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No. 700861

not everyone disagrees with you
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Farmhands' dumbass disclaimers:
>Reminder that if you are a radfem/pinkpill/Terf sperg/gendercrit, the "unpopular opinions thread" is not your reverse uno to continue the discourse. Nor is it your general place to try and fight people. Ignore posters you disagree with.

If you are here to;
>sperg about trannies ruining your board, or your conspiracies that everyone who disagrees with you is a tranny - BAN.
>explain in detail why every man is shit - BAN.
>fight people who disagree with you - BAN.
>post vaguely veiled gendercrit posts to try and evade the no gendersperg rule - BAN.
>reply to someones personal experiences because you inherently disagree with their views - BAN.
>discuss your views on racism - BAN.
>have gender crit discussions - BAN.
>try and score twitter cookie points by dunking on the "bigot" terfs - BAN.

If you are here to;
>complain that your boyfriend did x/ you got cat called/ you had a bad day due to a man - NO BAN.
>talk about your personal experience and opinions. - NO BAN.
>HOWEVER, personal experiences and opinions do not devolve into long political discussions nor do they contain your tangent on how all men are scum or how you want to ethnically purge because once upon a time a (((man))) said you are fat.

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No. 700869

Jungle theme is better than Keekweek, Girltalk, and Darkcow.

No. 700871

there is no point in using any theme other than darkcow or hellweek

No. 700873

File: 1608735457389.jpg (113.99 KB, 1300x953, woman-pointing-a-gun-ATMKJ7.jp…)

Take it back

No. 700878

File: 1608735781185.jpeg (99.46 KB, 750x751, 9CE6D055-03D6-4086-BE8E-AF47ED…)

Don’t you dare shit talk my Girltalk.

No. 700881

suicide is not cowardly, but it is selfish. I was only waiting for my 85 year old grandma to go before I go, but then there's also my 51 year old mom…………….who would take care of her once she's old? she also raised me and spent so much money on me for me to just, leave when I feel like it. It's a very selfish thing to do considering I've had plenty of good times while here. I obviously love her too but not enough it seems. Anywho, suicide is not the answer it seems to be anons, not even an emotionless rock could be that selfish.

No. 700882

File: 1608736228308.png (447.46 KB, 839x542, 44f61d.png)

My fellow dark theme sister…

No. 700883

I feel like people who say this stuff don't understand why people commit suicide. People dont kys because they actually want to die, they just feel like it would be easier than whatever is driving them to suicide. I've heard a lot of suicidal people say they feel like killing themselves would be better for their friends and family cause they feel like burdens.

No. 700884

The Dark theme is the only way of life

No. 700887

Samefag but also, not everyone has an 81 yo grandma and a 51 yo mom. Some people don't have any family or even friends at all. I think you have a very small worldview, anon.

No. 700891

Most people who commit suicide suffer from some sort of mental illness(es). I don't think you can call it selfish when they're literally ill in the head (sorry for the rude wording but that's what it is) and incapable of making choices like a healthy person would.

Saying a suicidal person is selfish for committing suicide is almost like saying a person with a broken leg who doesn't walk to get someone something is selfish.

No. 700892

Your monthly reminder that Aileen Wuornos did nothing wrong

No. 700893

Not unpopular, just true ♥

No. 700894

Hard disagree you are wrong.
She should have killed far more men before getting caught.

No. 700896

women shouldn't be the ones responsible for forcing men to use protection in the heat of the moment. there are TWO horny fucks in that room, why is it the woman's fault if she gets pregnant?

No. 700900

Tbh I feel like both people are responsible. Like you said it's two people so, one should be responsible for making sure she doesn't get an std/get pregnant/give someone an std, and the other should be responsible for making sure he doesn't give someone an std/get someone pregnant/get an std.

No. 700901

I was watching her interviews yesterday and yes

No. 700903

Sometimes I feel like some anons here don't wanna be equal to men, but just want to be able to be as bad as them. Especially when farmers try to justify a woman doing something wrong with "Men do it too".

No. 700916

no shit. 80% of the userbase is mentally unstable.

No. 700917

ayrt and I'm obviously referring to people that have close relatives… I want to kms but even I know how selfish it is. Everyone close to me will blame themselves in some way no matter how good of a letter I write. They'll also hurt emotionally, buy I KNOW they'll be better off in the long run. I wish I had nobody that cared about me. I think getting life insurance would make me feel a little better, knowing they won't have to worry about funeral expenses

No. 700921

i don't like making out. it reminds me of the texture of eating snails.

No. 700937

why would I want to be equal with something I'm superior too?

No. 700971

i want to do whatever i want

No. 700979

you need to remember this is an anonymous image board, and girls come here to shitpost and vent. 90% of the time it's exaggerated bullshit, get a grip.

No. 700998

This. Shitposting is fucking fun tbh

No. 701002

I agree.

No. 701003

twin beds are so much better than big beds

No. 701006

Stanley Kubrick did not abuse shelley duvall she was just being a drama queen

No. 701010

Not even an opinion just wrong.

No. 701011

File: 1608747111293.png (24.3 KB, 949x223, 20201223_181046.png)

And how did he abuse her?

No. 701015

Why didnt you just attach the video

Anyway, wasn't Stanley literally bullying her because he thought it would make her perform better? She's not overdramatic. That's not a normal thing to do, director or not.

No. 701037


Gordon Ramsay shouts at people. Stop being such a mediocre faggot your whole life.

No. 701041

You are truly retarded.

No. 701154

i dont understand why anyone would put milk on cereal. its disgusting, just eat it dry

No. 701156

Look. I'm just as lactose intolerant as the next person, but you don't have to cope like this. Dry cereal is for rodents.

No. 701174

If you eat it dry your stomach will hurt

No. 701179

Is this what your parents told you to prevent you from snacking on dry cereal? lmao

No. 701267

Quite possibly one of the worst delusions my generation indulges in is the delusion that going to college/university and getting a degree is worth it in any scenario, and that they're going because they can learn about topics that there definitely isn't readily-available information about in books and online, when 99.9% of the time they're going because an external force (family, friends, peer pressure, cultural/societal pressure, government encouragement) made them feel like they had to.

No. 701271

yes but also I know from experience

No. 701278

>Degrees are never worth it in any scenario
Cool I don't have a medical or law degree but I'm sure I can easily become a doctor or attorney because some anon said so

No. 701324

Most people do it because you just need that piece of paper to get any decent job, not the learning itself since most content like textbooks is easily pirated online. I think this gen has way more people who don’t go to college and instead try to do artsy creative shit on social media. How are people supposed to find work, especially now, when the minimum qualification is an education unless you want to be stuck in retail or have real connections?

No. 701330

rodent anon here, been eating it dry my whole life and never had that issue. maybe its just me

No. 701331

Maybe it depends on the sort

No. 701348

I'm the anon who called you a rodent. Maybe you really are just built different. I can't imagine eating dry cereal regularly though. I need some milk to break up the sweetness. Which is ironic because I'm a big sweetooth.

No. 701388

I get that breastfeeding is normal and natural but I don't understand the urge of some mothers on social media to post pictures of it.

No. 701431

agreed. people are perpetuating the system, which is definitely government encouragement. they make money off student debt by charging interest and even more by raising tuition prices every year.
they set you up to go to college in high school. trying to opt out from it, you get pestered by the school staff, who are also govt employees.
and i don't get why people fall for the delusions, i have watched many videos stating how long it takes to pay off school debt, it sounds like hell as someone who's witnessed financial struggle since i was a child.

when push came to shove and i realized in my first semester i simply cannot continue going to school unless i wanted to bankrupt our family because they already can't handle their finances and FAFSA gave me the bare minimum because i was too poor in the first place. might as well drop out and get a full time job.
i'm moved out now and i'm financially stable, still lower class, but no debts due whatsoever.
>readily available information in books and online
yes, exactly this. especially the fact you can easily find college-course txtbooks for free and youtube has great resources as well. i've mentioned this and my friends who were in college at the time would seethe any time i remembered how much free and useful information is out there without having to fork over $28k a year. like, i am sorry i don't have the free time to be a student, i have to work too.

No. 701446

shitting is also natural

No. 701471

Sorry but this is a bad take.
A bachelor's degree is the zoomer high school diploma if you want a job with benefits and pay worth a damn anymore. That is if you don't want to be busting your back at a trade, retail, or on Onlyfans. Nepotism might save you, but other than that your prospects are bleak without a degree.

You absolutely should be angry at a system that indebts people for wanting to learn, but having an educated populace is actually a great service that should be encouraged.

No. 701568

File: 1608778541852.png (387.97 KB, 730x643, oeo72bt4tq701.png)

When Logan Paul posted that video of the dead body in the Japanese forest I thought it was gross and tasteless but not the biggest outrage of the decade. Maybe I have a weird way of looking at death but it didn't hit me the way it hit other people. It was just a dead body in a public space. I think Logan's content is trashy and the fact he has a young audience was the worst part, but the video itself was just poor taste and that's that. I felt like it was in the news for a long time considering it got taken down fairly quickly and if anything it just got amplified due to the Streisand effect(I would have never heard of Logan Paul to this day had it not been so viral) All I'm saying is people were 9/10 outraged and I was like 3/10 outraged. It's more of an outrage to me that kids watch his content and think he's funny or admirable.

No. 701576

I had a 12 year old relative who was obsessed with him and looked up to him before that happened, I moved away around that time so I always wondered whether he still wore his logan merch afterwards. His mom sure payed enough for it lol

No. 701580

I have never found either of them cute but something about this facial expression with this stupid hat is just art. I can see why someone took the time to isolate it.

No. 701588

I lowkey want that hat, as a memento.

No. 701591

I think people shit on Dr.Dray too much for her weight. I do think she has an ED and that it can be hard to look at her, but I was lurking on this boomer gossip forum and they're acting like its unethical for her to have a channel at all.

No. 701596

A memento of what? Logan Paul acting like a dumbass?

No. 701600


Nobody tell this anon about crackers or popcorn.

No. 701602

what's wrong with blue collar work? people don't appreciate doing "dirty" work and will put themselves into years of debt because they simply want to avoid learning how to build or operate machinery. kek. there's people who get paid $15 an hour to simply push a button on an elevator for guests, but you don't know that because you just assume you have to break your back every day as someone without a degree. elevator repair people make $40 on average and mostly what they do is switch out parts and program data.

No. 701604

Exactly, it would be funny.

No. 701619

Hard agree anon. I work in agriculture & there's a serious lack of women in this industry, plus it makes a lot of money.
Get your damn hands dirty ladies, it's good for you.

Also for the more creative bitches out there, being a tattoo artist is the most profitable art job you can get without having to drag your ass thru art school. & It also is another field lacking in females.

No. 701620

File: 1608783866240.png (348.78 KB, 1280x720, 1555283085401.png)

Black girl wojaks are powerful as fuck I want whoever is making them to keep making them

No. 701629

File: 1608785927150.jpg (22.14 KB, 750x774, 132412260_407722710475009_5689…)

Hard agree, I saw this one and fucking lost it

No. 701638

they're the cutest wojaks so far i love them so much

No. 701641

File: 1608787243872.jpg (45.05 KB, 800x450, cover5.jpg)

I know this is unpopular opinions, but I'm surprised to see this here lmao. I thought farmers would think they're lame cause precious imageboard culture or whatever but, I think the black wojaks are really cute.

I don't think anons mind the doomer girl though so, it would be hypocritical if anyone had an issue with these.

No. 701644

File: 1608787271722.jpg (32.42 KB, 680x702, 8e5.jpg)

Also wanna know who decided to give these girls laid weave lmao

No. 701660

File: 1608789770806.jpeg (34.76 KB, 439x284, 4FE7E544-05E7-4929-879D-4EA8FF…)

I love them so much.
>tfw i will never be as pretty as femwojak

No. 701696

Never knew these existed, they are so cute tbh. Black girls are lovely.

No. 701697

Reddit's not that bad. People who complain about it seem to be going out of their way to find posts that they already know are going to piss them off. Either that, or they don't customize their accounts so that they aren't subscribed to any of the main subs, which admittedly are pretty bad. You actually have to go out of your way to make the most of your time there, like pretty much anything else.

No. 701699

File: 1608794597140.jpeg (97.27 KB, 950x585, F1EC8E13-8B11-4FE6-8201-706AF3…)

I like the black wojak memes like this one

No. 701705

i find nice recipes on there sometimes. still won't make an account tho

No. 701708

File: 1608795400040.jpg (330.08 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_1196.JPG)

I like this one because it's literally what happened kek

No. 701711

I like the 2 black female wojaks on the right but the ones on the right don't feel like proper wojaks

No. 701713

There is literally NOTHING more embarrassing than the way alt right 4chan types attemp to mock the way black people speak. They always use the most outdated slang incorrectly, you can tell they never socialize with anyone let alone actual black people.

No. 701718

So there are no scenarios where college is worth it? Society needs teachers and doctors and lawyers and accountants and etc. etc. etc.

No. 701719

It is extremely ironic that far leftist ideas are becoming part of this website.

No. 701720

I bet you learned that one from your loser boyfriend who smokes weed every second.

No. 701723

Rhythm games and story-based games (w/o fps elements) are the best kinds of games

No. 701726

i decided college wasn't it for what i wanted to do but this is a really dumb take anon i'm sorry

No. 701740

Not really, this place has never been one of /pol/'s outposts. It's based on /cgl/.
They did try to colonize it, but they failed because they're vitriolic incels, lmao.

No. 701742

I agree, they're the most fun. Most FPS games just seem boring to me.

No. 701744

wtf is going on with the Asian wokjacks? they look like they're melting lmfao, cringe 4chan black speak aside

No. 701748

Did you just get here from kiwifarms or something?

No. 701755

100% Reddit

No. 701764

If Onision made a selfpost it would look exactly like this

No. 701780

personally i think a degree is pretty important just because of the current job situation. also college should be free, there are many countries where it costs basically nothing. currently your education depends on how much money you have, not how hard you work or how willing you are to learn or whatever. i do think its genius for capitalism to get the future workers into huge debt in the start though, definitely works for the system

No. 701788

Isnt he like woke now or something, with the George Floyd protests he made about 3 podcast episodes about white privilege, police brutality, anti racism and gave some money to BLM, he went semi-viral on twitter for a while and most depressingly saw some woke woc I follow actually Simping/Thirsting for him

No. 701796

meme gatekeeping is utterly fucktarded

No. 701797

didnt he join the protests to loot? or was that his brother? at least one Paul was captured on tape looting during the protests

No. 701802

iirc it was his brother jake

No. 701806

I agree, it was in poor taste but not that shocking to me. I'm surprised that somebody didn't step in and tell him not to post the video beforehand. Don't large youtubers have managers who help them with their channel?

I find these cringe. Wojak is a dead meme. Should have stopped at the boomer/zoomer jokes because everything after that was terrible.

No. 701807

Define what you mean by "far left" because I don't see it. A lot of the opinions expressed her would get people cancelled in most left wing circles.

No. 701847

Yeah I think they're supposed to be in more of an ms paint style.

I don't like the weird connotations the wojack memes have though, like they've always been used for messed up shit just like pepe.

No. 701872

File: 1608812358222.jpg (78.08 KB, 1200x664, 1608805666728.jpg)

Decide to look them up, this was one of the first results…………. God I feel Black Incels who despise black Women don't get enough hate

No. 701873

File: 1608812379928.png (477.99 KB, 611x869, eu1kpia96n211.png)

I hate pitbulls

No. 701878

same. ugliest, scariest dog ever. i hate how many people cape for them and buy them because "they are poor little babies who nobody else chooses because of wrong, bad, horrible stereotypes!!" everyone i know who has a pitbull is insane about them. not like any other normal dog lover. this one punk chick literally has 2 shitty tattoos of pitbulls on her cleavage. i wish i was kidding. another guy can not have enough, he has 2 and still wants more. posts about how badly pitbulls are treated, weekly rants about how people are scared of his little baaabiiiess.

No. 701887

Same, plus pitbull culture. They have cute faces sometimes, but generally very scary.

No. 701900

Pitbulls shouldn't be so heavily bred or they should mix with other breeds to "water down" the pit dog instincts. No matter how many pit bull owners love to say that their adorable dog nannies their baby, the truth is that they're just lucky the dog hasn't seen the baby as a prey to maul yet.
Also the beady eyes, huge skull and muscular short body are just… not very good.

No. 701903

I think they're cute but I wouldn't own one. I'd like to keep my face intact

No. 701928

Overzealous pitbull owners almost scare me more than pitbulls themselves. The way they go on about these dogs being harmless babies who wouldn't hurt a fly and are falsely stereotyped makes me feel like they'll take zero responsibility and blame the victim if their dog does end up hurting someone. All dogs are capable of snapping and biting someone, and pitbulls are capable of doing far more damage than say, a pomeranian. Responsible dog owners need to acknowledge this.

No. 701942

File: 1608821529261.jpg (175.28 KB, 735x1003, ec3a1e1318f365b9cfb434df252386…)

I don't understand why Its gotten so unpopular to say that many times there isn't alwaays a clear good guy or bad guy in life and society, most of the time you're not gonna find an easy villain like Nazis irl

No. 701944

A degree ain't gonna get you anywhere in a pandemic kek. You're better off learning to become an electrician, farmer, plumber, machine operator, or something more practical like a custodian. Case in point, these positions haven't suffered because of lockdowns because they are always in demand.

No. 701945

I agree a lot of situations are nuanced, but people who go on about "both sides" are obnoxious and usually looking to play devil's advocate to make themselves feel smarter. You can understand ~both sides~ while still having an opinion.

I feel like these types are just lazy and don't want to defend their opinion because they don't research the issues. Anyone with more than a cursory understanding of a subject usually has an opinion about it.

No. 701950

LOL alt right incels have no idea how black people talk this is right next to those Jim crow comics from the 60s. Probably got turned down by a black girl then made this loooool

No. 701954

File: 1608825980270.jpg (440.96 KB, 525x700, Eastern_Barn_Owl_(Tyto_javanic…)

Owls are the ugliest birds (and I'm a bird lover)I can't like them
They look so strange it's just so damn repelling (yes I've seen all types of birds and frankly I love condors & vultures because they look goofy)

No. 701955

Well this incident actually happened though, multiple times

No. 701956

This shouldn't be an unpopular opinion, but males can't get raped by women (unless the woman uses a tool). People constantly use the words "rape" while describing various sexual assaults, but not every sexual assault is rape. The definition of rape is strictly tied to an act of penetrating victim's body with a penis. That's the legal definition, at least in UK and USA.
It makes perfect sense, logically. But besides that, we can't ignore how, historically, rape was used as a tool against women during wars etc. It's just not something a male can ever experience from a woman.

No. 701957

>5 year old video
There are so many white people in that crowd, too.
>3d animations
Anon, what on earth is this channel? Who made this? They can't be serious kek

No. 701958

Digital rape (rape with fingers) also exists, though. A woman could hypothetically finger a man's anus against his will.

No. 701960

I 100% agree with you if were talking about adult Able bodied men, I do believe that male children can be abused and raped by women, also with disabled men

No. 701961

What about an older women who have sex with a minor, that's rape

No. 701962

Jesus christ….

No. 701963

Not really, an able bodied man will always have the physical "power" in a relationship, most of the time men are the ones who ask for stuff to be inserted in their butts

No woman has ever gone " I'm gonna insert my fingers in a mans asshole which will be convered fecal matter of my own free will"

No. 701964

I’ve been looking into agriculture but I’ve been discouraged from it (mostly by other women in my life who think I’m not cut out for it, I don’t have previous experience or any education past a few books and articles I’ve read on horticulture and agriculture in the continent I live in). What would you say is a good starting point or jumping off point? I find it interesting that a lot of women I’ve talked to about dreams or end goals have one to own land autonomously, live off of it and generally isolate, and I think working in agriculture would be fulfilling but I’m not sure what an entry level position is, or what certifications are necessary to enter the industry. Sorry for employment/industry blog

No. 701965

No. 701966

nothing wrong with playing games on easy or even using cheat codes or trainers

No. 701969

I'm so tired of reading this "unpopular" opinion every week.

No. 701970

Rape on a male isn't as bad because they can't get pregnant and be forced to have a rape baby plus purity culture exists

No. 701971

File: 1608827722350.png (328.34 KB, 415x628, ACBA1DDC-5ED7-4B85-B13C-8F9111…)

I think snowy owls are really cute though, anon… they look like if cats were birds, so fluffy. Plus their eyes are cute because they’re diurnal and not nocturnal so they’re not scary pits of ominous darkness like most owls

No. 701972

And age gap relationships with a young male and older female arent as bad(legal ages of course)

No. 701974

Radfems/TERFs often have more attractive and overall better male partners then libfems and TRAs

No. 701976

File: 1608828636829.jpg (103.83 KB, 1140x798, 20161026HOsaw-whetowl2-2-15736…)

Take this back anon or we're gonna have problems.

No. 701978

Radfems can have male partners? Agree with terfs because I feel like they hold men to a higher standard and don't coddle them.

No. 701979

Some do most of them are often left leaning but mostly apolitical dudes who are mostly turbo Normie's

No. 701987

You don't have to go to college to learn how to teach a child KEK. Homeschooling exists, doesn't require a degree to give a child teaching materials that are publicly available free online and in libraries.

No. 701989

Homeschooling programs (K12 and Connections Academy for example) have actual teachers with degrees though. Not only that but, a person who googles a bunch of stuff just isn't going to have the same expertise as a teacher who has their degree. Teaching isn't just about giving kids the materials.

No. 701991

you do realise that terfs are also radfems? the acronym stands for trans exclusionary radical feminist, it isn’t solely tranny hating. As for radfems having male partners, some do, some are female separatists ect and choose not to.

No. 701998

No actually you're completely right lmao, in my head terfs were just tranny haters. My bad. I do feel like most women who don't want men in their spaces wouldn't describe themselves as radfem though, maybe that's why I did that division.

No. 702012

It’s okay, sorry I was so confrontational anon <3 I understand why you’d come to that conclusion though, a lot of people adopt the label terf even though they’re only gencritt, makes the two terms seem more different than they are

No. 702027

Shayna is boring as hell

No. 702032

Unpopular opinion, but teachers in this area are failing hard. There's so much reliance on technology and learning apps and not enough solid structure with tangible learning materials.

No. 702043

ellen page was always an ugly weird looking little goblin

No. 702044

No. 702054

I mean, good for him if he's actually changing and evolving. Hard to believe though

No. 702062

Friends with benefits should changed to sex acquaintances. Makes more sense because fwb are very rarely actually friends.

No. 702063

a lot of the fetishes in the "fetishes you're ashamed of" thread aren't really something to be ashamed of and belong more into the turn-on thread

No. 702108

This idea that bullies will end up being the losers in life… yeah stop lying to the children.

Bullies stay succeeding and stomping on others to get to that success. Even if they stop being quote on quote bullies, they still have the personality traits and built up confidence to do well. Whereas those who are bullied are not only more empathetic, less willing to inflict pain on others, they also lack any and all self-confidence.

No. 702112

Also it depends on where you're from. Maybe in some rural town in the middle of nowhere you can feel superior over your school bullies as an adult because you moved away and they're fat methheads stuck in their hometown, but where I'm from, the bullies were the ones from rich families who had mommy and daddy pay their way into an elite school and get them good jobs. Loser my ass.

No. 702153

The bullies are the teachers on the poor kids or the bullies are the poor kids who are frustrated a kid is flaunting their wealth in front of them, either one of those or the child is disabled

No. 702167

Well there are two types of bullies, the ones you described and the ones who lack self control and act like animals.

No. 702193

This. All the kids who spat on me and made my life a living hell in middle school have high paid jobs now

No. 702198

I lived in a rural "city" growing up and my bullies (one of which confessed was jealous due to a guy) are underemployed drugheads who aren't cultured and don't take care of their looks.
I escaped and moved to a booming tech city after grad school. The jobs here are competitive, and people are super educated due to numerous opportunities. They live in a standard of wealth I've never seen before.

I can't imagine being bullied where I'd know my bullies were legitimately better than me. At least when I went to a depressed area's school I could cope that my bullies were frustrated losers. Here? Oh I'm definitely the mediocre freak.

No. 702219

I mean mine got cancer and died but that's probably an exception and not the rule

Also she 'gave her heart to Christ' while on chemo and I grew up in a very Southern Baptist/IBLP/Duggar-Bates area so I kept my views on karma to myself lol

No. 702254

Micarah Tewers is fucking annoying

No. 702266

I love her wholesome little self. She's sweet, and I'm always happy to see someone with animal tisms

No. 702282

I just think bullies are not worthy of the time of the people who got bullied.
Why should I even take in consideration their lives? Like yeah, I got a really shit school life experience, but I won’t even try searching for their names, and whenever someone from that school even tries to contact me, I block them.
Getting news from family members and such about them is something different, of course, but I honestly just tell everyone who tries to talk about my bullies that I just don’t give a single fuck and that I don’t want to even hear about them.
Basically: if they die, they die.
Victims of bullying need to close the cycle by not looking for their bullies’ info after all the shit they had to go through.
Then again, I’m assuming it’s people from cities or that can actually distance themselves from their bullies, of course living in the same 200 people town will make distancing themselves impossible.

No. 702284

If she was ugly people would call her weird and wouldn't watch her videos. She's got that "pretty privilege" so to speak.

No. 702287

I hate hockey players and hockey. Recently found out that a kid I went to school with has a former NHL player dad. The teachers sucked up to this kid and even moved him up a grade because of his upbringing. Meanwhile I grew up in a trailer park and my mom requested I move up a grade because I was doing well academically but was turned down because "your kid needs to stay with their friends". The contrast is stark but I certainly don't hate the kid for existing I just hated the special treatment he got for existing LMFAO.

No. 702296

my unpopular opinion regarding bullying is while i understand that it's not that simple, i wish fighting back against bullies would happen more often. stopppp letting them pick on you and just knock them the fuck out one day, it's not stooping to their level to bite back once against someone if they've been tormenting you repeatedly

then again this might be a naive take since i was homeschooled and the only bullying i experienced was online kek

No. 702297

maybe I'm becoming a boomer but I have no idea what that means. anyway I find her annoying because of her editing and she seems like the kind of girl who likes to humble brag. I'm sure she's a great person though

No. 702302

I think anon just means she really likes animals, or is "autistic" (?) about animals. Micarah's family has like 2 or more indoor chickens and she has a bird.

No. 702303

It only works if you're in like, 3rd grade and the bully is a violent tard.
ime I wasn't bullied per se in hs but this group talked about me behind my back where I could hear them. You can't do anything about that type of thing

No. 702308

I've been watching her videos while making art since it's fitting to watch someone maniacally making things while working on crafts. But I thought the exact same thing, several things (self harm like: sticking pins in her lips, hotgluing clothes onto herself, using e6000 glue on her skin, tearing hair directly from her scalp, to name a few, along with impulsive behaviors like driving through rivers and general crazy lady behaviors like taking her chicken to the store) …are pretty deranged and she only gets away with it due to being pretty. Pretty privilege is real, folks, I didn't think so until watching her stuff and then scrolling to read the adoring comments.

