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File: 1631816161694.jpg (232.84 KB, 753x920, 9c4e00e32f896fbc71f13ee5ac380b…)

No. 160667

Post about Halloween and Fall! Costume ideas, aesthetic photos, etc.

No. 160670

Question for everyone: what is your favorite halloween question you've ever had?

No. 160672

File: 1631817068336.jpg (98.28 KB, 550x569, tumblr_nvkl8ngsqX1sdmxkpo1_128…)

Omg omg, are you guys dressing up? Please tell me about your costume. If you're not getting dressed up this year, tell me about your favorite costume you've ever worn!

No. 160676

File: 1631819028624.jpg (106.74 KB, 540x673, dbe328b2bf5c3b51917f575841693a…)

Thank you, anon!
Halloween and fall is my favorite even though I live in a tropical country that doesn't celebrate it very much, if at all. Doesn't stop me and my boyfriend from doing our own stuff during "Halloween Month", like watching horror movies, decorating a bit and eating some candy. I live vicariously through the movies, series, YouTube videos and pics during that time lol
Wish I could've trick or treated as a kid

No. 160678

My heart breaks for you not having been trick or treating, so unfair!!
What are your favorite Halloween movies to watch? Do you like scary horror or like cozy spooky?

No. 160689

File: 1631824409495.jpg (897.73 KB, 1920x1080, Halloween.jpg)

I already know I'm not gonna do shit this year, maybe play spooky games with friends online but I always loved this time of the year.

No. 160690

File: 1631825060536.jpg (91.5 KB, 564x705, hallow.jpg)

I wish I knew someone irl who gets as excited about Halloween as me but oh well. I'm looking forward to getting cozy and watching horror movies. So many new ones are coming out this year.

No. 160691

File: 1631826486120.jpg (88.41 KB, 788x768, peepo.jpg)

Who else LOVES pumpkin carving? I have done pepe, animals, Spock, scary faces. I don't do the shaved ones with the dremel and layers something about it intimidates me, I don't know about you guys. Also I think I am going to carve a real pumpkin and try using a craft pumpkin this year, the idea of it not degrading is really nice to me

No. 160698

File: 1631829536225.png (606.08 KB, 640x480, EEB8B209-6999-408C-9F88-DD78EA…)

I wish we celebrated halloween here, but it’s basically non existent unless you are a child. I’ve always been jealous of americans who got to do pumpkin carving, trick n treating and dressing up. At least I have horror movies to marathon.

No. 160723

File: 1631843134364.png (259.35 KB, 640x347, 84BD09EB-30BD-4FE4-B5F0-A4BA31…)

I’m super excited about celebrating Halloween with my best friend, we don’t really celebrate it in my country because It’s a tropical country, only if you’re a kid and the whole building or a closed gate neighborhood decides on holding a small trick or treating party.
So I’m extremely excited because Halloween is fun, you get to wear costumes and take wacky pictures with friends.
I’m wondering if there are any particular dishes for Halloween that are special? other than sweets, because that’s a given, I want to cook something nice on that day for me and my friend.
And I really want to wear a weird Angel costume, like pic related, I already got a few ideas, I hope it somehow works out because I suck at arts and crafts.

No. 160724

Lol same. No one takes it seriously here, I remember being a kid and attempting to trick and treat with friends, only to have teenagers yell at us to come back to the United States

No. 160725

Have a cute Halloween party with your friends!

No. 160730

File: 1631848572594.png (76.93 KB, 400x300, 1565eb1edad6092f29bfb21982ba16…)

thank you for the thread!

No. 160751

Me and my five year old brain, shocked and disturbed that the entire world doesn't celebrate the month of spook

No. 160752

Yesss, I love carving pumpkins! I'm gonna try and do a unicorn this year and incorporate the stem as the horn! I love your Pepe, stupid cute. Also carving a craft pumpkin is so clever and I can't believe I've never thought of that. Hope you post what you carve this year!!

