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No. 654901

Let it out anon

Previous thread: >>>/ot/648656

No. 654910

I'll probably need to take anxiety meds to be able to get through these next 2 months and i'm not looking forward to it. My parents treat me like i'm a piece of shit addict even though it's been 2 years since i've last taken anything, take the lowest dosage and aways try to quit when i feel i can cope, but they still had almost daily interventions and even told other people to convince me to stop.
I shouldn't care, because the symptoms are really strong, both mental and physical. I haven't been myself for like 6 months now, just a neurotic, depressed mess going through the montions, but sometimes i can't even eat or bathe. But i still care that they think less of me.

No. 654928

File: 1602643358529.jpeg (421.07 KB, 828x618, 2FF39700-6248-4590-ABBA-E8A4DA…)

Growing up my best friend was Chinese and I definitely had her and her moms standard strongarmed onto me from the age of 13, instead of being whiny and emo about it I’m grateful because although her mom was harsh I did end up losing my puberty huskiness by 14 and It gave me really thick skin. I used to be really sensitive and at first I coped very unhealthily with all the extra scrutiny but it’s turned me into a really tough adult and I’m glad for that. Only remembering this because I recently started au pairing for a Chinese family to pay for my school and the wife was talking about how I have elephant legs. That probably would’ve hurt my feelings if I weren’t already exposed to the ridiculously severe Chinese beauty standard—my legs are just muscular lol. Give me the strength to put up with her making me feel fei po to the next four months.

No. 654933

Brittany Venti is a huge hypocrite for trying to grift into being so anti pedo, despite still having Styx as a manager despite his grooming of Stell Bell.

No. 654935

I worked at a restaurant owned by Chinese people and I quit because one of the old man owners told me I was getting fat from drinking too much boba tea! I am a wimp.

No. 654937

Couldn't you hide it? So they have to know by insurance or something you're still taking it? Do you have a prescriptions in advance and stash them to take them secretly? Talk to your provider about this issue and the pressure hindering your progresses, maybe they'll be able to offer some sound advice.
If not, maybe just hide it and make them believe you stopped after their request got though to you. That way, you'll be taking them while you need it and stopping on your own term (and with a healthy taper off, It's awful to quit benzo cold turkey)

No. 654940

The Chinese are brutal like that, but once you reach the point that you aren’t harmed psychologically by little quips like that I swear it’s so freeing. I have a backbone of course but they talk to and about everyone like that, it doesn’t bother me anymore at all and I just make jokes back. You just got to think like damn, the bubble tea just might be making me fatter, whatever.

No. 654955

Asians in general aren't very PC about things. My Bengali coworker told me I got fat the other day. He wasn't even saying it in a mean way, I just turned on my webcam (which does make me look unnaturally wide) and he just went oh! Anon, you got fat!

I hope I'm not fat though.

No. 654960

To be fair, he was right! But at the time I thought he was just being mean, I didn't know it was just the way Chinese people roll.

No. 654964

I feel like tumblr pc culture tries to ree about body shaming too much, if you’re too much of a baby to handle someone pointing out a change in your weight you probably need to be psychologically stronger anyways. Good on you for not getting offended.

Yeah I know when you’re young esp a young girl it can really fuck with your head, when you aren’t aware of how socially commonplace that is and can even just be a form of playful teasing it definitely feels more mean spirited than it’s meant to be. Obviously it can still be very ToXiC too or whatever but that goes without saying.

No. 654985

It's not insurances fault, since i aways just go from work to home everyday and they are a bit controlling, they notice the commotion if i either go to a psych or if i go out of my way to buy them at the shady drugstore that sells it without prescriptions. I
So i hide the pills, but they know when i start them. Also my mom sometimes snoops around my stuff.
I don't even need to stack them tbh, they expire before i can get through 1 box.

No. 655038

A good friend of mine is in a toxic relationship that she even acknowledges it won't last long term but stays together? I honestly don't get it, she has anxiety problems now and is emotional, and she recently told me about how she has beaten her bf twice in the past couple of months. Like left him badly bruised, beat the hell outta him. She says he doesn't hit her except once he kicked her to get her off him when she was attacking him. I don't know what to make of the situation other than to stand back and watch.

Its becoming a train wreck and neither of them seem willing to end it? Its so fucking crazy how they act to each other. How she acts now towards everyone else. That she smoked crack a few months back because he stresses her out that bad? Like wtf girl. I thought she had a pretty solid head on her shoulders but this year she is just running head first into a dumpster fire. Sad to see

No. 655045

I like how I get called a tranny if I call people stupid for voting trump. I’m a girl but go off trump simp

No. 655052

File: 1602657883406.jpeg (47.14 KB, 735x708, B62F3290-1BCF-47CA-AA44-3E48B6…)

sad vent rather than angry: tfw you desperately want a boyfriend but are paranoid as shit about men
i wish i could just date women without having to worry about judgement bc it’s a real possibility that even the nicest man i come across could actually be a pedo or cheater or whatever
also im sick to death of ldr shit i just want to be held

No. 655068

I'm a terf but the behavior of terfs here and videos on YouTube can be so embarrassing, and I see parallels with alt right behavior.

I'm not anti trans, like I don't give a fuck, but it's more that I'm uncomfortable with them encroaching on bio women's spaces. So I don't care to be like lmao troon this and ballsack flaps that, like I don't hate them and they have minimal impact on my life, but even here it's like no wonder nobody takes terfs seriously.

Also I was embarrassed to find azelea banks going off about mtfs.

No. 655069

Yeah this post is pretty embarrassing

No. 655070

Azalea is always entertaining to me when she goes off. Did you read that rant about Elon Musk? Gold. Pure gold.

No. 655076

i hate being taken for a fool just because i'm young, bubbly and agreeable. this old lady i work with misheard me and corrected me on something i didn't say… like mam, i get you were once a grade school teacher but i've studied this thing for 7 years and written a thesis about it… i have a phd thesis in the workings about it…
i was too polite and just told her what i meant, but next time she fucks up about a similar thing i won't have any qualms pointing it out and extensively correcting the bitch
my ovaries are bigger than hers

No. 655081

I swear this post gets posted in the vent/unpopular opinion thread every week and then when people start replying /meta/ mysteriously gets someone sperging about terves being mean again

No. 655097

scrotes whine about women lying about rape all the time while making up stories about cardi b being a rapist, it's absurd

No. 655101

My husband is getting fat and I'm starting to resent him for it. I have a condition that makes it hard for me to gain weight & I have almost no appetite, which is why I need calorie dense snacks and can't survive on diet food. My husband keeps eating my snacks, and he's gained 30lbs since last year. I've tried telling him to start exercising and eating healthier, but he doesn't have the motivation to do it unless I keep nagging at him for it. I've yelled at him for eating my food, but he doesn't get why I'm mad since he can just replace the snacks he's eaten. I just don't want to spend money on him growing his fat gut that gets in the way when we have sex.

No. 655109

what really did happen with Cardi? The only thing i heard was her speaking on drugging and robbing men, where did this rape shit come from?

No. 655110


moids heard about drugging and their minds immediately went to rape because they're just that depraved and love projecting said depravity on women

if anything, it actually kinda sounded like cardi drugged those men so they wouldn't rape her

No. 655121

I "fawn" a lot when I'm in a state of fear. Idk how to stop this shit. I'm always riddled with fear.

No. 655126

It’s kind of funny because I’m pretty sure moids can’t get it up when they’re drugged, assuming it’s a drug that makes them fall asleep.

No. 655153

It doesn't matter what I do, I always feel like I'm wasting my life. And when I think back to a time like 5 years ago, I get nostalgic and miss that time, even though the whole time I was just miserable and felt like I was wasting my life back then as well.

No. 655156

Women are usually protective of me and men treat me like a little sister. I'm tired of this, I can even take myself seriously anymore, I will die a virgin

No. 655158

My uncle who sexually abused me as a kid is in hospital right now with a heart problem. My dad doesnt know about the abuse so he's texting me health updates every day and I want to rip my own head off

My entire life has been shat on by what he did, two decades of mental health issues, suicide attempts, failed sexless relationships and at times I was housebound from a fear of being atttacked by men…fucking die already

No. 655160

Can you just open any not read and respond with a generic response, or just not respond? I understand if you don’t want to tell your father at this point for a variety of reasons, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with being updated on your abuser. Either let him know you don’t care or just try not to read it. I’m sorry that happened to you, I hope his death lacks any peace or comfort.

No. 655162

Thanks anon. I haven't been responding, I'm years into having to bite my tongue while he talks about him to me. He's a loner with suspected autism so my dad seems to almost pity and baby him. I know from losing other relatives that once he's actually dead my dad will turn him into a saint and never shut up..

Still hoping he doesn't make it out of the hospital this time. I might just be vague and tell my dad I can't sympathise after the death. It's already incredible that my dad has never pieced together the obvious.

No. 655166

This might sound arrogant but I hate the fact that I do everything last minute and still manage to get the work well done. I’ve developed the mindset that everything requires minimal effort and I know that it’s gonna hit me real hard one day. How the fuck do I collect myself and stop what I’m doing.

No. 655168

Why haven't you told him?

No. 655170

My aunt killed herself after a different relative sexually abused her… his family went into denial about that and I only found out because my mother told me.

No. 655171

Growing up, my family pronounced things incorrectly all the time. Examples are ompen = open, chipoltay = chipotle among others and that’s how my inner voice says these things. I hate it because even though I was conditioned to say these things properly, the fact that it’s wrong in my head makes me feel terrified I’ll actually say it like that and look retarded

No. 655172

I can not decide on an aesthetic. Idk why this is so important to me but it’s driving me crazy. One month i love everything pink and fluffy and the next i wanna have everything black and grungey. How can i ever decide it’s a curse being a fuckig libra.

No. 655175

The concept of having a single cohesive aesthetic is so alien to me. It's normal to like multiple different styles, why not just wear them all? Be cute and pink one day and dark and grungy the next day. Hell, mixing and matching the two would look super cute too.

No. 655179

>a lot of the shit that is considered "terfy" is normal shit most people think.
Seriously this. Like 90% of normies think troons are nuts and even the ones who accept adults buying into the meme always agree children shouldn't be given hormones or surgeries. It's not "terfy", it's how normal people think.

Additionally a lot of the a-logging legitimate "transphobes" on this site aren't even truterfs but some bigoted fucks who hate them because of the association with LGB in general, they're the ones who constantly try to derail every GC-slanted discussion into whining about gays and lesbians. Not to forget about the lurking /lgbt/ hons who try to slide in their "let's brutally murder all trans folx can i get an amen my fellow women" bait just so they can screenshot it and share it around.

No. 655181

NTA but keeping like 3 different wardrobes for all the aesthetics you like is expensive and wasteful.

No. 655189

My cat is driving me crazy. She had this brand of food she liked and after a few months of her eagerly having it, now that I bought in bulk, she suddenly doesn't like it anymore. Of course I buy other foods and brands to diversify her meals and it's not cheap either. But now I've wasted $100 for something that should have lasted for 2 months and I will have to buy something else for her and I'd much rather saved that money for a new pc component or a book or something to treat myself with. Why do you do this to me kitty? Why?

No. 655191


I mean sure but i feel like “bipolar” because they’re so different from each other but it’s really just me. One thing they both have in common is that i love feminin stuff like skirts snd dolls etc
Idk man

No. 655202

File: 1602682399371.jpeg (78.31 KB, 800x765, 5058DCE0-0D45-4038-98B2-569ABF…)

Anybody else an expat and tired/stressed of it?

Friends back home are either hyping it up like I’m living this glorious adventure or jealous as fuck and sharing stuff like “You’re not an expat, you’re an immigrant”

But I’m paying so much fucking money and getting about nothing in return. Pay is average and I have ZERO advantages. I pay extra taxes and can’t even get basic healthcare. And now because of fucking COVID, my work hours got significantly cut off and I can’t get any government help for people affected (They love to brag about their extra income help but that only applies to residents)

And I can’t imagine going back “home” either because it’s still so badly affected by covid while here is not as bad and work could pick up again soon.

No. 655214

only posers have this problem kek

No. 655219

>using the word posers in 2020

actually interesting human beings are multifaceted anon

No. 655220

>only liking one style in your entire life

No. 655221

It's "poseur", you poseur.

No. 655222

people who have a genuine interest in something aren't constantly flip-flopping between if they actually even like it or not.
um, yeah? i'm not wishy washy. i know what i like

No. 655225

Liking two things that are opposites or just different doesn't mean you don't really like them.

I can like both pepperoni and broccoli pizzas equally and then not know which one I want to order at Pizza Hut today.

No. 655232

It's not about being unsure if you like something or not, it's about liking many very different things at once. Imagine feeling superior over something like this lmao.

No. 655238

File: 1602683987760.png (421.32 KB, 503x525, 54356345.PNG)

"teehee i cant decide between pink pastels or grunge and darkness"

No. 655242

Living in a tiny backwards town where everyone knows everyone elses business. Last week I ordered a dildo, a very realistic dildo. The shipping just hasn't updated at any point. The delivery estimate (amazon) said it'd arrive 3 days ago but it didn't and there is still zero tracking info connected to the tracking number… of all the parcels to get lost why does it have to be the very adult parcel that would cause me the most stress or embarrassment??

I'm having visions of it showing up with ripped packaging

No. 655243

Imagine being this conceited about pieces of fabric, are you 16?

Anon is obviously talking about the financial and practical aspect of liking two different styles, its very hard to own that many clothes, but you wouldn't understand that right zoomer-chan?

No. 655251

don't worry, those anons are in luck because they can order their pastel color-block hoodies, plastic chokers, and black fishnets for cheap today because it's amazon prime day.

No. 655260

Well, hot-dog! What are we doing here ladies??

No. 655272

Is this post made by me? It fucking sucks being an expat and having to work for documents on documents and no one ever cares. I just wish people would acknowledge the stress and work it takes to be an immigrant and understand how many things residents take for granted. For each document a resident has to do an expat has two more documents. I just wish my mom never expatriated when I was a child.

No. 655279

Can't relate. Maybe it's because I watched the cartoon Martin Matin but I always liked having multiple personas and aesthetics. People are multifaceted. Get some identity outside of clothes maybe it won't be such a big issue.

No. 655286

Nice strawman. What is this? Are you twelve?

No. 655287

Do you happen to resent him for more than just his weight gain/eating your food? Not that those aren't completely valid reasons to be upset alone, you just seem incredibly frustrated with your husband, and that's usually for more than one issue even if it seems centralized around one thing. Either way, can you hide/keep snacks to yourself instead of buying for the household? Technically they're supposed to be for you, but since he eats them when they're out, of course. That sucks, though. You can't even offer to work out with him because of your condition, not that you should have to baby him into being fit.

No. 655290

did abby brown write this

No. 655313

File: 1602688155009.jpg (306.28 KB, 1280x1280, D7vlV8LW0AET5Ut.jpg)

Yep it me Abby.
Lmao how can you not love it spies in movies go undercover in different disguises? Playing dress up simply isn't a threat to my core identity like it clearly is for some. Damn you know what, my aesthetic is hitman-core.

No. 655315

Isn't that the immigrant experience though? Achieving permanent residence in most countries demands years of working under precarious conditions, contributing taxes, and paying huge sums of money to apply for official documents. Not trying to be smug, I just don't understand the key distinction between the two. My understanding is that expat describes someone with a passport from a first world country.

No. 655319

no one believes that, its not that deep, chill

No. 655324

Literally expat is the word smug immigrants from first world countries used to distinct that they aren't a dirty lowly syrian.

No. 655337

I'm chillin. You on the other hand are bothered that people don't have hangups about being a real emo gorl.

No. 655342

dead9irl is a confirmed lurker, guess we've found her

No. 655360

God, I wish women would be protective over me…

No. 655363

File: 1602689841895.jpeg (219.41 KB, 1322x1055, 42ACAC2B-6670-4FAE-89B4-85436C…)

I’m here queen

No. 655381

I’m so hungry
I want lengua tacos
I want salmon sashimi
I want a big fat steak
I want fried pomfret
I want curry rice
I want crawfish
I’m so hungry

No. 655387

I'm fighting for my fucking life.

No. 655389

You can do it, anon!

No. 655393

I found a bank card on my way from work and was going to destroy and bin it, but my partner was like nooo they might be worried, hand it in.

Like yeah that's the best thing to do but it affects my commute majorly since my transport links are very infrequent the second best thing is to make sure nobody else gets their hands on it.
But now that I've exposed myself to be shown the higher moral standard I'll feel awful if I don't meet it. So now I'm stressed out and resentful about it because it wasn't truly my choice to do it.

Haha just anxiety things

No. 655394

who let trump on lolcow again?

No. 655397

Strenght and peace to you anon, you can do it!!

No. 655405

>being a basic bitch who is only capable of liking one (1) thing
Damn, glad I can't relate

No. 655412

Why are all myclothes wearing out at the same time. I hate this. I have no socks left and most of my home clothes pants have worn through the crotch.

No. 655430

File: 1602694079134.jpg (44.92 KB, 421x547, 1470784456205.jpg)

No. 655436

File: 1602694350957.jpg (374.37 KB, 1080x920, Screenshot_20201014-125341_Chr…)

I wanna go back in time and snipe myself in the noggin.

I was so fucking "I'm superior" and I hate that shit.

No. 655446

>what happened to true intellectuals
>in high school
lol sorry anon but was college good for you? I can’t stand how college students act but based on this you probably fit in pretty well

No. 655459

College was great for me. I wasn't really forced to socialize with people. I walked into lecture hall, sat right in front, took notes and went back to my room on the average day. I joined clubs and sports but the clubs were always focused on the topic at hand, no bullshit. I loved college, really wish I could go back tbh.

No. 655474

My work's hq wants us to make some kind of "funny" video for the brand, and the managers can't stop pestering us about ideas, but nobody wants to do it. Everybody is miserable because of covid, hq is insisting to let the store open til 9pm despite not having customers after 7pm, and the managers are behaving in such a cliquish way that nobody is having fun anymore. I was this close to have another job in March, but of course the Wu flu fucked it all up and I'm stuck at this dead end retail job for god knows how long.

No. 655536

File: 1602699093964.png (111.28 KB, 440x218, tumblr_mzttkcgrEj1sco6szo1_500…)

I tried so hard. I'm being treated like trash. My own friend is gaslighting me because things aren't going her way when I'm the victim. The fucking audacity. I'm questioning my own fucking sanity because I might be overreacting but my other friends say I'm not. Who do I believe? Certainly not myself. People are so fucked this world is absolutely fucked and I want to die

No. 655537

So a few weeks ago I started talking to a friend again and I thought of how she was doing, but man fuck lol I now remember why I stopped talking to her, she is a big trump lover and even tho she agrees to wear masks and all seems like an all round good person but she continues to defend trump and his gang of flies. Sure to each their own but come on man at least look at what is happening, but no she blames the media and says shit like "I dont wanna talk about politics" when I tell her actual facts and not "alternative facts" So yeah big reminder right there kek my fault, the thing is that I dont even bring the arguments oh yeah and she is a huge fan of the proud boys she says they have done nothing wrong.

No. 655584

I played 15 hours of some old computer games I had as a kid and I have never felt so happy and comfy in my life. If i didn't need social media to make money I’d ditch it and just play old games for the rest of my life. No more exposure to psychos, only spending 16 hours building houses in the sims.

No. 655608

File: 1602701925154.jpg (13.76 KB, 436x413, 663.jpg)

I didn't get the scholarship I worked so hard for
That's life for you, but I am very bummed, although I am trying to not show it to my relatives and SO

No. 655621

Aw man, i'm sorry anon :^(

No. 655633

I broke down crying today from stress because I have a friendly coworker at my new job kek.

Like I don't want to ruin the connection, because she's nice. But I can't be in the same room as her without her sitting next to me and talking, all the time! I told her I like my space and being alone to give her a hint, but she thinks she's the exception I guess?

It's like first thing at the station, she notices me so we walk to work with her talking to me. We get to work and I'm reading training manuals, or trying to while she's talking to me. I want to go to the toilet, she follows. I can't even SHIT. I have to run, RUN to get the opportunity to have lunch on my own. God forbid I go to the cafeteria or bathroom though, because she WILL notice and I'm roped in. I have a specific place I go to that no coworker knows because I know they'll hunt me down if they did. I say I'm leaving to do some undesirable thing and she just FOLLOWS me. She wants to go the same route home and I find myself hiding so much.

She's very nice and we do get on, but the friendship is new and very tiring. I don't want to burn this bridge which I'm sure would happen if I asked her to stop talking to me so early on, but also I might just snap if this keeps up. Like I already feel trapped at work because of my shit hours, there's no need to have the additional constraint of dodging this girl. Like it wouldn't feel so bad if she just chilled out A BIT, so I could maybe approach her instead of being chased.

It's a common problem for people to be persistent in befriending me, but in the workplace it just adds this layer of complexity because I can't (and I don't want to) ask them to just fuck off. I appreciate that I seem to be likeable at least.

No. 655635

File: 1602702750018.png (868.76 KB, 1354x784, 42BFC64D-1F0C-4E67-BA2B-5E2FAE…)

Can someone explain to me the surprise about RoosterTeeth employees always being shitty creeps? Like you really didn’t see these things coming? It is driving me mad. Please get some brain cells people

No. 655638

The weight gain is my main problem, and I honestly think it would fix a lot of things if he just stopped stuffing his face. It feels like he doesn’t care about me enough to stay in shape. I try to look my best and he doesn’t give a shit unless I ask him to.
I stopped initiating sex just to see how long it would take him to do it himself, and after a month I confronted him about it, saying I feel like he doesn’t seem to be attracted to me anymore. He said his lack of libido is because of his weight gain, and that his body has changed so much that it affects his confidence. I told him I love him no matter what, and that I’d help him get in shape. But the next day he’s already snacking again, and complained when I bought Coke Zero instead of regular Coke… I just feel like I’m at the point where I might snap and be really insulting to him.

No. 655639

oh no!! im so sorry, anon. that's such a shitty feeling. i hope there's more fortune for you in the future

true bliss and honestly the best existence. playing childhood games has done wonders for my stress this year.

No. 655643

omg anon just reading this gave me anxiety! maybe try telling her you dont like people talking to you early in the morning cause it gives you a headache or something? at least you'll get rid of her for a little while. i realy hope i could help you more. good luck!

No. 655644

Lol why are women so nice and patient, especially with retarded men?

No. 655650

UMMMM this showed up in my recommended and really makes me hate myself for some reason.Some people really have their lives together.

No. 655660

i drink a shit ton of caffeine but this is the worst caffeine experience ive ever fucking had because i literally cannot stop i feel like im on adderall or some shit because i am in constant motion and everything is going so fast inside of my head which means ill just shitpost and get a freaky amount of work done then write a 10 page poem

No. 655662

Wow, her place is really elegant, coordinated and clean. I actually think it's inspiring that she was able to do that much with a smaller space on a budget. Shows what you can do just being patient and resourceful. Her dog is adorable too!

No. 655677

Ewww start making that lazy ass insecure. Men are not motivated by love and support, they’re only motivated by fear and shame.

No. 655685

My tiddies are huge and fucking annoying like fashion wise it’s frustrating

No. 655693

I'm so lonely I just want a loving girlfriend so bad but I don't think I deserve a one

No. 655695

Same. I'm fat but my boobs are extremely cumbersome to the point where the clothes I COULD fit, I can't because I have a bust that's almost 10 inches more than my hips. So dresses won't ever do. At least I'm okay with skirts.

No. 655699

I went to my managers at work to tell them about a guy who has been creeping on girls and making them uncomfortable basically since he started working there. Thing is, it wasn’t my issue to tell but none of the girls will go forward and tell anyone so I did it just to (hopefully) get rid of this nuisance. But now I’m feeling almost guilty and like I shouldn’t have done it because I don’t want anyone to be angry with me. Please tell me if I’m being stupid or something idk anons

No. 655704

You did the right thing anon

No. 655705

>tell them about a guy who has been creeping on girls and making them uncomfortable basically since he started working there
This was a good thing to do. The only way it'd be "stupid" is if you managers don't take you seriously and this somehow backfires. Doing a good thing doesn't always work out well, unfortunately.

No. 655706

Lmao it sounds depressing to agree with >>655677 but I kinda do. Although I don't recommend insulting him but focusing on the "fear" side of things. A lot of people are like this, it's the whole enabling issue. If you tell someone you want them to improve but you don't actually enforce any "punishment" for them not doing so, then they'll just continue to do the same things they always have because it's easy and there's no pushback (even if it's ultimately unhealthy for them). It's just human nature. You thought the lack of sex would inspire change but because his self esteem is too low to desire it, that wasn't a significant enough consequence. The most you can do is try to find something he fears more than the potential failure of not being able to lose the weight. Unfortunately, that thing might be losing you. People say ultimatums are bad but when you've tried everything else they can be a saving grace. Either it makes him step up and you get the partner you deserve or he doesn't and you can move on to find someone better.

No. 655714

Feeling this rn anon.

No. 655723

did you watch rick and morty tho? if not then you werent a true intelecshual

No. 655758

Lmfaoooo anon were you me. Bless ur poor soul this phase was broadcasted on social media

No. 655787

Canada is so cucked wtf can anon living on the west coast green card marry me please

No. 655811

I wonder if 25 and 40 is too big of an age gap?

No. 655833

Losing weight literally made my tits look worse and I found out that I'm stuck in Tanner 4 despite all my other relatives having huge tits. I'm debating lying about being a tranner to get them chopped off because how they look makes me want to kermit.

No. 655836

Well… both people are biological and mental adults by those ages. When there's a 15 year age gap between two consenting adults the big question is whether the younger person is really okay with the fact their partner is going to get old and tired before they will. They won't be able to go out to do things together as often as time passes. They are also almost guaranteed to die a good amount earlier short of the younger partner suffering a freak accident/health issue. Those are depressing and sobering thoughts to consider but the younger person in particular should deeply weigh them before deciding if it's worth it.

No. 655838

its so fucking okay to mock me for my religion in this state but oH nOO someone said islam is oppressive to women THEYRE A FUCKING NAZI OPPRESSOR RACIST! why? why dont people care about defending us? im so fucking tired of progressive social media's hypocrisy. if you arent a jew or muslim they dont give a shit about you. im so tired of being mocked by atheists for something that makes me feel connected to my culture and gives me faith in this fucked up world. i had an ex who would just rag on religious people constantly knowing i was religious and he never gave a fuck. ive had so many friends do this to me. i understand religion has caused fucking wars and turmoil. but you dont see me sending armies off to the middle east do you? im so tired of this. and im always afraid to talk about this bc i know all it does is cause random arguments.
shit always goes like this
> these retards think praying to a fairy in the sky will help them?
> im religious.
> okay yeah anyways- god aren't these people so delusional?
this is getting saged because i dont want a religion infight. im just venting thanks

No. 655845

Imagine wanting to leave Canada. Couldn't be me

No. 655850

I hate having a body. I was sexually abused as a kid and my abuser literally got angry at me when I started going through puberty. He made me get rid of body hair, made me feel like shit about having breasts, wouldn't touch me while I was on my period but would make sure I washed my hands for 5 minutes after using the washroom while on it. Everything was already so fucked up and it just got worse. Really wanna kill myself today.

No. 655851

My take has always been that as an expat, my time here is limited. It can be a pathway to immigration and getting a permanent residency but most often than not, it’s a sneaky shiny carrot presented by the host country government that knows you won’t ever get it.

90% of expats nowadays will just go back home when their contract expire or they have no more other options or can’t marry a resident. We play by the book and are just temporary cash cows that pay into stuff like healthcare and retirement but are heavily taxed on it. I’m starting to consider pretending to live with a local friend and acting as a couple just to get a better visa but even that shit cost you $10k and lawyers fees.

Illegal immigrants definitely have it worse cause they’re often undocumented, but immigrants by the definition of it at least have the same rights and privilege as other residents.

Thank you anon, hang in there too. I think people just look at it from the outside and think it’s all fun and sunshine when I’m bleeding twice the money I would if I stayed in my own country, prob won’t contribute enough to retirement in any of them and just have to deal with some much more bullshit than residents. No wonder that after 2 or 3 years my other expatriated friends realise they made no fucking progress, their savings are non-existent and go back because of a burn out. I’d be tempted too if Europe wasn’t currently fucked up by covid.

No. 655852

Just reflecting about being rejected by insecure scrotes and thinking how pathetic they are as men for being babies when other scrotes poke fun at them for what the girls they’ve been with or have interest in look like. Men will give each other shit for any little thing, the key is to not take it seriously and rib back but insecure ass guys will seriously reject women who aren’t “perfect” just because the worst criticism the dude can handle is that he fucked a Stacy “slut” and only because he’s worried being with anyone with “flaws” will jeopardize his standing with the toxic masc dicks in his life. They emasculate themselves with this shit and I’m not even sad for them. They should just turn gay

No. 655855

If he hasn't already commited by that age it means he has some issues. Do women really believe that quality men are still free at 40?
It's true that 25 is technically an adult but the power dynamics at play between a 25 year old and a 40 year old carry more risk than those between peers, age gap relationships are at higher risk of abuse, and if we talk about marriage, the risk of divorce is also higher.

No. 655872

How did you know it was this specific situation? If it was, sure sucks.
I've been rejected but always assumed the men either had inflated egos so thought they deserved models or I just wasn't their type (as in they only like short or alt or outgoing women or smth).

No. 655884

The guy was obviously into me and flirted with me, had a genuine twinkle in his eye but because I started to get bullied really bad at work he started to treat me like shit to the point of borderline bullying me himself even though he was also an outcast there

No. 655886

File: 1602719824533.jpeg (47.43 KB, 750x419, 1559893973969.jpeg)

Not someone I know saying how I shouldn't call them "women's issues" or "women's clinic" when talking about myself, a woman. A while ago I would have just said shit like "you're so right!!" but now I told her ass to shut the fuck up, I am talking about myself and I happen to be a fucking woman, mu terminology shouldn't be your takeaway when someone is talking about their health. These people try so hard to come off as woke forgetting they are talking to real people they are supposedly friendly with.

No. 655891

What was the reaction?

No. 655895

nta but why do you assume he's older and she's younger? or maybe both of them are woman?

No. 655898

Panicked backtracking, she tried to save her ass by saying she wasn't talking about me but the people who generalize those issues to be female only, then asked me how I was doing. So flustered, nearly made me feel bad but she did mention me, not generally so I don't feel that bad.

No. 655904

File: 1602720864732.jpg (109.24 KB, 440x660, sad-doggo-ponders-the-meaning-…)

Something that I was planning for a long long time just didn't happen as expected and am so lost right now. I know it was immensely stupid and naive of me to bet everything on something not so reliable, but still.
I am now looking for a job again, but I am feeling so empty inside. But for now, if I get a real job it's gonna be good enough.
Dreams aren't real

No. 655907

one time i talked to a TIM about womens bathrooms issue with cameras and peeking and i tried to tell them so calmly that they dont understand our experience and they sent me an essay telling me i was invalidating them and misgendering them. i rephrased it slightly different and suddenly they were okay. then they told me, a lesbian, that they understood lesbianism more than me. thats how i peak transed. why are they so fucking aggressive i fucking hate scrotes

No. 655921

That sounds annoying, hope you won't back down the next time that happens, feels good to stick to your guns. I still find the two ftm I know so much more tolerable than the one tranny I know, she keeps on larping she has periods and it still makes me cringe.

