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File: 1624725931971.jpeg (130.21 KB, 700x934, FD2AF8DF-DD46-4A8F-8805-B9E243…)

No. 838941

“If you think 90 degrees outside sitting in the heat is hot, then imagine what hell will be like.” - Hashtagspeakingfromtheheart 15:9

Previous thread: >>>/ot/813895

No. 838949

I tell my mom i am studying programming by myself but instead all i do is shitpost here. She's so proud of me.

No. 838955

I'm such a tactless self-centred bitch. My dad is on a diet for health reasons and sent me a pic of a plate with lean meat and some veggies with the caption "celebrating losing 13kg". At that moment I was eating and replied "congrats! I'm currently eating pizza with mayo" (as I was) and added "not very healthy but tasty lol". Realizing what I had done, I tried to save with "it was too hot to cook today so I ordered"… Luckily, my dad is the best dad, he just replied "enjoy life my dear daughter ♥". But damn I still can't get over my own insensitivity.

No. 839005

something is seriously stopping me from caring about the britney spears conservatorship controversy. all of the abuse that she had to endure for years is horrible and she’s pretty much a fucking slave but she’s privileged so

No. 839011

….pizza with mayo? What the actual fuck

No. 839012

The more I have things going wrong for me gynecologically, the more I appreciate being a woman. It sounds retarded but thinking about how intricate and bizarre our bodies are, how we have to take care of them and all that shit just seems sacred to me now. I am also on a lot of painmeds so maybe I am just high as shit, I can't even have kids because my shit's broken but I still respect and cherish the insides I still have. Trannies coulf never

No. 839017

I think it's very sad and all but she's not a friend nor family so I don't really care

No. 839022

It's a locally popular thing, not me being weird.

No. 839032

Sounds weird but tastes good. Anon's not alone, I was skeptical to try it but now I don't eat pizza without some kind of mayo or aioli. Yum.

No. 839033

Yeah idk between millions of people suffering and dying from famine, war and cureable diseases I can't bring myself to care about one singular person who doesn't get to freely spend her millions.

No. 839040

It's less about the privilege and more about the treatment of her body and mental health and what it says about the treatment of women in mental healthcare. I don't care super profusely as if she's my own relative but it does disturb me as someone who has narc parents including one who's tried to forcibly threaten guardianship because of my mental health issues. From a personal standpoint it's disturbing and disgusting to a lot of people that a woman would be forced to wear an IUD and be doped up for years in what is basically the modern equivalent of forced sterilization. This obviously also happens to women who are not famous, what does that say about misogyny in mental healthcare?

No. 839043

What kind of mayo though? Like kewpie?

No. 839048

>forced to wear an IUD
This is such fucking horror to me I cannot explain. Hearing about it gives me the same feeling I get as a CF woman myself when hearing about forcible impregnation and listening about abortion bans.

Nah, just regular mayo. It goes best with pizzas that have a sour cream base instead of a tomato sauce base. The one I ate was: pizza dough, sour cream, cheese, diced zucchini, smoked chicken breast, feta cheese, mayo on top.

No. 839068

Bringing a child into the situation would be worse. If the mother is too mentally ill to make any choices and there's no family, then the child is just going to be dumped into the social care system where it will likely be abused. If the mother is using drugs and alcohol the child could be born retarded, deformed or both. Certain medications used for mental disorders are known to cause neural tube defects and before being prescribed, a woman must confirm that she is using birth control.

No. 839070

Again don’t really care, and also it speaks more about privilege since some white woman who could have easily avoided being famous who gets a voice but other women who haven’t made a name for themselves who are controlled by their patriarchal families are again nameless. I get her pain but it’s still kind of fucked in a very complex way, her pain signifies a deeper issue. Who cares about her money?? No one should be treated like that, but this doesn’t change the fact that she’s still apart of the 1% so therefore idc hope she gets her justice but she still deserves to be placed under a guillotine

No. 839083

File: 1624741242771.jpg (120.86 KB, 811x1500, 81BhL4DlFiL._SL1500_.jpg)

I'm southern American and I've never had pickled pig's feet or chitlins. I would be interested in trying pig's feet, but I don't eat meat anymore, so that's out the door. Chitlins can go to hell.

No. 839089

I hate edgys so much like go to your home and get the attention you need wtf(namefag)

No. 839090

They weren't pickled but I did at some point cook a fair share of pig feet because a lot of rich broths require bone and cartilage boiling for the bases.

The taste is okay but it's more of a texture thing. If you've never enjoyed eating the cartilage and fatty bits from normal cuts of meat you probably wouldn't enjoy eating feet.

No. 839095

I really don't understand why anons are so indifferent because she's "rich". She was a poorfag growing up, you can see how haggard and ill-kept she is on her Instagram and it's gotten worse since Covid, it's disgusting regardless of the amount of money she makes that her dad is basically in control of it and until very recently he was also in control of her personal life. Spears is in the kind of conservatorship not for mere mental illness but for the elderly who have significant cognitive impairment like dementia, hearing her speak for herself alone should be disturbing in that it seems very, very, very unlikely she is on par with a mentally impaired elderly person. Not to mention, Spears spoke out for other conservatorships where she believes abuse is occurring in those situations, too. You may not care about Spears, but her case will likely result in some kind of reform for conservatorships in California, at the very least.

No. 839101

Oh yeah I'm pretty sure I've had regular pigs feet before, I've just never had them pickled.

No. 839118

The same could be said about you

No. 839123

OK Nina

No. 839153

I wish cali would just sink into the ocean

No. 839194

File: 1624753576221.png (111.16 KB, 458x260, nasolabial.png)

I know I shouldn't care blah blah, but having nasolabial folds young is so embarrassing. Especially since I have a baby face and they don't fit at all, like I'm super haggard. But I'm terrified of cosmetic procedures at the same time.

No. 839195

I was just complaining abt this in the skincare thread a few days ago. It fucking sucks doesn't it?? I also have a baby face so i look 40 and 14 at the same time. I just wanna look my age god dammit

No. 839201

The benjamin button curse. Ironically all the acids and treatments I tried made them worse. I'll just keep wearing a mask I guess. Much cheaper and easier than maintaining your face, and ppl treat you better.

No. 839203

Honestly anon just do it! I used to be super scared of plastic surgery, especially filler, but I finally got tired of mine and just did it. The doctor I went to was very conservative with the filler and it looks great!

No. 839225

I don’t trust anyone who has neck tattoos.

No. 839250

Likewise, I don't trust people who wear hats indoors.

No. 839290

Women don't have to remove our hats those are the rules

No. 839320

Oh, good

No. 839362

I'm absolutely obsessed with this green-haired, pilmeni-faced girl I just met for literally no good reason. I feel like a pathetic scrote whenever I text her and I fear that she can sense my raging, incomprehensible crush on her from how much I've been spamming her with my inane bullshit. We're supposed to hang out soon and I'm more afraid than anything, even though it's not a date and we're just friends. Help me anons, she's not even close to my type but I'm still rereading our texts over and over as if I have nothing better to do.

No. 839400

I have now played 4,000+ hours of Dragon Age Inquisition. No mods, no multiplayer, just 100%ing campaign runs over and over and over.

No. 839409

went to the bars for the first time post covid and I am dronk
oh my girl the urge is insatiable I'm going to dream about fucking Jim Carrey help me

No. 839411

No. 839414

Queen. For all its faults DAI frustratingly remains my game to "go home" to. I've started and played several campaigns but I'm pretty sure I've only ever 100%ed once kek. Congrats. Here's to DA5 in like, 2026 or 2+ years after whatever first release date they'll announce

No. 839415

wyd nona Nina

No. 839427

Yeah, it's far from a perfect game. I don't think I've ever recommended it to someone, in fact I've actually talked some people out of buying it lol. I do love it, though. Here's to DA5 being better than Andromeda (clink)

No. 839451

I have to agree with you on that, Nina! You mind if I email aramenziduran@gmail.com to continue this discussion?

No. 839455

I'm esl and sometimes when writing in english I know the sentence I want to write is not grammatically correct but I like it better than the correct version, and I don't want to correct it but I correct it anyway because people will call me out for being retarded.
Why should I bend to some stupid language's whims? It should bend to my whims

No. 839463

I think I've slowly become a normie
ever since I stopped caring about asian media and internet culture years ago despite still browsing here. There's so much terminology used here I don't recognize or understand.

No. 839510

I just signed that Nina anon up for a BDSM gear newsletter

No. 839535

KEK, anon ily.

No. 839545

I want to punish the world

No. 839587

I use LCF and lurk KF a lot so image board terminology has kinda made its way into my vocabulary, I tend to use autism a bit too liberally (especially since autism is mostly associated with low functioning kids in my country), and everytime I'm getting questions about my dating status I need to bite my tongue not to answer volcel.

No. 839589

No. 839592

leave my stand alone

t. D I O

No. 839610

Damn anon. I didnt even finish it, I just use the character creator to play dress up.

No. 839637

File: 1624811027154.jpg (Spoiler Image, 41.64 KB, 407x405, 660a490ff7664246e9f668486e5016…)

Tale as old as time

No. 839664

i have eaten 5 gummy multivitamins today

No. 839665

I hope you don't get diarrhea, nona.

No. 839673

If I ever have a kid, it's going to be through a surrogate. I have a huge fear of pregnancy, even reading about it makes me lightheaded and woozy.

No. 839683

Just adopt then? If you hate it so much why put another woman through it?

No. 839684

Adopting is also an option.
I also hate cheese, does that mean I should never serve cheese to someone?

No. 839688

I have played it enough for both of us, don't worry.

No. 839701

And i though i was a turbo autismo for having 200+ hours in Age of Empire 2

No. 839733

I never had an online friend or mutuals in my whole life and haven't had any real life friends since childhood. I don't really want any though.

No. 839737

How come?
I think friends are important, but I respect people who are happy with their own company.

No. 839751

I'm just more focused on other things and haven't encountered anyone I truly liked. Also I'm too lazy to put in the effort of hanging out, going places, or talking daily and don't feel comfortable sharing my interests.

No. 839770

Look on my works, ye mighty and despair

No. 839988

I have next to no sexuality outside of my fetish. I don't think I ever developed normally, and now I hate myself because I can never be happy like a normal person. Why am I so retarded?

No. 840009

I wouldn't think that is unusual for people with a fetish. what I've seen work for some others is distancing from their kink and from porn, maybe also trying to ease into normal sexuality. be patient with yourself anyhow

No. 840024

Sometimes I wish I could clean up threads and set them up neatly with all the information you need to know and delete any retarded sperging or infighting. Some threads REALLY need it.

No. 840026

Gnash my teeth whenever there's an annoying troll post that's just redtexted and left there. Why are you giving them a medal just delete.

No. 840057

I have an obsession with plucking my pubes, which probably stems from my extreme dislike of having body hair. It’s probably not good for my skin and vag but it’s so satisfying seeing all the little hairs come out.

No. 840062

me too! after so many years the hair has thinned considerably and i feel better for it.

No. 840120

Do you think it's that bad? Lots of women rip out their hair with an epilator or wax on a regular basis. Not that beauty tools/treatments are typically in favour of our health but it can't be that bad, right?

No. 840122

I threw out a 1/3rd of a bag of chips because I felt bad for eating them over the weekend but now I just want to dig them out because I noticed I didn't finish my dip. There's no food garbage in there and it's right at the top but it's the principle, right? I can't eat from the trash, right???

No. 840126

I'm jealous of famous people for getting so many pictures taken in their prime. I'm a broke neet who is in my prime physically and I already know that when I'm old I'm gonna be sad abt the limited amount of 'evidence' proving I was attractive at one point. I'm 23. I wish I had gone into acting or catalog modeling (bc I'm 165 cm) so I could have some record of my attractiveness when I age later on. Even if I couldn't get booked for anything at least I'd have some headshots to look back on. I'm tired of my family members whining on the rare occasion I ask them to take my picture for a holiday.

No. 840129

What's a better word for volcel? I've seen someone say "enjoying my singleness" which sounds alright except I don't want people to think I'm sleeping around bc I hate men thinking that they have any chance of fucking me.

No. 840131

I find the mental image of someone shoving a photo of them from when they were young and hot into people's faces as "proof" really sad and pathetic. Nobody is going to care how you used to look lol.

No. 840136

Anon you're really just projecting your disdain for white women onto Britney Spears. Britney was pimped into showbiz by her alcoholic abusive parents, starring on Disney as a kid and getting a number 1 album before the age of 18. She couldn't "avoid being famous" considering she blew up at 17 when she didn't have legal right to simply walk away. The entire family had nothing and relied on her for money. The woman wasn't born into wealth, was worked to the bone, and remained constantly in the public eye with cameras angled up her skirt until hitting a mental breakdown. She isn't someone who came from nepotism, has seen the worst of fame, and has also incurred a ton of abuse/trauma being in showbiz and yet you make her sound like Bezos or Musk saying she should be placed under a guillotine. The last time she spent her own money was probably back in 2007. Thanks to her family controlling her bank account the woman can't even get her hair done looks a ratty mess on Instagram because of it. You're really heartless honestly.

No. 840137

It's for my own keeping though? When did I ever indicate I was going to shove it in people's faces? Kek

No. 840139

It is really tragic isn’t it?
Look! Back in 2006 I was hot as fuck! Get me the old Kmart catalogues dear, I’m proving I looked good once to the neighbours smartass kids.

No. 840143

i keep having dreams that my bf and i have a baby but we're 26, unemployed and we still smoke so having a baby is really not ideal right now but holy shit it's all i want i just want to have a baby and put my all into raising it and giving it the best possible life. this is all i want to do and it's ruining my motivation for everything else i didn't apply for uni again this year because i was like what if he decides that he'd be okay with quitting smoking and having a baby with me but like we're living off savings (but limiting to £20k a year so we don't waste it) and with corona it's so hard to find a fucking job my dream of having a baby is so far away i know that it's going to take probably another 3-5 years til we're ready to have a child but holy shit…. i want it now. is this brooding? will it go away? it's already been 3 years of me saying this is what i want with him but i agree we arent ready ghggjgghhhghgh

No. 840145

Just take a selfie like everyone else that needs some assurance in their old age that they were once young and pretty. Or better yet, get some therapy and touch some grass and you could not care about proving to an imaginary future self that you didn’t have crows feet at 19.

Lmao ya are so fucked.

No. 840152

Your kid is gonna spend its life in a shit world with an ever-decreasing supply of food and fresh water, imagine being born to poor parents on top of that. You're making the right choice by opting out. If you really want a kid you can try to foster or volunteer at an orphanage if that's a thing where you live.

No. 840156

File: 1624871268556.png (537.72 KB, 640x640, tenor.png)

I want to apologize to all driverfags for making fun of them getting memed into liking an ugly man now that i can feel myself slowly getting roped into liking someone similar

No. 840162

Literally every word is better than volcel, just say you're single and not looking for a relationship like a normal person

No. 840164

I honestly thought it was just a forced meme at first because who would like that guy? Until I read them talking in their thread how it's no different than liking Benedict Cumberbatch. I'm one of those freaks that's attracted to the Cumberbatch, and I too would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Driverfags.

No. 840171

File: 1624872848399.gif (1.59 MB, 500x381, panda.gif)

Be the trash panda you always knew you were, nona.

No. 840210

I wish the anons on the old vent thread talking about "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes" and "I only feel empathy for women who get raped by their husbands/bfs" would kys

No. 840261

I got talking to a guy lately and felt myself falling for him quick. Nothing really came of it afterwards but I spotted him in his car yesterday and he smiled and gave me a wave. I don't know what make the car was but now every time I see any similar looking red car that's enough to make sweat a lil.

See this is why I've been purposely single for the last few years. To avoid.. this.

No. 840271

the statue in the stupid questions threadpic is so hot i wanna fuck it/him

No. 840273

He's rock hard for you too anon

No. 840277

Same, anon. I was shocked that they let their manhate blind them to the point where they were blaming other women. I hope that anon is okay too.

No. 840280

oh god don't do this to me

No. 840283

You can, but you can never go back to being the same person again, anon.

No. 840298

>Comparing serving cheese with pregnancy
You do realize those who bear the brunt of surrogate pregnancies will be women who have few options, right

No. 840307

Celibate, or single by choice

No. 840311

I had nasolabial golds since I was like 9, maybe even when I was younger. Also, it's not 'nasolabial folds' it's called making expressions. You are going to use those muscles to make expressions. Acting like visible nasolabial folds are a flaw is the line of thinking that got women labotimised

No. 840332

Pregnancy is not serving cheese.

No. 840344

I sleep with a stuffed toy. He is pretty dirty, think Luna's stuffed toys level dirty, but I don't wash him more often than once every few years because I'm afraid he'll disintegrate into nothing (the clothing he wears is basically paper thin now). I have never washed the main body because I'm afraid the stuffing inside won't dry correctly or will dry super fucked up and fuck up his shape. One of the major things I'm worried about if I ever start dating someone is how to explain to her that I have this toy and need it to sleep lol.

No. 840351

Put that mf on a delicate spin or handwash!

No. 840353

I hate anyone who goes onto the vent thread and needs to fill in the gaps to try and find a way where the thing you're venting about is totally your own fault. Especially when it's in defense of some creep or rapist. And it's always in defense of a shithead guy it seems.

I made a short vent about some men staring at me lately. A minor enough vent but then someone jumped in and started trying to find ways where I was responsible for old men and their staring. I didn't mention it but yeah I'm butch and heavily tatted so they probably just thought I'm ugly or ruined by ink. An anon wanted to assume I was some sex kitten who turns heads and then plays naive afterwards? Give your imaginations a rest blamey anons lol

Unwanted touch and unwanted sexual attention always sets them off with the classic "well what did you expect!?" .. To be able to vent on a vent thread wihout being interrogated for guilt, probably.

No. 840364

Old men are disgusting when they stare. Surprised someone would be offended, what a loser lol

No. 840368

>Unwanted touch and unwanted sexual attention always sets them off with the classic "well what did you expect!?" ..
That or they'll go "well at least you get attention!" or claim you're "bragging"

No. 840371

My mom went on a bus last week for the first time in over a decade and her entire ride some old fucker would not leave her alone, even moved to sit closer to her. She's a really nervous person and is afraid of saying no, or telling people to back off. She's been in scary situations and who tf wants to end up murdered by some old psycho?

No. 840377

Not to say handmaidens couldn't spout awful shit like this, but it makes me think it's lurking scrotes. Just from the immediate overreaction, lack of empathy and assumption you're some cartoonish tease and not just a normal woman.

No. 840383

What really killed me was when they said that anon made a "libfem decision", that she should keep freaking out, and asked her why she was drinking to cope. Crazy shit. I don't think they are scrotes, but what they were saying was so scrote-like

No. 840391

I wish telling people to kill themselves carried the same weight it did before. I want some people to off themselves or at least feel very bad for a while. Some people deserve it.

No. 840410

During a low point a few years back I was living in a shared apartment. I had very little going on in terms of a social life and I felt weirdly self conscious that my (male) housemates might think I'm some loner/loser. I turned to hookup apps to maybe meet a fuck buddy. That way I'd have the bare minumum of interaction with a human being and I wouldn't even need social skills to secure it. I could pass them off as a friend if my housemates asked. It somehow made perfect sense to me at the time. oh and I was horny too.

One guy I met was pretty chubby and not too appealing looks wise but lived close by and talked about looking for a friendship even if there wasn't more. I had nothing better happening that day so I met him and went for a walk first then back to mine. He seemed like a similar loner to me. We sat on my bed and just chatted and in the space of maybe 20 mins he farted 4 times.. and said sorry each time and laughed it off. A fat dude on my bed farting more times than I've heard some family members fart in my presence in my life.. Yay. He then started to hint at him getting erect. I think he suggested we 69. Well I made my excuses obviously. We didn't see each other again. I had overlooked the fatness and that was my reward for overlooking it.

This was many years ago before anyone lectures me lol

No. 840414

File: 1624897100122.jpg (80.06 KB, 1000x541, 1063796844.jpg)

I'd honestly rather carry all my water from a well and heat it myself than pay for water, gas, worry about burst pipes, and the constant maintenance of it all. I hate how complicated everything is these days.

No. 840418

I'm going to burn all my art. None of it conveys anything I want it to, it's all so plastic and pedestrian. I'm not proud of any of it, I just want it destroyed. I don't know why I've stuck with it for so long when it just sucks all the joy out of me

No. 840420

Honestly same.

No. 840421

Anon why? Can I at least talk to you before you do it? I can help you out and talk to you if you want to, I'm also an artist. Are you okay? this worries me

No. 840425

I am really accurate at details and precision and all that. But I hate it, I never feel like it's fluid or organic, or coming from me if that makes sense. I feel ashamed that I've been trying to make something I like for 14 years and not one thing has ever made me feel proud. I always detest the process, but I force myself because of the meme that you just have to try and things will get better. But they don't. I've been off my meds for a month, too.

No. 840430

we're in scotland so fresh water isn't really an issue for us. the thing is tho i want to Have a baby, like my own child. i know it's selfish but it's all i want. i'll look into fostering tho, you get paid for it in my country and we have a spare room and live right next to a school so it'd be great for the kid

No. 840435

I just went through this a few weeks ago. I do digital art so all I did was delete everything I've drawn for the last 7 years. Had similar feelings like you. Hadn't posted anything online or shown anything to anyone for a whole year, so for me it just felt like I was forever preparing to get better at something no one would ever see. I only did it for a hobby, so why would I keep doing something that would never amount to anything, when instead I could focus on a hobby or start studying something actually worthwhile?

I don't have a good answer for you. I haven't stopped drawing, I just do it less now and only when I actually enjoy it. Personally I regret the decision, but it's also not the end of the world if you do delete it.

I hope whatever you do that you'll eventually find your love of drawing again, even if it means taking a longer break and regressing.

No. 840437

Why do you want a kid anon?
Do moms even think about why or do they just have a great mysterious need.

No. 840444

you probably just want somebody or something to depend on you for life in exchange for being less lonely, adopt a pet or somethin. or like another anon said, volunteer at an adoption center

No. 840445


No. 840528

>be upset
>choose to get blackout drunk outside your home
>choose to fuck a random scrote
>"trust" him to use a condom
>he doesn't
Seriously what do you people expect? There's definitely some awful things that were said to her but you can't play dumb and act like both faults can't coexist (and I don't mean equally obviously). Go seek AA if that's your default cope and stop fucking randoms when you're alone and drunk. You have to look after your fucking self.

No. 840561

No nonnie, women are all pure angels who never do anything wrong or stupid. Don't be a bad feminist!

No. 840569

Dont know if scotland varies much from how it is in other parts but I was following a UK foster moms journey for a while on youtube and she had a whole series of breakdowns in her first few years of taking foster placements. She spent years with fostering in mind, it was her major goal in life and then she nearly gave up in the first year because of being messed around by how the current system worked.

A kid would be finally given to you after you jump through hoops to be perfect for them.. you spend so much times preparing and being up to scratch and being judged and evaluated and then they're taken away with just a moments notice because a bio family member became available. She had alot to say about the system expecting an awful lot of you and not giving you much consideration back. You get attached and have the child taken with no time to say goodbye. You have to go through certain training and do courses like emergency first aid to receive certificates and keep them valid. The kids have behavioral issues but the system itself caused her more stress than the everyday parenting part. All the regulations put you under pressure. I'd look into youtubers in your area that cover the topic.

No. 840577

>look after your fucking self
Nta but look after yourself by not sperging any more about an already day old vent post that was likely bait anyway.

No. 840606

I gathered all my stuff up and I think tomorrow night I'll drive down to the beach and set it all on fire in one of those pits. Lifeguards leave their posts and patrol infrequently so I'll likely be able to do it. As I've looked through my stuff I only feel better about my decision. Thank you for talking to me, though. I think I'm done with drawing as a medium for a while, maybe I'll try my hand at painting or collaging or something else when I get back into art again.

No. 840611

You should bring this up to the retards who still bring it up in other threads after the og one died instead

No. 840612

I threw out all of my art a few months ago and I haven't regretted it a moment. I was so sick of it and knowing it still existed shoved away in the attic bothered me to no end. I'm so glad I got rid of that shit.

No. 840620

That spoilered post was 9 hours old when you responded to it anon lol

No. 840627

>9 hours
>compared to crossposting about a dead thread 24+ hours later
Are you purposely trying to embarrass yourself? You can’t actually defend your own retardation so you’re latching onto reply times kek

No. 840635

What were we talking about again?

No. 840640

Take a pic and post it here if you do plz

No. 840661

I guess I can, I didn't want a record of it, but I suppose if I just upload it here and delete, it'll be fine. Compared to some artists here I certainly don't have a lot. It would likely happen in about 30 hours.

No. 840669

Why don't you just recycle that shit, dude?

No. 840672

I don't want anyone else seeing it. Yeah, very self-focused, but it's one fire.

No. 840705


Sounds like this might actually be very cathartic for you. Have fun, anon, good luck with the fire!

No. 840766

I used to have a friend who was so demanding that I consumed all of the media she liked but she'd literally spoil everything as she spammed me while trying to convince me to watch/read. Then she got frustrated why I never watched whatever she suggested. I'm kinda glad we're not that close and keep our relationship limited to "hi"s in the grocery store just because of that.

No. 840770

File: 1624919596612.jpeg (29.05 KB, 600x600, 668C5984-61A1-436A-BBD4-17921E…)

Sometimes I feel bad for the nonnies that discovered imageboards too young, and I also feel a bit smug because I respected the rules and always avoided looking into 18+ stuff as a kid, because I thought the computer would tell my parents if I even searched for such sites.
Then I also remember when I wanted to watch an anime cartoon opening and asked for my mother’s permission to watch it because the rules said that I had to ask for my parents’ permission and account.
My mom told me to not watch it but then I mentally said
>fuck it
And broke the rules by creating my own 18+ account even though I was a kid.
I felt so bad about it I even confessed I did so at church and cried because I thought I would go to hell for lying about such an important internet rule.

No. 840803

you're so cute nonita, I love you.

No. 840807

>Sometimes I feel bad for the nonnies that discovered imageboards too young, and I also feel a bit smug because I respected the rules and always avoided looking into 18+ stuff as a kid, because I thought the computer would tell my parents if I even searched for such sites.
Then I also remember when I wanted to watch an anime cartoon opening and asked for my mother’s permission to watch it because the rules said that I had to ask for my parents’ permission and account.
Anon are you me??? I also steered clear from video games rated 15+ (until I hit my 15th birthday), M etc…

No. 840813

I'm jealous, mental illness from being exposed to messed up stuff on the internet young should be added to the DSM.

