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File: 1621946386211.jpeg (178.7 KB, 768x574, 4985A6A1-F1D3-47E4-90E9-09DB7E…)

No. 815400

previous thread: >>>/ot/805031

>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 815403

Jenifer's body really isn't that great as most people think it is, Also Its kinda cringy in a lot of ways

No. 815414

hard agree

No. 815461

Can we agree Megan was peak hot in this one though?

No. 815462

Ageism isnt just something straight women deal with. Gay men deal with it too thinking they expire in desirability at 25. I think it has more to do with most men being predatory and being scared of their own mortality and projecting it on to other ppl.

No. 815465

I don't care about gay men or their problems though.

No. 815468

>blah blah It's men's fault

No. 815471

Unironically agree

No. 815473

Thing is if you're a woman or a gay man and you're not a total mutant and you're willing to take a penis in you… you're desirable. For all the nitpicking that happens you're still chased and wanted.

Men hate that fact so they pretend like they only want 10s

No. 815482

this movement to relabel mothers as ‘pregnant people’ or ‘birthing bodies’ is the dumbest shit ever.

if you have managed to put aside your oh so debilitating dysphoria to get pregnant and give birth then you need to suck it up and deal with the health system and society at large referring to you as a mother. you are literally mothering a child. if you can’t handle that then don’t get pregnant

No. 815515

this isn't really unpopular here, and i'd actually say everyone expect troons and hardcore tras agree

No. 815524

Full on transmen who'ved change their gender marker and grown beards.. then come off T for a while to get preggo before they get a hysto.. I'm pretty sure that medical staff see their file and know not to refer to them as female at appts. I think that's fair. I think changing the language in a more general and sweeping way though, is retarded.

No. 815537

I've seen a lot of pickme fakebois, the ones who brag about how big and perfect their tits were before the reduction, how feminine their face is, etc. It almost seems like a level 100 humblebrag "teehee I'm a man and I'm still more naturally feminine than you"

No. 815541

It's really fucking weird to me though that supposedly "dysphoric" transmen would ever get pregnant on purpose. Like what could possibly be more dysphoria inducing than that? Being pregnant and giving birth is literally the most /female/ thing you can possibly do, only women are capable of it. How does getting called ma'am trigger them but not using their female reproductive organs to grow a child???

No. 815549

I don't really understand it either but then but why would I need to? Your pregnancy is your own business. If they've legally changed their gender marker on their file staff wont 'she' or ma'am them.

No. 815558

Because it's silly and immature to expect to be called whatever you want while putting no effort into doing that, if people just start labeling themselves various things with no effort into whatever they want to be labeled it just seems mentally ill and lazy. It's not like you just walk into whatever place or worship and just claim that you're that religion while doing everything the opposite the religion calls for

No. 815567

File: 1621958638689.jpeg (517.34 KB, 750x785, 1753E80B-9899-4439-B241-708F7B…)

In the back of my mind I had the same idea about the film but I want more media where women turn into demons and devour people, just wish it was done better and her stupid friend actually helped her terrorize men or like also transitioned into a demon

No. 815568

the mods got rid of the radfem containment thread so they use this thread as dumping grounds for their opinions, it’s kind of getting annoying

No. 815575

Whenever someone makes it a huge point that they loathe liars and get on a huge moral pedestal over lying, it is one of the biggest red flags. Everyone on earth lies to some degree and my experience with people like this is they will boldly lie to your face about important shit, but if you even just exaggerate something, they brand you a dirty toxic liar forever.

No. 815580

I said in my posts that people who've gone down the route of hormones, surgery, name change, marker change etc are the ones being called by.. their marker because staff have access to it and are often held to going by the file. I don't know what your response has to do with anything I said. Wasn't talking about no effort ones

No. 815588

nta but
>this is a tame opinion that most people agree with
>this is a radfem opinion
which one is it

No. 815592

Radfem viewpoints aren't that unpopular here, but they count as derailing exactly because take over threads burying the rest of the discussion.

No. 815610

Gay males also have the highest eating disorder rates of any males. Seems like attraction to scrotes creates all sorts of insecurities.

No. 815673

m/m ship headcanons where one half is a fakeboi and the other one isn't are just woke a/b/o. and a/b/o happens when the authors hate female characters so much they can't even stand to have them in their misogyny fetish porn. and yes, i actually do like m/m and i couldn't care less about "totally accurate true and honest gay experiences", i just like my men acting like regular men (which is usually just how they act in canon) and not ooc caricatures of women

No. 815675

>they use this thread
90% of us are radfems

No. 815677

where did you even get that statistic from? being tired of troons =/= radfem

No. 815682

File: 1621968691970.jpg (161.3 KB, 618x751, Tumblr_l_94690193578259.jpg)

(x) doubt

No. 815708

why do the radfems always say this? they are the most widely complained about group of people I have ever seen on this site.

No. 815713

troons are all ugly man-beasts lol you will never be a woman(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 815719

Stephen Fry is kind of annoying. He had some funny shows but in his interviews he always seems like a prick.

No. 815721

I agree but don't really know why, I just find him annoying for no real reason. I think part of it is that he comes off kind of pretentious.

No. 815725

Nah, that place goes to twitterfags, like the kind of twitterfags who pretend to be "us" and inflitrate threads like these saying "omg the scawwy nasty radfems!!!!"

No. 815729

it's so cringeworthy the way you people always try and frame it as people being 'scared' of the 'nasty' radfems when literally no one thinks that, regardless of how much you wish that was true. All of the complaining I see is just that they are annoying and derail threads. There was never an entire containment website that had to be made for twitterfags, anytime you go into /meta/ for the past like 3 years there are people complaining about the gc/pp/radfem spergs which is not true for twitterfags. You may dislike them but it's just like objectively not true that they are more complained about.

No. 815736

I wish they would just nuke twitter & tumblr. nothing good comes from those sites. all of the sjw trends that seeped over to become the norm are just godawful. i hate all of the people that use the sites unironically to post some bullshit about society and dumb issues no one gives a fuck about irl and then think they did something and are "smart" and "awoken" for saying dumb shit on the internet. srsly grow up and get a fucking job! Some people are just way too coddled today and have too much free time which is why we should make the gulag a thing again. we will just dump all of those annoying twitter & tumblr people into the camps to do hard labour 12 hours per day. then they will finally be of use to our society and stop pestering us with their shitty brain turds.

No. 815737

The overzealous use of "autist" as an insult on chan sites is peak cringe.

No. 815739

>use the sites unironically to post some bullshit about society and dumb issues no one gives a fuck about irl and then think they did something and are "smart" and "awoken" for saying dumb shit on the internet
I get what you're saying but this is true of imageboards as well, nuking twitter or tumblr wouldn't help with that. People are always going to be self righteous and annoying and think their political opinions are especially insightful and smart regardless.

No. 815745

I don’t give a fuck about being “woke” for people I’ve never met in my life and never will meet. I take very good care of friends, family, colleagues and neighbours, look after animals and wildlife, pick up litter and protective of children, but if some terminally online naive and coddled underage Twitter mong wants to demonise me for saying faggot or making auschwitz references then they can be my guest. Just don’t expect me to feel guilt because I won’t. Go back faggots. You are the worst (and whiniest) bullies of the modern age.

No. 815747

I hate when people just use this thread as the vent thread

No. 815762

A lot of the people using it (and the sites on general) are autistic themsleves

No. 815765

I think it's more self-aware

No. 815769

I can't believe tumblr is still going. I'd thought it died in 2012, and now only weirdos use it.

No. 815774

2012? I think it wasn't even close to reaching its peak yet in 2012. It "died" when they banned porn in like 2018, I don't think it has any real influence on internet discourse anymore, I'm kind of surprised to see people still complaining about it.

No. 815779

That's part of why it's so cringe. It's such blatant projection from people who either are autists or have been considered for it.

No. 815782

I joined tumblr in like 2006 when it was very young. Yahoo or something bought it when I started my first big job and I remember people migrating off it. Also it felt weird to care about a tumblr in my 20s idk

No. 815783

Animal Crossing sucks. Using real time to progress things is fucking annoying for people who aren't NEETs or don't want to have to clock into a game every damn day like it's a fucking job. Also a game shouldn't have to utilise FOMO to keep you coming back.

No. 815786

Wild World was peak Animal Crossing

No. 815788

Tumblr and imageboards are the only social sites I use.

No. 815789

That's why I sat for so long before buying it and ultimately didn't. Its annoying enough on the 3ds if you don't play the game religiously everything goes to shit but the prices for games on the switch is too high to buy a game that becomes terrible if you don't routinely play it.

No. 815805

I got a refund for my copy, I was so disappointed by it. I really wanted to like it but I just can't play a game every single day. Even if I had more free time and better health it would suck the enjoyment out of it if I had to check in daily.

No. 815811

Things are generally improving and I would rather live in modern times than at any previous point in history

No. 815812

No. 815837

>I don't think it has any real influence on internet discourse anymore
It has no direct influence anymore, but given how twitter is now tumblr 2.0 and the people too young to have seen tumblr at its peak keep repeating the exact same arguments and trends, it's still somewhat influencial.

No. 815844

those arguments didn't obviously didn't originate on tumblr though, I think it's more just that young people have always tended to be very loud and passionate about social/political issues, for better or worse.

No. 815847

Time travel still exists, at least to a certain extent. True though, the events tied to real time are fucking awful.

What bothers me more is how empty the game is and how Nintendo clearly doesn't give a fuck about it, because it can't be milked for more money. The game was barely finished to begin with - only one store update, lots of beloved NPCs missing…

A year has passed and no major updates!?
Also, not enough new furniture. Like, the goddamn gatcha game Pocket camp got so much new shit, basically new sets every months, it's fucking insulting how little new furniture NH gets. I stopped playing Pocket Camp because it was too depressing to see just how much new stuff (locked behind a paywall) there was, and stopped playing NH because there's nothing new to do and since Nintendo can't be bothered, I can't either.

No. 815854

I didn't talk about just politics, I'm talking about everything in general. They'll justify their hobbies, mood, tastes in food or pop culture or fashion, habits, etc. with arguments that aren't just common, but straight up copypasted. It's a running joke now that 2021!twitter is 2013!tumblr.

No. 815856

Yeah I watched a lot of gameplay of it and it does seem very empty. I would rather replay Stardew Valley as at least that actually feels lived in and you can contribute more to the in game community.
If anyone has any Stardew Valley adjacent recs, plz let me know.

No. 815873

Dungeon meshi is hideous to look at, especially the elf girl. I hate her round ears

No. 815882

Over-critiquing movies and shows ruined the film industry. How much you wanna bet the same people who bitch about how "there's nothing but remakes now!" Will also hopelessly tear apart every new movie and show that comes out

No. 815884

Simping on irl scrotes while bashing those who prefer 2d men is not the flex some anons think it is

No. 815887

but if that was the problem would it not affect remakes too? bc most of them get heavily criticised. The remake thing is just because it's 'safer' financially as there is already an existing audience and there's less risk of it not making a profit.

No. 815889

ACNH is shit that baited nostalgiafags. Generally it's a good game only if you play it 1hr a day at best, NL and WW are the only great games with depth and thousands of dialogues, mini-games and locations. Don't judge the whole franchise based off a recent game kek

No. 815894

>a/b/o happens when the authors hate female characters so much they can't even stand to have them in their misogyny fetish porn.
I've seen you post this exact opinion so many times and it always sounds like some weird projection. Have you ever considered that maybe they sympathize with women so much they don't want to see them as subjects of breeding fetishes and replace them with magical manholes on male characters?

No. 815920

I've clocked 100h in ACNH in a month, put the game down and never picked it up again but let's be honest, 100h makes it more than worth it's price really, even if it became boring eventually. No game is forever

No. 815939

Well that's the thing. Everyone loves remakes and no one wants to try something new and when they do try something new they'll just tear it apart instead of learning to just enjoy it for what it is

I don't think modern horror movies are any different from 80s horror movies even though everyone gushes about 80s horrors. It's just new and not nostalgic and I feel like most Americans rely on nostalgia for enjoyment

This also goes for restaurants. I'd rather see Mom and Pops everywhere instead of McDonald's, Applebee's and Panda Express but thanks to Americans being unable to enjoy new things every single town is practically the same now

No. 816002

>Everyone loves remakes

No. 816159

I hate all the hornyposting over Lady Dimitrescu. It's because she's a big breasted slightly older character with the mommy dom vibes so somehow it doesn't immediately register as same old bullshit. Am I a joyless prude? Maybe, but I'm sick of seeing the masses getting meme'd into being horny for the current female character with 15 minutes of fame like there was bowsette.

No. 816161

It's so annoying seeing everyone cry about how she didn't have enough screentime and should have been the main villain even though she had the had the longest and most well-designed level of all the lords. I think having four different lords with unique character designs and backstories was way more interesting than if it had just been giant vampire mommy dom.

No. 816162

I feel you. Hugely popular memes are usually pretty cringe already, even though I like some of them there's something disappointing and forced about them, but add the horny factor? extra bad. It gets beaten to death (ha) and starts to become gross, a huge mass of people publically being horny I just don't need to see that kek. I don't mind driverfags for now since my only exposure to it is here where it's contained in my eyes but yeah.

Also, the cosplayers who instantly jump in on it for attention, I don't really judge them because they're probably having fun, but it does feel contrived. They will forget the character in a few months anyway.

No. 816171

>a huge mass of people publically being horny I just don't need to see that kek
exactly, though i have double standards where it disgusts me if it's mostly men vs. women doing the lusting because most women aren't as creepy and objectifying.

If there's male character or actor a lot of women are lusting over I consider it a different phenomenon and even if it is annoying I don't mind as much. women actively talking about our desires is good when we're socialized to be passive (hence why I love the conventional and unconventional male attraction threads here).

No. 816177

yeah, agree for the most part. There were a few times I felt disgusted by women thirstposting but that was twitter fujos going massively overboard. (not against fujos either, it's those ones that were over the top weird and too shamelessly enthusiastic about their kinks and gross bara gifs while being fakebois to boot. like, you can get off to the gross bara but why retweet it to your followers motherfuck) anyway I no longer use twitter, so we're good and thus ends my blogging.

No. 816229

Dating sites haven't been interested in connecting people to legitimate relationships for years at this point. Unless you're willing to shill out for a subscription service that costs as much as cable TV did the platforms makes no effort in filtering out people who are just horny and put out the least amount of effort as they can. There's more profit to gain to keep having lonely single people around and have basic filter options locked behind a pay wall.

If you're looking for a serious long term relationship in any place that doesn't have millions of people you'll most likely be swiping for months to come across someone who is hopefully functional and decent. The rate that my standards dropped was too depressing to watch so I've sworn off any online dating platforms that uses Tinder's shit photo focused, bare bones bio set up.

No. 816234

real life >>>>>> in terms of quality, but it's harder. I always hope that volunteering is a way to meet people, even just like-minded friends.

No. 816236

Not an unpopular opinion, at least here on lc. And no, the expensive subscription sites aren't better. There was a recent post on FDS from a woman who paid for eHarmony because they're supposed to have better algorithms or actively manipulate input to give you the best results or something, and this woman was repeatedly paired with men 20 years her senior who weren't really looking for something serious kek. It's all a scam, just stick to the real world and don't fixate on scrotes in general.

No. 816240

I don't know whether this is actually unpopular or not but it irritates me when people say "nonny" and "nonna" instead of "anon." It just sounds forced and cringey to me. People still do it even though it's redtexted, the fuck. Take a hint you tards.

No. 816246

It's fucking annoying and cringe af. Reminds me of shitty passive aggressive anon memes where they'd use it constantly while arguing faux politely with each other.

No. 816249

Probably won't make a difference to you, but I use it as a genuine term of endearment and have never used it when arguing or being sarcastic towards someone. Anon just sounds bland and cold and scrote-like to me these days.

No. 816254

this is going to sound pathetic but i actually like it when people refer to me as nonnie on here. it just sounds so nice and affectionate <3 maybe i just need to get irl friends

No. 816258

This, even though it's redtexted it feels endearing. I usually use anon unless someone is having a bad time and then I'll call then nonny

No. 816260

I think my issue is that I usually read it as passive agressive/childish. There's something slightly "uwu" about nonny to me.

No. 816264

It's extremely uwu and anons confirming that they do it as a term of endearment just proves that. Forcing a fake sense of intimacy between strangers on an image board is not as cute as they think it is.

No. 816267

I read some reddit posts explaining how dating apps are filtering and pushing you into early dates, because it creates returning customers, so their filters are designed to be good, and working, since RL dates ARE happeninh. But it just made it sound like they're intentionally pushing you with incompatible butdlightly attractive people, if ll they care about is customer retention.
I also tried Bumble which lets you filter by relationship goal (casual, up for anything, don't know, relationship). If you filter out the first 3 categories, you're left with like 4 guys. I just deleted my profile.

No. 816268

File: 1622018360227.jpg (19.68 KB, 473x473, IMG_20180607_021110.jpg)

I thought it was annoying and cringe the first time I encountered it but then I started saying it passive aggressively and now I just say it unironically. I hate the way imageboard lingo gradually sneaks itself into your vocabulary sooner or later.

No. 816274

I used to agree with you but it's grown on me. Especially "nona"

No. 816283

I like it tbh, it feels like an LC thing and not just like every other term we have that came from chan culture aka moids.

No. 816285

At first I disliked it but now I think it's a nice way to refer to other nonnies kek
Also feel like a rebel against the redtext

No. 816290

I wish people could call others out for co-opting random illnesses, esp mental illnesses, without being accused of gatekeeping or being some crazy hardass. I have ADHD and just saw a load of twitter fags (ik stfu) who were saying that they have ASD but also "ADD" and that prevents them from showering. Statements like that make the actual illnesses themselves look terrible by association. I care because it makes me look worse as someone with the condition, not because I want to intercept your Ritalin prescription pickup.
Nowadays I see so many retards on twitter with ADHD or the dreaded "ADD" in their bio when ADD isn't even a fucking term anymore. But I put $5 on it that if you told them that then they'd say "you classist POS I wouldn't know that because I was diagnosed with it 5 years ago and I can't afford to go back to the doctor"

No. 816295

Add is easier to say instead of mainly inattentive adhd though.

No. 816308

I agree, what have annoyed me more is when anons use scrote terms like fag to describe themselves and others here. LC is unique, we are not on 4chan anymore where being a moid is the norm.

No. 816311

Imagine if we used "dyke" or "bitch" instead. "Newdyke/newbitch".
Or "fem", as in "Fuck off newfem". Or, if we kept using the nonny thing, "newnonny"/"newnonita".

No. 816314


No. 816322

I don't think dyke/lesbo works because our board culture is not homophobic.
Newbitch or newnnonny maybe.
Newnonita is just cute.

No. 816405

Newnonny is nice, maybe newtard for when someone is being a retarded newbie.

No. 816456

I think the different variations are creative but I will still only use anon.

No. 816494

File: 1622046964256.jpeg (13.58 KB, 300x300, AC74E98B-24CA-4F85-92C9-5E85A5…)

Freshly boiled milk right on site is the best, but milk in the plastic jug is leagues tastier than milk from a carton. Milk from the carton tastes like the milk in those tiny creamer cups made of plastic that you use for coffee. It’s grossly cream-tasting, somehow uncomfortably sweet and sour too. Plastic jug milk is definitely superior and has a better, clearer milk taste. Even if you buy organic, carton milk can’t help but taste like an ultra-homogenized, ultra-pasteurized and inorganic product. Carton milk completely ruins tea or coffee.
Of course glass bottled milk is better than both, but plastic bag milk is even better than that. Poorfags in random countries can attest to this. The vendor that just milked his cows at the break of dawn and has a cooler on the street corner selling today’s bags will have tastier milk than the glass bottle at the store. It’s only a little bit better than the bottles that get delivered to you straight from the farm, though.

Anything other than whole milk isn’t even worth drinking. If you’re going to drink another animal’s baby food nipple puss, you might as well keep the fat.

No. 816514

goo to hell anon all animal milk is disgusting and should not be ingested by humans. why tf are we drinking other animal's milk!? i cant wait for the cows to uprise and kill you heathens

No. 816521

It's the vegan again

No. 816524

File: 1622048816437.jpeg (1.2 MB, 3024x4032, 0E2137AA-2AC8-47B7-9DD0-EEB908…)

Have you ever tried bag milk

No. 816525

I agree. As a poorfag in a random country I consider myself an expert in milk drinking. The best thing in the morning is boiled milk that you just got out of the cows tits. It usually tastes so sweet with a touch of coconut, it is amazing. The only time it's bad is when you're milking the cow and it piss as you're taking its milk. Sometimes some of the piss gets in the milk. Tastes like peanut but it is still drinkable if you're not a coward. Milk drinking is not for cowards. There's nothing in life like milk with lots of fat. Superb taste.

No. 816533

not vegan >>816521
but after reading >>816525 im definitely considering it. nasty hoes

No. 816543

File: 1622049956137.png (215.03 KB, 800x518, milkcowkicking.png)

That never happens, you're trying to make everyone else drop drinking milk so you can have more for yourself but I'll not allow that

No. 816544

Depends on the country but where I got it, it was very fresh and different than that. It was good. That type of bagged milk you posted is practically a different product entirely.

I agree wholeheartedly. Freshly boiled milk should honestly be considered a cherished delicacy. I wouldn’t want poorfag cow owners to grossly overprice it and struggle, but 1st worlders should make an effort to drink actually good milk and not grocery store mass produced cow killer factory crap.

I don’t drink cow milk anymore so you can stop being retarded now.

No. 816563

but you did and for that you are disgusting and i hope you never forget it.

No. 816565

People like you deserve to be cannibalised and eaten.

No. 816569

isnt that sentence a little redundant LMAO

anyway my unpopular opinion is rooms should never be colder than 75 degrees. Im tired of going to into work, restaurants anywhere in the summer and feeling like i shouldve worn a winter coat because they decided that winter should simply never end.

No. 816572

How is it redundant?

No. 816573

Legitimate question, how do you open these without spilling everything?

No. 816575

nta but to be 'cannibalised' means you've been eaten by another person, so also adding 'and eaten' is redundant because the 'canabailsed' part already suggested that

No. 816579

I want the idea stamped out that younger men can't be abusive in a relationship with an older gf. especially if the age gap is only a few years. I'm tired of seeing women fetishize younger scrotes when they're able to be as violent as the older ones

No. 816581

You also deserve to be cannibalised and eaten.

No. 816584

File: 1622051456759.jpeg (175.51 KB, 1242x932, CD0FE34C-F6E8-45A6-B1C7-19D621…)

I usually do like pic related.

No. 816585

You do realize that many people in this world don't have the luxury of not consuming animal products? Even on here there's poorfags who's families live off their cattle's meat and milk to survive. Here's one fitting for this thread: Veganism is a 1st world luxury and vegans are truly the most ignorant of all.

No. 816586

I wish we could just start eating vegans, but they probably taste like shit.

No. 816587

That one eurovision guy, the one with the super long dark hair, and the one woman in the group are the only attractive ones, the rest are uggo.

No. 816589

Domino's pizza is disgusting.

No. 816591

Speak the truth, anon. That shit is nasty.

No. 816594

I never knew it was a popular opinion it was liked? It's always been a v low rung pizza option, imo.

No. 816598

People who call erotic things lewd all sound like virgins to me. Every time I see that word I have to have a 30 minute internal battle on cyberbullying

No. 816602

They definitely are virgins. Saying “lewd” is retarded internet dweller speak, just call shit sexy like a normal person I promise it won’t hurt you.

No. 816632

Only autistic weebs uses that word.

No. 816638

im not vegan im just a bitter lactose intolerant lass LMAO. DANG i didnt know milk has such a huge following Lol

No. 816645

>Veganism is a 1st world luxury and vegans are truly the most ignorant of all.

No. 816648

vegans are the worst! like how you gonna tell people to go veggan like its easy and attainable. I hate vegans whoever invented that should get beat up with ham hocks

No. 816651

fr i go into fight or flight mode reading that word
even worse when its “lewding xyz“

No. 816654

You sound underage

No. 816661

Not getting involved in the milk debate but I hate it when anons start a post with this
>You do realize that..
Even if I agree with the point being made, I hate that delivery lol

No. 816663

File: 1622055293267.jpg (330.15 KB, 1000x1500, A2349-Kuro-Gyaru-Black-Diamond…)

Gyaru fashion is cute

No. 816669

I think cows milk is gross too. I'll still use it if I'm baking since whole milk makes the flavor better than other milks, but otherwise I dislike drinking it.

No. 816675

File: 1622055946881.jpg (55.84 KB, 750x731, Now kiss.jpg)

Most based milkanon <3

Nothing beats a fresh glass of cold milk and the soybean guzzlers can go pound sand. Do people who hate milk even bleed?

No. 816684

A lot of Californians currently fleeing to Texas are going to regret it and move back soon.

No. 816702

Someone dropping screencaps of DMs isn't milk when it's something fairly innocuous like talking about their sex life, making a slightly racist joke or complaining about a third person. It's a low punch and tells a lot more about your morals as a friend they trusted enough to feel comfortable telling these sensitive things to. I'm always put off by people who openly do this shit and hope that one day they'll be subjected to the same invasion of their privacy just so that they'll know how it feels.

No. 816710

I kind of want to make a sim like this in sims 4 now.

No. 816772

I tried once without custom content, I didn't get far

No. 816843

I think you put it in a plastic pitcher and cut of the corner

No. 816879

If a man likes you, you should never fuck him or take him out the friend zone. Men are so nice and great friends when they like you and stay in the friendzone. They act like slaves.

No. 816880

Same fag but if I was a stacy I'd just keep hoards of minions to do chores for me and buy me stuff

No. 816885

based and true but they will prob still want to fuck you even if you think they're just your friend. they're deranged

No. 816913

Ironic because there have been maleposters larping as women who specifically use those terms to blend in and seem more female, I see it as a scrote thing

No. 816919

Yep. I think men make great "friends". Like they're strong so they can help you lift groceries and such. They're really nice to their female friends before sex is involved.

No. 816921


No. 816926

is there anything out there that isn't a scrote thing? something they haven't touched at all? they basically steal everything.

No. 816943

You have clearly never met any of my ex-orbiters.
After a while they get bored and increasing frustrated, then there's fireworks.
These days I don't let orbiting happen cause I learned from my mistakes.

No. 816956

>These days I don't let orbiting happen cause I learned from my mistakes.
I really don't get the appeal of orbiters. If I like them or enjoy being around them at all, I'll feel hurt by their orbiting and be on edge about them trying something and needing to reject them. If I don't like them, I simply don't want them around me. Nothing worse than a scrote buzzing around trying to get in when you find him unattractive and/or annoying. Male energy is draining and especially so if they're attracted to you, it's always awkward and embarrassing when you don't like them back.

The only man I need to help me with stuff or buy me things is my dad kek.

No. 816957

I think having attractive orbiters would be an ego boost.

