muzzle on people's gobs in public has done a lot of good to abet the spread of germs.

>the vaccines you took for kindergarten
And the vaccines that people take for attending college, working in a medical setting, visiting a foreign country, or when people step on a rusty piece of metal. It's kinda funny how people think vaccines are a childhood-only thing, makes me wonder if you actually know what you're talking about. And anyway, many vaccines that people now consider normal, at least enough to not have so many conspiratards about it, have only existed in the past 20 years and aren't nearly as old as you think.
>Not a brand new vaccine that isn't even effective at stopping spread
It is effective at stopping the spread of the variant the vaccine was designed for. More than 90% which is about the rate of most 'established' vaccines you mentioned. It would have been effective at stopping spread had everyone gotten the vaccine, the vaccines been distributed in a fair manner to other countries, and lockdown mandates (until everyone got the vaccine) had been followed including no travel between countries. It's because of half-baked decisions by leadership and politicians influenced by the screaming of ignorant constituents that we are now dealing with multiple variants and continued spreads. That's why the vaccine is having more breakthrough infections and spread.
>an illness that is highly unlikely to kill anyone under 70 or under BMI 30
And anyone with a pre-existing condition that may not even be diagnosed like high blood pressure and pre-diabetes, which an average younger person is capable of having without knowing it. Which is why a lot of unvaccinated non-fat and non-geriatric people have either died or became very ill.
And here's the kicker: Because so many unvaccinated people are clogging up hospital ERs, there's now an influx of people dying from preventable things like needing minor surgeries and car accidents because there isn't a fucking bed at the hospitals and even if they got one they won't receive the same level of care since medical staff are too overloaded from dealing with covid patients. So it's funny how the virus is actually causing a lot of death that you're downplaying for reasons.
>It would be like legislating that you have to get the flu shot before attending school.
They should. The flu mutates every year and it's nasty.
We already have vaccines for other viruses that mutate like rotavirus, this isn't unusual.

No. 900224

>It's kinda funny how people think vaccines are a childhood-only thing
When is the last time you got a booster shot for something as an adult? Other than the flu.
>visiting a foreign country
I understand why vaccines are required for travel. Those vaccines are for illnesses with much higher fatality rates than the less than 1% for COVID, and those vaccines have been around for years.

They use last year's flu data to make the vaccine for the upcoming year. Right now, why would I get a vaccine designed for last year's flu/COVID strain, now that data shows people get bad symptoms from Delta after vaccination, and can still spread it to others? If it doesn't work for Delta, they'll need a new vaccine and shouldn't be mandating people take a vaccine designed for a strain that is no longer prevalent.
>It would have been effective at stopping spread had everyone gotten the vaccine
If EVERYONE has to get a vaccine in order for it to actually work, that makes yet another thing we have to rely on pharma for. Medicine can be great, but it's not a good mindset to look to medicine as our go-to prevention instead of natural immunity. Has there been any research on natural immunity and how humans can become more self-sufficient without the use of medicine?
>It would be like legislating that you have to get the flu shot before attending school.
>They should.
This is a personal anecdote, but both myself and my family have never gotten the flu shot, and we have never gotten the flu. I'm not taking medicine for something that I'm not affected by. If I do end up getting the flu one year, I may reconsider, but until then, I'm not fixing what isn't broken.

No. 900376

You know anon, it's okay to admit when you don't know something.
>When is the last time you got a booster shot for something as an adult?
I had a tetanus vaccine when I stepped on a nail two years ago. My dad got one last week when he almost power-sawed his finger off while working on a fence, he hadn't had a tetanus shot in almost 20 years.
Would you like a comprehensive list of vaccines that adults get? I can provide one for you if you're unable or unwilling to Google it yourself. Yes, adults are often vaccinated or boostered for things.
>Those vaccines are for illnesses with much higher fatality rates
What illnesses are you referring to?
>than the less than 1% for covid
This is a mental shortcut that leads people to thinking the vaccine isn't serious.
Take the US:
If you can imagine all 328 million of US residents were not vaccinated and all exposed and contracted covid, then a 1% kill rate=3.28 million deaths. If all 328 million Americans were vaccinated, then 95% of them wouldn't even get the disease. So if the 16.4 million vaccinated people leftover were infected, and the fatality rate for vaccinated being .008%, then that's 131,000 dead.

Which is greater: 3,280,000, or 131,000.
The vaccine should have been mandatory.
>now that data shows people get bad symptoms from Delta after vaccination
What data?
The reason why you take the vaccine is because you still have a greater chance of having less serious covid symptoms than if you had no vaccine. In fact, if you really believe the vaccinated are even dealing with delta poorly, then it should sway you to consider one.
>that makes yet another thing we have to rely on pharma for
We already rely on pharmaceutical science for most things, most people on this planet would not be alive or lead fulfilling lives if it weren't for pharmaceutical advancements.
>go-to prevention instead of natural immunity
Natural immunity means nothing if it kills a good chunk of hosts and mutations gets passed around year after year like the flu so that no one ever has true immunity. You're basically hoping your body can handle it until one year when you're either old or have a condition that you bite the big one or suffer extremely. Sophisticated countries don't like to operate that way.
>Has there been any research on natural immunity and how humans can become more self-sufficient without the use of medicine?
Is people resisting the vaccine helping us out so far?

No. 900381

Just took a walk through my local park for 3 hours where a festival is supposed to start in a few hours.
Out of the 200-400 people I saw, not a single one was wearing a mask. Suddenly I understand why vaccinated don't need to be tested anymore and the tests were made basically unaffordable for the unvaccinated. If no one's getting tested, no one can test positive.

No. 900386

people are more concerned with their freedumbs than safety for everyone. people who are going to festivals unvaccinated are doing this out of spite and malice, not because they are dying to go outside.

No. 900387

> but both myself and my family have never gotten the flu shot, and we have never gotten the flu

good luck with that anon, you have to get a virus and somehow survive it to build some kind of immunity to it

No. 900390

immune response since lymph nodes are filters to viruses and infections so you might feel icky where your lymph nodes are. every body reacts to things differently so that could be it. if you feel like something is truly wrong make sure to check up with a doctor anon

No. 900392

Pretty sure most of them were vaccinated, since this was the requirement to enter the festival. I literally heard a landwhale woman say in the background "unvaccinated should have even more limitations".

No. 900419

I hate this notion that anyone taking the vaccines trusts the government. It's completely retarded. I was hesitant about the vaccine at first, but after researching how long we've been studying mRNA vaccines, learning that we were already researching covid vaccines BEFORE the pandemic, knowing that late-onset vaccine side effects just do not ever happen, comparing my chance of dying from covid (even as a healthy young person) to the chances of dying from the vaccine, and then researching which vaccine would be safest for a young woman, the choice was ridiculously clear and I needed no help from our garbage government to come to that conclusion.

It's almost like people are capable of doing their own research and coming to a different conclusion than you, and aren't just mindless zombies putting their faith in the government/media.

No. 900432

Based on how many people survive the flu, I think we will be fine IF we ever do get it.
So you got the vaccine after you stepped on the nail, not before? And sure, if you’re willing to provide the list of vaccines for adults. Especially ones that require multiple boosters, which may be likely for COVID..
Illnesses for travel like yellow fever, polio, and meningitis, which alll have significantly higher fatality rates thanCOVID.
You are using a 1% fatality rate, but looking at the data for the US, there have been about 40 million cases and 647,000 deaths, which is about a .17% fatality rate, not 1%.
Has there been any proof that breakthrough infections are only because of the unvaccinated? I try to find research, but I can find only claims. I’m not even sure they can make that a scientific claim since the vaccine has only been available to the general public for a few months.

What do you attribute Israel’s rise in cases to?

No. 900436

Samefag, to be clear, I’m not against vaccines. They are extremely important. If you get the COVID vaccine, that’s great and I’m happy for you. I’m against requiring a new vaccine that does not have hard evidence of long term effects or effectiveness.

No. 900451

My country made it official that the pass (which is a thing with a QR code that you need to show to go on public transport, some jobs, cinemas, universities, schools, for travel, at pubs and restaurants etc.) will only be extended and available to the vaccinated, but not to the people who had covid and healed. How does that make any fucking sense? I get that the vaccines are useful, but now they obviously just want to sell them.

No. 900458

Update: My period is back after a missed cycle. It's normal.

No. 900461

What country are you in? Cinemas, pubs, and restaurants are one thing, but public transportation?!?!
How will the poor without cars even be able to get to a clinic to get vaccinated if that is mandated? It's sketchy and doesn't make any sense.

No. 900504

Italy. They already ask for it for long distance transportation like trains, but they're most likely going to ask for it for any public transportation soon and many politicians push for mandatory vaccinations. Many laws about covid don't make any sense, like if I'm not vaccinated I can still get access to bars but only if I stay at the counter and the green pass is required if I sit down. In schools, if a whole class is vaccinated then they can all drop the safety measures and just stay with no mask or distance?? I think it's the same for concerts or festivals. And we have no real guidelines for who can and can't take the vaccine, some doctors are willing to vaccinate people who already suffer from blood clots or heart inflammation issues despite the risk of the vaccines. Apparently restrictions in some areas are based on how many patients are present in the intensive care units, but they count the patients generally, not only the ones sick with covid. It's kind of a shitshow and it's annoying.

No. 900507

What makes this worse is that apparently, if you catch COVID and fight it off, your natural immunity is actually much stronger than if you had gotten vaccinated.
This is listed as a preprint, but the data itself has been corroborated and taken into account by professionals.
>Background: Reports of waning vaccine-induced immunity against COVID-19 have begun to surface. With that, the comparable long-term protection conferred by previous infection with SARS-CoV-2 remains unclear.

>Methods: We conducted a retrospective observational study comparing three groups: (1)SARS-CoV-2-naive individuals who received a two-dose regimen of the BioNTech/Pfizer mRNA BNT162b2 vaccine, (2)previously infected individuals who have not been vaccinated, and (3)previously infected and single dose vaccinated individuals. Three multivariate logistic regression models were applied. In all models we evaluated four outcomes: SARS-CoV-2 infection, symptomatic disease, COVID-19-related hospitalization and death. The follow-up period of June 1 to August 14, 2021, when the Delta variant was dominant in Israel.

>Results: SARS-CoV-2-naive vaccinees had a 13.06-fold (95% CI, 8.08 to 21.11) increased risk for breakthrough infection with the Delta variant compared to those previously infected, when the first event (infection or vaccination) occurred during January and February of 2021. The increased risk was significant (P<0.001) for symptomatic disease as well. When allowing the infection to occur at any time before vaccination (from March 2020 to February 2021), evidence of waning natural immunity was demonstrated, though SARS-CoV-2 naive vaccinees had a 5.96-fold (95% CI, 4.85 to 7.33) increased risk for breakthrough infection and a 7.13-fold (95% CI, 5.51 to 9.21) increased risk for symptomatic disease. SARS-CoV-2-naive vaccinees were also at a greater risk for COVID-19-related-hospitalizations compared to those that were previously infected.

>Conclusions: This study demonstrated that natural immunity confers longer lasting and stronger protection against infection, symptomatic disease and hospitalization caused by the Delta variant of SARS-CoV-2, compared to the BNT162b2 two-dose vaccine-induced immunity. Individuals who were both previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 and given a single dose of the vaccine gained additional protection against the Delta variant.

No. 900510

To be honest, I'm happy that's it not online, because my internet is a bitch (yes, Germany is great at digital stuff, we know it) and what I'm learning would be really hard to learn considering my living situation, but I just don't understand how they can expect poor people (most students are poor) to pay for their tests every 24 hours. Still, I'm angry and annoyed and it feels like everything they do is for the upcoming election and after that, well, don't know, don't care.

used public transport today, four times. In my city, you should wear a mask a the stations, I was the only one wearing the mask and that's what's happening all around me for months now. Since the vaccine is available, no one cares anymore. We had many people going on holiday, coming back with Covid and because they were vaccinated, they could spread it everywhere. There are still many people that believe vaccinated = can't catch or spread Covid.

good to know, hope more women will keep us updated on their period here, because that's one of the things I'm really worried about.

I got vaccinated in a shopping mall without the doctor even knowing if I have a medical history, only had to fill in some paperwork. And as soon as I had questions he shut me up and vaccinated me. I fear that Germany will take the same road like Italy soon.

No. 900519

As a fellow italian living in a big city, the public transportation one sounds like a logistical nightmare that would never work. They barely even check that bus passengers have tickets kek they will never find an efficient way to check green passes. And it's crazy to me that politicians are even considering mandatory vaccination, I got it and I believe everyone should but forcing people by law is wrong

No. 900567

Well that's good to know, too bad that the people making the laws don't really give a shit about what a lot of experts say and test.

Of course it would never work, they make some ridiculous laws but don't even make the effort to check if things are being done right. I'm not really against the vaccines, I just think that the way they get pushed is a bit shady, but I wish that they would make reasonable laws and be clear for once. And honestly? I don't think that all those politicians who now want to enforce the vaccine have even really taken the vaccine, but that's for the tinfoil thread.

No. 900656

>>(yes, Germany is great at digital stuff, we know it)

lol what. Germans sucks at "digital stuff". I can't even get proper cellphone coverage in 50% of the country.

No. 900778

best case scenario is vax then natural infection. it contains least amount of risks for most populations

No. 900823


> Which is why a lot of unvaccinated non-fat and non-geriatric people have either died or became very ill.

Anon, you know that is just straight up not true unless "a lot" means basically any amount to you. During the Spanish flu pandemic people put babies in ovens and never left the house because it was killing young, healthy people left and right. If the coronavirus was killing healthy working-age people ALL sorts of shit would just be shut down. The military would be delivering packets of food to us, no daycare in the country would be open, and people would bring out their dead to the plague wagons. There are freak incidents for sure, and they're sad, but this isn't polio and it isn't scarlet fever.

I'm pro vaccine but I stop short of just mandating it, and I definitely am in no rush for children to get it considering only 300 or so kids have died from COVID and they basically all had leukemia. Which is absolutely tragic but life has to go on. If in two years the vaccines prove to be as safe and effective as flu shots, by all means, shoot 'em up.

No. 900891

Almost every decision you make is a game of probability. Every medication you take involves risk, even aspirin. Plenty of women take birth control pills every day at the slightest risk of developing blood clots or stroke.

Yes, vaccinations can have terrible outcomes for a very unlucky few (approx. 0.00001% of the population who have got COVID vaccine have experienced complications), but COVID has terrible outcomes for a much larger percentage of the population by comparison to the nth degree. Now you calculate risk and probability. I would much rather be vaccinated and get COVID, than be unvaccinated and get COVID.

Vaccines are how we were able to obliterate polio. Anti-vaxxers are the reason why we are seeing diseases return that humans eradicated with vaccines decades or even centuries ago. Anon, please actually research and read arguments for why vaccines are a good thing by actual medical professionals, virologists and scientists who know what they're talking about, rather than being contrarian, self-serving and conspiratorial in your mindset. It is stupid to believe you know better than the vast majority of medical scientists who are only looking out for the wellbeing of humanity.

No. 900929

>approx. 0.00001% of the population who have got COVID vaccine have experienced complications
Where did those numbers come from? Some anons already talked about their doctors disregarding mentions of possible health complications and/or attributing it to something else. Nevermind people themselves sometimes tend to do this in their willingness to trust and avoid conflict.
I know it's an anecdote, but case on point is my mum, who had an almost deadly stroke 11 years ago. She got the vaccine without any questions and two weeks after her second vaccine, she had what was all the symptoms for a second stroke out of nowhere, despite being in a very relaxed atmosphere on a holiday. Since then she also complains about heart pains, but absolutely refuses to see a possible connection to her vaccine shot.

No. 900992

that was sarcasm, sry, should have marked it. I'm living the reality of constant internet disconnections for hours over months and only having the choice of one internet provider, even though I live in one of the biggest cities in Germany. That's why I'm getting vaccinated, so I don't have to take online classes without functioning internet.

No. 901228

so fucking sick of all these travel bans now that im a bit older and have the $$$ to travel

No. 901260

They preached vaccines where gonna be the way out of restrictions and now that 85% is vaxxed they're still not lifting the restrictions. Fuck my government, if I had known this beforehand I wouldn't have gotten the vaxx.

No. 901274

only reason i got the vaxx is because i was hoping it would kill me, same with covid. I need a way to kill myself that won't be regarded as suicide

No. 901298

well, theres really no reason to get the vaccine unless your vulnerable but I can agree with this reason also.

No. 901352

This is depressing. Seeing so many people refuse to be rational or like…normal about this topic is making me wonder if antivaxxers have some points.
Some people are clinging so hard to the promise that getting vaccinated will save the world from COVID (it clearly isn't, this is proving to be about money) that they're wishing death on others, flouting pretty much all health precautions, and living in denial about the side effects. I think it's just too much for them to even consider that they've been lied to on a massive scale.
I don't even think it's about the vaccine anymore, for some people. It's about pride and denial.

No. 901394

I really want to have a civilized discussion the vaccine legitimately scares me and the entire media has been being extremely unreliable but you literally can't even QUESTION the damn vaccine or why companies are lying so much without people resorting to 5th grade level insulting and accusing you of injecting cow medicine and you get banned from every corner of the internet for questioning anything at all

No. 901410

same I hate them so much for this. why are they still doing this to us

I agree it's like a switch goes off in people's heads to assume they know everything about you and like you personally gave everyone covid even if you did get vaxed. it's kinda scary how did they get this knee jerk seething hatred? the media as well? I miss being able to have civil, open-minded convo because that's how you get facts while this other way is just more dividing.

No. 901415

I only got one dose, and I don't wanna get the second because I'm not at risk at all and would rather get covid and fight it off at this point. am I gonna be good if I don't get the second? does the post you reply to mean I'd even be better off? I'm sorry I have negative brains

No. 901428

girl stop asking this, you need the second dose for total immunity. covid isn’t just a simple ass cold for some people

No. 901459

This. I dont understand the aggression and preachiness that some people going with.
By using scare tactics and flat out insulting those who question, I feel like it's making shit worse. I also think it's unfair to lump those with vaccine hesitation into the same category as those who storm the streets in protest and argue about masks wherever they go.

No. 901635

>you need the second dose for total immunity
Thousands and thousands of people are getting COVID after getting fully vaccinated. There is no such thing as total immunity
>for some people
Exactly. It's cruel to mandate a vaccine with no evidence of long term effectiveness.

No. 901813

It's really impacting my relationships in real life and that's so crazy to me because I don't freely give my opinions like I do on here. All that has to happen is that someone makes some fucked up joke about people dying from horse dewormer or tell me about their support for vaccine passports out of nowhere, and if I just say I disagree they chimp out and try to rope me into a discussion about why I am being "antivaxx." It's so weird and irrational, I have these shots and the traditional vaccines I had to take in my life before that, yet somehow I am being an antivaxxer? And the thing is none of these people were like this before, formerly chill and fine people will now scream at you if you voice anything negative about this shit when they are the ones obsessed with it and bringing it up.

No. 901862

this, so much.
My parents didn't care for any vaccination since I'm 16 and now it's soooo important that I get the vaccine and they don't understand that I'm only getting it because I'm forced to. If I could, I would sit this vaccine out and wait for another one. But in the end, my parents are happy now (and I'm even more annoyed)(global rule #2)

No. 902181

It's always funny to me that the same people who were always on top of their game about "doubting everything" and "becareful what the media says" all the sudden will have a shit flinging fest at anyone who dares question the vaccination lol, I literally had a girl who works with me lose her job since she started acting extremely aggressive towards because I didn't get my second vaccination after getting extremely sick and passed out several times since it made my period extremely heavy and last for 4 weeks long but anything to give into whatever Daddy Media says I guess

No. 902217

Most of the pro vaxx posters here are scrotes. Ignore and move on(stop)

No. 902225

I think covid is serious but the whole thing has really given people brain worms, it's pretty scary to watch the mob mentality unfold

No. 902227

do you seriously believe this? That doesn't even align with the general population, women are far more likely to be vaccinated. You can make your own decisions, but calling everyone who disagrees with you a man is delusional

No. 902263

>everyone who disagrees with me is a scrote
I'm not vaxxed and agree with most other vaccine skeptics in this thread but this is just out of nowhere. Is it a troll to make posters who accuse others of being scrotes look bad? Is it genuine? I don't know.

No. 902270

What do you know

No. 902295


If someone actually sent me this because I am not vaccinated (and I didn't stumble upon it via social media) it would make me not want to get the vaccine even more. And like… It's not even funny? Oh you used the work fuck every other word? Brilliant. Pinnacle of humor.

No. 902322

This is pretty dire, even for mcsweeney's. It literally sounds like something you'd see on tumblr between two supernatural gifsets.

No. 902348

Vent incoming. I empathize so much with all of you anons who are apprehensive about getting the vaccine and who see the faults in some of the arguments made for everyone to get it. It’s so bizarre seeing people wishing others would die to make other people see the “light” and get the jab.

It feels so dystopian to have people have this mob mentality and just not seem to understand things aren’t always black and white. My dad, whose a lifelong smoker and not very healthy (overweight) and my baby half brother got COVID and are recovering fine. He isn’t vaxxed, he’s a proper conspiracy theorist, like new world order shit. It’s bizarre finally having someone in my life get it and he’s the one I’d worry about the most, and he’s getting over it like anything else.

I just want to get it over with, who cares if I die at this point, I get why people wanna fucking die. Who wants to live in a world where you can’t see your loved ones because of travel restrictions, lose your job or be denied schooling due to not seeing the personal benefit to the vaccine. Everyone can still spread it, everyone can still get it, sure maybe it might lessen the damage but when you’re someone who is in good health and not in the demographic that would be impacted, it’s hard to see the point. If the issue is my unvaxxed ass taking up a hospital bed, I’ll stay home, fuck it,. That and don’t some of these people want “anti vaxxers” to die anyways? See, I can help with that, no problem. Neat right?

Sorry all, I’m just so frustrated, haven’t seen family in over 2 years almost and I’ve been healthier physically and mentally than I’ve ever have been. But, no vaxx? Tough shit. If it is completely harmless, then fine, egg on my face I guess. But there are no take backs once it’s done and the promises the vaxx held, to bring us back to “normal?” It can still spread, we’re still masked, things are still restricted. I know nothing is flawless and it’s never going away, but the goalposts having moved over and over again makes me lose hope. Honestly, if the NovaVax one is ever available, then I’m down. Could still cause issues due to the spike protein, but the clinical trials seem promising. Here’s hoping. But it probably wouldn’t count anyways, since only the big three are approved to get into Canada anyways.

No. 902351

>while your asymptomatic COVID case you get and pass to some innocent fucking kid could wind up killing them or someone else. Fuck you, you fucking selfish fucking shit-banana, you unredeemable ass-caterpillar, you fucking fuck-knob with two fucks for eyes and a literal poop where your heart should be. You want a two-month-old to wind up on a fucking ventilator instead of you, a fucking adult, getting a fucking sore arm for a day?
>Your relatives got fucking vaccinated and let you live, and now here you are signing up to be killed by a fucking disease against which there is a ninety-nine-percent effective vaccine
I really wonder how many other people like this aren't even aware what the vaccine does. Dumbass is literally preaching in a tldr about selfishness and ignorance while not knowing how much of a danger she herself is.