No. 840819

no one ever told me not to look up naughty stuff so I looked up things like "girls peeing" just to see if everyone else peed like me. Naturally that led to "how to pee standing up" but then I started looking up how to make milk with your boobs and searching things like "anime boobs." I never cleared the history because I didn't know about it, so I was found out and punished. I felt really ashamed afterward kek

No. 840846

My first exposure to the Internet was my counsins showing me porn sites but only photos and then we swiftly moved on to chatrooms and yahoo chat and I spent so much time faking accents on the voice chat. When we got our own desktop I use to hang out on the msn chatrooms when I was 11. I told everyone my age and no one tried to groom me or if they did try I would just act dumb and change the subject. I use to chat to so many types of people, of course a lot of older men and they would tell me about their girlfriends and about sex. People had so much time for an 11 year old that knew how to type in sentences. It was so odd and liberating.

No. 840870

I want to try becoming an egirl bc it would be nice to have retarded scrotes throw money at me just for existing. I’m like a 7-7.5/10 and look younger than I actually am but idk how long I’m be able to handle pandering to scrotes.

No. 840888

I wish I had bulemia but I hate the idea of puking.

No. 840912

I'm gonna bullymia you over not knowing how to spell bulimia

No. 840921

That was clever, my bad.

No. 840922

Just become a vtuber

No. 840926

Ew, get some self esteem.

No. 840974

bulimia can fuck you up hardcore mentally and physically just lose weight like a normal person, calories in < calories out

No. 840990

Just go ask your mum and dad to look at you for a minute. Youll get the attention you’re clearly begging for and it’s about a thousand times less embarrassing to say ‘please someone notice me because I am tragic’ than to pretend you want the dirty eating disorder than makes you smell bad.

No. 840991

This plus the teeth rot and heart attacks

No. 841005

>the dirty eating disorder than makes you smell bad.
Don't all eating disorders make you smell bad? Genuinely asking, I remember seeing something a while ago about how people with eating disorders stink

No. 841007

File: 1624941419867.jpeg (551.66 KB, 1632x1224, Grad-Life-Photo.jpeg)

I wish I could become a workaholic so I have something to do/escape into but I'm too lazy.

No. 841049

File: 1624947141435.jpg (35.76 KB, 540x415, 5JzptYq.jpg)

There's this Webtoon I really like and want to discuss with others, but the comments are full of moralfags. It has gotten to a point were I dislike every comment that has "As a patient with DID…" or "I'm glad to educate people". I don't even bother to read the whole comment, if a comment has a "Ackchyually, as a person with DID…" I just instantly dislike it.

No. 841068

Anirexics will smell like ketosis, so fruity and sour. Fatties smell like fatties, musty sweat but mostly normal. You will catch a waft here and there but unless they’re also unhygienic it’s not unbearable.
Bulimics absolutely reek of puke, sometimes of ketosis as well. Imagine bile scented cheap white wine, and dental decay.
We stink like that all day long. It’s proper nasty. Your sweat will smell poisonous kek

No. 841073

i really like 1 (one) ed sheeran song

No. 841077

Same. I love that his latest song finally is something other than a saccharine love song

No. 841078

it's the rock one with bruno mars and some other guy in my case

No. 841083

those people dont even have DID lmao

No. 841086

File: 1624951500307.jpg (185.78 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_20210528_043527.jpg)

I think KF is an ugly relic and should be shut down, but then all that autism would come here

No. 841095

File: 1624955632568.jpeg (104.27 KB, 743x560, BABC82F3-1CA0-43F2-92A1-957C97…)

It’s sexist to think this way and I know every woman isn’t like this but with my own experience with PMS and hormone cycles, I kinda get why people would think women aren’t capable of the same jobs and roles as men. I literally function like a pathetic baby while I’m PMSing for a week and my whole routine goes to shit and I can’t do anything. I know not all women experience the same thing but how the fuck can I expect a woman to operate on the same level as a man when womens’ hormonal cycles are so fucked up and cruel to us.

No. 841096

That shit ain't normal anon, you're probably nutrient deficient or not getting proper exercise

No. 841097

Don't worry. Kf autist hates female-only sites
So they probably would be on alog.space or lolcow.org

No. 841101

This isn't normal PMS you're experiencing, anon. It's either an underlying mental illness, a hormonal disorder or both. Normal PMS is slight pain you can treat with over the counter pain meds and feeling somewhat bloated and irritated, not turning into a baby incapable of functioning like a normal person.

No. 841109

idk the KF thread being relentlessly flooded by ban evading edgelords makes me worry. They don't seem to notice or care that they're unwanted. I worry.

No. 841113

PMS =/= cramps. I think anon means the mood swings and emotional issues that come with PMS and I kinda feel the same. I could tear up at every single thing in the week before my period and get angry and upset a lot easier at people around me. Women experience these issues differently. Some women have no cramps, others have debilitating cramps, some women have almost no PMS, others have it bad. It's normal.

No. 841115

You think if KF gets shut down this site isn't next? lmao. You can either be for freedom of speech or not. And if you think this place has a right to exist then so do other places like it even if you don't like them. Personally I am against letting the trannies win the censorship war and having the internet bend to their will, but I guess that's an unpopular opinion.

No. 841121

Yes, PMS = Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, cramps typically happen during your period or right as it’s hitting/ending, PMS happens up to a week, sometimes even two weeks, before your period starts. I do have ADHD but my psych said that shouldn’t affect my period, maybe she’s wrong? I don’t know, like I said I know every woman experiences different PMS symptoms but I do know many suffer very bad emotional effects from it including me and it’s so frustrating. Thanks for understanding.

No. 841125

You should talk to your gynecologist anbout it. A lot of period symptoms can be improved by taking hormonal birth control. I know I had widely different PMS symptoms depending on the kind of pill I was on, maybe there is something to be done about it since it is a hormonal issue.

No. 841138

First off, I'm no free speech warrior. Secondly, once this place gets filled with alogs and fights a foreign government to host footage of a mass shooting, then I'll agree with your reasoning.

No. 841141

Thank you, I’ve tried a few birth control pills and so far they’ve made my symptoms worse unfortunately. I’ll be more diligent with finding methods to help though, I’ve been very doom and gloom about it lately but there’s probably something I can do.

No. 841147

That would happen immediately if those Neanderthals moved in.

No. 841153

If anything this "it's normal to have your life in shambles every month, it's just how some women are!" bullshit should not be normalized. I suffered through painful, horrible periods for years before I got treated for ovarian tumors, another girl was suicidal during her PMS before she got on mood meds and therapy. It's not normal to experience this and you're entitled to help and treatment.

No. 841162

I hate whenever they go into their sperges about how every woman on earth secretly wants babies (even if she denies it) and how it's our destiny and our main source of worth and then they talk about wombs and get all their facts wrong on how our reproductive systems actually function… but apart from that I like the deathfat threads

No. 841177

I am obsessed with trying to recreate the Genshin Impact characters in the Sims 4

No. 841182

I’m incredibly afraid of becoming extremely overweight and idc if that makes me fat phobic

No. 841187

File: 1624965327749.jpeg (62.21 KB, 676x392, 00C03586-D075-4DD2-9DA3-4544F4…)

any reasonable human being who uses KF would being 100% on the “no” option, but we’re dealing with scrotes not humans

No. 841189

This is why no one likes kiwi farmers.

No. 841190

They don't even wanted on alog.space LMAOO

No. 841192

I've never struggled with my weight but I've seen women who either gain alot from birth control or from antidepressants/similar and I always wondered how someone can put up with 50/60 pounds of weight gain as a side effect. I've never asked them becuase it seems insenstive to ask.

I once took a psych med that's well known for making you gain, I took it for a few weeks, gained maybe 10 pounds and noped back out of it real quick. Wasn't going to stick around for the 50 pounds I've seen others get.

No. 841198

Ugh the meds I used to take blew me up like a balloon and the culprit is always psych meds that are probably overly medicated with women. I think it’s like a plan to make women extremely fat and insecure, birth control is straight garbage to your health as well and that’s why I’m afraid to go to the gynecologist as well. The weight is also incredibly hard to shave off as well

No. 841200

No. 841202

I gained 15 kilos from hormonal birth control over the course of 3 years, gained 4 cup sizes and became depressed. Before taking it I've never had any issues with my weight or mental health. I spoke with 3 different gynecologists and every single one said that "the pill doesn't do that". I hate how you can not trust these doctors whose job it is to get rid of these things and not prescribe medication that causes it. I believe they say these things and prescribe them because they make a shit ton of money from the hormonal birth control.
1. Make women fat and depressed
2. Create unrealistic beauty standarts
3. Women become even unhappier and get eating disorders and more mental issues + obesity
5. Diet, pharma, fitness, fashion, makeup & plastic surgery industry make big moneys from the suffering of women

I stopped taking the hormonal birth control a few months ago and I'm not depressed anymore and already lost 4 kilos

No. 841210


No. 841218

what? lmao no anon

No. 841243

I appreciate their abundance of male cow threads. The universe feels balanced that way. Even if just lurking there is akin to swimming in a pool of liquid shit.

No. 841244

There is nothing wrong with being "fatphobic", anon.

No. 841260

"Fatphobia" is not a thing.

No. 841305

Lol same, I wasn't even heavily monitored as a teen, it helps that I didn't get my own computer until college and I thought the list of websites you visited would appear on the internet bills, so the only places I went to were anime blogs and TVtropes. I think I was 19 the first time I saw porn and it was on Tumblr, at least I wasn't mentally fucked up from being terminally online.

No. 841327

I used to be scared to go on youtube because i though there was porn there

No. 841342

I stumbled on a whole bunch of porn vids and porn playlists on there only lately, the vids were full of bots/fake accounts commenting identical comments too. Never seen full on porn passing by like that.I'm talking peen in ass with added on images of fruit blocking youtube from being able to automatically pick up on it. You could see it though. I went through all the lists to report stuff and I think I found old unused accounts that had been hijacked. They had old/normal content dating back years and then this porn with massive view counts out of nowhere.

I think I was looking up the name of a childrens toy when I found it, was researching a gift for a family member. In all my years on youtube that's how I stumble across porn on there?

No. 841358

I want to fuck a psychopath. I'd never do it, but I'm so tired of only being with people-pleasing pushover men that I've begun to idealize and fantasize about the opposite end of the spectrum.

No. 841413

>Sometimes I feel bad for the nonnies that discovered imageboards too young
I started on 4chan in 2006 when I was 13. While I did see some unpleasant things such as gore and hardcore porn, I don't regret it. Seeing the absolute worst of the internet taught me so much about men and humanity in general. I would never give up that knowledge.

No. 841428

4chan is arguably the extreme end, but general internet was enough for me. While I've never been naive regarding men and sex and I'm probably going to sound stupid for saying this, I struggle to feel attracted to them now. Almost all of them watch what is imo pretty misogynistic content (porn use stats confirm this) and for many men their relation to women and sex is clearly even more fucked than I realized.

No. 841538

File: 1624988906768.png (315.25 KB, 600x814, 2532.png)

The shit talking of lesbians on lolcow sometimes genuinely hurts my feelings ngl and makes me want to stop using the site sometimes. It's not like I'm not used to shit talking on the internet, I used 4chan a lot as a teenager. But it was different knowing it was just a bunch of neckbeard scrotes saying terrible shit about things relevant to you. Hurts just a bit more when you know It's your fellow woman.

Yes I am a big fucking pissbaby.

No. 841540

Wait people shit talk Lesbians?!
Aren't ya'll like the superior sexuality?

I love you and appreciate you lesbian anon don't let people get you down

No. 841549

At least two of the anti-lesbian sperging I've seen were done by confirmed scrotes.

No. 841562

every place has its crazies and retards, please don't let it get you down or respond to bait. most women here are sane and have nothing against regular lesbians, and plenty of farmers are lesbian themselves and come here because of how fucked it is for lesbians (especially in the west) with the gender shit.

No. 841563

I'm not a lesbian so I don't relate to that part so much but I've felt the same way about other things here/anons picking fights for no reason. I don't want to leave because it's still nice to have a place you don't have to hide being a woman but I can't help but feel like I'm some grimy kid trying to hang out with the cool girls who barely tolerate my existence.

No. 841568

You mean the bi versus lesbian feud?

No. 841571

I feel the same way, anon. It's very mixed here, I've met incredibly supportive and chill women but also met women who will pounce on anons for the most benign comment about finding women attractive. At best you're a pig who's contributing towards the culture of unwanted sexualisation and harassment of women and at worst you're a scrote because some anons are mentally stuck a couple centuries back where real women are all pure and chaste and wouldn't dare comment on sexual matters, not even on an anonymous imageboard. That's not even touching on how the lesbian thread regularly has unwanted anons posting in there. You're not the only lesbian pissbaby though, nonna. I hope you encounter better women on here from now on. ♥

No. 841592

If it wasn't for 2d anime boys I would be probably living somewhere in a monastery, simping over Jesus.

No. 841593

Jesus is the most known 2D boy

No. 841598

File: 1624991755044.jpg (51.56 KB, 400x400, ZlXZ0cJv_400x400.jpg)

No. 841611

the fact that a lot of men secretly go on here fucking scares me. literally breeding a bunch of sociopaths and unfunny people who think they’re comedians for spamming, calling everyone fags and getting threads deleted

No. 841615

File: 1624992528445.jpg (114.48 KB, 600x849, 950ccad0c36abf006ef225a20487e7…)


No. 841628

I smell dickcheese

No. 841630

File: 1624993208055.jpg (430.25 KB, 1280x1701, jesusjpg-dc8591665c5363d6.jpg)

Original pretty boy

No. 841633

File: 1624993513427.jpeg (185.09 KB, 472x659, 2D392F3D-7BE7-4BCD-8787-809A59…)

>I thought the list of websites you visited would appear on the internet bills
They don’t appear?

No. 841638

You can request to see internet history from your internet provider, I think.

No. 841643

Unironically agree with you nona. So tired of life right now i wish i can become a nun or something.

No. 841646

Anon can you read? It was about 4chan

No. 841648

I wish I'd been interested in 2d boys sooner instead of ending up in shitty relationships.

No. 841671

File: 1624995888119.jpg (246.2 KB, 640x688, 1611692380444.jpg)

Don't feel bad, I think it's more common but taboo to talk about how debilitating it can be beyond "lol I'm craving chocolate and cry". During PMS I get really intense mood swings, I don't even have BPD or anything, it's just hormones. I get suicidal thoughts and turn to rage really quick. It sucks especially because you can't put your life on hold for 4-5 days while you go through it, and everyone (men and women) expect you to just function like normal. I've tried asking a gyno about it and they just suggest bc which I don't want to take. Not even doing a hysterectomy gets rid of hormonal fluctuations. Fuck this shit

No. 841689

When I say that I hate men, I really mean the ones I see/meet online. 95% of the ones I meet IRL don’t come off as degenerates or coomers but wow internet men are wastes.

No. 841690

Samefag I don't want to take that shit. You could try some supplements anon, like primrose oil or chasteberry. Primrose helps me, along with grassfed milk and vitamin D.

Women with pmdd usually have low vitamin D, B6, and magnesium so that's worth a try first. Hope you find something that works, doctors are fucking useless.

No. 841694

They just keep their degeneracy to the internet anon. Maybe look at your male family's internet history.

No. 841695

they're the same men lol

No. 841698

File: 1624997552329.jpg (218.06 KB, 1920x1080, getty_474331065_68732.jpg)

When I was a little girl I had anxiety about going pee in public restrooms, so to hype myself up to pee like a normal person I imagined that I was Oprah life-coaching her retarded live audience on how to pee, and I would have to perform or they would never learn how they're supposed to pee properly. They would all cheer for me teary-eyed because they were so happy someone finally told them how to pee because they were doing it wrong this whole time. I even made up questions to respond to. I still think about that sometimes when I pee, and other times I imagine I'm her, interviewing my real self about some great project I just finished on her talk show. So yeah I've conditioned myself into imagining that I'm Oprah when I'm sitting on the toilet.
>Let it flow, ladies!

No. 841700

do you think the men on the internet just don't exist in real life or what

No. 841703

Wish I could relate. Whenever I have to meet my friends male friends I can't help but judge them silently.

No. 841716

i love you so much anon

No. 841726

I also have a peeing related childhood habit to share! When I was a kid I watched a documentary about animals and they said all mammals pee for 22 seconds on average. I was mindblown and had to see if it was true for humans too, so I started counting seconds every time I went to pee. And what do you know, after more than a decade of data collection I can tell you they were right.

No. 841727

I once got asked out by a guy from TOWIE which caused some of the women I was working with at the time to speculate if he was secretly bi or gay because I'm very tall and butch. Well, arguably more tomboyish back then as I was trying to fit in more but still, that was their "lead" on him potentially being a faggot. That shit fucked my head up, feminine women can be so fucking cruel without even realising it. No wonder I nearly trooned out.

No. 841735

Thank you so much for sharing this with me nonny. This will make great material for my toilet talkshow.

No. 841743

I'm jealous, I had the same experience as you (same 22 secs and all even) and always pee way longer than that so that at this point I seriously got a small complex over how long of a pee-er I am.

No. 841753

Kek you the real mvp anon, I love it. You should still do it.

No. 841760

anon you tease, give us a name!

No. 841794

This exact thing happened to me too. Men who are attracted to me are called gay or they themselves joke about being gay for it. It's so unbelievable how much shit GNC women have to take for being essentially "broken women".

No. 841858

this dude keeps sending me hundreds of thirsty af dms/dick pics/dick videos that I leave on read because I find it so funny that he's that desperate. Men are so pathetic.

No. 841865

I would find a way to send that shit to his mom or girlfriend. rofl

No. 841866

The fact that he has your attention at all means he's winning in his mind, why would you give him that?

No. 841918

you know what, you're right. I think he has a gf which is disgusting on it's own but I don't know WHO she is specifically. I'm gunna do some research and show her all the dms. I don't care, cheaters are sub human to me and tbh most men are cheating scrotes.

No. 841929

This is super basic but I have to confess that my ex bf is doing horrible; he is going bald, is more alcoholic than ever, lost a ton of weight in a bad way, and is now a they/them. He's a mess. I mean "they" are a mess. It makes me SO HAPPY. I hov to loff.

No. 842079

I'm the one who brought up the topic of FGM vs circumscion in the vent thread. I repent.

No. 842083

I once read a really well written incest work on ao3, it was an original, very extensive and had good buildup, written like an actualized novel. I was so disappointed when it was taken down and I feel so ashamed to have liked it in the first place, given the main pairing in the story, but it was actually plot driven with the seldom porn scene. I can definitely understand the author wanting to delete it though.

No. 842089

I get absolutely nothing whatsoever out of social reciprocity and it’s the most boring shit to have to fake. Why do people enjoy small talk? Rant about a passion or interesting idea or fuck off becky, I don’t care about your kids.

If I could get away with it I’d never engage in conversation with people or topics I find boring, and never have to do the useless smiling and nodding thing people love to see.

Do people really enjoy mundane talking to people? What’s the payoff in listening to someone talk about traffic if they aren’t gonna be entertaining about it?

No. 842091

Most people don't enjoy it, it's more so to be polite or fill out awkward silence

No. 842093

I will take the silence every time. It’s only awkward cause the other person expects you to fill it for them imo.
It’s too confusing to keep it up all day. They want facial expressions and you have to stare at them or they think you’re not listening and don’t ask direct questions. Pretty sure a lot of them are autistic tho

No. 842101

You're the one who sounds autistic, imo. It's not difficult to make people think you're listening and it's also easy to let unwanted conversations naturally die out. I come across standoff-ish at times, but I don't play the small talk game when I don't want to.

No. 842103

File: 1625041058157.jpeg (96.4 KB, 768x894, FADD8374-6F08-448C-AA91-AF27CC…)

Ah fuck people keep saying that I’m the autistic one lmao
Still hoping it’s everyone else but it seems unlikely

Idk how to end it without literally walking away or saying something retarded.

No. 842108

I enjoy it; especially if I already like a person, it's nice to listen what happened to them during the day or how they feel about certain things, no matter how mundane. I've met a few people - always men - that were strangers to me and attempted to jump into some deep conversation topic right away which I find much more uncomfortable and annoying, but it just may be because they're men.

No. 842111

Oh yeah it probably helps to like people. I like about four of them in totally but still can’t tolerate them often.
Oh god I don’t just leap into the conversation but if someone asks what I’m thinking about and it’s a hemicorporectomy or some other ghastly thing I’m an unstoppable force of unwanted lessons

You know what, I see it now. I see how that’s autistic. Fuck

No. 842112

Aw it's okay, nona. It could also be social anxiety or maybe everybody else is autistic. People rag on "cope" but true coping is the secret to contentment.

No. 842113

doublepost but thanks for teaching me a new word, austism-chan

No. 842115

>fuck off becky, I don't care about your kids
The twitter autist energy is off the charts

No. 842118

File: 1625042800650.jpeg (36.97 KB, 403x433, BE89B88A-E8BE-4C34-AFA8-FF6A76…)

I’m a turbo autist and didnt even know

No. 842119

It’s amazing enjoy the horrors of the torso bucket

No. 842123

Kek you're taking the diagnosis very well nona, just remember to stim in private and try caring about small talk by pretending Becky's kids are the characters of Neon Genesis Evangelion

No. 842124

twiiterfag confirmed and probably a scrote

No. 842129

Give small boring answers and little polite smiles and try to seem preoccupied with your thoughts or take your phone/ebook/etc after a minute of silence, and if you're going somewhere just say that you have to go after a brief exchange, say goodbye with a smile and immediately start walking away. Act as if you don't have time even if you're only going to the shop to buy some chips.

From my experience, men like this just want to share their precious opinion on everything and don't really want yours, or they actually do but just so they can start an argument. Some old men can be pleasant though and I had really nice exchanges with some of them, but most men just can't shut up or expect you to entertain them. They will abuse your politeness, and will act offended and really annoying if you say you're not in a mood for conversation or something like that, but at least they'll leave you alone eventually (although once there was a guy who was complaining to his friend that "everyone's so boring", yeah dude, not you, who can't just sit with your thoughts or do something else like talking to your fucking FRIEND for 10-15 minutes in a public transport, but strangers, who don't want to answer your stupid questions). Kek sorry for venting, slav men are the worst

No. 842130

It’s a diagnosis from a image board being bothered about it would be sadder than a pit full of trannies. I can’t pretend to care about nge characters cause Shinji..he’s a little bitch. Now I just haunt my own studio and talk to other retards online.

Well no, but since you seem bothered by it , yeah. What makes someone Twitter autistic if you can be Twitter autistic without having Twitter?

No. 842140

Pete Wicks, the long haired one with a lot of tattoos. Very polite guy tbh, didn't say anything creepy when I told him I'm a lesbian and remained friendly when I saw him after that. I met a lot of "reality" stars and Z listers at my old job and nearly all of them were insufferable and thought the world revolved around them but Pete was one of the rare few who would actually talk to you like a normal human being.

Shit, anon. If a man joked to me that he's gay for being attracted to me I'd be tempted to punch the prick. You're right though, we're definitely marked "broken women" and it's ridiculous. For all the talk about this time period being more "enlightened" about gender it sure as hell still feels the same as before.

No. 842166

File: 1625049736721.png (262.44 KB, 593x555, maako.png)

I often have anime profile pictures but, usually, they're not of the flavour of the month anime girl. Something like pic rel

No. 842171

I did it nonnies, I stayed up all night ruminating about my failed romantic endeavors after seeing the ex who completely decimated me in the flesh for the first time in seven years. Pray 4 me cuz I have to work in an hour.

No. 842173

I still use the word poser unironically.

No. 842174

That's cool, I forgot that word even existed!

No. 842201

File: 1625054137567.png (281.74 KB, 649x350, a.png)

I usually wouldn't post something so uncomfortable on here, but I've been thinking about it for the last few nights so I probably should let it out somewhere.
I don't remember to what extent since I seem to have repressed a lot of it, but I was assaulted by my grandparents' friend's kid during a vacation when I was maybe 7 or 8. I remember for sure that he was a few years older than me and pushed me down on the RV bed and ground himself on the back of me while I was yelling for help. I'm pretty sure he pulled my pants down at some point. I know he was older since he was heavier and I couldn't get him off of me. Grandparents brushed it off telling me "he was just being a boy." It's the only part of the trip I remember. I don't know how much this has fucked me up, but I don't feel like talking about it with my mom since my shitbag of a grandpa already died and the married in mistress has gone on her merry way. I hope the scrote died horribly before he could grow up into even more of a rapist.

No. 842215

This more of a confession, but I honestly don’t use lolcow that much for drama. I mostly like looking on boards like /g/ and /ot/ cause it’s fun to read anons posting about everyday stuff. There’s a certain sense of community that I like about it.

No. 842216

I mostly only use lolcow when I am on the loo or in the bath, I don’t even know most of the popular cows.

No. 842220

Fuck I'm so sorry anon, I wish you well

No. 842293

Same, I've been on here for a few years and I have zero clue who most of the cows are, like Shayna is one of the biggest one and I have no idea what makes her so milky. I'm mostly here to talk about hobbies or rant about my life. If I want to read about drama I lurk KF, but even there I'm more into communities (troon shit, waifufagging, consoomers…) than individuals.

No. 842298

I love heavy eyeliner. Don't care if it's outdated and disagree about it being "unflattering" I think it looks cool and striking. The only reason I don't wear it is because I'm scared of attention lol.

No. 842440

I only keep up with a handful of cow threads, but I fucking love browsing ot. At one point it became a daily ritual for me to open up the dumbass shit, vent, and stupid questions thread and literally read all of the posts that I missed. I was caught up with these three threads for about a year, but eventually I was so behind on posts that I gave up keeping up with them. There are some vent anons where I wonder how they're doing now, because they would frequently post in the vent thread and I felt like I was keeping up with them.

No. 842477

File: 1625079285641.png (65.43 KB, 275x186, 1618190469523.png)

i get that femcels aren't a real thing because men primally have no standards but lately i feel like ive been doing incel-ish things

>donating money to cute guys on twitch that i have a parasocial relationship with

>going through aarinfantasy for blcds
>ive never had consensual sex with a man
>I never leave my room and stay on forums 24/7
>got back into seiyuu's
>just general weeb degenrate shit but reversed sex.
>my eating disorder is in full swing again so i lost all the healthy weight i put on making me look extremely ill

there is no hope for me

No. 842495

I'm so fucking broody.

No. 842506

I go grocery shopping when I feel like I'm gonna have a crying session and usually cry while also shopping. Easiest way to keep people from making eye-contact with me and clears the entire aisle that I'm in. Not mentally ill, just parental death while still having to go through the motions of life. Combining the two fabulously. Also men don't even try to small talk about shit, it's kind of a blessing in disguise.

No. 842515

Can't decide if this is genius or insane, but you do you.

No. 842516

Reading those threads everyday is very comforting, especially since working from home.

No. 842518

This is actual dark humour, I would absolutely watch your hard-hitting Netflix stand up special
Grief is a terrible thing and this sounds like a healthy and productive way to work through it as any other, I hope the best for you

No. 842521

I need of an animation of this.