No. 655954

Op here, he is older. It's nothing serious, I don't know him well, I've been just wondering. I'm attracted to him but I agree with the other anon that a single man in his 40s seems like a redflag. I don't have a lot of experience with men, I'm just horny

No. 655958

I feel like I'm a trite cliche and everything I've ever said or done is extremely predictable. I often try to subvert peoples and my own expectations and it works sometimes. I still feel like this constantly though. It never ends.

No. 655965

Then just find a guy your own age, they're hotter and don't think they're too good for women their own age.

No. 655969

File: 1602723935257.png (183.92 KB, 249x308, 1601658737716.png)

yeah imo ftms are usually a lot more calm. ive met great ftms. i feel terrible for them. but mtfs have always harassed me and they just make me so fucking uncomfortable. i swear being a lesbian is a fucking threat to them. theyre just as homophobic as those strict republican christian lgbt movie stereotype dads. they always fucking will be and i feel so threatened around them nowadays. when i was 13 i said not all white people are racist online and i got about 70 messages telling me to kill myself/get murdered, sent by a "black transwxmen" way before the sjw craze was in. im never fucking forgetting that shit. that day i learned to suck up to them and fear them. now im just like fuck off dilate kek

No. 655981

Maybe it's how theyre bio women so they get shit but I am scared some of my friends will turn scary once on t, i guess i'll drop them if they get awful. Jesus christ, don't wanna know what would have happened now, but glad to see you can manage now! I don't necessary HATE all mtf but most i've come across are so fucking dismissive and as you said, find lesbians and other women who are into women as threats. Nearly funny if it wasn't so disturbing.

No. 655985

I wonder if the estrogen makes them MORE mentally unstable over time? I mean you're putting hormones here they shouldn't be.

No. 655998

File: 1602726219582.png (61.45 KB, 674x311, pick me plz.png)

There's a lot of dumbshit in the true crime "community", but the Chris Watts case is another level. He was the guy who killed his pregnant wife and 4 & 5 years old daughters so he could go be with his mistress. He dumped his daughters bodies in oil tanks where he worked.

Because they lived a middle class life, and she was into a MLM (so a shit load of public social media posts) the case attracts a bunch of fucking nuts. They will go to lengths to villianize the dead woman that is just insane. I avoid as much as possible to do with the case because god damn.

The comment attached, the user who wote it is STILL active a year later defending Chris Watts daily. They act like this man was a child with no control over his life and it just baffles me. He SMOTHERED HIS CHILDREN TO DEATH. The little girl had to see her Mother's dead body, see him murder her sister, and then beg for her life. I just can't fucking deal with the stupidity and hate. I gets so angry.

No. 656006

Why do I even bother continuing with this friendship? I get so depressed every time I talk to her, yet I go running whenever she decides to send me a message once in a blue moon. We don’t share interests, and we don’t even share the same sense of humour. Honestly, I thought that it would have been different this time, but I guess nothing has changed. She still dry texts when I seem enthusiastic, and when I start to do that, she’ll change it up. It really doesn’t feel the same anymore. So forced. She hangs out with the friend group without me, and they don’t even bother to invite me out. She only hits me up when she needs something. Or she’s bored and no one better is available. How can we even call each other friends when all our interactions feel so forced? I bet for tmr, she didn’t have a car so she decided to contact me. Lol and she even wants to brag about her 3 year anniversary w her bf. Maybe I’m just overthinking it idk.

No. 656008

no mention that this ABUSED MAN killed his fucking CHILDERN and had his oldest watch as he killed the youngest.

No. 656009

so called abused man

No. 656015

File: 1602727742909.jpg (21.66 KB, 424x393, 0dd70014141aa8b0e8302e0ce94e0c…)

People always forget that they lived beyond their means and were in substantial debt. Not only is it common for couples to have joint accounts with pooled money, but additionally it's not uncommon for the more responsible partner to assume control of the account when the other partner doesn't have a grasp on the budget or spending. Chris is an idiot, SW obviously was suspicious about what or who he was spending money on and she was right to be so. She's the one who managed that household, it's a miracle Chris could put on his own socks and drive himself to work. Seriously, watch the videos, it's like the guy is socially stunted.

You really gotta watch out for people who defend family annihilators, particularly male apologists. The reason why this guy is whiteknighting Chris so hard is because he feels he's been taken for a ride by a woman, and projects that onto this case with Chris so he can validate his murderous intentions and thoughts. After all, criminal behavior isn't all bad as long as it's justifiable in one's mind–or so this person would believe. Honestly the best litmus test you can administer to men is seeing in what ways they empathize with male killers. Violent men defend violent men.

No. 656018

LoL at the idea mothers who kill their own children are somehow given more sympathy simply by virtue of their gender. Being an abuse victim is a non-issue unless somehow your children were the abusers?

That's what I don't get about these people. He had no excuses. He lied his fucking ass off. Iirc within hours of killing his entire family he was looking up vacation spots to take his mistress. Like this fucker actually thought he was going to get away with it.

The only way I can see him having any defenders would be the people who think SW did it. Which a lie fed to him by the FBI in the first place.. CW himself even admits he got it from them.

No. 656028

File: 1602728728060.png (132.18 KB, 500x500, 35f865e475591eddc816e274423ccb…)

>birthday today
>internet friends ive been talking to for 2+ years sent me a link to a google doc where they all wrote kind wishes and messages
I knew about it in advance and I still teared up reading it. I didn't think anyone noticed me isolating myself these several months but a couple of people said "I wish we could see you around more". It feels weird to be seen.

No. 656029

He paid for all the dates he went on with his mistress, but SW is the financially abusive one according to his defenders lmao.

I agree though, this case is great for weeding out unhinged men

He called his kids school the morning after he murdered them and said they weren't coming back. What in the fuck. In my experience, a lot of lonely women find him attractive and project a fantasy on him. It's so creepy.

No. 656034

The Dr. Phil episode on this case, where he whored out the devastated family, made me puke, the details on how he disposed of his daughters bodies is the most inhuman thing I've ever heard in my life
I cannot emphasize that enough, "disposal," he fucking destroyed them
He doesn't deserve to be executed, he deserves whatever the worst torture is

No. 656035

Happy birthday anon! Who is this artwork by if you don't mind me asking?

No. 656039

File: 1602729585546.gif (3.13 MB, 320x234, ffc907fa-e577-4f2c-945b-6152f8…)

I wish my mother would realize that it's very hard for me to constantly get phone calls from her only for her to talk about what I need to improve on. I'm super excited to get a call from her only for her to start with "I just wanted to call and ask if you were still cooking healthy?" or asking me if I have exercised. At a certain point it's obsessive. I understand she wants the best for me but the best, for me, would have having her call and asking me any shows I've watched or the latest gossip in the news. But she only talks about myself, my weight, my health.

If something were to happen to her tomorrow, I wouldn't be able to cope because I feel like we don't have a good relationship at all right now. This doesn't feel like motherly love it feels like a coach or something.

I understand she is trying to care for me but…. damn, I just wanna have a mom I can laugh with and joke with. Every conversation with her is a lecture and I cry almost every time we hang up.

No. 656043

File: 1602729723008.jpg (74.58 KB, 960x951, 50767711_10210586426055863_191…)

Fatass mosquito landed on my computer screen, I swatted at it and it flew to my keyboard and I finally smashed it but because it was full of blood it spurt onto my keyboard and my anime computer mat. The girl is wearing white and I had to run quickly to get spot cleaner. This motherfucker made me work when I'm trying to just be a bum today. Probably sucked my blood too the asshole. I'm glad you're dead now and I killed you with my bare hands you little vermin.

No. 656044

I find that mothers who kill their children do, in general, deserve some more sympathy. That's because the vast majority of the time it's due to post partum depression/psychosis, mental illness and a lack of support from the father. The specific reasons are often actually altruistic (as in, they think they're saving/protecting the child from something). But as they grow older the number of mothers who kill their children drops DRASTICALLY.

Men, on the other hand, typically murder their families as a result of romantic jealousy and trying to regain control over a woman who planned to leave him, or financial struggles. They usually have a history of DV and substance abuse, and their murders are more impulsive.

No. 656046

have you asked her to not hover over you like that and try to speak to you as an adult and not just her child? its hard for some parents to see their children older and make the connection that they want to be treated like how youd do with any one else that age.

or shes just controlling idk

No. 656047

Oh yeah definitely. We had a big argument about it, I snapped on her and she ended up crying her eyes out. She said she'd never do it again, but here we are.

People have given advice like "cut her off" but I can't do that to the woman who raised me. I love her very much.

No. 656051

its honestly probably going to be a thing your whole relationship. i get the feeling but my bet is that she still thinks what shes doing in benefiting you but lets be real, its for her own peace of mind. best of luck bb

No. 656058

When normies tell me about their normie problems I just want to scream into the void but my face doesn't show any emotions. If someone asks about me, I always say I'm ok because there's no point in sharing your problems with others, they always expect only one answer anyway.

No. 656062

I love my mom but I fucking hate when she starts crying over the littlest fucking thing and starting with 'am I not a GOOD ENOUGH mom/well I had to do xyz you think I'm not tired/stressed/angry?' Literal victim complex.

No. 656063

Wild idea but normies talk about their problems to feel better and get it off their chest.

No. 656071

i'm sure your problems are much worse

No. 656077

File: 1602732006374.png (8.09 KB, 583x137, s6r8.png)

"freedom of speech friendly" unless you say that you hate retarded libtards and get banned for it, even if it's your honest to god real opinion.

Tbh I'm not that suprised and I'm not angry at all. I posted something like "I'm a POC and hate retarded libtards" (both true, since I'm hispanic) and got flagged as bait, lol) Just got unbanned today and thought it would be funny to share. But yeah censorship sucks. I hate retarded libtards!!!

No. 656081

You can say what you want but if you say something that sounds like bait just to get people triggered then yeah, you deserve it. A shitty dumbass opinion like that or me saying "I'm gonna kill all conservatives they're retarded" would get us both bans. Come up with better things to say, unless your vocab is limited, muchacha.

No. 656083

Is it me, or is /w/ truly the /w/orst board? I feel like it was much more enjoyable when it was merged with /snow/ and way more people participated in it. You could also discover new snowflake cows and share yours with others, while /w/ rarely ever gets a new thread. I understand why the boards are split and it makes much more sense to have a board for weebs only, but I wonder why it is such a whatever board with the same cows bumped over and over again.

Also, why is there not a koreaboo board or something? One where people make fun of koreaboos and korean shit. I dislike koreaboos and I don't want them welcome here on lolcow with their stupid stan shit, but it would be fun to see their shenanigans, there's so much about it. Or a woke board where we make fun of all the stupid fake wokeness, or an /x/ board since I think spooky things are fun.

No. 656086

surely not, living with chronic pain from autoimmune disease, mental illness, no family and no friends isn't as bad as the life of physically and mentally healthy normies who have support (be it emotional or financial) from their family, don't have to worry about survival and who struggle with some basic relationship problems or stressful college exams. I wish normies stopped asking "how are you" when in fact they don't really want to interact with "negativity". They only go "aww" and change the topic because it's too awkward. They should stop fucking asking then.

No. 656090

For some weird reason, being financially taken advantage of (or being an ATM according to them) is the worst possible thing that can ever happen to men.

You see so many men insist on prenups and vilify women who sacrificed their careers for their families and are in need of alimony.

It’s the ultimate aggression for them, to attack them at their finances. I’m not sure if it’s a result of some exaggerated American capitalist lifestyle where daycare cost more than you can make at your job, or a medical intervention can bankrupt you overnight, but it’s so weird that everything including murdering your own children, is totally justified by them because of money.

Sure Shannan was an idiot and squandering their money, at the very least it’s that tight knit community that she had that made her friend call the police not even a day after her murder. And she obviously googled the restaurant’s menu because Chris admitted he was making no attempt to hide the fact he had a mistress. He wouldn’t answer his phone, talk to his kids when they were away or touch his wife in weeks. Everybody would think that he was seeing someone else.

I agree that Chris is such a stunted deranged sociopath. I can’t believe in these days and age, men don’t know that if a women disappear the very first suspect is her partner. He couldn’t even keep a straight face when his neighbour showed his video of his truck and even the neighbour busted him within 2 minutes of seeing him.

I can’t believe this dude really thought that people would just think his wife bailed town suddenly, pregnant and with her 2 kids and not even contact her family like some kind of wanted druglord, or that his mistress would be tots ok with starting a new family with this sociopath. Yeah she did seem like a cunt, but I doubt she’d have been ok with his murdering ass, homegirl ain’t that stupid.

No. 656093

One of my roommates moved out and took most of the cutlery because it belong to her. Now there’s just two spoons and forks in the kitchen. I want to buy cutlery but one of my roommates doesn’t want to pay and is fine with the amount I have. Wtf is wrong with some people? I’m planning on buying distinctive cutlery so I know if he uses it. Lmao

No. 656099

I keep two spoons, two forks, and two knives in a bowl in my bedroom. It hasn’t really caused me any issues and I always do my own dishes directly after I eat. Idk if this seems excessive but my roommates are pigs.

No. 656105

Oh I posted in the wrong thread.

COVID cost me my job. The extra unemployment lasted me this long but now I’m back to only getting $200 a week. The stimulus check paid all of my bills for one month and didn’t even cover my car payment. But people try to act like we were being BLESSED WITH SOOOO MUCH MONEY!!!!!! I’ve been trying to pick up odd jobs and it’s just not working. I hate being poor. Everyone my age is getting engaged and married to people with rich parents or good jobs. Even if marriage is a sham at least someone will take care of them and they don’t have to scrape by or feel this way. Nothing good ever happens to me. I feel like I was born doomed to a shitty life. I’ve been Deeply depressed for the last month and crying every night is so exhausting and it hurts and even makes me sick sometimes. A couple of my close friends will let me vent and talk about it but I feel like a huge burden to most of them most of the time. Every year since 2011 when I left my Physically and emotionally abusive ex I keep saying “this will be my year!” And still nothing ever goes right. I’m so sad, anons. I wish I could stop being sad. I’ve been crying or sleeping all day today. I want to know when I will catch a break.

No. 656121

I really thought I was doing better but I suddenly hit a wall. What the fuck. New psychiatrist and new(ish) meds but I suddenly don’t care anymore. Just wanna sleep all the time. I’ve also just haven’t felt very real, like I get freaked out by my still limbs.

No. 656124

No. 656127

wait, what's the story about styx and stell bell? i don't keep up with any alt-right stuff, but i used to watch styx's videos when i was younger and stopped because i got creep vibes. what happened there?

No. 656128

No. 656132

Anon you worded your post in a very funny "woe is me" manner, but I totally get you. They really don't know how to react to serious problems.

No. 656136

No. 656139

Men are so stupid and I hate them and I need to stop letting them cum inside me

No. 656152

nah you just sound like a bitch and these people know youll talk like that and its fucking annoying. get a therapist cheap on sliding scale if youre a poorfag. stop being bitter some people dont experience like like you do but youre too selfish to realize they have other shit going on too

No. 656156

I never force my problems on others. They force their problems on me. And when they notice I look tired and sick, they ask but they don't want to listen. Sorry, not everyone has an easy normie life. Just don't ask and focus on your normie problems. I'm tired of people venting to me but never letting me be the one who vents.

No. 656160

like actually separating yourself in a different category from others isnt helping your outlook. if you go into life reeeeeeeing normie (which is cringy as shit btw)
spoonies are always so gatekeepy about health. you have no idea what other people are feeling or dealing with or if they have experience dealing with it.
broke stressed out and depressed/unhealthy is unfortunately a common college feeling. be more proactive. actually ask someone if they would sit down and listen. a lot of problems can be worked thru if you learn to communicate effectively then youll find when you set up a conversation to be completely candid and serious people respond more to you. if you are expecting someone to respond to a call and response we are programmed for ready to listen to someone bitch for 30 minutes, youre gonna be seriously disappointed. if youre at uni, go see what mental health care there is. >>656156

No. 656163

You don't seem to understand social cues. They're asking to be polite, not because they care. When someone asks you are, you're supposed to say you're fine or tell them about something small so as not to burden them with your personal baggage. You don't know what problems they have in their life or how their life has been so far, which is why people complain about small things to you.

They don't really give a shit about how hard you have it. If you're annoying to be around people won't like you and won't want to befriend you, and that's unfair but it's just how it is.
You can cry all you want about it but you can't make people care and you can't make people like you.
It's your job to manage yourself as an adult and work with what you've got, it's not their problem you can't. Casual acquaintances aren't obligated to be your pro bono mommy therapist you can cry to, that's why people pay a trained professional to treat you.

No. 656166

Sorry but I was the one listening to 30 mins of bitching. I was the disposable "friend" for their venting. I just got tired of years of that treatment and I just don't want to edgage with people anymore, especially now when my health deteriorates. It doesn't happen in one day, it's an effect of years of getting the same treatment.
>you have no idea what other people are feeling or dealing with or if they have experience dealing with it
Well if they're able to go to work and/or school they're already better than me right now. Also, don't pretend like most people aren't self-absorbed oblivious npcs focused on consooming.

No. 656168

You sound pretty self-absorbed yourself.

No. 656172

NTAYRT. Why would you want to befriend someone who doesn't care or waste time being polite with them? If I'm friends with one of these people, what do I get out of it? Nothing, so I'd rather avoid them and all the "polite" bullshit.

No. 656174

>You don't seem to understand social cues.
I'm autistic but I understand that much
>They're asking to be polite, not because they care.
I'm perfectly aware of this. I hate this forced courtesy, it's fake shit. Don't say something if you don't mean it. I won't fake something just because other people fake it. Do you really think it's ok? I'm supposed to LIE to make the person who asks me about something they don't even care about to make THEM feel good about themselves?
>If you're annoying to be around people won't like you and won't want to befriend you
But they loved to vent to me, some said I "inspire trust", but they usually couldn't return the favor. I just seemed like an easy vent machine to use because I was quiet and not assertive

No. 656176

> I'm autistic
Fuckin clocked it.

No. 656181

go on asherahs garden I'm sympathetic but consider spending some time looking for radfems on tumblr or twitter to follow, especially detransitioners are good to hear from.

No. 656183

>be me
>obsessed with something
>buy a bunch of merch
>obsession stops
>I end up with shit I don’t like anymore

Why am I like this

No. 656191

i'm sick of this disgusting receding hairline sevenhead having moid ending up in my dms every time i make an account anywhere. like, get you and your patchy head out of my life. i gave him attention out of pity and it's my biggest regret, i honestly which he would a-log himself out of existence.

No. 656195

sell it. Also, what were you obsessed with?

No. 656201


Abby Brown is that u?

No. 656210

I'm pretty sure 99.999995% of all men are not lying about Cardi B being a rapist.

No. 656211

If you're only "retarded" for saying ompen or chipoltay you're doing well

No. 656212

anons here acted so retarded about that extra money. One girl here was saying she broke down at work crying when she found out the extra money people were getting

this is why no one in your life gives a shit about your problems you sperg.

No. 656216

yes they are. She said she drugged them and robbed them after they paid her for sex. Reddit twisted it into "she raped them too" because none of them would leave a passed out girl without raping her and can't imagine anyone else doing it either. She didn't say shit about having sex with them. Leave, reddit moid. Johns deserve to be robbed she should have beat their asses too.

No. 656218

>I'm supposed to LIE to make the person who asks me about something they don't even care about to make THEM feel good about themselves?


No. 656220


Ohh I see

No. 656222

File: 1602749549864.jpg (190.93 KB, 1440x1200, p6_Headache_HL1710_ts161144900…)

So much work. I'm sleep deprived, I feel dizzy. I want to vomit, but nothing's coming out so I still feel nauseous. More work is coming up tomorrow for sure. They keep piling and won't stop. I try to sleep but I can't. So many fucking words to write. My hand hurts. My stomach hurts. We have an exam on weekends. I haven't bathed yet. I want to die RRRRRRGGGHHHHHH

No. 656235

No. 656242

You sound fucking unbearable. Why any "normie" would wanna be around you is beyond me.

No. 656250

I never express myself like this irl. Stay mad about normies being revealed as the fakes they are.

No. 656252

Have you ever considered the fact that the world doesn't revolve around you and your hurt feefees? You sound narcissistic.

No. 656253

>You sound narcissistic.
All autists are, it's part of the deal.

No. 656254

you should avoid doing this shit online too

No. 656259

If you're unable to sleep right now you need to take a moment to look after yourself or you won't get anything worthwhile done, sleep starved brains write shit papers and can't retain studying. I know it's scary but you know I'm right.

This may be TMI and but these things are what helped me during my final year that I wish someone had told me sooner, maybe this wall of text can help you or any other anons
If your deadline is less that 8 hours away and you showered that day then pick out some clean clothes and set a timer for 15-30 minutes to shower and change, no pyjamas, and then use the timer again to make something real to eat. If you are trying to stay awake avoid carbohydrates or refined sugars. Stay hydrated.
Have a longer timer alarm ready on your phone for 60-120 mins or however long you would normally nap for, along with any other necessary alarms, so that when you do start to feel sleepy you can quickly start them off without having to think about it. It is good to test your alarms with a 1 minute timer to check they ring loud or long enough so you know you can trust them and to train your brain to recognize the alarm. If you start to fall asleep at your work at any time, get up and either take that nap or brush your teeth to stop your brain associating work with sleep, and also when you try to sleep but can't then get up and go do anything else instead of lying there. Sleep hygiene is no meme.
If you can disconnect your internet while you work or alternatively use a site blocker with a timer that will help you from wasting time on lolcow or other sites.
When you next have time look at speech to text apps to see if that can help with typing your drafts so you can rest your hands.

At the end of the day, if you fail at whatever task is in front of you then you won't actually die.

No. 656262

Have normies ever considered the fact that the world doesn't revolve around them and their basic bitch problems and it's not fair to vent to someone but never returning the favor? Sounds narcissistic
Sorry for venting in a vent thread

No. 656263

I think I've seen this exact same post before

No. 656267

nta but some people really have worse problems and lives than others. idk why it is taboo to say that, why we gotta act that every single problem is at the same level when they're not.

No. 656268

I hate men but I also want to get pregnant so badly what the fuck

No. 656269

Sperm donor

No. 656275

>muh autoimmune disease and mental illness
Unless you have literal medication-resistant HIV developing into AIDS and schizophrenia you sound exhausting to be around.

No. 656281

The more and more time I spend in this shithole the more that I want to get married, have lots of babies and move to the countryside

No. 656282

File: 1602756866103.jpg (56.83 KB, 680x478, eric-andre-show-2.jpg)

In the last episode of lolcow
>my boyfriend is NLOS (not like other scrotes)
>lesbians are predatory creeps
>if you criticize the concept of femininity you're a NLOG aiden
>"I love dicks but I wouldn't have a problem with kissing a girl for teh lulz. Am I lesbian or bisexual?"

No. 656283

>hate work and apply to many different places
>take break from work since I'm burnt out
>get 2 interviews asking me if I am available on the morning i have go back to work

No. 656288

at this point I don't care what grade I get, I just want it to be over

No. 656289

I am so done with this semester. I'm in my senior year of university, and this entire semester was supposed to be practicals, labs, and internships. But because of the pandemic + explosion we have to learn everything in theory online. I'm going to graduate with zero practical skills. How am I supposed to find a job in this economy with nothing relevant on my CV? I don't even know how I'm supposed to study any of these subjects without working on them hands-on.

No. 656301

Then leave, Aiden. We haven't forgotten who you are.

No. 656303

Welp. Couldn't help myself and I'm on Xanax again. Except now I know I'm in serious trouble, it's ama and I'm hiding it from my partner.
I'm going to try and wean off for real this time instead of taking it all and endind up in withdrawals. The last time I ran out, it was insane. I couldn't sleep for 3 days at a time (then 4 hours of sleep and repeat). Had my eyes all bloodshot all the time, migraines, shakes, crying and anxious about literally fucking everything. The whole shabang.
And thinking I was mocking people for needed rehab for this shit. I'm an idiot through and through.

No. 656311

I was suspended and made to go to therapy in first grade because some kid accused me of something I didn’t do. I was interrogated daily in the school’s office and yelled at by my parents. I remember sobbing in the principal’s office. I’m still so fucking mad about what happened and the whole experience was probably why I was so fucked up during elementary/middle school. It was over a decade ago but every now and then I think about it and it infuriates me.

No. 656316

What were you accused of?

No. 656334

I feel like certain people shouldn't have access to twitter and post their ridiculous stupid opinions. There's this phenomenon we're living in right now that as long as someone is loud and says something in a semi-coherent written manner (emphasis on written), no one stops and thinks what the hell is wrong with these people.

I feel like we come from a background of anything you read = the absolute truth. Like, reading textbooks and such, so when we see a stupid infographic or anything like that, people go like "yep this makes sense this is true". And this is why a certain misogynistic "emperor's new clothes" phenomenon is so almost universaly praised and rampant. Wake up sheeple, lol.

No. 656337

My coworkers and I were taking the other day during a paritculalry boring day and the topic of ghosts came up. I have an interest in the paranormal. I’m fairly new to this job and shy so I wanted to contribute to the conversation. When I explained what EVPs stood for wnd how they are used, one of my male coworkers responded with, “Wow and I thought I was the only one who knew useless information.” I understand this was supposed to be a joke but I felt really upset afterwards and didn’t talk for the rest of the work day. This same coworker also grilled me for knowing 70s/80s television and knowing what an NES is and told me, “Well you didn’t grow up with this stuff” (Yes I did). I know he’s not attempting to flirt with me because he’s gay but I’m just generally baffled by this. Am I just crazy or do I have the right to think this is rather rude?

No. 656344

Gay men are quite often bitches, sounds like he's one of them

No. 656346

Sounds like a gate keeping asshole. He probably feels like he is not speshul anymore cause he though he is the only person in the world who knows about those things and seeing how he isnt makes him upset. He was being rude, nonny, pay him no mind.

No. 656347

>no one stops and thinks what the hell is wrong with these people.

We do, but then we just close the app and live our lives.

No. 656348

Pay no mind to some gaping hole narc who thinks he’s an undiscovered celebrity

No. 656350

Even during covid buying a car is such a pain in the ass

No. 656353

File: 1602770862522.gif (494.99 KB, 450x243, F35D113B-2ABB-4574-819A-4EDC56…)

>went on a date with a guy
>really hit it off
>he asks me if it’s the first time I’m going out on a date like this
>says it’s his first too
>things go super smooth the whole evening
>gets hit by a swing of the stupid and brings him home
>obvious sexy time ensues
>things seem to go super nice with each other on general
>a while later he dropped the bomb
>wasn’t actually his first time going out on a date and had actually dated others both before and during
>was even having something kinda serious with someone too at the same time

I feel so used and disgusting, I should have known better so you guys are free to call me an idiot.

Dude isn’t even hot or charismatic enough to have this much game

No. 656354

I’m worried that I have one of those yuppie diseases. I’ve had symptoms for years and all my doctor does is take some blood and tell me I’m slightly anaemic. Then gives me some pills which don’t really help. I take them anyway and other supplements (vitamin d and multivitamin). Nothing has much effect, I just feel tired all the time. I struggle to do bare minimum and it’s a good day when I have enough energy to put on make up or do skincare

I always thought I was lazy but I even struggle to do things I love. I want to do so much but I just can’t. I’m so jealous of productive people

My doctor probably won’t take me seriously and will think I want a diagnosis for disability welfare or prescription pain relief. I don’t. I just want to know what’s wrong with me

No. 656355

i think you're overthinking your interests are different and they clearly dont have anything to say about it so they're saying general stuff so you dont feel left out

No. 656358

I can't believe Gen X managed to escape the boomers vs millennials feud. My Gen X cousins are probably the most obnoxious people on the planet. Only a little bit richer than millennials but with like twice the arrogance of boomers. I know I'm generalizing but FUCKKKKK

No. 656359

I wanna know, too, anon. The whole experience sounds really awful.

No. 656366

elaborate please anon I'm interesting in hating all generations

No. 656371

He caused me so much hurt and now that he loves me I'm not sure if I love him or even find him that attractive anymore

Feels like I'm lying to myself in search for a better happier life

No. 656372

Tell him.

No. 656375

I honest to god wished my personal lolcow did gain tracktion and I could bitch about her a bit more
I seriously have nothing against her, I don't really know her, I did make the error of cowtipping though and her orbiters came into the thread to whiteknight, but honestly, I really don't care about her, she's just really interesting to look from afar. She's an aiden who spills everything on her tumblr and claims to have multiple personalities, one of which is obsessed with mountain dew, the other is a furry, and another is a serial killer

This makes me feel super guilty though. Sorry for being stupid

No. 656379

My grocery store hasn’t carried coke zero minis for weeks I’m going crazy. The regular cans are too big and I never finish them. FUCK man.

No. 656380

Gen X where the last generation to get decent paying jobs for showing up. They can all get fucked too lol

No. 656381

Kek ilu anon. Maybe I don't know about others but my Gen X cousins (there are 5) are a bunch of vapid social climbers. All of their "advice" to me and my siblings (we're millennials) consists of how to suck up to our boomer elders (whom they admire above all else) and how to stay in our lane. A few years ago my brother, while in college, shifted from microbiology, first to engineering, then a year later to his actual passion of computer science, and my Gen X cousins literally crowded around him and lectured him to go back to engineering and just grin and bear it just because there was more money there and it would bring more wealth to the family. Fast forward to now, my brother's doing great and even got a very high-paying job overseas in Berlin, and during family zoom conferences all our Gen X cousins ever want to ask him is to repeat this or that phrase in German and if he has a German girlfriend already.

Like fuck I'm not even a fan of generalizing anything about these imaginary sociological lines people just decided to draw between age groups but my cousins have really influenced me into being wary of anyone their age.

No. 656394

I wish people would cut me some slack once in a while.

No. 656397

i tried playing osu but the songs and game just reminded me of my old friends who dont talk to me anymore and it just hurts to think about. i wish i could talk to them but they're so busy and have lives while i'm stuck in neetdom clinging to the past.

No. 656416

I´ve been doing an internship at a company for about two weeks now and have a major crush on the dude who is responsible for me there. The problem: He is a dude in his forties and I am a 20-year-old student. I don´t know If he has a wife, or a girlfriend or kids. What do I do now? If I tell him that I have a crush on him, he may be grossed out by me or worst case scenario: they will fire and gossip about me. We had a pretty good „work-friendship“ so far and I am sad, that I will not see him for the next two weeks, as he is going on vacation. WTF will I do now. I am going to work there for another two months and I am thinking about this dude, what he does, how he looks and what he says every fucking second of my goddamn life. This. Is. Hell.

No. 656419

Don't say anything to him. This would get you fired, could get him fired, and is just fucking stupid.

No. 656420

File: 1602775704625.jpg (5.26 KB, 150x150, 66436304_507879836620151_40086…)

anyone else have a stepdad? anyone else never get along with him?

I can't pinpoint when I decided I didn't like my mom's husband, but i've seemingly always disliked him since little. The worst part is idk why I didn't like him and now that I'm an adult feel guilty, but I still can't talk to him. I can't say I like him now, but I certainly appreciate what he's done for me and my immediate family.

I met him when I was ten after my dad had gone to prison(which I had always thought until that point was hospitalized bc they lied to me about his whereabouts), I think I just didn't like my mom being with a different man other than my dad. Even after I found out, I felt like if she wasn't going to be with my dad, then she shouldn't be with anyone else. He knew I didn't like him but rarely made an effort to bond with me, only my brothers. He has a daughter and instead of trying to make her get along with me, would pit us against eachother and say his daughter was better(not outright but implied). She's never liked me and I think it's understandable since it must be weird knowing your dad didn't raise you but did another woman's kids. Anyways, are those good enough reasons to dislike the man? He did put a roof under my mom's head and took on her 3 children afterall, I feel like I've been unfair to him.

