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File: 1613234271164.jpg (462.94 KB, 923x676, de3gvzl-b9e2df65-1aec-4551-87a…)

No. 738326

previous thread >>>/ot/545522

Share updates, personal experiences, vent, etc

WHO: https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/situation-reports
CDC: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/index.html
Some twitter account with a lot of Corona related updates: https://twitter.com/bnodesk
Torrent for Survival PDFs in case you want to go full doomer mode: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:9889a43717fd93c95993552f817ced652a74e63e&dn=Survival%20Guide%20PDFs%20%5B8.1.2019%20Update%5D

No. 738362

I literally had to get a new place to work at because my coworker has devolved further into contrarian attitudes and spews ideas that just echo right wing sentiment that is distrusting medical institutions.

And I'm being told in not fixing the problem because I can't approach him each time to tell him what's wrong. We are a year into the pandemic and work closely with people. You're almost half my age. I am not your manager and I came to you once with concerns only to be yelled at to the point of me panicking.

All this after telling me you care about me as a person.

Not sure where this goes but I had a melt down last night over it.

No. 738494

I work in a lab that processes covid tests. You would think handling covid they would be strict about ppe. There's so many coworkers that walk around without masks or have them under their chin, our couriers who visit hospitals don't wear masks in the lab when dropping off. Temps are never taken even though it's the state law/rule. There's no social distancing nor have they spaced out our breaks. Supervisors don't care because it's their friends who don't follow the rules. I've emailed the state tipline twice but because we are third shift no one really enforces the rules. It's crazy. I've actually had my shot now but I still feel bad for the implications this has for people who get sick and it eventually reaching someone who can't handle it.

No. 738547

I need to get my covid shot already. i work in food and i'm exhausted dealing with people. this weekend is valentine's day and i know it's gonna be hell. i'm tempted to not go into work at all. i'm just so tired

No. 744107

I'm getting my first shot tomorrow YAAAAAAAY! I'm most excited about seeing my grandfather more often and going to the gym again.
I haven't chosen which vaccine to get yet, I just selected "any" when I was applying. We have a choice between Moderna, Pfizer, Sinovac, AstraZeneca, and Sputnik. I don't think it matters that much, people I know made different choices and they all seem fine. I'm going to tell them to give me whatever.

No. 744137

I had my second shot last week and had no side effects besides my arm getting sore and a headache, and most of my coworkers said they only felt tired afterwards.

No. 744140

I wouldn't get sputnik just because i am overtly sus over the russian officials kek

No. 744152

How tf are anons already getting vaccinated? My country isn't even done vaccinating 80-year-olds…

No. 744159

The US state I live in has one of the highest rates of vaccination and they started jabbing healthcare workers and 65 year olds two weeks ago. It’s kind of upsetting though because neighboring states have far worse management and their residents keep trying to get vaccinated in our state.

No. 744169

Are you from 'murica

No. 744185

Just received my 1/2 shot of the Pfizer vaccine because they were giving it to everyone in my mum's old people building (and I live here, kek)
I am puking unfortunately, not sure if it's my usual anxiety puking or my pfizer vaccine puking.

No. 744198

imagine letting the government stick their spooge in you. cringe

No. 744205

I guess it depends on population size a lot. A larger country can still be vaccinating its elderly while a smaller one has already moved onto the rest of the population.

No. 744246

Imagine being anti-vax, cringe.

No. 744253

This is true for Israel and the UAE, but one of the vaccinated anons said they're from the US. The EU really fucked up its vaccine roll out, there's no denying it.

NTA, but I'm not American and I'm not particularly keen on Sputnik either. There were issues with the phase 2 trial data and there appear to be some irregularities now, too. I think it'll probably be fine – similar to the AZ vaccine – but no way it's 92% effective.

>But no matter "how beautiful a scientific idea might be," verification is key, and here Sputnik has come up short, he contended. In particular, he pointed to inconsistencies in the published material as well as the Sputnik team's refusal to give independent researchers access to the raw data to double check the anomalies.

Source: https://www.politico.eu/article/russia-sputnik-geopolitical-coronavirus-vaccine/

I'll take any shot, but I want my parents to get one of the mRNA vaccines just to be sure.

No. 744484

My sister really went and lied to doctors to get an asthma diagnosis so now she’s on the vaccine list yet i am not even though my bloodwork indicates my growths are cancerous, see it’s not “100% sure until they are removed and examined”. No I’m not telling which country, bit paranoid lately. I am so overwhelmed, she keeps going to parties too for fucks sake.

No. 744532

Go get you a mf asthma diagnosis if it’s that easy and that’ll actually get u on the list

No. 744535

Hell no, I am getting surgery soonish and I am not into hanging out at the hospital more than I need to

No. 744603

how do you get on the vaccine list? I actually have severe asthma kek

No. 744606

Idk about your country but basically at risk people but the roll out is so fucking slow, people have gotten invites (can't think of a better word atm) to get vaccined, they show up but there's technical issues and they end up having to reschedule or wait due to their mistake. It's kinda messy, they still haven't jabbed all the nurses and doctors yet, gonna be a long ass year.

No. 745024

You can’t do telehealth?

No. 745228

I am not gonna get fake asthma that will affect the rest of treatment just because my sister is shitty enough to pull that shit, I just am hoping they hurry the fuck up. Apparently I could get one later onin the spring but i really do want it before ending up in the hospital for a few weeks.

No. 745658

I'm self-isolating post-travel in the UK atm and the new rules are ridiculous. Tests on day two and eight (I think I have a much higher chance of catching it on my way to/in the testing centre than if I stayed home isolated), I can test to release from quarantine on the fifth day but will still have to take the day eight test regardless

No. 745775

I'm not eating at work because I work with idiots and it's dreadful outside. Is it possible that this form of fasting could help my immune system or should I eat a big meal in the morning? Also, I'm taking supplements to boost my immune system: D3 5,00O IU, irom w B12 and a small amt of C, and now 25 mg of Zinc every other day. Any advice on that? What are you guys taking?

No. 746973

When do you guys think things will go back to "normal"? With vaccines being rolled out with decent success, it seems like countries are slowly trying to reopen. I'm asking because honestly, I liked wfh and not socializing as much as did before covid. I'm also thinking of moving back with my parents if and when wfh is still a thing this September.

No. 747026

Depends where you are form but with how things are progressing in EU I'm not expecting much to change this year unfortunately…

No. 747044

This is more of an unpopular opinion/confession because I feel guilty admitting this, but I think essential front line workers should be prioritized in the vaccine rollout. A lot of people where I live have argued that seniors should be inoculated first because they face the highest risk of dying. While we definitely need to protect our seniors, our society relies on frontline workers who are already in short supply and face the risk of suffering from long haul covid which we still don't know much about. I guess the debate over who gets access to the vaccine first just points to broader and urgent structural issues, like the need to provide better care to seniors and better salaries for essential workers. It feels like we've been plunged into this retarded hunger games situation because of these primary issues.

No. 747047

This is an unpopular/controversial opinion?

No. 747050

Where I live, yeah. People have been putting pressure on the govt to prioritize vaccinating anyone over 70 and then getting to healthcare workers

No. 747053

Why should you feel guilty? You’re correct. Frontline workers are much more likely to be exposed to the virus and in turn could pass it on to the medically vulnerable they may be working with. It makes sense to vaccinate them first. They are also a group that doesn’t have the option of staying at home and maintaining social distancing. I can’t believe this is controversial.

No. 747062

the amount of people i have to kick out of my store for not wearing a mask and a good fourth of them like to get in my face and yell at me, i cant agree with you more. im so fed up with it

No. 747081

(amerifags) do you think we'll still be wearing masks in summer 2021

No. 747092

Exactly. I only felt guilty because the counter argument has been "seniors are more likely to die from the virus so they need to be protected first" and if you disagree then you hate old people or sth. This has been the opinion of the medical health community here and it seemed totally unreasonable to me, almost like some kind of twisted virtue signalling. It's been weighing on my mind all day, thanks for confirming my suspicion lol.

No. 747103

of course theyre more susceptible to it but they are to p much anything else. but we deal with mass amounts of people every day. i work at a university, i deal with employees that end up catching it, the students are retarded and refuse to mask up, employees in the back that i need to kick out cus they are prepping food unprotected. its a cesspool of idiocy and im scared all the time about catching it and bringing it home to family.

then people bitch like im so sick of it i hate masks this is annoying, you know what would make it go by faster? following the fucking rules. youre adults, you should not be able to do adult things like drive and vote and drink and shit if for 10 minutes out of your day when youre shopping for food a fucking piece of cotton ruins your day. you can follow rules, you dont get to play with the rest of us.

No. 747147

No. 752760

I cant believe that the ADA will allow my coworker to wear a plastic mask because he has severe anxiety. Plastic seems so much more anxiety provoking. Droplets and fog form. Wtf

No. 752764

im so glad about my shot. eu anon here, im a nurse. it makes work much less stressful. hope you all get it asap, those that want or need it ofc

No. 753545

I wish the borders would fucking open up already. I only want to move to start a new job. I'm someone who has been following all regulations, wear a mask, and I obviously would follow quarantine procedures. It just sucks that bad eggs messed everything up for everyone, and I understand why logistically it's not appealing for governments to want to oversee proper quarantine for foreigners when it's easier to shut everyone out. Still makes my life shitty not knowing when the borders will open again in the future.

No. 753560

I wish Greg Abbott and the rest of the idiots in texas who decided to reopen it a very pleasant "please get covid"

No. 753682

One thing I hate about this whole pandemic is the people with god complexes using this situation for attention seeking opportunities. I saw someone I went to high school with update her Facebook profile picture to a photo of her with the vaccine syringe in her arm. Like… just get the shot and go, no need to turn this into a photo op.

No. 753698

I've been seeing more retards not wearing masks in the buses and it pisses me off. Just because there's a vaccine now doesn't mean it's over jfc

No. 753782

>masks are a symbol of compliance
>masks are human muzzles
>masks are symbol of slavery

I can't take it anymore, the COMPLETE IDIOCY of these statements, do these people complain about having to wear pants too or is that not slavery for some fucking reason?

conspiracy thread triggered me lol

No. 753791

They're all just retarded or so bland in life that they feel the need to act differently and not like the shEepLe to feel special. What's bad is that their mental illness may cause some people to die.

No. 753869

I've never hated my country more than I do right now. We have barely started the vaccination process. I work at a pharmacy but will still be least prioritized since I'm young. So many of my customers have covid. I'm so sick of being scared.

No. 753870

I don't support mask because I see them as adult pacifiers, useless shit to prevent people from going insane from all the mass media fear. Also at least in my country they're luxury taxed despite being mandatory so I guess higher-ups lining their pockets has something to do with it.

No. 753903

This guy at my aunt's tax office actually thinks the vaccine has microtrackers in it. I don't agree… but I'm still not getting the vaccination. I don't trust it either. I'm waiting, the rest of you can be test monkeys.

No. 753939

You don't support masks in the middle of a pandemic? Do you hear yourself? In your head, what's the best and most easily made/accessible tool to not infect each other if not a piece of cloth over your nose and mouth? Or are you one of those special people who believes there's no virus?

No. 753941

Chill mate, I never said there's no virus. I said the masks are pacifiers because the virus particles are so small masks do shit from keeping them away. But they're good at keeping fearmongered dumbfucks at ease.

No. 753945

“Chill mate”

Either an Anglo mess, a butch lesbian, or a scrote. Do not engage further.

No. 753972

Got my vaccine yesterday as a frontline worker. No side effects yet and I don't know if my vaccinator was just really good but it hurt less than the flu jabs I get each year, I didn't end up with an achey arm. The rollout at work has been really good and everybody seems to be a bit more cheerful now there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

No. 754012

Question: wouldn't it hurt more because the vaccine is stored at a very low temperature?

No. 754023

Anyone have tips how to make friends during this shitshow? I want good female friends but being out of school and with covid, it's impossible.

No. 754026

I got the AstraZeneca, not the Pfizer, so it wasn't that cold.

A colder vaccine might initially hurt more when injected but it shouldn't be a big difference in whether or not you get a dead arm afterwards since they both go into the same spot and I could be wrong but I think the liquid is a similar thickness.

No. 754027

I'm sorry, but the fact you said we shouldn't engage cause they might be a butch lesbian is funny as hell to me. What did the butch ladies do?

No. 754028

What do you think about waiting a few months after the vaccine is offered to me to get it?

I want to see longer term effects. Also I've had the virus.

No. 754069

There's more than one vaccine on the market anon, not all of them have to be kept at like -60 celcius.

No. 754072

Nothing wrong with butch lesbians, love em

No. 754087

Anyone else still not sure when they're going to get vaccinated? Where I am they announced that everyone who wants to, will have their first shot by July "if everything goes well". But nothing has been going well so far so who believes that shit.

No. 754378

Some states are lifting restrictions and others are aiming toward it soon. What do you anons think will happen? There's new strains of covid and the vaccines aren't available for most where I am. I imagine they'll fail with or without new strains in the mix due to needing more testing and development but I don't know much about it. Just this week my dad, his gf and her kid got covid. Other than that nobody else I know has had it besides a few people at work. I imagine I'll get it soon if not this fall when the numbers increase. I don't even know if I would get paid for missing work since it's not required for employers to give it to us, it's optional and according to my dad his job and insurance company have been giving him a hard time about it.

No. 754383

are unvaccinated allowed to hang out with vaccinated people? my bf is vaxed and wants to visit but i can't find proper information about if its safe or not

No. 754384

kek, anon please go to a low income neighborhood, like the literal boonies and come back when you find out how scarce and expensive masks are in these areas. majority of them are not even medically effective, you're just literally wearing cloth and the virus will seep through the threading.

No. 754386

anon, if masks didn't work at all we would see much higher rates of infected and deaths. medical grade masks are the best but cloth masks are better than nothing.

No. 754613

I've decided I'm going to get the (whichever that'll be) vaccine. I was on the fence about it for a long time but recently a young someone in my personal life has become paralyzed after getting a brain haemorrhage from catching Covid. That really set things into perspective for me. I'm not going to be that one rare case who suffers life-long consequences who thought she could get away with not getting a vaccine because "young people don't really get it anyway". Now it's just a waiting game for god knows how long until I actually get the opportunity to get it.

No. 754650

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Sweden and all the African countries who never forced people to wear a rag on their mouths are picking up dead people from the street in trucks /s

No. 754928

File: 1614970542551.jpg (25.5 KB, 500x400, l.jpg)

I know no restaurant did well during 2020 but in my town the Sonic drive in always had a huge line to the point I didn't go once during 2020 since it was not worth waiting. I was telling my friends that they were made for covid and I don't know why this amuses me so much?
I know it's a less serious topic but I had to get it off my chest.

No. 754930

Come to my local Sonic with me, anon! There's never a line. I've also been meaning to go for a while.

No. 754940

Funny you'd bring up Sweden, which is incidentally the most struggling Scandinavian country when it comes to Covid situation, and actually started slowly introducing masks lately.

No. 754945

It's a platonic date anon.

No. 754950

I know it's not an African country but have you not heard of Brazil..? Their president thinks Covid is fake and as a result people are literally suffocating en masse on the streets because the hospitals are full and there isn't oxygen available.

No. 754955

File: 1614972553991.jpeg (112.1 KB, 1000x645, 641ACC18-58BC-4F4E-9CA8-5499AC…)

Sure! We'll just have the same level of chemistry as these guys from the commercials.

No. 754975

Really sorry to hear that anon. A lot of people have been going to work sick where I live because paid sick days are extremely limited here too. There are a lot of deficiencies in our public infrastructure despite the warped image people have of my country as some kind of beacon of social welfare. They've lifted restrictions in my province and the conditions here are similar to what you described (new variants in circulation, inadequate testing and tracing system, slow and inefficient vaccine rollout). At this rate we're headed for another lockdown and it's going to be the death knell for a lot of businesses, all thanks to the tories who are too malicious to invest in people but will probably win the next election anyway.

This is the most frightening aspect of the virus for me, the fact that even young and otherwise healthy people can suffer long-term consequences from covid, and we know so little about why this happens or how to treat it.

No. 754978

I don't know why but this conversation got really wholesome and I'm lovin it

No. 755979

It kind of hit me a couple of days ago that the post-covid world is going to be a lot different than the world we left behind in January 2020, and not in a “masks and 6 feet” way, but real deep changes that will last for a long, long time. We aren’t just going to walk back into a “normal” life without reprecussions. It really does feel like the beginning of a new era, and while it’s exciting in some ways, it’s also terrifying because it isn’t clear yet who the real winners and losers are in the pandemic.

No. 757597

File: 1615301277146.jpg (206.85 KB, 1280x1280, Evp06IHWYAEUtD5.jpg large.jpg)

We straight up don't have ICUs for sick people anymore, in some places it's more than a thousand people waiting for even a single hospital bed.
At least I have this place to keep me happy for a while, even if this farmhouse is falling apart!

No. 757625

Idk, I don't think it's that bad, everyone that I know is fine, no one got reaaaly sick and usually ICUs are full as fuck anyway.
I'm more concerned about the people literally dying of hunger.
The only reason I still wear masks and comply is because I like how they look and I'm just a passive bitch.

No. 757735

File: 1615316331849.jpg (78.35 KB, 1275x850, Mario-Draghi.jpg)

>"President a girl is coughing in Brazil!"



No. 757743

I thought that was dick cheney for sec

No. 757806

I'm tired of this. People are going to get sick because that's what people do. Boomers and old folks are just going to die anyway so what's even the point of making everyone suffer so they can live another few years shitting their diaper and being racist? I wear my respective mask but places shortening hours, shortening menus, etc is helping because?? On top of conservative areas are being especially retarded and getting fast food 6 times a day while clogging up the grocery store. Just makes me want everything to open tf back up so whoever gets it and is weak just dies and we can move on
>Inb4 that's cruel!!
Nature fucking sucks, animals have to die in order for them to get stronger as a whole, in fact this virus could practically eliminate aids, but holding everyone back over people who are bound to die whether is be COVID or something else ain't helping

No. 757817

It's not even that that's most infuriating. Young people who would've otherwise lived are dying because their cancer treatments are postponed indefinitely. People not going to the doctor when they sense a potentially serious issue because only covid matters now. People who would've lived decades longer all so we can squeeze an extra month out of a 90 year old, who doesn't want to spend their last days isolated from the world anyway.

We're killing and financially and socially crippling the young. For what?

No. 757837

I disagree with this doomer Darwinist take, but I think that the vaccine rollout should have been distributed to frontline workers and the economically active population before the elderly. It makes sense to target the rate of transmission and limit the chances the virus has to mutate, rather than targetting the rate of mortality by vaxxing people above age 70 first. These are formative years for a lot of young people and working people, we need to be able to go to school, settle our careers and generally plan for our futures. I'm not saying that old people should just go to hell, but the disruption caused by the pandemic has fallen on some groups more than others in a way that's going to have a challenging long term impact on society. The vaccine rollout should have corresponded to that.

No. 757890

Elderly worship in america is a very real thing, not to mention the fact young people are grasping at whatever medical care they can get or jobs that cut off young people for using their insurance. What's the point of hurting people who are making the future? It's like america wants to be 3rd world

On top of that, boomers, who are mostly republican, spent most of their time denying the virus,being anti mask and so on but want to also soak up all the benefits they get from COVID

No. 757924

I am conflicted about covid. I do think it's been overblown and lockdowns destroyed lives and social interaction for years to come - but at the same time my mum did get pneumonia from it and was quite ill.

I don't know.

No. 757930

Reality is simply unpleasant and both are true

No. 757969

Stop wining, you have one of the fastest vaccine roll outs and got the biggest relief package in the world. Nobody in Europe got a single stimulus check and our vaccine rate is below 10% while you're at 27% – nevermind "3rd world" countries. Why do Amerifags always have to act like they're the salt of the earth?

No. 757972

You tell her, anon

No. 757980

>Elderly worship in america
Have you posted this before? I remember reading this exact thing somewhere here

No. 757981

Well, I wish all of our elderly people were already vaccinated but you shithead burgerfats keep getting all of the vaccines. America 1st ofc, always whining about their dumb problems while the rest of the world is on fire.

No. 757995

They give the vaccine to elderly people first so more young people drop out of school and university since more and more people want to go there. Also more people with depression = big bucks for big pharma

No. 758113

Yeah its all a big conspiracy. It's not like old people are the ones most likely to die or anything

No. 758245

who cares, the world is already overpopulated anyway

No. 758336

Yes. Why are you asking? Do you think people who frequent lolcow just post in one thread and leave?
>America has a shitty government
>Yeah I agree
>Somehow this makes me bad and whining
>Somehow it's my fault our government is shit
Lots of places in europe also had bills canceled and didn't need to relay on a shitty stimulus for several months worth of rent stacked up. Not to mention free health care as well as the fact europeans in general are less likely to be in debt. Does europe have issues? Yeah but that doesn't mean you have to get mad when americans talk about their issues. Every country has issues

No. 758339

I care, and so do many others. I'm sorry you don't have older loved ones, they're great.

No. 758342

Some old people are nice but if you can't accept the circle of life how do you accept everything to move on? We're already seeing crowded hospitals and shortened resources already due to overpopulation. Yes it sucks but trying to squeeze extra months out of granny will literally not do anything

No. 758386

Well shit, they’ve got to fucking die someday haven’t they? It’s not as bad as people starving to death, people being murdered at home, people with cancer and severe disabilities being neglected and numerous other crisises that are raising and increasing the death rate nationally for multitudes of reasons.The old fogeys yourself will tell you this. “It’s either COVID or another stroke” is an actual irl statement I’ve heard. Old people aren’t snowflakes, not like fucking virtue signalling boomers. Just because someone who is terminally ill on a hospital (which are always crowded, pandemic or not) gets coronavirus before they die, does not mean they died of fucking coronavirus.

No. 759017

This. Plus my cuck country counts "anyone with a positive test 30 days before death as a death by coronavirus". Like if you get a positive and on the way home you get hit by a truck and die, you will be one of the poor coronavirus deaths.
And the fact that the flu which has the same fucking symptoms virtually dissappeared (according to maskfuckers thanks to masks, but the same masks aren't effective against le ebil rona) still annoys me a lot.

No. 759480

I know my family is really lucky but both of my grandparents never got Covid despite them socializing pretty regularly. And I thought my grandma was being retarded for organizing dinners when the pandemic first started, now I see her behavior as normal lol Now they both have the vaccine anyway so there's no excuse to avoid seeing them now. It's crazy to me that some people have avoided family for a whole year despite living in the same town, meaning they don't have to risk traveling far. Like yeah some people are probably thankful for this, but others are putting themselves through isolation despite getting the vaccine already.

No. 759486

Gotta get the vaccination asap because I am having surgery soon and I am not looking forward to it even though I do want it, if it makes sense at all? I have to spend weeks at the hospital so gotta do it, I am not even 100% which vaccine it is, I think astra but that's the one I keep hearing shit about aaaaaa.

No. 759498

Some rational thinking here, I love it. The harm that these lockdowns have done is so much worse than if we built herd immunity early on.
I have an older relative who I love dearly too. Death is the one guaranteed thing anyone will experience sometime in life. It's selfish of us to negatively effect others when she and us as her family should be the ones making sacrifices to keep her alive, not the rest of the world.
She's getting vaccinated this week and I am praying she doesn't get bad side effects.

No. 759505

Finally some fucking sense in this thread. I don't like how younger people and workers get fucked over, but It's not bad to be considerate of middle-aged and elderly people. If the issue is this is "messing up" the circle of life, then I guess we should just get rid of hospitals and not give anyone of any age the option of receiving treatment for any issues. Of course they will die at some point, but it's not bad to try to keep them alive. I really do hate how selfish Americans can be tbh.

No. 759522

I'm sick of guessing if I have covid or not everytime I feel shitty. Still can taste and smell, had a migraine for the last few days, more coughing and bad throat than my usual cough from the cold mornings, and have felt dizzy and light headed at times the last two days. Bf claims hes fine despite also saying hes had migraines this past week and felt dizzy/confused this morning. When I ask others in my life it I should get a covid test they tell me Im overacting.

No. 759935

File: 1615575043975.png (471.56 KB, 1096x2560, Screenshot_20210312-195010.png)

Some European countries are rejecting the AstraZeneca vaccine because of possible side effects

No. 759961

I've been reading that there's growing concern over the astrazeneca being a second rate vaccine because it's less effective than the mRNA options. Where I live we don't have the option of choosing between phizer, moderna or AZ, it's a "take what you can get when it's offered" situation which doesn't sit right with me for some reason.

No. 760437

I'm as far removed from an expert as possible, but my country's approach to Covid has been one big Retardfest. We were locked up in March like everybody else, essential business only, curfew at 8pm, etc. Then, gradually rules became relaxed to the point where we had a surreal July and August where pubs and clubs had live music and everything was packed, and people went on vacation to the seaside, while people still got infected and died. They restricted the working hours of clubs and restaurants to 10pm, with the only result being people going out earlier than usual. Like, I would go to the store at 8pm and I would see people already hammered walking down the street singing.
And then in September they banned live music but kept the clubs open. They separated school classes into groups (no more than 15 students per group), shortened the classes and put them into 4 different shifts, meanwhile clubs remained (and remain to this day) full of people.
Last week, in a new hilarious decision, they allowed live music again, but with the stipulation that guests are forbidden from singing and dancing lmao. Like, Covid only spreads if you sing to live music, but if the music is from a YouTube playlist, that keeps it at bay? Anyway, the decision only lasted for 3 days before they banned live music again along with closing gyms, which has had the fitness community in an uproar at the moment, and they're throwing shade at the club community, like 'it's fine for people to get drunk, but healthy life is a no-no'. It's just hilarios all round, what is this reality.

No. 760600

I'm happy that news like this is coming out that the vaccines may be bad. This gives me more justification to not have the vaccine without being ousted by the sheep society.

No. 761268

It's been a few days, but hey what's the harm in getting a covid test if they are readily available where you live (hopefully). Anon bear with me, but have you checked for mold in your home? Sometimes those symptoms can be a sign you have some.

No. 761295

My biggest covid symptom was dizziness and extreme lack of energy which I've never had for any other virus. The virus wasn't bad at all (no sore throat and almost no cough), but the dizziness and fatigue, it felt like it impacted me mentally too. I was sitting in one place and my eyes were moving left and right as if I was losing balance.

Get the test just for peace of mind. You'll be completely fine though.

No. 761305

Anon are you from RS?

No. 761377

File: 1615742530199.jpg (97.81 KB, 1080x1087, 123236025_371062674147326_2126…)

I totally agree with everybody here stating that front line workers should get it first. I also hate the fact that everybody is telling me to take care because of the elderly even when most of the older folks I know just doesn't give a shit and celebrate birthday parties and so on? Like, at this point I honestly do not care at all, I just want my own ass not being affected because everybody else has to travel and meeting with friends. My country (germany) is SLOW AF with the vaccine. In April we will start with the 70s yo people. Until I get it, it will be prob 2022 because it is a huge bureaucratic disaster. At the same time the new version of covid B117 is spreading especially among young people really fast and it really worries me. I just want to finally feel safe because it can have such big impact on you for the rest of your life, like heart or lung damage.

And I miss concerts, I just want concerts to return. This is all I want.

No. 761465

I know ill be screaming in the abyss but everything in my city is crowded and it makes me wanna kms

No. 761488

I have no choice but to travel later this month.. How can I make sure I can be safe on the to and fro of airplane travel and staying at a hotel for a week and a half? I'm pretty healthy, and hate illnesses. Really scared of getting this virus guys.

No. 761492

Traveling is not THAT dangerous nowadays when barely anyone does it, keep in mind that most likely place of catching the virus is at home with your family - so where all of interactions are close and long-lasting. Traveling you will not be spending a lot of time without a mask close to other unmasked strangers. Just keep your mask on, clean your hands and it will be ok, fingers crossed.

No. 761538

I'm technically eligible for the vaccine because I work in a medical training facility that issues documents that healthcare workers need in order to work but I don't even know what to check myself off as when trying to sign up for a vaccine. Teacher? Healthcare worker? I'm in a weird in between and I'm scared I'm gonna be slapped with a fine for "lying" because I don't technically work in a school, or work in a patient facing facility (all I see all day are people who work in hospitals and shit). I have a letter from my boss in case and my card that says I'm a certified instructor (tho I mostly work the front desk), and my coworker who's a former paramedic says we do count under essential workers (though I assumed when he signed up he checked off that he was an emt) but ugh. Everyone I know who's gotten the vaccine says no one checked shit from them though lol, not sure if that's supposed to make me feel better or more disheartened that there might be people just getting it because they know the workers won't check that they're actually eligible.

No. 761559

>when most of the older folks I know just doesn't give a shit and celebrate birthday parties and so on?
Dude seriously. My older relatives have to be yelled at to wear a mask (and then still don’t) and have been acting like everything’s fine since the start. They haven’t lost jobs or put off education. My older family members are also giving me shit for not visiting them, like wtf. I’m so tired of this entitled attitude.

No. 761684

I have gotten the Biontech one and suffered none of the sides while one of my work colleagues got the AstraZeneca one(who is fat and smokes a lot btw not sure if that matters) has a high fever and had to stay home from work tonight.
All this covid shit did to me was make me rethink my lifestyle and lose weight.

No. 761728

I'm not looking forward to everyone taking off their masks again. I haven't been sick in over a year since covid hit whereas before I was getting egregiously sick at least a few times a year. I report to an office and I still go out and do things, but the mask-wearing so contagious fuckos aren't cycling the same air as me has really helped matters, I believe. Not only that, but people get into social shit now whenever they are sick and try to be around other people. Sick people staying the fuck home and not treating it lightly–because now there's shame involved with willfully infecting people–has also been quite effective.

No. 761731


Almost everybody in my close circle of colleagues got Covid in the last few months, and also some relatives. I spent 15 days in quarantine in January for being exposed, I tested negative then. I am kinda amazed that I haven't got it yet with all these people around me testing positive. Even though we all wear masks, we still all work closely and share spaces, I'm thinking of doing an antibody test to see if maybe I got it and was asymptomatic, but at the same time I'm afraid of both a negative and positive result? Like, if it's negative, I'm still going to be in fear of catching it, and if it's positive, I'm gonna be obsessively thinking about any possible effects it has had on me in the background. I'm young and healthy but it's doing fuck all for my peace of mind. I'm kind of a hypochondriac a little bit, so everything freaks me out.
I'm also eligible for a vaccine because of my line of work (teaching), but I'm a chicken for that, too. I'm not anti-vaxx by any means, it's just my over-the-top fear of everything.

No. 761744

Your immune system must be very weak if you were getting sick that often. Masks shouldn't and can't take the place of our immune systems. We're only wearing them to stop the healthcare system from collapsing because covid spreads exponentially. If it were less contagious but still the same disease or if we had enough medical resources in place, we wouldn't be using them. Most people will still get infected, covid isn't going away, it will be around for the rest of our lives, you're sure to catch it at some point. Masks are just to make sure not too many people get infected at the same time but to spread it out so healthcare services can keep up.
Wanting to wear masks all the time instead of training your immune system to do it's thing sounds like wilfully disabling yourself. Like sure, that's a nice disability scooter you got there, but don't stop completely using your legs, they'll atrophy. Nice that you're wearing a mask now, but don't do it all the time or you'll cripple your immune system. Have some sense of measure and balance.

No. 761897

NTA but here I was being immunocompromised and dreaming of a world where people could be a little more careful about coughing their germs everywhere when I should have been licking doorknobs and training my problems away. Huzzah! Thank you anon, maybe next I can pull myself up by my bootstraps. Time to go shove someone off a wheelchair, maybe they just need that push so they can start training themselves to walk.

No. 761925

Nobody is selfish. Young Americans are dying from shitty healthcare systems as well as the fact most of us are forced to live in the streets or cars. It's not selfish to point out it's unfair that old people get cared for way more than young people.

No. 761949

So you really think a piece of cloth is going to crumble her immune system? People are fucking disgusting before now they were hacking and coughing all over the goddamn place, going to public places sick now properly washing their hands now, which is gross in itself.

No. 761972

I have Covid. It’s actually nice because I am getting caught up on housework and spending sickly quality time with my fiancé. My job put me out on emergency sick leave so I don’t even have to work. There’s nothing cozier than being sick with somebody you love

Although it inflamed my sciatic nerve so I have to take Tylenol cold and flu otherwise my ass and legs hurt terribly lol

No. 762102

I got the J&J vaccine yesterday and oof I'm so sore. Interestingly no redness/pain at the injection site, just sore all over (esp my legs) and fatigued. And I have a bit of a headache

Ideally I wanted one of the two-shot ones but randomly got offered the Johnson & Johnson (despite not being in the eligible groups), probably wouldn't have been able to get a vaccine for at least 3-4 months otherwise so no way was I turning it down.

No. 762376

It sucks how the US hoarded like most of the vaccines in the world because fuck anyone that's not Murrican I guess. Fuck you guys.

No. 763977

My neighbors got covid, but their kids were vaccinated so they didn't get sick. Pretty much confirms for me at least they work. I'll update if I find out which vaccine they got. I'm a bit tinfoily but this is a push towards me getting it

No. 763980

Where the fuck are they vaccinating kids?

