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File: 1474771629382.jpeg (87.59 KB, 561x561, image.jpeg)

No. 188302

Anyone down to discuss the filthy crew?

Ian was looking like a total cutie till he shaved his head again.

No. 188303

they remind me of the guys that would pick on me in highschool yet I secretly had crushes on all of them

No. 188304

File: 1474789988125.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.71 KB, 247x312, IMG_0621.JPG)

Ant sized, but I found this on /hm/ ;^)

No. 188305

filthyfrank is putrid

No. 188306

FilthyFrank is a babe.

No. 188307

File: 1474824067998.gif (5.14 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

I like all of them except fat cunt. He's kind of disgusting.

Ian is the hottest and funniest in my opinion though.

Same. I thought I was the only one who had an experience like that in high school.

No. 188308

File: 1474824206901.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.27 KB, 720x701, 756767.jpg)

Here's a better version for you

No. 188309

File: 1474824285385.jpg (Spoiler Image, 224.68 KB, 1280x877, 6765.jpg)

In case anyone missed this picture of Ian's junk in the other thread.

Yes, it's real.

No. 188310

Joji is hot and very talented, but he seems like he'd be kind of a douchebag IRL.

Ian is also hot and the funniest of the crew, imo. He is also bf material. Would/10

I don't really have an opinion on Max or the fat one whose name eludes me at the moment.

No. 188311

Fat cunt is grim

Max needs a haircut

Joji cleans up nicely

Ian I'm not sure about. Sometimes I get the feeling that if you got past the layers of irony and the 'it was done sarcastically so you cant mock it'/'I already made fun of it so you couldnt', you would find somebody who actually couldn't take a joke.

No. 188312

Ian's the bae. Joji seems like a fuckboy underneath his edgy internet persona. Max's face is super cute but I don't care for him or that emo hair at all.

These are rlly nice.

No. 188313


I honestly don't understand what people see in Joji that's attractive not even in an ironic sense. His internet persona doesn't help things either.

He looks like a broke ass Erza Miller, and he's a fuccboi.

No. 188314

I don't get it either. He just seems gross. Especially after I saw his long ass nails in a few of his videos.

No. 188315

File: 1474913952748.jpg (49.31 KB, 455x700, roman mummy.jpg)

Fat cunt is a social retard who needs better "friends", but gets the ones he deserves

Max is stupid but ambitious

Joji looks like pic-related and it's obvious he hates himself and his life

Ian's always given me the creeps, and you're probably right, anon

No. 188316


I feel the same about ian. I suspect is probably pretty akward (I got that feeling after watching the LA house video) but manages to save face by being funny. I'd Def smash though.

No. 188317

Why is franku a fuccboi?

No. 188318

fat cunt is funny at times but there's nothing at all cute about him in any way
max is cute but gets annoying quickly idk i think he tries too hard sometimes
ian is kinda cute and the funniest imho
i think i've gotten bored of frank though after all these years

No. 188319


No one knows if he is or isn't. He seems to be the most private of them all. Not even his 'personal' twitter seems to be a reflection of who he is irl.

No. 188320

This is just going to turn into an "Everybody wants to fuck Ian" thread, isn't it? ?

No. 188321


Maybe. There are already thirst hoes on his subreddit making me cringe.

No. 188322

Ew. I hope they're mostly naive teenagers. That shit's pathetic.

No. 188323

No. 188324

Going by his personal twitter he seems to be a huge wigger (or whatever the term is for asian dudes) and is super into the whole instagram/drake/baseball caps/ghetto side ho bullshit. But like >>188319 says it could just be "irony", but who knows.

No. 188325

File: 1474948982838.png (554.58 KB, 597x598, tumblr_o56hm3nGuq1uloi2io1_128…)

He's attractive and I'd totally bf him, he gives me slight creeper vibes though
Too much of a fuccboi
Not sure why people ITT are saying he needs a haircut, his hair makes him more attractive IMO. I could be slightly biased though because I've been thirsting after him since his pranker days in 2012.
>Fat Cunt
His name is literally Chad and that's slightly funny to me.

No. 188326


He needs to cut his hair and let it grow back. When HTB covered his hair in flour, it fucked it up for some reason and dried it the fuck out making it all frizzy and shit.

No. 188327

I think the correct term is "chigger"?

No. 188328

File: 1474959196400.jpg (15.16 KB, 486x486, 13729110_750649501705132_60962…)

i love these dudes. i thirsted after ian after i first found him for about a week lmao. max seems cool, joji eh, i have chad on battle.net and he is quite literally a 'fat cunt'

No. 188329

Why do you think Idubbz is creepy?

No. 188330

He is very private because he got shit on by his fans for acting normal in one of his videos. It got so bad that he shut down his channel and created filthyfrank. I feel kinda bad for him. He has epilepsy too, which doesn't help. His music is good too.

No. 188331

Why do people assume Joji is a fuckboi? We don't know much about him but the one video he did being himself, imo he seemed pretty smart and down to earth tbh

No. 188332

No shit, anyone who has a somewhat deep interest in the dude knows that.

No. 188333

What actually constitutes a fuccboi? I've never been able to get a feel for it.

No. 188334

Yeah and for the rest of us, who aren't fucking spergs, I appreciate >>188330 that sort of information. Not everyone is obsessed with your shitty internet crush anon.

No. 188335


We're on lolcow, we're all spergs for some retarded attention whore or another.

No. 188336


Btw, here's all the info you've been told on lolcow and more. On a genuine wikipedia page.


No. 188337

File: 1474988959185.jpg (32.97 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I miss how Frank hung out with Prometheus, Red Dick and the Shaman and did cool stuff together, he was even funny just by himself. Alas… he abandoned them to become friends with a bunch of manchildren who have a bad influence on him and make him attend stupid jackass parties where they do just plain filthy shit without being funny or clever about it.

No. 188338

Maybe he was once deeply hurt when he revealed his true self to someone he likes so he forever trapped himself behind a mask to prevent getting hurt again?

No. 188339

Wow, the thirst here is phenomenal. Please love yourself.

No. 188340

Go back to reading your 50 Shades of Grey, kiddo.

No. 188341

No. 188342

can he please just shave his sack

No. 188343

So corny, yikes.

No. 188344

File: 1475002572144.jpg (48.67 KB, 1280x720, lmao.jpg)

>all my laffs

btw, when y'all gonna hop on the MDE crew's dicks too?

No. 188345

I'm already on it. Charls looks fine as hell dressed up as a woman.

No. 188346

I'm already in love with Sam.

No. 188347

petition for ian to bring back the plaid shorts!!!!! bring back the plaid shorts!!!!!

No. 188348

didn't he fuck a tranny or something

No. 188349

File: 1475078697856.jpg (239.89 KB, 2000x1200, 9g2041wbh96x.jpg)

I was just about to ask , what happened to the old crew?
I don't mind new guys, but I miss his old crew

No. 188350

I think old crew was his high school/college friends, so it's probably difficult for them to get together if they've graduated and moved. It's not as if there was a grand master plan for all the Filthy lore in the first place.

No. 188351

An Inconvenient Anime- what a masterpiece…

No. 188352

How did I miss this? My mouth hurts from laughing

No. 188353

Joji's new friend's corrupted him.

No. 188354

I find Joji really attractive but I'm also a bit of a weeb.

No. 188355

They all look like shit

No. 188356

they look sort of adorably bad

No. 188357

I think the reason everyone crushes on them is that they look like those guys you go out with in high school just so you can say you have a boyfriend, they're cute but nothing too special yknow

No. 188358

Sam has fucked a number of girls from 4chan apparently.

He's hilarious, and genuinely right-wing.

No. 188359

He's the REAL DEAL(tm)!!!

Sam backhandedly called Filthy Frank a fake phony when he was on the Needle Drop podcast.
Thought this might be of interest to this thread.

No. 188360

how could anyone ever take seriously anything sam hyde has to say

No. 188361

Because it's true. ;)

No. 188362

Almost more impressive than paying for it

No. 188363

Wasn't there a thing where he said he was related to Ezra (cousins)?
idk if true but they share last names, look similar as fuck.

No. 188364

Holy shit I had to look him up cause I was thinking of Ezra Koenig so I was confused, but I now realize Ezra Miller is that kid with the bad case of gay face from We Need To Talk About Kevin.

Either way he's way more talented imo.

But could they be related? I thought Joji was half jap half aus.

No. 188365

George Miller is American, mate. I think he's part pinoy or puerto rican or something lol

No. 188366

All of them are really cringe. Except Chad, but I mostly pity him because he desperately needs better friends.

No. 188367

File: 1475326582952.jpg (65.49 KB, 575x1024, 1111.jpg)

This is the source.
Feel like he's just lying though.

No. 188368

Would be down for them gangbanging me tbh. They remind me of this group of stoner guys I know and used to hang out with

No. 188369

worst post in this thread, tbh

No. 188370

File: 1475342516072.jpg (257.59 KB, 1536x2048, fatcunt.jpg)

I actually think fat cunt is pretty qt

No. 188371

File: 1475347003985.jpg (61.82 KB, 600x600, Cths6NFUAAAik4E.jpg)

Max is moe.

No. 188372

You're the biggest dumbass in the world lmao

No. 188373

sorry I insulted your disgusting husbando, hope you get better taste soon :((

No. 188374

Yeah, he doesn't have a bad face. Can't really say he's got a good personality. Really wish he took better care of himself.

No. 188375

Jesus you guys are fucking dumb.
They're obviously not related. Ezra Miller is just a chinky looking jew, meanwhile Joji is genuinely a jap. They look similar but it's not way weirder than other celeb look alikes

No. 188376

that literally made no sense. you really are a dumbass

No. 188377

Yeah. He hosted a mock Google cast once about how to get laid with girls you meet on 4chan and some other guy with him claimed that "nerdy 4chan girls with low self esteem" were easier than hookers :/

Made me feel icky as I quite like Sam.

No. 188378

No. 188379

No. 188380

Some chick ian follows i guess

No. 188381


One of the biggest, most tryhard attention whores on twitch. Leads streamers on for views, whores herself out but randomly says "she's changed!!!" multiple times but goes back to doing it, does the whole ";) haha guys wat boyz i hate feminism! im different"(I don't identify as one exactly but she does it to pander harder to her audience) etc.

No. 188382

No. 188383

>streamer and chat constantly drone on about how americans are stupid
>grown ass man and chat don't even know what the word narcissism means

No. 188384

I like them, but I don't get the thirsty fangirls. Especially Ian and Joji, they just seem so gay to me. Either gay or never got past the 'girls have cooties' stage of their lives. I don't know why, but if Joji and Ian were straight I'd honestly be surprised.

Ian is my favorite out of them, I really like his channel.

No. 188385

There is something rumor that Ian is dating her. I don't get where this is coming from other than she follows him (he follows her maybe?) and they've retweeted some shit to each other once or twice.

I'd be shocked if Ian had any interest in her. Seems like the exact opposite of what he'd probably be into considering she's just a generic Twitch whore.

No. 188386

I believe it's confirmed since they're linking each other's IG on their profiles and a stan asked her and she said confirmed it for them.

Honestly he follows so many titty streamers on twitter so it's not a huge surprise just kind of disappointed since I was expecting Daria or something.

No. 188387

Really? You have a screenshot or anything where she confirms it?

If it's true, I guess disappointed is a good word. I figured he'd end up with some girl who was cute and smart but pretty down to earth and maybe even average looking.

No. 188388

let's talk about the real meat behind the straylia crew: how2basic

would you let him shove eggs up your butt

No. 188389

File: 1476577078683.jpg (152.54 KB, 1104x1599, talulah riley.jpg)

Most guys with even an ounce of fame (or infamy, in their case) usually go for the most inflated pair of tits they can get. There are exceptions (Zuckerberg married his longtime gf who's a normal-looking lady) but it's usually some big-titted bimbo for some reason. It almost feels like they're trying to prove something to the world.

No. 188390


But she's flat as a pancake. She has some bikini pics on her instagram. She's actually pretty average looking without the pounds of makeup and camera angles.

No. 188391

This sounds made up, but I hope it's true. Sam is the type of man who I assume never gets laid, even though he deserves it more than most.

No. 188392

File: 1476585114618.jpg (16.65 KB, 540x145, tumblr_of3cbyIDot1vvbmnao1_540…)

No. 188393

that makes the guy a huge fucking hypocrite TBH

No. 188394

Seems like the type of girl he wouldnt go after and would make fun of. Weird…

No. 188395

It is a little disappointing (in a lulz worthy way), but I don't know what everyone expected. Dude was an admited virgin 2-3 years ago, doubt he got his dick wet since then. Now that he's relevant he can fuck whatever hoe he wants, so of course he's gonna go with a catty drama slut first.

I wouldn't be surprised if they met at a con and hit it off from there. She dumped her boy toy sometime after/during August, so they likely met at vid con or some shit.

Kalel 2.0?

No. 188396


She also deleted the pic of her and said boy toy that she posted Aug 17th on her insta just now. LOL.

Sage for samefagging

No. 188397


She looks good so he wants to give her the D. If he is chronically underfucked then I'm not surprised he picked attractiveness over diamond-in-the-rough ~personality~.

I think he's a funny guy, but I've always felt that the sarcastic confidence was put on. Combined with the high risk of him falling in love with actually getting laid means it might be RIP iDubbbz hello Ian 'everyone this is my lovely bf ian that ive infected with my basic bitch personality' Shrimpson.

No. 188398

File: 1476622241695.jpg (216.1 KB, 1200x1200, Cp21_byVUAAGdz8.jpg)


I wonder how this plays out. This is probably his first girl friend, so I doubt he's gonna know how to handle someone of this crazy-cunt level. I look forward to any milk that comes of this.

Based on twitter feeds, she was dating some twitch streamer akaadian for some time and they went to twitch con (Sept 30th- oct 2nd) together (pretty sure they shared a room and went to dinner together during), but then after the con it seems they broke it off or something. Twitch con is located in San diego, so I wouldn't be surprised if idubbbz was there.

Guess she found a new meal ticket.

No. 188399

I thought that was a joke. Huh.

No. 188400

Exactly. It's kind of annoying. I'm sure there are plenty of normal sweet girls out there with huge tits if that's what he wants. Why go for some shallow titty streamer? gg for thinking with your dick, Ian

God damn, he really admitted to be a virgin 2-3 years ago? kek

Well, I guess it doesn't surprise me then. Like >>188397 said, I always felt his confidence was just for show. In BTS videos and other unplanned stuff, he's fucking awkward as hell. He stumbled over his words or just stares off into space while trying to think of something witty.

On the one hand, I'm anxious to see if there's any milk, but I don't want to see Ian get hurt by some crazy cunt.

No. 188401

No. 188402

get outta here how2basic
this is no place for egg man
only ovary

No. 188403

I, on the other hand, can't WAIT for the milk.

Unless of course >>188399 is right.

No. 188404

It might be pretty shit milk

Ian quietly stops doing collab videos because she thinks his friends are gross, stops making rape jokes etc.

No. 188405

That would be great.
I know a lot of ya here are sweet on him, but I love it when a hypocrite finally outs him/herself publicly.

No. 188406

in what way would ian be ruined by his gf's personality? just sounds like you're being salty tbh

No. 188407

Because she has a shit personality and he is a prime candidate for being pussy whipped?

No. 188408

File: 1476635158652.gif (965.4 KB, 345x184, 1463095987177.gif)

good point, but honestly the 3-4 people posting in this thread desperately wanting milk on idubbbz and his "new gf" are getting themselves way too involved. it just sounds like you guys are projecting when you say how shitty it is that someone like him would pick a titty streamer over a girl with a nice personality who happens to have big tits. y'all are being salty as fuck that your mancrush has someone who you think has more goods than you, at least in the looks department (ie tits). kind of like leafy's fans, but in a more subtle and passive aggressive way. also, isn't this girl one of those "i'm not a feminist" types? wouldn't she be okay with ian making rape jokes since she'd be a massive hypocrite for letting herself censor what he has to say? i know that anti-feminist thing may be a front but i don't think she's awful enough to do that
>inb4 robot

No. 188409

>getting themselves way too involved
>on lolcow

Ian's whole shtick is seeing past the superficial bullshit, making witty comments, and generally being on a higher plane of irony than everyone else. Dating a hot mad bitch tit streamer and potentially having her lead him around by the dick could be the milky end of iDubbbz as we know him.

I think she'll pressure him to tone it down a lot because he occasionally makes some fucking gross videos, and I doubt she's into her boyfriend doing that.

No. 188410


But this is lolcow, we're all salty bitches about the attention whores posted here. Not sure how this is any different. Sounds like anon needs to get off their high horse.

No. 188411

No one is projecting and getting salty because they've got a thing for Ian. It's the hypocrisy of it. He's ragged on people numerous times for being shallow and superficial and now we see he's dating someone exactly like that and being like that himself since he's clearly dating her for her tits. That's the issue here.

>isn't this girl one of those "i'm not a feminist" types?

No, she's one of these "tehe I'm not like those OTHER girls" types. Even if she said she wasn't a feminist, we all know it's because she thinks that's what her drooling guy fanbase wants to hear.

No. 188412

Ian has always given a pass to hot girls.

On a stream with Max, Chad and George when chat was choosing a youtuber for him to roast on Twitter he outright stated that he's "not gonna roast any hot girls like Zoella or Superwomen"

Him being attracted to a girl is enough of reason to deem them out of bounds for Joke roasts and maybe even criticism.

It's sad because he has always given off the impression he is above that and everyone is fair game no matter what.

No. 188413


So he's truly beta as fuck.

Wonder how long it will be until she shows up in one of his videos.

No. 188414

God, what a betafag.

I can totally see now him kissing her ass and bowing to her every whim when it comes to his videos and friends.

Let's hope Frank and gang can keep him from becoming a total cuck.

No. 188415


Doubt they'll do anything. None of Anthony's friends did anything when he was with Kalel. You don't fuck up bussiness relationships because of some side pussy you don't like.

Although I could see Chad saying something because he's a loud retard.

No. 188416

I doubt any of them get laid enough to be able to stand their ground with a hot girl

No. 188417


Max's girlfriend is pretty cute. Plus she has a legit job (flight attendant).

No. 188418

I stand corrected

No. 188419

who is chad and anthony. Actually, I'd like a whole summary to tell me about that filthyfrank/howtobasic clique. Would anyone do that for me please?

No. 188420

At most I think Chad would be snide and make jabs about it on his twitch streams and maybe Twitter, otherwise he'd keep his mouth shut, he doesn't want to bite the hand that feeds him.

Relationship wise for all of them: I think George lives on a string of side bitches that are scattered in America, Australia and Japan, on GuruGossip they confirmed he fucked Kimmi Smiles when he went visited and went to PAX AUS.

Chad was messing around with a girl Named Ashlee a couple months back and now gets nudes on the regular from multiple girls.

Max was with Xantia for 5 years before they broke up and now he's with Katt.

Ian now has his Twitch whore girlfriend which is probably something he has been after for some time considering how many tit streamers he follows on twitter.

When George posted his latest "LOSER READS HATE COMMENTS" all but Max were single and it was said in video.

No. 188421


Chad is anything4views, Anthony is Anthony Padila from smosh (not related to the filthy crew) who was engaged to a crazy bitch named Kalel for some time.

No. 188422

File: 1476777931848.png (107.6 KB, 1242x788, IMG_4910.PNG)

And so it begins.

No. 188423


Meh, they just started dating, it would be kind of strange to release info about their relationship in such a manner so early. She did state in one of her insta pics that she didn't want people asking questions abuy it. It also could be that ian specifically asked her not to address those questions.

Give it a couple months. But I'm kind of surprised it's a guy bringing it up.

No. 188424


Sage for samefagging.

Not sure how I fucking missed the last sentence. LOL. Anyways, you're right, so it begins

Also, someone in the comments asked her where she was moving to along with some other dumb questions and she completely ignored the moving related one.

No. 188425

She's gonna tease and milk this for some time, apparently she said on a previous stream she will do a cooking stream with him in November, I wonder if he'll take her to Australia when he goes there to film to meet the rest of the boys.

She wants to do more YouTube, she jumps on the dick of a guy with one of the fastest growing channels and does an AMA a few days after them dating goes public knowing full well people will be watching for any mention of him and spam her with questions about him.

On her latest stream she spoke about how they got together/met and it was one of the most retarded things I've ever heard.
It's starts at 24:35

No. 188426


it's almost sad how obvious she is leeching. nothing is below this girl, she is straight up disgusting.

She has been talking about wanting to grow her youtube channel, uploading every week, pushing herself more and more into youtube and lo and behold she drops her league stream BF to leech of a youtuber.

Her whole use and dump technique has worked before and gotten her tons of attention.

everything she does is scarily for attention.leading Gross gore on, dating guys who have the fame she wants (league guy and now this poor sap), bending over in front of the camera, twerking on stream, "not like the other girls", whining about how "hard" it was to be a "boob streamer" and how she is "different and not slutty now!" although once the hype of that blew off she went back to tits and bending over in front of the camera. I have known some of her ex friends and she is overall just a gross person who will throw anyone under the bus for a short time in the lime light.

No. 188427

I kind of like how she doesn't seem to be ditzy (from what I've seen) and admittedly shows her tits for attention. It's more confusing when a guy who seems to have standards for things (content cop, kick starter crap) goes for a woman child.

No. 188428


Akaadian confirmed on stream that he and raihnbowkidz were still dating when they were attending twitch con (hosted in san diego) together.

No. 188429

Just realized she claimed to give up "boobie streaming" months ago, but her latest stream is exactly that, sooo… Don't follow her enough to know if she acknowledged that

No. 188430


The lame part for me is that she only says this to be "different" and not be criticized. She has said conflicting things like

>haha I show them bc I'm a whore ;) and like attention hehe u can't criticize me now!

>I REGRET doing it it was WRONG, that's not me, I will dress modestly now! I'm a real gamer girl ;)

>OK well I just show them now BECAUSE I WANT TO

She has done this whole, I'm not a "booby streamer anymore!" stick a few times now by the way, lame af. She throws women under the bus for wearing tank tops or whatever to act superior for a while and once the hype of her being "a real gamer" wears off she goes back to showing her tits for attention.

If you haven't known her long enough you probably haven't seen this pattern yet.

No. 188431

Who's Gary?

No. 188432


Ian. Guess she didn't want to say his name out right, even though it's obvious who she meant.

No. 188433

File: 1476829299689.png (118.21 KB, 1242x833, IMG_4911.PNG)

She said this in AMA comments section and then on stream she said she went back because she was bored, does she always change stories whenever asked about tit streaming?

I wonder if he knows about the shit with Gross Gore and her bringing a white knight in and crying on stream, he would find that pathetic if it was a girl he didn't want to fuck, he's embarrassing.

Anything specific from her ex friends?

So when Ian ~~saved~~ her she was still dating someone else? and is making it out like it was a chance meeting, when it's clear as day she probably slide into his DMs and was more than likely cheating.

Yeah, she pretended to be talking about a skeleton doll she got, she's wants to talk about Ian so badly.

No. 188434


Yeah. Not sure if she was in contact much with ian prior to the con, but I wouldn't be surprised if they had a thing prior.

Akaadian hasn't seem to make a comment on anything about it yet, and I doubt he probably will. He still has all the pics they took together up on his twitter though.

No. 188435

I don't think they were in direct contact, but she made it clear she wanted Ian's dick, it's starts at 2:40 it also appears she's only ever tweeted at or about Ian and none of the other boys, interesting seeing as she said FilthyFrank was her favourite youtuber.

Well, I hope it wasn't cheating, he seems nice and it seemed like he really liked her.

No. 188436

Hey, maybe we're all looking at it too pessimistically. Maybe iDubbz does have a spine, and this titty streamer will change for the better?

A sweetheart from the ground up. :^)

No. 188437


Why would she want to change? She's said she would multiple times in the past but she never does because being a titty streamer/youtuber is easy. Now she can just leech revenue from her new boy toy.

Maybe she's just a lazy skank like Kalel. :^)

No. 188438


she is the laziest skank. so lazy she complained about taking like "30 minutes" to get ready for her stream where she racks up the big beta buxx

No. 188439

It's clearly only a coincidence that she is reinventing her youtube career focused on "lifestyle videos" right after she dates Ian. I'm sure beta cucks are really into lifestyle and beauty vids.

No. 188440

File: 1476958699607.png (200.44 KB, 1241x1192, IMG_4994.PNG)

brain dead fangirls who are seeking ass kissing points instead will probably bring in more money, longevity and inflate your ego like nothing else, pretend you care even a little bit about them and they think the sun shines out of your ass, because it's the closest they'll get to Ian himself caring about them.

I can just magine her moving in with him when she's moved to California next year and doing daily vlogging or even shit like the Girlfriend/Boyfriend tag, she's gonna milk him dry and if he bends over backwards and allows it to happen, he deserves it.

If he opens up his PO Box again, the fangirls will send her shit and demand that she appears in videos and opens it with him on camera.

I couldn't really take his newest Kickstarter Crap seriously because of all this happening, it's like he shit all over everything he has built because he wanted to get his dick wet.

No. 188441

>I couldn't really take his newest Kickstarter Crap seriously because of all this happening, it's like he shit all over everything he has built because he wanted to get his dick wet.

