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File: 1617069352510.jpeg (70.06 KB, 540x540, 9609C166-7C38-4BF4-97CE-6A81B4…)

No. 772442

previous thread >>>/ot/756733

>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 772446

I'm ngl, this pic scared me

No. 772452

File: 1617070189038.gif (1.45 MB, 500x283, 901E6879-58AE-4975-8237-E258A1…)

Genuinely baffling that people would rather pay streaming service to watch a new movie at home on their laptop than going to a movie theater. I heckin love theaters. It’s the perfect place for an ambivert like me tbh. Being among others, sharing an experience, while not having to see them or be seen.
I love the huge comfy seats, the loud surround sound, my blanket and smuggled foods. Being stoned af watching a horror movie on huge screen is chef kiss
I always have a good time alone or with friends or with a qt, even if it’s a shitty movie. Streaming is totally ruined now anyway by network boomers. Theaters are forever and will come back!!!

No. 772454

I love getting together with my friends to watch a movie together. I have an Alamo drafthouse near me and any anon who has one knows the sheer brillance of it. it's just so cozy to go to a movie, watch it, eat cookies and then leave the theater for a full blown discussion somewhere else. I think streaming a movie at home is fine, but i do like theater experience for certain showings

No. 772455

bitch is you dumb? no one wants to go to the theatre because of the pandemic, not like it’s stopping them. the carpets always smell like piss and they have overpriced water and popcorn that swim in grease

No. 772458

No offense but, ew. The rest of your post is cute though. I personally enjoy being comfy at home, because I can adjust everything to my liking, eat whatever I want (like sure, you can sneak food into the theater, but can you sneak a pizza with wings in there?), not having to hear other people eat, and I can get up if I need to without fear of missing parts of the movie. The overall atmosphere of a theater is better though. The speakers, how dark the rooms are and the seats make the immersion better. Also, that moment when you walk outside after 2 hours of sitting in the theater is kind of crazy. Going to a movie theater is an un-paralleled feeling.

No. 772460

I can’t wait to be able to see friends and watch movies again.
Theaters weren’t doing well even before the pandemic, why you mad? No one is forcing you to buy their food or go to ghetto run down theaters.
Yeah I know theaters just fill me with uwu feelings so it just came out.

No. 772462

Dating and sex podcasts are cringe

No. 772463

>can you sneak a pizza with wings in there
I have. Theater staffs are underpaid children, they do not give a fuck lol if it’s a sparse showing I’d even bring booze and oil pen.

No. 772465

File: 1617071285053.jpeg (75.01 KB, 720x750, 22C0AFAD-4545-4F04-985E-F64786…)

Don’t know why modern fujoshits trip all
over themselves to fawn over (or try to become) IRL gay men. The original nip fujo were absolutely right
Husbandos and BL are different from those disease riddled AIDS bucket 3DPD

No. 772466

File: 1617071317911.jpeg (27.71 KB, 450x430, 0514BB12-2638-4B91-A656-C10548…)

> No one is forcing you to buy their food or go to ghetto run down theaters.

I can smell your balls

No. 772479

No. 772480

who are you quoting?

No. 772481

File: 1617072436026.png (70.78 KB, 1000x600, 1616808535808.png)

China did nothing wrong.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 772482

Emojis are fun

No. 772484

im tired leave me alone

No. 772486

Was this op written by a very triggered male, because it reads like it was

No. 772487

The op has been like that for a while, wdym

No. 772488

Samefag, it seems we lost the necessary "Farmhands' dumbass disclaimers:" after thread #39 before all the disclaimers, petition to bring it back for thread #46

No. 772493

yeah probably

No. 772767

the accusations against james charles seem bs

No. 772769

why was this user banned

No. 772789

shit bait and being an obvious /pol/tard that compared interracial relationships (something that is a choice) and the following mixed children to a genocide. are you perhaps retarded?

No. 772790

i guess im missing the interracial relationships part

No. 772791

there’s been a lot of males posting lately

No. 772799

u can't read?

No. 772802

i just woke up and reread it thanks

No. 772827

I’m so bored of the art discussion thread, it only focuses on boring loosely race-related Twitter drama to get around a racebait ban. I agree with the anon who posted the same complaint, I miss the days of holly brown or even racist uncle because they were individuals who managed to churn out interesting milk. “Milk” that involves race, racewashing, accusations of an artist’ being racist should be banned

No. 772938

This might sound insane but I'm starting to think not even teenagers should be on the internet because of everything it does to people. Even adults are super impressionable and the term "radicalized" is very in use for a reason, your 80 year old grandma could one day just turn into a fb conspiracy obsessed different person. But with young people it's worse because they have so much ahead of them and "we are the future" as it's said, yet now there's hoardes of people whose early lives are consumed with a porn addiction, or doing sex work, or getting groomed, or becoming cultist-like troons, or in ana-chan communities, it goes on… non-brainwashed people one day then wanting to disown their family/ruin their lives the next because of internet communities of strangers. It really is strangers, was there ever a time in human history where you had instant access to total strangers all over the world? Many of whom are adults with ill intent, or other young people encouraging each other to become more and more delusional and self-harming? Anyway I think the internet has danger to everyone and I'm not trying to sound paranoid but we've all experienced it. I think I turned out okay but I look at my peers and so many are not. I honestly wish it didn't exist despite the good parts because it's so damaging. It feels like we're all more isolated (even before the pandemic but now it's worse) and everyone around you lives 6000 mi away in another universe. Maybe in the past you'd meet people and have a bit more common ground, or a greater likelihood of it really. But now you meet people and they could be invested in anything from the internet including really insane and gross things or hateful ones too. Sorry to sperg but I feel bad for being this way because I know teenage me would hate to have the internet withheld. I would've considered it abusive and maybe so since every other kid goes on there, idk. I have no clue how people can raise kids healthy now. It's more a game of chance than it ever was I think, but I'm still young enough not to worry about that.

No. 772950

I agree, the internet now is not suitable for kids and teens.

No. 772958

I can still remember getting a mildly sexual message from some pedo when I was feeding my online pet on when I was like 9 in the dial-up internet era, read it out loud and my sprung up parents fucking ran to the computer. There wasn't even really an easy way to send images that my dumb kidself could figure out fortunately. Now kids are uploading images and videos of themselves publically daily and get groomed in discord servers away from everyone's eyes.

No. 772969

This. The internet is a cesspool.

No. 772984

I agree. The internet gives brain worms.
I think decades from now, there'll be a host of new mental disorders classified, and they'll all have stemmed from internet addiction in one's formative years.

No. 772995

Yeah, post-internet humanity is completely fucked. Giving every person the ability to communicate their idiotic ideas to millions of people is going to send us into another dark age, complete with witch burnings.

No. 773000

gonna be honest with you anon


No. 773003

It really is scary and I don't see much talk about it. There's a big side of YouTube that exposes social media and Internet for being addictive, making you stupid and for the standards they set but I haven't seen anyone seriously talk about the dangers of sharing your life online and all the fucked up stuff you can be exposed to, not even to parents
I hate how true this sounds, shit. Maybe the internet will become much more regulated, I feel that's the only way to minimize this degeneracy

No. 773009

Minors should be banned from social media at least. Social media is literally the force behind radicalizing people and the thought that young, vulnerable and immature teenagers are spending their time in an environment like that and being exploited by these ideas and groomed by the people spreading them is scary as hell. Back in the early 00's the weird communities were closed off or at least very hard to find, now they're close to being mainstream since it's so easy to go viral and manipulate people since we're all forced to these few gigantic sites ran by amoral corporations.

No. 773017

File: 1617139554881.png (77.79 KB, 442x750, jgfjfj.PNG)

Anon you're not insane, this is absolutely correct.I think the only way to combat this is to make sure kids are monitored or their parents tell them what to watch out for.
I'm now wondering if there will be an anti-internet movement or something put into place to combat this.
Kinda silly but I ran across this very old tumblr post on a blog I used to follow and I think it's very relevant now.

No. 773053

>I'm now wondering if there will be an anti-internet movement or something put into place to combat this.
Op here and I kinda believe it's coming if it's not my wishful thinking. Especially with covid plunging us into further isolation and internet addiction for many. Once this all subsides I think enough people will be itching to be free from it, so I really do hope a movement happens. I would obviously be part of it. The internet has crippled some of our human needs like socializing or life experience and replaced it with a cheap facade. It's fun at first but drains your health, joy, and safety away. I'm optimistic if this does happen because we will at least have many similar feelings and a better understanding of each other… after the fact. But right now we're mostly set apart by it.

No. 773055

any of those youtube channels you recommend? If I'm on the internet might as well use it to be critical

No. 773066

Anon, it bothers me, too. I sometimes think, if I ever had children, I wouldn't want them online the way it is now or even whatever develops over the next couple of years. It's hard enough navigating online as a grown ass adult, it's even worse when you're young, stupid, and don't know how disgusting most people are.

I know the internet was never "safe" and I have seen plenty of NSFL things in my time but…Idk the energy now is just different. Like you said, radical people kept to themselves, they didn't want outsiders coming in and shitting up their communities. We used to laugh at weirdos and no one took things quite as seriously, when you did you were clearly autistic and needed to take a breather. Shit just wasn't that deep.

Personally, I think it's going to get worse because of covid. All these normalfags who used to turn their nose up at the internet because they thought it was for "weirdos" or just were too overwhelmed by it, are now online 24/7 because they have no where else to go and nothing else to do. Look how much things have changed online since COVID, it sucks for us but for these big internet companies, advertising, and everything else that have been pushing for ecommerce and more control over the internet, they've been loving it. It's just more money in their pockets, and that's all that matters at the end of the day for the world.

No. 773068

>Personally, I think it's going to get worse because of covid. All these normalfags who used to turn their nose up at the internet because they thought it was for "weirdos" or just were too overwhelmed by it, are now online 24/7 because they have no where else to go and nothing else to do. Look how much things have changed online since COVID, it sucks for us but for these big internet companies, advertising, and everything else that have been pushing for ecommerce and more control over the internet, they've been loving it. It's just more money in their pockets, and that's all that matters at the end of the day for the world.

Ayrt and I agree with this for the time being. I think it's actively happening that way right now. What I'm hoping is that afterwards, after covid settles down (god I hope) and enough people get sick of the internet, then at least enough of us can find each other and be free after the fact. But you're very right and I've been hating that as well. Being a zoomer myself I keep wondering if "normies" would soon cease to have meaning when most of us are becoming internet damaged. It's my fear but I do have hope that enough people will get tired of it and join together to at least make changes in our own lives. I've cut back individually but I'm dying to know others who do the same

No. 773075

I am older so I have personally been anticipating the eventual mainstream shift online. It was going to happen at some point, I just never could have predicted that we were all going to be shut inside during a loldemic for nearly two years top kek. Covid will eventually fade away, but I have no hope that society is going to go back to normal like before.

I mean, why would it when places like Walmart are making billions with online ordering, Amazon is through the roof, you have a million more braindead idiots on Youtube mindlessly watching cat videos and whatever influencer is popular, and you can save a ton of money having a Zoom call with your employees instead of flying everybody out of the country to shack up in a hotel for a week? It sounds super tinfoil hatty, but this has been something that tech CEOs have been dying for and I used to read about it in speculative articles in the press.

It will all be redressed as "environmentally friendly!" eventually, because people won't have to travel as much, or drive as many fuel dependent cars, we won't have to build gigantic shopping centres or have so many retail outlets if people are getting their shit with Doordash and other delivery services. I know this all sounds nutty and spergy, but I can see how this shit is finally taking shape. The internet will probably be unrecognizable in a few years, it's literally just going to be one big Amazon marketplace lmao.

No. 773106

File: 1617150999606.jpg (34.01 KB, 500x315, 1581063549012.jpg)

Unironically agreed.
>Inb4 hypocritical bc most of us here been on the internet since 10 (and got brain damage from it.)
Idgaf, most people actually do not have the mental predispositions to handle the internet, least of all underdeveloped softbrains. I'd love to have never been exposed to most of it.

No. 773173

I feel so lucky for how I turned out. Been on the internet pretty much my entire life but my parents always told me to not put my information online and so I just never did. I'm pretty much a ghost as far as digital footprints go. I do fear for my younger siblings, especially my brothers, cause I know for a fact theyre being exposed to crazy shit

No. 773188

This was the last video I watched on the topic. Andrew Kirby has tons of videos about it too!

No. 773197

Semi-related (but not really) but this is a great channel that uncovers a lot of the bullshit behind the 'influencer lifestyle'

No. 773205

I don’t really care for Lacuna Coil’s last two albums, they all sound gay with the auto-tune and Cookie Monster vocals. Their earlier albums were better.

No. 773215

The upcoming generations are fucked, anon.

No. 773222

not sure which their last 2 albums are, but I did really like dark adrenaline. or some songs off it anyway

No. 773424

I don't really like/get the beautiful and inspiring 30+ women thread in /g/. It's 90% just anons praising celebs for looking good/youthful for their age. So they where rich enough to get botox and fillers, wow that's SO inspiring!! I guess what bugs me most about it is that even anons here prioritize women's looks over their accomplishments.

No. 773445

Baby metal’s music isn’t really that good.

No. 773447

I feel like the anons who do that don't have any accomplishments so that's why they are on the back burner when it comes to judging people?

No. 773466

Finally! Someone said it! Babymetal is boring to me.

No. 773469

The argument that it's ok for men to treat you like an onahole because they met you on tinder makes 0 sense because they act like this on every dating site.

Also, tinder is not even promoted as a sex app because tinder knows if it was most women wouldnt even use it.

No. 773476

March-August is the most depressing time of the year

No. 773483

March-August and then August-March for me

No. 773484

Men shouldn't use women as onaholes period

No. 773486

I really wanted to like them! They’re so cute but that’s all they really have going for them. It’s hard to say out loud since you get jumped on for saying anything about them. Especially around men.

No. 773488

For me, it goes like
Then March, April are good months
May is okay-ish
June to August I dread
September is meh
October and November are cute

No. 773490

Best months to me. It's summer, where I am anyway. July and August are best of best. Winter leaves me with seasonal depression.

No. 773494

what the fuck is an onahole

No. 773499

Just google it

No. 773501

Reverse seasonal depression (assuming you live in the northern hemisphere)

No. 773502

I'm pretty sure oldstyle dating sites are only used by actual boomers nowadays, Tinder took over the whole market for everyone under 40 anyway, so it was always a retarded argument.

No. 773508

File: 1617206328230.jpeg (47.38 KB, 360x640, 37898A03-46F2-4062-922D-9E5C70…)

At the end of the day I blame sex posi libfeminism, straight men think Tinder is the het equivalent of Grindr. They should actually just get on there instead and find some ugly HST or something who will let them shit on their face or whatever.

No. 773516

Yeah I just wonder what other dating sites women age 18-35 can even use? Like if you get raped or pumped and dumped by a guy you've met on tinder the response is always "well it was tinder so you should have expected that".

No. 773519

Tbh it makes zero sense anywhere. Even if we were in a sex club. Has any woman ever wanted to fuck a dude that says the stuff that some of these scrotes come out with? Even if I just want to fuck and leave, I'm still going to go with the hot, funny, charming guy and I'm absolutely going to block any man that uses "sit on my face" as an opening line.

No. 773530

Maybe they think women that do not want the joys of underwhelming drunk ONS go to Bumble or something. I have zero experience with that app though.

No. 773534

I've used hinge, bumble and tinder. The sex pests on tinder all have profiles on those sites and are doing the same things on those apps too. All online dating is just hook ups now.

No. 773543

>All online dating is just hook ups now
Idk if my experience is uncommon but me and every single one of my female friends have found it very easy to find people looking actual relationships on those apps

No. 773546

None, the problem is males and they’ll use any platform to achieve their end goal of free sex. I’ve tried out Hinge, Bumble, Tinder and OKC. All garbage and full of either super attractive dudes clearly picking up hookups or crusty fuggos (also trying to hookup but with less success)

No. 773551

Are those men attractive/in shape?

No. 773554

Yes, maybe it’s to do with our age but pretty much everyone I know my age met their long term partner on an app.

No. 773555

Your friends sound weird af

No. 773561

I know a guy who pretty much fucks any girl he meets on tinder and then blocks them after. I feel like at that point why not just jerk off?

No. 773564

Nayrt but it works in places with big user bases, it's the same in my friend group. In my experience the guys who are looking for a LTR on apps meet a person almost immediately though, if a man has been on the app for a long time 'looking for the right one' he's just a fuckboy playing the field

No. 773565

That's sus. People that have a large friend circle and still have to use apps to meet people most be so unpleasant irl that their friends can't hook them up with literally anyone.

No. 773571

Yeah I also live in a big city and that’s my experience, I’ve heard it’s different in small towns.

No. 773583

File: 1617210225662.jpg (65.04 KB, 630x393, Tumblr_l_10476843465772.jpg)

Having a large friend circle is overrated I'm an autist who hates being around people in general and having more than 3 + friends sounds like a chore. Also, the people who make those gore jumpscare fancams to troll 13 year old kpop fans are cringe.

No. 773585

I feel like this is less unpopular than people make out. Very few people I know over the age of like 16 have a large friend circle.

No. 773588

I have a large friend circle but my friends never know any males who are single and not gross. My sister is even more outgoing with more friends and still used apps to find her LTR. Though I could also be pretty awful kek

No. 773593

>I’m an autist

No. 773597

Probably isn't validating enough if he isn't masturbating using other people's bodies and doesn't have a lot going on in his life anyway.

No. 773605

I don't know about overrated, I just can't relate to people that socialize a lot. Like meeting with someone who's just coming from visiting a friend and is going to meet up with yet another friend after we're done having coffee. I meet with one person for a few hours and I'm done for the week socializing, thanks.

No. 773623

Ego? It’s more fun to use another persons body as a jerk off toy than your own hand?

No. 773627

doritos are disgusting

No. 773628

I was talking about Delirium and Black Anima

No. 773635

Especially the cheese flavor ewwww

No. 773637

This goes for cheezits and goldfish, too. Why would anyone want corn chip or burnt cheese taste? It's disgusted me since childhood

No. 773643

One time as a kid I found a pound coin in my bag of doritos and I’ve found them gross since then

No. 773646

I agree, I might as well just eat chips at that point. I like Doritos but Cheetos are gross to me.

No. 773649

my unpopular opinion is that a big reason why some women are often stuck in fwb or situationships where they are pumped and dumped and or basically told "im not ready to be in a relationship but ill still date you and act like we are together…but you cant date anyone else cuz only i should be fucking you….but we cant be exclusive because i dont want to commit to you" is because of race.

I am not trying to say that this doesnt happen to women of all races because that would be dumb as hell and wrong. But i honestly think that it happens 10x more if you are of a race that isnt well received. I wish this was talked about more openly and honestly but i feel like a lot of people are in denial so they just close their ears and yell that you are "pulling the race card" or if they are the exception to the rule and are in a relationship they tell you your using race as a cope and that your personality is just bad and or your ugly. I hope this isnt a racebait but im realizing this more and more as i get older.

No. 773650

File: 1617213300561.jpg (230.08 KB, 1280x1024, poutine.jpg)

The real disgusting foods are nachos and poutine.

Why the fuck would you go out of your way to make something crunchy only to cover it completely in something wet and make it a soggy mess? I do not and will never understand this.

I also get furious when ketchup is not on the side with my french fries. It is such a waste of calories on the frying process and just tastes like pure shit.

No. 773652

you guys need to go to hell. cheeze its and gold fish are literally the superior snack food

No. 773653

They smell like sweaty feet. I never ate Doritos/Fritos again after I asked "Who is eating chips?"
No one was, my brother just took his socks off.

No. 773658

Honestly I just don’t have sympathy for those women regardless of the reason. I feel like if you’re a grown woman and someone says they want you to be exclusive to them but they won’t be to you and you want an actual relationship, but you do it anyway, then that’s on you. They’re being completely transparent with you and I don’t get why you would enter into that kind of arrangement if it’s not what you want.

No. 773659

im triggered because yesterday i was eating the cool ranch doritos (the superior dorito) and i remember thinking as soon as i got a handful like "great now my room gonna smell like a can of bounce that ass" i had to open a window and light a candle

No. 773662

you know what you are so right!

No. 773666

bring me to life is such a beautiful song

No. 773669

I think so many ‘meme’ songs are genuinely really good

No. 773671

You know that women in countries where 99% of the population are the same race still have this issue right? Cause it's not race related. It's a scrote thing.

Also agree with >>773658 it's your own fault.

No. 773678

I see it as more of a self esteem issue. Men will try this with any young/naive or insecure woman. Full stop.

No. 773697

I have some gorgeous, young and cute white friends who can only get mediocre older men or hook ups. Idk if it's a race thing or a looks thing. I'm a 30 year old black woman and I would not date any of the guys they fuck.

No. 773706

No. 773710

Nta, but how is it cope to say it's not a race thing?

No. 773711

It's not a cope. The reason is because men dont value womens validation the way we value theirs. Being able to get a cute girl means nothing because they think that's what they deserve anyway and eventually they feel they can do better.

No. 773722

I feel like women tend to value men’s validation less? Like I think being single has a much worse effect on men than women and women have less to gain from relationships than men.

No. 773724

But also I agree they’re more entitled and feel like they ‘deserve’ it more

No. 773727

I hate scrotes I want to be single forever

No. 773734

Your friends sound like they have low standards ngl

No. 773738

They have really high standards, I feel like apps actually make it somewhat easier to filter out losers? I think maybe part of it is the location.

No. 773742

When a less attractive woman gets with a hot man shes gonna appreciate him but with men that's what they already expect and once the novelty of getting to flex on their friends wares off they feel cute girls are just as disposable.
It came to a surprise to me that my younger, cuter and lighter skin friends cant even get the guys I want and have to settle a lot as well.

No. 773750

Ugh I hate males they're broken. They need a total reset. I hope the news about dicks not working by 2045 is true and science will come forward with babies from bone marrow and men will truly be deemed useless.

No. 773754

This. I felt so underappreciated in my last relationship and the amount of mental anguish it caused. I don't know when I'll want to date again. All my relationships were very quick after the other, I think because I panic and seek validation but this time I've been so much more discerning and I can't believe I use to base my own value on who is willing to fuck me. I didn't stop to think who did I want to fuck with longterm. I tried to be easy going and ended up being walked over. The more I know my worth the less I want to settle

No. 773756

Okay I'm >>773649 and I should've been more clear in stating in america since it isnt a homogeneous country. but you ladies are right it has more to do with self esteem/naivete than anything in regards to fwb. I also should've mentioned in more so going from dating to marriage. but i didnt want to age myself LMAO.

But to be truly transparent im an american black woman. I was hoping by being vague in my original post girls from other races would be able to share their experiences in relationships. I know that at the end of the day its a man thing but i honestly think in some cases it can be both a race and man thing.

Like as a black woman in america it seriously seems like literally all races of men view us as these hypersexual creatures you'd maybe sleep with to fulfill a kink but would never REALLY commit to/settle down with because insert stereotype here. I cant explain it hopefully someone understands what im trying to say because im not tyring to play oppression olympics or anything. But after seeing like the 50th hot ass black woman talk about how they are 30 and never had a boyfriend let alone been popped the question it makes me sad. But men are ugly and stupid so they lowkey won in the end LMAO.

No. 773761

It definitely is a mix of race and self esteem. I also think sometimes women can think they are worth less than other women because of their race, and that can lead them into having bad/unhealthy relationships. Idk if that's internalized racism or what, but it's really sad.

No. 773768

Agree and I love the entire album. Evanescence sadly went downhill later on but Fallen (and pre-Fallen demos) are something special for me. On a related note, My Immortal is also a fucking beautiful and emotional song. I remember people hating on it because it used to be overplayed, but I get chills whenever I listen to it.

No. 773777

I've had guys like that who want to keep me in the fwb zone because I'm black but in my experince those men have always been super picky and there was always a reason why no woman is good enough.

No. 773782

lesbian-chan is still angry

No. 773784

This thread is for unpopular opinions my dear

No. 773797

Being on welfare has been a better experience for me than working. Free health care, free food, relaxation. I dont feel bad about leeching off the government and people who do are dumb.

No. 773806

File: 1617222308072.png (Spoiler Image, 164.49 KB, 397x232, C2DEC48F-7FEB-4571-B691-D71FD1…)

i think crooked or uneven teeth are cute! i wish more people accepted them instead of spending a ton of money to fix them (unless the teeth are causing them actual health issues obviously)

No. 773817

Huh, when you first mentioned race I assumed you were gonna talk about the way non white men use white women for sex before marrying a 'good girl' from his own race. You might be right but frankly, I think you could come up with nearly any trait and find a massive group of women with it who are pumped and dumped. Nothing shields you from being used by men who benefit from using women.

No. 773829

How do you deal with the feeling of lacking a purpose? I've spend almost a year on medical leave for legit reasons, but I felt like I was a useless piece of shit every day. Like I didn't 'deserve' the free time because I haven't worked for it.

No. 773831

I agree but you posted the worst teeth.

No. 773841

Shhhh smart NEETs shill wagecucking. There can’t be too many of us.

No. 773865

My purpose is going for walks on sunny days, meeting new friends and taking care of my health.

