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File: 1605495598634.png (1.88 MB, 1400x696, 1597382675950.png)

No. 674932

New thread because old thread hit 1200. Let's go.

First question: should I take those lessons?

No. 674943

Thanks anon! Go for it, don't listen to sanic lol.

Will it be a mistake?

No. 674954

Does he mean it?

No. 674955

??? You're a tough nut to crack, Mighty Sanic

No. 674957

At what great price? My dignity?! I'm going to pretend I never read this.

No. 674983

Is he the one?

No. 675203

Should I shave the sides of my head I am really on the verge of doing it

No. 675213

Sonic please don't make this any harder

No. 675214

Screw you sonic I spit on you

No. 675434

This is important so I ask you, O Sanic-sama: it's not even 11, should I start drinking?

No. 675437

Please do not withhold your great wisdom

No. 675461

will i get the job?

No. 675462

holy shit

No. 675465

report back when you get it anon

No. 675467

should i drug myself today so i don't have to deal with the day?

No. 675474

Should I ring the dentist tomorrow?

No. 675475

Well…should I sort my mouth out?

No. 675482

Can I eat a plate of onion rings now safe in the knowledge I won't be going to the dentist tomorrow?

No. 675516

You lied to me last time sanic, so this is your chance at redemption: does G** have romantic feelings for me?

No. 675517

Fuck you, you blue devil. That's a lie and you know it

No. 675654

Am I on the right path?

No. 675706

As ordered, I ask again.

No. 675893

Should I send him a message?

No. 675897

tf does that mean, give me a straight answer

No. 676034

Will I ever find the strength to stop several of my bad habits?

No. 676036

Again, is there hope for me overcoming my terrible impulses?

No. 676068

Mighty sanic, will I pass the theoretical exam?

No. 676073

Should i change my name to something edgy and kool?

No. 676090

Will I get better mentally and be a normal person next year?

No. 676092

help me sanic

No. 676093

will i pass my exams?

No. 676094

cmon sanic chan..

No. 676103

will he be able to come over tomorrow?

No. 676104

give me a straight answer, whore.

No. 676138

Did I do the right thing sanic?

No. 676140

For them?

No. 676146

i'm asking again, you piece of shit.

No. 676373

Mighty sanic, does she feel the same about it?

No. 676555

Sanic, should I keep drinking coffee or stick to tea?

No. 676560

Is the "great price" the cost of buying coffee all the time?

No. 676561

Stop being weird sanic, should I make a cup of coffee?

No. 676791

Do either of them still think of me?

No. 676808

Should I get a KFC?

No. 676810

What the fuck Sonic, I just want to know if I should get takeout

No. 676819

Based Sanic is just letting you know that if you get KFC you're going to get unrelenting diarrhea.

No. 676834

Will my test be negative?

No. 676879

i'm still waiting

No. 676881

thank you for your wise advice lord sanic

No. 676889

Should I book my consultation sonic??

No. 676949

if i take them all will it be enough

No. 676952

i'm serious sanic, give me an answer

No. 677021

sanic do I go

No. 677022

in that case sanic do I pick the thing I'm thinking

No. 677097

should I get tonsillectomy

No. 677134

will I get paid early?

No. 677135

me paragán temprano?

No. 677590

should i buy that otome game on my switch

No. 677593

No. 677639

Does she love me?

No. 677673

Does anyone have a crush on me?

No. 677675

how about me?

No. 677677

I have a crush on you both. Kisses.

No. 677678

It's true sonic confirmed it. thank you………..

No. 677689

Is he real?

No. 677690

I already do, but I want to know if he is real?

No. 677693

It means sanic is real which you will be seeing soon. you should have been more specific sweetie

No. 677695

I don't mean Sanic… I'm a strong believer of the great blue one.

But is the guy who is talking to me in Discord real? I guess Sanic says that I got catfished.

No. 677702

should i eat more?

No. 677704

If I stick to my plan, will I make it out of here?

No. 677740

Is the pain on my side shingles for the 3rd time?

No. 677741

Dude, really?

No. 677822

Hi sonic. Is this a mistake?

No. 677866

will i ever be in love?

No. 678015

Will I ever get to meet him?

No. 678017

Sanic please take me seriously I'm

No. 678020

should I buy that fruity yogurt for kids

No. 678030

File: 1605886056121.png (577.77 KB, 649x990, 7EC2043F-6FCD-49B6-BF67-FC410C…)

Absolutely! Kids will benefit from the probiotics and enjoy the radical fruity flavor!
Anything can happen if you believe!
You sure will, I bet you’re a really great person!
Better to make mistakes than never trying at all!
I’m not a doctor, so maybe get that checked out.

That’s all I got for now. Don't be afraid to accomplish your dreams!

No. 678040

Will I make it out of here before 2023?

No. 678041

Sanic, are you going to get me out of here before 2023?

No. 678068

Will I find a girlfriend by next year?

No. 678084

thanks sanic see you later. Actually the kids yoghurt is for me. But as long as your parents are alive you're a kid right? So alright I will buy it. thanks

No. 678170

Will I ever get the motivation to do it?

No. 678285

So is life gonna just gonna keep on sucking?

No. 678286

Somehow I don't believe it will never suck again, but glad to hear there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

No. 678345

Is it a good idea to move to the first floor?

No. 678376

should I kill myself?

No. 678378

lol, ok.

No. 678381

Are they just autistic?

No. 678382

Thought so, thanks sanic

No. 678429

Will the purging from epiduo stop next month? pls be kind to my skin

No. 678435

will my hw turn out okay

No. 678445

will i learn it tomorrow

No. 678466

Was it meant to be?

No. 678467

Sanic is my god now, I pray to Sanic

No. 679014

gro sure

No. 679021


No. 679462

Sanic help me decide my outfit for tomorrow. Should I wear my red long dress

No. 679464

Should I wear a hoodie

No. 679468

Oh answer please mighty sonic totem should I wear a hoodie

No. 679471

Come on… should I wear my knee length skirt

No. 679695

File: 1606104450544.jpg (129.48 KB, 1080x1080, 4cbfdea2-78b0-467f-a13b-ffb864…)

will delivering food work out for me?

No. 679697

oh,am i going to be murdered doing delivery then sanic?

No. 679698

I think Sanic is trying to set you up…

No. 679701

sanic is making me paranoid, ngl

No. 679718

Will I ever be free from it?

No. 679719


No. 679728

Am I lying to myself sanic

No. 679729

Please sanic

No. 679730

This is a non answer, but anyway bless

No. 679731

he's angry tonight

No. 679756

does he love me?

No. 679760

Will I wake up at my first alarm? Good night, everyone. Sweet dreams

No. 679761

Is this the right thing?

No. 679762

Will my crush ask for my number?

No. 679770

Am I in denial

No. 679775

will we turn into something more?

No. 679776

i really thought we could

No. 679853

Will it get delayed?

No. 679876

Will I pass this exam?

No. 679877

Hmmm, I'll take that as a yes.

No. 680085

Will I pass my classes?

No. 680087

Will I loose my virginity before the end of the year?

No. 680109

ooooh anon's getting it

No. 680352

same honestly

No. 680354

fuck you sanic. i want to lose my fucking virginity

No. 680395

Will I have a cool dream

No. 680397

You know my subconscious is filled with good material. Whatever sanic

No. 680411

Lmao I'm a borderline neet in quarantine no way it's gonna happen

No. 681800

fine sanic. your dumb ass was right.
so how about me & her? does it ever happen?

No. 681844

Is it the right choice o wise one

No. 681846

File: 1606355103228.png (300.26 KB, 600x395, 6826D8AE-DBA9-4AF9-894D-512DA7…)

No. 682161

Does he like me?

No. 684131

Should i text them?

No. 684360

do i double text, sonic

No. 684364

Grosse reeeeee

No. 684365

After 8??????

No. 684384

Will it end?

No. 684402

Is vent veronica a weird revenge porn thing?

No. 684404

Sanic, should I try nonnie's poppy seed tea recipe? I only have roasted bbq flavored ones.

No. 684417

I'll get shaking then.
Will I poison myself, tho?

No. 684420

Sanic, should I make my own soft pretzel?

No. 684422


So you want to help me then? Cool.

No. 684432

will i ever get away from this sonic man

No. 684433

Dear Sanic,
Will I get a girlfriend-free boy this year?