No. 842534

I really like when a lot of men touch me at once

No. 842577

I was living with a friend during the pandemic and we were sleeping together during it as a "strictly pandemic-only thing" and swore that once we moved back in to our own places we wouldn't do it anymore. It's been 2 months and we still almost fuck every time we're alone together. Yesterday we were cuddling and getting handsy, and I don't know how it got to this point but he ended up just jacking off in the closet of his studio apartment while I was still there just so we could say we didn't actually fuck/so he didn't literally cum in his pants when our friends arrived (they were going to be there in 10 min). It was one of the most depraved things I've ever done but I honestly thought it was hot in a pathetic way

No. 842684

I can’t stop thinking about my ugly scrote ex who never deserved me in the first place. I finally blocked him but he’s still buried in my brain like a fucking gross worm.

No. 842722

I like to talk in a dumb, whiny kid voice sometimes. I usually do it to my parents, like raising the pitch of my voice and yelling NO! like a 5 year old when they ask me to do something (but then I do it anyway), or sometimes with friends I’ll ham it up and put on a dumb cutesy voice for a sentence or two for whatever reason. I’m short and think I’m pretty cute so sometimes I feel like I’m playing into the “uwu im loli” schtick but I mostly do it because I think it’s funny.

No. 842725

are you me

No. 842729

Bitch same, I try to tone it down these days because it's retarded behavior but goddamit.

No. 842730

Hey I did this too when my dad died, just uncontrolled yet controlled insanity out in public, no one ever asked me how I was. It was freeing.

No. 842747

I felt rage reading that. It's not funny or cute to anyone except scrotes who want to fuck you. And if you keep doing that shit after they got to fuck you, they will feel the rage I'm feeling right now.

No. 842751

No. 842755

i talk like this to my parents 90% of the time. started as way to mock them mainly bc I can't directly backtalk or give any kind of rebuttal without them losing their minds now it's entertaining and a habit. i never connected it with loli shit though, eww.

No. 842811

Me and my brother do that, we talk like kids, my brother goes full retard and acts like a kid though, I honestly think he’s regressing or some shit because of the stress he has at work.
But it’s fun to whine like a kid, idk, it’s kind of funny.
I also tend to change my voice way too much, which is weird I think, I do it unconsciously, my friends used to tell me that I should try voice acting because it seems like my voice changes a lot.

No. 842817

I fuckin hate being called daddy by my missus(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 842819

Same here anon, I lived in a household where even stating a fact was seen as backtalk so my siblings and I would have to learn to talk “cutely” to our parents to not seem like threats to them. It would lead to fights if our tones weren’t childish because they would think we’re trying to act too “grown” despite all being adults. So it’s weird to see people put on voices that aren’t used to disarm shitty and aggressive assholes but instead to get that loli look
Your other confession should be you admitting that you’re under 18 because there’s no way you’re this autistic with people irl as a grown woman kek

No. 842835

I've been talking to my ex. I don't have any ill intent in mind atm but if he fucks with me, I'm going to play so many mindfucks with this moid.

No. 842837

You all sound super annoying.

No. 842841

File: 1625109137156.jpeg (196.33 KB, 700x678, C9351B42-C557-43AA-A1C4-F06D83…)

I like to flirt with people when I’m bored, then I just keep them at an arm’s length and then I leave the app forever.
I haven’t done this in a long time, but I’m having this impulse of doing it again because it’s fun and I don’t need to be in a relationship with anyone to do so.
And yeah, I kind of want to get in a relationship someday, but I don’t feel like I’m ready yet, even though I’m in my mid twenties.
I just like flirting, the other parts of romantic relationships are tiresome and bothersome, I know I will never see the people I flirt with irl and I know I will never have the time, energy or money to meet them, so yeah.

No. 842855

I used to do something like this back when I was in high school. I'd walk around the school during lunch with tears flowing down my face. The trick is to keep your head up and walk confidently even as you're crying, no one bothers to ask if you're okay. It was strangely liberating.

No. 842857

Considering the way that small dicked asshole made his way through terminally online e-girls with clear mental health issues…. probably. I dream of posting pics of his ugly ass for anons to make fun of.

No. 842860

Flirting with strangers seems so stupid, does it just involve compliments on appearance and unfunny sexual innuendos?

No. 842861

I don’t really send pictures of myself to them, but sometimes it’s retarded sexual innuendos, random fantasies like “Geez we should go out on a date someday” and acting like a couple.
It’s honestly sad, but such is the life of the permanently online people.

No. 842870

Hm, I met some deathfats (including 400lb+ scrotes) who I could smell from meters away. I was convinced one of them had that fish BO enzyme problem and all of the hamplanet males had the fruity sourness stench. It must be the terminal diabetes. All of them stank so bad in each class/workplace that they’d have the whole group blatantly avoiding them and talking about it behind their back. I’ve got no sympathy because if you stink that bad and know that people notice, but still don’t do anything about it, you deserve the social rejection. I don’t care if they were even diddled as a kid, do everyone a favour and take a fucking shower. In all instances nobody could say or do anything because that would be considered ‘bullying’ yet we’d be forced to smell all the yeast and mould for months and years on end.

Just bully them out of here. They always moan and bitch about some meanie ‘Stacy’ who hurt their feelings in high school and how girls ‘can crush you without even touching you’ with words, give them a taste of that and they’ll run off back their shit corner of the internet to incelpost about rejection. As soon as a girl acts in a way they don’t like we get called bitches and they avoid us like the plague, I say go ahead and be one because they need to learn to fuck off where they’re not wanted. Don’t be scared because you have every right to be an ass and do some healthy gatekeeping especially when they do their dumb tits or gtfo posts on 4chan all the time. Sick of those scrote bastard types ‘raiding’ or invading because they think we’ll bend over like little flowers to their scrotism.

No. 842911

Pregnancies freak me out so badly. I hate it. Even seeing pregnant women makes me uneasy. And seeing the baby moving inside? Makes me queasy. Reading about how the body changes, having it basically move your innards, and how shit like breastfeeding can live you bleeding and with stones in your milk ducts… also birthing, of course.
If I ever get pregnant I will abort no matter what, even if it kills me.

No. 842916

Yeah, the swollen belly in particular makes me uncomfortable, it looks so unnatural to me even though it's the most natural thing.

No. 842936

i like the idea of kids but i refuse to give birth, ever

No. 842975

ooo same. and yet, i have such a breeding kink/thing for impregnation it's unbelievable. good job i'm physically repellent to men, women, and animals because that's a disaster waiting to happen.

No. 842980


No. 843021

At every job I've had I've always been congratulated for being meticulous and completing tasks as asked, but I kinda feel bad about it because it's just autism manifesting and making me stick to routines, I don't feel like I'm working very hard.

No. 843028

excuse me, this is the confession thread. you are replying to the sinner of one hour ago, when she no longer exists. i've since been absolved of all responsibility and shame. the truth has set me free to read my disgusting impreg fanfiction and masturbate indiscriminately with no shame. that's how this works. i'm reading it right now, in a clinic waiting room. you can't stop me nonnie

No. 843033

I replied three minutes after it was posted, but you're right, it is the confession thread. I do wish you hadn't posted your breeding fetish regarding "men, women, and animals" in reply to anons expressing fear of pregnancy, though.

No. 843701

File: 1625177480007.jpg (85.26 KB, 352x352, 1618221474645.jpg)

>mfw scrotes buying me shit again
Simps are so pathetic KEK But I'll allow it.
These mfs will get the driest replies and think women give a fuck. They think you're leading them on simply by existing. I insult them ~as a joke~, infight, and act mad at romantic attempts. It only makes them more delusional. Men truly only care about the fantasy of you as an extension, a vessel, for their own ideals and interests.
Remember, if a scrote isn't simping you, he's in another bitch's orbit and you're only disrespecting yourself by chasing him.

No. 843709

I'm addicted to chips. I love those crispy, salty flakes. At some point I could eat a whole bag daily, so now I've taken to only buying 40g sized bags because it's not really the amount of chips as much as the feeling of emptying a whole bag that satisfies me, it seems. It's still unhealthy, but at least in a much smaller quantity than I used to eat.

No. 843722

Queen shit, thank you nonnie

No. 843739

File: 1625180127865.jpg (115.21 KB, 1024x683, download (2).jpg)

Salted roasted seaweed is a good alternative anon. Or fry your own chips, it's abit healthier.

No. 843741

Sometimes I'm tempted to do this but in the end I don't want to risk one chimping out and murdering.

No. 843743

File: 1625180238040.jpg (277.44 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Same, I've managed to get it under control lately with no more than a pack a week but and my peak addiction I could eat two big packs a day. Theres just something about chips no other snack, sweet or salty, has. Do you have any favorites or idk, rare flavor recommendation? I'm ready to indulge.

No. 843749

Gonna try this out, thank you, anon!

I live for standard salty chips or paprika flavoured ones! Where I used to live, the local store had a flavour called "roasted butter". It was heavenly, but I've never been able to find it again.

No. 843760

Ayrt yeah it's not worth it if there's considerable risk. I have next to no online presence and practice basic security.

No. 843792


No. 844001

i've been resentful of so many people who have been able to "work/study from home" during covid while i've been living wagie life as an "essential worker" (read: cashier) but i've been seeing some people in my extended social circle in person again and ngl part of me is taking a really petty kind of enjoyment in how many of them have packed on pounds from sitting around at home 24/7 and eating takeout 3x a week for the last year.

like yeah i spent the last year getting screamed at by brainlets over masks and shit while they got to hang out with their pets on their parents' couch all day but at least i can still fit into the same pants i wore when all this shit started. honestly i think i've even dropped 1-2 sizes from all the stress and being too permabroke for 3 meals a day kek

No. 844005

I've been working from home since March 2020 and it's been miserable, nonna. I live alone in a cramped apartment and have no pets and have been severely lacking human contact to the point my depression came back in full swing accompanied with panic attacks and severe anxiety. Working from home would be a luxury if it was up to your own choice or doing it every now and then but every day for nearly two years during a time you can't even meet your friends outside of work has impacted my mental health negatively. Not to mention not having family and a nice house to keep my needs fulfilled. So it's not all it's made out to be tbh.

No. 844047

Sometimes I read the "Get it off your chest" thread and pretend that the posts are written about me. I originally started doing it to work on my self-awareness, but instead it made me realise that being spoken down to and called pathetic actually just kind of turns me on. I'm sorry.

No. 844082

I don't know what my sexuality is so I call myself "Asexual", I know the "Asexual community" is a joke but that's the only term that describes me, I'm disgusted by all forms of romance and sex, Hetro, Slash, femslash is all just equally disgusting for me, I was never molested or exposed to violent pornography at a Young age I just didn't like seeing sex or romance with anyone of any gender or sexuality in my shows or anime

I don't go by the label IRL I usually say "not interested in men"(I am not interested in women either btw) but here's the thing I do crave companionship specifically with a male but not a romance, I want a stoic male friend who is always by my side but not a lover and at the same time I don't want this hypothetical male companion to have any male or female romantic partner's either and I know this fantasy is never gonna happen for me so I'll keep calling myself an Asexual

No. 844085

I'm going to assume you're a kissless virgin and you don't crave romance with men but want their companionship because you're scared of it.

No. 844092

Well I have kissed men and women, but yes I am a virgin, I think all froms sex are disgusting

No. 844102

Some people only sleep with a few people in their lifetime. Sex isn't a constant it ebbs and flows lol, you'll probably find someone you'll want to have sex with eventually

No. 844109

NTA but you sound like all of my relatives saying that I'll want to have a baby eventually lmao

No. 844110

I just don't think asexuality is a thing lol

No. 844118

>I do crave companionship specifically with a male but not a romance, I want a stoic male friend who is always by my side
Why a male specifically? What about a female friend who is as close as possible personality-wise to the hypothetical male friend?
> I don't want this hypothetical male companion to have any male or female romantic partner's either
Why not?
>I think all froms sex are disgusting
Just out of curiosity, have you ever felt sexual desire for men or women, as in, you were sexually aroused by them, even if you possibly didn't want to have sex with them?

No. 844129

>Why a male specifically? What about a female friend who is as close as possible personality-wise to the hypothetical male friend?
I don't feel sexual attraction towards either men or women but certain men bring a feeling of warmth and safety that I've never felt with any woman
>Just out of curiosity, have you ever felt sexual desire for men or women, as in, you were sexually aroused by them, even if you possibly didn't want to have sex with them?
Never, I likes being friend's with both men and women but never any sort of romantic interest let alone sexual
That's another thing I also want a child but don't wanna go through pregnancy, I'll likely hire a surrogate at some point

No. 844136

>but certain men bring a feeling of warmth and safety that I've never felt with any woman
Is it because of their looks or personality? You wrote that you kissed both men and women before, did you just do it out of curiosity? What did you feel when kissing them?

No. 844147

A combination of both, big brotherly stoic types thats what I want
>You wrote that you kissed both men and women before, did you just do it out of curiosity? What did you feel when kissing them?
Curiosity mostly and yes I felt nothing, not disgust or joy just really nothing, honestly hugs are more exciting for me then kisses

No. 844151

>A combination of both, big brotherly stoic types thats what I want
Why do you mind if they have romantic partners?

No. 844153

cause I want them for myself, I don't want them to have sex or romance with anyone of any gender, but I don't want to force them to be like this, I want them to be this way naturally without even asking them

No. 844161

I'm very sensitive to smells and I sometimes associate some smells to random events, like this morning on my way to work it smelled exactly like the internship I had 6 years ago (and this morning only). One of the weirdest example is during a summer job some 9 years ago I caught the smell of a coworker and it violently flashed to the sex dream I had the previous night (and that I had forgotten when I woke up in the morning). No idea if this is synesthesia, but it's kinda weird.

No. 844165

>cause I want them for myself, I don't want them to have sex or romance with anyone of any gender,
Why? Friends usually let their friends have other friends and romantic partners.

No. 844170

File: 1625233607825.jpg (13.38 KB, 275x201, 1606267295772.jpg)

Accidentally clicked on a group chat I've been avoiding looking at so I don't appear in the "read by", and now I have to backread a month+ of BS I don't care about from high school friends I haven't seen in 10+ years so I can send an appropriate reaction to everything and avoid looking like an asshole

No. 844174

when i was in fourth grade me and my friend used to daydream together that we're in the digimon universe and that we were intreacting with characters, i didn't know at the time that it was a thing for kinnies to "universe shift" but i did it and im ashamed.

No. 844177

you have an excuse, you were literally in fourth grade

No. 844179

Are you literally apologizing for pretend playtime, a universal pastime for children

No. 844180

I've had sex with 17 men. And it's not really my fault becuz I wanted to he with them but they didnt want me. If men would stop leaving me after sex my body count wouldnt be so high.

No. 844183

Love yourself and get some therapy.

No. 844184

can you just like.. ghost them? leave the gc. that’s what i would do. if you don’t care about them then leave. at the end of the day you gotta live for yourself

No. 844188

Every kid does that, don't worry.

No. 844192

i think it's funny when possible hurricanes mess up annoying tourists' plans to vacation at the beach where i live

No. 844195

I guess I don't a friend or a lover or a slave or anything, I want like Golem, a robot with a male form that also isn't sexual but will be my companion for life, you get what I'm saying ?

No. 844245

I daydream about entering fictional universes I want now, not a kintard but it's escapism

No. 844363

anon full offense but shut the fuck up. No minimum wage worker wants to hear "a bloo bloo bloo it was hard for me to know my employer gave a shit about whether or not I survive a pandemic" when we've been treated like cannon fodder for this joke of an economy. Pull your head out of your ass and realize that your anxiety and depression are not exclusively "work from home" plights.

Newsflash - tons of "essential workers" (myself included) also live on our own and dealt with the exact same isolation you're describing on top of experiencing verbal harassment at work and the constant fear of unavoidable exposure to COVID for below a living wage. And if you think that people were itching to invite their essential worker friends for cool little hangs after work you're sorely fucking mistaken - most of my friends were too afraid to see me in person so I've been treated like a goddamn leper the past year socially.

Like please. I get that it's hard but don't do all this when you had an option so many of us would kill for. Keep it to yourself and vent with others who were as fortunate as you. Christ.(relax)

No. 844465

You're not "cannon fodder" or "putting your life in the line" for working in a goddamn grocery store you crybaby. You're not working in health care, you don't have to spend 8+ hours in extremely heavy, multilayered protective gear taking care of patients and constantly in the fears of legitimately catching an infection from a patient in a ventilator and spreading it to your family once you go home and you don't have to deal with the relatives of a dying patient who they can't see for their final moment due to the restrictions. Stop your crying and get a degree faggot. Everyone's been treated "like a leper" for the past year no matter where they work.

No. 844470

I'm more scared of getting the vaccine than covid, my parents got the vaccine already so I'm not even worried about infecting them anymore. maybe I'm retarded but mrna vaccines are so new and I'm terrified it will mess with my reproductive system long term. I have it booked in a week but I'm scared nonnies

No. 844475

File: 1625264987426.jpg (69.75 KB, 736x1104, original.jpg)

When I cook food, I like to put on headphones with calm music and pretend I'm one of those calm youtube channels where there's only gentle music playing while a quiet, faceless person makes food in peace. For some reason it makes me enjoy cooking a lot more, I dunno why.

No. 844482

File: 1625265919428.jpeg (19.94 KB, 275x275, 1571692534959.jpeg)

Samefag. At this point I wish I'd get covid so I'd get some fucking time off from all the people who've gone insane during lockdown taking it out on me because it's my job to lick their proverbial asshole. Just more work sanitizing everything without any pay increase, a few "you're a hero!" monologues at the beginning of the pandemic and that's it. Pretty sure customer service workers do more for people's mental health than most therapists, by letting them take out all their frustrations on someone who can't fight back.

No. 844484

It's not FDA approved yet it's ok to be scared. You don't have to take it if you don't feel ok, most of the vaccines work by preventing the person from getting severe symptoms so your parents should be safe.

No. 844496

The vaccines are approved in Europe, why should we care what FDA says? The more people get vaccinated, the less likely it is for the virus to continue to spread and mutate to the point of nothing working anymore.
Everyone I know is already vaccinated with at least one dose, some of them as early as the end of last year, and I don't know anyone who would experience anything worse than mild flu symptoms for a day-two. There's nothing to be afraid and it's really valuable for the society as a whole to get vaccinated if you're not a complete NEET.

No. 844510

I would love to be in an arranged marriage if the person was incredibly rich and will provide me with a roof under my head. Female independence is such a fucking lie, I hate the lies eurofags on this site feed to other women

No. 844514

A few years ago my boyfriend cheated on me with one of my friends and I pretended I didn't know and wreaked absolute havoc on their relationship until they hated each other and then I broke up with him and ditched her.

Now I think that maybe they were actually meant for each other and I ruined something good they had going for them.

Obviously cheating was a bitch move but I could have just left. Looking back I feel I caused a lot of unnecessary chaos but I'm not brave enough to admit it to them both.

No. 844516

Nah anon, you did ok, they deserved nothing good for doing this behind your back.

No. 844518

we always seem to make excuses in favor of the other party if we feel some kind of guilt

No. 844521

If they were meant for each other maybe he shouldn’t have cheated. He was a pussy for not breaking up with you to pursue her. Don’t feel guilty. Also, fuck your friend. Even if they were ~*~soulmates~*~ they can get fucked. I have no sympathy for cheaters, and no respect for FRIENDS who have the audacity to betray their friends like that.

No. 844522

I take back the maybe, he shouldn’t have cheated at all.

No. 844539

If its not approved by the FDA, legally you cannot sue them if you get adverse effects later on. I'm not a "science is fake!1!" person but encouraging people to take legally experimental drugs rubs me the wrong way.

No. 844552

>The vaccines are approved in Europe, why should we care what FDA says
Why should Americans care what Europe says over their own public health organisations?

No. 844614

Maybe it's because I don't care if I die but I can unfortunately understand why they rushed the vaccine. Waiting for FDA approval would've prolonged the suffering and the amount of deaths.

No. 844633

File: 1625281427470.png (23.11 KB, 111x157, Untitled.png)

this will sound retarded but i wore a dress in public for the first time in my entire life yesterday. i got nice compliments from my friends and overall felt really pretty in it. i have been so self-conscious about my body and even dysphoric about being female for all of these years, it felt like a big step for me.

No. 844657

where would you go if the guy turned out to be abusive though? and what do eurofags have to do with it lol

No. 844664

>Female independence is such a fucking lie
You need to go back

No. 844667

Let her larp to make herself feel better. Most euro scrotes are alcoholics who beat their wives, even the rich ones.

No. 844674

I normally pretend that I'm on a cooking show. I remember one time I thought I was home alone so I pretended to make a cooking tutorial for Youtube out loud only for my sister to come downstairs right in the middle of it, the awkward silence after was very uncomfortable.

No. 844675

why would you want to sleep on a roof

No. 844681

File: 1625288234283.jpg (482.92 KB, 1080x1080, 1624996454325.jpg)

i like toying/arguing with males on 4chan and arguing with them for fun, it's too easy hehe

No. 844686

Begone, scrote!

No. 844688

lol, read the post carefully again nonita, I'm making fun of them

No. 844709

File: 1625293813288.jpg (14.25 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I unironically think a lot of Autistic guys are cute, both in their personality and mannerisms but I know how easily then can fall under various degeneracies due to the Internet and their behavior
I want autistic men to separated from society, workout and be trained to be good husband's and male companions for women

No. 844713

Your pic is the hottest tard I've ever seen. Funny how he's probably never kissed a girl, but would be a giga Chad if he was normal. Vid related, a super cute tard.

No. 844717

I wouldn't like it if he was normal, I like them autistic but not degenerate
I just want a cute autistic bf who doesn't use the Internet at all

No. 844719

Omfg I remember him. I think he passed away somewhat recently. I used to keep tabs on that channel. Feel so bad for his mom but he seemed to have a really loving family

No. 844741

I know this young woman who has an autistic husband and all of her three kids are autistic too. Imagine having to mother three kids and an adult man who absolutely can't stray from their routine ever. Her life's extremely stressfull. I don't think you realize what living with an autist, letting alone being in a relationship with one, is like, you might wanna think twice about getting yourself an autistic bf, especially if you want bio kids.

No. 844745

File: 1625301747487.png (1.98 MB, 1443x2048, Screenshot_20210703-034211.png)

When I found out HBomb had a gf (back in about 2016) I left legitimate heartbreak for a full week. I was a patron and he once even replied to a curiouscat I left about making out with him. I had a boyfriend at this time.

No. 844754

Why the fuck were you crushing on this dude, he is repulsive both physically and mentally.

No. 844755

There's a reason I put this in the confession thread.

No. 844769

i love you anon you have good taste

No. 844778

Cause the American system is fucking awful lol. Knowledge is free babes

No. 844805

I prefer the banners with animal cows rather than person cows.

No. 844811

I keep having sex dreams about a platonic friend and it’s making me uncomfortable but also I don’t want to stop having them because the sex in the dreams is always really good and hot.

No. 844853

This, I'm not ashamed of our cyberbullying site I just like to look at animals more

No. 844920

File: 1625324458876.jpg (90.07 KB, 750x846, 195464985_4181086865288305_982…)

My dad is now homeless due to his alcoholism and I honestly and with little malevolence wish he would just die and stop suffering. And stop making the whole family suffer. He has fucked up so badly and has no money left. I'm just starting my life and can't financially support him.

No. 844930

>autistic but not degenerate
doesn't exist even if they don't use the internet
t. grew up with an autistic brother

No. 844956

nta but my husband is autistic, he was raised by a strict dad who dealt with his autism in his own way, it seemed to work out well for him
he's sweet and kinda neurotic but he's very organized and has a lot of hobbies and activities that help him deal with his condition, it's mostly push-ups he does hundreds every day and thousands when he's having a bad day

No. 844962

And he doesn't use the internet at all?

No. 844978

Not at all, doesn't have Interest in it, his main source of entertainment is audiobooks and foreign films that we watch together

No. 845020

A few weeks ago I was crying over my soon to be ex husband. I already have quite the habit of ruminating over sad shit but then all the divorce related papers started arriving and kicked it up to a level I can't deal with. He walked out with no explanation 8 years ago. No answers. No closure. And there I was still feeling raw after 8 years. I hated it. I was almost spiralling and too ashamed to tell anyone given the large time gap where 'I should be over it already, right?'

Then I got talking to a guy lately. We shared a lot about our pasts. He actually opened up more than I did but we had a moment and I felt alive after that. My divorce is actually the one thing I didn't mention in our weirdly deep convo. I now can't stop thinking about that guy and hoping I somehow bump into him again. It'll likely lead to nothing but tbh it's taken away all my other obsessing and even if it goes nowhere… I think feeling this way for another person has at least snapped me out of my rut. There's always going to be a potential to find love again. I was feeling things I hadn't felt in years and that timing was a godsend.

No. 845024

god I fucking hate this guy. shit taste btw

No. 845074

This is beautiful anon, I'm happy for you

No. 845163

I don't feel bad for throwing my parents money down the drain dropping out of college and being a neet for 3 years. That's the price they pay for raising me to be an unhealthy, spineless, no skill, hermit. It was less work for them to just put me in front of the computer, and then act surprised how it turned out. Less work to just ignore dental and spine issues. Less work to just ignore or scream at me because they 'were so stressed from work, we didn't mean it'. Less work to keep me at home and never let me go to friends house/past our street.
Reap what you sow, fuckers. Pay for my existence while I try to fix myself from your shit parenting.

No. 845225

"You have to wait 14 days after the second vaccine to stop wearing a mask."
I want to roundhouse kick my boss, we're about to have one of the busiest weeks of the year and I'm going to have to be working 24/7! and damn stickler for the rules cunt won't give me a damn break! I am fully vaccinated and you can't bend the rules slightly so I don't suffocate under my own shitty breath! Fuck off!

No. 845244

>Suffocating in a mask
So dramatic, it's just fabric

No. 845248

I'm not an anti masker but I'm just tired. I got vaxed, and i just want to take my damn mask off at work. A multitude of my coworkers lied about the dates they got their vaxes to my damn boss so they could take theirs off early, I should've just lied. But no. I had to be truthful. I'm a retard.

No. 845254

Ew, just brush your teeth. You should be wearing the mask even after the 2 weeks because it protects others who haven't been vaccinated.

No. 845259

You can't just wear it below the nose? That's what I've been doing since I almost collapsed from lack of oxygen bc of shitty lungs.
Challenge do light labor indoors for hours straight with a mask on.

No. 845261

You'll live

No. 845264

If you struggled that much to breathe, you'd have an exception to wearing the mask. Just suck it up like the rest of us. People are dying.

No. 845265

>my own shitty breath

No. 845267

Kek you think min wage jobs care if you have an exception? They want to keep the image and if you don't have a mask then bye bye. Yes anon I'll lose brain cells from lack of oxygen, just for you.

No. 845268

are you honestly surprised that an anti-masker smells like shit and can't practice basic hygiene?

No. 845271

As they fucking should, you think my grandmother should die because you can't stand the smell of your own nasty breath? You're right about one thing though, you do sound like you've lost quite a few brain cells.

