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No. 756733

previous thread >>>/ot/746423

>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

No. 756739

I hate niggers(then be gone)

No. 756744

Demon Slayer is overrated. It's kind of boring, overdone concept. Seen it all before.

No. 756782

File: 1615184788244.png (22.23 KB, 488x320, Demon_Slayer_reward_scroll.png)

agreed, why is everyone copying runescape get your own ideas

No. 756914

File: 1615210052848.jpeg (40.27 KB, 683x1024, 04E30D76-2967-4CB2-97E8-5AB08D…)

Forcing milk in the /snow/ and /pt/ threads should be a perma-bannable offense

No. 756942

Most of people's issues with cows (especially anti O flakes) is that they're unattractive

No. 756975

my unpopular opinion is that you can have chicken legs AND a big butt naturally. im sorry im just tired of people saying that a tell tale sign a woman has had a BBL is if her ass is fat but her legs are still small. like not everyone with a dump truck booty has thick legs/thighs. trust me i know!

No. 756988

>dump truck booty
Real or fake, this is just gross

No. 756989

I agree, but the difference is the shape of the butt and the hips. You can usually tell which ones are fake but some of these people trying to "clock" bbls have never seen irl women it seems like

No. 756997

File: 1615221638024.jpg (44.9 KB, 590x350, fuck piers.jpg)

The monarchy should be treated as nothing more than celebrities. Enough with this cult of personality around the royal family

No. 756998

samefagging but I feel sorry for Susanna Reid

No. 757006

they are actual leeches.

No. 757021

File: 1615225477025.jpeg (60.73 KB, 480x480, 423659CF-3FB2-4495-9795-88E828…)

I hate the oversimplified meme. There is nothing wrong with a simple design, it’s meant to be readable, marketable, and recognizable. Most people can only process larger or main elements rather than details, and it’s all about memory and brand loyalty, it’s not a fucking painting that will be placed in the Louevre, it’s for companies to maximize more profit by subtle predatory advertising and expecting less effort for less pay from their designers. Suddenly every commentary and their mother turns into an expert on graphic design and artistic skill, when they seem much more ignorant about the real issue which is capitalism.

No. 757029

File: 1615226238856.jpg (96.84 KB, 1000x943, Mozilla-Firefox-Logo-historia.…)

I don't hate simplified designs but I have to agree when it comes to Mozilla, it didn't need it all. The 2009 logo was the best imo, the 2019 at least had the firefox figure but it looked weird because the globe was smaller. Now it doesn't even have a fox! Their whole identity!

No. 757032

I really like the 2019 version, why did the foxy have to go??? I feel like that image >>757021

No. 757044

I prefer the 2017 version, though I wish they added some dark blue spots on the globe to signify that it's the earth

No. 757046

they shouldn't be treated as celebrities they should be killed

No. 757048

I can't believe they fucking killed the fox

No. 757062

They didn't remove the fox. The logo without the fox is for Mozilla, the company behind Firefox. The browser itself still has the 2019 version with the fox.

No. 757144

This is unpopular?

No. 757150

they shouldn't even be celebrities imo
they shouldn't even be

No. 757151

Nah, they should be treated as international terrorists and imprisoned/beheaded.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 757225

The British Royal fam sniped anon before she could finish that sentence

No. 757269

I always laugh at this kind of post

No. 757391

The show Fawlty Towers sucked and wasn’t funny

No. 757392

can't believe the royal family works in lolcow.farm

No. 757407

Same, my unpopular opinion is that that it's one of the funniest types of meta posts on here

No. 757419

I do not like Chinese Takeout and it is way overpriced.

No. 757421

the threadpic is creepy as fuck

No. 757601

sorry that some women have naturally big butts and that disgusts you for some reason anon.

No. 757620

my shitty unpopular opinion that is totally NOT rooted in jealousy is i don't think people that were afforded the opportunity to work from home should even be truly complaining about their jobs rn. Commuting to work fucking sucks. I wish i could just roll out of bed and go on a zoom meeting for 2 hrs. Im so jealous of you bitches and i hate you all. Lucky whores!! Im trying to move out of my hellhole hometown but i cant cuz i have to factor in commuting with no car during a panorama.

No. 757652

Seems like they meant the trashy wording was gross and scrote-like. Any normal woman would say big butt, not dump truck booty.

No. 757660

I say dumb truck ass sometimes as a joke tbh. I just think it sounds funny

No. 757688

>>757660 EXACTLY anon some of these folks need to live a little dump truck booty is funny as fuck to say.
especially when a girl says it which i only hear girls say it to each other personally as a joke.
>>757652 like grow up anon and get that stick out of your dump truck ass.

No. 757781

Female transphobes are based but male transphobes are annoying and retarded

No. 757783

True but at least we share something in common

No. 757791

Butts that are big in proportion to a healthy or skinny woman's body are nice. Butts that are just big unshapely potato sacks are gross. That being said I feel like a lot of women and men drink the tumblr bbw kool aid and think that big = good and that women just need to eat a lot so their ass and tits get really big and not work on the shape/perkiness/roundness. It's very toxic imo and might as well be the same as the pro ana shit

>Inb4 that doesn't happen

I've met plenty of men and women who think like this. Yes they're all losers but they're still people who exist and I am allowed to rant about them

No. 757792

Avocado is fucking disgusting

No. 757816

No. 757820

File: 1615322666412.jpg (67.64 KB, 1400x1400, vector-angry-avocado-character…)

you take that back NOW.

No. 757823

I like them when they're fresh but when they're even slightly brown they're disgusting and ruin all the other food they touch.

No. 757833

I think they're bland and I don't understand the love for a food that needs so much decoration to make it taste like something.

No. 757841

Gays and lesbians have every right to be upset and gatekeep their sexual orientation from bisexuals who try to label themselves as gay/lesbian because they make the conscious choice of only dating someone from the same sex or say they are gay because of trauma, you are still ultimately admitting to the fact your attraction is unrestricted to one sex. This experience can only happen if you're bisexual. It's a widely accepted form of internalized bisexual erasure and it should be looked down upon. Bisexuals who insert themselves in gay/lesbian spaces and try to speak as someone who's gay will often spread misinformation with other bisexuals or heterosexuals and basically promote some type of conversion therapy. You can't be 90% lesbian. That's nonsense. You're literally bisexual.
Also the fact there's bisexuals who say "Well, have you been in the dating scene?" What, you can't get with a lesbian unless you call yourself a lesbian? You're literally deceiving her. If a lesbian has an issue with you calling yourself bisexual, that's their issue, there's plenty of other women out there, and your relationship is going to fail anyways. Move on. It's not that hard. There's plenty of bisexual women you can date and there's lesbians who do date bisexuals, it's the fact you're pretending to be lesbian that makes them mad. Own up to your bisexuality, don't be ashamed about it.
Sincerely, a bisexual.

No. 757845

Am bisexual and you are correct.

No. 757846

Men hate Karens so much because they can’t walk all over them like other demure women. Men hate loud, opinionated women more than anything, and a Karen won’t hesitate to tell you off or call the cops on a scrote. We stan a queen.

No. 757847

Samefag but yeah, my friend keeps saying that she and I should leave our male partners and “just be lesbians with each other,” and while I get the sentiment, that’s not how it’d work, obviously. Question for lesbians, though—if a bi girl is in a relationship with a woman, is it incorrect to say “in a lesbian relationship”? That always throws me off, but idk if that’s a personal thing.

No. 757848

File: 1615324502799.jpeg (94.1 KB, 443x960, BF006A1C-8B95-4723-9DBC-669134…)

No, anon, people hate karens because you’re the last thing any poor minimum wage worker or black person wants to see during their day. The amount of entitlement and ignorance is astounding. Open your fucking eyes(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 757854

Not a lesbian (bi) but I feel like it's fair for two bi women in a relationship to say they are in a gay relationship (I also think saying you're in a bi relationship is fine, but when you start thinking about it that doesn't really make any sense unless it's some poly shit). The same way you would say a man and a woman is a straight relationship regardless of their sexualities.

No. 757857

I agree with this completely, but I also do understand why someone would be like "I'm bi but I only want to date one sexuality so might as well say I'm straight/gay/lesbian". Shit like febfem is unknown to a lot of people (I've literally only heard it used on this site), and there's not even an equivalent to that for bi men afaik

No. 757858

Exactly, because Karens demand attention and respect or else they're ready to throw hands, and because they take up space. Which are, as we know, fine if a man does it but for women it's a huge faux pas.

Karens are also moms more often than not and will attack pedos over the slightest suggestion of someone ogling their child, as they should, which makes moids salty because they can't freely talk to preteen girls at the mall like they would otherwise.

No. 757859

I worked retail for years and karens never harassed me like older men did, so I disagree.

No. 757862

If we're talking about "actual" Karens, people dislike them because they're typically very annoying, usually cause unnecessary drama and sometimes racist. Like, it's pretty fair for people to call women like that one lady who called the police on some people for having a bbq a Karen. I think people over-use the word Karen and now it's lost it's original meaning (like what happens to all words when the internet gets a hold of them)

No. 757866

I don't get why Karens are a thing but there isn't an equivalent term for men. I've encountered way more entitled older men who want their ego inflated.

No. 757888

Yeah, I think it's fair to say two bisexuals of the same sex are in a a gay relationship, it's usually coupled with "relationship" at the end. Informal way to say "homosexual relationship". And I agree, calling something a "bisexual relationship" doesn't make sense, it's either homosexual or heterosexual. You are still personally bisexual, which is what matters most, that's the sexuality part.

No. 757897

True. But I get that bisexuality is a confusing term as it covers those who have preference, those who are 50/50 attracted, people who want to fuck both sexes but date just one, those who only like very feminine men or very masculine women (or troons) etc. And sometimes people can be so biphobic I kinda get wanting to lie. But your sexuality is part of who you are, if your partner does not accept it they are not right for you.

No. 757917

>I don't get why Karens are a thing but there isn't an equivalent term for men
you know exactly why.
we need to coin the term and start using it, like 'scrote' or 'fuckboy'

No. 757934

Fuckboy is a pretty normie term that was used for a while but kept getting watered down with loud and proud fuckboys. I've met more male Karen's than I've met female Karen's. Men unfortunately get taken more seriously when bitching, gossiping, or doing anything else women are considered bitchy and stupid for

No. 757994

Anons that turn everything into a country war on here are fucking annoying. The only exception to this is making fun of British people.

No. 758020

Especially over using some certain words, like bitch, I will mix and match with this language and it doesn't need to lead into some ww3

No. 758074

I hate old cartoons like Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry

No. 758079

This is unpopular?

No. 758112

Dumb bitch memes are cringey
Especially the Sanrio ones.

No. 758116

I’ve seen some people use “Ken”. I think it took hold for women instead of men because people are more threatened by an angry man than an angry women and are less likely to fuck with them. I’ve seen several vids of men screaming and breaking windows or pulling guns out. No one wants to engage with an angry moid because they’re so fucking dangerous.

No. 758118

I feel like the amount of discourse that happens around this idea of fake gay bisexual people is very disproportionate to how much this kind of person actually exists or poses any kind of meaningful thread to gay or lesbian people

No. 758122

not sure why this is redtexted but I completely agree. obviously it's lost it's original meaning and people have now just been using it as a safe form of misogyny but this kind of woman definitely does exist.

No. 758123

*meaningful threat

No. 758127

I know that language evolves yadda yadda but I get so irrationally annoyed when people use "aesthetic" as an adjective to just mean "vaguely nice to look at"

No. 758128

I agree with the op, but this is true tbh. If we wanna compare them, it's probably more common for people that are actually straight to fake being bi, or even gay people faking straight.

No. 758132

tbh I think the amount of discussion around the idea of straight people who pretend to be bi to ~invade~ lgbt spaces is even more disproportionate and really a non existent problem in reality. It seems to exclusively come up with like online tenderqueer types who are either extremely young or sheltered and have not had much involvement with actual gay people.

No. 758148

I guess when I say straight people pretending to be bi, I just mean women who are bi for their bfs. You're right though, they're not that common irl, and I think people only encounter them on dating apps (which sucks but…)

No. 758159

nta but to be honest, I think being bi is just a hot topic because unless you're some in some polywhatever, you can only be with someone who's one or the other sex. So you will either appear gay or straight at a time to most onlookers. I assume most bi people end up with the opposite sex most often because of obvious societal reasons. This may give an impression that they were only "experimenting" or faking being bi, when the reality is just confusing. Honestly I'm bi and it's a confusing experience even for me, because I'm constantly doubting myself and not wanting to get on the bad side of either straight people or lesbians. Not looking for pity just trying to explain this how I see it

No. 758168

yeah I agree with you, I think you're right about the societal reasons but also the dating pool of opposite sex partners is just significantly larger, obviously statistically there's going to be more bi people in opposite sex relationships. but I do think that sentiment you're talking about is much more pronounced in discourse heavy online lgbt groups as opposed to what you find among either irl lesbians or even straight people. Idk, I think so much of this kind of online discussion about who's really bi or gay and heavy fixation on 'defining' sexuality and people's 'identities' has little material impact on anything and is pretty unhelpful and unproductive, and is not really very reflective of how the vast majority of gay people actually live their lives.

No. 758174

Oh shit, agreed 100% especially about the identities part. The internet has changed the way a lot of people think, making us obsess over labels. It's important in situations where it needs to be but not 24/7 tagged on you like a personality trait. and personally I don't like divulging my orientation (cringed typing it out) because 1) the confusion it generates like I said and 2) I don't think it matters if people know a label, what matters is what type of relationship I'm pursuing at the time tbqh. If I'm in a m/f relationship there's negative need to spout everywhere how "gay" and bi I am. But that's just me and I can speak only for myself. Still I see others with the same confusion over sexuality and presenting themselves and I think for those of us like that we need to just live our lives and take it as it comes.

No. 758262

Cryptoart seems retarded. What's the point of NFTs when they don't actually add anything to the art piece? Why should I care if someone has a version of the same gif, but with a unique ID that they paid a ridiculous amount of money for?
At least with physical art, you can see details and textures in the original that can't be exactly duplicated in copies.

No. 758263

I like graphic prints, and I have several versions of the same graphics (3 of one, 3 of another) hanged. No way I can see the little differences in detail. I put them all in different frames to add variety.
NFT's honestly seem exactly the same as prints to me.

No. 758286

I agree. I guess it's just how the human brain works, people always want to have the more valuable thing even if there's virtually no difference between the "real" thing and the replica.

No. 758309

Unpopular opinion: Milfs/ Dilfs aren't that hot and the lesbians and ( gay) men and straight women who thrist over them are a lil sus to me.
It doesn't mean I would not find my aging partner if a woman not hot but people who just seem really into them just, put me off.
Especially if there my age or younger- the person is prepping themselves to be abused or taken advantage off more often then not lol.

No. 758311

File: 1615381781184.jpg (18.26 KB, 260x383, Atlantis_The_Lost_Empire_poste…)

Atlantis: The lost empire is massively underrated

No. 758314

The only reason this super straight thing exists is because men are allowed to have preferences when they date. Trannys kind of shot themselves in the foot when they started going after straight men…

No. 758317

Cocaine is truly a hell of a drug

No. 758318

Tru. I had a crush on both Milo and Kida as a kid kek

No. 758320

i hate period dramas

No. 758323

No. 758337

I think Christianity is a good moral framework and think there's going to be a lot of focus on dismantling Church and state from America in the next couple of years. Probably going to ripple into rifts with UK and US relations.

No. 758484

I miss snorting cocaine with my friends

No. 758760

File: 1615420633458.png (59.18 KB, 433x488, 155353.png)

Not every act of kindness that has no benefit towards you counts as being someone's "personal therapist." I know there are people who take advantage of that kindness or take it too far, but you're just being a schizoid by making that your reason to not be nice to someone. You can still defend yourself when necessary and be really nice to people, even when you get nothing in return. You don't have to be a super-pushover to make someone's day.

No. 758761

I agree. I hate when people act like you're doing something wrong for being kind, listening to or giving advice to another person

No. 758765

Unpopular opinion it’s not that fun, then again my shit may have been bad kek

No. 758772

I wish I could enjoy cocaine! It's always been underwhelming for me. I've been prescribed amphetamine for half of my life so I think it effects how much fun I have with coke.

No. 758834

I don't even follow e-sports, but I know that girl claiming Sinatraa raped her is doing it for clout. Those e-sport chasing thots are grade A crazy and they can never make an addusation without creating 10 pages of context that basically paint them as "I'm a dumbass and now that I feel stupid, I was too infantile and uwu to know better! The tiktok I made accusing him of dating a 17 year old was a joke!" And when it didn't gain favor, she upped the ante.

Also: Dating a 17 year old when you're 20 is fine. It's not pedophilia and the differences between a 17 and 20 year old aren't as big as dumbshits want you to think.

No. 758850

Nah, 17 and 20 together is lame. I would never have even looked at a snotty 17yo romantically nor sexually at age 20.

No. 758878

I think we as a society should go back to shaming people for not reading books, or at least reading things longer and more challenging than a reddit post. It's gotten so easy for me to spot when a young person learned most of their vocabulary or sentence construction from "x: a thread" type tweets.

No. 758895

yeah someone had to make a royal family thread because so many farmers are sincerely fans of them

No. 758898

me too, anon. me too.

No. 758906

is this referring to Bridgerton or in general

No. 758909

I have a hard time finding super conventionally attractive people attractive because they usually act/dress like douchebags and it kills it

No. 758915

File: 1615434939602.jpg (82.88 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

this bitch is so unbearably unfunny. he sticks out like a sore thumb in his collabs with drew. drew is pretty quick-witted and clever and danny just does not compare. his humor is still stuck firmly in the era of vine and it's just so cheap and tired and immature. i cannot fucking stand him and maybe it's because i'm high but i hope he gets cancelled so i don't have to ever hear about his ass ever again.

also his hair is fucking ugly.

No. 758917

Drew isn't all that conventionally attractive but his dumb little jokes always catch me off guard vs danny is just…when am i supposed to laugh? He has a few bops though

No. 758918

tbh i agree, hes definitely the worst out of the kurtis conner/drew gooden/danny trio.

I couldnt even remember his name, thats how bad he is

No. 758919

I like his songs

No. 758920

I could have wrote this. Fuck him. And fuck drew’s stupid ass for enabling him.

No. 758922

He used to be funnier, now he's just really stale. Drew is indeed the best

No. 758949

Youtubers are all crappy. it's all low-quality stuff you can only enjoy if you're really, really dumb. The "funny" ones aren't, the serious ones are just embarassingly lacking in self-awareness, and none of them can edit a video for shit.

No. 758958

I'm surprised this and most of its responses are sympathetic to Drew. I don't like Danny but I find Drew just as painfully unfunny

No. 758963

I find it weird that there has to be a special name for it like if someone truly has beautiful features I still find them beautiful into middle age. I fee like men have generally less discerning taste aesthetically and just think young=hot regardless of what the woman actually looks like so when she’s no longer young they think she’s “hit the wall” or whatever even though she was never beautiful in the first place.

No. 758965

Unpopular because wrong. YouTube has some awesome science and educational content, I'm subbed to channels about physics, math, linguistics, biology, paleontology, geography, history, chemistry, astronomy…

No. 758980

Except those ones you mentioned are probably not what anon meant. I doubt she meant every single youtube channel ever. She is referring to the popular youtubers with gen z like that guy above and I agree with her, there's no appeal to that content. Mainly the gaming and drama channels who have the most boring takes and personas yet get really popular and take themselves pretty seriously for it. What you mentioned sounds cool though

No. 759181

File: 1615475838827.gif (5.73 MB, 1500x994, 1240699.gif)

Self-diagnosis of mental health issues can be incredibly spot on, provided a few conditions are being met:
A)best if you are a grown-ass adult
B)you are using an actual medical test and not some buzzfeed bullshit like 'pick your favorite Winnie the Pooh character and we will tell you which personality disorder you have'
C)you have been observing your symptoms for a long time and have some self-awareness
D)you are not intentionally skewing your answers so that you have the same mental health issue as your favorite singer, anime character etc. or fit into a tumblr niche.
Sure, it's best to get tested with a mental health practicioner, especially if you need the official diagnosis for health insurance or so people will not be able to easily doubt you. They will literally pull out the same tests anyway. The only difference is that they can see corellations between different mental health issues better than you do. However if you did a test for a personality disorder or depression and scored highly, you probably DO have this problem and a visit at a shrink will only confirm that.
Self-diagnosis is unnecessarily maligned.
Bonus advice: if it looks like you have all the symptoms of a mental health issue and tell it to a loved one, by God don't believe them when they pull crap on you like 'no, you cannot have this! It's too rare! Besides, you had that one friend ONCE in a third grade. You don't have X, you are just shy/overworked/whatever'. Either seek professional help or if you cannot do that, at least get some self-help (work)books. It's better than nothing.
cringe pic for attention kek

No. 759184

Milf memes are tired and unfunny, I swear every single tumblr lesbian either creams over harry rat styles or some milf. I don't get it. Even 'legit' lesbians do it. That milf shit reminds me all the bored housewives at the latebloominglesbians sub, that are now trying to find some hot girl to fuck on dl while keeping her husband.

No. 759186

I actually agree with this. I feel like a lot of people that go to professionals to get diagnosed already "self-diagnose" and have suspicions about their own conditions anyway.

No. 759200

I cannot agree with that as Kurtis is clearly the weakest link in their cooperative group, and only partly because of the obnoxious editing.

No. 759212

A lot of men complain about gold diggers but most of them are youth diggers. After they have had their fun in their teens/20s they find some young woman and rob her of all of that, they to control her life and make her pop out some babies. Being a youth digger is so much worse because you can get money back.

No. 759213

Women should stop chasing those e-sports celebs, those men aren't well adjusted and it doesn't end well.

No. 759219

All the lesbian subreddit are cringy as shit, tumblr lite

No. 759224

>Being a youth digger is so much worse because you can get money back.

Can this become a commonly used word and understanding, like incel did?

No. 759226

we need to make it happen, sis. memes would be helpful

No. 759230

online lesbian culture is awful generally. like these people are devoted to making being a lesbian the lamest thing ever for some reason.

No. 759246

Yet somehow very infantilized, maybe as a tactic against the hypersexualisation from men but jesus christ it's painful to look at

No. 759248

kekkk i thought i was the only one who thought that, they're so… sterile

No. 759254

I wish they could just be without the uwu of it all

No. 759293

In the aftermath of the woman who got abducted and murdered here in the UK, I keep seeing all these posts getting shared challenging men to do something about it. I know scrotes are fucked but they're not sitting around at the pub listening to their mate Paul talk about how he plans to abduct, rape, then kill women. I can see benefit encouraging the more benign scrotes to deal with their stupider friends being creeps in bars, but leaping from that to "the average scrote currently sees no issue with his friend being a murderer and we must address this" is stupid performative activism of the highest order.

No. 759300

I agree, but a lot of mean do make excuses for their friends and family who do fucked up things. Like, maybe not for murder, but there are men who will excuse things like sexual assualt and not check his friends about it. I think that may be what those posts are about. Telling men to keep other men accountable.

No. 759301

That's because they're overrun by literal children, ~queer~ gender specials who think homosexuality is an aesthetic and troons who fetishize lesbians (a lot of whom are yuri fags who think lesbians are pure or whatever) Most regular lesbians I know don't go anywhere near them as a result. Ime, private lesbian discord servers are much more interesting and chill

No. 759349

This exactly. Recently there was an anon on here who was upset she was sexually assaulted by one of her boyfriend's friends (he groped her breasts) and he chose to remain friends with him, and in fact never even discussed it with the other dude. I've seen this many times in my personal life. My ex once defended my prior ex who he never fucking knew for essentially grooming me, saying that was bad but he "sympathized" with him because he was an alcoholic and had a fucked up childhood. (So did I, but I guess that didn't matter so much to him.) The most casual male acquaintance, hell even male strangers, will almost always be more important to the average scrote than his female partner, much less some random woman.

No. 759456

damn you think so? well, at least hes kind of cute

No. 759501

File: 1615511826749.jpg (263.4 KB, 1080x712, IMG_20210312_014058.jpg)

It baffles me how common shit like this (23 year old scrote dunking on a 16 yo girl and her content for being stupid and immature, all while getting views, subs and money from it) is becoming and how no one seems to care.

No. 759512

He might think he's so intelligent and above her and her fans when in reality he's a pathetic loser taking seriously a book made by a ghost writer, aimed at kids, that will make the 16 year old more money than he'll ever see. Also, +600k views? Seriously?

No. 759525

I fucking hate this fleabag. He’s not as funny as he thinks he is.

No. 759595

I know this is probably not unpopular here but I think women are generally funnier than men. I had kind of a weird upbringing that meant from around 6-16 I never spoke to a man who wasn’t in my family or in some kind of customer service interaction and I got sheltered from like 99% of misogynistic ideas so I somehow never heard the stereotype that women weren’t funny until I was like 19 and it was so shocking to me because it was so far from what my experience was. I actually don’t think it’s that weird men would find other men funnier on average bc it’s probably more relatable to them but I do think it’s weird they expect women to agree and think it’s some kind of universal thing.

No. 759610

People will always shit on teen girls or anything teen girls like because its cringe. cause you know god forbid girls get to enjoy something.

