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No. 146671

This thread is to talk about some iconic music videos, or post new ones and say our opinion about them. This thread is also to talk about how music has changed through the years, and talk about how certain music or artists have impacted different eras through their music and videos. Have fun!

No. 146676

I just love this video and this song. I love how the footage is slowed down and it gives the whole thing an added layer of otherworldliness.

No. 146681

No. 146682

No. 146683

No. 146684

No. 146685

No. 146687

I thought anon meant a thread to discuss pop music

No. 146688

These videos used to stay seated in my suggested videos for what felt like forever. The songs are fine, but the videos felt so inescapable despite already watching them that I began to detest the songs. I think both videos helped make each respective song standouts for the streaming era audience of the time, though. Mondo Grosso especially. To this day the video pops up when browsing jpop on yt.

No. 146689

Yeah that is what I meant lmao sorry
I'm >>>/ot/821766 and I was thinking more of a thread for pop specifically especially new releases
So we can have in depth discussion without derailing the celebricows thread and we can discuss new releases that don't necessarily involve milk

No. 146691

I made a pop focused thread here, sorry not meant to compete with this thread

No. 146692

You can press the vertical "…" near the video title and tell youtube to stop recommending you stuff. If you open the videos, or worse, give it a dislike it will keep recommending you them. Best to avoid engaging and just go to the "…" and tell YT to cut that shit off. You can go into "tell us more" deeper in the menu to specify what action you want the algorithm to take when recommending you stuff.

No. 146695

oh sorry, didn't understand exactly what you wanted

No. 146708

This mv from Lady Gaga is awesome, it's almost a short film.

No. 146713

I love this song & music video so much!! It's really funny.

No. 146746

I love the color scheme and styling

No. 146752

I want to live in this video.

No. 146758

i love his songs and the toy aspect of this mv

No. 146760

It's sad how so many music videos on youtube are in 360p. I wish labels would re-upload them in better quality. Vid related is one of my favourites but unfortunately has shitty quality.

No. 146764

I know kpop = cringe but I love EXID's music videos, especially this one

No. 146765

I also love this music video, it's colorful and the 90s references are fun

No. 146779

This isn't an official music video, but it might as well be. I watched the original kick heart short film, and this is honestly more impactful/interesting that the short film

No. 146780

this is also pretty good, even though I'm kinda tired of jack strauber

No. 146782

>I know kpop = cringe but
i say that way too much

No. 146803

I just love the aesthetic and the twist is pretty interesting

No. 146805

I just spent an hour watching music videos I was obsessed with in the 90s/2000s

No. 146806

No. 146807

No. 146808

No. 146809

No. 146810

No. 146811

No. 146812

No. 146815

This video is so powerful. Tribute to Diana, Hunter of Bus Drivers. Just thinking about it makes me cry.

No. 146824

Love the song but never seen the video! Thank you for posting

No. 146896

all time fave. love how cheesey and dated it is

No. 146902

patricia morrison look so good in this music video. still funny how andrew eldritch thinks they aren't a goth band

No. 146920

This song is so fucking good. Never gets old. Thanks for posting it and reminding me, gonna play it to ring the summer in

No. 146931

Things don't make me cry much but I wish divine female vengeance was real

No. 146956

Was obsessed with this one when I was a kid

No. 146988


No. 146989

I love this song and MV but I can hardly ever watch it because it always makes me cry. It's also depressing that she went from this super invalidating and lonely relationship with R. Patz to being abused by Shia Lascrote. She's a wonderful artist and kind soul; she deserves so much better.

No. 147058

>No stromae videos
the training she went through to this video, fke twigs is so hardworking.

No. 149789

No. 149795

I feel I really should have outgrown this level of teenybopper depth kinda music, but there is something about his Tim Burton movie-looking ass that makes me like his music. Not to mention I wished when I was in my high school years that more goth-looking dudes who sang looked like this and not stuck with whatever Voltaire tried doing. (the only time he was passable was on boo-hoo)

No. 149803

I've been obsessed with Shortparis hnnng. Their imagery coombined with layered and innovative sounds makes me really excited for electronica again. Linked draws a shitton of inspiration from Gambino in a lot of obvious ways but otherwise it's really good and an earworm. I really hope they release a new album soon because im so ready for avant garde goodness.

Tbf that's the only noteworthy MV Stromae has. I was OBSESSED with this choreography for the longest time in this one, super good.

No. 149815

So cool, thanks for posting anon!

No. 149817

Anon, are you me? I love shortparis their music sounds so fresh and exciting. They were supposed to come to my city around this time last year but sadly it got cancelled. I am still not fuly over it

No. 149846

No. 149849

I dunno if this is classified as a music video or just a short film, but I really love it and wish more artists did stuff like this for their albums

No. 149868

Fucking loved the animation on this.

No. 162916

Which videos do you think have the best dancing? The ones that make you watch the video just to appreciate the choreography and make you want to learn it yourself.

No. 162923

I like watching this old Moloko video just to watch a batch of professional dancers try to keep up with Róisín Murphy's erratic movements.

No. 162926

Undeniably some of the best choereo out there, fairly advanced though

No. 162929

Something much easier but cute and catchy

No. 162936

No. 162945

impeccable taste

No. 162982

Question: do you think she’s saying “show me love na na na” or “show me the banana”?

No. 163263

I love her so muuuuch

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