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No. 854762


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No. 854862

I wish I was drunk

No. 854900

What's a good drink to make with amaretto?

No. 854903

alabama slammers are really good but they kind of take a lot of ingredients for a cocktail

No. 854913

Drank a bunch at the bar with my friends last night and hungover. Just got off work and thinking of grabbing a pint. I’m going thru a very fresh breakup that was heavily caused by my drinking. Gotta get me shit together but today lmao

No. 854914

honestly if you mix it into an espresso it's so good, i usually will have one before i go out partyin (in lieu of a disco nap)

No. 854921

File: 1626377599241.jpg (2.16 MB, 2700x1920, 7.jpg)

Time to make mojitos with mint from the garden

No. 854927

That sounds great anon, I have a lot of mint in my garden too and love adding it to drinks. My favorite is to add some to a gin and tonic

No. 854985

I don't know why I find this to be so fucking adorable

No. 855072

Love u anon

No. 855135

Bunch of ladies just having a good time. Love to see it.

No. 855648

I wish I could have the level of main character syndrome that Dorian (ofherbsandaltars) has. Like I have a lot of the same issues but my life would be a lot fucking easier if I could just lean in to it and romanticise it all like she does

No. 855663

Got some nice wine, time for the quality of my posts to decline even further

No. 855669

File: 1626464200632.jpeg (13.04 KB, 236x262, 1620325542259.jpeg)

No. 855676

Me too sis, me too

No. 855759

File: 1626475773521.gif (1.01 MB, 300x224, FE7D5664-FF83-4847-A6BC-66E0B9…)

Hi I’m drunk anon who always posts gifs of Ricky


No. 856060

bless u nonnie i am here for the Ricky gifs

No. 857252

>tfw get really outgoing when I'm drunk and have friends on discord the next day I don't know or care about
Gotta stop this

No. 861825

Nonnies I was seriously thinking of self-harming tonight for the first time. Good thing cleaning yourself up is too much work and I don't have a bathtub for convenience. I didn't hurt myself although I would love to have pretty designs and eDgY words on my skin.
Instead I'm just going to deal with these negative thoughts tomorrow and hopefully not be too hungover tomorrow. Social anxiety is a bitch. I'm coming to terms with the fact everyone hates me.

No. 862073

You guys also have shows that trigger your alcoholism?? I was rewatching Sharp Objects tonight and holy shit does it make me want to drink because Amy Adams is constantly drinking and they direct it so enticingly, the sound editing for the swish of liquid and the clink of ice, setting everything in a dim luxurious house, etc. Not trying to take the blame off myself mind, just studying what triggers me. Kind of like how bad Mad Men was for people trying to quit smoking

For what it’s worth I’m glad you didn’t hurt yourself tonight

No. 862093

File: 1627147300415.jpeg (146 KB, 728x984, rJ4dsoY.jpeg)

Be safe and please don't hurt yourself, anonita.

No. 862449

File: 1627176337793.jpg (94.14 KB, 1000x750, cuscus-3.jpg)

Drinking gin and ignoring commissions even though I really need the money. How are you doing fellow anons?

No. 862451

I too am drunk, how you doin

No. 862452

Remember to drink some water too, what beverage are you having tonight?

No. 862455

I've been having rum and chasing it with kombucha, I rarely drink so I'm pretty off my rocker after 3 shots. How about yourself?

No. 862460

Kombucha is a good choice, I've been meaning to buy some but I'm so picky about the flavor lmfao. I'm just mixing gin with honey and sparkling water, it seriously tastes like perfume and old people.

No. 862464

Yo so wtf anons, I once drank too much and woke up hours later, my heart racing and pounding harder than I've ever felt it. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Then, about a week later, I drank equivalent to a drink or two and my heart started doing that shit again. I drank a fuckload of water and ate and it eventually subsided. What is with my heart?

No. 862465

I'm scared I can't drink again

No. 862533

Might be Holiday Heart Syndrome. Fast, irregular heartbeats after a binge drinking session. I had a co-worker who drank alot talked about it at one point. It seems like it seems like resolves after some time.

No. 869835

Knowing I have a turkey sandwich to eat at the end of the night is better than this buzz

No. 869848

I know that feel, love having a good snack planned for after drinks

No. 869853

I started out just drinking straight vodka for years, until I discovered the yummy beauty of icy alcoholic margaritas. Why did I used to torture myself when I could get wasted on frozen limeade?

No. 877452

i have to get up and work in 4 hours and i'm just sitting here getting drunk on beers, smoking cigs and being on my phone like the sexy, dumb bitch that i am

No. 877515

Hope you got some sleep nonnie

No. 881155

File: 1628953812362.jpeg (8.71 KB, 226x275, 1616859254331.jpeg)

paid a stupid amount for fish n chips delivery for the second night in a row, living my best life uwu

No. 881929

oh no its happening again(https://lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 883176

File: 1629148134417.gif (72.2 KB, 364x589, LimpBrightIndochinesetiger-max…)

No. 888667

i'm so drunk trying to have a conversation with my boyfriends family who i'm very close to talking about her thirteen year olds susters friend problems and trying to coach her through it. o had vodka and grapefruit juice and my eyes are very blurry . sage for retardation i know this is gonna have so many typos . does anyone wanna be best friends?

No. 888669

by lolcow standards i am the biggest idiot for that last post please forgive me girls (samefag)

No. 888671

The entire room is spinning

No. 889172

Which rule did I break?????

No. 889181

KEKKKKK sorry nonny, you got pwned

No. 889182

Did you use an emoji?

No. 889188

nta but yes they did

No. 889193

No. 889205

uwu isn't an emoji, it's a word and it's read oowoo. fact

No. 889516

You used an emoji, it was a beer and something else, can't remember what.