No. 684435

Sanic pls

No. 684440

Should I go vegan?

No. 684457

Am I gonna be able to catch up in my course?

No. 684533

Does he notice me?

No. 684785

Should I move in and live with him?

No. 684795

when we die does our consciousness move to another universe where we're still alive?

No. 684796

Should I even try next year?

No. 684797

ah ok thanks sanic.
will i get better and live happily ever after?

No. 684816


No. 684818

He's being very fickle with you. Sanic is so wise, yet so withholding.

No. 684845

will he come over this week?

No. 684852

Sanic, should I read The Story of Art by Ernst Gombrich?

No. 684855

Damn but I have to, it's for school

No. 685010

Should I do work today?

No. 685021

Do I do IT??!!!?!!!?!!

No. 685025

Am I gonna $c0R3

No. 685027

Are me and that one anon in the christmas present thread on /g/ gonna get metalhead bfs next year? pls pls

No. 685179

should I try tinder

No. 685180


No. 685181


No. 685203

Become a Costhot

No. 685223

Should I get out of bed and have a fag?

No. 685265

is he into me?
if so this is the worst flirting ever

No. 685268

Will I be able to switch jobs in the next year..?

No. 685269

Alright, I guess the suffering means buttload of interviews and takehome assessments. Thx.

No. 685314

Will he reply?

No. 685316

Sanic, please tell me: will he reply?

No. 685317

will this stupid thing end soon for me to be free

No. 685338

Should I bleach half my jacket like in that pic I saw online

No. 685391

Will it work?

No. 685489

will today be productive and good

No. 685534

Is it okay now

No. 685535

Is it okay and safe now

No. 685538

Will I see the light Sanic?

No. 685540

Hm, I guess I will be miserable forever.

No. 685544

will today be fun

No. 685581

Am I in a good marriage

No. 685600

Does he like me? Sanic pls

No. 685872

Will I get to be 100 lbs?

No. 685874

No. 685875

will 2021 be better Sanic

No. 685876

damn Sanic that's depressing

No. 685877

Should I make them

No. 685878

Will I?

No. 685889

Yo Sanic, should I be worried?

No. 685891

File: 1606874412466.gif (1.66 MB, 480x366, nimeandone.gif)

No. 685895

will he come over this week?

No. 685896

next week?

No. 685897

these are pretty cryptic, sanic.

No. 685931

should i try to get laser for my tattoos

No. 686981

Was that a sign?

No. 686986

win g

No. 687248

Is my intuition right?

No. 687249

Oh no sanic give me mercy

No. 687427

should I measure everything once again?

No. 687441

please sanic I have to submit my results soon should I measure everything again? If not I will just make up the results

No. 688486

Should I cut out coffee, milk, and junk from my diet?

No. 689708

gross wry

No. 689716

but will I see cute guy or smthn

No. 690712

Should I learn Finnish?

No. 690741

Should i study today?

No. 690742

based sanic, gonna eat and then study

No. 690765

Is there gonna be family dramu this Xmas?

No. 690774

Ok Sanic but should I learn Finnish

No. 690775

Ok well should I?

No. 691393

Haha Sanic hates Finns

No. 691611

Your help was truly appreciated last time wise Sanic. Please tell me, will I get the raise I asked for?

No. 692128

Will my monstera thrive after propagation?

No. 693275

pleasee tell me sanic, will i get caught?

No. 693326

will it be businesslike

No. 693333

Will I get laid soon?

No. 693336

will i ever find a friend who loves animated movies as much as i do?

No. 693338

Hi bestie!

No. 693352

yay hi!
looks like sonic is being really nice today

No. 693379

i love animation

No. 693391

Does he still love me?

No. 693409

will it happen ?

No. 693536

Will he ask to see me soon

No. 693798

Will i see him tomorrow

No. 693806

will 2021 be the year I destroy scrotes

No. 693808

all hail scrote destroying anon, may your life be long and violent

No. 693970

can i not a dumb-dumb next time i see him?

No. 694105

Will he make it off of the table?

No. 694106

Was there ever any chance?

No. 694115

I hope this is about a tiny lizard trying to get off a very tall dinner table
Help him anon

No. 694223

dear sanic pls tell me should I send this email?

No. 694225

sanic! I need a better answer than that!

No. 694421

will I overcome

No. 694423

was this a bad idea?

No. 694667

will i last more than 6 months at this job?

No. 694693

is he in love with me?

No. 694697

is it still going on ?

No. 694701

Will I be able to get them?

No. 694703

Will I get it?

No. 694710

will it ever happen for me?

No. 694711

you're so mysterious, just like the thing that evades me

No. 694714

Will i manage to outrun it

No. 694721

Can I ignore my assignment?

No. 694724

Should I leave him?

No. 694745

Will I get my second wind?

No. 694746

Okay then, will I at least get to feel happy in the future?

No. 694752

is it done ?

No. 694854


No. 694934

I am actually getting catfished?

No. 694936

I am being catfished? Is he real?

No. 694940

Sonic totem, will they ever figure out it was me?

No. 694958

>For all eternity
I guess that's a no more online dates…

No. 695092

Will I pass my exams?

No. 695595

should i go to bed, sanic?

No. 695707

Is the author of my favourite fanfic alive?

No. 695709

sanic, give it to me straight…

No. 695714

Am I going to find a goth bf I mean it's not like I NEED a boyfriend but I like to think about it sometimes?

No. 695717

Please sanic answer my query

No. 695721

Will I outrun the bitch, oh sonic?

No. 695722


No. 695745

will I pass this semester?

No. 695752

Am I incapable of real love?

No. 695765

will we stay together?

No. 695769

okay well will we remain friends?

No. 695770

Will I fall in love 4 real?

No. 695906

Should I get a donut later

No. 695917

will I finish off the year strong?

No. 695929

will i fuck up my cooking

No. 696128

am I really banned from twitter forever

No. 696136

will he want to stay friends?

No. 696143

Am I gonna find love in year 2021?

No. 696150

Will we ever get married

No. 696178

is this kid i'm selling my ps4 to going to scam me?

No. 696179

No. 696184

Should I buy it?

No. 696574

Will we get back together?

No. 696575

Will i be skinnier next year

No. 696687

will this bitch dump him?

No. 697021

Will I manage to work hard enough to survive in this upcoming year ?

No. 697022

Should I eat more cookies right now

No. 697153

should i buy some beer?

No. 697154

maybe my ass

No. 697156


No. 697170

glad you got your answer, anon. sonic loves to tease

No. 697171

should i make wings

No. 697174

will he talk to me soon?

No. 697175


No. 697176

sunday then???

No. 697225

Will I be able to meet him soon?

No. 697241

No. 697303

Will I find a job soon?

No. 697401

Will I get rich in 2021 ?

No. 697405

Is he the one?

No. 697418

should I stop?

No. 697419

sonic pls should I stop?

No. 697420

will we ever meet?

No. 697421

Is it worth it?

No. 697429

Hey Sanic, should I buy the thing?

No. 697511

Will he love me forever?

No. 697565

should i try art again?

No. 697566

No. 697613

will my projects be successful?

No. 697675

Should I buy those loafers?

No. 697732

Is a hotdog a sandwich?

No. 697733

Sanic is so smart. He always tells the truth.

No. 697735

will i get better

No. 697736

No. 697758

do i get the procedure?

No. 697760

do i keep it a secret?

No. 697761

what the fuck sanic

No. 697777

will i finally get the motivation to do it?

No. 697778

what does this mean?!

No. 697823

Should I get that planner?

No. 697825

should i place a $300 glossier order rn

No. 697826

will I get it back tonight

No. 697829

should I check after midnight?

No. 697831

Will I actually use it all the way?

No. 697833

should i message him?

No. 697834

not an option, rerolling cause I have no sex drive

No. 697835

uno mas por favor

No. 697836

will i look good with pink hair

No. 697838

Should I sign up for that class in spring?

No. 697903

Will we kiss on new years?

No. 697924

in one hour?

No. 697927

will it even be there?

No. 697929

Is that a stupid thought?

No. 697940

No. 697984

do i make the call monday?

No. 698131

will he marry me?

No. 698139

should i try this weird endeavor i'm thinking about?

No. 698163

should I start using tinder again?

No. 698194

should I dip?

No. 698490

Will I be able to see him in january?

