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File: 1620844505595.jpg (47.23 KB, 500x638, f50d529dab0875ce53936f833e02f4…)

No. 805031

Previous thread: >>>/ot/788790

>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 805037

There is nothing wrong with women wanting tradshit.

No. 805040

I don't think I've ever seen anyone say there is anything wrong with it. If you're talking about the tradcow thread, I'm pretty sure those women are posted there cause they say misogynistic and racist shit.

No. 805047

"Feminism" is just couples therapy for straight people. Essentially. You know it to be true, so don't even try to refute it.

No. 805048

anon what are you even talking about?

No. 805050

What does this even mean. This feels like another lc ai post.

No. 805056

File: 1620845718887.jpg (187.57 KB, 852x1278, madrid-brutalism-by-roberto-co…)

I don't like brutalist architecture. It's so ugly and anti human. I see people loving it because its minimalist or it fits their Akira style neo Tokyo wet dream of huge ugly cyberpunk cities, but to me it's like the reverse of nature. Just depressing to look at in general

No. 805060

File: 1620845868905.jpg (131.6 KB, 982x726, brutalism-balfron-tower-getty-…)

Samefag, but like what the fuck is this? It's so dismal

No. 805074

she’s kind of right though

No. 805077

you already posted this exact same bait somewhere on this website. yawn

No. 805080

It's not a bait. Straight women only want to use feminism to make their relationships with men "better" and "safer", sometimes "equal" even, even though this dynamic is simply not possible, or they're just failing to achieve it. They don't want to be free from men, that's why feminism is a meme.

This is what pisses me off about some women on this site and many straight women in general. They want an 50/50 relationship, but they expect "traditional" dating. They want men to do 50/50 of housework, but then they cry that men aren't providers anymore. I'm not dating men but it's a no surprise that heterosexual couples are such a fucking mess, both men and women want to eat the cake and have it too.
There's no "equal" relationship in tradshit. Be a trad waifu if you want, but don't call yourself a feminist and don't cry that your man doesn't do this and that. You have to fucking decide what you want, it's either one thing or another. I know that scrotes want a maid and a breeding mare who will coddle them, but I literally don't know what straight women want anymore. I don't understand.

No. 805082

the idea is nice, but in practice it's not viable unless you're willing to take a large risk

No. 805083

File: 1620846845280.jpg (1.24 MB, 1560x1000, Brazil_Brutalism_1.jpg)

I like it because I think it's eerie. But you're right, it is depressing, unless it's colorful like picrel - then I think it really works.

No. 805085

Nta, but oh my god that pic looks horrible

No. 805091

Sperging about bihets is therapy for (political) lesbians. Essentially. You know it to be true, so don't even try to refute it.

No. 805097

File: 1620847182439.jpg (151.97 KB, 750x497, brutalist-architecture-2.jpg)

tbh I feel like the buildings would be much more appealing if they added more plants (pic related) but it really does look ugly a lot of the time

No. 805104

I'm bisexual but I don't date men, seethe. Also I bet I shat on polilez women more often than you ever did.

No. 805105

I'm tired of talking about men

No. 805112

What are men?

No. 805114

they like women, but with inhumanely large clits

No. 805126

File: 1620848696452.jpeg (20.23 KB, 324x332, D7A97669-4D95-46DE-A1EE-4A0F3B…)

No. 805127

men are not human. they are evil robots unable to have any empathy

No. 805129

File: 1620848813972.jpg (86.34 KB, 564x705, mini.jpg)

I hate this 'minimalist' Pinterest-y aesthetic that rich people like for some reason despite it being beyond basic. Idk if pic rel exemplifies that I mean though

No. 805137

See I can understand these because there was at least some attempt to be something other than a concrete square. Can you imagine how much some of the more depressing looking buildings would improve if there was a little bit of nature or colour incorporated into it?

Finally, someone calling out minimalfags on Pinterest. I despise it. Imagine having decor with 0 personality in it

No. 805141

Agreed, it looks artificial and dead

No. 805143

Hyenas have it right. They live as functional packs of females. Then they sometimes stumble on a lone male and harass him before, after, and during the breeding, then they violently force him back out of the group and go on their way

No. 805147

At least it doesn’t give people with allergies a bad time.

No. 805157

agreed. i don't see the appeal at all

No. 805179

i know men who associate with hyenas and this makes them look like idiots

No. 805214

Wow, seeing this makes me want to climb up there really badly. That just looks so interesting. Where is that?

No. 805220

File: 1620855913855.jpeg (30.77 KB, 620x400, f74dfa3f235badfdedf9e2b4028e3e…)

I go to a uni that has half old brutalist buildings and half modern like pic related. I can't decide which one I hate worse.

No. 805222

As if being male didn't make them look retarded enough

No. 805228

I agree that it’s ugly but I love it anyway. Fuck pretty buildings, I wanna see shit that looks like it was made by a three year old with grey Lego bricks.

No. 805231

Adult men care more about a woman looking very young than being hot. I know this because from age 11-19 I got hit on my adult men the most despite being bullied by my peers for being ugly.

No. 805234

Honestly realizing that most men are pedophiles or have nasty pedophilic tendencies has ruined me

No. 805235

Lol it's funny realizing youd pull more men as a awkward 13 year old than a 24 year old

No. 805236

get into lesbian feminism and separtatism girl!

No. 805239

File: 1620857372044.jpeg (52.18 KB, 1099x539, 3C0A8C34-9B92-4253-8ED5-6B2513…)

If I was actually cognizant of what men were doing when I was that age I would pull picrel

No. 805240

Got cat-called and harrassed way more when I was between 10-16 years old. Now as a grown woman, not as much.

No. 805245

As I've aged out of my mid 20s the only men that have approached me have been drunk or one time a lifeguard but I was seeing someone. When I was a teenager i would get approached constantly. The highest incidences was when I was in my school uniform waiting on a bus. Then as a young office worker on transport. At my age you only seem to work with people your age or have to be introduced through others or on an app. I can't remember what bars are like.

No. 805246

Nothing wrong with it as long as a woman doesn't desperately do that for the sake of men's attention and validation, making it her quirk and entire personality (see tradthots thread). Same weirdos always end up hating other women, seeing them as competition.

People who are obsessed with trad are the ones who always had their life in sheltered, easy mode and never lived in a place that pushes trad and patriarchy inside your brain.

No. 805251

File: 1620858991015.jpg (775.17 KB, 1080x1080, PhotoCollage_1620846961197.jpg)

Since we're all discussing trad thots, can we talk about the biblically submissive wife movement? To be it seems like BDSM for people who go to church/religious Americans. I've never seen this shit where I'm from and I'm from a catholic country. They have this weird thing about constant obedience and never saying no to your man wanting to fuck you

No. 805253

i hate shows or movies that are praised for having mEsSy WoMeN!!1! they're never fucking "messy" or interesting or even realistic characters. the MESSY WOMAN, JUST LIKE MEEE in modern fiction just=hot straight girl who says dumb things when she gets drunk

No. 805254

i never thought of it that way. but that does describe michelle duggar or debi pearl. you might be on to something here

No. 805259

weird, that shit NEVER happened to me until i was like 28. i was pretty ugly though. young-looking not in the cute way, but in the "that is a middle school boy" way. now i look like a human person.

No. 805263

this is just the 2021 version of the 00s white people house with a white couch and diagonal glass coffee table that i never understood why they all had the same living room

No. 805265

although like most buildings in canada normal people aren't allowed to afford it

No. 805266

i want andy mccluskey to fuck me in the elevator of that thing

No. 805267

If you read articles they write, it almost comes across as the same
"Woman inferior, woman serve man with SEX" that gimpgirl writes in her pick me handbook.

Idk its just something about the constant emphasis on being obedient, praising a man, and submitting to his sexual needs. Its drilled into all the articles regardless of the subject.

No. 805273

>what is male sexuality

No. 805275

> Flashbacks of a 60yo old man trying to get my number, name and "become friends" when I was 15 years old, standing in a corridor and waiting for my dentist to arrive
Reminded me of this TV show. There is a Christian married couple with children, where a man decides that it's too boring to have one wife, so he decides to have two (by asking a Latin woman who doesn't know English to join them; benefits her because she gets American visa) where he would do nothing but ignore and talk shit about his wife, calling her 'the large wife', when a second one is 'the tiny wife". The saddest part is that this woman keeps convincing herself that it's only her fault for feeling bad about the whole situation.

I am pretty sure that he wanted to get rid of his wife long time ago, but she kept begging him to stay that he made up the whole 'poly' shit so she could shut up. He is a horrible person.

No. 805281

Boogie is a miserable piece of shit but he did nothing wrong pulling a gun on that guy.
I literally hate Boogie, but that dude drove across state lines to come and harass him on his property, I would shoot him for real.

No. 805287

Not going to watch because I’ll get mad but the poor wife. I’m a doormat who let an ex abuse me but even I would’ve been long gone before this point. Her self esteem must be deep in the gutter.

No. 805291

tldr most men are attracted to femininity, not to women, and youth

No. 805295

we should kill him
in minecraft, of course

No. 805298

>most men are attracted to femininity, not to women
Explain superstraight kek

No. 805301

Anons here who attack anons who discuss problems they face are the worst possible people. I've had /b/tards treat me better about my vents. Like how fucked up do you need to be to kick people who are already down ?

No. 805303

File: 1620862232491.png (59.24 KB, 936x560, 1578569192421.png)

explain this kek

No. 805311

Literally what is your point

No. 805313

the only way to have an interesting life is to cause death, destruction, and mischievous mayhem and controversy everywhere you go

No. 805315

get out of here, eminem, you're old now

No. 805316

>using debunked data
I know this is supposed to be 'ha! scrotes are awful', but scrotes on /r9k/ use this data to justify their pedophilia, so this kinda comes across as scrote-y ngl

No. 805318

what the fuck does that have to do with eminem? it’s the truth, if you curate stupid fucking gossip around you it makes you more relevant. anons will never truly understand that the more you gossip about cows, the more you feed their addiction to attention and they’re brilliant for letting anonymous assholes talk about them

No. 805319

calm your tits, it's a joke

No. 805320

scrotes are awful and irl almost no scrote will admit to you he would fuck a 13 year old if he could, so there's no way to check if he's "good". When I was 11-14 I got hit on by adult men more often than when I was 19, just don't tell me they were all just pedos and not "normal" men.

No. 805321

Take your meds nonna

No. 805322

What are you trying to say? The only way to have an interesting life is to be a cow, but we shouldn't feed the cows?

No. 805325

you’re not clever, witty, charming so stop fucking trying and go to rejects on twitter

No. 805329

No seriously, take your meds.

No. 805334

No seriously, stop being a wrinkly old arrogant bitch. <3(take your meds and stop infighting)

No. 805335

File: 1620865207592.png (79.28 KB, 875x438, take-your-medication.png)

No. 805339

File: 1620865454432.jpeg (190.92 KB, 610x594, 5BF41C57-37CD-438B-9B15-F3B7A2…)

> (take your meds and stop infighting)

lmfao stupid mods trying to gaslight, I’m going to keep vpn hopping like the other anons and you’ll never know who’s doing the shitposting.

>>805335(ban evasion)

No. 805341

File: 1620865517311.jpeg (29.09 KB, 540x366, E49C4407-7605-4949-87F3-63A1D3…)

No. 805342

>you’ll never know who’s doing the shitposting
You literally just snitched on yourself?

No. 805344

(unmedicated ban evasion)

No. 805348

dated tumblr gif fag is back with their terrible responses, white women can’t think of anything to good to say say unless it’s passive aggressive. i wish you a very smelly legs that smell like metal and ham when it rains you stupid bitch, bye!(ban evasion, racebait)

No. 805351

Oh, honey, men are attracted to holes. If by "men are are attracted to femininity" you mean "some men like bimbos, who are characterised by having their feminine feature exaggerated because of a ridiculous fetish" then I'll agree with you lmao

No. 805355

nta but tbf it is a certain "type" of man who would hit on young girls and genuinely not all of them… plus, those especially gross kinds are looking for vulnerability for a reason, and younger girls exude vulnerability whereas a confident, put-together grown woman might be more intimidating to the bottom of the barrel creeps (not that it's all those types who do this and also not that those women don't get hit on)

>femininity, not to women
this will sound scrotely of me but what about guys who like tomboys and buff women? that is not traditional femininity. I've noticed men being into all types of women but I also think many have been memed into the cultural ideal of "blonde with makeup and big boobes" yet it isn't as successful as you'd think.

No. 805358

Anons here trying to analize male sexuality or males in general aren't any less retarded that men who try to analize us and fail miserably.

No. 805366

That straight men are attracted to female humans, not "femininity". That's why superstraight happened, because no straight guy is going to fuck another guy just because he's "feminine". "Men are attracted to femininity, not women" is a pretty common troon cope.
It's a different story for bisexual men, though.

What's your point? No one said they're not nonces too.

No. 805370

>Men are attracted to femininity, not women
Oh i wish that was true, if that was the case i wouldn't have been sexualy harrased even though i dress extremely masc.

No. 805379

100% I see all kinds of stupid takes presenting themselves as professional male understanders every day here, and it makes me think nonnies don't go outside.

No. 805395

File: 1620872966276.jpg (29.94 KB, 600x337, 37e0a9d7f0cd55c1b66d0ff2200f77…)

I found a couple of John Mulaney's specials pretty fun, but I'm hardly emotionally invested in him as a human being, to the point that I'm beginning to sour on him just from the way people baby him on social media. "Uwu hope he gets better" "he deserves the world" give me a break. He's a celeb who abused drugs to deal with the stress of touring, like so many do. It's good that he ultimately got help but the way he started a new comedy show right after is unsettling. And I think he's a real shithead for leaving his wife right after finishing rehab.

No. 805401

A ton of anons on here really just expose their terminally online-ness every time they open their mouths kek.

No. 805406

hate to use the phrase but that kind of language is virtue signalling from people who do not have mental illness or drug problems, and are just hedging their bets/making sure they're not offensive about something they don't understand. kind of like how people are when you tell them you have cancer.

No. 805407

Oh shit, I didn't hear about John Mulaney pulling a Hollywood bender. I've only ever seen people babying him and it didn't even occur to me that he was shitty underneath all that awkwardness. Sad because I actually thought he was one of the good men. Turns out, he's a fucking moid

No. 805409

File: 1620874957308.png (394.71 KB, 1002x816, Screenshot from 2021-05-12 23-…)


No. 805414

BSWM = Biblically Submissive Wife Movement
BDSM = Bible Discussion and Study Meeting

eh.. it checks out

No. 805421

It really comes off as some kind of holy fetish. They're in communities where you're not allowed to have fun, so it makes sense that a secret degenerate is going to find all the right biblical quotes to make sure they can still get treated like a slave and have the man enforce "discipline".

I swear to God I'm on to something when I say that this is literally just thinly veiled BDSM

No. 805423

BDSM is basically how woketards justify power imbalances in relationships so it checks out.

No. 805428

It's always weird how BDSM enthusiasts are always either woke girls with pink gear or "male feminists" who advocate for womens sexual liberation in an attempt to trade good boy points for pussy

No. 805430

ive heard that a lot of the 60s "sexual revolution" was just men who were like yeah girl get on the pill so i can have multiple girlfriends

some things never change

and by "some things" i mean men

No. 805433

men who delve into gender shit and actually are good people/not worthless shitheads who understand this mostly affects women and they need to step the fuck back are a very small minority. a good percentage of straight male GCs are fucking insufferable.

No. 805435

I don't understand what being exactly being submissive or dominant in bed even means, with my bf I wanna be pleasured in bed and I wish to pleasure him
So we usually just do cowgirl, missionary and oral, and that does the job for us

I feel like all these sex freaks are way too obsessed with kink terms and shit

No. 805458

Men literally exist to spread semen around so they'll instinctively latch on to anything that will allow them easier access to ass

People get off on power dynamics. Moid doms are just your run of the mill guy who has decided that his pleasure comes from having a woman under complete control. They're the virgins with no jaw on tinder who ask you to call them Daddy, that will help you identify them. Beware of interacting with them for they will refer to you as kitten and want to hit you with a belt for breaking their stupid rules

No. 805459

Sounds like my uni kek

No. 805463

File: 1620882258269.png (150.77 KB, 300x300, Molchat_Doma_-_Etazhi.png)

As much as I hate brutalist architecture I do think the building on the Molchat Doma album looks cool as hell

No. 805469

File: 1620882440846.jpeg (143.36 KB, 519x810, 4279F8A0-56FC-48CA-BB07-350B28…)

as much as I hate the whole era of Bolshevism and Communist russia I very much like the aesthetic of soviet propaganda, ever since my prof during my graphics major phase taught us about constructivism

No. 805470

Tattoos are a huge turn off. I can appreciate them as the art that is it but I could never. I would dismiss dating someone if they had any. (I am aware that I could miss out on someone great for something so trivial but I am still entitled to my opinion.)

No. 805474

That's dumb but, what would you do if someone you were already dating got a tattoo?

No. 805480

NTA but, speaking as someone with tats I think anyone who chooses to get inked should acknowledge the social contract they essentially sign stating that some people will be turned off and not want to date them. Self-expression and bodily agency in exchange for some people not being into that expression.

No. 805481

I'm certain I'd be dating someone who also shared the same views about tattoo's.

No. 805485

My unpopular opinion is that most of the tattoos people get are ugly, tacky as fuck, and show an inability for a person to make good long-term decisions. Every time I see someone regretting a tattoo, I just don't understand how they never stopped to reconsider if they should get something so stupid or subject to change permanently inked on their body.

No. 805490

As someone who has quite a few tattoos, I'm inclined to agree with you. People see my tattoos and love to show me their own. More often than not it's the same basic bitch Pinterest tattoo inspiration shit that you've seen on a million other people. That's not art and it's not a good decision. It says nothing about the person other than that they're generic/tacky/lack imagination

And oh God people who get "sexy" tattoos are proper wrong'uns

No. 805495

Yeah I agree, I don't rule them out completely but I think they often make people look worse. They're so common where I live too, it's almost more unusual to not have any tattoos.

No. 805514

I have the same thing/theme tatted on me in several places and while the tatts and the meaning of them is a positive presence for me.. I remember accepting that with each new tatt I would be becoming less and less desirable to some people.

No. 805537

people with tattoos of fictional media, I run away. Reminds me of the consoom meme

No. 805543

I find them attractive on men but it's absolutely a childish ~bad boy~ aesthetic that I wouldn't want in a serious partner. They can potentially look good when people really commit to large, cohesive pieces, but a bunch of random tattoos scattered everywhere is ugly and that's usually what people do.

No. 805553

I've an autistic obsession with this one creature from a film series. Have 8 tattoos of it but all in covered places. Only special people get to see just how deep this tism goes.

No. 805556

Kek anon pls don’t run, I got it at 17 and just never thought up anything enticing enough to cover it

No. 805562

Please anon which creature is it, I need to know

No. 805604

File: 1620899486763.jpg (446.74 KB, 1800x1200, JOMON_TRIBE_slide1.jpg)

I think only this kind of tattoos is cool, when it looks like markings, I don't like when it's images or words

No. 805611

I’m not a fan of shaving, I haven’t shaved my armpits in 3 years and I rarely shave my vagina (honestly I trim it often because sex and masturbation can sometimes be painful when the hair gets too long, but that is a personal preference without regards to appearance) but I can never get over how fucking ugly unshaven legs are. Both men and women with unshaven legs are ugly but at least men are uglier and hairier in general, I like to think I am against ridiculous beauty standards but leg hair really really is ugly and looks disgusting. Definitely not an unpopular opinion overall, but definitely not a popular opinion within the realm of women who don’t try to conform to modern beauty standards.

No. 805622

I agree, it's so sparse and wiry on women and on men it's like a disgusting tangled gorilla brush ugh I hope we evolve to have no leg hair

No. 805626

i’m the opposite to you! i think underarm hair is so genuinely nasty and visually unappealing. just a peek of it is enough to make me cringe. i don’t mind leg hair much (especially on women), but maybe that’s just because people usually wear long trousers where i live. idk though, hairy people in general are too much for me to handle kek

No. 805636

I would rather live walking distance from a spouse/long term partner than live with them

No. 805640

I agree except I also hate armpit hair, chest hair and back hair on men. On women I don't care because I grew up seeing my grandma in tank tops and unshaven armpits, but my bf has these nasty, wiry sparse hairs growing on his shoulders, chest and back and they're so long and thick, they look like scraggly mole hairs. I make him shave, they're so disgusting. I wish I could date a swimmer.

No. 805641

Every girl I know got catcalled most in their school uniform when they were like 13/14 but I think that happens more so because young kids are easy victims. Idk I don’t think the majority of men are the same as the men who catcall obvious kids on the street but there is clearly a lot of them.

No. 805642

Same, this is how things are for me now, we live about 15 minutes by bus away and I just love it. Having my partner next to me 24/7 with nowhere to escape to when I need alone time in the past was really exhausting in the past relationships. Wish it was considered more normal though, as some people can't stop asking "when will we move in together".

No. 805651

Same I feel like it’s something that’s people are so extremely judgemental about but I think quite a lot of people privately agree, at least with the idea of having separate bedrooms or something.

No. 805653

Totally. I'm sure in many cases it's just more beneficial financially to live together, and of course if you plan to have family with your partner you should be there together for the child, otherwise though it should be normal to live separately even in long-term relationships.

No. 805655

It's not about looking hot or being young, and they're not hitting on you because they're attracted to you but because you're an easy target. I was hit on all the time as a young teen as well, and I was unfortunately also too naive to realize why.
I actually started talking with one of the scrotes and gave him his number, looking back he wasn't attracted to me at all, he just wanted to humiliate me and feel powerful by getting me to do what he wants.

Stop beating yourself up over whether someone is attracted to you or not and why, people who really find you attractive will let you know in appropriate ways.

No. 805656

I'm anti-shaving strandards on most part except for armpit hair. When there are videos of women coloring and twisting it around their fingers, it just looks so nasty.

No. 805657

Yeah I agree, when I let my armpit hair grow it feels soft and nice but I hate the feeling of leg hair. It's soft enough on the calves and thighs but on the shins it feels so rough.

Male body hair is worse though since it's thicker than ours, please god send me a cute hairless twink.

No. 805659

Agree. I stopped shaving and waxing a couple years ago but I restarted shaving my armpits cause it really started to stink

No. 805667

I actually agree, but the thing is you will never get to know someone on such a personal level unless you live together for a long time. The best middle ground is in my opinion living together but having your dedicated rooms where you can spend some time apart from each other, to recharge and have some privacy.

No. 805671

maybe its cause I'm on the autism spectrum but I really don't get the appeal of BDSM, it honestly looks cringy and even funny
like sex is enjoyable, but someone getting tied up from the ceiling, wearing some goofy looking latex suit doesn't seem sexy in anyway
goes for both maledom and femdom, subs and doms, they seem like massive losers

No. 805680

They look ridiculous for most people. All the gears and dialogues would be something most people couldn't get through without starting to laugh, you need maximum horny brain to be that clouded.

No. 805684

yeah the dialogue and rhetoric alone seems dumb asf, If a dude was like "call me master/daddy" I'd probably laugh at his face and If he said "step on me mistresses" I'd be weirded out more then anything
like do they think this shit is sexy and appealing in any way

No. 805685

I don't think men can keep faithful in these scenarios. Maybe other women could.
My parents had a similar setup in their marriage (slept in separate spaces) but ultimately it became a crutch of issues when they realized they were doing it because they couldn't actually stand to be together in an intimate capacity. At first it was about dumb yet understandable things, like the fact that he would snore loudly or that they'd want to watch different things as they fell asleep. Over time it became apparent that they resented each other and were no longer that attracted. Which is something I feel would have been caught and addressed earlier had they been around each other in close quarters. Stepdad wound up cheating on my mom. Yeah she got her space, but that was the cost.

It's just my anecdotal evidence, but I just feel most people aren't with the right person if they can't stand to be around each other most the time.

No. 805687

I was in a local kink scene years ago, can't say I'm into it (mostly just wanted to meet bi women tbh) but weirdly enough I've never met such a high ratio of autistic people anywhere else.

No. 805691

For me what does it, mainly in femdom, is all the ugly, pudgy middle-aged dudes with facial hair wating to be uWu~~~ subs, acting like kittens or whatnot. I know kink shouldn't be shamed just on how attractive you are performing it, but I'm vomiting.

No. 805692

I think it's nuanced, and can be very different in various cases. Like in your example it didn't came out of the desire to have own space as much as desire to be away from the person; I guess this could have gone unnoticed in the beginning but ultimately with motivation like this I guess being separate just encourages never addressing the issues and falling apart eventually.
I disagree that living together = faithfulness and apart = cheating though. If man wants to cheat they'll do it regardless. I lived with my ex, we were together all the time, no issues ever so it's not a problem of not addressing something and still he's cheated on me many many times, just waited for me to go to work or something. Right now I'm dating a guy I love, we spend every weekend together and at least 2 nights during the week, I enjoy every second spent with him so it's not about avoiding something I can't stand, but I love our separate time equally. Ultimately if he wants to cheat he will do it, even if I'm watching his back on a daily basis. Nothing can prevent that.

No. 805693

For me it’s that I can’t stand to be around anyone all of the time, no matter how much I like them. Like it has absolutely nothing to do with them it’s just how I am. Idk if it’s bc of some kind of mental illness or autism or whatever but I could just never live someone.

No. 805694

Same, I actually told my boyfriend on our very first real date that my conditions for dating would be no children, no marriage and especially never moving in together. I haven't been with him for a long time, so I don't know if it's going to last, but honestly I prefer being by myself, it's okay if don't stay together.

No. 805695

If you don't think your husband will be faithful in the circumstance, you should divorce him. period.

No. 805696

I mean both are dumb. A grown woman wanting to be called kitten and call her partner "daddy" is cringy and an adult man wanting to be stepped on or being whipped is also dumb
I mean have these people have never had good sex in their lives, is this why they do this shit

No. 805697

My last boyfriend was a terrible male and so bad at it just being adjacent to him exposed you to most of men's horrible secrets. Ever since dating him I have never felt bad since when dating that I never pay for fucking anything apart from the gas in my car because I prefer not relying on a male for transport. They have no issues paying for sex so if they want to court me I want compensated too. They can fuck off.

No. 805699

Did you mean to post this in the vent thread?

No. 805709

Same. When I was younger I dreamt of being inseperable with a partner. Two long term live-in relationhips later I realize how much my mental health goes to shit living with anyone.

I was miserable living with a controlling asshole (and stressed to the point of illness kicking in) But tbh I was also stressed just living with a nice enough guy too. Different levels of stress but still stressed at home. On top of that I value being able to walk away without financial ties. As soon as it stops being fun…bye. No ties to keep you there longer than you should've stayed.