No. 890435

I went to my local Renaissance Faire and got some delicious wine which I'm enjoying now

No. 890493

jelly af, anon, thinking of going to the ren faire next month! did you dress up as anything??

No. 890523

do you guys shit green or brown after a lot of red wine? I do
I call it black water syndrome

No. 891007


No. 891012

Yeah it like dyes your insides

No. 892164

I got $100 gift certificate from my parents to a winery. Great, right? Well I went there today with my bf and when I walked in this boomer male shouted "HI DO YOU WANT A TASTING" and I went um I don't know and my boyfriend said no. We had some awkward convo with the guy and then we went to look at wine. I felt flustered and just grabbed some that looked good, and I was happy to find mead. We rung our stuff up, and the lady said I was $5 short and I had to spend the entire certificate at once. I was like um, ok? I grabbed a bag of popcorn that was like 4.50 and she was still being bitchy with me and said some cents were left. OK????? So I threw a bottle stopper from the counter on there and I was over the amount, so I had to pay extra. What the fuck? It's a gift receipt, it is already paid for. Why do they care if I get enough stuff to make it even? The entire time the boomer male was yammering useless shit, gushing at us about how young me and my bf look and talking about his hair and I wanted to literally murder him. I am never going back to that hellhole. Also I am drunk on the wine I got. It's FINE

No. 892263

O geez this made me cringe because I know your frustrations. Hi I work at a small business like this and the reason you have to spend the whole amount is because they're probably using QuickBooks POS or something similar which will draw the till negative and dick up the books if the whole amount isn't used as recorded. Did they hand type your sales in? It's stupid af but a lot of small/medium businesses don't have the luxury of tracking gift receipt totals so it's usually a "spend it all" unspoken but enforced policy. Sorry that was such an awkward experience for you tho!! Enjoy your drink!

No. 892276

bnna die alone but its cool,

No. 893857

File: 1630137426784.png (86.44 KB, 912x889, 1628942022147.png)

i'm drunk out of my mind right now but like i made an autistic piefce of fanart for one of the threads in /snow/ i'm boutta get sat on by a janny i hope she enjoys it

No. 894126

Sometimes, when drinking, I get an accent. So last night while I was gaming, I had to declare “I’m not British, just drunk” because one guy thought I sounded foreign. I get lazy with my tongue and I think I do it to keep from sounding like I’m slurring lol

(Tbf, I do wish I was from terf island instead of burger land but whatever)

No. 899139

im out of alcohol

No. 900665

File: 1630805663192.jpg (57.72 KB, 1024x944, Tumblr_l_553080564833347.jpg)

I used almond milk as a mixer tonight….. lolcow what are your personal lows

No. 900729

When I was 17 and retarded I tried mixing white wine and mountain dew.

No. 905098

File: 1631193097437.png (105.65 KB, 569x298, asjhalsd.png)

Haven't drunk in a week because was taking meds + had to fix my sleeping pattern but now that it's more or less normalized I'm drinking away my sorrow over my closest male friend transitioning

Gin and water. Literally just water

No. 905111

Some years ago I was house sitting for my uncle and felt like having a few drinks. Well they only had Captain Morgan ( spiced rum) and some cans of Dr Pepper so I used that as a mixer. After finished my first glass I got so nauseous I puked like 3 times. Never AGAIN. ( as a side note I've never puked while drinking so this was a first, and the last time. I'm sure it's because of that nasty combination).

No. 905117

that's weird, when I was a teenager I mixed brandy and Dr Pepper once and it wasn't really bad. I can't imagine it would be much different than the capt Morgan

No. 905129

I'm morbidly curious anon, how did it taste?

No. 905251

That’s weird that it made you sick. Was it the sweetness of the DP maybe? I can’t do sugared soft drinks because they make me feel awful… but diet/zeros are fair game lol

Have you tried mixing Disaronno and DP? Diet Dr Pepper and that blend well. But since Disaronno isn’t that high in ABV, I’ll add a splash of rum or whiskey to if.

No. 905742

tried gin and tonic for the first time and of all the things i thought it would taste like why in the everloving fuck does it taste like grapefruit. i fucking hate grapefuit

No. 906770

Nonnas, sometimes life isn't as bad as it seems. I'm fucking wasted right now but thankfully it's a content wasted rather than a self harm wasted.
I do wish I had pizza rn, but it's probably better I'm not eating anything. Aside from being drunk-chan I also enjoy having stupid ana-chan behaviors.

No. 912150

Should I drink this entire bottle of Korbel or nahhh?

No. 912157

drink like 2/3 of it at most. last time i drank a bottle of bubbly i had the worst hangover ever and i rarely get them as it is.

No. 912167

Ugh I'm already there. But you have a good point.
On the other hand, a song called 'Champagne' just came on my super random shuffle radio, so it may be a sign I should have more…

No. 912220

Decided to drink for the first time in a bit while I go through my closets and organize some things. I found a bunch of paintings an ex-friend did while we were hanging out together and now I'm sad. She was a crazy bpd-chan but she could be so funny and thoughtful.

No. 912228

Honestly depends, if it's one of the big fat bottles then no. If it's a normal one maybe but take ibuprofen before bed because those champagne headaches are killer. Happy drinking

No. 922498

Sup fellow anons, what’s your poison tonight?

I’ve had too many but I’m currently drinking a salted caramel vodka liqueur from hotl chocolat and it is devine

No. 934211

i just finished the beer in my fridge and all i have left is half a bottle of apple soju. i could stop drinking but i think i'll finish the rest of this soju with my chips and hope it doesn't wreck my stomach tomorrow. if any other farmers are also drinking hope you guys have a comfy drunk night. god i really hope my stomach isn't fucked tomorrow.