No. 702309

Mumble rap is equal to silent opera. It makes no fucking sense. You either fucking rap OR you mumble like a retard. It's not a music genre, it's an oxymoron.

No. 702312

I'm not denying pretty privilege, but she is legit talented and knowledgeable, has good ideas for content, and is quite funny/entertaining. I think she would still be popular if she was average looking.

I actually think her weirdness is over emphasized by the contrast with her looks, if she wasn't prettier than you'd expect for someone with her personality it would seem less surprising and bizarre.

No. 702317

I've watched just a few of her videos and thought that behaviour was just staged, a persona for an entertaining youtube video.

No. 702319


I think the homeschooling is why she doesn't act the way you'd expect, like there are several times where she gets spooked by guys creeping or staring at her in costume and seems genuinely surprised by it despite being maybe 30. She's quite sheltered from a lot of experiencs which shape your behavior as a pretty girl, while maybe over-exposed to some other experiences by being homeschooled and living/working in a trailer. Being a Youtuber also exacerbates any latent craziness and negative traits (See: Shane Dawson and Tanya Mongeau) so her personality has probably got stronger since being warmly welcomed as another of Youtube's amusing messes.

She is skilled and talented, those parts are the best parts of the video imo. In a way she's kinda not aware of how talentless and average most people are so the behavior is a little off. Also definitely ADHD by how she gets distracted mid-project, acts impulsively, and edits every minute to be wAcKy.

No. 702320

(sorry for blog lol, have been watching a few of her videos since yesterday and have some Thoughts)

No. 702323

Micarah is definitely not 30 lmao. She's probably more like early to mid 20s. I agree that she's very talented though, and the "weirdness" and vlog-like tidbits is what makes her videos more interesting. Her videos are actually one of the reasons I got into sewing.

sorry for sounding like a cringe fangirl, I just genuinely really like her videos lmao.

No. 702337

shipping is taken way too seriously in fandoms. also not every single character needs to be shipped with another and no, that doesn't make them asexual.

No. 702370

The Omori game looks really cool, I don't really give a shit about Omocat and know that the constant postponing of the game is a meme at this point but watching the trailer it does look engaging. People seriously underestimate the time it takes to develop complex games.

No. 702377

List of things that are not personalities
>Whatever media you consoom (music, shows, books, vidya, etc)
>Wearing all black
>Wearing/consooming "kawaii" shit
>Being a """sex worker"""
>Political stances
>Being a furry

No. 702388

No. 702393

okay so what is personality? please explain

No. 702395

I think your preferences in media and political stances are pretty good indicators of your personality, anon.

No. 702398

bleached blondes > natural blondes

No. 702400

File: 1608898320503.jpg (95.62 KB, 750x852, 0c59d591a9110bc3827fe5de85de21…)

I understand that some people will only talk about and act like their entire lives revolve around these things, but the stuff a person is interested in, their hobbies and political views ARE a part of their personality.
I agree with this, not just the white-ish platinum blonde, but also colors like pic related. I think blonde and red are the only natural hair colors that look better artificial.

No. 702402

who is she? she's so hot

No. 702404


No. 702406

>t. never seen an actual blonde

No. 702407

nta but hobbies besides consooming media and clothes, actual personality traits like your attitude, outlook on life, sense of humour, the way you interact with other people, tastes etc. Your favorite media and your politics are influenced by these personality traits, they aren't personality traits themsleves

No. 702410

I honestly don't know for sure. She might be Nique Wallace? Here's the pinterest link for the photo

No. 702415

samefag to add that the point of making this distinction is to say that adopting something like your politics as a core part of your identity is dumb and shallow bc they should be /a derivative/ of that identity. It's the difference between saying "I'm a liberal because I'm compassionate and open minded" and "I'm compassionate and open minded because I'm a liberal" does that make sense

No. 702416

Is every american who has been homeschooled a privileged middle to upper class white person?

No. 702418

No? I'm black and two of my younger family member are in online school. One of them could be considered middle class but not the other. Idk about the the non-online homeschool, but school is free and mandatory for children/teens in America.

No. 702419

why do blondes have a superiority complex over being blonde? both bleached and natural.

No. 702421

Something about american society makes the highest rates of spergs and lol cows online due to the negligence of personal accountability and hyper individualistic mentality in the culture

No. 702422

because only 2 percent of people in the world are natural blondes

No. 702423

hard agree but only because natural blondes have no eyebrows half the time. same goes for fake gingers > natural gingers

No. 702437

The idea that the internet is a reflection of reality is bullshit. From the start the internet represented fringe groups of people and specialized groups employed by the government to monitor it before approving it for mass scale public usage. Most ideas expressed on the internet are by a vocal minority when the majority are silent lurkers who don't have much to say (this has always been the case). Many opinions online are from extreme groups, bots, shills, and actual trolls than any reflection on reality most of the time. I will go as far to say many people I've met in real life are non existent or unheard of online and people's ancedotes and personal experiences in real life vs the internet are world's away in variations and experiences. The only issue here is that many people spend most of their time online and think this alternative reality is representative of the real world around them. Lastly, my other unpopular opinion is that the internet homogenizes people and makes them way too similar even in things where it doesn't make sense for their country, culture, or age group (like non americans becoming sjws on social media or non americans believing in american conspiracy theories like qanon). Funny enough the internet erases a lot of diversity about people and differences in experience since there's often a large minority group that likes to force feed one streamlined , one size fits all , narrative into people and gaslight you if you disagree with them. Most of the unique and different people I've met come from traveling and real life interactions. The internet as a whole is very pigeon holing and extremely conformist imo, I think this effect is done on a psychological level as well

No. 702442

Really? I thought she looked kind of strange. Still pretty, but a weird kind of pretty. I would still watch her stuff because she's got similar interests and is extremely creative and doesn't have the personality of wet paint.

Merry Christmas, y'all!

No. 702443

Natural blondes can tint their eyebrows or use make-up though. Bleached blonde is nice when it's well done, well maintained and healthy but it's almost always terribly damaged and/or yellow and has roots growing back in. I'm in general not a fan of bleaching/coloring hair for that reason, the second the roots start growing back in it looks ugly imo.

No. 702446

yeah it's a lot of upkeep. i'm surprised that people have found ways to permanently change skin (tattoos) but not yet a way to permanently change hair color so it doesn't need to be touched up constantly

No. 702452

I wouldn't be surprised if that's because there's no/less money to be made from that.

No. 702457

or maybe it's because hair is constantly growing?

No. 702458

Working around/with the hair growing would be part of finding a way to permanently change haircolor, no? And even then, hairdye fades on the dyed lengths of the hair too for which there seemingly hasn't been found a solution.

No. 702460

Wouldn't you literally have to change your dna or some shit to permanently change your hair color, including the growth? Permanent hair dye is probably the closest were gonna get to permanently changing your hair.

No. 702484

Collecting "kawaii" stationery off Aliexpress is a waste of money. Its not only rip-offs, but you are also cluttering your space with unnecessary shit that you will never use. Its not quirky.

No. 702557

This is just an oddly specific irrelevant unpopular opinion but ok I guess kek.

No. 702576

I tried to explain it by bringing more details, sorry! Keep seeing people on Instagram cluttering their whole room with cheap AliExpress merch that looks as bad as the same chinese anime figures. Or even the same "gamer grl" aesthetic is tacky because of how cheap and lame everything looks like. But imo out of all of them the "stationery for 0.30$ all over your room" is worse, because you are not going to use that and it will just keep cluttering.

No. 702663

sonuckles > sonadow

No. 702701

I think fall guys is fucking stupid. Played it for ten minutes then deleted it lol

No. 702709

I love that shit but you're right. I never make good use of 90% of the stationery I get no matter how cute it is and end up throwing it out.

It doesn't clutter my room up though, I keep it in a box.

No. 702710

>>702419 people will grab onto anything if it makes them feel speshul

No. 702719

She has a birkin what does she need the stupid scrote for

No. 702721


No. 702747

A woman of culture too, I see.

No. 702814

Agreed, people can like the same things, but it all depends on how they act surrounding these things. Is their approach comical, embarrassed, proud, a mixture or two or all or something else? That's personality.

No. 702967

"Me, my fiancé and my pet cat are family!!!" type people are the worst and have zero sense of self-reflection or empathy. And I'm not saying that it's not family or that everyone must have kids, but these statements are always reactionary to people just wanting to be with their kids or talking about feeling fulfillment in having a rich 'traditional' family life. There's a reason family usually has a vertical (transgenerational) or horizontal (siblings, extended family) because it's still the way humanity goes on and divides itself. The fight on the word "family" to include married couples and furbabies seems just as retarded as the war on gendered language. Also of course no one would like to work on holidays, and parents shouldn't be favored over single/childless people, but you can still understand how Christmas is different for a kid than an adult with minimal empathy.

t. childfree woman who grew up in a very isolated nuclear family

No. 702968

>"Me, my fiancé of 7 years and my pet cat are family!!!"
-Luna Slater, 2020

No. 702973

I think you're taking what they're saying too serious and literally

No. 702981

As a small child when I fought back bullies I was the only one punished for it. The other boys were allowed to beat me up and insult me because they were never caught red handed. Because I defended myself and complained about it to teachers they just thought I was a drama queen and everyone was just playing with me until one girl beat me up until I passed out and once they found I was shorter than average due to a very rare physical condition, and everyone loved to make fun of me for that. A lot of other people online had the same experience and posted theirs.

No. 702988

It's not that deep

No. 702995

I think the people understand the difference between a pet and a child though it just means they’re a couple and both love their pet very much it is kinda like a family tbh

No. 702998

I wish. I mean I also mean it in general for any militant childfree couples, but for the second part in more context: my country solidified the legal definition of family in the constitution recently (and also defined that a dad can only be male and a mother can only be female). Which caused a lot of childless/childfree couples sperg out that they're being discriminated against, and can't get all the money the state gives to families and family-planning, and also failing to understand that legal terminology is different from common language, so everyone was spitting this retarded rhetoric over social media. I'm not talking about the people that dress up their dog in a cute sweater and post "greetings from X family", that's obviously different.

No. 703003

Hungary should be nuked

No. 703005

I agree. My country is a shithole.

No. 703008

No government should have a say in how many kids you have or don't have.

No. 703010

I mean to be fair, it's completely understandable if the country is overpopulated as fuck, but I don't think that's what anon's country is doing anyway. I think you may have read something in the post wrong lmao

No. 703015

Most of the countries that do this in the west are underpopulated and run by right wing governments who push and shame women into having kids "for the motherland", like in the case of Hungary

No. 703047

I think I have vaginisimus because of my psych issues with men but at the same time I don't want it to be cured because I don't think hating men like I do is wrong. I just wanna use a vibrator properly for fucks sake.

No. 703098

The world's overpopulation isn't mainly because of the West. But Hungary is very unsubtle about mainly encouraging white, middle-class women to make more kids (and leave the jobs and money to men) instead of helping all the gypsy mothers and kids to have a better chance at life in our country. But I'll stop there because it'll be racially political for this thread.

No. 703160

I think I have one too (or maybe I just hate the thought of anything bigger than a finger penetrating me), but I am worried about it because even the thought of going to gyno and her putting something in me gives me a literal panic attack. Glad I'm not straight though lol.

No. 703180

Graham cracker crust is the worst part about cheesecake.

No. 703182

Picrew should have a rating system similar to uquizzes. I want to shame the uglier art styles or picrews where the thumbnail is wildly different to the actual dress up game.

No. 703187


No. 703191

Nta but putting those two things aside, isn't decent income there a fucking joke outside of the capital?

No. 703192

Graham crust is fucking gross. Shortbread, cornflake or even walnut crusts are superior.

No. 703198

The idea of "tough love" is destructive and gets on my nerves. Believing that chastising someone makes them a better person in the end makes no sense to me.

No. 703206

Isn't tough love more like "if you don't stop being a fucking mess, i can't stick by your ass"?

No. 703218

more like "I'm not going to support your self destructive behavior because I actually love you and want what's best even if you hate me at the moment"

*Results may vary

No. 703220

That's whst i thought, idk i think it's pretty good. Done that shit but I have seen people pull tough love card and then just being high and mighty, over trivial stuff.

No. 703223

File: 1609028708788.jpg (338.48 KB, 1016x774, 1550767500838.jpg)

Being an empath is mostly a disadvantage in life, not a cool super power. I have a family member who has such a high amount of empathy that she can't sit through any movie or show with mild violence. She can't handle anyone jokingly calling someone stupid, even if both parties are clearly being silly and having a lighthearted time. She's incapable of saying no to people in need even when she absolutely can't afford to. Honestly it looks exhausting and incapacitating, her life is constantly feeling others pain, it feels like youre personally hurting her if you tell her about a nuisance you had at work. Seeing people on the internet talk about how they can tootaally feel the vibes and how cool it is to feel one another are liars cough cough shane dawson. I know that family member has many times said she wishes she could turn it off.

No. 703225

Sounds fucking stupid

No. 703228

Telling someone to "Google it" isn't rude and is an opener into teaching someone how to use the Internet

No. 703233

that sounds like a mental illness

No. 703248

Nothing against Jenna Marbles, she seems like a decent human being, but the last content she posted was basically, -watch me sleep, make food or do dumb shit with my dogs- was so so boring and lowkey hard to watch since it seems like she stopped taking care of herself and has some mental stuff going on.

No. 703251

Her entire excuse of quitting Youtube was very flimsy, she was clearly running out of content ideas

No. 703264

People were threatening to doxx or otherwise harm her so I imagine that didn't help

No. 703287

they threatened to doxx her for her old… 'offensive' videos? jfc

No. 703435

Yes, wages and living conditions are garbage in small cities and rural regions, that's why most of hungarians work in Budapest, or at least in some bigger rural city, even if they have to commute hours a day. There's just no money or opportunities locally. That's why we say Hungary has a "watery head on its shoulders" (not sure how to translate that).

No. 703654

my humps deserved that grammy

No. 703678

Never watched Jenna Marbles but it seems like she had some mental issues after her car crash. And I think it's normal for people to lose inspiration in a medium. As long as she invested her money wisely and lives in her means I don't see anything wrong with her retiring forever, but most people like to make comebacks.

No. 703750

She definitely seemed depressed. I hope she's okay now she's offline

No. 703819

File: 1609132871310.jpg (17.18 KB, 474x367, download.jpg)

>"watery head on its shoulders"
is it because budapest is surrounded by rivers?

unpopular opinion
>caramel fucking sucks
this piece of shit candy is literal burnt pus.
it gets stuck in your teeth no matter what and the after taste is like sucking on rotten flesh. the salty versions are even worse. who the fuck came up with such an abomination?
some sadistic, perverted fuck.
>oh here's this fucking snot of fried milk and sugar, how can i make it even worse and unhealthy
now the disgusting after taste has some extra crunch! great! the authentic experience of eating a booger!

the caramel loving diseased brain bitches couldn't stop there. they had to put it in every decent candy. a nice fudgy chocolate bar now has to be ruined with a layer of this diabetic death glue. frozen vanilla ice cream? fuck you, here's some gooey snot drizzle all over your otherwise completely perfect snack.

>then they decided that caramel is fancy

now it's in every gift shop packet for any occasion!
i deliberately told my coworkers i hate caramel
but their sugar rot brain only was capable of remembering the words CARAMEL because half the gifts they gave me for our secret santa had this disgusting obscenity in one way or another in every type of snack.

caramel is sweet only in it's undertones. the whole time you're sucking on this bitch the main flavor is the burnt cow tiddie juice. just typing this sentence gives me a horrendous flashback of smelling burnt milk. the stench is revolting. only baby brain, candida infested individuals find this rotten thing in any way pleasurable.

the only tolerable version i ever had of this infectious block of hack was one that had so much sugar in it, the texture was basically grits. even then, after consuming such abhorrent shit i had to clear my throat and blow my nose for 2 days after.

i can't wait for the love of this sticky sick chunk to finally fucking die.

fuck caramel.

No. 703820

Your post is simply bullshit.

>i can't wait for the love of this sticky sick chunk to finally fucking die.

It won't. Seethe.

No. 703824

File: 1609133708368.gif (1004.9 KB, 500x256, tumblr_mk3jqh54Su1rtx8l6o1_r3_…)

Carmel-chan, I think this was better suited for the vent thread!

No. 703828

I don't like it in drinks or as flavoring. It always has a strange, artificial sweetness with a nasty aftertaste. I notice the same with a lot of vanilla flavored coffee drinks. I wonder what makes it taste so gross.

No. 703843

File: 1609136265454.png (265.73 KB, 540x405, tumblr_pgdqttjjCw1rr5kcxo7_540…)

People who just loooooove True Crime shows are fucking disgusting and no better than scrotes who jerk it to rape porn imo. I understand falling into a gruesome Wikipedia spiral every now and then, but finding endless entertainment value in real life murder is indicative of an empathy deficit. It's even more annoying when they pull the "idk i jst find the mind of the killer so fascinating like what makes a person do that…idk its just fascinating to me but I guess im just weird like that hehe" bitch get a grip. You want to hear about bodies getting chopped up same as everyone else. Go take a criminology course if you're so 'fascinated'. If I ever get randomly axe murdered my last thought is going to be that someday, some Kimberly is going to listen to my last moments being described as a way to relax after a day working at her bank job. Shit.

No. 703850

I can't fucking stand it anymore. I'm so sick of people chalking up inappropriate beliefs and behaviors to "culture". I found out that my relative overseas was saying inappropriate things to my underage cousin who is out there visiting and I lost it. My mom agreed it was wrong but told me to calm down and said that they don't see an issue with that "overseas" and that they don't realize how wrong it is over there. If that's really the case then certain cultures need to just be nuked off this planet…sorry!

No. 703858

I think people that are into true crime are really just in it to listen to the story. True crime listeners are just trying to be edgy by saying they’re into murder and true crime to make up for being the actual most boring women on earth. The appeal comes from listening to the story. If they were listening to a podcast on like hypothetical torture scenarios or stuff that focuses on murder method rather than the characters involved then that would be something that’s actually edgy and fucked up.

No. 703867

I agree though I’m a hypocrite because I like hearing the cases but I always do feel bad realizing that someone’s tragic death is being used as entertainment and profit so bored people can gasp at how horrific and scary the story is. The worst is those YouTubers who read one Wiki article about jonbenet or whoever and LARP as detectives making up their own theories and they always have to put their own face in the thumbnail too. At least have the tact to not do a pretty makeup tutorial while talking about how someone was raped and murdered and whodunnit! There’s never really any interesting motive, I hate how people treat it like it’s such a complex thing and not just “I hate person, I will kill them”.

No. 703885

Tbh I never really get what people mean when they say it's offensive to do makeup while telling true crime stories. I feel like youtubers who do that are just trying to make the videos feel more "personal" and less creepy while still keeping respect for the people involved. Idk, I feel like if makeup true crime videos are bad, then channels like Nexpo and Reignbot are also bad since they go for that dramatic creepy factor with the voices, music, and the sound effects.

Idk, I feel like there's no "good" way to really talk about tragedies, as long as they're respectful it's not an issue imo. Even though I'm not into it, I understand watching true crime stuff is like watching a trainwreck. You want to look away, but at the same time you want to know what else happened, especially cause stories usually have weird circumstances.

No. 703892

File: 1609146062852.png (229.83 KB, 680x450, dd0.png)

>If they were listening to a podcast on like hypothetical torture scenarios or stuff that focuses on murder method rather than the characters involved then that would be something that’s actually edgy and fucked up.

hahaha…..who would do something like that………

No. 703902

>is it because budapest is surrounded by rivers?
It is actually, but that's not really the meaning. I guess maybe "has water in its brain" is a more apt translation. Basically just means that it's unstable like a person who has a head too big (full of water, not brains) for their body. News/media/development/education/culture is centralized in the capitol.

No. 703904

kek I live here but I agree

No. 703988

I think the creepy voice videos are better because they aren’t putting their dumb fuckin faces in them and being like “YASS QUEEN THESE EYEBROWS ARE ON FLEEK SIS” while talking about horrific crimes or making a dumb ass shocked face for the thumbnail in front of pictures of the victim. That Bailey Sarian bitch is so annoying

No. 703998

New Jack Swing was the best music genre made in the 90s and I dont give a shit about the late 90s musically for the most part

No. 704005

If plebs like us would have less opinions on politics we’d be less annoying.
I want news outlets to use more academic lingo so us plebs won’t be able to understand what’s going on.
Uneducated retards like us don’t need an opinion, we need to hush forever.
Most women are plebs because of the wage gap.
However let the smarties deal with it.

No. 704048

File: 1609159967418.jpg (80.44 KB, 900x750, hila-klein-7.jpg)

Hila from H3h3 adds nothing to the podcast and even makes it worse with her embarrassingly bad jokes and slightly creepy/uncomfortable presence. It's embarrassing to see youtube comments saying she's beautiful and funny non of which is true

No. 704054

she's also gotten bitchier lately, like very sitcom mom intentionally spoiling the mood

No. 704070

I'm not even kidding, when I watched an h3h3 video for the first time, I genuinely thought she had some sort of mental deficiency because of the way she speaks

No. 704074

Doesnt it make sense for men to be jealous of each other and try to appear the most attractive instead of being broke coach potatoes now tho

No. 704075

File: 1609163444415.jpg (72.05 KB, 680x850, shupthefuckupscrote.jpg)

no offense but

No. 704077

oh no not the evopsych…

No. 704078

Maybe it's just me but I've never felt the need to "compete" with other women.

No. 704079

Obvious scrote

No. 704081

Men hate other men just as much as they hate women, bros before hoes is bullshit and most would sleep with their "bros" girlfreind if they had the chance

No. 704083

>how do you do, fellow femoids

No. 704085

File: 1609163868518.jpeg (69.13 KB, 526x310, 3124E7C3-2D2C-45F7-AC2F-DD1487…)


No. 704087

kek underated post

No. 704088

Same, I've felt insecure? yeah, but competing? nah.

No. 704089

scrote trying to pass as tradthot pickme

No. 704093

>no better than scrotes who jerk it to rape porn imo
God having high empathy sounds exhausting

No. 704097

>I'm not fascinated by the mind of a killer therefore it's impossible anyone is

t. not interested in true crime in the slightest

No. 704106

File: 1609165384359.jpeg (54.34 KB, 700x467, 0f8ae860-acd5-11e9-b31b-008cfa…)

99% nurotypicals are the most annoying and superficial people I've ever met, they hate saying almost any form critisism to your face but think it's fine to make fun of you behind your back, they also act holier than thou because they posted some bullshit on Facebook about treating everyone equally despite treating me(autistic) and others like subhuman pieces of shit

No. 704108

They also usually know nothing about autism and some have even tried to school me on it or tell me I'm not a proper autistic

No. 704109

they literally don't see anything in the world but competition and "success" so they have to develop a pecking order and bond over shitting on who they deem lowest. they're so boring and 2 dimensional this is the only thing they seem to derive satisfaction from. I see it as a means to cope with their shortcomings because they believe they have no excuse not to be better than they are and they hate themselves for it

No. 704111

>We call ourselves the Anti-Bad guys, so everything we do is objectively Good and any form of doubt or critic of our actions means that your are Bad aswell

No. 704116

For the longest time I thought they were siblings. But it was in their early days.
Also I guess somewhat related, podcasts are a shit format.

No. 704119

They both look inbred so I wouldn't be surprised if it came out they were

No. 704121

I have an autistic classmate in university, and it's true (except I don't think any of use are care about social media wokeness). He causes a lot of frustration and negative energy with interrupting lectures and spamming our channels, even though he has been asked not to. We're not special care workers, our teachers do nothing, and we don't have infinite patience so the only way to release this tension is to talk between ourselves or roll our eyes at each other.

No. 704123

whenever i see these random anti-hila posts pop up on here i imagine it's trisha

No. 704125

File: 1609167892332.png (573.55 KB, 446x564, Joe_Rogan.png)

Twitter liberals who try to cancel people like Joe Rogan are stupid since most of their fanbase are not Twitter librals and will continue watching or surporting them

No. 704131

I'm quiet and hardly say anything but people still treat me like shit or talk to me like I'm slow but I guess it's my fault because I let them

No. 704134

H3h3 is boring, the wife is pathetic because she's a cuckquean for any ethot her husband fancies while she takes care of his offspring and is the punching bag of his rabid fans for any of his problems.

No. 704157

It's centrainly not your fault, I just wanted to give a different perspective why neurotypicals might seem uncooperative. Of course sometimes people will just be mean. I can't really give advice that you probably haven't heard a million times (school counselor, make friends with other shy kids, etc.). Our school has a program where they assign student to autistic or disabled students that request it, but I don't know how well it works.

No. 704170

Seconding this. I have an autistic classmate who is incredibly disruptive and makes us all uncomfortable. Autistic people of course don't deserve to be treated like shit, but if you're not adhering to social norms and are making others feel uncomfortable, you're going to face (expected) social backlash. This applies to everyone, neurodivergent or not.

No. 704200

I don't think people who send nudes are necessarily low intelligence but there's definitely some disconnect there

No. 704228

File: 1609176974617.jpg (113.7 KB, 1242x1131, DEVg-Cqw-UQAEOfv0.jpg)

Jannies are surprisingly based this month and I'm glad everyone's getting banned.

No. 704232

only if they include their faces in the photos tbh. you're an actual retard if you take nudes with your face in them, unless you're a porn actress or whatever and you have nothing to lose from it

No. 704234

That's not an unpopular opinion, just common knowledge.

No. 704239

Honestly, we should be more critical of autistic people, instead of handling them with kids gloves

this is why people should do genetic screening. and it sounds harsh but it's okay to not want a child if they have high chances of being autistic.

No. 704243

i think bodies themselves are recognizable enough, not to speak of recognizable tattoos and stuff like that. tbh i don't get the idea of sending nudes, i genuinely don't understand the point, if your bf want to jerk off why can't he just use his imagination?

No. 704244

Nah, they're pretty dumb. It's a choice that will always bite you in the ass, especially if you're a woman

No. 704275

Being critical of autistic people in the same way one is critical of neurotypical people is a recipe for disaster, since autistic people don’t function nor comprehend things in the same way that neurotypicals do. However, coddling autistic people or deciding not to try to teach them because you’re too lazy to accommodate for their challenges is a whole other topic. Autistic women often develop masking tactics because women aren’t held to the same standard of accommodating to other people as men are, so it’s often autistic men who have the most issues because no one will speak up and teach them what is and isn’t appropriate because it’s too hard or uncomfortable. Some lower functioning autistic people will never understand it and will never be fully in control of how they act in social situations, obviously, but the higher functioning ones should have caretakers who are willing to work with them to teach and help them as best they can (not just coddle them or let them do inappropriate things because “they’re autistic what can you do!”)