No. 773874

Welfare is for former wagecucks. It’s miraculous how many NEETS are able to get the government to give them 300 dollars per month to spend on useless junk without any financial records or status, how in tf are y’all doing it? Is it disability checks lmao

No. 773906

i read FAR less stupid annoying shit on facebook than on any other social media platform. there aren't any minors, either. (i only use groups i don't follow anyone i know in real life)

No. 773928

I enjoy watching Teen Titans Go. I find it funny and cute and just overall stupid. Comfy show, don't know why people got such a hard on hating on it.

No. 773935

I love Teen Titans Go. It’s cute and comforting for me. All the people still complaining about it are weebs and zoomers who only ever watched the CN show because it looked mildly anime and they never even saw any other DC animation/media about Teen Titans.

No. 773940

Nice try IRS-san

No. 773945

IRS-san please don't check my taxes, I don't know how to do them correctly so I feel like I fucked up somewhere.

No. 773947

Adam driver is a failed psyop made by undercover male posters(driversperging)

No. 773948

This sjw arc Trisha is doing with Ethan is the least entertaining and most transparent thing she’s done yet

No. 773949

I thought that too or that gay male posters kept coming on here to speg about adam driver. Cause he is fugly and his body built like a fridge, in a bad way.

No. 773955

Kate Moss was absolutely correct when she said "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"

No. 773957

No. 773965

Adam Driver goes under the same category as Robert Pattinson, Tom Hiddleston & Benedict Cumberbatch in my brain of "heartthrob" actors who are actually pretty weird looking but have stans because they played edgy bad boys in some nerd media

No. 773968

I think you're giving farmers too much credit.

No. 773985

i’m sorry but you cannot be placing the absolute sex god rpatz in the same category as those abominations

No. 773988

Sex god is going a bit far imo but yeah, I agree. He's way too conventionally attractive to be on that list, he got famous playing canonically handsome boys. The rest attracted fans through charismatic characters instead of attractive ones.

No. 774000

tom is a cute

No. 774008

I hate when people say “make/get that coin” to mean making money. It just sounds really stupid.

No. 774014

File: 1617248907325.gif (476.78 KB, 400x273, 365755.gif)

>mfw someone predicted this exact comment a month a go

This is perfectly put, thanks nonette
I don't know for the other guys, but at least the Star Wars one never actually played any heartthrobs, he's been called weird looking in universe even for some of the roles he played

No. 774564

The Fate series seems so convoluted and scrotey to me, and Saber's design is gross. Honestly, same goes for anything made by TYPE-MOON, all their stuff is weird and nasty imo.

No. 774595

Saberfags are annoying and if a moid's waifu is saber, auto incel.

No. 774596

It's literally a porn game for men so 'scrotey' is generally correct, but it does pander to women too. There are lots of hot male characters and Fate/Zero is a fujo's dream.

No. 774619

File: 1617338546838.jpg (135.84 KB, 900x1200, rpatz.jpg)

>sex god
Every day, I grow more and more tired of straight women

No. 774621

We're not all bad, promise. Trust me if I could become a lesbian I would

No. 774625

File: 1617338998641.png (791.22 KB, 540x680, 76A687FB-0508-40C9-96DA-AA2F41…)

I like him as an actor but thank GOD he lesbian-pilled KStew

No. 774627

as a bisexual woman I wish I could become a lesbian as well

No. 774631

>Every day, I grow more and more tired of straight women
Weird bone to pick, sounds like a twitter misogynistic gay man

No. 774633

It really doesn’t

No. 774663

I agree so much, I love how Steward is now. I don't remember, but irc her and Robert are on good terms? Kinda wish we could see this duo again for lulz.

Other than that, I like how good her dynamic with Jessie is, they are nice friends who carry movies together.

No. 774743

>Every day, I grow more and more tired of straight women
Who straight women want and don't want to fuck is none of your problem. Imagine a straight women policing lesbians on the monstrosities they want to fuck kek

No. 774821

File: 1617377928668.gif (1.67 MB, 299x200, glitter.gif)

i liked mariah carey's glitter

No. 774828

nta but i'm a straight woman and agree with her, what are you on about

No. 774847

>nta but i'm a straight woman and agree with her
Do you want a cookie for that?
My unpopular opinion is that lesbian women should stop whining about sexual preferences of het women. If other people's harmless aesthetic/sexual preferences are a big enough problem for you to complain about them, seek help. It doesn't affect you in any way.

No. 774860

Dude, chill. It was an innocuous remark not against straight women but more of a poke at the general lower standards that women have for men. Women constantly nitpick other women for the smallest imperfections, why not allow for male celebrities?

No. 774864

The movie or the album?

No. 774867

No. 774873

pubic and armpit hair are extremely hot. any other body hair is repulsive though, doubly so on males.

No. 774874

this isn't bait I swear I legit feel this way

I hate the popularity of ap ddlg shit within the lolita community so much, why don't we shun ap sweets more? it's exactly what attracts all the fatties and age regressors, it's ugly as hell, and reflects poorly on all of us. fuck ap and fuck prints

No. 774880

idk it more feels like sperging against het women and not scrotes. It's annoying in how repetitive it is.
>anon brings up normie tier scrote celebrity she finds attractive
>omg hetties are soooo duumb t. based lesbo
Women get shit from scrotes all the time for being attracted to the 'wrong' type of men. IDK why lolcow anons want to join the incels in bitching about that.

No. 774914

ive made all my boyfriends watch this movie with me and its just a decent straightforward movie, idk why every movie critic hated it in the 2000s, but damn they love to hate and i love shit that they hate

No. 774915

I feel neutral about armpit hair but I feel so much sexier with my pubic hair just trimmed instead of a full Brazilian wax

No. 774916

So with trimming pubic hair, I'm not sure if my hair is weird, but it gets super sharp and pointy. How am I supposed to trim it so that its nice and soft? Is there some technique?

No. 774925

Straight guys who have period products at their place for their female friends or whatever give me weird vibes, kind of like when mtfs carry around tampons "in case someone asks".

No. 774930

File: 1617387352529.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 53.74 KB, 620x538, 48D7430C-97A8-4325-A618-3973EE…)

Original Evil Dead is better than Evil Dead II + bonus unpopular opinion that Fede Alvarez’s remake is mostly fantastic

No. 774933

hmm maybe it's to do with the razor you're using? I don't really have a particular technique, I use an electric razor.

No. 774938

Agreed. I would love to separate sweet lolita completely from the other substyles. I hate sweet, it looks costumey, fetishy and childish and I don't want to be lumped in with them. I hate how they dominate all lolita spaces and circlejerk over ap, namedropping prints etc and just expecting everyone to know what they're talking about. I hate how all popular lolitas wear sweet and sweet only. I hate browsing second hand markets because they're oversaturated with sweet.

No. 774939

You're trimming it too short.

No. 774940

I feel so bad for straight women. If I was a straight woman I would probably kill myself ngl(shit bait)

No. 774947

File: 1617391092383.jpeg (857.57 KB, 3499x2333, 108CE451-08FE-463A-BAF3-1ED140…)

Nobody looks good with heavy, blunt bangs and idk why anyone wears them as a look. Zooey Deschanel is obviously the exception, but even hers are blended well and styled to be voluminous and cute.

No. 774949

I used to cut the hair with the small scissors you use for nose hairs. I don't cut it short, but its still super poky and sharp.

No. 774950

Yeah I generally agree. I feel like at best you don't look worse but pretty much nobody looks better.

No. 774963

I look worse without bangs and my hair isn't thin enough for whispy bangs

No. 774978

File: 1617394916978.jpeg (1.89 MB, 3464x3464, B18E5608-1FC4-485C-A3E2-007C63…)

Just say you have the wrong face for bangs and move on please

No. 774979

File: 1617394940553.jpg (73.25 KB, 618x612, Screenshot_15.jpg)

I would say it doesn't look good on most people, you gotta have a specific head shape and features to pull it off

No. 774981

File: 1617395246878.jpg (13.15 KB, 282x400, c8b5f7d5e5057041b1ce53b8a8bd74…)

Samefag. But it can look good

No. 774983

I saw the post above and Lisa from BP immediately came to mind

No. 774999

I don't really see how sweet looks any more fetishy or costumey than other substyles. It's literally the same silhouette, just with different themes/colors.
The "more childish" part is legit, though, and it's definitely oversaturated the whole scene to the point where it's boring. I wish gothic and classic lolita were more at the forefront of the whole subculture.

No. 775018

Ayrt the fetishy vibe comes from the ddgl/ageplay connotations and the costumey part is because sweets tend to often go more OTT with their coords from what I've seen. Way too many accessories, bright wigs etc. Bunny ear headbands, stuffed animal bags, stuff like that. Overly themed coords.

No. 775023

File: 1617400487165.png (3.83 MB, 2542x1424, sweet.png)

op sweet whiner here, but I think sweet is still somewhat of a different overall shape or construction than that of other sub styles? like, the cupcake petticoats and over-accessorization of everything (be it hair or just bows on the dresses) seems unique to sweet. Also I think sweet produces a lot more unwearable/photo-op coords than other styles. Plus the patterns on sweet differ quite a bit from the solids/florals/stripes in other substyles. And now there's a lot of bitches who think goth is just sweet but black with the same cutesy motifs and whatnot, so that furthers the issue. Other sub styles probably aren't less costume-y, but no one's looking at a victorian maiden dress and thinking it's a fetish-which you certainty can't say for AP prints. And the popularization of sweet has led to it the becoming the public image of lolita/other sub styles becoming infected with it/draws in pedo mtfs/uwu pastel softboi ftms. Disgusting. sorry for sperging lul

No. 775025

File: 1617400717833.jpg (438.04 KB, 1280x1746, 721f75e4c294eb6a34cac0d02d6396…)

sameanon and seeing cute coords like picrel while looking for examples of childish sweet actually made me feel bad. I admire the work put into coordination and whatnot that you sweetfags do; I just wish you could all be this good at it instead of fat itas dominating the fashion. and it's not your fault it's seen as ddlg, i know that

No. 775027

This is a thing now? Seems nice to me. But I'd be damned if any of my guy friends had that shit on hand.

No. 775030

makes sense if you have female friends or a girlfriend that is frequently over, weird if you don't but you're anticipating

No. 775033

salopettes are not lolita

No. 775046

I don’t really see why either of those things would be weird tbh

No. 775060

gonna have to disagree, got my period two weeks early at my bf's once and that shit saved me a pair of undies

No. 775135

File: 1617415061997.jpg (378.24 KB, 1165x1920, tumblr_4616ef7d6e8bdcaf23388f9…)

okay sorry please mentally replace it with this

No. 775142

tbh the other one looks like ddlg, but this one doesn't

No. 775154

File: 1617416688650.jpeg (758.07 KB, 2000x3000, BD8C7FE4-7DC6-4B7F-9332-F54C39…)

these are 3 different styles and cuts of bangs and even the girl in the collage meant to represent blunt bangs looks either equally pretty or better in other styles. Plus her bangs have thinness to them that’s different from the heavy bangs op meant. You are proving OP’s point.

I think Hannah Simone (co-stars with Zoey on New Girl) looks better with the bangs. Her forehead is smaller and when she’s not wearing bangs she trims her hairline to shape it up. The bangs suit her but I can’t think of more than 10 other people I’d say the same.

No. 775202

File: 1617425109166.jpg (472.6 KB, 2048x2795, Hannah-Simone.jpg)

The full bangs don't look bad but I don't think they suit her vibe? She comes across as classy and elegant and I think of bangs as cutesy and quirky. Though maybe that's the association with Zooey influencing my opinion.

From a brief google search this is the style that looks best on her imo. It hides the short forehead and weird hairline but looks more mature.

No. 775225

Same. If he has a girlfriend that's understandable, but if he's single I find it weird lol.

No. 775264

I don’t fear childbirth (physically) and I feel kind of sad I will probably never experience it. I don’t want to have kids but if I could somehow experience 100% accurate simulated childbirth without actually having a baby at the end of I would want to do it.

No. 775266

She's literally wearing bunny ears, it absolutely looks like ddgl.

No. 775279

I hate the oversaturation of sweet as much as the next anon, but it's annoying when people scream ddlg every time

No. 775288

No. 775294

I don't know why folks like you keep pressing the issue of one style "reflecting poorly" on all.
To normies, lolitas look like age regressive freaks and weirdos no matter what subcategory you dress as. You're so deep in the delulu about the fashion that you don't realize even non-print classic and gothic still makes you look like an overdressed Victorian child. It's funny how you scapegoat fatties and ageplayers for shit that you absolutely will never break stereotype of. Wearing an alt fashion requires growing a thicker skin and not giving a fuck what other people think, normies are never gonna be sold on this fashion. If AP disappeared tomorrow you'd just find a different brand to blame for why people aren't taking you seriously.

No. 775300

Nta but most normies tend to think sweet Lolita’s are in some type of show/
Play or are princesses. I don’t think DDLG comes to their minds unless they’re some kind of degenerate themselves.

No. 775301

>To normies, lolitas look like age regressive freaks and weirdos
Nta, but I'm a normie or at least pretty normie for LC and I think lolita (especially gothic and classic) looks cool. This is just my two cents, but I honestly don't think normies think about ddlg/age-regression or whatever when they see lolita. They might think they're weird, but imo, ddlg stuff is definitely not something that is on a regular persons mind lol
Sorry for reposting, but yes this is what I mean.

No. 775311

I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but most normies think all lolita is a costume. If other styles of lolita were really that many steps separated from ageplay sweet, then this wouldn't be an issue on your radar cause there's no way you'd be mistaken for it.

It's better to rip the band aid off now while you're new to the fashion. If lolitas haven't managed to change people's minds and go mainstream for the last three decades, then it's not gonna happen.

No. 775317

>I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but most normies think all lolita is a costume.
Yeah, I agree with that. That doesn't mean they think it's ageplay/ddlg though.
>this wouldn't be an issue on your radar
It's not? I'm not the op. You're not ripping off any bandaid for me. I like lolita on other women, but it's not a style I would like on myself. The farthest I'll probably go is trying to draw it. Idk why you're being so condescending in your posts. It's just clothes.

No. 775318

>That doesn't mean they think it's ageplay/ddlg though.
You really don't know that.
>Idk why you're being so condescending in your posts. It's just clothes.
Because you have the audacity to act like you have an understanding of something that you even admit you have never participated in and have no experience to have known the kinds of reactions normies give. Just because of your single opinion about it. You are obviously not the "normies" in this context, since you being on an anonymous blueboard heavily influenced by weebposting would of course bias you as you've been exposed to it before.

No. 775319

IME The only people that tend to think it’s a fetish sex thing are actual sissy fetishists or retarded Twitter users. Cosplay seems to be mistaken for a sex thing more often than Lolita does tbh. It’s a shame.

No. 775329

You're free to quit double-posting and discontinue this argument at any time if you really believe you're right and I'm wrong.
I'm not arguing normies think about ""child fetishes,"" I'm saying based on the experiences of many and including my own, normies think lolita is either a costume or an extremely juvenile way to dress with sweet lolita pushing the boundaries into ageplay territory for most. That's the reality.

No. 775351

Kelly Rowland > Beyonce

No. 775353

Lmao idk I’m just so curious to know what it feels like for some reason

No. 775363

i like scrappy doo

No. 775364

Itt sweetfags on the defence. Just accept that other lolitas don't want to associate with you. I don't care what normies think but I'm sick of sweets dominating every single meet and conversation about lolita. I dont give a shit about which identical pastel vomit print you're all crying about this week.

No. 775370

literally anything > Beyonce

No. 775419

Nah, just Kelly Rowland

No. 775471

I see that happening too, though I am a tinfoiler. How many small businesses are even going to survive such a long shut down? And most places hardly need as many workers as they have now, everything is becoming automated. It's looking like all those dystopian movies/shows of people isolated, entertained by screens at all times, working alone and buying everything online. There were already news articles connecting the virus to the environmental problems as well as diet so I can see them continuing with this shit indefinitely for "our benefit".

No. 775480

Good god anon have some self respect

No. 775482

File: 1617467964563.jpg (126.39 KB, 1115x1600, e850755af9350a0fea9b23bc202f12…)

say that to my face

No. 775485

I knew a guy who was gay and his close female friend literally had a child for him just because she was really curious as to how childbirth felt.

No. 775504

but i want look like an overdressed victorian child. i don’t care if normies see it as a costume, if I look like I’m trying to dress up as wealthy woman from a long time ago that’s a bit of the goal, innit? sweet has no elements of that i

No. 775539

I kind of get this and agree with you anon lol. I really don't want children but I want to experience pregnancy. I know it's not glamorous, but I'm a little sad I won't be able to feel that anticipation of welcoming a new family member that's literally growing inside of me lol. 9 months of excitement and then at the end of it there's the whole ~*~*~miracle of life~*~*~ and a baby at the end.

No. 775551

you've seriously never seen an overly excited secretary or lunch lady wear bunny ears around easter or a witch hat on halloween?
sorry about your depressing living conditions, that's genuinely too bad

No. 775555

the most I ever get asked is if there's something going on downtown or if I'm performing something at the college

No. 775729

I disagree with the idea everyone “deserves” love with the way it’s often used. I feel like the people who say this often exclusively mean romantic love and act like having a longterm partner or marriage is some kind of human right they’re entitled to or else they are being denied their “right” to be “loved”. I don’t think on an interpersonal level you can say everyone “deserves” love, I think love has to be something that is freely given.

No. 775732

I agree in the sense that people need to stop putting romantic love on a pedestal above any other kind of deep love.

No. 775734

Im drunk and didn't read this fully but no one is OWED love, parental love kinda should be a given but lets be real, it aint amd romantic love isnt just given to u. Incel shit to think anyone else owes you some

No. 775754

On a kinda related note "you cannot love others until you love yourself" is bullshit. Of course you can. Maybe it will not be a completely healthy love but it still is possible. You can learn to love yourself thanks to someone else loving you, by seeing yourself through their eyes. Also taking care of another living creature can teach you how to be kind and loving to yourself.

No. 775759

Yes, I agree queen. That's like saying u can't help anyone if you need help to do something

No. 775768

QUEEN, nothing but facts

Hate that shit and also hate “other people are not responsible for your trauma” just by simply sharing that you were abused or traumatized or hurt in anyway. It amazes me how we mold people into being so incredibly selfish and individualized that sometimes people as you said anon love themselves because they do need positive affirmation from people. Human beings get their affirmation from other things and it’s fucking annoying seeing latte sipping brunch eating morons who took an MBTI test saying this shit all the time omg

No. 775781

File: 1617491233144.jpeg (75.56 KB, 1200x800, A74513BE-378C-4EEA-B4AC-A97C28…)

Leslie Jones is ugly

No. 775782

this is unpopular? I thought a lot of people thought she wasn't attractive

No. 775784

Leslie Jones is known more for her personality than her appearance. But who cares? She's not really relevant anymore, and it's not like she has to be attractive.

No. 775787

How is this unpopular? Idk if I’ve seen any other celebrity get such relentless negative attention over their appearance.

No. 775789

File: 1617492065282.jpg (72.48 KB, 1200x1200, mamajune.jpg)

True, and this one too.

No. 775806

lmfao, even online no one wants to talk to you
you're welcome for being acknowledged

No. 775809

File: 1617493590416.jpg (Spoiler Image, 151.73 KB, 800x553, 1-Malaikas-Baby-Katwe-Group-OC…)

I wish she would get rid of this gorilla ass hair style. sorry not sorry. ||I'm black so i can say it||, she's not doing any favors for herself with that ugly ass hair style. Leslie, let it go. That style is not cute at all.

No. 775829

File: 1617496130666.jpeg (104.67 KB, 1280x720, C67D2F37-E220-457D-B6DC-E02C34…)

She reminds me of a fun aunt. On one hand I agree that it doesn’t exactly do her any favors, but on the other I think it’s cute especially when she wears a mohawk. I wish women were less judged for having “crazy” and uncommon hairstyles but she looked nice when she wore wigs on SNL too. Instead of changing her hair completely I think overall it’d be better if everyone, especially hollywood, would start changing their general styles more frequently (and they already do that more than the average person kek.) Why the brackets?

No. 775831

kek I'm a tard that tried to spoiler it but I used to discord spoilers.

No. 775846

do you think that person is me? kek

No. 775866

Jodi arias should be free. She doesn't deserve life in prison.

No. 775868

Same fag. We have all been in a relationship with a man who only thinks we are good for sex and has a madonna whore complex. We have all wanted to kill these men after the embarrassment of being a pick me kicks in.

No. 775870

No, “we all” haven’t

No. 775873

I haven't sis cause I respect myself

No. 775875

unless you're lesbians, you have
men can lie and fake, and there's nothing they lie and fake about more

No. 775876

Whatever makes you feel better

No. 775879

ew, she trusts men

No. 775883

Why are you getting into relationships with people you don’t trust? It would probably be better for you to just be celibate for your own good if you genuinely think being a pick me and dating men with a Madonna whore complex is some universal experience.

No. 775889

heteros need to take their high daily dosage of cope in order to manage saying stupid shit like this

No. 775908

Jodi was definitely above the rest of them, she was not like other pick-mes. She had the clarity, guts, and touch of crazy to end the pos. I respect her for that.

No. 775912

we should make a list of women who shouldn't be/have been in prison
Jodi Arias, Aileen Wuornos, Sara Kruzan, please add any you can think of

No. 775913

Gypsy Rose

No. 775914

oh yeah, that's a good one, that poor kid

No. 775952

a good chunk of em. many women in prison are traumatized and victims of domestic violence. And don't have male socialisation so how they act in prison is way different.

No. 775959

michelle carter

No. 775965

Cyntoia Brown and Brigitte Harris

No. 775971

black lives don't matter(weak racebait)

No. 776085

Bridgerton is overrated and it's fans are annoying as hell.

No. 776088

No. 776097

they want to strip black people of their culture and the only way sadly to get people to watch diverse things is to “sanitize” black actors in strictly white european plotlines and settings to reach a wide range of audiences

No. 776131

Cute guys have a higher smv than attractive women because they are more rare.(shit bait)

No. 776139

They need to believe that dating shitty wasn't a subconscious choice lol

No. 776144

I agree with the sentiment, although I hate any portrayal of dating as an actual market.

No. 776146

I enjoy Taylor R's videos and I think that they're chill. They're good for background noise. Her husband makes me nauseous though

No. 776147

Same here tbh. Also I haven't tried her recipes, but the dishes she sometimes cooks look great

No. 776151

File: 1617546307489.png (322.1 KB, 1875x1149, 1615910607676.png)

Back again?

No. 776160

Yeah, it's definitely them. "I'm bored time to go to lolcow"

No. 776174

I don't disagree with France's possible ban on children wearing hijabs before the age of 18.
It's wrong to force that shit on little girls (and it often is forced), and will make them internalize the idea that they are somehow to blame for "tempting" men just by having their hair showing, even at extremely young ages. If it's not restrictive, but a personal choice, why not wait until they're adults for them to decide?

No. 776186

MOST uncircumcised peens are not that bad. Emphasis on MOST. The ones with phimosis are fucking disgusting.

Most of my exes have been uncircumcised (while a few have been circumcized) and I definitely feel relieved when I found out a new guy is uncircumcised, it's familiar territory and the dick are clean. #The only issue is lint and sometimes a faint smell of pee if they don't shake enough but most of the usually do they do.

No. 776190

File: 1617551450468.png (31.03 KB, 220x220, 4311B8E5-C151-44D2-BD7A-FA1DDE…)

Best pop rock album ever.

No. 776200

you're right. you're free to believe a woman might want to cover, but under 18s aren't women. they're children. and if a little girl is "tempting" you that's your fucking problem

No. 776205

Hard disagree. I'm not muslim and I'm a western euro, but I've always been a very very prudish person (to the point my parents actually got annoyed at me) from at least around 13 year old. I think I can understand women with a different culture being legit prude about their hair.
You may disagree with me, but to me it comes of as really gross for men (lawmakers) to force women to show themselves.
You say under 18 are children, but I disagree. Teenagers are their own person. Believe it or not, 17 year 11 month olds have free will and individual opinions. Acting as if it is impossible a 14 year old has autonomy on how she internally feels over her own body is weird.
If my country made it illegal for me to not wear short shorts I would be disgusted and horrified, because I (on my own free will and by my own opinion and feelings) do not like to have my body showing, and it would had been the same when I was a teen.

You can't really stop that type of abuse by banning the whole thing. Just gotta have a better CPS I think.

I can understand burkas and even niqabs being banned in certain buildings, but banning putting a piece of cloth on your hair is dumb.

Different topic but technically related but France's ban on gender segregated pools is what is really stupid to me. I didn't even know it was common for there to be gender segregated pools (I haven't gone to a pool in years) but something like that sounds like it would be perfect for someone like me that's just prude with no relation to religious motives. Women that just want to go to the pool without having creppy scrotes possibly stare at them just gonna have to suck it up I guess.

No. 776206

Samefag, her workout videos are also great

No. 776241

The thing is, when you're choosing to raise your children in a country that's not prudish about hair, it's kind of messed up to enforce the notion that hair is shameful onto your child regardless.
17 or 16 is whatever, they can lower it to that as long as it's an informed, personal choice. I'm talking about literal children being made to cover themselves only because it's their parent's religion that female bodies are somehow so scandalous that even their heads must be hidden. CPS is kind of worthless in every country, not like lots of little Muslim kids have all the resources in the world to get help.
It's not the same as it being illegal to not wear short shorts at all, either. You can be fully covered without weird messaging about your entire being being some kind of trigger to men that you must hide. If you personally prefer a full headscarf from your own experience/understanding, then there's no reason not to choose it when you're more mature.
And to be honest, I can't think of any way to describe any community or family that might see a child with her hair showing and unironically think it's comparable to having your ass hanging out of booty shorts as anything but pedophilic. Like, that's messed up. Cultural relativism just doesn't work in all cases.