No. 934260

I feel u anon. I started with hard ciders, ran out and bought some IPAs. Those ran out and now I'm drinking rum and coke. My tummy is wondering what the hell this fuckery is.

No. 935305

File: 1633896815414.jpg (100.23 KB, 770x458, Bud-Light-Fall-770x458.jpg)

>maple pear
Tastes like beer with sugar free syrup poured in it, makes me wanna puke
>Toasted marshmallow
Evil substance
>Apple crisp
The ghost of a hard cider back for revenge, terrible
>Pumpkin spice
Actually good I would buy a 12 pack of it

No. 935307

I fucking LOVE pumpkin beers

No. 935348

Maple Pear was gross. Everything else was pretty good though. I actually enjoyed the toasted marshmallow.
They all taste pretty similar to me though, except for shitty maple pear.

No. 943555

I think I'm going to take a day off and buy some beer. What's everyone's favorite activities to do while drunk?

No. 943640

Listen to music, mostly

No. 943881

drfinkinf always makes me feel so like…. carefree and happy, like back to the basics/ true essence of my true self, if thiat makes any sense???? like ok, i am a "lightweight" like i rarely drink just because 90% of time i do it socially and well, i just moved to a new city so… antisocial atm, and my bf doesn't drink at all. but every now and then i'll like make a litttle drink for myself as a treat and it's like the night-time version of…. idk…. taking my antidepressant/ ADHD med/ having that with my morning coffee? like fuck i wish it wasn't addictive nd bad for you and all that jazz, because it's such a nice sunny little fleeting feeling for me. my moods when i drink are never bad, it's either fun party karaoke hype girl friend, super romantic, or like reminiscent self-indulgent nostalgia but sweet instead of sad, ORrrr it's what i am right now which is. distinctly like… extremely creative and seeing all my ideas and projects more clearly and freely and feeling like i actually almost have the energy to actyually get them done for once. i hve one little vodka/ bubly soda mix and all of the sudden after a whloe day of feeling fatigued, i want to relearn guitar and clean the entire house and dance around to fun music and exercise more often and pull out oldcanvases and make art and call up all my girlfriends who are far away that i miss to say i miss them, like all at once. the only thing that ever sucks for me is the comedown/ hangover so i hope i don't get that, i took some charcoal to counteract it cuz i haven't had a drink in like. three months lol. and i do want to actually feel decent tomorrow.

idk if ANY of tht makes any sense but like idk does anyone GET what i mean kind of???? i wish i could feel this like, free of inhibitions and wistful and hopeful and goofy and young and energetic ALL THE TIME without being on a fucking substance. sign me tf up for whatever medication emulates that successfully in a non-addictive way because that shit will be the future

No. 943883

You should take mushrooms anon, take the right dose and it's just like being drunk but without all the bad shit that comes with drinking alcohol. I don't know what country you live in, but in Canada you can have them delivered right to your door. They even do little capsules for microdosing. Because I totally do get exactly what you mean.

No. 943890

woah it's crazy that you mention that, I was just reminded of that option the other day. like a year ago I was sent articles on studies that microdosing mushrooms can help with depression and other mental illnesses/ executive function which i particularl;y struggle wth, i hear pretty much nothing but good things but i've never tried them before and the last time i was on a drug substance that wasn't alcohol was super scary and traumatic for me because i felt out of my own body/ out of control of the situation, so i'm a little hesitant. but since they're natural and i know you can research like, what the right type and dosage would work best for you, it seems more controllable. thanks! i'm in the states so i doubt you can get it easily here, but i'm sure it's nothing a little research can't solve. kinda want to convnce my bf to do it with me, since we both struggle with like the same exact mental health issues.

if you don't mind me asking, do you take them regularly ordid you just do them a few times/ what were your experiences like?

No. 943897

I've used them about six times, I put a couple months in between bigger doses. You kind of have to put a good amount of time between large doses because your tolerance goes up even after only one use, so if you were to use large doses in succession they would be less effective. The most I've done is 3 grams and I always make them into a tea because it's easier to consume. You may or may not feel a slight nausea after first taking them but it will for sure go away in a short time. I've never had any crazy hallucinations (don't wanna either) but it does make colors brighter and it does fun things with shadows. I have star and moon stickers on my wall and when I take shrooms they wiggle back and forth.

I know it sounds a little dumb but I've never felt more free than when I'm high on shrooms other than when I was a kid. I feel very creative and expressive and excited to be alive. I feel powerful, but not in a delusional way, more like "I'm in control of me and I love me". Always do them when you're with someone, I do them with my husband. And only take a large dose if you're both feeling in good spirits to avoid any anxiety. If I feel a little off, I don't take any and save them for another week.

Microdosing is a lot different and my mother has experience with that. She used to have panic attacks at work because we worked at this super busy little cafe making the food, but after she started microdosing she seemed so much more calm and confident.

Absolutely do lots of independent research. I bet there are states where it's legal/decriminalized where you can get yourself some. Hope this helps anon!

No. 943913

thank you, that does help a lot! that feeling you're describing is literally my goal, and it's similar to how i felt tonight/ how i feel when i've had a drink with friends, that sort of released inhibitions, confident but also pure/ almost innocent form of happiness. my swiss cheese brain doesn't allow me to feel that on a regular enough basis so this might be a viable solution for me if i can figure out how to do it. which is completely new to me, because i've never been one to like "source" weed and other drugs like some of my friends do, i've always been the friend that literally doesn't seek out or take anything unless i'm with a friend who smokes. plus weed is fifty fifty between semi-okay good vibes and making me have borderline panic attacks, so i'd rather not fuck with that as a solution either

but anyway, i'll look into it, ive found a couple of interesting threads on mushroom subreddits already. one random thing that comes to mind is that i am pretty sensitive to certain allergen families (like mold/pollen), but i mean i'm sure if i can handle fermented stuff like kombucha and a few muchrooms in my salad without breaking out, i should be fine if i'm careful. it's funny though, i almost deleted my first comment out of embarrassment but i'm glad i didn't. who knew that shitposting to lolcow at 3am would end up being so helpful!