No. 816960

Is that even possible? Attractive men shouldn't need to orbit, but if one did I feel like he'd be worth dating? Hot + into you enough to simp + willing to wait for sex.

No. 816962

>worth dating

A man orbiting is entirely different from dating you. A hot guy orbiting you would be way better than him as a bf.

No. 816965

Idk, it just sort of happens, especially if you end up in some sausage fest field of study or work.
Usually the ones orbiting aren't the hottest in the room so that's why they don't get it.

I think you are confusing an orbiter with a simp. They are not synonymous.

No. 816969

A simp is someone who pays for pussy and orbiter is someone who puts you on a pedestal and you can treat like a slave.

No. 816970

A simp doesn't necessarily have to pay, he just has to be desperate enough to do stuff for a woman who doesn't fuck him in return (even if it's just defending her or being overly nice and submissive).

It's pretty much exactly the same as an orbiter imo, it feels like splitting hairs but I'd say the main difference is that an orbiter hangs around waiting for an opportunity to strike, like when a woman becomes single for example. I don't think simp has that connotation because they could be shooting their shot all along and persisting when they fail.

No. 816971

No a simp is someone who puts you on a pedestal and who you can treat as a slave. A simp does not even expect the sex. He just does it cause he is desperate for attention from attractive women he won't otherwise get.
An orbiter is someone who pretends to be friends while secretly thirsting and expecting a reward.

No. 816972

Its pretty obvious when a man is an orbiter tho. Idk how women end up in those situations where a guy suddenly out of nowhere asks them out and they're shocked. Naivety?

No. 816977

i use it because of the redtext nonny

No. 816982

nah, nobody is shocked but you end up in a situation where the guy is a regular friend so you cannot just tell them to cut it off

No. 816990

Dang cruise, some people like hearing light-terms of endearment especially if they’re spilling their guts about trauma, having a hard time or even connecting over a shared interest. It’s like “I hear ya sis.” Neither person is expecting to become best friends but it’s nice to know in that one moment, someone cared. Sorry you prefer people to be so impersonal and distanced. Being nice and casually friendly doesn’t immediately mean someone is an uwu moeshit or whatever.

No. 816997

Sex chatting over text and sending nudes is so childish over the age of 21.

No. 816999

Also having fwb that you hope to turn into lore is also childish. If you're doing that at like 30 I feel bad for u.

No. 817000

No. 817008

I like it because it's so absurd to use a term of endearment for an anonymous rando.

No. 817016

saying nonny is cute

No. 817019

This, I always use it with endearment
If anons find it cringe then it's not my problem, it's theirs.

No. 817021

Agreed, I think it makes lolcow look bad when people do that just to share caps that sound like any anon in the vent thread

No. 817026

How do you reseal it? Or do you only open milk when you know you’re gonna drink at least that much at once?

No. 817055

I put the milk in a jar in the fridge and discard the bag because it can’t be sealed back, some milk bags are sold with jars, actually. The thing is that you can’t really keep it in the fridge for too long, or at least the brand I have to buy in my third world country can’t be stored for too long, because it gets sour or gets a weird texture after a while, even if the fridge is basically freezing stuff.

No. 817209

Idk I'm pretty oblivious and used to be a tomboy/be rejected by boys in my teens so unless they're super obvious and get touchy I never realize until they tell me.
I still cringe at myself because once a guy told me "I have an issue called I like you" and I asked him "Awwww does she know?". I'm retarded like that.

No. 817329

I don’t know how anyone could use crystal.cafe, it’s mostly inactive and dull, the only benefit is that there isn’t a bunch of annoying dumbasses posting in a gossip board which slows down the website. It just seems like a female /r9k/, not a very good look

No. 817339

i used it when it first started out and it was comfy, but i left when i noticed a sudden uptick in /pol/fagging and racebaiting threads. it could've been 90% scroteposting but there was a time admins rarely banned them and just let /pol/yps run wild. no idea if it's still like that now.

No. 817346

Feels is full of either LARPers or discord edaters, sometimes poltards will try larping their tradthottery, but that doesn't happen too often.

Woman who draws shitty BPD bunny art also selfposts there.

the only board I like is b

No. 817369

File: 1622128762147.jpeg (36.94 KB, 435x304, 6C149C5B-24F2-40C3-90F4-35FE01…)

The last time I went there the entire site was very dead and the most recent activity was in a shota thread. Even as a fujo that’s too degen for me.

No. 817371

They banned all shota, any racebait has been banned for like over a year. Most of cc users are the spergs that would usually post in vent threads here but were banned for powerleveling too much. I'd like to get more sane members over there, please come and contribute. I hate the fem r9k vibe, but I think we just need more activity from slightly less insane people.

No. 817377

I don't use cc but what is
>not a very good look
supposed to mean? Who's gonna know what anonymous imageboards you use lol

No. 817383

Why should they go post there when they're already posting here? I don't get the point in using cc honestly

They mean the content and board culture has made it look unappetising, she doesn't want to join in

No. 817384

CC is going to get associated with LC, and it makes me sad that people think “femcels” go on here when there’s literally anons here who are in relationships and ask for relationship advice.

No. 817388

"Not a good look", is a way of saying that somebody is doing something that is hurting their image, often times being counterproductive without realizing it.

Femcels that do nothing but hate on men is not a good look for them, because it sort of says that for whatever reason they cannot ever attract high quality men. So basically by association they are proving to others that they are themselves low value.

No. 817393

dictionary AI anon be like

No. 817402

We just ask want to feel smart for knowing something let us have this

No. 817405

There’s way too many threads about scrotes on there, if you try to make a thread that’s not about men/relationships it will just die quickly. It makes it seem like the only thing women want to talk about is men which is sad.

No. 817416

The ranting about men thing is probably from the fact that women kind of cant complain about men in most spaces. If you try to co.plain about men in real life most of your pick me friends are going to jump to mens defense before listening to you or if you tried it on other sites youd just get banned. Men can make sexist jokes, rant about dating etc pretty much anywhere.

No. 817473

There were months where it was slow and peaceful and I tried to post a lot there to encourage the populace(I like the cutesy themes ok) but the past year it keeps getting posted on every scrote board so it's utter shit atm. I pop over there sometimes to TERFpost and tell scrotes to kill themselves. I feel bad for cc admin, they seems lovely, based even.

No. 817508

Baked brie strips > bacon

No. 817514

existing while struggling with a health issue or eating disorder that causes you to be underweight is ok. it is not your fault society thinks sick bodies are desirable. it is not your fault that someone decided to trigger themselves with the way you look and you do not owe anyone an explanation.

No. 817548

Ambient music and repetitive sound effects make for a low IQ documentary, and I don't even need to mention visual recreations. If you need to coerce your audience into paying attention by means of noise, your audience is children and your documentary is bad. If you can't explain what you're trying to portray in words, you're not descriptive enough and no amount of filler will solve this. I fucking hate Netflix, they have Crime Watch Daily-esque journalism in their clickbaity documentaries/docuseries. It should be embarrassing to these filmmakers that youtubers are able to have a more respectful presentation of an event, with more detail, for free and without a corporate agenda.

No. 817574

File: 1622144572567.png (772.98 KB, 1200x1200, eevee.png)

the most overrated pokemon. It rides the coat-tails of its much better eeveelutions

No. 817630

based, sick to death of Eevee and eevee merch.

No. 817761

Most celebrities (especially male ones) are average or slightly above average looking. They get there because of ties to the industry. Yes some of them are drop dead gorgeous but then there are drop dead gorgeous people who aren't famous.

No. 817766

Actors and musicians shouldn’t be famous just for being hot anyway, you can be a great actor while being kinda ugly. Men have it way easier in that regard though. There are some truly ugly male actors, but talented actresses don’t get anywhere unless they’re somewhat conventionally attractive.

No. 817782

I now unironically like 100 gecs. Ringtone is a bop, so is gec 2 u and hand crushed by a mallet. Their remixes are great, too. They remind me of the shit I ironically liked as a young teen, like the Millionaires. I don't pay attention to the trans obsession/association with them, it's just music to me and it's not like I take it seriously.

No. 817814

hand crushed by a mallet is the goat 100 gecs song

but im the person who got dunked on in the bad songs thread for liking sophie so… i guess we belong here

No. 817819

Incelish "creepy" men aren't really the dangerous men tbh, they're mostly just mentally ill neurotic nutcases that are awkward and are too weak to do anything. The men that rape and abuse are in my experience, the socially popular and gregarious ones.

No. 817823

Careful anon. I do know the popular sort of creep you're talking about, but there are also plenty of opportunistic sleazy "weak" guys who have gotten away with rape precisely because no one suspected they would be capable of it.

No. 817827

File: 1622171701476.png (122.47 KB, 320x220, 05722A29-DF27-4A26-BE93-4E6439…)

No. 817836

Is this psyop? They literally murdered people for clout? Incel is a state of mind. Some of them do gymmaxxed enough to get close to women and inevitably abuse them. Weak skinny socially retarded faggots are also absolutely capable of abusing women, physically and sexually, have you seen the shit anons post here? They abuse their sisters and mothers if they can’t abuse a romantic partner. They scheme to harm women at their workplace to women in public in subtle ways. They are dangerous in more conniving, specialized faggy ways.

No. 817869

ignoring all the weirdo mass shooters, serial killers, pedophiles, and serial rapists? all males are dangerous subhumans
i agree attractive males are given too much slack though

No. 817904

File: 1622185002458.jpg (84.41 KB, 312x321, dumb.jpg)

Fighting over which generation is the worst one that ruined everything for everyone and is full of mindless imbeciles is completely retarded. There are good & bad people in every generation, as well as complete retards. Every generation thinks the generation before & after it sucks and is full of idiots who ruined everything and that only their generation were the truly enlightened ones. This has more than likely happened since the dawn of man.

Inb4 "You're just saying that because you're [insert]-generation!!"

No. 817906

Absolutely this
This song is from the 80s yet people still argue this dumb shit

No. 817922

Disagree. Not saying socially popular guys cant do harm. But plenty of weak incelish guys will go out and buy guns and murder people and shit like that. Not gonna name names but thats happened plenty of times. They are also more likely to abuse children because children cant defend themselves and usually dont know better.

No. 817931

Most men are pedophiles, and it’s not really a matter of trying to fix it. Most straight women (and even some lesbians) have actually already accepted it, even subconsciously. A lot of women are also autopedophiles, either from direct grooming, or being collectively groomed by society itself (and it doesn’t stop when you’re an adult). We live in a pedophilic culture.
I don’t think there’s any escape. I can’t even find it in me to fight with people about shit like lolicon or ageplay or age gap fiction like I used to, unless they’re aggressively pushing it. Any opposition just seems so fake and performative. It’ll never stop, they don’t care that it’s bad, and it gets even worse when you realise your mind is also being damaged or poisoned from being made to see these things. It’s like a form of mental abuse.
The best we can do is try to protect kids when we can, and to wait for males to die out for good.
The one upside is that if you pretend to be pro-everything, any scrote you meet will be open about his “interests”, and you will know to never have kids with him or trust him around them.

No. 817936

Jesus. Take your meds.

No. 817941

>a lot of women are autopedophiles
>i used to he into age gap fiction
stop projecting

No. 817943

Yeah, take meds so I can ignore what is basically plain to see at this point. We live in hell, anon. People are unironically arguing that children should be exposed to naked men under the guise of gay pride. No burner accounts, they’re doing it with their entire chest. They know they’re “winning”.
I’m just saying to do good where you can.

No. 817944

Where does my post say the second line? Are you on crack and can’t read, or just a male trying to derail? Fuck off, seriously.

No. 817945

Idk if most men are full blown pedophiles, but a lot have pedophilic tendencies, definitely way more than most women realize. I think most women don't bother to visit porn sites so when they hear that men are watching porn they are imagining women who look like pam anderson when really the most watched porn stars are women like riley reid who pretend to be underage. I argued about it with my ex many times, and he always defended it and said he saw nothing wrong with "teen" porn. there's a website called 18 and abused and he saw absolutely nothing wrong with it. yet he was always angry about the catholic church and the supposed pedophile priests, as if he was any better.

No. 817949

Your post made me realise that I seriously haven’t met a single man who spoke up of his own volition against “teen” porn site categories. The most I’ve gotten is for them to agree if we’ve talked out that porn itself is bad. I genuinely believe they don’t see a problem with it. I think part of it is because they don’t have empathy for girls or women. Maybe that’s why your ex was angry about pedo priests, it’s usually old men targeting young boys.

No. 817951

yeah that's probably true. the only people I've seen who actually draw attention to the teen/incest porn epidemic are radfems and christians.

and now I just remembered how one time I was googling different porn stats and came across this website called "theantifeminist.com" (not sure if it still exists). but it had an article saying why teen porn was the most popular, because all men secretly prefer teenage girls. then that website led me to a bunch of other men's rights websites that said men's rights were actually about getting rid of consent laws, because consent laws were made by fat ugly old feminists who wanted to police male sexuality, and that people like paul elam and karen straughan ruined the men's rights movement. it really is a huge problem that literally no one wants to talk about.

No. 817953

NTA I don't think most men are oriented towards pedoshit, I think men are just opportunistic assholes. They don't feel bad at oggling at or even propositioning 13 year-olds if they can get away with it, but they'd also fuck 30 and 40 year olds if they let them.

No. 817963

Thank you. What's more likely to be true: that humans are miserable pieces of shit who've been subjecting each other to various forms of suffering for millennias, or that the world would genuinely be a completely different and better place if it weren't for those pesky [insert generation here]? I hate how programmed we are to look for scapegoats. It feels inescapable, like we're too emotionally retarded to accept how broken and disappointing the world can be, so we always need an Other to place the blame onto.
I think about this all the time. I would like to have a family, but I honestly don't know how I'm supposed to trust a man when I've seen the stuff I've seen. I once saw a married man (with children) in his 50's go down on an unconscious 14 year-old at a party. I still vividly remember the looks I got from men as an 11 year-old whilst vacationing in Central America. I wouldn't be surprised at all if a large portion of men have a preference for young teenage girls (it kinda feels like an open secret), and I don't understand how other women feel safe enough to risk bringing a daughter into this world. Hopefully they've had way more positive and safe experiences with men than me, and I've just been unfortunate.

No. 818061

Have you read any of the threads here? I don't know how it is for the normie population but anons talk all the time about struggling to break out of the social conditioning forced on them by paedophilic porn culture or even surface level stuff like romanticised age gaps in mainstream media

This too except I think local culture and attitudes also affect it

No. 818133

You're demented if you're actually going to imply your ex is at the same level as a secret society of catholic priests chopping up boy testes and abusing young children 24/7 for a thousand years! because he watches legal adults signing themselves up into hetero hardcore porn shoots? it's never the whores fault eh
>as if he was any better

No. 818139

It's the intent that counts. I bet if her ex had the opportunity to rape and abuse underage girls he would. I bet you fall for the "it's just porn it's not real!!" meme but matter of fact is men cannot separate porn from influencing their actual sexuality like women can.

No. 818148

OMFG i hate crime watch ddaily it is so disgusting. I randomly watched a video the other day because i thought i was being dramatic about my hatred. When the victim's family was talking about how they got shot 3 or 4x they fucking played gunshots as the person was talking. Shit grossed me out. Crime watch daily needs help.

No. 818161

Crime Watch Daily would fare better if they hired anyone under the age of fucking 40. The editing is atrocious and often has sections that are mute or where the sound of multiple takes of the same sentence are overlapped, and they often report on something so terribly that it's funny to watch the Crime Watch version of events after you've read the entire court proceeding or know who ended up being found guilty. Goddamn I wish there was a standard for these sorts of things. MysteriousWV is a good example of a youtube reporter done correctly, and he bases his set up from things like American Justice or Forensic Files. It reminds me a lot of an ugly Bill Kurtis.

Also if they let ugly people on TV, we might actually have narrators and hosts that care about the subject matter more than they care about fame or being seen.

No. 818246

NTA but do you even know what the porn industry is like? How many women and young girls are trafficked into it? The lack of oversight for consent, age verification, physical/mental health, etc?
No, of course not. All that matters is COOOOOM. Please fuck off.

No. 818254

NTA but this is the thing, a lot of people have no idea how things are and really thing these women consent to have these things done to them. They don't do research, they don't want to know anything past the coom, they want to believe what they see is all work and no harm to people involved. It's no one's duty but I believe we -meaning people who are educated enough to be aware of the truth- should educate other people instead immediately jumping on "you're a gross pedo for liking porn"; because I'm convinced majority of them would be sympathetic to the cause once they actually realized what are they dealing with and what really the problem is.

No. 818302

I hate it when rich people go on camera and say “I would never spoil my child! They’re going to be independent and successful themselves. I would never leave them any money on my will or anything” because you know they’re fucking lying, they probably pay for anything for their kids

No. 818314

They may act all empathetic like "Oh, yeah, it sucks, and is disgusting!" (if you're not hit with some it's the oldest profession of history bullshit) but at the end of the day, 97% of all men you're trying to convince will go back home and whack it to some anal slut gets destroyed video. Not saying you shouldn't try, but you're a tad bit too optimistic I fear.

No. 818315

File: 1622229288383.png (507.69 KB, 512x768, 613d4a440ca23a55f557495417b541…)

I love shitty YA books.

Its just a relaxing fun time of reading, not that I don't read classics or actually decent stuff, but its nice to cozy up and read some cheesy over the top fantasy fulfilling romance, and again another one of those "people hate everything teenage girls like" things.

No. 818317

File: 1622229708108.jpg (41 KB, 415x467, cat.jpg)

No, most likely they're not even lying. They're 100% genuine when they say that, it just means something completely different to them.

I'll give you an example: my ex's family had several apartments, one with a swimming pool. They've also got five cars, currently manage three companies and god knows how many other securities they have. His father's company paid for an apartment in all major cities in my country because he travels for work a lot.
True to their word, they didn't spoil their kids: he lived a comfortably middle class lifestyle, as they all say they do. Got video games for his birthday, nothing extravagant. Wore regular cheap clothes from H&M.
This guy also failed pretty much everything he set his sights on because he simply never had to push himself. He's a high school dropout who can't cook, clean or hold down a job, he streams on Twitch for a living. But you know what? Both him and his siblings got an apartment each, he's had a happy childhood, he's never gone hungry or homeless, and if he waits around enough he'll inherit most of his family's property and never have to work a day in his life, invest, save, worry about bills, he simply doesn't give a fuck because he never has to. His parents didn't "spoil" him, they didn't give him handouts, but no parent will leave their kid hungry, ill and homeless so he's set for life anyway.

No. 818318

why are YA readers always posting defensive stuff like this when no one even said anything? "IT'S JUST A FUN AND COZY TIME!!" you're clearly aware it's utter crap, but no one cares and no one asked so you can just not tell people about it ok?

No. 818319

>why are YA readers always posting defensive stuff like this when no one even said anything?
Have you ever been to any book discussion space, specially male dominated ones? Heck even /m/ book thread is like that, everyone is always saying it all the time and shaming women and girls who like YA shit.

No. 818320

Come on anon, don't pretend people are not constantly shamed for liking YA, especially if they're not "ya" themselves anymore. But if they're girls they're shamed regardless of age. I for one like to see people embrace enjoying the cringe.

No. 818321

Ever since I was a kid I thought Little Debbie and Hostess snacks were gross.

No. 818373

they are you should be proud of your kid self for realizing it sooner rather than later. it all tastes like fake chocolate and sweets.

No. 818375

weed is addicting as fuck.

No. 818377

I'm pretty sure my ex was never even aware of priests "chopping up boy testes and abusing children for thousands of years". he just was mad at them for being pedophiles. and he didn't even actually care about the children being abused, all he cared about was the hypocrisy of religious people being pedos.

No. 818387

I dont know where youve been but i see 100 people proactively defending YA for every 1 person doing any "shaming". To be clear im not saying people should read only highfalutin prestige literature because a lot of that is overblown crap too. But between YA fans and ""literature"" people, what gets lost is interesting but unpretentious books written for mature adults.

Basically i think people feel like if they "graduate" from YA rhey have to read shakespeare or dickens or the brontes or w/e. And ""literature"" people banging on about their prestige crap they probably havent even read themselves doesn't help matters. Ignore them and especially ignore men of literature. Cormac mccarthy is godforsaken trash. All this to say…read like, david sedaris, alice munro…idk. there are books that are funny and cozy and that are by, for and about adults. Imo, continuing to read lots of books for and about teens is of itself weird and warping, but i see how people get stuck in it, because online "serious literature" people are almost all pretentious steaming turd heads.

No. 818389

>when no one even said anything?
Have you read the books thread in /m/? Or any books-related discussions?

No. 818390

I kind of wish I could get addicted to it, better than food or booze as coping mechanisms. For me anyway.

No. 818391

yeah weed is probably better than alcohol in a lot of ways (for example it doesn't have calories like alcohol does) but it's fucking expensive, at least where I live.

No. 818586

The Jodi Arias case was way overhyped by the media and Travis wasn’t the saint that everyone made him out to be.

No. 818589

Being a womanchild is the way to go. You throw away society's expectations of being some scrote's servant or just the society's emotional caretaker and conforming to the unattainable beauty standards that are shit anyway. You make everyone seethe for not giving a shit. You live a stress-free life and are happy with simple things in life.
Womanchildren > everyone else

No. 818591

The only womenchildren I met were the ones who love being dependant on scrotes and crave for their attention.

No. 818597

Then they were doing it wrong. You're supposed to be dependant on your parents and kys when the funds run out. Only 2D waifus or husbandos are allowed.

No. 818604

No, that's doing it wrong. The ideal womanchild life is a financially responsible one - you just replace the school day with a work day at an easy job (not a proper career) and never take up any other adult responsibilities such as marriage or kids. Of course, you should live at home for as long as possible if your parents are cool with it. As long as you've got your own money there's no shame and you can afford to do fun things.

No. 818608


dont do it anon. haven't you heard afroman? 'because i got high' is actually how my life is going. it was a premonition and a curse.

No. 818609


to take it up a notch, you can build yourself a lil carriage home on the family land and commune it up until ya die! thats what im up to!

No. 818616

Okay, that's cool too.

No. 818617

It was more fun being a womanchild pre-corona. I'd use my free time and money on travel and would go to events and had group hobbies…
It's slowly starting to get back to normal, but it still isn't what it used to be.

No. 818626

Covid definitely made me realize I need to spend more of my money on going to events and outings, I wasn't taking enough advantage of my freedom. Fortunately things are fairly normal in my country so I just spent $800 bucks on concert tickets now tours are starting up again.

No. 818627

I strongly believe Classically Abby faked her miscarraige.

No. 818630


this makes me want to cry tears of joy, i miss concerts so much and i can't wait for my country to be in that same boat as yours

No. 818631

I'm curious, why?

No. 818633

I feel you, I'm hoping that when things go back to normal worldwide there will be a big surge in concerts, theatre, performances in general etc. The arts/tourism industry need to make up for all the lost profit and we need to make up for the lost time.

No. 818651

Manlet redheads are the most pathetic men. There's something about this combination that's despicable and contemptible, every single one has something to prove.

No. 818666

Ive been dragged in the mud by American men for being introverted and reserved so it makes me angry they fetishize Asian women for the same traits they hate me for. Pornsick hypocritical retards

No. 818718

After thinking about it, I'm actually kind of glad that more males are trooning out, chopping off their cocks and going full faggot.
The more men sterilize themselves through coomerism and/or HRT, the better. Sperm is generally depreciating in quality, too. It's like the earth is cleansing itself.

No. 818742

If only they didn't harm real women in the process, I'd be all for it too.

No. 818751

at least you can check your reflection in the shine of a bald manlet's head. give them red hair and that's just a LEPRECHAUN

No. 818828

I don't think using prison inmates for cheap labour is a bad thing.
I do have a problem with how many victimless criminals go to prison and with the shitty prison system in the US in general, but that's a different story.

No. 818851

I wouldn't have a problem with them removing themselves from the gene pool either but the thing is that they're not doing it, most of them choose to hold on to their dick and go on/off on HRT to regain their ability to get an erection while growing prepubescent moobs. The ones who get SRS are pretty rare. And like >>818742 said, they're using women as collateral damage for their terminal coomerism instead of sterilizing themselves in private.

No. 818921

Not trying to act like there's a one size fits all approach to tragedy, but I've known countless women, myself included, who have suffered pregnancy loss and I've seen every reaction you can imagine on the spectrum. Not once have I seen someone react as nonchalantly as her, even when they're trying to convince themselves it was NBD as a cope.
>takes no break from social media
>her video announcing it is bizarrely lacking in any legitimate emotion (or even emotional numbness)
>she's pathetically obsessed with achieving social media fame and wouldn't be the first woman to fake a miscarraige for clicks, she even included several hashtags in her IG post about it
>she's insanely prolife and prolifers are known for using miscarraige as a weird emotional manipulation tool (which is ironic since the policies they fight for would be incredibly harmful for women who miscarry, as evidenced by what they're doing in Pennsylvania)
>she's been known to lie and manipulate her audience numerous times

No. 818925

None of these are unpopular I think

No. 818950

My unpopular opinion is short hair looks better than long hair most of the time. Anything longer than shoulder length can easily look messy if you don’t take care of it or trim your ends somewhat regularly. I used to have very long hair all throughout my teenage years, everyone would always tell me how great it looked, compliment me, etc, but I had so many split ends and it was obviously unhealthy and fried. It’s weird to me how just having long hair (even if it’s poorly taken care of) is seen as “better” than having a short healthy bob cut. (Obviously I’m speaking generally, but enough people complimented my long fried hair for me to think this is an unpopular opinion).

No. 818969

Why can’t some women stop attributing being a rude bitch to being a “kickass polarizing feminist”? It isn’t internalized misogyny to dislike your behavior towards me, it’s your attitude.

No. 818971

I think most people are a little bit bi tbh. Very few people are a 1 or a 6 on the Kinsey scale as feminine and masculine traits exist in everyone but for the ease of language we can just call ourselves gay or straight if, despite this mild attraction, you could never date someone of the same or opposite sex.

No. 819027

>Very few people are a 1 or a 6 on the Kinsey scale as feminine and masculine traits exist in everyone
Are you saying if you only like men, but they have some 'feminine' traits you like, that means you're actually bi?

No. 819088

File: 1622337311102.png (493.21 KB, 476x615, Untitled.png)

intensely sharp "model" cheekbones like this on men are super unattractive to me. they look kinda sunken and starved

No. 819111

File: 1622342055680.jpg (780.95 KB, 1414x2048, MV5BMTc1NjcxNzg4MF5BMl5BanBnXk…)

Terrible show

No. 819117


No. 819138

I agree with the first sentence

I also think (for a straight) you can increase your bisexuality a little, idk. I genuinely have had interest in women sexually to a degree since being young, but I think discovering tumblr at 13 made it feel more important to me than it is. Not saying everyones like this but it's my experience. I wanted to be queer so bad but now I decided I am mostly straight until if I actually get with a girl you know. It feels disingenuous because I think I memed myself to liking them more. I'm not talking about gays and lesbians though, I believe they are truly homosexual except in very rare cases as has occasionally happened. anyways this is all a thought experiment kek

No. 819154

I dont get the logic. Either you're sexually aroused by the same sex or you aren't. How can you judge sexual orientation by anything else, unless you're just straight and wish you weren't.

