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File: 1688862791767.gif (238.05 KB, 200x200, 200w.gif)

No. 1628600

For random things we like or love, like the Things we hate thread but the opposite.
Anything you wanna talk about is allowed. You might post physical things, ideas, links to random corners of the internet, etc. The things you might post don't have to necessarily be milky/not milky, go as controversial, weird, complicated, pure, simple or vanilla as you'd like
>No infighting
>No things you hate or dislike

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No. 1628603

I love my Nigel but it's extra satisfying when we take a shower together, I put him to sleep and come browse lolcow.farm to shit on moids and trannies while he is asleep. It's my me moment.

No. 1628606

File: 1688863174253.jpeg (75.98 KB, 500x500, 2401A3C2-3055-45ED-9781-ECECB9…)

I like the autistic thread, it’s full of this specific type of autist art that I love so much. There is something so endearing about some autist sitting down to draw this type of stuff because they feel such intense emotions about sonic and religion or 9/11. Almost comforting in a way.

No. 1628623

File: 1688864674536.png (348.06 KB, 528x687, image-asset.png)

I like this makeup style

No. 1628662

File: 1688868184438.jpg (73.51 KB, 334x811, Tumblr_l_2127601986368271.jpg)

cats. and when the cats do goofy shit like this

No. 1628734

No. 1628740

I love eating out. I dislike cooking because I'm not very good at it and I'm often outside so why not order food on my way home.

No. 1630726

File: 1689073495880.jpg (415.88 KB, 1200x1372, nom.jpg)

I wish i could eat it every day, smell it every day!

No. 1630732

File: 1689076069865.png (2.87 MB, 1200x1800, Mojito-1.png)

mojitos in the summer, esp when someone else makes it for me. can't justify the price for cocktails out in this economy rn so I'll have to make them myself

No. 1630741

'Modern' folk music, I've been listening to this for months now and it makes me feel happy

No. 1639991

this snake is really cute

No. 1640021

I like the beginning of this song it makes me feel warm and fuzzy, I love Tillian’s voice

No. 1643127

File: 1690239201490.gif (5.25 MB, 480x270, s1XO32.gif)

Very specific, but I do my own polygel nails, and I love when I'm filing to do product removal and it leaves dust all over my hands. I think the dust exfoliates me because my hands are always super soft after. Similarly, I love how my nails look after I file them to shape and buff them. Something about freshly filed nails with no polish or anything is so beautiful.

No. 1643368

Catching up on threads after taking a break.

No. 1643782

I still love this stupid video, I can quote it word for word and it's still making me laugh almost like the first time I saw it.

No. 1643909


No. 1643926

File: 1690308273525.jpg (28.08 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

10/10 taste. His older videos always make me crack up. Going to watch this again now thanks to you.
One of his old bible games videos always bring me joy.

Anyway, I love this really old game from the 90s for windows called hover.

No. 1643960

I've never watched an AVGN video until now but his delivery is fucking hilarious good lord.
Right now it's storming outside and I like it

No. 1643996

I like it when companies make limited edition versions of products that i already buy anyways because I can justify having something pretty or fun.

No. 1643997

I love my ldr bf. I want to convince him to leave his family, friends, and country behind for me so we can be together forever. He doesn’t need them anymore because he has me now.

No. 1644095

File: 1690319843176.jpg (256.16 KB, 900x1200, 59859031_p37.jpg)

I love Sengoku BASARA!

No. 1645637

File: 1690415518610.jpg (125.07 KB, 1500x999, steak-doneness-from-rare-to-we…)

Well done steak. I don't care what they say, I'm in love with you,

No. 1645639

ugh yum

No. 1645685

why? thats not a catty remark sorry im genuinely curious as to why you like it that way

No. 1645728

It's yummy plus I'm ex vegetarian so I'm picky with meat

No. 1645834

I just really like popping the frame back onto the glass of a new cel, and hanging it on my fucking nerd cel wall.

No. 1645849

No. 1646315

File: 1690477914688.png (6.02 MB, 2048x2048, 1690477902366.png)

I enjoy the vintage pictures of Dolph Lundgren and Grace Jones when they were dating. The photos feel so dynamic, the relationship spark is conveyed so well just through images.

Btw, Grace Jones was being painted by Keith Haring in that one candid.

No. 1646327

It is a crime against God they didn't have kids together.

No. 1646328

When my friends realize the beauty and value within themselves and strive to be the best version of themselves

No. 1646329

Grace Jones will never not be one of the coolest person, she's one of my personal inspirations.

No. 1646330

wasn't she like pro-British Imperialism or something.

No. 1646396

Is she the one that was in that ad that hinted at pegging? I might be wrong.

No. 1646472

I think that was by a drag queen.

No. 1646980

File: 1690515495744.jpg (73.5 KB, 1000x667, TKScover.jpg)

i love the tunisian knit stitch. started doing tunisian crochet a couple of weeks ago and its relaxing to do. making a blanket using this stitch with my spare yarn :))(:)))

No. 1647223

I bought crochet needles where you can fix an extensible cable to do some Tunesian crochet projects I've seen on Youtube. I've only ever done headbands so far but I can't wait to start that (once I finish one sock project and one shawl project).
I wish there were a crafts thread on ot to talk about crochet/knitting/sewing stuff. Knowing what other people are making is so inspiring.

No. 1647247

There is a knitting and sewing thread in /g/

No. 1647689

I like it when i sell something online and everything goes right.