No. 943925

Yaaay I love being helpful, and I'm glad you had such a fun night anon. Rest well!

No. 949008

File: 1635143746260.jpeg (25.13 KB, 750x282, EgrHoWDX0AALEL9.jpeg)

i'm drunk for the first time in like 6 months… feels nice and silly rn but i know i'll feel shitty in the morning. i made a promise to myself to only drink w ppl i trust (family, bff) and my bff and i went to a halloween event so we got shwasted. honestly i dislike the feeling of being drunk or tipsy while alone mostly bcus i get horny . i need funny videos rn

No. 950161

File: 1635261916657.gif (996.46 KB, 500x282, F961-B7-B7-ACDF-4496-B53-B-E04…)

sister dropped off a pitcher of sangria so i'm having me a grand ole tuesday night

really the worst part of being drunk alone is the horniness

No. 950514

Will that drunk anon come back to post her no0dz again?

No. 950539

maybe she will on new years

No. 954192

my tolerance is so low rn im halfway smashed off one beer and its kinda annoying actually

No. 954839

Same, nonna, I'm currently smashed off one beer and for some reason am sketching my beer bottle on a piece of paper. I just felt sad and lonely so I figured I'd rather just be drunk, even though it's probably the worst coping mechanism. It also helps that it killed my horniness for at least a while as me being untouched for years + being on my period means I just constantly feel the need to share how horny I am (only in online spaces, obviously)

No. 954850

I'm about to order a supreme pizza and open some bottled beer. I love them cold!

No. 954890

Was supposed to go 2 my sisters Halloween party but my ride flaked and I have no friends so I am getting drunk in my house and my bf is gonna come get me later. I'm going to an amusement park 2morrow which should b exciting and I will simply not be hungover and I will simply not barf on the rollercoasters. I'm excited !

No. 954892

I'm three coolers in and having a fabulous time just ride the wave nonnie <3

No. 955004

I'm drunk off my ass and have work tomorrow but i don't care cause i met a cute guy today

No. 955079

Is the suicidal ideation strong for anyone else tonight? Having some tasty cider to go along with it since it's Fall.

No. 955816

File: 1635717341168.jpg (99.79 KB, 960x1280, fcc9f6114616a1ab20f12ded4b575f…)

what the FUCK is up!!! I know there's at least one other eurofag drunk at a Halloween party rn come on

No. 955925

ahhhh come on someone talk to me im surrounded by normies and a koreaboo quasi gender special

No. 955927

samefag btw

No. 955929

No. 955968

hi queen happy halloween
the gender koreaboo is actually nice I feel bad for calling her that
anyway I'm wearing a corset that's uncomfortable as fuck, all you fashion history and cosplay bitches lied to me, they ARE painful smh

No. 956070

It's not made for your exact mesurments

No. 956077

you don't know that

No. 956160

>tfw sit back down with a fresh beer and already have a full beer
Ok I'm done. Happy Halloween ladies

No. 956163

Hah, hope you had a good night, nonnie.

No. 961787

File: 1636248498323.jpeg (126.76 KB, 630x440, D1622323-5568-48BE-9F4E-E969DF…)

drank three bottles of sapporo. do i go for four? lolcow decides

No. 961789

Drink a glass of water

No. 961872

I've never used this thread before but now I can because I am properly inebriated! I am watching It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World with my husband and having an awesome time. I fucking love Phil Silvers stupid face and how awful his character is. This movie is fucking hilarious. I love this website and I love all my nonas. I wish I found you sooner. Thanks for just existing, all of you, even the ones that I argue with sometimes. You all know you're queens.

No. 962049

This is so cute anon

No. 962082

Having gin+tonic with a little lemon and sprite zero to top it off. Gin is so nostalgic for me lol it was my first drink of choice and I feel really giddy after not having it for years.

No. 962122

I'm sober as of 2 weeks and will be for another 2. I haven't been sober longer than a couple of days for 3 years. Please have a drink for me anons.

No. 962123

you da best

No. 963749

File: 1636425499243.jpeg (44.81 KB, 600x397, abab.jpeg)

i'm an alchemist. i'm the universe. i am god and she has been let out of the hamster cage. i'm kidding of course, until i'm not, i'm just combining alcohol, kratom, and nicotine together until i can feel an emotion. this is harm reduction.

No. 968459

File: 1636943019527.jpg (54.79 KB, 660x440, cheers.jpg)

i bought myself a fuckton o breadsticks and theyre on their way and i skipped work today so im actually not falling asleep in the middle of netflix and im alone and that feels good

No. 971032

How do you drink on kratom without getting nauseous? That's pretty impressive, the combination never worked for me

No. 979515

i made a drink: chocolate cherry baileys, vodka, chocolate milk and garnished with cherries. and i have named it The Period Shit because it's brown with red chunks.

No. 979524

>i have named it The Period Shit because it's brown with red chunks

No. 979525

ty so much thats what i was going for

No. 979530

File: 1638055041322.jpg (112.92 KB, 1024x986, DujLgeFVsAAofSs.jpg)

i just want to kiss somebody

No. 979763

I hope I don't throw up nonas, all that's in my tums besides alcohol is almonds and chips and I don't feel so good

No. 979801

Tasty tunes

No. 980591

File: 1638171764942.png (1.14 MB, 720x692, 1635632980110.png)

Remember to drink enough when drinking, please take care anons.I love you.

