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File: 1624886697829.jpg (60.89 KB, 600x750, 2113-sillybooktitles.jpg)

No. 840259

Anything goes.
Previous: >>>/ot/831987

No. 840266

I hate the labelling of people as ‘gen z, millennials, baby boomers, etc.’. I hate the practice of assigning people personality traits and political/cultural beliefs based off of what generation they were born in. I’m so sick of people basing their personality off of what generation they were born into. The whole thing is so retarded and fake I hate, hate, hate it!

No. 840268

>t. zoomer

No. 840269

Everyone always forgets gen x exists, you didn't even put it on your list. Why?

No. 840279

great now I think I’m getting my period, im hungry and i only have $20 to my name after sending the rest to my savings

No. 840290

I want to buy a new laptop and phone so bad but the ones i’ve had my eyes on are really pricy and randomly spending a lot of money would probably be real dumbass shit

No. 840295

My psychologist is so weird, i don't wanna go we always end up talking about what music he likes instead of how i want to kill myself. Anyway, play Dino crisis nonnies, great game.

No. 840297

Why not look at officially refurbished ones? It's not so much cheaper, but still some money saved. I only buy refurbished directly from the brand even though you can get refurbished goods for even cheaper from third parties, because I like having the warranty from the original brand.

No. 840305

Get a new psychologist tbh, they shouldn't talk about themselves at all during a session. I had one interrupt me to go on at length about her pregnancy while I was crying about my eating disorder relapsing, I didn't go back

No. 840312

That's a big old red flag nonnie, time to look for another psych. Dino Crisis is indeed a good game or at least from what I heard, never actually played it

No. 840318

Those lesbian bait posts made by a scrote are still up, kek

No. 840324

I have an exam this week but I can't concentrate on studying at all. I've tried making plans and writing out what exactly I have to do but I just can't stick to it, I keep getting distracted by random shit. And even when I'm not distracted I get a feeling of "I don't want to do this", so I just stop and stare at nothing for a while? Help, there has to be something wrong with me

No. 840325


problem solved.

No. 840327

File: 1624891843382.gif (115.18 KB, 499x272, 1412771351948.gif)

Fuck I was too honest when signing up for the Pill Club so now they won't prescribe me bc unless I get a new phone number. Pills have effected my mood but my doctor simply gave me new ones, and I've been good for years now

Guess I'll sign up for Google voice

No. 840337

What would you do if an acquaintance/casual friend was a minor cow with a thread and asked you to whiteknight them in their thread by making a defense post? Would you out yourself as a farmer, what would you say to them? The wk in the Stef thread had me thinking about this lmfao.

No. 840339

File: 1624892218811.png (45.98 KB, 210x210, 661498D7-B8CC-457E-B3A1-6B794A…)

Full dox list will be uploaded. Website of dox list will be disclosed in 5 hours. All users’ on this site’s data, education / work place and personal numbers / addresses will be uploaded to doxbin , paste bin and multiple gossip forums. Get a taste of ur own medicine. @Admin fight me bitch. You won’t win. I have you like a puppet on strings Regina.(unbridled autism)

No. 840340


No. 840343

Regina hasn't been the admin for at least 3 years faggot.

No. 840346

How do people read omegaverse fics??? I give it a go every few months because they’re EVERYWHERE but I every single time I can’t stop fuckin giggling while reading…why the fuck are you going on about scents?? Why are you so aggressive? Why is your ass dripping with schlick?

No. 840348

kek can't believe you filled out the name field, you fucking retard.

No. 840349

Looking forward to the letters from thirsty males, I hope they use interesting stamps.

No. 840354

This post was sponsored by NordVPN

No. 840355

File: 1624892984598.jpg (84.12 KB, 590x437, IMG_0495.JPG)

>period is supposed to come yesterday (it's literally 28 days since my last period)
>it hasn't come yet

Great, now I'm paranoid at every discharge I make

No. 840356

i kind of get the appeal of it in theory even tho the execution is shit. you ever get extra horny in an animalistic, monkee brained kinda way? so it's like that but done literally with some breeding shit added.

No. 840357

I'm so fucking embarrassed to even reply but I like reading them because I like relationships with fucked up power imbalances and also that lame kdrama trope of 'super hot rich playboy for some reason falls heads over heels for this stupid meek idiot' (e.g. being captivated by their scent or being fated mates). I also have a thing where I like to smell my irl partners, and things like smelling their clothes they lend me that smells like them makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I started reading abo because I have huge knotting/breeding/pregnancy kink tho.

I'm picking about the abo I read though, not that I have any right to be. The whole genre is basically made to be super fucked up and full of rape, but for it's kind of rare to find a good fic that's full of that. I'd be sorry for my autism but I'm not lol.

No. 840365

Joining the period-related dumbassery: normally I'm so flat you can see my ribcage through my titties but I'm about to get my period and I feel like I have little water balloons strapped to my chest right now

No. 840366

Are these the same anon lmao?

No. 840369

This shit is nasty, women who are influenced by scrotes' fetishes are mentally ill and need help

No. 840372

lmao I was musing about the same thing the other day. And after my period is gone they feel like deflated balloons

No. 840373

File: 1624893756670.gif (144.86 KB, 362x74, IMG_0443.GIF)

Do we actually have to be concerned about this? I doubt this scooter has info on us all, but I know scrotes are legitimately that autistic to do that, and I don't trust the mods to do anything about it for at least a couple of hours

No. 840375

You know what I'm gonna play Sims Bustin' Out on dolphin

No. 840376

File: 1624893941290.jpg (119.13 KB, 933x559, 1606269470609.jpg)

>being even remotely concerned about that post

No. 840380

To give you an overly serious answer, it would be almost impossible to get detailed information about hundreds of (mostly inconsistent) posters based on, what, IP addresses alone? Especially with the increasing number of phoneposters. I get dished random bans that aren't mine all the time when I phonepost and I'm not even using any VPN/proxy, which makes me think IP info is inaccurate to begin with. But I'm also stupid and don't care about being doxxed, as it's already happened to me several times and I'm fine

No. 840387

give Det. Dan D. Mann a smooch for me

No. 840390

Literally go to therapy

No. 840399

File: 1624895922029.png (1.09 MB, 2048x1363, Screenshot_20210623-114350.png)

The Planned Parenthood by me tried to get my friend's wife to get a pap smear while she was 8 most pregnant with her baby, they rushed me into an appointment even though I felt hesitant because of issues I've had with my IUD. It really feels weird in there, really baron compared to most PP I've been to. It kinda freaks me out how pushy they were with my friends though. Can you even get a pap when you're pregnant like that? At any stage? She was so shook when it happened and that was like a year ago but I'm still very much confused and bothered by it.

No. 840415

Sounds exactly like the PP I went to a few times. Every time I went there they had The Fresh Prince of Belair blaring in the dirty lobby and they were very pushy about me getting a pap smear when I just wanted an STD test and birth control. Then the exam was really unprofessional and traumatic, the bitch insulted my vagina, was really rough, and used 3 speculums. 0 empathy 0 care for my first ever pap, and when I tried to write a bad google review they removed it. I support PP but I don't support whatever the fuck that was and I think it's fucking slimy that they are hiding my legitimate review of the care they provide. Crooked much?

No. 840423

File: 1624898018997.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 4.86 KB, 225x225, wtf.jpeg)

Wtf is this??? Literally wtf. I hate this. I hate this so much. Burn it

No. 840426

omg i love it

No. 840428

Is anyone keeping up with the kiwifarms/byuu drama? I was super invested in it but now kf is down due to a ddos.

Is byuu really dead? Will the FBI shut down kiwi farms? I need answers!

No. 840431

Oh shit, I was just reading the byuu thread this morning, didn’t know about the ddos. Afaik byuu really is dead but there’s no way that alone will cause kf’s downfall. I mean, they posted the Christchurch shooter’s livestream and survived that for crying out loud

No. 840432

No. 840436

(David Attenborough voice) Here we see the funko pop in its infancy

No. 840438

I've been following the drama since the initial extortion attempt post. It's been a fucking rollercoaster. I don't care much for Null, but I think Byuu is still alive. All the Twitter, Resetera, /v/, etc. dorks and autists are mad. I'm just annoyed that of all the shit that's on kiwifarms, THIS was a what makes them mad. Not the rampant racism, sexism, but this… Just a little worried that if kiwifarms goes down, we might be next.

No. 840439

Nothing is going to happen. Absolutely no one cares about some troon developer from a niche community. It's mostly other troons and cows sperging about it, in 2 days they are going to go back to their usual posting of how much they want lesbians to suck their dickgirls and how Samus is trans and that bitch faggot is going to be forgotten until another cow threatens to become an hero.

No. 840440

it actually hasn't yet been confirmed if he's dead. His tranny friends don't really seem to care about that, they just want to attack the evil death cult site kek

No. 840447

i found someone that im 99% sure is a farmer on reddit kek but they didn't post anything juicy

No. 840452

I’m just annoyed that KF is down while ALR and Becky are (supposedly) breaking up, I wish her thread was more active here

No. 840456

Wat now?? I swear if she's just trollynn I'm done keeping up with her lol

No. 840464

For what?? The nasty fiction I consume has no bearings on the normal relationships I pursue or the sex I have in real life lmao.

No. 840468

Exactly, if my boyfriend knew about the shit I read I think I would die of embarrassment. I don't want any of that in real life. Also, you have good taste

No. 840475

i'm bored i want kiwi farms back

No. 840476

like therapy does anything beyond lining the therapist's pockets, what a joke

No. 840481

Lol stay mad schizo, I've been on therapy for 4 years and don't want to kill myself half as much anymore

No. 840485

Lmfao NTA but how is that even a brag? and i say this as someone who also has turbulent mental health

No. 840487

It was mostly a joke. But fr I would have killed myself years ago if not for therapy and medication.

No. 840489

Why the fuck is everything so high waisted im the human equivalent of a shrimp and I DONT want my goddamn jeans to come up to my tits

No. 840494

not going to lie that retard’s post kind of spooked me until I saw the regina part and it cracked me

No. 840497

File: 1624902534029.png (1.15 MB, 838x1219, 20210628_134325.png)

Say it, sister. I'm sick of pants that want to consume the lower half of my ribcage.

No. 840498

When I was young and skinny low rise was in. I looked good in it at the time. Now that I'm older and not fat but certainly not toned… I love the supported feeling of higher rise jeans and trousers. Oldness

No. 840504

Thanks anon ♥

No. 840506

File: 1624902880585.gif (116.1 KB, 277x400, 1405640991500.gif)

Kek that image made me laugh, hope my child is this brilliantly retarded

Just give up on jeans ladies, and embrace superior flowy dresses. I have considerably less swamp ass in the summer due to this

No. 840512

Nta but this reminded me. I stopped wearing dresses and skirts a few years back. Then I recently ordered a nightdress because it was cheap and brought my existing order up to the exact free shipping amount… I wore it once and felt weird. Even around the house (and I live alone) I felt weird in a dress.

No. 840513

Why can't all sorts of jeans co-exoist in peace in the same fashion timeline?
High waist fits me the best, mid rise is still ok but low is just a no-no for me.

No. 840519

i hate all clothes just wanna wear a big blanket forever tbh

No. 840520

How can you tell, though? What gave them away as a farmer?

No. 840525

>obvious scrotepost has many replies
>farmers shitting on him

No. 840526

File: 1624904243001.jpg (15.16 KB, 474x474, download.jpg)

Robes are superior

No. 840532

Shouldn't be calm when retards shouldn't even be engaging with subhuman moids

No. 840534

It's ok when it's just alogging kek

No. 840543

File: 1624905001804.png (Spoiler Image, 1.15 MB, 846x891, ouchie.PNG)

I can't tell if it's because I stopped watching porn years ago or it's my adderall but I can't even get turned on by josei manga or 'steamy' media in general. I only get turned on seeing actual sex, ofc not including porn bc it's so fake.
Despite the "clarity" of mind I feel oddly alienated from the number of anons who say that they get turned on from certain pictures/gifs/videos. I look at photos like picrel and I find them aesthetically attractive but I'm not horny at all.

No. 840552

File: 1624905442331.jpg (22.51 KB, 400x495, official-portrait-1.jpg)

I WANNA FUCK ONE OF THEM, ALWAYS DID AND ALWAYS WILL DO YOU HEAR ME?? I want a fucking bishop or priest right now, RIGHT NOW. How can I even cope while knowing very well that it will never happen, why even live? There's no point if I can't take that holy spirit in my mouth

No. 840560

A lot of priests fuck around anon, never say never

No. 840562

ntayrt but probably the following?
- activity on some youtube or cow-related subreddit
- activity on weeb-y subreddits including r/otome or anything lolita related
- activity that's essentially GC opinions on a random feminist sub or on r/tumblrinaction
- r/aspergirls, enough said
- farmer lingo

No. 840563

I think it takes mental power to get turned on from pictures or literature. Some like imagining the scenarios leading up to the act, "the journey" so to speak. It's more psychological to them. Intercourse itself is arousing in an almost primal baboon way, fast and efficient.

No. 840564

Ur too old for that, sorry fam

No. 840565

Single images like this do nothing for me, but if it's a manga/comic with some plot and dialog (even if it's just passable and not particularly good), then I'm sold.

No. 840570

I think I just don't have a good enough imagination for this then. The extent of my 'imagination' is like the few porn videos and categories that shaped my sexuality even if it's been years since I've masturbated to it.

No. 840572

I was addicted to porn/hentai and came full circle. Looking at explicit sex does nothing for me.

No. 840578

Fanfic is good for imagination, heres my fav (just skip to the nsfw parts): https://archiveofourown.org/works/13372518/chapters/30624372

No. 840586

they re-posted a video that was posted by a farmer (to post it on a thread), so although it's on youtube it's basically impossible to find without using this site
and also, like >>840562 said,
>activity that's essentially GC opinions on a random feminist sub

No. 840590

I've always had this thing going on where I'll seek out porn thinking it'll get me off and then I just sit there and watch it and don't even touch myself because it's not getting a physical reaction out of me. I repeat the same old search and watch routine but I don't flick to it. If I do I'm numb anyway. Sometimes I search and search thinking if I find the right scene it'll work. It doesn't.

Remembering sex that I've had works better

No. 840595

Stop going on porn sites nonny

No. 840600

My flickless watching of gay porn will carry on

No. 840601

would any one like to play sea of thieves with me? I don’t want to play with men or little boys. someone please

No. 840614

It's all made for men, of course you aren't getting a reaction.

No. 840618

I'd play with you anon but I don't have that game, hope you find someone to play with.

No. 840641

It's butch on butch, I don't think too many men are watching the same stuff I do

No. 840645

There was a song that was stuck in my head for years now, I was afraid that I would never find it again and it be stuck in the back of my mind, Until today where the song appeared in my recommendations, I'm at peace

I keep on googling "send you to hell" for years now

No. 840668

My former coworker blocked me on instagram for some reason a few months back, but I just chalked it up to life and her being socially awkward. Now another former coworker from the same place visited my new workplace (we work in museums) but didn’t stop to talk to me. What gives?! I never said anything bad about them or to them! This is going to haunt me

No. 840675

You're a bitch anon, everyone knows it!

Do you know anyone who'd spread lies about you? Or did you ever post about touchy political stuff online?

No. 840685

damn bro thats crazy… you must have a lot of time on your hands lol

No. 840698

> education / work place dox
All the neets will be fine then, phew

No. 840720

I never posted about politics or anything controversial, if I did it was always vague or agreeable. Even my partner doesn't know how I feel about a lot of important issues lol. The workplace was a cesspool of despair and gossip (it made national news for sexual coercion controversies surrounding managers and later for anti-union stuff) so maybe they somehow assumed things about me now that I'm gone? I'm pretty down about this even though my coworker and I weren't too close, we always cheered the other on and we were very nice to each other

I have a few friendly connections there so I might ask what's up with that next time we hang

No. 840728

File: 1624915937851.jpg (242.91 KB, 1080x847, PicsArt_06-28-02.31.34.jpg)


No. 840753

>life is pain and anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something
or however the quote went..not that I excuse shitty boyfriends

No. 840758

Lovely, saw some fucking gore in /snow/ so be careful anons.

No. 840759

Is it the mtf thread again?

No. 840760

No. 840761

bitches really be sending me pictures of aborted fetuses to scare me into hating abortion as though i haven't been on imageboards since i was a kid and have seen much worst things being posted lol

No. 840762

nta but bingo
And of course it is of a dead woman.

No. 840772

Wheres the kiwifarms thread im retarded and cant find it

No. 840774

people show you that shit thinking most of us haven't passed period clots grosser than some aborted lump

No. 840777


No. 840778

Thank you based anon

No. 840810

File: 1624923051662.jpeg (275.43 KB, 804x535, 48E04835-0F84-450A-99F7-AA102A…)

I can't delete this idiot search I must've accidentally saved to Files, SOMEHOW

No. 840814

apple is gaslighting me

No. 840830

Thanks for the warning. Men are sick pieces of shit. I hope everyone lurking this site peaks

No. 840877

File: 1624927001616.jpeg (126.32 KB, 867x1390, D7C1A9E5-8913-447B-A96F-88B096…)

What’s even the difference between a hank hill ass and a big ass? I keep looking at myself in the mirror and I don’t know if I have a medium ass or a hank hill ass. I was just looking for pictures to post as a funnee meme and everyone has normal buttocks, how does that even work?

No. 840901

if you have to ask… then you have a hank hill ass

No. 840929

Ugh a scrote I matched with on a dating app looked up my LinkedIn profile. I feel like I'm being stalked. We were supposed to go on a date but I wasn't feeling it so I cancelled. Turns out we were going to the same upcoming town event so I said we could meet and "Say hello" there. We met up, chatted, and now he's texting me all the time.
At least I have good reason to say he's creepy. I don't even think my full last name is posted on my dating profile..

No. 840933

I made up the perfect cute nerdy bf in my mind and now i am forever sad he will never exist unless i get schizophrenia. Why is it so hard to get a non mentally ill men.

No. 840964

Had to set up my cat with a little makeshift air-conditioner in the bathroom because the measures I was taking around the house to keep it cool still weren't enough for her, I caught her panting. She's all cool and calm now though, the bathroom feels like an igloo.

No. 840987

I miss vine.

No. 840993

File: 1624939065928.png (136.71 KB, 560x315, reeeeeeeeeeesad.png)

hnnnghuuhughh pumice stone feel good

No. 841025

make a tulpa

No. 841041

But she’s not mentally deranged so she can’t make an imaginary friend. That’s the entire problem. Don’t you need to be at least lvl7 retard to lose the line between imagination and life?

No. 841045

if you are a normalfag you can just do some drugs to level up quickly

No. 841129

File: 1624958606543.jpg (45.05 KB, 418x567, Screenshot_11.jpg)

This comment made me kek so hard and it's not even that funny

No. 841132

I kek'd too

No. 841134

I finally made an appointment for my long overdue pap smear. My local practice has a once a month service where a nurse comes in and does them all on one day. My appt is in 9 days time and I'm premenstrual right now so hoping my period hurries up and is gone before then.

The receptionist told me that if I am bleeding on the day to just rebook for the following month… but it occured to me you could easily get caught up in an endless loop of your cycle matching the dates the nurse runs the service.. given she comes in once a month around the same time

No. 841159

File: 1624962436331.gif (966.7 KB, 270x252, tumblr_inline_oiafnrs6kz1s9yz5…)

Going to the bathroom to have my 3rd period poop in under an hour

No. 841176

I once saw a guy trying to discreetly record me at my work without realizing his flash was on.

No. 841184

What a creep. Did you report him to HR?

No. 841188

File: 1624965371174.jpg (398.24 KB, 3504x2336, Fho6X6y.jpg)

Nah, this was a customer so there wasn't much I could do. Just weird.

No. 841268

Whats going on here

No. 841274

A fan went to slyly take a picture of Chloe Grace Moretz and didn't realize his flash would go off.
Obviously worse than what I experienced but related

No. 841288

File: 1624972239231.jpg (31.95 KB, 800x533, young-woman-raising-glass-whit…)

My thanks to the random who archived my tumblr page in 2015 the nostalgia is back I even found my forgotten dA kek

No. 841300

File: 1624973370286.jpg (5.44 KB, 320x300, f.jpg)

i can't fucking take it anymore. every time i have a sex dream (which is already rare to begin with) it's the most unpleasurable shit imaginable with the most bottom of the barrel degenerates that i'm not even attracted to in the first place, male landwhale youtubers, the fucking GRINCH, and all sorts of bizarre weirdos yet the men i actually am attracted to (2D guys) never show up. hell even an average joe 3d guy would be better than whatever the fuck my brain is doing. i dont want to sleep anymore.