No. 764011

adult kids, their sons. College kids. Sorry to mislead

No. 764444

Their mostly being given to boomers and fatties. Young healthy adults have no chance unless they work in the medical field

No. 765574

In about an hour I will be vaccinated. I'm scared of shots but I'm pushing through it. It's been a long year and I' very grateful for this. I love how it's on this date too, the anniversary of new horizons.

No. 765580

Hope it goes smoothly for you anon! I know a lot of people who had no or almost none side effects of the vaccine so fingers crossed it will be the same for you

No. 765617

Thank you. It went perfectly and I am not kidding when I say I didn't even feel it. I hope this info will ease someone's anxiety

No. 765640

Just got mine as well. Didn't feel it and it was super quick! Only side effect so far is sore arm but I'm not expecting many since I don't get reactions like that to vaccines normally.

No. 765979

I'm so tired of my family telling me that I need to come fly out and visit and making me feel like an asshole for not wanting to spread covid. I have severe asthma and my siblings who don't have asthma act like it's just catching a cold. They don't wear masks and are trying to convince my 60 year old mom to not get the vaccine (She has asthma and COPD).
They make me feel like I'm overreacting about not trying to get sick

No. 766207

Do you think neets and the media and shit were the reason why you guys handled this pandemic so incorrectly? I don’t include myself, I never fell for this bs. I wonder for how long we will blame corona for the downfall of society? Why did people handle sars and ebola better than the macaroni? Le masks le curfew le disease. Venting is allowed so don’t complain I hate the lockdown more so than the disease (which I don’t considering I don’t really notice the influence of the disease itself degrading our society).

No. 767047

>Why did people handle sars and ebola better than the macaroni?
Virtue signalling over social media wasn't as rampant as it is now.

No. 767053

covid is more widespread with more cases requiring hospitalization than ebola and sars; introducing the issue of healthcare system being overloaded which didn't happen with the other viruses'; that's why it's so serious. People think it's similar because they've never been to a hospital but in the hospitals you really can see a difference and reason why it has to be treated more seriously.

No. 767055

Come on, you can't seriously think the difference between ebola and covid is how it was handled or how the media affected it lmao. Ebola is spread by contact with bodily fluids like blood or vomit rather than breathing on someone or touching the same things, it first appeared decades ago in rural Africa where they weren't exactly world travelers, symptoms include bleeding from every orifice rather than flu-like symptoms, chances are you'd be incapacitated or dead before you got a chance to spread it anywhere particularly crowded.

SARS might be a fair comparison but idk much about that.

No. 767090

I'm so sick of how entitled people are about the stimulus checks. I keep seeing Americans whinge and complain about how they're not getting enough money or it's too late, and as a non-burger it baffles me. Like, I get that your government hasn't handled shit too well, but you're literally getting free money while people anywhere outside the US aren't getting anything like that, and you have the nerve to complain about wanting more gibs?

Like >>767055 said, comparison to ebola is ridiculous. SARS is more similar to the rona but the big difference is the scale; there was a panic about SARS too back when that was a thing. Arguably when it started out people took SARS more seriously than coronavirus, but the difference is that almost nobody actually got it. In total there were something like 8 cases and 0 deaths from SARS in the US, and even then it was taken very seriously. Contrast that with corona, where it took a huge amount of non-Chinese infections and deaths for the media to even consider saying anything but 'it'll be fine guys, nobody needs masks'. I think the media are part of the reason why the pandemic was handled the way it was, but because of the late response rather than overreaction.

No. 767102

File: 1616420340524.png (474.37 KB, 525x618, 1592375611696.png)

I received an email at work about how two coworkers from another department infected each other by staying very close to each other on purpose without their masks on. They most likely shook hands or kissed each other on the cheeks to greet each other because French people are just autistic like that. And since last week I've noticed that almost nobody I see outside on my way to work or on my way back home after work wear their masks, except sometimes in the subway. I can't even count how many times some boomers were reunited around the bar near the subway station with their "takeaway" beer cups, smoked right in my face or coughed without their masks on right in my face before I could even cross the street and barely apologized. If I get severely sick again and actually die this time at least I'll know why.

No. 767106

Some viruses can ironically enough be self limiting by the fact that they are too effective at attacking you. They kill you before they even get passed around to others, or incompacitate you and leave you camping out in a bathroom. That's the difference between respiratory illnesses and stomach ones. Ebola and covid don't compare. The spread, symptoms and most of all.. death rates are too different. Stop making this retarded comparison.

No. 767535

The vaccine rollout has been extremely slow where I live. My brother and his wife, who have been working from home since the pandemic began and are now on parental leave, are boasting about how they've already received the Phizer vacc purely because they're work in the HR department of a public health institution. It's basically a loophole which gives them the status of frontline worker even though they're pencil pushers with the luxury of staying at home. I know that ultimately the goal is to inoculate as much as the population as possible, but it still pissed me off. There are so many people who are actually providing essential services to the public and yet they won't be vaccinated until late spring (at best), so it's just plainly unfair from a systemic perspective. Add to that the self-important way that they were prattling on about being prioritized in the rollout even though they barely do any work, and it made me feel kind of disgusted with them. Not hating on any anons who have been vaxxed, I just need to vent my resentment against my retarded brother.

No. 768908

Just want to visit home already, has been 2 years now, I have never been away for so long. The plan was to go there last summer but obviously didn't happen. At this point I care about the virus less than ever and abide by rules just out of courtesy, hopefully UK with all its vaccine shenanigans will reach some sort of normal this year (bit naiive possibly). I am from an EU country though and their vaccination rates are so bad I hope they'll let me in lmao.

No. 768999

I got shot up today! My region just barely opened up to all adults today. I was on the ball last week and signed up the minute appointments were made available. The emotion going in there was similar to how I felt when I graduated.

No. 769460

it is annoying to me that so many places are denouncing the astrazeneca vaccine without real proof. i have had it myself and i know quite a lot of people who have also had it, some of them including myself had side effects (nothing too serious luckily.) so it would be 100% understandable if there was genuine data to support the claims that it is harmful, but since the az vaccine is one of the more widely available ones, arbitrarily banning its use is just going to be detrimental to vaccine rollout.

sorry for blogposting but i do covid testing on others at work for travel and it can be such an ordeal for everyone involved. if vaccines can become widespread we can return to normality; pointlessly hampering the progress of vaccine rollout without sufficient evidence is just harmful imo

No. 769877

im already sick of seeing people post the photo of their vaccination slips on social media

No. 769908

>The emotion going in there was similar to how I felt when I graduated.
When I got my second shot, the doctor printed and handed me the confirmation paper and said "congratulations, here's your diploma". Kek

No. 770111

I read that even if they do cause blood clots, it causes them at a FAR lower rate than hormonal birth control does and a majority of western women have probably taken that once in their life!! So it’s okay when women are taking blood clot pills but if a vaccine has an unusual side effect no one can take it? Idk that point just made me mad

No. 770171

The governments that hit pause on administering the AZ vaccine wanted to send the message that we can trust them because they're taking precautionary measures in the interest of public health, but it's only contributed to vaccine hesitancy. There is already so much misinformation and cynicism surrounding the pandemic, this has just added fuel to the fire. The only truly concerning evidence regarding the AZ shot that I'm aware of is that it's not effective at protecting against the variant that was found in South Africa. Maybe someone who's more scientifically literate can weigh in on that though.

No. 770495

I heard that the vaccine can cause really low blood pressure for a couple days, any other anons experienced this? my heart is kind of fucked and my regular blood pressure hovers right above the danger zone, and it's kind of making me nervous. I haven't been able to find any answers on the internet so far and I don't have health insurance so I can't get to a doctor easily.

No. 770500

This whole thread is why I'm not getting any vaccine.

No. 770675

I registered for the vaccine and didn't receive any confirming e-mail or anything like that with the details on where to go. I live in a shitty central-european country so this is no surprise but still. Everyone else has already gotten the shot it feels like

No. 771428

this fucking government is pants-on-head retarded and can't figure out how to vaccinate more than 3 ppl at a time
my dad is over 70 ad no viccine in sight

guess they're too busy hunting down imaginary leftists in universities while students are starving lmao

No. 773133

kinda scared to get my vaccine after reading peoples' experiences with the moderna one. im scheduled for the 1st

No. 773137

What have people said?

No. 773143

Got the moderna shot a few weeks back, getting the second does next next week. Only had a sore arm, that's it.

No. 773147

File: 1617154667152.gif (2.05 MB, 320x240, 6DF46245-E380-4280-8D56-8E0935…)

1 week later after the second shot of the vaccine:

No. 773167

i guess the only people posting about it are the people who got it bad. but : incredibly sore arm for a week, vomiting, nasty headache, fever, feeling like they had covid over again.
i'm sure it'll be okay, maybe even better since i've already had it and that'll help idk antibodies etc etc

No. 773178

Fuggg anon I’m getting my first moderna on Friday
I hear the second shot is what lays you out and now I’m so reluctant

No. 773199

damn i've been hearing the second is worse. its scary that there's so much conflicting info that's not being addressed by govts

No. 773201

is it really that hard to get? people react differently cause they're… different.

No. 773206

yes they react differently that's why it's worrying to me

No. 773238

Huh weird it's almost like they know it's dangerous and there hasn't been enough testing

No. 773239

yes that's what is being said in this convo

No. 773286

So my little sister has a girl in her highschool who has covid but she doesn't share classes with her directly. Everyone who was in her class or in contact with the sick girl's classmates were kicked out for a week so my sister is going to be tested today and won't go back to school until next week. I had to stay with another sister after work yesterday just in case but I don't know if I should get tested just in case. I wouldnt be able to be tested right away because many people already have tests scheduled this week.

No. 773355

Anon, do you get tested every time you leave the house? Because the chances of you getting Covid from a classmate of a classmate of a classmate are as big as getting Covid at a store. If I had to think about testing for every three degrees of separation, I'd shoot myself.

No. 773359

>retards party en masses in capital city
>numbers go up
>gov decides that you now have to wear a mask out in the open
>retards mad

It's been a fucking year and people still don't understand the basics. Like I get it, they're tired of being inside etc etc etc, I am too and so are others but sure, keep fucking it up for everyone else because you just HAD to get drunk. Fucking alcoholics.

No. 773365

It's the fact that they kicked out everyone in my sister's class that's making me worry. For once this shithole of a high school is taking precautions, from what I recall about my years there.

No. 773367

samefagging to say that on top of that my sister told me that her classmates hug and kiss each other on the cheek without their masks on on purpose all the time and it's a very old high school so the building is already too small compared to the number of students. Fuck la bise and fuck France.

No. 773375

Cases are on the rise again in my shithole country where we had people quarantining in April, partying in July, wearing masks outdoors in January, then again filling up pubs and bars in February, and now pubs, bars, and restaurants are closed, and school has been online for two weeks. I feel like we're living in an alternative timeline where every month someone throws a dice to decide what level of fucked we are.

No. 773886

Someone at work who hardly wears a mask tested positive and now Iam at risk. It's most likely everyone I work with got it because none of those idiots wore a mask in the back. I always wore my n95 but im scared I have it. Wish me luck.

No. 773889

Hopefully you don’t have it!! Anecdotal but transmissibility like really isn’t always /that/ high. Back in September I hung out at a friends apartment the day his roomate ended up going in for a rapid test that came back positive a few hours after i had left, and we were all in the same room for at least an hour with no masks and I tested negative. Take care of yourself and try not to worry too much, praying that you don’t have it!!!

No. 773903

As long as you're not obese you'll probably be fine. The fatality rate is less than 1%.

No. 773907

No. 773932

Thank you so much, I'm so scared. Tomorrow I will know. My state and county are a disaster for cases lately and I didn't even realize it. I am simply hoping for the best, even though I feel slightly warm and my throat isn't feeling the best (not sore though).

I'm not obese, but I take birth control and I know that covid infections are related to blood clots, so I'm scared of that. And I'm scared of organ damage, which appears to be for life and can happen to asymptomatic or young people.

No. 774778

Ladies I’m getting my vaccine on the 10th of April. I’m a nurse in homecare and I worry for my parents, they’re both heavy smokers and I don’t want to bring COVID over to them. They will vaccinate me with AZ-vaccine and I’m kind of worried. In Germany they stopped vaccinating people under 60 with it and women have to get a check up, here in the Netherlands they don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s weird to me but I feel obliged to get the vaccine.

No. 774783

Got the first dose of Moderna vaccine yesterday and was feeling fine, slightly sore arm but holy hell, I got sick last night. Really bad fever and chills, extreme fatigue, headache, I’ve been taking Tylenol. Has anyone experienced this and how long did it last for you?

No. 774784

A relative of mine did and it lasted about two days. Hang in there, anon!

No. 774810


I’ve heard Moderna can be rough on the first shot but Pfizer is rough on the second one. So hopefully second shot will go smooth for you.

No. 774918

ladies, what do we think about the johnson and johnson vaccine? it's all that I could get, no sites near me were offering the moderna or pfizer. personally I'm excited to only need to get one shot.

No. 775000

I got my first (Pfizer) shot and a week later I caught brittish mutation of covid… Fml seriously. I don't feel too bad, it's getting better already but I live with my parents (50s). They don't show any symptoms yet but I think it's inevitable they'll catch/already caught it considering we use the same bathroom and everything. I hope they're gonna be as okay as me.

No. 775049

Just coming back to say that my little sister was tested negative yesterday, but even though the girl at her high school didn't contaminate her she'll still stay at home for a few weeks because the government FINALLY decided to close schools. I'm relieved.

No. 775114


Just one shot of Pfizer or Moderna gives you more protection than the J&J at its best, but at the end of the day the best vaccine is the one you can actually get your hands on.

No. 775460

I've heard information that the vaccine doesn't even prevent the virus, it just gets rid of the symptoms. So what's the reason for it? Most of us are already asymptomatic, and the fact the virus is advancing over time, this vaccination is going to be obsolete to the virus in a dozen or so months. I ain't getting a vaccination until my job requires me to get one. I have noticed the majority of people getting shots are the ones who are privileged enough to have a job that lets them work from home and actually were able to be in a lock-down. The government is fucked as it is, it's extremely obvious how left out the lower class majority are excluded from their "safety measures." That being said, my site is union, and I wonder if we can demand hazard pay this late on.

No. 776041

Got a call like last minute from my GP that I can take a vaccine, but the one that has the worst "reviews", Astrazeneca. Now my mother and other relatives are reading up on it and all the scary news and telling me to wait for other shots (the mRNS ones are being held back now for the sake those who can't handle vector ones).
I barely leave my home because of lockdown, so I don't really see it as urgent, but I feel like I'm setting back the herd immunity. Aaah, I hate being alive in 2021.

No. 776047

I had AstraZeneca a week ago, idk about where you are but here it’s the only vaccine my group were offered so I felt I had to take it. I’m not going to sing the praises of AZ but in the U.K. there have been 30 cases of blood clots, including 7 deaths, out of 18 million vaccines. The risks are tiny.

That being said I kinda wish I hadn’t had it done. Your conflicted feelings are understandable, it’s a tough situation.

No. 776054

Still no feedback. I feel like I'm gonna be the last person to receive the shot in this fucking country

No. 776070

Someone told me they don't want to be vaccinated because they want to have a baby soon and don't want potential fertility issues. Does this have any basis in reality?

No. 776074

Why do you wish you hadn't gone through with it? I imagined that if you do decide to get it, it's at least somewhat a relief (given you didn't suffer terrible side effects).

No. 776089

I think it's fair to want the "good" vaccine with the best reviews. There's shit out about certain ones like some covering more strains, and others who failed quality control and have worse side effects. Imo people saying that you should be happy with any vaccine are basically okay with you being a ginea pig. I don't think that's right. Unlike previous vaccines, we haven't had much time to test them so hesitations about taking the shittier ones are warranted this time around–again, IMO.

No. 776094

Thank you, two days later and I feel completely normal. I guess it was worth it!

No. 776152

Do you know if you’re at higher risk for blood clots? If it was offered to me I’d probably ask my doctor if it is okay cause I’m also on birth control and am a smoker (but under 30), so I know I’d be at a medium risk for blood clots. I think it would be worth asking a professional if you have any other factors, it’s really doubtful that it’ll cause blood clots on its own

No. 776163

I'm not on birth control, and I don't think I am at risk (unless I have some shitty hidden condition), but the whole thing was very short notice and I'd have to go in tomorrow, while almost everything's closed or everyone's busy celebrating Easter. When I managed to get my GP to pick up the phone, she told me that even if I don't show up, I won't be taken off the government list, so they'll offer me a different date later, and it's possible they'll have other vaccines to pick by then.

No. 776203


I really wouldn't worry about it… The average person is healthy enough to handle a vaccine. Unless you're on a huge maintenance drug cocktail which includes blood thinners like warfarin or Plavix, but I'm assuming your GP would know your health and drug history.

No. 776256

If you are healthy in general I don't understand why you would get the vaccine. It doesn't prevent the spread, so you're only protecting yourself.
I was also thinking, if the vaccine just helps with your personal symptoms, wouldn't that make it easier to spread? My mother takes care of someone who is immunocompromised. If she got the vaccine, and she did get COVID, she would more likely pass it on to that woman because she wouldn't have symptoms.
None of it makes much sense to me other than pharma is pushing it so they can make more money.

No. 776277

I got the Johnson & Johnson because that’s what they gave me and there wasn’t a choice. I’m a little worried since it’s not as effective but at least it’s effective against severe cases and death. I wonder if I’ll be able to get one of the 2 parters once everyone has it.

No. 776310

My family all dogpiled on me today at Easter and called me a crackpot antivaxxer for not wanting to get the vaccine. Too bad for them I used to being the blacksheep so they can't bully me into it. If anything their over the top reaction proves how little critical thinking they've done. And snarkily telling me "Well you'll have to, they will make it mandatory for all the jobs in time so good luck with that". THEY brought it up and then think it's ok to give me shit when I don't want to do exactly what they want to do. All I said was that I wanted to wait and they all jumped down my throat with assumptions and bullshit I didn't even get a chance to say why. I hate my family so much.

No. 776313

Anon the tinfoil/antivaxx facebook group is another thread. Please post accordingly.

No. 776315

I said I wanted to wait longer to take it not that I won't take it at all

No. 776319

Anon that's understandable, we can't tell the long term side effects of the vaccine anyways, so waiting is the a good bet. Plus younger people have a smaller chance of getting hospitalized so it's not that big of a deal.

No. 776346

are you talking about the tinfoil conspiracy thread or is there a specific one for antivax? asking for uh…a friend

No. 776352

class average for this one course is 70% and my professor seems to totally blame us. bro it's not our fault we're living through a plague and your recorded lectures are overlong where you can't finish a sentence in your robot voice without going "um uh oh um oh" and this subject we're studying is so obscure that even if we do cheat on homework assignments there's only a 50/50 chance of MAYBE finding something that points to the proper answer. fuck you and fuck honorlock

No. 776354

What I read was that once vaccinated your viral load will be lower which makes symptoms lighter/non-existent and transmission much less likely, but I haven't sought out any scientific articles regarding this so it could be wrong.

No. 776413

I’m with you, anon. Capitalism plus an overwhelming global need for a vaccine plus very little time to understand the long-term effects of the vaccine equals me waiting as long as possible before I put this shit in my body.

No. 776519

But if that is true doesn't it mean that asymptomatic people don't spread the rona? It would defeat the whole purpose of locking down like crazy.

No. 776529

File: 1617609437598.jpg (4.9 KB, 224x224, e750d0a60fb1d69c167493ca87e66d…)

Dear God, I got lucky and am getting a good vaccine early but the storm onto the vaccination place was some messy Black Friday type of shit and there was no regulated system to guide waiting lines. This old fart and his old fart wife literally ran me over even tho I asked for social distance upon their descent and he was like "sure social distance" and I had to jump out of the way. Few people kept their distance, so many cut in line, then the badly distanced ones krept closer still. Coordination could be better in this town because obviously people can't wait or follow rules for their own safety and everyone else. I get that it's frustrating to have an appointment and still wait in a packed line with whatever you have going on but you could make this easier for everyone and yourself by just waiting.

The doctors and nurses and helpers were awesome tho.

No. 776530

sure if you think barely showing symptoms from the plague is safe to bet on compared to being vaccinated

No. 776536

It's the same though? I mean, lockdowns were inforced on the premise that you don't know who is sick so better lock up everyone. China already saw the stupid of that so they only count as new cases people who show symptoms. If you want to claim the vaccine stops the spread because it makes people asymptomatic you will have to take back the asymptomatic spread claim and admit the lockdows were for nothing. Bet they'll come up with some dumb explanation though, they will never backtrack.

No. 776545

Yeah I'm not anti-life or anti-economy but you can't anticipate symptoms in someone unvaccinated well. I can't research the vaccination effect on the spread atm but it's a much safer bet because you can actually anticipate who will be asymptomatic at least. But I know I'd rather not be sick with a freaky virus. I'd also rather be healthy to grocery shop and meet all my appointments uninhibited, too, (and meet my partner sometimes) and not depend on someone else for groceries or I could infect people. There is no solution without serious draw-backs. Personally, I prefer the evil of lockdowns.

No. 776549

What about being asymptomatic makes you less likely to spread the rona? Assuming you still have a live viral load, how that affects the next person is literally anyones guess (educated guess with the knowledge of how some pre-existing factors are much more likely to make it worse). Lockdowns owrk because the period of time the virus is transmissable is 7-14 days, so to lock a population down for that length of time is long enough to either weed out people who are obviously sick for treatment/isolation or for the people who are asyptomatioc to pass the infectious stage so they can't unwittingly spread it. Are you being obtuse?

I'm sure China has some more pressing factors, absolutely economical, that precludes them from wanting to pursue that strategy and that's wrong of them too.

No. 776552

Not that it's just China in that basket though, that's most of the world and it is due to the forces of capitalism for the record.

No. 776557

That's what vaccine manufacturers are claiming tho, not me. They claim vaccines make you asymptomatic so they stop the spread.

No. 776566

What do you think about the AstraZeneca vaccine?

No. 776570

Almost everyone I know on the frontline got the AstraZeneca a couple of months ago and transmissions in the hospital have dropped off massively and staff haven't been needing to isolate as much.

I got it too and had no side effects. I did get a little worried since I am on bloodclotters and the whole blood clot thing came up, but nothing ever happened and it was pointed out that blood clots in general have been on the rise because people who have been furloughed or isolating or working from home haven't been moving around as much. Even if they do find a link, it could probably be offset by simple precautions.

No. 776574

File: 1617622718867.gif (1004.52 KB, 335x251, giphy.gif)

I'm getting the Fauci ouchie today at noon and I'm kind of scared of getting a blood clot and keeling over because im a shitty NEET but whatever. At least once I'm fully vaccinated Ill be able to fly home and finally get all the fucking dildos I left in storage at my parents' house

No. 776577

Being asymptomatic doesn't automatically mean you have a lower viral load. The Sang Hyun Ra study showed asymptomatic and symptomatic patients had a similar viral load.

The vaccine doesn't make people asymptomatic, it lowers their viral load. Asymptomatic is simply not showing symptoms of an illness. You can be asymptomatic with an extremely high viral load.

It's a weird concept but apply it to an illness we know more about - HIV. A person in the second stage of HIV is usually asymptomatic but has a transmissible viral load and pass it on to others. It's the viral load that needs to be dealt with to change transmission rates, not the symptoms.

Which vaccine makers are claiming this?

No. 777390

I tested negative when I took a test the day I found out, and I tested negative 4 days after last exposure. Just took a third test on day 7 after last exposure. Sincerely hope it's negative and I'm in the clear.

No. 777408

kek, hoping you have your reunion with your dildos as soon as possible! Godspeed!

No. 777504

Has anyone else in the UK under 30 got the vaccine? I got a text that I can get one and booked it but it seems it's still only supposed to be for older/vulnerable, I'm 23 and am not particularly at risk and I'm worried there's been a mistake and don't want to have to call them.

No. 777507

I had mine a few weeks ago, I’m 24. I have mental health issues/temporal lobe epilepsy which is why I think I was called to have mine when I did, but if you have been called you should go ahead and have it. They wouldn’t have contacted you by mistake, they’re doing many people as possible

No. 777522

I'll trust it then, I also have mental health issues that they know about but figured that wouldn't be a reason.

No. 777722

I got a self isolation notification from the nhs app at 3am to isolate for 10 days, I don't work and I don't mix with people. I go for walks and occasionally to the shop but I'm not near anyone and certainly not for 15 mins within 2m. I'm just so upset and confused like covid cases are super low in my area my partner just got vaccinated and I'm finally starting to het over the severe anxiety/depression covid has caused me and now this happens.

No. 777870

So are vaccines dangerous to people who already had the virus? That's a thing that's going around in my country. Apparently you get bad symptoms and high fever (or death) if you get vaccinated and you already had the rona.

Almost everyone's been affected because of lockdowns though, a lot of people move less because of them. If that's true then we're all fucked kek

No. 777927

Am I an insane anti-vaxxer for wanting to wait as long as possible for the vaccine? I never thought I'd be anti-vaccine but I'm worried about the lack of testing and long term side effects. I haven't been offered it yet and it looks like it'll be a long time before my demographic gets it in my country so it's not like I've refused it. But I'm definitely concerned and idk if I'm being a conspiracy nut.

No. 777929

Nope as long as you still wear your mask and keep a distance. I think it's a valid concern.

No. 778495

Incase it's of any help to anyone I'm the same anon as >>777504 and they just canceled mine because they're only giving to over 30s right now.

No. 778555

So I finally got a notification that I could get the vaccine next week, but it's the Sputnik one and I'm not familiar with it…Has anyone got the Sputnik? Experiences? Opinions?

No. 778561

I know some people who got it, including one over 90. No side effects at all. Works so far, none of them got covid since. Idk what else to tell you, it's boring, you get the shots you go on with your life.

No. 778574

I just read that the Russian government rolled out this vaccine before clinical efficacy was proven. And this doesn't really inspire trust

No. 778577

I mean, the Russian gvt in general isn't trustworthy, and your concerns are perfectly normal. I'm just saying what I've seen around me. Those people I know are fine, and you'll be fine too.

No. 778670

I tested negative again. What a huge relief. I suspect I had a tiny cold right after the exposure… life is strange.

No. 778734

Three of the variants of concern are currently in circulation where I live. The vaccination campaign has been moving really slow here. Most frontline workers are still unvaccinated, and a lot of workers that have received the first dose are being made to wait up to four months for the second dose, against the advise of the vaccine manufacturers. I'm really worried about how the new variants might impact on young people and the working population in general, both in terms of their physical health and their longterm livelihood. Throughout this entire pandemic people have been downplaying the effects of the virus and saying that it's only dangerous to seniors, but the fact is that we don't really understand the long-term effects of covid on the lungs, heart and brain. Not only do I not want to give the virus another opportunity to mutate, but I would hate to get sick and struggle with health complications for months or years to come because of this fucking thing, and there's mounting evidence of this occurring in young adults with no comorbidities.

The way that the government in my region has mishandled the pandemic pisses me off because it's clear that they do not give a fuck about young, working people and our future. If we look at the past we can see that humanity tends to be pretty resilient, societies find a way to scale obstacles and invent new possibilities from the depths of despair, so maybe we can eventually produce something worthwhile out of all this misery.

No. 778927

File: 1617918861150.jpg (60.46 KB, 923x917, 20210324_105228.jpg)

Feel free to skip, I'm venting.

I hate the fucking vaccines and I hate this goddamn virus. My pharmacy has been absolutely slammed by the sheer number of vaccines we have to give daily. We're small, we're understaffed, one of the few techs we have is a dead weight who is barely literate. We only have one pharmacist here at a time so there's only one person giving vaccines, and that same person verifying scripts/consulting patient's/handling transfers/essentially working the whole damn pharmacy besides counting product and working the register. We're so fucking backed up. Corporate allocated too many doses for our little ass store. What do we do if a batch is about to expire and we can't find a single person who wants to take it? Who knows! Likely get screamed at by corporate. But hey, if we're barred from giving the vaccine, I really wouldn't fucking care.

I'm so fucking stressed out. At least corporate gave us a whole dollar raise at the start of the year! Boy oh boy. I'm going to goddamn scream.

No. 778943

I share your view completely. this really resonated with me, especially that last sentence. it sounds like you live in the same region as me, based on the three variants and the slow vaccine rollout. it has been very frustrating and anxiety-inducing. hang in there. we're in the home stretch now, and we will get through this!

No. 778963

Booked my vaccination but the earliest I could get was about 2 weeks from now, I am nervous but my mom got it today and she said it was ok. I am kinda afraid of the queuing part, I don't wanna hang around there for too long and I have leg and back issues, hope I don't just fall tf over and embarrass myself

No. 778970


Yeah, I had Covid and I have developed an impending sense of doom that constantly hovers above me. I feel like I'm going to die soon, so I have been working non-stop to attain all my goals before I'm struck down by something.

We mainly have AstraZ here, which a lot of people are hesitant to take. Bad press completely shattered people's already dampened interest to get vaccinated.

No. 778973

>Bad press completely shattered people's already dampened interest to get vaccinated.
Someone raised a very good point about AstraZeneca, people are losing their minds about some insanely minuscule risk of blood clots but somehow when hormonal contraception carries much higher risk of the same everyone is like, yeah that's an acceptable risk and we don't need to research it more, women should continue taking these.
I know plenty of people who had AstraZeneca vaccination and were completely fine, but I guess what's done it's done when it comes to panic since some were super sceptical even before. Too bad because the sooner we can have everyone vaccinated the better.

Have you recovered ok from Covid, anon, no lasting side effects - except the worry of course? I hope even that will pass soon and you can relax a bit.

No. 779128

Yeah, I had a pretty mild case (mostly gastrointestinal symptoms), but I saw my parents go through it, it was horrible.

My younger sister has some olfactory problems five months after, for some reason a lot of people her age are having the same side effects (phantom smells, food smells/tastes like grass or rancid meat).

A good thing about the adrenaline is that I'm finally doing something about my life, so even if something does happen I'll have all my stuff taken care of.

No. 779130

Maybe I should stop being skeptical of the vaccines because of the timing, which is the true thing to be skeptical of. They rolled them out after Biden got into office, so they expect them to work and make him look good for it (at least I assume that's what everybody's been implying?). So the vaccines are probably only meant to help. Anyway I know there's no nanobots but it's hard not to tinfoil possibilities with the way everything happened.

No. 779133

The truth is that both governments worldwide and international pharmaceutical companies until now didn't give a fuck about people's trust in them and steamrolled all over it when it fit their goals.
It's not tinfoil to distrust governments and companies, it's only tinfoil to distrust science. It would be madness not to be sceptical of their motives, and that pervasive scepticism is the fault of those that toyed with our trust. The way people are behaving now is a reaction to the way governments and companies consistently acted in the past.

I'm lucky to have a family member that is an epidemiologist whom I can badger for info. Those are things I trust - science and family.

No. 779146

Idk if it's related to the rona but I've notticed a pattern where a long time side effect is weight loss. In my case I had the slowest motherfucking metabolism and struggled to keep a normal BMI but after the rona I don't have to do anything and I still lost about 10lbs last summer. Shit's good. My mom on the other side has a fast metabolism and the rona gave her hyperthyroidism to the point she needed to get medicated. That was the only long lasting side effect we had tho.

No. 779205

You realize there's vaccines being administered world-wide, right? Also the funny thing is the successful logistics for rolling out the vaccine in the US are almost all thanks to the Trump administration's planning. Biden supporters don't want to point that out for obvious reasons but even Trump supporters won't do it because of muh rona-not-a-big-deal despite it being the most impressive and good thing his presidency did.

No. 779420

Here's a novel idea, science has been bought out and you can't trust a lot of it either. They put out subpar products and procedures, and when enough ppl sue them they can just pay it off. Rinse & repeat.

No. 779423

I got the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday.
About two hours after the shot I started feeling kind of weak. Before bed I started getting some aches over my body. I also got my period lol.
Woke up at night feeling terrible, sweaty, shaking, couldn’t fall asleep until I took some Metamizole.
Today I feel better than at night but still have aches all over my body and my arm hurts like a bitch.
Anyway, that’s still better than getting covid I guess.

No. 779449

> two hours after the shot I started feeling kind of weak
I've been reading posts like this trying to figure out how quick this type of thing takes to kick in. My country is slow in rolling them out but whenever mine is due I know I'll have to travel solo by train to get it. Depending on the time of the appt I might then be waiting around for hours on a train back home. So reading about people feeling nausea and weakness not that long afterwards is worrying. I just hope to get home before it hits lol

No. 779483

My country implemented mandatory hotel quarantine this year. Knowing this, a significant number of retirees travelled across the border, got vaccinated while vacationing in areas with extremely high infection rates (depriving local populations of vaccines in the process), and when they were told that they still have to play by the rules and quarantine in a hotel upon re-entry, they have the gall to cry to the media about how they're being treated unfairly because they can't afford the hotel stay. It just reeks of self-entitlement and it fucking pissed me off.

On another note, I think one of the worst aspects of the pandemic has been that people who already demonstrated low literacy and critical thinking skills before the pandemic have become even more radicalized in their delusional worldview. Med-sci literature is really complicated, there's a huge margin of error if you misunderstand it. Populations were not prepared to process this level of technical information, and now we're seeing how illiteracy combined with the skepticism and disillusionment that people have been feeling since the early 2000's is intensifying the output of misinformation. vent over

No. 779484

Science =/= pharma companies
Science is the scientific method. It has NEVER, NEVER failed us in the history of mankind.
Companies are for-profit organisations. Nothing to do with science, everything to do with money.
The first is trustworthy. The second isn't.

