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No. 661166

Post your dumbass questions here

Previous thread:

No. 661170

Why are chihuahuas so fucking evil and aggressive?? I volunteered at an animal shelter and dealt with 100+ pound former fighting dogs that acted like little babies. The one time I got bit was from a chihuahua.

No. 661171

File: 1603839799706.jpeg (140.72 KB, 1047x1047, F49ADF1D-9DDE-4C36-8FDC-7CE4B7…)

Take it back

No. 661172

I'd like to understand science. What are some good platforms (aside from khan academy) to try and learn by myself, just for fun? I'm incredibly ignorant with anything related to it so I'm actually thinking about buying some science books for children and starting from there

No. 661215

File: 1603843582267.jpeg (144.79 KB, 720x1022, 4060FA70-9863-4BC0-9382-1033F8…)

Do you think Twisted wonderland will get released on English? I know that some brands tend to be into making Asia exclusive content, but we’re talking about Disney so… maybe they will release it someday?
i just hope I can actually get to play the game on English but I’m thirsty for content while at the same time I don’t want to spoil myself in case I can play it

No. 661240

There are probably a lot of science related videos on YouTube like crashcourse, or maybe various documentaries. Science is so broad though maybe it would be better to focus on a particular type

No. 661247

Napolean complex/they're compensating?

No. 661248

Aren't there people in the otome fandom who like doing fan translations? Maybe you could commission someone.
Somehow, I don't think the western branch of Disney would want to mess around with this sort of thing, it doesn't fit their brand so well. Kingdom Hearts might probably be as anime as they get, but I might be wrong.

No. 661250

here you go anon ive had classes that used these books and they're free

No. 661273

File: 1603853305278.jpeg (128.04 KB, 540x540, 1E409B03-9296-4D57-AA9A-38EDCC…)

how does one balance being hopelessly romantic with having impossibly specific + pinkpill tier standards? seriously fml

No. 661307

When you fantasize about fucking animated characters do you picture them as real people or do you picture yourself as animated?

No. 661309

The latter

No. 661314

Sometimes I like to think of them as if they were real then I get turned off because they will never look as great as they look in 2D > 3DPG so it’s better when I think about them in a 2D setting.

No. 661315

I honestly don’t think they will. Japan and Disney have different licensing laws together vs Disney and everywhere else. Other anon was right too about it not really fitting the western brand very well.

There’s really not much to the game aside from clicking through the stories (and a few events have already passed), so I’d honestly just go to the fan wiki and read through the translations honestly. They’ve been pretty good about quality control and kicking out people who submit incorrect or google translated scripts. In addition, Shel_bb on YouTube uploads their own English translations of the main story if you want a better experience (sound, video).

No. 661316

I picture them as a hyperealistic drawing

No. 661321

No. 661336

I imagine them as 2D still but I don't have to imagine myself as animated because usually the fantasies are in first person. Or I'm imagining them fucking another character and projecting on the character.

No. 661337

I know it's normal for earlobe piercings to smell a little bit as they heal and push out dead skin cells and sebum, but is it also normal for them to not smell at all? My new lobe piercings are three weeks old and they smell of nothing. I don't even clean them aside from in the shower.

No. 661338

Why are kuuderes so popular?
I don't understand, cheerful and outgoing girls are so much cuter and seem to be more popular in the real world

No. 661345

Because it's not based on reality, it's just a two-dimensional fantasy like all of the dere types. Scrotes like them because they dream of being the one special man to warm up their frigid hearts and break past the unemotional exterior to make them feel love for the first time.

No. 661350

I wasn't familiar with this -dere type so I had to look it up. Now that I know what they are, I personally like them because I see myself in them in a few ways. I'm pretty cynical but I still have a soft spot that I don't show often. Mei Misaki from Another, for example, is cold to everyone because she's convinced that they see her as a burden. But once she finds a confidant, she feels more comfortable showing her quirks. Other anon's point that scrotes like them because they have a savior complex is news to me. I just think they're nice because they're able to still be independent without their entire story being centered around pursuing a boy/man.

No. 661351

Because all anime girls types are annoying af

No. 661353

people say “ruh roh” still? isn’t it outdated? also why would people say that?

No. 661358

This one hurt. I still say it because of how cheesy it is. "Ruh roh Raggy" will always be hilarious to me. Frankly, all of the Mystery Gang catchphrases are silly and fun to say.

No. 661363

Anon "dere" comes from the word deredere which means lovey dovey. To define a character as a dere type literally means you are profiling them in regards to their love style, frequently based on how they interact with the main character. The fact that weebs have chosen to use this system to categorize characters outside of dating sims and harem anime is one thing, and your response was cute and sincere, but entirely out of context.

No. 661379

How can I say my pussy is throbbing without outright saying it? All I’ve got is second heartbeat, which I suppose is pretty forward but it’s still not saying it saying it if that makes sense. Any other phrases/words like that?

No. 661380

I'm lesbian and still grossed out lol. Just say you're wet.

No. 661385

just say your pussy is throbbing, nothing wrong with that.

No. 661403

The pussy throb post has me wondering if this is normal. I only throb after an orgasm (aftershocks or whatever they're called) Never before. Do others throb pre-orgasm?

No. 661406

Sometimes, if I'm extremely aroused I would be throbbing before an orgasm, I think that's normal. It's not too often for me though, which sucks, because I like the feeling.

No. 661411

Yes, but like the other anon that replied, I have to be incredibly horny. It's not as blatant a feeling as the post-orgasm throb but there's definitely a sense of warmth and pulsing pleasure.

No. 661413

Aren't tsunderes more popular? Even though realistically someone who acts like that would be hated by everyone. /a/ usually shits on kuuderes.

No. 661447

What's with all these "lesbians" on twitter EXCLUSIVELY talking/thirsting about men? I'm not even talking about anime boys, like real ass men. I want to tell them it's ok to be bisexual

No. 661466

My Lord, I knew a girl like this who called herself lesbian and openly would lust after men. She did date a woman at one point, she was "trans masc" tho. Before even her announcement she was a lesbian, she called herself queer. Like, girl, just say bisexual. I bet she didn't wanna be one of those bisexuals but she literally is. Continues to date men.

No. 661483

How do people find this site in order to post spam/phishing links? I've seen cam ads before and I just reported a link to "buy Jordan's."

No. 661484

I used to be mutuals with a canadian girl who would never date a girl nor really show any affection towards any, besides "yass queen" comments on cosplay or black women with decent makeup photos. She would always date a guy and during the relationship she would ALWAYS complain about him, pirvating her twitter. In a week or two she would break up with him and will always tell that "she is a lesbian and now will date only girls", just to end up going through the exact same circle with e-dating men over and over again. I swear, her twitter is neverending opera episode.

The only time she showed a somewhat interest in woman was when she went to a cafe, and wrote on Discord "This waitress is so cute!! I hope she's trans."…

She also actually never befriends girls and doesn't like them much, but still calls herself a lesbian as a pass for saying "faggot" for which she was scolded in school by teachers a lot.

No. 661499

File: 1603889455080.png (23.83 KB, 632x251, jd.png)

Not a user, how does one earn "per" tiktok? I've seen a few of his videos and they're not blatantly sponsored or anything. Is tiktok paying him to post to promote the app, is that it?

No. 661505

My best guess is that it's coming from the Creator Fund. Tik Tok introduced a new program this year where creators are basically able to make AdSense like Youtubers (they're not actually ads though). It's pretty much only beneficial for people in Jason Derulo's position (i.e. concurrently famous) though because it's based on views I think and obviously, people who go viral once (and average people in general) won't earn a steady income from it. You have to have a certain amount of views on your tik toks within a given time span, a certain number of followers, etc. to even qualify.

No. 661506

same anon but a lot of smaller creators have also stated that the program's shit bc after joining, their views actually went down and the money they received from it was negligible.

No. 661514

I know a girl like this. She went through several boyfriends when we were teenagers, but then "came out" as a "lesbian" in high school. She and her best friend from before were in a weird, quasi-romantic, highly unhealthy relationship for like a year. They were both pulling the same "lol we're lesbians now" crap. She even cheated on this girl with a guy! Neither of them have dated girls since they broke up, but continue to sperg on social media about being "omg so ghey." Then there was another girl I knew in highschool who as far as I could tell actually was a lesbian, but she got stuck in an unhealthy relationship with a poser/political lesbian. All four of the people I just described were theater kids, which tells you basically everything you need to know lol.
I think people do this because they think that sexuality is a personality trait or a substitute for personality. They also seem to have the impression that being bisexual or bi-curious isn't special enough– they've gotta be ~lesbians uwu~. I think it's a result of lingering stigma from all the scene girls lying about being bisexual ten years ago.

No. 661521

File: 1603891993764.jpeg (38.61 KB, 579x577, received_271024963956857.jpeg)

Toy dogs get away with bad behavior because they're cute and people are less likely to discipline them. I think it's called small dog syndrome.

No. 661529

it's just the compulsory heterosexuality!!

(i know it is an actual issue but so many fake lesbians use it as an excuse why they just can't help but thirst after men)

No. 661598

are people on the street less likely to target you because you are walking a dog. like no matter if it’s small. Is it another liability for them or what

No. 661600

File: 1603898909619.jpg (150.72 KB, 1280x728, cocker-cachorro.jpg)

Not if its a very tiny dog like a pomeranian, but i think something cocker spaniel sized and up helps, dogs usually get REALLY agressive if someone attacks their owner and even the smaller ones can bite a huge chunk of someone's leg.

No. 661616

File: 1603900569210.jpeg (138.02 KB, 576x1024, C20CB8E1-66A6-41AA-8F89-20C25B…)

he’s like this size. and blind but an attacker wouldn’t know that

No. 661628

I’m down 2 pant sizes and i’m wondering if I should start buying new clothes now or when I’m at my goal weight. Anons who lost weight what did you do? Should I just learn how to take in the waist of the pants I have now or just wear a belt and looks retarded because there’s so much fabric around my crotch? Also did you keep your larger sizes clothes once your got to your goal weight or did you donate them? I’m kinda leaning toward wanting to keep some of them since i’m scared i’ll one day gain all the weight back…

No. 661630

Leggings are a girls best friend when you’re dropping sizes. I’d say just get something cheap and flexible until you hit your goal.

No. 661632

I haven't lost weight myself but if I were in your position I'd personally wait with buying new clothes until I reached my goalweight and take in my old clothes (it's not that hard). Or buy some cheap temporary clothes from the thriftstore. Idk it just seems like a waste of money if you know you're going to shrink out of them again soon.

No. 661635

I opted for skirts and dresses (not skin tight ones, though) since the waist is easily taken in without much sewing knowledge and I'd only have to replace tights.
But if you work a job where you have to lift a lot of things or run around, >>661632 is probably better

Personally, the real casualties of my journey were my tops. So many leftover awkwardly large blouses…RIP

No. 661643

Kuudere boys are based
Genkis are all whores, I said it

No. 661678

Can anyone recommend me a show from Netflix or Hulu that has some hot young dude as the mc? Basically panders it up for women.

When bf picks shows to watch most coincidentally always feature a conventionally attractive young woman as the main, especially grabs attention if she's depicted on the title screen.

I just want to make a point without coming off as le jealous female, I don't enjoy these shows because I'm straight and I'm fully aware of the pandering and why he's picking it and why it appeals to malebrain. I want to turn tables.

No. 661690

im brit so idk how american politics work: is it possible that the pickme tradcunt spaz Justice ACB might be replaced if Biden wins? could he nominate someone else

No. 661694

VIKINGS, hot men outnumber the hot women
And unironically, shows with fujo fanbase like Hannibal and Supernatural

No. 661695

>And unironically, shows with fujo fanbase like Hannibal and Supernatural
This is genius, omg do it!!!

No. 661696

Nobody in Hannibal or Supernatural is attractive kek

No. 661698

Why was there a raid? When/where was the raid first talked about/organised? Why was the raid just bumping old-ass threads and nothing more fucked up?

No. 661700

T-take it back

No. 661706

File: 1603907415297.jpg (87.32 KB, 1035x690, he peaked here didnt he.jpg)

Fat Daddy Winchester was hot, though.

No. 661729

Oh shit, the only exception. I didn't know he was in Supernatural though, I know him from TWD kek.

No. 661736

Wait that man was Negan? Wtf

No. 661759

Has anyone ever had an unsuccessful suicide attempt? How did they find you?

No. 661761

Only successful suicide chads are allowed on this website.

No. 661766

Basically just ended up falling asleep in my empty tub with the door locked after taking all of my medication. My ex woke me up and didn't notice how groggy/out of it I was for 2 days kek.

No. 661770

Not sure where else to post this: I recently became friends with a guy who I think is going down the alt-right pipeline. I know I should just distance myself, but I really want to try to take him out of this path, but I don't know how. Here's some context:

> We live in Germany

> Admitted he used to be an incel
> Calls himself a centrist
> We bonded over suicidal ideation
> A bit anti-intellectual/anti-academia (muh appeal to authority)
> Watches Tim Pool and adjacent youtube bubble religiously
> Trump sympathizer, was surprised when I said Trump lies about easily verifiable things (so not very well informed)
> Hateboner for Greta Thunberg
> Antifa are the real fascists, black people are the real racists
> edgy 1350/1488 jokes
> Displays more empathy than your usual incel/alt-righter when talking one-on-one and about real people, which is what gives me hope

Please don't just tell me he's a lost cause and to stop trying. I feel like I have a chance to help him get out of this bubble but I don't know how

No. 661771

What and how many pills did you take?

No. 661775

Ghost forum

No. 661778

Switch to dresses and skirts anon it’s the best u can do!

No. 661779

>please don’t tell me the truth, spoon feed me what I want to hear even though this post proves I’m retarded, desperate, and delusional
The ‘I can change him!’ meme is so embarrassing for our species

No. 661781

Some Kdrama?

No. 661784

on the floor in the morning with the lights while being woken up for school by my sister. belt nearby im guessing

No. 661789

Anon, listen to yourself
>used to be an incel
>bonded over suicidal ideation
>Trump sympathizer
Come on now. You know better

No. 661791

I overdosed alone in a hotel room and woke up hours later to my heart going fucking nuts in my chest, I was soaked in sweat shaking and about to puke for hours. Nobody found me. Nobody knows it happened

No. 661792

I was 13, my mum walked in on me while I was scarfing down pills & promptly called an ambulance while I sobbed quietly. Once we got to the hospital, we waited about an hour to be seen and she got bored and said to go home kek. I was fine, it was a handful of ibuprofen at most, but tbh I wish I got professional support in the way of therapy. There's more but that's the vividest in my memory

No. 661797

im the embodiment of the “i can change him” meme. my boyfriend is in love with his ex but i love him more than anything. it’s pathetic ik but im never gonna leave him

No. 661801

Like a months worth of 40mg citalopram and whatever was left of some painkillers from a surgery, probably only 2 or 3 of those. Killer fuckin headaches too.

No. 661802

No. 661806

That's sounds horrible, I'm sorry. What did you take and why did you do it?

No. 661807

i always feel that once he goes to college things will change but another part of me tells me he’s always going to love her. i’ve been with him for over a year and a half and i’m always there for him but whenever it seems like i helped him get over her, he loves her again.

No. 661809

When i was like 9 I tried to suicide and took an entire bottle of pills i took from my mom's nightstand. turns out it was melatonin and that doesn't kill you.
and then i tried to hang myself at 13 with a shitty thin plastic belt and it broke and i just fucked up my windpipe, so that's cool i guess.

No. 661810

i feel like this is common. you can rly overlook so much if you really love someone

No. 661811

Was there a time when most anons here were lolita enthusiasts or were they just a really vocal minority? Seeing people talk about how embarrassing they see lolita fashion to be is so jarring lol. Does anyone have any idea when the tides changed?

No. 661816

I mean true, I've been there myself, but you also have to say "enough is enough" at some point. You really do.
Especially when you can say those things out loud–it's one thing to try and ignore them, but to acknowledge it and still stay/do nothing about it is extremely lame.

No. 661819

Oh so you guys are also extremely young. I have bad news for you, anon…

No. 661820

"Love" lol no sis it's mental illness and codependency

No. 661821

literal cuck

No. 661822

Did you then come off them cold turkey or how did you manage?
> citalopram
I feel like citalopram actually made me suicidal when I hadn't been before. I was forced to take it as a teen (started on it at 12) and I gave my parents the feedback that I felt worse on it and was having thoughts I'd never had before 'oh just keep taking your meds anon' Til I took way too many. Puked like crazy but I still wasn't right for days. My parents wouldn't get me help because of abuse happening in the household. They were afraid I'd say something if a social worker got involved

Don't know about adult use but it's known to often make teens worse and you're meant to take that feedback seriously

No. 661823

i overlook so much, i’ve tried to stand my ground about it. but he tells me everytime that when we met and started our relationship, i knew he was still in love with her, which is true. so yeah about 90% is my fault. i just wish things were different, i know i’m not going to leave him.

No. 661825

Trueeee. Even though the female characters are also attractive, they are often self-inserts while the rich talented chads making grand gestures of romance will make scrotes insecure for sure!

No. 661828

I actually still take it at 40mg to this day as well as other meds now too. I started as an adult (22), and it helped me with my suicidal ideation a lot, actually. I was just having a hard time regardless. When I do forget to take them or just stop taking them bc I'm stupid, the brain zaps are real, though.

I'm sorry that was your experience though. That's genuinely awful, and I hope that if you are on meds now, you have something that works for you or are otherwise just feeling better. If you need help, always seek it, anon.

No. 661829

So how are you going to cope when he leaves you lol

No. 661830

File: 1603911966115.png (229.88 KB, 558x491, 1591816826886.png)

No. 661834

I won't say what I took because it's not an idea I want to put in peoples heads.

I watched a relative struggle through cancer, it was a slow and painful decline and after they died I found myself having these intrusive memories almost. They had a stroke a few days before they passed away and they were in such a bad way that the memory of that haunted me. I wanted to stop reliving it.

No. 661836

Would you be friends with someone in her mid 20s who lives at home, but in a separate building from her parents?
What if she was on disability from nerve damage and didn't have a job?
What is she couldn't get disability, despite the medical complications she has, because she lives in America, and didn't have a job?
What if she was always happy to drive you anywhere?
What if she was always happy to call doctors and things like that on your behalf since it's easy for her?
Is there anything that a loser like that could do to make herself worthwhile to others?
She also never talks about her health in public.

No. 661842

File: 1603912385022.png (38.64 KB, 187x169, 43648769898745.png)

This is one of the things that exasperates me most about women. "He's horrible and doesn't give a shit about me but I love him so it's okay."

Stop minimizing real love you delusional fucks. I'm so bored of the general populace thinking the definition of love is "really really lyking some1 uwu." Nah bitch. Love involves passion, but equally important are kindness, respect and self awareness for BOTH parties. You do not actually "love" someone if you are allowing them to walk all over you and treat you like mud. You are enabling them to be a shit human being, meaning you are literally one of the negative influences in their life. This is often unintentional, and you can try to convince them to change, but past a certain point you're as bad as those people on My 600 Lb Life shoveling milkshakes and burgers and 50 gallons of cheese into their partner's mouth "because he was so sad and hungry and couldn't you tell he was starving waaaaaaaahh".

Show people that their actions have fucking consequences (you leaving) and it might be just the wake-up call they need to be better. If not, that's on them and you in a way you still showed real concern for them by actually having standards.

No. 661845

Yes, I'm friends with NEETs who are less useful and more annoying than this kek. It would be a blessing by comparison.

No. 661846

Anon ily, none of these would be deal breakers for any normal person looking for a friendship. Your interests and personality matter more than your health status and whether or not you can drive, you deserve to find people you click with, not just people who will use you

No. 661849

Living circumstances aren't good reasons to not be friends with someone.
She would be putting herself out there too much, and that shit takes a toll. Why are you bitter, anon? Are you having trouble finding people to befriend?

No. 661850

>"He's horrible and doesn't give a shit about me but I love him so it's okay."
The relationship advice thread reads like that. Women list out the abuse, mistreatment or just childish/lazy/entitled behaviour that they put up with and ask for advice. Then when you say 'yeah that's pretty bad' they turn on you for daring to paint their man in a negative light!? Rinse and repeat every time.

No. 661851

Based. Love isn't for the romantic or retarded.

No. 661852

actually wait thank you so much. i have a lot to think about but your message helped me a lot, thank you.

No. 661853

jesus, thank you
I'm not even bitter, I'm just scared I'm not good enough

No. 661857

That sounds like a legit disability, I wouldn't judge someone for having a legit health issue and not being able to work. God knows plenty of 25 year olds live at home and jobless just by choice.

No. 661858

To clarify–I love my NEET friends, but it can be a little draining to still feel compelled to care for/coddle them when I work a LOT. You sound incredibly self-sufficient and giving in ways that you can be, but you don't have to justify your existence/friendship to people by favors or usefulness.

No. 661879

Supreme court justices are appointed for life. They can only be removed through impeachment, which has only happened once in US history, otherwise they’re there until they choose to step down or kick the bucket. I don’t want her on the court either, but allowing for her removal in any other way other than impeachment sets a terrible precedent and there’s no doubt future presidents would abuse that power.

No. 661882

File: 1603914016523.jpeg (201.25 KB, 828x928, EE96B157-7440-4D6E-A2E8-731C90…)

Anybody else with vpn end up seeing someone elses ban? This happens every now and again and some of them are really funny, pic not an example of that but it’s reminded me to start capping when it actually is. I’d love to see the opera bans people talk about too.

No. 661883

Glad it might have actually helped anon, godspeed

No. 661886

I've been thinking how we should have a ban transparency thread where farmers can post ban screens

No. 661888

I've never used a vpn but this happens to me all the time on my phone when I'm using data.

No. 661890

That would actually be really cool, I felt so left out when people kept posting about the opera bans without caps kek. I’ve had some wild ones in the past, kicking myself for not documenting the girl who was posting about being fucked up on robitussun and then calling other anons n-gger.

No. 661895

Honestly, I guess I'm really aware of how it can make other people feel, like you have to explain why you're NEET, and then they have this burden on them now just knowing you
If you try to hide it forever, eventually you'll wind up needing to puke and there's no bathroom or trashcan around, and everyone finds out, and then they pity you and feel bad and have to decide whether it's worth the emotional stress on themself to keep you around
I'm sorry, I think this is just a vent at this point.
I'd rather be as useful and cheerful as I can so when something does go wrong, at least maybe they'll remember I'm normally better than that
The last time I saw any of my friends, I was mopping my own puke up off the floor of an airbnb with a washcloth and trying not to cry and joking the whole thing off when I got caught, and they all just looked at me like this pathetic animal. I don't think any of them can look at me anymore

No. 661898

>girl who was posting about being fucked up on robitussun and then calling other anons n-gger

lmao I vaguely recall this happening way back. Wish I could remember where she had been posting at the time.

No. 661902

What do you guys buy as a gift for a person who you don't know much, but want (or have to) impress them?

All I really know about one of my MILs is that she loves chocolate a lot, and seems to be a fan of using candles in room. But any ideas would be appreciated.

I thought of getting her a nice, fancy candle holder but at the same time she already has one, and it doesn't seem to be too much of a "safe gift" choice, really. I also tought of getting her Advent Christmas candles calendar, but thought that would be pretty lame for a gift… Her birthday is in January 1st, but I will meet her only on Christmas, so any, Xmas and not gift ideas would be highly appreciated.

No. 661911

File: 1603915342089.jpeg (271.88 KB, 750x1254, F01A4F65-E0E4-4634-B72A-E2801E…)

Why not one of these decorative hand carved candles like pic related? Not sure if it has a scent, which I think makes candles a 50/50 gift if you don’t know what scents they like, but it looks hella cool. Also why not google up and see if you can find some fancy/artisan chocolate around you?

No. 661912

This is really going to make me reflect on my life, anon.

No. 661914

I’m a dumbass and didn’t realize the listing title says unscented hahaha

No. 661915

Her likes sound pretty convenient, most people enjoy chocolate and nice candles plus they're consumable so it's not some random piece of shit she'll just have to add to a pile of useless knickknacks. I'd just pick one of those lanes and look for something fancy.

No. 661916

Like the other anons said I think fancy chocolates from a local shop or something is a really good gift. Something that comes in a nice gift box/wrap or wrap it up pretty yourself.

No. 661917

How sad it is that we have to understand how our (lack of) actions are also hurting our abusers, rather than knowing they're hurting us being enough. If it gets more women to leave bad relationships though, I'll take it. Can't say I wasn't in a similar position once. Gender-based socialization is the pits.

No. 661928

It was way back! At least two? maybe three years ago. I wasn’t even on vpn, just mobile posting using data, and I would occasionally get those strange bans and wondered what on earth that woman was off of half the time.