No. 985846

just mixed :

kinky vodka

No. 986488

I am sipping japanese whiskey thinking about how I am so cute and everyone loves me even if sober me is too anxiety to realize and accept it

No. 986496

quick question for everyone; how do you not be a drunken mess everynigt. like how do you have the inherent drive to not fail and screw up the few responsibilities you have. I have friends who drink and do drugs and still maintain jobs and good grades meanwhile I'm about to drop out of school because I can't docyhec the bare minimum

No. 990422

File: 1639124975096.jpeg (192.67 KB, 750x620, 7AA4970C-4C90-4DE5-9010-35D667…)

I’m at my first party in monthssssssss and couldn’t be happier to be here. Last time I got drunk was in front of my coworkers at our Xmas party so I still had to restrain myself and it feels so good to cut loose with my friends again. Can’t fucking wait to go clubbing after this.
Unrelated meme picrel to show love to my fellow wino nonnies

No. 992165

File: 1639280656860.jpg (64.01 KB, 736x727, FDbcknVXsAIQFac.jpg)

21st birthday tomorrow, may a nona get your best recommendations for a nice buzz? Something sweet and fruity? Chocolatey? Should I try liquor chocolates?

No. 992167

Happy birthday, anon. The chocolate flavor is a lot of chocolate liquors is ass. Just very cheap tasting. Rumchata is my favorite every time, personally.

No. 992169


I was obsessed with Malibu + pineapple and peach juice at that age. I didn't really like deeper flavors like dry wine and whiskey until I was like 24… then again I didn't drink until I was 21.


No. 992189

Anything with malibuuuuuuu

No. 992240

i was drinking hoping to feel better but nonas im a sad drunk, ive been trying to save up enough money to travel out of my country at least once before i die but life always happens andi have to spend the money on important adult stuff anchea and im just so tired of never having enouh money and this cheap ron its fucking terrible

No. 992276

Ask for a chocolate cake shot!!! So yummy and if anything it’s super easy to make yourself.
Def look up some drinks before hand but some good basics to try would be like a Moscow mule, French 75 (ehh that one has champagne so use discretion), Cosmopolitan or White Russian (kind of hard to get at bars bc it involves milk). Majority of the time your bartender should be skilled enough that if you give them just “fruity” and “sweet” they should be able to make you something good.
Happy birfday btw!!

No. 994857

I made my own hot spiced wine since I am not allowed to go to Christmas markets without getting the jab. Very much recommend.

No. 994972

>getting the jab. Very much recommend.
Sorry, I had to.

No. 995055

i hate it here

No. 995074

youre doing amazing anon, all power to you!

No. 998057

At the bar in lolita by myself browsing lolcow. Based?? Or…???

No. 998935


No. 1004291


No. 1004293

watchjng family vacation and cousin eddy is so hot sorry everyone. MERRY HO HO

No. 1004295

File: 1640388843904.jpg (641.6 KB, 1071x1920, tumblr_37f678d9623fe5ec9576b02…)

nonners gang rise up

No. 1004360


No. 1004369


No. 1004696


No. 1004716


No. 1004720


No. 1004744


No. 1004778

I wish I could get drunk without becoming 200% horny. I'd be a ho if I was sociable & wasn't grossed out by semen.

No. 1004786

thar shit do be gross stinky egg white on ur hand

No. 1004816

Idk of it was just the dude I was with but it literally tastes like dusty death and smells no matter how much you wash it off. Like it feels like he just peed on you. Nasty.

No. 1004858

I ate my fair share of hair so I got my gift from Winterman
I only get like that with bacardi superior everything else gives me whiskey clit

No. 1004863

Proud of you

No. 1004911

What's worse, dusty or battery acid?

No. 1010505

Anons I'm so drunk. And high. I hope all you nonnies are doing WELL and GOOD and WRLL. I LOVE YOU ALLL.

No. 1011407

happy new years to my gmt+3 nonnies

No. 1011423

File: 1640987894005.jpg (115.75 KB, 1200x1004, 0d06ivum12071.jpg)

Havent had a drink since the summer, I'm drinking beer alone on new years and I have no tolerence for it anymore, woop

No. 1011428

happy new years to my gmt+2 nonnies

No. 1011429

samefag, happy new years to you too queen

No. 1011440

I'm drunk, I still have rosé champagne but potentially getting some coke as well would really put a cherry on top of the night lol

No. 1011443

fuck i wish i had coke rn

No. 1011446

All alone, drunk, listening to music and imagining my crush showing up at midnight and declaring his feelings for me.. it won't happen but I can dream and.. drinking helps me dream

No. 1011449

File: 1640989919510.jpg (18.19 KB, 640x360, gettyimages-542226038-640x640.…)

THe state of my skelly ass after 6 champagne glasses letsgooo, happy new year tw toxic abuse valid triggered nonny victim

No. 1011452

samefag, I fucked it up with abuse. I want a list of redtexted words

No. 1011456

triggered, nonnie. oof

No. 1011460

Me too nona, me too

No. 1011469

Drinking some wine alone in my new apartment… I hate new years eve. It's too noisy lol my partner is away visiting family, I kind of like the freedom

No. 1011510


No. 1011512


No. 1011575

Happy new year gmt nonas!! Listening to depeche mode rn lol

No. 1011576

File: 1640996890071.gif (7.65 KB, 73x110, HAPPYNEWYEAR.gif)

No. 1011578


No. 1011582

'Shake the Disease' to be precise!