No. 160753

i live in eastern europe so we don't really celebrate halloween the american way, but i love october and november. the chilly weather, colorful leaves, the fog and rainy weather. it's so calm and nice! i also like to decorate the house in a halloweeny theme and carve pumpkins even though that's not very traditional here.
we celebrate day of the dead and day of all saints and we always go on a roadtrip to visit all the cemeteries and graveyards where our family members are buried and we always visit cousins and stuff that we haven't met for a year. i love it, it's almost like christmas but more spooky

No. 160770

File: 1631889167594.jpeg (232.93 KB, 1200x800, ad_223019055.jpeg)

i'm no good at carving pumpkins but every year I paint an artificial one! if you are in the US and have a michaels near you they have good sales on their fake pumpkins

also, holy shit halloween costumes used to be terrifying (1920s)

No. 160771

Kek even the policeman is spooky

No. 160774

File: 1631890004945.jpg (59.65 KB, 495x386, Addams_Family_mansion.jpg)

Wish I were in the mood to celebrate and decorate, but somehow I can't get into it this year. Last year I would watch one horror movie every day of October, sadly I don't feel like that either. Hope next year I will live in another flat, so I can start decorating and feeling spooky at the beginning of August. And maybe the Germans will start celebrating it properly and the Christians will hopefully shut up that it's Reformation Day and we shouldn't celebrate anything else than that, especially not Halloween.

No. 160906

File: 1631983351529.jpg (453.83 KB, 1280x960, pumpkin table.jpg)

Cute thread pic.
Choosing between Samara and a clown. Maybe I could incorporate both? What are you planning, nonny?
>I have done pepe
I don't do craving, but I enjoy looking at them!
>And I really want to wear a weird Angel costume, like pic related
Sounds and looks awesome, anon. I'm sure it'll come out great.
>I'm gonna try and do a unicorn this year and incorporate the stem as the horn!
Ugh, that sounds really adorable!!
>Wish I were in the mood to celebrate and decorate, but somehow I can't get into it this year.
That was me last year, but I got back into it early this year. It'll come back, dear nonita. patpat

No. 160907

File: 1631983477444.gif (1.73 MB, 250x250, candle.gif)

No. 160908

File: 1631983823326.gif (1.77 MB, 250x250, spidey.gif)

No. 160910

File: 1631984204815.gif (2.85 MB, 325x325, spooky bread.gif)

No. 160911

File: 1631984789636.gif (1000.27 KB, 500x233, aef313a1043123c5f438c3e0fe9a39…)

thank you, if we find a new flat by then it will definitely come back. This year, I will at least watch a nice movie and get myself a pumpkin ale on Halloween like every year, even though it's hard to get in Germany.

I have a self-made Halloween bag pattern lying around, now I just need to get myself a proper sewing machine.

No. 160914

File: 1631985280211.jpg (198.56 KB, 780x780, Samhain-1.jpg)

I'm from a country that do not traditionally celebrate Halloween. Instead we have All hallows day. I know that the origin of this celebration is Samhain, from the British islands.
Does Halloween also have a spiritual side to it in the US, either christian or pagan?

No. 160921

File: 1631986707198.webm (3.82 MB, 1440x1440, skelly pup.webm)

No. 160927

File: 1631988956428.gif (12.07 MB, 532x640, pug-halloween.gif)

No. 160978

File: 1632007287726.gif (2.46 MB, 360x202, 2is7v2.gif)

No. 161502

File: 1632410023688.jpg (105.95 KB, 500x568, cookies.jpg)

No. 161513

> Does Halloween also have a spiritual side to it in the US, either christian or pagan?

Nope, it’s completely secular. Although there’s an extremely small subsection of Evangelical Christians who think it’s of the devil and refuse to acknowledge it.

No. 161521

These cookies are pure over-processed goodness. I gotta get some this next month.

No. 162164

File: 1632850669294.jpg (126.14 KB, 620x930, Fall-Mums-and-Pumpkins-e147562…)

Saw somebody line their steps with purple mums and orange pumpkins and it looked so cute I'm gonna copy them. Also found some cute metal pumpkin standees at the flea market. Do you guys do yard decorations? I used to go all-out with the spiderwebs and shit but I can't be bothered it takes too long

No. 162587

Is anyone participating in any drawing events this month? I'm not doing Inktober because of Jake fuck face plagiarizing his shitty book no one asked for, but there are lots of others. One was Drawtober, which is circus themed this year, and one of the people I follow is starting Cryptober which I thought was pretty cool.

No. 162596

anon…they're marshmellows

No. 162606

Those are definitely cookies. But theyre not good ones

No. 162608

File: 1633117068760.jpg (44.49 KB, 600x450, 1534908930667.jpg)

from /co/

Welcome to Spooktober!
The /co/ thread for all things Halloween! Discuss films, cartoons, comics, and everything related to the spookiest time of year!