No. 661938

I’ve been wanting to buy a small folding knife to keep on my person, but it makes me feel like an edgelord just thinking about it. I can’t even claim self defense because it’s not like I can do anything with it in close quarters. I just want one lol

No. 661940

I'm really confused on what is considered "mid-size" according to a lot of the YouTubers I see. A lot of them are usually anywhere from a size 12 - 16 but wouldn't that be considered plus size? To me I would think midsize is more size 6 - 12? But also im retarded

No. 661942

Lol I carry a pocket knife with me everywhere, they're super functional. I use it to open boxes, cut fruit, get rid of loose threads on clothes, hold cash (you can use the clip), open bottles. Plenty of stuff. And it is nice to have for self defense too, not like you need to train for years to be able to shove the pointy end in some handsy asshole.

No. 661943

what brand do you recommend?

No. 661945

I meant to post this in the dumbass shit thread but fuck yeah thanks for your reply anon! I figure that I might use it as a box cutter at most lol but one day I’d like to go camping and rock climbing outdoors so it seems a lot more practical in those situations. Am interested in what brands you own too!

No. 661960

I'm not super well versed in the different brands, but I ended up getting a Benchmade and have been happy with it! Easy to open one handed and the lock has been reliable. I also like that they have a lifetime warranty and will resharpen just for the cost of postage (https://www.benchmade.com/lifesharp-service). I do go backpacking sometimes and it's been useful for cutting rope, wood and food in those instances for sure.

No. 661974

They dont mean med sized in regards to clothing sizes. Most 'med sized' girls are L/XL. But the term is used bc most media regarding clothes/fashion is centered around thin girls or plus size. Theres not much love for awkward L(12/14) girls.

No. 661986

goddamn anon thank you, I needed to hear this shit.

No. 661994

Serious question, why are gay twins so prone to incest? Or are twins just more likely to experience incestuous feelings and fuck each other into homosexuality?

No. 662000

Is American TV actually so tacky, garish and overly-extreme? I sometimes watch British TV, and it's usually pretty alright and not very extreme, but the few American commercials, news reports, and the like I've seen make American TV seem quite overblown and akin to those Indian dramas that people make fun of

No. 662007

I once watched a TV series that had American commercials put in and they were literally insufferable. So I'm going to say yes.

No. 662010

wtf that's an actual thing? I thought it was some fanfiction bullshit and porn category only.

No. 662012

Twincest porn is quite popular since it’s the one instance where it’s beyond shadow of a doubt that they’re actually related.

No. 662015

Isn't it, or at least shouldn't it be illegal? How do they get away with it??

No. 662017

Does anyone have experience trying to buy DMT off of the darkweb?? I really want to locate some for spiritual purposes. I’m scared to but at the same time after certain LSD trips I’ve experienced Im positive that it would be beneficial to me. I don’t have any friends now and I have no drug connections irl anymore. What should I do

No. 662019

How does Grimes manage to look like a potato sometimes but quite pretty at other times?

No. 662020

Aa a note, a lot of female "twins" you see on those porn videos are actually not related at all. It's hard to tell but they give them the same hairstyle, eyebrows and makeup.

No. 662023

It's really weird how she can go from one extreme to another tbh, though imo she looks way worse all done up for photoshoots but cute in candids with no makeup and messy hair etc.

I love to look at her ngl she's interesting and I love her body.

No. 662038

In most states it is technically illegal but no one cares to prosecute unless a child is involved. Especially with online pornography, they can just say that the incestuous act was in a place that doesn’t prohibit it by law.

No. 662042

Anons that invest, how did you learn? Youtube? A book? I have a beginners book on how to invest. Would that be sufficient enough to learn from?

No. 662043

Same way every celebrity does I suppose.

No. 662044

I look curvy from the front but the curves seem to disappear if I take a picture of my backside from my mirror. Are the pictures/angles odd or is my body just ugly?

No. 662049

Invest like in stocks’ market and such? Or as in investing in some specific business?

No. 662056

Stock markets.

No. 662083

buy high
sell low
always listen to the advice on /biz/
you cannot go wrong >>662056

No. 662109

I have very little work experience, and for mental health reasons and a few other things, I'm struggling HARD at my current job, the problem is, it pays really, really well. It's been a year and I'm realizing it's really just… not the job for me. I like my coworkers, aside from a few shitty people, and I like aspects of the job, but it's a lot of things that are just outright not suited for me, at least right now; I'm trying to get the right medication to help me but in the end, I know those won't help the entire situation. ( I have severe ADHD. )

What's the smartest decision? Keep trudging through this in hopes that I'll eventually get somewhat better, just because of the pay, or try to find somewhere better suited for my skills, that'll likely pay less? I feel so fucking stupid.

No. 662111

>Listening to 4chan investing advice

No. 662113

>can't get a fucking joke

No. 662125

I’d say maybe figure out your life values first. Are you a live to work, or a work to live kind of person? Ideal dream jobs aren’t possible for the majority of people, so I think it’s important to find a job that, while it most likely will not be perfect, you’re okay with the shit you have to deal with, since you know where you want to draw the line. What parts of your job do you think aren’t suited for you right now? Do you think that’s something you may be able to avoid in a future job?

I worked a retail job for two years out of college where I kept thinking “it’ll get better, it’ll get better.” It never did. I was a damn good employee, was paid a good wage, got really good benefits, and my coworkers were chill as hell. Unfortunately, the demanding hours and and upper management (not even the customers were the worst part) took a huge toll on me. I tried to stick it out for good pay, but I have friends who made it up the ladder who still fucking hate it there so I don’t regret leaving at all. Honestly wanted to kill myself almost everyday during my last few months. I’ve moved onto lower paying office jobs with shit benefits, but I get the benefit of actually having a life outside of work so the trade was worth it. The pay might be less but the work is easy as hell (and I have lots of downtime).

Don’t feel dumb anon, I think a lot of people rightfully struggle with what to do. Maybe leaving your job in the middle of rona fucking up the job market isn’t the best idea regardless of what’s going on, but maybe in the future it might not hurt to look at other job listings to see what’s out there. What is your current work anyway?

No. 662126


No. 662217

Do any anons here believe in "love" at first sight? Have you ever seen someone so beautiful or attractive that you felt your heart flutter and wanted to know everything about them instantly? Have you ever been struck by a stranger's beauty?

No. 662224

is it normal to be completely invisible to men when I go out? I've never been called ugly and people tell me that im pretty (7/10-8/10) but even if i wear skimpy clothing I get no attention whatsoever. Ive only got hit on like twice. I find myself feeling insecure when my friends tell me all the male attention they get.

No. 662225

File: 1603951397223.jpeg (103.9 KB, 960x944, 353A53A0-B1AF-4C6D-81CD-675531…)

it’s real and it happened to me at whole foods. shits wild - i had the craziest thoughts in that moment like “what if we became really close and ran away together” etc - and then you know what it’s kind of happening for real now

No. 662243

Of course I've been struck by stranger's beauty and wondered about their lives, but if that's 'love' to you, you're extremely shallow imo

No. 662268

Same thing happens to me, also have been rated the same by both men and women. I think it has something to do with my demeanor. I have social anxiety and just in general feel very awkward in social situations and people have often commented on how it seems like I just want to be left alone or how it looks like I come off as someone who would be mean, so I believe that's why no one really approaches me. I only started to get flirted with when I started my job and became comfortable with it and my demeanor is often more cheerful and confident now at work.

No. 662287

Kind of…? I met my current bf on tinder and he didn't look bad in pics but the "men can't take pics" meme is true and I was struck when I saw him irl. I still believe he's too handsome for me.

No. 662296

I had the Quick Reply window open on here, then I got up for a minute, moved my laptop, and sat back down, and a chunk of text had been typed in the text box, repeating over and over again? Couldn't have been a mistaken keymash because part of it is the alphabet in sequence, what the heck would cause that? Specifically it was ijmnopqrstuvwxz1, typed like 50 times. I was away from my laptop for like 30 seconds tops.

No. 662302

File: 1603965825066.jpg (97.6 KB, 500x967, the-storm-pierre-auguste-cot.j…)

It happened to me once when I was in high school chatting with my friends older brother while hanging out at her place. In my whole life I never hit it off with a man easily, up to this day I can't hold a conversation with a man but with this guy… We were chatting endlessly and I really felt something. I was in a relationship at the time so I didn't pursue anything and he was kind of a popular stoner loser type which intimidated me but it was an interesting experience.
He literally looked like a classical painting and had platinum blonde hair, except he was shorter than me kek

No. 662305

I feel like men find me very pretty and compliment me a lot but weirdly enough, I think quite a lot of women find me quite plain/ugly and don't understand why I garner any male attention. Tbh, maybe it's just cause I have big tits.

No. 662306

File: 1603966544244.jpg (47.54 KB, 376x294, burned_stake1.jpg)

Is it common to experience hot flashes before and during one's period? When I'm on my period, I wake up randomly at night to find that I sweat through my pjs. I also have it during the day, I just randomly feel hot and want to take my clothes off. And this is coming from someone who's literally always cold

No. 662308

File: 1603966901232.png (257.52 KB, 500x261, 1600869789082.png)

I've had my own hair color for a few years after bleaching and dyeing it for at least a decade. I have bleach. I have bangs. Kinda wanna put bleach on a part of my bangs. Should I?

No. 662309

No. 662312

Don't do it

No. 662314

Are you old enough for pre menopause?

No. 662316

I'm in my twenties, so no

No. 662320

I get those, not during every period though. I figured it's normal. Weirder shit happening during periods is considered normal, that's nothing

No. 662328

Might ask the totem just to be sure but I KNOW RIGHT

No. 662348

File: 1603972363479.jpg (124.85 KB, 736x1440, skirt.jpg)

Is there a synonym for circle skirts?

No. 662357


No. 662367

Work to live, I think. I don't have much drive for anything, and being able to like, pay rent and stuff is the biggest thing (300 a month,) along with not having to totally panic about say like, buying myself cheap food and hurting my bank account. I don't think that the things I struggle with the most will be a thing at the jobs I'm looking at. I'm looking to go into retail, specifically clothing stores at the mall. I currently work at Starbucks and what messes me up the most is the fast paced sequencing, making a ton of drinks in a specific order and then having them all be done on time, I love the customer interaction part, though ( of course retail will probably kill that drive in me, but still.) I'm also only 22 so like, I know I also have a long life ahead of me to actually focus on a job then that'll keep me really going in life.

No. 662379

can I use progesterone topical if I’m 21?

No. 662383

Are ob-gyns usually against someone wanting to start taking contraceptives in their late twenties?

No. 662385

Can anyone recommend me a tea that's good for reducing anxiety?

No. 662389

Depends on your obgyn. I’ve seen two (technically 3), and none were against me starting, but my first obgyn refused to let me get the IUD which I really wanted. Kept giving me excuses like “you’ve never been pregnant so it’ll be too difficult to insert”/“your uterus leans backwards so that also makes it hard to insert”/“your insurance won’t cover it.” I went on the patch but it was meh. I switched obgyns (partially because I still wanted an IUD, partially because the doctor and receptionist in that office were fucking rude as hell) and the next obgyns I saw said “Oh you want an IUD? Hormonal or non-hormonal?” and got it inserted my next period. Insurance covered it 100%, zero issues or difficulty getting it inserted, totally smooth process, and the obgyns and receptionists were very nice. Shop around until you find an obgyn you like (not necessarily someone who will just prescribe them to you lol, I actually do really like my obgyn now).

No. 662399

Chamomile, valerian root, rose, lemon balm and good ol green tea.
Avoid teas with caffeine.

No. 662404

ADHD-chans, is it worth it to get tested for it in adulthood if you really suspect you have it? I'm still on my parents insurance and they won't let me get tested because they think it's a waste of time and money. My dad was diagnosed last year but he won't take medication, is it possible to just live with it?

No. 662412

Ehh, not so much with valerian root. I agree with the rest, but valerian root might knock her ass out

No. 662415

It's possible, but it's frustrating and hard to get anything done unless you're really good at staying on top of your schedule and tasks

No. 662425

I know a guy from work who's 30+ who recently realized he had ADHD, got diagnosed, got a prescription for Ritalin I think and he described it as "taking the pill from Limitless" as he could now actually complete any simple or large task without having to procrastinate every few minutes like he always had and can just do it without a break no problem. It's definitely something that you can 1) not realize you have and figure you're just normal lazy 2) benefit immensely from medical help.

I imagine your dad probably has some anxiety about his diagnosis and his cope is telling himself it's not that big a deal so doesn't need to take his meds or listen to his daughter talk about it, so maybe try just pressuring just your mother for it.

No. 662454

Is there a different medication for ADD? Or are ADD and ADHD treated the same?

No. 662464

File: 1603984755156.png (271.91 KB, 458x353, Capture.PNG)

where the fuck is this character from? i swear ive seen this dude before. googles not helping at all

No. 662471

The art style is very much like in Nitro+Chiral visual novels, could be some secondary or tetriary character from one?

No. 662474

File: 1603987233647.jpg (21.52 KB, 200x200, Piusu_thumb.jpg)

"Google's not helping" I found it in 2 seconds using Google lens. Try that next time.

Gekkou no Carnevale

No. 662475

thank you anon, i just used tineye and reverse image search, i didn't know about google lens. ofc its a fucking eroge though

No. 662500

What is pinkpill? I hear it often here and have spent like 15 minutes searching for answers but they're all different or vague. Is it being a femcel (isn't this just pathetic like incels)? Or is it a woman choosing to be celibate because scrotes suck? Is it a man doing HRT?

>It is a philosophical worldview whose exact meaning remains in flux and as such doesn't have a strict definition, however, it is prominently used in the femcel incelosphere to reject platitudes directed at women, to highlight the prevalence of mentalcels among women, or as a direct identical female equivalent to the black pill except with the hopeless incels consisting solely of femcels (i.e. female incels).

Great a bunch of other gibberish slang terms that I have no clue about either. I'm fucking old

No. 662508

basically just being a radical feminist and hating men

No. 662524

why are french people so mean?

No. 662539

File: 1603991476800.png (136.8 KB, 1290x432, lol.png)

Why was this person banned? I thought this would had been an interesting thread
(No I didn't make that thread, for once lol)

No. 662547

Nah, pinkpilled women go from a range of people annoyed and aware of misogyny, to manhaters, and everything in between

Pinkpilled means you know how this world is full of woman hate, violence towards women, misogyny and that basically society has failed us, and discussing how it has failed us.

The name I understand it as a variation of redpilled, which means someone who is convinced the world is run by the jews or something, and someone who is pinkpilled is convinced the world is run by the patriarchy.
Side note but saying "redpilled" doesn't really mean anything either, it's just a popular slang nowadays, for example "redpill me about pokemon" or "redpill me about how to get fit" etcetera, but it does have some right wing connotations. Idk, that's what I know, it's based on the movie Matrix when Neo has to chose between staying ignorant (taking a blue pill) or getting to know the truth (taking a red pill)

No. 662552

are you autistic? people have been complaining about these trauma threads because they keep reappearing everyday, they're all so similar that it's cluttering the catalogue, and they don't encourage interesting discussion except for when anons troll them

No. 662555

Thank you so much, this was helpful and 100x more nuanced than anything I could find. Glad to know it's basically a positive term, at least in regards to how it's used here.

No. 662560

Political Britfags, is there a way I can express that I think the JC suspension is fucked up and scapegoat-y without being forever branded as an anti-Semite?

No. 662568

When do you guys like to get physical with a guy? I get kinda weirded out if its been like two dates and he hasnt like, tried to touch my arm when I'm leaving or kissed me at the end of the date or anything. Honestly I prefer to kiss at the end of the first date, but I also like not kissing on the first date but going a lot further on the second date. I'm just getting in my head over how autistic the guy I'm hanging out with is rn, I don't make the first move anymore cause guys get so freaked out by it.

No. 662569

Can any burgers let me know if they think the recent leaks about Hunter Biden are fabricated or not? I realize that sites like Google and Twitter are doing massive damage control due to the election being close, but the only sources I can find in English are doubling down on how it’s unfounded. Meanwhile, everything released in my country is borderline leaning towards what sometimes feels like conspiracy theory-tier reporting. I have no baseline for this topic and am curious what people based in America think, or if it’s even a thing that reaches them outside of QAnon types.

No. 662571

That's actually pretty interesting, them popping up so frequently i mean. You think it could be the same person making these threads? I've seen some anons bringing up the possibility of scrotes using these stories for coom purposes. Hope it isn't what's happening.

No. 662572

In my country we have a physical culture so being touchy with everyone is normal, even within strangers we greet each other with a kiss on the cheek so I expect that on the first date. He hasn't touched you at all? Not even the arm or the shoulders?

No. 662595

I'm in the U.S. and I think this sounds kind of sweet. Way too many men presume women are comfortable with physical contact right out of the gate. Think if he'd been gross (either physically or personality-wise) and went for the kiss on the first date. It would've sucked/been awkward. So I'd assume he's trying to be respectful. Are you just looking to hook up or something? He might be looking for a serious partner where you just want to bang lol. Just be upfront with him and maybe at least initiate a hug or something, sit closer to him, be flirty.

No. 662600

ime, they have a culture of encouraging blunt honesty in some areas of social life as well as the art of debate for it's own sake, which gives them the reputation of being argumentative and cold. Maybe you could say that a sense of superiority or pride is integral to French national identity because they have this history of refinement and liberality. Ofc this isn't the case for all french people, I'd really like to hear what other anons think.

yes, OP has admitted that she was behind most of those threads here >>662539. At this point I think the frequency and volume of these trauma threads within the last few weeks signals something suspicious, particularly because OP has acknowledged the backlash on multiple occasions.

No. 662602

File: 1603994595387.jpg (28.78 KB, 320x486, modcloth.jpg)

what type of neckline is this? U-neck? deep scoop?

No. 662611

looks like a soft-ish square neck to me

No. 662617

>they have a culture of encouraging blunt honesty in some areas of social life
In France from which planet? Because that's not the one on earth, French people here are passive aggressive little bitches from my experience as someone born and raised there who isn't ethnically French or even European at all so I was educated differently. The only times when they argue for the sake of it is when they're on tv to debate over pointless or straight up insulting bullshit like that piece of shit Eric Zemmour or even just most politicians in general.

No. 662631

Would you participate in a séance or play with a Ouija board? Why or why not?

No. 662636

It depends on the people who are also participating, I don't believe in any supernatural things so it would be just for fun for me; I wouldn't do it if someone is hardcore into occult stuff because they're going to take all the fun out of it by taking it too seriously

No. 662638

When I was a teen I went through a tard phase and tried a similar thing called automatic writing. That night I had the only episode of sleep paralysis that I've ever had. Saw a big demonic thing in front of me. Thought I was dead.

I do believe it was all in my head but my god did it feel real at the time. I left my room afterwards, clung to my mom and refused to re-enter my bedroom for the rest of the day.

No. 662640

Thanks for the responses!! I’m in the US so not a touchy culture, and I guess there’s a little bit of context, I’ve known this guy for 2 years, he’s a friends roomate (if this sounds familiar yes I did post this in the tinder thread in /g/), we matched on tinder and I personally thought it would be a hookup because of the circumstances but now I am definitely catching feelings. I agree it is nicer to feel like it’s going too slow instead of too fast! But no he hasn’t touched me at all, I guess it’s cause a lot of the normal stuff has been bypassed (I’ve been to his apartment before so he doesn’t have to walk me to the door/walk me to my car afterwards etc) so there’s less chances to do that? So maybe third time will be a charm, I’m trying to throw him every sign I can! I just get nervous when it takes too long for a guy to try anything, like there’s just too much build up to the main event

No. 662657

File: 1603999153518.jpg (138.67 KB, 640x853, tgoav5kc6mb21.jpg)

There is this new trend on tik tok called reality shifting where you write a script for yourself in a different reality. A lot of people choose Harry Potter or MHA and as you fall asleep you sort of meditate on it and supposedly enter an alternate reality where you live out this second life. I guess my question is how the fuck do people in their early 20s/ late teens believe this shit? It feels like theyre just describing lucid dreaming but they claim it's completely different. I'm just dumbfounded I guess. went down this whole rabbithole where people wholeheartedly believe you can spend 3 years at Hogwarts in one night.

No. 662661

You mean fanfiction?? I'm so confused

No. 662664

I'm convinced they just sleep. I'd rather believe lucid dreaming- when you're obsessed with something you can easily dream it.

No. 662666

alright, that does it, I have aged out of society
nothign makes sense and I don't fucking want it to anymore
millennials are all 50 now

No. 662667

File: 1604000219066.jpeg (136.1 KB, 1200x675, CC8581E7-A8FE-4521-83AE-D28637…)

What are some movies that feature weird girl protagonists like excision or may? doesn’t have to be horror btw.

No. 662681

That does sound like lucid dreaming with a new name… never heard of it before this post.

No. 662684

Something I forgot to add, and I'm sure that I will totally come across them in retail, but I know for a fact my managers, or at least a few of them, gossip about me enough for my coworker to tell me straight about it because he agreed I might want to find another job. Basically making fun of me for needing to ask questions because my ADHD is so bad. It's fucking embarrassing, man. I don't want to be like this. I'm looking at retail jobs at the mall, so like, the stores will be smaller too; I don't think I'd do well in a super large store with a shitton of different tasks all around the store. I really don't know what to do. My ADHD is so severe the doctor straight up told me that it was rare to see in adults.
Yes. I'm currently messing around with meds and definitely not in a good spot, but I'm WAY better than I was before.

Just be warned the process sucks right now, no idea how it was before covid though tbh, basically it was
>Discuss with a doctor
>They mail a packet that's like, 10 pages long, along with a mini packet for someone who sees you regularly to fill out ranking symptoms from low to high.
>Mail packet back
>Wait a while
>Schedule virtual appointment with doctor
>Wait more
>Get diagnosed
>Complete scheduling and waiting period for a virtual appointment with someone who can prescribe you meds
>Be prepared for a long period of fuckery due to the difficulties of prescribing ADHD meds virtually

No. 662685

It's the same shit as those hypnosis/manifesting videos that have existed on youtube for years now. When you read the comments on those videos it would almost seem as if those posters actually believe in that stuff, it's insane

No. 662701

Raw, American Mary, The Descent, REC, Teeth, Thoroughbreds. Those are all horror/horror adjacent with women leads. Ready or Not too, but it's more of a fun one. I highly, highly recommend it.

No. 662711

Is it dumb that I told the guy in dating/hooking up with dont talk to me anymore becuz he doesnt call or text me everyday?he will disappear for like a week and his excuse will be hes busy. He doesnt tell me about his life or really ask about mind.

My friend said it's not my place to drop him becuz of this becuz hes not my official bf.

No. 662713

No. 662729

Your friend is a twit.
You did the right thing, he isn't "busy." He just doesn't want to talk to you and only contacts you when it's convenient for him and on his terms, which isn't what a guy intending to have a good relationship with you would do.
Make sure you block him and never talk to him again because he doesn't care about you.

Also take the advice from your friend with a grain of salt cause she sounds like a pickme. You can drop dick for any fucking reason you damn well like. If he isn't treating you how you want to be treated, that's a great fucking reason! Damn your friend is a retard.

No. 662731

Yeah if that's not what you're looking for and you want someone to engage with you regularly rather than only when he's getting some, fuck him (or rather don't). He obviously doesn't prioritize you nor care about you much as a person, which is a pretty shitty way to treat someone, even as a fuck buddy.

>My friend said it's not my place to drop him becuz of this becuz hes not my official bf.

Kek she sounds like a retarded pickme. If anything that's only more reason to drop him. If he can't even provide the things you want before he's your boyfriend then he sure as fuck isn't going to start after you're ~official~. You can drop someone for any reason any time you want.

No. 662732

File: 1604004011310.jpg (21.74 KB, 500x330, 483092750426.jpg)

Damn we on the same wavelength anon

No. 662737

I'm dating a guy and I just told him last night that I didn't like how serious we were getting without having titles (not that I want to be his girlfriend we literally started dating two weeks ago and had an awkward kiss this week). He messages me from when he wakes up until he sleeps and keeps fishing for what I do when I'm not with him like point by point hour by hour, very clingy. Its extremely off putting and when we see each other in person idk Wtf else there is to talk about since we've already communicated all day by text. When I don't speak he now asks me what I'm thinking I cannot handle it and we're older than mid 20s it is mental

No. 662743

How do you cope? I'd just put my phone down and do what I needed to do instead of messaging him all day. You could do that, or just leave his message/s unread so you can reply later. Do you want to continue things? It's hard to tell over text, but it sounds like you're not so interested anymore, or at least exasperated.

No. 662744

Are you dating or are you hooking up? Big difference imo, like do you think it’s going somewhere and he thinks you’re just hooking up? Personally I don’t really care for talking to boyfriends every day but if that’s important to you and you do see yourself going somewhere with this guy, then it’s important for you to get that! But if he thinks this is just a casual seeing each other whenever you feel like it, or if you guys aren’t exclusive, I think it’s a bit much to ask of him without having a “what are we” conversation

No. 662745

Kek, game recognized.

I've taken bad dating advice from my friends as early as a few months ago. It made me realize that my friends don't always look out for my best interests cause they're conditioned to give men the benefit of the doubt. Even their own men aren't that great to them. It takes experience to call bullshit.