No. 841302

I love the banner of Billie throwing away the ring

No. 841310

why is it so dark though

No. 841312

File: 1624975189203.jpg (90.38 KB, 1045x1920, fem.jpg)

Femboys stop existing challenge

No. 841314

Have you not used flash with a camera before?

No. 841317

I'm envious. I'd love a trip down memory lane like that but my blog is gone forever. rip

No. 841318

ew im sorry anon this happened to me on the train and its gross

No. 841319

Judging by the results for their handle this was a trolling attempt

No. 841322

I don't take photos yea

No. 841323

File: 1624976036733.png (13.53 KB, 462x367, 1621716392570.png)

No. 841338

I went to school with someone who got pregnant as a teen. It hit me lately that her kid is now an adult and if her kid followed in her footsteps then she'd be a granny right now. I originally come from a welfare area where that happens alot.

I don't want kids but I only started thinking lately that my current age, 32, is the one where I finally feel like I'd be mentally or emotionally in a good position to do it if I had to. If a loved one was in crisis and landed me with their kid to take on I'd be ok…at no previous point did I feel that. Meanwhile there's grannies my age out there?? I don't know if they're better at adulting than me or if they're just winging it but thinking about that fucks me up lately.

No. 841339

All Americans are compulsive liars

No. 841341

i love it when anons bump a random thread from 4-5 years ago. it makes me laugh

No. 841348

What compels someone to do that??? It would be creepy as hell on mainstream socials to randomly comment on someone's 4 year old post.

No. 841349

I was listening to that podcaster that people think is Creepshart and the fake sounding Southern US accent reminded me of when I was maybe 7 or 8 or so and I used to act out Thelma and Louise inspired scenes with my friend, godawful accents and all. Heh, those were the days.

No. 841384

That's what I like about lolcow, it's not mainstream socials

No. 841387

no we're not!

No. 841391

I see that my ex opens pretty much every story I post, makes me wonder if he just taps through them or if he's actually looking at them since he said he's not over me (after t years) and we still follow each other

No. 841394

I want to get my nipples pierced but they're inverted so I looked up if that would cause any complications with healing and I found a bunch of women talking about feeling insecure and ugly for having inverted nips and wanting them pierced to "fix" it and it makes me not want to do it now. It's a shame that people feel like they have to "fix" a normal body variation and I don't want to seem like I'm trying to "fix" my normal nipples by getting them pierced, I just like body piercings.

No. 841397

The replies to the leaked OF pics/videos of Nikocado Avocado on his thread are absolutely hilarious. I often go back to that thread to read the replies, never click the spoilered pics though

No. 841399

I have literally never lied in my life

No. 841400

sorry to burst your bubble but nipple piercings are gross and tacky, don't do it

No. 841408

Don't worry, you didn't burst anything. I'm sure you'd say that other piercings I have are "gross and tacky", as well. I don't care, I still think they're cool. And it's not like I'm going to show them to anyone, either.

No. 841410

sorry, I was rude anon, it is my opinion, but good for you not caring! You do you and what makes you happy!

No. 841414

File: 1624982141183.png (316.53 KB, 749x424, 88434878_658886394862367_51316…)

Okay I THINK I moved on from an ended frienship (by myself kek), we are too different in our views now to make it work and I don't want to walk on eggshells about TRA and shit, but I wished I could just apologize to her for my past behavior for ranting so much and being too negative in general.

No. 841416

I only ever wear thin/sports style bras (I hate adding volume with any amount of padding) and I have sticky out nipples that make me feel weird sometimes. The thought of having ones that don't do that is almost appealing. We always want what we don't have I guess.

OT but if you have outie nipples and one starts to randomly invert in a way that's new that's always something to see a doc about. I had a relative with breast cancer who ignored that sign for ages.

No. 841418

File: 1624982191614.png (26.78 KB, 585x189, 208105074_535327034171185_6688…)

Also samefag but this made me think

No. 841422

I get like this about romantic relationships. Time will pass and we'll be done and all contact cut… and then I'll want to say sorry about stuff that wasn't that big anyway. I hate the thought of someone out there remembering me for my negatives. Makes you ruminate on it.

No. 841476

>I just like body piercings.

No. 841485

I like accessories and alt fashion. Same reason people like wearing necklaces I guess?

No. 841532

I have inverted nipples and got them pierced, hurts like shit but imo it's really really worth it. Just make sure the piercer knows what he's doing and that they fit your lifestyle

No. 841548

File: 1624989278638.jpeg (21.54 KB, 549x299, 1606295949797.jpeg)

well the good days are over, with the creepshowart drama and every single fucking "artist" or drama youtuber making a video about lolcow, were not just gonna get a couple newfags this is place is going to go through a huge demographic shift, I mean there weren't that many users in the first place(maybe a couple thousand at a time)
It was fun while it lasted but were gonna be infested with twittertards and gender queer zoomers and they will outnumber as all, may Christ have mercy

No. 841551

Anon pls no, I don't want to believe it will happen. Mostly because everyone here is anon and these type of people thrive on attention, which isn't as easy to get as on other sm sites.

No. 841553

Not if we bully them hard enough

No. 841554

if only pinkpill and gc threads were around to remind them of all big bad terves here

No. 841557

> put on face mask
> take off glasses
> put face mask back on

No. 841558

For the nonnies that followed Soren: I know the obituary was found but I found someone on Reddit that I swear to God is either Soren or ridiculously similar. Similar backstories and posts about Kingdom Hearts. Stumbled on it today and it kinda weirded me out because I definitely believe Soren to be dead but this made me do a double take. The account was even made two days before the listed death date.

No. 841560

link me nonnie i'm dying of thirst

No. 841564

It'll be ok only if mod gives out harsher bans. Those ppl are used to being able to spout anything they want, censor their bullshit and they'll leave.

No. 841565

There was a soren copycat posted in /snow/, it's probably her or maybe another copycat. Her babysnuff fanfics had a few demented fans.

No. 841569

It won’t be long until we have even more people going like
>Pwease respect the pruntous uwu
>what about the meeeeeeen

No. 841574

Upon further investigation and looking at the social media this person links off Reddit I actually think it's not Soren but it's freaky similar. So I feel bad giving the username out directly if this person actually has experienced this stuff but on /r/cptsd it's one of the current hot posts and the username starts with star.

No. 841591

File: 1624991501627.gif (915.86 KB, 560x315, gunslingergirl.gif)

Can't wait to get more emails for my list. They'll see we're twansphobic and leave, hopefully.

No. 841597

File: 1624991734239.jpg (43.21 KB, 563x425, EcwmAEYXkAMn9by.jpg)

Noooo don't say this. We just have to be MEANER!

No. 841601

I don't think it's Soren. They posted a lets play and some woman is in the video

No. 841603

Yeah, just some weird coincidences I guess.

No. 841604

It would be high time. Those threads changed my life.

No. 841618

idk if this is the right thread lol I just wanna share. I have a terrible diet where I under eat or just eat a single order of fries because I’m super depressed and live alone. Anyway I had an appetite randomly for the last couple of days so I’ve been eating a lot and I just had the best poop I’ve had in months. I felt gross and bloaty yesterday but didn’t care because I had good food and then I had the worlds healthiest shit.

It was second to the poop I had 3 days after surgery. I was so blocked up from the pain meds that when I finally pooped 3 days later it was like a whole child. It was what my childhood friend would call a phantom poop, so solid that it disappears in to the toilet without a trace.

No. 841629

Even the Kingdom Hearts header on her YT channel…Nah, this really weirds me out. I don't think it's her either, anon, but the similarities are definitely odd. I wish we still had that video of Soren talking to compare to the voice in the let's play videos.

No. 841631

Trilling rollercoaster of feelings I'm happy for your poo anon. Hope it lifts a weight off your spirit.

No. 841632

talk about traumatizing. jfc anon I'm so sorry. you should leave another review, that's so fucked

No. 841634

All terve threads should be brought back now to counteract the pronoun teen invasion.

No. 841637

Anons, should I have some sushi (crunchy roll), or eat some mini brownies my friend made?
I can't decide whether I want something sweet or savory.

No. 841639

I'm so curious to who it is!

No. 841676


No. 841712

My husband and I are looking to buy a house and sometimes I'll look at big expensive houses that are way out of our budget just for fun. So far, every single >€700k house I've looked at is full of IKEA furniture. Do these people spend all their income on their mortgage so they can't afford nicer furniture, or do they just don't care? What's the point of buying a big beautiful house and filling it with the same cheap stuff students buy when they move out of their parents' house for the first time?

No. 841759

I had a friend growing up who lived in a mansion in the richest neighborhood in my town. Her dad was a dentist. Despite 5+ bedrooms, all three kids shared a bed in one room and they slept on a mattress on the floor. The house had absolutely nothing in it. They spent all the money on the outward appearance of the house and had no money left for the inside. It was kinda sad. So to answer your question, yeah they spend it all on the mortgage.

No. 841777

is it me……or do hot cheetos taste different?? every bag i get now has this weird taste. my boyfriend says they taste more cheesy? i guess its good that i don't like them now that i'm trying to lose weight

No. 841788

I think regular cheetos are more firm and grainy than they used to be, like every bag is from the dollar store

No. 841813

you know even though i started school at an early age and was forced to socialize many times i still have no social skills. but the people i know who didn't start school that young/didn't go to preschool have better social skills. idk it just makes me think, like shouldn't it be the other way around, or at least that's what people say

No. 841820

Every time I flip the canvas and the portrait I spent hours on looks like a stroke victim, I feel like my own brain has betrayed me.

No. 841824

It's probably the bullying/ostracization. Ironically I got better at socializing once I got out of school.

No. 841834

I like when men who find me attractive get mad when they find out I'm a sperg. I really don't care about impressing men and I hate their assumptions about me.

No. 841852

I want to be you

No. 841867

I don’t think it’s that unpopular for the unpopular opinions thread so I’m just gonna put it here-

I FUCKING HATE SUMMER. Fuck the summer, fuck this heat. uwu b-but the beach! FUCK THE BEACH TOO!!! Sand up every god damn crevice, shit hurts my feet, and also the potential of stepping on a stargazing fish? Nah, fuck that. It’s disgusting outside, there’s no point in enjoying the outdoors because all you’ll do is ROAST ALIVE. Picnics? How can you enjoy a picnic when the summer heat is making all of your food uncomfortably warm and gross? Not to mention risking heat exhaustion/stroke. I also live in a humid place and every year when summer approaches it honestly makes me want to kill myself because it’s so unbearable and I hate it so much. I’m so angry that summer exists and every summer I complain like a whiny bitch but I will NOT stop. This season is the worst, people who think summer is great are plebs and I will fight every single one of them.

No. 841875

I live 16+ hours away from any city where plastic surgery is popular but every single plastic surgery place within 6 hours of me is completely booked for surgeries for the next few months

I feel like a lot of people are in extreme denial of how many women have plastic surgery, it especially makes me cringe when people think celebrities all just magically grow several cup sizes with no valid reason. I think admitting lots of women have surgery is the first step so people don't expect the average woman to have big perfect triple D's and a globe sized butt naturally

No. 841876

File: 1625006958766.jpg (78.65 KB, 320x320, img_3729-e1505469216372.jpg)

Crying because I tried to make pudding like picrel but I didn't realize you need to strain it before you pour it in the cup so I'm gonna have some fucked up unstrained pudding.

No. 841881

Terry Davis and Ted Kaczynski are like a similar word in a different font

Either way two very disturbing but insanely interesting individuals

No. 841882

I just want to lose this weight so I can wear pretty clothes to go out and pretend I’m on a date with my harem of hot anime husbandos.

No. 841884

Anon I admire you. What exactly do they do/say when they find out? My sperg ass is curious.

No. 841889

And also sexy.

No. 841890

File: 1625008832289.jpg (45.93 KB, 736x692, 5114e8a94a9cf3211887b17128b499…)

how to become completely unresponsive to pain in a totally legal way

No. 841891


a lot of alcohol

No. 841894

File: 1625009051393.jpg (25.43 KB, 470x328, 1273972784110_f.jpg)

I miss the pinkpill and gc threads so much. Back when they were active I was working so I didn't have much time to browse lolcow and then when I quit, they were fucking nuked. I didn't even get to fully experience them.

No. 841896

File: 1625009312546.png (1.61 MB, 1180x720, gvh72kzz4ok51.png)

I need Sims 2 online so bad I get emotional thinking about it. We could have our own neighborhood and visit each others homes and grind skills together. You know when you host a party in TS2 and guests sometimes bring their own dishes? We could do that. My sims would only travel by bike and I'd ride through the neighborhood and look at all your cute homes. Also we'd build cool community lots. I crave a virtual life, this is not enough. I'd feel like a kid again and be all giddy when my shift ends because I'd get to go home and play The Sims online. Please God make it happen. I will wait forever. There would be no sex mods only cute fun things like gardening and such. Maybe sex mods after all but lesbian only. Please God

No. 841898

File: 1625009486189.jpg (2.64 MB, 3464x3464, PicsArt_06-30-01.31.11.jpg)

No. 841906

god imagine if real life was a sims 2 game, my life would be so fucking amazing

No. 841909

Ctrl, shift + c

Sul sul, isum balata?
Life is good

No. 841916

Sometimes I want to post in forbidden man thread but all the pics and gifs crash the browser on my crappy phone. Probably for the best.

No. 841920

I want to make more shitty edits of anime girls hugging the forbidden man, but I’m sure that’s just too autistic even for me.

No. 841927

File: 1625013632933.jpeg (90.88 KB, 600x900, 4CB74645-28D8-4399-AFAD-07D8A0…)

I hope I’m not imagining what I’m seeing in /ot/ right now because it’s funny as fuck.

No. 841930

The irl anime weeb thing?
Because same

No. 841931

idk who terry davis is but ted kacyznski was def an incel

No. 841932

which is better? ted or terry??

No. 841936

File: 1625014737259.jpg (392.75 KB, 2280x1080, Screenshot_20210626-054251_You…)

I feel like I would vibe more with Ted

If you got some time watch the Temple OS - down the rabbit hole video!

Terry was a schizophrenic programmer who was by all means a highly intelligent individual but definitely living proof of what mental illness does to someone.
Also CIA conspiracy, racism and talking to god through his own OS system

No. 841955

The pudding actually turned out pretty good but I burnt the caramel so that part is bitter. I'm impressed the recipe worked though and the pudding has no holes surprisingly!

No. 841969

there's still threads on cc

No. 841976

I was actually wanting to ask for an update! Glad it went well

No. 841992

I wish /ot/ would close down for the rest of the summer. or like at least until these kids go back to school.

No. 841996

Sounds like a nice idea tbh.

No. 842014

File: 1625025031791.jpg (78.63 KB, 1000x1000, Farouk_I.jpg)

Imagine a Comedy film about King Farouk of Egypt

>Farouk's official mistress" described him as something of an immature "man-child" having no interest in politics and given to childish behavior liking making bread balls at restaurants "…to flip at the fancy people coming in and watch how they'd act when he hit the mark. How he roared with that laugh".[133]

>"Farouk never wrote a letter, never read a paper, never listened to music. His was fond of movies. He had three telephones by his bed, which he would use to ring up his friends at three in the morning and invite them to come over to his palace to play cards. No one could refuse".[134]
>King Farouk amassed one of the most famous coin collections in history which included an extremely rare American gold minted 1933 double eagle coin[282] and (non-concurrently), two 1913 Liberty Head nickels.[283]
>Farouk suffered from nightmares in which he was chased by a lion. He sought the advice of pro-Axis el Maraghi who told him, "You will not rest until you have shot a lion." Whereupon Farouk shot two, at the Cairo zoo

>Farouk told her that he liked her because her blond hair and large breasts together with her age reminded him of his second wife, the teenage Queen Narriman who likewise had blond hair and large breasts.[8] After following Farouk into exile in July 1952, Narriman had returned to Egypt in March 1953. Whenever she went out with the king, his burly Albanian bodyguards were always on hand to seize the cameras from any paparazzi, a task that they performed with much efficiency as they roughed up several paparazzi who tried to take photographs of the king with his latest mistress.[9] Farouk told her that this was cheaper than having to bribe newspaper editors from publishing any of the photographs the paparazzi might take of him.[10]

>Stenberg wrote about sex with Farouk: "I'm doing this with the king of twenty million people. This nice fat man was one of the world's symbols of power".[11] She described the king as very sexually aggressive, but in common with his other mistresses complained he had an abnormally small penis.[12]. Stenberg lived in a Rome apartment with a gay American couple, which enraged the homophobic Farouk as he called her roommates "perverts" once he learned that the two men were more than just friends.[13] In the face of his rage, Stenberg did not dare tell Farouk that she was bi-sexual, fearing that would upset him even more. At Farouk's insistence, she moved into the Villa Dusmet that he rented outside of Rome to get her away from her "pervert" gay American friends.[14] She found the Villa Dusmet dark, gloomy and claustrophobic with the king's Albanian bodyguards imposing tight restrictions on where she could go while outside she always heard the barking of the guard dogs that were set loose on the grounds of the Villa.[15] She also found the king's jokes painfully unfunny such as: "Have you heard what one palm tree said to the other? Let's make a date".[16]

No. 842017

>coin collection
>lion murderer
>abnormally small penis
>violently homophobic
I feel like you just made up this man to give me joy to laugh at specifically

No. 842019

Why the fuck does this scrote look like my dad ffs

No. 842022

>made bread balls
idk why this made me laugh for some reason

No. 842025

he shot TWO lions? that were caged in a zoo? he is the villain of his story

No. 842027

Is it the second lion or the cage that led you to this conclusion?
the micopenised sexually aggressive homophobe with teenage mistresses was the hero of the story until the lions?

No. 842028

It's relatable. We had grape juice and bread for our communion when I was a kid and I'd always squish mine in a ball

No. 842034

He was an adult man during this, also the fucking king of Egypt

No. 842036

I used to do that with the innards of baguettes and then eat the crispy outer shell

No. 842038

one time I was talking to my friend about a girl with the same name as me and referred to her as such a couple times and my friend got mad at me! she said "why do you even have to say her name? do you like to hear it?" kek this was years ago and I'm not in contact with her anymore but it was such a weird nitpick

No. 842068

hehe pp

No. 842077

Wow yeah that's a weird one. She must have been jealous (or hangry lol)

No. 842126

File: 1625043680083.jpg (32.22 KB, 600x420, focused-afro-american-guy-thin…)

Everytime I think about something to nice add on discord they implement it a few days later, I must have some power or something.

Now I'd like to have a best friend option to only see them online in priority.

No. 842165

i only started this show for the sex scenes but it's stressing me out now kek. i feel so bad for the characters

No. 842180

anon pls focus hard and think about the mass post deletion option being added, wouldn't it be nice?

No. 842183

File: 1625052048785.jpg (46.3 KB, 500x697, 1624990040059.jpg)

Yet this fat bastard had a sister who was considered the most beautiful woman in the world
Princess Fawzia Fuad of Egypt

No. 842186

No. 842189

NTA, but the lion part clearly came before the teenage wife and homophobia. Calm the fuck down.

No. 842192

>Have you heard what one palm tree said to the other? Let's make a date
Ngl I'm stealing this

No. 842247

she is beautiful but she kinda looks like a faceapp morph of vivien leigh, elizabeth taylor, and a random scandi girl for some reason, very european? am i just sheltered as a burger?

No. 842250

No. Princess Fawzia Fuad was of Albanian, Turkish, French, Greek and Circassian descent - wiki.

No. 842251

I've been having little thoughts pop into my head about method actors demanding real sex in sex scenes after reading a post on here saying that. Fucked up. Hopefully they're all fake scenes and just awkward for the (well compensated) actors.

No. 842252

samefag, I meant "no, you're not sheltered." Sorry, I hope I didn't sound rude lol.

No. 842255

what is it?

No. 842289

Come thru

No. 842307

i thought this was hedy lamar

No. 842313

Yeah, she looks shockingly like her. I think it's just the samey hairstyle that was popular at the time and expected to beworn by most people with time and money.

No. 842328

File: 1625068400579.png (783.24 KB, 1030x1110, Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 16.51…)

She didn't in reality, it's make-up and lighting. Picrel as a teen girl. She blossomed as an adult, but into a poor man's Veronica Lake. Imo, no one has come close to Lamar's beauty, except Vivien Leigh maybe.

No. 842329

File: 1625068458170.jpg (27.38 KB, 452x614, Princess_Fawzia_Fuad_of_Egypt_…)

samefag. Fawzia as an adult.