No. 902469

This article is the definition of 'tell me you're autistic without saying you're autistic.'
Seriously. Dumbass Wendy Molyneux doesn't seem to know that the vaccinated can also spread COVID. She probably was so proud of herself for saying "fuck" every other word.

No. 902472

This exactly.

No. 902485

The "woooow you're afraid of a little needle/sore arm" is so far removed from the actual reasons people don't want the vaccine that I'm shocked its still a talking point.

I feel 100% the same way, well put. They just reinstated an indoor mask mandate in my area for essentially no reason and seeing 90% of people just up and comply with it suddenly because they were told to by the pathetic local government is depressing.

No. 902494

Found the scrote. And no, the vaccination rates between men and women are virtually the same.

No. 902496

Fuck off. You’re the selfish one. You’re killing people because they can’t travel or see their families.

No. 902497

Someone sounds pissed a relative got the vaccine and still got COVID…
Have you considered therapy instead of writing copypastas?

No. 902498

This is so dumb.

No. 902511

its ok to be afraid of the vaccine, i was afraid of it and still took it. i research EVERYTHING i put into my body. the reason why i took it is because every risk involved showed that covid had a greater chance of killing/debilitating/fucking me than any vaccine on a statistical level. lots of the unfortunate and rare side effects from vaccines happen with most viral illnesses, including covid. myo/pericarditis…adem…TM…all those scary things happen more so with covid than the vaccine. and with delta, its inevitable you will get covid. so you just have assess the risks and come to your own conclusion. in every way possible, the vaccine has less risk. its just the way it works. and im willing to take that risk to protect myself from covid.

No. 902655

people always assume that you don't do any research (or are too stupid to understand what you have been reading) if you take or not take the vaccine. And that it's not allowed to be afraid and voice your fears to many people is so damn annoying.

No. 902801

same here

No. 902912

File: 1631031893491.png (80.06 KB, 808x750, corona.PNG)

The retconning of very symptomatic breakthrough COVID infections as "mild" is some true vaxxNPC cope. Redditors are so damn smug, like who wouldn't be mad they got vaxxed for COVID and then ended up sick as a dog anyway

No. 903721

same anon. i'm a relatively healthy and slightly more active than average person. what convinced me to get the vaccine was seeing people who are healthier and more active than me get hospitalized because they were unvaxxed. i've done a shit tonne of research on the vaccine and a lot of anti-vaxxer arguments are poorly researched and don't stick.

vent - i'm finding it increasingly harder to sympathize with anti-vaxx people. not ALL anti-vaxxers are like this, and i think this is much more of a scrote anti-vaxxer problem since … well, scrotes.

one of my friends is now a very passionate anti-vaxxer. i have argued with him time and time again about his points against the vaccine and none of the arguments make sense given what we know about the vaccine and covid. everything hinges on hearsay from conspiracy theorists or some other people with a clear agenda such as supplements to sell. and the issue with it is that he isn't interested in having a thoughtful conversation which i think is possible with some anti-vaxxers (probably the kind on LC), he will shout over you and demean you. he shouted at me over discord a few days ago when i told him that his fat uncle having a scrote is likely not vaccine related since he had the second shot a whole month ago, and the risk of blood clots from the second AZ clot is significantly lower for the second dose, so if it was related, it would have happened right after his vaccine. i blocked the bastard.

these types of people miss the forest for the trees. this goes for people who are conspiracy theorists in general but i think there's an arrogant, very scrotey personality that attracts this kind of behavior. the need to feel special for not doing what others are instead of actually putting in the time and energy to read research papers, ask questions, listen to experts, weigh up all of the evidence and make an informed decision.

i think there are genuine risks and concerns with the vaccine. but i'm really not interested in listening if after something horrible has happened to someone, your immediate thought is to blame the vaccine when it is extremely unlikely it is related… not to mention it's your fucking uncle man? where's your fucking sympathy for him?

i genuinely hope sociopathic/psychopathic/otherwise unsympathetic antivaxxers suffer long covid or die from it.

No. 903738

It’s sites like Reddit that are pushing the vaxx narrative you moron

No. 903739

File: 1631075604652.jpeg (474.57 KB, 1600x2400, 0478348E-866D-48C1-9A9D-9C06C4…)

There isn’t a big difference in the rate in which men and women get vaccinated

No. 903746

it's the difference in attitude that triggers me, not the choice to refuse the vaccine.

No. 903758

File: 1631078757011.jpeg (175.09 KB, 750x430, 2D8318E4-C8A0-4472-9B3C-6C4948…)

KEK, just great

No. 903759

Bro fuck them at this point I don't even care. Aren't viruses supposed to become weaker with every mutation? I don't care I'm not giving in any longer to this panic bullshit

No. 903763

what kind of retarded chart is this? why are ethnicities and sex separated? what, you can't be both an ethnicity and also be male or female?

No. 903774

The chart was only made for one smug reason

No. 903781

What is that reason?

>everyone I don't agree with is retarded or a scrote
Not you again…

No. 903794

anyone else think that these variants are ju7st gonna keep ramping up until it's deadly enough to see death tolls like the bubonic plague? It just doesn't make any sense, before this happened they were saying any variants of viruses trend downwards in severity, what's up with this? Idk how much more of this I can take

No. 903798

File: 1631083651195.png (1014.99 KB, 1280x827, Illustrated_Current_News-1918-…)

The Spanish Flu pandemic lasted for 3 years, with the highest death tolls in the first two and the disease later tapering off. The virus also evolved into new variants as the pandemic progressed. It was however less spreadable because people didn't need to go on a beach holiday every year like they do now.

No. 903803

its likely delta is gonna outcompete most variants, its insanely contagious

No. 903806

I read a similar article on that earlier, no one should be alarmed. The headline makes it seem a lot worse than it is.

If you check the CDC https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#variant-proportions you can see that Delta is the prevalent virus. Delta has actually been cockblocking variants like Mu that are anti-body resistant because Delta is so contagious. No one should be concerned about Mu as Delta is the real enemy. The next dominant strain will evolve from Delta, and a few of them have already been spotted. Hopefully the next iteration of COVID will have lower hospitalization rates/CFR rates but only time will tell.

It's not that likely since viruses favor being more infectious than having a higher CFR.

No. 903808

File: 1631085458721.png (412.87 KB, 602x543, smarthuh.png)

It's fearmongering nonnie, they have clicks to earn, masks and vaxx to sell and power they don't want to give up quite yet.

They're straight up laughing at us now. Pic related reads "Spanish mask manufacturers see them (masks) essential for the new school year". Like no shit Sherlock. Inb4 parody account, it's not.

No. 903817

they're literally making it up, anon. scrambling for ways to keep people as scared and essy to control as they were at the start of the pandemic.

No. 903819

looks like they made the chart first and then filled it with random labels from "woke" to "less woke" kek

No. 903843

Are people who haven't gotten the vaccine okay with vaccinated people being in their proximity? I always wear my mask and keep my distance when going to the grocery store or similar, just in case I'm asymptomatic (plus it's still mandated here, though no one really cares anymore and no one's gonna hound you for it). I'm kind of worried I might unknowingly spread the virus to others, especially someone who aren't vaccinated, but I've had several instances where people tell me to remove the mask or get upset when I turn in the aisle to avoid standing close to them. Should I just stop wearing the mask and not care? Would it come off as less rude?

No. 903866

Some conspiratards have claimed that touching the skin of a vaxxed person can make you sick. Nothing to do with whether or not they're COVID-positive. So those kinds of people wouldn't be okay with it, but for others I don't think they mind.

Are you from the south nonnie? I've heard some people there refuse to serve masked patrons, it's stupid. If you want to wear your mask, keep wearing it. I don't hold the opinion of some mask-fearing moron very high considering we've been in a pandemic for over a year now.

No. 903894

The fuck? Wearing a mask and keeping a distance is higher in value than being vaccinated when it comes to infecting others. If anything I respect you because from what I see at 85% of my country stopped giving a shit about that as soon as they got the vaccine.

No. 903966

that's what I'm worried about, too. I will be fully vaccinated soon, my flatmate won't. Outside I'm still wearing the mask everywhere where a lot of people are, I will keep on doing this because it prevents me from spreading that stuff and I don't care if people think I'm stupid or want to avoid me then. I just wonder, what do I do, when I'm home? I don't want to spread something to my flatmate, do I take a test every day or what?

But it's the same here, like >>903894 said. As soon as we reached something around 50% vaccinated and normal stores opened again, people stopped wearing masks. I've seen so many people without masks at bus stops, in public transport and in stores the employees are constantly telling people to put on their masks, because you still have to wear them at said places. Also, all those people come very close, no one is keeping any distance anymore and it's so annoying, I don't want to cuddle anyone in the supermarket…

No. 903978


Delta is so contagious that unless you live in a large house, everyone else in the home is almost guaranteed to catch it if one person gets infected. Why aren't they fully vaxxed?

No. 903987

Sceptical about the vaccine (not in an anti-vaxx way) and not really need it, because outside of me, there isn't much contact to other people, flatmate is always wearing masks, keeping distance and washing hands properly.
It's just what I worry about, guess I will stock up on tests and hope that it will show if I got it before I can spread it and maybe one day they will be vaccinated.

No. 903995

I hope they're reimbursing you for the tests, that's really considerate of you. I wouldn't really bother with the tests since they are really expensive, and the antigen ones are not as effective if you're asymptomatic.

Sounds like your flatmate knows what they're doing, you guys should probably just avoid talking to each other unless it's on the other side of a door, and they should be really diligent with wiping things you've used down.

No. 904004

I think we will be fine, I'm still wearing my mask outside and be cautious, I just leave the house for work and even vaccinated I don't want to catch that stuff, so I'm not taking any risks.
Guess if my vaccine is through my flatmate might get it as well, seeing that I hopefully won't have side effects in the end. I can't be angry because someone is sceptical, I'm sceptical, too.
The test thing I might have to read into it, I also heard that they are often incorrect and that won't be of any use then.

No. 904031

Have you talked to her about it and what she would be "expecting" you to do?
I agree with >>903995, if she is nervous about you getting her sick, she should be the one purchasing tests for you and doing any sanitizing that you wouldn't have normally done yourself.
I have a good feeling that she will be fine, however. Yes, unvaccinated are hospitalized at a higher rate than those who are vaccinated (although that seems to be changing relatively quickly, look at Israel), the chances that someone who gets COVID and also needs to be hospitalized are very small to begin with.
The CDC is even calling any case where someone isn't in the hospital as "mild," even if that person is laid up in bed for two weeks. I think calling that mild is bullshit, but I digress..

No. 904165

Israel is definitely proof that vaccines don’t work

No. 904502

yeah, we talked about it and everything is fine between my flatmate and me and we will get through that pretty well, I think.

For me it's just stupid to drop every precautions just because you are vaccinated, in my city there are already some people back in hospital even though they got the vaccine and we will see more of that pretty soon.

No. 904637

learn how to interpret statistics. this has already been debunked. the vaccine is working but it isn't infallible. its efficacy is lower for older, particularly sick people and most old and/or sick israelians are vaccinated. the efficacy also wanes.

if it didn't work, they wouldn't be doing booster shots right now.

if you could read you'd know that the vaccine doesn't reduce the amount of transmission for delta. thats why social distancing is needed in addiction to high vaccine rates to flatten the curve.

No. 904774

File: 1631151904206.png (185.8 KB, 700x700, wtf.png)

>if it didn't work, they wouldn't be doing booster shots right now.

No. 904779

Anyone know where to get a good quality fake vaccine card?

No. 904781

you can tell just how mentally ill the women on this board are from the amount that still refuse to get vaccinated and spew covid conspiracies. at this point just go date the freaks from 4chan, you're made for each other

No. 904795

Just make your own shitbag

No. 904801

why are you so mad about it

No. 904812

scrolling by and disappointed this wasn't in response to another nonny who couldn't get to the bathroom and had to get creative

No. 905044

Ikr it’s poorly articulated but exactly as that anon said. They work, but aren’t optimized yet so they lose efficiency over time faster than other vaccines.

Also even if there may be many anons who are unsure about a lot of stuff surrounding this topic and/or annoyed I’m pretty sure there’s at least one dedicated samefag who regularly shits up this thread with hardline anti-vax shit since a month or two. It’s like someone suddenly found this thread and decided to aggressively spread their agenda everywhere, if you look at how these threads used to be until then it’s pretty obvious imo.

No. 905052

because if it was up to you retards we'd be even more fucked than we are now.

No. 905068

I noticed that with retard-chan who is very pro-vaxx

No. 905171

File: 1631199038379.jpg (32.3 KB, 654x527, help.jpg)

i got covid and recovered (tested negative) in may. i haven't had my period since april… am i the only one who has that? im unvaccinated because it wasn't available in my country for me but i notice some women said similar things happened to their period when they got vaccinated, i have yet to hear about another woman getting this from covid…

i lost a bit of weight when i was sick but i'm more or less the same now. 21 BMI so i'm not underweight. i want to get the vaccine so i have the maximum amount of protection since delta wasn't in my country when i got sick so i don't want to be like that guy who recovered from alpha so he didn't get vaccinated but then got hospitalized when he got delta. but at the same time i would like my period back, the side effects of amenorrhea scared the shit out of me.

i've done a lot of research trying to bring it back but nothing is working. i'm sleeping 10 hours a day, snacking on nuts, having half an avocado a day (with my already balanced diet) and i still haven't gotten anything.

No. 905198

Little rant incoming -

I'm so fucking mad at my cousins and her family. My mom spent last weekend with her sister and her fam and none of them are vaccinated and now my mom, her sister and her two daughters have covid. My mom feels like shit and now my dad has to stay at my house because he's immunocompromised and can't be in the same house as my mom while she's in quarantine and getting better. I fucking hate everyone right now, especially my cousins because I was against my mom visiting them since they refuse to get tested. They're so fucking smug about it as well. I'm so mad and scared for my mom. I've spent the last 2 days crying with her on the phone because she feels lonely, loses more breath as each day goes by and she might need to be admitted to the hospital. I also hate how much of a lottery covid is. Some don't feel anything and others damn near croak. I had covid last year and didn't even notice. Can this shit be over already.

No. 905208

anon, i am very sorry that this happened to you and i am glad that you recovered from covid. if you didn't get your period you should get an appointment with your gyn asap, also get your blood checked and talk with your doctor about the vaccination and issues with covid aftermath. i hope you will never get covid ever again and that your period will come back fast. i think there is no guarantee that the covid or vaccine will mess with your period cycle (maybe it is a hit or miss?) take it easy and i wish you the best.

No. 905210

I made one of those posts and I'm not anti vax, and definitely not the same person who posted the others.
I just pointed out that a chart that was posted made no sense (instead of having categories like idk "white men" and "black women" etc, it had "whites" general and "men" general, like there's no… overlap… between the two? I'm still angry about it) and everyone assumed I was being anti-vax instead of just ocd kek.

No. 905229

>They're so fucking smug about it as well.
About the fact that they gave your mom covid? Wtf? I'm really sorry anon, I hope your family gets better.

No. 905237

Thanks anon. No, they're smug about not getting tested. When they found out that my mom has it, they just told me to chill the fuck out and that she'll only have a cold because she's neither obese nor does she have any other health-related issues. Oh fucking well, I wish that was the case. And they have the balls to be mad at her because they had to get tested and notify the government after my mom tested positive.

No. 905239

File: 1631202610468.png (121.6 KB, 275x274, 1629895933861.png)

I had it and recovered too but I got neurological problems (forgetfulness, brainfog) and haven't had my period for 2 months. I'm hoping so bad that I don't get an autoimmune disease or Alzheimer's. I fucking hate this. Both the retarded "yes vax everyone and we will be saved" and the "covid isn't real no mask for me" can f off. I already had shitty health since birth, either I got long covid or complications from the vac (lots of autistic/ai ppl are reporting horrible side effects). Sickly and elderly are just supposed to deal with it I guess, we have no fucking "value" anymore. I'm scared to go to the Dr about my symptoms bc they'll most likely try to make me get the vac even though I know it will just make things worse for me. Bc even if tons of ppl with a condition are telling them something's wrong, they won't believe it until a man in a lab coat says it.

No. 905505

This is why I refused to get backed. Way too many chances for something to go wrong. And fuck the scrotes who are pushing getting these shitty vaxxes

No. 905515

I mean I had covid, not the vaccine.

No. 905535

>haven't had my period for 2 months
I was wondering about this. I know people reported menstrual changes from the vax and it was explained that it's your immune system delaying shit so how long must a bad dose of actual covid delay it I wondered. Haven't seen much talk about that weirdly.

No. 905566

I haven't heard any talk about it either, which is weird. I had really bad symptoms that my parents refused to take me to hospital for bc they though I was just over reacting. No one else in family got sick so they think I was just having a drawn out breakdown/panic attack or something, I feel so dumb I got duped by their gaslighting and now realize it was probably covid.
The first day I found it very difficult to breathe, not because my nose was blocked but because it was like I couldn’t get enough oxygen. Very dizzy uncoordinated and forgetful, and my heart hurt.
The second day it was horrible, like knives were being jammed into my brain, all pointing to the middle of my skull. My brain was buzzing like thousands of bees. More dizzy, breathless, and uncoordinated, and it felt like my heart would skip because it was trying so hard to beat. I had waves of nausea later in the day.
Third day I had to stay in bed, the pain in my head was worse but the buzzing stopped. My heart felt like it was going to stop. For the week after that I was still oxygen impaired and my heart had random pains. Now my heart and breathing is fine, but I'm more forgetful and well, dumb. Pretty sure I got substantial brain damage.
For 3 weeks after covid I couldn't sleep for more than a few hours. My brain was firing "wake up" signals every minute. I also was much more aggressive for no reason.
Honestly I want to kms, it ruined my already shitty life.

No. 905575

nta but so sorry about all of that, anon. this is the type of stuff that upsets me about the people that scream "99% survival rate!" because it still begs the question of what the quality of life is for those that do survive with long-term effects.

No. 905578

nta but I was hesitant about the vaccine and reading stuff from tinfoil anons here makes me nervous sometimes, but then I read these experiences and I’m really glad I got the vaccine. Even if it’s not perfect and permanent it’s better than nothing.

Besides, everyone I care about got the vaccine so if they die or suffer I wouldn’t want to live either. We’ll be in it together kek

No. 905580

File: 1631220262682.jpeg (344.59 KB, 828x944, F096F981-1ADF-4631-A0A7-EF8A9F…)

No. 905625

I'm just NOT going to take the vaccine
and I'm the type who wears my mask everywhere, even inside my car lol (avoiding sun)

No. 905946

why tho lmao

No. 905984

The number one skincare trick scientists don't want you to know about.

No. 906080

I'm regretting voting for Biden more and more. But, I'm pretty sure my company has less than 100 workers so I can still pretend to have an illusion of choice.

No. 906085

could be it be that most people higher than double-digit IQ think anti-vaxxers are retards? No, it must be one lone pro-vaxxx shill sent by the lizardpeople.

No. 906107

My stupid state is opening up next month and I'm terrified of Butterchicken letting it rip. I got that imported Polish Pfizer the other week so my second dose isn't until late October (eight weeks apart instead of three or six). All of my friends and family are in different states so they're safe for now, but with all the new announcements, high case numbers, and now no premier led presser it's been really stressful.

No. 906119

I stopped wearing my mask and my acne went away. Not getting any covid vaccine either, I don't give a crap. Still haven't met anyone that has caught covid. I don't know a friend of a friend of a friend that got it, even though I live in the highest populated city of my state. I find that strange. 2 years of covid and not one person? My family still lives in fear, though

No. 906127

I don't get why antivaxxers still demonstrate at this point, at least in my country. I'm not against demonstrating as a whole and I don't agree with a lot of things here either, but they've been demonstrating and demanding a lot of things ever since covid started and every single time the government has hit us with even more regulations. These demonstrations didn't do jack shit. The government never cared and still doesn't and they can yell "we won't comply!!" all they want because in the end they still have to, like they've had up until now. Most of them still have to wear masks, get tested for work and such or else they'll lose their jobs.

No. 906130

Must be nice kek I've had multiple family members catch covid, though they recovered just fine. I've also had like 3 coworkers die from catching covid but they were all obese

No. 906134

Our school requires us to keep a mask on at all times indoors, which is fine for like 3-4 hours, but then I start to get headaches just from sniffing my own breath. We're also in classrooms with like zero oxygen, which makes it even worse. I've tried all types of masks, but I'm still finishing every school day with a headache.

No. 906146

File: 1631281577826.jpg (212.58 KB, 1772x1181, respro.jpg)

You could try a Respro mask or something similar. They're designed for fitness activities such as running or cycling around traffic so they will allow you to breath more than a standard paper mask.

No. 906148

I'll look into it, thanks!

No. 906180

How are you Victorian / Sydney lesbians doing on this locked down Friday?

No. 906187

>tfw those have been banned in your country because "you wear masks out of solidarity for others and those only protect you"

No. 906198

Update, one of the post-vax weird period anons who posted before. My period is back to normal now this month and I haven't noticed anything else weird. I assume it was the immune response thing the anon had posted about here. Wish my doctor could have just told me that in the first place and I wouldn't have had to worry so much.

No. 906208

I got the polish Pfizer too but I'm from one of the LGAs so I don't think I'll be getting much freedom
I really need a haircut, too…

No. 906240

thanks for the update. I'm glad that I've been reading here, so I won't be that worried because I know what I can expect. But the fact that doctors don't tell you that this can happen is still not okay.

No. 906296

most scrote doctors barely know the basics of women's health to begin with. it's really not surprising at all.

No. 906527

I wanted to ask the doctor who vaccinated me about that stuff, but he shut me up before I could even make a whole sentence. If I wouldn't need the vaccine, I would have walked out there straight away. In the end the vaccine is easy and fast money for some doctors in my country…

No. 906553

Glad it's helpful! I didn't want to just leave it at my negative opinion over the weird side effect once I got back to normal because overall I don't regret getting it anymore now that I have an idea what happened and why.

ATA who posted the update and my doctor is a scrote so maybe you're right, anon. I will be switching soon for unrelated reasons so surely I will get better period related advice in the future with a female doctor.

No. 906785

Hope you stay safe nonnie!
I bought some hair cutting scissors and section clips from Daiso back in July (remarkably they're still open during lockdown) and have been giving myself small hair trims. It helps, but it isn't the same as getting a proper hair cut.

No. 906827

Whaaat? Daiso has been closed in my LGA, like absolutely nothing but the supermarkets, butchers, grocers, seafood shops and the few stores that allow C+C (Big W, Kmart, JB, etc.) are open here. I'm a massive Daiso addict so it hurts! I've switched to ordering from AliExpress but the wait makes it pretty annoying.

I trimmed some of the dead ends of my longest layers but my shorter layers will start looking nasty soon. I don't think I'm up to the task.

I'm guessing you live in a non-LGA sort of area? I'm so jealous, the shopping centre near me is practically a ghost town except for the level where all the essential shops are. Hope you're staying safe too nonny <3

No. 908238

The layers sound tricky to do, hopefully you’ll be able to get a hair cut safely soon! Have you taken up any lockdown hobbies?

I’m City of Sydney LGA and only the Daiso near Wynyard is closed. Central Park, Regent Place (best Daiso), and George Street are all open with reduced hours. I’ve been twice during lockdown, ended up buying so many useful things to make the trip worth it.