No. 1647708

I’m Tunisian yet I didn’t know something like this existed

No. 1647896

File: 1690602161116.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1086x1309, IMG_5140.jpeg)

i like this anon's name, i think it's cute

No. 1648024

File: 1690622331939.jpeg (495.83 KB, 828x1036, FE24AE81-5D77-47DD-8936-EB4FB8…)

I like pikmin. They are the only men I trust.

No. 1648140

File: 1690637638334.jpeg (22.17 KB, 656x521, I love pufferfish.jpeg)

Fishes. They're so fucking cute I want to have thousands of them at once in a personal giant lake kek. When I was a kid, I used to think fishes are retarded because they just swim and stare into your soul, only now I have realised that I was the one retarded and fishes do have personalities just like other animals.

No. 1648270

File: 1690649833616.jpeg (117.69 KB, 1000x667, IMG_5244.jpeg)

I want to put my finger inside them.

No. 1648363

I love the sound of rain and thunder when I am indoors. It's so peaceful.

No. 1648417

No. 1648456

File: 1690666122326.jpg (127.5 KB, 976x549, hater.jpg)

>No things you hate or dislike
But what if I like hating and disliking things?

No. 1655328

File: 1691277542786.jpg (6.66 KB, 248x93, Screenshot_20230728_223027_One…)

I play a game which sends cat-shaped notifs and it's so freaking cute, I love it! the cat is actually a character in the game too.

No. 1655332

Is this from tale of food? The cat is Luwu, right? I played that game forever but not in english.

No. 1655364

Yeo nonna, that's the game. I kind of wish we had a thread for TOF on lc.

No. 1655372

Yes, I love that game two. I'm a total simp for YiPinGuo (superior pot?). I love him, kek.

No. 1655381

File: 1691281618429.png (641.13 KB, 992x981, FoodSoul-蟹酿橙-skin0.png)

Shit I just noticed the typo…

You've got a nice taste anon, I also love him, especially his dialect for some reason although it sounds a bit nerdy kek. Another favourite of mine is Crab in Orange/蟹酿橙.

No. 1655948

There is a general mobage thread on /m/.

No. 1681760

Homemade ice cream for breakfist fuck yaahh

No. 1681960

I know this is a month old but I love Dolph Lundgren so much he's so beautiful. I'm not familiar with the woman in your picrel but I'm interested in knowing more about her and her relationship with him, they seemed like a cute couple.

No. 1682882

I like that unlike other sites, on lolcow we don't just make a bunch of new threads for every little topic and thought we have. We just have general threads.

No. 1683748

File: 1693514174491.jpeg (32.92 KB, 375x500, IMG_6591.jpeg)

I love smelling like cotton candy

No. 1683756

ground beef and ground turkey!!

No. 1683889

Orange mango lemonade

No. 1683940

File: 1693532060706.jpg (860.77 KB, 1345x2000, 1692902581166540.jpg)

When you're laying down under a stream of sunlight from an open window in nice weather and can here lawn mowing in the distance, like when you were a kid and came home from school to take a nap

No. 1689803

All the girlies in the husbando thread!!! ♥

No. 1689884

File: 1694072943912.jpeg (142.18 KB, 778x960, IMG_4203.jpeg)

I fucking love pumpkin spice and I’m not afraid to admit it

No. 1689989

Same, I love pumpkin spice lattes. Mainly the hot ones though, but it's too hot outside for one. I might just get an iced one idk, this post made me crave pumpkin spice.

No. 1690023

I love how the autumn air feels after a hot summer, its nice and refreshing

No. 1690447

File: 1694111870268.jpeg (1.18 MB, 1170x1516, IMG_4223.jpeg)

These cute lil chinese sharpei dogs and their floppy faces. So Beautiful

No. 1690460

File: 1694112291385.jpeg (175.34 KB, 800x818, 05C4BE9C-7A62-4B6B-AFC8-DB33C8…)

I love pumpkin spice lattes so much, I want one now.

No. 1690691

File: 1694128298887.jpg (49.49 KB, 600x600, mulino-bianco-biscuits-mulino-…)

I love these biscuits, their name literally means "star bread"

No. 1690741

Thank you for reminding me to ask my coworker for one tomorrow. kek.

No. 1691018

I really like that I can say "she" when referring to someone else on this site. It's nice having a place online where you can assume the other poster is a woman.

No. 1695773

Love and am so grateful for caffeine. 2 hours just passed like nothing even happened. Wonderful.

No. 1695792

I MISS THESE THE MOST I MISS HOME I MISS HAVING A FEW OF THESE WITH MY COFFEE FOR BREAKFAST UGHHHH sorry 4 yelling sometimes being an italianonna in America is a bummer kek

No. 1695797

I like being able to forget things that make me sad easily. Has anyone ever wronged me? I have no idea kek!

No. 1695865

File: 1694551962828.jpeg (856.94 KB, 1500x750, IMG_4498.jpeg)

I love fall time so much. I love living in a further Northern place, we have the best autumnal season. It’s our time to shine, rainforest.

No. 1695872

File: 1694552253360.gif (9.07 MB, 440x440, 1cff4587e36c8d461fe509c70fe946…)

These things! Just hung up two more as I noticed the new lights I installed yesterday hit the one I already had up so beutifully!

No. 1695876

this is what should hang in the crystal cafe

No. 1695919

Ooo what are these called? Those are cute

No. 1695921

File: 1694554174145.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1170x1643, IMG_4351.jpeg)

I actually like this femcel looking Burger King ad. It’s weird and not patronizing. I’d rather have more weird ads like we had in the 90s/2000s than a Corporate Memphis cartoon of disabled trans Muslims or whatever

No. 1695928

women can't be alone without being called a femcel now? bleak
but i agree, the ad looks cute and popularising plant-based options instead of animal products is based

No. 1695981

I recently bought one of those, the labeling said it was a suncatcher!