No. 1011584

Averting the youtube sperging jannies I feel so good you can't touch me

No. 1011589

cheers nonnie! i listened to this song this morning while at work as well as sweetest perfection and enjoy the silence

No. 1011593

Based. Hope you have a great new years day, fellow depeche mode appreciator

No. 1011635

I didnt pay for a single drink tonight and people say stacies cant be on lolcow i beg to differ

No. 1011637

File: 1641000979918.gif (118.14 KB, 85x78, stacydance.gif)

based stacy

No. 1011638

File: 1641001108787.jpg (308.42 KB, 1170x1170, Tumblr_l_524940759444331.jpg)

The slayification of an anonnita

No. 1011640

Cheers fir another shitry year anons

No. 1011658

cheers luv clink clink

No. 1011716

i tried to get drunk to feel better but now im just closer to calling everyone who fucked me over a cunt and im closer to killing myself. thank god i live near a bridge

No. 1011756

File: 1641016618089.jpg (12.76 KB, 314x400, 7ce87355-d93f-42e6-b067-36a5a8…)

Nona from >>992165 reporting back in. Didn't get to enjoy my b-day how I wanted to but today was finally the day. Had a glass of Strawberry Malibu with sparkling water, a 1/4 of cup of orange sangria and 1/4th of a Margarita. All I got was a headache, warm cheeks and tingly legs even 4 hours later. Am I that powerful? I must go stronger.

No. 1011804

I'm drunk and I'm high rn. Happy New Year nonnas!!

No. 1013250

sisters is noon and I'md runk as fuck. might this new year be everything you wished for!! i'm feeling rather emotional so i just want to wish everyone an amazingly good 2022, really hoping you get out of that toxis relationship and terrible work, yall deserve so much more you beautiful creatures

No. 1013496

Waiting to catch a good buzz before I start making dinner. Just went grocery shopping so idk what to make. Options I'm thinking of are gyoza and rice, burger and fries, or some pasta with salad and bread.

No. 1013509

Aww damn, drunk naked anon never came back… I wanted to laff.

No. 1019833

File: 1641605301113.jpeg (42.89 KB, 500x361, 283F8E29-E0C8-43E2-91EC-6B4AE1…)

I just had an unexpected shit day so I treated myself a beer and im feeling so glee while also having to decide whether I can drive to the store drunk right now. Ah. Fuck my life. I just want to restock my snacks. Can I just order snacks instead. Whew. Fuck my life. Fuck coping.

No. 1019870

heueue im back and putting cucumbers on my eyes bc theyre so puffy from excessive crying from both my internal sadness and from the movie I was watching while drunk.
I needed this so bad wheeew cucumbers feel good on my face rn

No. 1021724

I feel very depressed and drank a whole bottle of Stella rose and I want to drink the tequila my sister and brother-in-law got me but now I feel numb should I do it??????

No. 1021730

I drank with spaghetti dinner but i have low tolerance oopsie

I wish i could stop you crying non non
I hope you wake up and feel better
Sleeping after a good cry is always top quality

No. 1030110

hello nonas i am drunk and retarded tonight

No. 1030161

Getting dwunk tonight and hoping it won’t trigger a bender ~

No. 1030923

Samefag, it’s almost 4pm and I’m getting drunk agaaaaaain hello bender! I have hours before my bf gets home from work so I will be posting in many threads and I’m sorry in advance.

No. 1037799

My bf said he'd drive me to McDonald's tonight so I am drinking to get the perfect amount of drunk to two enjoy two cheeseburgers and a 6 piece nuggets with hot mustard

No. 1037821

Got drunk Saturday night out, now I have a bump on my forehead.

No. 1037971

drunk off like 3 vodka shots, thinking ab how even though I'm in a wheelchair I'm cute and pretty and horny for girls to sit in my fragile little lap

No. 1037985

this didn't end up happening :(

No. 1038414

I haven't been drunk in like a month and I miss it. Maybe today's the day. I just got some ashwaganda supplements and apparently ash + alcohol gets you looped. Wanna try it.

No. 1038442

File: 1642962661369.jpg (590.79 KB, 1076x1003, Screenshot_20220123-132805_Fir…)


That's too bad. Drunken fast food really is the best. I was probably partying the most when I lived in the Netherlands, and they had these outdoor walls of fried food with little doors. These were like an oasis when your wandering down the street at 3am, drunk and hungry after leaving the clubs.

No. 1039313

Fuck my life. Lying in bed sobered up and anxious after blackish red wine dump only to start drinking again soon and not thinking about every time I fucked up. Funny that I am not even getting drunk most of the time, it makes everything even dumber.

sorry if the wrong thread, I am just depressed dumb bitch. Plz don’t hate me, I am not planning to continue shitposting lol. Just feel very sad. Hope you ladies are in a better place.

No. 1040241

File: 1643078143415.jpeg (170.03 KB, 750x750, 332363E6-85D1-4677-B5BA-78E053…)

Im a little tipsy ayyyy waking up early for work tmoz but ugh It feels good, I just wanna marinate in the buzz.

No. 1040245

I need to wake up early as hell tomorrow and do schoolwork so idk why I'm 3 drinks in kek

No. 1042287

mmmm just had a quadruple vodka tonic on an empty stomach… almost feels like proper drugs

No. 1042399

this is amazing I've never seen or heard of this shit in my life

No. 1042404

I'm openinng a small cafe and everythtings going fuckinng wrong.. fuck my life.. I'm spending my entire life savings. It's not open yet but soooo much trouble. good god. Like above average for a business owner. aaaaaaaaaaa

No. 1042425

File: 1643223400883.jpg (33.77 KB, 464x456, 1641920069198.jpg)

Aw anon, I wish I could visit and support your cafe. You can do it!! This anon believes in you!

No. 1046294

If there's no safe amount of alcohol then I don't care. A few drinks wouldn't feel this good if it wasn't worth it in the end. Mental health issues? Don't know her.