Everything is surprisingly busy here, it’s really concerning. Picnicking has been going on for months, even before the recreational activity announcement. Runners pass with little space (often shoulder to shoulder at times) and there are so many people out and about. It’s not possible to walk anywhere without coming into contact with another person. I’m kind of doubtful the larger groups of people (3-5) are from the same household but I guess that won’t matter as of Monday (for double vaccinated people at least).

Still have to go into work during lockdown though. I’m lucky to have a job I enjoy but I would feel more comfortable being double dosed and with lower case numbers.

No. 908457

>Have you taken up any lockdown hobbies?

Yes! I've gotten into True Crime (it's a phase I go into every year or so) and I'm reading! I've made it a ritual to read outside each morning while I sip on tea to keep my sleep cycles semi-regular. I've been cooking a lot more frequently which is a lot of fun to me, it's annoying though since I don't want to eat everything I cook. I've also been making my own boba tea. It's seriously so cheap and I swear, it's 50x better than anything I've ever bought. Highly recommend making your own boba if you haven't already, just don't buy those meme kits, they seem overpriced. It's such a good time to get into it too since so many fruits (like strawbs!) are so cheap now. Or you can just premade pastes if you're more into the flavors like Taro or Redbean.

I'm so jealous you get to still go to Regents Place, that's my favorite place in the whole city! So much good food and agreed, that Daiso is amazing. God, I need to learn how to make Japanese Cheesecake because you've now gotten me craving and missing uncle Tetsu's!

That's crazy that things are busy there, I live in the Western suburbs and everywhere is pretty quiet apart from the supermarkets. I always try to go early as possible to avoid the crowds though so I don't see the worst of it. I don't see any people picnicking in the parks near me, either. That being said I did travel to the inner west recently and things were much more busier there, but I've always noticed that's been true even pre-COVID.

I'm sorry you have to still go into work! I'm studying full time now but last year I worked from home. It messed up my circadian rhythm pretty bad (which is why I've been reading outside in the mornings) so it's a tradeoff. I'm hoping that there's barely anyone on the trains for you, at least.

Tell me about your lockdown hobbies!

No. 909930

Covid vaxx rates are lowest amongst low educated people, immigrants, the low literate and illiterate, poor neighbourhoods and on the biblebelt. Vaxx rates are highest among highly educated people. I think that says enough about the vaxx. People who have the means to understand the vaxx and the consequences of taking it or not taking it, are taking it.

No. 910028

Yeah, it says people are being brainwashed in college. Don't give more fuel to right-wingers with your classist arguments, dumbass.

No. 910032

That sounds really nice!! Glad to hear your sleep cycle is much better too.

I might have to look into making bubble tea at home. The strawberries have been really delicious this season too. You could make strawberry red bean mochi to go with your tea if you have glutenous rice flour!

A little while back I read a book about an ANU law student who murdered her partner by ODing him on heroin. She had these strange murder-suicide dinner parties where the guests were clued in on her intentions but went along with it anyway. I'm not sure what kind of true crime you like, but the book is called Joe Cinque's Consolation. Apparently there's a movie as well but I haven't seen it yet.

I've mostly been reading, playing Animal Crossing (I've hit 650 hours since the pandemic began lol), and writing letters to my friends. Also copious amounts of online shopping, oops.

I hope this semester is treating you well. I miss studying and pre-pandemic life. I've been burning through audiobooks, podcasts, and pressers at work but it's not the same.

I'm thankful to have been given an alternative site to work at, so I've been walking in. Once I'm double vaccinated (or when we hit 70% double dose, whichever happens first) I'll have to go back to my normal workplace. Not looking forward to the commute again. My usual workplace in one of the affected LGAs and the train ride is long…

No. 910227

Not necessarily. You could also say that about crime rates and specific demographics.
>Crime rates are highest among certain minority groups
>I think that says enough about that minority group

No. 910839

>You could make strawberry red bean mochi to go with your tea if you have glutenous rice flour!

Love this idea anon! I'll definitely make this.

I really love all sorts of true crime but I'm also into disappearances. I've been reading No Easy Answers by Brooks Brown which is about the Columbine shooters. It's one of those books that makes me really thankful to not have grown up in America, not just because of guns but the clique mentality there sounds so painful.

I haven't read that book but I've just downloaded it. Sounds interesting!

I don't play Animal Crossing (no switch) but it seems so comfy! I was a huge Harvest Moon fan so I'm sure I'd like it.

That sounds so nice to walk to work! I wish you could keep going there. I miss seeing my beautiful friends so much but I definitely don't miss being crammed onto a train during peak hour. Some part of me doesn't want this to end.

No. 911138

File: 1631593852131.jpg (83.83 KB, 933x525, lmfao.jpg)

GUYS, don't get the vaccine it'll make you impotent. That's precisely what happened to Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend's testicles! His fiance called off the wedding because of it! It's because of the vaccine! Not because of the STD he spread to her.

No. 911148

Anons, I'm not saying this for argument purposes but with the hope someone could maybe give some reassurance… I heard there was a study, something about the biodistribution after the vaccine in women and how stuff lingers in our reproductive organs, I'm paraphrasing since I don't understand. I already got the vaccine and I wanna cry. It's not like I'm certain I will ever try to have kids but I want to someday. I really regretted getting the vaccine already but I did it to calm my mother. But the truth is that there is no way of knowing the long term outcome and I regret this more than anything now. I don't care about the back and forth arguing, the truth is that there is no long term knowledge yet. This alone makes me regret so hard. I don't wanna hear stupid repeated assurances because when they say there is no proof of harm, listen to their wording it's basically another way of saying "we don't know yet so we can say there's no proven link but just because it hasn't been established yet doesn't mean there isn't we are just asserting really confidently anyway!!" I'm so sick of this confusion and mayhem. It doesn't help either way.

No. 911149

the fucking ticker headline is sending me

No. 911150

well did you actually read the study or just hear about it before you started panicking

No. 911153

I only heard about it but that's all it takes when I was already feeling regretful from knowing there is no long term data

No. 911160

I genuinely cannot tell if this is real kek

No. 911167

Ok I'm >>911148 updating that I found more info about it, not the Japanese study that is hard to find but I found https://regenerativemc.com/biodistribution-of-pfizer-covid-19-vaccine/ and https://medium.com/microbial-instincts/biodistribution-and-spike-protein-safety-of-mrna-vaccines-an-update-788fe58e39b9
They are somewhat reassuring but I still regret it. The fact remains that down the line something bad could surface as it's happened before with many drugs and medical treatments. And that we waived any right to even hold them accountable.
Hopefully nothing goes wrong but it's terrifying not knowing and having your whole life ahead of you to find out

No. 911168

It's real, tucker always ends his segments with an attempt at humor and he even said his balls were naturally big and "swollen", don't fact check this

No. 911181

i got my second shot and i feel alright aside from being tired and getting cold kind of easily. there's not much point to this post but i'm relieved it's not as bad as some people said it was, i'm paranoid about most medicine so getting it was a hard decision for me

No. 911278

I just got my first period after my Pfizer jab. I have a copper IUD and it feels more or less as painful as my average period post-insertion so I took painkillers on the first day. I did have really bad PMS in the last week but that could be because I've been in a shitty mood thanks to some life stuff. I'll have to wait until my next shot to know for certain. My cycle is generally quite irregular but this one was 33 days which is basically my average but it ranges from anywhere to 30-40 days, lol. Hopefully my second shot goes just as well.

No. 911296

>Headline reads "Nicki Minaj: Cousin's Testicles Became Swollen"
>Tweet clearly specifies that it's her brother's friend
Tucker Carlson is an illiterate whore.

No. 911320

>it's terrifying not knowing and having your whole life ahead of you to find out
I was feeling this way for a long time, anon. If it's any use, I was able to help get myself into a better headspace by reminding myself that even though I don't know if this will impact my health later, the stress of being constantly anxious about it and spending all my time worrying about it definitely will. I got it to appease family too, and it's easy to regret choices we don't make 100% of our own conviction. But I think the only way to treat it now that we have it and cannot undo it, is that if something happens, it happens. We might as well try to put it out of our minds and enjoy our lives as much as we can. If that day comes and we wasted years worrying about it, that's almost spending years being sick from it already. And the less stress our bodies and minds are under, the better we will fare against health issues as we age. But sorry you're going through this, I just hope you know you aren't alone and will look after yourself well.

No. 911452

File: 1631630953801.jpg (585.28 KB, 1080x1947, Screenshot_20210915-004812_rif…)

its a shame it causes impotence though

No. 911453

>causes impotence
To men? Great, less idiotic men reproducing.

No. 911457

Does anybody know if your first dose produces any antibodies? Right? I’m dumb

No. 911459

First line: >My cousin
Speaking of illiterate whores, anon…

No. 911473

Are they really comparing deaths since January when the majority of those vaxxed got double jabbed after April or May? Poor reporting.

No. 911626

I call that great news, populations need to shrink one way or another. Maybe tinfoilers have a point.

No. 911643

What do you mean there's no long term data? Did you get an mRNA vaccine? Those have been in development for over a decade. Read reliable studies instead of panicking about hear say. Or do you also panic about the junk food you had for dinner last night next time you hear someone say junk food is bad for you?

No. 911648

Have the mRNA vaccines been tested on humans for over a decade? Genuine question, when did testing on humans start?

No. 911672

File: 1631642260726.png (97.48 KB, 727x562, Screenshot 2021-09-14 1.52.51 …)

Samefag, this Politifact article is titled "mRNA technology in COVID-19 vaccines was never tested in humans."
The article only mentions that testing happened prior to December 2020, but it was done on "tens of thousands of humans," but still doesn't answer the question of when human trials actually started with mRNA vaccines.

Just because you inject thousands of people doesn't necessarily safe, it just means you injected thousands of people. It's concerning to me they are using the angle of "everyone else did it so you should to" rather than actually being clear about when human trials actually started…

No. 911954

From reading the mrna papers, most of the vac'd rats died when they were exposed to the disease afterwards. Waiting for this fall for vac'd ppl to start dropping like flies to 100% confirm it.

No. 911956

Kek. Look at this moron. We caught a live one.

No. 911962

File: 1631653988456.png (36.29 KB, 654x187, Screenshot 2021-09-14 5.11.46 …)

Why do you say that? This is one of the very few studies I can find where they did mRNA testing on adults, and it wasn't effective when administered through a syringe.
Can you provide any studies where there was successful, non-personalized mRNA vaccines that were tested on humans prior to 2020?

No. 912015

by that logic wouldn’t all the early trial participants from last year all be dead by now?

No. 912339

File: 1631674455840.png (116.32 KB, 1538x414, cvd.png)

Honestly, everyone is far, far more likely to get cancer than (deadly) COVID-19.

No. 912403

You just owned everybody with those facts and logic. Everyone who died this year from COVID was going to get cancer in old age anyway so what's the point???

No. 912413

How stupid are you?

My grandpa & grandma were the same age and in similar healthh, but only my grandma got the vaccine bc my grandpa was an antivaxxer. They both got Covid at the same time (mid august of this year) bc they insisted on always going out to eat at this shit ass italian restaurant like every weekend. My grandpa got admitted to the hospital and fucking died in a week. And no one even got to be there with him cuz of hospital COVID restrictions. My grandma made a full recovery, which is good because she needed to be fully functional to plan his funeral and put their house up for sale.

report me for blogposting, idgaf. Your schizo conspiracy theories going mainstream are killing people

No. 912416

samefag, forgot to mention that her symptoms were so mild that she didn't even believe she had covid until she got her test results back.

No. 912429

According to idiots in my country everyone who is vaccinated against covid will die this month. I will tell you in 15 days how dead I am.

No. 912433

stop blaming people "literally being murderers" for that. People like you are scaring people, people who immediately attack people for questioning or being worried about the vaccination is the issue. People getting banned from reddit, facebook, twitter etc for reporting vaccine side effects is scaring people as well as these companies lying. If the whole world wasn't acting shady or this harsh towards people who question we could probably get everyone vaccinated but go ahead keep trying to convince the anti vax there's no conspiracy while calling them murderers for being worried

No. 912437

Can the extreme pro covid vaxxers explain to me the wave of celebrities taking pictures of "them getting the vaccine" but they don't even take the cap off?

No. 912438

>b-b-but you're being mean about it!!

No. 912441

what did you expect to happen? if someone cursed you out and screamed in your face constantly to do something would you do it? You are scaring people, you are killing people, you are the reason anti vaxxers exist. Sorry you can't just say whatever you want and expect things to go your way but welcome to the real world

No. 912442

spout your crazy ass shit but understand that when 80% of people have the vaccine and another 15% would do it for $100, you are the extreme one

No. 912443

sorry someone was mean to you for being retarded

No. 912444

I'm trying to say that it's performative to pretend we're all going to perish from COVID when there's 1430900 far worse diseases you're more likely to get that you're not guarding against. You don't have to be old, either (which is also funny because COVID is also the most threatening to old and fat people, not young ones, but yeah, "who cares about cancer it's for old people!", right?).
Half of all vaxx/antivaxx/mask/no-mask obsessives don't even eat healthy or care about being hygienic, and then they pretend to be shocked when their shit gets fucked up. The obsession was fucking stupid. Obsessive spergs destroying lifelong friendships, vaccines with awful side effects/traces of "metal-like substances" that make skin magnetic, and small businesses being ruined all for nothing, and it's still stupid now. But here we are still, swathes of people making coronavirus their hobby. This isn't going to be what ends the human race, lmao. Improve your habits.

No. 912445

This. 100% I'm not anti mask but people acting retarded about the vaccine is tearing everything apart. People have the right to put into their bodies whatever they want whether people agree with it or not
I-I was just asking a question…

No. 912446

i'm not even reading your retarded posts. you are extremely defensive about this, please analyze why you are like this

No. 912447

Sure convinced me and everyone else to get the vaccine. call me names, keep going, make everyone look sane for calling out reasons why people are scared, sure are helping your case

No. 912449

you're the only one being unstable and retarded and defensive NTA

No. 912450

Sorry I deleted my post anon, made a typo

I'm sorry you feel that way, but I think you need to stop projecting and take your own advice. Fear-mongering is the actual retardation.

No. 912451

>no u

No. 912452

You know who's retarded? All the people who run around without any mask or sanitary precautions ever since thry got the vaccine.

No. 912453

You dumb bitch, I never once claimed there aren't any side effects. My period's been wonky ever since I got vaccinated. I've actively encouraged other women to report the side effects they're experiencing. I don't take issue with reporting real side effects, I take issue with you dumb motherfuckers saying shit like

>Waiting for this fall for vac'd ppl to start dropping like flies

I'm scaremongering by reporting an actual thing that has happened to my family? But you're not by claiming all vaccinated people are going to "drop like flies" in the fall because of some government conspiracy to, what, kill 50% of the population? Which would benefit them how? Give me a god damn break and use the brain you have in your head. I truly hope it won't take someone close to you dying, all alone in the hospital, of a preventable disease to get you to quit your smug conspiracy mongering. It's not a fun experience.

No. 912454

i dont have to argue my case when all medical authorities argue it. you have to argue yours. but all ypu do is complain people aren't being nice & understanding enough to you. biden's done with it & i'm done with it. smash that report button

No. 912455

>shit-ass italian restaurant/most likely a poor diet in general
NTA, but do you really believe he wasn't going to pass away earlier than your grandmother regardless?

No. 912457

you are a disgusting, cruel person. you are losing friends by the day the longer ypu stick to this insanity. or maybe you're already just down to the ones who followed you down this retard hole. i hope you all have fun together.

No. 912458

You've lost so much of your mind to this shit that you can't even spell "you" anymore. You aren't contributing anything of value to this thread, or this discussion in general, just flinging useless insults. Please seek help, or just touch grass (and wear a mask, and wash your hands when you get home - regardless of your vaccination status).

No. 912459

>touch grass
oh i'm arguing with rwitterbrain. oops. bye

No. 912460

twitterfags who obsess over the vaccine aren’t doing this because they’re invested with public health, it’s just a great opportunity for them to start policing other people like the fascists they criticize it’s almost insane kek

No. 912461

>two people of the same age and health
>both get covid at same time
>the vaxxed one has hardly any symptoms at all, lives life as usual
>the unvaxxed one gets carted off to the hospital and dies

That's literally all I was saying. But yeah, you're right, since on average men die before women regardless, it doesn't matter. Are you being stupid on purpose?

No. 912462

>touching grass comes from twitter

No. 912464

Chances are your grandmother was healthier than him from the start, and if he was full antivaxx, he was probably stubborn in general.
All anyone has said is that the vaccine isn't a magical silver bullet. You still have to care for yourself. If you're healthy and you get COVID and recover, your immune system response will literally be many times stronger than if you had gotten vaccinated.

No. 912465

>thinks touch grass isnt a twitter meme
>copies a post i made earlier

No. 912466

Take your meds, schizo.

No. 912471

I'm a "conspiracy theorist" because I pointed out what data has shown, while you randomly brought up an anecdote and refuse anything except the specific explanation you want. Sure, alright.
If you weren't provaxx, you'd probably be posting shit like Nicki Minaj's "My cousin's friend's testicles became swollen" story. This isn't sane.

No. 912476

Right, because you called my grandmother the other day and got an up to date report on her and his medical records. It's not like I would be familiar with the health of my own family members.

>All anyone has said is that the vaccine isn't a magical silver bullet.

you're clearly not even reading the thread. Schizoposters on here are literally claiming that all vaccinated people will "drop like flies" as soon as fall hits because da goberment has put murder chemicals in it or something. I'm well aware the vaccine isn't a silver bullet, I even talked about the side effects I was experiencing. Putting words in my mouth isn't helping your argument. Any sane person reading this thread will be able to see that all I was saying was the vaccine helps you not die, which isn't a crazy take outside of whatever weird schizo conspiracy theorist circles you run in. I'm just going to hide this thread, I give up, it's not worth reliving my grief just to have you shit all over me for daring to suggest the vaccine isn't going to kill half the population when the season changes. Christ.

No. 912481

I said >>912471. Still not seeing how I'm a schizo or a conspiracy theorist, either.
Literally one anon said anything about vaccinated people dying, and I don't necessarily agree, but even she backed up what she said with a study, and didn't mention anything about "murder chemicals" or "da guberment".
Weird to complain about words being put in your mouth when you do the same freely, multiple times. You definitely shouldn't be reliving personal things like that in the COVID-19 general thread on Lolcow, so hiding the thread would be for the best.

No. 912487

Why do you like presenting how unstable you are? You run around insulting everyone for questioning you then insult people even more and mock them when they say your attitude towards the vaccine is harmful to worried people, and then cry bloody murder when something happens to you? Are you 12 or did you shitty Italian food eating grandparents spoil you?

No. 912490

>Schizoposters on here are literally claiming that all vaccinated people will "drop like flies" as soon as fall hits because da goberment has put murder chemicals in it or something

Please point to me where anyone said this

No. 912492

U lazy or what

No. 912494

NTA, but where are the parts about the government or murder chemicals? The anon didn't even say all vaccinated people. Are you okay?

No. 912496

1. It was one person
2. They were obviously using a hyperbole, and it was based on actual concerning research
How is being concerned about the tests being done and failing "crazy made up stuff"??

No. 912500

Damn, anons itt (if it even is more than one person) are really unnecessarily cruel. What’s up with this whole convo? You seem off your rocker tbh. can you not see how you’re misinterpreting everything OP said or what?

No. 912501

I hope the anon who think people are going to die from the vaccine is right because I could really use a nap right now.

No. 912502

No. 912503

Is this sarcasm? How do you bash a complete stranger at random, schizosperg about how they must have no friends and then claim it's a misinterpretation?

No. 912506

I’m the one who said you probably have no friends, retard. It was a joke about your sociopathic responses. If you can’t take it, don’t dish it

No. 912510

Do you really think every person who disagrees with you must be whoever you've been throwing tantrums at all thread?
>i-it was a joke
Sure, Jan. Go outside lol

No. 912511

NTAYRT - That anon's grandpa died and you had an immediate answer to how he died despite not knowing anything about the family apart from them being elderly, eating one meal at a restaurant and their vaccination status.

Comments like that is why you have no friends.

No. 912516

I'm not even >>912487, it's just weird how you foam at the mouth over nothing and then call everyone else sociopathic.
The original anon mentioned something she read and her opinion, someone else gets really mad and pops in with a grandparent story like that cancels everything, and when anyone doesn't immediately bow to them, it becomes mentally ill hours. It really sounds like you're the one who has no friends, shit like this shows zero self-awareness.

No. 912518

Awkward how you're not the anon I'm talking about but you then accuse me of calling people sociopathic? Never happened, and this is my first comment in your little cat fight.

Your reaction makes that part of my comment true though, you don't seem fun at parties. I won't reply anymore btw - I'm not interested in derailing further, I just wanted to make a point and you basically did it for me.

No. 912519

File: 1631688813654.jpg (27.67 KB, 800x450, Screen_Shot_2020-07-24_at_11.3…)

No. 912528

Just so you know, I didn't scream retard and mock people for asking a question since this whole discussion began

No. 912530

I'm pro vax but you're being extremely insufferable, you're not dying just because questions the safeness of the vaccine. Get over yourself I'm pretty sure your grandpa just tried to kill himself because he had an annoying insufferable grandchild like you

No. 912554

ow anon, the edge!

No. 912634

If you're all so scared of mRNA vaccines just get AZ ffs.

No. 912640

someone died from the AZ vaccine >>896950

No. 912642

so true they are probably the same low iq tards that gave their kids essential oils instead of the polio vaccine kek
and even more people died from covid

No. 912643

About to get my booster Sinofarm shot, got a message that it's time for it.
And just in time, a lot of people I know got sick on vacation, and just walking down the street going anywhere I see and hear people incessantly coughing from all sides.

No. 912644

you made a good decision anon. you are the alpha woman with the superior brain

No. 912645

>and even more people died from covid

"hey this disease might kill you, so you better take this shot that might kill you" that's some infallible logic right there

No. 912648

tard logic. I'm kinda glad that we will get rid of people like you through natural selection that way. Please don't ever get vaccinated anon.

No. 912650

how is it tard logic to take a shot that might kill you when the whole POINT of the shot is to prevent a disease from killing you, explain

No. 912651

nah sorry i have better things to do

No. 912653

lmao, such a lazy cop out

No. 912655

And what if I already had covid and did nothing to me?

No. 912657

good for you, many others haven’t been so lucky.

No. 912658

Well then those at risk should get vaxxed, why should I get a shot which could kill me to prevent something that didn't even make me sick?

No. 912659

to not want to take a shot*

No. 912661

Hey anons do you drive? You are MUCH more likely to die in a car accident than get TTS and die from AZ. Are you on birth control? You're more likely to get TTS from the pill than AZ. Both the pill and driving are normal parts of life. A global pandemic that has killed over three million people globally is not.

No. 912664

File: 1631707470652.jpeg (9.18 KB, 221x228, images.jpeg)

No. 912665

lol, that still doesn't really answer the question. the whole point of a vaccine is to help prevent death and if it might cause death, even if there's just a small chance of it, it defeats the purpose.

No. 912666

the whole point of food is supposed to not make you starve but you can choke on it and get a heart attack if you eat too much and if it might cause death, even if there's just a small chance of it, it defeats the purpose.

No. 912668

lmao strawman

No. 912669

that's not what a strawman is. that's an analogy, retard.