No. 805710

Well that's the thing, usually women don't suspect their husbands until one day it blindsides them.

No. 805720

I never had trust issues before, felt super secure with my last bf. Didn't stress about women at his work or him having his own interests, never really crossed my mind to stress with him. The guy was 6 months into an affair when I picked up on the signs. He denied it for about a week..then admitted it and swiftly moved into her house the next day. They're still a couple to this day.

The issues I now have as a result of that, and he's all loved up with her still. Fuuck me.

No. 805723

THis sucks anon, hope you'll find a way to feel more secure in time. I had something similar happen to me, it's been years ago but it's still terrifying to think back on it how I've never seen it coming despite things happening under my nose. It's not easy to recover….

No. 805751

Yeah men dont leave relationships unless they found a new host to leech on.

No. 805754

And scrotes have the audacity to complain about women being more likely to end a relationship.

No. 805755

People often talk about how 'some women just cant stand being single' but I've seen the male version of that often enough and it includes cheating and sneaky overlapping relationships alot of the time. Staying in relationships that aren't working..and only ever leaving once the next woman is already secured. A cycle where all their relationships start out tainted by the affair it sprouted from.

No. 805781

Scrotes who are fervent dogfags but hate cats are walking red flags, no exception.

No. 805785

Any scrote that has any sort of autistic preference for anything is a walking redflag.
>he likes fishing
His only personality is fishing
>he likes football
His only personality is football
>he’s into cars
He’s only capable of talking about cars
>he only likes cats
He hates dogs with a fervent passion for some reason
>he only likes dogs
He hates cats with a fervent passion for some reason
>into geeky stuff
He will only be capable of making references and talking about geeky shit
The only type of man that’s worth some time is the kind that has more than one hobby.

No. 805791

My ex hated cats. He left me for another woman and she happened to love cats. A few weeks after the split I emailed him about some last thing we needed to tie up. He starts making small talk and tells me he just got a new kitten. The cat hater got a kitten. OK

I imagine if they split he'll just dump the cat with her anyway so its welfare should be ok. Was weird though. We had two rabbits and he left them with me without a second thought.

No. 805792

Men treat relationships like having a job. Ya dont quit your current job until you get a new one. Men cannot handle being without a woman for too long so being with a woman they dont like beats none at all.

No. 805795

I think generally men who are doing nothing but resolving their hobbies only around videogames (especially competitive ones) are a walking red flag. They always end up being the ones to have 'heated moments' and rage over nothing.

No. 805797

Or are immature as fuck

No. 805799

I noticed that there are some people (usually men) who seem to base their entire personality around Nintendo. Like even in their hobbies, for example if they pursue music they only make covers of songs from Nintendo games or name their group after Nintendo references. It kind of makes me sad to see to be honest.

No. 805801

Is it hard to find a man who just likes animals?

No. 805806

I'm especially dumbfounded by car guys, especially the ones that have in plastered all over social media and even their dating profile(!). Like you think that's gonna make you attractive? It's like a bright red warning for every woman to stay away because your big life dream is getting/collecting X brand's cars.

No. 805811

Usually car guys are borderline retarded and have the mental capacity of a 11 year old

No. 805834

It makes perfect sense
>low standard, happy to get a modicum of attention
>helpless, will not survive alone
>submissive, relationship is built fundamentally on power imbalance
>comes running back even when abused neglected
>owner gets asspats and humanity points


>strong boundaries
>can fend for herself
>gives affection to those worthy
>worships no man but literally engineered poop to make man worship her
>ready to ditch when the relationship is no longer mutually beneficial
Not that cat dudes can’t be fucking nuts but on average if he hates cats for no other reason than “they’re assholes”, he hates having his ego and authority challenged

No. 805841

File: 1620925608963.png (770.01 KB, 930x657, backtothefuture-1.png)

The back to the future movies are boring and frankly overrated,I didn't like any one of them,I can name 20 superior films from the 80's.

No. 805842

Why is it always fat neckbeards with awful personalities trying to hunt down some Belle Delphine lookin ass to call them Daddy?

You have never met an autistic obsession quite like men who are super into shitty soundcloud rappers. I know a guy who never shuts the fuck up about xxxtentacion, joji, lil nas, all that crowd. We talk every day and he brings them up constantly despite me never expressing any interest in rap whatsoever. He asks me if I know insert shitty rapper that looks and sounds like all the rest as if I haven't already told him I only like alt stuff, but his autistic man brain just doesn't absorb that I dont give a damn.

The somewhat sweeter version of this is my dad is autistically obsessed with his own nostalgia so he quietly spergs out to nice things like finding out somewhere is still selling an old brand of candy or movies from the 70s

No. 805847

I've never dated a football fan but I dated a guy who would shit on football fans..point out the cavemen tendencies in them but he loved F1 and darts. Any sport that didn't feature a ball..he was obseesed. He was no different.

He spent many sundays insisting that the rest of the house be silent while he blared racing car noise out of the tv. Just like my dad used to do with football.

No. 805848

I hate those buildings where they're being held up by pillars. I can't walk under them without my heart rate skyrocketing because my brain thinks I'm on the verge of being crushed to death.
Fuck you, architects.

No. 805851

File: 1620926180360.jpg (249.25 KB, 868x1200, shes-too-young-1.jpg)

Imo insane Lifetime original movies from the 80s/90s/early 2000s are way more enjoyable than half of the movies that come out today

No. 805862

I've seen a lot of obsessed Nintendo fans who were women, since it's the most normie friendly video game company it's more accessible to model your lifestyle around it without being judged too harshly, especially if it's Pokémon and Zelda.

No. 805886

they were so fucking good!! especialy if they were based on a true story. There was one about a teacher i believe that got these teenagers to kill her husband by flirting with them and being a pedo. 7 year old me WAS SHOOK when they showed the real people at the end lol.

i hope this isnt racebaiting (i was 7) but me and my siblings used to call it whitetime cuz it was always movies with white women. My mom would be so pissed at us cuz like where did we learn that wtf!!

Anyway do you have any faves to suggest? I want to feel that warm nostalgia of when i would watch it while my mom braided my hair.

No. 805890

oh my goddd i dated a moid like this years ago when soundcloud was still new. he talked about these stupid internet electro/rap/trap guys like they were real people and looked down his nose at me for liking any kind of rock music or even asking what key to play in when we played together

No. 805897

Rap is the worst most misogynistic genre of music so it makes sense, I would never date a guy who was into rap music and I'm saying this as a black woman
Its misogynistic, materialistic, crude and migogynoir

No. 805899

File: 1620929539346.jpg (322.76 KB, 1280x1085, robarts turkey.jpg)

I think this is the hot take, actually- Brutalism is beautiful. It's no warm welcoming cottage of course, but it's not trying to be. It's cold and utilarian. And since they're primarily raw concrete, visual interest comes from exaggerated shapes, textures and massing and that makes for some really unique buildings, they can almost have an alien feeling to them. That said I understand the critics and think it works best for public buildings, since living in a concrete box isn't ideal for most people.

No. 805905

and yet people try to defend rap by saying that rock also can be misogynistic, not to mention pop punk…. okay they can be and they are sometimes, but violent misogyny isn't the main topic of most lyrics (and in pop punk it's often veiled under whining to some nondescript 'you', which I will take over raps about slapping bitches supposedly jumping on some hoodrat's dick)

No. 805915

Interclass friendships virtually never work and aren't worth attempting. There will always be envy, resentment, or at the very least awkwardness. No matter how much they try to act like they have no issue with how much money you have, it will become an issue inevitably.

No. 805918

File: 1620931302707.jpg (171.49 KB, 1500x1212, 81JRnxys4pL._SL1500_.jpg)

best oreos, chocolate oreos are gross

No. 805919


No. 805920

I don't trust people who are overly obsessed with online privacy. I used to see this especially on my country's subreddit for some reason, people who wouldn't use Google at all because "it's not private". Like why do you care if google knows your search history? what are you searching that's so bad?? Weirdo

No. 805921

If you could read the search history of somebody else you can basically read their mind. How does that no scare you? Have you literally nothing about yourself that you don't want to share with the rest of the world?
For example I have a lot of health conditions that I would much rather keep private.

No. 805922

> Privacy invasion is okay because you shouldn't be searching bad things anyway
Do some research on privacy before you come with this retarded toddler-lever opinion

No. 805923

Interesting take. Do you thing google should be allowed to read your Gmail if that is what you use? Just trying to start a discussion so don't get offended.

No. 805925

Nta but don't they already? At the very least they have alghoritms/ai in place to analzye the content of your gmail accounts for targeted advertisment.

No. 805926

File: 1620931986506.jpg (256.79 KB, 1080x1866, 73727277282ch.jpg)

t. never listened to death metal or any extreme metal/hardcore music

They have some of the most violently misogynistic lyrics and band names like Prostitute Disfigurement. I mean to be fair you can't really understand the lyrics through the growls and screams just by listening, but shit like pic related still exists. Rap is pretty misogynistic but it doesn't outdo this imo.

No. 805929

Are you even old enough to post here? Genuinely asking because I can't imagine an adult having a take this stupid.

No. 805932

Like a previous anon mentioned, there's a limitless variety medical shit people might want to keep private. There's also countless things that are objectively harmless but some pearl clutchers might judge you over like for example looking into weed dispensary locations or buying a vibrator.

No. 805934

Fuck metal and everyone who listens to it. Those lyrics are literallly NSFL, it should be illegal to write shit like this, degenerates all of them.

No. 805937


No. 805945

If you need to laugh, there are some old misheard lyrics videos making fun of this shitty song kek.

No. 805947

File: 1620933325325.png (590.12 KB, 666x577, Capture.PNG)

The difference is that these grindcore or metalcore or whatever its called bands arent serious. They are going for shock value, it is all wrapped in a layer of irony. Like a music equivalent of Hobo with a Shotgun.
Rap on the other hand often just glorifies misogyny. Lyrics like "In this world of flesh and blood I feel the urge to fuck. This endless hunger to fuck and smother is driving me to rape the nuns." are completely absurd, but as other anon wrote, "slapping bitches supposedly jumping on some hoodrat's dick" is treated unironically.

No. 805948

>it's totes unironic guise!!1!
Wasn't there some mass shooter not too long ago that was in some disgusting pornogrind band?

No. 805950

if you like to consume that type of media and think its just ironic whatever but it really is not that different. these lyrics >>805926 aren't absurdist at all. its just a realistic account of a sadistic rape and murder of a woman. you don't write shit like that without having a deep-seated hatred for women.

No. 805957

Me too! Lifetime originals based on true stories are fucking lit. I call them "mum horrors" because it seems like they're all designed to make middle aged mothers paranoid. God, there are so many! How could I pick a favourite? Liar Liar was extremely dramatic

The crazy thing is the guy is super friendly but mega retarded as a result of being a rapfaggot. I want to emphasize that this is a white guy from Germany living in Germany, but must literally spend 10 hours a day just thinking about soundcloud rap and talking about American politics as if they apply to Europe. I'm nor exaggerating when I say that. If he didn't tell you he was a German white man, you would think he was an African American.

Also, I listen to metal, and it's only the fucking edge lord shit that turns out to be horrendously misogynistic. The rest of us fucking cringe when we meet fans of that shit

No. 805958

No. It's shit.

No. 805961

File: 1620934024212.png (69.36 KB, 1017x414, 63457345746.png)

No. 805962

Internet hyperbole is pissing me off lately.
Literally everything is shit!
The climate will be a roasting oven in 10 years?
Pesticides and chemicals? They will turn you into a troon and also give you cancer, and also they are everywhere so you cannot avoid them!
A good job? Forget about it, you are fucked for life working till you're 91!
Men? All coomers who will also strangle you to death after cheating on you with your mother and sister.
Your children? They will become troons and you better accept it or else!

Idk if I'm getting too old for this shit, but I'm fed up with all this hyperbole. Life is not so bleak. Normal people still live normal lives. I am sick of internet trannies making it seem so much worse than it is.

No. 805965

What the fuck is porno grind?

No. 805966

>these lyrics >>805926 aren't absurdist at all. its just a realistic account of a sadistic rape and murder of a woman
Yes, that is the absurd part. Song lyrics detailedly describing some horrifyingly violent act, sang in undecipherable growl.

>The climate will be a roasting oven in 10 years?
I dont think this one is a hyperbole anon. When you look at the actual scientific research, you will see that the situation is actually a lot worse than presented in media.

No. 805969

File: 1620934280154.jpg (84.13 KB, 1200x675, https _cdn.cnn.com_cnnnext_dam…)

I never knew of this one, but he seems so … normal.

No. 805970

Instead of getting into some autistic spiel about how metal/hardcore sub-genres work, I'll just tell you it's the lowest form of art that has ever existed.

No. 805971

>I dont think this one is a hyperbole anon. When you look at the actual scientific research, you will see that the situation is actually a lot worse than presented in media.

You know what? Who gives a fucking shit? I just want to live my quiet life in peace. Normal people don't preoccupy themselves with this bullshit.

No. 805973

Why the fuck does it even has a name?
Why do degenerates always manage to disguise themselves as artists?

No. 805976

Then leave

No. 805982

>normal people dont preoccupy themselves with the state of the planet they live on

No. 805983

yes exactly they don't, normal people are not delusional enough to believe they have any kind of say; they know they might as well forget about the whole thing

No. 805985

How is that absurd when it's in a genre known for it's extremely violent and angry lyrics? What would actually be absurd is if the lyrics were completely peaceful in nature depicting no conflict or those lyrics put in a traditionally upbeat socially acceptable genre like kpop or something. As it is it's obviously just the "a-actually it's ironic lol" defence applied to everything bigoted or disgusting scrotes do.

No. 805996

Then go die in a ditch instead of spewing right wing propaganda about how climate change is "hyperbole", or how there is not point resisting our corporate overlords.

No. 806002

This is a dumb & overly generalized take, rap also contains lots of irony and shock value. You could argue both genres glorify misogyny or you could argue it's all just artistic expression and not meant to be taken seriously, but at least be consistent. It's silly holding entire musical genres to different moral standards based on your own HIGHLY subjective interpretations of the artists' intent.

No. 806003

Chill. I am not saying climate change does not exist, but honestly telling me I have to care about this shit is stupid.
I am not the fucking UN general or some shit.
You know what?
If I actually had power to make the whole world cooperate I would also make sure that there is also no more war and famine.
It's just stupid.
Your cardboard poster in the middle of some random US/European city square is not going to make India and China start to cooperate or make the US decide to start caring more about the climate vs. money.

No. 806007

Or maybe rappers are just incels who know how to spit lyrics and they genuinely are misogynistic.
>artistic expression and not meant to be taken seriously
you can say the same about all the incels venting on the internet

No. 806008

Best of luck to you anon

No. 806014

I haven't heard of Hobo with a Shotgun before, and I was sadly disappointed that it wasn't nightcore

No. 806015

>rap also contains lots of irony and shock value.
Yeah I was about to point out that a lot of rappers lie and over-exaggerate in their lyrics all of the time. Plenty have been called out for even lying about how bad their upbringing was to cultivate a hood persona. Kek at least Lil Tecca admits to lying to here. Trying to treat one as more serious than the other is just dumb.

No. 806016

Of course my individual cardboard box wont do shit, but there are thing you can do. First, change your personal consumption habits so you at least arent part of the problem. And you can join political party, volunteer for organizations, advocate for change, organize along the class lines. It is a long and difficult process, but the point is to eventually replace ballots and cardboard signs with guns and guillotines. The bolsheviks did it, the jacobins did it, so why cant we do it too?

No. 806017

NTA, but in that case, so are rock stars, metal musicians, etc. Most male creatives, lmao.

No. 806018

I wouldn't disagree with that. I was not singling out rap. Most male oriented music is either hating on women or boasting about how much of a player they are and how much they fuck around.

No. 806027

>Or maybe rappers are just incels who know how to spit lyrics and they genuinely are misogynistic.

Yeah no shit, the dumb part is pretending pornogrind bands are any different or nitpicking over aRtIsTiC iNtEnT, as if screaming rape & murder threats over a guitar riff instead of rapping them to a beat somehow makes them more "ironic" and cool. Just say you like this dumb scrote music better than that other dumb scrote music and go.

No. 806029

File: 1620936957100.jpg (14.73 KB, 520x326, 565131656.jpg)

I dunno if this opinion is unpopular or not honestly but there's no way I could say it in my social circle – if you're a straight woman chasing cock actively you sound like a fucking clown talking about how men ain't shit and we should kill all men. Some of my coworkers are always saying this and it drives me crazy. Stop constantly fucking men then! Stop obsessively insta-stalking every man who gets hired here! Stop talking about how badly you want a man! Being a straight woman is a curse and if you need romantic and sexual fulfillment you have to not constantly talk about how much you wish men would die ok??? Of course men are not going to be interested in you if you act openly unhinged. If you want a bf you have to take the fat fucking L like the rest of us hets – even better learn to be happy staying single forever without male companionship but I know they won't.

No. 806030

Ok? And 90% of male rock stars (including the ones who write sappy love lyrics) abuse women & underage girls with impunity but let's defend violent scrote celebrities because we like their music kek

No. 806034

I didn't mention death metal, dumbass. I meant relatively mainstream rock. Mainstream rap is misogynistic, you don't need to look for any underground acts.
I also agree with you tbh. Rock is less obviously misogynistic, but rock stars are often shit. No surprise, they are scrotes and abusing the power they have over their fans is in their blood.

No. 806035

Well yeah anon, they're scrotes. Of course an unnaturally high amount of them are terrible. But the point is that rap actively glamourises that kind of behaviour

No. 806036

>Rap is basically all the same shit though
Rap can be as versatile as any other kind of music, nonny. You just haven't heard anything different than the standard money, bitches, and hoes type of rap that gets put on the radio. I know you're being defensive because we're generalizing metal, but it's obvious that you just want to be able to ignorantly generalize another type of music.

No. 806037


If you are actively seeking out moid attention and interaction then don't come back and start talking about how shit they are. So what are you then, if not someone who likes shit things? Imagine acknowledging how bad something is and still going out of your way to subject yourself to it.

"This stove is hot and burns when I touch it, but I'm going to keep putting my hand on it"

No. 806042

I respect this opinion but don't share it, moids are fucking awful and het women have to vent about them and commiserate with other het women somewhere. What's their other option, becoming celibate forever? (I agree the workplace probably isn't the best place.)

No. 806047

I'm okay with people getting paid $600 a week to be unemployed or work at Chipotle indefinitely as long as my college debt is to be forgiven for me to work to make that same amount. Granted my earnings won't automatically be raised too, they can at least forgive bogus debt that I wouldn't have taken if working retail would have gotten me the same result.

No. 806049

For as long as humans unnecessarily harm weaker creatures, they won't be able to stop harming themselves and each other.

No. 806051

Yup, plus sitting around sperging about "rap vs. metal" is scrote-tier discourse. Just listen to your favorite dumb moid music in peace and stop pretending it makes you more highbrow than fans of other dumb moid music.

No. 806054

This. WTF is that bullshit opinion? Kind of victim blamey tbh. Women hope that THE scrote they are into won't turn out be a pos. Then the scrote reveals himself to be shit, and it's somehow their fault for giving him a chance? Some of you don't make sense

No. 806074

File: 1620939819130.png (1.03 MB, 944x525, dhfgjkh.PNG)

it's like it was made for us

No. 806089

A lot of het women who complain about men still have hope in their heart that one of them isnt trash. Eventually they realize being garbage is just in a scrotes nature and they either become gold diggers if they're cute enough or just give up on men. Most gold diggers are made because women come to the realization that the only thing men can offer.

No. 806091

File: 1620941169702.png (601.83 KB, 814x578, B9FB7860-7FEE-4AE9-83BB-7DBCB3…)

complaining that women commiserate about men yet are attracted to men kind of reminds me of picrel

No. 806094

With all due respect, this is bullshit. It sounds like you believe if a woman is attracted to men, it's her fault and she should stfu & accept it when they abuse her affections? How patriarchal. Women have every right to complain about male behavior. In fact they should complain EVEN FUCKING LOUDER. Rather than policing women's behavior and judging them for seeking solidarity/emotional support from other women, have you ever considered scrotes might be the real "fucking clowns" for behaving so terribly that even people who love/desire them have consistently low opinions of them?

No. 806100

>have you ever considered scrotes might be the real "fucking clowns" for behaving so terribly that even people who love/desire them have consistently low opinions of them?
based and pinkpilled

No. 806113

NTA, I think the equivocation of this being like patriarchal victim blaming is pretty far off, and it strips women of their agency, as if their biological needs robs them of any capability of self prioritization.

The patriachial standpoint is,"She didn't choose right, it's her fault she was abused/raped/ect", but the seperatist/blackpill standpoint is, "If you truly understand how evil and parasitical men are, and that any one of them can be hiding their abusive behaviors until you are entirely trapped(and no matter what choice you make you may abused and it is not your fault for failing to choose right) why would you risk your livelihood for something that WILL stastically fuck you over somehow?

It suppose it really depends on the intensity of what her coworkers are saying, if they are commiserating over hating that their boyfriends are jerking off to porn, that is great and should be encouraged or even amplified, but if they truly hate men and despise almost every aspect of them and spend a good portion of their time talking about how much they hate them, they should die, ect, but still date them, I begin to question if they really need to be trying to dating men to be happy. And it sounds like the latter to me.

No. 806117

The original anon literally says
>If you want a bf you have to take the fat fucking L like the rest of us hets
As if there is no option between having standards and attempting to vet a man's quality to the best of your abilities before committing to him and swearing off all men ever for the rest of our lives despite being romantically attracted to them. A happy medium does exist. However I agree that all women, even if they would enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship, have to be prepared for the worst because any person outside of yourself is not under your control and there's no guarantee you'll find one of the few good guys out there.

No. 806125

Only really beautiful, rich and intelligent women have a shot at getting attractive,loyal and kind men and even for them the chances of them getting that is like 1%. If you are average or ugly/poor its not gonna happen.

No. 806138

Are those men attractive with hot bodies though? If you want a man who is handsome, not fat, loyal and sweet you most likely arent getting that if you arent rich and hot.

No. 806141

I definitely disagree. Of course I don't know all the intimate details of their relationships, but of the people I know, the women who seem to have the best relationships are all pretty average. Not ugly, but not head-turningly beautiful. I feel like because quality men don't weight beauty any higher than other attributes like having a nice personality, being passionate about their career, participating in hobbies, etc, they rarely go for the hottest woman in the room and actually get to know people first. Not to say very attractive women can't have a bunch of other great qualities, but that's not always the case and they're aware of that. Beauty doesn't last forever but a person's good character usually does. As far as intellect goes, they have schooling and decent careers but aren't geniuses, and they're solidly middle class.

No. 806142

lmao this pic is exactly what I thought of when I saw that post too

No. 806143

Anon, dont loose hope. I know people like to post about how shallow all men are, but really, when it comes to long term relationships, they care about personality a great deal. And money does not matter at all.

No. 806144

Sorry, reposted since I forgot to mention their careers. To answer your question: No joke, one of the guys is legitimately one of the hottest men I've ever seen. He is absolutely more attractive than his wife, a gym nut with 6-pack abs and a killer body overall. He's not a rocket scientist but I'd say above average intelligence and an interesting career (journalist). The other guy is more average in terms of looks but also actively exercises and maintains his health so I give him extra points for that. He also switched careers a few years after meeting his wife when she got pregnant because he wanted to earn enough so she could be a SAHM mom for the first few years of their kid's life (she agreed) and actually made it happen. Shockingly high quality for this day and age.

No. 806145

This is literally just incel "women only want chad!!" rhetoric genderbent, stop.

No. 806148

I feel like its possible for women to have men who are good people and look better than them but it's rare. It's more common for men to get this. Most men look and act like shit so the top tier men are gonna get snatched up by the best women.

No. 806153

Yeah, I can't disagree with you there. It's definitely rare, but just wanted to say it's not impossible. It's nice to know that at least some of the women in my life have fulfilling/happy relationships.

No. 806155

Isn't that tautological?
The best pair up with the best (approximately), although this is only true for looks and easily measurable traits like intelligence.
It's not true for loyalty or for genuinely good caring personalities.*

Assortative mating is very well documented in humans. We mostly get partners who are similar to us, including in levels of attractiveness and income. Successful men date up, they get hotter women as partners, and attractive women date up, they get men of higher income/status.
If you are average you can/will get average.

*Just see how many of the top men in terms of looks and income cheat and swap wives and gfs often. I think it is even statistically documented that the more successful a moid is the more likely they are to cheat.

No. 806156

Y'all give too much of a fuck about men, they ain't shit, i don't even want to remember they exist and here y'all waiting for the chance to talk hours and hours about those useless ATMs, too much energy wasted and for what?

No. 806157

Looking at relationships as "dating marketplace" is ideological nonsense. There is no objective value to humans, different people want different things. If you want to get man of your dreams, develop yourself into the kind of person he would want to be with. And dont be afraid to pursue a man just because you feel like he is "out of your league". You miss 100% of shots you dont make.

No. 806159

Women dont only want chad and I think that's the problem. Maybe if women had higher standards we wouldnt be in the situation where most men dont even know how to wash their ass…

No. 806160

Because probably all of us can relate to feeling like we are not good enough, and will never be in a relationship of our dreams, so when another anon comes vent about these things, it is important to lift up their spirit.

No. 806161

Literally agree.
I think people waste too much time finding "the one" instead of looking for valuable, long-lasting friendships that over time could turn into a romantic relationship.

No. 806163

Sometimes I come on here and I feel like I live on a different planet. No it is not extraordinary that a man who is married genuinely tries to earn money to sustain his family. That's just very normal and I know of no married man who does not do that. Maybe you all come from broken family backgrounds or something? Is that why you have these super weird ideas?

With regards to the whole "looking better than you" thing. I don't get it at all. Why do you want your man to be better looking than you? Also then, if they are genuinely THAT good, why do you expect them to settle for your sorry ass? What do you bring to the table? Because for most of us, it's looks and youth. Don't kid yourself. That is what attracts men, your looks, your health and your youth. And other things like talents and intelligence and personality keeps them interested.

No. 806165

>why do you think you deserve a man who looks better than you?

It's an achievable goal for scrotes. Actually, it's common. Seems a bit unfor women dont have the same option.

No. 806166


No. 806170

it does make me think many of the users on here dont have irl friends and just get internet socialization. do you guys not have friends who are in happy relationships? are your friends in happy relationships all 10/10 stacys and chads with six figure incomes and washboard abs?

i can get into sad doomer moods about not being hot enough to keep a partner or attract a man. but i have several friends in very happy and healthy relationships with men, and theyre all attractive but i doubt theyre the lolcow version of 10/10 hot.

find offline friends, anons. follow people online who arent egirls youre lurking for lolcow purposes. youll be surprised at what you find

No. 806171

Even my 10/10 stacy friends aren't in happy relationships. The closest one to a happy relationship is 24 with a 35 year old shes not attracted to and out felt obligated to fuck him becuz he paid for trips.