No. 845273

Can't decide if this is bait or an especially fanatic news watcher

No. 845274


idk where the orignial poster is from, but i know my cluster fuck province has said to hell with masks. You don't have to wear them out anymore UNLESS you are a food service employ. So the disgusting public can come infect me all I want but I can't return the favor. It actually doesn't make sense. So I am team oringial anon, the rest of you should chill and realize that different areas have different rules and restrictions going on…..

No. 845275

Can't decide if this is bait or an especially fanatic Daily Fail reader

No. 845278

People who are vaccinated are only protecting themselves, not others. They can still pass on the virus.

No. 845279

Anon has been vaccinated though? If your grandma is that frail she should stay at home
Then stay home if your health is that frail or if you’re that paranoid.

No. 845281

>I am fully vaccinated
No, you are fully vaccinated two weeks after the second shot.

No. 845282

Or anon can stay at home if she can't breathe under a really thin piece of material. She sounds a lot more frail than me or my grandmother.

No. 845285


why are you so offended by someone being tired of working while wearing a mask? in a vent thread? when her work place is phasing masks out anyways?

No. 845292

Based on the prevalence of those joy division t-shirts and the demographic you'd see wearing them, I always just assumed it was a shitty indie-pop-punk band like that hotel tokio or panic pete wentz disco but that's not really the case, is it?

No. 845298

File: 1625361283435.png (506.19 KB, 760x859, Screenshot_20210509-035358.png)

I was writing a post for the advice thread and I realized it looked like some scrote had written it.

I always knew I would be an insufferable incel if I was a man, but this just cements it.

No. 845299

Nta, but this is the confession thread?

No. 845301

Just based on that anon's spacing, I am not surprised she's terminally confused

No. 845302

Anon if it’s a ‘really thin piece of material’ how are you so sure it’s going to protect you from covid? I’m so sick of people like this, if they had it their way we would never stop wearing masks even long after covid is gone because ‘What about muh grandma!!!’

No. 845305

Can you take this bullshit into some covid thread? No one needs to see this in a CONFESSION thread.

No. 845306

I think what you mean to say is that you should have told your manager that people are lying.
I used to think all those films where the plot involves people lying that they have'nt been exposed to dangerous stuff was just bad script writing but I guess not

Condoms and mosquito nets are thinner and they still fulfill their purpose enough to be useful, but it's recommend to double up so by all means do that and spread the good word. If you have a grandma I hope people are safe around her.

No. 845320

Nobody's falling for that mask shit anymore

No. 845325

I suppose everyone that died was a crisis actor. I'm so glad I'm not in burgerland you guys really take your health for granted even with private health care. God love you

No. 845329

Ironically its those grandma's and grandpa's who go into stores without masks and try to chat ppl up 1 ft apart.

No. 845342

When I think about my past I wish that my first boyfriend had been more than 1 year older than me because we started "dating" when I was 12 and if he had been older I could feel less bad about it since it would be grooming. The reality was we stayed together until my 20s because I was sheltered and isolated with an abusive family I had to escape from and was brainwashed into believing that if you date someone you have to stay with them forever.

No. 845347

Masks can provide protection against covid but not the pathetic masks people are told to wear. N95 masks in America and P3 masks in Europe are what is proven to protect against covid. A paper or fabric mask will not stop the spread of covid or any other illness. At best it might stop people from touching their nose and mouth while outside, at worst it might encourage people to touch their face because they are constantly adjusting it or taking it on and off. People also don't change them that often due the inflated pricing. The official advice makes no sense.

And before you accuse me of being an anti-masker, I wear a P3 mask with changeable filters.

No. 845362

We have a Covid thread, quit derailing.

No. 845372

Watching Jane the Virgin and thinking I wished I stayed a virgin longer. No deep regrets or anything but all the sex I've had up until my current partner felt like a waste of time and more of a headache than anything.

No. 845377

Idk how far along you are but fuck Matteo. Annoying little shit

No. 845390

File: 1625379639060.png (126.37 KB, 899x948, PBSMOOTH.png)

i've morphed into a daily smoothie drinker overnight, this fuckin' recipe is the cornerstone of my current life. gotta make some kind of routine in lockdown! all spinach-ed up and trepidatiously loving it

No. 845425

File: 1625389073526.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.46 KB, 560x659, 20210402_085915.jpg)

I'm an extremely bad lay and have disappointed many in bed.
pic very unrelated

No. 845435

File: 1625391890923.jpg (38.27 KB, 622x470, E1OxwQeVcAEcRy1.jpg)

I don't care about the horrible things happening in palestine or the increase of antisemitism because both groups of people would harass/harm me irl if i went near them. Get fucked

No. 845637

I unironically love cosplay videos.

No. 845647

I've been addicted to pornography since I was a child, and I'm pretty sure it fucked up my sexuality beyond repair. I also made it so much worse by drawing furry porn for a living for years.
I've been "clean" for two months, but I still get turned on by horrible things such as rape. I constantly have fucked up thoughts, and the very rare times I masturbate, I feel like a monster after. I'm constantly disgusted by myself and my own thoughts. It sucks.

No. 845655

Same. I developed some really fucked up fetishes and I recently quit masturbating I've tried to quit before, but I failed lol. I hope we're both able to overcome this! Good luck anon

No. 845664

Good luck to you too anon, we’ll make it!

No. 845673

I found porn as a teen and ended up watching one type of fetish porn all the time and exclusively getting off to that material. It's not something I want irl but I hate how my orgasm is so heavily tied in with needing to think of this one weird kink. I've had partners of 3/4 years never give me a single orgasm because of this.

I don't know whether to watch 'regular' porn and slowly wean myself off that way. I almost need to train myself to see sex as…. sexual and linked to orgasm.

No. 845690

Same. I was already fucked up before porn, i had like really weird femdom fetishes towards my classmates, but i feel like porn introduced me to more hardcore levels of bdsm like nipple torture and shibari.

No. 845738

I am still obsessed with my therapist from one year ago it's embarrassing. I looked up his name a while ago and with some online stalking tactics I actually found a picture of him and his wife (I assume) and some forum posts he made in 2007. Also I think he's pretty attractive. Sorry for being insane.

No. 845744

I've been obsessed with all of my male therapists as well and stalked them online so you're definitely not alone with this if that makes you better. I even saved pictures from their Fb profiles to my phone and I would randomly look at them when I was in bed at night so I could feel close to them. I swear to God I'm normal

No. 845745

I remember listening to a relationship therapist talk about this on his podcast before. It'd happened to him several times and apparently happens to most therapists at some stage. Sometimes the clients make it too obvious.

Makes sense, you're opening up and becoming vulnerable and they're this gentle person there to listen and not judge you. Even through a screen I felt this guys warmth and was feeling things.

No. 845770

I don’t believe in masks. I only enforce them at work to piss people off when I don’t like the look of them.
I will miss being able to piss off annoying customers for the hell of it and getting away with it.

No. 845784

After a few years of consuming south korean media I have to admit I'm a bit of a koreaboo. I'm not proud.

No. 845810

Trannies/femboys genuinely make me feel better about myself and happy for being a woman. No crazy botched surgery or hormones. I just look like this.
Hell yeah

No. 845813

File: 1625428265599.jpg (406.77 KB, 2000x2001, Hailey-Sheet-Mask-1262_f557380…)

Yea plus they're not all too ecological, are slimy, but ugly skin people still need to do something.

No. 845815

Same but then I sometimes feel like shit because I got my ovaries removed and have scars + hormone supplements now, I know I'm still a woman but annoys me when they try to bond with my broken ass

No. 845948

I'm awful at taking critique on my art. I completely removed myself from online art communities because I was terrified of having people tell me exactly what I know to be true - my art is bad. I just don't want to hear it from others. A close friend who is an art teacher insisted on being sent one of my pieces because she's been curious about what I've been up to. I ended up sending her a drawing and recieved gentle critique in return. She was so nice and I thanked her profoundly, but inside I just felt sad, because if something I create isn't perfect it feels like it wasn't worth spending time on in the first place.

No. 845981

File: 1625440111307.jpg (136.04 KB, 730x1095, bloody_maid_in_school_by_ariah…)

I look at how my parents raised me vs how they're raising my younger brother and I get so angry and bitter. They really did groom me to be quiet, have no boundaries, no profitable skills, and just serve others.
Compared to that my brother is encouraged to show emotion and asked constantly how he feels, they cave into his inane demands or else he won't do homework, constantly encourage and buy him stuff for science/computers, and never make him do any chores.
Meanwhile I have to do damage control and reraise myself. Die. Die you misogynistic scum.

No. 845991

I hate this. Please get away from them. I hope you live a better life somewhere else because they suck.

No. 845993

I feel like I’m a try hard edgelord because I enjoy spooky shit and I’m going into death care for my career. I’ve wanted to be a mortician for as long as I can remember but I feel like I could be one of those people on a TLC show because I also enjoy cliche gothic/spooky decor and occult stuff. I use Halloween decor as year round decorations and dress in all black on the regular, so seeing that most morticians are pretty normie tier makes me feel somewhat like a freak. I don’t know how I will not come off as a turbo weirdo to the weirdos.

No. 846007

You sound very cool!!! I wish I was your friend

No. 846014

>I could be one of those people on a TLC show
I feel like they're usually just tists with 'specials interests' The autism is the elephant in the room in those shows

No. 846018

without going into detail i absolutely feel you and die inside when i think abt how much it hurts. my nephew gets pampered by my parents and hes not even their son, but they do everything for him and put up with anything he could throw at them. they would drop anything for him, give him anything, deal with any situation, when they could barely even speak to me. i was borderline mute for my entire childhood because of their rules and i guess something changed along the way. i try to distance myself from the feelings with their second-hand fun but i cant help be resentful. and i fucking hate it.

No. 846029

Being a mortician is cool as fuck and I'm lowkey jealous of anyone who can be so close to death and not be scared shitless

No. 846070

Yes I had the muteness thing too, still do when I'm in a very stressful situation like ppl yelling at me. It feels shitty to be resentful since it won't change anything and is just poisoning your soul. But I can't help it. Seeing it everyday in my face makes it impossible to just forget. I hope I can find an ok online job soon and move in with a nicer family member.

No. 846094

I miss being miserable with my ex. At least I was feeling something.

No. 846100

Anon, my little brother was a literal drug addict and rapist and they still loved him more than me, when I was the "perfect" (i.e, quiet, complacent) child my whole life. Me and my (troubled, complex, but otherwise unproblematic) sisters were chopped liver to him (raped a girl in high school, does meth). At this point it's more telling of my parents than it was of us. Literal misogynistic scum. If I ever get pregnant though, I'm aborting all XY's.

No. 846102

Someone has to do it, it might as well be you.

No. 846111

I've dealt with this, except I'm the firstborn. Once my sister came along my mother immediately transplanted all her admiration onto her, and also started declaring me to be the stupid child. Basically claims I was brain damaged from the age of 3 because she was a narc who didn't know how to manage children, which is something she's completely unaware of. But my parents have always preferred my sister over me for some reason while treating me like shit by comparison. It's usually the reversal that the younger child gets treated like shit and the older one is pampered, ironically. No. I am the rare firstborn failure.

No. 846123

dont let them make you think youre a failure dude

No. 846126

A literal rapist… these fucking boy mommies will do anything to protect their son, huh.
Hope when they get old and ill they realize what they sowed, it always comes down to the daughter to take care of elderly, hope you and sisters just laugh in their face.

No. 846136

Middle Child here, both my siblings, older brother and younger sister seemed to get more attention and love from my whole family then me
no matter how much I accomplished I was always left alone, even though I got better exam results then my brother he was always the smart and responsible one, even though I was a functional human being my fuck up sister was always their sweet and innocent daughter who could do no wrong

No. 846157

I simp for my mom ngl, she was raised in a really misogynistic culture. Her mom hated her for being a female and she tried really hard not to project that on to us girls. But birthing a male really fried her brain in the end. I definitely won't support him in any way when she gives me power of attorney.

No. 846158

I'm finding it hard to relate with a lot of the people I've been friends with for years. We all started life out in similar situations (read: broke as fuck), but I worked my ass off and now I'm in a really good place financially. We had psycho parents, but I went somewhere far away for university and took loans out so I wouldn't be financially tied to my family. I couldn't afford therapy but we had a good library at school and I took a lot of self-help stuff, and I'd like to think that the cycle of psycho in my family ends with me. A lot of my friends just let their mental health problems go unchecked and there's just this mix of depression, dissociation, BPD, you name it in the group that I understand but I just cannot personally relate to and it sucks. I think one of the most frustrating things is I keep trying to help people out of this cycle and it just feels like I'm the one of the only ones who was willing to fight and do whatever I had to do to get out. I know a couple of other people in our group who went no contact and haven't broke that since, and at the time I thought that was horrible like how could you leave friends you've known all your life like that, but now I get it. I think I'm going to do it, too.

No. 846162

I'm a middle child too, and also I'm >>846157
My oldest sister is definitely the "scapegoat" and I have witnessed that to be true in my friends' family relations. My second oldest sister is the "success story" because she's funtional and married to a man. I'm generally ignored but also expected to perform caretaker roles because I'm unmarried, and as already stated, my drug addict rapist little brother is coddled beyond remission.

No. 846171

Interesting perspectives really, growing up my older brother was sorta the mule of the house, he kinda did most of the manual labor and any physical tasks for the whole house but no really seemed to care about him much, note I had 2 other brothers who got praise and attention but my older brother seemed to be black sheep, even though he never really did anything wrong
he's married now and his own family and I actually talk to him from time to time, he's a good dad from what It seems but he lets his kids run wild and do whatever they want

No. 846184

>If I ever get pregnant though, I'm aborting all XY's.
The man who will be your husband and the father of your children will have XY chromosomes as well.

No. 846186

And? He's not your son, he can leave whenever

No. 846187

File: 1625463789798.jpg (57.23 KB, 700x946, 92380ec9d17f0b561efdcba829b634…)

I bought something today as a gift for myself with a money that wasn't mine.
They won't miss this money at all and they'd probably laugh and tell me "You buy me stuff all the time as well" if I told them about it, but still, I didn't ask and now I feel really bad.
Maybe I should look for a gift for them too to feel better about it

No. 846232

I almost killed myself tonight and came to the sad realization that had I, no one would’ve checked on me. My body would not have been found until hours later later, if not the next day.

No. 846233

What did you do, anon? I'm glad you're okay

No. 846236

I sincerely wish you well

No. 846250

anon please stay safe and get help as soon as you can, you deserve to live.

No. 846269

I secretly love that jkn is spiraling downwards after their latest youtube strike. Seeing them struggle to coast with just their personalities alone tickles me. I liked to get their takes on some topics, but I've grown sick of brainless reaction channels that are ~personality~ led and feed off of other content whilst depending on the viewer developing parasocial relationships with them to thrive. I haven't watched their content in a long time because of this, and also because I couldn't tolerate Steve and Joe's annoying ugly asses anymore kek. I can see from their thumbnails they're even devolving to sex talk for the ez views now.

No. 846283

Also, continuing with the youtuber rant: I also can't stand cinnamon toastken. Let me preface this by saying I used to absolutely love reality TV garbage when I was a teen, and to see some ugly ass scrote react to snippets from shows he absolutely would not have given a fuck about outside of making his click-bait youtube videos makes me pissed. And although the people on these shows are easy-pickings, I can't stand the extent to which him and his fatass friend nitpick on every little thing just to churn out some sort commentary for their video and chortle like it's the most hilarious thing in the world.

No. 846348

I believe that most of the people I’ve encountered in the last hmm five years are just paid actors

No. 846350

Where do I apply? Sounds like easy money.

No. 846352

Sometimes my cat is so cute I just want to eat him

No. 846353

He did a vid lately with pewdiepie and somehow the subject of farting around your partner came up. He was banging on about how mary farted one time and he couldn't believe that smell could come out of his lovely wife… dude is expecting his 3rd child with this woman? I thought it was weird. Three kids in you usually have caught stomach bugs from the kids and been ill around each other. Hell you often shit yourself during childbirth. Who cares about one bad fart years ago lol

No. 846360

I can keep myself from freaking out but I have to talk myself down like a baby. I wish my initial reaction to most things wasn't to be crazy bitch. Most people think I'm nice and I really try to be with my actions but I feel so judgemental and bitter and neurotic

No. 846425

Who's gonna tell anon this site doesn't cater to scrotes?

No. 846426

I’m kinda into one of my best friend’s boyfriend. I can go months without thinking about him but after every time we see each other the thought of him will stick to my mind for days and days and I feel like utter shit. The worst is that he constantly shows he also likes me (platonically), every time our friend group hangs out together we spend most of the time talking with each other and it’s pretty obvious that out of his girlfriend’s friend I’m the one he gets along with the most, we have a lot of things in common that he doesn’t have with his own gf and he’s into the same niche shit as me. Things would be easier if he just didn’t give a fuck about me at all and ignored me at functions. Nothing has ever happened between us and neither of us has ever given any hints of sexual/romantic interest towards each other, and if he ever did do something like that I know I’d immediately lose any kind of affection I have for him. I also obviously won’t do anything about it because I know better than being a deplorable piece of shit and I actually like his gf way more than I like him. Lately I’ve been trying to keep myself distant from him when we happen to hang around together because I realized how much of a garbage human being and shitty friend I am.

No. 846427

Tempted to tell you the best thing you can do to get out of being the easy caretaker is pretend to have an illness yourself. Don't waste your precious time on ppl who don't appreciate you. They made their bed now they can lye in it.

No. 846431

My boyfriend has a helplessness fetish or something. I haven't had to cook, clean, do menial chores or do anything for about four years now. He doesn't even want me to carry the laundry up or down stairs. On Sundays he makes an extra big breakfast and a nice dinner, and then doesn't want me to do the dishes.
I have no idea why he's like this, I think because his parents were so dysfunctional that his mother does pretty much nothing at all around the home might be why. He thinks this is normal. I feel lucky but I feel useless. He also doesn't like me going out alone, so he'll usually tag along when I'm buying makeup or art supplies and is patient as ever, regardless of how long I take. He's never lost his temper. I am going to lose him. I worry about losing him constantly despite being with him for almost a decade now.

No. 846434

who the fuck says you need a husband to be pregnant, lol look at this bitch

No. 846438

They're 100% triggered reddit scrote

No. 846443

I hope he does or says something that disgusts you and makes you lose your crush so you don't have to feel guilty anymore

No. 846450

>If I ever get pregnant though, I'm aborting all XY's.
Question, how can you do this? Like, I wanna do the same, but wouldn't that be illegal? when is it that you can tell the sex of the fetus?

No. 846472

Not illegal. You have to eat a vegan low calories diet trying to conceive because male babies are weak as shit and get aborted if they don't have enough food. Sperm that makes male babies also dies easier in an acidic environment, so eat lots of citrus. Try to conceive 3 days before your ovulation because sperm that makes girls lives longer than sperm that makes boys. At the 2 month mark you can do a blood test to see the sex of the kid and abort if it's xy. If it's xx then stop the low cal vegan diet and eat normally. There's also ivf which is more expensive but 99.9% accurate.

No. 846475

Damn, we have exactly the same boyfriend, except his family isn't dysfunctional so idk where it comes from

No. 846482

>so idk where it comes from
The desire of wanting to live in a clean environment and not order takeout for every single meal? Idk seems obvious to me, just be careful you don't exhaust the scrotes or they might dump you on the curb like what fed up women do to their useless moids kek.

No. 846483

I'm crushing on my online friend (who I know for three years) and it feels so dumb. It will never work because it is online, he lives far away from me and ultimately who knows how he is irl? I hope this feeling goes away because it makes no sense. I don't understand how it happened either. I pray it goes away.

No. 846505

Whoa, that's super useful! where can I read more about this? also can you still abort at 2 months or what should you do?
Will me eating like that affect my female baby though? Where can I find this diet?

No. 846507

Do you know what he looks like?

No. 846508

Ask him for a selfie, that always helps my crushes go away

No. 846543

Yeah. He is cute. It sadly doesn't help the cause. I'll try to stop thinking about him when he pops up in my mind lol

No. 846561

It's stuff I've found just lurking, sorry. Two month abortion can easily be done with just the pill. It shouldn't affect the female baby if you eat much better after the 2nd month mark. Grassfed animal products and organic veg are best, if you can afford them. YouTuber frank tufano did a video on the most nutritious things a pregnant woman can eat.
The low calorie vegan diet to weed out male fetuses is just something I came up with, since male fetuses need way more food to survive. It should be easy to find recipes if you just Google vegan food.
If you want to read more about how women's reproductive health is twisted then check out trust your perceptions blog.

No. 846570

The other week I found a loose unused cigarette on the ground and smoked it.

No. 846582

I've done this too, finders keepers!

No. 846592

I fantasize about having a dad sometimes and like, only a very loving dad, no mother or siblings and he loves me a lot and does a lot to take care of me and fullfill my wishes. I feel pathetic. I go so deep into fantasizing about this. it sometimes devolves into a weird sexual fantasy where he sees me growing and having sex with people and becoming a bit slutty and still accepting me as his daughter and i just don't know what this says about me, i feel disgusting

No. 846595

I keked at the spoiler. I do this too but mostly because i would like to have what most men have with their father, would have been cool to have a dad to play videogames with and that teaches me how to fix stuff.

No. 846597

anon you are not pathetic! isn't this a common thing with girls who have daddy issues?

No. 846598

I have not been taking advantage of my 30s. Throughout my teens and 20s people were always so fucking pass remarkable to me and commented on my apperance/personality constantly to my face yet in critical ways yet I refrained from doing that. Even now in public I think I present as younger than I am because of how I carry myself because I've always been judged. Even taking photos I do the stupid poses that worked when I was younger but they honestly look cringe now. I have a rbf and by god, I am old enough to own it confidently. If someone tells me to smile I can tell them to fuck off. I am of an appropriate age to not give a fuck.

No. 846605

i'm not like the other girls

No. 846610

It's not at all pathetic, that's what a father is supposed to be. You're fantasizing about the bare minimum because it's almost nonexistent in the real world.

Fathers who get weird about their daughters having sex needs to be shamed bc it means the father feels jealous, insecure, or emasculated somehow at the thought of his daughter fucking a man other than him. No emotionally mature adult male would have an issue with his daughter exploring her sexuality safely because such a man would know it's part of learning about herself and growing up. Most men would rather be in control of the sex lives of women they consider "theirs" than ever be upstaged by their daughter's boyfriend being a better man than him. Of course, this is a flaw in the male psyche but men can't admit fault, so it has to become the girl's fault and she's punished and shamed for making her own choices. That's one of the main veins of the patriarchy and religious "purity" bullshit like rings and virginity contracts between fathers and daughters.

No. 846618

I’m just like other girls.

No. 846619

When me and my bff were teenagers we would pick up cigs off the ground that had already been partially smoked and smoke them

No. 846621

I'm somewhat like the other girls.

No. 846623

I am the other girls

No. 846624

I was on male hormones for a year but then I returned to just accepting I'm a girl

No. 846625

Other girls are like me

No. 846628

I like other girls

No. 846629

I may or may not be like other girls.

No. 846630

Other girls don't like me.

No. 846631

No. 846632

Girls like me, but I don’t like girls, sorry, girls.

No. 846634

Hope you're doing better, anon

No. 846645

Schrödinger's girl

No. 846653

Rice and ketchup is pretty good

No. 846662

Rice and barbecue is pretty good too

No. 846678

Share him with me sister

No. 846701

This sounds similar to my relationship. Idk how I lucked out with such a hard working and patient man. I'm currently not working and he's still sneaking out of bed early to do chores (chores I said I'd do!) and getting dressed in the other room to avoid waking me up. I have errands today but he told me to wait until after work so he can drive me. It's not quite to the extent I do nothing but I feel like that's because he knows I like to feel useful lmao so he'll throw me a bone and let me carry all the groceries home.

No. 846707

I keep eating too much just because I can and I'm bored, I hate myself for it. Just now I just ate a half box of cherry tic-tacs and I feel sick as a dog.

No. 846728

mash potato and bbq is also good

No. 846745

File: 1625530800533.png (255.78 KB, 719x237, D3813F50-7A42-4219-A347-F6CCAD…)

I vent on LC instead of a journal because I need the mild validation of anons agreeing with me.

No. 846758

why would you need validation from a bunch of selfish 30 year olds

No. 846759

Because we're amazing

No. 846767

are you sure about that

No. 846768

File: 1625532609651.png (161.46 KB, 550x367, Drawing-12.sketchpad.png)

I know people will probably think I'm a larping troon/moid for this but I have a crush on a troon and I really wish he wasn't part of a psycho misogynistic cult. I finally worked up the courage to tell him that I liked him the other day. I feel like it was meaningless, though. He lives in another state. It's probably for the best that I can't be in a relationship with him, I find him attractive but I don't think I'd be able to stomach his idpol rants and rampant autogynephilia irl. Some people should just be observed from a distance.
Today he got mad at me because he apparently just found out that I followed Stonetoss on twitter. He started going off about how rockthrow is an evil nahtzee. I half-heartedly apologized (I shouldn't have to fucking apologize but I'm still hoping he'll post more lewds lmao) but I think he's still angry. He's an autist and if something triggers him he tends to seethe about it for days on end.
Sometimes I want to kick his Slendertran ass, he should be grateful that I want to suck his ~feminine benis~ in the first place. You are literally a beanstalk in lipstick (admittedly, a beanstalk which I would like to climb, but a beanstalk nonetheless). The fact that you found an actual xx chromosome-wielding, chest feeding birthing person who is willing to fuck you is a miracle. But nah, he's gonna scold me because I committed a thought crime.

No. 846769

embrace sniffing your own farts nonny

No. 846770

hate seeing men do stuff like this because it just reminds me of how women just are generally so fucking unproductive in comparison. why can't we just do shit like this more often why why are women so phlegm-y in comparison to men when it comes to just doing stuff, any stuff, when there is no reason for that to be the case

No. 846773

K scrote

No. 846775

not a scrote and prove me wrong

No. 846776

men making silly inventions is not that deep. having to move the glass every time you try to turn the page is clunky as hell. sure there's not as many women in the building and tech side of youtube because of many reasons but simone giertz's channel exists and there are others as well!

No. 846777

only scenario in which you're not a scrote would be the one in which you're a pickme NEET that has never seen another woman and is making assumptions

No. 846779

you somehow sound even more insufferable than a tranny. congrats?

No. 846781

Then get off lc and make something.

No. 846782

I am sexually attracted to multiple fat e-celeb men. And by fat I mean 250-400 lbs.

No. 846783

you will be sent off to reeducation camp to have your sexual attractions fixed. pack accordingly!

No. 846784

I've never written a new thread sober. Like obviously I wouldn't be roaring drunk but I need like one beer in me to look at the task of autistically summarizing and sourcing recent milk and think "yeah why not."

No. 846798

File: 1625535621018.jpg (45.63 KB, 1078x576, c1b713e73deafe516bec97934a1758…)

I peed the bed last night.