God, I know. It's so obvious that he just want so to get his dick wet that it's embarrassing. It comes across as super desperate.

No. 188442

What if he uses her for sex and tosses her aside?

No. 188443


I doubt it, by how smitten and happy go lucky she's acting. Anyways, they are straight up dating now so clearly he hasn't thrown her away yet and if he wanted to I'm sure he could have fucked her and not dated her at all.

No. 188444

Maybe she's super in to it but he's only happy to go along with it since it means regular sex, and once she starts nagging him he does a content cop episode on her and leaves

No. 188445

File: 1477017373024.png (3.89 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_5004.PNG)

> When you don't know if the guy who donated $3000 likes feet or not so you put shoes on off camera to have an excuse to show chat your feet

I do agree she's super into it, she recently followed Max on Twitter and Max's girlfriend Katt on Instagram, it should be noted, no one else but Ian follows her, Not even Chad and he's a streamer.

I think he might want a relationship with what he said on Philip Defranco's podcast, I don't think he's got a lot of experience in the dating/sex department, he might of still been a virgin until his year.

No. 188446

Sam has a couple of videos with him and a girl on his youtube.

He also has a taste for traps apparently.

No. 188447

File: 1477059752431.jpg (341.04 KB, 1600x2132, samtranny.jpg)

Forgot my image.

No. 188448

Honestly doesn't change my opinion of him (largely positive).

He's a 4channer, everyone knew he was going to be a sexual degenerate of some kind.

No. 188449

Is this the same girl who was playing TF2 in one of the KSTV videos?

I feel like Sam has a long string of short-lived relationships (ex. >>188447), but obvs not on purpose. I hope he and Charls find kind and supporting lifelong waifus like Nick has. They all deserve it. <3

No. 188450


I just looked up her channel on youtube, where she is conveniently doing more "serious" videos and god damn she is busted and old looking as fuck for being in her 20's.

No. 188451

File: 1477126233387.jpg (627.78 KB, 960x1280, 1445049009040.jpg)

Sam was involved with that girl who had short hair (pic related) and a tripfag called "Marky", another girl.

Sam apparently was into some pretty kinky stuff, but Marky's current boyfriend is a fat Asian guy who, if Marky doesn't do as he says, beats up his mother and claims that Marky made him do it. Pretty sad, but Asian men are like that I guess.

No. 188452

I'm an Asian man, and I'm EXTREMELY offended by that statement.

No. 188453

Sam has had at least three but maybe five different girlfriends that have appeared in his videos.
The Indian one in the Apple Store vid
The girl in the Hungry For vid
The girl in KST
The girl he did a lot of driving vids like the McDonalds one and the pizza threats vid.
I also recall some other white girl who shows up in one of his vids. He calls her into a room and yells at her or something. Might be a hidden vid now.
Sam denied ever having anything to do with that girl but she's definitely his type: petite, almost boyish channer.

No. 188454

>as an X
>I am offended


No. 188455

File: 1477176760267.png (200.2 KB, 1242x1623, IMG_5026.PNG)

So I finally caught one of her streams live, it's hilarious how she's fully clothed whenever streaming with family members.

Ian was one of the mods, I bet he loves it when people in chat wonder how his girlfriend's pussy looks and I bet he loves it even more how he's not allowed to ban them because of Anisa's rules.

She did clothed kinda serious Vids before, but ever since getting with Ian she's really pushing youtube and how much she wants to do it, how happy she is doing it and it's clear she wants to fully transition into YouTube, quit streaming and is using Ian to do that.

Yeah, she's 23 and in no way looks it.

No. 188456

How shit is your taste in people and sense of humor? shit tier youtubers

No. 188457

if they knew you irl they'd probably treat you like shit

No. 188458

can't wait for the inevitable day that she demands idubbbz promote her channel somehow or idubbbz doing it on his own will because he's a superficial fucking tool

No. 188459

I know this is bait, but I was just thinking about how after starting watching MDE a few months ago, I cannot for the life of me understand how I found the filthy crew funny.

No. 188460

The only funny one is idubbbz and expect that channel to go to shit since he's selling out for pussy.

No. 188461

Out of curiousity-do you not think that Franku is/was funny? He's obviously the most popular one

No. 188462

rainbowkids is ugly as fuck. girl looks like a melting stick of butter. let the milk flow.

No. 188463

Max is underrated and imo the funniest

No. 188464

File: 1477222407968.png (91.39 KB, 1242x777, IMG_5034.PNG)

Ian liked this dumbass tweet of hers and any respect I had for him has slipped away completely at this point.

I think Max is very underrated imo he's just looked over because his style of videos isn't like Ian or George's and is more physical based, when the fact that they're all even together is because of Max.

He's also one of the prettiest guys I've ever seen.

No. 188465

>tfw your husbando shacks up with some other broad, so you settle for second best

No. 188466

Honestly I can't wait for betadubbbz to promote her channel for delicious milk and drama.

No. 188467

Also this is one of videos on her channel kek

No. 188468

pure obnoxiousness just isn't funny

No. 188469


Bonus info, momokun and raihnbowkidz follow each other and raihnbowkidz has liked momokun's tweets in ocassion.

Birds of a feather….

No. 188470


I like her father is a muslim (or whole family I'm assuming) and she essentially sells the way her body looks to neckbeards online.

I'm starting to think neither of her parents must know about the things she really does on stream, this >>188455 kind of convinces me too

No. 188471


Her mom used to (not sure if she still does) mod her stream, so her mom knows at least.

No. 188472

File: 1477334606082.png (256.85 KB, 1536x1697, IMG_0964.PNG)

>the delicious irony of this girl simultaneously getting up in arms about slut shaming and using mongol as a deragatory slur in the same tweet

No. 188473

I can't find this anywhere?? link?

No. 188474

No. 188475


Raihnbowtits is pretty retarded but those girls are pretty pathetic too imo. one of them is a "cancer research scientist ;) not a slut btw" and the other seems like a jealous teenager

No. 188476


No one is defending the other petty bitches, anon was pointing out that it's a 'pot meet kettle' situation. She's trying to come off as morally higher than the other girls, but at the same time calls them a racially derogatory term.

Everyone involved is 100% retarded, her more so, because she's to stupid to realize the irony of her word choice.

No. 188477

File: 1477350592039.png (124.83 KB, 1242x1141, IMG_5041.PNG)

Katt seems to know whatever it is, I have a feeling it's Ian/moving related.

No. 188478

File: 1477350917598.png (209.97 KB, 1242x1457, IMG_5042.PNG)

There is also this one, but she said it 5 hours ago and nothing has happened.

No. 188479

I'd fuck all of them except Max.

No. 188480

oh god, is she friends with kida_chan? That girl is batshit crazy.

No. 188481

File: 1477355405735.png (215.96 KB, 1242x1694, IMG_5045.PNG)

Update wtf is happening also her getting all buddy buddy with Katt, she's in this for the long haul, imagine if they go on couple dates because you just know Ian is gonna take her to Aus.

I think so, they seem pretty friendly with each other on Twitter. What's the info on kida_chan?

No. 188482

Okay I'm watching her stream right now and she said tomorrow it's normal LoL gameplay and after that/possibly the day after she's going to be doing either a cooking or horror game with Ian.

No. 188483

File: 1477364402792.jpg (57.6 KB, 900x710, 5756767.jpg)

I can't wait to see what a train wreck that'll be. Ian is too fucking awkward to do shit outside of his ironic maymay skits.

I imagine he'll just stand there the whole time, awkwardly pushing up his glasses and side eyeing her tits.

No. 188484

File: 1477371799064.gif (997.66 KB, 400x226, ohmahgawd.gif)

the day when I came to /b/ and I got some nice potential milk instead

No. 188491

Caught the first part of her stream. I kinda like her but it's a bit strange how her mother is kind of kris jennering her out and all that. Mentioned Ian, and how he was going to help her make "stream shirts". Also, We made it to /snow boiiis

No. 188506

Her Mother mods her Stream as well, so she sees all the shit they say about her and seems to be okay with it, it's an interesting relationship, she can call her Mother a cunt on stream as a joke and she's okay with her doing that.

She really talks about Ian, the filthy crew, youtube etc at the end of her stream.

3:00:10 till the end.

No. 188510


I'm having trouble scrubbing to that time (I'm on mobile). Can someone sumarize it for me?

No. 188515

File: 1477434625299.jpg (462.47 KB, 1060x587, fffffff.jpg)

Didn't know joji was this much of a fuccboi, rip frank


No. 188530

dam that streamer is ugly as fuck. big ol horse mouth

No. 188537


I don't get it? Are you implying they slept together?

Kimmi is friends with frank and max (her channel is even on max's youtube rec page). I don't know much about kimmi, she's some has been youtube singer, but I was under the impression she was dating someone who was not joji.

No. 188542

Wearing the same pants/shorts.

No. 188547

It was confirmed on the filthyfrank GuruGossip thread they fucked and she was basically crawling for his dick afterwards and he was kinda stringing her along.

Here's a link to thread, you'll need an account to view it tho.

No. 188549


I'll take your word for it.

No. 188564

No. 188636

How do these people know these things?

No. 188642

In stream she doesn't seem like the conniving bitch you guys portray her has, just really, really dumb.

No. 188659

and she's not very attractive either, not a great combo

damn just saw this thread, Ian could do better

No. 188660

I was talking with some guy friends about idubbbz and his gf came up, and they were bending over backwards to defend him ("it's fine, maybe he likes her personality!" "he knows what he's doing!" and when i pointed out that he probably didn't know what he was doing bc he's inexperienced, they switched to "let him make mistakes!"). I wasn't even being mean, I just pointed out that dating a Twitch girl seems a tad hypocritical of him. They love calling out other Youtube guys for being hypocritical or being dumb about their relationships but the moment someone they like does it, it's not a big deal.

I agree, she's done some dumb stuff but I don't think she's malicious, she just lacks self-awareness, it seems.

No. 188669


Nah, she's stupid and a bitch.

Here's some context for >>188381 video.


No. 188679

Doesn't Ian have a daughter also? He mentioned having one in some videos…

No. 188680

that was…a joke…

No. 188681


hahah come on, she says straight up "yes i used him for views, i'm sorry" while this chump is screaming, jumping around and flipping his shit about wanting to "floor" these "horrible americans" because he doesn't know what narcissism means. he litteraly gets so riled up he has to start working out. this brit is seriously cringey.

No. 188682

everyone in this video is dumb tbqh. "DO YOU BUY DRINKS FOR GIRLS. DO YA DO YA DO YA?" Also why on earth did she need some random white knight to fight her battles for her?

No. 188683

forgot to add, he also calls her a slut and bitches until she cries, then tells her that she's not allowed to be upset. I hate this kind of person. in the paraphrased words of louis ck, you dont get to decide if you've hurt someone.

No. 188690

cant be assed to go back and rewatch it but didn't he say "people will call her a slut, that's what people do to streamers like her" and then the Max guy was like WOW HE CALLED YOU A SLUT. She was the one who demanded he settle things with her over a livestream despite the fact that she can't have a discussion without some dude's help. As soon as she started crying he tried to move past the "slut" discussion. He's still an overreacting idiot tho.

No. 188691

I totally agree that she should have fought her fight without some dudes help, and i might have missed exactly what he said, but you gotta agree that brit was coming off the worst? I mean, i never knew who she were before all this and i don't know much other than what i've seen these past days, but i can't really see what she's done wrong at this point

No. 188692

Haha sorry read that a bit fast, i see now that you do agree. My bad.

No. 188705

File: 1477479017441.png (4.09 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5059.PNG)

Ian is so awkward he still relies on memes when showing his girlfriend affection and getting her stuff.

The stream with both of them is happening on Thursday, I don't think I've ever seen Ian have any prolonged filmed interaction with female at all, let alone one he is dating, this is gonna be so good.

No. 188722


She lead on a dude for views, then got upset when he actually fell for her. Reguardless of how retarded the guy is (which he is, he eventually got banned from twitch for other reasons), her motives were purely selfish, and when things got to real she refused to pull on her big girl panties and deal with it like an adult by talking to him in private about how she really felt. Instead, she got butthurt that she would eventually look like the bad guy (turning him down after leading him on) and talked to him on stream in an attempt to make him look bad to his own auidence. She couldn't even do that herself so had some neckbeard white knight come in to defend her.

She also had a shit fit on her own stream in response to his first video (talking about his feelings for her), that vod is deleted though.

No. 188726

I'm getting PTSD to 2010-era reddit

No. 188734

I thought Joji was gay

No. 188751

I never could understand if that was real or just something to help keep the meme bitches at bay. His rap lyrics don't sound too gay though, and i think he might have a gf. Asian insta girl.

No. 188775

I feel like this relationship could finally be Ian's Achilles' heel. He seems so untouchable but this shit is embarrassing.

No. 188784

I always knew he was a beta faggot, this is just the proof I needed.

No. 188803

I actually think sending memes/gifts is cute, don't you guys share memes with your s/o?

but yeah that stream is gonna be weird af

No. 188818

People do corny stuff in relationships all the time, sure. But stale memes from 2 years ago are… cringeworthy, for sure.

It's worse than an Achilles' heel. It's like Achilles promoting himself as an the best immortal warrior to his compatriots, but then screaming "MY WEAKNESS IS MY HEEL" once in front of the walls of Troy.

No. 188831

Oop, someone's newly ex is not to happy.


Wonder if he's finally put two and two together and realized he was cucked at the twitch con.

No. 188847

>be ignorant brit
>i dont know what narcissism means
>americans are shtooupid
>wear new york shirt
what a dumb ass. he doesn't deserve to wear it.

No. 188851

File: 1477515356946.png (2.44 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5020.PNG)

Old Ian pic for anyone who hasn't seen it.

I think it's more that Ian is so fucking awkward he can't exist outside of his memes and ironic/edgy humour so it's basically become a social crutch for him, him doing it outside of the filthy crew or his Vids just comes across as weird or awkward and looks sad if you compare who he portrays in videos.

No. 188856


Obviously in stream she is going to try to be likable to get money (duh?). Some basic run downs about her

1. Gross gore drama

>yes gross gore is an idiot and a piece of shit as well btw

>Raihnbowz is smart and realized that she can use Gross for views just like she uses other top players. She started being active in his chat, which lead up to talking to him, which lead to skyping for hours a night with him. They had mutual interest in eachother, they planned on meeting at some con in Cali, he got excited, started treating her as if they were an item. She got mad at this and started ignoring him. He made a video saying he was upset about it. She got mad at that video, raged super hard at him. He made ANOTHER video saying he was sorry. A few hours later, this video happened (on live stream).

>TL;DW Raihnbowz used Gross Gore for views, he grew attached, she said they were never anything, they argued, a group of random streamers were there for it.

2. I'm not a boobie streamer!

>bends over in front of camera, showing both breasts and ass. deliberately shows feet or shows inside her whole shirt. This is her "normal" stickt ] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYp2vljJ1FU

>makes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_PsUsriYiA video (linked)

>does this for more attention, gets tons of money from neckbeards bc she is a real girl gamer at first. Then it fails.

>HOWEVER that video did not get much views, so what does she do? She creates a new video, labels it 'boobie streamer' places 'boobie prep' and a pic of her cleavage on the thumbnail to catch attention. That sounds like something that she completely is against and proclaiming she won't do anymore….no ?

>She also then uploads to r/videos calling it 'preparing to be a booby streamer' but it didn't get many views… so not 12 hours later someone else submits it and she shows up straight away.

>TLDR; after she cashed in the beta buckcs She is not back to "being a booby streamer" because she stopped getting attention from that

I didn't finish watching her latest video but it starts about how her "boobs were an inconvinience to her" (when she has small breasts, she has even said so herself, lol) and how she wanted to play only with boyz!!

Basically her whole thing is to "act" like one of the boys and she isn't like the other girls!! She backtracks 24/7 just for attention (I have huge real tits! JK I have small tits…JK they are huge omg!) and uses men (streamers and players) for attention over and over again. I have seen her throw away friendships with someone I was close to just because they clashed over her stupid im not like the other girls attitude. just a gross person in general, so money hungry. BTW I Stole a lot of that greentext from reddit but its good info

No. 188858


tries so hard to sound smart, comes off as retarded anyways. I feel bad for Ian

No. 188871


I wonder how long the honeymoon phase will last. Who will start to get sick of who first?

No. 188873

Well I guess she 's only using Ian for views.
But he seems so smitten with her.
Well I think it's not going to last long.
I don't think this will end well, either.
There will be drama.

No. 188877

I have a feeling it'll be for awhile, but she seems to be pushing the relationship into the open, In this >>188506 vod
She spoke about how he is vey private and even him putting her in his Instagram bio was hard for him.

She wants the spotlight and e fame that comes with being his girlfriend and he doesn't want anything around his relationship or private life to be public.

No. 188878


I'm waiting for her to prolong the relationship for as long as possible , make ian tired of her, but hes too beta to dump her. once she finds a better cash cow she will leave and make a big drama out of it

No. 188879

File: 1477522711613.jpg (83.35 KB, 931x599, o.jpg)


Do you mean @this_is_lala?

He posted this pic of her not long ago which drove fangirls crazy.

I don't think Joji could seriously date anyone though, she might just be one of his many side hoes.

No. 188883

so are ian and joji not gay, for the longest time i got major gay vibes from them..and that max guy

No. 188913

File: 1477529342139.png (302.8 KB, 1242x1684, IMG_5062.PNG)

Joji isn't gay, he just likes to fuck with people, tumblr fangirls think he's bisexual because of how he fucks with people on twitter.

Neither is Ian and Max, but I haven't ever gotten a gay vibe from any of them tbh

No. 189023

But she doesn't come across as likeable in her streams/vids, just stupid. She ain't no Machiavelli either, her behaviour is at worst petty.

No. 189027



I wonder if she slept with ian at twitch con. Her ex (who she was dating during her twitch con visit) seems to be having some issues.

If she did… oh ian you poor gay retard.

No. 189036

can't wait for him to get fucked in the ass for teh lulz! lmao who's gonna tell him

No. 189058

damn I wonder if this is simple post-breakup salt or if she actually did cheat on him.

he's probably bi or at least somewhere between bi and straight, most straight dudes I know, even the open minded ones, are totally put off by the idea of kissing a guy. they're also put off by the idea of eating vomit though, so who knows lol.

No. 189065

Not poor Ian, he was following her on Instagram and Twitter before all this, he would've known that they were together.

You have a point there, kinda like that part in hair cake where joji and Ian kiss then after Max laughs Ian wipes his mouth and joji doesn't give a shit.

No. 189069

File: 1477554703909.jpg (116.85 KB, 1334x750, IMG_2165.JPG)

New Frank vid is fucking hilarious. Wheelz can get that pussy any day of the week!

No. 189079

i wish i had friends like these guys. they're so cool

No. 189090

Did anyone else see when Ian was on Philly D's podcast? He said he "wasn't really a sex man" or something to that effect. Pretty sure that was his way of saying he was a virgin without saying he was a virgin. It came out only a few months ago. What if he lost his virginity to this chick and now she's got him wrapped around her finger?

No. 189092

those fucking slime death sounds from stardew valley when wheelz is talking about sticking his fingers in pussy lmao wtf

No. 189101

Right haha, 10/10

No. 189102

I wouldn't be surprised if it was, I think Anisa is his first proper real girlfriend.

There are fans who think he lost his virginity between meeting up with Max at E3 and growing his hair out and getting new glasses, I think he just got cooler friends and that helped him

No. 189134

I wonder how many blue shirts george has for frank

No. 189162


He said he was a virgin 2-3 years ago. I dunno if he's fucked since, probably not since he clearly doesn't know who should qualify only as a hookup. She probably came on stronger than any of the other chicks he's met and he figured since she was nice and making advances she was an easy fast way to get a girlfriend.

Dude was desperate for pussy and fell into a trap. Check your condoms everytime Ian.

No. 189175

I wouldn't be surprised if it was just the one, to be honest

No. 189315

File: 1477599520694.jpg (195.71 KB, 1035x609, awk.jpg)

Poor socially awkward Ian, he doesn't know or doesn't care that he's being used.

-RIP Ian's personal internet anonymity-

No. 189319

I find the videos where they do disgusting shit and torture each other incredibly hot.

No. 189320

her head kinda looks like a pear and it's freaking me out

No. 189334

she's a solid 6/10 i'm actually appalled

No. 189337


how does her forehead look so big here but in some selfies it looks ok. Also, she needs to fix those fucking brows jesus

No. 189355

here we go, the beginning of the end for iDubbbz.

No. 189390

They look really cute here. Especially the dups. He's trying, haha. It's sweet.

No. 189424

As soon as idubbbz got his fake new girlfriend I signed out of my crush on him and lost so much respect. She's the kind of person he would take the piss out of? But apparently he's so desperate to get laid he's locked it down. Wtf. She looks like Rachel from glee. Why would you date an attention seeking titty streamer who looks sticky? I'm so annoyed about it lmao

No. 189448

File: 1477614882098.png (3.56 MB, 2208x1242, IMG_5071.PNG)

The stream has started and she is covered

No. 189457

Is she going to be the new Suzy? You know progressively worm her way into Ian's videos with her boring, talentless personality and make everyone really uncomfortable.

No. 189461

god i really hope not

No. 189462

god I know right
She's not even that cute she's ugly as fuck

No. 189465

I honestly think she's cute but my standards are low because I'm fuckin uggo lol.

So far the stream isn't too awkward.

No. 189466

Her personality is fine, but I just don't understand streamers. And someone recently donated $2500. For fucking what?

No. 189473

link or vod?

No. 189475

No. 189496

LOL she was explaining something about League to him and she pronounced melee "mee-lay" and you could see him fucking struggling internally as to whether or not he should make fun of her for it.

No. 189498

samefagging but all the people making fun of Ian in the chat are killing me. "NICE HAIR DUDE YOU DO IT YOURSELF?" "IS HE UNSTYLISH AS A JOKE?"

No. 189503

Have they talked about how they met at all?

No. 189505

Even fans of his subreddit think this shit is cringe. One of them even said they have no chemistry.


No. 189508


I love how she pulls this thing all the time when she's around someone and wants to seem superior.

>LOOK BOYFRIEND ;) I dont bend over in front of the camera and act like a whore!!!

No. 189511

if anything the stream is just fucking boring, I don't know anything about her but are her streams usually this dull or is it actually an awkward atmosphere making it worse

No. 189517


I think it's the akward atmosphere. She can't actively flirt with her viewers anymore and Ian is being a cringe fest all together. They just don't seem to have any chemistry atm. Ian is being himself, and I don't think she's 100% comfortable with some of his habits (burping fucking loud all the time). To those who dont know who ian is, it makes it look like she's dating some skinny akward slob.

No. 189525

From the very beginning when they called him an "upsitting citizen" I was losing my shit. So glad even though Ian's a beta faggot Joji's at his best.

No. 189533

When chat spammed about wanting him to kiss her on the cheek and he shut it down both times saying shit like "that ain't gonna fucking happen" and brushing it off, you could tell she was annoyed.

No. 189534

he just made fun of her for pronouncing platonic as plootonic lmfao. you can tell theyre going to have major lovers tiffs in the future

No. 189535


Lol, he really has never had a gf before, and this stream is really proving that. I also think he doesn't want to act affectionate around her because it's in front of an audience, he may feel a bit embaressed/insecure at how inexperienced he is with being intimate with a chick. Besides, they'be only dated for how long? She brought him on stream way to early if she wanted to showcase how lovey dovey they are together.

No. 189540

File: 1477626679680.jpg (14.3 KB, 304x94, lol.jpg)

one of the mods is super salty about them dating just like the situation with gross gore. im rdy for dramu

No. 189542

holy shit lol

No. 189545


No. 189546


Lol. Somehow I feel like this whole thing won't end well for her at all. Ian's fans aren't gonna stick around after they break up, and her current fanbase is just gonna move on to the next booby streamer.

Unless she plans on marrying him (which doesn't seem likely at this rate) she's gonna end up worse than when she started. Somehow I don't think she realized how much ian doesn't give a fuck about what people think about him. It's to the point he's socially inept in many ways and probably wont/doesn't want to change. I think she got more than she bargained for.

No. 189552

He picks on how she says things/what she says, calls her names and treats her like she's retarded, its pretty uncomfortable to watch if you know that she's his girlfriend, but she lets it happen.

The only time she actually put her foot down kinda was when he called her a cunt in a joking way, but still he did on her own stream in front of her viewers, it was completely disrespectful imo

This is honestly lovely to watch thank u anon

No. 189554

yeah he treats her too much like his buddy and not enough like his new girlfriend.

No. 189559


It's got a similar tone to when they were flirting on twitter. That's probably what he thinks she wants lmao. Giiiiirl, you need to set this boy straight before you both get on stream again.

No. 189570

She's dating Ian of all people. What else would she expect? It's how he acts, probably why he's never had a gf before. And she is retarded, so.

I mean Ian prob has a lot to learn about how to behave in a relationship but being a social retard who doesn't care about anything is his personality.

No. 189573

This stream just really shone a light on how socially stunted and retarded Ian is with women.

He has a sister, I didn't think it was as bad as it is tbh

No. 189575

So glad to find this thread, I thought she was 29 her face is fucked. It's such a weird choice for Ian, this can't end well.