No. 662746

We are dating apparently but even if it's a fwb I want someone I call and feel a connection to. Not some scrub who i know nothing about who only pops up once a month for sex.

No. 662748

He has my number and WhatsApp but he only sticks to using fb messenger I'm starting to wonder so he can see my activity status, my other friends will message me and I feel like since I'm online or something I have to respond and then he asks questions and blah blah. I do like him but it's just becoming tedious when apart because I can't be bothered to sit and text so much. Like I said I told him last night it was all a bit much and he hasn't changed his behaviour. I'm sick of there constantly being notifications form him, he's putting me off him and now he's even starting to text me that he's worrying about it. Like I'm starting to feel bad for even dating him because he seems a lot more into me than I am into him but if he cooled it, it'd maybe be amazing idk.

No. 662754

Damn, two days and no answer. I was really hoping for one cause I was wondering the same fucking thing. Guess we’re hopeless.

No. 662756

Can you elaborate at all, anon? What are pinkpill things you aren’t willing to compromise on but romantic things you want?

No. 662780

what do you mean by pinkpill teir standards? or do you mean FDS standards? It seems like the usually standards pinkpillers have for men is
-not be obsessed with anal
-when having sex, he tries to give you some pleasure
-limits his porn-intake, but preferably doesn't watch porn at all
-not fat
-respects your interest

and so on and so forth

No. 662781

How to stop giving a fuck about a family member who has a hateboner against you? They always try excluding me from things, on purpose throwing tantrums in front of me and making sure I feel lonely and isolated during family meetings. They are so obsessed with the fact that they are not a center of attention that they decided to target me, because I am not blood related. If they would do and say things about me to their actual family they would have gotten a smack and they know about it.

No. 662784

i feel bad for some of you guys. i have had good luck with men.

No. 662792

It's probably not the answer you wanted to hear anon, but I was a hopeless romantic all my life until I got fucked over in two long-term relationships. Now I'm not really a romantic but I'm in a good relationship. My partner is handsome, listens to and appreciates my opinions, cooks for us, brings me gifts without asking, we have similar interests and goals. But he's also more conservative than I would like, has a bad temper, kind of clueless at how to provide emotional support, indecisive and not good with money. He makes me happy more often than he annoys me though, and sometimes there are really romantic and amazing moments, but those are tempered by the day-to-day grind/survival.

And like, that's still really positive all things considered. I think it was just growing up imagining every day was supposed to be magical with these big grand gestures, and realizing it's not like that, takes some adjustment. The portrayal of romance in the media isn't realistic, at least not 24/7. Keep looking until you find a guy who is nice, respectful and has a similar outlook. Don't settle for some schlub who's "good enough," but also realize not everything has to be a fairy tale.

No. 662795

For real, I wish it was more of a given to be able to rely on advice from women, but we've all been socialized to take bullshit from men and give them the benefit of the doubt even when they don't deserve it. It did take me being in several shitty relationships to be able to recognize it, meanwhile the women I knew would say things like, "Oh hopefully he comes around!" or, "That's just how men are, take it or leave it," rather than telling me that standing up for myself was the right thing to do. Shit sucks.

No. 662808

What is it called when the cuffs of something, like a cardigan, have crocheted lace on it?

No. 662863

That's not love though. That's just attraction/lust.

No. 662874

What is the criteria for deciding when a cow is /pt/ material? I'm specifically thinking about aggy/matt– he's in horrorcow territory (being an open pedophile, drinking his own piss, wearing diapers, zoophile, bragging about stealing his dead friend's weed, having mega twitter spergout crusades at companies which refuse to host his pedophile comics, cams on chaturbate for gross old men while talking like a little girl, etc) Having his thread in snow feels a little like keeping a whale in a tank with goldfish. What do y'all think?

No. 662908

Was browsing /g/ and apparently some women have never really fingered themselves…? Like they’re worried about how to get a tampon out if the string gets lost. Just stick a finger or two up there and pull it out.
Is this common or am I the weirdo?

No. 662912

for some women it hurts or just feels weird. i can't even get my pinky in there.

No. 662924

I'm too squeamish to put my fingers inside me. I've tried to but it feels like I'm gonna pass out lol. I'm glad I've seen other anons here mention they feel the same just because I felt alone in it.

No. 662929

it doesn't feel good when i do it myself but i have. also kinda feels weird to me. do these people say they've never tried?

No. 662932

It's real. If you know where to look you can find the images. I recommend you don't do this because some of the girls look underage and you will probably end up on a watch list.

No. 662945

I know the videos at least exist; links and screen caps are all over the articles here. I guess I was just feeling confused due to not seeing anyone normal (believers and non-believers alike) mention it in a complete sentence or speak about it like they’ve seen the videos. There’s also this air to it like everyone’s referring to the topic in cryptic sarcasm riddles. I couldn’t tell if this was coming from people worried about the election, or a result of censorship (or if it was some deep fake joke I was missing).

Thanks for responding!

No. 662955

Am I being retarded for being genuinely terrified of the chaos that is going to happen next week when we get the election results no matter who wins?

No. 662957

No. Shit's going to go down. Orange Hitler is going to deny the results if he loses and probably spark his supporters to do some serious shit. Biden losing would mean shit is going to get a whole lot worse because Trump won't have to worry about reelection, and he now has a 6-3 SC bias.

No. 662965

It will be a shit show.

No. 662968

why are there so many non americans online, usually sjws and alt rights, who act like their country is the same as america especially when it comes to race relations? i've seen this so many times and it makes no fucking sense. you'd think they're american and just speaking a foreign language if you saw what they said on social media. the thing is, I KNOW their countries are different and are not remotely the same as the US, but these people are somehow convinced on roleplaying as americans who just live abroad.

No. 662969

Simply put they're ameriboos

No. 662971

For some reason as an American I thoroughly despise ameriboos. They take on the worst aspects of our culture including the autistic nerd and racebaiting parts. I sincerely hope they fuck off.

No. 662972

This. I live in a tiny country and i found out the same nutcase like you said. A lesbian furry who walks outside in furry suit who keeps lying by being overdramatic over countries current events, adding unnecessary bullshit for likes.

No. 662997

Swedish girls

No. 663009

Omg this is starting to piss me off about my country. Bitch, women in our country barely have human rights, our gays still get hate crimed daily, don’t worry your little heads about american troons and genderspecial bathrooms. Globalisation can be so shit, people actually forget what’s in real life.

No. 663022

Sounds like russia. I am russian and I just can't believe it how many sjw ameriboos we've got there on internet, when there are much better things to worry about in your own country that have always hated (and keeps hating) women and elderly people.

No. 663023

I think it's partially because if you don't care about American issues, you're going to get shredded on social media. For example, if you didn't post anything regarding the black shootings earlier this year, even if you live in a country where such police violence doesn't happen, you were basically the devil himself and cancelled. There's a group of Americans online who're very vocal about demanding attention for American issues and American issues only without any regard for the circumstances of foreigners and the countries they live in. It creates this echo chamber where foreigners are forced to agree and stand up for these American issues because they're scared they'll get cancelled or torn apart on social media otherwise.

That's my perspective at least.

No. 663024

Globalization is definitely an aspect. I also hate when literal Americans focus on anecdotal events that were bashed on by almost everybody, no matter what stance, and then assume "Yep, this is exactly how everybody who doesn't agree with me thinks is right to do." Media really is the enemy, so many people spread clickbait and pass it off as fact.

No. 663034

Do you anons find it annoying when people ask questions but don't leave a question mark at the end. Like this.

Do the mods stalk me.

No. 663055

No. Why do you.

No. 663066

File: 1604053415667.jpeg (59.06 KB, 600x480, 508F3BD8-0BE6-4D39-AA3A-D5AD1F…)

Why is Ryan Gosling a thing for online right wing men?

No. 663068

If I take an antidepressant, when will it start working?

No. 663069

Sorry what?

No. 663070

Depends which one, but about 2 weeks. If it doesn't seem to be doing much after then, don't be afraid to consult your doctor - they put you on low doses to begin with to ease you onto it.

No. 663071

Yes. It's a surefire sign of an absolute eejit, being unable to suss out what a fucking question mark is for.

No. 663074

Keep in mind that mileage varies, "working" doesn't necessarily mean "happier", for some people it can only mean you want to die less, sometimes you only notice it working during times of crisis.

No. 663077

Depends on the drug, and who takes it. Two to three weeks is the most common span - but "working" can vary a lot like >>663074 said. It's not a magic pill, but it may give you equilibrium, make you sleep better, let you feel things again, make you have an appetite once more, or help you regulate your emotions, etc. Good luck, I hope you feel better soon, anon!

No. 663089

sometimes i purposely leave out the question mark to convey a different tone tbh

No. 663101

thank you kind anon!

No. 663126

Is it still possible to earn money with website ads nowadays?

No. 663153

Why doesn't this site have (OP) or (you) in replies like other imageboards do?

No. 663155

I don’t mean to criticize or anything, anons! Was just surprised to read that some women felt that weird about touching their own bodies and wondered briefly if I was a freak because I can touch my own cervix lol.

No. 663163

Because then the site would attract cows and other attention whores that would thrive off of being called attention to or being spoiled with (You)

No. 663190

He stars in 2deep4you movies that they like.

No. 663202

He plays alienated, depressed, socially-awkward men who can't maintain a romantic relationship in Drive and Bladerunner they relate to, but who engage in extreme violence so it's acceptable to admit it in their cringy half-incel half-machismo communities.

No. 663212

He's hideous but shilled as attractive and desirable which gives them hope kek

No. 663246

Late but lmao I recommended we watch Vikings and it turns out boyfriend loves that show and was excited to watch it with me.

The joke is on me. But you know, it's actually not too bad.

No. 663261

Anyone else seen those solar panel ads? Saying 0$ down, builds your credit blah blah blah

Are they legit. I’m getting interested tbh

No. 663362

File: 1604088532531.jpg (49.19 KB, 700x394, bikini kill.jpg)

Does anyone know the full 'lyrics' for the ranting in the background in the song 'Thurston Hearts the Who' by Bikini Kill?

Here's what I've got so far
:so we're gonna play a new song for you and we don't know how it goes ,but it might work
Do you remember how it goes, Cathy?
Okay. Bikini Kill. You really had to be there.I got the opportunity to meet them this DC-based punk foursome before the show
I was shocked about how contradictory their words and actions were. Their supposed message for Bikini Kill's music and literature is girl love and feminism. Yet what comes across on stage is man-hate

2 songs that I had gotten from their airplane before their arrival from Hawaii. These 2 songs have cathy hooksand a hard punk edge ??? dancing out of control. Intersting, exclusively men ??? is the band's favourite noise. Punk rock has go some of those elements, but it's not usually so EXTREME ??? Bikini Kill are activists, not musicians. What exactly is Bikini Kill trying to say? the band explorers the ??? of women's consciousness ,exploring sensitive issues such as rape, incest, women's insubordination and eating disorders ???

miniskirt ??? across your bedroom ??? across your back, grabbing your crotch and reinacting Jake ??? over the microphone

Wiggle your hips, hands ??? and say 'leave me alone'. It was so sad to see a woman so desperately confused. She said 'I am ???. I might make you rape me, I might make you rape me' ??? first she spoke feminist ideas??? by acting out the ??? I found it tragic

I can't make out the rest


No. 663385

That woman is so annoying

No. 663386

kathleen hanna is retarded but her music shaped my teenage years

No. 663387

As long as you can acknowledge that she isn’t cool or someone to emulate I don’t see the issue then lol

No. 663416

ntayrt but idk much about her, aside from some of the songs she made, what about her was retarded?

No. 663418

whats wrong with her?

No. 663419

nothing egregious, just your run of the mill stupid libfem

No. 663422

The “re-enacting jake???” Should be “reenacting deep throat over the microphone”, that’s the only one I can remember off the top of my head

No. 663460

Would bookshelves help suppress noise from the other side of the wall? Maybe with a thick duvet hung up behind them? Live in a new apartment and my neighbour to my bedroom is the most obnoxious guy - the kind that shouts conversations down the phone. Just trying to think of ways to muffle him out..HELP

No. 663466

I love this song lol

No. 663472

Yes! It will. You can buy noise proofing materials on Amazon and other sites as well. I live in a traditional unit with paper thin sliding doors and I have a pervert for a neighbor that would always put his ear to the wall, I kind of fashioned my own tapestry out of soundproofing materials and it works so great.

No. 663507

I really don’t know why, and I know if I ask anywhere else I’ll be attacked and blocked by snowflakes everywhere but:

Why is it bad to fetishize something? Isn’t the point of fetishization to…be unusually sexually attracted to X thing to the nth degree? like how dudes fetishize lesbians, and girls to gays

I really genuinely don’t understand so don’t think I’m trying to bait or w.e

No. 663510

There's difference between a fetish as an extension of sex and fetish of a person, i.e an anal fetish is not the same as having a fetish for black men just for their race

No. 663514

If you’re having a wedding and inviting two good friends who are a couple, do you send them individual invites with no options of a +1 (since they would probably be each other’s +1), just send to one of them with the option of a +1, or send one invited addressed to both of them?

No. 663518

Fetishization is bad because it removes someone's personhood. Like if a man has an Asian fetish, is he is attracted to Asian girls it's not because he likes them as people, but because he is attracted to them for being Asian. To him, they aren't people with their own agency, they're just objects for his sexual desire.
Fetishes for objects/outfits are usually harmless, because they are already objects. But when it's directed towards a group of people, it's harmful because it entails someone ignoring their personhood to focus on the other person as a sex object.

No. 663522

nayrt but I thought all fetishes were sex related, it’s just that the word got less severe over time due to its jokey use in casual conversation (i.e. some normie who has a large amount of shoes makes a joke like “Oh, I have SUCH a shoe fetish! Lol!”). But correct me if I’m wrong, that’s just the impression I got.

No. 663524

I’d send one rsvp addressed to both people, with a +1 added only if they have a kid (and you actually want the kid there)

No. 663527

I fetishize men. I truly do not give a damn. Men will never change their mind about fetishizing my race, my sexuality or my armpit. So I can’t care less about their “you don’t like me as a person” feelings.

No. 663529

This is stupid
But why do people wear the same things and do the same style of hair/makeup for their whole lives?

I am looking at photos of my grandma and she has worn her hair and clothes the same for 30+ years. My mom, the same.

Meanwhile I change my look every few years or so. Is it because I'm still young? Do people eventually settle in to something for the rest of their lives?

No. 663530

It doesn't have to do with age. It just depends on the individual. Some people find something that works for them and stick to it. Some people feel the need to change it up constantly, like you. It's really not a big deal.

No. 663531

That makes sense… I guess I just feel kinda bad because neither of them seem to try anything new in any walk of life…

Ah well. They're creatures of comfort like everyone else. Heh.

No. 663532

They’re just not superficial

No. 663533

Why do these anons write like redditors and why does it always seem off

No. 663535

Would it be weird to apply to social media internships despite not having any public social media accounts? I mean I know basic social media skills but I just don’t use those sites anymore

No. 663536

I’m only 25 but I feel like I’ve already fallen into the “same hairstyle, same makeup” trap lmao. After years of experimenting and feeing like an ugly fuck no matter what I did, I’ve found a hairstyle and makeup look that suits me very well so I don’t feel reason to change. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it yknow? I probably mostly just change my fashion style at most. I’m also a little afraid to deviate from my current preferred look in fear of looking like a fucking freak again so lol.

No. 663538

based newfag identifier

No. 663545

Why do people put their elders in senior care homes? I ask because I live in a country where senior abuse has been recognized to be widespread problem in these institutions for a very long time. If people had the resources to care for their loved ones, do you think they would more commonly keep their elders at home?

No. 663547

>only 25

No. 663549

found a teenager, you guys!

what's wrong with sticking to the same style aesthetic? it's only natural to be able to find what fits you best in mid 20s, you're not unstable baby still exploring who you are. I wouldn't worry about it.

No. 663551

Definitely not here because people are extremely individualistic and also often hate their parents so they wouldn't want them in their space constantly. I'm assuming you live in a country that's very family oriented but in places like US, Britain, pretty sure we'd go insane having our parents living in our homes, especially when they're old and getting senile. Also as much as you may want to support your parents if their condition gets too extreme you just wouldn't have the necessary training and medical skills to take care of them. They are some very nice assisted living facilities, just have to pick a good facility and not a budget one

No. 663552

It honestly depends on each family’s circumstances.
In my home particularly we had to put one of my grandma’s in an elderly home because she broke her hip and my uncle is an unstable drunkard. Keeping her at her home was basically killing her, my family was also always busy and she didn’t want to leave the zone in which she lived.
We had to go through two elderly homes, luckily we found a decent one in which she was okay until she died.
Sometimes it’s just better to keep them in a decent care home instead at their own houses. Mostly because of the need for a team of nurses that can actually move them around without hurting them, they’re too fragile after all.
Also, paying for the nurses sometimes doesn’t work, another grandma of mine had everything in her house, but the nurse never went to work and my other family was also constantly worried about hurting her further more.

No. 663560

This shit is so bizarre. This entire board has been around since you were eating your boogers, get off your high horse.

No. 663563

Because gen x and millennials don't give a shit about their selfish boomer relatives.

No. 663575

Is running good or bad for you? I thought it was healthy but people say you can damage your joints.

No. 663578

>I thought it was healthy but people say you can damage your joints.
Those aren't mutually exclusive. It's high impact so injuries can happen and fat people should avoid running because the extra weight puts pressure on their joints, but that doesn't mean it isn't good cardio and effective exercise.

No. 663579

It’s damaging longterm

No. 663587

The potential damage can also be mitigated by wearing supportive footwear, stretching before and after, and maintaining good running form

No. 663615

File: 1604118020264.jpg (304.84 KB, 1080x1335, 20201031_001245.jpg)

Why tf are people online like this? Grown adults can't think for themselves? Opinions from strangers will endanger you? Why do they want to police the internet so hard?

No. 663618

Nah, they make a good point. Supporting shitty people is 100% enabling them to continue to be shitty people.

No. 663626

Eat shit. Don’t support people if you don’t want to. But “deplatforming” or inhibiting access your opposing views and threatening those who seek out and interact with those views with social persecution because “muh dangerous beliefs” is quite literally fascism.

No. 663639

Do you have a dominant hand? mixed handed? Ambidextrous? I use my left hand for eating and writing but favor my right for basically everything else.

No. 663647

i was left handed as a kid but taught myself how to write with my right hand and now it's what i mainly use. i switch it up from time to time though so i have practice in case i ever break my dominant arm

No. 663650

right handed but i can use my left hand fairly well when doing makeup on myself or others

No. 663653

How much amount of alcohol is a normal amount in a week? My father drinks two to three liters of beer every single friday and sometimes saturday too, and I'm kinda starting to get worried, but I'm also incredibly week with alcohol and get stumble-tipsy after just a single glass, so maybe I'm just applying wrong standards…

No. 663671

That sounds bad ngl, if he's not an alcoholic it must be wreaking havoc with his health.

It doesn't actually take much alcohol to be considered dangerous, I remember being shocked when I found out how my govt defines binge drinking (can't remember how many drinks exactly, like 4 in one day maybe?) but in order to get drunk I'd drink twice that and I definitely don't have a drinking problem.

No. 663672

>if he's not an alcoholic it must be wreaking havoc with his health.
Meant to say 'even if' he's not an alcoholic

No. 663685

Are there any actually good fast to make noodles in EU? Preferably spicy

No. 663706

Every dog I've ever had has been a chihuahua and they've all been very good. The key is to socialize them early and often, don't treat them like toys and keep them from becoming overly attached to a single person. Once they latch on to one person, that's when the aggression comes out.

No. 663785

If your friends are all attractive, do you think that means you're attractive? Do attractive people generally gravitate towards each other, like the looksmatch stuff but for non-romantic relationships?

No. 663792

File: 1604147639361.png (339.08 KB, 811x720, luluco.png)

>tfw when you realize you have a bunch of attractive friends, but also a bunch of unattractive friends
What does this mean?

No. 663800

File: 1604148431053.jpg (14.92 KB, 480x312, cool vs warm red.jpg)

Could somebody explain cool-toned skin/makeup vs warm-toned skin/makeup vs olive-toned skin?
I always thought that tone directed people to what hue people should wear 'warm' tones (reds, yellows, oranges) and those with a cool tone should wear cool-toned hues (blues, purples), but stuff like pic rel says that tone dictates saturation? Also, what even is olive skin? Is it an undertone? Do olive people have cool vs warm tones like non-olive people?

No. 663814

File: 1604150107839.jpg (163.11 KB, 958x403, SmartSelect_20201031-091422_Wh…)

In all seriousness, can any anons suggest something to fit this query?

No. 663829

File: 1604151272261.jpeg (57.9 KB, 356x499, D9E08955-8E40-4907-9752-E1B369…)

No. 663833

This a pretty good video on the subject even though her kibbe videos suck (due to kibbe sucking)

No. 663835

The cool tones for cool toned people and so on is very dated and not as rigid anymore, if you look at light eyes, they look the best wirh rusty tones as cool tones can muddle the eyecolor or compete with it. If you are cool yet warm, that would be a neutral tone my dear sis

No. 663841

>be a mentally ill shut-in that leeches off their parents and develops an alcohol addiction

No. 663842

Doesn't she grow from that and become a better person?

No. 663843

I love chihuahuas so much and want to get one in the future, but I'm so fucking terrified of not training it properly and it becoming a stereotypical demon from hell ughhh.

No. 663845

The last two books she published still had her struggling with her alcohol addiction and being a selfish and immature person so no.

No. 663852

I liked the books because of the self introspection and how depression was depicted, but the way people have been selling it like "omg it's about lesbians, so kweer uwu", they completely missed the point. Kabi would be a terrible role model (which she's not even trying to be).

No. 663857

it means you’re a normal human being

No. 663867

We really are an autistic board…

No. 663892

No. 663896

How do you deal with unrealistic celebrity crushes? I have never had this problem before but I recently I've become semi-obsessed with a famous(ish) person and it feels unhealthy

No. 663962

I just let myself ride them out and have fun. As long as you aren't doing anything illegal/dangerous (i.e. actually trying to find their personal information and impede on their actual life), I don't see what's wrong with letting yourself have a little fun and enjoying the crush. I usually end up consuming a lot of information about them- watching the shows they're in, reading interviews they've done, reading fan complied facts about them, etc. I'll daydream about maybe meeting them and becoming close to them or something too lol. Sometimes that shit dies in a few weeks, sometimes in a few years, but it's all harmless fun. At the end of the day, I know it's unrealistic, so who cares if I know a little too much about a celebrity? Tons of bitches like me out there doing the same thing.

No. 663979

I've never used discord before, I'm not on any sm so I'm honestly a bit clueless about how to use these kind of communication services in general, but I really enjoy connecting with anons here. Should I join the lolcow discord? What's it like there? How does it work?

No. 663980

Who else is binge eating Halloween candy alone and crying today

No. 663981

I'm still in mine and I have been in it through the entirety of quarantine, but it hasn't become seriously deranged. I think as long as you acknowledge they're unattainable, it's fine. If you want to deter it, you can try and find out if they've said or done anything repugnant or problematic, although I don't know if that would help your case personally. I found some nasty rumors about mine and they only intensified my attraction to him lmao

No. 663983

does eating 5 ginger biscuits in a row count as binging? If so, yes

No. 663991

Are there conservative/religious families out there that forced their kids to wear knee-length skirts that would show your bare calves/knees?

I'm asking because grew up in a religious family that made me wear trousers 24/7, either that or thick, oversized jumpers that would reach my mid-calf with leggings underneath. My family was very staunchly against me showing any sort of skin, including my knees, calves, and basically, the majority of my legs, and I was wondering if other religious or conservative households were like mine

No. 663995

Mama makes several different sorts of glass noodles from mung bean and/or sweet potato flour, the Tom Yum ones are pretty good and a nice medium kind of spicy

No. 664008

Can humans drink bear milk? And actually receive nutritional benefits, and not get sick? Not polar bear milk, I already know about it. How would it be possible to even milk a bear? If bear milk surged in popularity and resulted in many accidental deaths of the farmers, would it deter the general population from dairy in general? I’m asking because a show I’m watching a character almost died in the woods as an infant but a mother bear let them drink with her cubs and they did until they were old enough to hunt for food.

No. 664010

Oh yeah I'm so obsessed that I'm becoming deranged, it just makes me depressed that they are unattainable

No. 664016

*not so obsessed

No. 664024

I wasn’t allowed to show any leg and even now when I wear a calf length skirt with bare legs my family thinks it’s scandalous,

No. 664028

Hey I kinda feel for you anon, I've watched a fuckton of interviews and saved a ton of pictures and seen all his films at least once, if not more than once over, and I am sad that I can't have him either.