No. 698491


I dont wanna see you sonic i wanna see him wtf

No. 698505

sanic, is he gay and should i give up?

No. 698542

Are we going to end up together?

No. 698557

Does my ex read here and try to guess my posts

No. 698558

No shit sonic

No. 698582

Is anon's ex really that crazy?

No. 698620

Cheers anon! That bastard hasn't breached here thank fuck

No. 698709

Should i just give up?

No. 698759

will my dress arrive in time for christmas?

No. 698760

sanic pls I have nothing to wear

No. 698798

bro will i fuck him

No. 698799

ah shit what about the other guy

No. 698800

aight what about the 3rd guy

No. 698801

yeah nah can you just answer the fucking question

No. 698808

Should I split my Sims and play them separately?

No. 698812

Literally every time I ask something about Sims this creature tells me I'll suffer.

No. 698818

Well ain't that the truth. You should not split your sims up, the more there are, the more mischief they get into. Ok I know I'm kinda cringe but I made jojo part 5 characters and put them in one house, it's the most fun I've ever had playing sims

No. 698833

Thanks for the advice, I'll be keeping it as is. Suffering averted, I guess.

No. 698892

will I see it

No. 699068

is my posture ruined forever?

No. 699074

R.i.p anon

No. 699108

So is abby brown's next phase gonna be deathrock style

No. 699228

Will I get into medical school this year?

No. 699236

I believe that's a yes

No. 699523

should I change my uncommon made-up-by-my-parents name to a name equally as uncommon but made up by myself?

No. 699757

will my cleaning adventure be epic

No. 699802

will i find the guitar i want?

No. 699810

Will there be consequences to my stupid actions?

No. 700519

will it happen today?

No. 700558

will we ever get back together

No. 700623

Should I buy the Naruto game?

No. 700647

Ouch. Sorry, nonnie, guess this is a sign to get over it.

No. 700680

do i send the message?

No. 700681

fuck you. answer me!

No. 700682

The answer is always no.

No. 700683

He will succeed?

No. 700688

Great blue one, please give me a concrete answer.

No. 700749

will work be OK ?

No. 700870

will it rain

No. 700880

File: 1608735979597.jpg (159.5 KB, 990x1278, ROSE_THE_HEDGEHOG.jpg)

hi sanic! was my highschool best friend gay for me all along?

No. 700885

Hey Sanic. Was it the Christmas star I saw before?

No. 701083

does he know i know that he is a compulsive liar?

No. 701101

Will 'that' happen?

No. 701221

will i finally get my shit together by 25?

No. 701311

Will these nasty smelly farts last for long?

No. 701337

Will Bloodborne ever get ported to PC?

No. 701344

Am I pretty

No. 701345

Yes, at a great price? So I must get surgery?

No. 701346

Um then should I buy lots of makeup

No. 701477

will I ever get to worship pecs

No. 701521

In 2021 I'm manifesting that I finally fuck him. Will I fuck him, great sanic?

No. 701522

Thank you, sanic, that is a very straight laced answer. You better be right you sunuvabitch

No. 701523

Will we be together forever

No. 701714

Should I buy the thing I really want

No. 701738

File: 1608797635438.jpg (Spoiler Image, 272.1 KB, 1600x1200, crying.jpg)

will i finally graduate in summer of 2021

No. 701739

File: 1608797747909.jpg (29.08 KB, 880x587, fuck.jpg)

so, can i? it will suck for sure

No. 701750

Anon I hope you make it but what the god's honest fuck is that pic? Seriously, I'm bothered.

No. 701760

looks like that pic of the dude Jodi Arias killed.

No. 701794

anon i just want you to know that you made me laugh so hard that i woke up my roommate

No. 701811

Fuck you sanic, it did arrive

No. 701820

regardless, you should still jerk off. just in case. and cause it feels good.

No. 701828

Sanic, please tell me whether the pain will ease next year.

No. 701854

Sanic please bless me with a cute terf gf who'll put me off men forever

No. 701856

Gf please sanic

No. 701863

i duckduckgo searched a crying pic and thought this one looked cute. i feel like babby getting my first diploma.

No. 701865

Will I regret it

No. 701866

this made me laugh very hard

No. 701936

Should I look for a gf online Sonic?

No. 701937

>for all eternity
Does this means our relationship will be that good?

No. 701995

Is J in love with me?

No. 702020

am i retarded??

No. 702025

Does he think I'm ugly?

No. 702028

Will it last?

No. 702038

Will I ever feel better?

No. 702050

should I text him?

No. 702052

will he respond?

No. 702071

Will it all work out?

No. 702095

will the bus burn

No. 702099

well at least will my shit be spared

No. 702358

Will I be able to smoke a big fat joint today?

No. 702359

Well that's disappointing

No. 702369

should i reinstall garry's mod?

No. 702373

Are the Scots going to leave the UK and rejoin the EU?

No. 702383

Is it worth the weight gain that might happen?

No. 702386

k, is it really worth it at all?

No. 702387

what do you mean for all of eternity?
i'll have to struggle with this for all of eternity?

No. 702493

if I have coffee today am I going to get the shits at an inconvenient time?

No. 702774

did she cast some kind of hex on me

No. 702795

did the government plant something inside the mall

No. 702797

Will i be able to poop soon?

No. 702889

Should I do anything for this

No. 702948

Do any of the girls at work like me? Like-like me, i mean

No. 703486

will Metal Gear Solid HD Collection + 4 ever be released on pc? is there the slightest possibility this will ever happen?

No. 703487

the fuck does this mean sanic

No. 703488

Should I go buy it today

No. 703625

Should I buy an exam voucher? Will I manage prepare for the exam and take and pass it in the following 6 months?

No. 703967

Should I order a new phone today?

No. 703972

Will I manage to buy all the presents I wanted today without much searching?

No. 703976

No. 704071

did she hear me ?

No. 704084

am I gonna get poisoned by this thing

No. 704086

Will I get all my work done this week?

No. 704107

so am I getting poisoned

No. 704469

Will my favorite ship become canon?

No. 704471

fuck you sonic

No. 704502

Will I finish this tomorrow

No. 704504

Tonight then?

No. 704505

Oh for fuck’s sake, will I be done tonight?

No. 704517

Should I make sweet potato and bacon casserole for new years?

No. 704566

Ok let's be serious sonic. Am I going to end up marrying my best friend?

No. 704590

I'm very happy for you, anon!

No. 704619

Is Lana gonna get skinny again or are we stuck with the mom-bod?

No. 704620

Additional question, is there some secret reason/trauma for why she got fat or does she just like pizza?

No. 704621

These answers were less than useful, I guess Sanic doesn't know what lies in the depths of Lana's heart

No. 704622

File: 1609227556319.jpg (14.14 KB, 576x139, 2020-12-29 08_37_49-Crazy Days…)

From a blind item site. She stopped taking Adderall which led to the weight gain

No. 704624

maybe my fatass should start with adderall

No. 704758

yes or no? pls dont be vague I’m in a rush today

No. 704759

that may be true but is inevitable, should I do it?

No. 704760

third times the charm just for luck

No. 704797

is it just uneven or is it weak?

No. 704868

Will I heal & recover? I didn’t mean to do so much bad

No. 704878

is it worth?

No. 704884

Will I get covid from her

No. 704886

Well will I

No. 704887

stupid doomer totem

No. 704897

ok, i ordered it. did i make a mistake?

No. 704985

will I be eating some French fried tomorrow?

No. 705006

can i please get better at art?

No. 705032

Please don’t fry the French.

No. 705058

am i making the right decision?

No. 705060

no shit i'm already suffering

No. 705117

Should I get the shoes?

No. 705165

Is it really over for us?

No. 705174


tfw half strangely comforted by Sanic, half skeptical

Will next year be better then? Be brutally honest please

No. 705177


Ok fine. Sanic, will 2021 treat us better?

No. 705179


So maybe it really was just this awful year after all. Thanks Sanic.

No. 705306

Will we fuck

No. 705307


No. 705308

nice, anon! enjoy.

No. 705370

Is my apartment going to vacuum itself?

No. 705371

will he get it

No. 705390

will i go through with beating the shit out of him this weekend?

No. 705422

Will i finally lose some mf weight?

No. 705474

will I actually ever understand the content of my college classes

No. 705575

should I even fucking care about it this week?

No. 706013

will i actually take down my plastic christmas tree before april this year?