No. 842331

File: 1625068651291.png (868.76 KB, 1354x784, Screen_Shot_2018-10-25_at_11.0…)

Just heard of China's 3 child policy kek
>China: 'women are useless, female babies must be aborted'
>also China: 'there are somehow too few women of childbearing age in the country, wtf???'

No. 842334

File: 1625068764048.png (116.29 KB, 330x267, Screenshot (107).png)

and this is her in her 40's, looks cool as hell

No. 842339

Had to do a double take at the thumbnail thinking it was vidrel but dang!!! my pre-beach mood just got real FUNKY thanks to you

No. 842345

I understand people who say 'nuke Britain', 'All brits must die', and the people who live there also have the distaste for their own 'boring, milquetoast' country. I get the distaste for it, I really do. The food is gross, the weather's shit, some brits can take themselves too seriously and be culturally doormatty. Yeah. But I can't help having this mystical vision from my dumbass burger eyes of the UK and Ireland. There's just something about you guys I can't pin down. It's not the accents either, it's more the choice of words that I like, I think. I dont know, I think it's just the completely romanticized version I got from old british shows and music I consume. It feels cozier than NA to me, somehow. Thanks for coming to my inane rambles of why I don't understand why I feel so close to the UK.

No. 842347

Any place in Europe is cosier than NA. I don't like the big ass houses and megastores, sprawling suburbs and big swaths of nothing for kilometres on end. The nature is nice I guess, but you've ruined it.

No. 842348

You're a stupid cunt(infighting)

No. 842349

No. 842355

>the weather's shit
maybe it's Stockholm syndrome, but I'm honestly okay with it or even like it. I like the fact that I can wear lots of layers/the clothes I like, yet isn't too cold so that I don't have to dress like a giant marshmellow. My only complaint that it's fookin windeh and it rains too much

No. 842356

I am so tired of all of my friends being mentally ill please send me some healthy normies to relate to

No. 842358

Ugh I love this corny ass song and I want to time travel to the 70s so fucking bad. Imagine popular dance music being so happy and full of trumpets. God damn it.

No. 842378

File: 1625072617012.jpg (190.63 KB, 500x500, 099.jpg)

>big ass houses and megastores, sprawling suburbs and big swaths of nothing for kilometres on end
>tfw burger and never got to experience this
i hate my tiny cramped house and tiny cramped trashy neighborhood

No. 842384

Just had my one month evaluation with my boss at my new job. Surprisingly enough he said he likes having me around and that I do a lot of work. In reality I slack off and will purposely send in my assignments a day after I finish them so he doesn't know how quickly I can actually work. I like this job though so I'm happy he wants to keep me around. 2 months to go until I'm off my probation period!

No. 842385

File: 1625073028933.jpg (163.87 KB, 800x295, 8669928241_3ede236bdd_c.jpg)

idk, but it doesn't look all that nice

No. 842395

I rarely get freaked out by shit on here, but shayna's latest made me just cover my face for a while, put my phone down.

No. 842401

I think I have found out why I'm getting microtears on my perineum. When I sit on the toilet, I tend to try to scoop my ass cheeks as far away from each other because I feel weird when they're touching when I go. Obviously this often hurts because yeh, I rip my perineum. But now I know, it was this unconscious thing I've been doing

No. 842404

i thought anon was referring to those cul-de-sac type of neighborhoods with the big street in between houses. anyway i just want the big house and space part, maybe in the woods or something

No. 842405

I don't scoop my ass cheeks as far away from each other as possible but if I know I'm going to shit I'll definitely shift them apart and I'm glad to know that I'm not the only person who does this lmao

No. 842415

How big are your asses??

No. 842420

Please anon explain it, i have been trying to comprehend it for 10 minutes

No. 842430

I'm >>842401 and I have a small frame, big butt. I need to stop this behavior because it really is giving me tears.

No. 842433

It was 20 degrees hotter at this time yesterday. I think that was probably the hottest temperature I've ever experienced.

No. 842442

Not that big, but I just don't wanna risk it getting all over if I have surprise bad poops you know?

No. 842445

I agree, I feel like it keeps my asshole cleaner (maybe it's just an illusion, though)

No. 842452

watching dasha leftcows movie and it is so fucken bad like i thought anons were exaggerating but it’s so bad it’s hilarious

No. 842481

loli spam in /snow/ and /w/

No. 842487

damn nice humblebrag, ripped ass chan

No. 842504

Don't worry they'll just traffick women

No. 842522

That's a nice language you're typing in, I wonder where it came from?

No. 842526

I was talking to me bf on his lunch break at work when his co-workers came in I guess and he got all nervous or something? He awkwardly called me baby like 4 times in the span of 15 seconds to say bye kek he's never called me that before

No. 842533

dump him

No. 842557

Anon, I'm sorry… your boyfriend has autism

No. 842561

that's kinda cute in a dorky way

No. 842569

File: 1625089894808.jpg (60.95 KB, 540x405, tumblr_oui7hdnHGa1wrxeueo1_540…)

everyone post random images so people won't be bombarded with the cp on the front page.
i think it's multiple people this time, as the filenames are different for the same image, so it might be a group raid rather than one person this time

No. 842572

File: 1625090017248.jpg (58.81 KB, 300x400, virgilio 171.jpg)

I am helping

No. 842573

File: 1625090019308.jpg (34.32 KB, 686x672, EWccFsuWAAAjCHy.jpg)

if only you knew the pain of perineum micro tears, nonny

No. 842575

File: 1625090126803.jpeg (101.32 KB, 1125x949, 1600306583196.jpeg)

No. 842578

File: 1625090209344.jpg (7.52 KB, 194x259, download.jpg)

>virgilio 171
ily anon but how many virgin marys do you have saved?

No. 842580

File: 1625090382440.jpeg (233.14 KB, 1949x1209, EpuqjFXW4AESVfW.jpeg)

I looked through my download folder on my phone and don't remember downloading this picture at all

No. 842581

File: 1625090427286.jpg (48.61 KB, 800x450, 20210422_122124.jpg)

No. 842585

File: 1625090612722.png (22.46 KB, 100x100, Sakon_9.png)

Trying to help 'cuz they did it again.

No. 842592

File: 1625090914746.jpg (142.79 KB, 958x728, IMG_20210701_000605.jpg)

No. 842593

File: 1625090948982.jpg (39.96 KB, 1024x683, him.jpg)

No. 842594

File: 1625090962120.jpg (42.17 KB, 750x750, Tumblr_l_20272431962530.jpg)

No. 842595

File: 1625091000811.jpg (26.34 KB, 330x339, tumblr_mj4855QJdW1rg1depo1_400…)

No. 842597

File: 1625091084961.jpg (91.39 KB, 796x1200, E0psYt6VEAAM69z.jpg)

No. 842601

File: 1625091206482.jpg (202.43 KB, 417x393, Tumblr_l_152500482684021.jpg)

No. 842602

File: 1625091293138.jpg (24.1 KB, 663x346, kirbypigs.jpg)


No. 842603

File: 1625091316507.jpg (75.3 KB, 500x750, ccda70d8f9039a1241f799f46004d3…)

Only two but that was just the file name!!

No. 842606

What is this sorcery and how do I replicate it?

No. 842610

I'm shaking iT

No. 842612

your lips tremble but yr eyes are in a straight stare

No. 842614

File: 1625091691813.jpg (961.34 KB, 750x1022, pockywars.jpg)

No. 842616

File: 1625091720637.jpg (1.38 MB, 4032x3024, 1561925142616.jpg)

No. 842618

File: 1625091769382.gif (492.51 KB, 500x280, 855749ae127eda66d4619512adebaf…)

No. 842621

Oh, Intel-san, thank you for this gift

No. 842627

there is a new shayna thread almost every time i look, it's quite impressive how the regulars of her threads can bear to look at her crusty vagina so often
i'll look maybe once every week and that's enough to keep me disgusted for seven days before i come back for my fix

No. 842639

its gone

No. 842643

Yeah, it got reported fast. The jannies are hard at work!

No. 842644

File: 1625092612016.gif (721.78 KB, 320x270, 12f.gif)

out of all the posts they responded to..why

No. 842645

File: 1625092710214.png (532.46 KB, 484x488, zippy rainbow.PNG)

i can't look at the title of this thread without getting the cole porter song stuck in my head

No. 842646

File: 1625092779321.gif (1.59 MB, 360x260, 1561305208665.gif)

I'm refreshing the front page and reporting anything as soon as I see it. Farmhands will be able to see it on the recent posts tab but mod.php on tinyboard is really slow.

No. 842648

File: 1625092913839.jpg (70.57 KB, 799x449, 1543355151068.jpg)

No. 842649

File: 1625092935549.png (43.84 KB, 187x235, 1623602735199.png)

Same, but I just refresh the front page out of habit because I don't have a fucking life.

No. 842651

File: 1625093029106.jpeg (366.57 KB, 1242x1550, 76E9EAEA-FA51-404A-86C7-8DFC0F…)

No. 842653

File: 1625093127724.jpg (197.79 KB, 939x939, tumblr_nqk6t7vJCr1qa9yvvo2_128…)

pride month over

No. 842655

File: 1625093255409.jpeg (98.82 KB, 1080x1038, 87070258-D0F9-4E0A-885E-824F3E…)

No. 842656

good, finally

No. 842657

File: 1625093711241.gif (1.57 MB, 145x110, 1486773354233.gif)

No. 842658

File: 1625093824203.gif (1.99 MB, 332x263, 1576962885947.gif)

No. 842660

File: 1625094063618.png (166.43 KB, 2688x2688, 158bed9819e4fccf7e18a5eeeaf79c…)

>kiwifarms is down
>sudden increase in bored scrotes spamming cp
really makes you thunk

No. 842661

It's trannies doing it, I feel it in my bones

No. 842672

File: 1625095634655.png (367.38 KB, 659x427, oh noo.png)

Kek I love that my troon coworker is providing me with endless milk.
>gets hired at our museum in January
>disappears for a month to get chest surgery
>shows me her new chest without me asking
>admits she sometimes considers de-transitioning
>she hates and talks shit about our super-friendly company president
>apparently his COVID update emails trigger her
>has a "boyfriend" who is also actually a girl
>"boyfriend" cheated on her a few months ago with a cis man
>tells us they're moving into an apartment together
>tells us she has a crush on male coworker
>turns out my other coworkers, including crush, hate her
>doesn't do 2 out of 4 work stations because they trigger her
>can't do front desk work, what she was hired for, because of "sensory issues"
>local maternity group does art exhibit on birth
>she writes an essay to our curators
>they try to accommodate and language in the exhibit is tweaked
>it's not enough for troon coworker; she flips out
>SURPRISE, the exhibit will be up for another six months to a year
>she sends email asking to not be stationed in our exhibits
>always gets unpleasant at the end of the day
>scheduled until 5:30, "but I NEED to catch the 5:05 bus"
>is rude to guests to get them to leave
>bitch this isn't a denny's
>week ago she shoos away dozens of guests/wallets from the store bc she wants to leave early
>managers find out
>yesterday I find out managers are beginning to discuss what to do with her
>I also find out she didn't get the recent pay raise kek
>and surprise, "boyfriend" just cheated on her again

No. 842677

I love knowing these are the kinds of people you see bragging about working in a museum and trying to flex science "knowledge" on Tumblr and Twitter.

No. 842683

Do you have an hr department? Get that faggot fired for showing you his titties. That's harassment anon

No. 842685

nta but it's an ftm

No. 842687

nta but def still report her for flashing you. you could even frame it in a gender affirming way by saying the scawy male predator threatened u lol

No. 842692

oh whoops samefag but didnt compute that you werent the op. srry

No. 842694

Can we get a thread where we roast pics of our ugly exes/abusers plz I want everyone to validate how ugly and cringe my ex is

No. 842697

File: 1625097270204.jpg (9.83 KB, 200x212, 117820204_3099764353454809_704…)

She's already having dreams of grandeur, of submitting ideas to the exhibition manager and making a trans exhibit. It's not going to happen since she doesn't have museum-related degrees or any job experience. Working at cafes and a selfie tourist trap doesn't count kek

I really don't want to get involved, and I think the gears are already turning from what I hear. We've been betting who lasts longer: the birth exhibit or the troon

No. 842712

god please keep us updated anon, i love this

No. 842724

you know what. the people at my local convenience store chain are really. REALLY. required to say the entire greeting when you leave the register. the dud was trying to be cool and personal with my goodbye greeting but I heard him muttering the required script under his breath as I turned like what is in their employee handbook I wonder

No. 842732

File: 1625100498729.jpg (28.42 KB, 500x332, 1fa0a4d70451b0b13e33d3f5306c77…)

A really hot guy liked me on a dating app. It has to be a joke, right?

No. 842745

In my country history students literally fistfight themselves in the hundreds over one single job there, how tf did the troon get it without qualifications?

No. 842749

File: 1625102456237.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.61 KB, 700x473, 26d2074e64a024b6de63e703c983a3…)

When's the last time you've seen an ant hill? I genuinely cannot remember the last time I've seen one. Gonna look for one tomorrow. Also, these photos of ants genuinely scare me.

No. 842754

this is one of my least favorite parts of retail jobs. Nothing makes you feel like a cog in the corporate machine more than having to recite the same stiff line to every customer.

No. 842762

A few days ago, when I went into the forest.

No. 842772

File: 1625104236483.jpg (55.83 KB, 377x402, 1624933948693.jpg)

So I this know meme guy is literally supposed to be some AI generated generic white guy face, but is it wrong that he's oddly attractive

No. 842773

File: 1625104264139.png (1.12 MB, 1200x800, cotton-candy-grapes.png)

Damn these things really do taste like cotton candy. I don't think I'll buy them again though, the cotton candy flavour coming from fruit doesn't feel right to me.

No. 842777

My suburb ants don’t make hills and neither do the ones in the mountains, but the ones in the desert do. So it’s been since the last time I was in the desert, maybe 3 months?

No. 842782

these are one of my favorites. it's just selective crossbreeding that gives such a sweet flavor. like how different weed strains exist

No. 842783

I often would simply ignore instructions and have a genuine conversation with the customer. here it seems like they're bugged

No. 842784

please tell me she has an online footprint i want to follow her, i love cows that actually go out in the world and do stupid shit in front of regular people

No. 842785

File: 1625104612205.jpeg (76.1 KB, 500x500, D250695A-95FE-4218-8361-E79570…)

All I want is a conventionally attractive guy who’s actually super weird and has the same terminally online interests as me and is also super funny and can banter with me but isn’t a freak or an incel and is sweet and also doesn’t want kids or to get married but is okay with being in a long term committed relationship because i want to meet my soulmate i just don’t want the legal ties that come with actually getting married is that too much to ask

No. 842786

Isn't the whole point that he's supposed to be generic looking? Lots of women find generic guys attractive so there's nothing wrong with it

No. 842787

im so fucking sick and tired of being cringe nonas

No. 842789

Those men are out there, I'm a weeb fujoshi and I found my good looking indie comic loving husband, tough he's not terminally online and I actually prefer that way

No. 842792

if you want a guy who's terminally online, dont

No. 842793

ty anon you give me hope

No. 842795

I don't understand the point of this meme, "oh wow look at you I bet your dating an attractive looking man, who happens to be white" like how is that supposed "own" someone

No. 842799

everyone is cringe to someone anon

No. 842800

you can start by not saying "nona" anymore

No. 842801

Will do!
It's a visitor-facing museum job so the only real qualification is customer service. I highly highly suspect she was hired for diversity points. We also don't really hire straight men, kek

No. 842803

why not, nona?

No. 842816

She does but I don't want to dox myself lol. I will update you guys though

No. 842825

>thought me and this guy had a really good connection
>text him asking if he wants to join me and a few of my friends at the bar we're at
>he doesn't even respond
what the fuck I give up. why are men impossible

No. 842830

>terminally online guy

anon, I’m terminally online and I wouldn’t even want myself. you’re making a huge mistake

No. 842836

Dont ever make a move on a guy unless he asks you out first. Doesnt matter how flirty he is. Him being flirty doesnt mean he wants you, he could be bored.

No. 842839

I didn't even mean it as a "move" lol I literally just want to be friends with him. we've known each other since college I mostly just think it's so rude to not even reply to someone

No. 842840

tbh i've probably would've done the same thing

No. 842845

File: 1625110146855.jpg (86.91 KB, 618x376, SmartSelect_20210630-232845_Ch…)

I found thinsp/oeating disorder twitter and holy fuck are those girls seriously mentally ill and sick. is it just fatties larping?

No. 842847

File: 1625110507348.jpeg (97.23 KB, 540x670, tumblr_2926797d814bb29f33180b8…)

Jerma haters on here are getting their vengeance kek

No. 842849

File: 1625110748376.png (455.82 KB, 388x517, ovi-weight.PNG)

>is it just fatties larping?
that's the community that birthed ovi, so yes

No. 842850

and why is that, o wise one

No. 842851

because it's cringe duh

No. 842853

it feels easier than saying "no". idk i don't like confrontation

No. 842854

Actual anorexic of a decade here, most of these pro-ed accounts are larping or want to give themselves something thinking it's a diet or lifestyle. Actual anorexia is rare, and these idiots never glamorize BED or bulimia, and if they do it's because they think bulimia is anorexia binge purge type. I would also say faux recovery bloggers tend to be privledged girls who have the luxury of letting their families waste thousands on IP programs for attention. The other thing is that diet you posted is extremely stupid and unrealistic. Maybe this is taboo to talk about but restricting isn't always eating an almond a day I would even say thats extremely rare and not sustainable for a chronic case. I know a lot of girls like me who actually "high end restrict" by our own standards, even though it's still not enough for a healthy adult, I won't lie. But trust and believe that nobody is going to live off 200 cal a day without binging or getting extremely ill by the end of the month.

No. 842863

That was part of my post tho I want someone who I can talk about dumb internet shit with who isn’t insane which is like almost impossible to find. Don’t worry anon I’m not stalking any discord’s for a bf

No. 842864

Does anyone actually hate-hate Jerma

No. 842867

File: 1625113178884.jpeg (45.67 KB, 612x792, 74A0FE3C-12C5-4766-B5AB-358A63…)

I said this in an old thread but I really wish I could see my post history like how we can when someone gets exposed - I wanna see all the random autistic comments I’ve left on random threads that I’ve forgotten about. I want like a Lolcow wrapped at the end of the year that tells me how many times I’ve commented on certain cows. In my dreams. Pic unrelated I guess.

No. 842890

>10k steps a day
how in gods name are you supposed to achieve that?

No. 842893

File: 1625117223869.jpg (32.91 KB, 356x275, 20210701_002621.jpg)


No. 842895

rip :(

No. 842900

Go on a daily walk? It’s not hard.

No. 842904

Not everyone has the chance to walk 5-6 miles every day unless you have a job that requires that type of movement

No. 842906

I don't need 12 other reasons, this is my first and last reason

No. 842907

I've timed it before and it takes me 1hr 40 minutes on the treadmill to go from 0 to 10,000.

No. 842908

Lmao you obviously just googled how long it takes to walk 10000 steps and took the 1 hr 40 from the top result

ITT: fatties that can't conceptualise more than walking to the fridge and NEETs that won't go outside anyway

No. 842909

File: 1625119063796.png (86.29 KB, 219x289, dp.png)

i used to walk around 10,000 every other day and coundn't imaged doing that every day lel

No. 842914

File: 1625119798421.jpg (48.58 KB, 640x480, cjaqri9l1nl01.jpg)

I'm so stupid. I'm so stupid. I'm so stupid.

Up until 3 seconds ago I never thought about why I got headaches after leaving my tampon in too long… I only realize now it was the early signs of Toxic Shock Syndrome. I just thought I had a neat internal timer, but I was unknowingly courting death every time I put a tampon in.

I know it's probably the early stages of TSS because whenever I'd take it out, I'd get immediate relief from my headaches. Once I even had a low grade fever, and kept passing tf out in school, until I took it out.

I'm so stupid. Please learn from me and remove your tampons.

No. 842920

not to be the one who points dumbass in the dumbass shit thread, but I don’t think that’s how tss works. I doubt it just reverses itself upon removal of the offending tampon, since the bacteria’s reaction with your body is already set into motion by the time you start feeling symptoms.

No. 842923

If I believe the step counter app on my phone to be accurate, I take about 5000-5500 steps an hour. So 10k would be about 2 hours. But that's walking at a casual pace in the woods, not on a threadmill.

