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Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.
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File: 1643269152051.jpg (13.2 KB, 290x320, window-girl-looking-out-airpla…)

Does anyone have any tips for moving abroad for work? I've got limited earning opportunities in my home country and have been looking at options with recruitment agencies overseas.
Language isn't going to be an issue, but I am worried about pitfalls when it comes to renting/navigating a different working culture.
What were some things you wished you knew before moving to and working in a different country?

No. 1043324

Just letting you know off the bat that getting a working visa is difficult unless you've got lots of experience and connections. And you'll need it to stay in the country.

No. 1043340

This depends on a lot of things, where you're from, which country you're moving to, what industry you're working in, etc

No. 1043367

thinking about getting a work visa just makes me shrivel up and die. its hell for my 3rd world country ass

No. 1043394

Depends on a country and employer, I know my company's HR takes care of everything related to worker visas for the employees coming from abroad.

No. 1043536

Fuck a job

No. 1043679

I've officially given up on looking for white collar work and am applying for architectural millwork apprenticeships. Heard nothing so far, so I feel nothing anymore. College was a huge waste, I'm trapped at my parent's house with no car and feel like a kid again in a very bad, demeaning way. I almost died at work(agricultural labor) last week and I only felt sadness that I have a bachelors and almost died for 10 fucking dollars an hour.

No. 1043699

What's your degree in?

No. 1043713

Biology, with an agriculture focus. I have 3 years of paid research experience and have been applying to the local university and hospitals for lab assistant positions with no luck as well as biotech companies and large ag companies across the country. I'm willing to relocate, but I need to be paid enough to be able to do so. I just got ghosted by a large cattle producing company after my second interview and the alumni association at my college has been no help. A lot of positions I've applied for or even interviewed for have outright been cancelled.

No. 1043717

File: 1643306826339.jpg (67.57 KB, 991x788, EtTBcN-WQAE107w.jpg)

I just quit my job today after 3 months of unappreciated, hard and gross custodial work and dealing with so many different shit managers, students, and teachers. I feel relieved but also frustrated because cleaning jobs are all I can handle yet I get treated like shit and overworked constantly. Now it's back to trying to find yet another job in this god awful town of mostly fast food and retail jobs. I wish I wasn't so autistic and mentally ill and could handle regular jobs. Anyone else struggle with jobs that require a lot of socializing?

No. 1044081

Is transcribing work even worth it?

No. 1044136

Have you looked into housekeeping jobs? I know some make mad dough in the fancier hotels through tips.

No. 1044155

File: 1643323067476.gif (519.81 KB, 498x308, 1627048146941.gif)

I'm almost through my first week at my new job and I'm beginning to feel less like an imposter lol. My boss is so impressed at my speed (although I know that I'll need to slow that down or it'll look like I need more work) and she's very generous about when to come in, take breaks/lunch, and leave for the day. I've been asking my friend from another dept for tips (we're both admins) and the job turns out easier than I thought! It feels so good to work in a chill work environment like this. Also the increase of money's nice too

No. 1044171

Yeah, I actually did housekeeping first but it was even worse, no matter what hotel I worked for. I thought being a custodian would be better but I guess not. At least not around here.

No. 1044174

Does anyone have any insight on running your own business? Mulling over my options. I would be selling a product online /local market

No. 1044176

I'm so you happy for you nona! Working for a kind and generous boss is so refreshing. After working like 13 jobs over the last 10 years I finally have a boss who is just like sweetness personified. Love working for this lady, and I finally feel appreciated for the high standards I hold myself to while working. I know exactly what you mean about working too fast, my boss isn't sure "what is too much" when she gives me my production list for the day because I get so much more done than what she's used to.

No. 1044294

I have a retail job. It's easy enough and low stress considering it's well, retail. But it pays pretty bad. I have a bachelor's degree. I'm not trying to sound conceited, but I'm working well below what I could be. But my degree is in history (was planning on mastering in library and information science to be a librarian/archivist but that's awhile away) so, uh. Yeah. I found an opening to work in assembling/packaging for a local company that makes chicken treats and accessories. I love chickens and have my own so it's more relevent to my interests than retail. Plus it's not customer-facing. It's full time and pays a bit better so I'm gonna go ahead.

The only problem is my car has recently broke down. I can finagle money around to fix it, but I'm out a car for two weeks and bumming rides to work. I'm not sure how it'll play out if I need to schedule an interview in that time.

Also maybe this if for a dumb question thread, but do companies want you to call them after you sent an application out? Some of my friends tell me I HAVE to call them to follow up but 1.) what do I tell them? Did you get my application? Do you wanna hire me? 2.)I've got phone anxiety like a little bitch. 3.)Would they find that annoying? I suppose it also varies on how professional a company is. I get more professional places but for entry level stuff?

No. 1044432

File: 1643344269816.jpg (148.97 KB, 720x960, 178063272_1607025456173196_799…)

Yeah I remember the housekeepers I used to work with being pretty stressed out over being overloaded with rooms. Could you be a school custodian? You're seen as a cool person by the kids and apparently they get paid pretty well.

Yeah I definitely need to slow down or I'll be out of a job lol. I actually had this problem in my last office job like eight years ago, and my boss didn't know what to do with me cause I'd finish everything super quick and bother her for more things to do! I eventually had to sit there for hours everyday pretending to do important stuff..

Noooo, do not call. If you call, you're putting them on the spot. I literally had an insane boss who would immediately cross you off the list if you called. At most, I would send an email with a one-paragraph cover letter in the body.

No. 1044638

I have done zero work this week except sit in meetings. Easily 35 hours I can't account for. My manager is starting to notice, people are starting to nag me for work and I just want to scream BUT I DON'T WANT TO.
This is a good remote job with good pay, benefits and the work isn't even that hard. I am sabotaging myself hard because I miss my NEET life of daydreaming, playing piano and farming on lolcow 24/7.
I keep trying to motivate myself but the truth is I'm not that interested in doing these repetitive tasks so my dumbass man child boss makes another million. Thing is if I worked in a job I cared about I'd be overwhelmed by the pressure and perfectionism.
This is a good situation and I'm fucking it up. Somebody scream at me to DO SOMETHING.

No. 1044646

No. 1044746

File: 1643375167609.jpg (85.99 KB, 526x448, 241422921_130345409330443_6786…)

Wow anon this post makes me madder the more I read it. Do you hate money or something? I've never had a job, even the ones I've genuinely enjoyed, where the reason I got up at 7-8 in the morning was because I cared about it or it brought meaning into my life. I like money and I like to eat. B-but anon I just don't wannnnaaa woooork I'm a fucking child Just fucking do it, jesus christ.

No. 1045638

I was in basically this exact position a year ago. I had a high-paying tech job and I fucked it up because I let my anxiety stop myself from being productive 90% of the day.

I quit before I got fired, since I was sick of feeling shitty and anxious all the time, but I regret it. Finding another job has been very difficult, and the only interviews I'm getting are with companies with horrible work cultures. Of course, I'll have to accept whatever I get since I have no other real experience, and I'll have to stay at the shitty job I get for at least a year and a half before I'd be able to be hired by a better company.

Anyways, letting myself be a lazy piece of shit at my first full-time job because of mental health issues + low self esteem is probably my number one regret in life. It's fucked up my career path and set my retirement back about 5 years.

Buckle in and do the work. If there's mental health issues interfering with your ability to work, work on them and fix them before you get fired.

Also, don't resign yourself to the thought, "I've already fucked it up too bad, there's no recovering from this…" because it's not truly over until you're fired. I let my mindset go to shit immediately upon starting the job, and I'm fucked because of it. But in hindsight, I had no reason to think that I had irreparably damaged my image / ability to perform only a few months into the job.

Please, PLEASE do not continue to make the same mistakes that I did.

No. 1047369

You're allowed to daydream, play piano, and farm on lolcow after work. You can even do all of that DURING work. Do what I do. I knock out my actual work for the day in the first 1-2 hours and spend the rest of the day painting in between meetings. I'm still there to answer emails and Slack messages, which I always do super quickly so no one catches on, and I normally have some LinkedIn learning training playing in the background to keep my status active. You can have the best of both worlds.

No. 1047376

Holy shit I wish I had a remote job

If you have one hang onto it, every remote job I've applied to has had at least 5k applicants

No. 1047969

Suffice it to say that it's hard to do and the viability of different routes depends on the country you want to move to. Some options:
>If you have a high-demand degree, e.g. CS, just apply for roles in your target country. You still likely have a high rate of failure given mechanisms like the H1B lottery
>Even if you have a less in-demand degree, try to get a job at a large multinational company and apply for an internal role abroad after busting your ass for a couple years. If you can land a job in a multinational, this is by far the easiest route, even for westerners
>If you can afford it and are willing to spend a year or two getting a master's, some countries like Canada offer routes to permanent residency for international students who get a degree in the country.
>I'm willing to relocate, but I need to be paid enough to be able to do so.
If paying for your own relocation is the only way you can get your foot in the door, you'll make back the money you spend many times over. I'd recommend holding your nose and doing it if you can.

No. 1048052

Can more or less relate, I took way too long to get my bachelor's degree and now I feel to old to go on studying, especially because I'd have to work again while studying so the advanced program would take longer than recommended by my university/college/whatever you all call it again. but with nothing but a bachelors degree it's impossible to find a job, despite several internships.
I'm applying for apprenticeships now that at least go into the same direction as my degree but I still wish I had just done that right after finishing school. mental illness fucked me up too hard and now that I'm healthy my work perspectives are an absolute chaos.

it really depends on the country you live in and on your degree. I know a lot of companies where I live that actually prefer employees from other countries - as long as it's north america or western europe, maybe china and japan. if you're from africa, most of asia or eastern europe your chances drop immediately.
If you want to go to a country where you'd have to speak a foreign language, it's inevitable to take language classes before you apply for any jobs there btw (I suppose you know that, but just in case)

No. 1048063

Thank you anon, I'm sorry you ended up quitting but I know exactly how you feel. I hope you get a good job soon, I'm rooting for you!
And yeah it does come down to my mental health which I just started treatment for - I've always been kinda lazy but lately it's been out of control and I'm not sure if it's because my mind is rebelling and completely dissociating because I'm suddenly talking and thinking about traumatic childhood after ignoring it for so many years.
This morning I woke up and started work early, didn't look at my phone until I sent a big project that I was late on last week. Then I was on a roll so I ended up doing a 10 hour work day and catching up on a few other things. I feel good for now, but I know this isn't really the solution, I need to learn to be consistent.

Yes, you are living my fucking dream! Are you naturally focused or did you have to learn how to stick to that schedule? My problem is I really struggle to change tasks so if I get around to working it's hard to stop. My job is also kind of nebulous and it's never "done" like I could always be doing more proactive stuff and everyone gives me ideas for things to try, so it's hard to know when to stop and decide that's enough for the day, I'm never just on standby waiting for assignments.

I was having a such a shitty day when I posted this and this stupid song made me smile

No. 1048095

>I was having a such a shitty day when I posted this and this stupid song made me smile
Yess, mission accomplished!!

No. 1049560

Tomorrow is my first day of being a substitute teacher.

Wish me luck, nonnas.

No. 1049566

Dear god don't let those kids eat you alive

No. 1049578

It’s been almost two years since I’ve been employed and I haven’t had any luck landing a job whatsoever. I show up for the interviews in person or video, interviewees tell me they like my experience and sometimes imply that I might get the job then a week later or two, an email comes in telling me they have someone else for the job, or that I have excellent work experience but still won’t hire me.

Sometimes I straight away get a rejection email or no email at all after the interview. I just want a job, is that too much to ask? If my experience is so great, why tf won’t you hire me?!

No. 1049585

You have a great job and you’re fucking it up because you want to go back to being a lazy neet? Fuck you, get your ass to work or get fired. No sympathy!

No. 1049766

Any nonitas work in data science/analysis/etc? I’ve been working on a business degree but am having a lot of fun in my required math classes. I’m wondering if brushing up on my Python/SQL and getting a (reputable) data science certificate is worth it. Is it shit work? Or particularly work intensive? Or is more based on your role in your particular company? It seems like it’s more in demand than my previous career ideas. Either way the extra education could only help my resume I guess.

No. 1049815

> planning on mastering in library and information science to be a librarian/archivist
That's totally a great plan and doesn't sound like it's going to be saturated at all.

No. 1049862

Good luck and tell us how it went!!

No. 1049906

How did it go? I'm rooting for you nonna!

No. 1049966

Not a data science person but I have some friends who have done it, are getting a masters in it, and is still doing it. Definitely learn Python and its data libraries like pandas et al since they're the bread and butter of data work. SQL is also super important so work on that as well. Work on a portfolio or go to Kaggle and do some practice there. With regards to roles, some places say they're looking for data scientists, but in the job all they're doing is cleaning up data and not much analysis. I think to be seriously considered for an actual data analysis scientist job, you might want to beef up your portfolio and/or go for a masters degree.

No. 1049985

don't be so miserable, you whiny wee bitch. at least make yourself useful and try answer the questions she actually asked

No. 1050206

How would you nonas write a peer performance review for a coworker you think is "fine, I guess. IDK"?? We only have to answer three questions

> What is their strengths?

> What are they doing well that contributes to their work goals?
> Where can they improve to better achieve their work goals?

But I don't know (or really care) what his "work goals" are, I also don't really care about his performance as long as it doesn't suck, and it doesn't. The only things I really want to bring up are extremely nitpicky things that annoy the control freak in me, but I think that's mostly a personal problem for me and not a performance issue for him.

I just don't care enough to write constructive comments, but I have to…

No. 1050217

Just answer in vague, generic phrases like he's a team player, he's cooperative, easy to work with, etc.

No. 1050254

Just give them a good basic review, it's not going to influence your pay.

No. 1050288

File: 1643833352176.jpg (10.36 KB, 323x315, 116906692_321488688900030_3219…)

What kind of boring dystopia place do you work at, anon? Peer reviews?? More like snitch slips

No. 1050470

Any other anons notice a bizarre incline in people getting fired/denied positions for no apparent reason? My hospital just fired a ton of people despite being understaffed, several of them were good workers and yet they keep people around who come in an hour late, don't use the proper precautions and play on their phone all day. Are the people running these just hopelessly retarded or are the schizos right and they are trying to just bitch about how "people just don't wanna work!"

No. 1050481

Welcome to modern day white collar jobs, anon.

No. 1050491

Nonnas how do I become a social media moderator/content reviewer?
They all require previous job experience as cpntent reviewer.

Would it be alright to just make up shit about doing similar volunteering work on some lesser known or closed website?

No. 1050505

Apply to be a farmhand and build experience kek

No. 1050509

> they're looking for data scientists, but in the job all they're doing is cleaning up data and not much analysis.

Isn't the job role Data Analyst, then? Sometimes the semantics of these roles are so confusing.

No. 1050557

Yeah, it would be but some companies label things weirdly, I guess. My friend's official role was Data Scientist but he told me he was just cleaning up data and giving it to someone else to do the actual analysis.
I think the whole "Data Science" label is kinda dumb. It's just the intersection of statistics and computer science, but it's the big buzzy word in the tech world right now!

No. 1050564

godspeed nonna

No. 1050799

>Are you naturally focused or did you have to learn how to stick to that schedule?
Kinda both? I'm not ADHD or anything, but you also need to learn the art of scheduling time for tasks.

>My job is also kind of nebulous and it's never "done" like I could always be doing more proactive stuff and everyone gives me ideas for things to try, so it's hard to know when to stop and decide that's enough for the day

This is most office jobs. The trick is to figure out around how much work a day the rest of your team gets done and aim to meet/exceed (but not by too much) that amount. Your CEO isn't going to drop by your house with a 200% bonus because you were a good girl and went above, beyond, and then some. It's not your family business. Work just hard enough. You will burn yourself out trying to achieve total completion in every work day.

No. 1050809

File: 1643875451205.jpeg (106.68 KB, 1280x720, 10F5C835-3297-4DF7-9E28-9A8F44…)

About to never work again a day in my life. Too bad it’s because I became disabled from my job. Nothing is ever free I guess…

No. 1051851

Asked the Sonic totem if I would get either of the jobs I applied for, Sonic said for all eternity. Today I got a phone call from one of the places wanting to organise an interview for next week!! Wish me luck nonnas!

No. 1052301

kek, I prefer to get paid

No. 1052415

Anyone else worried that they will be cancelled one day over past social media comments?

When I was a teenager/young adult, I had a very edgy and offensive sense of humor. I didn't see anything off limits, and I'd say slurs I shouldn't say. I'm deeply ashamed of the person I used to be.

For perspective, I'm a minority, but I used to hate being one. I just didn't take anything seriously and treated everything like a joke. I was also raised on offensive YouTubers and raunchy adult cartoons, like Family Guy.

I thought being inflammatory for the sake of it was comedy gold. I worry that one day, someone will drop screenshots of me being an idiot, and that no one will hire me.

(I made a similar post in another thread, but I thought it was applicable here, too).

No. 1052444

How hard is it to just privatize your social media? These tards only go digging through your past if you somehow trigger them. If you don't give them access to your social media in the first place then they never get that chance. And no business is going to reject you on grounds that you don't share your social media accounts with them.

No. 1052466

You're in my thoughts anon, wonder how you're feeling today and sending you a hug if you'd want such a thing

No. 1054038

You can volunteer. Search the volunteers page for your area for building websites or organising charities social media stuff. if your country has seek.com then try the volunteering pages.

No. 1054736

Does anyone here work in sales?
I'm not a native English speaker and I think about applying to a sales job that requires fluent English but I hesitate. I don't have much experience speaking, I only talk to myself lol and write comments occasionally. My active vocabulary is okay I guess but could be much better, because sometimes I avoid saying something I intended to say initially. I have a pretty good american accent though and some foreigners thought I was a foreigner too.

So I just wanted to know if there're any EFL nonnas like me doing similar kind of jobs. Were you really good at speaking English from the very beginning? I have this stupid thing that makes me think I have to be PERFECT to get some job, so it's hard for me to judge whether I am truly suitable or not.
I know I can learn to speak better and prepare really good for an interview, and it's, like, the only solution. But I would still be glad if some anons talked about their experience.

No. 1054761

Fluent english doesn't mean perfect, native-tier english! Don't let this discourage you. I'm not in sales exactly but my job requires communication in english only and prior to that I haven't really spoken english in conversation for years, just used it daily online so of course it was stress inducing but turns out it really is enough if you can communicate well even if sometimes grammar is not perfect every single time.

No. 1054831

It's really comforting, anon, thank you for this answer!

No. 1055195

File: 1644223174060.png (12.01 KB, 240x300, 283878002@2x.png)

update on this… i turned in a work sample and they loved it, i had a job interview and they loved it, i came in for a trial day and they loved me… and they just rejected me. wtf? it was going so well, we had a lot of fun together, my work was always praised and they liked what i did, and then they even mailed me back like "sorry it's taking so long, one person got sick so we had to postpone some trial days!" - i was sure that they wanted me. and now i received an email that was worded like "other applicants were stronger."

i'm just so sad and upset now. i thought i had finally landed a nice office job and could get out of this shitty living situation i'm in right now.

No. 1055207

I'm so sorry, that sucks so bad. Getting a job is a shitshow, and getting rejected feels awful, especially when it seems like it was for literally no reason.

I hope things go better for you in the future! Keep tabs on any new openings with that company, and let the recruiter know that you'd be interested in similar roles. Good luck!

No. 1055211

Fingers crossed you get a job soon and something you really like!

No. 1055214

thank you nonny… i already vented to a friend about this and she suggested it might be because i asked for too much money, but i'm not about to let myself get ripped off for minimum wage, when i have a degree in the field.

thank you!! it just sucks rn because i got a degree in something very pointless (not creative writing or anything, but with similarly bleak job prospects) and now i feel really discouraged because, wow, if THAT company doesn't want me with my skills which were perfect for the position, how am i supposed to get in anywhere else??

No. 1055216

It’s crazy unfair and it’s hard not to take it kinda personally when you’re ideal for the role!
It’s brutal in the job market tho. Chin up nonnie, cause you’re gonna find a break in time.

No. 1055224

File: 1644226640731.png (10.6 KB, 240x300, 283878001@2x.png)

i really hope i will, nonny… i just talked to my mom about it and she suggested that maybe i was rejected because i was too good a fit and that means i might get bored of the work and look for a better job soon… thinking of it that way definitely makes me feel better, but in the end i'll never know what was wrong. i'm gonna wallow in pity for a while and then write more applications.

No. 1055233

what kind of jobs can i get as an illegal immigrant? how do i get “under the table” work?

No. 1057950

File: 1644364791418.jpeg (120.25 KB, 1080x670, 8D7A40DD-37D4-43F5-A9B7-38F840…)

Feel this today.

No. 1058075

I reckon this will depend greatly on where you live. Usually under the table work requires some networking/knowing people. Some under the table jobs are: babysitting, pet minding (from walking to pet sitting), cleaning, tutoring (including language), manual labour (be careful as there’s some exploitation with these). Ask around to see if anyone you know knows anyone paying cash (I wouldn’t specifically ask for under the table work). If you knew all this, disregard, if not, I hope it is a bit helpful. Good luck, nona!

No. 1058359

I want to scream. I’ve never told anyone I failed a whole bunch of tertiary units and essentially dropped out due to a combination of burnout, being directionless, and a terminally ill family member. Went back and finished the degree (all my units this time around were distinctions and high distinctions) and got accepted into honours. Distinction grade for honours followed by two years of full time work in a competitive field. I recently applied for a grad position and they seemed to like me during the interview. Sent my honours academic transcript because it was a requirement for application, now they’re wanting my other transcript and I feel like I’m so fucked.

No. 1058562

i hate being 20 and working a shitty minimum wage customer service job when i'm anything but customer oriented, though i'm not ready for college yet so i can move up

No. 1059499

Don't worry anon, I don't see how this is anyway but good! They'll see the exponential growth and improvement.

You don't have to work a shitty min wage customer service job, you can totally work an average and even high waged customer service job. Just keep applying, you can do it

No. 1060022

Nonnies I have a phone interview next week for a pretty high paying position (for me), but a lot of reviews of the company online say it’s kind of a sexist boy’s club. What do?

No. 1061312

I had a 6 months long contract in HR (as opposed to all the shit minimum wage jobs I've had before) and I've been told by my manager that she convinced her higher ups to keep me with a permanent contract. Not sure what to do, this feels way to good to be true after all the shit I've endured in previous jobs and while job hunting. I think I'll accept it and finally be able to get my own place thanks to that contract but it doesn't seem real at all. I don't know.

No. 1061317

Well, would a high salary compensate for a potentially horrible work culture? You decide

No. 1061400

Worked for a company about which I knew the same thing (sexist boys club) but even if it was true for maybe some other people, in my departament it was all fine and I've never personally witnessed anything. I'd give it a shot, worst case scenario you get your sweet 1 month pay and go away.

No. 1061527

That's always rough. For entry-level positions, it sometimes comes down to a couple of people who are equally qualified, so the decision could have come down to something totally arbitrary. If one company liked you then it means that others will, though. As a rule of thumb though, even if you kill the interview, don't assume you have the job until you've received an official offer (and, if you're hiding some demons, have gone through the shitty outsourced background check lol) so you don't set yourself up for disappointment.
If your most recent experience is overwhelmingly positive and you can explain that you had a terminally ill family member, there's a decent chance that you'll be fine.
If you're confident that you have good enough intuition to detect red flags yourself, move through the process and be cognizant of how you feel after speaking to people within the company. As >>1061400 mentioned, the role you're interviewing for could be insulated from the bullshit, it could be personal grievances or workplace drama from a specific department, or they could be working to change the culture depending on how old the reviews are.

No. 1061532

Congrats nonnie! You must be really good at what you do for your manager to honor the 'for hire' half of shitty contract work.

No. 1061730

Actually she told me she also asked several other people in my team if they agreed to sign a permanent contract but we all started working at the same time and did an overall good job. I'm not used to saying that about myself because in my previous jobs I was never properly trained or told what to even do, which is why it feels a bit surreal to begin with. I told my manager I'd think about it, then I sent her an email two hours later to confirm I want the permanent contract. I talked about it with my mother and she reassured me a bit.

No. 1062317

File: 1644643436851.jpeg (52.84 KB, 678x452, B7EDE797-3AAA-429F-8D84-EF766B…)

A recruitment specialist reached out to me on LinkedIn. I assumed he was headhunting me so I made it obvious that I was open to work and looking for options, and he completely brushed it off and started asking me what I like to do outside of work. This isn’t a fucking dating site. Leave me alone.

No. 1062455

Thanks nonnies, I feel so ashamed about it. Anyway, the potential employer still seems really positive despite that and even contacted my boss this week for a reference. Hopefully that’s a good sign!

No. 1063021

I left my job because my boss was a psychopath who screamed at people, enjoyed when employees feared him.
Salary was ok, job was easy but I was mentally tormented every day. When pandemic started we worked from home, but I still had to go to office because I lived nearby, working hours that time were erased and he could call or text whenever he wanted, no matter how late it was.
It was the frist year of pandemic, but after that I still didn't land any good job, the ones I got where sketchy af. I almost got a dream job in a big company, even reached final interview, they told me how they were rooting for me. Last part after all the tests and talk was a presentation about myself in power point. After sending it there was no contact from them.
Now I have been unemployed for 2 years and feel like maybe I should have stayed in that company, probably most companies have psychopathic bosses like that.

No. 1063041

Send the messages to his company and get him fired.

No. 1064910

About to go to an interview, wish me luck nonnas. It's for a low level dishwashing job but im just happy that I'm leaving the house again. I'll do janitorial shit over customer service any day of the week.

No. 1064949

Hell yeah nona, you got this! Proud of you for taking steps to get out of the house. I know that shit isn’t easy. You’re going to crush this interview. I believe in you!

No. 1064955

Good luck nonna!!

No. 1064971


No. 1064974

File: 1644790451394.jpg (63.63 KB, 736x490, 8b541afcb4a1984f619b66fdb578be…)

I wanted to make an update to my post here >>1041742

I got hired. My first week was last week, I was very scared and stressed out in the first 2 days but now I am more comfortable and am getting trained slowly. My co workers are nice and this place is a lot cooler than any other workplace I've had. I'm handling it decently and am excited to make more money than ever before and to have good insurance.

I think a lot of the job advert was an exaggerated list of possible responsibilities that an HR lady out together without knowing the full scope of the job. I thought of myself as being completely incapable of performing this role at all, but it's not bad at all. In short, I freaked out but I'm doing better than expected.

No. 1064989

what does a senior clerk role do? i wanna get out of neetdom -crying face-. congrats nonna i hope you gain even more confidence and make a friend too at ur new job!

No. 1064992

File: 1644790966343.png (920.62 KB, 984x900, 1127.png)

I got the job!! My entire family is making fun of me but I gotta live my truth. Hopefully I can not fuck up washing dishes, the pay is great and I get some of the tips from the front.

No. 1064993

File: 1644791024728.jpg (169.02 KB, 1067x1600, 3.jpg)


No. 1065002

why is your fam doing that? this is a step in the right direction, keep rockin anon

No. 1065003

It's an office administrator role. So far Ive answered emails, sorted time sheets in excel, and trained in Salesforce and some company software. Next week I'll be making orders for company supplies. The rest was office shit like laminating papers lol.

Good luck to you too. I was a neet for 2 years after HS but a bit of community college and working a low paying data entry clerk role for a while got me to where this current company actually trusted me to not be a complete fuck up lol.

No. 1065008

So happy to hear that you got it! Glad to hear you're going to get paid well too. Not to be cheesy and that person, but every job serves a function and I feel like people look down on service positions for no reason. You're doing good work. Also I heard that being a dish washer can be really chill cause people generally leave you alone and sometimes they let you listen to music on the job, so live your truth.

No. 1065122

I am currently miserable at my customer service job and really wanted to move on from it. I even took a pay cut so I'd have more time to dedicate to the interview process for a job I've been trying to get for a year now. The job I've been interviewing for is a significant pay bump and utilizes my license I have in the field, whereas the job I have now does not and has nothing to do with anything I'm interested in.
Well, I was near the finish line and failed a pre-employment polygraph. I've had polygraphs and passed fine. This one was odd from the get-go and I was nervous and running on very little sleep and no caffeine. I admit I could've prepared better, but I was very confident in my ability to pass.
That was yesterday. I am waiting to hear from HR whether they will even consider me after that, because it's technically not an automatic disqualification, but I'm honestly wondering if I even want the job after how shittily I was treated throughout the poly.
I've regrouped, taken several angry naps, worked on art and college assignments, and applied to similar paying stuff outside of that field. Fingers crossed. I honestly dont know what I want more: the job I've been working so hard for but feel so burned by the process, or a different job in a different field that doesn't treat it's applicants like potential criminals/terrorists.

No. 1068485

I just applied to be a 911 operator. I really want to have a call back. The pay is very good and it has great benefits.

No. 1068557

Good luck nona. Did you have to do any sort of training beforehand? I remember hearing that 911 call of the older woman screaming after someone broke into her house and it was terrifying. I think mostly you will have to respond to mundane calls but once in a while will have hear some sad/scary shit.

No. 1068806

File: 1645745143867.jpg (47.15 KB, 736x917, f20b4d04c84d7d47fad15b0893ca51…)

I'm almost at the end of my rope with my retail job, I've been late, I've skipped entire days but I won't be fired because they need people. I just want to quit and find something else but I hate hate hate the process of applying for jobs again and I'm afraid with the pandemic/war stuff going on jobs will suddenly become scarce again. I want to get a job with something in my field I went to school for but for that I need to create a whole portfolio and I feel like I never have ample time to do it when I work all the time and then I am too exhausted to do anything productive after.

I am considering putting in my 2 weeks but I'll try to hang in there through March. But if I still feel this way I'm going to lose it.
I do feel guilty about leaving people hanging at that job but I can't feel like I'm wasting my early 20's working in retail.

No. 1068811

Starting next week I will be required to go into the office 3x a week. I went in for the first time in nearly 2 years today and it was so fucking miserable. There's no point in me even being there bc I don't interact with anyone. But no, I have to sit in a windowless office for 8 hours a day and I'm expected to be excited about it. I'm 99% sure I'm going to quit. It's just too miserable

No. 1068817

I’m going back to work for the first time since the pandemic and I’m really excited. Been staying at home with two kids under 5 and slowly going insane. I’m just working weekends for now but I’ll make around $100/hr at a spa. Excited to be financially independent from my ex and feel more alive. I need this.

No. 1068820

> will suddenly become scarce again
How? I didn’t know that
> but I hate hate hate the process of applying for jobs
Is it because of the interviews?

No. 1068823

Today I realized that my verbal communication skills are absolute shit and I don’t want a job where I have to use them much. I just switched a couple weeks ago from being an education major to health administration, coincidentally and for unrelated reasons, and I’m so happy I decided to jump ship.
I imagined myself going into HR when I made the switch just because others told me I’d be good at it, but damn, how can I be someone whose sole job it is to recruit and manage people in a company when I’m not at all a people person and always choke myself in interviews?
I’m not the best at math, so I never thought I’d say something like this, but it just dawned on me that I’d really like a job focused more on upholding a system behind the scenes and pure paperwork (like a budget analyst/accountant) than anything else.
I feel so enlightened acknowledging this. I was raised on society deeming these types of jobs as soul-sucking, which is probably why I resisted it for so long, without thinking about what I would actually like to do.

No. 1068837

I guess not scarce but I feel like if things start going bad again there will be mass layoffs like at the beginning of the pandemic and jobs that are not considered 'essential' will not be hiring (like creative work which is what I want to do)
And I hate making resumes, the interviewing process, the ghosting if they don't want you, and if you do get a new job you have to train all over again and get used to a new work environment. I can complain all I want about my current job but I am used to it now so maybe it's better to stick with the devil I know

No. 1068856

Im my city, you only need a high school diploma and customer service experience.

I've been working retail for the past 15 years and I never wanna go back. Just thinking about how I might have to go back makes me depressed and anxious.

No. 1069433

I’m planning to change from a general office job to tech. Any tech nonnies here with advice? I mostly will change into manual testing. So far it’s kinda tough to get my foot into the door. I’m doing some crowd testing right now but some sites are absolute crap.

No. 1071757

Okay, so I got a weekend job with a merchandiser setting up product in the supermarket, hours run from 4AM to 8Am, two four hour shifts.

I've been finishing the work in two hours, at worst, one and a half hours at best, and that's with a coffee break. By the time it hits six AM I've already stacked and faced everything, and I'm left wandering around the supermarket aimlessly or just sitting in the smoko room browsing my phone. The supermarket gossips about me sitting down and doing nothing, with them saying "lol just go home. And I told my boss "Hey, there's actually only 1-2 hours of work here at most", but he said the contract is locked in at 4 hours so I have to be there working the entire time. But the other merchandisers, like the ones stacking the chips, are coming in at odd times and are leaving early, and I'm the only one that actually remains for the full four hours. So I've incrementally started leaving early every day a little more and more, and the only time they said anything was when I clocked out early the first time. Now I'm leaving 45min early and clocking out at 8, nothing is being said and they're saying "all is well, good job".

Do you think they have been implicitly implying the whole time that I can just leave early and clock out at 8? It seems that no matter what else I do, they've been moaning at me, so it just seems like they're prodding me in this direction.

No. 1072688

File: 1645968604599.jpg (22.75 KB, 480x360, 0ffef443264b6712629feb29a58cbc…)

Is being a freelance virtual assistant worth it? Is it also easy? I'm still in college and I'm moving to a new place by myself and I'm wondering if that's a good kind of job to get into. I'd try places like Upwork but I heard it's practically a sweatshop there

No. 1072705

Freelancing sucks, it means you will be available 24/7.

No. 1076984

File: 1646114083866.jpg (6.52 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

One of my elderly coworkers literally fucking died at work Saturday. Heart attack. The store had an emergency heart start device in it but it was defective or some shit and failed to work so he just died waiting for slow ambulance. No one ever checked to make sure the device worked. Probably gonna be a lawsuit now. I hope the managers get hell for this.

No. 1076986

Okay so you DON'T want to get paid to sit around for 2 hours? That's easy money

No. 1076994

There was an old guy who worked himself to death at my old job as well, after his wife died and his kids left, he just buried himself at work
he was nice enough but a bit cranky and actually seemed to prefer to be alone more then anything
I mean hell there has to be more to life then just working yourself to death

No. 1077014

Has anyone who's actually trained/observed new hires actually made notes or reported every small thing to the supervisor?
I've been fired 3 times within the past 3 years as well as several other people I know have been getting fired within the first few weeks/days of training - why? Because of "notes made by trainer". And before anyone pulls the "you're just a shitty employee" card not a single time through any of these have the supervisors came up to me and pointed out issues in my work, also expecting someone to perform robotically level perfect within their first WEEK is absolutely ridiculous

I'm currently training 2 new employees in the same corporation I got fired in for "training notes" and not once have they asked me to make notes and I'm not going to sit around reporting stupid things like "employee sat down for 3 minutes after being on feet for 10 hours, employees tone of voice was slightly too monotone to seem right". Do people actually do this? Or is this just a cover-up/excuse to fire someone for discrimination reasons? Either way I have zero empathy for employers who are crying about how much they're struggling and then go fire enthusiastic employees but keep lazy, shitty ones.