No. 189577

he has a sister?

i wonder if she was hoping he'd be really sweet in person or at least not quite as retarded as he is

No. 189584

wow, that's an example of who she chooses for her mods?

No. 189587

File: 1477632574079.png (258.45 KB, 1242x1606, IMG_5075.PNG)

It's real because he answered it before he was gayretard/niggerfaggot Idubbbz

Also the White Knight that defended her in the Gross Gore drama is one of them and was active on this stream and I think played LoL with Ian.

No. 189605

My god, catching the replay now. I thought you guys were exaggerating. It's honestly really bad. Ian treats her really oddly. 2/10 would not date. Hope he acts sweeter off cam.

No. 189678

I wonder how she dumped her ex. Dude is still trying to move on.


Anons, would you consider it emotionally cheating if your bf started flirting with another girl in person and on social media, then broke it off soon after and imwmediately started dating said girl?

I don't know if I would, but hot damn that would devistate me.

No. 189745

idk if I'd consider that emotional cheating, but I'd definitely be hurt that they probably hadn't been into me in a long time and were just keeping me around because they were used to me.

It's even worse if Raihn pulled the whole "Oh I just need to be alone for a while to figure myself out!" all while already committed to being with Ian and getting with him immediately afterward. A guy friend of mine went through that and he was fucking ruined for a while.

I have to wonder how the rest of the cancer crew feels about this. Probably just glad he's getting the puss puss.

No. 189789


I think it's probably what youre suggesting. She and Akaadian would still tweet each other in a subtle flirtatious manner (more on his part though) up until the 19th. Then they stopped tweeting eachother and at some point after unfollowed eachother on twitter, which followed with him posting emo shit.

No. 189813

File: 1477683594551.jpg (127.83 KB, 1078x432, 2016-10-28_14.28.14.jpg)

This is the best comment.

No. 189891

Fuck, I wish I hadn't missed it. The saved stream was removed from Twitch for some reason.

Anyone know if someone backed it up on Youtube or something?

No. 189917

Holy shit, it was.

The parts with copyrighted music just get muted so she purposely took it down or Ian requested her to do it because it showed how much of a social retard he is with girls.

No. 190030


I bet she took it down on her own accord. I don't think ian gives enough fucks (maybe he does). But the stream really shows that their relationship isn't as peachy as she's making it out to be on twitter/instagram. I'm actually embarrassed for her with how Ian treats their relationship in public. If I were her I'd be humiliated.

Gotta get dat youtube revenue I guess.

No. 190064

File: 1477706732129.png (165.42 KB, 1242x992, IMG_5088.PNG)

This was on his subreddit, She also said he won't be on her stream again, which is very believable and totally will stay that way.

Also "didn't advertise it" she put it on her fucking Twitter.

I've already seen fangirls talk about how they are relationship goals!!<3 and how much they love Anisa and just being fucking dumb about this stream and not seeing it for what it really was, a man treating his girlfriend like dogshit and her taking it, in front hundreds of viewers and its being swept aside as that's how Ian acts!! He's our niggerfaggot lol!!!

It's embarrassing, I dislike her but she was treated awfully and on her own stream and you could tell she was uncomfortable or wanted to say something and didn't.

No. 190068

I don't buy that she wanted the stream to be personal. I think she just realized it was a mistake when he called her a cunt and an autist and was generally being fucking disgusting in front of her audience of white knights.

No. 190076


Yup. I'm wondering if he's like this all the time with her. She did say he called her house ghetto (and her little brother heard it) when he showed up, and then proceeded to call her room ghetto on stream.

Did she assume he was gonna flip a switch and behave differently on stream?

No. 190086

Damn, he said that? That's not a very polite thing to say to your girlfriend, especially in front of her family lol. Idk, maybe he knew she and her family wouldn't give a shit but I'd feel legitimately self-conscious if I brought a guy to my parents' house and he was that openly critical of it.

No. 190092

Cant find the stream in the past board cast history on twitch. Any links?

No. 190094

she baleeted it when she realized ian wasn't going to be cutesy with her on stream and as far as I can tell, no one recorded it.

No. 190110


From what I remember it was along the lines of that. She kind of played it off, like 'haha hey gaiz guess what ian said when he came over…'

They also didn't seem that flirty on screen (at least on his side) and seemed unsure of how to physically engage with each other (she did most of it).

I think it would have gone better if they had played a less intensive game. He really seemed focused when playing LoL (and she was focused directing him) which didn't really give them room to relax or talking material to reflect on. Even a game neither of them had played before would have been more entertaining.

No. 190114

Even when they were playing horror games she may as well have not been there, seeing as he was mostly just narrating out loud practically to himself.

No. 190115

Yeah. Dunno what she was thinking bringing Ian on her stream. Views/money I guess but Ian is only compatible with his own audience, not a bunch of thirsty virgins who would lay down in puddles on the road so she wouldn't get her feet wet. Even for pussy I can't really see him compromising his gay retard demeanor he's so well known for on a stream. There must be something she sees in him that's not using him for money, though, since she seems really into him.

No. 190132


I think she's really into dating a dude who's successful/internet famous. She dumped her boyfriend days after meeting Ian at twitchcon. This stream was her attempt to show him off and it backfired in her face.

No. 190149

i'd laugh my ass off if he was trolling everyone and her. if he legitimately talks like that to his new gf, then that's just sad

No. 190150

idk what's worse, Ian going this far to troll everyone, or Ian being this socially retarded.

No. 190152

File: 1477723429974.gif (320.97 KB, 160x160, 1.gif)

I've already seen a ton of girls on tumblr posting/reblogging clips of the stream with really positive tags calling them cute and saying they loved the stream.

No. 190153

i really wanna see the stream and how painful it was god damn

No. 190154



They're probably all 13 year olds who've never had a boyfriend before. Since the keemstar video he's attracted this type of crowd, and then the leafy video opened the flood gates. SO many cringey little girls.

No. 190156

>13 year olds
I figured as much, considering how many fucking jojian blogs seem to have cropped up in the past few months. It's fucking insane how quickly his younger fanbase came about.

No. 190159

I'm not really a fan of Ian or Raihn and just stumbled across this thread, so this is my objective opinion.

I didn't think the stream was that bad or that awkward. Maybe I just have thick skin but (sorry, self talk) I had an ex who we used to call each other names like that (I'm sure he called me a cunt at least once) and be super sarcastic. It was our version of being cutesy. Maybe that's how Ian is, too? And if Raihn isn't into that, maybe he should find a girl who's more on his level of humor or something? That's just my take on it, though.

No. 190162

I'm australian and we call everyone cunts and its nothing; ian hangs around max a lot who's australian so maybe its rubbed off on him?
Anyway i haven't seen the stream so i don't know the context of the shit talking.

No. 190165


I think what made it akward was that they clearly weren't at that point in their relationship. It usually takes a few months to understand one another's boundries. Ian clearly has no experience with dating, and is probably relying on her to guide him. She on the other hand probably doesnt want to come off as controlling and scare him off by correcting him and thus she lets him be retarded. Her mistake was bringing him on stream before they had established any boundaries.

But let's not forget that this stream was just for her to show him off. Lol. That's the part that makes it cringe for me.

No. 190167

I get where you're coming from anon, but like >>190165 said, they're a new couple and I think that might've been one of the first times they'd met in person, if not -the- first time. She occasionally seemed torn between wanting to be cool and go along with his jokes and wanting to stand up for herself when she thought he was bing too mean. I didn't think it was super awkward either, just amusing seeing her obsessed fans getting salty in the comments over the fact that she has a boyfriend and making fun of him.

No. 190171


Got you guys. Definitely kinda weird to show off a brand new relationship like that before they've gotten to know each other's boundaries and all that. Especially if they just met.

If she's just showing him off for views/money and he's an autist with dating, the relationship probably won't last or it'll last way longer than it should.

Think I'm going to continue to follow this even though I don't watch his vids… it's kinda entertaining.

No. 190198

File: 1477736235276.png (72.54 KB, 1236x569, IMG_5085.PNG)

interesting way to look at it Anisa, but alright.

Here's some more things I remember from the stream: Pink_Sparkles dropped by in chat and Anisa acknowledged her, Ian didn't then she said something along the lines of "aren't you gonna say hi to Pink_Sparkles? Or say something nice about her boobs?" Ian got all stuttery and deflected.

The second time he got all weird about sexual stuff She said "we've exchanged bodily fluids already" or something similar(she was referring to her touching his ear wax it works in context of the convo) and he acted like she just said the nastiest shit ever "Jesus Christ, do you actually think about what you say before you say it?!"

No. 190224


>if not -the- first time.

They had already met in person before. She said they met at twitchcon, that he 'saved' her from some dude who was trying to get her into his mustang/car. He drove up in his jeep and then they went to get dinner together. Btw, she was dating Akaadian at the time. Ian and her immediately started flirting on twitter the next day, which lead to her dumping her bf some days later.

You might want to read the thread starting from >>188378 so you can catch up with what's going on.

No. 190244

Seriously. Idk why you guys feel bad for her. She's using him for his fame and wanted to get some twitchbux and cred from having Ian on her stream, I'm glad it was enough of a disaster that she deleted the archive and doesn't want him on the stream again (though I doubt it'll stick).

I'm sure Ian's a shitty bf but she's a shitty person, so.

No. 190247


For me it's major second hand embarrassment. During the stream I got flashback to my first bf who was a similar cringefest.

No. 190312

I am caught up, I just forgot the twitchcon thing lol oops. That's weird as hell to get dinner with a guy while you're still dating someone else.

He's probably just awkward about sex stuff but I did used to suspect he might be asexual, because of how he said he "wasn't much of a sex guy" on Philip DeFranco's podcast, and how mad he got about the asexuals thing in his Rape Quiz video. I know the sex comment on the podcast was him just deflecting the question because he was a virgin, and the asexuals thing in the Rape Quiz video was just for a gag, but I wondered if he might be asexual either way.

No. 190320


It is weird. I find it even more weird that she just jumped in his car. She's most likely exaggerating the story and all, but even if I knew who he was I probably wouldn't just jump in a car with him. It makes me wonder if they had communicated prior to twitchcon.

No. 190326

File: 1477768919931.jpg (254.95 KB, 861x467, AfVqEMq.jpg)

I know it's not relevant, but every time I see Yoahi, I think of this.

No. 190327

I forgot that the thread image was Michael dressed as Yoshi and thought you were lost for a minute lol.

No. 190547

Has he always been awkward with sexual jokes tho? Or is it just with women is it awkward for him? this is the first interaction we've seen of him with a girl, ever and it's unedited and it's his new girlfriend, I'm wondering if he acts this way around girls he isn't dating/he's attracted to.

No. 190569

One of his fangirls is having a shit fit on his subreddit.



>waaaah you gaiz r talking about hiz gf u obsessive cunts I'm gunna ask m0dz 2 ban this topic

No. 190674

LOL I noticed her when I was reading through the threads involving Raihn. She's easily more obsessive than pretty much any of the other comments I've seen.

No. 190783

File: 1477879440972.png (267.8 KB, 1242x1830, IMG_5106.PNG)

LOL why doesn't she just use a picture she took of them together? it's embarrassing that she used a fan screenshot and made a post about it to push how ~in love~ They are.

With how much she's sucking up to Katt, I wouldn't be surprised if she's trying to do all the same kind of pictures Max and Katt have with each other.

I also wonder if it's before or after he called her a cunt.

No. 190785

Wow what a way to look like a sane human!

No. 190877

File: 1477902644061.jpg (60.43 KB, 588x598, fatcunt.jpg)

>implying fat cunt isn't best boy

No. 190885

My delicate virgin eyes don't need this at 5am, anon. Take pity.

No. 190892

File: 1477906998968.gif (4.96 MB, 720x404, 87ba6.gif)

Spoiler this shit jesus christ

No. 190894

now flip over and let me see that pewdiepie tat

No. 191087

Did someone record the stream? I'm curious

No. 191122

I'm fairly certain no one did beyond little clips I've seen on tumblr.

No. 192326

File: 1478114059148.png (173.84 KB, 712x691, pearlchu.png)

Show mama that idubbbz face

No. 192329

No. 192538

File: 1478125793872.png (512.87 KB, 1242x1724, IMG_5113.PNG)

No. 192553


Lmao she's trying edge her way into the youtube/twitch art community? Good luck sister. You're drawing is obviously traced and your coloring looks like shiiit.

No. 192578

File: 1478126945176.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1080, Screenshot_2016-11-02-18-44-52…)


Samefagging. This is her art from 2 years ago.

No. 192623

The legs look like they're on backwards

No. 192656

File: 1478128896905.png (251.5 KB, 1241x1491, IMG_5114.PNG)

Boys are at PAX Melbourne, minus George and plus Ted, Chad's main moderator on his stream.

> My own artwork
> (I hope you enjoyed my artwork as well)

Yeah it's traced and so poorly done, a 13 year old in a school manga club could do better.

I think she's just trying to get ass pats wherever she can tbh fangirls won't stop hyping her and now her shitty artwork can get hyped as well

The podcast will entirely consist of: how they are not like ~other~ girls, being edgy and anti pc as much as they can, how hard titty streaming is and how girls rag on them more and boys are just so nice!!!1!1!

No. 192660


What the fuck why even claim it as an original drawing when the shading is inconsistent as fuck and the boobs make 0 sense not in a they're huge but the cleavage and the bra don't even match up. Hell the way their hair is drawn vs the hand with the lollipop makes it so blatantly obvious.

No. 192664


I can never take titty streamers seriously. They spend 70% of their time wasting it on being mediochre in an extremely niche skill set (LOL gamin skillz amirite). What do they expect to do with these 'skills' when streaming eventually cools down and their tittylicious looks fade? None of these skills transition over to other careers.

No. 192677

holy shit that shading is so bad. and the fucking tracing, jesus if you're not going to put in the effort to draw it yourself, at least put in the effort to fix the wobbly lines so it's not as obvious.

No. 193371

File: 1478229300511.png (246.07 KB, 1242x1160, IMG_5124.PNG)

I wonder if Joji will come later along for filming shit after PAX AUS.

Ian seems like the kinda the guy who will end up cheating on Anisa tbh I know we talk about him being pussy whipped, but he also looks like the kinda guy that would cheat/break up first once he see that he could be fucking more than one girl consequence free after he's gotten confident with having sex and being with women.

Find some rich streamer/youtuber/e famous guy to leech money and fans from whilst getting patreon money for shitty artwork, cosplay or some gaming/pop culture blog so people can't say they don't work hard or earn their own money.

No. 194143

File: 1478383523136.png (463.11 KB, 1242x1645, IMG_5128.PNG)

Found this on some fan tumblr, I assume she talked about it on her livestream, funny how she wouldn't want him on the stream physically because she wants to "make it on her own" but still talks about him on it, knowing people will watch her for Ian mentions, she so transparent with this shit.

> not wanting to fuck on the first date

So that was their first date, when she went to Twitch Con with her previous boyfriend and she got tacos with Ian.

She had a boyfriend and Ian would've known, they're such shitty people.

No. 194149

who is this song bird?

No. 194152

nevermind I need to go to bed, sorry anon

No. 194187

This honestly sounds like their describing a date between two high schoolers.

And yeah that's lame as hell that Anisa would cheat and Ian would just go along with it.

No. 194188

sorry *they're

No. 194202

i see most of the videos of the crew, mostly ian and filthyfrank.
ian is being pussywhipped? by what i read he is a social awakard sperg /r9k/ tier who uses sarcasm and irony to hide it, and because of that he will treat girls like he treats guys because he does not know how to handle the other sex.

No. 194236

Him being a robot would make so much fucking sense, being a virgin at 25 when his channel had blown up massively and would've been getting offers left and right, acting like a social retard around girls and being just generally awkward as hell.

But I still think that once or if he ever gets comfortable around and being with women,
He'd fuck around heaps because it's like he needs to make up for all that time he wasn't having sex.

No. 194948

So they unfollowed each other, then they followed back liked some of each other's tweets, tweeted each other, than he rants about her on stream and blocks her.

From 8:40 onwards in the vid he talks about how he's so angry all the time, how he wakes up angry and how he's been feeling that way for the past month, it's really fucking sad actually, Anisa really fucked him over, I hope him ranting about her is saved somewhere or that someone saw it.

Anyone listen to any of her podcast? Is it any good?

No. 194950

File: 1478531159871.png (249.72 KB, 1242x1707, IMG_5148.PNG)

Here's the pic talking about him blocking her

No. 195489

how do you know he was still a virgin at 25?
Ian is really cute, I find it hard to believe that he's gone that long with getting some

No. 195497

File: 1478616578073.png (10.13 KB, 684x221, ruavirgin.PNG)

He answered this on his ask.fm someone linked it earlier in the the thread. It was 2 years ago tho, but he looks like he's new to dating…
here's the link if you want to see cus i realized it doesn't show his name.
> he also looks like a beta but you can think he is cute all ya want anon.

No. 195528


What a piece of shit. I don't particularly like Akaadian, he's a bit too dude-bro for me, but way to make yourself look like a self-centered slut. Even humouring the idea of sleeping with someone else on the first date WHILE you're still with your boyfriend is just fucking stupid.

I'm convinced Ian knew she was dating Akaadian, or at least knew she was with someone. Even if he didn't at the time, he can't be as retarded enough to not know after. Why would you date a cheater as your first gf?!

No. 195883

File: 1478653282747.png (150.12 KB, 1242x767, IMG_5163.PNG)

They haven't fucked yet, unless he hit it raw the first time, but because of this tweet and her saying on the stream they did, she fell asleep when Ian was playing Hearthstone.

Ian is such a retard, he is spending time with what is probably his first gf and plays videos games next to her.

He use to look like this >>188851 and with his social retardation it's not surprising he didn't get laid, when he grew his hair out and got new glasses he was focused on his channel.

> why would you date a cheater as you first gf
But anon, she's not like other girls.

No. 195951

Ffs fucking bleach memes?? That's leafy-tier humor. What is Ian thinking?

No. 196018

this is really cringy.
I would be embarrassed to date her.
I thought Ian was cool but I guess ugly girls with big tits are his thing.

No. 196026

I'm pretty sure she cheated on akaadian twice with Ian and the other guy she had at her house in July. The ex, akaadian, made the same kind of angry posts when the other guy showed up at her house on stream one day

No. 196029

File: 1478703263035.png (541.69 KB, 498x567, lol.PNG)




>big tits


No. 196030

Wow, she has the body of a brick.

No. 196034

She details her boob stuffing prep in her "I'm tired of being a tit streamer now guize" video

No. 196037

dude what the fuck she looks gross. horse mouth AND brick body? she should at least go outside and tone her body instead of sitting on her ass playing video games.

uh why would she mention that? she looks the same with and without makeup but actually looks better without because her brows finally dont look like they were sharpie'd on and the lack of awfully drawn eyeliner.

No. 196039

She has the face of a 30 year old.

No. 196090

I really don't think she's as ugly as yall are saying she just sounds so fucking dumb in that video and every other video I've seen her in.

No. 196095


>waaah look at ALL THE WORK I have to do to be a boobie streamer :C

>btw look at my tits in a bra only here ;) haha

>never doing this again!!

>still doing it now

No. 196217

File: 1478738779890.png (483.52 KB, 1242x1743, IMG_5183.PNG)

This was at Twitch Con on the third of October, on the 6th was when Ian first liked a pic of Anisa on her Instagram, this might've been taken the day she cheated on Akaadian with Ian.

There was another who stayed at her place? There was this moment from the stream with Ian where they tried to log into Hearthstone and someone else's login stuff was there and Ian went very serious faced and they both went quiet Anisa said something like "I don't think he played it when he was here…." it was quiet and had that awkward tone, I thought it was just awkwardness because it was from Akaadian, might've been from the other guy.

its hard to respect Ian, his content, his opinion on anything knowing he's after girls like this but like >>188389 said it's pretty common for guys like him to do shit like this.

No. 196254

she's a solid average/painfully average with 0 personality what is wrong with e boys I DONT UNDERSTAND

No. 196267


Assuming the other guy is the one on her instagram in July with the dog. No idea who it is though. Name just says nick

No. 196440


I don't think that's Akaadian. She deleted most of the pics of him off her insta. Might be though, but I doubt it.

No. 196483


No it's a different guy not Akaadian. But he was with her while they were dating and it seems like the same situation as with Ian guess it's a common thing

No. 196969

File: 1478904239263.png (178.81 KB, 1240x1167, IMG_5186.PNG)

I bet they're going to eat tacos at the same place she cheated on her Boyfriend with Ian the first time<3

No. 197026

Interesting Ian would pick this average looking chick who literally cheated on her bf at the time when he has his pick of the litter and could do much better.

No. 197038

Maybe he just doesn't know that many girls, so the fact that she plays video games sometimes and swears a lot off-camera makes him think "she's not like other girls!!" Also I remember him saying that he likes "exotic" (LOL) girls on a livestream he did with Max. I like Ian's content but the idea of him being this fucking hypocritical and socially retarded is hilarious.

No. 197051

Why is joji engaging with her

No. 197052

but shes not "exotic" though. isnt she just a halfie?

No. 197060

I thought he'd meet a girl through Max and his friends tbh but they're probably smart and normal not a tit streaming, cheating, try hard, dumbass e fame vampire.

Which stream with Max did he say he liked exotic girls? Was it the "I won't roast hot girls" one?

That's not joji just a random fangirl sucking up, his real twitter handle is @sushitrash George hasn't followed her on either of his twitters or his Instagram.

No. 197073

we get it u like memes hehe papa bless

No. 197097


Half white half lebanese so yes she's not "exotic."

Do guys get a sense of comradery when they're eskimo brothers or something? Haha guys remember when she cheated on you for me and then I got cheated and dumped for youtube $$$?

No. 197127

Yeah it was the "I won't roast hot girls" one.

Seriously half of what she says are memes. Embarrassing.

No. 197397

File: 1479016356767.png (347.92 KB, 1242x1691, IMG_5190.PNG)

Why does she look so fucking old here? I don't understand.

Thank you, do you know where a vod of that stream is? I remember seeing one on YouTube, but I can't find it.

No. 197419

those eye bags and overdrawn eyebrows… why is it so hard for the majority of cows on here to not draw their brows so dark?

No. 197430

Sorry anon, I can't find it, only clips from it. I remember seeing it on youtube as well but its seems to have been taken down.

No. 197450


>moms gonna kill me for bleaching my hair!!

>mom allows and mods for my titty girl stream c:

No. 197471

File: 1479035976643.png (163.3 KB, 1242x862, IMG_5192.PNG)

She appears to be inserting herself into more Gross Gore drama, because the girl it's about "reminds her of her little sister"

I swear, if Ian does a Content Cop on Gross Gore it'll be obvious he's completely obvious he's whipped.

Damn, that would've been good shit for this thread, thanks again anon

Also on that stream, from gurugossip: http://slavetothevaporwave.tumblr.com/post/147687446985/1010-i-ship-the-two

>Ian having more Chemistry with Joji across a Skype Call then his actual gf in the flesh

No. 197477

I give their relationship one to two months more before they break up

No. 197479

>not getting a gay vibe from idubbbz
are you okay anon?

No. 197483

File: 1479043180147.png (547.8 KB, 1242x1392, IMG_5195.PNG)

I just generally blamed lot of what he does on his extreme awkwardness more then anything.

But I will admit anon, since posting that, those pictures of Max and Ian together at PAX recently with Ian touching him/holding Max's bag did give me some gay vibes.

No. 197532

File: 1479053545106.png (120.07 KB, 351x285, c9ea3145ca75c7872cf6fb3928d624…)


> mfw it turns out Ian is gay and used a titty streamer as a beard.

If it ends up that way, I may actually feel a little bit bad for her.

No. 197590

File: 1479060636262.jpg (166.07 KB, 1200x1705, proboscis-monkey.jpg)

she literally looks like pic related. why would u only bleach the ends of your hair is the real question

No. 197599

File: 1479061447468.jpg (1.15 MB, 2400x3600, practical-hair-color-03.jpg)


So she can dye it purple, cuz she wants to be cool like those instagram hos.

No. 197628

this in combination with what >>197471 said about Ian having more chemistry with Joji than Anisa makes me genuinely wonder if he's gay. He's probably just really awkward with women but I'm honestly hoping he's using Anisa as a beard, it would be hilarious (although I'd feel a little bad).

No. 197865

File: 1479083048386.png (219.12 KB, 685x354, tumblr_oglbqle6Ge1qb85g5o1_128…)

she's really milking their relationship on her stream lol.

No. 197911


Lmao pathetic. At least shes not afraid to show off she's a slut. To bad she doesn't like it when people call her on it.

No. 197927

Ikr. I'd like to know how he responded, since he seemed pretty disgusted every time she said something sexual when he was on her stream.

No. 197940

File: 1479089875641.png (118.15 KB, 1242x849, IMG_5197.PNG)

>Haha im not like other girls haha I love memes

Lol I'm both those anons, seriously seeing those pics and the anons on here getting gay vibes made me go back and look at stuff from a different angle.

If he was actually gay, I don't think he'd ever come out.

Why did her viewers need to see this? Did she just randomly whip out her phone, send him that and showed chat thinking she's Such a sexy, cool, hilarious gf?

With how awkward he is, I doubt she's even felt the outline of his dick over his clothes, with the lights turned off.