People still shit on twilight (it's bad but its enjoyable) and girls got dragged for liking it. Let girls just enjoy shit unless they are harming someone.

No. 759612

every single reddit thread i go through is a rehash of the same 4 unfunny jokes. its painful because i know they think theyre hilarious

every actual funny thing on the internet can be traced back to some black girl on twitter.

No. 759614

the absolute state of men. can you imagine if a woman that ugly tried to do everything this guy does?

No. 759615

its not even a 'book' per se its just a dumb motivational journal for literal 10 year olds lmao. imagine making a 15 minute video about this. anything for clicks i guess

No. 759632

/m/ is nothing but weeb and gamer shit. it feels like i'm sitting with those girls in middle school who were obsessed with final fantasy and drew original character art at lunch together then grew up to to be the girls who were obsessed with Sherlock and Supernatural

No. 759633

Sometimes the anons who incessantly hate on lolcows are the biggest cows themselves and actually make what would otherwise be dead threads amusing with their bleating irrationality.

No. 759638

agreed, on rare times you see art threads bumped, but not really much discussion besides anime and videogames. The world is just like that right now I guess

No. 759641

>those girls in middle school who were obsessed with final fantasy and drew original character art at lunch together
so, the typical demographic of image boards

No. 759648

It’s kind of cozy tbh.
Maybe you could bump the art threads with questions and the sorts, I particularly don’t know what could be asked to start a conversation, but it truly would be nice to read more about other anon’s opinions on art.

No. 759649

I'm honestly starting to think you need to have substantial Western European ancestry to be into bestiality. It's actually ridiculous the amount of anglo people (for just one example) I’ve seen who are into it, but you never see slavic ones.
The “white girls fuck dogs” meme should just be “WESTERN EUROPEAN people fuck dogs”. They are disgusting.

No. 759650

why are men so sure that the dogpill is a fact?

No. 759651

The "dogpill" is retarded because the men who go on about it are just as degenerate as the women. That's why I said "people", not girls.

No. 759669

File: 1615530824615.png (1.88 MB, 1537x768, 1615522206937.png)

Onion's house is ugly, the barn will be an upgrade.

No. 759675

Tool is a fucking boring ass band, I really don't get their so called genius. Maybe it's because I know nothing about musical theory, but when I listened to their discography it was like I was listening to the same three songs across all their albums, and the singing makes me wanna sleep.

No. 759737

God yes.

No. 759997

>but you never see slavic ones.
there's alot of beastiality produced by slavs and people from poor slavic countries, not sure where you're getting this idea from

No. 760014

Isn’t there a meme that russians fuck their sheep or some shit? How do you get the impression or western euros doing it?

No. 760039

You all actually love Smash Mouth but are afraid of being judged for liking late 90's/early 00's pop rock. Their rendition of I'm a Believer is a bop you cowards

No. 760046

I'm a Believer is meh but All Star isn't that bad. It kind of got ruined for me by Shrek though. Same for other songs from it like Funky Town and Accidentally in Love. Just can't let the Shrek association go.

No. 760058

late to the party but fuck yes. I watched this like 3x a day when I was a kid and could recite all the lines. Now talking about marriage with bf who looks like a buff Milo, feels good man

No. 760074

I've seen brown guys take the knot.

No. 760090

Men know they are so terrible that women (in their mind) prefer dogs

No. 760123

Blocking people on social media is a sign of weakness
>unless they are actually harassing you, but that's a popular opinion

No. 760131

Now this is just dumb

No. 760173

File: 1615596450127.jpg (241.8 KB, 490x508, gumball.jpg)

Gumball machines were legit disgusting. You were lucky if you got 3 month old gum because the shit was usually years old with sunspots and flakes. Every machine legit broke some health code violation. Also the shit was crazy inflated. 10 gumball machines balls is enough to buy an entire pack of them.

No. 760175

Men know they’re still beasts, and men act like untrained dogs. Fill in the dots

No. 760178

File: 1615596855703.gif (1.36 MB, 220x220, 4CDBB06C-F1FC-45F5-9108-3803D4…)

Magic exists, prove me wrong anons

No. 760181

Why bother drawing for a fandom if the characters look nothing like themselves (and you usually make them uglier)
The character’s appearance (an appealing design, an attractive actor, etc) is a major reason you’re drawn to the media at all so why flood Twitter with your garbage reinterpretations.

No. 760253

There's nothing to prove because you're right.

No. 760284

File: 1615607703080.jpg (108.48 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (4).jpg)

I think the youtuber Alivia D'Andrea will really regret posting those "glow up diary" videos when she gets older. In general there is way too much oversharing of personal life on youtube and other social media these days.

No. 760289

She has been put on the spotlight sooo much, I've seen so many youtubers making videos about her and everything she shared on those diaries and majority of them being really critical. I don't know if all that exposure is good for her. I also think her videos have lost the spark but she got too deep with the series and has to keep going. She doesn't seem genuinely happy by making them as she did on her first season

No. 760295

People complaining when the characters of the things they like aren't August, or fat or ugly and don't represent them. If you wanna have ugly autistic charas so much why don't you create your own world? That's the author world and they have a right to make it however they like.

No. 760300

I almost miss the days of self-insert OC donutsteels for personal wish fulfillment, now people not only hijack an existing character, they somehow have the audacity to bitch about the character not being ..a completely different character who they share traits with so they can self insert.

No. 760305

I hate nightmare before christmas

No. 760306

I don't get the appeal of Tim Burton is general, in theory it would be right up my alley but it's almost like it's trying too hard and falls flat

No. 760338

People just use Karen for any woman (20+) who disagrees with them. Normie zoomers just use it instead of a bitch in any argument if they see/suspect the other person is a woman.

Where I live (middle/eastern Europe) there legit isn't any stereotype about women being unfunny. We've never heard this growing up. We have a lot of female comedians and hosts and women are expected to be funny the same way men are (our culture prides itself on its humor). People may only think men have more fecal humor while women more sophisticated. Only thing I fear is the stupid stereotype spreading here because of the Internet and young people getting into redpill and incel shit.

No. 760355

Why is it only men who talk about her? Like not even boys her own age, men who are 21+. They’re her main audience since she’s a teenager who dances in a crop top. Interesting.
IMO any man who talks about Charli is a pedo. I have NEVER heard about girls her own age talk about her.
These YouTube men are so original, they would be nothing if they weren’t able to talk about women.

No. 760356

>>he’s not as funny as he thinks he is
Is any man?

No. 760389

Shorter height should be classified as a genetic deformity. Anyone sub 5” / 150 cm should be considered to have a form of dwarfism, or legally eligible to be referred to as a “midget”. Even upwards towards 5’2”/157cm is cutting it close.

It looks especially disgusting when they stand next to someone noticeably taller than them. This sentiment doesn’t apply to actual sufferers of dwarfism, really it’s about those between 120 and 160 centimeters / 4” and 5’2”. It’s very offensive to the eyes. When people that short stand amongst themselves it doesn’t look bad though.

No. 760390

I mean 4'10" and below is already considered dwarfism

No. 760394

You’re right, thank you. Since there are a variety of conditions I was thinking of dwarfism in the 3ft / sub 120cm range. I should say they should raise the general prerequisite to 5’2” or 5” minimum.

No. 760420

The majority of women in the world are between 5 foot to 5 foot 2 though. This is such a weird sentiment

No. 760453

Gay people are way more insecure about their sexuality than straight ppl. Most straight guysgals can bend a little while gays go "nuhuh I'm 100% only attracted to insert sex here! Doooont even imply otherwise"

I think they're just protecting their gay street cred. You see the shit here too with people calling others bi for having a passing attraction

No. 760457

> small people make me sick
> not dwarves though
Why does this read like it was written by a seething dwarf

No. 760460

I agree with this but I feel like it happens mostly with lesbians and mostly online. irl i've rarely if ever seen it.

No. 760461

Who hurt you?
A 5ft2 person looks normal you're just a weirdo kek

No. 760462

rent free

No. 760469

Of course he wears nail varnish, scrotes wearing nail varnish is a massive red flag, stay WELL away

No. 760470

I don't know where you live but depending on the average height there and if the people who are short are short because of a specific reason like a severe lack of growth hormone
during childhood they can been considered disabled.

>Even upwards towards 5’2”/157cm is cutting it close.

Nevermind then, didn't notice you were baiting lol.

No. 760471

sex and the city and desperate housewives etc are so much better in all aspects than twin peaks, x files and similar bullshit sheeple pretend to enjoy

No. 760516

File: 1615648773786.jpg (134.27 KB, 600x324, b083fe955fd61902ad391a.jpg)

This, most women where i live are 5'4 below, i've actually never met anyone 6'3+ in person, this is so strange to me.

No. 760521

Probably because not too long ago being gay was something people tried to change or even called a choice, both of which still happen

No. 760523

Found the gen x sperg

No. 760526

I don't believe women should do traditional male jobs not talking about tech but more like heavy labour/frontline soldiers.

No. 760528

It's weird, I don't really notice I'm taller than most women here (~162 cm) because my best in my teenage years was a 180 cm tall girl, and I always felt inadequately short next to her at 170 cm. I always wished I could be as tall as her.

No. 760529

I feel like they should be able if they want to but I doubt those fields will ever be gender balanced personally

No. 760532

Gen X people with a superiority complex about it are so annoying.

No. 760537

I'm just over 170cm, I would never have thought I was tall for a girl.

No. 760542

weird b8

No. 760543

I'm from the nordics and also had a tall as shit bff (184) in high school and my 160cm has just always seen most people tall, I will think even that 165 is tall just based on myself lol.

No. 760548

File: 1615651674512.jpeg (342.74 KB, 1281x1248, 40BE27CF-571F-466C-A169-1F1B15…)

I wish I was 5’6-5’9, imagine the clothes I could wear and buy and look really good in them. Shorter women always look stumpy in clothes unless they have a really
good, solid fashion style or they’re incredibly stick thin

No. 760556

>Shorter women always look stumpy in clothes unless they have a really good, solid fashion style or they’re incredibly stick thin
Not even then. From personal experience, you'll need an incredible amount of luck to find stylish clothes your size when you're short and skinny, unless you know how to sew. The only things I can find in stores that are my size are the most basic clothes, and they're labelled as such. Bras my size don't even exist so most tops are impossible to wear since barely any top is completely opaque.

No. 760558

It'll never stop being funny to me when anons talk about like 168 or 170cm as tall lol

No. 760559

Maybe it is tall here on Hobbitfarms.

No. 760564

Anon's revenge from seeing too many people go on about how cute short women are lmao

No. 760566

Same, anon. Even though my weight is technically healthy, I’m a hobbit with short legs. All my pants need to be petite or hemmed and still look awful because of my stumpy sausage legs. I want to wear cute androgynous outfits, but skirts and dresses are the only thing that flatters me. Life is pain.

No. 760572

>because not too long ago being gay was something people tried to change or even called a choice, both of which still happen
I never got this mentality. Being gay or straight is clearly something a person can change. It's not even down to a question, if you can learn how to walk after suffering brain damage then you can change your sexuality.

Not that anyone should have to but it's possible.

No. 760575

File: 1615654213027.jpg (126.5 KB, 595x339, IMAGE37-25-34-year-old-woman-t…)

Very unpopular but personally I love love noses with bumps more than smooth ski sloped noses. I think they have so much character and are actually pretty on women when not overly big or bulbous I guess. After a decade of self hatred it's a surprise because I have a [bulbous tipped :(] dorsal hump myself and have wanted to get a nose job since middle school. Then I got into kpop where high nose bridges are a thing and now I can't help but find non-bulbous dorsal humped noses so cute. As long as they're 'delicate' for lack of a better word.
Picrel is a cute natural nose that I like. If I wasn't broke and could find a good surgeon that I could trust not to botch it, I would just get my nose tip and nostrils slimmed down very very minimally.
And I hate that I have to say this but before any retarded anon gets salty bc I apparently insulted their ski sloped nose, just stfu because the rest of the western world likes your nose. You can't even look up "dorsal hump nose" without seeing rhinoplasty before/after photos.

No. 760578

Very unpopular anon? Lmfao, that is literally a popular beauty standard. Anyone who hates noses like that are most prejudice towards specific middle eastern groups, that kind of nose is practically everywhere or women go gaga over it trying to achieve that look with multiple nose surgeries.

No. 760579

Well when people constantly doubt your sexuality and try to force dick on you ofc you're gonna end up defensive about it. I mostly see this happen with lesbians cause they're the ones who's sexuality isn't taken seriously by a lot of people

No. 760580

women aren't getting multiple nose surgeries to get a bump on their nose

No. 760584

I'm closeted so I let people think I'm some autistic sexless loner rather than admitting I'm gay. I've seen examples of what you're describing too though. It feels like two extremes.

No. 760588

Where are they getting bumpy noses?

No. 760596

I dont think trans women with bottom surgery need to disclose it for hook ups. Theres no point in telling a one night stand that.

No. 760597

I'd love to be this deluded tbhwu

No. 760598

File: 1615656235153.png (1.71 MB, 1664x894, dorsalhump.PNG)

Kek are you fucking kidding me? The nose is one of the most narrow beauty standards that there is. Either your nose is primarily straight or ski sloped or else it's considered ugly (unless you're a man). There's a reason that my exes' friends used to call me the bird at one point because of my nose and my nose isn't even hooked, it just has a bump. Calling people with hooked or bumped noses "birds" is pretty much everywhere, if you lurk LSA's 90DF threads they use that term frequently.
Middle Eastern women love doll shaped noses. There's a reason that Iran does SEVEN times more nose jobs than the US. Same goes for Italian/Jewish girls in the United States, rich parents will gift them a nose job to get their noses shaved down to a ski slope because the bridge is considered unattractive. But after a lot of research into it myself I've found that a lot of Italian/Jewish girls just needed a chin implant to balance out their side profile except the hatred of having a non-sloped nose runs so deep that they'd get it shaved down anyways.
Also in case you're confused by the original image, the woman in that photo got botox, not a nose job. She's beautiful anyways and her nose is adorable.

No. 760601

I agree

No. 760603

File: 1615656386092.png (115.3 KB, 893x931, nose.PNG)

About Iran and Middle Eastern women getting nose jobs for 'doll like noses'. The bandages are even a symbol of pride because it flexes that you have enough money to get your nose done.

No. 760606

Neovags are fucking nasty with fecal matter and pus/hair inside BUT tbh if a scrote can't tell that a MTF is a MTF and is going to fuck one then it's his own fault for not recognizing the obvious signs. That being said, MTFs shouldn't tell other MTFs to lie about it because that's how MTFs get angry scrotes that come back and kill them later bc you "tricked them".

No. 760607

In a world that is full of our oversized male ape counterparts the last I want to be is skinny or small. And I don't mean that all women should be porky, but sexual dimorphism is overrated and people romanticizing the differences between the sexes weird me out. Let our T-rex girls step on T-rex men's necks.

No. 760608

They should disclose it beforehand for the reason that if the man notices it mid-sex, they might lose their fucking life.

No. 760620

File: 1615657457040.jpg (294.1 KB, 1411x943, 1499320364358.jpg)

Male otaku hoarder: disgusting die
Female otaku hoarder: baste

No. 760625

I don't give a fuck if scrotes are too stupid to tell a vagina from a pus pocket. But this is how trannies get each other killed promoting "stealthing" men.

No. 760627

I think they should for the sake of the women they'll try to fuck. Don't wanna end up being with an agressive trannie in the same room because you said no to a disgusting neovag.

No. 760628

I agree but pretty much trans women I’ve known does make it clear on their profiles even just for hook ups

No. 760629

Literally a fear I have. I'm somewhat facially blind and with the amount of filters they abuse, I'm scared of not clocking a troon before meeting irl.

No. 760631

File: 1615657937334.png (846.84 KB, 594x576, 1525439368115.png)

No. 760634

Aren't those just gravure models in some rich & sweaty otakus room?

No. 760636

You can definitely tell in person, women have a sixth sense in detecting males even if you are face blind because it's basically for our own survival. Even the gayest or best passing and multiple procedured HSTS has male characteristics that you will likely notice subconsciously whether they're physical or behavioral.

No. 760637

I disagree, it's selfish imo because it's possible the other person doesn't want to have sex with males, you're basically taking advantage of them for your own pleasure. Not to mention it's dangerous for the trans woman like >>760608 mentioned

No. 760638

There are too many posters/figures of pretty boys, somehow I doubt those are male otaku rooms.

No. 760641

I only count like 1/5th of em being bishoujos

No. 760643

File: 1615658818084.png (923.56 KB, 640x900, Subaru_Sakamaki.png)

>male otaku
>fan of Subaru from Diabolik Lovers (>>760631)
Nope, not possible

No. 760644

File: 1615658835964.png (2.62 MB, 1320x875, 16546485484.png)

I don't even care if they're moefags. These women are unapologetically marriage-repellant and I respect that.

No. 760645

I try not to look at neovag pics so my question is do they generally pass well enough to do this?

No. 760649

absolutely not

No. 760653

Damn, Persona 4 is good but it's not THAT good. She has the SMT4 3DSXL though, I can respect that.

No. 760655

The first picture shows an Utapri poster, so I highly doubt that's the case for this one.

No. 760661

While we're talking about otaku, do you think this is a woman's room? Only a woman can be this autistic about Attack on Titans right? I wish I could afford all this trash aaaaa

No. 760669

The title of the video says it's a female otaku's room at the very least.

No. 760671

File: 1615661337864.jpg (130.57 KB, 449x512, unnamed.jpg)

How can these otakus even allow to spend so much on merch? Are they all super-professional middle-managers in their daytime life, only to drool over Levi figurines at nighttime? Are their parents giving them allowance to spend on collectibles? Do they sacrifice everything for 2D-worship and have zero savings?

No. 760673

I feel like Pixyteriyaki's room would have looked like this if Deb hadn't shamed her to tone down her weebness.

No. 760679

Oh cool I can't read moonrunes, I assumed so from the amount of Levi relics kek
I guess if you're a salaryman/woman and you don't have kid or relationship, just a tiny apartment and cheap meals then it's pretty possible to spend all your money on degeneracy.

No. 760682

If they sell all of that, they would have enough to put in their savings, finally get a car, and a few months of rent for an apartment. Sad that these people have a knack for investments in useless plastic garbage but not for the well-being of their lives and independence.

No. 760692

Aren't those just prize figures? It's not that expensive of an hobb

No. 760694

File: 1615662972459.jpg (150.67 KB, 900x1200, C7DEbeuWwAE2T58.jpg)

Love > financial security, you wouldn't understand peasant

No. 760695

I just picked the first image I clicked on from a google search, but there are people that buy all DVD-releases, all tankobons for manga, video games… so it adds up to a lot, especially if it's an ongoing series that gets active marketing merchandise.

No. 760706

We don't know these people, they could be very rich and have more than enough savings on top of having all this crap in their rooms.

No. 760719

While we're on the topic of AoT, my unpopular opinion is Eren >>> Levi

No. 760725

She is kind of right, I'm saying this as someone who has a room like the ones being posted.
It's easy to get caught up in the whole "how much merchandise you buy is proof of your love" thing. It's often a slippery slope where you get used to having a "monthly order" of plastic goods you don't care about as much as you think you do and neglect saving for your future. I have well off parents that pay for my education and housing so from ages 16-20 I worked part time jobs and used every last penny I made on anime. I still enjoy a lot of the stuff I have but a lot of it I don't enjoy nearly as much as the price I paid for it. Also having that much fragile stuff makes it a massive pain to move.
Like anything, it's best to enjoy anime merchandise in moderation. Husbando/waifu consumer culture is stupid.

No. 760732

While I'm not above husbandofagging, I'm lucky that I hate clutter and cleaning around it, which keeps me from buying shit. All I want when I move out is to buy a bodypillow, since I'll be foreveralone anyway.

No. 760738

I will say that my body pillow is probably the purchase I least regret. Go for it anon.

No. 760757

I also just want a body pillow and different covers for the different husbandos I got, anything more than that is just too much for my easily tired eyes.
Like, I get buying some plushies as well, maybe building an itabag, but those are things you can put in a plastic container whenever you don’t feel like being a husbandofag.

No. 760778

I want to say I first heard it back in 2016 and it was funny for two weeks but its extreme overuse has classically conditioned me into rolling my eyes whenever someone brings it up. The general trend of calling someone a stereotypical name in response to something stupid is obnoxious in general and just reminds me of shitty mid-10's tumblr humor. Everyone thinks they're some master clapblack-er when really they're just parroting the same unfunny memes as everyone else. It takes absolutely no wit or thought. The gendered equivalent of some 19 year old replying to rando conservative tweets with 'ok boomer'.

The most obnoxious part is that any time I've tried to bring up the fact that it's not funny anymore because of how overused it is, without even mentioning misogyny, they hilariously automatically squawk 'KAREN'! Thanks for proving my point you Meatcanyon-loving mouth-breather.

No. 760792

Tres leches cake is definitely in the top 5 best types of cake.

No. 760797

You’re absolutely right and you shouldn’t be afraid to voice your opinion.

No. 760801

Never ate it, but it looks disappointing

No. 760815

You have to give it a try, it’s actually delicious if you eat one made by someone that’s got the touch for those cakes.

No. 761016

energy drinks are disgusting. i can't believe there are adults who unironically drink that piss, just drink coffee or idk get some sleep
soda is gross too

No. 761020

I had a floor manager who would drink three five hour energy drinks per shift
she said she only did it because cocaine was illegal, she was truly an extremely unhappy person

No. 761027

I don't hate the taste of energy drinks but I never drink them, I just associate them with the grossest things. Like mixing them with alcohol when I was younger, coworkers who would drink multiple cans in the morning and smoke all the time, anachans who are obsessed with white monster, unhealthy male friends who live off junk food and don't sleep or drink water… there's something about energy drinks that appeals to people who don't take care of themselves.

No. 761059

Coffee is gross to me, I’d rather have fizzy sugar drink

No. 761061

SZAs voice sounds generic…I'm disappointed, people say she has a "special pronunciation" but i can't hear any difference from other singers in her genre. I'm sorry.

No. 761063

Cow meat tastes fucking gross, I'm vegan not because "eating meat hurst the planet" or whatever, i genuinely can't stand its flavour

No. 761064

Joking about pegging men you feel attracted to is absolutely gross, idk why those shitty pegging memes keep appearing on my insta timeline ew

No. 761068


No. 761123

I feel this way but with pork. Makes me feel like I'm eating an old man. I understand why pork is haram.

No. 761157

File: 1615713949226.jpg (143.28 KB, 600x600, monster-juice-mango-loco.jpg)

I understand if you're talking about the regular, energy drink flavored ones like Red Bull or original Monster, but some of the fruit flavored ones are delicious Pic related

Do you feel the same way about any sexual comment ("I want him to fuck me" etc) or do you just hate pegging? We're not joking

No. 761159

I think they mean it though. I think they've never pegged someone and in their head it's a really hot fantasy.

I've pegged before, found out it's not all that hot in reality. Def one of those 'should've kept it as a fantasy' situations

No. 761161

I love that one! I wish they sold it in smaller cans, the big one is too much to drink in one sitting.

No. 761170

Agreed, assholes are a one-way-street.

No. 761177

Diff anon but I had amazing anal one time. And not so great anal two other times after that. I'm glad I managed to never have any mishaps despite it always being a spontaneous thing. I have given up on anal while I still have my record of never shitting on the dick.

No. 761198

No. 761230

I don't think anyone asked, ma'am

No. 761235

That's never stopped me from sharing

No. 761296

there is next to nobody pretending to be autistic, at least definitely not enough people to warrant it being talked about so much as if it's some kind of significant problem. you are very detached from reality and spend way to much time online if you think being autistic actually holds any kind of real social prestige irl. most people still have a pretty negative view of autistic people.

No. 761302

God same, pork tastes even weirder than meat
Just pegging (for hygienic reasons). Just thinking about the bacteria involved and the ~smell~…I have a very bad OCD so is a "hell no" from me.

No. 761306

Different anon and sorry for the grossness but I used to work for an online sex store and when product reviews were submitted by customers I would have to read over them before letting them publish to the product page.

Men writing reviews for anal toys would always comment about how bum smells had seeped into the toy and how they couldn't get the smell back out of the toy.. I don't think I was paid enough to read that kind of shit all the time

No. 761319

fuck the royal family and in my opinion there are plenty of pedos in the family and they probably do lots of shady shit behind the scenes, i couldn’t care less about them, no doubt they are probably racist but i can’t stand meghan markle‘s stupid whiny ass. if being a part of the royal family is so awful then you should have gone away. who cares what hardships some rich girl has faced when there are people out there without a place to live at all and who are suffering. they’re a whole bunch of meaningless people, the whole lot.

No. 761322

I feel this way because I just think it's gross to begin with

No. 761330

I'm vegetarian purely out of disgust too. The only meat I ever liked was fried chicken products like nuggets and fingers and the only thing I liked about those was the fried part.

No. 761364

Agreed but you should of put it in the royal family thread

No. 761430

File: 1615749322447.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 454.75 KB, 1125x1012, 07353AA3-01C6-4CD1-980C-4B6ECA…)

This 10000%, picrel anon in the kinkshaming thread described it best. I have wartime flashbacks to my scrote ex pressuring me to look at his ass. Oh, sorry, his "cute boipussy." Up til then I was a fujo, and I've since learned the "yaoi hole" theory is correct. Male asshole is disgusting irl. I did not feel present in my body at that time and was dead and lifeless. This moid mentioned so casually how "shit happens" aka shitting himself on a dildo… Nopenopenope. It's degenerate. I'm sorry. Those cute sexy drawings of anime guys (if you're into that) are not reality; reality is femboys and sissies. And stinky male anus.