No. 706047

Are they gonna tie the knot?

No. 706048

Then will they eventually call it quits?

No. 706084

am i paranoid

No. 706085

well ?

No. 706152

should i make pretzels

No. 706161

Am I going to get my shit 2getha?

No. 706198

will 2021 be better?

No. 706199

You've doomed us.

No. 706203

Hey anon fuck you.

No. 706222

File: 1609454451308.jpeg (31.02 KB, 800x450, 3763E9C5-3B5B-4394-97A7-3D0452…)

why would you do this

No. 706237

File: 1609455514883.png (515.29 KB, 640x794, 7A661643-88B2-4CDA-B2D4-86EEB3…)

No. 706284

File: 1609461220913.gif (2.13 MB, 400x267, 1755.gif)

No. 706336

Nothing can go wrong if I make a cinnamon sugar pretzel

No. 706358

can you transport us all back to 2007 pls

No. 706359

No. 706360

piggybacking off this sanic-sama please transport us back to 1994 i beg of thee

No. 706361

Please don’t listen to this anon and just take us to 2060 or something far away with cool robots and hot aliens.

No. 706363

HAHHAHAA WHAT REALLY? good, yes, good, my plan is working excellently

you can have your 2060 after i have my 1994!!

No. 706464

Should I go for it?

No. 706465

Pls sonic

No. 706535

should i pester my mom to teach me her native language (or at least help me study it) this year?

No. 706536

guess i'll just study by myself, maybe have her surprised

No. 706600

should I feel guilty ?

No. 706602

did I ruin our lives ?

No. 706783

It is pretzel night sonic. I’m choosing a flavor. Should it be plain salt??

No. 707449

was i born wrong?

No. 708026

sorry to ask your help again, but should I respond to her or stay quiet?

No. 708033

Will they have one for me?

No. 708037

is my intuition correct, or is it just playing tricks?

No. 708113

does it hurt them to watch me like the things i like?

No. 708156

Should I cop?

No. 708164

I’ve gotten other signs that point to yes, this is just me double checking… I’m supposed to do this today?

No. 708166

Last chance

No. 708485

Will they get here before midnight?

No. 708759

when will it get here?

No. 708991

please sanic………… will everything be alright soon??

No. 709089

Sanic, should I send an apology message?

No. 709096

ahhh thank you sanic everything is alright now. i should have trusted your judgment instead of panicking

No. 709098

is he in love with me?

No. 709099

should I bother applying, even though I know there's no way in hell I'm qualified?

No. 709100

come on dude you literally never give me any other answer

No. 709101

will my parents approve?

No. 709120

will things get better?

No. 709134

Does he think of me?

No. 709136


Well, does he?

No. 709139

Will we ever get back together?

No. 709153

will I ever be free of it?

No. 709154

did he replace me

No. 709155

did he replace me with a tumblr thot?

No. 709205

Herp DeDurp is it the Turp

No. 709207

here we go….

Is he really worth it?

No. 709208

If I cross onto the other side of the field (so to speak), will it be a grass is always greener situation?

No. 709257

does she hate me

No. 709292

Did he change for her?

No. 709294

Should I stop posting my deep opinions in the scrote groupchat?

No. 709295

Should I stop airing my negative thoughts in a very public groupchat filled with moids?

No. 709304

Will I ever learn to not be an idiot?

No. 709305


Please I need to know :/

No. 709363

Will I learn how to be a person?

No. 709411

stop messing with me totem tell me the answer

No. 709649

will it go the way i want ?

No. 709718

will this ruin everything?

No. 709751

do i have a shopping addiction problem?

No. 709808

Did I fuck up? (:

No. 710779

will they be ttly hawt

No. 710798

Will it heal very soon?

No. 710800

well shit

No. 710828

Is more scawy protests happening in the US on the 20th or close to that date?

No. 710829


No. 710839

is she suffering without me

No. 710990

am i going deaf?

No. 710992

Will I ever leave him?

No. 710993

is pixie locks a. magical girl humanoid who can get sttebie weebie pweggie weggies wid her speshul dumblr sloot sause

No. 710994

jfc sanic wtf does that mean?

No. 710997

what does it mean?

No. 711135

will I find a respectful himbo to engage in some banter with

No. 711149

Will anon find a himbo (not respectful) to engage in some banter with

No. 711151

Sanic is so mean

No. 711155

Should I go hard and clean today Sanic?
If the answer is no, I assume it is a rest day.
The day is almost over Sanic.

No. 711164

Will anon find a respectful himbo to engage in some banter with? Will I find one too?

No. 711165

will i ever stop feeling like this sanic?

No. 711166

No. 711168

will i make any new friends this year

No. 711200

Should I try harder to get laid? Like lower my standards?
Previous anons share those himbos when you're done with them please

No. 711800

Will I pull Diluc today?

No. 712266

should i save up money and eventually sell my laptop to buy an ultra-expensive gaming desktop?

No. 712294

is cleaning my filth pit room a good idea?

No. 712295

sonic that's not helping

No. 712296

It is, anon. Pls clean your room

No. 712803

am i making a mistake?

No. 712820

Should I block…?

No. 712821


Don't be creepy, just answer me.

No. 712847

will I sleep today

No. 713271

Sanic I come back to ask is this guy worth it?

No. 713543

Will I finally learn the cause, sanic-kun?

No. 713831

will this ruin my relationship?

No. 713835

is there anything i can do to stop it?

No. 713837

Will I get better?

No. 713897

Should I make my autistically huge husbando chart to post it in here?

No. 713898

Should I seek immediate therapy?

No. 713899

Should I just save it to look at it when I feel sad?

No. 713900

Great idea, sanic!

No. 713904

Should I go ahead and shave my head?

No. 713914

Should I give him another chance?

No. 713915

Should I stay unhappy w my relationship and hope he changes?

No. 713919

Based Sanic.

No. 713926

Will I ever be useful at something?

No. 713959

should i cancel the appointment tomorrow?

No. 713961

that's not helpful

No. 714017

sure, just keep practicing at something you like and eventually some transferable skills will emerge

No. 714028

Are they angry at me?

No. 714030

Please, be more specific, great blue one.

No. 714099

should i lie about it to save our relationship?

No. 714163

should i stay in my hometown area

No. 714194

should I replace my door with a curtain

No. 714233

should i teach english abroad?

No. 714309

will it look good

No. 714476

do I need to quit smoking weed?

No. 714812

Will Monday be a good day?

No. 715042

does he still like me?

No. 715052

Am I going in the right direction?

No. 715134

should I continue?

No. 715135

will it be good for my goal?

No. 715139

so should i just get up and do it?

No. 715153

Should I try again?

No. 715168

Will I get cut from my job?

No. 715659

Will it be delivered today?

No. 715668

Will you grant me the willpower to lose weight during lockdown?????????

No. 715841

is it going to get better?

No. 715842

thank you sonic totem your kindness will not be forgotten

No. 715994

have i made the right decision?

No. 715995

did i make the right decision???

No. 716263

Sanic, should Yakuza replace you as Sega's new cashcow?

No. 716266

Sanic, will Yakuza replace you as SEGA's new main cashcow?

No. 716272


No. 716277

Sanic, is there going to be an anime set in the Yakuza universe?

No. 716278

>yes… at a great price
So is it going to suck donkey balls?

No. 716279

>suffering awaits
So I take this as a yes.

No. 716280

OK, this is the last question, I promise. Are you actually OK with being replaced by a bunch of tatted up himbos?

No. 716357

Should I try again?

No. 716359

But for real though

No. 716391

Will shit improve today?

No. 716394

Thank you totem

No. 716401

Should I try heroin just one time?

No. 716402

Lmao ok ur words is law

No. 716413

will i be alright this semester

No. 716415

okay will i do WELL this semester

No. 716416

are your predictions always correct or are you a faggot

No. 716453

this except with cocaine

No. 716455

well okay sanic maybe basically means yes

No. 716463

Will my hemorrhoids ever leave my ass

No. 716500

will I like it

No. 716504

sorry about your ass, anon

No. 716519

Can I make this work for six months Sonic?

No. 716545

Will I be successful?

No. 716562

Will we ever return to normal once we're given vaccinations?

No. 716645

should i buy that strawberry necklace that's like 80% off or did i spend enough money already

No. 716685

Oh dear east sonic totem, will I get laid soon?