Anyway, in regards to what other anons were saying about being annoyed or feeling disrupted by autistic classmates, it sounds like the typical normie, low empathy opinion of anyone who can’t function the way I do deserves to be shit talked because I’m uncomfy. And in your case, anyone who doesn’t function like you doesn’t deserve to live which is a whole other can of eugenic worms.

It’s always about neurotypicals and how hard it is to feel uncomfortable and not about the autistic people and how hard it is to try to function to a neurotypicals standard just so they don’t treat you like garbage. And then they wonder why autistic people don’t get social conventions, especially when those social conventions inherently don’t value them, or anyone who thinks or functions differently than the group.

No. 704277

I dare bet most people who're now on the intensive care with covid fucking asked for it by not abiding to the rules when they could (I'm not talking about people who're forced to get in contact with people for their work or w/e) and I don't feel sorry for them at all. I've heard of so many people who celebrated Christmas with multiple households together when that wasn't allowed so it's undoubtly going to get even worse. They willingly put their own and other people's health on the line so they can die for all I care.

No. 704282

Samefagging to say I think all of this stems from a lack of knowledge and an ignorance toward autism, from neurotypical parents and peers both. Parents don’t know how to accommodate, handle, or teach autistic people, and peers barely understand what autism is half the time and have a threshold for how conversations are supposed to go and how people are supposed to act that autistic people do not have. It’s a very typical “why doesn’t everyone think and behave like me” type thinking pattern. Everyone would benefit from more education about this topic instead of tiptoeing around it due to being uncomfortable.

No. 704290

honestly that's a good reason to support eugenics. when the majority decides you're not welcome you can't do much about it, so just prevent the shitshow from happening to other people.

No. 704297

mentally ill people arent included in the neurotypical crowd right

No. 704301

Lol people have the right to be uncomfortable or annoyed by autists when they disrupt learning environments for "normies", while understanding that certain people have it bad for no fault of their own. It doesn't cancel each other out.

No. 704321

>in regards to what other anons were saying about being annoyed or feeling disrupted by autistic classmates, it sounds like the typical normie, low empathy opinion of anyone who can’t function the way I do deserves to be shit talked because I’m uncomfy.

Anon, I'm sorry that you're a literal autist, but when a person makes others feel uncomfortable by being objectively disruptive and rude– regardless of the reason why– that person is going to face negative social consequences. Again, that's how it works for every human being who doesn't abide by social norms.

I don't think you're a lesser human than me, but I do concede that I probably would find you annoying or weird IRL. However, I also recognize that having autism is not your fault. >>704301 summed it up well.

No. 704367

Tbh there are some ok people into true crime but it does attract some weird asses I’ll tell you that. Or worse those people that love gore and trauma core and shit.

No. 704371

I think autists have a stuck up impression of themselves. They think they are deep because of their random interests but they usually have zero work ethic required to achieve anything. A lot of autists don't even have the capability of getting a college degree but think they are so intellectually above "normies."

Idk I'm into true crime but I'm not really into random murder/torture stories. I like stories about fraud/liars like Theranos where everyone covered up how the company was a sham.

No. 704373

Who cares, high functioning austists shouldn't be in education with normal people because they ruin everything for everyone and I'm sure it sucks for them too. I remember when I was going to a private middle school with a very good reputation, parents were either rich as fuck or poor but had kids with very good grades so they could get a scholarship (which was my case), and it sucked that I was stuck with two autistic kids ruining it for others just because their rich granola parents wanted them to have normal friends and pretend that nothing is wrong at all with their deranged, violent kids.

I'm definitely going to complain about it because my memory went to shit due to some health issues and I sometimes had to miss classes because of said health issues at the time, so being with raging kids trying to do interrupt everyone all the time made paying attention even more difficult at school. I can't even imagine working with someone like that in a professional setting full time. I had to basically babysit a coworker who was legit retarded many times at a part time job and it was even more exhausting than dealing with the crazy customers, and I wouldn't be surprised if he were a less highly functioning autist because of his behavior and facial feature.

No. 704388

Fuck spergs. Learn to shut the fuck up

No. 704391

Just because you can out an autistic person out of your class it doesn’t mean they’re all like this or that he’s the only autistic person out there. You would be surprised how many autistic people “pass” as neurotypical and it’s stupid as fuck assuming every autistic person is like this. That’s what upsets me the most.

No. 704397

Let's be real, at best they don't just pass as "neurotypical", they pass as weirdos who are just a bit more annoying than average "healthy" people instead of having autism.

No. 704399

File: 1609192625414.png (1.12 MB, 1458x813, 1546497058445 (1).png)

Based. Spergs are at least honest, normalfags will always lie or fake certain emotions just to gain something. I'm a schizoid and I hate normies.

No. 704400

No. 704424

Learning how to spell might have helped, anon.

No. 704429

My street was absolutely fucking packed with cars on Christmas smh.

No. 704438

I mean if they’re dumb enough to gather and infect each other it’s their own fault.

No. 704446

Only somewhat related but I hate how much normalfags talk about other people. I live with two of them and every time I overhear their conversations they are talking about someone else. It's over very minor stuff too, like someone being awkward, someone having too much/too little social media followers, personal appearance (just minor stuff like wearing a shirt they find ugly), etc.
I get talking shit about an autist who makes things miserable for everyone but why even remember such minor offenses.

No. 704463

God everytime I read anything related to SPD I die a little inside, I always fit 99% of the criteria, and seeking out a diagnosis is completely useless as you can't do anything about it, it's so frustrating.

No. 704484

This is an unpopular experience rather than an opinion, but accutane saved my skin. It's a shame that it fucks up the health of so many people and it doesn't work for them

No. 704489

Did you experience any side effects at all anon? How long did it take?
I'm curious about what a positive accutane experience looks like.

No. 704490

Romantic gothic fashion often looks like cheap gothic lolita

No. 704492

Yeah that’s true.
Tbh a lot of kawaii aliexpress decor looks like shit most of the time anyway.

No. 704494

I took it for 10 or 12 months, don't remember exactly. The only side effect I experienced was dry skin and chapped lips (it made my self esteem even lower, that's true) but that's all. It's definitely not a happy experience, it's a medical treatment after all, but I had horrible acne and scars that have all gone away and haven't come back in the entire year I stopped taking it

No. 704498

May I ask what kind of acne you had and if you knew the root cause?
I'm just skeptical of the drug's effectiveness when the cause of acne is due to hormonal imbalances. It just seems like hormones would kick the skin back into a shitshow the second someone comes off the drug.

No. 704503

It's gross but at least you can kind of understand that the culture overseas did that to those people, they were taught that is okay since they were children, in their schools, all their life. At least there's a reason that made them that way, it's almost like they really don't know better. Even though they should be taught.

But nothing repulses me more than a person that was born and raised in the West making excuses for that kind of thing or even saying that things like child marriage that were outlawed here 100 years ago should be brought back because some cultures don't think it's wrong. Imagine being born into the most well-being and freedom humanity has ever had in history so far and sympathizing THAT without even getting paid for it. I can't wrap my head around it.

No. 704507

Everyone I know who went on accutane has gorgeous skin and I'm so jealous. Not just pimple free but poreless and even toned. I got prescribed a retinoid cream that worked but also turned my skin orange and was prohibitively expensive so I had to stop, and of course it all came back within half a year. Meanwhile my bf hasn't had a pimple since he went on accutane 10 years ago it's bullshit lmao.

No. 704513

I wish I'd done it, all I've ever done is spiro and that saved my skin for awhile. I stopped taking spiro, biggest mistake ever. I'm trying to get my gyno to re prescribe it since I no longer can afford the derma and she'll only do it after I finish demoing this birth control thats supposed to help my acne buts made my cystic type zits worsen. I wish I'd just been on accutane from the start, idgaf about the skin effects. Being in your twenties and having teenage tier acne is disgusting

No. 704524

christ i knew a girl defending polygamy who lives in freedom land and thinks its the same as polyamory and doesn't include child brides. i dont give a damn about culture theres so many things wrong with that system of marriage.

No. 704530

>and have a threshold for how conversations are supposed to go and how people are supposed to act

I'm sorry in advance, this probably belongs in the vent thread. My father is autistic and literally cannot have a functional conversation, and no amount of educating on either side will fix that. His idea of communicating is repeating a story or opinion he's already told you, word for word, for a minimum of 45 minutes, and if you try and say anything back he will either flat out ignore you or get angry that you interrupted his "thought process". In his old age it's only gotten worse, but I've observed similar behavior in autistic classmates whom I have attempted to befriend. The only thing holding those relationships together is my inhuman amount of patience. Don't project your lack of empathy onto normies, we fucking try to put up with your shit, it's you who don't give a fuck about anyone but yourselves and your own interests.

No. 704533

Seeing everyone on here nitpicking things about genuinely attractive cows bodies on here makes me feel really good about myself because I know people will just talk shit about the most minuscule of physical details about you even if you’re actually hot

No. 704534

I will shill accutane at every opportunity I get. If I'd listened to fear mongering about side effects, I'd still be miserable and ugly. In fact, I blame the fear mongering for how long it took me to get on accutane, if I'd tried it sooner I'd have less scars and had a better experience in my late teens.

My side effects were minimal, and I was monitored by a dermatologist regularly (including my mental health). It's absolutely worth the risk imo and some acne just needs hardcore medication, nothing else. I really cannot overstate the relief and happiness that comes with never having to worry about my skin, a decade later it's still resilient af and barely ever breaks out.

No. 704561

No one is honest about how lucrative being an attractive girl is in this world. I don't care if looks fade, most attractive people I know are also decent when it comes to personality. Attractive people land better jobs, are forgiven more easily, have a larger scope of men interested in them, and quite literally have a halo effect around them. They on average end up traveling more and being more financially stable. It's the fucking truth. I wish I was above average when it came to looks.

Also, can we stop saying that beauty fades? Yes, people get older, but bitch someone who is hotter than me now is going to be hotter than me even when we are old and gray, and they'll have the more fulfilled and interesting life to look back on with content.

No. 704567

You're right but we should also be honest about how easy (if expensive) it is to become attractive even if you aren't naturally good looking… there are so many products and surgeries and procedures out there to improve your looks, if you arent taking advantage of it thats on you

No. 704569

I had cysts, blackheads, whiteheads and pustules, which are all caused by an excess production of sebum, that might have been due to a hormonal imbalance or not, I honestly don't remember. Accutane works by reducing that production of oil, so no junk gets in the pores and they don't blocked, it also kills the bacteria that infects them.
Apparently your skin goes back to "normal" if you finish your treatment earlier than supposed to because the effects work better in the long term and they also last because, basically, your pores close (Excuse the shitty explanation, not a dermatologist by any means)
Same, I had no idea about the side effects other than the dryness and found out about them after I finished the treatment, maybe that made a difference in my experience
Yeah, creams just weren't the best for me either. I hope you find something that works for you anon! And if you do try it, I hope everything goes well

No. 704626

File: 1609228927936.jpg (244.28 KB, 570x500, jokepu-hajlektalan.jpg)

I remember when the media was on this "handsome homeless men" wave, and showed these guys that were basically models living on streets that just picked up a woman to feed/clothe them whenever they needed. Considering they don't even really have to fear being raped or killed, it's a pretty sweet deal for them.

No. 704648

People asking me if I ate well during Christmas made me realize I really don't care about food (not anachan), I could have eaten pasta it would have been the same thing.

No. 704668

that's bullshit, some ugly can't be fixed

No. 704723

File: 1609246319050.jpg (104.77 KB, 1500x1019, 7177OiK4 dL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

car accessories like picrel are adorable

No. 704725

I have literally seen this car irl just yesterday.
It, indeed, was adorable.

No. 704748

God I love people who do this to their cars. Cute and blessed

No. 704763

I can only imagine how cute these people's homes are at Christmas time if they do this to their car.

No. 704770

File: 1609253469423.jpg (54.75 KB, 570x430, Knix-combo-570x430.jpg)

I've felt this way since childhood and could never quite pinpoint why, but I'm repulsed by the shape of traditional panties/bikini bottoms (right in picrel). I vastly prefer the shape and feel of boyshorts (left).

No. 704805

Bikini gives muffin top unless you get a pair that's similar to that material. I hate that cut too.
Target has some brand, I think it's Arden? They're extremely comfortable and seamless, plus I don't have to buy a size up because of my fat ass.

No. 704816

Yeah, they're meh. I prefer kind of high-cut brazilian panties, they are comfy and no muffin top. The boyshorts give me a muffin top no matter how skinny I am, I guess I'd have to be underweight not to feel uncomfortable in those.

No. 704827

File: 1609263017117.jpeg (52.01 KB, 612x612, 149b5ae7-a98d-4b8e-964e-1de729…)

I also get annoying muffin tops in regular panties which is why I only wear panties with a strip of lace on the edges. Completely removes any muffin top issues for me, it's both more comfortable and invisible underneath clothes. It doesn't have to be expensive lace either. Maybe try something like pic related? It works on any cut.

No. 704830

Not OP but yeah, I love those too! Unfortunately I rarely see those being sold anywhere.

No. 704849

My coworker brings her autistic son to work almost everyday and i've almost had a panic attack because you never know when he's going to flip a shit and start screaming, yelling, crying, and breaking shit. This has been going on at my job for months since the pandemic started. He has put a hole in the wall, spit on his mother, screamed for like 4 hrs straight etc. Its not fair for me as a worker. And i feel horrible because if i complain i'm a piece of shit and I know the mom (my coworker) is trying her best and i can't quit cuz we are in a pandemic. It's gotten to the point where I hate coming to work whenever he is there. ANd i feel bad because it breaks my heart seeing a kid and parent suffer this much. But fuck why do i gotta deal with it too LMAO. I don't get paid enough. I understand that it's not his fault and people should definitely be more accommodating to autistic people as a whole, but when a person is having extremely violent outbursts for hours on end im sorry that the average person will be annoyed, disturbed, and or afraid by that. Some people are built to handle that stuff and some people just aren't and it isnt right to force that on people who are ill equipped to handle someone being violent at the smallest inconvenience.

No. 704852

omg yes! i was afraid you were gonna shit on them but they are so cute to me. And the stupid fake eyelashes!! I want to buy them for my sister but she thinks they are ugly and tacky. I saw a person put christmas lights on their car. It was so cute!!!! I want a car just to put ridiculously tacky shit on it LMAO

No. 704874

What the fuck? Your boss won't do anything about that?
That situation is clearly above and beyond what your job description detailed.

No. 704895

NO! he just makes jokes about putting a punching bag in the office. Like i literally hate it because this job is so easy and the pay is good otherwise.Idk what to do. Sorry for venting on here that autistic post just triggered me lmao.

No. 704915

>treating social norms like the fucking law
When people say they don't like normalfags they mean you. You are all a bunch of robots.

No. 705065

A man can only see women that he loves as human.

No. 705081

>implying males can love

No. 705151

based and blackpilled

No. 705153

Pro ana scumbags thread on snow is just a bunch of anachans mad that fakers are getting more attention than they are

No. 705170

That's when you hide the thread

No. 705213

I love posts like this because people take it as a personal attack and lose their basic reading comprehension.

No. 705219

Every thread attracts a specific demographic. There's always lots of anachans in the pro-ana thread, lots of junkies in the Luna and TND threads, lots of whores in the shayna thread etc.
Nobody's mad at anyone, people just tend to discuss subjects close to them personally.

No. 705223

That's how it's always been. That's why all other anachan threads got banned off the site except that one general thread. Made me sick to my stomach to see that fucking thread bumped to describe some instagram ex-anachan in recovery "getting fat" because she was actually reaching healthy weight. Mental illness.

I wish the same was done to all the e-thot sex workers, their threads are filled with other salty camgirls trying to take down the competition.

No. 705256

I get the impression that the anon who insists on calling recovered anachans fat is probably Georgia.

No. 705268

People who constantly complain about "bad education system" and having to memorize stuff are just too dumb to realize learning to learn and training your brain to memorize is the point, not 90% of the information you learn. If you don't use it, you lose it. And I personally think that's what's happening with kids->adults in countries where you let them write on keyboards since they're five and let them google shit during their exams. Their hand-writing (small motorics) is awful, they're losing the ability to retain information via short term memory etc.

It sort of happens outside of school as well- on social media. So many people use simplified version of their language and that only allows them to have simplified and repetitive thoughts. No wonder everything becomes an echo chamber. When you then bring Twittards into online spaces of let's say people who are 35-45 years old, you can clearly see the difference.
I feel like this in an unpopular opinion because at least online and in my area it's very popular to devalue school and the mainstream concept of intelligence. It's very frustrating too, because it's usually done by mediocre or stupid people who are not even willing to improve, but they still knock it because it makes them feel incompetent.

No. 705324

The internet is not a reflection of reality. It never was. From when it was mostly populated by nerds or those with specialized interests relevant to using the internet to connect with other like minded people, to now socially engineered trends on controlled and heavily censored social media made to sew discord and dysfunction into people; as well as speed up the process of Americanization and globalization. the internet has been nothing but a highly specific group where only the loud minority feels entitled to share their opinions while the rest quietly lurk or retain in their personal conversations.

On to my second point, the internet being a reflection of reality also makes no sense because there is often a controlled narrative forced down everyones throats by a loud minority (many shills, bots, or outright trolls) regardless of personal experiences. Even the real world has a variety of opinions more than what you can find on social media websites (where everyone suspiciously parrots the same thing and same ideas no matter their ethnicity, sex, nationality, age group, or country). Also most people dont care to think deep in the way many of the neurotic, obsessive, flamebaiters of the internet do, so this should also show you how false the internet is when people claim it to be a "reflection of reality". While I believe the internet is influencing people right now and how they think, and this was done by design, I do not think this is peoples "natural" thought process nor how people are going to act as soon as they get anonymous.

No. 705326

Internet users tend to show Asperger, Autistic, Schizoid, BPD, and Narcissistic features for some reason. I rarely see people having bipolar type 1 features despite this being a common mental disorder

No. 705336

>I do not think this is peoples "natural" thought process nor how people are going to act as soon as they get anonymous.
Have you seen Reddit? The posts on there are things you can recognize in normal people you know but more detailed.

No. 705337

I don't care what anyone says. I am not getting that fucking vaccine. I don't trust it, don't want it.

No. 705343

i'm waiting until enough people i know have gotten it

No. 705345

Why do anti covid vaxx people think anyone cares about the fact they don't want the vaccine.

No. 705347

Unfortunately, this isn't that unpopular.

No. 705358

Sincere questions:
1) why don't you trust it?
2) What potential side effects of it are you anticipating that would make getting the vaccine worse than catching COVID?

No. 705360

There's literally no point to white rice. It doesn't even have as much flavor as unbleached rice.

No. 705362


Are you sure? Because theres many people I know who cant wait for it apparently. Then they moan at me for not wanting it. But if it aint broke, dont fix it in my opinion. Im good.

No. 705363

It's soft and fluffy and fuck you

No. 705365


Between me, you and others coming on this site anon. I don't believe in any of it and the media can fuck off. I'm British and I personally pray our government are blown up successfully by the next prick who reckons they're Guy Fawkes. The whole tory party are legit cunts anyway. Fuck the lot of them.


And also, but, why? Rice is gorgeous


No. 705368

Haha, surprisingly based and funny answer, even if it wasn't the one I expected. At any rate, and even if I want the vaxx myself, I hope you stay safe, anon

No. 705372

I think too many people get an overly agreeable therapist that coauthors autist spectrum/anxiety/attention deficit disorders. Not to mention the rampant self-diagnosis on the internet. It's not like everyone gets brainscans or deep analysis anyway. I think the behaviour pattern of asocial and self-isolating people as well as just those living the depressing city life will just often resemble those with preexisting mental disorders.

No. 705394

When you hate someone you avoid them. If keep them around and try to make things work you like them, no matter if you say you don't.

No. 705401

It depends on the definition of unpopular–I guess I meant that it's not unpopular enough, it seems like a good number of people don't want to get it which will interfere with herd immunity and therefore the effectiveness of the vaccine. I work in healthcare, and there have been employees telling patients they don't trust/won't get the vaccine which is so unprofessional and bonkers imo. However, I did read >>705365 and honestly, fair enough kek. Stay safe regardless!

No. 705402

Anon it is broke. We're in the middle of a fucking pandemic.

No. 705409

Yes but the internet is more static than the real world will ever be in regards to experiences and thoughts. People legitimately get angry on here and deny what you're saying because it doesn't fit their preconceived narrative of whatever. Also, a lot of redditors are actual shills and not karma farmers

No. 705410

so my friends don't secretly hate me then?

No. 705433

File: 1609346144054.jpg (96.06 KB, 1200x675, IMG_20201230_103250_441.jpg)

How is a virus in which you have a 99.8% chance of survival worse than a 95% efficacy vaccine with many side effects?

I could understand if the mortality rate of the virus was much higher, but very few people are dying from Covid alone. The people that are dying are old, fat, crippled with comorbidity and would have died due to these anyways.

No. 705440

Not to COVID sperd (there's a thread for it) but the symptoms of COVID amongst young, healthy people persisting past being sick itself is a huge issue. Plus older/people with comorbidities dying is still…bad and very sad. I know a few people who have had one or more deaths from COVID in their family, and one young person who still hasn't regained her senses of smell and taste. It's not that black and white or just about death rates.

No. 705446

File: 1609348049954.png (209.58 KB, 617x732, canvas.png)

thank you! sure some people will be fine but what about the millions of people who wont be/aren't its not fair to them or their families to just be like "stay away from gandma and grandpa duh"

Anyway my unpopular opinion is that people who spend over 5 mins in the bathroom shitting have disgusting eating habits and bowel movements. I equally hate people who after pooping tell me about it in grave detail like its a quirky thing. Like this has been done to me on numerous occasions and i just dont understand? Like why do people have mugs about pooping. that is so gross

No. 705458

>People legitimately get angry on here and deny what you're saying because it doesn't fit their preconceived narrative of whatever
Anon, that's just what people are like. One general theory, the theory of terror management suggests that reinforcing our beliefs of how the world works keeps away our fear of mortality and loss of self, so everyone does it to a degree. It's not that people are more easily convinced offline, it's just that they're way more polite. The danger of the internet is that it's way easier to get stuck in echochambers and never get contested on anything.

No. 705486

Gorgonzola is delicious

No. 705500

I hate when anyone with a disability or something different about them gets so coddled on the internet. The biggest cop out with complimenting someone obviously disfigured is "you have pretty eyes".

No. 705509

my brother always takes at minimum half an hour to shit and sometimes clogs the toilet, i'm so happy i never had to share a bathroom with him

No. 705516

Anon. I will fight you. White rice is the fluffy, delicious base for all of my favorite saucy or stewed dishes. In fact, I'm making some right now.

No. 705552

Furries should still be hated. I know that the hate for furries has died down over the years, especially since the main reason why people hated them was because they were cringy, but I think this hate should be reignited because of the sheer amount of child grooming and zoophilia in the community

I also hate how furries act like the fandom isn't inherently sexual, when porn makes a huge part of it

No. 705554

File: 1609358989537.png (827.21 KB, 907x889, kweers.png)

it's even worse now since now many furries are also troons and they try to piggyback off the alphabet soup community to make themselves look oppressed

No. 705559

>the alphabet soup community
I love you, anon.

No. 705561

You better get the test for corona because you have no taste.

No. 705567

imo anyone whose lifestyle revolves around something sexual (furries, bdsmers, ddlg people etc) is gross and deserves to be shamed

No. 705570

Yeah, there's been a weird push recently to make the community seem like a bastion of queer rights, when there's been rampant problems of grooming, pedophilia and legit bestiality, which I never see them calling out. Not all furries I guess, but even benign art makes me feel uneasy, I hate running into these motherfuckers at cons.

No. 705577

Late but check rue21 if there's any near you or if they ship there because they have this style in underwear deals of buy 5 or 8 for 10

No. 705578

I was never a furry but I can kind of understand it as an interest that might develop when puberty hits and you’re still interested in kid stuff but also experiencing sexual feelings… what’s disturbing is when and why people get stuck in that mindset. It screams pedo.

No. 705582

I'm not very fond of Ghibli movies to start with, but I really don't get the love for Spirited Away, maybe I missed something but I didn't manage to get into it at all (also everything looked gross and gloppy, even the water).

No. 705587

same. Also, does anyone find it weird how the girl that goes out with Haru's crush ends up being punished by the narrative by making her go through teen pregnancy. It was weirdly dark kek

No. 705588

I should clarify I'm talking about the cat returns

No. 705592

I've never been particularly impressed by any Miyazaki films. They're not objectively bad, just personally wasn't all that moved by any of the characters or storylines. The animation is gorgeous though.

No. 705593

Extremely based take.

No. 705594

>just personally wasn't all that moved by any of the characters or storylines.
tbh same. I appreciate the art and soundtracks, I find them very aesthetically appealing and comfy. But the emotional connection just isn't there for me… I watched Grave of the Fireflies the other night and didn't cry or even get particularly sad. Usually I love crying over sad movies but it just didn't do it for me.

No. 705597

I think some of them are kind of cute

No. 705599

Grave of Firefiles I haven't seen yet, but I'm willing to give it a shot. From what I understand, it might just do it for me.

No. 705601

>I also hate how furries act like the fandom isn't inherently sexual, when porn makes a huge part of it

They literally draw animal dicks all day and larp as hyper sexual baby animals on social media, but don't you dare call it a kink, trans diaper furry mreg inflation amputee rights are gay rights kek.

No. 705602

I really like Ghibli style animation in general (even the copycat movies), but I think Spirited Away is one of the weaker ones. For me it's the more grounded stories, like From up the Poppy Hill and Whisper of the Heart. Howl's Moving Castle gets a third place just because of how cute Howl is, even though it's a pretty unfocused magical story.

No. 705606

What I don’t like is how you must waive your right to sue if shit happens…
Furries ALWAYS lie about not jerking off to furry porn when shilling it.

No. 705607

When Marnie was there is one of my faves. I know they gave off gay vibes but the story of Marnie's life gets me crying in da club.

No. 705611

same. i prefer mamoru hosoda's films like wolf children or the girl who leapt through time.