Previous thread: >>118740475
>SkeletalStreamer's Spooky Streams
>Friday, Saturday and Sunday @ 6 Central/7 Eastern (but honestly depends on Skelly)
https://cytu/ DOT be/r/SkeletalStreamer

>Halloween Music Pastebin:


>Ghoul School Fan Art and Stories:


>Halloween Episodes and Movies:




No. 162610

I already got and ate the ghost ones raw they were delicious and I’m good on junk food the whole year as long as I get to shove those in my face once a year. They make them so you can eat them raw now because that’s always been the superior choice, if you bake them they taste 85% worse

No. 162614


This a cute idea, anon. I love the contrast of the purple & orange. Might be copying you.

No. 162672

I always burn them I'll take your advice and just eat them raw next time
Nice also reminded me of the spooky vegan's list of Halloween media
http://www.thespookyvegan.com/2016/10/the-ultimate-list-of-halloween-themed.html(this is an imageboard. Post the screenshot)

No. 162757

File: 1633261607328.jpg (48.42 KB, 800x450, 1475b838-582a-4ff8-92ac-adcd43…)

I need to get a Halloween party planned or something I want an excuse to make all the cute treats that keep popping up

No. 162794

When you see a recipe you like please post it here if it's not a problem, I want to make cool halloween treats this year and I really like the one you posted

No. 162830

File: 1633298383422.jpg (140.18 KB, 812x546, pumpkincookie.jpg)

My bad I didn't think about it, it's Peanut Butter Pumpkin Cookies from Pillsbury's website. They have other cute ones on there too. Ngl when I make them I'm probably just going to use my own PB dough

No. 162831

ntayrt, ty for this recipe! I will try it

No. 162845

Made me chuckle. I might try this recipe later, thanks anon.

No. 163030

Every Halloween I used to watch Garfield's Halloween Adventure at 7 pm then go out for trick or treating.

No. 163035

I can't find anyone to do Halloween things with me.
I wanna go to a pumpkin patch & take cute photos, see halloween displays, go to haunts/Horror Nights, watch horror flicks at a retro theater… I want to share these things with people but I feel so isolated because I can't get anyone to commit.

No. 163036

anyone have some good halloween music recs?

No. 163043

When I think of halloween I think of vampira

No. 163057

i always wanted to celebrate halloween as a kid but my dad wouldn’t let me do it because he saw it as an american thing (we’re australian). now he lets my younger sisters go trick or treating and thankfully one year i supervised them and dressed up as harley quinn (from the first suicide squad movie lol). i still would have liked to go trick or treating as a child though

No. 163218

File: 1633623151865.jpg (9 KB, 241x236, 31Rr9G8IsVL._AC_.jpg)

That's how it is with so much stuff as the older sibling I'm sorry that sucks.

No. 163376

This is so nostalgic I'm actually going to cry

No. 163380

Love yoyomax12 so much. The eyeballs are made of blueberries, jello and condensed milk. Might go to the craft store and look for molds

No. 163382

That's amazing, love it

No. 163398

I think you can buy eyeballs like this if you are lazy

No. 163418

File: 1633719368764.jpg (29.95 KB, 680x1020, almond-meringue-ghost-cookies-…)

Be careful because a lot of eyeball gummies just have the eyeball design printed on the clear packaging. It's fucked up of them

No. 163439

I didn't know she was still posting, I used to watch her videos every day after school in middle school and early high school. One of the comfiest channels.

No. 164590

File: 1634364156450.png (2.58 MB, 1920x1080, Destiny 2_20211015043027.png)

I hate real horror and am not one for parties, but I love looking at the cutesy decorations and lights around the neigborhood. And silly game events.

No. 164597

what is this? looks yummy

No. 164598

what is this? its tripping me the fuvck out

No. 164603

The new Halloween event in Destiny 2, they added silly decorations to some of the combat areas. I love how cute those spiders are.

No. 164611

File: 1634387004952.jpg (264.86 KB, 1140x855, il_1140xN.3417388333_ggv5.jpg)

Almond meringues

No. 164613

File: 1634388067225.jpeg (266.22 KB, 750x1112, 7F9C8E2B-48D2-4D65-910F-0B94FD…)

These are so cute, idk anything about working with fondant and I’ve heard it’s not very good so I’m apprehensive about trying to make one.

No. 164623

Use marshmallow fondant anon! Some people just use fondant that's made with icing sugar and water, but marshmallow fondant is super yummy and pretty easy to make.

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