No. 806174

Contributing to a shared income is one thing, earning enough to sustain two people and a child by yourself is definitely above and beyond. Especially on top of having a good body and being a genuinely kind person. I know plenty of dudes who financially contribute and supposedly love their wives but are also misogynistic dickheads who whine about their partners when they're around their friends and still watch porn, make sleazy comments about other women and would cheat without ever saying a word if given the opportunity. So yeah, I'd say its rare regardless of whether anyone comes from a "broken home," and you're in denial if you believe most men are above these things.

>if they are genuinely THAT good, why do you expect them to settle for your sorry ass

The super hot dude sees his wife as a stunner even though she's objectively average. Believe it or not, real love that extends to a person's personality and outlook gives someone an extra shine regardless of how others view them.

No. 806175

i have 10/10 friends who struggle in relationships due to other factors like trauma or mental illness. i struggle with body dysmorphia so i understand the outlook that being skinny or pretty will make my relationships perfect, but contrary to what lolcow thinks, theres more to life and relationships than being fuckable, and any decent man is going to care about more then just looks.

No. 806176

Is this robot psyop kek.
Yeah any “fellow woman” trying to tell anons to lower their standards because they “don’t deserve it” is fucking sus. Seethe.

No. 806179

I have offline friends and I'd say about 70% of them have ran afoul of scrotes. One of my closer friends is in a "happy" relationship, by which I mean she tolerates awful shit from her bf because "guys are guys".

I don't think people can really chalk up a majorly negative opinion about men as being a result of not having friends or socialising mainly online. No smoke without fire kinda thing, I think

No. 806181

File: 1620947881924.jpg (50.55 KB, 1280x720, AT-cm_932232159-preview.jpg)

There is a scrote among us

No. 806182


Most happy relationships are just women settling for men they arent extremely attracted to or crazy about because hes nice and then learning to love him

No. 806183

All right, what conclusion should we make take that? That there is no point in looking for romantic relationship and become a catlady?

No. 806185

plus that library is open 24 hours and you can't get upstairs without a student/faculty card and it's all cozy up there. i used to go up to like the 10th floor and sit right in the corner where 2 windows met and study with the whole city in front of me

No. 806187

Most people are average looking and will end up with someone similarly average looking. extreme differences in het couples attractiveness is due to women striving to live up to oppressive beauty standards. if women stopped doing everything but the bare minimum (basic showering, washing face, brushing teeth), couples would be more looksmatched. same if more men got plastic surgery, did skincare, were invested in their hair and fashion.

No. 806189

Just curious, how many doomers are from non-middleclass non-white backgrounds?

I suspect this is a class/background thing. I can believe you being a doomer if you grew up in a place where I grew up. Thankfully I moved away and realized life could be very different.
My parents are white and middle class but we fell on hard times. But I think the kind of nurturing I got was instrumental in my relative success in escaping that environment.

No. 806219

Animal Farm is so much better than 1984.

No. 806239

I've never met a NEET that wasn't chronically addicted to the internet, NEETdom and internet addiction seem to go hand in hand.

No. 806243

Only boring people think like this.

No. 806245

No. 806259

No. 806262

imo Scrotes that are really into hunting give off the biggest red flags. Especially if their profile pic is of them with their kills.

No. 806269

The only NEETdoms I've met are the ones who are addicted to videogames and refuse to get any therapy (if you don't count them edating someone as "therapy"). The saddest case is a 29yo woman that labels herself as trad rightwing because she craves mens attention, proudly calls herself a femcel and can't stand being around other women. Everytime she does something rude or family asks her to do something as small as watering a plant next to her she goes 'my dEPRESSION'. Is currently dating a JP stan who is as sheltered as her, but at least is studying bachelor degree in uni. Got the habit of snapping at Baristas for not saying hi. They are my personal cows.

No. 806274

>but what about guys who like tomboys and buff women?
for buff women, if they're not roided chads themselves these men are probably repulsive "submissive" femdom freaks. then tomboys? have you seen the tomboys hooter meme? men don't know what it even means and think it's cool girl who they can blabber about their interests to, will always agree with them, and can stick their dick in.

No. 806294

there are men who aren't terminally online memeposters and fetishists you know

No. 806297

I have a level of respect for Vivziepop and her success and style. Obviously, shit like her lusting over a teen is cringe and revolting and then a lot of the success is probably due to other people. But getting a team together to get an art project going, especially with her garish and overcomplicated style and brand of humor that is a weird mix of immature and vulgar is admirable.

No. 806313

Me too honestly, i mostly respect her because she triggers a lot of trannies and the likes and doesn't give a single fuck about woke shit while being a woman (women apparently get cancelled more which is sad).

No. 806315

I agree. I don’t like the show, but the work that went into it and the people she got on her team are very impressive.

No. 806318

Really? Post one. You can’t.

No. 806338

When someone's entire Instagram feed is just pictures of themselves it comes off as narcissistic. Not sure how unpopular this opinion is but that seems to be how a lot of people I know are running their pages.

He was a rare case in that he was leftist and not the usual right-wing shooter, he was a fan of Chapo and similar things like that. Just goes to show leftist men hate women just as much as the right-wing ones do.

Because they have barely nothing else to do, are using it to escape their feelings and using as a replacement for friends/social life.

No. 806339

I love Animal Farm. I've often read it one sitting, whereS 1984 has been on my shelf only half read for years. It's not as captivating

I am aware that Animal Farm is almost child tier but still

No. 806362

I probably should have been more clear that venting and commiserating are absolutely fine and should be encouraged but I don't really know these women (again, coworkers and not close ones) and I hear them talking about killing all men while I'm just trying to have my coffee in the breakroom…then they without any shame ask me in a couple hours OMG DO YOU KNOW (lame fratboy new hire)'s INSTA??? Like no? I don't? I realize in hindsight that I wanted to vent and should have posted in the vent thread.

Again I wasn't clear enough – I meant take the L as in not voice how much you hate men wherever you feel like lol. If you want to be loud and proud about hating men and wanting them off the earth, you're going to develop a reputation as a man-hater which is fine if you want nothing to do with them but obviously it's going to fuck you over if you also want a bf.

No. 806441

Not sure if this opinion is unpopular but americans sticking to their pre XX century measuring system of cups and tablespoons when cooking and baking makes me irrationally mad.

On top of being unreliable for obvious reasons (it only allows you to move between cups, half cups and tablespoons; it completely depends on the ingredient's volume, etc); I've seen americans go on european recipes and demand the measurements in cups and get mad when they end up with weird combinations (like half a cup + 3 tablespoons of flour, just so it can match the original recipe); all over not wanting to spend 9-15$ on a basic food scale.

No. 806443

I just don't get why people wanna bake or cook with unprecise measurements. Knowing for certain you've got the right amount of ingredient down to the gram is assuring.

No. 806453

That's not really unpopular at all?
Unpopular is thinking she's shit even with all of that like I do lol

No. 806457

File: 1620991300350.jpg (65.43 KB, 1000x1000, advice.jpg)

Idk about the anon you replied to, but I kinda sorta get what she means. It's frustrating to see women complain about bad quality moids only to continue chasing them.
It's like some of the bf posts here where anons have the most retarded shitty scrotes for bfs that treat them like shit and everyone tells them to leave them, but they continue to date them anyway.

No. 806458

I mean there browsing lolcow I don't really imagine the pinnacle of mentally and emotionally balanced anyhow

No. 806462

They do that with everything.
Foreign song? "Can we have lyrics in English?"
Video and comments in a foreign language? "Lol this is the English comment you've been looking for!"
Metric measurements? "Can you convert it to cups please for us American readers?"
It's like they don't understand the concept of places outside of their country existing. Just use Google Translate and a converter instead of begging to be spoonfed, you useless fatass.

No. 806464

Some people have certain recipes by heart or prefer to add more of this or less of that because in their opinion it comes out better. Cooking precisely is best when you're a noob but once you know, you can play around it just fine

No. 806469

I use wolframalpha and convert everything to grams, even volume measurements.

No. 806486

All social media-like sites (including this one) are plagued by people who don't have the brains for or are unwilling to think about groups of people in a nuanced way and it's really getting to me.. The standard recipe is "ALL people from group X are bad because my very limited sample size and confirmation bias say so". Like seriously, it's ridiculous. With so many varying people on this planet and with how malleable people are generalizing statements like that are bound to be false. But reason doesn't get through these kinds of people because they have their own psychological reasons for clinging to hate and tribalism.

No. 806488

I mean, doesn't this shit start when the person has been hurt by X person ( Or people) once or many times? Be it real hurt or a perceived hurt. There's something in our monkey brain that may make us want to avoid them and I suppose some people are inclined in taking it too far assuming there not hyperboling their discomfort

No. 806493

I'm sick of people who rag on European people because Americans only understand white people bad. My country was fucked up by other people for centuries, but I can go fuck myself because Scooter Mitchel from Ohio shares racism on Facebook

No. 806494

People hate Americans but love to include the Europeans and assume their inherently the same. It's fun to watch

No. 806495

Wow wolfram alpha can do that too? Awesome I'm gonna try it

No. 806497

No. 806498

It was especially funny when some Sami girl got shared on one of the big cringe subreddits for using the word colonizers or oppressors and redditors decided to pile on her because she's white, not understand the context at all.

No. 806499

Bitch she's Sami, that's like pilling on a native American- so dumb.

No. 806509

Why can't we have an ameriburger cringe thread?

No. 806511

because it would be rife with racebait and politifagging?

No. 806521

See I like the idea of a burgerfag cringe thread because, speaking as a European, Americans are fucking hilarious to observe from a distance. There are wild things I have only ever seen Americans do. But I know for a fact some absolute cockwonky will come and try to make it a racism thing

No. 806523

you know whats funny 90% of my insta is selfies. Not because im narcisstic (far from it) its just rare taht i take a good selfie lmao and i hate having other people taking my pic. And if im gonna take a pic of nature or something i love i usually just post it to my story. Sue me!!

No. 806525

I'd enjoy a thread like that and I'm American, but people on here would get way too retarded and start shitflinging. Besides, we kind of already have that with the sjw artist thread and twitter hate

No. 806531

as a burgerchan i just hate the french and the british. the rest of europe seems cool to me. And maybe norway for that weird black face thing they do but norway seems fine other than that.

No. 806533

isn't the blackface thing from the netherlands?

No. 806535

File: 1621003077196.jpg (53.45 KB, 755x425, Dutch_Netherlands_landofweed.j…)

>And maybe norway for that weird black face thing they do but norway seems fine other than that.

That's the Dutch from the Netherlands, also called Holland, the land of weed cafes, the ones who pretend they are super progressive and enlightened.

No. 806537

sorry for mixing it up thank you guys for enlighting me! but yes THEM that shit is weird as hell to me. but agian the rest of europe i dont mind because i love seeing european women on tik tok singing to cows and stuff its so cute!!

No. 806539

I'm an europoor and I hate brits and frogs way more than burgers. Just don't get all wokey and we're good.

No. 806541

File: 1621003420082.jpg (8.58 KB, 255x197, download (1).jpg)

this is a niche unpopular opinion but whatever. Naturals that shamed hair grease in order to shill these expensive leave in conditioner products that do nothing for the hair half the time except either leave your hair dry anyway, or that you have to apply 3 different oils anyway to help coax this $20 product into "working".

I started using hair grease again (only cost like $2) and water. And when i tell you my hair feels soft and my scalp isnt flaky!! Not to mention it doesnt shrink my hair even further.

The natural hair community should be ashamed of itself for basically criminalizing hair grease when so many of us and our older generation have sworn by it for DECADES and had big ass fros.

Sorry im just pissed cuz i probably spent thousands of dollars since going natural on products that dont even be working when blue magic and sulfur 8 are RIGHT THERE!!

No. 806545

It's ok burgerchan, Europe hates Brits and frogs too

No. 806596

Same, I find it insufferable when you can tell someone got their entire world view from imageboards and/or reddit posts. I honestly think especially for imageboards (or heavy social media users) anyone using them after 21 is generally always extremely emotionally stunted/significantly below average intelligence with few exceptions. With pretty much every single niche online subculture I become aware of I find it fascinating for about 2 weeks until I start to pick up on things about the people and their lives that makes me feel depressed and kind of paranoid if I hang around there too long I’m going to end up like them.

No. 806632

Gen X people are the most annoying generation

No. 806637

Tbh, all hair stuff is just confusing to me so I never really pay much attention to the natural hair community. I just slap pink lotion, castor oil, and rice water on my hair and call it a day

No. 806643

I get what you mean and it's stupid how many people have zero opinions about the world beyond spouting reddit/4chan memes. But saying anyone 21+ using imageboards has to be stunted is really only true for shit like /pol/ or other big boards. A lot of small hobby boards aren't really that different from traditional forums discussing some niche interest.

No. 806648

I don't feel bad when people complain about having put on weight during the lockdowns, it's kinda pathetic not to be able to control your food intake. I'm not talking about people with eating disorders of course.

No. 806653

I kind of feel the same about the small hobby boards though in that they’re always interesting at first but after a couple of weeks/months start to have a depressing vibe to me. Maybe there are some that wouldn’t be like that but just none are coming to mind currently. Also maybe I just never stick around long enough with them to get a full sense of it so only the more histrionic users end up catching my attention.

No. 806654

Eh, not being able to control yourself to the point of getting way overweight is stupid, but it makes sense that people would lose muscle tone and get flabbier after not being able to go to a gym for so long. I didn't gain weight during lockdown, but it took a lot of effort not to since I went from hours of cycling a day (to get to uni) to zero.

No. 806662

some people were depressed anon and probably used food to cope. jeez.

No. 806673

This is only unpopular on this site, and I'm probably biased because I have a severely limited exposure to men in general (all-girls school, never had a bf, female-dominated workplace) but I have hope for men. I think there's a fair bit of men out there that are great, and most I can tolerate as an acquaintance (which is the only thing that really matters to me tbh). Even if there's no hope for men, I think I could live celibate 'til the day I die

No. 806674

>all-girls school, never had a bf, female-dominated workplace
Same I hardly ever come across people who have this experience, it makes a lot of what anons here talk about very unrelatable

No. 806675

looking at porn statistics. men watch it or don't give a shit their friends watch it. I don't have hope men will change, but women will get pissed enough and make changes to curb excesses. i'm not a misandrist but reality is most if not actively terrible are apathetic and enable other men.

>think I could live celibate 'til the day I die

i love that for you.

No. 806682

I've been pretty lucky when it comes to men for now (decent men in my family, never been sexually assaulted or harassed, never had a bf either…), I don't harbor any negative feelings towards them in general, but I totally get why many anons feel like they do. I guess it depends on the culture too, I've never heard of random men telling women to smile being a thing in my country.

No. 806692

I agree. I wonder if I just have good luck sometimes because I've dated and had strong friendships with very good men over the years, most of my male friends are now married or in healthy LTRs, and I have friends who have nice dads. Of course I agree the majority of men are shit and I don't trust them for a very long time, but they should be held to a higher standard because I've seen men be capable of being decent humans so I know they can do it if they want to. I have a very low tolerance for asshole men, I tell them why I don't want to see them again and don't wait around for them to change.

No. 806719

I had some shitty times with bfs, feel like those experiences changed me in a way I can't undo. Once seemingly wonderful guys couldn't be further from that behind closed doors. Then when you confide in people they don't fully believe you.

It reminds me of when I lived in a few different apartment buildings and there was always that one nearby apartment where I'd overhear the most abusive raging men..regularly verbally abusing their family for hours. I'd be listening to make sure it didn't escalate. You'd hear thumps and hope to god it was an object. Ongoing sessions of that. Then you'd meet them out and about and they'd be sweet as pie. I'm not over the top about it but I'm cautious about the whole 'street angel house devil' thing. Seen too many examples of it. You almost have to live with a man for a couple years before you get to see that stuff. By that point you're invested and you make excuses for him. Part of me wants my innocence back but
>I could live celibate 'til the day I die

No. 806737

This but me with abusive mother figures. I always feel a bit sus around moms even when they acting nice in public because mine was a raging lunatic behind close doors and generally not very stable.

No. 806743

And what's fucked is that if a woman wants to abuse their kids or partner they will usually be able to get away with it even more so then their male counterparts do to their tendency of not leaving physical marks when abusing. So yeah it can be fucked

No. 806744

Yeah the power dynamics that exist behind closed doors..frightening how some people manage to live their life in these handy compartments. Everyone loves them but if you live with them.. You know better than say their workmates or friends.

That's why I always hate to see people disbelieve accusations based on "well they seemed nice to me" You just don't know

No. 806751

Why is it so hard for people to conceive that people especially abusers of either gender are two faced?

My sexual abuser is a mother with a college degree ffsake

No. 806755

I'm a little envious of people who got to have their largely forgiven weight-gain moment honestly. I worked through the whole pandemic in retail order fulfillment, which as a service became more popular than ever as people sought contact-free options and a ton of my coworkers had to go on leave for health reasons, so I was often working overtime and walking anywhere from six to twelve miles a day. I dropped a ton of weight very quickly and definitely have aged a little in the face because of it.

No. 806759

Hopefully you can gain some of that healthy weight by next year anon
I've reduced by food intake severely because I'm not really moving around so I don't feel that hungry either and I've slimmed down considerably.

No. 806760

This. Nonnies seem too inexperienced to understand that just because someone puts up a nice facade doesn't mean they're the same person behind closed doors. I hope they never have to learn that lesson the hard way.

No. 806767

Same, although some normies do learn it the hard way I'm afraid
I frequent survivor reddit subs for some support/ comfort and not everyone there had a history of abuse pre meeting their BPD Ex for example.

No. 807099

It’s the internet anon. It’s so easy just to say shit

No. 807324

I like the way cybertruck looks

No. 807336

Same, I wasn't fully sold on the concept when they presented it on stage, still found it interesting; recently I saw that video of it driving down NYC and it's shape is so fascinating especially in direct comparison to other cars.

No. 807340

Money can buy happiness. I think if I give the most charitable reading to people who say it can’t, they’re saying you material objects/consumerism won’t make you happy, which I think is true. In reality though, when I think of the things that do make me most happy in life: time with my loved ones, being able to pursue creative and fulfilling endeavours, money absolutely does but you those things. Money allows you the free time to spend with your loved ones and pursuing your passions. Plus I think a lot of the idea of “happiness” is highly connected to physical and mental health, as well as security and having reasonable living conditions and being able to live a healthy lifestyle and money definitely does greatly help you with those things. So I think in the sense of the way you essential “buy” free time and the access money gives you to resources that can greatly improve your health and well-being, money absolutely does buy happiness.

No. 807346

Not an unpopular opinion, 100% truth.

No. 807399

the saying 100% exists so that the rich can gaslight the poors into being happy with a low quality of life

No. 807425

The contrary is usually said by rich people who are completely incapable as humans and of properly managing money, relationships and health, but end up blaming money for their unhappiness instead of themselves. Money gives you access to a higher quality of life and that does make you happier. If you're hungry you can eat whatever you want, if you have bills you can pay them with no issues, if you want that thing because you like it and it brings you joy you can just buy it, you can pay for education, travels, vacations, medicines and treatment if you have health issues, literally everything. You can help other people without having to fuck yourself over.

No. 807432

That drug that eases autism that's getting a trial run is going to end up doing more good then bad

No. 807444

There's a drug that does what now? Gimme

No. 807456

To add to this, I think with some people (especially those who came from money, or at least never lived in poverty) are used to the quality of life that money provides, so they don’t even think about what it’s like not having it. It’s easy to take constants like that for granted unless you’re mindful. Similarly, few people with access to clean running water think twice about it until it’s cut off. Only then do they realise how much easier it makes life.

Though imo people are never going to fully understand situations unless that’s their life. People fly to Africa for poverty tourism, George Orwell hung out in slums until it got too much, there are TV shows where rich kids go to live with poor kids. They can gain insight from these experiences sure, but I’m doubtful of the extent when they can just opt out and head back to their more comfortable lives.

No. 807459

The trans cult is not going to like this

No. 807462

My sister used to say that money doesn't buy happiness but poverty can make you very unhappy. Which I like to think makes more sense

No. 807486

It's in its baby stages but there's already advocates bitching about it

No. 807493

Plus size models should still be shunned by the fashion industry. Imagine designing a garment that is wearable art, putting so much effort into the details and movement, and the pc mob bullies you into including some Tess Holliday landwhale that makes everything that touches her skin look like a tablecloth. Fat people cannot wear clothes right, I'm sorry. There is a reason clothes are shown on coat hangers in stores and not pool floaties.

No. 807494

Tess has anorexia. How dare you.

No. 807496

>and the pc mob bullies you
I think you meant to say "the marketing department".

No. 807510

While I agree that plus size models look like shit, I completely understand why companies use them. It's all about representation these days, if you have a fat queer disabled trans POC model you get more brownie points and theoretically more sales. The average person is fat and likes fat models wearing the clothes they want, it gives them an idea on how it looks on their own flabby body. I don't think it's the fashion industry's fault, they're just creating what sells- hamplanets in a culture with skyrocketing obesity and glorification of it. I blame the HAES movement and other contributing factors for the increasing number of beached whales instead.

No. 807511

I hate tattoos. But thigh tattoos are one of the most ugliest and trashiest thing ever ever

No. 807518

I don't support HAES/obesity myself, but the "wearable art" argument is kind of dumb to me.
If you, as an artist, can only make decent art of one body type, that's a personal limitation, not a problem with the subjects around you.
Yeah a fatty won't look sexy to anyone who's not a BBWfag, but when it's about artistic expression, there's a far broader spectrum of things you can do.

No. 807521

That and the fatties think just the act of showcasing skinny bodies is a hate crime against them, rather than that being the sort of body type that wears clothing better. Of course they were never triggered enough to work on losing weight because of it. They were more negatively impacted by Wendys ads on TV than a spread in Vogue. Why they don't rail against the fast food industry and meat consumption in America instead is beyond me.

No. 807534

File: 1621114350943.jpg (1022.73 KB, 1000x1500, devil-wears-prada.jpg)

The problem is that "plus size" in the fashion industry basically means any woman who's not anorexic/rail thin/protruding bones. Like in the devil wears Prada everyone kept calling Anne Hathaway (picrel) fat throughout the whole movie.

No. 807538

But that’s a movie though, is it actually the case irl? Bc I feel like most of the models I see called plus size are actually overweight. Or are you saying it shouldn’t be considered plus size since the average person is also overweight?

No. 807542

File: 1621114768516.jpg (24.76 KB, 452x594, gettyimages-119274993-594x594.…)

Idk, but kate upton is considered plus size and i don't think she's overweight, and if she is it's barely.

No. 807543

File: 1621114945760.jpg (69.02 KB, 540x676, 2d539c06962267fd810da9cb3c947d…)

It has changed marginally nowadays, but my sister was obsessed with modelling and Gisele Bundchen back in the day and I remember reading in one of her magazines that Gisele was called "too curvy" in the 90's when she started.

No. 807544

interesting ty, I had no idea either of these people were considered plus size

No. 807545

OP and I think anything Ashley Graham and above is plus size. Ashley can look good because she has an hourglass figure, honestly I'd rather have her in a show than Hogbody Kate Upton.>>807542

The norms have changed to where the average runway model these days is a size 2 rather than the size 00s of the past.

No. 807546

She is by no measure, fat, and she looks hot unlike the ugly stick figures that you usually see.

No. 807551

Her face is great but she looks too porny to me with the way they style her. I guess she is marketed at men rather than women so that's the point.

No. 807553

>I think anything Ashley Graham and above is plus size

… that's your opinion though, it has nothing to do with what the fashion industry actually considers "plus size" as far as runway models. also, kate upton = hogbody…? I get that she's an apple shape rather than a pear shape but she still has a waist. jesus christ

No. 807555

Jesus, that's fucked up. It's nice that at least a few companies are starting to use models that are at a healthy (not obese) weight honestly. My ED as a kid was at least partially fueled from looking at impossibly tiny models and being disgusted with my own, normal body.
Definitely, I feel like the body types in fashion photography and playboy magazine type photography tend to be pretty different.

No. 807589

>My ED as a kid was at least partially fueled from looking at impossibly tiny models and being disgusted with my own, normal body.
Sorry but how does this work? Why did you compare yourself to older women if you were just a child?

No. 807598

It’s literally just clothes lmao just starve and die in peace anachan, seethe and salivate.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 807610

Im going to assume that she meant when she was a teen. Children developing eating disorders is pretty rare

No. 807623

i don't hate landlords. i just saw someone complain that "all landlords are cunts" because they have to clean their apartment after they move out or they won't get their deposit back or be charged cleaning fees. like…… yes? you can't just leave a piece of property you don't own a fucking pigsty and then ditch it.

No. 807627

File: 1621123994183.jpg (16.24 KB, 218x320, thin model.jpg)

has literally nothing to do with health or bmi. it's about how the clothes fit. you could be rail-thin but if you have large boobs you're plus-size. the "ideal" female model is like a ballerina; thin, tall, lack of any curves. they are showing off clothing and should be basically blank slates with no lumps or bends.

No. 807628

Kek, these are the same people that go "fuck capitalism" because they have to find a job.

No. 807632

That's not why most people hate landlords. It's because they don't actually work or provide anything to society, they just own land and charge you up the ass to live on it, and get fucking rich. Then when you actually need something from them (something's broken, someone's parking your spot etc) they ghost you and are never to be found. In other words they just leech off of you, not even taking the bare minimum amount of responsibility.

No. 807635

The last time my grandparent rented an apartment a couple ended up stealing EVERYTHING from the place, including furniture, the only thing they left was a light bulb and (thanks to them) fried kitchen supplies. They had to clean up everything and pay the money to change the lock and get new stuff.
I hate people who scream and complain that "landlords are scums" when they are people too, especially when someone doesn't want to have a pet around or gives you pet rent fee or whatever.

No. 807636

>they just own land and charge you up the ass to live on it

No. 807637

They own that property, you're paying them to use something that they own, how is that leeching? Of course big management companies don't care about you but if you rent from a regular homeowner instead you typically don't run into these issues.

No. 807638

It is called social parasitism anon, and it should be tolerated any more than a tick sucking your blood.

No. 807642

So can I live at your place for free and you can fix all my shit and yell at the neighbors for parking in my spot? Just kidding, I know you don't own a place.

No. 807645

>you can fix all my shit and yell at the neighbors for parking in my spot

Landlords dont even do that though even after you pay them 1300$ a month. That's the point.