No. 912670

File: 1631708115871.jpg (41.29 KB, 700x368, anti-vaxxer-logic-text-fight-b…)

No. 912672

it's a strawman because it's an incorrect analogy, one to make my statement look ridiculous instead of actually arguing.

eating food is a necessity that literally can't be avoided. a vaccine isn't, it's supposed to help prevent a disease, because the disease could kill you. but if the vaccine can kill you it kind of defeats the purpose.

No. 912673

Thank you, based logical nonnies.

No. 912674

Food keeps you alive, most unvaxxed people are living normally and healthily

No. 912675

I'd rather take my chances with COVID tbh, at least if I die my loved ones won't get banned from social media platforms for talking about my death

No. 912676

poor anti vaxx anon getting bullied by facts and logic

No. 912677

poor retard anon who can't come up with an actual argument for anything

No. 912678

samefag but what facts and logic, all I see are strawmans and memes

No. 912679

Me reading this comment alone already just screams that you lost Ben Shapiro

No. 912681

and if you die from covid in the us, your family gets help with funeral expenses. Anything happens to you after taking the vaccine, the companies aren't liable for anything

No. 912682

It just takes one sneeze anon just wait for it kek

No. 912683

Okay then how about seatbelts? Seatbelt save lives but there have been instances where seatbelts prevent people from getting people out of carwrecks in time. Should people stop wearing seatbelts?

Or how about we talk about medicine? Chemotherapy is one of the most effective treatments for cancer but it's pretty taxing. Some people will actually die from chemotherapy related complications. Should people not bother with chemotherapy at all?

Or how about penicillin? Some people die from penicillin allergic reactions to penicillin. Some people will die before surgery just because they have a bad reaction to anesthesia.

It's fine if you don't want the vaccine but there are countless of things that are intended to help you that have a tiny chance of killing you or giving you some horrible reaction. Just own it instead of crying about strawmen. You look ridiculous.

No. 912684

No. 912685

>muh muh 3 million people
Doctor Mike got his video removed for saying this but when people die they get a list of suggestions of what to put as cause of death, this includes claiming things that have nothing to do with COVID are being marked as COVID deaths and COVID vaccine deaths are not reported either. So
>Ha you retard!!
Unless you're going to give me actual explainations as to why this entire thing has been shady from start to end I don't want to hear it. Start with the several fake vaccination pictures celebrities are posting

No. 912686

because people know the risks to those things when they decide to take it. the covid vaccines are brand new and we don't know all the risks for them. do you think the woman who died from the AZ vaccine would have taken it if she knew the risks, the likelihood of getting a bloodclot? they are brand new and haven't been tested as much as the things you've mentioned. call me crazy, but I think people should have proper knowledge about something before they pump it into their bodies.

No. 912687

What I'm trying to say is that you're taking greater risks in your everyday life and risk of death from AZ hardly stacks up. It's low risk and is a viable alternative to people who might be concerned about new vaccine technology because AZ is based on tried and tested methods (it's pretty much the same inoculation method as a flu vaccine, just with a different virus). Again, there's also mRNAs and Novavax if TTS is of concern. Hopefully you're lucky enough to be in a country to be able to make an informed decision about what vaccine you get (or not get if you want to go down the "do nothing and hope for the best"/"fuck around and find out" path).

Anyway, I just wanted to put this out there for any anons who might be feeling anxious about mRNA. I had a friend who was concerned and took AZ because that's what made her feel the most comfortable. Personally I don't think anything bad will happen in the long run (Pfizer), but I feel much better knowing that if I catch COVID I have significantly reduced my risk of hospitalisation, long COVID, and death. I also wouldn't want to transmit it to my fiends or vulnerable people either (vaccinated people transmit less than unvaccinated people).

No. 912688

These are treating issues anon, if someone is young, healthy, and gets their immune system tested why should they get a COVID vaccine? It's not just that it has a risk of killing you it's the fact that vaccine testing, trials, and just promotions for the vaccine in general has been extremely shady and dishonest. It's perfectly reasonable for someone to not want to inject themselves with a vaccine from a company that has been lying from start to end. The people who scream their damn heads off about how the COVID vaccine is the new messiah make it even more worrisome for a lot of people since it just seems like some bizarre conspiracy.

I'm not saying people should or shouldn't get the vaccination but people are rightfully uncomfortable with the amount of lies that have been going on surrounding this. Please open your mind before your mouth

No. 912690

>reeee muh argument!!!11!
no one here wants to argue with you because you are retarded that's why everyone makes fun of you. A lot of anons already debunked your stupid anti vaxx rants it is not like anyone can get through to you to change your opinion. if you want to get educated speak with your doctor about the vaccine it is not our responsibility to deal with tards like you

No. 912691

>It's not just that it has a risk of killing you it's the fact that vaccine testing, trials, and just promotions for the vaccine in general has been extremely shady and dishonest

this basically.

No. 912692

Anon there's more than one anti vax here and calling someone a retard repeatedly and ignoring arguments isn't "debunking"

No. 912698

>how about seatbelts?
You don't inject a seatbelt into your body. The seatbelt is a better analogy to a mask, not a vaccine.

>Chemotherapy is one of the most effective treatments for cancer but it's pretty taxing

Cancer doesn't go away on it's own, and it's a terminal illness. The majority of people who get COVID recover and are just fine after two weeks of being infected with COVID. Once you have cancer, you're a ticking timebomb, so a more radical treatment is warranted.

>Some people will die before surgery just because they have a bad reaction to anesthesia

The surgery most likely is a surgery that is necessary to keep on living with a decent quality of life. Unlike the vaccine, people aren't taking penicillin and anesthesia "just in case" they need surgery later, they are taking it because there is an immediate medical need.

I'm not anti-vaxx, but I am anti-mandate. This anon is correct >>912688

No. 912699

I feel like we have reached a point where those who wanted the vaccines have gotten them, and the rest have made their choice. It's pointless to try and push the vaccines on people who are afraid of them, because as seen in this thread it only increases the shame, fear and suspicion towards them. I think what the authorities struggle with is whether or not it would be safe to remove even more restrictions because their main concern (at least where I live) is that the hospitals will get full of covid patients again, and they want people to get vaccinated to lessen the risk of that happening. Big heaps of vaccines are thrown away on the daily now because people don't want them, so are we just going to remain in lockdown forever or are we just going to try to get through with the numbers we have? At this point I feel like this will go on forever if they don't make a decision soon or come up with better solutions.

No. 912700


No. 912701

File: 1631710183563.jpg (207.3 KB, 1242x1781, 5s0qjq4trkn71.jpg)

>if someone is young, healthy, and gets their immune system tested why should they get a COVID vaccine

because young healthy people are still dying from it, dumbass and that's SEPERATE from the need of protecting the people around you

pic related it's how inane all you antivaxxers sound courtesy of /r/hermancainaward which is full of top keks

No. 912704

The fact that your only argument is to insult people with grade level insults repeatedly and then claiming that one crazy person is all of us just makes your argument invalid

Maybe we would take you seriously if you were capable of holding a discussion without foaming at the mouth, name calling, ignoring points, and over exaggerating

No. 912705

ia, the people who are actively choosing to get sick/die due to paranoia, conspiracy, making it political, being crunchy hippies, refusing to believe a fucking global health community etc…those deaths are just going to happen and honestly? let them!

No. 912706

300+lbs is not healthy no matter how much you ameritards love HAES to cope.

No. 912707

no points are being made here by any antis, just paranoid-fueled chosen ignorance but thanks, you really hurt me feefees!

No. 912708

File: 1631710431926.png (53.2 KB, 798x254, Screenshot 2021-09-09 11.13.33…)

Do you have any numbers or statistics of how many young and healthy people have died from it?

Younger people have a higher chance of dying from pneumonia than COVID. There is no pandemonium or mandates for anything that protect you from pneumonia.
Sometimes safe, experienced drivers get into fatal car accidents. It doesn't mean everyone should stop driving.

What part do you need sourced…?

No. 912710

Im laughing at the irony of your post. Please leave and you talk like a 12 yr old named Kyle

No. 912711

They just announced we'll be sticking with the covid regulations because 95% vaxx rate hasn't been reached. We're around 86% in my country. I only took the shots because they said that would be the way out of regulations. If I knew beforehand the required rate would be 95%, I wouldn't have taken the shots. There's no way we'll reach 95%, there's too many anti-vaxxers and sceptics. I feel fucked over by the government.

No. 912713

They have pneumonia vaccines but that vaccine doesn't have an army of people foaming at the mouth to everyone who questions it

No. 912714

File: 1631710981735.png (66.84 KB, 838x354, Screenshot 2021-09-15 9.01.38 …)

Here's another data point from the United States. 95% of all COVID deaths involved a co-morbidity.
So please tell me, how many young and healthy people have died from COVID?

No. 912715

Same. I probably still would have gotten the vaccine though for personal reasons, but I'm mad at the lack of information and politicians constantly changing their minds, and I think that goes for everyone on either side of the vaccine discussion. At this point I won't be surprised if next year we start to see masks be part of fashion wear. Hell, maybe hoop skirts will make a comeback in terms of keeping social distance, kek.

No. 912718

File: 1631711295116.png (96.75 KB, 334x405, 4okDUqn.png)

I think we need a little unity, so I have some news that nonnies on both sides of the argument will appreciate.

COVID has killed convicted sex offender Bashurverse!

No. 912719

Bless you anon, and bless these news!

No. 912722

there are so many people coming home from vacations who aren't vaccinated and the covid numbers and deaths from the virus are rising again i don't want another lockdown and risk losing my job jjustget rid of all anti vax people who are a danger to those who really can't get the vaccine bc of their immune system they are just assholes

No. 912730

I hope your country is part of COVAX and can donate some of the supply to other nations.

You're right about pushing people into getting vaccinated backfiring. When Trump said he got the vaccine and his supporters booed him… there's no coming back from that.

It's sad because I've seen so many people change their minds after there's been a death in the family from COVID-19 (plenty still choose to continue their anti-vaxx rhetoric though). It's really difficult to take that step because the vaccine is so highly politicised and in their eyes is basically admitting defeat.

No. 912731

if the hospitals are overloaded with dying covid fatties, where do the 'young and healthy' go when they snap their spines doing skate boarding or crate challenge? retard

No. 912733

Lmao these comparisons are fucking retarded holy fucking shit kek nothing based about this, you're seriously reaching. There are so many variables to consider with the vaxx situation, it's just not as simple as the examples you're comparing it to. It's not as simple as that. Very black and white thinking.

No. 912735

My point is young and healthy people shouldn't be forced to get the vaccine at risk of losing personal privileges and the ability to get a job.

No. 912736

I think we can all agree by now that anti vax people have some sort of collective brain damage this thread is the evidence

No. 912742

if you don't get vaccinated you are a risk to others who aren't as fortunate as you to be healthy and young. you are not entitled to a job or personal privileges if it means that others are at risk of dying because of your poor choices. have fun being jobless.

No. 912743

I dont know who this is. Can someone fill me in?

No. 912747

The rate of transmission is significantly less than people who are unvaccinated.

No. 912751

Maybe the unvaccinated should be put in some kind of jail or re-education facility, eh? That'll teach them.

Don't forget that the vaccinated can also spread COVID.
>>912747 I deleted my post, my bad.
Even though the rate of transmission is low, they can still spread it.

No. 912756

there should be two threads, one for the conspiratards and the others who just want to talk about the plague
>I vote for calling it covidiots

No. 912758

nta i’m vaxxed but the nicki minaj tweet i still funny. what’s the correlation?

No. 912763

He dated a 13 year old when he was 19 and her parents hired a PI to look into it. He got charged and put on the sex offender registry, no prison time though since it was just sexting.

He went on to become a successful Minecraft YouTuber. Ended up dating Clara Babylegs who was 17 at the time (there's 10+ years between them). His friends knew about the charges but kept quiet and feigned ignorance when it was leaked.

Ended up ruining his life or something. He got put in the hospital at least once since his mental health was pretty bad, moved to Australia then moved back home to catch COVID from his dad and die from it.

The video is his infamous breakdown video.

No. 912764

as the virus continues to mutate due to lack of vaccinations/herd immunity, it will begin to make people sicker when they contract it the 3rd/4th/5th time etc. your immune system held up against the initial strain, but that’s not to say you will be perfectly safe in the future. i’m not telling you to run out and get the vaccine, do whatever makes you feel most comfortable, but you might have a false sense of security about your lack of symptoms earlier in the pandemic that may not hold up in the future depending on how much more the virus mutations become. again, not trying to convince anyone to get vaccinated or anything, just offering my opinion.

No. 912765

There's a tinfoil thread, leave the facist twitterspergs to this thread to jerk eachother off.

No. 912766

>landwhale gets vaxxed
>landwhale gets blood clots/covid because at their state no vaccine will protect them
>young healthy person breaks a leg while skating
>no hospitals because they're full of vaxxed landwales
>wahhhhh muh antuhvaxxurrs wahhhhh

No. 912768

what’s the obsession with what celebrities do? everything they put out is postured and fake for social media, is that really surprising?

No. 912769

ye, just not as much as a second dose. also needs two weeks to kick in

No. 912770

Reinfections are so fucking anecdotic every single one of them was reported in the newspapers, even by different strains, and it's usually people with very weakened immune systems who get reinfected. Stop fearmongering.

No. 912771

pneumonia is usually bacterial, not viral

No. 912772

how is it fearmongering? i was just offering an opinion and hypothetical situation. is that not what this thread is for?

No. 912775

name one icu on this fucking planet that is full of vaccine injuries/reactions. if its true it should be all over the news. name one.

No. 912776

They're not because people who get severe reactions usually die within a couple days, unlike covid's 99,8% survival rate. Also you missed
>covid because at their state no vaccine will protect them

No. 912777

It's the "what-if" that is fear-mongering.
I appreciated your post nonny. We don't agree but I appreciated your opinion!

No. 912779

isn’t the whole vaccine discussion itt a big “what-if” though? not surprising this thread has become a huge sperg-off between pro- and anti-vaxxers when people making neutral observations/hypothesizing are chased off for perceived fearmongering. glad we can agree to disagree at least.

No. 912784

every covid icu, esp in america, has majority unvaxxed over vaxxed patients. vaxxed people are not driving hospital overload in any capacity, from either vaccines or covid. did you hit your head as a child, genuinely worried for your brain

No. 912785

People who aren't getting the vaccine, are you alright with mandates and restrictions being lifted and the virus potentially spreading freely? I know some anons are worried about getting the vaccine and would prefer to remain in lockdown until the virus has disappeared, but if vaccine mandates are an attack on personal freedom, aren't lockdowns and losing our jobs due to that also a violation of our rights?

No. 912786

Let me remind you your post >>912731
>dying covid fatties
We agree only landwhales should get vaxxed or nay?

No. 912787

hardcore mode, bitch

No. 912789

No. 912794

>aren't lockdowns and losing our jobs due to that also a violation of our rights?
the people that are okay with indefinite lockdowns probably don't have jobs

No. 912795

My grandma died in the hospital last year because of the Corona virus. I don't regret getting the mrna vaccine and I am happy that the rest of my family are all vaccinated by now. No one had any side effects apart from sore muscles you can also get from any other vaccine. Please get vaccinated anons.

No. 912796

Not as much. Not being able to enter a facility or participate in an activity sucks, but it's less invasive than being required to take an injection that has only been tested in human clinical trials for less than two years.
The reality is that COVID will never go away. We're going to have to learn to live with it. If there is long-term data that vaccines work, I can see it being mandated, but again, the first human trials started in 2020.
A vaccine should not be mandated if they are still doing studies to evaluate how effective it is.

No. 912797

Yep because unvaxxed people have OVER a 90% chance of survival for the cOviD vArIanTs. Why take some jab for something you have an incredibly high probability of surviving? It's unnecessary. And considering young healthy fit people have died from taking the jab? Even children have died. In comparison the only people really dying from covid are the elderly and those with seriously fucked compromised immune systems who were already going to die soon anyway. People I really don't care about so why should I or anyone take any kind of experimental drug still in its trial phase for these people? Sorry not sorry. No one else gives a fuck about me and no stranger would do anything for me so why the fuck should I or you take some supposed "vaccine" that hasn't even taken 5-10 years to make (because that's how long it takes to make vaccines, usually 7 years before they're rolled out to the public) based on some bullshit? Not to mention these fucking vaxxed up retards get sick with the covid as soon as they receive the jab and go into the workplace and other social settings and infect and make others incredibly sick with their shit.

There's a few people irl that I know got the vaxx and one of them was complaining and whining about growing horns on his forehead soon after getting the jab. He has massive fucking lumps on either side of his forehead and they keep growing. He says he hasn't felt right since. A few others have had bizarre symptoms and changes in their behaviour since taking the jab. A woman even had a miscarriage. And the only reason these retards are taking the vaxx is for their own selfish reasons, mainly so they can travel, go to stupid festivals and socialise inside bars and clubs etc. and so they can virtue signal online. It's not for other people, it's not for the sake of humanity as a whole LOL but little do they know, they never needed to take the vaxx to travel. There have been plenty of people travelling getting flights without the vaxx and there's fake vaxx passports you can buy if you know where to look.

These vaxxed took these jabs really for nothing lol they can fuck off. They just sabotaged and jeopardised their health and everyone elses and I bet they didn't even ask for or investigate the ingredients list of the vaxx. Don't you read the ingredients lists of products you put on your skin and the food items you eat? Then why the fuck don't you check the ingredients of some unknown liquid that's going to be pumped into your body and research those ingredients? Jfc. A lot of retards also thought it was just going to be one jab but turns out they're going to have to receive a jab every 6 months lmao how does that sound like a vaccine to anyone? Vaccines don't need top ups every six months.

No. 912798

kek anon you are the best

No. 912799

I'm dead. You had me in the first half.

No. 912801

I’m an Anti-vax and I don’t care what you think. I’m sick and tired of seeing people who are anti-vax getting bullied on social media. We have good reasons to feel this way and simply bad mouthing us or attacking us is not going to change our mind. We will not be silenced. I for sure will never have one again. No chance, no matter what you say to convince me. I’ve been sucked into that trap before! They are absolutely the worst brand of vacuum cleaner. Dyson all the way for me!

No. 912802

I get that and I agree we should learn to live with it, but if learning to live with it means that we have to keep up with restrictions and social distancing for years to come, that's kind of sad. I'd rather they just open up now and let the virus run its course. If anti-vaxx people aren't worried about the virus, would it really be that bad to go back to a more normal way of living?

No. 912803

File: 1631716216956.png (83.8 KB, 653x498, Screenshot 2021-09-15 10.29.03…)

So this article basically says Pfizer relied on the general population for it's studies rather than doing their own controlled clinical trials.
Shouldn't they have known this information before their vaccine was released to the general public…?
We are part of the experiment.

No. 912804

that's more about long-term efficacy versus side effects, which yeah, there wouldn't have been data about that for years

No. 912807

Pretty much anyone who has the option and is smart is waiting a few years before even considering getting the jab.

No. 912808


No. 912809

Modern medicine is so dangerous that I decided to put my kids on a diet of oregano and tea leaves boiled with the collective urine of my vaccination research group. We drink it on a daily basis and the results are amazing. My child has herd immunity from every disease known to man including Hepatitis A, B, C, C&C Music Factory, D-Generation X, 6ix9ine, 420, and G-Unit. So FUCK your modern evidence-based medicine! My research involves putting my hand on a hot stove for several minutes without moving and Google searching Alex Jones videos about how chemicals are apparently turning frogs gay, autistic, and they can apparently speak 3,000 dialects of Klingon and Esperanto and have an IQ of 7.7 trillion but die in like 30 seconds BUT AT LEAST THEY'RE NOT VACCINATED BY EVIL BIG PHARMA WHO ONLY WANTS MONEY! DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! My kids aren't vaccinated because I read in some medical journal called The Onion that they will reach Super Saiyan 3 deceased which will allegedly give them superpowers that will allow us to transcend time and space and reach a dimension where the Earth is shaped like a trapezoid because there's no curve. I don't know what the word deceased means but it didn't say they would die. My vaccination research group which is currently fighting for the right to party WITHOUT evil vaccines says reaching Super Saiyan 3 deceased is super effective. I talked to an anti-vaxxer group the other day and I told them that my son got vaccine injuries and now he has stage 4 ligma. They recommended a natural remedy of this essential oil called gasoline and they recommended I hold a flame to increase its effectiveness. Now my entire house has burned down and my child is probably what they call deceased BUT AT LEAST EVIL BIG PHARMA DIDN'T HARM MY CHILD WITH THEIR EVIL VACCINES! If you want to know when my son Bryson Chandler Smith's funeral is it's at the lake by the grotto. We will all be rubbing essential oils such as gasoline on ourselves in his memory. NO VACCINES!

No. 912810

apart from all those dead smart antivaxxers who abruptly stopped spamming their facebook feed. because they died of covid.

No. 912811

Not a single anti vaxxer here has said anything remotely close to this.

No. 912814

If we're all stupid and going to drop like flies then why are so many of us alive and COVID had a high survival rate pre vax?

No. 912815

You know you can use that retarded image for batshit people like you, just change it to 99% survival rate.
>b-but possible long term damage!
Yes, ex-fucking-actly.

No. 912816

Severe autism. Must be the vaccines.

No. 912817

You mean fat and old people? Or people who never cared about their health in the first place?
If that's your demographic, I get why you'd be so defensive about this. If not, lmao. We don't all survive on McDonald's and don't give a fuck about disease except to be trendy and yell at strangers at online, sorry.

No. 912819

I'm unvaccinated and live in a conservative area with people who are mostly unvaccinated. I also work in hospitals and most of my social circle does and are exposed to COVID daily despite being unvaccinated and haven't got COVID yet despite being exposed since late 2019. Call me a liar and that's fine, but that doesn't hide from the fact plenty of healthcare workers are unvaccinated and don't catch COVID despite caring for COVID patients

No. 912820

covid has really brought the sociopath out of people

No. 912823

No one is really answering the question which is whether they're fine with opening up society again. It's stupid that the government keeps pressing vaccines on people if said people don't mind going outside and potentially catching the virus.

No. 912825

I think one anon just had an extremely bad day.

No. 912826

I'm fine with catching it and I know most unvaxxed people are. The idea of locking down over a virus with an extremely high survival rate is just silly to most people and just seems like some weird overdramatic excuse to use the population as lab rats (as confirmed by Pfizer)

There's also been government records that have been taken down from the deep web exposing the plan to lock down several weeks before the first lockdown happened in 2019 but it feels like you cant discuss anything shady about the government without people acting as of you just escaped from the mental institution.. even after the government admits to their own conspiracies

No. 912827

The comforting thing about this is that I think both unvaccinated and vaccinated people agree - fuck the government. Thanks, anon!

No. 912828

The vax anon has been something and cursing out everyone all night. I literally remember going to sleep after seeing them sperg and when I woke up they're still sperging after going for hours non stop. Like do these people think the vaccine companies give two shits about them protecting their holy jab?

No. 912832

Same. I think the whole situation is just going to everyone's heads to the point they forget they are talking to other people and not just "them" (vs. us). Edgelord anons upthread aren't helping either.

No. 912834

I'm ready for lockdowns to end. I've been out and about at crowded bars, restaurants, and parties. I've been fine, and so has everyone else that I attended those events with.
It's a personal choice. If you still feel unsafe in society after getting vaccinated, you should stay home. Likewise, if you are unvaccinated and are scared of getting COVID, you should also stay home. Don't rely on others for your personal health.