No. 779496

>when they were told that they still have to play by the rules and quarantine in a hotel upon re-entry, they have the gall to cry to the media about how they're being treated unfairly
This shit. I was just about to post how people in my country are pissing me off with this too. They are staying in some nice looking hotels and kicking up a fuss about 'the inhumane conditions' but the accompanying photos show these conditions and…it's 4 star looking hotel rooms?

I get that they're bored to death but nitpicking the details of a nice hotel room to make yourself out to be a victim of 'poor conditions' 'inhumane treatment' and showing pics that don't reflect anything like that.. get a grip. The nerve of people who choose to holiday and then choose to whinge about the 4 star accomodation. Wish the newspapers would just stop entertaining it at this point.

No. 779631

It probably depends on the person but even with the weakness I was still able to walk around (was at the mall for 4 hours after the shot before getting picked up) so you should probably be fine.

You should definitely bring water with you and maybe a snack.

No. 782692

File: 1618308127017.gif (389.44 KB, 200x200, 200w.gif)

An acquaintance of mine who's a cancer patient was denied his surgery last minute because there wasn't a place for him on the intensive care- all of it taken by covid patients. I know so many of you don't give a fuck about the regulations and pandemic becuase you don't care about old people or fatties dying of covid -I truthfully don't give a fuck about them either- but please remember that it also affects people who need a place on the intensive care for non-covid related reasons but are pushed out because all the covid patients. For all you know that could be you or a loved one in an emergency situation tomorrow.

No. 782836

File: 1618329161295.png (47.42 KB, 667x628, johnsonjohnson.png)

The FDA is recommending a pause for the J&J vaccine in the US after rare blood clots showed up in 6 women. No deaths reported, though. It looks like it's pretty similar to the AstraZeneca risks.

Here's the full article: https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2021/04/13/986709618/u-s-recommends-pausing-use-of-johnson-johnson-vaccine-over-blood-clot-concerns

No. 782848

I would bash the head of everyone saying that covid affects only "fatties and old people" because it's such an idiotic thing to say. People who are immunodepressed for various reasons (diabetics, cancer patients) or people who just have heart or kidney desease because they were born with it aren't getting surgery or their usual treatment because everyone's busy curing fucking stacy who went out partying, didn't wear a mask and infected at least 5 other poor bastards.

No. 783378

My friend's husband who I used to play mixed sports with got covid mid last year and is still bed ridden. Not only is the disdain for chronically ill people shit but it's hubris too, because if you went into covid with no underlying conditions, you won't necessarily come out of it like that.

Some people really are dumb to only care about the death rate, like the only bad thing that could happen is dying.

All of this is spot on, especially about med sci info.

I have a relative who has been really cavalier about it, because she believes she'll be fine so fuck everyone else, and she's highly active on a FB group dedicated to whinging about hotel quarantine. She's so ridiculously wealthy too, it's not as though she's some battler copping the worst of it. Sorry they want to put you in a Travelodge and not the Marriott, Becky.

No. 783485

The EU just announced that vaccinated people will still be required to show negative tests and/or quarantine depending on the country they travel to. I almost feel sorry for the people who hurried up.

No. 783530

I caught covid from my mom or my brother and so far I got the symptoms of a strong cold and they're gone now. I hope it's not fucking up some of my organs, I'm sick of the chronic symptoms I already have.

No. 783564

My mom's boss, who is a very wholesome japanese old man, got covid while taking care of his 100 y/o mom that got it from his doctor sister.
He's in the ICU now and his mom unfortunately died.
I can't believe this, he can't die. I believe he is okay…

No. 783637

I definitely am not getting the vaccine, until it's approved by at least FDA, and I don't even live in US. The vaccines only have EUA (Emergency Use Authorization), which is not approval.

Have you heard any stories similar to what was mentioned in this /pol/ thread?
Vaccine shedding, miscarriages and very long periods after spending time around people who got vaccine.
I wonder if there's any truth to it, but better safe than sorry.

No. 783688

a miscarriage after spending time around someone who got the vaccine? That's retarded even by /pol/ standards

No. 783775

Got my Pfizer shot about 10 days ago and I felt pretty blah but not abysmal. I'm getting my second dose on the 20th and I'm pretty nervous. I think I had COVID back in February 2020 and I was so sick. Any Pfizer anons have side effects after having the Rona?

No. 783784

My view of getting the vaccine was either covid fucks me up or the vaccine does, so there's probably no winning either way since it's not like I can work from home and cut off all human contact until this is all over.

No. 783786

Confirmed covid in November and got my first dose of Pfizer last week. Had pretty severe exhaustion and mild fever for two days but it wasn't as bad as covid itself. My second dose is on the 28th. Hope everything goes well for both of us anon! Fwiw I also got really sick in Feb 2020 with covid-like symptoms, but my confirmed covid lasted much longer than whatever I caught in February, so I wonder if there was some kind of shitty flu going around at that time (or if I managed to get covid twice and my body reacted differently the second time??)

No. 783808

Hope you're OK anon. If you're not having very severe symptoms, then your immune system isn't freaking out too bad and destroying your organs, so you're probably going to be fine.

No. 783829

Anyone knows anything of the Cansink vaccine? My mum is gonna have to get it by force

No. 783923

>by force
dramatic much?

No. 784068

To any health anxiety anons, do not bother looking at that thread. I looked into it and the claims are based in a poorly thrown together study that's not peer reviewed and doesn't even show how they reached their conclusions.

No. 784570

>covid vaccine experimentation on children goes awfully wrong
Why am I not suprised?

No. 784614

I'm so annoyed, me and my bf isolated, never left home without a mask, he goes to the gym at work but always takes a test before doing so and today test turned out positive. Odds I'll be negative given I've seen him 3 days ago aren't very high. I constantly see some of my friends going out multiple times a week and never get anything and here's us. I guess life's never fair.

No. 784658

Dude they're literally asking my mom and the other teachers at her school to get on a militar bus with soldiers inside it and they're going to take them to the militar zone to administrate the vaccine. It is by force.

No. 784661

I have to add I live in Mexico and this is something having to do with my goverment. I have no idea why how or when, my mom told me this is what was instructed to the teachers and administration of her school. Please don't call me dramatic if you don't know the situation. She either gets it or she'll have to sign an official document in front of an attorney-type person and they'll probably fire her.

No. 784701

That sucks, I hope the bus doesn't explode and become something the government covers up like what they did to those students.

No. 784703

I don't believe that stuff in the thread but I still won't get it. I am not an idiot. Rather take my chances with covid.

No. 784718

Don't asymptomatic people also get organ damage? I'm also scared of blood clots, as I don't move very much and my blood pressure gives me a little bit of trouble sometimes.

No. 784724

Eh, it's on a smaller scale, I doubt that'll happen lol. But thanks for the kind words.

No. 784832

While severe and enduring adverse reactions are possible for any vaccine, this woman is a right wing conspiracy nut as one look at her channel can show, so take that as you will.

No. 784935

Your chances of serious harm appear to be higher from the actual virus opposed to the vaccine.

No. 785114

Who told you that?

No. 785116

NTA but literally every data you can find.

No. 785119

Than please link some data where healthy young people in their 20s get serious complications or blood clots in such a short amount of time.

No. 785122

Hmm, any hormonal contraception side effects data then?

No. 785124

there's a higher chance of getting blood clots on birth control than the vaccine. some of yall choose to be regarded i swear

No. 785125


What has this to do with the vaccine or corona?
There is a difference if you get a blood clot from shit like the pill, when you know the risks and decide to take it or if you get peer pressured to take an experimental vaccine for a virus you will survive anyway. What the heck.

No. 785147

Don't get peer pressured then. The point is that it's infinitely more likely you'll die in a car accident than get a blood clot from contraception, and the odds for blood clot from the vaccine are even lower. Unless you live in an oppressive country like this anon >>784661, you seriously don't have to do anything, there's a lot od people that would love to take your place in line for the vaccine.

No. 787567

>The South African variant, B.1.351, was found to make up about 1% of all the COVID-19 cases across all the people studied, according to the study by Tel Aviv University and Israel's largest healthcare provider, Clalit.
>But among patients who had received two doses of the vaccine, the variant's prevalence rate was eight times higher than those unvaccinated - 5.4% versus 0.7%.
Cool vaccine.
Coronavirus evolves very fast, it will be like flu. Vaccines will only help it evolve to avoid the immunity given by vaccine, so yearly shots will be necessary.
It's literally better to build up immunity by being infected, because immune system will learn to fight the virus, not just a single characteristic present in a particular variant.

No. 787598

File: 1618934371561.jpg (9.52 KB, 236x169, 1cef2a9b-1.jpg)

Got my pfizer today, sore arm and very exhausted but couldn't even feel the needle at all!

No. 787607

I don't know if I should get the Sinopharm vaccine this week or wait until I'm offered the Moderna (which could be months)

No. 787636

But even if you have caught the flu, you only become immune to that strain or the line of strains which share that antigen the immune system responded to in the first place. The receptors on your immune cells always respond to the antigen structure, not any other characteristic of the virus IIRC, so we'll always be vulnerable if the antigen is somehow different, whether we were exposed to that antigen from getting the vax or natural infection.
I feel like either way the virus will evolve quickly, just because that's a natural outcome of how they replicate. I guess the flu has set a precedent with annual shots and predicting which strains to target, but it's strange to think about what this whole thing will look like in the future.

No. 787659

File: 1618939366531.gif (425.48 KB, 418x256, FCC94D53-3184-4E96-8A43-BBA7A9…)


I got my Pfizer shot last week and had no side effects besides the regular sore spot, I feel like I stole my immunity.

No. 787660


Samefag, that is to say second shot.

No. 787718

Got the moderna second shot. Only had a sore arm like the first shot, but this time it went away a lot quicker.

No. 787736

I think my soreness is mostly from being a dumbass and working out yesterday because I got my days mixed up but am feeling quite fine now! Congrats on the easy jabs, anon

No. 787752

File: 1618948559474.jpg (55.69 KB, 800x857, dTcAHZc.jpg)

I'm happy for you nonnies. I still have no idea when I will be eligible to get my first dose. There's a stay-at-home order in effect where I am, and the hospitals are overwhelmed. More and more young people are dying every day. This summer is looking pretty grim.

No. 787850

Registrations for my age group are gonna begin next month, much sooner than I thought! I've signed up as soon as it was possible so hopefully I'll not have to wait long

No. 788415

File: 1619035639235.jpeg (10.24 KB, 275x275, 1579400755756.jpeg)

Arm is still sore, had a hard time getting up in the morning with a stiff neck and a throbbing shoulder area, but it's been over 24h and it's just now getting normal. Was also freezing all night, had some headaches but now it's fading away!

No. 788441

>stiff neck
Be careful and remember that some girls and women got very dangerous blood clots due to the AstraZeneca and Johnson vaccines

No. 788445

Why in living hell are planet fitness still closing at 9-10? I can't be the only one. All of them in my area are no longer 24 hours and I'm a night worker. They also conveniently made it impossible to cancel membership as well.

No. 788448

Me too, my Pfizer shot was a sore arm and not much else.

Blood clots are still extremely, extremely rare with the J&J and AZ vaccines. Like, laughably rare. The chance of getting a blood clot from either is literally hundreds of times lower (4 in 1 000 000) than taking birth control (1200 in 1 000 000).

No. 788507

Thanks for the worry, but I got pfizer and the stiffness was from sleeping on my side, after waking up! Just took a warm shower and am all good

No. 788689

Would it be lame to hang out around vaccination centers before they close and ask around if they have any Moderna or Pfizer vaccines?

No. 788696

A lot of people do it, so if you have time to lose, why not.

No. 789014

File: 1619115827563.jpg (28.49 KB, 517x462, image0.jpg)

Somebody talk me into getting the vaccine because I don't find it necessary.
I work from home, leave the house maybe every two weeks for groceries. I live alone.
Be nice pls. Not an anti-masker or anti-vaxxer. Just don't get things I don't need. I don't even get flu shots either unless I travel.

No. 789026

I'm in your position and got the vax. WFH, don't ever leave usually. I do live with my bf but he's in the same position.

Just know that there are a ton of people exactly in our position. They were safe, never or rarely left. They died from exposure. It's a simple as that, Nonny. You can catch it from those little trips to the grocery store or when someone knocks on your door to ask you a question, etc. It can happen. The vaccine is not a promise to prevent it but to stop serious hospitalization. Not to scare you but imagine you did catch it. You can no longer smell or taste food that doesn't smell or taste like shit. You have to stop for 5 minutes when climbing stairs because your lungs and breathing hasn't returned to normal in 5 months. Every few weeks you get sick all over again.

There are many symptoms of covid that have not corrected itself for people. Every day they regret getting sick, even if it's been a year for them. There's a reason I subscribe to /r/COVID19Positive. It motivates me to stay safe and take any and all measures to make sure I'm NEVER in the position of my food smelling or tasting like feces. I'm also willing to bet you can easily access the vaccine. Think of the millions of people that can't, and be grateful.

No. 789028

Samefag but girl. There are plenty of stories where people "almost never" left the house and did everything they could, and they still got sick.

No. 789041

Honestly I'm same, still haven't gotten it. I'll get it when my employer requires it. Until then, I'm alright. Even when the pandemic hit, i had no idea there were so many people around my age who were getting the flu shot yearly. I assumed it was just for kids in school and older more at risk senior citizens.
That being said, i heard this vaccination is basically gonna be flu shot 2.0 because it only lasts 6ish months until a new mutation forms? Idk I'm not even sure.
This entire time i never had a lock down and i was waiting for my employer to eventually say they want us to get vaccinated, my bf works the same field and his employer isn't requiring anything either, mainly because we're barely in direct contact with citizens. i feel like we probably got it back in early 2020.

No. 789088

You literally have no good reason to take it though

No. 789091

She said convince her to take it, not to tell her not to, retard. She already believes she doesn't need to.

No. 789113

I know a young, previously healthy woman who's now permanently bound to a wheelchair because of a cerebral haemorrhage she got from catching covid. That shit scared me enough to get the vaccine. Sure the chance of something like that happening to a healthy young person is very small and in your case the chance of catching covid in the first place is rather small but the last thing you want is ending up with serious consequences when you didn't have to.

Also another thing to consider is that your life may not always be as low in social contacts as it is now and the vaccine may not remain free in the future depending on how healthcare is handled where you are.

No. 789114

I got covid and I have been in quarantine for nearly a month now. I don't go outside a lot (just to walk the dog basically) and it probably started from my father who was coughing and sneezing like hell a week before both my brother and mother got ill with pneumonia and high fever that just wouldn't go down. My mother had to be hospitalized for a week. A few days later I got sick with a very weird cold, at some point half of my face kept hurting, lost some hearing for a day, couldn't feel my limbs well and couldn't focus for a week. I'm better now but I keep having headaches and I can't tell if it's stress or post-covid symptoms. Kinda scared because headaches are linked to blood clots and I don't know. Fuck this virus, do everything you can to avoid it, even if you don't want to do the vaccine right away. I'm also sick of that fucking swab test, it hurts so much.

No. 789171

Not trying to talk you into or out of it cuz that's not my thing, but just to relate my experience and reasoning…

I'm in the same position as you except that I never get flu shots at all. I've gotten both doses of the pfizer vaccine because:

1) From what I've read, it's unlikely to hurt me* and very likely to help prevent me from having a severe case in the event that I do get covid. I have a list of ways in which I do not want to die, and gasping for breath or drowning in my own fluids are high on that list.
*I do understand that this is a matter of trust and is only based on what we know so far.

2) I cannot in any way afford to be sick, and covid is more contagious and has more long-term negative effects than the flu.

3) The shots didn't cost me anything, I did not have to see a doctor to get them, and the process didn't take much time out of my day. Plus, I rewarded myself with a veggie burger afterwards.

4) I am public-minded. From the beginning of the pandemic, I have been doing what I can not only to reduce risk to myself but also to help protect others, like the people who keep the grocery stores open, post office running, etc. Like wearing a mask, I got vaccinated in part for those who can't.

All of that said, I waited and watched while all of my relatives and other people I knew got the shots before I scheduled my own appointment. I wanted to see if any of them had any bad reactions, and no one did.

No. 789679

I'm gonna go vaccine-begging today, wish me luck guys

No. 789761

Anonita I think we might live in the same region. I have no idea when I will be eligible either, and in fact neither do most of our frontline workers. Tories have effectively shit all over our summer, that precious little scrap of happiness we get to savour after enduring months of a freezing cold hellscape.

I'm really apprehensive about the future of this province in general, the pandemic has exposed how little interest it has to invest in the future of its young people. Not only is life becoming even more unaffordable here with no signs of stopping, but the amount of people under 40 that are getting infected and the possibility that it could leave them to grapple with long-term disabilities is painting a really grim image of the coming decades. I hope this moment motivates us to push for change.

No. 791324

> the pandemic has exposed how little interest it has to invest in the future of its young people
> I hope this moment motivates us to push for change

I couldn't agree more. everyone in my family has gotten their first dose by now except me. it strikes me as profoundly unfair that I've had to sacrifice more than them this past year, and I have more life left to live, and I actually have legitimate reasons to be out and about instead of cooped up inside for weeks on end, but I can't get a vaccine because I'm too yOuNg aNd HeAlThY.

our premier gets to isolate at home and receive pay while countless lives have been lost due to his decision to not implement paid sick leave. the doofus cried like a baby in his last press conference. our government knew that the modelling predicted disaster months ago and waited to see if it was coming true before doing anything. it's absurd. I've never voted conservative in my life and I never will, yet they still have a good chance of winning because our electoral system is broken, pitting multiple left-wing and centrist parties against one right-wing party that prioritizes the economy over its citizens. and I could rant endlessly about the lockdown protests and anti-maskers and people throwing parties in the midst of all this chaos.

on the bright side, it looks like vaccinations have been ramping up lately. sending you good and healthy vibes, nonnalina. I hope you stay safe out there.

No. 791334

There have been people over 80 who got two vaccine shots and still got infected.
Research on these vaccines is still insufficient.

No. 791662

the point of the vaccines is not to prevent infections from ever occurring. it's meant to prevent severe illness, hospitalization, and death, and they are all effective at doing so.

No. 791663

About traveling to get a vaccine because your country sucks ass, where is the best place to go to get the vaccine that isn’t the USA?

No. 792000

I think Slovakia was offering them to tourists because locals don't want to get it and they have too many now.

No. 792119

Anon, Slovakia is struggling with vaccination right now so nope. They keep fucking up the schedules and everything else, plus they give out vaccines only to elderly and people over 45.

No. 792870

Yeah I'm sorry, it was actually Serbia. Sorry for being a dumb western euro and getting them mixed.

No. 793282

File: 1619552864369.jpeg (244.23 KB, 828x835, F5B2A75F-36FD-496B-A6A0-621440…)

I’m feeling vindicated after all of those tweets scolding vaxxed people for not constantly wearing a mask

No. 793828

I'm getting my shot next week!!! Fucking finally. It's Astra Zeneca but honestly I'd take anything at this point, I just want to get over with it

No. 794028

I got the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine yesterday and I feel fucking terrible. My chest hurts and feels tight, I'm sweating bullets, I had a high fever this morning, and it hurts to fucking move. My neck is stiff too

No. 794032

Ugh I just want my shot now, but my country wont give it to me until later this year!

No. 794039

Same. Also, I just found out that my university is implementing a combination of in-person and online classes for the fall and it's not sitting right with me. I would rather continue with online learning then spend a whole lot of money and time moving back to my university town just to attend a few measly in-person classes. There's also the risk that we have to go back into lockdown and return to online learning because of the combination of new variants and unvaccinated populations. I fucking hate how these institutions are playing with young people's health/money/time.

No. 794085

File: 1619635679401.jpg (231.14 KB, 1080x1551, Screenshot_20210428-204653__01…)

Hope you enjoyed the free trial, are you ready to pay for the annual subscription?

No. 794091

So which vaccine should I select, anons?

No. 794093

Don't all vaccines need to get administrated every so-and-so years?

No. 794094

Oh so just like a regular flu vaccine? stop acting like it's so weird or abnormal anon. It's gonna be free too, no country wants lockdown again.

No. 794105

There's no such thing as free

No. 794106

yes, this is the new normal retard. 3 million people have died did you think everything was going to poof and go back to the way it was before? big pharma is fucked but as others said you need regular doses of other vaccines. rona is already having variants pop up so it shouldn't be a surprise at all this will be needed.

No. 794109

In my country a lot of vaccines are free

No. 794138

In my country it is unless you mean it as in "it's not free, your taxes pay for it" then sure, it's not.

No. 794197

Fuck Ford and his crocodile tears. He can use it as lube when he's spreading his cheeks for his investor's friends money. Fuck him and his mpps for naying 10 paid sick days while he gets to isolate in his rich posh suburban house.

No. 794208

I'd rather get the vaccine than the rona. you sound like all my shitty coworkers who want to thrive off herd immunity. Please educate yourself

No. 794372

3 million…of 7 billion.

No. 794386

> 3 million isn't a lot of deaths though

No. 794433

Except you don't get threatened with being banned from life or told you're killing grandma for not getting your flu shot.
My point still stands. Enjoy being fat and living scared of the rona, I will thrive on my natural antibodies.

No. 794519

>>covid only kills or damages you if you're fat!!!
Look at this retard right here.

No. 794521

Ma'am I already had it and I'm just fine. Why the fuck do I need a shady vaxx for?

No. 794546

You're not going to be banned from shit if you can show you've got immunity. Those ubermensch antibodies will show up on a blood test, right? They're identical to the antibodies you'd produce with a vaccine.

Problem is, with millions of active cases right now, mutant strains can arise that you're not immune to. The ideal scenario for you is that mass vaccinations happen soon enough to keep your immunity relevant.

If infections keep happening then yeah, it's going to mutate and you're going to need to either get jabbed or accept that countries aren't going to let you visit them and occupations in contact with vulnerable people aren't going to hire you. That's already a thing. Try visiting Africa or working with immunocompromised people without vaccinations. Either way, you're going to have to quit your bitching.

No. 794548

If you're under 50, go for Moderna. Second choice Pfizer.

No. 794574

>You're not going to be banned from shit
>get jabbed or accept that countries aren't going to let you visit them and occupations in contact with vulnerable people aren't going to hire you
So which one is it?

No. 794627

Ma'am I'm not telling you to take the vaccine especially if you've already had covid (antibodies are going to go away and be useless after some time though), I'm just saying that this whole "if you're not fat your gonna be fine" thing is just stupid and untrue.

No. 795192

> if you can show you've got immunity
> If infections keep happening then yeah, it's going to mutate

You can make anything seem like a contradiction if you cut enough if-clauses out.

I'm sorry these concepts are so hard for you. Good luck with finishing high school.

No. 795285

My country got a fresh batch of Pfizer after a hiatus and people are going nuts over it. The vaccine registration website has collapsed and people are swarming the vaccination centers. I've been trying to register for an appointment for 5 hours now, unsuccessfully. This is ridiculous

No. 795292

I got Pfizer and the first dose wasnt awful. Just needed a day off work to sleep

No. 795293

Which country are you in, anon? And good luck. It took me over a month to get my vaccine and i happened upon two health care workers by pure luck to get my shot earlier

No. 795308

Hungary and thank you. The shitty thing is, I cancelled my Astra Zeneca appointment (that I waited a month for) to get Pfizer

No. 795412

tbh it serves you right for vaccine shopping. the best vaccine to get is the one that's available to you. I'm not eligible for AZ because I'm too young but I would take it in a heartbeat if I could.

No. 795482

I'm waiting for more long term results before getting the shot. That is, after all, the most important step for science believers: recording results and comparing to hypothesized ones. I'm worried that we don't know enough about long term problems. Some of the menstruation problems are especially worrisome for me, given that I already have PCOS/endo. I'm looking at starting a family in the next year, and I already know I'm going to have trouble conceiving. I don't want to make it even harder. And no, I'm not tinfoiling about a conspiracy/coverup with MRNA vaccines or anything, I just want more data on these rush jobs. I'm willing to continue curtailing my social life, so I'm not hurting anyone. Vacchoes can do what they want, but they can't make me get the jab either. I know one family member is gonna be super judgey and dealing with her is gonna be a pain.

No. 795563

I relate to this post so much! I know all my friends are talking bad about me because I'm the only one who didn't get vaccinated yet. But I just worry about the long term effects, too.

No. 795573

I don't know if this applies to you at all, but in my case the judgmental people are also the ones who don't actually understand science. Like, the one family member I have who is going to be aggressive and in my face about not taking the shot is a member of the church of Science! and takes anything said by someone in a lab coat as sacrosanct. That's a rant for a different thread, but given that I know she's coming from a place of ignorance helps me deal. I just don't want the drama involved.

No. 795577

I'm still on the fence about it, but you could always potentially just lie about it.

No. 795640

> menstruation problems
this is the only article I could find that seems to support the idea that the vaccine could be linked to menstrual changes (although I didn't look for very long lol):

however, the gynaecologist interviewed in the article says that menstrual changes are a transient reaction to the vaccine, meaning that it's a temporary effect like a sore arm or fatigue. she says:
> It's not a representation of any sort of permanent harm or damage. There is no reason to think there's reason to be concerned over time, and there's no reason to think that there's any impact on fertility.

she ultimately recommends that women get vaccinated. I understand your skepticism because the vaccine is so new, but at this point, there is way more evidence of serious long-term effects from the virus than there are for the vaccine.

No. 795698

I know someone who says that she’s waiting for the other women who got it to have children before she gets one.

No. 795711

nta but
>there is way more evidence of serious long-term effects from the virus than there are for the vaccine
The virus and others like it have been around longer so wouldn't that be why?

No. 795713

Same. I feel no guilt for waiting because frankly I am living like a shut-in.

No. 795727

Just got my first dose of the Moderna vaccine. Idk, might go pick up and throw a tank later. I know the first dose is supposed to be the easier one but I feel invigorated rn. Still had to close my eyes because needles scare me though.

No. 795740

How did the needle itself feel anon? I'm afraid of needles too and I'm really dreading my vaccine.

No. 795745

I didn't even feel it go in. You know how normally when you get a vaccine, you feel that slight pinch? It wasn't there when I got this one. I was really surprised when I opened my eyes and the pharmacist was already across the room throwing the needle away lmao.

No. 795752


The covid vaccine was the most sensationless shot I’ve ever gotten.

No. 795753

I am completely unsurprised that there aren't many studies giving evidence. There has not been time for long term studies to take place. I know that most drug companies do not routinely test for adverse effects in female patients, even though we're biologically different from males and can react to drugs differently. Medicinal science has never prioritized women, why on earth would you trust them now when there is so much money to be made? None of the companies can be held responsible for adverse side effects; our governments had to offer them that protection before they would release the shots.

No. 795806

the virus emerged in December 2019. the first vaccine entered human clinical trials in March 2020. so the virus has only been around for a few months longer than the vaccines, which isn't really enough time to be statistically significant.

> None of the companies can be held responsible for adverse side effects; our government had to offer them that protection before they would release the shots
not all governments. in the EU, the vaccines are licensed under an agreement which does NOT exempt manufacturers from civil and administrative liability claims. so the pharmaceutical companies can certainly be held liable for negligence in some jurisdictions.

> why on earth would you trust them now when there is so much money to be made?

this argument actually cuts both ways. the vaccine is only effective in the short-term and people will need to be re-vaccinated probably on a yearly basis. if you're looking at things from a purely financial perspective, the pharmaceutical companies are incentivized to manufacture safe vaccines so that people will continue to get vaccinated. take AZ an example. its efficacy is lower than others, and it has been linked to blood clots in certain populations (but it's still very rare to develop a blood clot from AZ–about 4 cases in 1 million, whereas birth control blood clot rates are about 900 in 1 million). as a result, the US has not authorized the use of AZ and will be giving away the doses that it has acquired. so there is much more money to be made from vaccines that are effective and safe.

> Medicinal science has never prioritized women

you're not wrong about this. but interestingly, I found an article by a surgical oncologist who suggests that there is a lot of misogyny behind the anti-vax movement.
the TL;DR of the article is that the notion that the vaccine could be linked to infertility originated from conspiracy theorists who are incentivized to peddle bullshit claims because they get paid by right-wing think tanks to spew nonsense that will further their cause. the article also contains some scientific evidence breaking down why the infertility claims are bogus.

No. 795837

File: 1619839214743.png (260 KB, 565x562, gruuuhhhhhh.png)

Do you guy want better covid-19 criticism? No one worth a grain of salt wants to risk controversy over covid so the only real critiques of the reaction to covid are from digital conspiracy nuts. Their convos are as productive as a redditor looping "wear a mask" for the 25th time.
Like the covid-19 vaccine is a major example of coercive capitalism, "well you don't have to do X, but you can't do important Z without it", leftists are always going on about, but everyone of them is singing "People have choices now! free market". It would also be interesting to see why the "bit paranoid about covid" trope became equal to the "insane anti-vaxxer" and how that affects interaction between the groups. Or maybe how scientism has evolved with covid 19 and the after effects of it?
I'd just like a single discussion on covid critique that doesn't devolve into pic related.

No. 795878

Just got my second dose of Pfizer. The fatigue and soreness were really strong day 1, moderate the next morning, and now day 2 evening I am feeling no side effects whatsoever. Also retarded and selfish but I wish the conspiracy theories were true because I'm terrified of pregnancy and never want kids.

No. 795881

I was going to wait to get vaccinated but then there was a big vax event near me and my mom signed me up and I couldn't say no.
Just a little sore arm and the needle didn't feel like anything at all.
Even with the big vaccination push I don't think anything is going to go back to 'normal' anytime soon especially if more variants end up cropping up.

No. 795933

I'm sick of tired of that crap. You can't have a decent discussion, if you criticize the slightest the political decisions you're a flat-earther anti-vaxxer granny-killer. If you don't believe all the nutsies with their conspiracy theories you're just a sheeple. God fucking damn it, there's gotta be something in between.
Some things I feel iffy about (most of them from my country):
>Almost all the deaths came from elders care homes, reports of the people being denied medication for their cronical conditions and sedated. They slapped covid on the death certificates anyway.
>If you go to the hospital for some urgent matter, let's say a stroke, they test you for covid first and won't do anything until you get the results back. Plenty of people died that way.
>If you die from freaking anything if you tested positive 28 days before your death they will slap covid on the death certificate.
>Recently a 40-something teacher died after a blood clot from the AZ vaccine. Her family sued, judge ruled no liability because she took it by her own will.
>Our shitty politicians are too busy fighing each other than actually doing something. The only thing they do are forcing absurd restrictions like having to wear a mask any fucking time, even sunbathing on the beach.
>We pay a fuckton of taxes to maintain the healthcare system available to everyone (that money goes to line their pockets) yet we get slapped everyday with "save the healthcare".
>They promise lifting restrictions "if we get this or another AI" then massive test every week so we never get a low AI. Ct 45+ and all.

Idgaf anymore.

No. 796395

I think most people in real life are skeptical to some degree, but people who feel strongly one way or the other are going to be the most vocal online especially after covid was made into a partisan issue
keep in mind there's a substantial proportion of lolcow users who are severely mentally ill and veer strongly into either the "we need to wear masks for the rest of our lives and never leave the house again" wing because they were already shut ins and like having an excuse or the "this is a massive government conspiracy and is akin to living in nazi germany maska are muzzles" wing because they were raised by /pol/
so, in short, you probably won't be able to have a discussion on covid critique that doesn't devolve into name calling on an image board lmao

(I could go on for days about how pre-prints of scientific journal articles that did not go through the peer review process were abused by just about everyone, though)

No. 798347

I'm gonna get my first AZ shot today and I'm super nervous. Why is it that in other countries, only people older than 50 yo are allowed to get it? Also, I'm anxious about the potential blood clotting thing…

No. 798413

The clotting thing is less likely to happen in older people whose immune systems are less reactive.

It still requires a very specific set of biological circumstances like low platelet count. You've got more chance of being hit by a car on the way to the vaccination.

It's hard not to feel nervous anyway. Maybe plan something nice for after the jab so you have something to look forward to.

No. 798417

You're more likely to get bloodclots from the pill than from the AZ vaccin, don't worry. The media and fixation on the vaccines has blowm things way out of proportion.

No. 799823

File: 1620247370325.jpg (317.18 KB, 491x1200, little deaths until jab.jpg)

Worrisome appearance of deaths after start of vaccinations in three tiny countries with little to no prior deaths.

No. 799824

File: 1620247410694.jpg (322.68 KB, 750x618, india vaccine effects.jpg)

Also more deaths in India.

No. 799831

How possible is it that only with vaccine coming to these countries they were forced to provide actual data without manipulation? I find it impossible to believe India would have so little deaths in 2020 (given the population and density)

No. 799845

There are most likely confounding factors that the graphs do not showing. It's easy to blame vaccines when you look at a narrow view.

No. 799853

are you implying that the vaccinations are causing people to die from covid? what kind of fallacious argument is that? you're confusing correlation with causation. it's way more plausible that testing has ramped up recently and they're finding more cases. the increase in India obviously coincides with the new variant which is more contagious than the original virus. as for Gilbratar, Seychelles, and Monaco, they're all small countries with borders that are more easily controlled than countries like the US or Canada, and their populations are smaller too, which means that it was easier for them to keep the virus contained and under control until recently. also Seychelles is an island so it makes sense that the virus didn't hit them as hard initially.