No. 197959

Someone of a nitpick, but why have him on snapchat as idubbbz? I always find it weird when most other people will refer to friends/SOs as their real names for personal stuff.

No. 197970

mini-blogpost, but I call my boyfriend by his username on the game where I met him, on public stuff, and also sometimes in private. We were friends with usernames before we were bf/gf, so using our real names felt weird at first. It's just like a nickname at this point. I don't find it that big of a deal when people do it.

No. 197979

uh wow that looks like shit. the purple will surely take kindly to the orange in her hair.

No. 197983

Yeah IMO that's really weird. I met my bf on insta and we NEVER did that. That seems really autismo anon

No. 197987

Honestly I think she just didn't bother to change it from his default username. The only reason I usually change someone's display name in snapchat is if I'm not familiar with their username and don't think I'll remember who is who.

No. 197991

>more passionate than trigglypuff at a manspreading lecture.
>manspreading lecture
Anisa for chrissake this is not fucking funny it's just stupid.

No. 198001

this is so fucking tryhard
christ we get it youre not like other girls

No. 198077

File: 1479123376821.png (316.62 KB, 1241x1822, IMG_5199.PNG)

Decided to look into her Instagram and I find it hilarious she deleted the picture of her and Anaakian at Twitch Con(thank you anon for pointing it out) to try and cover up that they were there together, but didn't delete the old pictures of them, she's not hiding that they were together, she hiding that they were together at Twitch Con.

I'd feel bad for Ian for dating someone like her if it wasn't his own choice.

No. 198090


Lol, to bad for her all the pictures of her at twitchcon with akaadian are on akaadian's twitter so they're pretty much time stamped.

No. 198098

I'm 100% serious when I say that I think Ian is deep in the closet.

No. 198128

what gross gore drama is this?? is this related to celestia vega?

No. 198131


is that the chick he was alluding to when he talked bout his worst sexual experience? Is so, I think so. She pretty much inserted herself into that situation. Hos gotta stick together.

No. 198192

File: 1479146866060.png (1.18 MB, 1045x1125, Screenshot 2016-11-14 10.05.13…)

Wtf is this. Unless Chad has had beef with GrossGore before it looks like he's straight-up whiteknighting Anisa.

No. 198194

yes he posted on snapchat that he's going to send his mum a letter & usb with proof of her daughter being a whore b4 turning 18 and now while she's 18 with videos, screenshots msgs etc

No. 198196

oops meant celestia's mum** wrote his by accident

No. 198265

File: 1479152727065.png (293.48 KB, 595x371, lNhMzlU.png)

why mention spit facts if this thread isnt about best boy michael :(

No. 198301

File: 1479156251280.jpg (17.32 KB, 322x294, tommy-shrug.jpg)


> mfw I don't feel sorry for anyone in this situation

GrossGore is a fucking disgusting individual, so it doesnt surprise me he would do something like this. Getting involved with someone like him comes with a truck full of consequences, it's not something you 'can't know' it's the status quo. I don't feel sorry for people who attention whore themselves around but don't want their family to know about their shitty/stupid behavior so tough shit for her.

Fuck around with assholes and get fucked.

No. 198310

File: 1479156655111.png (399.16 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-11-14-15-47-14…)


Jfc she's not even subtle about it. Why would she butt hurt if her mom found out? She probably already kmows.

No. 198643

File: 1479188199926.jpg (91.75 KB, 1080x678, 14566589_581768365351922_60235…)

i'm looking at this girl's ig and why does she do her lips like this. they look like a puckered asshole stop. she's really fucking obnoxious from her twitter too.

sage for off-topic

No. 198652

File: 1479188843520.png (109.21 KB, 1242x644, IMG_5203.PNG)

I bet she starts heavily promoting/using her Snapchat, which she hasn't really ever done before I don't think, so that when she's in San Diego and it's suddenly filled with videos and pictures of Ian and her it won't look as bad, she's gonna use it as a quieter way to milk and shill their relationship.

Chad has a deeply inflated sense of e fame and self worth, thinking it gives him the right to shove his unwanted opinion where it isn't needed.

But this is just pure white knight bullshit seeing as Ian has said fuck all about this drama.

Her hair is disgusting, it looks so ratty and her mouth looks so dumb, how is that sexy? I don't understand.

shes also the other streamer Anisa is doing the podcast with as well, not surprising seeing as they are both obnoxious try hards.

No. 198653

wait are you guys sure she's not just a troll? all her tweets sound too stupid to be real

No. 198666

No. 198669

the girl is 18 years old way too young..

No. 198681

File: 1479198274461.jpg (21.06 KB, 319x364, fridge.jpg)

dat waist-to-hip ratio

No. 198685

>Chad has a deeply inflated sense of e fame and self worth, thinking it gives him the right to shove his unwanted opinion where it isn't needed.
Ffs. I'm trying to like Chad but he says some of the dumbest fucking shit. Like when he made a tweet one time (now deleted) that apparently said something along the lines of "people with autism don't have an actual problem they just need to get out more". And when people called him out he pulled the "I'm entitled to my opinion" card.

No. 198691

File: 1479201023183.png (42.01 KB, 1046x171, Screenshot 2016-11-15 01.08.23…)

No. 199003

1 out of 2, you must be right!!!!

No. 199064


I too try to like him, but he truly lives up to his nickname. I guess since he really doesn't have anything of value to lose he feels there won't be any consequences to how he behaves. ah well, the cancer crew will eventually fade from relevancy, joji will become a full time musucian, ian will work in the entertainment industry as a guest or behind the scenes type, max will go full throttle with his alcoholism and become a washed up has been, and Chad will be left with some cash and some shitty tats on his ass.

No. 199071

I was watching her stream just now and they were discussing monogamy, raising children and sort of shallowly looking at gender politics and human relationships.

She said almost word for word "when I'm in a relationship I don't really see other people, like I'm not really attracted to someone unless I get to know them first"

Thanks Anisa for confirming you were in Ian's dms when you were still with your boyfriend.

No. 199106


Lmao what a bitch.

No. 199341

File: 1479288729711.png (304.36 KB, 1153x1869, IMG_5207.PNG)

>haha god I'm such a meme i know buzzwords haha this is humour

She's a total cunt.

She told this story about a former friend who was complaining about cat calling and talking about how horrible it is, did she sympathise or anything like that? No.

She told the viewers this is what she said to her: "You must be a 10/10 because I walk around town, I lived downtown a long time, ain't nobody talking about my titties y'know like nobody's screaming at me as I walk by, I just don't think it's a real thing and if it is then I guess I'm just really unattractivelike maybe people think I'm a dude"

I think half was the story and rest was just to her viewers, She couldnt comprehand her friend getting catcalled because in her mind her friend was uglier then her, even tho she said she believe herself and her friend were both 5/10.

No. 199371

she has the teeth of a shark

No. 199388

File: 1479296621899.jpg (339.49 KB, 1280x960, boweauty.jpg)

No. 199410

Holy shit bitch needs braces, is this the same person as >>199341 and >>197397??

No. 199419

Lmao no that's bowbeauty, a sad cow in the same vein of foreverkailyn.

Home girl has too many teeth in her mouth.

No. 199435

isnt she anti-sjw or whatever? she makes fun of people with weird hair colors all the time and associates that look with ~tumblr~

No. 199463


She's both. She wears what ever persona fits who she wants to appease. God forbid you call her out on her or her titty streaming friends on their sluttiness, she'll be super pissed.

No. 199490


She is one of those girls that go

> hehe i'm a real gamer gurl , not like the other girls ;)) cat calls are compliments and I'm a meninist hehe

her audience eats it up so hard, she's just a major panderer with no real personality

No. 199502

She used to be best friends with Leafy, and complained all the time about Ethan's YouTube channel and how he thought he was superior to everyone. Now she hates leafy because Ian did a content cop on him and she's tweeting at H3h3? Hmm

No. 199503

Going back through her streams, you can see her flip between different opinions based on what drama is happening. Ian has terrible taste

No. 199511

the mouth of a horse, the body of a fridge, the nose of a proboscis monkey, the hands of an alligator, the hair of a streetwalker, the brows of a sharpie, and the wit of a 12 year old boy first discovering icanhazcheeseburger.com

how undeveloped and primitive can someone be? what a keeper.

No. 199572

File: 1479322566918.jpg (42.65 KB, 486x409, 731.jpg)

She was friends with LEAFY? That's fucking hilarious. What a fake bitch.

No. 199902

Someone enlighten me how >>196029 tits
can become >>196034 tits

She's a fucking wizard to turn a literal flat log into what looks acceptable.

Reading through this thread is seriously upsetting I love idubbz and filthy frank it sucks to see Ian with such a shameless slut like when you find out your friend at school is friends with a cuntish bully. Her being friends with leafy and hating on H3H3 just goes to show how moronic and fake she is.

Savage anon kek this is cream material.

No. 200025

File: 1479351838593.png (312.14 KB, 1242x1735, IMG_5210.PNG)

She looks like an uglier female version of Ray William Johnson here.

Anyone watch Ian's new vid? It was actually kinda shit imo, it felt like a weak topic and he just bitched about it and didn't really say anything insightful or funny.

But I also don't trust his opinion anymore and find his videos hard to watch after he got with her.

Fuck, anon this is amazing.

No. 200030

a push up bra can work wonders friend. victoria's secret has a bra that adds 2 cup sizes.

No. 200058

Padded push up bras, clip the straps together at the back for even more push-uppage. Maybe some chicken cutlets. Contour a little bit. The angle of your camera matters too.

No. 200060

File: 1479356482780.jpeg (54.56 KB, 480x480, image.jpeg)

Digestion begins in the mouth.

No. 200421

>"I look like a cum guzzling slut"

No. 200432

why is she trying so hard to be ian? she's essentially doing his whole schtick when she tries to be funny

No. 200451


Seriously. The editing, style of speech, even the fucking plopping into the chair is the same. If she wants to be successful after ian dumps her she needs to find her own shtick.

No. 200510

That's how succubi work, anon.

No. 200577


LMAO Why did she even copy his stutter? Holy shit the way she speaks she just sounds like Ian without the whole point of what makes Ian's content funny. She's not funny whatsoever and her content is so incredibly bad it's basically the same as Suzy from GameGrumps.

No. 200579

She actually looks like a thumb. I hate how it's so obvious she just wants to enjoy herself getting pretty but tries to be ironic and sarcastic about the whole thing to gather cool girl points. In the process, she just looks like a tryhard. Just be yourself damn. "Some lady peddled me this face powder thing idk what it for hehe I'm a tomboy" guuuuuurl we all know you handpicked that out yourself

No. 200604

File: 1479424463267.jpg (119.14 KB, 891x1280, 45457457.jpg)

God, I can't believe she's actually copying him down to a T. I wonder how he feels about it. I hate her "tehehe look at me cuss i'm not like those other gurls i'm just one of the guys XD" bullshit.

No. 200631

> and the wit of a 12 year old boy first discovering icanhazcheeseburger.com
This is weirdly my greatest complaint.

she lacks a personality, she acts exactly like Ian down to the speech patterns you can't really pull the cool aloof tomboy thing about makeup since it's something you can't fuck up. Another thing i don't really like about her is that she seems to be really fucking disgustingly sexual another unrelatable, unappealing trait. There's plenty of sluts who harp on about sex it seems to be a phenomena in some women.

>I don't know how people do this for a living these makeup cancer things

You do it for a living everyday, you already said in the video and are a cam-whore so it was the entire premise of the boobies video you fucking bullshit artist. >>196034

Another thing that i find disingenuous is how she presents herself as shy. I >>196029 Have >>197397 a >>199341 feeling >>199388 she isn't fucking shy irl >>200025
otherwise she wouldn't be uploading heaps of selfies and then calling the culture she latches onto "cancer" that's not how shit works and not to defend instagram ffs but she has no right to undermine a culture that she is fully invested in herself.

She had a small back and forward with Brittany Valenti on twitter and I hate to say this but i agree more for Valenti at least she is a grill gamur and twitch-whore this chick is simultaneously one but pretends to be greater by wearing a fucking t shirt, there are a handful of females on twitch and YouTube that wear goddamn t shirts when streaming and rank at the very least silver in CS:GO it's not a phenomena because she decided to wear a shirt in order to be successful on twitch you need to either be a whore, play games decently, or have some wit or anything decent to talk about.

No. 200632

If there a "not-like-other-girls" round up thread…? That is my fav kind of cow. Esp ~gamer grillz~

No. 200660


I don't really mind her sluttiness. That's fine with me. It's her denying that she's being slutty and then gets offended when people call her out for being slutty.

She probably feels pretty safe with Ian as her boy toy, seeing as he ass blasts people that try to fuck with him. It will be interesting to see what he says about her when they seperate (sorry Anisa, if he isn't gay, he's gonna want to taste some other puss before he settles into married life).

That video though, she pretty much demolished her. So catty it's delicious.

No. 200705

all i know of is suzy in the GG thread but i too would like more

No. 200725

I'd love a thread like that as well. The only other one that comes to mind is Melanie Mac but outside of her obnoxious voice, I don't think she's too much a cow. I'm sure the cosplay and Twitch communities are crawling with them though, if anyone has some names.

No. 200730


Some I can think of… Kaceytron and legendarylea. Both of them are cows in their own way, stirring up drama (flashing tits and bag on stream) and being just generally terrible people. They only really play LoL ot hearthstone type games.

No. 200732

Vag not bag

sage for correction

No. 200756

File: 1479453905315.png (87.81 KB, 500x398, the-im-not-like-other-girls-st…)

Sure Venti represents the argument as catty because of her bitchy intarnet gurl persona but it's a legitimate argument; she is a hypocrite and one lacking a sense of humbleness.

They are quite a special kind of cow in my heart as well i'm on board with this idea.

No. 200940

sage bc off topic, we could also just post nonfamous not-like-other-girls, from personal feeds or just out in the wild. There was a thread on here for personal neckbeard pics/experiences (can't find it now sadface) and it was pretty fun/cringey.

Start with that one girl we ALL knew that went to prom in converse sneakers

No. 200990


I'm fine with personal cows, but I think it would be best to start off with well known ones and then
incorporate personal ones.

I'd also like to add emilyispro to the list. Twitch runescape streamer who once lied about having cancer for donations, now denies it ever happened and throws a fit everytime anyone brings it up (this makes her a prime target for trolls).

No. 200996

You know brittany venti is a troll, right?

No. 200999

>at least she is a grill gamur and twitch-whore
>Sure Venti represents the argument as catty because of her bitchy intarnet gurl persona
I didn't make that apparent enough?
Even if she's a parody her point in the video is still valid.

No. 201079

Apparently Anisa was on the phone with Ian during a stream and they said I love you to each other. I've never been in a serious relationship but isn't it kind of early for that? I suppose Ian wouldn't know better, though.

No. 201094


Meh, different strokes for different folks. I personally wouldn't say it this early on, but who knows, it's Ian's first gf. That said, how tacky/desperate for attention can you be with calling/talking to your boyfriend on stream? She just can't help but show him off.

No. 201098

Yeah I sort of figured it was one of those things that just depends on the people in the relationship. It is amusing how much she loves showing him off.

No. 201100

>dumps objectively attractive guy for ugly receding hairline autist
>dumps guy who actually cared for her for ugly receding hairline autist who only wants her for practice

i'll never understand famewhores

No. 201135

Idk I think Ian is a lot more attractive than Akaadian. Akaadian seems like a way better boyfriend than Ian though.

No. 201139

This guy seems really genuine it sucks that she dumped him for Ian he seems like a decent bloke I hope he'll be ok.

>i'll never understand famewhores
What's there to not understand anon, famewhores latch on to what ever is selectively gratifying for themselves and the fan-base they want to be apart of forcefully.

No. 201198

The video.

Anisa says it first, I bet she has an iron grip on him, she doesn't want to lose her biggest stepping stone, e fame wise Ian is miles above Akaadian and comes with a huge built in fan base filled with edge lords, alt right and anti SJW people who she can pander to perfectly.

I wouldn't be surprised if she was territorial as fuck with him and would be catty to new girls similar to Cry's gf, but that's in a reality where Ian can have functional friendships with women and isn't a Retard.

No. 201215


Did he even say it back? I couldn't really tell, and then she hung up so fast.

So where is she? It's definitely doesn't look like her room.

No. 201224

I'm interested to see how Idubbz fanbase would respond to her since every YouTube video I've seen of hers has a substantial amount of dislikes, the comments have some pretty negative shit too i'm surprised she doesn't disable them. I don't believe his fan-base would eat up the content of a twitch whore.
She's a whore for outwardly publicizing something so personal, that phone call sounded very personal idk maybe i'm overreacting but I find it disrespectful.
There's a unpacked suitcase on the bed in the background it looks like she just moved.

No. 201228


Listen closely. Ian says it first and she says it back.

No. 201240

Air BnB, They don't stay with family because they need to learn how to act like a real couple and have sex now that she has birth control.

Fangirls don't like her at all, or Ass kiss her so severely to point of pretending they like her more then Ian.

Fanboys are just happy he's getting laid, it's like all of them are getting laid.

People just don't know about any of the Akaadian stuff, her history, or seen the livestream with them, think her milking their relationship on her livestream is cute rather then what it is.


She's gonna move in with him when she moves to San Diego next year, looks like we will be seeing her mug around for awhile at least.

Thank you for catching that anon

No. 201243

File: 1479559667285.jpg (117 KB, 805x942, IMG_20161119_134445.jpg)


No. 201244

No. 201266

>every YouTube video I've seen of hers has a substantial amount of dislikes, the comments have some pretty negative shit too i'm surprised she doesn't disable them.
Negative attention is still attention.

No. 201346

In her livestream from yesterday, Ian was actually in the room with her and he seemed ok with her jamming her boobs into the camera and walking around with her tiny booty jean shorts.

No. 201349

File: 1479576439483.png (1.23 MB, 1440x809, Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 12.2…)

No. 201352

No. 201362

This video should be put on a cringe playlist.

Her obvious idubbbz act aside, acting like she totally doesn't care about makeup and just accidentally got tons of expensive shit from sephora is grating my nerves.
"I'm totally not like the other girls shit piss fuck, look at this cancer I am putting on my face guys please give me attention"

No. 201378

Right? It's fucking obnoxious and IMO a huge red flag for the kind of girl you don't want to be involved with. Ian is such an idiot lol.

No. 201381


It's crazy how fast she is latching onto Ian's type of humor. During her livestream yesterday, I forgot what exactly happened but Ian was like "hey that's pretty…..ummm yeah" and then she was like "Heyyyy that's pretty good," and Ian was like "no…"

Also I don't know if she always talked like this because I didn't watch her before but in twitter she likes to talk about how "autistic" something is or is calling people "cunts" a lot. I don't know if she got this from Ian.

No. 201382


Also at the end of that phone call video someone posted up earlier, she sings "OK OK I'm fucking gay," at the end, which is an obvious reference to Idubbbz what's in the box video.

No. 201420


Jfc that's so embarrassing. Anisa pls stop.

No. 201433

Man, I had so much respect for Ian.
He seemed so much smarter than this.
He'll get bored of her soon enough, right now I'm sure he's just happy he has someone to fuck. when the honeymoon phase is over he'll be gone

No. 201441

She said she's moving to San Diego in a couple of months, I wouldn't be surprised if they move in together, we'll be seeing her mug around for awhile, unless they break up before then.

I was watching the parts with Ian and she tried to show him some editing/streaming "magic" Ian made out like she was trying to impress him with some crazy, cool thing so she's trying to show that she's as smart as him and it's clear he gets annoyed by that, he's probably one those guys that wants a dumb girlfriend so he can always feel smarter and more superior then her.

Someone asked about Zoie Burgher and Celestia and she went a bit awkward said they were in LA then said she would go to LA next week to meet with a few different streamers and didn't mention meeting them at all, odd considering how hard Anisa defended Celsetia and she did/does a podcast with her.

No. 201450

ian will not age well at least with akaadian he has facial features the will help him age gracefully. Let's be honest, he was dating down. Anisa let go of an attractive guy who cared for her. Ian is only using her as practice.

No. 201478

Judging by her recent tweets, she's disappointed by Celestia. Guess that's some karma since Celestia social climbed off of her and Gross Gore

No. 201488


Why would she be disappointed in her?

No. 201515

Yes but it's indicative of Idubbz fanbase reaction to her I believe she thrives from all sorts of attention but I don't think the fanbase are stupid enough to lap up her bullshit as lolcow saw straight through it.
>acting like she totally doesn't care about makeup and just accidentally got tons of expensive shit from sephora is grating my nerves.
Ian doesn't touch "autistic" with a fifty foot pole because it's rather fucked up to joke about I think, juxtapose it to cancer which he constantly talks of which refers to the nature and growth of cancer rather than the actual sufferers of cancer ergo it doesn't target cancer sufferers which is a shitty thing to do. He did do that whole bald shtick though which seemed to be making fun of himself more than cancer.

Autistic describes nothing and only targets socially awkward people in internet L33t speak sure its fine to joke about it when anonymous but there's a certain degree of fuck up that it makes you look like to joke about it with a character or ubiquitous mouth piece.

She doesn't seem like the kind of gal to settle down with to begin tbh.

Ffs she's a moron why does she always involve herself in internet drama? Does she have no real hobbies aside from titty streaming does she attend university or have a part time job? If these tit streamers had jobs on the side or were studying full/part time they would be relatable characters but they all seem to milk it rather than wanting to contribute anything worth while.

No. 201581


I don't think Ian wants a stupid girlfriend so he can feel superior to her more like she was doing some simple basic shit trying to impress him and he can't give enough of a fucks to act impressed.

No. 201667

Didn't he call Anisa an autist when she first had him on her stream?

No. 201706

Damn I really used to like idubbbz. Now I feel he's being so fucking retarded he's next on the chopping block

No. 201736

Ian might be smart but he's also just a guy. Let's not forget that Anisa is probably his first gf and he was most likely a virgin before her (a 26 year old virgin). He is probably whipped by her already, as evidenced by the phone call where he already says "I love you" first. He probably won't be the one to initiate breaking up so hopefully she finds someone even more famous than him later and let's him go.

No. 201867

>Ian doesn't touch "autistic" with a fifty foot pole because it's rather fucked up to joke about
Nah he straight up called Anisa autistic during her first stream with him.

You're probably right. Women are new territory for him. He's gonna get walked all over. Even though I'm a fan of him I've gotta say I'm kinda hoping this ends in a trainwreck, purely for the sweet milk.

No. 202229

I think that's what we're all waiting for

No. 202258

why would she even be in a sephora in the first place? if you care so little about makeup go to a dollar store and pick up some off-brand foundation instead of spending so much money on quality products. no-one shops at sephora unless they give a shit about the makeup they're wearing.

No. 202297

Exactly. I like makeup and I usually get makeup from Target, why on earth would someone who doesn't care about makeup go to Sephora? And I like how she claimed she wouldn't talk to the lady at Sephora because she's "terrified of human interaction". She's only saying that to be quirky and relatable, if she was actually socially anxious she wouldn't be asking the sales associate to apply makeup for her in the first place.

Also the way she used her beauty blender made me cringe out of my skin.

No. 202307

File: 1479758566455.jpg (61.96 KB, 1024x576, 64645.jpg)

I had to go back and watch what she did with the beauty blender. Jesus, she's retarded. I wish I could shove it down her fucking throat.

If you don't know how to use a makeup tool, it takes like two seconds to google or look up on Youtube. There's no excuse for her being this stupid.

No. 202309

she was just trying to be funny. im surprise she didnt go full ian and fuck up the make up on purpose.
but i guess she has to keep the looking "pretty" or no one would watch her

No. 202333

I thought farmers were just salty that this is what Ian is dating right now, but dear god. She is not only like an uglier version of the girl that played Juno, but she's extremely unlikeable, unfunny, and clearly unoriginal (seeing as how she's literally doing an impression of Ian throughout this entire video.) I see not a single redeeming quality.

No. 202347


I find it hilarious that she said she originally wanted to shave off her eyebrows but was told not to. First of all, she probably would never shave off her own eyebrows but plays it off as "someone" aka Ian didn't want her to. Second, she would look like absolute shit without eyebrows and her fivehead would look like a sixhead and both she and Ian knows that.

No. 202357

File: 1479765229223.png (76.08 KB, 631x373, Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 4.51…)

Anisa just posted this on twitter and when someone asked what she was referring to she replied "the pill."

…what is that supposed to mean? Is she pregnant? She's always so annoyingly cryptic on twitter. If you're going to share at least be more specific.

No. 202360

It probably made her sick or some shit and she's just stirring drama by being vague for attention. The first two bc brands I tried made me sick until I finally found one that didn't and I've been on it since. I'm sure it's something dumb like that.

No. 202379

I remember being a kid and finding it sooo cool to be on the pill and all the girls were talking about it, even though 90% of us were on it for period or hormonerelated shit. It's cringey, isn't this woman over 20? She probably got told that she has blod clots in her family or some other blood/heart related shit. Or she smokes. Who knows. Anisa, if you want to be a "role model" and teach the kids about safety, link them a planned parenthood article or something, stop doing this whole hey guys i'm fucking!!! thing.