No. 656422

It's been two weeks that you've been there. Control yourself. It's a crush and not worth it.

No. 656424

Why is this fucking site filled with petty twitter moralfags recently. Jesus. What the fuck are you even doing on a gossip website if you're so goody-goody?

No. 656425

I got fucked up because my mom dated men after her divorce. I don't know how you can be so selfish and bring a stranger to your daughter's home and expect her to be ok with that. It was especially bad because I was going through puberty that time and I felt constantly unsafe at home with these men. If you make shitty decisions and have kids with a shitty man you can't be together with then at least take responsibility and don't make your children suffer as well until they're adults.

No. 656428

he never made me feel unsafe though, that's the thing. I just always rejected him from the get go

No. 656429

My boyfriend and I talked this morning about how NOT into anal he is and we've talked about how fucked the porn industry is in the past, and he's never indicated he watches it. It's great. Love that. However, I have a tiny worry in the back of my mind that it's an elaborate ruse to test the waters/"ew that's gross…haha unless" thing. I really don't think that's it and do genuinely trust him, but scrotes are scrotes.

No. 656430

Nah anon you're not stupid, you just wasted your trust on a worthless liar. Imagine how much more fun and romantic that would have been with a man worth a shit who was actually for you. Be thankful this one is dumb enough to expose himself early in the game instead of wasting more of your time. Now that you know who he really is you can say you didn't mean it because your intimacy was meant for someone worthy. Being hard on yourself and other women won't stop men from being shit anyway.

Go ahead and dust yourself off, and take it as a lesson in vetting.
As much as men whine and kick and scream online about paying for dates, I've found it to be the best way to vet out worthless men. Because men who just want to use you typically won't want to invest or spend money on you. Make them work for you.

No. 656434

The people of the true crime community are a bunch of creeps. I enjoy reading up on interesting cases but the discussion? Fucking insane. Where I live a teenage girl disappeared by a lake and it was obvious she drowned but the case attracted a lot of attention because it was so mysterious and the divers initially couldn't find the body. The true crime board following the case made up all these intricate tinfoils about how she escaped abroad with some foreign lover (she didn't have one) and maybe her father was abusing her and continued at it for like 80 pages. Even when her body was found from the lake a month later they still went at it if it was a suicide or was she murdered or did the aliens force her into the water.

The worst kind are the ones who go hover around the graves, stalk the family members' social media and the incels who develop an obsession with female victims while simultaneously writing bitter walls of text about how nobody would care if she wasn't a pretty young woman and she was probably a whore who deserved it anyway etc.

No. 656438

I'm pretty sure these same talking points are always made by the same kind of anon too. For some reason it always reminds me of NEETlita.

No. 656439

>my mom dated men after her divorce
Okay Norman Bates. She was fucking men in front of you or smth? Those men made you sit in their laps? Oh no your mom dated men who aren’t your dad, what a whore.

No. 656441

File: 1602776922776.jpg (42.17 KB, 750x730, 0d79617dcec21838db4cf1b3f1dd80…)

I like how my boyfriend thinks it's funny how I use the word 'scrote' and call him one sometimes. I like how I can vent some of my annoyance at his gender by calling him the male equivalent to 'cunt' and he just laps it up like a blissfully ignorant puppy. Sometimes when we play argue over petty shit I call him a "stupid scrote" in seriousness and he laughs like a good boy. Dumb scrotes.

No. 656443

True FTMs like the ones who legitimately go on T and present as a man are usually the most docile and harmless because female socialization and extreme self hate which just makes me pity them. To me the worst kinds of narcissistic troons are the AGP transbians and the nonbinary-identified females. They always flock together too.

No. 656444

What’s the point if he doesn’t feel insulted?

No. 656445

It's cathartic. Imagine how often men would call women cunts if we wouldn't react harshly to it.

No. 656447

context? lol

No. 656448

It's fucking stupid that I can't just have a friend visit my home because of the virus but I can go to a musty gym, or a cafe or ride a dirty public bus full of schoolchildren
I just want to see one friend who is being as safe as me, I'm so sad

No. 656450

Do you live under a rock or something? They do that all the time anyway.

No. 656452

Those men didn't make me sit in their laps (my aunt's husband did though) but one of them was actually a narcissist who tried his best to chase me out of my own house and he had a relationship with a younger woman too.

No. 656454

I want to die, I want to talk with someone, I need contact, I don't wanna listen to the same friend who doesn't actually listen to me and is annoying af, I really wish I had a friend right now

No. 656456

This is how you know a person has never experienced trauma, kek

No. 656458

Are you an Aussie?

No. 656460


No. 656463

Why cant you have them come over?

No. 656466

I'm actually glad COVID has made people more aware of their germs and purposefully being sick around others is basically taboo now.

Late last year I went on dates with guys and at least one of them (who was still taking cold medicine until I found it and confronted him) gave me really nasty viruses. One of them made me so ill that I had to go to an urgent care because the cold virus infected my eye, and the other was so severe that I had a fever for almost two weeks and a lingering pneumonia that spanned from late December to February.
I honestly felt assaulted. Especially by the guy who knew he was sick, lied when I asked about his sniffling, and went on dates, kissed, and fucked me anyway. He led me on which proves his sociopathy either way. I should be able to sue and idc if that's an unpopular take.
I'm an uninsured Murrican so I can't just go to the doctor whenever, that urgent care visit was very expensive for me and I only went cause I was concerned about my eye. The fever and pneumonia illness I rode out cause I didn't want to pay a hefty expense for another urgent care visit just to confirm I had a virus and there wasn't anything they could do to help me (I actually thought later that I might have had covid). The people who are so anti precautionary are the same people who went around in non-pandemic times and got everyone sick because they didn't care or think. They deserve a cull tbh.

No. 656469

These past few threads are making me unironically hate straight people.

No. 656472

Join all the other LGB(T)+ twitterfags that do who cares

No. 656475

kek you all actually use that word irl?

No. 656479

Its usage is still pretty obscure at this point in time so I use it so recognize my own kind. Sometimes when I’m walking the street I’d yell out SCROTE and see if another based woman in the vicinity will reply with the MOID call of her own. We then smile at each other and have lesbian sex.

No. 656492

You bet your scrote ass.

Kek and based.

No. 656496

omg anon i tought i was the only one! i dont have a scrotefriend but i use the word when talking with my friends (the spanish translation tho) they dont know where it comes from but it sure makes them laugh

No. 656510

I love a happy ending!

No. 656518

typical fuckboy, yeah never trust scrotes they are always full of shit all the time. Also never have sex on the first date anon, to see how far the scrote will go before he cracks.

No. 656534

>calling the bf a scrote
That's some petty shit, anon

No. 656536

I say one mildly cold thing to my controlling dad who used to beat me and force me to wear hijab and if I feel he’s hurt, I feel so guilty. Makes me wonder how he managed to put me through all that emotional turmoil and not give a fuck, lol.

No. 656540

Your dad is a Man from one of the most violently patriarchal cultures that exist unfortunately, anon.

No. 656545

Because he's a man and they're taught it's their right to be selfish, entitled and controlling while we are taught to be meek, submissive and empathetic. Takes a while to undo the programming, anon. I'm sorry you went through such shitty things but I'm glad you expressed yourself. You shouldn't feel badly about it.

No. 656553

File: 1602783979733.jpeg (905.8 KB, 750x1103, 1386DE25-01CF-46B6-8D5D-B8855A…)

Literally no woman believes this. Almost all women goes through life making choices around avoiding threats from being physically weaker. Although I do recognize that women neglect the self-defense aspect too much, as if resigning ourselves to such fate.
This shit always motivates me to put in more hours at the shooting range and train with a knife. You HAVE to be ready to kill, to take a life. Strike first strike hard no mercy ladies.

No. 656555

I am ready though. I don’t have a weapon but i know if someone would attack me I’d go crazy

No. 656559

>I shat on my buddy's dumb cunt gf
>I hope she gets raped

I hate moids so much lol

No. 656560

I'm pretty confident I could do some damage. Definitely met men who are smaller and weaker than me. Really depends on the height and weight and general fitness of the moids in question. However most males who revel on the internet about the ability to rape on tap tend to be manlets, skellies, and neckbeards. Most of these urchins can't harm anyone without the aid of weapons, and mainly guns at that because they simply lack the stamina for knives anymore.

No. 656562

My History of Language prof tries WAY TOO hard to be woke and "How to do, fellow kids" and it's fucking cringe. A few weeks ago we were talking about morphology and suffixes and she mentioned "ish" and she gave an example of "Karen-ish." Then she mentioned "ass" as an suffix and gave the example of "deadass" (instead of more well known examples such as "dumbass" or "badass"). She also tries to give ham-fisted lectures on race issues regarding language all the goddamn time and seems to promote the idea that grammar is "racist." College was a fucking mistake.

No. 656563

Good. I recommend learning how to use a deadly weapon as soon as you can. The odds are too much against us barehanded. I think a lot of the instances where women got hurt when trying to defend themselves were because they hesitated and weren’t prepared to kill.

No. 656569

Kek I have a linguistics degree and even in our regional dialects classes where we learned about AAVE it wasn't made about racism, have fun sis.

No. 656570

I've got great aim and strong biceps but what fucks me up is that if someone assaulted me in my own home or cornered me in a back alley and I took out a knife to defend myself there's a good chance I'd go to prison in my country for inflicting "more than reasonable harm in self-defence". Even pepper spray is illegal where I live because it might "do harm". It's so fucking stupid.

No. 656578

Are you serious? Cucked fucking hole you live in. I’ll crowdfund lawyer fees for you anon.

No. 656583

Dead serious, my ex was a security guard so I got to know more about these laws. He had to pass a two-week course just to use pepper spray. I wouldn't even mind the course but you can't even take it unless you have a "good" reason.

I asked him what the fuck I'm supposed to do in that situation and he just said "run away and call the police :)". What if he has me cornered, you may ask? What if we're married and I can't leave the house? "Then just call the police and try to hide before they come, if he attacks you can defend yourself but don't go too hard on him :)" Because that's worked so well for women in the past.

No. 656584

Wanted to post in the paranoia thread but it's not paranoia if it's real, kek.
>make post about a worry
>no replies
>the implied answer is "yes, you're absolutely right and we're all silently judging you right now"
>which means that my worry is not baseless and actually justified if even randos think it's real

No. 656586

Jesus I may live in racist ass hick town but at least we can put one in a mf's dome if he don't step off my lawn…
>I wouldn't even mind the course but you can't even take it unless you have a "good" reason.
Wtf??? Just say you got assaulted I guess… Surely there's a women's advocate group somewhere in your country that protests this bullshit.

No. 656589

If she lives in ol' Canada then they can just turn it around and say they're women and that she was trying to rape them

No. 656592

ntayrt but you don't get to decide what sits right with a person and what doesn't hun. sometimes kids feel uncomfortable around people that aren't their family members and it is what it is. you're free to whore around, what's not okay is deciding to bring children into the world with people that will not make suitable parents/you don't know you'll even see tomorrow.
again, you don't get to decide what's traumatic and what isn't. also, children need stable homes, so it isn't far fetched something like step parents is traumatic.

pls, if you have degen opinions like these, do the world a favor and don't have kids.

No. 656603

First I laughed, then I despaired.

No. 656604

Calm down, you can still keep your traumacore blog.

No. 656606

I kek'd

No. 656612

A professor for one of my classes finally handed back our essays. He opened today's lecture by saying that they chose not to deduct marks for lateness just this one time. I stayed up until 6am writing this essay (adhd fag) so I could meet the deadline, had I known that they were going to waive the lateness penalty I would have cleaned up my work, submitted a day later and probably recieved a higher grade. I got 75% which is fine, but this paper is worth a quarter of my final grade and it's really important that I qualify for scholarships next year. The more I think about it the more I conclude that it's pretty unfair. I wonder if he gave the students that submitted their work on time a couple extra points, he didn't mention anything of it.

No. 656619

My father has a nest of expensive purebreed puppies, now he has to pick new owners for the puppies. Here's the thing, he has no real interest in their wellbeing or taking care of the puppies. Without interference no one would be making sure the puppies are growing up healthy and socialized. He just wants the easy money with 0 effort. Anyway I already suspected he was in it for the money but today he was bragging about how they're so sought after that a couple of interested people were overbidding to get the puppies. Those people aren't necessarily the best homes for the puppies. His excuse "Well there aren't that many people with enough space for the dogs anyway" (it's a large breed that needs a lot of space and excersise). Well if that's the case you shouldn't have gotten the dog pregnant but he did that anyway, he doesn't care. I'm really worried that some of them are going to end up with people who're not the best fit just because they're willing to pay more than the asking price.

No. 656621

Maybe e-mail your professor that? Or ask if you can do a revision for some points? Hopefully he'll be nice, a lot of professors tend to be chill. Probably moreso with the times as they are, but I'm not in school currently so not sure. Good luck either way, and good job for finishing on time. I definitely don't miss finishing essays at 6AM kek.

No. 656624

This makes me so sad, I hate shitty breeders like your father who don't care about the animals' well being, and I hate people who adopt pets either knowing they won't have enough space or time for them or don't do their research. I wish I could at least help you take care of and vet out some new owners, anon. Give them kisses for me.

No. 656625

Doesn't your university give more time for exams for disabled students (especially the ones with adhd, dyslexia, etc. this type of stuff)? Try to talk about it with your teachers or whoever can help you with that situation because that could be useful for next exams if it's an option.

No. 656628

I was thinking about it, my only reservation is that I don't wanna come across as entitled or sth? But I mean, it's a legitimate concern right? Thanks for the advice btw, I appreciate it

No. 656646

I don't think it's entitled to just ask, and the fact that you put the effort into finishing your paper on time in the first place should help you. The worst he can do is say no, and you already have a passing grade on it!

No. 656647

nta but do it anon. Your scholarship is more important than not coming across entitled (which I don't think is the case anyway)

No. 656675

Wish I could walk into a library without the entire first floor being weeb shit

No. 656685

Maybe I have a weirdly unified taste in men, but all my boyfriends:

- are/were very into comedy and believe/d they could be great stand-up comedians
- don't care for sports
- listen to similar-type podcasts religiously
- believe they have "dark humor" that is darker than other people's humor, make a deal of how they use it to "cope"
- believe depression/mental illness is complete bs with a "just get over it" mentality even though they were depressed themselves

There's other similarities I could mention, but I feel like I see all these basic scrote tastes everywhere. They are so convinced they are speschul from each other but they're all the same. I say this in that I've met other guys with these same patterns even though they aren't my boyfriend. I think the most annoying trait is the dark humor one. No one cares you use it to cope, get fucking therapy.

No. 656689

God I get so fucking mad when my mum talks at me about the latest true crime book she’s reading. I love her but my God I make it so clear that I don’t want to hear about it or talk about it and she always continues the conversation because she’s so interested by it. And I HATE that she makes these ‘funny’ comments on the murders too. For example, she’s currently reading about Dennis Nilsen and she said ‘I’m kind of starting to like him because he was kind to his dog’ and she’s a big animal lover. But I don’t find it funny at all and frankly it disgusts me to make light of his crimes and then she gets all moody when I react angrily to it all.

No. 656690

i was making such good progress then retards had to ruin it again by not following covid guidelines. fuck this stupid quarantine im not fit to be a neet. i cant be inside like this i feel so mf trapped when quarantine got into its later phases i was finally becoming a happier person then its like OH FUCK YOU! then again. whichever lab scientist planted covid i hope you eat moldy dog shit

No. 656691

This is just one (1) of the like five, at most, basic sub-species of moids.

No. 656693

Tell her that Hitler was also really kind to animals too, he loved his dog Blondi. He was even a vegetarian!

No. 656696

File: 1602793149818.jpeg (203.61 KB, 916x845, 1597323900602.jpeg)

Every man I've dated but one has acquired his entire personality, political opinions and taste in music/movies/games off the internet. For people that cry how women arr act same they sure let themselves get dressed and groomed by the internet, let the internet tell them what music to listen to and what food to eat, and what they should be studying or doing with their lives.

There was no natural curiosity or varied taste in things, you could put every single one in a box. I didn't know this until I started looking up some things my last ex talked about and found out that everything he does is dictated by Reddit, while the previous ones had their lives dictated by 4chan (especially /mu/ and /fa/) and Twitter wokies, respectively.

No. 656703

Your mom is so quirky

No. 656714

>are/were very into comedy and believe/d they could be great stand-up comedians
this is such a cringe trait honestly
>believe they have "dark humor" that is darker than other people's humor, make a deal of how they use it to "cope"
and this is even cringier. what does men even need to "cope" with? being circumsised?

No. 656723

He also had constant diarrhea due to his vegetarian soup eating and drug taking feasts, a closeted bi, pedo soupy poopy ass nazi.

No. 656766

File: 1602801779028.jpg (383.18 KB, 672x896, F1q73Ld.jpg)

So it's my birthday today and I'm upset by it more than expected.
It's not like I'm anything different than yesterday or even few months ago but to think i'm 29 just doest feel… exciting. I'm still far from achieving what I wanted and even though it's stupid I'm really feeling upset about my youth fading away because I feel it's the only thing I have to offer in a relationship. Sitting here realizing I'm officialy this old makes me terrified of what feels like unavoidable loneliness and failure. Passage of time sucks.

No. 656769

Passage of time does suck, but you know what? It's your birthday! It's literally your day. I hope you find some time to treat yourself to something nice, whether it be a movie, some nice food or doing something you enjoy. I get what you mean, though. I turned 30 this year and I thought I wouldn't be as bothered, but I was. I was depressed about it, but then I thought fuck it. Yeah, I'm not where I hoped I'd be, but you can't cement things like that into life. It just doesn't work that way, so please try not to feel too down. Wishing you a happy birthday, anon, and all the best for 29. Take care!

No. 656773

Happy birthday anon nevertheless!! I know shit may feel wrong and everything is going too fast but I am sure you have more to offer to people than your youth and we often fail to see our own development be it physical or mental. Wish you cut yourself some slack today, treat you like you were your favorite person today.

No. 656775

Happy birthday, anon.
Stop feeling like shit, what's something you enjoy doing?

No. 656779

i have embarrassed myself online by being a stupid american. you hate to see it

No. 656782

i want to delete myself but they're pretty nice about it

No. 656787

Thank you all for birthday wishes and understanding, I feel heard. I really hope I'm just feeling down temporarily and I'll do my best to be good to myself today.
Actually it's my plan for later, some good food and Netflix most likely! I know we both can do whatever we do, however much time it takes, it's hard to not feel down when the message around you is that you're supposed to have it all at your early 20s. It's bullshit but it sticks to your subconsciousness. I'm glad you managed to shake it off and I hope I can too!
Fingers crossed it's as you say, in the end we're our own harshest critics. I'm gonna chill as much as Friday allows (so like, just somewhat, someone has to do the work haha)
My favorite activities are limited because of Covid, i'm sure that's not helping with how I feel either… gonna do my best to have good time later; it already feels better having written this down here and having some support

No. 656796

Anon, it’s not so bad being 29. Don’t let the world make you think that. I hope you can enjoy your birthday still!

This is the most Russian sounding post ever lol

No. 656797

You can do it, mate! If I can, you definitely can! Don't let outward sources and expectations dictate your happiness. Enjoy your food and TV! Happy birthday again.

No. 656814

Actually fuck you to people who leave their clothes in the dryer/washer in shared laundry rooms. It's okay if you forget it for 10 minutes max 30, but I'm fucking tired of going downstairs every 10 minutes for 2 hrs straight and looking at the clothes both in the dryer and washer unmoved. I generally take them out and leave them on top of the unit, but we all received a notice of how people were upset about that. Fuck you and use a timer.

No. 656817

File: 1602806639454.jpg (14.66 KB, 590x385, crybabby.jpg)

No. 656822

I live in a 12 unit building with only one washer and dryer. It is hell.

No. 656823

unfortunately i am american

No. 656826

Why did my mom think it was a good idea to talk about her childhood trauma in my birthday mini-party? Like shut the fuck please, I'm not even angry, it just makes me sad

No. 656834

Don't be lazy next time.
I wish we were only twelve. We are 28, and we have one washer and one dryer as well.

No. 656837

I'm gonna fail my online classes. I get 40s on exams 60s on homework. 0 on the last homework. Got a 40 on my last essay thats 1/3 my grade. I was always a b student. Worse part is I don't really care. I only feel slightly bad. Its so easy to fall behind. I feel worse because all I have to do is my school work. But even then I fail. My work ethic and time management is garbage. I envy those who are A students and get internships and do work study and are have everything in order. Could never be me.

No. 656846

File: 1602808141132.png (26.47 KB, 881x425, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.PNG)

stocks make me cry
you really do need money to make money
i og have like 150 dollars in here btw, but imagine if i had like 20k. it would be based

No. 656849

Same. Have you considered switching majors? I know for me it's because I hate mine.

No. 656851

Uhhh I feel you so much, theres a company which stocks I knew are gonna go up but I never had enough savings to invest, my bf invested like 10k and now it's worth 4x this much, how do you stop being poor when life is like this

No. 656852

It makes my blood boil when people do this. The people that can't be fucked to retrieve their clothes on time shouldn't complain when other people need to use the machine and resort to piling their neighbour's shit on top of the machine.
Alternately, I kind of wish one of the washing and drying machines in my building were reserved exclusively for people that don't have pets.

No. 656853

you just gave me horrible flashbacks to living in a dorm, we had like 4 washers and dryers each but there were people who would use two or three washers at once sometimes. Like jesus I know you want to separate your colors, denim, and whites, but you're just going to have to mix all that shit together like the rest of us.

No. 656854

Anon. Why? Don't do this shit to yourself. I have a full credit load and two kids in virtual education along with an extremely part-time job and it makes me want to die. If I can do this, you're completely able to. Print out the syllabus from each class, organize a binder with folders for each class, check the assignments daily, write out on a notepad the assignments due daily, make sure each thing is done a couple of days beforehand.
Get your shit together.

No. 656866

One of my bf's best friends is an unhinged, homophobic BPDfag and every passing month I'm more convinced he's obsessed with my bf. Back off!

No. 656872

I can sense my seasonal depression getting ready to alley-oop and dunk on me. Also had to repost this bc of a typo. I think I just felt the process speed up before my eyes.

No. 656873

I kinda hate working casually because they don't respect your day off even if you just worked 7 days in a row.

No. 656887

I'm not smart. I'm not book smart or street smart. I can't even remember the lyrics to songs or street names. I could memorize something for a test and ace it, then instantly lose all that information. I hear about kids saying they are naturally smart and it's just unfair.

No. 656888

I’m probably gonna be alone forever, making up lame ass self insert fanfiction in my head (I’m a crap writer) just like I have since middle school because men irl are such fucking garbage. Guys in movies and on TV are so gentle and kind and romantic and in real life they’re all just a bunch of coomer assholes. I feel like such a loser cause of this but there’s really nothing else I can do. Fuck this gay earth.

No. 656897

I fucking hate my taste in men. It's always these goth fuckboy coomers or fictional edgelords. I blame being an edgy emo weeb in my teens. I wish I was attracted to normie men, but not only does it never happen, in this day and age they're probably pornsick shitstains regardless. Maybe having an emofag boyfriend wouldn't be so bad if I could find a weak one and bend him into submission, but unfortunately I am too much of a beta bitch.

I'm also attracted to women, but I seem to only attract obsessive jealous stalkers that think me being a polite beta = true love and I'm just very, very tired.

No. 656900

If you are not desperate enough to be okay with a shitty man, it’s possible you are not fully straight. Women who are 100% straight are so obsessed with male validation they are ready to abandon all their happiness for it. Maybe you were meant to be with a woman.

No. 656903

Lol so have your tastes in guys not changed throughout the years? When I was a teen I liked emo pretty boys (wasn’t even a weeb) but now I only find tall and fit guys with bold facial structure attractive

No. 656905

I get where you’re coming from, majority of het women are insufferable re men, but I think saying that hetero women who won’t date garbage men must be gay is counterproductive. We should be encouraging other women to have standards.

I’m straight and I feel you >>656888
I find myself adoring male characters in video games and other media, indulging in fantasies of men like that existing. I played a lot of war games and would imagine the guys and noble then just remember how male soldiers will rape women because it’s allowed and watch porn and then get really sad kek

Even just talking to men outside of a strictly professional context, I can feel their galaxy brain retardation, entitlement, and whining cause my soul to leave my body.

I’m definitely 100% straight. Grossed out by the thought of anything sexual or too romantic with a woman. I love how men look and smell (the clean ones anyway) etc

No. 656909

anon pls what stock is this and how do you start investing

No. 656910

Sadly no. If anything, my tastes have become worse rather than better, as I remember liking one boy in high school that was normie-tier for about two months. Still don't find conventionally handsome and fit men attractive, but I have lied about it around normie friends. Best thing I can do is just stay celibate.

No. 656914

File: 1602821778226.jpg (10.86 KB, 625x129, Screenshot_20201015-231334.jpg)

I feel you. I wish I had more moneys to play with and a mentor.

Picrel. It only made me 80 bux cuz I'm poor

No. 656923

ive hated my boyfriends friend group for the LONGEST time. they constantly make fun of him, they call him fat and retarded, they aren't nice, etc. and it drives him insane and makes him insecure and sad.

over the weekend, they took the bullying too far and he had a fucking meltdown. catastrophic. he blew up at people and screamed at them pretty viciously, tore them up. i said he should relax for a bit, step away, etc. cause as i was also saying, theyre CLEARLY not good for him. and finally for the first time in like 8 months he took my advice over theirs!!!!!! he quit talking to people for a bit, took some time to buy new food to start adjusting his diet, he was doing all his course work and applying for jobs, it was fine for a few days.

until this fucking cunt of a scrote decides hes his friend and he wants to go "talk to him" and "get it out!!!". he was one of the worst ones. he forces his heroic emotions onto other people all the time and its exhausting (for him AND the other person). and he makes the bf very defensive and unwilling to talk. so, scrotefriend goes to his place and forces himself in via using the roommate, and surprise, it freaks the bf out so much that he quits talking to everyone including me.

and its jsut escalated so fucking hard from there. somehow the police got involved at some point and everyones gone silent on me. i had a midterm and hours of work today and i have more projects to complete. i have to sleep basically right at 1am or i wont be able to wake up in time to get to work tomorrow and i have to do so many projects in between meetings and shit too. but they keep freaking the bf out and they want me to go chase him around his area despite me living 30 minutes away. they want me to go chase him despite all my personal planning.

im exhausted and people are just so exhausting. i dont know how im supposed to get through literal decades of this. this is beyond terrible. why would i want friends myself after this. i have my one girlfriend and we just whine about how hard schedules are and work is shit and stuff. all i need. ugh.

tl;dr my boyfriend got arrested because his "friends" thought emotional duck duck goose was a good idea

No. 656927

Your post is so confusing and so is your tl;dr. What exactly are the friends doing besides trying to talk to your bf? Why would you have to 'chase him' just because he doesn't want to talk to them? I don't even understand your bfs reaction, an ex friend barging into your house is a problem but responding by refusing to talk to anyone at all and freaking out is bizarre.

No. 656928

Live your own life wtf. This is pathetic to hold on to a dumbass scrote who listens to everyone but you and then treats you the same as them. You’re wasting your time and energy, putting your own success at risk for this shit? Stop

No. 656932

well tbf im stressed, i didnt really organize it well i guess. mb.

my bf explained pretty explicitly to everyone involved that he wasnt interested in talking about his feelings; hes not good at it and wasnt comfortable. he was only talking to me. the scrotefriend i mentioned kept invading his personal space to force him to talk about himself. if someone says no and keeps refusing to talk there is clearly no need to continue.

i probably should have mentioned that my bf plainly said fuck off at one point and locked his living space, but the scrotefriend broke the doorknob so he could enter and mysteriously acquired a master key. he's technically not allowed in the building my bf lives in.

i am not chasing him and i am doing my own activities. i keep explaining that to people blowing me up (texting, calling) but they're hellbent on making me play emotional GF and go waste my time and energy on him.

sorry anons im fuckin tired. think ill date women after this

No. 656935

Tell him grow a spine and call the cops. Don’t baby his ass

No. 656941

Any other recovered girls (from ED) hate when other people bring up weight loss etc etc? I have to shut out that part of the conversation

No. 656943

I think anon lives in Russia.

There's been this case of a father that physically and sexualy assaulted his daughters (18, 18 and 17 years old) for most part of their lives. They killed him in the end, they are facing 20 years in prison. The police found numerous knives and guns he used for torture.

I saw leaked dms with the youngest one where she said "I can't tell anyone I'm getting raped by my own father, nobody is ever going to believe me". Truly heartbreaking.
Look up Khachaturian sisters if you want to know details.

And authorities were involved before, but he got away with it because domestic abuse is not a crime here. It was decriminalised couple years ago because "family values must come first". There's no definition of stalking in the law. There's no such thing as a restraining order.

For example, there was this woman that went to police because her ex husband was stalking her. She was ridiculed and sent away, and couple months later he took her to the forest and chopped her hands off with an axe. He told her "you love to hug our children with those arms, so I'm gonna take that from you". The surgery she had to go through was so complex that it's a miracle the doctors could save one hand. He got lesser sentence for dropping her off at the hospital and not proceeding to kill her. She says she fears the day he's going to come out.

There's so much shit like this. I hate this country and I fear men everyday, knowing that if anything happens to me or other girl/child, we won't have justice until it's too late.

No. 656944

I fuckin hate job interviews it's like having to prove why I deserve to exist. I truly don't believe I have any inherent value as a person and I think interviewers can see that

No. 656947

i want to straight-up bully this woman in her 50's because she's a fucking cunt who stalks me on poshmark/depop/etc. and buys literally anything i make the mistake of "liking". i've even started new accounts with totally different names and somehow this bitch still manages find me within a month, and the cycle repeats. it's not a coincidence, either - we're both in the same community to an extent, but i've liked totally off the wall shit to test my theory and, sure enough, there she was, buying a random chihuahua figurine or some shit before i could buy it. if that's not confirmation enough, she's a pretty big woman and she's out here buying my xs and s things as if they'll ever fucking fit her. i'm fucking sick of it. i tried asking her why she was doing this once, but she just ignored me and disappeared for a bit before coming back full-force. i don't know what the fuck her problem is and i don't fucking care. i'm genuinely pissed off because i just want to be able to like my shit in peace so i can go back to it later without this crazy boomer bitch stalking me.

No. 656949

After being almost killed by her scrote she still panders to scrotes and bashes feminists. And some comments are like "look what she's been through, and she STILL doesn't hate men like feminists do!"

No. 656952


same, and i fucking feel like a total liar every time i have to answer the "where do you see yourself in 5 years" question. i just want to be alive and doing alright and making a decent income.

No. 656953

>We need to stop blaming men and start blaming the system!
She's missing the tiny detail that it was men who created this system and benefited from it the most. Wives get higher sentences for killing their husbands than husbands get for killing their wives. And in other countries shit like this >>656943 is still happening

No. 656959

File: 1602831533528.jpeg (78.27 KB, 600x452, 1600529993378.jpeg)

i understand and am not surprised by internet personalities turning out to be sex pests, but god it's so fucking exhausting to see.

i hope those girls are okay.