No. 716687

No. 716688

If I go today will I find what I'm looking for?

No. 716694

in that case, should I stay awake?

No. 716704

well boy?

No. 716714

I'm assuming you're playing a game to keep me awake, o powerful totem

No. 716767

Fuckin kek sorry anon Sanic-chan can play hard to get too

No. 716936

Should I have a sugary snack today?

No. 717388

Sanic, can it finally happen?

No. 717992

does this dude have a fetish

No. 718100

did I make an enemy today

No. 718125

Will I get to doing what I wanted to do tonight, sanic?

No. 718171

Is it all finally done the way I want?

No. 718172

Thanks Sanic I appreciate it

No. 719224

is my inspired plan going to be successful

No. 719248

Will it get better and work out?

No. 719601

is it going to work?

No. 719624

should I ask her?

No. 719626

should I even bother with her?

No. 719680

will I get accepted into college?

No. 719682

thanks sanic see you at college

No. 719683

He's going to be your professor, I think.

No. 719706

should i eat some honey bunches of oats before bed

No. 719709

thanks sanic i was hungry

No. 719870

are my sleep difficulties related to the thing

No. 719871

Does he like me he totally does right

No. 719910

Ok but does he like me just because I am the only girl he talks to

No. 720003

Should I buy it?

No. 720015

w-will we kiss in 2021?

No. 720019

Is tomorrow a chance for me to turn it all around, Sanic?

No. 720020

File: 1611337345017.jpg (30.03 KB, 578x442, i_guess_not.jpg)

is that good?

No. 720021

OK. Maybe cooming will kickstart the new me

No. 720026

how about him. will we ever kiss?

No. 720027

will my parents disown me

No. 720031

No. 720036

no way he thinks i'm a loser degen and still!?

No. 720123

Maybe that is why he wants to kiss you………….. don't do it anon

No. 720145

Hello Sanic, would this year be okay?

No. 720157

Does W still remember what I did?

No. 720243


(Sanic, will this project I'm working on be a success?)

No. 720260

Does she have a crush on me?

No. 720271

I think sanic has a crush on you anon

No. 720283

Will I ever meet him IRL?

No. 720421

Does my leopard gecko love me? I know she's only a lizard but I'd like to think she does… be nice sonic totem

No. 720425

Did I just get scammed over those donuts?

No. 720456

Will my grandma die?

No. 720497

Will I have sex this year?

No. 720578

How about now?

No. 720670

should i get my ass up and ingest shit again or nah

No. 720672

wow what the fuck does that mean sanic? will i eat you instead

No. 720714

does he love me tho

No. 720719

i mean… i love him, he talks like he loves me… pls

No. 720723

oh blue one. will we go on a date ever again?

No. 720751

am I going to get fucked up today

No. 720816

Did I make a mistake in selling my playstations (2-3-4)?

No. 720821

Am I annoying

No. 720856

Yes. Especially 2

No. 720857

Is tomorrow the day?

No. 720869

Should I leave the house today

No. 721103

Will he actually come to my country?

No. 721133

Will I look cute in a buzzcut?

No. 721143

wow, with the lizard?!

No. 721144

Is couples counseling worth it?

No. 721146

Uhg, should I work things out with my coomer husband?

No. 721147

File: 1611458494900.jpg (94.99 KB, 1280x720, ASDFGHJKL.jpg)

will my skin look smooth like the after photo in 2 months?

No. 721155

should i shave my eyebrows off?

No. 721193

am I gettin my money tonight?

No. 721196

Will it flop?

No. 721197

As expected

No. 721202

Will I?

No. 721212

Will I get what I want?

No. 721220

Is he going to break up with her?

No. 721221

will my ex of 4 years get back with me? i know things were bad but i still love her so much and we are becoming very close friends again and its starting to bring back some feelings i think and i hope she feels it too…

No. 721222


thank you sonic totem i will try to build back the things we once had and hopefully things will bloom in time…

No. 721324

should I go for a walk later

No. 721397

did i spend too much fucking money already

No. 721431

should I go tomorrow instead

No. 721688

Should I go to sleep?

No. 722079

Should I just go to bed?

No. 722087

wait 4 hours or now

No. 722122


No. 722527

should i say fuck my savings and commission her again RIGHT NOW?

No. 722807

should i ask them to do a dungeon with me

No. 723513

should i delete that video?

No. 723594

Will I be able to quit the game?

No. 723595

Sanic, will my suffering continue?

No. 724678

will I get the hang of it soon

No. 724707

Will I meet him in real life?

No. 724723

Will this thing be successful?

No. 724820

Will I get good tips tonight?

No. 725170

Will I go to the US in the near future?

No. 725171

Are you in the US, Sanic?

No. 725173

Holy shit

No. 725183

Am I relapsing sanic?

No. 725210

Will I get paid in time to treat myself and my family to some nice takeout breakfast today? I’m so tired if cooking sanic

No. 725214

was my dream prophetic

No. 725238

I'm dying to know what you think, sanic.

No. 725249

Will Rodger Smith regret his decision of not voicing the almighty Sanic anymore?

No. 725256

Should I paint my nails?

No. 725684

will tomorrow bring me a feast

No. 725896

Should I make and post that video, Sanic sama?

No. 726001

should i be worried by the results?

No. 726071

Should I buy the Honda?

No. 726189

Will the series ever go on sale in a bundle again?

No. 726237

Should I drink tea now?

No. 726251

Should I get a new phone?

No. 726269

Am I pregant

No. 726271

should i take this handful of pills

No. 726279


No. 726287

There are better methods than this anon

No. 726294

but sanic said….

No. 726300

Sanic also said i"ll never get a cute gf, and guess what? He was completely right, i still don't have one, but that doesn't mean i'm not gonna try my hardest to get one. ODing always ends badly

No. 726321

Sanic said I wouldn't graduate yet I did, fuck Sanic

No. 726328

Sanic said I wouldn't get a punk boyfriend and I didn't BUT I am content with that and realized men do not matter so it is not about what sanic tells us but how we use that knowledge to better ourselves. As sanic tells you to take a handful of pills, do you not realize the value of your life and how horrible it would be to take a bunch of pills? Thank you sanic always for your pythic guidance.

No. 726330

Hi anon it won't work, sorry.
At best you'll make yourself I'll, at worst you'll end up physically and mentally disabled, but it's really hard to OD. Especially on just a handful.
If you're going to do it anyway, have a cup of tea first and sleep on it, review in the morning, since you can take them anytime. Whatever happens, I really hope you manage to beat whatever is making you feel this way.

No. 726333

*ill, fucking autocorrect

No. 726334

thanks guys i'm not actually going to listen to sanic sorry for worrying you. also it would be a waste of pills

No. 726444

will I ever get a qt3.14 dutch bf

No. 726445

i don't want trips sanic i was answers

No. 726447


No. 726448

Well, the answer is "yes, at a great price"

No. 726451

o shit you're right anon i hadn't read the dubs/trips part. don't worry sanic there is no price too high

No. 726462

I am asking again am I gonna get a punk bf?

No. 726463

b-b-but you said he liked me last time I asked

No. 726491

will my efforts bring me the info I want

No. 726508

Will I have made $$$ at the end of this month?

No. 726509

OK I take it I have to work hard. Cheers

No. 726554

Should I stay or should I go

No. 726557

She is doing that right

No. 726558

[Guitar riff]

No. 726820

Do you suck?

No. 726847

Am I gonna finish my report in the next 2 hours

No. 727178

should i get breast implants to balance my pear figure

No. 727185

Should I stop crushing on Chad

No. 727195

Is the mgła guy gonna fall crazy in love with me next time he sees me pls say yes

No. 727207

are my hormones going crazy because I'm about to find a man to f**k

No. 727208

Am I pretty?

No. 727209

how was he, anon?

No. 727212

Am I beautiful?

No. 727213

No. 727220

Is it meant to be?

No. 727232

Does she think of me that way now? Even a little bit?

No. 727233

Ugh fuck you Sanic. She totally did before though, right?

No. 727234


No. 727237

thank god I saged those last two cause I’m a stoned idiot who asked too quickly for it to mean anything lmfao. I’ll come back later, sorry for wasting your time Sanic-sama

No. 727348

Are things ever going to go my way for once ?