No. 819159

NTA but I have a personal belief that anyone can be bisexual at any point, given the situation. I know it sounds idk… weird, but I have a feeling that if someone were placed in an intimate situation with someone, I feel like it could turn sexual regardless of their initial thoughts on their own sexuality. Now, I do feel there may be people who are 100% against it but I think that's because of moral reasons, rather than genuine attraction.

That's not to say that I'm saying anyone can turn gay, I'm simply saying that I have a personal belief that anyone can have a sexual experience with another person of the same sex, regardless if they consider themselves "straight".

No. 819164

What difference does it make? If a gay person has straight sex, that doesn't make them straight. All that matters is who they are attracted to, and it's not uncommon to have sex with someone for reasons other than attraction.

No. 819171

It is a little uncommon to have (consensual) sex with someone for reasons other than attraction though? Just curious what those reasons would be - I agree with you that having straight sex wouldn't make a gay person inherently straight, or vis versa. But I think repeatedly seeking out straight sex and gay sex would make you bi. But more than that I think the first anon is talking about 'attraction', not the physical act of sex alone. Definitely have heard all my life that ALL women are bi (I'm bi) because many women do view other women with an 'appreciative' eye. Female sexuality is of course a bit less "base" than male sexuality, so just because a woman can/does appraise another woman sexually doesn't mean she's bi or gay imo. Men doing the same thing though…because of the simplistic nature of their sexuality and its fungibility I think that DOES make them bi.

No. 819177

>Just curious what those reasons would be
Money, peer pressure, coercion, curiosity, comphet, attention seeking, 'prison gay', pornsickness, confusion, inebriation, etc.

You never mentioned repeatedly seeking out gay sex, you just said it could 'turn sexual' if people were placed in an intimate situation with the same sex. I find it hard to believe an intimate situation would ever naturally develop or turn sexual unless there was actual attraction or some sort of external pressure involved, I'm not really sure what sort of hypothetical situation you're imagining or how it relates to your other points (which I don't disagree with ).

No. 819179

Btw, I'm the original anon who made this post here: >>819159
The person you're replying to is a different anon

No. 819275

Gold digging is a more common trait in men than it is in women. Women get called gold diggers for just asking for their meal to be paid for. I've met more men who scam and gold dig than women.

No. 819281

I agree with this, or at least that there are far more bi people in the closet than most realize.
People who base their whole life around the idea of having only one sexual preference will be triggered by this, though.

No. 819287

I had a fiance that was a gold digging cunt, nearly got a mortgage to get this class house with him and he was acting such a cunt it felt absolutely amazing to crush his dreams and make him go back to sucking his mother's teet

No. 819302

The first live-in relationship that I had with a guy was back when I was on disability money. He worked a 'flexible time contract' where his hours changed every week but it only ever really amounted to part time hours, minimum wage too. His low income combined with my disability meant that we qualified to have a large portion of our rent payed for through a scheme. A couple years into this he approaches me and tells me he wants to quit his job and become my 'full time carer' which would mean the government pays him for staying home with me. Big red flag was.. I didn't require care! I always felt bad enough for needing the disability money but I certainly didn't need full time care on top of that. Dude saw me as his free ticket. I refused to go along with it and months later he took all his stuff and went home to his mom and dad, where he returned to living rent free at 26.

I managed to eventually get off disability and find a way of working around my issues..I now I have my own mortgage while he…still lives with mom and dad 8 years later.

No. 819313

Strawberry scent sucks. It's also the most "basic" shit that can tell people that you got no personality.

Talking about stuff like strawberry diffuser, strawberry shampoo, cream, etc. Especially diffuser… of all scents you chose the shittiest one?

Strawberry milk sucks too.

No. 819314

Bruh strawberries ain't even real. Who the fuck gets triggered so bad by a fictional fruit? Go touch the grass or something

No. 819315

How does liking a smell mean that you have no personality? What lol

Fake banana flavor and scent is a lil worse than strawberry, both are pretty sickly to me

No. 819316

I like artificial strawberry flavors/scents because I'm allergic to actual strawberries, lmao.

No. 819318

Agreed. Strawberry scented anything is garbage, just like strawberry flavored candy.
I love the smell and taste of real strawberries but the artificial ones are always disgusting to me, more so than other fruits.

Imo the best fruit scent is orange. Never had something with artificial orange scent smell sickly or gross to me. I love it as a shampoo scent too.

No. 819324

>strawberries ain't even real

No. 819329

I am not getting triggered, but it seems like I ended up hurting your feelings, noonie. I like eating strawberries, but strawberry "milk" and strawberry-scented items are shit.
That's what I've been trying to explain, thank you, anon.
Artificial smells and tastes are horrible, would rather just get some strawberries from a garden and make a jam out of it, instead of wasting your money. The smell of orange reminds me of a cozy, cold autumn which is nice.
I think this anon tried to tell that strawberry is a false fruit.

No. 819341

File: 1622381569955.jpg (40.48 KB, 662x270, DnHmcRbWwAExISI.jpg)

Northern/NW Euro-descent women are curvy and feminine (physically and mentally). Travelling, I discovered the rep in many places is the opposite, which was really odd to me lol. I stumble across that opinion on the internet a lot too.
It's especially weird to me as I recently discovered it is indeed false: Research has found N/NW Euro women are the world's curviest on average (lowest waist-to-hip ratio, biggest bust relative to body weight). Interestingly, N/NW E countries have the largest gap between men and women not only re body shape and size but personality, skills, values, criminality, and various health measures. Researchers have dubbed it the "gender equality paradox." (Differences between the sexes is larger in more egalitarian countries: Norway, UK, Germany, Australia, etc.)

And the stereotyped "curvy nations" in reality rank as some of the least curvy in the WORLD and by quite a fair amount, with most women measuring in the male range for body type and other attributes, including a much smaller gap between the sexes in personality, and skills (mathematics). I don't want to name them because I know it'll rile people up, and that's not my intention.

It's puzzling. I don't understand how false national stereotypes persist with increasing immigration and travel. I'm interested, are N/NW E stereotyped as being boyish or manly in your culture?

No. 819362

File: 1622384799612.jpg (32.91 KB, 500x719, IMG_1095.JPG)

While bust-waist-hips ratio gets used as an online shorthand for curviness, it doesn't actually correlate all that tightly with what most people consider curvy. There's a pretty high floor to bust and hips measurements (the pelvis and ribcage impose a minimum size), so skinny women tend to have high bust-hips ratios. Models like picrel certainly do, but aren't widely seen as curvy, while a lot of glamour models (like kate upton) are pretty rectangular but definitely considered curvy. In general, curviness seems to have more to do with a soft, fleshy, womanly aspect than raw body ratio.

At the end of the day, who cares though? If a scandinavian woman is actually feminine and curvy, no one's going to say they're not because of national stereotypes.

No. 819369

Strawberries in general repulse me. Be it the taste or smell of real or fake strawberries. The smell is enough to make me gag. To me they smell like sweet methane and ammonia.

Everyone thinks I'm weird because I also hate any kind of meat from pigs, including things like pepperoni on pizza. I just find it so fetid. I also hate lamb meat.

No. 819372

I think short hair on women isn't as common as it used to be.

For about 50 years it was really common fo women to have short hair and I think it was influenced by the flapper era. Princess Diana was one of the most beautiful women in the world and a fashion and style icon and had a short haircut. Twiggy also had short hair.

Rarely nowadays do I see younger women with short hair and I was recently wondering why that is.

No. 819375

It's more for Russia, but I usually think of Olga helping run the farm or whatever as the stereotype. So yes, boyish.

I agree with >>819362. That there are different types of curvy. If you've ever heard of Kibbe body types, for example. The two types I only know are Flamboyant Natural and Soft Dramatic. Both can be hourglasses, but the fat distribution and skeletal structure have them show differently. Flamboyant naturals have hourglass shapes because of their angles and wide bone structure, so if you're skinny, you'll have that "hourglass." If you're a soft dramatic, you have the hourglass figure because of your fat distribution more-so than your bone structure. The curves will look softer and more round rather than bony and angular.
I would think there are more flamboyant naturals in NW European countries and soft dramatics in curvier nations. I'm not sure what you were thinking, but I was thinking Brazil and South America as the stereotyped curvy nations.

This is pretty interesting, though because I'm half Lithuanian. I'm a flamboyant natural and an "hourglass" body shape at a .74 WHR, but I'm a B-cup and have linebacker shoulders. My bone structure is just super wide - I have a thigh gap at a healthy weight too. If I gain weight, I get huskier, not curiver.

No. 819379

I've never really liked hair that's any longer than say a long bob. I can't remember how young it started but I know as a kid I have memories of sitting on buses and hating sitting behind any woman with hair or a ponytail that went over a certain length or volume. They'd swing their head or flick their hair and have no awareness of this thing being right in someone elses face. I've a full on aversion to long hair, don't know which came first.

No. 819400

This is literally my ideal body. A shame I could never have a body like this due to fat distribution

No. 819412

Interesting anons, thanks! I hadn't thought about the overall structure esp other ratios, like being stacked (shorter distances between bust/waist/hips), longer or shorter limbs, weight and body fat distribution effecting 'curviness'. I'm a good example actually. I'm 5'6 tall, 28 inch under bust, 35 over bust, 24 inch waist, 36 inch hips, BMI 19, but I don't think I look particularly curvy, yet my stats imply otherwise. I'm probably too narrow-bodied for my height or something. Curviness is a mix of things, for sure.

And as Anon 2 said: shape. Maybe NEuro women's bodies are more angular? That's certainly plausible. I expect being the same height if not taller than men of those cultures must add to the mannish effect, too, come to think of it. The so-called unfeminine personality bit still puzzles me tho. Funny what Anon2 said regarding Russian women as they are more likely to be stereotyped as uber-fem in the West, def not as mannish farm girls. As for 'caring', it's not that I was bothered by it, just confused and wondering what was meant by it. I think it must be other body ratios and a bigger overall build creates the effect. WHR/bust is not everything, I get that now.

I didn't want to say initially cos of the rules, but yes, Southern Euros, South Americans, and surprisingly, most African women fall in the high feminine - male range on average. West African women are the exception- they have a low feminine WHR on avg, and a range comparable to NE. West/South Asian countries were a mix from what I remember. I think one country (Bangladesh or Pakistan) was an extreme outlier with a male WHR, but most had a reasonable fem range, and like NE, they aren't stereotyped as being particularly curvy, at least relative to others, when in reality they are. It's weird.

NEuro WHR averages low fem of 0.7, with a fem range. Whereas the average WHR in the "curvy countries" is already male (0.8). Mexican women are 0.8-0.9, so again, male. NEuro have a 4 inch bust difference (corresponding D cup - yes I know that isn't how bra sizes truly work, but you get the gist). SA, African and Asian bust is 1 inch difference (A cup). Southern Euro is 2 inch (B cup).

It's just odd, very few Euro women have a male WHR or flat chest, yet they're regarded as the world's "ruler shaped women". That's the bit that puzzled me.

No. 819452

I agree sm!! Short hair suit mostly everyone, and I love seeing women w short hair. They are easy to take care of and cute.

No. 819465

I cringe whenever I see self-proclaimed radfems encourage masturbation. It's inherently selfish at best and rapey at worst, not to mention literally the reason why the porn industry exists in the first place.

No. 819466

File: 1622398132530.png (107.58 KB, 350x316, nervous.png)

Is this bait or am I not getting it?

No. 819467

Women on average do have a lower sex drive than men and it's a good thing that we should be thankful for. The sex posi libfem narrative that "uwu women are just as horny as men, they love sex and porn just as much they're just not as open about it because of the patriarchy" is just wrong. They act like acknowledging any factual difference betweenen men and women is sexist

No. 819473

I can be really horny, it just doesn't make me aggressive or creepy towards men, nor does it make me look up male abuse porn, so the problem isn't just horniness.

No. 819475

I had a pretty high sex drive compared to my boyfriends but the difference in my horiness is that I'm happy to sort myself out than go seek someone desperate to do the deed with.

No. 819477

tfw cursed with extremely high sex drive

No. 819479

kek I used to believe I had an extremely high libido as a teen/young adult but my hypersexuality was mostly an insatiable longing for affection due to daddy issues and loneliness

No. 819482

Idk fam, I'm pretty fucking horny and crave sex a lot.
However I do enjoy sex for different reasons than most men do, and don't think porn is all that hot or healthy which is probably where I start to splinter away from libfem.
Why don't we ever question the mental status and normalcy of men being hypersexual as if they don't have complexes or trauma for being that way? I don't like how women always gotta be the ones with the issues for liking something a lot.

No. 819483

I think they only push that narrative so hard because a lot of misogynists like to claim that women hate sex (in reality a lot of men are just shitty, selfish lovers who don't try to make the experience enjoyable for women.)

I agree having a lower sex drive is not a bad thing in and of itself though. Before I had major depression I would always get horny af for no reason and when I got frustrated because of it I would get even hornier. Having a high sex drive is fucking annoying.

No. 819493

A weak bait and probably by a scrote. I'm glad anons didn't start replying to it

No. 819505

I have a high drive when it comes to clit play. Penetration tho.. I could live without it.

No. 819539

Nah. Women are just as horny. We're just mostly evolved enough not to end up being raging degenerate because of it.

No. 819591

I think plenty of women have a comparable sex drive to men, just that it shows differently.
With men it the urge to have sex on a regular basis causes them to be desperate to get laid asap when they go a little while without. Women can also get desperate for it after going a long time without sex, but it doesn't seem to happen nearly as quickly for most. That's not because they aren't horny though, just more okay with fixing it themselves.
In long term relationships I feel like men maintain the same sex drive throughout while women lose some interest after a couple years, but for me it's not that interest in sex lessens, just interest in the partner I guess.

No. 819726

millennial men are better kissers than gen z. Gen z hates tongue for some reason.

No. 819780

Anons here watered down scrote accusations and "that doesn't happen" accusations so much to the point where they don't even have meaning and anytime I see another anon call someone a scrote or claim that x doesn't happen I just assume they're losing in an infight or are baiting

Also anons who butt in anytime vaginas are discussed to chime in and say "akshully it's the vulva, you're all uneducated" rub me as female neckbeards or autists who haven't ever spoken to another woman before

No. 819781

how many people have you kissed to come to this conclusion? not trying to shame, only you sound so sure wtf

yeah I used to bother considering scrote accusations but lately I'm like "who cares, a woman could just as easily have said it so give a relevant answer or be quiet"

No. 819784

File: 1622437774673.png (2.37 MB, 900x1200, 1613103858572.png)

This, I love regular strawberries+strawberry surf rider smoothies but strawberry ice cream and stuff similar to it is gross. I also love strawberry patterns on clothes though.

No. 819785

Libido isn't the reason for men behaving badly. Low libido men can be just as bad as the high libido ones, especially as they're usually insecure about it and insecure men are the worst.

The way men treat sex makes me wonder how much they enjoy it in itself. Their fetishes make me think they're bored without novelty or some weird obsession attached to it. They strip away so much of the experience that makes it enjoyable, to the point that they can fuck women they claim to hate or prostitutes who obviously wouldn't consent without payment. They don't even care about being desired or mutual pleasure. Their idea of making it last long is laughable.

Low libido gets recognised in women more because those women just say they don't much like sex. Low libido men instead put on an emperors new clothes type of charade.

No. 819786

File: 1622438098595.jpg (29.42 KB, 225x308, 50443.jpg)

>Huge fujo who reads nsfw fics 99% of the time
>No interest in irl sex, not even repulsed or anything just doesn't care if it happens or not due to this I'm almost 21 and have never been kissed
>Repulsed by 3D porn and think it should be banned
Not sure what category I would put myself in due to this.

No. 819793

NTA, this is an extremely interesting insight. I know it's beside the point but it's almost like they are searching for something they can't find. what could it be, genuinely? the optimist in me wants to think that deep down they crave real connection and intimacy like women tend to, but when they are desired by a woman who cares for them, plenty will throw that away regardless. I mean, the problem could be anything. I guess you'd have to look at men who are satisfied in their sex life and treat women decently but that is rare. sorry if I misunderstood your post, it's intriguing to me though

maybe the problem is that men put sex on a pedestal like it is supposed to be the best thing in the world, when even for them it often isn't

I guess they even fetishize it if that's possible, what I mean is they try to use it to feel power, dominance, confidence, to feel worth something in society— but these are not the real good of sex. they use it the wrong way I guess I'm thinking

No. 819794

imagine if every time someone referred to a ballsack as testicles people were like um actually??? the scrotum is the external part, testicles are internal organs, get it right

No. 819797

my ex said something like this to me, it was actually funny but I was also disgusted because I hadn't known what a scrotum was before then and it looks disgusting

No. 819798

Reminds me of neckbeards who feels the need to correct women on every little thing and then brag about how "they know us better than us"

No. 819801

File: 1622439575285.jpg (88.21 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I hate the sound of acapella covers. Something about hearing a chorus of "mmm"s or "ooo"s to mimic chords makes me want to punch someone.

No. 819815

Just something else people nitpick women for and use it as an excuse to call us stupid. Most men will never be able to name every single part of a male anatomy diagram correctly but most women already know more than some gynos and it's still not enough without starting arguments about diets, periods, orgasms, anatomy names, cleaning, etc. badwomensanatomy become a cess pool of the "woke" people who just post any sort of discussion relating to female anatomy and just mark it as bad because apparently anything outside of "yas queen" and textbook vagina diagrams is bad anatomy

No. 819818

File: 1622441260094.png (218.52 KB, 321x301, 18FA69D9-B2AD-48B3-81F9-68301A…)

This sounds… rather specific, anon. Usually women know less about our own anatomy because nobody teaches us, and it's regarded with shame or our pleasure seen as unimportant.

It sounds like you had a bad experience on reddit?

No. 819904

Acapella covers are a psyop designed to make you so angry that it permanently lowers your vibrational energy thus meaning you can never achieve spiritual enlightenment or experience true peace of mind. #SayNoToAcapella

No. 819925

Thank you, finally someone said it

No. 820010

Anon this isn't the 50s,all women have unfiltered access to the internet, there's thousands of female health blogs and pages on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter as well as YouTube and lots of books most if not all women ran into at least once, female health and hygiene is being put in everyone's faces. It just seems kinda unfair to me women are called out and insulted over every single thing but men can know nothing else about their anatomy outside of cumming and their ballsack and it's perfectly fine and normal

No. 820040

Strawberry yogurt is the worst yogurt. Downright disgusting compared to the far superior cherry yogurt.

No. 820044

Strawberry and banana combo is good tbh! But my personal fave is blueberry yogurt. I ate way too many cherry yogurts in my life.

No. 820046

My unpopular opinion is that any fruit not eaten raw/unprocessed is a wasted fruit. No matter how good the yogurt, even if refined with Ambrosia or some shit, it'd never be as satisfactory to eat as a simple, picked berry or other fruit.

No. 820047

I miss the kpop threads and all the spergs that came with it

No. 820049

Blueberry is on par with cherry imo. Delicious. Banana + strawberry (and even plain strawberry) yogurt can be good, but only if I make it myself in a blender, using fresh fruit. I guess what I really meant to say was that I find all store-bought strawberry yogurt awful.

No. 820057

strawberry yogurt tastes like parents trying to sneak medicine into their toddlers food

No. 820058

Go to ccc

No. 820079

The only thing I hate in yogurt is fruit on the bottom, it grosses me out.

No. 820097

Angelica’s mom should have been a lesbian

No. 820098

Sorry just realised people might not get what I’m talking about, from rugrats lmao.

No. 820117

I always forget that website exist

No. 820126

Have you ever tried raspberry yogurt

No. 820130

that or fruit chunks, they are to me what pulp in oj is to some people

No. 820132

They should still let people have lobotomies

No. 820135

what for?

No. 820137

Whatever they want. I think I would like one.

No. 820142

Are you 14?

No. 820143

Maybe you could get one too, to help with your anger issues

No. 820144

What's the point though, wouldn't it make more sense to get euthanized to at least not be somebody elses burden later?

No. 820145

>any response disagreeing with me is anger
we're still doing this?

No. 820152

> Implying I'm mad at you
Anon… Get some chamomile tea and calm down. Are you trying to act one of these people who enjoy feeling like a victim in any situation? I hope not.

No. 820237

Based and true

No. 820274

It's ok to not date bisexual men. I've never seen one who knows how to act right in a normal relationship.

No. 820290

As long as you don't try to pass it as anything that's too deep I think one is allowed to have their silly self indulgent pieces of fiction.
I don't like it since a lot of this guys are pricks to the main leads but get away cause there hot. Other then that I got no real beef

No. 820295

I swear some bisexual men and their supporters act like incels when it comes to women who don't want to date them. The idea of dating as activism needs to be stopped.

No. 820308

seems like a good way to get HIV

No. 820317

Christ, I agree it's okay to not sleep with whoever you don't want to sleep with, but tacking on stereotypes that apply to a vast majority of the group is when you deserve whatever backlash is thrown your way. Why is it so hard to just have your tastes and not be a literal bigot about it?

No. 820320

I agree. It's ok not to date anyone for any reason, thinking people not wanting to sleep with you is discrimination is incel logic

No. 820324

How can anyone date one? Everytime I'd meet a bisexual man he would always LARP as ADHD "gay friend" stereotype, just ten times more catty. Terrifying.

No. 820325

i mean i also wouldn't sleep with heroin addicts because i don't want HIV. my taste is minimizing my exposure to HIV.

No. 820326

Facts aren’t stereotypes lol , gay men have 60x higher hiv rate than general population therefore being with bisexual men is risking it

No. 820339

In theory I wouldn't mind dating a Bi man, but honestly i would still take a bi woman over a Bi man

No. 820377

White women are not more oppressed than black men(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 820382

Generalizing things is meh. The world is huge, there are many different places and lives that you don't know about: why focus on race? At the end of the day we can all admit that being a woman is hard everywhere. Ik I'm replying to a racebait but still

No. 820384

Most bi men I met have special snowflake syndrome or use it as an excuse to cheat with exclusively women because "I like guys too and I act this friendly and flirty towards them"

No. 820399

bi guys i've known exclusively date women but still seek out men for sex. in a lot of cases I feel like it's internalized homophobia and conditioning keeping them from just being gay.

No. 820410

Nah unless they live in like rural russia or something. Most if not all westerners outside of a very obscure minority accepts and supports gays. Even straight women who've had a bicurious phase but ended up being straight had at least one relationship with a woman that didn't revolve around sex. Most bisexual men I've met are just manipulative

No. 820418

I mean maybe in the most progressive places in the western world but most people grew up in a world where media depictions were strictly of straight couples, a lot of bisexual people (both men and women) have been conditioned to see this as the normal romantic relationship. the reality is that the vast majority of bi people end up in long term relationships with the opposite sex. i've seen bisexual women online who have said heteronormativity is so pervasive that they cannot see themselves in a long term relationship with a woman, and are only sexually attracted to women

No. 820423

If someone is truly gay they would accept it by the time they're in their 20s or at least have some sort of sign to show it

No. 820430

you're presenting this as an objective fact, but it isn't
also i'd say being bisexual is a pretty strong sign of being gay

No. 820557

I know one that the reverse, he likes sexual relationships with women but only loves men. Wonder if he'll end up identifying as gay.

No. 820574

I do not like porn and think its unethical and am trying not to watch it very much but lately I've been so offput by hentai and how internet dudes think its so much better and doesn't harm you mentally because it's drawn

having sex with hentai loving dudes is the worst, it's all highly stylized and fantastical, even the realistically proportioned women with bush will still never look like that but these men talk about pornstars having ugly bodies when like hey at least they're human women. And the sequential nature of a doujin makes it so you can speed along the process- say what you will about a porn video but you might have to watch a couple minutes of a girl getting fingered or eaten out, you can skip the video but your eyes just breeze past it in a hentai and you get the impression you can get a girl off with 1 second of oral. Very little about even a vanilla doujin is based on soft eroticism or the time and care it takes to please a woman. Like women in hentai go insane for any stimulation at all because its pure ego service fantasy land.

I know not everything is like this and there's a lot of good doujins written by women and I try to seek those out but its just so irritating that people act like porn is the devil rotting your brain but hentai is above reproach.

No. 820583

The only defensible point of hentai is that it doesn't use real people. But yeah, I find it hard to believe that you can choke yourself to highly stylized/feautureless drawings with unsane proportions and it having zero effects on your sexuality.

No. 820596

Belief if astrology, magic and all that mystical energy shit is cringe and the fact that so many women believe in this sort of pseudoscience crap contributes to why men think women are stupid.

No. 820597

File: 1622542846115.png (346.55 KB, 720x480, herewego.png)

No. 820600

who cares what men think tho lmao

No. 820601

No they're just assholes who look for any reason to hate us. Males have been found to have their own biases/stupidity including a tendency to believe in conspiracies, like aliens secretly ruling over humans. Spirit, aliens. What's the difference?
Thing is, women don't automatically assume an individual man is dumb and treat him like shit because of male pop average biases. Which is in fact quite a rational way to behave…

No. 820604

>Thing is, women don't automatically assume an individual man is dumb […] because of male pop average biases
They should

No. 820608

I don't believe in that stuff but if I'm not overly judgemental about it either, it's the same as religion to me…I'd feel like an ass if I mass labelled people as dumb for holding beliefs that I don't. People have always held varying beliefs. Most people on earth believe in something that I wouldn't buy into personally.

No. 820616

This opinion is contributing to me thinking you're stupid.

As if men need a reason to think that. They'll talk down to a woman even if she's a rocket scientist.

No. 820625

While I don't agree with the original anon that it contributes much, that's quite the reach. Yeah, a female doctor might be taken less seriously by her own professional environment, not by random fuckos, because the position itself calls for some respect (if someone's not anti-medicine anyway). Astrology doesn't hold anything that SHOULD be respected anyway, since it has a negative correlation with education levels. It's more like astrologyfags are the car guys of women, but men DO hate them more because it's gendered.

No. 820626

Didn't you post this in the last thread, or the one before that?
>I didn't get picked because of those fucking astrology bitches!!
Give it a rest lol. Permanent slave to men.

No. 820628

It gets posted every week or two, kek. And it's always a shitshow.

No. 820630

I remember another anon or the same anon? posting the same exact thing in a previous dumbass shit thread a couple weeks ago lmao.

No. 820647

Astrology is just half-hearted fun for most people, similar to taking personality tests. Don't take it so serious.

No. 820656

>a topic that is known to have caused infighting previously and that some anons on here are heavily into
>" pseudoscience crap contributes to why men think women are stupid"

No. 820662

File: 1622549670119.jpg (29.36 KB, 512x286, unnamed.jpg)

Chell looked better in the first Portal game than she did in Portal 2. Sure, the latter may be conventionally prettier, but the former suits her character better.