No. 656961

She’s in her 50s, just bookmark your likes and move on.

No. 656971

I miss one of my internet friends. It's a really long story but I owe him so many thanks for how much he kept me company during a lot of my early teen years and being the reason I realized I'm asexual. He always had a tendency to be flakey and disappear for months on end. I reconnected with him last December and it felt so good to talk to him again. Idc if he told outlandish life stories that probably weren't true. I still miss him every day.

Sorry if this has any typos. I just woke up from a dream where I tracked him down and wanted to vent about it.

No. 656972

Wow, anon, I feel ya. That's really weird and creepy.

No. 656979

Are you dating 4chan dudes or where do you find those stereotypes of a discord/4chan/incel forums dweller?

No. 656980

I swear, it's so predictable and so exhausting.

No. 656984

Naw that’s every reddit male tbh

No. 656986

Brain damage. How come she doesn’t get a thread??

No. 656996

Oh yes, add reddit to that list

No. 656998

My mother and grandmother have always told me that I looked like my father's sisters, who they hate with all their guts and have called ugly I don't know how many times. Growing up mother always told me how horrible the people from my father's side of the family were and then she would tell me that I act and look just like them. Meanwhile my older brother is the golden child who looks and acts like my grandfather (my mother's father) who to them was a saint (he really wasn't) and the only brother my father loved (who died young sadly), he even carries the name of the latter. I always disliked that to them I was like the people they hated. It made me feel inferior to my brother no matter what and I think it has played a huge role in me having no self esteem and feeling unloved.

No. 656999

College. I don't go on 4chan and especially wouldn't knowingly date men from there, the fuck.

No. 657002

she looks like if Ruth Bader Ginsburg were resurrected as a pickme.

No. 657004

File: 1602839180887.jpg (42.51 KB, 540x540, 02bc93f5a0e46ca0df28d87169a214…)

This is a little whiny because it's borne from a nice situation but I'm currently involved in a project where we'll be interviewing a local indigenous group (we have contacts there coordinating with us) and I thought I'd be able to get away with just talking with them over video chat but my teammates are drafting a budget plan that includes us having to travel there in person then testing both ourselves and the interviewees before meeting. The pandemic's made me lowkey agoraphobic and I am DREADING having to take the multi-day trip there. Let both me and the indigenous group stay safe and cozy at home pls

No. 657009

Our country is hitting its worst coronavirus state, and with my health and the fact of how tiny this country is (by statistics of test every 10th person can have corona now), I can't go outside and stores along with malls are dangerous yet I still need to find some nice Christmas presents for 6 people. Finding anything through internet e-shops is so difficult, all the nearest countrys stores got only cheap or tacky-looking designs. It makes me feel so annoyed and angry. Yet whenever I find a nice thing, its either overpriced either from UK but there's no way I'd buy something fragile from UK. Goddamit.

No. 657011

I snooped through my boyfriends shit. I found out that a month into our relationship he was still talking to his ex girlfriend like they were together. I thought, "hey not a big deal" maybe he just wasn't sure about us yet, it's still gross but I get it. Then I saw his Facebook messages and a year later he was still calling her hun and shit. They haven't spoken since but what the fuck? Mind you be told me he hadn't spoken to her since they had broken up a coupe months before we met. This is the second lie I have caught him in regarding other people. He's always so nervous with his phone. I'm going to confront him and it is going to suck and he will probably lose all his trust in me but I could not give less of a fuck. I have sunk 2 years into this relationship and I will not spend the rest of my 20s trying to make it work out with a liar.

No. 657012

>Finding anything through internet e-shops is so difficult,
I'm genuinely curious what you find difficult about finding stuff on webshops? You have google at your fingertips to directly guide you to webshops that sell whatever you're looking for, webshops offer filters and search options to find specific items..

No. 657015

My boyfriend is pissing me off at the moment. He works from home and is constantly making noise/playing guitar when he should be working. It's worse on my days off because he doesn't leave the house, so when I want to get a relaxing bath or focus on something, he picks up his guitar and starts singing loudly over the top of it. He also wakes me up often, playing at 8am in the morning, and when I get home from work late after 9pm, he's still playing. I have told him to stop it because the neighbours will get pissed, but he doesn't care. I don't mind him having a hobby, but he just plays it so loud and obnoxiously, I am on the verge of breaking the fucking thing.

No. 657017

It's gonna suck but you're doing the right thing anon. If you never confront him about it he'll just get worse. Just be prepared for a potential end to the relationship.

No. 657018

So be honest about it and tell him it bothers YOU, not the neighbours. He probably doesn't give a shit about the neighbours, but if it's you I imagine he'd be willing to compromise.

No. 657020

I forgot to mention I HAVE told him it bothers me. He never apologises when it wakes me up. e.g the other day I had a migraine and needed to nap, yet as soon as my head hit the pillow, he started playing. He just doesn't understand how irritating and annoying it is. I've asked him to please only play it when I am out, which is currently 4 days a week for nearly 12 hrs of the day, but he just doesn't seem to care. He did the same with piano. I'm not bothered by the noise, so much as I am the fact he doesn't seem to give a fuck it's not just him living here. I make every effort to be considerate of him, seeing as he has work meetings on Skype, I keep the noise down and make myself scarce. Yet he constantly feels the need to start playing as soon as it suits him.

No. 657022

Well your bf is an inconsiderate ass then. Sorry you have to deal with that, especially when you have migraines wtf.

No. 657025

File: 1602841751336.jpeg (46.22 KB, 586x640, 74A0AF20-F9C8-4804-83D0-DB8611…)

I wish my boyfriend wasn’t a Trump supporter. He’s “pro-life” and Christian too while I’m pro-choice and an atheist. I used to be pretty apolitical but this year has made me much more politically conscious and his beliefs put me off. I care about him and know he likely has good intent, but it’s giving me doubts and I really don’t like it. I wish I could shake the bad feelings I’m having ugh.

That’s so gross. My bf calling his ex “hun” would really disturb me. I hope all goes well anon. I’m on your side! <3

No. 657027

Sorry about your Trump boyfriend. What will you do? Also, you made my day with your Limmy picture. He is a gem.

No. 657029

File: 1602842189503.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 545.79 KB, 828x1313, F261BE7E-A53A-41E5-9BD6-17C53B…)

I don’t know what I will do. I care about him as a person but his beliefs repel me. I guess I just have to do some deep thinking. Here is another picture for you anon!

No. 657031

You do, don't you. I hope it works out for you in the end though, anon. It must be a tough place to be, loving someone but disagreeing with their morals. Thank you for that picture - I've never seen it before and feel so confused by it.

No. 657032

Why are you with a Christian guy when you're an atheist? or rather, why is he, a christian who believe you're sinful and going to hell, with you? Is he just Christian when it's convenient for him?

No. 657034

How on earth could a pro lifer be a decent person or have 'good intentions'? The intention to force women to give birth because we don't deserve any control over our own bodies is a good one? It's an absolute contradiction and not possible, sorry to break to to you.

No. 657047

File: 1602845222982.png (497.65 KB, 680x593, mnms.png)

I'm just… sad. It's so weird how you can have a totally normal week juggling work and minor problems thinking "Things are tough but I've got this!" and then one afternoon you can actually feel your fuel running out and til you've slowed to a stop in the middle of the road, just feeling exhausted and hopeless and overwhelmed by everything.

No. 657048

Because, anon, a lot of pro-life people aren’t that way because they want to control women’s bodies, but because their spirituality tells them that the fetus, and the embryo, and so on, are inherently valuable. Have a real conversation with someone who is pro-life and you will find that they don’t sit there thinking of how they can control other people’s bodies all day. Its not an objective contradiction or impossible, it’s just a matter of perspective and spirituality.

Anyway, my vent is that I hate the thread picture.

No. 657062

My boyfriend admitted to cheating on me the first couple months into our relationship. Like from July 2018 to January 2019. I'm dying

No. 657063

> he was still calling her hun
> hun
Unacceptable behaviour unless he was trying to recruit her into his mlm

It doesn’t matter if he loses trust in you when you’ve already lost it in him. I wasted too much time on a similar relationship. My only regret is that I didn’t leave sooner

No. 657073

Break up with him. Once done, they always keep doing it.

No. 657076

He told me that he just liked the attention that be got when we first met, That he just liked the attention he got from the both of us. When he realized that he actually wanted to be with me that he was going to write me a fucking note confessing all his shit lmao. I feel so sick to my stomach and it's only 5 am. He lives with me so nice job me.

No. 657077

Okay and? Dump him, he fucking cheated in you.

No. 657078

Samefag, I get it, btw. I lived with my boyfriend who cheated on me and continued to live with him for 4 months after we broke up. It was awful, heartbreaking, confusing, all of that. But fuck it. You can still leave or kick him out. 0 chances, he doesn’t deserve them. Dump. Him.

No. 657079

Sorry anon, that's a shit situation. I hope you can figure it out and make a decision that will leave you at peace.

No. 657080

dump him and move on anon. he's a piece of shit who never deserved your time or love. do not listen to a word he says and just kick him out immediately.

No. 657081

Lol I thought I'm the only one to do something this messed up. Would not recommend, I thought I can forgive him but ultimately just wasted my time. >>657076 break up with him please, it's the best course of action. There's no way to repair trust after something like this.

No. 657083

Yeah, same. I was looking for apartments to move out to since I couldn’t technically kick him out, but in my stupid early 20s lovesick worm brain I thought we could make it work. Absolutely not. Men are trash in general and when one literally shows you in the worst way (not to mention a million others kek), you gotta leave him and never look back.

No. 657110

Yeah, but everything looks pretty lame or tacky-ish. Its rare to find something that actually looks like a nice vintage decor.

No. 657112

Anon I beg you leave him and test for std. I wouldn't trust him that it was just online flirting or that it was just his ex, there were probably more, but he just couldn't bring himself to delete convo with her for whatever sentimental reason. I wish you the best.

No. 657120

here's my retarded vent. a while ago i started talking to this girl who was super sweet, had great sense of humor, nice, just overall flawless almost. she was so nice to me, she would give me all sorts of advice about school and how to cope with emotions, we we're hitting it off immensely well to the point where it barely ever took less than half an hour to reply if she wasn't busy or wasn't sleeping. i was head over heels for her and i was practically starstruck.

we start talking about turn ons and turn offs, i tell her one of my turn offs is bad hygiene, she fucking flipped out over this and says shit like '' you know some people can't afford basic stuff like deo right? you know how much the system has fucked people over so now they can't even shower from depression?!'' i apologized because i didn't mean it badly, she cools down and then i ask for some of her likes and dislikes.

she said asians, catboys, and femboys. i wasn't shocked as this is popular with women right now until she specified she can't stand any asian that isn't japanese. i genuinely cannot tell if she was trying to flatter me as i'm japanese or if she was being honest, either way it's weird. i asked her why and she said ''koreans are plastic, chinese are dirty, the rest are just boring and ugly.'' i'm not korean or chinese but i was genuinely kinda offended. like wtf? why are you generalizing an entire community just because of some popular misconception?

fast forward and boom, she's been lying about her age. i was 17 at the time and she said she was 16, turns out she was 22 fucking years old and had lied about her age because of her ''twauma'' i lose my shit as i feel violated and absolutely disgusted by this girl lying straight to my face about her age, i told her she was a gross pedo freak and blocked her. i told some of my friends about it and they all agreed it was fucked. later that week i get added on skype (which i literally never use) by someone called ''imsorrymyname'' i add her back knowing it's probably her and tell her to fuck off or i call the cops. i unadd her and i haven't heard from her since aside from some of my friends i introduced her to that still follow her vent account. she'll randomly say ''i'm so horrible i'm going to kms!!!" and has lied about it to her friends to make me look bad.

i don't care about her and what she's saying but this has been working me up to the point where i can't even study, i'll suddenly think about it and it weirds me out and i start freaking out. it's so gross and i literally feel disgusted by my own actions. this is so exhausting.

No. 657127

File: 1602854659466.jpg (346.51 KB, 2000x1400, kgajfsllgiien.jpg)

I read through your vent and got to
>i literally feel disgusted by my own actions
and I'm so confused. What did you do? Literally nothing. She lied to you, she bitched at you about deodorant and then was racist and weird, etc, then stalked you? Nah. I understand if you're freaked out and unable to focus/study because you're traumatized by the relationship you had with this liar, but you need to internalize that it is not and never was your fault. And that you also dodged a major bullet. I'm so sorry that happened to you, and I hope you're able to get over it soon. Fuck that rancid bitch.

No. 657129

>you know how much the system has fucked people over so now they can't even shower from depression?!
I had an ex with gum disease as the result of him neglecting his teeth during a long depressive bout.. the smell of his breath was unreal. Car rides were the worst. Are you meant to deny reality and just pretend that's not a turn off? That kind of defensive shit, I'll never understand it.

You can have empathy for depressed people and still admit that nobody wants to fuck someone who smells bad. What a weird mix of PC and non-PC she is.

No. 657130

You had no way to know that, please don't blame yourself. She should have known better than take advantage of a minor. She probably was just fucked in the head since she accounted for mentally ill but then went full racist. It doesn't justify her actions. Fuck her, she doesn't deserve your tiniest little thought about her. She's out of your life for good.

No. 657145

Sometimes I think about the guy I was head over heels with who caused me so much mental and emotional distress, how much he always brushed me off as crazy despite being the cause of it all, and how I let him do it with me raw because ~*~*condoms don't feel good*~*~. It's been years but maybe I should get an STD test one day just to know.

I love and value myself and my body a lot more now, but fuck. It feels like a permanent stain in my life, no matter how much I move on, it's just there in the back of my head.

No. 657147

thank you. i just feel like i could've prevented it and it was just so fucking disgusting how she took advantage of me. i told her about some really serious shit and how it had affected me but she always managed to spin it onto herself and make it about herself. seriously thank you because i think she groomed me, don't a lot of grooming victims feel guilt and at fault? this is so fucked.

i know about the whole depression affects hygiene thing, chronic depression runs in the family and i've seen it affect other around me, i tried to explain to her about how bad hygiene is just something that grosses me out but i didn't mean to come out as ''ableist'' as she said i was being. she was just so weird about it as if she wouldn't be grossed out if a smelly neckbeard who refused to wear deodorant approached her.

thank you, i think it was for the better i left before she could lure me further into her whole guilt-trap with ''muh twauma'' shit and make me her wk. thank you all

No. 657149

You definitely should. Do it! You deserve piece of mind.

And you'll get over it someday. He'll always be there because he was important to you, but it'll be as a lesson/just a person, not as the force he was and may still be.

No. 657155

>i think she groomed me, don't a lot of grooming victims feel guilt and at fault
Yes they do, unfortunately. I get it, I've also been a victim of grooming on more than one occasion, and I still feel that guilt creep up occasionally. However, when I see or hear it happen to someone else, it's so easy to see that it's not even remotely their fault–like it wasn't yours. And it wasn't mine, and it isn't anyone else's when an adult is blatantly lying about their age and manipulating them in order to victimize themselves and keep you in their web. That's what she did to you, and you did not allow that once you learned the truth, even when she tried, again, to manipulate her way into your life. She can't bother you anymore and doesn't deserve to. If you need therapy for this, I hope you're able to seek it, and if not, just remind yourself when you catch yourself feeling guilty that this was something she did, not you.

No. 657187

Why is talking to scrotes so fucking hard? Like man, I want to talk too, not just listen to you? This scrote literally went "oh you wouldn't understand this is some high iq 300 shit", we are talking about a fictional game character with pink hair.

No. 657188

File: 1602858682366.png (132.83 KB, 500x474, IMG_20201016_163042.png)

I will be 26 in 4 months and I feel like I'm about to die. I have no achievements, I'm a college dropout, no friends, no romantic/sexual experiences. Maybe if my life wasn't shit I wouldn't feel so old. I still look quite young but I have tired eyes, life is fading away. I remember my 18th birthday so vividly, like it was yesterday. Where did this time go?

No. 657193

Did you laugh hysterically at him and call him a dumb bitch?

No. 657195

Dumb vent incoming
This year I signed up for a course that's usually done by 2nd years (I'm a 3d yr) meaning I won't be familiar with many people there and since it's a pretty hard course, and to top it off, online, I'll need to find a team to join for all the projects in that course.
By some dumb luck, a dude from my year messaged me on facebook because he found me on the list of students in that course and he offered to be in my team. Great I thought. How wrong I was. Ever since he contacted me he's been trying to chit chat on messenger and I can't stand it. He's a friendly dude and I don't mind short convos here and there but he's asking such general questions and my replies are so dry it's awkward as hell. I'm glad to have someone from my year who I met before in my team but I feel like the era of chatting on messenger ended like 8 years ago, or maybe that's just me. I'm so bad at carrying 1 on 1 convos with people I'm not that familiar with. Hell, I don't even chat with my great friends, we just send each other memes and maybe comment on some uni/life related event and then get to chatting when we meet up irl.
I don't want to be rude to him but hearing my phone buzz/tabs light up makes me dread being on my computer.

No. 657197

I hate talking on the phone so much, but my family, especially my sister, tries to call my every single day. Please just text me for miniscule things and call once a week if that. My life does not change that much from day to day and I have two jobs. I've started screening their calls more often, and they get so pissy with my because they feel entitled to my time, but I can't take it anymore. This is making me sound like a self-important/selfish asshole, but it's just too overwhelming. "What's new, anon? Tell me about your life? Boyfriend?? Work" "Same..as yesterday…I'm trying to unwind can we talk later?" "Noooo, I miss you!! What's up!?" "Literally nothing, sis!" "Aww!" and then…she makes a conversation for 30 minutes! Bitch wtf!!!!

No. 657203

Don't talk to scrotes unless its necessary, its so peaceful.

No. 657204

Same. I only phone when it's an emergency, I don't want to have a dry ass conversation over the phone when I could just text.
My mum phones all the time just to say things like "hey I'm on my way home!" then hang up. I love her so much and it's so cute she checks up on me but she could've just texted that.

No. 657205

>implying it's ever necessary to talk to scrotes

No. 657206

If I see one more eurofag think they know anything about actually living in burgerland because they watch shat-out netflix trash I'm going to sperg even more than I am right now

No. 657207

I have a date tonight and I'm so fucking nervous, it's becoming unbearable. I don't even know why I feel like that, I've known the guy for several years now and our relationship is headed in a good direction, so I shouldn't be so emotional. Maybe it's because it's my first real "romantic" date (at age 27 lmao) and I'll be making sure that we won't go too far (I have a bit of a cough and I'm on my periods anyway).
Not really a vent but writing it down made me feel a bit better, wish me luck girls.

No. 657209

Aw, okay that's really cute, and I don't think I'd mind that even though I agree I'd prefer it to be a text. It's just that my family (mostly dad and sister) call to talk. Every. Day. We're all spread out so it makes sense, I guess, but still.
My sister's husband's family talks on the phone/FTs all the time apparently, and she thinks it's cute and wants us to do that too, but it uses up my social battery just as much as spending time with people in person does. The only one I can answer the phone regularly for is my mother because she rarely calls, has reasonable length conversations, and is just as eager to get off the phone after 20mins tops as I am kek.

No. 657210

>you know some people can't afford basic stuff like deo right? you know how much the system has fucked people over so now they can't even shower from depression?
Kek, guess it's only okay for her to be an unwashed cow. Don't beat yourself up anon, just be glad you didn't waste another minute on this mental liar. She pretends to be a woke type but on the inside she's a bully who believes she's the only one who has any real problems.
Like other anons said, bullet seriously dodged.

No. 657221

Expat/immigrant related vent. Probably super common, but I don't know where I should be these days. A shitty hometown had me yearning to leave, and I've spent the last 5 years in 3 different countries most recently in an LTR in this one for 2 years. We've split and I found a job, they pay mad cash here, like I'll save enough in 6 months that amounts to a year's wages in my home country.

But for the first time I'm feeling true isolation. What does this country have for me really? I'm sort of seeing it as an extended holiday. No sense of home now I'm single.

But then where? My bffs from my home country are understandably more distant, and their lives and personalities have changed so much we don't gel well anymore if I'm honest. Family is friendly, but only in small doses. When I visit my home country it may as well be a completely different place. It feels like there's nothing there for me unless I build from scratch.

Where's my home? The prospect of starting completely anew now feels daunting. I just want to relax into a comfortable, homely atmosphere but it doesn't exist.

No. 657222

Am I being a bitch for not wanting to put up with my mother in law's behavior? She and my husband have never had a close relationship and she drives him batshit with her constantly nagging at him, so he will avoid her for a couple of weeks only for her to go off the deep end and say that he must not want anything to do with her. The last time, he made the mistake of saying that we were having a lot of things going on and I guess not giving enough context made her think that meant personal troubles between him and I. She keeps a small apartment in her home country, and kept making the point that he always has a place to go. Cue in the point where he drops contact to ignore her hysterics and she sends me a wall of text about how she thinks their relationship is done, that he doesn't want to talk to her, and thank you for being so kind, etc.
I can't help but to think all her kindness towards me has been bullshit, and that she's just perpetually lying in wait like a trapdoor spider for something to be wrong.
Sorry for the wall.

No. 657230

File: 1602860516351.png (11.23 KB, 211x227, uy.png)

Of course

No. 657231

I fucking HATE my coworkers. all of them. they are loud and obnoxious and act like they are all uwu friends when i know or a fact that all of them would murder each other if that meant my bosses would like them more. and it's not even about money, just to be "the perfect employee" or something. it's pathetic. not to mention the blatant mysoginy of all of them, even the women. i hate them all

No. 657232

File: 1602860661450.png (44.29 KB, 657x657, e07b20ffd67e495e5f6325dd395d0a…)

You're both absolutely right, but goddamn I just wanted someone to talk to about the character.

No. 657237

That's just what being an immigrant is like, anon. Try to find like-minded people where you live and be grateful people don't also hate you for being from a specific place.

No. 657243

It's inherently manipulative because her relationship with her son is not your problem, at all. Since she believes there's an issue between you both that's causing her son to distance from her, then her talking to you is probably an attempt to put pressure on you and guilt you. Remember she's only talking to you right now because her son is ignoring her, she told her son he's free to come home if he needs it. She is not your friend.

Tell your husband to grow a pair. His mother is harassing you and it's all because he had to blame his cowardly avoidance on some nebulous "a lot goings on" when that wasn't the truth anyway. That was no mistake, he just didn't want to deal with the consequences of telling his mother she's overbearing and setting up proper boundaries cause that would've required effort and discomfort.
Seriously that has got to stop.

No. 657249

Thank you anons, your words mean a lot to me. #♥##

No. 657259

Tom Nook I hate this fucking commie

No. 657301

>is he, a christian who believe you're sinful and going to hell, with you?
I don’t know. It doesn’t seem to matter to him. He never went to church either (before quarantine). I honestly think he is just Christian because he was raised that way.

I completely agree that forcing a woman to give birth against her will is disgusting and barbaric. That’s why his belief disturbs me so much. By “good intentions” I meant that he has sympathy for the fetus (or “child” in his words). Personally I know that it makes no sense to sympathize with a non-sentient clump of cells rather than a living breathing woman, but I am trying to assume the best of him.

No. 657308

Thank you for the reply. He's tried to set up boundaries and explain to her that they don't have a friendship, and that she needs to find people in her life that live near her instead of relying on him to be there to vent to. She defaults to the lie that other parents have such strong relationships with their children and talk so frequently.
I would love to have a relationship with her, but I don't want to deal with that kind of manipulation and I don't trust her anymore.

No. 657313

> but I am trying to assume the best of him
Enjoy your wasted time

No. 657316

>Trump supporter
>pro life
Lmao good luck sis.

No. 657334

DUMP HIM ANON please, you deserve better than a man who obviously doesn’t view you as an equal in your relationship.

No. 657339

I wish I didn't waste my 20s thinking I am straight. I actually fell in love with a straight girl in high school (made my high school years miserable) and had a crush on another on after graduating, but I managed to convince myself they were just phases. I never wanted to talk to men but I still thought I needed a boyfriend, and I did go out with a man when I turned 25. It was really bad, he was very shitty person and we never even had sex, but I'm still glad it happened because it kind of convinced me that I don't like men at all. The problem is now I'm 30 and now that I have accepted this about myself I'm afraid it's too late for me to find love. Why the fuck did I waste so much time pining after straight girls?

No. 657343

So if someone raped you and you got pregnant, he would be against you getting an abortion?

No. 657344

>implying any man views his female partner as an "equal"

No. 657377

I had a moment just like this yesterday. I went from feeling confident and in control to deflated and hopeless. Trying to remember that feelings are just that and don't need to dictate my choices. But damn it's frustrating. Honestly if I wasn't concerned about meds fucking up my brain even worse I would absolutely take some magical pill to just keep me stable and happy all the time. People always say "you need the dark times to remember to be thankful for the light" but nah bro, I'd be totally content just existing as a deliriously happy sap 24/7.

No. 657404

I feel so bad anons, I have been preparing for an exam for the past month like every single day consistently, it kept me very busy and I just wanted it to be done but… now that it's done… I feel so bad and so sad and so just, empty, just like how I was feeling before I started studying for the exam. The same old dullness and hollowness. I cried a little, these feelings felt so far away, and they're back again and I'll just have to get used to feeling ths way again. I guess being busy is good for me, I feel so terrible rn.

No. 657407

No. 657408

christmas is the worst time of the year and I hate everything about it. It's only october, and the fights in the family have already dramatically increased due to present buying and preparation for christmas.

No. 657419

Try to drin chamomile tea anon and focus on breathing. It’s just the uncertainty that we’re mostly nervous about so I’m sure when you arrive and you feel the vibe it’ll be fine!

No. 657426

God damn, I became so lazy recently.
I can't get my ass up to do anything recently. Tho, I feel good mentally, just unmotivated.

No. 657437

I feel like shit but I have lost 6kg in a month, I don't even miss eating anything in particular but I just wanna eat like pasta once a day but that shit makes me bloat and I am not wasting calories on some low nutrient bullshit like that.

No. 657444

I have really bad anxiety and today I had the courage the jump on a potential opportunity. There’s a colleague I really respect, and we’re pretty friendly, who was offering a service I would have loved to try out and support them. The problem is, the price is a bit steep for me right now, and the service lasts a whole month but idk if it will end up being a good fit for me.

So, I took a chance and asked if they would consider offering a smaller package for the service. I wasn’t ripping them off in ANY way, it would have been a higher money to effort ratio for them. But they declined, and now I’m scared that everything will be awkward or they think badly if me and just really sad that after working up all that courage it failed and now I just want to hide for a year and never talk to anyone

No. 657451

It's okay anon, there wasn't any harm in asking unless they blatantly stated they weren't open to other opportunities. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. The colleague likely has a clear concept of what they want/are capable of providing right now and your plan just didn't fit within their current vision. Maybe once you've saved up some money you can join them for the full service if you're still interested.

I doubt they think any less of you though, and if they do, that's on them. Clearly you weren't intending to undercut them or minimize their worth. This wasn't a failure, it was just a rejection - you can let it hurt you, or recognize that rejections are common even (especially) among the most successful people because they don't let something so small stop them from seeking opportunities and improving themselves.

No. 657452

How did you manage to loose that much anon tell me your secret

No. 657456

Thank you, ily. I know I should just be proud for taking a chance but anxiety says it’s time to cry. I was so excited to get to support them and I’m pretty sure I would have been the first customer

No. 657462

my on and off bf is such a disgusting unfaithful, womanising sociopathic cunt but i’m at the point where i don’t expect loyalty anymore. should really block the fucker and let him abuse some other girl, turn his sycophantic ex against her as a weapon n see how he likes them apples

you are such a bastard i hate you so much but also i’m so in love with u wow

No. 657464

I am pretty sick and eat little, I try to stay under 1500 and most days it's nowhere near 1000but I don't really do much because again, sick.

No. 657465

Also no soda, alcohol, candy, no junk foods, or red meat because I don't like it. Beanit is my fave protein atm.

No. 657471

File: 1602882723060.jpg (66.78 KB, 700x684, 48093276043763.jpg)

I love you too! It's okay to feel embarrassed and upset for a bit; I'm glad you realize it's unfounded though. I think your colleague is lucky to have someone who is interested in their work and made the effort to support them even if it didn't work out this time.

No. 657472

That's not love anon… you're just in a dysfunctional, obsessive downward spiral. I hope you can come to appreciate yourself more and move past this guy.

No. 657478

Set other deadlines for yourself with learning, even if it's not school related

No. 657488

im just an austistic sperg fest shit show today huh?

No. 657521

File: 1602887289857.jpg (72.82 KB, 500x378, 5688e5148c13cc8f9abf7113c185a8…)

I hate being a neet so fucking much.

If I was a heiress or w/e, I probably wouldn't mind, I'd stay at home all day pursuing my hobbies and stuff. But I am just a leech for my parents and that kills me inside

I am trying, I am applying to jobs in multiple areas, but it's either too competitive, or I am not qualified enough, or both. Not to mention how it's harder now by itself because of the pandemic and because my country has become more and more of a shit hole since 2016.

I hate my current self and I am useless.

No. 657523

wanna trade lives with me anon? i hate working so much!

No. 657529

>>655214 *poseurs. Poser is a person that poses, but poseur is the word you're looking for. Like >>655221 said because they beat me to it.

No. 657533

I dislike every generation. Aplha, centennial/gen z, boomer, gen x, millennial/gen y, and silents. Has anybody heard of fringe generations, like Jonsers? (late boomer-early gen x).

No. 657553

I hate when I explain how I feel about something and STILL get a sarcastic and rude response.
No matter if it's from a friend or some Anon on here,it pisses me off.
I need to be stronger

No. 657570

Are you me, anon? I get that feel, just hang in there and know you're not alone.

No. 657573

File: 1602894357754.gif (9.64 KB, 220x220, 5498693536456.gif)

It's so frustrating right? It doesn't take me hours to get over like it did when I was a baby, but in my heart I'm still a freaking carebear so there's always a moment of, "Why can't we just get along?"

No. 657574

I usually just respond with rudeness in turn. When that happens, it almost feels like there was no point being nice in the first place (even though I know there always is, doesn't feel good to be an ass for no reason).

No. 657590

i made a twitter yesterday and have already been called out for liking radfem-esque shit and i had to immediately deactivate. i only had like 10 followers too. i havent been on social media in so long i think ive forgotten how sensitive they tend to be

No. 657591

Why did you have to deactivate?

No. 657594

ntayrt but she said she got called out for liking radfem stuff

No. 657599

i was following lgbt related accs and someone noticed i had radfem views so they posted me on a big account. so instead of dealing w being stalked by tras i just deactivated immediately because i dont have the energy. if it were me a year ago i wouldve entertained it but god that shits just so boring now. now u have to worry abt whos gonna leak shit on u or send u death threats, the account barely lasted 24 hours. i wonder if there even is any more mellow social media spaces because that was full on retarded lmao i shouldve been more careful

No. 657604

Yeah, but like, realistically, what are they gonna do to a literal who with 10 followers? Harass her until she deactivates? (well, which she did lmao) Unless OP was dumb enough to make an account with her personal info on it, or the TRAs somehow get their hands on her IP address, it's not like they can doxx her. Can't you block people or prevent them from sending you DMs?
It's crazy they went after you just for liking radfem tweets. Aren't there a handful of radfems who have Twitter and are open about it but haven't been run off the site yet? We need more people who can do that, honestly.
Not sure what you mean by being careful - you definitely shouldn't put your personal info up on social media (not just because it's dangerous to express radfem views these days, but because you don't want to have people having that info on you in general), but you shouldn't have to censor your views either.