Then I think about the fact that he's a famous man who's been famous for nearly half his life and probably a terrible person, that makes me rethink my depression over the unattainability. And yet I'm still a little sad. The things that arise from being lonely, horny, and coping during quarantine

No. 664031

Anal sex:

I usually have been fine, but this last time was just pretty embarrassing. When he pulled out it smelled. I knew immediately, and was so embarrassed. I put my hand down there as he moved. I was stoned. I open my hand a little and there was a little poop… not crazy. Just like a tiny pinky nail size.. lol…but I couldn’t bear to look at his dick. We got up and I went into a separate bathroom to shower, my choice.. I was so upset. I never douched before but now I think I need to. My question is:

Anyone else relate? Is it normal for that to happen or did I fuck up and just come off as a dirty bitch? We fucked after, he still talks to me, but I’m super anxious that stuck in his mind and I’ve slightly turned him off…

No. 664033

>I've watched a fuckton of interviews and saved a ton of pictures
Yup. The worst thing about falling for an actor is that they can come across so sweet in interviews and you have to remind yourself that their job is putting on a facade and being as likeable as possible

No. 664035

I think you're fine anon lmao. What man sticks a dick inside an asshole and doesn't expect some poop to come out? If he's turned off by it, he's in for a rough surprise when he finds out that all women poop.

No. 664036

Oof, I've been there too. The last one lasted like a year and a half and it was bothering me so much because I kept procrastinating in my actual life by daydreaming or searching information about him. Anyways, what helped me this time was to eliminate any way of seeing his content and keeping myself busy. I also hated how unattainable this person felt but I had to speak to myself and reflect on how I have no idea how he truly is a person, why was I so sure that I genuinely wanted to meet him or have any type of relationship with him? It's just a fantasy, you can use it to have fun by yourself but any other type of very intense feeling is delusion and just not real.

No. 664037

Yeah whenever he started going off tangents about how positive things were in interviews where he was giddy I was like… mmm I don't believe you, it's cute, but I don't believe you.

No. 664038

What supernatural being would you like to be?
I would like to be a werewolf, they are fluffy and super powerful and they are wolves so they have packs so you never have to worry about being lonely

No. 664042

I want to be a ghost, I would throughly enjoy scaring the shit out of people and possessing them

No. 664043

vampire because they’re sexy and i would only have to go out at night and i’d always be safe

No. 664044

How do I get recommended more new song I would like on Spotify. In the beginning, I would constantly get recommended songs I would like in a steady stream, but I struggle to find songs I like as much

No. 664045

I was going to say "but vampires suck" but you make a good point

No. 664049

have you tried checking out playlists relating to the genres and artists you like on their page? I find Spotify to be a rabbit hole of sorts.

go to a random playlist related to an artist or genre, browse it, find song and artist. look at artists profile and check out the related artists, look at the related artists on the related artist's profile, it's a rabbit hole

No. 664055

Hell Girl, call me beep me if you want to damn someone's soul, at a price

No. 664063

An angel because they are from heaven and work with God.

No. 664067

Should I confess to a straight girl I have a crush on? And yes I know I'll get rejected, but should I?

No. 664068

Nooooo why??? Just exist in the in between forever like the rest of us.

No. 664070

probably not, if someone did the same to me I would be sad to know that I have disappointed someone yet again but you do what you want

No. 664077

No. I did it once because she wanted to know. She pushed me away, said she couldn't be friends if I had feelings in that way. I moved on and gave her space, then she got in touch, we made up and then she told me she loved me and got all weird and possessive. I noped out of there pretty fast. Just leave it. Confused straight girls are hard work.

No. 664084

A shadowhunter, they're pretty cool

No. 664094

So, a lesbian.

No. 664096

Is eating flaxseed everyday a bad thing? I also have a follow up question

No. 664097

No. 664101

No. 664145

Ah shit, my people.

No. 664154

a being that hunts and kills furries like you

No. 664155

I think they're sexy too but I always think that due to their hypernoses they would smell my pusssy and farts all the time and I can never get immersed in the story

No. 664161

No. 664162

I would be a siren who uses her beauty and hypnotic singing to lure handsome sailors and fisherman to watery graves. I am fascinated by sirens and mermaid related mythology.

No. 664165

Why why why why did you have to say this why

No. 664166

File: 1604194967645.gif (210.07 KB, 220x220, ACCB5DE6-A6B8-4237-932C-C9ADB1…)

No. 664182

How many pairs of underwear is it normal to own? A youtuber I was watching said she only has a week’s worth but I think I must have 30 pairs although some of them I’ve had since middle school which are kind of dingy.

No. 664186

Idk, I only have three or four since I always wash the one I used at the day.
I think it depends on the person.

No. 664191


i have like 2 weeks worth, maybe a little more? specific period panties (heavyish flow), everyday/work appropriate panties, sexy panties

better to have more than less imo

No. 664192

I have ~20 pairs. Some are men's boxer briefs for when I'm depressed. Some I only wear to get laid. I go through my daily pairs relatively fast because I overwash them probably.

No. 664200

i don't own any

No. 664204

I have like 20 or more pairs of underwear. Mainly kept buying more because I used to not have a washer or dryer in my house so I had to go out and pay to do my laundry.

No. 664212

I have sooo fucking many. Maybe 3 weeks worth of normal everyday underwear, and then another few weeks of 'good' underwear which I rarely wear and save for… if I ever have sex again ig kek, or if I run out of my normal undies and get desperate. It's been raining for a few weeks straight and I haven't done any washing for a while so I'm glad I have so many. I'm not a minimalist when it comes to clothes and especially not something as vital as underwear, I like to know I can change them as often as necessary.

No. 664275

My 3-month old nephew is constipated and hasn’t taken a shit in 3 days, would any mom-anons know any remedies to combat it?

Poor little guy has been crying for awhile

No. 664281

why does this post make me so uncomfortable.

No. 664296

Not a mom but, try some apple or pear juice. Cranberry juice could also help, but it's super acidic so idk if you should give it to an infant

No. 664307

>Soren Hayes

No. 664327

How do you guys calm yourselves down before visiting someone? I am going to visit my family but my guts are convincing me that the toxic family member will show up on purpose.

No. 664331

We might migrate and move to Canada soon. Is that a good thing?

No. 664341

I don’t go

No. 664348

No way for me to go, celebrating a birthday with nice family members but unfortunately the toxic one lives with them.

No. 664351

Avoid, be curt but not rude so they have nothing to bitch or gossip about later, continue to avoid, enjoy the people who are enjoyable, leave

No. 664361

Thank you. They really love trying to get any dirt on me. I'll focus on the reason why I came to visit and leave later.

No. 664378

You can be really short with people but still polite and it’ll floor them if they’re trying to fuck with you or be nosy. You kind of throw them through a loop. Just don’t allow yourself to enter doormat territory though, that’s worse.

No. 664379

A spoonful of Prune Juice!

No. 664382

A spoonful of prune juice helps the feces come out, feces come out, feces come out, a spoonful of prune juice helps the feces come out, tra-la-la

No. 664386

Time for bed

No. 664387

File: 1604230176219.jpg (59.56 KB, 512x288, poppins.jpg)

Tuck me in, Nanny!

No. 664391

why the fuck do people keep repeating the meme that some girls are making 100K off of only fans? I'm sure the people making that much are minority. I keep seeing scrotes especially going, "These girls making 100K a month" like it's always 100k specifically.
Watching Shayna and having to look into these things, there's very pretty girls who struggle with making money.
Rappers who have only fans, like sukihana fuck on camera and she has a big fanbase and still seems to be somewhat struggling.

One even said the average girl can make 10k a month, like what???

No. 664393

If you use twitter often there are posts about sex workers claiming to buy houses, cars and live in luxury from this money. Say something about it and a ton of them will come out to say how it's so better paid than a normal job, so it's easy to be memed into it when the actual people selling keep repeating the lie that all of them make a fortune.

It feels like a mlm sometimes lol

No. 664394

File: 1604232483881.gif (1.41 MB, 550x327, EBA00E52-3957-492D-B72D-53BFA1…)

No. 664402

Sex work literally is a type of MLM, except instead of insurance it's your sex appeal and newness being sold. Think about how often you hear about "SW supporting SWs!" and "my friend got me into SW".

Men are willing to pay for sex, which is a well known fact, and ig the meme is that the combination of sex appeal, simpbucks and internet exposure (going viral) really does make lots of girls think they just need to hit it big once and retire into their new house. The problem is, as soon as a man thinks a woman is benefitting from him in a way that doesn't give him power over her, they clam up and get angry and go support some other SW who doesn't yet know what a dead end SW is because of this mentality. The girls who make a fuckton of money do it by degrading themselves or pabdering to simps, not just by posing for cute, sexy and empowering pics that fit their IG aesthetic

No. 664404

Prune juice or lubricate a q-tip with vaseline and gently stimulate the anus. It helps the bowels get worked up. If you're squeamish about it, then do the prune juice.

No. 664411

Glycerine suppository, stomach massage and the tiniest little bit of water added to his milk. Don't give him juice, he's too little.

No. 664433

I got a new phone (LG K51) and now none of m default app sounds work, every notification sound is one of the LG tones which are all either too quiet or just irritating. I hate not knowing if I got a text, enail or snapchat until I look at my phone, and I want my native app sounds back. I can go through all my settings to chsnge the sounds, but the only options are the stoxk LG sounds- the Snapchat sound isn't available anywhere in my phone as an option. Please help, anons? I'm not used to "cheap" phones, it seems like such a hassle compared to paying more to have a phone I can truly customize, but Covid fucked me hard this year so I have no choice.

No. 664439

Why is skin whitening/lightening frowned upon yet fake tanning and lying in the sun for hours to darken your skin is not?

No. 664440

is this race-baiting?

No. 664441

Are tanning and skin whitening exclusive to race?


No. 664442

Because tanning is a natural process and putting harmful chemicals all over your skin is not

No. 664446

File: 1604240225661.gif (2.24 MB, 346x259, bap.gif)

I can't believe TA even asked this shit ass question. It's like she didn't even think about it for more than 2.5 seconds. Stay in school, anons.

No. 664448

Everything can be taken as offensive if you look at it fortoo long. I remember looking for recipes for skin bleaching in high school, but it was because I wanted the undead gawf bitch look and I was already pale.. not because of underlying self hatred or anything deep. I think we mistakenly place depth or higher thought processes where vanity is too often.

No. 664452

File: 1604240782883.png (608.5 KB, 632x515, cancer.png)

>a natural process

All-natural free-range non-GMO mutagenic radiation. You moron.

No. 664453

stay inside then, bitch. damn.

No. 664454

there's no sunblock that can save you now

No. 664455

Who gives a fuck? Literally you cannot help but tan if you are outside on a sunny day. It's a natural process. There's no such thing as "accidentally skin bleached oops uwu".

Your argument here sounds like you're pro-skin whitening because you can't get skin cancer. You sound retarded

No. 664456

Natural sun exposure isn't going to kill anyone. Humans existed for thousands of years before anyone invented sun screen. Humans actually need sun exposure to synthesise vitamin D. It becomes a problem when it's excessive and when retards decide to roast themselves on sun beds.

No. 664457

She knows this, she's just being retarded on purpose.

No. 664458

You're conflating natural with healthy

No. 664459

File: 1604241287192.jpg (22.59 KB, 640x559, 1531431317722.jpg)

>Natural sun exposure isn't going to kill anyone
American education.

No. 664461

File: 1604241550165.jpg (209.21 KB, 1920x1280, stake.jpg)

>sunlight kills
Found the vampire! Begone, creature of the night!

No. 664463

She said here
>It becomes a problem when it's excessive and when retards decide to roast themselves on sun beds.

No. 664464

read a book if you can, americlaps, it is literally listed by your cancer research society

No. 664466

What's your favourite blood group?

No. 664467

You know, I don't like when we argue like this but it warms my heart to see some activity

No. 664469

Is it possible to get a freckle out of nowhere on your face? All of a sudden I have a small but dark one near my right eye that absolutely was never on my face before but now it's just there. What gives?

No. 664470

NTA, but you're making a bad argument. Plenty of people get artificial tans, but they're not frowned on.
Conversely, people who take glutathione (a substance that naturally occurs within the body) for paler skin are still frowned upon for lightening their skin.

Cultural reasons. It's kind of a catch-22, because people will still treat those who naturally have darker skin worse, but then continue to stigmatize/shame them if they try to get away from that bad treatment by lightening their skin.
The expectation is for dark-skinned people to either accept being treated badly, or fight for the right to be seen as valid, but not everybody has the energy or time for that kind of struggle, so skin whitening continues under the table. It's a complicated situation all around.

No. 664471

why are anons so triggered by this

No. 664481

Possible, probably fine. Do the ABCDE checklist

No. 664484

I didn't know you could lighten skin without externally bleaching. You are right, my argument doesn't take the whole truth into account. But you can see from my ignorant argument how most people are going to think about it

No. 664486

because it sounds stupid. "why are ppl gets mad when people gets skin bleachies but not when ppl gets skin tan (which cause cancer btw)"

No. 664487

Are they not both frowned upon?

No. 664488

Can you teach me how to become a vampire? What's it like to be a basement dweller, anon?!

No. 664489

Not sure if you're still here anon, but I do think food service is a different beast compared to clothing retail. The retail job I left was actually at a clothing store. I won't name it, but it's a prominent worldwide brand that isn't too expensive. There's a lot of cultural things deeply rooted in the workplace even though I worked at a store in the US (and one of the largest stores to boot) that made it particularly insufferable, so I don't think my experience reflects the majority of clothing stores. I don't think it's too hard, especially compared to food service. Customer service, learning how to fold clothing the way they want, meeting presentation standards. It can be fast paced, but I think the pressure of memorizing drink orders plus the recipes of those drinks would be a lot for me too, as someone who doesn't have ADHD. I think it's best you leave for a new job when you're able to.

I can understand you're managers frustrations about asking questions to an extent, but everyone's been in a position where they have a lot of questions. Even when I was a seasoned worker at my old job I would still have questions because I need things to be 100% clarified. Would I rather have someone who gets on my nerves because they ask questions over and over again but get things done right in the end, or someone who just stays quiet and then I have to fix their fuckup? Anyway, I hope you're able to get help for your ADHD and move onto a more manageable job for yourself.

No. 664491

What does lolcow think of women who read literature by Ayn Rand?

No. 664492

do you think it should be entirely the mans responsibility in your relationship to buy protection for sex?
condoms aren't cheap at all where i live, so it sort of makes sense for me to split the cost 50/50… even though it doesn't feel right to me at the same time? but it also does? idk

No. 664495

>mfw seeing "sex workers" i.e. onlyfans thots beg people to buy their pussy pics to afford this month's rent and mood meds
What a glamorous profession.


No. 664498

File: 1604246099987.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.35 MB, 4032x3024, BDDA66DF-71B3-4F2B-A65F-AB84DF…)

What the heck is biting me and my boyfriend's hand? It's much visible on his hand, so that's why I took a photo of his hand. I'm hoping it isn't BB. I checked out the internet, and not sure. It's not too itchy, and barely barely raised.

No. 664499

>condoms aren't cheap at all where i live
Idk where you live, but in many places there are HIV/AIDS prevention organisations that provide free condoms to anyone who asks. Just fyi.

No. 664500

Interested in this too. I also like David Foster Wallace which is another "red flag if a man has this book/author on his shelf" book. I am convinced that those lists are written by bitter women who have been cheated on by that type of guy or something.

No. 664501

uh i live in the balkans and no i have no idea where i'd find a place like that

No. 664504

So do I.
This is the organisation. If you're not in Serbia, try checking local youth groups associated with the Faculty of Medicine.

No. 664505

thanks girl i'll check it out, this is super helpful <3

No. 664506

Np, stay safe! ♥

No. 664510

Hi I am this anon, (the skin whitening one) I didn’t mean to offend or trigger anyone. It wasn’t race baiting. I phrased it wrong, I didn’t mean skin BLEACHING, I meant whitening/lightening like non-harmful creams and moisturisers. I am naturally pale and I am currently going through a process of having my freckles removed/lightening due to being unhappy with them for years and then linking to my mental health/self esteem issues (but that’s another story). At the clinic I am going to, they offer skin whitening treatments. I was just thinking that I know online people would be triggered by this, it is something common in South Korea and I know western people have problems with it.

Again, I am NOT race baiting. I just phrased it wrong, I didn’t mean skin bleaching.


No. 664511

Did you check what thread you are in? It is dumbass questions. Why are you here if you are triggered so easily?

No. 664518

Why specifically David Foster Wallace? I don't think I've ever heard of that about his writings before

No. 664525

This is going to be stupid but if you epliate, does your skin get less sensitive? Like, not less sensitive to the epilating process, I mean less sensitive to the touch lol.

No. 664526

Is there anyone here who doesn’t use or care about anything on Twitter? I tried using it a few years ago but couldn’t see the appeal. I feel like society would improve if it just suddenly went offline forever.
I guess that goes for most social media anyways. Idk.

No. 664528

Does anybody else with OCD not feel fear when they get intrusive thoughts related to an obsession, so you get anxious and induce more of them to make sure you still are scared of them?

No. 664535

I know I'm late but you should get him tested for gluten intolerance.

A lot of constipated children are like that because gluten is literally opening micro holes on their intestine lining.

No. 664544

It's less judging people for what they read, more about judging their interpretation of it

No. 664546

No. Your skin also doesn't get used to epilation but instead your follicles become weaker over time giving less resistance.

No. 664548

File: 1604254086929.jpg (1.06 MB, 1564x1564, dudesimhornyfor.jpg)

Do I have a type anons? If so, what is it? I don't think I do, but I'm curious.

No. 664551

I only use it because all the Japanese artists are there now, otherwise I would have never opened an account, my followers are in the single digits and I don't post anything.

No. 664554

File: 1604254638340.jpg (211.41 KB, 1440x787, 20201101_131250.jpg)

What is up with gen z and their sex culture?

So yall out here fucking men and not even kissing them?yall just go straight into fucking with no foreplay?the guy kind of just mounts you like a dog then leaves? Kissing is too intimate but you dont mind a strangers cock in your mouth?Maybe I sounds like a boomer but I was on tiktok and apparently it's normal not to kiss hook ups.

No. 664562

i’m a gen z virgin and i’m scared to lose it now

No. 664566

Squinty eyed guys with high cheekbones, thin noses, and small lips?

No. 664570

It's weird. Everyone in your generation is so scared of "catching feelings". I'm not sure what is so bad about fucking a person and caring about them…

No. 664576

CHEEKBONES! That's it! Thank you anon, you've been a good help. I see now I really like visible, high cheekbones. Ily.

No. 664579

I knew some one who lied about shit like that just because she wanted male attention. I wouldn't be amazed if these kids were saying it for the same reason.

No. 664581

I always thought people did that to not catch the herpes.

No. 664583

Thank you a lot, anon! I did the exact thing you said and thankfully, things went well. Even the toxic-memb themselves ended up play-pretend being polite towards me in the end kek.

No. 664584

It's a good type, anon!

No. 664588

How can I make other people believe that I am a weather god so they will stop bullying me?

No. 664589

Same, tried twitter once in 2011, didn't get it, and I will never ever go back to that shithole

No. 664591

Thanks! I hate this

No. 664592

Give a marmalade sandwich to a tropical fish

No. 664594

what's wrong with tuna?

No. 664598

File: 1604259387118.png (67.61 KB, 367x349, Sin título.png)

No. 664599

File: 1604259891585.jpg (4.16 MB, 2898x2898, type.jpg)

I want to know too. Do I have a type?

No. 664600

I like you nonny!

No. 664601

You like women with a chiseled, carved face more so than full faces? I like them too, they look more mature and authoritative. But fuller faces look more youthful.

No. 664610

Ohhh, I think you're right anon! Thanks a bunch.

No. 664612

Just like the anon before me I tried twitter back in 2009 and I didn't like it. Nowadays I only click on memes others send me, I don't like or retweet anything on it.
I think if I used twitter I'd just spend all my time arguing and being pissed so I don't bother. I generally dislike social media though, don't even have instagram

No. 664616

Brown eyes, big lips and square heads

No. 664639

As a preface, I’m not complaining about or bothered by friendliness or support on lc, that’s ridiculous. But is anyone else ever like ew gross when an anon is too dramatically overbearing like “I love you I wish I could hug you blah blah” to posts that weren’t very emotional in the first place? Weird lovebombing, makes my lip curl.

No. 664641

Not to armchair you, anon, but it just sounds like you're aversive to casual affection. There's really no harm in people on an anonymous imageboard sharing some harmless love for each other. Plenty of girls on here have said they consider other users to be like their friends or sisters. I know you said you weren't complaining, but it still kinda came off that way. I don't even do the stuff you described, but I still think it's cute when I see an interaction like that on here.

No. 664645

I don't really know how to express genuine care or concern outside of stupid comments like that, especially on an anonymous imageboard where I don't know anyone and can't give personalized compliments or advice. Just take my love, anon.

No. 664649

You’re def armchairing. I’ve been supportive and sweet to anons who are going through shit. Lovebombing is still odd and inappropriate and lacks boundaries when it’s out of place and doesn’t even make sense in response, ie Soren the horror cow’s pen pal letters.

No. 664651

Where do we lose fat first? I read once that we lose fat first in the parts of the body where we gain it first but idk how true that is

No. 664654

Nah, you're not alone. I'm all for being nice but I hate when people act saccharine, especially when it's towards people they don't even know. Like when they say "I love you and you're so valid and important" this could be the same anon they called a retarded cunt in another thread lmao.

No. 664657

Love bombing implies an abusive dynamic. How is sharing a lot of affection toward a random and anonymous person on the internet abusive? Hell, a lot of the stuff in the dumbass shit thread makes me feel like "oh these anons are so silly, I love them." You don't always need to read a soap opera to feel that overwhelming sense of love.

No. 664661

Why this site has a huge hate boner with Adam Driver ?

No. 664667

women store fat in their hips, thighs and ass; men store fat in their abdomen so their belly, shoulders, arms and upper body in general, theoretically you'd first lose fat from where you're not anatomically predisposed to store fat, so arms, face, belly, calves and stuff. This makes sense on paper but i've seen more women saying they lose their ass first(including me) so idk what to believe i think its heavily influenced by genetics, i hardly lose any arm and face fat and my fat distribution is very similar to my moms. Also losing weight doesn't always directly manifest a physical difference because afaik you lose visceral fat before you lose subcutaneous fat and because visceral fat is so deep inside it seems like it doesn't make a difference.

No. 664670

Not to say the site has a hateboner for him? Would say anons are divisive about his looks but I wouldn't call it a hateboner. Just like there's a lot of people who are divisive about timothee whatisface's looks

No. 664675

Look up the attractive man thread. It is fucked up

No. 664676

Some people think he has a Tetris block for a face. Don't let that impact your crush, anon.

No. 664677

Oh my god, stop shoehorning him into everything you pitiful stan

No. 664680

Im curious, what do you anons think is an acceptable age difference when the woman is the older one? What do you think of relationships when a man is 3+ years younger than a woman in general?

No. 664681

Hmm we can disagree it’s still dorky and cringe sometimes

No. 664682

>imageboard of women finds unattractive man unattractive
>it’s fucked up
>as if adam driver will ever see this shit
You should’ve seen what people were saying about John Boyega when Chadwick Boseman died. Now that was fucked up.

No. 664685

I think if the man is 25+ then the age gap doesn’t matter at all in most cases. Large age gaps are only weird if the younger adult isn’t fully developed/independent imo.

No. 664687

As an example, what about a 26yo woman and 23 man who is in uni? I personally find it weird because men mostly "grow up" slower. And being less than 24 still seems like a baby to me only because a big chunk of people were confused during their first 3 years of 20s.

No. 664693

I've seen worse honestly. yeah it sucks to see your fav or crush insulted, that's why there's such thing as a scroll button anon. but people have different opinions and some of them on an anonymous imageboard are going to be crass, don't sperg too much over it

No. 664696

I totally agree with you about feeling weird and confused the first 3 years of my 20s. But it’s the end of that, and I think it could be okay. I’d imagine he’s almost done with college, last year or so, and about ready to be independent. That’d put you guys on an even playing field.

If it helps, I’m 26 and would have no problem dating a 23yo at all, though it’d probably be the youngest I’d go for my own comfortability as well.

No. 664698

Wtf, there's obviously nothing wrong with that. Nobody would even blink at 26 yr old man with a 23 yr old woman, why are you clutching pearls when it's the reverse?

The problem with age gaps is pretty much exclusively with older men. Women aren't predatory and don't typically seek out men they can control, men aren't constantly gaslighted into thinking they should be with older women or die alone, men aren't always told they age like milk and women like wine. It's about the consistent pattern of social pressure, not that every age gap is inherently abusive or problematic in practice. Disparate maturity and life stages can occur at any age. But it comes down to the fact that if a younger man is with an older woman, he's going against the grain. You can safely assume he hasn't been deceived into thinking it's his only option to get marriage or commitment before 'hitting the wall' at 30.

No. 664701

>fucked up
you know he doesn’t belong there. nobody would be saying anything if you didn’t keep spamming him in a thread you know he doesn’t belong in. if you’d stuck to unconventional attractions it would be fine. you’re being thoroughly obnoxious and acting underage.