No. 820667

Second one looks like an instagram influencer

No. 820668

I think the first one looks way nicer

No. 820670

I'd date a fakeboi, honestly

No. 820675

File: 1622551347174.jpg (142.86 KB, 774x1032, XZHKtrr.jpg)

Silence, wench. I grow tired of your incessant prattling about “the menz”. There are curses to cast, werewolves to fuck. Begone, simpering fool. Go sire another of Tyrion’s bastards in the village square.
Unless…’tis a fight you seek.
teleports behind you
but no seriously it’s not that fucking deep lmao. men sperg about all sorts of idiotic shit, let women have their own hobbies

No. 820676

I'm an ex fakeboi and I could date a current fakeboi just as long as they weren't too full on with certain views.

No. 820686

you wanna hit the femboy hooters together anon? I will be your wingnon

No. 820699

The most notable astrologists were men and we all had to learn pythagoras' therom in school which he developed to calculate the distance of stars and to provide empirical data for astrology which is totally real. God bless

No. 820703

Most woke people can be lowkey racist against black girls and stereotype us worse then Conservatives, they expect us to act a certain way and when we don't conform to their preconceived notions of what black women act like they accuse us of being self hating, funnily enough this same standard is not applied towards black males(racesperging)

No. 820705

Based, what’s your sign baby

No. 820706

Aqua rising, Libra sun, sag moon.

No. 820707

Same, I've dated them in the past. A lot of them are way too into fandom and are weird about it though

No. 820708

Walking dates are awful let me get that out because I know at least one anon will twist my words if I don't but coffee dates are good idea for high school students. I don't think anybody should be expected to spend 100$+ on first date. Maybe second or third date but there's a lot of risks when it comes to first dates online. Why expect someone to spend hundreds of dollars if you don't even know if you're gonna see them again?

No. 820710

As long as it's a femboi hooters and not a troonboy hooters, absolutely

No. 820724

>spend hundreds of dollars

A decent date at a nice resturant will cost less than 50 dollars for two people. Idk why scrotes and pickmes think if you dont wanna go on a walk or tim hurtons that means you want someone to spend 100s of dollars on you.

No. 820727

Mild sauce is the only good Taco Bell packet sauce.

No. 820728

Samefag and a lot of guys dont wanna spend any money on the first date because they know they're unattractive in some form or they dont find you that attractive. If they matched with someone who looked like a young britney spears or megan fox they wouldnt give a shit if she ghosted them after the first date, they would put in all their effort to at least get the chance at impressing her.

No. 820730

Diablo or death

No. 820743

Are you confusing astronomy with astrology? The absolute state of astologyfags

No. 820745

I'm not saying everyone thinks like that but there are women who do expect to be spent several hundred dollars on during first date in none sugar dating situations
Well most women don't want to be with men who only like their looks. Also it's financially retarded to spend tons of money on someone just because they're pretty and you don't even know if you will click. It's usually a red flag to me in dating if a man keeps insisting on spending lots of money and we're both poor college students

No. 820746

>high school students
What high school student go on $500 dinner dates to the Ritz anyway?

No. 820761

I feel like FDS and dating help sites don't understand that most women on the internet are like 16-24 and are most likely in high school or college and (hopefully) dating other boys their age and also in high school or college. This especially applies to the certain members of FDS who insult and belittle women for accepting coffee dates or cheap restaurant/movie dates as if it's reasonable to expect a college guy who probably makes less than 100 a week with student loans to spend half his paycheck on you weekly.

No. 820805

$10-20 dollars one a meal isnt spending a lot and high school students shouldnt be on dating sites in the first place. If a man is 19+ and doesnt even went to spend 12 bucks on a date that can issue. The reason why men choose coffee or walk dates is because they match with any girl on dating sites, regardless if hes attracted to her or not and only plan on pumping and dumping her.
Or these men know they are shitty people and they know the chance of them being ghosted is 98% so they dont wanna waste the money.

No. 820807

I agree and I also sort of hold faith in some of that stuff. I just believe in it because I’m a crazy person lmao

No. 820811

At 21-24 you should be able to afford to spend on a date. Of course dates are gonna be expensive if you have 0 standards and youre meeting up with like several different girls a week(which is what most men on dating sites do), instead of just focusing on one girl you actually like.

No. 820815

Most college students at that age are broke. You're right no one should be going out every night but expecting people who barely have money to blow lots of money on you first time meeting you is unrealistic. Dates are only expensive if you're boring and not creative.

I'm not saying that, men should definitely pay but expecting like 75$ restaurant dates from college students is insane and setting up women for failure or putting them in a toxic mindset. The dating world is shit for women but telling women to demand expensive dates and insulting them if they don't won't fix the issues in modern dating

No. 820822

pussy is a pretty word and should be said more

No. 820824

although punani is a 2nd runner up. coochie used to be my favorite but the internet ruined that word. I still have no idea how 4chan scrotes discovered that word because thats what my trinidadian family would use to refer to their vaginas lol.

No. 820831

When I was 18 and dating a boy he only used me for sex and claimed to be broke. All of a sudden he finds a girl he likes, gets a job at McDonalds and hes buying her food and steam games. Regardless of age if he wanted to he would. If a man wont take you out on dates hes doesnt think you're worth it.

No. 820837

Okay and I'm sure most men have a bad experience of women they tried to spend money on and ran. Obviously that's terrible but expecting expensive dates from 25 and under dudes is crazy. This isn't to say men should never ever pay because they should, you just can't expect a college student to wine and dine you

No. 820862

I kind of like pussy as a cute word to refer to cats, it's been ruined now though.

No. 820867

The reason TRAs froth harder over TERFs than right wing minded transphobes is because they simply can't logically argue against the TERF arguments. Right wing transphobes are fueled by actual bigotry, whereas TERF logic is fueled by objective reality and legitimate concerns.

No. 820873

please be joking nonnie, Pythagoras was an astronomer (study of stars and space) not an astrologist (belief that your future is decided by the movement of burning balls of gas in space)

based except for the man part

No. 820875

Honestly, the only thing I care about when it comes to astrology are memes, because they are so darn funny.

But it is still weird to me how the only people with whom I would never have a good relationship would end up having the same sign. odd coincidence with no explanation.

No. 820877

it's because they hate women
it's funny to see how trannies are absolutely destroyed on /pol/ by other males and they don't even fight back yet they come here and spam and harass us endlessly
and yet there are so many males who are christian zealots, which is just as retarded and delusional

No. 820885

>tried to spend money on and ran

Too bad. The point of a date is to impress the woman and see if she wants the guy. Shes not obligated to give him sex or a relationship. If he cant afford to take a woman out once a week or if the girls he takes out dont like him that's his problem for being failure. Also, no girl regardless if shes 18 or 45 should be meeting men from dating sites, any man worth dating wouldnt be on one.

No. 820891

This is going to make me sound like a conservative retard, but poor people generally suck.

I'm not talking about the poor people who was born into generational poverty, work hard and never have any opportunities. Or women who became single mothers as teenagers. Or those with health problems or crisis that prevent them from working. Or those in absolute poverty. Those people need and deserve social support!

But it really doesn't seem like that is "most" poor people in the urban US- in my experience.

I finally got out of poverty this year at age 30. It gave me so much perspective about how the people around me were entitled, lazy, selfish, and rude. They spent all their free time watching TV or playing video games instead of trying to learn skills. They spent all their money on really stupid shit. Some of them chose to get themselves in debt over their education with no plan. Then they don't even use their degrees.

A few of my friends & roommates I have tried to help out. Offered to teach them skills. Offered to get them better paying jobs. They don't even try, though. If someone wants to be lazy and accept the consequences- I can respect that. But these people are leeches who will act like they never had a chance in life.

No. 820902

File: 1622574821526.jpg (59.92 KB, 1043x748, 20210304_122008.jpg)

exactly lol. They can't dismiss us as ebil nazi bigots and the seethe it causes is incredible

No. 820918

dating sites are the only hope i have for ever finding a partner

No. 820921

Thats sad but the reality is most men on dating sites are just men in relationships trying to cheat or men who are mentally ill in some way or attractive men who have burned every bridge with the women in their life and have no one to fuck. No attractive and well adjusted man is going to need to be on a dating site. If you're the kind of girl who cant get men in real life just leave dating sites alone because its gonna make your self esteem worse.

No. 820927

Yeah, I don't really get how being ex. socially awkward or not attractive is going to work better in the cyberspace. Sure, you can fake anything online, but you still have to meet them. Or do you live in the middle of nowhere?

No. 820938

the only many who hit on me were genuinely old customers. i never was on a dating site but i always thought of it as my final plan. i can't be alone forever, it's my only chance.

No. 820939

*the only men

No. 820952

Horse girls are based. Horses rock.

No. 820963

Based, be my friend

No. 820970

It's unfitting and kind of gross when they give male child characters grown man voices in cartoons. All I can imagine is someone who looks like Vaush speaking into the mic.

No. 821293

If you hate physical violence but then glorify social/emotional violence you're kind of a hypocrite. Unless we're talking about permanent damage to the body the second form of violence can be just as harmful to someone.

No. 821300

>If you hate physical violence but then glorify social/emotional violence you're kind of a hypocrite
who the fuck does that? I hope by 'glorifying' you don't mean sthg like writing "problematic" fanfiction instead of wholesome uwu content

No. 821318

>social/emotional violence
is this about troonsphobia lmao

No. 821346

the westboro baptist church was right about soldiers idk why they had to bring gays into that tho

No. 821347

I agree with this. My poor mom fell for the online dating scheme. Women are much more better off alone without having some scrote who functions as a pet to them. Everybody wants “comfort, love and companionship” but sometimes it really isn’t necessary and not what’s best for you.

No. 821352

I think the media and the way thinness is portrayed definitely contributes to body image issues, diet cultures, low self esteem etc, so I'm not saying this to minimize it but in the case of actual eating disorders I think it has less impact than people think, that body image is not usually the root cause and that they would still exist to some degree even if being thin was not seen as ideal/beauty standards didn't exist at all

No. 821353

Anon, consume something other than troon topics if this is what your mind jumps to

No. 821355

only really unpopular on imageboards but I think imageboard memes are less funny and more cringeworthy than most normie social media memes (which are still annoying). I don't think there has been a funny meme from 4chan in years and particularly the semi recent memes of like adding 'oo' to words (consoom, troon, coom etc) or phonetically spelling things out 'muh skelenity' 'freeze peach' 'eckwality' or whatever is extremely stupid and not remotely funny.

No. 821357

right like i was wondering if i was missing a reference or something, you have problems if your mind automatically jumps to that based off that post.

No. 821361

I agree. I also wonder why, when it comes to raising awareness about eating disorders and about social phenomena/trends that could potentially cause or contribute to an increase in eating disorders, the focus is almost exclusively on eating disorders that cause people to become underweight with little-to-no focus on eating disorders that cause people to become overweight or obese, despite the latter being statistically far more common, affecting more than half of the population of some countries. Obesity caused by poor eating habits or addiction to food is also an eating disorder, and this needs to be taken into consideration when we discuss examples of "eating disorder glorification" such as overweight or obese people using media outlets like TV shows and magazines to portray their bodies as healthy, fun, or luxurious in some way.

I suppose because consuming more products than you need is more profitable than consuming only what you need, corporations don't want to stop the obesity epidemic, and private healthcare systems make more money when the population consumes products that keep them sick. Being healthy isn't profitable, so corporations don't want people to be healthy.

No. 821377

I think the underweight ones are just seen as more romantic. Men everywhere want to drop everything to help save the tragic waif who doesn't see her own beauty. The overweight counterpart is just brushed off as a gross fat chick

No. 821384

my mind jumped to that because of of the gore that was recently posted in the mtf thread. it sounded like it could be directed to the mtf posters. otherwise idk what it could be referencing

No. 821385

things also happen outside of this website

No. 821386

I think like another anon replied, it's most likely aimed at media that thinks a slap is over the top but being a stalker is hot. The OP is way too vague though.

No. 821394

ok? I just asked

No. 821400

I think being overweight and obese should be looked at as eating disorders and treated accordingly instead of cruelly made fun of OR enabled by fat positive people. This society can't to do anything thats in the middle ground though. It always seems to be in a state of one extreme or the other

No. 821427

File: 1622646305896.jpeg (15.42 KB, 176x250, 88E7AA12-6053-438C-AD06-9A1D81…)

>>821400(derailing, baiting)

No. 821435

NTA, but this board isn't for posting selfies.

No. 821448

I strongly believe the "women hold grudges" meme stems from men being bitter that women they treated poorly want nothing to do with them, even years later.

No. 821454

IMO the double standard is because those suffering from weight loss EDs are actively trying to be smaller to such an extreme extent, whereas obesity is the unintentional result of a serious lack of discipline and virtually no one is actively trying to be bigger. Even normal people can understand the desire to overindulge in food at the expense of your waistline because gluttony makes sense, while no normal person can understand starving yourself to an unhealthy weight voluntarily as it's the polar opposite of the most basic survival instinct. Also, due to how high overweight/obesity rates are compared to weight loss driven EDs it's more normalized and thus seen as more "okay".

Also, the fat acceptance movement has successfully used weight loss EDs as a manipulation tool to scare the general population out of daring to suggest being overweight is bad. Just look at Tess Holiday claiming to have anorexia nervosa. She's by no means an isolated incident, I've known two different obese girls who claimed EDs they 1000% did not have as manipulation tactics.

No. 821456

Crypto and memestocks being sold as the poor striking back at the rich is the scam of the decade. The overwhelmingly majority of people have their money funneled into the hands of the already wealthy and the headline-breaking early investors that number in the thousands at most. You think Elon Musk is your friend because he tweeted about Doge? Get real.

No. 821465

Past a certain point people complaining about rainbow/pride-themed products is more annoying than the products themselves. Yes they are a blatant money grab but it's easy to just ignore the products.

No. 821497

>Also, the fat acceptance movement has successfully used weight loss EDs as a manipulation tool to scare the general population out of daring to suggest being overweight is bad.

We need to suggest that a lot of people have disordered eating habits and bad relationships with food.

No. 821596

I don’t get it even to “a certain to point” though like every year everyone suddenly acts like they forgot what marketing is and that this is their first pride month or just first day on earth ever

No. 821636

I don't follow Pride shit usually and am missing from almost all mainstream social medias, do I have a good time laughing at them. I won't even meet any rainbow striped products IRL because I live in a homophobic country, but I still find shit like "oreos say trans rights" hilariously twisted.

No. 821710

File: 1622677009542.jpeg (361.33 KB, 615x537, 592732FB-7E48-4308-9AC9-36C456…)

Chris Evans is obviously black.

No. 821727

File: 1622677963987.jpg (13.26 KB, 307x507, Ev2-_eUXYAEYouc.jpg)

Chris Jamal Evans

No. 821753

BEM, Black Evans Matters

No. 821792

People who look at the child of two wildly unhinged celebrities and say ‘They’ll be fine they have money’ have absolutely no interpersonal skills

No. 821812

File: 1622691850677.jpg (39.06 KB, 400x600, 1f4df09be769b529a28497fb6c2dfa…)

You joke but when he has a buzz cut he does look like a light skinned black guy

No. 821831

How? he looks super white to me

No. 821844

Lmao that anon is crazy

No. 821849

Chris Evans is ugly

No. 821856

His dick is worse

No. 821870

dicks are ugly in general to look at so I wasn't surprised
it's more about what can be done with them, I hate looking at the damn things

No. 821876

Calling someone 'your man' or 'your woman' is cringe, makes it seem like they are your object or whatever.

No. 821882

Hard agree, even though he's basic as fuck I find him super ugly for some reason.

No. 821883

File: 1622704940354.jpg (Spoiler Image, 304.28 KB, 1600x1131, 684ec8188075b9036ec5f1e67b8330…)

>What can be done with them
My mind instantly went to pic related

No. 821884

into the vault

No. 821927

Most malexmale content promotes and introduces degenerate content to young girls that's harmful in the long run, stuff like cum swallowing, non con, anal, bondage e.t.c
Unironically healthy vanilla het romance's are better in the long run, call me moral puratin and prude all you want

No. 821961

the phrase "girls and gays" is a lesbophobic microaggression

No. 821969

That's victim mentality, they're twice as included

No. 821974

taking it up the ass doesn't make any man any closer to women and it's lesbophobic (and misogynistic overall) to imply so

No. 821979

File: 1622717824232.jpeg (83.82 KB, 1920x1080, 1599589557425.jpeg)

I don't know about it being lesbophobic, but whenever I see this phrase I automatically picture this type of rich white gays who were never truly oppressed in their comfortable lives so they think they can relate to us just because they like guys while shit talking women for their looks, personalities or careers. You know, the type who think living on twitter and stanning Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj is an actual personality and who won't stop making fun of straight and bi women stuck in abusive relationships with their shitty husbands/boyfriends. So I hate it.

No. 821981

girls and gays doesn't include women to me, just sounds like a phrase to say "drag queens & hyperfeminine gay men" lmao

No. 821998

I meant lesbians are both gay and girls but you've clearly got your mind set on how you want to feel

No. 821999

Usually it really refers to actual women, especially fag hags.

No. 822015

Not a fujo but I suppose adjacent to it but quite a lot of gay content is pretty vanilla or at least not any more racy then their het counterparts and in case of Japan there's a whole subgenre of gay ass shit for those that want to avoid the harsh shit.

I'm personally more worried perhaps of wattpad and shit like 50 shades getting popular since those are also of questionable quality that may be more easily reproduced.

No. 822027

azealia banks can commit arson as far as i'm concerned idc i'll still support her as long as men keep getting away with way worse things

No. 822034

Japanese Fujoshi content is mostly too hot guys having fantasy sex, its better western Fujo content is influenced too much by Western gay male degeneracy, you are more likely too encounter kink stuff in gay tags of a03 and wattpad then the Straight ones

No. 822147

No. 822232

True that, but I see quite a bit of it in het shit so I'm a little Ehh. Most doesn't appeal to my specific tastes as far as horny is consumed so I'm largely indifferent. It may still beat real pornography for a lot of people here

No. 822258

no one cares that you're an introvert stfu you're just annoying

No. 822259

I agree

No. 822280

i hate most "critically acclaimed" movies

No. 822286

do you have some exemples ?

No. 822291

File: 1622754279123.jpg (102.83 KB, 1080x1080, 8c08b60ac1ca712012a50a9c754bf2…)

PULL was unecessarily cruel to Kenna, mostly out of jealousy.

The art theft thing was pretty much all the milk she ever had, and after that completely blew on her face she never did anything else bad or noteworthy.

No. 822302

PULL users who migrated here are incredibly obvious because they carry that same energy towards other cows and make dozens of posts nitpicking the smallest things.

No. 822312

I thought it was pretty fucking funny how they always accused her of "sucking the colour/life out of everything" (as if brown is not a colour) because she used brown filters on her posts kek. Imagine people writing pages and pages and pages nitpicking you over the colour brown

No. 822314

She had her own moments, but the only milk she has last year was creating a tantrum over some random model with which she travelled to EU (both wrote passive aggressive things about it) and her "m-muh AUTISM FROM JP" spreg kek. It could have saved sooo many pages. And ofc snow filter is classic, but pull people seemed to love to blogpost a lot for points.

No. 822319

The hate towards always bothered me, it was sooo cruel and unnecessary.

Shes so cute and I still follow her, she just lives her quiet little life.

No. 822326

If someone was an actual introvert wouldn't they just stay quiet? Introverts aren't known for being talkative.

No. 822331

File: 1622758918836.png (123.31 KB, 475x475, Untitled_Artwork-2-1-475x475.p…)

nta but every other time I go on the internet someone is posting about how much of an ~introvert~ they are or posting pics like picrel

No. 822342

I used to drag her when she had a thread on LC but ironically when that thread died due to lack of milk and PULL kept going with their nitpicking, I did a 180 and stopped disliking her. Their blatant jealousy was so embarrassing I couldn't bear to be a hater anymore lmao. I wouldn't even say they were cruel though, their worst insults were like
>omg Kenna is eating pancakes in glorious nippon, I would never eat anything but traditional washoku if I could ever afford to go there

No. 822344

I like the phrase only because it annoys straight scrotes. I like to choose phrasing that pisses scrotes off in general.

No. 822346

I really despise non Americans who live and breathe American internet politics culture like their life depends on it. I dont mean the ordinary wannabe SJW but the type of idiot who thinks American politics, cultural and racial dynamics, ect applies to their country because all they do is consume from American social media and journals. It is the most disgusting and cucked way to act like imo

No. 822351

I hate it when people in my country seem to rage against a machine that isn't our country. Like, screaming about how we should get this law changed, but it's not even a law here, hasn't been for a while and they're just thinking about the US. Brainrot and too much being online I guess but it's embarrassing to witness, they always seem to have this moment of self awareness but it soon turns into something along the lines of "I know but we shouldn't uh forget!".

No. 822353

That's pretty annoying too though the worst is the people who act like their country is literally america where they begin to internalize a lot of its ideas even how citizens interact and apply it to their own. It might be the quickest way to determine which non american is a terminally online mentally ill fuck.

No. 822354

It's difficult to make female friends when you're at least a bit conventionally attractive since a lot of normie girls see you as competition. I understand it's because of female socialisation but it's so hard to make new female friends when you get older.

I found out today I was being called fake behind my back by the other girls from my mixed gender study group because I'm "too nice to them". I gave up trying to make connections with males a long time ago so I was only being nice to the girls, hyping them up and offering them help whenever I could. I literally never acknowledged the scrotes other than hello/goodbye.
I really hate the culture of pining women against each other and assuming anything a woman does is to get male attention.

No. 822356

they don't eat meat so they would actually taste better than most AND since they're so malnourished they probably don't move much so they have no muscle development! It would be like eating human veal or some shit

No. 822357

Hate that same shit as well, it hurts as a bi woman even more because I'm even less inclined to want scrote attention all the fricking time anyhow

No. 822358

I find it funny when people from my European country use the term ‘BIPOC’ in reference to our population… our ‘indigenous’ people are white euros. The fact they don’t even think through what they’re saying is crazy.

No. 822359

Meanwhile every study ever proves that good looks give people a 'halo' that automatically endears them to others and gets them better treatment, regardless of gender.

Women who think girls hate them cause they're beautiful are probably hated for other obvious reasons, like thinking so highly of themselves and making nasty assumptions about other women.

No. 822360

I'm glad unemployed burgerfags are starting to get their extra $300 a week in unemployment taken away in some places.
No one is going back to work because it's easier and more profitable to be paid to sit at home. Only a dishonest retard would argue otherwise. Ofc that was always going to de-incentivize someone and there's no reason why people should have qualified for it for as long as they have. I've seen people buy cars, pay off debt, and purchase luxury shit while people who weathered out work during this pandemic shit aren't any better off for it. That's bullshit and it's being rewarded! Working people are paying for someone else to sit at home. That isn't a free market, it shouldn't be more profitable to not work if you're able to work.

No. 822363

I'm not that anon but I don't like this reverse uno card of "maybe ur the bad one" as soon as someone vents about their negative experience like.. maybe people are just jerks? It took me moving to see I wasn't the problem and it was just the circle I was in. It feels like a lot of the people making this argument were unnecessarily rude to others and swear they had a good reason

No. 822364

This. The most attractive girls I know including models have so many friends and everyone loves them. Tbh these girls are fun and nice too.

No. 822367

On the flipside: Being unattractive can also make you come off as unapproachable or otherwise boring which makes it harder to obtain friends. >>822359 is right, being attractive will always have the advantage in relationships and friendships.

That said: Maybe your actions do rub off as insincere and disingenuous despite your intentions, anon. Sometimes people can tell when you're being a tryhard and seem to be pushing yourself in an effort to win them over which isn't something you could realistically maintain in the long term. Just be your cordial self, and reserve the extra displays of niceness only when it's deserved.

No. 822368

There's venting about your experience, and then there's this absolute nonsense
>It's difficult to make female friends when you're at least a bit conventionally attractive since a lot of normie girls see you as competition

I wouldn't have said a single word if anon just vented about being called fake, but she just haaad to preface it with some misogynistic bullshit under the guise of being a supportive feminist concerned with female socialization. So bizarre.

No. 822371

Anon above, not to wk but imo they were cruel, every single post she made on insta was full of people being rude, even when there was absolutely nothing to comment on. They'd post screenshots of msgs they sent to her telling her why she is wrong or is a terrible person. I can't imagine the constant harassment for years and the toll it takes. When PULL closed, I bet she was so relieved, her msgs have stopped being so negative lately.
I'm glad there is a no cowtipping rule here, but even then anons get carried away.

No. 822390

> the other girls from my mixed gender study group
> normie girls see you as competition. I understand it's because of female socialisation
I'm in a country where I don't know anyone taking gender classes and I barely know what that is tbh but sometimes a group just forms and they decide there's no room or you don't fit into the dynamic they like. Maybe given you know them through a gender study class that's why you think they're being driven by those heavily gendered motivations but it could have nothing to do with sex.

I know I've been in mixed groups before where you kind of want one of the people to leave the room already because there's a nicer group dynamic without them present. Sometimes you can't even say outright what they've done wrong but it's just odd like that sometimes.

No. 822396

Her snow pink phase was egregious, but tbh i really think she's a sperg, it falls in line with alot of her behaviors.

No. 822419

"You should have sex on the first date because if he leaves you know he forsnt like you!"

This is the dumbest logic on earth. Maybe dont have sex on the first date to protect your own health and safety, not a dhit test for a scrote.

No. 822420

>It's difficult to make female friends when you're at least a bit conventionally attractive since a lot of normie girls see you as competition.
This sounds like a male-written fanfic but I'm trying to reform myself to not see scrotes anywhere on this board and women can be influenced by male ideas in a culture where the male perspective is usually prioritised soooo… It's not because you're pretty. It's not necessarily your fault, some environments just encourage a culture where the dominant ones pick on the insecure ones and all the sheep around them just go along with it. You're better off just behaving in a way that you think is right, instead of cynically trying to win their affections. Either someone will like you for that or you just won't humiliate yourself trying to make friends unsuccessfully.

I think anon meant mixed-gender study group as in it's a study group whose members have a mix of genders, not that it's a gender studies group.

No. 822423

People who have pets like dogs and cats only have them for selfish comfort or to be surrogate children. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that at all but damn, please stop denying that you find a domesticated animal similar to a young child (which in it self is even more offensive) but fuck it though bro it’s your life

No. 822424

What a weird comment. No shit people get pets because they want something to love and cuddle and look after that isn't a child? When has anyone claimed that people have pets for altruistic reasons?