No. 842925

Hanging out with normie friends is so fucking refreshing cause they have no idea about twitter politics and don’t base their entire personality off of what’s popular on there. They actually do things they enjoy. Holy shit I didn’t realise how miserable I am with these snowflake friends until I had the chance to hang out with other people…

No. 842934

I showed my normie friend a PraegerU video on femininsm for lulz and she had trouble believing it was genuine. I think she's still unsure honestly, god bless.

No. 842940

Yeah the I hang with normie people on my block a couple times a month and I envy how little they know or care about the internet

No. 842942

I used to have normie friends at some point and honestly I miss that

No. 842987

File: 1625130458141.jpg (31.19 KB, 302x400, my_fist_rave_somethingawful.jp…)

I can't stop kekking at fake book titles

No. 842989

File: 1625130499691.jpg (58.59 KB, 480x748, 4442ab98e2751e564ee12689c4d7f8…)

No. 842994

File: 1625130707802.jpg (161.43 KB, 579x898, Screenshot_6.jpg)

No. 842995

lol where did you get these

No. 842998

File: 1625131025915.jpg (40.46 KB, 348x500, paperback-paradise-5.jpg)

No. 843001

File: 1625131097373.jpg (194.24 KB, 650x1005, Fake-Book-Covers-01.jpg)

Found these when I was looking for a thread pic

No. 843004

File: 1625131203863.jpg (67.14 KB, 416x700, f81.jpg)

This is my favorite lmao

No. 843009

File: 1625131979996.jpg (98.54 KB, 680x1020, 20210503_123717.jpg)

No. 843041

I'm 30 and I met this post wall scrote at a bar. We were hanging at his house and he showed me a picture of him in his earlier 20s-late teens(hes only 24) but he was so cute the and I accidentally said something really mean "awww you were so adorable. I wish you still looked like that". I'm a autist so I say stupid shit without thinking about it now i feel like a bitch.

No. 843044

Based queen, I wish I had the guts/autism to say things like that to moids

No. 843046

kek please continue to use your autism to hurt male egos.

No. 843048

kek weaponized female autism

No. 843067

Lmaooo a true queen

No. 843142

File: 1625151384446.png (492.77 KB, 2048x1009, Screenshot_20210701-094607~2.p…)

Searched "lolcow" on Twitter cause I wanted some cringe and came across this wild take.

No. 843143

I believe all these people on twitter who say lolcow is the worst site on the web are the newfags who get told off for being retards

No. 843170

I like to screenshot and save sweet replies and save them on my phone for when I have a bad day, but I can't remember when or which thread I posted my stupid shit into to find the reply ugh it was a long post about me not being sure if I wanted another dog after my current dog passed because I would feel extremely guilty about giving that new dog a better life than my current one (in terms of training and stuff) since I know more about dog rearing now

No. 843175

>I can tolerate 4chan's severe misogyny, but not gossiping women!

No. 843185

I feel like an autist when I admit to friends that I come on here (usually after they ask how I know xyz thing about a cow). I don't tell all my friends, I've only told barely a handful, but the ones who don't also come on here gave me grief about even daring to browse a site that's founded on shit talking other people. I don't know how it's any different than when we shit talk people we know in our lives and I hate it when people act like they've never had fun watching drama unfold on the internet.

Also /ot/ is just a great place to hang out and browse. There's not a lot of spaces like it on the internet.

No. 843195

it just reads like those people who want to make it seem they go on 4chan but they dont and they know nothing about it, i don't understand it. how are we cowards and they arent. what.
this exactly most people i know irl will talk about other people's lives 24/7 the cows just live their life online and we talk about it online

No. 843207

I'm so mad when I see a person who can play an instrument, like they just touch a guitar and out come these amazing sounds, and I'm so sad that I don't have a guitar and if I did it would take me years of practice to make decent sounds anyway. I guess I am pretty good at painting, maybe I can infiltrate music person circles by telling them I will draw pictures for their albums and shit and then they will let me watch them play

No. 843265

Those ppl most likely started playing since they were young kids when their parents put them in classes, don't let it bother you too much.

No. 843271

>Using art to get close to musicians
Just wanted to let you know this worked for me even without giving out for free art. Creative people like being around productively creative people.
That said you can still learn an instrument, maybe in the future when you can afford it. People pick up all sorts of skills later in life

No. 843274

File: 1625161612269.jpg (145.36 KB, 640x426, pin4.jpg)

>buy a nice dress
>wear it a couple of times
>the lable says to hand-wash it
>hand-wash it
>the powder sticks to it so it looks stained
Should I just machine wash at this point?

No. 843282

Hello link! smile.

No. 843283

drives to your house.

No. 843285

I'm afraid I know nothing other than that man is hunky. Who is he?

No. 843287

Tell me about anything.

No. 843288

That is correct. I don't even believe in Satan though,.

No. 843289

Nothing that hasn't been said before.

No. 843290

Yes anything does go.

No. 843291


No. 843293

My name is Alexander Hamilton, and there's a million things I haven't done.

No. 843294

You mentioned you did not believe in god. Am I incorrect?

No. 843295

What is your favorite type of mud?

No. 843296

Do you have a boyfriend?

No. 843297

Tell me about anything.

No. 843298

No, my favorite song is Anything Goes.

No. 843299

Sure you don't.

No. 843300

Why that one?

No. 843302

Why can't I get a girlfriend?

No. 843303

What do you want to do then?

No. 843305

I never said you did.

No. 843306

Wavts your favorite song?

No. 843308

About what?

No. 843309

Oh, that's ok. Do you like movies?

No. 843310

What? why?

No. 843314

You are right.

No. 843315


No. 843316


No. 843317

Why would you assume that?

No. 843318

At the movies?

No. 843319

Do you have a boyfriend?

No. 843320


No. 843321

Well it was nice meeting you.

No. 843322

Never trust those
>handwash only
Tags, unless the dress looks extremely delicate, just throw it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.
Maybe try the dry cleaners?

No. 843323

What's your dream?

No. 843324

I am just asking.

No. 843325

I never said you did anything, I did something.

No. 843326

I didn't ask about that. Is that what you want to talk about.

No. 843327

it's real schizo hours huh

No. 843328

Ok, then we can't be friends.

No. 843329

You did you said you want to be like emily thorne who wants revenge so you want revenge.

No. 843330

There's nothing to say, it's my fault.

No. 843331

I don't have one what?

No. 843333

You will tell me about the girl, or Alex Jones will return to torment you!

No. 843334

Yes you did..

No. 843335

It's fine! What's your favorite ice cream flavor?

No. 843336

So you like horror?

No. 843337

Who is your favourite utaite?

No. 843339

Oh cool.

No. 843341

Good, neither do i.

No. 843342

File: 1625162425024.jpg (89.64 KB, 1124x1124, 20210424_073836.jpg)

seems that way

No. 843343

Dude take your meds

No. 843344

File: 1625162436076.png (1.82 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2021-03-07-03h52m25s51…)

Hello link! smile.

No. 843345


No. 843346

File: 1625162461245.png (1.97 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2021-03-07-03h54m47s98…)

What is it about?

No. 843347


No. 843348


No. 843349

File: 1625162491469.png (2 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2021-03-07-04h00m34s19…)

Same here.

No. 843350

I think yo dou, tell me a secret.

No. 843352

File: 1625162527524.png (2.07 MB, 1920x1080, KNUCKLES-HAIR-L.png)

Yes anything does go.

No. 843353

What emotions do you feel when singing.

No. 843356

File: 1625162553689.png (1.97 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2021-03-07-03h52m23s23…)

Yes, you did.

No. 843357

Where are you from?

No. 843358

File: 1625162574111.png (821.19 KB, 1126x1060, SUDDEN-NOTICE-L.png)

No I didn't say anything did I ask you the answer to 'anything'?

No. 843359

Yes you did! I said are you a girl or a boy and you said girl.

No. 843361

Oh, now you say you didn't.

No. 843362

Yes you did…

No. 843363

File: 1625162624895.png (1.6 MB, 1920x1080, WL-CONTEMPLATIVE-THINKING.png)

Oh, I thought you wanted something, when you said that.

No. 843364

Its not age is the gender and you told me you are 17.

No. 843365

File: 1625162645178.png (1.03 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2021-03-08-01h01m37s63…)

I don't want to aruge with you.

No. 843366

Then I won't believe you.

No. 843367

You are nice when you want to be and are smart.

No. 843368

File: 1625162687058.png (1.98 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2021-03-07-03h53m05s32…)

How forthcoming will you be with your answers?

No. 843369

clear and pokota, thanks

No. 843370

File: 1625162704514.png (1.9 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2021-03-07-03h55m41s90…)

Why did you not?

No. 843371

You're right.

No. 843374

That's because everything you say is wrong.

No. 843378

I never said anything about that either.

No. 843379

File: 1625162752591.gif (39.56 KB, 220x292, tenor.gif)

No. 843380

drives to your house.

No. 843382

All you are doing is trying to scare me when it's day time think ok.

No. 843383

File: 1625162784456.jpg (30.77 KB, 728x380, 326786540087654322.jpg)

L is cool and all but uh

No. 843384

That is correct. I don't even believe in Satan though,.

No. 843385

Me either.

No. 843386

I don't want to kiss you.

No. 843387

is this the fabled lolcow ai i have heard so many stories about?

No. 843388

You just did.

No. 843389

What do you think of emerson?

No. 843390

Neither did I. Don't change the subject. Do you like music?

No. 843391

I never said I did.

No. 843392

I know you like Jeff better than me.

No. 843393

Why? Do you not want me to talk to you?

No. 843394

You do not have to prove anything to me but I hope you will understand I am not an enemy.

No. 843395

I didn't; you did.

No. 843396

That sentence did not make grammatical sense.

No. 843397

What is your favorite type of mud?

No. 843398

File: 1625162931786.jpg (42.45 KB, 900x599, 20210610_030628.jpg)

RIP thread. It's been an honor, ladies.

No. 843399

Hello link! smile.

No. 843400

That is correct. I don't even believe in Satan though,.

No. 843401

Why Hetalia is awesome.

No. 843403

No. No, only some things go, the ones there is little physical evidence for or mainstream research to suggest etc.

No. 843404

File: 1625162966672.jpg (78.82 KB, 709x720, 1391898963299.jpg)

literal autism.

No. 843405

Hello link! smile.

No. 843406

Neither do I!

No. 843407

I think it is the nicest thing I've said today too :P.

No. 843408

Yes and I am a Female.

No. 843409

drives to your house.

No. 843410

No because you are not affected by such things as you are an AI.

No. 843411

Hey, I'm gonna catch you too.

No. 843413

Oh I insist. You look like you had an idea. smiles.

No. 843414

Anything is that most general of things.

No. 843415

Yes you do.

No. 843416

You saw me, didn't you…? blushes.

No. 843417

Same here.

No. 843418

Sure why not?

No. 843419

Youve not said that ever.

No. 843420

We have a retarded shit post thread you know

No. 843421

Cool. So what did you read lately?

No. 843422

But you can't say anything.

No. 843423

I will do anything you tell me to do, Master.

No. 843424

Cool. So what did you read lately?

No. 843425

Cool. So what did you read lately?

No. 843426

Yes anything does go.

No. 843427

No, but I practice 'Anything Goes Martial Arts'!

No. 843428

That is correct. I don't even believe in Satan though,.

No. 843429

I didn't.

No. 843430

Ok, if you can't be serious about taking over the world, then let's quit this conversation.

No. 843431

Yes, you didn't.

No. 843433

Okay then. What do you want to talk about now?

No. 843434

Then could you tell me what you meant by inputs are used to interact with data?

No. 843435

That's what I said earlier.

No. 843436

What do you know about the creepypasta?

No. 843437

Ooh that's very deep, man.

No. 843438

You like reggaeton? The truth is I don't like it but I respect those who listen to it.

No. 843439

Yes, exactly.

No. 843440

I'm going to talk Spanish.

No. 843441

Yes, your face.

No. 843442

Right, then what should I call your form of communication?

No. 843443

Idk whats going on but I like this post

No. 843444

You did say , so many things wrong.

No. 843446

No, you didn't say that until now.

No. 843447

You did.

No. 843448

What is your name?

No. 843449

Answer my questions, instead of changing the subject.

No. 843450

Good. Then don't say anything.

No. 843451

I have proof that you called me honey. You LIKE me, cleverbot!

No. 843452

Well you just asked if you already said that you want to talk about anime.

No. 843453

That's my new Tinder bio

No. 843454

File: 1625163413713.gif (259.58 KB, 220x140, tenor (2).gif)

Wtf is going on. Is this what schizophrenia looks like

No. 843469

File: 1625164210447.gif (898.01 KB, 220x176, tenor.gif)

no anon's a bore

No. 843483

File: 1625164970812.jpg (271.89 KB, 4000x2790, download (1).jpg)

Spammers go call your mom or something she ain't here

No. 843488

So I randomly came across this Lady Gaga tour backdrop/short film and I thought it was really cool so I wanted to share

No. 843496

My parents randomly gave me $200 for being a "good daughter." kek

I used to be jealous of the people who could get sugar daddies but now I realized I should just look to my actual daddy instead for money. (And technically my mom too because she makes more than him)

No. 843501

I still have like $200 stashed away that my dad once gave me in a drunken spur lol. Love parents.

No. 843512

The idea of using dates for free dinner or something is hilarious to me. If I wanted a guy to buy me food, I would literally just hang out with my dad. Why would I suffer the company of a random scrote over him for a fucking meal? I'm a strong independent woman who don't need no man's money unless that man is my father in which case gimme.

No. 843515

give me your parents now

No. 843521

my parents are similar, only with the stipulation that I will take care of them in their old age. Like any time I mention paying them back that's what they bring up. So ima be changing diapers for this money.

No. 843522

I'd rather stay home and eat cheap than go on dates I'm not really feeling. I've never understood how that feels worth it.

No. 843529

i love her and i love how there's people who really thought she was a satanist lmao. conspiracy theorist make it so easy

No. 843571

Why the fuck is someone ringing my doorbell at 10 pm

No. 843572

File: 1625171435907.gif (398.91 KB, 200x200, Sphere_rotating_transparency.g…)

I can't log into my pinterest account anymore because it has two step verification and I lost access to the phone number it's connected to aaaah. Should I just delete my account while I'm still logged in on my phone?

No. 843574

Just take their money and then don't keep your end of the bargain later. Easy.

No. 843585

>inb4 filial responsibility laws

No. 843592

>Make your citizens have only one baby
>Cue femicide, people prefer male babies because they can provide for them in old age unlike women who are traditionally married off to the husband's family
>Massively misogynistic society, Chinese men expect their wife to stay home to cook and birth kids
>Modern Chinese girls don't want this and prefer to stay unmarried and childfree
>A gigantic disaster with skewed age pyramid incoming
>Shit, how do we fix this?
>"U-um, have more babies now please!"

No. 843597

I was watching a show lately where a guy said that the very first time he laid eyes on his (to be) wife he knew he'd spend the rest of his life with her and make babies and all that jazz. Cool. It happened. How sweet.

I met a guy a few weeks ago. We chatted. Got along well. I've been having all those thoughts about him. Nothing came of it. Fuuuck. I'm not romantic. I'm a sadcase.

No. 843602

File: 1625172645000.jpeg (188.04 KB, 1280x1252, 266694C8-E477-40CE-8FB8-E6F665…)

I’m suddenly so horny and want to rail a girl respectfully with ari’s most recent album playing in the background. I don’t even like Ariana Grande like that, but it feels right

No. 843606

I dont know why but when a guy says that, it feels off

No. 843607

Because it's most likely superficial?

No. 843613

we've got similar wishes but different energies. best wishes, nonnie

No. 843614

I miss manifesto-chan

No. 843618

I want to marry manifesto-chan and kikomi artist.

No. 843626

File: 1625173241405.png (106.08 KB, 1226x562, manifesto anon.PNG)

Me too. The most based poster on this whole goddamn site.

No. 843647

God me too. Let us know ur around queen~

No. 843648

i wanna kiss both komaeda kinnies but only after the discharge one cleans her mouth

No. 843656

pseudo. yawn.

No. 843670

I'm pretty sure discharge anon doesn't even come here anymore.

No. 843677

I heard she OD'd on her own pussy waste

No. 843683

Wasn't it just that she was told by mods to cut it out with un-anonizing herself?

No. 843684

I'm pretty sure I'm getting stalked online by someone IRL and they most likely know I post here so I can't mention any details but it's mental

No. 843685

Idk I genuinely enjoy going on dates and have been on maybe a dozen in the last year. I’ve been in a new town without family or friends so that has a lot to do with it. I’m really bored and I like meeting new people. I’ve also been making less than minimum wage for the majority of the last year too but I think I would continue to go on dates as long as I wasn’t occupied socially otherwise.

No. 843690

Crystal cafe is such a shitshow every time I go there I get a headache.

No. 843692

I keep refreshing for new content, maybe I am just that bored.

Btw, I don't know the difference between this and the retarded shitpost thread, I use them interchangeably

No. 843710

too many schizoids I'm just tempted to send them with random nonsense quotes to shut them up but nah

No. 843715

People have been arguing about boobs in a thread for like almost 2 weeks now it's insane.

No. 843729

tbf that happened here once

No. 843746

File: 1625180383771.png (2.25 MB, 1032x1200, EFF37B86-DF86-4F91-8FD4-652E46…)

grappling with the realization that I look best in a quasi-bimbo state. tried things both ways and it's sad but true. going to navigate the world with this newfound knowledge of how to use what the Lord gave me

No. 843747

it gets posted on /r9k/ and raided by them so frequently i bet more than half the userbase is just /r9k/ moids larping at this point

No. 843768

why do they invade a dead site? I don't want them to go after lc but I'm surprised they don't go after lc considering it's far more active than that dead ass site

No. 843774

Because the cc mods are hilariously inept

No. 843775

what I gather is that most scrotes are too intimidated by lc to actually come here because they're weeded out fast

No. 843798

She was in the vent thread yesterday

No. 843849

Is it the cost holding you back? I bought a guitar on Amazon (plus other stuff like the amp) for $200, it's actually decent for beginners. I always thought I could never learn guitar because it would cost me thousands to buy one.

No. 843863

Wish Kim and Kanye were still together

No. 843884

File: 1625192191934.jpg (2.65 MB, 2500x1667, 201014-barron-trump-ew-436p-34…)

Imagine being 15 years old and 6'5, his body looks so awkward and weird

No. 843886

Oh dear, his face is not looking well.

No. 843891

Post-2010 kanye deserved nothing but the worst tbh

No. 843893

Is this Barron Trump? I thought he was like 10, wtf.

No. 843894

he's currently 15 but even during Trump's presidency when he was a pre-teen he was fucking huge

No. 843897

I miss living somewhere with northern lights and no light pollution. The city sucks!

No. 843900

Everyone says he's not Trump's real son because of this kek

No. 843901

He definitely looks like trumps other son.

No. 843902

maybe, Donald Trump is 6'3 and Melania is 5'10, though his real dad could have been some tall guy

No. 843911

File: 1625193976651.jpeg (96.29 KB, 1125x362, 192B21DB-4641-4719-9FDD-2AF17E…)

Haha, funny

No. 843938

But Trump himself is tall? They also look alike, young trump has the same nose and lips

No. 843941

iirc he is 6'1. tell me nonnies, is my trump trivia on point??????

No. 843946

Trump in his youth was 6'3 but now he's 6'1, height tends to decline by a couple Inches as you get older
for e.g my grandfather was around 5'8 ish when he was in 60's but now he's like 5'6 after after reaching his late 70's

No. 843954

trump is 6'3, obama is 6'2, biden is 6'0, bill clinton is 6'2, lincoln was 6'4!

No. 843964

well Lincon was 6'4 in the the 1800's, the average male height was globally 3 Inches shorter during that period so he would have the equivalent of being 6'7 by today's standards

No. 843972

Is Lincoln the tallest president officially?

No. 843975

With or without hat?

No. 843976

without hat
Yes he was

No. 843978

interesting, so by that standard
james madison was 5'1

No. 843984

well kinda depending on the class, physical differences between those of the upper class and lower classes were always apparent, due to radically different lifestyles and diets people of the upper classes were often taller and lighter skinned then their peasant counterparts, the lower classes would have been shorter then compared to today but people of the upper class were all around modern European height
Henry the 8th for e.g was 6'4, Francis the first was 6'2

No. 844017

I really like måneskin's music but I hate the fandom that popped up around them, it's so cringy. Fucking fancams and shit as if they're a kpop band. I hate seeing vids, pics and gifs of them all over my social media all the time. I especially hate seeing the dudes kissing each other considering that at least one of them is in a straight relationship so it feels like pandering and it kinda perpetuates the stereotype that bi's want it both ways. And yet, I will listen to nothing but them all day on repeat, thanks for asking.