No. 1077040

that’s how much we are all worth in their eyes. Just a broken heart defibrillator machine rotting in the corner. This is truly the most boring and the most dreadful dystopia.

No. 1077042

Op that sounds like a cover up for racism/sexism for me. Or maybe they want someone they know to get the job instead.

No. 1077051

That's incredibly sad. How negligent of the store. No one deserves that. Poor old man.
You'd be surprised how the older generation needs a purpose. My grandfather is depressed and a shell of his former self. He literally does not drive anymore (loved cars), afraid of everything, and barely eats. He is so thin, it fucking scares me. He used to be a cop and then worked at the pension office when he first retired. He honestly thinks the government wants to get him despite the actual lawyers checking things over before approving at the pension office. He quit a little over a decade ago. His world fell apart when my grandma made him quit. It's sad.

No. 1077055

File: 1646118569943.png (67.96 KB, 337x282, Screenshot_2018-04-29-15-54-10…)

And most of my other coworkers were so nonchalant about it too. Mindfucked me for the rest of the day I had to finish my shift thinking about how it would just be the same if I keeled over too. Like they're so beaten down by wagie life that they can't summon any compassion. At least get a new heart start device that works. But no. They just threw the old one away

No. 1077087

What the fuck? Isn't it mandatory to check this type of equipment on a regular basis? It's awful, poor guy. It reminds me of when I was working retail part-time years ago in a big clothing store with awful clients it's an Irish brand that starts with a P and a coworker had awful seizures and was screaming so loud right next to me for 30min straight I couldn't focus despite being told by my supervisors I had to still take care of the clients as a cashier. They called the mall's firefighters asap but the firefigthers took their sweet time for some reason. It was super disturbing and every customer was asking me wtf was going on and why my coworker was still not taken in by the emergency services I bet I must have looked like an asshole that day. Thankfully the girl was doing great a few days later.

No. 1077104

I'm almost done with my A.A. and then I dont know what to major in for the next two years. I've cried about it since highschool and now that year is coming. I already feel like a failure knowing I wont graduate until I'm probably 23 or something, but more than that all of my passions cant make me money (writing, music, animals)

writing or making music wont support me when i move out as in i cant depend on luck. from what ive looked into animal rehab/zoology major doesnt pay shit. nonnies im so fucking tired of this but the other things that interest me: literature, botany, entomology, maybe even communications arent "good majors" either. what do i even do at this point? i considered a dental school thats two hours away. it wouldnt fulfill me but id make money.

No. 1077177

>I already feel like a failure knowing I wont graduate until I'm probably 23 or something
I don’t know who you talk to about education, but you should stop listening to them.

No. 1077241

This is my own fault, but I'm just venting.

I had some issues with my health that led me to doing poorly in college. I got lucky and was able to get some experience in the non-profit field before I graduated. I still ended up graduating recently with a poor GPA and no experience in anything else so I feel like I need to continue working in this sector.

The problem is I actually do not really like the organizations I'm applying to. I think the organizations are too woke and fake for me. I actually ran an anti-SJW blog several years ago and used my experience to further myself. Even though I have made a lot of woke friends and I try to sympathize with their struggles, I really don't believe in what wokies think.

Because of this, I want to work in the private sector because I feel like I would make more money and deal with less wokeness.

On the other hand, idk if it would be better for me to work in the private sector. Even though I like being challenged, I admit my work output is a little inconsistent. I think it would be way more stressful and I think I might struggle to fit in socially. (I feel like the people who work at non-profits are way more awkward) And there is wokeness in the private sector too, which I find super hypocritical.

No. 1077315

>I wont graduate until I'm probably 23 or something,
I won't graduate until 28 or 29 because I was in a similiar boat like yours (no real passion for something that also makes money) and idgaf. I could've graduated before 21 but working a full time job that I don't like wouldn't have made me happier today than going to uni for something I actually like today. Don't put so much value on what others expect you to do or consider success in life, at the end of the day it only matters you're happy today and going down a road that will make/keep you happy in the future.

No. 1078497

I had two interviews back to back today and they both went pretty well imo. Wish me luck nonnies!

No. 1078523

Good luck!

No. 1078527

Best of luck nona!

No. 1079161

File: 1646212215079.png (13.54 KB, 280x280, 283878025@2x.png)

i found a job, nonnies!

No. 1079168

Congrats nonna i’m so happy for you!!

No. 1079324

>work in quality department of small company that manufactures medical devices for a little over a year
>initial duties were onboaring training, document control, and equipment calibrations
>massively improved the function of my role and got a perfect performance review
>have since absorbed duties and projects beyond my role bc we're a skeleton crew and my manager quit in fall and they aren't replacing her until late spring
>no increase in pay, no promotion despite department director teasing it to me over winter and saying I'd deserve something yet still nothing
>some things I do now are managerial work esp considering my director isn't at the office ever
>director avoids me now, claims busy but I think she doesn't want to face me to deal with my disappointment…which is a problem considering there's work related stuff I need her to process
I'm not making end's meet. My bills auto withdrawal and for the past two paychecks I've already been behind by -$200 to -400 in my bank so it's wiping out a quarter of my biweekly check out the box. I managed to get a house this year so I've had unexpected credit card expenditures in the thousands and it's scary.

The truth is I'd need a $200 per week pay increase but it's a tough sell when I literally can't get management to talk to me and of course no one wants to give me more money for my work. I don't want to throw in the towel at this place because the truth is I am gaining industry experience albeit slowly. I've been applying around for second jobs, which is hard because I'm basically looking to extend my weekdays part time. So like 6pm-10pm so I'd work 8am-10pm every day with an hour between 5 and 6 to get to my next job. Turns out that companies still have the audacity and I've been baited and switched twice at the interview stage. e.g. I applied for a lab custodian job for weekday nights for a location serendipitously next door to my office, yet when I got to the phone interview the bitch tried to say I had applied to a daytime shift for a different site for less pay and that the location I was actually interested in was a project on hold until April.
I don't know what else to do but I might have to consider going back into customer service like restaurants which I abhor. There's nothing else I can do except look for a new job altogether and start all over. Funny story: I gave the manufacturing manager a jumpscare because when I told them I was looking for part time they misunderstood and thought I was quitting. Clearly they need me but they will avoid giving me the pay, coworkers have admitted that the place would be SOL if I did leave.

No. 1080066

Nonnies I landed a new job and it's by FAR by highest paid job to date!! I'm so excited to finally have a "real" job.

No. 1080445

File: 1646258911490.jpg (29.38 KB, 567x542, 2cec71161268a2ef69288b5a4a2105…)

I get so burned out every 3-6 months from working and end up quitting due to depression and anxiety. I finally found a job that'll pay me higher than any other job I've had, but I'm already anticipating being burned out and overworked. I really have to keep this job though. I'm not gonna find anything that pays better in this shit town and need to save money to move.

How do I cope with working? How do I find time to have a life outside work when I feel so burned out all the time?

No. 1080452

File: 1646259433060.jpg (244.68 KB, 1062x889, 159893723200373956565237719553…)

Nonnies please share!! I'm so proud of yous!!

No. 1080453

Anon, work is always secondary. You do your 7-8 hours and leave, enjoy your life and take your time working, if they try to overwork you don't let them. What're they going to do, fire you? In this job climate?

No. 1080459

Can you speak to the director about a move to management? It's a small company, so they don't have the hiring requirements that other companies would.

No. 1080838

File: 1646274155983.jpeg (17.91 KB, 275x206, 1573222603763.jpeg)

Had my first interview in the career I want today. I think it went well, will find out tomorrow if I go on to the second interview. It's so hard because entry level positions still require experience. I have my undergrad but I didn't work while I was obtaining it. Not even an internship. I regret it so much, and after college I spent time waffling about at a weed store and it looks terrible on my resume. Also, if you google my name some stuff that employers probably want to avoid comes up (nothing bad, just not ideal). I just hope I get this job.

No. 1080850

I closed my eyes for like 2 seconds bc my head was hurting and my supervisor thought I was sleeping lets see if im gonna be fired kek

No. 1080862

I got a promotion, title change, and a 18% salary increase! Happy day!

No. 1080892

I came in 10 min late today and walked by my head manager who looked at the time then right back at me. I'm probably going to be written up for this one

No. 1080895

Nice salary increase, way to go nona!

No. 1080964

any anons have advice for working a job that requires you to get up really early- 4am.
it’s so fucking brutal, when i get home i go straight to sleep.

No. 1080976

i had a evening job and even then half the nights i came home and went straight to sleep. work is just tiring, period. its supposed to be that way.

No. 1080980

my previos post wasnt advice so here goes because idk what good advice would be considering i havnt worked at 4 am in years; try something new everyday weather it be wearing a new color or shoe or taking different routes heck even waking up with a hearty laugh lol. doing new things so it doesnt…get…tiring? i guess

No. 1081112

File: 1646295077308.png (432.44 KB, 1280x720, 1639311660457.png)

I took over a full time assistant manager role mid last year on the basis it would be a temporary maternity leave contract and I would revert back to my old position in late January. Since then the colleague I was covering for left the business and I've stayed in the position for the interim whilst they source someone else to take over the role. Everyone we've interviewed is either not a good fit or finds other employment pretty quickly. In the time I've been doing this everything has just gone south dramatically. Christmas was an absolute shitshow because:

a) retail environment, b) covid lol, c) terrible newly hired upper management not knowing wtf they're doing and making employees feel like shit for no fault of their own on the regular and d) general product quality taking an absolute nosedive and customers are just not interested in any of it.

The combination of all these things, working long hours, often working extra with no pay just to keep things going smoothly and many of my team members leaving to look for other opportunities has just really made me hate my job and the company I work for.

I would love to just gtfo and find something else but I can't bring myself to do it because as corny as it sounds, the small team I work with are really fantastic people whom I do actually consider my friends and I don't want to abandon them without someone to replace me.

Anyway, rant over, I just needed to get that out real quick.

No. 1081200

Find a way to spin it on your resume (shouldn’t be hard), collect goodwill and positive references from the people who give this wagie your daily bread, and find something better. Having good coworkers isn’t worth being the workplace monkey. Don’t get stuck being the long-suffering good sport who gets shafted just because they know they don’t need to hire someone else (and pay them appropriately) while you’re still around.
Sounds like a lot of people are jumping ship. If you give suitable notice, they will find a replacement in no time. They’re dragging their feet because no new hire will work unpaid overtime and give all of this energy for such little fulfillment or reward. Your labour and willingness to sacrifice sleep and pay is what’s dragging out the hiring process. Obviously don’t leave if you can’t find something better or if the benefits are good, but that type of situation is shitty. Do they have unions for retail workers where you live? Union stores suck ass too, but at least they meticulously watch their step with things like overtime, holiday pay, suitable labour law adherent scheduling between late shifts and early mornings, paid breaks, etc.
Your ex-coworkers didn’t leave for no reason. Only take on extra work if it’s something that will look good in an interview at your next job. The fact that candidates are passing on your position to work elsewhere and have no problem getting hired should tell you something, too. Hope you find something better, you’re not indebted to shitty management.

No. 1082289

File: 1646334030995.jpg (128.35 KB, 1600x1167, depositphotos_240771276-stock-…)

Does anyone have ADHD here? How do you get your tasks done at your work?

I'm newish at this workplace and I'm in constant fear of being fired because people complain about me making mistakes. There's a lot of times when even after checking my work for mistakes, a lot remain that is later found by the people I work with. I'm also horrible at estimating how much time tasks will take me (usually MUCH more than what I expected) and this also caused me trouble. At my previous workplaces noone noticed anything because management generally shat on everything and didn't care if I left out something but here I work in teams and my mistakes are more noticeable. There is also the issue of being told soemthing 53647475 times and still forgetting it. Also I get this sense of everything thinking I'm profoundly retarded. I just feel ashamed. If I get fired, I don't think anyone would want to employ me and my last job also only lasted for months which obviously looks bad on my CV. Also I can't escape the feeling that everyone thinks I'm profoundly retarded

No. 1082697

Sorry you're dealing with this, nona. You might see if people can accommodate you by sending info in writing instead of verbally. Or check if your office has any task managing/scheduling software you could take advantage of. Is there anyone you can run your work by before finalizing it? The time-blindness thing is tough you're probably just gonna have to start timing your regular tasks to get an idea of how long things take. If you can, listening to music or podcasts might help remind your brain that time is passing.
I had a super similar experience working an office job and eventually just had to switch to something more hands-on and physical. My shit brain still fucks me over but I only occasionally feel retarded instead of it being a constant thing.

No. 1086142

Slow down (huge to avoid mistakes), give wide time estimates (always overachieve your promises by underpromising), write everything down. Get used to the idea that if you don't write it down, you will forget it. I walk around with my phone or a pad to take notes and it has the added benefit of making me look smart

No. 1086220

My advice is similar to the others, as I've been in similar situations.
My jobs have used project manager apps but I would also write everything down and all my tasks Id need to do, adding more throughout the day, if things come up. Including notes on the status of tasks since I would otherwise forget what was going on with things, unless it was what I was currently working on.
If you're making the same mistakes over and over again, definitely write a note to yourself to check for those specifically, or if it's a lot, write a checklist for yourself. Because if there's something reoccurring they'll definitely fixate on the repeated mistakes and have a worse impression of you, which can snowball into micromanaging you even more.

No. 1086226

Samefag, but I almost forgot, this may or may not work depending on the work place environment, but if I even thought I might be late with a deadline Id warn whoever Id need to report to well in advance, like a full day and it usually also helped alleviate coworkers' frustration with me. Though, that might just be useful if the time thing is because they have quota expectations or you're missing deadlines. Also good luck nonnie and hope things turn around for you.

No. 1086234

I hate office work. I know MBTI fags can be cringe, but according to tests I’m INFP and everything I see about this type regarding careers is so accurate. I fell for the college meme when I should’ve pursued artsy/hands-on kind of stuff. Instead, I got good grades and a business degree that’s done nothing for me.

I’m 27 now so it feels like I’ve wasted my best years and idk what to do now. I work in an office and feel miserable daily and whenever I start job searching it all seems awful. Idk what I want to do with my life and feel fear everyday of wasting it.

No. 1086395

Thank you for the tips.
>they'll definitely fixate on the repeated mistakes and have a worse impression of you, which can snowball into micromanaging you even more
Yep, this is happening right now, I got myself a supervisor who watches everything that I do

No. 1086920

What do I wear to a job interview? Would a plain black skirt with a blouse be considered too revealing/informal?

No. 1086931

Depends on a job

No. 1087077

Would it be a good idea to reapply to the same company I resigned after 3 days?

Basically last year I got a job in retail but it was for a new supermarket and they only told us the day before we had to do training outside the city, even though we had stores in our city (but other branch or so they told us). We only had cars for the farther supermarkets, for the closer ones we didn't.

I had no license at the time, or car, and the public transportation wouldn't be able to get me there on time because it sucks, like we had to be there at 6:30-7am and there was no way I could with the options I had so I quit after three days. I didn't even work I just had three days of video formation online and went to the store to pickup a shirt and shoes. Kept working in my old job but it was pretty slow and it died permanently because of covid

But now there's an opening for another job in another store in my city, not for the supermarket but a store they also manage (another another branch), and that would be nice and I wanted to apply but since I left after three days idk if that's a good idea.

What do you think nonnies? Is it worth it or would it be awkward

apologies for the autism

No. 1087118

Just apply. The worst is they say no. If they want to interview you and bring it up that you quit after three days at the supermarket just tell them that you had no license at the time and reassure them that transportation to this new job will not be an issue.

No. 1087235

Depends on the job, for an office job it sounds good I think. In the creative industry or for programming jobs you could dress more on the casual side whereas for front office positions like receptionist for instance I think it'd be good to dress up a bit. But it also depends on the company I'd assume. Maybe you could check the company's site and see if there is a dress code? Also what is the blouse like?

No. 1088062

File: 1646600679059.jpg (18.48 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I work a nice overnight housekeeping job thats so easy and has great benefits. It's so great for my mental health. The only downside is i'm paid garbage(and i get comments on how i could be doing something better). I can survive but that's about it. Im stuck wondering if i should look for something else just for the money but fuck my mental health and work/life balance in return.

No. 1088075

If you can make it work financially now and in the future, I'd stay where you are. Always trying to make more and climb up is overrated, especially when it's at the cost of your mental health and happiness. That's how people end up regretting working as much as they did in old age.

No. 1088083

Anons, is there such a thing as an enjoyable job that isn't
I got a new 9 to 5(30) job until April and it's dull as sin.

No. 1088094

I think maybe being a music producer, audio engineer, horse whisperer, and instrument builder is fun. I live in a place that’s rife with archaeological treasures; the ideal job would be to be a treasure hunter, or the person people call when they find something and don’t know how or where to sell it. Archaeology sounds really fun too. Did you know that Antony killed Cleopatra’s sister and buried her in Turkey, right where archaeologists found her 2000 years later? Wildlife rehabilitator might be nice too.

No. 1088099

It really depends. I worked a well paying retail job but it destroyed me mentally. It was physically taxing too but that didn't bother me so much, it was the mental strain of constantly being belittled by managers and other upper management that made me leave. I took a lower paying office job and the pay was awful but I could finally breathe. I decided from then on that my health took precedent. Earning the big bucks is nice and I'd love to earn a lot more money, but I realize that I'm just the type of person that is not willing to sacrifice my sanity and time for more money. Different strokes for different folks. Money can make it easier to set your life up for happiness, but if you can survive and it's an easy job that you like that doesn't wear down on you, I don't see the point in giving it up. Especially if you have good benefits too!

I am currently still earning a shitty wage, but it doesn't bother me so much. I'm comfortable and happy because I work in a good environment, my job is also relatively easy, and I have plenty of time outside of work to spend with my friends and family.

No. 1088123

out of pure curiosity: what's your major, and how long did you spend waffling about?

No. 1088370

I guess I'm gonna do it, thank you!

No. 1089906

Good luck nonnie!

No. 1092172

So my employment has just ended after 7 months of being employed. Before this, I was unemployed for half a year, and the job I had before that lasted only for 3 months. My question would be, how should I address this in an interview? Like, should I put the 3 months long employment on my CV at all? And should I put the 7 months one if I was let go because of being inattentive and making too many mistakes?

No. 1092955

and what should I say on an interview, why did I leave after 7 months?

No. 1092972

Is anyone in the e-learning industry? What is the job of a learning designer exactly and what are the main challenges?

No. 1092985

Check out E-learning Heroes, the Articulate community, they've got loads of resources. I'm not an instructional designer, but I looked into it as a career change. From what I saw, the main challenges are feedback and iteration, because most of the time you as a designer don't get to test things directly with users to make sure things work well and people are actually learning,so it's easy to get in a rut making mediocre work because you're just relying on best practice rules. It can also be difficult if you're a lone wold because you need to have great communication with subject matter experts, devs, project managers and other stakeholders depending on where you work.

No. 1093016

>It can also be difficult if you're a lone wold because you need to have great communication
That's all I needed to know, thank you, it's not for me then

No. 1093019

>I looked into it as a career change
Out of curiosity, what do you do if you don't mind me asking?

No. 1093034

No problem, I am in advertising, right now I mostly do paid media management (fancy way to say FB ads) but it's pretty soul crushing, especially when you have clients who don't understand what you do but want you to click a magic button so their shitty ads cost less. If I could go back, I would have chosen a totally different path in life, taken school seriously, gotten STEM skills and stayed away from desk jobs.
But it's all a learning experience I guess.

No. 1093043

I see, thanks for your answer, I hope you'll find a job that you like better!!

No. 1093083

File: 1646930628626.gif (687.01 KB, 500x235, 38954923.gif)

Strange question. My job is hiring and we just crossed somebody off the list. This candidate just emailed us asking for feedback. There was nothing wrong with her or anything, just that during the interview we felt that she was a little judgey due to her extensive experience– like asking why something isn't done this way instead of just finding solutions to change it.

How would you word that she just wasn't a cultural fit? I'm about to just cop out and respond with something like, "we decided to go forward with those who fit our needs at this time"

No. 1093114

Isn't her asking why isn't something done this way, her insinuating a fix? But she's like not trying to over step. Idk. I wasn't in the interview. What do you mean judgey did she give an attitude? I want to understand hr

No. 1093116

She's asking for feedback so she can improve herself and get a job. Just tell her she wasn't a cultural for because she criticized processes without offering solutions. It's not hard so your inability to communicate this makes you sound like you're kind of incompetent, so she probably dodged a bullet. I also agree with >>1093114 an interview is not the time to offer solutions, if she gave up her secret sauce in the interview there's a chance you'd steal her ideas and not hire her.

No. 1094724

YES YES YES!! I finally got the offer letter for the position I’ve been interviewing for for weeks. I had just started to lose hope, and it’s the highest salary I’ve ever had so far. So excited

No. 1094899

I have no idea what to do for a living. working a shit unskilled job. feel hopeless

No. 1094915

Become a welder

No. 1094917

why that?

No. 1094920

Try a trade school. Less intimidating than a 4 year college and if you’re older you won’t look out of place. And if you’re a burger, tuition is much cheaper than a college.

You can go into the beauty field, medical field, dental field, tech, aviation. Look at what trade schools are in your area and what they offer. Get info.

No. 1094922

not this
do whatever makes you happy

No. 1094925

>just do whatever is in demand and makes money
>don't do a job you're not suited for

I don't know why I keep asking for career advice. People give me conflicting info and it makes me legit suicidal. Looked at some trade schools and don't see much interesting.

No. 1094931

Kek I mean you’re welcome to pick a job not in demand. You seem unhappy now, and apparently suicidal. If you’re content living that way then enjoy I guess.

I agree with that nona and do what makes you happy.

No. 1094946

>You seem unhappy now, and apparently suicidal
I'm pretty level headed generally, but the career topic always sends me down into serious dread. I work a crappy job making not enough to support myself now…

No. 1095009

Not sure how old you are but if you’re younger than 25 I wouldn’t stress much about it now. I went to trade school and learned a trade I never thought I would be into. But I ended up loving it and I make 100k/yr. The place I work is amazing and I love working there. I only work 4 days a week. Of course I didn’t start that way out of school but I did have a decent paying job before I even graduated. I’ve been in the field for 12 years.

I also know people that work at factories and call centers that are happy with their jobs. You don’t need a typical career to be happy either.

No. 1095746

I'll be 26 this year…

No. 1095754

Nta but maybe you can look into some sort of carreer coaching to help you figure out things?

No. 1095770

Thats a good idea. I'll try that

No. 1095791

I'm also 26 this year and afraid my associates degree once I graduate this summer won't be enough for me to get into the media industry. I just can't stand the idea of two more years of school living in this garbage can town

No. 1096297

File: 1647189218675.jpg (244.84 KB, 1080x1068, new York four.jpg)

Well, here we are again.
>hate job
>quit job
>live off savings to take time to find myself and figure out a career that makes me happy
>wild goose chase that results in more emotional burnout trying to find the right answer
>run out of savings
>decide my industry doesn't actually make me miserable I just need to be healthier and have a better attitude
>get job
>hate job
Fuck I'm exhausted, it's been ten years of this and I've never had a single job longer than 18 months. I am a huge asset for the first few months and then I get bored, start having personal issues with people, and my ADHD worsens so that I can barely sit still for meetings. I'm a terrible employee and working for myself is even worse. My whole career revolves around being terminally online and if one more person asks me about TikTok ads I'm gonna rope.
If anyone knows a good career that pays well (I support my parents), is offline/not screen based, not sedentary, and doesn't need 4 years of schooling let me know. I'll try anything at this point.

No. 1096477

I feel so stuck. I'm 26 and have little value in the employment world. I have a physical disability that forced me to drop out of my dream college program, makes it so I can't drive (couldn't afford all the costs of it where I live anyways), and had to leave my shitty retail job because it made my condition permanently worse. I can't believe I ruined body even further for minimum wage.

I've been looking for work but no one wants me, and I get why. I can't leave my small town that's mostly full of physical labor I can't do, and my resume is too weak to compete with all the others for remote work. My doctor is begging me to only work part time, making it even harder.

I am really skilled with Microsoft software and customer service, but who's resume doesn't list that? Since I can't pay my college debt to re enter I'm going to have to go to my local disability office and beg them to hook me up for anything but Wal Mart greeter in a wheelchair. I'm just going to have to get smarter and more creative, find something out of the box. I can't live like a useless loser any more.

No. 1098135

File: 1647304262425.jpg (18.39 KB, 890x544, 5616.jpg)

I'm actually killin' it at work but now I've gotten to the point where
I have to deal with jealous coworkers. help.

No. 1098152

Congrats anon, may they seethe forever (or leave, preferably)

No. 1098162

Dude, go hit up game companies. They're always looking for customer service people, or even community managers.

No. 1098166

2 year RN program

No. 1098380

I’m going to sound like many other nonnas who have posted about similar things that I’m going through, but there are some differences in my situation that I would like some advice on.

Went to college right after high school to please the parents who have never gone to college themselves. Picked a major that I was content with, but I was going through so many other things mentally that it made it very hard to concentrate. Still I graduated with a 3.0. I graduated as soon as the pandemic hit, and it was impossible to find a job in the field for that whole year. I honestly enjoyed that time off, because I was so burnt out at that point. However, I lost my passion for that previous major, and since it has now been 2 years since graduation without a job in the field, I don’t think I stand a chance re-entering.

My parents are pressuring me to go back to university which is the LAST thing I want to do, and even though I did consider going back for a psychology degree, I’m pretty much convinced college is a scam at this point. The options I’ve been considering are:

>cosmetology, except I hate having to hold conversations with people who I have nothing in common with

>trade school, but not sure for what
>being in endless dead end jobs

I am also supposed to be receiving a good amount of money for taking care of my mom once her injury lawsuit gets settled, which will hold me over for a while but not forever. I’m considering maybe even investing it and making a living that way but I have no idea where I would even start.

I REALLY don’t want to go back to school. The thought of having to kiss ass, network, etc for four more years sounds incredibly exhausting. But when I look at my friends who have never went to college, they are all working kitchen/serving/weed dispensary jobs that they are miserable in. Please please give me any advice you guys have, because I can’t even talk to my parents about this since they think you can only be successful if you go to college.

No. 1098389

Have you considered maybe graduate school? Depending on your major you can pick a slightly different major for graduate school, for example I majored in something history related and there’s a lot of different graduate programs that accept my major even when it’s not exactly the same field. I think spending four more years getting another degree would be, frankly, a lot of work and very tiring and who is to say you won’t hate that major once you’re done. Maybe trade school could be good but I have absolutely no idea about that.

No. 1098446

Not a burger so nursing is 4 years in my country, but thank you for the suggestion

No. 1098481

i hate working as a barista its so stressful i cried 3 times but i just started and dont want to quit right off the bat. i cant find anything else for work as a college student i hope i can just move to spain to study its
so worrisome i dont know if ill ever be able to afford to move out

No. 1098495

aaaargh I'm taking a sick day because I'm definitely not well and my boss is asking if I can come in on my day off to make up for it. sorry didn't realise this was a trade-off

No. 1098511

I got taken advantage of at work and at this point I don't really know what to do. It's a vent but bear with me.

My manager left back in November because her and my regulatory director clashed. At the time, the director pretended to champion me because of her personal vendetta. My manager was a major bitch who never showed to the office nor gave me adequate training when I was onboarded but reported to the company I wasn't "retaining information" while watching me struggle to do her legwork and ironically train other newhires. Everyone knew she was a lazy bitch, but she knew a lot. The new director reorganized our department in such a way that the manager wasn't going to be promoted ever again and she'd have to start reporting to work. She resigned. Shortly after my manager left, my director made a lot of verbal promises about promoting me and getting me groomed up for the role of my choice. There's a lot of weird behavior on her part about this, but let's just say despite presenting this to me as a "choice" she actually had a very rigid definition of what she wanted me to do–and let me tell you–it turned out to have nothing to do with actually promoting me.
In light of new evidence I believe my director just needed me to think I was being considered for promotion so I would agree to–under the guise of 'experience'–absorbing extra duties and projects for no increase in pay. We're not getting the new manager until May. She said to train up the admin support under my role for my position which I did somewhat. I noticed after the new year, around the time she promised to give me an update about development, she started to avoid me. I knew. I had nothing in writing. She hired externally for one of the positions I had applied for leaving only one left.
She started to blow me off when I'd ask her to approve documents or to have a discussion. She didn't even go over my performance review but insisted she was giving me the highest score of the department. It's never been made transparent to me what this means, and honestly if it just adds less than a dollar to the hourly I don't give a fuck. The raise was at or less than 3%.
Then, after two months of ignoring me, she drops the bomb: That she's considering externally for the remaining promotion but oh if it didn't work out with them then I would totally be considered. This is also around the time that I was beginning to have money issues and told her I was searching for a second part time job. I asked if I could work from home two days a week since gas was getting expensive and commute traffic was adding to my anxiety. Turns out I make more money than my fiancé and we're struggling. Most of my duties have and can be done remote (would have been different if she promoted me but oh well). We already can remote as 'one-offs' but I was asking for something consistent which required the form. She told me she would approve if I would submit the request form.
Later after I submitted it she insisted I write a "reason" in the description. I realized she wanted me to cite "financial" so she could reject it, but I wrote "medical/financial hardship" so they couldn't just dismiss it.
What they don't know is I have a history of an anxiety disorder from working shitty jobs and I stand a fair chance of my doctor being able to provide a letter of accomodation via disability on that basis since once again, I find myself at another shitty greedy company.
I'm not lying, I'm suffering legitimate anxiety from all these projects I'm doing for no pay and having to work 14 hour days with a second job just not to be bankrupt.

It made her heaping pissed. Before HR called any meetings I could hear her venting to the other department manager about me calling me "brazen." HR wanted a discussion about my form because how dare I want to work remote for two days of the week like others got to do and more since the pandemic. When I asked if the remote policy had been updated to require everyone back in the office, HR told me no but that some are allowed to be remote due to their job duties. I can't because I'm quality–even though my duties don't require me to always physically be there. How dare I want flexibility after being flexible for this company?! HR lady said I should consider selling my house and going back to renting if I was having financial hardship (LOL). Then the next day I had a meeting with HR lady and director in the room. They both tag-teamed and eviscerated me while I cried in that office after making myself vulnerable. Director said "I don't see how not driving for two days of the week would help you with money," when I explained how that's nearly 100 miles in gas I'd be saving she brushed it off like it still couldn't make all that difference. When I told them about my money problems she said "Why can't your fiancé help you? I saw you buy new furniture…" because I guess I'm not allowed to have bought nice things for myself since last summer before all this happened, and how dare I ask my company to pay me for what I do when there's a man I could go co-depend on. I told them how I've been eating one meal a day because I can't really afford groceries, they said "Oh but that can impact your work performance" so I'm sure they'll try to find something wrong with me now out of retaliation. I told them how I started mt second part time job after work to preserve my free weekends–20 additional hours a week in a related field–my director suggested I'd be less "burned out" if I were to do something like work at a mall for 8 hours a day on the weekend. Just…how would never getting a day off help with burnout omfg they can't quit their bullshit!
The director straight up denied promosing me the promotion. She said that would be the new manager's job in May since she never promised me a development plan. I needed to be more "proactive" with developing my own plan…because expressing my interest in other positions and trying to train for them while taking on out of scope projects wasn't enough. She also denied having said she'd approve my remote work request because she had actually meant as a temporary one-off, which doesn't make sense that she had me fill out a form then. Basically I had misunderstood everything she's ever told me. When I tried to explain my situation and talk about how I felt things were unfair my director yelled "IF ONLY YOU COULD SEE YOURSELF RIGHT NOW AS YOU ARE BEING OFFENSIVE, DEFENSIVE, AND ATTACKING." She's projecting because she gets very personal. Several months ago an engineer quit on spot after being personally called out by her in a meeting.
But tbh I didn't get to talk about my issues much because I had to listen to both director and HR's sob stories about how they had it bad too–HR lady even said she was homeless and declared bankruptcy at 22…same lady who said I should sell my house and go pay rent for higher.

Anywho, I sent a follow up email to both of them after the meeting to put in writing what I understood from it and if I was wrong to please correct me. I kept it objective and apologized to my director, even though I didn't do a god damn thing wrong.
I get a good vibe from my second job and the operations manager seems chill. Either way I think it's a good move to gave a backup.

What kills me about the entire fiasco is that director didn't have to lie to me to have gotten me to do the extra work. I would have done it anyway because I'm proud to achieve and wanted the experience, but oh well. I learned to get everything in writing, but I have no idea how to handle this psycho director now.

No. 1098544

Can you apply for a remote position doing the same thing?

No. 1098562

There are definitely some in my area but they're not as tempting because they tend to be contract which translates to less job security and no benefits like health insurance or PTO. For the same pay hourly it isn't quite worth it.

A lot of people swing as independent contributors but they can tolerate no benefits because they get paid more than $40/hr, I lack the experience for that kind of pay unfortunately.
I feel that all I can do is be an information sponge and get as much as I can out of being here even with the target on my back now. Not to say I'll blindfully accept new projects as they clearly don't respect me for it, but finish off the ones I currently have and keep up with my normal duties.

No. 1098589

I have two years of college left and just want to be at the stage of applying for entry level jobs in my field already. I know so many seniors wish to be in the opposite boat, but all I can do these days is window shop for jobs online.

No. 1098610

If you're already window-shopping then you probably have a much clearer picture of what you want to do than the average college kid, which is great! Have you tried volunteering in a professor's lab or an internship? It may sate your interest and give you a leg up when you do have to apply for jobs.

No. 1098617

imo you should at least try to get a job in your field for a year or two before you write it off altogether, though as >>1098380 mentioned you could always go to grad school for a year and use that time to gain enough experience to cover the gap in your resume. Though the fact that you were taking care of a sick family member gives you the perfect explanation for the gap (even if it wasn't for the entire time it's not like employers can investigate the claim if you tell them you did), and the pandemic's been messy for a lot of people so I imagine employers aren't very suspicious about pandemic-long gaps at the moment.