No. 912835

i think you have to keep in mind that like half of the userbase here has actual irl autism diagnoses

No. 912844

File: 1631719859815.jpg (55.54 KB, 602x1100, 6fd20164a4213cfd9700521399fce0…)

Its internet brain worms, they encounter an ideology that lets them feel superior/special/righteous and are compelled to go spread it to every online place they can, or shut down anyone with a differing opinion. Modern day religion.

No. 912849

This. It's fine to disagree, but when it gets to a certain point some people just want to argue about it so they can feel smug

No. 912856

Hard agree.

No. 912861

You're right. The entire internet has been going full retard when it comes to the vaccine, there are shitty people on both sides and acting ridiculous about either or won't do anyone any good. If the anti vaxxers are right then further research about the long term effects of the vaccine will get released (if social media hasn't been banning people for reporting side effects) and if the vaxxers are right then all the shit vaxxers would just die off eventually. There really is no way to prove who's wrong or right with the research that's been given but I promise you people who foam at the mouth about this aren't the sharpest tools in the shed

No. 912866

Yes, there needs to be more nuance all around. And the shitty thing is that no matter what, nobody really "wins" this argument. People are still divided and scared, and that's never going to end as long as everything goes on like this

No. 912875

i know this is lolcow but you're really into eugenics and survival of the fittest sis. do you measure your skull?

No. 912879

Caring about your health is eugenics now? It's part of your genetics to eat like shit, not try to distance, refuse to be mindful of your surroundings, etc?
I'm so fucking tired of this learned helplessness, it's pathetic.

No. 912881

Since when is body weight and age considered eugenics?

No. 912968

i’m fucking sick of wearing a mask. how much longer do we have to do this shit for? i have to wear masks on public transport. i’ve been wearing a mask for the entire covid time but ive had enough. i wonder if i would get thrown off the bus or train for not wearing a mask.
i just hate it because it give me hella acne, i can never have clear skin i always get cysts on the sides of my face where the mask is.

No. 912981

File: 1631730244464.jpeg (28.36 KB, 612x612, afbd84cc-e979-4233-bea2-637f4c…)

I had maskne too, you need to get cotton masks. They're better bc if you have asthma/fatty and it's hard to breathe you can easily cut out a layer of fabric.

No. 912988

I got mask acne too until I got 6 cotton baggu masks and got better about washing them after every use. I get frustrated with wearing a mask until I’m in public transit with someone with a cough. Then I’m grateful that I packed a mask and I’m not in an icu.

No. 913025

>be me
>haven't had to wear a mask in about three months

No. 913026

I've already suggested this in the thread but I'll repeat it with more information.

Paper and fabric masks are not only uncomfortable there is no evidence that they provide any protection against covid. If possible buy a "real" mask. Either something like a Respro anti-pollution mask or a rated mask. It's not just about the rating. Masks that are actually designed to be worn in hazardous environments will be more comfortable and make it easier for you to breathe because they are designed specifically to be worn for long periods of time and not to irritate the person wearing them. Using a mask that doesn't fit or is uncomfortable is probably more dangerous than not wearing a mask because if the mask is uncomfortable the person wearing it will be constantly touching their face to adjust the mask. Covid spreads into the body through the mucus membranes in the mouth, nose and eyes.

The two most comfortable masks I've worn during the pandemic were the Respro mask that I previously used for jogging near busy roads and a JSP half face respirator.

No. 913071

nta but i don’t think they care about the efficacy, they are just annoyed they’re being forced to wear one in general

No. 913583

I disagree nonnie. Professional use masks are not made to be worn 10+h a day like some people are forced to and every one of them says on the label the user has to be informed about the risks. I do agree paper and fabric masks don't do shit, I wear a very thin fabric one to avoid fights or fines but it's all a big circus to me.

No. 913638

The worst part about the masks is that a lot of people are probably wearing it wrong anyway, me included. I guess there's some merit to the "better than nothing" principle. but meh. I miss just tying a scarf around my face like we did in the beginning of the pandemic before mask mandates. I live in a cold climate and soft, plushy scarves are so comfy to cover your face with and makes you look like a bandit, kek.

No. 913674

>Using a mask that doesn't fit or is uncomfortable is probably more dangerous than not wearing a mask because if the mask is uncomfortable the person wearing it will be constantly touching their face to adjust the mask.
This, and the government had no problem saying as much at the very beginning of this before masks become a partisan woke signifier to a large portion of the population.

No. 913982

>before masks become a partisan woke signifier to a large portion of the population.
Every topical affair ends up like this. I lie to woke friends about being vaccinated now, to avoid people lecturing or judging me. The inevitable judgement, and subsequent avoidance of discussion, eliminates questioning and naunce amongst groups of otherwise like-minded people.

No. 914040

Well shit. It's only mid-september and our ICU's are already full and hospitals have started to delay surgeries.

No. 915414

I have a question. I’ve been in close proximity with people who have COVID-19 and at the time they were exposed and getting sick I should have been sick at the same time. I got my test a few days ago and I tested negative, was it too early for me to get the test nonnies or is it at a low viral load? Any medicalfags or sciencefags know?

No. 915665

It's really hard to tell, everyone is really different. It can sometimes take a week until tests start showing you as positive so you may have taken it too soon.

There's also a chance you just didn't catch it depending on how long you were in contact with them and at what point of the incubation period they were at.

Another possibility is a false negative.

No. 915682

What >>915665 said, I've also read that if you're fully vaccinated you're less likely to be infected because the viral load has to be much higher. It probably goes similar for non-vaccinated as well depending on how long and how many they were exposed to. Either way since the test came back negative I wouldn't worry unless you start showing symptoms.

No. 915763

File: 1631964416266.webm (2.79 MB, 480x600, old.webm)

Every old guy during this pandemic

No. 915767

I have a prof who wears the exact same type of mask I do, but he obviously has it upside down, as the clipping part is supposed to keep it on your nose. I wonder if he ever wondered why I'm wearing it "wrong".

Also minor vent but other than a mask demand in my school and workplace, I don't really feel the effects of COVID in my everyday life, thank god. But yesterday I was going home by bus and a chick on speaker phone sat face-to-face to me and started coughing really hard all over the place without ever trying to cover it with her hand and I had to suppress the urge to deck her in the face, I just moved over. I don't know how someone can be retarded enough to walk around coughing without a mask in a closed space after all that people have been through in the last 2 years, even if she doesn't have COVID.

No. 915775

- The Sars-COV2 virus (Original Wildtype) started circulating around November 2019 in China and then it quickly spread to Italy and the USA.
- The Delta variant started emerging around December 2020.
- Masks are useful in preventing the spread of the virus because of droplets but they don't prevent getting it. Cloth masks are less effective than FFP2 masks, but your eyes are still not protected enough from droplets and vapour clouds. You still have a small chance to get infected (with symptoms, or without symptoms).
- Vaccination: it seems to be working so far against the Original Wildtype Cov2 virus, but there is still little information on how the new vaccine doses (two shots have been done, now a third and perhaps fourth are required?) are going to work against the Cov2 Delta variant this autumn and winter.
- The majority of new infections of the virus should be without symptoms or with mild symptoms, as the virus mutates to stay alive longer into a body and increase its chances of transmission in cells (it makes little sense for it to kill a host quickly, if anything).

No. 915779

I'd test again if I were you in a few days. Had a friend who got covid awhile back & me and another friend had hung out w him. He tested positive on a Thursday. I ended up not getting it but my other friend tested negative Friday & was positive on Monday. Friend who tested positive on Monday is unvaxxed & over 300lbs but did surprisingly well with covid.

I don't really know how it works, this is the second time I've gotten very close with someone who ended up being positive & I didnt get it. June 2020 my Grandparents got it & I'm their provider so I'd been giving them showers & stuff. Grandparents and Mom test positive, but I was always negative. My cousin would sleep in my bed or my Moms bed when Mom or I stayed the night at grandparents & she tested positive but I still was negative. Idk honestly I think maybe I'd gotten it in June 2020 First & spread it to rest of family but no one in my house was going out except for work & groceries. Idk how it works tbh

No. 915838

Maybe you're lucky or you have very effective antibodies.

My friend's girlfriend got sick with COVID last year but he never tested positive even though they shared a bed together. Some people just seem to get away with it. I hope your (grand)parents did well with COVID.

No. 915850

I will in a few days, thanks nonners

No. 915896

>now a third and perhaps fourth are required?
no they’re not. the fda said there isn’t sufficient evidence to warrant boosters yet unless you’re old or high-risk.

No. 915948

NOW they did… think about how israel already started giving them out a while ago and how odd it is that only now theyre halting lol this is all sketchy

No. 915980

>thinking the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has anything to do with another country’s vaccine program

No. 916014

>Thinking the US's FDA is a reliable source

No. 916469

this is the exact point i was trying to mark, thanks for catching it anon!

No. 916484

um guys my mom took the Pfizer vaccine and she had her second booster shot too, is she goign to fucking die????? i swear to god if anything happens to her it'll be my fault because i've been skeptical since the beginning and didn't do a good job in convincing her against taking it, i'm so scared

No. 916486

she’ll be fine anon. your mom has probably had dozens of random ass vaccines in her life

No. 916491

No. 916492

anon, its okay! dont put so much pressure on yourself. i think its very unlikely she will, i think most people have only a small reaction/non-severe reaction anyway so as things are now/what we know now, doesnt point to death.

No. 916496

to be fair, i have seen many people with these concerns (though they are unlikely) the real issue is how often i see people trying to project what could happen along the future. thats what worries me but theres no real answers on that yet, only theories.

No. 916499

I deleted it because I felt bad for making fun of anon, but I didn't post that because she has concerns about the vaxx. Anyway,
Afaik, most people who take the pfizer vaccine are fine. I took it and barely had any side effects. Your mom will be fine.

No. 916502

how old are though? she's 52

No. 916504


Nurses are low IQ hard stop

No. 916505

nurses are like teachers… so loud about how they dont get enough praise and how hard their job is and that they do more than doctors etc. i dont get why but it seems like annoying people are drawn to both of those professions.

No. 916644

For the menstruation anons


Has anyone heard of developing nocturnal enuresis post-vax or post-infection? While I’ve had urgency related enuresis all my life I’ve never had this happen before, and now I’m waking up to soaked bedding once a week

No. 916668

I don't have that but i wake up drenched in sweat pretty often

No. 916669

True they always think that they are such martyrs and deserve all of the praise of the world kek. Teachers are the same even tho they are even more insufferable because most of them aren't even doing a good job and are lazy. All of the bullies I know became nurses (if they were low iq) or teachers.

No. 916671

I know exactly what this is. It’s the MICROSHIPS they put in PFIZER and MODERNA vaccines they cannot be TRUSTED. MICROCHIPS are known to change BRAIN WAVES and HORMONE IMBALANCES they are making women INFERTILE to prepare them for the PODS women will be ROBOTIZED THROWN IN FEMA camps TESTED ON. Average WOMAN blood TEST has detected FROG BLOOD they are mmakmakmamamaking the FROGS freaking GAY.

No. 916676

You are so right, anon! This is all a ploy made by some of the richest people in the world to make us dumber so they can avoid a class fight that has been long due since they constantly abuse their power and basically make people work slaves for very little money and rob the earth of resources so they are basically responsible for the climate change. With the vaccines people get dumber and more willing to work. The changes in menstrual cycle are because they want to cut down on people to avoid overpopulation. If there are lesser people (esp less fertile people) on earth they can avoid taking responsibility for climate change and say "it is your fault, we had to do this stop having children" even tho it has been them all along. they are evil and greedy and they don't care about earth or any of us.

No. 916677

Yeah its totally the vaccines that make us infertile not all the chemicals in our food or the polluted air and water we consume

No. 916751

File: 1632039859457.jpeg (59.42 KB, 1090x1177, 50CCBED4-E1AB-46F8-889F-3BAA26…)

i gone complete fucking Schizo Mode and i’m so tempted to just take the damn shot just to make it stop. i’ve read “conspiracy theories” (almost) every day since the shots rolled out in the states and like it’s gotten to the point where i’ve had extreme paranoia about FEMA kicking down the door to drag me to a death camp and it’s still a lingering fear of mine. i’m worried about adverse effects obviously, and at this point i don’t think that getting the shot will eradicate the virus or end quarantine but like if it helps me stay out of the camps a little longer i’ll take it? i want to live so bad and the thought of perishing in a camp is so terrifying but the anti covid shot circles do nothing to help because all damn day it’s jehovahs witnesses tier “the end is near start prepping now” talk.

i’m so worried about the shot and adverse effects because i’m a fatass but at the same time i’m MORE worried about camps like… maybe i should just unalive myself rn and not have to worry about either

No. 916752

>the camps
>the camps
>the camps

anon… I think you need to seek medical help. Not in a mean way, but in a “this sounds like a schizophrenic flareup, be careful” type of way.

No. 916753

all of the mandates are fucking gay and i'm considering rolling a joint with my vaccine card

No. 916785

Is this a copypasta?

No. 916818

>it’s jehovahs witnesses tier “the end is near start prepping now” talk
I know what kind of posts you're talking about anon, try to avoid those places. It's one thing to do research on your own, but end of days circles are never a good thing to get into. Even if it's just lowkey internet posting, it's a dangerous mentality and will make you more anxious about everything. People felt this way around Planet X whatever, Y2K, 2012, and nothing happened. I understand that you're worried about the way things are going, but there are people out there who want to make us all more afraid than necessary for their own profit or notoriety, don't let the ones like that make you scared of living your life.

No. 916821


Get the vaccine some therapy then go touch grass.

No. 916828

I think anon is beyond the point where touching grass will be enough if she's seriously worried she'll get vanned&camped.

No. 916867

You know they use scare tactics to make ppl get the shot right? The camps shit was out of left field and started at the same time everywhere, you don't think they bought out some conspiratards to spread fear? That's why the only conspiratard channels that stay up on yt have end of the world lvl fearmongering. Stop watching that shit.

No. 916955

The world isn't going to end but we are going to see some serious shit in the next decade. I don't know how people can be so ignorant of history to not see the warning signs.

No. 917033

We are, but anon worrying herself sick until something bad happens within the next decade isn't going to help. It's not about being ignorant, it's about not exposing yourself to the idea of being imminently doomed constantly. It's not healthy to do that to yourself day in and day out.

No. 917090

Has anyone developed allergies/oral allergy syndrome after having covid? Or heard of people doing so? I never really got sick, but after finally testing negative the roof of my mouth itched for a couple days. Now it's been doing it randomly after I eat. I'm not eating anything out of the ordinary, so it's been hard to pinpoint what's causing it

No. 917103

deathcamp fear anon back again.
i’ve been told that a lot by an online friend of mine but i’m honestly super hesitant to get help due to my career and it’d just cause a worse spiral.

and that’s the thing. “conspiracy” circles always make it sound like it’s happening tomorrow rather than a decade from a now. i’m trying to be conscious to the fact the world is changing and life will never be the same but at the same time the amount of information in these circles that amounts to just “take the shot and you will die in 3 years” or “don’t take the shot and fear you will die in 3 weeks by biden firing squads.” thinking of it as a long term thing happenings. decade from now rather than this year makes it feel as if there’s actually some life left to live rather than just waiting for the day the camps come for me.

No. 917104

I've heard of some ppl have become allergic to citrus, or meat smells rotten to them. Long covid hashtag on twitter can give you a better idea.

No. 917107

kek you're full of shit about 'the camps' being a recent development. My Alex Jones watching mother has been anticipating her FEMA camp internment since 2008.

No. 917114

I'm 99% sure I had covid last year when there was a mask shortage all over the planet and tests we currently use weren't readily available and I couldn't go to any hospital to even get tested because there were too many patients and they only accepted the most severe cases. It took me like 3 months to fully recover, but since not too long after that my libido dropped and I have no idea if covid can affect women's libido long term. I've heard about it for men and about the vaccine's potential effects on periods but that's it. I'm legit worried about it.

No. 917119

This thread is a shitshow. Every weird health ailment you have is not COVID or vaccine-related, christ. Sometimes things are purely coincidental and would have happened regardless. The worst thing about this stupid virus is the way it has caused everyone to leave logic at the door.

No. 917430

This might be relevant but do you take vitamin D supplements? My allergic symptoms have gotten worse since COVID started (I've never gotten it afaik) but I learned that vitamin D deficiency can make you more susceptible to allergic reactions. If you've been going out less (like I was/am), your levels may be lower than they were before. I hope you recover soon nonny, allergies suck!

No. 917437

File: 1632098623930.jpg (333.5 KB, 616x1174, RDT_20210915_17171980758207938…)

>The worst thing about this stupid virus is the way it has caused everyone to leave logic at the door.

You don't say

No. 917467

hard to hold onto logic when people in charge are withholding info, stepping all over us in the name of "freedom", and the anger/divisive nature of this all is making people turn on each other and distrust each other lol

i am most shocked at people who think everything that is happening is normal and our health is first priority in the mind's of our leaders

No. 917490

Who is reading the entirety of these, and then going to the effort of reposting them here?
Even worse, who is typing them? Lol

No. 917530

I can’t take anything like this seriously when the person writing it doesn’t even know the difference between “its” and “it’s”

No. 917559

in the book 1984, the women were dragged and beaten bloody by technocratic gangsters who wanted to rip women apart and harvest their organs for their space colonies. fema camps will tear a woman’s soul and personhood limb by limb like a true gangster will shove her and use her to test PFIZER AND MODERNA FROG VACCINES we need to PROTECT OUR WOMEN so MUCH FOR THE TOLERANT LEFT

No. 917603

File: 1632106995581.jpg (1.27 MB, 3024x4032, makesyouthink.jpg)

No. 917763

>who is typing them?
If I had to guess, probably some reddit bullshit

No. 917803

if this is autism honey I['m retarded

No. 917807

Their own health is the priority. The reason for all of this is so boomers don't get completely decimated. Covid is certainly a real thing, but its severity is exaggerated to anyone under the age of 40. With their diets of processed food and excess protein, lack of exercise, and lead poisoning, boomers don't stand a chance. They control the world, therefore they have to convince everyone that a threat to them is a modern plague.

No. 917825

>excess protein
Excess protein isn't going to do anything. What's going to happen if someone eats too much protein? An overdose of amino acids? Boomers are all fat, senile. diabetic and dying of cancer due to processed carbs and seed oils, not protein.

No. 917870

babby’s first government

No. 917917

I'm thinking of taking the vaccine because my country is most likely going to make it mandatory (the vaccine itself is not mandatory, but a piece of paper/file that they give you if you take it is and I probably won't be able to enter a fucking store and doing my JOB without it, which is scummy as hell). I already had covid, does anyone have experience tanking the vaccine after contracting covid? A lot of people said that if you had covid recently then the vaccine is going to give you very bad side effects (something about too many antibodies present?), but is it actually true?

No. 917935

this is beyond the government lmao you got public health/gov/corporations/elites teaming up in the worst way

No. 917957

I know that in my country you should wait 4 to 6 months (the exact amount of months somehow changes on different websites) until you get your vaccine and you only need one shot. So you can't get it right after the infection and until you are able to get the vaccine you get a paper that puts you on the same position as someone who is vaccinated. Side effects I know nothing about, all the people I know who got Covid aren't vaccinated and won't get vaccinated, even though it means, you can't to anything anymore.

No. 917964

my country is probably gonna do the same as yours so i prolly will take the vaccine too. there're only 2 types of vaccine available at my place, astrazeneca and vero cell.

No. 918008

Yeah, that's how it is here too. I got my paper, but 6 months have passed and it's about to expire so I will have to get one dose of the vaccine if I want to do anything (even though I think that it's not very useful for people who managed to heal from covid). I'm not sure if I got infected again during these six months though, and it's possible since no one carries masks here. There is a test you can do to see if you've had a recent infection, but it's very pricy and useless to get the paper.
Fun thing, some time ago the government decided to postpone the "expiration date" of the paper for vaccinated people, but not for people who had covid, even if it doesn't make sense if you take into account the efficiency of the vaccines and the immunity of who has healed.

No. 918048

I meant that they're fat because every meal has to include a Salisbury steak

No. 918220

I'm so annoyed by the whole situation, I got Covid right at the beginning in March 2020, there weren't many tests and stuff like that and I don't think that there are a lot of antibodies left by now, but I wish there would be the possibility for a test and that it would be seen the same way like a vaccination if there are enough antibodies.
It's really nice that they tell us that the vaccine isn't mandatory, but most things you can't do anymore without being vaccinated and that includes jobs and schools and stuff like that.

No. 918360

welp, my university denied my exemption request. i really do not want to take the vaccine but i am being backed into a corner.. they gave me a deadline and everything. idk what to do nonnies.

No. 918364

drop out or get vaxxed

No. 918381

If you're going to get kicked out anyway might as well gather a group of ppl like you and try to sue/make it a media shitstorm.

No. 918391

Same thing happened to me. I took the Pfizer last week, was feeling sick for a couple of days, then felt better. I then got sick with a week long cold that was not COVID (tested negative). Also a few days after getting it my tits puffed up to like twice the size, and then the next day I got my period over a week early. Very bizarre, especially as someone who never gets sick and has extremely regular periods.

No. 918397

I'm in the same situation, getting my second shot this week, there isn't anything else I can do and I hate it, but I want to get my education. So far I've got no side effects from the vaccine, but I'm fat and I think my body has just eaten the vaccine as soon as it entered it, kek.

No. 918399

stop being a fucking pair of testicles and just get the vaccine, jfc. it’s not going to mutate you or anything

No. 918407

very rude you two. i am just worried about my reproductive health since i have endometriosis. i want to have babies in the next 5 years, and the doctor i saw for the exemption really freaked me out regarding that. i think i’m just going to take it because my town is getting a vaccine passport in the next month too, it just sucks that i’m being basically coerced into getting it

No. 918413

it's not gonna do shit. lrn2cope

No. 918443

I really sympathize with you anon. It’s not right to coerce and infringe on people’s privacy like this. And dismissing women’s concerns about their health is so common even though we’re past the 1800s hysteria and 1900s unethical testing eras.

No. 918474

This. I almost died getting the first pfizer since i had a several month longer period and became severally anemic. I had to get it anyway despite having the antibodies but everyone keeps drinking the kool aid and foaming at the mouth towards anyone whos cautious of what they put in their bodies

No. 918513

Try religious exemption

No. 918514

Universities and schools aren't accepting that anymore. The military isn't either.

No. 918516

Yeah let's totally take your advice, scrote on the internet. Fuck off

No. 918528

if you're concerned about your reproductive health then wait until you learn what delta's been doing to pregnant women

No. 918538

what is that? and do you have the percentages straight?

No. 918697

File: 1632211809399.jpeg (47.44 KB, 985x180, 90D3786B-F320-4F64-B5F6-0C1C74…)

and the vaccine literally has not been studied in pregnant woman and pfizer, moderna, and janssen literally cannot conclude if spike proteins or other vaccine remnants are passed through breast milk.