No. 657612

>Aren't there a handful of radfems who have Twitter and are open about it but haven't been run off the site yet? We need more people who can do that, honestly.
Nta but there are "radfems" on twitter with a few thousand followers, but they mostly talk about trannies and grooming on the internet, nothing else. I was surprised how many "radfem" twitter accounts exist now and how popular they are, but I quickly noticed that radfem ideology got so watered down in those circles that it became just transpeaked liberal feminism. There's a huge amount of young women calling themselves radfem, but they don't know theory etc. They don't want to seem as man-hating, they're not critical of femininity and piv, they think lesbians are predators who want to castrate their precious boyfriends and rape them and they react to any female separatism discourse with agression and victim mentality so basically lolcow Actual radfems and lesbians critical of "watered down" radical feminism never have that many followers, although they also exist on twitter and stick together. They also have wars with fake radfems. Why call yourself something when you don't even know basic theory or you want to reject it?

No. 657614

This shit makes me seethe kek. Then they find the actual radfems and finger wag at them for hating men or having female centric spirituality/religion or actually knowing theory and expecting other women who call themselves radfem to know the basics

Or act like lesbians are privileged lmao

No. 657615

No, I know that with radfem theme content you shouldn't give out any info. I did listen to that advice. It's less about doxxing and more about death threats and such. I was cyberstalked for several years because of social media, so I avoid any situation like this. I got kind of paranoid too, because this would put a social media account of mine in the limelight.
I agree, I shouldn't have to censor myself but I should've been more careful with arguing with randoms if I wanted to keep a low profile. That's a new life lesson I suppose lol

No. 657619

> act like lesbians are privileged
double post because I forgot to respond. Yeah thats a part of what just happened as well. Bisexuals on twitter act like theyre this endangered species and lesbians are stabbing them repeatedly. Theyre so okay with insulting us, it really is hilarious how hypocritical they can be.

No. 657621

Anyone else have literally no friends? I’m the youngest at my workplace and all my coworkers are 40+ so there’s no one my age to be friends with there. I think I normally don’t care about it because I have a large immediate family that satiates any need for socialising, but sometimes, like right now, I get hit by this overwhelming feeling of missing out. I just feel so out of place. Also I’m so shy, but unfortunately I feel like it might come across like I’m judgemental or stand-off-ish?
It’s been so long since I last had friends that I regularly hung out with and messaged, that I feel so out of practice. I forget to keep up with text conversations, my desire for meeting up is minimal and full of anxiety. I know it’s completely conflicting statements, but that’s exactly how I feel! I’m pining after this experience that I dread to put into practice. My ideal situation is for someone to come into my life and I just skip forward to the part where we’re close friends lol.

No. 657629

File: 1602902195741.jpeg (20.77 KB, 275x206, 9BD4565E-A570-4C20-942B-49F222…)

ugh i can tell my coworker is actively trying to court me because he constantly touches base with me throughout my shift, asking how things are going, and then later tonight he decided to get aggressively playful by jokingly telling me I’m a bitch for telling him excuse me and him moving out of the way (he wanted to start up some banter, but it came out of nowhere wtf)
and im polite because i don’t like starting shit and i always want to present myself as a nice person when I feel like I’m not, but sometimes the nice act isn’t worth it because dudes like this guy take any semblance of politeness and interpret it as flirting.

No. 657631

I had to delete Instagram because I got cyber stalked. (I feel you on the cyberstalk thing) I only followed libertarian accounts (regardless if it was left-libertarian or right-libertarian). That was 2 1/2 years ago too. Haven't had one since.
>>657621 I had two guy friends, but they became really weird so I randomly stopped talking to them, but I don't care about having friends rn. I've gotten stabbed in the back prior friendships or should I say "friendships".

No. 657644

I’ve been friendless for 6 or 7 years. I have my sibling who has their own family and when I was in college I only had acquaintances to do schoolwork with, not really friends. I don’t use social media and that pretty much severed all my relationships.

No. 657649

I feel you anon. This guy at my work kept trying to start small talk with me despite me never being interested. He asked me for contact info and I just gave him my discord (lol) because I felt awkward saying “no” since we were alone. For some reason there’s something so repulsive about a guy you’re not interested in flirting/socializing with you, even if he’s nice about it. Idk if it’s just me.

No. 657652

Before venting, I would love to ask, if you live with your parents, does your mom still cook for you? How often does she do it?

No. 657654

it's shitty that radfems have to deal with bs like that just for caring about womens liberation.

No. 657655

Me, my mom and my dad take turns in cooking dinner.

No. 657656

Breakfast is every-man-for-himself but my mom cooks lunch and dinner 90% of the time except if my dad is excited about a recipe/wants to treat us, then he cooks.

No. 657659

She cooks all the time for herself (as a hobby she enjoys) and lets me have as much of it as I want, and if I ask for something in particular she'll make it for me. She also makes me a sandwich for work most of the time, because she wakes up really early. I always make my own breakfast and about half my own dinners.

I'd feel worse about being such a womanchild if she didn't like doing it, she absolutely loves it when I praise her food and she's a health freak so feeding me nutritious meals makes her happy. I'm dreading moving out because I'm just not passionate about cooking like she is but I don't want to sacrifice a healthy diet out of laziness.

No. 657662

My mom hasn’t cooked for me since I was like 16 because were always separately busy and eating at different times. And we also have different food preferences and crave different things so it works for me

No. 657673

She sometimes does, my dad tends to cook a little bit more than her and I'd say I cook the 90% of the times, they're just busy with work. I'm vegetarian so a lot of the times they cook, I end up doing my meal to not bother them

No. 657674

hate not having money lads
gonna buy a lotto ticket and pray i win

No. 657678

Ok anon spill what do you need to vent about that required you to ask a bunch of us if our mom cooks this is killing me

No. 657699

I found a video in my trash folder of my crying on my macbook talking about how my life was over (kek..) and I noticed just how fucking weird my facial expressions are . I don't know how to stop it though. My mouth also looks crooked when I talk so that's triggering….

No. 657710

My mom cooked for me rarely, once a month I'd say.
My boyfriend's mom cooks for us once every few months.

No. 657711

no. she'll make a random lasagna or something every three months, but she's never been big on cooking. she cooked for me when i was a kid, but once i turned 12 or so, i learned to cook and bake on my own and i've been making dinner every night since (everyone usually does their own thing for breakfast/lunch). i like to do it, i'm a good cook, and i guess it's one of the things i contribute to the household. sometimes she does help me with the little stuff like chopping things up or boiling a pot of water so the process goes faster, but that's about it.

No. 657714

File: 1602917469682.jpg (10.2 KB, 225x225, 1566ba60488e9278d720d8c801635d…)

Men would be perfect if they had vaginas. I only had sex with women because I'm too autistic about men having dicks. Average women are hotter than average men, but when I compare my 9/10 men and women, the men always win. I just find male form more attractive. I constantly fantasize about snuggling with men and it makes me horny. But vaginas are objectively better than dicks. If my 9/10 man had a vagina, he would be perfect (10/10). But having a dick, literally no man can be 10/10. Dicks ruin everything. I don't understand how can a male form be so attractive to me yet when I look at a dick, the magic disappears.
>inb4 just date a tranny
I don't want a fake smelly hole with fecal bacteria in it attached to a male body pumped with female hormones. I want a natural self cleaning pussy attached to a biological, MANLY man. Thinking about scissoring with an athletic, hot guy makes me go UGHHHHHHHHHH Why are males so imperfect?

No. 657717

just date a tranny (a pre-op passing FtM)

No. 657723

File: 1602918345747.jpg (99.2 KB, 794x992, patricio-manuel-03-ht-jef-1909…)

Just date a tranny (chad aiden)

No. 657724

>I'm too autistic about men having dicks
> I'm too autistic
literally what the fuck is this post

No. 657725

Buck Angel.

No. 657727

Wow women make better men than men make men better than men could ever be

No. 657729

well I am autistic, but this is one of the things I can't stop sperging about and it prevents me from getting close to men
I like Buck Angel but I don't think I could date a trans person, all trannies are deformities. I just wish men and women existed as they are except men had pussies instead of dicks and we could cross fertilize each other

No. 657732

Shameful fetishes thread is in /g/, ma'am.

No. 657741

Damn I never would've guessed these people were women. Seriously >657727 is right, even when it comes to trannies women do it a million times better kek

No. 657748

>radfem ideology got so watered down in those circles that it became just transpeaked liberal feminism.
Agreed with this and every other point you made.

No. 657752

I might get banned for this post, and called out of sounding like a ~*special snowflake*~ or something, and this probably belongs on AG but that site is dead. but anyway I hate being gendercrit, having some radfem views and some conservative and some liberal views, but not enough to fit into any of those categories (I tend to agree with radfems the most, but still shave and like dick etc). I wish there were more normal gendercrit people like JKR who weren't hardcore conservatives or radfems (I have nothing against radfems though)

I don't know what else to say, thanks for coming to my TED talk

No. 657760

this is such a dumb comment. Why are you going to twitter for your radfem shit? Actual radfems are at meetings and heading union meetings, not tweeting. No shit the radfems that are very online on twitter are retards, they're still twitter users.

Do you guys seriously think the radfems partaking in praxis are having "wars with fake radfems" on twitter. Grow up.

No. 657763

Not sure why you're so pissed; AYRT is criticizing the same people you are, which is twitterfags who masquerade as radfems. She even ends it with a sentence about how actual radfems are not the same as them.

No. 657784

I either do this bullshit all day or obsess over people who don’t know I exist and I’m tired of myself. My mom went on date for the first time in a long time and I’m envious because no one has ever asked me out and I feel guilty just for going places with her money, and I’m a sibling parent. Obviously it wasn’t by choice, but I haven’t had a real social life in almost a decade so it’s not like I’d have anywhere to go with anyone anyways because I don’t know anyone anymore and I have nothing to tell them about my life because I do nothing with it. Everything I was supposed to have in my formative years was put on indefinite hiatus because someone had to raise the kid and I have to live my life at 24 paces slower than my peers or finally play catch-up. I can’t even die.

No. 657786

i had a mental breakdown yesterday and tried to give myself a mullet, failed, and ended up cutting way more and now i have a weird and choppy early 2000's hairstyle and i want to kms even more

No. 657787

post pics

No. 657801


Hard same anon. After peaking with JKR I tried to fit into GC spaces like Ovarit but deep down I'm too lib for them, so much radfem is just dumb to me, like not wearing dresses or makeup because it's a symbol of male oppression wtf. Literally some of them think wearing a dress in your house alone is contributing to women getting raped and oppressed somehow. To me that's just as abstract and stupid as believing cotton ceiling is oppressing transbians

Now I'm all riled up about TRAs but kinda politically/ideologically homeless because every side is too extreme for me. I believe you can be both assertive and empathetic with these issues but that nuance is nowhere on social media now. I just want to have a place that lets me talk freely and make memes without descending into ideological purity in-fighting.

Eckhart Tolle TERF site when

Let's both enjoy our bans lol

No. 657803

I just had a surreal moment where I felt a wave of sadness for Christine Chan. I didn't even follow her story/sagas until that Geno docuseries came to my attention this year, but I just saw the thumbnail for the latest one and felt sad. It'll probably go away once I come to my senses and remember she sexually harassed women and did Black face though.

No. 657808

If you are seriously calling chris a she then yeah you need to come to your senses

No. 657809

I've been having a wave of panic attacks and intrusive thoughts these past couple days. It's overwhelming. I know this is just a small setback, I have been doing my best to ignore the panic like a small child having a tantrum, but it is difficult sometimes. I'm having symptoms I haven't had in months, I keep having stress poops and chills. I just hope my appetite will be fine, I really don't want to starve myself on accident again. I pray to myself I will get through this bump in the road. I'm going to try to keep more active and wear my muscles out so when panic hits they'll be too tired to react hehe

No. 657810

i hate being short so fucking much i just want to wither away sometimes.

No. 657817

I tried to find an amazing carrot cake tecipe i did last year but i can’t find it anywhere. It was a “like Starbucks “ recipe and i remember my colleagues really loved it and even asked for the recipe. Now i wanted to prepare it for Monday but the recipe is gone! I never wrote it down so i just had to google it’s making me furious and now i don’t want to bake shit at all ugh

No. 657825

>Christine Chan
Kek, this is the first time I've seen someone use his troon name unironically

No. 657843

My stupid proxy won't let me post images on this cursed site, I've been dying to post Munroe Bergdorf's Time cover in the TiM thread because it's so bizarre and hilarious to me

(not ban evading, my normal IP is shared and has a permaban from years ago before I knew this place existed)

No. 657867

My family's currently watching Crazy Rich Asians and the display of wealth just makes me want to puke. I get it's a light-hearted aspirational romcom or whatever but I'm reminded that there are real people who live like that and waste their piles of money on the dumbest shit.

No. 657870

The girl I'm literally in love with just came out as non binary, idk what to do. Seems like a sign to run but I really like her…. Uhm…them.

No. 657874


What is in your mouth? Drop it!

No seriously, this is bad. You can't have a healthy relationship with a woman who hates women so much she won't even call herself one

No. 657875

How is it overall? I remember Asian Americans making a big deal about it but if my ethnic group was represented that way I'd be pissed and feel insulted just from the trailers I've seen.

No. 657882

Well, I'm Asian. I'll say the characters definitely allude to what actual members of Asian high society are like. So there is representation happening, kek. I think it's dumb that Asian Americans are touting rich Asians as somehow "better" than rich white people. They're just as bad when it comes to underpaying employees or buying their spoiled children's way into success or out of trouble. I even found it hard to feel sorry for Gemma Chan who's supposed to play a "good" rich girl because after her husband cheats on her she easily leaves their shared luxury condo to stay in one of the 14 luxury condos she owns (an actual line in the film). But to be fair, as mindless romcom fodder, it's fine. Quirky cast of characters played by charismatic actors. The sort of thing its intended audience wants.

No. 657889

If you love someone, you love them. Do what feels right to you.

No. 657891

I agree with everything you said but I can't help to love the film kek it's my guilty pleasure and I rewatch it like every two months. Maybe because I like fashion and Singapore idk

No. 657894

IF YOU LIKE THIS MOVIE YOU'RE A CLASSIST WHO FETISHIZES ASIANS!!11! JK kek. I'll never knock someone for enjoying a movie.

No. 657896

Oh god, I agree. I love movies with fashion and nice aesthetic, rich SIL was my fave character. Are there more movies like that?

No. 657900

File: 1602950842044.jpeg (117.55 KB, 1410x1214, AD2E4078-8D8B-48D9-A80E-214BE6…)

i stumbled across that picture of the french teacher yesterday and now i think im just going to delete twitter/social media and immerse myself in soft things…cottage core, sanrio, only happy music…ill even stay off the damn shayna thread. i hope it makes me feel better.

No. 657921

I'm out of the loop. Get me in the loop. Loop me.

No. 657931

A French teacher was beheaded by a Muslim, because he showed a photo of Mohammed in his freedom of expression class, later on the pictures of the head and his dead body were post on social media by other muslims saying that the teacher ask for it

No. 657932

the french teacher?

No. 657934

I approve of your idea, anon. Also, that hello kitty looks adorable and I need her.

No. 657937

Are we being raided again?

No. 657945

I'm investing in high top shoes.

No. 657958

This is horrible… My heart is with you French anons.

No. 657970

Probably. I'm so annoyed, I might leave lc for a bit until these retards leave.

No. 657971

yes, of the beheaded professor is really horrible , the attacker was kill by the police btw

No. 657974

Arab worshipers slaughters kaffirs

>Apologetics: "you don't understand bro, it's the rampant Islamophobia in France, Uk, Sweden which radicalized them bro"

Never understood this logic considering in these countries more non muslims die at hands Islamist than the other way round

Christians in Egypt, Syria, Pakistan endure worse than Muslims in Europe yet they don't go around baying for blood of muslims

No. 657976

The French gets a lot of islamic attacks don’t they

No. 657980

Why have I based my self worth for this entire year on a compulsive lying shoplifting pothead?
I'm rarted.

No. 657983


No. 657985

File: 1602958003093.jpg (4.62 KB, 306x165, rarted.jpg)

Alternatively, I'm a dumbass bitch.

No. 657988

I feel sad that I can't make friends. I want to make good female friends but the thing is, every woman I've met already had a good group of close knit friends so they would be no need for an extra friend, y'know? And I don't really have much to offer, like I'm very middle of the road, uninteresting. I even tried the bumble bff thing, thinking maybe there are other girls like me who are bad at socializing looking for pals, I swipped right on every single woman till there were no profiles left and didn't get one match. I feel so bad. I'm so lonely. Guess I'm stuck like this. It's not like I hate my company, I love it. But everyone wants someone to talk to sometimes…

No. 657991

Anons intention was obvious regardless of the reference going over your head

No. 657994

god my country has other problems but I'm glad that at least we didn't take any muslim immigrants. I doubt they would want to be here anyway because our social welfare isn't as good as that in Germany and France kek.

No. 658001

No shit, I just wanted to know the reference of rarted or if it was a new dumbass word. Goddamn. TA already replied, dumb bitch.

No. 658004

File: 1602959698202.jpg (12.21 KB, 351x385, eh.jpg)

Samefagging. I think there is something inately wrong with me, there has to be. I've tried every thing. I am a good listener, I barely even talk about myself, I guve feedback, make jokes and listen with interest when people talk. I do almost every favour and help every time. I don't say no to stuff. I've even tried my luck with people whi had the same interests as me. I give gifts sometimes, even if it is just a simple small meme-y drawing. I don't annoy with constant messages, I don't ever ask for any sort of help. I listen to vents, give advice. But no one is a close friend of mine, there is no one who I talk to. I am simply never in someone's mind. I literally only talk to my fucking mom ffs. Why can't I make friends? I have idea what I should do. I feel so defeated wasting my early 20's all alone. I know I sound extremely bitter, and it's because I am.

No. 658008

All you had to do was google it, ta overreactive cunt

No. 658009

You're a doormat.

No. 658012

Reading abortion debates online makes me so angry, and there have obviously been more of them since it looks like the Supreme Court is going to have a conservative majority. Stories like that 10 year old girl in Brazil who was raped and got harassed/doxxed for seeking an abortion really get to me. It's so fucking wild to me that you can have the opinion of forcing literal children to go through pregnancy and it's a completely valid, normal opinion that half of America shares.

No. 658017

Wouldn't doormats make good friends? What should I do then? I'm all out of ideas.

No. 658021

>I don't ever ask for any sort of help
Crucial mistake. You need to involve people in your life. Why would they consider themselves your friend if they're not involved in your life?
When you ask for help from someone, you're asking them to invest in you. To invest their valuable time amd effort. When they make that investment, that person bonds to you, because now they have direct personal interest in you. Seeing you do good is seeing their investment grow. They have poured their effort and time into you and that makes you valuable to them. Then you will be on their mind.

I know it may sound a bit strange basically saying "get friends by asking for favors", but I can vouch it's a successful bonding strategy. Not only that, but receiving help is 10x more important for inducing bonding than giving it.

No. 658029

I always thought I'd be annoying if I asked for help/a favour or if I talked about myself. I cannot imagine someone actually interested in how I am doing etc, seems so foreign. Do small favours work? Like asking for help carrying stuff, or fixing your hair or something? At least, in the beginning. Thank you for your insight though, I think I may have been doing it wrong all this while.

No. 658038

Interesting but damn this sounds exhausting, I hate asking for help. I will remain a hermit I guess

No. 658041

Sure, small favours are a good start. Good luck!

No. 658042

Based. Took me a lot to understand it but it's absolutely true. Small favors like these ones >>658029 can help with strangers but you can't be close with someone if you haven't shown a vulnerable side of yours, and that's done by asking for advice, help or just someone listening to you vent

No. 658046

But for someone to listen to you, they have to want to listen first right? How do I even get to the stage where a person is willing to let me talk, vent, ask for advice? My attempts at talking about something I'm interested in or something that happened to me have never been successful. Like, someone more better than me interupts or my voice just drowns out in the convo. I've actually forgotten how to talk about myself now. I feel weird even talking at all.

No. 658051

I hope france starts being even meaner to muslims

No. 658071

There’s a big man yelling maybe at his wife? In the car next to me am I about to have to risk my life to check on her? Fucking scrotes

No. 658075

I'm 29. In single and childless and it's all on me becuz I refuse to lower my standards. If a man is under 6'1, doesnt have a cute face and treats me like I'm goddess I lose interest fast. I'm borderline asexual. I feel lonely but this is on me.

No. 658080

Um LICHERALLAY me mate. Except I'm turning 24. But in my culture that's considered being an old hag.

No. 658082

Why would you want anyone who's anything less? I was with some ugly cunts and it was miserable. Imagine what the child would look like.

No. 658087

All my friends are settling of fat or ugly scrotes becuz they are so desperate for kid and marriage. Meanwhile here I am still waiting for a 6'3 man who looks like cole sprouse.

No. 658089

There's this Discord group I'm in and most people there are totally chill but there's this one chick who's really obnoxious and she's honestly making me want to leave. She has this "if you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best" attitude and she constantly tries to control what people can and can not talk about because it might trigger her traumas or whatever made up issues she's having.

I was forgiving this behavior at first because I thought she's like 23 at oldest and young people can be immature but turns out she's not much younger than me. Jesus Christ just try to become a jaded chill person like all the normal people reaching their 30s.

No. 658092

Wtf 24 is really young anon. Where do you live?

No. 658093

Stop misusing the word asexual.

No. 658096

Yeah, this is serious business /s

No. 658098

I want a 6'-6'4" man who looks like my celebricrush too anon. Preferably younger than he is at his current age but not too young. Can god not give me what I want no matter how I manifest and pray? Why is life such suffering

No. 658099

It's just annoying since I see people doing this all the time. You're not asexual, you're just a picky straight woman lmao.

No. 658101

Am I on Twitter?
I've pretty much given up on finding a hot man who loves me. I'll die alone from alcoholism.

No. 658104

I wasn't op tho.

No. 658105

Same. I'd rather die than touch the average man (maybe men in my country are uglier than in western countries, idk). I'm still a virgin and I really feel like many women just learn to cope with fucking ugly guys because they think that's better than being alone. It's gross and sad.

No. 658107

I don't know if there's any other canadians, tell me what you think, but it's came to a point where rightwingers stereotype about immigrants being treated better than long term citizens, has basically come true.

No. 658108

I'm going to talk from my experience because I can't fully analyze yours. I have a group of girl friends, and sometimes we interrupt each other when sharing random things, sometimes we let it pass and don't mind it but other times, we say to each other, nicely, that we were speaking and that is important for us to talk it out.
The same thing happens if someone wants to vent, we just announce that there's something in our minds and we'd like to share it. A little bit of anticipation is great, the other person can prepare to listen to you.
Maybe you can try to communicate your needs a little bit more? If your friends are worth it, they'll understand and give you your space and their company. If they don't, they aren't good friends.
Also, > someone better than me
There's no one better than you anon! Delete that mindset.

No. 658110

File: 1602968837079.jpeg (12.37 KB, 320x168, 1578504837669.jpeg)

Why do people that suddenly go by they them use the dumbest fucking names. A girl I knew had a perfectly fine name and now she goes by fucking Bip.

No. 658115

im horny

No. 658118

Would a white US female get this kind of immigrant privilege, or is that treatment only reserved for the sand religion escapees?

No. 658119

File: 1602969567604.jpg (38.38 KB, 800x458, IMG_20190316_130258.jpg)

I'm having some health issues and will need to go to the doctors… i've tried self medicating but it isn't working out.

Things is i hate docs. They never listen or diagnose me right, and this issue is delicate, there are some symptoms i want to treat and some i don't, and there is also mental stuff involved. I would need a half hour appointment with a good one but all i can get is 8 minutes with some that won't even look at me.

I'm really close to just forgetting it, trying some natural stuff like better eating and exercise and if it doesn't work fuck it.

No. 658120

me too

No. 658123

I know that. I was speaking in the general "you." My point still stands.

No. 658127

In America, born and raised and American behaved. I'm just arab anon kek.

No. 658130

Browns and blacks from non western countries, especially men

No. 658148

File: 1602972760528.png (115.5 KB, 391x410, D9ddZI1UEAAiEK6.png)

i miss an ex friend even though she acted in a really disingenuous and manipulative way to me when we fought/when our friendship ended which threw me off
i was probably not the best at handling the situation because i shut down during conflict either
even though i should probably not engage with her anymore i miss talking to her a lot as she was the closest female friend i had at the time, even though she didn't seem to feel the same way or care about me as much

i feel bad about myself when i think about her despite admiring her so much for so long because i sense that she thought of me as stupid and didn't really respect me that much
she was uncannily similar to me in a lot of ways which probably led to a lot of mutual projection
i miss talking to her a lot even though i think she's kind of mean now ;_;
not sure what to do…i miss her so bad sometimes but she surely doesn't miss me…grass is always greener i guess

No. 658152

File: 1602973075996.jpg (78.9 KB, 660x371, MW-GP935_Blizza_20180912125149…)

I need advice from any Eurofag and to vent. I'm in a relationship with a man who is from east eu and I am from latin america. Anyways, when we speak of the future, he would prefer it if I moved to his home country. I mention how I don't speak his language and never lived anywhere so damn cold. His country is the opposite of my own culture, however the only thing similar is probably the machismo haha. I love my country, my culture, my people, to move to the other side of the world for him feels like I'm abandoning all I know. So far from anyone I know, isolated from home and being an outcast in a all white society. When I think of it, I don't see our relationship lasting for much longer. It makes me feel very sad because I want to be open to the idea of him sharing his culture to me, but I feel like when I'm there, I have to become one of them and lose my own to be accepted. That was my vent. My question is from a European perspective, do you look down on women like me? An immigrant living in your country? I don't want to move there and it's likely I will break up soon. I wanted it to work, but he is persistent that I should move to his "safer" land. I legit feel like Pocahontas leaving her homeland for John fucking Smith lmao.

No. 658160

Eroupe is really big and diverse, you’ll have to be more specific. Though, it can happen anywhere you go anon. You shouldn’t have to change yourself to fit a mold, but the truth is, people may not always be accepting if you are “the only one”. Is it really worth it?

Make him leaves his country for yours. Men will always have an easier time anyways.

No. 658163

Short answer: don't do it. I'm originally from eastern europe and aside from some nice coastline areas in southeast europe, most foreigners HATE living there long term. Especially the poland/ukraine region. And as someone who's seen alot of this type of situation, there is always resentment from the party who left everything behind.

No. 658167

What's the actual fucking point in me taking a math course and paying an instructor if I'm teaching myself everything online? I'm borderline retarded when it comes to math, and having a course where I struggle to understand the information be strictly set up as them tossing up a rando's video for instruction and some steps is killing me. Why not instead have a zoom meeting or fucking anything where I have a chance to ask questions along with others during the teaching process?
I know that I'm stupid, but damnit there should be damage control for this

No. 658169

Depends on the country that he lives in. Some of them are shit about outsiders with the languages harder to learn.

No. 658170

East eurofag here. Don't do it. I mean, as long as a woman is safe there, I don't think she should ever leave her home country for a scrote. Sex roles are more traditional in eastern Europe and slav men are pretty sexist imo, we don't have rampant racism here although it's probably because there's not many PoC and the racial tension is non existent in comparison to western european countries. But there's definitely pressure to "fit in". Business/education/social perspectives are not even half as good as those in western Europe so not many immigrants choose to live here in the first place. Overall, don't do it. And ask him why he can't live in your country.

No. 658180

Obviously I wouldn't look down on you, but as an immigrant you'll have a really hard time assimilating because learning the language tends to be next to impossible for foreigners and Slav men are assholes to women, especially foreign women they see they can lie to and exploit.

No. 658183

I don't want kids. My boyfriend thinks I'll come around to the idea some day, but I just don't see that happening. Motherhood is a cute idea, but I'm not cut out for it. I don't have the patience, and I'm not willing to give up my time, which is already fleeting and precious since I've already spent way too many years not doing things I wanted for myself and just doing what I can to survive.

It's amazing how one incompatibility can be enough to break an otherwise great relationship. I feel like I've spent years convincing myself that I wanted kids simply because I didn't think anyone would want to be with me if I didn't.

No. 658185

Same but my bf doesn’t want to

No. 658206

>most foreigners HATE living there long term. Especially the poland/ukraine region
Funny you say that, because literally every foreigner I know living in Poland says they expected it to be scary and shitty and it's actually really good if not better than their own countries, most of them are living here 5 or more years already. Granted, I live in the capital city, not some small village. But yeah, Poland and Ukraine are nothing alike; so I'm joining the people asking >>658152 to specify which east European country because differences can be pretty big.
In general though, if your boyfriend is treating you well now, it's not likely he will change to some monster returning to Europe; we're not like this anymore, if someone has already tried the more progressive lifestyle most commonly associated with the west, it's not like they have that second evil regressive personality buried deep inside.

No. 658209

as others said, it does depend on the country, it is not one big shithole over here but please please please don't do it either way. you WILL regret this. and easteuro men are NOT worth it anyway (not like any man is lol)

No. 658237

im not horny anymore

No. 658241

File: 1602983787873.jpg (7.79 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (3).jpg)

I'm so fucking sick of having ADHD. It's so severe I was told that my case was rare in adults, and far more frequent with children (yay!) I can't do shit at work. I can't remember shit. I gt fucking humilated by all my manager, except one. I get basically yelled at left and right for stupid shit, I got told I wasn't going to "get anymore help, I'm not going to tell you again" (despite only telling me.. twice?) after I messed up the sequencing of customer service. I've been yelled at for making everyone's job harder because I was slow on a drink, just nonstop. I tried telling them that I am suffering with it and it's extremely hard for me and they just kinda quirk a brow and nod. I'm sick of it. I started new meds for it but it's barely working (just works on my temper, if anything.) I want to be fucking normal. I have other disorders too but this is the only one that really affects work. I want to quit and try to find something a little easier but this job pays REALLY well. I feel guilty and sick every day because no matter how hard I try, how much I prepare myself for the day, I end up feeling like the eleven year old they have to babysit.

No. 658247

I almost moved to the other side of the country (amerifat) for a man and I'm so glad I didn't. Being in a completely new culture away from all of your family/friends is a terrible situation to be in if the relationship doesn't work out. You will be way too dependent on him, and it sounds like you don't see a future with him anyway.

No. 658253

My friend/roomie is such a fucking moron.