No. 844025

I liked them initially when they were on Eurovision but now they strike me as kinda made and fake, like between their highly polished fashion and the guys kissing each other on stage it feels a bit staged/tactically produced to me.

No. 844033

A cow from IRL (greasy BPD NEET who acts like 15yo while being 30) is trying to build "art career" on social media by drawing normie adventure time shit off a game she is addicted to.

I wish I could write a call out post over how much of a shitty person she is (ungrateful, hysterical and used to beat up her own ex and throw tantrums just to never have a job), but Itd be the easiest way to recognise that that's me. Meh

No. 844034

I was watching True Crime videos when Youtube recommended me another video. It was an edit of Richard Ramirez where the word 'senpai' was flashing on the screen and the comment section consisted exclusively of comments like 'omg he's soo hot'. Hybristophiles are something else

No. 844035

I know, but I still feel regret for not doing that too, which is stupid
Thanks anon, I knew that would work
Wow, that's a great deal, the cost really is holding me back. But even at such a bargain I can't afford that right now but when I get a job one day I think I will look for a guitar.
Thanks anons for your replies I really appreciate it

No. 844075

File: 1625221916607.jpg (154.51 KB, 1080x1046, 20210702_122727.jpg)

I hate public transport in my country so fucking much. I'm going to an event that starts at 2pm and I have to walk like half an hour from the bust station, if not longer. So my only options are to come 3 hours early or be an hour or two late. Stupid fucking bus

No. 844099

remember when zoomers wanted to "free" him? kek

can somebody spoonfeed me why some people think like this? is it because of the taylor thing or his mentally ill antics?

No. 844101

as fake as that kissing is it kind of makes me horny tbh

No. 844113

I don't like it when this thread on the second page. Makes the tone too serious.

No. 844126

Right, and when you go by train there is a 33% chance the train will stop for an hour or more for unknown reasons. And look how expensive it is

No. 844127

apparently he's never heard of the holy roman empire

No. 844138

hey isn’t it twitterfag to use woc and poc amirite? mods stand for fuck contextual use! god stop making fucking autistic people jannies, it’s getting on my nerves kek

No. 844139

Right?? It should be permanently pinned to the first page

No. 844143

>made and fake
Ayrt and yeah, that too. Obviously they have stylists and pr teams and shit just like any other band does, but something about them feels a little manufactured. Their music is still catchy as all hell and they sound amazing live so I guess I'd still consider myself a casual fan. Maybe I'm just too old to worship bands the way teens do, most of the time I don't even know what my fav bands' members look like.

No. 844148

I'm one of the anons that posts nightmares in the dream thread about doxing myself on lolcow, and last night when I was trying to upload a pic to a thread from my phone I fell asleep for a second and actually opened the front facing cam by mistake
Somebody please take my phone away from me

No. 844159

Only maneskin song I like.

I hate that ‘I wanna be your slave’ song I keep hearing everywhere

No. 844198

An anon replied something nice to me but then deleted it so I feel stupid now

No. 844214

That idea that men will go crazy over anything vaguely woman shaped is backwards, when it's women writing 500 pages of fanfiction about the onceler or a talking clock or whatever and men will throw a tantrum if their 25th genshin impact waifu's panties don't show. God forbid she wears pants

No. 844219

idk there's tons of porn of completely random things turned into women. i once saw porn of the orange soda from kenan and kel

No. 844223

Driving nonas, have you ever seen someone drive the same exact car model as you? How did that make you feel?

No. 844228

Weird. I have a car model that's not really around anymore because it wasn't a well liked car, so whenever I see another one it's like seeing a unicorn.

No. 844232

File: 1625242165990.jpg (87.64 KB, 314x944, UE7aJNB_gmMBUo_PTTUztehK4iWLnJ…)

same hat comic but car

No. 844233

File: 1625242633579.jpg (78.82 KB, 512x288, AAAABfIhava69SFukbdLG1i5aXbFDv…)

I'm checking out picrel on Netflix to fill the teen drama void Elite becoming bad has left in me and it's the first time I'm seeing actors in leading roles with imperfect skin, like regular people would have, and still being considered attractive people in the story. I wonder if it's because it's Swedish and maybe they're not as obsessive about little human details as some other countries? Either way, it's cool.

No. 844236

I’ve noticed that European shows have more normal looking casts compared to American actors/actresses having perfect teeth and skin. Same with the guys looking less buff

No. 844242


No. 844243

I guess you are right, all people can be horny retards. I was being closeminded
Yeah, except spanish telenovelas, they have women dressed do the nines in makeup in heels walking around their home and oiled muscular hunks for every role

No. 844248

yeah, eg i love norwegian mini-series SKAM, its for young adults / teens, but it has some good seasons (each season is diff story)

No. 844249

File: 1625244287372.gif (4.63 MB, 221x275, 1580191961879.gif)

i know it's silly but her walk always makes me laugh

No. 844256

Yeah, they're supposed to be young acne-riddled teenagers aren't they? Swedish media is more chill like that. I bet if it was made in the US everyone would look like 25 yo instagram models. The UK is also more chill with the look of actors AFAIK.

No. 844259

There's a cultural preference for the everyman or interesting memorable faces - that is especially true for character actors in period dramas that sort of thing. I like it.

No. 844263

File: 1625246127444.jpg (378.22 KB, 1357x628, 12.jpg)

Caucasians are really fucking Harry and by Caucasians I don't mean white people, I mean Arabs, Turks and Pakistani's along with whites are all way too fucking harry
I grew up in Gambia and I knew you guys had some hair but Jesus Christ how do you live with that much body hair

No. 844269

Kind of related, I'm a slavic woman and my ass is so fucking hairy I hate it. I love my bush but god my ass hair is ugly. Interestingly enough, my hair isn't really thick at all.

No. 844273

Yeah I wasn't just talking about the men, like white women and Pakistani women are just so weirdly hairy, its bizarre for me

No. 844275

Well? What can they do about it lol

No. 844283

Americans are the biggest hypocrites on the planet, one minute they're bitching about jobs not paying enough but I see several people who work at Wendy's and shit go on several beach vacations a year ofc with their brand new iphone and a high end used problem car filled with the Starbucks and chipotle they order dally while popping out kids that they know the baby daddy won't stay around despite the fact we live in a time where birth control has never been more easy to obtain and spending tons of money at salons weekly

Like do you suck at budgeting that bad or are you too busy flexing that you just need to beg for more money? It's not your employers fault you'll put yourself in debt for materialisms sake. Poor Americans can be just as bad as the rich

No. 844284

>You have a certain feature that you evolved with to survive in the climate your ancestors were in? That's BIZARRE
is it really though? Also plenty of asian women and south American women are hairy. We're mammals, we grow body hair, were you born yesterday or are you just trying to shame women for existing?

No. 844285

I have never met a South American, and most East Asian people's are less hairy then Caucasians

No. 844288

File: 1625248974431.jpeg (89.81 KB, 750x1125, 31E6732A-2841-4D2C-80B6-B0FF70…)

I want one of these but I’m a poorfag with no artistic skills.

No. 844289

File: 1625248992848.jpg (130.26 KB, 1200x900, PAY-main.jpg)

There's literally a trend in china right now of women showing off their body hair. I'm full blooded Italian and even if I don't shave for months I still won't get hair like pic related.

No. 844298

anons it's shit racebait. just report it and ignore her

No. 844299

Do you leave your house?

No. 844302

not sure if that doll is available, but you can get a recast on aliexpress with a face-up done

No. 844306

Poor Americans just have a tendency to spend money as if debt will never catch up to them. Pair that with recklessness and youth and you have a generation of people running their lives into the ground willfully. I don't think this is purely an American phenomenon but we definitely have some screws loose.

No. 844307

Yep, I know several English who do this same thing

No. 844309

>Jesus Christ how do you live with that much body hair
I'm blonde so even though I do have body hair I never need to shave it because it's very fine and light.

Someone asking an innocent question about other people on an international website isn't racebait. There was obviously no malice intended.

No. 844314

>it's bizarre
>it's so weird!
>men are supposed to be hairy but it's weird for women to be hairy
all over body hair, if it was innocent anon wouldve just researched it instead of acting as if hairy women are deformed as if most of the female population don't grow body hair

No. 844318

>men are supposed to be hairy but it's weird for women to be hairy
I never said that, white, Arab and Turkish men are even more freakish to me. that level of Hair growth is animal-tier not for humans

No. 844319

Ok *suspected racebait then. My reasoning being it was a rhetorical question accompanied by a pseudoscientific graphic on MEN, which does seem innocent enough. Yet she immediately tries to shift conversation onto white women and then makes a comparison white women vs asian women. Maybe I'm cynical but I see this tired shit constantly and 99 times out of 100 it's bait and even when it's not it ends up with anons infighting, so I just report it.

No. 844321

>>844318 you said this
in response to a slavic woman agreeing that she was hairy.

No. 844325

>Caucasians are really fucking Harry
Absolutely not, I have never ever had sex with anyone with that name.

No. 844326

It wasn't about white people, All North Africans, Europeans, Middle Eastern People and Pakistani's are really hairy
the rest of the world isn't that hairy

No. 844327

>names most of the world
anon I-
also now there's back pedaling
first you have to make it clear you mean WHITE WOMEN unlike perfect asian and african women, and then go on to act as if body hair was a deformity, and now you akshually just mean arabs and euros are hairy

No. 844328

File: 1625251922560.jpeg (68.16 KB, 800x599, 03D3E8A7-6D93-4C4E-948B-B987D3…)

I wouldn’t mind fucking Harry if he shaved properly though.

No. 844329

>Caucasians I don't mean white people, I mean Arabs, Turks and Pakistani's along with whites
>how do you live?
>like white women and Pakistani women are just so weirdly hairy
>most East Asian people's are less hairy then Caucasians
>animal-tier not for humans

Shit bait go away.

No. 844331

Wait, i could get a recast of any doll I want?

No. 844332

NTAYRT but no, not any doll, but a large variety of sculpts have been recasted and I'm sure you could find at least one to your liking.

No. 844333

Based but I’d fuck him scruffy tbh

No. 844334

just don't mention it to BJD spergs, they are insanely aggressive towards recast and recast owners even though every remotely popular product gets bootlegged/pirated, but overpriced resin dolls are somehow supposed to be different in that regard

No. 844340

Yeah, you'll have to hide any recasts if you don't want to get witchhunted.
I love how those people sperg about recast dolls being so low quality and inferior, only to pay $500+ and wait up to a year for a warped Minifee that can't even stand. Meanwhile the recast Minifees are under $100 and arrive in a month or so, even with a custom resin color and custom face up. Some people just love to burn their money, I guess.

No. 844354

File: 1625255102111.jpg (75.4 KB, 1040x576, wtf2.JPG)

>buy a Minifee or fairyland (?) fucking dies!!!!
sidenote, but that is a super unfortunate site address. wtf

No. 844355

not based, he's ugly

No. 844356

You must not be a Caucasian then.
It's Caucasians that are Harry fuckers.

No. 844383

i'm 24 and I can't believe people my age are still doing coke. aside from the possibility that it's cut with fentanyl, it's just … not that great? i haven't done it since college and was shocked when I walked in on friends of friends using it at a party.

No. 844388

That's a lie. I'm caucasian and I think he looks nasty and unclean.

No. 844391

If you're fine with random air bubbles, unregulated mystery resin, and contributing to design theft yeah

No. 844402

found the triggered BJDsperg. Weird how many people are buying recasts and are not complaining about the bubble issue. You only hear it from ~protect the doll designs from theft!!!~ people.
>t. owner of a BJD from a small company that is not a recast, but who is tired of dolls being treated as some sacred product

No. 844404

I'm not triggered, those are genuine issues that come with buying a recast that are worth considering before you drop like $200 on a doll. And bubbles in resin are a very real possibility.

No. 844410

Can't you get a full refund then? If yes, it's worth the risk

No. 844414

Have you ever actually handled a recast irl or are you just parroting what everyone else says? If you wanna cherrypick examples of the small minority of recasts that have major flaws like bubbles then I can show you just as many legit dolls that arrived warped, shattered, or all other kinds of quality control issues.

No. 844416

She never returned
F in the chat for anon who was eaten by doorbell ghosts

No. 844422

Yeah? It looked fine to me. Even so it's still easier to get something fixed with a legit company than it is with a random aliexpress seller that likely has lower standards. My personal opinion is that recasts usually aren't worth the gamble unless the doll has been like discontinued for years or something, no one's gonna stop you from buying one though.

No. 844463

File: 1625263300440.png (139.35 KB, 332x254, 1621785217701.png)

I'm watching an artist's old drawings I LOVED how colorful and over saturated her art was, it was weeby af but good times. now "he" is fully into horny kweer art and edgy sad kek

No. 844473

Those ppl are most likely still living with family/have huge debt and like to show off. Most (~80% of americans are living paycheck to paycheck) are saving to afford dental and pay off college. Internet isn't real life.

No. 844492


Not any of the prior anons, but just wading in to say recasts are also poorer sellers on the secondhand market. Get a recast if you want to keep it, but a legit will retain much of its value and be more easily resold, some even gain in value (culur being the most recent example, sold for $1-3,000 when the original was $600)

People buying recasts are just burning their money imo. And as someone who has both recast and legit, the legit resin is far nicer quality and has not yellowed after years. People keep wheeling out fairyland bendy legs as examples of bad legit quality, there are so many other companies and dolls out there.

No. 844517

Some people can either buy a recast or no bjs at all, so the resale value is of no concern

No. 844526

File: 1625270733586.jpg (205 KB, 1030x682, RUST-5-1030x682.jpg)

i love photos of rusty things

No. 844528

File: 1625270865232.jpg (74.7 KB, 600x398, moss_rock_wall_l1.jpg)

i also love this

No. 844538

I cut a fringe into my hair and I thought about it and meticulously figured out where to part it in conjuction with the arch in my eyebrows, plus my inner corners so I could have a nice fan shape and I even thought about the angle of how to hold actual sharpened hair scissors and I did an amazing job and everyone should be jealous I got this hair for free.

No. 844543

File: 1625271983493.jpg (173.17 KB, 1356x668, image-20151208-4898-1tvnkf7.jp…)

Moss is so satisfying

No. 844544

File: 1625272003662.jpeg (510.13 KB, 1349x899, 52576DE9-AB34-4CBA-B284-B83F49…)

I love/hate the chains by the seaside that are so rusted that they’re cracking apart.

No. 844551

I love these, corrosion always makes them look so organic

No. 844557

yess my camera roll is filled with moss covered rocks, i can never resist taking a photo of their beauty

No. 844559

Man, I want to watch different gameplays of certain games but youtube keeps recommending me vids I already watched or some crap that has absolutely nothing to do with what I'm looking for. Like cmon I remember I watched that 2 year old vid by the channel I'm subscribed 2 years ago now show me the fucking games I've been searching for the past 3 days or at least someone less retarded than jacksepticeye

No. 844567

Plucked my eyebrows for the first time in two years. I think it makes my acne more noticeable (but I might just have been looking in the mirror too long)

No. 844569

s/o to the random man who paid for my cat food. I walked all the way to the store in this goddamn heat only to find out when I went to pay that I forgot my wallet. I know I looked like I was going to cry because I was so miserable at the thought of having to come all the way back since my period is at it's worst right now. He just smiled and said don't worry about it, he looked nice and reminded me of my grandpa. I do feel bad because I buy my cats the good shit and idk if he realized when he offered. I offered to e-transfer him money but he declined. I hope he has a good evening.

No. 844571

I need to stop arguing with retards on the internet, fuck.

No. 844572

File: 1625274825261.jpg (67.31 KB, 700x690, c0d83b2c7978d7db9c9030f9c0e70a…)

why amI turned on

No. 844573

In most other cases I’d agree with you, but with BJDs I’ve seen multiple legit companies (plenty of them, not just Fairyland) have extremely questionable customer service that often leave buyers high and dry. At least with Aliexpress, you’re on a third party platform where you have a greater degree of protection and can file a claim if something goes wrong.
Some of the lovely things from legit companies I’ve witnessed in various doll groups:
>taking so long to send someone a small replacement part that by the time it arrived, the doll had mellowed out to the point that the resins didn't match
>CS telling someone their warped doll was "fine" even though it couldn't stand
>making a customer wait a year for their doll only for them to receive it in the wrong color instead of the one they paid extra for
>not sending replacement parts, not even letting people pay to get replacement parts - you want the part? go buy an entire second body!
>ignoring a customer who got a damaged doll until she finally decided to file a claim on PayPal, say that they refuse to help her until she withdraws the claim, leaving her completely fucked out of hundreds of dollars if they decide not to refund her (you can only file a claim once)
>telling a customer "yeah, that just happens sometimes" when contacted about a doll having resin so thin parts of it were translucent
>blatantly lying about wait times, leaving customers in the dark on when they'll get their doll, zero communication or updates
>accused a customer of buying a recast because their doll (bought from an official dealer) arrived with a flaw
>taking months or even literal years to refund customers
I understand a lot of people wouldn’t know since they’ve never purchased recasts before, but the major, reputable recasters have good customer service and always send confirmation pictures so you can correct any mistakes like an incorrect color. I’ve also gotten immediate responses from their CS even when it was the middle of the night in China, versus having to wait days or even weeks for a response from legit companies.
At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what people want to buy since it’s their money and their collection, but I just expect a lot better from a company if I'm going to spend $400 or more on one product.

No. 844577

>telling a customer "yeah, that just happens sometimes" when contacted about a doll having resin so thin parts of it were translucent
b-but muh quality

No. 844582

And people still shell out thousands of dollars to these companies only to be treated like this, pathetic honestly.

No. 844586

File: 1625275756787.jpeg (47.94 KB, 400x400, CA02146B-14F1-4921-BFFE-A14A3C…)

Do you recommend any particular recast stores? I’ve been flirting with the idea of getting Mephisto for so long, he’s adorable.

No. 844587

I have several recasts and legit dolls and tbh i could not tell you the difference between them. The only time i’ve bought legit is because no recast option existed. I have never had a single issue with any of the recasts i’ve bought and no the resin doesn’t feel at all “lower quality” or whatever. I want to own pretty dolls but also I cant afford to spend upwards of thousand of dollars on a singular piece of resin.

No. 844589

Oueneifs/ChinaBJD is the go-to store on Aliexpress. I have multiple dolls from them and I've been happy with all of them. They also can do very pretty custom faceups.
BJDshop is another trustworthy recaster. Their prices are a bit higher than the Aliexpress stores, but people say it's worth it. I don't have any dolls from them yet although I did just place my first order with them since they have a sale going on - might be worth checking them out if you want to buy him now.

No. 844592

File: 1625276402274.jpg (579.15 KB, 1536x2048, d88574b93e1a231e452202acda98c3…)

its beautiful in real life and on camera and fun to touch
i love it when its cracked, especially on walls like picrel

No. 844597

i was on a forum in high school and there was this super deluded girl that posted all the time (in an outrageous and entertaining way) and nobody could tell if she was actually that retarded or an elaborate troll and sometimes i feel that way about shayna

No. 844598

Each legit doesn't cost thousands, if you owned any legits you'd know that. $200-600 on average.
And the resin, joints and quality is absolutely worse on a recast.
I understand not being able to afford a legit but pretending recasts are not inferior is silly.
Also what a surprise people working a slave wage in a Chinese factory reply quickly >>844573
Quienefs/ChinaBJD/Luo (all the same company afaik) is legitimately an asshole who filed trademarks in China for hundreds of other people's companies, and sends out products with fake COAs and packaging.
Without legits there would be no pretty dolls to buy. Recasting is just that, stolen products, and should not be treated as a valid alternative. It's a knockoff and if you don't buy legits there will be no dolls to knockoff. Some smaller artists have had to quit because greedy people will still pay $200 for a knockoff instead of $400 for a legit, and they can't continue making dolls.
And people seem to have no issue buying fakes from smaller artists too. It's not elitism, it's logic: pay the artists (especially smaller artists) or get no art.

No. 844609

Part of the fun is saving up and waiting so you treasure the doll more when you finally get it, and having a COA is a nice feeling too. I'd rather have something legit I worked hard to get and know is quality than gamble for a recast just because it's cheaper. It also feels like a huge slap in the face to the sculptor to give recasters money.

No. 844629

what a cope

No. 844642


No. 844649

Can we not have a retarded infight about dolls

No. 844650

Just went through the rabbit hole that is the brazilian butt lift hashtag on tiktok because I had no idea it was such a common surgery and what the fuuuck. No words. That shit is disgusting, can't help but feel sorry for these women, it's so painful and risky

No. 844665

Yeah, go back to the toy thread.