VAERS ID: 1261766
increased body temperature, seizure, death

VAERS ID: 1166062
Patient received second dose of Pfizer vaccine on March 17, 2020 while at work. March 18, 2020 her 5 month old breastfed infant developed a rash and within 24 hours was inconsolable, refusing to eat, and developed a fever. Patient brought baby to local ER where assessments were performed, blood analysis revealed elevated liver enzymes. Infant was hospitalized but continued to decline and passed away. Diagnosis of TTP. No known allergies. No new exposures aside from the mother's vaccination the previous day

No. 918700

why are they so desperate for preggars women to get jabbed up? is it like that for any other disease? do they do that with measles, mumps or rubella? i wish they'd stfu already.
>muh spike in pregnant women getting covid!

No. 918749

I'm so sorry to hear anon. It might be worth chatting to another doctor, maybe even look into a non-mRNA vaccine as an option.

No. 918767

I'm curious about this, where did you take the information from? Nta btw

No. 918858

File: 1632232439092.png (339.79 KB, 2328x1158, jp.png)

is this from the japan study?? link is for anyone interested: https://www.docdroid.net/xq0Z8B0/pfizer-report-japanese-government-pdf#page=17

picrel shows how in rats the vaxx went straight to the ovaries (apologies if i am explaining wrong, i am not a scientist)

No. 918878

>male infants

damn that y-chromosome really couldn’t save them

No. 918886

I'm sorry for laughing at the deaths of babies but i kek'd

No. 918889

File: 1632234966342.jpg (152.66 KB, 1297x792, tabnez3nbx771.jpg)

the vaccine is dangerous dont take it ladies

No. 919018

You are both mentally ill.

No. 919022

Is that the Hulk

No. 919034

The VAERS info is from https://openvaers.com/openvaers, which makes it a little easier to search the vaers database since it allows you to view specific info. The VAERS database from the CDC won’t allow you to see details (like age/sex/description of symptoms) without knowing the VAERS ID, ykwim?

The Janssen vaccine info is from the EUA Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers Administering Vaccine (Vaccination Providers), accessed via the janssen vaccine website (https://www.janssenlabels.com/emergency-use-authorization/Janssen+COVID-19+Vaccine-HCP-fact-sheet.pdf). You have to choose the vaccine provider fact sheet because the one for non healthcare providers is 7 pages of pure propaganda and no real helpful info.

No. 919056

media trend jumping. They see everyone else attacking the everloving shit out of people who even question the vaccine and just do it themselves mindlessly. If the mainstream media attacked vaxxers mainly they would be doing it to. Sad and true cattle

No. 919058

File: 1632248237461.png (110.67 KB, 275x258, child.png)

I think I might have gotten covid again. I literally only recovered like 3-4 weeks ago.

No. 919075

Is it flu/allergy season for you?

No. 919079

Stop whining over the deaths of moids on an imageboard you unbelievable faggot

No. 919118

have you ever had excruciating pain when having sex with your partner? how about cramps while ovulating? an extremely heavy period flow that requires multiple pads and tampons? extreme nausea and dizziness that makes you bed bound?
you must be a tranny who, try all they might, will never be a woman and never have to deal with these issues. nevermind dealing with doctors who downplay, or just outright dismiss your symptoms. so, yes, I am worried about my reproductive health when I read anecdotes from women who have been experiencing heavy periods and other strange menstrual symptoms after taking the vaccine. I'm so sick of people (men, trannies) who don't, and will never, understand these issues, and because they're so retarded don't even attempt to have any compassion or understanding.

No. 919134

the covid vaccines have killed over 6000 women you retard but keep licking the boot. i’m sure that will end GREAT for you

No. 919138

why do you bitches leak out of your fucking tinfoil containment zone nobody cares about what you have to say outside of your fellow delulus

No. 919169

Side effects of vaccine isn't a delulu. Though with social media censoring and banning side effects reported by women I guess it is considered delulu. Stupid delulu hysterical wimmins, what emotional liars.

No. 919243

It's been about a month and a half since I got my 2nd dose of Pfizer. My period has been exactly as expected and I got no side-effects beside a sore arm. I wasn't and am not particularly pro or anti-vaxx, mostly took it so I can go see my vulnerable grandmother while endangering her as little as possible. I won't go for booster shots if they become a thing here but I also don't regret taking it. I feel like both sides, be it pro or anti, are a bit hysteric.

No. 919244

The pro vaxxers are truly showing their psychotic side. Muh side effects and deaths are all lies. Muh your concerns for your health even when doctors agree is evil. Muh you have an issue with people being censored after suffering from the vaccine?well you're bad. At this point you can easily tell who actually cares about the health of others and who doesn't but it ain't the anti vax

No. 919248

I'm in the middle but leading toward anti only because of how shady the media has been and the batshit crazy army of pro vaxxers makes it look bad. I use to swing slightly pro vax but it's honestly sickening how women are harassed for showing concerns about people who died from the vax and cursing out women for asking questions and being curious. I'm not getting the my second vax, I'm the anon from earlier who almost died from my first one from when I bleed out and became severely anemic. People who harass you and insult you for being concerned about your health do not care about you.

No. 919252

nvm I'm negative

No. 919264

>I use to swing slightly pro vax but it's honestly sickening how women are harassed for showing concerns about people who died from the vax and cursing out women for asking questions and being curious.
I see this being said a lot but where do you see this? Especially considering you're talking about multiple people. Online or irl? And is this harassment between regular citizens or done by covid-related professionals/government officials? Not trying to downplay your experiences but I haven't seen this whatsoever outside of the internet. And then it's always regular people hiding behind their screens, never medical professionals or government officials.

No. 919269

You guys are giving me panic attacks about this. I got both my shots and you're making me think I'm going to die because I just wanted to take care of myself and my family. I feel like I'm going crazy, I'm going to cry.

No. 919274

File: 1632262607787.jpg (32.77 KB, 500x375, plz-stop-post.jpg)

Anon you may be too sensitive to be on imageboards, and I mean this in the kindest way possible. You might want to take a break.

No. 919286

Women are being called conspiratards and Karens for being anxious about a vaccine that collects in the ovaries. When I told my parents and brother I didn't rlly want to get it bc of this they just said I was dumb for falling for right wing conspiracies & to get off the internet. Even when I showed their literal medical studies they brushed it off.

No. 919288

File: 1632263515477.jpeg (116.87 KB, 896x896, 1D0CDCD4-7460-4D2A-B253-E93D9A…)

I mean, should’ve considered that before you got it… a little thing called doing your research. But since it’s done and over with, accept the fact that you made the conscious choice to get the vaccine and whatever sicknesses (if you get any) or complications that come from it are your fault because you made this decision. Cry if you want to but don’t blame us for acknowledging the reality that side effects from this vaccine exist and are a possibility for many women that get it. If it makes you feel any better, at least you made it this far without any major complications. But that’s what happens when you take an experimental vaccine using technology that has never been used in humans before. Maybe you will die, maybe you won’t.

No. 919296

When will you all stop attacking each other?
Are you the dreaded corona? Are you the dreaded vaccine? We're all in this together.
It's like two legs in pants each trying to go their own way. Do either of you think you'll get anywhere that way?

No. 919298

Go in the sun, and take NAC, it helps break down some of it. Research cytokinetic storm and take measures to prevent it.

No. 919300

You'll be fine.

No. 919301

Anon you're going to be fine don't listen to the conspiracy retards

No. 919304

Hide this thread and don’t dwell on it. A lot of it is tinfoil either way. I’m double vaccinated and don’t regret my decision at all. Make your own choices and don’t let tinfoil on an image board make you doubt why you had the jabs in the first place

No. 919309

Hey anon, stop reading this thread (hide it or just stop browsing /ot/ if you need to). There's a lot of crazy stuff coming from both sides in this thread and on the internet in general, so it's easy to feel scared by the vaccine and covid. If you haven't had any abnormal side-effects yet then don't worry too much about it, and you should try to calm down (I know it's easier than it sounds) because it's so easy to mistake anxiety for actual symptoms or side effects. You'll probably be fine, don't let other people influence how you feel too much.

No. 919317

i can’t believe we have so many scientists on lc. who knew!

No. 919334

Thank you anons
You weirdos aren't helping.

No. 919346

it seems like most extreme pro vaxxers are scrotes which makes sense since theyre such hiveminds and need everyone else to tell them what to thing

No. 919348

nicki was harassed to hell and back for simply telling people to only get the vaccination if they're comfortable with it. What ever happened to my body my choice?

No. 919349

>it's only the internet
girl do you live in a cave? the internet affects every single thing we do and our day to day life

No. 919350

You should know that most of the people in this thread are trolling or trying to make sensitive people scared to shit by spamming misinformation right? Just hide the thread, you’re going to be fine nonnie.

No. 919353

can you prove it's misinformation?

No. 919358

>>919350 Get your paranoid ass out jfk no one is out to get you for being uncomfortable with the vaccine. You're part of the problem by dividing people and making the vaccine look shady as well as excusing peoples health concerns and shitty experiences with the vaccine. Have a good argument if you truly cared outside of "you're all lying and crazy"

No. 919366

My pregnant cousin decided to get the vaccine. I'm really disappointed in her. I thought she was better than this. :/(:/)

No. 919369

How does it feel to be retarded anon?

No. 919370

No. 919375

Rude anon, maybe she wants a retard for the attention

No. 919376

File: 1632269286051.jpg (371.96 KB, 1667x3339, teotb18nuhi41.jpg)

No. 919390

>919724 being as gentle as possible
>you aren't helping

someones mad anon didn't just kiss your ass and make you feel better about being an irrational bitch blaming your own idiocy on others

No. 919393

nta but jesus christ take a prozac or something

No. 919406

god this thread must be full of trannies with this inability to take responsibility for your actions, lol

No. 919409

i'm just asking you to take responsibility for your psychosis

No. 919410

Did you even read the other replies? They were still saying hide the thread and take a break, it's the difference in tone. One is condescending, no matter how "gentle" they're trying to be. Why are you so stirred up about it?

No. 919438

File: 1632274296532.gif (389.14 KB, 245x138, E3BB0527-0912-43C4-8659-3F772F…)

me trying to give psychosis-chan >>919358 her anxiety pills that she keeps forgetting to take

No. 919448

ikr? there are irl people with concerns etc about the vaxx too of all ages. it takes just talking with people but yeah i would never suggest asking randos about this (i doubt anyone would regardless)

lmao who is trolling? many of us have been posting facts/scientists statements/sources to back up what we say. would scientists be stupid enough to say wacky shit about the vaxx with no proof just to be silenced? those who speak against it do and provide proof and cite journals and are being silenced just for that while theres doctors on msm news channels who straight up lie about the vaxx and are shilled at experts.

no one is crazy for questioning all this or avoiding getting the shot and everyobe should have the right to choose, so maybe provide facts instead of calling people nutjobs or w/e

No. 919460

no you’re actually crazy

No. 919462

personally I just think it's retarded to call vaccines 'the vaxx' and I want it to stop.

No. 919464

lmao this is the bizarre shit i come here for thank u for deliver

No. 919478

i loathe it, and “the jab”, or literally any stupid fucking variation involved. using language like that is so off putting and doesn’t help anyone want to listen to you let alone reconsider their heath choices.

and public officials really have to dumb shit down, and it’s all hijacked by opportunists trying to shoehorn their politics into every single fucking thing or have doctorate degrees from google. the world was very unprepared for a global pandemic and had no protocol for handling it. a lot of men who never learned to handle their emotions are really letting loose with this one too. this pandemic has killed so many women because men are killing and abusing at much higher rates, and the vaccine mostly has side effects for women because it wasn’t designed for us.

No. 919531

tbh pretty sure this is the same canadianon from the conspiracy thread who typed in a similar style. bitching about how victimized she felt by the fact that her government was gonna require her to get the vaccine or something. the question is why is she fucking here

No. 919546

does anyone have any experiences with the Johnson and Johnson vaccine? i'm thinking about getting it

No. 919547

File: 1632286887556.png (261.81 KB, 661x661, YlBZ0OM.png)

Farmers, have you guys been keeping up with the Melbourne (AUS) protests? Basically a bunch of protesters have stormed a construction union due to vaccines being mandated by the government for that industry.

You're probably thinking why would they storm the union instead of a government office. Turns out that the protest has been hijacked or started entirely by right-wing anti-vaxxers. Anti-vaxx groups have prompted other members to buy high vis vests from the reject shop and other construction paraphernalia to help blend in. Other anti-vaxx figures have also been spotted among the crowds and they are definitely not apart of the union, or even the construction industry. This particular union even has their own high vis uniform who I've only spotted one participant wearing.

The first day they were throwing items at the union building but now they're storming other areas, blocking traffic (including ambulances) and throwing jars of piss at people. I can't help but think the union building (who stated that they are pro-choice when it comes to the vaccine) was targetted because unions = marxism/socialism.

Also some protesters have been spotted sniffing something interesting. https://www.reddit.com/r/CoronavirusDownunder/comments/psyc0t/im_just_going_to_leave_this_here/ (couldn't embed this for some reason)

Anyway, just an insight into how fucked up shit is down under. Melbourne is the state that had to go under a very harsh and long lockdown last year until they managed to get down to 0 cases only for another state to completely drop the ball which lead to outbreaks in every other state including New Zealand. I wish I could say that the protest won't have much of an impact on things but it's unfortunate it already has. Thinking of my Melbourne nonnies.

No. 919548

I haven't taken it but I don't think I'd recommend it. Seems to have the lowest efficacy out of the other popular ones that are available. If you want to get a similar vaccine, AstraZeneca is better. It uses similar technology, has higher efficacy and it lasts longer than Pfizer. Something that you might find attractive considering you're considering J&J is that everyone says the second AstraZeneca shot has very mild side effects compared to the first.

No. 919556

ah, I really wish I could get AZ but it's not available in burgerland so I'm kinda stuck. I'm kinda scared off of Pfizer and moderna due to possible side effects and all. though J&J still scares me because I'm in a risk group for clots. such a terrible situation

No. 919561

I'm sorry, they really all have some side effect unfortunately. Here in Australia we don't have J&J, only AZ, Pfizer and I think just this week we've gotten some Moderna for a few pharmacies. Here they actually recommend Pfizer for people under 50 years old, especially women due to the clotting risk with AZ. Apparently AZ is 5 per 1m people while MRNA vaccines are 4 per 1m people so Moderna and Pfizer are slightly safer in that one respect.

You should definitely talk to your doctor about your concerns and see what they recommend.

No. 919564

What would consider people being anti vax? I'm not against the vaccine but I'm against the hysteria that is following it, extreme mandates, invasive mandates, and the group of people tearing apart the absolute shit out of anyone who is curious about it and worried about their health. Eventually the psycho vaxxers are gonna start raiding people's houses and beating the shit out of everyone who's not vaxxed despite claiming that the unvaxxed are super dangerous and killing people

No. 919565

Second Pfizer shot cured my nearly 2 year long amenorrhea and made my periods regular for the first time in my life.

No. 919566

> example of far-right anti-vaxxers tearing apart the city, throwing piss everywhere and blocking roads preventing ambulances from transporting patients

> Eventually the psycho vaxxers are gonna start raiding people's houses and beating the shit out of everyone who's not vaxxed despite claiming that the unvaxxed are super dangerous and killing people

No. 919567

Protesting invasive policies =\= breaking into people's personal homes and attacking them because "they're extremely dangerous and kil people by existing"

No. 919571

Are there actually any cases of pro-vaccine people or pro-mask people attacking anti-vaxxers or is it just your imagination of what "might happen in the future."

While currently anti-vaxxers are attacking cops, media personnel (who are actually helping them by reporting on their protests) breaking windows, setting off fireworks and obstructing traffic.

Just the other day we had a dude in Germany who was refused service for not wearing a mask. This man calmly went home, returned with his mask, then shot the clerk with the gun he retrieved from his home.


You're not on the sane side.

No. 919580

you're not going to die from the vaccine. the ingredients left your system very quickly and are completely absent by 2 weeks. any adverse effects happen ~a month. anything longer cannot be applicable to vaccine side effects because the mechanism just isn't there.

there's a process called ade which theoretically could give you a worse case of covid if your vaccinated, but this is only a theory and not one documented case has happened. the covid variant would have to be a super specific mutation that hasnt happened yet and the vaccine was produced with a protein that is unlikely to mutate thus ade is just not a factor. be glad you got the vaccine.

No. 919588

Just because it hasn't been reported publicly doesn't mean it's not happening. Remember that man who didn't even have his mask on correctly and begin tearing apart a mom and pop bakery for not having masks on? There's crazy people on both sides but anti vaxxers seem to be a lot worse. You can prove this by going anywhere on the internet and saying "the vaccine makes me uncomfortable" and watch a shit storm arise but if you support it you get back pats

No. 919590

The media likes to highlight the ~super crazy anti vaxxers~ but completely hides the fact extreme pro vax people exist.

Pro vaxxers I have a question - if the vaccine works then why are you scared of people not getting it? Don't you want us big evil crazy dummies to die anyway if you think not getting the jab is literally going to kill you?

No. 919592

It's always funny to me how provax will foam at the mouth for people "pretending they know more than doctors" but literally attack people who are medically exempt from the vaccination via doctor approval

No. 919593

>Pro vaxxers I have a question - if the vaccine works then why are you scared of people not getting it?

Can't speak for those who are "scared" but I just want as many people as required to get the vaccine so we can all go back to normal. I'm sick and tired of lockdowns, restrictions and media trying to cause more panic with each new strain. And that won't stop unless a certain percent of the popularion is vaccinated.

No. 919594

Most of the population is vaccinated though. The government keeps shutting down and refusing to go back to normal for other reasons I'm not sure of but if this was truly the case they wouldn't be flip flipping from shutting down when cases are low and then opening when cases are high. Even if 99% of people are vaccinated they'll just say but muh 1%. That's why you see more people protesting for invasive vaccination requirements, because you shouldn't have to risk your job and quality of living for a virus with an extremely high survival rate

No. 919595


LMFAO did you even watch your own video?

1. insane old dude who is legitimately making a scene
2. one staff member tells a woman to wear her mask properly, she says she can't because her doctor said so (doubt) the staff member calmly says we can't have you in here then. woman throws mask at the staff member. staff member tries to escort woman out, woman then swears at her and tells her not to saying "that's going to get you hurt." raises her fist at the clerk, she flinches. crazy bitch threatens minimum wage employee again. raises her fist again and coughs on her way out
3. woman walks towards old masked couple recording them. old couple does not react well and tells them to back away. woman calls the old couple ugly.
4. unmasked man tries to enter store. masked security guard immediately starts body blocking them because no mask/no entry. unmasked man starts shoving security guard who isn't pushing back. unmasked man eventually falls on the ground since the security guard moves backwards instead of pushing back or letting the man push him over. unmasked man keeps walking into the store so security guard begins to try and lead him away but clearly doesn't want to hurt the old man. recording cuts so we don't know what happened next.
5. literal karen at costco saying masks don't work when shoppers are trying to tell her to wear a mask. she gets arrested.
6. the second example of an insane masker

so we have 2 examples of maskers being rude, 1 example of an anti-masker threatening to hurt a worker multiple times, 1 example of an anti-masker actually using force against a worker, 1 person clearly harassing an old couple who tells them to stay 6 feet away from them and 1 egotistical karen who has it all figured out that mask don't work when part of the reason why things aren't getting better are because of people like her.

looks like you're right, the vaccinated masked people are the ones making everything worse.

No. 919596

I can only speak for the country I live in and here we base restrictions around how full ICU's are and since 90 percent of people there are not vaccinated, we'll have to live like this until full ICU's due to covid won't be a problem anymore. Here barely 60 percent are vaccinated, which isn't enough and vaccinaton rates are stagnating.

No. 919598

>Hmm this video doesn't say what I want it to say! I know I will just paraphrase it to make it side with me

No. 919599

All of the COVID liars being exposed posts have been removed but there were several doctors on Twitter complaining about "extremely full ERs and being overworked" but then like 2 of them got outted as a veterinarian and some were plastic surgeons. You should be upset at how much you're being lied to

No. 919602

samefagging >>919595

> Pro vaxxers I have a question - if the vaccine works then why are you scared of people not getting it? Don't you want us big evil crazy dummies to die anyway if you think not getting the jab is literally going to kill you?

it's because most hospitalized covid patients are unvaccinated. this overburdens our hospitals, especially when there are people who need to be treated for other ailments that aren't covid. imagine if a family member needed to be hospitalized for some sudden illness and contracted covid at the hospital? that comorbidity increases their mortality rate and it's already very common in areas where hospitals are overrun. nurses, doctors and other staff are getting sick because they're overworked and you can only take so many precautions while tending to so many infectious covid patients. they're all vaccinated which reduces their recovery time but getting sick still means they'll be out of work for some time meaning there's less people to take care of.

like fuck, i live in an area where covid is bad but thankfully hospitals aren't completely overrun partially because some patients are receiving care at home and we're managing with that currently. someone in my family had to go to the hospital and they're in a high risk group but thankfully they did not get covid.


please, no one cares about the people who have legitimate medical exemptions. that's probably 1-2% of the population. people care about those who are getting illegitimate exemptions from chiropractors because chiropractic is pseudoscience and a lot of them are anti-vaxxers anyway.

because it literally doesn't. must suck being so retarded

lmfao my friend is a triage nurse in alabama and she's had to help out with covid patients. she is an RN though so it's not like she is unqualified. they were treating covid patients in hallways because they had negative icu beds. keep coping anti-vaxxer.

No. 919603

I have friends and family who work as either doctors or nurses and I've heard and seen enough. I don't care what some dolt on Twitter says.

No. 919604

The fact you excuse lying about the virus tells me everything I need to know.

No. 919605

Can I get the COVID rates in your area? There practically no cases here despite my city being quite conservative and not supporting masks and very little vaccinated people

No. 919606

How did I excuse lying? I don't care about strangers on the internet who claim random shit and I don't care if they're pro or anti vaxx. However I know people irl who are working in hospitals and full ICU's here are very much a real thing.

No. 919608

>How did I excuse lying
>I don't care about the millions of people constantly lying about COVID
>Trust ME though, as if I wasn't some just random on the internet as well
Is removal of self awareness a vaccination side effect?

No. 919609

>I don't care about the millions of people constantly lying about COVID
>Trust ME though, as if I wasn't some just random on the internet as well

Are you daft? I said twice that I can only speak from my perspective and never claimed anything as a fact. And again, I don't care about twitter idiots because both sides could be lying about covid related things. I rather trust the people I know.

No. 919610

Don't worry about it, anon. Lolcow isn't the place to come for actual facts about covid or vaccines, I think this thread had dwelved much more into people being frustrated and needing to express their feelings in some way, which I think is honestly good for a lot of people right now. Taking the vaccine is the best choice for yourself and others, so you can rest assured you'll be fine!

No. 919614

Yeah, except they count people with only one dose/people with both doses but less than 14 days from the second dose as unvaxxed. Not to mention Israel who will soon count people with less than 4 doses as unvaxxed.

No. 919617

>Yeah, except they count people with only one dose/people with both doses but less than 14 days from the second dose as unvaxxed

Because of delta, I guess. Israel is insane though and I'm glad virologists here advise people not to get any boosters yet.

No. 919624

>4 doses
It's time to admit that the vaccine useless as does not work. The only people benefiting from this situation are Pfizer as they make billions in profit.

No. 919641

They're thinking of making them annual too. Vaccine immunity fades within a few months and it's not that strong to begin with, since there are a lot of vaxxed people (medical staff especially) who keep getting infected with covid. But we're all probably gonna get vaxxed anyway.