No. 807647

The difference is that one (the house you live in) is an article of consumption, while the other (house rented) is capital.

No. 807648

my landlord isn't rich. she lives in an apartment across from mine.

lol this

yes they do? mine always gets on it. you sound like you still live at home having your life paid for by your parents and just parrot shit you hear on twitter

No. 807649

nta but i find the concept of owning and inheriting land weird. housing i can understand since there was labor involved to build it, but its wack that someone just has a piece of paper that says this square of the earth belongs to them and we all accept it.

No. 807650

sure is. it's also how current society functions, so.

No. 807651

If landlords didn't rent out property, wtf would people who don't want or can't afford to own property themselves do about finding somewhere to live? Rich people rent, people who move around a lot or are only staying temporarily rent, people who'd rather invest elsewhere rent, people who don't want to take care of a property rent, and obviously people who can't afford or are saving up to buy a place rent.

I'm guessing your ultimate solution is govt distributed housing or the market magically becoming affordable for all but that's not the fault or responsibility of landlords, they're just working within the existing system.

No. 807652

How rich your landlord is does not matter. The point is they make profit from your labour. You go to work so you can pay them rent, and whatever you pay is higher than their expenses, becouse then they would not do it.

No. 807653

>yes they do? mine always gets on it. you sound like you still live at home having your life paid for by your parents and just parrot shit you hear on twitter

They really don't though. Maybe some do but they're the minority. A friend of mine recently had the problem of someone parking in her spot. She tried to contact her landlord for WEEKS and they ignored all her texts and calls. Eventually it got resolved when she ran into the guy who was parking in her spot, the landlords never did anything. And she pays upwards of 900$ on rent not including utilities. Ive heard countless other stories of this shit happening from people i know.

No. 807654

Is anyone arguing otherwise? But we are saying that it is a.) immoral, and b.) against our (mine and also yours) interests.

No. 807656

I don't find it weird at all, I find it perfectly natural, plenty of animals are territorial. They too acquire and defend their pieces of land, we just do it in a civilized way.

No. 807658

Honest question here: anons complaining about the concept of landlords, are you american?

No. 807659

i'm a burger and i think being a landlord is fine actually
my dad is a landlord

No. 807661

No. European.

First of all, that is a moronic argument. Second, doesnt even work, because humans arent. But if you want to go by law of the jungle, then it is also OK to slit their throat and nick all of their stuff.

No. 807664

i guess what i find weird is that we are supposed to act rationally and we already have housing so there isnt much need to own empty plots of land, some people own huge pieces of the wilderness while living elsewhere.

No. 807666

I haven't complained about landlords yet but I'm a jaded american, yeah. I've yet to stay in an apartment, even expensive ones, that aren't held together by duct tape and a shitty coat of paint. You can complain about pest problems, break ins, leaks, no parking, broken appliances, and the most the average landlord will do is shrug and maybe send out a maintenance man to do a band aid fix of the problem, because actual upkeep costs money and cuts into profits. After all, what are you gonna do? Break your lease and fuck up your future rental chances?
I hate renting and would love to buy my own place but the housing market is insane right now and most properties are snatched up by flippers who use the same shitty "renovation" techniques as landlords to make a quick buck, or people who want to make an airBNB or place to rent out. Some nonny is going to reply about how THEIR landlord is actually incredible and wonderful but truly that is a rare find.

No. 807670

As another insomniac nonny, I agree. I never interacted with a landlord who wasn't a downright thief.
All have tried to steal my deposit.
All have tried to overcharge me on utilities.
All have neglected maintenance.
All have forced me to engage a lawyer to get what is mine and have forced me to waste so much time just trying to get my money back or trying to get what I pay for.

Pure scum.

No. 807671

I’m European. These feelings are more common in countries or areas where renting is unpleasant due to little protection for renters/high rent cost, also property prices being so high that buying isn’t an option for most people. People are probably mostly fine with it in places where these are not issues.

No. 807675

No; are you?

No. 807678

I don't have a horse in this race since I own, but that is super not the same thing

No. 807710

Ausfriend here, renting is the same here too. The one good thing about the pandemic was that we closed borders and suddenly all the Airbnb shitheads had to "pivot" back to long term rentals and so then rent dropped. I'm dreading when borders reopen.

My kitchen is made of particle board leading to it'
literally disintegrating so I'm probably safe here but I wouldn't be surprised if they put the rent up just because.

You might like John Locke's philosophy then, because according to him, if it's not the object of your labour, it ain't yours. By that reasoning my landlord stopped owning this apartment in the 80s.

The worst argument ever for anything.

No. 807774

Fansubs >>>>> licensed official subs. Only for subs though, scans suck ass most of the time.

No. 807909

I'm from the EU. Landlords are buying apartments here (by taking more mortgages from the bank so it's not even their own money) just to rent them, leaving none to the people who would buy one as a home for themselves. I know there are virtuous landlords who aren't greedy pieces of shit but the ones who are have warped the economy to the point nobody can cough up the down payment for the apartments with ever rising prices unless you already have a notable amount of wealth. People aged 35 are still renting out of necessity while their parents owned a huge house at 25 with a minimal amount of money.

No. 807970

I don’t respect any bitch on here who shows lolcow to their boyfriends or moid friends. Your fucking scrotes are not special or exceptions. Their lurking eyes are exactly as disgusting and unwelcomed as any robots. You must be lonely and/or pick me bitch to desperately need to share le funny lc posts with males.

No. 807982

no. it pisses me off that while there are homeless peoople in my country, ther are tons of empty apartments that are hoarded by landlords. there is need for cheap apartments for young people, but like vultures, landlords bought apartment buildings from a cheap, young people oriented company facing bankrupty to make profit and rising the rent and forcing the people living in those buildings to move out to make profit.

No. 807983

wait a minute do anons actually do that? I wouldn't even show lolcow to my female friends.

No. 807984

fellow finnish anon?

No. 807987

I've seen people admitting to showing it to loved ones

No. 807990

yes. obviously nuorisosäätiö's previous management was shit too and they caused all the problems by being criminal greedy fucks (what a surprise for landlords) but i think the investors who took advantage of the situation are even worse.

No. 807998

You're right.

No. 808008

While I agree, lolcow isn't a secret. Men on certain parts of the internet are perfectly aware of it's existence. Kiwifarms, /cow/, /r9k/, the webring, /cgl/, /lgbt/, /qa/ and even /fit/ talk about LC. The reason we aren't constantly raided by men is that most men don't care and think LC is boring.

No. 808009

I wouldn’t do it but also it’s not that deep imo. Possibly unpopular, at least.
I’ve shown posts to my girl friends before

No. 808018

I know a guy who seems to be aware of all image boards and he believes lc is full of troons while crystal is where women go. Last time I looked at crystal I would assume the opposite. Yeah he thinks both places are boring so he doesnt bother posting on either of them.

No. 808029

while i would say i’m more in support of the palestinians i feel like a lot of people are being really anti semitic and dismissive of why jewish people are in israel in the first place. i’ve literally seen people on twitter call what’s happening over there a second holocaust and jewish people nazis. that’s just incredibly fucked up. and this is coming from supposed leftists. people need to realise that conflicts are never black and white with good guys and bad guys. also a lot of leftists seem to think that anti semitism doesn’t exist or is justified when defending palestinians

No. 808034

I doubt most of the westerners voicing support for Palestinians even know what the conflict is about besides "ree evil Israelis killing innocent poor Palestinians". They're just doing it because every other woke person is.

No. 808058

A lot of people like to pretend they're into history and politics but they cherry pick often what they believe, which I find odd since their usually the type to shit over religious beliefs. Religion acts on faith as a basis what's their excuse for straight up ignorance. Jewish people having a homeland isn't wrong, what's wrong is government forces and hamas engaging in warfare causing death to civilians. Civilised society should be able to live together in peace.

No. 808071

One side is currently carrying out pogrom, and is backed by its far right government and US armed military. Hardly a moral conundrum.

No. 808073

> and this is coming from supposed leftists
The left has a long history of antisemitism. This isn’t surprising.

No. 808079

Zionism is janus-faced, there is an emancipatory aspect but also a settler-colonist side too, you can't ignore that. Nazi comparisons are unfortunate but israel is shifting further towards the extreme right. Even some neo-nazis see it as a model to emulate (richard spencer calling for a "white zion" for eg.)

My take is that since nazi germany was responsible for the holocaust and lost the war, the new jewish homeland should have been formed by land ceded from germany.

No. 808081

The historical Jewish homeland has always been Israel. It wouldn't make sense for it to be in Germany. People often forget that theirs Jewish people through Africa, the med, Middle East and Asia. A lot of these people seek refuge in Israel because they suffer antisemitism elsewhere.

No. 808083

I mean it Is an ethnic cleansing, so even if they arent obviously nazis and saying they are so is pushing it there are obvious similarities through the tactics they use, especially with forced conscription, that's the fastest way to brainwash people.

Isn this special pleading? I dont need a degree in history to realize bombing a whole building that's used to host news channels is fucked up, specially when the official idf Twitter later claims it was one of those magical civilian shield building used to support hamas

Idk about that but it always surprises me to see hard right people going nuts for israel idk why I always thought hard Christian conservatives would be more against them

No. 808087

>official idf Twitter later claims it was one of those magical civilian shield building used to support hamas

I mean there's nothing magical about hamas terrorising Palestinians too. You insinuate as if they haven't literally used human shields. I'm sure most Palestinians would prefer peace by peaceful means that caught in a crossfire.

No. 808090

Fun fact: Hamas used to be supported by Israel in order to undermine Palestine Liberation Organization, a secular internationally recognized representative of Palestinian people.

No. 808091

>dismissive of why jewish people are in israel in the first place.
because president Truman had a jewish friend or because Jacob tricked his brother Esau?

No. 808092

Colour me surprised a corrupt organisation becomes full of armed terrorists.

No. 808096

I'm okay with the idea of anons showing screenshots to their bfs, but I disagree with telling them about the site

No. 808101

That is a history pretty much every Muslim extremist religious organization. USA and its allies had spend entire cold war funding, training and arming them to combat secular national movements, because those might nationalize the countries natural wealth instead of letting foreign companies exploit them.

No. 808104

They don’t have because isnotreal.

No. 808107

It's not just muslim/Arab organisations. Its pretty much how terrorists start up/get funding then the government that knows how they operate since they supplied them the training have to take them out. It's why democracy is so popular because it's suppose to strop corruption but people is dicks and absolute power corrupts.

No. 808108

File: 1621179969488.jpg (236.78 KB, 720x1315, 20210516_114524.jpg)

I'm not saying the possiblity is null or nonexistant, I'm saying the idf has a history of claiming whatever they killed or destroyed was hamas all along, perhaps it's just easier bureaucracy

No. 808186

I refuse to participate in the sustainability meme. The 10% richest of the world are responsible for over 50% of the carbon emmissions, but normal people like you and I are the ones who gotta stop using single use plastic and buy less clothing? It's literally young and poor people paying the price for the lifestyles of the wealthiest of wealthy.

No. 808245

I hate whenever people say “(x) likes to hurt others because they don’t get attention/love!” Has it ever occurred to these people that maybe it isn’t that deep and they just enjoy fucking with you?

No. 808259

This and it's usually large corporations fucking up environments and taking advantage of all these resources.

No. 808293

This is what pisses me off about the sustainability stuff. I'm all for recycling and using sustainable products and preventing climate change but it's so fucking frustrating that companies get to pollute and put out tons of carbon emissions all they want and nobody's seriously pressuring them for more environment friendly logistic chains or choosing/developing sustainable energy production methods. And because of that I'll be stuck having to deal with lowering my living standards for this pedantic eco-living lifestyle that barely even makes a difference.

No. 808337

If you aren't having children you could drive a gas guzzler, never recycle, use plastic bags and plates etc and you'd still make less of an impact on the environment than a whole family of perfect eco-green yuppies

No. 808345

Personally I'm doing what I can like buying local products if it's worth it and I can afford it, or buy second hand electronics and clothes, but I don't want to be told what to do or buy by anyone I know is way worse than I am, like the people who brag about buying vegan clothes and leather while smoking all the time and driving their cars in cities with public transports.

No. 808396

No. 808443

I don't give my money to fast fashion companies out of spite and hating their sexism

No. 808450


If you’re posting in English on Lolcow there’s a good chance you’re part of that 10%.

No. 808459

Uh, no. Not in the slightest.

No. 808462

Exactly I think a lot of people don’t realise this. You don’t even need to be making 6 figures I can’t remember the exact number but it’s like a net worth of $95000 or something around that would put you in the top 10% worldwide.

No. 808464

Over 102 million people in America are in the 10 percent, it’s not that unlikely.

No. 808471

but ppl speak anglo all over the world.

No. 808472

I don't want mask mandates to end. Not due to covid fears, but I enjoy having people not be able to look at my face.

No. 808473

Why can’t you just keep wearing it without the mandate?

No. 808475

I fear people will stare at me more if it's just me. Or ask stupid questions instead of minding their own business.

No. 808477

I dont think people will stare. You are certainly not the only one who will keep wearing a mask. I am going to keep wearing them, it is a good way to prevent all the facial recognition softwares from seeing me.

No. 808493

I also want to keep wearing them. I'm shy and they help with that, plus it's nice being to only do eye makeup

Are you a KGB agent, nonnie?

No. 808498

They'll probably upgrade the tech to see through masks so I'd line the mask with aluminium. Tinfoil ain't so crazy after all, just meant to wear it on a different part of your head. I am completely sincere rn, facial recognition tech is a real threat.

No. 808499

Same, my face is pretty ugly so I feel more confident wearing cute clothes when it's covered

No. 808521

People are too quick to call things and people toxic instead of thinking in context. I don't think it makes sense to cut people off because they sometimes annoy you, it's a good skill to learn to get along with people who bug you and understand them better

No. 808536

I agree I think some of the posts that go viral about “toxic people” or “cutting people off” come off genuinely sociopathic and I also find it weird how grown adults are supposedly still regularly having this much interpersonal drama that it warrants certain people making posts like that every other day

No. 808562

If I was on a TV competition show for hair stylists and Brand Mondo was the celeb doing my hair I would cry

No. 808568

I don’t think this is that unpopular but yeah I feel like he’s the embodiment of fake it till you make it like it shows how many people you’ll be able to delude about your skill level just by acting confident

No. 808574

File: 1621213850726.jpeg (976.83 KB, 1242x1294, BB2D7678-B72D-462E-AD94-A4DF66…)


All these celebrities (and all of the celebrities people use as examples when they claim so and so “hasn’t aged”) have very visibly aged and tbh a lot of them look better for it. I think people use looking pretty and looking young interchangeably but like many young people look ugly. It’s kind of like in leftthots people would sometimes get annoyed when people would say Dasha looks young because she looks ugly but I don’t think those things are mutually exclusive?

No. 808579

Can't take these tweets seriously because they compare photoshopped photos from paparazzi.

No. 808580

That mentality comes from spending too much time in the internet. Everyone knows in real life that you can't just irl block someone and be done with them for whatever petty reason you want. A lot of the time you're forced to interact with those people regardless how you feel about them, that's life. Also people and relationships are complicated, but internet addicts can only see black and white based on their woke discourse, it's quite bpd of them. But the point is in real life normieland it comes off as >>808536 said, sociopathic

No. 808582

samefag I noticed you said "things" as well and ho boy. It's amazing how different people act irl to the internet, though mostly it's because they're different groups of people I guess. If you said out loud to a group of normies you liked some media that is "problematic," the most you'd get is teasing or a raised brow but people simply aren't that invested in these hysterics. It's like when awkward twitter kids try to bring discourse to real life, it's quickly shot down and they seem really weird for getting that worked up about something so trivial. They quickly go quiet and docile too lol

No. 808625

I hate this shit too. Rihanna looks great but clearly older from when she was 20. I used to see that dumb meme all the time of Keanu not aging, like bitch where? Have you seen Point Break? He is visibly older now. Everyone ages, but that doesn’t mean they turn into a wrinkled old prune at 30 kek.

No. 808666

Conventionally extremely attractive men (so I’m talking about a very small % of them, not just decent/cute men but like men who could work as models) are more likely to get caught up in their own good looks and be consumed by vanity than beautiful women are

No. 808728

>I think people use looking pretty and looking young interchangeably
Definitely, people think women stop being/looking young at the magical age of 30 and it's ridiculous. Their perspective is so warped and it's only going to become more outdated with how much women understand about skincare these days.

Actually, I find that early 30s is when most female actors peak in beauty. When I find someone to be really attractive and check out her IMDB or w/e, that's the age range they tend to be in whatever I'm watching.

No. 808731

Trips of truth

No. 808791

It's not enough for women to be just beautiful. If an attractive woman is obsessed with her looks she gets shit on for being shallow, insecure, useless, uncultured etc. Plus maybe extremely attractive men are just so rare that people feel the need to give them a free pass more than they do with attractive women.

No. 808792

Beautiful men absolutely terrify me. Some day I would love to even kiss one but I would never know how to handle the situation. I get shell shocked. Its absolutely startling to see a hot man, to me.

No. 808794

Objectifying men will always be better than objectifying women. Anyone who acts like it's on the same level is genuinely retarded. Also fujos are the only good type of weeb (compared to the others).

No. 808796

Personally i'm on guard/defensive around attractive guys more than compared to average/unassuming guys. Attractive guys know they have the halo effect on people and use it to their advantage whenever they can. So when I don't give them to reaction they want like being flustered and/or especially friendly it's nice to see the looks on their faces when I cracked their glass ego.

No. 808812


tbh it's fucking retarded that people treat attractive women as "shallow" and attractive men as "good".
since males can't use makeup (until recently in some societies) they just go with their appearances and hope a woman finds their ugly stinky body and ogre face hot, unlike women who put actual fucking effort into looking pretty

No. 808816

Stop coping anon. She doesn’t “look better” she probably has excellent genes that granted her the power of retaining her youthful features even when she’s older. She was always a pretty person who had unique features but apparently to LC only light-skinned/white-passing people are beautiful if they have unique features. coughanya taylor-joycough. Physical neoteny is more common in black people, I’ve noticed this. But I don’t expect an obvious eurofag to not be oblivious about this kind of stuff since you all have raggedy ass ugly mugs

No. 808821

Older women are most definitely bitter and jealous of younger women. You’ll never be young again, deal with your saggy tits and let young people live.

No. 808824

This. I wish men put effort into how they dress and style themselves but if a straight pretty boy actually does it then he's usually a fuccboi
My Chinese cartoons lied to me, I thought bishonen were meant to be sweet and princely

No. 808826

>Physical neoteny is more common in black people, I’ve noticed this. But I don’t expect an obvious eurofag to not be oblivious about this kind of stuff since you all have raggedy ass ugly mugs
Where did the post disagree with this at all? Also this isn't like a novel observation. Pretty much everyone in the world has noticed this. Anyway agree to disagree I guess but I'm being genuine in that I think a lot of people in that thread grew into their features and look better but also don't look like 'they haven't aged'.

No. 808836

if you die in a detention center for violating the immigration laws of a country you deserved it.

No. 808837

Basically they have aged well rather then look like they haven't aged at all lol

No. 808839

Getting ot but I don't see how a bit of sag detracts all that much from breasts, in general. In extreme cases sure but a lil sag never ruined tits for anyone who.. likes tits

No. 808844

All tits are good tits.

No. 808846

I truly do not understand how any self described feminist could even stand beyonce let alone Stan her
Every decision she's made her entire life has been approved by a marketing time, her intimate personal songs are also written by written by a marketing team based on current trends, shes also a cuckqueen married to a degenerate male whose cheated on her a million times

IMO she's a loser

No. 808850

Thank god you will never age, amiright anon?

No. 808859

This looks like a scrote post ngl

No. 808862

You can like an artist's music and not directly support them with your money. Idc if Beyonce is a shit person, some of her music slaps.

I never related to stan culture because most musicians are just That,, enternainers. I can't give two shits about them and their personal life in general usually

No. 808867

Older men are most definitely bitter and jealous of younger men. You’ll never be young again, deal with your erectile dysfunction and let young people live.

No. 808868

Every single ugly man I've ever met has a normal dating life and is usually dating someone several leagues above them, yes even if they are working in fast food/unemployed/fat/have small dicks

If a man doesn't have luck is his dating life it is 100% their fault! Most normie women I've met have dirt low standards and think a man is 8/10 just because he's not a lardass who has hygiene since most men fail to do that not. Bonus points if they don't fetishize hambeasts/Asians/extreme forms of submission and kink or whatever and actually respond back and act like they want to communicate with you for things other than sex. If a man isn't having luck in his dating life he's probably just expects beautiful women to show at his doorstep while he does nothing or has had one or two bad experiences and now refuses to put forward effort

Either way, the bar is in hell, men have never had it easier than ever in the dating field. They can be toxic, broke, low effort,fat, greasy, and everything else and some women out there will literally PAY for most of their shit while driving along the emotional and physical effort

No. 808869

Yeah it smacks of projecting weird male rivalries on to women.

No. 808870

Keep seething and being schizo about anons being scrotes, older women suck ass and have horrible taste

No. 808872

Funny you picked my post out of them all to reply to. Must've struck a nerve with the "erectile dysfunction" thing, kek.
Sorry that hot MILF ignored your messages.

No. 808875

I don't think so, young girls complaining about older women giving them dirty looks or being rude to them is a pretty common thing. I don't agree with the post/personally experience it much though but I definitely hear it a lot from women both irl and online.

No. 808876

>All wominns are always jealous of other wimminz

This definitely reeks of scrote. I haven't met a single women who's obsessed with pinning other women against each other. Unless you're the type who thinks being shut down by women after being obnoxious and annoying means jealousy. No Susan isn't jealous of your perky youthful tits just because she told you to quiet down after being a loud harpy. The entitlement is astounding

No. 808877

You've never met a single woman who constantly thinks people are jealous of her or 'hating' on her because she's pretty? I don't believe that. Also what do you mean by 'entitlement' in this context?

No. 808878

How about you stop being so ignorant of your surroundings anon? Women do it all the time, it has nothing to do with gender relations it’s mostly for social climbing and feeling better about our own insecurities. Please take this as a sign that you’ve been here too long and that this website shouldn’t dictate your sense of reality

No. 808882

> Unless you're the type who thinks being shut down by women after being obnoxious and annoying means jealousy. No Susan isn't jealous of your perky youthful tits just because she told you to quiet down after being a loud harpy.

Kek, you’re cringe and 40 years old. Perky is a nice way to describe my “youthful” tits, thanks betty white <3

No. 808886

Older women are the best, they are more relaxed, dress better and more elegantly, you can have more fun while going out together & they give good advice and can be like an older sister. The only ones that are toxic and think that women need to compete for male attantion are either pick-mes or scrotes. Women are NOT your enemy, esp. good looking & charismatic women. You can learn from them.

No. 808887

Both me and every woman I know well enough has always experienced nothing but kindness and support from older women as they know how tough it is sometimes to be a girl. If you experienced something else it might just be your fault.

No. 808891

t. granny desperately trying to convince everyone that she’s cool like the other kiddos

No. 808894

Maybe one, or two, I've also met women who do all kinds of weird things or have weird conspiracies. Definitely not a common enough occurrence to claim it's all older women who are like this

I don't think you talk to women after high school

Oh nevermind, you're just an annoying harpy and use "I'm young!" To cope. Anon in the real world most people would choose a stable attractive older woman than a sad coping young girl just because of your age. Everyone gets old, if I were you I wouldn't sit there cursing out everyone older than you, usually people like you get slapped by karma the most

No. 808895

I'm 22 go away coping nonnie.

No. 808896

File: 1621256586241.jpg (187.07 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Agreed. Older men have nothing to offer that a younger man can't. When I see a beautiful younger man I cant help but feel sorry that he is going to look like that for approximately a year before he gets too old and ugly like all older men eventually do. Younger men have more energy and desire. They are better in bed. Their dicks still haven't gotten wrinkly and busted. Their balls don't sag like a bull being castrated. Their faces haven't gotten bloated and fat like DiCaprio. Younger men's faces look better when they are still youthful. Younger men have more hair, meanwhile older men are balding or have the most dry straw hair in existence from the abuse of 3-in-1 shampoo. Older men have decades of shit diet that makes their skin look like leathery tissue. Older men aren't funny. Older men ruin every womans day. Older men don't have stamina. Older men can't cum for shit. You get an older man off and he is on the verge of dying from cardiac arrest. Older men smell like musty frozen food with a hit of cheap beer. Older men are ugly and undesirable. Older men suck and any man reading this should fear ageing because you are never going to be desirable or wanted again after 23. Older men do have something to look forward to though, and that's colon cancer from their man diet. <3

No. 808897

Yes and I wish older women would check out my titties and let me check out theirs lol

No. 808899

Same for me, I've received nothing but cordiality from older female coworkers unless they were the kind that were a bitch to everyone. They've always been helpful and looking out for me. The "crusty old competitive Karen" meme is forced by scrotes (like the one baiting this thread currently) and told to naive young girls who start thinking every rude older woman is jealous of their uwu perky youthful tittys all the hawt guys want uwu because that's what they've been told. It's a moid grooming tactic to make young women doubt every piece of advice regarding male bullshit older and more experienced women give to them.

No. 808900

Absolutely based post

No. 808901

Nta but stfu. A lot of people of both sexes don't grow into their features until well into their 20s. People like you are so fucking goddamn retarded. A lot of young women are botching their daft faces with filler when adding fat to the face only benefits fucking gaunt women. Stretching and puffing up an already youthful face looks fat and retarded. Generally a lot of women will appear better late 20s and throughout their 30s onto early 40s because they've grown into their faces and they've slimmed down. Men like young women because they tend to lack experience when it comes to dickheads.

No. 808902

> Anon in the real world most people would choose a stable attractive older woman than a sad coping young girl just because of your age. Everyone gets old, if I were you I wouldn't sit there cursing out everyone older than you, usually people like you get slapped by karma the most

I can’t with this anymore you must be trolling too anon, this is amazing

No. 808904

Why should any young girl touch a scrote’s gnarly dickhead?

No. 808905

Most of us here are young. This is why multiple people think you're a scrote, you're making up false rivalry between women when the true disease is men of all ages.

No. 808907

I lost my mom young and the amount of older women I've met who don't even know that about me but greet me with that same energy that moms have… I've met some incredibly warm and accepting older women. Without being weird about it..it fills a slight void every time I meet one. I hope I end up like that myself and not cynical.

No. 808909

So true. Older men are fucking gross.

No. 808910

>horrible taste
You enjoy your poorfag minimalist interior design. I'll be chilling with grandma in her cute house that looks like it hasn't changed since the 70s

No. 808911

Basically some women are bitter pickmes even with a head of grey hair while lots/ most women are fucking chill to their younger peers and don't mind them at all at least they don't dislike them based on their youth

No. 808912

They hated her because she told them the truth. Older women are absolutely venomous to younger women, especially the ones they consider prettier.