No. 776336

Tbh mentioning cultural relativism is fair enough. I just think calling for it to be 18+ is too much, and it kinda turns it into that "the second you go from turn 18 you are a completely different person".

Booty shorts wasn't the best example to explain it you're right, sorry but I just mean I relate with them in a way because people that know about me being a prude see me as so weird too. Just imagine I said crop tops or something that makes more sense

No. 776376

It’s not like they’re banning hoodies, hats, bangs, sunglasses, all the other things shy people wear to be shy.

No. 776405

File: 1617584979378.jpeg (31.22 KB, 300x250, A7313E45-D063-46F6-9578-04488E…)

/snow/ and /pt/ are boring as fuck. how do you not want to stick a pencil in your neck when you keep saying the same thing a bunch of times but in different ways? fucking nightmare fuel

No. 776407

/m remains the superior board

No. 776415

pop rock or pop punk?

No. 776433

i feel like all image boards are what you make of it.

No. 776434

the virgin calloused head vs the chad foreskin

cut = tragic

No. 776463

Posting this again cause I accidentally posted in an old thread - Lolita is ugly and everyone in the fashion is so up there own ass it’s crazy. Everyone I’ve meet who has been into it is so annoying and comes off very holier than thou

Like fuck off it’s just a dress lol

No. 776504

They're fun when the milk is flowing but so many threads devolve into the most boring nitpicky shit. Like, I scrolled past Moo's thread (not a cow I'm invested in or care about at all) and anons were going in on her interior decorating. It was a perfectly clean, normal room with basic white furniture and some plants. Like, wtf? Who gives a shit if she has uninspired decor, how bored are anons in that thread that it's worth discussing? A rule of thumb should be that if you wouldn't judge a random stranger for whatever you're judging a cow for, it's probably not milk.

No. 776516

What do you mean by "modern fujoshits"? The teenage fakeboi ones? I don't think I've seen fujoshi my age who gave that much of a fuck about gay men unless they're terminally online, usually they just support gay rights and hae a few gay and lesbian friends irl and that's it.

No. 776517

File: 1617606574443.png (283.21 KB, 872x854, maillot surf.PNG)

I've never understood the need to ban it since, from my own observation as a north african born and raised in France, I can tell you that the very vast majority of grown women wearing the hijab choose it and are told that they really don't have to by their muslim boomer parents, and most of them are old so nobody gives a shit about them anyway. And most younger muslim girls tend to care too much about fashion to even want to wear the hijab despite being very religious. Even my grandmother told me when I was a kid that she's maybe wear it once she's old enough to lose her hair and now that this is the case she still won't wear it.

Things like banning homeschooling would be more efficient to prevent children from being brainwashed by their extremist parents but I've vaguely heard that this is going to be banned, and now you have weird shit where pools and beaches banned swimming suits for women that aren't one pieces or bikinis so if you're a little prude or want to hide some body parts that can have scars or somethings and want to wear something like pic related then go fuck yourself I guess. The politicians over here who have a hateboner against the hijab are the same ones who are against abortion, gay marriage and women rights so they're not doing any of this to help women anyway.

No. 776620

File: 1617632891328.jpeg (93.02 KB, 1280x1600, 12453E40-AB78-40FE-B1BC-32AB31…)

Your picture is a wet suit, not a burkini. Not even close. See picrel. Wetsuits are still allowed in areas that ban burkinis.
>> the very vast majority of grown women wearing the hijab choose it and are told that they really don't have to by their muslim boomer parents
Cool, but if this ban saves even one child from being forced to veil, then IMO it’s worth it. I do agree with you bout banning homeschooling though.

No. 776637

Yeah and the specific pic I posted is ALSO forbidden in all the pools in my French city ever since the burkini controversy. Why did you think I posted it, because you thought I was too retarded to see the difference between a burkini and a wetsuit?

No. 776672

not anon you replied to, i'm also french and i was very shocked to see police officers penalizing women for not baring enough skin. radical islamism is very worrying but forcing women to undress is not something we should do.

No. 776691

I agree that's pretty messed up, but I kind of also hate the fact that a lot of contemporary media tends to depict characters with a burka/hijab/veil etc. I guess this is my ignorant perspective as an outsider, but I've known a lot of Muslim women, especially in Morocco who never wear anything akin to that, yet they pray habitually, don't consume liquor, so on and so on. Morocco's a good example because it's ultimately a Muslim country, but a lot of Muslims are kind of secular, similar to Israel. I've even heard some of them remark about the Hajj being kind of commercial. Granted, I'm sure these are minority opinions, but it just shows that a lot of these rituals we consider hallmarks of the religion aren't fundamentally necessary, so it's jarring to see them included when these symbols are somewhat antithetical of the overall sentiment having a diverse representation is trying to convey. Again, probably really ignorant of me to say this, though.

No. 776748

What you said about Morocco isn't wrong but I'm mostly familiar with big cities, maybe it's different depending on regions. I'm the anon who posted the wet suit and the only reason why some of my cousins in Morocco wear the hijab outside is because they completely gave up on taking care of the 4C type hair. I'm not even joking.

No. 776765

File: 1617650929597.jpeg (717.07 KB, 3072x3072, hairwrap.jpeg)

Nta but this makes me wonder if the hijab ban would also apply to hair wraps like pic rel? Obviously these are not used for religious reasons but as a protective style for curly hair. Who's to say that a cop is going to know the difference though. I think >>776174 and >>776517 make important points.

No. 776792

So many spaces to discuss cows suck now. half of /snow/ and /pt/ are just nitpicking circle jerks and another quarter are illiterate woke twitterfags posting their personal vendettas. KF is just as bad, with the added disadvantage of being a forum and therefore making it impossible to scroll through a cow's thread quickly.

You're right. If any of this was actually about protecting women and children they would ban homeschooling (which would have the added benefit of screwing over other nutjobs like varg), but instead of doing that, they make sure women can't set boundaries.

No. 776795

You articulated what I've been trying to type out. The ban isn't actually protecting women and children. In a way, it's counter-intuitive by taking away womens' choice in religion and fashion/clothing. Of course children shouldn't be forced to wear hijabs, etc. But if an adult women wants to, why stop her? The ban isn't taking care of the core issue of religious extremism, but of course women are the ones who get penalized. Ugh sorry if nothing I'm saying makes sense.

No. 776797

I hate to say it but I unironically agree, most men are balding early, out of shape and mediocre to ugly and the societal standards around them regarding appearance are lax, there are definitely way more attractive women than men.

No. 776819

Yeah, not sure how it is for Morocco but I wish they banned it in my country too. Where I live we only have migrants from the Middle East and Somalia and parents absolutely force little girls to wear hijabs. I live in a large city and you see girls as young as 4 in little pink hijabs and skirts with leggings. Adult women also wear an abaya as opposed to just a hijab. If it's really their choice, why does a child still in daycare have to wear one? How does she tempt adult men with her hair and body that young? Someone explain that to me.

No. 776838

In France the very vast majority of Muslims are from North Africa and have been here for a few generations already because of colonization. Sounds like the cases you've seen are very different from what's going on in France so it could be difficult to make a comparison here, especially if you're talking about 1st gen immigrants.

No. 776854

Salads are superior to sandwiches. Bread is just filler food.

No. 776871

Kunihiko Ikuhara is a hack and a creep and he's probably going to troon out or be outed as a sex pest. I really don't get why so many weeb lesbians worship him.

No. 776875

This makes my blood boil!

No. 776919

Utena was unironically the only good thing he ever did and I’m sure he isn’t entirely responsible for that. Yurikuma was stupid and sarazanmai was a travesty

No. 776924

agree 100%, also fuck penguindrum. The ending song is the only good thing about it

No. 776973

Lil nas x’s music is boring and he isn’t funny

No. 776983

Sarazanmai only had good music and visuals, the characters were utterly rotten shit.

No. 776984

I really like Penguindrum because the English dub takes out all the incest.

No. 777003

He's so annoying. He's your run of the mill twitterfag that struck gold with a one hit wonder, hopefully he fades into obscurity soon.

No. 777018

File: 1617680363769.jpg (29.58 KB, 1106x348, berdberbie.jpg)

18+, self expression, sex worker validation, body positivity… can all go and get fucked. nothing appropriate about mentally ill people selling nudes/lewds to gain celebrity or cash

but to contradict myself, shit like this is funny as fuck when even scrote websites think you are unpleasant to look at

No. 777037

Sweet lolita is so hideous all the prints and dresses I've seen look like something a toddler would wear. The other lolita styles are alright.

No. 777063

god I agree 100%. I wish I could give you a medal.

No. 777107

I wonder how fucked her body is to have that low of a rating?

No. 777108

Somewhat unrelated, did anyone else think her name was supposed to be read as “bad Barbie”? Apparently it’s supposed to be “bad baby” but I’ve been saying baabie like a retarded sheep this whole time.

No. 777145

Ayrt, Utena was the product of a collective (Be-Papas iirc) and it shows, I genuinely like it. Couldn't get into Penguindrum because I'm an autist who doesn't get metaphors and Yurikuma was absolutely retarded, the lesbian fetishism was nauseating.

No. 777148

Don’t worry it’s not because you’re an autist, penguindrum is dogshit. >>776919 is right the only good thing he ever did was Utena and he wasn’t even close to being solely responsible for it. Wiki gives him sailor moon credits too but again, his contribution wasn’t what made it great.

No. 777154

I watched Sarazanmai and didn't hate it. It's not nearly as obsessed with being symbolic and it's more fujopandering.

No. 777160

He is mostly remembered on the Sailor Moon anime for turning Mamoru into a useless wimp just because he wanted to push Rei/Usagi, can't help shoving his lesbian fetishism even in anime for little girls.

No. 777184

I loved wearing a school uniform and miss it. I really liked not having to think about my clothes or have as much pressure to spend money or time keeping up with what was fashionable.

No. 777188

I feel like this is just as if not more true of /ot/. It’s just the exact same point of view constantly being repeated, /ot/ feels way more like an echo chamber than /pt/ or /snow/ to me.

No. 777190

His extreme lack of talent astounds me honestly. In fact he has so little of it I've seen multiple people have to resort to saying "well his music sucks but at least he posts cool stuff on social media" like that's somehow an accomplishment lmao. The bar is literally so low

No. 777192

Wow, isn't that censorship? I wouldn't expect that. Kinda problematic in how it doesn't reflect what the show actually is, even if it improves it.

No. 777200

Yes, it is. It is only censorship in the same sense that adaptations must and do take both culture and marketability into consideration for localization. I’ve come to find this an unpopular opinion, but I see no problem with this. Strawman that it sets a precedent for turning foreign media into propaganda or whatever is irrelevant, I just think video games and weeb shit are better when localization erases the degeneracy for you. I wish more companies did this to the point where the sources took notice and either accepted, changed their company values, or ended the contracts prematurely. But I hate half-assed shit and if they want a specific audience then they should cater to them appropriately. If someone likes it enough, they can search for the source material. No one has ever had their life completely upturned because a character’s underwear was censored into protective shorts.

No. 777202

It seems like people all agree online dating is shit, but people still do it either stealthily or even openly, while shitting on it. Me, included. My unpopular opinion I guess is that looks ARE absolutely everything. If I can't look at a guy's images and feel at least a little bit excited or nervous just looking at his photos, then that connection already failed even if we're having a great conversation. I don't know how often someone turns out to be actually hotter IRL than on a decently taken profile image.

No. 777271

i tried to listen to his latest song sice so many ppl acted like it was so iconic

it's just trite and his voice sucks, and the music video is some boring edgyboi shit

i'm so tired of mediocre scrotes being touted as great artistes

No. 777273

No one is touting lil nas x as a “great artists”

No. 777274


No. 777279

I promise you there is no shortage of wildly successful mediocre women in pop music

No. 777282

I'm more surprised that I've seen posts and videos calling this a cultural "gay awakening" moment for young unaware gay guys currently, and I really don't see it as an aficionado of males. He might not be the worst looking guy, but he looks absolutely terrible in that video and he has zero erotic energy.

No. 777336

Tardo lefties who shit on landlords are bitter, poor and don't know the value of work.

No. 777512

The ban is more than that tho. A lot of posters think it’s just about children. Part of it bans mothers from accompanying her children or going on school trips with her kids because she’s wearing a headscarf? That’s just too controlling

No. 777534

Fuck the veil. Can't believe women here are making excuses for a literal tool of the patriarchy that is still being violently enforced in several countries around the world. The women who decide to freely wear it are the worst brainwashed women in existence as they literally believe they should hide themselves for men's benefits. Worse, they endoctrinate other women into following their foosteps. If you want to wear the veil, go wear it in a country that treats women exactly like the inferior beings you signify the world you believe yourself to be.

Also fuck religions in the public space general, keep that shit private and in your home. I'm very happy my country is finally starting to take real steps for Muslims to understand they don't make the rules, just like Catholics had to learn it during the XXth century. Religions should be NOTHING more than private, personal beliefs.

No. 777560

the hard, hard work of owning a building

No. 777597

I wanna eat you out anon

No. 777608

Kek, you obviously don't understand the maintenance that goes into keeping up a house.

No. 777613

Japan is a terrible country with horribly outdated values and the Japanese are brainwashed to think their country can do no wrong. I don't understand how they can be so sure that there's no sexism in Japan, there's no mental illness crisis in Japan, there's no pedophilia in Japan. It's always the shitty "it can't be helped".

No. 777614

People are retarded when they ignore thousands of years of distinct European cultures with "whites have no culture". American whites have no culture.

Fucking Americans man.

No. 777618

too bad every landlord allows their property fall into absolute shambles, must be real hard to neglect your responsibilities

No. 777626

IMO it's because "white" is a meaningless descriptor. There are many distinct European peoples, and they only turn into an amorphous blob of "white" when you’re in America, or otherwise want to reduce people to generic descriptors. You literally erase their culture. It's so retarded and arbitrary, that certain European groups weren't even considered "white" until relatively recently (Irish, Polish, etc).
So yeah, there's no "white culture". There are German, Swedish, Spanish, etc cultures. That's also what people mean when they say "Race is a social construct". Genetics are real, but all these modern categories and descriptors barely even touch on them because it's all too much to think about. /pol/ spergs will go on about "muttification", but refuse to acknowledge that the true "muttification" began the moment they started identifying people primarily as "white" or "black" instead of by their actual origins.

No. 777628

File: 1617758952759.gif (628.56 KB, 220x165, C29E22CA-3922-4544-B853-0DCA5D…)

No. 777645

>there were no egregious war crimes committed by Imperial Japan
This is why I stay bullying weebs.

No. 777647

You have no idea what you're talking about but keep it up sis kek

No. 777648

Is that a reference to the garbage service for my tenants? One of the many things I pay for them? Kekekek

No. 777663

because there's no way a person online could be a renter? the fuck lol

No. 777665

As if that isn't part of their rent, they pay it it, you're a middleman

No. 777667

What work? The jobs your tenants actually have, while you sit on your ass and collect rent?

No. 777669

I want to a-log so bad right now. All Landlords Are Parasites. Enjoy your shit capitalism until your old or get cancer, fuck ass.

No. 777671

Maybe someday you bitter Anons will own property too, then you'll have a slight idea of what you're talking about. For the mean time, keep saving in your piggybanks(repeated no sage, infighting, landlord)

No. 777673

Oh by all means, please explain what I don't understand.

No. 777674

Are you in need of a sugar baby? I would love to get some money to put in my piggybank.

No. 777675

Work hard by maintaining your properties and having a good relationship with your tenants. Then, profit. It's simple, sorry you have bad experiences with slumlords

No. 777676

I may be taking apps at this time

No. 777677

>maintain good relationship with your tenants
>Tardo lefties are bitter, poor and don't know the value of work.
Oh yeah you sounds like you really care about your tenants a lot.

No. 777684

I don't rent to libtards, obviously(ban evasion)

No. 777695

>implying that liberalism is not a capitalist ideology
Rightoids really show how politcally ignorant they are when they call everyone to the left of them a libtard lmao.

No. 777701

It normally doesn't bother me when its Americans fighting with eachother, but when some random arsehole directly accuses me of being some kind of cultureless swine because I'm white I get annoyed. I grew up in a country where you cant swing a cat without hitting culture.

Weirdly it's only ever white Americans that do this to me. Everyone else in the world understands the basic concept of people having cultures except for white Americans

No. 777704

>Everyone else in the world understands the basic concept of people having cultures except for white Americans
The closest thing they have to a cultural icon is Ronald McDonald, so it's just projection on their part.

No. 777724

facts, somebody please tell me what I can do online because I feel like im going in circles. I feel like the internet used to be so fun. The world at my fingertips and i'm bored as hell every day what the fuck

No. 777859

i HATE the term 'slut shaming'

it's a bullshit neoliberal term that was forced on us. i don't want to be called a slut if i sleep with several men

i mean wtf, it's literally a slur. nobody would say don't 'faggot shame'

No. 777864

Lol I was under the impression slut-shaming is about NOT using the word but you made me google it and it really actually is about reclaiming. I hate reclaiming, it alwasy feels like giving people who want to offend you what they want.

No. 777866

precisely. and what is there to reclaim even, the word 'slut' was never ours, it was always just an inslut

No. 777920

comic sans is a cute font

No. 777921

It is a cute font. And I'm tired of pretending it's not.

No. 777942

Nonbinary is pretty cool in theory.

Wiah it were used by actual gnc and androgynous people instead of genderspecials.

No. 777949

Isn't that the thing though, that we already have androgyny and it doesn't need to be reinvented? It's already supposed to be intentionally genderless, but now you have non-binary people that are just femme girls going by "they".

No. 777953

Nonbinary is troon ideology so no thanks
I wanna go back to the 80's when being androgynous was a normal thing and there was no brainrot about it

No. 777956

File: 1617799496606.jpg (66.57 KB, 640x714, 28d8bc9f7dea3e4c427a0cc2c00fc6…)

No. 777957

people who are genuinely nonbinary don't call themselves nonbinary

No. 777963

File: 1617800491981.jpeg (50.81 KB, 320x401, 442AD261-E96B-451C-9A02-836091…)

>>people who are genuinely non binary

No. 778009

Nicki minaj is better looking than rihanna

No. 778018

File: 1617804044024.jpg (131.58 KB, 1024x648, img_0777.jpg)

They're both really attractive women. They don't need to be compared to each other anyway

No. 778022

One could say…it's apples and oranges.

No. 778030

Which one is apple & which one is oranges

No. 778031

You mean which one is the landlord and which one is the junkie?

No. 778033

there are only two genders, landlord and junkie

No. 778046

we will reach class consciousness when rich college kids quit butting themselves into every conversation. i've seen genuine progress being made between people in urban poverty and rural poverty and start agreeing on root issues and then some fucking retard with a college degree butts in with a "yikes! oof! class reductionist! where's the intersectionality? educate yerself! you need to read theory, my guy."

No. 778054

File: 1617806412274.gif (940.01 KB, 300x100, 47.gif)

this banner is kinda cute

No. 778056

is this margo

No. 778145

you either die a junkie, or live long enough to see yourself become the landlord

No. 778150

I've never seen a proper definition of nonbinary, themlets always say it means "outside of the male/female binary" but there's so many girls who go by he/they and yet are more feminine than the average straight woman. Androgyny has always been there throughout history, kweer shit is a recent phenomenon.

No. 778247

File: 1617830040273.jpeg (72.45 KB, 915x514, AAE4EB91-5E9A-43E3-8B09-C2B4DB…)

Trannies need to stay in their own separate porn genre when it comes to porn art. I’m tired of seeing vaginas in my gay porn and wieners in my lesbian porn and it getting labeled as “gay”. Penis in vagina is the straightest sex there is.

No. 778264

>but there's so many girls who go by he/they and yet are more feminine than the average straight woman.
Their arguments for this are usually
>NoN bInArY pEoPlE dOn'T oWe YoU AnDrOgYny
>gEnDeR eXpReSsIoN dOeSn'T eQuAl GeNdEr
I have no idea what they think they're even oppressed for since there's nothing material that they all have in common with each other and yet they love to lump themselves in with the people who are actually GNC or medically transitioning. As if some conservative homophobe would ever look at a completely masculine presenting male person and ask if he identifies as a nonbinary butch lesbian who goes by they/them before deciding whether to beat his ass or not.

No. 778316

No. 778318

It is margo and it is creepy af

No. 778321

I stopped being able to laugh at venus after it came out how badly Margo fucked her up
like, she's a prostitute with an eating disorder who fled a country and possibly cheated on her bf?
yeah her mom tried to sex traffic her when she was a teenager, she's ruined on the inside
Margo belongs in prison

No. 778338

At what point is Venus held accountable for what Venus does to herself? Tons of lolcows are mentally ill.

No. 778345

I just said I can't laugh at her, I don't laugh at street hookers either, I'm not telling you you shouldn't

No. 778383

taken women who proudly enjoy judging single women's taste really need to stop
we didn't ask for their opinion

No. 778398

Don’t get me wrong Howl is a qt but Howls moving castle isn’t really that good imo

No. 778399

how dare you

No. 778425

sorry your taste in partner is bad.

No. 778442

No. 778444

File: 1617857582665.jpg (89.85 KB, 1280x720, 1617855228289.jpg)

I know this woman was like the face of sjw feminist cringe or whatever but I think she's genuinely cute

No. 778445

the movie falls apart at the ending

No. 778477

I did not like Christian Bale's voice for Howl. Patrick Bateman Batmanass playing Howl, a character for a children's movie. He wasn't very good either.

No. 778518

agreed! It sucked! The japanese voice for howl is just soo much better! Is softer and fits the character, I feel like the americans just wanted to give him a sexy voice and didnt consider his personality at all

No. 778532

Attack on Titan has always been bad, and now that it’s over will be a forgotten piece of anime media much like overhyped shit Haruhi Suzumiya and Durarara.

No. 778564

Attack on Titan is longer than Haruhi Suzumiya's anime and Durarara!!'s anime, the manga never had any huge hiatus,the anime has several seasons, and Haruhi and Durarara's light novel never had as much success as their anime adaptations in the west (Haruhi's one is still on hiatus iirc). I think Attack on Titan will be more like Bleach imo. Still successful and liked but forgotten by most casual fans. In a few years the general opinion will be "the beginning of the manga was great" and "the author should have stopped the story at [insert some arc's name here]"

No. 778571

Nta but ugh you mentioning Bleach brought back memories. I haven't watched anime in many years but Bleach will always have a special place in my heart. I loved that anime despite how flawed it was. I remember when Bleach, Naruto and One Piece were the Big Three, what are the big animes nowadays?

No. 778587

One Piece is still number one and BnHA is its most direct competitor, Kimetsu no Yaiba has been monstrously popular for the past couple years, but now that the manga is over they won't be able to milk it forever. From what I've seen of top doujinshi sales, Jujutsu Kaisen is the new hyped shounen.

No. 778604

French food is the blandest shit on earth and this is a hill I'm willing to die on. I mean common food, not haute cuisine. I will never forget the day a French friend offered to cook for all of us and we were surprised with a huge pot of broth with some sad noodles and some ham floating around. Shit had an inch of oil on top of the broth too.

No. 778606

The worst part is that half of this manga is empty and doesn't drive a plot at all. The author literally wrote volumes of nothing just to keep getting money flowing.

No. 778607

File: 1617885691022.jpg (58.23 KB, 650x433, scaled-le_rocher_creperie_c_to…)

Hmmmmm what if just that friend was a shity cook? Not to be a frenchaboo now but I'm totally willing to climb a different hill and die for galettes good reputation. Quiche, ratatuille, raclettes, gratin, they're all great too.

No. 778618

I thought she was a shitty cook too until I travelled to France a couple times, different parts of the country too and got to try local restaurants. It was still bland, and these people actually eat rare/raw pork steak.
When I cook something typically French I always change the recipe and add more spices or use less oil. And god fucking damn it I come from a mediterranean country where we use a shitload of oil but they use more.

No. 778632

Something tells me that the manga editor is either equally or even more to blame for tha

No. 778658

I don't know if it's actually an unpopular opinion or if other farmers think it and just don't bother to say, but I have strong doubts that a majority of posters here are adults, specifically on /ot/. It seems like in the past year or two, /ot/ in particular has drawn in a lot of people from other parts of the internet (namely social media) who aren't interested in lolcows or imageboard culture but end up staying for fun or general conversation, or to bait/infight about inconsequential stuff because they want attention. A good amount of /ot/ posts are the kind of five-word no-capitals no-punctuation no-contribution unsaged posts written like how a teenager would write on Twitter, and you don't see nearly as many posts like that on cow-centered boards like /pt/ (which would make sense, as the average /pt/ poster is probably older since they follow cows who were around before this site existed.)

Not saying that's either a good or bad thing, most imageboards have the "18 or older" rule for legal reasons and not because it's exactly enforceable, after all. I was just thinking about it and wondered if other farmers thought the same thing, because I've been here since 2018 and when I occasionally wander over from cow-centered boards (what I come for) to the non-cow-centered boards, the difference is noticeable. If it was somehow found that the median age of this site is like, 15, I wouldn't be shocked.