No. 664706

I asked about the opposite situation mainly because the "older man and younger woman" topic is one of the oldest ones around the internet and media in general, everyone knows about it, but I haven't seen people talking about the opposite case anywhere.

No. 664713

This reads like me in 6th grade whenever someone bad-mouthed my anime husbando. You'll survive strangers thinking a man is ugly, anon. I promise.

No. 664716

Not sure if Driver stan is nearly as spergy as the Cavill stan that came into celbricows in the past to whiteknight their predator celeb husband. Still pretty spergy though. At least Driver isn't a pedo

No. 664721

I’d say the driver sperg is worse because they’ve brought it across multiple threads, none of them being the proper one

No. 664727

File: 1604269200952.jpg (114.18 KB, 720x960, shelf5.jpg)

What do anons here think of the idea of refusing to do anything sexual that solely gives a guy pleasure (hjs, bjS etc) with a guy until he does something that gives you pleasure (like finger banging, eating you out)? I've been listening to some PIV-critical women talk about how it's odd that most teenage girl's first sexual experience is giving a hj whilst most boy's first sexual experience is receiving a hj, and how this may be indicative of male sexuality being the main focus of sex

No. 664728

Does someone actually WK Cavill here?

No. 664742

File: 1604271383514.png (1.44 MB, 1548x1024, cavillanon.png)

either a scrote or an underage female sperg started wk'ing him hard in celebricows a few threads back

No. 664744

I have hate posted about his face yet this wk never came for me, she must be new or something. Ugly apeman.

No. 664745

i think she was banned after making that post so if it was less than 3 months ago she's been banned. unless she decided to use a vpn and morphed into driverstan

No. 664756

File: 1604272471245.jpg (94.78 KB, 595x394, 1592297316423.jpg)

should i bet money on one of the murican presidential candidates winning
t. non american (retard) (wants to buy burando)

No. 664761

yes. what do you want to buy anon?

No. 664762

I feel bad for people who consider people on imageboards like their friends or sisters

No. 664765

i don't know yet. i'm eyeing some cute dresses and accessories on wunderwelt but that's about it.
i have the money to buy them but eh, i guess i'm feeling frisky and willing to gamble some cash for the possibility of gaining more. key word possibility

No. 664768

Nta but when people talk about sisterhood they're using it to express solidarity based on our shared struggles and strengths as women. Nothing wrong with that in itself, it makes sense considering this is an anonymous board for women. This is very different from the biological or legal category of sister, which I don't think people are implying here basically ever. As for people calling other anons their friends, what can you expect, I don't agree with it myself but it's the internet and many farmers are neet

No. 664772

Some of us are unsocialised and we find comfort in like minded women online, it’s sad but I’d be lying if I don’t feel a sense of sisterhood here

No. 664774

Should I buy a cute novelty mug from a popular YouTuber? The design is of a bird and I feel like it might sell out soon but I feel like it might be tacky and it's $15 minus shipping

No. 664778

Get a load of this mentally healthy and well adjusted person.

No. 664782

I think it's a shit idea personally, but you'll probably do it anyway.

Most farmers have admitted to being either completely friendless or keeping only shitty people around them. You can put two and two together from there.

No. 664784

Yeah me too

No. 664786

1. How easily identifiable is it as YouTuber merch?
2. How likely is this YouTuber going to be exposed for sexting underage fans in the near future?

No. 664792

spoilered for tmi
tl;dr stopped eating for a few days (not on purpose but because I was too focused on something else and didn't have an appetite) and now that I'm eating normally again I can't stop shitting every several minutes, like severe stomach flu levels of shitting. wat do?

No. 664796

>love bombing implies an abusive dynamic
statistically, the odds of the same bitch who tells you she loves you and wants to hug you tightly a-logging you in another thread at least once a week is pretty high. also knowing some of you freaks have said you want to fuck dogs, you aren’t sisters of mine.

No. 664800

I agree. All the girls I know gave blowjobs as their first sexual experience and the guys didn't touch them, the majority of them didn't even fuck them, men are THAT lazy and tragic. It's definitely better to be the first pleased than the first to please, it sets an standard for your partner

No. 664805

>knowing some of you freaks have said you want to fuck dogs, you aren’t sisters of mine.
I was going to disagree with this because I've never seen that, but I don't even know at this point.
But, anon, just what does that say about you, the person who comes to chat casually with anonymous dogfuckers?

No. 664807

Nta but have you ever been on /g/? I think I’ve only ever come across one once while browsing here

No. 664808

nta but her point is just that it doesn’t make sense to see anonymous people as your friends or sisters because they could easily be people you wouldn’t actually like

No. 664813

1. It's the YouTuber's pet bird and the design is recognisable
2. The YouTuber is a woman so she's more likely to be 'exposed' for being problematic rather than a predator

No. 664827

File: 1604278688324.jpeg (105.71 KB, 1024x1536, 7F1F6C63-FD7E-4855-87AA-EB5771…)

Have any of you anons ever had or made black bean brownies? How did you like it? Any particular recipes you like? I kinda want to make some, not as some *~*~guilty but health~*~* alternative, but my not-that-into-chocolate brain thinks it might be ok since it isn’t 100% chocolate lol. A chocolate craving but without the want for chocolate I guess…? idk my brain is stupid

No. 664829

I bet you're a yuro from a nord country, lmao

No. 664831

Thank you!!

No. 664836

Is that supposed to be an insult lol? I'm not, I'm actually from a place where people do this all the time, doesn't mean I can't still find it annoying though.

No. 664842

And? Calling each other retarded and then saying "I love you" is part of the fun. Like a shitty sisterhood

No. 664844

>also knowing some of you freaks have said you want to fuck dogs, you aren’t sisters of mine.
This and also anons who don't wash their hands after shitting.

No. 664846

And? People can think the things you like are retarded.

No. 664853

You might have gotten a stomach virus. This belongs in the bathroom thread, but don't drink anything super sugary or caffeinated, have someone pick you up an electrolyte water, eat saltines or something really mild and give it a few more hours. If it lasts after that, get some imodium to stop you up.

No. 664858

Yes! Very strange dynamic. But as other anons have explained, some don’t have a strong sense of self and don’t receive enough love or encouragement irl so that’s why they seek it here. It’s sad but I’m not going to make fun of them for it.

Yes, two different people are a nordfag. As anon said here >>664836 they aren’t, and I’m not either. We just don’t need some weird you are so valid queen! big huggies and kissies! from the same catty hoes that are arguing with us over retarded shit and a-logging everyone that disagrees with them at the same time.

No. 664861

I don't know where the fuck to start on buying fake eyelashes. I've used them before, but it's been a long time. Are there particular brands/styles/materials thst I should be looking for?
This shit is low effort compared to having to keep up with people irl. I know it sounds shitty, but friendships are exhausting and this place fills my tank enough to where I don't have to care about long winded social interactions anymore outside of it.

No. 664862

File: 1604282190820.gif (460.76 KB, 500x255, 48558038-3B9A-45B8-8198-C999D2…)

I made the initial post on the topic—wasn’t even referring to the kinship of anons and I don’t see an issue with this really. I just specifically meant that sometimes people go way too overboard with it and it looks like some tumblr uwu shit and it kind of gives a sliver of insight into how some anons alienate everyone irl.

No. 664873

I have never seen this extreme behavior here. I think you're exaggerating and projecting.

No. 664876

You must not have been here long then, because it definitely happens and it's not uncommon either.
Also, how would they be projecting?

No. 664878

Let them be in denial.

No. 664892

It happens. It's depressing, but I can't fault them for looking for comfort here.

No. 664922

Do you ladies want to help me with a survey for my principles of research design course so that I can generate some last-minute data?

I just need to know your age and roughly how many hours you spent this season doing Halloween-related activities (e.g. carving pumpkins, going to an orchard, decorating, watching scary movies, trick or treating, etc.). If you feel inclined, I'd appreciate it so much, nonnies! I'm an idiot and accidentally saged this last time I asked

No. 664926

26yo, ~60hrs, most of which was movie watching, but also a corn maze/pumpkin patch, making Halloween treats, and costume making.

No. 664929

25 years old, spent around 8 hours dressing up in costumes, watching movies and enjoying some Halloween treats with a friend she’s 24 years old, add her as a separate entry if you want

No. 664930

26, 0 hrs, though I probably looked at around 15 houses that had decorated their places while on my walks. is my reply useless? If so, I'm sorry…

No. 664934

27 yo, approx 60 hours spent watching horror movies, making spooky playlists, and fixing up my costume throughout october

No. 664935

24, 30 hours

No. 664936

Thank you guys so much! You really saved my ass.

I hope you made the most out of it and had a lot of fun. What kind of treats did make? I always associate this time of year with candied apples and popcorn balls.

You and your friend absolutely both count. Glad you guys spent it together. That always makes things more fun. I'm jealous you found the time to dress up. I was pretty bummed yesterday by not being able to go out/dress up.

Noted! I think the prompt was just to collect data from anyone about their habits. I don't see why logging 0 hours would hurt. I empathize though. My neighbors decorated like they do every year, so at least I was able to live vicariously through them.

You really went for it, huh? It's always nice to see someone get fully immersed in it. You're braver than me though. I hate scary movies.

Thank you! ♥

No. 664942

24, 20-25 hours? I'm bad with time mostly binge watching Halloween stuff, gutted pumpkins, made pumpkin seeds, and costume and more movies but with friends ofc, nothing too crazy

No. 664944

Is there a new k-pop general? Not for fans of k-pop, more specifically, but one to just gawk at the weirdness and obsessiveness of the fandom.

No. 664948

nah and farmhands and admin probably won't allow another one to be posted. every attempt to recreate kpg or kpc has fallen flat

No. 664954

Why not? I didn't think they violated any rules, except maybe a good majority of k-pop fans being under 16(?). Not sure.

No. 664956

So I found a USB stick in class that had 2 files on, a job application form and a dick pic (dick and hand)
I a trying to narrow it down to what guy in my class it could be. It doesnt have exif information on it. From skintone of the hand I have narrowed it down to maybe a dozen or so. any suggestions to get more details?

No. 664957

sadly not alot this year, i estimate 8-12-ish hours?

No. 664958

Sometimes document files will say who owns it or created it

No. 664959

what type of job application form is it? check metadata?

No. 664963

File: 1604296925817.jpg (88.03 KB, 1073x534, wall.jpg)

The picture has nothing in the properties and the pdf is from an employment agency (pretty popular in town for students) that you print off and fill in. The memory stick was a certain one that was given out to the class a couple of weeks ago (everyone got one). I dont really speak to a lot of people so it would be hard just asking casual questions but i have asked if anyone had luck finding work due to covid and is 'pdf' agency any good?. I dont thirst after dick but the whole secretly tracking down dickpic guy is 100x more interesting than this class is.

No. 664966

maybe left it around for someone to find lol. it kind of sounds like it

No. 664994

Has anyone tried schema therapy before? What is it like? How does it work?

No. 665018

Why is it that some people can drink all the tea in the world but their teeth remain white while I drink a cup of green tea once a week and my teeth immediately turn yellow??

No. 665047

Serious question, this is the second time that I've picked up my adderall xr, and I'm missing pills. It's only a single pill this time, but what are you supposed to do in situations like this, especially when it's a controlled substance?

No. 665048

How tf do I project my voice properly? This has been a problem all of my life, people constantly tell me that they cannot hear me. Somedays I feel like I speak loudly enough and I don't understand how people can't hear me but somedays I feel like my lungs are weak and I cannot get my voice out

No. 665049

Talk to the doctor and the pharmacists, they probably will know what's up

On that note, anon sorry for asking you this when you yourself are asking a question, but I'm about to be medicated for my ADHD today and I'm quite scared. How does aderall feel? How many times do you take it a day? Do you take it every day? What happens if you don't?

I'm broke as fuck so I'm scared of not being able to buy them every paycheck, and I wanna know. I'm sorry

No. 665058

Maybe you can use your quietness to your advantage. Had an ex who always spoke on the verge of whispering. As he told people, he had lost hearing in one ear completely and other partially and couldn't gauge the loudness of his voice and cringed at the thought he could be yelling inappropriately. This had the effect that when he spoke everyone shut up and leaned in to hear him. It was quite amazing witnessing how it ended up commanding attention.

No. 665059

Eh, I'll bring it up to my doctor. I'm just scared of looking like a drug seeker. I don't know what the rationalization in that is, but there it is.
Well, you have a few different options. There's stimulant-based, like Adderall and ritalin, and there's non-stimulant meds as well. There's no real way to gauge how you'll feel, it's a little different for everyone. Be prepared to have to pick up physical versions of your RX every 3 months or so, use goodrx.com to see discounted prices depending on dose/amt and location, discuss with your provider the cost of prescriptions (if you're in the US, you'll probably be stuck with generics, and they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer) and steer clear of namebrands. Don't expect miracles. It helps focus, but sometimes it helps you focus on stupid shit you're not supposed to be doing (ie: me posting on lolcow). Make sure you drink PLENTY of water. Make sure you take a multivitamin, and you might have to take magnesium separately. I take extended release, because I can't remember to take my second dose. You don't have to take it every single day, and it's better if you take a couple of days off a week to keep chances down from developing a tolerance/addiction.

No. 665065

Thank you anon, you're a real saver. I wish you the best with your medication as well!!

No. 665066

So who all scratch and sniffs their asscrack from time to time

No. 665071

Is there a way to bypass the 'sign in' popup annoyance on LinkedIn and view profiles anonymously? I want to stalk some people

No. 665077

No. 665079

I've thought about this before, just create a fake profile with your own business or something

No. 665084

This is a good idea, thank you!! I used to post the link into Google Translate to bypass login but it doesn't seem to work anymore

No. 665088

Leave and don't come back. Please. For the sake of humanity.

No. 665090

Instagram-chans and photographers, how do you deal with taking pictures of yourselves from home? I miss having photoshoots outside but I also care about my health. Maybe I should just experiment in photoshop?

No. 665099

>This had the effect that when he spoke everyone shut up and leaned in to hear him. It was quite amazing witnessing how it ended up commanding attention.

Wow, what it must be like to be a man. Im naturally quiet as well, I speak barely above a whisper and get steamrolled in convos constantly lmao.

No. 665102

You, apparently. Why do you feel the need to remind yourself what shit smells like?

No. 665106

This dude I've started talking to (for a potential relationship) just told me that he is in a group chat with kids? And these kids have told him (and other adults in that gc) about reading yaoi manga, which he told me about, and they are all 'friends'. I feel kind of uncomfortable with that. Do you think that's weird or am I just being paranoid?

No. 665107

It's not that he's a man, everyone speaks over each other constantly regardless. It's that when people hear you have a disability, they will stop asking you to conform to usual standards and adapt to you instead.
You just have to give people a good reason why they should adapt to you instead of vice versa.

No. 665114

Unless he’s very close to their age, yeah that’s weird and creepy. How and why does a grown man have enough in common with children to consider them “friends,” and why is he speaking to them about their porn preferences? I can’t think of any good answers to those questions.

No. 665117

File: 1604330143840.jpeg (30.84 KB, 960x500, FE31FA37-4EB9-4AA5-AB49-7681FA…)

>It's not that he's a man

No. 665119

How close in age is he to these "kids" and why are they talking about yaoi? Unless the kids are being lol quirky! Teach the old ppl about internet!!! But still, just weird and not normal. I wouldn't consider myself friends with "kids" even if we were close, ya know? If it makes you feel weird, there's a reason.

No. 665122

how the fuck do I make friends
and not any type of friends, friends who will talk about literally anything with me and will be close to me

No. 665124

29, probably about 14 hours? Most of that was cooking related, with a side of decorating. I carved a couple jack-o’-lanterns then made roasted seeds, pumpkin soup and pumpkin pie with the innards. Put up a few minimal “traditional” decorations like spooky looking flowers, glittery bats and cats, streamers. Then watched a few horror movies.

No. 665125

I try to give advice and get another sad woman whining to me about men. I don't care.

No. 665126

I didn't ask the age because I got uncomfortable and just dropped it, I'm gonna assume they're oversharing young teens or something. He's in his twenties. He said he initially made that group chat for adults but his friends added their little siblings and the siblings added their friends and well, I guess they talked about gay mango and yaoi at some point. He called the groupchat a 'cute lil cult' ugh, I don't know. Grossed me out. I'm sure it's something innocous but I don't know…

No. 665127

28, 0 hours
I'm asking myself this literally every goddamn day

No. 665128

21, approx. an hour for a pumpkin carving with my friend

No. 665129

Anon literally nothing about what you added to the context sounds innocuous. I'm sorry, it sounds fucking creepy and like the "kids" are legitimately young kids. That sucks.

No. 665130

Not sad, just realistic. It’s very unlikely this would work for the anon due to her sex. Men can come up with any thinly veiled reason they want to be obnoxious and contrarian even if it does have to do with a legitimate health concern and people will accommodate them, meanwhile women can go to doctors about real health concerns and pain they’re experiencing and be told they’re hysterical/exaggerating. It’s better if she just learns how to speak louder.

No. 665132

No. 665133

How the fuck do i get my uni classmates to interact more online instead of just putting s/o on read or ignoring the work load when the presentation is next week!!!!!!!!

No. 665135

Aw, I'm glad the answers helped/are helping! We made some homemade sugar cookies that we decorated (poorly) with royal icing as well as those Pillsbury sugar cookies with ghosts. Just looking forward to going all out next year or the year after, whenever things are safe again! Hope you and other anons made the most of it as well!

No. 665136

24, 0. But I live in a country that doesn't traditionally celebrate Halloween if that makes any difference.

No. 665137

God. Maybe I should ask him about it? We've only been talking for a few weeks so I don't want to seem too nosy or untrusting. But it really weirded me out, like you said.

No. 665152

Maybe! I'm sure there are ways to do it naturally/non-accusatorily if you're worried about that. But calling it a "cute lil cult" is so off-putting to me that I don't know if I'd bother, even as a joke. Then again, I really, really don't trust men with kids, especially over the internet. I dunno. You could also look at it as you haven't been talking super long, you could cut your losses now. Up to you, anon. If you do ask and find out, mind updating us? Good luck!

No. 665167

I would report him to the fbi tbh

No. 665170

I had a positive Anti DS-DNA test, got an appointment with a maybe late 40s female rheumatologist that dismissed fucking everything that I said and wanted new tests on everything despite me having them 2 months prior. It was still in borderline levels and she could give a fuck less because I'm not past 50.
When do women hit that magical point of being heard? Is this why there's so many women transitioning?

No. 665179

Also valid honestly.

No. 665185

Unironically, I wouldn’t be surprised. Really sorry to hear this anon, one of my relatives has some kind of autoimmune disease (they initially thought lupus) but has been back and forth between doctors for years because of shit like this. The one you saw sounds completely inept and I hope you’re able to find a place that takes not only your word but actual test results seriously, ffs.

No. 665206

Is liking to look at someone sexual attraction? Like, not even thinking about doing lewd stuff with them, just staring at them and keep thinking "Woah, so beautiful/handsome…" and just not wanting to stop looking at them?

No. 665208

No, that's just appreciating their beauty

No. 665212

Where do french anons download books (in french)? I just want to read lovecraft in french and there's none on libgen.

No. 665215

If you're not wet/thinking about fucking them then no that's not sexual attraction

No. 665216

What sites do people use nowadays to illegally stream movies? I got a warning from my internet company about torrenting and it kind of scared me straight and a lot of the older sites I knew of from a few years ago are dead.

No. 665217

22, roughly 3.5 hours making Halloween treats and watching the human centipede

No. 665218

I gave up. I don't have health insurance anymore and it's too expensive to take chances even when you do, since most insurance policies I can afford require the deductible to be paid in full for any care given til about $6k is spent. Thank you though, anon

No. 665222

rarbg, tpb

No. 665226

those warnings are usually just a bluff. i've received a shitload of them. the most they'll do is lower your down speed, i think. i've never suffered repercussions.
also, the company holding copyright won't come after you unless you're pirating at a school/college/university or something. iirc that's the only time someone's been sued over pirating in the US.

i use weboas.is to locate websites. the first little button/option is for torrents, the second is for streaming. personally i use noxx, & anime9 for streaming; 1337x & nyaa for torrenting.

No. 665227

Can I read smut fanfics while on a university computer?

No. 665228

i mean.. yeah? if you're super worried about them tracking your internet history, just save a bunch of them as notepad or word files and put them on a flash drive.

No. 665230

why did I just got an spotify ad for halsey's "new album" when it came out in january lmao

No. 665231

I wouldn't recommend it lol, academic institutions monitor search history pretty heavily. They could ban the sites or track you down for doing non-work related stuff on the computer. You should just read them on your own device.

No. 665232

I used some of the really basic ones but yifymovies and gomovies are my main go-to's, just make sure you have a well equipped adblocker

No. 665246

Euro farmer here. Can amerifags answer me if the elections can end in a tie and what would happen if so? Also, who is going to win according to you?

No. 665255

I’m ukanon and was actually thinking of asking something like this. It is interesting to watch from the sidelines as it is so chaotic. Is it tomorrow when it is announced who won?

No. 665256

Do you have a VPN?

No. 665257

File: 1604343039033.jpg (68.87 KB, 799x751, 1600870962935.jpg)

How does discord work? Thinking about joining because my city is probably going to be under lockdown for the rest of the winter, and I feel almost desperate to interact with women who share my niche interests in film, music, and art history. Most of my friends are too busy with their work and personal lives to socialise rn so I feel a bit isolated

No. 665258

For america yes, but in Europe we will be waiting until wednesday.

No. 665259

Actually, probably not. Mail in voting might delay results a bit.

No. 665260

I join channels that cater to my interests, aim to join something with 5k or less members, you will find some regulars in these channels that are tight knit and welcoming. Honestly the smaller the better. I've found a great group of Discord buddies and we've been tight knit for about 3 years.

No. 665261

-squints- trying to decide if if this FBI-chan baiting me into giving up my obscure websites
Did you use VPN when torrenting? I got a couple warnings when I forget to use VPN or leaked but no issues otherwise.

No. 665268

I forgot about that. But I read that Trump won't admit the votes counted after Tuesday, can he do that?

No. 665274

He and his political party are filing motions to discard those votes in various states, yes. In some cases they're not able to just yet.

No. 665282

What's that japanese makeup trend called where they put a lot of blush in a way to seem drunk?

No. 665284

No. 665289

Sorry for muricans, but the more I read about your country the more it looks like a banana republic. But there aren't any laws that forbid this? It is constitutional at least?

No. 665297

Does anyone else hear a random generic rifle gunshot in their head when they read "USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO THE PASTURE"?

It's so hilarious.

No. 665299

No. 665307


No. 665308

It's up to courts to interpret the Constitution in cases like this. Basically, it's a mess and you're not wrong about the banana republicness.

No. 665311

We've been fucked since day one honestly. Our country has aged like sour milk lmao

No. 665324

I'm still shocked at the fact that winning the popular vote doesn't grant you the presidency and that the own government puts so many obstacles for the citizens to vote

No. 665336

No. 665348

What's a word that never fails to make you guys laugh? For me, it's either "combo" or "fisticuffs"

No. 665354

Why Americans don't eat lamb or rabbit? In Europe is pretty normal to eat them, but, when I say this to Americans they freak out.

No. 665356

Rabbit isn't a staple meat and is pretty uncommonly eaten in America afaik, but I've had lamb before as have most people I know? It's not as commonly eaten as beef or chicken, but that's kind of surprising to me that Americans you've talked to have freaked out about eating lamb.

No. 665361

Lamb can be expensive in parts of the US so a lot of people haven't tried it, and there's a growing trend of people not wanting to try new foods.

No. 665362

How are you supposed to become a whole person with dreams and drives if youve been raised as a 'burden girl' whos gonna just pop out kids some day? Id rather kill myself than have kids, but I feel like an empty husk and dont know what to do with my life at 23. Was isolated at home all my life by over protective family, was never allowed to develop skills or interests, neglected, computer raised me, and my most pressing everyday desire is to just not get yelled at or punished by my dad. What to do? Anything I could do (like saving money from my job for school) feels hopeless, I feel dead.

No. 665365

The answer to all of your questions is therapy.
Also distance yourself from toxic family where possible.

No. 665367

Could’ve been my post, anon. Same age and everything with a strict family, crazy (estranged) dad and all. Not really good or passionate about anything cause I lost every little bit of life or enthusiasm that I used to have in me. I’m just…empty. I exist for nothing at this point cause there’s nothing in life that makes it worth living. I feel so alienated from everything and everyone.

No. 665371

Can you find somewhere else to live to start? You say you’re making money but that your dad yells at you, so I assume you’re at his house? Getting away from his abusive ass would at least allow you to start finding some mental equilibrium. Therapy is helpful, look for some classes or social meet-ups that look interesting to you (as Covid allows), try to explore various hobbies and see if anything feels fun. Give yourself the time to explore that you never really had growing up.

No. 665381

Maybe I talked to the picky eaters Americans. Also, lamb is better as a stew with potatoes, carrots and artichockes.
And rabbit is one of the healthiest meat available, even more than chicken, it has a soft taste and it goes better with rice. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it.
Yeah, lamb in my country is expensive too. However, in some muslim's neighbourhoods you can find tasty and kinda cheap lamb.