No. 761432

File: 1615749909883.jpg (158.97 KB, 1152x1577, Nate M AAG12.JPG)

this body type is gross and unattractive especially on disproportionate males

No. 761441

Stupid question but what does she mean by perma-coinslot hole?

No. 761443

I'm just not a fan of muscles

No. 761445

nikocado avocado

No. 761447

File: 1615750919986.jpeg (71.11 KB, 488x488, C1ABD331-8BFA-4826-AA58-EE3695…)

Dua Lipa makes lame underwhelming music and needs to stop being hyped up for her nostalgia bait. It’s the kind of music t play in overhead stereos in grocery stores literal commercial music aka boring vanilla whitey shit on par with Ed Sheeran kek

No. 761449

File: 1615751043893.png (924.96 KB, 960x907, zbso7donnfl61.png)

Yeah getting supper bulky doesn't work for short guys at all. On the disproportionate angel it can't even work on tall guys because big body+dinky head=ugly.

My own unpopular opinion, but some dudes would be better off being slightly chubby than having cursed buff genomes

No. 761450

A man needs to be tall with long arms for this level of muscle definition to look good. Otherwise they look like toads.

No. 761451

My ex had a history of being fisted and even though I certainly wasn't entertaining that kind of play… he had the telltale coinslot looking asshole. That was just the shape of it, apparently long term from playing with it and going large. If the guy ever needs to see a doc about anything in that area they'll immediately know what his kink is lol

No. 761460

sorry about this but did it affect his poops? kek

No. 761479

Well he wasn't incontinent, didn't have nasty skids in his clothes or anything like that in the years we shared laundry. I always thought he got through an insane amount of toilet roll though. I didn't even want to ask how he used quite so much but he did.

No. 761486

Pegging can only be good if the woman is the one who pushes for it, and if the guy actually has good hygiene and a decent amount of shame. Before I asked him my boyfriend researched extensively how to clean himself out, and even changed his diet to make it so he doesn't have to do thorough deep enemas every time. I'm pretty sure he'd cry if there was even a speck of poop anywhere, lmao.
Also honestly it doesn't help that most moids eat poorly and are walking around constipated, they should not being forcing their poor gfs to do anal play especially if they can't be bothered to take precautions.

No. 761495

Nobody should feel obligated to go to a funeral, specially from close family members. Not everyone is ready to see their mom's dead body and it shouldn't be judged and some people cope better in solitude.

No. 761497

Unless you're sticking to some beginners toys, a speck of poop does happen eventually. Cleaned out or not, eating right or not. You have enough anal and you will have those tiny traces of it happen.

No. 761509

Yeah, it's happened, but honestly I don't care. If I was going to be squicked out by that in the first place, I would've never asked him to let me peg him. There's a huge difference between small traces of it once in a blue moon and literally being shit on because the moid is too stupid and lazy to prep. Honestly I think the entitlement is the worst part. They expect most women to do something they wouldn't enjoy, and then make it even more awful by having the worst possible hygiene possible.

No. 761511

I'm a diehard fujo but would absolutely never peg a man (I'm a lesbian for starters) because of this. Let's be real, the yaoi hole is just a stand-in for a vagina. Anal sex, especially with men, in real life is painful and often nasty as hell, what with shit coming out of there and moids in particular not looking after their hygiene or even shaving their ass hair. My heart really goes out for the naïve women who fall in the trap of "just peg me once, let's just try it" with their boyfriends and suddenly he's demanding her to eat his ass and fist him because that's the only way he ever gets off now. And then he fully embraces his femboy/sissy fetish while his porn sickness prevents him from realizing that his lanky, skinnyfat 6ft quarterback looking ass resembles nothing like the drawings that are basically just a girl with a dick.

No. 761543

File: 1615760914078.jpg (479.78 KB, 1200x1600, sholay.jpg)

This may be a weirdly specific opinion but the only good music from the Indian subcontinent was songs from Bollywood films from the 1970s or before. Also, maybe this is just survivors bias, but Bollywood films from the 70s were significantly better than modern Bollywood films. I can't help but cringe at new Bollywood films, but I don't feel the same about older ones. I think it's because newer ones always look like a very poor imitation of western movies, whilst older Bollywood films seem more charming

No. 761544

I don't see what the big deal is with doing pedicures yourself vs doing them at the salon. It looks the exact same just less expensive

No. 761549

Does this really happen? I know a lot of straight men are at least curious about stuff like rimming and pegging, it kinda makes sense since the male G spot lives up the ass.

No. 761553

I swear a ton of r/transwidow stories start with this exact setting. It's always like
>My husband wanted me to peg him once, then he wanted to do it every other time and now he's demanding me to pound his ass with a strapon every time while ignoring my needs, then he started putting on a wig and a dress during sex and…
To the point it's become a huge fucking red flag if a guy is into anal play.

No. 761610

nta but it happened to me with my bf. I never even pegged him or touched his ass, it was too gross but he was always talking about it, pressuring me and soon enough wanted to troon. I feel like it was pornsickness or something from hentai I never knew about. Men have this misogynist idea that women are holes and therefore liking ass stuff on themselves makes them a woman, and they get turned on by that because women sexy holes now I'm a sexy hole too durrr.

No. 761615

samefag but also he didn't like attention on his dick anymore because it was "dysphoric" even though it wasn't always that way. I think the dYsPhOrIa is actually erectile dysfunction (he couldn't get it up from that) because pornsick scrotes are always escalating. Once they move to the new fetish, in this case pegging or sissy shit, they can't be turned on by normal stuff they used to anymore. This might be why it escalates from normal -> pegging -> now they have to be a sissy. It's pretty similar to watching porn in general causing problems during sex which becomes too slow, boring, or whatever else for them

No. 761778

No lmao. I’m sure it has but people itt acting like it’s some common universal thing are delusional and base their world view off reddit posts.

No. 761990

when she originally came out her sound was really unheard of but everyone started copying her style of singing. im a sza stan so i will defend my queen. She never misses.

No. 762121

File: 1615833191071.jpg (87.49 KB, 640x640, 15664943076.jpg)

Mullets are hot (on women). Yes even "barcode" ones like Doja Cat's.

No. 762124

Agreed, sucks ass that I can't pull one off

No. 762150

I had one in highschool lmao. I got it after I saw The Runaways in theatre. It sent me into a whole year long Joan Jett phase because I was 15 and sort of in the closet and didn’t know how else to be a lesbian. Ngl, I looked pretty good but that’s just cause I was skinny like a boy back then so I had that whole androgynous thing going for me but I got made fun of A LOT. Sage for blog.

No. 762168

i love mullets. i wanna get one but i'm afraid i'll look ugly af in them.

No. 762171

File: 1615839921435.png (458.49 KB, 588x980, anisa.png)

No. 762177

Isn’t this a more of a shag or a wolfcut? But agreed, i love fluffy hair

No. 762179

they're both cute, second one just needs a bit of styling

No. 762182

she's cute though?

No. 762184

Nta Anon just expects us to hate her because she’s an onlyfans girl/idubbbz gf, she looks fine, but could maybe have flattering haircut but imo still cute

No. 762199

Yep same happened to me with my ex, turns out he was also into sissy hypno poppers porn and other shit. Weird thing is he was very much against troons but once it was a bedroom kink it was hot to him. It's porn sicknesses in my opinion. He'd be a normally adjusted and straight person but watching that shit everyday just fucks them up. It just rots their brain. But yeah wanting to try a strap on and talking about it all the time is moving into my red flags.

Sage for blog

No. 762229

>he had the telltale coinslot looking asshole
Wait.. a coinslot asshole means a man has done anal? What if he just takes big shits all the time?

No. 762241

You do not get that nikocado avocado looking coinslot asshole from making massive mudpies, anon.

No. 762245

my bf is trying to convince me it is just a difference between men and women and that all men have coinslots

No. 762249

Unpopular opinion: I think shes cute kek

No. 762257

She's super cute and could be sexy if someone actually directed her photoshoots well, it's so annoying to see her fail every time she tries because the potential is there

No. 762269

It should be acceptable to wear barefeet around, provided you wash and scrub your feet before entering buildings. It should even be the norm and we should start moving away from shoes, except for instances like in construction where there are nails around.

Shoes are so bad for you.

No. 762271

I am screaming anon, all men definitely do not have coinslots for assholes!

No. 762273

As someone in a wet city where the pavement is littered with dog shit and broken glass I must politely disagree, but I support sensible orthopaedic footwear, everyone's feet would be less gross if we even just wore sandals in summer

Modern day shoe designs should he seen as the health crisis that it is

No. 762276

Bitch i live in a cold, wet ass country. Wac.

No. 762284

There's snow 9 months of the year here and the rest is just muddy. Not gonna happen.

No. 762289

There are about as many men who want to be sexually submissive as women

No. 762295

But submissive men still want to boss the service-dominatrix around

No. 762300

On the contrary, open toed shoes should be banned so we don't have to look at each other's gross feet

No. 762320

>about as many
doubt it since that is like 99% of women

No. 762398

Guns and self-defense tools should be legal for women only, to balance the inherent strength difference. We should live in a culture where every man assumes a woman is carrying a weapon and can fight back if he starts something.

fucking pepper spray is illegal in my country and it makes me REEEEEEEE. realistically what are women supposed to do? even athletic and strong women are vulnerable to male strength

No. 762408

off topic, but I just laugh when other women post about using their keys as a weapon in case someone attacks them, like wtf is that going to do?

unpopular, but I've never really felt this fear of men. I know if I tell them to fuck off loudly they go scrambling, even if they do shout something nasty as they go. If I lived in a third world country or a ghetto, yeah, I'd take precautions.

No. 762414

Have you ever actually had a key jabbed into the bonier areas of your body? Or say, an eyeball? It does in fact hurt like fuck and would be a deterrent to any man who isn't super dead set on kidnapping you or whatever. Not as useful as a gun or pepper spray but it's something.

No. 762415

Anon pls, you know it doesn’t always work like that. It doesn’t always matter if you’re in a bad neighborhood or yell at the guy, sometimes you’re alone, it’s late, no one is around, etc. Being able to carry legal weapons for self-defense would be a huge deterrent against these guys.

No. 762437

File: 1615866348520.jpg (106.45 KB, 480x720, 1365757605e143c (1).jpg)

women should start weightlifting more because it's hot and the aesthetic is severely underused. we need some roid chans in the world

No. 762452

Based. I started lifting so that I could have the ability to toss a moid out a window at any given time.

No. 762535

Not on actual steroids tho.

No. 762557

File: 1615888463068.jpg (81.56 KB, 1425x277, Screenshot_3.jpg)

The 'casually doing my makeup while talking about dead people' Youtube trend needs to die, it's fucking tasteless

No. 762561

File: 1615889149433.png (212.79 KB, 982x227, gfdfddfg.png)

how about telling about dead people's misery while mukbanging?

No. 762563

Omg YES I hate this shit so much

No. 762566

File: 1615890911498.jpg (41.72 KB, 624x625, e2d5b7cbd0a40459b2fb688250cc18…)

I think Selena Gomez can both be a pillpopper and have lupus, neither usual druggies or people with the disease need transplants that young, mix them both and yeah you've got whats going on with her, she's going to end up killing herself before 50.

No. 762567

Just end humanity now, omg.

No. 762573

Omg. This is sick

No. 762574

What's the hope for me a boring ass average looking addicted twat if selena gomez is understimulated at her level

No. 762576

i hate make-up and how normalized it is in women so i hate this double much. the only "true crime" youtuber i watch is Kendall Rae only because at least she does the videos respectfully and doesn't capitalize on how sPoOoOoOoKy murder is!!!

No. 762684

I don't think bisexual people are real. I think you can either be gay/lesbian or straight.

I think bisexual men are just hedonistic idiots who would fuck even a hole in the wall and bisexual women are just pretending to like women to impress men.

No. 762686

omg when will this unpopular opinion die. We have an argument about the legitimacy of bisexuality every fucking thread. give it a rest. NO one cares.

No. 762693

Is it bad that i watch both of them? I think its distasteful too but they tell the cases in a surprisingly respectful manner although it took me a long time to warm up to them. Especially stephanie because she takes random breaks to eat the food. I just wish she would do more where she is just sitting talking about the case. But this generation has no attention span so sadly these youtubers feel obligated to constantly be doing other shit while talking.Im going to hell.

No. 762698

>omg when will this unpopular opinion die

When straight women stop pretending to be attracted to women for woke-points and male attention.

No. 762718

I think pretty much all men are or deep down want to be submissive

No. 762742

I dont find men with his look attractive. Not the long hair but his build and face. Is this the female equalvalent of a guy disliking supermodels? For starters I like attractive men but more cute and pretty ones

No. 762750

Most scrotes are bisexual and would leave you in a heartbeat for a cute enough twink

No. 762759

weird bait

No. 762761

Scrotes would also fuck a lukewarm chicken sandwich, they're just degenerates.

No. 762764

It's the same horse piss enthusiast from /lgbt/ who previously posted about lesbians and straight men preferring twinks to fat women. Ignore it.

No. 762774

File: 1615910607676.png (322.1 KB, 1875x1149, lgbt.png)

Samefagging to show the proof that it's /lgbt/ scrotes, found by another anon.
This is the thread: https://archived.moe/lgbt/thread/19169234/#19169699

No. 762777

File: 1615910903170.png (802.31 KB, 974x525, ugly men in movies.png)

I'm the same way. I think more women like the cute/pretty type, but men don't want to accept that, kek.

No. 762782

My favorite is when scrotes call attractive young men "gay." They seriously can't handle men who are more beautiful and put together than they are.

No. 762783

i hope so,they all can fuck twinkies and leave us alone. Meanwhile normal men would just date women lol we don't lose much

No. 762785

Not to be a hating ass bitch, but seeing male gay scenes on TV or film is unpleasant and upsetting to me aesthetically and mentally. I don't mind lesbians. Just something about two men together grosses me the fuck out. I have an ex that was closeted and like the thought of him being vulnerable with a man makes me feel sick since he was such an insensitive aggressive wanker with me my brain just cannot compute a man submitting to another man it just upsets me to my core lol

No. 762796

Well that explains everything, I honestly never heard of her until last month so maybe i thought her singing sounded generic because i listened to others copying her style first.

No. 762804

I was attracted to boys and girls way before the concept of "woke points" even existed. Also boys were super homophobic so liking girls didn't bring me positive attention…to say the least.

No. 762808

It's probably bait tbh

No. 762810

it is and they post it almost word for word in every thread

No. 762811

Samefag, that person is also a reddit spacer, even if it's not bait their opinion is discarded lmao

No. 762812

Neon colors are the best colors.

No. 762813

You're right

No. 762816

File: 1615915108249.jpg (247.62 KB, 566x800, tumblr_mk2n4iF3fC1rn3yyfo1_640…)

I love this style of tattoo combinations. I don't mean themed, but rather when people are just full of tattoos that look like they're flash tattoos/came from a sticker book.

No. 762819

File: 1615915589454.jpg (Spoiler Image, 61.18 KB, 748x932, ELhTyZ1XYAEvNiH.jpg)

I hate that people act like Harry Styles is some fashion icon, because there are celebrity men wearing effeminate clothing that do it well, but don't get as annoyingly hyped up as Harry does. Lil Nas X and Billy Porter are the first that come to mind, but there are probably better examples Harry always look disheveled and stinky. It's a fucking eyesore

No. 762829

What a disgusting pic, there's nothing feminine about this outfit, no woman would be caught dead in that. Androgynous icons like Bowie or Prince could at least tastefully pick the colors and the clothing. I already find the guy pretty ugly, this is just making it worse.

No. 762837

At first glance, I thought the blondish figure on the chest in between Betty Page and Dorothy Gale was a sexy Margaret Thatcher

No. 762852

I'm really not seeing the concept there. Gay Abraham Lincoln? A clown? Why is his belly out like that? What points are being made?
It just looks ugly. No punk edge (the tattoos are boring), the little clothes he's wearing don't look cool or really make sense together, no makeup or hair, he doesn't have a nice body or face. What are we meant to see?
He's an ugly, frumpy bitch and I hate straight people for hyping him up.

No. 762853

Its because hes overweight and has no grooming

No. 762867

Duh anon it's obviously Humpty Dumpty
Harry looks like an average unattractive man in frumpy clothes usually but this is something else, the photographer must have hated him to post this

No. 762868

I think it's Madonna

No. 762874

File: 1615918141660.jpg (47.98 KB, 624x351, stylesvogue.jpg)

Just to be clear, I didn't choose that pic cause I saw people praising it and saying it was effeminate or whatever lmao. I saw it on here a while ago. It was just the best pic I could find to showcase his stinkiness. His actual "fashion" choices are not much better though

No. 762878

File: 1615918338062.png (540.55 KB, 634x1049, twinks.png)

cope and seethe, scrote.

No. 762879

I think people have this weird opinion about those who are childfree and make the same stereotypes like men do with feminists, as if all of them hate children. You have this one sub on reddit that's notorious but most people you deal with irl are way more invasive with their questions about when you're going to have kids and kid related questions. I'm yet to see this nazi childfree person versus dozens of instances that I have personally experienced. I'm sure I'm not alone.

No. 762883

You are so not alone, I've literally been in arguments on lolcow arguing that I wouldn't have kids because I'm scared for their hypothetical future, and people still tell me that it's actually because I hate them

No. 762909

File: 1615919954500.jpg (90.67 KB, 1200x675, 5bd21afbbfc3f.image.jpg)

Samefag but, I don't even think it's Harry's stinky/sloppy look that makes these outfits look bad on him. Even people like Jaden Smith and Young Thug did photoshoots in dresses and it looked great, picrel. Young Thug literally made a video talking about how he has a "permanent dirty dick". So I don't know what it is, but Harry cannot wear that kind of shit, stinky or not.

No. 762916

File: 1615920591242.jpg (80.95 KB, 607x825, The_Two_Paths.jpg)

Thats kind of because the internet and the real world have made it so two differing "popular" views can exist at once. You know how people bitch about home somethings big online, but no one irl cares or knows about it? On the internet the reddit CF community dominates, but IRL no one gives a shit about it.

No. 762956

I agree, I hate that people have that stereotype because I actually really love kids and volunteer with a youth program, I just don't personally want kids.

No. 762972

File: 1615925041818.jpg (32.11 KB, 580x480, Smurf.jpg)

If you use toilet paper and not wipes to wipe your ass, you're gross and have bits of paper and shit in your ass

No. 762981

Am I still gross if I soak them in water first?

No. 762982

you're a menace

No. 762985

I can't believe grown ass people are too embarrassed to buy a product because it says "baby" on it

No. 762986

HOLY SHIT I FUCKING LOVED SHOLAY, AND DEEWAAR, my dad has a Deewaar poster in his stereo room. Totally fucking agree with you, anon. FUCK YEAH


No. 762990

Even worse, because then it rips apart and bits of paper are stuck in your asshole.
No, I just like the feeling of a clean asshole that hasn't been ripped to shreds by dry paper
Exactly anon. How can people feel clean after smearing shit all over their ass with fucking dry paper that rips easily???

No. 763001

Are you buying 1-ply paper or something or why does it always rip for you?

No. 763002

samefag, excuse me, *Did you use to buy 1-ply paper

No. 763004

File: 1615927218981.jpg (188.88 KB, 1280x720, this is your fault.jpg)

I prefer a non-blocked sewer. Also,
>ripped to shreds by dry paper
how tf are you getting paper cuts on your asshole?

No. 763011

Rubbing paper against a dry asshole (I don't know about you, but my asshole isn't moist) is pretty uncomfortable. Also, you don't flush them, you put them in a nappy sack and put it in the trash.
No matter what ply, it will always leave your anus feeling dirty because you're getting dirt off with something dry. You wouldn't get mud off your shoes with dry paper, would you? Even if you did, it wouldn't leave it as clean as it would using something wet.

No. 763030

you're supposed to finish shitting before you wipe your ass. there shoudn't me much more than a little watery brown patch on the tp after you use it unless you're completely exceptional or very sick

No. 763038

gross, just get a bidet instead of polluting the environment

No. 763062

I use the tiny shower next to the toilet (eurofag so not sure how common this is) then wipe

No. 763070

Why did this make me weak in the knees with laughter?

No. 763075

James charles is not a pedo. It's ok for a 21 year old to date a 16-17 year olds. There are scrotes who will defend dating an 18 year old and they're 30 but now im expected to believe james charles is a pedo.

No. 763076

I agree and support you anon

No. 763077

File: 1615934002232.jpg (471.77 KB, 1235x695, cover2.jpg)

>It's ok for a 21 year old to date a 16-17 year olds.

No. 763078

It's not okay but it's not okay to label him as a pedo

No. 763087

I've seen a lot of people say they think doja cat is going to be a big star but for some reason I really don't think she is. I think her next album will under preform and then we wont hear from her again.

No. 763088

I thought people being more "online" would lead to higher literacy rates and yet I see overall spelling levels get worse and worse every year.
>inb4 typos, ESL, or internet slang
I don't mean that, I mean simple errors like "sneak peak" and "should of," the one thread on /g/ with benign spelled as "benine." Zoomers especially spell like shit. Is everyone using speech to text suddenly??

Agree that specific age difference isn't pedo but I do think there's something creepy about it if an adult /only/ dates underaged high schoolers. Also feel like we should stop labeling these men pedos because it's allowing real pedos to blanket themselves under your argument.

No. 763089

I hope that doesn't happen. I really like Doja! Her music is fun and her outfits and performances are usually great. She seems like a pretty creative person

No. 763099

Criticizing people's spelling is ableist uwu
Remember to use tone indicators!

God I hate zoomers

No. 763104

tfw when esl no idea what benign means. is sneak peak wrong because its supposed to be written together ("sneakpeak") or what? and should of is wrong because it should "should have"? kek

No. 763107

samefag pls forgive me for the typos its 1am and i am tired. too tired to delete and repost

No. 763108

Over dependency on spellcheck combined with "no red line = good" philosophy. The 'bennie' thing 100% is a phoneposter who can't see red lines.
Zoomer and I've realized how shit my spelling is because I butcher words and hope spellcheck fixes

No. 763109

Men look so stupid in women's clothing.

No. 763112

sneak peek*

But who gives a fuck? Unless it leads to serious ambiguity or vagueness, it doesn't matter if you spell things wrong or make grammatical mistakes. In academia yeah, you should take the proper precautions, but online you can shitpost with shit grammar freely.

No. 763117

Aw, that makes sense. I guess I probably would do that too if I grew up with spellcheck as a default.

I'm ESL myself and for some reason it made my English writing better since I had to work harder to learn it correctly.
>sneak peak
Supposed to be "sneak peek" because a "peek" is like a little look at something but a peak is the tip of a mountain.
>should of
Makes no grammatical sense, "of" is a possessive word. The phrase is "should have" which is why it's abbreviated "should've"

I really don't know why I care tbh. I feel silly when I catch myself caring, I guess as mentioned earlier in my post it comes from frustration at having to work harder to get a good grasp on English. It also gives me the feeling that nobody reads literature anymore, which makes me sad. I know that's lame and pretentious

No. 763120

I agree with everything you've said but I'll add that I don't think this is confined zoomers, a shocking number of older people demonstrate how poor their literacy and reading comprehension skills are from the way they use social media. It's a serious problem, especially in North America. It's no wonder conspiracy theories have gained so much ground, populations here are in desperate need of some kind of digital literacy campaign.

No. 763126

Nah, its not only you that notices literacy and reading comprehesion levels are down the drain. Its something ive been noticing for a long time since normies became more common online. When I use grammaratically correct sentence structure the likelihood of some tard misconstruing the meaning of my words or outright reading something else is nigh. People online respond to petty insults, poor grammar, sentence structure, and awkward trendy syntax much easier than they would something that is technically more literate. It honestly makes me extremely disappointed by how hostile and idiotically hive minded people get towards "big" words just because they cant understand things outside of shitty slang. I dont mind using less formal speech but its a fucking problem when I always have to dumb down my text just for people to get what im saying and not skim across my words. Its coming to the point where the majority of English speakers understand the language no better than a intermediate ESL. It obviously wasnt like that during the 90s and 2000s internet which is why im complaining.

My issue is why is it considered pretentious to care about art and literature on the internet but people obsessed with video games and anime can sperg all they want in the most neurotic anal retentive ways because nobody calls them out for their bullshit? I dont understand why having standards for anything humanities based online is considered a "no no" or "ableist" but retarded mc video game fan can blow his neck vein over whats almost always a children's targeted franchise? A part of it is because video games and anime are the most popular forms of social groups for zoomers now but damn it still disgusts me.

No. 763127

Okay this argument is always used but there comes to a point where people cant understand you unless youre talking like that or theyre acting more aggressively dismissive over your text just for looking more formal cause they dont want to read

No. 763158

Anons who don't even try to integrate should be publically shamed

No. 763164

I see who you're talking about, and I also see people are already working on it

No. 763175

I saw the redtext just now, kisses to my jannies

No. 763226

Your rant gave me so much comfort just now. Too often in online conversations (or texting) I find myself apologizing for talking too much and think the way I communicate is stodgy. I sometimes dumb my sentences down, or purposefully don't use certain punctuations (like an oxford comma), so I can seem more relatable. It feels good to know it's possible that a lot of peoples' attention spans are just shot.