No. 919693

So at this point it's basically a damn flu shot or pneumonia shot. At least the flu and pneumonia shot doesn't have a weird army of requirements to integrate back into society and a ton of people who think it's the savior of the new world

No. 919696

Check if you're high risk though! Women with issues in the uterus are considered high risk, people with blood and heart issues and it definitely hurts your fertility. A lot of factual things have been hidden from us which is sad but unlike food and drinks - shots are directly in your blood stream and will directly affect you so be careful

No. 919698

that's more people than the survival rate of COVID though. And someone already cursed out the anon with endometriosis who's doctor wrote her a medical exemption. Can we just admit it's not about the vaccination at this point so we can all tackle the main issue which is the government doing everything in it's power to keep us shut in and refusing to turn things back to normal

No. 919699

>*Death rate
My bad

No. 919703

>And someone already cursed out the anon with endometriosis who's doctor wrote her a medical exemption

what? the doctor didn't write her an exemption, they didn't want to write one for her because endo isn't grounds for an exemption from the vaccine

No. 919709

I don't want to live in a pod
I don't want to eat the bugs
I don't want to get the shot

I just wanna go live inna woods and never hear of any of this ever again

No. 919710

Women with uterus issues are higher risk though and a lot of women have been having fertility issues and other uterus related problems due to the vaccination. How is attempting to strip someone of their fertility safe? Call me whatever you'd want but I'd take the risk of this big scary COVID that's going to literally kill me before I risk my fertility

No. 919715




Anti vax or pro PLEASE do not lie to people and harass them for having health concerns. The idea the vaccination is "completely safe for everyone" is just a lie. Yes a lot of research about the effects of the COVID vaccination has been removed and people are being removed off of social media for speaking out about their own side effects. Government officials have been lying about getting the vaccination and so many people who are front and center have been lying about this. Please do not act like it's about the health of others at this point. If we stop allowing the government to divide us we can get to the main goal of all of us being able to stop these bullshit restrictions

No. 919719

No. 919720


Btw when doing research use duckduckgo - Google and Yahoo keeps hiding websites

No. 919725


you don't have a source for that. stop fearmongering.

i have endo. i'm in a support group with hundreds of women with endo. if the vaccine is causing you to have endo flareups, it's minimal to what you'd get from covid unvaccinated. i had a flareup after my first shot but my second period is closer to what my normal is. whereas some women with endo end up in the hospital when they contract covid. not because of covid symptoms but because of how covid interacts with endo. one of the women in my group contracted long covid and she's still experiencing worse symptoms from her endo too.

covid and the vaccine BOTH interact with your reproductive organs to some degree.

lmfao nice random right wing sources or literal blogs that don't reference legitimate sources but instead reference other right-wing conspiracy theorist websites.

VAERS IS UNVERIFIED. you can write that the vaccine made you grow nipples all over your body. it's a crime to misuse the service but they won't follow up on that shit. stop fear mongering.

your fourth source references the washington gazette which appears to be absolutely unotable apart from hosting that article about fauci. it completely twists a quote that fauci made that was included in a nyt article where he's discussing trialing vaccines on children.

>“If you can show that it’s safe and that in fact it induces the kind of response that is reflective of the protection — mainly the correlate of immunity — what you can do is bridge that to the efficacy data that you got from the 30,000[-person] trial with Moderna and the 44,000[-person] trial that we did with Pfizer,”

your washington gazette article says

>The said interview was cited by Washington Gazette from a Jan. 29, 2021 New York Post report. The Gazette said Fauci "blatantly stated that the country needed to 'make sure' the vaccine truly is safe before" it is given to children by conducting "hundreds to a couple of thousands" of tests on children.

look, i think that if people are concerned about dying from blood clots or myocarditis even though it's a small chance of even contracting it, that's fine by me. but it's another thing to misquote information, spread conspiracy theories or just make shit up on the spot that annoys the fuck out of me. i don't expect everyone to get the vaccine but i expect people to stop being retarded and taking things at face value >>919715 without properly looking at their sources.


this source is promoting the vaccine. this is what i mean by taking things at face value. it's explaining that the benefits of taking the vaccine, even if you get hospitalized, is that the chances are you will leave the hospital. having to be prescribed a steroid or being put on oxygen is significantly better than having to be put into a medically induced coma or be kept alive from a ventilator. the latter is in the hospital for much longer and causes much more strain for the system.

lmfao, so the first source is saying the vaccine is good because if you have to go to the hospital, the chances are it'll be a quick process. this source is saying that vaccinated people are being hospitalized. so according to you, this is fine because the cases are mild, and the patients will be back home once they're successfully treated.

No. 919729

>Your source is promoting the vaccination
You obviously missed the point. Most COVID hospitalizations are unnecessary. And as for the "biased source". As long as if they used actual quotes and studies I don't see an issue. What's worse is lying about statistics constantly to scare people and then blocking people who state their concerns

No. 919730

they aren't unnecessary, people need treatment so they go to the hospital. it's about being safe vs being sorry. ideally no one would get sick at all but most icu beds and hospital beds are taken up by the unvaccinated.

> As long as if they used actual quotes and studies

they didn't and you didn't bother to check. that's the issue and that's why i can't take you seriously.

No. 919731

>according to you, this is fine because the cases are mild, and the patients will be back home once they're successfully treated.
…Isn't that how hospitals treating people for illness are supposed to work?

No. 919732


yes. what is the point of bringing up hospitalized israeli patients if they're mild cases.

No. 919733

>It's not unnecessary
>It's about being safe than sorry
Anon the COVID survival rate is over 99%, allowing and encouraging people who don't have severe cases to take up beds because "better to be safe than sorry" makes you part of the problem

No. 919734


lol, by your logic the unvaccinated shouldn't be taking up beds then. just leave them on the street, right?

i'm not advocating for this but this is what you're saying basically

No. 919735

I thought that the CDC was calling any case that didn't end up in the hospital mild, even if you are too fatigued to get up to take a shower.
If someone ends up in the hospital, are they still referring to it as a "mild" case?

No. 919736

And you came to this conclusion because I said only people with severe cases should be hospitalized and not people with mild cases?

No. 919738

NTA but those who are in hospitals due to covid are there for a reason and not for shits and giggles

No. 919739

You're not understanding. People are being admitted to the hospital who don't have severe cases at all and are taking up beds. That's the issue

No. 919740

Hypochondriacs don't exist

No. 919744

>which is the government doing everything in it's power to keep us shut in and refusing to turn things back to normal
It's been a reason to expand bureaucracy, and isolationism. It's so difficult to travel internationally now. At least lots of people who shouldve always been homeworking are now though.

No. 919746

in more overwhelmed areas, hospitals won't take you in for covid if your oxygen levels aren't low enough or you aren't symptomatic enough. i knew a woman who they didn't take in or even test despite her chest pain because she didn't have a fever so they didn't want to test her. eventually she got significantly worse, lived (thankfully) but she's still on oxygen at home. this was in new york.

for that article, i won't pour over the study but it mentions oregon as one of the states that has had a recent spike in hospitalizations. oregon has some of the lowest case numbers in the country so it's not surprising that if they're overwhelmed it would be with mild cases since most people won't need hospitalization from covid, especially when vaxxed.

> One of the important implications of the study, these experts say, is that the introduction of vaccines strongly correlates with a greater share of COVID hospital patients having mild or asymptomatic disease. “It’s underreported how well the vaccine makes your life better, how much less sick you are likely to be, and less sick even if hospitalized,” Snyder said. “That’s the gem in this study.”

i also wonder what % of these mild cases are people with pre-existing conditions who are more concerned about their survival rates vs. a healthy 25 year old vaccinated woman.

No. 919747

So are these people vaccinated or unvaccinated? Or a blend?

No. 919756

>Don't you want us big evil crazy dummies to die anyway if you think not getting the jab is literally going to kill you?
yeah i do kek that's why i don't push it on anyone

No. 919777

what are you talking about kek i did get an exemption actually, but the uni denied it because it is not what they consider to be an "acceptable" exemption

No. 919788

File: 1632320678776.png (320.26 KB, 1676x1288, dr malone.png)

so people cant be concerned about the vaccine or say anything that disproves your "100% effective and safe!" talking points? this is a covid thread. anyone can be here, but acting like everyone who is RIGHTFULLY questioning the vaccine is a tard is not helping your case. ever realize how things may become more questionable to people anytime someone challenges the vaccine and you react so aggressively?

exactly. Also, why would the news report anything that defeats their ~crazy anti-vaxxers~ narrative they're pushing? On the news in my country there has been articles written about how theres no sympathy for unvaccinated because if they die its on them, public officials casually discussing how unvaccinated people shouldnt be alllowed in spaces where vaccinated people are, and so on.

the issue with vaccinating everyone, pic is from dr. robert malone's website.

did you forget that there are therapeutics that exist and that they involve less side-effects and are less inavsive? The vaccine is not the only cure and as an American you should know that lol

Funny how no one talks about how ICU beds were lacking in most countries in the first place… In my country, people often were treated in the hospital hallways and there has always been bed shortages, so a pandemic just made the problem even worse, though the story about how every hospital is overwhelmed, especially by people who arent vaccinated, is not true everywhere and for teh most part is another convenient narrative. When times are tough = blame the people you want society to villanize and turn against (where have we seen that before?????)

THANK you anon.

No. 919811

The are several anons who complained about how creepy it is to be thrown out of work and education for not instantly taking experimental medicine.

No. 919813

>At least lots of people who shouldve always been homeworking are now though.
If anything good has come out of this pandemic, it's this. It seems like something that should have been done regardless, but I guess it takes a big shakeup to break from the status quo.

No. 919815

It's insane that vaccines are being mandated for work and education.
It kills me that the same people who say 'Everyone has a right to a living wage, affordable healthcare, and affordable education' are the same people who are supporting these mandates for a vaccine using technology that has never been tested on humans before.
So if the unvaccinated are losing their jobs and access to education, how will they be expected to support themselves within society?

No. 919819

i agree! i cant believe how uncommon working from home was before covid.

this is one of the things that bothers me the most. I am not in the most vulnerable group, asymptomatic spread is very unlikely, and I am not convinced of the efficacy of the vaccine. I am worried about my career because I dont want to be forced to take the vaccine. Theres just so many issues any questions, this should be a choice for everyone and the hypocritical leftists acting more authoritarian than the supposed racists on the "far-right" or whatever tells you everything you need to know about how much of a field day the media is having.

No. 919821

Well, according to my country's government they not so subtly implied that since it's "antisocial" to not take it (despite everyone still being infectious, despite fucking no one taking the measures to prevent the spread anymore), the unvaccinated are left to themselves because (in the politicians own words) "don't care for society".
All I see from them ever since the vaccine is out, is them playing the old dividing game. Probably to create a temporary scapegoat and deflect from the actual asocial trashfire those politicians themselves caused ever since the pandemic started.

No. 919825

Top kek/that's so fucked. But meanwhile, the drug addicts, people in gangs, and the people that abuse unemployment and welfare care so much about the well-being of our general society and should be supported at all costs, right?
All of this is so fucked up. I hate COVID.

No. 919828

.. And to add, they never ever address or even recognize the actual concerns unvaccinated people have and just disregard it to be "lazyness", "illogical" or being "weakly educated"(aka stupidity). They never bother to explain or elaborate though.

The politicians themselves don't do it either, so maybe they can sympathise kek. I wonder where all of this will lead to.

No. 919861


What do you guys think of this? It's honestly believable. They've been marking random deaths as COVID since all of this started

No. 919863

Don't forget the amount of censoring. Social medias are literally more quick to remove people who question COVID statistics or the vaccination than they are to remove pedophilia, rape, sexism and racism. Please someone come here and tell me that shit isn't shady and all has a perfectly reasonable explanation

No. 919866

Facts. I reported some sort of ISIS gore video and it was up for like a week. The silencing Twitter dregs certainly have their priorities.

No. 919867

They'd rather expose teenagers to beheadings and rape than allow those pesky anti vaxxers question things that affect their health

No. 919869

Companies want to keep COVID going in order to scapegoat it for everything. Extremely inflated prices? COVID, lack of housing? COVID. No service? COVID. No beds in the hospital? COVID. Late deliveries or delayed service? COVID. They're demonizing the people who didn't get vaccinated yet since when people can no longer blame COVID on their business flaws they'll wanna blame the unvaxxed for everything that goes wrong, schools shutting down, people getting sick. You already see this with Israel and like 15% of the population being unvaccinated but they're claiming all the COVID cases are caused by them

No. 919870

File: 1632327363888.jpg (188.34 KB, 1080x1109, Screenshot_20210922-181502__01…)


No. 919906

This annoys me so much, no one is wearing a mask anymore, but I had to get the vaccine because "society" and "caring for others" (and for my job education). I'm still wearing my mask and will continue to, but I hate the people that just ignore it and then tell you that you aren't worth anything if you don't get the vaccination and you should pay your hospital visit yourself if you get Covid. And if we are talking about protecting others, why doesn't my government protect me from second hand smoke, oh, wait, that's because you can't restrict the smokers, because freedom, blah.

>lack of housing
that's one thing I've noticed. I'm looking for a new flat and before Covid I would find around 250 possible flats considering price, size and stuff like that, now there are like 100 and if you ask for a viewing, no chance, they only invite selected few, means, those with money. Except you want to move into a horrible neighbourhood, then it doesn't matter.
And the whole "the unvaccinated are causing this" thing is stupid, most people that brought Delta into my country were the ones that got the vaccination and went on holiday.

No. 919928

>no one is wearing a mask anymore
>most people that brought Delta into my country were the ones that got the vaccination and went on holiday
Exactly the same situation in my country. We could be from the same one, bit I have a feeling this is how it is in many places.

No. 920069

Has anyone thought about cutting off your friends who are rabidly pro vaxx? They really disturb me. I think they are spreading harmful vaccination. My sister won’t shut up about how everyone needs to be vaccinated. It’s disgusting.

No. 920078

Maybe take a break from them or say that you don't want to discuss vaccinations anymore and you hope that they respect that.
It's silly to cut off friends over something like this. Everyone has different views and opinions and some people are more vocal than others. If vaccine talk or conversation puts a strain on your relationships, ask people to stop talking about it with you.

No. 920107

>Invite a few family and friends over for a meal I made
>Sister in law wastes no time lecturing me about covid, how UNVaCCINATED are ruining her life
>takes a lions share of the food while the conversation never gets a chance to drift away from her lectures and what fear porn she's recently consumed
>Continues to text me regularly whenever she sees some Facebook death cult shit, with people commenting how much the unvaccinated deserve to be blocked from getting medical help ever

I don't know whay she shows up and eats my food then if she thinks I'm a plague rat lol. I think the feeling of lording over someone is so addictive. Shes so boring now too.

No. 920115

You know whose advice I need? The nonny reading this.

So: I have to take some kind of vaccine since it’s mandatory if you go to uni where I live. Right now I’m thinking of faking the papers, but I want to know if I’m going to take it, which one should I take?

I was keeping up with this until a few months ago, then I started rawdogging this whole corona thing. Masks off, no hand sanitizers, physical contact galore, and drinking from used water bottles. My friends who I saw frequently even attended concerts and I forgot there was a corona thing going on. I got rona-chan back in Feb and it was just an annoying cold. Anyway, I know Pfizer is a big pharma demonic entity, Astra is effective because it was made during the height of corona (or something), and the rest (Sinofarm and Sinovac) are kinda gay. There’s also Johnson but that shit costs more money and I can’t get it anyway. Any advice from my favorite autists and hypochondriacs?

No. 920133

Put them on aquaintence status, those types are the ones to snitch and betray anyone who isn't in their same/even more crazy boat. Like twitter libtards.

No. 920138

>feeling of lording over someone is so addictive
That's it, being super preachy provaxx is exactly like the preachy religious ppl infront of planned parenthoods. They think they're righteous and superior and need to preach to the "ignorant" and inferior.

No. 920143

Is there a way for you to check if you stll have enough antibodies from back when you had covid? Where I live doctors advise you not to get the jab if you still have enough antibodies but best for you to check with your doctor about that.

If you're gonna get the jab, I'd say get either Pfizer, Moderna or Astra (if you're not scared off about the whole blood clot thing) and afaik Pfizer and Moderna currently offer the highest protection when it comes to the delta strain.

No. 920152

Pfizer or Moderna. From what I've heard around me Pfizer is generally prefered but I've also heard Moderna offers the better protection. Id never get Johnson (lower protection, higher risk) or AZ (bloodclotting). Idk about the sinosomethings you mentioned, we don't have those here.

No. 920168

I've had a girl act increasingly passive aggressive towards me until she just blantantly started threatening violence because I didn't get my second shot after almost bleeding to death from my first one. I hate people that compare this to the Holocaust but you are seeing weird dystopic like standards towards the unvaxxed. Scapegoating, refusal of education and work, housing being taken away, not being allowed into a lot of areas, etc. Completely ridiculous and it just goes back to the idea that if the vaccine works why do they need everyone to be vaccinated? If just the majority of the population get vaccinated we are good, and if you're upset about the COVID restrictions I promise you that it's much deeper than unvaxxed people existing

No. 920178

I live in Germany, but I guess that many European countries are the same by now and I feel like your are living in Europe, kek

my parents are so happy that I'm vaccinated now, even though I didn't want to and they never cared about my health before. If I was sick before, well, stay in bed, it will be okay.
If I had a sister like yours I would give her a very long and wet kiss on the cheek, she will love that.

I got Pfizer, second shot today, so far no side effects. You should avoid Johnsson, might be only one shot, but isn't useful and at least in my country Astra isn't available anymore. Moderna has, according to some studies, better protection, but most people I know had more side effects (periode late, stronger, different, fever, etc) than people who got Pfizer.

No. 920186

File: 1632342030316.jpeg (13.89 KB, 232x217, ED198722-2D24-4264-9818-B7EAC6…)

So I had this acquaintance who was rabidly pro vax and would make increasingly deranged posts on social media about the pandemic. She would get so mad about anyone not getting vaxxed and celebrate people dying of Covid.

Turns out she commit suicide the other day. Honestly I find this hilarious. You reap what you sow bitch.

No. 920195

The fear porn that she consumed probably drove her to it, that amount of stress and self imposed isolation would drive anyone to sewerslide.

No. 920200

guess you're next then huh?

No. 920213

Yeah I think it’s really ironic. It’s really brightened my day and I can’t stop smiling

Nah, I’m a good person who isn’t weak

No. 920214

>Turns out she commit suicide the other day. Honestly I find this hilarious.
You're completely fucked in the head.

No. 920216

>People who commit suicide are weak

No. 920218

Whoa someone in my outer family circle recently died and I was assuming it was suicide. Do you live in the U.S. by chance?

No. 920220

>I feel like your are living in Europe
Yes, the Balkans. So it really is the same everywhere around.

No. 920233

No. 920235

Hm, I might look into Moderna. I don’t think I’d find Astra, I’ve seen people fighting over it in the vaccination centers kek.

Unrelated, but I’ve got a question to people here: have any of you thought of faking your vaccination cards/papers? Why and why not? I’m curious about the process in other countries.

No. 920253

at this point i don’t really care about how much the vaccine “protects me” i just want companies and shit to get off my back about being unvaccinated.

No. 920256

>Unrelated, but I’ve got a question to people here: have any of you thought of faking your vaccination cards/papers? Why and why not? I’m curious about the process in other countries.

Thought about it a couple of months ago but didn't do it because it's expensive (a couple hundred euros here) in the long run (since vaccines and the certificates apparently only last for a few months that would mean I'd have to get new papers after a couple of months as well) and the risk of being caught and fined or possibly jailed and I really don't have the money for all of that. I also want to travel and I'd honestly be scared for foreign authorities to jail me or whatever if they discover a fake certificate.


Congrats anon! Hope I'll live to see the same too.

No. 920258

Fake the papers and/or don't get vaccinated if you aren't comfortable with it. I foresee that if there are negative consequences of the vaccine down the line, governments and healthcare companies will say it was a "choice" for you to get vaccinated and therefore will be ineligible for any damages or compensation.
My workplace is thinking about mandating it. If they do, I'm not quitting because they said I left voluntarily. They're going to have to fire me or cut off my access if they do mandate it, because I'm not gonna stop working for that paycheck until I physically can't.

No. 920260

since when do good people laugh at suicide and have it brighten their day?

No. 920278

Change her vaccine status and this exact same post would get 10,000 updoots and le reddit gold

No. 920284

The tides will change in 23 (according to med, geopolitical, and astrology ppl I read), whether from side effects crippling ppl or Rona ending. Unlike what they make it seem like it's not the new normal and isn't going to go on forever until we all die/get 100 boosters. Classic abuse tactic btw, making it seem like the stress will never end.

No. 920296

In 23 what

No. 920302

I've thought about it in the extreme case they threaten violence or death in case you don't get the jab (no, covid is no death threat to me). But I won't get it until we get to those extremes, it would mean participating in this charade as well.

On the other hand, something sus is happening in my country. Health centers are calling us sinners who didn't get the jab yet and telling us "Well you can still get it till October, after that it won't be possible." Rumours are some drug will be approved to treat covid so the EMA will withdraw the vaccines emergency authorizations. God I wish.

No. 920327

KEK you really think in the event that you're going to be KILLED if you don't get vaccinated, you'll be able to sidestep the death squads with some certificate you bullshitted in Microsoft word? That is actually fucking hilarious. You're not Bugs Bunny and the Gobermint is not Elmer Fudd, I'm pretty sure they'll have developed a more rigorous vetting system by then. retard

No. 920337

No. 920348

I meant killed by a mob of nazis such as the one looking back at you from the mirror.

No. 920353

Why not, 8 months ago banning them from all stores and venues was conspiritard shit, by 2023 and 76 variants later we'll have them hanging in the gallows with organ harvesters at the ready

No. 920361

what the fuck

No. 920370

I think you're onto something - a sure way to eradicate the coronavirus completely is to kill all people.

No. 920372

what are you talking about? reddit is extremely pro vax. they've been banning antivaxxers within minutes of posting but keep gore, rape and pedophilia up for days and redditors gang up on anyone who says anything outside the realms of "the vaccine is perfect"

No. 920374

Yeah I do. Maybe we know the same person?

No. 920377

…that's the point. Flip flop it with the "correct" vaccine status and no one would be going "omg how evil"

No. 920380

I was pro vax when the vaccine first came out and the only thing that changed my mind was how society reacted to differing opinions and ideas. Why would a safe vaccine need an army of people to remind everyone how super safe it is? Why are shady things pertaining to the vaccination (celebrities getting the same vaccination 6+ times, fake vaccination pictures, statistics, etc) being removed from social media? The extreme attitude of people trying to censor the anti vax is what drove me away personally, if you truly had nothing to hide then statistics, lying celebrities, etc wouldn't scare you

No. 920382

gloating over the suicide of someone you know is grim either way, who cares what reddit thinks?

No. 920393

I don’t see what’s wrong with being happy when a cunt gets what they deserve

No. 920397

Its sad but pro vaxxers have been wishing death and rape on anti vaxxers too, including people who aren't even anti vax but are just curious

No. 920404

Most extreme pro vaxxers are lonely and sad and the media has completely hyped up vaccinated people as saving lives or those people who cried about how happy they were when they got the vaccination and that one guy on Twitter who claimed the day he got vaccinated was number one next to his wedding day lol. This is just insanity and I assume most pro vaxxers just are either boring people are extremely lonely so they feel the need to confirm to a group that defends them no matter what, especially in today's world of unforgivably. It's quite sad and wild to thing about compared to when polio, flu, and pneumonia vaccines came out

No. 920439

Don't buy into the vaccine propaganda or you will die of sewercide like this person did kek

Hearing stories like this make me feel so glad I refused to get vaxxed despite the insane amount of pressure

No. 920440

How are people who commit suicide not weak? There must be clearly something wrong with you if you do it imo

No. 920455

I could be the most rabid antivaxxer on the planet and still think what you said is retarded. Please see a mental health professional about your victim complex.