No. 665383

My advice is that you must stop thinking about your present and focus on your future. I know that it's hard, trust me, I'm in your same background. What do you like the most? Where do you see 10 years in the future? Write down this on a notebook and work towards it, also, if you can, go to therapy.
And about your dad, start confroting him, you are an adult now and he must treat you like one, not like garbage.

No. 665384

Im moving away with my brother in a year, I just have to endure it for now.

I get therapy is important, but I highly doubt it can work on people like me. The last time I went she was just following a script and expecting me to answer in a certain way or shed get frustrated and confused. My life experience isnt common where I live and it feels like therapy is just for down on their luck normies. I dont think you can undo a lifetime of brainwashing and being beaten down, with therapy. Im counting on mushrooms once I move out.

No. 665395

Idk if this is a “getting old” thing but lately I’ve been rediscovering boomer bands from the 70’s and 80’s (mainly 80’s) besides Metallica when I originally didn’t give a fuck about between the ages of 13-26. I’m currently 29 and am starting to feel bad about not listening to them for more than three seconds just because it was “manly music”.

Is this normal? Are my music tastes “maturing”?

Edit: prior to that, I mostly listened to old nu-metal, screamo, pop and Japanese/weeb music. I don’t listen to the latter 3 and barely listen to “wigger metal”, I still listen to Lana Del Rey though.

No. 665420

I'm 29 and I hated icp as a teen and now I like their music. Maybe my taste is getting worse.

No. 665429

Yeah I did this when I was about 24, started listening to Black Sabbath and Electric Light Orchestra, which I used to consider bland boomer music. Honestly I don't think taste 'matures', if someone listens to Lana Del Rey or Justin Bieber I don't think any less of them even though I have begun enjoying 'classic' music more and more. I think those types of people are assholes

No. 665437

>I get therapy is important, but I highly doubt it can work on people like me.
Anon, I sympathize with your situation, but this mentality is ridiculous and is only going to inhibit you in the long run. Shitty therapists exist. It's a shame, but true. One bad experience with one therapist doesn't mean others can't help you, and is not a good excuse to give up hope that anyone will ever understand you.

In the future, trying seeking a therapist that has a background in treating those with a history of abuse and trauma. If you use the website Psychology Today and use the find a therapist feature, you can put in your zip code and check off a series of boxes on the left to help narrow down someone who can meet your individual needs. Give it a try, I implore you. You are definitely not beyond help.

No. 665446

You actually got warned? I've been illegally streaming stuff all my life and never got any warnings but I don't live in the US. Anyways, I use Putlocker, Gnula.nu, 123movies, az movies and sometimes dailymotion and youtube itself.

No. 665454

How do you throw out a sex toy without family knowing? They check the garbage before garbage day, and theres no public trash cans around where I live. Do I just load then up in my backup and throw them away in a bag in a forest trails trash can? I feel ridiculous kek.

No. 665456

>They check the garbage before garbage day
Uh…why do they do this?

No. 665459

I believe what you're describing is dadrock. You might as well go for the gold and get into mom pop like XTC and David Bowie, too.
If you feel bad about it, just listen to Death Grips. That's what all the zoomers like, and, as xgau put it, Death Grips is just El-p for people who wish icp wasn't so stupid.

No. 665463

Your average control freaks.

No. 665464

Ah, yes, the ol' impulse buy, masturbate, and then wallow in shame/remorse trifecta. I know it well.

I bought a glass toy a while ago. I wrapped it in some old clothes, and hit it up with a hammer until it shattered into tiny pieces. If it's plastic, try cutting it up with a box cutter or scissors into tiny chunks.

No. 665468

Anyone ever forget basic fucking information and you just feel stupid as fuck afterwards? I ran out of purple paint and starting freaking out about how I had to go out of my way tomorrow to buy more purple paint until I realized blue and red make purple…

No. 665469

If you're worried about it, you browse sites using Tor. That's what it's for, basically. If you're especially concerned, you could download what you want and keep a private archive, too.

No. 665490

Whats with all the fatty hate on here? I get it when were talking about looks, but seems like it gets slipped into everything. Moids undercover? Self hating fatties? Ana-chans?

No. 665494

> Moids undercover? Self hating fatties? Ana-chans?

it's a little bit of everything. Not to mention average sized girls who don't want to be looped into fat chicks so they ramp up the fat hate. Nobody likes fat people, not even fat people (sans delusional fatsos)

No. 665506

A little of everything. A lot of nutters on here

No. 665513

No offense, but if you go outside you’ll realize that “fatty hate” is the default in most countries?

No. 665539

Its not so in your face irl, dunno what youre talking about. People randomly hating on fatties in unrelated convos doesnt happen.

No. 665540

pretty sure most people don't like fatness by default… I don't understand what sentiment you're trying to express, everyone who hates fats is some form of an unlikable to you?

No. 665542

why don't fat people simply stop being fat

No. 665543

Lol I dont even understand how being fat is a actually issue. Just because one has a family size bag of chips doesnt mean they need to finish it in one sitting. Just dont.put the food inside your mouth. Easy.

No. 665545

Yes it is. Do you live under a rock?

No. 665556

speaking of fat people. am I fat? I'm 5'10" and weigh 165 lb. I've been told I'm "average" but people obviously wouldn't say I'm fat to my face. Maybe I don't think I'm fat because everyone in my family is larger than me? I genuinely have no idea

No. 665560

fatal mistake. everyone here is going to call you fat regardless of your stats or proportions. this is lolcow after all

No. 665561

anon the anachans will leap on this hard but as 5'7" 130 lbs whos probably near your range BMI wise I'd say you're fine, we can't all be skelly 90-110 lbs uwu babies, I was there multiple points in my life and I think it's more liberating to be able to eat. I'd say you're fine for 5'10" maybe even below average weight for the typical amerifag

No. 665562

if it was really that easy we would all be thin

No. 665565

I wouldn't say you're fat, but you're definitely chubby. It also depends on how well you carry your weight and your bone structure.

No. 665566

It's because being fat is a testament to someone lacking self-discipline. It's the easiest thing in the world not to be fat.

No. 665567

You're average. You probably look average. You'd never know you were fat until there'd be a mentally ill girl on the internet saying you are.
Unless your doc starts telling you otherwise learn not to care what people on the internet think.

No. 665574

Is it possible to be born a lesbian but the have it conditioned out of you but your environment? When i was younger I would always watch porn with girls only. Or I would get all butterfly's in the tummy over watching girl fan service. Over the years I kind of drepressed those feelings because I'd always get in trouble. Now I'm at the point in my life where I dont really feel "attraction" to anyone, I can only tolerate being with really thin/pretty boys who look similar to girls in some ways.

No. 665575

>lacking self-discipline
Someone eats more than you do and moves less. Do you want a medal for eating normal and not having to work all that extra to expend the calories to maintain a weight?
If it's "the easiest thing in the world to do" then discipline doesn't actually matter, and needless to say someone can be disciplined in other principles beyond not eating. Or else women in the anachan threads would be turbo accomplished people from all their 'discipline.'

No. 665578

idgi either. it takes way more effort and energy to eat several burgers and other food like that than just eating one

No. 665581

Fat is subjective but you aren't overweight, you shouldn't feel obligated to weigh anything other than a healthy BMI. Beyond that is a personal choice depending on your confidence, vanity, etc.

No. 665583

Only monks can talk about self-discipline. Shut up.

No. 665587

Anon isn’t saying thin people are accomplished she’s saying being a glutton is a sign of poor self discipline because it literally is. Enough of the false equivalencies, you know exactly what she means. Allowing yourself to become obese for no reason or a sign of poor motivation.

No. 665590

Just go outside and throw it.

No. 665591

there are a multitud of reasons why someone might not be in shape both physical (like some deceases or some medication for them) and psycological (depression being the bigger one imo). it's not always lack of self discipline. and also not everyone is obsessed with what they look like and confidence shouldn't come from physical appearance either, it's ephimerous and that mentality will fuck you up in the long run.
and before all the anachans seethe and scream at me, im not talking about being obese to the point of actually endangering your health. which now that i think about it, it's something anachans and deadfats have in common kek

No. 665592

Such a strawman. We know, people can have disabilities or be on medications that make them fat. Duh. But that is every indulgent western fattys excuse. They don’t have chronic fatigue that makes them 350 pounds, they’re self indulgent and lazy. Christ.

No. 665593

Because people can still have self-discipline and or motivation in other regards you fucking dipshit.

No. 665595

NTA but who cares. You still lack self discipline when it comes to one of the most important aspects of life; your health. No one cares if you're good at waking up early- you still lack self-discipline if you're fat 9/10.

No. 665597

NTA but no one cares.

No. 665598

Okay and? They’re still lacking the most basic form of taking care of themselves. If you’re a glutton why be mad that there are people who don’t respect you for being a glutton, just as there are people who don’t respect people for being promiscuous or greedy. You aren’t going to change our minds by arguing about muh redeeming qualities tho.

No. 665599

You do

No. 665600


No. 665604

How do people even have the energy to engage in sexual power dynamics or stuff like that? I read an anon's fetish for humilliating incels and got mentally exhausted only by imaginating it, guess I'm just a lazy bitch

No. 665610

learn to read and actually comprehend what you are reading anon. im not even from a culture that coddles fat people, quite the opposite as a matter of fact. but it's ok, keep measuring your self worth based on your looks and not your brain… it'll work better for you

No. 665614

Oh I’m comprehending. You’re not going to make me or anyone else who isn’t a fatty “woke” like you. Excuse the masses of us who are biologically hardwired to find such a state grotesque.

No. 665616

Why is self pity a bad thing? I fail to see how admitting that you had a shitty life and upbringing is reprehensible.

No. 665618

There is this dude that I find to be super attractive and I got really good at making eye contact and creating sexual tension. But when he tries to talk to me I become a stuttering mess and don't know what to talk to him about or flirt and that is extremly embarassing. He is also at least 10 years older than me and probably knows a lot of women who are way better at talking and flirting than me. I just want to run away. How do I talk with this guy, what do I do?

No. 665619

Because they wallow in it and refuse to take any action that could improve their life.

No. 665621

The fact that you are 10 years younger probably means he likes the fact that you're shy and inexperienced. Let's be real here lol

No. 665624

File: 1604376530047.jpg (93.99 KB, 960x500, original.jpg)

You could make a friend finder post on the friend finder thread on /g/! you sound fun so I would def talk to you

No. 665627

File: 1604377242038.jpg (25.86 KB, 600x726, gnys11kxlhj01.jpg)

Does anyone here have any experience using Citalopram (celexa) vs Fluoxetine (prozac)?

No. 665633

Both @ separate times. Celexa doesnt do much. Helps focus a little. and prozac ruined my appetite. (and gave me serotonin syndrome at one point, fucking terrifying experience. dont drink caffeine on antidepressants) prozac is your best bet if you're new to antidepressants because it won't make you gain 20 pounds kek. oh and if you get on it DO NOT DRINK ANY ALCOHOL at all. this is one of the first warnings. dont do it.

No. 665634

I've been finding a lot of vivid golden blonde strands in my brown hair lately. Can hair that went from blonde to brown in early life go back to being kinda blonde again? Maybe it's just a stage before greying.

No. 665635

I still have some prozac left but I never really felt amazingly better, maybe for a while at first but I don't really know. I switched doctors and the new one just prescribed me celexa, I have big trouble concentraring, ocd and depression that comes and goes. I hope this can help me, I went in to get adhd meds and he wants to treat my depression first I guess

No. 665639

Prozac seems to wear out, I felt that too tbh it made me manic, and I had to get off of it even when it was working ig it made me more socially like… there. like i was speaking to people a lot more. but this feeling went away in like 6 months. celexa was prescribed to help me with my adhd actually so it may help you!

No. 665641

Dude prozac has given me manic episodes before as well and I don't even have bipolar or anything!
How was your experince with celexa? thanks anon

No. 665645

combo makes me laugh too, my friend said something like "these back-to-back overnight shifts are fucking combo-ing my ass" and I couldn't stop laughing lol.

No. 665646

Anyone else struggle to speak their second language because of social anxiety. It's like I know the words but I just fucking panic when trying to say them out loud to people. My grandma made fun of me when I visited my home country and it high key made me upset because I don't see them often so on top of not knowing them well I'm not fluent and I'm already a nervous wreck as it is most of the time.

No. 665647

Celexa didn't help me as much as say, adderall would. But it was calmer. You didn't have to worry about a crazy-ass migraine crash at the end of the day.
I think of it like this. Adderall gives you a "zombie"-like work ethic. You get a lot done in a zombie-like state. You basically just pump shit out like a computer.
Celexa gave me more motivation. As in I felt more motivated in my classes, rather than feeling like a work zombie. It was also a bonus not to have the shitty adhd medication crash. My adhd is pretty severe, so I eventually had to go back on ritalin/vyvanse but if my adhd was on the higher-functioning end back then, I'd say it would've kept me in check. So I can confirm that it possibly works BUT it depends on your personal case. I was surprised when they prescribed me it saying it would help with my adhd, I had no idea it was an option. I'd advise you to try it if you're ADHD with comorbid depression. if it doesnt work, there are many other options out there.

No. 665649

I kind of feel the same but only when I’m traveling with my brother. He’s an asshole about me knowing how to speak three languages because he’s got a shitty accent that he can’t correct.
I can speak normally when I’m on my own or during class, but since he always made fun of me whenever we traveled as kids and even whenever we travel with our parents, I get nervous and stutter and such.
It sucks so fucking much. But you have to learn how to control that on your own by practicing as much as possible.

No. 665650

File: 1604380550366.png (321.93 KB, 500x500, tumblr_716f62444d7b32fcb1e6251…)

Thank you anon, this is life saving advice. Have this cute heart as thanks

No. 665655

oh, definitely. Technically, my second language is English but since moving to NA as a kid, my actual mothertongue has really lagged behind. I find that I can only speak my mothertongue with ease when I'm around my parents. Otherwise, a weird accent kicks in and I sound less sure about myself. I wish I could speak my mothertongue with ease around anyone, not just my parents.

No. 665683

burger anons, can one person drop off multiple ballots? my brother was going to drop off his ballot tomorrow, can he drop off mine too or should I go myself?

No. 665684

I think I'm gonna regret asking this but morbid curiosity and all - is there a fanfic trope of a woman somehow getting a man pregnant instead of the usual man in a gay relationship getting the other man pregnant? I've never across the reverse happening. I find mpreg to be utterly repulsive and off-putting btw

No. 665691

Check your state's rules. Some don't allow it, but if they do you just make sure to fill out any authorization needed for it to count.

No. 665703

If any place is gonna have something like that it would probably be AO3. You could look under "original work", then in filters include "pegging" & "mpreg" or "male pregnancy" in tags. Then look in categories and select "f/m". "Oviposition" might also bring up results. There's probably a specific term for women getting men pregnant somewhere out there. I haven't done this myself so I don't have any stories to share, sorry.

No. 665715

So he also told me that he's either a bad bitch or a 'cute liddul baby', his exact fucking words. He's not even bi or gay and calling himself a bad bitch first off and second off, calling himself that. Fuck, I had a chill run down my spine when he used those words. I think I should just cut my losses and stop talking to him. I could be overreacting to his dumbass joke but it's creeping me out.

No. 665717

This dude is literally throwing red flags at your feet. What a weirdo.

No. 665719

ooh anon…negatively feminizing AND infantilizing himself? Not good signs at all. Friend of mine talks like that and he ended up trooning out. He's either in denial about his sexuality or totally cumbrained.

No. 665724

I know anons… I can't imagine what else he'd reveal after we actually start seriously dating. And I'd rather not know, I feel creeped out when grown men infantalize themselves like that PLUS being in a gc with kids where they talk about yaoi and who knows what else? And this was my first attempt at trying to date too, oh well.

No. 665733

File: 1604397345699.jpg (68.99 KB, 480x479, 54654684645.jpg)

anons if a dude gets kind of quiet when he's talking to me does that mean he likes me? I thought my crush might like me back because he gets a little awkward and sometimes quiet and almost flustered I think?? when he talks to me but I could be overinterpreting regular social awkwardness. He has a fairly loud and distinct voice which is why the quietness stands out. Plus I recently found out a coworker has a crush on me and I have the most sterile, bland-friendly convos with this person, I never would have guessed this dude was into me, and I'm now doubting my ability to pick up cues that someone likes me or not. I also make him laugh a lot but I don't think the things I do or say are that funny.

No. 665734

samefag, but
>I also make him laugh a lot
this is referring to my crush, not the coworker who likes me

No. 665755

If it's a chat that was for adults and the others started inviting teenagers who tend to overshare to "impress" older people then I'm willing to give him the benefit of doubt honestly. But I would personally dump him just for calling himself a bad bitch and a "cute liddul baby".

No. 665756

Impossible to say, maybe he's just awkward like you said, maybe he is indeed flustered and interested, or maybe he doesn't want to talk because he feels uncomfortable around you. More data needed

No. 665757

I take citalopram but have never taken Prozac so I can’t compare, but I absolutely love it. I didn’t have massive side effects like weight gain and it genuinely helped me with my suicidal ideation/depression and mood stabilizing. I do get headaches now and get the brain zaps if I forget to take it, but generally I love it and it works for me.

No. 665760

What?? How did that even come up kek, damn, I’m sorry anon. Definitely better to cut your losses now. Good on you for picking up on the weirdness instead of ignoring it.

No. 665766

I haven't before but after you said this I will now anon, thanks for the keks

No. 665767


Sounds pretty groomy to me, what adult wants to be in a group chat with kids?

No. 665778

I've taken 20 mgs from both at separate times. Celexa made me a zombie and coming off of it was a bitch (muscle tremors, brain zaps, dizziness). Prozac helped me a lot though

No. 665805

Why do people like balconies so much? Everytime I ask acquaintances about their apartment, they say stuff like "we chose the one with the balcony, it's better", even my Mom is "check if there's a balcony" when my brother and I are looking for an apartment (none of us care about it though).

No. 665812

Because I like being able to go outside for a few moments to just get some fresh air without actually having to go to the streets. It's also a nice place to grow plants and flowers.

No. 665814

During the lockdown, people I know who didn't have balconies whined about being confined 10x more than those who had it.
The less you go out, the more important it is. Old and immobile people need balconies the most.

No. 665815

Anons who had covid, what were your first symptoms?

No. 665816

Throughout quarantine I completely ditched panties. Now, out of quarantine, I wore them again today for about 7 hours and holy shit it really chaffed against my inner thighs. Anyone know why? Hurts like hell

No. 665817

because panties suck anon, why don't you switch to boxers?

No. 665831

My ex is a known manipulative abuser who catfishes people in order to suck off the life and money of them, while suicidebaiting and emotionally pressuring them onto doing things once they reach irl stage; she would do nothing at all, not work or housework but she would always suicidebait and claim that they are abusive ones in the end (same goes with family: she lives with her parents now and doesnt do shit). I found out shes dating a guy 5 years younger than her, who is still in uni. I feel bad for him (dont want him to experinece the same kind of hell) and I want to message him about it, just to warn him, saying to be careful. Should I?

No. 665832

Headaches and coughing

No. 665835

No. He won’t listen to you and will instead tell her and she’ll say you’re a psycho.

No. 665844

A terrible headache and chest pain, my sinuses felt "funny". No fever or cough.

No. 665857

I was feeling extremely lethargic and had headaches.

No. 665865

Yeah pretty much what >>665835 said. Even though it feels like the right thing to do it's probably not a smart move.

No. 665867

Citalopram sapped my energy to the point where I couldn’t even sit upright in a chair for longer than five minutes and I spent hours every day literally laying on the floor barely able to move. It also killed my appetite and didn’t actually do anything for my depression or anxiety. I haven’t tried the other one.

Stupid question of my own: is there such a thing as anti-anxiety medication that doesn’t do this and allows you to still be motivated and energetic? When I complained about the lack of energy to my psychiatrist his response was basically “well duh, that’s how anti-anxiety medication works” and I had to beg him to let me quit. He wants to start me on sertraline next but to be honest, if I have to choose between anxiety and being too tired to stand I’d rather have the anxiety. At least I can still do basic household chores when I’m crying.

No. 665870

File: 1604413237456.jpeg (79.46 KB, 772x397, images (71).jpeg)

Joseimuke and Otome anons, What is the hype of this game?

No. 665871

Used the same box dye that I've been using for years (and the second time I've used this specific color) but after dyeing my hair a few days ago, my scalp is super flaky. There's some scabbing on the back of my head, and big white chunks are coming off in random areas, but it's not super itchy or anything. What do I do anons? Coconut oil? Dandruff shampoo? I have very fine and oily hair if it matters.

No. 665876

>When I complained about the lack of energy to my psychiatrist his response was basically “well duh, that’s how anti-anxiety medication works”
Been there too and sadly it does seem to be how it works. Antidepressants, anti anxiety and anti-psychotics in particular knock the energy out of you. I took an SNRI once instead of an SSRI and I ended up in hospital with basically mania. Lots of nervous energy. I gave my aggressive roommate a piece of my mind after months of walking on eggshells. Acted very out of character and that made me want my sleepy cipramil back again lol

No. 665877

I know people who have spent like their entire teenage years on bestgore and shit like that, but they absolutely piss their pants over animal cruelty. Why is this? It’s upsetting yes but I don’t understand what kind of person you have to be to be more upset over animals being tortured and killed more than you do your own species. I can’t wrap my head around it.

No. 665878

Isn't there also animal abuse on bestgore? I never hung out on there so I wouldn't know, but I assume/have heard. Anyways, I think it's the idea of animals not being able to fight back/communicate to anyone at all, being entirely helpless, alone, and afraid of humans with no chance. Also, if bestgore has content from accidents/medical conditions, that's different context than straight up animal abuse, you know? I'm not one of those people, I just think that's the mindset.

No. 665879

I get that I guess I just cannot wrap my mind around that kind of thing. This guy I know would watch those isis beheadings on 4ch constantly but he cries like a baby over a puppy. People like this make me really uneasy, whether an animal is small or helpless or not you shouldn’t be able to stomach someone of your fucking species being tortured and killed better than you can an animal. Idk.

No. 665883

How do I get a man to shave his unibrow off? He would look so much better with cleaner eyebrows.

No. 665886

I hate any kind of gore, but animal is the worst to me. I cannot standba thought of someone harming an innocent creature, especially dependent on humans and full of trust.
It's like… what is worse to you, a gore of an adult or of a child? Because even if animals are not human, they are in the child category for me.

No. 665887

> This guy I know would watch those isis beheadings on 4ch constantly but he cries like a baby over a puppy.
Oh yeah, that I don't understand at all. That's very different than observing medical gore/crime scenes vs. active beheadings but then crying over animal abuse where they do the same things. Ugh. I have no answers for you besides desensitization, I guess? Can you ask him? I'd be interested to know.

No. 665888

Animals=Unequivocally innocent
Humans=Not wholly innocent and therefore probably did something or made choices to wind up as they are

It's just a lazy person's way of not having to reflect or perform empathy. People like animals because animals don't have a voice or freedom. People can project emotions onto animals and basically do whatever they want to them. You can't get away with that on a thinking, independent human. I bet that fact is really annoying when one doesn't think humans have much worth to begin with.
People really only stan like that for beloved domesticated pet animals or beautiful endangered species though. They have to have a certain degree of cognitive dissonance to allow farm animals to be mistreated and slaughtered for meat, and to not care as much about the ugly animals or pest animals.

No. 665894

It's autism.

No. 665896

Your first half almost scared me for a second, I thought that was your personal reasoning kek. But that makes sense. Still super ugly but it at least gives me a glimpse into why they operate that way. Thankful for people who aren’t like ~I don’t care about people and only like animals~.


No. 665897

Do it while he sleeps. Worked for me.

No. 665898

I cannot sleep with that man unless he shaves the damn unibrow. I can't bring myself to.

No. 665899

Well then it looks like we’ve hit a wall here girl.

No. 665900

I understand. Guess I just gotta chloroform, kidnap, and wax it off.

No. 665901

Don't shave it, pluck it. Just tell him it looks awful

No. 665902

Fucking kek anon

No. 665903

He didn’t even notice. God I wish we were afforded the privilege of dumb male brain.

No. 665904

It's really scary. I've thought about this ever since I was a kid and first noticed how people would cry puddles over dead puppies but would barely shed tears over people.

What really sealed it for me is how bad people throughout history loved animals and treated them well, all while shafting other humans.
Some of the most abusive men I've ever dated were cat fanatics for example. I dated this abusive dude who once battered me during a holiday, same dude who loved a cat I adopted for him to bits. In retrospect he didn't treat the cat very well, as even the cat was subjected to his tantrums and fits of rage. Yet because he provided food, shelter, and was good to the cat other times, the cat still showed affection towards him. The cat didn't have a voice or facial expression to inform that guy that he was a fucking dick, and abusers love something who doesn't remind them of their toxicity and instead gives affection no matter what. I actually felt triangulated against the cat on a number of occasions just because of how blatantly better he treated it compared to me.