No. 202385

She's so dumb because she's trying to do this whole Be Smart PSA thing but she isn't even being specific enough for anyone to even know what she's talking about. If it's about the pill then be specific…like estrogen can increase risk of blood clots and DVT. Being so cryptic isn't helping anyone and is only serving to keep her relevant since she wants people to wonder/talk about her.

No. 202403

What to expect from an attention whore with no personality?

She is thriving off the attention from the dubbbz fanbase, she needs more

I can't wait for the day when Ian is forced to make vlogs with her and include her in his videos.
Expecting great content such as:

>Opening this month's ipsy bag with my boyfriend Ian, also known as idubbbz

>My boyfriend Ian (also known as idubbbz) helps me find a push-up bra for my Twitch streaming sessions

>Introducing my boyfriend idubbbz (also known as Ian) to my dad

No. 202406

lol it's gonna be like arin and suzy

No. 202408

I'd be embarrassed if I was her. I'd be embarrassed if I was Ian. Why is there such a lack of awareness?

No. 202414


>Opening this month's loot crate with my bf Idubbbz

>Doing my bf's (Idubbbz) makeup
>My bf (Idubbbz) does my makeup

I highly doubt she will appear in any of his videos because he can't be that dumb to allow her to dumb down his videos. And I highly doubt she would go crawling around in a sewer or eat out of dumpsters no matter how much she isn't like the other girls.

No. 202658

Who's worse. Suzy or this broad?

No. 202694

just wait till she gets fat like suzy

No. 202695


i think suzy at least likes her husbando, this one is just a pure dirty user

No. 202733

File: 1479860419185.png (266.61 KB, 1242x1836, IMG_5237.PNG)

I don't think she'll gain weight the way Suzy has, she trying to get fit and go back to how she looked before (pic related) but that might change once she moves in with him and gets comfortable.

Ian's own videos I don't see her getting involved in either, but trying to be in videos with the whole crew I could see happening, seeing its more of a group thing and maybe doing couple streams with Max and Katt.

No. 202734

God, she looks so old and haggard.

I doubt Ian's crew would be down for her being in their videos, except for maybe Chad since he seems like such an ass kisser. A few people have mentioned that none of Ian's friends have even followed her on any of their social media accounts, not even on their personal ones.

I imagine they can probably see how gross and retarded she is and don't want to be involved with her "gamer gurl" antics.

No. 202739

Any moron who takes hormone influencing medication or useless supplements for no good reason is too stupid for medical resources to be wasted on.

No. 202750

I actually think Suzy has a cuter face and she doesn't act like a 13 y/o-LeafyIsHere-antiSJW-cringelord so I'd say this girl is definitely worse. Suzy's content is at least somewhat tolerable while this girl's shit is unwatchable.

No. 202759

I'm one of those anons, and uh. The pill can help with a lot of things anon. Sounding a little bit anti vaxxer there.

Back on topic though, come to think of it, we have seen a few of ians real life friends, but he's never introduced them, even when they collab on vids, like the storm drain one. Find it weird how open they are about this very fresh relationship.

No. 202760

Suzy's annoying and looks FAS-y. But at least she doesn't try to copy her husband's humor. Both are very punchable though.

No. 202789

She actually looks great here imo. I like athletic bodies though, I know that's not popular here.

I think some of the unnamed people we see in vids are people he hired. I remember him saying on Philip DeFranco's podcast that he didn't have any friends that lived nearby and he had to hire cameramen off Craigslist for videos. I don't think he really has irl friends aside from the Cancer Crew and Radjor, back when they filmed together.

I'm trying to decide if "goffick" edgy or "Leafy" edgy is worse and I'm fucking struggling.

No. 202794

Her and CelestiaVega unfollowed each other. Wonder what happened

No. 202943

File: 1479904306338.png (60.4 KB, 695x390, IMG_6700.PNG)

They broke up already?

No. 202946

God, I hope so. I doubt Ian will mention it on any social media so if anyone wants to pop in her stream and see if she says anything..

No. 202956

Knowing the crew, I'm sure they see right through that shit and don't want to say anything out of courtesy. Too bad Ian's the dumbass to take the bait.

No. 202959

I hope not, there wont be any juicy milk if they break up so soon.

No. 202983


I don't think they broke up just yet. I think she was actually having streaming issues and if she can't stream where will she get her money?

No. 203179

I wonder why Ian didn't let her stream at his place? His set up is perfectly fine and he has good internet connection shown by him streaming with Max.

Instead she flies back in order to do her job, something her boyfriend could've helped her with.

No. 203288

Is it possible Ian lives with his family still? Maybe he or she aren't comfortable staying with each others family for that long. I don't know…this whole situation seems so bizarre.

No. 203324

doubt it, he's originally from texas

No. 203340

File: 1479962077958.png (229.83 KB, 1242x1419, IMG_5247.PNG)

He lived with his parents(pic related) in 2014 in San Diego and he is still filming videos in the same room, I think he still lives with his parents he's just moved to a bigger room for Bad Unboxing and probably started paying them more rent or something for it to be cheaper then moving out by himself and renting a place with enough space to do his vids.

Hes probably waiting until Anisa moves down to properly move out so there is another person paying rent, seeing as all his friends have moved out of state.

No. 203341

I know it says he was born in Texas on Famous Birthdays but I never remember him mentioning/confirming it in a video or on his ASKfm.

No. 203513

She made some bitchy comments about "showing your body" and dealing with what comes from it that obviously point to Celestia. She tweeted at her and the Zoe Burger girl before the trip wanting to meet up, so I bet she left early because they didn't want to see her anymore

No. 203531


Loooool that would make sense. Ian your girl is a hot mess.

No. 203532

Damn, it's kind of weird to realize he's completely different than how he portrays himself. Living with his parents, not a virgin but hardly experienced with women or sex, and is a beta fag. Good job, Ian.

I know it's fine to have an online persona, but at least there's some semblance of truth behind the way the rest of the crew acts online and how they are in real life without the cameras.

No. 203533

ew wtf lmao

No. 203543

File: 1480009711354.png (43.53 KB, 617x431, subtweeting.png)

post caps bud
gotta keep this shit on record

No. 203544

new idubbbz video
i feel like his content is getting really bad lately

No. 203551

I feel like his content has been slowly declining since his leafy content cop vids. I think he's trying too hard now to portray the edgy/idgaf persona now that he knows half of leafy's fanbase is watching him.

No. 203552

eh he's just experimenting with a new show format. it fucking sucks but im sure he'll find something decent.

No. 203553

This feels so awkward to me. Everyone loves his unboxing and kickstarter crap videos, so why change a good thing? His fruit cup unboxing video was more entertaining than this shit.

No. 203569

tbh i love it. hes always been a little unhinged and im glad he's embracing the crazy.

also, maybe its a homage to kanye west going crazy for the sake of "art"

No. 203573

idubbbz went full autistic on this one

No. 203582

well, his accent definitely isn't from southern california.

No. 203594

He does kinda have an accent now that I think about it, huh. I never noticed that he doesn't speak like someone from SoCal.

No. 203672

No. 203678

This was shit, he already knows what's in the lockers, there isn't any surprise and it feels like he's running out of ideas and grabbing at straws to try and keep his audience.

When the new FilthyFrank video drops, it'll remind everyone who is actually creative, original and talented in the crew.

Also what is his issue with Philip Defranco? He goes on his podcast, it goes fine and suddenly he turns around and starts trashing him, but because it's Idubbbz it's ironic~~ and he actually likes him secretly.

No. 203704

This feels like it's straight out of 2005 with the OMG SO RANDUM XD shit, even if he's being "ironic" about it. Boring.

No. 203725

On her stream she said Ian does have his own place but the internet wasn't good enough

No. 203893

File: 1480101149748.png (59.2 KB, 750x459, IMG_6713.PNG)

Suddenly pretending like she wasn't trying to meet Zoe and Celestia to try and start drama. Ian picked great

No. 203900

I'd block you too, you're annoying af

No. 203902


Max replied to her but I can't see what the emoji is. They just come up as boxes. Can someone tell me what they are?


No. 203903

File: 1480103200829.jpg (148.31 KB, 810x1062, IMG_20161125_204607.jpg)

No. 203904


Thanks fam.

No. 203914

I can't tell if he's throwing shade at raihn or zoie

No. 203919

Oh you want feed back Ian? It's bad. Really bad. Like you should have known better bad.

No. 203927

File: 1480107048902.png (27.91 KB, 640x367, kek.png)

No. 203928

LMAO REALLY ANISA???? What "content"?

Probably Zoie. Max's gf is all up Anisa's ass so I assume Max would be, too.

No. 203930

File: 1480107702237.png (189.78 KB, 1236x1101, IMG_5321.PNG)

She liked the bottom tweet, she thinks so highly of herself, her "comedic ability" and "talent"

You have made a AMA and a Make Up Tutorial and tit stream regularly, truely long lasting stuff.

No. 203944

>I want my content to speak for itself

"Haiii guise, don't look at my tits heheh totally not like other girls shit fuk i am not fake, i troll u heheh now i pit this cancer at my face i got at sephora what a faggot store hehe and i am so blessed by my boyfriend ian the idubbz love you baby btw trying to make it on my own guys ;))"

No. 203959


She's a complete joke. People who write this shit are deluded and trying to make themselves feel better.

The only reason you've ever been relevant is because she's mooched off of popular streamers time and time again.

Get your head out of your ass Anisa and DO SOMETHING don't just SAY you're going to do something. So far you've been name dropping Ian like the thirsty bitch you are.

No. 203966

Please no, Max. I don't want to lose respect for you too.

Hilarious. Is she trying to convince herself that she actually has "content" or just trying to convince her retarded fans?

No. 203975

She's said she was going to get into youtube multiple times on stream and still doesn't do it. She said she was done tit streaming and still does it. She just makes false promises and attention whores while shaming the rest of the ones like her

No. 204018

lol on tuesday she tweet that Zoie's vagina looked like a roast beef sandwich and then deleted it

No. 204029

I fucking hope that's true anon, nothing would tickle me more than Ian dating a girl who makes roastie memes ON HER PUBLIC SOCIAL MEDIA.

No. 204034

File: 1480131319686.png (174.06 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0678.PNG)

it was only up for a couple of minutes, this is the only leftover evidence

No. 204058


Lol, wasn't she harping on some other twitch hos about them making fun of Celestia's boobs and shooping here >>188472 ?

What a big fat hippo.

No. 204164

File: 1480166864653.jpeg (169.23 KB, 1125x1148, image.jpeg)


No. 204256

Being ~*ironic*~ about it doesn't excuse you, penisa

No. 204274

The lack of self-awareness on this girl…

No. 204312

As we suspected, new FF vid is lit af. Ian has nothing on george. He should stick to content cop.

No. 204316

I love this because Tyler could legitimately roast her off of twitch if he wanted too. His fan base was built on being toxic.

No. 204365

Shouldn't it be "oncologist" oncogenes are taught about in entry level biology.
"cancer research scientist" isn't even a thing, now i'm intrigued by this catty bitch apparently in STEM.

No. 204376

Lol yeah…"cancer research scientist" is like calling neuroscientist a brain scientist. It may be true but it just doesn't sound professional.

No. 204438

the fuck are you talking about? that shit wasnt funny either.

No. 204442

File: 1480217173892.png (48.18 KB, 1055x195, this-dumb-fuck-i-swear.png)

>what we have built
Oh Anisa. You're really not significant enough to be using this kind of language.

Filthy Frank is one of those things that is endlessly amusing to me but I would never recommend it to anyone because I know it's absolutely retarded.

No. 204642

What exactly did she "build"?

No. 204798

A relationship with Gross Gore and with Ian

No. 204906

File: 1480286537906.png (260.1 KB, 1242x1773, IMG_5331.PNG)

No Anisa, it really didn't need to be done, Zoie is incredibly self aware and knows what she does, but it's hilarious that Zoie blocks her and Anisa is making a parody video in response.

She thinks so highly of herself and what she has "built" it's amazing.

No. 204909


Well this will be interesting. I see she's going the 'content cop' direction with her videos. Gotta police all those twitch sluts, being the head twitch slut and all, she knows what's up.

No. 204915

Btw, she still has her old youtube page up.


save for samefagging

No. 204939

Oh my god, she's so boring.

No. 204940

i guess she's always wanted to be youtube famous.
all her content is shit though even now. thats kind of sad she never improved

No. 204943

File: 1480293491169.png (228.5 KB, 1242x1341, IMG_5332.PNG)

We really do have to blame Ian for this, she even confirmed it.

She has no original bone in her body and he encourages it, Ian truely isn't shit.

Good find, lol she's always wanted to do youtube then

No. 205403

I'm so glad I found a place that dislikes raihnbowkidz as much as I do.

I'll admit, I think Ian's cute and he seems like an okay guy but this definitely isn't coming from a "fangirl" type of place. Like if he was dating literally anyone else, I'd probably be happy for him. I just can't believe this is who he picked.

She's such a tryhard and it's painful how hard she's molding herself into an Ian clone. Like now with this whole "pouring food on myself" video she plans to release soon?? When I saw that I was like bitch byeeee, you are so unoriginal, literally just copying shit that Ian does with the filthy crew.

Oh god, I even just tried watching her "how to look hot like me" video and she really is just straight up acting like Ian.

This girl is so cringe. I honestly don't even think she's hot either. Like at least if you're going to pick an unoriginal, cringey gamer girl, pick a smokin' hot one Ian.

I really don't see this relationship lasting very long. She definitely just seems to be using him. They're still so early in the relationship but she name drops him any chance she gets. Why would you even bring him on your stream? If it was like, what, the second time you're spending actual time together, why wouldn't you just take that time to actually be together and get to know one another instead of whoring out your brand new bf to get viewers.

She's the w o r s t

No. 205409


Ok so she's gonna use this as an excuse to twerk but get away with "not bein like other girls~" and being "ironic" about it. Stop making fun of other girls when you are exactly the same if not worse.

No. 205410


>She's the w o r s t


She's just name dropping him left and right. She's pretty much admiting here that she doesn't have any original ideas for her content.

No. 205469

can this bowbeauty24 looking motherfucker just… stop? she's trying SO damn hard to be like ian and be the "cool gf" or some shit when her face is just so punchable. literally remove her tits and she has nothing else to offer.

No. 205472

double-posting but I couldn't tell she was doing a parody here. looks like another one of her "look at my titties" vids. if your usual content looks exactly like what you're trying to parody I've got news for you…

No. 205506

>bowbeauty24 looking motherfucker

Lmao fuck

No. 205550

This thread slowly fades from "omg Ian is so hot 10/10 would bf" to ripping his gf to shreds over some of the smallest things like her normal eyebrows kek holy shit. At least stick to her actual ridiculous personality because now you're grasping at straws.

Anyways, does Ian not realize that he's gonna be dumped for the next guy she gets tacos with? That situation is a huge fucking red flag. Have his friends not told him or warned him at all? Are they all inexperienced virgins? Has nobody brought this up to him at all?

No. 205581

I feel like George and Max should know better but they're not saying anything because a) they're just happy he's getting laid, b) Ian is stubborn or something and they know better than to question his judgement, or c) they want him to learn the hard way for whatever reason. Or, d) they legitimately like her.

No. 205587

she's hoping for that d.

No. 205588


No. 205641

File: 1480334713642.png (998.33 KB, 849x796, hot like me.png)

So I finally watched the "How to look hot like me" video.
She is copying Ian down to the smallest detail.
It's so creepy to watch.
her voice and accent are exactly like his.

She's so fucking fake too. Does she think pretending not to know anything about makeup will make boys like her more and subscribe to her shitty channel?

also her bedroom is gross. how does she sleep in there?

No. 205642


>At least stick to her actual ridiculous personality

I don't know how much of the thread you've read, but the majority of the recent posts are about her shitty attempts at copying Ian and the inflated aelf importance that has come with that, and the drama she's been stirring up between herself and twitch sluts on twitter.

No. 205748

This is onion levels of bad and unfunny.

No. 205750

File: 1480357958951.png (360.9 KB, 512x512, Z7HeRxU.png)

bruh have you not been reading the thread. yeah she unattractive and has gross overly drawn caterpillar eyebrows but we all know shes a user with no original personality

No. 205799

The accent was the thing that got me. She doesn't speak with that kind of nasally affectation that Ian has in her earlier videos, it's so obvious. I mean I know that you start picking up a person's habits when you've been with them for a while but this is just blatantly copying his content.

No. 205911

No. 205914

she's a really bad actor even though she's essentially playing herself

No. 205929

Oh Lord this was embarrassing, fuck. How can she claim to be "critiquing" Celestia and Zoie and asking for better content of them when her own content is such garbage?

No. 205993


Aaaaand it's trash.

She goes on a monolog at the end about how content creators should put effort into their videos to produce quality content… after she put together this shit. Her video was incredibly dry and boring, terrible lighting, uninspired camera work, idubbbz editing, no attempt to improve the visual quality of the video (it really becomes potato quality from 4:30 to 4:50), no personality at all in her delivery, and uninspired stock font for ending text. ~wow~ Anisa, your video is top notch quality.

No. 206010

Jesus christ, she really is cringe. I couldn't stand watching a minute of it because of all of her pauses to think of something ~funny~ The part where she got on the bed… disgusting. She poured all that shit all over her bed sheets? She couldn't even bother doing it in the kitchen? Outside? Anywhere else? She just looks nasty as fuck. I know she's trying to pull off the same humor as iDubbbz, but it's just so bad.

No. 206033

>that new FF

Joji is quite honestly best boy. Talented, cute, and chill.

No. 206043

I don't like Zoie Burger but at least I could watch her original video unlike this shit

No. 206054

The… irony…..

No. 206089

You could see the cogs turning in her head as she tried so desperately to be funny, she probably had a loose script to follow but it felt so awkward and unplanned.

Only untainted one left, he's not following her on any social media and hasn't interacted with her, also the new video was beautifully done and you can tell how hard he worked on it.

No. 206096

Lol after watching her old videos that anon linked, I can only see her as an angry awkward 12 year old that happened to grow boobs one day. She has no appeal at all, sexual or personality-wise.

No. 206106

Ian seems much happier when he's with the guys, faggot should just hook up with Joji or something.

No. 206110

Or at least find a girl who doesn't whore herself out and makes a fool of herself on the internet? I mean, if Max can find a normal(?) chick, I'm sure Ian can… though, Ian seems like a huge retard to all of this girl thing, stated before by other anons. I wouldn't be surprise if this girl was his first gf, I legit feel bad for this retard.

No. 206115

im pretty sure the guys know this girl is a tard, but just happy Ian finally getting some pussy. or, they probably don't give a fuck really. they're all big boys anyways. joji is just a funny douche who gets a lot of pussy and girls (from what we've seen), chad is a single fat fuck now who wastes his time drunk streaming for cash (pretty sure his gf left him recently, probably didn't want to deal with his ~fame~ with the rest of the boys), and max? well, he has his own girl and probably doesn't give too much of a shit. maybe max helped him out with this girl? maybe joji even?

im just surprised that ian is with this hoe. it doesn't add up at all lmao. he's just an awkward, shy dude. only knowing how to communicate well with fucking memes.

No. 206117

>joji is just a funny douche who gets a lot of pussy and girls (from what we've seen)

How'd you come to that conclusion? The dude's private as fuck and seems nice enough.

No. 206121

File: 1480428337524.gif (1.28 MB, 320x180, 1567890932345678.gif)

I dunno man, I'm starting to think there's some truth to the closet gay theory.

No. 206124

On his named twitter (as in under joji not filthy rank) he responded to a joking tweet calling him gay with "but i am gay" but because its him its hard to tell if hes being serious or not.

No. 206130

File: 1480430353372.webm (1.92 MB, 854x480, 1479345773123.webm)

I was referring to Ian with the "closet gay" thing, but I wouldn't be surprised if Joji is bi. He seems pretty comfortable engaging in homoerotic behavior.

No. 206142

And he keeps saying stuff like "i never specified my sexuality". I mean, it could be to fend off the fangirls, like some anons think, but who knows. I think Ian and george would make a cute couple.

No. 206219

Joji is cringe tier fucboi IRL though

No. 206221

Yeah not to get all "OMG JOJIAN IS MY SHIP OTP!!!" but just purely from an outsider's perspective, George and Ian have way more chemistry than Ian and Anisa. If they ever dated they'd have to deal with 13-year-old girls with no sense of boundaries prying into their relationship.

No. 206243

File: 1480446740026.png (44.04 KB, 597x348, 5465465.png)

No. 206338

You keep saying this without backing it up. How is he a fuccboi?

No. 206339

Have you not read the thread? If you go up more and read about it, you'll understand. He's still a funny cunt though.

No. 206340

>Have you not read the thread?

I have. All I see is others claiming he's a fuccboi without posting any examples or proof of this. And other anons asking why people ITT are calling him a fuccboi, or what even makes someone a fuccboi, without getting any response.

No. 206445


They're probably talking about when he pump and dumped kimmi. She was thirsty for that joji dick for some time after too. >>188547

No. 206498

I find shipping real people creepy as fuck, but I gotta admit, there is a weird sexual chemistry between the two of them. Certainly way more apparent than what Ian's got with his current gf.

Does anyone know when he hooked up with Anisa btw?

No. 206510

File: 1480481515553.png (109.38 KB, 1242x661, IMG_5347.PNG)

I'm so glad she can give us real quality content, the stuff that is missing from today's youtubers.

AMAs is where the real meat is at.

It's been mentioned a few times up thread but cheated on her previous bf Akaadian with Ian at Twitch Con this year and was in his dms previous to that.

No. 206537

File: 1480485032962.gif (1.1 MB, 268x168, 822d3073-f438-4c20-999b-f09011…)

>the way Ian stares at Joji/Max sometimes

Confirmed for wanting that Gook/Aussie boypussy

No. 206636


Twitch con, while she was dating akaadian. Just search/ctrl f 'twitch con' on the thread and you'll find the info you need.

No. 206724

I was excited to see this in my subs, but it's shit. I kinda dig his molestache though.

No. 206772

You guys just want him to be gay because you can't deal with the fact that your crush has shit taste.

No. 206774

It's true though lol. I think we would all rather he fuck filthy frank than that geriatric looking basic bitch

No. 206785

I have a theory its a subconscious thing. You think the guys attractive, so him being with another female becomes some kind of wack, cave man age, subconcious threat to you.

By pairing them with another guy you find attractive, the threat is gone, and now you can admire two attractive guys.

Simple and great. I apply this theory to everyone who ships straight males together instead of with females.

No. 206786

But yeah, Anisa is basic, but she could be way worse. I'm sure ian is just glad he's gettin laid, above anything else.

No. 206798


Don't think all of us are like that. I don't ship them (or think Ian's gay), Ian is just a inexperienced social retard and so picked the first thirsty chick that offered to outright suck his dick. I can't blame him, being a virgin for so long and then publicly pussy foot around the idea of sex during Defranco's interview, must have really motivated him to get rid of his v-card extra fast.

No. 206800

>Don't think all of us are like that.

They weren't even talking about you.

No. 206802

File: 1480539709044.gif (30.23 KB, 320x200, 200_s.gif)


It's okay anon, infighting is aloud.

No. 206891


Ian looks hideous in his new vid, his videos keep getting worse, and he's a hypocritical cuck now. Worst boy.

No. 206929

It's because Anisa is an obnoxious tool, it's not that deep or necessarily due to her being a threat. Max has a girlfriend and plenty of fangirls here, but nobody's complaining about Katt because she's not abrasive and is actually likable.

Also Ian and Joji simply have a palpable chemistry. There's a reason it's the dominant ship (it weirds me out to use language like that in reference to real people) in the fandom, others have picked up on it.

No. 207080

Meh, considering how relatively discourse/drama free he's been in all his years of being active, and how many people seem to like him, I'll give him a pass for allegedly stringing along some chick. Sounds like anons here are blowing things out of proportion.

No. 207137

i honestly think people are put off by joji simply because out of the entire group he feels the most confident in himself and the most socially acclimated so he comes off as someone who would reject them

No. 207334

File: 1480640104024.png (197.75 KB, 1242x1101, IMG_5353.PNG)

I'd say it's more shit like this, rather then the fear of being rejected by a guy they'll probably never meet irl.

Stringing along Kimmi could also show that may have done it to multiple girls and being like that is fuckboi behaviour.

No. 207342

The thing about Joji is, unless you know him personally, everything about him is pure speculation. Even his personal twitter is just memeing that should be taken with a grain of salt. Frankly I think keeping everyone at arm's length is a wise decision considering his batshit fanbase.

But yeah, judging from his personal vlogs and bts stuff with idubbbz/maxmoefoe, he seems like an alright dude. You don't acquire that many loyal friends by "being a douche".

>taking that seriously
>implying there's even concrete evidence that he did string along Kimmi

Well there's your problem.

No. 207344


No. 207345

I mean, he's obviously joking. Unless you believe all the "I'm gay" tweets are also legit. Seems like reaching tbh fam, we don't know shit about his sex life.

No. 207369

i have a hard time believing joji is a bad guy when he was such good friends with ethan and hila from h3h3

No. 207395

A lot of his songs are sad/romantic so I think the whole "side hoe" thing is just a front. He's done a pretty good job of putting up a facade between his personal and public life.

No. 207409

File: 1480651839625.jpg (48.78 KB, 557x711, 4649206 _de241da5841a29384572a…)

Are you really trying to pretend to psychoanalyze people in an entire thread? I hope you're just trying to yank our chains because pic related is you.