No. 846799

don't feel bad anon, you can sleep in my bed tonight so long as you pee again

No. 846804

well… that is a tempting invintation

No. 846820


what the fuck

No. 846821

i'm kinkshaming

No. 846824

what the fuck are you talking about

No. 846875

I envy those people who, within 8-12 months manage to switch to IT from whatever field and then instantly get a job, like fucking how??

No. 846889

It happened more than once that I accidently reported posts from the Absolutely Retarded Shitpost thread because I thought they were so retarded only a scrote could have written them

No. 846915

File: 1625552712089.png (1008.77 KB, 1280x720, imagen_2021-07-06_012437.png)

The animated cutscenes from the new Link's Awakening for the Switch make me wanna watch a full on Zelda anime. Just look at how cute he looks ugh

No. 846925

I'm fine with people seething at me because I've been a NEET at multiple points in my adult life. I don't take it for granted but I don't feel bad for getting lucky enough to find myself in this situation after the bullshit that was my childhood.

No. 846929

I got randomly horny while talking to an ex. Like I don't want to take it any further, but I have no control over what makes my hoo-ha twitch. We weren't even talking anything sexual but just being in bed at the same time on two separate places was, idk, something weird. Specially since we haven't talked in nearly 8 years.

I guess I feel guilty because I have a boyfriend that I love more than anything, and I would never cheat on him, but I really had no control over that one, damn. I guess I just haven't cum in a while so I should try getting off before talking to my ex so this doesn't happen.

The sad thing is that I haven't had genuinely fun and normal back and forth conversation with a friend like this in a long time. I hope this never ends, because I have felt like none of my other friends ever talk. I also feel bad for my ex a little because he had to tell his wife we're talking for the sole reason that he doesn't have any friends either and him randomly talking to someone is new.

I'm glad we're cool, like gwen stefani cool. But I need my lil kitten to calm down.

No. 846934

damn now I'm gonna cry over that song

No. 846937

"And after all the obstacles
It's good to see you now with someone else
And it's such a miracle that you and me are still good friends
After all that we've been through"

No. 846941

Pretty sure they're just seething with jealousy, no one really likes working nowadays.

No. 846948

That's like saying people dislike thieves because they're just jealous they get free shit. Sometimes things piss people off because they're simply shitty things to do. Bragging about not working while relying on someone else who DOES work and funds your NEEThood is beyond shitty.

I'd be jealous of someone with their own money who doesn't have to work, but I wouldn't hate on them for it because they're not a leech and proud of it.

No. 846953

Didn't mean to drag NEET convo this way with my post. Do I feel lucky? Yes. Am I bragging? No. Is it truly shitty that I have a bf ok with supporting me because he wants to? No one is doing anything wrong. I feel embarrassed that I'm not where I want to be, where I was headed. I'm glad I have support because my mental health failed me and I would probably be homeless otherwise.

No. 846956

I used to be such a slut, when I was 19 I was seeing this asshole who had a good body I’ll give him that but he called me ugly and slutty and I still fucked him I had no self respect I eventually ghosted him but sometimes I think about how badly he treated me and how much I thought I loved him I was dumb for thinking I could ever be with anyone like that.. how embarrassed he was of me. I feel so ashamed..

No. 847001

Baby, you were 19. You were still mentally developing. When I was 19, I tried to kill myself over a guy that I don't even talk to anymore. The cringe is powerful, yes, but you're got to remind yourself that you weren't really you yet.
I hope you can believe that one day and forgive yourself, even just a little.

No. 847013

I e-cheated on my first and only boyfriend of many years.
I thought I was missing out for never dating around, and thought I was making a huge mistake by staying with him. I wanted to see what if I was justified by talking to other men online.
I regret it so much. I feel like I defiled this relationship and I get nauseous thinking about it. I haven't gotten decent sleep in days.

Does this feeling ever go away? Does time heal it? Do I need to go to therapy and take meds? Seriously I feel so disgusting and anxious I could die.

No. 847023

I enjoy making guys fall in love with my only crush their feelings. I used to feel bad for rejecting them but after a while i realized they only see me as a hole and don't respect me either so whatever. You will never get this ""tomboy"" gf scrote. No matter how much you tell me i am the love of your life, kek.

No. 847049

aren't you afraid of these moids taking revenge on you?

No. 847055

Elaborate? I'm curious because they guy I'm with has a thing for tomboys but he says I'm not that tomboyish.

No. 847057

Where do you meet men and how do you make them fall in love with you?

No. 847062

Bitch i guess you weren't around when shit like "3000 hacks you should totally try" shit was blowing up on youtube

No. 847064

You need to confess what you've done to your bf. The only way your guilt will be relieved is if he forgives you.

No. 847072

Please don't listen to this anon >>847064
it will ruin everything you have with it. Deal with your guilt feelings without telling him. It's totally possilbe and better than ruining his entire life and yours in the process. Forgive yourself and just don't do it again please.

No. 847074

Anon, that sounds tiresome.. do you have lots of spare time lol?

No. 847076

>The only way your guilt will be relieved is if he forgives you.
Literally not true, it will make the guilt worse. You can heal your guilt in better ways.

No. 847081

I don't know if that's a good idea. He would be devastated, and it wouldn't change how I feel or the actions I would take to make amends.
How do I forgive myself? I'm already extremely self-loathing, so the only solution I can see is letting time dull the pain.
Please elaborate on the better ways, I really want to know.

No. 847082

I'm not a therapist so I don't know but Louise Hay helped me a lot with my feelings of guilt.

No. 847085

>what you give out you get back
>you are responsible for the best things and worst things that happen to you
lol ok

No. 847088

>gwen stefani cool
Your post made me do a double take because I also think about that cheesy song whenever I talk to my sexy ex kek. I didn't feel guilty about having a friendship with my ex before because we were both in happy relationships, but he recently became single and I feel like that somehow makes it more unacceptable for us to talk even though it changes nothing. I wish he would find someone new quickly so that I can go back to not feeling weird about being his friend

No. 847091

Anon, radical responsability is actually a big key to heal. It's used in therapy. It might hurt you to accept the truth but it's the first step to understand and forgive yourself. Give it a try.

No. 847113

the worst things to happen to me happened when i was younger than 10. how do intrusive thoughts from that life fit in to that mentality?

No. 847121

Accept that those events did happen and affirm to yourself that the past has no power over you anymore.
>but trauma
I am traumatized too anon, and this has helped me find peace. I know it's not for everyone but it works for me.

No. 847122

See this is why I recommend Louise Hay. She was an incest survivor, had a rough life, had cancer and still found a way to heal. I know those books are not for everyone, but I take the best out of her words and apply those things to my life. I think anyone can heal. You can find her books on libgen.fun if you want to quickly check them out

No. 847125

NTA, but I just ordered a copy of this book. Thank you for the recommendation

No. 847132

If you read and like that one I also recommend The Power is Within You. It's like a spiritual succesor / second part to You can Heal your Life.

No. 847138

To add another perspective, quotes from Esther Perel
>We really have this idea that one person today will give us what once an entire village used to provide. I can't say more concretely: [there are] such unprecedented expectations for our romantic relationships. They have become the new religion.
>In our secularized society, romantic love, and not religion, is where we seek meaning, transcendence, wholeness, and ecstasy. We have more freedom than ever in choosing relationships, but we’re crippled by uncertainty and self-doubt. Our quest to find “the one” and the common struggles around allowing our sense of aliveness and vitality to exist within our intimate relationships have become central cultural preoccupations. So much has changed so rapidly that we’re rewriting the relationship rulebook as we go.
>Affairs are intimate betrayals, but in a relationship, betrayal comes in many forms, such as indifference, neglect, contempt, violence. I don’t immediately see the adultery as the ultimate betrayal topping the hierarchy of wrongdoings. I don’t grant moral superiority to someone just because they didn’t cheat. Thus, I don’t automatically think of infidelity as a deal breaker, but as a major crisis from which couples can learn and grow, and sometimes create a stronger more alive and resilient relationship.
>“The golden rule is, ‘what would be the consequences of telling?’ Sometimes disclosure can be cruel, and sometimes revelation is the right thing to do. It is utterly caring and respectful of the dignity of the other person.

No. 847153

I was watching a show about hoarding lastnight and there was a woman who hoarded both pets and plushies. A therapist was looking through her toy collection and they noted her love of teddy bears and bunnies/animals and the total lack of dolls or human looking toys. How she never got attached to those. He talked about how early her trauma must've occured for her to just never take to dolls even though she clearly has a very maternal love for her stuffed animals.

I remember hating dolls as a kid. Baby dolls, fashion dolls, anything humanlike I didn't want it near me. Receiving dolls as gifts from people who didn't know me well was a strangely upsetting thing for me back then. I wanted bears and animals and I was maternal in playing with them. I babied and cradled my plush but couldn't stand actual humanlike dolls. Even now plush collecting is still a bit of a thing I do. I have an insta account where I only ever like pics of pets and toys and never people. I follow the animals and toys, not the people posting them. It hit home hearing that therapist speak. I never went down the route of being like
> I love animals so much because humans are cruel and bunnies and pups are innocent. Fuck people, only animals are pure.. and so on
In fact I hate people saying that shit. It just reads as spewing out your unresolved trauma for the world to see. But deep down I guess I have a touch of that in me too.

I'm not vocal about it and it's closer to a worrying indifference rather than anger but yeah I don't connect much with people and it started that young. I had a therapist call my childhood neglectful before but I never wanted to take that on and accept it. I pushed back against it. Something I think I need to process.

No. 847181

I'm sorry that your childhood was like that and agree with you about how awkward it is when strangers tell you their trauma when you're just trying to talk to them about animals
But OT tv therapists just say shit. I also only liked animal shaped toys as a kid because animals are cute and babies are loud and ugly kek

No. 847190

File: 1625574497744.jpg (172.84 KB, 917x1200, EvxUuESUcAA0jZx.jpg)

I don't have a good memory for numbers but I know that number nine means just jerk off, because that's what Sanic always tells me to do

No. 847191

how the fuck is believing you are responsible for being sexually abused as a child supposed to help anyone? im confused

No. 847207

You are not responsible for that, obviously. Are you implying taking responsability for cheating is the same as getting raped as an innocent child?
We are talking about a circumstance when something you had the full control of makes you feel guilty. Not when you were a child.

No. 847241

I'm 26 and I really don't want to get any older. I feel really guilty about it because I know it's a really vain and frivolous and immature thing to want, and I really admire the farmers here who talk about how much they look forward to aging. It's not just about looks though, it's about feeling like I have infinite time left to do whatever I want.

No. 847248

might be my depression talking (likely yes) but I don't know why anyone would want to have all the time in the world lmao not to mention 26 is still really young, like REALLY young. So just take it easy, you have got plenty of time

No. 847252

I was like that as a kid, too. I think that I resented having disabled siblings younger and older, and I never got to be the "baby" myself, because I was the normal one. I felt forced to be independent too quickly. Maybe I was lashing out at the babies that were taking away the attention I deserved. I'm angry at all babies

No. 847274

Me too anon, I always think about them. They probably know some people in the industry though.

No. 847287

I feel trapped in my relationship and I think that I deserve better. I want to go outside and do things as a couple and move in together and not just see each other twice per week in the evening at his stupid parents house and do nothing more than having a sleepover or going on a walk. I am also upset because my partner thinks that he can just leave me an hour at his parents house to go exercise. I am sick of it and I am sick of him getting upset when I complain about it. We have been together for 6 years and I can count only on both hands the times we went out together to do something + the times he ate me out or pleased me while I did it to him countless times because I was afraid that he would leave me if I wouldnt do it. I feel like I am wasting my youth in this relationship and I am seriously afraid of my future because I do not want to go on like this. I want a partner that spoils me and does things that I want to do too and who sees me and listens to me too. I hate that he always talks so much and never gives me space so I can talk about things that I think are important. I hate that when I have a problem and need to vent he automatically needs to vent too to load off all of his feelings about a stupid trivial problem - I just cannot listen anymore because if I do I will die or explode. I feel like my body is too full off his crap from his voice that he always loads onto me. I feel afraid and get pregnancy scares every time we sleep together because the very slim chance of getting pregnant and having to live and deal with him for my whole life scares the shit out of me. I hate that he still lives with his parents at age 27 and that he does not want to move out there - instead he wants me to move in with him. I feel trapped because we have been together for over 6 years and I just want to breathe. I hate that I hate all of this and that it makes me tired because he is my only friend and I feel very guilty about feeling this way. I feel like I have been in a coma for the past 6 years and now I am waking up. I just want to scrub everything off of me and be free, empty my mind from all of this nonsense and become an adult already.

No. 847289

I don't even know anymore, when I was 26 people told me I'm like super young and shouldn't stress about it but now I'm 28, except I'm not 28 I'm "almost 30/practically 30" and people are telling me to get my shit together, stop wearing mini skirts because I'm too old and focus on bagging a man.
I don't want to bag a man, I'm sick of men, and I like mini skirts because I'm short and they look nice on me. I don't look any different from how I did at 26, can people decide if I'm young or old already?

No. 847293

this is very cringe but i genuinely feel upset when any anon gets angry at any post i made or tries to pick a fight over an innocent post, moreso if they misinterpret it even after i try to clarify dozens of times. if it was just a one time thing i wouldn't think much if it but for some reason it's been happening more lately. and it's worse when anons keep fighting over the post or bringing it up in other threads hours/days after it happened.
i just really want to be liked by anons, so when this happens it's like a best friend hating you for no reason.

second confession which i guess is related to this, i mostly feel hurt by this sort of thing before my period starts so maybe that's related. sometimes coming on lc during this time makes me too emotional i need to leave lol.

No. 847311

I am a bit like >>847248 in that I feel like 26 is really young and means I have at least another blasted 50 years on this cursed Earth if I'm unlucky enough to not get taken out before then. That said, I'm also one of the farmers that's really excited to get old. Yes, I look forward to dying and being free, but I just… am also excited to see where I will take myself in life. I'm the same age as you anon, but I feel like my life has only just begun. I am not living it up in some fancy penthouse with my six figure salary, I still live with my parents and earn a shit wage at a basic bitch 9-5 office job. But I am still wildly content with my life. It simultaneously feels like things are too late since I've already graduated college and have more or less locked myself in to doing meh jobs and never really having a career of any sort, but also feeling like things are beginning because… there are no more expectations of me! I felt like there was no pressure like growing up and being told to do great things and become successful by 21, but now that I've achieved none of that, no one's eyes are on me anymore so I can pursue whatever the hell I want and fail/succeed at whatever the hell I want and no one will give a shit.

"Life is short but also like terribly and insufferably long at the same time." We have time anon, we have so, so much time. Take care of your body and it will take care of you, and the only thing stopping yourself from completing the things you want to do will be yourself, and maybe a drunk driver or something. I would say time too, but what do you want to do that you think will take longer than your entire lifespan??

No. 847340

precious nonny even though you don't know who I am I hope you know that when I argue with you it's not out of hate but just because I feel comfortable talking honestly with you and I enjoy the friendly banter

No. 847410

porn is repulsive but there is this one male porn star that I want to fuck so badly. I know he's repulsive and vile but dear god he is so good at sex. I even thought about subscribing to his onlyfans for a split second today. is this what it's like to be a pornsick scrote? I disgust myself

No. 847421

Fuck people fuck men fuck society, wear whatever you want

No. 847429

File: 1625597929194.png (1.36 MB, 792x795, 4832094830298432.png)

>stop wearing mini skirts because I'm too old
Who is telling you this, your 90-year-old grandma? This is J. Lo in her 50s, somehow I don't think she feels the need to cover herself in a burka now that she's over 30. And yes I know she's a celeb but culturally (at least in western countries) most people don't give a shit about what anyone wears these days. Men sure as fuck aren't going to complain about seeing more of a woman's skin and women aren't going to care unless they are self conscious and feel they "can't pull it off" so they want to tear down others. Just do your thing anon, there are many women your age and much older who wear cute clothes and go about their lives normally. The only people who would freak out over this sort of thing are projecting/jealous/small-minded and not worth listening to in the first place. (t. a 30-year-old anon who still wears skirts, bodysuits, crop tops and other "young" outfits)

No. 847432

>porn is repulsive but there is this one male porn star
Same. Except mine doesn't have an OF. I watch free tube clips and feel ick after.

No. 847433

Please stop watching porn. I struggled with it but I'm 2 months free of porn now and I feel great

No. 847435

I'm about 15 years into the habit

No. 847440

What do you mean? 15 years into watching porn?
I started watching porn at 12-14, I'm 25. And I had a porn/coom/masturbation addiction. It got to the point that I couldn't do shit, just watched porn and flicked the bean multiple times a day. Porn made me feel miserable.
Like I said I'm 2 months without porn now and I feel great. Better orgasms, I come quickier, I don't feel icky, and I feel happier and more productive

No. 847443

This talk of wearing whatever you want reminds me of this old lady in my neighborhood who was such an asshole. Didn't matter if you wore shorts or a long skirt or whatever regular summer attire, she'd be quiet and then as I walked past her she'd say some shit like "you slut/whore/etc" under her breathe but loud enough for me to hear. My cousin said she's encountered that lady before too and she said the same shit to her. I never saw her in my neighborhood outside of the summer, but I also haven't seen her for the past two or three summers. Anyway, my confession is I hope that old prude bitch finally kicked the bucket. I didn't even dress as skanky as I could've, god forbid a bitch wear shorts in the humid summer.

No. 847454

I only started at 17 but I'm 32 now and I sometimes wonder how common or uncommon are 32 year old female porn viewers? I'm talking about like two sessions a month though.

Did you replace porn with just internal fantasies or?

No. 847480

I'm proud of you anon

No. 847498

You are the one who decides! I'm also 28. Let's love being single and dressing in mini skirts together! I also encourage crop tops and crazy patterned sneakers so we can match (but not with the mini skirt, you can do that if you want).
Seriously, though, dating sucks and I'm not going to settle for anyone. I enjoy being single because I'm super introverted. If I find "the one," that would be amazing, but until them, I'm doing me. Screw what anyone else thinks. Dress how you want, spend your time how you want. 30 is NOT old.

No. 847500

One time I was going to a club with some friends, so we were wearing crop tops and shorts, and some woman started yelling at us shouting "You whores."
I yelled back at her "We prefer to be called 'sex workers'".
She then started shouting "You sex workers!" at us. I kek'd. She was bitchy for yelling but also respectful for honoring our "preference"

No. 847502

I feel it's acceptable for older women to wear revealing clothes and "act young" or whatever, as long as they're fit. People are like "well, it makes sense she wears crop tops, look at those abs!". Sadly, there isn't the same energy for women who don't have JLO's body. But yeah, totally agree that women should wear whatever they want at any life stage, who cares

No. 847509

Mad respect for old ladies who let their pooch hang and wear shorts/skirts. They don't give a single fuck and I love it. If scrotes can shove their gross old bodies in people's faces then so can old women.

No. 847526

I wish I could go back in time and substitute my unhealthy coping mechanism of eating with anything more sympathetic and pseudo romantic like self-harm.
I really never needed the insult to injury of people making fun or judging me about my appearance. At least people who make fun and judge people about scars are universally thought of as being shitty whereas someone making fun of a woman's weight can shield it behind concern trolling. I picked literally the worst cope a woman could have chosen and I hate it so much.

No. 847539

Did that for a while, just got a permanent injury. It's not worth it >>847526 don't do it.

No. 847542

they sound stupid, keep doing your thing anon. it's hot damnit!

No. 847544

I'm AYRT and this really made me smile, thank you for responding.
>It simultaneously feels like things are too late since I've already graduated college and have more or less locked myself in to doing meh jobs and never really having a career of any sort, but also feeling like things are beginning because… there are no more expectations of me! …
I'm exactly in the same situation and it feels like an ugly thing sometimes, but I want to start seeing it the way you do as a "beginning." I'm sure people who are working themselves to the bone at 23 to earn a six-figure salary, could be just as (if not more) content doing what we're doing. I guess no one is really stopping me from doing what I want with the rest of my years–it's all just social pressure, isn't it? Thanks, anon!

No. 847552

I'm so touch-starved that when my dog tried to climb on me earlier, he stomped on my clit (through leggings!) and I got hopelessly involuntarily wet. I'm so embarrassed.

No. 847563

are you white?

No. 847573

That's such a stupid mysogynistic question anon

No. 847580

File: 1625610232753.jpg (11.16 KB, 367x381, 0CCBHhF.jpg)

it was a joke and it was racist

No. 847599

that, nonnie, is what is called an ~intersectional offense~

No. 847630

Only one has been dangerous so far, but i don't see him anymore. He confessed to me he threw darts at a photo of myself out of anger, after he confessed that like it was just a silly joke i decided to make his life hell.
I have very "manlish" hobbies like computers, videogames, etc and i also mostly wear long tshirts with jeans and have short hair. Mind you, i am not calling myself a tomboy it's just how scrotes describe me.
My hobbies are filled with men, so far all my friends have been male. They fall in love with me because we share similar hobbies and i am probably the only female they talk to.
I am NEET. I just play DOOM, eat, sleep and go back to play DOOM.

No. 847643

I believe you can change your mindset anon! It took me a few years and a couple times of hitting rock bottom to figure out what I wanted in life, and some more time to reach a place where I was satisfied. Getting older went from “how many more years do I have to exist in this state of physical and emotional pain until I kick the bucket?” to “what cool jobs will I work, what amazing people will I befriend, and what will I experience?” I got my priorities straight and started to do right by myself for once (having a very solid support system also helped).

> I guess no one is really stopping me from doing what I want with the rest of my years–it's all just social pressure, isn't it?

Yep! I hope you’ll go on to do the things you want to do, and you’ll accomplish all of your goals. There’s no hard age limit on being successful, and success looks very different for everyone! As painfully long as our existence is on this earth, it’s also too short to spend a majority of that time trying to appease other people. I hope when our time is up, we’ll be ready to go with no regrets! I know I sound like a painfully annoying optimist and life isn’t as easy as turning your life around with a snap, but after years of being depressed and wanting to kill myself constantly, I now realize how amazing and precious living is, and I want other people to enjoy it too!

No. 847679

Sometimes I am so horny that I imagine sexual encounters with random men irl, even if they're hardly my type. It's exciting that I can have those thoughts in front of them, and knowing that they would probably be turned on if they knew. Of course it's ridiculous because I would never ever go through with that and I don't even personally believe in hookups… I only get extremely desperate in those moments to be desired. one time I was so horny that I sexted a random omegle moid (no pictures just text chat, but it was really hot) that is as risky as I'll ever get, still too much and I kinda regret it, not gonna do that again.

No. 847741

I actually like the song Sing by Ed Sheeran

No. 847773

lord please help me stop being horny over my ex oh my go.

No. 847785

My boyfriend sucks at sex. Six years together and he's never made me cum, now he doesn't even attempt to. Men are selfish and disgusting vile little worms, and their penises are stinkhoses. I'm never as angry as I am after sex, I could go into war with this anger and kill a thousand people without trembling. What the fuck? It's not even him, I'd need a dildo attached to the front of a truck ramming me against a brick wall to feel anything. I wish my horniness correlated with pleasure instead of frustration. I might as well not even have a cunt at this rate. I wish I had a gun in its place, I'd leave the house more at night.

No. 847787

File: 1625635245768.jpg (69.06 KB, 1080x1048, E4V_GhCXMAMqaD4.jpg)

I realized recently that I really hate interacting with my trans peers and I feel terrible for it. But after a brutal interaction with a trans person that accused me of shit I never even did I'm terrified that I'm going to misgender someone or say something wrong and immediately get thrown to the wolves for it, esp after seeing how a lot of trans people act on twitter for really stupid stuff. I literally don't give a shit about your gender and that it's apparently
your only personality trait but please don't fucking attack me and put words into my mouth to feel bigger, that's so fucked up!!

No. 847792

Why tf are you doing this to yourself?

No. 847794

I probably did something awful in a previous life.

No. 847798

Why are you even with him?

No. 847804

No reason to punish yourself now, I get that relationships are more than just one thing but this doesn't sound healthy for you, queen.

No. 847807

Looking at my mom I honestly feel like you can be young at any age and learn new things, hell, she didn’t have the courage to dress as cute as she does now until she hit her 50s! I get that for some reason people have a weird obsession about turning 30 (or calling people in their 30s old lol) but even 30s is still ridiculously young. You do what you want to do, if people think you are too old that is just their insecurities talking.

No. 847811

OT but I find it so funny that one of the anons mentioned she's 28 and people tell her she's basically 30, yet all the replys are people saying 30s is not old lmao

No. 847818

hahaha I just don't get why being basically 30 is a bad thing? Not to mention 30s is not old, and neither is 26 or 28 lol

No. 847828

It's not but I guess people still think 30 = hitting the "wall" as a woman or some other shit.

No. 847829

File: 1625639170497.jpg (28.77 KB, 430x457, 6abd73d386ba7ab2c06adca26b4e96…)

I saw a headline about how a $10,000 French bulldog was stolen from Petland (aka a retail front for puppy mills) and it reminded me of when I stole a rabbit from a similar shitty pet store when I was a teenager. I was with a friend who could (and did) give it a good home and I didn't give a shit about screwing the store out of profit. I grew out of my shoplifting-rebellion phase years ago, but I'm not going to lie, I'm glad I did it, impressed I got away with it, and feel like bragging about it right now for some reason

No. 847830

It's not a bad thing but it's often used as a dig at someone, especially here. If you go on cow boards you often see people exaggerating a woman's age and using it as an insult to imply that she's cringe and childish for doing stuff she likes. Like people can't say someone who's 28 is 28, or someone who's 33 is 33, it's always basically 30 and almost in her late 30s respectively.

No. 847833

I'm proud of you too. I think smuggling bunnies to a better life is something we should aspire to.

No. 847842

how the fuck did you do it? i'm glad it had a nice home with your friend. bunny liberation!

No. 847877

We originally went in there just to look at cute animals and kill time, but I had gotten away with a lot of shoplifting elsewhere at that point so I was already prepared with an oversized purse and dumb confidence. It helped that the store was busier than usual too. The rabbits were all kept together in a large round bin (like ferrets at Petco) that needed to be unlocked by a staff member, and instead of staying around to answer questions or whatever, the guy who opened it for us was called away by a coworker. I saw the opportunity and asked my friend if she was ready to take a rabbit home right then. She knew what I meant and it took like three seconds for her to pass me the one she was holding and for me to slip it in my purse. It was a baby mini lop, so very small and too nervous to move much. We made a b-line to the exit without drawing attention to ourselves, didn't look up at cameras, drove off the second we got to the car. I have no idea when or if anyone noticed

No. 848115

File: 1625673219851.jpg (62.33 KB, 1109x601, IMG_9310-1.jpg)

I love skimming the cream off the fancy milk my mum buys and eating it all. It's all mine, no one else can have it. I dissolve cocoa in a little hot water and the rest of the drink is just cream. No one's caught me and they never will.