No. 727349

>fucking great

No. 727354

should I bite the bullet and just start this project even if it ends up not working and being ass

No. 727356

I'm getting bullied by Sonic ffs

No. 727358

>I'm about to start swinging

No. 727366

should I eat the donut

No. 727371

at a great price? what, am I going to get fat?

No. 727375

well damn. guess I'll eat it tomorrow

No. 727377

Eat the fucking donut anon

No. 727381

should i draw today or tomorrow?

No. 727382

Will it happen?

No. 727384

ty sonic-chan

No. 727385

Will I get the other one?

No. 727387

Ouch. Will anything good happen?

No. 727390

Should I just give up?

No. 727396

Should I completely give up on this friendship that's fading away

No. 727397

Should I pursue my creative projects seriously

No. 727439

ok let’s try this again u binch

No. 727482

should i buy the tanjiro nendoroid?

No. 727484

fuck you

No. 727569

can i complete that assignment?

No. 727601

should I sleep

No. 727603

thx sanic night night my sweet prince

No. 727718

am i gay

No. 727729

Hi Sanic, should I steal my friend away from her boyfriend, since she totally deserves a lesbian dream romance

No. 727731

Well shit in my cereal, this thing actually works

No. 727753

Ssooooo am I gonna be pregnant ever in my life please say no

No. 727787

Am I gonna have a modern home with a lush garden one day

No. 727802

please just give me a real answer

No. 727808

No. 727810

am I going to get fUCKED on the beach this summer, sanic?

No. 727814


No. 727833

Should I resub to funimation?

No. 727834

Sanic you are most unhelpful

No. 727837

Would getting funimation again be worth it Sanic?

No. 727851

Will I do it today

No. 728381

Should I catfish people with my old photos?

No. 728396

just torrent that shit

No. 728403

Should I make an account?

No. 728404

Will today be a successful day?

No. 728405

Eh okay sooooo… Will today be a successful day?

No. 728406

Will I get my debt paid off this year?

No. 728465

Should I even finish this fucking semester

No. 728482

are we done with this lying ?

No. 728621

Sanic, will I ever find a high value man???

No. 728629

Oh wise and merciful Sonic, will I heal completely within a couple of weeks?

No. 728636

I do not mean to question your generously given guidance, Magnanimous One, but my clit is completely numb from my antidepressants. In your infinite wisdom, may I humbly request that you look further into my future?
Oh, beloved and fearsome totem, will I heal completely in the next fortnight?

No. 728663

Is he interested?

No. 728664

Am I a terrible person?

No. 728666

No. 728667

Well, I'm going to hell.

No. 728676

should i message that person?

No. 728684

ok sanic im gonna do it you better not make me embarrass myself you blue bastard

No. 728699

I came back for a concrete answer, should I make an account? I need your wisdom, Sanic-sama.

No. 728703

>Yes… at a great price
Okay Great Blue one, changing my question, does that mean I'll get doxxed?

No. 728811

Should I pursue a PhD?

No. 728959

Should I start that online course?

No. 729589

Should I wear my new blouse tomorrow

No. 729590

I can't I'm taking a test please answer nicely

No. 729650

is the jar gonna work

No. 729701

should i spend my neetbux on shoujo manga?

No. 729709

Sanic, is it gonna cost a lot of money to fix it?

No. 729712

Oh, Sanic. I wish I could hide from my problems that way, but I can't.

No. 729752

Will I get doxxed? Yes or not? Answer me great blue one.

No. 729754

Thank you for your godsend, Sanic-sama. I won't disappoint you.

No. 729762

Will I be successful this month in my goals?

No. 729763

Sonic Totem why do you hate me with such passion

No. 729772

Do your ears hang low, do they wobble to and fro?

No. 729775

What about your dong?

No. 729781

Am I pretty

No. 729863

Will I get out of it?

No. 729865

I need a clear answer.

No. 729937

I'm so tired of hearing about this thing 24/7, please sonic, will it end soon?

No. 729966

should I respond today

No. 731073

will I ever be happy?

No. 731138

Did I make the right decision?

No. 731139

Because of what I did?

No. 731436

Will I have a good day tomorrow?

No. 732541

so do i have a crush on him or not

No. 732542

My condolences

No. 732544

will we be happy o sonic totem ?

No. 732545

well… ?

No. 732565

will he come back to me?

No. 732574

ok sanic but do i really or am i just coping

No. 732575

come on man

No. 732598

should i make that character a lesbian?

No. 732652

damn thanks i knew that already, but should i?

No. 732692

Will I make it as a freelance writer?

No. 732693

sanic pls

No. 732715

Should I become a nun?

No. 732732

File: 1612722444076.jpg (32.24 KB, 300x300, p3541797_v_v10_aa.jpg)

sonic has spoken

No. 732746

Sanic is it worth it to try selling stickers?

No. 732747

Oh fuck, guess I better get started

No. 733356

is this the year i'll finally find love and get a bf?

No. 733374

sonic-chan do i have adult fucking adhd

No. 733375

i am once again asking

No. 733376

thank god

follow-up question: will i ever be successful at the things i like and want to do

No. 733378

the stars are truly smiling upon me tonight

i leave an offering of a copy of anorectal-chan's manifesto at the alter as a token of gratitude

No. 733613

legit should I egg it

No. 733621

sanic-kun, am i a cluster b?

No. 733624

I'm going to bring an egg I don't fucking care

No. 733633

Have fun, queen!!

No. 733656

thank you for your diagnosis dr sanic

No. 733672

Are you egging a house?
I had a weird fixation with this as a teen. I would put one egg in my pocket or backpack or whatever just looking for something to throw it at.

No. 733695

thank you, anon. I certainly will

not a house, but I want to smash an egg on a bulletin board. now I'm wondering if you ever did that

No. 733781

should i have a midnight snack, o wise one?

No. 733792

Will my exam go well tomorrow?

No. 733794

sanic, i hate you and i know that youre wrong

No. 733800

Should I friend request her?

No. 733802

You're going to do great anon, good luck !

No. 733807

Are things going to go as planned this week?

No. 733911

dear sanic the totem of wisdom will the PO we currently have go well, will we be able to get the work done on time?

No. 734251

Will I do it this year?

No. 734402

will I have to poop soon? ive been so patient

No. 734438

will ucl accept me

No. 734475

Sonic will my nerve pain subside soon

No. 734476

Fuck. Will I finish my PhD?

No. 734477

if the tards i know managed to get in i’m sure they’ll accept you anon ♥

No. 734480

aww thanks anon

No. 734484

JSYK universities are actually fucking desperate for students, UCL is no exception. I'd be surprised if you didn't get in tbh, you'll be fine ♥

t. lecturer

No. 734486

thanks for the reassurance. they're just taking forever to get back to me. but i've already got my kcl offer so it's ok even if suffering does await me lol

No. 734494

sanic will i get to go back to work this week?

No. 734495

PLZ will i get to go back to work….

No. 734504

i’m this >>734477 anon and i’m in the same position, but i’m waiting for durham. i’m so worried but apparently they normally give out offers pretty late. dw about it!

No. 734506

aw i hope you get into durham anon! that's a really nice uni

No. 734526

will i somehow make $5,000 in the next week?

No. 734532

File: 1612877167855.png (125.1 KB, 342x258, rich.png)

You lucky bastard

No. 734538

as long as you avoid any and all men on campus, kek. durham is a lovely town with such a cool history and the actual residents are so nice, but the uni is full of tory southern cunts who have issues because they got rejected from oxbridge and had to settle for durham instead. just try and find someone who isn’t privately schooled and you’ll be fine tho, good luck on getting an offer!

No. 734550

Will we meet this summer? I'm trusting you sanic, you were right last time

No. 734554

File: 1612879544139.jpeg (237 KB, 640x598, 4BECB386-BC9D-455D-B4BB-65F898…)

don’t want to shit up the thread with uni talk but it’s nice to see someone on here talk about this stuff. i was worried about that, making friends and stuff bc 1. i’m northern and from a very shit town 2. i’m not white 3. i’m state schooled but hopefully there are some non pricks i can befriend!! also really hope i get my first choice college, i was really split between castle and st. john’s but i chose st. john’s in the end bc it’s cozy and small. anyway sorry for the blogpost!

