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No. 677779

Have you graduated college/university within the past year or two(or longer)? What's life been like for you post-academia?

1. Do you have a job? is it good/in your field?
2. Has your social life improved or plummeted?
3. Do you feel like you have more or less time on your hands?
4. Are you happier or more stressed post-academia?
5. What do you miss about college?
6. Do you feel like you truly learned anything in college? What was your major?
7.Have any student loans

No. 677780

I hate these threads, who cares

No. 677781

Like, what are you gonna ask next? "what tax break are you in?" "how much do you owe to the bank?" "do you have credit cards maxxed out?"

No. 677782

whatever your intentions are, it might be fun to see some other anons' point of view after graduation (I'm about to graduate myself) so yeah.

No. 677783

You're all so bitter. If it don't apply to your minimum wage autist asses hide the thread and go kek.

No. 677788

im guessing you two didnt graduate college?

No. 677789

Not feeling like drudging through these bland and tedious questions on an anonymous imageboard for no reason when this is as boring as a census survey does not make us bitter

No. 677790

NTA but hearing about other people's experience and tips post grad is not boring or pointless to those who….are post grad. Like anon said hide the thread sis.

No. 677793

You could just hide the thread babe. You're acting like someone is forcing you to read this and you just can't bear the PAIN and HORROR of someone making this subjectively interesting thread.

No. 677798

Oh I wasn’t any of the previous anons, that was just my response to immediately jumping to the conclusion that they’re bitter or uneducated.

No. 677816

>What do you miss about college?
Smoking weed and playing DnD.
Nobody has time for that anymore.

No. 677821

I realized too late (around the 3rd year) that I should have taken architecture or any art related program. Instead I finished my 4 years in a field I'm not good at and even got a damn license that I'll probably never use. Now I do design work but will always lag behind those with actual art education. I hate my shallow high school self, I chose my college course not because I wanted it but because my friends were all going there. Why does society make 16 year olds decide something this important

No. 679787

I have a job, It's the same comfy but garbage job I had before and during school.

I feel like everything I learned culminated in the realization that the world is a neoliberal hellscape and maybe I was in uni for all the wrong reasons.

I have 30k (canadian) in debt now, but it doesn't feel like the end of the world given my life circumstances.

All the jobs I've seen posted in "my field" require me to move away, or work part-time, graveyard shift greuling type hours for barely more than what I make already. It'd be high stress, and thankless.

While in some ways I feel like university was a waste, I loved everything I learned and am strongly considering just taking out more loans and doing more school instead of carrying on like I am.

No. 679789

File: 1606119862696.jpeg (31.73 KB, 554x554, images.jpeg)

Do you have a job? is it good/in your field?
It's not in my field but it's a cushy job.
2. Has your social life improved or plummeted?
Swan dived into the fiery depths of hell.
3. Do you feel like you have more or less time on your hands?
A lot more, actually.
4. Are you happier or more stressed post-academia?
Much happier overall, but lonelier.
5. What do you miss about college?
Direction, hope, things to look forward to, people.
6. Do you feel like you truly learned anything in college? What was your major?
No lol. I majored in business/finance.
7.Have any student loans
Yeah, almost paid them off (love my job xx)

No. 679797

What field are you in?

No. 679800

1. Do you have a job? is it good/in your field?
Yes! I really like it but it's only an internship so I'll be unemployed soon. It's also really relevent to my degrees (Undergad and Masters). Though, I am tempted to take two months off working once it's over using my savings (not even looking for a job in that time) since I have been in education since I was 6 and working since 14 and I can afford a break.

2. Has your social life improved or plummeted?
Massively improved, I feel happier and less stressed about talking to people. I also have been able to figure out what I want and how much I am willing to give to a friendship.

3. Do you feel like you have more or less time on your hands?
I definitley have less time but more time to do things I want? Like I don't have to worry about assignments or anything I just have to work. I worked all through my degree so maybe that's why because my free time was occupied with work or an assignment. Now, my free time is genuine free time.