No. 808913

File: 1621257241882.jpeg (98 KB, 725x483, C7C7C7B1-D609-49BD-9865-C31BFC…)

Anon I totally agree with you! Our hulking wine aunt bodies are just as glorious as a fat scrotes beer belly. Stunning, mature, beautiful, cool, sex havers aren’t we?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 808914

The only older women that have been "venomous" to me is my step mum and she's a cunt to absolutely everyone and one older coworker who again was an absolute cunt to anyone regardless of sex.

No. 808915

No. 808916

If men don't like older women then Wtf is the fascination of young men and milfs. Does someone need mummy to teach them sex?

No. 808917

This isn’t a false rivalry and your personal experience doesn’t dictate facts and hidden feelings of older heterosexual women. You need to wake up because there is no sisterhood, no kumbaya between women. There will always be tyranny from other women who are hellbent on getting unsustainable male attention or to larp as an alpha girlboss.

No. 808919

>Your personal experiences don't dictate facts, but mine do!

No. 808920

You're such a fruit. If a women is hellbent on a males attention she'll focus on one she can use easily. Only men think like that.

No. 808921

He mentioned a few months back that he had people accusing him of not even being a real hair stylist.. what happened there?

No. 808922

File: 1621257721405.jpeg (41.25 KB, 749x724, 5CC55DFE-9929-42B1-A3C9-805877…)

Exactly, because you don’t exist and I do. You’ll turn into dust very soon you fucking rent-increaser.

No. 808923

Men will fetishize a sock

No. 808925

So they're completely illogical and best to be ignored.

No. 808926

What are you even talking about? Are you sending angry messages to your future self? Just because you're a bitter Karen and know in your heart you'll still be one when you're older doesn't mean all women have the same curse.

No. 808927

Coworkers is my experience and it has happened multiple times. They literally see me as an enemy because I am younger and prettier, you can just see it in their eyes. And they try all they can to make my life hell.

No. 808928

Exactly. Though at least some men are into older women do to a perceived easy of getting on with them
Or mommy issues. Though lesbians and Bis may have shades of this as well do there usually not as annoying as their male counterparts.

No. 808929

There are some pretty sexy socks out there to be fair.

No. 808930

How so? Because I don't hate older women must mean I'm a troll?

No. 808932

Maybe you're shit at your job. You can see it in their eyes that they're jealous of you? Why what do they do that shows jealousy? I want to be on the lookout for it.

No. 808933

File: 1621258127216.png (490.09 KB, 449x401, Girls.png)

And yet there is a younger man out there who would not mind cherishing an older woman regardless of appearance. Older women are selfless and caring. Older women are such pure energy, they lighten up the mood. Older women make everybody feel safer. Older women are actually fun and have better attitudes in life than most older men. Contrary to what you believe a few bitter older women from their failures in life don't constitute for the majority of friendly older women who have zero intentions of harm. Meanwhile every older man likely jerks off to teen porn while berating their wife and fantasizes about their 19yo IHOP waitress in the most disgusting manner. Older men be like, let me harass this girl old enough to be my daughter and feel zero shame. Older men have absolutely nothing to offer other than lies, abuse, regret, and gingivitis kisses. Older men are creeps. Older men will commit the most horrendous crimes in history, but no anon, apparently the worst one can be in life is getting fat and drinking wine which will actually get you drunk rather than shitty beer that tastes like piss. When younger women get with an older man it's because she is traumatized, not because he's actually worth loving. For every shitty older woman that exists, remember that there is 100 more older men that are worse.

No. 808934

I think ankle Socks are cute at best. Thigh highs though

No. 808935

I love the feel of wearing brand new socks. Not in a sexual way…well maybe

No. 808936

It's usually ugly women who have shit personalities and nothing to offer who find something about themselves to cling onto. Muh youthfulness, muh tits, my ethnicity, or whatever. The funniest part about these women is the ones who obsess over youthfulness turn into raisins by 25 by the women they hated for being older are models. For example; shoe0nhead

No. 808938

This is why I love lc. We might tear down other women here but we know who the real enemy is

No. 808939

I am perfectly capable of my job. Never had an issue with male colleagues or women my age. It's always older women that have it out for me.

No. 808941

Thigh highs best socks.

No. 808944

File: 1621258352774.jpg (68.99 KB, 523x1200, EEnBSOKUwAAdFWv.jpg)

Sock garters are the good shit imo

No. 808945

There are dozens of us anon, dozens.

No. 808946

Have the ones your age not said anything about you being bullied?

No. 808947

It might not be because you are younger and more attractive, it might be because your young and haven't fucked up your life yet. My mum who is in her 40s seethes at other women because they're happy and she isn't.

No. 808948

It isn't always age shit. Some people just hate youth in the sense of the world being your oyster at that age or at least the small minded perception of it.

No. 808949

The worst socks are those tiny little socks that are meant to be hidden inside your shoe. Why??

No. 808950

They act like it's not happening, or they'll say "you know how she is". which is utter bullshit, but I get that they just don't want to draw attention to themselves.

I mean… I guess that could be it. I generally have a pretty good life, outside of my autism and depression.

No. 808951

Younger men in their 20s and early 30s are the best. After they hit 35 their dicks get flaccid and they get this dumb gross bald pattern & a beer belly. They should be the ones competing for the womens attention 24/7 since they are the ugly useless ones & only good for some shekels. Go work some more or get a hair transplant scrotes since making more money is the only thing you still kinda have kek

No. 808953

Abominations anon, worst socks ever. If I want to not look like wearing socks then I just won't. I don't need to wear ninja socks, I can wear shoes without them.

No. 808955

Your mom is unhappy since the other womens lifes haven't been messed up by scrotes yet. That's the only reason. Scrotes = unhappy life

No. 808956

Idk anon seems weird maybe it's cause you're autistic and can't read people, but if everyone brushes it off and it happens a lot to you, you must you be odd. I only had one older coworker have an issue with me and other women of a range of ages in the office and there was a meeting regarding it because it wasn't imagined. This women did target a group of women but she also had run ins with other male colleagues too. She suffers "health" issues as well i.e. She's a bit mental

No. 808957

>After they hit 35 their dicks get flaccid and they get this dumb gross bald pattern & a beer belly
>After they hit 35
Anon, other than the beer belly, flaccid dicks and especially baldness are ridiculously common, I see frieking 20 year olds balding these days. I am convinced they are ACTUALLY putting something in the water, men weren't balding like that a few generations ago.

No. 808959

Well, I guess I am a bit odd, so that might draw attention to me.

No. 808960

Okay anon all older women are haggard bullies and all young women are perfect fairy princesses no exception. In fact all murderers, rapists, bullies are just mad older women who are jealous! No one with a shit personality who isn't an older woman doesn't exist apparently

No. 808961

I assume it's what happens when women constantly date down.

No. 808963

Anon probably treats older women badly (as exhibited here) and then just blames jealousy when they treat her bad back. They always do

No. 808964

Hope this means you're fucking off for the day.

No. 808965

Shit genes and stress have always existed. It ain't that deep

No. 808966

>Scrotes prefer younger girls1!
>No! Scrotes appreciate older women too!1
>My scrote bf prefers my tiny boobs and says big boobs are disgusting 1!
>Noo all the scrotes I've been with like big boobs because they like porn they all love my big tits!1
>Anons my bf jacks off to other women I know is this ok?
>Anons my bf is perfect and I love him his only flaw is being a complete piece of shit to me but you don't understand I love him1111
>Leave him!
>No no he's not that bad I can't take it I want to be married before turning 30~
>My sexual fantasy is a scrote being a piece of shit to me
>Anons I'm going to kill myself before turning 30 because after that no scrote is going to want me and my life revolves around men wanting to fuck me~
>Scrotes this
>Scrotes that

When you see this site as a whole it's hard to ignore how shit it is

No. 808967

tell that to the people who moved out of my place it was absolutely filthy. There were still clothes in the wash. And the landlord did absolutely nothing but lie. Fuck landlords lol

No. 808969

I am telling you it's something recent. You can see in paintings of older days than men even had long hair back then. Now like half the young men on the street are balding. Something went wrong recently. Other of course than women choosing to reproduce with balding uggos that have no business going near a woman, let alone reproduce.

No. 808971

Arguing about what scrotes prefer is hilarious. Men will fuck monkeys. If it exists there will be at least a handful of men attracted to it. Women who try to convince everyone that men exclusively are attracted to young girls, big tits, Asians, small tits,white girls, etc are pathetic

Anon if you're reading this your youthfulness isn't going to make up for acne, sad skinny fat body, ugly boobs and flat ass

No. 808972

You know men wore wigs and shit back in the day and also that if its a painted picture it could embellished.

No. 808974

I mean, lots of those paintings are of royals and well off people who could afford good diets. Also men taking somewhat care of themselves wasn't unheard of.
There was probably quite a few poor / peasant young men balding :P.

No. 808975

I've forgotten wigs and tupees ( idk how they are spelled) were a thing too. That's also a good point

No. 808976

That's exactly why she's unhappy. She can't accept that my dad is disgusting piece of shit who cheats on her so he can fuck women half her age.

No. 808977

We need to step up as women and only reproduce with beautiful, decent men. So the next generation of women will have better dating choices. This way we can also prevent overpopulation. Animals do it all the time, it's called natural selection.

No. 808979

It's weird how much every convo comes back round to scrotes and infighting about scrotes, aging, sex work. Day in day out

Wish the lesbian thread was more active

No. 808980

Yeah men tried an awful lot harder back in the day on their appearances.

No. 808986

See, it's just like I said. Your mom should leave him, then she will be happier. It's not your mom fault. Your dad is a pos. Like anon said >>808971 men will fuck monkeys. He does it with younger women bc they are vulnerable and inexperienced.

No. 808987

That's about 0.1% of males anon. How exactly are we going to share them?

Those are fair points I guess. I just don't get how so many men are so ugly (and don't say taking care of their appearance, I mean naturally ugly) and so many women so beautiful. It is insane how huge the difference is and I say this as a het. You don't see this with dogs for example, the males and females don't look that different. Women look beautiful and men look like apes.

No. 808988

I'm not old (entering my mid twenties now) and even I dislike girls younger than me. Why? It's not because I'm jealous and bitter, it's because they're dumb pickmes who think they know best and then come back crying when exactly what I told them would happen, happens. I hate working with teen girls, it's always the same song and dance and I'm tired of their shit.
>Annie and Becky, don't go out with those shifty-looking men in their late 30s, you're 19 and he's only giving you attention because you don't know better.
>What do you know Anon? You're just a bitter old hag who's jealous that I'm younger and prettier than you! Lol shut up grandma! I'm an adult, I make my own decisions!
2 months later they complain that their bf pumped and dumped them/cheated/hit them/is otherwise abusive. Every fucking time. I'm just not engaging with them anymore, go be treated like shit if you like it so much.

By the way they pull the same shit with their parents now, their parents are jealous and manipulative if they tell them to clean their room, their older sibling is a narc for telling them to stop being annoying about some dumb crap. Everyone else is a jealous, bitter, fat old narc and they're an innocent uwu babie. Zoomers must perish.

No. 808989

Maybe it's like that Roald Dahl quote, men have such ugly thoughts it manifests outwards.

No. 808990

You do That, I will be settling down with a girl. Best of luck though!

No. 808992

No reproduction in that case though, so it won't affect the next generation or our species in general.

Lol, then men of older times should look like absolute monsters considering all the war and rape they were engaged in constantly.

No. 808993

Maybe they aren’t, why are you being so defensive you literally don’t even know anything about them so how would you know?

No. 808994

Ahh the folly of youth…
I hate that has been somewhat normalized that super young girls should go after men older then them. It still unsettles me seeing young girl lusting over guys that are so much older then them.
I wondered if my eyes were busted in the first place

No. 808995

I mean they may have. They did Photoshop even back then however crude and you can never trust portrait artists 100%

No. 808996

Maybe that's why they had to work so hard on their appearance and just in comparison to today's beta males they look hot. Very sad.

No. 808997

Literally daddy issues. Freud might have been a moron in most things, but he was right about this one. Terrible scrote parents are the cause of this.

No. 808998

I'm 22 and have been modeling since 17. I've had nothing but good experiences with older women, even if I do things that are considered high maintenance like go to the spa, iv bar, clothing shopping etc. It's usually younger women who give me the stink eye. This also includes none customer service older women as well. There's a few bad apples just like a lot of younger women can be annoying and obnoxious and a lot of men in this industry are blantantly douche bags. But I promise you anon if most older women can be around literal models, porn stars, etc and be respectful it's not you being uwu young and pretty as to why older women treat you badly

No. 808999

Love the conversations anons, now I can't stop imagining ancient scrotes telling off a painter or sculptor for making them too accurate.

No. 809000

Show me an article/post from another young girl who gets hate from older women at her job if this is so common

No. 809001

I don't think talking about scrotes is a bad thing. It is just annoying. Talking about scrotes and not stepping up & not doing something about your situation is bad.

It's bc our current society (and the generations before) is catered around men.
We need to take matters into our hands. Animals don't have patriarchy & a society like ours. That's why both genders are cute. It's natural selection. The deformed ones get culled while in our society non attractive men got to reproduce just bc they are men and men had the majority of power and wealth for centuries.
We need to change this mindset or else we will end up with even uglier and disgusting males.

No. 809002

I am all for eugenics anon, but still, the matter of fact is that there are not enough good men to go around. The overwhelming amount of women would not have a companion, unless you plan to clone the attractive ones or something. I really don't see a solution for humanity.

No. 809003

Also if all older women are apparently uncontrollably rude and jealous of young pretty girls how do you explain older women who work around uni and are loved and respected by young girls? How do you think the older woman cheerleader coaches work?

No. 809004

It's the karma for female infanticide. Males will forever be born ugly except the divine righteous few who give hope to her women and ensure that our ovaries dont whither away.

No. 809005

This sounds like elementary school level debate points, there are shit flinging older women just like there are non shit flinging women

No. 809009

Yes but the anon in question keeps trying to preach that every single older woman is a jealous harpy no exceptions. I just want an explanation why this magically apparently doesn't happen to everyone else and just her

No. 809011

I know that there are faults. We can either create man-robots as companions for the non-lesbians and make the attractive & decent men work as sperm donors for all women. This way the humans will survive. Artificial insemination will be the way. We should also change our perception of "family". A family will consist of multiple women (lesbian or non-lesbian) with their children and man-robots. The deformed scrotes will be forced to do manual labour in the gulag or be servants to the women and get the snip so they cannot reproduce.

No. 809012

That sounds like a recipe for inbreeding though, considering how few the fathers will be. But I like the idea of women only families. Why do we allow men to be part of families again? They are literally harmful to women and children around them, even when they are not outright abusive. Also lel at the servant men, you made me cackle at work.

No. 809014

This way we can just be women & be at peace. The female gaze will be the norm. We will create a good society. No fighting anymore. No wars. It's just fair.

No. 809016

>man-robots as companions for the non-lesbians
I'm a lesbian but a social autist, can't I have a nice lesbian robot? lol

No. 809017

There were men concerned with reputation too more so than these days. Like it was a point of recognition to be seen as a gentleman and to exhibit certain courtesies and behaviours and avoid scandal. Not denying the raping and pillaging of ye olden times.

No. 809018

I don't think that there will be that much inbreeding since we have a big pool of women. And maybe one day we will be able to create sperm ourselves in the lab.

No. 809019

ofc anon. You can even have two robots.

No. 809021

Well then, it's a deal. Dibs on a cute Med guy.

No. 809030

File: 1621262310488.jpg (85.47 KB, 480x631, socks-1510194885-1510194886.jp…)

I love that stuff. Bring back stockings for men.

No. 809033

No. 809035

File: 1621262531943.png (268.4 KB, 802x821, hc8.png)

No. 809041

I know this is lolcow, but dammit, stockings look good on a man, there I said it. Knights used to wear them, so I will not be shamed for wanting to see cute men in sheer stockings.

No. 809045

Those ugly bald cunts can get shot.

No. 809046

Jesus anon, who hurt you?

No. 809049

Horrible little illustrations. Altogether ghastly.

No. 809052

Are you sure it wasn't some male without a lot of head hair?

No. 809056

A bald mf can wish.

No. 809071

This post is 100% based

Unironically this. And it's not really their fault, it's just that they have been memed into believing that older women are jealous and out to get them and deny their beautiful romance with the charming silver fox with a beer belly, a broken dick and a track record of abusing younger women. I so wish I had an older female friend at 19 who would've told me that male validation ain't worth shit, would've saved me a lot of of trouble.

No. 809086

I am not usually on team "everyone I don't like is a scrote" but it is known that incels come over to this site to post inflammatory shit like that in Unpopular Opinions to laugh about it with their incel friends.

I know young women are dumb as hell and teenagers go through the "I HATE YOU MOM!" phase, but how the fuck can you hate older women when you are a woman yourself? Like that's the plan? Kill yourself on the night of your 30th birthday?

It just doesn't really make sense for a woman to say these things. Now for a scrote however.. virgin incels are all obsessed with grooming young girls into being their virgin brides. The amount of pedophiles in the incel community who say that every woman above 12 is spoiled goods is shockingly high. Food for thought.

No. 809092

thank you for telling the truth. my friend has a guy friend who literally looks like mr potato head, is like 30 still working at bath and body works (which whatever a job is a job) I would say if he wasnt constantly dating 19 year olds that work there. I dont get how tf he gets girls. He is literally insufferable and ugly and fat and has 0 redeeming qualities. Men just have to have penises at this point and they will get picked. Meanwhile women have to be gorgeous, have a good career, be self sufficient, know how to cook,clean, etc. Be funny, but not TOO funny, be charming but not TOO charming, be a certain body type, have a certain hair type,hell even a certain skin type to maybe potentially get chose by a dusty crusty and musty scrote. I fucking hate it here. Someone take my libido out of my body.

No. 809094

It's pretty scrote like to think that women (who've lived quite a bit, maybe raised families) are all just walking tits acting like jealous bitches fighting over..who has even nicer tits than them.

Reminds me of that parody of how men usually write female characters in fiction, walking around with big heaving breasts, always weirdly perceiving their own heaving breasts at all times. We're just tit people. That short tempered woman that works with you… saggy tit problems obviously

No. 809101

There are moids posting bait in this thread and I can't believe anons are falling for it.

No. 809106

men need to speak out against their own sexual assault instead of using it as a gotcha moment when its revealed that a woman sexually assaulted her student or something. It just delegitimizes the true problem of pedophilia. Its almost as if they purposely talk about how attractive the teacher was as a means to justify it. Like how are men going to be like "women get lesser sentences than men" when its usually men who are the judges giving these women lesser sentences. Its also these same men who are in the jury duty who probably have posted comments under sexual assault cases enacted by women to say "i wouldve fucked her too that kid is lucky". Men need to admit that they don't actually care about the sexual assault they or their peers indure until they get to use it in an argument against a woman. They dont care about anything except tearing women down. Even if it hurts them in the process. sick fucks.

No. 809121

Most of the time appearing attractive comes from demanding what you want and thinking you're the shit. Some ugly women have this trait and it works, the majority of men have this trait.

No. 809124

I remember hearing about the shit James franco did for the first time. I had been into jf up until then. Don't know why but he really did it for me… and then that all died the moment I heard the news. I didn't hear that 17 year olds story or the other womens stories and think….'oh lucky you, wish franco would've tried that with me' I don't care how attractive someone is. If you misuse your power then fuck you. Men are gross for often having the reaction of
>I mean I'd fuck them so what's the problem here??

No. 809129

i wouldn't say that looking young is the only important thing, being pretty is definitely number one.
I was a very ugly kid and thankfully i never got catcalled instead i got reverse catcalled (grown men calling me ugly).

I will say that i did get catcalled the most when i was anorexic and underweight.
The moment i became a normal weight the cat-calling stopped.

No. 809136

thats because the average woman thinks with her mind while the average man thinks with his deflated excuse of an organ

No. 809144

God same, adult men literally pointed and laughed at me on the street when I was a teen. I get catcalled a lot more now and I'm 31.

No. 809146

What sort of shithole country do you live in where adults point and laugh at children?

No. 809155


Sorry, they did WHAT?

No. 809159

Anon you must live a very sheltered life if you think adults making fun of children is a thing that happens in "shithole" countries.
Its a lot more common than you think.
I will never forget a school security guard calling me a ugly witch for no reason, at the time I was shocked and he said that in front of other kids too so other kids started calling me that too since they saw a adult say it.
(I've had other moments too of grown men being shit but this one is the mist vivid one)

No. 809167

When I was a teen I was underweight (no ED, suffered with my nerves tho) and I got a disturbing amount of attention while I was both super thin and super young looking.

My boobs had grown in overnight so I was still skinny af but with these new boobs, one day a man commented on how I had "two sets of boobs" It was my half grown boobs in my training bra and then my top ribs jutting out a bit. A grown man found that appropriate to say to me at 12. He expected me to have a conversation with him about it

I'm a normal weight and fairly butch now, I think those experiences played a role in me never wanting to dress in a way that shows my shape too closely again. Someone in a car shouted sexual stuff at me lately and I went home and threw out those pants

No. 809170

I live in the UK, you're right it is a shithole

No. 809176

>men calling you ugly as a teen
tbh I would have preferred this over being called a whore or being told to get my tits out because I was wearing my school uniform.

No. 809180

denying PTO should be illegal idc idc. ESPECIALLY if you worked with a company for years and put in all the hard work. One of our most successful dudes requested off for this week. And i overheard my boss and the HR lady talking about it. She told the boss he should've denied him because we are "busy" (we are not). Like fuck off bitch that got me so mad. I dare any job deny me a paid day off because they may be short staffed for a couple of days. People need time off to spend with their fucking families. This country makes me sick. Im so jealous of you europeans and everyone else that lives in countries where PTO is guaranteed and not a stipulation that can be denied.

No. 809216

Same happens in my company. The leadership gets to take time off, come in late, leave early, have surprise doc visits, or errands to run during their undisclosed 2 hour lunch. They answer to no one.
But us working peons have to beg and let them know in advance or else, and if they feel they need us then we're forced to reschedule or inconvenience ourselves. Imo ANY non-affirmative comment when we utilize our PTO or sick hours should be a reportable offense akin to denying breaks.

I'll never forget when I tried to put in time for a fucking family emergency one morning, my manager was moaning about how "it was so sudden," like yeah no shit? It's a fucking emergency! They're my hours, now dish em!

No. 809253

thats the part that blows me! the higher ups can do whatever tf they want! YOu are right! it should be a write up and also you shouldnt even have to explain why you need time off that seems like a gross invasion of privacy. Im at the point where I request off as a courtesy because deny or approve my ass is not coming in and you will pay me or fire me and still pay for my unemployment. You choose lmao.

No. 809276

funny because with me its the opposite with landlords.
Landlords leaving the apartment a fucking pigsty and then you with your own fucking money having to fix it, or landlords not telling you about parts of their apartment having mold or not working properly, or lying that its a quiet place but when you move in its so loud, or having a cockroach infestation in their apartment and not telling you.

Thankfully now i have my own place so i dont have to rent out a disgusting cockroach filled apartment from some obese alcoholic.

No. 809296

Same, I feel like teen girls are always under a lot of pressure to dress slutty, wear lots of makeup, constantly be polished, have perfect nails, hair, accessories etc. People already harass teenage girls who are still developing for not having boobs or a butt yet but when they do they're harassed even more. It's a literal paradox and I feel like the time teen girls were supposed to take to experiment with different fashion or simply relax about not being runway ready takes part in it. We already have like hundreds of teen girls in the USA and south Korea getting plastic surgery. And on top of this all where we have the coolgirl trope where women are expected to be naturally perfect and show no effort into how they got that way. I feel bad for teenage girls. No wonder everyone is losing their minds

No. 809320

Unpopular opinion: Sexual assault will never be as traumatising for males as it is for us. A lot of the time, they actually like it when it’s someone they find attractive. The only exception is when they’re really, really young, or if it’s another man and they’re not gay. For girls, even if you “like” the person, it completely fucks you up, talk less of the pregnancy risk, bodily trauma and stigmatisation.
Those comments where guys sexualise cases of teachers and students aren’t just a handful of coomers being shitty. Males know themselves and each other.
Accepting this was kind of the nail in the coffin for me. They can’t even relate to us on trauma, and that’s also why they victim blame so often. They will never get it. I still get angry I was born female sometimes, it’s like literally everything is skewed in their favor.

No. 809464

but the vast majority of people with an internet connection knows english. having an internet connection does not exepmt you from being a poorfag

No. 809469

Exactly. They drag their feet doing the bare minimum repairs and get downright nasty with you for demanding they do things properly and promptly. Condo associations, apartment living, whenever there is a power imbalance arrangement like that there are always going to be things you get fucked over on, that's not being petulant I'm being realistic

No. 809507

I feel like vomiting to even recall this, but I knew a man who was sexually assaulted a child and then went on to rape a woman as an adult. It was one of those blurry consent situations where she willingly went to his place and started making out with him, but she was extremely drunk at the time and got upset as soon as they actually started having sex. Didn't say anything, but wasn't into it. He realized this but never asked her if she wanted to, I dunno, stop. He basically chalked this up to being a bad, but not nonconsensual experience for her, and when I called him on his shit I brought up the fact that I was shocked he could do that to someone even after having dealt with something similar as a child.

He brought up the fucking fact that some abuse victims go on to abuse others, and I said maybe so but not the majority… and I know plenty of assault victims who have chosen not to do the same to others. He said the ones I know are primarily women and they just "don't have the same opportunities as men." AS IF THAT JUSTIFIED IT. Hey shit-for-brains, if a woman had a man in a drunken stupor unable to properly consent and fend off someone who wanted to fuck them, they'd be at risk but the majority of women CHOOSE NOT TO. You made a perfectly cognizant decision to stick your dick in a human while she was inebriated and stressed, despite knowing how traumatic it is for your body to be used against your will. And all you can do in the present is come up with exuses and shift blame to avoid feeling empathy for her? Unfuckingbelievable. Men really are inhuman.

No. 809511

>He brought up the fucking fact that some abuse victims go on to abuse others,
This is such illogical bs and so many people parrot it, even well intentioned women. But it takes half a second of critical thought to realize - hey, women are the ones who are sexually assaulted most often as children, yet the ones least likely to sexually assault anyone as an adult. How the fuck does it make any sense?

I will never buy that excuse, abusive people are abusive because they benefit from it and because it aligns with their values (or lack thereof).