Bear in mind I don't think I'm particularly well-written, I just noticed I've been feeling like some socially stunted weirdo. Honestly, how much can I use Internet slang, meme formatting and AAVE until it feels like it's not even my voice or me talking and using my own sense of humor? Like some algorithmic AI that's evaluated what's trending has taken over my body and typed for me.
Sorry for the sperg.

No. 763232

Apparently the average American reads at the 6th grade level, so it's no surprise. I wish I kidding.

No. 763333

Wow, that's horrifically depressing but unfortunately understandable. Sometimes I think to American YouTubers who read things out loud from an article (or let's players who don't have the decency to just edit out the scrolling text and read once it's all on-screen). They'll put it up too, so you can really take in the struggle. You'd think they're reading an excerpt of an astrophysicist's writing intended for their peers.

No. 763424

Card readings/crystallball/horoscope/witchcraft and all kind of spiritual stuff really brings out the NLOG in me. Whenever I go to any kind of women's community or some kind of forum for "female interests" and it has shit like that it makes me think "oh, no, babes, this is one of the reasons we're made fun of, don't call it a women's interest".
I know some people just participate for fun, but some people really think that not believing women can be real witches is mocked just because of anti-woman sentiments, when it's mocked because you sound stupid.

No. 763431

Well at least you're aware you're an NLOG…

No. 763433

I just had a flashback of seeing a (white scrote, of course) zoomer on twitter who said that white women are inherently guilty of racism against black people / POC because "there's always been a white woman behind/besides a white racist man", all of this while using tone indicators.

No. 763438

File: 1615979045000.png (277.67 KB, 700x2062, pandas.png)

I think Pandas are dumb we should let them die. I agree with picrel.

No. 763447

They mate accidently?? How is that even possible kek. I agree they are dumb but very cute

No. 763448


No. 763449

You’re right

No. 763452

Isn't this satire?

No. 763474

File: 1615986293139.jpg (90.21 KB, 600x800, pTuzOkH-600x800.jpg)

people who have handwriting that's extremely "perfect" have undiagnosed mental disorders

No. 763475

you sound like a misogynistic dude. i'm not saying you are, but that's what this post sounds like. i hope that makes you re-evaluate how you view other women's interests.

No. 763477

At least those things seem like fun and don't revolve around looking good for men. I prefer that shit over makeup. I wouldn't mind having a witchy tarot bff.

No. 763478

seethe, Panda-stan

No. 763483

and you must have undiagnosed jealousy

No. 763500

Kek, no, calling me a scrote won't make me suddenly like spiritual crap or think those that seriously live by it are mentally mature.

No. 763505

nta but that's not what she said. It's the way you describe women that makes you sound like a tool.
>"female interests"
gimme a fucking break

No. 763511

I think the worst part is that people with these kind of interests tend to take it too far and try forcing others to believe their ~*spiritual*~ bs, like those people who avoid or disrespect someone because "they're an scorpio/Gemini", also there was this girl who throw a bitch fit and called me "basic" because I didn't want a ~reading~. If they didn't were so snobbish about it i wouldn't mind.

No. 763513

I don't see it, but maybe because I'm ESL and also tend to abuse quotation marks to try to make myself more clear. I didn't mean to say that women don't have genuine interests, or that boards with a female demographics are inferior places.

No. 763519

Muh nlog

No. 763521

cope harder with your shitty handrwiting, anon.

also, based stanley hall and maggie mead

No. 763525

The girls that had handwriting this neat in my experience almost always came from backgrounds where their parents were pushing them too hard to perform well academically and in social life. That's kind of a mental illness I guess, or at least will cause one.

No. 763557

I have pretty neat writing to the point where sometimes teachers would accuse me of typing on first glance, and I agree with >>763525. Although I have ADHD and was very autistic as a kid, so penmanship was just another random obsession

No. 763602

I don’t trust people with handwriting like this

No. 763630

File: 1616004528265.jpg (439.76 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_opdvkfPZF61w7eetfo1_128…)

Somewhat related but I also hate the "studyblr" note aesthetic. I know some people find having nice notes like that motivating but it just seems like a huge waste of time to me.

No. 763634

Notes that are well organized are really satisfying, I hate these specific typefaces/styles of handwriting though. It reads very "suburban horsegirl who exclusively wears Tna brand clothes" to me.

No. 763703

Agreed. It's also ironic how they act like they're against religion but then believe this stuff and act the same as religious nutjobs.

No. 763724

File: 1616014958879.jpeg (205.8 KB, 735x1102, DA177B3E-8BAA-4F5F-9545-F1779D…)

I’m pretty tired of this decor style but it’s very popular

No. 763725

I do like the aesthetic and pretty notes but I do think it's a waste of time.
I'm most likely never going to look at them again and throw them away when declutter time comes.

No. 763729

same. I also hate Swedish minimalism and minimalism in general

No. 763732

File: 1616015702311.jpg (165.36 KB, 700x529, pan.jpg)

Idgaf is some superstitious tribe that thinks pangolins are a miracle cure and anything more than a placebo. These cute animals shouldn't be killed and de-scaled just because 'it's part of their culture you despite it not working. I hate when people defend cultural relativism even if it legitablelty hurts people, like people who defend fgm and eating dogs

No. 763733

'it's part of their culture uwu'*

No. 763745

File: 1616017250611.webm (2.82 MB, 640x360, 1615647960090.webm)

Idgaf is some superstitious burgers that thinks cows are a miracle protein cure and anything more than a cancer causer. These cute animals shouldn't be killed and cooked just because 'it's part of their culture you despite it not working. I hate when people defend cultural relativism even if it legitablelty hurts people, like people who defend not eating dogs.

No. 763749

I'm trying not to judge people on their harmless hobbies, but when the other day my coworker (who's super into astrology, stones and all that crap) lost her shit because I had opened my umbrella inside to let it dry, it's making it hard not to be annoyed. And like >>763703 said she hateds religion because her mom forced her to go to church as a kid lol.

No. 763750

>little does she know that I'm vegan

No. 763760

Men are so ugly that they’re the ones who should be covered up in religious clothing instead of women

No. 763762

This take is so based
what the fuck

No. 763767

File: 1616020229786.jpeg (77.99 KB, 512x512, F67D437B-FB9E-40D9-8D2D-67A86F…)

You’re saying the truth and you should preach your word, please never let anyone silence your ideas.

No. 763771

I agree. Every time I see that witches vs patriarchy subreddit it makes me cringe beyond belief. Obviously it’s not as harmful to society as religion since nobody is using tarot readings as a basis for why women shouldn’t have reproductive rights, but goddamn do they sound dumb as bricks. It’s like believing you can talk to squirrels or something, totally harmless but you’re still a retard.


No. 763785

If they could actually talk to squirrels and get them to harass men they'd be based. But celebrating how it's their curses that finally worked when some big name male hollywood rapist gets what's coming for him is really funny.

No. 763791

>talk to squirrels and get them to harass men
If I could have this superpower I’d be so happy.

No. 763796

me either. something is seething beneath the surface

you can have nice handwriting without having this weird forced "extremely perfect" style though

No. 763797

this makes me want to cry. poor thing

No. 763799

same here ugh. and it being such a visible community on reddit is even worse because it just gives retarded reddit scrotes more ammunition to dismiss feminism as a whole

No. 764057

I think they still would regardless of the existence of this subreddit or not lol. Even when your doing reasonable arguments they can still dismiss ya.

Though do to my religion and interests I do come across quite a few witchy lolcows and part of me really doesn't want to dish them for their believes and another part of me is like " How conceited and self important you must feel in order to call yourself a starseed?"

No. 764058

That big ass full of shit all over jiggling as the cow walks just reminds me of why celebs with big asses repulse me so much

No. 764082

Agreed. It looks pretty but ffs in what situation in which you write notes do you have the time to make them look like that? With your pic it looks to be study notes and yea one page is cute but who tf has the diligence to make the 100+ pages of notes you need for most courses all look like that? I realize that my own notes and handwriting are extremely sloppy looking even when compared to average non-tumbler notes so I understand the benefit of having them be more legible instead, but this is just overkill.

No. 764085

These have no reason to exist beyond for being aesthetic studyblr posts. Nothing beats the efficiency of writing your notes digitally.

No. 764090

Anachans are more oppressed than troons.

No. 764095

>nothing beats the efficiency of writing your notes digitally
Eh, when it comes to speed alone you're probably right but apparently writing things down by hand makes you remember it more easily compared to typing them. Since the purpose of notes is often to remember/study material I can see why people still choose to do it on paper.

No. 764098

think you just made me realize that i might hate anafags more than i do trannies

No. 764100

Everyone is more oppressed than troons, hell there’s celebrities that are more oppressed than troons.

No. 764103

Kek I hate troon shit too but report back when people post about wanting to be trans and angle their pictures to look more like a tranny.
I don't think either group is "oppressed" but I think most people are less disgusted by and would rather be ana than a troon.

No. 764111

maybe she is superstitious i wouldve yelled at your dumbass too.

No. 764113

idgaf if a male or anyone makes fun of me for liking tarot cards and liking pretty crystals. I dont think tarot is setting women back or the reason why people make fun of us. they were gonna make fun of women anyway. I honestly believe that if straight men were the main ones into astrology and shit it would be a legitimized medium and probably be turned into a real protected religion.

No. 764115

Reddit isn't as bad as people make it out to be, you just have to find the right subreddits to browse. I actually like it more than all other social medias combined. Imageboards still win over reddit though.

No. 764126

I don't think so, the second part is exactly the sentiment I find annoying about it, when ezoteria gets mixed into feminist issues.

No. 764127

Age difference has nothing to do with whether it's pedophilia or not. Adult is not a relative term, an adult cannot physically be more of an adult than another adult, they're both adults to the same degree. Likewise two women or two men cannot be more of women or men than the other, they're both women or men to the same degree. If you agree that a 16 or 17 year old dating a 21 year old, who is an adult, doesn't involve pedophilia, then you must also agree that them dating a 50 year old, who is an adult to the same degree as the 21 year old, likewise doesn't involve pedophilia. Some here might disapprove of the latter pairing for other reasons, but to call it pedophilia, while agreeing that the forming pairing isn't pedophilia, is illogical, or a misunderstanding of the word 'pedophilia' might have occurred.

No. 764128

I love this look too, I like it even more if they're all just simple black linework or blackwork. Just random small tats randomly all over the body without much cohesion. I think it's because it looks sort of carefree and unplanned, like they were taken spontaneously, something about that is just attractive to me.

No. 764135

many of the spiritual practices such as hoodoo/voodoo practice are feminist in nature. usually it was used to protect them from dirty dusty men. so fuck off.

No. 764136

Agree, I have a few kinda niche hobbies that really only attract women and reddit is really good for discussing them. Once in a blue moon there will be a "Im a guy and I like this" attention seeker but they always get downvoted/ignored. Aidens screeching about how they're not like the other girls in the hobby get mostly ignored too.
Im lucky that moids have an aversion the stuff I love, or they don't even know it exists

No. 764139

Making charms didn't help women move forward, addressing real political issues directly did, that's why I feel that focus on this stuff is misguided. It was the only thing these women had back then to feel like they have any power over their life. But let's agree to disagree.

No. 764150

>it was used to protect them from dirty dusty men
it did a pathetic bad job at that

No. 764157

Weren't most pagan practices still lead by male heads directly or indirectly historically? How different is that now in their resurgence?
Nta but by having female-centric spaces in which women get their grievences addressed, it sparks important conversations. Needless to say, not all book clubs and basket weaving forums are interested in furthering female interests. Especially nowadays when they're filled with libfems and NBs.

No. 764171

lmao f u ma'am. i dont even have a rebuttal cuz i'm to busy laughing

No. 764243

Well to move away from the pagan/ witchy stuff
People E-begging while using their identity ( oh please I'm a POC who's trans and needs this money or I will be thrown out) just really sets me off. I guess because I could never let My self stoop so low and be so vulnerable that just, annoys the shit out of me and makes me roll my eyes each time.

Worse of all is when there completely devoid of talent and still plug their shitty personal blog or art

No. 764256

File: 1616091962176.jpg (335.3 KB, 1080x1808, IMG_20210318_192534.jpg)

Just ad you posted this, I accidentaly ran into pic related kek

No. 764260

File: 1616092413658.jpeg (51.03 KB, 740x370, B4340363-E7D6-4B05-8A04-E05C3B…)

It’s honestly so funny watching Western anons explain away and not even begin to understand rituals or spiritual traditions that are from entirely different cultures. Most people who are into witchcraft nowadays are doing it all wrong and it’s usually mixed with lukewarm New sage ideas such as crystals, manifesting, reality shifts, all of that retarded bullshit instead of the stuff that might actually harm you (shamanism, spirit contacting). Incoming the rational lady fedoras telling me none of this shit exists and to fuck off but will let deranged child-like middle age women collect toys. Fuck my life

No. 764263

>but will let deranged child-like middle age women collect toys
I could agree with the rest, but oh my god are we really going back to this? How the fuck are anons managing to bring some shit about collecting plushies/toys into every argument. Wtf does that even have to do with witchcraft

No. 764264

the virgin pentagram vs the chad kabbalistic sigil

No. 764275

>Posting all this shit with a picture of witches from millenials' childhood cartoon
>but will let deranged child-like middle age women collect toys
What do you want them to do about that? Shoot any adult women who owns crystals or plushies (whichever you mean)? Anyway why does it bother you what grown women are doing with their money? They arent hurting anyone, and especially not you.

No. 764276

Oh my god nooo, please tell me what compelled this people to do shit like this??

No. 764283

What's with all the sperging about 'grown women collecting toys' today? Adults of both sexes often spend their money on dumb looking shit that excites them. Is it that sperg worthy?

No. 764285

Kind of curious what you mean by the spirit contacting since I've seen so many new wave witches want to summon things. Do you mean that it's no joke? Cause I agree haunted spaces are no joke and it sucks to live in one or by one.

My opinion:
Men with many women as friends are either:
-emotional vampires who want women to care for him
-trying to have sex with all them

No. 764286

An anon said she collects plushies and some unhinged anons have been losing their minds over it ever since

No. 764287

Well at least it's not dragon/ alien shaped Dildos

No. 764291

Oh my god, there was an anon who showed off her bad dragon dildo collection wasn't there? I want to find that post

No. 764293

If there was I have no idea but I know it's something freaky that some women do that is just beyond me

No. 764294

File: 1616095127148.jpeg (48.1 KB, 622x514, 2A055570-7D32-4C53-B24C-C27C47…)


Reddit (especially modern reddit) is mostly trash but there’s still no better place to curate all my niche interests. And until lolcow opens up a board for breeding ornamental shrimp it’ll stay that way.

No. 764295

>all of that retarded bullshit instead of the stuff that might actually harm you (shamanism, spirit contacting)
Isn't that a good thing? You really want "deranged, child-like women" messing with that instead?

No. 764296

Did this happen ITT? I missed it and I'm curious

No. 764297

No, the dumbass shit thread

No. 764299

>My opinion:
>Men with many women as friends are either:
>-emotional vampires who want women to care for him
>-trying to have sex with all them
I thought this was common sense, especially the third point

No. 764301

I'll take breeding ornamental shrimp anon over these two groups any day any time.

No. 764304

File: 1616095801053.png (657.28 KB, 681x614, eriktheelectric.png)

Extreme cheat day videos on Youtube are weird and this guy has an eating disorder. Doing this type of video frequently should receive criticism along with the obese mukbangers like Nikocado.

No. 764306

Rational fedora tipping is not nearly as much of an insult you think it is while you unironically talk about contacting the spirits of the dead, girl.

No. 764307

>And until lolcow opens up a board for breeding ornamental shrimp it’ll stay that way.
Be the change you want to see, anon. Give us the ornamental shrimp breeding thread. what are you breeding ornamental shrimp for btw?

No. 764311

Everytime I see shit like this I want to yell at them to get a real job, even part time retailing is miles better than ebegging.

No. 764313

Ikr?? Or even offering their shitty art and labeling it as emergency commissions is miles better then straight up E-begging.

Why should I care about this rando that is privileged enough to have net access?? If I wanted to help the least fortunate I would volunteer at a soup kitchen

No. 764316

idgaf, it's fucking wrong to pity women who don't believe in that shit. if a woman doesn't believe in magic and only accepts scientific proof for thing sexisting, she's not a handmaiden or internalizing oppression. she's smart, unlike you tumblr babbies who are scared to try having a career because of all the fucked-up self porn you posted publicly when you were in high school

No. 764317

>Most people who are into witchcraft nowadays are doing it all wrong
they're doing something that doesn't work, wrong? lol @ "Western anons" because asian people are sooo mystical and have powers we don't? kys, racist

No. 764318

Nta but who even said anything about Asian people?

No. 764319

Anon hes adorable let's make a thread for the shrimps

No. 764321

Wat, why you trying to bring sex work into this?

No. 764322

>she's smart, unlike you tumblr babbies who are scared to try having a career because of all the fucked-up self porn you posted publicly when you were in high school

I never did that though lmao

No. 764323

IVF should be illegal. Also, mentally ill people and people with genetical diseases shouldn't be allowed to have children. This is not your life anymore, this is a child's life you're fucking with. I don't know what makes people think they have the "right" to breed, just because they want to or just because they're biologically able to conceive. All men are biologically able to rape but that doesn't mean they should have the right to do so.

No. 764324

File: 1616098267721.jpeg (383.58 KB, 2048x1152, A7DE0FFF-70C0-411D-86DC-518F2D…)

New age sage + little knowledge about shamanic cultures + practicing western witches “nowadays” can apply any random etsy crystal buyer who calls themselves a witch, use context clues. She didn’t even mention Asians, or race for that matter. Your inferiority complex is showing.

No. 764325

>Most people who are into witchcraft nowadays are doing it all wrong
There's no right or wrong way to go over something that isn't real, but even if it was real, practices change through time and generations. Something isn't "wrong" just because it's different from how it used to be practiced.

No. 764326

…Having a baby through artificial insemination or ivf is not the same as rape.

No. 764327

What baffles me most is that people actually DONATE to this crap.

No. 764328

Oh it's you again, anon
Anyways magic isn't real, go sacrifice a goat for funsies!

No. 764329

Guess Anon forgot adopting is a thing too

No. 764330

Would you like a fork with your word salad, ma'am?

No. 764332

nta, but you remind me of this woman on my fb who has recently got into white magic and talks about shamanic stuff. she tried to discredit paganism as a myth lol. all cultures have some form of magic or animalistic/naturistic beliefs

No. 764333

I think it's to get off the " I did something good today let me retweeet and get off the praise!" Type of deal because otherwise I don't see the point of giving money to a NEET

No. 764334

It's years since I've been on twitter but I used to follow a late twenties 'queer woman' (meaning in theory she would date a woman, she never actually had tho) so that alone was her selling point when asking people to pay her 1800 dollars of rent every month as she ran a lil sex positive blog and had no actual day job.

I was renting a room in a pretty crappy apartment share at the time because my own income was low. Ime that's how you deal with low paying jobs or dwindling savings, you rent cheap til things improve. You share a place and deal with it being uncomfy for a while. But she begged and just about scraped by her goal every month because she refused to share a living space (anxiety) and claimed she was 'trapped' in that lease anyway. She then renewed the lease for another year with the expectation that every month others would just continue to have her back and pay. This was about 10 years ago so she was early to this game and when I saw her admit that she renewed the 'terrible lease that had trapped her' I couldn't watch anymore.

No. 764335

I would love that, I like following people with shrimps on YouTube and it’s so calming, cute and interesting.

No. 764337

There's an increased risk of birth defects in babies conceived via IVF. And if you're not even able to conceive on your own it means your genes were not meant to be passed on to begin with. And you may have other health problems you don't even know about.
I used rape as an example, just because you're able to do something doesn't mean you have the right to.

No. 764338

Samefag, was replying to the rent begging posts upthread and somehow didn't tag them

No. 764339

People getting tied up in life and getting their finances in order and waiting until they meet someone worth having kids with doesn't mean they've got shit genes. Work/life balance isn't evolution at work, that's not survival of the fittest shit stfu

No. 764344

I'm not even sure what the first half of your post is suppose to be in response to. That's still not the same thing as rape.
>And if you're not even able to conceive on your own it means your genes were not meant to be passed on to begin with
So fuck gay people I guess lmao. I don't know what world you live in where humans are asexual and able to breed on their own.

No. 764346

Samefag, women with fertility issues also exist

No. 764356

It's pretty funny to me how you're going around telling people their idea of witchcraft is wrong when your idea of witchcraft just as much only exists because you choose to believe in it. If you can believe your version of witchcraft, something that has no scientific basis whatsoever, is real and right then so can others believe their version of witchcraft is real and right.

No. 764359

It's hard to draw a line when we're all carrying hidden shit in our genes, diseases skip generations and pop up again

No. 764360

>she don’t even like mention asians like or something

Fucking retard, Jesus Christ. You’re a cultureless burger bitch.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 764366

Well, nature doesn't care. Don't want to risk your child having some sort of condition - don't breed in your 40s.
>oogaa boogaaa I don't understand what analogy is
I never said it's literally the same as rape kek
>So fuck gay people I guess
I mean, a healthy lesbian can have good quality eggs and use sperm donor and she can even inseminate herself at home, that's not the same as a het woman who has shit eggs and couldn't get pregnant naturally and she needs something more complicated like IVF.

No. 764372

That anon is right though. witchcraft is not something specific to Asian culture, in fact I'd argue that a lot of people associate it with African culture.

No. 764378

What about people who are recessive gene carriers for diseases but have no knowledge of their family history? How many times is the idea of eugenics going to appear on here btw? I feel like there are better platforms for you guys to act like this, Galton. Also, your original comparison about rape makes little to no sense because you're trying to draw parallels between someone removing another person's bodily autonomy versus a person exercising their own bodily autonomy. If anything, your assertion about forbidding people with mental illness and diseases from reproducing is more comparable to rape than what you originally stated. In the end, they're both ridiculous arguments though.

No. 764383

This weird idea you seem to have (or at least I think you have, your posts are confusing) that people shouldn't be allowed to have kids if they need help doing it is kind of dumb. Like, I can agree that older people shouldn't have them (for a couple of reasons), but there are also people with fertility issues. That doesn't mean they shouldn't be allowed to have kids, that does not dictate how good of parents they would be. People who have no fertility issues and don't need those treatments really don't have more of a "right" to reproduce. Also that anon who said that genetic shit can go dormant and then pop up a few generations later is right

No. 764386

File: 1616101302492.jpeg (74.49 KB, 512x317, 5D0DAF66-3445-4808-AF25-C7B380…)

>all cultures have some form of magic or animalistic/naturistic beliefs

Exactly. That’s why anon bringing up Asians as a direct parallel to a very specific type of person was so retarded. None of what the original anon said demeaned European or American shamanistic ideas, let alone showed a sense of Asian superiority. The sperg over it and calling anon a racist was dumb.

It’s not that serious anon. Is this bait? What would being a burgerfag have to do with this? Isn’t your argument about race, not nationality?

No. 764388

Well, I'm an antinatalist, I think imposing life onto someone is a crime in general. And I was obviously talking about people who know they're sick, who have medical records etc. Imposing life if you're a healthy neurotypical is bad enough, but when you're mentally fucked up or when you have some dangerous genetic disorder it's even MORE fucked up than usual.
>draw parallels between someone removing another person's bodily autonomy versus a person exercising their own bodily autonomy
But when you're purposefully creating another life it's not JUST your bodily autonomy ffs. How can you not see this?
>People who have no fertility issues and don't need those treatments really don't have more of a "right" to reproduce
You're right. They have no right at all.

No. 764398

So your belief is that willingly reproducing with knowledge of your genetic history when you know you could pass something on is sinister. That being said, do you believe these people would be more or less prepared for the consequences of their child having a condition than two carriers ending up with a child who has a birth defect, disease, etc. as well? In both cases, someone with a disease or condition still exists in the world. Antinatalism is by far one of the worst philosophic takes I've heard in history btw.
>But when you're purposefully creating another life it's not JUST your bodily autonomy ffs. How can you not see this?
Except it is. May I ask if you're pro-choice or pro-life?

No. 764400

So what is even your point? That people shouldn't have kids with the help of science and medicine, or that people shouldn't have kids at all? Your op post made it sound like only certain people shouldn't be allowed to reproduce, but now you're saying no one should reproduce

No. 764414

>Imposing life if you're a healthy neurotypical is bad enough
Anon some people like being alive and are happy they were born. Crazy I know lol

No. 764420

>That being said, do you believe these people would be more or less prepared for the consequences of their child having a condition than two carriers ending up with a child who has a birth defect, disease, etc. as well?
Doesn't matter. Minimalization of the risk matters. Minimalization of the harm matters. I know normies know nothing about it but still.
No one should, but this is an unpopular opinion thread, and openly saying that fucked up people shouldn't breed is even less popular than antinatalism.
And some people like being high on heroin. Crazy I know, lol. Doesn't make it right. Read The Conspiracy against the human race or something.