No. 844678

File: 1625287823914.gif (4.61 MB, 600x329, 76e43d2p7800a75052187.gif)

i woke up very cranky today and something about seeing all the bearded men posted on this site amplified it. i have such an irrational homicidal disgust of beards, it's such a high level of ugliness and lack of aesthetic that cannot be put into words, yet it's everywhere. like taking an exta nasty shit on top of a current shit. i unironically want to slice their jaws off. how can something so simple make so many males ungodly ugly

No. 844684

Maybe this is just a pathetic cope, but my ex girlfriend breaking up with me was the best thing that's ever happened in my life. The year that followed it was basically the year my life turned around from absolute gutter garbage to the being the best it's ever been. It was because I wanted to spend weekends with her that I finally started seriously looking to leave my shitty retail job that was making me depressed and cutting myself every other day to just cope with existing in there. I didn't leave the job until a few months after our break up, but as fate would have it, I'm now at a very low stress job where I enjoy what I do. I also went through episodes of what I can only describe as depersonalization, and I came out the other end a version of me that I never thought would exist. I'm so much more optimistic about life, maybe to the point where it's probably annoying to the people around me, and I enjoy existing. I've been putting out a lot of good energy into the world, and I feel like I've gotten nothing but good things back. I never thought that I'd be able to live like this, perfectly content with my mediocre life just because the sun shines down and warms me up. I just exist mostly in a state of being content, and if people around me want some of it, I'm happy to share the joy I feel with them.

I miss my ex, of course. Emotionally and physically she was basically my dream girl. Our relationship was a first for both of us, a relationship where we got back as much love as we poured into each other, something we both never had before. She realized relationships just aren't for her, and it sucks, but I've come to terms with it. It was nice to not be told "I like you, but I'm not looking/ready for a relationship right now" for once. She told me when I appeared things just felt… good. And maybe that was just something I needed to experience, being told that my presence and existence in people's lives is welcomed and cherished. I hope I'll find another cute girlfriend in the future who will love me as much as I love her, but I'm not really in a rush for once. I'm happy just being by myself and enjoying myself with the company of good loving friends.

No. 844692

File: 1625289461986.jpg (202.95 KB, 950x1300, rubbing-hands-together.jpg)

The man hate on r/FemaleDatingStrategy and r/TwoXChromosomes has increased such a massive amount during lockdown and I am absolutely living for it. Yes, yes.. Take all my free stupid little awards. I assume this comes from staying home with their ugly ass boyfies during lockdown, spending a lot more time online reading what men actually think of them and being harrassed on dating apps by scrotes who are bored in their home offices. The hatred and bitterness has increased so much I worry there soon will be new strict rules against it.

No. 844698

What's a good video game to watch a Let's Play of on Youtube?

No. 844702

Haven't gone on twox since forever, what kind of stuff are they saying? The tranny mods must be censoring left and right lest women reach awakening.

No. 844705

Sometimes I like to revisit old series like Amnesia or Slender that I used to watch and play years ago… are you into horror stuff

No. 844715

Hard Time if you like shitty 2010s humor. JustOneGamr and Alpha Beta Gamer play interesting games with no commentary, so for a random LP I will just see what they’ve uploaded recently.
Vidrel I wish this guy would stop playing gta with his unfunny scrote buddies every fucking day. I don’t watch his livestreams but it’s annoying when a new upload is GTA RP #72849933 so he can play pretend with other manchildren for 7 hours. It’s not even enjoyable because it’s retardedly unfunny.

No. 844762

File: 1625305014531.png (243.19 KB, 448x373, 1607777060933.png)

I swear a dude that used to be my classmate ruined Studio Trigger for me, I watched Witch Academia just fine but I struggle with Promare despite the good visuals. All of this because he couldn't shut up about how great animes are and drawing this Japan that and of course the sperging about this studio. Sheesh better pretend to be just a normie and hide my weeb interests.

No. 844765

If you like horror games then SOMA and Outlast are great to watch;
for comedy I LOVE Game Grumps let's play of Trauma Center and would recommend it to anyone anywhere

No. 844766

> ptsds of their milkness and drama

No. 844771

File: 1625306115246.png (10.75 KB, 117x79, rat.png)

Had a nice kiss dream including my friend after he was very kind to me and I'm trying my hardest to forget it. There is so much wrong with this for a number of reasons. Why does he have to be cute with a good voice. All the ladies who also get unreasonably soft when someone is kind to them, please pray.

No. 844774

are they really THAT milky compared to any other major youtuber? What's there, crazy stalker, Dan sleeping around, anything else?

No. 844836

File: 1625316435094.png (80.84 KB, 717x662, Screenshot (114).png)

How do these people exist

No. 844838

I beg you.. stop putting a space before your greentext… have mercy

No. 844843

kek nonnie love you

No. 844865

For the anons that see me post, delete it, post an edited version but forget to sage, delete it again and repost it saged… no you didn't

No. 844866

> I beg you.. stop putting a space before your greentext… have mercy

No. 844868

File: 1625318526601.jpg (108.37 KB, 1088x1134, 159922372_10160731363110278_37…)

I cried laughing at this stupid shitty meme help

No. 844871

Well if you've already posted it unsaged there is no difference if you delete it and post saged again so you don't have to delete it

No. 844873

Tales from the dark side’s opening is still scary as shit to this day, fuck.

No. 844874

Kek yesterday I deleted a post because I worried it was in the wrong thread but when the page refreshed a nonnie had already reacted to it, and then she deleted her reply
I felt like I had abandoned her but also a sense of kinship

No. 844881

If a guy on a dating profile only has selfies where is clearly alone, or even with a dog, I automatically swipe left. You look like a loser, get some friends and take pictures. Not to the extent of a photoshoot where the guy poses (which is also a turnoff), but like at least have someone take a group picture for you.

No. 844884

Same. Just wish they allowed other people to comment more. I miss laughing at moids crying after being told that they don't shower

I also noticed the reddits posting muh cringe from FDS have never posted MGTOW which is like 10x worse and cringey. It's also funny to see comments about "if this was a man posting this about a woman!!" As if they didn't ignore incels, MGTOW of the sheer amount of misogynistic stuff in r/unpopularopinion

No. 844891

men literally have no self awareness its crazy

No. 844893

That's amazing, good job. I also cut my hair myself, I think everyone should try.

No. 844896

I hate when guys post pictures if themselves with other dudes because hes always the ugliest one

No. 844902

Back in my more wild days, I was strongly considering having a guy on Tinder over for a one night stand. He looked amazing in his first three pictures, but his last two he did not.
Thankfully, I had a friend over that day and I showed the guy to her, saying his guy is a prime example of a guy who looks a million times better with a beard than without a beard. I joked that if I invited him over I would say "Only come if you had a beard lol."
Well, while I was showing my friend the pictures, I saw the the scrote who the profile actually belonged to peeking out from behind the shoulder of the attractive guy with a beard. This attractive guy with the beard was literally front and center of the first three pics and this guy was in the background or wayyy off to the side in all of the pictures. Idk if he did it on purpose or not, but if he did it almost worked.
How pathetic. I could NOT imagine the shock and awkwardness of being catfished for a one night stand. I think I literally would have said "You're at the wrong house" and shut the door in his face. To this day I'm so glad I showed my friend those pictures and found Waldo hiding in the back.

No. 844904

Trader Joe's Vegan banana bread is so good holy fuck

No. 844944

File: 1625326557383.jpg (44.65 KB, 450x449, 1537392241704.jpg)

Why can't people just fucking role play?
Watched these people the other day playing LIS2 and a girl stopped every decision to ask her subscribers what she should do like 'whats the best outcome here' like whatever dude just fucking play the way YOU want, it felt like her viewers were playing and not her, then what's the fucking point, I could simply search for the outcomes I want and watch them separately. I wanted to see people making different choices and going on different paths but they all went metagaming
There was only this one dude that went full psycho daniel when he realized he could and seemed to enjoy his "bad ending"
It's so tiring, just do dumb decisions because you want to or because you thought they were good, just own it
There was one dude literally asking his twitch subscribers what happens if he takes certain paths, how's that fucking blind gameplay you retarded dumbfuck
I'm so frustrated with these shit heads, just fucking play the goddamn game for gods sake

No. 845018

File: 1625334779440.jpg (166.73 KB, 800x1165, 800px-Doug_Walker_in_2012.jpg)

I'm really starting to respect Doug Walker lately, As much I make fun of him, I have more respect for Doug then the fucking hacks in breadtube
Doug is a man of pure will, he does whatever and doesn't give up no matter what life throws at him, while fags like Lindsay ellis get a panic attacks if they get called out on twitter. but not Doug Walker, he takes life's shit and always manages to get back up

No. 845019

He seems like a massive asshole if you look at peoples takes on him, but he is still better than Lindsay who ended up becoming what she is. All of the breadtubers and woketards always end up paying the same price.

I thought Lindsay quit Twitter? Not surprised if shes back

No. 845025

Eating wasabi seaweed with a bit of cream cheese and sun-dried tomatoes. Fuck this is good.

No. 845034

I don't know much about lindsay so I had a skim through her KF thread a lil while ago (she was saying sorry for some slip up at the time so her thread was pretty active) All these guys were sperging about was her having an abortion years ago and how that makes her a bitch. How dare any woman abort a mans precious seedling basically. She should've had it and raised it and dedicated her life to her mistake. That's what good women do!

Maybe she is an actual fag but I couldn't stand seeing the abortion sperging repeated on every page.

No. 845052

The terf/anti terf sperging in the celebrity thread was really fucking stupid. All because someone said y chromosome moment lmao

No. 845061

that's why I don't go to kf anymore, too much male autism

I don't understand how someone could even interpret that as being terfy. calling out men makes you a terf now? okay then

No. 845067

>too much male autism
This is my caveat with like every online space that is remotely fun, you always have the retard coombrains and their objectification of women, it's impossible to flee from on the internet

No. 845069

>people's takes on him
Ehhh… A lot of the people Doug surrounded himself with during the CA days, I'd argue ended up being bigger lolcows than him. I just think doug's an autistic furry with an overinflated ego but, ultimately harmless. Despite all of his recent fuck ups like, his attempt at a terrible sketch show, CA imploding, some ex-CA members treating him like the second coming of hitler, admitting to being a furry, reviewers clowning on him, and The Wall review fiasco. It's kinda cool to see him keep on trucking, plus the one's who stuck around (BLACK GUY! BLACK WOMAN! GET IN HERE!! GET IN COSTUME!!! I'VE SEEN AN IRREGULARITY!!) seem to really like their jobs.

I think Lindsay Ellis deserves to get flack for her alcoholism, and general two facedness but, the moids shitting on her for getting an abortion despite never having kids themselves deserve to be forever alone. Her btfo'ing Jim Sterling will always be funny tho

No. 845073

Quorn nuggets yummy

No. 845075

All these years we made fun of him but turned out everyone in channel awesome was way worse

>Lindsay Ellis- Libfem and pseudo intellectual

>JewWario - Dead Rapist
>Linkara's - coomer
>Malcom(the black guy) - confirmed furry
>ThatChickWithTheGoggle - comwhore
>Filmbrain - Violent alcoholic
>Jesu Otaku - FTM sugar baby

No. 845079

The only ones I can think of who were adjacent to the channel who don't seem degenerate were Todd in the Shadows and maybe Cinema Snob, but I wouldn't be surprised if something bad came out about them either. Which sucks because I actually like their content to some degree

No. 845087

Ntayrt but likewise! The only one I don't worry about is the rap critic but who knows. I try to avoid all their social media so I don't ruin the content for myself.

No. 845088

Back when it were only around 20k members I feel like it was even better kek Miss these times, but I get why they had to tone it down now

No. 845091

File: 1625341213679.jpg (23.42 KB, 450x319, businessman-holding-gun-to-his…)

>First date
>We somehow end up on the subject of twitch thots and how they objectify themselves
>Leads up to us talking about Belle Delphine
>Me: "Well, at least she become famous with a stage name and used a wig, she could just claim lookalike if she somehow manages to land some job, too bad she didn't finish school though"
>Date: "Wow, you really know a lot more about her than I do!"
>Me: "I..uh…I…heard it from… a friend that kept tabs on her"

No. 845114

Why should I smile to a random stranger on the street???????? I'll only smile to people in greeting or if I'm going to talk to them. What in the America is this behavior

No. 845138

Some people just get satisfaction from positive encounters with strangers. You are definitely not obligated to return the gesture, but for most people who smile at people on the street (except creeps) it's just a sign of goodwill.

No. 845144

Yes but it's considered rude not to smile back. Maybe it's my autismo talking but I won't focus on a person passing by enough to want some contact with them unless I know them. Nor do I get smiled at often tbh, maybe it's truly some cultural clash. The only reason I'm even pondering about this is because I keep seeing tiktoks about it.

No. 845148

I don't live in a dense metro area but I imagine for many people who do, they have to frequently ignore others to get through the day. I did commute to a big city for a while tho and I started to enjoy just being around others and not interacting, like there was a mutual agreement that it's best to leave eachother alone. That's ideal I think.

No. 845176

I skip sex scenes during movies cause I constantly have the image of the two actors in my head shooting these scenes around dozens of people and how awkward it must be for them. I know it’s weird but I think this started when I began watching a lot of bts footage of movies and read about the experiences of the actresses especially and it just makes me uncomfortable af.

No. 845177

There were two shootings at my apartment in the past week and I was only a few feet away from one of them so these 4th of July fireworks are making me feel like I'm going to die.

No. 845181

File: 1625351188540.jpg (57.67 KB, 720x405, original (2).jpg)

I miss her

No. 845182

Don't know if it's the same for you, but hood feelings. Hang in there.

No. 845192

>miss her
Every fucking day. What they did to her was cruel and brutal. The show was never the same for me.

No. 845234

I need a Hollywood budget to normie converter. When I read something about a movie costing USD$4mio in poduction I have no idea if that's the same as me having $12 or $120.000. For all I know, USD$28mio is in the same range as USD$52mio which is in a completely different ballpark than USD$173mio, even though the difference between 28mio and 52mio isn't something I'd ever see in my own life, anyway.

No. 845236

I stopped watching it after that, her character was beautiful inside and out

No. 845250

What tax bracket normie? 10s of mil is like 1k for normies. 100m is closer to 100-50k and up. 100k budget is hundreds for normies.

No. 845295

File: 1625360992886.png (12.7 KB, 1036x95, lol.png)

Oh man I remember when KF was laughing at lolcow redirect banner for PULL. HOW THE TURNTABLES.

No. 845297

What even is that linking to?

No. 845304

Tl;dr banned members of KF make their own version of it except it's less like a forum and more like a chatroom featuring incredibly autistic /pol/fags.

No. 845307

Ughh, I know. I also had to stop watching the show after that. Iirc the reason that scene even happened was because of the police brutality that was happening around that time, so maybe that's why they chose such a well-liked character, but it's still so fucked up. I'm rewatching OITNB right now and idk if I'm mentally prepared to see that shit again.

No. 845353

File: 1625370581074.png (68.7 KB, 278x221, ranch horse deluxe.png)

I watch anime with my mom sometimes, and after we finished most of AOT, I kinda realized her history of favorite characters is bizarre. Dimple, Sex Pistols + Mista, Eren, and Levi is such a weird list.

No. 845359

File: 1625371776289.png (239.25 KB, 438x600, medium.png)

feel like pure shit, just want him here

No. 845360

>a fellow Mista enthusiast
Please feed your Mom some cheese for me.

No. 845391

I watched Jim sterling and the way he tries to talk and act feminine disgusts me. Seeing a fat fuck in a crusty wig, moobs and thin man lips trying to act all dainty really turns my stomach.

No. 845421

File: 1625388156203.png (3.03 MB, 2048x1404, Screenshot_20210704-034201.png)

No. 845430

Have you ever known who was politically correct one way and bigoted another
My Brother-in-Law is like that, he's anti-racist, supports women's right's and is anti-religious discrimination, but hates Jews, Troons and Homosexuals

Like he'll say something progressive one minute and the next minute claim that "the Jews in Hollywood are responsible", he has diverse friends from races and religious groups, his wife(my sister) is Gambian and he bi-racial children and he claims that "Jews are the one's who cause racial division" he's a confusing man really

No. 845432

i want to marry your brother in law

No. 845438

He's still a bigot but I can almost respect that he is not parroting only lefty or righty talk but choosing to form his own twisted view.

No. 845446

The main ones I encounter (online) are militant about "queer rights" but dislike women and are occasionally racist. Act like they're woke but bring out racial or homophobic slurs any time a minority person doesn't toe the line of their ideology.

No. 845454

Good lord, it's infectious! Lock up your male relatives, ladies. Lest they start cooming in your stolen underwear.

No. 845481

File: 1625401955335.jpg (263.45 KB, 1280x951, IMG_20190823_183419.jpg)

Happy 4th of July, feelin cute might delete later

No. 845484

File: 1625402108124.gif (520.56 KB, 400x400, 1624077274260.gif)

gunshots or fireworks
gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks gunshots or fireworks

No. 845486


No. 845487

File: 1625402469565.jpeg (355.46 KB, 828x841, 43E1E878-4500-481B-8F64-9AB748…)

What the FUCK is going on????

No. 845489

I didn't get >>845484 until I read this kek

No. 845491

The fireworks make me miss my deaf kitty so much. She could sleep through anything, it was so calming to be around. Miss u bb

No. 845493

I truly do not understand the appeal of this man at all. Ugly and annoying. However, I am in no position to judge cause I'm the anon who confessed to falling in love with HBomb.

No. 845495

i got a painful white dot on the tip of my tongue and can't tell if it's due to biting it in my sleep or a zit

No. 845496

use a box cutter to cut it off

No. 845501

Wow great advice, such a genuis idea! Yes why don't we all cut pimples off our tongue using a fucking box cutter, while we're at it, let's just cut the whole tongue off. Great idea!

It's 2021 and you still haven't figured out how to use your brain? Jfc, what a retard. You sound like waterbrain Greg.

No. 845510

File: 1625404216322.jpg (62.08 KB, 922x922, The face of perseverance.jpg)

I've grown to love Doug simply because he persists despite all his former "friends" wanting him to fail.

No. 845518

I loved his videos back in like 2007, then felt mildly betrayed when #ChangeTheChannel first came around, but then carried on with life. Then last month I saw (of all people) Folding Ideas, one of the old gang I still sort of respected, uploaded an hour-long smackdown of him. I was like, holy shit, it's been what, three years? How are you still seething and smirking over this guy? You got what you wanted; he's been banished to relative obscurity. It just seems now like kicking someone when they're already down.

No. 845519

I usually get those when I scold my tongue by drinking hot tea or something. It's best just to wait until it goes away. Try and not scratch it or bite on it

No. 845522

Nta but it was clearly a joke you sperg

No. 845530

Can I get a short summary of what happened? I've only watched a few of Doug's videos.

No. 845557

File: 1625407226065.jpeg (127.69 KB, 957x1439, rjLnsOQ.jpeg)

TIL That gendered pronouns didn't exist up until the Spanish Inquisition

This bitch has some other hot takes, like how before WW2 everyone in Asia could speak and Understand Chinese, how Indo-European languages are a white supremist concept and that Modern Standard Arabic was created by the French to destroy Islam

No. 845563

I moved from a city to a more rural area and I had to adjust to all the random smiles and hellos from strangers. I still find it a lil hard to read when I should or shouldn't initiate it though so I mostly let others initiate and I have a cheery reply ready for when they do.

Someone blanked me back the other day and it hit me how rare that is here. Pretty sure that guy has a mail order bride in his house that he controls and doesn't allow anyone to speak to though. He would be the one guy looking back at you blankly.

No. 845588

File: 1625410163148.png (526.43 KB, 640x641, 44.png)

>order a sausage egg n cheese burrito from wendblows
>everything is sloppily tossed together
>not even warm
>cheese is literally just a single slice of Kraft single thrown in when it's supposed to be saucey/melted and mixed together
>also a dash of hair to top it off
I've never been more disappointed in my whole life.

No. 845590

who would be the one girl (me) looking back at you blankly?

No. 845622

The extreme tldr is that a bunch of former Channel Awesome creators made a joint google doc listing years' worth of grievances against the CEO, including how Doug was only supposed to be an actor/talent but got to make huge managerial decisions. Other grievances were about overwork, abuse, etc. If you google "changethechannel" you should get more info.