No. 800364

It's really unsettling how aggressively pharmaceutical companies and mass media are trying to downplay, even outright deny, the connection between the vaccine(s) and changes in the menstrual cycle. I've never in my life been against vaccines, I've had every vaccine that's mandatory in the countries I've lived in, but the side effects of the COVID vaccines and how reports of side effects are being handled concerns me.

I haven't been called to get either of mine yet, but I've been reading for more than a month testimonies from women in their 20s, 30s, even 40s, saying that the covid vaccine fucked up their menstrual cycle. Women on the subreddit that I read about people's side effects from (r/CovidVaccinated) are saying that their posts with even the slightest mention of side effects are being unexplainably removed by moderators. I've talked to my mother who works in healthcare and got both shots about two months ago (I live in the UK, she lives in the US) and she said her side effects were exactly the same as those being reported. On top of that, I've always noticed that when I'm around female family members for extended periods of time our period timing begins to sync up, and after my husband and I stayed with his mother for a few days and visited cousins (all of which had got their vaccines) my own menstrual cycle has been fucked up. That never happens to me naturally, and I'm not on any kind of birth control or medication.

I wouldn't be surprised if the cause is just pharmaceutical companies being careless and negligent (women have always been neglected in the fields of health and medicine, sadly), but I'd feel more at ease if anyone just knew what was in the vaccine that caused it to have that effect. Thousands of women, possibly more, are reporting that they're having side effects like this, so much so that independent studies are being conducted on it, and yet any mass media article on the subject just accuses the claims of being anecdotal anti-vaxxer fearmongering or says some bullshit about how it's "just stress" or "women being overdramatic". I don't understand what's controversial about asking why a supposedly harmless vaccine is negatively affecting some aspect of our health, or demanding an entire group of people who are routinely disregarded to start being respected a bit more in the medical field.

No. 800744

That's why I am waiting for more information before getting any vaccine. So far I only seen one report about it in mass media here and they just wrote that the cause is yet unknown.

No. 800751

What menstrual side effects are you talking about? What do you mean by it messing up menstrual cycles?

No. 800760

nta but she's saying that temporary effects that could potentially be linked to the vaccine, but aren't proven to be, are a valid reason to not get vaccinated and to continue to put yourself and others in your community at risk. what she's saying is internally inconsistent.

> I've always noticed that when I'm around female family members for extended periods of time our period timing begins to sync up . . . after my husband and I spent time with vaccinated women, my own menstrual cycle has been fucked up . . . that never happens to me naturally

like girl wtf? you literally just said that you've always noticed that spending time with other menstruating women noticeably affects your cycle, and then you claim that it never happens to you naturally?

I haven't received a single dose of the vaccine and my period's been irregular as fuck for no apparent reason. I don't spend time around anyone but my parents who don't menstruate. the pandemic absolutely causes stress that affects menstrual cycles, causing them to be late or heavier than usual.

there is an emergent phenomenon of women getting the vaccine and then having heavier than normal periods. but a lot of people feel sick after getting vaccinated, and their symptoms almost always go away within days. it's the same thing with cyclical irregularities. like just because someone gets a sore arm and a headache after a vaccine doesn't mean they're going to suffer from these ailments for the rest of their life. people need to quit spreading misinformation that isn't backed up by any evidence whatsoever. there's an article linked here >>795806 that goes into the detail about the science behind the vaccine and why it's extremely implausible to think that it damages women's health.

No. 800764

Anyone here under 30 and already had a first dose of AstraZeneca? Are you going to take the second dose? The U.K. government are saying that anyone who has had the first dose should have the second, but those who haven’t should have one of the other vaccines. The reasoning is that you probably won’t have a bad reaction if you didn’t with the first, but the scientists admit that the fact far fewer people have had a second dose could be skewing the figures.

I had the first dose a few weeks ago and had a rare side effect not so bad that I’m dead lol but unpleasant, really don’t want to have the second dose of AZ. All feels like it’s about saving money and face too. Can’t trust a government led by Boris “let the bodies pile high” Johnson.

No. 800765

File: 1620346067160.jpg (225.8 KB, 521x671, tinfoil-head.jpg)

from this article:

> If scientists do eventually find a link between the vaccine and short-term changes in bleeding, experts say that would be no reason to avoid getting vaccinated.

> “The benefits of taking the vaccine certainly way outweigh putting up with one heavy period, if indeed they’re related,” said Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, a gynecologist and a professor at the Yale University School of Medicine.

none of the reported effects are long-term. it's literally just that you get a heavier period for one cycle and that's it. some of you sound so goddamn ignorant claiming that women are neglected in the fields of health and medicine when there are plenty of female gynecologists, who are educated as fuck about the topic, saying that there's no reason to be concerned. like you really think you know better than doctors and scientists out there studying this shit? gtfo

No. 800767

To anons who had COVID.. what were your first symptoms?

No. 800786

Did you read your own source?
They state that they only now started looking into it, how can they then already claim that it's fine?

No. I do not know better than "experts" but historically there were already many fuck ups by the very same experts. I try to be open about getting the vaccine later when there is more data but shitty articles like these do not help.

No. 800791

Fatigue, muscle soreness and a sore throat.

No. 800792

NTA and honestly I think it makes sense to be cautious and distrustful right now. Looking at how the "experts" and the media handled informing us about the pandemic at the start, I am never going to trust so easily. News outlets nowadays publish info too soon and too certain, and everything about the handling of this so far has been shady. Not that I will never get the vaccine, since I do want to if it means all this can end, but I think a lot of people are reasonably cautious. If the vaccine fucks up our menstrual cycles, it may mean nothing or it could mean… what? Is fertility affected? Do we know yet (genuinely asking)? I think vaccination is being pushed fast because everyone wants normalcy right away, but it seems too fast to be sure it's safe. Saying the covid side effects are worse doesn't mean much to me yet since we are still learning about those, and the vaccine is even newer.

No. 800847

it'd be based af if we ended up mass sterilized tho

No. 800976

I don't believe that is anything like that going on, I just want some more information to know why certain side effects are happening and see how others who vaccinate now will feel in a few months. The vaccines were apporved very fast after all.

No. 801022

Just get your tubes tied instead of ruining it for the rest of us you stupid bitch.

No. 801025

I got the vaccine earlier and had a very sore arm, chills, and later developed aches so it was like a general flu feeling. Now I can’t sleep and I’m warm under blankets but I feel really horny which sounds stupid but I’m usually never horny unless I’m ovulating and that was weeks ago.

No. 801035

A range of side effects have been reported, including early periods, late periods, missed periods, going a month or two without getting a period and then getting a very heavy and painful one, getting menstrual cramps with no period, unusual ovulation patterns, less/more than usual amounts of bleeding, vaginal bleeding that doesn't seem to be caused by a period, and period/PMS symptoms with no period. If I looked for more, I'm sure I could find more, but those have been a majority of the side effects I've read about.

I'm not saying that any of these side effects are life-threatening, but whether they're life-threatening or not isn't the issue. The issue is that there is a noticeable link between the COVID vaccines and changes in menstruation and fertility, and this link is being intentionally downplayed, with mass media referring to all reports of it as "anecdotal" and suggesting that the changes are just caused by the women themselves because they're overdramatic and stressed. I worry that this situation will be similar to the blood clot situation, where at first mass media was hellbent on convincing people that there was no real risk, then were forced to acknowledge that there was a risk but claimed it was rarer than it actually was, and are now forced to accurately acknowledge the risk.

>nta but she's saying that temporary effects that could potentially be linked to the vaccine, but aren't proven to be, are a valid reason to not get vaccinated and to continue to put yourself and others in your community at risk.
See what I wrote above - Whether or not the side effects are temporary and not life-threatening is not the point. The point is that the COVID vaccines seem highly likely to effect menstruation and fertility for reasons the companies producing the vaccines not only don't know, but don't seem to care about or want to look further in to. Many women are saying they're experiencing these effects as a result of the vaccines and are being told, en masse, that their experiences are "anecdotal" (or worse, accused of being fearmongering anti-vaxxers) while the companies producing the vaccines are haphazardly claiming it has no effect whatsoever on menstruation or fertility despite not being able to rule the possibility out.

It shouldn't be controversial to ask why a vaccine effects people's menstruation and fertility. If the companies producing the vaccines can't explain why it does that, or pinpoint what's in the vaccine that causes that reaction, and mass media has decided it will pretend the side effects doesn't exist, how are women in the wrong to be wary of taking it? I don't want to hear about how "missing one period is nothing to worry about", I want to know why a supposedly harmless vaccine causes women to miss their periods. I'd be so much more at ease and happy to take it if they could even name what ingredient causes it to happen, anything like that, any kind of acknowledgement of the connection other than outright denial.

>like girl wtf? you literally just said that you've always noticed that spending time with other menstruating women noticeably affects your cycle, and then you claim that it never happens to you naturally?

I may not have explained it as well as I could, but what I was trying to explain in my post is that women's menstrual cycles can be affected by others' cycles simply by them being in close proximity for an amount of time. The "syncing up" takes a few months, but it does happen. This would happen to me when I was younger and still lived with my mother, or when was staying with friends/cousins for a while. This implies that if the COVID vaccine affects women's cycles - and it seems to - and as a result a vaccinated woman's cycle changes, it could alter the cycle of unvaccinated women around her. When I said that these changes never "naturally" happen, I mean that the "syncing up" has only happened a few times in my life and I can realize when it's happening, and that it's not caused by anything else except that.

The changes in my cycle that I've noticed after staying with my vaccinated mother-in-law for five days in late March and then four days about two weeks ago (during which I visited other vaccinated inlaws) are different from the changes I'd normally expect from a "syncing up", and I can't recall ever experiencing these specific changes before. I wasn't supposed to have a period while staying in late March, but it started immediately after getting back home, and there was no cramping and much less blood than usual (I normally have a heavy flow and a mild amount of cramping.) Only about a week after that ended (earlier than usual) I was experiencing the mild pain I normally experience when ovulating. Over the next week or two I had random bouts of cramps. Then, when I stayed in late April, I had another round of what felt like ovulation pain. I haven't had a period since my last (unusual) period ended and I'm still waiting for it, and as of now there are no signs that it's close. Again, I'm not vaccinated.

If COVID vaccines cause any changes to menstruation and fertility that can't be (or aren't being) explained - even if they are for a majority of women temporary and not life-threatening - this is a point of concern not only for vaccinated women but for unvaccinated women, too. I worry as well about how these side effects could potentially affect unvaccinated pregnant women.

No. 801096

If they confirm sterilisation I'll beg for it kek. I don't want it otherwise.

No. 801161

Sore throat, fatigue and headache. Then my skull started hurting like a bitch.

No. 806430

File: 1620987214828.png (224.91 KB, 500x395, 124523.png)

Got my Pfizer shot today, it did work out to just refuse to get the oriental vaccines my country brought in to "keep up with the numbers", they were pretty much bullied into acquiring more Pfizer shots because a lot of people refused to get vaccinated. When you tell that one type of shot is reserved for teens and pregnant women, people will start to wonder why are those deemed much safer than the rest.

No. 806455

Afaik Pfizer is the weakest vaccine of them all, right?

My country would throw AstraZenca at elderly people or people at risk, just to end up giving Pfizer to teenagers and young people. I am not sure if I want to use Pfizer because I barely heard anything about it but weak statistics.

In the end it also turned out that they just ran out of Astra vaccine and everyone who signed up for Astra ended up getting Pfizer

No. 806459

NTA but I"ve never seen any info about Pfizer being weak, on the contrary. It's cited to be equally effective as Moderna, and Johnson&Johnson being a bit weaker than these two.

No. 806614

Was excited to go shopping today after I saw the shops were open after being closed for months.
Then I read on their website that you need to make an appointment and also have a Covid free test that is less than 24h old.
This shit is getting ridiculous.

No. 806828

ive heard the same about pfizer too. imo the only reason why its so hyped up is because its from america/western europe and also because of how aggressively its being marketed internationally as being the best. i worked in a covid ward for a few weeks recently, and there were multiple patients who ended up in the ward with corona after getting the vaccine. 9/10 they were given pfizer, a lot of them were relatively young (as in 40s-50s) too. the only other vaccinated people I saw in the hospital were a couple of very elderly women who were given the chinese vaccine. people I know who work/worked in covid wards in other hospitals said they saw the same pattern in other hospitals as well.

No. 806890


Yeah I’ve had both doses of the Pfizer as of this week and I am still staying the fuck home.

No. 806915

just went shopping maskless after the cdc's new guidelines. everyone else in the store was wearing one but only 36% of people are fully vaccinated where i live

No. 807266

How do fellow service workers feel about the lifting of mask mandates? I’m not fully vaccinated yet so I’m going to continue wearing a mask for the next two weeks but a lot of my coworkers said that dont feel safe with unvaccinated, unmasked customers coming in even though they’ve been fully vaxxed for months which doesn’t make sense to me, like you’re protected and no one is forcing you to take the mask off if you don’t want to? I’m going to stay safe until I’m fully vaccinated of course but I have a feeling my store (large national chain) will hold onto the mask mandate for as long as possible and it just seems pointless rn, if people disagree with it we’ll just lose their business to Walmart or Amazon

No. 807364

I'm getting my Pfizer shot on Monday!!! Yay

No. 807578

Do you think it'll affect women who have had hysterectomies in some way? Less of a risk maybe?

No. 807594

I don't like it, even without considering covid I was really hoping that masks would become normal here like they are in Asia.
I work at a front desk and the amount of people who ask to borrow a pen and then either cough onto it or chew it before giving it back is obscene. People are gross.

No. 807644

File: 1621125041368.jpg (9.58 KB, 256x288, 1510931923156.jpg)

Personally I'm not taking this vaccine. My main issue is that this thing was clearly rushed out, vaccines take years and constant maintenance to absolutely ensure that it'll be safe for the public, like if there's potential allergies that one can become effected by etc. And the vaccine is only FDA approved under emergency circumstances. So far only obeasts and elderly are being hospitalized and killed from covid.
Most people are just anti-rushed vaxx rather than full on anti-vaxx so that's why they aren't taking it.
We had this sort of thing happen in history too where the Swine flu vaccine was rushed and ended up crippling more people than helping them. It's just people using basic critical thinking. And its telling if 50% of the military and health care workers have declined the vaccine.

I think the schizo conspiracy theories about the vaxx are an absolute meme though.
>bro its a bill gates depopulation plan!!!!1
It was funny the first time but when the ChristLARPers appeared and started spamming "Repent, Jesus is cumming!" then it got annoying really quick.
The reasons is just a greedy company doing greedy shit, its nothing deep.

The one thing I'll be looking out for is how much people are going to become unhinged once the dangers of the vaccine do come out. No one on this Earth can exactly tell what the long term consequences are, and I'm afraid that there'll be a wave of vaccinated young people who'll become unhinged and start attacking innocent strangers.

No. 807663


nonnie, millions if not billions of ppl have already taken the vaccine, what exactly is going to happen?

I hate this fake ass “oh it was rushed!!” reasoning too.

How long does a vaccine take to develop? When is it acceptable? 4 years? 7 years? Let me know.

No. 807706

The technology isn't new. Then they just selected the spikey protein of the covid-19. I don't think you really understand how mRNA vaccines work.

No. 807711

It's new in that mRNA vaccines haven't been used on people before.

No. 807717

You do you. I personally don't care if people don't want to get it. Some of us are afraid of lung scarring and some of us this…

>I'm afraid that there'll be a wave of vaccinated young people who'll become unhinged and start attacking innocent strangers.

No. 807768

Has any vaccine in history caused any medical problems later? I'm not trying to be antagonistic because I understand your concerns, but this line of thinking is toeing the "vaccines cause autism" line. The flu vax would have "rushed" too if the medical developments we have now had been available in 1918.

No. 807790

I got Moderna and both times had spotting a week after the shot. I have never spotted before. Since that one has you take the two doses 28 days apart, I was in the exact same spot in my cycle when I spotted which was around ovulation time. I'm not super worried about it for now, but if I spot next month again then I'll be concerned.

No. 807805

The swine flu vaccine gave some kids narcolepsy

No. 807823

Just gonna say if you go to China ever you will get incredibly sick, masks or no. If you think Americans are gross, nonny…I'm glad masks won't be normal personally, although I don't care if some people want to keep wearing them. As long as its not a mass thing its all good. I like to see people's mouths and expressions.

No. 807905

Wrong, flu and zika mRNA vaccines have been used in human trials before this. They and other mRNA vaccines have also been through primate trials and overall the technology has been studied since the 90s.

Things were rushed through now because it was a warlike effort and no one had to wait around for funding. Next time your government drags its feet on shit that people desperately need and talk about red tape and processes, remember that when it was an economic race against China, they revealed they had the ability to go faster when it suited them.

No. 809439

>millions if not billions of ppl have already taken the vaccine, what exactly is going to happen?
NTA, but I think that was that anon's point. We don't yet know of any potential long-term effects of the vaccine or long-term consequences of its side effects, whatever they may be. On a global scale so many people are taking the vaccine at such a fast rate that if there ended up being long-term effects, we wouldn't know until it's too late to have prevented them, so hopefully there are no long-term effects or severe side effects.

I don't think it'd be such a big deal if it weren't for the fact that certain companies and influential groups have financial interests vested in having as many people take the vaccine as possible, and in preventing word of potential side effects or long-term effects from being discussed in the media (see: every past medical scandal where a medication or medicinal product caused disastrous side effects for the consumer, and the companies making the product didn't admit it until they were legally forced to.) For those reasons I'd much more trust a vaccine made in a country with a nationalized healthcare system/medical industry than a vaccine made by privately-owned corporations.

No. 809666

My boyfriend tested positive 9 days ago. We live together and are in quarantine together, there was no possibility to quarantine in separate locations. It's a studio apartment and I don't know how it's really possible to prevent getting infected even with all preventive measures. No symptoms yet, I'm just keeping my fingers crossed, I guess. He doesn't have any more symptoms as of Friday, but I know that doesn't mean he's not contagious anymore.

No. 809688

My arm hurts a bit and I felt tired after going home but overall I'm fine. One thing I wonder about is that I'm supposed to have my period in 2 days and I'm curious if it will be affected by the vaccine

No. 809724

At this point your options are pretty much to either take the vaccine or the disease. Whatever long-term effects it may have is better than the long-term effects of the actual covid that can be witnessed by everyone. A lot of young healthy people I know who caught it report loss of taste, brainfog and breathing problems even 6 months after the infection and they had the "light" version of the illness. It is what it is anon, people in the 90s were also afraid of mobile phones causing cancer.

No. 809758

I'm annoyed that we have to keep the masks to protect the people who don't want the vaccine. Fuck em. Let them get covid over and over idc. We're not going to "overwhelm" the hospitals at this point. i live in a state that is keeping the mask

No. 809759

I got the Pfizer vaccine on my period. I was very flushed when the nurse rolled up my sleeves and I was a bit embarrassed she felt my warmth lol. I was fine that day, arm had pain if I moved it back but not too bad. 2 nights later while I was sleeping I sweated so bad, soaked the sheets and through to the mattress. Not sure if it was a reaction to the injection and being on my period but other than that I just felt a bit more tired which fixed my fucked up sleeping schedule.

No. 809760


Nonny, I got my vaccine right before starting my period. It made no difference for me. I'm hoping for the same smooth ride for you.

No. 809762

Masks are still mandatory here even with a lot of people being vaccinated. I wouldn't care if everything just opened as normal. I really miss going clothes shopping and being able to try on clothes without pressure and time constraints. Pandemic really hit me economically as well as millions of others so the shops I want to go to are constantly full with queues. Doesn't feel safe either after a year+ of paranoia. Can't wait for indoor attractions to opens so everyone can fuck off out of the shops.

No. 809809

I don't get what the big deal about masks are. I have reduced lung capacity and wearing them has been the least of the inconveniences of this whole thing. Millions of people in Asia have been wearing them for years without being whiney spoilt babies about it. It's fucking embarrassing.

I get why the campaign against vaccines has been so successful, and I kind of feel sorry for the people it has terrified into avoiding vaccination, but I do not understand why people have such wildly different reactions to covid anti-viral treatments compared to covid vaccines.

Like, the antivirals are made by the same Big Pharma companies that make vaccines, and they're fast-tracked just like the vaccines were, and they go into your body, probably by injection if you're in hospital needing covid-19 anti-virals. It's bizarre. People are saying that they'd rather get infected with covid-19, get sick, risk a little lung damage, receive anti-virals and hope they work as promised, rather than train their immune system to fight the infection off before that stage. I swear to god, everything in our culture is just marketing and branding, and it's fucking terrifying.

No. 809825

and it's like the first time in these people's lives that they've thought twice about what they put in their body. a lot of prescription medication has a laundry list of side effects and people just go "eh" and deal with it when/if it happens. women pop birth control pills on the daily and no one cares that it causes blood clots, but they care deeply one of the vaccines was causing blood clots. like I agree you should take into consideration the side effects of what you put in your body but I have never known anyone in my personal life who freaked out about their prescription's possible side effects and refused to take it due to that. let's also not leave out people who smoke cigarettes and won't get the dangerous vaccine.

No. 809884

And not to mention they take these things for muh health while drinking gallons of diet coke and McDonald's daily

Americans are so ass backwards about everything lmao

No. 809910

Getting my 2nd dose moderna today and I’m nervous about the side effects from the booster. Everyone I know who’s gotten moderna says the 2nd shot knocked them on their ass. Maybe one person said they had very mild symptoms.

Anyone here get sick after moderna #2? What did you do that seemed to ease symptoms? DayQuil? Red Bull IV? Pedialyte? Single mom of two and I’m basically accepting that I’ll be laid out on the couch for at least 24 hours. But I got tiny needy humans that are dependent on me and one still sucks the life from my boobs 4 times a day.

No. 809935

Just got mine this morning so I’m in the same boat. Most of my friends got pfizer so idrk what to expect, but my doctor just said he and his wife had soreness but it wasn’t as bad as the first dose. Made it seem like it could 50/50 be better or worse. He said rest, water, and Tylenol

No. 809936

I work for a vaccination info hotline not in the USA and I get the same bullshit. It's not just Americans. I had a guy telling me his elderly dad has been traveling all over the country and going to anti-lockdown protests desperately trying to infect himself so his body can "deal with it the natural way".

No. 809968

I can't speak for others, but I have definitely stopped medication after learning more about side effects, and I am now very reluctant with what I choose to take. While there are many people who are careless with their health (obesity/smoking) but then pick certain factors to obsess over (vaccines/GMOs, what have you), there are a great many who have not been educated enough to ask questions. Many young people especially do not ask questions. Some of that is because they rely on their parents, which is alright. I know that both my nieces (12 & 14) are chomping at the bit to get the jab. All they want is for life to go back to normal, and they do not have the critical thinking skills to evaluate the possible consequences.
I was put on the pill at 10 because my hormones were so unbalanced I couldn't function in school. I'm pretty sure that the birth control contributed to the depression I have suffered since high school. I finally quit the pill in my early 20s because I was reading up on side effects and I developed cysts after being on estrogen for such a long time.
Funny: doctors didn't know that long term use of birth control can cause ovarian cysts. The drug companies who made it didn't think that women would take the pill for long periods of time because they would want to have babies in their 20s or were just preventing additional children until menopause.
I don't apply my reservations to anyone else. I'm working from home, I shop for essentials early in the morning when there aren't a ton of people around. I'll continue wearing a mask around groups of people. But I won't get the shot until there is long term data available. I really hope that I'm being too cautious. But I find it really unsettling that more people aren't asking questions. I don't trust the corporate media or corporate pharmaceutical companies to value my own wellbeing as much as I do. And I worry at the credulity of the general population.

No. 810060

How long is long term? Like 15 years? 1?

No. 810120

For the vaccine-hesitant or adverse in the thread: has anyone's job required them to get the vaccine yet? Have most of your coworkers gotten it? I'm curious what you are telling people around you.

I've been dreading this for a while now. I don't want to get it. I work remotely, even before COVID, so I don't interact with other employees or any clients face to face, but my boss said something like, "Oh, we'll bring you down for a visit when you get your shots." The thing is… I'm not going to get them? They haven't instituted a policy for mandatory vaccination at work, so I guess they are just assuming I'll get them and not thinking beyond that.

No. 810265

ayrt I got the vaccine. I did stress about it for a while first but the possible long term effects of covid bothered me more. I've had multiple coworkers in the hospital from covid and one of my coworkers recently passed away from it. I also don't want to worry about getting covid at work and giving it to vulnerable family members. The thought gives me physical stomach pain. I just feel like we live in a covid world now and "it is what it is". I'll be one of those long-term data guinea pigs and all I can say is I did the best I could with the information I had in the circumstances I live in.

No. 810287

I got sick after both Moderna shots but it really wasn’t that bad, just chills and sweating a lot. Definitely don’t plan to do anything the day after. I bought a bunch of Gatorade and drank tons of water and weirdly after it was almost over craved fried chicken, maybe for the salt after all the sweating. Good luck!

No. 810325

I'm not vaccine averse but my work is requiring we all get it by the end of June as our state has broad access. I got my first shot and will be getting 2nd soon (Pfizer). Everyone from late 20-somethings to 60-somethings has mostly followed suit already, no side effects except some fatigue, chills and soreness that lasted 2 days at most. If you don't want it then I suppose you shouldn't have to and can just rely on herd immunity, but if your work ever requires you to show up in person you should let them know you haven't been vaccinated for the sake of those at risk.

No. 810367

It was suspected to be only one of the vaccines and an extremely rare occurrence, in the end it couldn't even really be proven if the illness was actually triggered by the it or if would've been diagnosed either way since there was no clear difference in the amount of narcolepsy diagnoses in vaccinated and unvaccinated patients.

Anon you seriously can't compare giving synthetic hormones to a child to getting a vaccine. Hormones have a long track record and studies pointing out how damaging they are, vaccines don't. There isn't a simple vaccine made that causes severe side effects.

No. 810391

I'm getting the first dose tomorrow. It's such a bittersweet feeling since I lost a parent to covid.

No. 810488

My condolences anon.

No. 810532

I'm sorry anon. I know someone who lost their dad to it just weeks before the vaccines started being rolled out.

No. 810632

I think I read something that if workplaces in the US were to require a vaccine, then any side effects would fall under OSHA. That means that the workplace itself would be forced to pay damages to anyone injured by the vaccine. I'm not sure how many companies are willing to risk their bottom line.

No. 810641

I think I read somewhere that most vaccines get 5 years of testing before release to the general public. I will probably reevaluate next year based on news of side effects, infection rates, and required additional doses. Given that I am looking at having children soon, I may wait until I have done that and then get vaccinated.
I was using the pill as an example of stopping a prescription because of side effects in response to >>809825

No. 811073

I am this anon. I woke up barely being able to move my arm, and my skin was super sensitive; it hurt to wear clothing. Slight chills and I was overly exhausted (more than I usually am). Took like 4 ibuprofen and had a cup of coffee and I’ve felt fine. I think my arm pain was the worst thing. Been battling achy skin on and off throughout the day but so far so good. I wasn’t completely useless. I’m also at the tail end of a head cold and I’m feeling much better than I had expected. Hopefully things continue this way.

No. 811623

Got the first dose of Pfizer today. I'm ovulating and I got really really mild cramps and a sore arm.

No. 811830

I can kind of understand if people don’t want to vacccinate but it wouldn’t be so bad if unvaccinated people insisted on unmasking and showing up to crowded areas. Fuck that

No. 811890

File: 1621557612258.jpg (6.78 KB, 241x209, download.jpeg.jpg)

Sorry if I'm shitting up the thread with this, but I need to vent a little I guess. I got my first AstraZeneca shot today because I wanted to get vaccinated asap (where I live Pfizer is currently a month away at the very earliest) and I'm starting to regret it. I've been having a 38,2C fever for 6 hours now and I can't sleep. I took anti fever medication which helped, but my temperature went back up quickly. I know this is supposed to be a common symptom, but my hypochondriac ass is starting to panic a lil bit.

No. 811938

File: 1621567580980.jpg (848.18 KB, 2340x1535, 68297637_p4.jpg)

No. 811946

dw anon, it’s normal and it’ll pass soon!

No. 812026

Had my second dose of Pfizer a week and a half ago, and I've had PMS symptoms ever since. Extremely moody (I'm not usually particularly moody pre-period) and random breakthrough spotting. Lots of cramping, headaches, which is all my normal PMS symptoms. I definitely think it can mess with your cycle, but i don't regret it. Just an FYI for any anons getting the MRNA shots, you may experience a "weird period"

No. 812073

It did already, thank god. Weirdly enough, it ended very abruptly. I still had fever in the morning but as soon as I felt strong enough to get out of bed and walk around a bit to stretch my back, my temperature dropped back to normal in a span of maybe 10 minutes. I hope the second dose doesn't hit me as hard because last night was brutal.

No. 812619

Safest vaccine in your opinion? The newer style or the older style? (mRna vs. conventional vaccine)

No. 812959

Safest as in gives better results or safe for complications or side effects? I got Pfizer(mRNA), I never felt any pain, nor did anyone else I asked. But some figures imply it's slightly less effective in COVID prevention than others. Still, the number of daily infections are going down steadily here, so people can even question if they should go through the vaccination now. There's no clear answer, because everything is muddied by market interests and politics, as far as your average citizen goes.

No. 814700

Why not?
I got covid in january and it wasn't any worse than the regular flu I had a few years ago.
The main difference was just a lack of taste/smell for almost a week.
I'd say if that's how they'd rather deal with it let em.

No. 814702

"I was ok so everyone will be"
I wish you could meet my friend who lost her mother to covid.

No. 814703

In a month or two it won't matter.
All the people that want the vaccine will have it and all those who don't can infect eachother all they want as far as I care.

No. 814713

A month or two, Damn. I'm not due to get vaccinated even this year. My 70 year dad has a 12 week wait to go for his.

No. 814714

Look I never said that.
Obviously older people and people with comorbidities (should) get the vax.

And even if you're young I encourage you to go ahead and get it as well.

But as far as I'm concerned it's an individual's decision to make.
If somebody would rather catch covid than get the vax because they feel they can handle it I'm fine with that.

I know I survived it just fine after all.

They know they're taking a risk and I'm sure many have warned them not too by this point.
If they're determined on getting infected let em.

No. 814719

Where do you live?
In america most of the vulnerable are already vaxxed (at least once)
I reckon that the teens and twenty year olds don't matter all that much since most of us aren't badly effected.

So once all the middle aged people that want a Vax get one it's pretty much over and I think the masks are going to be dropped soon whether we like it or not.

All the unvaxxed will just claim to be vaxxed and there's not much (in the state's) we can do about it.
The mask will be a personal choice thing for those young people still waiting on a vax.

No. 814747

What pisses me off most about the vaccines is that they wanna open up events and stuff this summer with vaccination passports. But here's the problem: my country has been vaccinating as a SNAILS PACE, how are vaccination passports fair when young and healthy people like me won't even get the CHANCE to get vaccinated for months to come? I'm so FUCKING PISSED OFF aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I just wanna go to concerts and festivals damn it!!!!!!

No. 815632

Are you from Hungary?

No. 815648

I've gotten to go to two concerts since being vaxxed and have another coming up in early June! I missed this so much. Life feels almost normal now. Good luck to the nonnies still awaiting vaccination and those waiting on more results as well. You have a right to go at your own pace but I hope you younger girls will consider it eventually. It doesn't sound like covid will go away, and a family friend in excellent health and weight was killed by the virus at age 30, and another aged 28 and healthy but slightly overweight was hospitalized with severe covid for three weeks and still hasn't fully recovered and may never fully recover. I really worry for you girls who are telling each other it's unnecessary because you're young. Of course you have a right to never get it but I hope you will reconsider when more research is released and it feels safe for you.

No. 815655

No. 815663

File: 1621967172093.gif (570.12 KB, 360x246, tumblr_inline_mqzwtr0csj1qegv2…)

Idk where you are from, but same here. I hate scrolling through my international TL because most of them scream about being fully vaxxed (even with the "good" one Pfizer) and my ass still waits.
If I'm lucky, I will get my this fall/winter. What also pissed me off that here all the safe ones for younger women go to elderly people, who have now two types of vaccines that are classified for being for them, but they can choose and go for the ones that people like me should get, but I can't get it, because of those old fucks. And when I complain about wanting to get my vaccine of choice because to avoid possible health issues, I'm being called selfish and Ignorant but granny can do it and nobody says a word. I hate it this shit so much. My health isn't for debate, if I gave up concerts and shit for them for over a year now, they can suck it up, get what they should get to survive the last two years of their life's and leave me the fuck alone because I'm so close to loose it because if it FUCK.

No. 815710

I'm only in my mid 20's and was originally wanting to refrain and wait to get it. I'm just as scared of it now even though I had my first Moderna a few weeks ago and still plan to get my second, I feel anxiety about what longterm effects I might end up facing down the line particularly wrt fertility. However in a peripheral way I was reminded that covid can still fuck up your body and kill you even if you are young and of normal weight, so I decided to take my chances with the thing that made me feel like I had more control. Glad you feel like you are getting your life back anon, hopefully you keep enjoying your summer!