4. Are you happier or more stressed post-academia?
I would say I feel quite comfortable but a bit stressed for when my internship is over. At this point I just want to do things rather than write / learn about it.

5. What do you miss about college?
The feeling that fucking up is okay and you can always re-sit or get support. Now it's just like I am on my own and I need to get a high paying job even though im not past 25 yet. At Uni It's like a safety net and nobody can say anything because you are 'studying' then when you leave they all amp it up and ask why you aren't a CEO, why you aren't married, why you don't have kids etc. it's stressful

6. Do you feel like you truly learned anything in college?
I feel like I did. Not only academic but I hate the fact I am the cliche like 'it was life changing'. It genuinely was, I am not the same person I was when I started and I think if I spent those 3 years in a different environment I wouldn't have changed as much or become the person I am. I am really happy with myself, it gave me a lot of opportunities I wouldn't have had if I didn't go. I was really able to become someone I am happy with.

7.Have any student loans
Too many but I am from the UK so I don't really have to pay it back yet.

I think I was quite lucky to have a really positive experience, I think University and the environment was really for me and the best decision I made for myself.

No. 679929

>do you have a job?

I somehow landed a job two days after graduating. It's temporary and nothing to do with my degree but it pays well and I work from home.

>has your social life improved or plummeted?

Plummeted, even without covid I think I would be in the same boat. A lot of my friends have moved away and I think I've only been to two or three social gatherings since it finished. Only on occasion do I get a message from the people who I used to speak to daily. You never realise how hard it is to make friends outside school, I wish I had tried harder.

>Are you happier or more stressed post-academia?

In some ways less stressed. It's both terrifying and comforting living by your own initative not quite knowing what the next step is. I have plenty of money, more free time, and a job that I don't have to think about off the clock. On the other hand, I desperately want a job in my field that isnt mind-numbing but it's hard to motivate myself enough to do the extra work to get there without the obligations of uni attached to it. It's down squarely to me to get shit done and I'm always worried I'm not doing "enough". Still prefer it to the feeling of actually having tons of shit to do with strict deadlines though.

No. 680028

Really happy for you anon. I wish I felt this way in college, and afterwards.

No. 680092

>Do you have a job? is it good/in your field?
Yes, it's very good and in my field.

>Has your social life improved or plummeted?

Plummeted, but mostly by choice. I also gave up alcohol around the time I graduated which effectively killed my desire/ability to regularly party/socialize.

>Do you feel like you have more or less time on your hands?

More time now. During school I would also work PT in the evenings, but now just work FT daytime.

>Are you happier or more stressed post-academia?

Way happier overall. Stress level is probably a little more but depends on the day. I have some days/weeks at work where I do absolutely nothing. Some days I want to pull out my hair.

>What do you miss about college?

Generally less pressure and lower expectations. I miss having a place to go and meet other students, explore/hang out on campus, and just feel part of a greater "mission" for my life. Like it had true direction I could feel. Now my "mission" involves never leaving home and at under the direction of my superiors, churning out mostly forgettable intangible products for a giant multinational corporation. I feel proud of my work but I don't have much personal connection to it the way I would with school projects.

>Do you feel like you truly learned anything in college? What was your major?

Yes, I definitely got a good foundational education in college that helped me acquire work but I think the total amount of new knowledge I've taught myself/learned on the job probably outweighs it. Both in terms of volume and value. CompSci major.

>Have any student loans

I went to mix of community college & state school, I ended up with about $20k which I've recently paid off.

No. 680096


Humanities. I did a double maj in crim and psych, and a practicum with social services, but didn't involve myself with faculty at all so I have a fairly high GPA but zero academic references to move forward onto grad school. Hence my lame job prospects lol

No. 680295

1. I had an ok job (~50k in small city) but then I went to law school LMAO

2. At my job there were a few other recent grads who I talked to a lot at work. Then two older women who I started working out with. But since leaving work I don't talk to any of them, so they were definitely "work" friends

3. Probably more free time, but I was more worried about making the most of my free time. One time I cried in my car because I had to make a left turn to go home, the woman in front of me made an excruciatingly slow u-turn, and I got stuck at a red light for two cycles. It probably made a 5 minute difference.

