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File: 1605495598634.png (1.88 MB, 1400x696, 1597382675950.png)

No. 674932

New thread because old thread hit 1200. Let's go.

First question: should I take those lessons?

No. 674943

Thanks anon! Go for it, don't listen to sanic lol.

Will it be a mistake?

No. 674954

Does he mean it?

No. 674955

??? You're a tough nut to crack, Mighty Sanic

No. 674957

At what great price? My dignity?! I'm going to pretend I never read this.

No. 674983

Is he the one?

No. 675203

Should I shave the sides of my head I am really on the verge of doing it

No. 675213

Sonic please don't make this any harder

No. 675214

Screw you sonic I spit on you

No. 675434

This is important so I ask you, O Sanic-sama: it's not even 11, should I start drinking?

No. 675437

Please do not withhold your great wisdom

No. 675461

will i get the job?

No. 675462

holy shit

No. 675465

report back when you get it anon

No. 675467

should i drug myself today so i don't have to deal with the day?

No. 675474

Should I ring the dentist tomorrow?

No. 675475

Well…should I sort my mouth out?

No. 675482

Can I eat a plate of onion rings now safe in the knowledge I won't be going to the dentist tomorrow?

No. 675516

You lied to me last time sanic, so this is your chance at redemption: does G** have romantic feelings for me?

No. 675517

Fuck you, you blue devil. That's a lie and you know it

No. 675654

Am I on the right path?

No. 675706

As ordered, I ask again.

No. 675893

Should I send him a message?

No. 675897

tf does that mean, give me a straight answer

No. 676034

Will I ever find the strength to stop several of my bad habits?

No. 676036

Again, is there hope for me overcoming my terrible impulses?

No. 676068

Mighty sanic, will I pass the theoretical exam?

No. 676073

Should i change my name to something edgy and kool?

No. 676090

Will I get better mentally and be a normal person next year?

No. 676092

help me sanic

No. 676093

will i pass my exams?

No. 676094

cmon sanic chan..

No. 676103

will he be able to come over tomorrow?

No. 676104

give me a straight answer, whore.

No. 676138

Did I do the right thing sanic?

No. 676140

For them?

No. 676146

i'm asking again, you piece of shit.

No. 676373

Mighty sanic, does she feel the same about it?

No. 676555

Sanic, should I keep drinking coffee or stick to tea?

No. 676560

Is the "great price" the cost of buying coffee all the time?

No. 676561

Stop being weird sanic, should I make a cup of coffee?

No. 676791

Do either of them still think of me?

No. 676808

Should I get a KFC?

No. 676810

What the fuck Sonic, I just want to know if I should get takeout

No. 676819

Based Sanic is just letting you know that if you get KFC you're going to get unrelenting diarrhea.

No. 676834

Will my test be negative?

No. 676879

i'm still waiting

No. 676881

thank you for your wise advice lord sanic

No. 676889

Should I book my consultation sonic??

No. 676949

if i take them all will it be enough

No. 676952

i'm serious sanic, give me an answer

No. 677021

sanic do I go

No. 677022

in that case sanic do I pick the thing I'm thinking

No. 677097

should I get tonsillectomy

No. 677134

will I get paid early?

No. 677135

me paragán temprano?

No. 677590

should i buy that otome game on my switch

No. 677593

No. 677639

Does she love me?

No. 677673

Does anyone have a crush on me?

No. 677675

how about me?

No. 677677

I have a crush on you both. Kisses.

No. 677678

It's true sonic confirmed it. thank you………..

No. 677689

Is he real?

No. 677690

I already do, but I want to know if he is real?

No. 677693

It means sanic is real which you will be seeing soon. you should have been more specific sweetie

No. 677695

I don't mean Sanic… I'm a strong believer of the great blue one.

But is the guy who is talking to me in Discord real? I guess Sanic says that I got catfished.

No. 677702

should i eat more?