No. 705621

I like the aesthetics and I do appreciate some of the stories. Though I wish everyone would stop pretending they’re contemplative pieces from a genius. The way normies talk about Studio Ghibli is the same energy as worshiping muh old Disney as the pinnacle of animated arts.
>mfw no one ever talks about Future Boy Conan

No. 705628

What was too far was other nerds and speds making fun of people for being nerds and speds back in those days (right before social media took over, actually). Neckbeards who were Nintendo fans obsessed with idolizing Zelda and other video games were making fun of people for being Sonic fans making fanfiction and stupid corny images. Then that leaked over to people making fun of "harmless" furries for being degenerate retards. You cant even do that anymore because every fandom (and the internet overall lol) is ran by autists with degenerate kinkshit fetishes so thats why furry crap is being normalized

No. 705637

File: 1609366676707.jpeg (511.99 KB, 1365x2048, 02A64F27-072C-47B5-A618-E81D3B…)

Lily James is not cute

I know there’s a specific thread for opinions like this but it’s past it’s limit and I think it’s too autistic to make a completely new thread just because I wanna bitch about a B List British actress

No. 705640

You are a piece of shit. Everyone is saying to mock the degeneracy and you're all like "how about the cringe???". And why did you put "harmless" in quotes, are you implying that cringe is malicious?

No. 705651


Idk how you managed to get that out of my post but what I was saying was that the furry hate was started by similarly cringy nerds getting buttblasted at other nerds for being cringy since they didnt like what they were into (the same thing the OP said) and it later went to hating on other furries for being actual degenerates like being into cub porn or making porn of children's characters which doesnt make sense anymore since modern fandoms are extremely degenerate these days. The internet culture and fandoms being as degenerate as the furry fandoms of yesteryear while being against "kinkshaming" are the reason why furries are being less hated and more normalized now. How is me talking about the history of the furry hate mean I am trying to deflect and trying to say cringe is worse than degeneracy ? I know my syntax wasnt the best but ffs my English cant be that bad

No. 705666

Wholeheartedly agreed. I have never met a nerd community with as much degeneracy and mental illness as furries. I know people shit on gamers, weebs, cosplayers, comic book geeks, larpers and all of those but furries are like the rotten bottom scrapings of all those different barrels thrown into a blender and left to fester. It's unreal how many cases of severe mental illness, sexual abuse, rape, child grooming, pedophilia, drugs, trooning and straight out fucking murder they have and this is before counting all the issues with bestiality.

They never have kinks that could be considered mainstream or harmless, it's always some weird fringe fetish and they absolutely devote their lives to it. They have no personal boundaries and think they can do sex roleplay with 13-year olds because ~it's not sexual because we're not human~! Remember when Discord banned shota and loli porn from their servers but left cub porn (furry loli/shota) untouched because the people developing that fucking platform are furries themselves?

>I also hate how furries act like the fandom isn't inherently sexual, when porn makes a huge part of it

Jesus if this ain't true. I challenge anyone to interact with a furry for more than 2 hours before they start telling you about what kind of fucked up porn they get off to. You can't.

I hate furries and I hate how they're crying oppression like in pic here >>705554 when they're just broken, mentally ill people who wear collars and diapers outside of their home because of their nasty sex life they can't keep in their bedrooms while dealing with the guilty conscience by policing other communities on Twitter by doxxing and canceling people for completely innocuous mistakes. Furries are the lowest scum.

No. 705669

Future boy Conan was so endearing! I was surprised by how invested I got into a children's series. It really is a gem.

I watched Castle in the Sky in theaters, and there was this pair of old men who were enjoying the movie so much it was infectious. I'll never see the scene where the boy catches the girl as she's weightless for a moment before struggling as she's suddenly heavy again without remembering those old grandpas cackling like schoolboys. I don't think Ghibli films are cinematic masterpieces or anything, but there is something about them that brings out the child in you, albeit with a tinge of melancholy.

No. 705677

No, even the furries of the early days of the fandom (When they were called "funny animals") in the 80's and early 90's hated them. It started off with people being interested in anthropomorphic animals and drawing them, sharing handmade zines to spread around. But the community got hijacked by all the hardcore fucks who wanted to make it about fetishes and sex, and the original people left because they couldn't deal with them. The degenerate people that were left in charge of the community were the ones who shaped it into what it is today and inherently influenced the fandom. There were internal dramas in the 90's when people got sick of Furry conventions being basically huge orgies and bordellos.

Furries have always been ostracized because they're mentally ill faggots, not because of some "not like other nerds" syndrome. Here's a big, angry letter some disgruntled furry fan wrote in 2000 to berate the degens taking over their community: http://web.archive.org/web/20000609053122/http://members.tripod.com/burnedfur/bf_manif.html

No. 705688

In the 2000s I remember parts of the furry fandom, especially amongst the younger crowd, being mostly non degenerate and focused more on silly/non perverted stuff while still being attacked by older people for being "cringe". I also remember mainly older furries being extremely degenerate and shoving their shitty fetishes everywhere on places like Deviantart, Newgrounds, forum boards, and other websites. A lot of nondegenerate fandoms full of younger kids to teenagers who were fans of anthromorphic animal franchises were grouped in with the fetishistic mentally depraved adults by the anti furfag crowd back when I started using the internet so thats just me tbh

No. 705703

File: 1609372951389.jpg (141.14 KB, 736x920, 7a61c672e876d0bb0522f76dc51a80…)

I really liked hillbilly: elegy, maybe because I'm not american, but I don't care

No. 705704

Wow, I never thought I'd feel bad for furries(the original) of all people. It really just shows that all degeneracy should be stomped out early and mercilessly, and yet humanity never learns.

No. 705722

I like reading longer posts on lolcow, especially if the poster has put in some time to research something. I hate when those posters are called obsessive just for making longer posts because some of them are p interesting.
Obviously I am not talking about true sperging.

No. 705738

Agreed. If it's well-written and well-researched (and not spergy), I like reading long informative posts here. There are always those few phoneposters or completely illiterate anons who think anything longer than a sentence is a difficult-to-read wall of text, kek.

No. 705782

File: 1609390187843.png (242.33 KB, 2370x432, nkj.png)

I love that this person essentially called out otherkin, too.

No. 705833

I always imagine the people calling longposters out for being "obsessive" to be zoomers with a 0.5-second attention span and being unable to read anything that's longer than a single tweet.

No. 705860

Is it only anglophone speakers who insult other English speakers for using the language without using shortcuts or even worse, daring to make their text longer than 2 sentences? I can imagine Spanish speakers (from south america) doing this maybe but I honestly think English speakers are the most retarded of all

No. 705861

I just feel like this dumb shit only happens with anglophone people. Can french, Russians or any language speaking anons confirm ?

No. 705872

I feel like this is missing the point, what could language have to do with it? Anons get judgemental about super long posts because it can seem weird and obsessive to put so much time and effort into it. Obviously sometimes a long post is good and the effort is appreciated but sometimes it legitimately is spergy. Like that dude who came and wrote a bunch of thousand word essays in the Vicky Shingles threads. That sort of autism transcends language.

No. 705873

The average adult reading speed is 300 words per minute. Pretty concerning if they can’t focus for that amount of time.

No. 705878

Some anons here just like to make everything about what country you're from or what nationality you are.

No. 705882

My point is its not only on lolcow. I have posted anywhere on internet and got branded as obsessive simply because I put effort into my posts or disagreed with the majority thread opinion while doing that. Most of my posts like that were informational or about a trivial subject to begin with, like video games, instead of sperging about someones pussy being crooked or whatever. Obviously it wasnt always like that on the internet so I noticed the change. It gets really worse on social media where people will act like youre mad or obsessive just for using multi-syllable words or showing anything more than a passing lukewarm interest in something. Another thing is being told youre "pretentious" just for using Latin root words more often. Ive talked to ESL people who told me they notice this on English internet especially and I notice this somewhat offline as well so im curious if its the same in non English internet

No. 705884

File: 1609416283899.jpeg (112 KB, 1200x799, 10B94C4A-66A2-44B1-9FE0-2A8250…)

I haven’t seen the movie but I think the baby from Eraserhead is really cute

No. 705885

he is cute but he also looks like fucking et

No. 705890

Reminds me when I went to the other farms and tried to follow the contrapoints thread. There was one user that wrote insanely long posts, but it's not like it was pure sperging, it's just that he went into details into such old and miniscule details that were just plain uninteresting. After a while I just automatically scrolled through every post he made in any thread basically, even if it wasn't about his object of obsession.

No. 705895

I ignore long posts because I don't care that much about what one user thinks. Even if they have 1 or 2 facts in their 10 paragraph essay they're usually boring or easy to find elsewhere.

No. 705898

I like Sanrio but Hello Kitty sucks

No. 705937

Petite women never look like children to me despite them claiming they get carded or told all the time they look 12-16

No. 705940

99% of the time I agree, but I have seen one adult woman in my life that legitimately looked like a teenager, so there's always a slight possibility. She was Asian, though, they tend to look younger anyways.

No. 705948

That's true I have met maybe two adults who look like teenagers but I've still mostly met women who humble brag about looking below 16 despite looking their age or older

No. 705957

I've met one woman who came from a very short family who looked not like a teen, but a literal little kid from behind, because of her clothing choices and having straight hair grown out down to her ass, and a really childish face. She's a trans man now, and the results are as hilarious as you can imagine.

No. 705958

the people who say that probably just encounter a lot of older people, who suck at telling age. i'm 20 and don't look abnormally young but whenever i come into contact with 40+ year olds they think i'm in my early teens, but people who are closer in age to me can usually tell i'm at least 18

No. 705960

The idea of getting carded just due to being petite is weird to me, like petite adult women exist and aren’t a rarity.

No. 705961

It's more likely that they card anyone who isn't obviously middle-aged, and they try to take it as a personal accomplishment or something.

No. 705963

kek i've seen obviously middle aged or elderly people get carded buying alcohol at the grocery store, i don't know why people are so flattered by that

No. 705979

hello kitty and my melody/kuromi are overrated and cinnamoroll is the god of all sanrio characters, this is a hill i'm willing to die on

No. 705981

Kek, its policy for a lot of places to card EVERYONE even if they're obviously old. Some people just always need to humblebrag.

No. 705990

What would they even be bragging about? Being petite isn’t a bad thing but it’s not a good thing either unless you want to be seen as a smol helpless widdle baby and anyone who’d want to characterize themselves that way is a complete fucking loser. But I don’t think that’s the same way most short women look, they only do if they’re trying to make themselves look that way. I’ve encountered short girls who act like that but a lot of them are just normal ass chicks.

No. 706077

Coming from a psycho kuromi stan this is the only acceptable sanrio take

No. 706109

> cinnamoroll is the god of all sanrio characters, this is a hill i'm willing to die on
I will die with you my queen

No. 706121

my chemical romance are awful, completely overrated

No. 706124

How come?
They were my favorite band in late middle school and high school. The Black Parade is when they started going downhill for me. It wasn't bad, but not nearly as good as their previous two albums.
I thought the whole Black Parade persona was pretty lame too. I liked the suits and red ties SO much better.

No. 706135

Nayrt but I had a similar experience of liking them until The Black Parade. I tried to enjoy it knowing it should’ve been gold to a 13 year old emo, but I just couldn’t. Everything about the album, from the concept to the music to the art, felt try hard and… kinda empty? I really disliked it despite enjoying similar shit.

I wouldn’t listen to them these days, though to be fair I wouldn’t listen to any other bands I was into from that era.

No. 706142

Love this take. For me, it was too theatrical - it became more about an image and crappy storyline than angsty music and that ~no one understands me~ feel.
>i mean this, forever

No. 706145

Hookup culture is going to die off within the next 2 years because women are starting to see how bullshit it is

No. 706172

i cannot wait for die in my arms culture to make an appearance

No. 706174

Hard agree

No. 706182

A man sees a woman willing to date him at his worse as a red flag that is why you should never date men who dont have a car/job unless he has rich parents

No. 706192

What a whore. Obviously she should have lusted over a cat in a top hat like a normal moral person. I love The Cat Returns but I can't help but think it damned Haru to a life long furry obsession post-credits

No. 706194

Gen z girls are heading into their 20s and realizing that having sex with a random guy who thinks you're a gross whore isnt empowering

No. 706207

99% of people on the internet claim to be mistaken for much younger than they are are, it's extremely rare for anyone to admit they look their age or older. Even though, strangely enough, most people irl do look their age or older.

I do think it's common to have people guess your age wrong because not only are people always going to lowball their estimates to avoid any hurt feelings, people think women become old hags at 30, and it's really easy to forget forget how young actual teenagers look.

No. 706209

i can’t fucking wait. i know i’m gonna sound like a total femcel, but i hope the pick-me’s who are encouraging young, naive, usually unstable women to do this by shaming normal, well adjusted women who don’t do it start getting called out for their degenerate behaviour too, tbh. like go see a therapist instead of whoring yourself out to strangers on tinder for free, you freaks

the same goes for the same pick-me’s who sit on twitter all day chatting shit about women who enjoy ‘vanilla’ sex. congrats on sleeping with random scrotes who enjoy physically abusing you in the bedroom, but i’ll stick to missionary with my monogamous, long-term partner, kek

No. 706210

What is killing it is covid and girls becoming adults and realize it's normal to have orgasms and affection during sex. Men almost had a good thing with hook up culture but they fucked it up for themselves.

No. 706214

So a woman shouldn't date that man because HE sees it as a red flag? More like women shouldn't be stupid af and stay away from a man because he doesn't have a job/car.

No. 706220

i think not having a car isn't a huge deal depending on where you live.

No. 706233

>people think women become old hags at 30, and it's really easy to forget forget how young actual teenagers look.
This. Being 30+ I realized that teenagers look like literal kids, and the people claiming women hit the wall at 30 think that looking simply adult is "looking haggard". People really think they look "younger than they are" simply because they're not straight out mummies at 31, most women barely get wrinkles before nearing 50. Beauty standards are a hell of a drug.

No. 706245

Agreed, if you live in a big city with good public transportation there's no need for a car, it's obnoxious if you want to go on vacation in a remote place but you can always rent one.

No. 706249

>red flag
Nah, they see those women as a green flag to be taken advantage of. Everyone knows women with prospects who date scrubs have low self esteem as a rule, which signals all the abusers to the yard who know they can get away with being shit people.

Here's what happens in the scrote's brain when a woman dates him: They start to get an ego thinking that they can pull women when they're jobless and lack a vehicle. That in turn causes them to ponder if they can actually do better. So if you're a 'cute' girl dating a bum, the bum will start to think he has a shot with other, maybe hotter women. He just lies lurking and using up his gf's resources, waiting to see if pursuits with his dream women hit off while having the security of the fallback placeholder gf. At the same time they come to resent the women giving them support in the relationship because they feel emasculated in their presence knowing the reality of things. Scrotes are entitled.

No. 706250

>most women barely get wrinkles before nearing 50.
Yeah, I don't think wrinkles are much of a determining factor in judging age until people are actually starting to look elderly. Most people aren't gonna look closely enough at your face to even notice fine lines and skin problems to begin with. I think when it comes to physical features, sagging or sunken skin is way more likely to affect how old you think someone is. I've seen elderly asian people with no wrinkles at all, I can still tell they're elderly because of how the skin sags. Likewise I've seen young people who spent too much time in the sun and got wrinkles, but I can still tell they're young.

Other than that, it's mostly style, demeanor, and life stage/context (as in you'll assume someone with a mortgage and kids is older than someone living in their parent's basement) that will affect your judgement.

No. 706255

Gone Girl was a terrible movie. Amy Dunne is not empowering.

No. 706265

im in my mid-20s and i thought i noticed some fine lines around my mouth and eyes and i started to freak out. then i looked at old photos from 5 years ago and realized those lines were there back then. sometimes it's just genetic and not a sign of age. the puffy filler wrinkleless skin look isn't natural

No. 706277

Am I the only one who thinks cameras are getting more filtered and also augmenting our perceptions of reality? I swear the iPhone camera is even blurrier than I remember it being, photos of me from 2015 look better quality than current photos even taken on the normal phone camera, not the snap camera. I mostly use the Snapchat camera for space constraint reasons but I wonder if that's even more filtered.

Either way it's important to acknowledge that people have facial lines and always have. Smile lines and eye lines are a natural thing that occur even if you don't have puffy cheeks, and people used to know that, hence why everyone looked significantly less touched up before the era of digital filtering. Nowadays however everyone is so accustomed to filtering technology that we forget we have what are now considered facial "imperfections".

No. 706279

I hate women who date men who look uglier than them and women who get into age gap relationships by choice more than the men who date them. You bitches are making this game harder for all of us.

No. 706281

what game lol? i don't think its healthy to compare your attractiveness to your partners attractiveness and get some kind of worth from that. some people are just in love.

No. 706286

NTA but how convenient that 99% of couples who are just 'in love' despite an obvious disparity in looks involve a better looking woman.

Sometimes it's not that simple, sometimes it's the fact that women have been brainwashed their whole lives to not be shallow, to lower their standards for men's benefit, that men are 'visual' and therefore we need to work our asses off to fit their beauty standards and be worthy of love while they put zero effort into doing the same. Or maybe it's that we're told we're worthless past 30, that men age like fine wine and we age like milk, and therefore we should all go for men much older than ourselves before we expire and become spinsters. Anon is 100% correct that women who go for ugly and old men are ruining it for us, because it just perpetuates male delusion and entitlement when it comes to the calibre of woman they think they deserve just for being male.

No. 706289

but the response to that should be that men lower their standards and stop expecting us all to be 10/10 tiny waist bombshell insta models and find value in womens hobbies, passions and personalities. not that women should only date really hot guys.

No. 706292

Why the fuck would men do that when women consistently date down?? The status quo works in their favour, they're not going to change it to benefit women instead. Women enable men to raise their standards beyond what's reasonable when we choose not to date our equals, hence anons point - stop dating uglier, older men, because it convinces them they deserve hotter, younger women. It's not rocket science.

No. 706295

yes, obviously it's the woman's fault men are entitled ugly retards

No. 706299

Nta but yeah it kind of is half of our fault at this point.

No. 706300

Of course it's not, but we can only control our own actions and by our actions we can theoretically adjust men's expectations.

I'm gonna assume you have an uggo bf if you're this defensive.

No. 706302

Stop blaming women for male behavior. You're acting like men wouldn't still be trying to game and cheat with every younger and more attractive woman he thought gave him a flirty look.
It's like thinking sexual assault would stop if all women would just wear conservative clothes instead of the skimpy stuff that gives men ideas that they're entitled to look and touch our exposed bodies.

This is how men are and they'd be this way regardless if we gave them chances on our terms.

No. 706304

Just because men shoot their shot doesnt mean we say yes.

No. 706307

This argument is retarded. Assault is something men do TO women without their concert. Dating is something men do WITH women, and it's fully consented to.

And yes, men will always aim high. But if women weren't dating down en masse, they'd have no reason to believe they'd ever be successful. As is, they aren't totally delusional when they go for women half their age and may actually get what they want. Women have been socialized in very harmful ways and sometimes we need to take responsibility and actively work to change it. We need to end the lie that we must be the youthful, attractive half of a relationship, and sorry if it hurts anyone's feelings but calling out women who still believe it is one way to do that.

No. 706310

So if older men are the only ones who willl date me because young hot guys only want a perfect woman, and I can’t date them because that’ll be inflating their ego, then what are us average people supposed to do?

No. 706311

But you agree they still would even if we said no. So really the expectation isn't on us having built it up to anything.
Because this is male nature.

No. 706312

>women have been socialized in harmful ways
>so we have to take responsibility and blame ourselves for shit that isn't our fault, in a system set up by men, because surely that will change socialization and the way society is structured!

Dream on. My lolcow night isn't ever fully made until I see retarded ass naivety put on display. Men are gonna continue to do what they do because they can justify it thanks to a portion of women like you telling other women that their mistreatment is deserved & their fault. Much empowerment. Uwu

No. 706313

Uh but men expect to be able to get women younger and hotter women which is why they try and a lot of the time they succeed
Learn to be happy single. I'd rather be single than have some old ugly orge on top of me every night.

No. 706319

>Uh but men expect to be able to get women younger and hotter women which is why they try
They'd try regardless. You're pissed because some women let them succeed, which again, isn't their fault and the male entitlement would still be around regardless if all women could magically agree to not like older or mister personality dudes.
This is so fucking stupid. You're only here to make someone with a not hot boyfriend feel bad about it. Don't pretend you're here for some woman's welfare lmao.

No. 706322

Anons what if I don't consider all older men ugly and actually wanna fuck one and sorry I know I'm drunk this is retarded

No. 706323

But the original post wasn’t about ugly ogre men it was about any woman who dates a man uglier than her. Which is most relationships because women are better at taking photos, know what makeup/hair/clothing is flattering and focus on skincare. if more men did that, those couples you’re talking about would probably be looksmatched

No. 706325

No, they would not feel entitled to it if it was not a realistic goal. It is totally normal in society for men to have younger and attractive gfs but women get attacked for being shallow for having any standards at all. Even women are quick to defend men if someone brings up small dick size and height… "uwu dont make fun of men for things they cant change :(". Women are apart of the issue.

No. 706328

Yeah, because god knows nothing women have ever done or fought for has changed society in general including male attitudes… oh wait it has, many times, and men always had to be dragged kicking and screaming but eventually they come around to a certain extent.

Women get to decide who we will and won't fuck and shutting down discussion about how our choices may harm or benefit us isn't helping anyone. Choosing not to fuck older or less attractive men is not a fucking hardship and encouraging women to have higher standards is not 'blaming them'. Maybe it just takes other women pointing it out for some of us to realize we don't owe men our youth or beauty, and that making better choices will be advantageous to us as a whole in the long run. It's sad you're so resistant to being held accountable for how your actions affect other women.

No. 706329

File: 1609465671950.png (328.95 KB, 950x501, g.PNG)

Trying your best at a game isn't bad. So many people look down on "try harding" but I refuse to throw games to protect some scrotes fragile self-esteem. If you're seriously getting angry and competitive in a laid-back group party setting you shouldn't even be playing games. I'm not saying you should go full tilt autismo mode in a casual setting, but purposefully throwing to coddle someones ego is so dumb. If I kept beating someone at a game and later found out theyre some esports pro I'd just feel patronized. All of that being said it is definitely cringe when you see dads

No. 706330

Accidentally posted early. Meant to say: all of that being said it is definitely cringe when you see dads tryharding against little kids at football or soccer and knocking them over super fucking hard and never letting them get the ball.

No. 706333

So basically you prefer older men because they are willing to ignore your mediocre looks just to have a younger gf? You dont see the issue there?

No. 706334

Define “older”. I’m in my mid 20s, I won’t date a guy in his 40s but 34 and younger sounds reasonable. im ugly so no man at any age wants me kek I don’t date

No. 706335

That's a reasonable age gap imo. By older I mean women who are like 21 with 40 year olds.

No. 706342

sadly from what i've seen most men online say, even that's too old for them and they always talk about only wanting 17-18 year old gfs

No. 706346

Disgusting, you know a guy is abusive if he only wants teenagers who don't know any better. There's barely any difference between a teen or a mid 20s in appearance so we know the real reason.

No. 706357

I will always suspect that Taylor Swift stole the line "band-aids don't fix bullet holes" from Scarling's line "The band-aid only covers the bullet hole".

No. 706367

Nothing is wrong with checking your partners phone

No. 706369

I always imagine a dystopian carousel with fucked up looking people in filthy fursuits with that song. Now ghat I think about it, it might be because of the album cover from one of JoJ's old cd's. One of my favorites, anon.

No. 706378

Lol I got into Scarling by googling lyrics from pictures in the glamfur thread, glad I did

No. 706408

kek is this supposed to be an unpopular opinion, or did your drunk ass post in the wrong thread? Plenty of women are attracted to older men. Fucking an older man isn't even all that big of deal imo, so long as you don't attempt a relationship with them. Those are guaranteed to end poorly and the power dynamic is all fucked up.

No. 706506

ayrt, i guess i was too old and not emo enough when i tried to get into this band?

No. 706530

I still can't believe we gave up the absolute freedom and chaotic customizability that was tumblr blogs for the samey sterile dystopias of twitter and instagram. I love and miss u tumblr

No. 706534

Why can't you keep using tumblr? I honestly don't really notice that much of a difference between 2014~16 and now (but I was always active in pretty small fandoms, so maybe it's that).

No. 706541

I was in a really big fandom circa 2012-2014, and I miss the energy then when it was really all about fic/art creation and the sjw "discourse" was still at levels I could tolerate. But yeah, most large fandoms have moved on to Twitter which I despise. Mostly I'm reminiscing about when Tumblr was the main platform in general because custom css was my shit

No. 706549

i know! when the admins broke lolcow for a bit with that giant header of broken code at the top of the page when they were trying to make the snowflakes happen it reminded me so much of when i’d spend like 8 hours trying to give myself a custom sparkly rainbow mouse on my blog dedicated to whatever stupid shit i was hyper fixated on that week. i miss it so much. the internet used to be so much better

No. 706550

Not sure where I stand on that but I hate the idea that snooping is just as bad as whatever the other person is doing. Claiming someone broke a cheater’s trust by going through their phone just gives gaslighting vibes, it shocks me how many people argue this.

No. 706574

I hope the next blog style social media brings back customization. It was ugly but I really miss places like myspace were you could put a million wallpapers and effects on your page. Everything feels soulless now.

No. 706604

You must hate that illegally obtained evidence is thrown out in the United States, even if it's damning.

No. 706607

Life Is Strange was not that good and Chloe was extremely annoying.

No. 706610

i didn't mind chloe at all, but i wanted to slap max through the screen more than once. her va doing that annoying ass whispery voice didn't help either

No. 706621

Stranger Things is a mediocre show that's just very safe horror and sci-fi for normies. I've only seen the first season but I really disliked the group of kids, they wer annoying and it always felt they knew exactly where to go and what to do with zero logic.

No. 706627

I still like Stranger Things, but I agree that the characters aren't that well-developed. The only ones I found myself consistently happy to see onscreen were Steve, Billy and Dustin.

No. 706629

Agreed. I kind of want to remake my tumblr tbh, but it's so dead over there that I probably won't end up following many people or being followed myself.

No. 706660

File: 1609537213401.jpeg (36.29 KB, 720x695, 2121.jpeg)

god i'm so sad

No. 706685

In general, erotic content is not important and should not be anyone's priority.

No. 706689

…could I get context? kek

No. 706692

The tantrums being thrown about SISEA everywhere. Not only are they overreacting (no way the bill will be applied to things like art or writing when there's so many cases of actual human beings being exploited, aka the main focus of all this), I've noticed that coomers often have a twisted mindset and worldview in general.

No. 706695

A wrong opinion. No one can stop me from reading smut first thing in the morning.

No. 706701

I concur. A fine woman and a scholar you are, dear anon.

No. 706713

I think that erotic content is very important, especially for women, but porn (real life women getting fucked and screwed over) should be heavily monitored or banned altogether. I love reading my fics though.

No. 706733

Men are useless gamer/porn addicts and depressed now because they no longer have a purpose in life. Before their purpose was to go to war and die or be the bread winners. Men cannot function properly in the society we have now. Men are only happy if they are taking care of a woman.

No. 706734

This post reeks of self-hating scrote, ironically.