No. 818346

I have one year left of my undergraduate and I really wish I could finish it online. I think classes are going to return to in-person learning for the fall which means I have to go through the hassle of looking for an affordable apartment, looking for a job, building a new routine and commuting to campus while trying to keep my GPA at an A-. I'm absolutely dreading the stress that it's going to produce. My discipline doesn't require me to use any campus facilities, I personally don't care about getting to know other students, I just want to get my undergrad out of the way so I can move on and apply to the masters program of my dreams (lol).

I empathize with people who wanna return to in-person learning, but as it applies to my specific case I just don't think it's worth all the stress and uncertainty right now. If I was confident that our institutions were prepared to handle a crisis and provide people with structural support I would feel differently. Given the situation, I would prefer to save money while focusing on my studies at my family home. I'm so close to finishing my degree that it doesn't make sense to transfer to another school. I'm also somewhat concerned that the influx of international travel will introduce a more aggressive variant that forces schools to shutdown again, then I'll have moved away for nothing. I know a lot of international students are in a similar position. At the very least I hope that reasonable accommodations can be made.

No. 818449

i just got my appointment for the pfizer vaccine in a week, and idk, i'm kinda worried about it? it just feels like we are the guinea pigs since the vaccine hasn't really been out for a long time. my friends mom recently almost died of a brain aneurysm after her first shot of astra, and i've read some that some women had problems with their periods and such. i do have history of blood clots (? i hope thats it lmao, non-english speaker here) in my family. on the other hand, there are so many experts claiming it's all totally safe, but, god, i'm very anxious when it comes to shit like this lately, i've never been paranoid like this.

sorry if i sound like a dumb conspiracy theorist, i just don't really know what to believe and i'd like to hear some of your experiences and opinions.

No. 818458

The pfizer vaccine is one of the most effective vaccines that have been developed to protect us against covid. At this point millions of people have received it without experiencing any complications. Chances are that the virus will impact a persons health more than the pfizer, moderna, or even astrazeneca vaccine will, especially if you consider the new covid variants that are more contagious and produce more severe illness across age groups. I know a lot of people have said that young adults have nothing to fear because the virus won't kill us, but personally I think the possibility of suffering from long covid is a worse fate. Keep yourself informed and look for answers from reputable sources, medical science literature is quite difficult and a lot of people tend to misunderstand it. I hope you can find some reassurance anon, good luck.

No. 818594

I’ll give my input on getting the pfizer shot, and some background. I’m not an antivax person I wanted to prolong the shot a long as possible to hear any sort of side effects instead my partner signed me up for the stupid thing. It’s been 24 hours since getting it, since then I’ve lost my taste and my appetite I’m still sore in the arm down to my wrist, and I’ve thrown up twice. She on the other hand has only had a sore arm and felt abit sick for an hour or two after getting it. My taste has come back an the apitite aswell is kinda back. I went an got a speedy test for covid thinking maybe I had it, and got a negative. Which is a relief but this is my experience. I’m also a never see a doctor for anything, take no Advil for headaches, let the body do it’s thing kinda person. So that might be why my side effects were just that as told by the people who did my covid test.

It won’t kill you but it did/does suck.
Also co worker got his shot and 48 hours later got covid from his brother an basically thought he was going to die on his couch for 10 days. You’re not super man with the shot but he said it probably saved his life and from a ventilator.

No. 818613

Not to minimize >>818594 experience but it’s been a couple days since I got my 2nd Pfizer shot and I have no side effects. After the first shot my arm was sore for a couple days afterwards and that was it. Now, nothing. Everyone’s immune system reacts differently and it may be shitty for a while or you may experience almost nothing like me, so try not to stress and just take things as they come.

No. 818646

It takes 2 weeks for the vaccine to build enough antigens to effectively combat the virus, you're not in the safe zone after just two days. And to add to that you'll still need the second shot for full protection.

That said, my Pfizer shot caused no side effects at all. A sore arm yeah but that's caused by the mechanical insertion of the needle, not the vaccine in itself. One of my friends had light flu-like symptoms and one had a bit of a headache but otherwise all of them were fine.

No. 819226

My period has been pretty fucked up since the Pfizer shot about a month ago. I had a sore arm and felt SO tired and emotional after both sessions for about 24 hours. The period thing is the worst aspect, I've basically been breakthrough bleeding for the last month and PMSing.

No. 819397

This is why I don't want the vaccine

I already have periods from hell that don't seem to follow a consistent pattern and I want more children.

My cycle is sensitive to everything.

I also have Aspergers and strong autoimmune reactions to things. I won't be having the vaccine.

I'm sure covid wouldn't be pleasant either but I still don't want the vaccine.

No. 819398

Are you on any type of bc?

No. 819403

i was also signed up for the shot by a family member, got pfizer 12 days ago and i have been having really persistent and escalating side effects
they are not unbearable or unmanageable, but i woke up crying a few days ago from being so disoriented and confused. it lasted all day, i kept crying so much that my bf made me call him multiple times so he could talk me through the confusion. the fatigue has been seriously impeding my ability to function. there are an array of physical difficult side effects that have been going on. i tried to see my doctor about them but she is booked solid for two weeks
it's interesting that someone mentioned becoming very emotional, i was swinging wildly between depression and irritability the first several days. i was not really experiencing mood swings like this pre-shot. now i am mostly confused and disoriented, which makes me upset
i'm supposed to get my period soon and i am worried because i am already a lifelong extremely heavy and difficult period type of person
i am not dissuading anyone, but i personally wish i hadn't gotten it. i only go outside to get groceries since i am a naturally solitary person and live alone. i don't think it was worth it for me.
i tend to get weird and difficult (sometimes rare) side effects from various medications and treatments, so i was apprehensive, and i wish i said no.
i can't even get my second dose for two whole months, it's not like it is offering me full protection
i have had internal bleeding before and ongoing bleeding issues so i am at least glad i didn't get the astrazeneca.
it's a little bit scary. i'm trying to keep busy and on my feet. if i stayed in bed, i would literally sleep all day and then sleep all night. happy for people who didn't get side effects though
like i said, not trying to push an agenda or dissuade anybody. but i hadn't seen any experiences like mine before i got it, so idk. maybe someone is experiencing similar right now

No. 819405

For what it's worth, I was worried about the same thing after getting the pfizer shot as I was expecting my period a few days later, but I got it right on time and it's one of the chillest periods I had in recent years. No problems or weirdness about it whatsoever.

No. 819410

I've had the Pfizer vaccine a week before my period started and had zero changes. But then again, I always had barely noticeable periods.

No. 819416

I agree with you. The way I see it is that I probably won't catch covid. It's never been a problem in the area where I live. Even if I did catch it, it's unlikely that I would die from it because I'm fit, healthy, in my 20s and eat a very good diet.

Two shots of a vaccine is guaranteed exposure that will cause a massive inflammatory response and could make me very ill.

It's also impossible to find out what the side effects and risks of the vaccine are. One side repeats "it's safe and effective" like religious dogma and the side claims it's part of a eugenics program.

No. 819435

i feel you nonnie, i also didn't want to get the vaccine originally, but the situation in our hospitals is very grim and so far everybody i know that has gotten into the hospital has caught covid, including family members
my mom also frequents the hospital so it's pretty much granted that i'd get infected too eventually no matter how safe i am
i'm not happy about getting an experimental vaccine either, but covid has also fucked up a lot of healthy young people by causing neurological problems, loss of taste, heart inflamation issues, etc so i feel like for now the vaccine is the best choice for me

i was super scared for a week and had a legit panic attack right before my first shot today but i am actually not experiencing any side effects other than a sore shoulder, which is normal after an intramuscular injection and the medical staff was also very understanding when i told them i'm anxious

idk i hope this makes you feel a little better at least

No. 819437

I am, but my period is usually pretty regular on it (or off it for that matter) its the hormonal pill, sprintec.

No. 819439

I had Pfizer in late January/February and didn’t really notice a difference, but I’ve had heavy periods for a couple years now.

I probably would have been alright if I didn’t get the vaccine but I do know some people who had covid and reacted really badly to it or died from complications. Everything about this is like a lose-lose situation.

No. 820139

I got my first dose Pfizer about a week ago. Didn't have any side effects. The guy who administered my shot gave my arm a massage afterwards saying that it helps reduce the probability of arm soreness. I didn't have any arm soreness, so it could be the truth. The vaccine fluid when injected did make my arm feel sore at first so I guess I can see how massaging the stuff around would help dissipate the hurt juice by distributing it evenly.

Just a tip.

No. 820192

Anon are you saying you couldn't get very sick from COVID either? lmao. And just because COVID hasn't been a thing in your country doesn't mean that won't change. Taiwan was COVID free for over a year but now even they have COVID. And look at India too.

No. 820214

Nayrt but Indias new disease is already found in Korea and somewhere else…Scary…

Also, a small rant: they don't allow people who are tested positive for COVID to travel here, hell, we are not allowed to travel at all, not even to diff towns; govt somehow allowed a man to travel from India just for him to end up bringing Indian COVID. Meh

No. 820228

>Indias new disease

No. 820239

AYRT. Both having covid and having the vaccine are risks to my health. I'm unlikely to catch covid so why bother having a vaccine that could make me ill?

No. 820245

No. 820278

From what I know about it, it's hardly new. But people who have/had COVID are more susceptible to getting it because their immune systems are weak, and steroids are being used in COVID treatment as well which makes you more susceptible. It's not like it's spreading person to person, it's a fungal infection. Also, the rise in these types of infections was being seen across Asia far before COVID, specifically India. I wouldn't be too scared unless you have/had COVID and are frequently around decaying organic material (dead bodies, rotten food, etc).

No. 820305

Mom and I got vaxxed with Pfizer, I had pain in my arm for about a week after first shot, mom mild flu symptoms for a day and arm pain.

I'm waiting for the second shot, my mom doesn't want to get it. Everyone else in my family is an antivaxxer.

A lot of my friends are scientists, I talked to a bunch of doctors as well to make up my mind. My friend who works on adenoviral vectors said to just get whatever first comes.

No. 820632

Nonitas, I have something to ask. I had Moderna shots, and after the 1st shot, I've had a tension headache that lasted 2 whole fucking weeks. Also I felt like death. Did any of you get this?

No. 820643

Some headache is normal but 2 weeks of headache non stop is not; if possible, consult a doctor, it doesn't have to be but could be thrombosis

No. 820644

I had the Pfizer shot. The first shot made me tired for two days and made my arm a bit sore., nothing major. The second shot made me almost pass out at the hospital, embarrassing asf. Then I slept almost all day every day for a week. My arm didn't hurt as much the second time.

Did anyone else notice a difference in the needles they used each time? The first one for me was huge, like nearly four inches long but the second one was only like two inches. Seems fucked up imo

No. 820649

Anon do you think I still need to worry if it passed? I've had migraine episodes before but not that long.

No. 820660

hmm, given you have history of migraines it could explain it actually. Look up other symptoms of thrombosis maybe and observe yourself whether you maybe notice any of them but if not you're probably ok.

No. 820723

I don’t know about the length or anything, but when I got the second shot I literally felt NOTHING and asked the woman if she was sure she poked/injected me lol. My arm was sore the next day which made me feel better, but yeah, it was definitely noticeable to me.

No. 820797

I work for walgreens and the needles we get come from the government with the vaccines in a care package. There is a shortage of needles so it wouldn't surprise me if you were given a larger needle for your second shot. Big they are not 4 inches lol, for intramuscular vaccines they are 1" to 1-1/2".

Probably the technique of the immunizizer. The are supposed to go all the way into the muscle. Sometimes they don't want to hurt you so they inject you in the fat between muscle and skin instead. A lot of people got their immunization certification recently so don't have a lot of confidence yet.

No. 823306

did anybody lose their sense of taste or smell after pfizer?
i feel like my senses are slowly going away. i couldn't taste my lunch today but i'm fine with strong tastes like junk food and chocolate bars.
also no, i don't have covid, and never caught covid in the past either
idk kinda freaking out about this

No. 823308

It was the same with my second Moderna. I am scared of needles in general so I didn't look at it either time, but for my first one I really felt the pinch and it took a sec. For my second I sat down in the chair and after only a light touch I thought was preparing for the shot he said it was over. I even was like "Whoa, that was fast!" out loud because I was so surprised

No. 823725

Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the vaccine symptoms basically Covid-lite, like when you get the regular flu vaccine and it gives mild, temporary flu-like symptoms? And this includes the period stuff. I've read that people who get Covid experience these exact same kinds of irregularities, in which case, you risk this happening to you either way, vaxxed or unvaxxed. Any science fags know more about this than I do?

In my case, I was already on my period when I got my first Pfizer shot, but it was the last day. I thought it was completely finished, but after having the shot I did have discharge (red, like mid-period). It only happened this one time and then my period did truly end. I dunno if this had anything to do with the shot.

No. 824659

My friend got Pfizer and has been having extremely painful eczema flare ups ever since. She only usually gets flare ups when she gets sick or stressed but not for 3 months straight. Her doctors just told her to bite the bullet and upped her medication but she needs to selfmedicate with weed to function. Any anons had eczema flare ups from the vaccine too? It sucks seeing her in such constant pain, I wanna believe she's extremely unlucky and most people have flare ups that only last a week, since when I try to research most articles claim there are no risks or side effects for people with eczema or similar autoimmune reactions.

No. 824684

>Did anyone else notice a difference in the needles they used each time? The first one for me was huge, like nearly four inches long but the second one was only like two inches. Seems fucked up imo
I've just had my first Pfizer shot and thought of this post because the nurse that was doing it said she has a lot of "ministry of health recommended" needles but she cannot use it on me because my arm is so small it would be pointles to take something this thick and long. So it's down to whether the person doing a vaccination has a choice and/or time and willingness to find something that would be appropriate to your arm size; as even the bigger needle shouldn't hurt so much if you have fatter arms, but it will definitely cause pain for people that are smaller.

No. 824703

I got the Pfizer vaccine a couple months ago and my eczema is usually really bad and disgusting but its been a hell of a lot worse lately. Like my entire neck and shoulders are purple. I've been putting off making an appointment for it (they just push steroids which I hate) but now I think I should.

No. 824810

You should definitely try to get a check up, even if I'm not sure how much they can help you if it was indeed a reaction to the vaccine, but I hope you find some relieve soon anon.

No. 826080

I'm in the UK but thought of this post when I was in line for my Pfizer shot, for a second you had me worried but it seemed like a normal sized needle and I didn't even feel the needle going in at the start.
I had to really pay attention to even see the needle, nurses have such an impressive slight of hand to distract you

The only side effect here is a painful arm nbd

No. 828547

File: 1623474376785.jpeg (497.75 KB, 828x889, FA719883-FA74-43C5-950A-9EC675…)

This is making me so nervous, I’m 25 and have been having some chest pains ever since I got my Pfizer shot. It comes and go and has calmed down the past few weeks but still flares up occasionally.

No. 828550

Wtf my sister and I have had chest pains since we got our vaccines a week ago

No. 828555

lmao mother fucker, man

No. 828557

I felt the whole thing both times smh everyone else I talked to was like “huh really I barely even felt anything” but it was pretty bad for me I almost started crying after in the car lol

No. 828561

I was fully vaccinated in early March, and haven't had a period yet. Not on any birth control and I'm relatively normal cycle wise (about 35 days, long cycles but consistant)
I'm a manager at a pharmacy and have administered about 5,000 vaccines now. I'm only hearing from women in the early 30s who are having this issue but it seems pretty common from the earlier front line workers I have followed up with and they seem to have the same issue
Tbh kind of worrisome I think, wish I waited till we knew more effects. Just with the volume of people I see in a day (500+) I didn't want to risk spreading covid to anyone. I'm starting to second guess it all.

No. 828574

I'm not vaccinated yet but I've had some late periods this last year and every time I look it up it talks about stress or illnesses like stomach bugs or the flu having the ability to delay ovulation and the rest of your cycle.

Based on that I could see it maybe affecting one cycle but multiple is worrying

No. 828577

The first google result says it is because your immune system is "hard at work" so your period is delayed


I still get a period when I have a cold or flu, even when under going intense chemo for cancer some women still maintain their cycles. If your mine system is fighting something for that long its your body saying something is wrong.

J&J also caused all of those blood clots in women, and I had a coworker who got Moderna and she suffered an undiagnosed stroke the same month.

Fuck I shouldn't have googled while drunk tinfoiling. I'm that same pharmacy manager anon and I don't want this on my conscious for not warning thousands of women this is an undiagnosed risk. I'm sure the cdc doesn't give two shits so I did my job with the data I had but still.
Maybe it's nothing.

No. 828648

From the people who have reported missed/delayed/overflowing or light periods, all of their cycles evened out after a couple of months.

I would definitely advise amyone with reproductive health issues to go and see their doctor.

No. 828673

The day after my second Moderna shot my period started unexpectedly way early, then lasted unusually long, like almost 2 weeks when it's usually 5-7 days long. I felt worried that it was so abnormal for me, and I don't know what to expect for my next one.

No. 828686

Is it true that the stronger your immune system is, the worse the side effects of the vaccine will be?

No. 828911


This is not a given, although I know there have been reports of people having a strong reaction to the first dose of the vaccine if they had a prior infection, while the second dose reaction was negligible in comparison.

Some people just react more strongly to the vaccine and some breeze right through it.

No. 829096

everyone I've known who's gotten the vax says the second shot is the most potent and gave them the worst side effects. at least people who've had pfizer and moderna

first pfizer shot gave me bad arm ache for a day but I'm fine now, and I have what could be considered "stronger" immunity

No. 829138

What's interesting is that I caught covid back in November, and while the first dose (Pfizer) made my chest tight and made the injected arm feel like lead was attached to it, my second dose was a walk in the park and I've had no odd, lingering side effects. Any of you girls catch covid then get the vaccine? What was it like for you?

No. 829171

Not me, but my mom
She got Synopharm around 2 months after she got infected and (fortunately) recuperated.
Not much to say about the first dose, the pain on her arm was minimum. The same happened with the second dose, the side effects were hardly present.

No. 829206


My mother and I had covid in November. We just had our first dose of Pfizer a month ago. I also experienced chest tightness for three days and arm pain for a week or so. I also woke up next night in a sheen of sweat so I might have had a fever during sleep.

My mother had weird symptoms only 24 hrs, very flu-like in nature (low fever, fatigue, arm and underarm pain). She was also highly emotional lol, started crying while I was talking to her about the history between Israel and Palestine.

I want to go through and get the second shot, my mom wants to skip because we are surrounded by antivaxxers and they told her she was going to get cancer or something. Good times.

No. 829512

I'm really considering not getting the 2nd dose for now… I have not experienced any serious side effects (only a sore shoulder and slight fatigue) but I'm really scared about the potential link to heart inflamation..
I noticed that I've been having really bad heart palpitations that are sometimes so bad that it even wakes me up. I also get chest pains ever since I got my 1st shot.

I'm not ill and I don't have any pre-existing conditions or anything like that.. it's just making me hella worried, I don't have time to get sick lol

No. 830167


I would always consult a medical professional (if possible) if you are still having side effects from the vaccine.

I found out that one of our close family friends got vaccinated and he had the weird chest feeling. Went to the doctor and they saw that one of his arteries/ventricals has buildup.

He's taking medication and blaming the vaccine for his clogged arteries, nevermind that he drinks like a salmon and eats bacon slathered in butter every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The gall of some people.

No. 830179

Nta and I'm not even a stem-fag but with the discourse around the vaccine it's been pretty troubling to see how eager people are to attribute correlation to causation. I don't necessarily blame people, I understand why they're doing this, but it's still a disturbing trend.

No. 830427

2 months? That shot seems totally unnecessary. Did she get tested for covid antibodies beforehand? Your body produces more antibodies when you have actual covid than when you get an inactivated covid vaccine, so 2 months after being sick she should be as safe or safer than someone who took a vaccine 2 months ago. And we don't get vaccinated in 2 month intervals. I know people who had covid and got the sinovac shot afterwards, but they were told to wait longer to get it because they already had antibodies.

No. 831295

She did, they were going down in number quickly though so she chose to still get the vaccine while the opportunity was there giving that vaccines in my country are still not available to the general public.

No. 831326

First dose of Pfizer, didn't feel anything and not even arm soreness.

Had my second dose today and I feel vaguely nauseous. Arm hurts slightly at the injection area. Took a nap earlier and woke up sweaty.
I have this general feeling of 'unwellness' but not the kind usually associated with having a cold, I just have this hint of something being wrong with me that makes me feel uncomfortable and want to sleep.

All I know is I'm getting my free day off work tomorrow for "side effects" and all those cunts can eat the corn out my ass if they don't like it. I'll never forget this one coworker bitch ~~~coincidentally~~~ scheduling her vaccine to line up when our office was undergoing an external audit that she knew about in advance, and she was out for two days while I hustled ass to try to get her shit done during her absence. No one said shit to her. If my manager gets whiny that I'm out on a no-event Wednesday, I'm gonna raise hell with HR, especially since they were the ones pushing for everyone getting vaccinated in the office. HR kept sending out these emails where they claimed if enough people replied with interest, then they could get a mobile vaccine clinic to come on-site. To no surprise, there was never enough sign-ups so then they'd just send a passive-aggressive email with a link to Walgreen's and told us good luck.
The other lie they told to manipulate more people into getting the vaccine is that if everyone in the company got it, then they'd have a 'raffle' with prizes such as $1000 lmao. Obviously it's impossible that every single person in a company would be vaccinated. They're such petty liars.

Speaking of that, I got vaccine-shamed twice by two conspiritard boomer coworkers today during my shift. One is a grossly overpaid and old remote consultant from Florida (ofc) who remarked "shame on you" when I said I got it today and why I might not be there tomorrow. The other one is a quality engineer that I'm helping train, and while she's a sweet lady she's also a boomer who suffers from the condition of believing whatever article she reads on the fucking internet. She said today 'They're saying the injection site is magnetic…' the FUCK are you on about lady?! Do you either believe the vaccine fluid itself has a magnetized component, or are you insinuating there's a microchip? Not only is it debunked, but it doesn't even make sense. She's blatantly said she's not getting the vaccine and hopes I don't have anything "long term" from this.

Why can't these older folks just be happy that young and healthy people are getting the vaccine so they can be safe in their bubbles?

No. 831327

I was one of the anons who had a messed up period after my Pfizer shot. Can confirm that now it seems to be basically back to normal, just a little heavier than usual.

I think there is a possibility of something weird with the circulation, or blood, or something for women and the vaccines. I don't know what exactly, but it is odd how J&J caused the clots and how a lot of us report weird periods following, at least for a short time. Truth is this was a real damned if you do damned if you don't think IMO, and I know I was taking a "risk" with the vaccine. But i'd be taking a risk with Covid too, so. Had to risk something, sucks, but it is what it is.

Now getting my child vaccinated is a different story. I think it's a little sketchy how hard they're pushing kids in line next considering the absolutely tiny risk to children that is presented by Covid, and reports of heart issues with 12+s. The long covid shit btw is totally fake in my opinion, this virus is not dissimilar to other coronaviruses or respiratory illnesses from Asia, and none of them report these let's say…very similar to "chronic fatigue syndrome" long lingering side effects. I think it is a lot of medical malingerers. https://www.wtnh.com/news/health/coronavirus/concerns-grow-over-reports-of-heart-inflammation-in-teens-tweens-after-getting-covid-vaccine-cdc-calling-emergency-meeting/

No. 831373

Anons how did you decide if you wanted to get vaccinated? What resources did you use to read about the vaccins? I'll get either biotech/pfizer or moderna but don't get to choose.

No. 831376

However rare, the reports of protracted illness post-covid are real and CFS definitely is. I should know I've had it for 12 years and it's fucked my life up kek. It's why I'm getting the shot. I know a few people who haven't been able to fully recover from covid and I never want to feel that fucking sick again (peak of my illness). I'm getting the Pfizer shot in a few hours, a bit anxious. I'll report back.

No. 831378

Long covid or whatever they call it is unfortunately real and it can happen with the other "normal" illnesses too.

No. 831868

This is an anecdote but like 5 of my friends (late 20s/early 30s)who usually have a very regular cycle reported that they missed their period for one cycle after the vac as well, but now everything’s normal again and they are fine. Doesn’t sound too dramatic imo but it definitely should be noted for further research since it seems to b a common issue. Not a gyno but some women react more sensitively to any factors which could mess with your cycle (me included, have trouble with this since forever without having any diagnosed gynecological/hormonal issues). Now I’m curious if I experience similar symptoms when I get my vac but it definitely seems to be safer than getting the full coov.

No. 832255

FFS muh long covid has a list of 400+ symptoms, they're just slapping long covid on anything and don't even test you. I'm fucking serious, if you had covid and still feel sick months afterwards go to a damn doctor and throw a tantrum until they properly check you. Fucking psychos are using this crap to misdiagnose this and wash their hands.

No. 832304

Do not vaccinate your child (for covid). Why would any parent allow their baby to take a shot that has just been released, for something that will not affect them? I'm not experimenting with my kid just so I can save a grandma.

No. 832325

what if your kid infects you?

No. 832343

or more likely worse, what if your kid infects grandma? Or a schoolteacher? Or another kid with a compromised immune system? Im not sure why people are so sure that letting your kid be infected by a basically unknown disease is the "safe decision" vs the vaccine because the disease "doesn't do anything" to them. We literally dont know…either the disease or the vaccine might make your head explode in 5 years but we wouldnt know which yet. And if i was taking a blind guess… i would go with the researched vaccine (we have had vaccines in general for 100+ years) being probably safer than unrestructed exposure to highly viral bat disease. But thats just me…

No. 832394

NTA- im not anti-vaxx however i am nervous and can wait for a better vaccine. i cant speak for everyone, but if i have the opportunity to stay in vs getting vaccinated- i will wait indoors. once you get the vaccine, you can't take that back. no matter the side effects, which is what I've been worried about. yeah you can die from covid, but you can always keep protecting yourself (if you're lucky to not get it). i find the whole "unknown disease" thing weird considering vaccines arent usually made this fast with this many warnings. it doesn't help that the government fumbled intially taking steps with covid, which led to distrust, conspiracies, etc.

No. 832443

I mean when will a vaccine be "safe enough" for ypu though? 1 more year of research time? 2? 5? I dont think there really is an answer like that. And "stay inside for another 2 years" is just…not really an option. And if you dont literally stay inside and dont get vaccinated, ya gonna get the virus. Thats just the facts. So like i said, its between geetting the unknown virus from bats or getting the vaccine.

No. 832449

Vaxxed people still spread the plague tho. The vaccines are supposed to help you not get very sick or die when you catch it. No point in vaxxing people who are not at risk.

No. 832457

No vaccines make you not a host for infection,which means you won't pass on the infectious part of the virus the part that maims.

No. 832494

I’m Canadian and I’ve already had both of my shots because I’ve got legal retard status. I’ve also got a first class flight booked for next month. I’m not scared to be in public anymore.

No. 832517

>And if you dont literally stay inside and dont get vaccinated, ya gonna get the virus
if that's the case then why is there a social obligation to get vaccinated? I always hear "for the people who can't" but it sounds like they're guaranteed to get it anyway

No. 832521

Last year I remember hearing a lot of reports of some sort of child post covid syndrome. Basically a bunch of kids in my country got asymptomatic covid and then a few weeks/months later started developing really serious complications like full organ failure. Doctors weren't sure what was going on at first, but then they tested them for antibodies and realized the kids were infected at some point. It was a huge story as some even died.

No. 832542

>what if your kid infects grandma? Or a schoolteacher?
I care about my kid more than all the grandmas or schoolteachers in the world, no matter how harsh that sounds. To be clear I will give my kid proven vaccines. But not something that has just come out.

I don't care how much money or research was poured into these vaccines. I care about how long they've been mass injected into people, and what the results are after several years. Others can test it for me first. If the death rate was higher, maybe then I'd take it or inject my kid with it.

I'm young, I had covid, it did shit all to me.

No. 832547

What country was this?

No. 832556

To add, in the US only 322 0-17 year olds have died with covid. This doesn't account for whether they had underlying conditions (most likely), or the fact that it was within a positive covid test, not actually from covid.

No. 832718

Soooo…only symptomatic people spread it? Make up your mind already. You can't say asymptomatic people are infectious (they don't develop an infection) and say vaxxed people are not infectious. Have your cake or eat it.

No. 832738

But don't asymptomatic people have a biological reason they don't develop the infectious part? Meaning a vaccine is just insurance for everyone.

No. 832741

We've been locked up under the presumption everyone is a silent killer, doesn't matter they're not sick. And now dumbfucks like you claim not developing an infection thanks to some monkey piss chemicals injected in your arm is way better than not developing an infection because you have a good immune system.

No. 832879

>legal retard status

No. 833234

You clearly don't understand viruses and that's fine. Thank goodness you're not invovled in the manufacturing of medicine. God bless.

No. 834848

It's so weird to me how there are so many anti vaxxers online, i guess i just never noticed them before but now i see them at almost every comment section? Didn't most people already get vaccinated at least once, why do they suddenly believe now that vaccines are super evil and that the goverment is trying to chip you? I also get so annoyed at people saying its not a big deal and you just need to have a good immune system. Fuck those other people then i guess that will get affected by it? You can cleary see in countries like brazil where the goverment didnt take any action that it greatly affects people to. Im sorry for the rant, i will get finally vaccinated next month since my country at first was supers slow with vaccinating people so atleast thats a nice thing.

No. 834855

I think all the idiots are just really resentful about lockdowns because clearly being alone with their own thoughts causes them a lot of anguish. It's mostly the beer drinkers and pub goers or just idiots that are anti vax. I think they're channeling their annoyance about lockdowns at the government and vaccines.

Then they get told their nuts and prolonging the epidemic and they get mad and start making up conspiracies the government's wants to kill the global population but all the retards that didn't get the vax will be left behind to rebuild society. Even though they can't manage to read research about vaccines.

No. 834857

They're in real life too. I worked for two separate pharmaceutical companies during the span of covid.
First company had employees who were piss ignorant about covid in general (this is back before we had a vaccine) and would routinely not wear their mandated masks to work. One manager was even using that argument that masks lower your blood oxygen level. There were a lot of covid infection reports there.
Current company is about a 50/50. Some people have vaccinated, however some of the older folks believe the vaccine is literal poison and refuse to get it.
I called out sick for naseau after my second dose just for a day, and all the boomers were patronizing me and wishing me luck while saying that's why they wouldn't get the vaccine. The fuck? How is being slightly nauseous and tired for a day fucking worse than a standard cold, no less a virus that could lay you flat for weeks or kill you?

Whatever, if people wanna act like the vaccine is a microchip then they don't have to get it I guess. As long as they understand they have to keep wearing a mask and social distance. Oh but wait, those are the same people who want to free sneeze in public and get up in someone else's face to socialize without masks on. Ugh.

Also I'm definitely getting my period now when I had my 2nd shot last week. It didn't affect my cycle.

No. 834861

I saw alot of local anti vaxxers pop up online when this started and I was surprised tbh. Didn't think my country had much of that. Then I took part in some market research where I got to read other peoples opinions on it and I saw alot of statements about how a decent percentage wanted to wait it out and only take the vax after maybe delaying it by a couple of years and watching how it affected others first. To do it at their own pace and let others take the risk that they perceived. It was an alarming percentage claiming they'd do that. Sit it out for years and see..

But now that the vaccine is actually being rolled out the wait time here is behind other countries by quite a bit and if anything people are now inpatient as they're dying for the registration to open up for their age group already. There's been a shift in those few months.

No. 834864

I've read through the thread and I was anti-this-specific-vaccine until I finally gave in and got it. First dose was late May, felt nothing besides my left arm and boob hurting super bad.

Now. The second shot. I got it 6/9 and was dead to the world for three days. Im talking heavy sweats to where I couldn't stand wearing clothes, muscle pain like no other, splitting headache, sleeping on and off, dizziness, and finally nausea that made it hard to keep food down. I was pissed, no one told me how horrid it was going to be. Most everybody compared it to a flu. I've had the flu, I'm nearly 30, I can handle a motherfucking flu. It did not compare to a flu. I live alone, I nearly dialed 911 because I thought I was dying.
Part of what leads people to being anti-vax is the lying I was fed for months about the vaccine being harmless or 'not that bad'. People need to be more honest. I was lucky that I had a job that gave me no-questions-asked PTO, but people like my friends and sister who work service industry type jobs don't get that luxury, and the constant lying or lessening of how bad the shot can actually be leads to more fear and distrust. My experience has made my fiancé say absolutely not to himself getting the shot. I don't blame him. If something is good they shouldn't be shamed into doing it, especially with something as important as medical care.

No. 834871

I mean 3 days of symptoms isn't too bad when you consider that this virus has literally killed hundreds of thousands of people globally. If that's your reaction to the vaccine, just think how'd you react if you got a viral load of the real deal.

No. 834874

I already had covid a year ago, paled in comparison to this second dose.

No. 834880

Careful now, you're starting to sound like a freethinker. Can't have that!

No. 834881

I'm months away from my shots but a fair few elderly people that I know have talked about this 3 day spell of sweats and pain and other ailments from the 2nd shot. Just through word of mouth I'm hearing this pretty often.

I live alone with no fam nearby so I'm mantally planning how to deal with 3 bedbound days and trouble moving around if it happens.