"P-P-Please let me get my own mail…. all of my letters show my pre-troon deadname" Bitch I've known you for two years, if you wanna be a tard and make me leave your mail in the mailbox when I get ALL the mail, fine whatever. But holy shit this is the stupidest autistic hill to die on. Why are all ftm troons so afraid of people figuring out their deadname, especially when we ALREADY fucking know it because it's on the fucking lease?!?!?!?!?!? I know your deadname already and if you had any fucking initiative, you'd have fucking submitted a name change request years ago but you're lazy and retarded and will never go anywhere in life because you dont take risks

If you're wondering why I'm talking so much shit about someone I referred to as a "friend", this is a venting thread and I'm pretty pissed at this point of bending over backwards for this idiot.

this is also the same person that was insulted that i used afab kek

No. 658260

just sucked a dick i did not really want to suck, just so i could make him cum and not have sex with me so i could leave. why did i make myself suck a dick to get out of a situation? i could have said, dude i don’t really hook up with people. but i sucked the dick and went straight home after. i only did this because i was lonely and wanted company since my boyfriend of 5 years dumped me last week. this did not make me feel better or worse, i feel exactly the same except with a shitty taste in my mouth. i just felt like it went too far to turn back, he started kissing me and i started kissing back to be nice and…ugh. i wish i were stronger. hating myself right now

No. 658264

File: 1602985924200.gif (2.42 MB, 498x280, tenor.gif)

man i was SO STOKED to get home and make this pork tenderloin i've been marinating and thinking about all day but when i get there my mother (whom i love dearly and have a great amount of respect for but cannot cook for shit) just threw it in a crock pot and now it's all dry and nasty and flavorless ahhhh i cry

No. 658266


No. 658267

Nice try but roommate girl's roommate wasn't a troon

No. 658272

i was groomed and sexually abused when i was underage by a member of a horrible awful gang/cult (can't even be specific without being afraid of them knowing) and i know for a fact the photos he took of me were distributed around the group. now a lot of members of the group are being indicted for child pornography but not enough, but the group has blackmail on me and knows where I live. I can't even pursue legal charges against the man who did it to me because he's fucking dead and everybody I knew he was in contact with used pseudonyms. I've never told any of my friends or family because (especially with more details) it sounds like a complete bullshit lie that I stole from a lifetime movie or something. So I just walk around carrying the weight of knowledge of what this group and man did to me and get reminded of it fairly often with the news articles and just want to throw up every time

No. 658276

I'm sorry to double post but I just remembered even more things the group members were involved in, one of them I was told by my abuser often brought girls to a cabin his family owned, and would date rape them with his friend. i personally witnessed him cum inside the underwear of a passed out underage girl at a party, a party being held by the teenage sister of my abuser. I was also underage and nearly blackout drunk, and when I tried to talk about how fucked up it was, my abuser locked me in hisbedroom for the rest of the night. i block out the time where I knew him and when I remember things from it, I just get even more disgusted and ashamed that I didn't try harder to get away from him. I let this disgusting, evil, horrible man take my virginity and abuse me and I was and still am too much of a coward to speak the truth besides on an anonymous internet gossip board. sorry yall I probably should've saved this for my therapist

No. 658278

Please don't feel guilty that that happened anon. It really wasn't your fault at all. He took advantage of you and all the other girls he raped. If you remember any details (like location of the cabin, any-ones name) you could make an anonymous tip. There are hotlines and places like wetip. If the case is open authorities would be interested. I wish you the best.

No. 658281

Your friend sounds insufferable and retarded so I don't blame you anon.

No. 658282

wow, I had no idea of this. Very interesting, is there more milk on her manager?

No. 658289

thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate it. One of the men who used the cabin for date rape is dead, the friend is still alive but comes from an extremely wealthy family, his dad is a lawyer who is a large financial backer of well-known newspapers in our area. I don't even know any of the girls have gone to the police, it would have been years ago, honestly, it would probably just sound like schizo rambling, especially considering my only tangible source on it is dead. sadly I doubt it would go anywhere. I just really hate men a lot and can't believe how common condoning rape and abuse are among them.

No. 658292

I really hate it when teachers or literally anyone gets mad at me for asking questions. It makes me not want to ask for help ever which makes me become even more confused. What's worse is that i already have an extreme fear of talking to people so when they get mad I almost never ask for help again. I understand why some people just drop out of society. Why are people like this.

No. 658293

>Be me
>Find funny blog
>The people behind it are nice
>Follow them
>Days go on
>Aggy, a lolcow, is getting more and more callouts
>Funny blog gets defensive
>Not funny anymore, just sucking Aggy's dick
>"Fuck you and support Aggy, you just hate her cause she is a Twans whaman!"

>Visit blog again after months

>They double down, can't shut up about how ~woke~ they are
>Realize that the only difference between "antis" and "anti antis" is that one of them is just open about their fetishes, but they are just as annoying

Why I can't find new people to talk to without being shoved on the face with "Support this person or you hate my identity!"

No. 658294

I don’t use social media but one of my friends I haven’t spoken to in years messaged me on the account of a site I still use. I’m going to wait until tomorrow to respond but fuck it’s been so long since I talked to anyone it’s so much easier to just avoid and ignore everything

No. 658309

File: 1602995667832.jpg (122.78 KB, 1033x1390, stars-gene-tierney-P4GGGR.jpg)

I want 1940s and 50s fashion to come back but every decade all you bitches care about is the 90s and 80s! 40s and 50s fashion is the only style that flatters women of all ages.

No. 658312

I love Gene Tierney. 40s silhouettes were so damn flattering.

No. 658316

File: 1602996190977.png (1.28 MB, 1200x628, Mrs.-Maisel-FB-1200x628-no-ove…)

20s-50s America fashion is iconic. Could have been some of the best years in this country if not for all the period-typical 'isms and 'phobias of that era. The 70's was cute too, but it can't top the years before it.

pic is a 2019 tv show, but I frickin love Midge's outfits

No. 658326

maybe try reaching out to her? im sure she wouldn't be mad if you at least sent her a friendly message or something. even i still miss ex friends, especially ones i had a lot in common with..

No. 658327

God, the outfits on Mrs Maisel are so flattering. I'm always jealous of her clothes (and body kek).

No. 658340

Its hard to move on. But you got to. Thats what I'm trying to do.

No. 658343

I'm so tired of this family member coming over at the end of my day out of no where to vent about their social circle problems, I just want to unwind then go to bed
When I have a good day it feels ruined by this persons sudden negativity

No. 658365

File: 1603002802498.jpeg (13.13 KB, 259x195, download.jpeg)


I'm still dwelling on some bullshit that happened two weeks ago, haven't brought it up with the people involved but I keep thinking about it every so often and getting pissed off.

I rarely see my cousins/relatives because whenever I DO see them they spend hours getting drunk and being stupid assholes and my sober ass has zero patience for them. But the other night one of my cousins was moving away and I figured I could say good-bye because she's the least assholish.

What followed was a fucking interrogation from all of them about my life/job, basically asking me why I'm poor and why won't I do anything about it, like I just decided that I'm better off making minimum wage at a retail job. They all have really well-paying jobs in finance, lots of vacation time, benefits etc. and they're rich as fuck (and deny it, of course), and they really can't get why I'm not doing as well as them. They piled on the most condescending bullshit reddit-tier "advice" like "fInD soMeThIng yOu LiKe To dO". Thanks, assholes, it never occurred to me to pick something I like to do and look into jobs that involve doing it.

I'm obviously lowkey jealous that they're well-off and can travel and work from home, but I also get this kind of bullshit from them every. single. time. I see them. And then they wonder why I don't want to see them? Like, I'm sorry I couldn't go to college? Sorry my brain isn't wired for math/STEM??? Sorry my mental illness held me back in life??? I didn't ask for fucking advice. If I'm not in an acceptable income bracket for you, why do you want me around at all?

They might mean well, but I really don't give a fuck. They're oblivious, patronizing, privileged people and in between dropping their "advice" they were being rude to the waitress, just to top it all off.

No. 658378

I want to castrate all scrotes larping on this board.

No. 658389

File: 1603005950190.png (5.42 MB, 2320x3088, je5krkl5s3851.png)

I straight up hate men. They can go from oppressor to "uwu oppressed" in a matter of one shitty shave, a skirt and some striped thigh highs. They call themselves "femboys" and flash their ugly wrinkled "bussy" on camera because it helps validate their newfound fetish. All while wearing cheap 2 dollar panties from aliexpress and amazon because they can't even bother putting effort into anything. They do the same poses in EVERY picture (kawaii peace signs while showing a quarter of their face, occasional boxxy level eyeliner, shitty bangs and a face mask to hide their ugly fucking gappy grin).

Fun fact, after I typed that description, I googled "femboy" and easily found several pictures of exactly what I described all within a few seconds, one of which being picrel. How did I nail it on the head?

Then they get to be absolute cunts to everyone and it's fine. They've finally got the clout to do that. They have simps that'll cling to their every opinion, they have the "don't worry dude I got your back even if you wear skirts" type shit. They basically still have their brotherhood but if you try to fuck with them they cry oppression "it's because you're jealous of my juicy ass and THICCCCC thighs!!!!" (which are just chicken legs). They worship 12 year old anime catboys with tiny penises because they themselves have 2 inch dicks and a flat chest.

Later, they get a little fat and have "boobs" now and then eventually they admit they're "twans" and now they're 100% untouchable. But they still have male simps and are worshipped as a "WAMAN" in STEM, with cool CODING skills and an "awesome" personality. And these aren't the ones that even try to get a girlish personality. They are still just men in skirts with an absolutely trashy personality, retweeting straight shota because it's reminiscent of the love they never got from their own mothers.

No. 658390

I think the issue here is that you think women need to be flattered at all. So a small waist and larger bottom with slim ankles and high heels is what you mean?

Genuinely looking for an answer here, not trying to be a bitch.

Otherwise calling this a larp.

No. 658392

Do you know that saying, "ignorance is bliss"? I want to be a child.

No. 658393

I want to support black women but often I feel like I can't because they stand up for black men. I think black male culture is absolutely vile and full of misogyny and too often black women seem to be just fine with that, thinking black men and women should stick together despite the fact black men treat them like crap just like how white men hate white women. I feel zero empathy towards black men getting killed by cops, most often they were most likely abusers and I'm tired of pretending that I care when I don't.

No. 658395

>and too often black women seem to be just fine with that,

Do you know any black women besides the ones you see in the media and loud voices on twitter? You know they don't represent everyone right?

No. 658398

Lol I remember ages ago when I still did cosplay and some scrotes criticized me for having "manly chin" while praising some femboy in really tacky cosplay lolita outfit. He was wearing a mask like in your photo so his male chin wasn't showing obviously but he was described as "really cute and feminine".

No. 658402

Scrote opinions on cosplay and fashion never matter, I sincerely hope you laughed it off and carried on with your day. To confuse them, like and retweet their comments or reply with "thank you". Pricks.

No. 658409

Those masks with the ":3" face are so ugly. Why do they constantly wear them? Do they not realize it just exaggerates a long midface and makes them look even more horselike?

No. 658414

I agree that some men shouldn't be shielded, but I think it's weird when people specifically talk about black people as if this issue is only in the black community. A lot of black women talk about the way men treat us.
>I feel zero empathy towards black men getting killed by cops, most often they were most likely abusers
I see what you mean, but usually police don't even have any idea about felonies/federal crimes in these murders (like Jacob Blake, who is a rapist, which afaik would not show up when police run a person's name) so they have no right to kill people. The whole point of BLM isn't defending black men, it's saying that police have no right to execute people.

Anyway, just to be clear, I understand and agree with what you're saying. I'm not trying to start an argument or anything lol

No. 658422

I don't wanna come across as like overly intelligent, hell I don't even consider myself particularity intelligent, but it pains me seeing so many people(American's, Arabs, Europeans, Whites, Blacks e.t.c) discuss religion and politics without having the least bit of research, I see this on twitter and even so called political podcasts

even 30 Minutes on Wikipedia add something to a conversation, like I read books, blogs and various news sites about geopolitcs and current affairs and now whenever I'm conversation with the vast majority of people it becomes an insufferable experience cause of how little people know, the only person I can talk to about geopoltics is my aging gen-x ex-Army officer Uncle

No. 658424

I'm going to throw up from how stressed I am. I was talking about fighting games with a group of discord friends and how I hated a matchup with one character vs the one I play. Someone mentioned a dlc fighter and when I told them I didn't have any of the dlc and the conversation dropped off from there. Went back to practicing a character in the game and only noticed a couple of hours later that I had emails from steam.

One of the peeps in the group is kind of generous with gifting people subs to twitch streamers and games occasionally. This person gifted me nearly $200 worth of stuff and I think it was an accident. Because there were individual characters but there is also a pack with all of them so I think he hit add all dlc to cart. I feel so fucking bad since I already accepted one of the packs and the story expansion before I fucking realized. And this person is offline and I've been spiraling into anxiety attacks ever since.

I hate when people spend money on me and $200 is a lot of fucking money.

No. 658426

Have you dropped him a message for when he goes online? Just to clarify some things. I know how anxiety can snowball little issues that trouble you into the absolute worst things ever, I've been there, but for now just try and breathe. Stay offline and do something else until you know he'd be awake/online.

No. 658428

You're punishing yourself with anxiety attacks and stress over someone else's actions. Why are you doing this to yourself? The guy who gifted you all that is accountable for himself. Drop him a dm and calm down.

No. 658429

Yeah I sent him a message explaining everything and also told him I'd refund if that's what he wanted because I feel like there is no way he ever meant to spend that much and did it without looking at total. I feel bad got even accepting the packs I did on top of that now and I have 15 pending gifts of his (the rest of the individuals that I hadn't accepted before thinking too scroll down.) So now it's just a waiting game and I'm tired as hell but can't sleep because I feel awful.

No. 658432

>you're making yourself anxious .You're punishing yourself for someone else's actions

Hate to tell you this anon but I have GAD. So I stress over everything. Even if it isn't my fault, I worry about it. Try not to but it doesn't always work out yanno?

No. 658433

I see, well I hope you'll be able to calm down and go to sleep.

No. 658441

It's quite comical from my point of view anon, breathe. If it's an accident you can always refund. Nothing you did wrong nor should feel guilty about. I'm sure he'll just laugh it off. Make a joke ya know?
>u tryna be my sugar daddy?

No. 658444

Incoming coomer rant and I apologize in advance but IRL femboys are disgusting and always look like your pic related. I really fucking hate how they shoehorn themselves into a discussion about a 2D anime femboy like anyone gave a shit. Take your box chin and shitty aliexpress thotwear ass out of here you degenerate, I don't need to see you trying to kin my husbando.

I mean more power to them for daring to be gender non-conforming but I always feel like throwing up when they somehow expect people to simp all over them simply because they're an "irl femboy uwu". Dude that's the problem, you're not a soft, beautiful anime character. You're gross. Like all 3D men.

Gotta always love how they have impossibly high standards for women but once some twitter trap puts on a $10 cosplay skirt and a pair of programming socks it's like Venus herself descending on them.

No. 658450


Every "soft / fem" boy I ever met was a manipulative cuck and a thirsty guy who would never care about your age, as long as there's a chance you may send them nudes. One of them even tried talking to me after years, casually and dramatically mentioning how he had a crush on me when I was 14 (I am 20 now), we sepnt some time watching trashshows and he ended up raging and being pissed off after I went afk to greet my s/o. Never messaged me again after. Keeek.

When my family was suffering he tried ticking me into sending nudes for him for money when I was only 17. "Technically legal" my ass.

No. 658460

I feel like I can only be myself online or when I'm drunk or when I'm daydreaming

No. 658469

File: 1603017869368.jpg (74.28 KB, 500x663, 821446b7ab29404ef411f17605dcef…)

My favorite pillowcase is falling apart

No. 658475

Scrotes can't do anything without making a huge deal of themselves, whether it's wearing a skirt or watching a pony cartoon made for little girls. They also always need to point out how "much better they are at this than women". It's like their mental illness makes it impossible for them not to degrade women at every opportunity. You don't seen fakebois doing that and claiming how much better they are than men, let alone becoming full Nazis.

No. 658498

I despise how hated I am by people, it feels like no one has the same views I do but I also can't stay silent about them. It's like no matter what I do I'll be fucking ostracized. I get demonized so often and it's seriously fucking obnoxious. People will threaten to kill me then pretend I ruined /THEIR/ life. THIS HAS HAPPENED TWICE. I decided to get rid of everyone and start over, and while that is going well, it's fucking crazy how long I've let this shit happen to me. I'm doing a lot better now but like damn I've just been a doormat for people.

No. 658520

heather is that u?

No. 658524

I actually forgot about her but that would be funny.
No, i just have no clue how to have normal friendships.

No. 658545

stop fucking your pillow, anon

No. 658550

Does grinding on pillows really work? I just can't believe it, I've tried it with firmer, softer, rounded, angular, all sorts of pillows but I've never once gotten close to orgasm. Maybe my clit is too small for the pillow to really grind on it good? I just flick my bean with my finger. Is there a learning curve to it?

No. 658552

File: 1603028671232.jpg (35.67 KB, 500x626, download.jpg)

Become the sexy villainess you were meant to be, anon

No. 658553

Be an adult and just stick with your hand. Pillow fucking is early puberty shit

No. 658556

File: 1603028800566.jpeg (65.09 KB, 372x520, 5F19CAED-3C07-418D-B5A4-0EEE7F…)

Anon-chan don't stop…

No. 658569

Nta but grinding against chair while having full bledder gives my better orgasms than stimulating clit with my hand or a toy or anything else. I learned to do this when I was 10 and nothing comes close

No. 658572

My dear grandma has just been intubated and put into an induced coma. She tested negative for COVID and has a bacteria, but they don't know what exactly and need a few more days for the results to come in. I haven't called her this week and I feel awful.

No. 658583

Who cares? Not everyone finds finger blasting enjoyable.
>while having full bladder
This sounds uncomfortable, though.

No. 658633

It's mother's day in my country and scrotes are trending "MILF" on Twitter. There's just no hope. Some guys are critizing it, but there's just no hope for men

No. 658637

File: 1603036273013.png (563.64 KB, 469x640, s-l640.png)

This is so so funny to me, I love you all so much.
Also though on a related note, I'm desperate to cuddle something big bc I'm lonely, just got out of the hospital, and I'm going through a bad time rn. I found a dakimakura of my husbando and I'm wondering: have any of you got dakimakura/body pillows? Do you have any buying tips? Do you fuck them? I just wanna cuddle but one thing might lead to another you know how it is

No. 658645

Weirdly, I’ve done this too. Never thought about anyone else doing it.

No. 658647

maybe, i was the one who blocked her though despite feeling like i got the short end of the stick behaviorally..
i really loved her (platonically) but it would suck if i got burned when trying to contact her
oh well! i might try it sometime anyways

No. 658668

Had something similar happen with my friend, it was a really bad time in my life and hers as well, she’s still upset with me for ghosting and going cold which is understandable. Maybe your friend would be okay with it, maybe not. Hard to tell, depends on how you present your intentions.

No. 658688

Anon… that body pillow is gorgeous! If you get to buy it, I think it will look beautiful.
I kind of want a body pillow so I can pretend I’m hugging my husbando, I’ve been giving up dating for a while so… might as well have something nice to cuddle at night when I can’t sleep.
I think i might end up having more than one, maybe 4 or 5 different covers because I got lots of different kinds of husbandoes that I like.
I think a good tip is buying the cover and then getting a nice pillow on your own, because I’ve read that sometimes, when you buy the combo of the pillow cover + pillow, the pillow itself isn’t as fluffy and nice to hug as others.

No. 658692

My tip is to get the fabric "peach skin" because it feels the nicest against skin.

No. 658709

File: 1603042480404.jpg (107.46 KB, 854x1280, 507a3502ef7207bf160041bb2836c2…)

Because it focuses on making a woman look mature and classy so everyone can look good in it. A 40 year old and a 18 year old can look nice in it.

No. 658710

I keep seeing people I know who were my friends once and I can't stand how they all have their lives together, but I'm always still here. I've been in and out of hospitals, going to doctors, doing uncomfortable exams and having anxiety spikes every other day. It's been almost four years. I'm tired and I can't imagine living my whole life like this. I keep telling myself that the next week will be better, then the next month, then the next year, but it never gets better. I just want this to be over, I want to live in a house far away in the middle of nowhere with the things that I love and waking up and not feel even a bit of pain or discomfort. I want to forget the needles, the medicines, the stench of sanitizers and latex gloves, the sounds and color of the probes they shove inside your guts, the fucking pale green of the sheets and clothes of the hospital and nurses. I wish I could go back to when I was a child and wasn't afraid of anything, full of energy and healthy.

No. 658717

Fashion from the 40’s and 50’s are cute, but I feel super homely when I wear it, especially next to women who wear the style more gracefully than I. I’m just too straight-bodied for it. It’s more flattering on curvy bodies imo. I just look like Olive Oyl lol.

No. 658726

File: 1603044015623.jpeg (503.91 KB, 2048x1660, C3504BF8-818C-481E-B744-3EA6C3…)

Idk if it’s because they’re new or just retarded, but I’ve began to hate a couple of anons that just seem to ruin threads with their hyperaggression and autism so viscerally that I finally just have no motivation or interest to contribute anymore. I suppose that’s a good thing. It’s been an interesting six years everybody lol.

No. 658728

No. 658730

File: 1603044585653.png (2.62 MB, 1248x1676, DCF3A7FA-D83F-40CC-9252-5AB551…)

No. 658732

I feel sometimes like I've kind of failed as a woman, even if I know logically there is no right way of being one. When I visit other sites I'm always assumed to be male and I've engaged in destructive behavior against others for selfish reasons as a male might. Friendships I've had in the past have dissipated because other women have said I'm too aggressive or bitter. I lack empathy. When it comes to more stereotypical traits associated with womanhood I've never cared to put much effort into my looks, and the idea of getting a boyfriend has always been at the back of my mind rather than a necessity. This disconnect has been present since I was a kid - I was never invited to anything like sleepovers and I was always seen as the weird girl. The only women I've ever been able to find real connection to have had various problems themselves such as autism. I know fostering friendships and a connection with women as a whole will probably make me a lot happier but I don't know how to at all.

No. 658735

True, everyone you don't like is a tranny.

No. 658736

Misunderstanding, wasn’t meant to be interpreted as an accusation

No. 658739

good riddance

No. 658743

You're conflating ideas with how you don't fit the gender norms for being a woman, such as makeup and looks, with how you just don't fit the pattern for a likable person. These two things don't have to be related, if you don't want to be a typically feminine woman that doesn't make you bad or a failure. If you don't want to be a friendly, sociable person that's ok too, but you just need to find a way to do it without causing friction e.g. be ok being alone, work a solitary job where you don't need to interact with many people.
You sound like you don't know what you want though so you could probably benefit a lot from therapy.

No. 658744

This is a tad too classy. I don't know if it would still seem classy if everyone dressed like this though.

Now I'm wondering what 40s and 50s casual clothing looked like hmmmm

No. 658748


No. 658749

This is so ugly though

No. 658759

File: 1603046299032.jpg (69.05 KB, 300x1268, b91af66ffde1672087a780dc5f6fb5…)

60s-70s will always be better.

No. 658760

This is worse.

No. 658761

just say you don't have the face to make it work and go.

No. 658763

Yeah no

No. 658764

i feel so not real. the rare times i have to interact with people it makes me cry because they’re breaking my bubble.

No. 658767

Thanks for the reply taking everything into consideration, I appreciate it. I guess the "I don't fit in" stuff does sound pretty unrelated to the real issue of having a bad personality huh. I'll try to address and think of them as separate issues in the future and keep that in mind.

No. 658768

File: 1603047198830.png (3.66 MB, 828x1792, 1585E5EF-24E5-4FDF-97B3-2F26E1…)

That’s much more pretty the 70s are full of Polyester

No. 658771

File: 1603047292833.jpg (237.47 KB, 800x1503, yerdxcfgvh.jpg)

Can we all agree today's fashion sucks, though?

No. 658773

My best friend is convinced that I am gay and in the closet (even though I am straight) and keeps making passive aggressive comments about it and it drives me insane

No. 658774

File: 1603047511829.jpg (162.45 KB, 500x769, 18126454554.jpg)

you could never wear that to go grocery shopping, unlike pic related

No. 658775

jesus this image is going to appear in my nightmares for sure

No. 658776

this is a good balance between the 70's and 50's, this should be the standard

No. 658777

>I legit feel like Pocahontas leaving her homeland for John fucking Smith lmao.
This doesn't sound good lol.
anon, latina inmigrants (specially indigenous ones) are usually looked down in white countries. And eastern europe tends to be specially closed minded from what I've been told from my acquaintances from there. This dude should at least be willingly either to spend time with you in your home country X months a year because this shit of making you leave everything for him sounds like a serious redflag, and it's obvious you don't want to leave and he probably looks down on your culture. God this sounds so borderline, "drop everything just to come here and worship my ass daily", it's a formula for disaster.

No. 658779

Anon how long have you been at this job for?

No. 658781

Did she really act in such "disingenuous and manipulative" way anon? You totally sound like you hurt her and you were so busy wallowing in self-pity and angst you didn't acknowledge it nor apologized for it lol. I'm a little tired of seeing girls getting treated like crap and then getting shit for not being nice enough when they are just protecting themselves from being hurt any further. You can't hurt someone and expect them to be nice to you afterwards, come fucking on now.

Anyway if you miss her so much you probably should try to talk to her instead of whining about it here. are you a man by any chance? lol

No. 658782

Just replaced the starter in my car and now the brakes are messing up. Motherfucker….

No. 658785

I was watching this movie last night with my bf and I said smthg/asked a question and he interrupted me to tell me matter-of-factly "you're not an angel tho" like????? I know???? I'm trying to think how what I said could be interpreted as me thinking i'm an angel lmfao but nope it can't. wtf maybe my bf is retarded or smthg

No. 658789

Then why is she your best friend?

No. 658790

My whole thing has always been that I read a lot, and prefer “literature” to trashy novels. Today a friend asked for recommendations of classic books and I trawled through my 400 books on goodreads to find surprisingly few… I feel so dumb. Why am I shit at everything lol

No. 658792

Nta but attractive people can wear a garbage bag and it ‘works’, still doesn’t make it wearable on a daily basis. I doubt you have the face for it either.

No. 658793

She showed me emotional support when noone else did. Tbh, she's not the first person to think that I'm secretly gay, I'm very awkward around men. It's still annoying though

No. 658795

I like 60s fashion but this is not the example I’d use kek

No. 658799

File: 1603050109117.jpg (236.09 KB, 855x608, 145644_15544391915d5fe1665e15e…)

I'm >>658152 anon, thank you for all the replies, I feel better that you're all looking out for my best interest rather than making me feel dumb. I talked with my boyfriend last night about how I feel about moving so far away with him. He understands now why I feel like this. We settled on me living there for a few months and if I don't like it, then we will live elsewhere. He just wants me to give his country a chance while understanding he is asking for lot to transition completely there as a permanent home.

No. 658803

Nice humblebrag anon

No. 658805

Nta but since when is being a big reader a brag?

No. 658809

Take your meds and relax

No. 658811

Not a humblebrag, clearly you are able to read as well? Like 200 of those books are YA and most of the rest are equally unchallenging adult fiction. I’m literally admitting I’m dumb lol

No. 658812

Don’t even bother replying tbh, no use reasoning with the retarded

No. 658819

Pants like this are so unflattering on short pear shaped bodies, looks frumpy as hell. I’m doomed to A-line skirts forever.

No. 658820

I have nothing much to add that hasn't already been said but I'm a West-Eurofag and Eastern Europe generally has a terrible reputation here. Some countries more than others, but I wouldn't willingly go there. I don't know what Latin America is like, but before you go I'd make damn sure I wasn't downtrading living conditions and such if I were you.

Just wondering, is he unwilling to come to your country? Just make sure he doesn't convince you to stay or refuse to move somewhere else together once you're there and don't like it. It's easier for him to keep you there/convince you to stay once you're already there, so be careful about that.

No. 658821

>Some countries more than others, but I wouldn't willingly go there
Maybe you should though to not have to rely on stereotypes?

No. 658834

Most stereotypes are grounded it truth. And the truth is that the ten poorest countries and countries with lowest living standards of Europe are all in Eastern Europe. Among that there's plenty of other reasons to not wanna live there (when I said I wouldn't willingly go there I meant living for an extended period of time). Obviously this is a generalization of Eastern Europe but since Op didn't mention a specific country, that's all I have to go by. But please let me know if Eastern Europe is a really good place to live after all, so I can tell my local charities and churches to stop collecting money, food and clothes to send to Eastern Europe every year.

No. 658839

Latin America is even poorer, so what's your point?
> I'd make damn sure I wasn't downtrading
You can't.

No. 658840

>so I can tell my local charities and churches to stop collecting money, food and clothes to send to Eastern Europe every year.
both local charities and churches are collecting money, food and clothes for Eastern Europe? Girl, you're getting scammed lmao

No. 658851

Anon, even if a country is poor or rich, the op clarified she's leaving her whole life behind if she does leave. Moving to a slightly richer country doesn't automatically mean your life is going to become better or you are going to love it. So yeah, she could be potentially downtrading.

Following that logic, depression in 1st world countries wouldn't be a thing.

No. 658854

Tried having sex for the first time in months and I just started crying part way through lol. This is after taking a break from it because it was just making me feel guilty and gross. Guess nothing has changed. I think I would be fine never having sex again but I'm in a long-term relationship cool cool cool

No. 658859

wtf, that's really weird. were you critiquing/judging a character or something when he said it? not that that's an excuse because it's fiction lmao, but it might make a little more sense. sounds to me though like he could be angry about something and holding it in, which is why he snapped out of seemingly nowhere. just ask him what was up with that.

No. 658876

I just bought a used Huion Kamvas pro 13 off eBay and this shit won't turn on basically I purchased a faulty tablet for $203 dollars
Now I'm crying due to being extremely frustrated

No. 658877

I recently gave my notice at my job and my boss will not stop begging me to stay. He's the main reason as to why I'm quitting but I told him that it was due to the work load which is only partially true. His erratic behavior, laziness and gross ego have taken such a toll on my health. I have 3 weeks left and I really just want him to leave me the fuck alone.

No. 658893

my condolences, anon. Never buy important shit off ebay. Lucky all i've been scammed in there was a windows key that cost 10$

Don't forget to give that bastard a bad review to warn other tho

No. 658896

I thought I was dealing okay with a bad thing happening and now months later I’m not okay at all

I know it’s a survival mechanism but fuck I feel stupid

No. 658897

File: 1603058950934.jpg (6.59 KB, 201x250, f2c3b9023b7b4d2e61018689c7d4c0…)

>Ex bf messages me on discord
>He's transitioned
>Wants me to peg him
We haven't talked in over a year

No. 658902

Gross. Half of the guys I've been with have eventually brought up wanting to be pegged. Men are fucked

No. 658905

You have nothing to lose at this point, tell him if he does not stop you’ll report him to HR.

No. 658906

I wish tone carried over better over text, I mean, if I say I do not care, I truly don't. Unrelated but I am already freaking out about christmas presents, I need to mail them out and I would rather just order the shit I am not making myself to their homes but that would be a burden on them. I love getting people things, making shit but this year is so bizarre, I just asked my friends what they do not want and will go on from that but eughh.

No. 658936

>she didn't seem to feel the same way or care about me as much
>i sense that she thought of me as stupid and didn't really respect me that much

are you sure this isn't just you anxiety or insecurity talking to you? i'm sure when you guys were friends she loved you. some people may just not show it too well though.

No. 658937

Hey anon. I’m so so sorry you had to go through that. But please believe me, it isn’t your fault at all and you didn’t deserve any of this. Any. I truly hope you can find some kind of respite from this nightmare and that everyone involved is brought to justice. You’re really strong for still being here and going through each day, while carrying all this unspoken trauma. I’m proud of you.

No. 658944

Pegging is hot though. But I get that most women prefer to be submissive in bed. I'm a switch so the thought of dominating a man by penetrating him turns me on.

No. 658947

wow that's kind of aggressive when I didn't give any details, no i'm not a man, make your own vent post if you want to talk about something in your own life so bad!

No. 658948

I did it. I broke up with my girlfriend of just over a year. We'd been having problems off and on for the past two months, but it was really since the start of Oct that I started to sense it was inevitable.