No. 1696136

honestly that's a pretty great ad. don't see what's femcel about it. it's just great to see an ad about a woman being notmal and not a sexualised caricature or woke talking point

No. 1696200

>0% chicken
>100% done with this shit

No. 1696214

exactly! based ad

No. 1697179

File: 1694646634293.jpeg (689.13 KB, 1170x652, IMG_4579.jpeg)

Convincing myself that there’s a protective forcefield surrounding myself at all times. Makes me feel untouchable.

No. 1697185

turtleneck + filter is making it look like shes burying the 5th moid of the week after eating her only mcmeal of the day

No. 1697186

Based, me too.

No. 1697307

File: 1694653439012.jpg (105.28 KB, 960x548, 52a102b236e99710bc48f45e2a3c56…)

Ik people like to go back and nitpick shows but AHS sn 1-4 was great and well-written. I feel like so many modern shows need to take notes, It wasn't a remake or spin-off, they had a diverse cast without making the entire thing about the character's race, sexuality, religion, age, or disability. Hell Jamie Brewer even had multiple love interests! She wasn't just the "Down syndrome girl", it's also nice to see a cast that was majority women.

PLL was a good example too (minus the pedo shit). it was a good mystery show that kept everyone interested, good amount of comedic relief + filler, unlike the nonstop drama that seems to happen in modern shows, actual character develop instead of just non-stop victimization of characters. Who knows, it seems like ever since 13 reasons why came out it all became like this

No. 1697321

Is PLL worth trying to get past the pedo shit? I watched the first episode and was so enraged I couldn't go any further.

No. 1697326

No. 1697338

Yes! It’s so bad it’s good.

No. 1697356

Hmmmm… I might need anons to watch it with to cope. I'm going to consider hosting it.

No. 1697366

yes it is, thankfully even the actors came out and said how much they hated ezra kek

No. 1697597

File: 1694664264527.gif (244.59 KB, 400x400, 868969414_1669889.gif)

I like sleep. Goodnight nonnies!

No. 1697621

no. don't fall for the shilling

No. 1697627

I love the Hannah pig cupcake scene kek

No. 1698092

Are these from eurospin? I love them too nonnie.

No. 1700648

File: 1694994180279.png (542.02 KB, 899x657, Schermafbeelding 2023-09-18 om…)

I like the peace sign. It's so simple but everyone knows what it means, such a strong design. I like the late 60's/early 70's 'aesthetic' as well, it's just so pleasing.

No. 1700649

File: 1694994304366.jpeg (23.79 KB, 474x318, photo_2023-09-12 08.41.57.jpeg)

These things. Idk what they're called.

No. 1700663


No. 1700665

File: 1694996362056.jpeg (104.6 KB, 1080x1080, photo_2023-09-09 19.34.36.jpeg)

I googled it and it seems legit. This one is kinda different though, but I got it by typing "Frogs" into google. Thank you nona for naming these green funny things, now I know it's "Frogs". I fucking love Frogs.

No. 1700719

I love the feeling of being tired after a long day of fun in the sun, especially when it was a beach day

No. 1700731

I really like Rose's segment on Epicurious's 4 levels! I don't understand all of the science behind it or even retain half of it lmao but I love how she breaks it down and explains every differing step between the cooks.

Also I love that when Epicurious tried to remove her segment from that series, literally everyone in the comments was asking where Rose is. It truly wouldn't be the same without her, we love Rose!!! I love that everyone loves Rose.

No. 1715929

I just painted my nails bright red and it actually matches with my skin tone so well

No. 1780347

File: 1700514077581.png (1.19 KB, 150x22, youre so fuck.PNG)

When a fanfic I'm reading has kind of awkward dialogue

No. 1780352

It reminds me of an old thread where anons were talking about their autistic boyfriends attempting to dirty talk during sex and not really making any sense

No. 1780385

File: 1700515122546.jpg (26.99 KB, 346x259, old.jpg)

The smell of used bandaids that I use. I'm not some pervert that dig up used bandaids from the trash

No. 1780764

I kind of understand this, actually.

No. 1780983

File: 1700546423743.gif (30.28 KB, 200x198, protection foryou.gif)

Being divinely protected

No. 1781286

I really like this fairy

No. 1781287

Oops it's an angel, lovely still tho

No. 1781755

Being unemployed. Now I can focus on sports.

No. 1787065

File: 1700864146995.jpg (106.78 KB, 1242x742, I LOVE WOMEN.jpg)


No. 1787087

File: 1700865656650.jpg (87.61 KB, 1080x1054, fuck yeah.jpg)


No. 1787100

File: 1700866272002.gif (447.99 KB, 240x320, 021441C2-7B20-45A8-B26B-AE973D…)

I love
red cabbage
frozen nanner (makes it ice creamy textured)
oat milk

No. 1787124

File: 1700867212490.jpg (52.55 KB, 300x300, ab67616d00001e02914fc8060b9e72…)

I'm having trouble embedding this but I really like jungle/drum and bass music. I got into it during the pandemic. It's fast-paced but not so much it's mentally overwhelming. You can walk or dance to it. Nostalgic and makes me wish I was born a few decades earlier. I think I'm gonna spend the rest of my life pining for the past.

No. 1787195

I miss this aesthetic/interface in games

No. 1787320

Goodnigt! I miss Blingee so much

No. 1787767

File: 1700897484158.jpeg (98.07 KB, 680x559, IMG_2332.jpeg)

This image

No. 1787769

Can they still eat/drink with that on?