No. 778663

I know it's impossible bc anonimity but I'd love to have some stats on LC users, that would be so interesting!
Gotta disagree about no caps no punctuation speech being a sign of being underage though, I'm almost 30 and sometimes would reply like this here because I'm just lazy, surely I'm not alone in this.

No. 778667

>Gotta disagree about no caps no punctuation speech being a sign of being underage though, I'm almost 30 and sometimes would reply like this here because I'm just lazy, surely I'm not alone in this.
Of course, I'm sure a lot of farmers sometimes type that way because it's easier or more casual (and probably not every underage poster types that way.) I'm just speaking in general. It's less that the posts I'm talking about have no capitals/punctuation and more that some posts are formatted in the way a tweet would be (usually about something inconsequential/nitpicky that seems like it shouldn't warrant a post) or use slang/acronyms that are much more associated with mainstream social media than imageboards. But I don't know, maybe I just feel that way because I never used Twitter.

No. 778677

I definitely see what you mean, in general I think this effect is slightly more pronounced on /snow/ than /ot/ though.

No. 778678

french food sucks

this post was made by the greek gang

No. 778692

>five-word no-capitals no-punctuation no-contribution unsaged posts
And why do you think that is? This is off-topic, not some messageboard intended for serious discussion. I think your expectations for an off-topic board on an imageboard are too high. I'm mid twenties and write uncapped no punctuation on here all the time. Why? Because it's easy and when I reply to something silly in the dumbass shit thread or whatever it really doesn't need to be impecably written.

No. 778714

I agree but not because of the typing thing just because of how immature and out of touch a lot of anons seem but tbh I feel this way about all imageboards. I think they could also just be emotionally stunted/sheltered adults.

No. 778730

I think I made this same post a few months ago, 1000% agree the shit is boring af. Meat butter wine and cheese got to be the most basic flavor profiles ever, which I would have no issue with if they did something different with it. What’s the point of being a colonizer if you aren’t going to steal spices?

No. 778767

noooo anon don't bring back my drrr related ptsd

No. 778861

NieR Automata is just a good game, it's not a masterpiece like a lot of people make it out to be.

No. 778867

surely the …visual appeal had absolutely nothing to do with the overall ratings. i agree. its not groundbreaking

No. 778897

File: 1617915900736.jpg (30.55 KB, 598x581, beto.griphen.halal.100%.jpg)

I think all lesbians have issues to a degree. I am saying this as someone who felt things for women since six years old, and these feelings were just for women.

Why were we always the weird kids, or something had gone wrong in our lives? I don't see homos with happy childhoods, or who are neurotypical. If you are gay, you're not a bad person, obviously, but something has made you that way. You can't be built normally and be a lesbian. What is wrong with us?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 778899

oui, exactly, ladies on netmums are talking about their young sons being addicted to discord and thinking it's ok because it's 'just for chat'

No. 778901

I don't think it's a matter of there being something wrong with you, but the majority of society repeatedly saying you are wrong/unacceptable simply for being who you are, that causes pain, trauma and a sense of feeling "weird"/not belonging.

No. 778902

I’m so tired of people who see someone’s nasty ass room on social media and say “it’s because of their depressed poor little them”
It perpetuates the stereotype that depressed people are abnormal slobs, like no you’re just fucking lazy and looking for a disgusting excuse that paints depressed people in a negative light. Not every depressed person sits in a pool of fruit flies, those are just depressed lazy people there are depressed and organized people lmao

No. 778904

>six years old
There it is. Read up on normal child and developmental psychology and find out

No. 778920

What's written on the meme?

No. 778945

It’s perfectly fine for straight women to not want to date bisexual men

No. 778997

>bitch is you dumb?
Me speaky Engrish!

No. 779018

Men who play videogames and watch anime should unironically kill themselves because they cannot function like human beings, women who play videogames and watch anime are totally fine because they have other interests and are often not autistic about vidya discussions

No. 779023

File: 1617933141597.jpg (25.81 KB, 213x285, 1540871481047.jpg)

>women who play videogames are totally fine because they have other interests
I will never belong anywhere

No. 779043

Are any of those American style drive-in theaters open? I've never been to one but I think if the weather was right, they could be even nicer than indoors. Plus because you're in your own car you'd be completely safe from covid stuff. And even if people wanted to peek out of their sunroofs I think the distance between them would still be enough.

No. 779048

File: 1617935717422.png (214.9 KB, 531x374, 7027E9CF-1B99-4C27-9FBA-9F5D7E…)

oh to be this naive… do you not know about weebs fujos and fakebois?

No. 779056

Yes, they are functional right now. I haven't been to one myself in years. My parents took me to go see the Edward Norton Hulk and that was the last time I went.

No. 779070

>women who play videogames are totally fine because they have other interests
kek personally i absolutely do not, video games are the only thing that bring me any joy anymore
anime sucks though

No. 779094

I think it's a red flag when guys think owo cute gamer girl streamers are hot. It comes off as pedophile vibes.

The fact they try to look like anime girls, make their voice high, and act like children, makes them look mentally stunted. My sister is 10 and has autism and some of the shit she does is a common mannerism for these streamtard girls.

I have nothing against girl streamers as a whole, but stop acting like a child for sex appeal. Regular ass girls are starting to do the high pitched owo voice on regular ass multiplayer videogames for attention and it's so creepy when the guys all start audibly fucking getting horny

No. 779123

It's a red flag even if it didn't make them pedo-ish because it's degen

No. 779197

same, anon.

No. 779199

Male video game fans are pointless to talk to and male fan artists (or internet artists in general) rely too much on the coom to be interesting. Yes there are female artist who draw coom but usually this will be the only thing male artists care about.

No. 779200

kek I basically built down all my human relationships because of anime and videogame addictions, because I could not openly talk about it but couldn't keep up the normie appearance anymore in uni. It feels weird now when young adults talk to me about liking anime and makes me second-hand panic inside, because it was something that marked you as a weirdo when I was a teen. Of course it's not caused by anime, it's just that escapism suits those who're already fucked in the brain.

No. 779284

Maybe I'm just old but I don't understand the whole "I can't watch a show/play a game because there's no character who looks/acts exactly like me in it". I've been watching a corny 90's show and the character I feel identified with the most is this huge black alien because of certain awkward situations he gets into and I've been there. Representation matters of course, but you can definitely see when they're doing it for brownie points.
For example the old Star Trek shows were pretty inclusive specially for that time but Discovery feels so fake I can't stand it.

No. 779300

Western world is acting more and more like East Asians.

No. 779301

File: 1617973246355.png (Spoiler Image, 169.11 KB, 485x573, when-you.png)

>Men (…) should unironically kill themselves
>Women (…) are totally fine
I agree

No. 779348

AOT spoiler!!!!!

No. 779350

Omg people in the west have the worst taste in anime/manga ever. Just saw a tiktok abt some underrated anime and some of them were pretty well received in the east, the west just saw every hot anime out and think its the epitome of art but its just trash lmao.

No. 779360

That explain so much about weebs. It's all starting to make sense.

No. 779428

Chicken or the egg… I think not fitting into gender roles and hetero culture sets kids up for failure/trauma. Also I've found that the high amount of autistic lesbians is probably just lesbians with cptsd.

No. 779437

File: 1617984242737.jpeg (52.64 KB, 946x749, 0F46968A-4F1A-4152-BACF-DA1C9A…)

Post ur recent faves. Deliver me from normiedom.

No. 779442

I'm in my 30s now and lately I can't stop thinking back to (also being 6) and having a lil crush on one of the female Power Rangers. I got a flashback lately to owning a t-shirt with the pink and yellow rangers on it and I remember I started to feel this sense of shame when wearing it because I was carrying this secret around. I felt guilt that my mom had bought me this nice shirt and she didn't know that deep inside I was actually this bad person.

25 years later I'm still closeted. My mom died not knowing and my dad is still (afaik) oblivious. I'm kinda fucked lol

No. 779459

I feel horrible for newfag weebs, honestly. After ~2014 anime started going completely downhill, now it's literally nothing but every title copying another title, or every season is full of the same shit that is popular right now (eg isekai), so boring.

No. 779468

We got infected with the animu virus

No. 779485

Why divide and conquer or even invade when you can turn everyone into weebs and they'll submit willingly?

No. 779490

File: 1617989490828.jpg (266.5 KB, 564x1277, 62dfb3e3247b2d5b5224a45521aba1…)

Exclude some well-known Ghibli & animes, this has most of the stuff that I like. I hope you enjoy it anon!

No. 779508

a lot of these are well known…

No. 779511

then again i'm an oldfag who watched gankutsuou back when it first aired etc have had more time to hear about these shows than younger people

No. 779522

I was pretty young when it came out too! I didn't fully understand what the whole anime was about but the art and story telling was beautiful. Younger people rn only focus on newer animes but forgot the ones that actually pave the way, i just hope more and more people enjoy anime for its true value and longevity not some kind of one-hit anime that happends once a year and dissapear forever.

No. 779528


No. 779529

Like can I get some female perspectives damn

No. 779533

Most of them are ok, u can just find or recommend some animes yourself and post here. You don't have to whine abt it like a baby haha.

No. 779548

That old ass list aged horribly. Most of them are shit and the results when you google “anime 30 something years old male weebs claim to like”. Only still in good standing with people out of nostalgia and memes. Only the few with high tier animation and unique styles to be their saving grace.

No. 779560

Ok then so whats ur recommendations anon? If you think you have better taste and think you could do better than do it?! All talk and no bite.

No. 779588

nta but nobody has to give you a list of 5000 animes to watch so you can develop better taste in weeb shit just because you demand it anon

No. 779591

Yea, i was a bit overzealous there. Sorry lmao.

No. 779739

I didn't consider it like that. Like the trauma of not fitting into gender roles can change people's preferences? Idk, I have the impression that lots of lesbians here were also the weird girl at school, and didn't feel like one of the girls. So are you saying that's what trauma/failure does?
And definitely autism can cause this outsider feeling. My first gf was a little 'quirky' i guess and maybe that explains it. That or the internet. Are you saying that you think this is why you are this way?
Deep shame I knoww, I loved fashion catalogues because they had a page of women in underwear lmao. Will your dad be hurt if he found out? It must be really stressful to live that way.

I'm not telling anyone, because I believe I can handle these feelings whilst I'm young. And I think I can care about men, it just takes longer. I don't want to love for something as futile as that, even though I know it's hard to resist, I'm choosing to not feed the lust for women and try to repair the cause of this is the first place. Wish me luck sister

No. 779753

Genuinely don't understand this "Separate the art from the artist" conflict.
If you can't stand the creator, ignore their content. If it's really, really good, just pirate the shit. That's that

No. 779774

I don't understand the appeal of period underwear at all, maybe I'm just lucky to have had no major issues with my period but I've never thought like "if only I could just bleed directly into my clothes"

No. 779782

Gatekeeping is understandable
Idc if it's 'immature', if i like my smol nice lil community not being overrun by 13 year olds, normalfags and lgbt propaganda then so be it

No. 779783

I’m considering buying some to be more environmentally friendly as I’m worried reusable pads will slip or be too bulky (can’t deal with cups). One of my reservations is how strange it is going to feel. Going to have to stop myself from running to put a pad in.

No. 779788

>I loved fashion catalogues because they had a page of women in underwear lmao
nta but me too lmao i always wondered what was wrong with me

No. 779798

Agreed, I'd also like to add that some people pretend to like things for attention and that's annoying as hell. Gatekeeping is a good thing

No. 779818

When youtubers do that squeaky high voice in editing.

No. 779834

agreed, we should gatekeep so many things including ahem biology

No. 779854

YES and I also really hate when youtubers overuse random "quirky" sound effects, it's ok in moderation but not all the time through the entire video

No. 779871

NTA but reusable pads don't slip, they just feel like normal underwear. Had my first period using just reusable pads and I'm so happy, never going back.

No. 779978

The only ones who can handle NEETdom without that instinctual feeling of guilt are those who support family while a NEET and cluster B individuals. Normal people actually want to contribute, choosing a parasitic lifestyle is characteristic of sociopaths and the like. Studies were done on NEETs and they found that there's a large generational anti-social segment that are exploiting it, which makes sense when you browse the /r9k/ NEET threads.

I'm a NEET likewise for health reasons, and I also don't give a fuck about people bludging off the government and think the amount given to us is ridiculously high (not that I'm complaining). I think every single person in an exploitative piece of shit job should quit and sit on welfare. Yet even I have to fend off these feelings of parasitism.

No. 779990

I think the “not like other girls” meme was a mistake because some people took it and ran with it to the point where it’s considered taboo to talk about your individual experiences or discuss any differences between yourself and other women without people being like omfg your such a "pickme NLOG"

Like I was a weirdo that got bullied by girls as a kid and now apparently I'm the bad guy wasn't part of the Femininity Hivemind

No. 779999

It's just dumbass the libfems who unironically think femininity is intrinsic to womanhood who are taking it too far. Sorry anon.

No. 780007

Visual artists and artcows in general are the most stupid and gullible people on earth. They pay hundreds for paints and brushes that some chinese kid does on the dollar!

No. 780012

I don’t feel guilty parasiting off the gubberment, but I do feel guilty of parasiting off of family, even when I know I’m doing everything I can to find a job. I feel a lot better when I clean, do laundry or cook a meal for everybody.

No. 780059

Me too. I had a cringey NLOG phase in high school but what triggered it was OTHER GIRLS telling me I was too weird and unfeminine to be one of them. So I overcompensated and pretended I didn't want to be a girl anyway.

No. 780061

I feel like "internalized misogyny" is going that way too. Where hating shit practices and products being pushed on women is equated to hating on women, because they're rooted in historically female interests or coping mechanisms.

No. 780078

Gate keeping is pretty useless; not because of any moralistic reasons or anything but in cases of fandoms it's useless in fandoms because there not institutions that you can effectively gatekeep. Ironically some people may rage and openly like something more just because you told them not to.

No. 780080

Bro if you're a "real lesbian" that's going to be pretty much useless. You can choose to be celibate if you don't think you're ready to have a relationship with a woman sexually or otherwise, but don't go around denying the truth nor using men are a band aid for your shame/ difficult feelings. Straight women already feel miserable doing that shit can't imagine how a lesbian would feel.

No. 780121

I just really don't get why isn't there an Internet for Kids still. It's fucking useless to put content warnings on 18+ stuff on platforms that also host children's content or subforums. Like how reddit has r/teenagers while also hosting massive pornsubs with direct image links or twitter allowing ethots to advertise on memes going viral. I know that teens would figure out way to go around it with every update, but it'd still need some effort. And filters and scripts that need to put on by the parents are useless both thanks to the digital illiteracy of most parents and because it should be on the content provider to tag and hide shit.

No. 780135

I was a huge NLOG back in middle school but mostly because I was an unfeminine awkward weeb and everybody was making fun of me for that, boys and girls, so saying I was not like the other girls was mostly a defense mechanism, as soon as I met other weeb girls in high school I dropped the title. I think it's "fine" to say that when you're still young and don't know any other girls like you, past highschool it's just pickme behavior and dangerously close to enbyism ("I'm not like the other girls because I don't wear makeup and I don't watch romantic movies uwu").

No. 780441

I’ve always found Chrissy Teigen really pretty. I actually think her cheeks look nice.

No. 780446

File: 1618082658080.jpeg (368.22 KB, 1500x800, A6E11562-661A-4DE7-B59A-E07E88…)

She was cute before her surgery got too out of hand but not so much nowadays imo. Will never understand why women who have cheeks choose to get crazy amounts of filler

No. 780456

middle pic is the only one of her i've ever liked. nowadays she looks insane with the mix of aging/motherhood/weight gain/surgery/injections.

No. 780472

Her look isn't my favourite but she's clearly attractive, at least in these pictures idk how she looks today. People are waaaayyyy too harsh on women's looks, especially when they're rich and famous. Meanwhile the uggos or vaguely not-ugly men of Hollywood get celebrated, it's beyond me.

No. 780526


She’s a peadophile

No. 780529

She looks like such a froggy

No. 780531

It's not harsh to find rugby ball sized cheeks unattractive.

No. 780533

Anon haven’t you heard? It’s cool to constantly harp on a female lolcow’s fat rolls but if you dare find a mediocre looking celebrity who’s probably done suspicious and really dumb things unattractive it’s apart of some grand scheme of the patriarchy when it’s literally just anons who have different subjective tastes. It’s almost like lesbians and bisexuals don’t exist to these people

No. 780544

>It’s almost like lesbians and bisexuals don’t exist to these people
Tbf, for a lot of "these people" think that lesbians are attracted to every single woman

No. 780550

Princess Diana seems annoying and bpd

No. 780554

Classism is based.

No. 780556

I like her, but I agree she was definitely BPD. She threw herself down the stairs while pregnant as a cry for attention. If that isn't peak BPD then I don't know what is.

No. 780558

She’s an overhyped irl anime character

No. 780567

/cgl/ is saltier than /ot/

No. 780571

Idk how unpopular this opinion would be here but I fucking love insensitive celebrity death memes and sometimes when I feel bad about the future I think that at least I'll get to see a lot of interesting celebrity deaths in the coming decades.

Parasocial public reaction to a death != the actual experience of losing someone you know. I hate the moralfaggotry around it.

No. 780572

That's just the truth

No. 780573

agreed and based, anon.

No. 780578

File: 1618097477252.png (93.42 KB, 500x371, IMG_7546.PNG)

It's true and you should say it.

There are celebrities I wouldn't mock after death and some I'll be sad when they pass but god writing paragraphs upon paragraphs on how a 99 year old royal fuck had years ahead of him is so braindead.

No. 780583

That’s only because cgl’s jannies are incompetent and let trash roam free

No. 780890

Somewhat agree. NLOG as a term was supposed to call out people who fed on their internalized misogyny and threw other women under the bus to seem like the girl that's actually a real person, not a woman. However the term was co-opted and used without acknowledging the psychology behind of it and recognizing NLOGism as a coping mechanism in a world where women are treated like a brainless hivemind instead of individuals. It was also used to refer to any woman who didn't conform to the stereotypical feminine code.

I still think NLOG has a place in feminist terminology because it's a problem that shouldn't be swept under the rug, but people should realize that no woman is born hating other women and trying to rise above them. I must admit I hate it when instead of analyzing the problem of high school stacies bullying that one becky people just call her a pickme NLOG when she's lost her connection to her peers, if she was able to form one in the first place. Women aren't exactly encouraged to interact with each other or look for each others' company since all female interaction is considered reprehensible, vain gossiping.

No. 780966

File: 1618141805904.jpg (126.24 KB, 640x853, 1617856084361.jpg)

I didn't know you were off your ban, landlord-chan.

No. 781109

Unpopular for here, not real world, but- I'm pretty disenchanted with radfem ideology at this point and no longer identify as such. I'm not going to go into it beyond that because I already know all the talking points and counter arguments I would get if I broke down the specifics on why I'm done with the ideology. I'm still not a libfem as I'm GC and morally opposed to sex work, but I'm probably closer to that than radfem at this point and I'm pretty okay with that.

No. 781110

what a dumb twitter word salad

No. 781114

I agree with you but idk if that's even an unpopular opinion here. The radfems/gc spergs are like the most widely complained about group of people we've ever had on this site. Maybe among the very small /ot/ userbase it's unpopular but I don't really think the majority of people posting in cow threads are radfems.

No. 781119

telfs rise up

No. 781125

no go away

No. 781126


No. 781134

you did it. you found the unpopular opinion.

No. 781159

Don't be rude, she's Asian

No. 781174

I generally still struggle with establishing connections with peers just because of this bullshit. It’s not that girl aimed products are bad but as an individual I have my own preferences and taste that might not align with other women. It’s so easy to fall back on othering women perceived as not true “girls” because society loves to pit women against each other rather than actually building each other up.

No. 781179

I agree. So sick and tired of terf-fags and incredibly rude radblr lesbians complaining when a woman wants to wear a low-hanging top. There honestly isn’t even breathing room to be your own person in those kinds of spaces, you are even demonized and made fun of for having problems that they associate with a male having (having antisocial tendencies, depression, anxiety). Not everything has to be male-involved and that’s probably the root cause on why a lot of people who delve into GC/radfem communities and topics always complain that they feel hopeless and depressed. They promote too much community action over individual mental sanity.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 781204

I think some people just take it too far. (I know they’re called “rad” for a reason but) Most I’ve met are very nice and are grounded in reality. The only weird one I’ve encountered was one talking about how penis in vagina sex is inherently rape no matter what. Which is obviously a retarded take.

No. 781206

Deranged lesbos

No. 781208

I think that's probably not what they're talking about. Hopefully people don't form their world view and political beliefs based off of who seems 'nice'.

No. 781209

>I think some people just take it too far. (I know they’re called “rad” for a reason but)
that's not what rad means in radfem

No. 781210

I think the lolcow brand of “radfem” is a little more trad than rad. it’s less out of a desire to liberate women and more out of bitterness that they realized patriarchy is a scam. but they still choose to get more mad at other women than men as a class.

No. 781216

I know this is a bait post but I imagine someone writing like this becoming one of the "I'm sorry I wanted you terfs out a year ago, I finally read the MTF thread and peaked after two minutes" anons that have been popping up lately.

No. 781218

why is any non radfem post always viewed as bait? like 99% of the population are not radfems.

No. 781222

I honestly think a large portion of the userbase is lost on the definition of radfem.

No. 781223

"Nice" as in not delusional and not trying to push batshit takes like the one mentioned

No. 781226

They came from a hivemind place (r/gc refugees), so they keep expecting/pushing lolcow to be a hivemind type site too, but it isn't and never was.

No. 781227

>They promote too much community action over individual mental sanity.
NTA, but I don’t see this myself. A lot of supposed radfems complain (constantly) about men and trans shit, but I don’t see them giving any solutions. I know there aren’t clear answers for a lot of these issues, but I already agree with a lot of radfem ideology, now what? How do we go about enacting change, or reshaping radfem image to be less shitty? How do we change being an acceptable target and being banned on popular sites like reddit? I just don’t see answers from radfem communities and that’s upsetting. I want something palpable, not some pie in the sky “we should buy an island and ban men from it and live happy” bullshit. I wish radfems had an actual movement/leadership going on.

No. 781231

but i even see mods redtext posts as 'bait' just for being non gc or radfem like is there some rule that that is the only political opinion you're allowed to express? bc I feel like it is going to become a hivemind in that case.

No. 781233

the term 'pick me' has really lost all meaning

No. 781234

You wish, gaslighter. Lc bitches want men dead.

No. 781235

you have to be 18 to post here

No. 781237

its nor that its banned because its a personal belief, its because a thread will devolve into people bitching about it and derailing threads and nonstop reporting based off of someone disagrees with them.

war by contrition is the internet standard. you hate me because [insert whatever] regardless of belief that shit is dumb as fuck

No. 781242

Saying shit like
>radbl lesbians complaining because I want to wear a low cut top
really comes across like bait. I've never met women actually police each other's looks that way outside of movies written by hollywood pedos

No. 781244

>Waaah evil women don't coddle my mental illnesses
>ignores all the threads and tens of thousands of posts of women being supportive, not enabling each other over being mentally ill

No. 781245

You have to be a woman to post here

No. 781248

people here complain about those things all the time and call literally everything 'pick meism' or 'cool girlism' or whatever.

No. 781249

Link them bitch

No. 781250

The only type of absolutely nitpicking I only see in e-girl threads, and I wouldn't call those women radblr lesbians for sure kek

No. 781257

I've seen only straight women on radbrl complain about low cut tops and autisticly policing women's looks kek, no lesbian will complain about those, trust me anons
and it really comes off as bait from the lesbian-sperg

No. 781263

agreed so hard. I don't consider myself radfem because much of it is unrealistic or doomer-y but I do admire them for talking about women's issues which nobody else can anymore. I know there are feminists out there making change in the world right now, going on marches and making a difference to change material things. but online radfems (especially here but it's lc) keep saying there's no hope for change, that we have to run away to an all women's colony that isn't gonna fucking happen. I don't know if they're libfems or radfems (I honestly think neither) but the women out there making change in the world are the feminists who have it right. neither libfems or radfems (from what I've seen) do that but then again my biggest radfem exposure is lc so maybe a lot of the radfems are actually engaged in this irl work to free women from things like prostitution, etc. we need to be working on actual palpable issues instead of fantasizing of a world without men and even (imo) ruling them all out as evil… you'll never get anywhere like that. it may not be ideal to have to deal with men and cooperate with them but it's actually gonna get results and change. even the smallest changes count but women worldwide are making big ones. if it helps at least one woman it should be done. and not to racebait but anons here laugh when black people talk about hating all whites, everyone else being racist beyond redemption and not worth the work, but do the same to men and it's somehow useful. it's not.

No. 781267

File: 1618171665722.png (5.75 KB, 1092x90, reeee.png)

There's someone with distinct typing who just a few hours ago did picrel in the caps thread, in response to month old post. Anons were clowning on their sperging about dykes in multiple threads, one of which is the fakeboi thread (notoriously full of /lgbt/ards)
Just sayinggg

No. 781271

To me the target isn't to offer easy solutions to such deeply ingrained societal problems. Raising awareness and making women see things for what they are is a huge duty in itself and as long as most women understandably choose to close their eyes from the oppression willingly because it's easier to live without seeing the sexism the radfems still have work to do. When you see a young woman refusing to report sexual harassment because she doesn't want to be seen as a slut, a troublemaker or an overall "difficult, frigid bitch" that means women still aren't considered equal. Radical feminism is a way of living and a collection of ideas to support female autonomy, not some guerilla group wanting to see unrealistic changes within one generation. Separatism isn't about "getting an island where we ban men", it's about encouraging women to know their worth without bending a knee to men.