No. 665906

This makes hella sense. An abusive guy I knew was obsessed with his dog and would say he’d kill anyone who disrespected her but he also beat the shit out of his wife often. I’ll never understand.

No. 665908

Can you wear a BLM mask when you vote or will you get turned away for "political garb" or whatever?

No. 665909

Will he not just allow you to fix it? My bf let me pluck away his, although he stopped short of me wanting to shape the rest of his eyebrows which is a damn shame.

One ex of mine had super short eyebrows that started at the middle of his eyes, it made him look stupid. Come to find out they were so short because he'd take a shaving razor and swipe off his unibrow, which also took off a large beginning section of each brow.
Men are retarded.

No. 665910

>I actually felt triangulated against the cat on a number of occasions just because of how blatantly better he treated it compared to me.
Christ, I'm sorry all of that happened to you, anon. You're not alone in feeling like this, though. I felt like this with my ex and his cat kek glad to know I'm not the only one. Fuck scrotes.

No. 665912

Idk try it.

No. 665913

You can, it just can’t have political party or political terminology. BLM is considered human rights, not political lingo.

No. 665915

Anon you won't believe how much i'm laughing thinking of your ex's eyebrows.

No. 665917

I have chicken breast and no money to purchase anything else. What's something I can make with common kitchen I can make.

Thinking about making a "fancy" pack ramen for myself, but I'm up for anything.

No. 665919

I'm not that close to him right now, if I was I'd just advice him to get cleaner brows to look more attractive or wax it off myself, but I can't get close to him because his brows are hindering the process. I know I'm retarded.

No. 665920

Thanks anon, kek
Honestly I thought as much! Might go neutral just to be safe, but I do feel better knowing that, thank you ♥

No. 665921

i mean, chicken is super versatile.. do you have any sides? seasonings? cheese? there's so much you can potentially cook.

No. 665929

Ramen is great! You can also do chicken tacos if you have the ingredients (tortilla, onion, cilantro, lime), chicken and rice, chicken and some frozen veggies…it depends on what you already have in your pantry or fridge, though, if you can't buy anything else.

No. 665931

Personally, I've been exposed to so many random gore pictures from using the internet at a young age that it doesn't phase me just to see it without context (it used to disturb me a lot, and I guess my mind put up walls), but I didn't see so much animal gore for some reason. If I do see it now, I feel like some important aspect of my humanity is being drained. The way I think about it, I never actually chose to be desensitized to one, and I see absolutely no reason to let myself be desensitized to the other.

No. 665932

I do have seasonings, that's what I meant by common kitchen items (although I dropped items)
I have egg whites, very little amount of parma cheese and bacon.
No tortilla, unfortunately. I think I might have some veggies left. If not ramen, perhaps some chicken rice thing.

No. 665935

My ex told me my parents were abusers and monsters when he heard they spanked me as a kid. He would never spank his own kid (cool I agree that it's not good discipline) But this same man beat me twice. Showed no remorse the first time and when it happened a second time I curled up in a ball and screamed out for help because I was ready to have a neighbor come get me so I could never return to this dickhead. His kid was home at the time and was weirdly unfazed by my screams. Almost like he had heard it before. Woman beaters and their fucked logic ..

No. 665936

>I see absolutely no reason to let myself be desensitized to the other
but being desensitized to the other is okay?

No. 665937

Did you not read the first part of her post or?

No. 665945

Anon, can you read?

No. 665954

Bambis mom though..

No. 665979

Fuck that hoe, she should’ve payed attention

No. 665983

Yeah, most likely. I can imagine what kind of shitshow she will do: if he tells her she will become """depressed""" on internet and start suicidebaiting, victimising herself in a way where she will start talking shit about herself in order to get compliments. She is extremely manipulative.

No. 665988

I don't want to have to hang our clothes in the for-everyone-in-the-house-complex-open basement like we had to in our last apartment.

No. 665993

fresh air and it typically lets in a lot of sunlight. it's like having a patio but at a higher elevation. in my mind, people like balconies for similar reasons as why they like windows.

No. 665997

Being able to smoke on the balcony, sit outside on a nice day, not being on the ground floor(!!), kitty can enjoy it without running away, etc.

No. 666067

>kitty can enjoy it without running away
one time I let my cat out on my parents balcony and she scaled the fucking wall in like four seconds flat and escaped over the roof crazy ass bitch

No. 666081

Does costume jewellery stay nice for a long time if you don't shower with it etc?

No. 666097

Not really, since you'll still produce sweat and oil on your skin and the cheap material will react to it over time. It will keep better if you don't get it wet ofc but it's still gonna decay.

No. 666104

File: 1604433104949.jpeg (389.1 KB, 750x856, A3ED7EA3-BA3C-4CD4-BF77-FEFC5B…)

I already know that this is a dumb question but is it wrong that I’m not jealous of “influencers” who are selling softcore porn? Or even girls who aren’t influencers that are posting bikini pics? I’m like a complete shut-in with no social media and people find it weird considering I’m a good looking 22 year old girl. But I just find instagram and influencer pics like picrel so porny and disgusting—it also makes me depressed how unattainable features are over time ruining other women’s self esteem. And I want to improve myself to be more likable to others except for the fact that people (esp men) always associate like the ultimate hot girl with having a huge social media presence full of simps to prove that she’s hot. So am I less of an attractive girl because I don’t have any accounts at all with my name? I know this is dumb, pls don’t kill me.

No. 666110

Eh? its not wrong. And men dont associate hot women with having a big internet presence. If you are hot looking (to them), that means you are hot. Social media, especially instagram is a waste of brain energy anyway.

No. 666119

I hate how terrible pics like these make me feel about not having a big fat ass, but most of all I fucking hate how men use impossible beauty standards to pit women against each other.

No. 666126

I stopped posting anything online due to paranoia, am I missing out?

Also, I missed an appointment to replace my glasses lens and I'm scared to call them again, it's been over a month, what should I say?

No. 666127

That ass is gross, on an otherwise nice body

No. 666131

Are there any anons here who never learned to drive?
I'm in my mid 20's and I still have never even attempted to learn how to drive. I have been in multiple car accidents as a child and now even being driven by someone else gives me so much anxiety. I think I'm just too anxious to ever be comfortable in the driver's seat and I just KNOW that I wouldn't be a good driver so it's better to just not bother. And even if I was a fine driver the fact that other drivers are just unpredictable is enough to terrify me since I am just too familiar with the damage cars can cause. I live in burgerland and I've mostly lived in cities where public transit has gotten me by but i'm going to be moving soon to a smaller city where the transit isn't as reliable. My roommate has offered to teach me to drive but I'm so fucking scared like what if I fuck up somehow and wreck HER car??? and i'm also a poor fag so even if I do learn to drive what am I going to do? Buy a car? Make monthly insurance and car payments????
Sorry, this is more of a vent but what are other anon's experiences with not driving?

No. 666134

Say u had rona or just act like you forgot

No. 666142

What's better in a romantic relationship? Passion or stability?

No. 666144

As a married woman, stability. There is no point to having passionate experiences if your relationship isn't stable and you and your partner can't fall back on each other when at your most vulnerable.

No. 666147

Right here, I'm also mid 20s and don't know how to drive. Tried to learn when I was younger but I'm extremely uncoordinated. It doesn't effect me too much because I choose to live in metropolitan cities with fairly robust public transport options.

No. 666150

I can't drive because I get extreme motion sickness whenever I am in a car.

No. 666179

I want to say stability but I got married to a 'dependable and loyal' guy and one day he walked out the door (no arguments or lead up to this) and that was it, What is stability tbh?

No. 666182

Ah okay, good to know. thanks!

No. 666189

i'm 24 years old and i can't drive and i don't ever plan to unless it's absolutely necessary.

No. 666191

I can't be a passenger for longer than 10 minutes without getting sick, including public transport, but I have ZERO issues when I'm the driver FYI.

No. 666201

wow, sorry to hear that. that's shocking. if you don't mind my asking, did he have an emotional crisis or something? what was the aftermath like?

a fulfilling romantic relationship relies on both. the people i know that are in happy and stable long term relationships often mention the importance of keeping the passion alive by sharing new experiences with each other, working on projects together, etc.

No. 666203

It's been 8 years now, bumped into him twice by accident, no explanation. I got divorce papers via mail. It's the most bizarre thing. I swear he was doting/caring all that jazz and just switched like that.

Couldn't even give me the closure of one sentence explaining his feelings. I had to call up banks, utilities and have his name taken off accounts because he was just gone and running away from all responsibility.

No. 666204

Are rios after the elections really that likely if Biden wins? I can see them going down if Trumps get elected but I'm not american so I don't know

No. 666207

I am getting a mass amount of forwarded emails from people I dont know, all apparently starting from the same address. All the emails being forwarded to me seem like regular people asking who it is and what the email is talking about. I've blocked all the emails, but it makes me nervous because last time this happened, a few days later somebody had gotten my card info and spent 500 dollars of my money on an Air Bnb. I changed my password but Im still getting them. Is this a virus or something? Or is it a common way to get peoples' info? Im tired of having to worry about this crap.

No. 666210

Jfc. I'm assuming you guys were in your early 20s when you married? I've been ghosted by a long term bf before, but have not heard of someone ghosting their spouse. Men are so weak.

No. 666214

Maybe change your passwords in all of your most important accounts. And never open suspicious looking emails. Just delete and block.

No. 666216

I was 25 and he was 28 when he went 'missing' (back to his parents house lol) Had been together 6 years and married for just 2. It seemed weirdly cowardly. I lived ten mins from his parents home and they played along with him and put up this wall so I wonder if he fed them some sort of lies to excuse his behaviour.

No. 666219

Scan your computer with malware bites at the very least

No. 666239

File: 1604444030072.jpg (174.63 KB, 1280x724, Cover_Photo_with_Title_1898x.j…)

Maybe I'm thinking of incels who think all hot girls must be Stacy who has tons of beta males simping for her with her barely covered body all over her instagram account. A lot of men say those types of women are hot but unapproachable whereas I have the issue that I'm attractive but constantly bothered by disgusting men. I seem relatable/disarming since I have obvious primarily inattentive ADHD which by male logic boils down to "cute". Idk I just want the aura that these women have so men will realize that they have no chance and leave me alone.
Agree, meanwhile men are looking like picrel.
I find it more gross that she's doing that porn pose with her fingers under her ass cheeks in order to sexualize herself in normal clothes.

No. 666244

She's doing that same trick that alot of people do in the early stages of dating where you want to fart but your partner is in the next room, spread em and it'll come out silent lol

No. 666248

Is there somewhere I can read about the history of kiwifarms? I thought it was a male 4chan-style website but reading the Ashley thread reminds me of fucking PULL

No. 666250

File: 1604445548075.jpeg (831.97 KB, 828x1272, 3A04B48B-A73E-4672-B2EF-452E24…)

Any anon remember which thread an anon got excited about breast forms in? This weeb I know just posted pics in one and I can’t stop laughing for some reason

No. 666271

Is this JaidenAnimations bird mug? I don’t watch her but yt put her merch drop video on my recommendations and her bird mug is cute as hell. If it is her merch youre talking about, hell yeah get it. I’m tempted to buy one for my best friend who loves birds lol she has a lot of mugs already but not a bird mug.

No. 666272

Bunch of yall qaedas and vanilla isis members are definitely going to riot if their god emperor doesn't win. Especially after Trump starts spouting shit like "corruption!" and "skewed results!"
Honestly I think it's more likely that riots happen if Biden wins than other way around.

No. 666276

Have any of you had recurring instances of having a crush, then realizing they look very similar to a real person in your life who happens to be a huge asshole? This has happened three times now. help

No. 666278

No. 666293

Is it wrong to tell someone you love them for the first time during sex?

No. 666299

Eeeh I wouldn't recommend it. The endorphins and hormones are going strong during/after sex and so it comes across like a careless, heat of the moment thing if you say it then. Definitely don't do it for the first time at least, after you've already said it in a calmer moment and been together for a while I think it's nice during.

No. 666302

Burger here but what i'm more paranoid about if Biden wins is there being a lot more mass shootings targeting democratic places. I think a lot of trump supports fit the bill of being typical mentally ill incel/4channers who are deep into QAnon and other conspiracies. I think more things like what happened in El Paso are plausibly going to happen. But also mass shootings for this year have been iconically low this year thanks to COVID but idk man…. i just dont know but i'm scared.

No. 666314

It’ll be fine, just stay inside and play video games or something.

No. 666317

i can't believe anons want to look like this

No. 666338

25+ anons. You wake up from a dream and its 2008 again. Everything you experienced was just as bad dream. What would u do?

No. 666340

Please don’t make me cry

No. 666341

Get rich predicting Covid and the death of Michael Jackson probably.

No. 666342

Cheat the state lottery when I turn 18 and use the winnings to yeet myself from the US

No. 666345

I’d grab me some fucking blue flame Takis , sit on my fat ass and play Little Big Planet in the dark. 2008 was a sweet year.

No. 666351

Who will win the election?

No. 666352

Looks like most poll predictors are calling it for Trump already unfortunately but theres still a long wait before everything is official.

No. 666354

I hope not. Things are already pretty bad in america rn. More 4 years of cheeto sond like a nightmare

No. 666355

oh hell no

No. 666356

We're fucked either way. Trump is arguably worse as a person and more stupid, but Biden is still establishment. He's still a capitalist with a horrible history of helping push through horrible legislature and is especially pro war/military industrialism complex. I dont forsee there being much good to come from either choice. I actually think the bigger picture depends on house, senate and local elections. I really hope people paid attention to their local candidates.

No. 666367

Some guy who predicts and has been right the last 13 elections says Biden so I’m hoping

No. 666382

tell her I love her….

No. 666387

ESL anons, do you find that the feeling of attraction is heightened when your love interest speaks your first language?

No. 666390

how hard is it to move to another country. Ik it depends but in general. whats the easiest ones

No. 666391

am same, this isnt about the election but it certainly reminded me lol

No. 666392

i hear its easy to move to japan and live on a visa for a bit if you sign up to be an english teacher

No. 666393

Nah, I like to have that kind of distance I can get with my difficult to learn mother tongue. Might sound weird but it also kinda separates two of my personas, double life kek

No. 666394

Watch 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. If you marry some scrote then a lot of countries will still give you naturalized citizenship after your divorce. I recommend Korean men since the ones who seek out foreign women are notorious cheaters and if you’re able to prove it’s them doing the cheating then you get to stay in the country! Or just become an English teacher like >>666392 said. Or if you’re middle eastern passing then maybe fly to the middle east and immigrate to Europe where you can claim to be underaged with no paper documentation and receive a full education as long as no one figures you out.

No. 666461

I'd suggest migrating to Asia because their life quality is very nice, on top of that you can always earn good salary.

No. 666463

Why does Thanksgiving get the family drama and annoying drunk relatives trope while Christmas is The Most Beautiful Time Of The Year? My country has no Thanksgiving and for me, Christmas has always been that period of petty infighting and drunk uncles who can barely remember my name yet still feel entitled to dictate how I ought to lead my life. Whenever I tell anyone that I’m not a huge fan of Christmas they start lecturing me about the importance of the extended family, even though the American ones (online mostly + some expats) complain about Thanksgiving for the exact same reasons that I complain about Christmas. What’s the difference?

No. 666467

Should I wear my mask while running? Or not?

No. 666475

is digital piracy generally looked down upon? piracy is a huge thing in my culture and it baffles me when my friends pay for online entertainment.

No. 666476

Is learning how to dance, learning k-pop choreography something cringy at 26?

No. 666477

Link it

No. 666479

Is a thigh gap based on bone structure? Why do people eat so damn much? Why do people cut when they know it will leave their body scarred? How can some people stand being able to throw up?

No. 666483

No, but being 26 years old and still caring what people think about a harmless hobby sure af is. I cannot fathom why it would matter if you're having fun, not to mention it's exercise and learning a skill so how could that be bad…

No. 666486

Is there a problem with images downloaded from KF? Everytime I try to post one, it tells me "Failed to resize image" and on my laptop, the image turns dark after that, I have no idea why it's happening.

No. 666489

Crazy concept that there are people who don’t care about the same things that you do

No. 666490

Not bait but I literally never see straight men caring about LGB issues but they seem pretty supportive of transwomen? Am I missing something?

No. 666491

It's not cringy dumbass. Dancing is cool.

No. 666494

i've never seen a straight guy care about either issue

No. 666495

I’ve never actually seen a straight man do anything but make fun of trans women actually

No. 666498

You don't know what I care about. I just don't understand these peoples decisions.

No. 666499

I know a couple of 'straight' men who have told me they slept with a transwoman just to try it out. Apart from that they hold no opinions and almost even avoid the topic out of shame. They treat them as something to experiment with and then go back to dating their regular old gfs. Doesn't scream caring to me.

No. 666504

>is digital piracy generally looked down upon?
In my country (or the bubble I live in) it depends, pirating games is definitely looked down upon, tv shows and movies somewhat less, especially if they're from a platform that we dont have here. What country are you from if I may ask?

No. 666512

Is there a way to delete entire Skype chat histories? I was laid off and I had a few..'candid' conversations with some coworkers on Skype

No. 666515

i keep hearing that trump is trying to stop the vote counting, how is that even possible? i'm an eurofag. like can he really stop some votes from being counted what the hell?

No. 666516

you can clear history in options, don't be so reckless in the future!

No. 666519

I'm an Eurofag aswell and confused too. Honestly this sounds like shit that goes on in corrupt af countries like Belarus or Russia.

No. 666520

JESUS YES. I swear 90% of the men I know are like this. It started happening kind of recently, too. They NEVER gave a shit about women's rights (or LGB rights) and they shit on feminism constantly, but for some reason they seem to be all about ~m-muh twanswomen rights uwu TRANS WOMEN ARE WOMEN! MURDER ALL TERFS <3~. It's always specifically in support of penis havers, I never see them say anything about transmen (surprise, surprise).
Tbh, I think they try to show how ~progressive~ they are to impress whatever girl they are trying to fuck atm, or they probably see that now saying you want to behead terfs is a cool new way of socially acceptable misogyny, so they jump on the trend without understanding anything about feminism/actual transrights etc.
I've been thinking about this a lot lately, tbh lmao. I think they just want to be praised for being "progressive" while also getting a free pass to shit on women.
I hope I didn't get too spergy, kek.

No. 666523

I'm sure it's also because your average straight guy who doesn't give a shit about women will see a hsts transwoman and just think "he's a gay guy and super effeminate, he might as well be a woman if he's such a failure as a guy" without caring beyond that.

No. 666524

I think it's because there's 2 different systems of mail voting in America. One is a older one that the Republican party likes, the other is a newer one that the Democratic party likes.

I think the old one requires more identification, like you have to specifially request it in mail and identify yourself, the new Democratic one just drops in your mailbox like a newspaper and that's it. Trump and their minister of justice are saying that the new system is fraud because it's not secure enough and the letters they use don't hide which party you're voting for.

In places like Belarus they don't have 2 parties that have almost equal power, they just have one party in power and there's only one way of voting.

No. 666525

Yes, probably. From my personal experience, they also seem to think that transwomen are literally irl anime femboys, so they idealize them in a ~trap feminine gf who is also a bro uwu~ kind of way. But I think that based on the fact that most men I know never even saw a transwoman irl. They just see extremely shooped pics online and probably think that's how they look irl.

No. 666526

File: 1604489180367.jpg (50.75 KB, 683x653, 2020-11-04 12_24_51-Window.jpg)

Either I'm retarded or there's no such option. Where is it supposed to be?

No. 666527

Hm, check general? It's been a while since i used Skype, idk if something changed.
Otherwise I found this:
tl;dr: Right-click on a conversation in your chat list, then select Delete conversation

No. 666529

Ah, thanks!!

No. 666532

betting anon reporting in.
didn't actually bet, i'm glad my senses kicked in. i went on /biz/ and pol and it seems some people betted amounts ranging from 700 to 5k USD from what i've seen.
i still kind of have a retail therapy itch i feel like scratching, but i think i can handle it for now. sending energy from south murica

No. 666536

>I hate women!
>audience gasps audibly
>I mean I hate cis women!
>audience laughs and nods in acceptance
There's a reason why "woke misogyny" is a term.

No. 666539

Don't forget most of these straight men usually pretend they're bi as well.

No. 666541

why is it taking this long to count ballots

No. 666543

not murican, but they have to be physically transported somewhere then manually counted right? That takes some time

No. 666544

Is it common for female friends to be competitive with each other? My friend is staying with my bf and I and she's acting very weirdly male-attention-seeky and humblebragging more than usual around him but she's engaged. Wtf is this, am I just autistic

No. 666546

Well last I heard, 300,000 ballots "got lost in the mail." Also, a lot of states count mail-in ballots last, which are still coming in and are believed to be a substantial amount.

No. 666547

was it like that with previous elections? cause i remember the winner being announced much earlier before

No. 666548

A lot more people did mail-in ballots this year due to COVID, apparently double the amount that were cast in 2016. So this time they have more to count.

No. 666549

yes sadly women can be weird like that

No. 666552

Most straight guys I know don’t really care about trans issues beyond wanting to be seen as nice and progressive. They don’t care to see things from a female perspective so they don’t see why women would object to men in their bathrooms unless those women are bigots, and disavowing bigots makes them look good. They don’t really think about it beyond that point.

Then there are the straight guys who live on reddit, where they are inundated with misogyny and trans ideology on a daily basis on practically every sub. I’ve known a lot of men who were openly and unapologetically misogynistic, homophobic, racist, ableist, antisemitic etc. who were also extremely supportive of transwomen and violently anti-TERF. They never even went on lgbt or feminism subs either, it’s simply everywhere on reddit and over time warps their worldview.

Also this >>666536

No. 666556

File: 1604494420015.png (76.86 KB, 646x805, us.PNG)

How does it work US anons, one has to get 270 to win? So considering we wait for final results from 6 states : 2 where Biden barely leads and 4 where Trump leads it can be pretty safely said Trump has won? Such a confusing voting system

No. 666557

it's looked down on in the West. i was surprised to find out too (but not really)

No. 666558

Guess it depends where you live. In my supposedly 1st world country we have pretty lax piracy laws but there is always one dumbass on twitter screeching "don't pirate, buy" about stuff made by huge companies. Sure mate, gonna give Hollywood some more money, guess they don't have enough.
I agree indie stuff and books by small authors shouldn't be pirated but many times we don't even have a choice. I ain't paying 60+€ for a paperback just because the printing company decided there won't be more editions.

No. 666559

wait since when do scrotes pretend to be bi? i see bi dudes on twitter all the time talking about how women don't want them and how they have to keep their sexuality/sexual past a secret, so i guess it doesn't make sense to me why they'd lie about something like that

No. 666560

Trying to get woke points?

No. 666562


I'm not from the US but from what I can gather from watching coverage, all the states count the postal votes at different times. Some count them before in-person votes, some after. As the postal votes tend to skew towards Biden, some states that are currently going Trump's way but have yet to count postal votes (like Pennsylvania, Nevada I'm not sure?) may come out with Biden on top. But either could win.
Burger anons pls correct.

No. 666565

i have seen some say ftms are easy lay if you pretend to be gay or bi

No. 666572

there‘s like a dozen of ways this could go, but basically if biden wins michigan and pennsylvania or michigan and georgia, or three states like michigan, wisconsin and nevada he wins the election. it‘s hard to say who wins and really really close, but since most of the states left count mail votes last and more dems vote via mail, there‘s still hope girls

No. 666575

I keep seeing eastern Europe tradthots always dating only Arabic men (specifically from Saudi Arabia) , whether he is fugly or not. Question is: why?

And have you guys had a bf / friend from this place? What are your experineces?

No. 666583

Pretending to be bi could definitely get some among the leftist crowd

No. 666584

Money. I used to live in one of the Gulf States and families there had so much money it was ridiculous.

No. 666588

I'm more surprised these Arabic guys are dating them, aren't they supposed to be super traditional and marry within their culture?

No. 666596

Oil money anon, there's a lot of extremely, extremely wealthy men and families from there.

No. 666605

File: 1604502122732.jpg (75.07 KB, 960x779, 437ea999f346a0600f600e9ac3d7e9…)

How do I make friends in pokemon go if I have no friends IRL?

No. 666611

People post their friend codes on reddit or instagram, even facebook groups. I've found reddit is good for finding people who will actually send out raid invites

No. 666618

Is there any way to make extra money during the pandemic without having to go outside? I considered things like waitressing or tutoring and things like that, but now that the numbers of infected are going up I don't really want to come in contact with humans

No. 666620

You can tutor people online

No. 666621

Is it considered racebait if I ask what specifically counts as "blackface"? The term sometimes seems kinda vague and subjective to me, and it's very foreign to my culture, so I really want to be educated on it… but I don't want to get banned. What do I do anons? If I shouldn't ask about it here, do you have any idea of where I could do it? (No, google didn't help).