No. 764423

Antinatalists are like the modern emos without the fashion statement. They'll keep going on about how living is pain and the worst thing, but still hold on for their dear life, unironically creating a meaning in their life to spread their message.

No. 764428

There's nothing ironic about it, because it's not about killing those who already exist but about not making new ones. Antinatalists don't deny the value of those who are already alive, they even value human suffering and waste much more than breeders.

No. 764429

But are you pro-life or pro-choice? What does "normie" even mean in this context? If this opinion is based on a personal and limited anecdote, just say that. It's unpopular because it's irrational.

No. 764435

Cringe. I cannot take anyone who uses that word seriously

No. 764436

Nta and I'm not planning on having babies in my lifetime but calling people breeders and talking about 'imposing life' on people aka having a child…are you sperging about mentally ill people because you yourself are mentally ill and you come from a mentally ill family who you blame?

No. 764437

people who enjoy life are probably selfish

No. 764440

We're all miserable here so we wouldn't know kek

No. 764441

t. olympic life-enjoyer

No. 764442

…ok anon

No. 764443

Kek maybe you're memeing but every time I hear a scrote unironically proclaim to be a "hedonist" I cringe because he's 100% a selfish egomaniac.

No. 764446

I always thought men talking about being hedonists were talking about some sexual lifestyle shit, am I confused about that word?

No. 764447

Same. Isn't hedonist when you're a sadist or something? Like the anons in the femdom thread

No. 764448

No one should have the right to force a woman to give birth. But no one should force humans into existence either.
Of course they are, like most breeders.

No. 764449

>Of course they are, like most breeders.
Are all people who enjoy life "breeders" or something? You are such a weird person lmao. I can't imagine seriously being upset that some people are happy

No. 764450

Hedonism is just "the only thing that matters in life is joy". I think it's not inherently a philosophy that tells you to be a sexual deviant, but for most men using it it just means they wanna do drugs and rawdog every woman.

No. 764453

Oh ok. I don't think wanting to be happy as much as possible is a bad thing, but at some point you have to take your and the people around you's wellbeing into consideration

No. 764456

I'm not an antinatalist but I see where you're coming from.

For me it's like this:
>the bad outweighs the good: worthless
>the good outweighs the bad: great, meaningful
So I'm pro eugenics to some extent.

No. 764459

It's basically men who want to be children forever. They hide behind the "hakuna matata" shit as an excuse to never step up and take responsibly for anyone or anything. Their pursuit of happiness solely consists of instant gratification, gluttony, sex, drugs, consumerism. It's never about deriving joy from doing something good for others.

No. 764460

>Most movies are not that good, I have a hard time sitting through one. I hate film buffs/movie critics because movies always have so many flaws, there's always something to harp on about.

>Miley Cyrus has a terrible singing voice, it's too raspy and even though she hits the notes it's still bad, it sounds too much like her talking voice.

No. 764461

My first time coming across the word hedonist was on Fetlife (social network site for doms/subs or just sex wanters) years ago, in the section where you can pick your role like dom or sissy or whatever, you could pick hedonist. It was a popular choice with men who like you said just wanted to meet you as soon as possible and put it in raw. Ruined the word for me.

No. 764463

>filed under extremely popular opinions

No. 764464

I don't know if 10 min youtube vids ruined my attention span but I find it so hard to sit through a film now. Years ago I could.

No. 764477

Nice! I know this is off topic but have you read works of Ligotti and Zapffe? It's always nice to find a fellow antinatalist.

No. 764480

I often watch epicly long youtube essays but they're more like podcasts. For active watching it did bring down my attention level to like 15 minutes. Hell, I'll even get distracted watching a 7 minute video sometimes.

No. 764484

What are the youtube essays you watch if you don't mind me asking?

No. 764498

I read Ligotti and Cioran, haven't read Zappfe yet. Have you read anything on efilism though? I noticed that it becomes more popular among certain antinatalists. https://efilism.fandom.com/wiki/Efilism_Wiki
The term itself was made up by a guy on youtube named Inmendham and I know it's easy to disregard him because he looks like a crazy dude and he's angry lol but most of the things he says make sense and he dunks on nihilists beautifully.

No. 764509

Ah, I'm going to check Cioran, thanks. I saw him mentioned a few times. And I have heard of efilism, I will check that out too. I've only became familiar recently with antinatalism as a philosophy although the sentiment has always been familiar to me.
I've been introduced to it through blackpill feminism no less, I noticed it's a common pairing. It's a shame both ideas, stances or concepts if you will, are so controversial.

No. 764513

I just asked a question anon lol, I'm not seething because I asked for some detail. You talked about mental illness and said 'even neurotypicals' are blah blah… that'll naturally lead people to think you maybe have either autism or mental illness in your family. It's a question to guage what life experiences have shaped these views.

We've all read the anti-breeder thing a bunch of times on here before, nobody is seething at your views. It's your backstory that I'd be interested to hear.

No. 764518

File: 1616109132682.jpg (81.63 KB, 720x540, lolwowliana.jpg)

I'm an artist but man, my notes were nowhere near this "artsy". I mostly drew in the margins of my notebooks, lol. Also picrel, it's my old highschool friend's homework (they didn't have to turn it in, hence the swearing).

No. 764530

Ok but your "backstory" doesn't make your ideas wrong (or right), so why does it matter? The majority of mentally ill people want to have kids, the majority of people with shitty childhood (shittier than mine) do not support antinatalism. Hell, they're in denial and they perpetuate the "I'm gonna be better than my parents" myth. You sound like you're denying our ability to come to certain conslusions based on observations and research, like it's 100% determined by our family history and personal experiences. Also, it's not just about us humans, the entire nature is severely fucked up and retarded. Do you think that I have to be, I don't know, victimized by a bunch of lions in order to come to the conclusion that they're fucked up?
Way before antinatalists there were groups of gnostic christians and before that, buddhists, who came to similar conclusions, that this realm is basically hell and the best way to win the game is not to play it and stop spreading consciousness across the universe. It's nothing new. The fact that it never reached mainstream popularity only proves how deep our animalistic instinct of self preservation goes.

No. 764534

File: 1616111117889.jpeg (18.48 KB, 364x499, 4297A9BC-11E4-45FB-89F7-496598…)

sage do unrelated but does anyone secretly find some of the points inside of a manifesto sort of right even though the person behind it is probably a terrible person, like the woman who made the SCUM manifesto like all of it is so relatable about my feelings towards men but I’m so afraid to talk about it

No. 764540

Valerie did nothing wrong, she based. I've been listening to radical feminist potcast on yt where a woman read the entire book to her friend and there were women in the chat all agreeing with it kek. I wish I had women like this in my life. But you're right, it's definitely not something you can talk about irl, most people aren't into philosophy not to mention radical feminist theory. They would look at you like you're from a different planet. Sometimes it feels like having two personalities, one real, and one for the normies

No. 764542

Yeah I like it. I consider it fine art by a rageful woman, too based for normalfags' eyes.

No. 764545

I'm not interested in whether it's right or wrong. I was purely curious to hear your backstory. Which you don't appear to want to share. Fair enough.

No. 764546


No. 764549

Wasn't that manifesto supposed to be satire? Or am I thinking of something else…
Or did she just say that to keep everyone off her back

No. 764552

The latter kek yep KAM, in video games only of course. Sorry any glowies watching.

No. 764555

I wouldn't call her a terrible person, she was sexually abused by her father and then further abused by her grandfather. She was then forced into prostitution to support herself despite being a lesbian, further destroying any semblance of hope she may have had in the male sex. Her conclusions are pretty much the same that all peaked women eventually come to. I'm straight and I'd still be overjoyed if all men dropped dead, but I mostly just try to avoid them as much as possible in my personal life since there aren't enough of us to actually fight against the established order.

So she shot some scrote who painted soup cans, who cares. Dude didn't even die.

No. 764558

Trips of truth

No. 764588

I’m not a radfem (or at least what not a radfem has come to be) at all, but I love the SCUM manifesto and think it’s probably the most impactful feminist text I’ve ever read. I find it extremely cathartic and funny and honestly like exhilarating in a way I guess. I reread it recently and was reading parts of it to my mum and some of my friends who don’t really care about philosophy or feminism that much and they both were really interested in it and agreed that a lot of the things she says obviously ring true. I didn’t really think it was unpopular, I thought pretty much any woman (or man even) would deep down know there is some truth in her observations even if you disagree with her ideas on the reasoning for it/solution to it.

No. 764602

famous people shouldn’t exist, most movies are bad, and even if a woman is rich that still makes her a class enemy

No. 764690

Fried rice is fucking disgusting.

No. 764695

This post is such a huge "fuck you" to college students

No. 764700

Yes, I feel like it explains a lot of modern society really well.

No. 764701

There should be no tolerance for people going "hurr durr, I don't wanna be stuck in the 9 to 5" or "hurr durr, I don't want to be working for the man". Every faggot that has that attitude turns out to be a loser.

There's nothing wrong with having a wagie job you fucking faggots, and if you dropped the attitude you might even make friends at work.

No. 764703

The absolute worst. I have a few friends from art school; upon graduation one immediately started working for an ad agency. While discussing the job hunt, our other friend said in the most disparaging way, "I don't wanna work for an ad agency." right in front of our other friend, whom I knew was less well off than she was. Like, way to go bitch, all you did by saying that was feed your own ego. Up to now she's still unemployed and living off her parents. And she's not even fucking good at art.

No. 764716

It's really bad when it's combined with delusions of grandeur, like, they think they're going to be the next Post Malone or something and a job would prevent that dream from materializing.

I have a flatmate who is like "uhhhh, working a job will prevent me from doing my music". But he can't explain why he doesn't work part time, or why he doesn't actually study musical theory. I tried to press him on going to uni and study musical theory and he was like "uhhhh, I don't want to learn what other people prescribe, I wanna be original".

I really should've posted this in the vent thread. But ahh it's frustrating.

No. 764738

File: 1616137928164.jpg (428.85 KB, 687x584, 80385.jpg)

I hate how Billie Eilish looks with blonde hair, her gray hair was the best she ever looked, but the black with green was still miles better than this basic girl blonde

No. 764745

She looks like she just had an ANTM makeover with that piss yellow colour. I do think a more natural looking blonde would suit her though.

No. 764756

I have a tinfoil that they made it look bad on purpose because quarantine started a diy hair trend among Gen Z and this hair is easy to copy by blobbing bleach all over your head once. They want teens to copy her to cement her cultural status, so why not be easy to copy?

No toner, no highlights or dimension, she has all the money in the world for styling but her hair looks like this? It has to be deliberate.

No. 764757

I'm Asian, and I can't stand the stupid paranoia over anti Asian violence right now. This recent shooting is what everyone was drooling over (when the real victims were sex workers) but none of these ppl would acknowledge that a ton of the perpetrators were black men.

No. 764759

What are you even trying to say with this post? Also, there was only one perpetrator in the recent shooting, and he is white.

No. 764763

I’m white so it isn’t really my place to say but I think the target for this piece of shit white scrote, was women, specifically sex workers. You won’t hear Asian men saying that though, because they want to make it all about themselves and don’t respect women enough to centre them for a minute. This is why it’s not classed as racially motivated. It’s sexually motivated.

No. 764766

I'm saying that a lot of the perpetrators of violence against Asians are not white like the media would have you believe. Ppl have been complaining about anti-Asian violence for weeks now before the shooting.

No. 764768

I’m still haunted by the murder of Ee Lee.

No. 764769

If Lee's attackers had been white the media would be all over it. Instead nothing. How can ppl claim to be against Asian violence and yet be silent on this?

No. 764772

Because it doesn’t fit the black and white lefty narrative. If they did, they’d have to admit that Asians are also racist to black ppl sometimes and vice versa.
Black men are fucking horrible to Asian women.
Also 80% of the time an Asian is attacked it’s a woman. You’ll NEVER hear asian men say this because they are too busy sperging about white waaaahmen.

No. 764773

i think it looks good

No. 764775

Kinda have to agree here. It's not cant-look-away-gorgeous and it's not super interesting, but it looks good on her.

No. 764781

Which niche hobbies?

No. 764804

Same, I hate the piss yellow bimbo color.

No. 764811

If you willingly sign up to be a bullet bag, no one should feel sorry for you, or honor/romanticize your decision.

No. 764814

I tinfoil that the guy who shot the massage parlor women didn't do it because of a hate for Asians but rather was motivated by a hate for women.

Ignore this if he had some sort of anti-Asian manifesto that I haven't heard about yet.(>>>conspiratard thread)

No. 764817

Nta but I find it hideous too. Society needs to move on from finding piss yellow hair attractive because it makes no sense that redheads get made fun of for having carrot tops but hair the color of urine is ok. This is not like natural blonde hair of course

No. 764818

I don’t necessarily disagree, but the women he targeted were vulnerable because of their job and race—“Asian massage parlor with a happy ending” is a trope for a (shitty stupid) reason, ya know? He chose to let his anger out on women overall at a place specifically populated by vulnerable Asian women because it’s already easy to objectify them, even if it was subconscious or a secondary factor. not trying to racebait or argue, just saying

No. 764841

there is just something off-putting about humans saying that our lives have complex “meaning” and achievements waiting for us but also simplify our existence to “survive and reproduce” and nothing else

it’s so hypocritical

No. 764851

Going by that logic brown hair looks like poop. And I've only ever seen redheads being admired for their rare and intense haircolour.

No. 764871

This. Those were probably the parlors he visited all the time. He went to something that was familiar to him.

It's sad to me these women were most likely victims of human trafficking but people only care about them after they are dead. Where is the concern for the woman who are still working for these massage parlors?
The world is a disgrace. Coomers gotta coom.

No. 764879

I mean, not really? Natural blondes dont have urine coloured hair with no tone or dimension

No. 764896

im sorry but i dont think that that is true at all not to racebait but ever since these anti asian violence discussions started happening people have been non stop calling out black men so much so that a news organization did a video essay about ways black people can help the asian community out and stop this violence from happening. There was also an article posted by a black woman on ways the black community can start uplifting asian americans and holding each other accountable like a day after the shooting by NBC. Also when Daniel Dae Kim started spreading the #stopasianhate he called out and posted the picture of the black man who murdered the elderly asian man in a robbery turned killing. I dont think its fair to say that this is only becoming national news because the perpetrator this time is white. Its become national news because 8 people died at once in a mass shooting. This has been making headlines for about a month now and topics about black and asian violence has always been at the forefront of these stories.
I personally think that asian and black people should stick together but its hard for it to happen because asians have embedded in them (not all of course) the stereotype that all black people are violent criminals so when a violent crime happens to them by a black perosn it feeds the stereotype. Also we have to ttake into account that most of these crimes done by black men happen in low income neighborhoods where usually (but not always) money was a factor not so much race. and black people have embedded in them (not all of course) the stereotype that asians are rich and come into low income black communities as business owners to racially profile and all while profiting from that same community financially by having a monopoly on beauty supply stores, liquor stores, nail salons etc. God i know im about to be taken out to pasture for this. But i just really wish we would stop being racially bias all of the time and really talk to each other and learn from each other instead of just assuming that all asian people are rich and all black people are violent criminals. I would even argue that if the perpetrator of this most recent attack was black it would be even bigger news and used as a way to discredit the BLM protests from last summer. Im so sad im gonna be banned for this but i stand by what i said and I hope that one day the black and asian community can come together like we did during the civil rights movement.

No. 764899

my unpopular opinion is that condiments are almost never necessary. ANd i judge people who use like sweet and sour sauce or honey bbq and shit like that. Like why do you need your meat to be sweet too?

No. 764911

I haven't heard any news station bring up the fact that these massage parlors exploit women. It goes against the empowerment narrative pushed in the media.

No. 765000

ong yes. I hate the "protect sex workers" narrative. ffs they were not sex workers, they were TRAFFICED AND FORCED INTO SEX SLAVERY!!! I hate American feminists so much

No. 765009

File: 1616178599436.jpeg (440.3 KB, 750x1016, 651E181E-C587-4210-A8C9-A49D1D…)

Scott Pilgrim is the shit mostly because of the music, people only started recently hating it because they can’t think for themselves. I always see the excuse that “both of them are terrible people” rather than admit the scrote main character in the movie was a predatory pedo and the only crime Ramona did was just be a woman apparently

No. 765016

This comics deserved a better adaptation, this movie was a complete shit compared to content that comics had to offer. And irc Scott was meant to be a horrible character, along with Ramona.

No. 765036

I reread the comic recently and I found it mediocre. I think it only became a big thing because back then there was not that much stuff with nerd references, about nerds and that was actually kinda pulling off the OEL manga thing. I don't see how Ramona is horrible person? She was troubled, sure, but not horrible. Can someone please explain what makes her so awful, especially taking into consideration that Gideon brainwashed/abused her?

No. 765040

I literally don’t even know, she’s always categorized as a “manic pixie dream girl” rather than a relevant character that has her own storyline lmao

No. 765045

I barely remember the film, but why is Ramona a bad person? Like, what did she even do? Have too many boyfriends/girlfriends? Please.

No. 765126

The only thing I remember is that she dated 2 twins simultaneously without the other knowing, and when they both discovered the truth, they called the whole thing off

No. 765209

eating disorders shouldn’t be take as seriously as other mental disorders, just gives narcs the opportunity to make a successful life story out of their own suffering for being extreme OCD managerial freaks

No. 765211

ED's can kill, google Karen Carpenter

No. 765212

I think her "fault" was that she never took the feelings of others seriously, just toyed them and broke their hearts for the next more interesting thing. But then again, some of her exes hold grudges from like elementary school.

No. 765220

Terri Schiavo

No. 765229

that’s what I was thinking and it’s horrible that people die from it, but like seriously it really just makes me think of ED victims for example eugenia cooney who must be suffering from such a weird narcissistic denial to see the state of her own body, it’s really sad. narcs do tend to engage in self-destructive behaviors only out of extreme obsession of their own state of being and achieving perfection and I feel like ed victims can swing both ways from hating their bodies and being so obsessed with it like narcs.

No. 765248

But if you think people with eds are narcs and have ocd then shouldn't it be taken as seriously as other mental disorders? Or are we just throwing around words. Also, this idea that people with eds just want attention seems like some "suicidal people are selfish/attention seeking" shit

No. 765278

I think you might be spending too much time on the pro ana scumbags thread

No. 765429

I really dislike social media activism. On the one hand, it's great for raising money for the victims of the recent Atlanta shootings, but reposting an Instagram story with colorful text about "stop Asian hate" just feels so insincere and performative to me. I wonder if it'd really make my friends feel better if I reposted/shared that stuff? Like no, a psycho murdered innocent people while hate crimes have been raging against minorities since our country was founded. Just all feels embarrassing to repost some sappy image like it does anything. It's better than nothing, but it just puts a weird taste in my mouth.

No. 765454

marshmallows don't taste good and i have never wanted one.

No. 765458

I love marshmallows tbh. I've been a vegetarian for some years, and marshmallows is one of the things I crave but can't have. Marshmallow fluff, peanut butter and bananas are a great combo.

No. 765471

Same here. And if you don’t post and you have a decent following. It just gives ppl a reason to hound on you. It’s all so fake. These ppl won’t even think for a second to help their local communities out first instead of typing away at a keybord thinking it’ll save the world. All performative activism does is give me a headache.

No. 765477

Recently a lot of gelatin-based products have started to disgust me like marshmallows, jello and gummy bears.

No. 765479

I’m pretty sure you can make vegan marshmallows at home! I feel like I saw some specialty vegan marshmallows on Etsy once too

No. 765492

I believe I've seen recipes that use agar agar instead of gelatin, but honestly I've never gotten around to it cause the only place that sells agar agar irl where I live is an Asian market, and I always forget to ask the lady at the cash register to hand me a packet. I didn't know they sell food on etsy though! I wonder how safe that is? Thank you very much anon!

No. 765498

If I ever go through pregnancy risking my life and chronic complications to my body, you can be sure it carries on my family name. Obviously more unpopular with the general population than LC. I don't know how men can act so important around the birth of a baby when up until that point their contribution is so minor.

No. 765537

Sex addiction shouldn't be regarded the same as addictions that involve substance abuse, I feel like people do this way too often in places like twitter to coddle horny men. I didn't want to argue with the samefag in the PJ thread about it, but that's also what made me think on the topic. If an alcoholic has to stop drinking cold turkey they can fucking die, someone like Jared who is "addicted to nudes/sex" gets his internet shut off and he just has to wank off by himself, the horror.

No. 765636

This is just facts. No one has ever died from not cooming. It is the easiest most painless addiction to kick, even when driven by severe OCD, which is not the case for most modern coomers, its no harder to control than common compulsions. Saying otherwise is enabling periodt.

No. 765638

I can understand how someone with anxiety problems or a need to regulate their stress levels might turn to orgasms. I know myself that it essentially resets my mood. Being addicted to the rush that an orgasm causes, sure I can grasp that.

What I don't get is people who drag others into it though. You can watch porn, you can buy sex toys, you can get off all day either alone or with a partner. But cheating, treating people like shit in the process…all that stuff is so unnecessary. It's the orgasm itself that gives you a huge endorphin rush so why not just jerk off? In the end you get the same high without hurting people

No. 765639

There are sex addictions driven by OCD? How does that even work? “I have to look at porn otherwise my family is going to die.” “Oops I just had an intrusive thought about being gay, time to go look at porn so I can prove I’m not.” I can see those I guess.

No. 765651

I mean yeah, OCD do be like that. I’ve heard a lot of “demons inside that need to be released sexually”. Could have roots in trauma. In which case they should go cold turkey and abstain even more.

No. 765660

Sex addicts who prefer actual fucking to jerking off alone in the dark, they’re probably also addicted to the ego boost and or the power of using someone sexually. You’d hear a lot of these men have little to no interest in sex with their wives but will use hookers constantly. They’d fuck a pig and think it’s a W.
Btw just masturbating to combat stress isn’t necessary a coomer behavior. Rather, assess how frequent and preoccupied you are with it.

No. 765663

Wow ok go fuck yourself. As someone who's dream in life has always, always to have children (call me shallow, I don't give a fuck, I feel like my purpose in life is to be a mother), when I found out only a year ago that there is a devastating terminal illness gene that runs in my family, I was absolutely heartbroken at the thought of not having kids, thinking I was on this planet for no reason etc, imagine the ONE dream you had in life, the one reason you had for living because of the possibility of it in the future seemingly just being torn away from you. Then, i discovered IVF and genetic testing existed and I was so fucking happy to realise we live in a time where this is accessible and I do, in fact, have a chance of conceiving. I just want to know, what the fuck is wrong with a blessing such as IVF which can eradicate genetic diseases, bring the gift of a child to people who's dream it is to have children, what the fuck is wrong with you? Someone like me who has done nothing wrong, who would never dream of naturally conceiving a child who may potentially carry this disease, idk you sound like a huge cunt who has never had to deal with anything like this in your life.

No. 765669

Don't worry about some mentally ill child-hating anon. I personally don't want to have kids myself but it's really hearwarming for me to see people so dedicated to a concept of parenthood and making a family. I hope your dream comes true soon.

No. 765671

Not that anon but iirc children born thanks to IVF have on average a worse health than children born naturally. And there are still chances that some illnesses wont be detected until it's too late. I generally agree with anon and think it's stupid to spend so much time and energy on having kids when it's dangerous for you or them. Hopefully you won't inherit this terminal illness but if you're first reaction to learning this is to be disappointed you'll have a hard time having kids and not being worried about your own health then you have issues

No. 765674

Didn't that anon spam a bunch of other threads with the same shit and get banned? I hope they don't start up again

No. 765678

Don't worry about the anti-natalist anons. Like the other anon said, they've been shitting up some other threads with their stuff since that post was made

No. 765679

>if you're first reaction to learning this is to be disappointed you'll have a hard time having kids and not being worried about your own health then you have issues
You're acting like anon can't be worried about both. She never said anything about how she felt about her own health

No. 765681

People can be addicted to anything, you don’t have to be at risk of dying from the thing for it to be an addiction and I have literally never seen anyone regard having a sex addiction as ‘the same’ as someone who is addicted to meth or something. You acting like that is some widely held belief and it’s ‘unpopular’ to think a sex and drug addiction are different is bizarre to me.

No. 765683

I know you can worry about both but she's taking this way so personally while also not mentioning that. If I were her and wanted to have kids that much I'd be worried I'd be too sick to take care of them or even die before they could become autonomous adults. And I'm saying from my own experience, kinda. It s weird she doesnt mention that as well because it seems so obvious to me, even if she personally thought about it.

No. 765685

I think anon is assuming that because they're both called addictions, people must think they are the same. This is like saying gambling addictions aren't real lol. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think even something like hoarding can be classified as an addiction depending on the circumstances.

No. 765688

IVF is shady as fuck for me ever since I've heard that women ended up with degenerative diseases and fucking brain cancer as collateral just from going through fertility treatments and the harvesting. Like they were sitting there with their 3 year old sons/daughter, talking about how their time with their childred is limited.
Fuck anti-natalist crap though.

No. 765690

That and it's crazy expensive and not even sure it's gonna work. Too many risks for barely any reward imo.