No. 1098652

I just applied to some internships for next school year per your advice! I was worried about them paying less than the regular college student-level job, but it looks like they pay a little bit more. I’m so excited

No. 1098857

Hi anons, I'm currently enrolled in a community college and my family is pushing me to do something I know I won't excel in. My uncle is a senior software engineer at one of the top five tech companies (won't go into specifics), and he's advocating for me to go into tech. The thing is, I'm a terrible fit for tech. For starters, I'm absolutely fucking horrible at math. I failed three high school math classes. I also have ADHD and I don't do well in academic settings, especially online ones. Even though my college is two miles away, I have to complete my coursework online for now because I don't have a car of my own. I hate Burgerland's shitty infrastructure. I can't also imagine myself working in an office all day. I'm an extrovert and I perform much better around others. I changed my program of study (without telling anyone) to mortuary science. It's just a better fit for me.
>embalming is this weird mix of science and art, both of which are my best skills
>I love natural sciences, I ended up getting top scores for biology
>good at sculpting and makeup, so restorative art would be a cinch
>I'm morbid as hell, and I'm used to seeing death and I'm not scared of it
>I get to serve so many different people and I'm always on my feet
>two year degree
I even wrote a whole 2600k word essay explaining why this would be much better for me and my uncle is still pushing tech. I don't want to do it at all. I still have yet to tell my paranoid asian mom that I want to pursue this as well, and she's also pushing either tech or political science. Fuuuuuck no. Should I just keep on studying mortuary science and tell my family to suck it if they don't like it?

No. 1098861

i'd say stick with mortuary science; sounds like you carefully weighed your options and made a reasonable choice. there's no point in pursuing something you don't like if you're not good at it

No. 1098866

I think this is a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation. If you do what they want you to do, you fail and get shit for it. If you don't do what they want, you get shit for it. Tech offers good financial stability (from an outsider perspective - I don't work in tech) and prestige as well, so your family can brag, but outside of finances, it doesn't sound like a decision that really takes you into consideration. You know yourself best. Do whatever the fuck you want anon, it's your life at the end of the day and you'll have to do this career for god knows how long so better that it's something you know you can stand to do. Mortuary science also just sounds cool as fuck. not sure how superstitious your Asian family/mom is, but I would imagine she'd be against it for superstitious reasons. My family is when it comes to stuff like that.

Not sure why your mom would push political science kek. I majored in international relation and the jobs suck ass. You might like it since you get to meet many interesting people, but politics itself is fucking annoying and shitty.

No. 1098892

any nonitas done a 2 yr RN program? thoughts on it, is it worth it if medical stuff is more of a side interest for me rather than a passion? i just want to make money.

No. 1098899

I have an interview tomorrow I hope I do well and get the job. I just want to work for a short while (at least a year)

No. 1098917

good luck dude, be chill and make sure you seem like a very available person at least until you get the job. dont forget, have fun

No. 1098919

Dear lord anon stick with what you think will work for you! I made a horrific mistake doing a course in university because i felt pressured to pick something when I wasn't ready and did what they wanted to do. It's you life and you are the only person on this earth who knows what's good for you. ngl, i would probably just lie to them saying that you are doing computer science and then once you are done tell them the truth. What exactly are they doing to do about it? It's not like you plan on being a jobless neet.

No. 1099153

What kind of job do you have where you're making $100 an hour???

No. 1099157

Follow your dreams embalming-chan!

No. 1099174

Applied to a part-time office position today. Hopefully they'll contact me since it's not too horribly paid and it's close by. I'm a lot like >>1096297 in the sense that I do well for the first few months in a new position but then start having personal issues. I've been in therapy for a few years though so maybe it'll be easier to go back into that kind of setting. I always worry that I'm making excuses for myself when it comes to applying for jobs because I know where my weaknesses are, and historically continuous attempts at fixing or ignoring them just sends me into a downward spiral due to stress + burnout so I try to be mindful of that. But then I think: "other people can do it in worse circumstances, right? So get over yourself and do it already!" Maybe one of these days that'll work kek

I have an idea of working for myself that I really, really want to do but I'm still in the studying phase of it so I still have to have income somehow. Sending good luck to all the anons in the thread

No. 1099367

My manager left back in November because her and my regulatory director clashed. At the time, the director pretended to champion me because of her personal vendetta. My manager was a major bitch who never showed to the office nor gave me adequate training when I was onboarded but reported to the company I wasn't "retaining information" while watching me struggle to do her legwork
This kinda sounds like what I went through when I got hired as an artist at a game company. The other artists (and my fucking BOSS) just said "You'll pick it up as you go along." I bitched them out about that as well as the art director. I hate shitty bosses like that, anon, 'cause then they eventually make you the scapegoat, the lynchpin for why their department seems to be falling behind.

No. 1099370

Tell 'em to fuck off, they're not the ones earning your paycheck and putting food on your table and enjoying it– YOU are.

No. 1099392

I might work as a receptionist/secretary and assistant to a dentist starting next week. I have no idea what to do or what to wear

No. 1099413

I have a massage and esthetician license, I do both. I make a large commission rate per treatment (it’s a very expensive resort) plus a 20% gratuity on each service. Also I make min wage ($15) on every hour I am clocked in, on top of tip and commission rate. At minimum I make $88/hr. Sometimes I make more- around $160 for the hour depending on length of treatment. Since it’s all percentage based, the more expensive the treatment, the higher the pay.

I could make more doing private practice but I don’t have the clientele nor the space to do it. And I don’t really like doing house calls.

No. 1099680

I'm a cashier at a grocery store and had a series of mundane nightmares about work last night… I hate working in my sleep

No. 1099879

Got a job as a library assistant. It's slightly less hours than my current part time retail job, but higher pay. So it evens out in terms of money. But, it will give me more time in the day to pursue some more housework, going to the gym, or trying to lay some groundwork for a craft business I've been wanting for a long time.

I'm planning to masters in library and information science one day so I see it as another step in the right direction.

No. 1100024

Hey anon I'm in a program for library and info science rn and am about to get interviewed for a job that I am REALLY excited about and hope I get! I should probably get a part time job in a library while studying (though it's hard since libraries tend to hire internally). Btw library courses are very dry and boring. Are you planning to go into public libraries?

Anons, is it bad that I don't meet every qualification they listed in their ideal candidate for the jobs I apply for?

I hope I do well in my upcoming interviews! I haven't interviewed for a job in many years and I am getting nervous. I always get shaky because of my social anxiety and my words get garbled and I can't think straight. Any suggestions on how to prepare and calm tf down? I also really want this job so the excitement and anxiety will just clash together and make me even more incomprehensible during the interview!

I often wonder how I compare to other candidates too and feel bad. I feel much less put-together and knowledgeable compared to others since I'm not exactly a great student (I do bare minimum to get by). Competition makes me so nervous! Ah, I hate job searching and interviewing! It absolutely sucks, especially when you get rejected!

No. 1100028

also, is it horrible to brag during the interview that you are a very fast worker and tend to get projects done way ahead of schedule? this happened in my last two jobs and they were confused on what to give me after i finished everything up lol

No. 1100077

- get up at 6 am
- leave house at 7:30 am
- commute 1 hour and 15 minutes
- clock in at 8:45 am
- work 8 hours + 1 hour break
- commute 1 hour and 15 minutes
- at home at 7 pm
- eat, shower, relax
- bed at 10 pm

why live.

No. 1100091

I hope it gets better for you anon. Your day sounds very busy and it can take a toll on you when you don't have any me-time left.

No. 1100098

I would say it’s something to not brag about. You can say you are thorough and on time with projects. If being done too soon is an issue for them, they can bring it up when that time comes. Sometimes it can sound like you rush through them, and they may have things timed and dated a specific way. Taking your time and handing them in when they are due is something some places like.

No. 1100127

girl you need to move closer or get a new job. any commute over an hour is a no go for me. even 30 minutes is torture for me lmfao

No. 1100133

the housing market in this city is hell and i have no chance at getting a better place to live with my temp contract. if they decide to keep me after 2 years, i'll look for a place closer to my job because then i'll have a shot at actually getting someone to rent an apartment to me. landlords don't want people with temp contracts at all, even though my pay is really good.

No. 1100200

I'm so sorry to hear that, anon. That's a shame. Housing markets always screw people over. All the jobs are in the inner city but the rent there is often ridiculous that some people have to do 3h insane commutes.
My advice is to just stick through with what you have going on, even if it's hell. I have experienced a 3h of my day commuting and it's absolute hell, but once you are done the job, get the experience, and have the money from it, you can start living life with a better job, afford better housing, and have a smaller commute time!

No. 1100254

yeah i'm glad i ditched my gamer/weeb hobbies and i try to make my commute fun (podcasts, books, watching tv-shows). i also don't have any friends in this city so no after work dates or anything. at this point my options are either finding an apartment closer to my work (if shit works out with my contract) or just moving and looking for greener pastures elsewhere. i don't even like this city, mostly because it's way too big. my commute is from one end of the city to the other, and it's still considered an average commute length.

No. 1100283

That's what I did too. Try to distract yourself while commuting so you don't feel like you're killing time just sitting there trying to get home. I might get another job this summer (contract work) where it'll be 1h and 30 min commute for me, there and back each way. I never had a social life either which makes commuting longer hours easier because you can just come home and relax before repeating it again, all the while looking forward to your weekend.
I hope your options get better soon. At least you're getting paid well and gaining experience too, which your future employers will be impressed by!

No. 1100669

That sounds terrible. I wouldn't be able to push through that.

No. 1102573

I feel so damn stressed. This is my first big girl job. It's only been a week/onboarding but I feel like I'm gonna fail and I'm not good enough/cut out for this job. I'm terrified that I'll get fired.

No. 1102654

It's okay to feel this way, anon. Everyone feels like this when they start. You'll do great

No. 1102778

Omg i wish we had mortuary school in my country. Dream job, for the same reasons as you.

No. 1102878

How do I put in a resignation notice? My boss is super volatile and I have no idea how he'll react. I'm going to a competitor and I won't let him know where of course, but I know he'll beg and want to see if he can get me to stay. Thing is, I have zero benefits where I currently work, no paid time off, nothing, and I have to do scummy activities that I don't need to do if I worked somewhere else. I can't really explain the latter because that's not something my boss can fix, it's who he is. So how do I respond to him since I know he'll hole me up in his office with him and demand to know? I want to power through this. My new boss is aware of my old boss's reputation so he is understanding that I may start sooner than 2 weeks.

No. 1102890

>I know he'll hole me up in his office with him and demand to know?
Does this mean he'll physically bar you from leaving his office or lock the office? If not, you can politely say you wish to comment no further, thank him for his understanding and simply up and leave his office. Don't wait for his dismissal. That's what I'd do but that's without having much context for how his volatile behaviour manifests.

No. 1102891

Just send an email and be done with it. Wtf do you mean “scummy things”? This is so sinister.

No. 1102926

I'm normally of the "don't burn bridges" camp, but your boss sounds awful and if your new boss is aware of his reputation, just send an email and stop showing up. If he calls, redirect him to your email. If he refuses to pay you your last paycheck, make sure you have some evidence of your hours logged and file a complaint with the department of labor (assuming you are burger). I don't like to burn bridges, especially with superiors, just out of fear of my reputation being unfairly smeared, but he sounds like the type of person who would still do it anyway no matter how respectful you try to be when you leave.

Unrelated, but I wish I had taken use of my shitty small amount of PTO when I left my last company. They didn't even pay it out after I left and I think they were supposed to. Stupid fuckers.

No. 1102977

Wow, that's awesome nona!

No. 1102991

Do entry level jobs in the US that pay more than $16/hr even exist? I make that much washing dishes and I have been applying to jobs that require a degree paying the same thing or less. Even places that advertised more have bait and switched me and revealed they only pay 15-16 wtf

No. 1103020

File: 1647646082454.jpeg (473.76 KB, 1527x1351, 1FC09003-1F97-491A-A9FE-9AC9F4…)

I just got fired and I think it’s for calling off on my third day. My kid was sick and has asthma so he wasn’t handling it well and I had to spend a day in the ER.. this suckkss because at the time they seemed accepting but a week later they’re firing me. I was looking for a job for so long and I finally get one only to be canned instantly fml searching for another one but aaaaaaa it’s gonna be so hard to get another one, I live in a small town. I hate this.

No. 1103027

retarded retail job recently transitioned from being corporate owned to franchise. we have all these new regulations nobody asked for and can't combine my employee discounts with my other shit anymore. too lazy to quit and interview for another crap retail job. though it would pay better, I'm only planning to stay in this state through graduation in six months, but this sucks ass.

No. 1103034

That's pretty typical and even good depending on where you live. Federal minimum wage is $7.25. If you have a degree it really depends on the field, you'll get paid more for more specialized roles like being a dental hygienist or programmer, not so much if it's something general like an admin assistant or going into education.

No. 1103057

For some reason I was under the impression you had to give 2 weeks' notice. I guess you that I could just email him and be done with it. Will I catch any legal recourse from that? My new employer wants me to work asap and I kind of do too, just to escape my current work environemnt. I don't want to edit government approved plans or forge receipts again or hear my boss cursing anyone out just because he's upset at a situation.

No. 1103058

Kek two weeks notice is just a courtesy, it’s not required legally. You don’t even need to give notice you’ve quit, you can just stop showing up.

No. 1103076

Not legally required but in the future if you work with decent people and plan to leave for greener pastures, definitely put in a two week notice just so you can leave on a good note and potentially use them as a future reference. Fuck this current boss, >>1103058 is right, you can just stop showing up. You'll eventually just be fired for being a no show (but make sure you get your last paycheck).

No. 1104081

I recently applied to a bunch of random part time jobs just cuz (I’m a full time student) but wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to working one if I got called. I’ll be away on vacation the entire summer, which I stated in the applications, so I was surprised to be called by a (really desperate) employer.

I went to go visit today and it looked like a fun place, the job seemed easy, and the pay is pretty good too. Definitely on par or better than other places. They’re also so desperate that I didn’t need to fill out any references.

But for some reason I have an intuitive feeling not to pursue it further? Part of it is that they’re so understaffed that they want me to start a 10 hour shift a week from now (just one day a week.) Another is that I saw the other people who went in after applying, and it seems like they’ll just take anyone.

No. 1104087

Samefag but the boss thinks I’m going to send my SS card info in during the next week and start working… I feel like such a flaky person but also don’t want to be so deep as to giving them my SS card, even though I understand there’s probably a minuscule risk of anything happening with it

No. 1104097

i just up and quit a job with a shit boss one time. if you're from US you can still put them on your resume but request no call back in the future anyway.

No. 1104105

>But for some reason I have an intuitive feeling not to pursue it further?
trust your gut. us women tend to try and ignore our gut feeling, but fear is what keeps us alive. even if it's just a shitty job and nothing bad like SA or murder or whatever will happen to you, if you have a bad feeling about something, you should listen to it.

No. 1104252

they keep saying they're going to be raising min wage, and some companies have to $13-15/hr, generally not more than that. I'm in one of the lower wage states and my previous job paid like $8/hr and current shit wage job pays $10/hr or so.

No. 1104261

Fingers crossed that you land an internship! I'm excited on your behalf
>Anons, is it bad that I don't meet every qualification they listed in their ideal candidate for the jobs I apply for?
No; think of the qualifications as HR's bullshit wishlist unless you're applying for a senior and/or highly-specialized position. Never let them prevent you from applying to a job; worst case scenario, you won't get a callback.
>Any suggestions on how to prepare and calm tf down?
ime people will know that candidates are nervous because they've been in the same situation, and joking about how nervous you are helps. If you're talking to the hiring manager and can initiate a conversation about something that you're passionate about, that can also go a LONG way both in demonstrating that you're worth hiring and getting you to relax. I've gotten jobs against people who were far more qualified on paper because the conversation directed towards something that I was passionate and knowledgeable about.
As >>1102654 said, this is completely normal. In the big five tech companies, there are even classes dedicated to remedying imposter syndrome.

No. 1104418

File: 1647762646631.jpg (30.51 KB, 640x480, EUkj38EXsAA8jD6.jpg)

Been out of college and working professionally outside of my college town for a year now, and it's only just setting in that this is the rest of my life. No more mid-semester breaks, no more late night study sessions with my friends, no more partying every weekend, no more summer restaurant jobs surrounded by people my own age with all my money going towards rent, booze and new clothes, no more living a five minute walk away from everyone in my social circle. Long-term employed nonnas how did you/what did you do to cope with the transition from full-time study to full-time work? Just feeling very much like a hamster on a wheel right now.

No. 1104449

Worst feeling ever. I hope a nona can provide some answer.

No. 1104472

I can relate as well. After my first workplace where I managed to stay for years, the workplaces that came after I was fired after a few months. Feeling intimidated with job search right now, because I just know I'm not going to be able to keep another job for long again and also no way my previous employers will give me a reference letter.
I feel like the only way to support myself would have to be some sort of self-employment because I evidently cannot work in a corporate setting

Yeah, I know the feeling of being trapped in a cage but I don't have anything useful to say unfortunately. I guess remind yourself of all the things you will/can do after work and try and look forward to them?

No. 1104481

CP down there, careful while scrolling

No. 1104761

Anyone here worked in a factory before?
Recently graduated NEET, never had a job before and the only two job listings I can find online that are near me are factory jobs. In their descriptions they include working with equipment which seems scary to me idk.

No. 1105614

File: 1647836217876.jpeg (19.97 KB, 739x415, 7CC0E32C-E6A8-40E2-B816-95540D…)

>hate my first job of out school
>friend from uni says there’s grad roles going at her firm
>hell yeah!
>talk to hr and they seem to really like me
>application process must include copy of my academic transcript
>I fucked around and scraped by in college
>hell no!
Everyone tells me that work experience trumps study so really hoping that’s true in this case and that my only competition are truly freshly graduated students with no job experience

No. 1106106

It's not good in my area at all, it would be nearly impossible to live off of living alone. I'm just baffled by how all the jobs I run into seem to have equalized to be $16/hr no matter the requirements. I had to turn down a job last week during an interview because it paid less than my current shit dishwashing job but involved specialized laboratory work and supervision duties. $15/hr for that shit and my interviewer apologized and said he didn't blame me for pulling my application because his boss doesn't understand you have to raise wages to get employees and it's a horrible wage for the work. There used to be tiers of lower paying jobs but now everything seems to be on the floor.

No. 1106116

ugh you just triggered the memory of my uncle telling me about a factory he worked in and how a woman got her hand stuck under a machine because the upper management ignored his safety concern. because they prioritized the workers doing less motions over more (it would have literally been one step more too) - which would take them longer to complete tasks thus making them less money, so they decided to ignore him and of course the worst ended up happening. actual nightmare shit. he also mentioned how they treated the women there like shit in general. but i also live in the balkans kek. if you're from a normal country where safety concerns are actually respected, those are supposed to make it extremely difficult for you to hurt yourself, i'd say try it but be careful. if your government is as corrupt as mine… i would not advise it.

No. 1107522

I've been a NEET living off savings and they're running out. I'm trying to find a job now and I saw a donut shop is hiring. It's pretty much minimum wage plus tips. How cringe would it be for me to work there part time if I could decorate donuts? I feel like such a pathetic loser being in my early 30s and not having shit figured out.

No. 1108525

File: 1648078371522.gif (1010.23 KB, 480x247, 58D1F9EB-8DA4-441D-B001-3B2736…)

I have a question for anons who do writing or big brain work. I’m about a month into a new remote job, doing editing work for highly technical reports for the government. The job is technically salaried, but since government has to have lots of red tape I still clock my hours and describe how much time I spend on particular tasks. My question is, if I follow my schedule according to the implied recommendations (8 hours of work plus 30 minutes of break), by ~2 pm I start hitting a wall where my speed of editing and quality of work start tanking. If I keep at it then by 5 pm I’m an utter husk, and towards the end of the day I’m able to get like nothing done. If I take regular 10-30 minute breaks throughout the day though I have a lot more energy, can focus better, and can do good work most to all of the day. But obviously I would be working fewer raw hours and would have to fudge my time card. Guess my question is, is that normal and should I do that?
The only full-time jobs I’ve had before this have been blue collar jobs, where you can still work the pretty much the same no matter how physically or mentally exhausted you are.
When writing/editing my thesis I had to be very cognizant of maximizing my productivity so I could graduate on time, and though trial and error I found I made the most good progress when I took breaks like I described above. But maybe that’s not how the other editors operate and it would come back to kick me in the butt. I don’t know.
But basically yeah this vomit has been to ask any other writing-type people how much time of their day is for good productive writing and how much is letting your brain cool off.

No. 1108537

People of all ages work retail. I wouldn't worry about it, no one is thinking "damn why is that 30 year old working here". And if you were dealt shitty circumstances that held you back in life, you should just keep that in mind. No one else can judge you.

No. 1108845

Nonnas I think I done goofed: I got an offer for a job I'm pretty happy with over the phone, but the offer, while reasonable, was about 5k under what I wanted and I panicked and accepted without negotiating (partially because it was on the phone and it caught me completely off guard, partially because I'm an inexperienced retard). In a panic, I checked reviews for that company on Glassdoor and it doesn't seem like they increase pay much past the starting salary. Is there any way to salvage this, or should I just deal with it and look for something better after a year or so?

No. 1108847

Very tempted to take a part time job at my boyfriend's work. We wouldn't be working together, probably wouldn't even see each other but we'd be able to drive into work/go home together and save so much gas.

No. 1108865

That's very normal anon! I've been doing similar work for years and a day I get 4 hours focused productivity is a good day.
It's not lying to say it took you 3 hours to write a draft when it was 2hrs "work" and 1hr stretching, having tea, or fucking around on lolcow.
The breaks are part of the process. It's the exhale to your inhale, as it were. As long as you're not going to Disneyland and logging it as work hours, I wouldn't worry.
Remote can be stressful because you feel very SEEN but to be highly productive 8hrs a day is a recipe for burnout. In offices that focus is broken up with coffee breaks, smoke breaks, and gossip so most people maybe do 1-2hrs of focus a day. At home it's easier to go beyond that, but you've got to pace yourself for your own health and productivity.

No. 1108878

Only a 30 minute break on a full work day isn't even legal where I am, I'd take the breaks as needed. Screw that.

No. 1108916

You'll have to accept that you said yes to the salary. To be honest springing the offer on someone on the phone is definitely a manipulative way to get them not to negotiate. It's kind of a bad sign, along with the glassdoor reviews, that they don't have a good culture around compensation.
But if you already gave them a firm yes, it looks really unprofessional to go back and say actually you want more. Your best bet is to start off and say "what would I have to do to get a 5k increase in the next 6 months" and whatever they say, get it in writing and work towards it.
You've always got to take money convos by the balls. I've gotten salary increases in incredibly stingy companies because I keep asking, what can I do for this increase? And they usually give some fluffy answer that you can translate into action.
When you prove you can go above and beyond, and they've got written proof of that promise, you tend to get what you want.

No. 1108956

File: 1648116931757.jpg (724.41 KB, 1074x1337, Screenshot_20220324-110942_Fir…)

Am I crazy for wanting to get into IT, considering how everyone and their grandma seems to be doing it?

I working a call center job right now which is draining me but it pays really well. I'd use the money to get into a tech course/bootcamp and them work from there. Sadly I don't have the time/enviroment to self study because of my current job so I feel like something structured like classes would help a lot. But I can't help but feel like I'm chasing something that will never work out. Just, idk man

No. 1109167

Working in IT could be very comfy. Don't say it won't work out, investing in yourself like this is a great idea!

No. 1110297

Has anyone here managed to get a job in a field they self-studied for? How did you do it? I'd be particularly interested in UX/UI design

No. 1110400

Do you think it would be appropriate for me to speak up for my friend at work?
We work in the same company but different departaments, she's a huge pushover and her supervisor abused that by giving her a workload of 3 people; after few months she's obviously collapsing under that pressure. She's been sharing with me some messages her supervisor sends her, extremely passive agressive, only complaints and zero praise ever, only pushing for more. The supervisor also told her she's not allowed to take more than one week off consecutively which is insane since it's known at least 2 weeks are needed for a proper rest. Thing is, my friend is unable to stand up for herself, I even prepared talking points for her but after getting scolded for hours in a meeting she said she only apologized. I'm annoyed with how passive she is but she's still my friend and I hate sitting idly when it's happening. Should I talk with her supervisor's superior?

No. 1110403

Yes, I'm an immigrant who couldn't get a good education because my high school diploma was foreign so I couldn't get points for it on university entrance exams. I did a bullshit degree and then landed a job in IT. I lied a lot on my resume for things you couldn't prove, and I'm good at sounding like I know what I'm talking about, especially to HR who don't know much about tech.
I got really good at what I do over the first year of work so it's not like I don't have credentials to back it up now, but getting your foot in the door is the hardest step because there's no way to 'prove' who you are. Plus, people discriminated against me based on my name and nationality, so I just said fuck it and lied a whole lot. Would do it again.

No. 1110404

Samefagging because I forgot to mention, when it comes to IT a lot of resources are free online and I've gotten tips from actual CS students who themselves had to google things to understand some concepts. Your portfolio is what really matters in showing what you have been doing and can do, so focus on personal projects.

No. 1110405

No, you should keep trying to help her become more assertive and stand up for herself. You can't fight her battles for her.

No. 1110414

I will keep trying then, I imagine trying to do anything myself could potentially put her in more trouble… hope she will manage to speak up someday.

No. 1110429

Is there a reason she's targetted? I've heard of women getting treated the same way after rejecting advances of supervisors and other personal conflicts.

No. 1110432

cp in ot bump

No. 1110753

tips on things to lie about? kek

I have a similar background and I have no idea how to get my foot in the door for web design/dev stuff

No. 1110906

File: 1648241669337.png (506.21 KB, 640x625, myddkegi3xc81.png)

Girls pls help

I applied for a job and then sent a follow up and the lady emailed back and said 'give me a call pls here is my number'

is this good? how do i respond? i can't just call someone on the spot, isn't that rude? should i organise a call?

does this mean i have an interview?
pls say it does

also if i get this job and become a rich bich i will buy all of you booba tea

No. 1110915

Just call them

No. 1110923

Just call and say something like "Hi, I was given this number to call. My name is XX and I was looking to follow up on an application I submitted to your company"

No. 1110940

Ok, I will call them…but shouldn't I organise a phone call first? She could be busy, she can't be beside her phone all day right?

also thank you for the help queens

Thank you! I will use these words ♥

No. 1111064

She’s expecting a call so yes, call anytime. If she doesn’t answer, leave a short message with your name and number. And if necessary, give a good time for her to call. You don’t want to play phone tag.

No. 1111070

Also, if she doesn’t call back within a reasonable time (say it’s like 4pm and no call), call her again. If she doesn’t after, give her a time frame to call the next day. And then be glued to your phone during that time.

No. 1111071

Doesn’t answer**

No. 1111172

File: 1648256333853.jpg (163.78 KB, 716x716, original.jpg)

waiting to see if i get a third interview. i feel like it could go either way but icant help but jump to doom conclusions. i feel like part of my interview went really well and the other half was mediocre and i didnt get to express myself concisely nd professionally so sigh. i have a problem with rambling and yet have so much to say and explain at the same time. this job is in my ideal career path in my dream industry as well so, feeling lowkey suicidal already even if i haven't gotten rejected or accepted yet

No. 1111260

File: 1648262563128.jpeg (16.91 KB, 400x495, 5A26CF66-C49F-41E0-8B7B-BC399C…)

I’ve applied to almost 100 jobs now. I’ve been ghosted so many times from recruiters and I’m afraid of having to go back to soul-crushing retail work. I can barely make rent with a roommate but the only jobs left for me to apply for are $12 and under despite me having a degree and previous work experience in my field (Healthcare IT)

No. 1112060

File: 1648314235029.jpeg (39.02 KB, 736x792, re.jpeg)

I've never told anyone this because of how embarrassing it is but its something I think about all the time with so much regret. I worked a part-time retail job for a short while, everything was ok until this male manager who became my line mngr joined. I'm a very quiet and agreeable person and hate confrontation so I usually don't clash with people, but this manager disliked me the moment he met me. He once made a snide comment about my ethnicity so I assumed it had something to do with that. Because I didn't have a contract, I was a big pushover saying yes to everything and never stood up to him compared to my other colleagues who didn't take any of his shit. One afternoon, I was in the backroom freezer restocking milk and he came behind me looking for milk for a customer. Out of nowhere he pushed me onto the trolley and shouted move. The freezer room is huge so its not like there wasn't enough space, he didn't even ask me to move before pushing. I'm a short 130lb girl to his ~260lb so it did feel very forceful even if he didn't mean it to be.

I was quite shocked and I don't remember how I responded. I definitely didn't say anything, I either said hey or gave a nervous laugh. I didn't tell a soul, a part of me did want to go to senior management, but I weighed up the pros and cons and decided against it. I had an image of this balding middle aged guy losing his job not being able to provide for his family and decided against it. I wish I said something, I feel as though I'm exaggerating the incident, but what hurts most is my inaction. The fact that I did nothing. Not a big surprise but I was let go after that without reason.

No. 1112140

I hope he fucking dies

No. 1112148

One of my former managers was an absolute dick to me when no one was around. He never pushed me like that but he offered a handshake once then pulled me in and while he was smiling this shark tooth grin he told me he was going to make it a priority to keep a close watch on me. I was good at my job but he nitpick the ever loving fuck out of everything I did. I quit that job. I wish I could have done something to get back at him. Report him if you can or start keeping a log to fuck him over with.

No. 1112155

She said that she was already let go without a reason. Really sad for anon and for you too.

No. 1112158

My bad. I'm sorry for that anon. Men really love to throw their weight around at work. They must have absolute miserable home lives.

No. 1112162

Maybe not even miserable home lives. They are miserable. Insecure wankers.

My ex was always talking about work like it was a battleground. Always picking people to measure against and would make shit personal about promotions etc. If he focused on his fucking work maybe his colleagues wouldn't have fucking hated him.

No. 1112216

I was paid under the table and now I'm afraid I won't pass a background check. I feel so dumb for being so naive. In summary, I partnered with a friend to start a business and she kept stringing me along saying she'll make it so we're legally both owners and that she just made it a sole-proprietor for cheaper tax reasons. After a few years, I ghosted her bc I was unhappy and sick of making pennies and being financially dependent on my bf while trying to build her dream company from the ground up. She also kept telling me how I'm not ready for "real work" just to keep me working for her.
So I went back to school and now I'm ready for a job in the same field. I recently made it to a 2nd round interview for my ideal job which is so exciting. But after reading something about someone's work experience not in a background check that kept them from getting hired, I'm super worried. I figure if it comes up, I'll just be honest about it. I even still have the logins for all the emails too. But I just kick myself for being such an idiot…I almost want to leave it off my work experience and start fresh in a Jr position.

No. 1112543

i got strung along by a recruiter all week, took some tests she asked me to take, promptly answered every email, then was told that i wasn't going to be a fit for the job. today i got an interview with a hotel which i feel pretty good about, even if i overheard a maintenance worker ask the front desk why everyone was quitting and the desk guy kept dodging the question. so ready to leave my restaurant job even if it means less money.

No. 1112892

When job searching, how many applications should I send out at least per day?

No. 1112896

Go through listings and open a new tab of anything you're interested in and then work on those applications. Check the date for the close of applications, then if you have a lot you can spread them out a few days. Honestly I think it's better to spend time on an application over just sending a generic cv to a lot. Treat it like a homework assignment. 5 a day is good I think. Depends on the field

No. 1112912

You can pass that off as a sort of unpaid internship that you did to help your friend with her business. It's not uncommon for small businesses to struggle to take off even after a couple of years, and it's perfectly plausible that you wanted to help a friend out while gaining experience. I think you're worrying over nothing, anon.

No. 1113182

Hi anons, update here. I emailed him last week and he was gutted. I didn't let on I was going somewhere new and he actually believed me, kek. He has had me do ridiculous stuff, such as driving 70 miles somewhere to drop something off (never done this before for my job), 70 miles back, all with terrible traffic. He found a replacement and I'm training her and he makes disparaging comments about my training ability in front of her which is ridiculous because he himself is a terrible teacher and he's frustrated I'm going slow, but I have to because of the nature of my job - there's so much to do and so much information, we have burnt out training others before because it overwhelms them and I obviously don't want to do that. Mind you I am writing notes for this person (they aren't writing any notes themselves) and it is really upsetting given how I'm trying to basically do him a favor.

All this annoyed me, but it didn't prepare me for yesterday when I checked my direct deposit and I was basically making what I did when I started (I received multiple raises since starting at this place). I sent him and the accountant a detailed email for the purposes of me being able to say I gave them a chance to pay me back. Today I checked my payroll site as I was saving all my paychecks as evidence and I noticed that while I technically was making the same rate, all of a sudden my taxes on that paycheck doubled to the point where the taxes were a third of my paycheck. It's insane considering they've never been that much before and I'm not sure at this point if it's a genuine mistake or not. But luckily I didn't accuse them, I just emailed them wanting an explanation and for the problem to be rectified.

Is it possible they are screwing up the taxes or is that a real thing where it can randomly double so it's eating up a third of my paycheck? I've never had this occur in all the time I've worked there and it's not like I make a lot to be in a totally different tax bracket.

No. 1113195

Thanks nona I appreciate it

No. 1113659

I'm expecting to receive a formal offer for a job tomorrow and wonder how to go about negotiating and whether it's still appropriate to do that even if they are willing to pay for a certification? I had an interview that went really well in my dream field and the interviewer told me they plan to make me an offer tomorrow (there was supposed to be a second round of interviews, but they liked me so much, they wanted to make me an offer before another company did). I was very open with them about interviewing for other places and being happy/confident about those roles and they asked for me to not accept an offer before speaking with them first. I feel like I'm in a position to negotiate.

The only time salary was mentioned so far is in the initial conversation where I said the minimum amount I'd be happy with would by the highest they'd offer, but the guy alluded to their upper limit being around 4k-6k more than that. They expect that I'll be receiving offers from other companies, so how should I angle asking for more? I do really want to work with this place so I don't want to push my luck, but an extra bit of money would be nice. I'm thinking of acting gracious and saying I'd love to accept the offer, but need time to think on it as I may have other companies offer a higher salary which I do have to consider.

No. 1115523

Secondary update - the accountant emailed me back and claimed it was a "payroll error" and they made sure to stress it happened to everyone. I noticed my boss did not respond to me, though he did text me asking if I'd come in. I can imagine him coaching our accountant as he's done many times before when it comes to having her do his dirty work for him.

I decided not to go in today. I will start my new job Thursday. Am I insane for assuming they were lying to me given their extensive history of lying to companies and doing overall shady shit?

No. 1117607

File: 1648671216604.jpg (49.38 KB, 502x502, 198380d0348a762b2655456ed071d3…)


welp, didn't get it. really stings honestly. I know I didn't interview super well but it kinda sucks that false promises and talking highly of myself is what gets me through the door rather than my enthusiasm and culture fit.

I applied to an internship today despite feeling like shit. There aren't a whole lot of entry level opportunities for me and I no longer qualify for student internships so, kinda feeling like ass since no one want me.

No. 1119360

I was researching a company and I found their profile on a local website and the ratings were really good except for the 'Colleagues and company culture' section, which was only 3 out of a 5…is this a red flag?