No. 1787786

Pretty sure most make the mouth part with elastic so yes!

No. 1790633

File: 1701066612645.jpeg (170.89 KB, 790x785, IMG_1838.jpeg)

I got one of those round blankets shaped like a tortilla. It’s soft af and my cat loves it too. We be chillin like two beans in a burrito.

No. 1790637

Quirky asfff

No. 1790652

cute! it sounds so comfy

No. 1790711

I really love introverted cute dudes with soft hair, mustaches, and giant cocks

No. 1790725

I love mine, I actually bought it as a gift but liked it so much that I kept it kek
One fun thing is that I keep finding that other people I know own one too, I know it's popular but it's still a little coincidental surprise. It's so delightful visiting someone's house and spotting it laying somewhere and saying, "hey, I have that one too!"

No. 1790744

I dont see the appeal, it looks like wrinkled old person liver spotted skin.

No. 1790958

Isn't the shape super inconvenient?

No. 1791122

File: 1701105509415.jpeg (101.38 KB, 600x792, IMG_1839.jpeg)

Not for cocooning up like a fajita.

No. 1791132

Stardew Valley. On the switch. Cuddled on the sofa with a blanket and hot water bottle as it is very cold

No. 1791182

File: 1701108632968.jpg (165.63 KB, 736x841, 4684f8285198e6d68815373dd00e5c…)

harry potter. i read so many books every year from so many varying genres but in the end i always end up liking hp the most.

No. 1791190

This is fucking with me so bad cause it looks like a real tortilla. I cannot believe it's a blanket

No. 1791191

Put down the blunt nona lol

No. 1791222

No. 1791685

File: 1701142277073.jpeg (145.24 KB, 799x1447, IMG_4128.jpeg)

IBS is kicking my ass and all I can think of is how much I miss this stuff. It was like chugging wet sand that could easily kill a person, but it worked so well.

No. 1791690

I had a dream the other day about Harry Potter. It’s been probably 10 years since I even thought about the actual series (not counting jkr drama) and it’s got me thinking I should return to the books

No. 1791952

Smoke salmon

No. 1791984

No. 1792008

I like Asian guys with super intense angry eyebrows

No. 1792009

My samurai

No. 1792161

do it! the first book is kinda wonky to read as an adult because it's so obviously a children's book, but the writing just gets better and better and it's so enjoyable to watch the characters grow up through all books.

No. 1794564

File: 1701323438977.png (172.12 KB, 276x366, 5Pm2S4w.png)

Lee Deok Hwa must be one of your faves

No. 1794693

No. 1798104

i love my hair length right now. i havent had hair this long since 2018. i want it to grow longer so i can do cool hairstyles. peace and blessing to u all nonas

No. 1798131

File: 1701619514916.jpeg (21.71 KB, 474x316, 326216.jpeg)

No. 1798819

I was joking. Is he actually someone you're attracted to?

No. 1804308

File: 1702067233590.png (45.05 KB, 826x416, nirakul.png)

I love Nirakul Archives, this cool personal website made by an artist with a super distinct art style. It's laid out like a point and click adventure game, with some text-based rpg sections as well. It's a lot of fun to go through and explore all the different paths. I especially like hovering over every single image to see what I can interact with, kek.

Wish there were more websites like this. If anyone knows of anything similar, please share!

No. 1804435

File: 1702077495047.png (285.3 KB, 640x872, 7FA71F0B-90C0-43D8-B517-BBAF87…)

I love the entire dream hate thing. I love how the internet has collectively agreed to hate on one ugly and cringey moid, for the sole reason of being an ugly cringey moid. It warms my heart to see everyone bullying an ugly scrote and making fun of his appearance, knocking down his confidence. It needs to happen way more. Dream edits make me laugh so much, like when they edit it so he says terrible stuff or make fun of his appearance. So childish but so hilarious, warms my heart

No. 1804446

LMFAOO or how everyone started drawing that one pic of him practically kissing the mic

No. 1804452

omg what the hell anon i love that artist too, i didn't check the latest stuff they had, i don't even remember how i've found them out

No. 1805182

There's nothing better than eating a tuna melt and biting into a thick slice of juicy tomato. Something about the texture of the tomato is perfection with the tuna and cheese.

No. 1805391

File: 1702147885791.mp4 (817.46 KB, 768x720, YKhVqoTdKN6IjU0e.mp4)

poast it anon i want to laugh too
my favorite is this post that captioned vidrel with
>me when i have a magnet implanted in my forehead and forearm

No. 1805713

The coconut edit is the best nonny

No. 1813917

this video.

No. 1813927

File: 1702674285297.jpeg (211.48 KB, 828x429, IMG_1819.jpeg)

everytime i get the terf azumarill banner i feel like ive been blessed a little

No. 1814008

File: 1702677905325.jpeg (43.57 KB, 434x453, IMG_7774.jpeg)

When I find a moid being sexist in the comment section and I reply with “small pp” and someone likes my comment


No. 1816019

File: 1702781619156.jpg (60.6 KB, 1023x638, GBdtqzDaYAAxeFW.jpg)

i love mice

No. 1816024

No. 1816026

NTA but doing a re-read is the best. You view everything so much more different as an adult. I first read them all from age 16-22. It's even more interesting now in my 30s.

No. 1827731

This whole channel. Better than mukbangs tbh.

No. 1827756

When I read them I was the same age as the protagonists and each new book they aged with me it was nice. I don’t think I would have liked them if I started older.