No. 809514

But isn't that true for other forms of abuse though? Like someone who was abused as a child by their parents is more likely to become an abusive parent. Genuinely asking

No. 809523

File: 1621298156068.png (142.72 KB, 828x1290, Untitled.png)

Possibly, it's just not true when it comes to abusing women. This is what Lundy Bancroft has to say about it.

No. 809531

What's the real reason men abuse women?

No. 809532

Thank you for linking this anon, exactly the reasoning that was going through my head when he whipped out the trauma card as if it gave him a pass for his vile actions. At their core, abusive men absolutely hate taking personal responsibility and admitting that they're just as bad as the people who hurt them by choice, not because their history forced them to be evil. Also - fucking gross and horrifying that 38% of men outright lied about being assaulted to try and get more sympathy.

No. 809535

I'm nta but it's a mixture of internalized misogyny and maladaptive behaviors to express their version of love. Abusers hate the idea of being abandoned and "less than," thus they do everything in their power to manipulate, trick and control the victim into being completely dependent on them so they can never leave. Their idea of a relationship is one that always has an unequal power dynamic, someone in charge and someone forced to follow/that they own, and they will never see the other person as an equal. You are "loved" only so long as you are acting in a way that is pleasing to him, and his goalposts for what makes him happy will change based on his whims and mood from moment to moment.

No. 809537

It's been awhile since I've read Why Does He Do That? (the book anon screencapped) but IIRC Lundy said that the one thing all abusive men have in common is extreme entitlement. I would recommend reading it if you want to learn more, the author has counselled thousands of abusive men.

No. 809540

>internalized misogyny
This term is only applicable to women.

No. 809542

>express their version of love.
Sis no… that is a seriously romanticized interpretation of abusive thought processes and isn't true.

Read Why Does He Do that as >>809537 said, it should be required reading for any straight woman.

No. 809544

You're right my bad, I wrote too quickly and used it out of habit as I'm more inclined to care about women dealing with sexism than the scrotes who perpetrate it

No. 809548

This happened to me from the age of 5, it was always fat jokes or teeth jokes because i had a gap. Nordic btw.

No. 809553

I have read the book, and my point was that warped outlook is how abusive men see love ("their version"). Of course this is not reflective of reality nor an accurate conception of love, however many will swear up and down they love their partner and can't understand why they won't just fall in line if they really care about them and so on.

No. 809813

File: 1621344625935.jpg (177.41 KB, 1000x1000, UfbLMFB2g2vx.jpg)

The 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie is not only better than the tv series, it's better than the book. Yeah I said it idgaf

No. 809834

Lolcow investigators are annoying and useless. No one cares if you think someone is posting in other threads, no one cares if you write novels on why you think an anon is samefagging/male/larping/baiting. The mystery investigators back in the day were especially worse since they would take normal and harmless posts and randomly just claim they're mystery.

If you wanna solve who's who and who's doing what that badly go become a detective or something. I don't think you can put "figured out an anon posted in another thread on lolcow" on your resume

No. 809838

are you the age gap no kids person again? go outside

No. 809839

I hope this isn't an unpopular opinion. We're an anonymous board, it doesn't make sense for people to work against that. It's one thing that the mods can string together our post history and IP address, but it's just creepy that regular users would even care enough to analyse the typing style of personal shitposts
People who share obvious indicators of who they are confuse me too

No. 809848

>wahhh stop calling me out on my bullshit and let me abuse anonymity

No. 809853

I've not once posted in the age gap thread.this is exactly what I mean.

Care to explain how someone who frequents lolcow is "abusing anonymity"? Simply by frequenting the board?

No. 809857

By samefagging/male/larping/baiting
Imagine being such a smelly dumb shit that not even anonymity can hide you

No. 809869

novel length posts aren't necessary since it's usually very obvious when someone's male/larping/baiting. it's not something that requires analyzing or effort cause they already stick out like a sore thumb.

No. 809872

Anon other anons and even mods admitted there was an issue with people just accusing everyone of being male or bait. Don't you remember the Applebee's thread? They literally accused people of being male for eating at a chain restaurant. If you think someone's bait or male just report and move on and the mods will investigate. No point in trying to "drag" someone you truly believe is just trolling or male
Exactly my point. Seems like a way for anons to just shut everyone down who disagrees. Or even if they do agree. Like the anons in the plastic surgery thread who all agreed on the same thing but one anon kept screaming "male" despite everyone else saying the exact same thing as she was

No. 809876

I think it's pretty awesome pixielocks got into fashion design. Her works might be trash but I give kudos to anyone for trying, it'sa steep learning curve and it takes a lot of balls to put yourself out there like that. I think anons go in on her a little too hard but it is what it is

No. 809877

I feel like it's because most anons don't actually believe that whoever they're infighting with is actually male or baiting, it's just an easy way to shut people down and it feels like they put more effort into convincing other users that the anon they're fighting with is male/bait rather than actually explaining.

No. 809879

/w/ is filled with jealous nitpickers, there's not even a single drop of milk anywhere.

No. 809899

I legitametly judge people who watch anime. I understand liking manga, or even liking some shoujo o josei anime, but I feel like men who watch anime are coomers/ '''lolicons''', women and girls who like it are pickmes too imho, unless they specifically read shoujo and josei manga, and maybe some seinen is tolerable if it isn't commer shit. 99% of anime sexualises women, been for a brief scene, and honestly 2 seconds of fanservice will make me drop and entire show or franchise

No. 809900

No. 809905

Coincidentally I finally watched this movie for the first time this year; can confirm it is lovely. I’m surprised though because I always thought it was the popular opinion that it was better than the tv series? I’m not an austenfag so I don’t know the discourse too well

No. 809906

What if there watching the adaptation of their fav josei manga?

No. 809909

that is acceptable

No. 809912

I understand your low tolerance for fan service, also I don't like how anime is made to be somehow deeper over western animation, especially by Weebs, when most of it is soulless garbage as far as characterization and dialogue go.
They will usually have cool concepts and worlds winch makes roleplaying and character crafting if one is inclined kinda of fun

No. 809914

Just waiting for the inevitable
>b-but women can sexualize other women too!
>but i'm gay/bi so i can't be a pickme!
>ACKSHUYALLY disliking sexualized, poor portrayals of women make you the real misogynist, checkmate
>you're just a prude!!1

No. 809915

Kobayashi's dragon maid is a example of it. It's almost sweet and cute in theory but just had to be ruined by Loli-shota, coomer shit and couldn't just be wholesome.

I think the authors a woman, so yuck

No. 809916

No. 809919

Huh? Shoujo and josei are mostly shit too. Literally shoujo made a shit ton of girls into pick mes. And seinen are at best scrotes waxing poetic about some bullshit and still writing terrible females.
You should watch and read more before making bold statements. Seek out female-gaze, women made content. Women write great SOL and shounen too.

No. 809922

Basically if written by a woman there's a 50/50 it won't suck and won't have gross fan service shit

I think the author of demon slayer is biologically a woman ( but goes by Japanese neutral pronouns) and I think only one character can be deemed fan servicy

No. 809924

thank you! a lot of those bitches are just bitter that she came from a upper middle class family but some people just do like its not her fault your parents are poor lmao. I say this as someone who cringes at pixie's antics. But she really does not warrant a thread the most milky thing she's done is lead a girl on lmao.

No. 809925

The problem with shoujo is that there's always the same "I can fix him" trope or just a love interest literally threatening to rape the main character.

No. 809926

when will you dipshits realize that a girl liking anime even if its a shounen doeesnt make her a pick me. Some women (myself included) just enjoy senseless violence from time to time. FFS

No. 809930

exactly! clearly this person has no idea what she's talking about. So many shoujo and josei have the most pick me mary sue's of all time. And i say that as a lover of those. I just stick to reading BL though because im tired of seeing women be pick me's i need more male pick me's LMAO

No. 809937

Demon Slayer is based. FMA is good too. I wonder why many female shounen writers seem to wanna stay lowkey about being women.
I also notice even within a female writer’s repertoire, they seem to be inconsistent with female/male gaze.
CLAMP’s shounen/seinen like xxxHolic or Tsubasa Chronicles feature big tiddy sexy women but it doesn’t feel male-pandering, opposed to say Chobits. Or Inuyasha vs Rumiko Takahashi’s other works.

No. 809949

>Jugging people for watching anime
>Also having shit taste in anime
Anon kek

No. 809972

probably because japan is sexist as hell and treats women like trash. but everyone ignores it because tech and anime are so SUGOI vomit

No. 809973

I kinda like how wholesome Nezuko and Tanjiro's bond is. A worse author would have sexualized it.
Though to be fair I did wonder before watching the whole thing if the leads were dating ( as in when I saw a cover from the manga) but I'm happy they went the family route.
It's a solid piece of shounen

No. 809977

>make one of the main female characters unable to speak with a piece of bamboo in her mouth like a ballgag constantly even though it's been established she won't eat humans
What did the mangaka mean by this

No. 809980

Nearly all media in this day and age is either male gaze or pick-me bullshit. I don't really see what sets anime apart, besides being animated.

No. 809984

File: 1621361751683.jpeg (351.97 KB, 1284x552, A61700C0-E767-4C63-A7E4-91ED91…)


If you read the manga, the bamboo bit was there to make it easier for Nezuko to not eat humans. In the red light district arc, the bamboo gets destroyed or whatever and she goes off the rails. There’s nothing sexual about it. Google is free.

No. 809986

Dunno, teen-me who watched bleach and one piece was neither a man nor a pickme. I didn't like the women with huge watermelons for boobs in it but I saw past that for the action and thrill. Not everything is so black and white.

No. 809987

They literally had someone cut themselves in front of her to prove she wouldn't bite/isn't dangerous enough to be killed seems like a shitty excuse to not have to write her dialogue

No. 809990


She couldn’t speak until the end of another arc and after she was able to exist in the sun. You can call it bad writing but even when they were testing her, it was clear she would’ve attacked without it. Tanjiro had to use it to subdue her when it broke which why it’s part of her design. It’s no different than wearing a mask imo.

No. 809993

Poor girl was drooling. It probably took her every bit of self restrain and her bamboo thingy to not eat that scarred little fuck

No. 810023

Watching anime is no different to watching any other form of media. Hollywood films and western television contain the same shit. It's even worse in video games and the music industry.

No. 810030

honestly shoujo is just as worse and especially old shoujo mangas .
Are we going to act like 70% of shoujo mangas dont revolve around the guy ignoring and being abusive towards the female lead.

No. 810036

My Humps is a good song

No. 810039

Exactly, I loved finding out about Dragon Ball at age 12, seeing people beat the shit out of each other was oddly liberating, it was the first time I was into something that had not been curated by my parents.

No. 810044

Exactly. I hate this assumption of superiority

No. 810048

Honestly it's a silly pop song. It's fun and annoyingly catchy as its supposed to

No. 810051

seinen is literally made by moids for moids so I don't find it very tolerable. It's the older brother of shounen. and it usually has more sexualized female characters cause the target audience is older.

No. 810074

File: 1621368849020.png (1.12 MB, 916x720, 56430574305843543.png)

Yeah they totally don't sexualize as many women in shounen

No. 810081

Nitpick and you know it. Inosuke only makes animal noises and Zenitsu says nothing of worth. Other characters have plenty dialogues.

No. 810082

both shounen and seinen are terrible. And I will destroy them.

No. 810085

File: 1621369372682.jpg (247.06 KB, 828x804, 0686bef7b773b18020a7d253f56516…)

This looks really gross.

No. 810086

No. 810089

Literally who the fuck watches OP except for scrotes. Naruto is the superior shounen.

No. 810090

sane and correct response

No. 810094

Just an unpopular opinion in the USA. The rest of the world agrees.

No. 810099

For nearly every neet that's on the internet, on reddit etc talking about how their parents totally want them living there forever, are practically holding them captive, or that they made them a neet on purpose to keep them around… there's likely a set of parents offline secretly pulling their hair out wanting rid of them. Losing sleep at night desperately praying that their kid gets some motivation and leaves already.

Not saying it's a black and white thing where it's always like that but I think often enough parents are having discussions amongst themselves on how yes they do want their 30 year old to leave home but they don't know how to tell you that. Or they're laying awake wondering if you'll even be able to function if they died tomorrow. Stressing over the state of affairs, not relishing in it.

Whenever I read a neets version of how they think their parents feel it's just.. you don't think they want to retire in peace? You think they love having a depressed adult mope around their house and cost them in bills..that it's somehow rewarding for them and everything they dreamt of? That for 30 odd years they planned this and conspired against you.. all because they never want you to pay rent. Cool story.

Obvs I'm not talking about neets who are free from that 'my parents totally want me here forever and ever' delusion. Some parents do a terrible job at preparing you for the world but they still mostly want you out at some point.

No. 810105

Why do amerifats do this

No. 810106

idk I've seen people's parents actively sabotage their efforts to be independent. I don't know why but there are some who undermine their kids' efforts to hold their own. it's almost like the parents themselves are unaware they're doing it in those cases but it's real. often they sheltered their kids and can't seem to stop doing that by convincing them to not do things that would benefit both of their freedom

No. 810108

To bother you.

No. 810109

You must realize this is cultural and will vary.
In my culture parents try to get even married children to live with them!

No. 810123

What does that have to do with Neets? If say you have a job and partner and you just come from a culture where families live together in bigger units that's not being a Neet. Living at home with no prospects or plans to work or marry or do anything like that is Neetdom afaik?

No. 810161

I agree that it's cultural, my parents promised me they'd lend me money to be able to study abroad for a year after I begged them and changed their mind at the very last second because how dare a "young unmarried muslim woman live alone?" according to my mother, and my father just hates all of us for being girls who are trying to have careers. And once I graduated and saved enough money to go where I planned to begin with they'd call twice a day at least on whatsapp to beg me to come back. Now they're complaining that I'm back home because I had to go back because I caught covid and was sick for several months, but they're also begging me to stay once I told them I started looking for my own place. They always gave me terrible advice on purpose so I would depend on them more than I wanted my entire childhood and when I tell my family abroad they think that's perfectly normal.

And >>810106 is 100% correct, I have a friend whose family was way worse than mine because her 5 older siblings were also trying hard to sabotage her.

No. 810255

I'm sorry to hear that Anon, I can't imagine living with that type of contradicting madness

No. 810402

left handed people are fucking weird, no offense

No. 810415

I think in cases where it's cultural, where it's the norm for women to be held back or where you marry and work but return to live with extended family because that's the norm in a country then that doesn't come under the term of neet.

Neets are behind their peers, if enough of your peers are in the same situation and local culture is dictating it ..then we're talking about something different.

No. 810464

Bisexuality is not a real orientation but a symptom of coombrain in both males and females(bait)

No. 810465

Weak bait

No. 810471

But am I wrong?

No. 810472

No. 810475


No. 810477

>bisexuals are coombrained
>female bisexuals are glorified heterosexuals
>bisexuals only want to bait you
>bisexuals are hypersexual now watch me spam how much I love objectifying women but it’s ok because I’m a woman myself

Bisexuals live rent-free in lesbians minds for having preferences that don’t include them.

No. 810479

I'm gay and I don't care for all the gay versus bi sperging on here..every fucking day in every fucking thread lol

No. 810480

Nta but why is heterosexual, homosexual, and lesbian relationships excluded from “coombrainery” (god that seemed so retarded to type out) but bisexuality isn’t? It’s a romantic and sexual attraction towards both sexes. The homophobia has to be shitty bait because you’re bored, honest to god fuck off it’s boring and not even worth arguing

No. 810482

Why are you bringing lesbians into this? I'm not a lesbian, I actually used to identify as bisexual myself. Until I realized I am just heterosexual and watched too much porn, just like all the other "bisexuals" who are not coombrained closet gay people. In fact, I think most lesbians are way too tolerant of "bisexual" nonsense.

No. 810484

There has been a uptake of sexuality infighting (particularly with people insulting bi women) for some reason.

No. 810485

Ah yes anecdotal evidence of "i'm a coombrain so everyone is"

No. 810486

Not all coombrains are bisexual, but all bisexuals are coombrains. I have yet to meet a self-proclaimed bisexual who genuinely loves people of both sexes and doesn't just fetishize at least one of them.(autism/infighting)

No. 810487

I think you are confusing sexual orientation with sexual fetishes.
You can be het and also fetishize vaginas and boobs for purely sexual reasons.

No. 810489

That's exactly what I'm saying. "Bisexuality" is a fetish.

No. 810490

They'll come back tomorrow and post it all over again. How many days in a row have I read this exact same shit now?

No. 810491

samefag, but I just realized I definitely used uptake wrong. Please excuse me lmao

No. 810494

>genuinely loves people of both sexes and doesn't just fetishize at least one of them
How do you tell difference between "genuine appreciation" and "fetishization" in this specific case?

No. 810495

Fetishization is strictly sexual. True bisexuality would mean the person is genuinely open to a romantic relationship with both genders.

No. 810501

Which I have yet to see happen.

No. 810504

Ah ok you're a troll then. Or a kid.

No. 810507

i don't watch porn and i'm still bi

No. 810514

Women should be able to be bra free even at work. Men with fat tits dint erar bras and have hard visible nips.

No. 810519

Heterochromia eyes are extremely ugly on fictional characters, especially anime characters. The colors rarely look good together nor do they suit the rest of the design, character designers always choose the most random, brightest MS paint-tier colors and just slap them together. Subtle differences in color would look so much better, or just not doing it at all.

Plus it's usually a sign that the character sucks, like a red flag for shitty characters, yes canon characters too not just fan-made. I have never EVER seen a single good, well written or at least likeable character with this trait, it's often worst girls/worst boys who have them, just like flesh fangs. Preexisting characters with such traits are literally no different from shitty sparkledog ocs, I'd say it's almost worse since the former is supposed to be made by grown adult "professionals."
The only mismatched eye design I've seen that's remotely decent is that annoying desu girl because the colors at least go with the design as a whole.
Second opinion that's somewhat related, but most characters made in the dress up game and other similar threads are also ugly, clashing, and over accessorized. Not saying you should stop playing though.

No. 810545

im bra free at work right now anon!! thats so weird i literally just had this convo with myself and decided FUCK IT. If its not cold why tf do i need to wear a bra. Its uncomfortable as fuck. But i will admit that i am lucky enough to have boobs that arent really big or hang lower because im pretty sure i'd be judged more than i am. Which is fucking sad because boobs of all shapes and sizes no matter how perky or not perky they are are beautiful and bras hurt!!

No. 810549

kissing is 1000x better than sex. I get super wet from kissing and i swear the actual PIV sex always ruins it and my wetness wanes. I think I like kissing because both of us are focused on one thing and its kinda like a battle to see who's tongue dominates who and what tricks they have. Plus i love hearing guys whimper lol.

No. 810555

I have back problems that get worse in the cold months so in the winter I try to skip wearing a bra. It works out ok cause I'm wearing more layers anyway so the titties aren't as noticeable. In the summertime.. I'd be too aware of em standing out.

In the same way that leg hair is so taboo for us, if more women did it we'd have less stress about it. Though there'd always be perves to deal with too.

No. 810562

>Plus i love hearing guys wimper lol
I love you, anon

No. 810575

>actual PIV sex always ruins it and my wetness wanes
How do you deal with that when it happens?

No. 810577

Bra's are not supposed to hurt if they fit well. I don't wear them all the time either, but they're indispensable when I'm working out. Breasts bobbing up and down when I run or skip rope is what hurts.

No. 810582

i know that as a concept like the caveman existed before the lightbulb so he would never have missed it (this sounds so dumb i forget what the exact expression is so bear with me) but i’m so glad that i live in a modern western society only for the fact that i have the relative freedom to be a lesbian and not have children. the idea of living in like a small hunter gatherer tribe seems nightmarish to me only because i know i would probably have to get married to a man and procreate. yeah i know there were probably some third gender bs that existed in all pre modern societies but these rarely seem to benefit women who are assumed to be baby making machines.. anyway my heart just hurts for all the gay people throughout history who never really had the chance to be themselves

No. 810585

Sometimes people just have underlying reasons why even a well fitted bra feels too restrictive. Shoulder pain, knotted back muscles from stress, stuff like that.

Nta but I often take my bra off before I eat a meal. Health issues mean that food can feel like it's not going down for me…and a bra makes it that much worse.

No. 810600

I feel like nuns, monks and priest roles might've been heavily taken up by gays in the past. That way you could avoid entering a marriage, still couldn't be your gay self, just celebate

No. 810606

There were women that voluntarily did this without becoming nuns and we're highly regarded by everyone for their strong faith and love for Jesus.
Lbr most of them were probably lesbians avoiding becoming baby machines.

No. 810616

A lot of nuns were lesbians. I've heard little stories here and there, and apparently lesbians were almost the norm (although kept a huuuuge secret) with nuns

No. 810622

The image of you unsnapping it under your shirt, sliding the straps off and pulling it out from inside the shirt at a fine dining establishment is quite pleasing.

No. 810624

Some became priests because they just wanted to be scientists and study shit.

No. 810625

File: 1621432891350.png (491.04 KB, 573x783, EUPHORIC HURTING .png)

>Tfw remembering a lot of the nuns at my catholic school making my gaydar work overtime.
>Tfw that particular nun the one that pinged the most took a liking to me and protected my obvious baby dyke ass from all the bullying.
Hope you're doing well wherever you are nun-chan

No. 810627

These post-mutilation Ellen Page reaction pics makes me sad.

No. 810629

I want to be one of those Chinese kung fu nuns in the mountains

No. 810630

I think she looks cute like that. Just wish she wasn’t delusional.

No. 810631

i either ask him to kiss me or play with my titties more if its missionary or if doggy i just whip out my vibrator. Idk why it happens because he is really good its just i think i like the idea of sex more than the act. And when your making out your brain gets to drift off and think about other places your partner can flick their tongue. Sorry for being to graphic ladies!

No. 810633

Looks a bit unhealthy to me tbh, teetering on the verge of anorexia.

No. 810634

File: 1621433861295.jpg (90.67 KB, 770x672, EUPHORIC TEAR DROP.jpg)

I agree, her decline is really sad.

No. 810637

Or full-blown anorexia at second thought, just look at that fragile wrist

No. 810638

when i was like 12 i didn’t know being gay was a thing so i thought i would be forced to marry and fuck men. so i dreamed of becoming a nun even though i wasn’t religious in the slightest. or that i would marry a man who was completely like paralyzed from the waist down so i would have a reason not to have sex with him (actually i have no idea if quadraplegic men can have sex)

No. 810639

Zebra cakes are the best Little Debbie snack

No. 810640

File: 1621434525949.jpg (130.94 KB, 634x887, Pre-haircut.jpg)

Sadly it's not new but combined with her obvious mental struggles it became hard to ignore

No. 810643


No. 810663

what's going on with the sides of her head?

No. 810667

She's so ill from anorexia you can see the shape of her skull. And her veins… depressing pic.

No. 810680

sorry for you shit taste buds anon

No. 810685

Ive been following detrans women for years, listening to their stories and ones who were anorexic on top of having gender dysphoria..were usually just CSA survivors trying to take away their secondary sex traits for that reason. Takes years for them to unpack that though.

No. 810718

File: 1621441584246.jpg (166.97 KB, 1620x911, Screen-Shot-2021-02-01-at-2.40…)

I don't get D'Angelo Wallace. He always speaks like a teenage girl in 2016 "highkey same, literally me, relatable, I hate myself too sis, you're cancelled sweetheart uwu". I feel like in 2015 he probably had a "touch my butt and buy me pizza" shirt. His opinions are bland and lack much nuance. All of his content is about vapid celebrity/influencer drama brain rot. He has never had a spicy take that wasn't already the general mainstream opinion of people his age. He feels like the kind of reactionary woke zoomer to call an 18 year old dating a 17 year old a pedophile. His fake self-confident humor is the most cringe to me because it's so derivative: "I get to talk about whatever I want because it's my channel and I'm an icon". This isn't really a D'Angelo Wallace problem since so many gen z youtubers speak this way and I can't wait for it to die.

No. 810723

i get what you mean but maybe we just aged out of this type of content. I personally just enjoy that he does researched videos. TBH i watch him because he is a young black guy who is big on youtube and you don't really see that many black creators with such a huge following. So its nice to see. I dont get his jokes but i'd rather kids think highly of themsleves instead of the obnoxious self deprecating humor my generation had to grow up on which is probably why most of us are so mean to ourselves now lmao. im 27 btw so im old as hell according to the internet LMAO

No. 810727

He gives me a lot of narcissistic moralfagging vibes. I may be tinfoiling but I think in the future all of the e-fame will go to his head and he’ll have a random meltdown or be uncovered for something really shitty that will transform him into a mini cow.

No. 810728

I agree for the most part. The only character I feel like it suits is Todoroki from BNHA since his design is just super ham-fisted ICE, FIRE. GOOD, EVIL. DUALITY. And the eye color change could be sort of explained by his powers. Even so, it's not a delicately designed character in the slightest. I promise I'm not a bnha fag lol. In an MMO I would never make my character have heterochromia since it instantly loses all of it's charm when half the other players are doing it as well. It's just kind of killed by being over done and poorly executed. It kind of feels like a failed cheat code into making your character super unique and edgy.

No. 810730

I googled him lately to get an idea of who he is.. his humour is weird to me. There's a definite feel that he enters into a slight cocky persona on cam but he's simultaneously so preachy that its a weird balance. Hard to tell what's light hearted and what's not.

Search results were just a bunch of speculation on whether he's gay and whether he's secretly a transman. Who his secret partner is. Thanks Google. I still don't get him or see the charisma but I think he has a young audience lusting after him more than anything else.

No. 810731

Maybe post him in the youtube thread and there'll be some more milk to come to light

No. 810751

I don't think high school (or school in general) in America sucks. I'm an adult now and definitely wouldn't want to do high school again but there's definitely a lot of things I miss.

>Getting to learn and not work full time

I thought my high school classes were interesting (though not as interesting as my college ones). I hate working full time. My job is boring and so are most jobs.

>Teachers will try to help you improve

Another thing I hate about working (at least in the US) is that most jobs can fire you for any reason as soon as they consider you a liability. They don't even care if you end up homeless or whatever. I think this would be less stressful in a country with better labor laws or more of a safety net. In school, you can fuck up a lot but at least teachers will try to work with you for a while and help you before kicking you out.

>More opportunities to try stuff

In high school you have extracurriculars like sports, debate, or band. You don't have an opportunity to compete in these things as adults unless you are very good. Even in college extracurriculars are way more competitive and you need to dedicate a lot more time/energy to them.

I don't get why everybody online hates high school so much. Do they all have awesome jobs? I don't get paid much but I have a low-stress job that is way more flexible than most in America.