No. 1119365

Also, on their website they wrote that they are dedicated to the concept of gender equality but their gender ratio at the moment is 70% men and 30% women. Okay lol

No. 1119416

last year, i was getting all kinds of jobs with the bare minimum on my applications, but now i am back to radio silence again. i honestly hate the us job market sometimes because companies are so fucking picky when they really have no right to be. i just want a part-time job to make a little cash and add to my savings, and yet i have no clue what to do now to get call backs again. i feel like i am going to have to start embellishing my cv which i hate doing because i have a lot of experience but it just isn’t attracting employers. sometimes i even think i should start using a different name because i have a “foreign” one despite being a burger and people have given me shit in the past for it. sometimes i wonder too if ex managers or coworkers may have put out something nasty about me? i know ever since i worked at the mall in my city, my literal first job, no one there would touch me with a 10 foot pole and i always had a weird feeling that my racist boss at the time had something to do with it. now the same thing is happening again in another city i used to work and i feel like it might be retaliation due to me reporting a coworker for stealing money and running return scams on customers. i am probably being paranoid and stupid though, but i will figure it out eventually. i am looking into working maybe downtown, i’ve been lucky to not have to commute too far these past few years.

No. 1119419

Do you guys actually believe what you write in cover letters? I always feel like I'm just lying when I say things like I'm motivated and focused and cliches like that

No. 1119456

My cover letters always say something along the lines of "I'm motivated by working with people, an active person and learn quickly". Absolutely none of it is true lmao

No. 1119572

No lol cover letters are always bullshit.

No. 1119577

Mine are mostly true. I have a sentence at the beginning where I describe how my career goal is to do [x thing relevant to the position] and that’s often not true, but the rest of what I say is true. I back up what I say about myself with facts (I’m a good writer->I passed my thesis defense without revisions) and those are much more risky to lie about. I think filling your cover letter with vague statements and no proof of them is a good way to get ignored.

No. 1120154

File: 1648856936086.jpg (166.46 KB, 863x821, spacex insanity.jpg)

I don't write cover letters unless I feel like I can write something impassioned and believable. This standard is largely for my own comfort though, since I personally find it pretty difficult to lie or misrepresent myself. I also generally think that a place that would require a cover letter for boring bullshit would probably have a shitty passive aggressive culture.

Honestly, you should try using a more white-sounding name. You'd be surprised what a difference it makes, especially if your name would make employers think that you're not a native English speaker.

3/5 stars company culture is generally going to be a red flag, yeah, but I don't think the ratio itself is that worrisome for male-dominated fields like tech, or engineering. I think the specifics of the reviews are much more important than the rating itself. e.g. SpaceX has a 4.0 on glassdoor which is decent, but probably half of the 5 star reviews mention some horrid working hours and reek of elitism. I've worked for a company that had a 4.3 and a company that had a 4.5. The 4.5 was actually great, while the 4.3 was nightmarish to work for, but HR poured a ton of resources into getting employees to self-blame instead of seeing that the hundreds of problems with the workplace were systemic. In short, online reviews are a fuck and you never know what you're gonna get.

>picrel: third most recent spaceX review

No. 1120355

My cover letter is a quick summary of my resume and a few personal qualities of mine that would benefit the work place, where I trained and years of experience. I also have a couple sentences where a talk about myself as an employee and I’m honest about it. I don’t work in a competitive field so I guess I don’t see a need to lie. I try to avoid cliches like “hard worker” “Fast learner” “on time”. That isn’t shit they care about nor want to read. They expect those qualities.
You want them to read your resume so it needs to stay interesting but also not too long. Mine is 3 paragraphs 4-5 sentences long.

I agree with the anon saying to change your name to something less foreign. Your work place won’t care. Government paperwork obviously keep your legal name but put something simpler on your resume. I work with people who don’t go by their government name. Everyone calls them by the hippie ass name they picked. Just tell them that’s the name you prefer.

The lady who does my nails, her license says Nguyen Vi but she goes by Kween kek. It’s not unusual to burger-ize a foreign name even tho i imagine it kind of sucks.

No. 1122291

Same anon as >>1112216 I was given such an amazing offer from another job I interviewed for and I accepted. I was in tears because I never thought I could make that much money before. All my life I've been poor as dirt. My mom and grandma were also crying for me, too. The background check is next week and I'm nervous. I applied way before given the idea to make it an unpaid internship. I'm going to stay positive and hope it works out.

No. 1123196

I typed up half of a massive thing for you, but I realized that my post was getting out of hand largely because I just didn't have enough details to specifically advise you one way or another.

So, some questions:

Was this place listed on your resume as a previous place of employment? If so, what did you write about it?
Is it one of your three most recent employers?
What country are you in?
Did you file taxes?
Does the "company" still exist?

The background check will ask you to fill out basic information about your previous three employers. It needs to be in line with what you put on your resume, but there's some wiggle room in regards to details, and it's very important how you frame it to the background check agency.

No. 1123210

File: 1649063518504.png (5.39 KB, 320x64, Screenshot 2022-04-04 102846.p…)

I kekked at this. As if declared wages were a plus and not the minimum

No. 1123214


lol, I am from a kinda shitty eastern european country and jobs ads here used to list "our company pays monthly wages on time" as a plus, that was fucking bleak.

No. 1123220

File: 1649064707356.png (5.3 KB, 457x41, Screenshot 2022-04-04 113019.p…)

Another dream company
omg kek

No. 1123254

File: 1649070294951.jpg (173.52 KB, 590x393, 0Z6A3574_TDJ.jpg)

This is both a vent and a question about how realistic is what I'd want to do. I lost my job less than a month ago and started applying to places and been using this time to reflect on things. I am unfit to work in a company-setting. I have unmanaged ADHD and always feel like that it's just a matter of time until my mistakes start piling up and I inevitably get fired after a while. I am also bad at handling social situations. My previous two jobs didn't last a year.

What I was thinking is…would it be feasible to be a freelancer and do a variety of different things remotely (UX, translation, illustration)? Does anyone do this? This would be a dream situation for me, not doing the same thing all day long and not having to be in a corporate setting.

No. 1123255

That reminds me of French start-ups putting in their internship offers stupid jokes about how on top of being underpaid, you'll be able to drink orange juice and play with the baby-foot sometimes with that one ;) emoji. Every single time. And you know they'd make you work as much as two fulltime employees for 500€ per month.

No. 1123342

Is ghosting rather than rejecting the new thing for employers?

No. 1123344

If by “new” you mean “they’ve been doing it for years” then yes. One time I got ghosted by a big international company after FOUR interviews. Luckily I accepted another offer just after the last one so it didn’t matter but I was still bugged.

No. 1123345

New? I've always been ghosted or hired. I've only been formally rejected a few times, and everytime it was because the managers wanted to tell me they still liked my profile and wanted to send my resume to coworkers (and they always did until the very last one of them ghosted me after we rescheduled an interview because I was too sick during the first one and threw up and passes out while on the phone) and once it was because I would have been hired if the CEO didn't cut the budget of the team that was gonna hire me at the last second.

No. 1123448


Freelance sites like Fiverr and/or Taskrabbit might be up your alley. If you find yourself passionate about a particular type of work and build up a clientele you could have yourself a nice little business. Working for yourself isn't for everybody but if you have the initiative and motivation you can make it happen.

No. 1123449

My new job sucks. They lied about it being only monday-friday, Saturdays are mandatory. That makes 40/week way different. Also, they don't have a break room, locking bathrooms, and the rolling ladder we use is very wobbly. I hate it veryuch and I miss being a neet. I genuinely hope I die in my sleep. I don't want to live

No. 1123454

This is why I don’t care when employees quit by ghosting. If employees can’t reliably count on employers to not ghost then employers can’t expect people to not ghost the other way.

No. 1123475

Get a new job and ditch it.

No. 1123481

Look for a new job. I know it may not be easy but damn that sounds miserable. The key is being consistent with searching.

No. 1123498

For people who have had a recruiter find them a job, how did you do it? What agency did you use?

No. 1123517

The recruiter reaches out to you, you don’t do anything besides make your resume/skills publicly available.

No. 1123531

I’m thinking about getting a different job, working for a school isn’t too bad, but I realized that if I stay I’ll be stuck with the students that are really difficult to deal with for a couple years. I absolutely dread being in classrooms with them and it seems like things are just going to stay bad because of smartphones and with the effects the pandemic/lockdowns had. Maybe I should try working at a high school or college instead of elementary? Another thing that’s kind of annoying is that I’m having a hard time finding afternoon/evening college classes, everything is going back to in-person and during the day, while I’m working.

No. 1123685

I'm quitting my job after two weeks. Not because it's not a great place to work, but because I spontaneously decided to move a long way from home. This is in part because I feel unsafe if the same people around me can see me every day and collect information on me, and also because I thought it would make me happy, and I need change.

Anyway, sorry for blogging. I feel like it's ok because I neglected to ask for any money, all I've got is experience and a reference from them, so I feel like it's a decent trade in return for the work I did. I nonetheless feel bad for leaving so soon.

No. 1123834

Ayrt. Yes, I listed it on my resume as previous employment and it was one of my last 3 employers. I technically worked there for about 4 years. In the interview, I said it was a small retail startup, but my resume doesn't have a lot about the business other than what I did there. I'm in the USA. As for taxes, my friend who owned the business told me I didn't need to file one year so I didn't… I did start to file after that because I went back to school and was receiving financial aid. The company exists legally. The website is still up and everything. If you Google the business name, you can even find a picture of me working at one of our events if that even matters.

No. 1124073

I thought I had a nice thing going at my part time retail job while I work on my art on the side but lately the higher ups have been pushing for an unnatural level of customer service and I'm so burnt out and hate everything at work now. Can someone please recommend me another kind of job I can do? Something that isn't customer facing and is just about finishing tasks on time and not interacting with people.

No. 1124122

That's great honestly and you shouldn't have much to worry about! If they ask about wages earned during your first year of work, I would recommend saying that you were not profitable yet and that you had to live off your savings/BF, since you don't have any tax records to back it up.

Otherwise, it's great that you've paid taxes for the last 3 years, because you can use that to definitely prove your employment/stake in the business. Now the only thing you have to worry about is being badmouthed by your former employer.

The agency will want to contact the employer, and they'll rely on contact information you give them to do so.
Since it's a small company, this contact information will likely just be the contact info of the girl you worked with. You have the option to them that they do NOT have permission to contact the employer, but companies don't really like that for obvious reasons.

Your former boss/partner might answer the phone and speak with them, or she might ignore their calls. Background check agencies are ime pretty quick to give up on trying to speak with small employers, and at that point they'll just ask for your story/tax documents.

There's a chance that your former business partner could shit-talk you over the phone. The background check agency likely won't care, as many are only looking to verify what you've filled out (see picrel for example from Sterling) and nothing more. I think that you ghosting them is technically you resigning… but I'm not 100% sure. But if she chooses to divulge that you ghosted, that information still might not end up making its way to the hiring company.

Anyways, that's all to say that you should be totally fine in these circumstances. Good job filing your taxes! Don't stress too much and just take it one step at a time.

No. 1124334

File: 1649166593886.jpg (58.12 KB, 944x938, 20211007_075739.jpg)

>get a 6 months contract to work as a social media manager for a pretty small label/concert booking startup
>already worked in the social media com field with bands so i know what i'm doing
>they don't have a lot of concerts in 2021 because covid, still do what i can with what i have
>pianist of their biggest band broke his wrist and the band had to perform the only 3 concerts of march that the label had
>when i ask for photos of the latest concerts they never have fucking any
>almost all of their bands last albums are 1 year old or older except one artist
>don't just do communication but also design for their websites, already 2 epks, excell sheets etc…
>boss tell me i don't do enough

My job literally relies on what the bands (aka other people) are going to do. I can't invent new albums or concerts. If i do more I'd do what most people consider spam. If there is any nonnas working in the advertising/communication field please tell me what i can do more

No. 1124394

Why would a recruiter ask how many applications I've sent out so far and if I'm getting interviews?

No. 1124396

Or it was just an innocent question and there was nothing behind it

No. 1124413

They want to know if there are chances for you to accept another job instead if they want to hire you I guess. Or they want to know if you've started lool for a job recently or not just to know what you're looking for.

No. 1124797

Seriously, thank you so much for taking the time to clear this up for me. It has made me feel so so much better about this! Even though I ghosted, it wasn't like we were fighting or arguing–just letting resentment build. Before the whole business thing, we had been friends for years and years. Basically what I mean to say is, despite how it went down, I don't think she's evil or would do anything bad if contacted by the agency. And I'm still logged into the emails if they contact that way too. Though that feels a little shady replying to an agency as myself. Anyway, thanks again. You have given me so much relief!

No. 1124930

Yeh like the other anons are saying, they could be trying to gauge if you've been looking for a long time. A lot of applications sent without getting any offers might be a sign that you don't interview well (not judging you personally, but this is what they might think).

If you've just started sending out applications and your resume looks good to them, it might be an incentive to the recruiter to get you an interview ASAP, in case you get a better offer. Along the same lines, I also had recruiters asking me how many interviews I've had, and whether I've had any offers, that sort of thing.

No. 1125133

How long does it take to hear back from an interview? I interviewed for a job and they seemed pretty excited and impressed by my resume and told me they’d contact me a week later. It’s been a week and a few days now. Did I get ghosted? I thought I did well on the interview and they told me a lot about the position, what the company does,where I’ll be working, and other green flags. Is the limit two weeks? If I don’t hear from them by this week, is it safe to assume I got ghosted? I know not every company writes rejection letters, but they implied I’d hear back from them in a week and it’s been a week and a couple of days now so…

No. 1125155

Best shot would be to ask the person who interviewed you. Write her an email

No. 1125163

I'm still pissed over the fact that I was asked to help run some test where I spent 2 hours on some stupid ass equipments and some "engineer" gets all the credit for her "hard work." All she fucken did was take my numbers I got. I should had half assed it and let her do it herself. This bitch is always talking about cross-training everyone… to do HER job. Fuck off.

No. 1125197

Lol if I weren't in such a small company I'd swear you'd be talking about the engineer in mine.
I hate her guts.
Constantly talks herself up about being such a "hard worker" despite never doing much within the scope of her job and certainly never going beyond it. Ass kisses management but then talks massive shit. ""Cross trains"" people like me and even newer engineers into doing all the tedious shit she doesn't wanna do (def outside the scope of our duties) but keeps the most important–but not necessarily harder–shit for herself so she can constantly inflate her own value. Gatekeeps anyone else for a higher promotion to management by subtly negging even though she isn't a manager, is on the panel of interviewers for newhires in our department even though she should have no fucking say but the company shits itself if no one gets along with this bitch instead of viewing her as the problem. Comes in early because there's no work to do and gets to leave early because of it, bitches if heaven forbid she has to stay a little later even though we're all salaried. Quick to point out other people's mistakes "innocently" but gets big mad if anyone tries to pin blame on something she did wrong.
Ex military, professional bullshitter, constantly talks about her co-dependent college daughter and their emotional enmeshment from being a single mom–cannot imagine why. Super punchable.

No. 1125208

this made me happy i'm a shut in neet, i can be meh my whole life no big ups or downs.

No. 1125562

I just got wrongfully let go from my last job and i honestly really hate how everything went down. I'm mentally exhausted and took a week off from job hunting but i cant afford to waste time. I'm just not feeling anything but my rent is due at the end of the month.. I dunno how to make myself feel good again.

No. 1125925

File: 1649295758396.jpeg (24.36 KB, 625x491, A686E66C-FC4A-40B0-BD8A-825399…)

I just got a job offer in my favourite city with a $16k pay increase from my current role. Most of it is going to go to rent and expenses but it’s $5k above what I asked for and $3k above my highest expectations. I’m so stoked right now nonnas you wouldn’t believe.

No. 1125943

Yay! So happy for you nonnie! That's amazing, much love to this next chapter of your life!

No. 1125959

Thank you anon I’m so excited to get back out of my parents house and be a true professional

No. 1126037

How did it happen, nonna? Hang in there and try to get some rest

No. 1126362

I'm about to fire a moid for making misogynistic comments and I'm so excited!!! I hope this asshole can't find another job ever.
Sometimes being in HR is rewarding.

No. 1126389

Fuck yeah nonna!! Here's to living your best life and earning more in the future!!

No. 1126426


No. 1126435

Please let us know how it went, how much denial he was in, etc.

No. 1126445

Yay, details? What did he say and how soon was he fired?

No. 1126446

How did he get caught? I think usually sexist comments aren't deemed "enough" and female workers are told to get over it or to get more evidence, right?

No. 1126451

So happy for you!!

No. 1126461

He made comments about a woman and the woman told her manager who told me so I hopped on the investigation.
I'm really happy with this one because said something like "I don't want to date her, she's not my type" and the employee said she would see him staring at her. Comments I would assume a workplace isn't "enough" but I'm really surprised everyone I'm speaking with about it thinks it's a terminable offense!

No. 1126483

Thanks nonnie.My job was cutting costs and fired a lot of people for things that should have been a verbal warning or write up. I got let go without a single warning or write up, so i'm a bit salty. Just trying to get my bearings again.

No. 1126719

>I'm really surprised everyone I'm speaking with about it thinks it's a terminable offense!
They probably don't actually think that, they likely all just hate his guts for related reasons and are happy for the excuse to let him go.
I'm happy for all of you though!

No. 1126780

Aren't there worker protection laws against this shit where you live?

No. 1126793

Yes queen! Hope he seethes. Report back with deets.

NTA but some places don’t need a reason to fire you or let you go. At least in burgerland. I live in California and they can literally fire you because they want to. They don’t need a reason. However, if you believe the reason was discriminatory/illegal (because of race or disability, age, etc) you can fight it.

No. 1126995

Feels bad but got a call back on my voice mail from an interviewer and they forgot my name. Definite rejection. What's even the point of calling them back?
I'm never successful at interbiews. Idk how I'm going to get a job and support myself in the future if i can't even land one

No. 1127391

File: 1649404499291.png (600.29 KB, 1280x720, ob_a7367c_8-1.png)

Yesterday I was supposed to have an interview on Teams. I show up on time. 5 minutes pass. No one has shown up. 10 minutes pass. I exit and reenter Teams, thinking maybe it's some sort of tech issue. It's not. 15 minutes pass. Then 20. Then 25. That's when I quit. I wrote an email to HR about what's going on, she apologizes profusely and says she will look into what could have happened.

Maybe I'm overthinking this, but could have this been a test? To see how long I'd wait and what kind of an email I'd send about it to HR? And if I showed anger that I wouldn't be a good candidate or something?

I'm already starting to burn out from job searching and I haven't even been doing for long. The whole process stresses me out so much. When you're super excited about a position and apply, only to not get any kind of answer, not even a 'Thank you fo your application but we went with another candidate this time'. Then applying for a position that you don't care about, and having to act enthousiastic about it during the interview

No. 1127404

Sometimes employers have to list the job opening, even if they already have someone for the position. So they just waste peoples time until they can close the listing.

No. 1127408

I understand that but then why jump through the unnecessary hoops of emailing me about the position and giving me all the details and then closing the email with 'I am looking forward to meet you' only to not show up on the interview at all?? They could have just gone with not answering to my application at all

No. 1127459

i got a pay raise recently but i can barely feel it i really want to quit this fucking job for a while now but i want to save up a nice amount so i can live job free for around 2 months fucking just end me

No. 1127500

I feel like I don't know what I'm doing half the time especially when people ask me and I have to give my approval. I hate it so much.

No. 1127523

Did you make any other kind of effort to the interviewer, or did you just sit in the Teams room?
The interviewer probably just forgot. If it was a test it would have been more along the lines to see if you would take action or initiative to contact the interviewer instead of just sitting there twiddling your thumbs. Yes, it is their responsibility to be punctual and their approach was 100% unprofessional, but companies want people who take action instead of sitting there waiting for people to come to them.

No. 1127524

that's such a shitty thing to do, a test or not

No. 1127552

I sat for 25 minutes because I feel like that's still an acceptable time frame for being late (meetings can overrun for sure), then sent an email to the person who set up the interview to inform her that the manager didn't appear and if we are to reschedule the interview

No. 1127557

I love it when people surprisedly asked me why I haven't found a job after a month when interviews are nowadays at least 3 rounds, and you have to do tests the evaluation of which also takes fucking weeks. Like yeah I wish it just took a single application letter and then snap, I'm employed

No. 1127609

people who don't get how hard it is to find a job are the fucking worst, especially the ones that just act like it shouldn't be that hard since they got one so easily

No. 1127670

Sorry that happened to you anon, that really sucks. For future reference I'd cut off waiting after 15 minutes though. Even if meetings run late it'd be rude to expect someone to wait more than 15 minutes after the agreed upon time.

No. 1127675

Can you just approach the workplace irl? Just pretend you have something to deliver to them. I have done that recently, just walked into a place. I wonder if it's actually a good approach

No. 1127773

Aw I wish you were the HR at my friend's job. She is going through this exact same thing and when she brings it up to her coworkers, they tell her "he just has a little crush, nbd". He's a decade older than her, has kids, and is married. This is not kindergarten. She brought it up to her supervisor the other day and she tells her that he's just going through some mental issues. Why does the workplace coddle grown ass men so much jfc

No. 1128048

>tell me about yourself

so….what the fuck am I supposed to say?

No. 1128071

I just got an automated email saying that the robot deemed my resume was acceptable and that it would be forwarded to the hiring manager. It was a job I applied to 6 months ago, and I’ve been employed somewhere else for the last few months. The whole system is awful.

No. 1128081

It's awful. I dunnoo where you are, but finding a job now is the worst ever. Very few places hire on the spot and those places usually have huge red flags.

No. 1128083

My boss recently closed shop and hasn't given anyone redundancy pay. She just closed. I didn't get any notice, i was told it was temporary. I'm from the UK and when i checked online, I saw that I was entitled to statutory pay for being laid off.
My boss is Chinese, she speaks virtually no English. There were times where she took money out of my pay because the till was wrong. I don't have a clue who to contact.

No. 1128090

Get onto Citizens Advice, mate. Also check out the governments website regarding redundancy pay. It's really fucking shitty of her to have done that, I'm sorry anon.

No. 1128093

I hate that question so much. Do you want to hire me or not?

No. 1128095

thanks so much for your reply. I will see if i can get in contact with them and advised on the next steps to take. I checked on the gov website to check if their business had been made insolvent and it's not even listed so something strange must be going on. I'm dissapointed my boss has done this, i passed her taking money from my pay as being due to the, "cultural gap" (and because i was only 18 at the time) but this seems deliberate. Sorry for rambling, ive been panicking like crazy

No. 1128113

Depends on your field and how formal the workplace is, but generally I introduce myself, talk about why I got into the field a little bit, and drop some of my hobbies to make myself seem like a real (and sane) person. Questions like these are more meant to gauge your social competency than your technical competency, and you should answer them with that in mind.

No. 1128185

I usually give an extremely condensed version of my resume. What my education is, what previous (relevant) jobs I’ve had, what my career goals are. I’m convinced this is a butt-covering question for interviewers who don’t remember who you are and didn’t bother rereading your resume beforehand.

No. 1128192

>>Went to college for teaching but left after my 3rd year because my mom (only parent) died
>>Sucked since I was a straight A student, was on track to my bachelor
>>Had to find full time work to keep myself housed and fed
>>Went into culinary arts; Worked like a dog for 10 years, 50-60 hours regularly
>>Finally became a chef
>>Fucking miserable

I don't even like this industry but I was doing better than my culinary college going peers, I felt proud but I always knew this isn't my passion in life. Finally quit after being fed up with the man baby chef. And I can't put up with any more of these egotistical middle aged male executive chefs who need to be handled with kid gloves just to keep the kitchen in order. Almost 30 years old but I don't know how to transition to another industry at this point. I don't want to put myself in further student debt by going back to school. How do people change industries? How does a person even get their foot into the door somewhere new, especially at my age? I want to do anything else but this, the food industry sucks the life out of you. I don't even know what field of work would even make me happy at this point. I don't want to be a teacher or chef anymore. I'm burnt out. Does anyone actually love their job, realistically?

No. 1128304

Apparently at my new job every April they give all employees a small raise based on their time with the company. I've only been here two weeks but I still get a 1% payraise so I can't complain.

My new job is at a library part time and it's super chill. Now that I know the basic programs and processes most of my time is spent chilling at a computer occasionally checking out books or making someone a library card.

No. 1128322

>annual pay raise is nowhere near enough to keep up with annual inflation
Why do bosses do this?

No. 1128358

I think it goes up to 5% at the highest rate. I don't recall what inflation is right now to compare. To me I just take it as "sweet, the pay rate is actually a tiny bit higher than I expected when being hired".

But then I've mainly worked retail or other part time stuff where the only raise I got was like a 20 cent increase after a year.

No. 1128373

Yeah, for you right now it’s not a bad thing but I’m thinking of you a few years down the line. In the US the inflation the past 12 months has been something like 7% officially, but anyone will tell you that that’s BS and it’s clearly much higher.

No. 1128387

You have plenty of time to change industries. I went back to community college at 27 and was fortunate enough to qualify for free tuition and financial aid. Now 3 years later, I have a bunch of certificates and I'm just getting onboarded at a really good job. As for anything but food service…any interest in UI/UX design? There's plenty of bootcamps online

No. 1128460

people restart their careers all the time, much older than late 20s and sometimes without a decade of experience in anything.

how do they do it? start at the bottom like starting any new career. that might mean going back to school however possible, or getting a job through networks, leveraging your transferrable skills, or just talking a good game. how did you get into culinary? it's the same shit, just you have more life experience and other skills than you did before, which you may be able to leverage into starting at a higher level than entry.

that said, usually people who restart careers usually have one in mind already so they are able to plan. other times it's just people who take any old odd jobs and don't have a set career.

No. 1128948

I want to quit serving and get out of the restaurant industry but I'm addicted to the big amounts of money I get in my hand every day and I'm unsure how I'll be able to handle a possible pay cut and having to wait for paychecks. I'm both lucky and unlucky to live in an area that survives off of tourism so people in the service industry can make a lot here depending on the restaurant they're working at. Nonnies who have successfully left the restaurant industry, what did you move to? Is the pay still adequate comparatively?

No. 1129194

File: 1649529597532.png (458.61 KB, 598x901, Stock Photos _ Career, Educati…)

Do any nonnies read job search and career-related self help-type books? And do you find them helpful in getting the employment you want and related things? Any reading recs, whether entire books or just even specific wise chapters? I suck at and really dread jobhunting, long story short I ended up in amazon's categories for these types of books and looked at the highest rated ones and their reviews. Still skeptical (and frugal) I prefer to borrow these out from a library and/or pirate off libgen, zlibrary, etc. Covid's obviously affected jobs so as of now I don't bother reading (or skimming) any book published earlier than 2020 - For example I've picked up a couple of books by a Duke University career coach, one published April of last year called The Job Closer (which is an incredibly quick read, broken up into three parts that deal with what to do long Before an interview, During, and After…and everything in it seems beneficial to put into practice except maybe the personality test he shills), and the other by him which I worry I might be wasting too much time with and should just cherry pick what I like since its most recent edition came out back in April 2020. That's not to say that really good advice has no use if it's possibly outdated, there's a few other factors I weigh such as not personally being American but still reading some quite America-centric books of this type, and also the rising cost of Everything worrying me when I fuck around more than I intend to/do things wrong and it sets me back on my goals. Side note, it really grinds my gears that these types of books preach about how important networking is and how people with more thriving social lives have an easier time getting considered for the interview but that's because the truth hurts kek. Also, any nonnie bother with the What Color Is Your Parachute books (there is a 2022 version) or find the flower exercise helpful?

No. 1129245

I am also in the service industry(not a waitress) in a heavily-touristy town. Half my paycheck is tips so I know how you feel. Maybe just work weekends? And a different job a couple days in the week. That way you still have your foot in the door at your current job.

No. 1129525

I feel like the internet has been the worst thing for finding employment. It's just lead to a total Tinderization of the experience, with subpar companies acting like those deluded obese women swiping left on 500+ people, insisting on Mr perfect for their shitty dead in job. While employees act like horny indian moids sending out CVs like dic pics. Even if they don't meet the requirements, they are compelled to do it, just swiping right on every job, no matter the job, and sifting through it at the end. The amount of bullshitting, ghosting, manipulation and outright lying that happens on both sides now is just infuriating.

No. 1129639

It's a lot more automated and impersonal, so if you don't tick the right amount of boxes you are automatically rejected.

No. 1129664

what did you go back for nonna? was it ux/ui, if so how was it?

No. 1129759

Ayrt. I went back for graphic design and motion graphics. The job I got is in art direction. I brought up UI/UX because I was considering a bootcamp myself to look more employable and possibly get a higher paying job. Art direction pays real well too so I'm happy with this, but I still want to learn some UI/UX eventually.

No. 1129877

Boomer father's job advice: 'you have dual citizenship! Just walk into an embassy and they'll offer you a job!!' Lmao sure dad

No. 1130090

Just started my first waitressing job and all is going well except my feet are killing me to the point I can't walk home from work by the end of my shift. Does anyone have any suggestions for good comfortable shoes for people whose job requires being on your feet the whole time? Currently I'm wearing my chunky filas which I thought would be good because they have a thick sole but that turned out not to be the case

No. 1130175

Nurses shoes tend to be good. They also make nonslip shoes specifically for cooks and servers that are easy to clean and have good cushion. Go to Work n Gear or any workplace store similar to that and they should have a whole wall of comfortable shoes meant for all day wear! You could also get some gel inserts to relieve your feet. I promise you'll get used to it, it just takes some time, maybe 3-6 months it'll be like nothing.

No. 1130191

new balance or hoka if you want something cute. ecco or any of the other brands you can find in the old-lady walking shoe looking area of dillard's, you'll notice a lot of walking shoes all offered in black leather that's how you know you're in the right section.

No. 1130215

File: 1649607444085.jpg (54.56 KB, 549x549, F20-NOV-whats-new-bondi7-2.jpg)

agree on hokas, though i don't think they're cute. used to work in an ortho office and these were always recommended by our doctors. definitely better than velcro grandma orthopedic shoes though. maybe anons will disagree with me and think they're cute though. i guess they look about the same as a lot of the hypercolored new balances and such.

No. 1130252

Maybe crocs or I wear forces if the shoes have to be black. Insoles help a lot and you’ll get used to it unfortunately lol

No. 1130267

File: 1649609689993.jpg (145.58 KB, 1080x1158, Screenshot_20220410_185234.jpg)

I was on my feet the whole time when I worked retail and I wore sketchers with memory foam soles, most comfortable shoes I've ever tried. Not especially cute but the all black ones look ok

No. 1130271

Seconding Skechers with the memory foam!! Super comfy

No. 1130295

Thirding! Everyone at my job wears these.

No. 1130874

Also a vote for the sketchers with memory foam. I paid like $75 for mine and they are my saviors. I got an all black pair so they’re very neutral. So comfy.

No. 1130888

Also most stinky shoes. Every pair of Sketchers I bought was the worst ventilated footwear I have worn so I stopped buying them despite their comfiness.
Sorry for derail, but it's important to know such a fault.

No. 1130891

Look for government jobs or something if you got a 4.0. Or consulting. Did you intern at all during college?

No. 1130917

Does anybody here work as a med lab technologist? Do you enjoy it?

No. 1130918

Anon first of all, calm down. You got a degree that the labour market doesn't deem as useful as other degrees. A lot of people do. It's okay. That doesn't mean you don't have skills or that you're stupid. You have to find what your strengths are and market them. Did you write a lot of essays in uni? You could lean on the 'good writing skills' aspect of your skillset and you could apply for content writing/technical writer jobs for instance. Or you could practice graphic design together with writing and go for social media manager positions. How many languages do you speak?

No. 1130946

Calm the fuck down. You're like what, early 20s at most? Absolutely nothing in your life is over or dead end at this point. Your first job is going to be the hardest one. After that, no one gives a shit what you majored in, just what your work history looks like. What does that mean? Figure out what you want to do, or at the very least, what field you want to go in. Look for entry level jobs in that field and start applying like crazy. I don't give a fuck what the job listing says they want a degree in. Companies are desperate for hires and they don't have the luxury of being picky in this job market. I think we can at least help you figure out how to get to this point. Do you know what you want to do or what kinds of jobs you're interested in? If not, that's fine - you just graduated and there are a lot of jobs out there to pick from. If you don't know, can you tell us what skills you have? If you're good at writing and have research papers from school still, that's something you can start with for example.

No. 1130949

Has anyone switched careers and gone into QA? Any certs you would recommend?

No. 1131036

Samefag, also what the other anon said: keep sending your CV to places, even if you think you're not qualified for the job. Also I cannot stress this enough: your degree counts less than your actual skills. I've known PE teachers ending up in marketing, English majors working in UX design and people with philosophy PhDs stacking shelves in stores. A big part of your career is how you market yourself

No. 1131391

I will not apply to jobs in the field that I hate. I will not apply to jobs where even reading the JD makes me tired. I will not apply to jobs in the field that I hate. I will not tell myself "6 more months" or "I just need to get off this sinking ship so I can think straight." I will not apply to jobs in the field that I hate. I will not tell myself "oh I can tolerate that for a while" or "the money's good enough for now". I will not apply for jobs in the field that I hate anymore.

No. 1131601

If it makes you feel better, a very high portion of people end up in careers completely different than their major. Like a fairly high number, higher than most people would think. Go figure, people end up not wanting to do the field they chose as a teenager lol it'll be fine. Get any free certificates you can get, there's ton online now. Microsoft and google both offer free courses to get base level certificates that can help you get in most places. There are also fairly cheap certificates in other things like security, cooking, construction, etc. And those jobs are always hiring entry level. There are literally a ton of ways to go and they all lead to high paying jobs if you stick with them and build up a good resume. A lot f places really give no fucks about a college degree and will almost always hire the person with long term experience over the person with a degree. They really lie to us about degrees being important, in some cases degree applicants are viewed as harder to train and work with so certain managers prefer the non-degree candidate. It just depends on the place.

No. 1132148

How much commute is acceptable in your opinions?

I just agreed to interview at a workplace without realizing where it is. I just looked it up and it's an hour commute away from me with public transport (subway, then a bus)

No. 1132151

For me it's 45 minutes max and changing bus/train is a no-go, but I guess that depends how good public transport is in your city. Simply because it's so painful to have dependencies like the 7am bus didn't come so you missed the 7.20 train and the next one is 20 minutes later and packed.
Remember an hour commute means two hours of your day, every day,plus half hour bracket to decompress from public transport… It's three hours of your life just gone every day.
If it's 45 minutes in a quiet bus when you can read or knit, that's acceptable.
Maybe try taking the route by yourself at the time you'd need to start work, just as a test run.

No. 1132153

my shit city barely has public transport within my area so i pick about 30min commute max in my car

No. 1132156

I think it depends on what the route is like, what your work hours are like, and how much energy you have. Long commutes pretty much add two unpaid hours to your workday. I had an hour commute at my last workplace, and working from 9-6 meant that I would get up at 7am and not be home until 7pm. By the time I'd eaten dinner, showered, and unwound, it'd be time to go to sleep. It was an amazing job so for me it was worth it, but only for a year. Like >>1132151 said, I would say 45 max on a very direct bus route, maybe 30 if I had to change loads or use the subway.