I know I did a lot of things wrong. I ignored a big practical thing early on because I was thrilled to have a girlfriend. I slept with her too early (I was a virgin). I had the best full year of my life with her, and then…it was gone. I don't even know what happened. I started to fear that I was settling, and my attraction to her was gone. I couldn't see a future for us, and I wasn't proud of her.

Even though I felt in my gut I was making the right choice, I still feel so sad and empty inside. I was so happy during the relationship. I don't regret it at all. But with this and restrictions continuing in my state, I just don't feel like I have a purpose in life right now. I'm afraid in a month I'll still be miserable, and go "well, she wasn't the problem after all, why not get back together?" I know it wouldn't be the best thing for me, but it would be so…easy. I'm just a wreck.

No. 658953

File: 1603068808412.jpg (219.27 KB, 1066x1600, s-l1600.jpg)

It's not a body pillow you weebs. It's just a pillowcase I sewed myself lmao. That said, I had no idea people made Batman dakis and now I can't stop laughing

No. 658955

Retard fucking nerd I had to deal with today. I make ONE mistake and this fuckwad launches into an autistic rambling about how shitty I am and how he could have done so much better 'oh I'm so good at everything I'm a fucking genius yadda yadda' and of course his army of cocksuckers jump in on it and collectively starts shitting on me, too.
So fucking tired of dealing with these kinds of loser faggots.

No. 658956

File: 1603069230471.jpg (101.57 KB, 954x423, IMG_20201019_030020.jpg)

I always wonder if those men are larping or if there really are 20 year olds desperate enough to date 60 year old grandpas

No. 658960

I'd date a 60 year old, but only if he has lots of money. As long as he doesn't want kids it's cool.

No. 658965

File: 1603069879133.gif (720.99 KB, 500x315, 106973558.gif)

Love yourself jfc

No. 658966

i get a weird satisfaction from isolating myself but at the same time i feel so fucking lonely

No. 658970

erika sawajiri did it the right way

No. 658971

File: 1603070101786.png (113.62 KB, 310x233, 92849.png)

No. 658973

She is the blueprint. Betsu ni queen.

No. 658974

same sis, except he'd have to have a terminal illness, no immediate family members, and at least a 9 figure net worth.

No. 658976

I do anon lol. I don't have plans to fuck a 60 year old but, if a old billionaire wanted to date me who am I to refuse god's blessings?
Right. Gotta get that inheritance.

No. 658977

You do you I guess, but my understanding is that elderly sugar daddies are fucking psychotic.

No. 658979

I can't imagine touching a gross old ballsack or even kissing a man that old, no matter how much someone paid me. Maybe if I literally had to prostitute myself in order to survive and had no other options kek. Seriously can you imagine touching his wrinkly gross body?

No. 658980

I’m mean that is IF he plans on giving it to you. Some dudes go above and beyond to prevent gold diggers getting their money.

No. 658981

But I don't think the scrote from op's screenshot is a billionaire. I wonder what kind of 20 year olds he dates and it makes me shudder.

No. 658994

Man I hate that I'm just going to destroy my whole relationship and friendships because I can't stop dissociating everytime I have a stupid shitty flashback. I can't even find the words to speak and it's like my emotions just turn into nothing when this happens and I come off as so cold and uncaring. I try to muster up some energy and put on a fake face of positivity but I feel so paralyzed and fake that I just can't. It also just comes out of no where too sometimes. Gosh I just want to kill myself, I'm so sick of everything.

No. 658996

Do you want to talk more about this anon? What are the flashbacks about?

No. 659003

File: 1603072748305.png (114.09 KB, 381x224, 53453453534534.png)

I know the whole world isn't against me. But why does it seem that way?

No. 659004

File: 1603072792505.png (182.24 KB, 860x767, sdlkfdjs.png)

i have a performance this friday and its fucking cancelled because one of the guys i'm performing with caught covid
i know its inherently out of my control but fuck i worked so hard on this and it's all going down the drain
maybe if he didn't fucking hang out with people all the time we wouldn't have this problem but nah! he had to value pussy more than his health!

No. 659031

If the old men in Natsume Ono manga existed IRL I would agree

No. 659034

I think I've developed trichotillomania without realizing in the past couple years. Not even sure if that's a thing that can happen.

No. 659037

Everything about my period gets longer and worse when I'm not getting laid but I can't see myself caring about dating for a long time. Guess I have to adapt to only being a functional person for two weeks out of four. (1 week of pms, 1 week of period)
Can't wait for menopause.

No. 659053

Rewatching the Haunting of Hill House and man, I just want to cry so much with all the characteres' stories, especially because they can be so real

No. 659057

I just need a yes or no. Do I watch Bly Manor tonight?

(Hill House made me cry too)

No. 659059

Yes. I liked it!

No. 659071

After crying almost all night, I decided to come here to vent a bit. Why is it so hard to keep long term friendships? My only two close friends don’t treat me nicely. One of them takes hours to reply to my texts and the other replies rather quickly but never says anything, she just writes ‘lol’ or ‘yeah’ most of the time and that’s it. The conversation dies. I feel so sad because sometimes I just want to share something fun, or whatever, but I have no one to talk to. These girls don’t seem to care much about me so I’m always alone.

I’m talking to a guy (he lives In another country) but he’s texting me less and less and I think he’s going to stop talking to me soon.

I’m not a boring person, I mean I can talk easily about many things. But there’s must be something wrong with me lol I don’t even know why I have a phone bc no one calls or texts me anyway.

No. 659074

How old are you? You need to get friends that you spend time with in real life. It’s just weird/too difficult to keep a relationship over text only with people as an adult.

No. 659079

File: 1603083179769.jpg (70.88 KB, 720x826, 8799889.jpg)

Just smile! Don't rock the boat! You are just lazy and will be ignored if you bring up mental illness. That stuff isn't real!
I feel like I'm banging my head against the wall going in circles if I try to explain how to feel to my mom or bf. All this stupid pent up feelings and no where healthy to let it out. But hey all I know is learned helpless. Just a victim complex who complains is all.

No. 659080

Yes, I know. I try to hang out with friends in real life but they almost never want to because they claim to be busy/tired. I text now because it’s the only way to keep in touch with them.

No. 659081

Friendships fade. That's ok. There's plenty of people who are also in your position and are looking for long-term friends, but are having trouble finding the right ones. There's apps and websites out there for cultivating friendships if that's the way you want to go. You can also join a local organization or club if you have a hobby you're really into. I hope you find a good friend or even a few! I still struggle with it too.

No. 659095

Anon who was freaking out over a fighting game gift purchase a friend did over discord here again.

I ended up getting like 3hrs of sleep and he finally got online around 10am and replied to me. He legit just hit add all dlc to cart, he forgot they had single character purchases. He told me not to fret and just to decline the individual characters. He also told me he considered it a worthy investment since I'm interested in the game and in improving and seem to be really enjoying it. He's always really generous with people in the discord.

I should probably try to explain why I reacted all guilty. I grew up in a poor household, $200 is a LOT of money to me and on top of that due to shitty home life and stuff I really don't think I deserve anything. I feel really guilty whenever I get stuff because well I obviously have issues.

No. 659097

I can't relax around people. Whenever someone asks me something to get to know me better I immediately think that a. either that they are going to use that information against me or b. they are going to judge me for what I just revealed about myself. This obviously makes making new friends super hard

No. 659098

I feel so bad about this but I really don’t see myself working and being happy at the same time
I want to be a wife and a mum, and that’s it.
Everyone looks at me as if I’ve grown a third head when I mention that
But I’m disabled and mentally ill, it would be super difficult to keep a job and a household with the amount of energy I have daily and all the chronic illnesses/pain I have to deal with
And what would make me feel fulfilled would be raising some children by the countryside, and having a loving partner that I could take care of and have them take care of me in return
I feel like I’m wasting a lot of potential, but I simply do not see myself as anything other than that

No. 659100

>But I’m disabled and mentally ill
Disabled and mentally ill people shouldn't have children. And I'm saying this for a reason.

No. 659107

Glad to hear it worked out anon. That was really nice of the dude. I hope you enjoy your character!

No. 659109

idk where you live that people would find that unusual but it's not. It's pretty much the default and not even a little bit unique. Probably like 80% of women dream of being a SAHM, 10% are passionate about their careers and 10% are too paranoid about scrots ruining their life to consider depending on them for money (me). I mean, work sucks and women are socialized to believe we're pathetic lonely spinsters if we don't have kids so it's no surprise…

No. 659115

HVM care if a woman has education and a job that allows her to be self sufficient. Only low value men want women who don't want to work and prefer to stay at home. People usually settle down with people of similar status. A doctor will marry another doctor etc. Sure, a female doctor may choose maternity leave but she will go back to work at some point. Also, almost 50% of all marriages in the United States will end in divorce or separation. Researches estimate that 41% of all first marriages end in divorce, 60% of second marriages. Men who think realistically choose a working woman because if divorce happens there will be more money to split.

No. 659137

I caught my boyfriend looking at hentai when his phone was sitting open on it after he'd clearly jerked off. He doesn't even watch anime, I didnt get a good look at it but it could've been furry porn too? I can't remember much except a giant grotesque dick. I legitimately started laughing cos I thougth it was some joke thing someone had sent him until he got really embarassed. He was immediately defensive and and told me to leave. I'm feeling a bit hurt and confused but every time I try to talk about it he shuts it down saying he just doesnt want to discuss it. I dont know if the porn itself I have a problem with, fuck sake I barely even had a look at it, but he's usually really really open and confident with his emotions and I dont like seeing him like this. I dont know if its the porn I have a problem with or his reaction.

No. 659139

Coomer ass, pathetic. He's probably ashamed or something.

No. 659145

Wouldn't this money issue be avoided if people didn't merge their bank accounts? Lol I mean, I guess it makes sense to merge if you're a housewife and you need to go to the store or the husband can be smart and give her two hundred or so every time she goes shopping so you still have control of your own money. Idk people are so weird. My bf and I will not be merging our bank accounts because it's our hard earned money I like knowing exactly how much I make.

No. 659146

He is probably secretly a gay furry enthusiast, sorry anon. Try a few more times to get him to spill the sauce and if he keeps being a bashful bitch about it red flag him immediately.

No. 659147

Yes, we can all guess your reason, anon.

No. 659157

No reason to be passive-aggressive. Mental illnesses run in families and we have so much mental problems and autism in society right now partly because people with disorders and autoimmune diseases breed mindlessly (well, almost all people breed mindlessly but some are worse than others) and they only think about themselves, not about their hypothetical children.

No. 659158

Jerking off to big cartoon dicks when he has a gf… You having to walk in on that beautiful scene.. Yeah any normal woman would leave.

No. 659161

It was either gay furry or futanari furry porn. Good luck, anon.

No. 659165

Nta, I agree with you, I just don’t really see the point if joining bank accounts in general, why not just create a new bank account and let the husband deposit in it every month?
Unless part of the kink is that the wife has to be like “teehee this is my hubby’s bank account” or some shit.
It’s not like it will be completely inactive and the moid can deposit enough for their monthly or weekly needs.

No. 659167

Whenever I talk to someone I don't know I have an existential crisis and I suddenly don't know who I am, what my likes and dislikes are, why I made certain choices in life, etc. Is this normal?

No. 659172

But the point is, once you're married, all of your assets are joined in the eyes of the law. It doesn't matter if you split your bank accounts. If you get a divorce, everything you own will be split 50/50.

No. 659173

I think so. It happens to me too.

No. 659174

not unless you get a prenup. which is what ill be doing

No. 659175

Ok but most housewives won't agree to anything else because 50/50 split benefits them.

No. 659177

dudes are pretty ugly in general but like FUCK the bottom of the barrel ugliest lowest common denominator dudes live in my immediate area and they all LOVE ME
I’ve been getting a bunch of fb requests lately for some reason even though I barely use the platform and just… vomit
I’m not even saying they have to be some male model (that’s not my type) but I don’t think I could bring myself to be with some mouthbreather with ugly shitty scratcher tattoos all over who think they’re rappers and big neon plugs in your ears even though you’re a full ass adult. I wish I could post them here so we could all laugh.

No. 659178

>when you feel so worthless you can't even fantasize about your crushes anymore because you know you would never be good enough

No. 659180

im a woman for the record.. i know this is like a pink unicorn to you, but yes independent wealthy women like me do exist

No. 659183

>independent wealthy women like me
Vicky Shingles, datu?

No. 659184

OP was about housewives who don't have their own source of income and don't want to work, why even interact when it doesn't refer to you

No. 659191


I already knew he's bi so thats not what I had an issue with. We talked and he confirmed it's not furry porn, just some kinda fetishy bi cartoon stuff. Thank fucking god.

No. 659193

When I was 15 I had a boyfriend who raped me. I have suspicions that I got off lightly compared to the girls he was with after me. I still have panic attacks about seeing him in the street. I hope he kills himself.

No. 659217

>not furry porn
Thank god

No. 659218

>I hope he kills himself
I hope so too. And I can understand your emotions about feeling like you got off better, something similiar happened to me too and I always feel like, I had been lucky that it wasn't too bad and I'm dumb for letting it affect me so much. In any case, I wish you a good day.

No. 659222

I’m sorry you had to go through that anon.
I hope the shitty moid gets attacked by a swarm of killer bees.

No. 659224

How did you walk in on him? Does he just jerk off when both of you are at home?

No. 659229

hey nonnies thanks so much for the advice! i'm glad you think it's pretty too! i keep thinking about it during the day and how nice it would be to cuddle, might just go for it. thanks again!!

No. 659240

I've just heard through office gossip that one of my coworkers (who sat a few steps away from me) supposedly has COVID. I'm fucking livid. Management did nothing to officially inform anyone

No. 659242

File: 1603108478503.jpeg (166.87 KB, 750x580, 58E70DA9-F2FB-4776-9383-071430…)

This just appeared in my recommendation and what the fuck. This channel is full of this kind of videos and comments are all somehow supportive? Is it some kind of scrote agenda to normalize age gap relationships to groom more young women?

No. 659245

this is obviously some tlc tier clickbait shit, anon.

No. 659248

>Is it some kind of scrote agenda to normalize age gap relationships to groom more young women?

No. 659274

My entire place and me included almost got blown up into shreds because of the incompetent workers. They were supposed to clean and make sure that my central heating system is working properly but somehow they managed to make it malfunction. If you only saw the noise it was making and the smoke that was coming out. If I hadn't went to check it and noticed the smoke, I really don't want to imagine what would have happened. There's so much fuel that it would have been like a decent sized explosion.
So to anons that have central heating please make checks after workers are done. I think I'm going to press charges because fuck this.

No. 659284

File: 1603113127132.jpg (85.46 KB, 1024x615, article-2291620-1890719B000005…)

I have no friends, no partner and no job. My only close family is my aunt, she doesn't want to go outside because of covid and although doing groceries for her stresses me out, it gives me a sense of purpose and it feels good doing something for someone. I feel needed

No. 659297

File: 1603114566914.jpg (135.13 KB, 350x590, 9xm208tew4751.jpg)

This "love don't judge" channel is always on my Snapchat recommendations, which weirds me out because all my young teenage cousins must get it too. It definitely seems like it's trying to normalize age gaps/poly/fetish shit to younger people.

Even the name annoys me. Bringing up the realities of grooming is "judging," apparently.

No. 659307

When someone you love points out a new physical flaw in you everytime you talk to them and then act dumb and ask why you have such low self-esteem? When I say it's because I'm ugly, they have the audacity to say 'noo you're pretty'.. yeah okay.

No. 659315

I'm sorry, anon. Have you ever told the person/s that their little comments add to the problem, even if it's not intentional on their part? It might help–they really might not realize what they're saying or doing, as stupid as that sounds. It's no excuse at all, but it's worth a shot maybe. But yeah, that's exhausting.

No. 659319

Thanks anons. My day did get better. I hope everybody's rapist gets killer bee'd like in that episode of Black Mirror. And suffering is suffering, regardless of how we rate the event(s). We'll all breathe easier one day.

No. 659326

This reminds me of the anon in another thread talking about how they get off on causing 'imperceptible' amounts of suffering and how frustrating it is that they can't inflict more pain without getting called out.
Practice in the mirror: 'Please don't make comments like that, it hurts my feelings'. No other explanations or defenses. Repeat every single time. Over and over. Make this the only response to their nasty comments. Either they really don't know they're doing it, so you have to point it out, or they're doing it for fun, so you have to make it boring for them. This response works both ways.

No. 659329

I have told her that her comments make me feel even more ugly than I already do, and she gets hurt and tells me her intention isn't to say I'm ugly, it's just to 'inform me'. And if I try to explain my feelings further, she just gets upset/angry and then I have to make it up to her, same song and dance every time.
Wow, what an edgy faggot. Thank you for the advice though, I think it's kinda clever. I will do that next time. Won't over explain myself.

No. 659330

It really seems so… I worry for todays teens with these things and the rise of sex work like onlyfans and sugaring being pushed as totes non harmful. If you guys are close enough, try to talk to them anon.

No. 659347

I posted here last week about my uncle being in hospital with a heart problem. He sexually abused me as a kid and I've had all sorts of issues as a result. My dad doesn't know about it (he comes from a family where other sexual abuse was simply covered up so I'm not about to tell him)

Well my uncle got home from hospital, looks like he'll be ok. My dad is caring for him. But weirdly enough my dad bought me stuff for my house quite randomly. I've been an adult living out of home for 14 years and he has never bought me anything like that. Some years I'd get a bottle of perfume for xmas and some years I don't get anything. That's just how he is. My bday is 3 weeks before xmas so I've never got a bday gift from him in my life. I'm not bitter but just trying to give an idea of how he is. Now he bought me a new fridge and a coffee table just out of the fucking blue.

I don't know whether to think something was said to him, did my uncle say some shit while drugged up? Is my dad just scared of people around him dying and now he's this generous person? I don't know what to think but it's not normal for him.

No. 659349

I remember you posting about this. I'm really sorry to hear that he's doing well tbh, but hopefully his lifespan is still shortened.

Honestly, it's probably the whole "people around me may die" thing. I don't know if guilt would make someone purchase gifts to make that up, but then again, a lot of men don't know how/would want to verbalize those things. It's really weird to think about, and I'm sorry that this is a whole other layer added to the abuse you went through from your uncle creeping into your relationship with your father. In any case, enjoy your new coffee table. I hope you have a good day, anon.

No. 659363

Wish your uncle would’ve just done us all a favor and died tbh

No. 659370

I'm not exactly sure if this is a vent, but it's going to be dumb and longwinded so.

I remember once in highschool I had really bad acne (for me–looking back, it wasn't even bad), and I put a shit ton of makeup on to cover it up, not realizing it made it look worse. My mom made a comment and asked me why I was wearing so much, told me I didn't need it, that I was making us late for whatever we were doing, etc, and we got into an argument about it. I started crying and yelled, "well it's because I'm ugly, mama! Look at my face, I have so much acne! I'm gross!" and other stupid histrionic 16 year old bullshit, and the look on her face was probably the most heartbreaking thing I've ever seen in my life, but I didn't realize it at the time. My mother is extremely stubborn and has given me the silent treatment for 3 months over something trivial. She doesn't back down from arguments. This was the only time she did. She told me that wasn't true and then let me finish what I was doing and bought me some Bare Minerals makeup, much lighter weight than what I was using, that week. Looking back on that as an adult woman hurts. I don't have kids, but I do know how much I hate when my friends say horrible things like that about themselves, and I can only imagine how much worse that is to hear it as a mother from your daughter. I miss my mom. I haven't seen her in almost a year and won't until January, when it'll have been over a year. I want to hug her. Love you, mama.

No. 659379

>'inform me'
Oh this bitch super knows what she's doing.
>she just gets upset/angry and then I have to make it up to her
I know you know this is bullshit manipulation, she knows it too. Continue to politely and neutrally ask her to stop. She's going to be mad about it, but you're being extremely reasonable. That one phrase says everything you need to say.
The hard part is going to be letting her get mad if she insists on it, and not rushing to comfort her. I know how difficult this part is. I guarantee you can survive her displeasure.
'It hurts my feelings when you make comments like that. Please stop.' Change subject.
>'BUT I'M JUST!! informing you!!'
'It hurts my feelings when you make comments like that. Please stop.' Change subject.

The Captain Awkward blog is really good for example scripts in situations like this. Good luck!

No. 659381

Anon you need yourself! Try to do a hobby like painting, knitting or maybe start a book or a show. If you have no job i guess your budget is low but maybe some online course would be nice? You know to have something to look forward to and make your mind busy

No. 659392

Anon, you called my ma a bitch.
But yes, I know it's one her tactics to like, let herself off the hook. I don't entertain it anymore, don't engage in it at all. She said today that when I smile, one of my eye looks smaller than the other, and I just said 'alright, good to know' and just changed subjects. But now, I'll try what you suggest. Maybe it'll get through her thick skull. Thank you for the peptalk anon, you don't know how much I appreciate you rn. I'll check out the blog you mentioned!

No. 659393

no anon, the movie we were watching was like a religious one and this literal angel despises humans, so I said something along the lines of, i c what they mean/is it bad i agree with them? lol

I don't think he's angry, he always tells me, plus didn't sound like it

No. 659414

Thanks, I'm crying

No. 659479

We might be poorer but most places in Eastern Europe are far safer than anything Western Europe has to offer. It's not like it's Zimbabwe, the fuck.

The issue isn't even poverty, it's the attitude towards foreigners and the likelihood of OP's bf not being a scumbag.

Damn Westerners really love injecting their opinions into every conversation and then wonder why people like to dunk on them online. Nobody asked you.

No. 659485

I'm feeling extremely anxious because my scrote neighbor just decided it would be a good decision to ruin my day.

A while ago this guy who lives in the same apartment complex as me told me I'm pretty when me happened to meet in in the stairway. This was the first time I even met this guy so I thought it's a weird thing to say to your neighbor you talk to first time. Anyway I thanked him and ran away quickly to my own apartment.

Today when I came hom from work and was locking my bike outside, the guy came to again. He told me to give me his number. I said I don't give my number to strangers, and he said he wants to be "friends". I still refused and wanted to leave but he blocked the way so I was trapped between the wall and bike. I felt panic rising in me so I kind of "zoned out" and stared into emptiness without saying anything. He still tried to talk to me but I didn't answer. He forced his number onto me and I took it and was finally able to leave.

When I got home I started crying because the situation confused me so much and made me feel like shit, now I have calmed down a little. I feel good that I didn't give my number to him though, but I still feel sick.

I'm almost 30 I thought I didn't have to deal with this shit anymore. It's been a long time I've had to experience this and it came so unexpectedly it's hard for me to calm down now. It makes me even more uncomfortable because he lives here too. I'm bad with strangers anyway and don't want to talk to them and now I have to waste so much time and energy so I could avoid this asshole.

No. 659491

You should have pepper sprayed him, anon.

Jk, but tbh it is an ok idea to be “friends” or at least fake acquaintances if you live alone and ever need something. If he gets weird just set firm boundaries. Or stab him.

No. 659494

Yeah but I would still prefer to live in a country like Sweden or Germany where the health care system isn't piss fucking poor like in my contry (and Poland is one of the "richer" eastern european countries) and the catholic church doesn't influence politics.

No. 659499

The "I want to be friends" bullshit is a common lie by men like this, you see this scrote is an immigrant or at least has African background and when I was a teenager I often found myself in a situation where an African guy would start suddenly talking to me and then follow me for a very long time. They always ask you your number, do you live alone and where is your house. I sometimes had to walk to different direction than where my house was because I didn't want them to follow me. They also didn't leave you alone until you gave your number (me and my friends always gave them made up numbers). And they ALWAYS said they "want to be friends" because that works on some teen girls.

I thought I didn't have to deal with this anymore because men like this are predators towards teens or women in their early 20s at oldest, but seems like this one is even more desperate.

No. 659500

Your timid nature is what makes you a target to him. If he approaches you again don’t allow him to box you in, do not give him any idea or indication that you won’t put up a fight.

No. 659504

I've got diarrhea and my butthole is so sore I'm so done

No. 659513

Slightly related but one time I had such bad constipation I was sure if I putted any more pressure my asshole would prolapse. Anyways, hope you feel better soon.

No. 659517

>I'm almost 30 I thought I didn't have to deal with this shit anymore
Similar happened to me last year (same age) and I don't know whether to think these men are following pick-up artists?

My guy repeated over and over that he wanted my number and I said why would I? When he repeated himself I too repeated the same answer louder and louder each time til he fucked off.

No. 659522

Not to upset you but this literally happened to my boyfriend's friend once. He was constipated but tried to turbo-poop before a roadtrip anyways and his asshole prolapsed. He was in the bathroom for 30mins just waiting for it to go back in on its own. Awful.

Also gdi we're talking about poop in OT again.

No. 659524

thank you anon, aw man I've been there before, now it feels like every fart is a danger

No. 659530

File: 1603130268073.gif (323.16 KB, 475x360, 1e3ffb950e2b17fec30267b398f52a…)

When this happens I channel all my autismo energy and get VERY LOUD. They're relying on you being uncomfortable to make you quieter and more compliant, as if it's embarrassing to be harassed. But now he's the one that needs to be uncomfortable.
'NO THANK YOU. I DO NOT WANT YOUR NUMBER. PLEASE MOVE AWAY.' repeat any time he opens his mouth.
You can be polite but you have to be LOUD and project your voice and attract a lot of attention. Make people across the street aware this man is talking to you and you don't like it, you can even use an air horn if you like. People will remember you doing this.
It will scare the shit out of him, and he's going to get the message that you're very difficult to deal with. He can't even argue with you, because you're being polite, and the way you deliver the message leaves absolutely no room for argument.
I recommend going to somewhere open and quiet with a friend and practicing projecting your voice and just shouting. It's amazing how quiet and small we learn to be as women.

No. 659540

Oh god

No. 659546

Lmao I love you anon and this is A+ advice. I too have benefited from being a loud bitch when assholes start harassing me. The vast majority of the time they really don't expect it. They just think you're going to be a shy, compliant little mouse, so when you're screaming "YOU ARE A STRANGER, STOP HARASSING ME, I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR PENIS" they freak the fuck out and turn into quiet mice themselves. Public shaming works wonders while also alerting people around you that the guy needs to be watched. Bad men try and pick on women who seem withdrawn for this very reason; they want an easy target, not someone who's going to give them trouble.

No. 659552

>It's amazing how quiet and small we learn to be as women
>learn to be

I see this, and I see more and more women waking up and opening their third eye to the patriarchy and it is So Fucking Good.

No. 659554

I so badly want to believe this, and do, but I also get so scared about trying it. Nta, but I've had random men at my apartment complex harass me, and I'm too scared to stand up to them in this way because they clearly know where I live and how to find me. The whole "men are afraid women will embarrass them, women are afraid men will kill them," thing lives in my mind. How does one overcome that?

No. 659566

I hate moids so fucking much. They literally can not stop themselves from bringing cumbrain faggotry into an innocuous MS Paint thread. Just die already!!!

No. 659571

>I wanna eat healthy so I mostly trust food only from Whole Foods, I only want to eat meat that's chicken or fish
Also boyfriend:
>favorite things to eat are fried frozen meals like tendies and eats fast food more than a few times a week

I think he's just trying to disguise that he's a very picky and fussy eater. Healthy people don't eat like this or get hung up over retarded details while throwing them out the window the next. How's he gonna criticize me for not paying a premium to buy organic free-range chicken from a non-Whole Foods store, yet he's gonna chow down a sandwich from a fast food restaurant as if they ethically source their meats. It's bullshit.

No. 659572

Don't listen to justice-fantasy-anon. You ignore them and keep walking. You don't know which ones will chimp out and beat/rape/stalk you. It doesn't matter to them if you play coy or scream in their face, it's a reaction they can latch onto. Walking confidently and looking aware may deter some, but they still like to hassle women.

No. 659573

I wish my mother would accidentally die.

No. 659575

What I've done before is calling the police on speaker in front of a guy that refused to leave me alone, he was quickly gone after that.

No. 659579

Mine is a nasty old crow but of course wicked people always cling to life the longest. Apparently 50 years of smoking mean nothing to the reaper.

No. 659583

Yeah, that's my thinking. I just ignore entirely and put up with either the "ah, nevermind," or "bitch!" I was with my friend when it happened once, and she turned around to tell him off, not yelling, just, "you're sexually harassing us, that's not okay," and when he finally left, I was so pissed. I told her that this man can look at the number on my parking space and knows where I live, but she turned around and lectured me for being a doormat. Fucking hell.

I love this idea for when they're truly persistent, kek.

No. 659590

Handmaid/scrote detected.

Yes, do this, because the point of getting loud is to garner attention from onlookers. A guy who picks a quiet woman to harass isn't gonna keep it up in front pf a crowd.

Nobody ever said to scream back st a man who has you cornered, but that's still a good idea- get loud, enunciate, and don't instigate anything. Just make noise and get away.

No. 659593

>Handmaid/scrote detected.
Nta but this is fucking ridiculous and stupid. As if men don't literally kill or stalk women who reject them. I agree that in a crowd it's a good course of action, but it's not "handmaidenly" or "scrote-like" to be wary of this advice at all.

No. 659596

No one in public gives a fuck if a woman is being catcalled, and even if they do they'll ignore it and won't get involved, because they don't want to risk their neck for a random. If people ever do look, then even better for him, he gets the attention he was after. Stop giving out retarded Tumblr advice.

No. 659597

Sis if a man has you cornered and/or worse, isolated, being loud isn't going to do shit.

Do kick them in the nuts, though.

No. 659600

>If a man is harassing you, getting loud will just piss him off, and nobody who may be nearby will be decent enough to help
>but also kick him in the nuts, that'll show him!


No. 659602

If you kick him in the nuts hard, he'll be physically incapacitated and you can run away. Are you stupid?

No. 659626

File: 1603137685990.png (269.23 KB, 410x352, 9DC507CF-6B93-4681-8E36-3553A6…)

Man I hate that my stepdad is this super “overprotective” dumbass. He always talks about how if he ever catches me having a boyfriend, he’s gonna hurt them. And honestly that freaks me the fuck out cause I do have a boyfriend. My mom and dad are really chill about that kind of stuff, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to tell them about who I’m dating cause I’m terrified if my stepdad does find out. I’m a fucking adult now and I just wanna hang out with my bf but idk if that’ll ever be possible with my stepdad. He used to humiliate me when I would wear makeup or dress girly and be like “oh who are you trying to get impress anon?”. Like bitch I’m just trying to look cute and feel good about myself. I mean eventually I have to reveal to them that I’m with someone that I love, but I’m too scared of him humiliating me in front of my family or scaring away my boyfriend. I just wished he would fuck off.

No. 659627

I refuse to read your post for outing yourself as vcoomer

No. 659632


It's weird that he's like this even though you're an adult. Usually stupid moids are like this and say "no dating til you're 18 reeee," and that's bad enough, but you're literally an adult. Can you tell your mom?

No. 659635

I’m so sick of my friend’s retarded twitter wokeness. We live in a very anti woke area that’s unironically homophobic and sexist and yet me saying the r slur and killing the nonexistent black transwomen with my terf shit is more evil than the actual bigots and abusers in this town. Fuck her for holding me up to some arbitrary standard of morality whilst all the scrotes in her life are allowed to actually beat up gays and abuse their sisters and girlfriends.

No. 659639

Anon I can't believe you just said retarded…ableist retard.

Yeah, par for the course. Why do actual hard work when you can just project that you do to people who will see it, ie your circle of people who already generally agree with you.