No. 734564

ayrt, also sorry for shitting up the thread - i’m also from a state school and a pure shitey little north eastern, low income town. i don’t study at durham (i’m at UoL) but it is genuinely easier to avoid obnoxious toffs than it seems! in my experience the working class kids tend to kind of automatically come together because there genuinely are just things other people won’t and can’t understand. it’ll be hard during covid and stuff but joining societies also really helps, esp to meet people from your background! good luck anon, it’ll be alright ♥

No. 734568

will i get an invite today?

No. 734582

Will I be able to run my business on eBay?

No. 734584

Should I just get a website

No. 734586

Asking again with clarification for sanic…Should I just get a website to sell shit on

No. 734589

Is my instagram account gonna become super popular and will I get tons of people asking to buy my art

No. 734607

Should I kill myself?

No. 734620

NO don't kill yourself
Talk to me. Are you okay? I'm here to listen

No. 734621

oh wait this is the sonic thread lol
Still, don't do it nonny

No. 734773

Will my business be successful?

No. 734777

Should I give this relationship a chance?

No. 734778

should i place the order?

No. 734801

i just did. i guess the "suffering awaits" part will come from my mom finding out about the order

No. 734859

Are they going to pull up soon?

No. 734862

I foresaw this answer and have already done that today, reroll to see if they’re coming soon or if I should just eat something and go to bed.

No. 734878

Was it right to leave?

No. 734879

I am suffering for my choices.

No. 735008

is it gonna freeze

No. 735015

Sanic, is it okay now?
What I mean to ask is - is it over? Can we all move on?

No. 735016

Hahaha fuck.

No. 735033

am I Stacy

No. 735137

Should I get a new sex toy?

No. 735139

can i fix my grades

No. 735157

Does he love me

No. 735159

Is he lying to me

No. 735172

Does she think about me as often as I do about her?

No. 735176

File: 1612931195058.jpg (32.05 KB, 500x333, 953182204d7c20ec1b160d5.jpg)

The truth is fucking brutal

No. 735203

Will it be okay

No. 735302

Did I do something wrong?

No. 735538

will that taste ever go away

No. 735558

Does >>735518 really have good taste in music?

No. 735573

No. 735618

Will my ex and me be able to stay friends?

No. 735623

Should I yell at my boyfriend today?

No. 735626



love this energy

No. 735658


sonic doesn't have a 21 pilots option

No. 735673

sanic will i ever get off my lazy ass and start uni work?

No. 735704

Should I order food today?

No. 735706

Will I hate myself for ordering food today?

No. 735781

No. 735843

Is staying here another year a mistake?

No. 736254

Am I pregnant? Please say no please say no please say no

No. 736255

Is it possible that I might be fucking pregnant

No. 736341

is nonnie trying to murder me

No. 736342

do we know each other irl

No. 736347

Will everything be done on time?

No. 736351

Will this year be better

No. 736358

is what im oing haram?

No. 736362

Should I listen to the dead kennedys right now

No. 736363

Why does he always give definite answers to questions that don't matter and vague answers to questions that really interest me

No. 736411

Until which page number should I continue reading

No. 736522

sanic oh sanic will they call me back and will it go well

No. 736994

Is this girl a tranny?

No. 737393

Will I get into medical schools (5 yrs) for 2022 entry?

No. 737395

Will it return to how it used to be if I leave it alone for some time?

No. 737422

will i get my money back?

No. 737428

will it work out this time?

No. 737452

Should I get off lolcow today?

No. 737453

It’s gonna be a good day for shitposting.
But Sonic I have a lot of important things to do today.
Can I really trust you?

No. 737454

Okay fair enough.
Should I go down to the gas station and get a Monster?

No. 737455

Asking again for honor and glory.

No. 737456

Should I go down to the gas station and get a Monster?

Don’t you dare say “never” that is my crutch

No. 737470

will anyone i like ever have a crush on me sanic?

No. 737492

Sanic has a crush on you nonnie

No. 737626

should I shave today

No. 737627

sonic that's impossiburu but ok

No. 737934

should i continue writing that fanfiction i abandoned in 2012

No. 738154

is he a bad person in reality?

No. 738155

goddamnit sanic
is he a bad person in reality?

No. 738173

will I see him tomorrow

No. 738189

No. 738193

will have reason to be disappointed ?

No. 738205

sanic please i want a real answer

No. 738252

will i go deaf-blind by the age of 30?

No. 738410

will i end up killing myself before the end of the year?

No. 738428

c'mon sanic i need answers

No. 738835

Wow, dark.

I just want to know if I should put an olive green couch in my living room?

No. 738876

Was it the right time to confront my boyfriend?

No. 738877

Fuck. Did I hurt his feelings?

No. 738878

Is he going to tell me how he feels?

No. 738880

Holy fuck.
Was I wrong?

No. 738882

That was creepy.
Is my opinion on the matter wrong?

No. 738883

Should I say something now?

No. 738884

Should I say I’m sorry?

No. 738909

Do men even have feelings?

No. 738958

is ashens going to eco jail for purchasing so much useless rubbish

No. 738962

will i get a nice thoughtful gift this valentine's day ?

No. 738965

yeah i figured but it still hurts

No. 739041

Am I a lesbian?

No. 739043

I fucking knew it. Will I ever stop seeking male approval?

No. 739054

will it finally happen today

No. 739057

will i be able to have an anachan body again

No. 739061

answer me pls I would like some motivation

No. 739062

are my vibes about this dude right

No. 739076

Will I ever figure out what the hell is wrong with my hair

No. 739079

should i start smoking again

No. 739122

ok sanic, even though you betrayed me last time here we go again. Will i do well on my exam tomorrow?

No. 739515

Will I find a bf this year

No. 739720

Will I ever meet him in person?

No. 739732

No fuck off

No. 739734

Is it gonna be done

No. 739750

Can I repair the damage?

No. 739753

Will I find a new job?

No. 739988

should I go on deviantart to look for more art of my husbandos and risk damaging my psyche?

No. 739990

troubling response, yet very unsurprising.

No. 740065

will my orders ever arrive?

No. 740069

Am I gonna do badly on my exam on wednesday again

No. 740081

sonic was that him?

No. 740089

No. 740108

will i pass

No. 740138

I have a temperature is it corona am I gunna die?

No. 740139

It was nice knowing you gals I guess my time has come

No. 740157

did i do the right thing by being honest ?

No. 740170

Should I just chill out instead of confronting

No. 740265

Should i replace it?

No. 740295

Will she come back?

No. 740393

Should I die?

No. 740395

No. 740475

do my dreams mean something?

No. 740483

Will I finally achieve my dreams this year, all mighty sanic?

No. 740486

Please give me a clear answer I want to know if I should just end it all, you cute lil blue totem

No. 740763

Is it time to come back to reality?

No. 740764

Should I implement a routine?

No. 740768

Should I implement a routine?

No. 740769

Should I go get gas station food?

No. 740772

Sanic got his 9's mixed up with his 6's. He definitely meant yes!

No. 740773

tfw sonic totem tells you off for presuming to know his godlike mind

No. 740780

He shows no mercy in the face of knowing I'm right.

No. 740783

girl u pissed him off, watch ur back…

No. 740786

Thank you!! I did not want to jerk off, I WILL go get gas station food.

No. 740793

Should I order a whole bunch of sexy clothing?

No. 740795

the fuck is that supposed to mean!? Should I do it oh great sanic?

No. 741234

Will she ever shut up?

No. 741236

Sanic, will she stop talking nonsense all the time?

No. 741274

Should I do it?

No. 741279

Well, should I?

No. 741281

Precisely the answer I was looking for. Thank you Wise One.

No. 741654

Sonic will I ever figure out how to eat enough food

No. 741655

Sonic will I be a skellington forever

No. 741688

Should I bleach my hear today or wait

No. 741689

I think it’s a yes

No. 741719

will I get it sanic?

No. 741721

will i get fired in the next three months?

No. 741747

why do you hate me, sanic??

No. 741760

Will I get the apartment I applied for?

No. 741782

are they going to discount it

No. 741874

is there a chance we'll get back together

No. 741877

this is not an acceptable answer so I'll ask again

No. 741940

Will I make it through my classes?

No. 741943

What do you mean? In my dreams?

No. 741944

Is my neighbor into me

No. 741945

My self-esteem?

No. 742638

will they finally sell today?

No. 743426

Should I smoke weed today?

No. 743427


Thank you sonic very cool

No. 743429

will i get my ultimate cutie gf soon, sanic

No. 743430

sanic please.. that's why i want one. do not torment me oh wise one.