No. 1132189

I'd say no more than one hour in total. I have good public transport in my city except in the specific neighborhood where I live since I followed my parents a few years ago once they bought a cheao apartment and it's making my life hell. I plan to move closer to my work place, I want the subway close to me so I won't have to walk 20min everytime I need to take the subway. I won't mind living in a tiny apartment just to be next to a subway station.

No. 1132208

Worked for three years living 1,5h away from my workplace, but it's such a great job it was 100% worth it. In general I agree it should be below 1h but there are cases when it shouldn't be a deciding factor.

No. 1132420

I keep getting ghosted by lab jobs and at this point I'm wondering if I'm on some kind of blacklist. I have 3 years of field and lab work experience on top of my bachelor's and have been applying to similar jobs but nothing so far. My last PI recommended I do a normal job application and send an email to the PI whose lab I want to join but they're ghosting me too even though I'm using an edu address to send them in case I'd get filtered out. I don't get it, I wash fucking dishes now and I'm terrified I'll never get out of restaurants just like everyone else in my family. As soon as I graduated it's like I don't exist. I was well liked in my department at college and worked for multiple PIs at once and was given a lot of responsibility as an undergrad but no one in their network either has a spot for me or will give me the time of day. I feel like an extra person no one needs.

No. 1132469

Nonnies, help.
I didn't work at all on my master thesis and the deadline is coming, too anxious to even message my prof (It's been 2 months+) or open my school mailbox, what's going on? Why am I like this? My parents are starting to question me and I'm lying to them about it, I'm pretending to go at uni to meet my prof and stuff. I really want to kill myself over it, it's insane. I've been planning to randomly run away to a foreign country (why?? idk kekk) to avoid kms

No. 1132481

you guys are crazy to commute 1.5 hrs. thankfully everything i'd ever chosen was literally 10-15 min away. i'd get way too tired to do 45 minutes, even. you guys are troopers. i would take a severe paycut just to have a much shorter commute.

No. 1132499

Years ago, when OnlyFans became a thing and I was jobless, I actually applied to have an account and planned to sell feetpics. After I got rejected I gave up on it and completely forgot about it. Can this come up during a background check?

No. 1132510

Was your irl identity tied to it? Was an account ever made or was it just an applicaion and an account never existed? Regardless I'd doubt it.

No. 1132513

I'm searching for a new job for july to pay for my studies and the requirement for minimum wage jobs are actually fucking insane what the shit! To work as a cashier in an ikea like store you must have minimum 2 years of experience AND some kind of professionnal training??!! With the minimum pay and the maximum hours an employer can cram in a week too???

Depends on the job, depends on the pay honestly. I already do a 45 min commute for a very low paying job and i just can't wait to be over with it lmao

No. 1132517

During the application process I had to take pictures of myself and my id card but it didn't go through, so I never actually had an account

No. 1132544

File: 1649787383307.jpg (340.46 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20220412-131539_Chr…)

apply for whatever you want, people get hired without meeting so-called 'minimum' requirements all the time, even pre covid. and now employers are desperate for staff.

No. 1132563

Barely related rant but one time I was literally dressed down during an interview, the HR woman berated me for even applying for the job when I didn't have experience in the position (entry level insurance claims). The job description said no experience was necessary and it only required a HS diploma, I got through the phone screen fine, and then I got treated like a retard for showing up to the interview and thinking I had a chance.
I think that a lot of these jobs either 1. Aren't real 2. Are already decided for someone internally and they have to show they interviewed outside sources for financial reasons. Because I am a well educated young woman, I dress professionally, I have a great resume with offices positions that ended amicably, it makes no sense

No. 1132683

>The job description said no experience was necessary and it only required a HS diploma
You should have said that to her. A moid definitely would have.

No. 1132713

moids are often taken more serious in the work force unfortunately, women often get any hints of nervousness or awkwardness nitpicked, but you can't be overconfident either

No. 1132910

File: 1649812583118.jpeg (178.65 KB, 1080x1104, 7C0CB8F7-F895-4C99-ACBF-4286E6…)

i really hate anatomy. it feels like i have information spilling out of every orifice in my body and im trying to pick it up off the ground and stuff it back inside me as quickly as possible before i lose it forever. I was eavesdropping on people in the lab and kept hearing people saying shit that i have no recollection of ever learning in my life

No. 1132926

>entry level insurance claims

you could absolutely be trained to do that job, the fuck. I'm very familiar with it. This is just elitism, and Im saying that as someone with a masters

No. 1132939

30 mins by car max. i'd be willing to do a longer metro commute but i wouldn't be happy.

No. 1133455

I commute like 1hr48m by 2 trains and maybe a light rail.

I don't actually mind it. I read books and decompress, listen to music, play games, do a little work maybe, and turn my brain off. When I come home I don't feel like I wasted time because I just read 5 chapters in a book, for ex.

I'd kms if I had to sit in traffic even if it made the commute 30min in comparison, and the extra time I "saved" would be another 50min in front of the TV or computer so actually I'm not missing out on life.

It definitely helps to have a relaxed office with flexible schedule and adult coworkers who trust we can handle our biz and work biz responsibly. Probably why I stomach the commute in the first place.

No. 1133472

I either take the bus or the subway and I wish I could do all of that. It's not possible because there are too many people in either the bus or the subway during rush hour so I wouldn't feel safe just listening to music on my phone because people could steal stuff from me if I'm too distracted, and reading a book is straight up impossible, especially when I need to take two different subways in a a row. Sometimes after work I take one subway, leave the station downtown so I can go shopping for a few minutes before everything is closed, I'll order takeout and I'll take the second subway, but even then it feels like a waste of time.

No. 1133749

i have a degree in history from a pretty good university and really wanna teach high school social studies. but this is considered a "nontraditional route" since i didn't major in education. but i know my stuff and hopefully i can find a program for teaching that'll lead me to my goals, and at a school in a location i like. i hope that doesn't make me less qualified than education majors

No. 1133756

What level of anatomy are we talking about?
Look at some medical terminology videos if you need to learn the basics. Start small, orient yourself, and then build from there.

No. 1133820

Why on earth would you want to teach high school social studies? It's literally just government propaganda, in this day and age you're going to be stuck teaching how troons are uwu valid. And it's only going to get worse as things get crazier.

It's like living in china and wanting to cynically be still teaching Marxist economic theory. Do you really want to be teaching stuff that's not only pointless, but damaging?

No. 1133825

you sound insane

No. 1133841

This is true, plus in America you're allowed to teach history courses even if all you have is a gender studies degree.

No. 1133851

Just let her ruin her life

No. 1133853

Idk, I've been riding public transport all my life, so I'm used to the chaos and can chill against it, I guess. There's definitely a skill that people who use public transit a lot develop to be distracted while not totally distracted. If you can develop it, it opens up some possibilities to relax on your commute.

No. 1133863

If you work in burgerland you should have no trouble finding a job. Nobody wants to teach here because teaching doesn’t pay enough to live on. You’ll probably have to get a teaching certification though.

No. 1134046

HRnons, have you been experiencing unrealistic expectations from entry-level seeking employees? I understand burgerland is increasingly moving towards the coddled side, but I had to gently turn down a candidate who told me she would prefer a coordinator job in our industry because "she can sit at a desk all day and doesn't have to work Saturday or Sunday!" Other candidates: enthusiastic to start working, accept the job, fail to show up for 1st reporting day.

Other events in interviews: Older woman showed up to a professional interview with stretchy plastic chokers on, another candidate went into detail about how she got her tubes tied as I introduced her to her potential manager

No. 1134178

File: 1649916968860.jpg (48.1 KB, 720x900, 1649797786047.jpg)

Does feeling like asshole come with the territory of being a codecel?

I'm retraining in CompSci and when I do a full day of tech work I come home feeling dull, sick and stupid. Does this feeling go away over time? My friends that do the job all complain of constant headaches so I'm getting a bit apprehensive.

No. 1134199

I've used it my whole life too, that's why I'm so alert. I nearly got my phone stolen once so there's no way I'll read a book and stop watching my phone and handbag after this.

No. 1134216

Coding can be draining and time consuming when you're tackling something someone has seemingly never done before so you waste hours on it. Always had to spend days on a problem and felt dead after since time = closer to a solution, since their is no available answers.

No. 1134225

I mean that's fair. I don't get so distracted I lose sight of my belongings, that's #1. But like I said, it's a skill to develop to keep one eye out and also chill.

No. 1134244

This scares me seeing as I already have chronic headaches and I'm trying to into web development, it's fun and easy so far but feels like there's so much to learn. I'm not stemmy either so lacking confidents

No. 1134631

I like the new place where I work, but my manager is so combative and rude in how he talks that I feel like shit all the time. I'm literally better than the person I replaced - more efficient and knowledgeable about this industry, but I feel like it doesn't matter how good I am. I like the owner, but the manager is terrible for me to deal with. He acts like I'm fucking up only to find out I've done everything way before their deadlines, etc. and I feel angry he's projecting the incompetence of the person I replaced or he just is always that way. I didn't like my old job for other worse reasons, but at least I was treated as competent there because I am.

No. 1134856

Has any anon ever worked as a housekeeper for an hotel before? Do clients in fancy hotels actually tip well? I got a call back from a fancy one that only pays around the minimum and another one from Hilton that pays 23$/h. I'd love the one at Hilton since it's only a 10 minutes metro ride from my place and the wage is good plus they have excellent benefits. Is it a good company to work for?

No. 1135045

I hate working so much. I just noticed that I only had two weeks of paid holidays despite working for a bit more than a year and a half because I changed jobs in August and my previous job didn't let me chose my holidays until way after I started working in their company because it's a shitty big call center. The first week of holidays during my first job I got way too sick to do anything, I skipped my last week of work there because I had constant migraines from the computer and constant loud noises, and the last time I was on holidays for a week my grandmother was on her deathbed so I couldn't do anything but be depressed about it. And even before I got the call center job I came back from abroad after nearly dying from covid for three months. No wonder I'm constantly tired.

No. 1135075

File: 1649967997852.png (17.53 KB, 112x112, sad_pepe.png)

I worked so hard for my engineering degree and now that I've been working for a few years I can't say I enjoy it… I should've just done CS. Assholes makes more than me to sit at home and fix web page buttons then fuck off at 2pm (half joking…)

No. 1135572

please say sike

No. 1136293

Can you code nonnie? A background in engineering and a decent understanding of how to put code together should be more than enough to switch into a CS job. There's such a huge gap in the market in cybersecurity that they'll hire anyone with an analytical mind and who seems like someone they can train, you'd be leagues above a lot of other applicants.

No. 1136595

I have 2 great offers for a job but am waiting on a 3rd company to hurry up with the last step in their hiring process so I can make a decision on which offer to take and I am losing my mind over it.

Their last step is 7 hours of interviews and presentations of past work. And I have these two other companies waiting for me to make a decision and it feels really uncomfortable.

How do people do this without feeling awful.

No. 1137141

Who else is Europoor and in reconversion? I'm sick of being rejected and it's been 6 months I've been trying to find a full-time position in data but I guess 1 year of apprenticeship will never be enough.

No. 1137146

Yeah, no tips for me because Europoor. It's incredibly physical, you get yelled at for literally any reason and they push you to be fast but nitpick your work if you do a sloppy job. Guests treat you like shit, staff treat you like shit. Small b&bs are better.

No. 1137244

Nonnie, do you know if there's any way to get into an entry-level job in Europe at least? Sincerely, a nonna from IT in another field.

No. 1137890

My degree is ECE so I did learn some programming luckily. I'm very rusty though. Maybe I should look into Cybersec, thanks for the tip. Does it pay well compared to mobile/web dev?

No. 1138212

There's a lot of ways. It'll depend on your country or city, but some companies do training courses to fill the roles because there just aren't enough qualified people. Take a look at a job description and see what you already have that could be transferrable and any glaring gaps. I'd recommend trying to get your CompTIA Security or something like that if you want to give yourself an extra edge, and maybe dust off PowerShell scripting if you've not used it in a while, but honestly every company I've worked for just wants to see that you're interested in the field and you'd fit into the team.
I'm based in the UK so it might be different where you are, but here they're comparable in the entry roles and then cybersecurity shoots ahead in average salaries as the roles get more senior. I only mention cybersec because it's the one field I know just can't get the staff which puts you in a nice negotiating position.

No. 1138868

Got it. I don't think I have any particular issues with social skills except when I have to fill the caps in my resume due to partial NEETdom and unability to find a new job in these hard times. Every data scientist entry level job requires a masters in mathematics that I don't have, 3 years of experience that I don't have either and 20 technologies to master too.

No. 1141678

File: 1650481031604.png (75.84 KB, 300x168, Screen-Shot-2018-06-24-at-11.2…)

I'm curious, how common is it where you are for companies to pay 'envelope wages'? It's when a part of your payment is official and declared but the rest of it is undeclared (and you get it in an envelope).

I'm in the EU in a central-european country and here it is a very common practice at smaller, local companies. At one of my workplaces the boss would go around and gave out the envelopes personally and some of my coworkers always joked that it was like 'Santa Claus giving out presents', but to be honest I always found it more humiliating than funny. Like we weren't payed enough and even a part of that small amount was treated as if it was a fucking gift. I'm especially curious about American workplaces, is this a practice there also?

No. 1141680

I'm American and I've never heard of something like that here. Is it a way of avoiding extra taxes or something?

No. 1141684

I live near you and it is the same, which is awful because my father works 10 hours a day and they pay him on the side but that just means all that extra work will not be reflected in his pension

No. 1141686

I'm a southern burger and it's pretty common in the service industry where I live and I agree it's humiliating. I think the basic gist of it here is that they know you're not getting paid shit and less earnings means more tax return, so to be nice to the brokeys while still paying us nothing they give a cash bonus that you don't have to report to the IRS.

No. 1141689

West EU and no I've never heard of that. Pretty sure that's not legal and it's definitely bad for your pension too (but we probably won't get a livable pension or one at all by time we're 65+ anyway)

No. 1141707

Am fmrm the balkans and we hace somrthing similar.

Your boss writes into your contract that you get min wage but then you get the actual agreed amount via envelope. Other than that, never heard of it

No. 1141716

Its fairly common in the UK, we call it cash in hand or getting paid on the side, people do it to avoid taxes or so they can work and get income related benefits or so they can work illegally. It is very much illegal btw but still common.

No. 1141891

I’m burgerland we call that “paid under the table”. But that’s for illegal jobs like trimming weed for blackmarket or side jobs you pay Mexicans that you pick up from the side of the road. I pay a girl in cash to come to my house and wax my body hair off. It’s cash in-hand you don’t have to declare. Never heard of a legit business doing that. Honestly it seems shady.

At my job we sometimes get $100 visa gift cards from management as a token of appreciation. But that’s it.

No. 1141947

Update to >>1112216 a few days ago, I signed an offer letter for a dream position and will start in a couple weeks. Though I did have to initiate the background check and sign the offer at the same date, but I'm not that worried about it anymore and I'm feeling more confident it will all work out.

No. 1142057

It's also bad for when you're ill, because you first get 100% and then 70% of the pay that is legally declared if you're still ill after 2 years.

No. 1142478

You've probably been reading about my job hunting for the past months. I had an interview to do the cleaning at a spa earlier this week and this morning they called me back and I've got it. I am so happy. I havn't been this happy in months. I will finally stop seeing all my bills pilling up.
Good luck to all the anons in this thread in their quest!

No. 1142959

I'm looking for positions that are good for introverted people, finally find a translator position, then when when I look at the description, it says that it requires inbound call center experience. Kek what

No. 1143096

If you already have been informed about pretty much everything about the company and the position and the benefits and they ask you if you have any further questions, what should you ask about? Or is it okay to say you don't have questions?

No. 1143121

What about how the schedule is handed out as in which app or email/text and how frequently? Jobs that give out schedules at the end of each week only one week out are a fucking nightmare. I would also ask how trading or getting rid of shifts is handled. How far out do you have to ask for time off? 1 week or 2? it matters for dr appointments. What happens to sick pay if its never used? How often is payment? is it immediate every friday-weekend or more 3-7 days from the pay period end? this will matter for your bills. depending on the job what about dress code? do you go to other locations if there is one? how long are breaks and how frequent? can you leave the premise during them? are they clocked in or out? at what point do you qualify for over time? does it offer over time?

No. 1143123

Northern Europe, that's illegal here and if you're reported they'll shut down the business. It's mostly immigrants with ethnic restaurants doing it, some get kicked out of the country. The government doesn't like people not paying taxes since those business owners get free healthcare too thanks to taxpayers.

No. 1143125

Congrats nonny, that's wonderful. I hope it all goes well!

No. 1143145

I’m a retarded neet with very little experience for my age but I have tons of availability so I think I’ve managed to get myself an interview with Starbucks. the manager has asked me to call her later today, and I’m assuming it’s a screening and not a full interview but I’m not sure. does anyone have any tips? I’m expecting it to be regular STAR/situational questions but I’m legit so autistic I’m still worried, even despite people saying the interview is easy. at least I’m actually interested in coffee so I can mention I know what an aeropress is if it gets desperate kek

No. 1143175

I had a dream that I got this online job/side gig where I'd scroll through photos and see if they were NSFW or SFW, it was pretty easy and decent pay. Does anyone know anything like that? Something online I could do to easily earn some money whilst I'm applying to more typical work?
If anyone says sex work kys

No. 1143184

That's a real job for large social media sites like facebook, but be warned you will prob have to see some upsetting shit, like animals abuse, child abuse, gross porn, more shit I probably can't think of right now. If you can stomach it go for it, I dunno the pay for it but it prob has a large turnaround rate.

No. 1143208

Other anon is right that's actually a proper job but a hard and mentally exhausting one because you will definitely come across abuse material and need to report them and so on.

No. 1143785

File: 1650664528918.jpeg (22.34 KB, 531x578, 9D35A600-1FDF-4994-A59C-FBE701…)

Are corduroy pants a suitable clothing choice in a semi-relaxed professional work environment? Or are they on the same level as jeans?

No. 1143794

I think they aren’t as casual as jeans, especially in muted colors

No. 1144107

File: 1650691166465.png (1.46 MB, 1018x728, 1522807551352.png)

Annies please help. After quitting my job 2 years and doing random gigs, I finally found a part time job. It's only been a little over a month but I'm realizing that I don't like working here. It's a front desk position and I am very shy/an introvert/a people disliker. I feel dread when I am driving to the job location. I don't feel any joy in what I'm doing. I don't like having to drive out somewhere and pretend to enjoy talking to people. I'm not trying to sound like a complainer either. There's nothing wrong with my employer. I just don't think I'm a good fit for the job because I'm introverted and everyone else there is extroverted.
I'm currently looking for and applying for other positions that would better suit me (more project based, more hands on, less people facing). I had an opportunity to work from home around the same time that I had an interview for my current job, but I rejected it. It was a reservation agent position at PetSmart that pays way more. Would I be a weirdo if I contacted the HR lady and asked her if I could still try out for the position?

No. 1144115

It never hurts to ask. Worst case she says no and that's it

No. 1144180

File: 1650701467476.jpg (68.38 KB, 460x800, c4a6b3134623f5bbf28e955f8aa492…)

If the other pieces of the outfit are formal, then it's suitable, yes

No. 1144435

I'm unsure of whether or not I'll be moving cross country in the next couple months, would it be stupid of me to try to find a job if I may only be working for a couple months?
Should I volunteer or look for temp work instead?
I have a gap of one year in my resume due to grief so I'm worried

No. 1146677

What are some decent, well-paying jobs (in the US) for people with CPTSD, constant, severe anxiety, and have difficulty handling stress? I can't afford to not work, and need health insurance to continue with therapy. I have tried applying for SSI/SSDI twice and have been rejected. I can handle administrative and customer support positions I think. The thing I hate the most is having to deal with coworkers and jobs where I have to act super fake with coworkers.

No. 1146791

Maybe content writing? I suggest this because the starting pay can be $20-$30/hr and it's easier to find a job with no degree and no experience. I've been helping a friend with finding a content writer job and she has pretty bad crippling anxiety.

No. 1146797

Learn some skills that you can do from home. Anything involving computers is a good start. At some point though….if you can’t get SSI you’re really going to have to learn to cope with “being fake” if that’s how you see getting along with coworkers. It’s really not that bad. Especially if you can find something that’s mostly WFH.

No. 1146824

Most people with fucked in the head mental problems like that become nightshift security guards. It's actually really safe, contrary to what people think, and you're just driving around for eight to twelve hours going to different sites.

Nightfill supermarket part time, night security, night gas station. Night anything.

No. 1146845

I have CPTSD and pretty severe GAD and I work in a very small academic library. It's slow most days and you do very minimal face to face customer service work, unless someone comes in to ask a stupid question like how to use the printer or where the pencil sharpener is. At full time you get pretty good benefits and if it's a college or university you can even get a bit of tuition reimbursement/studebt loan forgiveness/etc.

No. 1146892

Describing someone with PTSD as being "that fucked in the head" is excessive, what the hell. They're a victim, not an offender liable to fly off the handle. Working 3rd shift is far from their only option and probably not a good idea tbh, that sleep cycle will affect her mood and people can be scarier to deal with at night.

No. 1147120

After working 10 years in one industry, being successful but very unhappy, I'm trying to pivot to something completely different and it sucks. I feel embarrassed submitting my resume online and all I have to show are jobs that are so completely different from what I'm applying to. I have my transferrable skills listed but I just feel like employers will dismiss my resume because I have no actual relevant experience. Everyone wants at least 1-2 years experience in the field for entry level jobs. It's not fair. How the fuck am I supposed to get an in. Entry level should mean entry level, fucking garbage system. I hate that I'm going to be trapped in an industry that makes feel miserable stepping in the door every morning. Not like I have the time or money to go back to school, either. I regret my degree and I wish it was easier to change careers. Fuck.

No. 1147129

Just submit it. I just recently switched jobs that required me to have a fully finished business degree. I never went to uni. Still got the job.

They write all kinds of expectations that most of them do not even belief themselves. Just do it. Good luck nonna!

No. 1147145

These makes me feel better, thank you! I haven't submitted resumes to anything that required a degree but now I will!

No. 1147208

I'm in the exact same spot anon. It's a good time to be a career switcher. The great resignation was a wake up call for a lot of people that career switching is going to be the new norm.
I know it sounds cheesy but you do have an advantage over fresh graduates, transferable skills and maturity are both big bonuses. I wish years ago when I was hiring grads, I had the option of hiring grownups instead lol.
Remember also that it's a numbers game and all you need is one person to give you a chance.
Can I ask what field you're looking to enter? I am aiming for a niche of interaction design and found LinkedIn to be a really great resource.

No. 1147229

I'm going from food service to hopefully an office. I'm interested in either administrative work since I'm good with computers and numbers or graphic design (web development specifically) because I'm good with computers and like being artsy lol - Those are the kinds of jobs I'm applying to. I think it's really difficult to break into an office job with no office experience at all, though. I was a straight A student in school but I feel like they'll assume I'm dumb or something, idk.

No. 1147254

I got hired as a PHD researcher at the university, and it feels like winning the lottery. I can't believe I'm being paid for turbo autism, like just doing the most interesting thing in the world. The downside is that now that I have no reason to do anything else I basically work 12 hours a day, think about my research manically even while sleeping, eat only porridge oats and don't shower for days. I fear I won't be able to get back to any normal job after this. Guess I'll just have to enjoy it while it lasts.

No. 1147307

I sometimes regret that my parents pushed me down the academic route too much and didn't care about much about creativity. I used to love drawing as a kid and even won contests but my parents were always eager for me to be the first and only in my family to obtain a university degree (my parents are immigrants, so it's a big deal for them and most of my family are working-class)My life is so mundane. Every day the same shit and I never feel well rested. I've always had office jobs and I'm good at them because I'm very organized but it never feels fulfilling. I like that I'm good at what I do and I make a decent amount of money but it feels like I am always working, even when I'm not at work. Sometimes I dream about travelling or working at a pet shelter and such but I don't know if I'm just romanticizing it too much. Also this inflation shit is scaring me and I'm grateful that I can still afford things without having to worry about having money left by the end of the month but damn, I dread thinking that this'll be my life for the next 4 decades, spending most of my lifetime in offices or indoors in general.

No. 1147766

Anon, please get a hobby or a different job, don't spend your life staring at the inside of an office and resign yourself to being your parents' puppet for the rest of your life. You don't need to choose between begging on the streets and having a well-paying job, I promise you there is a lot more out there than you and your parents think.

No. 1147899

I know my boss is not happy that I'm taking tomorrow off because it was announced that there's an important meeting tomorrow and I know that normally I'd have to attend it, but I requested off for tomorrow a month in advance (and he approved it immediately!) and I didn't even know this meeting was happening until Friday, so get fucked. It's for an appointment that I made a month ago and I'm not moving it. Shit timing for the meeting but whatever lol

No. 1147950

You can do it, anon!! I'm also transitioning from food service to office. I really want to focus on admin stuff because i cant go back to the hell that was food/retail again. i'm done.

No. 1148054

Just fucking kidding!!! He called me after I got home and told me to come in anyway and I was like… dude if I put off this appointment it's a TWO MONTH WAIT for the next appointment. I managed to work out working from home in the morning, going out to my appointment that'll take a few hours, and then coming into the office and staying late and when I proposed it and asked if that was ok he kept saying "well I don't know because we don't know the meeting schedule for sure" as if we haven't dealt with these meetings all year long. I asked if I could work from home completely since the meeting is online anyway and it would make absolutely no difference but he insists that I come in as if the computer I work on makes a difference?? Why can't I stay home and work late in the comfort of my home and jammies after my appointment? What the fuck.

No. 1148090

Good luck nona! I transitioned from retail into office work successfully, so it's not impossible! I started off with doing receptionist work since I could really sell my ~*~*customer service*~*~ skills, but a lot of places were still hesitant since I didn't have office experience… as if working the front desk even compares to running around a store like a chicken with my head cut off kek. It took a while but I got my foot in! That's really all you need to get started. I hope you the best!!

No. 1148206

Do you have to have a master's in library science in order to be a librarian? I was thinking of pursuing that.

No. 1148211

>>because i cant go back to the hell that was food/retail again. i'm done.
This, the food service industry can fuck off. There has truly been a mass exodus of people from the food industry. An extremely high stress job that requires patience and skill but gets paid trash no matter what level you work at. On your feet all day, sometimes 12 hours straight. Having to eat lunch hunched over your station in small bursts because you don't get a break. I've noticed a lot of restaurants near me struggling because everyone realizes this shit isn't worth it. People are quitting in the middle of shifts and walking out, one after another. In fast food, fine dining, family restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, everything.

No. 1148218

Samefag, thank you, nonnie! Should have waited to post til I read your post. Were you able to maintain a decent wage starting out as a receptionist? I can't drop from what I was making, it needs to be at least $18. As a cook, I clawed my way up to $17 by being a total nag to the GM over the years. And that's barely livable as is. I can't drop back down to minimum wage. And was upward movement fast or did it take awhile to go up from receptionist?

No. 1148288

I actually live with my parents and don't pay rent so I only had my student loans to worry about at the time. I was earning $17.50 at my retail job, then as a receptionist I earned $15 (minimum wage for my state). For whatever reason they bumped my pay up to $16 after 6 months. The position was a temporary position, with a max of 1 year (because they didn't want to pay health insurance for their receptionist- they changed receptionists every year). I left after my contract was up, found a job as an admin/receptionist at another company and they paid me $17. I left after about 10 months because a full time, permanent position opened up at the company where I was a receptionist, and got the job which is my current job. I'm no longer a receptionist, I'm a news research assistant (i.e. I make cliffnotes of whatever my boss needs to learn quickly, plus some admin work on the side). I earn a salary of 35k a year which is god awful and pitiful, but my company is cheap as fuck and it's more than what another open position offers (that I was rejected for). I don't plan on staying for more than 2-3 years because the pay sucks, but it's good experience to move away from receptionist work but still staying within the office.

I was also interviewing for an HR assistant job when interviewing for my current position. I think I could've gotten it but I didn't go through with the final interview since I took this position. Pay was a lot more (like $24) but I took my job because despite low pay, I knew it'd be easy work, commute was much shorter (20 min vs almost an hour), and I knew everyone here already.

I was incredibly lucky to move through positions quickly but honestly, just make lots of friends and be very pleasant because, like everyone says, it's not what you know, it's who you know. I was literally recommended for my position by a coworker here who I was friendly with. My pay has gradually been going up with each new position I take/interview for, so it's doable. For reference, I took that first receptionist job in mid-2019, took the other admin job in mid-2020, then took my current job mid 2021. I was willing to take the pay hit to escape retail but I do understand that that's not a position everyone can afford. Giving some of my luck to you nona! I really believe that you just need to find just one person to believe in you and that's all it takes to move your career/life to where you want it to be. Reach out to recruiters too! A recruiter found me and reached out to me about the first receptionist position but I almost ignored the email because I was sick of dealing with them and they always fell through with me. They can be very, very frustrating, but it's another avenue to put yourself out there through, especially since some companies hire solely through recruiters.

I really don't know what the job market is like right now, but I think minimum one year as a receptionist is all you really need to show to other companies that you are capable of working in an office environment, combined with previous ~*~*fast paced*~*~ experience in food service, and you're good! Maybe even 6 months might be ok? Depends on the hiring person I guess!

No. 1148310

Thank you for all this info! And the luck! I do have rent but at least I have a bf who can shoulder the heavier costs for awhile if need be. I want to save for a house, too, I'm sick of renting gross overpriced apartments. I could pay the same amount for a mortgage every month with so much more space and freedom. Here's hoping just one person gives me chance, I'm going to slap my dumb resume everywhere.

No. 1149103

File: 1650990248394.gif (1.28 MB, 500x300, C154549C-25B8-4ADF-B45E-418341…)

Anyone else find themselves in the middle of work drama and you’re the neutral one?

Idk how I managed to be peace negotiator (everyone seems to like me and I’m friendly/easy to talk to) between coworkers and management. I like everyone and enjoy my job- even management. Which everyone else seems to have an issue with. I’m not seeing the problem at all. I think I managed to get us a pay raise - not sure how much tho.

I dont get it. We get paid really well, they feed us really good food. Employees feel under appreciated which ok yea that sucks but that’s management. They’re not awful as everyone tries to make them out to be.

I’m worried a couple of my coworkers are going to drag me down with them. One of them is convinced she’s going to be fired and just talks mad shit. It stresses me out. I don’t think I’ll get fired but it makes me feel like I need to kiss management ass. But then my coworkers might resent me. I’ve told everyone tho that I am neutral and not picking sides.

Fack. I’m too old for this work place drama. And I’m the youngest. And I’m fucking 33. Kill me.

No. 1149109

I think I would just leave. Having to work is annoying enough, but having to be around ADULTS quarrelling all day sounds even more stressful.

No. 1149181

Yea I was looking at jobs the other day but no one is really hiring right now- at least no one who can match what I make currently. I have two kids and I’m on my own so it’s not very easy for me to just quit. I just bought a new car too so my savings is pitiful at the moment.

It’s not THAT stressful. I’m not miserable or unhappy right now, just a little anxious. I really like it there and don’t have issues with anyone. I just need to find a way to wiggle out of being peace keeper and I think I’ll be good. Hopefully this pay raise will help.

No. 1150898

Is anyone else facing problem with not even getting an interview for a job. I started applying last year in my third year of college and I’ve landed no interviews. I’ve applied to big companies, small ones, and it’s like no one is hiring but I know people who are getting interviews. Is it just that I suck or what? At this point My only hope is getting a job at a fast food restaurant which really means that I wasted 4 years of my life.

No. 1150922

It's probably your CV. What template do you use and do you tailor it to each job you apply to?

No. 1150926

Maybe there's something wrong with your application? Is there anyone from your college that could review it for you?

No. 1150928

Are PHD researcher positions contract-based? Or project based? I don't know anything about jobs in academia, sounds like a dream though

No. 1151178

Tbh I do think it’s my cv that needs help. I don’t have much job experience in what I studied since I worked minimum wage jobs to sustain myself. I really regret that now but atm it was the easiest way to get money fast. I do try to tailor it to each job by including classes I’ve took and projects I worked on while at school, I’m guessing it’s the part that I didn’t get any internships but it’s not like I didn’t apply to them. I did but none ever responded and I just worked minimum wage jobs.

No. 1152120

File: 1651100313615.jpeg (129.48 KB, 1170x634, B751AE4F-7A45-4371-A483-F4DA27…)

My workplace has employed an actual retard as my equivalent to do a senior job position. I had initially requested a new job post to be created as there’s not enough hours to cover all my duties, I was happy to have someone below me I could delegate small tasks to but they insisted it’s best to have an equivalent for when I go on vacation or cover sickness… but now my workload has increased because he makes mistakes constantly so I’m having to correct his mistakes or I’m sending emails scolding him for mistakes, answering dumb questions or grovelling to other departments about incorrect data I have sent them because he has cocked up something. It doesn’t matter how many times you have training sessions with him, he doesn’t learn with ANY method of learning. I’ve had to hand him my easiest tasks to do as he can’t do anything else meaning my job on a daily basis is on hard mode for months, and even then he drags a usual 20min task out to 7 hours, misses time deadlines and makes tons of errors. He has only been taught 10% of my job because he’s incapable of grasping the 10% how can I even teach him the rest. The work is just piling up and I’m being paid exactly the same as he is. All this whilst allowing the oaf to “work” from home due to c19. I used to love my job but I now am so stressed, more so than back working alone. Worst part is my workplace once you pass the interview process, unless you actually murder someone whilst on the clock during a full moon, don’t seem to be able to get rid of staff once employed. They even abolished the probation period because it was uwu “stwessful” for new starters. I don’t know what to do, he’s being paid to leach off me and is driving me out of my job

No. 1152156

A new hire doesn't know how to do the role yet after 2 weeks? Say it ain't so!

No. 1152770

Who said it’s been 2 weeks? It’s been 3 whole fucking months nonnie

No. 1152855

File: 1651111512405.jpg (170.79 KB, 1280x751, 1651095164906.jpg)

Samefag, I know no one cares but I actually got an interview someplace as an administrative assistant and it went really well, nonnies! I have a second interview with the hiring manager next week, I am nervous but excited. I got the first call back like a day after posted here, this place brings luck kek I wish all the other anons transitioning careers all the luck! Ily!

No. 1152965

Congrats nona, hope you get it, once I graduate college I'm trying to get out of the retail industry and into a real job as well. Wishing you everyone who a similar aspiration the best of luck

No. 1153016

if he's your equivalent why are you covering like he's your junior? just let him take accountability for his own mistakes…

No. 1153044

Has anyone went from working an office job to more physical type jobs (dishwashing, being a waitress)? How was the transition?