No. 810766

this! i wish i could go back in time and tell myself to really appreciate school and this time in my life. I wish i retained more information and actually took school seriously and tried a sport or something instead of being a filthy weeb online. (although that was fun lmao)

I love that school gives kids structure and something to do. It just sucks that kids can be so mean to each other that it makes them not want to participate in anything and instead makes them want to rush to grow up. Like why rush!? What is there to rush to?? Bills and depression!! i wish my biggest struggle was trigonometry again LMAO.

No. 810819

Jeffrey Epstein probably did kill himself and the people who thought there was ever going to be some huge reveal are delusional. Nothing was ever really going to happen to those people.

No. 810834

I think dating a person with saviour complex is much worse than dating an asshole, because they are more manipulative and fucked in the head when with an asshole, you can drop them easier instead of going through mind games and victimisation.

No. 810843

I dated someone who slipped back and forth between the two lol. He turned pretty abusive and then still credited himself as having cured my depression when I was more depressed than I'd ever been in my life.

If you're at a low point when you happen to meet a scrote.. play it careful. Don't pour your heart out and tell all your hardships to a guy too soon. If he's dying to hear that stuff right from the start, it can be a bad sign. He can use all that info against you later on. I've read some horror stories about that. Way worse than my experience.

No. 810844

I agree, I feel like you always see warnings about dating men who treat you like a therapist which I do get but I think the men (or women) wo want to be your therapist are often much more sinister

No. 810853

I dated someone before where it went horribly and on reflection..I suffer with my mental health, his ex before me did too..very similar mental health issues actually. Oh and the ex before her did too, and the woman he's seeing now seems to have every illness I have and more piled on there.

There's a red flag I wish I had known about before. I thought I was lucky for even meeting someone who wanted to date me despite my perceived shortcomings…oh wait he wanted to date me because of my struggles.. because of the vulnerability mentally ill women have. Because the bar is set lower when your self esteem has taken a hit from being unwell. Dude had a type and his type was 'mentally ill with a history of childhood abuse' That is sinister

No. 810860

I doubt this is an unpopular opinion here, but good luck telling this to anyone outside of lolcow. I will never, ever donate to any of those personal gofundme/kickstarters. I do not give a shit how sad your story is. I've had to mute so many people on twitter because they just ~retweet for support~ every goddamn sob story that comes their way (they're probably not donating either too).

What really gets me is how easy it is to spin the situation to make yourself seem like the victim. I actually witnessed a friend of a friend get told she has a month to pack her shit and leave because she was being a retard. The girl who kicked her out owns the place and was letting her stay rent free. The girl getting kicked out brings a troon to live with them, and the owner chick doesn't say anything or complains, opens her house up to both of them. The owner was playing the Ignition remix and the troon starts giving her shit about it. Owner is like well I'm putting my makeup on right now so I can't change it but you can play music you like instead, but I guess that wasn't a good enough answer. Long story short they get into this whole argument that ends with the troon getting kicked out immediately and the girl who was living there getting told she has a month to find somewhere else (imagine getting kicked out over the remix to Ignition). A couple of days later on Twitter, I see this whole fake story about muh evil landlord on Twitter with a donation linked attached to it and people actually retweeting it (but again no one ever donates). I just do not trust any of this stuff and if you've got enough time to write out a whole sob story, you have enough time to fix your fucking resume or at least apply for unemployment.

No. 810872

Honestly, I loved school and I love college, but high school was full of awful people that you were stuck in the same class with for 4 years and that you couldn't escape from until you got to go home, and at home I was suffocated by a neurotic, controlling mother who beat me and yelled at me all the time.
I've had legitimate mental breakdowns in high school and I don't want to go back because I love my independence now. I love living alone, not talking to my family unless I want to, being with whoever I want to be with without my mother nagging and calling me every ten minutes to come back home NOW, girls spreading rumours about me in school, people mocking me for whatever I did that they decided was cringe that day, etc.
Work is boring but I don't have to answer to anyone, I do my job and go home.

No. 810880


My mother is dating someone like that and she can’t see it. It’s getting tiring.

No. 810883

No seriously, I’ve seen so many gofundmes where the people are like “my living situation is getting worse every day” and they’re literaly just like “my mom is mad that I’m 23, unemployed and she’s making me do chores every day instead” and somehow the answer is for other people to bankroll a way for them to live. I just don’t get it cause obviously people need help in some tough situations but can’t they turn to personal friends who they can at least offer to pay the money back to instead of complete strangers?

No. 810887

I just need a job.

Any job.

I’m sick of being on universal credit. I had five job interviews before the pandemic began like a week later we were on lockdown in the U.K.

And I’m just fed up to the core. I wanted to work abroad but fuck knows when we’ll be allowed to do anything let alone travel

No. 810896

>but can’t they turn to personal friends who they can at least offer to pay the money back to instead of complete strangers?
No, because their friends know the truth and would never enable that shit. That's why you have to go to unsuspecting strangers and hope someone is both naive and generous.

No. 810900

>my mom is mad that I’m 23, unemployed and she’s making me do chores every day instead
Well obviously their mom is a raging narc and the cause of all their problems then. Only money can fix this!

No. 810975

Don't reply, she's crazy and keeps baiting about her chestlet ass in every other thread

No. 811046

File: 1621462043603.png (8.16 KB, 287x312, 1588686966835.png)

I can't stand it when people talk about their plastic surgery changing their lives like they had a physical or mental illness that required a proper medical treatment. Thinking you're ugly isn't the same thing as actually being physically injured or disabled, calm down. Not to blog post but I will never get how I get told by my family that I really didn't need any growth hormone injections back then and that being short is ~cute~ but my sister getting a nose job for being laughed at sometimes at school was absolutely necessary. I guess having underdeveloped reproductive organs, chronic fatigue and depression and osteoporosis in my 20s is kawaii then.

No. 811048

I don't get why them saying it changed their lives means that they must think it's the same as a physical or mental illness, there are many things that can change your life outside of illness?

No. 811049

I don't know how to phrase it but I'm not talking about their lives changing in a general way, I'm talking about the ones who talk like they recovered from something and their lives were saved more specifically. I'm ESL and I'm having a brain fart right now.

No. 811051

Thank you anon. I agree with you, I find this kind of shit stupid. People want to be copies of eachother instead of embracing their normal features, accepting themselves and their uniqueness. It's worse that people are literally praising this shit.

No. 811061

Yeah and not only that, but they act like bad bitches. Imagine thinking you're hot shit when you're so insecure you have to see a surgeon to change a perfectly functioning organ.

No. 811071

Most places who "can't find anyone who wants to work" either have sky high requirements for basic positions or they don't pay enough and treat their employees badly

No. 811075

In the second case usually the employers complain just as much about the high turnover and have no idea why people leave all the time.

No. 811076

I remember finding a job offer in a nearby park, just to sweep leaves they need few years of work experience lmao.

No. 811080

I've had applications rejected for underpaid internships because I didn't have enough experience. Even though internships are meant to be your first experience to begin with. I also had applications for very easy and simple part time jobs in retail or tourism rejected because I didn't have enough experience back when I was a student, the one job I managed to get was hell on earth and required to be way more competent than anywhere else and they just taught me a few things on the spot in one afternoon so this was a bullshit excuse.

When ask for years of experience for simple shit they actually expect to receive a shit ton of applications otherwise so they're preemptively getting rid of many applications that way. That shit doesn't happen when there are more jobs available than job seekers.

No. 811093

Partially that. I blame the government for not paying essential workers, since the beginning and those re-entering the workforce, an extra couple $ per hour during these lock-downs. Many employers were given breaks and funds by the government, but essential workers haven't seen a cent from them and most people who were able to stay home were making equal to, if not more, what most of us essential workers were making going out and risking being exposed this entire time.
I also bet we wouldn't see this large scale of a "strike" if unemployment checks were the equivalent of making $8 an hour the entire time. The thing is, we would see more people searching for jobs, which is what they wanted to avoid because there's a virus. Alas, people have bills to pay, unemployment rates are incrementally being reduced, and people's mental health is at stake when staying home for a whole year.
As long as sanitary cautions, such as capacity limits, masks, and 6ft apart are still required, the government should have been paying essential workers for exposing themselves in these conditions. The labels of hero and essential do absolutely nothing. Like, I understand the side of having the employers be responsible for this pay, but a lot of these requirements are federal. It's only fair for all.
I really do hope blue and pink collar positions see a rise in wages, but I am highly doubtful. Trust me, if I knew I was eligible for unemployment I would stop showing up to work as soon as possible because I'm basically making $0 an hour in unemployment rate terms.

No. 811096

File: 1621467290216.jpg (573.33 KB, 2846x1897, mc8_ep_57_2667-33366-1.jpg)

It's so annoying when people comment things like "imagine getting paid to eat food and roast people all day!!1!" on masterchef or other judged cooking shows. The judges aren't just random people like you and I who see if they like the taste of something or not- they have a trained tongue and an expert understanding of flavor interaction and food chemistry. Most average home-cooks barely grasp the interactions of salt, fat, acid, and heat so it's a bit annoying when I see these kind of jobs as judges belittled as 'just eating food'. I'm being a bit of a sperg since these comments are mostly jokes of course and it doesn't help that american TV is too scared to let the judges ACTUALLY discuss the food with actual tasting language since it could go over some heads. Sometimes they'll mention something is vegetal or oxidized but mostly they'll just say "Wow, this mint sure is bold!"

No. 811106

that’s retarded considering they always choose judges who are either actual chefs or have a career that involves tasting food which they’ve probably done for years lmao

No. 811193

File: 1621482146337.jpeg (1.14 MB, 4759x2974, 26FDE543-A15B-4EFB-86E8-BF18C1…)

Cold water makes you feel thirsty, room-temperature water is superior.

No. 811198

it literally does it opposite especially during hot weather. room temp makes me thirsty.

No. 811199

*does the

No. 811205

Hot water is the best. I'm not filling the water into my bottle unless it's steaming.

No. 811206

Found the sociopath.

No. 811218

Not because it makes me thirsty, but cold water makes me cold, and I hate being cold. Plus it's easier to drink room temperature water, so I end up drinking more water than I would have if it were cold.

If you were to say you liked warm Gatorade, then I would have an issue.

No. 811350

I don't care about that edgelord scrote who created the gore and rape-filled Berserk manga.

No. 811359


Came here to post this but you beat me to it anon.

No. 811362

No. 811378

Now THAT is an unpopular

No. 811398

>Calling Miura an edgelord
>Calling Miura a scrote
Brain damaged or just trolling? Or have you not even read Berserk and are talking out of your ass?

Same to you, what the hell. Miura was an amazing artist and storyteller, you absolute nonces.

No. 811399

Anon no is is obligated to feel the way you feel about someone specially not in the unpopular opinion thread

No. 811400

Most old white ladies who claim to have been super hot back in the day usually weren't all that. I use to work with this one 55 yr old who never shut up about how men use to buy her expensive gifts for existing, how big her tits were and how upset she was that her daughter didn't get her boobs, how she was upset her son was dating someone with small boobs, how she dated rockstars who would gift her sports cars and all that and would point out on fashion shows about how "she looked exactly like that with tits"

Anyway, she brings the prideful photos in and she is not all that. She looked like a skinny glitterforevers and anisa had a child and got fat. Her tits weren't even that big in comparison to her body

No. 811401

I didn't say anyone is obligated to feel anything. I am arguing against the way she talked about him. You can not like the manga or w/e, that is a disagreement of the quality of an art piece. Insulting a great artist like that is something I have an issue with, especially how she worded it.

No. 811403

Based. Idgaf about anime in general. And I hate when people try to suggest animes they think will change your mind.

No. 811408

File: 1621517144588.jpg (855.89 KB, 1080x1418, Inspirational.jpg)

>muh art

No. 811409

File: 1621517263097.png (1.44 MB, 1880x1040, weebs.png)

stinky weebs

No. 811410

Yes, that is beautiful art. Also great moment storywise if you have read the story, which you either haven't, or failed to understand.

No. 811411

Why can't they go cry about it on 4chan with their like-minded peers nonnas?

No. 811413

>calling a woman braindamaged if she doesn't like a manga filled with gore and hentai-looking rape scenes


No. 811414

I am calling her brain damaged because of how she talked about him, not because she didn't like the manga. Art is subjective and anyone can like or dislike it. Insulting a great artist (that just died) because you don't like his art is shitty and I feel perfectly justified in calling her out.

No. 811418

Nta go post on twitter no one cares about your fee fees here

No. 811420

File: 1621518125953.jpg (41.88 KB, 693x677, smoothbrain.jpg)

They are stinky and they want everywhere else to be stinky. They can't even imagine that other people don't want to see their chinky coomer cartoons.(racebait, emphasis on bait)

No. 811421

I'll post what I want, it's not rule breaking to criticize how one insults someone.

No. 811423

>chinky coomer cartoon
Are you trying to act idiotic? Legit question. Trolling by pretending to be an idiot is still idiotic.

No. 811425

>Oh no she doesn't like it when you call it a chinky coomer cartoon

No. 811426

Yes, she doesn't like it. Because it's flat out wrong. It's literally a European setting filled with Europeans (and a few middle Easterners) and has no coomer nonsense. You are misrepresenting it.

No. 811427

File: 1621518587515.jpg (78.21 KB, 1280x720, neckbeard.jpg)

>Also great moment storywise if you have read the story, which you either haven't, or failed to understand
You need to be really high IQ to understand the genius of using rape multiple times as a plot device(infighting)

No. 811428

Beneviento > Dimistrescu

I mean it primarily in terms of their game segments, but also in terms of me preferring a creepy goth gf over a tall domme gf

No. 811429

>Art is subjective and anyone can like or dislike it.
I like how retards bring this one everytime their problematic media gets criticized. I suppose anons gotta give death metal a chance even though it centers too much on female abuse and death, fuck this mentality fr.
Imagine getting this fucking pressed over some manga, people will talk shit and not everyone has to like whoever tf that guy was, get over it and shut your weeb ass.

No. 811433

I 100000000% agree.

No. 811434

>Using traumatic events to study people's trauma is bad
Why? Rape is pretty damn traumatic. Especially the way it happened to Guts and Casca.

>problematic media
Lmao, that is subjective you moron. You say it's problematic, it is problematic for YOU. You are literally proving what I said right. I don't find it problematic, I find it amazing.

>Imagine getting this fucking pressed over some manga, people will talk shit and not everyone has to like whoever tf that guy was, get over it and shut your weeb ass.

Again, I don't care if she likes it, I never did. I said I dislike the way she talks about Miura. If she said "I don't like that manga, it's too brutal for my tastes", I wouldn't have given her post a second glance.(move on)

No. 811438

It's too bad that we don't see much of her. Her house was definitely one of the most memorable parts of the game.

All this because I said I don't care about that guy. Whew.

No. 811441

>Lmao, that is subjective you moron. You say it's problematic, it is problematic for YOU. You are literally proving what I said right. I don't find it problematic, I find it amazing.
I'm going to start using this as a copypasta
>I said I dislike the way she talks about Miura.
Nobody gives a fuck, get over it

No. 811442

File: 1621519758705.png (1.88 MB, 1249x1200, chinkycartoons.png)

No. 811443

weeb mods get their feelings hurt and ban people for insulting their cartoons. cool cool.(ban evasion)

No. 811444

Don't know if God's sending my signs about my tardiness but I've heard people saying people are late because they value their time higher than others and I just finished a speed awareness course for driving and sped to the shops soon as it was finished and I'd just like to admit I do think I'm more intellectual and important than everyone else but I'm not a tyrant and that's the difference

No. 811448

Damn i supposed manga was shit but it's way worse than i thought, imagine fighting multiple anons just to defend this garbage.

No. 811450

I hope your head shrinks naturally instead of facing an event that humbles you

No. 811452

I'd love that I do have a big head. You'd think after writing my car off I'd have learnt but no.

No. 811456

Thank you for your hard work, farmhand. I am so glad we have someone banning people who insult weebs on this website. It is very important that people who hurt your feelings are censored and not allowed to say that they don't like weeb shit in the unpopular opinions thread.

No. 811463

My unpopular opinon is that men ruined berserk and no im not talking Miura.
Like yes the eclipse is absolutely atrocious, savage, and beyond disturbing. Casca then becoming a mute also was another disturbing blow. But the series literally read like an epic tragedy to me. And lets not forget both guts and griffith were also victims of rape and Miura seemed very careful about not making it this lighthearted thing. I really think he tried to raise awareness to how much rape can literally ruin you and everyone around you and its not a memory that can ever go away.

Men are the only ones who read all of berserk read all of what casca, guts and griffith have gone through as children and young adults but still find the time to make rape jokes and memes about it. I see what you mean about the loli girls but personally i love shiercke she seems so innocent and guts literally only has eyes for Casca. I dont think its Miura's fault that men are depraved and don't take anything seriously. IDK i just feel like as someone who read berserk a few times now, I really dont think Miura is this rape apologist loli lover. IDK maybe im just a dirty weeb fan.

No. 811465

another note and i'll end my berserk sperging but there is a sick fuck who made a figure of the eclipse and when i randomly saw it on amazon with a price tag of over $1000 i felt so sick to my stomach. i know a disgusting scrote who had no ties to berserk made that shit and i hope they die in a fire

No. 811466

You really think a scrote is drawing women getting raped to show the harm rape can cause and not to satisfy his fetish?

I wish I could be so naive.

No. 811467

LISTEN let me have this!! i would like to think that some men can draw rape scenes and not get off to it. but sadly im not THAT naive. But the dude just died and berserk is such a great series idk man. Let me have my problematic fave.

No. 811468

I'm saying this as someone who was a big fan of the manga and was genuinely upset by Miura's death, but I kinda disagree with you there. Casca's rape was very sexualized compared to Guts and Griffith. I didn't like the way her trauma was depicted as fetish fodder. Not to mention a lot of the female characters's blatant sexualization made me very uncomfortable, especially the underage ones. With that said, I did enjoy the world building and the overall story and themes.

No. 811470

you know what i agree with you and i retract my statement. I think im just still in shock. But you are so right Griffith and Guts at least had the benefit of their rape scenes being brief or not even shown. Casca's went on for multiple chapters in grave detail. But i always just assumed he detailed it in that way because Femto is a godhand and godhands are twisted so maybe he wanted to show the depravity of just how petty and evil griffith became. But you are so right women are always used in the most depraved way to advance a man's story and frustrated me seeing Casca go from this incredible bad ass who always spoke up for herself to a literal mute. UGH im so conflicted. Why men always gotta be problematic LMAO

No. 811472

>Nice world building and overall story and themes.
>But lots of female sexualization (included underage characters).
See this is why I can't get into anime at all, almost all animes have this problem, i don't understand why Berserk is so untouchable and out of criticism when is literally the same shit all over again, it's almost predictable.

No. 811476

And even then characters aren't all that Great and deep more often then not even if everything else is pretty well done.

No. 811493

Exactly. There is not a single anime or manga that has female characters where they are no sexualized. The entire medium is made by coomers for coomers.

No. 811496

exceptions to this rule: Ghibli animes, Pop Team Epic
someone has any other ideas?

No. 811498

Wasn't the main girl working at a brothel in spirited away?

No. 811500

Bathhouse, it's not a brothel. I think I've seen some "hidden dark meanings" interpretations that ohh it was actually brothel metaphore but I don't think everything has a hidden adult meaning.

No. 811501

File: 1621525817411.jpg (223.37 KB, 1280x960, crash_landing_by_creativet01_d…)

Ghibli is not an exception. There are tons of creepy scenes where kids flash their underwear or "need to go pee" which don't need to be in the movie at all and are inserted for fetish reasons.

The people who think that men don't insert their fetish into everything they touch are delusional.

No. 811503

I want to give Miyazaki the benefit of the doubt and say that he doesn't do it to sexualise, the characters. I watched Kiki's delivery service years ago, so my memory may be a bit foggy, but I don't think the camera ever zoomed in on Kiki's underwear or anything, and I think he just put it in to say 'hey, it exists', rather than to sexualise the kids, though it's a little suspicious ngl

No. 811506

Are you retarded?

No. 811507

File: 1621526350701.jpg (123.46 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)

Hmm, I haven't seen any Ghibli movie in a while but I guess maybe I wouldn't be able to notice stuff like that either; I guess if someone is a creep maybe they'd like a panty shot like the screen you posted but even if I try I can't really see it being pandering, seems innocent, idk.

Pop Team Epic point still stands though!

No. 811508

File: 1621526395597.gif (1.43 MB, 371x209, 1614907498663.gif)

yeah I think Miyazaki is ok

No. 811509

I remember feeling uncomfortable about that, the girl has a dark dress and bright white underwear and it is shown uneccessarily. Damn it, Ghibli.

No. 811511

Women who use they/she or they/them pronouns aren’t a problem.

No. 811515

File: 1621527484988.png (86.29 KB, 625x626, 38c.png)

No. 811523

File: 1621528470974.png (412.22 KB, 1624x578, panties.png)

I have been shown that movie by Miyazaki stans and it made me extremely uncomfortable. It is just completely and totally unnecessary. Remember this is DRAWN, he could have drawn the dress in ways that no underwear is exposed, conveniently having it blow in the right direction, but he didn't. He drew those panties and he exposed them on purpose. That shit is pedophilic.

takes one to know one, but I know Miyazaki stans don't want to face the truth.

No. 811525

I dont see this as sexual, not everything has to be sexual, its just some bloomers and there is wind
Idk, people finding this innocent thing sexual makes me uncomfortable, more than the drawing itself

No. 811526

They aren't necessarily a problem but they have problems, kek.

No. 811527

the web has tainted brains into thinking everything is sexual

No. 811528

lmao sorry I guess it's a fast edit but that huge butt on the right is just hilarious. To be honest, I don't see these underpants as sexual and from animation perspective it's far more interesting to have a flowy dress move on the wind in a sequence than huge static bubble butt for the sake of some overzealous censorship.

I guess ultimately it's a pretty complicated subject, it's an animated character that has no agenda so it's a choice of an adult animator to show her like this, but then again, if you're not wired to see children bodies as sexual, you should not see that frame as sexual either. Might be a reach but it kinda reminds me of this whole idea of forcing little girl toddlers to wear "bras" on the beach just because they're females, even though their bodies are identical to toddler boys. It creeps me out someone demanding that clearly thinks that female toddler chest is indecent somehow.

No. 811530

you remind me of vid related, its honestly not a good look on your part nonna

No. 811532

An adult man spending hours drawing little girls bloomers doesn't make you uncomfortable? There is zero reason that this movie needs to have a little girls undies in every second shot. Not even just when she flies on her broom, just twirling around you see them. Why doesn't he just make her wear pants if this little girl flies on her broom all the time? Most people would wear pants to do that.

>But muh studio Ghibli is so hekkin wholesome and valid

I get that you're a fan, but you're delusional. There is no reason to draw it like this other than he is secretly making all of you participate in his fetish.

No. 811535

File: 1621529199488.gif (40.69 KB, 220x138, tenor (1).gif)

Bloomers are the least sexual thing ever, even Alice has them

No. 811536

You already know, it already exists and this is the tamest, least offensive example (which is why some anons are telling you to chill - they also know, even if they won't say it out loud). If we continue down this path, 50% of us will be weeping and pulling our hair out for months on end while the other 50% will keep downplaying it to cope.
All in all, this conversation is tired until you're sending magic sleep powder in the mail or cookies with pointy long friends inside them. Be the change you want to see in the world, anon.

No. 811543

File: 1621529921921.jpeg (46.32 KB, 640x360, 725D7C11-0C9C-46AF-AD19-4F01AB…)

I never saw Nausicaa because when I walked into a screening, the camera angle immediately flashed what I thought was her naked butt.
Apparently, she’s just wearing flesh colored leggings. Still off putting.

No. 811544

File: 1621529977305.jpg (105.77 KB, 500x551, 1950s-swimsuits-black-500x551.…)

I'm not even a ghibli fan, I just have common sense and know that it isn't supposed to be sexual, it's more on the veins of an endearing thing I suppose (not that I care), if the artist intent was to make it endearing or cool to animate (because honestly the way the skirt moves is impressive animation) it's not their problem if degenerates use it the wrong way. Like, from all the people and families that have watched Kiki, maybe degenerate coomers and legit pedos are only the 5% of that?

I know your intentions are good and you think you're progressive and a good human being by getting mad at cartoons but you come off as someone who is hiding pedophilic tendencies themself. That, or a 1950-1980 christian boomer that thinks pic related is outrageous. Seriously, we're going backwards, now censoring things out of paranoid christian thinking is a good thing?

No. 811545

NTA, but thoughts on >>811543?

No. 811547

I remember watching that and getting scared too lol. Thankfully it's just her pants

No. 811548

I already posted my thoughts here
Stop trying to be sly

No. 811549

Sly because I didn't predict your post made literally after mine? Uh, okay.

No. 811553

Sly because LOL WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS, GOTTEM seriously? who cares

No. 811556

yes they are. one big delusional problem

No. 811558

You clearly do, you typed this much >>811544 and then got mad at people not being psychic lol. Anyway

No. 811560

They're cringy and strike me as weak/cowardly, but not really a problem because they're mostly still woman-identified.
Like, when's the last time you saw a nonbinary tradthot? Never.

No. 811561

File: 1621530834591.png (377.13 KB, 959x534, keep your hands off eizouken.P…)

Maybe keep your hands off eizouken?
I 'm not all the way through though, but I do like the way the girls are portrayed.

No. 811562

Same. In the end Miura is still a japanese man. They literally put rape into everything because they like seeing it. I get that Berserk has a lot of thought put into it and the art is very good, but let's not say that it's perfect. Casca was never a good character to me. She's there to be Guts's love interest and a tool to his development. She's a warrior but I don't recall the manga showing that she's powerful and skillful in battle. She gets raped to delevop the conflict and relationship between Guts and Griffith, her rape scene is very detailed and sexualized, then she runs around like a child for some time and that's it? So well written.

No. 811565

File: 1621530896687.jpg (9.27 KB, 130x143, 1621471359708.jpg)

Sis you can't uno-turn things on me just because I put out a well thought response
and never mentioned you being a psych, you're putting things in my mouth… do you have BPD? leave me alone pls

No. 811567

No one's uno-turned anything. The posts are right there, you sperged out at me not "already seeing" something you hadn't even posted yet. I'm not sure if you're a lost time traveller or just half-asleep, but please stop (and quit projecting mental disorders pls).

No. 811569

And you sound like the lolicon scrotes I had this argument before.

>You dont like children being sexualized? Maybe it's YOU who is the pedo!

Spare me.

No. 811570

Go to a psych ward, you clearly need one.