No. 743437

This answer proofs that sonic truly is the most powerful and wise being

No. 743470

Should I try to flirt with him again? I know it's not fruitful but it's pleasant.
Halp me decide sanic, pls

No. 743531

will she ever stop acting like a child?

No. 743547

is the letter im receiving today scary?

No. 743641

Should I go out today and do something fun ish?
what is there even to do sonic

No. 743645

will god let me poop today

No. 743647

File: 1613761189399.jpeg (52.6 KB, 500x649, BD069C69-1AE7-4774-B353-3F2679…)

I'm rebelling against god

No. 743652

Will I be successful??

No. 743664

Will they get in a relationship

No. 743665

Rolling again …

No. 743696

Oh might Sanic, should I break up with my bf?

No. 743739

sanic give me your answers

No. 743740

Should I keep waiting?

No. 743749

Will it be before I go to sleep?

No. 743758

Should I approach?

No. 743851

Will I go out tonight

No. 743976

Will it work out?

No. 744003

can I clear this shit up

No. 744401

will the package arrive today?

No. 744508

Am I stinky

No. 744519

sanic i think you lied to me

No. 744523

Sanic is such a trickster god, he lies all the time

No. 744551

will i ever get my scrunchie back.

No. 744630

Will my boyfriend troon out?

No. 744632

sanic… what does this mean

No. 744725

Should I do it, Sanic?

No. 744846

will i see my crush tomorrow?

No. 744906

Do I have a chance?

No. 745084

Should I get a bridge piercing?

No. 745085

Just give me an answer Sonic-sama

No. 745087

kek he gave you the right answer anon. you dodged a real trashy bullet

No. 745089

i have a million piercings anyways so I don't think avoiding looking "trashy" works in this case

No. 745091

File: 1613938341198.jpg (15.15 KB, 299x293, 112.jpg)

how unfortunate

No. 745097

sorry you don't like piercings anon, but i do and i think i'll get it anyways

No. 745098


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 745100

Yes! I think they look sick.

No. 745104

i imagine youre the type who will post about having a hard time turning 30. good luck anon lmao

No. 745110

Anon I support your decision regardless of what people say

No. 745162

File: 1613941667644.png (5.48 KB, 367x381, nocorrelation.png)

Nta but what?

No. 745168

its like when someone does something so overtly karen you guys are like hey lul karen but then do something so completely zoomer then dont get it when people scoff.

No. 745173

What? When did anyone say anything about "karen" or "zoomer"? I'm just saying there's no correlation between getting body mods and complaining about being 30

No. 745195

I mean you can always take it out if you feel "too old" to have a piercing

No. 745267

sanic will people in the thread stop being fucking cringe

No. 745313

Should I go for it on Tuesday, or should I wait?

No. 745314

Is he gonna be my bf?

No. 745317

Pls sanic I want him so bad

No. 745334

Do you think we'll be in love forever?

No. 745337

Do you think we'll be in love?

No. 745341

Should I get a job?

No. 745564

Is he right?

No. 745565

Am I right?

No. 745571

Should I say fuck it and dye my hair pastel pink just cuz, Sanic

No. 745572

Why is this stupid fucking question the first that actually gives me a clear answer WHY

No. 745575

File: 1613979038667.jpg (26.45 KB, 600x600, 7ckxwynyofda[1].jpg)

It's because Sonic has a thing for pink hair, duh!

No. 745589

is he simping?

No. 745596

is he coming back?

No. 745617

Is it gonna be okay?

No. 745627

Will i actually go through with it?

No. 745631

No. 745639

Should I go to work?

No. 745850

So… is my friend gonna pass this test please sanic she worked really hard

No. 746300

sonic may I please smoke a little weed

No. 746356

Sonic, would it be worth it?

No. 746357

Thanks, pally.

No. 746454

Ok sanic, for the last time this semester I'm gonna ask: Will I do well on my exam tomorrow?

No. 746460

saaaaaanic pleaaaaaaaaase

No. 746462

Sanic is coming over to study with you. Can I come too? I also have an exam tomorrow

No. 746463

Fucking rude

No. 746470

Let's have a late night cram session anon! Just you, me and sanic always in the corner of our eyes.

No. 746496

File: 1614086921236.gif (5.05 MB, 370x318, tenor (1).gif)

Alright, let's goooooooooo

No. 746671

would I look good with lip filler?

No. 746683

Should I go to work?

No. 746684

Will I test negative

No. 746685

No. 746693

This bitch has the Curing Blood for us all!!

No. 747113

Should i do it

No. 747142

will i ever enjoy sex

No. 747145

god dammit

No. 747274

If I poop will I feel less tired afterwards

No. 747281

Will I get the job?

No. 748183

should i fake my own death and move to vermont

No. 748186

Ma'am? Even Sanic is confused by this one.

No. 748190

Should I buy a new hamster

No. 748192

you're getting a hedgehog instead

No. 748197

Will I be successful in reaching my goal by the end of March?

No. 749682


No. 749695

coffee for me?

No. 749702

How about an energy drink?

No. 750117

sanic wants you to just drink some water

No. 750642

Should I give up on him

No. 751094

will I ever own a womackian glass masterpiece

No. 751113

My heart has been ripped in two. Will it get better soon Sanic?

No. 751119

Will it actually happen and be good?

No. 751120


No. 751133

Would it be better to ghost instead of replying and telling the truth?

No. 751138

will I ever meet my soulmate?

No. 751141

I'm still wondering, sonic-kun

No. 751146

Will there be a fall of capitalism in the coming years?

No. 751211

are we going to be the next power couple

No. 751278

No. 751291

Should I watch danshi koukousei no nichijou tonight

No. 751292

Bless you sanic for the swift and definite response

No. 751301

No. 751302

Sanic said yes to your response so you have to watch it too

No. 751345

god I fucking love when someone leaves a comment to say “sanic told you x” and then sanic’s number on that comment is a clear “lol no bitch do not pretend to speak for me”

No. 751708

should i finish the multiple anime i've already started or should i rewatch haruhi suzumiya for what will be the 23rd time

No. 751746

Did he lie and is now hiding like a lil bitch?

No. 752157

Will he be here before she is?

No. 752163

please, I know it’s vague yet specific but my the magic 8 ball I shook was vague too. reroll

No. 752166

once more to try for a definitive answer, it’s ok if the answer’s no I just want to know so I don’t feel so impatient.

No. 752356

Sonic totem I feel like shit and it seems it's going to be one of those nights. Should I try to study instead of sleeping?

No. 752371

will we meet again in summer?

No. 752373

Will I ever meet him, oh mighty blue one?

No. 752391

Is today a chance to be in the light for a moment

No. 752395

Is my grandma trying to give us covid?

No. 752408

Am I gonna get it today?

No. 752433

will our friendships be just like before soon enough, o sanic?

No. 752460

does he like me back?

No. 752467

Does he like ME back?

No. 752502

will he ever move out of my house sanic

No. 752512

mr sonic… will things pls get easier and better

No. 752513

should i sleep with him?

No. 752514

eat SHIT sonic you whore

No. 752586

Should I get a tragus piercing?

No. 752608

will i get a pc this year?

No. 752609

will he think I'm attractive

No. 752614

will i blow up?

No. 752617

sanic pls

No. 752621

fuck you

No. 752642

is there such a thing as the Womackian Empire in an alternate dimension?

No. 753311

Will my package come today before I go to bed?

No. 753451

God, are you there?

No. 753481

Will I make it

No. 753668

Can I pull this off successfully?

No. 753669

I refuse this and I will ask again.
Will this work as planned?

No. 753670


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 754379

is he on the spectrum

No. 760962

should I get bangs??

No. 766631

so will he move?

No. 767344

File: 1616443597841.jpg (110.89 KB, 500x500, hmmm.jpg)

Do they still have feelings for me?

No. 767346

Will I be able to finish my homework by tomorrow

No. 767356

sanic pls

No. 770428

should i confront them directly

No. 770429

for some reason i'm going to take that as a yes

No. 775561

Sonic totem! Should I take up sewing or baking as a new hobby?

No. 784213

Oh great sonic totem I ask, nay I beg you, will I be blessed with a big dick goth bf

No. 784224

File: 1618515627456.jpg (205.25 KB, 2304x1536, 1612327942720.jpg)

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