No. 765692

I'm a lesbian and my partner isnt healthy enough to carry, so i'm using her eggs and another man's sperm (selected very carefully) to do IVF with my body. It makes me sad, but there isnt any real other options to do this. my genes arent very good, so that's why we're using her eggs. Sage for IVF/gay woman sperge

No. 765712

What health problem stops your partner from carrying a child but also still leaves her genes as the better ones to use? I'm not about to sperg about IVF or your choice or anything, just wondering

No. 765733

And if it does work there's a higher chance for boys and twins

No. 765785

Dang, pushing a baby out of your coochie is that important to y'all?
At least with adoption you are guarantee a kid. It's not a sea of roses either but c'mon.

No. 765787

leave women's bodies alone, it's their choice. This sounds gross.

No. 765790

>Dang, pushing a baby out of your coochie is that important to y'all?
You can ask the anti-natalist anons the same thing. Why is telling women to not having children and calling women degrading names so important to them?

No. 765791

File: 1616275793528.jpg (256.28 KB, 902x1200, EfSRMYRWkAA_PWp.jpg)

If you mean people like these, I totally get you. There's a tik tok I always see circulating of a woman who is clearly mentally ill and physically weird and people telling her not to have a baby and then it turns out the baby looks exactly like her lol. Those cases shouldn't breed at all.

No. 765797

no it's not ok cause you're gay

No. 765799

No I'm a woman; I just never understood the strong urge to have children physically speaking when it's tough on the mother be it mentally or in terms of fertility.
It makes me wonder sometimes if they value more blood then the actual bond of having a child to look after. They can still do as they please but as a disabled autistic young woman I kinda raise my eyebrows sometimes ( my disability isn't even genetic but I still worry about the same things happening to my child that led to my disability or having a hard time managing a child with limited mobility)

No. 765803

I’ve never understood it either. To each their own, I guess. It’s best to just live and let live, so that we’re not hypocrites for asking the same from them. I think it’s incredibly invasive when moms and wannabe-moms criticize my choice not to carry a child, so the least we can do is not criticize their choice to do so.

No. 765805

I guess so- I just seen too much genetic entitlement going around from less then stellar moms so I'm also particularly catty about that ( alongside adopted kids being treated as scrappy things even if it's through no fault of their own that there in the system)

No. 765807

Tumblr is currently the best sns/blog website out of all the biggest ones.

No. 765810

I want to have my own child, because I want to know what it is to be pregnant. I want to know how it feels when you and your husband are expecting a child, and all the preparation that goes towards it. It's a little product of the love between me and my partner. Simple like that.

However, I agree adoption is 10 times more cool, and the bond between an adopting parent and a child is as strong as a pregnancy. But I just really want to experience pregnancy, everything about it, the good and the bad. Pregnancy is natural and I think it would be something nice to experience as a woman. Stop blaming women, why don't you say this to men who want to have children? Or men who are child-less? Tell them they should adopt, see how they react. Again, women are an easy target.

No. 765813

>I just seen too much genetic entitlement going around from less then stellar moms so I'm also particularly catty about that
What do you mean?

No. 765814

I do direct the same type of scorn/ doubts to men though- so idk what you're talking about lol. They can be every bit as genetically entitled as woman and it can get even worse in some regards because they don't have to push them out of their bodies

Good on you if you want to experience pregnancy anon, but I already explain why I have a bad reflex or get a bit judgy when peeps insist on pregnancy.

No. 765815

Just adopt like a normal person ffs
That goes double for males. Instead of spreading your worthless genes around, pick up someone's trash and give an abandoned kid the life it deserves. You are not a rabbit. Use your brain

No. 765817

I also want to be a mother of bio and adopted children, and I agree with this 100%. I don't mind child-free people at all, but the ones who are act so insult and degrade women just seem so hateful.

No. 765818

NTA but we're saying it to women because this is a female only board. Any dumbass male would get the same treatment. Pick a different argument, breeder.

No. 765819

Genetic entitlement as in
"Ohh I reared you and carried you for 9 months !! I'm entitled to do and say as I like because your basically my property"
Change some of the word for " your my seed and without me you wouldn't exist and i work to feed and clothe you" and that's how men will construct their argument

No. 765821

Nta, but even outside of lc a lot of the criticism is directed towards women. This being a female-only board has never stopped us from shaming men before.

No. 765822

Are you fucking serious? Are you going to call women "breeders" now? This is embarassing and degrading.

No. 765823

Couldn't the same argument be made by adoptive parents? "I handpicked you and saved you from the system, so shut the fuck up". It's just shitty parenting, not really related to bloodlines.

No. 765824

I would full stop adopt kids if I ever wanted a child for myself- for now I'm kidless since I'm single and thinking about rearing life stresses me more then anything tbh
It might be a side effect of men being seen as dispensable in regards to parenting. It's fucking shit lol

No. 765825

Definitely. But genetic entitlement is a whole lot more common since the process of going through adoption is different from simply making your own children ( even if said process isn't perfect)
Also many people generally don't adopt as much Imo. So while shitty adoptive parents exist they likely are a blip in comparison to shitty bio ones.

No. 765826

Go kys then

No. 765827

My thoughts exactly, the critizism always falls upon women. I hate this. Everything about babies always falls upon women. You want babies? Critiziced. You don't want babies? Critiziced. You want to adopt? Critiziced. You want to get pregnant? Critiziced. And don't come at me with "society is very good to mothers/pregnant women" because it isn't.

What about men though? Men who are 30+ and their only priority is to buy more videogames and anime figures. Do they also get the same treatment? They might be called manchilds, but no one comes and shoves down their throat the fact that they should be fathers as long as they're young. If they're childfree, they're left alone. They don't grow up forced to play with realistic baby dolls and telling them how good of a father they would be. It has always been us, women, because we're either seen as mothers or fuckholes.

No. 765828

I love you anon.

No. 765829

The argument can go both ways, "i saved you from foster care/the adoption agency. It's for your best interest, you're my property now." Shitty narcissistic parents can come in all flavors.

No. 765830

Adoption is literally cuckqueanry.

No. 765832

Bringing out the bigger bait, huh?

No. 765833

That’s actually pretty metal

No. 765835


No. 765836

>adoption is cuckqeurfghh
Do you ever listen to yourself?

No. 765837

You're practicing modern day eugenics lol. Eugenics is supposed to wipe out people like you aka the genetically inferior. That is unless you have the money to genetically engineer your own child.

No. 765838

No. 765839

>adoption is cuckqueanry
Having a biological child as a woman is. Rope already scrote

No. 765840

Sad but truth
I did not deny they don't. It just people have their own babies more then they adopt them so shitty parents are 9/10, biological otherwise.

No. 765842

NTA but it was pretty clear that they'd treat the zygote for whatever genetic deficiency anon has.

No. 765843

Ayrt, I never really thought about it, but maybe absent fathers being "normalized" (for lack of a better word) and women being expected to do 100% of the work is why so much shit is given to women for this. I think people do forget that men have just as much responsibility for who they cum in. I just wish we would be able to make our own choices with our bodies without being insulted for it.

No. 765844

Dumb bitch memes are kinda lame
Some are alright but some sound like they came straight from the mental hospital that is Twitter.

No. 765845

Samefag, but also men convincing women to have babies and then leaving once they get tired is actually kinda common. Men have a lot of responsibility for their kids

No. 765846

Where is the 9/10 statistic coming from? People adopt kids all the time to get government benefits. Also ignoring people who adopt kids to sexually abuse them as sex slaves. There is nothing wrong with conceiving or adopting. They're both important. You can't act like one is so much better than the other.

No. 765848

File: 1616278493732.jpeg (81.4 KB, 500x500, BB7638D0-1359-49D0-8ADE-BA7757…)

haagen dazs > ben and jerry’s

ben and jerry’s is absolute shite and white millenial food, haagen is luxurious and creamy

No. 765849

I did not. I was explaining why I felt discomfort at times at people's insistence on getting pregnant ( men, or women or both as a couple) do to my experiences with people acting entitled of their kids do to genetic makeup. That's that

No. 765850

>At least with adoption you are guarantee a kid.
Not true, adoptions fall through all the time and not everyone would be approved in the first place. I am 100% in favour of adoption as a concept (and even more so fostering, the most ethical of all choices to be a parent/guardian), but the reality is that it can be just as difficult and expensive as IVF. To be fair that's mostly because people want as young a child as possible, but the older a kid is, the more hard mode it will be to raise them and I can understand that not everyone would be willing or able to do that.

I really feel for women who want kids but have fertility issues but I also don't think having children is a human right. If it turns out that IVF or adoption do more harm than good (either to them or the children), I think it's a loss you just have to grieve and eventually accept. Plenty of people have unfulfilled dreams, they aren't all owed what they want at any cost.

No. 765851

I don’t necessarily disagree with this, but I think there’s a greater emphasis on women because women always have potential whereas men do not. People will readily accept a man is pathetic, a loser, etc. without needing to question it. Having a family/children is just considered a normal rite of passage for most people. When men fail to do it, it’s because of their shortcomings. When women fail to do it, it’s questioned because “more” is expected from them. But I disagree in that having children or a family is some grand achievement, and if you fail to do it you’re some kind of societal reject.

No. 765852

Yes, that's genetic engineering aka eugenics.

No. 765853

>I feel like my purpose in life is to be a mother
Lol this is so incredibly sad. Literally every animal on earth feels the same. It's just a biological instinc, there's nothing special about it. And there's enough people on this earth already. God, after so many years I would expect humans, especially women, to develop some higher purpose. But it looks like all we can do is to make more slaves for capitalism and fuel the need to produce even more shitty quality food pumped with hormones and antibiotics (because it's not possible to produce organic and good quality food for that amount of people in a short time). And that will give us even more cancers. So yeah, thanks for over-breeding this planet to death. And don't forget about all the goods you're using produced in third world countries because it's cheaper. But who cares about the damage we make, SOME breeder and SOME scrote want to have a baby and therefore we have to burn the entire world for the sake of it!

No. 765854

You mean this one, right? I went through a few articles discussing people in similiar situations though, with babies that had open faces that are being kept alive by mommy, and now I want to lie down and cry.

No. 765855

Fair enough

No. 765858

I hope one day you can learn to love yourself and have a purpose beyond being a mother. This is just sad and pathetic, and the fact you know it shows you know you deserve something better.

No. 765860

>You’re killing the planet!!1
No offense anon but everyone who is currently alive is killing the planet. If you really want the earth to stop being a shithole every single human on earth would have to be eradicated. Not that anyone here would mind since anons are suicidal anyway.

No. 765862

Are they products of inbreeding? They look like human pugs/bulldogs.

No. 765863

The difference is that people who are alive didn't choose to be born while as an individual you have the choice to not bring another human on this planet.

No. 765864

I'm baffled. I'm here stressing over a "mild" disability both mental and physical and this chick here has a whole ass deformed baby-

No. 765865

Keyword here is choice

No. 765866

Yes and by deliberately having kids you're less than an animal.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 765868

File: 1616279613942.png (145.9 KB, 378x393, 1585050218168.png)

All of this arguing can be solved by yeeting 80% of moids right of the face of the planet. I'm willing to exempt the the 20% GigaChads from fatherhood, only keep them as livestock. I will tend the farms and help raise anons kids in our village.

No. 765869

The real reason is male rivalry.

No. 765872

The good shit.

No. 765874

Why do burgers like B&J? It was so ass the one time I tried it there.

No. 765881

File: 1616280391576.jpg (127.31 KB, 774x1032, indhjjvex.jpg)

True feminism is listening to "Sugar, We're Goin' Down" and realizing that "I'm just a notch in your bed post, but you're just a line in the song" would have been better if a woman had sung it.

No. 765882

What a shitty ass bait

No. 765883

And you’re fucking nuts

No. 765884

>better if a woman had sung it
Countless songs are! Especially the ones where men hardcore project about some immaginary bitch who breaks his heart kek

No. 765892

Only a troon can fail at shilling childfree on a manhating womanchild board lmaooo I bet it thinks if it can get women to agree that motherhood and pregnancy are the literal devil (but attempt to make it feminist uwu) so he's not constantly reminded of how not-a-woman he is in cis spaces.

No. 765893

Every scrote love song is about a woman who (rightfully) treated him like shit, or left him. They cannot get over it. If you hurt his ego he will remember you for the rest of his life. Doesn't matter if he has a loyal wife washing his skid marked undies for 20 years.

No. 765902

Except troons are obsessed with breeding and they dream about keeping lesbians in breeding camps etc. I haven't seen antinatalist trannies. And there's nothing feminist about this board anyway, almost all women here are slaves to the cock.

No. 765907

No. 765912

Sussus Amogus

No. 765914

What site are you on? There's a load of sexless anons and then lesbians on here.

No. 765915

femcel shit

No. 765917

File: 1616282767640.jpg (254.91 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_2618.JPG)

The anons in this thread are honestly so weird, imagine seething because a female wants a child… so much for feminism and making your own choices, huh? sounds like a lot of trannies found there way here, referring to women who want to conceive as 'breeders'…(shit bait)

No. 765919

>catboykami pic
>”so much for feminism and making your own choices”

You’re a sheep in wolves clothing clearly. Stop sprinkling around words that you just learned from this website to hide from the fact that you’re a scrote.

No. 765921

>feminism is about individual choice!
What are you, a liberal?

No. 765923

Ok nonnie. seethe harder that i want children. it's okay you don't, but there are actually women who do wish to fulfil the natural urge of nurturing and loving a child, cope

No. 765924

So sound like natural = good. Which is a logical fallacy.

No. 765925

File: 1616283246296.png (83.46 KB, 800x600, 1602554049928.png)

Oh boy he samefags on both sides

No. 765927

>" there are actually women who do wish to fulfil the natural urge of nurturing and loving a child"
you aren't helping your case, anon…

No. 765931

Lmao highly convinced you’re a male larping as a woman that is so happy and prideful of being a trad barefoot mama bear who’s so happy to bear some ugly aggressive scrote’s children~ like stop baiting and just say you’re a man already

No. 765932

File: 1616283929547.jpg (505.57 KB, 1080x1955, Screenshot_20210320-183711_You…)

So fucking tired of disconnected youtubers making videos about serious topics like murder, child predators, etc. It's one thing if they handle it seriously and don't include outrageous levels of fluff but as an example, the pic is from MamaMax's video mylol.apk where he's… cosplaying Jacket from Hotline Miami? And pretending like he's being hired to kill these predators or some shit? Like holy fuck dude this is not the fucking time nor place. Of course no one in the comments are talking about how fucking weird it is that this dweeb-ass motherfucker is cosplaying Hotline Miami. They're all just kissing his ass. What's the thought process behind including footage of yourself acting poorly in a video where you expose child predators? Like seriously how do people think it's a good idea? Absolutely no critical thinking skills whatsoever.

No. 765934

mamamax is cute and all but he’s like the corpse husband of horror/dark youtube channels, he’s such a tryhard edgetard and reminds me of a 13 year old idolizing batman because he’s an alpha male mysterious gothic vigilante with a hero complex. Thank god he reports the pedos to the law enforcement but the extra fluff i agree is completely unnecessary but it’s really to give the retarded idiots who watch YouTube entertained because sadly no one will care about dark subjects or victims unless there’s interesting flashing colors and graphics flying across the screen to make his viewers engaged.

No. 765935

who's that ugly scrote in the pic, I keep seing him

No. 765936

Haven't had Ben&Jerry's since I was like 7

No. 765938

Not familiar with this guy but mens hatred for pedos and sexual abusers often seems a lil hollow to me, like it's performative. On YouTube a couple years ago I found a bunch of males making money off of faking rage day in and day out over pedos. Baiting pedos online to then expose them in dramatically edited vids. No police action taken or vague references about passing on the details. Didn't sit right with me.

No. 765939

Thanks for the input anon. I couldn't get through the insane setup in the beginning but thank god he's reporting these fuckers to the police. I agree with you on the fluff and how it's used to draw in idiots because most of the comments seemed like they were from kids lol.

No. 765950

I'm okay with him. Of all the dumb bullshit that trends because of YT, if he can make it look "cool" to the masses to doxx and report predators and animal abusers, I support that.

No. 765959

Nta but the trend of commentary channels covering every sexual abuse allegation that they can find… God it pisses me off. They might be balanced and 'on the fence' in the vids but they are breeding a generation of teen boys parroting
> There's so many rape allegations everywhere nowadays! Men are always being accused. You can't even talk to a woman anymore. Any allegation I hear I immediately dismiss it because its becoming too common
Ffs you're subscribed to a channel riding the trend of sexual allegations being cool gossip and easy youtube revenue. That's why you hear so many allegations all the time! That's how that works you dumb scrotes.

No. 765967

It's funny because they refuse to accept the fact that males rape a lot. They're mad about it being talked about.
But yeah, at least this guy doesn't do that (or only look at popular public figures' allegations). He straight up makes a show of investigating those seedy chatrooms, tracking down the creeps on them, posting their faces and/or names for everyone to see, reporting them and having his audience do the same. It's far more productive than those BS commentary channels, and I'd take all the cringe/hammy editing in the world if they'd all just shut the fuck up and use their exposure for good.

No. 765974

>Literally every animal on earth feels the same.
So what? What's the problem with that? Are you going to go kill pregnant dogs too? Because they also pollute the enviorment with their shit you know.

Some women just want to be mothers and that's okay. Not everyone has to be a rocket scientist. A good mother is as valuable as a musician, a designer, a programmer, etc. Sounds like you have mommy issues and are a doomer. I know who you are bitch.

>because it's not possible to produce organic and good quality food for that amount of people in a short time

So we should stop all people from having babies so YOU can get better food? Selfish motherfucker, off yourself and do the planet a favor.

>SOME breeder and SOME scrote want to have a baby and therefore we have to burn the entire world for the sake of it!
One family having a baby is not going to kill the enviorment jackass, what a sad black and white thinking. Grow up, stop being so nihilistic and stop degrading women.

>I would expect humans, especially women, to develop some higher purpose

If you care about women so much why do you call them breeders, asshole? Why do you want that anon to kill herself just for wanting to be a mother? Maybe you should kys.

No. 765978

>imagine seething because a female wants a child…
This, what the fuck.

>I bet it thinks if it can get women to agree that motherhood and pregnancy are the literal devil (but attempt to make it feminist uwu)
My thoughts exactly. Troons are the ones who call us breeders, so of course when someone says that word I'm suspicious. Fuck that shit I'm out.(dont respond to redtexted bait)

No. 765982

They changed their recipe now so it's not as creamy as it used to be. :( Now they use thickeners.

No. 766015

I really hate it when people say “you’re not ugly, you’re just average!” as if that makes anyone feel better. Actually it’s even more insulting because instead of being honest, you rather lowball people out of confidence than just say that they’re ugly. Average is still ugly and not attractive in anyway, attractiveness to humans is rare and eye-catching beauty, averageness is just blegh. Probably one of the reasons why you should start to distrust people, people don’t have your best interest in mind and want you to feel bad about your appearance no matter what you do.

No. 766021

Who are you even having these looks rating convos with? Sounds tedious.

No. 766022

What I hate about this is the pointless ladder on the wall that leads to no where and is just meant to look cute and rustic. And the pointless end table with a book that is clearly only open and taking up the whole table with a random decorative item on it to look aesthetic. I hate the uselessness of this room, like you cant actually set a cup down anywhere because every surface is covered with picture frames and fake candles

No. 766025

Average people can still be very eye-catching if they dress themselves well, anon.

No. 766026

I don’t even have these conversations anymore but it was always people thinking I wanted to hear that I’m average and thought I would give a shit too? Lmao

No. 766039

>average is ugly
It is not. Tbh you sound average and aren't coping with it well because you weren't one of the ~pretty~ people. There's more to life than looks.

No. 766058

>fake candles
is this a thing?

No. 766064

Maybe led ones?

No. 766073

Yes. Idk if I still have them, but I remember my family used them during a blackout/hurricane in my state

No. 766080

Average is average, not ugly. But even if you are ugly, wtf do you expect people to say? I really hope you aren't forcing people to listen to you complain about your appearance, putting them in the uncomfortable position of feeling obligated to reassure you whether they think you're ugly or not…

But tbh you sound like one of those very average women who thinks they're suffering just because they aren't 10/10 instagram models. That's just greed and self pity, not warranted insecurity that could justify feeling sorry for yourself.

No. 766115

i agree with you in a way because most people, at least where i'm from, use average to mean somebody's ugly but has the potential to be hot with a few adjustments

No. 766120

I keep seeing "This trailer made me cry" or "If you've loved an addict, watch this, but expect to cry." I just watched the trailer and I don't get the hype.

The acting, dialogue, and makeup suck and are unconvincing. I know it's only a trailer but I'm underwhelmed and feel they could do better.

No. 766124

Exactly, even the ugliest people can be successful. Whether it be in their careers, hobbies, or family life. Personality and your actions are more impressive rather than looks.

No. 766128

that's bullshit

No. 766132

File: 1616309972823.jpg (73.44 KB, 600x1100, 40f063c2064870444a87f0ca3991e3…)

Cropped hoodie, jeans, boots, beach Bob hair that's been everywhere since 2017 is boring.
So is the graphic 90s band t, shorts, canvas shoes, messy bun look. The fashion here feels uninspired and copy pasted. Not sure if other anons see the same look everywhere.

No. 766161

Whenever I read posts about how "I peaked in grade school and was called a 'gifted kid' but now I struggle with basic tasks and feelings of mediocrity", I want to play the world's smallest violin. I do actually believe that there are people out there who thrived in the school system and now feel lost and aimless without a report card to tell them how good they're doing, but I don't think they're the ones writing "woe is me, former gifted kid" tweets that get a hundred thousand rts. I get the feeling that some people are coopting that narrative because there's genuinely nothing impressive about them and it's easy to get internet friends to believe you did well in elementary.

No. 766164

Holy cringe they all need acting lessons. So fucking stupid.

No. 766167

/m/ is the best board, and /pt/ and /snow/ are the most fun. /ot/ is the worst. I only come in /ot/ to post and I never read other people's posts.

No. 766177

How you gonna call an every day outfit that looks ok bland?

No. 766179

Reminds me of that book girl bimbofication meme art lol

No. 766196

anyone who calls another woman "breeder" and "breeding machine" on the basis of muh bio-psychology is no better than a scrote. Call youself "blackpilled feminist" all you want, but you're treating women like shit by calling them "feral breeding animals". You're no better than a scrote, and your black and white mentality has given you brainrot.

No. 766204

Anon did you mean to post this in the 'things sane people believe' thread?

No. 766206

NTA we should make that thread, brb making it now

No. 766213


Ok made it, knock your socks out

No. 766214

File: 1616323008407.jpeg (41.11 KB, 500x500, skirt.jpeg)

skirts > any type of pants

No. 766215

Unrelated but I hate this type of picture so much, it screams 2017 koreaboo

No. 766221

File: 1616323461159.jpeg (54.47 KB, 640x636, skirts.jpeg)

this one better? more western? i'm not a kboo yuck..

No. 766223

Yeah! this one is so much cuter, thanks anon

No. 766231

Lolcow is better 2am-6am central time but it can get very empty and lonely

No. 766248

This outfit is super cute

No. 766265

NTA and not a koreaboo either but how? It's classic and stylish in a neutral way imo, when I think of kboos I'm more reminded of people wearing oversized college shirts and that glossy lip makeup style with a wet fringe.

No. 766268

nta, but that outfit looks typically like something you'd find on Yesstyle

No. 766272

So? It still looks normal and nice to me, it's not even obvious altfashion or screaming special needs. I really don't get anons who think wearing anything outside of H&M catalogues is triggering weebshit.

No. 766289


That clearly doesn’t matter, especially on lolcow and irl. It doesn’t matter if you have a family or a career as an average or ugly woman, you’re still ugly and unattractive. Things about you don’t magically change, you don’t become increasingly attractive just because of societal responsibilities you have. No one will think you’re a badass or hot for being an ugly woman. See how an ugly man like Adam Driver has his own thread? Never seen an ugly female get the same treatment so please fuck off our bs anon lmao

No. 766291

no one is triggered
if you go on pinterest and search korean beige fashion you'll find like 20 variations of that same outfit. it doesn't look as classic as you might think, specially not how the photo is stylized.

No. 766293

>Never seen an ugly female get a thread
go make one
adam driver has a containment thread because no one else in ot wants to see him, that's the thing. Not because we're celebrating adam driver.

>you’re still ugly and unattractive

NTA, Looks aren't everything in this life, belive it or not, meanie

No. 766300

I wouldn't mind having a trans partner as long as they wouldn't want to get a surgery. just thinking of neovaginas or neopenises makes me want to vomit

No. 766306

I feel like this about ftms. Not the other ones though.

No. 766314

The main reason I wouldn't date even a pre-op FTM is that troons come with huge amounts of mental baggage and are riddled with personality disorders and trauma. MTFs skinwalk their partners and have narcissistic, violent meltdowns and FTMs are prone to debilitating depression and anxiety leaving you to be their personal assistant/nurse.

No. 766322

I mean I'm an ex fakeboi myself so I can hardly judge lol

No. 766323

Average can mean pretty but not in a particularly striking way, you know. Like 'looks ok, cute' but not like some Photoshop Goddess from the front cover

No. 766325

Same as >>766314. I don't care if a MTF is "one of the good ones" and could even look fine, I won't entertain someone's idea that they're "female-identifying". I could probably date a detransitioner if they didn't ruin their organs irreperably.