No. 781282

I think the reason you don't see much activism in Western societies is mostly because there aren't many radfem women. Feminism is still seen as a negative thing around the world. Those who are radfem or rad-leaning mostly vent online and perhaps financially support women's rights issues at most. If I had to guess why, I'd say there's a combined issue of "comfort" and learned helplessness where a woman in America has less incentive to publicly rebel against the society than a woman in Mexico or India. I really can't imagine the recent women-led protests in Mexico happening here in America. It's sad how women ran out in droves to support BLM and such, but I'd bet that less than half (or even a quarter) would turn up for a purely female-centric event. This is why TRAs and the like have gained so much traction and are getting legal protections while the ERA has been kicked around in DC for decades. (I'll stop there because I'm not trying to bait or turn this into a GC thread)

No. 781326

Judging women that ignore radfems talking points because it makes them miserable is a shitty thing to do, also you guys ruined everything and you will never admit it, all this sjw/progressive bs originated from your talking points and ways, i really resent all those idiots that traumatized a whole ass generation just because they wanted them to see ~the Truth~ about men, no wonder so many genz are enbis, you guys showed them the existential dread of being a women way too soon and then y'all wonder why they resent anything related to being female sm, you went too far. Also you guys should treat your fucking OCD because it's obvious y'all seriously mentally ill, you aren't any better than trannies.

No. 781332

why do you people always think any woman who isn't a radfem can only have that opinion because they 'cant handle the truth' or whatever

No. 781338

It just sounds like you got angry that some tumblr post made you realize men are mean to women(overly simplified)? I was an NLOG way before I knew what even feminism was, because you realize pretty fast that boys respect you more for being into "masculine" interests, and had to grow out of that mentality. Never even met any radfem talking points until my mid-twenties and still realized women were mistreated even in "modern" society. And I'm still not a radfem, but I don't see how they're ruining anything, it's like saying you ruin someone's life if you tell them Santa isn't real.

No. 781345

>Sexism and misogyny is YOUR fault for making women aware of it's existence!!!!!!!!!!!
That's a new one

No. 781348

Yeah, it's like a gigantic brainfart materialized into words.
Anyhow, I've stopped being a radfem and embraced the blackpill. I don't think that most women will ever know or admit ~the Truth~ and we'll just keep on living this nightmare. Being a woman sucks, being a poor woman sucks so fucking much. No amount of socializing and "educating" will change the natural order of things. It's all doomed.

No. 781349

some anons love talking about /m/ like it's the best board on this site but every time I go there I am at risk of seeing a shounen boy and that is a violation of my human rights.

No. 781351

You mean shota or

No. 781353

I think fat women can be beautiful or at least they don't cause a reaction of disgust in me like they seem in some people, not even when they wear clothes that show skin, thighs or their mid-section. Obviously them telling lies to themselves that it's sustainable healthwise and that if people weren't "fatphobic" their bodies wouldn't fall apart is dangerous. But I can understand that it's annoying for young women to just want to participate in online trends and shit and constantly get targeted insults, even though they're often teenagers that never learned portion control from their parents.
But I'm also probably self-justifying as an ex-fatty, I'm happy I grew up before the social media boom.

No. 781355

no, i mean shounen. I hate shounen anime.

No. 781356

File: 1618181505507.png (170.2 KB, 1838x251, deku anti.PNG)

nta but i think she really means shounen, some people on here really dislike them

No. 781357

Deku always deserves to be shit on tbh

No. 781360

But why? I mean, he’s quite boring like other boring shounen main characters.

No. 781361

I surprisingly don't hate deku, but I do hate his obnoxious school bully from that hate crime of a show. He has done so much damage to today's children. and today's fujos.

No. 781363

Lets players are unfunny
All of them even oney plays and super mega

No. 781364

I'm not particularly hateful towards heroaca, but I just hate his design

No. 781365

I know right, the bully is fucking annoying, yet people will try to make him seem like an uwu soft baby boi to justify shipping him with anyone, that fucker would get thrown in fucking prison if he was real or if the world in which they live noticed how toxic he is.

No. 781371

based explosion boy hater

No. 781372

No. 781375

I’m the anon you replied to, this is a great point. I’m definitely a former pickme and reading radfem discussion online was a huge eye-opener for me. I can only hope more eyes are opened and that will eventually lead to a louder, larger movement in the future.

Thanks also for your thoughtful comments nonnies. The point about western protests is very true and I hadn’t considered that as a burger.

No. 781384

Well I agree with you and I was never fat, so I assumed it was ana-chans or ex-fatties who hate them so much and now I'm just confused. I've known a lot of pretty fat girls. Regardless of attractiveness it doesn't inspire hate in me either it's just something you notice and move on. The "fat is healthy" talk is something else entirely that I hate, but I don't hate fat people.

No. 781396

I find so many older women extremely beautiful and attractive and I don't even mean this in the sense of it being progressive or feminist or whatever like I just genuinely since I was a child have found there to be attractive people in older age groups. I would rather look at a 40 year old with beautiful features than an average looking 20 year old.

No. 781402

Same, that's the reason why I never took the wall shit seriously lol

No. 781403

Mezzo-soprano is the best female voice, people don't like it because is too generic but i like it, not too high or low, just perfect. I'm an alto and I wish I had such a range, I'm way, way too low.

No. 781412

I hate when people send me funny youtube clips of lets players and tell me to watch them. I’m not into games so it doesn’t really make sense to me and I don’t get the humour.

No. 781415

File: 1618189221906.jpg (36.36 KB, 640x1138, DeficientUnfoldedHairstreak-mo…)

Some fakebois are very cute and i would date one for sure. It's ironic because for how much they want you to believe they are not women they showed me how cute girls can be no matter how masculine or feminine they are. I thought i liked them because they looked ~ambiguous~ but i realized i liked them for their female characteristics lol

No. 781419

Fakebois are such a fucking disease. Why can't I have a cute butch/andro gf who doesn't have to larp as a fucking mentally ill boy without a dick.

No. 781424

>Why can't I have a cute butch/andro gf who doesn't have to larp as a fucking mentally ill boy without a dick
This is exactly how I feel anon, i like their style but i wish they weren't so delusional about who they are. I have encountered so many cute butch lesbians going by they/them or he/him, shit is depressing.

No. 781426

My last gf was butch but steadfast in her identity as a woman and a lesbian and I'm so sad I might never find another woman like her lmao. We met through weeb circles too, which I realize now makes her especially unique since fakebois are so fucking prevalent in cosplay and weeb spaces.

No. 781427

it's so weird how much you see this kind of bitter resentment about people not being romantically available to them with gc spergs. like even if they weren't a fakeboi or whatever i doubt they would want to date someone like you.

No. 781433

This song is beautiful and I'm genuinely surprised people hated it that much. The video is also nice.

No. 781434

People didn't like Ungodly Hour? I only ever saw conspiracy theorists say they disliked it. That song is so good, and the Ungodly Hour album was one of the best albums released last year

No. 781436

I'm not bitter I'm just sad about it, some of them are genuinely nice and are just confused so I mostly feel bad for them.

No. 781438

i mean they feel the exact same way about you

No. 781439

There's a group of people trashing that song everytime it gets posted on insta, i suppose they're haters but it's weird they already have such a negative following.
Lol life is weird af

No. 781493

The Depop resellers argument is a fucking strawman. People do the same shit on eBay and Facebook, but I guess it's bad now because "it's clothes that the poor people need and they're taking resources from them". The fuck it isn't lmao. Another thing, a lot of poor people are the ones reselling shit at high prices. It sucks having to work 2 or more jobs, especially if ya got a family.
Most poor people aren't shopping for clothes every month, barely even once a year. It's all concern trolling. I'm a poorfag and I go to thrift shops often, barely anyone is in the clothing area, it's all in the general home items area. Even still, people say prices are going up because of Depop resellers. No way, it's because of the value of a dollar keeps going down each year, inflation has been a thing for a long time unfortunately. Another reason could just be gentrification, your neighborhood got bike lanes recently? Prices are gonna go up.
It's just all stupid arguments people are making up pretending to care about poor people.

No. 781498

Guys who want to be pegged and or have their assholes played with in any kind of way need to stop pretending they're straight. It's fucking gay regardless if a hot woman is rooting their ass with a "pretend" dick or her finger

also these men will troon out in a couple years so there's that

No. 781500

God yes I cannot believe I've seen so many people buy into that argument. Far more clothing is donated than can be sold in secondhand stores, and the environmental impact of making new clothing, no matter how "sustainable" it's marketed as, is huge compared to reusing an item that already exists. We need to encourage more secondhand buying not less. We're not going to run out of used clothes.

I've seen people say that resellers are problematic because they take all the good items and leave less aesthetic stuff for people who actually need it. Just pure salt, and as if all poor people would want quirky egirl pieces.

No. 781502

LMAO yes I've seen that argument too. I assure you a crop top you are salty about being sold for $80 because it's cute is not going to be seen as cute to a majority of poor people. It's all subjective. There's literal pairs of shoes worth $800 that a poor person would make fun of some rich person trying to flaunt because it looks like throw up.

No. 781508

Disagree but also I don’t think what you said is an unpopular opinion

No. 781635

just as dumb as people who say lesbians cant really be gay if they use dildos

No. 781643

Its not the same, men who like giving/receiving Anal Sex aren't really straight in my opinion

the human asshole is disgusting part of our body filled with fecal matter, why anyone would want to use it for sexual pleasure is beyond me

No. 781645

Men have prostates, that's why.

No. 781646

and ? if a man so much as so asks me put a finger up his butt or "eat" his ass(barf) I will fucking leave him on the spot

No. 781647

Bitches say shit like this but be into scrotoid seinen

No. 781648

that's your prerogative but you don't need to make it a weird homophobic thing

No. 781650

Its not homophobic that "ass eating" is a disgusting degenerate practice regardless of whose doing it

No. 781652

Corpse Husband is the funnest cow ever. He barely has any milk he's just so fun to shit on. I love hating on male cows and male cows only. I want more male cows MORE!!

No. 781653

Nigga how is that homophobic. Str8 has ass sex and it is every bit as disgusting. Tfw it's homophobic to say there's shit in assholes.

No. 781654

That's what I've been sayingggg. Every single male cow thread has at least one retard popping in to proclaim her thirst though. It should be a bannable offense just like it is in female cow threads.

No. 781656

because OP started by saying anal sex is gay and when challenged elaborated anal sex is gross, just skip to saying it's gross rather than linking being gay with being gross

No. 781659

I'm saying that men obsessed with anal play/anal sex giving or reviving aren't really straight, disgusting sex aside, women tend to have a beautiful miracle nature that's has more nerve endings then something you just shit with

No. 781660

ur mom is gay

No. 781662

see >>781645
i peg'd ur dad m8

No. 781665

Anon is right. Men may not be sexually attracted to other men initially but you have to remember male sexuality is extremely memeable. COOM EASILY CHANGES THEM. They can easily become so addicted to ass play that he will eventually entertains the thought of getting fucked by a human cock.
Just like how AGPs can often be pseudohomosexual.

No. 781666

Literally this

No. 781685

Leave degenerate scrote

No. 781687

why are you so offended on behalf of gay males?
presumably we are all women here and wouldn't want to be dating closeted gays, i assume that's why op brought it up

No. 781693

It really is as dumb as saying lesbians aren't gay if they're using dildos. And this is coming from someone who would never be into anal anything, but if someone likes that that's their own business as long as they don't tell me about their poopoo bedroom. I don't think it makes a guy gay, they probably overcame the taboo of that homophobic stereotype and learned to embrace sticking shit up their asses to get off.

No. 781695

Are you fucking serious, a degenerate man who forces his wife to fuck with him a strapon or eat his disgusting man ass and and call him susan him is not stunning and brave

the discussion was never about lesbians in the first place

No. 781698

>and call him susan him is not stunning and brave
No one was talking about trannies

No. 781704

The homophobia is two sides of the same coin. You assume anal is the gayest thing out there and other homophobes will dent lesbianism because of dildos. In the end neither matter or are exclusive to being gay. Nobody is talking about trannies you schizo.

No. 781712

radfems and lesbians have called out male degeneracy since the 60's

No. 781717

There are probably lesbians that do anal and gay men that don't, but that doesn't change the fact that all men are degenerates and I think we all can agree on that

No. 781721

but can well agree that ass eating is disgusting no matter what party is doing it

No. 781724

Can confirm, I had a gay friend that wouldn't do anal at all and was always complaining that it was hard to find a partner like himself. that's also when I learned what frotting was

Absolutely, yes. I can maybe forgive people that do it in the shower, but still… Just why

No. 781726

Stop comparing lesbians to degenerate males. Men literally become tranny chasers from looking at Chinese cartoon. Fujo lesbians exist and yet they aren’t deluding themselves into having sex with men.

No. 781881

Over critiques of new and original films has left the entire entertainment industry to be nothing but various remakes

Twilight, pretty little liars, small horror films by new directors like ouija and the nun weren't terrible but they weren't perfect either. Constant bashing has left hollywood to do nothing but remakes because that's all that seems to please people now

No. 781886

burger king doesn't suck, the fries are just lame. get mozzarella sticks or a poutine instead and everything works out fine.

No. 781892

>Fujo lesbians exist and yet they aren’t deluding themselves into having sex with men.
Females are the "superior" sex kek.

No. 781893

I love their shitty veggie burger so much

No. 781899

bisexual people should be banned from making twitter accounts(bad bait)

No. 781900

Nta but same

No. 781927

i think the veggie burger is good! it's a soy/fake meat patty, instead of a grain thing like most other fast food places. i actually like it better than the meat cause it's not a gut bomb. double veggie burger with cheese & 2 orders of mozzarella sticks is my go-to kek

No. 781948

I personally think most fat women are incredibly beautiful facially. In fact almost every single chubby or big girl ive met has been drop dead gorgeous. Meanwhile fat males look 9/10 like they just gave up on life. Just slovenly, usually have chapped lips etc. But when people talk about obesity and how gross it is they usually almost always are referring to obese women's bodies and hardly ever mention men. I feel like a lot of fatphobia is rooted in misogyny whether internalized or otherwise. I also love seeing all the fat girls in their bikinis on tik tok and owning it they all look really good. It warms my cold dead heart. And proves you can look good at any size as long as you are confident and own it. Say what you want about body posi but i really think its cute seeing girls no longer being afraid to wear a two piece.

No. 781953

Preach the gospel, sister!

No. 781955

Not everything can be inclusive to everyone.

No. 781956

fat woman are hot its guys who perpetuate the stigma of fat chicks being ugly when fat guys look like shrek most of the time kek. fat woman always look super comfy and huggable idk.

No. 781960

fat people faces look like a massive moon made of blubber with tiny facial features placed in the middle haphazardly. also obese men and women look basically the same, idk what you're smoking

No. 781961

and if you look to your left you will see the hatin ass ana-chan. Dont get too close she's feral and angry because she hasnt eaten a thing all week poor sad thing

No. 781968

NTA But there's a difference between being fat and morbede obisity. There's a point after which secondary sex characteristics basically become indistinguishable because fat hangs down in every direction.

No. 781993

No. 781995

My unpopular opinion: Raise the beauty standards for men and sexualize & objectify them for women's entertainment. The harsh beauty standards for women aren't going to go away so we might as well shame men too. I'm sick of looking at crusty ugly men my age and being told they're an equal or that they have a great personality, bank account, etc. They are so fucking ugly and gross looking. Ever since I started looking more at kpop twinks or European male models to see how beautiful the male form can be I'm more and more disgusted by how haggard American men are. Even attractive ones here are such a low bar and are jocks that don't take care of themselves except for wearing khakis and a sweater on Thanksgiving.

No. 781997

File: 1618248730433.jpg (76.19 KB, 1200x514, yeah.jpg)


No. 781998

I'm skeletal and straight as fuck myself but I agree. Hypothetically fat women have something to offer visually (boobs, curves, etc), fat men are literally just blobs. Women also gain weight after pregnancy while men just gain weight with no reasoning other than gluttony and laziness.
Imo fat women shouldn't be shamed for going for thinner men, fat men should be shamed all around for being fat with no perks or reasoning to justify it.

No. 782001


No. 782012

Go back to tumblr. No one else finds whales hot. A little bit of chub is cute (like 10 extra lbs of weight) but anything past like 20 lbs overweight is disgusting unless you have a nice face and good fat proportions to make up for it, which most fat girls don't. Saggy tits stuck to a fridge if blubber is not hot

No. 782056

lmao i love how you have all this vitriol for fat women. i doubt you feel this assblasted about gross fat males but go off

No. 782069

I'm slim but I've always felt like I have the face of a fatter person. Like sometimes you'll see 300 pound women where in face pics you'd never even know they're big…I'm the reverse of that lol. Round faces age better though..apparently. I cling to that as my cope for chubface.

No. 782082

probably more to do with the fact the post she was replying to was specifically about fat women

No. 782111

File: 1618255268727.jpg (108.91 KB, 750x1110, EHXzxTeUwAU-6tW.jpg)

People should be banned from making twitter accounts. It's time to let it die.

No. 782116

File: 1618255550967.jpg (372 KB, 640x842, 2019091901001181600080551.jpg)

Agree. But sometimes even women laugh at men who look after their appearance too much, like calling them gay or whatever.

No. 782133

this picture told me I'm asexual

No. 782140

Fuck I read those cute comics as a kid and everyday I have to see tumblr/twitterites ruin them reee

No. 782152

I will never stop saying that we need a retard tax, for every retarded shit someone posts on social media, they get money discounted from their credit card or from their mommy’s credit card.

No. 782157

File: 1618258354585.jpeg (36.5 KB, 580x387, CEBF8BF2-4910-4F3A-8535-81179D…)

Depends on if we’re talking like “Call Dr Nowzardan” fat or cute chubby Marshmallow Girls. Either way, women are more hygienic so fat guys are slovenly and stinky but I bet these girls smell just fine.

No. 782159

Whoever created this must've been a teen who's never had sex and has only read erotic fanfiction or watched porn. I feel kind of bad for the environment teens grow up in nowadays.

No. 782162

I would totally larp as yaoi bois with a fakeboi and have a great time but I draw the line at where they start denying biology and material reality, baby we can roleplay and crossdress as coomer fujos but I'm not going to act like you're not female. I wish this mindset made a comeback.

No. 782165

No. 782186

>"Oh no not the gay men noooo my James Charles palette noooooo"
Some of you guys sit here and defend gay men all day, while they sit in their own spaces like
>Straight women are fucking disgusting.[screenshot of some redneck woman talking about fucking a dog]
>Absolutely, and vaginas look nasty. Not sure how men can be straight.
>[vomit emoji]
>Dykes are fucking disgusting too, let's just be honest

No. 782218

are you talking about /lgbt/ or something? i’m bi and ngl i feel like i know much less about the g than any other letter of the lgbt

No. 782223

i think it's actually ok to get one of those crazy gross starbucks shakes/frappucinos with chocolate chips or a ground-up cookie in it if you are getting it as your dessert and not thinking it's your morning coffee. i get one on my birthday or whatever, it's like a sundae

No. 782233

Sage for me being retarded but does this mean they’re likely some 4chins larper?

No. 782240

i think so, maybe. there's a probable scroteposter who's been trying to paint lesbians as some kind of no-fun anti-sex brigade, or saying women don't take care of themselves anymore

No. 782260

It would be interesting to see if they come up again, maybe if anyone sees them they can post it in the caps thread? I don’t post here too often except in the bi thread and I’ve only seen them twice, I find them creepy and gross and would be interested to find out where they come from. I know if I was trolling like that I’d at least make an effort to change my typing style.

No. 782266

There's lots of great new films. Most of them just don't come out of Hollywood. I think it's fine to like mindless movies, but people don't look at indie films or foreign films. Even absolute shit-tier actors like Adam Sandler have been in really great films recently. And I haven't seen any good remakes as of late, but directors who make it their own vision can do it, like John Carpenter.

At the end of the day all art is subjective. Who really cares what you like and don't?
Nta but im vegan and Carl's jr./hardee's probably has the best major fast food chain veggie burger. You can also put jalapenos on it for a kick. Beyond meat > impossible

KFC has vegan chicken nuggets too, but I think they fry it with the chicken.
No I hate fat people in general. They're all androgynous blobs anyway.

No. 782325

aw we don't have carl's jr or hardee's in any of the countries i've lived. someday i wanna go to the usa and hit all the regional fast food places with dumbass names like a 5-year-old named them that tv characters aways reference

No. 782370

Big foreheads aren't that bad and most of the time i don't even notice them until someone points it out, they're cute sometimes too.

No. 782401

They really are

No. 782407

Good taste, I also like them even when I can tell it's from it's from wearing a ponytail too much

No. 782440

Women who like shota are okay, men who like loli are not. That’s it, that’s the take

No. 782444

Dumbass. Both are disgusting.

No. 782448

No. 782451

Why anon
What’s your logic here?

No. 782453

I don't tip when I am picking up food to go. Printing out a slip that has an empty space for tip is shamelessly begging for money when they didn't perform a service.

No. 782455

Yeah I never tip while picking up either (unless it's my fav cute waitress at a nearby sushi place)

No. 782456

Agree. Women who like loli too. Most of the time they’re just groomed or pick me.

No. 782459

Yes. If they have some kind of trauma, I can understand it, but otherwise you have no acceptable/good reason to be into that. It's gross.

No. 782465

File: 1618280618356.png (476.7 KB, 765x576, sweat.png)

As a Double D connoisseur, I agree with you.

No. 782467

>Male sexuality = Insane and over the top disgusting, can almost never do anything with sanity or restraint, always escalating to something worse, leads to real life abuse and crimes. Look at crime rates.
Many convicted pedophiles enjoyed or enjoy lolicon.
>Female sexuality = Can still be gross but not usually as extreme, and most women have hearts and brains to not go out and harm anyone because muh cooming
How many convicted female pedophiles turned out to be shotafags or fujoshis? I haven’t seen one. The number will always be either non-existent or way smaller than when it’s males with loli
The “Reality isn’t fiction” argument generally only works with women, because they are less insane. I feel like pick-mes who want to copy men and FtM troons who turn themselves into coomers with testosterone are another story tho

No. 782471

t. shota consuming pedochan

No. 782474

somewhat agree. i think women who like shota aren't as likely to act on degenerate tendencies irl but we also shouldn't encourage them.

No. 782477

Nope. Both influenced by very degenerate and deviant motivations and fetishes.

No. 782483

Not to mention women often aren’t into shota sexually. Women are actually more into loli sexually in which they almost exclusively project themselves into the abused character. This inherently makes women different from men who consume said content.

No. 782497

>women aren't into shota sexually
what is the point of consumption of an inherently pornographic genre if it's not for sexual purposes then? are they just creepy and like little boys "in spirit"?

still not okay either way, it depicts what is typically forced sex or rape of underage children, male or female, it's disgusting that it involves even the simulated, drawn rape of a child.

there is really no "value" or "reason" to read porn unless it's sexual, nobody is reading shota hentai for the "plot". the inherent point of it is sexual.

No. 782500

When women say they like shota they mean they like Hanako-kun or Clamp School Detectives or HxH or Black Butler
When men say they like loli they mean hentai
99% of shota hentai readers are gay and /ss/ scrotes

No. 782504

nta but you can't speak for all women. There've been plenty of women that I've seen that want to be the "Mommy" in a shota relationship.

No. 782505

That's not shota, anon. Those are normal anime series with a few "young" characters. Have never seen one female weeb in my entire life describe that shit as "shota".

No. 782506

>Clamp School Detectives
Holy shit I haven't thought of that in such a long time. Ah yes my heart still goes doki doki. >>782505
Nta but Shota is the character archetype. Those characters are absolutely called shota and their admirers shotacon in Japan and in asia…

No. 782507

i don't think shota is morally wrong. i have a scat kink and people call that morally wrong too. shota is fictional, it doesn't hurt people.

No. 782512

Those are pickme internet edge lords and LARPers dear summer anon. You’ll be hard up to find a case of a woman snatching up little boys because of anime. I bet you think allll those otaku Japanese idols who claim to be shotacon are real pedophiles kek

No. 782514

I wasn't talking about real boys, retard. You literally tried to generalize all women that like shota as simply liking anime with young boys, what's your motive here? There are plenty of women that like actually mommy/son shota and it's not just 1% of straight shota consoomers.

Idk anything about japanese otaku idols. But you seem to be a real expert on shota so whatever, creep.

No. 782517

I hope you people realize that even if it's fictional, we're are allowed to still be grossed out by it and judge the people who are into loli and shota. Even if it's just a fantasy, why would someone want to get off to the idea of a child?

No. 782522

I’m just not reactionary about this particular topic and was actually interested in the nuance, female viewpoint and experience in particular so I researched is all.
No one said you can’t be grossed out lol it is just fact that you can’t compare men to women.