4. I really hated my job. It could have been an okay self-paced job but my manager was awful.

5. I actually miss living in close quarters with other people. I hated having a roommate, but I loved living in a dorm with common spaces and the weird hijinks you could get into.

6. I believe in the importance of a liberal arts education in helping me learn critical thinking, languages, and diving deeply into things, but I also think that it's nothing I couldn't have been taught in a better high school curriculum, and most education is filtering out people who can't pay for college, or aren't willing to put themselves in debt

7. I think I graduated undergrad with about $15k. Accumulating more now even with a full scholarship because rent.

No. 680438

Graduated spring 2019. I feel terrible for everyone plugging away in zoom university. I lived in the same town the first 18 years of my life and being on a college campus exposed me to things I would not have had the opportunity to do otherwise
I have a work from home job in my field that pays decent. I'm not happier now that I've graduated, I still struggle with quarter-life crisis identity stuff, but I know finances aren't a stressor for me right now, and that's a blessing.
Anon do you like law school? Have been considering it (or a masters in public policy) but I don't plan on applying until I know in person classes are good to go again, and by that time I very may well have paid off all my student loans. Even though more education can help earning potential, it's not a burning desire within me to get a JD and the prospect of being 26 with no debt sounds really liberating.

No. 680637

I liked it more than I thought I would my first year, but this year has obviously been very hard.

I went in with the goal of NOT being as miserable as other law students, so I went to the gym up until finals, hung out with friends, went out on dates, etc. But a lot of people really do not flourish here.

It's also important to look at the attached chart - you either earn $50-80k your whole life (completely attainable with only a BA/BS) or you leave law school already making $200k. And that 99% of the time only happens if you're able to attend a top-14 law school. If your undergrad GPA is less than 3.5 you'll have to do extremely well on the LSAT to make that happen (though the LSAT is immensely learnable).

I might recommend taking a practice LSAT on Khan Academy. I was able to improve my original score by 8 pts but many study programs say they can increase your score by 10-15 points (I'm lazy/ADHD and didn't stick to any program). Then you can guess what type of school you'll get into. If you're not passionate about the law, I wouldn't recommend going anywhere below the top 14 OR the best school in the city/state you KNOW you want to spend forever in.

No. 680639

File: 1606225757231.png (61.17 KB, 809x579, bimodalsalarydistribution.png)

Sage bc I'm an idiot who replied instead of adding my attachment.

tl;dr see if you can get into a great law school (it's easy/very numbers focused), if not focus on advancing in any office/corporate-y career, maybe see if they assist with pay for part-time MBA classes

No. 680848

Yeeeesh I definitely thought lawyers on average made tons more than this. TIL

No. 680883

File: 1606242937367.png (54.7 KB, 1326x1155, biglawscale.PNG)

This is the salary progression for top law firms. Most people don't stay past 5 years or so though (they help you find new employment unless they think you have partner potential). I honestly don't think I'll even last 5 years of such a high pressure environment, but even after 2 years I'll break even on the opportunity cost.

No. 683411

how did y'all pay off your student load debt?

No. 730639

I'm having such a hard time believing I can get a job this year when I'm graduating as a graphic designer. Please, anyone has this fear of problem? I need help and advice

No. 730992

If you want to land a job as a graphic designer after you finish, you should already start at least ONE year before graduating getting all sorts of connection to get a decent job in that field. There are tons of graphic designers and they do not wait for you to do this job, so you need networking and an outstanding portfolio of works to show of. Write to agencies that currently do not hire because sometimes they do need people, even when there is no job offer on their page. As I said, networking is everything. All the people I knew and are successful as graphic designers already had their clients before they even started to study. It is never too early to start with it. Wishing you the best!

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