No. 834884

Huh, what did they say when you told them you had covid before the shot? I never got covid thankfully, and I've only had my first shot, getting the second dose next month. I was on my period when I got it and was completely fine but the next night after getting it I sweated in my sleep and my bed was soaked, but that was about it. Just over my period for this month and didn't have an unusual cycle or anything. My parents both have the 2 shots and didn't get symptoms other than the fever for a day or two. Same with my friend who has chrons she was fully vaxxed since March and hasn't had anything weird.

No. 834906

I got the first pfizer shot and felt fine except for some drowsiness and arm pain. The second shot didn't have any effects until about 12 hrs later when fever symptoms (minus an actual fever) hit me like a train and I could barely crawl into bed. I was more or less recovered after 15 hours of sleep and some ibuprofen. The next two days just felt like someone had punched me in the arm while I was recovering from a bad cold. The most important thing to remember is that if you feel like shit and are able to sleep, you need to sleep. I understand not everyone can fit 15 straight hours of sleep into their schedule, but if you choose to stay awake when you could be sleeping, you're only fucking yourself over.

No. 835069

They didn't say anything, I scheduled my vax online through walgreens and the guy who gave me the shots didn't ask me anything, just told me to wait 15 mins after the shot and then go home. The whole process was more like getting a flu shot, very impersonal and quick, which put me in a frame of mind where I was like 'oh, it wont be that bad'. I was very wrong.
Pisses me off too because despite going through all that we still have to wear masks at work while customers get to walk around mask free, and I've proven I'm vaccinated so…it's the indecision for me.

No. 835800

Vaccins are usually not made this fast because usually there isn't a global population to be vaccinated asap and make a shitload of money off

Getting kinda sick of this B-but vaccins aren't usually made this fast!! When we're, what, over half a year into vaccinating in most countries at this point? You still haven't done your research? You can still question the rapid development of the vaccins and it's safety but the why shouldn't need to be asked anymore.

No. 835814

Did anyone else not have any significant side effects from vaccination other than arm pain? I got Pfizer, after the first shot I was sleepy and slept on the way home, yesterday I got my second shot, and there was nothing, I felt completely fine. Wasn't even sleepy

No. 835836

I've heard some reporting on people feeling bad after Pfizer but everyone in my family was 100% fine just like you. I had one dose so far and nothing too, hopefully next one will be the same.

No. 837333

Got my 2nd Astra shot yesterday. Have not died yet. Didn't get any side effects unlike the first shot (just felt a bit crook the next day, might have been unrelated).

Looks like my city will go into lockdown again anyway. I think they should just stop doing the vax rollout in phases and get people to do it as they like. I was in the phase for people with underlying conditions so really they should just throw open the doors now. 40 year olds seem to be a lost cause with vaccine misinformation anyway. I think the maths curriculum must have been shit when gen X were at school or something.

No. 840034

I’m really upset. My small town has been subject to thousands of staycation holidaymakers and a lot of them refuse to wear masks or social distance. I work in retail. we have now gone up to the highest tier. A vulnerable family member has urged me to start being extra careful, and pointed out that I should ask people to wear masks and socially distance.
I’m unbelievably frustrated because I know this will invoke ridicule, petulance and even downright aggression in a lot of people. Im just fucking crying and dreading going to work. I really don’t want my vulnerable relatives to get sick but it’s also so hard having to bicker with strangers and being made to feel like a bad person for wanting others to take precautions. I’m so glad it’s pissing it down with rain and I hope it doesn’t stop. I hope they all have shit holidays. Fucking assholes.

No. 840040

Kek you don't like people making their own decisions, do you

No. 840048

People are free to make their own decisions when they don't impact others.
I don't want people making their own decisions about the literal pandemic or global warming because all evidence points to those decisions being stupid and selfish ones. NTA btw.

No. 840055

anon, how are the symptoms now? is the taste/smell back or about the same?

i'm thankful they're not requiring masks in majority of places now, i'm still gonna keep my distance though. i just thought it was silly because majority of people weren't wearing or able to afford the masks that actually are effective against the virus. it's smaller than particles of water, the videos of people spraying water at the generic face mask and droplets not going through to "prove effectiveness" doesn't mean shit.

>Part of what leads people to being anti-vax is the lying I was fed for months about the vaccine being harmless or 'not that bad'
there's this… and then there's documented history of doctors abusing, experimenting, and killing patients for their own benefit or the government benefit. i'm not particularly anti, but skeptical, wait-and-see type, about the medical industry in general.
however, i am aware there is a huge and loud subset of anti-vaxers that overlaps with extremist vegans, ableists, and homophobes. they are truly delusional.

No. 840153

I love in a popular staycation area too and noticed there were a lot of people my age without masks clearly drunk in the shops. I haven't even attempted going clothes shopping yet because I just imagine the dressing room situation is a nightmare and I'll be damned to queue just to browse and feel stressed lol. Also my building had an airbnb and its been constant dickheads I'm listening to one throwing up now. It's not even 10am

No. 844304

I just got the appointment for my first dose (pfizer). I have so many health related anxieties and I'm really scared of the side-effects. I know I'm probably being dumb.

No. 850068

i just had my first pfizer dose today and i'm a notorious hypochondriac and right after my vaccine i had a panic attack- it got resolved after i called my mum though and im all good now. the advice i'd give is try to have someone come with you for support.

No. 850469

Anons who've had Pfizer or Moderna, how were your side effects? I'm going to get either one of those tommorow (idk which it's gonna be) and I haven't really thought about side effects until now lmao

No. 850476

i got pfizer and apart from a sore arm for one day i didn’t have any side effects

No. 850481

i got moderna a few weeks ago and had a sore arm and some sluggishness for the rest of the day. i just felt a bit tired, but not to the point that i had to lie down and rest at all cost. the next day i had a bit of a sore throat but that went away after two days.

i'm getting my second shot next thursday and that one is supposed to be worse so i'm kinda nervous about it tbh

No. 850483

Ive already had corona before so I think that's what made my reaction to the vaccine stronger. My first dose was Pfizer, I had a sore arm and slight fever/crappy feeling for a day after. After a second dose of Moderna I was bedridden for one day with a high fever, it was awful but it didn't last long. I also had a sore arm that lingered for a few days after.

No. 850504

I had Pfizer and had 0 side effects. My arm was barely sore, I wasn't sleepy. Totally normal day.

No. 850513

I was sleepy after the first one and my arm was sore. After the second one, my arm was sore again, but that was all

No. 850516

I'm due my second pfizer jab in two weeks. I haven't had any side effects apart from the sore arm on the day and then a bit after but it's not that sore.

A lot of the articles that say people are dying more with the vaccines if you read the articles it's talking about the delta variant. The vaccines themselves are about 95% effective and 94% against the delta variant.

Low income areas are being hit hardest and the delta variant is hitting the over 55s more that aren't vaccinated even though its been been available to them. So since vaccination majority of deaths are actually targeting unvaccinated populations more proportionate than vaccinated.

I read a study about the age demographics and about the susceptibility. Someone over 80 that's vaccinated still runs the risk of an unvaccinated 55 year old just because of other factors. Vaccines still are 95% effective.

No. 850587

I got both pfizer shots and I had pretty much no major side effects. After the 1st one my shoulder was sore and the next day I felt kinda tired and lethargic, but not shitty enough to take a sick day from work.
After the 2nd dose I had chills all night but again, not bad enough to get bedridden and I actually did a lot of physical work that day too.
The worst thing is my period, after the 1st one it came 2 days early and after the 2nd it lasted 1 week instead of my usual 4 days.
My whole fam got the pfizer except my mom who got the AZ vaccine and none of us have experienced anything major. Good luck with your shot, anon!

No. 855500

i'm >>850481 and a dumbass. i never checked my vax card and turns out i actually got biontech and not moderna (even though my gp said i would get moderna). had my 2nd shot yesterday and was fine. i was very tired and hungry, but i also had only a few hours of sleep before i got my shot so that may have contributed to it. my arm feels pretty sore even 30 hours later, but it's bearable. i also had swollen lymph nodes in the arm and, for some reason, in the groin area? but that was also bearable.

No. 861340

Will the USA go back into lockdown this fall/winter?

No. 861345

I think it depends on the state. Some states have higher vaccination rates than others and it's been shown that it's largely the unvaccinated that get infected. Unvaccinated people are also how mutations and variations occur. Depending on how strong the variations are, there could be future lockdowns.

No. 861810

We were never in a lockdown. That's the problem.

No. 864579



Christopher Langan, a man once called the “world’s smartest man” by the
media for having a 210 IQ, is urging resistance to the COVID-19 vaccine.

Langan made a post in his Facebook group where he addressed his concerns
with the COVID-19 vaccine, the mandatory vaccine regime, and its dire
implications for mankind.

“A mass human die-off would be traumatic and threaten the status quo. If the
human population crashes and the economy follows suit, the elite will have
nothing, no innate superiority or adaptivity, that might protect them and
conduce to their survival. Hence, they prefer mass sterilization and a
slower (but still rapid) population decline,” he wrote.

Langan admitted that population growth concerns are legitimate but felt the
approach of the elite is highly unethical and misinformed. He made some
controversial conclusions as a result of his analysis.

“In short, by virtue of stuffing their pockets and pushing everyone else
around, the elite consider themselves a “Master Race”, a kind of global
livestock breeding association to which the rest of the species is nothing
but a herd of docile cattle to be bred for servility and barely enough
intelligence to follow orders,” he wrote.

“This has been clearly and irrefutably documented by e.g., the “White
Genocide” agenda described a century ago by R.N. Coudenhove-Kalergi,
originally funded by the Rothschilds, Warburgs and other international
bankers and now pursued as international policy throughout the Western
world,” Langan continued.

“It’s easy to see where this leads, and it’s nowhere good. Personally, I’m
willing if necessary to do severe physical harm to anyone attempting to
force one of these injections on me, and the same should be true of any
other decent self-respecting person,” he added.

In a followup post, he elaborated on the reasoning behind his conclusions.

“Resisting the ‘vaccine’ helps the elite identify you as someone who is
better killed and therefore eligible for ‘leader vaccination,’” Langan said.

“Any worthwhile slaves who die immediately are acceptable collateral damage;
besides, every death serves the depopulation agenda,” he continued.

“This is a mass-scale operation in which human error makes it impossible to
efficiently select for “quality”, whether quality is defined on objective
merit, or serviceability to the parasitic overclass,” Langan added.

Langan will inevitably be branded as a conspiracy theorist and other slurs
for expressing his point of view against the globalist technocracy, but he
certainly has courage to speak out during a time of increasing censorship
and repression.

No. 864599

lmao imagine listening to Langan of all people.

No. 864623

>tfw the world's smartest man writes like a tinfoil schizoid

No. 864665

The EU has reached 70% vaccinated (partially or fully) and 59% fully vaccinated adults. Just me or is that surprisingly high? I thought the vacciation scares and vaccinating at snail's pace would cause a much much lower vaccination rate.

No. 864718

I think that the vaccination scares seem bigger than they are because they're a very American problem, and everything American is amplified as the most important news throughout the rest of the west.
That and crazy people shout the loudest, normal people just want to get on with living again.

No. 864802

No anon it's everywhere especially in poorer countries, since medical industry likes to test out medicine on the poor first.

No. 864813

Anyone else waiting for Novavax?

No. 864848

It's high but reading about Delta suggests that it needs to be even higher to protect against that and other variants.

No. 864853

I am, it sounds very promising, the side effects reported so far are mild and no fever symptoms, as it's based on older existing techniques and not Mrna. Wonder how available they will be in the west though, since I read they will have more focus on supplying them to third-world countries.

No. 864867

I still have to get the 2nd shot Pfizer, this thread has made me doubt if I should. Shit I probably shouldn't be influenced by lolcow of all places but maybe you're right about it not being as safe as pharma and "the elite" make it seem. I don't know what to believe, fuck.

No. 864888

At least wait until clinical trials are over in 2023. Science>$cientism

No. 865016

You should read all the scientific material that you can find to base your decisiom and ignore the tinfoilers here. Are you really going to let paranoid anons decide whether or not you get the vaccine instead of the current and previous studies that are available? Ot but I usually hide this thread so I don't get sucked into the conspiracy. Maybe you should too for a bit.

No. 865351

Welp, my dad has a case of Bell’s Palsy and it’s confirmed to be a side effect of the Moderna vaccine. It’s three months post second vaccine so be wary of side effects that can come in the long term.

No. 865403

Don’t wait too long to get it. If you lapse on the time period you have to get the first shot again. I’m a respiratory therapist and I got the Pfizer shots in January and I haven’t had any weird side effects. I’m around covid patients day in and day out and I still haven’t contracted covid (knock on wood) so hopefully it’s like a combo of good ppe/hygiene precautions and the vaccination working. My mom got a month-long rash after receiving the Moderna shot and the J & J shot is just worthless. As far as side effects go like Guillain Barre it’s just media fear mongering. The flu vaccination has always had that listed as a possible adverse outcome but you don’t see the media spouting fear porn over it.

No. 865444

I know my country has ordered 11 million doses of Novavax, but I doubt that it'll be accessible to most people since the doctors and vaccination centers want to get rid of their Pfizer and Moderna doses. I want to wait until I can get Novavax though, if anything.

No. 865551

Any nonas with autoimmune disease gotten the vaccine? Did you feel pressured into it?
I don't use the word "gaslight" often but reading an article that says "80% of bad side effects happen to women, most autoimmune patients are women, we have zero data about how safe AI patients are long-term after the vax, here's why that doesn't matter and you should definitely get the vaccine" feels like I'm going crazy.
I also know I'd get crucified by my friends if I openly said I'm avoiding it just to be safe. I feel like a year ago we were all taking about how important herd immunity is for people who can't get vaccinated… now the story is so black-and-white, if you don't get the vax you're a monster genocidal flat-earther.
Articles in question: https://www.autoimmuneinstitute.org/articles/covid-vaccine-side-effects-in-women-and-the-purpose-of-two-doses/

No. 865566

>>865444 The goverments would shoot themselves in the foot if they wouldn't make this vaccine easily accessible, from all the antivaxx/fencesitters in my country the most common thing they all say is they're willing to take a traditional vaccine instead of an mRna. It will finally convince a big portion of people to get vaccinated. It might also be a lot more safer for people with certain health conditions. Something about supply and demand.

No. 865601

You have a point, anon, I haven't thought about it this way. But the financial aspect… They would lose so much money by having to discard many doses of mRna and vector vaccines. I hope you're right, though. I'm not generally antivaxx but I'm definitely a fencesitter for this one and would prefer to use a more traditional vaccine.

No. 865612

Yup, I get gaslighting vibes from this whole movement as well. Especially demonizing people who are afraid of the vaccine for good reasons, calling them antivaxxers, hoping they will die from covid… I don't get these people. It's insane.

No. 865636

It is possible to sell them off to other countries, thats how my country got rid of Astra doses. I am also on the fence about the current vaccines due to certain health conditions that run in the family so it's completely reasonable to wait for a suitable vaccine and there are definitely valid concerns in the side effects in mRna, even when the really bad ones are rare.

No. 865690

Right? My friend has been struggling with fertility for years and is now on the cusp of starting a family, she says she's not taking anything until there are long-term (4-year) fertility studies done. I don't see how that makes her an asshole. I don't know what decision I'd make in that situation… I'm childfree so it's hard to say.
On the other hand, most 30+ people have at least one health condition or consideration like fertility they could look at and say they'll wait until more data comes. And if everybody did that, the vaccine effort would fall apart.

No. 865703

If you can handle tinfoil, it's common tactic by media and gov to excuse authoritarism by divide and conquer through artifically setting up 2 extreme sides (progressive I got my vax right away everything scientists say is true, vs. conservative no mask conspiracy theorists who kill their kids by not vaxxing them). As a result of this if you even question anything you're painted into the latter side.
I actually was going to get my vaccine but didn't in the end because they started pushing it so hard it was sus. When I got word that they were censoring women's side effects like messed up periods and miscarriages I noped out.

No. 865777

File: 1627486772715.jpeg (182.41 KB, 828x590, C944B8E7-6132-40AB-82A6-B5EB72…)

No. 865778

File: 1627486879752.jpeg (170.67 KB, 828x599, 6615AB5D-1615-44CF-9015-F384DB…)

No. 865780

File: 1627487119567.png (882.93 KB, 821x862, E028E90A-9697-4E24-B68F-72D223…)

What does everyone think about the twitter bots? It's giving me a weird vibe, like I regret getting the first dose and might just lie and say I've obtained the second.

No. 865786

Someone I know has to get tested everytime they go to work and they shove a rod so far up your nose it's painful. She got an infection because they were so rough so many times. Literally "break them down to accept the vaccine".

No. 865789

Read that the first dose isn't that bad, you should avoid the 2nd dose tho. Might as well lie anon it's 1984 out there.

No. 865813

>Ligma variant
are you sure this isn't a copypasta of some sort?

No. 865818

The choice is up to you and you shouldn't feel pressured to take the second shot, but as another anon has said you should make your decision based on more than just random anons in a lolcow thread. I got the first and second shot without any side effects at all. My entire family is fully vaccinated, none of them had any problems.

When it comes to long term effects down the road I have fully accepted that there might be some, but if me taking the vaccine means someone else who is afraid doesn't have to, but still benefit from herd immunity, I'm glad to have done it. Also consider if you're a smoker, drink alcohol or eat garbage food, then I believe it's not the vaccine itself you're afraid of, just general fear of the unknown.

No. 865824

Lmao nice catch. Ligma and sugma are literally channer troll words. "Ligma dick" "Sugma dick" say it out loud. They're literally trolling you tards like boomers.

Anyway, enjoy your circlejerk, enjoy your bat disease, enjoy getting played by literal qanon tier incels, and please stay away from normal people, you selfish, cowardly bat disease carriers.

No. 865836

I don't think they're 'channer troll words'. 'Jo mama' was a popular meme from a few years ago and my 12-year-old nephew still says sugma and ligma

No. 865842

Vaccinated people are also carrying bat disease and the vaccine goes from 94% to 64% effective over 6 months so have fun with that. Hope if you get a serious side effect from your booster shot the doctor doesn't just tell you it's anxiety

No. 865848

File: 1627491397952.jpg (49.18 KB, 573x525, ket.jpg)

I think I'm gonna get the vaccine soon, did anyone here get J&J? I heard it's harsher but the second mrna is also supposed to suck and it would be one and done…

I would actually like to get the novavax but seems like it's not coming to america anytime soon

No. 865866

Why do you wish for people to get infected if you want things to improve, kek?

No. 865870

I'm the anon that posted it and I'm laughing so hard, I'm fucking stupid. Didn't even see that! Also how would I be a carrier? I'm a NEET and already admitted to getting the first vaccine in my post.

No. 866009

Anyone upset at how many women are blindly getting vaccinated without looking at the side effects (like infertility)? I begged my sister not to get vaccinated but her scrote boyfriend pressured her into doing so. I hate how many otherwise intelligent women want to risk putting in an unknown foreign substance into their bodies. It makes me so depressed.

No. 866010

I fucking wish the vax had made me infertile

No. 866013

Anon don’t get the J&J. It’s the least effective and can lead to blood clots and immune system deficiencies. You’ll be fine with the moderna if you eat healthy and drink fluids 24 hrs before

No. 866032

Same. Lmao the vaccin can take my fertility, bye. Not saying it's a good side-effect obviously but I have way too little survival instinct to give a shit.

No. 866038

When the medical field says "Infertility" they mean PCOS, endo, and hormonal problems that give women hirsutism and depression. Not a fun time.

No. 866040

Vaccines still have side effects like blood clots and vaccine shedding. They also have toxic chemicals.

No. 866041

I got the full Pfizer vax back in March. I didn't feel tired or fatigued just sore in the shot spot. But I did suddenly get my period the day after which was kinda scary, but my periods have continued as normal since then.

No. 866042

Same here, I've been quietly watching how the media and my gov is handling the vaccinations and it's extremely suspicious to me, especially how social media and apps like tinder push it so much that it starts to resemble brainwashing. Meanwhile, even the news has to admit that the current covid vaccines aren't even "stopping the spread" like people keep repeating - yet I see this extreme anger toward those who don't want to get the vaccine coming from those who got it, I'm getting cult/crab bucket vibes at best.

No. 866044

i just want to chime in i have been vaccinated for months and my hormones and cycle are both fine. i am just as healthy as before
also pcos is a metabolic disorder and i doubt a vaccine could cause that
if you're worried about hormones stop taking hormonal birth controls which are way more dangerous and unhealthy than a freaking vaccine

No. 866045

I'm sorry you sound so deluded. You ate up all the scrote propaganda.

Vaxxers are 100% a cult. Seem like religious freaks to me.

No. 866048

You really can't deny the parallels. Is this mob mentality, unavoidable human psychology? Like when rulers use collective punishment (no concerts or partying for you) to get everyone to viciously attack the wrongthinker?

No. 866049

antivaxxers are 100% a cult. seem like religious freaks to me.

anyways no, i genuinely don't care if you don't want to get vaccinated. it is everyone's own choice and i understant the reluctance because this vaccination thing became too political. i don't trust the government or politicians either, but i come from a family of doctors which is why i have no reason to doubt science at this moment. my sister was among the first one to receive it as she is an oncologist

No. 866051

Which is more cult-like, the group that wants to be left alone or the group that wants everyone to comply to their rules or be shunned by society?

No. 866053

i would say schizophrenic, paranoid vaccine posting every day is more worrisome than having a family of doctors but okay
i would advise therapy or some anxiety management like meditation

No. 866057

I popped into this thread just now, isn't meditation supposed to help against emotion-driven black and white thinking?

No. 866059

Vaxxers are the ones who need anxiety medication. They are hypochondriacs constantly worried about being sick.

No. 866060

I don't take BC. I know the vak impacts ppls hormones bc my period has been on and off since my family got vaxxed. Even though I never had period problems before ever. Vaccine shedding is real, if it effects other like that, what's it doing to the ppl who got jabbed?

No. 866061

>the group that wants to be left alone
Nta, but anti-vaxxers can be (and are) just as annoying as people who want to be vaccinated. They love judging people who get vaccines.

No. 866066

All the vaccine does is keep the vaxxed from getting severe symptoms. They still spread it. I don't get the hysteria over the unvaxxed, it literally doesn't effect the vaxxed.

No. 866067

Which group creates laws that fires you from work and if you don't comply? C'om anon.

No. 866068

anxiety is the inability to regulate emotions which meditation can help with. it can also help people become present and more aware of what's triggering anxiety, i think it is worth looking into

if you have underlying medical conditions then yes, the vaccine can cause side effects. everybody should consider their health or discuss this with their doctor.

the hysteria is mostly about new mutations that can be more deadly than the ones we have currently

do you live in north korea or what? in the west HIPAA protects your rights. your employer has no right to ask about your vaccination history. getting vaccinated is everybody's own choice.

No. 866074

>do you live in north korea or what?
Dude EU and USA both are intending to hinge employment and services on vaccination status

No. 866078

It starts with healthworkers. Then the rest. They've been trying to bully healthworkers to get vaccinated but it's not been working because those in the medical field know the bullshit around the vaccine. They're literally making it law anon get out from your rock.

No. 866079

>do you live in north korea or what?
see >>865778

No. 866085

the eua says that
Appropriate conditions designed to ensure that individuals to whom the product is administered are informed—of the option to accept or refuse administration of the product, of the consequences, if any, of refusing administration of the product, and of the alternatives to the product that are available and of their benefits and risks.
and hipaa also protects your rights against having to disclose your medical or vaccine history

if they will really start forcing vaccines that would mean they're breaking the above mentioned stuff we turn into an authoritarian dystopia right lol

either way, what do you conspiracy nonnies think the endgame is for vaccinating people? is it a chip? 5G? mind-control? i really don't see it

No. 866092

>authoritarian dystopia
We're already in one anon idk what you want me to say to convince you, you clearly believe the gov wants what best for everyone.
>What do you conspiracy nonnies think the endgame is for vaccinating people?
Do you think all conspiracy nonnies are conservitards parroting fox news? This is the divide I was talking about in >>865703. It's probably going to do what everything else they lace us with does, make ppl stupider and sicker, and off the "useless" very old/very sick ppl.

No. 866095

Stop using the stupid chip/5g argument, it's a dead horse at this point. I'm so tired of people having to add the disclaimer "nooo I'm not one of those antivaxxer s-schizos" before any sentiment of apprehension, or questioning the implications of the totalitarianism we seem to be heading towards fast. It doesn't matter if the vaccine is safe or not at this point, everything around it is just s u s

No. 866104

i mentioned here >>866049 that i don't trust the government either which is why i understand why people find it suspicious. politicians use the vaccine as a political tool, which just shouldn't be happening. medicine should not be a political debate. i believe we are being controlled and are slaves to corporations and capitalism and are heading towards self-destruction. my question is, what does the vaccine have to do with any of this?
your bodies are already controlled because you're literally dependent on corporations to provide you with clean water and food to survive. you are slave to modern technologies because we cannot even have a job or do taxes and stuff nowadays without internet or smartphones. popular media dumbs you down enough already, processed food and sugar you eat every day makes you dumb and sick too. you really don't need vaccines to make you sicker, you're already sick lol
if anything, this whole vacc-antivacc division is just one big distraction from something (and i don't think it's about becoming a world-wide totalitarian regime or whatever, the world outside of USA exists)

No. 866114

Ok, I can't disagree with any of this. I guess it's just terrifying how brazen they are about it now? If they can literally force you (softly and with gaslighting first) to get injected, that's a point of no return. But you know what, you're right. I'm here addicted to my screen that's required in every facet of my life, and it's only getting worse. At least that has an illusion of choice…

No. 866128

You can easily chose to not watch media eat sugar do drugs etc. The point is you can choose to change your environment to not be dependant on the gov (off grid stuff), but once you put something in your body, you can't go back, it's with you forever.

No. 866132

wtf happened to this thread?
>politicians use the vaccine as a political tool, which just shouldn't be happening. medicine should not be a political debate.
seconded, >>866104 has a point. can we stop sperging about muh toxic foreign alien substances now? anons pls, it’s only a vaccine.

No. 866138

File: 1627510295573.jpeg (100.77 KB, 810x606, C5EC0673-0822-4232-93BE-B6355C…)

What the fuck happened to this thread. All you anti vaxxers have no issues with birth control or a polio vaccine but this is where you draw the line? You guys sound fucking stupid. Please take your shit back to

No. 866147

Ty for your sacrifice of being the test subjects for non FDA approved medicine that you can't even sue if you get bad reaction.

No. 866156


So if it’s FDA approved it makes it okay? God you sound so stupid. Birth control can kill you but it being FDA approved makes it okay. There is a whole list of crap they’ve approved that has been proven time and time again to be bad for humans. Enjoy your Covid.

No. 866158

no offense amerinonita but the FDA is a bullshit organization. they allow known carcinogens that are banned in other parts of the world in your food, medicine and cosmetic products. titanium dioxide, brominated vegetable oil, synthetic growth hormones, etc. are just a few of the many other chemicals that are harmful to humans and are banned in the eu and elsewhere.
not to mention toxic herbicides such as roundup that are not only dangerous to humans but are also destroying the environment, yet are not regulated by the FDA. but surely the covid vaccine is the real enemy here.

No. 866162

Retard alert! I guess all the millions that died are crisis actors and the government just wants to kill people that understand science and vaccines.

Wonder what the correlation is with anti vax people and education/employment

No. 866166

No it doesn't, it just matters that you can't sue them later on. If they were sueable for the vaccine then they would go bankrupt.

No. 866168

That's not how liability works.

No. 866169

Did you copy and paste that? Learn to read before you sperg out.

No. 866170

K trollita

No. 866171

Yes, it was so eloquent I copied it from a website.

No. 866289

My state is considering making everyone–even the vaccinated–wear masks again.
Yeah nah, I got the vaccine. I'm not wearing the fucking mask. I've been fine this entire time, and trusted the science that said my vaccination would at least make contracting other variants very mild. If I get sick I'll stay at home for courteousness of course, but otherwise fuck them.
It won't be long before they're pushing a fucking booster because they exaggerated their numbers before the studies were solid. Assholes.

No. 866293

a while back I got the pfizer vaccine, both shots. the main reason why I got it was because my therapist's office said you could only come in for therapy after being vaccinated and I was tired of the e-appointments, as I have to use my phone and I'm not always sure if I have enough data, have to sit in my car holding up my phone for an hour, have to make sure my phone is charged and worst of all have to look at my own face which is distracting. yes it's a stupid reason. and after that I found out they were bullshitting and I didn't even need the vaccine to come in.

anyway, last night at work my coworker said that the delta variant is even more deadly to those who are vaccinated. I was so upset I was on the verge of tears. not only did I get the vaccine, but my sister & parents got it who are all quite high risk. but then I googled it later and I couldn't find anything saying that.

she also didn't say which vaccine- there are 3 of them, right? she didn't say where she heard that either. is there actual evidence of that? I really hope not. and if it's true, corona is 100% a plan by the government to decrease the population.

No. 866303

>admits fda approval can mean shit, so they are effectively giving us drugs that are harmful without a care for our safety
>implies that therefore we can trust the OTHER drugs being pushed at us, must be totally vetted for our safety
lol you only made the argument in support of vaccines look worse.
~99% survival rate

No. 866313

Honestly I don't care if we have to get boosters. I am fully vaccinated had no crazy side effects. Have trusted vaccines for other things. Have had to get shots before to travel to specific countries to be safe. It's really not a hassle.

I studied molecular biology to a masters level. Some of my professors were part of researd h initiatives into extremely successful vaccines (ivermectin). I specifically studied how viruses evolve and how our mismanagement of medications (down to a personal level, abusing painkillers, street drugs, to our diets and farming etc) and that a pandemic was on the horizon. There's been other endemic before us but no we live in a very connected world with air travel. We know how covid spread it's not a mystery.

It's a zoonistic disease. It's extremely potent. If everyone could just get the fucking vaccines and stop allowing themselves to be receptive hosts for the more infectious strains that would be fucking great.

No. 866366

File: 1627532748185.png (465.64 KB, 599x698, 5E86D6FF-2F12-42C5-B3D7-B653CF…)


No. 866387

This. Thank you.

No. 866397

File: 1627536898406.jpeg (18.85 KB, 259x195, 99F8407C-1A8B-4FC5-9626-E5DAFB…)


Are you stupid? The anon I was replying to implied they wouldn’t take the shot unless it was FDA approved. Also take that “99%” survival rate and shove it up your ass. Millions of people have died and others have a bunch of health problems because of covid. These aren’t people with or existing conditions either before you try to use that as an excuse. It’s embarrassing that you think people surviving it means it’s not that serious and part of me hopes you learn the consequences of your ignorance.

If the death rate was 99%, all of you antivaxxers would be clamoring for that vaccine and begging for it. Y’all talk a big talk but the moment you’re in the ICU with a tube down your throat, you’ll be singing a different tune.

No. 866428

NTA but
>These aren’t people with or existing conditions either
Being a fatass is a condition, fatass.

No. 866461

Getting vaccinated should be a personal choice. Many people not getting the vaccine are doing so because there is no long term studies that show the vaccine is safe in people with chronic health conditions. If someone already suffers with an autoimmune disorder being exposed to two vaccine shots that each time cause a massive inflammatory response from the immune system could lead to further pain and disability. Many people aren't prepared to take the risk for a vaccine that doesn't even work.

If you are considering getting the vaccine or not ask yourself these questions
Do you trust the government?
Do you trust the media?
Do you trust the pharmaceutical industry?
If the answer is yes to all three questions, get the vaccine.

No. 866462

Can you help me find info on the vaccine causing infertility? I cannot find any.

No. 866465

Hope you keep your distance from the rest of the world while unvaccinated, anon.

The vaccine is the only safe way back to a normal life.

No. 866468

>It's a personal choice but you're a sheep if you do it uwu

No. 866469

File: 1627548899656.png (265.99 KB, 514x556, YaleSPH.png)

>my coworker said that the delta variant is even more deadly to those who are vaccinated.
Really? They're retarded because I've been reading the complete opposite online.
Lol at "run".

No. 866471

>also, only get vaccinated if you are willing to declare you have complete trust in multiple huge, notoriously untrustworthy industries despite the fact that they have a vested interest in a safe and effective vaccine

lmao like anyone is gonna fall for such a retarded, leading line of questioning

No. 866475

You can still get infected even if you're vaccinated though, and recently some doctors have been saying that you'd be just as infectious as a non-vaccinated person. Some are worried that since the vaccines don't properly cover for Delta, the virus will just keep spreading and mutate again and again. (I know I didn't use the right terms, but that's the gist of it)
Get vaccinated if you want, but don't act like you're completely immmune then, because you're really not. If you're unvaccinated, just be extra careful and don't go around so much.

No. 866478

I want to go back to normal too, but I'd trust the vaccine more if it 1. Gave actual immunity after a dose or two like a normal vaccine 2. Wasn't being pushed so hard from every level while being backed by historically sketchy companies 3. Wasn't treated as the be all end all for the pandemic when it doesn't even stop transmission

I remember when they said it wasn't possible to make a coronavirus vaccine. They never made a SARS one that was safe, and you can't get immunized against either the flu or common cold.

Why is this treatment being forced on everyone when previous vaccines that were more permanent weren't? Are they throwing shit against the wall, or is everyone so tired of the pandemic that they're hinging all their hopes and dreams on this?