No. 1840539

File: 1704492813922.png (3.02 MB, 3160x2400, pbdg4l7i1a381.png)

I love potatoes. They're tasty, they're filling, they're healthy, they're not expensive, they're easy to grow, there's tons of ways to prepare them and they're all delicious. I'm not a very good cook but they're so forgiving. From time to time I like to eat simple boiled unseasoned potatoes to appreciate their taste and in a way it feels like a way of honouring them. The older I get the more I deeply love potatoes. What a great, humble food.

No. 1840562

Wait are they actually healthy? I always thought they were sort of a "nothing" food. Not healthy, but not unhealthy. Just sort of empty calories

No. 1840568

After weeks of renovations, tours, vetting, and cleaning, I handed keys over to a single mom with a kid who is battling cancer. I didnt expect this job, but now I have it and I realized I can help women find quality housing, without price gouging.
Next step is researching grants and such that could be helpful to tenants and finding a solar panel grant- that way electric could be included and reduce bills! Its a small step, but I hope I can help the community more and more.

No. 1840570

based, potatoes for the win. I fucking love potatoes

No. 1840578

Plain boiled potatoes are a daily staple here like rice is elsewhere and I fucking haaaaaaaaaaaate them. They only taste good when you hide them in a complicated meal

No. 1840588

File: 1704495198435.jpg (1.71 MB, 1583x2048, roasted-potatoes.jpg)

i love potatoes, both the healthy and unhealthy kind. yeah fries, hash browns, gnocchi are amazing but so are plain potatoes with a bit of salt. i love steaming them and eating them with a bit of salt and butter, and some nice steamed salmon. and then the next day i toss the leftovers in a pan for another simple and easy meal.

potatoes are starchy so they keep you full even though they have relatively little calories compared to pasta and bread. they also have a lot of vitamin c and other nutrients. i think you only have to add salt and then you have all the necessary nutrients in a single ingredient meal.

No. 1840611

I like blueberries.

No. 1854713

File: 1705270302132.jpeg (293.7 KB, 1440x1080, FIxoshIWQAEZb6m.jpeg)

I like searching up my favorite character in Google images and seeing the official beautifully made renders and fan art of her.

No. 1856602

I like when people on social media call men like dream ugly and men like case oh fat, I’m a hater fr

No. 1856606

It took 3 tries, but i get it

No. 1864732

File: 1705960546017.jpg (83.02 KB, 736x646, b8c89ba6eead57ffd042ccd01b36e6…)

I like it when moid singers who use a delicate and feminine singing voice switch up to their deeper or natural one.
I prefer when it's spontaneous and unexpected, like in a live, i think that they just can't sing the original version after some time but it's really cool when you hear that they're just putting more passion into it instead, usually they look and act kinda faggy too, so seeing them switch all of the sudden and focus their moid energy into the voice delivery is impressive to me.
I sound like i'm sperging about some 3D husbando but i'm really just talking about voices and attitude kek, i don't feel the same about female singers.

No. 1864742

I like it when nonies are fighting like retards, then make up in the end

No. 1864745

File: 1705961943699.png (62.74 KB, 116x320, Bild_2024-01-22_231720612.png)

I like this caramel vanilla sugar that comes in a salt mill, it's so good on coffee. This small cafe in my area started using it on top of ther caramel macchiato one day and i had to search for it online as soon as i got home. It's such a small but pleasant addition to foamed milk

No. 1864748

I looked for this because of your post and had it in my basket until I saw the ingredients. Now I'm just gonna try making my own… I've made caramel before, I think this could be doable by making some hard brittle caramel and soaking some hail sugar with vanilla. I drink a lot of caramel macchiato at home. I have a new goal now anon

No. 1865200

File: 1706003287489.jpg (33.99 KB, 735x733, 767dda243febbdd39371fb64086644…)

Straws. It may seem silly, but when you have sensitive teeth like me straws are gods gift to humans.

No. 1865508

I like to remind people in the comments of praising a man celebrity that he raped or beat a lady or is a pedo, and that therefore he is not worthy of any praise. And that he should be in jail.

No. 1865523

good job, nonna. i once met a girl at a party who had a fake ig account, complete with fake followers and a moid display pic, that she used specifically to post under ronaldo posts that he's a rapist. it was always something like "too bad he's a rapist" and then she'd log off and never reply, while hundreds of moids would reply to her post all shocked and confused.

No. 1865524

Queen shit fr(do not use twitter/tiktok lingo, integrate)

No. 1865552

File: 1706039838242.jpg (583.23 KB, 1463x2048, 1000007994.jpg)

These are seriously cute.

No. 1866038

The towel kitten

No. 1881239

I like when I get instant tranny vibes from something or someone online and my thoughts are confirmed, it makes me feel like I have a superpower and also I'm glad they almost never pass no matter how hard they try

No. 1881242

This woman and her voice

No. 1881307

File: 1707370132264.jpg (42.44 KB, 407x745, Screenshot_20240208_182832_Chr…)

This plush in particular

No. 1881358

File: 1707380137171.jpeg (31.92 KB, 375x380, IMG_9241.jpeg)

I hate Wesker but I’m losing my mind at this fanart it’s so cute

No. 1882793

File: 1707494531054.jpeg (165.67 KB, 448x838, 053321BE-D1B8-41A1-8EC5-EB11D1…)

my best friend got me this one after i giggled at in walking past the display in the mall. i adore aubrey

No. 1883066

When I yawn super hard, sometimes my throat(?) makes some sort of noise that sounds like a TLOU clicker. I think it's pretty awesome.

No. 1883210

File: 1707524509526.jpg (285.24 KB, 2400x2400, hot sauce.jpg)

I like hot sauce. Picrel is an example of a hot sauce that I like. I like most of the hot sauces I've tried.