No. 207453

ethan is a sellout dickwad, that means nothing

No. 207456

He still has a shit ton of friends who've never said anything bad about him, so. It's kinda weird how hard you're trying to insist Joji is an asshole, anon.

No. 207457

Do you know anyone with side hos that was a good guy?

c'mon anon

No. 207460

Do you have actual proof that he even has side hos? Are you actually taking his twitter, where he frequently says bullshit for the sake of memes, seriously?

No. 207461

File: 1480666733899.jpg (299.72 KB, 1242x1684, 1479290133226.jpg)

By that reasoning, I guess he was 100% telling the truth when he said all the stuff in pic related.

c'mon anon, stop being gullible.

No. 207473

I was just providing evidence as to maybe why people feel that he is a fuckboi, because >>207137 felt a bit over thought and maybe it was just his attitude on twitter and how he may or may not treated Kimmi rather then what that anon said.

I personally don't really care about Joji beyond liking his stuff and thinking he's cute tbh

No. 207475

File: 1480671129818.jpg (34.14 KB, 586x287, lkl.JPG)

i wonder why
must be her talent

No. 207479

File: 1480671805909.jpg (158.08 KB, 640x630, 14567890-987654789.jpg)

With every new upload, Ian increasingly looks like he's dying inside.

I heard somewhere that he's actually bipolar, anybody know if that's true? Might explain why he's so "off" lately.

No. 207483

All that hard work she has put into her content, truely.

I have never heard or seen anyone call him bipolar, it could be a reason? If it was, Ian would never tell us.

His sub reddit think it's all a big ploy and all it's planned and Ian is some fucking genius, rather then him trying a new direction and it not working out particularly well.

But that being said in his latest unboxing, with the Japanese characters on the side of box the full sentence is "filthyfrank help me" so he might apart of the lore or just fucking with people.

No. 207504

File: 1480679234606.jpg (40.74 KB, 532x343, 1479910231568.jpg)

Chad's a fuckwit who dick rode all three of them to get an inch in their videos. There's nothing funny about him whatsoever. I knew the kid. Kinda fat, very cunt.

No. 207508

Aren't Chad and Max like childhood friends or something?

No. 207515

File: 1480683772333.jpg (169.44 KB, 1280x688, 258bd31f-6b24-4c60-b2dc-d9fb17…)

I get the impression that Ian genuinely can't stand Chad tbh

No. 207518

File: 1480685075785.png (163.35 KB, 1242x928, IMG_5362.PNG)

Lmao nah Chad wishes tho, he was a massive fanboy of Max and gave him a million gold in diablo 2 (I think not 100% on what one) he also sent him gift/s for his po box, Chad flew from the Gold Coast to go to Perth Supernova to meet him irl and they became friends that way, Chad basically bought his friendship with Max to begin with and now they're actual friends.

He literally owes Max for everything in his life.

That pic is from when they were are supernova together with Max's former gf Xantia.

No. 207523

What year was that pic taken? Chad looks prepubescent

No. 207528

File: 1480689811496.webm (2.9 MB, 640x360, 145679008678.webm)

>He's done a pretty good job of putting up a facade between his personal and public life.

This. Just look at this thread, no one (myself included) knows much about him and it's hard to tell when he's being serious, so it's all just guessing. It's actually kind of a brilliant move on his part though, it keeps his fandom away from his personal life while also creating a weird mystique to him.

Either way, he's probably best cancer crew boy based on talent alone.

No. 207529

File: 1480689878811.png (166.06 KB, 1242x722, IMG_5363.PNG)

I think around 2012/2013 maybe a little bit earlier, Chads 21 now, I think he gained weight and changing his hair really aged him.

No. 207530

kek those hairstyles. Those two are perfect for each other

No. 207596

File: 1480706876293.jpg (64.8 KB, 500x561, CU0haXJWcAIiGLw.jpg)

Jesus, and here I thought Chad could never even look halfway decent. Shame about his personality though, pic related.

No. 207624

File: 1480712614739.png (132.37 KB, 1126x590, Screenshot 2016-12-02 13.01.48…)

Chad would be a cutie if he were fit and wasn't such a fucking idiot.

I've never heard the bipolar thing before. That's definitely something he'd keep very private. I wondered for a while if he had an anxiety disorder after digging up this tweet from a few years ago. I think anxiety can be a symptom of bipolar so maybe you're not so far off the mark.

No. 207641


Honestly, the bipolar thing just sounds like a rumor started by a fan. How would a rumor like that even start? Arm chair psychologists or a blind item. Blind items can be legit, but no one has even offered up that it started from one.

I wouldn't be surprised he has anxiety, it's pretty common.

I think he's reached a peak, responsible for a huge audience, and now dealing with a relationship (a retarded one at that, she's pretty much using him, doubt she legitamately cares about him emotionally), he's probably having trouble finding his groove again. He's trying new things, so it's kind of no surprise they're not the same quality. He'll either crash and burn under the pressure or find another sweet spot for content and continue on.

It seems with most youtubers (with some exceptions) their content is part of the ever changing fads. They become CRAZY popular all at once (Ala simplynailogical), but once their idea pot runs out or they try new things their novelty run out and they lose their audience (Ala Xsparkage). Cancer crew is fighting against that, joji is the most protected because he has multiple projects going on that are loosely related and has networked successfully in the non-youtube entertainment industry. Ian is still in a pretty good spot, he's got a bussiness degree and has natural comedic talent, but he has to hustle to keep from fading. Max is in the worst situation, he pretty much has nothing that will continue on forever (plus he's pretty much an alcoholic), he's nothing without Joji or Ian, and Chad is fucked either way.

No. 207662

Oh i'm not the same anon, I think Joji probably isn't that bad. I just think that Ethan is a fat piece of shit lol

No. 207687

File: 1480721975944.jpg (155.86 KB, 750x750, 1479345622712.jpg)

It's a little impressive how distinct Joji's channel is compared to all the other big youtubers, he's one of the few who actually produces original content. Even Pewdiepie has to leech off his shtick.

>Max is in the worst situation, he pretty much has nothing that will continue on forever (plus he's pretty much an alcoholic)

>(plus he's pretty much an alcoholic)

Wait, what?

No. 207701

>Wait, what?
I'm not that anon but I think they're referring to Max drinking a lot in his vlogs and being a lightweight.

I think his gambling is more of an issue then his drinking, he needs to stop these dumbass pack and case opening on YouTube and I wouldn't be surprised if he goes to the Casino when he goes out drinking, he needs to buy a house and stop renting so he won't go homeless when his channel actually dies, Max could've had a pretty successful gaming channel if he wanted, he's just so shit at time mangement and uploading.

No. 207750

>not you're

My respect for dubbbz just keeps dropping

No. 207770

wow i've never heard anything bad about ethan, mind filling me in briefly?

No. 207802

Is Chad as much of an autistic, whiny cunt as he appears in their videos? He doles out horrible abuse on them, but the second he gets hurt, he cries like a bitch.

No. 207816

i can't stand ethan. i think hes an old autistic manchild trying to be relevant. doesn't help that he ripped off retsupurae and mde videos. two channels which deserve so much more respect and views than h3h3 but as usual, history repeats itself.

No. 207819

Semi-OT but does anyone have any ideas for that "I'm not like other girls" thread that >>200632 brought up?

No. 207838

File: 1480742041718.jpg (115.07 KB, 744x640, tumblr_ogyimlnc4m1vgtg2so2_128…)

What do you guys think about Katt? She seems pretty cute tbh

No. 207841

File: 1480742488864.webm (939.93 KB, 854x480, 157890000987655.webm)

>imagine if they go on couple dates because you just know Ian is gonna take her to Aus.

I wonder if Ian will go the maximum cuck route and do cringey skits with her/convince the other guys to involve her in the filthy crew.

No. 207846

He's looking very Onision here.

No. 207847

>in his latest unboxing, with the Japanese characters on the side of box the full sentence is "filthyfrank help me" so he might apart of the lore or just fucking with people.

I actually hope him, Max (who is fake Frank's wife and widow), and Chad have some involvement in avenging fake Frank. Or at least for there to be some acknowledgement that the real Frank doesn't know them and that his imposter has been making disgusting cakes with them for the past year. The potential there is just too good to ignore.

No. 207849

from what i've seen she looks much cuter than Max's ex girlfriend and Ians current gf tbh

No. 207921

I went back and rewatched Vomit Cake because I swore I remember seeing the normal Frank glasses and you do, Max is making a cake with real Frank up until 1:41 into the video and then it goes to fake sunglasses Frank with no explanation.

So Max and Ian actually are apart of the lore and I'm excited to see what happens next tbh.

There does need to be a point made about Max, Ian and to a lesser extent Chad and the videos they've done with fake frank and the fact that Max is his wife/widow.

No. 208085

File: 1480810762442.png (364.14 KB, 1242x1640, IMG_5369.PNG)


No. 208100

"haven't talked to in 4 years". just like she never talked about zoie? lmao

No. 208104

is there anything milk worthy from HowToBasic?

No. 208108

File: 1480813697162.png (133.73 KB, 1142x590, Screenshot 2016-12-03 17.01.44…)

No one is forcing you to do anything Anisa you idiot. Also calling Christmas a "white people festivity" is fucking retarded. Better go tell the many, many non-white people who celebrate Christmas that their yearly holiday traditions are invalid bc of their skin color.

Not as far as I can tell. He's kept his identity out of the public eye pretty damn well.

No. 208110

File: 1480813961316.jpg (42.7 KB, 600x480, 9c0.jpg)

>the contrast between kisses
>the Joji/Max kiss is just a sterile peck
>the Joji/Ian kiss is actually kind of intimate
>Ian went in for it

W-when will they kiss again? I need some tongue action.

No. 208125

>stop forcing me to partake in your white people festivities
Says the bitch with a Santa emoji in her Twitter name

No. 208130

she is incredibly ignorant and disrespectful. i can tell she hasn't picked up a book in at least a decade. someone should send her to a third world country and see how that shapes her attitude.

No. 208137

sometimes she calls herself a white girl and sometimes she says she's lebanese/arab/muslim i don't get it

No. 208169

on her stream she said she's moving in with idubbbz in 3 months

No. 208184

She's one of those white-passing girls who switch it up whenever it suits them.

Jesus. Well might as well get that trainwreck over with right away. The sooner their relationship crashes and burns, the better for both of them.

No. 208276

Man, she's a known cheating whore using him for e-fame, and he's a hypocritical beta cuck using her to get his dick wet. What a depressing relationship.

No. 208279

Suzy and Arin: The New Generation

No. 208296

>On a stream with Max, Chad and George when chat was choosing a youtuber for him to roast on Twitter he outright stated that he's "not gonna roast any hot girls like Zoella or Superwomen"

Jesus Christ, what a fucking faggot. Not to mention half his subscribers want him to do a Content Cop on useless attention whores like Zoie Burgher, and he's practically famous for being super edgy and not afraid to go after anyone at this point. If they found out he's actually this full of shit, he'd be dropped faster than a hot potato.

No. 208317


right?? guaranteed she'll be streaming with her mom baking xmas cookies soon same as the halloween pumpkin carving shit she did.

No. 208342

Imagine fat ian.
Is she aware Christianity stems from the middle East? What a dumb bitch.

No. 208348

She most likely doesn't know that. Even though she said "white festivities" I doubt she knows that before Christmas, it was called Yule and really is a pagan/white holiday. She just wants to bandwagon and appeal to the minorities on twitter for brownie points. But her tweet is still retarded because Christmas is more about consumerism nowadays and is celebrated in plenty non-white countries and people of all races in America.
Sage for OT.

No. 208359


I used to think this thread was just insane fangirls ripping his gf to pieces because they were jealous, but holy fuck this girl is so awful and annoying. But when a YouTuber has a shitty gf it doesn't bother me unless they show up in the videos. I don't like Ian any less or judge his content differently because the guy likes getting his dick wet. Lots of guys like basic bitches, it just is what it is.

No. 208507

It makes me think less of Ian because he deliberately plays up this image of being a total savage who isn't afraid to go after anyone. But no, he's just a beta willing to stick his dick in a bimbo.

No. 208544

In particular, it makes me think of Ian saying "I'm okay with bullying people as long as you aren't a pussy" (in his Leafy Content Cop). Seems like a bit of a pussy move to be too scared of women to criticize them, but whatever.

No. 208615


No. 208632

>Seems like a bit of a pussy move to be too scared of women to criticize them

Especially when he's most likely doing it for the sake of having a chance to hook up with them.

No. 208707

>I don't like Ian any less or judge his content differently

You should think less of him for his content being straight up bad. He got fame by mooching off Max/Joji/Phil Defranco originally and only received more fame by taking advantage of the current trend of "exposing" other youtubers and creating youtube drama. His recent string of mediocre videos show just how talentless he is on his own.

No. 208743

File: 1480914306454.png (203.5 KB, 1242x1188, IMG_5373.PNG)

>feeling intellectually threatened by Anisa

She always puts her opinion where it isn't wanted or needed and acts all prideful if someone blocks her, Christ she's insufferable.

Exact reasons I am no longer attracted to Ian tbh

No. 208756

Same here, I used to find Ian so hot, partly because of his looks (esp vidcon with a tan and longish spiked up hair in that grey sweater) and his not-giving-a-shit attitude.

This new side to him just stops me seeing him as fearless and a badass but actually reveals him as a pathetic loser who was just putting on an act to make people like him. Probably to get attention from girls. Contradicts the whole reason I was attracted to him sigh

No. 208765

She seriously is so childish and has no sense of self-awareness or dignity. What has she ever offered that has been "intellectual"? Imo there's nothing wrong with stupid lowbrow humor/content as long as you're aware of it, which she clearly isn't.

I dunno, some of my favorite videos of his were from before he started collaborating with Max and George. I just think he ran out of ideas/inspiration.

Is Max ever going to release Super Trash Bros II, or did they never finish it? Or the OPM parody? I guess I should know better than to expect regular uploads from any of them lol.

No. 208767

>Phil Defranco

What is up with Ian shitting all over Phil lately? Even on Twitter, he takes jabs at him. It's easy enough to know that he's joking whenever he insults Max or Joji because they're all obvious friends, but Ian seems to have nothing to do with Philip anymore so it feels like he's just throwing him under the bus now that he has this edgy persona.

No. 208801

File: 1480919417965.jpg (22.57 KB, 500x281, IMG_5381.JPG)

He seemed so untouchable and that he just didn't give a fuck and he's was just so goddamn hot, it's sad that's all gone now.

No. 208807

>just so goddamn hot
>borderline anorexic dude with an average face and receding hairline
>goddamn hot

Get some standards, sis.

No. 208814

Different anon but I also think Ian is hot and I'll get some standards when I stop being so fuckin uggo.

He's just doing it to be edgy I think. Phil is one of the more generally inoffensive youtubers so he's calling out a non-obvious target to maintain an edge.

No. 208826

File: 1480923411520.jpg (367.03 KB, 540x540, IMG_5382.JPG)

You aren't the first person to tell me to have standards for thinking Ian is hot tbh but I'm ugly af and don't have any anyway.

But now he's just a loser social retard who gave up any form of credibility or respect to get his dick wet.

No. 208827

I used to like Ethan, but he's very transparently desperate for attention lately while trying to play it off as ironic and it's kind of annoying.

No. 208832

I never really thought he was physically attractive, but I always liked his "I don't give a fuck" attitude, which made him hot to me. Obviously, after losing so much respect for him, I'm suddenly repulsed by his Jimmy Neutron-like appearance.

I really used to love H3H3 back when they just did reaction videos. Some of their skits were fine too, like the waterpark one. When he started trying to become the whiteknight of Youtube though, I lost interest. Now with most of his newer uploads just being him whining about Youtube or some other bullshit, I just want his channel to die.

No. 208836

Joji would be pretty hot if he wasn't such a fuckboy and didn't have eyebags like pepe.

No. 208842

File: 1480927628082.png (332.08 KB, 540x530, d2c1c36a-8970-4aab-99c3-ee3f4b…)

please take your shitty "Joji is a fuckboy" meme back to gurugossip and stay there

No. 208847

File: 1480929917022.jpg (23.89 KB, 345x426, IMG_5383.JPG)

This is such a cute pic thank you anon

I thought he was cute physically because I like I said I have no taste, but this is exactly what happened to me, he's just gross now.

No. 208859

Kek she's like the SJW equivalent of a super edgy teenage atheist who just discovered Richard Dawkins and the Amazing atheist.

No. 208860

he's so fucking cute

No. 208861

File: 1480938183337.jpg (31.85 KB, 480x480, 9c6a330e44700550e07c335faa3d61…)

maybe his forehead is just big? anyways i always thought he was frickin attractive. not sure if u guys have high ass standarts or it's just me
maybe it's his personality that makes me like him

No. 208864

His forehead is massive and his head is shaped like a lightbulb. Also, plain as fuck. It's the personality that was attractive, but that's not even good anymore.

No. 208871

Thank fuck for this thread. I am so glad I'm not the only one that feels this way about the idubbbz girlfriend situation.
She is also a Leafy fan but now pretends she hates Leafy.
Start at 9 min https://www.youtube.com/shared?ci=NJBbS4W_AY4

No. 208896

Wait, which retsuprae videos did he rip off? I'm a long time follower of them and have only seen a few h3h3 videos.
Lol didn't ian say something about how it was retarded for leafy fans to suddenly hate him after content cop?
Idk online personas are different than the real person. I still like Ian's online persona. Hopefully hood girlfriend never appears in his videos.

No. 208904

Ian is alright looking. He's attractive enough that if he wasn't so autistic he could pass as like a 7/10.

More importantly, he's attractive enough that his relatively insecure, young, average/below average fans believe they could really have a chance with him. Apparently it's true, case in point his girlfriend.

I think his content cops were pretty well done, plenty of jokes, sketches, I mean he wrote a whole parody song about keemstar. They're drama videos but still decent quality. His other videos are not as good and have never been as good, largely because he doesn't put any effort in to them at all.

I wonder if he became depressed or something and lost his drive to make good content, or it was never there in the first place.

No. 208905

>He's attractive enough that if he wasn't so autistic he could pass as like a 7/10

Where do you live that he's a 7/10? Are you surrounded by uggo men or something?

No. 208909

>if he wasn't so autistic

No. 208913

File: 1480947939426.gif (1.76 MB, 305x305, 13456789098765.gif)

Joji is cute!

No. 208990

Ian is like the guy in high school who bullied you but you still kinda had a crush on him because he was so popular. It's mostly his "bad boy/IDGAF" attitude that attracts people. Also he isn't like hideous and is decent looking so that elevates some peoples feelings even more.

No. 208997

Can we contrast the treatment of these average looking men being discussed here to the treatment of all the average looking females constantly being ripped apart on this site lmao

No. 209003

More like the bullied guy in high school.

No. 209004

I love his Kickstarter Crap, Bad Unboxing, and his earlier Content Cop videos. I don't watch Filthy Frank or any of those other guys, I'm a fan of Ian, not that crew. Who he's fucking in his personal, private life doesn't matter to me, there are people in this thread that say 'I liked him until he started dating her, he has no standards, I'm so disappointed, I don't like him anymore.' That just sounds like a crazy jealous fangirl response. He has shitty taste in girls, what does that matter?

I don't have a problem with his latest videos, maybe enjoy them less than his older ones but that happens to almost every single Youtuber out there that has been doing the same stuff for years. He's trying new stuff and it's not that great, I'm not surprised at all and I'm fine with the mediocre stuff for now. I'll enjoy any drama with his gf but I think people here are taking it too seriously.

No. 209026

Idgaf about standards he's just my type, I like tall, skinny dorks with glasses.

Why am I not surprised that she's a Leafy fan?

No. 209049

No one's a jealous fan girl when there's enough proof that Ian's girlfriend is pretty much the type of person he makes fun of in all of his videos. Their first 'stream' together was such a disaster that she took it down when she was hoping that bringing in the big idubbbz could boost her popularity. Not only did she basically cheat on her ex for youtube bucks her whole youtube persona is like a cheap knockoff version of his content. It's like you only selectively read the anon posts that go on and on about his appearence but Anisa has always been insufferable and annoying as fuck.

No. 209095

lolcow isn't about shitting on people's looks for milk
It's about the shit they do and their shitty personality that produces the milk
>My idol can't do bad! Leave him alone!
I love how it's totally fine to shit on other cows, but then people can handle it when it's a cow that happens to be someone they really like.
No one is making you stay here.

No. 209144

Holy shit, get off his dick.

No. 209203

File: 1480986958301.png (226.42 KB, 1242x1288, IMG_5388.PNG)

I wonder if she read here because of her saying she drew it by hand and also this >>206243

Leave if it's such an issue for you.

No. 209231

It's… annoyingly close to okay. But it isn't. It's bad. Deviant art cringe tier bad. She loves it though, lol. Torso proportions. Gun angle. Help her, in bob rosses name, I pray.

No. 209289

interesting how the shading on the gun is pretty nice but everything else is shaded & coloured like shit

No. 209412

I noticed that, too. By "on-stream" does she mean she had it set up so viewers could actually watch her, or was she doing it off-camera? The gun looks like it was taken from a totally different picture. Also she put highlights on the gun but not really anywhere else.

No. 209414

Nvm I checked and she didn't draw it on cam lol.

No. 209450

Where's her left arm? And what's going on with her scarf-cape thing? And maybe I'm not familiar with the type of gun here but the girl in the picture doesn't seem to be pulling the trigger, just holding it vaguely. 0/10

No. 209473

>this level of blind worship

Ian stans are top pathetic at this point

No. 209523

File: 1481034923543.jpg (24.4 KB, 599x397, tumblr_o0wbfux5y71uzl9hdo1_128…)

Little bit hyped to hear Joji's going to be releasing more music soon. His serious stuff is sometimes hit or miss, but he's definitely got potential.

His nails look pretty clean and well taken care of, though. Unless long nails on men is just automatically gross?

No. 209538

>white people festivities

Is she not white? Is she trying to be an SJW or something?

No. 209560

they probably think long nails on guys is auto gross. i've heard plenty of women express their disgust for long nails on a man. i kinda dug his long nails though. idk they looked really nice to me i would paint the shit out of those

lol no she's middle eastern. she doesnt look white at all if thats youre meaning

No. 209619

I think his long nails are fine, he does play the ukulele and I know some people grow out their nails to get a cleaner sound when strumming.

No. 209765

File: 1481069970853.jpg (38.44 KB, 640x1138, IMG_5395.JPG)

I think he has beautiful hands and he takes good care of his nails, Max said on stream once that him growing his nails out is an Asian/Japanese thing.

Im glad he has new Joji music coming and I think he said Pink Season is dropping at Christmas time or a bit after.

Here's a link to him being on a radio show and talking about it http://too-damn-joji.tumblr.com/post/154104103575/yessss-thank-you

No. 209769

Is Joji really all that in touch with his Japanese side? I mean, his name is George Miller.

No. 209780

I don't think his name has anything to do with it. It's just his legal name is all. I mean, he drops his music under Joji and not George.

No. 209798

If he acts like a fuckboi then by definition he is a fuckboi, it's not a meme

what is your definition of a fuckboi

No. 209799

I heard his real name is actually Joji Kusonoki or something. He's a haafu, so all "Miller" means is that his dad is the white parent while his mother is Japanese.

He also said in one of his jojivlogs that he spent a fair amount of his life in Japan. Kansai dialects are acquired through living in that region.

No. 209800

>If he acts like a fuckboi

As said already up thread, we don't know shit about the real Joji. See also:

No. 209816

she's tweeting about engagement rings and she replied to someone along the lines of "too late my claws are already in". i wonder if she was referring to ian but she deleted it. did anyone else see it? i really need to start taking screenshots lol.

No. 209818

It's just his name, What has his name got anything to do with how much he embraces his Japanese side?

George loves being Japanese and being from Japan, he tweeted and it's now deleted about nationalistic Japanese guys hating him and being angry at him exisiting and said something like "I don't understand, I look a little whiter but I'm just like you" about it

He also tweeted (also deleted) thinking about doing a filthyfrank episode speaking only in Japanese because it was tiring going from only speaking Japanese to then speaking English only for the show and said it would just add to the craziness of FF.

I think these were from when he was on holidays in Japan for a few months.

No. 209819

I really wish he would do an entire episode in FF and then just put shitty inaccurate English subs

No. 209820

File: 1481080850950.png (92.82 KB, 640x1136, unnamed.png)

i think it was in response to this

No. 209821

File: 1481081080762.png (123.12 KB, 1242x849, IMG_5396.PNG)

This tweet is so obnoxious, that also sounds exactly like something she would say and think is hilarious and to rub other people's faces in it.

Someone replied and she @ them saying "my tweet bugged out :/" and that's reason why she/it was deleted.

No. 209828

I feel a little sorry for Joji, he obviously identifies strongly with his Japanese heritage, but Japan is notoriously shitty against "half breed" Japanese people.

No. 209831

It is a bit sad, those tweets were from awhile ago, last year or year before so he's probably in a better place with it now.

I think him being mixed gives him the ability to make fun of both sides and he loves being able to do that, but he is very proud of who he is and where is from.

He was born and mostly raised in Japan but I think he visited Family in Australia a fair amount when he was growing up.