No. 782523

Hunter x Hunter is shota? I thought it was just another overrated shounen anime like Naruto or One Piece kek

No. 782525

I think Baylee Jae is very pretty

No. 782532

Are you a lolicon scrote or something? Die mad lol, statistics will always tell us who the actual pedos are

No. 782534

File: 1618286205193.png (313.89 KB, 400x562, 693033ead45817b85e47b831007d6e…)

The main characters have very shota designs so naturally the ship of those two are. And then the notorious problematique 3P ship which is still popular despite wokie tears.

No. 782535

Polar was one of Madds' best performances.

No. 782540

I don’t know, anon, I used to consoom shota manga and I got some clarity after an actual pedophile talked to me about her “12 years old boyfriend” and stuff like that as if it was okay.
It could’ve been a Larping scrote, but it was gross.
Porn will rot anyone’s brain, specially when they won’t socialize with normal people and when they will have way too much time to think
>hmmmmm How fucked up could this even be?
Yeah, maybe there’s not many women that are actual pedophiles and that will also consoom anime porn, and maybe not every pedophile woman even knows about anime in general, but porn is harmful, specially when it features young characters.

No. 782542

Okay Rebecca sugar…

No. 782547

You're right. All in all we should strive to get off to as healthy of 2D porn as we can.

No. 782577

Ugh I hate shota and I hate hisoka, and I see both killua and gon as childs, but I legit think killua might be gay. Not that I ship them, I think gon is still too dumb and innocent to be interested in anything but being himself right now. But I do feel like killua has feelings for gon. It's okay to be gay, like, at his age I already knew I liked girls so I see it just as a normal, sexless thing of course

No. 782579

Tofu is so fucking good and I really wish it was more common to find tofu dishes in the US. I'm salty that overprocessed meat imitations seem to be becoming more popular.

No. 782580

Ugh I don't like this vibe of this post, but if you're talking about that one doujin where kevin and double d hit it up as grown ups, then I understand

No. 782581

Whenever I eat tofu it tastes like bland, chemicalish damp rubber. Even if it's like, prepared or whatever. What's your secret?

No. 782582


I got tofu in my ramen from a place that makes their own recently and it was so fucking good

No. 782587

File: 1618295874005.jpg (100.27 KB, 1122x629, aSNViu7.jpg)

I'm actually more surprised I haven't seen more "discourse" or "stay safe, don't watch this" warning about HxH, most universally like it. I feel like if it were any worse in quality or more "gatkeeped" by men, people would shit more on "technically-not-a-pedophile" Hisoka. Or maybe 2011 was too long ago for most modern anime fans on twitter now lol.

No. 782591

Small thin pieces of fried tofu is probably the best preparation method for flavor. I like the taste of plain fried tofu (w/ just soy sauce and sesame oil) but it works best as a vehicle for sauce, like peanut sauce, sweet chili, curry, sriracha etc. A lot of bad tofu dishes have pieces that are too large, which leads to a damp mushy interior.

No. 782595

this is bs, women ''aren't into shotas sexually'' but they will ship them with everyone, even grown ass characters. equally disgusting

No. 782707

Really good Tofu tastes amazing on its own. Basic bitch tofu needs seasoning and/or sauces.

No. 782714

Is having daughters the ultimate cuckoldry?

I cannot think or comprehend of anything more cucked than having a daughter. Honestly, think about it rationally. You are feeding, clothing, raising and rearing a girl for at least 18 years solely so she can go and get ravaged by another man. All the hard work you put into your beautiful little girl - reading her stories at bedtime, making her go to sports practice, making sure she had a healthy diet, educating her, playing with her. All of it has one simple result: her body is more enjoyable for the men that will eventually fuck her in every hole.

Raised the perfect girl? Great. Who benefits? If you're lucky, a random man who had nothing to do with the way she grew up, who marries her. He gets to fuck her tight pussy every night. He gets the benefits of her kind and sweet personality that came from the way you raised her.

As a man who has a daughter, you are LITERALLY dedicating at least 20 years of your life simply to raise a girl for another man to enjoy. It is the ULTIMATE AND FINAL cuck. Think about it logically(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 782717

Who gives a darn scrotum?


No. 782718

it's a copypaste of an incel post btw

No. 782719


No. 782736


not you guys justifying disgusting degenerate women who actively enjoy and watch male cartoon children being fucked and saying "uwu you cant compare it to men who actively enjoy watching female children being fucked because men & women are different uwu" Sometimes i forget im on lolcow and a lot of you guys ARE the degenerates we are talking about and youre just actively larping as a morally sound person trying to "look at both sides" gross.

Like i can see if you are a teen and you dont know any better but if you are a grown ass bitch and you still decide to consume media of male children in sexual situations. You are no better than a disgusting pedophile scrote

No. 782740

Not saying I agree with it all but people like you sperg on and on and on as if 17 is the same as 8. As if 2 teenage boys is the same as a literal child and a grown up. Just stfu and stop moralfagging for once in your miserable lives(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 782744

Nta, but shota characters are definitely supposed to be little boys. Who even said anything about teenagers?
>Just stfu and stop moralfagging for once in your miserable lives
This is the unpopular opinions thread. OP shouldn't have posted anything at all if people saying shota/loli is disgusting is an issue and moralfagging.

No. 782745

no one is talking about 17 yr old high school boys and you know that. We all know this is about girls who like prepubescent looking anime boys. When you google shota i doubt you are gonna find high school coded bishounens and not tons of elementary school looking boys. Sorry im not gonna stop bitching about people male or female getting off to literal child coded cartoons being raped. fuck off respectfully

No. 782750

I literally said that I don’t agree with any of it and you accuse me of being into disgusting shota? I’m sorry but you’re the failure who probably watches yaoi and hentai in the first place so kill yourself.

No. 782755

File: 1618319299360.png (41.55 KB, 500x572, Killugon.png)

Yeah Killua is definitely gay for Gon, but it's a childish kind of puppy love. Seeing doujins of these two in a sexual manner makes me want to vomit but the fluff Killua x Gon shit is aight.

No. 782757

In the US, I've noticed that it's a hell of a struggle to hold white male cops accountable, but if a female cop fucks up it's like everyone jumps at the chance to take her down and the whole ordeal is swiftly and neatly wrapped up. Is it because female cops are less likely to blame the other party and cook up excuses for their behavior, as women are conditioned versus what men are taught to do?

Another unpopular opinion: A female cop "fearing for her life" is more valid than when a male cop uses the same excuse.

No. 782765

Oh nyooo one drawing is getting raped by another drawing. Women might as well start watching cp.

No. 782768

Fetishizing fat girls is just as toxic and sexist as fetishizing anorexic women, extreme muscles, extremely curvy that's unattainable without surgery. It's unfair that men are always encouraged to be health and fetishized when they're healthy but it seems the only body types that get fetishized by women and men are the unhealthy ones…

Looking at you "fat girls are better" spergs
Obesity leads to fecal incontinence, clogged arteries, infertility, high male hormones, cancers, saggy gym sock tits and shapeless potato bag asses, yeast infections in fat rolls and everything else bad under the sun. Nothing sexy about that sorry fatties

No. 782771

File: 1618321252733.gif (1.86 MB, 540x280, 165468486461.gif)

>You are no better than a disgusting pedophile scrote
Ok sis, I'm gonna go look at Ciel Phantomhive getting ravaged. See u on the news.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 782786

>"uwu you cant compare it to men who actively enjoy watching female children being fucked because men & women are different uwu"
But this is a fact supported by all statistics possible. Seethe harder bitch, I'll spend my ban timeout enjoying my anime shotas while not grooming and abusing IRL boys unlike lolicon moids.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 782795

>>782757 All cops are bastards always. Female officers are at the mercy of the boys club that is the police, yet again she can be just as cruel as her male coworkers. The "I fear for my life" excuse isn't as cut and dry like in the movies they can use a flimsy excuse like smelling weed in a car to unload a gun mag on a person.

No. 782799

The United States either needs a nationwide public transit system with good infrastructure or a better way to retest elderly people for their licenses.

No. 782807

USA needs to look out more for elderly people in general. They're extremely entitled and keep working jobs that are meant for teens and young adults just because they're bored making the unemployment rate for people who are 15-25 high as fuck as well as the fact they can't drive for shit, ruin the economy, take up hospitals over hypochondriacism, are usually racist, sexist and abusers. Not to mention the HOA and restaurant Karen's who are ruining the suburbs practically and diminishing a lot of restaurants, shops, cafes, etc.

No. 782808

u still agreed with it weirdo kek

No. 782824

File: 1618328520596.jpg (135.2 KB, 700x467, Mozzarella-Sticks-5-700x467.jp…)

Mozzarella sticks are always better when they are a little cold or room temp, so the cheese can be more firm. None of that "fresh out the fryer/oven", cheese-pull shit.

No. 782828

File: 1618328622286.jpeg (61.33 KB, 567x417, 9FCEBF93-B190-487B-ABC0-7561EB…)

No. 782829

You're wrong

No. 782833

What's the public transportation system in the US right now like? Asking out of curiousity

No. 782840

File: 1618329523785.jpg (94.24 KB, 780x520, Mozzarella-Sticks-4.jpg)

I'm right and you both know it. They can still be a lil warm, but they cannot be hot. I see stuff like picrel and can't help but think about how bad the mouthfeel of the cheese is.

No. 782842

Everyone relies on uber or lyft which are overpriced. You can take the bus or rails if you're in the inner city but practically no suburbs have any sort of public transport outside of overpriced ride shares or taxis and like one bus that comes in every other hour. Very little sidewalks to and since everyone in america especially rural america likes to haul ass and kidnap people a lot of people are forced to take their car for every little trip even if they only need to walk like half a mile to the gas station or general store. Subways and buses in the inner city are trashy and crime filled and a hot spot for getting groped. For traveling folk plane tickets are overpriced and you have to play a weird tricky game of traveling at certain times to save money because it could be anywhere from 300 dollars a plane ticket to the next town over and 20 dollars for several states over on top of the fact greyhounds are overpriced too unless you're going a good whiles away. Not to mention americans are always trying to outdo each other so they'll be working at burger king and blow like 3 of their paychecks on a trip to disney world just for the fuck of it

Not saying every country that isn't america has perfect public transport but they really need to improve their system

No. 782845

Ayrt and I live in the suburbs of a midwestern state, but I'm fairly close to a major city. We have a bus system, but sometimes it can take forever for one to show up to the stops, if at all. I can't imagine what it's like in the countryside. I know people shit on the subway in NYC for how dysfunctional it can be, but I still wish we had a free version of that everywhere.

No. 782847

If I'm not "ha ha ha'ing" my mozzarella sticks to cool them down while they're in my mouth, then I don't want them!

No. 782860

Loona's music has gotten worse since Jaden Jeong stopped producing for them.

No. 782924

You’re weird

No. 782930

How so

No. 782949

lmao i forgot anyone who says fat people are unattractive is an ana-chan on this website. i'll just enjoy being healthy while fatties seethe

No. 782957

lots of fattie fetish anons lately, kinda giving me scrote vibes because the only people I've ever known who were attracted to fat girls were lowlife loser men who just wanted to keep them down with the health problems they get from being fat. Extremely sad other women would encourage and get off to such a deadly lifestyle for other women

No. 782961

Everything is scrote-ish for some people I swear, including apparently not hating fat women.

No. 782963

Nobody cares if you don't hate fat women but blatantly sexualizing them is the issue. Did you not read?

No. 782968

The fuck? Nta but I love chubby and slighlty overweight women. Not everything is a retarded fetish god. Again, anything you don't like = scrote.

No. 782970

How is saying "I find fat women attractive" and "fat women's faces are cute" means you're sexualizing them? Normal attraction exists

No. 782973

i don't hate fat women, i pity them for knowingly partaking in a self-destructive lifestyle. all this HAES/fat posi stuff is just a massive cope against the fact that people are more attracted (romantically, sexually and platonically) to healthy, vibrant people

No. 782975

People said they can be beautiful and that they feel bad for them sometimes. I haven't seen anyone writing about sucking on bodyfolds or anything or saying they'll forcefeed their gf now.

No. 782976

sexualizing is an erotic infaution with something, constantly going out of your way to painting fat girls as goddesses and getting triggered anytime someone thinks its unhealthy to call women who are killing themselves hot does seem like you're fetishizing or sexualizing it. I could be wrong though

>women who are slowly killing themselves are hot
>it's not a retarded fetish though
the fuck

No. 782977

Who gives a fuck that some weirdos jerk off to back rolls. You don’t exist to be sexual object do you? Being fat is just bad and we should all strive to be not fat desu.
Chubby chasers can perish.

No. 782978

because some weirdos can also influence women to get fat and kill themselves? theres tons of women right now who are morbidly obese or getting more obese just to appease their fat fetish boyfriends. not to mention how many healthy women let themselves go to appease chubby chasers. Chubby chasers are becoming a way more common thing as much as people would deny it and women are hurting themselves
also inb4 the "that doesn't happen" anons come in you must be completely retarded or blind to think that chubby chasing and fat encouragement hasn't become more widespread and is hurting women. If we can talk about how some men and women encourage anorexia we should also discuss how some people also encourage binge eating disorder in women

No. 782980

Blablabla I didn't say any of that. I like the soft features of chubbier women, and I love how pudgy they are because they look nice and warm to cuddle with. Whatever words you want to put into my mouth don't change my attraction. Everyone has their things they like in a partner, and it's not like I don't like muscular women too, as an example.

No. 782981

yeah you read like a skelly jealous of anyone finding other kinds of women hot. Cope more please

No. 782983

so you didn't say that women who killing themselves are hot you just said it's hot? okay then

you then go into some weird erotica levels of fetishizing for women who are probably going to need a diaper in a few years then swear you're not

excuse me, where did you get "encouraging women to be unhealthy and overweight is just as bad as encouraging women to be anorexic", as "jealous skelly"?

unlike you I care about women and think it's fucked to fetishize extremely unhealthy lifestyles for a preference

No. 782984

I never said anything about people killing themselves, nor I used the word "hot". I'm not calling them hot, I'm calling them attractive. I've dated chubby women before and loved chubby women and they eventually better their life and lose weight. What's wrong with loving someone who is bigger? You can't dictate my life. I love who I love. End of story, your bait is so stupid.

No. 782985

She sounds super hateful.
>how DARE you let fatties feel sexy
>lol the only people interested in fat women are losers

Here's my anecdotal experience: Men who obsess and are controlling over a woman's weight have often been losers, and women who obsess over how another woman feels about her weight are often also losers.

No. 782989

You know people can like something without it being a fetish right?
Do you call people that only like muscular or anorexic women also fetishists? Or do you just hate fat women?

No. 782991

>being obese leads to health problems that deadly
>I'm not calling them hot I'm calling them attractive
I'm not saying you're dumb I'm saying you're stupid
>I love who I love, you're bait!! don't tell me what to do!!
bitch are you tammy or whatever her name is from 1000 lb sisters
I know you chubby chasers aren't smart but you can read right?
Sorry I care about women enough to want them to live healthy lifestyles and have that be encouraged
>y-you hate fat women
No, I hate you and people who encourage women to stay fat

No. 782992

this person is correct and based. get the fuck out of the jobs and hand over your licences, old people

No. 782995

here's my unpopular opinion: you're all fat. shut up and pick a movie or no one gets any of the tequila i brought.

No. 783003

Anti chubby chaser anon here
To make myself clear
I don't hate fat women
I'm not "baiting" you
I'm not trying to control who you find attractive or who you date
I'm not a "jealous skelly" because I have called out anons for idealizing underweight women

I just don't think that unhealthy body types should be the ideal for anyone because it just encourages women to be unhealthy and hurt their bodies. How is it so hard for you to understand?

No. 783004

File: 1618344987337.jpg (275.27 KB, 844x1116, tumblr_cea0536ef37757bcf5b1e08…)

again putting words in my mouth. Yawn. Someone must be very angry today. Here, have a cat. Relax.

No. 783005

Yeah yeah yeah are you done? no1currs

No. 783008

Easy to say I'm putting words in your mouth when you can't even understand what words mean
Hot and attractive are synonyms
Overweight/Chubby and unhealthy are also synonyms
What does unhealthy lifestyles lead to?
Early deaths(ban evasion)

No. 783011


>I'm not baiting

>proceeds to bait

Hm, see, the thing is, it's not like I tell my gfs to get fatter. I tell them it's the best if they eat healthy, but that I will love them regardless because I just am like that, I love loving people unconditionally and just not putting pressure on them to lose weight. They have to do it themselves. I don't know how me being attracted to someone who isn't super skinny is killing people. I just love how soft chubby girls are. It's okay anon, I know you are concerned about women and I can tell it with your fiery passion. But people come from different backgrounds, they have different appareances, and different tastes. You can't change the world and you can't change fat women by typing some words on an imageboard and screaming to your screen. I can tell you're super angry by the way you type. I know you are concerned but maybe you need to take a break.

No. 783015

Instead of seething at chubby girls on an imageboard go become a personal trainer and fuck off if you want to help them so much

No. 783017

Not doing anything when your partner is suffering physically because you like how their body is when they're unhealthy is a certain kind of fucked up. Sorry but it's true. No amount of ranting about how mad I am is going to change that

No. 783019

My unpopular opinion is this one: if you've been in a relationship with someone you love for years or even over a decade but the most intimate things you've done are light kisses on the cheek, hugs and sleeping in the same room but separate beds while traveling in a hotel, the relation is NOT that serious. Sorry for blogposting but when mt sister broke up with her then fiance they didn't even move together to their first apartment yet. He proposed to her before even living with her and gave up when he saw that rent and furniture actually cost money and that maybe living together would be annoying despite "dating" for 8 years. Am I supposed to take this shit seriously? Whenever I hear about such couples I feel like I'm hearing stories about best friends from the opposite sex or than anything else.

No. 783023

One of the things I miss a lot about Europe, especially being in big cities, are the public transport systems. I really enjoyed riding the metro everyday in Paris and London, even during the rush hour crush, and really miss the ease and convenience of being able to hop on and get to where you need to be in several minutes.

I live out in the suburbs in Southern California, and I remember around 10 ish years ago we got an OCTA bus line right outside my housing tract. The idiots that live in the area raised an absolute fuss because they thought it would "devalue" the homes (it didn't, it actually did the opposite kek) and bring in the "wrong crowd". L.A. and its surrounding suburbs really should have better , more sophisticated metro networks to get people in and out of the city quickly and efficiently, but for whatever reason we have this whole retarded cultural phobia of cosmopolitanism in the region and the people who live in the suburbs are terrified of having an underground or even high speed commuter trains nearby. I wish people were a little more forward thinking in the USA, we have a long way to go.

No. 783024

Wtf is all this chubby chasing arguing happening, I have just skimmed through the replies as I am too tired. This is why we need that separate infighting thread that the mods nuked earlier.

No. 783031

>clamp detective school
My very first husbando was the blue haired guy when I was 6 years old.

No. 783033

>some anons post about how fat women can have beautiful faces like twice within 48 hours
>anon gets mad at unpopular opinion, and pretends like there's some huge wave of fat fetishism on LC

No. 783036

Sure, loving someone unconditionally, approving of them losing weight, and not pressuring them to do so because it can be emotionally exhausting is a bad thing. Sure jan, hoping your baiting session today made you feel better. Whatever you say I'm tired of talking to someone who wants to infight on purpose.(ban evasion)

No. 783058

Never before have I seen unsexualized male child characters being called shota before that one anon on lolcow started claiming that's how it is

No. 783059

That sounds grim. I live in a sad little pisshole but even my capital's public transportation is amazing compared to the options in the US.
I'm not allowed to drive due to vision issues so I can't imagine how it is for people who live in those samey copypasted suburban neighbourhoods and have the same issue.

No. 783064

The ending of Stone Ocean was not sad at all, it was the happiest ending out of all of jojo's bizarre adventures

No. 783073

Are you serious?

No. 783082

Megan the stallion is prettier than zendaya

No. 783083

They don't have to be compared. This is such a random comparison, anyway.

No. 783090

This one got my blood boiling kek nice anon

No. 783098

Did you just pick two random black people or is this like related to something specific

No. 783109

Are you new?

No. 783129

You said you think old people shouldn't be able to work low wage jobs because they're "for teens and young adults".

No. 783142

oh hello heart cat! ntayrt but thank you!

No. 783144

ehh some people are not that into sex. i had a friend who was always emo AF over girls leaving him because he never felt like fucking more than once a month, if that. maybe sometimes 2 of them get together and that counts as serious if they date for a few years

No. 783150

File: 1618356073978.jpeg (31.07 KB, 600x390, 0ED51E5E-284D-449E-8109-172715…)

Grave excavation is dirty, dishonorable, and inherently disgusting. I don’t think it’s a coincidence so many Egyptologists are sociopathic narcs. Most of them should get their degrees revoked and be investigated, and they shouldn’t be allowed entry to excavation sites without more intense and laborious approval protocols. This goes without saying but obviously it’s a two way street as to how the scholars get there (wherever that may be) in the first place. I’m not foolish enough to believe they are solely at fault. I take many issues with it but I feel the simple solution is to bar all research unless it follows stricter guidelines and protocols, with psych evals as well as withholding transportation of artifacts almost completely. It’s not the “best” solution, but a very unpopular and simple one.

No. 783151

Having friends who are prettier than you will be awkward 99% of the time. It's easier to stay friends with people in your range of attractiveness.

No. 783152

i think all my friends are prettier than me though because i feel ugly as fuck (have been told i'm not but it's about how i feel)

No. 783153

I think having friends who are actually hotter than you gets weird when they're getting free stuff/attention and you're just in the back ground being ignored/not included

No. 783154

Picking your friends based on their attractiveness is quite retarded.

No. 783155

Yeah it sounds retarded on paper but when you are in situations where you are the duff it doesnt feel good

No. 783157

I mean, I kind of get it, but is it really worth losing a friend?
Telling someone that you get along with very well, that you suddenly don’t want to be her friend because of your insecurities is quite fucked.
Are scrotes really that important to the point in which you would ruin a relationship?

No. 783158

Lets be real though. Most women are pick mes and enjoy the attention they're getting while the least attractive friend is ignored(for example scrotes will buy every girl in the friend group a drink then exclude the only ugly one). I 100% understand women not wanting to be friends with prettier women.

No. 783161

File: 1618357644574.jpeg (43.31 KB, 580x387, A947DD3F-CAD9-4C71-8CBF-B8B15D…)

No. 783162

this is a retarded way of understanding this situation. anon would probably not outright say their reasons but drift away or spend time with the friend in other ways.

No. 783163

what's that smell? sniff sniff smells like sack in here

No. 783165

Nope. Just an ugly girl who has had stacy friends before. You really have no idea how rude scrotes are if you're the least attractive woman in a friend group of hot women.

No. 783172

>Most women are pick mes
If you really aren't a scrote, you shouldn't degrade yourself for one

No. 783174

This is true, I've been the DUFF and I could see the twinkle in my stacy friend's eye when that shit would happen. I don't hate attractive women but I know in my heart that there is a very strong chance if another woman is prettier than me she is probably chuffed by it

No. 783176

You guys are making me wonder if I'm the ugly friend and too autistic to have noticed

No. 783185

I've had the opposite experience, my less pretty friends that are insecure revel in any male attention they get and turn into a pickme whenever any decent looking guy shows a crumb of interest. whereas my pretty friends are put off or disinterested by male attention because it's so commonplace for them

No. 783199

I’ve also have only seen something like that around me, I’m not pretty, and I guess you could say my groups of friends were always varied in terms of looks. My pretty friends or family members would always be like “Please don’t pay attention to the scrote” or “that scrote is fucking ugly, let’s go”.
Maybe OP just have had a bad time finding good friends, but women are not black or white in anything.

No. 783205

I feel like maybe you're projecting your insecurities onto your friend but also if you genuinely feel like that why would you keep being friends with that person? I see so many posts here from people who seemingly hate their friends/their friends hate them and it makes no sense like no one is forcing you to be friends with these people…

No. 783214

If your stacy friends don’t stick up for you or use their pretty privilege to own scrotes then they’re lowly pickmes and bad company.
Yeah I’ve seen this too. It’s a different type of tragic.

No. 783216

I've never thought about it but I can see how Egyptologists could be narcs. Anyone in particular you think of when you say that?

No. 783222

no way man, you wanna be the ugliest one in a group to take advantage of the cheerleader effect, and also so you can go to the hot girl stuff they get invited to. if you get friends who are all uglier than you, you gotta live like a bunch of ugly chicks. if your friends are all hotter, than you can be hotter by extenesion (is what i tell myself because i'm the ugliest girl in my social group)

No. 783234

No. 783258

The cheerleader effect only works at a distance, in photos etc and only if you somewhat fit in visually. A girl who is straight up fat, frumpy or hideous will not benefit from it because she sticks out too much. Though, the only benefit is people thinking the group as a whole is attractive - people aren't blind and they'll know if you're ugly when they see you up close.

No. 783273

anon spill the Egyptologist milk

No. 783292

As a person of the LGBTQ community

LGBTQ community should 100% be considered a kink community as well. I've seen too many people complain "LGBTQ IS NOT DEGENERATE". You motherfuckers act like it and that's why. Dog leashes and pony play, "breeding kinks", BDSM, dragon dildos, furry, beastiality. Every single self labeled "queer" person I know is a kink fiend that literally can't help but blurt out their kinks in the first few hours of meeting them.

People have no right to complain about it being called degeneracy.