No. 1883797

I love 'nonnie' I don't like how it is redtexted, it is like a term of endearment

No. 1883968

File: 1707593931179.png (300.6 KB, 270x730, Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 2.40.…)

I love Kombucha. Specifically this flavor.

No. 1883987

you have good taste

No. 1884016

Hell yeah that one and the gingerade are my favorite

No. 1884044

File: 1707599335289.png (420.25 KB, 860x785, 95-955352_italian-chef-kiss-em…)

the peach one and the lemon berry

No. 1884233

What exactly does kombucha taste like? I've been wanting to try it for the health benefits but too scared to and there's also so many options for kombucha in grocery stores so I have no idea what to pick. When I think of a fermented drink, I think of pickle juice so I also don't know what to expect.

No. 1884246

File: 1707611639884.png (669.95 KB, 1094x1292, IMG_4910.png)

For me it’s Tangerine Dream
>taste like spicy orange creamsicles
>same name as one of the best prog bands ever

No. 1884247

tart, carbonated tea

No. 1884308

File: 1707616297080.jpeg (534.47 KB, 865x1299, IMG_1643.jpeg)

I like pacific punch. It's the best Monster flavour in my opinion.

No. 1884344

Monster is my one vice in life so I’m dying to try all flavours kek. Heard this one is good, what would you compare it to?

No. 1884373

my mouth salivated at this post. been over a week without drinking monster. might buy some today, my favorite flavors are mixxd (fruit mix but mostly cherry), khaotic (orange) or the pic you posted. monster energy drink is definitely my vice but I try to not drink more than two per week.

No. 1884398

File: 1707626687343.jpeg (113.45 KB, 1280x720, E420ED27-BF9B-4372-95B7-116AAD…)

using this to to get porn off the homepage but max reebo fucking rocks

No. 1884403

I like the thumbnail of this video.

No. 1884431

based. max is a legend

No. 1886150

This one is like the best flavour I swear to god. I like all the flavours but I never buy anything besides pacific punch, that's how good it is. The main flavour notes I get is like cherry, apple, tangerine, and maybe some raspberry. It's like the perfect tropical punch blend.

No. 1891317

File: 1708162338046.jpg (231.68 KB, 1200x1200, spicy peanuts.jpg)

I like spicy peanuts. They're a great snack.

No. 1891576

Sims CC creators who compile all of their old cc to download at once. Even better if they compile their cc from each year instead of just the old stuff. I don't know why it's not more standard for creators who have been around for a while and have a lot of cc.

No. 1908120

I love chasing a stiff sour drink back with a nice piece of beef jerky, or chocolate. How do you drink your alcohol girlies?

No. 1909009

When I pop a pimple and can literally feel it pop. I just had one that popped in two places.

No. 1909395

File: 1709405508212.png (767.05 KB, 522x731, this fucker.PNG)

I'm starting a new playthrough of Disco Elysium, I beat it three times.
This time i'm going to be a STRONG very stupid racist, who is a pest to everyone but doesn't do any drugs. I'm playing it like a strong immature kid who knows his strength and just acts like an asshole to certain people. I may play it again as another build. I always love Hobo Cop kek it's so funny to me. So far in the racist run I feel so bad because kim is constantly shitting on me, even my inner thoughts shit on me. I love this game, I also really like Physical Instrument and think the drawing is fucking hot.
My favorite playthrough is Being super into the cryptids and "Mysteriousness" of the case.

No. 1909470

File: 1709409515879.jpg (75.32 KB, 628x973, fef68c215fa559826d65d94b395e45…)

cute nona, i love that game and i wish you lots of fun, i don't want to derail and turn this into a videogame discussion but
> i'm going to be a STRONG very stupid racist, who is a pest to everyone but doesn't do any drugs
Made me kek, you just described the average Ceasar's legion member from Fallout New Vegas

No. 1909477

I don’t really do chasers but sometimes after work I like to have a nice strong IPA with tofu dumplings. Or a hard seltzer with ice cream. Depends on what flavor of bad my day is

No. 1910541

wingstop is so good they always pile the 5pc wing orders up to like 8

No. 1910544

and its always nice big fat pieces too, like a half a tender instead of just a little baby boneless wing

No. 1910581

Godspeed Nona! You're doing the thing I always feel bad about doing in games where I like the side characters and want them to like me (Kim is too precious for me to act like an asshole and disappoint him).

No. 1912093

This kid is so funny and lively

No. 1914646

File: 1709830547711.gif (9.91 KB, 170x107, 554o1_250.gif)

Transparent gifs of cute stuff

No. 1914658

File: 1709831004464.png (218.44 KB, 471x314, strawberries.png)

This brand of strawberries you can get at Costco. Literally the best strawberries I've ever eaten in my life and my area is known for having great strawberries in the summer. If they weren't so expensive I could eat the whole container in a sitting

No. 1914663

i like men

No. 1914676

That's Neko atsume! What a throwback

No. 1914685

File: 1709832806986.gif (53.9 KB, 360x294, AS001238_15.gif)

I'm so thankful for Neko atsume tbh

No. 1914693

File: 1709833066667.png (610.23 KB, 1024x1024, torinote_20240304_114759.png)

the app is still available! they also have a really cute one with musician birds called tori note, i love games like that

No. 1914700

I think they will release a sequel this year as well?