No. 1051014

Uni has turned me into an alcoholic, & not even in the fun way. I just drink alone to deal with the stress. Just 1 more month then my dissertation will be submitted the relief is gonna be insaneeee

No. 1051021

I pray things will look up and be as smooth sailing as possible after opening!! I hope you'll get lots of business and live your best cafe owning life nonnie

No. 1063453

Update: it triggered a relapse kek been drunk almost every day since this post & am hiccuping drunk at 5pm right now

No. 1066987

File: 1645661131075.png (7.75 KB, 90x90, ezgif-2-3abf164f2a.png)

No. 1066990

File: 1645661213222.jpg (10.12 KB, 90x90, ezgif-2-dddb441742.jpg)

No. 1072038

hey you little piss baby huh you think you're so fucking cool huh you think you're so fucking tough you talk a lot of big game for someone with such a small truck

No. 1072042

samefag sorry but I miss my online friend I used to dm every time I got drunk to tell her I love her. I stopped talking to her in 2020 basically when I stopped talking to everyone. wow I wish I could go back

No. 1072055

No tranny music allowed

No. 1072087

I've reached out to my online friend after something like 3 years of not talking, and we're chatting on a daily basis again; don't abandon this friendship anon, reach out to her!

No. 1072163

I feel this, anon. Recently I have been reminiscing on old internet friendships so much, ones I let go of without thinking of how much I would miss them in the longterm

No. 1077028

what is your favorite alcohol??? also does anyone have any reccomendations if I like makgeolli?? I just had it 3 weeks ago and I think it's my fav drink ever? so much better than Sochu or soju and it tastes like rice cake, I love rice

No. 1077197

Mine is Garibaldi cocktail (campari+orange juice). Perfect balance between bitter, sweet, and sour.
I never tried makgeolli, sounds delicious

No. 1077489

I genuinely really like the taste of gin, especially if it's super cold, sometimes I crave the flavor even when I don't feel like drinking. Bourbon also tastes good in my opinion but I don't really like the smell when it's plain so I prefer it as an old fashioned so the citrus peel offsets it a bit.

No. 1077634

I'm addicted to soju, lately, it's super sweet like wine but small and easy to drink. My other favorite alcohol are: mojitos, bacardi limon and cokes, white cherry white claws, coors light, bud light lime, most hard ciders (woodchuck, blake's, & strongbow have the best flavor), and fireball if I'm feeling frisky

No. 1077656

Vanilla vodka (Absolut or Stoli) and Coke. Simple, but vanilla and caramel compliment each other so well. Excellent with a salty snack.

No. 1078677

That takes me back, vanilla vodka and coke zero was my go-to drink when I was in college

No. 1078953

File: 1646194348401.gif (767.71 KB, 127x189, 1645987769508.gif)

im drunk either im gonna post a lot and be annoying or pass out good luck everyone

No. 1079017

drunken rigbt now became the government let me out of the house. I LOVE lolcow.farm and all u girlie$

No. 1079027

vodka and coke or rum and coke, moscato or pinot wine, chocolate martini, wine coolers because I'm still a basic college bitch, i found out I also like sake and soju, the fruitier the better… I like redbull and vodka but it sometimes gives me really bad effects

No. 1080763

Suck on a Costco hotdog instead of a dick, it tastes better and is still bigger than your man

No. 1080764

and whoever was last at this Costco got banned for cowtipping kek

No. 1087044


AND I will DANCE TO COMEDIAN'S GALLOP (classical song and it's in flcl) I LOOOOOOOOOOVE LOLCOW thoguh it's hard to drunk post because the site (or is it my vpn???) always goes so SLOOOOWWWWWW


No. 1087046

No. 1087049


No. 1095855


No. 1095878

nonnies my beloved

No. 1095883


No. 1095911

File: 1647143274127.jpg (43.85 KB, 612x612, 2256d3479d033a46b200b6bf3306fa…)

Drinking in the tub y/n?

No. 1095913

File: 1647143499993.png (527.64 KB, 720x619, def42c7c8a1017b991989f8c5a4c53…)

No. 1096006

anon, i love you.

No. 1096039

having a couple beers and I'm in a pretty good mood! hardest decision I need to make tonight is deciding if I want to make rice or chowmein with my dinner (tofu stirfry with lots of ginger)

No. 1096062

I went with rice heh heh

No. 1097970

I'm drunk, eating chocolate (fuck my diet) and dancing to theme hospital music.
Fuck everything, I should do shit but I want to dance and drink. Fuck, I want to dance and sweat with someone.

No. 1098137

Gin and tonic time babey

No. 1098141

File: 1647304968743.jpg (278.66 KB, 1149x1200, ECRdPepUcAA4RTQ.jpg)

having just a little mango vodka w a touch of passionfruit juice before the gym, hoping i'll start feeling good enough to actually want to go tbh

No. 1098191

heuhuehueu im tipsy and drawing in the LC draw/art board while blasting a yt playlist of music i've curated over the years. Bless this site sometimes I gegt to enjoy my nuns with guns without shame and moids

No. 1099163

thank god im a NEET and hate leaving the house..otherwise i'd be buying wine everyday

No. 1099193

Let us do this together sometime bonnie!

No. 1099228


No. 1099251

File: 1647397334719.jpeg (183.66 KB, 1152x1337, 5f0e29ea6377e.jpeg)

No. 1099382


No. 1099399

Based anon
White or Rose wine>>>red

No. 1099405

I didnt know we had a drunk thread but I guess I have my plans set for Friday now kek

enjoy drunk nonnies, ily and have a shot for me

No. 1099434

baste. red gives me such bad headaaches.