No. 706738

I hope that poster is a man. I'd hate to imagine that a woman would actually say something like that with no understanding or awareness of the inherent sexism of the statement.

No. 706740

How is it sexist though?

No. 706762

Nigels are not real. If you're age 25-40 and your bf isnt attractive, with a stable career or in school, in shape, taller than you with their own place hes only being nice to you because hes ugly and broke. Only attractive men with good jobs who are nice to you despite that are nigels.

No. 706767

What's with the massive influx of scrote/femcel posts over the past few hours?

No. 706768

i agree with this

No. 706769

The implication that humans have "roles" in life (other than to be functional humans) defined by one's chromosomes, that somehow coincidentally correlate with whatever a person's society or culture's ideas of "gender" (and subsequently, gender roles, and how they're supposed to be enacted) are at the time that they're alive, is sexist in the way that the ideology of biological essentialism is - and sexist in the same way it would be to suggest that because a group of people with specific chromosomes (XY) supposedly have an innate, inborn role to perform in correlation with the existence of a group of people with other chromosomes (XX), would simultaneously suggest that it is also the innate, inborn role of people with XX chromosomes to exist in correlation to the other sex's "requirement" to serve as an caring, protective authority figure to them. It suggests that people with XX chromosomes, due to said innate, inborn role in correlation with the innate, inborn role of people with XY chromosomes, have an inability to take care of themselves or function irrespective of the other sex, because the other sex on a genetic level was created to care for them.

Anyone who believes that women have bodily autonomy and the right to exert it, and do not need someone to care for them (unless they would like that), in the same way that men do, would of course not believe something so silly.

This is aside from that fact that it is profoundly stupid to suggest that human genetics can understand these invented "roles" (regardless of what chromosomes a person has or what chromosomes are correlated with said "role"), that genetics can possibly be aware of a societal and cultural conflict such as war or the process of performing labor in exchange for currency, both of which are relatively recent phenomena in the grand scheme of history. It's almost as stupid as suggesting that, if such "roles" were objectively connected to genetics or chromosomes and defined someone's "purpose" in life, they could be easily ruined by even more recently invented and likely historically insignificant phenomena like video games or internet porn.

No. 706771

Well you assume I think women need men to take care of us, I dont. Women function fine in current society. Since men have lizard brains now that they live in a world where they dont have a specific role they are confused and lost. Because of their lizard brain their purpose in life is to work for pussy and they cannot really do that anymore. This is why porn/video game addiction is so prevalent now.

No. 706772

nta but animals have those kinds of roles. even ones without society. it's not crazy to believe that we evolved different innate instinct based on our sex, but the real difference is that our society is about ignoring instinct in order to harmonize, so it shouldn't matter at all either way.

No. 706773

This is actually true to an extent. Before women entered the workforce in masses men were guaranteed a job and a future while women had to marry them simply to avoid starving to death. But then women were able to earn their own living, own their own property and realized that marriage is a lose/lose situation to them as they most likely have to take care of their lives and possible kids. So the men who would've had everything handed to them on a silver platter now resort to becoming incels living in their parents' basements playing coomer games. It's basically nature taking its course.

No. 706775

>biological essentialism is sexist
I don't see how
>It suggests that people with XX chromosomes, due to said innate, inborn role in correlation with the innate, inborn role of people with XY chromosomes, have an inability to take care of themselves or function irrespective of the other sex, because the other sex on a genetic level was created to care for them.
suggesting that men prefer to be providers does not imply that women are incapable of filling that role themselves. It it just means men have a hard time finding any other place for themselves in society

No. 706780

You know, I don't even outright disagree with the idea that video game addiction in men is somehow correlated with the loss of their societal role as providers for women, but why do you talk about these things as though they were an objective fact? You haven't proven shit simply by stating "the reason x happens is because of y." Stop being so arrogant.

No. 706791

>war and the process of performing labor in exchange for currency >relatively recent phenomena in the grand scheme of history
Uh, setting the rest of your post aside, how exactly are you defining 'recent phenomena'? The first recorded war happened in Mesopotamia.

No. 706799

>I don't see how
Attempting to use supposed differences between, or modern stereotypes concerning, biological sex as an explanation or justification for phenomena that is not related to biological sex is quite literally the definition (but not the entire scope) of sexism.

>suggesting that men prefer to be providers does not imply that women are incapable of filling that role themselves

OP didn't suggest that men "prefer" to be "providers", they said that was men's purpose as male human beings and that if they cannot perform it, they have failed as male human beings. There was no specification about whether taking care of women was something they enjoyed or not. That being said, for there to be a innate role (based strictly on invented human concepts like war, labor, and currency, in OP's situation) for an entire group of people according to their biological sex - something that is determined by genetics - the role has to be genetic and inherent to their biological sex. If this role is to be an authoritative figure to another group of people according to those people's biological sex (women) the genetics that cause this must understand that the role they're creating is respective of, and will correlate to the existence of, that other biological sex. For this to be reality, the genetic makeup of women would have to be compatible with the genetic makeup of men that intends for men on a biological level, to care (in whatever way) for them.

In other words, the genetic blueprint of people with XX chromosomes would have to correspond with the genetic makeup of people with XY chromosomes that causes men to innately "need" to care for women, in a way that makes women innately "need" to be cared for by a man, as nature supposedly intends, according to biological essentialists.

The fact that we can observe women successfully functioning and thriving both as women and as humans without being "cared for" by men, and that they are able to exist irrespective of and have as much bodily autonomy as men can and do, is evidence that no such genetically-determined or biological "role" for either sex to be an authoritative figure to or be a submissive figure to the other, exists or, if it does, is connected to biology and not a facade invented by the cultural construct that is "gender" and "gender roles".

No. 706806

How is that bad? Let them waste away. If they have to violently subjugate women to have any purpose in live then why should anyone care?

No. 706809


this just isn't true. take off your rose colored view of the past where it was a tradfem heaven and men loved their lives and worked hard.

men have always been dissatisfied with the provider role. they've always cheated on and mistreated their wives. they've always been depressed. women have always worked (just in low paying clerical part time positions).

No. 706822

anon is retarded.

No. 706834

Sometimes people are more than their jobs.
It seems like if the sentiment of the man is to provide for a woman, treat her with respect, and be kind no matter where he is professionally or aesthetically, then that is a true Nigel.
I'd actually trust a genuinely kind dude lacking those things over a so-called nice guy with them. It's easy to be "nice" when you're winning at life, I like to see men put to the test when they're under pressure and are losing.

No. 707021

…Wasn't that what was implied here? That women had to be with men out of convenience and not because it was something they wanted to do and men in turn received everything without any effort because they were considered the sex worth giving autonomy to, not because they're "natural providers"? Are you ESL or something?

No. 707022

Man I love this post, I seriously appreciate anons who take their time to write a comprehensive argument to destroy people who believe in sexist hocus pocus. Thanks.

No. 707024

I really don't get the mania with porn. When I want to get off, I can use my own imagination and make up better scenarios than 99% of porn directors. And if men could lower their need for supernormal stimulation just for a few months, they could probably draw a pair of titties on a piece of paper and masturbate to that, so porn is useless in general.

No. 707028

No one said anything about a tradfem goldenage, anon. But it is true that the social value of men objectively decreased just because it was OVERvalued in the past, while women's struggles and value is more ackowledged which they perceive as being overvalued, because relative to the past, it grew. And they can't cope, so they scream "RESPECT ME". Or cope so hard they want to become female themselves.

No. 707032

People getting pregnant on purpose during a pandemic ought to be mentally evaluated and have their households checked for sexual coercion or abuse. I could understand some pregnant women who were already pregnant when the pandemic first started but come on, if your first instinct wasn't to get on some bc and explain to scrotes why children were an extremely bad idea right now, you're kind of a dope.

No. 707045

Eh, a lot of attractive guys cheat though. I can’t blame attractive women for wanting to date an uglier guy who is more likely to stay faithful

No. 707047

^ meant to respond to this post, nvm

No. 707060

I don’t know, I do think that other anon has a point. “Men still cheated” yes but you have to take into account that there were a lot less women back then who were willing to have casual sex. Most men do a lot better in life when they are busy and have a job, and many get joy out of taking care of a family (You can find stats showing unemployment is a lot harder mentally on men)

I think, in general, back then most people were happier and more fulfilled even if they weren’t “in love” with their spouse, because they all had designated roles, didn’t have to go through long unstable periods of “what will I do with my life??”, less loneliness and isolation, etc. The lack of the internet also helped, but everyone was busier and had designated roles so they didn’t really have that much free time to waste online anyway

No. 707066

ugly guys cheat just as much as hot guys do, probably even more so

No. 707088

Borzoi posting was extremely funny purely because anons got so mad at that fucking dog

No. 707105

From my experience, this. Hot guys don't need the ego boost that comes with getting to have sex with every woman interested in them as much as uglier ones do.

No. 707130

Agree, Borzois were the only genuinely funny forced meme because it didn't start out that way at first

No. 707133

>I think, in general, back then most people were happier and more fulfilled even if they weren’t “in love” with their spouse, because they all had designated roles
Housewives in the 60's literally popped pills to deal with their depression and anxiety. Meth was prescribed to them to help them keep doing the chores, take the abuse from their husbands and "stay slim to stay attractive". Additionally when restrictions on divorce were lifted, the stats skyrocketed because women could finally have control over their lives. This weird idea of everyone being happier because of no internet or whatever simply doesn't hold true, depression was just as prevalent but it was a much bigger taboo than it is now.

No. 707140

Women still pop pills for anxiety and depression today, it was just more fun back then because you would get barbiturates instead of the modern standard SSRI’s for depression/anxiety that make you gain weight or kill your sex drive. College kids take adderal to study more just to get a mid level job they don’t like when they get out of college. I still think it was a better deal for women back then because there wasn’t so much pressure to figure out their “passion” or whatever, most people’s passions don’t even make money anyway and women are expected to do all this while looking decently attractive in a failing job market and rapidly rising cost of living

No. 707148

>I miss the times we got to be abused meth heads in a gilded cage instead of icky bloated frigid SSRI monsters ew!!!
Okay anon, if you want to be a tradthot waifu who doesn't need to be in charge of your own life then go for it I guess but don't go claiming women were "generally happier" in the vintage 50's dream life.

No. 707153

Why is this a bad time to get pregnant? No obligation to throw parties, strangers less likely to pester you in public, and increased sanitation means it’s cleaner in public. The only downside is the restrictions on who can come to appointments with you

No. 707155

> I think, in general, back then most people were happier and more fulfilled even if they weren’t “in love” with their spouse

Most women legally couldn’t have their own bank accounts. They weren’t happier or fulfilled, stop basing your knowledge of the past off old romance films.

No. 707156

Yes because most women love instability and uncertainty, struggling to pay their bills, and grappling with that they will probably never make enough money to own a nice home. Such a better deal these days for young women LOL

No. 707158

File: 1609607093312.jpeg (162.01 KB, 500x1197, 6D223E56-8B7C-4947-80A3-DAC590…)

It’s far preferable to being rushed into a marriage, not being allowed to have goals outside of being a wife and mother, legally being unable to control my own money, having no control over how many children I get to have and when, and spousal rape

No. 707160

Ok so what goals do you have? Making more than 12 dollars an hour? Just admit life is worse now for the average woman AND man.

No. 707161

do you not talk to people outside of the internet? are you 19 and is everyone you know working minimum wage retail jobs? my goal is to have a well paying career and live comfortably like most of my friends and peers.

the job market is fucked right now, minimum wage should be higher, there’s a lot wrong with society today but that doesn’t mean we go back to chasing a tradwife 1950s ideal that only existed in advertisements for ovens and on leave it to beaver. it’s a fantasy and I like to live in reality.

No. 707163

Are you american? The average young woman is not “living comfortably” unless she has rich parents, is willing to fuck older men for money, or spread eagle on onlyfans

No. 707164

s word

No. 707165

you’re either a scrote or have overdosed on pickmeism. go back to redpillwomen or go outside and talk to women not on the internet.

No. 707166

This exact person with this exact weird rambling writing style keeps popping up in various threads with these terminal pickme/scroteish ideals. It's always the same shit about how women actually do better when domesticated and taking care of their husbands and how women making a career are miserable deadeggs battling depression. I'm 100% sure it's the same fucking person whether it is a persistent tradthot larper or a scrote.

No. 707168

Yes because there is no chance those are completely different people with a shared opinion. Femcel cope is a helluva drug

No. 707169

How old are you and how much money are you making? You won’t even share your age and earnings which proves youre likely making jackshit and living in a dumpy apartment with 2-3 roommates. Life is so amazing for women these days thoooo(ban evasion)

No. 707180

I've seen men say similar things before ("if I can't have a gf/wife then I'm going to drop out of society and stay a NEET playing vidya all day") and if that's true then it just makes me pity them. Women seem to have their own ambitions and drives apart from that and are content to just participate in society, while men apparently need all that to be motivated to do anything.

No. 707211

i still laugh every time braco is posted

No. 707215

So, between an uncertain life that you still have control over (and can turn around if you find the right method or circumstances around you change), and a completely certain life of essential slavery to a man who emotionally (if not physically) abuses and cheats on you, can legally rape you, you have no real escape, no bank account, etc, you'd choose the latter? Because you don't like college?
Okay, anon.

No. 707219

Same. Men absolutely fall apart if they don't have women. Yet, they insist on mistreating and abusing us time and time again. It makes no sense to me.

No. 707224

I hate scrotes I fucking hate it that we belong to the gender that tend to write walls of text and talk way too much

I wish I could stop talking so much. Help.

No. 707234

File: 1609618466429.jpeg (247.64 KB, 1242x940, BD4AA8FB-8415-47C1-BBC3-C65FE3…)

No. 707236

>Women seem to have their own ambitions and drives apart from that and are content to just participate in society.

Well, it's this in addition to the fact that if we're not adding to society or popping out kids, we're highly judged, shamed, and criticized for it too. In the same vein as how we're expected to be more mature, polite, and organized than men at a younger age as well.

Basically women are expected to have our shit together, whereas men got excuses and enablers.

No. 707237

I am not a scrote
My post doesn’t even make sense but no way I’ll try to make it coherent LOL.
I am right anyways
Fuck all people who talk/type too much

No. 707238

please explain so i can know whether to get offended or not

No. 707241

Sorry, what? Men talk more than women. They love to hear themselves talk and dominate everyone by making them listen to their rambles.

No. 707243

Yeah I realize that
Fuck talkative people
If you talk a lot get offended

No. 707246

maybe you should look how much they type on reddit

No. 707249

Sorry but no. Not trying to defend scrotes but on average men talk a lot less unless they're gay.

No. 707252

Bitch I was just about to say that too

No. 707253

Maybe we're from different cultures.

No. 707255

I usually hate Psychology Today, but:
>A review of 56 studies conducted by linguistics researcher Deborah James and social psychologist Janice Drakich found only two studies showing that women talked more than men, while 34 studies found men talked more than women.[6] Sixteen of the studies found they talked the same and four showed no clear pattern.

No. 707257

This is a really unpopular opinion here but I don’t think Reddit is full of weirdos. It was 10 years ago but at this point it’s objectively one of the most popular websites on the internet . It’s full of normies and only slightly less normie than Insta.

No. 707265

No. 707277

File: 1609622862439.jpg (287.27 KB, 1069x3177, vaeqd5134qi31.jpg)

No. 707305

I agree, it’s so popular and there’s a subreddit for literally everything. Some are full of weirdos, some are full of the shit in the Reddit hate thread, but there’s so many that are full of normies. I use a couple for niche topics and the only strange thing is they tend to be stupidly hugbox-y. Not a major issue.

The simplicity and relative anonymity are nice too.

No. 707306

You think it was just a given that housewives in the fifties were abused physically and emotionally? My god, the retardation

No. 707308

Chinese food is awful. All of it. They eat the nastiest shit in that country

No. 707324

Have you ever read a single thing or listened to women who actually lived in that era about life and domestic violence in the 1950s, or just I Love Lucy reruns and MGTOW blogs? Pathetic, lmao.

No. 707334

I don’t want to start anything here but it’s obvious Belle is trying to look like a child and she’s using her small body for it. Period.

No. 707335

Go back to your containment thread to sperg about her room being messy.

No. 707336

Never read a mgtow blog or I love Lucy, and yes I’ve talked to my grandmas and grandaunts who had normal marriages. Domestic violence was no worse back then as it is now

No. 707338

She’s like 5’9 lmao

No. 707343

I hope you realize small can also mean skinny, which belle obviously is.

No. 707346

Literally delusional. So I guess you'll try to convince us it's normal for psychiatrists to claim abuse is "therapeutic" for men.
This is from 1964, by the way. Imagine how much worse a decade ago was.
>for my mother and most young women in the post war 1940s and 1950s, life was bound by rigid, gender-scripted social codes that revolved around the institution of marriage and family (Oke 2008).
>At that time, the institution of family was a private and protected entity, crafted by religion, enforced by the state, and controlled by the male head of household (Heinemann 1996; Coontz 2000). Women, like my mother, who were being abused in their intimate relationships were isolated and silenced, literally by their partners and figuratively by society at large.

No. 707362

It just doesn’t apply. She can’t look childlike if she’s the same height as most grown men.

No. 707370

She has zero tits and curves and in pictures it doesn’t translate heights obv

No. 707388

File: 1609633051900.jpg (53 KB, 297x400, shin17.jpg)

This occurred to me while browsing the glamfur thread on /m/: Hentai addicted 4chan scrotes had no business bashing furries as much as they did in the early/mid 2000's, and I'm honestly glad I only saw cringe furry yiff shit as an unsupervised 13 yr old on the internet, as opposed to hentai or real porn. I'm not saying furries aren't some of the most disgusting and socially retarded people on earth and it's MUCH worse now, but 2006 era /b/tards were more degenerate by far than the average furry. I think a lot of legitimately sick pedo perverts used them as a way to deflect attention away from themselves. Also I think furries are baseline more creative than weebs because they create their own IP. This is my unpopular opinion and I'm sticking to it.

No. 707390

Like 80% of the shit you quoted doesn’t even relate to abuse, ”life revolved around marriage and family” just because life was more centered around marriage and family doesn’t mean women were all being abused by their husbands.

There is still plenty of spousal abuse today, a huge effect of abuse is low self esteem therefore they are less likely to leave their husbands even if they have the choice. Just because there are more laws now against spousal abuse doesn’t mean it gets prosecuted properly, most abuse victims never even report the abuse until they are very severely injured or ultimately murdered. Look up stats about women who’ve been murdered by their partners- many of them were abused prior but the abuse was never reported to police. Laws don’t work properly unless people report. As I said before domestic violence really isn’t any better now

No. 707393

NTA but she's 5'6, not the height of most grown men

No. 707400

Both articles are literally about abuse. Are you illiterate? Not even going to bother with your shoddy rationalizations after you started off so poorly.

No. 707412

Nta but I like how people don't make sense just because you don't agree with them lol

No. 707424

>for my mother and most young women in the post war 1940s and 1950s, life was bound by rigid, gender-scripted social codes that revolved around the institution of marriage and family (Oke 2008).
>At that time, the institution of family was a private and protected entity, crafted by religion, enforced by the state, and controlled by the male head of household

None of these quotes are about abuse, hence my claim that 80% of your quotes were not about abuse. You’re acting like living or marrying a man = becoming an abuse victim. Maybe you’re just a dyke?

No. 707435

File: 1609644116101.jpg (104.58 KB, 1024x768, 279768945_bc1c02c551_b.jpg)

Wow you sure seem hellbent on caping for boomer scrotes. I wonder why? Why would anyone willingly defend a system that subjugates them and only benefits the man? Unless… Could it possibly be? You had a penis all along?

In any case, not anyone worth arguing with, so keep seething, penis-haver.

No. 707528

That first article though.
>Most of the husbands, the doctors discovered, fell into a definite pattern. Though reasonably hard-working and outwardly respectable, they were in reality "shy, sexually ineffectual mother's boys."
So the incels of the yesteryear who are now stuck playing video games and rating e-thot vaginas online. At least they're now getting weeded out from the gene pool unlike before when some woman had to marry them to avoid living on the streets.

No. 707559

Redditors are really gay tho. I’m basing it on vlogs and all. On 4chan and discord it seems to be the case too. So much rambling.

No. 707655

Life isn't fair and instead of focusing on how other people are doing compared to you, you should be focusing on how to better your situation because no amount of sperging about your resentment toward those who have it better will fix your life.

No. 707674

File: 1609695892394.png (559.69 KB, 500x705, download (3).png)

>Maybe you’re just a dyke?
The projection jumped out. Have you been a closeted lesbian case all along? Mrs Midwest shit. 50s housewife LARPing and conversion therapy won't take away the thirst, anon.
Or, is it just that you want like, secret romantic cake-frosting trysts with other skinny legend 50s housewives while your lame-ass husbands are at work most of the day? You did lament SSRIs making other women fat. Sounding a little too concerned, there.

No. 707697

what is with this weird idea that women didn't work? working class women also worked to support their families, especially if their husband was terrible with money or unable to make much. females farmed, washed other people's clothes, did others' housekeeping or cooking, became governesses, watched over kids, even worked in coal mines. and despite all this work they were still not allowed to own property or vote and were still expected to raise their own kids and do their own housework. i'd say we have a pretty sweet deal now, especially since the middle class is shrinking

No. 707699

samefag but not a sweet deal as in women are not oppressed, but at least we can make our own choices now

No. 707802

I didnt feel bad for the guy in the Jodi arias case. It's just a classic case of a scrote with a madonna whore complex, using the "whores" for sex until he ran into one with bpd. Its just a classic exmaple of if you dont really like a person and see a future with them, just leave them alone.

No. 707813

I’ve read about the case and don’t have strong feelings about it, except that it’s sad that the woman is now wasting her life in prison over some stupid scrote. There was another case I saw where a guy had two girlfriends who were competing with each other. Eventually, one killed the other in a rage and ended up in prison for life I think? These cases make me sad because of the severity of consequences over dumb shit.

No. 707870

My mom grew up middle class and none of the moms worked when she was a kid.

No. 707871

I diagnose you with dumb weeb disease

No. 707904

I wish it was more socially acceptable to say that someone should kill themselves. I hate how people work themselves in a frenzy saying that X group or person is worthless, terrible, or even dangerous but as soon as you say they should kill themselves it's not ok.

No. 707921

I haven't heard much about "should themselves", but when a topic like this comes up it's common to say "they should die", so I it's more or less the same.
What groups/people?

No. 707976

Gay men aren't any better morally than straight men, the only reason women think they are is because they leave us alone sexually for the most part.

No. 707977

Lolcow isn't actually any worse than cgl

No. 708257

Garrus and FemShep are better off friends than they are lovers. Garrus with Tali is the superior ship.

No. 708258

Finally an ME opinion I agree with.

No. 708326

There are people claiming this? Half the famous household-name serial killers were homosexual, and i think most people know that

No. 708406

There's nothing wrong with eating a girl out when she's on her period. Especially if you do anal/ass-eating.

No. 708409

Wait really? I didn't and I'm actually surprised.

No. 708466

People that need to post how they're sad about losing their family member or friend on insta, twitter and some other media platform, are sociopaths that didn't care about their "loved" ones.

No. 708470

Nta but yeah, Gacy and Dahmer for one.

No. 708471

anon is pulling out lies out of their ass trying to prove a point, it's not true. yes, there are a few homosexual serial killers but claiming it's half of the "household names" is just not how things are.

No. 708472

I think it's fine if they're normies, normies follow their friends and family on social media and it's a good way to let everyone in their life know what they're going through and commiserate. If they're an influencer of any kind then yeah I immediately assume they're using their relative's death for attention.

No. 708484

Tbh I think its more the porn and video game addictions fucking men than the tfw no gf shit, the former leads to the latter and they're too dumb to see it. Scrotes don't really see the opportunity cost involved with spending each night in front of a computer and cooming to porn instead of having interesting hobbies

Also theyre myoptic as shit. I've known NEET Scrotes that narcisstically think that watching anime all day on welfare is a 180IQ move and wagies are dumb as shit. Then 25 hits and it becomes obvious they're losers and just can't handle it.

My unpopular opinion is that 4chan should be deleted. Not because of the gore or porn, but because I've picked up that most of r9k, pol and soc is just the most loser adults over 25 corrupting 16 year olds with their cynicism.

No. 708486

There is an extremely strong correlation between con artistry and holding new age spiritual beliefs.

No. 708489

>wagies are dumb as shit.
I agree, depending on the job. Certain jobs are hell on earth and way worse to have than none.

No. 708499

Right, but in the era of easy welfare, why would you need such a job? At worst, as a young person, you can do it for three months and then jump ship.

Within 6 months in an average city you should be able to find something decent. What reason could you possibly have to sit on welfare for 7 years?

No. 708507

File: 1609816390244.jpg (8.71 KB, 256x256, 85e6f3deb8e481a0c6b655aadeb730…)

Unpopular opinion:

Flat butts and flat chests aren't bad. Maybe it's just me because i have a flat butt and chest but, yes. Women who are flat? i love you, no homo

No. 708538

idk, i made up a story about how a TERF acquaintance i knew killed herself and people ragged on me

No. 708539

i hate makeup. if you don't have an intensive skincare routine that involves double cleansing it will fuck your shit up, and i am eternally salty about how men don't feel pressured to wear it. not to mention the eternal quest for the "holy grail" product and the stress of things getting discontinued or reformulated. some argue that it's "for fun" and "self-empowering" and i kind of get that if you do genuinely interesting looks, but most women just paint a more "attractive" face on top of their own face. i stopped wearing makeup and focused on health, and lo and behold i got the clearer skin, rosy lips and cheeks and bright eyes i was aiming for with makeup. i'm not as pretty but i'm more content, 10/10 would recommend.

No. 708543

I don’t care for obese models. There’s always comments like “omg!!! Love the diversity!!!!” Like my annoyance is twofold. Number one, how the fuck can you tell if the clothing is good quality when you’re looking at a 6XL stretched to hell over some 300 lb woman. Secondly the allure of clothing on a thin / normal weight model is that you can aspire to look like that or feel like that idk this might just be me thinking negatively. Like I have zero problem when they bring models that look like average everyday women but when the morbidly obese models come out and try to sell something I just kind of shrug or laugh it off. Especially if it doesn’t fit well.

No. 708544

Flat chests are great but flat butts are just sad imo.

No. 708557

How on earth is this an unpopular opinion either on lolcow or irl… any promotion of fat people is a cope on their part, and pity on the part of thinner women. Nobody legitimately admires or enjoys obesity, it's a completely forced attempt by corporations to seem woke, with a similarly fake audience.

No. 708568

I don't see what the big deal is, fat people still buy clothes. Even fat models won the genetic lottery because they have ideal fat distribution regardless and look miles better than your average fatass, just like "normal" models.