No. 1914716

File: 1709835023476.png (1.27 MB, 1125x654, Screenshot 2024-03-07 at 1.12.…)

NTA but they are! It's supposed to come out this summer. I'm excited, I love comfy cute games like this

No. 1915161

File: 1709853038246.jpg (189.8 KB, 1200x1200, wholesomeyum-Stuffed-Sweet-Pot…)

I fucking love potatoes

No. 1915177

File: 1709853639820.png (1.84 MB, 1080x1080, golden-pheasants-also-known-as…)


No. 1918164

File: 1710036502458.jpg (228.04 KB, 800x1202, Piata_Mare_din_Sibiu02.JPG)

Eyed Transylvanian houses, so whimsical

No. 1920075

I posted >>1840539 and I love you fellow potato loving nonnette

No. 1920717

File: 1710177698148.jpg (1.07 MB, 800x600, 1000014385.jpg)

I like touching flower petals, it's nice.

No. 1920724

Me too I love walking in the morning and seeing all the robins with their fat bellies chirping around. I think to myself "oh hello robins what a surprise seeing you out" and they go "bird noises" and I say oh ho ho! so comical you robins are. Life is so full of whimsy.

No. 1920749

File: 1710179742963.jpeg (120.69 KB, 720x720, 21FC91BA-D23F-43EB-A1B8-575819…)

I used to dislike Sanrio a lot because I felt ashamed of being associated with the egirl image and because it’s so easily mocked, but now I love it because it’s moid repellent. I see moid posts about how Sanrio girls are red flags. They hate any interests in cute things that don’t help them sexualize us. So I will not back down for my love for Sanrio anymore!

No. 1920758

I cannot imagine anyone mistaking you for an e-girl just for liking sanrio unless you actually look and dress like an e-girl. Normies don't know about that, they might vaguely comprehend you like cute japanese stuff or are a girly girl at most. I've also never been mocked and definitely not sexualized for it, are you just talking about stuff that happens online and doesn't actually matter…?

No. 1920760

Sanrio girls have existed for decades prior to this e-girl bs. The only people who think what you described are pornsick zoomers, so their opinion is meaningless anyway. Eventually it will die out and whores stop putting kuromi all over their OF bedrooms. Enjoy what you like.

No. 1920764

Yess!! They have such a wonderful velvety texture.

No. 1920771

Yes a lot of men think girls who are into Sanrio are BPD so they stay away. Also, I love my Sanrio travel pillow, kek.

No. 1920778

Yes, that is my point, that I have working myself up over rude comments online that don’t actually matter and mean nothing in the real world!

No. 1920787

File: 1710181131240.jpeg (149.96 KB, 1008x1792, 00D5904C-49E5-4AB0-B62B-88B152…)

Yeah, moids make memes like this one about how girls who like Sanrio are all mentally ill and should be avoided.


No. 1920788

Oh fair enough, because I have loads of sanrio shit at work despite being otherwise normal looking and nobody cares thankfully

No. 1920821

It makes me sad when things women always liked that were cute are made into weird egirl/thot material. All I gotta say is no matter what women like, men will always be trash. Life is too short to give a fuck

No. 1920832

This is one of the ugliest moids I have ever seen.

No. 1920891

File: 1710190059220.png (16.11 KB, 275x187, 1710190006471.png)

DavidRM'scThe Jorunal 8. This shit is so fucking good. TJ8 blows any journaling and note taking software out of the water, it's better than Evernote, Notion, etc. The only problem is that it is PC/Laptop only and it lacks syncing features. However, this program is amazing. It's like a text editor and diary all in one. It has so many different features, more than I can out. My favorite one is that I can load webpages into the program and modify them with background images and text formatting. I pirated it on a whim and I'm so glad I did.

No. 1920894

Only women can make fun of BPD Sanrio women imo

No. 1920895

*Only BPD Sanrio women can make fun of BPD Sanrio women

No. 1920945

No. 1920946

Sorry for the unholy amount of quotes, idk what happened.

No. 1920952

ROFL you must really want that link

No. 1920967

Don't know if I can share links on here but it is on DirtyWarez.

No. 1920975

File: 1710196074559.gif (152.79 KB, 268x348, 3730870f6hpzmoaje.gif)

Thank you for the rec, I've been searching for a good note program so I don't have to deal with ugly ass Word Office anymore.

No. 1921021

File: 1710198723379.jpeg (268.99 KB, 1707x1625, 6829CAED-D3C3-4DAA-A862-BC3A06…)

I love getting green shakes with protein in them. Makes me feel so healthy and put together. I have to get a decent blender for home

No. 1921034

what do you add to it nonna

No. 1921128

he didn't look like that before he met the hello kitty girl with BPD and daddy issues

No. 1921154

Ot but I can’t believe normie(?) men nowadays upload pictures like these, it seems like these wannabe gigachad selfies with the obvious jaw clenching and delusional stare used to be only circulated among incels on their lookism forum but I see more normie men unironically posting pictures of themselves clenching their jaws like they’re taking the worst shit of their lives.

No. 1921289

File: 1710211586805.jpg (95.54 KB, 590x290, New Project (76)(181).jpg)

I LOVE ancient Egyptian culture.

No. 1921413

I went to Jamba Juice and got a shake with kale, ginger, a bit of peaches, and protein (green and Ginger with whey protein)

No. 1922213

Thanks anon. I can't find it (yet) but I got the trial version and I like it so far!

No. 1922225

I think eventually all the ironic cultural bits from 4chan disperse among the internet until they reach the screens of normies that can't differentiate between irony and reality so they start to unironically behave in retarded ways.
I also love Ancient Egypt it's such a fun thing to read up about when I'm on the bus or the train. I love the artwork, culture, history, everything is so interesting. You have good taste nona.