No. 766326

Same but I don’t really care if someone’s pre/post op if I they’re otherwise physically/emotionally attractive to me

No. 766345

I get the feeling most MTF are misogynistic, and the fact that they think they can still deserve to end up with a woman pisses me off. If I had to choose I'd rather date a FTM because at least they're trans usually because they are trying to deal with trauma and not because of some degenerate bimbo fetish. I'm not gay, but it's not like I'd be attracted to the MTF anyway so the FTM is the lesser of two evils for me.

No. 766349

I mean most “cis” men are also misogynistic

No. 766361

Tobacco and alcohol should also be illegal substances, in my opinion. People usually bring up why weed remains illegal in some places while the former two don't, but I think it should all be illegal.

No. 766363

File: 1616336445581.png (159.86 KB, 622x1044, I_just_want_my_boyfriend_to_be…)

That's what I thought about FtMs as well until I read shit like picrel, they are just as unhinged as male trannies, they just express it in different ways.

No. 766372

Bitch is lucky to have such a short period. They where in the bath for what, 2 days??

No. 766374

Jesus christ this is on par with that horror story of the MTF who hit his wife with a bloody dilator while having a meltdown during a dilation session. Fucking absurd how some poor women agree to shit like this.

No. 766376

The repeated tendency of people on this website to use reddit posts as like an integral part of how they form their worldview is so weird

No. 766377

They aren't gonna like this one.

No. 766379

>I got peed on and peed myself a few times
If it is a true story then the gf is just as much of a degenerate

No. 766384

Are we taking this 2 days of both pissing and bleeding in the tub story as being real or?

No. 766482

You're not a true lesbian anymore if you decide to get pregnant, because that includes semen and sperm, and only males have that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 766483

Hard agree

No. 766484

>The repeated tendency of people on this website to use reddit posts as like an integral part of how they form their worldview is so weird
my thoughts exactly about the blackpilled antinatalists

No. 766499

It's always the fakest posts too. Not that much of reddit seems real but they pick the most obvious made up shite and base their views off that? Like after covid go outside and meet some real live people.

No. 766541

File: 1616343520457.jpeg (125.55 KB, 749x970, 6E43AF32-E486-4047-B245-C9F38E…)

Trans women are more beautiful than vagina-havers(bait)

No. 766542

Why won’t they fuck each other then?

No. 766545

''a man is more beautiful than a woman'' das kinda gay

No. 766549

Why are you idiots replying this shittiest of baits? He moved on to bait from the popular opinions thread after it was locked just now with this same fake lesbian pregnancy sperging and now even took the mask off with the tranny shilling. Move along and don't fucking interact.

No. 766550

File: 1616343861729.jpeg (550.01 KB, 1535x1925, F9FB7F66-B964-4E2A-AE2F-872A11…)

Cope, seethe and dilate

No. 766558

Horror is one of the greatest and widest genres of film/literature and it’s very underrated impact and quality-wise

No. 766560

I agree with this, horror can literally mentally and psychologically change someone's entire being. I've never heard of a comedy or romcom doing such.

No. 766562

File: 1616344615380.jpg (80.36 KB, 259x383, Grownupsmovie.jpg)

I beg to differ!

No. 766568

who dis

No. 766578

Horror vs. thriller? Would you say the same about thrillers? Or is thriller within the realm of horror lol?

No. 766597

File: 1616347090246.jpg (12.78 KB, 474x248, ugh.jpg)

At this point, as much as I hate to say it, the dumbest redditor is smarter than the average /b/-tard

No. 766598

>taking photos of the screen instead of screenshotting

No. 766601

kek its an old meme, anon. that picture sold for like $100k or something, around 5-6 years ago.

No. 766602

Oh, my bad then lmao.

No. 766606

I'm Asian (Chinese-American) and I'm tired of everyone complaining about how the country is soooo racist towards Asians because of le racist white supremacist Drumpf supporters. First of all, it isn't just whites who commit hate crimes against Asians, it's people of all races.

The other thing is that if America is just so awful, idgi why no one ever thinks to make substantive plans to return to Asia even though most of the complainers are second generation immigrants who aren't that far removed from their parents' country. Like living conditions in China have improved a ton since when I was a kid in the 2000s and there's some things that I feel like are better in the country. (Food mostly, but there's also way less crime/violence than in the US) I'm guessing everyone is just way too materialistic and lazy too move (though SK and Singapore have really high standards of living). Or maybe America really isn't that bad????(global rule #7)

No. 766618

Honestly, I’m considering moving back (same background) in the future. Just need to polish up my language in writing, and am pretty sure I could find a solid job there. The real estate in cities is really pricey but I can always live with my cousins lol.
Maybe I’m just paranoid but it feels like something bad’s gonna happen. Socially, idk how in the future everything will pan out with all the discourse about race, politics, etc. I agree that America definitely isn’t as fucked as some think it is.

No. 766623

Wrong thread?

No. 766628

Meant to reply to >>766606

No. 766657

File: 1616355556816.jpeg (19.94 KB, 238x183, CDB8476A-1939-493E-8D1A-BCB63D…)

A star is born (the latest one) is a shitty, boring fucking movie. Absolutely tedious and predictable, I didn’t even buy Bradley coopers & lady Gaga’s so called chemistry.

No. 766660

It's nothing but a ~ modern ~ remake of an old movie (which had remakes for a long time), so it's nothing special. I only liked the song and how Gaga looked like.

No. 766661

If you're talking about China you absolutely don't want to move there right now, it's turned into a literal dystopian nightmare. Consider Taiwan instead.

No. 766663

I can understand that, but winning an Oscar? I thought that was very strange.

No. 766665

File: 1616358339036.png (5.04 KB, 300x180, osbdfpbwixg21.png)

I don't know how unpopular this opinion is on this website but I love this lesbian flag and I wish we kept it that way !

No. 766667

It looks great!
Isn't Oscar as BS as eurovison nowadays that's based around politics or/and celebs?

No. 766682

Lol pretty much, but with less funny shit

No. 766686

This is so powerful! We definitely need this lesbian flag and real women should reclaim their turf

No. 766691

this is nice, why did it change into that gross popcicle mess? is it the aces using purple or the triangle?

No. 766728

I want a description of the flag.

No. 766732

Why? I hope this doesn't sound mean but, are you blind anon?

No. 766742

I’m talking about the stuff people say about their country’s flags like
>the stars represent the states
And stuff, the axe looks interesting but I have no idea of what could it mean.

No. 766750

Oh I see. I googled the flag a while ago, and If I recall correctly the labrys is a mythological Amazonian weapon. Not sure what the purple bg and black triangle means though

No. 766753

I like men with sweaty taints

No. 766780

File: 1616369487525.jpg (11.85 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

This is what happens to women who trust and befriend gay men.

No. 766786

Idc about the virus and the coronasperging about masks and stuff makes me cringe

No. 766791

is that the video where she tries to spin buying a new mansion as a testament to her being a victim because "y-you guys i was so scared of jefferson starfish that i had to move" or something lmfao

No. 766806

Americans ranting about how they need the stimulus or they'll starve and as soon as they get it they blow all their money on vacations and bullshit are going to downfall the country

No. 766811

that's the point of the stimulus, its in the name

No. 766812

somewhat misread op but your talking about 2 different kinds of people

No. 766827

Yeah but it's giving people a bad name. Especially how texas is basically an ant colony at this point and every single hotel is booked up. Literally millions of people would have to vacation to Texas for this to even be possible

No. 766828

scamming people and getting free money without labor/work is less harmful than other crimes

be a money-grubbing slob and fuck this world that says you have to work to get money lol

No. 766830

Yeah, fucking over people that also may not be in a fortunate position is totally not that harmful at all

No. 766835

I stopped following the news about it a long time ago. I don't care about masks, vaccines, daily cases, new variants, what lockdown zone my region is in, shaming long store lines and large gatherings, etc. I have no mental energy left for that. I know I'm privileged if I get to ignore it and I'm thankful.

No. 766892

I work at a hotel in the South and we've been fully booked most weekends, and even busy on fucking Mondays and Tuesdays with so many arrivals. I'm about to quit because a bunch of housekeepers left once the stimulus dropped and now the rooms are never ready on time so the stress is not worth it. We had guest not able to check in until 9 pm. Literally had a guest ask me if the stimulus is what is making us short-staffed too.

No. 766905


Who would quit their job over $1400.

No. 766925

Jobs that pay so significantly below wage that it's more worth it for somebody to not work and get by on $1400 for a few weeks or longer. Then they can be rehired when it runs out cause it's not like there will be a lapse in cleaners if anon's "ant colony" comment has any bearing in how desperate employers will be to turn over rooms.

It makes sense to take a vacation from work when you've just been paid more by the government than your exploitative dead end job would've paid you in two month's wages.

No. 767099

I can't get a stimulus but it pisses me off so much how irresponsible people are being with the stimulus. Especially people who are struggling/living at home/ just poor folk in general. The next second you'll see them on Facebook begging for more money and it's like this shit is why we aren't able to get decent stimulus, everyone blows it on stupid shit. I'm just shocked they haven't EBTd everything like child support, stimulus, welfare, etc at this point with the amount of people are who blowing it on travel and events instead of using it for the entire reason it was sent to everyone

No. 767258

>everyone blows it on stupid shit.

The problem is actually the opposite, people are typically saving and being reserved with their stimulus. Which defeats the purpose of it, it's no longer stimulating the economy.

Keynesian economists would prefer that people went out and spent it on dumbshit.

No. 767274

I really wish women on tiktok would stop pushing this narrative that it's better to go after men for money than for looks/love. No, how about you bitches get your own careers and money then you wont need some ugly scrote to support you? It is 2021, there is no need to be fucking scrotes for money. Get a job.

Women deserve to be attracted to the men we fuck just as much as scrotes do. Also, by allowing this you are just letting low value men be able to make money and that's all he needs. He can be gross, fat and repulsive and still pull a 20 year old model with enough cash.

No. 767277

I think Vanessa Vokey looks good, actually.

No. 767281

Who gives a fuck about that actual retard

No. 767292

sure, shes a sperg and a discount magdalene but people are saying she's frumpy, I just don't see it.

No. 767298

I like South Park and think it's a good show.

No. 767323

Doja cat isn't creative because she puts a nerdy internet culture twist to her thot rap. None of her lyrical rhymes or topics are impressive either.

No. 767325

the girl can literally sing,dance, rap and has amazing stage presence. She is creative because she is one of the few female rappers who really understands how to use internet culture to their advantage

No. 767326

in what world is this unpopular literally everyone likes south park except boomers lmao

No. 767327

some of you guys need to google what stimulus means. these "takes" are so stupid

No. 767329

I've seen this type of rhetoric recently too and it's so, so disappointing. How about just make your own money for fuck's sake. So many women are focusing their energy on the wrong things these days and it's disheartening.

No. 767337


i think a lot of people just hate poor people and want them to just penny pinch never spending money on anything but food,housing, and kids if they have any. Let poor people live their lives too tf. Its actually helping to wait for it STIMULATE the economy. dummy

No. 767339

Doing all three things at once doesn't automatically make you amazing especially if you do it all averagely. In the past it was common for artists to be skilled in multiple areas so it's funny when pop stans use this to argue that their fave is extremely ingenious. Just because most of the female artists around Doja is shit doesn't automatically make her the saviour of female rap for being mediocre as opposed to outright awful. Azealia banks is far more talented than doja and did the concept of internet culture mixed with rap music more brilliantly in my opinion.

No. 767343

lol are you gonna record yourself and your gay bestie yelling at your tv about how doja has cottage cheese legs again? Go cry about it azealia you missed your shot by being batshit lol

No. 767354

I guess creative is up for debate, she's not the most creative, but you do need some sense for this shit. But I agree that she's way overrated, just because you can create a good shitpost in music form shouldn't be that impressive. And now her success is on autoplay since her crew and PR managers do it for her.

No. 767357

I bought something frivolous just because of you anon. The stimulus is made to spend on any thing that the person who receives it wants it's made to stimulate the economy. Meaning if some one wants to spend it on bills they can, if they want to spend it on a new sound system for their TV they can. The government doesn't care where the money goes, as long as it's back in circulation and not being hoarded.

No. 767363

I think that anon's point is that poor people are using it for wants instead of needs? It's not any of my business and I personally don't care how other people spend their money (unless they ask me for money lmao), but it is stupid to spend $1,400 on items that you don't "need" if you can't pay your bills or afford groceries.

No. 767365

It's the principal that they say they don't have enough money to fulfill their basic needs and they spend the money on recreation and fun, and then go back to asking for money because they didn't spend it on things they need.

For instance, why should I sympathize with someone poor who buys a new iPhone when I wouldn't even buy myself an iPhone because it's above my price point. I could also just blow my money on things I don't need and beg for it from others too, but I am trying to be responsible with my money and save it.

No. 767375

"Hi cow" the absolute state of doja stans. Go back to twitter retard

No. 767384

Being single>being in a relationship

No. 767389

Hard agree. You never have to compromise with yourself and having alone time is priceless.

No. 767391

My overall happiness level is waay better when single. Relationships have their highs but I feel like the lows and all the daily compromise and little annoyances aren't worth it.

No. 767422

Are you really seeing people who are starving and on the brink of eviction wasting that money instead of spending it on rent and food? Somehow I doubt that is the exact situation people are in. Chances are whatever money troubles people bitch about on facebook are exaggerated, they can already afford their needs and now they can afford their wants too.

The stimulus is NOT meant to be saved responsibly, that defeats the purpose. It's made for wasting so this is the one time people have an excuse. My country is giving out vouchers for restaurants and cafes specifically, for example. Going out to eat is a waste if you're struggling, but that's what the economy needs right now.

No. 767448

Sure, but I still don't have sympathy for people who have nicer technology, clothes, and shoes than I do but say they have no money and their current wage isn't enough to meet their basic needs.

Also, that is how the stimulus should work, but in reality most burgerfags are going to spend it on Amazon, Wal-Mart, and other huge corporations that aren't struggling.

No. 767476

the celebcows is so funny and i can't take it seriously. something about seeing people say stuff like "oprah is such a cow, theres so much milk on her" takes me out of this site and makes me realize how silly it all is.

No. 767477

PLEASE I don't want to argue or infight

While I think the bar is really low for what a "good" man is considered out to be, I think good men actually exist. They're still male, still dumb. But some of them can be loving and very empathetic. I believe if parents educated their sons to be good people, the world would be a better place, even if they would still be male and dumb. I think what I would like to believe in is in a world that is 75% women to 25% men, and we take control and educate them. And if they rape or kill, they're immediately killed for the sake of everyone else. All we need to do is birth more daughters, birth less men.

No. 767495

File: 1616455987664.jpeg (93.9 KB, 750x414, BA0A1ECA-F3E4-46F2-AC2B-2FF7E4…)

This is literally so true and no one can tell me otherwise. Autistic men are unbearable and get coddled to death while autistic women still manage to be normal fucking people. Do not let autism distract you that he is still a male.

No. 767503

Codependency is nice as long as you can actually depend on the other person.

No. 767508

He, or his editor, really over edits his videos. It's annoying and just does not look good. A good example of good editing is The Right Opinion's channel, usually they are very clean edits that really make the video a delight to watch. And Max's voice just annoys me the same way CH's does.

No. 767513

I know a lot of men I really like as people and consider good guys but imo it's not that simple. If 50% of men are trash who harm women, the other 50% aren't saying or doing shit about it. And the reason is that they benefit from the way negative treatment shapes our behaviour (makes us more submissive, more desperate, etc), as a whole and as individuals, and even the nicest men have a knee jerk negative reaction to feminism in general.

No. 767527

Armin>>>> all of them.

No. 767534

People who say that the only reason older music seems better is because all the shitty music has been forgotten are in denial, lmao. I've listened to so much underground or lesser known songs from previous eras and it tends to be just as good or better than mainstream music at the time. Idk even why people bother defending current mainstream music on average like it's not going down the drain sales and engagement wise

No. 767538

I'd rather be really short 4'11-5'1 than be extremely pretty

No. 767546

Being ugly while having to tape two to three ladles together to reach a box of couscous from the cupboard coming right up, anon!

No. 767550

I'd be ok with being average looking if I could be smaller

No. 767552

How tall are you anon? I'm sure you look beautiful at whatever height you are. I'm short and even though I love it, it's not anything special. I would probably choose to be more attractive if I could.

No. 767555

>wanting to be ugly AND a literal midget
Please explain

I can understanding wanting to be short you think petite girls are cute, but being extremely pretty would trump nearly any height except the extremes (<5'0 or >6'0) for most people

No. 767558

I second >>767552, how tall are you? Also, how old are you?
I am 6'0 and as I've aged I realized its had it's advantages. I can reach into tall spaces, most clothes usually end up looking great (shopping can be a pain sometimes though), studies have shown tall women are taken more seriously at work, and I've seldom had to deal with creepy scrotes trying to hit on me. I hate to say it, but I feel as a tall woman a scrote would think twice before assaulting me vs. someone who was several inches shorter.

If you're overweight on the other hand, get healthy. You can't control height, but you are in control of a healthy weight.

No. 767559

As a short person I will never understand this meme

No. 767561

this is true

No. 767565

Not to defend men cause I really can't defend most shit they do, but I feel like men tend to be more oblivious and have very low standars thanks to society coddling them, so every time they do something nice or defend a woman in the most basic way (and I'm talking about good empathetic men who were raised to be less shitty, not the idiots who call themselves """"male feminists"""" to get in women's beds), they think they tried their best and call it a good job. Or they really don't know how to defend women because they're himbos and they think as long as they keep their close ones happy amd safe the world will always shine tomorrow. Men think of themselves first as individuals, so they just go like "I treat my girlfriend dinner and she's happy with my company, I'm always there to listen to my sister when she needs me, and I help my mom with money", instead of thinking "you know what, men are disgusting, we're all assholes". Again I'm not defending this behaivor. It's just that men are so stupid that they don't even realise. But then you have the ones who do realise and are evil because they want to, and that's sadly like 70% of men.

No. 767573


I saw a statistic today that autism is 5 times more common in boys and it really pissed me off, like I'm almost certain it's not more common it's just that no one has ever taken the time to see what autism looks like in girls
Also I don't disagree with this but I also think it could be mitigated if boys were held accountable like girls are, autists included

No. 767576

I'm just sad I'll never find a bf
>who doesn't watch porn
>who doesn't have at least some harmful fetishes like anal or worse
>who takes brushing his teeth and hygiene seriously
>who has goals in life
>and who has the basic discipline to work on them
>who has the finances to support a potential family
>who is emotionally available
>who will take an active interest in me and actively plans things for the relationship
>and who is taller than me, at least somewhat handsome and has a healthy body and lifestyle

No. 767579


I honestly don't think men are innately stupid I think our society as a whole fosters this disgusting dynamic where boys are coddled or encouraged to harm others or both. I do think our generation is doing a better job, or at least I hope so because I know several young men/boys who are just wonderful thanks to the hard work of their parents. Definitely have a long way to go to see any sort of meaningful impact on society as a whole though

No. 767581

You’re practically a midget at 5’4. No one takes you seriously when you’re short anon, and tall women think that their height automatically gives them a personality or dominance over every person they come across. No one prefers short women, might as well kms lol

No. 767583

>even the nicest men have a knee jerk negative reaction to feminism in general.
This really bothers me. Any time the women in my friend groups would talk about personal experiences of men being creepy, street harassment, being talked over at work, etc., the men would either say nothing or act like it wasn’t a big deal. We weren’t faceless people on the internet, we were all pretty good friends, yet our male friends brushed our problems aside. Yeah yeah I know, “get better friends,” but that’s just it, where the hell are these male friends that listen to women?

I don’t think it’s obliviousness, I think most men think things are genuinely way easier for women. “Women get sex way easier, a few guys being pushy towards them is just the price they have to pay for ez tinder matches.”

No. 767584

“Faceless people on the internet”

Just because you can’t see someone, doesn’t mean they aren’t real dumbass.

No. 767585

I'd rather not be taken seriously I'm pretty incompetent

No. 767586

I meant that we were all fairly close, and one would assume people would be more likely to listen to the experiences of their close friends rather than news articles or threads on places like r/TwoX. You’d think it would have “hit home” more (nope kek).

No. 767588

ok Imma compare my moid to your list, nonnies do the same

>who doesn't watch porn

Alright, he does, but he's extremely vanilla and dislikes anything that isn't amateur. The moment I told him I would lower my usage he was supportive and told me he should too. He actually admires my determination to quit porn
>>who doesn't have at least some harmful fetishes like anal or worse
My moid doesn't even like anal or public sex lol. He's super vanilla, his most extreme kink is just a normal boobjob lol
>who takes brushing his teeth and hygiene seriously
He washes his teeth even more than me and told me he always makes sure his dick is clean, so I'm grateful
>who has goals in life
He's not exactly someone who wants to be rich or super succesful, but he knows how to save money to go on his dream vacation in another country, so for me it counts
>and who has the basic discipline to work on them
He's very serious when it comes to work, so thank god he does have the discipline
>who has the finances to support a potential family
Hmm, maybe not so much this one. He's an animator and doesn't get much pay
>who is emotionally available
Thanking god that my moid is very empathetic and lovign and always listens to me
>who will take an active interest in me and actively plans things for the relationship
He does!
>and who is taller than me, at least somewhat handsome and has a healthy body and lifestyle
He's not a model and can be VERY picky with food, but he's overall healthy.

I know this might sound like a stupid humblebrag, but my point is, if I achieved it, everyone else can. Don't give up hope nonny

No. 767590

Men really think women are priviledged because "“Women get sex way easier"" when that's exactly the root of all out problems, they harass us and rape us and we can't say no, this is why we "get sex easier"

No. 767604

Men can get sex just as easily if they started fucking men. They just want us to be as slutty as them.

No. 767618

Not really, men want women to be slutty on demand, if they somehow don’t feel like they want to have sex, you have to pretend you don’t have a sex drive; but if they want to have sex, you must be ready to have sex because that’s what they want and you should somehow want to as well.
When they stumble upon a woman with a high sex drive, they get put in a corner and don’t know what to do because they’re retarded.

No. 767620

My nigel is far from perfect and sometimes drives me crazy but he's at least willing to listen and learn. Of course it would be ideal to find a man who's super mature from day one, but I think if you want to have a happy relationship the biggest necessity is to find someone who respects you and follows through on your requests rather than taking it as an attack to their ego. (Difficult since men are socialized to believe they're always right and deserve the world simply for existing.)

>who doesn't watch porn

He had issues with it for a while but never defended it, he realized it was shit. He stopped watching about a year into our relationship partly because I said I'd feel better and partly because he personally wanted to.
>who doesn't have at least some harmful fetishes like anal or worse
He's expressed some passing interest in anal for the novelty of it but hasn't repeatedly begged or tried to pressure me. Especially after I told him he'd have to let me peg him if I agreed kek. He's pretty vanilla otherwise.
>who takes brushing his teeth and hygiene seriously
He is actually very on top of his hygiene and somewhat OCD about it. Finds other guys who neglect self care gross.
>who has goals in life
Hard worker who has also started going down a career path that's smarter too. Fast learner and enjoys being able to bring his own finances to the table. Got better about saving.
>who has the finances to support a potential family
I'm childfree so I don't care about this. We're on the road to being able to afford a house and invest for retirement which is good enough for me.
>who is emotionally available
He's sometimes a bit slow about this stuff but has learned a lot during our relationship and doesn't shut down or find it tedious when I want support. Gotten better about checking in emotionally without me having to ask.
>who will take an active interest in me and actively plans things for the relationship
He's always remembering little things I mentioned that even I forgot, supports my hobbies and has set up some really cute dates and celebrations for us.
>and who is taller than me, at least somewhat handsome and has a healthy body and lifestyle
I personally think he's super hot and he's attractive in enough of a mainstream way that others compliment his looks as well. He's 6' and works out regularly. If I had to pick his weakest point it's that he's not the tidiest person, but he does cook and clean regularly. (So his desk may look like a tornado but he regularly does the dishes and washes the sheets.)

No. 767625

Seeing this list makes me sad. Don't know about the first two points because I don't talk sex with men I'm not with, but apart from that these are all things a well adjusted adult, male or female, should do from the get go. And this is just talking about the bare minimum – not on a relationship basis, where your standards should be even higher, because - ideally - you'll be spending the rest of your life with that person.

No. 767716

Past the popular ones, anime isn't that good. There's nothing wrong with liking only the most popular shows of a media and hipsters are annoying.

No. 767721

Nah. I think the most popular anime isn't that great for the most part. When it comes to mob psycho, it is really good. But waifufag shit? that's not good at all.