No. 920458

Lol. Lmao

No. 920477

maybe you'll commit suicide next :')))

No. 920492

the latest rumor on the street is that the Deep State is organizing "VaxxGangz" to hunt down the unvaxx'd using sick-ass Jeeps and spear guns. Have any of you nonnies gotten your recruitment letter yet?

No. 920514

my pink artillery vehicle was delivered to my driveway this morning actually

No. 920517

girl did you even read
>in the most extreme case
>not likely, extreme
take english again pls

No. 920522

yeah, that definitely happened

No. 920524

And then everybody clapped! oppa homeless style!

No. 920541

because pro vaxxers are immune to suicide? doesn't seem unrealistic to me

No. 920544

I agree with >>920541. A lot of vaxxers are nuts.

No. 920564

I'm provaxx, but sympathize with the hesitancy of indigenious people and black women, due to the shitty track record of governments. I suspect most antivaxx here are unhinged WASP tradthots tho. They still shouldn't be wished any harm and doing it because the other side does it solves nothing.

No. 920570

I'm fully vax'd and a of provaxers are two degrees from suicide obviously.

Indigenous and black antivaxers have no influence to affect significant events and therefore their choices are personal as far as I'm concerned. Their resistance is equivalent in practical terms, as far as I'm concerned.

No. 920587

Clearly she was already very mentally ill and was just picking a side and obsessing to cope? Most people who are pro-vax don't celebrate covid deaths. She could have easily been antivax but the most important part was her mental state. I want to believe a scrote made this post but I don't even know anymore. Grim.

No. 920592

My country's government just changed its mind and unvaccinated people will be able to go to work!! BUT they won't get paid, because they have no right to I guess

No. 920599

When those retards will realize no working people=no money=no taxes to get their luxuries from they will stop mandating anything. I don't think pushing for shit to please SAHM Karens who don't contribute to the system would benefit them.

No. 920619

lmao what the fuck did I just read

No. 920655

Honestly at this point it's silly though; the vast majority of the population is vaccinated, do BIPOC really think there's a secret special box of poison for them and real vaccines for white and Asian people?

No. 920711

It’s cringe that people especially burgerfags will die on a hill for their little crumb of “freedom” than socially distance, wear a mask, get vaccinated, and give a shit about the general public health.

>okay like I know millions of people died and many people have lost their jobs but when do I get to go back outside and waste my capitalist bucks on margaritas and brunch?


No. 920717

We get it, you're a neet with no hobbies outside nitpicking nasolabial folds.

No. 920745

But Native Americans actually have the highest vaxx rate in the US?

No. 920760

go back to reddit

No. 920839

you can't have both… it's either
a) the vaccine is effective, therefore if you're vaccinated you can feel safe
or b) you don't feel safe because you don't trust the vaccine to be effective, therefore… you ask of other people to be vaccinated in vain as well ?
and it's one thing to have the courtesy to respect a distance, wear your mask and wash your hands to enter a store, and something entirely different to feel pressured to have a substance injected into your body that's been thrown together in like a year by companies who were racing to get it out. the responsibility also falls on the people at risk to protect themselves, society has to get back on track at some point like >>912699 said.

No. 920855

My boyfriend is so paranoid about covid and keeps sending my stuff about breakthrough infections and stuff. He lives in the US and I'm in Europe, and was happy that finally I can visit him at the end of November (the travel ban is lifted in November), but it just feels like if there are still covid cases by then (which is inevitable) then he'll think it's too risky. I'm just so tired. We're both fully vaccinated. I told him to get the booster when he can, but what else can you do aside from locking yourself up for the next 5 years or so? Aren't serious breakthrough infections extremely unlikely if someone is vaccinated and healthy/young?

I wear a mask if I'm somewhere indoors, but I'm going to the gym multiple times a week where only I wear a mask, I've been to crowded places etc., and it's been fine. Compared to that, sitting on a plane with fully vaccinated people, since that's the requirement to enter the US, who've all been tested seems like a minimal risk. But he just talks about how you'll end up 'maimed' if you get a breakthrough infection. I've always been really careful, I'm still more careful than most people. I think he wants to wait until covid enters the endemic stage, but idk if he actually understands that covid is never going away, even if cases won't always be as high as now. Just feels so stupid to me.

No. 920868

What’s more pathetic is that if people would just get vaccinated then everything could go back to normal.

No. 920870

your boyfriend sounds really paranoid. You cannot magically infect yourself since enough viral load has to enter your body through droplets on mucus membrane. When you follow basic hygiene rules, keep your distance and wear a proper mask when in a room with others the chance that you get infected while young and vaccinated is extremely low. He sounds mentally unwell, covid will not go away it will become endemic like the other viruses. Does he get so paranoid about other dangers as well?
nta but vaccines against coronaviruses were not thrown together in a year like you said, they have been researched way longer than that.

No. 920873

Yeah, afaik serious research started back when MERS was a threat

No. 920877

Covid vaccines/MRNA technology have been researched for a long time, but they have only been tested on humans in the past year or so…definitely not enough time to do a full and complete clinical trial to ensure they are safe and effective for the long-term.

No. 920879

Samefag, or was it SARS? Can't remember which came first

No. 920884

ya keep thinking that lmao…. just stay inside your house if youre scared
exactly! the "the have been researched forever… safe… effective…" talking point has been over-exhausted even after being proven wrong since theres no long term studies

No. 920885

What's more pathetic is people like you gobbling down that narrative. I live in a country where almost 80% have been vaxxed and we have the worst restrictions in all fucking Europe. The only ones responsible are the politicians but they're thriving on this.

No. 920892

Yeah. Politicians are living for this power right now.
Like, if a politician said everyone must drive a new, completely emission-free car to stop climate change, but the car was never tested on the freeway, would you drive it?

No. 920895

I got coco-chan multiple times and powered through it every time. It’s isn’t more than a cold, but I’d say be careful if you’re immunocompromised. Tell him your genes aren’t so weak so as to succumb to a virus and that he should go out a little.

No. 920896

whatever is being said about this topic, what stands is that most of us will eventually catch covid at some point in our lifes and the vaccines, even when not as effective as claimed, are still way more harmless than the real coov could ever be. Pick your poison, I rather choose the vac. If your immune system can’t deal with that you’re going to be fucked anyway sooner or later.

No. 920906

Most people I know are vaccinated, and most still got covid (even multiple times) regardless of the vaccine they chose (we have a wide array of choices here).
None of them ended up hospitalised or with a serious case.

No. 920911

same here, expect for that most of my friends (majority vaccinated) didn’t have it. It depends a bit where you live apparently, a friend from another country told me that he barely knows anyone who didn’t have it already and he knows a lot of people, where for me it’s the opposite. Anyway I’d rather took the chance to have my immune system prepared a bit before I catch it anyway some day.

No. 920914

It's because nobody here wears masks (or if they do, they touch it, leave it on the table, wear it multiple times etc), social distances, or practices proper hygiene, of course they're going to get it.

No. 920971

thats not accurate because we just all confirmed we dont know the long term effects. that can be your opinion, but at the same time, you can look at it this way: get covid and see what happens or get vaccine and also risk side effects and you can still get covid (no clear proof that it will be any less harmful because there are still vaccinated and hospitalized people).

i think people should have a choice and do what they want. just stay as healthy as possible in the meanwhile because the vaccine is not a shield.

No. 920972

And not only power, those sweet euros too. One of the politicians who was pushing hard for the vaccine passport in my country is married to the CEO of the company in charge of distibuting the vaccines in his region. Others receive buxx from mask companies. No one bats an eye, corruption is our daily meal.
A lot of my friends caught it before the vaccines were out and only one (obese) guy ended up in the hospital, no ICU and recovered in two weeks. The others had nothing but cold with a positive covid test. The vaccine ain't it, young people weren't affected in the first place. I miss the times when we called it the boomer remover.

No. 920992

The irony is, you're replying to a "boomer" talking about my boomer friends. Well fuck you too I guess.
>i think people should have a choice and do what they want.
I agree respect your choice.

No. 920997

File: 1632420677929.png (998.85 KB, 756x700, Screen Shot 2021-08-24 at 9.54…)


No. 921011

Whats grim are the pro vaxx people. don’t blame anyone for being happy that someone like that died.

No. 921021

File: 1632421201592.jpeg (43.38 KB, 463x662, E77C9A76-0912-40BF-8154-D9148A…)

My university is forcing me to take the vaccine.

No. 921036

You can refuse to take it.

No. 921041

File: 1632421629722.jpeg (40.99 KB, 521x588, D6471D66-2608-4D5C-8CF0-C15FDF…)

They won’t let me in if I do.

No. 921052

then get it pussy

No. 921085

They don't allow religious/medical exemption? Just find a right-wing christian Dr and get them to write you a med exception, play up the "I wanna have babies" bc vacs affecting women's periods.

No. 921093

Can you get in if you're freshly tested?

No. 921106

stupid hoe university

No. 921108

ok but my point was that the vaccine can’t do as much as covid can so whatever possible effects you could get from the vacchine you will get from covid with a way higher probability, not wether people should have a choice or not (they should) or that the vaccine shields you from covid.

No. 921119

…that we know of. The vaccines have only been tested on humans for at most, about 16 months. We don't know if the vaccines will cause any side effects later in life.

No. 921121

im pretty sure you need a reminder of the survival rate of covid…

also for many covid is just a cold (unless u have underlying issues or are obese). the vaccine effects arent too clear. i think its okay to be worried about either but dont forget covid is a flu and what can happen is known to us. also, once again therapeutics are available (not in my country because they made them hard to access and all they push is vaccine) and it helps to take vitamin d, zinc, whatever still

No. 921253

I saw some anons were interested in period updates, so I thought I'd post this. I got my second dose of Pfizer a little over two weeks ago and I got my period today, just 1 day before my tracker predicted. I actually thought I was gonna get it earlier because I thought I was having cramps like 3/4 days ago. My cramps today aren't any worse than usual and I'm not having any other menstrual symptoms, it just feels like a regular period for me.

No. 921288

File: 1632432574858.webm (1.9 MB, 640x360, 1632362997200.webm)

Bold assumption

No. 921303

Does anyone else think it's weird that a lot of vegans are provaxx? Wouldn't it make more sense for vegans to be against something that was tested on animals?

No. 921346

Vegans already got propagandized via social media into doing shit that makes them weak/ill (hair loss/dark circles/dry skin/brain power reduced bc not enough fats from vegan diet).

No. 921359

>Veganism is a philosophy and way of living which seeks to exclude—as far as is possible and practicable—all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose
>as far as is possible and practicable
read a book

No. 921362

Nah, I’m aware of that. It’s just that the vaccine is even more harmless because it basically does what covid does but weaker. I think it’s okay to be worried as well, but after I’ve read into the vaccines I don’t understand how this can be worse than the real virus.
I can’t watch that on my device, pls elaborate or give source I’m not gonna download a media player just for this

No. 921395

People can do what they want as this point I guess, but to be honest I'm glad I was able to get an admin job after college with a travel healthcare company because hospitals had been filling up again in certain areas and going on divert. People thought the good paying travel jobs would stop after the vaccine clinics because cases would go down and nobody would need help anymore, but nope, the south is rampant with it as expected.

No. 921472

Why vegans uggo n sickly anon

No. 921497

enjoy your iron deficiency

i explained how…

No. 921754

File: 1632460866816.jpeg (51.72 KB, 739x415, 1E7B5738-466D-4C92-B451-33A8B3…)


I don’t think so, but even if I could I don’t have the test money to spare.

Looks like I’m going to have to take it. I don’t want to. Sigh.

No. 921762

Is there even a point in worrying about either Covid or the vaccine if you're young, in good shape and don't have underlying health conditions? The only people I know who got complications/died from Covid were old people (who'd probably have died in the next 6 months-1 year anyway) or people with a fucked up immune system. And I don't think I even know a single person who had any serious side effects (other than pain in the arm and a slight fever after the 2nd shot) because of the vaccine. And I know people who got 1. Pfizer/Moderna/AZ, 2. Sputnik and 3. Sinovac

No. 921768

Personally, I'd say take a day or two off work if you're under 30 w/ a healthy immune system and getting the second moderna vaccine. I passed out for the first time in my life about 20 hours after I got it (after a sleepless night literally immobile in bed due to fever shakes) lmfao

No. 921783

I caught it last year when I was 25 and was sick fof three months straight. I couldn't breathe properly for a whole month and after that I still had other symptoms. I could barely eat and sleep and the very few things I ate I couldn't even digest it so I ended up weighting like 35kg at some point. I don't have any other health issues yet I thought I was going to die so I'd say don't rely too much on stats because there are always exceptions, and it could be anyone, even you.

I feel like most young, healthy people who got fucked up from covid had that "it only happens to others" mentality given what they say after they recover IF they recover.

No. 921796

>inb4 schizo anons itt accuse you of being a government plant trying to pull the wool over the eyes of all 3 anons that frequent this thread

No. 921798

I had no problems except slight fever day 2. No menstruation issues either. I got pfizer.

No. 921815

Oh damn that are some pretty bad side effects, i also got moderna but i only got a light headache, my friend did get ill tho and he said he was nauseous but not as extreme as you because he felt well enough to still game with me lol.
Now im wondering if i have a bad immune system, i do eat healthy and im not overweight. But when i was a child i got a very bad lung infection and had to stay in the hospital for half a year. After that i never went to the hospital again but im still wondering if somehow my immune system is more shit than other or something.

That sounds so scary anon! I'm glad you are feeling better now, my best friend also got covid and while it wasnt so bad that she had to get to the hospital she told me she never felt as bad ever in her life. For two weeks she stayed in her bad and was feeling very ill and had a tightness in her chest. And she also couldnt smell or taste stuff for a weeks after, thankfully she got her taste and smell back but im so scared that if i get it that i would lose it forever or something.

I didnt have any menstruation issues either but im also on birth control so i honestly dont watch my cycle that closely. Still it has been months now and it doesnt seem like it changed anything with me.

I mean i get the comparison to the flu but at the start of covid in spain, the dead of covid was like 5 times as more then the flu? It might also have to do with the fact that hospitals where really full since it spread so fast but yeah i think sometimes people here forget or dont know how spain and italy looked like at the beginning of the covid pandemic. It was pretty bad, at first when i heard of covid i was like oh its just a flu but when i saw how fast it spread and how many people had to go to the hospital my mind changed. I do think lockdowns help with the spreading and i really don't want the hospitals full again and not having enough people in the hospital to take care of the patients is a scary sight. But then again my country only had 1 lockdown and it wasnt to bad but i can imagine that for some people having multiple lockdowns is bad for there mental health.

No. 921831

Oh hi fellow spic. ¿Cuántas seremos por aquí?
I'm sorry but I have to call some bullshit on your post.
>how many people had to go to the hospital
Our hospitals in winter are fucking full covid or not. Just google "hospitales colapsados"+any litteral year and you'll get tons of articles. Our healthcare is shit due to politicians pocketing the money instead of improving it. Plus most people got it once they were in the hospital because they went for a different reason. Same with elders homes, makes you think the staff are the real psychos who spread it
>but muh deaths
Yeah like someone I knew who was in palliative care dying from several tumours but got the rona in the hospital and they slapped covid on the death certificate. Family didn't protest because they're piss poor and the hospital agreed to pay for the incineration if they didn't sue. I'm still waiting to see the piles of bodies on the streets of the countries that didn't lockdown or had way lighter lockdowns than us.

No. 921861

Vaccine has become mandatory in my country for all workers (aside work from home situations ofc) and they will suspend your salary if you are not vaccinated (the alternative being doing a 20euro tampon every 2 days). I was finally escaping neetdom. Oh well…

No. 921863

I'm so sorry this happened to you. I am young, healthy and with no underlying health conditions. I'm scared of getting the vaccine because I had 5 people I know having serious complications. It really is an unlucky coincidence since the statistics tell it shouldn't be this common but I know them and I am scared. Really on the fence about what to do. I live a pretty segregated life too, but you can never know.

No. 921873

And for context I was abroad to look for a job, moved there a few weeks before the very first cases were detected there (before that it was only in China and it just started in Italy) so it ruined all my career plans for the next 10 years right before fucking up my health. Worst part is that I was super careful from the very beginning but the global mask shortage wasn't over just yet so I either caught it when buying food or when going to work, unless my roommates were asymptomatic.

No. 921890

>even if so I don’t have the test money to spare.
Make one test, let them give it to you as a pdf data, download a pdf editor and then just edit the date everytime you can't afford it.

No. 921895

Lmao that wasn't shown in tv, was it?

No. 921896

Legit insane

No. 921931

You sound like a fatty lying about your weight. Gtfo

No. 921943

>the alternative being doing a 20euro tampon every 2 days)
what the fuck does this mean

No. 921950

lockdowns do not help lol theyre ineffective because people have lives and its just not realistic. my country had like 5 lockdowns and it was pure hell and completely stupid. a lot of people have been killing themselves, getting mental issues, or overdosing (im pretty sure the numbers are on par with covid) and i think that this virus should run peoples lives like it is now.

I believe this haha same thing where i am. My family even spoke to a funeral home owner who told us that people are labelled as a covid death many times wrongfully because there’s financial incentives.

No. 921951

samefag i meant should not run*

No. 921968

How so? My weight before that was 45kg so I lost ten kilos in 3 months because I kept shitting because of diarrea right eating literally anything. Once I recovered I gained all that weight back very fast. It's not that strange in that context. I'm surprised you didn't accuse me of being an anachan or something similar tbh.

No. 921972

I would recommend listening to The Signal's episode on the protests. The Guardian also had some really good articles on it too!

The ABC interviewed a few academics and they estimated that the agitators were a minority (conspiracy theorists, anti-vaxxers, right wing, and anti-authoritarians). It was also mentioned that because no one was on the ground asking people who they were it was impossible to fully know the breakdown of the protestors, and that attendees could be both tradies and agitators.

John Setka, the head of the CFMEU, is also kind of dodgy and divisive within his own organisation. At least he intends to expel CFMEU members who attended the protests.

No. 921990

Gonna guess that nonnie is French, tampon means stamp in baguette.

No. 921995

Not that anon but that's what I thought because I'm French too but we don't get stamps after being tested negative, we get a QR code on an app and on a sheet of paper so it can be scanned the exact same way the "pass sanitaire" is scanned. Maybe she's from another French speaking country.

No. 922002

No, the fearmongering from both sides is utterly ridiculous.
It makes for good imageboard shitposting though.

No. 922169

I meant test.

No. 922707

I’m supposed to get the vaccine tomorrow (my school is forcing me to, that or I don’t even get to enter) and I’ve taken a look at the terms and conditions. What a fucking joke.

>I hereby declare:

>I am aware of all the side effects associated with the vaccine.
>I am aware with all of the possible risks associated with the vaccine.

And the best bit at the top:
>The vaccine is not mandatory.

Clown world.

No. 922722

You actual retard they’re talking about people outside of your school situation. Stop bitching and take the damn vaccine, humans love to talk big and then literally whimper at a fucking needle it’s so pathetic.

>side effects

Let’s revisit elementary middle school science since you don’t understand. The vaccine has the deactivated agent, they put the vaccine into your body, you have an immune response that can vary from person to person because no every has the same metabolic makeup so your body can build up some form of immunity against the virus.

>the risks

Some people are allergic to whatever crap they put in the vaccine, it’s the same risks with other vaccines. Whatever the ingredient is that they list as being an allergen, check if you’re allergic and if you aren’t then you’re fine.

No. 922723

Hahaha so glad I'm a Brit.

No. 922725

Did you even read anons post or did you just get triggered over the mention side effects? The point is that she is basically forced to take the vaccine while signing a paper that she is not forced to take it and also that she is aware of side effects that aren't even fully researched yet lmao.

No. 922734

> Stop bitching and take the damn vaccine, humans love to talk big and then literally whimper at a fucking needle it’s so pathetic.

I’m not American so the whole “scared of a needle uwu tough guy scaredy” falls flat. And you’re being extremely fallacious when you say that those who skeptical of vaccines are “scared of a needle”. They’re not scared of a needle; they have natural reservations about an experimental drug with unknown longterm effects.

Anyway, the point is I’m being told to either fuck off or take the vaccine by my uni and then sign a paper saying that this shit isn’t mandatory and that I exempt any authorities from any responsibility that might arise from getting vaccinated. What the fuck does that even mean? I’m not an anti-vaxxer, but of course I’m bothered about being blackmailed into injecting an experimental drug imported from a country that deemed it safe to prescribe DES and thalidomide for women.

No. 922751

It literally isn’t experimental anymore tho. Dunno if you’re from burgerland but it’s fully FDA approved, no longer only emergency authorized or whatever. If you’re American, your parents were already “blackmailed” into getting you vaccinated before you could attend public school. My right to not live in a perpetual hellscape of unvaccinated idiots spreading and mutating a virus until the end of humanity trumps your right to participate in society while being an active danger to everyone around you.

No. 922754

You're not being forced though. That's like saying people who want to enter certain countries are forced to take the vaccines they require you to get before coming there. You can just not go if you don't want it.

No. 922759

you’re one dumb motherfucker. the pfizer vaccine that’s currently stocked is not cominarty, the FDA approved one. kek bigpharma got y’all good by injecting you with the EUA one and even got you to be their PR person for free. and the chair of the bioethics committee, the people that approve the vaccine, is married to fauci so there’s a massive conflict of interest you’re turning a blind eye too. enjoy your bloodclots that have 0 liability because cominarty won’t be available till 2022

No. 922760

Except that going on a trip to a country isn't really a need in most cases, going to work and getting an education are basic rights.

Only the FDA approved it officially, and only the Pfizer one afaik. Of course there are other interests involved too which made them rush to "approve" it.
>My right to not live in a perpetual hellscape of unvaccinated idiots spreading and mutating a virus until the end of humanity
That doesn't make sense. Fully vaccinated people have shit immunity just a couple of months after taking it. Even if you took it recently, you can still catch covid and spread it. In some countries vaccinated people still end up in ICUs. If you were one of the first people to complete the vaccination, you probably have next to no "immunity" by now and you'd be able to catch covid and spread it.

No. 922841

>hellscape of unvaccinated idiots spreading
Except we can still spread it even though we are vaxxed, everyone wants to ignore that because they want it to be a magic bullet. But it makes zero sense to blame the spread only on people who didn't take the vaccine, we are all potential spreaders to some degree whether we like it or not. And you know some people are disregarding the safer hygiene precautions they were taking last year because they think with the vaccine there's no need to sanitize everything well and to me that's actually as ominous on its own for how much longer this will last.

No. 922848

>take this or you can neither work nor study
>not forced though, you still have the option to ruin your future, become homeless and starve to death uwu

No. 922878

So now travelling isn't a human right all of a sudden? You've all been insisting on it earlier in this thread. Kek. Glad you're seeing the light here and there.

No. 922881