No. 783293

Oh and if it's none of that weird shit it's some old fag who crossdresses, equally degenerate

No. 783294

Bring back shame

No. 783297

It's weird when all-male bands use female band names or put pictures of random women on their album covers

No. 783298

Gays, Lesbians and Bis should just create a separate community because if they keep the extra qwerty, all of the stuff they’ve done to be taken seriously will go down the drain.

No. 783302

I overall hate the theater experience, but there was this art theater near where I lived which I'd go to sometimes twice a week. I was pretty much always the only one there, and it was pretty comfy. Being forced to sit down and commit to a movie is kind of nice. And they always showed interesting stuff, even if I didn't always like it.

No. 783303

it's weird you seem to think this is some kind of novel observation or unpopular opinion

No. 783305

With the whole Apple nsfw discord scandal, a few people have literally called it transphobic and homophobic and screamed "LGBT IS NOT INHERENTLY NSFW" when it really is.

No. 783307

it's not inherently - but again what you're saying is not an unpopular opinion, if anything it's been the mainstream opinion for decades and still probably is. Also the overlap between the two communities is like, a very widely and extensively discussed thing. It's bizarre to me that you seem to think this is an unpopular thing to say especially considering you claim to be a 'person of the LGBTQ community'.

No. 783310

lol, anyways, I already know that this is has been a thing for decades but you know what? Just because it's extensively discussed doesn't mean it's been settled one way or another. If you think my opinion isn't unpopular, you can just ignore it and move on. I'm sure there are people here that do think it's unpopular like myself, considering I AM in the LGBT community and most of them argue adamantly that it's not NSFW. My opinion is that it is. In fact, it's actually kind of retro and conservative to believe that, but that wasn't the basis of my argument. We're in modern times now, and plenty of people would die on the hill that is "LGBT does not belong in NSFW". That's the whole point of posting it here.

Also, I like how I said that I think it is NSFW and you're saying it's not – basically proving that you disagree. Hence making you one of the millions of people that think my opinion is unpopular. Stupid ass.

No. 783311

I just think it's weird you felt the need to remark on this unpopular opinion if you don't agree with this opinion. Just because it's already widely discussed doesn't make it any less unpopular. Who gives a fuck if this is a common topic? It's unpopular.

Do you suck dragon dildos nonny, is that why you're so salty and tinfoiling?

No. 783313

What? What part of my post was tinfoiling? Also my whole point was that I don't think it's unpopular at all and just found it strange someone would think 'gay people are degenerates' is an unpopular sentiment.

No. 783323

Where does that leave LGBT people who just want to live normal lives and aren't degenerates?

No. 783369

File: 1618389156306.gif (1.9 MB, 245x172, hmgooccmkdv.gif)

But I really think so, they all meet up again in the end and this time they don't have to fight for their lives, they can just be normal friends and enjoy their life.

No. 783376

Some people just don't desire those things anon. Nothing wrong with it, doesn't mean they weren't close.

No. 783483

I assume everyone with an anime avatar is a tranny.

No. 783488

i'm just ugly damn

No. 783490

so are anime characters

No. 783495

honestly i agree. Its freaky as hell and ever since i learned that Europeans would dig up egyptian graves and eat the body because they believed it would give healing properties I have never known peace. And truly hate humans.https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/the-gruesome-history-of-eating-corpses-as-medicine-82360284/

Every time i see an ancient egyptian's hair displayed at some museum i always think to myself "maybe killmonger wasnt so bad" lmao

No. 783496


This leads me to my next unpopular opinion i believe that museums are disgusting. yes there are some that offer so much beautiful world history but ever since i went to the louvre and saw all of these african artifacts just chilling in France, it made me feel some type of way. Hell even the greek artifacts rubbed me the wrong way. Honestly france is such a dark country when you read about their history. But their cooking is bomb.

No. 783501

Museums and countries arguing about returning objects of historical significance, or even books that were carried away in wars that the holding country will kindly agree for x country's historians to inspect in place when they're written in a language no one even cares about other than the origin country's historians and linguists is pretty crazy.

No. 783502

Then put a cute funny animal like a normal person.

No. 783514

Agreed, fucking disgusting. Words like "barbaric", "degenerate" and "inhuman" definitely come to mind.

No. 783519

oh hmm i didn't think of it like that. i'm not that kind of ugly, more like a normal-looking girl hanging out with models/actresses from my work. i don't think people that ugly even get near actual pretty people to make friends with them

No. 783521

Wait until you learn more about the museum in Paris that stocks a shit ton of skulls from Algerians corpses French people stole during the independence war. Now think about the hugh number of pictures French soldiers took of corpses and decapitated heads of Algerian people right after torturing and/raping them and murdering them while posing right next to them with huge smiles on their faces. It's even worse and I wish I never knew about it because it makes me hate pieds noirs even more. At least they're not exposed to the public iirc.

No. 783528

omfg i literally went to that i think it was like a tour of the catacombs. There were so many fucking skulls but they said that it was all french people that died but they didnt have anywhere to bury them or some bullshit. I feel so disturbed because I believed that and even took pictures too. I feel horrible now. Not to mention they positioned some of the skulls in a way that it looked like a giant heart. France is going to pay one day because what the fuck thats pure evil.

No. 783529

The catacombes are a completely different thing, though it's equally creepy. At least I could buy the excuse that in the middle age they couldn't bury everyone properly, compared to colonisation when French soldiers just tortured, raped, killed people and stole their fresh corpses to decorate museums, and then independence wars where they're take "fun" selfies of themselves murdering or raping civilians. It's just so much more recent and it's a deliberate act in that case.

I didn't remember the museum's name so I just looked it up, it's the "musée de l'homme" in Paris. And I literally just found out that they didn't just do this to Algerians but they also recently just gave back Maori warriors' stolen skulls to New Zealand so they can properly buried.

No. 783534

okay thank god thank you for enlightening me. I will be looking this up and learning about this more. That is really messed up for some reason i have tears in my eyes. Knowing how many bodies are just in a completely different country being disrespected like that. Ugh i dont want to hold up this thread but thanks again for the information!

No. 783536

Do you ever wonder if men (or women) you date want to bang all of your friends and check them out?

I don't befriend hot women cause I know men can't hide their creepy leering enough for me to not notice and get upset.

No. 783537

Idc I’m not letting trannies take anime girls away from me nah

No. 783540

I'm the other way round. I don't date creepy men because I know hot girls can't stop themselves from being hot. Rather have cute friends than a sleazy boyfriend.

No. 783541

Maybe instead of letting insecurity stop you from making friends, you should have zero tolerance policy of sleazy men and focus on meeting women with whom you can foster trust, regardless of their appearance.

No. 783543

NTA but Colleen Darnell strikes me as a massive LARPing narc.

No. 783557

I've always wondered why more people don't feel this way, although I'm neutral about it myself
Imagine archeologists digging up our cemeteries in a thousand years and just making shit up about how we lived and thought

No. 783577

What does it matter? They're just graves with nothing but bones and maybe personal belongings in it.
>just making shit up
They're not exactly making up fantasy stories lol

No. 783588

NTA, but in that case, I hope that happens to you, your grandparent's, your parent's and any of your children's graves.
>inb4 "idc we'll all be dead"
That's you, then. Put it in your will. Most civilized people aren't pro-that, kek.

No. 783595

They can dig up my grave all they want in a 1000 years but I highly doubt it's even going to be around for more than a few decades considering graves get cleared out once there's no one around willing to pay for them anymore. I really see no problem with it when it's been so long there's no family members or loved ones around anymore.

No. 783611

So that's the rule for your grave and corpse.

No. 783613

Are you opposed to organ donation after death?

I'd rather my remains be dug up and used for science/historical purposes than to continue rotting in the ground. Hell, I'll donate my whole body to science.

No. 783631

Without consent? Yeah.

No. 783719

exactly we need to stop letting the trannies take everything from us.

No. 783765

nah not really i'm super butch so i get ok attention from girls even if i'm not the sexiest

No. 783766

they can have the diaperfags tho

No. 783767

luckyyyy! did you know if you get a weird disease they don't let you donate ANYTHING? like not even blood. or corneas. the best i can hope for is like, science class skeleton. OH SHIT is there somewhere i can sign up for that? to be the skeleton at the front of the classroom?

No. 783900

The people I'm thinking about don't do it because "it's sinful before marriage" or "what will people think" so that doesnt apply here. And I wasnt talking about just sex. I'm talking stupid shit about them not even living together despite dating for years, still for the same reasons mentioned above, but still proposing to each other and only finding out later that they're actually not that compatible because they absolutely didn't know each other as well as they thought. Even in terms of behavior the all the couples I've seen like this just acted like friends who just hug a little bit more than usual at best.

No. 783944

Twitch thread is one of the worst threads on /snow/ without any milk. It feels like reading a PULL thread.

No. 783947

File: 1618480629030.jpg (345.41 KB, 1137x1600, Rc85f0fd4fdc0b88188d41589e023f…)

I really liked the Polar Express as a kid and I never found it scary to look at. Of course some scenes were a little creepy like the ghost on the train or that part with the puppets but overall I loved watching it. Even now I don't really find the animation to be scary, it's a little uncanny valley sure but I think people tend to exaggerate it. I think it still holds up well as a childrens Christmas movie, there's plenty of fun scenes

No. 784018

You can donate your body if you have a weird disease. Scientists want to know how certain illnesses affect the body, e.g healthy brain vs alzheimer's brain. There's more to donating than being a skelly in a science classroom. But if that's what you want, do it!

No. 784029

I simply think a lot of men are so against astrology because if even a semblance of spirituality was taken as logic then they might have to start considering their actions are going to have repercussions and with the sheer amount of dickheaded things men do they need to live in spite of spirituality and morality because they're bastards.

No. 784044

Agree! It was my favorite Christmas movie as a kid

No. 784046


No. 784049

maybe you should try it love…

No. 784051

capricorn detected

No. 784078

What? You know world religions exists both with heaven/hell and karma as systems of punishment for earthly behaviors, they're full of males, and they still act like shitheads towards both women and each other.

No. 784108

Bitch, are you retarded? The oppression of women is not caused by and young women dont recognize it because of radical feminism online. Most women probably dont know what radical feminism even is about. Traumatized a whole generation my ass, we were only traumatized by men. Braindead take

No. 784117

Embarrassing take

No. 784199

regular cheeze itz are superior to the white cheddar ones. The white cheddar has too much cheese dust and i hate how it makes your hand littered with gross smelling dust.

No. 784202

Talk yo shit, anon! So true!

No. 784209

what do cheese-itz taste like? i've never seen them in my country but they look like some sort of butter cracker (like a soup cracker) so i feel like they'd be kind of bland under the cheese powder? are they any good?

No. 784218

This isn't an unpopular opinion, it's a braindead opinion. What mental gymnastics are you going through to blame women's problems on the group of women who point out those problems. You're genuinely a very stupid person.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 784230

heart i really thought id get yelled at my sister always complains when i buy the regular over the white cheddar
well the original sort of tastes like gold fish in a way? only more baked tasting and a little saltier and cheesier. The white cheddar kinda tastes like white cheddar popcorn but in cracker form if that makes sense. Maybe you can order it on amazon one day and give us your opinion!!

No. 784364

File: 1618530177396.jpg (33.3 KB, 851x479, IMG_1548771431571.jpg)

Growing up without a parent is really not that big of a deal from an emotional standpoint and I wish people would stop meming it like it's some life ruining thing. I mean really think about it, what would a child even stand to gain from having a parent in their life who didn't want them in the first place and resents them for being born? Food, water, shelter? Might as well just write a child support check at that point. The way I see it is that if a person steps out on their kid, they never had anything positive to bring to the table anyway. My dad was an abusive alcoholic so I can only imagine how much worse my life would have been if he were in it. Hell, my mom wanted me and she still mistreated me and ignored my emotional needs.

Some people seek way too my much validation from their absent parent, and the thing is that it was never really about them in the first place. They were just born. It has everything to do with the parent if they don't want to be in their kid's life.

No. 784366

Same things affect people differently.

No. 784367

In nearly every case they're probably better off without some deadbeat creating new problems for them. Whether they're in the kid's life or out of the kid's life they were never going to fulfill their emotional needs.

No. 784377

I had a realisation like this today. I'd probably be much more stable if my father stopped coming in and out of my life at his whim. I finally understood why my brother has took a back seat to his kids life. He pays support and everything and my mother would beg to have the kid stay with us so we could bond but I know he's broken hearted that he feels like distance relative to his own son. It use to make me mad that he didn't seem to try but after 5 years I know it's out of his hands unless he wants to destabilise the mother and go to court etc. And they were very explosive together and she's settled with another guy and his son is happy. It's sad though idk

No. 784378

I 100% agree but it doesn't mean absence of a parent can't damage some people still, unfortunately.

No. 784382

File: 1618532537328.jpeg (58.82 KB, 535x800, B9A04AA0-4CBA-43A2-8A3C-C8A5B0…)

I swear most artist/writers will start from the manic pixie dream boy/girl or just the actual interesting characters and then they create the blank slate main character for self-insertion purposes.
I don’t know if this is a writing tinfoil or an unpopular opinion so here it is.

No. 784383

File: 1618532933238.png (43.69 KB, 200x191, imagen_2021-04-15_192929.png)

the older version of higurashi is the ugly one, not gou

No. 784387

/meta/ is the worst board. Look at that scrote shitting up the place with his "LOL MEAN DYKES" shit. He even posted pictures of women getting abused.

No. 784391

Don't waste your brain cells thinking about him.

No. 784392

I agree. I didn't mean to come off like I was invalidating people's emotional needs because I was mostly just criticizing the narrative around absent parents. People make it seem like children are losing something positive from their lives when that's usually not the case at all. I don't think that mentality helps people heal and come to terms with it.

No. 784395

Those bait posts should be deleted, leaving them up still gives them attention that they want. I remember when bait posts used to get deleted more often and it was way better.

No. 784427

I know that people are always going to collect any item imaginable but I still secretly think that collecting makeup just to have it is really fucking dumb.

No. 784445

The only people that post on meta are scrotes and PULL users. They are sadly admins favorite people though so she listens to them.

No. 784446

I think so too. I also think it's insanely cringe when they call makeup a hobby and get defensive by saying all the haydurzz are just calling it vain and wasteful because it's a women's hobby.
Most makeup comes packaged in shitty plastic, is disposable and distorts your view of your face no matter how much copium you ingest in a lifetime. I will say the same about cars and fucko pops or any other men's interest that focuses on consooming and collecting garbage.

These people need to realize they are hoarders and seek help.

No. 784461

sagittariusshawty is based

No. 784465

yo those both sound good. i am skeptical of american snacks sometimes though, i've had them before and they often taste worse than junk food we get in asia and canada. like lower quality, if that makes sense? i know i'm already talking about low quality food, but things ike 7/11 snacks taste good in singapore, and then the same ones taste bad when i've had them in the US?

No. 784466

i feel a lot better about collecting eastern european candy wrapper now kek

No. 784490

Painted toenails look weird, especially with bright colors

No. 784497

File: 1618550526779.jpg (743.86 KB, 3024x4032, b9d43bbf160201f2c67c6c8d68094e…)

High disagree. Dark toenails are super cute!

No. 784498

>Traumatized a whole generation my ass, we were only traumatized by men.
You will never admit your mistakes, you lost to a bunch of trannies for this exact same reason, your movement wasn't strong enough…and honestly it was kind of useless, you guys aren't a third world country why the fuck you would need radfeminism? Lmao as if y'all were getting raped and killed in major numbers on daily basis

>What mental gymnastics are you going through to blame women's problems on the group of women who point out those problems.
All talk no action, USA feminisms is literally so whack, that's why Mexican and Spanish radfems are way better and efficient than y'all combined and actually do shit.

No. 784502

File: 1618550794064.jpg (257.97 KB, 1300x957, beautiful-and-white-polished-t…)

samefag from >>784497 but white toenails are also cute on more tannish skin

No. 784505

super samefag but yall have no idea how hard it is to find feet pics that aren't shot in a super fetishy way.

No. 784509

Those sandals look cute but they will give anyone bad bloody ropeburn. Is all footware ever made by sadists?

No. 784510

Feet r weird & so r u

No. 784512

Foot sadists?

No. 784523

Seriously, I’ve yet to find a pair of cute sandals that feel good after a bit of walking. It’s like women’s shoes are made to be limiting. Even if they’re not high heeled, they’re always uncomfortable or offer zero arch support.

No. 784528

File: 1618553740910.jpg (136.6 KB, 1000x843, 457980_1_fsc.jpg)

Read the damn book, you plebs.

No. 784547

At least the funkos and cars don't expire like all that makeup does.

No. 784622

FUCKING THANK YOU. I fucking despise the amount of gross liberal feminism cope around makeup.

Also fucking hate that you're not allowed to say you prefer a natural face, I genuinely like female faces without makeup and no I am not a dumb scrote who can't recognize it.

No. 784654

Speaking of, I don't think the " no make up" make up still is what's all that cracked up to be. I would love for make up trends to be fun and colorful but not necessarily drag queen based ( no shade to them I just don't like it on a woman's face personally)
Also I'm confused why saying you genuinely like a face with no make up can cause a stir- people are flawed and liking someone in spite of stuff like their acne is pretty sweet imo

No. 784656

>Also I'm confused why saying you genuinely like a face with no make up can cause a stir
Because it riles up insecurities. How dare you think that lazy unkempt bitch who didn't spend thousands of dollars on makeup this year and didn't take 3 hour to do her makeup this morning is attractive? It's not fair!!

No. 784660

I hate that shit, who's to say you can't appreciate effort in make up artistry ( winch I still respect and want to dabble on there and there- Also make up packages hit my cute bug desperately) and girls who don't bother? It's not mutually exclusive. Hate this black and white thinking shit. But I suppose insecurities aren't rational anyhow-

Signed a girl that was never too into make up that was still called pretty in spite of it

No. 784662

some women get so defensive when you critique makeup even in the slightest.

No. 784669

I was rewatching some of her old vids lately and I feel like she was kinda based back then but her mental health and her drinking/meds/weight gain have all taken a frightening toll on her in just the last 2/3 years.

I lost my mom at the same age she lost hers so I've always had a soft spot for just her knowing that and seeing the obvious trauma behind alot of her current actions

No. 784673

Yeah, I think some makeup can be ~art~ but let's be real, those types of women don't use it for that purpose.
>Also make up packages hit my cute bug desperately
I agree sis, I don't even wear makeup but some of the packaging is cute as hell.

No. 784681

I'd probably be the type that does it at random or because I'm feeling patient and wearing something cute that day- but honestly I was planning on getting make up when feeling more confident in my body and face. I do want to enjoy make up but fuck me while I'm standing cause I ain't using it as a crutch

No. 784732

I think it's actually fine to not think that all your friends are gorgeous and stunning modelesque babes. And I don't think you necessarily need to lie to them. You don't need to tell them they're attractive if telling them that would just be you being fake and insincere, if you must comment on their appearance you can tell them that their outfit is cool or that their makeup look is chic or that their hair suits them. I think the "everyone's beautiful" culture does more harm than good.

No. 784737

File: 1618584266235.jpg (29 KB, 334x500, goth-makeup-black-lips-red-bro…)

yeah my roommate is a goth/metal person and she wears makeup like picrel, to look spooky/sparkly/appropriate for the norwegian mosh pit, and she gets shit on by a lot of mainstream/instagram makeup people who actually wear way more shit than her for their "day look." she doesn't spackle on $50 worth of beige to draw a prettier face on her face, she wears face paint to pretend she's in a bauhaus video. and when she's at work (hardware store) she wears fucking nothing. this is the kind of makeup use that does not piss me off

No. 784739

I never thought a condom counted as cheating. I know it’s not the right Mentality to have but I’m a lesbian so it doesn’t even matter.

No. 784740

File: 1618584360082.png (217.41 KB, 1246x1002, Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 10.4…)

No. 784741

Are you autistic? Your friends are entirely aware of how average they are. When you say “You look great!”, you’re not literally saying “wow you fit arbitrary beauty standards” and your friends won’t be getting delusional from it. I will not be gatekeeping the word “beautiful” for plastics.

No. 784742

…what does this even mean

No. 784750

I first read this as 'fapping into a condom isn't cheating' lol

No. 784753

nope I'm not autistic. "you look great" is vague enough that it's fine, it's sweet and positive and not a lie - maybe they look great because they're smiling and happy, maybe they look great because they did something cool with their hair, all of these are valid ways to look "great" that aren't delusions. I just don't think I'd want anyone to consistently give me the idea that I'm a megababe if I'm not. I know people who have been hyped up and made to believe they're super sexy and conventionally attractive who have then felt crushed when they realise that their friends were just being kind, myself included. there are better and more sincere ways to compliment them.

No. 784760

So, what are those ways to compliment someone that won’t make them feel like shit afterwards? Because “you look great” “that hairstyle suits you” “your outfit looks nice” are something that someone with an already low confidence will overthink making them feel even worse.
I mean, I know that not everyone is a supermodel, whatever that means nowadays, but you can tell them that they have some features that you consider beautiful.

No. 784763

You sound autistic and your friends sound like shit. I genuinely believe my friends are beautiful, even if they don't fit conventional standards. When you love someone, don't they transform in your eyes?

No. 784766

For some reason I've never liked getting looks based compliments. I'll give them out if I like seomones look but I don't feel flattered at receiving them tbh.

No. 784768

yeah it will 100% make them think you are giving them a pity compliment while thinking they are ugly. Not cool

No. 784799

I don't think this is unpopular. Unless it's expected that you compliment your friends all the time.

I don't like them either, especially from scrotes. Don't compliment me on my genetics that I had no say in. Compliment something I made a choice on, like my clothes on an accessory.

I do agree with this. Just because someone is ugly doesn't mean they can never ever look great. And should people with low self confidence never receive compliments either?
Genuine compliments are really nice. As long as you don't say it to the person every time or make a huge deal out of it.

No. 784860

File: 1618591764116.jpeg (161.11 KB, 699x1334, 2C40F7B5-8B53-48F2-94BA-9177E7…)

I think I seriously hate Genshin Impact. I hate the gamble (muh gacha) element and the fandom that eats this poorly planned game up. I’m in love with the characters and the story but there is something about this game that really rubs me the wrong way, it reminds me a lot of how EA makes their games. Release an inadequate unfinished product and then make shitloads of cash through other means. It soils my experience and I don’t think this game is casual friendly at all obviously, it caters to autistic weebs who love “grinding” for material that could be offered in better efficient ways. Fuck genshin impact

No. 784865

I have like 300 hours and it’s literally so boring. They will never change as they have no incentive to.

No. 784870

Mate it just sounds like you received one to many backhanded compliments in your life and is paranoid and projecting.
I’m average af but I love when my friends gas me up because to me, it’s not validation that I’m in fact fuckable to scrotes. It’s that my friends love seeing me glowing.

No. 784874

I swear this exact post has been posted before. Major deja vu rn.

No. 784875

Samefag not to say that friends should maintain toxic positivity at all times. They’d see me looking like shit and be like you look like shit what’s wrong?

No. 784907

facebook is literal evil

No. 785350

Men can't be raped by women through regular penetrative sex. They always like and want it. They would fuck everything. Even if as teenagers they fuck an adult woman, they will always brag about it and they don't get traumatized.
It's rape if they take it up the ass or feel pain.

No. 785391

Vines were never funny, it was just people saying nonsensical shit or screaming randomly, seeing compilations really highlights how painfully unfunny most of them are.

No. 785392

I realize it's an unpopular opinions thread so you have every right to yours but I hope you realize how saying rape is only there if the person feels pain can be problematic, right? Men issue aside.

No. 785395

I've seen cases where like 12/13 year old boys end up impregnating 30 year old grown women and while I get that alot of teen guys will brag about what is classed as their statutory rape.. The least those women can do is think about preventing that disturbing consquence. That's what fucks me up the most when reading about those cases. When babies enter into the picture.

No. 785417

I've never read stories like that (and tbh I don't want to), but the thought of a grown ass woman fucking a middle schooler and giving birth to his baby is so disturbing. How fucked up do you have to be to even do that? I guess pedos not making good decisions should be expected though.

No. 785421

I'm talking exclusively about men here. I honestly think men will like to fuck and will want to fuck anything as long as there is no pain involved and their dicks cum.
Yeah those women are trash too. They're still pedophiles.

No. 785430

Ah I see then. I see what you mean, sometimes in a feminist space you'd spot a man coming with a classic WHAT ABOUT MEN argument, and while purely theoretically I could believe any rape could have a psychological impact, the lack of care men display about this topic in male spaces clearly proves it is a non-issue for them, so I agree with you.

No. 785431

Nonny is already barely tolerable but these make me physically cringe

No. 785432

Okay I value your opinion anonalina

No. 785433

great one

No. 785447

I still feel kinda bad for the ones that were physically and mentally affected by their rape and molestation even if other men might see it as a non issues. No one be deserving that shit.

No. 785553

Im in a place where Catholic priests left their pedo mark on my dads generation. Alot of the abused boys went on to be alcoholics, often wife beating, child beating alcos.

They're this weird mix of victim and tyrant at the same time. All because they're too proud to see a therapist or just cry to someone over it. That pain just gets converted into anger and I've watched the ripple effect of it destroying families. I got abused as a kid and I just cry to myself. I tried a bit of therapy. I lashed inwards for years but never out at others. The difference in reaction is interesting, to put it mildly.