No. 767722

Doing it for my moid now hehe

>who doesn't watch porn

He doesn't. Sometimes he reads doujins but I'm okay with that. For some reason the only, I don't know what you'd call them, erotic media(?) I like are fanfics and doujins. Besides his nudes of course. I guess I prefer to read.
>who doesn't have at least some harmful fetishes like anal or worse
Thank fuck he doesn't. We have exactly the same fetishes more or less, it's very refreshing.
>who takes brushing his teeth and hygiene seriously
Nah. This is one of the few things my moid fails at. His teeth are fine for now but I worry for when he gets older. We don't live together but when we do spend a couple of days at each other's place, he does put more effort into hygiene. And he cleans up if I ask.
>who has goals in life
He does, and he's working towards them well. I don't really understand his work (typical tech shit) but it's clear he has goals for it and is working up in it.
>and who has the basic discipline to work on them
Kind of? We're both in college and he really struggles to do his college assignments sometimes, but he can code for hours on end. I guess he's just the type of person who can only discipline himself when he enjoys what he's working on or believes it'll help him make money.
>who has the finances to support a potential family
Yeah. It's nice. For Christmas he bought me very expensive gifts that I genuinely liked. I felt so grateful.
>who is emotionally available
Yes. He is a very sweet man. He always listens to me. I think he's just a genuinely kind and 'good' person.
>who will take an active interest in me and actively plans things for the relationship
Yes! I think this is so important. It's okay to not have all the same interests as your partner, but I do think it's important and sweet to at least take an active interest in their personal interests, what they want to do, where they want to go etc.
>and who is taller than me, at least somewhat handsome and has a healthy body and lifestyle
My moid is the same height as me (we're both quite short) but I prefer that. I think he is very handsome and most of my friends agree he is good looking. I really like his body. His diet could be healthier (he loves Burger King way too much, it's really not that good) but he's not fat at all thank fuck.

No. 767723

I was thinking more so along the lines of AOT, FMA, Steins Gate, Death Note, etc.

No. 767725

>You’re practically a midget at 5’4
What an over exaggeration, this is the average height for women in many countries

No. 767726

Please move this to the nigel/boyfriend whatever thread. With all respect, I don't think people really want a long-ass post about some mediocre boyfriend analysis, and it doesn't make for a good discussion. Sorry, I'm not trying to beef particularly with the two of you, just don't want more anons to take it up as a challenge ITT.

No. 767727

>who doesn't watch porn
>who doesn't have at least some harmful fetishes like anal or worse
I haven't given up all hope on men but having spent my early twenties (stupidly) on a fetishy themed site where people hooked up..I'm painfully aware of how many men are 'normal respectable bfs with no kinks or extreme porn habits' and then they're secretly on those sites hooking up with strangers and bitching about their gf being close minded and boring. Even offline I've had a roommate go through my room and when he discovered sex toys he thought I'd be up for having an affair?? Told me all his fetishes and shamed his gf for being vanilla. To add to that he was a decade older than me and planning on eventually marrying that same woman.

Also had gay friends on grindr show me that crap on there. 'Totally respectable married men' crossdressing or sucking a dick on their way home from work. Somehow all feeling entitled to live a double life like that.

No. 767732

Was just about to say this. Not single or jealous or whatever way it might be twisted..but who tf wants to read a whole series of these point by point nigel comparisons?

No. 767735

True. While popularity scores aren't always the best measure for a show, lists like MALs top anime of all time are popular for a reason, those are the shows usually worth checking out. Watching seasonal anime to find out if it's good or not is a huge waste of time, as most anime won't stand the test of time and are completely forgettable.

No. 767744

I can't really stand Miley Cyrus' music or that whole "Bangerz" era, but this is good.

No. 767770

Women who go on and on about how they were bullied because they were just so hot are funny. You were probbaly being bullied because you were a bitch or weird and you assumed it was ppl being jealous.

No. 767776

lmao anon you basically described the entirety of lc.

like no anon, people are angry or mean towards you because you're just so hot and pretty, it's because you're probably incredibly insufferable

No. 767812

I look back on the bullying that I witnessed in my class when I was like 5 to 10 and there was a pattern of ugly fat kids with divorced parents (or ones being raised by grandma while mom was mia) bullying normal looking kids with married parents and better homes. It was an example of entirely jealousy based bullying for sure. But then teenage bullying that I witnessed was quite the opposite. No fatty would dare bully an attractive girl. The dynamic flipped over.

Actual autists got mild bullying throughout both though.

No. 767832

Intersectional feminism makes sense. Your race determines how you are treated as a woman sometimes. There are forms of misogyny white women wont face because they're white.

For example this whole bimbo culture and trying to reclaim your sexuality just wouldnt be something non white women deal with.

No. 767835

Personally , I never think parasocial relationship is the worst thing of the world.It help people who struggle with depression and loneliness. Even sometimes we have it without realizing it.But every from relationship their is always the unhealthy version of it.I'm not saying having parasocial is wrong but you need to realize the borderline between you and creator/celebrity in general.Making in real life personal connections to the creator your like is fine. Stan culture is the worst offender because is normalized unhealthy parasocial behaviour.Still no excuse for shitty creator to take advantage in shitty parasocial relationship.

No. 767837

All it achieves is muddling the issue (feminism should be about women liberating each other from patriarchy/men) and pitting women against each other in endless opression olympics. Not to mention it allows queers (by which I mean enbys) and troons to infiltrate and make feminism about them.

No. 767838

I dont think it muddles things to acknowledge that certain things happen to you because of your race and gender combined.

No. 767841

So all the speeches on americans being behind on rent, getting evicted, losing electricity is bullshit as well? If they wanted to stimulate the economy they'd put a pause on all bills, and americans wouldn't be taking to twitter about how they're "literally starving" while blowing their stimulus on spring break, weed, and 7$ coffees

No. 767842

NTA but please look up the origins of the word intersectional, not the way it’s thrown around today. It was created by a black women lawyer to describe cases in which neither sex discrimination nor race discrimination was the sole cause of a problem— if something only affected black women, it was often ignored by black power groups and feminist groups alike. I know the term is annoying and overused now but after reading an academic history of it, it now it makes a lot of sense why it was coined/its purpose. It was never supposed to be synonymous with diversity, certain issues are experienced by certain groups which can alienate them from the larger struggles

No. 767847

I know about that, it doesn't change my opinion.
I think intersectional feminism works in theory, but not practise. It ends in X group of women screeching at Y group for being karens, not supporting them through a specific struggle enough etc. I don't see a solution. It would be nice if women were able to both discuss racial issues as well as put differences aside to fight the common enemy. Or just support each other no matter what, like scrotes do kek. Sad how divided feminism is in general, no wonder we keep fighting each other.

No. 767852

How is acknowledging that a lot of women suffer not just because of their sex, but also because of their race pitting women against each-other and muddling the issue? If anything this is ignoring an issue.

No. 767854

THIS! I think it is super important to talk about the nuances affecting women of each racial group. Sure there will be some similarities but there will also be glaring differences in their oppression. I think it is super important to actually TALK to each other about these issues instead of just being like "oh no thats going to divide us la la la" like no it isnt. If anything ignoring these issues for so long is the REASON why feminism is so friggin divided in at least america (i cant speak for other countries). Like even on here I as a black woman can't talk about the nuanced issues i experience with my community on here or other feminist spaces without being called divisive or even banned for talking about it. How does ignoring these unique experiences instead of listening and understanding help feminism at all? Race shouldn't be taboo but sadly it still is because there are so many racists who's sole purpose is to stop these conversations from happening thus preventing us from finding solutions. Its why i keep to myself and talk about feminist issues with my own circle of friends because the many times i tried to venture out to other communities that just talked about general feminism i was shut out.>>767852

No. 767856

Never at any point in history has negging ever worked. My self esteem is in the shitter and anytime a guy has tried to neg me he got blocked

No. 767862

Agreed, I've never seen negging work on a woman IRL… My tinfoil is the pickup artists came up with it had mommy issues, because negging is exactly how narc moms manipulate their kids into jumping for a scrap of approval. So they go into the dating world trying to flip the power dynamic and be the nitpicker. But it comes across as mean and bizarre.

No. 767865

Don't know if this is negging but I remember when I started dating my last bf he was full of compliments about me being smart, capable, having a cool style, thinking I'm hot, whatever. I had incredibly low self esteem. Always had.

I think I had maybe two moments during that relationship where I said something positive about myself and his reaction was to tell me not to get a big head? Me with my crippling low confidence and a life that has been drastically held back by low confidence.. Fuck those men worrying about you getting an ego when all you feel is two seconds of what it's like to be normal

No. 767869

Nta but I think I had a pua approach me a while back and while talking he pointed out another woman to me and rolled his eyes saying something like 'god types like her eh?' she was maybe a lil trashy in how she looked that day but why draw attention to the poor woman whose just walking past minding her own business?

I hate that they have to shit on women at all. Me or others lol. I'm not flattered that you compared me to a stranger two seconds into talking. I'm not competing and if I had to pick I'd rather fuck her than fuck you.

No. 767871

Most troons are just dumb kids who don't know how to cope with not complying to gender roles or come from a homophobic household. They don't have some ebul agenda to erase all women. Of course there are also disgusting agp tards who use it to jerk off but only because they're louder doesn't mean it's most of them.
Pharma on the other hand are shitheads trying to bank on it ofc.

No. 767873

Men think negging works on us because it works on them

No. 767875

i dont understand the hatred of seltzer/soda water. Its literally the superior option and the best of both worlds. I would say juice is a close second but the juices in america are so sickly sweet its like you are drinking liquid sugar. If you are a grown adult and still actively drinking soda every single day. you are sick.

No. 767878

tbh this sounds like he wanted you to have low self esteem so you'd be more easily manipulated by compliments

No. 767880

I'm an ex fakeboi and I come from an uptight household, super strict dad that to this day acts like he owns me..even though we live several hours apart and I'm getting gray hairs

I had my stupid gender phase and a year into taking T I finally told my dad. He took it ok at first but then switched and freaked out. Between that and me having my own doubts..I came off of it. I'm a gay woman. That's all I am. He still doesn't know I'm gay though. Or it hasn't been directly said. I found it easier to say I'm becoming a fucking man than to tell him I date other women as a woman. It's weird. And pretty fucked up that I've heard others say the exact same. Some parents will accept a 'straight trans son' before a lesbian.

No. 767884

Weebs are and always will be cringe, you can't change my mind.

No. 767886

correct, source: I'm a weeb
best we can do is to embrace that

No. 767887

And this is an unpopular opinion how..?

No. 767912

Theres something wrong with people who are pro life and try to control people's lives but theres also something wrong with people who get abortions and act like it's cute. "Haha omg I killed that kid" you look psycho.

No. 767916

>people who get abortions and act like it's cute. "Haha omg I killed that kid" you look psycho
??? where did you see any of these? except pro life propaganda?

No. 767917

Some states and countries should not be it's own state or country. North Dakota and South Dakota are literally the same state. What is the point of Belgium when they speak Dutch and French? Like they have no identity no matter how hard they claim to have one.

No. 767918

File: 1616521933705.jpg (756.35 KB, 1440x2499, 20210323_135224.jpg)

I see people on tiktok doing it all the time.

No. 767925

Given it's tiktok.. is it teens sharing this stuff? Surely it's not adults

No. 767926

maybe im the psyochotic one but i think its funny. while i would never post such a traumatic moment in my life i feel like people are doing this to try and 1 up the pro lifers and make them seethe more. It aint right but it is funny to me

No. 767933

>i feel like people are doing this to try and 1 up the pro lifers and make them seethe more
This. It's an obvious reaction to being fed 'abortion is the biggest trauma that can happen to a woman! Even worse than being raped and having to carry your rapist's child! No woman is happy post-abortion, don't do it cause you will regret it' bullshit. Cultural context matters.

No. 767940

Ah, ok, I'm never going to tiktok so I was living in a safe bubble where people never do these things. I'm strongly pro choice and even though I could totally understand a woman feeling happy and relieved post abortion, it feels too weird to me too. I guess we gotta remember tiktok is an extremely specific demographic of people addicted to attention so they're not necessary… normal and well adjusted I suppose? Not a good representation of prochoice movement for sure.

No. 767941

something about sex is so evil and animalistic thinking about it makes me want to vomit

No. 767942

Diff anon and I'll prob sound like a granny here but yeah they had a procedure, young people now vlog or document every fucking procedure or appointment online.

If they went to the dentist we'd get to hear about that instead. The comments would still be screaming YES QUEEN in support of them getting a root canal done. I don't even think it's that deep. Its all just attention. The procedure is legal, they had it. They got a few Yaas queens. Next week they'll get their covid shot and film the needle going in lol.

No. 767943

People hate on Twilight because it's cool to hate things that teenage girls like(d).

No. 767944

Pretty sure >>767918 is just to piss pro-lifers off and be edgy like every teen on the internet.

No. 767946

Sorry eurofags, but “Americans” aren’t flippant college students who probably already have a minimum wage job to replace the stimulus they blew off. Most Americans have families and loans to pay, that’s the issue

No. 767947

No. 767953

I do agree, even if it's to "own the cons" (how do you flip own the libs?) it's still a very weird thing to say or do.

No. 768003

I see nothing wrong with this. Abortion isn’t going to be traumatic or a difficult choice for every woman. Let her celebrate if she wants, and ask yourself why women happily rejecting motherhood makes you so uncomfortable

No. 768037

Negging in it's original form is meant to be for 10/10 women who've never experienced a negative comment in their life. Supermodels, celebrities, etc etc who would be legitimately thrown off by someone not worshipping them. Using negs on regular girls with regular self esteem problems is absurd… if there's one thing I can reasonably expect from men based on past experience, it's insincere niceness to get into my pants and a fear of offending me and fucking up their chances. I have thin skin and would absolutely not respond well to a guy insulting me in any way, I'd lose any interest and assume they had no interest as well if they thought being mean to me was a good idea.

That's also an argument against 'all women love asshole chads!!', I am very unused to men being blatantly mean unless they have zero attraction to me. It's not something I'd ever, ever tolerate in a man pursuing me. Incel retards who believe we like assholes don't realize that men only show their true asshole colours later on, at the start they fake being nice.

No. 768089

growing old and being young isn’t a can of peaches it sucks ass being both, so tired of seeing literal oldfags whining that society is bringing them down for being old women when realistically most people can’t be some accomplished glass aged wine, it’s just not going going to happen. young people have to face the pressures of being unsuccessful and forgotten and have to face existential frustration while they’re still young and older people reminisce about their regrets towards missed opportunities and fantasize a lot more about their desires and becoming whole. it sucks ass for everyone so stop complaining about ageism

No. 768092

>ask yourself why women happily rejecting motherhood makes you so uncomfortable
absolutely based

No. 768115

The only time I've ever dated an asshole, it was a guy who had been on his best behaviour in the beginning. That act slipped slowly enough that I found us living together and frustratingly tied together before it hit me that he wasn't who he seemed to be earlier. In the end I definitely played my own role in making sure we went down in flames (pettiness begets more pettiness) but I can pinpoint the moment where that had been set in stone. The very first moment where he outright said something just to take me down a peg.. While I was already on a low peg? lol

Like alot of twenty-something women I was so fucking low in confidence. I was getting past depression and grief from losing a parent and the guy had once wanted to be the white knight helping me with that. Turns out if you actually show improvement they panic and change tactics.

Learnt a lesson from that. If you meet a guy and you're down as hell and in a bad place at the time of meeting them… look into that guys dating history or be very good at picking up signs. A man who wants to swoop in while you're down often isn't as romantic or charitable as you might want to believe.

No. 768128

gotta perform that femininity for everyone

seriously having kids is just a nasty power trip grosssss

No. 768132

Growing old is worse mostly because you realize that your options are narrowing. We don't have unlimited time so if you're still trying to figure out life you're going to be faced with making important decisions. The beauty of being young is having this illusion that you have time (and you do) until years fly by and suddenly you start asking yourself what have you done with your life. Saying there's tomorrow becomes more painful as you start noticing that you're slowly running out of them.

No. 768137

>Using negs on regular girls with regular self esteem problems is absurd
I'm glad you haven't had to deal with this and that you wouldn't be affected by it, but it's something that absolutely works on all types of women. A lot of us are trained from birth to do whatever we can to live up to scrotes' standards no matter how arbitrarily they change. Having someone be really nice and into you then suddenly hearing them say something casually derogatory like, "Whaat why are you wearing such a frumpy sweater? Is that your idea of a fashion statement or something?" can be very jarring. And not in a "Wow what a dick" way but an "Oh shit he liked me before, I guess it's just a sweater so I'll wear a dress next time" kind of way. And then it goes on and on until you're someone else entirely for the sake of winning some asshole's affection. It goes beyond the specific concept of negging into abusive and manipulative tactics many men use without even knowing terms for it, they just feel entitled to push women to conform to the pretty braindead stereotype they desire.

No. 768139

>Negging in it's original form is meant to be for 10/10 women who've never experienced a negative comment in their life.

No such woman exists. Actresses and supermodels are probably more accustomed to getting shit for their looks than your average normie average woman. Agents, designers, etc are not shy to tell famous women to their face that they are too ugly or fat, and not to mention supermodels have to be thin to maintain their career. Imagining some incel thinking they can get the attention of some stunner like Angelina Jolie by calling her ugly is laughable.

No. 768146

>I'm glad you haven't had to deal with this and that you wouldn't be affected by it,
I never said I wouldn't be affected by it, I literally wrote multiple times about how I have thin skin and would be extremely affected by it. I meant absurd as in it's a stupid, nonsensical tactic which will backfire, which is exactly your original point…

Yeah, it was hyperbole, but that's the logic specified by PUAs in The Game etc. They're targeting women they believe aren't accustomed to being insulted, which in their mind is top tier models and the like whether that's reality or not.

No. 768150

Yeah they do this for attention. It’s tiktok for Christ sake. But the less crazy women having kids the better.

No. 768155

>power trip
Lmao what

No. 768156

troon gonna troon

No. 768157

These look like ai-generated lolcow posts

No. 768160

You just gave me an idea for the lockdown project

No. 768161

No. 768162

Idk if you're being serious, but do it! I literally thought I would like to do that as soon as I made that post, but I know nothing about coding or makings an ai lol

No. 768242

File: 1616550768841.jpg (63.69 KB, 640x765, v.jpg)

I like when artists draw characters with vitiligo. I think it looks nice, and idk why so many anons seem to think it's weird or bad when they see artwork of someone with vitiligo. I even thought that vitiligo barbie was cute. Sidenote but, the vitiligo trend kind of reminds me of when heterochromia was popular

No. 768244

not a troon you absolute dumbo, tiring that we can’t even be aggressive anymore without an anon pulling the scrote card

No. 768248

anon says "lmao what" and is called a troon, I don't get it

antinatalism sperging should be banned, they have their containment thread on /g/ so knock your socks out there

No. 768258


No. 768260

troons gonna troon

No. 768263

yo why my AI fucking up? literally broken

No. 768271

File: 1616552386148.gif (612.37 KB, 245x160, VEEC.gif)

They were intended to be a lesbian couple, not sisters. Nobody can change my mind.

No. 768276

Would have actually been good if they went through with it, but i guess they couldnt have male love interests if they did. sigh

No. 768292

Not unpopular here but those teen porn ads where they heavily shoop the model into looking like an actual underaged teen should be banned. Some of them just look like little kids, it’s suspicious as fuck.

No. 768326

I hate to sound like a coomer but I agree, some of their scenes are so weirdly romantic. My sister and I get on really well and are quite close but we don’t act like that. I dunno.

No. 768362

Intersectional Feminism does make sense, but it's easy to take too far from the core issue.
>Gays are persecuted just like women are and homophobia is rooted in misogyny
>So intersectionalism must include gay men by proxy
>trans people are often gay men and persecuted for being trans, they should be included too!
>Now racism and oppression against muslim immigrants…
And so forth, soon you get a group that's not at all interested in supporting female issues since they've gathered so many demographics their interests start clashing. And then the movement gets hijacked by the loudest one, often men.

Slightly related but I hate how people think being "a white woman" is some sort of a default beauty standard around the world when in reality the stereotype in many non-white countries is that white western women are hypersexual whores who don't mind being groped or even raped and will put out for anyone.

No. 768363

File: 1616570355762.png (456.46 KB, 530x529, Ca52963pture.PNG)

sorry but you sound like that scrote from /u/ who's obsessed with them ( and who has already sperged once on the lesbian media thread )

No. 768365

I'm a straight woman and depictions of sexualised men in the media gross me out. None of them feel even remotely organic, just obviously forced attempts to either "reverse the roles" or pander to the fags.

No. 768369

I see the Homophobe-chan is up late today.

No. 768375

Did you get picked sis?

No. 768386

NTA, what's wrong with saying faggot? I owe nothing to gay men

No. 768391

based. scrotes are scrotes.

No. 768401

how do you feel about lesbians?

No. 768414

Lesbians are rad
And that should be obvious knowing where we are, your question was bait.

No. 768432

Straight women should stop calling their female friends 'girlfriends', it confuses muh autistic brain.

No. 768449

Women who prioritize orgasms over intimacy are shallow and immature

No. 768451

You never gave a woman either you retarded faggot. When are you gonna troon out or kill yourself like all of your demo does ?

No. 768467

Of course, after all, you're not like other girls.
Tell a man to prioritize intimacy over his dick cumming, see how that goes. And sex is all about orgasming anyway.

No. 768471

>I'm a straight woman

No. 768477

It's pretty annoying, because in my language just saying "my friend" is masculine and it sounds like you're talking about a boyfriend, and saying "my girlfriend" makes it sound like she's… well, your girlfriend. Which is why you need to use "one of my friends" even if I have no other friends, kek.

No. 768480

Agreed, here I am thinking we're being progressive and it's just a normie calling their female friends "girlfriends"

No. 768483

I don't think it's shallow and immature to want to have an orgasm, but I understand where you come from. Sometimes cuddling/your partner being physically affectionate to you during sex feels very nice, and you can pardon the fact you didn't cum. I obviously love cumming, but sometimes I mentally just want to make love.

No. 768488

Male friends can't exist for a girl if he's attracted to women. How many women do you know with honest to God male friends that she can share everything with? It seems all the male friends women have in the world are the ones they previously slept with and are now okay with knowing they had "conquered" her in their minds (gross moid logic but it's true). Does anyone disagree and have different experiences?

No. 768491

I am indeed a straight woman, just not a cumbrained autist like you.

No. 768493

Not like other girls~ why are you so proud of never having an orgasm in your life? Why do men get to be the only ones that experience orgasm nefeli?

No. 768495

NTA I think this straight woman person is replying to another thing that has nothing to do with orgasms

No. 768498

I disagree, I have male friends that have never wanted to sleep with me before and I've never slept with them. We love videogames, art and animation, so there's plenty to share and talk about. We also share beers and stuff about our problems, including relationship stuff. They're nice and cool

No. 768501

I love my male friends! I don't want to sound dumb and I don't want to infight, but I actually feel like I've been lucky to find pretty nice and funny guys out there. Very low in the "shit men do" scale, they can be quite romantic and empatheric in their life. They always treated me with respect, I've never been sexually harassed by my male friends and they've never been into me/me into them. And this is very lucky considering I live in Mexico and men here are the worst, most abusive and gross guys with machismo problems and they look like ugly potatoes.
It's actually women IRL that I always have a lot of trouble making frienships with. All the ex female friends I've had always end up having some weird trauma, weird relationship with their parents, and were plain toxic to me.

No. 768508

I see that. They have no idea how to pander to the female gaze.

No. 768543

Black triangles was sewn on the shoulders of "asocial" prisoners in concentration camps. Lesbians were considered "asocials", along with those who refused to work, for instance.

No. 768545

Sure thing honey,keep telling youself you're not like other girls.

No. 768569

This I can agree with

No. 768571

eh i have a guy friend and trust me we are not sexually attracted to each other and he is in a long term relationship with his gf. Its not an absolute for everyone. Just befriend guys you arent attracted to and who arent attracted to you either. (i know he's not attracted to me because he is white and likes white girls and i am black and like black girls lol)

No. 768594

When it's done right, it's hot. Obviously when it's just trying to reverse the roles and present the man in a way they usually present women, it's not gonna work. Female vs male gaze

No. 768609

The movie Music wasn't that bad. The music segments felt weird but the story was alright. I don't get half of the outrage for such an outrageous movie and I got the 'tism myself

No. 768674

They need to bring back slide-out keyboard phones
Ever since I dropped my last one in the toilet (rip) and couldn't find a new one anywhere, I've been texting with just my right index finger because fucking smartphone "keyboards" can't tell what letter I'm hitting and my hands are too small to even reach the center keys if I'm trying to use my thumbs
People are always staring, I have the fastest right index finger in the midwest

No. 768711

It's annoying how small/short girls act aggressive because they know no ones gonna hit them. They actually brag about it and think it's cute.

No. 768716

I'm short and I don't act aggressive at all. I also don't know of any other shorties who act aggressive either. Are you just surrounded by crazy women or are you generalizing to begin with?

No. 768717

Wait really? I’d like to get aggressive but I’m pretty sure I’ll still get beat. Maybe my town is honorless.

No. 768719

Violent people will just do what they do regardless of your height

No. 768720

I don't know on what planet you live but from my own observation it's the exact reverse, because anyone could knock them out without even trying.

No. 768725

I think LC is the first place when I've seen regular heightbaiting. People making some crazy claims about tall/short women as if that was a personality trait or a great divide between women.

No. 768728

Sometimes you'll see posts where a short anon will sincerely compliment tall women or a tall anon will compliment short women, or you'll just have someone describe themselves vaguely to give context in a post, and they'll have a shit ton of butthurt anons yelling at them and accusing each other of humblebragging. It's amazing.

No. 768730

As an average height anon.. should I align myself with the talls or the shorts? I simply don't know which team to back in this neverending battle

No. 768731

lmfao this. Some of you really have a height complex.

No. 768733

Deadass, it happens either way

No. 768734

Breast size and height are two of the most common things I see baited about here.