No. 866481

I've also stayed inside the whole pandemic, don't go to parties or bars, and keep to myself. My uni was shut down for the entire year so I had to stay behind a screen instead of making connections. I want it to end just as much as anyone else, but maybe not by going full authoritarian retard for something that doesn't even seem to work?

No. 866482

I never mentioned my own vaccination status. I simply explained why some people might be reluctant.

If you don't trust the government, media or pharmaceutical industry on anything else, why would you suddenly trust them when it comes to a vaccine with no long term safety data?

>The vaccine is the only safe way back to a normal life

But it isn't because it doesn't provide immunity from covid. If it works why are vaccinated people still getting infected and dying of covid? Why are covid infection rates still rising and countries are still going into lock down and issuing mask mandates when the majority of people are vaccinated?

No. 866497

>I remember when they said it wasn't possible to make a coronavirus vaccine… you can't get immunized against either the flu or common cold.

I am with you fully on the rest of your post, but you can get immunized to flu. Corona viruses are hard to immunize against because they mutate so quickly and there's so many of them. You have to get a new flu vaccine every year, and they know which vaccine to give you because they look at other countries who are having their yearly flu outbreaks earlier, and see which flu variant is treanding. That's probably going to be the future of covid vaccines too.

No. 866501

It works by reducing the severity of the illness. Cases rise in mostly vaccinated countries but deaths rates fall (compared to the amount of death if same freedom to move and no vaccine). We have to put masks back because the people not vaccinated are being put on respiratory help as they get Covid at 100% effectiveness. It is just basic logic and stats… When everyone is vaccinated and the number of deaths dwindles to a ridiculous number, but most of them are from vaccinated people, will you still question the vaccine?

The only logical argument against 100% trust in the vaccine is long term side effects but it's a moot point if you live a shitty lifestyle, also Covid is probably more dangerous long term as the evidence of long Covids suggest.

No. 866516

Haven’t found anything either and I’m pretty sure it’s a massive reach which amalgamated from general paranoia and the fact that some women report one irregular period after the shots, which is no wonder because the immune system is tied to the rest of the body and your cycle can easily be influenced by stress, fighting off diseases, etc. I only have the anecdote that a good friend of mine got pregnant after having skipped her period for one month after the shot and is now having a healthy baby.

No. 866525

The SARS epidemic most likely died down because it simply was too severe to spread unnoticed and everyone got really panicked about it because of it’s high hospitalization rate and possible airborne transmission. Same with MERS and the likes. If these viruses would reach the potential to spread like covid, the effort to make vaccines against them would be the same.

No. 866587

My dad has MS and got the vaccines as soon as he could because he's been living in pure isolation before that moment. The unvaccinated are 40% more likely to get covid and then they're without the antibodies to help combat the infection.

Like I know science is difficult and it would take me fucking ages to sit and explain them to some dumbass that doesn't want to read actual research and would rather parrot easy digestible talking points based on misinterpreted science. Like fuck off. The cunts not taking the vaccines due to the "unknown" long term effects probably eat processed food, don't make a point to eat their recommended fruit and veg portions, take drugs, smoke etc.

Honestly it's like some of you cunts have never had real issues or problems now that covids here it's time for some of you cunts to show your personality. And you're useless. You're a massive drain on society.

No. 866590

I love how everyone suddenly cares about the vaccine science sooo much, as if the same people know how exactly paracetamol is made and works.

No. 866591

Like the vaccines are free. No one is being shilled them and having to pay a cost. The government isn't wanting to kill the fucking labour force and the tax payers. Its the cunts that are already a drain on society (most likely) refusing the vaccine. Like fuck the people we elect trying to save lives how dare they there must be a sinister reason they're trying to vaccinate everyone eligible against a disease that has effected the entire world.

No. 866598

genuine request: can you provide me data for your claims?
i am only aware of my country's data. we have 40% of the population vaccinated and new cases are steadily going down, we have had many weeks with days that had no new cases nor deaths. the infection cases started to slowly go up now because a couple weeks ago delta was found in our country.
another country i am aware of is japan because i'm following the olympics. japan is very behind in vaccination and they have record amount of new cases ever since the olympics started. wouldn't these 2 examples prove that vaccines actually work but are less effective against new mutations?

No. 866609


It’s not only fat people dying from this dipshit? Get a grip.

No. 866611

You fucking cunt, in my country a lot of people in their early 20s to 30s have died suddenly and painfully. All people with no previous conditions. We all went through isolation and being wary of an experimental vaccine that could very well kill you in 2 days isn't being useless. If you want to be angry, be angry at all the vaccinated cunts who go around spreading this shit even further because suddenly they feel like covid doesn't affect them anymore. You're calling people dumbasses because they don't know what to do between possibly being fucked by covid or by the fucking vaccine. Your "actual research" isn't going to change the fact that a lot of people still die from the mostly ineffective vaccine that's supposed to save them from covid.

No. 866612


I can promise you that they didn’t die from the vaccine. What is this tinfoil bullshit, jesus christ. Did idiots like you exist when the measles vaccine came out?

No. 866615

Nice strawman argument. I am on the fence about the vaccine, I work out every day, eat no processed foods and eat veggies every day and I'm still unsure if I want to get the vaccine anytime soon. (I live in a country with a lower vaccination rate than the US and haven't been called in for vaccination yet either.) Of the people I know, those who are more invested in living a healthy lifestyle are also those who weren't sure about the corona vaccine.

I have no idea why the hardcore vaxxers always need to jump to conclusions and basically make shit up to prove their point.

Also, the vaccine doesn't keep you from spreading the virus so I really don't understand all this hatred. It's people like you who are showing your true personalities.

No. 866617

>I have no idea why the hardcore vaxxers always need to jump to conclusions and basically make shit up to prove their point.

Kek. What the fuck is this thread.

No. 866618

I applaud you for your informative and constructive argument, anon.

No. 866619

Ah yes, suddenly young healthy people are dying from thrombosis and heart inflammation a few days or hours after taking the vaccine, but it's all a coincidence. It's not tinfoil, it's fucking obvious that there's a problem. I'm not even anti-vax, I'm just rightfully concerned and everyone should be.

No. 866621

None of the arguments in this thread are constructive or informative. How are you all this dumb?

You're just scared.

No. 866623

You really think that it's impossible to die from a vaccine, do you? I don't know what it's like in the US of Asscrack but in my country, even the official government and health care sites inform about potential risks like thrombosis and myocarditis.

No. 866624

File: 1627560417207.jpeg (20.15 KB, 225x224, 2A67D95C-41D8-4120-8064-94BDCA…)


Lmfao who gave you this info? Q-Anon? Post your reputable source if you truly believe a vaccine is killing people. I only hope you don’t take any kind of medication whatsoever because of all the side effects that COULD happen to less than 1% of the population.

Do you have polio too? And tetanus while you’re at it?

No. 866627


That’s insane. It’s almost like any medication you take can have side effects.

No. 866628

>You're just scared.
No shit? You post like you have zero empathy, that's actuallly scary in situations like this. Don't give me any of that "greater good" bullshit either, it's clear as day that people are going around spreading it after being "vaxxed".

No. 866629

You sound like a brainwashed 12-year-old. I'm not even antivaxx and will most likely get the vaccine in the fall or winter, but the way you're acting is just insane. I really hope you're trolling.

No. 866631

Show your stats, if you know people personally surely it would be easy to substantive your bullshit.

The way the vaccine works it reads the fucking viral DNA code and attacks the infectious strains. Yes there is a new variant because people are too thick to wash their fucking hands and stop contamination. I worked with dangerous pathogens in lab conditions and hand washing and wiping down surfaces is standard fucking practice. If the pandemic has shown anything it's how fucking woeful and lazy a lot of people are at basic hygiene. I've religious had hand santizier on me out in public, use it at all the shops use it after touching surfaces, petrol pumps. I see people walk past the free sanitizers all the time because they're too fucking busy to wipe their fucking hands.

The vaccines reduce infection and severity and works with your innate immune system to build up resistance which means if shit evolves we have a basis to combat and then natural immunity can happen faster which increase the survival rate.

Covid is here. It exists. You're not going to avoid it. Vaccines are a free resource to use to combat a disease that has killed millions that otherwise wouldn't have died. It's insurance. Honestly I would not be made if governments order them as like a mandatory insurance. Some are already doing it with the travel restrictions and good on them. It doesn't infringe on your freedoms if you can't travel to another place. Like funny antivaxxers are usually anti immigrants etc, just hypocritical how their fucking minds work.

No. 866632

Uhm… It's insane to inform about potential side effects? Are you serious?

How is informing about vaccine side effects insane when the pharmaceutical companies are obligated to disclose every potential side effect for medications as well?

No. 866633


I’m still waiting for your sources showing people dying from the vaccine. It’s not insane to ask for proof instead of believing some rumors you read on facebook. Next you’ll say the lizard people are running the world.

No. 866636

Why are you so angry? You've written "fucking" like 5 times, calm down. Your arguments have no source either and literally amount to "lol i bet u believe in UFOs retard" grade school level shit

No. 866637

How hard is it to just use Google? Do you know what a thrombosis is? Do you know what myocarditis is?

No. 866638

Why am I so mad? Because anti vaxxers aren't the only cunts upset abour lockdown and restrictions and isolation etc etc but the ones refusing the means to combat a global threat are impeding the rest of us. Its upsetting in my country to see the under 25s refusing the vaccine. Cunts should be bullied into it. Like I feel like I'm part of the problem I know people that talk against the vaccine and I bite my tongue so as not to offend, but it's been nearly 2 years and certain demographics are still treating it like a bogey man. It's frustrating af so fuck you lol

No. 866639


You sure are saying a lot of words. Still waiting for those links though.

No. 866641

Oh my god… There's no hope for you, anon. Your posts read like those of a teenager with severe BPD-caused black and white thinking.

No. 866645

>refusing the means to combat a global threat
Refusing a vaccine that 1. doesn't prevent spread and transmission of the global threat 2. has major side effects for a lot of people, worse than the disease itself when it comes to young people 3. is experimental and still has a lot of unknown effects

You literally want to bully people into doing things out of pure spite and hatred, it's scary to think about how many people like you exist out there. Of course, I know lolcow attracts the best of the best.

No. 866646

Black and white thinking, I worked in a lab with various pathogens to study antimicrobial resistance. Resesrch that you philistine cunt, a disease like this was inevitable and scientists have been looking into it for years. The science of mmr vaccines is well substiantied and versed. Read the research.

The latest stats in my country show currently the ones in ICU are majority unvaxxed males, but younger people are getting admitted now. Finally the unvaccinated and ones fed up with the safety measures are getting proportionally targeted. It's on them if they want to learn the hard way.

No. 866647

File: 1627561377028.jpeg (25.02 KB, 480x411, DDB46B38-07CE-43ED-BAC6-1DAE03…)


It’s honestly not worth arguing with antivaxxers. The number of people they claim being affected by heart inflammation from the vaccine is less than 5000 with no definitive proof that it’s from the COVID vaccine. People also get this from a flu vaccine so they’re just grasping at straws to justify their selfishness. Covid will just keep mutating until it kills these weirdos betting on a herd immunity that’ll never come at this point.

No. 866649

It blocks the spread of the known infectious strains of viral DNA you retard. This is known!

No. 866650


No vaccine prevents the spread of an illness. That’s why everyone still gets the Flu. The whole purpose of a vaccine is to up your chances of survival. Like do you go to cancer patients and tell them that chemo isn’t worth it because it doesn’t stop cancer? Good lord.

No. 866652

Why would anyone provide links to a mentally ill kid that should be able to use Google? It's so easy to search for.

I am genetically predisposed to blood clots and avoid any risk factors, such as hormonal birth control, nicotine, obesity and so on. Currently, if I wanted to get vaccinated ASAP, I would have to get J&J. The link between COVID vaccines and thrombosis has been proven, so for me to be on the fence about it should be understandable. Thrombosis as a side effect is rare, but as I am more at risk, I sure will think good and hard about it before getting the vaccine. I follow all safety measures and get tested before going anywhere. But sure, I should be stoned by the mob because fuck me.

No. 866654

>No vaccine prevents the spread of an illness.
What the fuck lmao?

No. 866657

The medication and vaccines that I have taken aren't still in their experimental phase. I'll gladly take it once it's considered safe, complete and actually effective.

Do you people live under a rock? Do they not tell you about the blood clots and myocarditis in the US?
These are some, but there are a lot of other articles from official sources. In some states, some particular vaccines are even banned for certain age groups because the correlation between vaccine shot and sudden deaths due to thrombosis or myocarditis is too obvious and needs to be studied (for some it's proven already). And again, you do not know what long term side effects they could have.

No. 866659

Oh you're such a martyr anon. Fuck up. If you've obviously got actual health and genetic reasons thatnyoire not eligible that's fair enough you're obviously not in the same demographics of eligible people for the vaccine that are refusing it because they've read about the side effects that are more rare than covid.

No. 866661


Do you think that germs just go away once you get vaccinated? No, that’s why people who come into contact with covid, even if they’re unaffected because they have the vaccine, can still give it to others. Is that too difficult of a concept for your peanut brain?

No. 866662


There’s research that the Flu vaccine does this to 25% of the population that get it. Your point is moot, but thanks for trying.

No. 866663

Type into Google diseases eradicated by vaccines.

No. 866665

Nobody is being forced to take the flu vaccine nor does the flu vaccine have angry barking dogs like you to defend it

No. 866666

Judging by your rhetorical skills and writing, I doubt you ever graduated high school. But sure, you're probably a scientist, psychotherapist, police officer and queen of England.

No. 866667


I would but then there’s the people who refuse to vaccinate their kids for measles and suddenly there were huge outbreaks because of it. You’re running out of straws.

No. 866668

Why would I care to be civil or professional on lolcow to a retard though? I didn't need a masters to know to cover my mouth when I sneeze and to wash my hands

No. 866669

I can play that game too, in my country 70% of the population is vaxxed (more than 50% with both doses) and the cases are soaring. Does that mean your sheep piss doesn't work? No, it means tests are being manipulated. If they want to sell the vaccine works they'll test less with a lower CT.

No. 866670

There's the black and white thinking again. What does that even have to do with getting vaccinated? Do you think that people who aren't sure about the vaccine are automatically covid deniers who don't wash their hands? Because that's just plain stupid.

No. 866672


Yes, that’s exactly what they look like. They look like the entitled freaks that stormed the capital all because they didn’t want to wear masks or get vaccinated.

No. 866674

That's always how it is, you show concern for a vaccine that's causing problems and suddenly you're a crazy antivaxxer who doesn't want to wear a mask or wash hands, thinks the vaccine contains microchips or the 5G and goes around licking and sneezing everywhere. They're retarded.

No. 866675

Cases dont equal severity of infections though? The stats of those admitted to icu is more credible and shows that its proportional more detrimental to an unvaccinated person. Like a vaxxed 70 year old has the same probabilities of covid as an unvaxxed 50 year old but its still in their best interests to get vaccinated. It's truly not a difficult concept.

My black and white thinking, you're just pulling strawmans out of your ass. It's clear to any non autist that antivaxxers are the cunts that attend the anti lockdown protests. Spread misinformation which is extremely ignorant and dangerous. The people that understand the science will understand there are people that are not viable for the vaccine. It's the covid deniers people are venting about. And when you push them they'll start getting out their lamented exempt placards and start saying how their upstanding and follow all the guidelines etc etc and they're being harassed about a vaccine when if they're truly exempt they wouldn't be fucking harassed because literally no one could force them to get it. Pull your head out of your ass

No. 866676

I bet they're a burger, every single issue has to neatly be divided into two sides that fight each other
Although that attitude is everywhere now

No. 866679

Using the same logic they do, I could easily declare every American on this planet to be retarded.

No. 866680

Do you even know what a strawman is? You're the only one here using them, anon. “You're probably an unwashed antivaxxer who stormed the capitol”, shit like that. No, I'm not and I don't give a shit about your train wreck of a country.

No. 866681

>The stats of those admitted to icu is more credible
I was talking to the anon who claimed cases are going down because of the vaccine. I do agree with you, deaths from the rona here are really low and I don't doubt it's because of the vaccines. But I do believe it's a mistake rolling them to everyone before even checking they have any condition or allergies or goddamn natural immunity.
For young non-fat not immunocompromised individuals the risks of this crap outweighs the benefits.
>Inb4 but the vaxx makes you asymptomatic so you can't spread it
So…we agree asymptomatic people can't spread the plague? It's either this or vaccines don't do shit for transmission. Can't have the cake and eat it too.

No. 866683

If you're viable for the vaccine and you're still refusing it at this point you're an ignorant cunt and your friends and family should put pressure on you to stop being such an entitled dumbass.

My shithole country actually has majority of people vaccinated and we have very relaxed restrictions and our cases are managble. We're a low densely populated country and haven't actually been as badly hit as other places. Don't worry about me, I've actually come to respect how my local communities have come together.

No. 866708

I’m in week three of lockdown, still four more to go. All of my friends are in states where there is no community transmission, so they’re not online to chat/hang out virtually with anymore. I’m thankful that I’ve been able to work from home this week, but I’m required to go back on site again from next week. Apparently only security and another colleague will be there but honestly we will see. Everything is a mess right now, and my state just had a record number of daily cases for this outbreak. I’m not eligible for this stage of the vaccine roll out, but I can get AZ with GP approval. My colleague, who is older than me and is in similar health, got denied by her GP for AZ because of her age. It seems likely I’ll get denied as well…

No. 866722

The reason the vaccine helps stop the spread is because it cuts the viral load not because it stops symptoms. Asymptomatic non vaccinated people have the same viral load as symptomatic people, you are by science a lot more fucking contagious nonny what the fuck are you talking about? This is a bad point. I’m sorry

No. 866729

This is because of the media that they think that way, there's tons of people, normies across the political spectrum who are unsure about the experimental vaccine. Not even anti, but it's totally sane to notice "hm this has not a lot of research yet and they admit we are the test subjects but if you want to wait at all, you're demonized." All the popular narrative wants to tell you is that it's capital storming anti-science trumpers vs. sane sweet angel wokes. I wish we could admit that there are people in between. Attacking them on sight with strawmans is not helping the case, either. Whether it's logical of them or not it will only make any person more upset at you, and suspicious. It's bad faith tactics and it's really prevalent right now in the news even though it's not fair or true.
If you don't have health reasons that may exacerbate, why is the vaccine shilled as such a solution, they're now saying you can still be a super spreader of covid with it and guess what, covid's death rate of ~1% and majority of those are elderly or with previous conditions. Not saying fuck those people, but if you can spread either way, how on earth is this a solution. "Long covid" is a nebulous concept, I haven't seen any evidence that it lasts longer than a year and I suspect this is actually common with other illnesses. The most cited symptom is fatigue. Sucks, but I had the same problem for months after getting pneumonia. I'm not even shut off to the idea of vaccines but these companies with a sketchy history, who are actively censoring and threatening doctors who ask questions, for an experimental gene therapy with very little research so far especially wrt long-term, how am I supposed to "trust the science" as new information comes out each day making it look worse and worse. Vaccinated may be super spreaders, you still need to quarantine if you're exposed, ohh durr we need another lockdown, gonna delete your post for misinfo if you don't include a "I'm not antivax" disclaimer when reporting side effects — how is any of this not bothersome to you people? It's starting to bother normies. They won't be able to keep stringing us along soon because people are getting tired, even the ones who've been good little followers.

No. 866757

>vaccine is the only safe way back to a normal life.
God go shill somewhere else

No. 866759

>the CDC's method of testing for COVID-19 is being discontinued because it couldn't reliably distinguish between it and the flu
No wonder the flu rates "dropped"

No. 866770

what's your country?

No. 866774

>reddit lvl show stats link source link study sperging
>you're stupid I'm going to rant for paragraphs explaining basic concepts everyone knows
>thinks everyone hesitant is a qanon trumpster protecting their arm from the chip with a Bible
Hope they find a cure to your Y chromosome disorder, couldn't imagine how hard it is to be missing half your chromosomes

No. 866779


No. 866790

The current level of discourse isn't going to change anyone's mind about the vaccine. If anything being constantly screeched at for having reasonable concerns is more likely to radicalize people in the other direction. Maybe further polarisation of already extreme political views was the intended purpose.

What I do find bizarre is that it's mostly leftists that have the attitude that everyone must have the vaccine regardless of risks. One minute the government is literally genociding PoC and now we must all trust them and march to the nearest vaccination centre to be injected with an experimental vaccine. Both sides are retarded but at least the right is consistent in it's retardation.

I guess I'll be wearing my government issued unvaxxed triangle when the time comes.

No. 866820

>Covid is here. It exists. You're not going to avoid it.
It's sounding more and more like you want people to catch it, but you also claim to want people to be safer and more hygienic. So which is it?
The vaccine is also making people sick in horrible ways, lmao. Just because it didn't affect you doesn't give you the right to attack people for caring about their individual health, asshole.

No. 866845

Don't worry everyone who got vaxxed! I'm just not going to take it, but when I go outside I wear my mask and social distance, much like the noble BLM protestors. The media said that was okay and there were no consequences, so I feel safe in my decision and so should you.

No. 867004

My cousin got his second vaccine and while he's never had any signs of a mental health disorder, he told in the following days he heard voices that weren't really there and was generally paranoid and anxious, to the point he couldn't leave the house. This is scary stuff.

No. 867226

mRNA vaccines aren't gene therapy. You DNA isn't being altered in any way. You would sound less retarded if you at least looked up the terms you're using, or put some effort in to learning the basics of biology (they teach it in high school, there are also videos on youtube.)

No. 867228

There's literally no way a vaccine could induce psychosis in someone, zero scientific basis to theorize that the two are connected. It's like how anti vaxxers would point to some geriatric who died a few weeks after being vaccinated and be like "see!! the vaccine kills!!" like no, he was fucking 90 and died of natural causes, as 90 year olds tend to. The timing is a coincidence.

No. 867233


I heard it makes you magnetic and then you can levitate if you manifest that power.

No. 867240

>It's like how anti vaxxers would point to some geriatric who died a few weeks after being vaccinated and be like "see!! the vaccine kills!!" like no, he was fucking 90 and died of natural causes, as 90 year olds tend to. The timing is a coincidence.
It's funny because that's also what happened with covid death numbers

No. 867284

File: 1627620297420.gif (3.17 MB, 600x338, ducks.gif)

how long did it take for arm pain to subside after your first shot?

No. 867292

for me it was gone on the third day

No. 867296

About 3 hours or so

No. 867357

File: 1627629822619.jpg (47.29 KB, 600x449, 144930.jpg)

thanks nonnies hope everything will turn out fine for you!

No. 867390

This gif is so hypnotic

No. 867406

i'm convinced the braindead anti-vaxxers are just moids trying to stop women from getting vaxxed because "m-muh fertility!" (even though there is zero link between vaccine and fertility problems)

No. 867409

Congrats, you managed to out-tinfoil the tinfoil anti-vaxxers. Quite a feat.

No. 867414

File: 1627636671309.png (974.41 KB, 622x830, 94F9B920-0EDB-45F3-BFC7-5F5737…)

better than spreading literal misinformation

No. 867421

for me, 2 or 3 days after the first shot. after the second shot it took like 10 hours for the pain to appear and it took another 24 hours to subside

No. 867457

this made me literally lol thanks kek

I got pfizer in the morning, my arm got sore by the evening and lasted throughout the next day. Woke up painfree the day after that.

No. 867506

Are there any reliable studies on covid antibodies and for how much peole can retain them? Even "immunity" from the vaccines "fades" after some time, which I guess is why Pfizer is considering third and fourth doses. We're probably going to have to vaccinate people for years.

No. 867510

It's not about the antibodies (which are produced when your body gets in contact with the virus and repel it) but your T cells ability to produce said antibodies. The additional doses are either their admission the vaccines are useless or pharma trying to make bank before it's over. People with SARS immunity still have it after 17 years.

No. 867555

idk but reading this thread makes the pro-vaxxers seem way more unhinged than the anti-vaxxers, like it's the pro-vaxxers getting unreasonably angry and wishing illness to other people

inb4 fox news or whatever not american and i already got one dose

No. 867718

well from my perspective it doesn’t really look like that, there is just one pissed off anon who was trying to explain shit to others who are pretty obviously just trying to win an argument, then it got rude. I agree that it’s dumb to label everyone who’s unsure of it as a crazy antivaxxer, but holy shit I see so much misinformation, personal bias and data reading comprehension issues that the conversation is practically fucked from the beginning. I’m sorry but the ‘no vax’ anons seem very rude to me as well. Itt is la lot of rudeness and accusations on their side too, and it was only recently that the tone in this thread turned so hostile. Before it was just anons arguing respectfully with each other and sharing their experiences.

No. 867733

but there is a way? not saying it is happening, but there is a basis for it.


the spike proteins here that are leaking can cross the blood brain barrier. It's these proteins that are suspected of causing the heart inflammation and brain inflammation of covid patients. Initially it was believed that the spike proteins would remain anchored to the cell walls and not break off into the blood stream with the vaccine. But we now know that this is not the case- the most dangerous part of covid actually occurs when you get vaccinated, but in a lower quantity and for less amount of time than with full symptomatic covid infection.

Not saying this is what happened, just saying that there is not "literally no way a vaccine could induce psychosis"

No. 867745

So wait, do people who got infected with covid and healed actually need the vaccine now?

Nta but I've also read that apparently the worst symptoms of covid are caused by spike proteins, which are still present in the vaccine. And covid definitely causes damage/inflammation to the brain, so I assume it's not impossible for the vaccine to cause some sort of confused state and psychosis. Then again, people say that the spike proteins in the vaccine are harmless, so who knows.

No. 867880

I agree with you, anon

No. 867960

They don't need it, the T cells should be able to create antibodies once you had covid. But guess what, they have a vaccine to sell so they're shooting everyone.

No. 868092

File: 1627688029321.jpg (10.31 KB, 312x296, dfa.jpg)

Got the Pfizer today
The actual shot didn't hurt at all and no swelling or anything right now but I did feel lightheaded and such afterwords
I feel ok now, a little bit tired after all the anxiety
Glad I got it over with

No. 868132

It's hard living with an anti vaxxer who is also vengeful as fuck. I got excited because my sister told me she wanted to take the covid vaccine. Drove there, she even put a mask on. Impressive.
We waited in line for 15 minutes. When we got there my sister went on a huge ass political rant about not taking the vaccine to the pharmacist and how they were terrorists and with the Chinese. I looked on in horror, my social anxiety just went up. We got kicked out.

I drove home with idiot with me, her looking smug. Came home to listen to her say if I "Force" her to take the vaccine she will kill herself and somehow make it look like a vaccine death.

The fucked up part at this point I don't care if she does hurt herself. The shit she pulled was…. I don't know what to call it. jfc

No. 868143

Wtf anon that’s fucked. I’m sorry to hear about your sister. How old is she?

No. 868144

she's my older sis, 34. There is no convincing her either. She said doctors are lying and this podcaster who isn't even a doctor is telling the truth and I'm like "did you read what the FDA, world health organization and the CDC had to say?"
She said they are lying too. Told her that her idol Trump took the vaccine and she said that wasn't true. Then went on how Covid isn't real and how all of this is fake cuz clearly.

No. 868146

here's the kicker… we're mixed race… we're part Chinese
Takes a deep breath

No. 868149

>Came home to listen to her say if I "Force" her to take the vaccine she will kill herself and somehow make it look like a vaccine death.
Sorry anon but I had to laugh at the absurdity of this and I hope you can reach a point where you can laugh at it too. If you do not laugh, you will cry.

No. 868151

I'm at the "this is stupid, do whatever dumb shit you want"
I'm already heavily considering moving in with my friends next year. This isn't the only time my sister was a dumbass. I'm a decade younger and I feel like I'm baby sitting over here

No. 868154

>to listen to her say if I "Force" her to take the vaccine she will kill herself and somehow make it look like a vaccine death.
This is just pure mental illness, wtf

No. 868155

Honestly want to hear more of her antics because my god. Hope you do manage to move soon, it will be a huge relief.

No. 868159

I can at least talk about her covid antics here but her other ones I will talk about in other threads. But yup, I live with a crazt anti covid nut. Nothing she says makes sense.

Example, covid isn't real and the vaccine isn't real. But if she takes the vaccine she will die cuz it has the real covid in it. Asking her how people got covid before the vaccines were made will get you the "Covid wasn't real" response and "fake news" even though our uncle and friend died from it. Says the news is trying to scare us but ironically is scared of a shot and "terrorists"

No. 868275

She needs her meds anon.

No. 868325

Chinese communist party isn't the Chinese people

No. 868343

I had a friend threaten to blow up government on Facebook because she had to wait 2 hours for curbside pickup when she could have just stayed home until they were ready.

No. 868678

my older sister used to say covid was fake and it was just fear mongering from the governments and said she was going to refuse to get the vaccine (she's a kindergarten teacher) and also was not going to get her 9 year old son vaccinated …. until she got covid. got really scared and apologized to me and our immunocompromised mother and got the vaccine as soon as she could.

No. 868696

is it kinda fucked up I want my sister to get covid now?

No. 868950

File: 1627780235015.jpeg (157.31 KB, 828x635, 7037DE27-FF61-465A-8153-63515D…)

My fukcing department head at work and one of my other coworkers somehow went and got the D variant despite being vaxxed.

It’s all coming back. I’m so tired of feeling like going out and having fun at a bar or eating indoors at a restaurant is ethically irresponsible. I hate worrying about my aging parents. I wish I lived in S Korea or a similar country with a functioning government that had an appropriate response to the pandemic and a population that isn’t completely brain broken by political polarization

No. 868952

fuck. I'm going to a hillbilly college where the redneck tards wont get vaccinated. The whole of America is fucked again because of our dumbshit politics

No. 868953

File: 1627780544628.jpg (111.2 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I was thinking of getting a real job but now I'm not so sure about it. I'm vaccinated but I do have pretty severe asthma so I don't want to risk it. I just wish all this dumb shit was over.

No. 869093

File: 1627803042073.jpg (9.49 KB, 300x300, pls.jpg)

i'm so worried that my vacation plans will go to shit, i'm going to greece at the end of august (i'm also from the eu, greece is close to me). i thought going somewhere close would be a safe choice but i'm not so sure anymore. i just want to go somewhere, i don't care where. i need to take a break from life and work i'm so tired of everything

No. 869164

yeah, kind of. But that’s been caused by your sister acting like a total fuck-up herself, so it’s some sort of adverse vengeance reaction to her retardation. Doesn’t make it less wrong tho, imagine all the people she could infect

No. 869674

I'm really interested in how much the dumb will kill themselves this coming flu season and I'm bracing myself for a shut-in winter like a hermit


imagine having five kids and not using sunscreen and then dying of covid because you wanted to "see the effects of the vaccine after a year" well buddy you've now seen the effects of covid after a week and you're dead

No. 869679

Is it possible to get it but never even know because you had zero symptoms or long-term effects?

No. 869703

this has been confirmed so many times as to be a weird question at this point…polite sage

No. 869719

just go somewhere locally? why do you desperately need to go on holiday, who's coming to your house with guns? that's such a first world problem

No. 869842

Considering at least 80% of the people who tested positive never had any symptoms and long covid is only anxiety renamed…yes nonnie, it's very possible.

No. 869949

Long covid isn't anxiety but ok

No. 869950

File: 1627907268275.jpg (99.86 KB, 640x640, angy.jpg)

shut up stinky doodoo head, i have a long distance bf and we've been trying to meet up for the past 2 years now unsuccessfully. i was just expressing how tired i am of the current world events and wanting to go back to normalcy

No. 870000

Sure nonnie, whatever makes you sleep better. It's not anxiety, it shares only 100% of its symptoms with anxiety.

No. 870015

go shit up the conspiraturd thread

No. 870018

Wtf? Long covid been documented by tons of ppl, Alzheimer's like symptoms and long term breathing problems aren't "anxiety". But whatever lets you sleep at night I guess. Honestly I might get on the "ccp made Rona to fuck the world up by dumbing them down" wagon, it's a hell disease.

No. 870024

I'm in the same boat as you… ldr in covid times are crazy

No. 870036

has anyone else had covid which triggered dormant mono? i just got over mild covid (despite having vaccine) and have been super exhausted so I went to the dr and tested positive for mono. he told me that i've likely had the asymptomatic virus in my system for years and the stress of covid on my immune system triggered it to emerge. it sucks bc there's no treatment for mono, I just have to rest until it goes away. could be weeks

No. 870041

what is mono? mono means monkey in spanish

No. 870042

again, you're not dying. your scrote can wait.

No. 870050

You are so damn selfish.

No. 870058

No. 870062

I can't, it's infested by landwhale bootlickers who see pharma as Our One True Saviour™. Btw, Pfizer and Moderna just increased their prices while insisting people need more doses. Enjoy shilling hundreds of bucks yearly because taxpayers won't pay for your monkey piss forever.

No. 870073

I live in mexico, if I type "mono" on google it will show me results for monkeys. Rude

No. 870079

Yeah she's horrible, she should stay in her house afraid and never travel until there is no trace of covid left on this earth.

No. 870115


It took me about 8 months to get over the post covid syndrome. Even now I get super fatigued but at least I’m not bed ridden anymore.

No. 870152

where are the antivaccine, covid denying nonnies now?? also what's selfish about wishing the pandemic to go away? are you jealous because nobody loves you?