No. 822437

Imagine having a dog because you want to feel better about yourself. Must suck

No. 822440

Mental illness

No. 822454

Certain women should not be allowed to call themselves feminist, Women like Sophia Amoruso should not be allowed to call themselves feminist
she was a capitalist who happened to be a woman and she did capitalist shit like not giving state mandated maternity leave to her female workers and would just fire pregnant female workers so she wouldn't have to pay them


No. 822481

Inch resting. Would you say the same about people who rescue dogs in a very bad state? In those cases they're essentially saving a life. It's not a selfish comfort if the animal is being taken care of, literally a win-win situation

No. 822487

>when has anyone claimed that people have pets for altruistic reasons?
Doesn't this happen all the time? Whether or not it's true to the circumstances people will often frame pet adoption in terms of "saving a life" as >>822481 just described, especially in North America.

No. 822490

Agreed, on a more extreme note I wish some women had their "woman card" taken away bc of how pickme they are. Like female anti-choice activists who want to restrict other women from having abortions and then think they can speak on the subject of bodily autonomy "as a woman" despite them being selfish af about letting no one else have an option to have an abortion. Idgaf if you are technically a woman, you're a fucking traitor forcing your incubator kink on every other woman. I feel like men are legit hopeless so when women act like this I get really pissed. If you help patriarchy enough then you should lose your woman card imo, that goes to anti-choice pickmes 100x.

No. 822610

File: 1622803972380.png (830.94 KB, 1880x1190, Instagram.png)

I don’t think this kind of art is necessarily harmful or unhealthy. It’s cringe, but it’s not dangerous. The OP claimed that it’s unhealthy because it triggers them back to their own self-harm, but that’s their own experience. They can’t speak on behalf of everyone who’s dealt with SH. They added a disclaimer that it’s okay if you draw scars to cope “healthily”, but what the fuck does that even mean? How is that defined, and what gives OP the right to deem certain copes “healthy” or not “healthy”?
There’s shit I don’t like to see for personal “trigger” reasons, and I just click away, block or unfollow. I don’t get why others can’t do the same. If you’re able enough to save the picture (or literally copy the art style with your own hand 1:1), put a caption on it, post it on your own public page uncensored (and you're also risking triggering people, ironically) just to say “this is bad”, you’re definitely able to just hide the posts or block the artists. Please.

No. 822644

Looks don't mean much, I'm not very attractive and I've had girls before say the same kind of shit behind my back. I also have very close female friends, they're like sisters to me. I'd say it depends on the way you express yourself and the way people will perceive how you express yourself, it's entirely subjective.

No. 822727

i think you should focus your attention upwards rather than horizontally. be mad at the creators of the system

No. 822745

every single "3d femboy" is hideous inside and out and anyone who is attracted to them has major issues

No. 822749

sanpaku eyes can be cute but only on dark eyed people

No. 822750

more specifically on dark eyed women

No. 822752

I'm really pretty and I have lots of female friends who love me, because I'm a good person and show them that I love them back. Sounds like male bait.

No. 822756

> it's so hard to make new female friends when you get older.
That's because most adult women already have a steady circle of friends and social life and/or don't have time dumbass

No. 822757

It's a weird "mating strategy" too, because from being sexually legal to becoming full-term masculanized (since they don't remove the balls, like troons) they have like 2-4 years. Even if they're going for men that want that are attracted to that specific niche, they're gonna age out of it really fast while their adult partner starts chasing the next victim.

No. 822760

NTA but girls are socialized to hate other girls and it's really not rare at all. It's good that you have a lot of close female friends but some girls are just impossible to placate. It's sad, but it's reality. I literally have no interest in moids/male attention but I've experienced it too, girls just being mean for no reason other than being weirdly territorial. I don't like the word bitchy but that's really the only thing that comes to mind when describing these kinds of people.

No. 822769

I honestly think most of them plan to revert back into being a normal (comparitively) man when they hit 30. As opposed to real women who still look feminine as they age, men look like…well, /men/, just uglier. Hormones can't stop the receeding hairline.

No. 822771

farts are the most political thing you can do in your entire life

No. 822775

File: 1622824534491.jpeg (72.71 KB, 750x743, 0F3D50C9-997F-4CBB-A400-31DD99…)

>That's because most adult women already have a steady circle of friends and social life and/or don't have time dumbass

God forbid anon for wanting to find friends her age and socialize! Damn her for stating her opinion.

Just smile and witness the mental illness and aggression coming from grandma chan here.

No. 822783

I really grew into my looks and personally had the opposite experience, I feel like it's way easier to make friends and, male or female, people are more likely to approach you and just generally more accommodating when you're pretty. On the other hand maybe I'm just more confident now and it's more just a result of that and me being more open now.

No. 822796

These kind of posts have to be coming from people underage. Or at least I hopes so. No grown adult should be involved in or have opinions about "hello kitty traumacore" discourse.

No. 822799

>girls are socialized to hate other girls and it's really not rare at all.
This is a very reductive and simplistic way of understanding the way women are "socialised" in regards to friendships and how socialisation works in general. Also what you're describing isn't gendered. Everyone isn't going to like you and everyone isn't going to be nice. This is just as true for men.

No. 822820

Did you even read? Anon was saying that it's difficult to make female friends when you're pretty because they'll see you as competition as opposed to my opinion that it's because most adult women already have an estabished group of friends. I didn't say wanting to find friends and socialize is wrong retard.

No. 822824

I think it's weird and disproportionate how many articles and think pieces there are about cutting off your friends and just this general thing of viewing people as so easily disposable/relationships as transactional. I know that sometimes relationships are unhealthy and it would be better to end them but idk… I don't really think too much intimacy and too many long term friendship is most people's biggest problem right now. If anything there seems to be more a problem with the opposite. I just feel like it seems a little excessive.

No. 822827

Then why are men defending each other no matter what but a lot of girls tend to put each other down to make themselves feel better or to gain the favor of males? I'm describing a very specific and weird attitude I've only noticed in other girls. From puberty we're pitted against each other for no reason, and it absolutely is gendered because I have not seen men compared to each other and "ranked" the same way young girls are. I've never seen men snap at each other the way women fight over crumbs of male attention.

No. 822829

Men definitely put eachother down to gain the favour of other men. Often their entire relationship is jus them insulting eachother and almost every group has a punching bag. I don't think there's no truth to what you said like I do think girls are told to see eachother as competition and to varying extents this is internalised but girls are also socialised in a way that enables more intimate and emotionally fulfilling friendships, so I don't think it's so black and white.

No. 822836

NTAYRT but the oppressed are always fighting among each other while the oppressors stand for each other. It's the same with poc vs white people.

Not saying women aren't taught to hate each other though.

No. 822858

Men shit on each other relentlessly, it just gets excused as "banter" or glorified and whitewashed behind notions of brotherhood, sometimes they straight up cite fiction in their defense. That's just within their own friend groups and not going into how unattractive men are aggressively demeaned and mocked by other men. I witnessed a fairly close group of men split in two during college because two of them fought over a girl, and both sides would say some pretty heinous things about the other privately venting. Men heavily propagandize and romanticize their bonds to women, never assume it's all true.

No. 822863

>Men heavily propagandize and romanticize their bonds to women, never assume it's all true.
Do they even do this? I'm wondering if this is maybe a cultural thing because I feel like I just non-stop here men whine about how lonely they are. Like most men seem to have absolutely no friends or are very emotionally unfulfilled in the friendships they do have.

No. 822864

Yeah, it seems like a sign of maturity to be able to get on with people you might not originally mesh with, and be able to work through issues. And the whole trend of calling everything 'toxic' when people may learn to respond to things in different ways and everyone does something for a reason.

No. 822866

Pretty sure this is an unpopular opinion-I think it's preferable to be cute in a normal girl/guy next door way than a flawless 10/10 hottie for several reasons. Firstly, model tier people often learn to rely on their looks to get what they want and sometimes don't even develop a personality bc they don't need one. But eventually when they get old and stop being treated like gods they go berserk and often get a ton of plastic surgery in a desperate attempt to stay looking like a 20 something instead of aging gracefully.

Secondly, people who are insanely attractive (especially women) can never be truly sure that their partner loves them for more than just their looks. Lots of cases of men dumping former stacys when they lose their figure (even if it's due to literally birthing their child) or start getting wrinkly, trading them in for a younger model. Cant imagine the identity crisis that would cause. For those reasons I think it's preferable to be cute in an average way rather than a total stunner. You can still find plenty of people who are very attracted to you but you also can't rely on your looks for everything and won't have a breakdown when you age.

Genuinely hideous people who are universally (or nearly) considered unattractive have it worst of all though, no denying that.

No. 822868

I think it mainly gets romanticized when contrasted with women, because they think that's a competition too. Women are obviously much more emotionally and physically open with each other, so it gets told that women's friendships are all totally backstabbing and shallow akschually, while bros die for each other, modeled usually on examples of men who went to literal war zones and trauma bonded, or movie friendships. Hell, I've been told when I was young that women only really talk about dating with each other and that once they get married there's nothing left to talk about, like we're in some real life Bechdel-test simulation.

No. 822870

This. I used to think other girls hated me because I was attractive too. Turns out they hated me because I would act like a distant bitch. The perception of "all women hate me!" tends to make you come off as cold and aggressive.

No. 822873

That's what makes it all the more sad, it's a lie meant to contrast the "ugh women just tear each other down and hate each other" narrative. Big shock: it's projection. The ones who uphold the ironclad male brotherhood raaagh we solve all our problems by getting into fistfights and laughing it off while the nasty women just gossip mythos are usually the ones with toxic or nonexistent friendships, because it makes them feel better about themselves.

No. 822875

I agree but for different reasons. I think 10/10 goddesses are gorgeous but also a snore to look at.

No. 822878

The gossip thing is literally my pet peeve, like so many men have at one point or the other smugly declared "no one hates women as much as other women" as if this is going to be like, some ground breaking to you and if you push them for why they think that 100% of the time it just boils down to "women gossip about eachother", and that represents hate to them for some reason. They don't consider that it more so represents an apathy for men that women have that they don't towards other women, that they don't talk about you because no one cares about you enough to and there is just nothing interesting to talk about with most men.

No. 822889

I don't find perfect looking Instagram models attractive either. In fact I always pass on them on Tinder lol. I just think people who are weird looking in one way or another but still cute are very attractive. Maybe it's just that I find that they are more on my level though, perfectly attractive people seem kinda unobtainable.

No. 822897

The unpopular opinions thread is clearly srs business so of course I read everything! Sike

No. 822902

Being overly sensitive or cold towards animals is fucking annoying and weirdo behaviour. I grew up in a slav country where no one really cared about animals and there was a lot of animal abuse and I always found those people to be fucking stupid. How the fuck can you claim it makes you feel powerful to hurt literally something smaller, dumber and in most aspect weaker than u? How weak do you have to feel that harassing a cat makes you feel strong? Side note, yh it was mostly men who did that shit. At the same time i can't handle people who say shit like human and animals are exactly the same, like those families in america that drowned because they didn't want to leave their dogs behind bc "literal family"?? Like it just screams to me that something is off with a person if they truly believe there is no difference between a fucking hamster or a dog and a human being. And yh maybe some don't truly believe it when they say it but its such a weak argument, animals don't have to be on a humans level to not have to suffer abuse or exploitation imo. like a pig is a pig idk how "smart" it is, it's still not a human but it doesn't need to be mass slaughtered, put through pain and misery just bc its not on a humans level. The smallest most stupid, weak and insignificant creature should be allowed to exist without horrible shit imposed on it. idk if this is an unpopular opinion but i've gotten shit before for saying i don't think people should risk their lives to save animals in different tragic situations but they shouldn't be put in those situations in the first place. For example, if u have a dog or cat and there's a fire in ur house or building u should know how to get urself, ur family AND ur animal out safely and that's on u to learn and not for a firefighter have to die for and a family losing a loved one trying to save an animal. I think u have to recognise that animals are below humans in meaning of capability so that you actually take responsibility and good care of the animal.

maybe a bit long and should be in the vent thread but I'm genuinely curious what other people think and i feel people don't really dare to say how they feel about animals in public settings, so what do u anons think honestly?

No. 822903

This feels like a bit of a 'murder is bad' tier """unpopular""" opinion but agree

No. 822904

There are animals who deserve to live more than some humans.

No. 822909

This isn't the Opinions most sane people agree with thread anon

No. 822910

wasn't sure if it was popular or unpopular because ive heard people say shit like "id never leave my pet behind i will rather die with it" and at first i didn't take it literally but i see it go around ever so often when there's natural disasters or tragedies going on. tbf it is mostly through social media so i get that a lot of people are truing to virtue signal but i still sometimes think about some news i read about whole families or people drowning bc they didn't want to evacuate and leave their family pets behind

No. 822978

I agree.
My unpopular opinion is that some people don’t deserve to live. Idc about “teaching people not to murder with murder is dumb!” Or “everyone deserves to live/have a second chance!” Id gladly sacrifice a piece of shit rapist pedo abusive scum for a mouse.

No. 822995

>At the same time i can't handle people who say shit like human and animals are exactly the same, like those families in america that drowned because they didn't want to leave their dogs behind bc "literal family"?? Like it just screams to me that something is off with a person if they truly believe there is no difference between a fucking hamster or a dog and a human being.
I am one of those people who would prefer to die with their pet than abandon it. I cannot stand the mere thought of my dog dying all alone after suffering and wondering when will I come back and where the fuck have I gone without him. I guess there is a third option of killing him, but I don't want to think about it
It's not that I think that he's a human, because no. He's his own fantastically weird and mysterious creature. Our relationship is still a lot like one between parent and child, though. I know how it sounds, but here's an article about a study on the topic:
>Behavior research supports the recent neuroscience too. According to Andics, dogs interact with their human caregivers in the same way babies do their parents. When dogs are scared or worried, they run to their owners, just as distressed toddlers make a beeline for their parents. This is in stark contrast to other domesticated animals: Petrified cats, as well as horses, will run away.
He counts on me to help him out, just like he tries to help me in the small ways he's capable of. He gets very worried and stressed if I leave the house without him in an unexpected way. To think I could consciously abandon him to starve or drown… Fuck NO. I would do anything to keep him alive because he trusts me to and I love him a whole fucking lot. I don't care if it makes me crazy.
Even when I was a child, long before I had any pet, my worst nightmare was a situation in which some disaster happens and my family is forced to kill the dog, whether to end his suffering (i.e. there's nothing to feed him with) or to eat him. I would rather off myself than live through something like this. I don't want to betray the trust and love that a smaller, weaker creature puts in me.
same, based take

No. 822996

I believe in god but seeing people type god with a capital g, let alone refer to him with a capital h, triggers my fight or flight reflex

No. 822997

>refer to him with a capital h
Hod? Hgod?

No. 822998

No. 822999

Ooooooh, ok, thanks. My ESL ass couldn't figure it out.

No. 823009

Well, I get what you mean, but it's grammatically correct to refer to God that way. However "a god" is different. It's like a proper noun. It's known as sacred texts. You'd likewise capitalize the Koran and the Bible.

No. 823012

I break out in hives when I see He/Him

No. 823054

Yeah, I can understand it in a biblical context, it just makes me cringe seeing it written by someone outside of a church or biblical setting. Mostly because the people around here who talk about god that way are evangelist freaks

No. 823057

That's how I feel when I see people refer to BDSM shit as D/s, the absolute fucking cringe of loser """doms""" thinking they need a capital letter.

No. 823066

I don't mind them typing it like God and Jesus/Christ but I agree, He and Him are cringy

No. 823086

I also hate when people type mental disorders with capital letters too. People who make things unnecessary proper nouns in general irk me. Some things don't deserve the fucking proper noun kek

No. 823098

File: 1622856767286.jpg (7.19 KB, 188x268, bully me goddess.jpg)

I think the stylist is a lolcow and I wished she had an english internet presence to make a thread tbh

>get chance to work for A-list stacy celibrity

>she acts like a diva(duh)
>say nothing to her face
>seethe quietly in the corner while she calls you a retard
>go back home and inmmediatly try to ruin her career
>post a full on BPD sperg about "sociophatic six years old" and "I was in hell for 20 minutes… I am crying and shaking so much still"

No. 823100

Karen's/HOA/rich people gentrifying are going to be the end of decent suburbs

No. 823118

File: 1622859918604.jpg (17.42 KB, 320x320, d1ac0ca73dd87dee7d3b7039b88019…)

I don't like it when people address me as my love or sweetie. It makes me super uncomfortable. I'm never rude to anyone that says this stuff. I just internally scream and move the conversation along quickly.

No. 823130

Feminism is for all women, even the one's we dislike, even the one's who march to end abortion, who want all women to tardwives
we have to fight for all their rights, its not about the Individual its about women as a class

No. 823133

Is it just me or does there seem to be one really weird anon who just denies that something happens if an anon says something happens or they're ranting about something? Like you could just be ranting about how cold it is in your apartment and they'll constantly butt in and say something like "this doesn't happen, it's burning up in my house, quit baiting your scrote!"
Like who even spends that amount of mental energy to claim everyone on lolcow is a liar over mundane things?

No. 823136

>she acts like a diva(duh)
Not to be all unnie didn't mean it but I do wonder what being a diva is by Korean standards.
I'm not a kpoopie but I've seen girl groups get shit on for doing the most normal things while the oppas are out there being sctotes while facing no consequences.

No. 823171

yeah it's overly intimate and patronising and sometimes even passive aggressive

like dude, bro, stop it, you're not my grandma

No. 823181

lol, i'd love examples because i think i know what you're talking about and it's funny

No. 823183

I would never date a bisexual man. it's not even that it's a turnoff for me per se, it's just that I already have a hard enough time trusting straight men and it's 100x easier for men to cheat with other men, not to mention gay and bi men are the biggest spreaders of STDs. I've heard second and thirdhand stories about men who are married with kids and have to go fuck a guy once in a while (usually the wife is aware of this) because it's like an itch that needs to be scratched. I don't care if it makes me "biphobic" or whatever.

No. 823188

Diversion and an excuse. No one who's gotten to sit at home paid for the past year "directed their attention upwards" while people died going to work for lower pay.

No. 823190

I'm with you. I hooked up with a bi dude once… never again.

No. 823222

The one bi dude I hooked up with was also the worst one, he was obsessed with anal and degrading shit, had psychopathic tendencies.

No. 823296

What an extremely unpopular opinion

No. 823301

Nah, I see it all the time. They do it on other forums too.. people on the internet get a kick out of acting like everyone is a liar over the most mundane shit.

No. 823302

I don't know who you're talking about, but when I first arrived here there was an anon replying to some conversation with her rape story with details, but it wasn't consistent, and I asked her about that. Hoo, boy, did I make a mistake, I just left the thread while anons were eating each other

No. 823339

i'm hot

No. 823348

Not an unpopular opinion

No. 823373

What did you ask?

No. 823375

Same, dated a bi guy for years, it was the most humiliating thing I've ever done, he would blantantly flirt with mostly women in public, catcall people on our first date, when I called him out about that he would play mental gymnastics to try to justify it, and was terrible in bed and then ignored any pointers I'd try to give him

No. 823442

Struggling to see what this has to do with being bi at all, do you think there aren’t straight guys who behave exactly like that? It’s very strange the way so many people here will extrapolate one experience they have with one person to a huge population of people who will obviously all be very different. Also struggling to see why you dated this person for years when the issues were evident from the first date.

No. 823516

Unless he cheated on her with a side dick I don't see what him being bi has to do with anything in this situation either.

No. 823519

I think they mean to tell you that you’re probably overexaggerating or overreacting which anons always do with the exception of they were sexually assaulted, raped, violently beaten, abused, etc. Most of the time the anons who are calling other anons liars are the ones bitching about some gas station worker not getting them bandaids and whining that her nigel was useless kek

No. 823527

Yeah but lolcow standards is reacting at all = being angry, overreacting, etc

No. 823534

Most won't tell you they're bi tho. I've had a lot of guys confide in me because I lived a bit of an alternative lifestyle in the past so they think I'm a good person to open up to… about their fucking Grindr affairs.

Pretend you're all open minded and you'll be surprised how many men have bi stories to tell you.

No. 823561

I don’t like Kero Kero Bonito

No. 823562

/g/ needs to be culled, it's full of obnoxious unintegrated children

No. 823565

I don't remember the specifics, it was almost 2 years ago.

No. 823566

Yeah, I can't stand this:
>someone posts ignorant take
>explain point by point why OP is wrong
>lmfao cope and seethe more!!! imagine getting angry at a post at lolcow dot farm!!!

No. 823580

It was hyped up way too much and I was disappointed. Ginger Snaps is better.

No. 823600

I agree but I don’t get why people are expecting anything different though, like that’s literally every online space. No matter how stupid their post is or how good your argument is 99.9999% of the time people just aren’t going to be like “I was wrong” or change their opinion. I feel like surely people have been online long enough to be aware of that by now?

No. 823615

hate seeing that bo burnham thing everywhere right now so fucking much

No. 823644

I just wish they would find something new to say instead of throwing "lol be mad" when it doesn't apply whatsoever

No. 823648

Same, I don't want to watch it and won't

No. 823733

i watched it today, i don't understand why everyone likes it so much. nothing against bo but it just wasn't that good. save for a few chuckles, it was just boring and hard to get through

No. 823739

File: 1622954863608.jpg (162.12 KB, 1255x971, 1622951689014.jpg)

"I didn't tell the police because I was afraid he'd kill me"

Absolutely pathetic. If you roll over completely and don't go to the police you deserve what you get.(bait)

No. 823905

File: 1622980153451.gif (981.06 KB, 500x211, anastasia.gif)

i'm forever salty about disney's animated features. i can't get emotionally invested in them, especially their newer works. it feels impossible to when it's so obvious just how calculated they are; they make sure to hit every goalpost that'll make you chuckle and potentially make you tear up and think "wow, what a complex, mature, fantastic film" without a shred of authenticity. this includes pixar's work ever since disney bought the studio in 2006. so often, their characters are so safely written it's annoying how "disney" they are, i'm not sure how to explain it. a good comparison would be anastasia, a film i adore. the characters in it have flaws and feel organic and are likable due to it, the animation isn't incredibly polished but i prefer it that way. it doesn't force tears out of you. another western example would be the prince of egypt which lends itself to its already grand and tragic story and masterfully guides you through it, finding a great balance between being family-friendly and authentically dark enough. a more recent example would be over the moon, a film pushed aside as a "disney wannabe" (even though its director worked on disney films in the past lol) and far more authentic given that the writer wanted the film to be a kind of parting message to her husband and daughter before passing away from cancer (which she did, rip). it's not fantastic but i did tear up throughout.
i do like some disney films though for their atmosphere and nostalgia, mostly. mainly the animated beauty & the beast, it's got very lovely songs and i love the feeling of the beast's castle. i watched it very much as a child. however, i never felt very emotionally attached to it for some reason.

i watched one of disney's documentaries some time ago (waking sleeping beauty) and it was already quite a biased documentary, but it became so clear just how emotionally detached the creators of the films were from their work around disney's renaissance era. it was all about ensuring that money would be made, capitalising on old tales and praying that they'd do well. i previously mentioned anastasia; one of its directors, don bluth, previously worked for disney and they really tried to taint his name in the doc. saying that when he left them, he had "kicked them when they were already down" (they were in a low spot when he decided to start his own production company). surely they should be grateful that he left, given that they're now far more financially successful anyway? what was the need for attempting to taint his name? allegedly, when anastasia arrived in theatres, disney rereleased the little mermaid with the hope that it'd draw attention away from anastasia but the film still performed very well.

i also take issue with disney's consistently b&w morals; a clear hero, a clear villain. little nuance, if there is any it's barely impressive. it's not an inherently bad thing to see in a film at all, but i tire of it with disney. the villain in anastasia is probably my least favourite part of the film, though i love it as a whole enough that it redeems itself. i guess it makes sense that i'm so partial to ghibli too, their films fall into this much less often. if there is a villainous presence, they are often subdued by the end or presented as being complex rather than "pure evil".

whatever. my hatred extends to their marvel and star wars shit too. don't even get me started on their live action remakes. disney sperg out

No. 823911

Agreed. As a kid I LOVED anastasia from the first time I watched it but I never cared for any disney princess's at all despite liking the movies.

I'm still bitter that they made that frozen bs and not something more along the lines of the og snow queen story.

No. 823938

I'm something of an animation nerd ( I basically am inclined to watch animating in general, just not Disney shit) and i do think the renaissance has some pearls there and there but ironically have more fondness for the dark ages post walt's death and the less Disney princess led movies ( not to say I hate them.)
DreamWorks busts out the better work of the 3 major studies I think In some regards to things like character

No. 823941

I got Raya salt because the first trailer hyped me up but then the second one disappointed me and the fact that dragon sifu looks ugly. Disney at least usually makes aesthetically pleasing shit? This was weaaak

No. 823953

your post is extremely interesting (and Anastasia rulea), but I want to thank you for giving me the push to watch Over The Moon soon. I've only heard that the heroine looking for moon goddess to shame her father out of marriage (or something) not making sense. I'm super eager to see the movie in the light of the writer's intent

No. 823955

samefag but if you look here, disney tried to cockblock don bluth more than once. It wasn't just with Anastasia and Little Mermaid:

No. 823956

Mental illness is not real but schizophrenia is very real, it kind of acts like medical disorder.

No. 823961

You explained every little feeling I had towards disney and pixar animated movies that I could never explain in words. There is just something so crafty about how they’re able to make obvious in your face tropes and cliches look original and groundbreaking to many mickey hat fags, pretentious film youtube commentators, and naive movie-loving families.

No. 823968

I still watch Disney movies for animation mostly. I'm not the type to expect emotional depth out of their movies and go look for something else instead.
I love watching foregein animated movies since there not always geared towards kids nor are they Disney barf

No. 823973

Didn't bluth work with Disney at some point? Could have been old employee salt too

No. 823982

You're wrong but that's your right

No. 823985

Yes, op literally mentioned this. It went beyond "employee salt". Disney wanted to ruin his studio and end his career. They didn't want any competition.

No. 823989

I agree 100%. I think that schizos should be forced to be on medication too, though. They commit crimes and get off on "insanity" and then get to just walk among us with no consequences like the Canadian Bus Killer. Imagine eating a guy and you go uwu sowwy I'm cwazy and psychs go "aw shucks we understand get out of here you rascal" and you're free.

No. 823998

Didn’t he also co-create Dreamworks or am I wrong

No. 824009

File: 1622990833910.jpeg (71 KB, 640x517, DCD54953-F5A8-4287-B581-C40ADF…)

Whoever someone mentions don bluth I think of picrel

No. 824011

Whenever *

No. 824018

I don't get why it's acceptable to deem women as violent criminal rapists as long as you bring race into the equation. Like suddenly women turn into violent rapist criminals as soon as their male counterparts commit high crimes as a ethnic group? So how come that doesn't apply to women in general? Oh yeah, because it makes no sense and it's not actually statistically proven like muh stats fags say who get off on masculinizing races of women they don't like

No. 824024

It was a handsome guy though.

No. 824068

Many, but not all, arguments on /ot/ stem from the fact that so many anons come from shithole countries and/or lower standards of living. They get really pissed when anons have problems or different expectations because they're still a million times better off.