No. 708577

I generally agree with this. As an extension of that, I don't really understand why people who have nice skin wear foundation and concealer at all. Even with a blemish or a bit of scarring or pih, bare, hydrated skin usually looks the best imo

No. 708584

Because obese women who spend their coin on clothes want to see what the clothes look like on an obese body. You don't have to ~aspire~ to be every model you look at, if it need not apply. Plenty of people don't want to be the actual models. Autistic take.

No. 708600

I love Yoga with Adrienne but it's the bottom of the barrel for fitness on youtube. I like her videos partially because they are not that hard and I can't feel bothered to push myself that hard when working out alone. But I was baffled when someone was shittalking a fitness youtuber and suggested that Adrienne was a good replacement when her videos are way easier.

No. 708605

I read an article about plus sized models and a lot of them wear shapewear and their bodies are still edited to look better. The most important thing is just being tall and having the model face. I think a lot of them get work done on their face, too

No. 708608

ntayrt but god yes
Foundation looks so ugly, even light dewy foundation looks caked on to me compared to real skin. I seriously don't understand why it's such a staple when it comes to makeup.

No. 708610

nayrt but just like thin people don't look anything like the beautiful people modeling the clothes they want, fat women don't look like fat models.
in some countries models can't be too thin because it promotes bad health, with how much more of an epidemic obesity is maybe fat models will be regulated too…

No. 708611

I started followng one of her 30 day programs after some anon namedropped her, and I enjoy learning different poses. But spending minutes laying down and waiting her to finish some bullshit motivational speech is painfully boring. Maybe I just can't into "yoga mentality". It's also funny when you go from bending knees and elbows to her balancing her whole weight on her forearms, like, stop flexing on me, bitch, you know I can't follow along with that, this is a beginner class!

No. 708613

Fashion is a crutch for obese women imo, they should’ve never expanded the fashion options for them to make obesity seem a little more desirable or acceptable. It’s a huge health risk and frankly, a drain on healthcare systems. “Oh you’re upset there isn’t a wide range for fashion for a 3XXL? Get healthy then, cow” lol

No. 708614

I agree. Also hate when people ask me why I don’t, as if it’s not passive but an act of rebellion.

No. 708634

I was reading about the pornstar who killed herself after receiving a barrage of hate on twitter a few years ago for not wanting to have sex with a gay pornstar and I began thinking… the far radleft are really low key rapey. Despite saying “my body my choice” and #metoo raging about men who think women owe them sex. If you don’t want to have sex with a man who’s had sex with men, you’re a homophobe. If you don’t want to have sex with a fat person you’re labeled a fatphobe. Don’t want to have sex with a troon, you’re a transphobe. And so on. Almost as if they are pressuring people with labels in to consenting to have sex with them, which by their standards is rape.

No. 708638

People labeling themselves as HSP are just BPDs in denial.

No. 708639

They low key hate women.

No. 708641

The reason why she didn't want to do the scene was that gay porn actors are ridden with STDs due to the unprotected sex they were having and the lack of required STD screenings, not because she was homophobic.

Bruce Beckham, one of the people dogpiling on her reacted to her suicide by saying "She allegedly chose to end her own life when she was exposed to the same vitriol that gay people have been exposed to globally for decades" lmao. Another one was Jaxton Wheeler who basically said that "We didn't tell her to kill herself!" except when he himself had tweeted at her to "either apologize or swallow a cyanide pill".

No. 708649

>wear shapewear and their bodies are still edited to look better and have work done to their face
Oh thin models would never! Lol

No. 708657

Opiate addicts should be denied detox services. Rehab should be guaranteed but not detox. The reason it's such a big revolving door is because opiate addicts never have to suffer the physical consequences of withdrawal. You can't die from opiate withdrawal and these services should be reserved for benzo/alcohol dependency only.

No. 708667

that guy jodi arias killed deserved to die lmao

No. 708679

File: 1609855918088.jpg (114.02 KB, 1024x1024, gtxcq49k.jpg)

August Ames. Such a fucked up story, so twisted how she was bullied because of it

No. 708681

Are you that one anon who keeps posting about her or does she have a cult following? He seemed gross but equally she seemed like a fantasist bpd-chan

No. 708682

Tom Hanks is creepy.

No. 708684

I'm not that anon but I've been seeing her mentioned a lot in this thread. I struggled to feel bad for him too because he struck me as a sick serial abuser. LDS Church cult member. I'm convinced other women who he treated like that never spoke out because of the manner he died. I know she does have a sort of cult following and some nobody rapper wrote a song about how she's innocent lol. There are tons of youtube vids supporting her innocence too.

No. 708689

it honestly scares me how american society hosts more extremist personalities in larger numbers like retards obsessed with serial killers, manchildren who spend their time fighting all day and drawing fictional porn, political radicals, and other autistic lolcowish personalities. i think it needs to be studied more why american culture creates so many extremist types of subgroups within its society.

No. 708692

also ive lived and am familiar with another western country as well as been outside of the us centric bubble and i honestly notice theres more extreme and outlandish types way more often in the US than in any other western society lol

Dont know about eastern cultures though.

No. 708695

I'am that anon and wasn't aware she's been mentioned a lot in this thread. I just finished watching some youtube armchair analysis on her case and was laughing at how much i didn't give a shit about the actual victim. Doesn't mean that I like her though. Murderous sociopaths don't deserve to be in society… but still.. lol at her killing such a worthless, bottom of the barrel scrote.

No. 708696

Isn't it obvious? They have no higher group identity to belong to, so they splinter into smaller, more intimate groups where they can feel a greater degree of identity and belonging.
What does being an American mean? At this point it's just living in America, there is no identity to that.

No. 708700

I think Dan Schneider may be a pedo, but I don’t think he has ever acted on it directly or abused a child and I don’t think he will ever be ‘outed’. At most I think he may get in trouble for having pedos work under him and turning a blind eye.

No. 708712

Hitler is boring, Nazism is boring, there is no reason why this ideology or the man needed to be kept alive by the media for more than half a century when other more relevant movements from an ethnocentrist pov died out.

No. 708714

File: 1609860410879.jpeg (6.63 KB, 180x280, download (3).jpeg)

Scarlett Johansson sucks. In everything.

No. 708715

I hope you're right but I can't look at this and think nothing happened.

No. 708718

You should really look at the things Jennette Mccurdy has said.

No. 708719

Ted Bundys media attention and infamy is directly based off of classism and racism with his victims receiving more sympathy for being middle class and wasp with straight laced lifestyles. If they were lower class, or had different lifestyles (that were commonplace in the 70s like heavily based music subcultures, drug scene, LA nightlife scene, ect) people without a doubt would give a shit about them and the Ted Bundy case less, especially if they were a different ethnicitity. I also dont think his victims were more "regular" American girls because the US is a unique and multilayered society to begin with. Part of that is a weird complex with American mainstreeam society pretending like certain groups dont exist at all.

No. 708720

With regards to him being outed I think Jeanette McCurdy is the best hope. Or maybe even Victoria Justice because she and Dan ended on bad terms and it's rumored he had her blacklisted from tv/film. She recently came out with a new song

No. 708721

I agree, I think for a lot of infamous serial killers

No. 708726

to add on, many other serial killers too,had college going, young, attractive victims but since they didnt fit the "All American girl" mold the media sensationalized them less. Either way the calculated favoritism with serial killers due to it fitting a better media story is disgusting. Its different than how Jack the Ripper got infamous in the UK because it was because he was so shocking and it was rare for it to happen not anything to do with the victims like Ted Bundy obviously is imo

No. 708728

Jennette clearly did experience some kind of abuse or exploitation as a child but nothing she’s said specifically alludes to Dan over any one else

No. 708730

Anon there are plenty of notorious serial killers that killed prostitutes, John Wayne Gacy killed a ton of young, hispanic prostitutes and hid them under his house's floors and you could argue that he's even more infamous than Ted Bundy. The reason why Bundy's case is so "popular" is that he was a fucking lunatic in the courtroom, escaped after being detained and the media hyped up the fact that some weirdos sent him love letters.

I've never understood this bizarre "I-if his victims weren't WASPs then nobody would've cared!!!!" mindset to begin with, with serial killers the notoriety comes from them brutally killing so fucking many people, not the background of the victims. Like the BTK killer, I don't think what his victims' ethnical background is, it's the fact that he put them through a fucking nightmare that stays in most people's heads.

No. 708732

I really don’t like Liz Bruenig

No. 708735

What about this? Also, you should probably look at Schneider's behavior with Amanda Bynes when she was on The Amanda Show. No reason a kid should be saying "Love you, Dan!" about a grown-ass man every single episode of her show, but the behind the scenes clips are the creepiest.

No. 708736

It's not about just being wasp (nobody cares about most white runaways, hookers, or drug addicts much), it's the image they fit in of the all american girl and the fact they were used apart of the manhunt against Bundy that gradually led up to his arrest. We also hear far more about Bundy's victims than we do about gacys, dahmer's, and ramirez. Bundy had like at least 3 documentaries made on him in the past year while gacy hasn't really gotten that despite probably being generally more referenced in media. Btk doesn't get as much documentaries and media attention as bundy so I don't even know why he was mentioned. If you ever watch bundy documentaries they always fixate on the victims and how normal and innocent they were which is something they tend to gloss over with serial killers who have different types of victims. There is also a focus on the looks of his victims which doesn't exist much for other serial killers to this extent in the media

No. 708737

Probably because in developed countries we don’t have to sow soccer balls at the age of 8, do forced labour or have communist governments controlling our lives so we have more free time and freedom to build personalities, opinions and obsess over pointless shit. Any other 3rd world country these people would have probably been imprisoned, put to death or starved to death kek.

No. 708738

It’s weird out of context but it’s from when she was on the show and it wasn’t uncommon for them to shout him out on their social media.

>you should probably look at Schneider's behavior with Amanda Bynes when she was on The Amanda Show

No trust me I think he’s a creep and that he’s behaved inappropriately with a lot of kids. I think he probably is a pedophile. I just don’t think he’s ever actually had sexual contact with a child.

No. 708739

Nayrt, but this is also my perspective as a non-burger. Even their more conventional identity-related obsessions can be strange.

No. 708741

Yeah I agree like I feel like even outside of identity based things and even in other developed countries you don’t come across as many people who are like obsessed with Disney or anime or whatever. Fandom culture in general seems to be particularly big there for some reason, but I actually don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing and I kind of wish where I live was more like that in some aspects.

No. 708747

I’m not American but over here I find Ted was well known for being intelligent, charismatic and for some odd reason having a hoard of fan girls while he represented himself in court. Every serial killer gets known for something unique they do, if the above was the norm with serial killers he would have been forgotten about by now. I don’t hear anything about any of the victims here and couldn’t name a single one… bar I know one of Ted’s was a young child. maybe this is an american thing with the victims?

No. 708748

Oh, that's disgusting. Not only is it seen as the default, but people have the AUDACITY to come and ask personal questions like this.

No. 708749

> We also hear far more about Bundy's victims than we do about gacys, dahmer's, and ramirez.
Huh? I don't think I've ever heard about his victims, all the shit to do with Bundy deals with him being a "heartthrob killer" or whatever. I think you've just been watching too many Netflix docuseries since they're milking it right now for some reason.

No. 708751

There were other intelligent and charismatic serial killers who likely would've gotten hoards of fan girls in court if their cases were heavily publicized the same way tbh.

No. 708752

Easy way to make money I guess

No. 708754

But how come there aren't literally just as many cows from places like Switzerland? You can say language barrier, but enough people from those places know English and could put them on blast, or we'd at least see a decent proportion of cringe pictures/screencaps.
I honestly think it's just something about Anglo ancestry in specific. British people are just as autistic.

No. 708757

I feel like Russia and China have had a lot of social media cows too. Maybe part of it is that there are social media sites associated with those places like Weibo or VK? Like I think if Switzerland had a Swiss social media place (maybe it does and I just don’t know) you’d see more cows from there

No. 708760

Americans have no culture, plain and simple. Most of them also think that nationality starts and ends at living in the same country, too. Like another anon said, they try to form an identity from other things.

No. 708784

What is nationality?
Americans do have a culture

No. 708817

Mid-late 90's and 2000s country music is great. Also the Dixie Chicks shouldn't have changed their name or at least should have chosen something better.

No. 708819

I agree with the second one, I get why they changed it, but "The Chicks" is ugly. I was never a fan though so, doesn't really concern me.

No. 708821

okay, they don't have culture that isn't utter garbage.
what's worse, they leak that cancer culture and other stupid countries follow lead.

No. 708822

I also understand why they changed it and am ultimately glad they did, but The Chicks is sooo bland and ugly. Even with the connotations, The Dixie Chicks is way cuter.

No. 708827

Samuel Little is the worst serial killer by number in the US but I believe that no one talks about him because most of his victims were prostitutes.

Overall I think true crime focuses a lot on the murders of rich white women when most murder victims in the US are black men. I don’t think all groups get equal treatment in crime coverage.

No. 708830

exactly, obesity shouldn't be normalized. to get that huge one would definitely have to have some untreated mental problem

No. 708853

Weed isn't helpful for self-medicating anxiety, depression, or any other mental health issues. I doubt it's good for pain either, but I don't have personal experience and won't speak to that. But yeah, I smoke, and it's a fun, recreational activity like drinking. Anyone who says it's for muh anxiety/depression is retarded.

No. 708858

File: 1609874942003.jpeg (10.54 KB, 225x225, download (1).jpeg)

Pretty privilege is a thing but I don't believe extremely average looking women claiming they get free shit and As and jobs everywhere they go.

No. 708867

Yeah this "I got stuff for free handed to me and constantly As on shit I didn't put any effort in" thing is fake as shit. Pretty privilege is more about being favoured and excused a lot more than unattractive people, not straight out being hailed as gods.

No. 708869

Why do we think obesity is only 400 pounds? 160 or 200 pounds can be obese.

No. 708879

For context, I haven't seen a single picture of this woman without weave, five pounds of makeup, and tons of filters and editing and still looking average

No. 708881

Her tweet seemed believable at first and became a mary sue fanfic, couldnt she make efforts to make her story seem realistic?

No. 708892

The She-ra reboot has an ugly art style,then again cartoons with a faux anime style are worst than cartoons with the so called "Calarts" style,it's not only ugly to look at but boring too.

No. 708904

If she got an A on an assignment she never turned in I would bet anything she gave a sexual favor for it. That isn’t pretty privilege that’s prostitution

No. 708923

Wholeheartedly agree the make up industry has taught women to hate their features imo. Most make up looks are so garish and tacky anyways I'll just stick to skincare and some gloss.

No. 708924

But how does she even know it’s down to attractiveness when those things can happen for other reasons? Strangers do that pay it forward shit these days. Some men like to be chivalrous or might be deluded and think you’ll date them because they let you cut in line. Half off discounts can be a sign of overcharging and wanting to bag a repeat customer, or give thanks to a loyal one. Same with free desserts. A’s on assignments you never turned in is probably the professor pitying you and not wanting to be responsible for you failing. It’s narcissistic to think everything happens solely because you’re hot.

No. 708949

Maybe in africa or back then but if she's Western and is speaking of recent times then she's lying because most Western men don't even want to approach women or leave their house for dates half the time, nevermind even footing a bill on a date. Highly doubt men are just throwing money and good grades when there's tons of women more attractive than her struggling to get decent partners

No. 708951

Why is Western always a stand in for "Anglophone" on the net? Plenty of men spoiling women and having more traditional approaches in Western countries, just not English speaking ones

No. 708954

On days where I wear leggings I find that men are quicker to let me cut ahead of them in queues too… that's just some creepy shit. If you revel in that kind of attention then cool but there are just as many women wanting to curl up and die at gestures that you just know are based on you having decent tits or an ass.

If it's specifically men letting you skip ahead then it's not even about being pretty…it's them mind-fucking you while you stand there.

No. 708956

Taylor Swift is and has always been insufferable and everyone tolerates her. She's a smug and selfish pick me and I hate that clip of her crying that she wasn't nominated for her like, 10th grammy.

No. 708957

she can't even sing and her songwriting is so overrated tbh

No. 708958

Lmao that’s some ugly humble bragging. 100% she’s lying.

No. 708963

This tbh, women can get some benefits to being attractive, but a lot of women exaggerate it greatly. Some woman I use to work with (she's 50) claimed men would just hand her expensive sports cars and expensive dinners because she had big tits and was skinny back in the day, then showed me a picture of what she use to look like and her boobs were the same size as my mine while she called me flat chested (I'm a double d and I wear loose clothes)

No. 708964

I've had people open doors for me or let me enter elevators first on days when I was wearing makeup. I was wearing normal clothes.

No. 708966

Can’t really speak about her personality, cause I know nothing about her— but I can’t stand her singing voice. It’s shrill to me. I told one of my coworkers I hated her voice, and my coworker audibly gasped lol.

No. 708968

I've had a lot of this happen to me and I'm like a 5/10. I think I've just been lucky enough to be the target of other peoples' random acts of kindness before. The only thing that noticeably increases when I've put a ton of effort into my appearance is male employees being more likely to ask me how I'm doing and random men approaching and talking to me in general. I've also paid for other people's meals and given out freebies at work basically at random and I know I'm not the only one. Like >>708924 said it's kind of narcissistic to think it's just because you're hot.

No. 708970

If you don’t like laying around then yoga isn’t for you

No. 709005

This isn't an unpopular opinion, you just wanted to complain about that two year old screenshot for ants, kek.

No. 709009

Don't know if this is bait or not but it wasn't this one specific screenshot just anyone who claims to have everything handed to them for doing nothing but being hot (even if they're not)
Men and women alike

No. 709010

I haven't seen people make claims that bold outside the example anon posted, just passive-aggressive/humble brags like "Men are a lot nicer to me when I'm not wearing makeup for some reason and women can't stand me lmao".

No. 709012

Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean people don't do it, obviously I'm not saying everyone does it or that it's common but I have met like 3 women who have made outrageous claims or exaggerated about things they got and at least 2 men who made these claims as well. Its annoying but can lolcow please save the "this doesn't happen" claims for 2022

No. 709023


The country was founded* by zealots and criminals of all stripes. Not to mention straight up greedy mofos. That's a whole lot of crazy right there. What do you expect in their descendents?

*Never mind all the people who were already living there at the time, of course.

No. 709027

Well, okay, but please bring like…better receipts next time. At least one of those autistic Reddit blogposts from r/offmychest or something, that would've been funnier and more convincing that it's a mindset than some random Twitter tard.

No. 709030

Anon this is lolcow, an anonymous image board. You don't need "receipt's" when you're just venting about something you find annoying, especially since other anons came in and shared their own experiences with these people…

If you're truly curious go to reddit or something and ask for proof, if you think me and any other anon is just lying then just move on, I don't see what you'd be get out of claiming someone on an anonymous image board is lying about something that others do that annoy them

No. 709031

Now this is one of those things that doesn't happen. Also, are you sure it's not projection? Because you're one of those women who can't stand them?

No. 709032

Women who criticize FDS are all ugly pickmes who are jealous

No. 709035

Reminder to ignore the bait like >>709032

No. 709036

I'm >>709031, how is my post bait? I've seen countless post on this site raging on women who don't wear makeup just for existing but I've never met a woman who acts like how she described.

No. 709038

Just because you don't agree with something doesn't mean that it's bait.

No. 709039

You claimed it didn't happened because you never met someone like that and in the same post claimed the anon was like that. Do you not see the irony?
You're correct, but in a sense calling all women ugly pickmes for not thinking like you is in itself pickmeism as well as claiming x doesn't happen just to accuse the anon of doing it, especially claiming anons are lying over certain attitude's of people they've encountered in itself is ridiculous

No. 709041

Because I talked to women who accused other women we knew of doing this and I didn't see it. If people lie irl, why wouldn't they lie on the internet too? I know this specific lie too well.

No. 709042

So which one is it? Do those women do or do not exist? You can't just say that x women doesn't exist then turn around and claim the anon is actually the woman they were complaining about. Its as stupid as saying Karen's don't exist and they're made up then calling people who complain about Karen's, Karen's. You sound annoying to be around

No. 709043

Also I can easily say that your story is made up as well since I've never encountered it myself. Or does the world just revolve around you and your experiences Karen?

No. 709051

Have you heard of sugar babies? I think some of what goes on in that world would be a good example of this.it’s a common thing to brag about how they just go on platonic dates with no sex involved then they’re gifted all kinds of shit like cars, purses, etc. Most (if not all) these women are fucking the sugar daddies and just don’t want to admit that they are prostitutes

No. 709054

I hate dream. His crew. And their fans.

No. 709058

Sugar dating only recently became an exclusive thing and sugar daddies only ever pour that amounts of money into sugar babies they are exclusive with. On top of that it's not like you exist and sugar daddies come to you, you have to purposely seek out sugar daddies, that being said even the most famous sugar babies aren't getting that much, so why would basic bitches be getting sugar daddies who buy them expensive sports cars and everything else under the sun?

No. 709111

It's really not that deep. People are allowed to say "I've literally never seen this happen" and call bullshit on what seem like non-issues, because this is Lolcow, like you said.
Not everybody's going to believe you if your scenarios sound unrealistic and unlikely, sorry.

No. 709140

And that would seem fine if the scenarios are actually unrealistic, people being bitchy/full of themselves/thinking they're better than others because of a certain attribute is not that

On top of that you guys literally have boards dedicated to weird people who say crazy shit, so what's so unbelievable about anons encountering people who say weird shit

No. 709141

I'm 29 but I prefer men over the age of 35 because they seem more affectionate.

No. 709147

Not really that remarkable of an age gap, I think that's fine and pretty reasonable even

No. 709157

maybe this depends on culture but everyone holds open doors and elevators for other people, regardless of what they look like. I've literally never not had that happen for me and i've done those thing for literally anyone, even greasy old scores

No. 709168

File: 1609916812304.jpg (35.93 KB, 750x567, xQzpjdJ.jpg)

I feel insanely uncomfortable when I'm looking at a Robot Chicken short/sketch/whatever that show is.

I hate how it looks, even if I love stop motion, something about RC just looks uncanny and the "Haha Cute cartoon character doing edgy things lol" sort of humor just makes me uncomfortable more than anything. For some, everyone says it is the funniest thing ever, and I don't get why, you can literally just go to any parody animation channel on Youtube and you'll get the same type of humor but sometimes less ugly to looks at.

Picture unrelated because I legit can't find the will to search for a RC one

No. 709173

File: 1609918779946.jpg (25.12 KB, 260x335, 51r6AsIbRBL._SX258_BO1,204,203…)

As much as pop culture is worthy and deserving of criticism itself, "anti-pop-culture" humor has been a dead medium for what feels like decades now. I hate it regardless of whatever visual style it's presented in, because it's always presented as some kind of intellectual social commentary when it's really just "new thing bad" rehashed again and again. Now media franchises, brands, and corporations can use this humor about their own creations to "make fun of themselves" (promote their product to a consumer audience) so why even bother?

>you can literally just go to any parody animation channel on Youtube and you'll get the same type of humor but sometimes less ugly to looks at

The only thing Robot Chicken has going for it is that it's pre-YouTube, perhaps giving it a tad bit more originality for its time. Of course, it was outdone by MAD Magazine, who has been around since the 50s and is equally obnoxious.

No. 709182

Wearing a mouth mask outdoors (when its not packed with people) is ridiculous and worse for your health than not wearing one and breathing in the fresh air.

No. 709196

I was thinking this too. I've definitely had instances where men for no real reason just let me skip them in a queue and that's more of a full on unnecessary gesture. But holding doors is just a thing you should experience anyway. I hold the door for anyone if the timing is there.

No. 709198

Im in a cold country and having developed a weird new skin sensitivity to cold in the last couple years.. I'm kind of relieved to have a reason to put a mask on when I head out. Spent the two previous winters with what looked like rosecea flush every day from walking to work. Felt like shit when I would glimpse myself in mirrors afterwards. It happens too high up for a snood to help with it but this year the masks have noticibly lessened the damage.

My neighbour shouted the same thing at me the other day but I didn't want to explain my skin situation to her

No. 709209

Like anon above I wear it outside in winter to keep warm. I’ve always found it stupid how there are accessories to keep every body part warm (hats, scarves, gloves, fucking ear muffs) but the face is kept exposed. Snoods before 2020 here were thick and uncomfortable to breathe in. May look stupid, may not be great for health (though you’re still breathing in the fresh air so?), but I’m loving being warm.

No. 709212

File: 1609926290776.jpeg (251.7 KB, 2501x1563, TELEMMGLPICT000139267345_trans…)

I didnt look at it this way but why don't you guys wear a scarf like this? Its a lot warmer and easier to breathe.
I don't like people going out of their way to tell you it's stupid but I will still think it and don't appreciate angry looks I get from people for not wearing one outside when its not mandatory.

No. 709217

I tried scarfs and snoods and either they don't come up high enough or if they do I look a bit crazy wearing them. Masks cover the problem area perfectly.

Like you said though they're not mandatory outdoors here either so I don't think people on either side should be giving funny looks over it. It seems to be 50/50 when it comes to wearing them outdoors here

No. 709219

>I don't think people on either side should be giving funny looks over it.
I agree with that. I guess I was being a bit defensive about it because of people giving me looks for not wearing one.

No. 709224

Pretty sure that anon was talking about the people who go outdoors wearing a face mask just to autistically follow pandemic guidelines even when they're alone and out in the fresh air, not the ones who use it to warm their faces. I mean I'm wearing a mask to the grocery store and public transit but what's the fucking point when you're going for a run and limit your own oxygen intake for nothing? You're not going to infect anyone down the street for jogging past their houses or walking in the woods.

No. 709226

I find snoods and scarves worn like that to be uncomfortable, bulky, and harder to breathe in compared to a mask. They also don’t fit flush to the face so cold air can get in, and I don’t like having that fluffy material over my mouth. Just having a thin piece of material fitted close to the face is enough warmth for me, keeps the breath contained a little and shields the face. Where I live doesn’t get much colder than 0°C though.

No. 709229

But you don’t know why strangers are voluntarily wearing masks. Anons were providing their reasons which didn’t relate to autistically following government guidelines. People also wear them because it helps them to feel less self-conscious.

No. 709230

I keep mine on because one time I forgot to while entering a store and I don't want to repeat that awkward moment. Id rather wear it at all times that I'm out than realise I'm ten minutes into my shopping and maskless. On the surface I might look autistic wearing it while I walk through my quiet town but that's my reason. Memory problems. You can't look at someone wearing a mask outside and know why they chose to.

No. 709232

A few months back I remember some acne anons on here being pretty happy damn about masks becoming a thing

No. 709234

But the masks make acne worse

No. 709240

I think they were anons with scars left over from old acne. I can imagine it doesn't do great things for current acne for sure

No. 709244

Awh that really sucks but also that they feel like they need to hide their face. I don't think the masks do their confidence any good in the long run.
I have a friend who got a serious rash from wearing the mask all day every day at work.