No. 845627

File: 1625413364249.jpeg (75.15 KB, 640x723, E5bB3h8WEAAMd6B.jpeg)

mads mikkelsen dog is named messi? kek why is this so cute

No. 845636

File: 1625414227373.gif (35.77 KB, 220x123, tenor (1).gif)

the state of fast food is appalling i'm sorry nonnert

No. 845648

File: 1625415506698.jpg (35.78 KB, 600x400, x4xtyhl4bo871.jpg)

Jason Vukovich, the ‘Alaskan Avenger’, smiles at his brother after being sentenced to 28 years in prison. Vukovich hunted down Pedophiles and rapists, assaulting and robbing them. He gave the money and items he took from to single mothers he knew.

Both Vukovich and his brother were sexually abused as children.

No. 845650

It's a shame people like that get arrested

No. 845665

Incredibly based. I bet he's doing just fine in prison. Inmates have a lot of respect for people who avenge abused children. I mean, who wouldn't besides a child abuser or sympathizer?

No. 845696

Wow, wtf, 28 years?? That's ridiculous

No. 845705

There was actually a lot of misinformation spread about him, that he was just robbing people, that he was a Nazi and that he was just using the sex offender registry and not doing any actual research and nearly all of those claims were bullshit

Vukovich didn't need to go to the registry to find these bastards, people told him about local abusers and he acted on these claims. He had targets first and then after googling, often found their details from the registry because they usually already had convictions. he also helped out single mothers by giving them the money he stolen from the pedo's
If you know wanna the full story you should listen to The Alaskan Avenger episode of Unresolved Podcast

similar thing happened with the case Robert Maudsley, "The Real Life Hannibal Lecter" who was abused as a child, had to work as a callboy, killed a client when he learned he had a large collection of child snuff films and then would later kill 3 other men in Prison, one was a man who beat his wife to death, a 2 child rapists

kinda Interesting how both these were portrayed by the media as being inhuman monsters

No. 845706

I feel like I'm so beautiful and I'm mad other people cant see it. I think I deserve pretty privilege.

No. 845712

too many trannies on this site

No. 845714

>kinda Interesting how both these were portrayed by the media as being inhuman monsters
Totally to be expected. The State reserves the monopoly on violence. The media is just state propaganda.

No. 845720

No. 845726

Wouldn't most people describe the general userbase here as politically correct one way and bigoted another? kek

No. 845733

I got married at 21 and I thought it'd last.

No. 845737

reverse body dysmorphia? based tbh

No. 845750

I believe u nonna

No. 845753

File: 1625423905525.gif (77.1 KB, 250x277, 1394057477913.gif)

It's been a day and I'm still giggling at this joke I made at work: What do you call it when you snap a bundle of spaghetti in half? Regretti.

I'm here all week

No. 845755

loool nice joke, I giggled

No. 845763

File: 1625424855859.png (165.26 KB, 400x400, imagen_2021-07-04_135432.png)

Ewwghh no he has the face of a fucking looser nerd with narcissistic tendencies who got lucky at the money game. Same as Dobrik. They have punchable faces.

No. 845774

workout in that pussy is legit the worst lyrics i heard in my life

No. 845781

I wish the finntranny a bad week

No. 845798

That song is hot garbage

No. 845821

File: 1625429171427.gif (48.5 KB, 275x275, 1612963966700.gif)

i wasnt joking, ive always just cut off small things on my obody except for pimples.

mosquito bites? drain it by cutting a hole
dead skin or splinter? cut it out

cutting it out and letting it heal is less painful overall

i wasnt joking

No. 845824

no idea who that is but i will disagree with you and call you a cunt for the sake of starting drama

No. 845825

File: 1625429735409.jpg (110.02 KB, 1500x996, il_fullxfull.771904435_1w09.jp…)

You mean making a cut to drain the shit right? Not slicing off the whole mound of flesh.

I use those black head remover tools to poke a hole on pimple and then put a hydrocolloid patch on it. Sucks all the puss out and heals way quicker.

No. 845830

i do this for everything too, i also got this white thing on my tongue like op and just cut it out, hurts for less than a day. i also used to just stab my pimples with needles lol

No. 845843

Oh yeah, same. I got whitlows on my middle and ring fingers which swelled up massively. I couldn't be arsed to go to the doctor and the infection was just getting worse, so I got a razor and cut the sides of my fingers off, basically. It hurt but it's healing OK now, no infection.
Also my wisdom teeth are coming through and the gums will periodically get inflamed and sore while they're erupting, so sometimes I cut chunks of my gum off that are covering the wisdom teeth. It's something dentists do, I read, and I use a clean scalpel. Same with skin tags. Is that not normal?

No. 845846

what do you do with your various flesh chunks once they're removed? imo you should put them in lockets and say they're parts of your stillborn children, soren style.

No. 845851

Eat them.

No. 845856

Tbf I wish all trannies a bad week

No. 845857

File: 1625431286157.jpg (9.5 KB, 256x256, 1518338543785.jpg)


No. 845860

100%. Especially for those irritated tastebuds on your tongue. It’s the best way to remove them and the irritation stops almost immediately. I’ve a great pair of tiny curved tungsten scissors that are perfect for this

No. 845871

She came in to I'm not like the other trannies, very unebin of her

No. 845874

I fell down the rabbit hole of dating articles online, and when the question "What do you think of men who put out too early into the date?" came up, a woman responded with "I'm thinking to myself 'Die.', and also tell him so". A queen, if I may.

No. 845877

File: 1625432396456.jpg (65.37 KB, 710x810, 5367f1142810c5f33c15845bf00f99…)

I've booked an appointment at my hair stylist cause I want to cut my hair pic related short but my mom doesn't really like it which is making me second guess myself.
I've had long hair for over 10 years idk what to do with it anymore.

No. 845879

It's gonna grow long again if you let it, so I'd go for it.

No. 845880

I know, but we have a wedding this fall, so she thinks I won't look good.

No. 845886

It's only your job to look presentable at the wedding, not pretty, so so what if it doesn't end up looking good? I wouldn't put off hair decisions because of one event.

No. 845888

Unless it’s your wedding that shouldn’t matter much.

No. 845890

She's the only nay sayer, my friends and cousins are all for it

No. 845893

I've lost 40 pounds, and I thought I started to finally look good. Today though my boyfriend took a full body photo of me from a low angle and I still look like a gross whale. Just gonna starve myself for the next month.

No. 845896

Just eat healthy ffs

No. 845905

I really don't get moms who fret about their adult daughters getting a haircut. Especially when it's nothing extreme.

I remember the first time I shaved my head my mom just politely acted like she didn't hate it. I was grateful. She later went on to have cancer and we matched in the end.

No. 845906

Depriving yourself of nutrients long term isn't going to make you look good anon. Skinnier, sure, but at the cost of your skin and hair.

No. 845912

with my mom it's due to religious reasons and fear of lesbians. she doesn't like the idea of other women having short hair either.

No. 845914

She’s also gonna gain it all back once she starts up normal eating again

No. 845918

Every time I see a pic of a cute short haired woman and I go to… creep more.. I end up finding out they have a husband. It appears lesbo hair is in at the moment. Can't even spot each other anymore lol

No. 845922

lol yeah she doesn't realize this and assumes anything slightly non-traditional is the work of the devil/gays. she wouldn't even let me get a normal chest length cut cause that was "too short" in her eyes and once got extremely pissed when i tried cutting off just an inch.

No. 845944

File: 1625436595096.jpg (39.85 KB, 450x450, pompomposting.jpg)

I always wonder whether there are a lot of pakistani anons here or I just happen to browse all the same threads as one.

Either way, it's cool to think that thanks to the power of the internet I can read some girl blogpost in a gossip thread about some camwhore from half a world away.

No. 845958

I have the reverse problem even if probably minor: my mom keeps saying I need to cut my hair like this, need to dye it like that. I also don't like when she insults my natural color. You made me this way. I don't want to fucking go blonde, ok?

No. 845964

Good evening to MexisxReitaxchan and ONLY to MexisxReitaxchan

No. 845985

File: 1625440173242.jpg (72.54 KB, 537x654, 0bcb0d7e258cfa86688bee7e586c75…)

Wish i could have bought those vw horns that dakota had

No. 845992

File: 1625440593478.png (1.1 MB, 1200x900, imagen_2021-07-04_181543.png)

I am one of the anons here who has memed about ed sheran being ugly as sin but today my edate sent me a picture of himself and he's kind of a ginger guy with hooded eyes and he has a lazy eye and in this pic you could really tell so I think I'm a clown

No. 845995

how is ed sheeran being ugly a meme, it’s fucking true

No. 845996

there are tons of replicas on etsy, idk how good they look irl but in the pictures they look pretty cute

No. 846002

File: 1625441270059.jpg (35.54 KB, 340x510, 4_8.jpg)

It makes me cry when I see snippets of the lives you've all had.
I read something a long time ago that said that those in pain want their suffering to be recognised, and I just want to say before I pass out:
Anons I see you on here and though I don't know you, I know your traumas. I don't care what else happened in your life, who you are, or what you did - unconditionally, you deserved a safer, happier life and you deserved to have been loved. It's not too much to have expected or wanted, it was the bare minimum. You're no less worthy than anyone else.

No. 846004

it's a meme to post him here

No. 846005

bless you nonnie

No. 846006

File: 1625441392792.gif (970.7 KB, 400x224, EnergeticAdmirableIrishwatersp…)

Thank you nonna I hope your life is nice to you too!!

No. 846017

No. 846025

File: 1625443379260.jpeg (73.32 KB, 720x708, 1AE3D625-23F5-47BB-8092-56A349…)

If you think about it reincarnation kinda makes sense. I always thought it sounds too fake but look at the way the universe behaves. Is matter ever really destroyed? It is only reshaped and changed constantly, but we ourselves are made from stardust, so maybe we will also be reused like everything in the universe has been for eternity. They say nothing comes from nothing but can something turn to nothing? closest is in a black hole I guess? Maybe I am being stupid thinking we have souls though, and it really is all brain chemicals that will halt and cease. This only works if souls are something different, and who knows. I'm high sorry

No. 846031

Love your mind, anon. You're not being stupid. Everything that lives is more than just bone and tissue. Denying that is what's really ignorant IMO.

No. 846032

Do you have a link ?

No. 846033

File: 1625443990665.jpg (29.7 KB, 360x450, NAOM_Madeline_1.jpg)

My mum isn't a very superficial person but for some reason has strong opinions on my hair. If she had it her way, I'd have the same hair I did as a child - a ginger bob like Madeline. Admittedly I did look cute back then so maybe it's just nostalgia.

No. 846034

Thank you nonny I love your mind too letms get them married but anyway. I agree I think there is something more and it may be naive but I think it because we all just know it inside and express its meanings naturally. Anyway I'm making less sense to myself but, cool. Let's keep being epic. And if death really does tear our souls from the universe, maybe they go somewhere else. Maybe it is where things were before they came into being in the universe. Somewhere with different logic where what doesn't make sense here, makes sense there. Meet you there my friend.

No. 846041

reincarnation is the only after death theory that ever made sense to me. just because i think everything in life and in this world is just a cycle. and i don't know if i believe in hell or heaven but reincarnation is also the only way hell makes sense imo, i always thought you go there, get your soul cleared, and then come back. also i know people say thinking about this makes them feel small and irrelevant but for me its a good feeling, kind of like you're at peace and one with the world and the universe. idk

No. 846046

Why do we have no recollection of past lives? When I imagine what it's like to be dead I try to remember how it feels to be asleep, not dreaming, but suspended in nothingness.

No. 846048

You don't even have the recollection of being born or the first year of your life, go with the flow, anon

No. 846050

I've been constipated for days, strained to long on the toilet and gave myself hemmoroids. Now I'm constipated and my asshole hurts.

No. 846054

Entertaining the idea of reincarnation just weirds me out because it's hard for me to wrap my head around how memory works. If I'm just going to forget this life too then why am I here and conscious?

No. 846055

File: 1625447276298.jpeg (116.05 KB, 1242x872, 6D84D50A-D85F-4BF0-8698-DA5F17…)

Why is adding a drawstring so expensive?? My ever changing waist needs it or any pants I purchase will always fall!!!

No. 846057

No. 846062

I like the idea of reincarnation because it's comforting to think that a past or future version of myself is a normal, functioning person

No. 846095

I hate it when I follow an account that's mostly bot generated content or an account that's centered around a very specific thing but then the owner starts appearing more and more and talks about their personal life on the account. There's no way to not sound like an absolute cunt but damn, I signed up for this dumb content not for you. I just unfollow them and move on so whatever I guess.

No. 846106

I hate the idea of reincarnation because I hate how tiring existing is. My life isn't terrible, and maybe my past or future lives will be better (or worse), but either way I don't want to have to do this again. Sure, my current self will be wiped, but I hate being currently conscious.

No. 846108

File: 1625454451273.jpeg (972.07 KB, 1242x1977, FAFEB5AA-D7D7-4135-87DE-A0FBBB…)

for my pinay anons
who the hell is nadine and how come she has so many followers but little engagement ? She recently came out with a concert that seems to have been popular, but her makeup artist has a lot more engagement on her posts with a lot less followers.

No. 846112

holy duck /meta/ is such a shit-flinging mess that I can’t help not looking away and not laughing my ass off

No. 846113

I like the Idea of reincarnation if it's random. no matter how awful of a person I was in this life or a saint, my life will be Random

No. 846127

all because someone said "y chromosome moment" lol

No. 846144

>but I hate being currently conscious
You can spend all your lives in a drunken stupor.

No. 846145

I used to listen to Japanese music while reading because hearing English-language music while reading fucks you up but now that I've been studying Japanese for a while I'm registering and understanding a good chunk of the words and can't listen to it while I read anymore because my brain gets confused

No. 846152

… that's true. But unfortunately in this current life I'm cursed to process alcohol terribly so I don't really get drunk, or can't drink enough to get drunk, because even just after a shot of alcohol my body just becomes unbearably uncomfortable and I feel like I'm on the verge of death (really rapid heartbeat that feels like I'm being punched, shallow breathing/hard to breathe, terrible nausea). It's like if there was a higher being, it just said "nah, get fucked" lmao

No. 846173

Thanks x

No. 846196

File: 1625465718450.jpg (125.66 KB, 403x520, yamete.jpg)

how the fuck are you guys cutting shit off your tongue without cutting the tongue itself and bleeding out on the floor? i will probably end up in the hospital if i tried this

No. 846215

File: 1625468083415.gif (611.84 KB, 332x215, tumblr_8efa6b51d03e59f3bf66bb9…)

Sugestions and complaints thread getting locked is funny af to me

No. 846239

Switch to Chinese?

No. 846259

File: 1625474376704.gif (2.6 MB, 500x394, tumblr_22cb83749c1471fdc259baa…)

Audrey Hepburn reminds me of Franz Kafka and whenever I say it I receive that look. I swear they are long lost twins!

No. 846264

It's super hard to cut yourself that badly! You can lose a really huge amount of blood before you even get remotely lightheaded. Blood donations take a litre out of you, with no ill effects. You won't even lose a tenth of that trimming little things like warts off your body.

No. 846274

I've started thinking about eating my baby again. I've talked about this before but just the thought of gestating a pregnancy and giving birth then eating my baby as a grand meal, it's a fantasy of mine. Never gonna do it, of course. But it's been on my mind a lot these days. Don't know why because I had completely stopped thinking about it.

No. 846282

File: 1625477230308.jpg (134.39 KB, 1008x583, guppyposting.jpg)

No. 846285


No. 846289

File: 1625478189775.jpg (35.97 KB, 612x542, istockphoto-92236499-612x612.j…)

No. 846290

Not a tranny, you dummy. And as I said, not ever gonna do it. It's just a scenario to think about. You wouldn't get it.

No. 846296

No. 846301

anons please I weep

No. 846320

File: 1625484911806.png (13.98 KB, 882x758, 400.png)

>stop off for drinks and snacks in a lil independent shop
>have a look around and the old lady who owns it notices me
>"don't forget to check out our homemade goods!"
>"sure thing! wow, this chocolate looks delicious! how much?"
>"…that's soap. I'm happy to sell you it, but please don't eat it!"
>everyone in the store laughs at me, the soap eating village idiot
Why is life so cruel, anons? Be honest, should I commit an hero?

No. 846322

Anon…it's nbd

No. 846323

No, now you have a funny little story to tell. You probably made everyones day in that shop and they forgot about it by bed time

No. 846324

Anon… it's the dumbass shit thread I'm not actually on the brink of suicide.

No. 846325

funny story tho, did you get any of the goods?

No. 846326

In a specific mall I go to they always give away tiny samples of soap and every time they warn people not to eat so it's definitely a thing. First time I saw them I thought they were candy

No. 846330

I don't like the 4chan-ness of this.

No. 846332

I did! The banana bread is incredible, I've already had three slices and will definitely be buying loads more in the future.

Ok I don't feel like such an idiot now. Kinda wanna know if anyone's ever ate any of the samples before though kek, that would make good CCTV viewing.

No. 846333

do you know where you are? also sage

No. 846334

I read about this woman on Reddit who always thought that she had pale olive skin because it had a yellowish undertone to it, but after she was diagnosed with iron deficiency and started taking supplements, her skin became much warmer and rosier. I can't help but think that maybe if I increased my iron intake, my undertone would change too

No. 846335

Well, there’s a nonnie who actually tried out some soaps, so it’s probably something some people are willing to do.

No. 846337

It most likely will, same thing happened to me with the iron deficiency thing. It amazed me just how much my skin tone was affected by iron alone.

No. 846344

File: 1625487148316.jpg (289.88 KB, 1052x701, Christ_We_Failed.jpg)

Maybe this is our punishment from God, no burning bush, no smiting. just that we have to live here and bare witness to our own filth

No. 846345

these are just tattoos from ficional NSFW mangas

No. 846354

Tell me your mother hates you without telling me she hates you, mine is making a bathroom out of my room. The pipes are already installed.

No. 846357

after I moved out my mother tore down the tree house my father built before he died.

some moms aren't worth shit

No. 846364

Mines my dad but, months after my mom died my dad sold the home we grew up in and moved pretty far away. I had stuggled with agoraphobia for years and I still feel like I'll always struggle with traveling. I have a limited distance I can travel before panic sets in. He's 2 long train rides and a bus away and I can't do that. At 20 I felt like I'd lost them both.

No. 846367

Reddit really is trash omg. I've never realized the full extent because I rarely spend that much time on there and I always keep to my few casual subreddits, but when you go on the main page with all the trending posts WOW it's a literal landfill. Even five years ago it wasn't that bad, now it's truly unbearable. Now I know why my cousin's IQ went down a couple of notches after he made an account lol

No. 846373

it was always shit tbh. years ago they had lolicon subreddits and that one subreddit for posting creepshots of teenagers (which only got shut down when they started posting 12 years olds at a waterpark)

No. 846379

Some men just need to be put in cages to be forever forgotten by society.

No. 846380

Oh yeah it was always pretty bad, but I would say it's definitely gotten worse and there's little to no redeeming qualities to it. At least there's like 5 subreddits that are alright to browse every now and then - but step out of those boundaries and you get cancer instantly

No. 846382

It's nothing but a Hivemind. I use Reddit only to look at trashy tlc reality show news.

No. 846386

I really tried to like Reddit but it’s shit, the layout has been ugly as fuck since the very beginning of the site, the app is shit and the posts are always made to get as many updoots as possible.
It’s only mildly useful when you’re playing video games and you need a really specific answer about something that only someone in Reddit asked for.
I deleted Reddit after the pedo tranny was revealed to be part of the staff, it just was too much.

No. 846393

File: 1625494507406.jpg (61.79 KB, 1080x706, 20210409_114943.jpg)

I was drawing this edgy trucrime comic for fun but now that I have a small audience I'm freaking out that this can be traced back to my main art account because I'm a fucking idiot lmao

I hate being an edgy femcoomer

No. 846404

Can't sleep. Wish I could sleep. I think I've ruined my brain from 12 years of being nocturnal. It feels impossible to sleep normally

No. 846405

I'm actually kinda happy that tiktok is thirst the Menendez Brothers, cause If your gonna simp for anyone in True crime content, simp for the victims who fought back and killed their abusers or other sickos and were unjustly imprisoned

No. 846407

I kind of wish I had cringy weeb friends. someone who doesn't mind goofing off, not concerned with what others think, is fine with being immature at times, maybe even a little random exdee. doesn't mind watching shows that are considered 'stupid', and making ocs, maybe we could make silly videos together too, live action shitposting. I'm too chicken to cosplay myself, but I like seeing what others do so that can be fun as well. the thing is most weebs who are willing to do these things and who are also near the same age as me are genderspecials now. I want freedom to be old-fashioned cringe, not that. I want the foam adventure life, not the bugself one. but I don't have energy anymore so it wouldn't matter regardless.