No. 659644

feeling this rn. Its wild how things have been turned on their heads. people address actual oppression and violence less in favor of virtue signalling. Like this is a win for homophobic violent men right now, they arent the concern. its too tragic

No. 659647

Tell him to stop being a fucking pedo he doesn't own your womb or some shit. My parents were like this and when I got a bf I just blatantly started talking about sex, they shut up and stopped treating me like some pure uwu autistic child.

No. 659654

I've gotten myself in a situation where I have 6 hours of math lectures to catch up on this week.
I didn't even have to take this math course, nor did I really want to. Guess I just hate myself.
Pray for me, someone. Please. I'm not particularly bad at math so there's hope.

No. 659657

Lol I want to tell my mom, but I feel like she’s just gonna side with my stepdad. I can’t even lock or close my own door. When I told my mom about that how it was unfair that I couldn’t close my door she was just like “lol your stepdads just overprotective awwww lol” LIKE THATS NOT FUNNY BRO THATS CREEPY.

No. 659665

I don't know what's going on with me lately, but I've never felt so horrible and like I am the direct cause of everything bad that has ever happened to me because I'm just a fucking childish person and a complete idiot. I'm overwhelmed with anxiety and anger and horrible memories about my last relationship. It had an extremely uneven power dynamic, with me in the lesser role. Without going into details, I was in a position where it would have been almost impossible for me to leave him. I can't prove directly that he wanted me in that position all along and intentionally sought me out so that he could have that, but he did/said things that really made me question the nature of the relationship, like telling me he wouldn't still want to be with me if I ever moved out and tried to live on my own. I also once overheard him telling his friends that he never wanted a normal relationship, that he intentionally seeks out "sad girls with daddy issues" who "don't realize that he's worse than their dads." That was the only time I'd ever heard him say something like that though, and it was almost so comically evil that I wondered if it was some kind of a larp. I don't have a close relationship with either of my parents, but I don't consider myself to be someone who has "daddy issues," so I can't imagine I even fall into this category? He objectively treated me badly even if he wasn't like, horrifically abusive. He was extremely selfish, bought into manosphere "red pill" bullshit, neglected my needs, gaslighted me if I tried to bring up things he was doing that upset me, yet lately all I do is blame myself for everything that went wrong. Like, maybe if I'd just accepted we were different people with different needs, it would have been okay. Maybe I was actually the abusive one all along. He was always telling me that I was a nag, that I "didn't understand him at all" and "don't accept him for who he is," etc. I got really angry with him a lot because I didn't like the way I was being treated, but maybe we just weren't compatible and I'm exaggerating how bad things really were.

We have a lot of mutual friends and nobody else who knew us ever seemed to think he was doing anything wrong, and they still don't even after I'd alluded to some of the things that went on behind closed doors. My last therapist didn't seem to think he was abusive either and was just like "it's in the past; you need to focus on the present" if I ever tried to bring up the relationship. I've had a grand total of one person ever fully believe me when I confided in her that I felt like I had been abused. Like, pretty much all I've ever gotten from people otherwise if I try and talk about it is just, "yeah it sounds like you guys really weren't compatible." His friends and family know he's an asshole in relationships, but they sort of treat it like a joke. If I ever insinuated he was abusive, they'd just sort of dismiss it and try and redirect the conversation, or they tried to give me advice on how to better react to his behavior, how to practice acceptance, etc.

I feel like I'm losing my fucking mind. Why do I feel like he's the worst thing that's ever happened to me if he wasn't actually abusive? I've never in my entire life felt so powerless, helpless and full of rage towards a single person. Like I'm actually physically sick and have chronic pain and stomach problems from how much this has all affected me. I can't get any support from people I thought I could trust, and I don't really even know what to do at this point other than shift the blame to myself and try and work out why I caused all these problems so that this doesn't happen again, but that doesn't work either and usually just makes me feel worse.

No. 659671

I'm so enraged reading this. First of all, I'm so sorry that you're not getting the support you need from your friends and family, anon. It probably has a lot to do with the "boys will be boys," and/or "he's just like that!" mentality that excuses terrible men from being accountable for their behavior. You even recognize that.
>His friends and family know he's an asshole in relationships, but they sort of treat it like a joke.
Like. That's what that is, period. And because of that, there's no way you're going to get them to sympathize with you, or if they do, they'll sympathize, but brush it off and not hold him accountable for your pain or the pain he puts other women through.

>bought into manosphere "red pill" bullshit, neglected my needs
followed by
>Maybe I was actually the abusive one…He was always telling me that I was a nag, that I "didn't understand him at all" and "don't accept him for who he is," etc.
Ma'am that's exactly what redpoll manosphere diaper babies are. They don't view women as full people, they view us as burdens that should bend to their whim while never having to sacrifice their own comfortability. And why not? Because they're men? So stupid.

This man has successfully used all of the privileges of being a man and the patriarchy to blind your friends and family and gaslight you into feeling crazy, but you are NOT. He was and is a giant piece of shit, and none of it was your fault barring wasting time him for too long, which isn't really a "fault" thing–we all have to learn. Seriously, don't beat yourself up about it at all. Your therapist is a moron for saying "it's in the past, focus on the present" because your present is currently disturbed by what he's done to you and the way it's affecting your self esteem and relationships and trust in others. Please find a new one.

I'm just. I'm livid. You don't deserve this. I'm so sorry anon, but "all the bad things in your life" or however you're feeling aren't your fault. Feeling crazy because you were gaslit is literally the point of gaslighting, and being surrounded by people that don't understand that or know how to support you is isolating. But you can take your life back. He doesn't deserve a place in it. Fuck him. Fuck him so hard. You'll be okay.

No. 659685

This anon is right, my friend. There may also be another reason they enabled him—people want "normalcy" and peace. They can sense something's off, it can be right in their face, but don't want to be the one to face it. I think this is why so many abusers act in plain sight, "open secret" scenarios etc. People hesitate to call it out, to start conflict, to dial 911. It sucks though since that is a harmful non-response. Especially your therapist, it's easier to pretend to help you with bullshit in "the present" than to talk about making a change by leaving this man. Thought exercises alone couldn't have saved you from the situation. If you had a good therapist they would've noticed and told you what's the truth, that this man is bad for you. You might consider changing therapists. Anyway, I'm so sad for what happened to you and it definitely was abuse. No question. His own words are enough to damn him. I hope you can recover and learn to stop blaming yourself, because it wasn't you. It's terrible this happened and I hope the best for you now that you're out

No. 659698

I'm so lonely and miserable. This is my worst low yet. I cannot bring myself to do anything, all I want to do is cry and be held.

No. 659707

File: 1603142999987.jpeg (88.9 KB, 500x640, B4322BB3-82FB-4FB5-A7E5-65F9C9…)

I’m sorry anon sending hugs

No. 659710

I fear intimacy. That's my problem. I just realized it YouTube suggested me a video about fear of intimacy and boom that's me. Makes sense. Now I understand why I always fall in love with emotionally unavailable people. I don't even know what I am scared about. I think I don't want to lose my independence and also I think I'm afraid if I open up to people they're gonna make fun of me or something. I don't really know

No. 659748

Thank you anons. It helps me sometimes to write it all out, and then it's easier for me to see that what happened wasn't my fault. I do have a new therapist now and so far she's been more accepting and supportive. I'm still deeply ingrained in a circle of people who support my ex, and I basically can't hang out with them without someone mentioning him, or without worrying that he's going to turn up out of the blue (it's happened before). I'm dating someone new, but he also knows him and seems to think I should be over what happened by now. He's not very supportive of my healing process and is more upset by the fact that because I'm all messed up, his needs aren't getting met. It also took me a disturbingly long time to convince him that my ex was abusive, and I've never fully trusted that he completely believes me. He doesn't always believe other women's stories of abuse and thinks it's more important to approach these things with a
degree of skepticism" rather than supporting them outright. That's always really bothered me because it's like, how are you doing anything other than hurting an abuse victim further by insinuating that they must be exaggerating, misunderstanding the abuser's intentions, etc, rather than just fucking believing them? It's not like you can't just cut ties with the person if it turns out they're lying about being abused, which ime almost never happens. He's also one of those annoying people who, despite me literally showing him evidence to prove the contrary, thinks that emotional abuse just isn't that big of a deal.

I have a lot of money saved up and I'm about to finish my degree. Seriously considering booking it and never speaking to any of these people again as soon as I have the chance.

No. 659749

I got scared the bunny was chomping in the others head

No. 659753

I got ptsd, my murderer rabbit was brown and the victim rabbit was white

No. 659774

I shared this because I thought they were snuggling and before the murderous scrote rabbit was a thing I’m so sorry kek

No. 659776

I love lolcow for using "scrote" to describe rabbits, too

No. 659777

Anon please leave this boyfriend too. Your circle sounds insufferable. Like, unironically, a bunch of manosphere losers, the women included, which is very unfortunate. I’m glad that you know better, even in your moments of doubt. Emotional abuse and manipulation is incredibly harmful—look at who you’re with now. A very similar man gaslighting you in the same ways. More angry that you can’t take care of him bc of your trauma than trying to help you through it. Ridiculous. You deserve better. You really should walk away and never look back, and I hope you get to.

No. 659787

Is anyone else just…not good at anything? I have a useless college degree (most are, really) and no real corporate/professional job experience, no technical skills, my creative abilities are starkly mediocre compared to the average 16 year old who's already a pro at video/photo editing. I have trouble applying to jobs because I wouldn't even know what to apply for in the first place. Yes, you could argue that I can go back to school (I tried) or work on my creative skills (I am) but I'm already 25 and although it's not old, it's too old to be where I am, especially as I start having more responsibilities like rent, healthcare, bills. I feel like there's no hope and I should just accept that I'm not even the main character of my own life

No. 659810

No. 659825

Manager at the restaurant I work at was so pissed when employees started quitting because he was paying some people as little as 40 dollars a week. Adults with bills while expecting them to have open availability and refused to move them into other positions that would make them be paid more despite those positions being open, all while these people lived in employee housing in a city where groceries are twice as expensive as they would be at most other stores, charging 350 per person for each employee for a room, having to pay for your own food, gas, uniform and everything. American capitalism everyone

No. 659836

On the one hand I agree with the "you never know" part, on the other hand I think about my aunt who ALWAYS reacted with aggression (or ridiculing) every time a random dude on the street tried to start some shit, and she was never attacked by a random passerby unlike other female members of my family. And this lady is 66 now. There was also a case when a guy she didn't know broke into her house in a middle of the night and tried to rape her (yeah men do this) and she managed to fight him off and she also made a huge amount of noise which perhaps scared him off. She's my hero. I know some men will chimp out but I really feel like most of the time they expect you to freeze up and they have weak mentality, and when they see you're fighting back and making noise, they're so surprised they back away

No. 659846

Your restaurant has employee housing? I'm so curious where you work.

No. 659848

It's a vacation area up in the Pacific Northwest

No. 659862

I'm getting fat, how the fuck do I stop myself

No. 659864

Please I'm in no way suggesting you antagonise men who are trying to hurt you, I'm saying get loud because it seriously works and I get out of situations all the time by just being as unappealing a target as possible. You can use your instinct to tell you when those situations are.
Clearly don't try to make a Teachable Justice Moment out of a threatening situation (who would do that? Are you both very patient and suicidal?)

No. 659868

I'm tired of hearing about JJBA. Stop showing me this ugly anime

No. 659878

File: 1603154328437.jpg (49.51 KB, 642x642, Screenshot_56.jpg)

It's been consistently memed for like 15 years now and has plenty of material left, I doubt you'll ever escape.

I like the manga but can't be bothered with the anime so eh.

No. 659883

File: 1603154680393.jpg (71.86 KB, 1000x724, spkS0sk.jpg)

My relationship with my close online friend somehow has gotten to the point where it's just her constantly seeking comfort and me being run ragged emotionally after trying to offer 24/7 support to her for any small issue. I like her a lot but I can't do it anymore and I feel like I'm being used

No. 659893

sry but that sounds cozy af and now i can't stop imagining forks from twilight.

No. 659917

I don’t know an ethical way to get lesbian porn and I’m so sad and horny

No. 659920


The nice thing about online friends is if they become unbearable you can just leave and you never need to hear from them again.

No. 659921

File: 1603159402219.png (106.94 KB, 275x274, 1596815114417.png)

I've been exercising with indoor cycling this quarantine and I've never been this horny in my life, it fucking sucks that I haven't had a good fuck since I broke up with my ex 3 years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to fucking lose it masturbating does nothing to me aaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

No. 659927

I went to my hometown last week. Within days of being there I got majorly depressed. I saw my childhood friends stil living in the same neighborhood we grew up in. Not with their parents but in their own homes. While walking around the town the buildings and places that reminded me of awful memories came flooding back and it really ruined my visit.

No. 659929

Every new thread from the last week or so, excluding the ones that are repeats (like this one) all look and read like they were made by the same person

No. 659938

File: 1603161024195.jpg (30.97 KB, 640x562, 1464031526760.jpg)

I am fucking angry my mom made me live in the basement even though she knew how high the radon level was down there
I am even fucking angrier that she kept me down there out of spite after another kid's parents told her they would never let their kid over again because she knew and told them radon was a government hoax because her husband told her so
I'm also a little mad those other parents didn't like, I dunno, tell the school or some shit I guess
If I get lung cancer later, she will absolutely deny that my childhood radon tank had anything to do with it because I used to smoke weed
I'm also angry that she just fucking told me this casually in a random conversation over a decade later like it meant nothing

No. 659941

yo wtf. if its high in your basement dont you think its high in surrounding areas as well. i dont think thats the apex of your issues lmao what shithole you live in? flint?

No. 659943

>if its high in your basement dont you think its high in surrounding areas as well
I mean yeah, presumably, what's your point?
>what shithole you live in
outside of stl, america's belly button shithole

No. 659953


I have one or two online friends who act like that. One I forgive because her life legitimately sucks ass and she doesn't mind if I only respond with an emoji/try to steer the conversation elsewhere/respond with my own bullshit.

You should tell her exactly what you just said–it's running you ragged and you feel used. If you're really close friends, and if she's a friend worth keeping, she'll realize what she's doing, apologize and change. If not, start holding her at arm's length and/or gradually ghost 'cause fuck that, you're not her therapist.

No. 659958

My boyfriend is emotionally exhausting me and it's so hard to analyse why. It's like 80% of our interactions have some underlying power struggle or tit-for-tat bullshit and I'm sure it's not helping my mental health.

I'm super easy going and I prefer to give my energy without thinking of what I'm "owed" because the simplicity makes me happy. But this guy is always making bids for my attention where i have to stop what im doing and turn to him just so he can talk about his topic or show me some youtube…. but he wont fucking do the same in return. I could "haha" at something and he will ignore it… be more obvious about it and say "wow this is crazy" and get nothing. Life in this apartment is his fucking story and i'm just a side character.

Dont even get me started on all the regular boring "maintenance" chores i do around here by default, plus weekday groceries+cooking… But oh how he'll bitch about how much he spends on overpriced groceries and cooking 2 meals a week. I'm doing 80% of the work around here but i'll get chewed out on this stuff.

After giving him so much positive attention over the weekend (his birthday was saturday) he got shitty that his "plans" for today had to wait. He never set a time to do the plans, it was vague, just "lets go look at some couches today".

I figured he didnt want to do that right away, so I got ready early so I could duck next door to my favourite store and then grab some groceries, it would have taken an hour max. I even told him all of this but just as im finishing getting ready, he gets ready and expects me to stop what im doing to go look at couches. um, no buddy, i told you i was ready to do that after i do my short thing. He gets all pissy that i wont drop my plans and go with him instead.

I feel like he doesnt listen to a word i say. expects me to "mute" myself in our shared space so he can play his movies and music. And on top of it all he complains about the lack of sex when he doesnt even initiate.

Dude be taking all this attention and bubbly personality for granted, holy fuck. I could be dating some 6'10" dark haired cutie in real estate, or that other guy thats a model+ ex stripper. I'm undervaluing myself.

No. 659962

I got so pissed reading this lol. Tell him or dump him, sis. Let us know what you do and how it goes.

No. 659963

meaning your surrounding area is affected retard. it doesnt just magically centralize to one location. even if you had an upstairs bedroom with the rest of the house youd still be affected. christ has that radiation melted your brain already?

No. 659964

I have a friend who posted something like "not all women menstruate. Not all who menstruate are women" on her Instagram story. And I just wish I could politely tell her that this is doing absolutely nothing for women's rights.

No. 659965

Not sure whether I want to laugh or flip my coffee table tbh. Awful.

No. 659967


haha thanks for the solidarity. At this point i feel pretty disconnected over it and it's just a mater of time until i move on (unemployed right now)

It's insane how he perceives himself like some kind of simple, good, hardworking man who is being dug for gold. i pay 40% rent and 50% of all bills, and he doesnt have to lift a finger when he comes home. He makes out like this new couch is for us but i aint fooled on stuff like this without a ring. he will pick the couch and maybe consider my input, thats it.

meanwhile i have to clear out sections of my bookshelf for him. be "ok" with him always using my makeup desk chair as his bedside table…. always entitled to my things and my spaces but whats his is his, and I'm lucky to have anything at all thanks to him. ugh lol.

No. 659974

Radon moves upwards through the soil and can be stronger in lower level rooms. So certain, for someone who clearly has no idea what they are talking about.

No. 659975

File: 1603165162313.png (158.71 KB, 497x138, 48309756456.png)

After waiting patiently for several years I just re-enrolled at my university with enough in savings to cover the period I need to finish my degree, allowing me to pursue my dreams.

Literally the exact same day, not even a few hours after I finish talking to my advisor, my partner's cat ends up requiring an emergency surgery and we're now $2100 in debt.


No. 659978

Lmao just put it down

No. 659979

>can be stronger
anon pls. you shill for the government?
the bigger issue is that it affects that area, and if her mom is aware of if then officials are aware of it and no one is addressing it. humans were a mistake. we were given one small space rock and cant even take care of it

No. 659984


Sounds a bit like partner's problem and not really yours.
I know that pets are special and you have empathy for it suffering but imagine all the pets you can properly care for when you have a better income from putting your study/career first.
I desperately want a cat but i fear the surprise costs fucking me over before i'm ready. And i would be careful to view a partners pet as theirs, not "ours"

No. 660001

just bombed an interview for a dead end job i didn't really want because i intend on studying next year but it still feels like i'm a giant fucking failure

No. 660014

Sorry anon. Low maintenance mommy GFs never win. Time to upgrade and learn how to be more demanding.

No. 660023

> But this guy is always making bids for my attention where i have to stop what im doing and turn to him just so he can talk about his topic or show me some youtube

You’re effectively dating a child, anon

No. 660034

You're right, and it's only in the last year or so I've started viewing relationships and men in a different light (thanks FDS).
I've been a people-pleasing, low self esteem, late-diagnoses ADHD dumdum for too long. I'm working on that stuff now, and getting the right meds has cleared my mind alot from the emotional brain fog. I keep thinking that the people-pleasing will make up for my shortcomings but it's just let guys walk all over me tbh. Tired of it.

I feel this sometimes. I have no idea how to react when he does this though. Pretend i didn't hear?

No. 660039

Why do people treat it like a contest on who gets to live longer? Ok, so you're shitting yourself on 5 different daily prescriptions. Yas queen, truly living it up.
Fuck this gay earth. Take me out earlier than 70 pls

No. 660047

See this is what I’ve been saying. A lot of old people I know complain about being old and how everything hurts and how saggy theyre getting. Just seems miserable.

No. 660138

I didn’t know where to put this emo dump so I decided to run over here after lurking for forever. I tried going out of my comfort zone and talking to people on dating apps and then when someone was interested and added me on snapchat they said they weren’t interested. I was fine at first but now I’m just sad and worried that I’ll never find someone.

No. 660148

I'm actually fed up with school. Taking classes fully online during the pandemic has made my mental health take a bizarre dip. I normally have seasonal depression anyway around this time of year, but it's different this time because I feel like I can't leave the house. I'm actually convinced I'm overdue for another mental breakdown like the one I had in high school where I went ballistic when my mother tried to help me with a math problem I didn't understand. I definitely need therapy.

No. 660149

>I tried going out of my comfort zone and talking to people
>on dating apps
You fucked up. I know that we are in middle of a pandemic, but you should try meeting people IRL or on other social media. Dating apps are meat markets.

No. 660153

Serious question: do you people unironically think that shota/loli is pedo?

No. 660155

I would put it this way: if a person jacks off to loli or shota, they most likely are a fucking pedo in closet

No. 660158

what >>660155 said. ppl who masturbate to that shit are totally pedos.

No. 660162

if it looks like a duck…

No. 660163

I like how you think that, yet I knew multiple senior scrotes in HS that fucked 14 year old freshmen and they never faced social repercussions.

No. 660164


No. 660165

Disgusting but how does that have anything to do with the loli shit? You're gonna fuck up our brand new shiny ot this fast

No. 660168

I just think it's ironic that we care more for the safety of cartoon characters than our own children, that's all.

No. 660169

that's fucking idiotic statement. people being right about loli being for pedos isn't the reason real kids aren't protected enough

are you the retard from stwawbewwymilk thread

No. 660170

Who the fuck is “we”? Scrotes who don’t care about either?

No. 660176

I desperately want to travel the world. mostly europe (amerifag here) or maybe even move there. it's making me extremely depressed thinking about how that might never happen. I might be able to travel to some places in the us and canada, but not the places that I want to go the most. I am worried I will never get to see europe in my life time.

No. 660177

File: 1603735400934.jpg (73.63 KB, 740x740, Vvgd8e0.jpg)

>HS that fucked 14 year old freshmen
If there were no rapes, then it works, because every teen must be aware of consequences of fooling around with bad / older guys.

No. 660182

Well, I was friends with this boy at school, at that time we saw each other every day and got along very well, but after graduation we walked away and stopped talking. I still kept him added to my social networks, but it has been many years since we finished school and since then we have been in complete silence until he got in touch a few days ago, talking to me again as if nothing had happened in almost a decade. We practically don't even know each other now, but he text me every day all day long and I can't understand what he wants. I thought it might be loneliness because of the quarantine, but he has a girlfriend, family and friends. And this has left me very confused, because people look for others for some specific reason, but I cannot identify what that reason would be. It would be too weird if I asked him directly why he decided to look for me now after all these years?

No. 660183

You’ll get to travel to Europe someday anon! Don’t think “it’ll never happen”. Commit to yourself that you will go fir a visit when it is safer to travel. There is plenty of time to save up and prepare. Do that for yourself anon.

Ask him! It’s kinda sus if he’s got a gf, but also stranger things have happened.

No. 660195

Dad was supposed to come home last Friday from the hospital but the whole department where he was got corona. Now he's on oxygen and his condition has worsened and idk if he will survibe since he already has cancer and other shit.

I really miss him, want him to come home and regret not having some kind of recording of his voice. He's too weak to answer the phone.

No. 660210

I am so mad at what is going on in Poland, they want to ban abortion tottaly now they banned that woman cant have an abortion if the kid is ill like has no brain, skin..a kid that will die in a day or two. WHY

No. 660213

I just want to own a home so I can decorate how I want and actually have equity for my monthly expenses, instead of being raped by rent monthly where I pay to sleep in a boring beige hole that I'm not even allowed to paint a different color.

No. 660216

Been reading about it, apparently woman's health is nothing to them. Them being the assholes who decide on this shit. My heart goes out to the polish women.

No. 660227

I'm so sorry anon, I hope that he pulls through

No. 660237

Yes they dont care about us we are protesting all the time..now they want to ban abortion of rape kids. Its all a f joke..
Thank you anon i hope more ppl get the info we need all the support we can get cos it is sick

No. 660285

I cannot for the love of god stand this guy at the gym who keeps talking to me and asked me out for coffee the second day after he introduced himself to me. He keeps talking to me all the time while I'm in the middle of reps, added me on fb and kept texting me all weekend asking to hang out even though I barely answer to his texts. I don't mind the small talk since I don't really have any friends that live near me but I am definitely NOT interested in something more. Had to agree to a coffee date because he kept asking and I couldn't find a decent excuse. I'm not used to male attention since I am ugly and have low self esteem so I don't know how to handle this. I want to let him down easy bc apart from being annoying he's not that bad.

No. 660290

File: 1603743964735.jpeg (63.88 KB, 500x639, 0E444CCF-4700-46CF-9E6B-36E3E9…)

trying to take myself with a grain of salt since Im high or whatever but… I havent forgot this girl, my best friend in high school, I secretly loved her… she looks like picrel. trying so hard to resist searching her name on social media or contacting her again— it wouldn't be smart would it. It's been years, her birthday just passed, but god, she was perfect. I know no one is but she was close. I always knew it'd never work since both our parents are religious, hers are scary strict, and she's probably straight… Fuck why can't I remember if she ever crushed on someone. I had it for her bad but forced myself to move on. I know we're old enough now our parents shouldn't matter but let's face it they do. And i haven't seen her in years. rip my aching heart

No. 660295

>I want to let him down easy bc apart from being annoying he's not that bad.
Anon, you're not obligated to go out with this guy and reward his annoying, persistent behavior with a date you don't want to go on!You can text him and say, "hey, I'm not feeling up to it today and don't want to make follow up plans right now." If he asks why, you can keep it vague, or you can just tell him you aren't interested. The latter will probably get him to leave you alone completely. Shit sucks, sorry he's annoying you. Don't let him wear you down, though. He's a grown up, he can take rejection.

No. 660308

>He's a grown up, he can take rejection.
yeah, uh, doubt

No. 660314

grief sucks

my head is so foggy nowadays

No. 660316

I'm redoing a class with the same professor, but this time around more assigments have been added. Really wished I had done better last time.

No. 660318

He’s a grown up, he can suck it up* ?

No. 660321

anon I feel like this too. I have never told anyone this but I’m kinda high too so whatever. I found her twitter recently (like a stalker) and she’s come out as bisexual. Our friendship ended after we had a fight related to the first and only “boyfriend” I got in high school… she totally cut me out, I’d try to talk to her in person and she would literally turn her head away. When I saw she was bi some things about that clicked for me. The original fight was SO minor and her reaction so over-the-top and I was just like oh, we were pretty gay for each other, huh?
I still think about her. We were close for many years. Part of me wants to message her but I think she’s kind of a bad person.

No. 660323

I'm going to go through the coffee date to get it over with since he hasnt said it's an actual date or alluded to anything of that nature but I'm gonna be firm and make it clear I'm not looking for a relationship and he hopefully gets the hint. He at least toned it down with the texting today. I just hope going to the gym won't be awkward after that

>you're not obligated to go out with this guy and reward his annoying, persistent behavior

you are so right, I wish it was easier for me to be more assertive, told my mom about this guy and she basically said it's just a coffee date take pity on him

No. 660324

My depression has been really kicking my ass and making me even more withdrawn. I’m naturally avoidant and I hate feeling vulnerable because of how I grew up but my therapist wants me to talk to my dad about my feelings. He said I’m selfish and part of why is because of how insular I am, but it’s hard to hear him say these things and other criticisms because I find it emotionally devastating. My therapist says I need to toughen up and be willing to risk getting my feelings hurt because it’s selfish to keep prioritizing my pain over others and also vulnerability should help me heal and become more open. I feel like slamming my head into a wall

No. 660342

Aw, well good luck and be safe, anon! Don’t let him continue to back you into a corner or pressure you into spending more time with him.
>I wish it was easier for me to be more assertive
It’s honestly a skill that you can learn/work up to. I can still be timid or polite irl, but as soon as a man proves to be inconsiderate or persistent in a way that’s dismissive of my time and energy, I’ll be straightforward. Hope this is a good opportunity for you to practice that!

No. 660347

> Posts a general vent
> Someone starts shitting on me and making wild assumptions
> I tell them they are assuming things that aren't true
> "You're backtracking"

No I was just trying to post a stupid vent without posting my whole autobiography.

No. 660349

Does anyone prefer the way we styled ourselves in the past over the present ? For context I love VH1 reality and BGC and I’ve been watching BGC during the lockdown and it feels weird to watch a season from say, 2008 and one from like 2016. Everyone is overly contoured it just feels really unobtainable and dehumanizing. Standards of beauty are already hard on us and now it just feels like if we aren’t perfectly contoured with the best extensions we’re unworthy

We already had to worry about body standards

No. 660350

Every time. Don’t bother arguing/clarifying w people who don’t want to understand or immediately assume the worst of the worst possibilities. It’s ridiculous.

No. 660360

I have The Covid and while I'm trying to handle it as best I can, it's rough as hell. The lack of human interaction was already getting to me but now I feel like a filthy pariah and even when I recover, I don't know how I can be around others again without fear of getting sick again/getting others sick. I'm ready for life to get back to how it was. Oh, and to also taste food again. That would be nice.

No. 660364

Men are genuinely energy sponges in the lives of young women 90% of the time. It is sick seeing them suck the life out of the women around them and then just not even care about destroying their well-being.

No. 660366

At least you don't get banned for a word after anons accuse you of being a tranny/wrongthink.

No. 660368

Goddamn I don’t know if it’s forum culture or what but it’s so annoying sifting through threads on Kiwifarms for milk because it’s full of people just blogposting about their lives so that they can feel better about themselves in comparison to the cows. A lot of the people I’ve seen who do the blogposting are men too, which rules out the whole stereotype that gossiping is just for women. I guess men do gossip and apparently they suck at it too. It must be so hard to go ten seconds without inserting your own opinion or life story.

No. 660369

every time i get a moment to myself (not talking to anyone, not watching or reading something) i feel myself start to float off. i don't like it. when will it end

No. 660374

just read a troon say autogynephilia is a normal aspect of female sexuality. I'm sorry what

No. 660378

electric chair

No. 660393

Fucking hell, dude.
Someone at my work got covid (hope they're okay and all,) but due to that, half the staff has to isolate so me and the rest of the other staff block are fucked over, opening and closing by ourselves, and I have to work very early AM shifts, which is INSANELY hard for me to do due to medication difficulties that leave me really tranquilized in the morning. Even though I know I can't do jackshit about it, I mentioned it to my manager and basically got a "well it's not in your papers, so I don't know what you're talking about" (when I've noted this several times to her.)

And then a heater blew up at work causing a fire and having us all evacuate, and I learned that my coworkers mock me behind my back for having adhd and "always being tired"(?)

No. 660395

I'm annoyed by woke commie folk on twitter and tumblr saying they hate landlords and all housing should belong to public sector. I don't think these people have EVER lived in an apartment owned by a city/the government.

The apartments are usually dirty, smell bad and are generally in bad neighborhoods. The previous owners are almost always some trashy couple who have done nothing but partied and broken the place into a shithole. Neighbors are drug addicts or alcoholics who invite their druggy alcoholic friends over every night and their eviction due to noise pollution will take a long ass time because, again, it's owned by the public sector.

Not to mention all the leases are dictated the same without exceptions. At least when I rent through a private landlord I can still keep pets, attempt negotiate on rent, and the upkeep is usually done by private contractors instead of whatever cheap low value people the city decides to put on the job weeks, maybe months later.

I understand there are A LOT of bad landlords who rent places way higher than the apartments are worth and are general assholes. But public sector housing can be real hell.

No. 660397

People assume. You have only yourself to balem!!!

No. 660404

In general twitter commies never lived without their parents support via capitalist pig money. They don't realize that part of rent money goes towards maintenance of the building, money they would have to pay on top of mortgage payments of they owed their home. They are also all suburbanites who never lived in a shitty neighborhood infested with meth heads screaming at each other at all hours of the night