No. 785560

Ok racist

No. 785574

I'd still feel pity/ sympathy but I draw the line at anyone hurting others because of their unchecked bullshit. Though I think partially do to socialization girls are a lot more likely to internalize their issues then externalize it as well as seeking help. Exceptions to the rule and all that jazz exists as my mom is an absolute piece of shit and I was molested by my older female crush and partially groomed so eff em

No. 785577

There's that one kboo anon who keeps calling others noona, I'm bout to alog

No. 785580

I don't believe (reasonable) age gaps are an issue if it's two women dating.

Age gaps are only bad if a scrote is involved.

No. 785587

I agree to some extent. Having shit relationship with my mother do be making me gravitate toward type A older women who are emotionally withholding lmao

No. 785619

Opposite. I want them as young as me and just thinking of dating a older woman kinda of low-key grosses me out and I sus the lesbians/ bis who are soo big on milfs/ age gaps.

No. 785825

men are annoying and aggressively shove their opinions down your throat more than women do. they ruin internet discussions

No. 785864

In what world is this unpopular

No. 785868

the one we live in

No. 785895

I feel like if we started calling out bad behavior when we see and shun is asap society wouldn't have as much issues because we tend to not do anything to "avoid drama" if we see something shitty happening and then shun people who actually have the guts to speak up about this

This pertains to pedophilia, racism, body shaming, and just plain shitiness. I also blame zero tolerance policies in school for everyone's declining mental health as well as the fact nobody knows what's wrong and what's right anymore

No. 785920

File: 1618711671825.png (1.46 MB, 947x852, ACKSHYULLY.PNG)

No. 785925

Posters who want to nitpick whether opinions are unpopular or not should stfu. There are different levels of unpopular and there's also the fact that certain communities where things are talked about most, may have their own unpopular opinions that differ from the rest. Not that this should be a popular opinions thread but if there are considerable groups of people quarreling over it or treating it as anathema, then sure it should go here.

No. 785954

They need to shut the fuck up. I’m thankful that this site at least bans them. If not it would end up being an entire 100% shithole like Reddit.

No. 786084

That just kind of shows it's pretty unhealthy? It's mommy issues in it's purest form

No. 786154

I don't understand. Isn't a Zero Tolerance Policy what you advocate for in the first paragraph? Calling out and shunning bad behaviour immediately? I get that schools tend to mishandle bullying if they even address it at all, but your whole reply just confuses me.

No. 786161

Zero tolerance ends up with both the victim and perpetrator punished and nobody knows what's wrong and right even more. Especially those with parents who are friends with the board/teacher/whatever end up scot free and the victim is the only one punished. Zero tolerance invited a lot of that in because the school became too lazy to deal with conflict so just punished everyone involved. This lead people never learning wrong and right because now to most people any sort of opinion, action or defense that isn't shutting up and getting down is bad .

We see it a lot on lolcow as well when it comes to infighting, both people are punished, random anons will come into the infight to tell at a random person involved even of they're right or wrong just because "I don't want to see infighting"

No. 786204

DID isn't real, it's just not and i'm tired of tiktok zoomers

No. 786207

I agree with this whole heartedly

No. 786209

I've thought this for years and feel like this was even the popular opinion until about 2/3 years ago. Then it switched to alot of people walking on eggshells about it. I don't know what changed?

No. 786238

People on the internet are indeed getting stupider, and Id say this trend does sadly reflect real life society. Compare 90s and early 2000s internet discussions with one now, youll find even with the retarded flamebaiting posts that theres generally more respect and genuine interest in whatever the subject theyre talking about (just like how I remember it). People also have less common sense these days and are more prone to defending absolutely retarded shit, which I think is coming from the "zero tolerance" bullshit in schools and also complete lack of social or life experience

No. 786253

people are the same level of stupid, internet is just mainstream now compared to 90s and early 2000s. You had to be a specific kind of nerd/geek to be going to internet forums and have discussions, now everyone and their mom has a facebook and can argue with others.

No. 786256

But what does it mean when even the nerds are retarded?

No. 786258

imo because it became a popular larp, a couple of years ago it was only on tumblr and some DID forums full of old people, now it's hit the mainstream social media and there are youtube and tiktok e-celebs
and the attitude among young people is "every mental illness is valid and don't question or criticize anything otherwise you are bigoted/ableist", i guess because this illness is tied to trauma it's seen as "invalidating trauma" or accusing "victims" of lying

No. 786261

samefag, i meant *DID e-celebs

No. 786263

The be kind movement had turned into you're not allowed to call out any wrong behaviour. That and I'd blame social media. Back when the Internet was more community based you'd get people that enjoyed writing and took more pride I guess in writing thought out posts. Also access to the Internet was on a desktop and it was more nerdy types I guess into computers. When it turned to mobiles and devices and social media sites kept getting streamlined for smaller screens posts became shorter and more like texts. Even with twitters old character limit. Some people still obviously deliberate over their words and even in early twitter, people thought more about what they wanted the punchline of the tweet to be and focused on that. You notice people aren't as succinct on twitter, you get those long ass threaded tweets and it's a load of rambling nonsense. There's just more people online and with phones etc you'll get near illiterates posting bizarre shit on fb. There's more younger people too. I was 12 back in the millennium and barely knew others online, wasn't until msn in highschool when your friends started making emails so they could join in.

No. 786380

It just seems a lot more popular. I remember a few years ago some scrote came into lolcow larping as a girl and supporting lolicon and an anon started blasting them. What did other anons too? Insult the anon who was against lolicon and shutting them down. It got literally nowhere but driving everyone nuts and giving the lolicons a boost

No. 786387

File: 1618774256655.png (592.25 KB, 840x628, ae1a4d2bnm561.png)

i dont get the jerma obsession

No. 786390

you should post this in twitch gen because i fucking agree, not even good at video games idgit

No. 786391

Speaking of annoying shit, anyone else HATE the "i havent seen it happen so it doesnt happen" logic of arguments given to even things that are easily seen in happening? Like they take their ignorance and general indifference to the world as meaning everything around them is like that and whoever sees it is "overreacting" so they gaslight them. That is another type that has gotten common on the internet

No. 786393

ive tried watching his stuff because people talk him up so much but i just dont find him funny. "white man yells and is random and wacky" does not make me laugh. idg why so many genderspecials are in love with him in particular

No. 786396

sorry, I am totally one of those. If I ain't seent it I don't believe it. If I think you are overreacting it is because the evidence you've given me to prove the contrary seemed flimsy. But people that refuse to concede or even just acknowledge the points you make, yes I fucking hate that

No. 786397

I have an eating disorder because I live in a community that obsesses over obesity and several guys I dated (and female friends) kept encouraging me and others to gain weight despite already being overweight and having health issues because of it and anytime I ever vent about it to lolcow theres always at least one person who needs to pull the "that doesn't happen" card. Smh at least mods made it bannable now. Just seems like sheltered white girls who wanna shut everyone down who's problems don't relate to them

No. 786400

What pisses me off is that everyone has to be "nice" even to people who are obviously lying or faking. And these liars - some of whom are teens or young adults - have entire adult posses ready to scream "bully" at someone who points out that a picture is obviously photoshopped or someone is lying about something.

I don't remember this being as common even just 10y ago. There was more of an "o shit i got caught" vibe. But now if you say anything critical, however intelligent and well based, you are a jealous bully who is tOxIc and you get blocked and then harassed yourself.

It's funny how even young liars learn the right words to say to get a whole gang ready to defend them. How toxic, i'm just a child. No honey, you're 17. You're a child if we're talking about sexual relationships, but that's old enough to know right from wrong.

No. 786401

Anon it's an anonymous imageboard. What exactly can people gain here from lying outside of a few minutes of attention? If someone is struggling with something that you have trouble believing than just chill and ignore. Hell I probably won't believe some issues that some other people in foreign places will deal with or people who come from completely different walks of life than me but I won't blast them for lying just because it's something new to me. You sound really conceited and like you believe the world revolves around you. Open your mind and get out more and suddenly you won't think everyone is lying to you just because something seems new

No. 786405

lol, I put this opinion in the DID thread on lolcow a couple years ago and got beaten by anons passive-aggressively.

I'd give my right pinky for himezawa's old DID videos. I'm pretty sure she was posting in that thread too, but I got "hi cow" redtext for hinting at it. (There were kraut errors in the english)

No. 786425

I agree people lie a lot but if you claim EVERYONE is lying for simply venting just because you're sheltered you just seem like a privileged ass. You should only really call out lying if someone is trying to make a profit or promote something bad to a large group of people

No. 786430

I think you are overreacting by calling me privileged from such a short post. I advise you to inspect your own biases that makes you lash out and insult randoms like this

No. 786433

Some people really think that their culture and upbringing is universal. Anything that strays outside of their life is just impossible.

semi related - once my friend tweeted about me thinking corn dogs were hot dogs but with corn replacing the sausage as a veggie alternative and she got so many tweets about how she was obviously lying for attention and everybody knows what corn dogs are. WHAT attention do people think you would get from corn dog discourse?? I understand calling out people who claim they met Jesus after an alien abduction but people cry fake news for the most mundane shit.

No. 786437

They didn't call you privileged for your post. They said that you seem privileged if you claim everyone is lying.

No. 786440

fake teeth?? ?

No. 786446

So what do you want me to call you when you claim that everything that you haven't experienced must be a result of someone lying? Fuck I would kill to be able to live on a world where I believe everyone who suffers from something I haven't seen must not be true

No. 786454

I thought that first anon was trolling me but now it's more than one person. Do you guys have poor reading comprehension or esl? It's clear from my initial post I have fair judgement, I'm not just saying some people are liars for no reason. Very strange..

No. 786474

I think NB is just another way to say GNC and I don't necessarily mind it. I wish they wouldn't try to pretend they are trans though since I see them entirely differently from trans people.

No. 786480

File: 1618780773640.jpeg (176.21 KB, 963x641, 644183F0-A8B7-4191-8194-316E5F…)

Start doxxing all the bitches who brag about using lolcow on normie socials.

No. 786481

No it literally isn’t, stfu

No. 786484

I'm not saying it literally is that, I think the people who call themselves NB often just mean they are GNC. Like I see some tumblr "NB lesbians" who are just butches so it looks like they use it to mean the same thing.

No. 786495

Now you're backpedaling now. You also conveniently deleted the post where the anon replied saying you were privileged.
Assuming you're smart enough to follow back on your own comment thread, did you not post "if I ain't seen it I don't believe it" and now you're claiming you didn't say that? You sure you're not baiting? I haven't seen a bank robbery but that's don't mean it doesn't happen

No. 786496

Non-binary is stupid, honestly. Who the fuck perfectly fits the gender binary? Only retarded LARPers. Stop validating the gender game by making special brand new boxes to force people into.
I'm really tired of seeing people insinuate women with pixie cuts or "boyish" clothes must be "non-binary". It's just new stereotypes.

No. 786498

I'm probably stepping into a bait mine laid out for me but whatever, if this was true they wouldn't be explicitly stating it's a true and honest "gender identity" that needs to be recognized juridically instead a fashion or a lifestyle. Mall goths of the early 00's didn't demand the court to address them as a vampire or a demon spawn.

No. 786510

The post I deleted was one sentence saying "some people lie" lmfao

No. 786511

It's all just stereotypical gender roles but in a new woke package.

No. 786512

i'm sure this has been said before on one of these threads but i love listening to people talk about their dreams/nightmares. there's like this universal joke that it's boring to hear other people's dreams, but i think they're genuinely fascinating. i have an absurdist sense of humor and love psychoanalyzing people, so i don't care that they don't make any sense or if the person struggles to describe things.

No. 786519

Gaslighting is actually pretty common. In fact, it's genuinely not worth it to talk to some people, because they will attempt to gaslight you mid-discussion. Some people do it so often to "win" arguments or get their way that it turns into second nature for them, even online.
I remember one anon here on /ot/ who proudly talked about being friends with a sex offender, and said she didn't care because "I don't have any kids to molest". When she got called out on that disgusting rationalization, she denied ever saying it, claimed it was a "strawman", and only stopped replying when her own post saying it was linked back to her.
It's honestly scary sometimes. How often must you be lying like this IRL to even do it on an imageboard? It's not even like we're on a forum and it's something you said years ago that you could've forgotten or that needs to be dug up. Normalized manipulative behavior.

No. 786522

Damn, I remember that post. I kinda wanna go back and find it. Sometimes I wonder if weird anons like that are still here

No. 786528

I'm glad you posted this. Sometimes I think I'm on crack reading posts on this site because it's like
>I like the colour pink
>Why'd you like pink, anon?
>I don't? Wtf. Why are you making baseless assumptions? Get help schizo.
Either it's a stupid poster who just assumes every post is about them or the OP is just fucking nuts.

No. 786576

He's got massive ADD and it holds him back. Drives me up the wall, and I've got ADD myself.

No. 786577

This is way too common than I'd like to admit, especially online. It's absolutely the worst on websites like reddit or 4chan though, imo. I wonder why lying and gaslighting to win an argument is so commonplace online and why so little bystanders (who are probably reading the argument) care when they see it unless it's to conviantely show they agree. I notice a certain writing style and that gaslighting way of arguing will have people agree with you vocally more even if your points are bad and if you look like the more emotionally involved one you're automatically in the wrong. I feel like the internet is more primitive and tribal than society is tbh

No. 786578

People do this?? ewww

No. 786598

It's truly the worst on reddit they will argue to the death if they have to to get the last word and don't care about the argument's actual logic.
But I noticed this too. Including the "emotionally invested one is the loser" which is bs because it's actually a good quality to care about issues instead of pretend you're apart from it all. Also the internet runs on ad hominem attacks, I guess since it will be immortalized online for all to see, people care more about who looks better and who's a dumb nerd loser than actually having a meaningful discussion.

No. 786604

also (especially on reddit) they talk down to anyone who dissents like "lol, you missed my point." and proceed to mansplain while willfully ignoring the other person's point. they will literally argue in defense of ghaatly things if it's necessary rather than admit they had a flaw in their logic. i've seen dudes get backed into a corner like this where they obviously lost then start defending whatever they have to to win. anyway… arguing on the internet isn't worth it because people's underhandedness will only waste your time. it's usually not a good place to have thoughtful discussion which some of us want.

No. 786637

File: 1618794770948.jpeg (63.19 KB, 640x639, 0B841C5F-7954-4793-98D9-711705…)

Kisses on the cheek are more romantic than kisses on the lips.
Sure, a kiss on the lips is more passionate and intimate, but it’s not more romantic than a kiss on the cheek.

No. 786643

He’s funny to me but genderspecials would be so turned off by him for the very reason you just described. The reason why he’s kind of funny is because compared to other male streamers he doesn’t try to hide his obvious dumbassery behind video game prowess or clout. He’s kind of a loser and it’s like watching a clown

No. 786644

that’s so disturbing, I don’t know but I feel like the culture that brews on LC sometimes can make the worst people feel too comfortable. tired of seeing regards talking about how constipated they are, eat a damn prune and man up

No. 786650

Foreheads touching is superior to any kiss though.

No. 786663

You know what? You’re absolutely right, touching foreheads with someone you love is probably the most romantic gesture one could do.

No. 786683

>You said you like fat girls
>I didn't say that I just said I find them attractive
The audacity of anons on this site. It's like they think they can say it and it will magically become true. Literal god complex

No. 786690

When me and my husband met, we didn’t follow normie dating rules. Gonna just say my experience in hopes it helps someone else find a good husband.

I was a kissless virgin but at the time I was being online abused by a complete psychopath who pretended to be serious about being my husband when he wasn’t and I coped by becoming an anti female /pol/tard to cope with blaming myself for everything, I ended up cutting the groomer out of my life and the man I recently met irl and prayed to be my real husband said I should be his gf and I was like hell yes! He was a protective type and I was a complete schizo that talked all the time but it worked out and we are now been with each other for almost 6 years. Now back to the beginning of the relationship…. We decided if the dates worked out we get married, so then we went on our first few dates and talked seriously about weather we should have kids or not, then later I got him to meet my family(normies don’t wanna talk about serious things early or visit family early cuz they are not serious!) and later we decided we were married(you don’t need papers or a church to be married, but later on we got married on paper too.)
Then we ended up doing sex(around a few months into the relationship and no paper marriage) and we have been doing sex ever since). Also it became long distance sometimes cuz of job related stuff but then we ended up living together. I had a few schizouts cuz of my past online grooming fake husband trauma, but I am working on it, and my personality is okay enough to make the marriage work, and my husband is never mean.

No. 786692

sorry I love how you went from talking about how disturbing that "the worst people" use lc is to anons shitposting/venting when they can't poop kek

No. 786717

I mean we have several boards here that are dedicated to gossip, some of these cows aren't even milky and we will nitpick basic normie posts they make lmao

No. 786729

Reddit is like number 1 for this bullshit. You can make the best argument in the world but if they have deemed you illogical if they A) have the more mainstream opinion and B) have more karma they know nobody is going to take you seriously even if your points are valid and they instead choose to go a gaslighting route to force opinions on you you never said or pretend you have nothing of value to say at all. Its a real psychological game until they force you to conform to that subreddit's culture, basically. It can be something as serious as politics or trivial as video games (which.. got me here again) that can cause this behavior. 4chan is third? for this and only third because you can still get good discussions on there a little bit and everyone knows its an anonymous shitposting platform anyways.

I remember a time when being emotionally invested and writing long thought out posts was considered relevant on the internet, now its seen as crazy and nerdy despite all of the internet people being porn addicted weirdos with mental health issues and no social life so its complete projection (or theyre admitting theyre nerds without the brains).I really hate current internet culture and atmosphere. Its so fucking dead. At least on the flip side you romanticize it less and see it for the shit it is which prompts you to leave the house more, idk

No. 786740

I guess I need to watch more? All the clips I’ve seen and videos I’ve tried to watch seem pretty lolrandom, like someone linked me a Cheezits vs Cheese Nips thing he did citing it as one of his best moments and I just found it annoying.

No. 786741

A Neo Neo Romanticism wave should come back, especially for male fashions. Long hair, (masculinised) heels, blouses, ect and the like. Always preferred me a dandy or almost "metrosexual" style on a guy as opposed to the ugly lumberjack brutish look men got going on these days. Im getting tired of seeing male actors and men walking around with crew cuts and those beards. I wonder if trannies ruined the momentum for this though

No. 786743

I really want that, but I wonder how long it would take for men to actually get how common sense hygiene works and such.
I would love to see men wearing blouses and heels.

No. 786755

You're talking my language anon. The 80s was great for this and then grunge spoiled it all. Then metrosexual hit a bit during the early 00 to mid 00s, then "cool guy beards" came and ruined everything again. Think we're due a swing back our way, trans or not.

No. 786775

Id take poop anons and de/g/enerates over the newfaggotry on our drama boards any day

No. 786941

Tradtional dating rarely works for anyone anymore. At the same time FDS and tradthots advice like MMW and Lauren chen give horrible advice as well. Women definitely need to be pickier in general in terms of watching out for signs of pedophilia, emotional abuse, gold digging, etc. But ghosting men who want to buy you coffee or play video games with you is not that. Neither is marrying because he's christian and has a good job and no other reason

No. 786942

Dried fruit is fucking disgusting. I keep trying different kinds and they're all gross, chewy and far inferior to normal fruit.

No. 786953

I dislike online shopping and hate that the pandemic necessitated it. I find it's just a bad addiction to have, partly because the money you're spending oftentimes doesn't feel "real". Even pre-pandemic I preferred going to the store/mall in case I ever wanted anything, even if it was available online. I can't wait til things open back up in my country and weekend fairs and flea markets are a thing again because I really love walking around, taking in the landscape of stuff, holding things in my hand before thinking to buy them.

Absolutely agree. They feel like leather and make me gag.

No. 786970

I have never been forehead touched… fuck, I feel so lonely.

No. 786972

I think being a NLOG is not necessarily a bad thing if you're not catering to scrotes. The moment you're not into makeup, traditionally feminine things, gossiping, being talkative and bubbly and so on, you're immediately othered so it makes sense you become a NLOG and then you have to find other NLOGs with whom you could share your interests with.
I wish there was a NLOG friend finder app.

No. 786981

Just liking stuff other women don't like doesn't make you an NLOG, women can have diverse interests. Doing it to appeal to men makes you one. Why try to reclaim the term?

No. 786989

NTA but it's kind of hard to tell sometimes if another girl is doing something for male attention or if they actually like what they're doing. And it's frustrating when you're trying to make friends and a girl you thought was cool isn't actually all that into something you thought you both really liked and then she ghosts you when she gets a new bf or something. I've met girls in ttrpg groups who are only there for male attention or to impress someone and they leave after a few meets and it's really disappointing when they do. I'm not trying to put girls like that down bc I'm sure they have their reasons but it makes me not want to keep trying to make friends and I feel a bit alienated.

No. 786991

This is pretty much all women in the mtg and dnd community. I don't really care if they're lying for attention either it's the fact they'll constantly beg for attention from men regardless of the means even if it's cheating or trying to get with other women's boyfriends or husband's

No. 786993

Ugh, I can relate all too well. What's worse is when they post on social media how much "fun" they're having, to show off that they're a cool girl who loves DND, but during the sessions themselves, do the most half-hearted roleplay or whine through combat. You kind of end up feeling used and "looked at".

Uhhh, "all" is bit of a stretch. Speak for yourself, weirdo.

No. 786997

>during the sessions themselves, do the most half-hearted roleplay
Ahah, I do that… sorry. OT I'm actually only playing to make my friend happy and we're between historical friends so there's funny exchanges, but I don't like having to think things on the spot and recite them, I feel silly

No. 787003

I guess you're right. NLOG is not the right term but I have seen it being used to describe any girl or woman who doesn't abide by the gender roles hence it was my go-to term.
> women can have diverse interests
Probably but it's hard to find those that don't have interests typical to their gender. On lolcow you might get a different idea but most women irl are very gender stereotypical, at least where I'm currently. Lots of makeup, baby talk, fashion, gossip. It makes it hard to connect with other women. I don't even need to find someone with my exact interests, I just want another woman who is passionate about things that don't involve family, relationships, and appearances.

No. 787007

Obviously I don't mean all. I've met like 2 or 3 trustworthy women into dnd or magic but a lot of them are insecure catty girls who beg for crumbs of attention and feel threatened if you don't have cheap dyed hair and are 200+ lbs

No. 787009

wow this sounds exactly like my male friend every time we talk about women or race he will literally hone in on a spelling error or maybe if I got a date wrong by 1 year. Suddenly everything i said is bs and im emotional. Sorry for blog but that dude uses reddit all day. So its making sense LMAO

No. 787018

File: 1618853619135.gif (887.54 KB, 700x306, cri.gif)

I just want a female friend to play my old ass MMO with, every single one I've met so far is a titty streamer or Discord pickme who plays it to fish for men's attention and sees me as competition. My friends either don't play games or play other MMOs, and I don't like scrotes because they're autistic and thirsty. I just pretend to be a man when I have to interact with them, I've been a lone wolf since 2007.

I know you're out there bestie, I will find you one day.

No. 787020

Something I find catty about snow,pt and w is that things like the boob nazi aka child molester thread will die out but we will fill up the thread over camgirls razor bumps and all sorts of dumb body nitpicking

No. 787024

I feel the same way about finding another woman to play Bloodborne and other fromsoft games with. I know you're out there.

No. 787029

>the boob nazi aka child molester thread
The what thread?

No. 787032

cats aren't cute

No. 787037

Depends on the cat, mine is old and ugly but he's such a polite, affectionate boy that it makes him adorable.

No. 787038

which old ass mmo

No. 787040

File: 1618855440364.png (1.57 MB, 1000x1006, 쉬시턴 schüchtern.png)

Shut up. Even naked cats are cute.

No. 787043

Hope you get red texted, monster.

No. 787050

i didn't say they were ugly or bad, they just don't evoke that sweet cute feeling in me like other animals do. when i look at a cat i feel the same as when i look at a horse or an elephant, indifference, "cool an animal"…

No. 787053

File: 1618856261087.gif (43.86 KB, 180x248, cry2.gif)

Oldschool Runescape

No. 787058

It'd be cool if there was some kind of forum or website for nerdy/awkward type girls with niche hobbies but lord knows scrotes and troons would have a fucking field day.

No. 787061

as someone who was bullied in middle school but had far more pressing family traumas I cannot stand people who bring up middle school bullying 10+ years later like it was the most damaging thing that happened to them. almost everyone in middle school is a bully in some way, even the bullied kids, it's a hellish time. a fucking circlejerk of bullying

I could care less what my bullies are doing. I even saw one of them last year many years later working at a store I shopped in, and I didn't care.

No. 787062

women's underwear ranked:
granny panties
boy shorts
period panties (cuz they usually started out being your fave panties)
frilly underwear

I hate that i was memed by society into ever buying thongs. Im only brining this up because yesterday i went to target and accidentally bought giant panties and me and my vagina have never been more comfy. if the panties dont reach my belly button then i dont want it now.

No. 787064

Thongs are truly the devil, especially if you shave your pussy and wear thongs too. I can't believe people willingly do that, like please love yourself

No. 787065

> scrotes and troons would have a fucking field day.
Sadly yes. One can dream that it would be possible but with so many scrotes that have ample time for trolling and spamming, I don't think so.

No. 787068

I guess my unpopular opinion would be that thongs are comfy. Idk I just like them, the rest you listed too.