No. 1153125

Unfortunately every piece of the job is interlinked. If he makes mistakes, the data I pull from that will have mistakes and so on and so forth. If he can’t do his part correct, none of what I do will be correct either which then causes further errors along the line. It’s not that I want to cover for him like he’s my junior, I want him to fuck up and to be held accountable for it, but him fucking up is causing me to fuck up. As the job is in the medical/healthcare setting, a persons care is at the end of it, so leaving it to fall to shit completely even on my side to me feels reckless, especially when this can have an effect on patient care/life. I’ve complained to management above myself but it seems like they are at a loss what to do with him.

No. 1153230

Any UX designers here? How many meetings do you have to participate in on a daily basis?

No. 1153248

I went from office work o standing on my feet 12 hours a day and doing way less paper work. It was tiring at the start but now I've adjusted I way prefer having my job consist of me doing physical tasks. Somehow doing a 12 hour shift doesn't seem as tedious as 7 and a half sitting in front of a screen.

No. 1153517

How do you stop your boss living rent free in your head?
My boss is a passive-aggressive coward who is so visibly tense when we talk it exhausts me. I suspect he thinks I'm not working enough or producing enough. He never says so, but every meeting I feel him squirming with this angry energy, like he thinks I'm lying. I am tense all the time at work because he'll pop up and ask if I've done X or Y yet when I obviously haven't or he'd have seen it.
I seriously want to quit. His hovering and stupid nagging makes me work even slower because I always feel like I should be rushing to get everything done at once so he'll leave me alone.
I know I work at a reasonable pace, and everything else about this job is perfect. Good location, nice coworkers, good salary.
I just need to compartmentalize him somehow. I hate being this sensitive and being affected so deeply by people. Every time I talk to him I want to sprint away and shower.

No. 1153561

It might be your self-presentation? Do you come across as someone who's confident in their own abilities? Or it could be simply just the way he is. Does he act this way with other people as well?

No. 1154672

It comes down to 3 questions:
- what position do you want to work as
- do you have the skills for that position
- can you demonstrate that fact

No. 1154678

According to another woman at work he's pretty much always like this but tends to pick certain people to hassle more. His last "favorite" left the company recently and looking back, that's when his behavior around me escalated to these levels.
Idk if I come across as "confident" but I've never had this issue before at other jobs. I always try to be prepared and transparent about my work. I've tried giving him status documents so he can see exactly what I'm working on, but he forgets they exist and just bothers me about it instead.
I literally can't stop thinking about work and how much I hate him. Even if he started acting normally all my trust is gone and he's really under my skin, I know it sounds dramatic but I can barely look at him with a neutral expression.

No. 1154708

My entire team and I have IT issues since this Monday and it's really pissing me off because it's making all of us very late in our tasks and I don't want to redo some of them from the very start. I've been "working" from home since then and I'm literally just waiting for calls and emails from clients just to reply that I don't have any info because of IT issues. I can't relax because I know I'll have to catch up to not be late because of deadlines and I'll have to do more hours for this.

No. 1154719

Yeah, it's him, not you then. I understand how you feel, slightly different example but I had once a manager who had ridiculously unstable temper and shouted everyone on a regular basis. Needless to say, my stomach was in knots around him and I developed insomnia. Who you worked with is an important factor and it affects your mental health. Also I might have projected a bit when I asked you about your self-presentation because even if I do a 100% perfect job, I come across as uncertain and people immediately assume that I did shit.

Well, you have to make the decision of how much this bothers you and if you can let it go or not. Would you be able to find another position similar to this (in regards to location, salary and position)? How long have you worked here and how long did you have your previous position? If leaving doesn't make you look like you're job hopping in your CV and you think you could find a similar job with similar benefits, I'd say go for it.

No. 1154814

What are my chances of getting a job within the European Union (which would involve moving to another country)?
I'm fed up with the politics of my home country and was looking at EU jobs but cannot help but wonder, why would they bother hiring someone from another country if they could just hire a local? Also, in the case of an interview, how do I rationalize moving to a country I've never been to before to the hiring manager without sounding insane?

No. 1154872

I'm from EU country and there are a lot of people from the countries outside in my company, I don't think it will be that much of a problem for many employers; give it a shot anon!

No. 1155648

File: 1651280528150.jpg (1.2 MB, 1800x1215, FJj5hKOWQAUAe9W.jpg)

After two months of waiting I finally got the work from home job I've always wanted, for a big company, making more money than I've ever made, and with a sign on bonus that covers a lot of things I need paid for.

No. 1155673

File: 1651284371481.jpg (105.15 KB, 1920x1080, catseparationanxiety.jpg)

Not sure how to ask this. Im a software engineer and ive been working at my first job for a bit over 3 years. I do mostly services, but recently with a bunch of layoffs I have been doing stuff thats not my job at all. Im unhappy and my manager is making me work after work hours and the weekends to get stuff done. I dont think this is ethical especially considering the rest of my team knows absolutely nothing about programming (except one but she tends to be wrong a lot) since they got basic training in India. No hate to any Indian nonnies. Basically I am thinking about quitting but I dont know how to leave since I barely got a promotion and I am also at risk of being fired if I dont finish my current task within the week. This task has been ongoing for a month because my senior team member keeps making me redo it all over again right after approving it…because she cannot make up her mind. It makes ME look bad while she also passively aggressively makes me look bad during meetings. The pay is decent but I am at my limit. I dont even know where to escape at this point. Does anybody know any decent reputable companies to go to? Im a programmer, not IT by the way.

No. 1155684

I wouldn’t quit your current job until your next one is lined up. Bad idea. But there’s nothing “unethical” about leaving a bad job. It’s not your fault your boss chooses not to hire qualified coworkers.

No. 1155689

> why would they bother hiring someone from another country if they could just hire a local?
Usually they have to prove that there’s no local willing/able to take the job. So you either need to have skills that are in high demand or be willing to work a terrible job that EU citizens don’t want to touch.

No. 1155694

Manifesting this for myself.

No. 1155715

File: 1651293252110.jpg (35.44 KB, 486x494, 5b6ddca34745f0db4dd4f887c99cb7…)

Love to see it

No. 1155751

Where do you live, anon? Though typing this out now, I guess that doesn't really matter since there are so many remote tech jobs these days that pay well. I'm so sorry you've been treated so badly at your job and fuck your senior manager for not knowing shit! If I may suggest another alternative to >>1155684, it's not a terrible idea to quit without having a job lined up IF you have a decent amount of savings AND you're willing to do hardcore interview prep. What's the point of being at a job that pays a lot but gives you so much stress and anxiety? Tech workers right now are so in demand that we can choose to be choosey.

No. 1155752

What jobs are there that are completely online but not software development or IT-related?

No. 1155763

I don't have a lot of knowledge on this subject, but I think you could be some kind of editor, like you edit unpublished books, but you'd have to know how to do that. if you're good with photoshop you could edit photos or be a graphic designer. there's also copywriting. I think medical billing and coding can be remote too but you need a certification for that.

just try going on job sites like indeed and search "remote"

No. 1155783

I'm basically just seconding everyone else, but here's some extra input.

>I am also at risk of being fired if I dont finish my current task within the week

Did they explicitly say this to you? If not, they probably can't actually afford to lose you. Start looking for another job now, and secure an offer before putting in your two weeks. You have enough experience that you wouldn't be in a bad spot if you straight-up quit, but generally it'll be easier to land something while you're still employed. (Of course, applying and interviewing while employed is also a pain, but c'est la vie.)

Anyways, the happiest people I know are at smaller companies or at large companies with a very laid-back tech division. Of course, it's also very team-dependent. I know some happy people at Pinterest, American Express, Box, Staples, and various small game studios working on very early gamedev, shovelware, or casino games. Everyone at Facebook hates being alive, people at Amazon are even more miserable, and people at Microsoft either drink the kool-aid or drown in it.

Ask people with similar mindsets as you how they feel though. It's such a meme to talk about how well someone fits with the company culture, since it's so hard to tell if the culture is good and if you mesh with it until you're at a company for several months, but it matters a ton.

No. 1155785

I already fucking hate one of my coworkers and he hasn't even officially started yet. He's an obnoxious awkward fuck who loves to make lame jokes and hear himself talk but the team lead just absolutely loves him because they're from the same cultural background. He talks over me and minimizes my existence just during casual conversation, so I dread what will happen when we really begin to work together. My only saving grace is that he starts after me so I will technically be his senior, and I am probably smarter than his blustery, overconfident ass. However, I had the misfortune of being born an autistic, borderline agoraphobic nerd woman so I feel like I'm on going to be on thin fucking ice with this work environment. I'm so sorry I'm not a well-to-do small-town moid who grew up playing sports and going to megachurch.

No. 1155812

How important is it that you like the work that you do? Also, what is more important, liking your coworkers or liking what you do? If you could pick just one of these

No. 1155847

It's essential, after working a few jobs I didn't like. After all you spend majority of your time in the week at work. As long as there's nothing extreme, like mobbing, I don't care about people.

No. 1155852

It's very important, if you do a job you don't really like or dislike you should be ok, if you dislike your job and/your coworkers you'll lose your mind. Seriously, I had a call center job for almost a year because covid, I almost and a burnout and the reason why I didn't have one was because I found another job before it was too late.

No. 1155887

How do you nonnies feel about nonprofit vs corporate jobs?
I would like to work in nonprofit development but think there are probably more openings as far as sheer numbers go in corporate for HR, general admin etc. I’m In college for management right now.

No. 1155950

File: 1651324544999.jpg (46 KB, 650x488, 57dc573b96e36cba9dfea35c2fc1bc…)

How do I figure out what I want to do in life? My current job has good tuition benefits (covers $25K a year in most fields of study, not just relevant to the job) so I definitely want to utilize it since I only have a GED, but I worry about wasting time and money on something that won't even get me an actual job later.

I wanted to go to school to become a park ranger but now I'm thinking jobs like that might be hard to come by. Still, I want something that will allow me to be outdoors, doing outdoorsy stuff. I'm just not sure what that could be. Any advice or maybe someone has a similar job and could give me tips?

No. 1155956

I spent six years in a career I was not enjoying. Morally I felt like I scammed elderly people by cross selling them insurance that 1) isn't really beneficial 2) not mandated by law and the work was exhausting because you were suppose to be honouring insurance policies but still trying to withhold some of it for profit reasons. Felt very scummy. It made me very depressed and my coworkers were also getting drained and would be unpleasant to work with but you couldn't blame them because you were also becoming a husk lol.

I went back to uni to get a degree towards something I would enjoy. It took 6 years of effort and feeling hopeless a lot before I finally got my foot in a new career. It is a massive difference to my psyche. I like what I do. I work longer hours and have to get up early and I'm not even mad about it.

I never knew what I wanted to do at highschool. Thinking about the future stressed me the fuck out that I just ended up in a job. My advice is to think about the processes you enjoy doing from school. Do you think you would be happy inputting data on a computer all day? Would you prefer hospitality? Making codes? Physics, engineering, biology, chemistry. Did you like being in school and showing others how to do things maybe teaching? Maybe Google cv templates and see the skills jobs ask for and what you wouldn't mind doing and think about how to implement that into a job you could work

No. 1155973

I had a coworker who got a remote job with a hospital, I think it was for filing/submitting insurance claims. She didn’t need a degree for it but one of her relatives was a connection there.

No. 1156007

File: 1651328176913.jpeg (23.07 KB, 358x358, E69989E2-CB00-4544-B0C3-86CF0B…)

Last year I got a new job and thought it would be a great place to be while going to school, but it has been really exhausting working full-time while taking university classes. During this semester I took three classes and it seemed doable until the last couple weeks, and although I have had a few times at work where I could just sit in an office and do my homework it’s not like that anymore. When the classes end I’ll have 96/120 credits, and with some exceptions it’s probably 102/120.

My grades are fine but I feel like my quality of life sucks. There are days where I’m out of the house for 12 hours, I only wash my hair once/twice a week and sometimes wash over a sink if I don’t have time for a shower. One professor really wants me to go into the English major, but even though I’m good at writing business-style I don’t particularly enjoy fiction/poetry/teaching and I only have 50% of the credits towards that degree. As I get closer to reaching the credit goals I’m not sure if this was worth doing but as a woman I know there are limited (good) career opportunities if I don’t have a bachelors.

No. 1157269

File: 1651386454972.jpg (496.1 KB, 1400x1116, Raft ss.jpg)

Thank you for your input nonna. My problem is that the things that I'm interested in do not really translate into well paying jobs and also I could never really commit to one thing that I wanted to do. When I was a kid and up until I was a teenager my dream was to be an illustrator but I was told by people that I'd starve so I gave up on it. The other thing I loved was languages so I became an English major (I'm ESL) but only because I enjoyed it, I didn't have a specific goal with it. From that point on I've been working random jobs, for the most part working as a translator (which I hated much more than I expected), also customer service, content writer, etc.

I'm in analysis paralysis and consider many possibilities to go towards to but I can just never commit to one. I would still very much love to be an illustrator of children's books but I know the competition is insane so it's not worth doing. Before I worked as a translator I thought I would love it and I didn't. I also thought I would be good as a content writer but I wasn't and again, I disliked it. The one thing I'm still considering (and which would actualy pay well) is UX design. I did several courses in it but again, I kept changing my mind about what I really wanted to do so I never made a portfolio. Also I watched some 'in the day of a UX designer' videos on Youtube and I had to realize that it is much more social than I'd want it to be. I think my problem is a mixture of poor self-discipline and being affected too much by other people's opinions and this leads to me not to commit to anything

No. 1160511

File: 1651549806329.jpeg (4.04 KB, 209x241, images (2).jpeg)

Anybody here ever substitute teach? I got hired and did all my paperwork and I just have to take my first assignment but I'm so nervous lmao what did I get myself into

No. 1160524

Anon….kek i love this pic

No. 1160619

What grade?

I've never been a substitute teacher, but I taught an afterschool class.

Kids will lie to you, and they will very quickly decide whether or not they respect you. Since you're a sub, the odds are stacked against you. Don't be a huge pushover, but don't be a huge dick either. Know what the proper pipeline is for punishing students, so that one student acting up doesn't influence the rest of the students to act up as well. But don't flip your lid too quickly either, or the kids will hate you and think that they'll get in trouble no matter what (even if that's obviously not the case).

From what I understand, most teachers have absolutely 0 faith in subs, so the expectations are hilariously low. Let the kids do their packets, make an honest effort to help kids that have questions, and don't act super disengaged.

I personally lean a lot more towards practicality than enjoying my job compared to a lot of nonas in this thread. Doing something you hate is absolutely soul-destroying, but I think it's fine to do something you're not especially passionate about in order to secure a living. That being said, UX/UI sounds like a really great balance for you, even if the social aspect isn't what you most prefer. I dunno how far you are from being able to enter the field, but if it's something you think you can do and that you'd enjoy well enough, you should definitely go for it.

No. 1160660

File: 1651556609617.png (6.64 KB, 3400x2125, 5A3A6203-C2FB-4B0F-8730-CFDA6E…)

Any nonnies use LinkedIn? Do you find it useful in the job field?

No. 1160682

Not me but my bf just got a job from putting himself on 'looking for work' on linkedin and so many recruiters reached out and now he's got a job thats double the pay of his last one. IMO it works, i'm going to use it myself soon because im getting sick of my current job.

No. 1160790

>barely any jobs in my area
>no car
>public transport only getting more expensive
God escaping neetdom would be easier if I lived in a city wtf am I supposed to do

No. 1160834

I think stories of people burning out on their passions because the industry/business side is terrible to be so sad. I do something I'm skilled at but not especially passionate in and it seems like a good balance.

No. 1161384

I'll be flitting around different schools in the district and subbing any grade K-12 but I get to pick and choose my assignments so I think I'm gonna start with younger elementary classes and older high school classes. Middle school (usually grade 6-8 where I am) sounds the hardest as far as student behavior but then again it depends on the school and I was pleasantly surprised with how well I tolerated tutoring middle schoolers… but tutoring is a whole different ballgame. Anyway with the sub shortage schools are getting pretty desperate (they didnt even ask me for references, just a background check) so I feel like even if I suck at this it'll be good enough.

No. 1161985

Wilderness Emergency Medicine?

No. 1163611

File: 1651674910926.jpg (47.76 KB, 736x490, 5589543a185f794809885917468cfe…)

Is it possible to get a fully remote job that is not customer service? Something like data entry or putting up ads for someone?
I mostly see remote jobs that are in IT. I would love something that would enable to be flexible and work from wherever I want but I just have an English degree

No. 1163634

Apply for a job in a city and move when you get one.

No. 1163648

That's a cozy looking office space ngl

No. 1163650

Yes, I job hop a lot and probably half the jobs in my life I've gotten through LinkedIn. You have to take it seriously as a project though, have a full profile and post at least a few times a month about your career or industry.
Of course, most communications jobs can be fully remote. LinkedIn even has a Remote toggle in job search now.

No. 1163664

nta but how do you explain your job hopping to a potential employer and do they not make a problem out of it during interviews?

No. 1163668

It’s definitely possible, but you may have to get certified for certain skills first. Also a lot of companies do a hybrid work setup, where you mostly work from home but occasionally go up to the office for meetings and the like.

No. 1163676

I sub classes whenever there is a shortage of subs at the school I work in, it’s grades 5-8. A good thing to do is get in the classroom with extra time so you can go over all the notes from the teacher and find documents you need (attendance sheets, phone number list, a copy of what the students are working on). Another sub I work with said that she makes a PowerPoint for the classes, but some teachers make them for their classes so it might not be necessary. The other teachers in the grade/team might be willing to step in and help for a minute if you ask, like if the kids are being too loud. Teachers also like if you leave a note about how the class behaved, what they had difficulty with and naming the students that act really bad.

Also, don’t feel bad but the kids will definitely try to take advantage of you. The teachers I work with say they always do it with me even if I think they are being nice. Kids are acting worse now because of the effects of being home during the pandemic, some of them are really bad at communicating because they don’t feel comfortable opening up around their classmates.

No. 1163698

To be honest it's rarely brought up in interviews. But once when I was asked, I just said I go where I can grow and learn the most. A lot of companies have told me I would get training or mentoring and then given me zero investment in my growth, which is a red flag. I am also not afraid of change. So I keep my options open.
I think fewer people have a problem with job hopping these days,so I assume it's not brought up because anyone who cares would have thrown my CV away before the interview stage.

No. 1163796

Ah I see. Tbh my previous two jobs only lasted for a couple of months (although I meant to stay longer) and I was a bit surprised that they never brought it up during interviews, you might be right about people not having a problem with it.
And how long were your employments, how long do you stay at one place before moving on?

No. 1163861

Why do places with "sign on bonuses" keep firing people right before they're supposed to get their bonus? It happened to like 5 people I know including myself, how common is it? Can I report it to the labor bureau?

No. 1163873

File: 1651684396897.gif (4.43 MB, 500x367, IMG_3952.GIF)

anonitas i just did something retarded and need your help.

>currently working as a temp employee until september because a woman is on parental leave.

>think there is potential for me to apply for a full time position at my current workplace but i'm pretty meh about it
>decided to start applying for other jobs last week
>wrote and sent applications to two job positions at different companies last week
>surprisingly got called in for interviews for both of the jobs
>excited for one of them but really do not want the other one

so the retarded thing i did was schedule an interview for a day where i am in another city for the job that i did not want. i only applied for it to see if i was eligible for jobs in that field. my cover letter was quite bad and i did not think i would be called in for an interview.

i am considering sending the people at the unwanted job an email next week and telling them that a relative abroad died and that i can't come to the interview because of the funeral and as a result wish to 'drop out' of the interview process. does this sound plausible?

if i am lucky the job i want offers me a position (my interview with them is before the interview with the unwanted job) and i can tell them that i got another offer.

anyway my question is do you have any other suggestions for lies, if the funeral thing doesn't sound sincere?

No. 1164035

If you are sure you don't want to do an interview with the unwanted job, you can just straight up tell them now "Thank you for the interest in interviewing me but I have decided to take another position with a different company at this time" even without having a position. They have no way of verifying this and you can leave it at "different company", they won't press for details and if they do just ignore them. The funeral shit sounds overdramatic and even more fake imo. If you went with the funeral excuse they might even ask if you want to reschedule.

No. 1164078

This anon is right

No. 1164257

thank you nona! i'm just going to do what you said and tell them the position isn't an option for me anymore and leave it at that.

No. 1165003

I just remembered one more thing - get a box of pencils from the school’s supplies and bring it with you to classes. Sometimes I’ll bring a box of mechanical pencils and tell them to give them back at the end of class, because they won’t get lost that way. Students constantly need pencils because they lose them or don’t care to bring one to class.

No. 1165758

After many years of being a normal person, I suddenly can't focus or be productive at work at all. This started about 6 months ago.
Is it depression?
>go to therapy
>nothing changes
Is it bad organization?
>try several different productivity and time management systems
>nothing changes
Is it my sparse weed usage?
>stop smoking
>nothing changes
Is it ADHD?
>change meds
>increase meds
>nothing changes
Is it an unhealthy lifestyle?
>strict sleep schedule
>eat clean 6 days a week
>take up moderate exercise
>nothing changes

I am running out of ideas and starting to panic, feel like a genuine retard. What if this never stops and I get fired and can never work again? Why don't I care? Why can't I just fucking care again - if not for the job or the company, then at least for my own survival?

No. 1165759

Stop using weed

No. 1165767

That was one of the first things I did.

No. 1165882

Our world is so complex yet both psychiatry and psychology offer us just universal answers, not individually tailored answers and analysis over one's life, inner desires, circumstances and so on. Maybe you don't fit in at your work? Maybe there are many reasons to why you're depressed that are outside of your control. A therapist will do CBT and DBT with you and make you believe that it is your mindset making you depressed or limiting you , when there are so many things outside of yourself that can make you depressed. Not fitting in with your circumstances, working something you hate and so on. You don't care anymore because you want freedom, the freedom that does not exist in the system we live in.

No. 1166337

Do you drink caffeine? Did any major change in your usual routines happen?

No. 1166779

No, I quit caffeine a few years ago because it affected my anxiety. In terms of major routine changes… I actually had to think a while but yeah, I had to move in with my parents a few times over this time period, about 5 weeks in total, to help them with health flare ups. Nothing life threatening but of course it was stressful.

No. 1166846

The anticipation before work is the worst. I don't know why it gets me so anxious, I'm good at my job, I love my job. But the hours leading up to my shift is almost at the point of panic and it's just bizarre. My job is so chill and my boss is so understanding, I have nothing to worry about. I have a general anxiety disorder but I feel like I should be able to handle this, yes I've had very bad experiences with employers in the past, but would that really be why I'm feeling this anxiety?

No. 1166959

I decided that I’ll take the summer off from working so I can get all of my Uni credits for the BA faster, hopefully before I burn out and regret doing any of this

No. 1166989

Have any nonnies here done consulting? I’m considering it post-undergrad because of the connections to be gained, it’s not my first choice but I might apply to Accenture just to see what happens

No. 1167402

I'd advise against it if you're from a western countey and already have a CS degree. From what I can tell, it's not as bad as the other large consulting companies that prey on H1Bs, but you will likely be happier elsewhere.

Disregard reviews on Glassdoor, and look through Reddit instead. Glassdoor is heavily influenced by the huge number of indian people that are grateful for an opportunity to work in tech in the US. Nothing against indians specifically; it's just that coming from a third-world country that holds US tech jobs in incredibly high esteem really affects how they feel about the jobs, regardless of the dumpster fires and office politics and forced relocation and whatever else.

Consulting in general can be fine though. I know a guy at an American consulting company that likes it so much that he hasn't bothered looking for other jobs, even though he's definitely being underpaid.

But it never hurts to apply. Interview practice, competing offers, and more options are always good to have.

No. 1167590

What exactly the difference between UX and webdesign? From my understanding is that the only difference is that UX focuses slightly more on the user and making the usage of the website/app convenient for them but that's it…am I missing something?

No. 1167612

I'm also trying to get into consulting

No. 1167735

Update, since I'm the anon from >>1098857 ! I'm going to stick with mortuary science and follow my aspirations (no pun intended). My uncle is still pushing tech onto me unfortunately. I didn't mention this before, but my same age cousin is pursuing CS and I simply do not want to be compared to him. I'm the only female in the generation of my family, and I've always been seen as the dumb bitch compared to my overachieving moid cousins. Internalized misogyny is so strong within asian families, and it's always been a fucking academic competition between us. I'm already getting shit for going to a community college, and my own damn mom is berating me for being "embarrassing" and nudging me all of a sudden to learn household skills like cooking and cleaning. Gee, mom! Thanks for the support! If I choose to go into tech, then I'll be forever compared to him for the rest of my life. I want to do my own thing and screw off. I know I shouldn't care so much about my family's opinions, but that really hit the nail on the coffin for me. I'm not academically prepared for a tech career, and I also don't want to be compared to a scrote for as long as I live. Does anyone get what I'm experiencing? I tried explaining this to my uncle and he's like, "lulz I don't understand, try UX and coding bootcamps on the side!!11111!!!" Like, why do I even try? Fuck you all, I'm going to stay in my funeral home cave and never come out until you guys quit this sexist shit.

No. 1167756

Web design is an umbrella term UX falls under. And UX itself is about developing how the user interacts with the interface and what kind of an experience you're designing for them, hence the term user experience.

No. 1169467

File: 1651876587680.png (113.39 KB, 400x414, BF88B171-279B-4970-AC1F-DA3B67…)

Finally got another job after impulsively quitting my last one and I might have already fucked it up

>Boss tells me about background check they have to do

>Last few people he hired fucked up and it took weeks for their background check to process
>He tells me he got tired of waiting and is moving on from those people
>I stupidly fuck up my info on the background check (I go by my middle name and I forgot that he had put my middle name as my first name so the name on the background check is now middlename middlename lastname)
>Email background check company, "only your recruiter can fix this"
>Call boss, he tells me he can't fix it
>He probably could but he's a boomer and it's not like I can yell at him about it, I'm the one who fucked up
>He tells me to submit it anyway, I'm able to put my real name as an alternate name so maybe it will work now?
>Background check company sent me an email saying I need to fix something
>When I click the link it says already submitted
>Realize boss is also cc'd, maybe he's the one who submitted it
>Get another email today asking for another signature
>No idea if me or my boss are supposed to fill it out
>Go ahead and get my mom to sign because at this point I have no idea what's going on
>Basically stuck in limbo with no idea if I'm actually going to be able to start work or not because I fucked up an extremely simple background check despite being explicitly warned not to

I want to smash my head against a wall.

No. 1169493

I blew an interview today, yet for some reason I felt good? Seems like deep down I didn't want to work there even thought it was a very, very good opportunity. What is wrong with me?

No. 1172322

Idk if this is the right place for this but I need some advice. I have an interview with Google on Tuesday and I'm so stressed out over it that I haven't had an appetite for the past two days. I think I'm so nervous because this is a dream job for me. The interview would involve me sitting down with someone over zoom where we'd share a Google Doc and I'd demonstrate my coding skills with them and complete a bunch of problems. I just graduated and have barely had any practice with interviewing. Any other places I have applied to had to complete coding challenges with, they would be timed prompts that I could do by myself. I get really nervous when people watch me do things so I know I'm going to be making tons of mistakes. I had thought when I had applied to Google that I would've had more practice with interviews before I heard back from them, but they responded in like a week. I wish that I could have this interview like a month from now so I can practice a lot in the meantime, but they seem pretty adamant about getting me in asap. So my question is should I go to the interview for the experience, even though it's going to be super embarrassing, or should I just tell them that I don't feel ready yet and would like some extra time to prepare myself even though they may just cancel it all together?

No. 1172337

Do the interview, as much as it sucks. The more time you take, the more time they have to fill the position with someone else. Even if you blow it, you can always reapply in the future with more experience! Try practicing the interview format with a friend.

No. 1172723

I haven't used this myself, but I have a friend who really liked using it to prepare for tech interviews.


No. 1172753

File: 1652076289429.jpg (1.8 MB, 3864x2584, Cat_on_laptop_-_Just_Browsing.…)

How/when do you know you're ready to apply for jobs for a position in a different field that you self studied for?
I finished some UX courses and slowly building my portfolio but I just don't feel 'ready' to tackle an actual job. Not sure if this is premature impostor syndrome, low confidence or I actually need to do something before I start applying

No. 1172756

I think ur ready but not confident, so I think you could try get a job in UX and see

No. 1172761

I barely did anything my first week at my new job and I feel really bad about being paid a lot to sit around. I kept asking for more work to do and they kept telling me they'll find stuff for me. They did but it was so easy that I finished it in a couple hours. I was so bored, I even read the entire employee handbook. I almost started playing a video game on my own computer, but then I felt bad about it and had to stop. Hopefully tomorrow they'll have some stuff for me. Or I will just accept this slow start

No. 1172773

I'm curious, how did your employees decide about home office after the pandemic? Could you stay in home office or do you have to go back to the office?

No. 1172815

File: 1652080414700.jpg (77.94 KB, 1080x1039, sale_hello_kitty_panda_strawbe…)

Don't scroll

No. 1173025

File: 1652083724021.jpg (199.66 KB, 956x540, 1610632466540.jpg)

bumping for troon posting cp

No. 1173028

File: 1652083766736.jpeg (92.48 KB, 420x600, 27C9EF09-FD16-4F02-8897-5BE2ED…)

Bump bump don’t scroll don’t scroll

No. 1173935

I think that's pretty normal for office jobs

They haven't made us go back in yet, probably helps alot that the labor market in my field is pretty tight right now. I think if corporate really had their way we would be back full time though

Just start applying and see if your resume gets bites, then do the interviews and you'll know if you totally flub their questions or not

No. 1174796

I have an interview with a makeup company tomorrow, I'm so excited. I'm trying to not get my hopes up too high but I need a second job because my current one (starbucks) is fucking me over big time with hour cuts, and I can't make rent, but also, I'm sick of working with food. I'm so sick of the food industry, I'm sick of making sugar-shit concoctions. Makeup, and fashion is a huge passion of mine, and getting the job would be real nice. I want to sell things that I actually like.

No. 1175062

Anons, would you consider leaving a good job?
Technically, I have it all here - great lead, nice team, good pay and regular raises, I like what I do; only downside being unfixable chaotic project management for 5 years I'm working here. Right now I have an opportunity to do something similar for a different company and a little bit closer to the industry I'm interested in; but it feels scary to leave what's clearly a stable and comfy situation for me. Would you risk it?

No. 1175116

File: 1652183894485.gif (234.15 KB, 2047x1294, tumblr_static_6zswmvwtyokcwkws…)

I'm starting my first job as a software engineer soon and I'm excited but the pay is shit even though there are a lot of other benefits. It's a great opportunity to get into the industry but I'm wondering how long I should stay to get the necessary experience to get another job? I always wanted to leave my city/country and I'd like to stay in this job just long enough to be able to get a new one. So can any developer nonnies tell me how soon they left their first job for a better one or how much experience is needed?

No. 1175226

i think it's best that you don't stay too long (like 2.5+ years) but also don't stay too little (less than a year). you need to show that you stayed enough time to know your team and work things out but you didn't want to feel stagnant at your position and that you're ready to get out of your comfort zone by living in another city.
if you're from shithole south america like me, plenty of people got out of here by working remotely for a while and making connections. keep your passport updated and go get em nona, i believe in you and you'll achieve whatever your heart desires

No. 1175325

Work from Home is such a godsend. It’s so much easier to pass as a friendly, affable normie when most communication is through text. I could be absolutely raging on the inside and looking like a swamp hag but as long as I sprinkle a little smiley face in Slack no one will ever know. Covid was the best thing to ever happen to me.

No. 1175381

I hate interviews and my job I have to touch people, so any interviews I do involves touching another person. I know I’m really good at my profession but I still get nervous. But honestly, I just kind of fake my way through the process. IMO someone who shows poor confidence really puts me off in ANY situation, and I imagine an interviewer will feel the same. They want someone who is confident even when making a mistake. Because you will make mistakes in your career. It’s how you handle them. They expect mistakes and it’s probably best you make one and show them how you manage through it. But be confident that you can fix it. Don’t fumble and be like “oh im so sorry I didn’t mean to do that”. Brush it off. Don’t even acknowledge it if you can, just fix it and continue.

Don’t worry Nona, you got this

No. 1175400

Dunno what country you're from and looking to go to but I'm in America and I think it's fine to start looking again after 6 months. I wouldn't do that for all your jobs but in this case go get your money. Don't wait longer than a year. I knew a guy who graduated engineering, worked for 4 months then got a new job so it's a new world kek

No. 1175649

with the tech talk going on - programming nonas, i need career advice. what are some of the easiest/most boring/most stable software jobs i should train for? please don't say project mgmt or helpdesk bc they both suck bc of the constant facetime.

also, i'm almost 23 and my only marketable skill is in a field i hate and am bad at. is it too late to dedicate 2/3 years to getting a cs degree and starting over? i just want a job with minimal human interaction and normal hours :(

No. 1175850

I left mine after 6 months and still found another after being unemployed for a while. Getting an offer while still employed is much easier, too, and you should be able to job hop after just a year without worrying too much. That being said, if you don't hate your job, you should try to stay for two years before leaving so that you don't have to feel pressured to stay at your second job longer if it turns out to be a shit job.

Front-End web development is the easiest software dev position. Starting salaries are about as high as for other software roles, but they don't increase to as extreme heights generally.
However, do you think you're suited for programming? Going back to school is a big commitment, and a lot of people end up dropping out of CS, or worse, power through the classes and almost complete a degree before realizing they hate it.
If you don't have any coding experience now, start getting some. Learn the basics of programming from YouTube videos and then go on to do theodinproject.

No. 1176151

Do you already have a college degree? I would start self teaching programming, do a personal project and start applying to jobs and see if you can get bites without going back to school

No. 1176354

File: 1652240470863.jpeg (92.54 KB, 1080x1044, 5AC56F34-5348-4931-A85B-BC5B7C…)

I found out today my coworkers have a group chat and I’m not in it.

I know I’m here to collect a pay check but feels shitty man. I always feel on the outer wherever I work. I try and get along with everyone and no one seems to have an issue with my work per se but I’m rocketed straight back to being in high school.

No. 1176370

File: 1652241814965.png (1.66 MB, 1220x570, Burundi.png)

Everyone talks about "climate change" in regards to african farming problems, but it straight up seems to be a malthusian trap.

>Between the 1979 and 2008 population censuses, the number of households in Kamenge neighbourhood in North Bujumbura made an eleven-fold increase. However, this area was never enlarged proportionally, neither on the surface nor in height. In the summer of 2014, Kamenge was one of the three neighborhoods that were the worst hit by a cholera epidemic. Two years earlier, in 2012, Nyakabiga, in the center of Bujumbura, suffered the same epidemic. In almost 20 years of real estate development in Bujumbura, virtually all the land estates cleared by the state to create residential areas have been captured by the most affluent. As a result, decade after decade, the most disadvantaged crowd into the same poor and supersaturated residential areas.