No. 824071

Having a meltdown at a non-english speaking online retailer isn't a normal standard of behavior anywhere

No. 824074

Kek I thought the exact same

No. 824078

What I don't get is why there are so many middle-eastern posters. Like ones going on about homosexuality being sinful. How did they find the site and why are they on it, Lolcow is full of "sinfulness", it's a gossip site with lots of horny threads.

No. 824079

I don't think anon knew or was mad about the possibility of them not speaking English. The copy paste responses are what seemed to piss her off. She shouldn't have sperged but you're making a lot of excuses.

No. 824086

The shop doesn't need excuses in the first place. Maybe it is "first world privilege" to forget that not the whole world is english speaking, and that's what lead them to spam the same answer, but maybe it just takes two braincells to figure it out.

No. 824091

Nayrt but she called them spastic because they didn't offer shipping to the uk lol
We all get confused and enraged at some point on this site but then we move onto the next topic, nobody needs coddled

No. 824098

File: 1622996493555.jpg (64.16 KB, 622x647, facebook.jpg)

what? I don't recall any homophobic middle-eastern anons being here? where are they?

No. 824108

Maybe people with "debilitating" anything shouldn't be legally considered suitable parents. A child who's parent loses their mind over stuff like that will have a terrible childhood.

No. 824109

There are ones in the sex, lesbian and bi threads for example.

No. 824173

That lady is indian. Learn the difference between middle eastern and South asian, burger.

No. 824182

I'm not a burger, just wanted to use a semi-related dumb reaction pic tbh

No. 824294

I have a really hard time believing that terms like "birthing people" and "people who menstruate" are used to make transmen feel better. I think it's because the word "woman" implies female biology, wokists don't want that because it would imply trans women aren't real women. politicians aren't using the terms "sperm carriers" and "prostate havers" to make so-called transwomen feel better, they're just trying to change the word woman.

havent followed the bi thread super closely, but I only recall one person doing that (the "here is why I believe the homosex is wrong" poster) and I don't think she ever even said she was middle eastern.

No. 824331

I remember them. They struck me as white Christian Imo

No. 824377

my unpopular opinion/theory is that adults sperging about kids media not being "complex" enough or whatever are just lacking good storytelling because they don't read real books, they just watch dumb blockbuster movies and expect them to be intelligent. surprise: they're not. they're only made to become big franchises and sell as much as possible. just read classic literature and you won't have to be disappointed about kids movies lacking depth lol.

No. 824423

(Not sure if this is racebait so apologies if it is, I’ll take my ban.) I feel like a lot of people now have a very fatalistic view of racism that I don’t agree with and just hasn’t been my personal experience. Especially in the case of people who had those beliefs and grew up isolated from any poc, particularly if they were kids, I think their racism is usually more rooted in a fear of the unknown than hatred (which is why you sometimes see poc themselves from these backgrounds have these beliefs) and are actually very often and relatively easily over come through exposure bc most racism isn’t like, neo nazis who strongly believe an actual specific ideology. I have a tinfoil that this narrative is pushed so much because the idea of racism being terminal makes it an unsolvable problem and keeps people hopeless and not expecting anything to get better, it also keeps people divided. I don’t say this to downplay the actual effects of racism and maybe it’s wishful thinking on my end but in my experience living in a very racist area then moving to a diverse city and talking to people that’s just overall the take away I get. This is also exclusively in relation to interpersonal racism and not systemic which doesn’t require and individual racist actor to function.

No. 824425


No. 824431

no that was Jeffery katzenberg(sp?)

No. 824433

I feel that race relations are going backwards and it's being done intentionally by the elites because it stops every group from pointing at the correct source of their problems and organising against it. I still remember Occupy Wall Street and how any sort of unity between groups was destroyed by insane SJW types.

I've also observed white liberals become gate keepers of who is allowed to identify as a certain race and who is allowed to say what. It's ironic that they preach that white people have power over other races when they themselves are greatest example. Recently white leftists screamed at the UK government that the UK was racist, so the UK government commissioned a report from a black professor to look into the issue. He found that there wasn't any systemic racism. As a result he was accused of not being a real blackman and called a coconut by mainly white liberals.

No. 824466

anon i totally agree with you. i hope that more people become aware of how unproductive it can be to constantly perceive every microaggression as a direct attack instead of a product of ignorance. i just watched a youtube video where this girl was explaining how after she went to college and studied critical race theory that she began to perceive everything as a microaggression/attack against her as a black woman and it really began to affect her mental health and make her depressed. i know it's not just her, because i have a close friend who i think is going through the same thing (though not as self-aware). somehow hyper-awareness of race relations and microaggressions ends up holding a lot of poc back, because they end up getting so depressed and hopeless that they create a self-fulfilling prophecy for themselves.

No. 824470

Your last sentence reads like "poc should just deal with minor racism instead of addressing the issue so that microaggressions can stop, they're just holding themselves back" this is poorly worded anon.

No. 824477

I don't understand why anyone would make their whole career their life like doctors and lawyers who work 60+ hours a week. like I might do something like that because I have no friends and nothing else going for me but I don't understand why a normie would do it. like don't you want free time to read, relax, do recreational activities with your friends/family etc? not that there's anything wrong with that, I just don't get why someone who is normal would want it.

No. 824492

I'm sure no one wants to work +60 hours a week and have no free time. You either do it for money or because you're genuinely passionate about your profession so you accept it, but that doesn't mean it's what you actually want

No. 824494

oops, sorry anon that's definitely not what i meant but yeah i could have worded it better. i didn't mean to say that we should just deal with racism, but moreso that it's important to divest emotional energy into where it counts or else you end up so burnt out that you feel powerless and that you can't do anything because the world is stacked against you. feeling like you are constantly being personally attacked when the lady at the supermarket doesn't smile back at you or ben shapiro tweets something stupid (to give examples from the video), isn't productive because it's bad for your mental health to feel that way and can make you burn out from feeling like you can do anything.

No. 824559

Kek do you think being middle easterner = being religious or even muslim? How ignorant

No. 824587

Nta it depends on the personality. There are some people who only have their work. They never stop working. In my city there's an engineer who is 94 years old and still working. I don't understand this personality well enough to explain how someone can not want spare time, maybe it's autism.

No. 824635

I know a heavily schizo older person that has been refusing meds for a long time now and they're just a burden for their whole family.
It is very frustrating to witness.

No. 824713

Love both Mariah and Whitney but otherwise agree, Janet and Kylie are so underrated

No. 824715

People complaining they dont have friends because they're too pretty are just delusional. Usually pretty women have an easier time making friends because other girls want them around for clout.

No. 824716

Do you think that clout chasers are really "friends"? They'll always talk shit behind your back and leave you at any opportunity.

No. 824721

If you want a rec for a Western studio that made stunning animated films with a captivating story, check out Cartoon Saloon. The animation is very different from the polished uguu Disney style but they're gorgeous nevertheless.

In general I try to stay away from Disney and Hollyweird these days, it's a massive moneygrab that churns out nothing but carefully calculated garbage.

No. 824736

THIS you can not compare whitney to mariah they are on the same level of addicting songs and killer vocals. plays when you believe LMAO

No. 824741

I understand what you mean and i dont take offense. sometimes i have to stop myself from thinking everything is a micro aggression. But the issue is literally everything is a micro aggression when you are a black woman in a nonblack area.
I know its easier to brush it off but once you notice it its literally so hard to unnotice it. Like the grocery store example. I used to think i was being crazy or just sensitive when cashiers didnt smile or say hi back to me but every time like clockwork if a white customer or just a nonblack customer really was after me i would always hear the cashier go "HI how are you!" and actually engage in conversation. Or even worse ill be behind a nonblack person hear the customer and cashier exchange pleasantries and when its my turn the cashier gives me a cold look and is very blunt. That shit is depressing and no amount of "brushing it off" will ever not make it sting less. TBH i think if schools are offering race theory they should also offer therapy sessions because its a LOT to process and unpack. (please im not race baiting i love everyone)

No. 824744

still seething about anons frying your ass about demanding those stupid russkis violate their company policy to save your amerifat ass, I see. Get bent, hope your graduation is ruined lmfao

No. 824746

My unpopular opinion is that I would much rather date some guy who is educated and intellectual than rich. I probably wouldn't go on a date with a guy without a college degree. (Though I've been in rural Alaska for the last year so I haven't had many options) It's not a money thing either - I would much rather date a guy who is a social worker or even adjunct (as long as their debt isn't too crazy) rather than a tradesman making six figures.

This is unpopular with moids/normies because they'll screech at me for being "elitist"/"classist". Meanwhile a lot of women here are accusing me of going after "low value men."

I just don't really find guys who can't keep up with me intellectually to be very boring. Sure there are some guys who are autodidacts and don't need a college education but they are few and far between. I also don't see what we would have in common? Also my family is comfortably upper middle class so there's not really a huge point to dating a guy just for money.

No. 824749

there's nothing wrong with this opinion but its probably unpopular because you come from privilege where you don't have to worry about the financial security of a man so you can focus on their intellect or lackthereof sadly a lot of women don't have this benefit. Most of us are brokies and smart men with no pot to piss in are more of a burden then anything. Like yes we can have intellectually stimulating convos but if its me paying most of the bills i'd rather you just be dumb and give me cash LMAO.

No. 824750

that anon was british iirc which is actually just as bad tbh

No. 824753

my unpopular opinion is that british and americans are exactly the same just one has a funnier accent than the other (you be the judge)

No. 824756

If I go to someone's house and find out they have Amazon Alexa or Google Home or something similar, I will refuse to go again. I can't believe how many people allow that shit in their house.

No. 824757

well yes. canadians and australians too

No. 824758

Same lmao

No. 824763

What's getting in the way of you securing your own financial security?

No. 824764

I absolutely loved this film. The animation is really cute too.

No. 824766

>literally everything is a microagression

I think that sort of thinking is your problem. People can get offended over everything.
Have you ever heard of the spotlight effect?

No. 824767

File: 1623081737047.jpeg (44.19 KB, 576x1024, D5v4DInWAAIO-SI.jpeg)

Agreed, I think the "entitled American" mentality even stems from an eternal Anglo? spirit. There are many parallels between gas station anon and graduation dress anon. The two may even be relatives without realizing it.
When you realize that pic related is an American woman, not British, things make even more sense.

No. 824769

nothing but im just saying broke women don't have the luxury of just letting someone mentally stimulate them usually you are forced to choose. Every time I tried to talk to a guy who matches me intellectually they also live at home still and i dont want to be the bread winner call me trad but im tired of working lmao.

No. 824774

Then you can't complain if you're making that choice to have a man support you because you're just tired of working…everyone is.
Plus, if they are really that smart, shouldn't they be financially successful? Unless they're autistic NEETs.
Love yourself. Secure your own financial future and don't look to scrotes to support your well-being.

No. 824775

yes haha but that isn't what im feeling. I cant really explain it but i know what you mean about the spotlight effect. But this is different from that. It's something that is so blatant but so covert unless you experience it i can understand thinking i just think everyone is out to get me but i can literally just walk into a store and everyone's mood changes and suddenly im being followed or asked if i need a bag every 5 seconds from 5 different employees. (yes you can argue and say everyone gets asked for a bag but there are times when i already have a bag and someone else will see me with a bag and still ASK IF I NEED A DAMN BAG. LIKE GO AWAY.

I even heard a dude on his walkie talkie saying he is going to check on the situation (meaning me i was the "situation") when i was just trying to buy a damn router. Basically everyone just assumes im about to steal. ESPECIALLY if im dressed casually. I literally used to have to dress up to go to like CVS or a shitty store because if i didnt i would definitely be followed and treated like i dont belong there.

But i always actively try to give people the benefit of the doubt but its fucking hard when most people don't offer me that luxury because of my skin color.

No. 824778

listen i'm not looking to no man for financial freedom that is just dumb i was just basically saying that the reason why a lot of women look to dudes with money over intellect is because a LOT of women are poor.

No. 824779

also if you are from a low income neighborhood its easier to find a dude that makes a killing in like construction or something (those men are typically dumb) then a college educated man.

No. 824780

I know exactly what you're talking about, anon. People can be so shitty. The ironic thing is that while they're watching you, someone who looks a little more "familiar" is probably pocketing shit and then hopping on Tumblr or TikTok to proudly show off their lifting hauls, kek.

No. 824781

THIS when i found out that girls have been shoplifting so much and with such blatant frequency that they even have dedicated blogs to it i realized there truly are 2 americas LMAO.

No. 824782

I'm sorry anon. AYRT, having people physically follow you sucks. That happened as a teenager (because teenagers are annoying though) but as an adult that is very demoralizing.
Next time you should ask "Are you following me because I'm black?". I'm there in spirit to back you up. They'll feel like such assholes.

No. 824783

>Bi people who are in committed straight relationships don't really need to say anything about being queer

>Thirst traps are gross no matter if it's a man or a woman

No. 824784

its okay anon i totally understand no need to apologize! I actually did that to the walkie talkie dude and he got all flustered and never bothered me again. But it makes me feel like an asshole when i say it so i only use it when the person is being way too obvious LMAO.

No. 824791

How old are you? Because this post reminds me of those 10 year olds in 2011 who would constantly post about all of the “haters praying on their downfall” unprovoked on Facebook

No. 824809

I find that Americans discriminate against black women even the more timid / shy looking ones (mousily dressed, reserved) unless theyre obviously multiracial looking and fairly attractive

No. 824876

People who get all excited about seeing RL gore/snuff films are creepy as fuck. Its so ironic how many of these people are the same people who get extremely offended when you have a different opinion from them (I dont want to hear that theyre not the same people because theyre usually literally on the same internet websites with that culture) or something else but freely admit that seeing people die is fun to them lmao all this does is affirm my theory the internet collectively acts like it has a personality disorder

No. 824890

Agree about the first one. Always feels bad when my husband corrects anyone who think's he's completely straight. Correcting anyone who thinks I'm completely straight feels pointless and attention seeking.

No. 824893

Not sure if it’s just me but I feel like this is a very popular opinion? Like I feel like I see people saying how bi people who are in committed straight relationships don't really need to say anything about being queer more than I even see bi people in committed straight relationships saying anything about being queer in the first place

No. 824896

That's not an unpopular opinion is it. Normal people don't want to see that stuff.

No. 824907

This, kek. It's a complete non-issue, but I see some people spend every day typing epistles about "the bihets". It's weird and obsessive.

No. 824940

Anyone who has worked with sales lacks a soul.
Can't happen, that's 90 % of the local fauna.
Process varies and definitely affects taste majorly. feed likely plays a factor, but I can't say with the same certainty.
that pus stuff is bullshit though.

No. 824942

I sometimes watch gore videos but I know it's not good for me. It always makes me feel gross and paranoid and sometimes even physically nauseous, but it's like I can't stop going back to it. I don't enjoy it beyond satisfying morbid curiosity, like it's not "fun" to me, and honestly I feel like a psychopath sometimes just for seeking out stuff like that. I really don't know why I do it.

No. 824962

I do the same thing with true crime videos when I'm not doing well, it's like a weird form of self uncare because I know every time I search for them that I'm going to sit frozen in fear all night after.

you could apply the same "how does anyone have fun watching this" test to the thousands of videos and podcasts about men kidnapping and torturing women and children that people love listening to

No. 824969

I'm not sure how unpopular this is, but I think more parents should give their kids the birds and the bees talk instead of leaving them to learn on their own. I also more controversially think parents should give kids this talk much before they learn about it in school (especially if they plan to give them unsupervised internet access before then)

From my experience, kids seem to get curious about sex much younger than most would expect. I remember being very sexually driven when I was young (possibly 6 or 7) while only having a vague understand of what sex was from innuendos in movies. Because of the mystique of it I started to become obsessed and developed weird fantasies of what it could be.
When I ended up asking my parents what it was they just explained it to me frankly, and since they explained it so clinically I lost my obsession and saw it was a natural thing

Meanwhile most of my friends that didn’t get the talk learned through online porn instead. I find as a result most of them developed weird fetishes and more warped perceptions on sex (and an addiction to porn)

Idk maybe i'm crazy, but I feel if their parents just explained it to them earlier on they’d have developed a more healthy relationship with sex.

No. 824988

Many parents are just not mature enough to talk to their kids in a straightforward way about sex. They want to ignore or punish it because it's too uncomfortable to face it. It's pathetic. I look back at how my parents raised me and failed to have any difficult conversations with me, and I see cowardice

No. 824996

The only people who should have unconditional love is a parent for their child. Anyone who expects/gives unconditional love to anyone else is selfish.

No. 825001

Unconditional love is opposite of selfishness

No. 825005

I think around 8 or 9 is a good age for a basic "this is where babies come from" talk, personally. But (sadly) kids need to be taught about sexual abuse far before that, since there are so many sickos out there looking to prey on small children. My dad and I have already explained to my 5 year old brother that no one is allowed to touch him anywhere his underwear covers and if they try to do so, he needs to tell one of us immediately. Vague enough so you aren't traumatizing them with details but specific enough that they recognize if someone is being inappropriate with them. So many parents think they're "protecting" their kids by avoiding such uncomfortable topics for the sake of preserving their innocence, but they really end up doing the exact opposite.

No. 825047

I had that talk at that age and didn't bother me. Kinda useless since I had been molested but points for effort

No. 825236

Måneskin are cringy and shit.

No. 825247

a true unpopular opinion, well done

No. 825255

my parents agree with you unfortunately

No. 825257

thank you
everyone has the hots for the frontman all of a sudden but he looks absolutely repulsive

No. 825261

I had to block and mute "Phoebe Bridgers" cause people wouldn't stop shilling her extremely bland music just cause "wowow sapphic queen omggg". She is so entirely average, idk how unpopular that is to say

No. 825292

I thought she was straight?

No. 825295

I had no idea who she was until some guys said I looked like her (I don't). Listened to her music and absolutely hated it. Men love shite.

No. 825319

there should be a separate word for bi women as opposed to bi men

No. 825326

I also find her boring, plus her performance on SNL wasn’t great and extremely cringe re: the guitar

No. 825328

i honestly don't get the hype over her. everything she releases is just boring and lackluster.

No. 825331

lmao the people i've seen adoring her the most are transbians

No. 825346

>Bi women
>Bi men

No. 825347

bisexual men

No. 825560

I only like Motion Sickness, the rest of her music is so boring to me too. She's like a wet blanket and has no personally

No. 825599

I hate the terms “boy mom” and “girl dad.” We get it you’re special for being a mom who has a boy or a dad who is raising a girl.

No. 825609

Her music is so boring. Same with Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy, and other Alex G blatant copycats (whom coincidentally are women unfortunately)

No. 825626

I like soccer mommy, compared to the others she has better songs.

Phoebe has a few good songs but is otherwise overrated.

No. 825658

I wanted to like Soccer Mommy because her song with HEALTH was good. Turned out it was because the song was 100% HEALTH with her providing vocals for one part. I agree she's really boring.

No. 825709

I remember I downloaded a bunch of their albums following one of those "best albums of [year]" articles and they were all boring as hell. Last time I trust one of those articles to discover new music.

No. 825769

Phoebe Bridgers is a plant/slut for indie dinosaurs like Ryan Adams and Conor Oberst. Wouldn't be surprised if there was some casting couch shit behind the scenes as well.

No. 825783

I'm really tired of seeing the Friends reunion in my feeds everywhere. I don't get the appeal at all. It's a relic, boring af, not charming or funny at all. People like it for nostalgia maybe, but the show sucked then too tbh.

No. 825854

Yeah their song they won with is so boring and repetitive too. Nothing unique or outstandingly good about it

No. 825861

People claiming white girls who wear school girl uniforms and take sexy photos are sexualizing the image of asian women are retarded. People in japan and korea literally sexualize school girls themselves.

No. 825865

…plus, sexy school girl has been around in the west for a while, hasn't it? I'm pretty sure it could have happened without asian influences. I remember seeing halloween costumes like that when I was young. It's just pornsick creepiness that knows no borders.

No. 825866

Exactly. School girls are sexualized in every country, idk why people are trying to make this a racist issue.

No. 825871

File: 1623207673755.png (63.95 KB, 1200x554, olympics.PNG)

>idk why people are trying to make this a racist issue
part of the oppression olympics

No. 825892

It’s not race issue but cringe and porn sick pickme behaviour

No. 825909

people ignoring the obvious problem to make it about something unrelated just to be upset over nothing encapsulates what's wrong with today's left

No. 826011

The logic that someone can be naturally skinny but someone can't be naturally chubby is retarded

No. 826022

Hole>Nirvana. This isn’t meant as like, some kind of feminist statement or comment on the drama around Kurt/Courtney bc I don’t know much about it or keep up with her. I just feel like a lot of Hole’s music has had better longevity for me and I think a lot of their songs are really underrated. I like both, and would have said the opposite at one point but over the years I have found myself relistening to Hole way more than Nirvana.

No. 826024

I think there are definitely slight deviations from the norm like someone could be slightly more predisposed to have a lower or higher weight, and it’s therefore easier for them to be slightly past the cusp of under/normal weight or normal/overweight and it wouldn’t be an indication of ill health, if that’s what you mean. But I don’t think that’s unpopular.

No. 826027

I think it’s gross but also funny how people conveniently forget that it’s creepy men who started this sexualisation. But why attack the actual source of the problem when you could attack women instead I guess.

Plus, half the Asian uniforms (the blazers, shirts and skirts version) are based on and still very similar to European school uniforms, and the style has been exported to all over the world where men everywhere have sexualised it. It’s not a uniquely Asian thing.

No. 826031

The concept of "naturally skinny" (or "naturally chubby") is retarded, everything is decided by your eating habits and to a degree, excersise habits, unless you have medical issues that impact your weight. Choices you make around food and excersise don't happen "naturally", they're concious choices every time.

No. 826037

Lol anon never heard of differences in metabolism and body types

No. 826050

I feel the same way, I still have a lot of Nirvana but Hole just fits into my life and playlists better. I do also like that the songs tend to have feminist lyrics too.

No. 826068

White guilt is stupid and pointless considering that blacks and asians hate each other way more than white people could ever hate either(b8)

No. 826090

>unless you have medical issues that impact your weight

People say this factors into their logic but I've never seen people make medical concessions even when someone admits this at all. Usually the goalpost shifts and they insist the person with medical issues still isn't doing something quite right with their exercise and diet. Granted someone has to spill their guts to a stranger about their medical history in order to get cut a break from judgemental health lectures in the first place.

No. 826091

I think most of the things people talk about with racism aren't really related to interpersonal 'hate' but more the impact of historical and systemic inequality. Guilt is pointless and self serving either way though.

No. 826092

Asians dislike black people. Black people in general dont care about asians. Most black people dont think about other races when we are in our own communities. I've never met a black family who would care if their son or daughter was dating an asian.

No. 826094

File: 1623237502337.gif (6.84 MB, 542x608, b19.gif)

Can you guys stop racebaiting? it's tired and scrote behavior

No. 826096

I agree but it's very weird and out of touch the way you people always refer to it as 'scrote behaviour' as if women can't be racist. And as if this website hasn't had a problem with racebait since day one.

No. 826101

It's partially called 'scrote' behaviour because racism is associated with 4chan, which is scrote territory

No. 826104

Yeah but it's also associated with a million other things and pretty much every aspect of society. Idk, I think viewing racism primarily in relation to 4chan is strange.

No. 826107

Hundreds isnt the majority and who is to say those attacks were race motivated? The average black person does not care about other races the way other races sit around all day thinking about us. It's the truth.

No. 826112


No. 826115

Men love racism, just like they love sexism and homophobia. If men weren't around I can guarantee racism wouldn't be as big of a thing. Yes women can be racist but usually it's because of scrotes.

No. 826117

No. 826118

racism isn't primarily related to 4chan, obviously, but keep in mind that this is an imageboard, so racism specifically on an imageboard is related to 4chan

No. 826123

oh? you have other opinions? please share your thoughts.

No. 826126

If you honk your horn outside of an actual emergency you should be fined $1,000

No. 826128

No. 826131

EXACTLY sure lolcow was most definitely inspired by 4chan but literally everyone knows that 4chan is degenerate nonsense why tf would you want to create a whole new imageboard if you are just going to be spewing the same disgusting shit losers on 4chan spew. Like why because its an imageboard does that mean racism should be normalized part of it? Its bizarre. Im actually kinda glad that this imageboard has a no race talk> but it fucking sucks that women on here can't mention their race or the unique things they experience because it attracts psychos. And no its not all scrotes. Women uphold a lot of racist thinking without the help of men. Thats just a lame cop out to me.

No. 826144

Some man kept brake checking me and I beeped like a mf at him and he was absolutely triggered. He flew into the next lane to cut another driver off to pull up to me to scream. I was blasting some kesha and couldn't hear him but had my window down. Smiled at him and just held up my middle finger. We were in traffic and my lane wasn't moving but his should have been. He was getting more flustered, spit flying out of his mouth cursing me up and down. Someone else beeped and he drove away. I eventually passed him and blew him a kiss lol. This enraged him and he was going to follow me but the car behind me cut him off and beeped at him. He was such a douche. Ugly, fat and bald too and his age was ambiguous he could have been elderly or middle aged. Hope he gets beeped at for the rest of his life.

No. 826147

>inspired by 4chan
You must really not know about the history of this site

No. 826148

Agree, I don't think it's something that's going to improve though.

No. 826151

Jesus fuck newfag.

No. 826152

File: 1623242472810.png (1.44 MB, 1000x1000, Millie.png)

bonnets should be normalized and not seen as "unkempt" if you are just running errands or going on the plane especially when they come in so many cute styles like pic related. Honestly i think women who wear them are smart because the amount of dirt and grime thats in the air when you go outside ESPEICALLY if you live in a smoggy ass city! i think its more gross to wear your hair out and have it touch everything than to protect it with a cute silk bonnet. And as for the plane too, think about it your hair is touching the dirty ass seat. you dont know who sat on it before you and what kind of nasty hair situation they had going on. Anyone who is against women wearing head coverings like bonnets to protect their hair in public are just playing respectability politics and are just policing women's bodies. People who act all disgusted by it don't understand how counter productive it is to style your hair to go to fucking CVS and buy some tampons just because Joe and Susie will think you are "ghetto". This is a very specific unpopular opinion though so iykyk.

No. 826154

Yeah I agree, I feel like they would actually be practical and useful to wear out as you said but there's so much stigma attached to them. Kylie Jenner or someone needs to start wearing them so it becomes a trend otherwise I don't see it happening.

No. 826155

Agreed! Fuck all those people who were judging women for wearing bonnets (and I think slides as well?) outside. The elements can easily mess up someone's hair, and bonnets are comfy. Who cares if someone slaps one on to take a trip to the store

No. 826166

It was never a they/them/thank you ma'am spot or a scrote enclave, lmao.