No. 848120

Sis, if it’s not better after 6 years it won’t get better. I know it seems extremely scary to jump off into the unknown, but if you stay with a dude that doesn’t make you happy you’re not giving yourself a chance to meet one that does. Good luck nonna

No. 848123

I dunno, what counts as porn? I don’t watch any mainstream porn hub stuff but I sure do read a lot of erotic fab fiction instead of finding some moid to bone and I’m 31

No. 848140

I've always had, like, meticulously age-appropriate crushes, ever since I was capable of a crush. I feel like it stunted my sexual development and alienated me when I was unable to relate to other 13 year old girls who were drooling over 25 year old muscular Hollywood actors. It wasn't on purpose or anything but it always felt embarrassing. I still get uncomfortable if I realize someone I'm attracted to is too much older or younger than me.

No. 848152

I think I lost interest in a guy over a 2D husbando, I'm fucking pathetic.

No. 848154

no, you're based

No. 848156

agree, 2D is superior to any 3D scrote

No. 848166

File: 1625676596052.jpeg (28.09 KB, 654x469, 9BF17A55-3987-4D9D-84D0-8BAEA2…)

>be me 5 years ago
>start gdoc with best friends A and B where we co-write a novel length original story together
>brainstorm plot and characters in chat, but any of us can hop into the gdoc and write whenever we wanted
>noteable: gdoc was set to “anyone with link can edit” because we didn’t think it would be an issue
>one day A sends screenshot of a couple new paragraphs in the gdoc, “great addition, B!”
>B: Oh, that wasn’t me
>A: Oh, was it (my name) then?
>…no, it was not me
>edit history says a google “anonymous” animal had written it
>it goes seamlessly with our writing style & characterization (as if writer knew how we discussed the characters in our chat)
>remove the 30k+ words we’d written from gdoc, transfer to a new one only our emails have access to. Change all our passwords, etc
>empty original gdoc, leave in only WHO ARE YOU?
>hours later, we open it to find someone had left several lines of HAHAHAs in red text
>we add WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS like kids using a ouija board
>stranger responds “you girls are no fun :(“
>we’re all freaking out and very upset so we delete the gdoc

To this day I don’t know who that could’ve been. My friends swear they never sent the gdoc link to anyone. Neither did I. Hell we even asked other friends who knew our gmail addresses and confronted them (thus revealing we had a secret group novel, yes, we were not smart). They’re still my best friends but we don’t discuss it much more these days besides the rare “remember when?”

No. 848183

This is the most exciting post I've read all year. You should write a novel about it, including parts from the perspective of the mystery anon author.

No. 848185

I might be retarded but since it was available by link wouldnt that mean all 3 of you potentially had a brother, sister, mom, dad, whoever that could have edited it straight from your browsing history of shared device or sent the link then deleted the message to fuck with you all? If they accessed it at highschool on the computers and didnt delete the history or left for the bathroom there's that too.

No. 848199

The best part was how anon wrote in a fitting way. They just wanted to join in!

No. 848200

Kek I do genuinely hope the “trauma” I suffered from it does help me out creatively one day.

Afaik we only ever wrote in it on our personal laptops. And I honestly don’t know anyone in my family (or even in theirs) who’d be autistic enough to pull that on us. I will admit though that we would paste the gdoc link in our chat again and again in case one of us ever lost it. Why would we ever expect some rando to read through 5 existing chapters just to helpfully add a few paragraphs?

No. 848213

Me too. I actually was worried when I was 13 that I'm going to end up as a pedo because I was scared that the age of my crushes wasn't going to go up like my own age would do. Glad to report though that now, at 20, my crushes are all early 20-somethings, too.

No. 848218

Now I want to do this to random google docs. You should have dropped an IP grabber link just to see if it's someone whose location you recognize.

No. 848247

I don't miss my job as a tattoo artist at all, but I do miss the industry gossip. The scene was so messy I could drown myself in the milk, it was glorious.

No. 848256

What don't you miss about the job? I don't know any tattoo artists so I'm really curious to just hear about what you didn't like!

No. 848258

I'm about to spend a dumb amount of money on a sex toy and I only feel a little bit guilty, but I know when I get that baby in the mail I'm not even gonna give a shit about how much I spent.

No. 848259

>The scene was so messy I could drown myself in the milk
Any interesting stories you could tell us?

No. 848271

Unless you're a very popular artist or you're not concerned about income then you're not gonna be tattooing stuff that you like or is in your preferred style much. That can be very draining and make you resent the job and affect how you view art as a hobby. I barely ever made any art for pleasure when I was working as a tattoo artist. Customers can be tricky and constantly undervalue both your work and input, they always think they know better about colours, placement, etc. I understand that it's ultimately their choice but some people are really oblivious to how a tattoo will look most of the time, they forget that their skin actually fucking moves and that can make tattoos look askew when not posed. It's not uncommon for people to be cheeky and try to haggle the price either. The hours can be very long, which fosters a "work hard, play harder" attitude, a LOT of my co-workers had drug and alcohol problems, including myself. Then there's the physical stuff like back pains, eye strain and hand/wrist problems. I had early onset arthritis at 23 (I started my apprenticeship at 15) and got diagnosed with full blown arthritis this year at 30. Don't get me wrong, I did have a lot of fun and got to travel all over the place, all in all I had more positive experiences than negative ones, but burnout is very common in the field.

No. 848275

I spent $150 on a lelo vibrator and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Do it anon

No. 848277

I had a dream last night that my mom died and the relief I felt was incredible. I was honestly sad when I woke up this morning and remembered she's still alive.

No. 848286

Wow, thanks for the insight anon!

No. 848293

This is a lil long, so forgive me. There was this one apprentice we had at one of the first shops I worked at, a fat, unwashed neckbeard and walking stereotype. Was into vidya, gave off serious coomer vibes and was a staunch atheist. He refused to do any religious tattoos even through crosses and scripture are very common and a good way to make money and get experience when you're an apprentice. He would make a huge scene of turning down the customer and saying that it's "his religious belief to have no religious belief" and he was constantly telling us all his 3deep5u atheist takes that even r/atheism would call retarded. He gave me shit for being Jewish and also borderline bullied our Hindu receptionist until her brother broke his nose kek. Anyway this dude had a LOT of shit tats, let scratchers do most of them because he hated paying "too much" for them, which is dumb for someone trying to make money as a fucking tattooist but I digress. He decides to start covering them up and gets a guy in the shop to look at some on his thigh to suggest a good piece to cover them. Pulls up his short leg and he has a fucking STAR OF DAVID on his thigh. Everyone starts laughing their asses off and he gets all pouty and tells us that his friend told him he'd tattoo a pentagram on him lmao. He eventually did get it covered up but the scratcher did it in these really thick, almost childlike lines so it's still kinda visible. To no ones surprise this useless tub of lard never made it past his apprenticeship and quit because he couldn't handle the hard work and dedication needed to make it. Years pass, we mostly forget about him. An ex-colleague of mine recently found him on social media though and he's now a full on /pol/tard who's trying to "let purity into his life" and posts about wanting a white or Japanese tradwife who is "unspoiled" by things such as alcohol, drugs and, you guessed it, tattoos. Even though he's done all three and moved on, he won't let any woman with those things in her past to marry him. He has 0 chance of getting pussy as it is yet he still manages to lower his chances below that, incredible. He posts bible quotes a lot but after a few of us did further digging into his accounts we found his incel /pol/tard chums have called him out several times for misquoting the bible and seeming fake to them, he's also annoyed them by defending anime because it "shows how men and women should behave" lmao. Basically the edgy tattoo artist schtick didn't get anyone to like him so he switched to one of the most unlikable groups of people on the internet and couldn't even get those basement dwelling freaks to like him kek. My only wish is that I could've witnessed this evolution in real time, he's one helluva cow.

No. 848317

I'm very afraid to find out who this Jerma fellow is because I find him extremely cute (he looks almost exactly like my boyfriend but with smaller mouth/teeth) and charming and I have made it this far without falling in the trap of parasocial relationships, I refuse to let my guard down

No. 848325

I actually enjoy Turkey Tom’s videos, just wish he was a female

No. 848329

He's always screaming like a retard, I don't see the appeal

No. 848354

I am jealous of you and your lookalike boyfriend nonnie I fucking love Jerma even though he’s so cringe.

No. 848358

this plus he's uggo

No. 848371

I don't think he's ugly, he has a nice jawline and other conventionally attractive features and seems to be in shape. He makes retarded expressions, but that has nothing to do with him being uggo, just him being retarded

No. 848391

his entire head shape looks ugly to me idk why. and he won't fucking shave.

No. 848393

File: 1625696884046.jpg (197.6 KB, 958x539, BLEACHERS-2014-04-04.jpg)

When I was in elementary, I was so thirsty for attention, that I used to fall backwards off of bleachers when we went outside.
They were shorter than picrel, but I think that's why i'm retarded now. People didn't like me more for it either.

No. 848394


Jerma fangirls are going to become the next Driverfags on this site I can feel it in my bones.

No. 848525

I used to hook up with a (male) cow who's occasionally mentioned on here and his friend who is also a (male) cow tried to join in for a threesome once. The whole situation would make for decent milk probably but I don't want to dox myself… although I'm fairly certain I'm not the only one it happened with kek

No. 848539

Please tell me it is/isn’t Vaush anon.

No. 848585

I am a habitual big shit taker since I was young. I regularly clogged toilets that horrified anyone who came across them despite being a scrawny 12 year old girl. Everyone clears the bathroom for a good while after I go. I think about how some Canadians will order toilets from the US because they use more water for flush power and can handle bigger shits and I think about how my life would have been decidedly more chaotic I wasn’t born amerifat. I wish this was a larp.

No. 848589


No. 848633

i don't know if i am bpd, autistic, fucked from abuse/neglect, socially fucked from living in different countries and cultures and never quite finding my place, or all of the above

No. 848646

An ex once told me I shit like a bear and I haven't recovered since.

No. 848650

Wtf are you me?

No. 848656

I think Josh and Kiwifarms is disgusting (Even though I've used it sometimes) but I do enjoy Josh's stream from time to time. Hearing him find out what TIM and TIF means and him finding it clever was kind of funny.
Still fuck him and he's disgusting, but I'm do watch the streams and I feel shame for it because…I don't think highly of Kiwifarms and I think Josh is shitty.

No. 848667

>y-yeah I don't like him. It's not like I want him to feed me or anything b-baka

No. 848705

I've never been ana but I had a period in my life when I had a password protected thinspo folder in my phone that I regularly looked at

No. 848734

As someone who shits like once a week I'm so jealous you have no idea

No. 848780

File: 1625752137454.jpg (97.59 KB, 640x432, pin3.jpg)

I never went on Tumblr as a kid (my parents didn't allow me), so all I know about tumblr is from Pinterest. I also only started going to tumblr in like 2019-2020

No. 848786

>I never went on Tumblr as a kid (my parents didn't allow me)
Good call on their part

No. 848788

You dodged a bullet. Now go thank your parents for that.

No. 848819

I DID IT AHHHHH. I am internally cringing at the money I just spent but I'm so excited for this custom baby to come home. It's not like waiting was going to make it any cheaper, and I'd just end up waiting even longer in the end to get it. I had to call my card because I fucked up entering in the card info and was afraid I was going to explain what I was buying but thankfully didn't kek

No. 848821

I feel even worse than I did before the hospital nice

No. 848826

I still wear flats with skinny jeans and have been doing so for the past +10 years, I’m gonna be so sad when they’re finally off the racks.

No. 848830

It’s definitely not legal but sometimes I just want to take a huge knife with me when I go out in public. The thought of it being in my bag comforts me. Maybe I’ll just get a pocket knife short enough to abide by regulations.
One day I’d like to get a firearm license as well as a concealed carry permit.

No. 848832

I really want to buy a knife! I've looked up my state's laws about what you can legally carry (blade must be under 3", no switchblades) even though I'd probably get fucked by the law no matter what, but I also want one for comfort reasons. Also I do want to do outdoorsy stuff so I might as well invest in a nice little knife. Never know when you need to open up a package, cut up fruit, or stab a man.

No. 848872

File: 1625759512737.jpeg (40.39 KB, 359x448, A4CCA2EF-98B4-4F43-8DEC-F7B561…)

neither will ever go. they have to cater to us millennials until we die. just look at those "aging woman" mail catalogues full of 80s cuts available for purchase today. catalogue shopping is our future, nonnie, unless they get rid of that too

No. 848875

remember, the rule against switchblades doesn't forbid spring assist knives. just ones that have the banned mechanism. so go wild flicking your blade out and feeling badass

No. 848885

File: 1625761229947.jpg (28.69 KB, 696x696, griptilian_1000x1000_1.jpg)

I read somewhere about how it's not really that much better if the police want to fuck me over for having it since a knife's a knife kek. Oh well! I do want a spring assisted one though, they look cool I've also definitely looked into them because of Izaya from Durarara lol

I'd really like a Benchmade because I've read some good things about them but they're so pricey.

No. 848911

I'll wear low cut skinny jeans til my death because they are the most fitting pants for me, Idgaf about fashion and trends.

No. 848925

nta but it was clearly playing into the whole 'white girls are dogfuckers' meme

No. 848934

Fuck yeah

No. 848966

not Vaush kek I'm actually pretty sure Vaush hates him or at the very least dislikes him. guy I hooked up with is a podcaster and one of his cohosts/friends tried to join

No. 849052

I just subliminally spelled out the word "HORNY" to this guy I'm talking to by making the first letter of each the next letter in the word. Do you think he'll notice?

(really tho…)
Not saying…

No. 849053

lol I also just told him I have fast fingers today. there's no way he won't pick up on it

No. 849057

File: 1625771691378.png (422.74 KB, 520x678, a68.png)

samefag but I swear to god if he notices I'm done using lolcow for a month. At this point, I've spammed him enough to where if he does notice, I'm gonna call him a pervert and say it was unintentional.

No. 849074

you are deranged, anon. i love you

No. 849117

He definitely won't notice

No. 849203

File: 1625783294165.jpeg (125.14 KB, 1280x720, cumtown.jpeg)

$50 2/3 of these fuckers

No. 849209

I’ve never seen a pajama pantsuit before kek.

No. 849221

no comment ….

No. 849250

File: 1625790369174.jpg (81.73 KB, 735x729, 38fee6eb67f229db4f41fa898fec10…)

I just spent like 4 hours looking at doll accessories, mostly shoes.
I should be studying

No. 849263

i pee in a cup sometimes when it’s really late at night, because i live on the top floor and there is no bathroom unless i go down some whack 1700s type stairs in pitch-dark bc i live in a rented room situation so i don’t control the lights.
anyway i have one special cup that i pee in and wash after every use (i don’t use it for anything else obvi). i haven’t told anyone about this before bc I’m pretty sure this is clinically stupid behavior and i need to stop but it’s also so damn convenient.

No. 849266

Do you wipe?? Do you spill? Im lazy but yeah I think thats another level

No. 849270

I’d rather risk falling down a flight of stairs than piss in a cup.

No. 849272

yes i have a roll of toilet tissue in my room for this reason and just throw it in the garbage instead of the cup. I’m not a total monster.

No. 849274

File: 1625793219804.jpg (7.04 KB, 390x280, torch.jpg)

No. 849280

So there's just an open container of wee in your room?

No. 849289

yeah don't tell anyone else about that besides maybe a therapist

No. 849295

File: 1625794805544.jpg (42.46 KB, 848x565, nunpraying.jpg)

Oh god this brought back a piss-related cursed memory. Me and my friends went on a camping trip and we rented our own little cabin, we were sitting around the campfire and drinking. I got super drunk and I decided to try and sleep, but when I got back to the cabin I realized I needed to pee. Instead of just crouching outside I decided to try and piss in an empty plastic water bottle like a retard. The coordination was just not there and I ended up getting most of it on the floor. I was hysterical with laugher and I was trying to figure out what the fuck to do, I took one of my shirts I already wore and used it as a towel and then hung it up outside. It was mostly dry the next day so I just shoved the pee shirt in my bag and took it home. I haven't told a soul about this IRL… forgive me anons.

No. 849296

>It was mostly dry the next day so I just shoved the pee shirt in my bag and took it home.
Wtf. It didn't smell or anything?

No. 849298

sometimes it’s nice to keep things just to yourself and nobody has to know. not everything even if you’re anonymous has to be broadcasted to unsuspecting victims

No. 849300

It did smell a little, when I got home I just dumped everything in my bag in the laundry. It was fine after I washed it

No. 849308

her post is tame by this thread's standards lol. especially compared to stuff posted in the past.

No. 849312

no I dump it out the window. idk i knew it was weird but i needed to know if this was a habit i need to stop or if it was like just a wacky thing other people do too sometimes.
>forgive me anons for i have sinned and made you witnesses to the pee cup

No. 849317

Sometimes I consider doing this when someone else is in the bathroom (only one bathroom in my apt). I don’t have an excuse though, since the bathroom is right next to my room kek. Live your best life anon, you gotta do what you gotta do. At least you wash the cup, men probably keep a piss bottle in their room that they leave uncapped and never throw out. Honestly not the worst thing I’ve read.

No. 849319

Why are you such a handmaiden for this troon? There's no such thing as a good looking troon. You sound a lot like a chaser.

No. 849333

File: 1625797306352.jpg (133.34 KB, 1392x1100, download (3).jpg)

Just get a chamber pot…

No. 849354

I fucking love my body shape. I'm super tall and my measurements are 36-27.5-38 and I feel like I am a sexy ass vase.

No. 849378

I wonder if I'd like my dad if he were alive. He was 41 when he knocked up my mom who was 17. No great love story, he was her boss.

No. 849401

thats a precarious start to a relationship, gotta ask, if you're comfortable answering how did he die

No. 849415

I'm pretty sure I discovered a farmer's identity thanks to a post she made of someone with very few mutual followers but I'm not going to share, it's just an odd knowledge to have

No. 849425

wow I wonder if that's me

No. 849428

Can you play the recorder with your nose?

No. 849431

share, it's always funny when farmers out themselves

No. 849436

Nah, sorry I'm boring but I wouldn't feel right sharing

No. 849445

tell us a clue

No. 849461

am i a horrible person for doing this?

>search my name on twitter

>find some girl i went to high school with, but have no memory of
>see that she called me ugly in 2015
>dont even know who tf she is, just some random chav who went to school with me
>find racist tweets of hers from 2013
>n word, calling indians 'towelheads' etc
>make twitter
>reply to her tweet about me with screencaps of her racist tweets and tag her workplace

lol. i dont actually expect her to get fired, i just wanted to fuck with her

No. 849464

Sounds like she deserves it but my god you have some balls making it obvious that you're the one reporting her lmao.

No. 849466

why is it ballsy? she's an accountant, not a politician, she has no power. i have nothing to lose, no presence online, and she has no way of contacting me.

No. 849474

This honestly makes you sound like a insecure psychopath with no life.
>someone you don't even remember called you ugly six years ago
Who cares? Is your ego that fragile?
>find racist tweets of hers from 2013
Imagine scrolling back through eight years of tweets so you can get her fired for wrong think during a major pandemic.

No. 849475

You should have done it anonymously so she'd be stressing trying to figure out which of the (presumably) many people she's scorned have come back to haunt her.

No. 849480

No. 849481


I did use an anonymous twitter to reply, but I don't care if she knows it's me, she has absolutely no leg to stand on if she was calling people pakis and niggers while she was an ADULT old enough to know better.

No. 849483

nta but you can just search for a term on someone's twitter, you don't have to scroll through 1000s of tweets to find dirt.

No. 849484

kek queen shit anon

No. 849485

I only recently found out that Tame Impala isn't a rap group.

No. 849487

I think you should go back…

No. 849504

But what if someone scrolled through your twitter and found that you had posted wrong think about trannies? They would get you fired for transphobia.

No. 849508

You're not "a horrible person", just pathetic. Seriously, this is sad.

No. 849512

i wish all discussions about appearances was banned, on EVERY board not just the drama boards. it always results in too much spergery.

No. 849526

i’m not a terf and i don’t post dumb shit on int internet and dox myself like this retard did

No. 849533

>scrolls back almost a decade worth of tweets to get someone you don't even know fired over slur usage in her teens because she called you ugly without you knowing 6 years ago
Not gonna lie anon, this is pathetic and scrote coded bullshit. Not some epic own psyop you think it is. I anything it only shows that people care about others being bigoted only when they have personal beef with them, I doubt you would've given a shit if she didn't call you ugly. You can be all "whatevs I was just bored lmao" but obviously your guilty conscience is bothering you if you're posting about it here and fighting anons about it.

If anon actually searched her tweets for slurs in hopes of intentionally getting her into trouble it's even more deplorable to be honest.

No. 849539

You fucking retard
>called me ugly
she was probably right

No. 849543

>i'm not a terf

No. 849544

I hope she beats the shit out of you tbh. She probably has friends to help her unlike you.

No. 849555

Anon said she isnt a terf but that aside, racism is bad and transphobia is good. The girl getting fired for being racist is fair since she can't treat people normally in society, your example is unfaire on the other hand.

No. 849561

The girl was a racist bitch, but that could have changed. If not, yeah fuck her. But you're absolutely pathetic for searching your name on twitter and chimping out because someone called you ugly 6 fucking years ago lmao. You're a total hypocrite too, if people found out you posted on a "hate forum" like lolcow that threw around slurs like "newfag" you'd get in shit too, that's if you actually have a job though. You sound like a NEET.

No. 849597

Nobody can know if she's actually racist tbh, a shit ton of racists know they need to shut up about it in public or it'll ruin their lives. According to the OP she posted these racist tweets years ago, at a time when that was way more acceptable or used as shock comedy or for dark humor. Maybe the girl changed, maybe not. If she were a teenager back then she had no excuse and shouldn't be pitied if she gets fired though.

No. 849617

Actually firing someone for being racist eight years ago is wrong

No. 849618

i overdosed on some pills almost a year ago, they were sugar coated. i got really unwell from it, quite a while in the hospital.

sometimes i can still taste them, it makes me feel so sick- i cant do anyhting other than heave and drool until the feeling passes; its really embarrassing when im in public. it just happened today when i ate a sugary cake thing.. i dont eat sweet things much and the paste just reminded me of the pills, i heaved and heaved until i was literally rubbing my tongue trying to get the taste out.. thank god i was in my bedroom alone lol.

that stupid overdose fucking ruined me. i have more of the pills under my bed (i bought them yesterday, im in a low spot) and everytime i think of them i feel a bit queezy… im so scared to move them because of how delicate my body is when it comes to thinking about them.

i feel insane. its probably my body trying to protect me but idk. my mum says its crazy and im attention seeking (she saw it happen once)

No. 849620

it took me max 5 mins to post that tweet. Also i have 3 jobs and study a masters degree


No. 849622

It's more who she knows and how she could retaliate. People can be extremely petty when it comes to jobs.

No. 849625

she can’t retaliate because i’m not a retard who posts where i work. idk who she even is so i doubt she knows anyone who knows where i work

No. 849629

Not denying that you're a pathetic hypocrite though, hehe.

No. 849630

>idk who she even is
Oh my god

No. 849634

If you don't know her why would she call you ugly??

No. 849644

It's not as severe obviously, but when I was 14 I ate a fruity pebbles edible that wrecked my shit. Like, so nauseous I couldn't move or open my eyes for hours. If I smell fruity pebbles (which thankfully is easy to avoid) I literally have to leave the room. Those associations can be so strong, I'm sorry, anon.

No. 849656

Anon is just that ugly

No. 849660

My confession is that if this is true I am seething in jealousy

No. 849662

No. 849663

>racism is bad and transphobia is good
While I agree, what we find acceptable doesn't matter. Any attempt to take the right of free speech away or punish people for expressing their opinions has the same result. What is and isn't acceptable speech is decided by the establishment and changes over time. You either have free speech or speech is restricted to acceptable opinions. Women already lose their jobs for criticizing troons, why make it worse by celebrating someone getting punished for saying paki on twitter eight years ago? It's inane virtual signalling that will only take more rights and protections away from women when we can't speak about bad things happening.

No. 849665

Pretty sure OP is a newfag, but tbh this is actually kind of funny lmao. I don't get why everyone is so upset over this

No. 849673

because she acts like a twitterfag

No. 849686

but you really have nothing to be jealous of it was subpar

No. 849688

You sound like an insecure idiot

No. 849696

I'm 26 years old and I am anonymously having an argument with my ex via song lyrics over an editable text style website

No. 849702

File: 1625844830600.jpg (86.24 KB, 865x1390, nun-praying-the-rosary-H8ABY0.…)

I can't stop being horny over my ex, Father God please forgive me, my womb is glowing every time I talk to him.
Yes indeed lord I did lose my virginity to him but I'm certain that has nothing to do with it, father. If you could just please un-horny me from him I would be so grateful.

Please Lord, take away my sins. You know I love my boyfriend very much but also I don't have any friends really and my ex has been the best conversation I've had in a long time. I know that I will not cheat, because we're both in relationships, and no we do not flirt or anything like that, but father if you could please cast these sinful feelings away from me. I don't even fantasize about him or anything. I can't even imagine myself fucking him that's how much I don't want to. But dear lord stop making my pussy throb when I talk to him.

thank you amen in all reality his voice is sexy whenever we walk, we haven't talked in YEARS so I last remember his high school voice but dear god has it changed. i get nervous hearing that voice cause i know it's gonna make my pussy pop

No. 849705

My first crush in middle school is my current and only partner I've ever had, and besides Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka when I was a kid I've never really crushed on other people. All of my fantasies are about my girlfriend, but basically in fanfic-tier au's, like we meet in a coffee shop, during medieval times, or in the Regency era. I sometimes want to write these down but I know that if I do it will be far too late for me to ever try to be normal.

No. 849706

This is really cute lol

No. 849717

File: 1625846073161.webm (911.92 KB, 886x482, vUahOsJL.webm)

I wish I could spend the rest of my life fighting and beating people up like some shounen hero. I have so much pent up anger but nothing to do with it. Hitting pillows and shit like that isn't enough. Actual superpowers would be neat too tbh. I still have these chuuni-tier desires well into adulthood.

No. 849725

So which twitterhoe from the left cow thread are you?

No. 849734

Definitely read this as “can’t stop being horny for my Father” cursed.
Please write them down, anon. This is adorable and pure.

No. 849738

I have a job interview tomorrow and I constantly have autistic thoughts about greeting the interviewers and then just running out of the room.

No. 849751

i have no idea. i used to be a swimwear model when i was in high school so i can only assume projection

No. 849753

well yeah i dont really care that a white woman said the n word, i care that she called me fug, and the rest was basically handed to me: job on public, racist tweets. how could i resist? the sheer intensity of her retardation made it irresistable.

No. 849755

im a seasoned farmer and i dont actually care about wokeness or that some white woman said the n word i just wanted to fuck with her for being a bitch to me

No. 849756

What the fuck is it with women who try to get other women fired? Pettiness to a psychopathic level. You want to make her homeless retard? One job I had I didn't want to talk to this older lady much, and she got her knickers in a twist that she started rumors about me that got me fired. Kill yourself.