No. 709251

I don't have severe acne, mostly hormonal pimples on my chin, but I feel like wearing a face mask at work helped with that because I touche my face a lot less now. The pimples were more severe during the lockdowns as I was staying at home all day long.

No. 709300

The overzealous mask wearers and the retarded antimasks are the two sides of the same autistic coin.

No. 709301

Except one is concerned about safety, and the other about ‘freedom’. Personally, I can excuse the former more than the latter.

No. 709303

Wear your fucking mask you retard.

No. 709306

I wear it religiously whenever I go outside, don't worry about it. I was talking about all the obnoxious people who feel the need to write hot takes on Twitter on how they are so much better than everybody else.

No. 709317

Well that's just Twitter being Twitter, silly bean

No. 709364

NTA, but
>Jeffery Dahmer
>John Wayne Gacy
>Dennis Nilsen
>Dean Corll

Just off the top of my head.

No. 709393

I love going to the airport

No. 709397

I'm just going to say it that their homosexuality was more like general degeneracy of wanting to break sexual taboos (i.e. same sex relations) instead of genuine homosexuality and/or the trauma caused upon them in early childhood like how John Wayne Gacy was severely abused by his dad due to being an effeminate boy. That's also why pedos often diddle both girls and boys.

No. 709405

Same, I frequently get the urge to just hang around my city’s airport and watch airplanes takeoff.

I agree with you, it was weird. Somewhat related but I also always hated that Happy Tree friends show. My friends didn’t get why it made me so uncomfortable to watch.

No. 709407

Another anon here and I agree with you both. I had a friend who thought Happy Tree Friends was the funniest shit ever and to me it was just disturbing and made me uncomfortable. I'm not even moralfagging about dark humor or anything but when it's just "cute cartoon animals doing edgy things" it feels like an excuse for creating torture porn because it's never witty or genuinely funny.

No. 709409

I don't remember where I read this so take it with a grain of salt, but seria killers like these kill people of the gender they're attracted to. That's also why straight men kill mainly women.

No. 709505

that's because serial killers are very often sexually motivated, so yeah, you'd be right.

No. 709533

File: 1609982477960.jpg (38.5 KB, 538x301, 4dba56f5719e86d57d81f0babad649…)

I like the bratz art style
They're strangely beautiful in their own way (despite being alien like)it makes them stand out

No. 709534

Parents who kick their kids out at 18 are fucked.

No. 709537

I agree. I hope you have somewhere safe to go, anon.

No. 709541

Oh don't worry my parents are lovely in that sense. I am in my 20's actively raising money and working, graduated college, and my parents are still fine with me staying because they aren't dumbass who don't understand how hard it is to be a grown adult in this country let alone a teenager out on their own. I also work with teenagers and I could never see any of them leaving their homes at 18 and fending for themselves. They can barely remember to write their names on their papers. It's just barbaric mentality to me.

No. 709564


In this day and age anon not many young people unless theyre elite can afford to buy a house or shit

No. 709569

Depends on if the kid is coasting or not. If they're studying or saving, it being clear they have a direction, then they can stay at home. If theyre a neet or working a shit job with no ambition, then fuck them off out the door.

No. 709575

that’s how people end up homeless.

No. 709577

just having a job is not enough for you no?

No. 709578

I was way too irresponsible and dependent on my parents while living with them. I wasn’t kicked out at 18 but at 17 I had to go to another country for my studies and had no other choice but to live by myself. Best decision of my life, I would’ve probably been a NEET on the verge of suicide right now if I didn’t experience that. So sometimes it’s for the better even though it might be hard for the kid at first.

No. 709588

There is such thing as too big when it comes to tits, ass, dick, hips, lips or any other body part people praise for being big. Anyone who denys this is porn sick or gets off on people dying aka a fat fetishist

No. 709621

unironically thank you for this post anon it helped bring me back to reality, i've been looking into xl breast augmentation after seeing post after post by scrotes talking about how bigger is always better

No. 709698

It doesn't matter how expensive equipment you have if you suck at art. Draw with a mouse, loser

No. 709715

Theres nothing wrong with having high standards for art and language and I hate how this is considered "pretentious" while people can be as anal about tech and other tech related stuff as much as they want without people calling them PrEntEnTIoUS

No. 709758

Having crushes on celebrities is weirder than having crushes on fictional characters. You never know what kind of person that hot actor or kpop idol really is.

No. 709763

People making fun of that woman for dying just because she was a pro trump protester are pathetic

No. 709764

Ppl who micromanage bc they think others are stupid/can't take directions are just shit at communication.

No. 709769

I hate talking to other women about "girl stuff" like periods, make-up, clothes, vaginas or sex. I'm expected to be comfortable talking about those to people of the same sex as me, but it makes me uncomfortable and it's not anyone else's business. I also hate getting naked in front of other women and girls who overshare about how much blood they leak, how much sex they are or aren't having or how they masturbate. Keep it to yourself, what makes you think I want to hear about that?

No. 709777

There's nothing wrong with having a crush on an actor or idol, but you just gotta be realistic about it. they're humans too and fuck up. just gotta accept that

No. 709779

Well, anon, probably because women are constantly shamed about things biologically natural to them like periods and their own vaginas… If it makes you uncomfortable, dont talk to these women or let them know, but you should probably understand WHY it's okay for women to talk to each other about this. Men shame women all the time and make horrible period jokes and make fun of them for shit they cane control. not saying your feelings are invalid however

No. 709789

I dont find the vast majority, say over 90 percent, of e girls or e boys good looking because I know theyre edited to hell and paint on a new facial structure to achieve a look they werent born with. The only people I feel truly envious and admiring of on a level are the beauty icons of the early 2000s and before where they were just born that way for the most part and look truly naturally beautiful. Now that makes me jealous

No. 709792

honestly i understand this. i am pretty open about it but honestly it's fucking gross when you think about it. gross, but not shameful. the vagina has a lot of unpleasant functions. i think that it being regarded as gross has memed us into forcing ourselves to acting like it's not, but we should be able to speak openly about things like period pain or other discomfort. things can be natural and disgusting, like shit. why is the vagina different? i also still have friends in their mid 20s who won't outright say they are on their period, so that's an entirely different problem.

to me, this is still letting men control us. again, disgusting vs shameful. one of those things is still true when you take men out of the equation.

No. 709805

That's fucked lol, not everyone is ambitious or knows what they want right away.

No. 709806

i always wear mine because its soft and i always randomly run into someone not wearing a mask and walking their dog. So i'd rather be safe than sorry especially since i ride the bus and dont want to infect anyone if im asymptomatic.

No. 709813

Same, I like wearing mine cause it keeps my face warm. Idk why people act like it's stupid to still be considerate of yours and other peoples help. Even if it's not packed, you can still catch the rona. It's not a big deal.

Also, masks are not hard to breathe in at all, especially the blue ones. If you have a hard time breathing in them maybe you should go to a fucking doctor lol

No. 709827

Oh of course, if others want to talk about these things freely between each other I don't mind at all. They're just things I'm personally not comfortable sharing, and I tend to dislike people who just start talking about periods and vaginas. I also really dislike men shoving sex and dicks in nearly every conversation they can, but that's not an unpopular opinion. To me those are things that should be kept private. I was actually called weird for not wanting to share stuff with my female peers or my family, and when I was a child I was forced to tell my mother when I was on my period and she would literally go tell my father, brother and grandma, so maybe that's why it bothers me now.

No. 709848

Non american users on Twitter waking up to the riots and commenting on them are so ridiculous because most of the time they don't even comment on their own country's issues. Also people who say shit like "if you're a nazi/fascist… unfollow me right now" sound kinda stupid, as if the people they don't like are going to do it, they are more likely to continue following out of spite.(riot discussion belongs in riot thread)

No. 709855

>most of the time they don't even comment on their own country's issues
True, all these extremely online zoomers who know more about American politics than their own country's are so embarassing

No. 709890


>"if you're a nazi/fascist… unfollow me right now"

Lmao I hate that shit, it doesn't make sense at all. Like are they really expecting the supposed boogieman nazis to be all yes your majesty and obey their dumb instructions? And what are the chances that a nazi would be following you anyway? It's the same thing when they put those "don't follow me if blah blah blah" in their profiles, do you really expect people to care? Twitter retards think they're more important than they are

No. 709927

File: 1610046096098.png (946.75 KB, 1199x678, blob.PNG)

I love stupid modern fashion 'trends', like pic related.
Yes it's ugly as fuck, it looks horrible, I would never wear them. But I love it when people don't give a fuck about how ridiculous their style looks. I want more people wearing whatever the fuck they like even if others will find it cringe or ugly or something. I have a lot more respect for a neckbeard wearing a fedora and leather trench coat because he thinks it's cool than for some /fa/ggot who secretly wants to wear edgy cybergoth but only wears plain fitted t-shirts out of fear of others judging him. If you want to dress like a victorian dandy then do it, as long as you like your own look no other opinion matters.
Yes, I know that the fact that many people do in fact look down on obnoxiously dressed people means dressing that way can have legitimate social consequences that you might rightfully want to avoid. The less unpopular this opinion becomes, the less that will be an issue, hopefully.

No. 709945

those are the ugliest shoes i've ever seen and i love them where can i buy a pair

No. 709951

nta but i think they're by pyer moss. i think they're an upcoming SS collection item and will be like 600 dollaroos but if you like ugly shoes for a bit cheaper, they brand has a collection with reebok w some of the cheapest shoes being like $100

No. 709953

I agree with this. I work in a vintage clothing shop that specializes in early to mid 20th century apparel and people often come in, look at an item that they love and say, I love this but I don't know when or where I would wear it. A lot of the time the item they're talking about isn't even particularly eccentric. I find it a bit sad. I always reply that they can wear whatever they want whenever they feel like it, but I know it's hard to step outside of your comfort zone.

No. 709960

i feel a visceral disgust towards slightly fat/"chubby" people but not towards morbidly obese people for some reason. i think it's because most people won't let themselves get to be 300+ pounds without having some form of mental illness or binge eating disorder so as an anachan it's easy to sympathize with them, but there's no excuse when someone's like 10-30 pounds overweight. it shows that they're just lazy and don't take care of themselves

No. 710002

>tfw slightly chubby right now because i'm a lazy fuck

tbh you're right to some extent. but I think mental illness can cause perfectly normal people to become overweight as well even if they never get as far as obese people into destroying their health.

No. 710009

I agree with the sentiment and the neckbeard example etc but disagree that pic rel is an example of someone not giving a fuck how ridiculous they look. If they were some random brand then yes, but they’re clearly an Adidas/Yeezy collab it’s obvious and I don’t even know fashion. They are ridiculous but they’re also visibly from a desirable brand(s) which costs hundreds/thousands. It’s a safety net, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing it’s just something that makes dressing differently more socially acceptable.

No. 710072

File: 1610066226356.jpg (258.63 KB, 875x630, interesting.jpg)

>There's no excuse when someone's like 10-30 pounds overweight. it shows that they're just lazy and don't take care of themselves.

This explains why a few years back when I got into fitness and lost 80 pounds that people treated me the worst, being on the cusp of average-to-overweight. I received the most negging from dudes, the most catty comments from women, and overall was made to feel like shit about my weight despite the fact that I was in the best shape of my life and obsessively limiting my food. At the time I thought I looked like dogshit, but looking back at pictures I was a pretty attractive early 20-something and I should have enjoyed myself more. I guess people thought they could take the one flaw that still showed and used it to knock me down a peg for reasons like yours I guess. I'll never forget living with two slobby male roommates who'd blame me for the sinks full of dishes they'd leave after a munchie sesh. Because I had a glass and a tea plate from the one 500 cal meal a day I allowed myself to have. I guess they thought because I was chubby they could pin me at every turn for eating. I was the only one who ever initiated chores, yet if I had a bad mental health week and forced their hands to clean the bathroom and shared spaces once a month, they'd act like I never did fucking anything. At the time I had the self-esteem low enough to let them get away with treating me like a lazy overeater, so there you have it.

Now? After a three-year long depression spell and stressful job and 100 pounds later, no one says shit to me. It's like I'm so fat that people would feel bad or believe they'd be demonized for making fun of something I clearly can't change overnight. I actually have a boyfriend who treats me with decency and respect whereas when I was in better shape I couldn't even get a dude to treat me more than a fun night.
People don't have any sympathy for the plight of others unless they think you got it real bad.

No. 710091

Feeders should be prosecuted for domestic abuse, even if it is consensual. I lived with a feeder couple for a while and its just sad

No. 710094


No. 710097

>rattle rattle

No. 710101

I'm not really chubby but tall with broad shoulders so being average weight makes me look big and I get the same treatment. It made me feel bitter, especially coming from body positive "friends" but now idgaf. I'm still the same weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. I used to get upset and feel like shit and I know it's not easy to ignore when you're dealing with low self esteem but I finally got to love myself enough to look at the mirror. People are shit so don't let it influence important decisions like your health and eating habits.

No. 710104

Haha, cum shoes

No. 710125

Kinda agree. If I see a slightly chubby person, I unconsciously focus on their weight more than with other people. When I see a fat person it’s more like “whatever, you’re just fat.” And it’s the worst when people who were super hot and attractive during their skinny/fit phase suddenly turn skinnyfat. The most awkward body type out there imo.

No. 710182

i feel the same anon. i think it’s because the show is so violent, even though it’s just stop motion dolls it still disturbs be for some reason.

No. 710197

squish squish

No. 710200

File: 1610088999282.jpeg (80.71 KB, 800x599, 4EAD58D2-38F4-4745-920F-0DC70E…)


No. 710208

File: 1610090138574.jpeg (208.24 KB, 1200x675, E57192E6-66E2-4565-B211-44C6A4…)

No. 710388

Babies with blonde hair and blue eyes are ugly.

No. 710393

I couldn't imagine salt-posting about baby attractiveness here but I guess any thing goes on LC

No. 710395

I'm genuinely curious why exactly that eye color and hair combination? It's not that different from having red hair and blue eyes or brown hair and dark eyes.

No. 710400

This is an unpopular opinions thread.
I don't know, they're just especially ugly and annoying to me, I guess I don't really like babies in the first place.

No. 710407

File: 1610121945106.jpeg (796.3 KB, 3191x4255, 63D1A243-DDDA-41E5-8EB9-143E24…)

It's kind of like how this dog looks creepy

No. 710433

Kids with blonde hair freak me sometimes honestly, they’re usually just super pale and their skin is kinda see through. So I get this lol

No. 710437

I don't want to make it sound like a racebait but it's the opposite for me. Dark eyes to the point you can't even discern the iris from the pupil are incredibly scary to me coupled with really dark skin, makes me feel even more uncomfortable but I'm obviously biased since I'm white and luckily live in racially homogenous society.

No. 710440

You know it was racebait because you posted it to get back at people for finding the "whitest" kind of combinations the creepiest lol

No. 710442

>luckily live in a racially homogenous society

No. 710468

Yeah I hope anon comes back to explain this one lol. I wanna hear the excuse

No. 710475

Samefag it’s annoying how it’s socially acceptable to shit on blonde blue eyes kids. My brother had those features and he was a beautiful baby

No. 710480

socially acceptable where? on certain spaces on the internet?
also stop playing the victim when youre shitting on another type of hair/eyes but I guess we should only care when it fits your narcissistic ego. typical

No. 710484

I've never seen anyone do that except in this specific thread, and then you immediately reacted with racebait, kek.
You're literally worse than those anons, honestly. You shit on babies, and you're racist.

No. 710487

not only is this racebait but it's also bullshit since all babies are born with dark eyes that only later lighten to whatever color they're supposed to be.

No. 710491

It's not that deep. Sorry for dissing babies.

No. 710492

this is going to sound maybe retarded but seeing anons stand up to this race stuff makes me happy, i used to believe that all white people would be racist when given the chance but it’s nice to see anons disprove what i thought <3 anyway sage for ot

No. 710494

you should be, sorry the trump rally didn't turn out how you wanted bb

No. 710495

This is also retarded

No. 710496

Wait sorry, I'm drunk, I hate racist bait too, sometimes I just skim read

No. 710498

No, I hate Trump, I'm Canadian. I just wasn't paying attention.

No. 710499

You're not alone, anon. It unironically makes me glad, too.

No. 710501

Nta. Coming from a small family, no nieces or nephews yet, no experience around babies…I'm learning new facts about them all the time. Had never heard this before

No. 710502

Why are you pretending to be me? Fuck off.
I wasn't talking about babies like those anons did, I was talking in general. The complete pitch dark eyes look soulless to me. Like bugs.
Also you're wrong, at least with white kids. You first have light eyes which then darken.

No. 710504

* which might darken.

No. 710509

I don't know, wouldn't a racist serial killer be a much bigger headline? I don't know about the 70s, but looking at any American mainstream conversation nowadays, "regular girls" is a term that wouldn't rile up anyone in an American crowd, but "race" definitely would.

No. 710513

>I wasn't talking about babies like those anons did, I was talking in general.
So, you derailed a post about babies just to racebait in general? I agree with the person who called you an autistic scrote, lol

No. 710514

What's the problem? I just added that it was the opposite case for me, which is true. I don't see why my post is any more racebaity than that anons. It's an eye color after all.

No. 710515

or would you prefer that I shit on babies and kids instead? I'm not sure I'd be willing to stoop that low.

No. 710516

Nta but the OP was shitting on babies as well.

No. 710518

tbh green eyes on white babies are worse (i have green eyes myself but greeneyed babies look creepy)

No. 710520

>Just an eye color!!!
…You mentioned skin color pretty clearly. Also, mixed race babies can have blue eyes and blond hair, so nope, not the same.

No. 710523

You were though. You said you were speaking in general, so including kids and babies, and the conversation you were apart of was clearly about kids and babies so….

No. 710524

That's true, I said coupled with dark skin that it makes me feel more uncomfortable. I didn't say it's disgusting or freakish.

No. 710525

You insult a trait eastern asian people have more than anyone else in the world by far and use the same term thats used against them as a péjorative.. ok anon

No. 710527

yeah but no one cares you posted that because you have racial neurosis tendencies and you were mad people find a trait you identify with unsettling so you wrote against dark people to get "back" at them even tho its likely the OP who wrote it is white themselves

No. 710530

/pol/tards really post shit like this, try to use kindergarten-tier backtracking like anyone is fooled, and then complain when they get banned from every platform.

No. 710532

Not entirely true. I wanted to write something like this and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to see how hypocritical anons can be. It's amusing in a way.
So? You have the right to shit on blue eyed people like the other anons did. On kids and babies no less.

No. 710533

All babies are ugly.

No. 710534

How is it hypocritical? Anon insulted a specific hair and eye combo on babies, you insulted entire races of babies, adults, elderly people, etc. Do you have some sort of mental problem?

No. 710536

While being overworked isn’t good I don’t think being a NEET makes people happy either even if they don’t have to worry about money.

No. 710539

so in other words its true lol

No. 710540

Big phones are ugly and buying new ones regularly, or when a new one is on the market it's stupid

No. 710541

So shitting on kids and babies is better? Got it.

No. 710542

False, my new niece is extremely cute and looks like a doll.

No. 710543

dont you know the only white people who exist and should be cared about are the ones hibler said is the most important ? doubt this anon would care if they said pointy noses and wavy hair was ugly even tho its a trait white people have too

No. 710545

I'm not saying one is better, I'm saying yours is even worse.
Sounds like you do have a mental problem. Maybe multiple.

No. 710546

No. 710547

> I'm not saying one is better,
> I'm saying yours is even worse.
Whatever mental ilnesses I have doesn't even compare to your retardation.

No. 710548

NTA, I live in a big Western city, but that convo got me thinking. When I watch some documentary about a small Mongolian town community in the middle of nowhere they seem pretty happy to me, like in their entire lives they've probably never even encountered a situation where someone doesn't like them because they're a different ethnicity. Not a single person that looks like me in there, no representation for me to relate to, and they still look happy without me.

Am I supposed to feel angry when I look at that kind of place? When I compare that to the constant hate spewing and cringe on the entire American continent that traces back to the moment the first boats with foreigners on them surfaced on the Native American lands, I feel like those people probably are lucky, and live happier lives. I don't get compulsive feelings of hatred toward them like they need to justify themselves to me because they're not including me or some third group that's neither mine or theirs. They just seem fine the way they are.

No. 710549


I didnt know there was a race of blonde hair blue eyed people is funny how you race warriors act like you love the white race yet ninty percent of white phenotypes dont matter to you lol

No. 710552

So, you're suffering from multiple mental problems, and retardation so severe that you lack any understanding of nuance or reading comprehension? Keep on lol, this is fascinating

No. 710554

How do you even know those anons are the same ones insulting babies? I doubt they are

No. 710555

But there have always been multi ethnic societies? Even if they were the same "race" (critical race theory vs old traditional xenophobia are two different things) they were recognized as different peoples and some had conflict while others didnt. Regions of the world like Central Asia and EasternAfrica are basically your very old world mixed race people spawning way before the discovery of the new world. Mix races and multiethnic societies didnt start with the Americas, lmao. I dont know why so many people believe that

No. 710556

*mixed races

No. 710557

I honestly think big phones are a moid thing, its easier for them to use since they have bigger hands and pockets. My mom and sister have small phones while my brother and brother in law have giant clunky phones

No. 710559

Anon, the people in those small communities still have their own respective ethnicities and conflicts. You're so far away and disconnected from their cultures that you don't even have an understanding of that. It's like if someone tried to argue that the US is the standard for how societies should work because they watched a short, 24 minute video translated into a different language about their average, daily lives.
Do you think hate started with America?
>Not a single person that looks like me in there, no representation for me to relate to, and they still look happy without me.
Well duh, your ancestors weren't forced to live there, you weren't born there and you didn't grow up among them and in their society. If you did, you'd probably have much different thoughts if they just completely ignored and downplayed your existence, despite your histories being indelibly merged.

No. 710563

It isn't a binary thing. Think of it more like a flu or something. Places that have more cases of the flu have some problem with the way they are doing things, places with barely any are doing something right.

Sure, a country that has 1 ethnic conflict or even a civil war in every 10, 50 or 100 years still has hate. But it's better than a country where your ethnic identity is thought of as a sports team, and everyone is thinking 24/7, 365 days in a year how "their team" is doing against everyone else in society. They check which team they belong to in their job and school applications, they have to check which neighborhood they can walk in wearing the sports jersey of their team (their own skin) without getting mobbed. An all-out English football hooligan fight on the scale of 340 million that never stops. I simply think the latter is a worse place to live.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 710564

>Having multiple ethnicities is the flu
You sound like one of those schizo basement dwellers who think a Mexican guy working at your local supermarket is a gencoide on your race.

No. 710565

And on the topic of other places still having different identities and conflicts, usually those countries moved from monarchy to a fairer system by finding one big common identity to unite everyone under. Usually any conflicts that any country in the world has outside America are border conflicts, because the "other people" that hate each other are only found on the other side.

No. 710566

i dont think anyone checks on how their race is doing and compares that to how other races are doing like its a pokemon tournament kek

No. 710570

Read again and be more careful this time around. I likened ethnic conflicts and hate itself to the flu.

Places that have more hate are worse, it's not that complicated. Of course places like America have more conflict and hate than some country that decided to become independent because they realized they have a common identity. That's a very different history than a country founded by foreigners coming on a boat and having a conflict of interest day one with the people already living there.

No. 710573

Unhinged racists try to do that, and they assume literally everyone else does the same.

No. 710574

Isn't that what all the "look how much better THEY have it" stuff is all about. On American social media people even compete about who's sports team has it WORST over who has the most right to complain and who should shut up, so yeah they definitely do.

It's toxic and you never see convos like that if you browse a social media from any other part of the world using a translator.

No. 710575

People on American social media also have massive fights and doxxing campaigns over characters from children's cartoons. I don't think that says much about the entire society because you found crazy people, lmao.

No. 710576

maybe you have a bunch of weird racists added on social media? ive never seen that happen on fb or instagram and i have a lot of people added

No. 710580

Exactly, all babies are fugly and their itty bitty voices are like nails on a chalkboard.

No. 710583

I was the one who said pale blonde children look freaky to me sorry I didn’t think it would start all this. Anons are right, I’m white, just brunette (also have the dark eyes lol sorry racebaitchan). Blonde kids look haunted to me, like the little girl from poltergeist! That’s all I meant by it! Sorry for inadvertently staring discourse!

No. 710584

>I’m white, just brunette (also have the dark eyes lol sorry racebaitchan)
inb4 racebaitanon starts saying you don't count as white

No. 710587

Um haven't you been keeping up with varg vikernes? Only blonde blue eyes people are white, the rest are tainted

No. 710592

WHAT!? i just googled this cuz i thought this was gonna be about vikings. But this dude killed a guy burned down churches and is a whole neo nazi and is just out and about. I am disturbed. He stabbed the dude 23 times 16 in the back but only got 15 years in prison. wtf lol

No. 710593


I like how you ignored my reply just to go on with your agenda as you delusional people always do. The internet is where revisonist history and propaganda spreads the fastest

No. 710595

its almost ALWAYS a white person saying this kind of stuff yet the go to is always attack the darkies aka the blacks. Fucking sick of this racially ill internet

No. 710598

Yes lol if you want a source of entertainment visit his twitter page for shit takes

No. 710607

15 years for just one murder is a very long sentence in Europe, Breivik only got 6 more years for 80 lives. They let serial killers out every few years until they do it again. First timers that are younger than 21 usually get a 70% sentence discount.

Recently, a serial strangler in my country strangled a 17-year-old girl living in the apartment next to him. He had already admitted to strangling another woman (on top of his already serial killer status before that) and the court was "working on his sentence" for that one and he was just living free during it. And then some people complain about their country having the death penalty.

No. 710608

He has a thread in snow btw
nta but
>the blacks
Can people stop saying "the blacks" and "blacks", please and thank you.

No. 710611

omgg, what is this thread? Babies suck, period.

No. 710617

omg that is seriously fucked my heart goes out to women in those countries including yours its literally open season. how do people not constantly live in fear.

This is gonna lead to an opinion that is starting to become unpopular but i honestly dont believe we should get rid of prisons of course change and try to rehabilitate criminals. But im sorry if you murder someone especially in cold blood i dont think you should be allowed out in the general public. The stakes for repeat offenders is just too high of a risk.

No. 710622

Great contribution to an already shit thread. It was already made, though >>710533.

No. 710626

Actively disliking cats is a red flag for men. Control freak vibes.