No. 677704

If I stick to my plan, will I make it out of here?

No. 677740

Is the pain on my side shingles for the 3rd time?

No. 677741

Dude, really?

No. 677822

Hi sonic. Is this a mistake?

No. 677866

will i ever be in love?

No. 678015

Will I ever get to meet him?

No. 678017

Sanic please take me seriously I'm

No. 678020

should I buy that fruity yogurt for kids

No. 678030

File: 1605886056121.png (577.77 KB, 649x990, 7EC2043F-6FCD-49B6-BF67-FC410C…)

Absolutely! Kids will benefit from the probiotics and enjoy the radical fruity flavor!
Anything can happen if you believe!
You sure will, I bet you’re a really great person!
Better to make mistakes than never trying at all!
I’m not a doctor, so maybe get that checked out.

That’s all I got for now. Don't be afraid to accomplish your dreams!

No. 678040

Will I make it out of here before 2023?

No. 678041

Sanic, are you going to get me out of here before 2023?

No. 678068

Will I find a girlfriend by next year?

No. 678084

thanks sanic see you later. Actually the kids yoghurt is for me. But as long as your parents are alive you're a kid right? So alright I will buy it. thanks

No. 678170

Will I ever get the motivation to do it?

No. 678285

So is life gonna just gonna keep on sucking?

No. 678286

Somehow I don't believe it will never suck again, but glad to hear there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

No. 678345

Is it a good idea to move to the first floor?

No. 678376

should I kill myself?

No. 678378

lol, ok.

No. 678381

Are they just autistic?

No. 678382

Thought so, thanks sanic

No. 678429

Will the purging from epiduo stop next month? pls be kind to my skin

No. 678435

will my hw turn out okay

No. 678445

will i learn it tomorrow

No. 678466

Was it meant to be?

No. 678467

Sanic is my god now, I pray to Sanic

No. 679014

gro sure

No. 679021


No. 679462

Sanic help me decide my outfit for tomorrow. Should I wear my red long dress

No. 679464

Should I wear a hoodie

No. 679468

Oh answer please mighty sonic totem should I wear a hoodie

No. 679471

Come on… should I wear my knee length skirt

No. 679695

File: 1606104450544.jpg (129.48 KB, 1080x1080, 4cbfdea2-78b0-467f-a13b-ffb864…)

will delivering food work out for me?

No. 679697

oh,am i going to be murdered doing delivery then sanic?

No. 679698

I think Sanic is trying to set you up…

No. 679701

sanic is making me paranoid, ngl

No. 679718

Will I ever be free from it?

No. 679719


No. 679728

Am I lying to myself sanic

No. 679729

Please sanic

No. 679730

This is a non answer, but anyway bless

No. 679731

he's angry tonight

No. 679756

does he love me?

No. 679760

Will I wake up at my first alarm? Good night, everyone. Sweet dreams

No. 679761

Is this the right thing?

No. 679762

Will my crush ask for my number?

No. 679770

Am I in denial

No. 679775

will we turn into something more?

No. 679776

i really thought we could

No. 679853

Will it get delayed?

No. 679876

Will I pass this exam?

No. 679877

Hmmm, I'll take that as a yes.

No. 680085

Will I pass my classes?

No. 680087

Will I loose my virginity before the end of the year?

No. 680109

ooooh anon's getting it

No. 680352

same honestly

No. 680354

fuck you sanic. i want to lose my fucking virginity

No. 680395

Will I have a cool dream

No. 680397

You know my subconscious is filled with good material. Whatever sanic

No. 680411

Lmao I'm a borderline neet in quarantine no way it's gonna happen

No. 681800

fine sanic. your dumb ass was right.
so how about me & her? does it ever happen?

No. 681844

Is it the right choice o wise one

No. 681846

File: 1606355103228.png (300.26 KB, 600x395, 6826D8AE-DBA9-4AF9-894D-512DA7…)

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