No. 870171

File: 1627928208263.png (829.79 KB, 2338x1290, lazy and low iq.png)

No. 870173

>where are the antivaccine, covid denying nonnies now?
in special ed, where you also belong
>also what's selfish about wishing the pandemic to go away?
nobody's talking about that and you know it, stop playing dumb lol
>are you jealous because nobody loves you?
an ldr isn't a real relationship

No. 870199

my mom sent me a wild text message. last night there were fire trucks, ambulance and like 8 cop cars in front of her neighbors house. She thought the druggie wife OD or something.
Nah, the whole family just got covid. So why all the cop cars and fire trucks? Well the husband was a cop so maybe the family was top priority? idk
I guess I find my moms neighbors annoying, especially when I lived with my parents because the wife would always ask if I wanted a hit. But adding that she has two kids and is anti vaxx just made this story more annoying.

I have some hope in humanity and assume they sent in a phone call that they couldn't breath and the fire department and cops were called because they made it sound like a gas leak or somethin.

I dunno why but you got a chuckle out of me.

No. 870206

anyone who at this point isn't vaccinated can die, I really don't care if some 50 year old republican dies because I went on vacation. if reading about people lamenting on their death beds about how they should have got the vaccine isn't enough to convince you you are probably worthless to society anyways.

No. 870225

File: 1627931627821.jpg (55.44 KB, 590x463, vacation cat.jpg)

the internet is also not real, we live in a simulation. now let me whine about not being able to go on a vacation with my internet scrote. i know you need a break from life too

No. 872137

I hate how the current spread of COVID is solely blamed on the unvaccinated when vaccinated people can also spread the virus and still need to take proper precautions.

My vaccinated friend is currently experiencing flu like symptoms and is blaming them on her acupuncture appointment 24 hours ago. She was around a bunch of people in close quarters this weekend. I asked if she thought it was COVID and she just brushed it off. It pisses me off because she works in a hospital with high risk individuals. If you are dizzy, have chills, a headache, and stomach issues, stay home because those are also all signs of COVID. This is negligence and I'm pissed at her.

No. 872885

A 34yo woman has died after having a blood clot due to AZ in my state today. I’m slightly younger so I’m getting real angtsy about getting the jab.

I’m feeling frustrated and angry at my country for doing absolutely jack shit for a year, being overconfident that we beat the virus and giving people confusing messages about the vaccines. I’m tired of rich kids getting the Pfizer even before medical staff because of nepotism.

I’m tired of Gladys and the rest of the gov acting like the people at fault are the unvaccinated ones when they were the ones saying AZ isn’t safe months ago. Why are we still dealing with lockdowns after lockdowns when the rest of the world is moving on?

Now I feel extra pressure about getting the AZ and getting everyone out of lockdown but I live alone and don’t have anyone to check on me if I develop symptoms. I’m a casual worker and don’t want to miss weeks of work if I have to get hospitalised. Just angry and tired of them all.

No. 872890

Do you have no way of getting the other vaccines? If yes, wait. Even though you feel bad. If not, I am so sorry anon.

I don't know if it makes anything better but I heard of many people around me, that got AZ and are fine.
But you'll most likely get a fever and other reactions if you're that young. Better be prepared.

No. 872954

The vaccine isn't a magic cure all like everyone thinks it is. There's debate around if it even works at all. Better treatments and vaccines are being developed so the sensible option is to take precautions and wait.

No. 872966

Took three lateral flows the past three days and they're all negative, but there's def something going around and I have a slight fever and sore throat. How likely is it that have Covid and still keep testing negative? should be something like 0.72^3

No. 872997

I have read reports saying that the other vaccines are as dangerous as AZ if not more. Tough Pfizer does seem safer for young people while being risky for the middle aged, and AZ seems to give young people bad reactions. Honestly if you can just be careful with protections and wait, there's so many contrasting information on the vaccines that's impossible to really know what's the safest way. Now everyone who got Pfizer is getting ready to get a third dose because it may be not that effective after all, but who really knows if that's true? They might be pushing it to get even more money, since they also raised their prices.

No. 873000

The numbers of deaths vs cases show the vaccines are effective. Idk if people are desensitised to how many people have died and the case numbers that they cherry pick them. Like there will always be outliers and adverse affects with medication. The numbers of people being adversely by the vaccines are miniscule compared to the death rate.

People have been lax about restrictions for some time. I live above an air bnb and this summer it's been busier than ever and I've lived here for 4 years. People have been having non stop parties. They drink and party even in the halls of the building.

Barely anyone uses the hand sanitizers when entering shops. Some woman tutted at me the other day for stopping to clean my hands, as if I was slowing her down. Kept bumping into her in all the ailes. Her mask was off.

My town is overrun with tourists. Even one of our roads collapsed due to the increase traffic. People aren't socially distancing and since the bars have been opened here there's been brawls in the streets lol. Just the other week 80 or something teenagers were reported to have had a massive fight in the next town over, kicked off in some beer garden then spilled over to the train station.

If everyone who is eligible to get the vaccine got it, it would increase immunity. It reduces the severity of the infection and while you're not dying of the virus, your body is gaining immunity, which will help when the virus mutates.

The vaccines also reduces the amount of people being admitted to icu.

I've had both jabs, but haven't had the second dose long enough for to be completely effective. And past two days I've developed a cough and woke up today in pain. I had a confrontation with a few dickheads at the weekend who ended up breaking the main door to where I live and I'm going to be so pissed if I have covid lol

No. 873018

Reposting a link from the tinfoil thread

I don't personally think that there is intentional malicious intent behind any of the vaccines. The issue is that there was minimal testing and they were rushed to market due to the severity of the pandemic. People need to remember that medical science is not certain and there have been plenty of times throughout history where people with the best of intentions have harmed or killed people because of inadequate research around new treatments. Thalidomide being an example.

No. 873142

I'm so fucking jealous of anybody who got the Pfizer/sputnik vaccine. My third world country got the sinovac and while it is relatively working (cases dropped and fewer people are dying- we have a very low population) the other two have the highest rate of protection. Russia even offered the sputnik which is cheaper than Pfizer but the clown we have for president turned it down for ideological reasons.

I don't get the hesitation about vaccines (except for the AZ which seems to be shit for anyone under 70) do you think the tuberculosis/polio vaccines were really that we'll researched by modern standards? And they fucking worked anyway. I rather have a shot at staying healthy than end up with long covid or some shit like that (or you know, dying…) and if they end up making me infertile I would send you a thank you letter to the CCP lmao

No. 873149

Traditional vaccines have been around for centuries. The first vaccine was the small pox vaccine in the 1700s. The covid vaccines are different because they are developed from mRNA. There are no long term studies on it's safety and it has never been used on a wide scale before.

No. 873156

I'm fully vaccinated but I wish I could turn it back.

No. 873158

>There's debate around if it even works at all.
literally who with half a brain is trying to say that the vaccine does not work at all? do you think it's just a coincidence that the vast majority of people hospitalized with and dying from covid are unvaccinated, or only partially vaccinated?

No. 873163

I know that, my point is that medical science has always been iffy when it starts with something new. But if we didn't try it we would still be dying for gangrene or stuff like that.

I know that people are going "well if I get it I will PROBABLY survive it anyway" and how fucking selfish is that? There are a lot of people who will die if the get it. Hell we are all playing russian roulette with it since our shit environment makes sure we all have some underlying condition. In burgerland how much people are fat or have hipertension or asma or are old as fuck? Surely someone you care about falls in any of those categories.

And not to get too apocalyptic but Corona-chan is just a foreshadowing of things to come. With global warming, shoddy farming practices, general contamination and pollution there are probably a lot of viruses and bacteria ready to jump from monkeys to humans. We are in for a ride and you will be choosing between fast and probably not always safe research or death

No. 873178

I've been dealing with that feeling since mine as well. The more time that goes by the more I seem to have been able to push those thoughts away, hopefully you can too. There's no way to change it now.

No. 873282

The person's health we should be most concerned about is our own selves. I don't want to limit my life or my experiences so some fatty chan or old person won't get sick. That goes to my elderly relatives too.
If you yourself are scared of getting sick, protect yourself and stay home. Simple as that.

No. 873381

The selfishness of people like you is why virus will keep mutating until it finally gets your healthy ass too.

No. 873401

I'm glad you're so concerned about my health and safety and that of others. But again, if you're concerned about their health, maybe you should tell them to stay inside too so they won't even be able to contract the disease.
I hope I'm buried next to someone who got vaccinated but still died from COVID.

No. 873437

You're not limiting your life getting a vaccine, in fact you're increasing the chance of surviving a fatal illness.

Mental people are dying on a vaccine hill when these vaccines are backed by science. Scientific advancement has been astronomical just from the 90s in regards to DNA and mrna research. The people arguing against vaccines truly do not have a clue or a fundamental understanding of scientific discovery of vaccinations, the mechanisms of vaccines or the physiology of cells and viruses. It's pure ignorance and frustrating af to witness if you do have an understanding. No doubt these same people prolonging a pandemic put trust in objects or anything that have less rigorous testing done. If you don't want to take the vaccine at this point just stfu, there is no space for your daft opinions in civilised society. Fuck off

No. 873460

>We live in a civilized society, but anyone who doesn't share my opinion can fuck off and die
Okay then. I'm waiting to get the vaccine because I want to see the longer term effects. If it's shown to be safe and actually effective in 2-3 years, I'll consider getting it. Until then, I'm relying on my natural immunity. I've never gotten the flu or the flu shot, get plenty of exercise and vitamin D, and avoid processed foods. I'm pissed vaccines will be mandated to enjoy certain privileges, and I have to come to terms with being banned from those privileges, but I have every right to be upset about having those not available to me because of a medical choice. But it's my choice right?
If I die of COVID, I'll have my family invite you to my funeral so you can laugh and piss on my casket…because everyone who doesn't get vaccinated is guaranteed to die from COVID, right?

No. 873504

I hear “I trust my immune system” a lot recently, and I trust my immune system too, hence why I’d rather get the vaccine first. All of us have a very high probability to get infected with covid at some point, if your immune system can’t handle the vaccine you will be 100% fucked over by the real coov so this conclusion only makes sense if you plan to stay inside forever.

No. 873512

What about the very high number of people who get COVID but have minimal, or even no symptoms? I'd rather take my changes with my past experience than trust in $cience. Pharma has no liability if something goes wrong. They're making money and want to continue making as much money as possible. I think Pfizer made $33 billion in profits. That's a LOT of money, and they stand to make even more with additional vaccines and boosters. They are very dedicted to COVID - if it'd cured, there go their profits.

No. 873527

good for them, those wouldn’t have any effects from the vaccine either. You just don’t really know beforehand, so I’d rather go for the safer option.
Of course companies want to make money, the worst which can come from this is that the first gen vaccines aren’t as effective as intended but they need to sell them regardless, which isn’t very apocalyptic imo since the benefits for the population still outweigh the risks at large. Idk, it’s your choice. If you want to wait until you catch the real covid to see how you react, I wish you good luck with that.

No. 873536

It’s not that covid is their only source of income, a global pandemic is a big opportunity to make some extraordinary cash, but they have shitloads of other stuff going on.

No. 873721

I don’t believe that their goal is to make a shit ton of money or intentionally hurt people.

But I know for a fact that the gov gives no shit about us and just want us to get vaccinated as soon as possible so we can re open. We should get vaccinated to protect other citizens but if something happens to one of us, I know they won’t give a shit.

I don’t want to get a potential complication and end up in the hospital with extra bills just for the gov to shrug their shoulders and say “well you signed up for AZ you knew you had a chance to develop blood clots”.

They’re already not paying people on disability or students who lost their jobs due to the lockdown. So if you were already receiving help from the gov, as small as it is, you’re not entitled for any covid relief. My friend is getting $500/month and therefore disqualified from any covid help. They don’t give a single shit about their citizens not being able to pay rent.
Every morning we get a new press release where they now decided my age group was the problem for not getting vaccinated despite:
- Not even being able to get a vaccine weeks ago
- Being told that AZ is not suitable for our age group but having no Pfizer until Sept/Oct

I honestly want to strangle Gladys at this point.

No. 873727

This is what I don't understand. Most people who get COVID don't get very sick. The chances of getting it are low anyway. Now, with breakthrough infections, it seems to be the very same thing – you probably won't get COVID, but if you do, you won't get very sick. What is the point of getting the vaccine if you just have the same thing happen?

Also, even if you are vaccinated, you need to wear a mask. Masks are a safe and effective way to prevent COVID. So, if I am unvaccinated, I can just wear a mask? I am so fucking confused.

I am about to lose my job because I won't get vaccinated. I work remotely. My boss wants me to visit in September but I have to be vaxxed. I won't get vaxxed. I also don't want to travel to a Delta hotspot, even if I was vaxxed. HER OWN DAUGHTER, who has the vaccine, got COVID from leisure traveling. What in the world?

Let me make my own fucking decisions. I am so tired, as a woman, of being told what to do by so many fucking people. I am so lucky that I have the means to be unemployed for a while. God.

No. 873744

File: 1628214152620.jpg (131.54 KB, 1080x444, Screenshot_20210805-165042__01…)

Finally, some like-minded women. Wish there were some to talk to irl.

It's not about having an understanding of science and cells. It's about having an understanding of politics, human psychology, power, corruption, the true economics of "healthcare" and the absolute importance of fear to the elite.

No. 873745

AYRT. I'm so sorry you may lose your job because of this. Can you go to a doctor quickly and get some papers and say you have anxiety and that you have to remain remote?
I'm in the same boat as you though. I really hope that my work doesn't require vaccinations. If they do, then they have to fire me. No way am I getting this vaccine for at least a few years.

No. 873757

When the government does covert medical shit they do it on a controlled smaller cohort than a global population so they can monitor and intervene. Unfortunately the government isn't trying to kill off the labour force that generates wealth and capital. They're not doing a massive social experiment on the globe. Not every medical professional or scientist is in the back pocket of big pharma. The innovators and inventors and great minds aren't all bought by the government doing hidden things. There are enough independent competent people to listen too. It literally is ignorance of research that leads to the disregard of a vaccination program being implemented against a virus that has already killed millions.

No. 873759

AYRT. I get you… I feel so alone irl. Everyone I know is for it, which is fine – that's their choice! But I just wish I had someone to talk to about this other than my partner. Each today I have to remind myself that I am not alone. It's just that those of us who feel this way are likely staying silent.

I have thought of it. I might try to do this. It wouldn't be lying, either. I definitely have been having intense anxiety over this. Last night, I signed up for two telemedicine websites because I was having panic attacks at 5 AM.

I'll be thinking of you, nonny.

No. 873760

Yeah well a big hearty fuck you from behalf of anyone who works in a hospital, dealing with these “not so sick” covid patients. You and the rest of these fucking idiots in this thread.

No. 873761

Not to make your panic worse, but if you're American I'd be more concerned about the shit they put in your food that doesn't meet safety standards in other countries. Good luck with the American social experiment.

No. 873764

We've been trying to buy food from farmers and different sources but I appreciate your concern.

Can you read? I said "most people who get COVID don't get very sick." Clearly, there are people who get very ill and die.

No. 873768

How can you verify those sources for your food and can you trust them and do they have studies on the long term effects of how they source the food and quality control? You might need to consider this carefully now.

No. 873774

This is also another reason why I don't want to get the vaccine. I also have this concern about processed food so I try to eat healthy. No added sugar and no more than three ingredients in a product are my rules, generally. If I can make something from scratch, I'll do it. I don't do makeup or skincare, and I avoid any pills or medications unless medically necessary. I don't deem a vaccine for a sickness with a 99.7% survival rate necessary.

Don't be daft. What do farmers grow that isn't healthier than any kind of processed food out there? You need food to live, and fruits and vegetables are scientifically proven to be the among best things you can eat…humans lived off of them for hundreds of years…

No. 873775

Yea I can read. I didn’t say these people die either. You said they don’t get very sick but the proof is in the admissions. They are sick as shit and take up beds for weeks, up to months. Further proof you’re so far up your ass with your speculative bull shit.

No. 873777

Kek, even when hospitals have been proven to be dead empty with the staff sitting idle, you have attention seeking healthcare workers going on about it being "OVERWHELMING OMG".

No. 873781

Show me the proof. Until then you’re just spouting rhetoric.

No. 873804

dont fall for bait, that anon is retarded

No. 873808

>I don't deem a vaccine for a sickness with a 99.7% survival rate necessary.
Literally this. If you are terrified of COVID-19 and you are not an elderly person (or have completely irreparable issues with your immune system), it's time to question the way you live. The vaccine won't save you.
Rather than eat even a little bit healthier, wear a mask, wash their hands, maybe go out a bit less and avoid toxic shit, some people would rather keep having shitty habits, and then get a vaccine that will end up being worthless once the Delta variant catches up to them. On top of that, the side effects of the vaccine are going ignored and brushed off (even when they kill people). It's not making sense. I know some of you in this thread who were calling people antivaxx Trumpfags don't even eat vegetables regularly.
Most of the population won't do shit to improve the situation on even an individual level, and they refuse the tiniest change to their unhealthy lifestyles (look at obesity rates in the US and UK alone), but they go into an apoplectic rage if anyone even questions the vaccine. Why?

No. 873830

To me this seems like a weird debate. I'm not really worried about covid at all but I still got the poke anyway. Nothing happened to me. It's just a huge benefit for me to not get bothered at work. That and now there's a chance I'm more protected against the virus.

And for the weirdos who say "Just stay at home" not everyone can work remotely. I mean I would prefer we go back to lock downs if people don't wanna get the shot tbh but the economy can't take the hit.
Sure, you're not afraid of covid, but you're scared of a shot backed by all these studies. I had worse side effects from a flu shot tbh.

No. 873834

media is trying. to frame it against as a trumpism or a gop supported balk against fascism is a failing. to put a white woman wearing red white or blue or associated with men in the gop supporting their husband or leader will make it digestible. the same like boomers will fall for guess what rich man says is the next big thing or all heart doctors support this one trick to a longer life. its all a grab for a thinly veiled attempt at securing a demographic.

its not just boomers but the meme is true, make any graphic look believable with a dumb fucking quote from an obscure movie and anyone would believe it.

ive done that for years but genuinely now im sorry ive been a part of that trend

No. 873837

There are some people who have legit and valid reasons for not taking the shot. But 90% wont do it because of political or selfish reasons. That or they are listening to all these conspiracy theories

No. 873839

No. 873881

the conspiracy theorists have really gotten to my head. I got the vaccine and have been afraid of regretting it because I could supposedly develop a prion disease or some neurodegenerative shit

No. 873888

I didnt really think the vaccines had adverse enough reactions to cause death until a family friend passed away suddenly a week or so after her 2nd vaccine shot. She was in the middle of moving and had to get physicals (was in good health) & the shot for her new job. Then boom my sister and I find her dead in her home. I really am not a conspiracy person but that shook me up real bad and I can't help but be afraid of that.

No. 873894

of course it did. this is an unprecidented issue. it wouldnt if people would have heeded it before it was so dire but even with mutant versions of it, the most vigilant of us wouldnt have to be if basic bitches would just go along with trends like they were used to for 40+ years. after 4 decades of assimilating, a mask was a step too far.

No. 873904

Okay people fearmongering and tinfoiling about the vaccine, do you really want us to be in lockdown due to the pandemic for years to come just because you read this anonymous person's account online about how she knows someone who was young and healthy and immediately died "due to the vaccine"? Over 4 million people have died globally to covid out of 200 million cases while out of 2.3 BILLION covid vaccine shots only a handful of deaths have been linked to complications with the vaccine, and even those were very old and very sick people. Nearly all of the severe cases and deaths at this moment happen with unvaccinated patients. Get that motherfucking vaccine you troglodytes, the disease and the possible long-time complications caused by the virus are far, far more likely to happen than the vaccine causing you to develop a fatal blood clot. Long covid is very common with young patients.

No. 873909

I'm >>873888 anon, I'm not trying to fear monger. I was trying to say I didnt think there was any credence to worries about the vaccine until personal experience that shook me up. I had covid last year and have dealt with long covid & myocarditis. I am scared of the vaccine since Ive had myocarditis for so long. Family friend that died was in good health & had no health/heart issues. They couldn't say for sure if it was vaccine related or not. worry not nonnie I don't plan to post in this thread again. Good luck to everyone, vaccinated or not!

It is so hard to figure out the right thing to do at this point in time, and it is even harder to have discussions on these topics. Everyone is just so stressed and tired and scared. I was recently downvoted on r/CovidVaccinated for asking if mods required proof of vaccination to post their stories. They don't bbut it was strange getting downvoted just for askings

No. 873911

>even those were very old and very sick people.
Ironically, the same can be said for COVID. 90% of people are not dropping dead from it. So, why do we need a lockdown or a jab? Take care of yourself, be hygienic, put effort into caring for the weak and elderly. Simple as.
>Get that motherfucking vaccine you troglodytes
Yeah, can't wait for the third shot, then the fourth shot, then the 9000th shot just to get infected anyway because it keeps mutating and people like you you think the vaccine is a cure-all, won't adjust your behavior and keep spreading the shit.

No. 873918


The Virus will keep mutating the longer people refuse vaccines, masks or lockdowns. The spanish flu was worse the second time around and we’re already on our way to the second lockdown in light speed because people are gross. Is it going to take a variant being 99% death rate for people to get vaccinated?

No. 873921

Those hundreds of thousands of well rehearsed tiktoks aren't proof enough for you huh

No. 873927

What exactly does the vaccine do to stop it from mutating? Vaccinated people still have to wear masks. It's at the point where people are ignoring observed, experienced side effects and possible long-term issues of a vaccine that still isn't properly cleared over a flu that can be prevented/healed from by actually following the basic health advice we've all been given since childhood.
>we’re already on our way to the second lockdown in light speed because people are gross
So, you believe we're going to be in lockdown anyway, but people should volunteer as human guinea pigs in the meantime because…? Why is that better than making the effort to not be gross?
>Is it going to take a variant being 99% death rate for people to get vaccinated?
This is another rhetorical question that can be spun to talk about the vaccine ("Is it going to take 99% death rate for you to admit the vaccine isn't entirely safe or good for everyone, talk less of efficient?"). Why are you convinced that it'll reach a 99% death rate? That's actual fearmongering, to insane levels. All this because people don't want to wear their masks, drink some orange juice and wash their hands. The infections will just continue until you guys learn.

No. 873932

Then say that to vaccinated people who think they can go around partying and traveling with no protection because to them vaccine = I can do whatever the fuck I want now
I won't get the vaccine soon, I might not even be eligible (though I already had covid a few months ago) and that's why I still wear masks, avoid crowded places and sanitize as much as I can. Is it that hard for them to keep doing the same? Also, while people are getting vaccinated, new and effective treatments have been developed for covid. Hospitals are ready, effective measures have been discovered, we keep knowing more and more about the virus. In many places it's not as deadly anymore.

No. 873937

I also had long covid, heart pains headaches brainfog and difficulty breathing for 1 month. Ok now except still some difficulty breathing doing strenuous work. I'm an at risk person bc shit immune system, so I took my supplements wore mask social distanced washed etc, but in the end I still got it. But I still won't get the vaccine, because growing up in poor health taught me just how corrupt the medical system is and how far they will go to make a profit. The vaccine won't save us. Anyone interested, Fauci deliberately halted aids research so more ppl would get infected so he could make more money from more patients.
The fact that they didn't FDA approve vaccines, yet still pushed it on us means ppl have no way of sueing them for damages. Also, why did they not just make a normal vaccine without mRNA? We are guinea pigs for a new medical tech.

No. 873940

Its not a vaccine, its gene therapy.

No. 873959

I got vaccinated a week-ish ago and I was sure paranoia would've taken me but I don't really feel paranoid at all. Don't know if that's a good thing though, kek.

No. 873968

>Also, why did they not just make a normal vaccine without mRNA? We are guinea pigs for a new medical tech.
They did. There were numerous traditional adenovirus vaccines made. mRNA vaccines just had a much higher success rate, much lower rate for complications and they were easier and safer to produce.

>Is it going to take a variant being 99% death rate for people to get vaccinated?
Probably yeah, even though the death rate is relatively low compared to terminal cancer or something people still fail to realize that while mostly frail or people of compromised health state die from it or end up in the ICU they still can't be just left to survive on their own. What if the hospital is filled with severe covid patients struggling for their life or receiving the majority of the healthcare resources and you end up being diagnosed with some other fatal illness or end up in an accident that takes you to that hospital which is filled with covid patients already? Your care is delayed because workers are too busy tending to the covid patients. And what if you catch the virus from the hospital and on top of your already worsening condition you now have an active respiratory illness? People who religiously stare at the death rate really fail to see the big picture.

No. 873969

>What exactly does the vaccine do to stop it from mutating?
NTA but I'll try to explain. Vaccination is a way to limit the virus from spreading and the less it spreads the less likely it is to mutate just by the odds of it; it's the most effective when other prevention methods are used alongside but as we know, people like to use no methods at all, so basically, to put it in numbers (not accurate as I'm not a mathematician and I didn't study it enough, but just to illustrate)
chance of getting Covid when:
vaccinated + other means of prevention : 0%
vaccinated and no other prevention : 20%
no vaccine but other prevention used : 50%
no vaccine and no additional prevention : 70%

If the virus gets to mutate, these numbers will rise for everyone, and along with them the odds for even more mutations that will be harder to fight.

No. 873977

J&J and AstraZeneca are both vector vaccines, not mRNA, what are you talking about?

No. 873990

Literally takes no effort to get a free vaccine. Some people take medication every day for other ailments do you think that's an a front to their personal freedoms or modern medicine at work prolonging life expectancy?

Don't be daft? Can you verify the farmers aren't using chemicals as fertiliser or pesticide? Can you find their methodologies written for food development and able to replicate it for similar results? Are there studies on the exact fertiliser, pesticide, and growth methods the farmer used for your food?

Im happy governments are starting to ostracise the unvaccinated ans reduce services for them. If you don't want to be a part of society then fuck off. There's enough evidence and research out there to show why you're in the minority for fearing medical professionals.

No. 874007

Do you think that unvaccinated people should be forced to wear armbands to show that they are unvaccinated?

No. 874010

Nope but I want them to stay the fuck out of businesses as they increase the risk to me of passing on more infectious strains

No. 874016


So you’re blaming the people who went and got vaccinated…. for spreading Covid.. which would not effect you if you did get vaccinated.. Almost as if.. if everyone got vaccinated, the spread would lessen and we could live normal lives… I’m sorry, what’s not clicking for you again? I didn’t realize that it was everyone else’s responsibility to get vaccinated just because you don’t want to. Why do you think we had a measles outbreak a couple of years back? Measles were around but because people refused to vaccinate their children, those who actually need to depend on herd immunity were getting sick.

Vaccines have been a requirement for all public schools for eons and most colleges won’t let you attend if you your shots aren’t up to date. I just can’t understand why everyone is suddenly an expert in the medical field and questioning whether or not they should get a vaccine when they have no issues drinking soda, smoking cigarettes or taking birth control.

This is like speed running Darwinism.

No. 874024

File: 1628244985195.jpeg (49.27 KB, 748x570, 9877AC94-D23C-4F76-82BE-F4E213…)


Can you not read Anonette? I asked what is it going to take for you to take a vaccine? A 99% death rate? Like are you waiting for covid to mutate to the point that if you’re not vaccinated, you’re going to die from catching it? It’s a question of what the fuck are you waiting for, not fear mongering. Fun fact, orange juice and keeping your hands clean isn’t going to stop you from catching an illness if “flu season” or seasonal colds aren’t enough evidence for you.

Stop comparing COVID to the Flu. Surviving the Flu is nothing compared to the long term side effects that you can get from Covid. You’re obviously not a doctor and just regurgitating whatever bile you’re reading online. Downplaying it is such shit to those who lost loved ones for believing the same asinine thought process you have. People who wore masks, social distanced and followed all the rules still got sick because it doesn’t matter if you do everything right, especially if others aren’t willing to look past their own selfishness to do what’s good for others.

You sound like the type of person to leave your turd floating in a toilet because you can’t be bothered to flush it for the next person.

No. 874028

no thanks, one of my best friends works as an ICU nurse for the covid station.
all vaccines and viruses are ”gene therapy”, retard.

No. 874032

Gene therapy literally refers to modifying DNA or rna or mtDNA. We've had the technology for decades and substantial amount of research. Ever heard of the human genome project? Gene therapy isn't a scary word it's how we develop therapies to correct disease. It's strictly regulated.

No. 874039

Just think about the fact that whatever you could possibly get from the vaccine, you will get it way worse and more certainly from the real stuff.

No. 874043

Thanks for the clarification. My point was that viruses alter your dna too, but unregulated.

No. 874047

Except the measles vaccine has been approved eons ago and this monkey piss is still under emergency authorization and that's why it can't be mandatory and only try to coerce people into it. They know if they approve it the government will suddenly become liable for any adverse effects.
So what about the ones of us who got the rona and are still alive and well with none of that long covid bullshit? Will you force me to get a vaccine who at best won't do shit and at worst will kill me? You people don't give a shit about the others, you're just scared for your hambeast ass.

No. 874057

People that survived covid would survive a vaccine no issue. The vaccine is trying to achieve an optimal baseline for herd immunity so that if mutation occurs we stand a better chance of fighting the infection. A vaccine is a booster in immunity. If people respond poorly to it, it doesn't bode well for how they'd handle covid without it, but now they've got access to a copy of the viral genome to develop antibodies at controlled levels.

Also with advancement in technology and more resources and capital to throw at research we can cut developmental times safely. Even the human genome project finished 2 years early because the technology was advancing with the more data and research available.

Humans should be immensely proud of their technological and medical advancement. Researches and doctors that are implementing therapies for covid should be lauded as heroes.

No. 874059

Then why doesn't the FDA approve them? Does it mean not even our rotten politicians trust the pharma?

No. 874063

Haven't a clue I'm not American, but I'd reckon for some legality bullshit. Fda has bizarre standards that other countries don't trust. The vaccination program has been an international effort and not solely an American one. You have access to freedom of information and are allowed to look up the literature reviews and peer reviews.

No. 874066

>This is like speed running Darwinism.
I keep cracking up at this but it's worse, their own nomination for the Darwin award is endangering the rest of us. Where I live a community of antivaxxer parents refused to get their kids vaccinated and boom, measles epidemic appeared immediately after the herd immunity fell.

Honestly fuck the people claiming it's "just a flu" and refusing to take the vaccine because they instead want everyone else to be vaccinated first "to see how it goes". I know healthy people well under their 40s who have been admitted to a hospital because they contracted covid and it just got worse and worse. It's a serious gamble to see if you'll catch the more severe version especially since seeing that in Europe 1/4 of people carry the gene that makes you vulnerable to it. If we didn't have lockdown measures our hospitals would've collapsed hard and people would've been dying in hordes not only due to covid but not being able to be treated for other illnesses either.

No. 874067

Personally something that was the most important part of a decision to take the vaccine was that if we let covid continue being a problem, the hospitals will continuously be unable to provide a proper care to people with other issues. Even if the hospital is not completely filled with covid patients and theres still space for more; all the rigorous prevention methods - doctors and nurses having to put on full body suits, entire wards being locked off, difficulty of taking care of patients with breathing issues and so on - make it impossible for medical professionals to do everything else in the same scope it was possible before the pandemic. We should strive to get back to that pre-pandemic level as soon as possible because there are people requiring immediate medical attention that are just unable to get it because someone didn't care enough, with the "i'm healthy and it will do nothing to me" mentality, often unknowingly spread the virus and making other people end up in hospitals instead.

No. 874072

So you completely missed the fact… that vaccinated people… can still get covid and can spread it… like fucking retards? If you don't behave correctly, the vaccine won't do shit for you. Also, I didn't say that I didn't want to take it, right now I don't have to and I'm probably not eligible. And even if I didn't want to, I have the right to be worried about it and wait until it's approved and properly tested, like any other vaccine and medication that I take. And yeah, if vaccinated people act like idiots and keep spreading covid among themselves and others (like they already are) it is their responsibility as well, especially because some people can't have the vaccine because they're at risk or it's not available for their age group.

No. 874073

This is already happening in my country, with other therapies and surgeries being cancelled. And a lot of the medical staff are having to isolate because they're catching covid too. People don't seem to understand the fact that nurses and doctors aren't superhuman and can be affected by the virus like anyone else.

Idk what the anon who said their friend is a icu nurse and that wards are empty is on because it's literally the opposite where I live.

No. 874075

Nope you're the retard because no one who is vaccinated unless they're retarded think that gives them complete immunity to covid. It reduces the impact of infection. You're just showing your ass here.

And again, for those that are literally exempt no one thinks they're assholes. They're at even higher risks and you would hope that everyone who cares about them and can take the vaccine, would.

No. 874076

I'm just very confused and distrustful of the news coverage… They say Louisana right now is in the "darkest days" of the pandemic, but using their own numbers I calculated a 0.01% death rate even lower than it has come to before. Lots of people I know who had "long covid" symptoms had them go away after enough time just like with other illnesses. Why is it supposedly getting worse and yet these things are the case? If you didn't watch the news you wouldn't even consider it's this bad at least in my experience

No. 874082

I guess you haven't seen a lot of people who got the vaccine then.

No. 874090

File: 1628250407452.jpg (94.14 KB, 828x812, image0.jpg)

this made me wheeze. no wonder we have so many antivaxxers, this is getting insane