No. 826177

its so weird they act like they see these women at high end events wearing bonnets. why do women HAVE to be "presentable" to get some eggs and milk? While dudes can literally go into stores shirtless with black hands from doing construction and no one bats an eye or tells them they lack respect for themselves. its all so dumb
as much as it would make me cringe i honestly hope a white girl like kylie wears it out one day just so i can laugh at all the same people making these think pieces about a piece of fucking cloth start changing their tune and talking about how bonnets outside were beneficial all along! people are so predictable its sad. And its funny how durags that offer the same protection are not nearly as policed and are even seen as fashion statements. The misogyny in these convos is so blatant its scary.

No. 826184

this may be so wrong but bee gees > beatles

No. 826188

no you're right

No. 826191

Its will be normalizes within the next 5 years since white women are discovering the benefits of bonnets. Kind of like how bix braids and long nails were considered ghetto and cheap and then white women started wearing it now its trendy.

No. 826197

> And as for the plane too, think about it your hair is touching the dirty ass seat. you dont know who sat on it before you and what kind of nasty hair situation they had going on.
This is so fucking true, i never really thought about it but now I think this thought will live rent free in my head.
I hope I can get my own bonnet because getting my hair all greasy or catching lice because some ratty asshole hopped in the same plane as myself would make me want to shave my head forever.
It can be normalized if people start by wearing them right before getting in the plane or something like that, so idiots don’t get too focused on the bonnets while walking around the airport.

No. 826201

I wear a bonnet to bed and I never really thought about it too much but I agree with you! Especially the plane thing, eugh.

No. 826204

its so transparent and obvious its sad!! why can't these people who make these long diatribes about looking your sundays best every single day but not like this or not like that just say that they just hate black women for existing and no amount of "dressing the part" will ever change that fact and go. its so boring im tired of this same song!! If we wear our hair natural, its unkempt and we dont love ourselves, if we chemically straighten it/ wear wigs or weaves we are trying to change our race and dont love ourselves, if we dress up we are seeking attention/gold digging whores who dont love ourselves, if we dress down we dont value or love ourselves. like stfu literally everything we do is policed and seen as some social commentary when we are just trying to make it to the next day like everybody else. leave us alone fr.

No. 826205

File: 1623249290997.gif (1.9 MB, 480x270, 91a486feb8cfd7565f2a99a0eb57a4…)

I'm going to assume nonnies agree with me because no one has presented a good rebuttal. If you don't, speak now or forever hold your peace.

No. 826211

I like Oasis more than the Beatles. I’m not like the biggest fan of either but I think oasis is the better of the two, no one I’ve said this to agrees with me though.

No. 826212

It’s not worth getting banned for racebait to argue. Somethings are so dumb they don’t warrant a serious “rebuttal”.

No. 826216

thank you anon! i was just about give her some sad truths about how certain women treated other women in the work force during ww2 when literally barely any men were around to uphold racist rhetoric. but thank you for reeling me in LMAO. im tired of getting banned on here for taking the bait like a dummy. LOL

No. 826217

I think they’re both bad, but I don’t disagree.

No. 826218

pegging and rimming should not be normalized, in fact anything anus related should be widely considered disgusting and taboo. i swear to god the porn industry has rotten everyone's minds.

No. 826238

The whole reason why people want it is because it's disgusting and taboo. That's the predicament of things being seen as wrong, dirty, forbidden.. it only makes them more likely to become someones fetish

No. 826257

i mean actually so taboo that it is only portrayed in niche fetish stuff and not socially acceptable to expect from your partner. consider feet for example, which are a much more harmless fetish, yet somehow considered more weird and disgusting that literal shitholes

No. 826284

Honestly I only think pegging is only ok if the woman is the one who pushes for it. Any man who tries to convince his gf to peg him is trash.

No. 826291

It's fine for a bihet woman to never want to give blowjobs or handjobs but bihet men who don't eat pussy or even finger don't deserve to have sex with women. It's not a hypocritical stance because any healthy man can orgasm from piv alone while most women can't.

No. 826307

Never understand people who say “your partner isn’t responsible for your emotions!!! or your emotional baggage!!!” like you’re literally enabling abusive relationships. I genuinely don’t think that most people don’t understand what a true relationship between two people are anymore and I’m not surprised

No. 826311

People seem to really struggle with not jumping from one extreme to another. I understand that people saying this is a reaction to partners who are overly emotionally dependent (which can also be abusive) but like you said, the other extreme is also wrong and can be abusive. Is it really that hard for some people to understand that a relationship involves supporting each other while also encouraging a degree of self-responsibility?

No. 826312

Women need to be fully aroused in order for PIV sex to work anyway. Blowjobs and handjobs are completely unnecessary. Moids can seethe

No. 826383

File: 1623262629635.jpeg (77.11 KB, 750x750, 37A0B258-7B21-41B1-BBE3-619766…)

I kind of have a tinfoil theory that clothes made for men aren’t really actually good-looking or a good fit for men and are for women who have a different body type. i noticed that men always look so awful in anything that they wear, it just looks so awkward while most women love shopping in the men’s section because the clothes actually fit them and feel comfortable

Picrel kind of proves my point. This is a male wearing “male” clothing but it accentuates areas that normally aren’t on a man.

No. 826398

men's clothing is comfort first in most cases and aesthetics/well fitting is not as high a concern. women have unfortunately been memed into having low expectations for how men dress.

No. 826429

File: 1623265215801.jpg (19.71 KB, 300x300, river-phoenix.jpg)

River Phoenix was not hot.

No. 826431

Dare I say Joaquin is the better looking Phoenix brother

No. 826435

This has me thinking back to all the bjs I gave to already hard men just so they could then skip over getting me wet…

That and the orgasm inequality, good times

No. 826442

File: 1623266100480.jpg (122.83 KB, 935x528, ted_bundy_moam2.935x0.jpg)

Absolutely! Also, really unpopular, but Ted Bundy is hotter than Richard Ramirez.

No. 826445

You're deranged for even contemplating which serial killer/rapist is hotter. Seek help

No. 826447

My unpopular opinion is that libfems' orgasm obsession is creepy and scrotelike. Sex should be about love and intimacy and orgasm chasing only disrupts that.

No. 826449

Well it is the unpopular thread, after all

Also agreed, but he can burn in hell for the rest of eternity

No. 826450

unironically agree

No. 826452

Libfem should be redtexted at this point. It’s so overused here to the point I don’t think most people could even define what they mean by it beyond “woman who has any beliefs different than mine”

No. 826474

They're both fucking ugly, hybristophilia is blinding.

No. 826481

Libfems have orgasms?

No. 826486

I respectfully disagree. At least for me personally, I think it’s tacky. It’s not a good look. If others want to do that it’s fine because it’s them. I just like to good anywhere I go. I don’t care if I’m going to cvs or just to get some eggs and milk, I will NEVER be caught dead outside wearing a bonnet or wrap on my head. I’m not saying I look amazing every time I walk out the door but I take the time to do something to hair when I leave home.

No. 826492

Good for you, but for certain women in society who’s hair type still is barely normalized let us wear our fucking bonnets while you need to sincerely shut the fuck up.

No. 826497

He wasn't hot but he was a little cute. That's all

No. 826501

i guess my point was women should just be allowed to be as bummy or as dressy as they want and not be hurled insults for doing an errand run. I personally dont wear bonnets outside either but seeing people but i know plenty women who do. to be so mean and nasty as to post pictures of women they dont know going to the airport in a fucking bonnet and calling them ghetto bitches irked tf out of me. And then seeing women play into it like "EYE DONT WEAR BONNETS BECAUSE MY MOM TAUGHT ME TO RESPECT MYSELF UWU" it seems like respectability politics and misogyny because again men who wear durags to the airport are not being photographed and mocked online.

this is such a shit take what? women for the first time in forever get to finally be able to express how men fucking suck in bed and are trying to actively rectify it by calling it out and this is your take? some of you guys are stupid as hell and just abuse buzzwords lol

No. 826502

Why can't you have love, intimacy….and an orgasm?

No. 826503

sometimes i forget that a lot of you bitches were sending nudes to pol users and then seeing shit like this always reminds me of where im at.

No. 826511

if women like thar actually pressure moids into making them cum that's probably the only thing in their self-interest they're doing. orgasms are not mutually exclusive to intimacy and caring and are actually tied to it; a man actually caring enough to learn what pleases his female partner (we know lesbians do better than moids) and to focus on her pleasure and not just his. if people aren't pornsick, orgasming is usually not that difficult to achieve.

No. 826518

of all the things to criticize libfems about you choose this

No. 826521

Was going to say the same. No man on earth would ever give up orgasms in exchange for love and intimacy… because men don't have to choose one or the other. Why would we have to chose just one when surely it should all go hand in hand. A man who cares about you is making you come.. because he cares about you enough to make that happen.

A guy who fucks you and cuddles you and talks about caring but then doesn't even try to maybe even out the amount of orgasms you two are having… he's all talk and no show. That's some bs

No. 826531

I'm annoyed by how many users here seem to think if you can't find female friends you should just be…friendless?

I had to go home from college because of COVID last year and lost touch with a lot of people. I also moved to a new town about 8 months ago and have found it really difficult to make new friends with everything being closed down. So right now most (if not the vast majority) of my long-term friends and people I've been casually hanging out with recently have been guys.

Because of this there are so many anons who think I am such a pickme and I should just be alone until I find female friends. I feel like I've made a decent effort to reach out to female friends here and my old female friends but nothing has really worked out.

I don't have an infinite amount of energy to reach out to people who don't seem interested in hanging out with me, and I actually enjoy hanging out with others.

No. 826544

The pickme behavior here is being annoyed with women who don't care about men. No one cares that you choose to spend time with scrotes.

No. 826586

"Tradthot with an unimpressive man who doesn't care about her pleasure and may not give her much thought in general, but she copes that he totally does (because while he may be in it to cum, she just likes the attention at all - attention is just as good, if not better than an orgasm, right?)" type beat.
Why would love and intimacy be mutually exclusive from orgasms? What's wrong with you? Do you think any man would believe in this slave mentality?

No. 826590

I'd personally rather have no friends than risk having male ones again. Everyone's different though. My bad experiences are my own. Your good experiences are yours. So if it's working for you then enjoy it.

No. 826592

I doubt anyone cares though?

No. 826615

There's no harm in cutting if you're able to hide it well from others and if it positively impacts your life. It literally purges all my negative emotions and I become extremely productive.

No. 826620

I had a time where I didn't know what else to do in its place. It hit a spot nothing else did. Do you cut to the point of permanent scars though?

I was fortunate that I don't really look like a cutter today. I would hate to have bad scars in my 30s knowing I stopped doing that at like 15. I have a couple of white lines that never tan and it's a strange reminder whenever they show up again in the summer. After a year of not thinking about it.

No. 826623

Oh you're only of those girls who go on tinder to fuck random guys and not orgasms because you want male validation and attention

No. 826629

I have a few friends that have confessed they've never had an orgasm. They say they're satisfied but I don't believe them. I completely think it's a mental block if someone can't orgasm and I wouldn't be surprised if women have more hang ups around it than men do with cumming.

Anytime I see people talking about love and intimacy being more important I just think they're like my friends that don't know what great sex feels like, which is sad.

Objectively my best relationship lacked good sex. It's so important for intimacy in the long run. Like good sex definitely breeds love imo, I definitely feel far stronger emotions with an objectively worse guy but had great sex with. Maybe it's chemistry idk

No. 826631

agree and i miss cutting so bad but ny bf would noticd

No. 826635

Unfortunately I do. I get so impassioned I do it with wild abandon. Some of the scars are rather raised and thick. However, I've gotten a lot more strategic about placement to the point where no one will see my recent scars unless I'm completely naked. I just have really strong feelings and cutting seems to be the only thing that placates them. I wish I didn't have such strong feelings in the first place, medication helped, but it's expensive and I can't afford it so cutting remains the only effective alternative for regulating my emotions.

No. 826649

Ugh, me too. I literally have dreams where I'm cutting myself.

No. 826703

I think I've never had an orgasm… Makes me a bit sad. Either I have a small kind of release which feels really good but doesn't really seem like an orgasm, or I just stop because it becomes unpleasurable. I am not even talking about sex with a guy, it just makes it worse. I don't even want sex anymore tbh

No. 826705

>Sex should be about love and intimacy and orgasm chasing only disrupts that.
there's no love or intimacy about men using your body as a fleshlight anon. if women chasing orgasms during sex "disrupts the love and intimacy" with men then those men should never have sex. men would never, ever think like that. unironically love yourself.

No. 826706

"Gee" by Girls' Generation is the only good kpop song ever made.(kpop sperging)

No. 826713

No. 826768

File: 1623297469571.jpg (105.89 KB, 1051x760, 91624256_10157306148756317_578…)

I like medieval art fight me

No. 826787

File: 1623300349434.jpeg (114.8 KB, 749x430, BF041E69-8832-49AF-A257-D164F4…)

me too, but I didn't realize it was unpopular.

No. 826797

I'm just always seeing people on the internet say its bad

No. 826808

File: 1623302918314.jpeg (329.92 KB, 749x1137, 120EA1EC-DBE9-4895-BF97-BDB485…)

well, they are simpletons. it's cool and fun.

No. 826862

File: 1623309424425.jpeg (266.19 KB, 1200x1200, 02A5501A-7C48-4030-8A50-9B18B6…)

I love it. I love medieval embroidery too. It’s so funny, cute and elaborate. It inspires me.

No. 826872

File: 1623311369504.png (282.61 KB, 331x403, 93E42508-8801-421A-A01E-C15E01…)

medieval margins art is the best.

No. 826936

"BUT MEN!!!" is a typical libfem poor argument. We are not men. We are not slaves to our urges. We can and should be better than that.

No. 826939

Yeah so? Men can have standards and so can we. Women are expected to date and have sex with men were atent even attracted to, we are supposed to have sex for "intimacy" and not even cum.

No. 826943

Shut the fuck up and stop telling women not to care about orgasms you absolute spaffing fucking bird brained fucking idiot. Kill yourself. If the sex is truly loving and intimate then the male partner will be aiming to give his female partner an orgasm. Retards like you who think that you can have loving sex without an orgasm just ruin it for everyone. If your boyfriend fucking sucks in bed and you’ve never had a real orgasm don’t take it out on us. Acting like wanting satisfying sex that results in a climax is “being a slave to your urges” who the fuck are you? A priest? Kill yourself.

No. 826944

Protesting at abortion clinics should be illegal and don't fall under free speech imo. It's literally just harassing and intimidating people because you disapprove of the medical care they're recieving and it's also a major privacy concern.

No. 826947

>typical libfem
>We are not slaves to our urges
Nonnas stop fighting mentally challenged people, it's not nice.

No. 826953

not that anon and sort of OT, is an orgasm really that good? I have anorgasmia due to physical issues and always wondered what im missing on.

No. 826955

YOU LIE its definitely tell me your wish and their debut single. But if we wanna be real Fancy by Twice is the best kpop song of all time. IDC even if you dont like kpop the beat alone is infectious af. I'll stop before the anon police have a mental breakdown because kpop was mentioned.(kpop sperging)

No. 826957

>"Y-You're all just libfems! We are not slaves to our urges!"
>still taking scrote dick, rewarded by nothing but a wet butt
Lmao, go be a cuck somewhere else. Nothing radical about defending a microdick Nigel.

No. 826958

I am anon you’re replying to, IMO they’re not that good, tension builds, then is released leaving a sense of physical satisfaction and euphoria, and a pleasant sort of tiredness, and increased sensitivity in the genitals. People act like they’re some sort of earth shattering epiphany, but they aren’t. I actually believed I’d never had an orgasm because of the way the media describes female orgasms as like a mini DMT trip, but I actually orgasm very easily.
I’ve heard women say they have anirhasmia, but then later when they get the right sex toy or break up with their bf/get a new bf/start dating women, they reveal that they where wrong all along and can have orgasms after all. If you enjoy sex, then you’re not missing out just by not having orgasms.

What made me angry was nonny shaming women for wanting to have orgasms, and thinking that orgasmic sex for women= no intimacy. Claiming that we should have sex purely for the purpose of love and bonding and not just for the hell of it, that We should apparently rise above the need for sexual gratification. That’s bullshit. Everyone wants sexual gratification, that isn’t being a “slave to your urges”, it’s being a human being.

No. 826960

I miss when kpop sounded like kpop(kpop sperging)

No. 826963


anon i know what you mean but can you give me an example? I just want to know if we on the same page LMAO

No. 826968

Not the anon you replied to, but I think 2nd gen kpop is drastically different from 3rd and 4th gen. It used to be cornier, cringy, more earwormy and doesn't sound that "cool". Just compare any popular 2nd gen song with popular kpop songs now. 3rd and 4th gen kpop sounds "less cringy" and really tries to appeal more to the western audience. (Not that they aren't already years ago.)

I listen to all types of music, but with kpop, I prefer more of the older songs(kpop sperging)

No. 826970

>It used to be cornier, cringy more earwormy and doesn't sound that "cool"
Yes!I Miss being ashamed of someone taking one of my earbuds to check what I was listening to, 2nd gen kpop was the best kpop.

No. 826971

Thanks anons!My sex life is pretty great and I don't miss anything but the curiosity is always there, its pretty funny how people are "oh no i can definitely make you cum" when i get a new partner, no babe its a bike riding injury you cant fix this shit lmao.

No. 826973

ANON YESSS!! 2ND GEN has the best cringey music you guys are my people! these kids will never know the power of ring ding dong or bo peep LMAO.

No. 826974

Imo a good orgasm is amazing. There's a difference with giving myself an orgasm and doing it with a person. I don't have casual sex so the orgasms I crave are those intimate ones with someone you love. I've left men for bad sex and stayed sigh bad men for good sex, it seems to matter to me. Sounds dumb tho lol

No. 826976

I blame 2ne1 for the end of our happiness(kpop )

No. 826980

i dont think it sounds dumb anon many girls including myself can say the same.. My theory is a lot of dudes that are good on paper and bring a lot to the table emotionally or even monetarily don't hone their sex skills because they feel like they don't need to. Meanwhile the worst of the worst men usually have the best sex skills because they know they can offer nothing else like you can't be broke AND be bad at sex then you are useless LMAO. I hate it here lol.

NO SERIOUSLY once 2ne1 disbanded kpop always left a sour taste in mouth because it exposed to me just how fucking sexist the industry is and how even the most popular female groups can disband off of one scandal meanwhile their male counterparts cough big bang cough can have members get dishonorably discharged from the military, kill someone, be in a sex scandal and STILL get to headline coachella. ugly ass industry

No. 826983

Actually I retract my statement.
When 2ne1 disbanded it was sad but there were still groups to look forward to, then the T-ara scandal happened and things got worse.
But I'm a hypocrite and stayed for my queens SNSD until one day without any warning JESSICA LEFT taking the og 2gen sound with her to the grave.
So I guess I blame Jessica idk.(kpop sperging)

No. 826985

2014-2017 were dark times for kpop Jessica leaving was so fucked. shit just kept getting worse and then the suicides happened seemingly back to back like DAMN us 2nd gen fans are traumatized lol.

No. 827038

File: 1623337937302.jpg (119.14 KB, 768x1217, 94f8e289e7634de13ca428846b1a62…)

Most female fashion and beauty advice seems to be some weird hit on women to prevent them from going to th next level. Most places that offer fashion and beauty advice often tell women to wear unflattering pants and shirts boring old office ladies wear, most hair styles don't fit women's faces at all (don't even get me started on places that promote Karen cuts for round faced women), a lot of color-to skin tone advice barely works especially on brown eyes beauty tips are almost always cliche stuff or actually terrible like baking soda on the face or using any clean and clear products, cheap shampoos filled with sulfate, etc

It's terrible because men's fashion and beauty blogs usually give them good advice and flattering outfits, women get shitty weird advice and old lady outfits

No. 827039

File: 1623338027679.jpg (55.39 KB, 550x760, round-face.jpg)

Another example of something that was advertised to women

No. 827040

File: 1623338094926.jpg (45.87 KB, 488x488, GUEST_caa2baba-752e-4c6f-b3db-…)

frosted shredded wheat cereal tastes like im eating prechewed cereal. I used to love when it would get soggy as a kid but the other day i had a bowl and after the milk started to absorb into it i felt like a baby bird being spit cereal into my mouth. it tastes bomb without milk though.

No. 827043

ma'am thats because its 2021 and no one gets fashion advice from "blogs" the only people who are writing fashion blogs now are like 40 year old mother of 3 girl bosses. So of course you'd get shit like this. Just get fashion advice/inspo from a youtube video with someone who has a similar build and look that you do. thats what i do anyway.

No. 827045

I think that haircut looks really cute on her.

No. 827046

omg you are on a site called 40plusstyle what the hell did you expect LMAO.

No. 827054

Uh, what's wrong with the pictures you posted exactly?

No. 827113

honestly, my favorite part of the cereal is the frosted parts. if i could just have more frosting

No. 827115

It's exaggerated how good it is, but it's still nice. It's a similar feeling as when you're turtling holding a nice poop and you finally get to release it in the comfort of your own home, but your genitals are a little more sensitive this time.

No. 827129

Doja Cat is unfairly called talented just because she puts2 percent more thought into her boring thot shit as opposed to rehashing the same ghetto normie crap.

No. 827132

I think she's a lot more well rounded than the usual pop/urban stars and has a solid creative team behind her. She isn't revolutionary or anything and I can't stand her anyway, but I personally think she deserves the praise for her work.

No. 827134

can you read?

No. 827155

It looks cute because it's an attractive woman posing, using filters and editing, let's not act like the hair of lord farquad is cute and should be encouraged on the average person

No. 827207

Idk I still think that hairstyle would be cute on most girls. It's a good length. Maybe I'm fucking retarded

No. 827247


I'm no fashionista (genuinely all I wear is t shirts and athletic shorts or jeans, even to work) but these outfits look fine to me? I mean they're not exactly hip stylish clothes I'd expect a teen to wanna wear but they're just fine for older ladies. The only real atrocity I see is those awful wide leg jeans in the middle bottom row.

No. 827257


What kind of shits are you taking that are remotely comparable to an orgasm lmao

No. 827468

Anon he doesn’t need to be “hot”, but he’s definitely 10x cuter than Adam Driver. Get lost puhleeze, he’s super adorable(driversperging)

No. 827566

Have you not heard “abracadabra” by brown eyed girls? Easily THE most iconic song in kpop history. Along with “u go girl” Lee Hyori. Older kpop is the best kpop though

No. 827570

Hold up, what’s the tea on getting kicked out of the military? I didn’t hear anything on that(no kpop)

No. 827586

i dont wanna get banned so i'll say is TOP marijuana.

you can be skinny and have c/d boobs naturally. its probably not an unpopular opinion irl but its unpopular in the fucking fashion industry apparently because i cant buy a small shirt because the fashion industry seems to believe that skinny girls only posses a cups. But then i cant buy a M because its not form fitting enough. basically i blame men. idk how. but i do!!

No. 827593

I couldn't agree anymore with this post. Since when the fuck is wanting to orgasm during sex a libfem position? The sperging about libfems is honestly just a feminist variant of NLOG at this point.

And how the fuck does it disrupt intimacy? A huge reason why sex with my husband is so loving and intimate is because he's the only guy who cared enough about my pleasure during sex to work to make me cum. Tbh this post sounds like some high grade copium from one of the self-proclaimed "radfems" wasting her life on some incel-tier r9k type who has successfully gaslit her into thinking wanting to orgasm is somehow problematic. Naturally, she has to manage to reach for a spin to make it ~feminist~ as a weak attempt to pretend she's not just another handmaiden with tragically low standards.(calm down)

No. 827594

NTA but I hope you can experience post-shit euphoria someday anon, you feel so light you could almost float

No. 827601

lol I guess this mod's not getting fufilling sex either(ban evasion )

No. 827627

probably not an unpopular opinion on lolcow, but I hate how commonplace and "cool" it is to drag christians/christianity but not islam. like paul and morgan or girl defined will make a video about something relatively benign like how christians should wait til marriage to have sex or witch craft being a sin and a million triggered atheists will make "react" videos screeching and dragging them through the mudd yet if you say anything mildly critical of islam or islamic countries you're automatically a bigot. obviously there are multiple reasons for this and I don't really blame people for not wanting to speak up about islam, but it's really annoying when wokist libtards like riley dennis shit on right wing christians then say islamic countries are LGBT friendly

No. 827631

God I wanna play it so bad again

No. 827651

This is the most retarded shit I've ever read. You just know that if a large amount of men weren't orgasming because their sexual partners were selfish they wouldn't be sitting up on a soap box talking about how ~sex is about love and intimacy and you don't need to ejaculate for it to be pleasurable uwu~

No. 827657

yeah it is like with regards to uplifting women when somebody comes in with "but what about the same for men, now don't forget them uwu" yet when have they done anything like that for us? and can't they do it themselves? pass

No. 827659

its easy to orgasm during sex if your male partner isnt trash, which the majority of them are

No. 827663

theoretically wouldn't it be easy if you vet your partners by making sure they care about you and aren't a shitty selfish person, so they will care about trying to please you? I guess the problem is that even that much is not common

No. 827767

some women cant cum with a partner no matter how hard he tries. a+ effort but its not going to happen, i still love sex though.

No. 827769

They're okay. To put it like this i'd rather have good sex with no orgasm than give myself an orgasm while masturbating.

No. 827774

See this is what i don't get especially with men, how can it be GOOD if you don't orgasm but I am emotionally distant and men disgust me.

No. 827777

i feel physical pleasure even if i cant get over the edge where i orgasm. also emotional intimacy.

No. 827779

Once you orgasm during sex your opinion on this changes forever

No. 827781

i have orgasmed during sex, it's okay

No. 827787

Guess youre just not that sexual of a person, then why bother having sex at all?

No. 827789

if you have more sex you'll eventually get it. for me, getting oral just stimulates me so much that I don't have to cum to feel satisfied. cumming is nice, absolutely, and not cumming when you want to is incredibly frustrating, but you can have sex without cumming and feel perfectly satisfied.
if the goal is to cum as fast as possible, we'd go about sex in a very different way. compare masturbating using another persons body and having sex.

No. 827792

i have a very high libido lol even though i often struggle with orgasming. i bother having sex because im horny and because of the reasons i mentioned.

No. 827799

Sounds awful if you don't think good sex = orgasm. I'd rather have a dude scratch my back and play with my hair for attention than romp around and not have an orgasm.

No. 827803

File: 1623413349048.jpeg (350.92 KB, 1242x702, 34093382-6C21-4292-AB82-7996BD…)

Always remember that this is what men think of you before you entertain the idea of "casual" sex

No. 827806

shutup lmao sometimes women take long to orgasm due to the internal pressure they feel. I know for me a guy i was having sex with wouldnt stop until he made me cum and it just made me feel even more pressure i cant explain so i had to tell him to stop because it would take too long for me. idk why but thats why sometimes i have to be a little bit tipsy to loosen up. Some women like myself just get in their own head and its hard for them to orgasm even if they are with a partner who is loving and trying to please them. Like the other anon who you are clearly trying to shame, i too have a high libido and just love having sex even if i dont orgasm. Sometimes we just want our titties sucked on and to feel like that bitch and thats okay. As long as the guy is striving to make you orgasm and isnt using you as a fleshlight you shouldnt feel bad about yourself if you dont come even if you are horny. you arent broken you're probably just nervous or even may be insecure about your body in that moment. Hell, sometimes ill be horny as hell the dude will do everything right and i cant cum only to find out the next day my time of the month came.