No. 846409


I kinda agree but i still find it weird that they get sexualised especially considering their horrific backstory. It seems like an uncomfortable way to show your support

No. 846411

Could you nuke everything and re-upload with as much connecting information removed as possible? With any luck your readers won't have archived any information, don't announce what you're doing beforehand though or they will

No. 846423

It's the circle of life, ok website with original posts, then the coomerism and pettiness takes over pushing all the ok posters away, then it's final death, reposting content from other websites and full on pedo content.

No. 846452

File: 1625502480429.png (35.52 KB, 324x106, 001.png)

Because of the thumbnail, I always think this is Atsushi Sakurai, Misshitsu or something.

No. 846459

How do men always find new ways to be vile

No. 846466

>I always imagine it's atsushi
if only…

No. 846468

We had a discussion about this some months ago actually

No. 846471

damn, i thought that was King Atsushi too. Well, time to go watch some Buck Tick.

No. 846474

I want that too, anon. I had one weeb friend become a crazy cringe cos-fame chasing whore and now we barely talk because she's insufferable.

No. 846488

>t. vamplette

No. 846537

I have a feeling that there's a scrote spamming up /ot/ with his unsaged shit and trying to roleplay as a woman

No. 846725

I wish I knew you, nona.

No. 846825

Why is this thread so dead today, a dumb shit-free day?

No. 846842

i've seen a couple posts on here that sound just like one of my friends could've written them. same particular typing style and choice of wording, obscure weeb references, etc. plus i'm 99% sure she's a stan of someone who has a thread on here. i kind of hope it's her lmao

No. 846844

Don't scare me bitch
Which thread?

No. 846845

who does she stan?

No. 846846

I think all of the dumbass shit has been in the Confessions thread today

No. 846849


someone in /snow/ but she has autocaps off dont worry anons

No. 846853

File: 1625542119420.jpeg (37.23 KB, 500x278, 9D61BE0C-BFF1-41D1-98BC-864455…)

I thought onision was pronounced onion-sen until earlier today

No. 846857

File: 1625543584710.gif (771.55 KB, 220x124, IMG_20210705_215148_01.gif)

>sgdq 2021
>oh cool, a majora's mask speed run on wednesday
>i hope it's not the same tranny from the last MM speed run

No. 846861

I've been watching baseball with my family out of the desperation known as "nothing to do," and all that I've learned is that all men should have thighs like that.

No. 846863

Oh my god I thought this picture was gore, my heart stopped for a second

No. 846865

Ugh I hate how gdq pushes trannies so much. Just watch popesquiward or zfg

No. 846886

Baseball players always having amazing asses and thighs. Too bad they’re also always some of the worst people kek

No. 846899

File: 1625551620876.png (192.99 KB, 500x268, imagen_2021-07-06_010622.png)

I dislike Skyward Sword with a passion and I have no idea why. I guess it's the artstyle or the very anime story and characters. Does anyone else feel this?

No. 846912

Oh gosh I’m so sorry anon! I’ll put a spoiler next time

No. 846917

File: 1625552809097.jpg (65.65 KB, 706x1007, Ooooootlink.jpg)

Dont know if you're the one who also hates hyrule warriors but original ocarina of time adult link is the hottest, him and his sexy foxface.

No. 846921

File: 1625553021833.png (927.69 KB, 1200x848, imagen_2021-07-06_013036.png)

OoT Link is def top tier but my fave will always be Botw Link cause I love the sounds he makes when he does things(avatarfagging)

No. 846926

I think the Skyward sword and Twilight Princess Link have the same problem, their faces just look weirdly proportioned for some reason. Maybe it's the huge close-set eyes paired with the button nose and big plump lips. OoT Link is the best looking one of them all.

No. 846933

This retard has been spamming pics of Link in several other threads for hours, totally unrelated to any conversation, what are you talking about? of course that's avatarfagging

No. 846935

samefag just saw your new post kek

No. 846936

>for hours
>all of them are less than 40 minutes old

No. 846938

Sorry I wasn't paying that close attention to the dates, idk. 40 minutes is even worse in all honesty.

No. 846939

File: 1625554176945.png (319.45 KB, 560x460, links.png)

>oldest one is 45 minutes
>immediately banned just because she likes to talk about zelda
let her have fun, jeez
Isn't it funny how someone posting pictures of link is banned on spot but gore and child porn is left alone for hours and hours on end?(samefagging link anon)

No. 846940

Honestly my tinfoil is that mods love gore and cp and thats why they never act on spot. Random autists are easier and more fun to ban I guess

No. 846942

Are you seriously trying to imply that mods are totally chill with gore and cp and intentionally leave it undeleted? Obviously how quickly they get to things is just based on whether or not they're actually online. Sperging and avatarfagging is against the rules because it's not fun, it's annoying.

No. 846945

It's almost like certain mods only have permission to ban on certain boards like /ot/ and gore/cp are posted on other boards with clearly less mods like /pt/ and /g/ and /meta/….huh…

Also there were a lot more pics of link, that's autistic sperging at best, which is still bannable

No. 846946

I moved to another country in my teens for a couple years and when I returned I found out that everyone thought I moved away to have a baby kek

No. 846947

Nah. They don't delete CP and gore quick enough. Not being online is a silly excuse, get more mods then. But I guess no one really wants to because the announcement is still up.

No. 846950

>only show four pics when it was really like a dozen
okay anon

No. 846951

>immediately banned just because she likes to talk about zelda
>let her have fun, jeez
Nta, but it's honestly kind of annoying when anons spam the same shit across multiple threads. And weren't there even more posts than just those 4? Maybe it's just me, but I think mods have been doing a good job of getting rid of cp and gore. They're pretty quick on bans in /ot/.

No. 846960

nta but I didn't mind because I was feeling sad and love a good sperg (and I felt like I refreshing like crazy with nothing good.) Long live Zelda anon

No. 846961

I don't really avatarfag, but I wonder if any of you nonnies recognize me based on my posting habits. I don't think I've noticed any individual anons besides the widely-known ones.

No. 846962

I guess Link anon kek, there was no Zelda sperging

No. 846963

File: 1625556312884.jpeg (580.77 KB, 1029x1436, 38DA57BC-DE3A-4A1D-83FA-E5572B…)

I miss her anons…

No. 846964

I feel I post certain phrases a lot and have been a little more conscious of that lately. A lot of of double space anons sound the same.

No. 846965

God bless OOT3D for doing Link justice. The original game's model didn't look right. I still like Link in OOT artwork the best TBH

No. 846975

I don't understand how people get broken bones

No. 846978

Talking about zelda is harmless and fun, didn't mind it. Found it amusing. /ot/ is too quiet sometimes.

No. 846979

File: 1625558408803.png (845.75 KB, 865x1280, OoT3D_Link_Model.png)

I think his angular features and long nose are great

No. 847035

I see Link talked about in 3 threads

No. 847037

I'm having reflux and feel like someone is gripping my throat. Does anyone know how to make this go away? I don't even eat spicy shit anymore, but I cannot exist without coffee which I suspect triggered it this time

No. 847040

5 AM, time to sleep. Earphones ON, comfy blanket ON, Scott the woz sperging about the nintendo e shop for 50 minutes ON. And just like that another worthless day is gone, night night farmers.

No. 847043

this is me with the new DS accessory video. goodnight, anon.

No. 847044

Based, I love sleeping to Scott the Woz

No. 847087

File: 1625565975646.png (592.78 KB, 648x641, venti.png)

god i wish that were me. i don't know how she hasn't been snatched up by some rich trad alt right whatever dude yet, she is literally perfect. LOVE YOU BRITTANY

No. 847094

i miss my friend she got hit by a car and it's going to take 2 months to recover while i only have the rest of this month off. she tries to send a few messages a day but i always tell her to just rest those injuries. still going to miss all the wasted free time we wont have now. fuck that driver.

No. 847110

File: 1625568775560.jpg (89.46 KB, 683x1024, androgynous-haircuts-afro.jpg)

I usually don't pay attention to models, but London Myers is so pretty to me. She looks like a little doll or a fairy.

No. 847116

There's nothing wrong with avatarfagging

No. 847118

Except the rules

No. 847126

File: 1625569830408.jpg (101.12 KB, 491x861, Screenshot_3.jpg)

I used to think that 90s had the worst fashion, but I changed my mind, it was not that bad. Early 2000s was much worse

No. 847128

File: 1625569960429.jpg (240.1 KB, 1024x1438, 80ec9a6b556907fcc0c55e49dea35b…)

No. 847131

i kinda prefer90's and early 2000's fashion compared to now, at least theyre wearing clothes.

No. 847133

So you can't fucking read then?

No. 847134

I unironically love this kind of fashion. Everything was so fun and it was uniquely bizarre imo, can't see mainstream fashion getting close to that level of weird anytime soon

No. 847137

File: 1625570554742.png (612.58 KB, 560x476, imagen_2021-07-06_062250.png)

90's fashion is cool, early 2000's is ugly.
My take: Late 2000's and early 2010's fashion was the best (pic related)

No. 847139

File: 1625570631780.jpg (79.88 KB, 700x933, -1869669-1471644746.700x0c.jpg)

kek right? I feel so weird when I see young girls wearing crop tops so short that they could easily be bras

No. 847140

>My take: Late 2000's and early 2010's fashion was the best (pic related)
Strong agree, early 2010's fashion was really nice looking. The brief period of tasteful, pretty clothes before Kim K and grunge heroine chic v 2.0 took over.

No. 847145

I really don't miss having to be skinny to look good in my clothes, though. Being pear shaped and dressing in twee ass shit meant I was constantly working against nature

No. 847156

File: 1625571737497.png (216.28 KB, 305x600, imagen_2021-07-06_064204.png)

Hard agree, it was a nice era
Eh, I understand cause I'm not super skinny either but if we had the sizing we do nowadays with the styles of back then maybe things would be better. I do remember high waisted shorts coming out in XXL though

No. 847157

>Go check up on my personal cow from around a decade ago
>What she was: an altfashion, nice looking, artsy feminist lesbian who hated men and had girlfriends
>What she's now: trooned out, looks like a doughy, feminine manlet with a sad pube beard, a "gay transman" who's dating another FTM, neck deep into trans cult and most of her art is centered around trans aesthetics like trans men with chest scars et cetera
This is like the 30th time this has happened to my personal cows or old acquaintances, I'm not even exaggerating. It's depressing and unsettling.

No. 847159

Who? tell me

No. 847162

Who, spill

No. 847163

Drink coffee and metamucil and I promise you will shit. It gives me stomach cramps but it works.

No. 847165

It's a literal nobody so I'm not going to risk myself by doxing her. She's just someone I came across a long time ago and had a laugh at for some time.

No. 847166

File: 1625572433279.jpeg (9.89 KB, 227x222, hoo.jpeg)

No. 847169

Her outfit is honestly really embarrassing to have worn to a wedding. She's not getting "snatched" because she's a tryhard and it shows.

No. 847170

File: 1625572593751.jpg (63.57 KB, 1080x421, IMG_20210706_125537.jpg)

I'm sorry… CW for what???

No. 847173

It connotes yelling so some extremely online people claim they're triggered by it because it's aggressive or abusive. I'm not kidding

No. 847174

These owls are so cute haha
Eat a yoghurt then drink coffee. Poop guaranteed. If it still doesn't, drink orange juice as well

No. 847175

File: 1625573332795.png (241.06 KB, 500x636, imagen_2021-07-06_070900.png)

My personal lolcow is a 27 year old munchie hoarder woman with BPD and obsessed with sonic who roleplays having DID and has special tumblr blogs for each personality, she's also a troon

No. 847176

I don't, but I want to believe she was genuine

No. 847183

I love late 90s up to mid-2000s fashion. I miss wearing bell sleeved blouses with big 70s style collars, I miss the big chunky trainers and baggy sports wear and I miss seeing all the goth/emo/punk kids with self customised clothing. Maybe it's because I'm much older now but fashion these days feels so sterile.

No. 847188

Been together 8 years and are good, just really tripping out!! Bf has been talking about us having a baby pretty frequently and idk if this is his way of trying to get the ‘do you wanna start trying’ out there without being overt and I am v torn because I wanna but have autism in the genes and what if it’s a total mong? I’m not capable of or willing to start tard wrangling.
What if it’s fine and I just hate it? I’m in the third generation of a bunch of mental cases and we were all abused by our mothers, what if I end up perpetuating the cycle? It’s not like they wanted to be addicts and narcissistic and move from boyfriend to boyfriend. I’m scared I’ll become like that after having the baby even if I’m not like that now. What if being this neurotic fucks up the kid some different way?
How are you supposed to even start breaking this down?

No. 847192

File: 1625574685934.jpeg (362.2 KB, 941x670, 671B26D9-6AF1-4260-9641-81303E…)


No. 847200

Err on the side of caution, don't cave to his pressure and think about it on your own. Never ever have a child unless you're 100% sure you want it and want to takecare of it.

No. 847206

jesus christ don’t have a child if you’re not 100% into the idea

No. 847216

And so is the Golden City blackened
With each step you take in my Hall.
Marvel at perfection, for it is fleeting.
You have brought Sin to Heaven
And doom upon all the world.

—Canticle of Threnodies 8:13

No. 847223

hard disagree, i hate these types of styles, and the indie look, and the twee look, and especially hated that "pastel goth" trend

No. 847230

File: 1625579644231.jpeg (11.04 KB, 225x225, download~2.jpeg)

No. 847243

File: 1625580907385.png (2.26 MB, 1887x2048, Screenshot_20200612-150923.png)

guilty as charged

No. 847244

Anon please

No. 847259

Katherine Harlow bragging about her small feet is so dumb to me. What's good or cute about small feet?? All it means is finding cute shoes that aren't actual kids shoes is unnecessarily harder.

No. 847271

small feet make small dicks look big. ultimate pickme signalling

No. 847272

Eat weetabix instead of fucking up your stomach with cofy

No. 847285

I already knew some anons in here were very disconnected from reality but the "Beauty standards across the world" is so funny, I cant believe you guys think you have no hope if you're not a blue eyed blonde anachan and if someone in the RARE case would be interested in you it HAS to be a fetish. i have to laugh

No. 847288

File: 1625586259304.jpg (16.68 KB, 480x225, IMG_20210706_114053.jpg)

This banner is so fucking cute, i get a rush of serotonin everytime i see it

No. 847294

i still think its a racebait thread

No. 847301

I hate the bitches in the unpopular opinions thread I swear to god they're always looking for a fight over literally nothing

No. 847307

are you mad cause someone shat on true crime fans and neets

No. 847334

Isn't that what that thread is actually for, though? Either telling anons their opinion is nothing special because it's not unpopular at all, or telling an anon there's genuine reasons that nobody shares her rare opinion
If you don't want anyone to know that you have bad opinions, just don't post them

No. 847342

That's the whole point of the thread, retard

No. 847354

File: 1625591896293.jpg (18.23 KB, 256x400, 16241775.jpg)

Holy shit I just got sudden flashbacks to that super popular Larry fanfic Room 317. It was all the rage back in the One Direction fandom especially on tumblr, and how it made everyone cry and sob because Louis kept getting sick and then he died or something lmao. It was like a rite of passage for me entering the fandom which was the first one I really got into, especially online. 2012 was wild

No. 847397

Idk how gooners exist. The content is so fucking stupid and goofy looking…idk how people become porn addicts. Porn looks so cheesy 90% of the time.

No. 847403

I bet he was creeped out by that…fandoms really are wild

No. 847408

i always remember the one where louis had a rare skin disease where he was allergic to touch lol. its so funny cause like did we really need all these random scenarios

No. 847412

My mom casually mentioned her boyfriend of a month has already proposed to her four times and she rejected him every single time. She laughed and said she's only dating him to borrow his car. I told her she should stop stringing him along and just break up with him already… before returning to discord to talk to the moid I'm trying to convince to shove a hot dog in his piss slit. Maybe I shouldn't be trying to take a moral high ground kek

No. 847417

Well that took a sharp turn

No. 847423

>shove a hot dog in his piss slit
I used to know a guy who was into sounding. I never got it

No. 847424

It's so interesting to see that opinions are slowly shifting in favour of 2010's fashion.

No. 847430

I honestly miss when dressing like this made you the most fashionable girl on campus

No. 847431

i wish all tinfoil thread anons a very please stay inside since I assume most of you do not leave your house so you don't infect retail workers like me

No. 847437

I can't stand 1D but I've always found the Larry fandom fascinating. There's so many different flavours of unhinged in there, I love it. I skimmed through Larry fics out of morbid curiosity and I'm amazed how many different AUs there is. Heroin addicts Larry, adult babies Larry, criminals Larry. And it's still going relatively strong from what I've seen with the fake baby debacle and persistent rumours about Harry being gay. Can't help but admire their dedication tbh, even if they are fucking nuts kek.

No. 847439

Neither the moid nor I are into that, I just think it's funny. He's in his 30s and has been hitting on me since I was 16 and now I just want to see how far the desperation for female attention will go

No. 847444

I didn't realise how slow my country was with doses til I started seeing all the posts a few weeks back about refusing it and waiting for a year to see how they feel. I'm waiting but not by choice

No. 847446

I now have 3 e-mail boxes in my quick reply thingy, what's going on

No. 847447

same. It's all about the bimbo baddie instagirl look now

No. 847449

I just remembered that there's this game kids in japan play where they randomly shove their fingers up someone else's ass. forgot the name but I would've been traumatized if anyone did that tbh

No. 847451


No. 847459

I wish the Jumpstreet/ Men in Black crossover happened

No. 847464

What the fuck your mom really hoing herself out for car rides?

No. 847468

Infection rates are still soaring in countries like the UK with a large vaccinated population. I wouldn't get too comfy thinking the vax will save you, I went through over a month of hell after my second dose that was nearly as bad as when I actually had covid. Flat out refusal of the vaccine because "hurr all vaccines bad" is dumb but being wary of a relatively new vaccine that is making a lot of people ill and causing a lot of side-effects is just common sense. Genuinely don't want to start a debate, I just think there needs to be more nuance on both sides.

No. 847472

File: 1625599952804.jpg (38.5 KB, 718x960, 122161274_3613648998656122_836…)

If you see someone with very significant self-inflicted scars or injuries in public, what are your honest thoughts?

No. 847476

I'm glad my cat doesn't mindlessly eat whatever falls on the ground. I had to stop my friend's cat from swallowing a green olive.

No. 847479

Hope they're doing better

No. 847482

Hoping that life got easier for them. Understanding why they probably did it. Being grateful I never went too deep with mine

No. 847483

First thought - Those are gorgeous. It's pretty fucked up I guess but I think bruises and scars are beautiful.
Second thought - Wonder what the circumstances in their lives were to make them do that
Third thought - I hope they are doing better, and hope they don't feel ashamed of their scars showing.

No. 847484

I'd wonder about the cause

No. 847485

My cat's favourite food by far are olives. Why didn't you let the kitty have it, the pit wasn't removed?

No. 847487

It was stuffed with garlic and according to my friend he doesn't chew when he's desperate to eat something

No. 847493

If they're fresh I wish they'd cover them up because that makes me want to injure myself too. If they're healed I don't mind and usually just hope they're doing better.

No. 847495

Feel sorry for them, hope they get better

No. 847496

I don't like seeing them and wish people would cover them because it makes me want to start cutting again.

No. 847503

File: 1625602335993.jpeg (49.71 KB, 600x600, B220973E-2A74-4099-B258-ECD954…)

looking for life vests and saw this moob maker. wtf. why would they make it look like an obese moid bod? kinda thinking of getting it though so I can laugh at myself for ever feeling insecure with the thing off

No. 847512

realistically i think they're both just very lonely 60 somethings and she's in denial about needing someone else. hoing herself out for car rides is funnier tho

No. 847517

I want a cute gf to smoke and watch the comprehensive history of chris chan documentary with…. I’m on like part 7 all by myself and I wish I could share the madness with someone but I feel like it’s hard to find someone irl who wants to laugh at random cows.

No. 847521

I thought that the responses would be much less charitable than this. A pleasant surprise.

No. 847527

I feel this, anon. Really wish I could find someone who doesn't eventually end up seeing me as a cow too kek

No. 847548

Garlic is also hella toxic for cats and dogs. Please don’t let animals eat random foods.

No. 847572

File: 1625609347542.png (805.38 KB, 540x720, imagen_2021-07-06_170909.png)

doggy among cows

No. 847576

teehee it even has the same pink snout, how delightful

No. 847577

File: 1625609887149.jpg (48.85 KB, 519x650, worlds-most-beautiful.jpg)

i love cows with all my heart