No. 209883

File: 1481094342928.png (175.13 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_ofpyo5ay9x1vhcu0bo2_128…)

>Joji left this comment on Katt's post where she talks about how much she adores Max
>he still hasn't said shit to Anisa


No. 209923

File: 1481106717178.png (326.2 KB, 1242x1689, IMG_5409.PNG)

Okay Anisa.

No. 209936

lol u stupid

No. 209959

File: 1481116573821.webm (1.95 MB, 854x480, 1345678987654.webm)

I've seen more than a few "wait, Frank is Asian/Japanese??????" comments on his channel, I wonder if that bothers him.

No. 209964


she's so fucking annoying, how does a person get this annoying without getting sick of themselves?

No. 210000

He grew up and went to school in Japan (Canada Academy) which is why he acts so white. However, I'm pretty sure after living in Japan most of your life, you will be in touch with your Japanese side.

No. 210050


By hanging out with similar people. This whole video is cringe (Anisa is the one filming), but 3:36 just makes me roll my eyes. She hasn't grown up at all.

No. 210168

It annoys me how people in the GG thread somehow came to the conclusion that he isn't fluent in Japanese…

He was raised there for the majority of his life (and most likely born there as well), but just because he went to an international school and speaks nonsense/very little Japanese in his videos he can't be completely fluent? I find it really hard to believe and a really stupid assumption.

No. 210196

How they come to the conclusion he doesn't speak very good Japanese and is barely above basic level I have no idea, they even said that him giving a laptop to a friend in character to read something Japanese, means he's bad at it, like this video shows he's pretty damn good at the language of the country he grew up in.

No. 210236

Yeah, his dialect and pronunciation is way too bang on for him to be a novice. It's also understandable if he's a little rusty in Japanese due to being in English speaking countries for the last few years. That whole thread is a hot mess of shitty assumptions tbh.

That compilation really should include the parts from this video.

No. 210254

They also said something like, in the video of him unboxing stuff from like samuraibuyer or whatever, just because he was using slang or repeating the same thing it meant he wasn't fluent lol. I doubt someone who wasn't decently fluent could speak in slang like that.

No. 210258

'Diamonds are boring, ugh, I need something special because I'm so unique and special and I deserve it.'

May be reading too much into that but holy shit she sucks.

No. 210266

lol all he was repeating was 'dumbass'. And wouldn't being familiar with slang/colloquialisms imply he actually knows his shit about the language? Osakan slang isn't taught in class, it's something you pick up from living in the area. What cunts.

No. 210270

For some reason I interpreted GG as "Game Grumps" and I was baffled as to why people would be talking about Filthy Frank in the Game Grumps thread. Anyway those fucks have clearly never watched Jojivlogs, which took place in Japan and in which he spoke primarily Japanese to all his Japanese friends.

No. 210278


gurugossipers are retarded grandmas who don't know shit from their assholes half the time lol. They're worse than pull

No. 210280

I used to go on pull before I found lolcow, but since have stopped. This is the first time I've ever gone on GG and the first half of the thread seemed alright but now people are writing paragraphs on paragraphs on baseless assumptions and playing armchair psychiatrist on a man that no one knows all that well since he fucks around 99% of the time on the internet and it's so cringeworthy. I hate how they're like "oh he's probably entp" or whatever the fuck lol. Like, how the fuck did you even get that? How do you even come to the conclusion that he's looking for a serious relationship? It's so fucking stupid.

I was hoping for something good on the thread but lol.

No. 210312

File: 1481171250408.jpg (161.13 KB, 1280x1260, abc711e8-6178-4ee8-9c28-abdb4d…)

I'm glad I'm not the only one who was annoyed by that. Calling him a fuccboi douche is one thing, but claiming he doesn't actually speak or know much Japanese seems like a low blow. Especially since people who are mixed race in general have to deal with the unfair stigma of "not really being ______/not being ____ enough" all the time.

No. 210319

File: 1481173516576.jpg (111.07 KB, 1242x811, tumblr_ohtwpzAUBe1ul3u8so4_128…)

how important is youtube rewind? Max is pretty pissed about it

No. 210328

Idk if it's important per se but YT does tend to stick to their most "advertiser-friendly" creators in rewinds which Max and other alternative creators are reasonably annoyed by.

No. 210330

samefagging, but I agree with you on the mixed race thing. People questioning his "japanese-ness" really bug me because I'm mixed myself and I sometimes feel too white for one side and too ethnic for the other. Japanese people can be xenophobic so I wouldn't be surprised if he has it even worse. Ignorant people judging him based on false assumptions don't help the situation. Sage for miniblogpost.

No. 210333

Sure are a lot of joji stans. I suppose that's to be expected given the apparent weeb populace of lolcow.

No. 210335

>simply defending the guy from bullshit accusations and liking his work = stanning
>it also means you're a weab

Weird b8 you got there fam

No. 210367

Some anons in a /tv/ thread said idubbbz admitted he has biploar disorder in one of his old gameplay videos. Unfortunately he deleted all of his older stuff, so there's no proof of this.

No. 210418

File: 1481201401467.png (144 KB, 261x310, 134567898654009876.png)

What is happening to him? Is being in a relationship and suddenly becoming popular causing him to go nuts?

Wait, being a stan for an Asian dude makes you a weeb now?

No. 210424

Could he be testing Anisa to see if she still wants him even after looking like a massive dickwad?

No. 210516

No that's a woman thing

No. 210657

Being in the closet and dating an obnoxious beard can cause this level of depression

No. 210851

that prepubescent boy moustache

No. 210852

who gives a shit who's he dating? it's not like you have a chance kek
I like him for his videos, the rest doesn't matter

No. 210883

This really screams "i'm not like other gurlz!1!!!" here. Maybe you can call diamonds boring and unoriginal when you stop being boring and unoriginal kek

No. 210895

Roasting other youtubers might as well be the talentless pleb's guide to becoming a youtube celeb at this point.
dubbbz is overrated shit

No. 210931

File: 1481270130092.jpg (67.98 KB, 630x355, 68686.jpg)

Can you not comprehend the fact that everyone is shitting on him for being a hypocrite and not because they're jealous that he's taken? No one would give a shit if he was just dating a regular girl, just like no one bats an eye at Max dating his normal as fuck girlfriend, but Anisa is literally the type of girl you'd think he'd make fun of because she's a "gamer gurl XD", uses men to get ahead, and since dating Ian, has started copying him to a T. Dating her takes all the legitimacy away from his videos.

No. 210941

He's a big boy, I'm sure he can handle it

No. 210945

But people are insulting their kawaii prince joji! uwu

No. 210959

well he's actually voiced discomfort over being told he's not really Japanese, so. as someone who is also mixed, the discussion in the gg thread is irritating af

it's funny cuz that better describes the Ianfags ITT

>lol u just hate anisa cuz ur jealous ian is bae nerdy boyz 4 lyfe!! uwu

No. 211043

It's also creepy how they're like shitting all over him but still fetishizing and sexualizing him at the same time. The people in that thread seem deranged tbqh.

No. 211088

File: 1481296446200.webm (2.63 MB, 854x480, 134455677666677.webm)

Yeah, part of what makes Ian so appealing is his confidence, intensity, and "being unafraid to shit on anyone" attitude imo. Finding out that he won't go after hot women, most likely because he wants to actually get in their pants and/or whiteknight (both are off putting), and is dating an obnoxious bimbo is just disappointing.

It's also hard to tell if his recent videos are intentionally bad or just him fumbling after gaining so much attention recently. Either way, they're not enjoyable.

No. 211248

Anisa tweeted about a fan edit or two that involved her and she loved it lol

No. 211332

Why's he posting so many videos lately? Seems desperate for attention

No. 211356

I personally think ian is uggs but he should wear his hair like this more often. Adds +3 to his attractiveness.

No. 211408

Does this mean we can add Ethan to the list of people Ian has more chemistry with than Anisa?

Also Ian is pretty cute when he's all giggly.

No. 211423

>both Ian and Joji have joked about wanting to fuck Max

I'd probably ship it if Max actually had any charisma or personality. Dude's bland as fuck.

No. 211445

He went on Anisa's stream to tell a story about burning his dick in hot sauce, if you catch her live he usually pops in and out, he's a moderator so you can tell when he comes in.

No. 211449

such a fake laugh.

No. 211495

File: 1481376344471.jpeg (105.56 KB, 1125x780, image.jpeg)

So I'm not exactly sure how important this is but let me explain to people who don't know.
Sky Williams is a youtuber I believe and he is friends with Zoie Burgher (Anisa and her had beef before, right?) if that's helpful at all I guess.

Anyways, Sky posted this about her. I'm not sure what they discussed but he was talking about how amazing and smart she is. They also talked personally about other things I guess. Some people in the replies who've spoke to her said how sweet she really was and all that bs. But apparently it looks like Anisa has talked shit about him on her streams?

First part: https://clips.twitch.tv/raihnbowkidz/BloodyMinkUncleNox

Second part: https://clips.twitch.tv/raihnbowkidz/EnthusiasticHerdRitzMitz

I don't know or really care for Sky, but I wonder how fucking fake she is. I mean, I know that she IS fake, but didn't know how bad it was. I never watch her streams so. Maybe this isn't the first time she's spoke shit about someone and then became buddy-buddy with them? Probably the fame thing again.

No. 211502

>calling anisa intelligent
>no proof
he probably just wants to get into her pants

No. 211507

Sky is a homo lmao

No. 211508

hes actually gay lmao

No. 211511

You do realise sky is hella gay right

No. 211512

Goddamn, they're awkward together. She is completely void of any charm.

He's aware that she cheated on her bf, right?

No. 211517


He probably doesn't give a shit

No. 211518

so he knows she's a cheating attention whore, but still stays with her? What a cuck.

No. 211519

>Maybe this isn't the first time she's spoke shit about someone and then became buddy-buddy with them?

huh, no wonder Ian likes her considering he does the same thing only in reverse

No. 211524


That's what came to mind when I first saw her and read what people know about her. He's a damn cuck.

No. 211551

This video was p funny but I cringed when Ian referenced Anisa with the whole "interracial babies" thing. They've only been dating a few months.

No. 211598

Fuck wow she's fake as hell lmao.

His and Anisa's babies would be pretty white anyways.

No. 211656

>middle eastern is now white
not really.

No. 211671

I know she's half Lebanese I'm just saying that their kids would be pretty white. 3/4 white is pretty white.

No. 211704

well she does call herself a white girl

No. 211717

File: 1481410225318.png (87.57 KB, 1242x579, IMG_5433.PNG)

You make it easy as fuck, Anisa.

Also Ian is visiting her again, seeing as he came on her stream to tell that story, I wonder if she'll stream with him again to kinda show that they are better together and how couply they are.

No. 211730

this was actually the first funny video H3 have had out in a while and Ian looks SO cute

No. 211943

Anyone get the feeling Ian is gonna cheat on her at some point?

No. 211971

How do we save him?

No. 211975


Fuck knows, seems beyond saving. When they break up I'm guessing she'll make some "expose" video in the future claiming he was an abusive ass or something.

No. 211978

Kek he's a grown man.
He's capable of making his own decision, whether you like it or not

No. 211980

He's a boy who just got his first female attention

No. 211986

She sure tweets a lot about getting hate, what other drama has she been apart of aside from the boyfriend thing? Like, what are the details about her and this chick >>208743?

No. 211992

Shit I dunno, if he's willing to be with a tryhard cheating whore who flashes her titties on cam then there are no depths he won't sink

He doesn't seem happy with her though, maybe once the initial thrill of finally getting his dick wet wears off he'll dump her

Anyone else find it weird that he was a virgin up till now? Why has it taken him this long to give it up?

No. 211996

>a boy
He's 25 years old

No. 211998


Look at his past videos, he was pretty nerdy so no I don't really find it hard to believe.

No. 212020

well Sky is pretty fucking retarded, with the example of that video he made white-knighting high squeaky voiced Lilypichu, while bashing titty streamers like Anisa. I think the video was from a couple of years ago, don't remember.

No. 212056

Personally, I think the opposite is gonna happen and she'll cheat on him

No. 212105

File: 1481485231877.png (936.83 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_3696.PNG)

Zoie is going off on Anisa for being fake

No. 212107

LOL. I wonder how much Ian regrets associating with Anisa now.

No. 212112

also that's lame as fuck that Ian would date a titty streamer and then not be able to handle the fact that she associates with other similar creators, going so far as to tell her not to hang with them.

No. 212128

Ian was untouchable with his content cops calling out everyone and now he has to whiteknight his shitty titty streamer gf when everyone sees that she's clearly using him for views/youtube money.

No. 212142

someone asked anisa on her stream if she saw the video where ian breaks a lamp at chad's and she said she was there live when it happened. anyone know which video she's talking about?

No. 212150

File: 1481491576745.jpg (120.11 KB, 572x572, 64564.jpg)

Fucking hell, this was amazing.

Maybe next time Ian will think twice about thinking with his dick.

No. 212169

This was so good, Anisa should've been quiet and kept her mouth shut but she just HAD to get views and get attention off shit relating to Zoie if she couldn't do a video with her because of her meal ticket.

Ian is so retarded for hooking up with a girl cheating on her bf and with her history of drama, but now the idea of his gf hanging out with other obviously attention seeking e girls is too much for him? he deserves no sympathy.

No. 212183


Oh god I knew it was Ian who talked her out of meeting up with them and into trashing this girl.
Like she was begging them to meet up then she visits him and suddenly not only does she cancel her plans but she also makes a shittalking parody/exposed vid which is totally Idubbbz style of gaining subs and attention.
And the funniest part is that everyone seems to be on her and Ians side on twitter, so not only does she get away with openly cheating on her bf but also with shitting on her friend and being a fake bitch in general. She really hit the jackpot with him.

No. 212208

damn, you have to respect this chick

No. 212211

>the comments
>all those dumb shits defending Anisa and shitting on Zoie

Good on them for defending an actual backstabbing whore rather than the woman who just shows off her body on the internet. Fucking idiots.

No. 212212

She's lucky so many of Ian's fans are mindless fanboys and petty fangirls that will blindly defend the both of them.

No. 212233

If they ever break up then she's fucked.

No. 212235

Ew, Ian's already shoehorning her into their lives?

No. 212243

I love it ♥

No. 212251

Here's the vid.

No. 212277

>Ian is so retarded for hooking up with a girl cheating on her bf and with her history of drama, but now the idea of his gf hanging out with other obviously attention seeking e girls is too much for him? he deserves no sympathy.

He's especially retarded for making a career off roasting and attacking other people. Not only is that not sustainable, but he'll eventually reach a point where others dig up dirt on him once his popularity reaches a plateau. He's already needlessly being a dick to someone who gave him a boost in the first place (DeFranco) and pissed off certain fans by bashing fan edits.

No. 212383


>Anisa is a great person who does no wrong and should be respected as such. Stop leaving mean comments on her Instagram just because she is dating Ian


lol Ian stans are trying so hard to not come across as jealous or "like other fangirls" that they're fucking worshiping Anisa. It's so unfortunate that she has a safety net now.

Nah, she's not going to cheat on her meal ticket. Whereas I can see his ego getting big enough to fuck around with other women. Or men, more likely.

No. 212385

I was just going to post that anon. All these fangirls are stanning Anisa on tumblr and all Ian's brainless underaged male fans are defending him from Zoie on reddit. They've really set up quite the safety net on there.

No. 212395

Honestly sounds like some of the salty anons here that keep projecting their narrative that everyone wants to date Ian and that Anisa has done nothing wrong

No. 212398

I've known nerds who still managed to get laid, and they weren't even internet celebs. He's like, what, 26? Seems a little suspicious.

No. 212401


>I will never understand women lmao I'm not like other girlz XDDDD

She's fucking insufferable

No. 212402

I hate when fangirls do this, the only reason they know about Anisa is because she's dating Ian, they wouldn't give a fuck about her otherwise, all want to do is collect good fan points.

>Ian's brainless underage male fans are defending him from Zoie on reddit.
The fanboys on reddit are the worst, they think Ian is some youtube genius god who can do no wrong.

No. 212404

>they think Ian is some youtube genius god who can do no wrong

Yeah, they're embarrassing.

>idubbbz' new videos are shit because they're SUPPOSED to be, guys!

>he's the Andy Kaufman/Alan Resnick of our generation, I swear!!
>lol he can get away with saying nigger faggot, he's so edgy and badass!
>he rekt Leafy and Keemstar he can do no wrong!

Ian doesn't deserve half the acclaim and views he gets, his videos are unoriginal and the same 'youtube drama' shit you can find anywhere.

No. 212410

File: 1481519824394.png (122.53 KB, 1242x1054, IMG_5442.PNG)

She has to know it's only Ian fangirls looking for Ian mentions in stream.

>only men replying and agreeing

When I lost all respect for Ian I actually saw that his content was basically overhyped reaction videos, everything is in reaction to other people's projects or things he has been sent, even Content Cop is a reaction, when he has tried original content its shit, like Panda documentary one, I've only seen it once because I get secondhand embarrassment from it.

No. 212424

I don't really understand why there's much hype about him. I found his content cops funny, but when I went to his channel, the rest of his stuff felt very repetitive and, yeah, just him reacting to other people's work. He's not really that different from Jinx, Pyrocynical, Keemstar, IHE, etc. Ian is funny and works well when collaborating with others, but his actual channel is meh.

Max may have a dying channel, but at least he makes videos about stuff he likes and tries to create his own original content rather than just be a dick towards everyone. Even Frank, who is supposed to be an asshole character who is equally awful to anyone, has never targeted specific people or cashed in on cheap youtube drama like Ian.

No. 212452

I actually love dumb shit like the panda documentary vid and wish he did more stuff like that. I really enjoy his content in general, but there's no excuse for the blind stanning on tumblr and reddit. It's embarrassing and a good portion of his fanbase is clearly underage.

I've been a fan of Frank longer than the rest of the cancer crew and I've always liked that he tries to stay out of drama unless its related to his own fanbase (and even then it's typically him having to stand up for someone/himself, he never starts shit).

No. 212465

What has he said about Phil?

No. 212482

I love how she called out Ian hiding her lmao

No. 212484

File: 1481532358916.png (339.91 KB, 520x438, 4c98fac72e390927cb46f8435645b9…)

I know he's made some tweets about him, he refers to him as phillip defuckass but it could just be a joke.

No. 212514

File: 1481539058957.png (180.53 KB, 1242x1010, IMG_5447.PNG)

How many bridges had this bitch burned? I know Emmah has drama and issues but damn.

I've rewatched this so many times, I love it, I wonder if Ian and Anisa are just gonna ignore it or try and come up with an attack against Zoie.

No. 212515


Damn, offered her housing? Is that why she's fully latched onto Ian because she needs somewhere to go?

No. 212518

File: 1481540245532.png (138.25 KB, 1123x766, thisbitchffs.png)

I'm weak so I won't do it but I'm tempted yall…

No. 212520

No. 212521

I fucking hate these Youtubers. How can you guys keep watching and following the smut on these self-important pieces of shit? The shit they say and the way they behave is grating.

No. 212523

If Ian ever makes a Content Cop on Zoie, I'll assume it's for the sake of Anisa. I fucking hope he doesn't start white knighting for her and getting involved in her drama.

It just occurred to me that Joji subtly roasted girls who say shit like that in the "people I hate" video lol. How can Ian not see that she's a walking stereotype?

No. 212528

It was far from subtle.

No. 212532

By "subtle" I mean he grazed over the topic quickly.

No. 212533

ah, gotcha.

No. 212539

File: 1481544177549.gif (2.95 MB, 270x480, 1456789876543.gif)

who's this Getter dude Joji is spending so much time with lately?

No. 212541

so she goes and shits on anybody she likes but once Zoie made that twitter vid shes all like
"poor me! how can you hate me??!"
quite easily actually.
I actually feel sorry for Ian, imagine trying to have a conversation with this childish ass bitch

No. 212542

That part sent my sides into orbit

No. 212543

Why feel sorry for him? It's not like he's forced to be with her or anything, he's with her by his own volition.

No. 212546

Lol Sky basically just sucks up to whoever can help his channel and follower count grow more. He doesn't really care for fans and acquaintances. He'll throw anyone under the bus if it means that it'll boost him up.

No. 212551

Some music artist/vlogger creative type that Joji is chilling with because he's in LA and currently staying with H3h3, weird that he didn't get to see/spend time with Ian before he went to Canada.

No. 212554

Oh man I bet him and Ian have beef and that's why they haven't spoken or interacted in a while!!!11!!

I'm mostly kidding. Mostly.

No. 212556

kek what would they even have beef over? Their unresolved sexual tension?

No. 212561

File: 1481549810176.png (336.87 KB, 1242x1606, IMG_5449.PNG)

I don't think Ian has ever posted Anisa on his Instagram and never will lol

Lol I don't think there is any beef, more that Joji is busy as fuck, I just found it weird because I'm sure there were opportunities to see each other and they didn't.

No. 212562

If Ian was with Anisa at the time, then I don't blame Joji for passing on meeting him.

No. 212566

Nah Ian is in Canada, joji was in LA before Ian left.

No. 212572

I was joking lol, the only thing I can think of that they could possibly argue about is if Joji doesn't like Anisa or something and he and Ian argued about it, and why the fuck would they?

>unresolved sexual tension

No. 212576


ey Ian sets off my gaydar

No. 212597

File: 1481559120515.jpg (101.17 KB, 1080x1057, _20161212_171327.JPG)


How do you know hes staying with h3h3? Then maybe they did meet and just didn't talk about it online. Or maybe they're not as close as Ian is with Max, they don't have any similar interests or anything so maybe they just don't really give a shit about each other. Anyway I don't think Joji would be petty or stupid enough to start an actual fight with Ian over his gf. That being said he did tweet that a while ago and it just fits Ians current situation perfectly. I don't actually think the tweet was aimed at him idk but its stilk kinda funny

No. 212652

comparing idubbbz to alan resnick is a straight up insult to alan holy shit

No. 212751

File: 1481579077689.png (158.58 KB, 1242x921, IMG_5450.PNG)

She changed her twitter bio, I bet she giggled to herself thinking how hilarious she is for doing it.

She's also no longer linking her twitch and only her YouTube.

He said on that radio show he went on, he was staying with them and there is a Snapchat of him with them.

No. 212784

>they don't have any similar interests or anything

How on earth would you even know this? You're projecting way too much, anon.

No. 212917

OT but is zoie really 21 because she looks and sounds no less than mid-thirties tbh

No. 212944

File: 1481607436724.png (225.33 KB, 1242x1385, IMG_5452.PNG)

And yet you promote your relationship with him any chance you get, always talking about him and mentioning him on stream, posting pics when he has never posted any of you and leeching off his fangirls.

It's only promo if your boyfriend is doing it, but when you do it it's love~~

No. 212989

File: 1481614407511.jpg (191.57 KB, 1200x1200, tumblr_oi3k0fImrt1tkrbqyo1_128…)

>everyone's pointing out that Ian doesn't promote her

No way that isn't eating away at her.

No. 213006

File: 1481618392665.png (136.62 KB, 256x263, 6456456.png)

Hope the sex is worth it, Ian.

No. 213101

Right? Apparently, since Ian follows Resnick on twitter, people are speculating that "What's in the Box" is intentionally terrible because he's planning to pull an Alantutorial on us. Like, his fans are giving him way too much credit there.

No. 213155

So many comments on Anisa-related videos are people (who just found out about her existence through hearing that she's idubbbz' gf) wondering why the fuck Ian is with her of all people. The whole situation is bizarre. It's not like he's a desperate loser that has to resort to low hanging fruit, he's gotten big enough that tons of women are thirsting for him now, he could probably have anyone he wants

No. 213201

he knows his subscribers would lose respect for him

No. 213224

on sundays stream she addressed the zoie drama. she doesn't want to leech off anyone but in the same sentence said she's happy zoie's video brought her a shit ton new followers LOL

No. 213465

File: 1481667226834.jpg (398.95 KB, 2400x2400, IMG_0771.JPG)

on a side note, i wonder how max's gf feels about anisa constantly making fun of celestia's face shape since they both have square faces. she defended celestia against gross gore, tweeted that she saw her like a little sister, and made a podcast with her. now she's been faving tweets that call her a blockhead and she even tweeted making fun of her square face awhile back. she's so catty.

No. 213571

File: 1481673677817.png (354.96 KB, 1242x1574, IMG_5455.PNG)

She's such a bitch, choosing dick over friendship and now talking shit about Celestia.

Fuck, she's so dumb.
How can she lack that much awareness?

What hilarious is that she made the "parody" video and talked about "making better content" and "expecting more", then finding out she was meant to be in the original Scarce video, throws it into a new light, I bet Ian coached her and told her to talk about making "good" content to seperate herself/brand from fame hungry e girls, because of him saying it'd be bad to "associate" with Zoie.

I think I respect Zoie and Celestia more then Anisa, they are upfront about what they want, who they are and don't try to hide it.

No. 213576


No. 213653

lol ian called someone a fucking moron on her stream and she made him apologize

No. 213675

Good honestly. I swear Ian relishes being able to insult people without consequence.

No. 213692

Good, he's such a cunt for no reason sometimes.

Also she's such a liar "I want to make it on my own" "I won't have Ian on my stream anymore" yeah, okay Anisa.