No. 1922241

File: 1710275510292.png (10.85 KB, 210x260, 1706465459134.png)

same I love it when anons use pic rel

No. 1922304

File: 1710280365410.jpg (1.95 MB, 3811x2098, Marsh-Scene-Tomb-of-Menna-1924…)

I love it too, I recently got into it and sometimes I spend time looking up gods and their myths, some stories are insane cough the set lettuce thing cough in a good way kek. The art is impressive and the clothes look so cool in it.

No. 1922310

File: 1710281057744.jpeg (122.98 KB, 1242x1230, IMG_7674.jpeg)

I love the San-X kuma plushes so much. Not even just how cute they are, but how soft they are too. I sleep with picrel every night. It has the most perfect texture, size and shape to hold like it was designed for sleep. These rilakkuma/korilakkuma plushes are perfection and I need more

No. 1922383

it's very parasocial but I like how evenly matched in autism youtuber krimsonrogue and his wife appear to be. when he features her in his videos, it feels like they're both at the right level to find each other funny and charming instead of cringe or embarrassing, as someone less autistic might. isn't that all us autists can really hope for? someone who enjoys our cringe jokes and interests, who can also make us happy with their cringe jokes and interests? I just think it's very sweet. hopefully he isn't a secret freak like every other man on the internet.

No. 1927259

Ryan Goslings project from over a decade ago, Dead Man's Bones. I love this album, I saw someone using their audio for a video and I think its cool to see other people liking it because I was clowned. Can't believe it came out in 2009.

No. 1927615

I love that you can specifically smell when spring arrives. It immediately gives me a mood boost and a bit of energy.

No. 1928722

Oh my gosh me too!! I love the distinct smell of spring and summer in the mornings. I came here to make a post about how I love the expression people make when looking up at a bright sky, I think the eyes squinting is so cute.

No. 1929159

I love movies from this company because it has the best intro logo. Perfect transition from real life into the cinematic world.

No. 1929290

File: 1710720628031.gif (1.63 MB, 498x288, its fucking nothing.gif)

I fucking love Metalocalypse. I randomly stumbled across it on Adult Swim when I was a kid, but quickly changed the channel because the screaming and gore scared me, kek. I've been having a hard time emotionally lately, and it's one of the few things that makes me forget my worries and genuinely makes me laugh, or smile at the very least. I love these retards.

No. 1929309

Do you like Coffee?

No. 1929322

Rediscovered this song a few days ago, I just love the absolute nostalgia of it

No. 1932466

Obsessed with this guy’s videos at the minute I feel like a cat

No. 1935841

I love this song.

No. 1936699

File: 1711235197440.png (996.77 KB, 729x546, tnah_a_2086835_f0018_oc_2.PNG)

I love it when I crack a pomegranate open and its seeds are arranged like a rolled-up isopods tiny feet. Looks cute.

No. 1936768

this is butt rock

No. 1938164

File: 1711340461241.jpg (132.42 KB, 1179x1124, 1000003559.jpg)

No. 1938191

>can stab men and get away with it
god has its favourites

No. 1938195

Bestie goals

No. 1942003

This dance is cool

No. 1942023

Jammin to this with my titties out thanks nonna

No. 1942624

Oh my God I love Uchiha Elsie

No. 1942986

File: 1711756109212.jpeg (111.67 KB, 736x477, IMG_0062.jpeg)

I love cat images.

No. 1942987

i always google "cats (blank)" like cats hugging or cats traveling for threadpic images lol

No. 1942997

File: 1711756769562.jpeg (81.31 KB, 950x1237, IMG_9685.jpeg)

Based and cat-pilled. I think cat images are just so funny. Just look at ‘em.

No. 1943017

Based, I've always loved the unspoken commitment to cat thread pics on lc

No. 1943108

i love french fries. theyre always there when times get tough.

No. 1943110

Thoughts on curly fries?

No. 1943145

Even better

No. 1943162

Love them so much

No. 1943589

I like curly fries but they're too much after a few of them. I think the simplicity of a regular French fry is so beautiful

No. 1943775

usually superior, but thats mostly b/c they are usually seasoned. any type of seasoned fry mogs an unseasoned fry any day

No. 1954943

File: 1712515882989.png (265.58 KB, 540x446, tumblr_9becea495b286111d47acfd…)

Everybody look at this transparent kitten image

No. 1965750

I love this video. I think it's so sweet and my dad would absolutely do the same thing when I was a young weeb.

No. 1965755

Cute and cozy

No. 1965865

Just discovered that they have a Geoguessr World Cup and I love watching their huge 8hr VODs, there's also some cute (albeit very awkward) players as a bonus.

No. 1971917

File: 1713572000674.jpg (40.74 KB, 569x420, Rubberduckie1970~2.jpg)

As an autist I've never understood why a lot of other autists (mainly male ones) dislike taking showers and view it as a chore. I adore showering. I find it very relaxing at the end of a long work day, and it's a nice time for me to unwind and gather my thoughts. I love feeling clean and being in the water. It's very comfortable to me.

Feeling dirty is actually what makes my skin crawl. I don't even want to enter my bedroom while I'm wearing my dirty work clothes. I hate the feeling of being sweaty after physical activity, or when my face feels oily. Having things stuck in my hair is upsetting too, or when my hair feels oily. I can't stand it. I know that you're supposed to avoid washing your hair every day, but I usually do it anyway just because I feel uncomfortable if I don't. I'm very out-of-sorts if I go a day without showering. It just feels wrong, like I haven't "reset" properly.

No. 1972724

File: 1713640320946.jpeg (255.34 KB, 697x914, IMG_0443.jpeg)

She is peak character design

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