No. 849757

>pettiness to a psychopathic level

she posted about me on twitter calling me ugly like a coward instead of saying something to my face. i never knew her but i can only assume she was a bully and an insufferable cunt, esp since she calls indians 'ragheads'.

if she loses her job it's her fault for doxxing herself by posting her workplace AND being racist when she was old enoug hto know better

No. 849760

No you just want to make someone homeless because they said some mean words online. Literal psycho. Go back to twotter.

No. 849761

you sound like a bpdchan/retard. imagine weaponizing racism that you don't even care about just to get back because some girl was totally jealous of your swimsuit model career sure jan and called you ugly six (6) years ago. i'm starting to think you're baiting kek also
>im a seasoned farmer
then act like it, you can reply to multiple anons in the same posts. you don't need to fill the thread twice as quick with your bpdchan adventures

No. 849767

>like a coward instead of saying something to my face
So you got her fired using an anonymous account which was stunning and brave.

No. 849769

HELLO? Have you ever listened to them anon?

No. 849772

I remember when I first started dating my boyfriend and he told me he wanted to wait until he was in his 40s to have children. I was concerned bc we are the same age and hearing of 40 year old women that conceive naturally without hundred of thousands of dollars of fertility treatments is super rare and I’m already concerned that I have fertility issues now at 24. We were having a conversation and he basically said that everyone our age that has kids is stupid and he want to wait until hes financially comfortable to have kids, but what if I won’t be able to conceive when that hypothetical future comes?(if it ever comes, too.) I’m kinda worried that when he is ready to start a family he will just ditch me for a younger woman and knock her up while I wasted my life and lose my fertility. I don’t even want to have kids immediately, but it is not weird to have kids at our age. Everyone we know are either in 4+ year long relationships, engaged, married, pregnant, and/or having children.

No. 849774

>I’m kinda worried that when he is ready to start a family he will just ditch me for a younger woman and knock her up while I wasted my life and lose my fertility.
that's kind of what it sounds like tbh

No. 849779

yeah anon idk about waiting that long if you want to have kids, i mean ofc if you want to and its your decision to do so its ok but if your waiting just for him…. giving him this much power to the choice will end up making you feel dissatisfied with the outcome

No. 849783

Why do you care if someone you didn't even know well called you ugly? You sound mentally unwell.

No. 849787

>he basically said that everyone our age that has kids is stupid
Hard agree. Unless you guys have a secure living environment and solid jobs, most people churning out kids in their early and mid 20s are pretty stupid.
>I’m kinda worried that when he is ready to start a family he will just ditch me for a younger woman and knock her up
Are you married or have any kind of legal respite that would make this option very disadvantageous for him, aside from the fact that he should love you enough to not do this to you and could have fertility problems of his own?
>Everyone we know are either in 4+ year long relationships, engaged, married, pregnant, and/or having children.
It's not a race.
IMO there's some middle ground that can be negotiated here. Why not have kids in your 30s when you're both financially and domestically stable and after you got to do some fun shit kid free?

No. 849788

we’re texting rn and I expressed my concerns to him about what if I’m unable to conceive by the time he feels finically comfortable. He said “I’m not changing my mind because of a what if” like it’s not just a little teehee silly thing. It’s literally my life. Like its my ability to reproduce. It’s a huge thing and it’s serious to me. Not having my concerns validated and acting like it’s a stupid imaginary ‘what if’ scenario when I have a very real possibility of not being able to conceive after the next 5 years its so scary to me. I don’t want to have kids now, but within the next 2 years would be ideal. We’ve been together for a year. I don’t want to feel like I’ve wasted my time being with him. I love him of course, but I’m already getting old. Now I’m wondering if it would be better to find a new person that could possibly give me children sooner or at least care about my feelings towards having children and understand the way that I feel

No. 849789

with all the other cases of people vindictively bringing up old racist tweets people made to ruin people's careers i'm curious (if this isn't just bait) if it could possibly blow up into another one of these with a new angle of the person being retarded enough to post their petty reasoning online.

No. 849790

>i used to be a swimwear model when i was in high school
lmfao shut up anon

No. 849792

>some random person called you ugly 6 YEARS ago
>get them fired through an anonymous sockpuppet
You really are ugly aren't you?

No. 849793

none, I'm not part of the ~dirtbag left~ and I didn't even know who he was when we met. If I did I would have avoided the entire situation

No. 849795

The more you talk the more you make yourself look like a clown. Leave back to Twitter, GG or where you are from and work on yourself.

No. 849797

it's kinda starting to sound like he's gonna leave you in 15 years
>staying with someone like this because you've only been together a year
cut your losses and move on. it hasn't even been very long at all and you're NOT getting old at all wtf… you're only 24.

No. 849799

I genuinely don't understand why people date people you know from the start you don't agree with on big life decisions like having kids. So many people in this world and you still choose to knowingly date someone you know could very well give you an unhappy outcome.

No. 849803

this is such a mild confession idk why everyone is so triggered

No. 849804

>like it’s not just a little teehee silly thing. It’s literally my life.
I meaaaaan anon, not to defend a score here, but the same goes for him. So him not changing his mind because he's set in his reasoning to not have kids until 40s seems reasonable here.

>but I’m already getting old

You're only 24, calm down.

No. 849806

im >>849779 n i went trough a similar thing, i ended up dating a guy for 7+ years thinking he would back off from his "no wedding-no kids" kind of mentality and i ended up wasting that time anyway lol. While its true there's place for a middle ground he doesn't sound that concerned about your needs and wants and that's concerning, i advice you to be aware how this unfolds, in the end you need someone that has the same view as yourself in these kind of things in a relationship, specially if they meant something to you.

No. 849810

Yeah, I mean OP is definitely a newfag and seems like a bitch herself, but I don't really care that much that she sent racist tweets to that person's workplace. Anon is probably larping anyway, considering what she's said about herself

No. 849812

So anon got a racist chav fired. Why is it anons fault that she called black people niggers online, she should’ve known better.

No. 849813

NTA but It’s not that unusual to the point of LARPing to be a model in high school, anon. Or to go to university afterwards. What shithole do you hail from where it’s unusual to study and work at the same time?

No. 849814

Men really are a scam huh. Cut your losses anon he's clearly just wasting your time, not even open to negotiation. Don't be a bob the builder bitch.

No. 849815

The average highschooler isn't a model

No. 849816


This is a confession thread. For farmers, you guys are very sensitive.

Stop dogpiling

No. 849817

I wish the daddys little pork chop banner went away, it's annoying to see porn like that.

No. 849819

I didn't say it's unusual to study and work at the same time. Why did you even jump to such a huge conclusion? I'm not even the only anon who called bullshit on OP

No. 849820

I think anon was just using it as a metric to explain that she wasn’t actually ugly and that this girl came after her from a place of insecurity

No. 849821

Good morning anons I had a dream about finding the tweet where ugly anon exposed racist girl's tweets to her workplace. And then I woke up before I could post her on here, which I was very excited to do in my dream. I didn't even care about the post much when I read it lmao wonder why it was living in my head like that.

No. 849825

I hate the porny banners here so fucking much.

No. 849830

same, and that one with the anime girl getting "milked" too

No. 849832

Back in 2017 I sent nudes to Social Repose and he left me on read. I think I confessed this in a thread before like over a year ago but it’s one of the most embarrassing things tbh & it haunts me. I’m a fucking weirdo.

No. 849834

how bad were the nudes that the social repose rejected you? no offence anon

No. 849837

I have blocked those, I don't want to see some gross ass while browsing. I think they could give non-farmers the wrong idea of LC like how they often think we are scrotes.

No. 849838

My ma is really oldschool, and would never let me wear a bikini or tank top because it was obscene and now I instantly see someone wearing a tank top and think that they aren't fully dressed. I understand that it's stupid but I couldn't leave the house in a tank now because I'd feel naked and slutty. I think the only time I wore one was at a football game when someone spilled something on my shirt and a girl had an extra. That was 12 years ago kek

No. 849844

How do you block them?
Side note I also despise the spoiler/censor image, it's fucking creepy.

No. 849847

I recently started to and I like em a lot. I think I was confusing them with Migos, somehow

No. 849858

I mean, you can confess all you want but that doesn't mean you're free from judgment especially since the anon got triggered because someone called her ugly years back

No. 849876

That’s what’s embarrassing. He got exposed for liking chubbier girls on the down low, dating skinny girls like Ayalla Karina and Jaclyn Glenn but cheating with an uglier fat goth girl.
I was a chubbier goth-ish girl and messaged him thirstily for weeks trying to flirt when everyone hated him and he gave me super cold/short responses then I was drunk one night and decided to send the nudes. Him opening them and not replying was a huge wake up call for me, kek

No. 849877

File: 1625863151207.png (142.56 KB, 275x274, 6D0FB00C-2B2B-458D-857C-531FC5…)

Nta but this was who he was exposed for cheating on his gfs with on the road. I thought I had a chance.

No. 849909

Humans have been using fire before we were actual Homo Sapiens, and here I am, even scared of lighters and matches.

No. 849912

I read somewhere and feel free to fact check me, that the match was invented after the lighter. Now that shit doesn't sit right with me even if logically the mechanism in a lighter is more simple than whatever is involved in a match stick igniting.

No. 849919

File: 1625867118638.png (180.49 KB, 1730x512, Screenshot 2021-07-09 at 22.38…)

Voluntary "sex workers" make me sick. I legit despise them. Who the fuck would rather picrel than work a minimum wage job? Honestly, I'd rather be homeless. Wtf is wrong with them? That "ew ew ew lmao" made me rage. Vapid cunt.

No. 849922

I would simply rather die than deep throat dickcheese

No. 849934

I have all the sympathy in the world for women who are forced into prostitution (trafficking, extreme destitution, etc) and hope they can get out, but none for these chicks who attempt to glamorize it to young girls while they're actually eating dick cheese.

No. 849936

My boyfriend only ate my pussy 4 times in the 6 years we have been together and I think I only like men in theory but not in execution.

No. 849945

>men … in execution
Yes, I agree

No. 849948

Someone who's a mutual on my socials is a voluntary sex worker. There's a lot of cognitive dissonance between her posts bemoaning her clients, de-platforming, and other common cons of sex work while simultaneously acting super proud and calling other people "civilians."
At least I can name her excuses: Learning disability, mental illness, and traumatic history.

Also they all lie about how their clients look.
The vast majority of dudes who have to resort to prostitution to get laid are fucking hideous.

No. 849950

>calling other people "civilians."
do these bitches think prostitution is akin to being in the military? kek

No. 849953

>confusing tame impala and migos
kek, i love you anon

No. 849956

Damn I have a bf who asks every single time but I've only said yes about 4 times in 6 years.

No. 849964

maybe we can trade?

No. 849971

It's more annoying how they talk about female empowerment but also talk about how their fucking someone's husband. Even if all the marriages were in bad states, some of those husbands have wives who love and adore them and it would absolutely crush their heart and soul to know what's happening. How does that sit right with them? Or are they so easily able to compartmentalise the sex they have for work and the sex people have when in love idk

No. 849974

it's the ptsd for me

No. 849993

Go back

No. 849996

should I have added an /s? Jesus

No. 850005

Not anon misunderstanding the glorious irony that is mystery.jpg.

No. 850009

The twitterfag is strong in this one.

No. 850012

my loneliness is killing me. I must confess I still believe.

No. 850034

I think the problem is you, you're dreaming away. Wishing that heroes still truly exist.

No. 850052

I considered shooting up my school sophomore year because of how crappy everyone treated me. I honestly wish they lead horrible lives full of pain and suffering as revenge for what they did to me.

I had taken my dad's handgun and had multiple targets planned but i ended up not going through with it because the guy i really wanted to kill was absent that day. He had been sexually harassing my friend and would talk shit about me as i was in the same class as him.

still wish i had gone through with it though this generation of moids are fucking atrocious.

No. 850085

I had a massive edge lord phase a few years ago when I was at my most mentally ill and looking back at the messages makes me feel sick. I was so miserable and depressed and it really seeped into everything and it’s honestly no wonder I drove so many people away. I don’t ever want to be like that again.

No. 850086

Based school shooter anon. It’s not too late to wipe out useless moids.

No. 850104

I cheated on a boyfriend I had when I was 19 and I still feel awful about it.

No. 850108

File: 1625884488142.jpg (31.78 KB, 602x540, 8eb90cff1a1fce56aab4b418810253…)

Glow energy but it's never to late to start your Hard Candy op.

No. 850118

I think the only way women will start to be taken seriously is if we start mass-killing too tbh

No. 850126

Mass killing is weak scrote shit. Cutting off rapists dicks and nailing them to doors, now that's better.

No. 850129

File: 1625885210753.jpeg (16.05 KB, 225x225, A36FB801-C994-495F-A652-336E5E…)

I spend too much time crying about hypothetical situations

No. 850133

But we never will

No. 850191

You get it, anon! Scar and mutilate them physically for the pain they’ve caused mentally! Make them unable to pee or use their dick at all without thinking about how much of a disgusting scrote they are! Shoot ‘em in the dick, cut their dicks off, hurt men in general 2021 and beyond

No. 850195

Ever since I was a kid, I've had dreams of sexually assaulting women. They scream and push me away in disgust, and I forcefully push myself onto them.
I had this type of dream again recently, and I feel awful about it. I'm too ashamed to even discuss this with my therapist. What the hell is wrong with me? Is this my true nature?
I've always felt uneasy around other women, worrying that everything I say and do will be taken the wrong way once they find out about my attraction to women.
I've only dated men, and I've had only one romantic interaction with a woman which was cut short due to my uneasiness around women. I felt like I was taking advantage of her naivety, and that I'll end up hurting her in the wrong run. (I feel this way about men too when they show genuine interest in me, but somehow the guilt is worse with women.)
I fear that unlike men, women will be able to see through my facade and realize I'm worthless.

Are dreams indication of one's true nature/desire? Should I just forget about all of this and never think about it again?

I know I'm eventually gonna have to come over my fear of women (they're literally half the population and I can't keep avoiding them) but I was hoping maybe some anons would have an insight on the whole rape dream thing.

I'm sorry if this was uncomfortable to read.

No. 850197

it could be many other things and the fact it upsets you already answers the question. likely it's a manifestation of your struggle with your attraction to women and how you feel insecure around them, not that you literally have a secret desire to assault them . think of it like symbolism

No. 850205

I have to add that many women who like women have this fear of being perceived as or actually a "predatory creepy lesbian" the way that they unfortunately can be treated as sometimes. like I said I think your dream is that fear running wild in your subconscious

No. 850209

Thank you for your response, it's really comforting knowing that a) I'm not a potential rapist b) I'm not the only one with this kind of fear.
I'll definitely discuss this with my therapist at some point. Thank you!

No. 850212

np I'm sorry it is not very in-depth… you might want to check out the bi and lesbian threads (lurk the one you least identify with) because I think this topic comes up sometimes, and other ones you may relate to. best of luck and definitely do work through with your therapist!! You're sweet

No. 850258

Not a scrote or a weird humblebrag but I wish I had big labia. They're so pretty.

No. 850262

if it helps, I've had sexual dreams about family members and other really fucked up shit that I would never want in real life. I agree with the other anons, I think the dreams are a manifestation of your fears

No. 850263

oh man I've had those too. for me it was definitely from anxiety in real life from intrusive thoughts. but sometimes for people they're just random upsetting nightmares also.

No. 850319

I have a crush on Tokidoki Traveller amen

No. 850344

File: 1625905646158.png (752.68 KB, 1200x600, imagen_2021-07-10_032729.png)

which one of these is that one?

No. 850511

I don't actually want to have sex with women or men, except for 2D guys I guess, but I do find aydens and themlets more attractive than actual men. Even men with features that are supposed to be conventional look more odd to me than wannabe men. Fwiw I'm still against troonery and I'm deeply disgusted with my taste. At one point I almost had a full blown crush on an ayden. That was the lowest point of my life and I had to force these thoughts away with anime cause literally nothing else gives me sexual or romantic feelings. I wished I liked normal things (or people I guess, when it comes to real life)

No. 850625

same, anon

No. 850630

I am 24 years old an I am still a crybaby. I remember getting bullied and teased in kindergarten for being sensitive and crying every time something upset me and my mother getting very angry with me for that. It did last through all of my school years and the bullying got worse. People always teased me for crying and even called me "brazen" in high school and I was disliked because I always cried when something went wrong. The bullying and anger from my parents just made it worse. But the reality is that I don't have a choice. The crying just happens and I cannot hold it in EVER, it is so embarrassing and it still haunts me. am sorry if i ever upset someone or make someone uncomfortable when I am crying but I just can't do anything against it?! I can't even argue or have a normal fight without starting to cry it is embarrassing and no one takes me seriously. I hate it.

No. 850631

I sharted when I was in the shower this morning. It actually horrified me and I don’t think I can ever trust a fart again.

No. 850634

if this trans thing didn't happen then those would probably be tomboys and butch lesbians anon, or simply any kind of women with different styling. fucked up hormones and surgeries aside, I think that's the only good thing to come from all this, women being creatively gnc (if only they'd acknowledge it for what it is). yeah, they can look really attractive

No. 850635

I relate nonny. a LOT. I have a memory from childhood of even my teacher calling me a crybaby, and I'm not sure if it was real or a nightmare. it sucks when people get mad at you for it. I understand that it looks like manipulation, I realized hell to some degree it might subconsciously be but I physically can't stop the tears and when I try it comes worse. I think I've numbed my emotions in response, but I'm hoping that over time this will go away. still waiting

No. 850672

The clarity of adulthood has really given me perspective as to how fucking insane my parents were. My younger sister died when I was 6, and my parents completely checked out from raising me until high school. They made it pretty clear that they did not actually give a shit about how I felt about the situation or how it would affect me so they didn’t even bother trying to help me grieve. 6 years old is young but it’s not like I didn’t know what was going on and didn’t understand how grave of a situation it was. Everyone used to talk about how much of a ‘crybaby’ I was but really looking back it’s so obvious that I was mourning. I would cry in my sleep all the time and my parents would come into my room and yell at me for ‘attention seeking’ even though I would only know what was going on because they woke me up with their screaming kek. My narc dad is genuinely one of the dumbest people I’ve ever met and I can’t believe he really thought a 6 year old was trying to manipulate him after the death of her sister.

No. 850683

Don't feel bad about crushing on Aidens, they're just butch women medicalized. Finding them attractive isn't only about their looks but how they are. They're still women and no amount of surgery and testosterone will change that.

No. 850688

It’s uglyanon OP here i now feel bad for doing this and hope she doesn’t get in trouble. I wish I had better foresight

No. 850697

Your parents sound like literal fucking narcs. The fact they believed that a 6 year old crying over their passed away sibling is 'attention seeking' makes me want to beat their asses

No. 850701

low quality bait

No. 850706

not bait. i wish i wasn't like this

No. 850729

I have been trying for over a year to find a therapist to start therapy. I talked multiple times with my insurance company and called emergency numbers but they all just said that they cannot help me. I also tried calling a lot of therapist offices but they either won't call me back or just flat out tell me that they already have a lot of patients. It is such a hassle. They have stupid calling times so I have to center my whole week around those times and the amount of time I have wasted simply waiting on the phone in a stupid waiting line is enormous. The only thing that I could try now is to get a private therapist but that is fucking expensive and I simply cannot afford to pay around 100 euros per appointment as a student. Mandatory health care is a fucking scam. I feel left alone, sad and angry and that it is all getting worse. I sleep 12 hours per day and often do not bother to get up because I am tired and there is just no point to do it. I feel like no one cares about me and they do not care if I live or die. I don't know what is worse not doing anything because it is pointless anyways or wasting more time calling numbers and offices. If I ever kill myself I will write in my suicide note that it was the systems fault and post it all over social media then maybe some other ill people like me will get help.

No. 850731

Holy crap, is Amy Lee a farmer?

No. 850858

I absolutely despise her as a person, but I do weirdly respect that Gabbie Hanna never got a nose job. It's super unflattering and many people (myself included) wouldn've gotten it shaved down the second they had enough money to.

No. 850872

it's her only redeeming quality

No. 850892

she's had a nose job it just didn't do shit because of how obvious it would be

No. 850940

No. 850953

nta but if you actually watch that video this surgery was just to straighten her nose because one side is collapsed, not a size reduction which is what anon means

No. 850967

She still got a procedure done to make her nose look “better” and conventionally more attractive. The bar is low if we’re giving props to any woman for not cutting apart her face the second she is able to get a ski slope tiny nose.

No. 850970

File: 1625977068159.jpeg (349.83 KB, 1125x753, 6DC3238A-C00E-4807-B1A6-91A50E…)

nta oh god is it hard, got told that I also have collapse and could get it cosmetically altered in addition to fixing. but I will NOT (not even sure I will fix the issue). I'm learning to love my silly nose but god seeing how many go through with that feels bad.

No. 851056

File: 1625990179134.png (1.07 MB, 1120x630, imagen_2021-07-11_025517.png)

I love the animal crossing series and I was super pumped up to get it but now it has gone kinda stale and I'm not excited anymore.

No. 851059

i haven't visited or posted in crystal cafe in years until today. and honestly, the level of discussion on there seems much more better than what i've been seeing on lolcow as of late. please lord, i don't mean to defect but i can't help it. please forgive me

No. 851061

same. i pre-ordered the animal crossing switch and game as soon as i could but ended up only playing maybe 20 hours on it at most. i think a lot of people find the game play slower than new leaf, and i just find it really babified even more than i thought was possible.

No. 851063

>the level of discussion on there seems much more better than what i've been seeing on lolcow as of late.
Please elaborate?

No. 851069

maybe it's because i've been visiting this site too much but i've grown tired of seeing the same 5 or so threads being active on the first page of /ot/ and /g/ and posting in them sometimes just feels like a "fart in the breeze" so to speak. like, the chances of getting a decent reply seem slim no matter how much thought you put into them or not, unless you're bait posting obviously.

No. 851070

Same, holy shit. I feel like the crafting thing just really slowed everything down, and the "cheevos". I just wanna hit the ground running. Wild World still is the best, to this day. New Leaf ain't bad, either.

No. 851096

File: 1625994542568.png (726.72 KB, 800x450, imagen_2021-07-11_040905.png)

This is more or less a pet peeve but I think the way the camera is placed kinda ruins things for me. I feel like it's too far away and makes things look like dioramas instead of a place you live in. Plus people put tooooo much effort on their island and that's just discouraging as someone who just wants to play it like the older games. Everyone is just too focused on aesthetics and making as many special areas for their town as possible, which is fine but not for me, I just want to have little comfy places to rest. Plus the dialogue is too baby-fied. And the world is kinda empty and without that many activities beyond just building shit.

No. 851100

File: 1625995041451.jpeg (61.43 KB, 668x577, resetti.jpeg)

>Plus the dialogue is too baby-fied
I was super disappointed in the quality of conversation with villagers for this exact reason. And, correct me if I'm wrong, but the amount of conversation you get from villagers seems very limited too. That was the main complaint I had with NL but was hoping that would be one of the first things they'd focus on with NH but that doesn't seem to be the case. I never played the older games but I've seen screencaps like pic related where the NPC's are a little harsh/rude and I wouldn't mind if they kept that sort of attitude in the game.

No. 851102

File: 1625995186074.jpg (24.59 KB, 564x533, 1625439760016.jpg)

I was once mutuals with some tumblr artist who was kinda popular. She followed me on deviantart and I liked her art. I had a very rough adolescence for many motives more than one but one of the biggest things that affected me greatly was the fact that my dad was very ill and had to get dialysis every single day. I think me being very young and not being able to cope that well with my emotions I just kept it all to myself and would get jealous of people with normal parents.

At one point I posted a deviantart journal saying somehting like "I hate teens because they always complain about anything and everything, even the not so serious stuff", mirroring that I was having a rough time and couldn't do anything but stay silent and not let anyone see my weakness. Well this tumblr artist that I'm talking about took it as a personal offence and went to her blog to bitch about me about how I'm basically the devil for saying that teenagers shouldn't complain if they have it easy. Then I remember everyone on the notes flocking to her and saying how bad of a person I must be if I have 0 empathy and that I should get bullied or something idk.

Anyways she still followed me after that, but I eventually just deleted those accounts.

No. 851113

File: 1625995557866.png (224.56 KB, 500x388, AAA8A19C-F10B-400A-9C9F-7E8B1A…)

This exact thing is why I'm stubbornly holding on to the gamecube and DS games, the dialogue really was so much better. The villagers have flaws, act petty, try to scam you, tell you to lose weight… It's so much more fun than the new "Hi friend! I like apples uwu"

No. 851116

Yeah, even the "friendly" personalities in older games can be very petty and I like that, lol
But as someone who recently played through the gamecube game, I can tell you there's SO much repetition in the villagers, probs more than New Horizons. Doesn't help that there's like, 15 villagers.

No. 851123

God, I was SO hyped about this game and I was so disappointed on what it was. It's just a shell of the former games, because they removed almost everything that made the series so lovable. Not only the crazy amount of items that have been removed (rip to all the furniture series) but also the small things that just add the bit of magic that made you return to the games everyday. You had so much stuff to do but they even removed this and replaced it with the tedious diy garbage that is nothing but a waste of time because you spend more time on collecting shit for creating a chair, than actually experience something on your island. I really wanted to give this game a chance and played it for a good while but even when my island isn't done yet, I do not see a point of finishing it. There is not much to see, the series was reduced to a overpriced photoshoot game and nothing more.

Also this, I miss my villagers being rude af to me. But I can imagine that all the bpd woke tards would feel hurt by it because they see this game series as some sort of anxiety and depression therapy and everything needs to be uwu safe space where everybody is nice.

No. 851124

>you spend more time on collecting shit for creating a chair, than actually experience something on your island.


No. 851125

I also like to add that I hate how fast the flowers spread in NH. What the fuck, two rainy days and almost all of your island is covered in flowers. Who thought that this would be a good idea, absolute madness.

No. 851158

I do this too, anon

No. 851163

For the first time in years I like a guy. I feel like nothing is going to come of this anyway but it sure is helping me to get over my old exes.

My last ex cheated on me. My first ex left so suddenly, sent me a text message and just never gave me answers or closure. I've always ruminated way too much about the end of my relationships. I almost just want to crush on this guy for a while for distraction and then have nothing happen.

No. 851165

Is he an acquaintance of yours?

No. 851167

He lives locally and we make small talk sometimes.

No. 851168

Is he an acquaintance of yours?

No. 851170

Is he an acquaintance of yours?

No. 851179

I just turned 24 years old and I’m still a virgin. It’s pretty much by choice so that doesn’t bother me but there is something that does…

If I do any sort of vaginal penetration during masturbation. Just clitoral stimulation? No problem! Add some vaginal stimulus and I’m curled up in a ball crying right after I orgasm.

No. 851185

Anon, I am the same as you!! Same age too, I turn 25 in September… I get down about it too.

No. 851192

Anon, why do you cry after that then? Sorry, I'm confused.

No. 851238

I feel guilty for liking popular media. I'm not even a zoomer so I have no excuse, I'm just basic.