No. 213694

LOL during the stream Ian said "Don't donate any money to the stream if you're just trying to donate to me, this isn't my stream and the money doesn't go to me" and she was like "What the fuck you have to lie to the fans so I'll get more money." I know she was joking but I don't doubt there's a kernel of truth in that and that she was slightly annoyed that she wouldn't be getting anymore DubbbzBucks (this was right after a donation of a hundred dollars).

No. 213714

https://www.twitch.tv/raihnbowkidz link for anyone who needs it.

I still think they have a weird vibe together, he thinks he's the smartest, funniest person in the room, I imagine that arrogance can get grating to be around.

She said his breath smelt bad and he called her a bitch, she said "hey!" But then he said "what a fucking bitch" and was all "don't blame me it's your mom's cooking"

No. 213720

Don't know if it's noteworthy but someone in the chat asked if she met Max and George yet and she said no. Ian said something about Frank but I didn't really catch it.

I wonder if Ian will really try to introduce her to them.

No. 213723

i thought it was awkward how she's all touchy feely, combing his hair and constantly touching him then she tried rubbing his neck and he said "let's not do that"

No. 213724

They look so miserable. Are all twitch streamers this miserable looking? It's not very fun to watch. At least they have on good music.

No. 213732

I think she said they're both Australian and Ian muttered "prac" "what" "George practically is"

No. 213737

She's just staring at him like an admiring fan and laughing at every stupid thing he says. Nice.

No. 213768

Whenever chat says something she finds funny she ALWAYS looks at Ian to see if he will laugh and he never does, it's awkward as shit.

No. 213769

Wow, they have no chemistry and are so awkward together. Good for her not needing to take her tits out when he's around instead

No. 213771

Their lack of chemistry is absolutely astounding. Lord.

No. 213773

ROFL they're listening to that "how bad do you want it" speech by Eric Thomas and Ian keeps narrating over it bc apparently he knows most of it by heart and Anisa looks SO EMBARRASSED LOL.

No. 213774

it's funny when she tries to answer a question for ian, thinking she knows exactly what he'll say, and he says the opposite

No. 213775

also I've only been watching for a few minutes but does anyone else get the impression that he doesn't gaf about her? Like talking over her / not looking at her at all. It's sad tbh

No. 213776

Agreed, it's kind of uncomfortable to watch.

No. 213777


he seems so bored actually. there's no chemistry. i was expecting something hype, joking around, entertaining the stream, having conversations together, etc. it's the most boring shit while ian just focuses on the game.. sad.
ian needs a girl who has similar interests and a cool personality

No. 213778

I think you're giving Ian too much credit honestly, I think he'd be just as boring with any girl.

No. 213780

I dunno, this stream is making me feel sorry for her tbh. Ian seems jammed up his own ass and would probably disrespect or feel superior to any girl he's with.

No. 213781

The vibe feels so awkward and Ian looks more interested in playing hearthstone than acknowledging what Anisa says lol

No. 213782


maybe i am giving him too much credit, but idk. it seems like he can joke around in videos and with his friends pretty well so I don't see why that wouldn't translate to a girl. A girlfriend can be your best friend, not just a pair of tits to fondle and fuck.

No. 213783

>A girlfriend can be your best friend, not just a pair of tits to fondle and fuck.

A lot of men don't see it that way though. Seems like Ian is one of those types.

No. 213784

Assuming he doesn't have many female friends, it could be that he doesn't necessarily know how to be super comfortable with a girl. Alternatively, it could be that he gets along better with men than with women because he's queerer than a three-dollar bill.

No. 213785

It seems Anisa is trying to do anything she thinks will please Ian, going as far as to listen to his shit advice (which we see with the Zoie situation) and letting him walk all over/humiliate her on stream. Jfc, does this girl have no self respect of esteem?

No. 213786


well that's a shame. sorry if this seems blogpost-y but i just feel like a girl who isn't involved in stupid drama with titty streamers and has a nice and entertaining personality would be better. if he enjoys being with her than that's cool, i don't really care, i just enjoy seeing couples enjoying each others company is all. the stream is super boring so maybe that's why im questioning them. honestly ian seems really meh in this as well it's both of their faults, but the fact that this is the result and what their chemistry looks like just makes me doubt the relationship

No. 213787

>he thinks he's the smartest, funniest person in the room, I imagine that arrogance can get grating to be around

It's wild how apparent that is when he's around her. His arrogance is easy to overlook or even find charming when he's with the guys, but with her, it's just rude and obnoxious.

>But then he said "what a fucking bitch" and was all "don't blame me it's your mom's cooking

Reminds me of how he behaves towards Chad, which goes to show that he doesn't have much respect for Anisa.

No. 213793

I think a boyfriend would be better for him. Not even kidding.

No. 213794

Lack of self esteem is a given for titty streamers.

No. 213797

"Please for the love of all that is good, Ian don't do a content cop in the double cheese burgher, that bitches ego is as big her ass. Even though it would be a good video, she doesn't deserve the promotion."
Ian agreed with this comment. So you think he won't do a content cop cause he doesn't wanna look like a white knight cuck?

No. 213798

I've seen a few of Ian's videos and don't follow anyone from this group, but isn't his shitty personality the whole appeal of his channel? Idg the surprise over how he's actually an asshole in real life to other people here. It's the kind of personality that seems cool/funny to some from an outsider viewpoint and is actually insufferable irl.

No. 213801


not that anon, but i guess back when i really liked him (like a year+ ago when i was watching his videos) he seemed like the kind of guy who would be cool and funny irl and that his videos where more of an act, because most youtubers don't act the same in normal situations as they do in videos. his beta appearance and lack of experience with girls just made me think maybe he wouldn't just go for the lowest hanging fruit and instead find a qt but emotionally stable gf that shares similar interests.

i agree he shouldnt do a zoe burger video until he's broken up with anisa. he missed his opportunity for views and it would look really bad if he did it now. he didn't want to make a content cop about hot youtube girls anyways so i don't see why he would do it now.

i have mixed feelings about his attitude now. he was one of my favorites in the group but now it's weird to see how he acts towards anisa, like did you see when he was doing those little slaps on her face? she just stood there for an awkwardly long time until he said sorry

No. 213807

He has a sister which imo is even worse with how awful he is with girls.

>would probably disrespect or feel superior to any girl he is with
Yes, he so would, everything about him and his attitude towards girls says that.

He also probably doesn't want her releasing those screenshots of his gf begging Celestia to spend time with Zoie and make a video with her either, Zoie could hit back easily with shit, she could also ask Celestia for info on her, Zoie seems like she would play dirty tbh.

No. 213819

yeah the little slaps on the face was just uncomfortable to watch and then at the end of the stream she leaned in to give him a kiss and he pulled away like he was repulsed saying her breath smelled. Like he could at least try to act like he likes her. It's not funny to watch.

No. 213833

A lot of iDubbbz fans are also Filthy Frank fans, and people saw how much different George was compared to Frank and they expected Ian to be the same way.

No. 213835

This whole time I thought Anisa was the problem, but now I think she should be the one to dump his ass. I've seen so many relationships where the guy thinks he's hot shit and basically humiliates his girlfriend in front of others and, damn, I just feel badly for her now. Granted she's choosing to stay with him and probably for the sake of using his fame, but still.

No. 213844

File: 1481694537069.jpg (100.93 KB, 1456x819, Y5RuFcor.jpg)

He should be looking at his girlfriend the same way he looks at Ethan.

No. 213850

Like a serial killer?

No. 213912

File: 1481706068424.jpg (123.54 KB, 1200x900, CzmOCpyUAAAMX61.jpg)

Just watched this and, holy shit, they're boring. He seems to not give a single shit about her and ignored almost everything she said in favor of talking about the game. The part where she left and he didn't even do anything about it was so cringe. It's pretty clear he has all the power in the relationship while she's kind of floundering and trying too hard.

Yeah, I think some assume Ian's just playing a character on his channel when really that's just who he is. And who he is, at least when it comes to women or people he doesn't respect, is unpleasant and not engaging.

On a related note, listening to the radio show Joji did yesterday really hit home how vastly different he is from Frank, to the point where I find it hard to believe he even came up with the character. He seems pretty nice though, very chill and easygoing.

No. 213914

Joji seems so cute and modest compared to Ian now. I always had a crush on him but drifted to favouriting Ian last year. I'm so sorry I left Joji, you're obviously the best of the bunch.

Ian has made me lose so much respect for him. I wonder if he really is gay? Or like, because Anisa slept with him immediately, before properly getting to know her he has no respect for her straight up?

No. 213916

So depressing. You'd think a virgin would act different.

No. 213932

Was the slapping thing on her latest stream with him? Do you happen to remember about what time that happened?

No. 213937

Stop defending Anisa lol she's so gross and narcissistic. She needs to be humbled.

No. 213938

Nobody's defending her, they're realizing how much of a douche Ian is and how their relationship is totally one-sided.

No. 213939

Anisa's no star, I'm just way more familiar with Ian and therefore more critical of him because I'm familiar with the standards he has projected for himself.

No. 213944

How is it one-sided? She's the one who started using him for views and shit. Now she's finding out what an autist he is, so I say she deserves having to deal with his bullshit now.

No. 213948

Ian's autistic yeah but he's also clearly in a relationship for little more than the pussy and Anisa is going to be hard put to make him behave like a normal human being at this point. Being an irreverent shit is a big part of his image and her telling him to stop calling people morons on her stream and shit is squashing that.

Maybe things are a lot different between them when the cameras aren't rolling and that's why Anisa is ~so happy~ but otherwise it would really make more sense for Ian to date someone who lets him be himself, like h3h3's wife.

No. 213954

I don't know much about Twitch but her videos, even with Ian, don't even get 1000 viewers..isn't that bad? What's the point of continuing?
Also Ian seems so uncomfortable through the entire thing. They have no chemistry at all either

No. 213955

The number of viewers doesn't matter a whole lot when just one viewer is willing to donate 100 dollars just to watch them awkwardly play Hearthstone.

No. 213957

File: 1481714076000.jpg (23.98 KB, 313x470, IMG_5463.JPG)

>Joji is best boy confirmed.

Her telling him to apologise to a single person does nothing against his "image" he's still an arrogant cunt who acts as if his girlfriend is retarded and beneath him.

No. 213959

File: 1481714445917.png (687.67 KB, 751x507, disgust!.png)

Who would donate to her depressing streams.
Doesn't Ian hate titty streamers? Isn't that what Anisa is? I know she likes to pretend like her viewers are there for her shitty gaming but we all know they're not.
I wonder what Ian thinks about horny men giving his girlfriend money.

Why does he look so disgusted when she touches him? They haven't been dating for long, they should still be in the honeymoon phase but they just look sad

No. 213969

I guess when you put it that way, they're perfect for each other in that they're both awful people.

No. 213974

in the stream someone comments and she reads it out at around 3 hours in.
"is it just me or is there not much chemistry or are you guys just tired"
and she says "yeah theres no chemistry, we hate each other, only in it for the money"
then Ian calls her a dumb hooker.

No. 213981

Ian is weird. It's almost like he's legit autistic and doesn't know how to behave like an actual human.

He also doesn't even try to hide it when he's annoyed or doesn't want to be somewhere, like in the prison themed Q&A portion he did with the guys.

No. 214015

>snake of youtube
>of youtube

Who is she kidding, her videos get 5K views lol. More like "the nobody of youtube."

No. 214023

>I wonder if he really is gay?
>eagerly does gay shit with Max and Joji all the time
>has no problem being touched intimately by them
>even looks happy when it happens
>is entirely indifferent and/or downright annoyed when Anisa is touching him

Whatever he is, he's got issues.

No. 214028

Anisa of all people made fun of somebody else's face shape? Lmao she has the worst face shape ever. It's like a pear. Look at >>213571 to see what I mean. She has no room to talk

No. 214033


What was the most awkward is at the end he was still salty about her telling him he had bad breath and he was saying Anisas smelled too and she kept blowing her breath in his face saying "no I brushed my teeth!!". Ian seemed like an ass in the stream but I feel like Anisa is pretty annoying. I feel kind of bad but not really considering it's a girl like Anisa and not someone with a nicer/more entertaining personality.

Also isn't is sad that her stream couldn't peak 400 viewers? For someone with as many followers as she does she should be hitting way more. Gross gore had a shit ton of viewers. (Maybe he had more followers though I can't remember but the difference is so vast)

No. 214182

He might just be very very uncomfortable with public displays of affection when they are coming from someone he is actually attracted to (i.e., he's willing to do gay shit on camera with Max and George because it's all for a laugh). Or he's trying to look all "cool" and aloof by never taking her seriously bc he's an autist who thinks that's what cool people do. I definitely have my suspicions that he's closeted.

I think her face is cute. She looks like a chipmunk (in a good way I guess?)

Doesn't quite make up for her boring-ass personality and general lack of talent though lol.

No. 214183

the slaps happen at around 2:54:00

No. 214187

Bless anon, I was just about to go skipping around for it. Yeah that was awkward as fuck but they at least meme'd away from it pretty quick with the Canadian accent thing. I would probably watch all of Anisa's streams if she always spoke with an exaggerated Canadian accent. It'd be more interesting at least.

No. 214253

I was hanging out with a few of my male friends, they started talking about Frank's latest video and idubbbz came up, mentioned he has a girlfriend now and they immediately looked her up and started circle jerking about how hot she is. I said her tweets show what an annoying personality she has and the response was pretty much 'who cares, she's hot.'

So I think from a male's perspective, any of the shit is worth it if you're getting it in.

No. 214255

I was always shocked at how mellow Joji was compared to the character doing such disgusting things in his skits and being so into OTT, but there are a lot of comedians you find out are really chill or even shy. It's kind of cool to be that a guy famous for such an obnoxious character is like that.

No. 214257

Well it's not like the touching is sweet or has any intimacy like you would with a significant other or even a really close friend. They have no bond or intimacy, and she's fake as fuck, only touching him so people will buy that they're a legit couple, but people aren't that stupid, they can all tell it's fake and he can't stand her doing it because he's too retarded to commit to the image.

Though if I was on stream with my SO and he fucking started poking me in the chin I wouldn't hide my annoyance either.

No. 214258

If it's any consolation, I was talking to my male friends about Anisa and they think she's lame as fuck, especially after I told them about her twitter/twitch drama and the whole cheating on Akaadian thing. However the consensus among male fans in general still seems to be "Well at least he's getting laid/it doesn't matter who he dates/at least she's not an SJW", especially on the subreddit.

No. 214259

Hey, good for them not being as shallow as mine. Not that they care too much about Internet celebrities personal lives anyway. But I think a lot of guys put all the cred on looks rather than the gf being nice, having chemistry, being a good couple, working well together, etc. It's usually 'so and so's gf is hot' or not caring at all because she isn't. When I was on 4chan any thread talking about Internet celebrities girlfriends were all about attractiveness rather than compatibility. Some guys think that way, but not all I guess, which is good to know.

No. 214285

How can anyone think Anisa is hot is what I'm wondering? Personality aside, her face is pretty uggo and her body is incredibly average.

No. 214288


Same..I don't get it. Idk what's wrong with me but every time I look at her I see sofloantonio

No. 214293

>when they are coming from someone he is actually attracted to
>implying he isn't attracted to Max

Also he does the same bitchy shit with her that he does to Chad whenever he touches him.

No. 214296

Stop making excuses for his bizarre and shitty behavior.

No. 214300

I'm not excusing him, he's just as fucking fake and is too socially retarded to not try and make it less obvious. They have no real relationship or intimacy, she tries and he make it even more clear that there's nothing there. Not defending him at all.

No. 214303

>does the same bitchy shit with her that he does to Chad whenever he touches him
LOL that's a good point, anon. Ian is pretty nice to attractive people like George, Max, and RadJor and is really touchy-feely with them (at least with George and Max) and is generally an asshole to Chad. I just recently rewatched "The Gentleman's Guide" and I noticed that Ian really seemed to enjoy holding George's biceps while he had the shock collar on lol.

No. 214344

It was pretty endearing that Joji was the only one on the radio thing who actually tried to talk to the people who called in. I also liked how he took the more embarrassing questions like "um how tight is Ian's ass? XDDD" in stride and responded in such good humor.

No. 214367

he looked downright aroused during Joji's stint with the shock collar

No. 214384

Anisa is basically female Chad.

No. 214402

>constantly touching people
>constantly getting annoyed/bothered and trying to pass it off as a meme
>not smart
my god, you might be on to something

No. 214405

I think that totally depends on how mature a guy is and how experienced he is in the relationship department.

In my experience, guys who are virgins or have little life experience tend to focus on hotness and nothing else because they're so desperate. A mature grown man cares about more important things and realises looks are not the only important thing.

Saying that Anisa looks like a snaggletoothed, big nosed potato with tits. Honestly dunno why he didn't go for any of the other twitch girls who have tried to hook up with him on Twitter.

No. 214407

I think the way idubbbz is so cold towards her on stream just goes to show that he is harbouring a lot of doubt about the relationship, and suspects she pursued him to get more "fame". Pushing her away is probably his way of saying "you don't get to take advantage of me", which would also explain how he said no donations would be going to him on their last stream (which she got pissed off about).

He did this because he's wondering if she's just with him because he has a following.

No. 214416

File: 1481772223566.png (138.09 KB, 315x358, IMG_5467.PNG)

I rewatched the vid because of these comments and Ian is literally the only one who reacts the way that he does, both Max and George are normal and there isn't a change in behaviour in Max as someone who didn't get shocked at all with either of them.

There's a jumpcut after joji gets shocked with Ian holding his biceps but you can for a spilt second see that Ian was going to fully wrap his arm around Jojis body OR point at the computer screen, but seeing as he just got shocked and was holding his arms, the former is more likely then the latter imo

That actually makes a lot of sense, I think you're on to something anon

No. 214417

Max and George just kind of lean on Ian when he's in the chair but when Geore is in the chair Ian's like "MMM GOTTA GROPE GEORGE". Maybe he realized he had a pain kink after they filmed Deadly Twister ROFL.

No. 214430

kek I remember there's a part in one of Filthy Frank's vids where Chad is like trying to get Ian to say "hey, that's pretty good" and Ian just immediately shuts him down. I got the exact same vibes when he said "let's not do that" to Anisa on the stream.

The enthusiastic consent part of the gentleman's guide is also suspicious, Ian like pinches Max and then looks really excited to kiss him, while Max and Joji are simply just playing along. Shit, there may actually be something to this closet queer theory.

No. 214448


i didn't like how ian acted in the stream, i think it was a little much but i agree with this. why would you want to just be someone's free advertiser ? just using "idubbbz" or ian in her stream titles and whatnot brings her the attention from his fans who wants to see ian in a more normal day to day situation. im so glad he told them not to donate to her because i'm sure a handful would have liked to. i think it's scummy that she brings him onto her stream thinking she'll get the big bucks because of his name. call him an asshole but i can almost half respect his disinterest if he is actually realizing what anisa's about.

honestly, if he dated any other titty streamer with no drama nobody would give a shit, but anisa has just a bad history and rep so i can't accept it

No. 214476

lol at Ian stans trying so hard to make excuses for him being an asshole

No. 214481

Yo I was the original poster and I am not an Ian stan. I WAS before he dated Anisa and I lost respect since she was so brainless and fake. Then I saw how he treated her on stream and it was so disrespectful. Whether he feels like she's using him or not, it's inexcusable. I want to know why he's so awful to her, it's just speculation. But think of the way he treats Chad. Chad does "anything4views" and latches onto the following of others, just like what Anisa is doing.

No. 214484

I don't want to sound like an intense fan "shipper" or whatever, but when Ian started doing videos with Max and George I noticed that Ian would laugh at everything George said. And if not laughing, he would look at him grinning his head off.

I always put it down to admiration. Like, "aw how cute, Ian's probably buzzing that he's in a video with the incredibly successful Filthy Frank right now". He looked like he was meeting his hero.

Whether he actually has a huge crush on him is debatable, but if he's groping his biceps comfortably then that's kinda interesting. Especially since he doesn't seem comfortable even touching Anisa on cam.

Or maybe he just has a stick up his arse and thinks he's too good for any woman, and just does gay shit because it's sort of a meme between them all.

No. 214485


No. 214489

I noticed that too, I don't think anyone makes him laugh more than Joji. Never considered that he may be a fanboy, but it could be possible that he gravitated towards Joji and Max in the first place because they were far more notable and famous than him at the time. Now I wonder if he'll ever reach a point in popularity where he feels like they're beneath him and starts treating them the way he treats Chad, Anisa, Defranco, etc.

No. 214492

He barely pays attention to Anisa but when George said he looked handsome without his glasses during that one Maxmoefoe stream he looked so fucking pleased.

It was actually George and Max that were fanboys of Ian, despite his channel being much smaller than either of theirs at the time. Max found Ian's content and thought it was hilarious, and then showed it to George when they met up.

>I wonder if he'll ever reach a point in popularity where he feels like they're beneath him and starts treating them the way he treats Chad, Anisa, Defranco, etc.

That would legitimately be heartbreaking. Max and George love Ian, I remember Max getting drunk on stream and saying pretty much verbatim "I love Ian SO much, I'm so glad his channel is getting more attention." If Ian ever ruined that bond I'd be sad as heck.

No. 214499

"Pleased" is an understatement, he was practically giggling like a blushing school girl.

>It was actually George and Max that were fanboys of Ian

Ah, I didn't know that. Ian's already surpassed Max in subs and popularity and is still very close to him, so I don't think that'll be a problem. And I simply can't see him being a dick to George considering how beloved and respected he is.

No. 214500

I don't think he has doubts about the relationship if she's moving in with him in 3 months

No. 214504

File: 1481785818969.jpeg (90.49 KB, 640x512, afterlight.jpeg)

apparently some tumblr fangirls don't care if anisa's a whore or not lol

No. 214507

Most of the cancer crew tumblr fangirls are like 13-18 at most and too clueless to even notice that they have no chemistry, their opinions are invalid.

No. 214511

Ugh so much "Ian and Anisa are goals!!" "Anisa is amazing!!!" "Anisa is wonderful!!" "Their relationship is none of our business!!" on tumblr lol. A lot of younger FF/iDubbbz female fans are probably the special snowflake type, so they probably identify with Anisa's "I'm not like other girls" mentality.

No. 214515

I'm starting to think Ian reacts to people based on a hierarchy.

>rude and autistic with people he doesn't respect like Anisa and Chad

>warm, relaxed, and comfortable with someone he sees as an equal like Max
>intense, attentive, and "fangirl-ish" with someone above him like Joji

No. 214557

File: 1481795795415.gif (1.29 MB, 268x168, bfb7b0c8-2346-45f0-8ff9-a76ffd…)

Don't forget this moment. Ian fucking went in there for that kiss.

Looking at Ian's twitter, I noticed he acts like a cunt to Chad, a smug cunt to Anisa, and really friendly with Max. He's commented on Joji's Instagram before, but since Joji doesn't really reciprocate or comment on Ian's IG/twitter, he probably doesn't feel confident enough to bother Joji too much. I never noticed this dynamic before, but it's interesting to see Ian actually be humbled by someone.

No. 214561

Somehow you made that scene even better, anon. I just wanna see Ian treat someone nicely without acting like a defensive little boy who thinks its "lame" to be nice. He's really immature.

No. 214616

Oh my god, some of you are really derailing with this "Ian is closet gay" conversation. Almost as bad as when people speculate that Joji is gay because he's always willing to kiss Max and Ian. I think there might be something with how he treats people he respects/doesn't respect, but I don't think he's a closet gay. If anything, I just get the impression that he thinks it's cool he gets to make videos with Max and Joji and he gets a little overexcited in videos. And I give him a pass on how transparent he is with his emotions when people are bothering him. I don't think that shows he's "autistic" or whatever, I can be the same way. I don't really like to pretend that I'm fine if someone's being fucking annoying (sage for slight ot, I think that's how this works? lol sorry)

No. 214623

>I don't think that shows he's "autistic" or whatever, I can be the same way

So you're also a self-absorbed autist who doesn't know how to behave like a decent human being in social situations and not make things awkward for everyone? You're supposed to grow out of this behavior when you stop being a teenager, sis.

I honestly find it hard to believe there are still anons thirsting for Ian after watching that stream. Like good grief, have some self respect.

No. 214665


not an ian stan i can just understand why you wouldn't be lovey dovey to a money grubbing whore. i've said many times that him acting like an asshole wasn't cool, but they're both at fault for having no chemistry. calm down. just because someone brings up one redeeming point doesn't mean they are a fan.
i don't even enjoy his content anymore but i keep up with the thread because it involves the whole gang.

No. 214669


I feel this argument falls a little flat when you factor in that he also treats other people the same way. And it's not like he's with her against his will or anything, if he can't stand her or doesn't like feeling used then he should dump her. Stringing along someone you don't like and blatantly disrespecting them all the while is just not right.

No. 214671


it's not right but it's not right for anisa to cheat on her old boyfriend with him either and hope to get some big bux off of the idubbbz name. i think they're both using each other and that's why it's no a genuine relationship, sorry for pointing out anisa's shit personality and not just ians.

the only person i know he treats like shit is chad but i haven't really seen many of the gang videos tbqh. like i said im not a huge fan or anything so i don't know the whole story but have watched a good amount of videos