No. 1106226

white wine anon back again to say i legit think that wine is like a cure for everything bad in the world i was so depressed and now im just tipsy

No. 1109957

Why eat your calories when you can drink them?
I can't wait to not be bloated from binge eating!!!!

No. 1112781

u guys, i'm drunkkkkkkkkkk let's go play yugioh

No. 1112785

File: 1648363141690.jpg (50.94 KB, 525x506, FEGqPKwXEAAbqAA.jpg)

same but idk how to play? i wish i could fulfill your wishes fellow drunk anon

No. 1112791

File: 1648363565318.jpg (117.17 KB, 1500x1500, Cerveza-viiking-12°-lata-500cc…)

is this strong or am i too weak nonitas? cheers anyway

No. 1112819

did you eat and how many did you drink?

No. 1113458

I mean 12% per can is pretty strong, yeah. I would consider a can that is 10% fairly strong, average is anywhere from 4% to 8% imo. So you are drinking something that's like 2x as strong as a lot of other canned beverages

No. 1125982

I'm at the club but would rather be at home on lolcow. I miss you nonnies.

No. 1127521

at home having VBs, any aussies awake? having to pre-cook some food for my boyfriends sister going to have a chill one.
Hows everyone going?

No. 1127529

File: 1649421760817.jpg (55.82 KB, 343x1249, 425319.jpg)

sweet tea vodka mixed with more tea in the literal morning, planning on being tipsy all day while working (from home). fuck it all nonnies

No. 1127538

nice, I'm celebrating friday by day drinking

No. 1127541

File: 1649422620906.jpg (51 KB, 540x540, ShotType1_540x540.jpg)

I had one of these yesterday. Planning to get another one today

No. 1127543

File: 1649422779727.jpg (134.67 KB, 720x720, tumblr_ab339a77cd67d902ec41b03…)

good for you, anon. enjoy your friday! what are you having?

No. 1127546

that sounds good. mojito anything usually improves it. i typically like to cut to the chase and just drink mojitos though and add more lime, water, mint, etc, so i get the best bang for my buck and don't have to deal with the beer aspect. looks yummy and convenient tho

No. 1127547

thank you nona, you too! I'm drinking an alcoholic seltzer atm, but I also have some white wine ready

No. 1133846

File: 1649890907216.png (371.59 KB, 736x734, pineapple.PNG)

THANK YOU to the anon who recommended these, I made a stop on the walk home to get one because I knew I had seen them before and you are so right, they're delicious and strong

No. 1134061

kek, you're welcome, anon! i think it was in the vent thread but yesss these are so good and SO CHEAP. glad someone else can enjoy them! feels like everyone passes them up because they're cheap and look like they won't taste delicious

No. 1138066

noniiiiiis ily

No. 1138120

File: 1650208628197.png (13.54 KB, 90x90, ezgif-2-740ebc84fd.png)

No. 1141818

I took a personal day off work cuz I hate it but also need to finish moving into mt new apartment so now I'm doing beers and putting together furniture sup ladies

No. 1141914

I'm kind of tipsy and feel like talking to friends but nobody is free right now another night of drinking and vidya I guess ?

No. 1141996

File: 1650509374741.jpeg (469.72 KB, 1280x1280, 1649450688524.jpeg)

watermelon vodka and melon juice, bitches!!! hope you guys are all having a lovely time. i'm supposed to call my friends but i'm not feeling it and just want to bask in my buzz

No. 1142370

File: 1650558574938.jpg (3.31 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20220107_163937.jpg)

My job recently went from 8am-4pm to 11pm-7am recently so it screws up my dinner/drinking plans. Or just weekends in general. Like now I can't invite friends over to chill and cook, nor spend time with my bunnies like usual.

So what is my crazy ass gonna do? Stop?! Nah. Having some rum with pineapple juice, then a small bowl as a "nightcap". Get a decent buzz, then hopefully sleep through the sun and heat.

I will still enjoy my life to the fullest! We all just gotta adapt, stay responsible, mind your business (for the most part – we are on this website after all lmao).

Anyway yeah, a tad tipsy. Love you guys. Be safe out there, especially when drinking!

PS A photo of the neighbourhood sky

No. 1177629

Drunk. Just left a bar. Sometimes I feel sad when moids don't hit on me or want to take me home. But right now I am at home in my night gown and eating some boxed mac and cheese. Life is okay

No. 1180430

File: 1652481628363.jpg (55.05 KB, 512x512, Tumblr_l_3870385048963037.jpg)

I'm about to drop out of university and none of my friends are responding to my texts. Who want to be my girl best friend now I'm all alone and have zero career prospects

No. 1180510

I love beer. I hate mixed drinks and hard liquor, I can always taste the alcohol. I just want my summer shandy with the smooth lemon finish.

No. 1180527

Yeah okay

No. 1190508

im drinking white peach vodkak and soon i'm gonna move on to cheap scotch mixxed with orange juice yowza yowza yowza

No. 1190566

No. 1190707

File: 1653098668300.jpeg (99.01 KB, 575x601, 5A9EC449-FEAD-4243-9311-C24B5D…)

drank a few el topo chicos and I just wanna say even when nonnys act autistically or tell me to kill myself I still love this site and every LADY on it (lurking scrotes die)

No. 1192874

I hope its not too late to say I do nonnie

No. 1192899

i love you anon mwah mwah

No. 1193091

Took my cat out to sit on the stoop and drink some beers. People beside my apartment are partying so she's getting pets every time someone comes out for a smoke (they are also giving her space and smoking away from her lol.) The weather is really nice and I have a bunch of gyoza to look forward to when I'm buzzed.

No. 1196793

that sounds amazing

No. 1196921

wait, they make spiked topo chico now?

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