No. 666623

Yeah it would be racebait because you know some motherfuckers are gonna be all like "weeeh blackface isn't a real thing! these lefties are too sensitive" and someone is gonna get the feefees hurt.

In fact maybe you should've asked this on meta because now you just may have started a blackface discussion. Why shouldn't google have helped? There's a wikipedia page for every topic in the world and one in almost any language.

No. 666628

File: 1604505056895.png (96.51 KB, 796x305, 1.PNG)

This post is still in effect, regardless.

No. 666629

If you change your skin tone to appear darker tonedwith makeup it's black face. Google is right there.

No. 666631

if i do a load of whites with some kind of bleach, should i let the empty washer run again before doing darks/other stuff? i'm paranoid about bleaching my clothes

No. 666633

Google just talks about makeup. I wanted to know in a more general way, including character design and art, for example. Sorry for being a retard, I read the rules, but interpreted them a bit wrong probably because of my stupid ESL ass. End of story.

No. 666634

No no, it must be with the intention of being another race, either to pretend to be that race for costume or otherwise OR with the intention to deceive.

No. 666636

anons we are rapidly approaching post number 666666 how do you feel about it

No. 666637

Nah not exactly. Changing your skin tone to dress up as another race is shitty regardless of intention or awareness.

Honestly I would avoid the topic entirely. You're going to get shit from all ends since it's such a controversial issue and it really isn't worth covering unless you're ready to deal with people angry at your characters portrayal. Save yourself the headache and future shit flinging trust me

No. 666638

hyped for sure

No. 666639

Holy shit

No. 666642

>Nah not exactly. Changing your skin tone to dress up as another race is shitty regardless of intention or awareness.

That's what I was saying, retard. TAIRT said "If you change your skin tone to appear darker tonedwith makeup that's blackface". That's not a factual statement though. There are plenty of people that change their skin tone to appear darker with makeup (really pale people, people with rosasea, etc) and but their intent is not to appear as another race or character, they are just applying makeup to contour or give themselves a tanner look. Being tan isn't blackface.

But I don't want to derail, just wanted to explain.

No. 666651

If I pet this chihuahua gently on its head would it bite my hand?

No. 666662

As someone who grew up with chihuahuas? Yes

No. 666691

Is it homophobic to not wanna date a guy who has slept with another guy? Not that I'm like asking every guy I date but I would probably lose interest if I happened to find out. My ex admitted to me when we were friends that he was bi but I guess I forgot about it. Later he called me homophobic because I was grossed out when he told me that he told his guy best friend that he'd be down if he ever wanted his dick sucked. Aside from the visual of a my man sucking dick I'm mostly disgusted by buttholes and get physically repulsed by the thought of doing anal, or my man doing anal. My ex admitted "if I was gay I'd be a bottom" and referred to himself as such jokingly. I never really thought much of that but when we broke up for good he raged at me for a variety of reasons, one being that I'm homophobic bc I got grossed out by hearing about him wanting to suck his best guy friend's dick? Btw he was and still is friends with that guy, so maybe I was right to be a little wary of that.

No. 666700

I think it can be argued that it is, but honestly, especially reading your reasoning, nah. Everyone is allowed to have preferences. I imagine that if you found out your male partner had anal sex with another woman, you would feel similarly? If not, then I'd examine why you feel the way you do when another man is involved specifically because it could be rooted in homophobia somewhere, but again, like. You're not obligated to fuck or date someone who's sexual history you don't feel comfortable with.

No. 666702

I used to be pretty non-fazed by it. Dated enough guys where they've had that one male on male experience in their past (the usual just sex and an insistance that they'd never date or kiss a guy! lol) IME they are butt obsessed. You can spell it out to them early on that you don't want anal play but they will not accept that long term and will bug you about it til you lose all interest in sex with them. I started out so open minded but now.. Nope.

No. 666735

I NEED HELP FROM UK ANONS. I'm tired of the shithole called the US and wanna get the fuck outta here eventually but as a poc I'm obviously still worried about racism and stuff. How bad is it really in the UK? I feel like I'm less likely to get drop kicked in the street just for being black over there.

No. 666747

This is your body, your feelings, and your relationships. Don't let other people's hurt feelings take priority over your own desires when it comes to who gets to be your romantic partner.

No. 666750

uk is depressing as fuck, don’t move here if you don’t have family or friends here

No. 666752

samefag the racism depends on where you live, it’s mostly directed towards muslims so you’ll be fine if you do come

No. 666755

Bad timing anon, post-Brexit UK is not something I'd wish upon anyone


No. 666760

Anger against immigrants was a big factor in voting for Brexit. Try a different part of the US before you leave the country.

No. 666762

Just move to UK or Germany. It's filled with black people and no1curr.

No. 666767

What is a comfort character? I often see it in the bios of genderspecials uwu kinnies, so it's probably bullshit, but I wonder why they don't use favorite character or waifu/husbando.

No. 666771

It's pretty self-explanatory, just a character that they find comfort in and are able to relate to. That being said, a lot of Tumblr kinnie teenagers I've met do the whole "comfort character" thing with characters that they'd "kin" but who aren't the same race as them, since there's drama about kinning characters outside of one's own race.

No. 666774

It's like comfort food but an excuse for autists to never watch a new show or read a new book, also do not dare to ship!!!!!their comfort character, that's abusive to them

No. 666780

File: 1604516239008.jpg (12.92 KB, 275x248, 1547241454448.jpg)


Goddamm. Thanks for the insight, anons. Btw its not that I dislike the particular part of the us im in, I hate it here in general and think its entire system is fucked. Maybe ill look into moving to a Germany like >>666762 suggested. I won't be able to do it anytime soon but I cant imagine spending my life here, shit sucks.

No. 666789

Just don't bring your american mentality because frankly, everyone are sick of americans as much as you are sick of america itself.

No. 666791

NTA, but what's upset you?

No. 666798

File: 1604517432524.jpg (83.86 KB, 736x889, 6b72a108f7740bd18875319b100823…)

How does it feels to kiss someone with very thin lips? I've also always wondered if kisses between people with very different lip sizes (larger or smaller idc) aren't kind of uncomfortable

No. 666806

It feels bad

No. 666807

Fucking kek at the picture, it always makes me laugh. It just feels tight and, well, thin. There isn't much lip to kiss, more teeth clashing. It's usually not that bad in the long run, but it's definitely not as pleasant as kissing someone with fuller lips, male or female.

No. 666808

Even so, I would rather live here in the uk than the us

No. 666810

Yea I've always thought about being really cautious about that, especially since its one of the things im trying to get away from. Its like nobody here fucking knows not being obnoxiously loud about everything is also an option

No. 666814

Do you have some kinda marketable skill? You could try freelancing or doing odd jobs on fiverr. Maybe try looking for jobs that allow remote work.

No. 666818

It should be fine as is, since the last cycle in the wash is a regular water rinse that takes out the remaining detergent so there shouldn’t be any residue that’ll mess up your darks.

No. 666840

File: 1604520042218.jpeg (108.39 KB, 563x550, F9A3E77F-412D-42EC-8C9D-AA5676…)

I want to get a basic job to stop being a neet and earn monies, but living in the US right now it doesn't seem safe. I know I'm lucky to have this freedom to hold off… But should I? Or try to get remote work instead (not sure what though)? I truly am a worthless dumbass

No. 666846

Right now isn't a good time to get a job. April-September would've been the best window of time.

No. 666849

backwards hat jotaro is something I needed but never realized it until now. Thank you anon for this image

No. 666856

Just apply for something simple, like a grocery job or instacart. Good luck on leaving neetdom behind!

No. 666873

Why burgerland twitter people always give me paranoia and ptsd?

No. 666898

What kind of tea flavor should I get? Please help. I like pretty much everything

No. 666909


No. 666911


Jasmine is pussy shit, get chai!

No. 666919

is there any real way i can get bigger boobies w/o ps? i’m naturally very petite, borderline anachan, trying to gain weight… i used to have C-cups in fucking middle school and now i have A-cups. i don’t want to go too big bc i have a small frame but ya just a lil plump up would be nice. also don’t own a push up bra. should i invest in one to boost my confidence til i get bigger boobs?

No. 666926

File: 1604528658291.jpeg (19.31 KB, 505x607, E76E0FB0-F453-455C-8925-421391…)

Why are cops shitty peope?

My stepmom is a cop and she’s straight up psycho, im pretty sure she has some undiagnosed cluster B shit.

No. 666931

Seconding Jasmine. Citrus flavours are also nice, imo. I have a clementine flavored one and it's so refreshing with a slice of lemon in.

No. 666932

Earl grey, nerd!

No. 666938

Ew jasmine >>>>> chai tf

No. 666939

Maybe try birth control?

No. 666946

Psychos are naturally drawn to roles of power

No. 666955

Any advice on reducing heartburns? I don't get them everyday but I have no idea what's the food that triggers them, I'm vegetarian, I don't eat greasy food and I barely drink one coffee per day, which I don't think is enough (unless you tell me it is).

No. 666960

For some even a little coffee is too much, or any citrus or apples and so on. I chew on some ginger candy whenever I don't have any meds handy and it helps

No. 666981

Common trigger foods are caffeinated drinks
Carbonated drinks
Sour/acidic food (even stuff like tomatoes/tomato sauce)
Spicy food
Greasy/oily food

You could try some tums or some other form of antacid in the meantime.

No. 666990

I was a B- small C throughout my teens and I'm 21 now and my body is going through a weird 2nd puberty and I'm a full D/DD. Maybe just wait it out? if you're young and have delayed puberty due to weight issues it could just hit you when you don't expect like me

No. 667014

Is it normal/fine to hate male gynecologists? I said I hated them and one guy friend said "wtf", i think he took offense because his dad is one, but either way fuck male gynecologists, hate them all.

No. 667017

not normal to hate them by default, but it is normal to be careful of them or choose female gynecologists.
I kind of get it though, like what draws them to that field exactly lol.

No. 667018

I hate them too but male pediatricians are even worse

No. 667019

Never thought about that

No. 667020

twitter users in general are insane, unhealthy, and controlling. burgers get vicious over politics so those traits kick in full gear. and, think the world revolves around murica
t. burger who hates twitter

No. 667021

No. 667023

Most of them are pedophiles and able to disguise their things as "normal pediatrician activities". All male pediatricians I met are creepy af. Always get a female pediatrician

No. 667027

Male gynecologists are sus, what man has ever shown concern for female reproductive health that wasn’t sexually motivated or some type of power play?

No. 667034

most of them?? Hating male gynecologists I can understand but isn't a male pediatriction more likely to have normal reasons? There is a wider range of potential reasons he's in that field. Maybe I say this because I've had male doctors with no issue though.
You should be careful with any of these men, but I won't instantly assume he's a pedo. That said, if you only pick women doctors, that's understandable and smart just to be safe. Honestly you are all onto something that many have ill intentions. It's something every parent + patient should be on watch for anyway sorry to 'not all men' you lol

No. 667035

Fucking this. I remember going to the pediatrician after getting breast buds for some basic shit.
That gross fuck fondling my raisinettes was enough to put me off eternally from male physicians. I understand that he's a doctor, but fuck it.

No. 667036

i wish there were all-female hospitals. i know that men would have a shitfit if they were to exist, but it would be so much safer

No. 667053

>Is it normal/fine to hate male

No. 667055

I think it’s fine, why wouldn’t you want a woman? She’ll know what it’s like to have someone look at you down there and will be less likely to pull some shady shit.

No. 667061

Soo there was this website I’m pretty sure it was made by a French female artist and it was really obscure with like flies on the front webpage and of you clicked those it would take you to pictures or poems she made. I’m pretty sure it was kinda dark having a bit to do with suicide. Does anyone know the site??

No. 667065

Same anon,same, plus aren't there like stats that say female doctors save more lives or something like that?
thanks, I just wish some careers were female-only. I just really don't like men

No. 667073

pretty sure you’re thinking of mouchette

No. 667074

yes! thank you. Ily

No. 667080

i’m 24, so i think that window has closed… gonna try a different BC like >>666939 said, especially since i’m wanting to gain weight. ig i’m just afraid of gaining too much and having to buy a whole new wardrobe lmao. thanks y’all

No. 667081

File: 1604548856534.png (265.36 KB, 540x405, tumblr_okula6OTs01rq4uvro1_540…)

Why do people always say "this website has made me worse" and "I hate this website"?

Is it really serious enough that this site makes you hate yourself?

No. 667083

No. 667088

What are some good online bra stores?

No. 667110

Is it normal that my tailbone sticks out but if I do glute exercises, it goes back in, and if I stop working out for a while, it sticks out again?

No. 667135

What’s the best thing to tell a doctor so he gives you a sick not but doesn’t need to look at you much? I’m thinking of telling i have diarrhea

No. 667139

It's not normal for any part of spine to stick out, it's supposed to have mild curves all the way, and the tailbone itself is curved inwards. It's usually a sign of bad posture, which you may have fixed by strengthening muscles around it. Or you have an actual deviation that becomes less apparent when you train. Get checked.

>we'll have to do a colonoscopy…

No. 667141

Migraine? Helps if you have a history of them, though.

No. 667143

Fuck you too anon
Not much

I just had a mental breakdown and can’t go to work like this

No. 667178

Why is it that the sound of raindrops makes me relaxed but the sound of a leaking faucet irritates me?

No. 667180

because the latter means you're wasting water?

No. 667186

It shouldn't have irritared me when I was a clueless child then, but I'm pretty sure it did.

No. 667190

File: 1604573482243.jpeg (51.55 KB, 700x700, 189D2298-56E5-43C0-96C4-9057B6…)

What color is this to you?

No. 667194

The darker shade is pigeon color, the lighter shade is pigeon poop color

No. 667199

blue-ish grey

No. 667216

purpleish gray

No. 667221

moldy navy

No. 667240

blue slate grey

No. 667263

Kind of a steel-like grey, isn’t it cold grey? Like a cold steel grey.

No. 667276

This is likely going to sound autistic, but I have a thing for pens and the way they feel when I write with them. I could compare it to textures between extremely high quality chocolate and nasty ass Hershey's with its grittyness and shit taste.
Those Inkjoy pens in 0.7 are usually my favorite, but are there any quality brands that anyone here has tried with cute designs?
Figleaves has all the brands I like, but I buy all mine from Amazon.

No. 667282

I agree with the mentioned poster

No. 667293

Probably not the answer you’re looking for, but Monami 153 ballpoint pen is my favorite. It’s expensive for a pen (around $30ish) but it’s fucking unreal how god damn smooth that pen writes. It’s like the fuckin Rolex of ballpoint pens. It sounds like a shitty exaggeration, like oh how nice can a pen write, but ANON!!! I cannot stress how fucking butter smooth it feels to write with lol. Call me a crazy pen bitch, but it’s true. I got into fancy pens this year so I also have two fountain pens (both kaweco al sports) and two refillable rollerballs (from kakimori). I also like to buy Muji’s 0.35 pens- cheap, colorful, and easy to write with.

No. 667316

Should I decorate my bedroom elegant victorian or weeby kawaii?

Victorian is cheaper and could make me more disciplined by being surrounded by a more mature theme.

Having kawaii stuff makes me happy enough to get through the bad days, but Im afraid it will influence me to just go back to being a hermit because it feels safe and happy.

No. 667320

Can you do like a hybrid elegant victorian kawaii bedroom? That would be really different and unique! You could try following the same color scheme but add little touches here and there of each style? Like a victorian bed with kawaii pillows?

No. 667324

How feasible is it for a single person to paint a room with a wardrobe that can barely move

No. 667327

see if a friend or family member can help move it enough to get behind it. maybe ask a neighbor if you trust them

No. 667351

how long can you avoid a sinus infection for before it kills you, my face hurts.

No. 667381

a kawaii bedroom just sounds like you stream on twitch or cam for a living anon

No. 667382

File: 1604590249126.png (251.56 KB, 500x338, 73716cdca6d2d45bec04c3b539e1e0…)

why not something like this anon?

No. 667386

This looks like a doll's room. But ideal bedroom obviously, just wonder if it's possible in human scale. I know those type of beds and dressers are pretty expensive and rare.

No. 667402

Omg anon are you me?? I’m debating between decorating in more vintage style furniture or more clean-white-ikea with soft touches. I basically have both kinds of furniture available…

No. 667409

The Japanese store "romapri" is this style exactly, would cost a lot to ship overseas but if anything they have lots of things to inspire you.

No. 667418

What are some good effortless Christmas gifts for a female fam member?

I don't want to think (or maybe even spend) too much on a person who hates me.

No. 667424

Get them a glossier balm dot com and absolve yourself of all responsibility

No. 667426

$20 gift card to any big shop like walmart or target

No. 667436

File: 1604593810899.jpg (254.72 KB, 1200x856, DtEwORQUwAEcrsC.jpg)

Googled the store you mentioned and I feel like this style isn't that hard to come by especially when you go thrifting for old furniture, you just gotta get lucky and search in the right places. It kinda reminds me of those shabby chic furniture shows I used to watch on TV

No. 667440

Scented candle with a safe perfume (like rose or vanilla), or even more effortless, a Sephora gift card. Although do you really have to gift them something?

No. 667441

Hmm maybe something like cottagecore animal crossing with some kawaii decorations that can easily removed.

No. 667449

File: 1604594274549.png (913.7 KB, 764x504, fevvefgevfg.png)

samefagging but this is what I found when I googled "shabby chic" maybe try on pinterest or searching more on google yourself so you can find something you like

Unironically looking at animal crossing home decoration videos is really good to figure out what you actually like, so this is also good advice

No. 667462

I can't be the only one who thinks shabby chic and that victorian style are two completely different things.

No. 667465

It all looks like it stink

No. 667479

A scarf or one of those knitted beanies with a pompom? Functional and don’t have to think too much about it besides what color to get.

No. 667487

Is it dumb to be really triggered by small things? Not like crying triggered but uncomfortable. For example I avoid foods I ate with my abusive ex even though I would still enjoy the taste. Sometimes I think fuck this and eat the food anyway but it triggers bad memories so I regret it

No. 667492

It's still a great answer.
I went down a rabbit hole looking at each of the pens you brought up. The muji look fantastic and have a color variety option, and I wonder how they'll write in 0.7mm. The Monami 153 I may hold off on trying because of the expense, and because I'm unsure of the feel.
I too am a crazy pen bitch

No. 667494

No I agree, they’re not the same thing at all.

No. 667495

When I go through crappy breakups I tend to have to throw out things that have too many memories attached to them, in my mind it's hard to understand things like people keeping gifts and still using them afterwards.

Probably is dumb but you're not alone in being dumb like that

No. 667506

I do shit like this too. I have it with songs too, movies, clothes and places even. I won't avoid them to the point of emberassing myself around others or at my own inconvenience, but if I can.. I will.

No. 667522

Why so much redtext im blind

No. 667542

What are some breakfast things I can make the night before and eat (and drink!) the next morning? I have an important exam in the next week and I want to wake up super duper early to study in peace but when I wake up early I can barely fix myself some tea so I am thinking of preparing something beforehand.

No. 667547

put oats in milk and put them in the freezer. I get hungry quickly from oats but it's the easiest thing I know. Or just spread peanut butter on bread, even easier

No. 667553

chia seed pudding with any flavours you'd like (has to sit in the fridge for a couple of hours anyways), you can meal prep whole wheat pancakes with fruit (buckwheat is good with strawberries or jam, some people grind oats in a mini blender or coffee grinder to make oat flour and add banana and blueberries etc), steel cut oats take longer to cook and meal prep but you can buy the quick cooking kind, stick them in tupperware in the fridge (or leave them in the slow cooker overnight with fruit and spices or whatever). they're high protein and more filling than regular oats imo
if you ever want something heartier or a bit greasy/salty you can whip together a quiche or frittata on a saturday or sunday and stick it in the fridge in cut up portions to reheat as desired throughout the week
for protein i find that turkey bacon holds up better on the reheat because it's either chewy or super crispy. not even bad cold, honestly. smoked salmon is great on bagels with cream cheese but maybe too much effort if you're very tired and half-dead in the morning. you can make breakfast sandwiches or wraps, nestle them between paper towel or those beeswax wraps in a big tupperware and microwave.
if you want something sweet you can do muffins or a french toast bake, i think muffins are smart because you can have half of one with a balanced ready prepared breakfast that has protein and some vegetables in it. good to get some berries for antioxidants and meat or eggs with healthy fats, whole grains to keep you full for longer. leafy greens or whatever kind of veggies. things to help your brain get through a day of studying
(you can also make iced tea or cold brew/iced coffee/lattes on the weekend in jars and leave them in the fridge. i love a couple of teaspoons of matcha with oat milk and a splash of real maple syrup. helps me feel alert since i sleep like absolute shit and never wake up rested. i feel like iced chai with a splash of milk or cream of your choice would be great this time of year too)

No. 667593

File: 1604607816074.png (15.44 KB, 331x267, apple.PNG)

i'm looking to get an iPad and noticed this. i'm young and dumb, is this kind of stuff stupid? i can afford to buy one full price, but i was interested in how these monthly payments work and if they're worth it

No. 667612

Others might not agree, but I always go with 'if you can afford it outright without it causing any issues in the future, then do it.' Don't get yourself stuck owing other people money, if you can afford it.

No. 667614

What exactly doesn't look like it stinks?

No. 667615


Seems ok. You would be getting some credit history out of it I guess.

No. 667626

Agreed, anon. It's better to save up and buy it later than doing it in increments, because things do pop up and by next month that $60 you're putting aside might break the bank if you don't put in some overtime or ask for some cash from a friend or family member

No. 667633

Paying in full could cause the same issue and in fact make it worse. If she can afford to buy it outright but that would wipe out all her savings, then she'll be without any sort of float if an emergency comes up. If she finances it instead then she can comfortably pay the $60 or whatever a month while still having several hundred in savings in case she needs a portion of that cash for something more pressing.

I do typically agree with the advice that you shouldn't purchase something unless you can pay for it in full right away, but it's more reassuring to know you have that option versus actually taking it. Companies normally won't have any issue with customers paying things off ahead of time, so she could immediately put 50% down as a cushion, then continue with the smaller monthly payments so she'll have savings.

No. 667635

Oh totally, what I mean by being able to afford it outright without it causing an issue, is that money should be no object to anon. Like, if it doesn't put a dent in their savings, then go for it. If that makes sense at all (it's been a long ass day forgive me).

No. 667637

My autist roommate goes on and on about how much she hates food and eating and claims she actively has an eating disorder and yet she is probably 80lbs overweight how is that possible?

No. 667640

It's not

No. 667662

Shit, Porgie has roommates?

No. 667664

Is it bulimia if I only throw up so I can either stop being "full"/bloated OR so I can eat actual food instead of the snacks I ate?

No. 667669

I don't know if you're even serious but yes

No. 667670

You know the answer is still yes. You should cut that out, super bad for your teeth. If you’re vain enough to care about your body you’ll probably care when you realize that “minor” puking took all your enamel with it, anon.

No. 667676

I was being serious. Like, you know how people say "I'm gonna be sick" and they feel awful from eating so much. I hate that feeling but it's always late onset so I never feel like I'm eating too much at the time. Most times I also get a disgusting feeling from greasy foods or foods with too much acidity. So I puke it up. I don't feel that's bulimia which is like "If I throw this up then the calories don't count!". At least for the first part of my question. The second part, I could see being more bulimia "Ugh I ate all of these snacks, now time to purge to get rid of calories" but sometimes I genuinely feel bad for snacking when I could've had dinner with friends/family so I just get rid of it and eat a real meal.

I've been doing it for years, yeah my teeth are bad as far as cavities and stuff but I brush twice a day so I hope that helped.

No. 667677

You may not notice the damage at first, but brushing will not make a difference as far as exposing your teeth repeatedly to vomit like that. Over time, you’ll start to see how weak and glassy they’ve gotten and they’ll be much more prone to chipping off or developing small holes.

No. 667718

not only does this damage your teeth as other anons have said, but if you ever manage to get help or work through it and stop purging, your body will have lasting (potentially permanent) effects.
particularly your gastrointestinal system, things like GERD, bleeding peptic ulcers (projectile vomiting half digested coffee grits textured blood - not fun! trust me on this), chronic nausea and vomiting when you have no desire to do so, a host of other things.
not trying to be shocking or scold you, regardless of your reasons for engaging in it i just hope you can take care of the underlying issues. i don't think the average person would purge just from feeling sick due to overeating. i've only ever heard of this in the context of average people as a once in a blue moon/one off behaviour in cases of severe stomach bugs where it's having a hard time coming out on its own, or being dangerously and disgustingly drunk (potential alcohol poisoning, usually purged by someone else for fear of their safety)
i could be wrong and i'm not saying you do, but you might have some strange hangups about your body, a need for control/autonomy, self punishment, lingering trauma, many countless other things. worth thinking about what could be driving you to these behaviours
please take care

No. 667729

Whats the name of the aesthetic where its very cute but with creepy/odd things? Like those edits of rats with heart emojis all over.

No. 667731

Kimokawaii (kimoi/kawaii = creepy cute). There's also kowakawaii and yamikawaii which are similar.