No. 851251

As long as you're not one of those weirdos who go on about stuff like Star Wars or capeshit films being a 2deep4u metaphor for xyz there's nothing wrong with that, anon. I love the Fast & Furious films, yes they're meathead entertainment but maybe sometimes I like to be a meathead. Go forth and be cringe, my friend.

No. 851363

Sometimes when I wake up in the morning because I have to pee, I’ll weigh myself before and after to see how much pee I was holding. today it was 1.6 lbs worth

No. 851383

I do this but with poop.

No. 851417

I FREQUENTLY type out replies and never post them.

No. 851422

I really hate models. It is just so unfair that they either won the genetic lottery or have rich parents who got them plastic surgery and prestige and they can hook up with or get married to all of my celebrity crushes just because they are lucky to be beautiful and/or wealthy.

No. 851424

File: 1626029233244.jpg (20.54 KB, 377x196, contempt.jpg)

As soon as I read "my bf/my ex/my crush" I skip it, I don't care about your pet scrote keep that shit to Facebook/insta/reddit.

No. 851434

I don’t know why. It’s my body’s response. If I had to guess it’s probably because there’s a lack of human contact during an intimate moment. Like my body wants the d and not whatever I’m using (as ugh as that sounds I am unfortunately straight kek).

No. 851438

I love posts about exes and hate posts about 'currents'

My last bf was so shit that I just knew not to post about him on here. I knew if I did I'd hear some harsh truths that I wasn't ready to face yet.. Now I'm free to post about him lol

No. 851445

who the fuck posts personal shit about their bf on facebook or insta. there's a reason people do it here anonymously

No. 851448

Imageboards haven't been good for my mental health so I'm probably going to leave them. I hate the idea but honestly ib's have not made me feel better about myself, and I need to focus on trying to fix my shitty life. Spending too much time browsing this place isn't going to do that. I'm sorry sisters

No. 851453

See you tmrw

No. 851455

same tbh. i've never been on a date before or crushed on 3D so it all reads like a different language to me

No. 851477

Reddit sides with males too much.
And who tf posts relationship drama to Facebook or Insta in 2021?

No. 851485

File: 1626033042672.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.61 KB, 612x612, istockphoto-470865790-612x612.…)

For some reason, the shape of Norway on a map makes me extremely uncomfortable. I can't explain why.

No. 851495

yeah it looks like an animal, maybe a tadpole or a shovel

No. 851497

Looks like a used q-tip.

No. 851499

I wish I could clone myself and then raise myself as my own child. Then the pressure to reproduce would be gone and I could give myself a better childhood.

No. 851511

s p e r m

No. 851513

Sorry to be prying, but is this something emotional or is it because of pain? I never did anything in that direction, and now I'm scared to even try kek.

No. 851519

No pain at all. It’s just an emotional thing. Don’t be scared lol if it happens, it happens.

No. 851521

I need to add that it doesn’t last long and I get over really quick… there’s no lingering emotions after crying other than me thinking it’s a little odd

No. 851528

I sometimes cry after intense penetrative play and tbh I always wondered if I was interfered with as a kid or something. The most intense clitoral orgasm has still never sent me into tears but penetration does something weird to me. I can't explain the emotion behind it.

No. 851541

I am sure that I will always feel lonely, it's just my baseline setting of being. I have felt lonely ever since I can remember and I don't like to remember times when I did spend more time with people, be it friends or school. I feel pretty disfunctional because of it, not gonna lie, pathetic even.

No. 851543

I never use the paper towels or air dryers in public bathrooms

No. 851560

why not the paper towels??

No. 851566

Just feels gross

No. 851584

why not the air dryers??
but also wdyd when you have to touch something and your hands are wet?

No. 851588

nta but those machines are such germ nests ew

No. 851591

>why not the air dryers
Poop air. I just don't like public bathrooms and try to avoid coming in contact with as much stuff in there as possible
>wdyd when you have to touch something and your hands are wet?
I dry my hands. It doesn't take that long for your hands to air dry, and if I'm someplace where I dont care about my appearance I'll give my hands a quick wipe on my clothes.

No. 851610

No. 851620

the three nordic countries look like a malformed penis and ballsack

No. 851623

I’m my cat’s least favorite family member and I can’t cope with the daily feeling of rejection

No. 851630

I sometimes use Japanese honorifics on my niece and nephews even though I’m almost 30 and my weeb game and anime consumption is currently low.

No. 851634

File: 1626050384740.jpg (38.81 KB, 760x399, sweden-norway-denmark-finland-…)

Samefag, I think I know why I don't like it now. It's not the overall shape of the country, but all of the cracks. There's just too many of them. It makes my skin crawl. Also, for some reason I think the very top area looks like the spine of some kind of dinosaur.
I see it. Finland is a floppy dick, and Sweden and Norway are really long balls

No. 851637

I like stalking my old friend's eating disorder twitter while I eat because I currently weigh lower than her and exercise a ton. Fuck that bitch for making me starve myself for the latter part of my teenage years.

No. 851651

File: 1626052568516.jpeg (79.91 KB, 756x1280, wp7071815.jpeg)

I can't hold it back any longer, I'm have a huge thing for manlets. Absolutely them. They're just sooooo cute.

No. 851652

samefag wow the thirst got the better of my grammar

No. 851663

pedophile detected

No. 851668

I agree. I am super short so tall guys scare the living shit out of me.

No. 851674

Reading trashy news like the Daily Mail and The Sun is a guilty of pleasure of mine

No. 851686

I secretly have a thing for manlets too, I just bully them because I like them. Little lawn gnome looking ass.

No. 851695

nth but fuck off kek why is this is the thing every person says. just let me have my giantess experience in peace

No. 851713

For me it’s the ones in manga who get completely manhandled by their (male or female) partner.

No. 851719

I know typing "aaaaaaaaaa" isn't against the rules but it just screams twitter and I want to insta report them.

No. 851778

File: 1626067915800.gif (951.82 KB, 275x155, tumblr_mczz8h5GDd1r9meixo1_400…)

I am 30/married/career/homeowner and fucking infatuated with John Bates from Downton Abbey and the actor who plays him. I feel so disgusted as I haven't had a celeb crush since like my early 20's and it feels weird now that I'm "a Proper adult" but I keep thinking/fantasizing about him.

I consider myself happily married and attracted to my husband. but I can't stop thinking about the character & and actor fucking me and I masturbated to fanfic of him today. Anyway I feel like a fucking neet or a sad old cat lady.

He's not even cute but I would let me destroy me.

No. 851780

I'm not sober, forgive the bad grammar please.

No. 851781

I think being forced to gut and skin rabbits growing up really fucked with me. I was never the one to eat them, only my stepdads mom did. Sometimes they just laughed at how much I was struggling and gave the meat to the dogs anyway so it was all for nothing. To teach me something? I don't fucking know.

No. 851788

Sometimes I read posts on and here and understand why so many anons don’t have friends or a significant other.

No. 851795

I fucking hate leftist but I am a leftist myself. They are hypocritical retards that say they are against capitalism and then buy doctor martens and apple and drink starbucks and encourage sex work which is literally capitalistic abuse.

I want to make money off these braindead fuckers so badly. They don't deserve to own capital anyway. I want to make a sex work website and only take in troomers and irrecuperable western sex worker pick me's and get that sweet sweet scrotoid money. These retards would prostitute themselves anyway because it is "woke", so at least I will be taking the money. I would never accept poor eastern european girls on there, just sexually depraved troomers and "woke" sex workers from first world countries that have many other options but willingfully choose this. They would work on other platforms anyway, so at least the money that would go into the pockets of mr Onlyfans pimp would go into my pockets and I'd be able to invest in charity that helps poor women that have to resort to prostitution.

No. 851796

File: 1626070702388.jpg (42.99 KB, 1200x630, snobby-girls-wont-stop-disresp…)

Oh look it's someone with friends and a significant other

No. 851837

wow anon you are so special. real psychology mentalist shit right there.

No. 851846

I'm guessing you're referring to all the bpders. I feel like there's an equal number of just agoraphobic anons too though. Maybe even more.

No. 851855

I think I'm a covert narcissist and I blame my parents for being neglectful and abusive so much so that I learnt as a child no one will love me as much as I love me. I really am my own best friend. Other people can really fucking irritate me. I'm also completely up my own ass about how I look so much so that I never comment on it because I think it's cruel to point out how fugly I see others. I stop hanging out with people if I think they're in anyway skin walking me. I don't share on social media because I know it provokes others to overshare and then I feel superior. I'm a bitch lol

No. 851856

similar here, being “left” becoming a trendy brand was a mistake. At first I was happy that more media started to have non-condemning reports on left activism, but now it has warped into a consumerist caricature of it’s ideas, which is really fucking sad (and people are still vegetating in refugee camps etc, but the hype has died down it seems) Seriously all we can do is to try to unfuck it from the inside. I had a very long, serious conversation with a friend of mine recently who started to buy into the “some people love to do sex work, everyone has a right to sex” bullshit (which is literal incel talk wtf how could it end up in here?) and I think it was really important for him to have a different perspective on this than whatever the fuck he was getting fed there. The catchphrases sound tempting at first if you’re not familiar with the issues and let’s be real everyone wants to cope, but I can’t with this bullshit. so many people don’t realize how they’re playing with fire out of the need to be “open-minded” and different from the conservatives at all means, t’s worrying. Put aside that “conservatives” are the ones who are buying the ‘consent’ of your woke sex werker friends and prostitutes alike, how can you defend this shit and still call yourself a leftist?

No. 851874

Yes, but please do not confuse the first world privileged sex workers that continue to do their job and praise the industry even after cashing in literally millions with victims of sex work from Eastern Europe or sexual trafficking victims. Rad fems need to remember women like Belle Delphine and other ethots are contributing to the issue of the sex industry being overlooked as not being abusive and she causes dynamics of mysoginy. There are thousands of privileged first world girls like her that are addicted to attention meanwhile women from third world countries have to do sex work because of.lack of opportunity. Women like her are not victims!!! If she did not like it and it made her depressed she would have quit after making the first million. She is a millionaire , she does not even need the money anymore. Women like her continue to praise the industry and it makes people forget that for every Belle Delphine we have 10000 girls from a third world country with no other choice but to prostitute themselves. I have met so many rad fems giving women like Belle excuses "she is opressed by the patriarchy too anon" "ahh she has no choice". Bullshit, with such thinking you are desacralizing the suffering of women with no choice. I was literally trafficked on the internet and I had to accept money from men in exchange of sexual services because I am poor and was poor and I live in a country with very little to none opportunities and come from a fucked family. I fucking despise sex work because I was forced into it and I will never make milions off of it because you cannot cash off something you hate.

A girl born in a first world country, that had her room full of clothing and makeup and all the things she could have wanted, a girl that has already made millions and does not stop is not a victim of patriarchy or of sex trafficking. She is playing into the opression of the patriarchy.

She is like one of those women that help men abuse young girls from disprivileged situations. Many women willingly choose to step on women's bodies for male approval and attention. Rad fems and feminists need to never forget this.

Alinity, swimsuit succubus, Belle Delphine and many other thots constantly praise the porn industry and they've made millions off of it!! If they did not agree to the porn industry they would stop praising it after making 2 million dollars and stop part taking in it.

This is why I want to create a sex work platform, I want to cash these stupid hoes that Don't realize the privilege they had and continue to opress women indirectly. They will use platforms to prostitute themselves anyway. So, at least that money will go to me and I will invest some of it in women's shelters.

Also, I am sort of upset at the rad fem movement, although I am very rad fem at
core. I am against sex work completely and I hate troons and think women have the mental capacity to work like men. Women were liberated to work jobs like men and be prestigious, not to degrade and prostitute themselves. I think a lot of rad fems are like a mirroring of retarded privileged leftists. You know, how the saying goes… you end up being what you hate the most. I am upset at rad fems because a very high percentage of them are women from first world countries that live in privilege with more money than they need and instead of involving themselves in actually helping women they keep on talking and talking stupid shit just like libtards do. Hating on troomers constantly and just using radical feminism as a way to find a community where they can shit on others just like leftists do. Virtue signaling instead of actually getting involved in helping the people you advocate for.

If you are a woman from a first world country and you make money or you can earn money easily you should involve yourself in helping women in need as a radical feminist, but instead you use the movement to shit on troons and constantly complain about libtards while virtual signaling that you are good and against pornography.

Does it sound similar? It is exactly the same as libtards do,virtue signaling against capitalism instead of fighting against it and constantly whining about rad fems, fascists and right wingers.

No. 851883

Your post reminds me so much of my mom anon, but tbh she's a really cool person and most people a genuinely irritating and ugly kek

No. 851885

Fuck yeah anon, based

No. 851888

if you think you are a narcissist, you probably aren't. self love is certainly okay. i, too, had neglectful and abusive parents and from that i stemmed trust issues. i see others as competition because my parents did that between my sister and i. it takes a lot to snap out of that, i'm getting close to my thirties and struggling from over 25+ years of ongoing abuse, although not as terrible as it was once i stopped talking to them casually. a lot of the negative traits you hold can simply be explained, "i am like this because that's all i knew, that's how i was raised." at that point it is your decision to break that cycle and figure out which things are actually healthy boundaries, you just have a negative mindset towards protecting yourself because it was discouraged, and what things are mirrors of your parent's behaviors. good luck, anon.
this brand of left that has become trendy is the authoritarian brand of centrism pretending to be leftism, completely opposite of anarchism.
something i have noted is a good chunk of first world sex workers end up realizing they might be wrong about how going into the work is a complete choice and soon drop out of the work and left traumatized. it's a terrible cycle, similar to a cult.
>a very high percentage of them are women from first world countries that live in privilege with more money than they need
always stray away to the loudest radfems, especially those with social media checkmarks, published books, and promote "friendly" radical feminism. it's all a PR move, they make themselves seem bigger than they actually are, it's just the wealth talking.
truly, the most genuine radfems i've met were working class women just like me, it's just harder to find people similar to us because the loudest ones are in the spotlight.

No. 851904

>>851856 here, holy shit thank you for this reply I think I really needed to hear this from someone who won’t take any of it, and has been in this shit themselves. Everyone around me is beating around the bush on this topic trying to avoid sounding ‘intolerant’ or not empathetic enough. I think you are right and rightfully angry. Sometimes I feel like the bar has been set so far that I find myself trying to compromise too much bullshit in trying not to trigger anyone into defensive reactions, to the point where I coddle this shit way too much in a dodgy way. Doesn’t make it better that I live in an economically privileged environment.
>Virtue signaling instead of actually getting involved in helping the people you advocate for.
There is so much hypocrisy and I am prone to it too. Imo your plan is extremely based and I wish you success. godspeed anon, your post refueled and refocused my anger

No. 851905

Based. Also
>Many women willingly choose to step on women's bodies for male approval and attention. Rad fems and feminists need to never forget this.
This is my biggest gripe with a lot of radfems. Female solidarity is a nice goal but the fact is that there are always gonna be women who CHOOSE to fuck over other women to get ahead, we can't view every woman as a poor oppressed victim who just needs to read Dworkin. Especially wealthy women. They aren't brainwashed by patriarchy, they're making a logical choice to step on other women to improve their position on the hierarchy. Belle Delphine is not a victim brainwashed by patriarchy any more than Jeff Bezos is a victim brainwashed by capitalism.

sorry for vent. I'm from a first world country but I'm a poorfag and I fucking hate wealthy women going "sex work is work!!! so empowering!!!!" when I'm gonna be the one stuck working in the brothels if it's legalized, not them. I don't feel any solidarity toward them, I feel the same about them as I feel about CEOs.

No. 851915

whenever i see anons post about how they hate people with bpd or npd or another personality disorder had jt because their abusive parent had it and how everybody with that disorder is a vile person etc i feel really awkward because aren’t personality disorders genetic? like you probably have it too and if not you your kids may have it

No. 851923

There are plenty of women in first world countries who do prostitution because they are poor and desperate as well. Not saying Belle Delphine is one of them, but I would be careful of assuming that all first world prostitutes are super privileged women who do it for fun.

No. 851925

Yeah, this attitude is not okay and is really upsetting. My father has bipolar and my bio mom has bpd and they were both at one time horrible to me. But that's because they had no support or treatment. My bio mom was living alone, dealing with a life time of abuse at the hands of her parents and her ex husband, she has lupus and an ed, she has to deal with so much. When I first met her when I was 13, I didn't know these things and she didn't know much about how I was living either. At one time I was convinced she was evil. But in 2020 we had the opportunity to work together in a cafe and it was one of the best things that could have happened. We connected, and now I get to be one of her supports, and we're so close now. She let's me see the vulnerability. I am a compassionate person and even after years of emotional abuse I wasn't going to abandon her, I can move past my pain and grow because I have the understanding to know that the pain she caused me doesn't come from no where. It doesn't excuse what she did, but she's apologized and she understands how she fucked up and I know she regrets ever word. She isn't anything like she used to be, she's more childlike and loving, instead of insecure and terrified, and the first step was knowing she was loved unconditionally. Just recently my father called me and apologized for being so violent and awful through my childhood. He heard I was going to a therapist and he felt responsible for my pain. He hated that, he hated that he could hurt me so much and not even recognize the pain he was causing. He was a mess too, and his life was constant turmoil. People don't just do shit for no reason, and if you are close to someone who had a disorder like this it is worth considering whether understanding and patience is something you are able to offer. No one is saying you have to forgive the people who hurt you, but that doesn't give you the right to slap a "bad" label on everyone who suffers with a serious disorder.

No. 851979

Nayrt but this was beautiful, I hope things continue to improve for your relationships
I need to go tell my mum I love her

No. 852025

PhilosophyTube looks just like this girl who used to stalk me when I was like 14/15. She wasn't a troon, just very unfortunate looking. Her and PT both have that ugly posh inbred horse face look going on. Seeing PT now makes me feel uncomfortable and makes his face about 10x more punchable.

No. 852040

PT started her channel to deliver free philosophy lessons after the British 2012 tuition fee hike…how can you hate someone with such a noble cause?

No. 852043

>I had a very long, serious conversation with a friend of mine recently who started to buy into the “some people love to do sex work, everyone has a right to sex” bullshit (which is literal incel talk wtf how could it end up in here?) and I think it was really important for him to have a different perspective on this than whatever the fuck he was getting fed there
Just recently I experienced something similar, I ended up chimping out to a libtard male friend's face about sex work and how exploitative it is, and how privileged well off western girls selling nudes isn't a fair representation of how the sex industry works on a larger scale. Outed myself as a nasty, evil ~SWERF~ but someone had to do it. The only way to fight human trafficking and exploitation of women is to put the facts out there, unlike a lot of the narcissistic onlyfans thots would like people to believe they're not the "overwhelming majority" of sex workers. The majority of sex workers are prostitutes working the streets and bordellos, often women at the end of their rope with no other options or forced/groomed into it by a pimp.

While some women are straight out evil and want to throw others under the bus for their own gain, using someone like Belle Delphine as an example simply doesn't seem fair. She's been groomed by her john for years into becoming what she is now, and we need to understand the oppression women face on all societal levels. Even the wealthiest, most affluent woman will never be as respected as a man and even the most misogynist woman is the way she is only to cope in a male-centric society while misogynist men have no excuse, that's just how they are as unempathetic moids.

No. 852168

There is an old man that I see at least weekly on the bus, who looks exactly like my dad from the back, including the white hair, bald spot on top and glasses. I've cried multiple times after seeing him but end up laughing at the same time because it's so fucking retarded.

No. 852202

>ugly posh inbred horse face
Eh? I don't see it. I know the face you mean, but he doesn't have it. PT is annoying though. Why is everyone talking about him all of a sudden? His name keeps popping up in threads.

No. 852216

No. 852248

Admittedly PTs face isn't that bad with the inbred horse look and I am a relatively faceblind sperg, but at certain points when he's talking it does look quite prominent. I think it's got worse since he trooned out as he can't hide it with facial hair now. Idk why people are talking about him though, he just popped into my mind today after I scrolled past the breadtube thread. Something about potential beef between him and Hontra I think.

No. 852281

I had a dream that I was making out with this big fat ugly fuck character in a game I’ve been playing. We were tongue kissing super hard and I was beyond aroused. I woke up feeling ashamed but also sad it wasn’t real.

No. 852294

Sometimes I think the 4chan captcha is too hard and I feel like a dumbass lol

No. 852300

Hifumi? Twogami?

No. 852314

I wish i was a driverfag, their thread seems so peaceful and fun. Too bad his nose to huge

No. 852338

No it wasn’t a weebshit game. Just imagine Jabba the Hutt except human. I shall say no more.

No. 852390

honestly same but I actually love his nose. I hate his body, that's what I can't get over

No. 852438

His body is his only redeeming trait wtf

No. 852457

His bod is wonky as hell

No. 852492

his body is weirdly proportioned and his chest is boxy af. looks like he's got a deformity. upper body is important since it's what you mainly see during sex

No. 852525

I’m straight I think. I’m in a group for fashion advice and there’s this really beautiful girl who I find absolutely mesmerizing to the point that I wanna reach out privately and ask if she’s straight. I won’t do that bc it’s creepy and she prob lives hella far away so anyways…

No. 852534

You never know… May I ask what media platform this advice group is associated?

No. 852536

I wish certain people on my life would just drop dead granted by the cosmic forces. Them being dead would make my life a lot easier, just disappear and they have no trace of existence .

No. 852540

Have you seen it beyond the Star Wars meme scene, though? Legit asking
But anyway, I wish everyone could have their own dudesperg threads, but they always die

No. 852545

its actually fascinating that driver has a thread but keanu reeves doesn't? Keanu is just a more attractive version of adam driver so its odd how farmers here prefer uglier men

No. 852553

I’m not trying to dox her sorry, especially since we have scrotes on here…sorry nonny
If I messaged her privately what would I even say, like “hi I find you breathtaking, I promise that I’m not a weird man, are you straight???”

No. 852560

Same anon with an update: I lurked her profile and she has a bf so nvm I will be respectful of that and not reach out!

No. 852566

Keanu is a past his prime old man no matter how much redditor dudes meme that he's aging well. He's a nice guy and was gorgeous back in the day but why tf would he have an active female fanbase? I don't care for Adam Driver but he's young, newly popular and in a big franchise, which is just the right timing for having passionately thirsty fans.

No. 852572

too lazy to quote but you're all gonna get banned for simply acknowledging That Man's name lol. and so will I probably.

No. 852602

I'm legit afraid that I might have to be in a relationship with a man just so I can have a normal, financially secure life. Being poor sucks ass and I wish roomates were a thing here.

No. 852605

Yup, same. And that’s by design. Can’t have men living alone without their rightful mommymaids

No. 852617

I have a feeling most young women nowadays couldn't name a movie of his besides "John Wick".

No. 852632

I recently saw the whole truth and ihis acting in it is a lot better than the wick series

No. 852642

File: 1626161345401.jpg (1.26 MB, 2560x3840, 392772626262.jpg)

For real every picture I see of his body he's shaped like a fridge. Most men who are as muscular as him would probably look like an inverted triangle, so why are his hips so wide?
>inb4 he comes out as a transman.

Keanu was top-tier in his prime but he's getting older so yeah, he's not going to appeal to young female fans as much as he used to. Plus he chooses to date women in his age group instead of going full Peter Pan mode and youth-digging like some other Hollywood scrotes.

No. 852648

him dating women his age makes him hotter tbh i love a man that isnt a disgusting pedophile(plus i already have a older man fetish)

No. 852668

Driver > Keanu
and I'm saying this as someone who is barely attracted to men

No. 852671

Women will never be free.

No. 852704

Pewdiepie's wedding video makes me cry even if I'm not even subscribed to him.

No. 852709

Same, only video of his I ever watched; but I'm very sensitive to happy atmosphere of the weddings in general and this montage is just so pretty.

No. 852750

your troon obsession is getting 9ut of hand, please seek psychological help
>inb4 it's a joke
a person who isn't consumed by thoughts of trannies everywhere wouldn't make it

Now I see what anons mean when they say no topic can be discussed without reeing at trannies

No. 852858

you're reeeeing way harder over a tiny offhand remark, it's not even the focus of the post

No. 852861

Sounds like you’re the obsessed one anon

No. 852887

sure I am the obsessed one and not a retard that suspects a grown scrote to be a ftm because he supposedly has one 'feminine' thing about his body.

No. 852890

The fat dude from RE8?

No. 852901

I'm always so disappointed when I open several threads on here (am catalog browser) and one gets loads of posts in the ten minutes I leave to do something else, and it's just yet another infight about big boobs/small boobs, ana/fatty, brits/burgers (the least interesting imo since I don't have any ties to either country) or another monkey hate(??) sperg. I generally like reading the infights, but these topics are the worst since it always just resorts to insults and shit flining in the first five minutes before any real discussion even takes place.

No. 852921

I hate the repetitive posts about hair/eye colour and which is best and why and then the whole history of attitudes towards an eye colour. It always dances on the same thin line where words are carefully chosen but it's endless posting about pigment

No. 852923

File: 1626190191861.jpeg (252.51 KB, 580x869, l-Monkey-munchies.jpeg)

>monkey hate
what the fuck who could hate them, they are so cute

No. 852924

Anon there are a lot of different sorts of monkeys out there and to me some of them are just not…great. Not every monkey can be a capuchin.

No. 852926

File: 1626190516311.jpg (73.27 KB, 607x911, sifaka-lemur-1794519-1920-resi…)

Lemurs on the other haaaand, look at that. Can't go wrong with that.

No. 852929

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T78nq62aQgM i fell down a monkey rabbit hole lately and now i find them the cutest animals with the most personality, they are so interesting too. I would say cats come second and guinea pigs third for me.

No. 852930

I depersonalize when I get called by my name.

No. 852942

File: 1626191351188.jpg (103.07 KB, 1120x747, Long-nosed-monkey.jpg)

I don't have a problem with most monkeys, but this guy is not allowed to be my friend I'm sorry

No. 852943

At first you notice that his nose obvs looks like a dick but then after about a minute of staring you also notice his mouth looks like an engorged vag

No. 852947

File: 1626191805765.jpg (4.38 KB, 229x220, 1616254022263.jpg)

I just got into an argument online i misread and now im being clowned on

No. 852951

File: 1626192209223.jpg (144.61 KB, 1200x833, DZG_New_Saki_Monkey_1-1200x833…)

paul mccartney

No. 852954

Looks like someone just photoshopped the monkey face onto maybe a pic of a dog

No. 852960

don't be racist towards argentinians anon

No. 852979

i don't care about sex. i'm not asexual or low libido but rather i just do not give a single shit about the performative aspect of it. i don't have any fantasies, fetishes, or kinks, and i'm not particularly interested in exploring someone else's either. i don't want to put on a show just to prove that i'm better than my partner watching porn, because why should i even remotely care about the expectations of pornsick coomers.

No. 852990

That's called being a normal human who hasn't been brainwashed by modern porn cult.

No. 852995

Once you've opened the threads you want to open in different tabs, close the catalog tab and the threads will load instantly.