Picture related, Burundi, you can trawl around the country on google maps. The entire country is just a collection of these small sustenance farmlets, the entire country is coated in them.

No. 1176371

kek, I posted this on the wrong thread, on the wrong board, on the wrong website.

No. 1176377

Where was it supposed to be posted on? Looks interesting.

No. 1176630

This sucks, how long ago have you been working there? Ultimately yeah, you're just there for a paycheck but it doesn't mean you don't want to be alienated. In a way I hope they add you eventually, but if they don't I hope you can just move past it. It's reasonable to feel shitty though.

No. 1176665

Thanks Nona, I appreciate your kind words. I’ve been there just over a year and admittedly they have all been there much longer and are older than me with kids. But still I guess I can’t shake feeling shitty right now and maybe paranoid my work will be judged more harshly if I don’t have that social rapport with any of them.

No. 1176922

I'm debating on whether I should take advantage or not of my company paying for my language classes. If they're going to pay, why not right? It's a language I studied in college but fell off from and got really rusty with. I don't need it for work but I want to learn for myself anyway. The only downside is that I have to stay with my company for at least one year after my classes end or I'll have to pay them back for the classes. I'm eligible soon since I'll have been here for one year soon, but taking those lessons means I'll probably be here for a minimum of 3 years, depending on how long I do my lessons.

My job is easy most of the time, the commute is short, and my coworkers are sweet, I get good benefits, but it's a deadend job. I'd love to stay but I earn just barely above minimum wage here and I know I will never get a raise because my company is bleeding money. I can't see myself with a future here, so I'd like to not stay for so long and pigeonhole myself in. Also, my boss pulled some nasty shit with me the other week about fighting with me to get me to come in even though I requested off (and he approved) a month in advance and I'm still bitter about it and don't want to hear him pull the "the company is paying for your ____" bullshit again. What do you think nonas?

No. 1176944

Just go online and relearn the language for free

No. 1176976

Which language is it and how widely is it spoken? How useful do you think it is in the job market? If you could use it at your next workplace, I'd say go for it.

If it's really something that you'd do for yourself though and you have the self-discipline to learn it yourself or have the resources to take classes, then skip it completely

No. 1177042

Honestly anon, I'm retarded and learn best within a classroom setting. I need the structure kek. It's stupid but I really struggle with learning things on my own and that's just the way I've always been when it comes to anything that isn't physical and hands on.

It's Japanese but I don't plan on working at Japanese companies in the future if I can help it.

No. 1177359

Yea but your job sounds terrible so you shouldn't do something that will tether you to it for another year or so

No. 1177486

I just had a job interview that hit me with a math and excel quiz last minute. I just want to smoke weed to chill but apparently they drug test (maybe?) even though weed is legal in my state and surround states.
Wish me luck on the job interview tomorrow though. It's for the job I actually want.

No. 1177919

Is it a red flag if a company is too…eager to employ you and the interviewing process is much faster than expected?

I'm used to companies waiting at least one week to get back to me after application although at one place I was contacted after a whole month. However I was recently contacted by an HR person not only after a few days after application but the interviewing process also seems to be going really fast. She sent me some tests to do and before I even filled them out and sent them back to her, she scheduled an interview. She explainned her decision by saying that she's sure it's not going to give me any trouble, since I'm fluent in that particular language that the tests are for. The whole thing seems super fast

No. 1177999

It may happen when you really 100% fit the profile of what they're looking for. Good employees are actually very hard to find so if that's the case, they may not want to risk you maybe going forward with hiring process somewhere else. If there are no other potential warnings about this company, no reason to not take is as a good thing. I have an experience of going through entire hiring process (application, first inteview, task, second interview and hiring) within not even a full two weeks, and the company is a great place. Sometimes they're just genuinely eager.

No. 1178020

How much preparation do you do for interviews?

No. 1178048

Just a vent: I hate interviewing so much. I feel like it's all about lying effectively and pretending to be someone else I'm not. I also self-sabotage a lot with being on time for interviews and doing research on them. I know I appear passive aggressive because deep down I don't want to work, and I'm just really bad at hiding this fact. I feel like the whole hiring process is like an acting competition

No. 1178068

I figure out what I want to wear and that’s about it kek. Eat well and get decent sleep.

No. 1178371

No, it just means you made it. Enjoy it, and always interview with more than one company.

No. 1178374

Depends. Do you want the job? Is the competition high?

I usually spend at least 1-2 hours researching the organisaiton, the inteviewers, and preparing "smart" questions to ask.

No. 1178379

I want to challenge you to see it from a different perspective.

If you see interviewing processes as deceitful and your goal is to lie, you will work in companies you don't fit into because you presented yourself as something you are not.

When you are true to yourself in the interview processes, you get jobs in companies where you are a good "culture fit". This usually means you enjoy your time there a bit more.

Note: "be yourself" is only good advice if your true self is not a shitty person kek.

No. 1178384

They probably did not add you because they think you would be bored to hear about their kids and shit. (And you would be)

What I am saying is, it is OK (and normal) that this makes you feel sad, BUT their intent was most likely not malicious.

No. 1178387

Stay a year and then jump to another position for 20-30% more money.

Sauce: been working in tech for the past 5 years.

No. 1178847

I still haven't found a job in urban planning. I think a part of the reason why is that I do awful in interviews and have terrible public speaking and presentation skills, which is like 70% of what urban planning is since you deal with the public and present new plans. Also meetings with council and your coworkers and boss.
Another reason why I haven't gotten a job after getting my degree in 2021 is because I did my degree online due to the pandemic. I didn't get much practical experience compared to the fresh graduates who at least got to sit in city council meetings and attend workshops and seminars.
I feel so woefully behind and outdated already. I don't know what to do at this point but give up and work in retail or something easier to get my foot in the door.

No. 1178849

I should also mention that I scraped by without doing any of my assigned readings, so I'm not as well-versed in topics like other graduates, nor am I passionate. I am a terrible student and attempted to take on a full course load which forced me to only pay attention to course lectures and mandatory assignments. I ignored the readings so I could juggle all my other courses and pass with an acceptable grade. I feel like I got a shallow surface level understanding of a degree rather than putting in the effort to understand it in-depth like other people.
Lesson learned: take advantage of the resources you have at your disposal when you are in your graduate degree. Make sure you actually do the readings and put in the effort if you want to take advantage of your tuition. Don't be like me who got stressed easily and took on a big course load to graduate faster with shallow knowledge. I say you should try to take as much as you can without sacrificing the quality of your learning. Take 3 courses if you can do all the required readings instead of stressing yourself out with 5 courses and neglecting them.

No. 1178919

>horribly understaff places
>fire employees for not completing an unreasonable amount of tasks due to said understaffing
>Now even more understaffed
Why are places like this? Also a few of my friends are having issues with jobs advertising for a livable wage and when you show up to the interview they claim you're not qualified and offer you a position for McDonald's wages but with twice the physical labor and requirements. Are they really this stupid or?

No. 1178956

It's just shitty management, bad managers are like any other bad person in any situation, they're incapable of introspection.

>I have a high staff turnover

>No, it's the workers who are wrong!

Unless your highest ambition is stacking shelves, mopping floors or moving timber around, they consider you an ungrateful time waster. If someone good dares leave for anything better, they'll spend a good month moping about how they were pumped and dumped by lying employees just looking to get a fill in job. It's always the same types at those companies too

>Chronically depressed middle aged guy who clearly drinks too much, absolutely reviled by the owners

>mentally ill woman who breaks down at the slightest thing, becomes middle manager but can't handle it
>manchildren that don't shower properly or brush their teeth, best employees but because they put no effort into their appearance they go nowhere
>normal people that just come and go

The biggest harbinger of a company that's turning into one of those toxic companies is the owner becoming geriatric but refusing to retire, everything falls apart around them as they lose their capabilities.

No. 1178986

I fuckin did something with myself, started a little cleaning gig, and now I’m like..practically succeeding. Sole cleaner of a doctors clinic, sole vacate cleaner for a big apartment block and a small one. $250 after tax for a two hour job, three hours max. Eviction cleans start at $600
The real estate that hires me is fast tracking my rental application to move outta the in-laws. I might even be able to fix my teeth.
Full credit to anons who’s posts about neets shamed me into being a productive adult.

No. 1179135

That's great anon, congratz and enjoy the money!

No. 1179615

we're so proud of you nona. you'll have your teeth fixed in no time baby!

No. 1179717

File: 1652452168060.png (482.25 KB, 1253x694, Screenshot 2022-05-13 162938.p…)

So I just got a new job and I'll start next month. They asked for a reference/recommendation letter from my previous workplace where I was literally fired from for making a huge mistake and I'm not sure if they will give me a positive opinion obviously. I got a positive reference letter from an older workplace, but not in the target language I was asked for and I only worked there for 3 months anyway.

What should I do? Should I send them the older one? Or should I try asking someone from my previous job? Also, sould reference letters always be given by a higher-up or could it be a colleague I was in the same team with?

No. 1179760

What country are you in? I’m gonna guess not the UK but here you can’t give a bad reference, but you can refuse.
If they want a character reference maybe don’t use them but if it’s just for proof of employment go with it.
Your new place might not mind as long as you’re honest? Good luck anyway nonny

No. 1179877

Not the UK, Central Europe and actually I have no idea what the rules or laws are regarding reference letters so I guess it'd be a good idea to look it up, thank you nonna

No. 1180137

File: 1652469650327.jpeg (288.83 KB, 1242x1652, C7304FA6-E9BC-4574-B268-95C792…)

Where do you all get your nice business attire? I’m looking for business casual. There’s some work gatherings the next couple of months and wine events at my resort-mostly outdoors. I wear a “uniform” at work so I don’t wear business attire. I’d like to wear a few trendy/casual outfits as there will likely be networking as well. I don’t mind if they’re on the pricier side.

No. 1180154

Kk Noni. This advice might vary based on where you live. If the job shows up on a background check I’d put it down, and if you’re in a place you can refuse letting them reach out for ref do so. If you have coworkers or better a manager or shift lead of whatever that will recommend you at old job get a letter of recommendation from them. Give that to new job. Have a well thought out response if the topic comes up so you can easily side step it in a professional way. Old job you have good references at definitely put down though.

No. 1180371

I've been on a hell ride trying to find nice business clothes myself. Personally I've had to be very brand agnostic because while I might find one nicely fitted item from a store the rest of their stuff might not work on me at all. Some places to check out in general are
>J. Crew
>Banana Republic/Gap/Old Navy (all under same umbrella)
>Brooks Brothers
>White House Black Market
>Ann Taylor
Good luck

No. 1180553

I just got interviewed at a place like this saying that they are severely understaffed and people are being let go for not doing their tasks. It pays well and i'd be hired as a manager, but i'm a little reluctant.

No. 1181691

Thank you nona. I think I’m just going to dedicate a day to trying shit on at my failing local outlet mall kek. Most of those brands are there. I know how to style myself with everything but business attire. And it’s even harder IMO as I get older and I’m in my 30s. I feel like there’s a fine balance between dressing too young and dressing like a 45 year old Karen.

No. 1182846

File: 1652679512600.jpg (123.29 KB, 699x525, 0f8052876edddf89fc3be919a02fc8…)

How does one start out as a UX freelancer? Like obviously you create a portfolio on Dribbbl/Behance and then what? How do you get clients? And let's say you don't have friends or acquaintances who could recommend you to people

No. 1182854

Idk where you are in the world, but in US/Canada there is a site called Creative Circle that a lot of my colleagues use for freelance work and also has FT offers occasionally. Globally, there's Upwork. Personally as a graphic designer, I haven't had much success there in terms of getting good rates for projects when first starting out, but maybe it's a different ball game for UX. You can also try searching job sites and sorting by contract too

No. 1182872


No. 1184854

Opinions on Hirevue and tricks and tips for the interview process? If anyone doesn't know it's an automated interview software where you have to record yourself answering a series of random questions. I don't love the idea of it and it seems lazy from the company's side to not have a real, human recruiter talk to you

No. 1184877

What apps/templates have y'all used for your resumes? Rebuilding my resume today

No. 1184884

What can you do with a law degree if you don't want to pass the bar and be a lawyer?

No. 1184886

Make a shitty youtube channel analyzing the depp v heard trial

No. 1184893

I'd think any type of office job, if you market yourself the right way. Be sure to stress it in your CV or during interviews that your law degree has given you excellent problem-solving skills, critical-thinking skills, analytical skills and legal writing skills.

No. 1184896

There's two kinds of people. Kek.

No. 1184907

This made me laugh out loud KEK

No. 1185096

File: 1652797963950.png (2.19 MB, 1337x1019, hmm.PNG)

How to reject a job offer in a way that would not close the door of potentially working in that company in the future? "It's not you, it's me"?

No. 1185101

There’s no way

No. 1185112

I've just been using a canned polite message I googled and it seems to work

No. 1185113

I think you don't have to…? Like I don't think they automatically blacklist you from that company if you reject a job

No. 1185225

How are you supposed to anwser a question like "How would you rate your ability to do this job on a scale of 1-10?" if it's for a position you never worked in before?

No. 1185274

10 because you're supposed to be confident and cool, but 8 if you wanna be real

No. 1185278

Is this like an online form where you are only able to input numbers? If possible, I would just say 10 and explain how your skills transfer into the role

No. 1186333

Are Google certificates in general worth doing? Do employees view them favorably?

No. 1186531

I work at a bar and my co-workers/general managers like to have drinks, gossip and invite me out after work. What are the boundaries on work friends? What should I talk about and not? They've all opened up about their lives to me but I'm still shy and at most discuss who's hot.

No. 1186537

I always say an "a solid 8 or strong 9"because I always think there could be constant room for improvement in any work environment and that I am confident in my abilities to work with this task. I have yet to fail an interview

No. 1186833

I was supposed to be working from home tomorrow, like every Thursday of the week, but my manager's boss is coming to the office for the first time tomorrow so we all have to be here. I hate this shit. Let me stay home so I can slack off!!

No. 1186848

Nonna, this might be my inner bitter person, but if there is a lesson I have learned in my life is to never open up to your peers, seriously. Don't let them know anything about your personal life# just the basics and that's it. Because if you do it they will backstab you. Also, try to not gossip, that should be unprofessional. Work is work and your life is your life, that's it

No. 1186882

>job interview for one position that actually makes a livable wage
>Show up
>"Actually you're under- qualified, would you like to take this position that requires experience and license for 13/an hour instead (below what fast food companies pay here)?"

Why are companies always like this? Because deception and wasting peoples time isn't enough but having a list of requirements and paying below what teenagers 1st time jobs are paying? I swear nothing makes a company look as bad when they pull this. Do they have that low of self awareness to think people would rather work there rather than in food service even though they require 5x as much physical labor?

No. 1186893

I would actually second this, although I might be another bitter anon kek. Only share basic stuff that they cannot use against you

No. 1186917

I agree with this so much. Once you start opening up about personal stuff, it can and WILL backfire and be used against you. Try to stay as surface level as possible.

Maybe movies or books you like, but never delve into politics or anything like that.

No. 1186921

File: 1652901106390.jpg (215.3 KB, 1080x1133, FLWeyivWUAMJa7-.jpg)

>Went to second job interview today
>Guy interviewing me made me tense.
>I told him all my qualifications
>So you graduated high school but didnt do anything else?
>Well, i worked immediately after hs. i had no time to go to college.. but i work hard.
>Hmm ok, we can start you at 14/hr
>I asked for 16/hr and they said it was doable
>Hmm they lied, nonnie. Also, we wont pay you for 2 weeks of training

what the fuck are wrong with these companies? They really think i'm gonna say yes. The dude belittled me and made me feel terrible. On top of that, he didn't listen to any of my actual questions for the job. Why should I be grateful?

No. 1186958

>Not paying for training
Don't even fall for this, any company that underpays/doesn't pay at all for "weeks of training" will 100% try to get rid of you as soon as your training is up. It's a scheme to get free labor practically and then pull the underemployment card. What job was it anyway?

No. 1186959

What's with companies texting you with "I saw you on indeed/linkedin, use this messaging app for an interview" and it ends up being a weird money laundering scam. Some even go as far to use real company names and everything. I was so humiliated falling for it today, especially when they made my NEET ass wake up at 8 am. The job search is so depressing, and this is a major hit to my self esteem, especially with most jobs being an hour or more away and not paying enough to live off. the only other time i got scammed like this was when i tried to buy a car off craigslist and they wanted it in ebay gift cards. I hate everything. sorry for whining just needed to vent tbh

No. 1186963

I applied for front desk for a Radon/home inspection company. Then they hit me with the whole, we actually do three different jobs here and work this and that company, which was NOT on the application when I applied.

No. 1186969

Redflag. Say no.

No. 1186973

Absolutely not, their first problem was acting as if a front desk job needs a ton of requirements and experience. Also 2 weeks, no pay to get trained on front desk? Really? Don't waste your time giving them free labor, absolutely not

No. 1187025

Thank you nonnies. they just called me back and asked me to start Monday, but i hit them with the 'send me my offer letter with details through email please.' Like– am I suppose to go just to this slave job with no notice?

No. 1187318

You're not from US or UK are you? Unpaid time during training is illegal, report them to the labor bureau

No. 1187439

I'm still on my way to finish my thesis and one of my professors offered me a job in a new project he's making. It's some kind of textile studio but i'll be working in the social media/publication team of some sorts. I have two dilemmas; first off is that i'm not sure if i can work fulltime while doing my thesis and freelancing like now, and second is the role he's offering isn't exactly the career path i'm thinking of when i graduate. I've never had a fulltime corporate job so i don't know what to expect even when he's already described the job description to me. And i don't know if i should be this cautious / inquisitive of the job, to make sure it will be beneficial for both of us, or if it's just my autistic ass making a problem out of a nice opportunity. I don't want to come across as asking for too much when i'm not even a freshgrad yet.
I'm discussing it with him right now obviously, but i was wondering if the kind nonnas here have speedy advice for a noob semi-NEET like me? Should i make absolutely sure this is the offer for me or should i just go fuck it and take the offer?

No. 1188236

I handed in my resignation letter without having a new job lined up. I'm still not sure I did a right choice, with recession looming and general state of the world. The old job kept me awake some nights, isolated me from my friends and exhausted me mentally. The pay was good though and I really liked my colleagues. Still I keep having second thoughts, what if I overestimated my abilities to find a new job fast? But I know I'm good at what I do. What if the money I have saved isn't gonna be enough to keep me afloat? But I objectively do have a lot saved. These conflicting thoughts are driving me mad.

No. 1188286

You'll be able to devote your time looking for a new job now that you don't have to work at your old job, which should relieve you of the stress you were feeling! I get what you mean with those conflicting thoughts, it just gives you more motivation to try your hardest at scoring that new job!

I'm in the same boat (kind of) where I'm working a job I hate and am actively looking for a new one. Sometimes, I just want to quit my job already, but I get scared about the uncertainty that follows.

No. 1188437

File: 1652993134962.png (310.61 KB, 400x400, 37F203E5-814A-42F8-83E0-5E2167…)

Was called by a recruiter yesterday to set up an interview for a job I’ve really want, however I was working and it went to voicemail. I called back this morning and left a message letting him know my interest and I called again before the end of the work day, but didn’t leave a message. Should I call again tomorrow? What should I do if I get his voicemail again? I really don’t want to miss out on this, I need a job so badly right now.

No. 1188444

File: 1652993385769.gif (3.11 MB, 498x211, no.gif)

Literally just say no/I've received a better offer elsewhere/that's not enough for me to leave my current position

You are just a number, the moment you decline they will call their #2 choice and offer it to them and forget you exist

No. 1188468

>wake up at 9:27 every day
>call in to morning 9:30 meeting
>make up story on the spot about what I did yesterday
>do literally anything but work for the rest of the day 75% of days
>crunch for 8-12hrs overnight the day before shit is due

>half the work that is sent my way I come up with a reason it shouldn't be done/isn't ready

>people perceive this strategic, thoughtful, forward thinking, something someone with seniority does
>instead of just me being lazy
>randomly throw out compliments in chat so my teammates like me more and overlook my bullshit easier
>randomly critique other people's work so they think I'm big brain

>make over 6 figures and people tell me I'm great at my job

If I had any discipline or work ethic at all I'd be making $380k TC at a FAANG company…
Fuck I need to get my shit together

No. 1188474

He called back! I have a Zoom interview set up for tomorrow morning. I’ve never used Zoom before so let’s hope I don’t fuck this up.

No. 1188476


What do you do? How did you get that position?

No. 1188481

OK I know this is vague but any advice is appreciated. I have 1 semester left to finish my BBA in accounting, but I don't really care to finish it because I don't really want to work in accounting (I can finish it if it's worthwhile, but I don't want to spend money rn).

How do I get started in a career where I can work at remotely at least partially? I have ADHD I'm terrified I'm going to lose my mind if I have to work in a cubicle 40 hours a week. I don't mind learning to code or literally any other skill. I know there's plenty of options for this, I'm just asking if anyone here has experience with these jobs and what they do/don't recommend.

No. 1188484

I did the same thing last month nonnie. Just be prepared to make looking for jobs your new job but also find a balance as to not get discouraged and give yourself a break. Also be sure to apply to everything, even if you don’t 100% match the job description. Best of luck in your search!

No. 1188493

>barely graduate college with Almost-Computer-Science degree
>show up in silicon valley
>eventually land software engineering job at no name startup
>get fired or job hop (50/50) every 18 months
>be Senior Software Engineer now

No. 1188499

I've been doing this for like 6-7 years now btw

No. 1188510

How much do you make? Have you ever regretted leaving a job?

No. 1188530


Did you have to learn more skills as you job hopped? Like new coding languages, etc?

Ty for sharing btw like it's very helpful.

No. 1188535

$125k base currently

I quit a cushy job for a much harder, remote job pre-covid so I could move to Texas and get back together with my ex (broke up because didn't want to do LDR, appeared to both regret it, talked about it for months) and got rug pulled literally the next day. I regret that a lot.

Yeah I learn shit all the time, and continue to get better at the things I already know. I am good at what I do. The further into my career I go tho the less the hard skills matter and the more important the soft skills become. Getting people to get shit done, communicating with my teams, manipulating clients into asking for the thing they actually want instead of what they think they want, etc.

No. 1188564

And then there is me. Graduated with pretty good grades and not even no name startups want me.

No. 1188653

I sent out about 200 applications in the span of about a month, had a portfolio of projects to show, got 2 interviews and 1 offer.

No. 1188700

File: 1653002189776.png (78.55 KB, 200x264, ronald.png)

Posts like these make me regret studying engineering but also motivate me to switch into software kek

No. 1189217

Wish older moids realize their jokes about women arent funny. Boss at my new job is a pretty happy-go-lucky guy ("we're not just a team, we're a family!" type of person) but he keeps joking to me about my age since i'm the youngest there and randomly pats my head instead of a shoulder pat or something. When i first got introduced to the team he made a joke on how i'm not his young wife. What the hell. I don't really have any other choice but to power through it but it makes me sick on some days

No. 1189237

Why are you humble bragging

No. 1189240

Why not? I love seeing a nonny winning.

No. 1189244

Nta, but I don't like humblebragging, it's so slimy. Ew.
I love and encourage real bragging though. Like this

No. 1189297

How many of you have made a stable career after graduating late? I want to go back to college but if I do I'll graduate by the time I'm 29… wont employers wonder what the hell went on? My only work history now are simple retail jobs.

No. 1189300

Samefag but I want to go back and get a bachelors in Math or compsci if that helps. I've been watching some videos and going through a basic textbook to familiarize myself with things again

No. 1189333

>wont employers wonder what the hell went on?
they'd take a look at your cv and conclude you used to work uneducated low paying jobs and went back to college at a later age to get into something better for yourself. That's a perfectly reasonable explanation.

No. 1189338

I did. Go back nonna

No. 1189340

What >>1189333 says kek. I mean I had a coworker who did not have work experience until her mid 30s. She finished college, then had 3 kids, then was a stay at home mom until the kids grew up then decided to go back to work. She was the export manager at the company I worked at

No. 1193361

If I can't get a reference letter from a previous employer, would a reference letter from a past colleague also suffice? Even if they cannot get the company's stamp or things like that on their letter?

No. 1193375

anybody else trying to figure out how there field is gonna be impacted by the inevitable recession in the states? it’s all the news keeps posting about and it terrifies me

No. 1194032

Im a NEET, i've never worked and i'm in my late 20's. I'm very shy and I have zero work expereince. What kind of jobs can I get? Like where i'm given a task, I can sit at a desk or just do it without having to deal with any of the "Workplace" shit.
Or people? I'd love to find a office job where I can dress cute and just work, but I really really feel trapped.

No. 1194061

What is your educational background?

No. 1194062

high school

No. 1194070

Customer service?? Especially if you can look cute

No. 1194099

How do I get my resume done? I get overwhelmed by the project and end up postponing it constantly. Please, how do I make a resume with clear pointers on how to, so that I finally have one finished? I don't have a lot of working experience since I am only 18 and taking a gap year, so I have difficulties figuring out how to make my resume when I want to apply for jobs.

No. 1194101

maybe in the archives at a library. they always need people to look after the books

No. 1194105

a few times i have bought a template from etsy! i find it easier to use a template and it makes it look more professional. https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TheResumeMarket?ref=profile_header

No. 1194117

you're 18. just get any food service job, a lot of places will hire anyone. Indeed makes it really easy to make a resume they just give you a list of skills to pick from and there you go.

No. 1194125

Just put your education and whatever job experience you have on it. They're not looking for much if anything, they just want teens like yourself in unschooled jobs to underpay on shitty flex contracts. Don't stress about it.

No. 1194208

File: 1653341983351.jpg (48.96 KB, 762x750, BwKJSOws98.jpg)

kinda having a mental breakdown over the fact that I have a "career" job now and it's literally all over any hopes and dreams and aspirations down the drain because from now on I am forced to spend half of my day (8.5 hours or 9.5 when in office) every day no matter what at this job and beg for a few days off each year and wait for the weekend like a little slave only to do nothing with my free time because I am so drained from work, not working on any personal projects because no energy and just watching the days go by indistinguishable from one another like this is really it. Maybe I'm overreacting and sorry for being a party pooper in between all the good advice in this thread nonnies but this all just seems really bleak

No. 1194213

Honestly just get a new job. Job-hopping is good, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Hope things work out for you anon

No. 1194216

Microsoft Word has a bunch of templates to choose from within the program itself. Resumes are super easy to make, takes zero brain power, I promise.

No. 1194221

Look into temp agencies, specifically those that specialize in conventions. You can also find convention ads on Craigslist. When you finish a job, ask the company if they'll have more jobs for you. Good money, not boring, free/discounted swag, and gets you experience even with very little qualifications. I used to pay rent by working just four weekends a month (~100 USD/day), it was great, and honestly I would've kept at it if this line of work was more stable. Then after six months to a year of doing this, use the experience to find an office job.

No. 1194246

I’m a paraprofessional teacher with no college education- only certification courses. I recently got married and became pregnant but we won’t be able to reasonably afford childcare and buy a house. I’ve decided to stay home for a few years and potentially take some online college courses. I don’t want to work as a teacher or do online school in the future.. what would be a good field to get into where I could potentially work remotely at home? I have no idea what options there really are.

No. 1194254

Congratulations. You're walking in my footsteps. Fuck paying upwards of $1k+ in childcare costs. Are you wanting 2 or 4 year degree options? What kind of salary are you looking for afterwards?

No. 1194255

File: 1653346904224.png (1.04 MB, 917x748, foodservice.png)

I was so overly happy here, that job literally never got back to me. I reached out and never got anything back still. Anyway, I'm back to another food service job. Owner is nice, at least, but the hours are weird. 12 hours daily for 4 days but then I get 3 days straight off each week. Kind of good, kind of bad lol but at least the pay is much better. He hired me for 18/hr only to boost it to 20/hr before my first week even finished because he liked my work. Restaurant is on a trendy street with a ton of restaurants and stores, too, so I get to choose from countless places for my lunch break to hang out. The fact he even gives a 45 minute break for all employees is insane - even when I worked in fine dining, cooks were never able to take breaks. Its so normalized in the food industry to work without breaks that it's genuinely surprising to find a place that actively tells people "hey it's time for your break". My feet hurt so badly by the end of the shifts, though. I've worked 12 hour shifts before but never this many in a row. And the two other cooks are very nice but speak another language nearly 100% of the time and so I mostly have no one to take to in the kitchen. It's an open kitchen, too, which is gross because I've already seen moids staring at me while I cook, just mouth breathing. I really desperately want out of the food industry, it's so draining physically and mentally. Maybe someday I'll be free, nonnies.

No. 1194304

How much a week is a livable income for you nonas where you live? I'm only getting 3 days a week in retail, and my checks are barley scraping $200. I live at home but at this rate I'll never have enough to move out on my own…

No. 1194315

Comfortably 800-1000
Scraping by 600 but I'm on my own so no roommate or family to rely on

No. 1194320

I have one roommate (my partner) in a big city in Northeast USA. All of my expenses come out to $200 per week, not including takeout and fun stuff. If they're not giving you enough hours then you need to find another job, full stop.

No. 1194367

I'm in the capital of a state nobody cares about in the Northeast USA and average expenses are at least 600, with my bills split with my partner. Rent + electricity + gas + internet + phone. And I found the cheapest shoebox apartment I could find that allowed cats. It really depends on what state and what kind of city you will be living in. A good rule of thumb is you should be making, at the very very least, 1.5 times what your bare minimum bills come out to. Technically making 2 times puts you in a safer position, at least 1.5 times. You also have to buy food, toiletries, paper products, etc as well as either pay gas or pay for public transport.

No. 1194402

Ty nonas

It sucks because I'm getting a little above minimum wage where I am (11.50 an hour) and they're cutting hours for our store. I'm debating getting another job or leaving all together.

I'm trying my best to scrounge up every bit of money I have to save.
My groceries for myself are about 60 bucks for one trip once a week,
I don't even get takeout or go drinking or anything. I have a gym membership that cost like $25 a month for my entertainment. I fill up gas maybe twice a month and that cost $35 now, thankfully my car is used and paid off so no car note. My phone and internet are on a family plan, though I could survive without streaming and stuff.

Rent for the BAREST minimum place is about $500 a month here, not even in a good part of town. I don't know if I want to stay here, I could move a little out the city for cheaper but then I'd have to drive further for work which I hate and also cost gas. I just feel so trapped, not having enough to leave but staying means I won't be able to have enough, sorry for the blog.

No. 1194466

Literally the same. I'm starting at a new place soon and all I can think about is how much time I'll lose and how tired I'll be after work. Plus I'm also retarded (ADHD + social anxiety) and it will just suck so much, having to be around coworkers again. I wish it was socially acceptable to jobhop and/or have months off of work just so you can reenergize yourself

No. 1194667

seeing swe salaries in the us makes me want to kill myself you guys are so lucky

No. 1194669

I think you could survive off that pay rate IF you had way more hours. You either need to tell them you want more hours or perhaps find a new job. Honestly, would get you better money if lie about how much you are making right now. I promise it helps, I always do that. During an interview, when they ask what your desired pay is, explain that you currently make 12 so you are looking to make 13 at the very least. That's how you push yourself up higher and higher in pay with each new job you get. It's not like they'll actually check with your current job so mind as well get yourself a better pay. And work is everywhere right now, everyone is desperate for more staff in most places.

No. 1195240

File: 1653424015377.png (746.97 KB, 2188x886, mr clean.png)

i have two job interviews tomorrow and i'm nervous because i'm terrible at interviews. i have work experience from two well-known companies in my country, but i got hired at the companies after having two internships orchestrated by my uni.

as a measure to not act like a turbo autist tomorrow i've spent the last three days binge watching job interview channels on youtube. nonas i swear, the people in these vids are on uppers. their flavour of unhinged is something i have yet to witness in real life.. some of their advice is helpful though.

i have grown quite fond of this artificial live action mr clean looking freak.. i'm mesmerised by the unnatural way he speaks and his strange body language, especially his hand postures.

No. 1195438

File: 1653431983525.jpeg (98.06 KB, 642x630, 31023646-A400-4443-8744-8B4A1C…)

Why do dumbass recruiters keep hitting me up on LinkedIn over and over, then when I finally concede to a phone meeting they act like I’ve wasted their time for not having the “right” overly specific experience
You’re clearly not even looking at my resume ir profile and you’re wasting my time bothering me about a job you can’t fill because you want a unicorn for your shitty startup with like 25 open positions. Fuck off. I really need another job or id turn off InMail altogether.

No. 1195459

Ngl this doesn’t really compute. $240/month is a ton for a person to spend on groceries if the place you live is cheap enough that minimum rent is only $500/month. That’s more than double what I spend and rent here starts at like $1000.

No. 1195494

why not move there?

No. 1195511

Dumb question but what does the anon you responded to even mean? It's worded weirdly and I'm ESL.

No. 1195773

I turned off InMail right around when the Great Recession/Resignation/Awakening happened and nothing of value was lost. Jobs worth applying for aren't going to have a recruiter so desperate they're resorting to InMail attached to it. That's usually some god awful startup shit or ancient company that is miraculously still operating despite being behind the times in everything. Do it and don't look back.

SWE = Software engineer
She's saying she wishes the software engineer salaries in her country were as high as the US salaries.

No. 1195781

nta but I'm ESL and thought SWE meant Sweden and anon was saying that the Swedish salaries are better compared to the US ones KEK

No. 1195806

My current job pays well but the workload is tearing me to shreds I want to move jobs but I know no other job will pay me this good but since the political climate has changed here I'm finally determined enough to move to another country and work. My biggest problem is my skillset is absolute garbage and I don't ever want to work in this field again I'm fine with earning a livable wage but like will I ever get hired out of this country fuck I hate being alive

No. 1195815

Relatable. Have you thought about about doing some sort of online course or maybe learn a new language to widen your skillset?

No. 1196180

I’m really not sure but preferably a 2 year. I don’t really know what kind of remote job opportunities there are and a lot that I find on indeed are scammers phishing for your info. I wouldn’t mind going back to work after I’m done staying home with my kids but I’m struggling to pick a career path.. I wouldn’t mind being a social worker or counselor but my husband is worried it will overwhelm me emotionally and be a job I take home everyday.. which sounds plausible. Id like a job that pays 40k at least. It’s hard bc I thought I wanted to be a teacher but they don’t get paid enough for what they do

No. 1196193

Got hired on as a package handler for a mail service company. Everything I see says it will be very physically demanding which will suck but it's the only thing I'm qualified for that pays moderately well. Here's hoping it doesn't suck all the life out of me.

No. 1196233

Like the government mail service or a private mail service? I've heard mail jobs can be great jobs because, despite how physically taxing they are, they tend to offer great benefits and great pay/raises. I hope it doesn't suck the life out of you, nonnie, it could be a great opportunity! I wish you well!