No. 811571

File: 1621531217915.jpg (37.51 KB, 400x404, BUGS_KISSES_Elmer.jpg)

alright darling meet you there soon! love ya xoxo(autistic infighting)

No. 811572

Textbook BPD poster

No. 811573

>You dont like children being sexualized? Maybe it's YOU who is the pedo!
I'm not saying this, I'm saying that people who find innocent things as sexual and call them out are often pedos themselves because they want to get rid of the guilt. I hate pedos too. If someone mentioned Fate Ilya or whatever it's called I would be like "yes, this is 100% pedo coomer content". But Kiki? Come on

No. 811574

You have no arguments left huh

No. 811575

I think the creator turned out to be a lolicon, an anon mentioned it on /m/ and said she was disappointed because she loved the show.

No. 811576

What argument? Calm down already.

No. 811577

File: 1621531510219.jpg (36.26 KB, 477x542, 1618087008909.jpg)

I know you think you're winning by getting angry and calling others spegs instead of actually having a discussion, and thinking I'm expecting you to be a psychic or whatever your paranoid thinking is telling you inside your nogging. But seriously, I don't care girl. I hope you can learn to manage your anger and paranoid delusions, love you. Seriously, I'm not trolling, I'm sending love your way. If you keep responding you just lose.

No. 811578

nta but I understand hating this argument, I hate it too, but kiki clearly isn't being sexualised. Kiki's bloomers are shown a few times, but not long enough for a viewer to oogle, and don't take up much of the frame

No. 811579

How was she supposed to know that you made both posts when you are anonymous??

No. 811580

This is way too long for something so meaningless. I asked what you thought of something clearly weird/creepy, then you said you "already gave your thoughts" when you clearly made your post after mine.
Please, just get help. I don't think I'm the one who's "mad" here, or that needs to take meds.

No. 811581

I love you, and I forgive you.

No. 811582

Sure, whatever helps you recover. I recommend a LC break too.

No. 811583

Anyone that doesnt believe in abortion should be forced to menstruate from their bowels as i tear open their stomach and rip out their organs

No. 811584

File: 1621531901091.gif (772.82 KB, 260x221, 1495307351374.gif)

>creator turned out to be a lolicon
Scrotes really can't do anything right.

No. 811585

File: 1621531930853.jpg (94.34 KB, 1280x720, Anime-Hug.jpg)

Still, I love you, and I forgive you. I hope you can forgive me too, I know you are a good farmer, things just get heated and miscommunication happens.

No. 811586


You are being blatantly naive because you like the creator. If it was any other scrote drawing little girls panties flying up you'd agree with me, it's because you got sentimental feelings that are getting in the way of logic.

Sorry but pervy old japanese men don't get the benefit of a doubt with me. Sexualizing children and women is a major theme in all japanese animations whether you want to admit it or not.

No. 811587

Praying the /tttt/ exchange program ends soon

No. 811589

File: 1621532174210.gif (40.57 KB, 450x300, 8323bd73d237abb3bd1fe54ea10b25…)

have a wholesome boomer gif then!

No. 811590

File: 1621532219798.gif (1.17 MB, 498x211, e0e644ddd4e86e1c603b1fcc23dbb2…)

or maybe this is more your jam?

No. 811591

File: 1621532374652.jpeg (315.14 KB, 2048x1324, EvIJUkGXYAAtDAN.jpeg)

No. 811593

Men and women into the bimbofication shit need to be euthanized

No. 811601

Yeah, it's hopeless to try and convince someone who's already decided they want to defend grown men drawing little girl underwear/ass shots for no discernible reason.
I'd actually respect it more if these sorts of people were like "I still like it for personal and/or childhood reasons, but yes, that shit was creepy", but it's like it's all or nothing with them.
It's like a low-level version of the fucked up logic that leads grandmas and aunts to keep inviting the known child molester uncle to family get-togethers. Sentimental value, not wanting to rock the boat, gaslighting and trying to "reverse uno" anyone who points out the problem, etc. Constantly turning blind eyes.

No. 811602

File: 1621533343106.jpg (106 KB, 634x792, 22212170-7790283-image-a-1_157…)

Thank christ, someone said it. Bimbofication is a mental illness. This girl is a bimbo from Canada who got world famous after her vagina surgery almost literally killed her. She got so close to dying. This was about a year ago and she is currently still getting surgeries all the time

Can you imagine having such low self esteem than you mutilate your whole body for scrote attention. Look how painful her face is

All that surgery and still nobody has managed to get the down syndrome out of her face

No. 811630

im starting to wholeheartedly agree. yes i know there are always gonna be pick me bitches that would want to validate scrotes but at the same time seeing these girls on tik tok getting millions of views talking about how much of a slut they are to "own" the patriarchy is actually not the smart take. I am all for women who wnat to do body mods or whatever but when you're feminism is just "im hot, you're hot, lets all be hot sluts together" like who tf is that benefitting aside from men? They are literally giving men what they want and then saying IN YOUR FACE SCROTE!! Like what???

No. 811636

All male-made media falls prey to male fetishism. This includes western movies, books, and TV shows. None of it is pure. It's worth talking about and criticizing as an issue, but kind of dumb to shame other women for enjoying things (besides examples of blatantly gross content). Pick me-ass weebs shouldn't defend coomer moid directors, but hyper radfems also shouldn't target female fans just because males are harder to get to.

No. 811637

having a high metabolism is lowkey a curse because you can eat as much junk and bullshit and not gain a single pound. Sometimes I wish i did have a slower metabolism because then i would feel more guilt about eating a box of cookies in one sitting or something. But no I always find myself thinking….ill start eating right soon but then i forget because oh look i havent gained a single pound so its no big deal. Like yes tf it is! At least people with slower metabolisms know that there are instant consequences if they eat a bag of chips in one sitting so it gives them at least SOME incentive to stop. But because i barely gain anything i dont have that stopper in my head. Its so gross and i wish it was talked about more.

No. 811639

Is this really an unpopular opinion? I doubt most people find this anything other than disgusting. You could show this to scrotes in the street and get 90% negative responses over that freak.

No. 811641

omg im anon >>811637
is it high metabolism or fast metabolism i always mix it up with high tolerance SMH

No. 811643

I wonder why they couldn't have drawn kiki with shorts or puffier bloomers?
Poofy bloomers are actually super cute ( I was weirdly obsessed with Alice's bloomers as they look like cutesy frilly pants)

No. 811645

Anime targeted towards actual elementary school aged children is unsexualized. For example, things like the pretty cure series. Of course it's not safe from gross people making doujinshi tho.

No. 811646

Is this bait?

Either way you're a retard, the differences in peoples metabolism are miniscule. People who say they eat a lot and don't gain weight underestimate their food intake (watch Supersize vs Superskinny, the skinny people eat tons of junk but nothing else all day) and the other way around for fat people who claim they never eat and yet gain weight.

Calories in and calories out it a simple concept. You just eat less than you think.

No. 811650

You're eating the wrong stuff. Junk food will just leave you nutritionally devoid and susceptible to the beetus which work against your gains.

Try drinking whole milk at every meal and eat complete proteins with a healthy balance of carb and fiber. If you're still skinny after that then there's actually something medically wrong.

No. 811652

Doraemo was the shit when I was a little girl

No. 811655

Isn't there a thyroid disease that makes you super skinny?

No. 811665

Thank you for the advice anon i have rotten eating habits due to growing up poor. I will start adding more protein im really tired of being lanky its ugly. (i cant drink milk though im lactose but ill try something else)

No. 811668

You should try almond or soy? I think it's a replacement for lactose people . Might as well splurge on good eating habits

No. 811670

Yes, hyperthyroidism. Hypo is the opposite, it slows down your metabolism

No. 811677

Yup. I wonder how many skinny people have it though

No. 811681

This was really embarrassing, lmao.

No. 811682

Precure isn’t even safe from it’s own writers. Some seasons are full of unnecessary panty shots and general weirdness that can only be amounted to the whims of the perverted men who work on it, of which whom simultaneously made typical degenerate anime. The only anime completely devoid of this shit are shonen shit anime made for young boys. Even then they’re not completely safe from it, yugioh as an example.

No. 811687

Not that many, hyperthyroidism is life threatening if left untreated and it's gets that way fast. My mum has graves disease and it almost killed her. It can also leave you with deformed eyes.

No. 811688

Crayon shin chan is pretty funny

No. 811690

I'm sorry to hear about your mom though, hope she recovered though

No. 811698

Wait pretty cure is supposed to be for children? I thought it was just another magical girl series that was like Sailor Moon lol

No. 811700

Japan's society as a whole is entirely pedophilic and misogynistic. The women are expected to dress and look like children, anyone older than 25 is "fruitcake" territory, "cutesie girly" stuff is just expected of women. The school girl skirts, give me a break. I'm not trying to sexualize them but men do. Why is there a whole gravure model sector for little girls? why do so many japanese men make manga/anime of high school/middle school students? And then are totally cool with them being sexual?
Almost every single anime/manga has underaged lewd stuff in it… And there's always a "loli" character.

No. 811708

I got into Japanese games/anime when I was younger because of how cute all of it tends to be, and I didn't realize it was pedophilic until I was 20. I literally thought all of it was made and drawn by women, you could imagine my expression when I found out the creative minds behind most of the things I enjoyed were balding perverted old men lmao. I was a stupid kid and didn't realize how sexual everything was until it was too late. I can still enjoy some of their stuff, but knowing there are scrotes out there probably jerking off to raping the characters makes me seethe.

No. 811710

totally agree with this. every "sexy" female anime character I've ever seen acts like a little kid and it's supposed to be sexy. just had a bunch of flashbacks of my ex who loved lolis and had pedo tendencies.

he went to japan and akihabara and bought a bunch of weeb shit (a lot of it porn). he kept saying how japan was amazing because they're less judgmental than the west, and a lot more liberated and about sex than the west because they never had christianity. which I think is a load of horse crap, if anything they're more judgmental.

and honestly, I'd take christianity and "prude" western culture over the normalization of sexualizing children any fucking day.

No. 811711

Despite all the "CIS WHYTE MENZ!!!" SJW screeching, western white men, at least in the 21st century, are objectively the least problematic of all scrotes. No wonder all the woke woc date them.(global rule #7)

No. 811729

absolute shit take. i hope you get banned. All men are trash i dont care what fucking skin color you put on them.

No. 811732

also a lot of the reason why these women date outside of their race is because they fell for the meme that a rich white man can save them because of his privilege and status. Only to find out that they are just as depraved as any other men because again it's not men's skin color or race its their fucking cumbrains.

No. 811736

It's not like white men have the most stable marriages with women of any race, while moc and white women have the least stable or anything…

No. 811737

If you still collect toys and rave about how barbies are cute and you’re 18+ (suicide if you’re 20+), you’re severely autistic. The toyfags aren’t much better than the cows on here, actually a lot more worse and should be ostracized

No. 811744

that literally boils down to the fact that white men literally benefit the most from patriarchy thats it and thats all. No race of man is better than the other they all fucking suck. And saying this completely undermines the milliions of western white women who have been victims of assault, battery, and murder by white men. AGain all men are disgusting no race is better than the other. Its just some have more benefits than others due to the society we unfortunately live in.

No. 811755

dont come for me anon but i literally was thining about collecting barbies. Im sorry but have you seen collectible barbies andhow much detail they put into those dolls!? let people collect shit.

No. 811762

it’s called put your doll money in a savings account if you have enough money to spend it on plastic trash then you’re definitely a lot more wealthy than 90% of this website lol

No. 811765

Who hurt you? As long as they can pay for their bills and taxes, it’s harmless, I guess you also think anyone who collects anything else like stamps or perfume bottles die as well because they’re also autistic.

No. 811768

Tired of seeing companies and articles pump the public into hysteria to throw out tons of perfectly good food because of "contamination" threats when all they mean is that some fag with a tree nut allergy will have a reaction because almonds got brushed against it.
If someone is that severely and deathly allergic then they need pens on hand period.

No. 811770

File: 1621542502688.gif (1009.02 KB, 540x540, giphy.gif)

She saw that one anon post about the new Barbies in the toy thread on /m/ and doesn't know how to keep her mouth shut when she sees something trivial that she doesn't like. Nothing new! There was someone posting the same opinion not too long ago about people collecting anime figures.

No. 811775

>The toyfags aren’t much better than the cows on here, actually a lot more worse and should be ostracized
We have cows here that are rapists, child groomers, pedophiles, zoosadists, junkies, extreme selfinjurers etc. and yet toyfags are the real problem. Hilarious!

No. 811778

girl eat a dick lol

my unpopular opinion is that girls that collect dolls and barbies are so cool and smart. Like hell yeah buy all the dolls your parents never got you as a kid and if you want to give up your hobby you can literally always sell them or donate them to children. anyoone who has a problem with women collecting barbies or other cute toys can come see me and we can fight!!!!!!!

anon is probably pressed she still cant afford the malibu barbie her mommy and daddy refused to buy her because she got poor grades in school lol

No. 811790

I'll do you one better: There's actually nothing wrong with collecting toys and even playing with them as an adult.

I'm still pissed my parents ostracized me and threw out a lot of my things when I was 11/12 by acting like I suddenly had to mature up past things I loved and privately amused myself with. My make believe magic is pretty much gone, and all I can think to myself is how much simpler and soothing life could be at times if I could go back to being content with making shit up by myself for hours on end. Actually can't wait to have kids for this reason because I'd legitimately enjoy watching their cartoons and being involved in their games and playtime if they wanted.

People who concern themselves too much about what makes them look immature to others are often immature themselves and just can't admit they like juvenile shit because it's a threat to their ego.

No. 811797

normalfags are so boring

No. 811882

I think it's fine as long as you are a stable adult, not a NEET who lives in parents basement and calls themselves "smol n fragile" on internet, making toys their identity.

> PTSDS of when I saw that Japan willingly sells softcore DVD with kids and parents are okay with that

No. 811934

Adam Sandler is disgusting

No. 811935

i fucking hate apples and bananas

but especially apples

the worst

No. 811937

I will never ubderstand millenials under 30 complaining about zoomers… like, do you not realize you made the cut off by just a few years?

No. 811943

I feel old most of the time but this made me feel young. Thx

t. Born in 94

No. 811947

>Unpopular opinion

No. 811961

Also born in 94, you feel old??

No. 811971

Yeah but mostly because I wasted my life so far and am really behind in life.

No. 811972

Thinking about how no man would put this much effort and hurt himself over women really makes me sad, she made herself look horrible for nothing, men aren't worth this suffering and humilliation at all.

No. 811982

Who is this? She looks like someone who would be in a barcroft video.

No. 811983

Stop pretending white women get killed on daily basics for stupid reasons like woc around the world. Your men are the least likely to kill/ least violent, you want women who have experienced a lot worse to believe your men are a danger when it's not true and that's why they date them, because unlike white men, other races tend to be very abusive to their partners.(racebait)

No. 811989

File: 1621573325647.jpeg (23.54 KB, 600x600, 482BDB67-5EE4-4484-89FD-5A7A82…)

This isn’t even a retarded unpopular opinion, it’s just blatantly false.

No. 812003

Anons like that are always dumbass North Americans who have never even heard of what women go through in Eastern European countries and other parts of the world full of unchecked moids.
It's so annoying.

No. 812022

"Hey you're all white like me so you all have white privilege. Theres no such thing as white people having different cultures, Europeans are just like Americans, and all the men treat them fine"

- every race warrior I swear

No. 812030

I feel like now that people are fighting for higher minimum wage, mainly those who qualified for unemployment and are trying to get back into the workforce are a product of gentrification. The people are not at fault, but I know for a fact employers are going to raise their qualifications upon choosing people to interview. Especially places like McDonald's, which some places are now advertising positions starting at $17 an hour. I know for a fact they're gonna actively gloss over people with just diplomas and GEDs because they feel they're not worthy for that amount of pay.
Classism sucks, inflation sucks, low income individuals are going to get fucked over. I truly wish minimum wage was a liveable wage.

No. 812222

File: 1621603751605.png (102.17 KB, 251x275, 1612279966495.png)

Won't ever happen tho, rich people and big corps care more about the rest of us suffering than anything else. This world isnt worth living in anyways

No. 812256

I dont understand women who think women being with younger men os predatory, when they had no issue dating much older men. It's the same thing.

No. 812261

This. I stopped watching anime when I starting realizing everything that is severely wrong with it and the country it comes from (around 18 yrs old)

No. 812266

Another issue with raising the minimum wage that no one seems to talk about is the impact it has on smaller employers. While I agree that a minimum wage should allow someone to live comfortably and not in poverty, if the minimum wage increases too much a lot of small businesses will no longer be able to afford to employ people, which would result in more people loosing their jobs.

No. 812268

Imho main problem with raise of minimum wage is very likely inflation later. Doesn't matter you make more money when you can't afford things just like you couldn't before, because all the prices went up.

No. 812353

Personally I didn’t have any issue being with an older man at the time bc I was a naive pickme who thought I was special and mature for being chosen by an older man who was too retarded to maintain a relationship with adults his own age. I think older women going for young men can be predatory too, however older women often know they’re primarily with a younger guy for a good time not a long time, unlike scrotes wanting a permanent live-in bangmaid they can abuse for financial/physical/emotional labor.

No. 812368

Exactly, as a Canadian when they raised minimum to $14 a lot of prices went up accordingly. I made $22/hr at my entry level office job and it really doesn’t go as far as you would think when you account for inflation. I don’t think raising the minimum wage really does anything unless you can stop people from raising prices and not have to print more money to keep up. Honestly I’m so worried about hyperinflation now, stimulus checks are not a good thing in my opinion.

No. 812389

don't parents get their kids into the entertainment industry via softcore porn, and I think there was a Japanese TV channle dedicated to underage idols doing sexual shit on camera, like holding phallic objects in swimwear. I hear the ponponpon girl (vid rel) got into the industry this way, as her parents sold DVDs doing inappropriate shit. It's so sad that girls are made to do this sorta thing

No. 812405

Not even a tattoo fag but it bothers me when the people against them use the "oh when you are 50 all of those tattoo are going to look like shit lmao" as a reason to not get one.
face tattoos don't count they are always going to look retarded

No. 812413

Millennial here. I like younger generation a lot. They are better than millennials tbh. Most zoomers I have met are polite and nice, especially males.

No. 812414

Modern dating practices are weird

>have sex after knowing other each a week(but despite the fact you have literally been inside each other, you're scared to call or text them?)

>ignore each other for a while
>do bf and gf stuff but no labels
>have a kid out of wedlock
>get married after 8 years

No. 812417

>pon pon pon girl
How dare you disrespect Kyary like that. Also yes she did swimsuit photoshoots (gravure) as a kid. The pics are easy to find just through googling. They're innocent enough but still definitely pedobait.

No. 812423

I know so many couples who've split when their kid is like 2 or 3. Shits depressing

No. 812424

my province has one of the lowest minimum wages in canada and has slashed all social and medical services funding and infrastructure so badly that it is deplorable
i think people should be advocating more for workers protections, good benefits, PTO, better mat leave and paternity leave (not #notallmen-ing at all. many women have to give up their jobs or face financial and career insecurity, imbalances in their relationships or marriage when they are forced to be MIA much longer. shouldering the brunt of childcare when fathers have less motivation to take paternity leave and help out/distribute childcare and housekeeping tasks more evenly. it's unreasonably tough for a mother to return to the workforce in many instances, whether due to resume gap or people being biased against female employees with young children. more often than not this creates significant tensions in the household between partners, and creates financial dependency on the male), accommodations for disabled workers and better work placement programs for people on disability, unemployment or collecting stimulus so that it is a reasonable and actively beneficial option to work again if they are capable of doing so
better, more accessible and comprehensive publicly funded training programs for certain jobs as well, like transit workers, certain types of healthcare-adjacent workers, emergency operators, people working in education in administrative or secretarial capacity, energy and waste management, something to encourage far more people to work in the public sector
i think these would go much farther in improving quality of life and ability to afford to live and balance of work/life. most people my age are more enticed by wider availability of stable and secure jobs with good benefits than raising minimum wage alone, even if they are outspoken supporters of a min. wage increase
it would be more sustainable, and maybe by the time post-gen Z generation are our age, they may inch towards what is so coveted and resented about the stability and freedoms boomers had with regards to secure employment and being able to afford homes
access to education is also obviously crucial, and better legislation around pre-hiring discrimination. in US it is illegal to outright ask a worker's age, disability, nationality, there should be similar protections for other biases which preclude certain classes from being considered in the hiring process. i do think in certain types of positions education should not be such a massive factor, when it is irrelevant to the skillset or knowledge base required, particularly for meager pay.
base minimum wage feels like such a small symptom of many larger problems

No. 812428

Samefag to say, Most of them didn't even marry, but the ones who did are just extra bitter because divorce is a pain in the ass where I live.

No. 812433

I really don't get people that are together for like 12 years but talk about how "marriage is a scam/piece of paper", mostly because they want it keep easy in case they split up. But 12 years is almost half of your dating adult life, unless you think you're gonna be hot stuff in your fifties.

No. 812474

File: 1621629991800.jpg (Spoiler Image, 461.64 KB, 1024x1281, gamersareopressed.jpg)

I don't care about video game censorship at all. I genuinely feel like the only people who would care are porn addicts tbh, especially when they go on to say how a videogame censoring panties of a character that's 10 years old is the same as homophobic countries censoring the existence of gay people

No. 812479

Naw it's usually because the dude doesnt wanna marry the girl hes with becuz he doesnt like her that much but it's better than being single

No. 812484

I was married once and it lasted an embarrassingly short time, I would never again. Last guy I dated was in the same boat. No desire to ever remarry. For divorced people I get it. I had such a fairytale idea of 'forever love' and there's nothing like an 18 month marriage to shatter that lol

I've heard of couples being together for 15 years and when they finally marry that weirdly becomes the beginning of the end for them? Interesting

No. 812485

Marriage is nothing but a scam though.

No. 812486

I agree. Scrotes need to learn to get over it, because in my opinion games aren’t censored nearly enough.

No. 812488

And nothing of value was lost.

No. 812506

i play as a character who got her boob size slightly reduced to look nicer and avoid clipping/physics issues and it's insane the amount of crying about the evil censorship there still is weeks later

its even more pathetic when you see that 99% of fanservice in the game was left alone, these guys are way too spoiled

No. 812552

Whats the point of getting married if someone is not planning to have kids / loan together? Serious question.

No. 812555

Samurai Jack is boring and forgettable and so is Invader Zim

No. 812560

Couples who genuinely love each other and want to spend their lives together (whether or not they want children) can marry while also understanding that marriage is just a legal construct upheld by a piece of paper, and that it won't affect how much they love each other, negatively or positively. My husband and I married primarily because when we met we lived in different countries and we needed to be married for immigration purposes, and also because it would benefit us in certain legal and financial situations. Aside from that, we did it simply to get the deed over with, and so that our relationship would be formally acknowledged by others (since there's this weird stigma around couples who have been together for a long time but don't get married.)

No. 812579

Marriage is protection for women if you arent a retard

No. 812588

Protection from what? Other men?

No. 812592

In the past when woman HAD to abandon any career she possibly thought of and become a housewife, sure, but nowadays?

I can see this point; and I can totally see how getting married as this entire ritual - the vows, the outfits, the atmosphere, even the signing the documents part - could have a charm for many people; and they'd like to do this official acknowledgement of a relationship for the sake of tradition and I suppose celebrating the relationship in that way too; but then I guess other than honoring the tradition it doesn't really serve that much of any other purpose really, as you've said
> it won't affect how much they love each other, negatively or positively

No. 812594

What if the person she needs protection from the most is her husband, as many women do? What then?

No. 812596

Single mothers shouldn't look for new husbands until their children are grown enough to not take bullshit from creeps lying down.

No. 812607

If you aren’t an artist/someone who does creative things then you truly shouldn’t critique art or media. You are solely a viewer and that’s all you’ll be

No. 812610

Kek I'll call what i want shit is it's shit

No. 812611

No man with a brain and no ulterior motives would settle for a single mother.
It is basically guaranteed that they end up with some loser creep.

No. 812613

File: 1621643332211.jpg (162.53 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

You sure about that anon?

No. 812615

If you aren’t a chef/someone who cooks then you truly shouldn’t critique food. You are solely an eater and that’s all you’ll be

No. 812618

Makes me sad to know people really think like this. Woman that has a child has to be alone because "no man with a brain would SETTLE for her"??

No. 812622

I feel bad that single moms get such a bad rep. Sure, there are weirdos who go after single mothers, but there are also regular men who are fine with dating them.

No. 812626

Kek, as if. Women need to realize that they're all automatic upgrades to men, no exceptions. A rich, handsome straight man with no wife or girlfriend to speak of is an automatic loser in life, no matter what. He's either a little boy still doing the playboy route or a sad, lonely old fuck. Even his colleague with a 40 year old wife who was a single mom is in a comparatively higher position.
He knows it, too, and will probably commit suicide if he can't find a woman who will be by his side long-term.
Fortunately for him and other men, there are tons of idiotic female simps and self-hating women who don't realize that what they have to offer is worth more than money.

No. 812631

Lol this is true. Thos is why men would spend years with a woman they dont like before being single.

No. 812634

My ex pretty much said as much to me. His second cousin killed himself and he went on about how if only he had a gf he would be alive. All he needed was a girl to be happy. My ex was a drug abusing, brothel visiting alcoholic who had me and hit me if I questioned his outrageous behaviour etc etc yet he was utterly miserable and last ive heard he does herion now. Feel bad for the woman he finds to save from suicide.

No. 812635

File: 1621645820720.jpg (182.21 KB, 1500x1000, black-pudding-19.jpg)

Fuck yall black pudding is delicious

No. 812645

Hear hear

No. 812647

I don’t shit but I know a turd when I see a turd

No. 812655

You don't shit?

No. 812657

I think you should see a doctor, anon.

No. 812659

I'm so sorry for you anona! It must be so hard not shitting! Is your belly big? Have you tried laxatives? I hope you can find a cure for your anus soon!

No. 812663

My mother is in her early 60s and most of her divorcee friends are still playing the dating game at their age. Lots of older people still date

No. 812668

File: 1621651360744.jpg (320.74 KB, 2048x2048, ba5fb880054cd39b5117a9c261e33c…)

My friends used to enjoy complaining a lot about how white men fetishize Asian women and while I definitely see examples of it (not denying it happens), I always felt that non-white men fetishized Asian women way more. Whenever I've been hit on for my race or openly fetishized in public it's never been by a white guy. I never knew what to say when my friends would go on these long rants about how they'll never date a white guy again because they're afraid of being fetishized when men of other ethnicities are also really fetishistic of Asian women. I mean I wouldn't feel safe or comfortable around any man, regardless of whether he was white or not, which is why I feel like the whole woke feminist "straight white men suck" dialogue is stupid because non-white men are equally as creepy, fetishistic, and weird (sometimes even moreso? at least in my experience). Obviously I never verbalize this b