No. 710629

based, they're repulsive i hate seeing them
everything is a red flag for men on here

No. 710661

I had an ex who hated cats. We didn't have any but our complex had some neighbours cats around so I heard about it a lot. He despised them even though they did nothing to affect us. He hated the sight of them. About a week after we broke up he moved in with a new woman (quick and pretty sus lol) He still stayed in touch and told me all about him adopting a kitten… she adored cats so he started loving cats too. I guess he didn't realise he loved cats til his mid-30s after years of very vocally hating them

oh and the pets we had adopted together got dumped on me. He talked me into getting our pets in the first place and then wanted nothing to do with them but got a cat a couple weeks after the split. That woman will likely keep the cat when he leaves her too. Even men who love pets are just BSing their way in sometimes. Has to be one of the weirder forms of manipulation I've seen a man use.

No. 710666

just let them shit on men here

No. 710671

File: 1610139755997.jpg (89.68 KB, 900x750, nikocado-avocado-7.jpg)

I'm white with brown hair and dark brown/black eyes and I wish I had another eye colour because I do think my eyes do look scary. I don't mind dark eyes on other races, just people of my phenotype. Hate to make you all look at Nikocado but he's basically what I'm talking about.

No. 710676

This opinion is only unpopular in CF circles and perhaps in this thread but… babies are incredibly cute, almost all of them. I still don't want one. They have to cute because if they weren't, parents would throw them over a cliff.

No. 710679

Same. Idk what these anons are on, but I think a some farmers here a child-free. no offense, but some child-free people are fucking annoying

No. 710681

This is not an unpopular opinion.

No. 710686

I don't have much of a motherly instinct or desire to have kids and I generally don't see the cuteness.. but babies eyes tend to be striking, I sometimes wonder if I'm autistic because I'm not a big eye contact person but babies sure have a way of getting you to look back at them.

No. 710706

How is this unpopular?

Babys stink and they’re full of saliva and sticky shit. Plus they have to idea what’s going on they’re basically human maggots

No. 710713

CF person here and I agree. However the smell of them is awful.

No. 710723

File: 1610143262081.jpg (22.66 KB, 552x457, hag333bm9iu51.jpg)

I actually feel bad for some of the FBI agents, glowies and other government agents. Imagine you are just some patriotic normie who does their best at school, goes through college and training to get into a government agency because this whole you think you will be fighting russian and chinese spies and deciphering Zodiac killer letters and shit and hell, maybe even escort one day POTUS, only to end up having to watch gigabytes of cp, murder, torture and rape on tape every day, read through autistic qanon 8chan threads or try to infiltrate antifa groups only to get clocked instantly during the meetups because you are the only one who doesn't look like pillsbury doughboy.

No. 710726

I hate this fucking picture

No. 710730

This dog looks so much like mine I laugh every time I see this pic

No. 710733

they're disgusting smelly drooling little cretins with awful shrill voices and sticky dirty fingers.
you only have to like your own children anyway. my mom had a bunch of kids and she still hates other kids, won't even babysit for any of her siblings.
t. not cf

No. 710768

Bleh true, they're only cute to some extent but at the end of the day you have to wipe their greasy fingers and change their soiled diaper

No. 710923

I don't like babies and don't plan on having any but I think they're fascinating little people, any time I see a baby when I'm at work I just wanna wave and look at them and talk to them for a bit. They've been alive like twenty six days that's fucking wild.

No. 710947

The duality of anon

No. 710950

The wall is not a myth, unfortunately. Women past a certain age can find a lot of guys who want to fuck them, but not men who want to commit and settle down with them. Men, on average, don't age much better than women, but the difference is that looks is just one relevant variable when it comes to how attractive a man is. He can still get a woman to settle down if he can provide resources, which can't be said about women, because men aren't evolutionarily programmed to care whether women can provide or not, so a woman with resources won't be as attractive to the opposite sex as a man with resources. Men can also have children later than women. Attractive male stars will usually age better than attractive female stars because men have a higher collagen density than women. The only examples of female celebrities who "aged better than men" are always posted with make up, which isn't very reliable. If you look at them without any make up they don't look better at all. Of course, ugly incels who can't find a better job and will never provide use the wall as a cope, but that doesn't change the fact that that's how things work for well adjusted people who actually function on the dating market.

No. 710953

So your proof for "The Wall" being a real concept is just that women stop looking like babyfaced teens that's being held as the golden standard of attractiveness. That's literally what the redpill incel rhetoric implies and you basically just recited it.

No. 710963

Why would I hurry and get a man while I'm "fresh and babyfaced" if he sees me as nothing but a blow up doll/sentient womb. The redpill/trad rhetoric tells women to hurry and marry and breed once they're 18 or they will end up alone and unwanted. If only very young women are waifu material what stops these scrotes from cheating on them later, if they'd never consider being with their wives if they were older? Fuck that shit, get money and adopt kids if you feel the need in the future. If anything the wall stuff does to me and should do is make women give up on men altogether (not that they would let us sadly). Sounds like something lowest tier scrotes use to manipulate young girls (I used to believe that too when I was 15 and did settle for a 20 yo, much uglier dude than me, an anti feminist and he cheated on me. I tried to suicide and got locked up in a psych ward for a week) into being with them. You make it sound like all men are pedophiles too

No. 710964

Weak bait

No. 710965

nta but the concept itself is just shitty incel rhetoric so of course she has no other reasoning. can we, as in all of women, just stop engaging with incel rhetoric entirely?

No. 710970

I feel really, really sorry for young girls or women who believe in that kind of thing because I know so many woman that believed in that shit and got married in their 20s and got kids, because they thought they would be secure forever just to found themselves being dumbed in their late 30s/early 40s because their man found another chick to live with. You better plan to get your own shit together and that can provide for yoursef, with/or without kids because I wouldn't NEVER trust a guy to stay on my side for the rest of my life.

agreed lol

No. 710979

Lol exactly. If most men will only want you when you look 18, why would you want most men? Everybody ages. This makes me want to wait until I hit "The wall" before finding a man just to weed out the ones looking for teens, it doesn't make me want to rush and settle down.

No. 710988

I refuse to believe most of them would be psychopathic enough to just stop caring about their life partner like that. Maybe if it's an unhappy marriage from the start, but if it's a good one full of great memories and experiences together and having raised children you both love, I don't think a mentally normal person could just flip their emotions off and go "nah I want to leave them and go bang a college girl now"

No. 710999

>how do people not constantly live in fear
You know how in Japan there's drunken salarymen passed out on the street on a daily basis and nobody ever takes their wallet even though thousands of people going past have the opportunity? That's kind of like Northern Europe. It usually just never happens and people are used to that. In some cities the last homicide happened like 70 years ago and is considered a historic, unusual event that people still remember for how out of place it is. Most smaller cities don't even have a police station, and people still leave their front doors unlocked for the night. Driving into a town is like a "nice suburb" just appears out of nowhere after driving through completely uninhabited forests. And when the nice houses and friendly people end, there's just trees and snow again, no bad part of town exists.

But when something does happen, the justice system is extremely unprepared and naive. It's almost like a child that's never seen anything evil happen and thinks only good people exist is running it.

No. 711000

Yeah a man wrote this

No. 711001

To follow up, I have never seen a non tradthot woman (and they are a minority mostly larping as what they think men want to see) ever talk about muh provider. That's something only men talk about. Not online nor in real life have I ever had a conversation about men providing resources or any of the other rhetoric in your post.

No. 711002

>dating market
Only men say this
>Thinking makeup is some kinda magic dust that drastically changes your face
Issa man

No. 711004

You must have met 0 people in your life, ever heard of midlife crisis? It's a common joke that men throw in the towel at 40 and get a new car and a younger woman.
>refuse to believe
…The people who do 97% of the rapes and murders could be callous in their relationships?

No. 711006

I heard a youtuber who I think desribed herself as a radical feminist in the past, talking about providers. She was heterosexual of course. Those women may call themselves radfems but they believe men were originally good but the "evil elites" ruined them with porn and other things and that the original role of men was that of "providers and protectors of women". They don't like men watching porn and being violent etc. but they definitely want a male provider and protector. If a woman who called herself a feminist can say shit like this, then it is even more likely for a tradthot or a normie woman
Also hypergamy is a thing. Straight women usually want a man of the same or higher status, while men are usually ok with a woman of lower status. So resources do matter for (straight) women

No. 711009

I've heard of the new car part and seen it a lot, but I've never seen some happy family dad that takes their kids to hobbies and stuff just disappear out of their family's life out of nowhere after 10 or 20 years of marriage. Maybe it depends on the region and culture.

Usually when couples break up around here everyone already knows it's going to happen because they've been fighting and bickering for months or years and the rumors are already out.

No. 711010

If you want to sound a bit more believable you should drop the incel vocabulary next time. This is pathetic.

No. 711014

Tbf breivik got the harshed punishment possible in our legal system and its not like he is getting out after 21 years.

No. 711017

Wiki is incel?
>Studies of mate selection in dozens of countries around the world have found men and women report prioritizing different traits when it comes to choosing a mate, with men tending to prefer women who are young and attractive and women tending to prefer men who are rich, well-educated, ambitious, and attractive.[10] Evolutionary psychologists contend this is an inherent sex difference arising out of sexual selection, with men driven to seek women who will give birth to healthy babies and women driven to seek men who will be able to provide the necessary resources for the family's survival
>Townsend (1989) surveyed medical students regarding their perception of how the availability of marriage partners changed as their educational careers advanced. Eighty-five percent of the women indicated that "As my status increases, my pool of acceptable partners decreases." In contrast, 90 percent of men felt that "As my status increases, my pool of acceptable partners increases."[13]:246

No. 711025

File: 1610206133250.jpg (105.16 KB, 650x825, EdzJrWTWsAE-cw5.jpg)

>While men are usually ok with a woman of lower status.

They may be alright with her "lower" social status maybe but modern men know they cannot or don't want to achieve the status of being sole providers for their families anymore. So in fact, on top of expecting women to be IG hot and youthful, they want women to be WonderWoman Mommy Managers who make half or more of the household income, clean, cook, and raise children. They absolutely want you to have financial status. What a big fib to tell that men don't actively seek rich women to saddle with as if they haven't been dipping their hands in our dowries before time itself. Only now do they feel they have an excuse to be openly money obsessed so they don't have to work as hard. Whoever thinks otherwise hasn't been a woman in the dating scene for the past two decades, or hasn't read any anonymous blogging sites where women are truthful about the inner dynamics of their relationships and marriages.

And I say that's why women are starting to want hotties and men who at least are respectful to them. Cause if they're gonna have a bunch of useless male lions around that just put on a show of providership, they may as well not be balding uggos who treat them like absolute shit. Oh and give them better genetics for their kids too.

No. 711056

No. 711059

>but modern men know they cannot or don't want to achieve the status of being sole providers for their families anymore
Well men claim it's feminists' fault (this or "evil jewish elites" who ruined economy to have more people to tax). They want to provide but they can't. And most het women would probably prefer to stay at home if they could instead of working, if their men's income was enough to support the family. Both sexes want "traditional" gender roles. I don'g like it but it's the truth. Read about Kibbutz experiment.

No. 711071

This study is from 1989 so it makes sense how delusional it is

That being said how men treat their partners over things they claim to be "just okay" with should also be counted. For example, many men claim they're "okay" with poor women but when they do have poor girlfriends they often just emotionally abuse them, cheat, or just use them as a placeholder until the next best thing rolls around that they can successfully get with, this doesn't just apply for poor women this goes for any preference the man claims to have

No. 711073

Men start to resent their poor girlfriends after awhile and start to see them as leeches. Been there done that.

No. 711101

Why do people even hate cats? They're so cute. I feel like the mean ones just have shitty owners who don't care about them enough.

No. 711119

File: 1610221862062.jpg (77.67 KB, 1242x1242, 20201224_231614.jpg)

Incel detected

No. 711129

I honestly think that not liking most animals is a huge red flag for people in general, It’s not like they will actively try to attack someone unless they were raised by retards, and if they only know or date retards, maybe it’s time to get into a new social circle.

No. 711134

Everyone I know who hates cats are narcissistic old white people

No. 711140

the most annoying nationalities online are indians, americans, serbs, poles, swedes, brits, and germans

No. 711145

I don't hate cats but some cats do have annoying/leech personalities and some owners make having them insufferable. I say this as a person who's owned cats and hopes to own another one day.

I can't stand filthy owners who think it's acceptable to have cat hair on clothes and furniture because they're too lazy to clean. Ditto on cat litter. Or just let the cats destroy their homes because they believe cats can't be trained to do better.
I also hate it when despite the owner's best efforts, some cats remain antisocial and neurotic personalities that make their presence wholly unenjoyable. Akin to food-consuming shit machines that you just clean up relentlessly after and don't even get the satisfaction of their friendship for all the effort. Sometimes the cats themselves don't even seem to like their own existence. It would be merciful for everyone to just put some cats down.

No. 711154

>It would be merciful for everyone to just put some cats down.
Didn't realize I was reading the deranged ramblings of a cat murderer until this part, damn.

No. 711157


No. 711159

Asking guys out or chasing guys is a bad idea since they hate women so if they finally get the chance to feel superior to one they will since they're the ones usually being rejected

No. 711161

This isn’t the facts’ thread, anon. I agree with you, being proactive and asking guys out only works if you’re their particular fantasy waifu, which is something impossible to be since it gets changed every week depending on their mood and the position of the moon over Malta.

No. 711162

People who revolve their whole personality about pets (cats or dogs) are super annoying,like don't you have any friends or family?or spend quality time with yourself? life is so much more than that

No. 711170

Well it's an unpopular opinion because these days it's considered ok to ask a guy out. Guys usually reject women in the most obnxious ways.

No. 711171

Don't kill cats, even ones that don't behave well. Be a normal person, please.

No. 711172

Yep. My abusive ex military narcissistic step father absolutely hated cats

No. 711175

At least cats don't stink by deafult (unless they're super old/sick and they can't clean themselves anymore), dogs on the other hand do. Dogs also have slave mentality, probably that's why most men prefer dogs. Fuck dogs.

No. 711176

I own a cat whom I adore and I agree with you. People allow their cats to get away with way too much, and it's disgusting when someone with a low standard of cleanliness owns a cat because they require extra effort to ensure a basic standard of living. This usually happens when a depressed individual gets one as an "emotional support animal" when they're too debilitated to bathe regularly, let alone maintain a household that has a cat in it.

>It would be merciful for everyone to just put some cats down.

Agreed. Some cats live in deplorable conditions (like the ESA situation above). No reason for an animal to suffer unnecessarily.

No. 711177

Why would the solution be to put down the cat instead of finding a better home for it?

No. 711180

I'm gonna fucking say it! Mainland chinese boys are ..really romantic. Even the fuckboys seduce u like in a shoujo manga and shower u with gifts. What are westerners doing!!

No. 711184

If it's a happy marriage, it probably didn't start off with a 30-40 yr old scrote specifically seeking out woman in her 20s for her youth and fertility, or with an insecure girl in her 20s desperately going for any older man who will take her because she's scared of hitting the wall and dying alone. Those are the situations that rhetoric like >>710950 results in. Healthy relationships don't come from men who think you become an old infertile hag on the eve of your 30th birthday, if he thinks your value depends on your age he is going to be a shitty uncaring partner in all respects.

No. 711185

It would be even more merciful for everyone to just put some humans down. Like heterosexual breeders who don't have enough money to support themselves yet still choose to have kids.

No. 711190

Some people shouldn't have pets, not just because they're depressed/irresponsible, but because they have problems with empathy and will lose their shit if the pet doesn't do exactly as they want. They swear on the bible that they love their cat or dog or rabbit, but in the same breath will start beating them if they disobey them or break things, and then put them down for their own convenience when they're bored of them, or realize they can't take care of them.
This is probably how you end up with takes like "The dog is destroying things, and its owners do not care properly for their home or bother to train it. This means that the dog should be put down, rather than trained or rehomed". They see the animals more as possessions that become too much of a handful (like faulty cars) than as living beings. I think about cases like the "Karen" who was choking her dog with its leash while yelling at some guy, and I shudder thinking about what she does if the dog is being naughty.
The same generally applies to children, too. I don't care if it's eugenics, not everybody is prepared to raise a child.

No. 711203

Samefagging to add that what's even worse IMO is people who simply think that an animal should be put down if it's not "fun" enough for them, seems depressed or is otherwise maladjusted.
It genuinely creeps me out that there are people who reason that way. I've had a lot of pets, and if I had one who behaved very poorly or "didn't seem to enjoy life", and I didn't have the energy or resources to try and help them out of it (and if being patient didn't help - sometimes, they literally act in a fucked up way because they were in an abusive home, or in some cases, just their mother was, and they tend to calm down on their own as they get older and realize there's no danger), I would just try to find another home for them with a heavy heart. It's not like they're toys you can turn off or on.

No. 711210

I can smell your cat piss hysterics through this post.

No. 711211

Thousands of cats are put down everyday in shelters because there are no suitable homes for them.

Now tell us the vetrinarians and volunteers are ebil murderers too. You're so naive.

No. 711218

They don't put them down first thing, though. The priority is to treat them for their sicknesses, and to keep them and try to get homes for them. Also, no-kill shelters do exist.
I hope you don't own pets or have kids if this is how your mind functions (or that people have "cat piss hysterics" for basic logic).

No. 711256

Not any of these anons, but you guys do realize you can train animals, or even rehome them to people that will train them right? Sure some animals are just antisocial or not cuddly like people expect them to be, but there's a difference between that and and badly behaved animal. Of course, no ones obliged to keep an animal that behaves badly or that they don't have a bond with, but putting them down just because you don't like them shouldn't even be something that comes up. Imo, animals should not be put down unless they have a disease that causes them to suffer (and I also believe we should ban the breeding of cats and dogs that are born with genetic deformities) or is genuinely an aggressive animal that cannot be trained and is a threat to people/other pets.

I guess this is my unpopular opinion (although idk how unpopular this is), but I think you shouldn't get an animal unless you're willing to put in the effort to train them. If you're too busy or lazy to do that then you shouldn't adopt. You will have to train all pets in some way, and that goes for cats, dogs, birds, reptiles etc…

No. 711258

Hard agree. So many people would be better off just getting a plush. They should not be in charge of animals.

No. 711273

healthcare degrees are pretty relevant in a pandemic

No. 711279

File: 1610240572297.jpeg (307.44 KB, 828x450, 7F6C5888-47EA-41A4-AEC3-12F3AE…)

The older I get, the more disgusted I am by weebs who move to Japan and I understand why they’re considered a pariah by Japanese citizens. Weebs are always bending over backwards to defend and justify themselves but they’re skidmarks on society tbh. The ones who move to Japan I mean.

No. 711297

File: 1610241962788.jpeg (386.66 KB, 1125x1055, 7B19CD23-9EF0-420C-B4D4-3ED506…)

women shouldn't covet stick thin thighs. not that they should be fat either but I hate when anachans post pics of "body goals" and the woman has legs that resemble a child's. if it's her natural shape then ok but I always wonder if anons posting korean fashion girl pics really look like that. This is unpopular here btw so can the "um acshually"s please refrain

No. 711305

damn thick thighs literally save lifes

No. 711317

I wish I could have fat thighs without having a fat ass

No. 711336

this site truly boosts my self esteem. thanx ladies.

No. 711340

Lol middle eastern dudes act super romantic by constantly send long love poems to their fiancés and shower them with gifts but like within a year they forget their wives even exist. So idk how I feel about the whole gift-giving culture. It feels over-compensating ngl.

No. 711343

I didn't want to like these guys (and at times I don't when they get into gross sexual shit) but I look forward to listening every week now. They talked about chocolate biscuits for ages in the latest episode and they're way more likable when they just chat about random shit like food. I swear every week there's a point where they just ramble about food for a bit and it's honesty better than the actual intended topics of the podcast

No. 711362

I wish I could conversely have my fat ass without having fat thighs

No. 711370

Maybe it's because I was a Poorfag growing up and rarely got gifts, but gifts make me really uncomfortable. Like, my Christmas present from my bf just came in the mail (thanks royal mail and usps), but I just felt weird talking it. And we've been together for five years.

No. 711386

Girls who simp for men who only use them for booty calls like being treated like that even if they cry about it, they deserve the treatment they get. Yeah, you might claim to really "like" him but how much could you really like someone you barely know, leaves you on read and only contacts you for sex?why are you acting like you're inlove? You dont even know that man, ya retard lol

No. 711395

I don't really get what's so interesting about Amberlynn Reid. Chantal/Foodie Beauty at least has the mukbang stories that make her entertaining but Amberlynn is pretty boring.

No. 711420

Apparently People are bullying calliou and it's sending me

No. 711438

Let’s be real though anon, if it weren’t for the pandemic you probably wouldn’t have the patience. I got increasingly more disgusted as I watched one because I was like jesus christ, everything circles back to anime. These are grown men. I think being so obsessive to the point that you are perfectly happy being a pariah isn’t a good luck for anyone really, but the gall to move to a country where you don’t speak the language and then complain about how difficult everything is—get the hint, you aren’t wanted there. Biscuit talk sounds better than whatever this is.

No. 711454

What about portuguese and brazillian??

No. 711456

ntayrt, i find them cute tbh

No. 711459

Bald head ass bitch

No. 711468

File: 1610283171159.jpg (20.22 KB, 407x341, 1608465024737.jpg)

>You make it sound like all men are pedophiles too
they are tho. at best they're ephebophiles at worst they're literal pedos

No. 711474

I actually really like tumblr. People famously call it dead but I don't agree at all. I feel like it has settled into an active, chill userbase that goes largely unnoticed and untainted by other big platforms but that's a good thing. I also like how it's probably the least monetized big social media platform rn. Tumblr rn is much better than what it was at it's pre-NSFW ban peak.

No. 711485

this has been a thing for years lol

No. 711488

Hard agree, I never left tumblr and have been on since 2011 I think. It’s seen me thru some phases kek but even with the nsfw ban and retarded updates, it’s still my favorite social media.

No. 711491

File: 1610287346893.jpg (49.56 KB, 700x467, ce106c49e62a8d6fca11670e9cde65…)

I really don't know why hotdog thighs are an ideal. Like I don't even think men were ever vocal about desiring stick legs, nice muscular legs are always in style.

No. 711503

No. 711514

i've seen so many girls on here say this lately and it's giving me hope for tumblr again! i've been using the site since like 2011 too but i've become less actively since about 2016. other social media just doesn't hit them same. even when i try to curate my shit to be more aesthetically pleasing with minimal drama, i still can't manage to avoid hot takes from some cringe pansexual they/them or fat quirky xD dyke. maybe this is a sign to make my way back to tumblr and just hammer the absolute fuck out of the blacklist filter and block anyone with an asexual flag icon.

plus, i always felt like a true woman in stem when i would spend hours fucking around with the HTML on my blog and i miss that feeling WAY too much, kek

No. 711518

Celebrities become naturally more attractive to me when I find out they're atheist. It's an immediate turn-off whenever I see actors/actresses I like thanking god in their speeches.

No. 711521

File: 1610291496247.png (83.76 KB, 333x185, screenshot.png)

No. 711524

We need some sort of secret identifier to find each other on tumblr lol, like how the other farms has their green kiwisexual flags. An 'I like your shoelaces' for the modern era.

No. 711528

How is this unpopular on this website or online when being an enlighted atheist who spergs about religion is popular?

No. 711572

all celebrities are godless who cares what they pretend to believe in

No. 711573

Because it's unpopular in real life.

No. 711576

relationships are much more likely to be successful if the guy likes the girl more than she likes him

No. 711589

Cobra Kai is lame as fuck and I'm getting secondhand embarrassment from my adult bf who wants to watch this shit unironically.

No. 711592

I tend to agree that it's a good starting point but then I know a lot of examples where men just randomly switch one day anyway. It starts out that are craazy about the woman and for her it's more of a slow burn..by the time she's comfortable and into it she then gets the most sudden and unexpected dumping of her life. Still better than a guy who starts out less interested cause that just crashes even faster.

Heard so many stories about that sudden switch that it's hard to feel comfortable at any point. People can be that fickle.

No. 711604

lol my condolences anon, my adult bf watches it too. I watched the first season with him because it was lighthearted and mindless, but it's clearly meant for children. Not to mention white people who take karate seriously are fucking weird

No. 711629

Probably because green eyes aren't generally supposed to develop until later. Subconsciously, we recognize the aberration.
They are. Evolution has even selected for cries that elicit a care-taking response.
>no offense, but some child-free people are fucking annoying
I assume they are from less well-off parts of the country (US) where tons of women lose their whole lives over a pregnancy. Around me it's just seen as an option, and there's much less pressure. Or, they are projecting and perhaps struggling with access to birth control.
Poor dog.

No. 711631

It is better to be alone forever than to settle for a mediocre man. Also, women on average do significantly better living alone than men, which is part of why men sperg so hard against single women.

And before any tradthots or scrotes try to call "cope", I'm happily married. Just stating facts.

No. 711648

I'm gay so not terribly invested in these kinds of theories usually but as an oldfag I'm surrounded by people either on their second marriage or heading towards their second marriage. What you describe doesn't factor in the reality that mixed families, stepparents and divorce are becoming the new norm. People typically 'settle down' more than one time in their life now and people moving on from one failed marriage often don't base their next one too heavily on just attraction or collegen levels. Rather than worrying about fertility…finding a man/woman who has had their tubes already cut is a massive bonus a lot of the time, like hitting the jackpot lol. That's what I see happening with the straight couples around me. There's comes a point where 'young and fertile' aren't top desirable traits. Celebs live a little differently I'm sure.

No. 711650

>assume they are from less well-off parts of the country (US) where tons of women lose their whole lives over a pregnancy. Around me it's just seen as an option, and there's much less pressure. Or, they are projecting and perhaps struggling with access to birth control.
Nah I'm talking about child-free people on the internet. I'm not gonna rant about them here cause I've done it before in the past, but the annoying cf people act like hating children is a fucking personality trait. Imo, it's disturbing how much some of them hate children and parents (specifically mothers for some reason), and I say this as someone who doesn't have kids and may or may not have them in the future. It's not frustration about not wanting kids and feeling pressured too, it's just pure disdain for people who choose to have kids and the babies themselves. I also hate the gross names cf people give children. I think cf people who don't act like that are cool though, and I'm glad people are realizing they have reproductive autonomy cause some people really don't need to be reproducing at fucking all. I even get not liking kids and not wanting be around them, but actually despising them is gross imo

No. 711680

Cheesecakes with raisins are pretty good

No. 711712

I agree. The wall exists but I would say that the cutoff age isn't exactly 30 for every woman. It really depends on how well you take care of your physical health and skin. Most women become overweight as early as their twenties and have poor skin hygiene so they start to get wrinkles in their late 20s/early 30s.

Agreed. It's one thing to say that you're not interested in having kids, but calling human beings "crotch goblins" or "breeders", or having the only reason for being CF be "I have more money to spend on Funko pops!" or "I can sleep in until noon and smoke weed all the time!" is disgusting. These people want to stay in perpetual childhood and that's why they find the idea of an ACTUAL child so abhorrent. It reminds them of their personal failings.

No. 711717

very true. Most abusive</