No. 1196399

Hi anons, I want some tips from you guys pls
Here's the thing, I might have negotiated my salary a little low compared to the average wage. Even though I finished my studies but I haven't officially graduated and got my degree yet, I did tell them that my average salary would be X but my ideal salary would be Y. However, I am still in a probationary period and haven't signed the contract that made me officially work there.
Is it possible that I have a chance to negotiate my salary again once I got my degree and finish my probationary period?

No. 1196402

FYI, I just work there for a month for your reference, so I know it can be somewhat salvageable.

No. 1196610

I hate it when you apply for a job through the company's website and they ask you to upload your CV and then ask you to fill the same information that is on your CV on the next step. If you're lucky enough, it will autofill but then you have to correct everything cause it never does it right.

No. 1196621

I'm going on mat leave at work very soon and my manager and a few coworkers are great and have been so fantastic to me, plus I'm being given leave I'm not even entitled to and a guaranteed job when i'm ready so I really want to get something nice for them before I go. it's laid back, 90% male, physical/trade work so do i just get a big box of doughnuts to chuck in the staff area or something?

No. 1196625

Are you from the US?

No. 1196627


No. 1197064

Now imagine you do all that and get to a page that says you need to be able to commute to an office in (list of overpriced cities) despite the job saying it was remote on LinkedIn.

No. 1197065

I'm planning on quitting my job in September to move states. Would it look bad that I've only been at this company for what will be 16 months and the job I had before that was only 13 months? I got laid off before so it wasn't an intentional job hop then. I keep reading 2-3 years is the minimum for the amount of time in jobs "looks good" to employers. I'd love to stay at my current job but my personal situation doesn't really allow that. Do companies really care if I have a good resume and experience otherwise? I work in the printing business doing design. I tried freelancing and it wasn't for me.

No. 1197069

No, you're fine. Even a half a year - one year time period is accepted nowadays

No. 1197089

I just got a job as a spooky tour guide but the script I have to memorize is kind of retarded, I'm gonna change it as soon as training is over and I'm not being monitored anymore lol. This is gonna be my first time working for tips, anyone got advice on how to ask for them at the end of the tour without sounding entitled or rude?

No. 1197124

Yeah! I did, I will start signing up for them once i quit cause right now my job also demands I work on weekends. I'm now just worried my experience won't be enough but at least i'll get my foot out the door

No. 1197128

Every tourist experience I’ve ever been on ended with the guides making some sort of quirky, topical joke as a way of asking for tips. I’ve heard some good and some bad. Unfortunately I can’t remember any of the good ones rn, but you can probably think of something.

No. 1197130

Something about you haunting them forever or cursing them if they don't empty their wallets. That's the best thing I could think about.

No. 1197528

Turn the tips thing into a game, like when at coffee shops (or convention artist alleys) you might see a tip jar for one things (a band, a meme, whatever) and a tip jar for another one.

No. 1197598

I have an impostor syndrome as a leftover from my insecurity considering career, employment and studies. I study literature in university and I've had to listen a lot of talk about how I'm never gonna find work from my field, how I should've just kept it "as a hobby" and how competitive the art field is. I took that to heart a bit too much. Anyway, it happens that I now have a job that I love very much and I'm excited about going to work every day. It's a dream come true for me. Only downside is that because I'm really passionate about my job and it's very independent, I'm chronically scared of not being "good enough".

Someone please tell me that experience will bring along confidence or that it is possible to meet the impostor syndrome at some point?

No. 1198179

I have two interviews lined up. One is at a used bookstore that is affiliated to a non profit thrift store that would only pay 15$ with
basic benefits (that covers dentals which is what I need the most). It is a 5 minutes walk from my place. The other one is to be an office clerk at the courthouse, the pay is 15,25$/h but with the new union collective agreement it would be bumped to 20$/h plus a 2000$ bonus in November plus all the benefits that comes with white collar jobs. I'd have to commute 40 minutes which I don't like.
I'd prefer the bookstore job only because I am familiar with the store and I know it is not a job that would trigger my anxiety but the courthouse job could lead to more interesting and paying positions. The bookstore one, I could only hope to maybe be a manager one day but I don't want to do that. I've been working retail for 15 years so if I wanted to, I could just apply for a manager position at this point. I hope both interviews go well and I can chose which one I want.

No. 1198185

Circuit clerk courthouse jobs are shit. It doesn't matter if you do that or work at a book store. It's not like you'll suddenly find a job with attorney pay just because you worked as a clerk for a bit.

No. 1198212

It could lead to something that pays more than 15$/h at least. Store managers positions barely pay 2$ more than a regular employee. Once you've got a white collar job, it is pretty easy to work your way up. I don't expect an entry level job like that to be fun or stimulating. I know plenty of people with no skills or education that started with white collar entry level jobs and now make 80 000$ per year.

No. 1198375

Where can I volunteer as a UX designer to get hands on experience with projects? Does anyone know a website for it? Or do you just write to random startup companies and send them your portfolio? How does this work?

No. 1198764

>experience will bring along confidence
Yes to this! I've had so many different jobs, and it's always the same– in the beginning, you're so nervous and feel out of place, but after a month or two you're pretty much a pro. You'll do great anon!

Definitely go for the courthouse clerk job. Don't let this opportunity pass you by. It'll be hard but rewarding. Getting out of retail/food service was the best thing I've ever did.

Try non-profits like museums, they're always in need for volunteer work

No. 1198770

A courthouse clerk job is not hard and is basically retail. You still deal with the general public.

No. 1198806

I'm so tired of recruiters ghosting me or not calling me after we set up a time. Three different recruiters were so unprofessional with me this past week. One forgot about our call twice, one said she was going to submit me to a job she said she already submitted me too, and one was supposed to call me 10 minutes ago.
Thankfully I don't NEED a new job and I'm taking these calls because you never know what will come of them. But it's really unprofessional to not honor your commitments. It erases my respect for the recruiter and their company.

No. 1198813

So I'm a full time uni student, looking for a summer job. I have an interview on Monday for a job I really want (in a charity thrift shop, pay is surprisingly decent and I'd have a regular shedule, wouldn't work evenings, would be off on weekends, perfect summer job, really).
So my problem is that I was told on the phone it wouldn't be possible to work part-time in fall when uni starts up again. I was like "oh yeah that's fine" but it's actually not fine. I can't work more than 20hrs/week during the school year, I've done it before and it's too much for me.
So my question is, is it okay to pretend like I'll be able to continue working there come september and then "change my mind" and quit? Idk I just feel guilty abt it

No. 1198815

Do you think you'll ever run into anyone who works there again or want to work there in the future?
I would say go for it even though you know you're going to quit. They may like you so much they'll keep you part time. And don't feel bad about it. They could end up hiring someone else who could also quit in three months time. Take your opportunity. You can also say you thought you would be able to handle a full time schedule and quit.

No. 1198822

The benefits would be greater than retail and it would look great on her resume. If it's so similar to retail then that'll be good for her. She's been there, done that, so it'll be easier for her to settle in.

No. 1198863

If you don't mind burning bridges then it's Ok. Otherwise don't do it or at least be up front about what you can do and try to convince them.

No. 1198995

babes you don't need to feel bad. most jobs drop their employees at a moments notice. stay as long as you can then move on

No. 1199033

I mean, not really. They hire both paralegals and courthouse clerks with zero experience. I've been both. You won't get a leg up unless you have a degree and are wanting to work in law with said degree. It makes no difference which one she chooses except for the fact that the clerk position is better pay.

No. 1199123

It would lead to an administrative job or something related. I know I won't get any law related position as these mostly need a degree. You can also transfer to any other municipal agencies. I've been thinking about getting a certificate in archival studies and working for the city already would be great. The process takes around a month and half to be hired so if I get the retail job and actually hate it I'd just take the clerk job.
My old assistant manager whom is also a good friend works for the company but at another location and she will put in a good word for me. I am very confident about that one if I only go by my work experience. My old job was at a thrift store so I know the drill and she said they use the same system as we did.

No. 1199191

I've had this been happening to me a lot too anon. It's really demotivating.

No. 1199323

At work they have been happy with my performance and want me to stick around for years and become a subject matter expert… I feel very awkward about it because I'm only 27 and don't plan on sticking around that long, but I obviously can't express that kek

No. 1201103

File: 1653801303089.png (19.86 KB, 250x197, 5-ms-teams-desktop-EN.png)

Is it a red flag if the manager who conducts the job interview with refuses to turn on their webcam, because 'their room is messy'? I talked almost for an hour to her initials and it felt so stupid talking to an icon. Picrel is just an example, not her actual initials

No. 1201109

I would say yes

No. 1201431

My manager told me she wants to hang out with me, get a drink / socialize. I hang out with co workers occasionally but I feel weird about getting cozy with management. She’s about the same age as me(30s) and is married. I think she’s feeling isolated at work since we(and staff) have had really really bad management in the past and she’s only been with us for about 3 months, so we are all weary and distrusting. She’s really nice and easy to get along with. Personally I’d have no issue hanging out with her it’s just the management part I’m hung up about.

Thoughts? Should I just get over the fact that she’s my superior and go get a drink or is that unprofessional? I work at a family-owned 5star resort so it’s very laid back and not corporate at all.

No. 1201438

If she was a guy, I'd say no for sure because they def have ulterior motives but since she's a woman, I'd say go for it, it genuinely sounds like she just wants friends because she's lonely. I personally never really hung out with coworkers outside work but a friend of mine had regular grill parties with her boss and her boyfriend

No. 1202332

Thanks nona. I agree about the male part. I definitely wouldn’t meet with a moid manager- at least not just one on one. A couple of the coworkers I occasionally hang out with are male but there’s other females there too. I know better. It doesn’t take much for moids to think you’re interested in them and I’m really friendly so it just makes things worse when it’s one on one.

I think I’ll invite her for a drink next week. Hopefully it’ll be a good time. I think we will get along great as we mesh really well at work.

No. 1202380

Do researcher positions exist in the field of humanities too (like literature)? I mostly see them in scientific fields

No. 1202399

Eh, I'd let put that somewhere between let it slide and only a red flag if another red flag shows up. I know a lot of people have some chaotic home situations, and it is embarrassing. She might have forgot about the interview and didn't have enough time to clean her room.

No. 1202432

what is Literature research?

No. 1202900

I had an acquaintance who researched some Medieval English text but not sure what her psoition was exactly

No. 1203507

How long should you stay at a workplace that you just started and feel like it's not for you and you don't want to stay long term? I've literally been here for 2 days and although the money is nice, the hours are too long and the work itself I don't think I'll like (although I'm just doing trainings atm). I should wait out until the end of probation period, right?

No. 1203762

So I recently started working at a place but I'm not sure if I really want to stay yet. I also received another offer from a company I interviewed at before I was accepted here. I feel like I would like that place slightly more so I want to try the interview (it's the 2nd round btw, and I was referred by a friend of a friend) but during my probation period here, I'm not allowed to take days off and Idk yet if I'm gonna have any meetings at the time the interview would take place. I'm also unable to work from home because the IT guy is sick and so I wasn't provided with work tools like a laptop or a workphone yet. Should I try and tell my manager I have a doctor's appointment at that time? Or how should I go about it?

No. 1203767

Recently got a $2 performance raise along with a $2 cost of living raise at the same time. Very nice. I'm only working part time but I might try to pick up more hours now

No. 1203796

Also, should I mention it in the interview that I have been working at this company for 2 days?

No. 1203810

I think doctor or family emergency excuse would be the best ideas; as for mentioning, don't say anything they wouldn't ask for. They don't necessarily have to know you started working somewhere else at all. If they ask though, just be honest, say you preferred working for them from the start and this is why you would like to continue with the recruitment process despite being freshly hired somewhere else.

No. 1204066

Thank you so much!! I'm nervous, I hate lying. Also if this round works as well, there's going to be a last interview round with the managers as well and I'm already nervous about having to take off time for that as well

No. 1204141

File: 1654022116949.jpg (23.55 KB, 286x400, s-l400.jpg)

I'm curious, what was the work culture like in your workplaces? My experiences were really varied so far:

1st workplace: managers came into the office only to flirt or just to watch over us while we work, but there were no consequences of making mistakes, they generally shat on everything. Everyone was SUPER gossipy. Coworkers were nice to your face but when they thought you were not listening, they talked nasty shit about you behind your back. Management didn't want to let us work from home when the pandemic hit because they were sure that we wouldn't work, while they themselves were working from home. One of the managers was a massive oversharer and talked to me about everything from his wife's postpartum body to his sexual prefrences.

2nd workplace: post communist, autocratic nightmare. Managers (wife & husband duo) were MASSIVE narcissists. Emotional outbreaks, screaming, shouting and of course gossiping were common. Working overtime was the norm and if you dared to stand up from your desk before 6pm you received disapproving stares. The manager ridiculed the people who worked in my position before me during lunchtime and after I was fired I learned that every person who came after me was also fired after their probation period. A psychology PhD could have been written about every person in the management team (the wife of the management team was a condescending bitch and only respected people who behaved like her). Needless to say, I cried a lot, developed insomnia and had a lot of stomach cramps while working here.

3rd workplace: flat company structure, everyone's equal, 'we're a family' mentality. 'Work buddy' system. Lot of (slightly too much for me tbh) emphasis on befriending coworkers and having to be each others friend and talking about our feelings. Flexible time management and individual responsibility was emphasized. LOT of meetings. Like, A LOT. Long coffee breaks. Everyone was genuinely very very nice.

No. 1205010

I would love to work as a UX designer and been doing my second online course in it while working full time in a completely different field but I feel like I'll never get there, I get discouraged so easily. It's just the uncertainty I can't stand. What if I build my portfolio, apply to 35632 places and still cannot get a job? What if the knowledge in this course is not enough, but I cannot afford to go back to school? What if those people who say that the UX market is oversaturated are right and I should just give it up? i just lack grit I think

No. 1205277

Dae find corporate training videos for softwares sort of…pointless? Like you'll only learn it if you use it, watching videos about another person doing stuff on it is not really helpful

No. 1205300

I've worked at 2 tech startups so far.
1st workplace: very small but diverse team, project/company manager was very inexperienced and we had so many meetings. Half of dev time were spent in meetings, it caused us to push the deadline so many times. Depite the team being tiny, 2 people felt like acting like executives, kept the company 'backend' happenings from the rest of us. We made a product after 2 years, and the company was immediately shut down by said manager for no real reason.

2nd workplace: bigger team, CEOs have no idea about software dev but trust us greatly. Remote working, so I've met these people once so far irl. Very chill, we are trusted to do our work, have one weekly catch up meeting and a sprint meeting normally every 2 weeks. Lots of updates of what's going on with the company.

No. 1205306

UX designers and devs are in high demand, I would say keep at it, develop a varied portfolio and do some research into current trends. It's not always about having the right knowledge, a nice portfolio and being open to learning can get you quite far.

No. 1205477

Nona, that has been my job for the past 11+ years and my only advice to actually get calls and the such is learning about the software, because most IT companies just want someone that's versed enough on a tool instead of actually designing. I actively use XD, but I also know Axure and Invision. Put that on your CV and you'll get the calls.

No. 1205508

3rd place sounds like my current workplace, except everyone there is a handmaiden/troon supporter. God I fucking hate them all.

No. 1205629

freelancing anons, anybody have any experience or think it is worth it to pursue online certifications, accreditation, etc. like the free ones Google, Facebook, Linkedin offer or even paid ones if they're really worth it?

ive ran into a few like the Social Media Marketing, SEO, and E-Commerce ones FB offers and since I'm a creative freelancer wondered if it would be something that would boost my resume/opportunities or just a waste of time/money?

No. 1205635

They're not as useful as experience, even if that experience is for yourself/a pet project/some free thing for a friend in terms of marketing. They're certainly not total wastes of time, but I would sooner look for an opportunity to add creative work to my portfolio.

No. 1205802

For full time jobs, it definitely gives you an edge over other candidates with the same type of work. For freelancing, maybe not. People hiring freelancers mostly care about your portfolio and who recommended you. If it’s free though and you have the time, it couldn’t hurt.

No. 1205905

File: 1654110502098.jpg (1017.59 KB, 2000x1270, leonannoyed.jpg)

Should I take a job that is closer and pays more but the hours a bit weird (2pm to 10pm) or a job that is really far and pays less but the hours are mornings only? I am racking my brain, nonnies

The far away job is also a small start up company that only last week included PTO to their payroll. They don't have health insurance or benefits like 401k yet.

No. 1205949

I'd definitely take the closer job temporarily, but be on the lookout for something with better hours. Working off-hours like that will eventually wear on you and is actually bad for your health longterm. But not having insurance is worse for your health kek

No. 1206136

Call center worker nonnas I'm summoning you.
Is it normal to have always an almost mental breakdown everytime you go to work and drink a lot to cope your shitty customers and managers after working for 7 months? Am I weak? The pay is shit, the conditions even more and my office is moving further from my home. Should I leave?

No. 1206247

Thanks anon! I'm gonna use that job short time to save up money. They do pay well for an entry level position. I just hate those hours. I dont even get a choice to work in the mornings (still shit hours btw…6am-2pm.) I just want a normal 8-4 or 9-5!! Fuck

No. 1206654

yes. 100%. I have been in and out of call centers constantly since 2011 and not a single one of them has NOT made me feel suicidal at some point. I'm fortunate to be out of them for now, but I wasted so many years in there. I did my time in both inbound and outbound. I have done tech support, insurance policies, customer service, sales, and political surveys.

Get the fuck out of there for good as soon as you can. You might think you can hack it, but I promise you, with how you feel now, it does not get better and it is not worth it. It goes nowhere, and they would replace you tomorrow if you dropped dead right now.

You are not weak. Call centers are fucking awful, and they micromanage and abuse employees. If you are already dealing with mental illness like depression or anxiety, call center work exacerbates it.

Depending on what you are doing, you may end up having to deliver terrible, terrible news to a customer that will ruin their day/week/year/whatever. I've had a girl screaming, threaten suicide at me on the phone over a $100 credit card authorization before. I understand she likely had a lot more going on in the background, but it still fucking sucks to be put in that position, and I still think about her regularly because there was nothing I could do to help her, and I have no idea what happened.

The only people who do well in call centers and manage to still appear happy at them are bootlickers, workaholics, masochists, or fucking psychos. Get out of there.

No. 1206964

You're not weak. Worked two years in a call center where we were also solving insurance claims on the side. Try doing a complicated task of deciding someone's cancer is bad enough to warrant a payout while being constantly interrupted by angry phone calls and screaming customers. I had my life's first mental breakdown while on this job.

Ironically I have an interview for tomorrow for another call center job, kek. It's been 6 months since I quit my previous one after my hair started falling out in chunks. I guess in the haze of being unemployed I forgot how bad it was, but thanks to you I think I'm gonna politely decline their job offer if they give it to me.

I never again want to hear someone tell me that they googled my name and found my family's home address with the intention to "teach me a lesson", or have the same boring and soul-crushing conversation over and over because customers are either psychopaths or plain stupid.

All in all, you're doing great, nonna, and I hope you find something better.

No. 1207369

Thank you for the motivation nonnas!! bless you all

No. 1207616

Today is my last day at work (I'm a flagger/tcp) and I'm so sad that I've been crying all night so I had to call in and now I'm missing my last day. My dispatch probably hates me but I have no choice but to quit because of issues with management and pay. (paying new hires more). I'm so sad to end this chapter nonas. I really loved my job but now it's onto a new path. I'm only 21 so I've got choices but nonetheless it hurts. But I'm sentimental..

No. 1209156

Recently joined a company and I have literally nothing to do. I cannot access the basic work softwares because IT guys are either sick or on holiday. I've already watched all the training videos twice, and sent out the emails begging IT to give me credentials and access. I wasn't even allowed to work from home because they didn't give me a laptop or a workphone. I guess I'm going to spend the rest of the day browsing lolcow and staring out the window

No. 1209207

First day of "real job" today nonnies. I've been doing internships and stuff but obviously as a freshgrad it's a different feel. It's a pretty small studio/team and we make designs or publications for mostly local shops and stuff. Is copywriting usually this leisurely? Throughout the entire day i keep feeling like i should just be paid minimum wage to basically write a few sentences of poster headlines and instagram captions. Idk i just feel like i should be doing more stuff kek the other members are designers though and i can only give them pointers or guides from my copy, i don't really have the facility to actually reduce their workload. Should i just do what i'm told or look for more things to do whenever i'm just waiting for another brief? Any nonas here experienced with this kind of field? Like writing content or advertising copytexts and such?

No. 1209307

Good luck!

No. 1210375

how hard is it to get a decent paying job in tech after graduating with a computer science degree? I'm graduating in a year and haven't done any work or coding projects outside of classwork and I'm starting to get anxious that I won't get a job because of my non-existent portfolio, but I have almost a 4.0 gpa and tons of other non-coding related skills and work experience so idk if that will help me get a job
I'll be kicked out of where I'm living once I graduate so even though I have a year left I'm still so anxious about whether I'll be able to get a job in the field
any other computer science degree nonnies have some advice or experience you can share in how you got a job?

No. 1210419

So the pandemic helped me realize that I hate being around people and can actually get on nicely away from them. I want to change jobs to become a medical coder. Any nonas do this job and can give tips?

No. 1210521

Can you program for games? 'Cause if so there's an entire industry begging to hire you (mostly for woke points but hey, exploit them).

No. 1210564

What's a good way to put myself out there for freelancing gigs? As far as being an artist goes? I don't necessarily see it as some kind of unachievable job, because my grandpa was a commercial and freelance artist and I'm about as skilled as he was. He passed a long time ago so I never got a chance to really talk to him about it.

However, this was in the 70s and times have changed. Do I absolutely have to have a social media presence or can a decent website/portfolio and a business card suffice? If I had to have one, which would be the best and most effective? Do I start popping my head around local art communities and see what they're looking for? The only downside to that is it's completely saturated with politics I don't and don't have a filter to agree with. I'm just tired of the constantly shifting work of working a wage-slave job, I don't expect to make much at first, but as long as it's something I'm doing part-time along with whatever job I find now will work for me.

No. 1210567

Portfolio will always, ALWAYS outweigh media presence. I got gigs through friends, oddly enough. I had a friend who had this gig he didn't want, so he passed it on to me, and one of the pieces I made for it ended up going viral for a brief moment. And I didn't have to lift a finger for that to happen. Hit up friends, or even acquaintances. Otherwise, just apply to all sorts of places, especially ones that interest you. Ex. I liked surfing so I sent my portfolio to various surfing magazines for spot illustrations.

No. 1210573

Get a summer internship. You can probably still find places hiring at the very last minute. This is the best thing you can do. Literally work on your resume and start applying as soon as you finish reading this comment.

Otherwise, you're not fucked, but unless the school you went to is known to have a good CS program (top 20 or so), you'll have trouble finding a good job without much experience. Large companies like to do affirmative action hiring with entry level people, which could help a lot, but there's still a large pool of competitive female applicants with more concrete experience.

If you can't secure yourself an internship, consider making a webapp or doing theodinproject or something.

ime even with affirmative action, gamedev is harder to get into than other software dev positions. This is largely because entry level gamedev is just SO competitive compared to entry level software engineering. The only gamedev internships or jobs for fresh grads I tend to see are at companies that are pretty well-established, of which there aren't that many. If nona doesn't already have some gamedev experience (or interest in gamedev), I wouldn't suggest starting down this path.

No. 1210579

My impression is it's really not that hard if you're not picky. I think alot of the complaining comes from people who act like the only cs jobs are in the bay area. Those jobs are extremely competitive. Obviously you still have some time so it would be good to get something on your resume though

No. 1210580

Also samefag, I got my first full time job by staying with a company I interned with

No. 1210698

KEK nona. Just have a bunch of clips of the elderly giving a thumbs up and the clip music is something kitschy like one of those LMFAO songs.

No. 1210701

Also, I have never used tiktok but it sounds like a terrible place. Good luck.

No. 1210823

File: 1654332817722.jpeg (26.61 KB, 300x296, 1576302818374.jpeg)

I'm starting to dislike some of my coworkers. One of them is incompetent, is super slow in her work because she's too busy having completely pointless, repetitive "meetings" with her clients just to give them updates (just saying she barely did anything, basically), and now that she's super late and our deadline is june 30th I have to do some of her work on top of mine because I'm doing my own job well so far. And then she complains about working overtime despite nobody ever forcing her to do that. I managed to do a much better job than her despite barely working overtime because I'm actually focused on my job, I know what to do and I don't take 3 smoke breaks per day (at the very least). And then she complains about how we're not paid enough for our work but she got a small raise she did not deserve and I didn't, just because she "participated" more in our weekly meetings, as in, she was asking more pointless questions than others. The other people who got that raise actually had excellent results. She's a pussy and has that annoying victim complex that I can't stand anymore. She wants a higher wage even though she can't speak English which makes her useless with tons of clients, and she barely graduated. I want a higher wage too but she needs to be realistic and try to pay off her debts first because she doesn't know how to manage her own money.

There's another coworker who's just plain annoying because he half-asses his job, complains all the time, and once another team in our company was sick of always asking him to update some basic stuff in our software and correct his extremely important emails and legal documents and sent him an email to call him "incompetent" because he was putting them in some deep shit, and while it's a bit excessive, the guy can barely string a coherent sentence in out language, comes to me all the time and interrupts me to help him with extremely basic shit and yells in the office all the time because he thinks he's allowed to just because he's a flamboyant black gay guy. Some of th coworkers I didn't like already left, good riddance.

One guy I don't directly work with but who's in our office always tries to make me go to the bar once a week after work and he always insists because he probably thinks I'm shy and introverted and needs company. He's nice but it's getting annoying as fuck because I don't drink alcohol so I don't get the point at all, but he insists I should try non-alcoholic cocktails despite me just wanting to go the fuck home.

I like my manager (for once) but she sometimes tries too hard to make all of us feel invested in the team and the company. A former coworker used to be a sports coach so our manager wanted her to make us work out for a few minutes before every weekly meeting and it made me die a little inside. She asked a new coworker who's a former life coach to make us meditate instead, now that the sports girl left. She asked if we were available this weekend to go hiking because of some sports challenge the whole company/group is doing right now, and I refused but god I wish she didn't ask to begin with. I'm starting to think working from home is truly a blessing, even if I have a harder time focusing at home. God I need some paid leave right fucking now.

No. 1210829

This has potential if you do it right. Tiktok loves old people. There's a sweet old guy who makes soap and the community went crazy for him. Also a really old lady who does jokes about her dead husband and other drak jokes. I would recommend that you use TikTok for a while first to get the hang of it.

No. 1211142

KEK if you do that I'm gonna create a TikTok account just to follow you

No. 1211317

I accepted a job offer to a job that seems okay. they pay well, so I'll stick with them until i find something better. I was all ready to start work next week when they sent me an email about getting drug tested. I smoke weed and have a back up plan, but wtf… Why are jobs still drug testing?? I'm answering phone calls and emails. Not building a giant house. This is ridiculous. I don't drink alcohol, so coffee and weed are the only drugs I do.

No. 1211324

Is weed legal in your state? They likely want to avoid tweakers but who knows. Just do the test and if they want an explanation then just say you like to wind down with weed. No one cares about weed anymore I don’t think but I live in Cali so what do I know kek

No. 1211589

Yeah, it's been legal in my state for a while and all the states surrounding me. I just wish they told me this so I could avoid wasting my time. I have a second job in my back pocket, so if I don't get this one, it won't be the worst, but it will suck. I hate places that drug test so much. Thank you btw, nonnie.

No. 1211607

Maybe stupid question, but how do you make a portfolio? Any good websites for it?

No. 1211614

ArtStation. It's free and everyone uses it.

No. 1212727

What shifts times have you worked and which did you like the best?
So far I worked from 8 to 4pm, 9 to 5pm and 10 to 6pm. 10 to 6pm felt the most natural because 10 am is when I'm the most awake but it also sucked because if I couldn't run errands afterwards (post office, library, whatever) because everything was closed

No. 1213307

not sure since I have never attempted game programming before but I assume it's not too hard to learn
all the summer internships I found that are open are only available to highschoolers and/or college first/second years
for some reason most specify they don't want people in their last year of college which I am so I can't seem to get in anywhere
yeah I was looking into the odin project and I know html/css isn't in huge demand but I've been working on coding my own website too so I'll have to focus on personal projects instead of internships I guess
thanks nonna I'm not really that picky I just want something that pays the bills while also not being absolutely awful to work for
I don't mind starting at a lower salary as entry level and working my way up as I get experience, though as I told the other anon I can't get an internship so I'll have to go the building a good portfolio route

No. 1213368


Nona do you have any interest in security? I have a CS degree too and that's what I specialized into. There is a LOT of demand for security people who can code and it pays well. To get started I would recommend you look into CTFs and play around on hackthebox. Watch walkthroughs for retired machines and you will learn quickly how to use hacking tools. The security field is extremely broad, you might find an area you genuinely like. Check if your uni has a security club or competition team and go talk to them. When applying to places, look for job titles like security software engineer. If you don't like coding, look for SOC analyst positions.

No. 1213382

I love 8-4. There's something about that shift that gives me just enough to get my ass right to work in the morning and by the time I'm out, I can do whatever I want. I dunno why, but I somehow got lucky and had that shift majority of time working retail. It was either 8-3 or 9-4. But I've done 8-4 too and that's my favorite one.

No. 1213393

I liked when I got 8:30am to 3pm for my job, it was early enough to get the bulk of what we needed done and I was leaving just when it was getting busiest. Plus I had extra time in the day to do stuff. My hours now are I come in later but leave later at like 5 and I'm too tired to do anything but go home and eat and sleep

No. 1213498

>for some reason most specify they don't want people in their last year of college which I am so I can't seem to get in anywhere
This phrasing assumes that you didn't wait until after the end of the spring semester to apply to summer internships.
They're not offering internships to people who are are graduating this/last month, since most companies instead just offer these graduates full-time jobs. The summer preceding your final year of college is when you're most likely to secure an internship, though you might have missed your chance. Still, do another look through and see if you can find anything. You will learn so much at an internship, and you will get paid to learn it. It's usually harder to get a full-time job offer than an internship, since you'll be competing with hordes of bootcampers and people doing career changes. Luckily there's often positions specifically for fresh uni grads which remedies this somewhat, but it's still tough compared to finding an internship while doing a CS degree.
Also, TheOdinProject is primarily for teaching full stack webdev with JavaScript, which is very much in high demand, unlike html/css alone. So either do that or incorporate significant amounts of JavaScript into your personal website. It'll help you get hired, and it'll serve as a very good foundation. It sucks to start a tech job without much experience, so you should try to get as much as you can this summer.

No. 1215134

File: 1654613159973.jpg (541.28 KB, 1982x2643, jhLBsV1.jpg)

Long rant incoming. How do I deal with doing a task at work that feels too difficult and help is scarce?

I was tasked with creating a demonstration of various different products we offer for the sales department to use in meeting with new clients. A colleague gave me a list with information of how she wanted each product to be presented, but some of the language is vague and some of the software I'm supposed to use I haven't even touched before. She gave me the name of a colleague who can help me, but implied that she's extremely busy and might not answer right away. Feeling overwhelmed, I asked if we could have a short meeting just to clarify a few things I didn't understand in the list. She told me no and referred me to the other colleague instead, who hasn't even seen the list. When I talked to her, she started springing information on me about the products that was completely new and not what I had been told previously. It seems they both have different impressions on what the demonstrations should look like, on a technical level that I'm not on. The first product is to be presented this thursday, and I have no idea if I'm doing anything right.

No. 1215141

Go back to the task owner and tell her just that, that you're unable to proceed with the information given and person she pointed out as the one that can help you is too busy to do so (it's the one that refused the meeting, did i understand it correctly?); underline that it's very important for you this task is done correctly because you understand how important is the correct presentation for the clients but you're not familiar enough with software needed to do so and don't want the presentation to fail. Do you have any teammates you could collaborate with to get it done?

No. 1215143

+ you can ask for the examples of how it was done before, that could be a great help

No. 1215150

Thank you! I shall do that first thing tomorrow, the wording you presented really helped.

Unfortunately I did ask for examples of how this has been done before, but due to some security reasons they couldn't give me access to earlier demonstrations of this kind, so I'm fumbling a bit in the dark. Hope it clears up, if not I shall just take responsibility for any potential mistakes .

No. 1216242

Nonnas, I can't tell if me having too much free time during work hours is something I should adress to my boss or not. Nobody seems to mind really, so maybe my workload is supposed to be that different from the others, but my anxiety-ridden brain can't shake the fear of being seen as useless…

No. 1216248

Do you work from home, or in person? If it’s WFH, shit, take advantage of the paid free time while you can. It’s their fault, fuck ‘em. Save your money though if you fear your job will be one of the first on the chopping block if budget cuts need to be made.

No. 1216265

Hope it went ok! I know how stressful such situations can be.

No. 1216337

I'm in the same boat anon - After just leaving a job where I was working non-stop (to the point of missing breaks and doing overtime) I am just relishing having nothing to do for hours so I'd say find a hobby you can do to look busy at your computer if you are in an office. As long as you are getting the work set out done don't worry.

I've picked up learning a language and exploring history I'm interested in. I often save work or emails for when I know my boss or other colleagues will be watching me but then all the other time I just relax. Take this as a win cause you could easily be in a job that's 10 times worse.

No. 1216347

im too autistic to be a server but i need a job w a livable wage

No. 1216383

It's your boss' job to give you an appropriate workload. Don't address it, no need to wageslave more for equal pay.

No. 1216418

im gonna be a senior next year. im a stem major (engineering) with a 3.08 cgpa in a university that is in top 5 in my country. so why the FUCK are all these companies rejecting my application? why is it so hard to find a job, should i just try to network? i swear im not useless. i know a guy who has 2.8 gpa and he got into the company that rejected me. what should i add to my cv? should i just beg???

No. 1216433

Have you talked to your school’s career advising office and had them look over your cv and cover letters?

No. 1216489

Any nonnies have experience in truck driving or any advice for a female trying to get into it?

No. 1216575

It's weird for sure. How much professional experience do you have so far? Maybe companies think you cold be too expensive and would ask for a higher salary than they can afford? Maybe you being a woman plays a part in it? Maybe you didn't put all your skills on your resume and/or the companies read your resume wrong?

No. 1217952

You annoying ass bitch!! You asked me to let you know when XYZ was speaking so I did! Now you want to flip it on your head like "I asked you for the results of the vote." Annoying ass bitch.

I took a holiday last week and I came back to my boss guilt tripping me non-stop with "oh it was SOOO hard without you" Ok! Good! I don't care!

I just made one year at my job and I was thinking of staying at least 2 years before I started job hunting but I guess I'll just start now. I don't really know what I want to do though. My job is admittedly cushy and I don't do much most days, which is why I don't mind the absolute shit salary, but something just switched and I don't want to stay here anymore. I don't even have to make much more, and I know I'll always work dead end jobs, but I just don't want it to be here.

I've mostly worked as an admin assistant before this job, so I guess I'll go back to it.