No. 827807

This shit drives me up the wall too. Really make you believe in some sort of anti-christian sentiment being purposefully spread

No. 827808

Brah if you feel too nervous to orgasm during sex you probably arent enjoying the sexual activity of PIV sex to begin with or you find something about him unattractive or not making you feel relaxed around him. I had this same problem until I became more communicative about what i wanted and stopped focusing on stupid shit like "his pleasure only" or "emotional intimacy" in place of actual good sex

No. 827810

I've had 1 one night stand in my life and it's probably my biggest regret. I thought the dude was nice until we actually fucked and he was going on about what a whore I was and how slutty I was, and how I went out to get fucked every night by strangers. Slapping me around and stuff.
It was so horrible and demeaning, and he was the third guy I'd ever slept with. The other two men I had sex with I Had been in a meaningful relationship with at the time.
Afterwards, I told him I'd only had sex with two people before and he justified what he said by saying "then you must have done it a lot with those guys." Ouch.
He confided that he'd fucked 14 different girls before, but hed lost count.

So yeah, my unpopular opinion is no woman should have a one night stand ever cuz no men deserve that from us, if they're just there to think that about us. Sure, sexual liberation and empowerment but getting fucked by a guy who calls your a whore isn't empowering at all. Sorry for my retarded sperg.

No. 827815

dont get me wrong i am a very communicative partner in bed. If he is doing something i dont like i tell him. Hell i've even pushed dudes off me in the middle because i got bored and wanted to go to bed LMAO. its literally because sometimes im insecure about my body and im like "why my toes look like that" and then i think about how my face probably looks and then im taken out of it and want to go to bed LMAO. Issa lot.

No. 827817

I don’t care if this is seen as bait but this needs to be said. I hate when people say this website is for femcels. First rule you must understand is that don’t mix the /g/ lesbians with the rest of the normals on this website. Besides them who cry about not getting adequate attention from females and think they’re entitled to it because they’re lesbians, the rest of the user base is far from what you assume.

No. 827819

i'm really sorry you experienced that anon. THe dude is a fucking moron and was literally projecting on to you. HOw are you the whore when he is literally a raging slut with 14 bodies probably by randos. LMAO men are so stupid. Don't feel bad anon im glad you got out of that horrible situation and learned something valuable and that is that men are filthy degenerates.

No. 827822

I've had 'fuck buddies' before where we'd meet every week or 2 and fuck but apart from maybe 5 mins of small talk we didn't pretend to be pals. I was reading something yesterday about 'the difference between fuck buddies and friends with benefits' and I just don't buy that there's a genuine friendship there with fwbs. I think men are only fooling you if they're pretending to be your friend while casually fucking you.

I don't have any type of casual sex anymore but I'm glad that back when I did ..I didn't try and befriend them. Seems like an unnecessary layer of bullshit.

No. 827841

You certainly didn't deserve that treatment. That guy was mentally ill and is probably a serial killer now. I'm glad you're still with us.

No. 827849

Normalizing being a coomer who busts nuts to cartoon porn, video game porn, or has a porn addiction in general is bad for current society and human interaction

No. 827852

She speaks her truth. Watch out, anon. The coomers are coming.

No. 827864

Thanks for the reminder, anon. Never again

No. 827879

No fucking shit. Men today would never give it up though

No. 827891

Thanks anons, I've never told anyone that before so these responses are very much appreciated.

No. 827908

listen just know that you aren't alone in this so many women have unfortunately made this mistake. passing judgement does nothing but make women go into hiding about it which makes it hard for other women to learn from the experience thus making them think they are all alone in this. Trust me almost all of us have been there. I just hope more women are comfortable enough to voice their experiences so that way the younger generation knows what to look out for. have a nice day!!

No. 827943

I'm sorry you experienced that anon, that is assault if he slapped you.

Too many crazy fuckers out there. ONS just doesn't feel like a safe option for women.

No. 827967

I would rather have lowkey "disordered eating habits" than ever be fat again.

No. 827971

yikes thats sad either way you are unhealthy so what's the point?

No. 827988

I'm not judging because I've also picked up unhealthy eating habits, but this sounds more like a personal preference than an unpopular opinion

No. 827989

Samefag, but also, why did you put disordered eating habits in quotes?

No. 827992

You gotta find what works for you, I personally feel better off not eating until dinner and take multivitamins than the traditional three square meals a day, I also feel like more people who live in obese countries are pressured to "finish the plate" and eat well above what they burn despite the fact a shit ton of extra calories are already added to food. I went to a buffet the other day and I saw literal 4-12 yr olds finish like 3 large plates clean and their parents just joked about it like how could someone be so damn clueless to health?

No. 828007

This is why I won't ever feel bad about lying about my 'bodycount' to them lmao. They can't tell the difference, they just wanna hate women for not having sex with them and then hate when women have sex.
So fuck them (but not really).

No. 828010

In the throes of my mental illness, I said the same thing. But tbh unless you're a scooter-bound deathfat bring overweight isn't a death sentence.

No. 828034

I just don't understand how people can orgasm to cartoon porn

No. 828067

I feel this way about pictures too. Maybe it's my need to be constantly stimulated but how can people not get off to hearing the sounds of copulation?

No. 828211

i dont think adults should use discord. there are way too many minors on it cosplaying as adults for it to ever be safe. i had to get off of it in like 2016 when i found out i was chatting with a fucking 14 year old hs student. luckily it was just about anime but bitch thats scary and made me feel icky and gross

No. 828226

I don't think minors should be allowed to use the internet.

No. 828235

I have no idea what my body count is. I don't even think it's the most obscene number but I just never started counting so to go over the memories now and try to count would be strange. I tell men I don't know my number which is true. They can think whatever they want about that.

I kind of find it strange when people above a certain number can still tell you that exact number. Like people who went through phases of having ONSs but wouldn't struggle to count every last one. Where are they keeping track?

No. 828244

> minors use it irresponsibly so let's ban the adults

No. 828265

is this a joke? Who do you think started using discord first?

No. 828278

nah wage war and cyberbully the kids off

No. 828285

Retarded take. Discord was made for people to communicate during vidya and loads of gamers are millennials and older. Just because retarded zoomers use it as a singles chatroom doesn't mean adults should be booted off. Stay in servers with people you know, 18+ servers who verify ages, or how about just don't act inappropriate toward anyone in an all-ages server? Why would you ever feel icky talking to a teenager if your conversation was g-rated? I stay primarily in a family and friends server, most of us are over 30. Some of them have young kids or teenage kids who are in the server and play games with us. Like normal adults, we know to keep the conversation appropriate for all ages when there are kids in the chat. It's not rocket science. If you don't know whether there are kids around, then don't say something you wouldn't want a child to hear.

No. 828381

A good indicator that a person is good or bad is not if they do bad things. Its if they feel bad afterward. If you feel bad after doing something fucked you're a good person.

No. 828390

Agreed. Adults should go back to using IRC.

No. 828412

I feel the same about Discord, Snapchat, and Tiktok. I judge anyone my age who uses it and have noticed the types who do have attention seeking and validation issues.

It's not that I think adults need to gtfo whenever a minor shows up, I genuinely think those platforms don't really "belong" to other generations. I definitely associate it with Zoomer shit.

No. 828414

I've been a bad partner and a nightmare to live with and I remember being consumed by guilt while also continuing to carry on like that. It stepped over into being abusive at times. We split and I struggled to figure out if I was a bad person for that. I had always viewed myself as good. I came to the conclusion that guilt or not..I wasn't a good person at that time, change was what made me good again. Guilt without action to change is meaningless imo

I experienced the reverse a few years later and I had a partner who was more abusive than I ever was. He had small moments of guilt peek through where he'd usually buy me something rather than saying he's sorry. That was his way of showing remorse. He could be pretty cheap so it really stood out when guilt was hitting him. But he wasn't a good person just because of those moments afterwards. He'll be a good person if he ever changes and manages to not be like that with the next partner.

Those relationships shaped my personal view on it, because they were both cases of ongoing behaviour that required change. Sometimes people feel guilt and just keep up the harmful behaviour anyway, for years. It takes more than that to make a good person. Not that anyone is totally good or bad. Guilt comes in different levels too.

No. 828507

>i dont think adults should use discord. there are way too many minors on it
There are minors everywhere on the internet, on imageboards, on other kinds of forums, on twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram,on newsite discussion sections, etc. Why should an adult avoid places on the internet where minors are? There are minors on public transportation and at sports facilities and at libraries, do you want adults to avoid those places as well?
>thats scary and made me feel icky and gross
Why? Your reaction to chatting to the 14 year old is strange.

No. 828516

I hate the kids that won’t fucking understand that they’re not welcomed everywhere, but I despise the most the adults that should go to jail for grooming children, and i also hate the adults that are so spineless that they won’t fucking say no to the fucking stupid ass children begging to join a dumbass group in which everyone is too busy to pay attention to their dumbass takes.
I wish letting a kid use social media was considered abuse, they can go to school and make friends, maybe even develop normally, they don’t need social media.

No. 828522

Sounds like a you problem.

No. 828531

>I wish letting a kid use social media was considered abuse,
For a situation to be considered abusive, there must be some type of harm being inflicted on the victim. This isn't the case for most children using social media.
>they don’t need social media.
Do you need social media? Something not be a need isn't a good enough reason to ban it.

No. 828548

You too.

No. 828638

the thing is though kids are not welcomed ANYWHERE on the internet because adults come in and pervert the whole thing and then kick them out saying that it isnt meant for them. Lets be real the internet is a huge part of everyone's life and it will be that way for the forseeable future. At least in our generation we had sites that were dedicated to us but like now even flash games have grown perverted. ill never forget when i was a camp counselor for 7 yr olds we had a free day to use the computer room. I spotted at least 5 children playing games where the end goal was to make out and there were MOANING AND KISSING SOUNDS and this was a flash game website targeted for children. This was in 2011 i can only imagine how much worse it is now.
Im sorry that it hurts you guys' feelings but no discord is not meant for adults. It may have started out that way, but kids are the primary users whether you want to admit to y ourself or not. Just the other day my coworker bought her teenage son to work and he kept raving about discord so i can only imagine how many kids in his school use discord alone. Adults can use slack or even skype if they want to instant message strangers because im sure most kids today don't even know what those platforms are.
why?? because i dont want to spend my day PMing a fucking minor that is fucking weird no matter how surface level our convo is im a grown ass adult woman its not fair to the kid.

It is so easy to groom a child on discord its not even funny. The fact that when it was announced that grimes made a discord the first few responses were "i wonder how long it'll be before she has a grooming scandal" LIKE??? so adults know that they are mainly interacting with minors on discord but still want to defend it and say its for adults only….sure jan.

No. 828650

File: 1623498606644.jpg (771.73 KB, 1200x675, F28WvmI.jpg)

No. 828653

Dang why you clear her like that and so early in the am lol. I love this site

No. 828654

No, I'm fine using Discord, Snapchat and Tiktok at 31. If you don't like it you can keep seething.

No. 828657

>It is so easy to groom a child on discord
It is if you're not a pedophile. Which, again, a you problem.

No. 828659

Samefag, isn't* before you start nitpicking my typo.

No. 828666

>because i dont want to spend my day PMing a fucking minor that is fucking weird no matter how surface level our convo is im a grown ass adult woman its not fair to the kid.
You were comfortable chatting with them before you knew their age, and no one forced them to continue the chat with you, I don't see how it's unfair to them. Imageboards are also frequented by thousands of minors, for all you know half the people you've chatted with on lolcow are minors.
>Im sorry that it hurts you guys' feelings but no discord is not meant for adults.
Who's claiming that? The creators of discord or just you?
>Adults can use slack or even skype if they want to instant message strangers because im sure most kids today don't even know what those platforms are.
Nothing about skype or discord's design makes adults or minors prefer using one or the other, minors also used skype before discord's creation, and I'm sure some of them use it now.
>Just the other day my coworker bought her teenage son to work and he kept raving about discord so i can only imagine how many kids in his school use discord alone.
And those same kids probably use most of the websites you frequent as well.
> The fact that when it was announced that grimes made a discord the first few responses were "i wonder how long it'll be before she has a grooming scandal"
No one who didn't already have a grudge against Grimes would instantly assume that she'll have a grooming scandal by sigining up to discord.

I'll ask you this question, how does an adult who isn't a pedophile banning themselves from using discord just because there are minors on it, prevent the grooming of minors?

No. 828670

You know what you’re right. I think I’m just so sensitive to the things minors are exposed to online nowadays. It scares me so much. I just wish there was an internet just for kids but that seems impossible. Kids just scare me in general because I remember being a kid online and how easy it was for me to be groomed by adults.

No. 828671

You must be really stupid. Discord is for everyone that the owners let sign up, you literally can't spin it any other way. Also if minors are the problem, they need to be restricted not the adults.

No. 828672

I don’t think me wanting to protect minors online makes me stupid but okay. Anyway I ended up seeing the other side thanks to the other anon.

No. 828676

If you want to protect minors take away their shitposting device. I'd rather parents use the same services as their kids and know what their child is getting into than be like parents of my generation who think the internet is for children and let us get groomed on Omegle by pedophiles. Pedos won't stop using the internet just because you politely ask them to and you can't control of where they go, but you do have control of what your children do so maybe you should take the time to raise them.

No. 828679

That’s true too thank you guys for giving me a different perspective!

No. 828697

>For a situation to be considered abusive, there must be some type of harm being inflicted on the victim. This isn't the case for most children using social media.
Yeah, I guess kids getting groomed left and right, throwing their personal information everywhere for the world to see, and getting exposed to fucked up content isn’t such a big deal.
Anon, just because you could handle such things with no issue before, doesn’t mean it’s the same nowadays.
>Do you need social media?
Great question, you see, nowadays adults have to create social media accounts in order to be able to get a job, whether you like it or not, as an adult, it’s necessary to have social media.
If you want a decent job, you need to be able to connect with people from other places, if you have a business, you need to be able to make connections with other people that also have business related to yours so you can establish strategic partnerships.
Kids only play games and download funky pictures, make memes and do homework, they don’t need social media for that, they can have their own funky kids’ apps so they can talk with their friends, but they don’t need instagram or Twitter because as you can see nowadays, there’s probably even more grooming than there was before with even worse consequences than there were before.

No. 828712

Sounds like you're the one seething because I posted my unpopular opinion. Go enjoy your Tiktok and leave me alone.

No. 828952

i'm tired of games with player characters of selectable gender being praised as "feminist", i want more games where you have to play as a woman

No. 828953

That's actually really embarrassing for you

No. 828956


Agreed. Let there be well written female characters.

No. 828959

>post written 8 hours ago
let it go

No. 829199

File: 1623570124218.jpeg (438.99 KB, 2000x1333, image.jpeg)

Nate (the boyfriend) from The Devil Wears Prada actually didn't behave that unreasonably. Not sure why people in recent years keep trying to claim he's the "true" villain of the story. Miranda is the villain.

No. 829202

I hate those hoes on LSA and other similar parts of that "culture" for lusting over every old scrote who looks highly successful while slanting men with more youthful and softer looks ugh i cant be the only one who notices it. The only girls who do that are always the ones who fantasize themselves being sugar babies for an older rich man too

No. 829203

also, only really burly and meaty men. for some reason that gets on my nerves too and it tends to make a man look older

No. 829208

I genuinely don't find wealth attractive in a man tbh, not even signs of it like suits, expensive possesions etc. I don't mean that in a pickme 'I love going 50/50 on dates' kinda way and I don't want a broke guy, but I associate money with serious, boring old men and it turns me off.

I've never struggled financially so I guess it's different for a lot of girls who see it as aspirational.

No. 829210

miranda just wanted a competent assistant. did she overwork her assistants? probably. but I don't think that makes her the villain.

the whole moral of that movie is to not put yourself first, not put your career first, for the sake of your friends and boyfriend. andrea's boyfriend was a totally inconsiderate asshole and expected her to move to boston with him at the end of the movie meanwhile he didn't support her job at all.

No. 829214

I can understand the rich part, or the older part, but only meaty and burly? no thanks

lsafags definitely think they're better than they are though, remember those posts from that girl who swore she was going to become an english teacher in south korea so she could marry her idol crush?

No. 829216

pc gamers are more oppressed than transgenders or the irish

No. 829236

still not enough

No. 829313

Sex and the City is a good show

No. 829316

>bad work environment
>encourage eating disorders among your female staffs
>betray one of your loyal and trusted worker
>"i don't think that makes her the villain"

your brain on hashtag girlboss

true anon, if my s.o won't shut up about how much of a dick her boss is but kept on working for her anyway, id be pissed too

No. 829324

what do you mean not enough?

No. 829328

Nta but probably because mobile gamers are even more oppressed than transgenders, the Irish and latam people combined.

No. 829330

i think what anon really means is that we're not oprressing them enough

No. 829337

The first season is really great television, it has great writing and a self-awareness that was sadly lost as it went on. The later seasons are hot garbage and the second movie is genuinely one of the dumbest things I've ever seen

No. 829339

The story is that everyone is an asshole to a young woman trying to start out in a career. It shows the lack of support women often get from home and then the toxic work environment they have to deal with at the office. And if they fail to navigate either perfectly, they're painted as either neglectful or incompetent.

No. 829359

Reason why women get sugar daddies is not only having economically unstable families and lives, but most women barely have any power or ownership over anything especially of themselves. Female liberation is incompatible with capitalism

No. 829361

No. 829400

>Female liberation is incompatible with capitalism
>Implying communism is any better

No. 829402

File: 1623605306771.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 119.4 KB, 687x900, 236750A0-E572-4939-B3EF-D55907…)

Shotacons and fujos should be banned from LC. This is what you disgusting fujos want and crave. Venti literally invaded his dead friend’s body who happened to be a child fighting a gay ass revolution, how do you people find this cute? This just looks like mommy and son having a beach day, not appealing at all, but of course coomers have to turn it into an awkward sexual scenario.

No. 829405

I don't know how it was in Soviet Russia, but my country was communist in the 50s and women here were equal to men in the eyes of law and could work, study, open bank accounts and abort without their husbands' permission. Something American and most Western women didn't get until later.

No. 829408

File: 1623605950208.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 131.46 KB, 493x777, E40164DC-757A-4F59-B31F-1F5019…)

You will never be as rich, manic, and psychopathic as Ms. BPD girlboss here. Look at these eyes anon, does it look like they contain the slightest concern about feminism? Looks like she killed a million Guatemalan women for their precious blood to retain her youth. Don’t be confused that just because you were afforded a bit of freedom by the elite means that it’s possible to be exactly like these people and the countless faceless billionaires that need to be hung on town square like you eurofags used to do. (assuming you are one because eurofags always whine about the MUHBAZILLION precious and innocent Europeans who died on that god-forsaken continent because of communism)

No. 829411

Oh that art is hot
Learn the meaning of the buzzwords you use retarded newfag

No. 829417

Schizo-chan is back

No. 829418

she's got her eyes cranked open so wide you can see her entire iris. freaky as fuck. like she tried to recreate Limitless by taking a cocktail of uppers, but forgot that one crucial sedative meant to keep her off the path of strangling her employees by hand

No. 829420

If this woman is rich why is she wearing concealer from the dollar store

No. 829421

that's funny because i could not find a single sentence in anon's post that even hints towards communism. she certainly didn't imply it was better

No. 829422

Oh please. Her bf didn't give two shits about it being a toxic work environment or how she was being treated and whatnot. He just didn't like that she wasnt catering to him as much for her job.


No. 829423

right, I’m totally a newfag let’s just say that

No. 829424

why does she need to care about that?

No. 829429

why would you ever date/fuck a man who would ask that? why would you even date/fuck a man who would care about that in the slightest?

No. 829437

Late reply but wtf is that generalisation about orgasms being 'overrated' or just a release of tension. Everyone is different - my orgasms are long, body shaking, electrifying feelings that turn my head off for about 10 seconds or more. Not everyone has 'meh' orgasms and I hate whe people generalise it like that or say that orgasms aren't really that important for women because of this.
Absolutely no point in sex to me if I don't have orgasm or three during it.

No. 829441

>why would you even date/fuck a man who would care about that in the slightest?
Anon they ALL care about this deep down, even if they're self-aware to not ask directly about it. The point is you shouldn't ever let on about it and always underplay.

No. 829445

lol it's a drawing of a fictional character, none of it is real

No. 829452

I don't think the shotacon part is necessarily an unpopular opinion? Whenever a shotafag pops up, farmers usually judge them. Just a a couple months ago, someone in the Dumbass Shit thread posted about being annoyed by shota art in the picrew thread and everyone agreed with them. Someone in a previous Confessions thread admitted to liking shota and got judged.

No. 829455

I can't stand fujos but not all fujos are shotashits

No. 829480

File: 1623612056729.jpg (65.76 KB, 604x358, 30981656.jpg)

the jannies locked the recently bumped michelle carter thread because no one was pitying the wursties so here goes:

if she was a moid and he was a girl this wouldn't even make it to court and moids would either celebrate or blame her for being influenced over the phone. there are ana coaches, groomers and revenge porn fags memeing girls into self harm and suicide daily but the moment some dumb ass scrote's BPD suicidebaiting backfires everyone is to blame but him. fuck outta here lmao, pic related

No. 829484

I've even known other men who say she didn't deserve to be punished for that. Literally why is anyone else to blame for someone's suicide but themselves? It's bullshit, just another way for society to pressure women to take responsibility for men's feefees.

No. 829496

People saying she should get a “life sentence” are fucking retarded. They’re just parasocial retards just like that self centred toff Conrad Roy III. 3rd times the charm and that miserable bloodline was ended. Hope the world doesn’t spew out a 4th emotional abuser to drag everyone else down with him.
The only thing she did wrong was give him the fucking time of day in the first place.

No. 829500

Okay I don't think she should get a life sentence, but she literally kept on encouraging him to commit suicide even he noped out she said he'd change his mind and that he should just do it, like yeah both of them had issues and needed therapy and probably should have dated other people, but I honestly can't see why Anyone would defend her
Like seriously

No. 829508

Also people are making it out to be that either she's a based misandrist Boss bitch or incedious heartless cruel monster when in reality it seems like she was just some outcast girl with issues that probably didn't comprehend what real death would be like

I think the whole situation is just kinda tragic and I feel bad for everyone involved

No. 829510

>even he noped out she said he'd change his mind
Evidently, he didn't.
I don't think anyone is saying she's a saint, she just doesn't deserve the punishment.

No. 829514

She wasn't physically there with him. He could have put down the fucking phone. He was a manipulate loser who baited her multiple times and she got fed up and called his bluff. He couldn't handle it and finally kermitted. She had no way of knowing he would actually do it.

No. 829527

Did you even read my post, so many Idiots are using this case to inject their own political beliefs and positions
Defending her actions are just dumb alright, but she's not a monster but she messed up, she needs some psychological help not Prison

Seriously they were both messed up lonley kids that needed therapy

No. 829543

she did nothing wrong
one less mentally unstable moid in the world, boohoo who the fuck cares

No. 829545

I read your post, that's why I quoted it. She didn't do anything wrong by telling a suicide baiter to kill himself. Like >>829496 said the only thing she did wrong is entertain him in the first place. Putting any degree of blame or shame on anyone but the scrote who offed himself is retarded. I don't care about the sentence she got or should have gotten. It's not her fault in any way.

No. 829566

she wasn't this "based man hating radfem" you think she was, in her own retarded way she loved him, seriously stop projecting your moronic politics towards a tragic event where everyone involved suffered
Jesus Fucking Christ do you not understand that this wasn't about his suicide, she had very tumblr-esue retarded ideas about love(and by all accounts she did love him) and she believed that death was the only way he could be happy, I have known people that have this mentality

I don't think she should get life imprisonment either and MRAs definitely took advantage of the event for their agendas but this was a tragic event and everyone suffered

No. 829567

i didn't say any of that, you're the one projecting politics onto me

No. 829603

File: 1623626849356.png (66.54 KB, 200x200, 878.png)

>somebody tells you they're gonna kill themselves
>"ok do it then"
>they do
>tfw thrown in jail because somebody else killed themself

No. 829617

The texts she sent were absolutely fucked up, but so was the fact his dad admitted to beating the living daylights out of him on an almost daily basis. I don't understand how his parents provided him with an abusive home and then tried to sue her for their son's suicide. I guarantee that family contributed as much as she did, they just didn't have a transcript of texts to show in court.

No. 829618

I'm worried about what legal precedents this case will set.

No. 829626

File: 1623630015146.gif (591.08 KB, 500x235, shosh.gif)

Lena Dunham is insufferable but Girls is an entertaining show. Also Shosh is based.

No. 829738

>be emotional abuser
>suicide bait multiple times
>sperg girl you're abusing correctly concludes that you'll change your mind about commiting suikoden because you've walked your suicide bait back and forth a million times

No. 829740

his family is chasing that bag

No. 829779

Probably an unpopular opinion here, but dogs are great pets. I don't know where I'd be without my little guy. He makes me so happy whenever he tells me what he wants through his woo woos (he is very vocal). He's super smart and loves to learn. I just got him a new bed and he already understands the get in the bed command. He doesn't even stink. Dogs get a bad rep here for some weird reason.

No. 829806

Not an unpopular opinion. I feel like there are some doghating spergs here but rest of the people people that aren't mentally ill and like animals just don't feel the need to sperg about it all the time.

No. 829824

Shosh is literally the only sane one in that show, maybe Ray also

No. 829850

Honestly rap is a Joke of a Music genre and I will never take it seriously, I also probably would never associate with anyone who listens to rap """music"""
When I was a young girl I feel was expected to like Rap Music cause I happened to be black, but no matter how much I genuinely tried I juat couldn't, its just misogyny, female objectification, colorism, degeneracy, materialism and a bunch on males trying to act tough
Even the modern "feminist rappers" that people shill are just as awful, they twerk and brag about their pussies and that's it

I really don't view at as a music genre and think less of people who listen to rap

No. 829868

ok ben shapiro

No. 829873

Do you mean that he was emotionally abusive because he talked about suicide? They bonded over their suicidal fantasies so she could be considered abysive on this front as well. I'm open to being proved wrong since I don't remember all the details. They both were depressed and fucked in the head, but neither seemed like a bad person to me. I do think that the father and family was the most to blame for all that situation.

No. 829880

See that's the rational conclusion on the matter, but yeah she sorta Romanticized suicide and death and a history of suicide attempts as well, I read somewhere that she thought by pushing him to finally do it, she could find the strength to kil herself which is just fucked up really
Both these kids needed help

No. 829883

i can't blame you for feeling this way though there are definitely exceptions like lauryn hill and a more recent one being little simz